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. . .*.*-.*itr--*,^>j U ..^ 




fib ^ 


ftubor ^facsimile 

Date of Earliest Known Edition ..... 1598 
[B.M. Press-mark, C. 34, b. 34] 

Other Editions issued in 1606 (?), 1610, 1613, 
1615, 1619, 1629, 1634, 

Reproduced in Facsimile . . . . . . . . 1910 

[To SUBSCRIBERS. This postscript refers to the facsimile 
reprint of "King Edward III.," and should be inserted in that 
volume. J. S. F.] 

Second thoughts have induced me to give, as an extra slip for insertion 
in the facsimile of " King Edward III.," the following letter from 
Mr. Herbert, which I deliberately excluded from my introduction to that 
volume on account of its " hypercritical " praise of the fidelity with which 
that facsimile was reproduced. As, however, I religiously quote every 
point against the photographer and printer, it has seemed, on second 
thoughts, only right I should give all per contra. 

" Dear Mr. Farmer, 

" The facsimiles of KING EDWARD are most excellent. The only 
" criticism I have to offer, in fact, seems hypercritical. It is this : the original 
" is comparatively faintly printed, on yellowish paper ; and so is distinctly less 
" easy to read than the firm black printing of the facsimile on a greyish ground. 
" Otherwise the original is reproduced with perfect fidelity. 

11 Yours truly, 

" British Museum, 

" 14th March, 1910." 



This facsimile is a reproduction from the unique original copy of 
the earliest known edition of " Mucedorus," now in the British Museum 
(Press-mark, C. 34, b. 34,). It formed part of the rare collection of 
Old English Drama bequeathed to the nation by Gar rick, and at 
that time was included in a volume containing two other items 
" Fair Em 1 ' and "The Merry Devil of Edmonton" the three plays 
having been labelled by the royal binder to Charles II., to whom the 
volume originally belonged, "Shakespeare, Vol. /." 

Round this ascription has centred much discussion and criticism, 
but to little definite result. 

" Mucedorus " is not entered on the Stationers' Books. Possibly 
it was licensed independently by the Master of the Revels. It was 
frequently reprinted, having run to no less than ten editions in seventy 
years a sure test of its popularity. 

Mr. Herbert, of the Manuscript Department of the British Museum, 
comparing this facsimile with the original, says the reproduction is 
" very well done" ; some, indeed nearly all, pages being earmarked as 
" excellent facsimiles." Mr. Herbert, however, notes a few instances of a 
tendency to "print too heavily." This is a technicality which is now 
receiving full expert attention, and I hope in the next issue " King Leir" 
to revert to the matter. 


Moft pleafant Co- 

me o S**C^ te ngs 
Tonne of Fauntia -and AmAeknt 
the Kings daughter of Arfagon, \ 
with the jneneconcciCcs 

of^cV?. ' 

. :.'.-.. 

Nevvlyfetfoonh,as it hath bin 
; Juruhrfc tffats fltiidt in the ko^ 

ofrairth - 


, Printed for William 7b/w,dwel- 
lingat Hojbbrne conduit,at 
the fignc of the- Gunnc. 
i 19 8. 

CL**V i-' %** *X^** 

for one. 

the trine 1 

ne tkt 

Stttfto ANoblc 

ErHue:TremeliotCAf taint 

p i 

A moft pleafan t Co- 

medie ^^Mucedorus the Kings 

fbnneof Valcntia,and ^madine^ 
the ki&gs daughter of Arragon. 

Hy fo. ? thus doe I hopetopleafe: 
Mufickc rcuiucs,and mirth is tollcrable* 
Comcdic play thy part 5 and pleafc, 
Mak merry them that corns toioy with 

Joy then good getltilles, I hope to make you laugh* 
Sound foorth/te#0f4j{iluer tuned firings. 
Time fits vs vvdl, the daie and place is ours. 
Enter Enuiefts antes naked befmetfek 


En. Nay dale minion, there lies a block, 
Whatalon mirth- He interrupt your tale* 
And mixe your mufickc with a tragick end 

Co. Whatmonftrous vgly haggc is. this, 
That dares com tro wlc the pleaiures ofour willf 
Vaunt ch urliih curre,befmearde with gorie bloud, 
That fcemft to.cbdck the bloflbras of delight, 
And We the found of fwee tc Bc/faius breath, 


Blufli, monfter blufh,and port away with ftiame, 
That feekcft disturbance of a goddcfle dcedcs. 

