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Mou n t Qt. Ma ry's 




Los Angeles, California 

Fiscal Year '92 Annual Report Winter 1993 Volume 1 1, Number 2 

Annual Message to the College Community 

by Sister Karen Kennelly 

Mount St. Mary's Honor Roll 

Financial and Gift Summaries 

Contributions to the 
Independent Colleges of Southern California 





Save the Date - Back Cover 

Annual Message to the College Community 

by Sister Karen Kennelly 

-■—founders Day last fall was planned to celebrate 
#-^ the successful completion of the Sister Magdalen 
JL Coughlin Endowed Scholarship campaign, as 
well as to honor alumnae for their extraordinary 
achievements. Thanks to the College's many friends, 
our scholarship endowment now totals more than 
$12 million. 

At the Founders Day luncheon, alumnae board 
Chair Alicia Andujo recognized some of the students 
now receiving scholarship aid; as they stood to be 
recognized — surrounded by Mount grads from 1929 
to 1992 — they provided a stirring reminder that past 
and present at MSMC are united by a shared vision of 
the future. 

Mount St. Mary's has been working especially hard 
over the last decade to come to grips with what it 
means to educate and cultivate leadership in a diverse 
student body. Our philosophy of helping each student 
reach her potential led to establishment of the 
Alternative Access program at the Doheny campus in 
the early '80s. Our conviction that our programs and 
faculty needed to be more sensitive to diversity if we 
were to educate the contemporary student for the 
contemporary world led to major faculty development 
and curriculum changes beginning in 1986. Many of 
you have seen the monograph series we began 
publishing last year to share some of our discoveries 
about multicultural education. The title of the series, 
"Celebrating Cultural Diversity," sets the tone. 
Diversity has proved to be a remarkable catalyst for 
learning here at Mount St. Mary's; we recognize it as 
something to be celebrated. 

These publications, along with the accomplishments 
of alumnae and many other qualities that bring the 
College to people's attention from day to day, have 
moved the College's light from under the proverbial 
bushel basket to a lamp stand. We continue to appear 
in the U.S. News and World Report ranking of the top 
ten regional liberal arts colleges, and are moving 

up: from sixth last year to second place in the 1993 
rankings. The fall enrollment surged by a whopping 20 
percent to an all-time high of 1491. New programs, 
designed to meet the needs of today's students, are fully 
enrolled and showing promise of rapid growth. The 
Associate Degree in Nursing Program, with more than 
50 enrolled, brings on a second class of that number this 
spring. Weekend College opened in September with over 
90 students, and will very possibly double that number 
in the second semester. We know from our new student 
comments that the Mount St. Mary's reputation for 
offering a quality education was a key factor in 
attracting new students to both programs. 

Our students provide solid evidence of the fine 
reputation of Mount St. Mary's College, and our 
alumnae provide the proof. The women profiled in this 
issue vividly express the College's highest ideals in their 
lives. We celebrate them and rejoice in the unique gifts 
each brings to her life and work. The College is proud 
of you, and you can be proud of your College! 

Winter 1993 

Mount St. Mary's College 

Honor Roll 1991-1992 


Gifts from Alumnae 

Golden Circle 

Those listed in the Golden Circle have contributed 
$ 1 000 or more, or their gift was matched to total 
$1000 or more. 

'Carondelet Circle 

Those listed in the Carondelet Circle have 
contributed $500-$999, or their gift was matched 
to total $500-$999. 

t Silver Circle 

Those listed in the Silver Circle have contributed 
$200-$499, or their gift was matched to total 

• Century Club 

Those listed in the Century Club have contributed 
$100-$ 199, or their gift was matched to total 

Class of 1929 

Gifts: S205 
Donors: 2 - 40% 
Olivia Zink Benjamin 
t Mary Scannell McClure 

Class of 1930 

Gifts: $7,850 
Donors: 3 -75% 
Golden Circle 
Mary E. Lamb La Fleur 
Helen Rumsey McCambridge 
t Helen Maulhardt Maring 

Class of 1931 

Gifts: $2,115 
Donors: 5 - 63% 

Golden Circle 

Adelaide Buckler Burke 
•Mathilde Pellegrin Clem 

Inez De Hetre Lasich 
•Mary McNeil 
tRose Alice Wills Smith 

Class of 1932 

Gifts: $825 

Donors: 2 - 22% 
t Helen Shubert Millet 
■ Eileen Nason Rhyner 

Class of 1933 

Gifts: $1,425 
Donors: 4 - 44% 

Gulden Circle 

Mary Furlong Chumbrek 

• Helena Geier Keefe 
t Mary Alice Mclnerney Krock 
Hazel Champion Masculine 

Mount St. Mary's College Magazine 

Class of 1934 

Gifts: $1,250 

Donors: 3 - 75% 

Golden Circle 

Frances Wharton Von Abnen 

• Madeline O'Connor 

• Elizabeth Gerlach Tarbet 

Class of 1935 

Gifts: $700 
Donors: 4 - 40% 

• Lee Fitzgerald Geever 

t Patricia O'Connor Hickey 
t Kathleen Wehmeier Kieffer 
t Lucy Milligan Molloy 

Class of 1936 

Gifts: $1,220 
Donors: 7-50% 
Jean Wilkins Andrews 

■ Gertrude Boland 

t Maria C. Geier 

• Margaret V. Mueller Rammer 

• Mary Learnihan La Bonge 
Catherine Scavarda 

t Mary Bunce Schwarz 

Class of 1937 

Gifts: $2,260 
Donors: 7 - 42% 
Golden Circle 
Genevieve Faeb Fraga 
Margaret Donovan Kelly 

Dorothy Meyer Depew 
Thelma Coleman Fluhr 

• Bernice Carls Lieb 
Ann Scott Smith 
Elizabeth Young 

Class of 1938 

Gifts: $10,450 
Donors: 4 - 27% 

Golden Circle 
Jane Bidlake Vallely 
t Annette Schurich Doyle 

• Marian McGrath Graham 

• Margaret Johnson Prindle 

Class of 1939 

Gifts: $2,900 
Donors: 8 - 38% 

Golden Circle 
Frances Dutra Cutler 
Mary Box Scbuck 
t Mary Boland Duffy 

• Margaret W. Illingworth 

t Patricia Moran MacEwan 
t Elizabeth Sheridan McCall 

• Laverne Carlton Rollins 
t Ethel kristofek Winslow 

Class of 1940 

Gifts: $220 
Donors: 3 - 23% 

• Margaret McConnell Rendler 
Frances Fitz Ruhoff 

• Elizabeth "Zan" Joyce Thompson 

Class of 1941 

Gifts: $23,425 
Donors: 15-54% 

Golden Circle 

Mary Patricia Burns Cakos 

Helen Coogan 

Esther Elder Harrington 
tMaxine Hough Berdan 
t Charlotte Cerute Bourne 

• Irene Leveille Gardner 

• Mary Jean Lynch Gibb 
La Verne Keogh King 
Beatrice Ginevra Langston 
Nancy Laubacher Miller 

tKathryn Borchard Reardon 

• Ellen O'Leary Ruffner 

• Rosemary Johnson Stewart 

• Winifred Fallon Stewart 
Peggy Matthews Weatherhead 

Class of 1942 

Gifts: $795 

Donors: 9 - 47% 

Alice McCarthy Hayes 

Charleene McGhee Hillen 

Peggy Perry Kehoe 

Lois Hines McAuliffe 

Nancy McLoughlin McNamara 

Charlotte Meyer 
t Alma Teresi Pennino 
t Lois Baumstark Sudmeier 

• Yvonne Wightman Whitley 

Class of 1943 

Gifts: $5,120 
Donors: 13 - 54% 
Golden Circle 
Mary Pansini La Haye 
Bernice Brady Medinnis 
Rosemary Fox 
Mary Sibilio Frary 
Lucile McCullagh Jacobs 
t Patricia Laubacher 
Mary Emerson Limebrook 
Joan Kountz Morris 
Kathleen Trounce Newbern 

• Ann Furrer Pecht 

t Mary Shannon Slaughter 
t Winifred Gatz Sobieck 
■ Mary Ellen Tyo 

Class of 1944 

Gifts: $1,175 
Donors: 7 - 44% 
t Patricia Rohe Beemer 

• Marie Dodge Ferren 
t Marguerita Geier 

• Patricia Logsdon 

Mary Frances McKenna 
t Beatrice Teresi Stathatos 
Mary Holt Winkler 

Class of 1945 

Gifts: $3,530 
Donors: 16 - 70% 

Golden Circle 

Margaret Thalken 

Arabella Barnes Williams 
t Jane Sage Adams 

Helen Fitzpatrick Antczak 
t Margaret Miller Edwards 

Onriette Lebron King 

• Marguerite Carlton Kingsley 

• Vincentia Ginevra Lesko 
Margaret D. Long 

• Julia Weber Lopker 

• Margaret Murray McDonald 
Mary Albachten McDonnell 
Margaret Rush 

Blanche Van Oort Spitzer 
Lois McDonald Taylor 
Marguerite Crosby Thielen 

Class of 1946 

Gifts: $8,175 
Donors: 21 -66% 
Golden Circle 
Genevieve Escallier Baillif 

• Vivian Primising Ahle 

• Mary Needels Block 

• Joan Cunningham 

■ Mercedes Mahoney Doherty 
t Marion Hills Farrell 

• Patricia O'Neill Fiedler 
t Helen Crane Freitas 

Lyla Burrows Goodale 
Virginia Brown Marovich 

• Mary Irene Vujovich Ohlfs 
t Garland O'Rourke Parten 

• Edalyn Ewell Pfost 
Rita McLoone Reilly 

■ Mary Stehly Schaner 
Catherine Johannes Sterk 

tGertude Cramer Stimson 

t Betty Fluor Taylor 
Jacky Hansen Thomas 
Kathleen O'Hanlon Truxaw 
Jean Flanagan Weber 

Class of 1947 

Gifts: $ 7,435 

Donors: 13 -43% 

Golden Circle 

Hallie Bundy 

Frances Shannon Joy 
t Shirley Teichman Conniry 
tPat Gisler Gait 
t Winifred Gegg 
t Jean Colberg Hanna 
t Margaret Moore Hodgson 

Patricia Keelan 

Harriet McLoone 
t Helen Connelly O'Callaghan 
•Joan Truxaw Osterkamp 
t Lorraine Murphy Purnell 

Martha Holt Watson 

Class of 1948 

Gifts: $3,734 

Donors: 16-48% 

Golden Circle 

Doris Schiffilea Harris 

Maribeth Harvey Lillywbite 

• Margaret Connelly Brady 

• Madeleine Seller Castle 


Frances Miyake Cbikabisa 'SO 

M.S.W., L.C.S.W. 

When Frances Miyake Chikahisa entered UCLA in 1946, 
she had only recently been released from a Japanese- 
American internment camp. She found herself in an impersonal 
environment, crowded with GIs who were returning to college. 

"I wanted an education based in philosophy and religion, 
and soon realized I needed to make a change. At that time, I 
decided to convert to Catholicism and Mount St. Mary's 
College offered me a scholarship, which allowed me to transfer. 
This was the turning point in my life." 

Chikahisa knew early on that her work would be dedicated 
to helping families. "Dr. Mary Stanton, an instructor in 
MSMC's social welfare department, encouraged me to 
continue toward a master's degree. She was my guiding light." 

After earning her Master's in Social Work degree at USC in 
1956, Chikahisa worked for several years for Catholic Social 
Services and other Catholic agencies before starting her family. 

Today, she is a psychotherapist in Rolling Hills Estates, 
Calif., where her practice focuses on solidifying family 
relationships. She has been honored for her work as a volunteer 
facilitator for parents of abused children. 

Mount St. Mary's College gave me a well-rounded, 
personal education and helped me develop a 
commitment to serving the community." 

Winter 1993 


Barbara Ledesma Brown '64 

Executive Assistant to Orange County 
Supervisor Roger R. Stanton 

In April 1980, she was the first woman elected to the 
Fountain Valley City Council; in June 1987, she became the 
first woman mayor of that city; and in April 1992, the Orange 
County Hispanic Chamber of Commerce elected its first 
woman president: Barbara Brown. 

"The background in philosophy and ethics I received at 
MSMC has really helped me. Whether making policy decisions 
or personal decisions, you need a foundation of core beliefs. 
That's your rock, and from there you can do anything." 

After earning a B.S. degree in microbiology, Brown became 
involved in community issues and active in local government, 
serving on the city planning commission before making her 
first run for city council. In 1984, she received a master's 
degree in public administration from California State 
University, Long Beach. 

"In this community, 95% of our high school students are 
Hispanic and 50% are dropouts. That's our biggest challenge, 
to do something about that unconscionable statistic. 

"I try to tell young people today to recognize the value of the 
family and a supportive environment you can always go back 
to for strength. The Mount became a second family to me." 

I came from a cultural perspective which did not view 

women as having roles of leadership and 

independence. I needed the support of seeing other 

women around me who were meeting challenges, 

women with great goals." 