0.Poft hence thy fclfe,thou counterchecking trul, 
I will poflcfle this habitafpite of thcc 
And gaine the glorie of thy wiffecd porte, 
lie thunder muilckc (hall appalethcnimphefc. 
And make them fhcuer their clattering firings; 
Fly ing for fuccour to their dancs caucs. 

Sounddr*mcs within Andcritflfibfabi 

Hearken,thou malt hearanotfc 
Shall fill the aire with a (h rilling fomJ, 
And thunder mufickc to the godsaboue: 
Mars fliall hirafcl fc breathe do wne 
Apcerclefleerowencvponbrauc cnuieshca^ 
And raife his cbiuall with a lading fame 
III this brauc mu( icke En*ie takes d clighr , 
Wherel may fee them wallow in there blood, ^ . 
To /pnrne at armcs.andlegges quire fhiuercdoff^ 
And hearc the cries of many thou/andflainc, 
- How Iikft thou this ray t rull,this fport alone foi mee/* 
Co. Vaunt bloodic carre > nurit vpwith tygcrsfapp, 
That fo doftfeeketoquailca womansmindc, 
Comubt is mild^cntle, willing for toplcafe, 
Andfeekes togajnetheloueof allefhtes; 
Delighting in mirih,mixt all with louely tales* 
And bringeth things with trebleioy K> pa(Te, 
Thou bloodiCjEnuioiiSjdifiJaineroi nwnsioye, 
Whofc name is fraught with bloo^ieftratacemes, 
Delights in nothing but i n fpbyk and death, 
Where thou maift trample in their lukcwarme blood, 
And graipctheirhcarts within thy curfedpawcs; 



YetTalle tny ittfn'd ,reuenge thou not onmcc, 
A filly woman begs it at thy hands, 
Giu c me the leauc to vtter out my play, 
Forbearethisplaccjl humblic craue thcc hence. 
And mixe hot death amongft pkafing comedies, 
That treats naught els but pleafurc and delight. 
If any fparkcof humaine refts in thee, 
Forbcarc,be contender thefuiteof race. 

. Why (o I wil,forbearance fliaU be fuch 
As treble death fhall crofle thee with def pighr, r 
And make thcc mourne where moft thou ioicft> 
Turning thy mirth intoa deadly dole: v 
WJiirling thy pleafurcswith a pealeofdeath^ 
And drench thy methodes in a lea ot blond/ ^ 
This will I doe, thus Ml I bcare with thee 
And more to vex thee with a deeper fpitc, 
Iwill withthrcatcs ofbloud begin thy play: 
Fauoring thee with enuic'and with hate. : 

^. Then vglie mdnftcr doc thy woorft, 
I will defend them in dpfniidoi cheet v: 
And thought thou'thinlcfewirfitr^gBck/umcs , 
To braue my play vnto my dcepe difgracc. 
I force it not jl fcoriwrwhat thou canft doc ' 

!frotn tragickftuffetobe apJoafantconicdi& 

- Waking them f care the verie dart of death. 

Co. And Iledefend them mangrcaU thy fpitc 
Sovgly rTen(Urewell,tcH time fhafl ferric, fi 
ThatwemaymcetctojJirleforthcbcft^ . 
^ En . Content Comedtc,i\c goefpread my branch, 
And icattcrcdbloflbmes from mine enuious tree. 



//. Shattproue tomonfters/potfiogoftheir ioyes. 1 
Enter Segsjto rjtitingand Amadincjijtcr 

... ; . 

v or cJswcartbutdcad.' ^ 
hclp,htipfwctS<g4/froxclcIdic J' 


Alas m adam,thcre is no way but fligh t> 
T hen haft and fauc y o ur (elfe. '\ 

Am*. Why then Idic,ahhclpe mcin diftrdde, 


- - f 

Mu. Stay Lady (lay^and be no more difmaide, 
That auell beaft mod rDcrccleflc and fcU, 
Which haucbereaued thoufands of their liucs, 
Affrighted many with his hard purfues, 
Prying from placctoplacc to find hivpraie, 
Prolonging tons httlife by others death, 
HiscarcalTc now lies hcadleUe void of brttfv * 
Am*> That fo w Je deformed inon ftcr is he dead? 

Mu. AfTu rcyoiir felfc thereof, behonki i his head t 
Which if it plcafc you Lady to accept, '. 