Mary McGrath Craycroft 
t Pearl Butier Henzgen 
t Dorothy Schmidt Knauf 

• Nanette Teresi Larrinaga 
Marie Aguiar Lemke 

• Shirley Connolly McKenney 
Patricia Becker O'Brien 

• Elizabeth Jane Peukert 
Willa Dowd Schaniel 

• Regina De Coursey Sinsky 
Ann Hall Thalken 

t Patricia Smith Weseloh 

Class of 1949 

Gifts: $2,100 
Donors: 15 - 35% 

Golden Circle 
Marillyn Wetzel Pestolesi 
Patricia Riesner Armstrong 
Eleanor Gmeindl Boka 
Madeline Pettrow Byrd 

• Marguerite Biggs Cromie 

• Monica Cahill Cruce 

• Virginia Debley 
Roberta Fawcett 
Arleen Brady Graff 
Sister Mary Jensch, DMJ 

t Betty Ann Knoch 

Patricia Spain Lorick 
Adelaide Spuhler Mealy 

• Patricia Campbell Ninnis 

• Katherine Williams Taylor 

Class of 1950 

Gifts: $2,525 
Donors: 18-40% 
Golden Circle 
Erika Orth Owens 

• Frances Miyake Chikahisa 
Jeanne Kingston Di Maria 
Mary Krug Erlandson 
Mary Cassidy Ficalora 
Joella Hardeman Gipson 
Genevieve DeGrood Gorciak 
Betsy Knieriem Hook 

• Patricia Roberts Johnson 
Dorris Weaver Michaels 
Betty O'Brien Miller 

• Colette Casey Muller 

• Mary Clare O'Brien Pettit 
Marianna Munnemann Roll 

■ Frances Hills Sorrentino 
Mary De Coursey Stehly 
Louise Powers Turner 
Joan Terpening Zierhut 

Class of 1951 

Gifts: $5,610 
Donors: 30 - 55% 

Golden Circle 

Arlene Russie Rees 

Genevieve Weeger Smurda 
t Kathryn Ashe Armstrong 
t Shirley Rawley Beauxbeaux 

• Hugette Hery Clarizio 

• Corinne Cunningham 

• Dolores Welgoss De Grassi 

• Mary Ellen Gray Delagrange 
•Joan Russell Doonan 

t Rosemary Schuler Dvorak 
t Rose Mary Esquibel 

• Evelyn Kraemer Francuz 
Frances Formaneck Gagliardi 

• Susan Robertson Gerard 
Angela McDonald Kay 
Joyce Gisler Kelly 

■ Mary Lou Jandro Kimmel 
Joyce Devine Lendl 

t Diane Terpening McGourty 
Geraldine Biggs McGrath 
Jane Donnelly Melanson 

t Mary Hoxmeier Murray 

• Eleanor Kelhher Nolan 

Margaret Delavigne Porter 
Mary Ann Cunningham Reilly 

• Rose Marie Bachand Thomas 

• Rita Ries Veatch 

• Phyllis Tukich Wenner 

• Anne Wong Yee 

• Kathleen O'Rourke Yuhl 

Class of 1952 

Gifts: $3,484 
Donors: 16-38% 
Golden Circle 
Bebette Gualano Coleman 
Barbara Pearman Allen 
Vivian J. Burgess 
Barbara Hartman Caraccio 
t Marie Astier Devine 
Ann Spaulding Donlin 

• Eileen Micklish Hempfling 
■ Margaret Bradish Kelley 

• Joan Murphy Maechling 
Marion Meyer Power 

t Toni Tortorici Quesada 

Juanita Cusack Quinn 

Joan Shaw Salkeld 

Maureen Boylan Scherzberg 

Marjorie Gegg Trengove 
t Carol Moore Trudelle 

Mount St. Mary's College Magazine 

Class of 1953 

Gifts: $7,100 
Donors: 36 - 49% 

Golden Circle 
Sheila Sullivan Banken 
Genevieve Castellanos Denault 
Diana D'Alfonso Azevedo 
Charlotte Rohe Bell 
Therese Martin Blunt 
Maria Martinez Bolster 

• Barbara Breen 
Catherine Scully Brenneis 

• Nancy Newell Cain 
Frances Charland Chauff 

• Betty Dunnigan Chiaverotti 

• Mary Gertrude Creutz 
Delia Alvarez D'Aiuto 
Nancy Herbuveaux D'Angelo 
Patricia Murphy Dempsey 
Camille Lutfy Donaldson 
Loretta Fanning 

•Grace Presto Grande 
Gretel Dietzel Hines 

■ Barbara Scherrer Holland 
Marcella Hunkele Johnson 
Doris Higgins Kinsella 
Ana Maria Cota MacFarland 
Callie Orfanos Matheopoulos 

• Monica Gosnell McBride R.I. P. 

• Mary Evelyn Meichelbock 

• Dorothy Roberts Miller 
Mary Doyle Modjeski 
Claire Fitzgerald Molnar 
Lillian Pereyra 
Barbara Kalthoff Raymond 
Patricia Bollig Seymour 

•Gloria Day Thiele 
Margaret Mclnnis Verge 

• Nellie Beridon Walker 
Mary Weidinger Young 

Class of 1954 

Gifts: $6,175 
Donors: 23 - 39% 

Golden Circle 
Ann Freese Holland 
Margaret Wick Keller 
Rosemary Czuleger Rea 
Joyce Mazzarelli Anderson 
June Swithen Beebe 
•Gloria Francis Bowen 
Mary Jo Silva Brown 
Bernadette Victorino Burke 

• Marian Seeley Curtis 
Celeste Gourdeau French 

t Georga A. Grupe 
Patricia Quinn Hart 
Milania Austin Henley 
Joann Vosika Hudak 
Claudette Drennan Kane 
Mary Ross Kasimatis 

t Elise Kerckhoff 
Anita McGowan Kirkpatrick 
Anna Macchio Kocvara 

• Kathleen Ford Salkeld 
Eileen Hainley Sauer 

• Barbara Dobrott Stapleford 
•Justine Weiher 

Class of 1955 

Gifts: $2,330 
Donors: 23 - 39% 
t Georgia Maloney Belardi 
•Jo-Anne Kealohanui Briseno 
Barbara Cabot Connolly 
Rosemary Heffron Dorazio 
Sue Colburn Erickson 

• Patricia Sanders Fontes 
Rosemary Brunet Giacomi 
Rosemary Condon Gray 
Carlina Smith Griffiths 
Nancy Gait Haynoski 
Barbara Williams Johnson 

• Kathleen Kemp 

t Margaret Cosgrave King 

• Mary Penty Lee 
•Jeanne Lautier Monaghan 

■ Lorraine Gibbons Morabito 

Betty Atwill Myrick 
•Joan Gocke O'Brien 
t Eileen O'Loughlin Pinza 

Mary Ellen Breen Rowe 

• Helene Hopp Schnorr 

• Carol Atchison Steffes 
Stella Del Duca Yost 

Class of 1956 

Gifts: $6,567 
Donors: 30 - 39% 

Golden Circle 

Joan Carey Garvin 

Helen Lackey Kerr 

Julie Ambersley Ruth 
■ Peggy Coates Amante 
•Joan Anderson 

Teresa Moreno Apablasa 

• Barbara Book Baxter 
Joanne Dozier Best 

• Pamela Brink 
Joan Green Calder 
Lucy Cohen 

Margaret Munnemann Cohen 

• Mary Frances Dolan-Lonergan 
t Marie St. Pierre Finnegan 

Regina Mason Fitzgerald 
t Joan Schneider French 
t Mary Lou Smith Haller 
Clare Heumphreus Handcock 
Patricia James Johnson 
t Arlene Wick Lindblom 

• Rosemary Lucente 
Julia Peman Panfili 

t Nellie Hubert Protzner 

• Alison MacDonald Riggs 
Carol Weldy Spalluto 

• Anne Stevenson 
Jane Marshall Talso 

Mary Harrington Thompson 
Barbara Lee Upson 
Margaret Nester Walters 

Class of 1957 

Gifts: $23,514 
Donor: 45 - 47% 
Golden Circle 
Susan B. Crowe 
Sally Scott Crowley 

Dorothy Huarte Gallivan 

Sheila Kelly Muller 
t Alice Ganz Bauer 
•Gloria Buccieri Biagiotti 
t Jean Schnieders Brunelli 

• Harriet Hillebrand Burns 
Theresa Binckley Byrne 
Shirley Morningstar Capps 
Alice Osti Carriere 

• Pauline Foley Casey 
+ Raquel Casillas 

t Cecilia Castellanos 

• Emma Apodaca Cervantes 
Jo Ann Smith Cunningham 

tKatherine L. Daly 
Gloria Maraccini DiCenso 
Mary Park Enos 

• Leontine Ricoute Ewins 

• Nancy Mack Gallivan 

• Mary Brow Gowey 
Katherine Bondan Gross 

•Jonelle Gagel Haraksin 
Nora Martin Hepp 
Verna L. Kiesz 

• Mary Ann Bauerlein Kraemer 
Myrna Finn Maney 
Geraldine Roberts Nelson 

• Louise Lussier Neuroth 
Shirley Corcoran Okunewick 
Carol Paolozzi 

Helen Morearty Primising 
•Janet Horejsi Prukop 
•Jean Doyle Seaman 
t Annette Orland 


Myra Pestana Silversparre 

• Kathryn Kendall Spalding 
•Jackie Bigelow Stevens 

Lorna Jean Stevens 
■ Sheila F. Thornton 

• Elizabeth Trowbridge 
Kathleen Flynn Vernon 

• Rosemary Saal Whitney 
Pat Redmond Ziglinski 

Class of 1958 

Gifts: $8,370 
Donors: 42 - 47% 
Golden Circle 
Margaret Sprigg Horst 
Celia Gonzales Torres 
Mary Alice Salter Ambrose 
Yvonne Zornes Amos 
t Barbara Goldsmith Aquino 

• Virginia Bociocco 

• Patricia Sharkey Carter 
Barbara Studer Collins 

• Margaret Darmody 

t Fae Falvo De Stefano 
Margaret Cramer Franco 

• Dorothy Richardson Gansel 
Carol Doyle Gibson 

• Sharon Girard 

■ Lillian Scott Gnotta 

• Mary Schott Griley 
Ellen Welch Grimmett 
Sharon Felker Hayden 
J. Maureen Henn 
Sharon Fay Koch 

• Sandy Freiberg Lehberg 
Theresa Mangold 

• Theresa Colarossi Martter 

• Carron Vincent Maxwell 
+ Jo Ann Powers Medica 

Margaret Ward Montante 
t Evelyn Villa O'Brien 
Mary Pat McClurg Paddock 

• Patricia Minney Phinney 

• Linda McCarthy Remley 
Jo Bondan Roche 
Mary Ann Gariffo Sadler 

+ Ann Smith Sandler 

• Lois Steckman Schad 

• Dolores Schock 

Rachel Fitzgerald Shumway 
Ann Fabian Stoffel 
■ Sylvia Norwood Taylor 

• Mary Lynch Tschirhart 

• Mary Ann Whitney 

• Charlene Rule Wilkinson 
Marie Zeuthen 

Class of 1959 

Gifts: $4,512 
Donors: 37 - 39% 
Golden Circle 

Mary Lou LeMaster Thomsen 
•Jean Robbie Baumann 
Dolores Perea Caldwell 

• Elizabeth Austin Carlin 
Marilyn Ball Carvin 
Gloria Travaglini Chess 

• Patricia Concepcion 
Marilyn Vaughan De Camp 
Gloria Strangman Doran 
Mary Hogan Dunsford 

t Gail H. Esker 

Sally Fanning Hanton 

Kathleen Halloran Koziolek 
t Margaret Leary 

Mary Grimmett Lenihan 

Gloria Madrid Lewis 

• Rosemary Orsini Link 
Kathleen Crowe Lypps 

• Donna Welk Mack 
Evangeline De Baca Madrid 
Deanna Maraccini McCauley 

• Paula Duncan McDonald 
Eleanor Gillet Moreno 

■ Elizabeth Navarroli 
Rosalie Meggiolaro O'Grady 

t Mary Rose Pasic 

• Gayne Harvey Pinto 
Antoinette Fogliani Pizzorno 

t Connie Herman Powers 
Geri Haven Rios 
Claire Roach 
Chere Major Stark 

• Virginia Pick Van Breemen 
Mary Litjen Wade 

■ Barbara Bouchard Westigard 
t Ann Riordan Westphal 

Kathleen McCoy Wright 

Winter 1993 

Class of 1960 

Gifts: $2,350 
Donors: 27 - 40% 

> Donna May Avery 

« Dora Szabo Badzey 
fudi Bauerlein 

• Rita Simeon Boags 

• Kathleen Feeley Cahill 
Lynda Lathrop Callos 
Julie Wilson Cole 
Patricia Mooney Crowley 
Mary Connolly Fugate 

» Patricia Gornick Gramm 
f Rosemary Byrnes Hegenbart 
Kathleen Kelley Herman 

• Mary Louise Kolbert Hoffman 
(■ Mary Agnes Kennedy 

Maryvon Lauman Kraetsch 

• Yolanda Ponce Landis 
Sue Ekberg Laszloffy 
Sharon Leahy 
Marilyn Brassor Nagel 
Marilyn Jamison Pappas 
Helene Hudson Powers 

« Marguerite Roth 
» Jo Ann Holbery Sayre 
1 Dolores Schiffert 
»Joann Hartman Sheerin 

Judy Scherb Skraba 

Joan Viery 

Class of 1961 

Gifts: $3,350 
Donors: 24 - 30% 

1 Linda Feinberg Callon 

Arline Martin Currie 

Mary Kang D'Urso 
•Charlotte Atchley Gillen 
I" Diane Souva Haggerty 
1 Marygail Kinzer Hutchins 

Rosemary Kehl 

Mary Jane Zinkhon Koelzer 

Ruby Conaway Lassanyi 
1 Kathryn Schott Lewicki 

Mary Weber Lightfoot 

> Barbara Mullen 

> Margaret M. Murphy 
'Judy Kelly Page 
•JoAnn Barone Peters 

Mary Collins Pizzorno 
Nancy Bergin Rodenhurst 
Georgina Foerst Smith 

> Linda Cox Stellern 
Joan Hamill Trafecanty 

f Sarah Sprigg Van Leuven 

> Kathleen Sneeden Williams 

> Christine Ward Wolfe 
Sharon Lisle Writer 

Class of 1962 

Gifts: $17,121 
Donors: 31 -31% 
Golden Ciycle 
Mary Caratan Sloper 

> Janice Smith Brandmeyer 
Nancy Westberg Brill 
Betsy Beaver Burnett 

> Margaret Cleary Busher 

Linda Lee Butcher 
Linda Bockhold Butler 

• Mary Norton Butler 

• Janice Pemherton Ciesla 
t Violet Craemer DeVoe 

Madelyn Flaherty 

• Barbara J. Fleckenstein 
Barbara Gamba 
Mariel Bailey Geiss 
Helen Kirk 

Margaret Senese Lechtman 
Mary Lou Wehan Lester 
t Jeanette Binder Martin 
Marie Treacy Mastandrea 
Jane Hancuff McCrea 
Janet Diss McCrorey 
Gail Reed Minichiello 

• Jean Moynier 

Mary Lou Fisher Pickerell 
Janyth Fox Pirkl 
Valerie Werner Piatt 
Dorothy McGowan Thomas 
t Patricia Diltz Wallace 
Mary Lou Poloni Weidlich 

• Kathleen Fitzharris Whalen 

• Yvonne Priscu Zellmer 

Class of 1963 

Gifts: $3,780 

Donors: 28-27% 

Golden Circle 

Barbara Dumtnel Brunner 

Jane Zola Delahanty 

Katherine Schreuder Whitman 

Joan Brosovic 

Margaret Buxkemper 

Kate Earnhart 

Catharine Romano Gerster 

Alice Zamora Gorman 

• Lois Terry Herndon 
Karyl Donovan Iannone 
Antoinette Del Valle Irwin 
Helen Jaskoski 

Joan Kays 

• Bernice Fijak Lynch-Bajada 
t Enid Evans Macken 

Lola McAlpin-Grant 
Carole Cook Molony 
Janet Hebert Mote 
Jeanette Nolet Pelletier 

•Collette Boland Quinn 
Gerri Okamura Radman 
Jolene Mullins Radovcich 
Jeanne Redell Ruiz 
Kathleen Murphy Scott 

t Nan Slattery 
Mariel Price Sullivan 
LuAnne Vonder-Kuhlen 
Sheila Sausse Xitco 

Class of 1964 

Gifts: $3,515 
Donors: 32 - 28% 
Golden Circle 
Susan Kolp Curtis 
Roberta Mineo Allen 
•Colleen Gillen Azen 

• Kathie Heinecke Bozarth 
Cynthia Galbraith Buzan 

Judith Jonuska Clarke 
t Ellen Kotrba Cline 
Jacqueline Suess Dienemann 
Sharon Curran Flynn 
Julie O'Connor Goodwin 

• Mary Lee Storey Halpern 
Jeanne Schanhaar Hoover 

• Marilyn Berutto Iamela 
t Jane Luecke Johnson 

Michelle Pierrong Klepper 
Antonia Turner Kottman 
Olivia Grieco LaBouff 
Marjorie Rojas Lensch 
Mary Lindsay 
t Martha Sprigg Martin 
Eileen Miller 

■ Mary Hotchkiss Morgenstern 
t Julie Psomas Mullen 

Kathleen Leahy Payne 

• Pat Milke Poindexter 
Kathleen Earl Principe 
Christine Reising 

• Mary Margaret Leahy Starr 
Jeanette Kroger Steiner 
Cecelia Schmahl Stratford 
Janet Olimski Trautmann 
Marianne Portl Turner 

Class of 1965 

Gifts: $12,100 
Donors: 25 - 23% 

Golden Circle 
Eileen Murphy Bigelow 
Stephanie Simon Branon 
Pamela Carloiv Buckman 
Carola Pens Nichols 
Nancy Sullivan Taylor 

• Nancy Chappell Borchard 

Mary Catherine Crawford Coluzzi 

• Carolyn Crowe 

Pat Chapman De La Torre 

Barbara Beesley Dietterle 

Lawreen Crain Gallagher 

Suzanne Kowalewsky Gruna 

Mary Nolan Howell 
t Roberta Duffield Kordich 
t Vivien Lo Pizzo 

• Dorothy Jane Marron 
t Sharon Moyer Martin 

Kathleen Mitchell McGroarty 
Nancy Reiley Morgan 
Colleen Durant O'Shaughnessy 
Mary Ann Stocker Shaw 
Sheila Le Blanc Steers 
Margaret Bush Supple 
Pearl Koh Tao 
Vicki Young 

Class of 1966 

Gifts: $2,135 
Donors: 21 - 17% 

Maureen Jansen Atkins 

• Tina Von Der Ahe Brown 

• Teresa Werner Broyles 
t Susan Reddy Butler 

Patricia Westwood Cullen 
•Gloria Dougherty 
Erica Mauz Dowd 

■ Emily Deutsch Keller 

•Carol Wetzel Lachapelle 

Anne Splingaerd Megowan 
t Paula Meichtry 

Carol Bell O'Neill 

Kathleen Phillips 
t Toni Propotnik 

Donna Hogancamp Risse 
t Margaret Weber Susank 

Judith Tarbet 

Michele Tynan 

Julie Buswell Vetica 

Susan Berlin Wood 

Cecelia Brewer Wright 

Class of 1967 

Gifts: $4,365 
Donors: 28 - 22% 

Golden Circle 
Rosanne Tripp Schnaider 
Susan Fisher Shortell 
Paulette Marshall Barry 
Paula Bazar-Sandling 

• Mary Bruno Beynon 
Ann Hohman Brinton 
Victoria Chaney-Brosman 
Melody King Chasen 

+ Peg Jacobs Christopher 
Linda Williams Di Noto 
Rita Buch Dykstra 
Carol LaValley Genese 

• Toni Bannan Gross 

• Elaine Ziegler Hagedorn 
Jane Sprigg Jeffries 
Bridget Cotter Johnston 

• M. Patricia Kelly-Brown 

t Patricia Maccarrone Le Roux 
Michelle Keavney Levine 

• Belinda Barry Mitchell 

• Nancy Wilson Morris 
Margaret Colburn Morrison 
Mary Ann Strouts Rakiey 

t Louise Rupp 

■ Karen Fraser Schoeni 
Consuelo Villaverde 

• Rose Marie Whaley 
Kathie Andrew Yoder 

Class of 1968 

Gifts: $1,790 
Donors: 26 - 20% 

• Kristin Hansen Behrle 
Donna Bernard 
Collette Ecker Brooks 
Mary Alice Huff Conway 
Maria A. Cortina 

Anne Seaman Curtin 

■ Marie Driever 
Yvonne Burdo Everson 
Helen Hawekotte 
Carole Herrick Hodges 

• Francine Bell Johnston 
Lillian Sullivan Kirchen 
Martha Maddex Lewis 
Pamela Williams Lieb 

• Mercedes Lopez 

• Moreen Rogan McGurk 
Teresa Estrada Mullaney 

• Mary Glasscock Mulvaney 
Christine Klick Newman 

Mount St. Mary's College Magazine 

Mary Arneson Odell 

• Annemarie Clark Osterhaus 
Patricia Ponczocha 
Barbara Mosellie Shaia 
Sharon Peterson Sulentor 
Mary Ellen Hammond Villar 
Alice Wunderlich Wheatley 

Class of 1969 

Gifts: $6,195 
Donors: 36-25% 
Golden Circle 
Elaine Camutt 
Kathleen Conner Larsen 
Grace Kadner Wickersham 
t Adele Vezeau Burbridge 
Shelley Cavanaugh Calde 
Jill Kozeluh Cavanaugh 
Maureen Peverada Chris 
Lois Whitney Comeau 
Kathleen McCabe Cyrot 
Kathleen Davison 

• Patricia Desmarais 
Virginia Fijak Fry 

■ Kathleen Kent Garvey 

Carmen Godinez 
•Jeanne E. Higgins 

Palma Nitti Holland 
Mary Barnidge Johnston 
Nancy Chase Kallenberger 
Mary Kay Deasy Kast 

• Mary Beth Stonestreet Kitchens 
t Deborah Bottoms Lefevre 

• Martha Jesseman Long 

• Agnes Somogyi Malinko 

• Janet Wolff Maulhardt 
Mary Ann McCabe McGann 

t Mary Patricia Molander 
t Suzanne Scannell Mosesso 

• Virginia Yettke Phillips 

• Barbara Kirsch Poole 
Mary Gail Northrop Royal 
Jo Anne Preston Schell 

•Jill Leggett Shafiyoon 
Adele Zarate Skibba 
Joan Kociencki Slemmons 
Carol Ann Hricik Ule 
Eleanor Safarik Zeliff 

Class of 1970 

Gifts: $1,620 
Donors: 24 -21% 

Bernadette Terril Aliprantis 
Barbara Jones Barenfeld 

Linda Strickland Butterworth 
Shelia Cantwell (R.I. P.) 
Donna Pannone Darrow 
Joan Wright DeFreece 

•Cecelia Duffy Essin 
Nancy Eddie Felton 

t Melitta Fleck 
Yvonne Cassady Gabor 
Barbara Holloway Good 

• Mary Ellen Gormican 
Jean Dixon Helwing 
Mary Lillig Koenig 

• Deborah Rogers Lipton 
Marsha Corrigan Maulhardt 
Linda Gibb McCann 
Linda Leggett Oldenkamp 
Marian Pritchard 

Mary Purcell 
Susan Von Tobel 
Barbara Rice Waterkotte 
■ Patricia Moe Weiler 
Sydney Wilson Wigle 

Class of 1971 

Gifts: $1,650 
Donors: 11-13% 

Golden Circle 

Monica Spillane Luechtefeld 

• Patricia Bilger 

Diane Reiser Bridgeman 

• Cristine Ferrero 

t Ramona Vance Haywood 
Carole Strohm Holcomb 
Kathleen Hintz McNabb 

• Loretta McBride Musselman 
Carol Pindar Roth 

Susan Trinkaus Villa 

■ Diane Morgan West 

Class of 1972 

Gifts: S 3,035 
Donors: 22 -21% 

Golden Circle 
Mar/orie Flynn Petersen 
Carol Gibson Ayvazian 
Susan Bingham 

• Kathleen Knudsen De Santis 
Dorothy Kridler Dressier 
Michele J. Dunne 

■ Mary Kathryn Durando 

• Myriam Perdices Easton 
Roslyn Olaes Granger 

+ Colleen Gudreau 

• Doris Getzinger Holmes 
Mary Ann Wagoner Hudson 

•Joan Machingo Hutter 


Mary Arneson Odell '68 
President, Riordan Foundation 

As president of the Riordan Foundation, Mary Odell works 
to support projects that enhance literacy skills in children 
and job skills in older students. Much of the Foundation's 
work is channeled through its computer-assisted reading 
labs — hundreds across the country which serve more than 
100,000 children every year. A computer program called 
"Writing to Read" helps children build their verbal skills by 
teaching them how to write what they say, and then read what 
they write. 

Odell taught for several years after earning her degree in 
English from MSMC, and did post-graduate work in language 
and speech acquisition. Her son Patrick, now 20 and a 
sophomore history major at Loyola Marymount University, 
was born with a hearing impairment. Odell and her husband 
researched teaching methods and theories so that they could 
help him learn to speak. "He's been speaking normally ever 
since kindergarten," Odell says. Her daughter, Kelly, 22, is 
planning a career as an elementary school teacher. 

"Young children want to learn so much — the challenge is to 
keep that love of learning alive. I knew I was in the right place 
when I came to Mount St. Mary's, because the College has 
always had an excellent reputation for preparing teachers." 

My compelling interest is the education of young 
children, building on their strengths to get them started 
early on the path to success." 

Winter 1993 


Barbara Williams Johnson '55 

Public Health District Nursing Director Northeast Health Center 
Los Angeles County Department of Health Services 

Barbara Williams Johnson is the nursing administrator for 
40 nursing staff who deliver services for more than 82,000 
patient visits per year in the public health setting. Throughout 
her 37-year career she has also worked as a nurse at a junior 
college, as an occupational nurse with Mattel toys, and as an 
instructor with the Los Angeles Unified School District. 

"I devote much of my time to the Council of Black Nurses, 
an organization I founded in 1968 with Dr. Betty Williams and 
10 other nursing leaders," Johnson says. The current association 
of more than 7000 members addresses the need to recruit and 
retain minority nurses; promote their professional 
advancement; position them in policy-making and leadership 
jobs in key agencies; and improve health care in the Black 

Concern with the needs in her community has led Johnson to 
serve as president of the View Park Library (twice!); secretary 
of the Black Health Leadership Council; and for the last 12 
years, planner and participant in the annual statewide Black 
Health Conference. 

"The liberal arts education at MSMC helped me view things 
holistically in all areas of my life. That has made me more 
effective as a wife, mother, working professional, and volunteer." 

Mount St. Mary's gave me the preparation and 
confidence to seek a higher degree and leadership 
positions in nursing." 

t Christina Imre 

Cynthia Elder Jenkins 

Cathryn Mae Ankeney Kozuki 

Margaret Young Kwan 
• Deborah Anne Lasseter 

Marilyn Houlihan Saulnier 

Kathleen Smith Smith 
tLisbeth Ann Sonoda (R.I. P.) 

Mario Tapanes 

Class of 1973 

Gifts: $780 
Donors: 14 


• Jerilyn Hicks Beck 
Beverly Bonzon 
Susan Levesque Eden 
Gail Feigenbaum 

• Mary Pat Parten Gonzalez 
Mary Lou Huseby 

• Diane Tonks Mackin 

• Mary Corty O'Connor 
Vickie Neuvert Peters 
Donna Putziger 
Marian Mizwin Quitiquit 
Angela Kucia Samstag 

1 Marilyn Baumgartner Shirk 
Christine Poettgen Thompson 

Class of 1974 

Gifts: $610 

Donors: 17-11% 

Jeanine Greb Balz 

Theresa Marrinan Bentley 

Kristine Klumph Bounds 

Lisa Cowan Douglass 
1 Ann Donovan Fisher 

Therese Flood 

Paul F. Gibson II 

Rene Potter Hale 

Patricia Price Hardman 

Shirley Belleville Kenworthy 

Kathleen Curran Love 

Wendy Jones Murphy 

Elaine Priest 

Yolanda Ramirez 

Evelyn Fricke Rubio 
■ Cynthia Dias Selassie 

Molly Bannan Sones 

Class of 1975 

Gifts: $4,220 
Donors: 26- 17% 
Golden Circle 
Francine R. Aguilar 
Michele Rhilinger 

Linda West Abrams 

• Nancy Aiko Arnold 

• Mane Fiorillo 
Alice Gardello 
Irene Hesch 

Mary Anne Sterling Houlahan 

• Denise Aquilante Johnson 
Suzanne Plummer Killingsworth 

t Elaine Kindle 
t Michelle Melanson 
Barbara Smith Mount 

• Carol Jean Neel 
Sumiko Oi 

Peggy Dunnigan Perkins 

• Angela Hawekotte Quinn 
t Susan Becker Sargent 

Judy M. Schaffer 
Karen Efker Sharkey 

Kirsten Nordskog Supancheck 
Mary Ann Vekich 
Dorothy Vessa 
t Patti Widdicombe 

• Bette Payson Worth 
Christina M. Wright 

Class of 1976 

Gifts: $420 
Donors: 9-8% 

• Veronica Raef Andreoli 
Nancy Izzo Cecconi 
Antonia Fernandez-Corcino 

• Juanita Gomez 
Colleen Jernigan 

Susan Kaiser-Glembotski 
Joanne Monteith 
Michelle Moran 
Kathleen E. Snider 

Class of 1977 

Gifts: $4,495 
Donors: 27 - 20% 
Golden Circle 
Sandra Goss Peterson 
Lisa Vukalcic 

Mount St. Mary's College Magazine 

Patricia Pine Anthony 

• Susan Owaki Bierman 
Catherine Pruss Bunnell 

t Edna Dodson Dixon 

• Cathy Dreher 

• Laurie Anderson Friend 
Shayne Skinner Golden 

t La Verne Rosa Harris 

• Elizabeth R. Hill 
Marsha Sato Ikeda 
Annette Bowles Kucera 
Yvette Markos Luque 
Lydia Maldonado-Calzada 
Olivia Tamayo Minjares 
Lee Ann Elliott Navarro 

t Terry Clarke Norvell 
Pamela Kennedy Oborski 
Nancy Brubaker Rez 
Julie Ruesenberg Rintala 
Michele A. Robinson 

t Rosa Salazar 
Patricia Muller Sanders 
Susan Gottenbos Shellooe 
Patricia Thompson Thomas 