With willing heart I yccld it to yourmaicftic. 
\^4r,iA. Thankcs worthy ihcpheard,tfaanks a thoufaud" 

This giftaflurc thy fcffi: contents^mc mote y ,/ <- < 

.Then grcatcft bountidDf a mighty prince: - 
Although he were t he-monarch of the World; 


.Mofl: gracious goddefle/nore then mtal wight, 
Your heauenly hcwe of right imports no iefle, 
Moftgfad am lin that it was my chance, 
Tovndcrtakethis entcrprifein hand. 
Which doth fb greatly glad your princely rninde* 

Ama. No goddefle fhepheard,but a mortall wight 
A mortall wightdeftrefled as thou feeft: 
My father hecrc is king of Arragon. 
lAmadine his only daughter am: 
And after him fole heire vnto the crownc. 
Now where as it is my fathers will, 
To mary me vnto Segajlc 9 
On whofe welth through fathers former vfury 
Isknowcntobenoleficthen woonderfull ? 
We both of cuftome oftentimes did vfe, 
Leauing the court to walkc within the ficldes, 
For recrcationdfecially the fpring, 

In thit ityelds grc ate flore oi rare del ights: 

Andpafling further then our wonted walkes, 

ScarfcwerecntrcdwithinthefelucUeiTf woods, 

But right before vs downe a ftctpe fall hii 

Amonftrous vglv bearc didhiehim iaft, 

Tomcetci* both,I faint totcll the reft, 

Good (hcph erd >but fuppofc the eaftly lookes; 

The hiddious feares,the thoirfant hunderd woes. 

Which at this mfar\tAmadinc Mcind. 

^/. Yetwonhy princes let thy fortow ceafe, 

And let this fight yourfbrmer ioyts reuiue. 
Am A. Beleeue me fhephcard fo it doth no Jcfle. ^ 
^/.Long may they laft vnto your hearts content*.. 

But tell me Ladie what 'is become of him, 
alld, whatisbecome ofhimf 
. Iknowe nor tythat knowctlic powcrs-xliume, 
A4 But 

But God graunt this that'fweetS^^ih'DC. 

<jMu f Yetheardharted'heinmcbaciale,! . ;;joY 
So cowardly ^oikue himfelfeby;flighi; i 
And leauc fb braufc a prmceffe to the fboyle* 

AIM. Wellfhcpbeacd^forihy worthy vaburtiitd, 
Endangering thyfdwjto fetme free:. . 
Vnrccpmpcnfea fore thbtt fhalt hbt bub . ' - , i n /-. 
In court thy courage fhalbtfptoinelyJcnowne: 
Throughout the Kingilotne will I fpread thy name, 
To thy renovmc an dncocr dying fame :irnjl; .-,>. , v 
And that thy courage may be better fcnowne. 
Beare thou the head of this moft moftftrotisbeaft : i oT 
In open foht to cucrie courtiers vie we vf.O 

So will theWngmyfarhcrthccrcwardcL ): r ^ . 
Come lets away^ad guard me to the court, .; ^Vv 

M*. With alimy heart. 



St. When heapes of harm es do hotter ouer head^ 
Tis timeas then, fomc fay to ioke about, 
And fo enfuing harmci to cfabofc the leaft: 
But hard,yea haprcfTei$.thaM7Drtdie(Te chaunce, 
Lucklelfchislotandcaytifit hke acourfte, > 

At whofe proceedings fonunt euer frownes. 
My fclfe I meancmoft fiibic^ vnto thrall^ 
For I the more I feckcf o/fhutt the worft: . i - 
The more by proofei End trty fclfeaccutftt! 1 '- ^ 
Erewbitesla^Qltedrtvithanvglybeare, ^ ^ 

^^Amtidmt in company all alorie, 
Forth with by flight Lthoughttofauc osyfiife, 
Leauingmy^w4^yi^ojhtc(biftfis^<!.v , 
^or dcaib tt^,fe t ^re(iftdKbBw^7, o.jl I .^K 

, j ft -And 

And death no lefleof A 

Accurfcdl in lingring life thus long, 

In leeuing thusrach minute of an hower 

Doth' pierce ray hart with dartes of thoufand dcathcs: 

If flie by flight her fury doeefcipe, 

What will me thinkc; 

Will flie not lay ; yea flatly to my face , 

Accufingmeof meeredifloyaltie, 

A truftie friend is tride time of neede: 

But I when flie in danger was of death 

And needed me,and cried Segafo hclpe; 

I turned my backe and quickly ran away* 

Vn worthy I to bearc this vital! breath : 

But what j.Wrhat necdes thefc plaintes 

ItAmadine do liue then happie I, 

Shee will in time forgiue and fo forget, 

Amcidinev* mercifull,not lur.o like. 