• Yolanda Marshall Tisdale 

Class of 1978 

Gifts: $1,965 
Donors: 20- 11% 

Barbara Teuber Bengler 
Linda Peich Broyles 
Harriett Dennison 

• Cecilia Blanche Dias 
Georgia Farber 

t Arlene Paragoso Gonzales 

• Mary McEntee Gosnell 

■ Bonnie McCloskey Gould 
Katherine Beritich Hawthorne 

• Kathy Hunter 
•Judy Kruzic Leach 

Margaret Roslansky McKean 
Pamela Merriam 
Susan Stark Meyer 
Catherine Pugel 
Linda Boyd Rowlands 
Mary Maggio Rudolph 
Mary Smith 
Karen Darling Ward 

■ Mary Jo Higson White 

Class of 1979 

Gifts: $3,160 

Donors: 24 - 14% 

Golden Circle 

Mary Connelly Droese 

Katherine Lemke Andrews 

• Alicia Andujo 

• Denise Coulson Barton 
Regina Cabrera Bravo 
Susan Carr Carstens 
Joan Cashion 

Telka Clifford-Penney 
t Laura Cuddy 
Margaret-Ellen Frankel 

• Susan Henderson French 
Charlotte Garrison-Escobedo 
Vickie Gardner Ghent 
Bernice Pavao Hilton 

• Cindy Burns Lee 

Natalie Harris Martinez 
Linda Davis Meseck 
Deborah Pavetti 
Bryn Kingston Risler 
Shirley Storch Sherman 

■ Linda Hall Smith 

■ Pamela Spencer Smith 

• Monica Sullivan 
Lorraine Marshall Wright 

Class of 1980 

Gifts: $945 
Donors: 26- 13% 

Joyce Harrison Alley 
Jacqueline Bird Ayres 
Nancy Duncan Blake 
Suzanne Cannata 

• Rene Gonsalves Curtis 
Cynthia Etz De Lain 
Lydia Alvarez Dominguez 
Mary Nell Drust 
Rachel Guzman Espinoza 
Susan Benedict Farley 
Susan O'Neill Ferris 
Patricia Headley 

Julie Ann Wilson Helms 

• Irmalee Jordan 
Shahrzad Khonsari 
Barbara Frayne Latter 
Gloria Stoner Lurie 
Roxanne Moore Meier 
Sally Velasquez Morgan 
Linda Laird Parsons 
Carleen Powers 

Kerry Prizmich 
Elizabeth Mead Trott 

• Phyllis Massino Williams 
Katie Keller Wolter 

• Deborah Quick Zavaleta 

Class of 1981 

Gifts: $645 
Donors: 12-6% 
Cindy Dickmann Amano 
Judy Boster-Mark 
Melissa Hayes Brennan 
Suzette Low Buchanan 
Maria Molina Fazio 
Cynthia Eagle Lamberti 
Deborah Pisano 
•Joanne Stites Roberts 

• Bernadette Biondo Solberg 
t Elaine Spierer 

Carol Mamykon Venus 
Catherine Anspach Whittington 

Class of 1982 

Gifts: $1,220 
Donors: 23 - 10% 
Pamela Parsons Brannon 

• Catherine Christel 

• Rebecca Odell Clough 
Lorraine Bragg Daskal 
Irene Duran de los Santos 
Jane L. Dong-Yu 

Alicia Gonzalez Egan 
Maria E. Flores 
Emily Gonzales 

• Susan Haselton Haas 

Lo-Gina Ramos House 
Hannelore Lange 
Imelda Lopez-Casper 
Darlene Ridill Marada 
Margaret Newhouse Moore 
Joan Griffin O'Brien 
Patricia Pelletier 
Eroston A. Price 
Karen Funk Robinson 
Michelle Feany Van Home 
Janice Hasegawa Verdin 
Nora McGrath Warren 
t Carolyn Akiyama Yamashiro 

Class of 1983 

Gifts: $1,525 
Donors: 25- 11% 

Cynthia Roberts Albrecht 
t Adrienne Allison 
Mildred Altfeld 

• Raynette N. Baca 
Alison Pohlman Biacsi 
Janine Blocher 
Barbara Buhs 
Elizabeth Coyne-Ringbom 

• Theresa Vandepas Daggi 
Peggy Prior Fisher 
Elizabeth Bannan Gilmore 

• Nediljka Kosor Graf 

• Mary Lee Denman Griswold 

• Gabrielle Tabellario Hadley 
Mary Lee Lacy 

Lisa Peters Mathews 
•Valery Nakashima Matsumoto 
Rosadel Robison McClure 
Janet Ramirez McCreary 
Karen J. Reavis 
Rebecca Lind Roberts 

• Teresa Rodriguez-Yip 
Natalya Nikolus Stone 
Lisa Kirchen Wierwille 

• Mary M. Williams 

Class of 1984 

Gifts: $1,410 
Donors: 26 -11% 

Donnamarie Gonzalez Aylward 
JoAnn Schlick Bonot 
Barbara Heim Bridge 
Jean Streuber Bushnell 
Maureen Cabeen 
Caroline Spotts Corralejo 
t Lynette Dahlman 
Margaret Durkin 
Maria McMahon Eberts 
Fiona McGinty Engler 

• Kathleen McMahon Gentile 

• Katherine Beemer Grubb 
•Julie Candelaria Lawrence 

Patty McKinnon 

• Nancy Mills 
•Joan Morris 

Cindy Clark Mudge 
Janet Crawford Peck 
Julia Donohue Schwartz 
Kathleen Hardin Stevenson 

• Elizabeth Saly Sullivan 
Deanne Martin Turner 
Rene Turner-Chock 

Sandra Dominguez Verhagen 
Shelh A. Weekes 
Mary Bortle Wilson 

Class of 1985 

Gifts: $1,025 
Donors: 13-8% 

• Raul Aguilar 
t Anonymous 

Jane Duff Beuyukian 

Mary Pat Kennedy Carothers 

Susan Bonnici Coleman 

• Patricia Cribbs 

Kathy Irvine Danenberg 

• Yu-Chun Hong 
Deborah Rocha Jauregui 
Colleen Marie McDonald 

• Kathleen Gilmartin McNamara 
Bertha Somoano 

Joan Jacobson Swift 

Class of 1986 

Gifts: $2,920 
Donors: 13-5% 
Golden Circle 
Susan Maguire 
Constance Boch 
Stefani Cardamon Capone 
Karin Breitenstein Cox 
Jeanette Mankawich 

• Veronica O'Connell 
Tamara Martinez Payne 
Gliceria Mananzan Rosario 
Marianne Schiller 
Elizabeth Sevilla 

• Elaine Walsh 

t Anne Wassenaar 
t Catherine Wilson 

Class of 1987 

Gifts: $270 
Donors: 10-4% 
Iraida T Fernandez 
Catalina Gonzalez 
Stacey Marchus Hickman 
Claire Matranga 
Mariela Cervantes Nava 
Lilia Parra-Roide 
Claudia Ruiz 
Diane Salgado 
Irene Kusubov Saschin 
Susan Stapleford 

Class of 1988 

Gifts: $625 
Donors: 14-5% 

• Claire Mauvezin Carlyle 
Jaime Reiter Collins 

• Penny Dutton 

• Catherine Emley 
Gail Arrowood Flood 
Sharon Heinsius 
Karen Reinhart Hicks 
Kelly Kester-Smith 
Marian Meade 
Lynda Marie Metcalf 
Tracy Oatis 
Christine A. Rvder 

Whiter 1993 


Sister Mary McKay, CSJ '68 

Assistant Professor of Religious Studies 
Mount St. Mary's College 

Sister Mary McKay describes herself as a child of the 
Kennedy era. The infectious idealism of the '60s influenced 
her to lead a life dedicated to service, both in the Church and 
in the classroom. She obtained her bachelor's degree in English 
at the Mount, a master's in 1977 from Duquesne University, 
and subsequently spent several years as an elementary school 
teacher. Since earning her Ph.D. in theology from the 
University of Notre Dame last spring, she has returned to 
MSMC as an assistant professor of religious studies. 

McKay graduated from Alemany High School in Mission 
Hills and entered religious life in 1963. As a student, she had 
known many CSJs and admired their strong tradition of 
teaching; that's one reason she chose to become a Sister of St. 
Joseph of Carondelet. 

Nearly three decades after she was enrolled as an 
undergraduate, McKay now finds herself in the midst of a new 
generation of MSMC students. "The biggest contrast between 
then and now is the diversity — the differences in age, 
ethnicity — just the number of countries these women come 
from is amazing!" 

McKay enjoys the challenge of diversity in the classroom. "I 
spend more time and effort preparing for class to make sure 
that my lectures offer a variety of examples applicable to 
diverse cultures. I also encourage discussion so that my 
students can express themselves as individuals." 


t was central to that time, the desire to do something 
for others." 

Wende Ann Wawerchak 
Madelon Mackey Zegers 

Class of 1989 

Gifts: S975 
Donors: 27- 11% 

Julie Anne Adza 
Joanne M. Bartolotti 
Michele Benson 
Tracy Bower 
Kathryn Anne Brown 
Maria Immanuela Buse 
Emma Gomez Clark 
Monica Espinoza 
Maureen McGuire Franek 
t Irma Gallegos 
Irene Gonzalez 
Ma-Ascencion Hernandez 

Tiffany Johnson 
Mary Kearsley 
Christine Knudsen 
Michelle Denise Larrey 
Lisa Overby Lintner 
Mary Grace Manalang 
Jane Smith May 
Laura Whitescarver Mohun 
' Rita Nebeker 
Ana Soledad Ramirez 
Caroline V. Saltzman 
Jeanette T. Serrano 
Julie Stalsworth Snader 
Jacqueline Velis 
Maria Vergara Vizurraga 

Class of 1990 

Gifts: $575 
Donors: 17-6% 
Kathleen M. Baumgartner 
Carol Desmond-Donohue 
Cecilia Garcia 
Margaret D. Gross 
Sophia Marie Herrick 
Patricia Shannon Kessler 
Amy Kuhnert 
Lisa Lok 

Elizabeth E Marroquin 
Michelle Renee Mosser 
Trish Sandn 
Helen Hatsuko Sato 
Susan L. Shields 
Kathryn Marie Steritz 
Milda S. Tomkus 
Mary Trabold 
Barbara E. Zajac 

Class of 1991 

Gifts: $615 
Donors: 14-5% 

Shane Alexson 

Lucky Altman 

Maria Avila 

Christianne Nyberg Bishop 

Monique Louise Borgers 

Teresa Clark 

Christine Morrison Farwell 

Danielle Fischer 

Irma N. Garcia 

Laurajean Johnson 

Susan Konzal 

Noel R. Mastandrea 

Ann Sweeny Reynolds 

Gloria Trosch 


Vicente and Clara Cristobal 

Elizabeth Jarrold 


Mount St. Mary's College Magazine 


Lifetime Membership Categories 

■ President's Club $100,000+ 

•Chancellor's Circle $50,000+ 

t Purple & Gold Circle $25,000+ 

•Lifetime Members $15,000+ 

* Sponsored Member 

Listing in the Mount Associates is accorded to those 
special friends, parents, alumnae, faculty and 
administrators, Trustees and Regents who contribute 
$1,200 annually or make a lifetime gift to the College to 
provide a substantial source of annual giving. Mount 
Associates share in educational programs and 
membership get-togethers. 

*Mr. & Mrs. C. John Laugharn, Co 

Mr. & Mrs. David E. Ackroyd 

Ms. Francine Aguilar 

Mr. & Mrs. Glen R. Banken 
•Mr. & Mrs. Charles F. Bannan 

Mr. & Mrs. Paul A. Becker 

Mr. & Mrs. Thomas F. Bergin 

Mr. Frank L. Bryant 

Dr. Hallie F. Bundy 

Mr. Jerome C. Byrne 

Mrs. Kathleen Clark 

Dr. &C Mrs. Thomas J. Coleman 

* Sister Magdalen Coughlin 
Mr. & Mrs. Donald L. Curtis 
Mrs. Frances Dutra Cutler 
Ms. Marina Forstmann Day 
Dr. & Mrs. James Delahanty 
Mrs. Genevieve Denault 

Drs. Jacqueline and Robert Doud 
Mr. Thomas J. Doyle 

* Mr. & Mrs. William H. Elliott 
Mr. & Mrs. James D. Farley 
Mr. & Mrs. Richard M. Ferry 
Mr. & Mrs. Mark Foster 

Mr. & Mrs. Kirby Gait 
•Mr. & Mrs. Steven P. Gross 
Mr. & Mrs. Newton Harris, III 
Mr. & Mrs. Robert Harris 
Mr. & Mrs. Richard F. Holland 
Mr. &C Mrs. H. Richard Horst 
Mr. & Mrs. Carl N. Karcher 
Mr. & Mrs. Peter Keller 

* Sister Kathleen Kelly 

* Mrs. Mary F. Kelly 

* Sister Karen M. Kennelly 

* Mr. & Mrs. Charles A. LaFleur 
Mrs. Mary Pansini LaHaye 

Dr. & Mrs. E. John Larsen 
Mrs. Monica Spillane Luechtefeld 
Mr. &c Mrs. John Mankiewicz 
Mr. & Mrs. E. Lyle Marshall 

* Sister Kathleen Mary McCarthy 
tMr. & Mrs. J. Thomas McCarthy 
■Mr. & Mrs. David L. Mclntyre 

Mr. & Mrs. Francis X. 

McNamara, Jr. 
Colonel &c Mrs. Charles Medinnis 

* Sister Eloise Therese Mescall 

* Sister Cecilia Louise Moore 
tMrs. Sheila Muller 

Mr. Steven Nagy 

Mr. & Mrs. Richard B. Nahas 
Mr. & Mrs. Lee E. Owens 
Mr. Michael E. Polito 
Mr. &c Mrs. Richard F. Schmid 
Mr. & Mrs. Carl J. Schuck 
Mr. & Mrs. William J. Schultz 
Mr. & Mrs. James E. Scott 
Mr. & Mrs. Raymond A. Siebert 

•Mr. & Mrs. Donald Sloper 
Mr. and Mrs. John Smurda 
Mr. Kenneth J. Sullivan 

•Mr. & Mrs. John David Taylor 
Ms. Margaret Thalken 
Dr. & Mrs. Oscar W. Thomsen 
Mrs. Celia Gonzales Torres 

• Mr. &c Mrs. Alfred Vallely 
Mr. & Mrs. J. Robert Vaughan 

•Mrs. F. J. Week 
Mr. & Mrs. Jeffrey G. Whitman 
Mrs. Dexter C. Williams 


Bernards Valet, Inc. 
Mr. Robert Brand 
Frank Brownstead 
George S. Cawthorn, 

The Graphic Advance 
Edward Den Lau, SPACE 
Dutton's Bookstore 
Ileen Garcia 
Eloise Helwig 
Jane Luecke Johnson 
KABC Talkradio 
Kathy Mergenthaler 
Phil Midiri, Media Home 

Marian Rees 
Regal Rents 

The Karla Ross Orchestra 
Somerset Caterers 
West & West Catering 
Pat Wojciechowski, 

Omni Design 

GIFTS IN KIND 1991-92 

Ruth & David Ackroyd 


Anna's Italian Restaurant 


Bel Air Hotel 

Mr. & Mrs. Tom Bergin, 

Tom Bergin's Restaurant 
Bernards Valet Inc. 
Borland International 
Bradford & Marzec, Inc. 
Canon Theatre 
Casa Arguello 
Chez Helene 
The CLAREMONT Resort & 

Spa, Oakland 
Continental Communication's 

Heidi Cordova, RTR 
Pat Dec, St. John's Hospital 
Delta Air Lines, Inc. 
Thomas J. Doyle 
Mr. & Mrs. John C. 

Mr. Charles Frandson 
Norma L. Gonzales 
Mrs. Gooch's 
Clifford Goodrich, President, 

Los Angeles Turf Club 
Lola Mc Alpin-Grant 
Grouse Mountain Lodge 
Holiday Inn, Crowne Plaza 
Hotel Bel Air 
Hotel Nikko 
House of Chan Dara Siamese 

Imperial Palace 
Jimmy's Restaurant 
Carl N. Karcher, 

Carl Karcher Enterprises 
Mr. Peter Keller 
Kennedy-Wilson in behalf of 

The Lake Arrowhead 

The Krug Company Hotels 

Best Western Dry Creek 

Inn, Healdsburg 

Best Western Sonoma 

Valley Inn, Sonoma 
Lawry's Prime Rib 
Tania Lichine 
Lockheed Corporation, 

Susan Pearce 
Monica Spillane Luechtefeld 
Madame Wu's Garden 
Mr. &c Mrs. Edwin K. Marzec 
Bill and Sara Mc Gagh 
Maggie Melanson 
Mary Lou Melanson 
Michelle Melanson 
Kathy Mergenthaler 
Eugene L. Milew 
Robert Mondavi Winery 
Robert Myerson, 

Ben Myerson Candy Co. 
Caroline W. Nahas 
Debra Nakatomi 

Andrew Ogilvie 
Page Boy Maternity 
P.J.'s Flowers &C Gifts 
Port O'Call Pasadena at 

The Prescott Hotel, 

San Francisco 
Regent Beverly Wilshire Hotel 
Mr. and Mrs. Edward Reilly 

Laguna Niguel 
Saddle Peak Lodge 
San Francisco Marriott 
Santa Barbara Inn 
Sheraton Los Angeles 

Harbor Hotel 

Mrs. Wendy Segard 
Southern Wine & Spirits 
Mr. & Mrs. John P. Sullivan 

Swiss Bank Corporation 
Tommy Toy's Haute Cuisine 

Chinoise, San Francisco 
The Tower Restaurant 
Travel Treasures, Michael 

TRIBECA Restaurant & Bar 
Valentino Restaurant 
Mr. J. R. Vaughan 
C. J. Ver Halen 
Veterans of Foreign Wars, 

Inglewood Auxiliary & 

Post #2122 
Western Council of 

Construction Consumers 
Zenith Insurance 

FOR 1991-1992 

Advanced Micro Devices 
The Aerospace Corporation 
Allied-Signal Foundation, Inc. 
ARCO Foundation 
Arthur Andersen & Company 

Automation Electric 
Black & Decker 
The Boeing Company 
Buckman Company, Inc. 
Chevron Corporation 
DeLuxe Corporation 

Dow Chemical USA 
Equitable Foundation 

Exxon Education Foundation 
Fannie Mae 
General Dynamics 

General Motors Foundation 
J. Paul Getty Trust 
Glendale Federal Bank 
GTE Foundation 

Whiter 1993 


Financial and Gift Summaries 

Income and Expenditures 
Educational and General Income 

Auxiliary Enterprises 
Revenue 12% 

Private Gifts, Grants 
and Scholarships 12% 

Contributed Services 
by Sisters 2% 

Endowed Scholarship 
Eunds 3% 
Other 5% 

Federal Government 
Grants 10% 

Income and Expenditures 

Educational and general income (in thousands): 

Tuition and fees 

Government grants 

Private gifts and grants 

Contributed services 

(Sisters of St. Joseph of Carondelet) 


Student aid income: 

Federal government 

Private scholarship funds 

Endowed scholarship funds 

Auxiliary enterprises revenue 

Interfund transfers 

1991-92 1990-91 





















Total Current Fund Revenue 



Educational and General Expenditures 

Academic Support 

Educational and General Expenditures (in thousands): 

Instruction and department research 

Academic support 

Student services 

Institutional support 

Plant operation and maintenance 

Student aid expenditures 

Auxiliary enterprises expense 

Debt payments (principal and interest) 

















Total current fund expenditures 




Services 10% Gifts and Grants Summary 

Auxiliary Enterprises 

Debt Payments 1% p| an) Operation & Expense 9%' 
Maintenance 7% 

Sources of Private Gifts and Grants Received 

Private gifts 


$ 262,714 

$ 262,286 

Corporations & Foundations 



Parents & Other Friends 



Trustees & Regents 



Special events 


Independent Colleges of 

Southern California 



Planned gifts * (wills, trusts, etc.) 






Alumnae 7% 
Parents & Other Eriends 5% 

Total private gifts 



Government grants to MSMC 
Government aid to MSMC students 


$ 843,491 

Total grants and student aid 



Total gifts and grants 



Planned Gifts 1% 
Gihs in Kind 1% 

Trustees & Regents 4% ICSC 4% 

Market value of endowments $22,336,799 $ 1 9,908,476 

"Includes Alumnae, Regents and Friends gifts 


Mount St. Mary's College Magazine 

Alumnae Gift Summary 

1991-92 1990-91 

Top Ten Classes in Increased Participation 

Alumnae fund drive 
Alumnae sponsored special events 
Alumnae special gifts 
Alumnae planned gifts 





$ 167,552 




Total alumnae gifts 



$ 362,286 

Total alumnae fund drive contributors 



Percentage of participation 
Largest donation 
Total matching gifts 



$ 100,000 
$ 53,400 

Ranking Year 

Increase in % 
of Participation 

Government Grants Allocated for 
Mount St. Mary's College 

Title III Institutional Aid 

(U.S. Department of Education) 
Grants for Da Camera Society 
National Institutes of Health 

(Minority Biomedical Research Support) 

(Minority Access to Research Careers) 
Grants for Child Development Center, 

Doheny Campus 

(California Department of Education) 
Handicapped Personnel Preparation 

(U.S. Department of Education) 
SLIAG (State Legalization Impact 

Assistance Grant) 
Title IV Institutional Aid 

(U.S. Department of Education) 
National Science Foundation 

(Computer Instruction Assistance) 

1991-92 1990-91 















Total government grants to College $1,132,856 $843,491 

Government Grants and Loans Allocated 

for Mount St. Mary's Students 1991-92 1 990-9 1 

Federal nursing grants 

Federal college work-study grant 

Federal supplemental educational 

opportunity grants 
Federal Pell grant 
Federal nursing student loans 
Guaranteed student loans (Stafford) 
National direct student loans (Perkins 
Supplemental Loans for Students (SLS) 
California Grant A (aid to students 

from middle-income families) 
California Grant B (aid to students 

from lower-income families) 

Total government aid to students 















) 531,354 









































/ \ 



/ \ 



/ \ 




Winter 1993 13 


Hughes Aircraft 


ICI Americas, Inc. 

Johnson & Higgins 

Marsh & McLennan 

Companies, Inc. 
The May Department Stores 

McDonnell Douglas 

Minnesota Mining and 


Monsanto Company 
Pacific Telesis 

Parker-Hannifin Foundation 
Pitney Bowes 
The J.C. Penney Company, Inc. 

Philip Morris Company 
The Prudential Foundation 
Rockwell International 
Santa Fe Pacific Foundation 
Security Pacific Foundation 
Shearson Lehman Hutton 
Shell Oil Company 

Southern California Gas 

Teledyne, Inc. 
Textron, Inc. 

Times Mirror Foundation 
TRW Foundation 
Unocal Corporation 
Whirlpool Foundation 
Xerox Foundation 


Life Scholar $150,000 

Life Partner $100,000 

Life Patron $ 50,000 

Life Sponsor $ 25,000 

Corporate Affiliate $10,000 

Listing in the Corporate 
Associates is accorded to 
those in the business 
community who have made a 
commitment to endowing the 
future by providing 
scholarship assistance. 

Life Scholar 

Angeles Corporation 

Life Partner 

First Pacific Advisors, Inc. 
The Times Mirror Foundation 

Life Patron 

BankAmerica Foundation 

Life Sponsor 
Transmetrics, Inc. 

Corporate Affiliate 

First Interstate Bank of California 


Leslie Cunningham '90 

Professional Sales Representative 
Rhone-Poulenc Pharmaceuticals 

Adapting to cultural differences is nothing new for Leslie 
Cunningham, who spent most of her teenage years 
abroad, in West Germany, before entering Mount St. Mary's 
and earning her B.A. in social science. She is fluent in German 
and Spanish, and can hold her own in Japanese as well. 

In her present position, she shares information about new 
products with physicians in a variety of health care settings. 
Cunningham says that having been educated at a women's 
college has proven to be a tremendous asset. "You learn to 
assert yourself; you know you can compete, toe-to-toe with 
men. That's something you take with you throughout life." 

Cunningham completed a prestigious Coro Foundation 
fellowship in public affairs last June. The Coro fellows study a 
particular neighborhood — in Cunningham's case, it was the 
Vietnamese district in Westminster, Calif. — analyzing the 
political, social, economic and spiritual elements that make up 
that community. Coro fellows subsequently work for a month 
at a time with leaders in politics, media, labor, business, and 
community affairs. Cunningham's father, former City 
Councilman David Cunningham, is also an alum of the Coro 
program. "We were the first parent-child duo!" 

She hopes to be posted in another country in the not-too- 
distant future, where she can put her language skills to work in 
international marketing. 

Arty clients are in Chinatown, Little Tokyo, Koreatown, 
Highland Park... it's great to be exposed to the rich 
diversity of these communities on a daily basis." 


Mount St. Mary's College Magazine 

Parents & Other Friends 

July 1, 1991 -June 30, 1992 

Golden Circle 

Listing in the Golden Circle is accorded to those who 
contributed $1,000 or more or whose gift was matched to 
total $1,000 or more. 

■ Carondelet Circle 

Listing in the Carondelet Circle is accorded to those who 
contributed $500 - $999, or whose gifts were matched to 
total $500 - $999. 

t Silver Circle 
Listing in the Silver Circle is accorded to those who 
contributed $200 - $499, or whose gifts were matched to 
total $200 - $499. 

•Century Club 

Those who contributed $100 - $199, or whose gifts were 
matched to total $100 -$199. 


Mr. and Mrs. David Ackroyd 
Aerospace Corporation 
The Abmanson Foundation 
Air Force Aid Society 
Richard T Aldworth 

General Trust 
Alpha Kappa Alpha, 

Educational Advancement 

American Samoa Government 
Angeles Corporation 
The Michael D. Antonovich 

Nursing Faculty Grant 

ARCO Foundation 
Arthur Andersen & Company 

Avery Dennison 

■ AALTW, Santa Monica Bay 


Esther V. Abbey 

Joanna Ackerman 
•Allied Signal Foundation, Inc. 
tS. Allingham 

• Dr. and Mrs. Felipe J. Alpas 

■ American Business Clubs 

■ American Institute of 
Certified Public 
Accountants Foundation 

t Rosemary Park Anastos 

Alicia Andujo 


Jean B. Archer 
•Nancy Arnold 

Assistance League of Southern 


• Drs. Alexander and 
Helen Astin 

• Amparo Austria 



Mr. and Mrs. Pierre H. 

BankAmerica Foundation 
Mr. and Mrs. Charles F. 

Mr. and Mrs. Paul Becker 
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas F. 

Mr. and Mrs. Paul Brunton 
Mr. Frank L. Bryant 
Fritz B. Burns Foundation 
Mr. Jerome C. Byrne 

Ms. Felicia Bagby 

Anne L. Bair 
• E. Harold Baker 

Mr. and Mrs. Jody Baral 

Georgia A. Belardi 
t Daphne Nicholson Bennett 

Mary I. Bennett 

Barbara C. Berk 

Dorothy L. Bicknell 

Rita S. Boags 

Elmer and Eleanor Boke 

Gertrude C. Boland 

Mr. and Mrs. Rolando Q. 
•Mr. and Mrs. Raymond 

Mr. and Mrs. Manas 

Tracy A. Bower 
t Evelyn L. Bray 

Rubin H. Brown 
t Helen Ryan Bryan 
tMr. and Mrs. Stanley H. 

Mr. and Mrs. Alfio S. Burin 

Mr. and Mrs. Martin J. 

Mr. Patrick J. Burns 

Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Buse 
Business Research Systems 



California Community 

Mr. and Mrs. Kristo Caratan 
Elsie Marie Card 
CBS Foundation 
Checchi Foundation 
Chevron USA, Inc. 
Citizens Scholarship 

Foundation of America 
Coca-Cola Foundation 

Coors Brewing Company 
County of Los Angeles, 

Department of Children's 

Cdr. and Mrs. Eugene R. 

t Esther J. Cabanban 

■ Camacho Scholarship 

■ Elaine C. Camuti 
tMr. and Mrs. Douglas 

•Barbara Casey 
Melody J. Chasen 
Mr. and Mrs. Edward 
tMr. Rafael Chodos 
•Mr. and Mrs. Andrew 

tMrs. Kathleen Clark 

■ Mrs. Robert H. Clark 
Teresa Clark 
Virginia D. Clemo 

■ Clinical Seminars in Manual 

t Roger and Ruby Coe 
Jillian Coldiron Associates 
Judi Parks Craven 

• Carolyn Crowe 

• Susan B. Crowe 

• Mr. and Mrs. Thomas F. 


■ Gloria M. Curiel 



Datatel Scholars Foundation 
Edna Davidson Scholarship 

Ms. Marina Forstmann Day 
Deloitte & Touche 
Carrie Estelle Doheny 

Drs. Robert and Jacqueline 

James R. Dougherty, Jr., 

Mr. Thomas J. Doyle 

Joyce Dallal 
■Clifford J. Daly 
> Mr. and Mrs. Robert 

Joseph L. De Mieri 

•Edward Den Lau, SPACE 
Mr. and Mrs. Evangelio 

Jacqueline M. Dibernardo 
Neil and Marguerite Dodge 
•Mary Anne Dolan 
•Merlin and Sandra Dorfman 
Carolyn J. Douglas 
Erwin W. Drabinski 
tMr. and Mrs. Francis 
Jacqueline Dreager 
Mr. and Mrs. Richard 



Mr. and Mrs. James K. 