In harmful hart to haibot haucd long* 

Enter (JWotife the Clorvne tunning crying 

. Clubs, prongs.pitchforks, bilIes ? O helpe, 
a bearc, a bear c, a bearc. 

t Sc, Still bcares, and nothing clfc but betres. 
Tell me (irra wher me is ^ 

Cfa. Oiir,. flie i^runnc do wne the woods: ^ 

Ifee her wire head and her white belly. 
^Thoutalkeftofworid'.'rs., toteihneofwhite bears* 
Butfirradidftihou euer feeany fuch- 
Ck, No faith I neuer lawc any fuch, 
ButI remember my farhciswoordes, (beare 

Hee bad mee take licsde I was not caught with a white 
Se. A lamentable tale no dout. 

B Cb, 

Cb. ItellyouwhatfirasI was'goinga ficMetoferne 
my fathersgreatc horfe, & caried a botrly of hay vpon 
my head, now doc you fee fir, I f a ft hudwinckr, that I 
couidiee nothing, percciuing the bcarc commin&I 
threw my hay into the hedge and ran away. 

iw.JPhstfrom nothing 
Clt. I wairantypuycs,! rawfomcrhin& fonhere 

wastowloade.ohhornesbcfidesmy bottle of hay,and 
that made three-. "* 

Sf Buttell rnc/ifra,thebeare ihratthoudidft fee, 
Didibenotbeafca bucket on her arm?- 
my C hfe Ha b ^ ha ' l ncucrfawbcarc 8 milkingin all 
But hark you fir J did not lookc fo hie as h*r arme, 
Jfaw nothingbuthefwhithcad,andherwhit bellw 
-? T ^ te11 mcflrra > whcre <looft thou dwell- 

ould Iknowthcc. 
ouknownobodie ,and you 

woodman ratsfon why wha K thy name, 
.whylamvtty neerckin vntohim; 
S'-IthinUcto,bsat whats thy name/ 

what ray namcis :my name is c/?, 

S<. whatplaine UUg/e* 
Cfc.I,p|i nemo ufr wkh outdrhtt welt or g 

know,ailce my fathers greate horfc 5 for he hath bin halfe 
a ycare longer with my father then I haue* 

S^.This feemcs to be a merrie fellow, 
I care not if 1 take him home with me, 
Mirth is a comfort to a troubkd minde, 
A racrric man, a metrie mafter makes. 
Howlaift thou firra , wilt thou dwell with me? 

&.Nay fof t fir, tow words lo a bargainc,praie you 
what occupation arcyou? 

SA No occupational liuevpohmy laftdes* 
Clo- Yourlands,away,youarcnomaiftcrforme,why 
doe you thinke that lam fo mad, to go feke my liuing 
t : in the lands araongft the ftones , briars, and bufhes, 
and teare my holy day apparell^not I by yourleaue. 
S*. Why, Idonot mcane thou malt* 
Ch. How then? * ^ 

Sf. Why thou (halt be my man 3 and waitevponmc 
at the court. 

S^. Where the King lies* 
x ck. Whars that fame King a man or woman/* 
t. A man as thou afte* 

C/5?. A.S I am, hatkeyou fir pray you what kin is he tf 
good man king of our parifti the church warden? 
&. No kin to him, he is the King of the whole land. 
Qlo. kingof rheland Jneuerfeehim. 
x - Se. if thou wilt dwcl with me, thou fliallt fee him c- 

C/f. (hai I go home againe to be tome in peces with 
bcarcs, no not 1,1 wil go home &put on a ckane (hirr, 
and then goe drownc my fclfc. 

S^. Thou (hallt not need, if thou wilt dwell with me, 
thou ihah want nothing. 


And harke you fi:,now y?u luiic entertained mc 3 1 wil 
tell you what I can doc, I c^nkec-pc my tongue from 
picking aud dealing, and my haiuk-s from lying and 
(laundering .,! \vai-rantyoiijaswel as eucr you had man- 
in all your life* 

Sf Now will I to court with forrowfuIUiarr 3 rown- 
dcd with doubts 5 if ^w^fdochuCjthcn happy I :yca 
happie I if Amtdwc doc liue, x*unt. 