Mr. and Mrs. William H. 

The Equitable Foundation 

■ El Camino Community 
College District Trust 
Elizabeth Emirhanian 



Mr. and Mrs. James D. 

Farmers Insurance Co. 
Mr. and Mrs. Richard M. 

First Interstate Bank of 

California Foundation 
First Pacific Advisors 
First Regional Bank 
Mr. John C. Fitzgerald 
The Fluor Foundation 
Mr. and Mrs. Mark Foster 
Daniel Freeman Memorial 

Fulfillment Fund 

t Irene Farley 

Steven and Christine Farwell 

Maria Molino Fazio 
tMr. and Mrs. Robert Ferren 

Mr. and Mrs. Gerald M. 
■ Mrs. Lynda Fluent 
• Evelyn K. Francuz 
•Mr. and Mrs. Herbert Funk 


Mr. and Mrs. John J. Gillin 
GTE Foundation 

Claude Gaignaire 
t Ellen M. Gameral 

Mr. and Mrs. Peter 

Carol Ann Genese 

Mr. and Mrs. John Gerster 

David P. Giesing 
t Sandra V. Gooch 

Mr. and Mrs. Edward Gray 

Whiter 1993 15 

Phyllis Green 
tMr. and Mrs. Steven A. 

t Carey and Kristine Gunnell 
• Mr. and Mrs. John Gurak 
■ Irene Gutierrez-Garza 



Mrs. Alice May Hannon 
William H. Hannon 

Hawaii Community 

The William and Flora 

Hewlett Foundation 
Mr. and Mrs. Donald H. 

Hughes Aircraft 
Mr. Roger K. Hughes 

Diane Hajnal 
Norene Harris 

• Mr. and Mrs. Brian Y. 

Michael D. Harvey 
-Mr. and Mrs. J. W. 

■ Health Careers Foundation 
t Virginia Heinz 

• Eloise Martinez Helwig 

• Lucille M. Herman 
Regina W. Herrick 

■ Phillip Hewes 

t Patricia Hickey 

• Hilsinger-Mendelson, Inc. 
R. Michael and MaryAnne 

Tanya L. Howard 
Boyd and Katherine 





Imperial Bank Foundation 

Independent Colleges 

/Southern California 
The James Irvine 


t Christina J. Imre 

■ Inglewood-Airport Area 

Chamber of Commerce 

■ Inter-Continental Business 

International Homes, Inc. 
• Mr. and Mrs. Jacques A. 



Jephson FAucational 

Trust # / 
Marcellus L. Josyln 

Johns and Gorman Films 

Mr. and Mrs. Fred L. Jager 
1 Jardine Insurance Brokers 
' Mr. and Mrs. Robert W. 


Kadena Officers Wives Club 
Kaiser Foundation 

Health Plan 
Kaiser Permanente 
Mr. and Mrs. Carl N. 

William M. Keck. Jr. 

Kellbar Foundation 
Mr. and Mrs. Peter Keller 
Mrs. Mary F. Kelly 
Mary Anne Kelly Trust 
Lewis A. Kingsley 

Knight Foundation 

The Tom & Valley 
Knudsen Foundation 
KornlFerry International 

■ Kadena High School 

Booster Club 
t Barbara Kagan 

■ Kaiulani Home for Girls 

Patricia A. Keelan 

• Rosemary Kehl 

tMr. and Mrs. Kenneth H. 

t Diane Kelley 

• K.B. Kemp 

t John W. Kenny 

• Ruth H. Knapp 

■ Knights of Malta 
Marvin E. and Joanne B. 

Patsy Krebs 
Annette Kucera 
Mr. and Mrs. Robert 

t Rita Kurtz 



Laborer's International 

Union of North America 
Mr. and Mrs. C. John 

La ugh am 
Dorothy M. Leahy 
Thomas and Dorothy 

Leavey Foundation 
Ruth Le Sage-Reilly 
Paul Lewis Trust 
Lilly Endowment, Inc. 
Los Angeles Times Fund 
Los Angeles Philanthropic 

Los Angeles Unified School 

Lovenger, Gross and Cohen 

Ms. Betty J. Lackow 
Michael Laurence 
Lucy Lee 

Sunglee S. Lee 
Leuzinger High School 
Student Body 

• Mr. and Mrs. Thomas G. 

Peter Liashkov 

• Margaret M. Lincoln 

• Mr. and Mrs. Donald Lloyd 

• Mr. and Mrs. Edward Loftus 
•Mr. and Mrs. John Logan 
tMary LoPizzo 

Los Angeles County 

Department of Children's 

Los Angeles Women's 

•Joseph Lowitz 

• Betty Ann Lynn 



MacNeel Pierce Foundation 
Mr. and Mrs. E. Lyle 

Mr. and Mrs. Edwin K. 

George H. Mayr Foundation 
Mr. and Mrs. J. Thomas 

McDonnell Douglas 
Mr. and Mrs. Francis X. 

McNamara, Jr. 
Media Locations 
Mary Lou Melanson 
Eugene L. Milew 
Foundations of the Milken 

Minnesota Mining & 


Mission Bay Hospital 

Montgomery Street 

Dr. Frank R. Moothart 
Muller Foundation 
Dan Murphy Foundation 
Myriad Communications 

Mr. and Mrs. Joe R. 

Mr. and Mrs. Frank W. 

James and Diane Mackin 
• Magna Shoes, Ltd. 
Jane P. Maher 
Nick and Lana Maringas 

■ Marsh & McLennan 

Companies, Inc. 
Callie Matheopoulos 
Claudia L. Matthews 
tThe May Department Stores 

Company Foundation 

■ Mr. and Mrs. William G. 

Mary Frances McKenna 
Mr. and Mrs. George R. 
t Michelle Melanson 

Mr. and Mrs. Ricardo Mena 
tMr. and Mrs. Stanley Meyer 

Florence M. Miller 
•James C. Miller 

Mr. and Mrs. John A. 

Mr. and Mrs. Efrain Mino 
■ Nace and Ruth Moghadam 
tCarmela Monasterio 
■James M. Montgomery 

Engineer, Inc. 
t Cynthia Moore 

Margaret M. Murphy 
t Music Teachers Association 


Mr. Steven Nagy 

Mr. and Mrs. Richard B. 

National Arts Association 
National Conference of 

Christians & Jews 

National Hispanic 
Scholarship Fund 
National Medical 

Enterprises, Inc. 
National Merit Scholarship 

NBC Production, Inc. 
Merle Norman/Nethercutt 

Northrop Corporation 
Peter Norton Family 


• Debra T Nakatomi 

• Patricia Nettleship 
tMr. and Mrs. Martin J. 

tMr. and Mrs. Larry M. 


Nonne & Kathleen 

O'Loughlin Trust 
Optimist Club of Lawndale 


Mr. and Mrs. Ronald J. 
tRev. George O'Brien 
tOceanside Chamber of 

tOceanside Civitas Club 
Veronica O'Connell 

• Carole M. O'Connor 
Lenore O'Hara 

• Omni Design 



Pacific Telesis Foundation 
Joan Palevsky 
Perkins School for the Blind 
The Pew Charitable Trusts 
Philip Morris Companies, 

Mr. Michael Polito 
Propaganda Films 


Mount St. Mary's College Magazine 


Dr. Marta Sanchez '66 

Associate Professor, Department of Literature 
University of California, San Diego 

For Marta Sanchez, beginning her college career as part of 
the inaugural class at the Doheny campus was a natural 
choice. Living with her family in East Los Angeles, MSMC 
became an extension of home. Making the transition to Chalon 
meant a long commute. 

"I was a glutton for punishment," Sanchez says. "I would get 
up at 5:00 a.m. for an 8:00 a.m. class, and I'd study on the bus." 

An English major who flourished under the guidance of 
Mount legends like Sister Laurentia Digges, Sanchez earned a 
master's degree in 1968 from John Carroll University and a 
doctorate in comparative literature from UCSD in 1977. She 
has published dozens of essays on the interplay of culture, 
gender, and family in writings by Latin American and 
Mexican-American authors, and is the author of 
Contemporary Cbicana Poetry: A Critical Approach to an 
Emerging Literature (University of California Press, 1985). 

"I looked at a very diverse group of women writers with 
commonalities of culture and history. It became clear to me 
how problematic it is to try and label ourselves with a term 
that everyone in the group can accept. A name means something 
different to everybody." 

I have very positive feelings about women's colleges. 
I really responded to the special care and attention 
I received at MSMC." 

Prudential Foundation 
Pueblo of Isleta 

t Pacific Group 
tSetsuko Ann Page 
Mr. and Mrs. Juan C. 

Kaz J. Pajor 
• Mrs. Ruth A. Perdue 
Mr. and Mrs. Anthony P. 
t Morris and Mary Press 



Queen of Angels/Hollywood 
Presbyterian Medical 



Mabel Wilson Richards 

Scholarship Fund 
Riordan Foundation 
Rotary Club of Los Angeles 


Paul Rabinov 

Donald E. Rachner 

Kathryn D. Reardon 
• CMSGT and Mrs. Friedrich 

1 Mr. and Mrs. Rudolph Rehm 

Bryn Risler 

Ms. Lena Rivkin 

M. Christine Roche 

Claire L. Rothman 



Mr. and Mrs. Richard F. 

Mr. and Mrs. Arthur E. 

Schramm, Jr. 
Mr. and Mrs. William J. 

Mr. and Mrs. James E. Scott 
Frank Seaver Trust 
Mr. and Mrs. Raymond A. 

Eve Staff 
Southern California Gas 

St. Mary's Junior College 
Mrs. Louise Stadler 
Gertrude S. Straub Trust 
Mr. and Mrs. John L. Sullivan 
Mr. and Mrs. John P. Sullivan 
Mr. Kenneth J. Sullivan 

t William H. Sadlier, Inc. 

• St. Vincent's Medical Staff 

■ San Gabriel Woman's Club 

■ Santa Barbara Scholarship 

tSanta Monica Bank 
Mr. and Mrs. Alexander 

Mr. and Mrs. J. Peter Schaner 
tMr. and Mrs. Charles 
Ed Schoch 
J. Schoeneman 

• Dr. John A. Schutz 
Lorene Schuler 
Norman Schwab 

t Carol K. Segal 
tMary Sedgwick 
Mr. and Mrs. Eugene Kelly 

Sylvia Shap and Larry 

• Kathryn Shaughnessy 
Patricia A. Shea 

Winter 1993 


■ Mr. Rocco Siciliano 
Keitha C. Simpson 

tMr. and Mrs. Morgan 

■ Sisters of Charity BVM 
•Mrs. Grant Smith 

Stanley Wilson Studio of 

Susan M. Stapleford 
Lissa M. Staples 
t Robert C. Stephens 
tDr. George F. Stocker 
Mr. and Mrs. Sam 

Strangis, Jr. 
Lucille Strizzi 



Frances Taylor Estate 
Mr. and Mrs. John Dai'id 

The Teagle Foundation 
Transamerica Occidental 

TRW Foundation 

Mr. and Mrs. Carlo 

■ Mr. and Mrs. Timothy 

Julia D. Thomas 
Mr. and Mrs. Steven Trott 
■Mr. and Mrs. William E. 



Universal City Studios, Inc. 
University of Guam 
UPS Foundation 


Mr. and Mrs. J. Robert 

Mr. and Mrs. C.J. Ver Halen 
Von der Abe Foundation 
Lisa Vukalcic 

Mr. and Mrs. James H. 

VanHouten, II 
Rita Veatch 

Mr. and Mrs. Salvatore 
t Raymond G. Viault 
Mr. and Mrs. Roberto A. 
tMr. and Mrs. Ed 
Von Tobel, Jr. 



Washington Post Company 

Education Fund 
Mrs. F. J. Week 
Weingart Foundation 
Wells Fargo Bank 
Western Association of 

Food Chains, Inc. 
Western Interstate 

Commission on Higber 

Whitecap Foundation 
Mary Lu Wilson 

•Dr. and Mrs. f. William 

tMr. and Mrs. Leonard E. 

Walcott, Jr. 
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Welch 

•Patricia M. White 
Mr. and Mrs. Robert J. 

Dauna Whitehead 

■ Grace Wickersham 
Patti Widdicombe 

■ Women's Club of Running 

Justine Wright 




Mr. and Mrs. F. Yerick 
Cindy Yoshitomi and 
t Young at Heart Bingo Club 



Hans & Clara Zimmerman 

• Mr. and Mrs. Barry Zauss 

• Agnes Zelus 


Monica Spillane Luechtefeld '71 

Corporate Vice President 
Eastman, Inc. 

She graduated as a biology major in 1971, and in the late 
'70s became involved in business. As a corporate vice- 
president, Monica Spillane Luechtefeld works in the sales 
division for Eastman, an office furniture manufacturing 

"Mount St. Mary's knows how to build on students' skills, 
developing in them a deep sense of self-worth. You feel that 
any goal or dream is attainable." 

Luechtefeld is an active alumna and enjoys maintaining 
contact with the College's "sense of tradition." She feels that 
giving back to MSMC is part of that tradition. From 1975 to 
1980 Luechtefeld served on the Alumnae Board, and is now a 
valued member of both the Mount Associates and the Regents 

"Mount St. Mary's College provides a nurturing yet 
challenging environment that develops women leaders." 

My college education broadened my personal 
horizons; I learned that what I could imagine myself to 
be, I could become." 

Mount St. Mary's College Magazine 




$100,000 and above 

The Ahmanson Foundation 
Carrie Estelle Doheny 

The Times Mirror Foundation 

$50,000 and above 

Arco Foundation 
BankAmerica Foundation 
Chevron U.S.A. Inc. 
GTE California 
Lockheed Leadership Fund 
Pacific Telesis Foundation 
The Ralph M. Parsons 

Rockwell International 

Southern California Gas 


$25,000 and above 

Avery Dennison 
Burlington Resources 

Deluxe Corporation 

Foundation of the Litton 

Pfaffinger Foundation 
Philip Morris Companies, Inc. 
Santa Anita Foundation 
Southern California Edison 

The UPS Foundation 
Unocal Foundation 

$15,000 and above 

The Argyros Foundation 
Milo W. Bekins Foundation 
Ernst & Young 
First Interstate Bank of 

California Foundation 
The Fluor Foundation 
Great Western Bank 
The J. Willard Marriott 

Foundations of the Milken 

Northrop Corporation 
Pacific Mutual Foundation 
Transamerica Occidental Life 

Insurance Company 
Union Bank Foundation 
The Vinnell Foundation 
The Von der Ahe Foundation 


$10,000 and above 

Allied-Signal Inc. 