g prnce f 
Amaiinwith Gotten And counfcllw 

/O>^NowbraueLords,ourwarsarc bioughtto end 
Our foes the foilc and we in fafetic reft, 
leys behouesto vfeAichclcmenck in peace* 
As v.ilojr in the warre 
It is as great honor to be bountiful! at home, 
Therefore my Lords the mo re to my content, 
Your liking, and your countries fafcgarde, 
We are difpofde >n marriage for to giuc 
Ourdaughteno Lor^ Segnfto heare, 
Who (hall fucccede the diadem after me: 
Andraiiiueheereaftcr as I (of ore hauedonc 


Your foleand ItwfuUKjngof Arragon: . 
What fay you Lordings ,Iikc you of my aduifc^ 

CW- And plcafcyour Maieuy,wedoe not onely a- 
loweofyourhighneflrepleafure,butairovowfathful- * i 

ly in what we may to further it. ; 

King. Thankcs-good my Lords, if long Adr^fui.^aUlt 
Hcc will at full requiteyoHr cuirfcs. 
Tnmdioi^ recompeucc; of thy late valour done, 

1 Jkc 


_... -- i-j - T-*J ^uwwvfvt rr* 

Take vn to thcc the {Cariofti apf in cc, 
Latelie our prifoner taken In the.warres 

Week thinkc of h vf lien jeafure (hall afforde; ; 
Meanewhilcdocviehhti well, his father isaKirig. 
rw-ThantotoyourMaieftiCjhis vfage flialbeluch, 
As he thcrat (hall thinke no caufe fogrutce. 


King Then march wtonto courf, aridreft.our weari 
ed limmes 

But Gotten, I haue a talc in fecret kept for thee: 
When thouflialt'hcarea watch woord from thy king> 

l nen uww looKcinou DC not iau. c wni ny^ 
Andfor thy fcruice thoil to fore hafldone, 
Thy trucdi andyal,our proudc in euefrc ,point 3 ' 
Iflwllwithbountr^theeenlarg^Jhercfore.: : 

uoguaravstomecounc. , - 

Col. What fo my foueratene doth' commaund me < >e, 
With willing mind J gladly yceld confent &ctunt . 
Enter Segajlo width Clomt , with weapons afout him 
fr.Teimefirra,how docyou like your wapons s 

r , 
V.Tbeykeepcrhcdog^formyourJhinsvery \vell 

. dcretheynotj 

u ^."H6W 9 V(!cp the dpg^^Jm my ( fhins> I wpul^ 
.ftorne but my fhihs fiioulcike^p the dogs from them. 

Se, Weh firra, liauing idle talke, tell me: 
Doft thbu know (Taptainc T'nmc Uoes chamber 3 

Clo, I verie well, itljath a dc^ore 

St.l thinke fo,for fohatheuery chamber- 
But doft thouknow the man. ' 


&e. Why fo hath cuery on' 
Clo. Tharsmorc thcn.1 know. 
5.-. Bucdocathou remember the captaine, that was 
herewith the king eucnnow, thitbroughtthcyone 
prince prifoocr/' 7 fi 

Cb.O ven'c well. 

TcIIhtm Ihaucaixiatterin fe.crerto impart fohim, 
CM wil raaftcr, niafter whats his name^ 
Se . Why caprainc Tremclia. 

O th 

emcaleman, Iknowehim vcricwcn, 


^.OhiM(!er,ifthcrebcnobo<Iic within; 

Sf. Why can his dog /bcake, 
rcannottcfl ' wfacrc * orc 

" 1 fu * knauesas thouah. 

ic thcngoyourfcllc, 
S^ Youwillgof^wilycnort 

XT t. I 1 i *' V JVliJKal 

u A . ^ C [ a i eilcknow cthepriceofitfirft. 
Mafter u is fuch aUard name,I haue forgotten it a- 
gainclprai?vou tcUmehis name, 
S^. I tell thce wpraine Trertttfo. 

Oc3peainerteble kh?ue,capttinc treble knauc 


-4 , 

q Miiccaortts., 
Enter TremiRo* 

nowfirra,doofithou callmee? 
/p.You muft come to my maifter captain, treble knauc 

TV*. My Lord'&gtf^f.did you fend for mee. 

St. Ixftd m?^//0,rirra3boutyoui bufmefle. * 

cb.. 1 marry,whats that can you tell? 

S^.No not well. 

c/^.Marrie then I can,ftraighttothc kitchen drefler>to 
John the cookc,and get me a good peece of beefe and 
brewis,andtht^ntoche buttery hatch to Thomas'the 
butler, fot a iaqke of beare,and there for an houreilefo 
belabour myftlfe^ereforeiprayyouoilme not till 
you thinkc I h jue done,I pray you good mayfter. 