The Annenberg Foundation 

AT&T Foundation 

The Capital Group 

James S. Copley Foundation 

Deloitte & Touche 

The Gillette Company — 

Stationery Products Group 
Imperial Bank Foundation 
MCA Foundation 
Nestle USA, Inc. 
Flora L. Thornton 

United States Borax & 

Chemical Corporation 

$5,000 and above 

Bristol-Myers Squibb 

Foundation, Inc. 
CareAmerica Health Plans 
CBS Foundation Inc. 
Coopers & Lybrand 
General Motors Foundation 
Henry L. Guenther 

Diane & Guilford Glazer 

William H. Hannon 

Johnson & Higgins of 

Hughes Aircraft Company 
The Fletcher Jones 

KPMG Peat Marwick 
The Leisure Group 
Long Beach Bank 
May Company, California 
Neutrogena Corporation 
O'Melveny & Myers 
Parker Hannifin Foundation 
J.C. Penney Company, Inc. 
Pennzoil Products Company 
Spring Street Foundation 
Tandy Corporation/Radio 

Transamerica Insurance 

Union Pacific Foundation 


The Air Products Foundation 
Albertsons, Inc. 
American Brands 
Ameron, Inc. 
AMR/American Airlines 

Angeles Corporation 
Arden Group, Inc. 
Armstrong Foundation 
Automobile Club of Southern 

Avco Financial Services, Inc. 
The Bank of California 

Bechtel Foundation 
Blue Cross of California 
The BOC Group 
Mr. Steven D. Broidy 
Mr. and Mrs. Waldo H. 

Cal-Surance Companies 
Centel Corporation 
CIMCO, Inc. 

City National Bank 
Cramblit & Carney, 

The John and Janet B. 

Delmonte Family Trust 
The William H. and Helen M. 

Elliott Foundation 
Dr. Frank L. Ellsworth 
Fidelity National Title 

Insurance Company 
First American Title Insurance 

First Pacific Advisors, Inc. 
Ford Motor Company Fund 
Forest Lawn Foundation 
Fremont General Corporation 
Fruit Growers Supply Company 
Gerber, The Gerber 

Companies Foundation 
Gold Family Charitable 

Mr. Jay Howard Grodin 
The Hahn Company 
Handy & Harman 

Mr. Fred N. Hellmann 
Hilton Hotels Corporation 
Houghton-Mifflin Company 
Mr. and Mrs. Robert R. 

Hughes Employees Give Once 

Ms. Maria D. Hummer 
ITT Corporation 
ITT — Hartford Insurance 

Janss Foundation 
Johnson & Johnson Family of 

Companies Contribution 

Carl Karcher Enterprises, Inc. 
Kennedy-Wilson, Inc. 
Mr. and Mrs. Roger A. 

Ira W. Krinsky & Associates 
LAACO, Ltd. 

Leisure Werden & Terry 

Leslie's Pool Mart 
Mr. Harry P. Letton, Jr. 
Liberty Mutual Insurance 

Group/Boston Foundation 
The Luckman Partnership, Inc. 
Magnavox Electronic Systems 

Manatt, Phelps, Phillips &c 

Mattel Foundation 
The McGraw-Hill Foundation 
Metropolitan Theatres 

Microsoft Corporation 
National Medical Enterprises, 

New York Life Foundation 
The Oak Tree Foundation 
Obayashi America 

Pacific Tube Company 
The Parsons Corporation 
The Pfizer Foundation, Inc. 
Robertshaw Controls 

Mr. James Rosenthal 
Mr. Dickinson C. Ross 
R.R. Donnelley & Sons 

Mr. and Mrs. Arthur E. 

Schramm, Jr. 
The Sears-Roebuck 

Senior Engineering Company 
Shamrock Holdings, Inc. 
The Sizzler International 

Sony USA Foundation, Inc. 
Sotheby's, Inc. 
Sterling Winthrop Inc. 
S.E. Rykoff & Co. 
Technicolor, Inc. 
Teledyne Charitable Trust 

Thorpe Insulation Company 
Toyota Motor Sales, U.S.A., Inc. 
Trico Industries, Inc. 
U.S. Trust Company of 

California, N.A. 
Watson Land Company 
Whittaker Corporation 
World Title Company 
Young's Market Company 

The Annual Fund year reported in this issue ran from July 1, 
1991 to June 30, 1992. All gifts received from July 1, 1992 
will be acknowledged in next year's Honor Roll. 

The Institutional Advancement staff have worked hard to avoid 
errors and omissions. With a report of this kind, however, mistakes 
can and do occur. We apologize for any oversight or errors and 
would appreciate being informed of such mistakes. 

Winter 1993 



'30 Helen Maulhardt Maring and her husband celebrated 60 
years of wedded bliss, 13 grandchildren and ten great- 
grandchildren with a Mass of Thanksgiving. 

'31 Rose Alice Wills Smith enjoyed her 64th high school 
reunion in Wisconsin. 

'33 Besides working in a hospice, Helena Geier Keefe and her 
husband are involved with a Ventura County group of retired 
persons called Seasons. Helena demonstrates and shares her 
knowledge of quilting, and discusses understanding the 
handicapped with students in the local schools. 

'38 Annette Schurich Doyle and her husband celebrated their 
50th wedding anniversary with family and some special fellow 
MSMC alumnae. 

'41 Beatrice Ginevra Langston, with renewed health, traveled to 
various Southern and Eastern states, as well as Montreal, 
Canada, fishing and attending her grandson's wedding. 

'43 Joan Kountz Morris proudly attended her youngest son's 
graduation from Stanford Law School. 

'45 Margaret Long is recovering from a knee and hip 
replacement with home care and therapy. 

'46 Moving after 29 years at the same address, Joan 
Cunningham will remain in her beloved New York City. She 
plans to resume her writing after she is settled. 

'46 Retired after 25 years at LLC. Irvine, Garland O'Rourke 
Parten enjoys traveling with her husband as an international 
courier and volunteering as a teaching assistant at the Irvine 

'49 Madeline Pettrow Byrd and her husband celebrated their 
40th wedding anniversary by a repetition of their vows and a 
second honeymoon in the Sierras in a camper for two! 

'50 Joella Hardeman Gipson, recipient of the 1990 MSMC 
Outstanding Alumna Award, was presented with the 1992 
Alumni Faculty Service Award at Wayne State University for 
exemplifying the service role of the University in the community. 

'51 Kathleen O'Rourke Yuhl accompanied her daughter on a 
tour of the South. She also enjoys pampering her 16 

'51 During the past year, Mary Lou Hart Forbath has been 
traveling through parts of Mexico, Jamaica and the Hawaiian 
Islands. She continues to work in the Christian Service Program 
and choir at St. Cyril's Church in Encino, CA. 

'51 Rosemary Schuler Dvorak enjoyed a family gathering in 
Hawaii plus an afternoon spent with fellow alumna '51 Anne 
Wong Yee. 

'51 Eloise Martinez Helwig was appointed Executive Vice 
President and Director of the Los Angeles Orthopaedic 

'54 Still playing tennis, Rosemary Czuleger Rea competes in 
tournaments involving women aged 60 and above in Southern 
California and nationally. She also serves as coordinator of 
scripture study at Sacred Heart parish in Redlands, CA. 

'55 As of June 1993, Kay Kemp will be a retired woman, the 
first time that she won't be getting up to go to school 
since September 1938. For the second consecutive year 
she has been nominated by one of her former honor 
students to be included in Who's Who Among 
America's Teachers. 

'55 Mary Ellen Breen Rowe teaches third grade in 
Long Beach, CA on the year-round schedule and 
loves it! 

'55 Joan Gocke O'Brien has been installed for another term as 
the 1992-93 President of the Ladies of Charity for the 
Archdiocese of Los Angeles. 

'56 Joanne Dozier Best continues to win tennis tournaments in 
Del Mar, CA and is currently active in the Re-Membering rite in 
the Catholic Church. 

'56 A former member of the Alaska State Legislature, Thelma 
Garcia Buchholdt has completed her law degree and resumed an 
active role in politics. 

'57 Alice Osti Carriere is thankful to God and modern medicine 
for her husband's remission from Hodgkin's Disease. In 
celebration, they purchased a vacation home in Las Vegas, NV 
and took a trip around the USA. 

'57 As a liaison with the Catholic Diocese, Patricia Redmond 
Ziglinski is responsible for the continuation of the traditional 
Latin Mass celebrated each Sunday at her church in Kansas 
City, MO. She also home schools her oldest granddaughter and 
works a night time job. She is blessed and busy with 20 

'58 In addition to teaching English as second language classes at 
Learning Tree University in Chatsworth, CA, Mary Alice Salter 
Ambrose is co-editing an upcoming newsletter for St. 
Bernardine's in Woodland Hills. 

'58 Currently in southern Spain, Patricia Yaeger Schaub and her 
husband continue to sail the Mediterranean, living full time on 
their boat. 


& ,, 

"■fe." ' : '-' : v 


r f\ 




tf *\j 



Barbara Sluder Collins '58 

'58 Barbara Studer Collins has been honored for her significant 
devotion and service to the nursing profession and community 
by the Central Coast Nursing Cooperative Council. In addition 
to her clinical experience, she worked as a hospital Director of 
Nurses. She continues to serve on the Advisory Board of Cuesta 
College-Nursing Division and on the Board of 
Directors for Easter Seals. Barbara was appointed to a 
Blue Ribbon Committee by the Board of Supervisors in 
San Luis Obispo County to review problems related to 
access to health care. Both she and her husband are 
retired and live in Arroyo Grande. 

'59 Rosalie Meggiolaro O'Grady took a cruise around 
four of the Hawaiian Islands last year. 


Mount St. Mary's College Magazine 

'59 While visiting California, Mary Lou Hogan Dunsford 
visited MSMC and hosted a nostalgic reunion with '60 
Rosemary Byrnes Hegenbart and '59 Patricia Concepcion in 
Oceanside. Back home in North Carolina, she serves in the 
GED program on the Board of Directors for Scotland County 
Literacy Council, is a member of the Chamber of Commerce's 
ad hoc Literacy Committee, and sings in the church choir. 

'60 After celebrating her 29th wedding anniversary, Judy Scherb 
Skraba looks forward to an early retirement, doing community 
work and traveling. As a last assignment, she helped establish a 
school for pregnant teens in Walnut, CA. 

'61 In her first foray into politics, Annette Shamey, a teacher at 
St. Bernard's High School in Playa Del Rey, was elected to the 
Board of Trustees for the Santa Monica Community College 

'61 Ruby Conaway Lassanyi is employed at JPL's Physical 
Oceanography Distributed Active Archive Center, as a User 
Services Coordinator, helping distribute satellite ocean data to 
researchers around the world. She is an active member of 
several plant societies and is working on the educational equity 
initiative for AAUW 

'63 Having worked for the Los Angeles County Department of 
Mental Health for 25 years, Lois Terry Herndon is now 
managing her own private practice as a Psychiatric-Mental 
Health Clinical Specialist in Santa Monica. Her hobbies include 
skiing, travel, needlepoint and knitting. 

'63 Nan Slattery, along with fellow classmates Lola McAlpin- 
Grant, Barbara Buckman, Jodi Mullins Radovcich, and Patricia 
Thompson Sando, recently had a mini-reunion. They invite any 
other alumnae from 1963 to contact them for an additional get- 

'64 Susan Kolp Curtis and her husband celebrated their 25th 
wedding anniversary this year with three special fellow 
alumnae, '64 Kathleen Leahy Payne, '64 Mary Leahy Starr and 
'66 Donna La Cour Garza. Susan also continues to work on a 
master's degree. 

'64 Diane Clarke continues to do individual and couple therapy. 
She has added to her training eye movement desensitization 
work to deal with trauma. 

'64 Patricia Milke Poindexter is elated at being a first time 

'65 Patricia Chapman de la Torre completed her master of 
education/reading specialist degree at Central Washington 
University, and is now a fourth grade teacher at Cle Elum 
Roslyn Elementary. 

'65 Roberta Duffield Kordich has been chosen a mentor teacher 
in the Palos Verdes School District. 

'65 Virginia Chris Stevens will have the second edition of her 
book A Pocket Dictionary Of The Spoken Arabic Of Cairo 
published this Fall. 

'66 After 1 1 years working part-time, Margaret Weber Susank 
has become the full-time lab supervisor at Moore White 
Medical Group in L.A. 

'66 Linda Ercole-Musso was one of nine women artists from the 
Northern Hemisphere whose works were included in an 
exhibition in Monterrico, Peru: The Child Within. Linda's work 
included snazzy Los Angeles-inspired collages and photos 
reflecting childhood memories. 

'66 A three-month traveling nurse contract in Hawaii evolved 
into a year-long work stay for Judith Tarbet, who continued on 
at St. Francis Hospice as a home care nurse. She is now in the 
process of moving back to the mainland. 

'67 After 22 years, Karen Fraser Schoeni still enjoys her job as 
the System Administrator for the Documentation group for JPL 
in Pasadena. 


Don't Be Left Out! 

Ooon all of our alumnae with current 
LJ addresses will be receiving an Alumnae 
Directory Questionnaire in the mail. This is 
being sent to give every alumna the 
opportunity to be listed accurately in our new 
Mount St. Mary's College Alumnae Directory. 

It is important to complete and return the 
questionnaire as soon as possible so that our 
publishers, Harris Publishing Co., Inc. can 
begin production on this state-of-the-art 
directory. Watch for your questionnaire, 
complete it accurately and return it promptly. 
See you in print! 

'67 Mary Pendergest Monville acts as a minister of communion 
for her parish. Her favorite leisure activities are reading, 
swimming and hiking. 

'69 Adele Zarate Skibba traveled to Spain this summer to visit 
the family who hosted her daughter last year in the summer AFS 
program. Upon returning from Spain, she resumed her 1 1th 
year as a first grade CCD teacher, her second year as AFS 
President, and serving as a lector and Eucharistic minister at 
Holy Angeles Church in Arcadia, CA. 

'69 Working in her third year of job sharing a bilingual first 
grade class for LAUSD gives Joan Kociencki Slemmons an 
opportunity to have a career and still be a full-time mom. 

'69 Martha Jesseman Long keeps very busy raising her family of 
four boys. 

'71 After attending the 20th reunion of the class of 1971 last 
October, Ramona Vance Haywood visited the boutique at the 
House of Studies and enjoyed reminiscing with Sister Joseph 
Adele. After 15 years of attending an Episcopal Church, she has 
now joined St. Frances Catholic Church in Vista, CA. She 
enjoys being a homemaker. 

'75 Alice Gardello started a new position as a categorical 
program advisor at Dayton Heights Elementary School in the 

Winter 1993 


'77 A Risk Management Coordinator at Letterman U.S. Army 
Hospital at the Presidio of San Francisco, Lt. Col. Sandra Goss 
Peterson teaches legal aspects of nursing. 

'80 Believing that education should be the concern of all people, 
Gloria Stoner Lurie is in her fifth year of teaching a program for 
older adults in Huntington Beach, CA. 

'81 Robert Feller enjoys his job as a bilingual fourth and fifth 
grade teacher in Sacramento; however, he would like to relocate 
to Southern California to be closer to his family. 

'83 Rosadel Robison McClure writes that with all of her six 
children over the age of 20, she is now a part-time substitute 
teacher at Chaminade College Preparatory School in West Hills, 

Jn the glorious early days of Los Angeles, the 
Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel was the 
epitome of the excitement, glamour, and 
elegance of Hollywood. Prior to reopening in 
1986, the hotel spent $35 million to 
meticulously restore its original blend of 
Spanish Colonial and Art Deco splendor. 

The Alumnae Benefit Committee has chosen 
this hotel to be the site of the 3 1st Annual 
Alumnae Scholarship Luncheon and Benefit 
Silent Auction on Saturday, April 24, 1993. 
The luncheon will be held in the famous 
Blossom Ballroom, where the first Academy 
Awards were presented in 1927. 

In keeping with the glitz and glamour of 
yesteryear, there will be a unique presentation 
of men's and women's fashions ranging from 
the crinolines and bustles of the 1800s to the 
bright and energetic styles of the 1960s. All 
the fashions are from an archival collection 
and will be presented by Goodwill Industries. 

Members of the Benefit Committee who 
will be hard at work these next few months 
preparing for this special event are: Gina Poli 
Hsiung, chair; Patricia Dominguez Ellis, 
Claudia Ruiz, Gail Flood, Claire Davis, Marie 
Treacy Mastandrea, Susan Konzal, Maria 
Molina Fazio, and Olivia Vela. 

'88 Jaime Reiter Collins is employed part-time in the operating 
room at UCLA, allowing her to spend more time with her little 

'90 Amy Lizabeth Kuhnert has completed her second year of 
law school at the University of San Diego and hopes to graduate 
in May 1993. Last summer she was employed as a law clerk for 
the Los Angeles County District Attorney's Office. 

'91 Danielle Fischer is attending the University of Washington 
and working towards her master's degree in social work, 
specializing in family preservation. 

'92 Karla Marroquin is working on a research project involving 
nonheritable variation in the heat shock response of escherichia 
Coli at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in Cambridge, 

Two by Two 

The members of the Alumnae Association extend best wishes to 
the following alumnae and their spouses: 

'87 Michelle Frontino to Larry Guidry 

'87 Karen McKnight to Keith Compton 

'88 Karen Reinhart to Randal Milton Hicks 

'89 Nancy Merritt to Douglas Livingston 

'90 Malia Shipp to Daniel Bushner 

'91 Katherine Chrisman to Thomas McNamara 


The members of the Alumnae Association extend 
congratulations to the following alumnae and their spouses on 
the birth of their children: 

'78 Meghan Elizabeth and Collin Michael to Carol Duffy 

Sheely, 1st daughter and 1st son 
'78 John Douglas Etsell to Katina Zaninovich, 1st child 
'78 Katherine Elisabeth Conro to Terri McAtee-Marino, 3rd 

child, 1st daughter 
'80 Charles Jonathan to Jeanne Jagatich Fisher, 1st child 
'82 Jonathan to Jane Dong-Yu, 2nd child, 2nd son 
'83 Twins, Tyler and Kelvin to Valery Nakashima Matsumoto 
'84 Connor Robert to Kathleen Hardin Stevenson, 2nd child, 

2nd son 
'84 Jeremy Robert to Jennifer Touye Hardin 
'85 Robert Alan to Mary Jane Scholz Vos, 3rd child, 2nd son 
'85 Joseph Alexander to Leah Barton Baumgarten, 2nd child, 

2nd son 


Your prayers are requested for the repose of the souls of: 

'31 Paula Pick Jones 

'42 Catherine Ameche Breen 

'45 husband of Marguerite Crosby Thielen 

'51 father of Helen Szandy Stewart, Elsie Szandy Chmiel '59, 

and Arline Szandy Sullivan '60, and grandfather of Eileen 

Stewart Hamilton '83 
'53 Monica Gosnell McBride 
'54 mother of Joann Vosika Hudak 
'56 mother of Jacqueline Picard Rail 
'57 Sheila Burns 

'57 mother of Jonelle Gagel Haraksin 
'62 Patricia Wedemeyer 
'63 father of Eleanor Horrigan Purcell 
'65 father of Patricia de la Torre 
'68 mother of Kathleen Villar Jacinto 
'69 father of Nancy Chase Kallenberger 
'72 Lisbeth Ann Sonoda 
'88 mother of Bernadette Barrett 

They will be remembered in the Masses, prayers and good 
works of the Sisters of St. Joseph. 


Mount St. Mary's College Magazine 

We Think You're One of Our FANS! 

The Friends and Alumnae Network System (FANS) 
involves friends and alumnae of Mount St. Mary's 
College in helping students gain experience and advice 
on careers. These volunteers are available to students 
by appointment to answer questions or to share their 
own career experiences. 

After three successful years, the Career Planning 

Center seeks to expand this program and update its list 
of volunteers. You are invited to join "FANS" or, if 
you have volunteered in the past, to update your 

Please complete and return the form, or refer it to a 
friend or colleague who may be interested. You may call 
Mari Wadsworth (310) 471-9532 for more information. 


Last First Maiden 

MSMC Affiliation □Alumna(us) □ Regent □ Mount Associate ! J Friend □ Parent □ Faculty/Staff I Other 


Job Title 


Position Held Since 



Brief Job Description 

Please list jobs held prior to your current position to indicate your career path 

Title Employer/Location 

Title Employer/Location 

Average Salary Range for this Position . 



Undergraduate Degree/Major 


Year Graduated 

Graduate Degree/Major 


Year Graduated 

Additional educational background (internships, professional development programs, extension classes, etc.) 

I am interested in: 

Please check all that apply. 

□ Speaking at a Mount St. Mary's College career seminar □ Sponsoring a "day on the job" for an interested student 

□ Conducting an informational interview with a student □ Offering an internship □ Participating in Career Day 

I prefer to be contacted by □ Telephone □ Letter at: L I Work D Home 

Home telephone Home address 


Optional information Sex □ M □ F Date of Birth 

Race/ethnicity . 

Winter 1993 



Mari Wadsworth 
Career Planning Office 

Mount St. Mary's College 

12001 Chalon Road 

Los Angeles, CA 90049-1599 

Please fold, then staple or seal, and add stamp to return. 

Planned Giving Is Growing 





Last fall those of 
you who we 
knew had 
remembered us in 
some form of 
planned giving 
numbered fewer 
than thirty; through 
recent contacts and 
mailings we now 
know that there are many more of you who have made such a 
commitment to the Mount. Your love and generosity help the 
College preserve the educational environment for which it is 
noted. Our latest accreditation by the Western Association of 
Schools and Colleges compliments us on the fact that: "Mount 
St. Mary's College has an enviable reputation in honoring and 
emphasizing respect for each individual. Indeed, it may be said 
with confidence that every resource of this institution is 
dedicated more to the service of the individual student than to 
the institution's self-preservation." 

Hopefully, still others of you will let us know if the Mount 
has been named a beneficiary of your financial planning. We, in 
turn, want to recognize you through our HERITAGE 
SOCIETY. Our charter members, as well as all our Golden 
Grads, are invited to a special program on Sunday, March 14, 

Several alum attorneys have volunteered their services to 
assist the College in legal aspects of planned giving. Currently, 
Mary Creutz '53, Jane Luecke Johnson '64, and Angela 
Hawekotte Quinn '75 have offered to be advisors to MSMC. 
Their first meeting was held at Mary's home in October. Mary, 
Angela and Jane — all graduates of Loyola Law School — will 
also assist your advisors if you would like them to do so. 

/n addition to the attorneys, a committee of persons 
knowledgeable in wills, trusts, insurance, real estate, and 
other assets will help to insure a solidly established program. 
Michael Enright, a partner of Arthur Andersen & Company, an 
MSMC trustee, and the husband of Carol Clem '64, will serve 
as chairman of this committee. Their first meeting was held in 
January at the Doheny campus. 

We are grateful to each of you for your dedication to the 
Mount. You are making it possible for the "heritage" of our 
mission and values to continue as a vital force in our society. 

Sister Catherine T. Knoop 
Planned Giving Officer 



L to R: Sister Eloise Therese Mescall, MSMCs first director of development and facilitator of 
a number of large planned gifts; Barbara Becker, who wrote the proposal for the 
Ahmanson Foundation grant that finances the current program in planned giving; and 
Sister Catherine T. Knoop, recently-appointed planned giving officer. 


Board of Trustees 

Sister Cecilia Louise Moore 

Helen S. Astin 

Charles F. Bannan 

Marina Forstmann Day 

Sister Kathleen Ann DuRoss 

William H. Elliott 

Michael A. Enright 

Most Reverend Carl A. Fisher 

John C. Fitzgerald 

Sister Mary Brigid Fitzpatrick 

Sister Mary Kevin Ford 

Sister Joan Henehan 

Sister Karen Kennelly 

J. Thomas McCarthy 

David L. Mclntyre 

Sister Judith S. Murphy 

Zelda Marzec 

Sister Jill Napier 

Rosemary Park 

Elisa L. Sanchez 


Frank R. Moothart 
J. Robert Vaughan 
Marjorie D. Wagner 

Chartered in 1925, the College 
is sponsored by the Sisters of St. 
Joseph of Carondelet. 

Regents Council 

Roger K. Hughes 


Mary Lou Melanson 

John P. Sullivan 


Fiorenza Courtright 
Charles F. Bannan 
Arthur B. Birtcher 
Gaye Birtcher 
William H. Butler 
Jerome C. Byrne 
Esther J. Cabanban 
Barbara Casey 
John D. Castellucci 
Gordon Cooper 
Marina Forstmann Day 
Thomas J. Doyle 
Lawrence E. Echelmeyer, Jr. 
Helen M. Elliott 
William H. Elliott 
Michael A. Enright 
Mary Kay Farley 
John F. Gillin 
Marty Gillin 
Norma L. Gonzales 
Eloise Martinez Helwig 
Donald H. Hubbs 
Maria D. Hummer 
Jane Luecke Johnson 

Carl N. Karcher 

Margaret Wick Keller 

Peter Keller 

Ruth Le Sage-Reilly 

Christopher Linden 

Victoria Linden 

Monica Spillane Luechtefeld 

Lola McAlpin-Grant 

J. Thomas McCarthy 

William G. McGagh 

David L. Mclntyre 

Ruth Moghadam 

Frank R. Moothart 

Sheila Muller 
Caroline W. Nahas 
Debra T. Nakatomi 
George L. Nicholas 
Carla J. Rehm 
Jill Riordan 
Dickinson C. Ross 
Mark Rubin 
Richard F. Schimd 
Arthur E. Schramm, 
Britta Schramm 
James E. Scott 

Kathleen A. Scott 

Neil A. Scotti 

Barbara Boyle Sullivan 

John L. Sullivan, Jr. 

Julia D. Thomas 

Celia Gonzales Torres 

J. Robert Vaughan 

C. J. Ver Halen 

Juan Villagomez 

Dorothy Von der Ahe-Nigg 

Maryanne Weiss 

Jack Ybarra 

Mount St. Mary's College Magazine (USPS 710-670) is published quarterly, Fall, 
Winter, Spring, and Summer by Mount St. Mary's College, 12001 Chalon Road, 
Los Angeles, CA 90049. Second Class Postage paid at Los Angeles, CA and at 
additional mailing offices. POSTMASTER: Send address changes to Mount St. 

Mary's College Magazine, 12001 Chalc 
Mount St. Mary's College does not 
discriminate on the basis of race, 
color, creed, national origin, age or 
handicap in the administration of its 
admission policies, scholarship and 
loan programs, or in its educational 

Road, Los Angeles, CA 90049. 

% \LMarfs 


Save the Date 


Wednesday, March 3 

11 :30 a.m. -2:30 p.m. 
Siena Day 


The annual all-College spring convocation 
will commemorate the history and 
achievements of the Doheny campus. 

Saturday, March 6 

Doheny Campus 30th Anniversary Celebration 

All alumnae invited. For further 
information call the the alumnae office at 


Sunday, March 7 

Art Gallery Opening Reception 

Faculty Art Show 

Jose Drudis Biada Art Gallery, Chalon 

Exhibit runs from March 9-April 8 

Friday, March 26 

8:00 p.m. 

Da Camera Society Concert 

Mendelssohn String Quartet 
Music by Haydn, Beethoven, Mahler 
Pompeian Room, Doheny mansion 

Additional concert dates: 

Wednesday, March 31 

Sunday, April 4 

Saturday, April 17 (for children) 

Monday, May 3 

Saturday, May 15 (for children) 

Call (213) 747-9085 

Wednesday, March 31 

8:00 p.m. 

Chamber Artist Series Concert 

Pompeian Room, Doheny mansion 
Call (310) 471-9535 


Saturday, April 3 

Easter Egg Hunt for alumnae children, 
grandchildren, nieces and nephews at the 
Child Development Center on the Doheny 
campus from 1:30-3:30 p.m. Notices will 
be mailed to alumnae; for further 
information or to volunteer to help, call 
the alumnae office at (310) 471-9522. 

Tuesday, April 20 

Student Art Show 

Jose Drudis Biada Gallery, Chalon 
Exhibit runs to May 8 

Saturday, April 24 

11:30 a.m. 
Vintage in Vogue 

Alumnae Scholarship Luncheon and 

Benefit Silent Auction 
Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel 

Call (310)471-9522 

Saturday, April 24 

8:00 p.m. 

Spring Choral Concert 

Mary Chapel, Chalon campus 
Frank Brownstead directs the Mount 
Choral Singers and guest artists. 
Call (310)471-9535 

MAY Saturday, May 1 

Mary's Day 


Thursday, May 6 

Graduate Hooding 


Friday, May 7 

Laurel Day 


Saturday, May 8 

10:00 a.m. 
Baccalaureate Mass 

Carondelet Center Chapel 

2:00 p.m. 



Student art show reception 

Jose Drudis-Biada Art Gallery, Chalon 

ON THE COVER — A key to the doors: the MSMC 

Doheny campus has been opening doors to a diverse group 
of students for thirty years. Can you identify these nine 
historic Doheny doors? Top row, L to R: "hack door" of the 
mansion's Pompeian room; front door to #1 1 (Ahmanson 

Commons); door of gazebo behind #10. Middle row: door 
to "wigwam" in back of #8; front door of #7; front door of 
#8, Doheny mansion, from interior. Bottom row: front door 
of #8; front door, #10; front door of #17, home of the Child 
Development Center.