Se. Well fir away. 

Trcmcbo this it is, thou Jmowe/l the valour of SegAJlo- 
Spredthrough all the kingdomeof Arragon/ 
And fuch as hath found triumph and fauours, 
Neuer daunted atarry tyme,but jiow a fliepUwd > 
Admired at in court for wprthyneflc. 

My wil therefore i$ this,tnat thoodoftfind fom mearres 
taworkethe (hepheardesdcatb, I know thy ftreng h 
fuificient to performe my clef Jre, & thy Joue no other 
wife then to rcuenge my iniuries. 

T^.itis notthc frqwnes of a mepheardthat Tremttfa 

Therefore account it accbmpliftiejd^atl take in hane 
S/.Thankes good Trewelio ,and aflfure thy fclfe, 
Wha| I promifc that will I performe. 

z>AThankes my good Lord,and in good time 
See where he qommeth^ftand bya while. 
And you (hall fee me putinpra&ie ^>ur interned, 

B 4. Haa 

I laue at thee (Waine, if tfiat 1 hie thee right, 
Eater Muctdorus* 

. VildcowArdJowitboHt CAxfcto ftnke Amtn. 
TurnecorViirdturflc t n6W(flrike and dot t 

S^.Houldfhephcardhould,fpare him, kill him not, 
ccurtcd villain c, tell me what haft thou done. 
Ah Trenxlio^ ttuftic Tre&AioJ. forrow for thy death, \ 
And fince that thou liuing,did(lp'roouefaithfull to 
Segdfitjo Segaftff now Huing (hall honourc the dead 
corpcsof Tr//tfwithrcucngc. 
Bloudthrifly villaine,borQcand breddeto mercileffc 
. murther, 

Tdtoieiioivdutft.choube fobold. 
A s once to lay thy han ds vpon the Icaft of mine. 
AfTure thy icifejthou (h'alu>e vfd according to the law. 
c3f# % ScgAfto ceafc, thefe threats are needlefle 
Accufenotrac of murther, that haue done nothing 
but in mine owqe defence. 

Sf-Nayfliepheardrcafonnot with me. 
He manifeft thy faclvnto the King: 
Whofcdoome will be thy death as thou deferuft, 
What hoe,Mou.fe come away* 

Ch Why how now,whats the matter. 
I thougr you would be calling before! had done. 
Sc. Come helpe away with my friend. 
Cio. Why is he drunke 5 cannot he ftand on his feet. 
jhc isnotdrunke, he isflaine. 

Clo. Flaine,noby Ladichcis not flaine. 
S<r.Hceskild I tellthee. 
\ Clo. Whatjdpe you vfe to kil your friends. 
IwillferucyoH no longer, 
SMtellthec thefhcpheardkild him. 
Ck.O didafb^butmajftcr,! will haucal his apparel* 
if I carry him away. 

Clo. Come then I will hea!pe,mas matter I thinkc his 
mother fong looby to him he is foheauie. 


Mtt. behold thcficklc (late of man,alwaics mutable, 
neuer at one. 
Somtimes we feed on fancies with the fwcetc of our 

Somtimcs aga ine we feck die heat of extrcamc mi. 


Now am I infauour about the court and coun trie 
To morrow thofc fauouis will turne to frovvncs. 
To daiel liuc reuenged on my foe,. 
Tomorrow I die,my foe reuenged on me, 

Enter Rrcmo aVtiUmtn* 

lengers this mojning, what not one. 
A chance that feldome doth befall 
What not oncJth'en lie tho 

And reft thyfelfe till hauc further neecte . 

Now Brcmofiththyleamrcfoaflfbrds. 

An endlefTethlng,who knowes not Bremoes ftren gth 

Who likea king commander withirv thefe woods, 

Thcbctrc^hc boarc ,dares not abide my fighr 3 


The iomt~dit~ 

But haflcsaway to faue chemfelues by flight.- 

The chriftall waters in thebubbiihgbrookes, 

When I come by doth fwi ftl y flidc away, 

And claps themfelucs in clofcts voder bankes, 

Afraide to looke bold Bremo In tht face: ' ' , 

T he aged okes at Bremoes breatli dot bowej ; 

And all things els areftillat ray cofaihaiincJ! 

Els What would It 


And eachwiicelslwouldrtuengimyfelfe, 

Why who comes hcerc with wjiam: I.d-irc not fight,. 

Whofi^hrswith-me ficdot^nio: die chtdcatH 5 noton: 

What fauour Oiewes thi ftujdie ftickc to thole, 

That heercwithirt thefc v^odiarccoihbataincs with 


Wiihr-'ftkiTc rage I wander through thcfe r wc>o<3Sjf T f 
N5 ttttt\ittneM\titift[WfaBrerffes force. ' 

And euery thing tf^&h'*t>ptoch my>Rghr;' 
Are! or ft to'ffl! if ^b^crb&tftbwne, /x 
Come cudgel comc^my partner in my (poiles ? 
ForhcerellecthTiaaieit will not bc\ 
But when itfallcs that.1 encounter anic ^ 
One pafeTuffrfedfor to wo/kc my wit' rj : 

* r . w T /* (/ '. - * i ' \- ; 

A time will fcrijc wK^' inu * afffc^^o^n j ^ ! 7/ 


with dome with tttof.- 

:u ...:: 


Murtherislaid to thy charge, 

What canftthou fay, 

Iflewethis captaineiri mincownddefehce, 

Not of any malice bur by change, 

But mine accufer hath a : fanner mearurtg. 

S^woords. will not hcerepteuaifcy 
I feek'for it?fHcc 5 & iuflke craucs his dratli . 

JT/^.S^^Wthineowncconfefllon hath condem 
ned thcc. 
Sirra takefiim Jiway^ dbxr hrm to execution ftraight* 

Clo. So heeflial! I warranthim>biitdoe you hearc 
maiftcr King,heiskinto a monkic a his necke is bigger 
then is headT 

Sc. Com firra away with him,andhang him abouc 
the middle. 

CA7.Yes/or(doth I warrant yon^omc on fir,afo like 

Enttri^4mAdintAndAfak wftka fwtresbcAd 

Am A. Dread fbucraigne and .wclbcloued fire. 
On bended keesl crauc the life of this condemned 
fhephcard, which heertofore preferucd the lifeof thy 
fomet ime difl retted daughter* 
K.prefcruedthe life of my fomtimedfflrcffed daughter 
How can tljatbcjlhciicr knew thctimfe i . 
Whrein thouvwaft^jftrcftjlneutr knc^-thc daie 
But .that I haucmaintaincd thy (late, 
Asbeftbcfeemdthedaughrer.ofaking ...... 

Ineucrfawtheihcphcardyntilnow^ .- ^ 
How comes it thenihat heprefciudthylifcf 

Further then our accuftomcd manerWas, 

Cz Righi: 

Right before vs domic a ftcepc fcl hill, 
A monftrous vgly bearc doth hie Rim fail 
To meete vsboth,now whether this bee trcvre, 
I rcf crre it to the cerditof SegAJlo^ 

Se. Mod trc w and like your maicftic. 

Awg. How then* 

Am*. The beare being eager to obtainehis prair s 
Made forward to vs with an open mouth, 
As if he meant to fwallovv vsboth at o nee, 
The fight Whereof did make vsboth to dread, 
But fpcciallic your daughter AmaMne^ 
Whoforlfaw no fuccour incident 
But in Segafttcs valour, I grew defperatc, 
And hcmoft cowardlike began to fly. . ' j 

Left me diftr eft to be deuourd of him, 
How fay you Stgtft* is ie not true/* 

JC. His filence verifies it to be true, what thcnj 

AmA> Then I amafde dilrdffed all alon c, 
Did hie me faft to icape chat vgliebeare, 
But all in vainc,for why he reached after me, 
And hardly I did oh escape his pawes, 
Till at the length this flicphcard came, 
And brought to me his head* 
Come hither boyloe hecrc it is, which Iprefeot vnto 

X'/VThe daughter of this bearc deferucs great fame. 

St. Thcilauehtcrofa man dcforucsereate blame. 

Kin^ Indccdoccaftonoftcntimesibhl!e$oi2^ 
Se. TremcUi la the wars* atfwgprcferued thec,(mr 
c/fM. The (hephcard in the woods oking prcfeiued 

S, Trcmctb fought when many men didyeeld. 
Ami. So would the (hephcard had he bin in field 
C&.So would my mai(terhadhenotran away- 

- T-~ --- WJ 

5fr Trwtlioc* force fauedthoufands from the for. 
AmA. The (hcphcards force haue faucd thoufand, 


tl* Aye fhipftickes 3 nothingclfe. 

Xng'Segafta ceafe to accufe the (hcphcaird, 
His woorthyncflfc defcrues a recompcnce, 
All we are bound to doethc fhephcardgoodr >die % 
Shephcard, whereasit was my fcntcnce^hou fhouldft 
So (hall my fcmence (land, for thou (halt die. 

, - 

Long maift thou liuc,and when the fiftcrs fhal decree 
To cutintwaine the twifted thread oflife, * , 
rhenlcthimdic,, for thislfctthe.efree, 
Apd for thy valour I will honour thcc. 

Af*.Thankes to your majeftie* 
/T/^.Come daughter let vs now dcpaitc, to honour 
the worthy yalpurof i^ihepheard with our rewards* 


handn^w :,ypu wpatd bcflpwe ymt v r why wbatwili 
youclcJe howef you haucloft mea goodpccupation by 
the mcaneSj Faith maifter now I cannot hang theflicp* 
I pray you let metaki, iHcpaiues to hangyou, 

alferAnjiottres^exerclfe. . 
. Youaccmlfin yppr ^nayery ,r but fith t cannot 
haue-hlslife I will procure his baQiihmencioteuer. 
Come on firra. 


Jtnadineznd from her fathers court, 
With gold andiilucr and vyitb rich rcwardes, 


Flowing ftote tt>e^ahkbfg61den^cfu^, ' ' 


Was neucrfticphcard in fuch dignitic, 

c i&tor tkttoeffitgfrs wdticcbme. 

i ':',' :;><:. 

hy (litfpheard. 

Ch. All raytic lovffic fhcpheard. 

Mu. Welcome toy frindes, from whence cpmcyou; 

c^/^CThe King and ^*fc#**gfrcercs thee Wctt, 
And afwr-grefetitigsdone, bids thee depart flit court. 

clo. Shepheard take lawc legs, flye Wiy.fl)epheard 

u*. Whofewoordcs atcthcfe/* cameVhefcfrotn 
i^/lmAdint'. - . ' l 

J^^Ayefrom'^^4^w^ - -'- 

'Ck t kyc-kriXmi*ti*8:- 

Mii. Ah luckelertefortune tVotlc then Pk4ttJru talc, 
'!^ fomicr blefle is now become my bale. 
'' ' n cA>,What wilt thotfpoyfon ftfelfc? . 

e to,ih al my 

'" i ii ' 

C^.Euen goe hang'thjr frffchilfe gq-nower.V 

it flipuld ,'hephcardcs doc in the court; 1 

wenot Lordes inough on vs in the courte? 

.. ' _ 

oucr r their 

paycs them their wages then? 
^du arcfiwaycs interrupting of me, 
But you aid bcft loofce co him lead you Jung for him 
when he is gone. , Exit. 

The Clwkcfiugs. 

Ck An Jyotf f&iH tr^ng for companfc, 
Forleauihgmealoilfe.X rJiV 
Shepheard ftand foorth and hcare thy faitcncfl, 
Sheptaard begone within three daycs in paync of^ 
My difplea/ltre.flbephcardbee6n,flicpheard bf son 

i J ff . \ - ^y * .^ L^ 

; partakers of m_ 
Intymc tpf ore when for tune <Jid not fiowhe, 
Powre fetohifbf li '- iL<iltJ '" -- *** J <* v -" ft 

Hide 5 hidc thy 


f - " ' J : J i ' 




Makefomc excufetilll returnee i- ** q / 1- ; -- 

^rr. What and&^rcatti ' ^^' '// : , ilr> r^ 
^w4.Daifh(ii Ae like to him^Iiiiein bt b^ftaylong, 
. M*.Tri is voy GO fiyftweet: mj' 1 ^ inglpiriws reveres- 

C 4, 

already 6e 

dccrecd.and all agaynfl thy will,yet Amtdinc. 

MM . Ah <^4ntAdinc t iQ hcarc of banifliment is death, 
I double death to me,but fince I muft dcpart,onc thing 
I crauc. 

Ama. Say on with all my hcirt. 

Mu. That in abfcnce either farre or necre- 
You honoor me as feruant with your name. 

. And why? 

Am A.I honour thce as foucraignc with my heart. 

c^W f A (hcpheard and a foucraigne nothing like, 

yf;4. Yet like enough where there is no diflikc. 

Jf*. Yet great difltkeorclsno<bani(hmen% 

^w4.Shephcard,it is onely %4/?* that procures thy 
banimment* , ., -;, .- 

df*. Vnwprthy wightesare mod in teloQfr 

^?4. Would Godthcywouldfrcethe:irombanifii. 
ment^rlikevvifebamiftiniec. - -- ... 

c^. A men fay I,to haue your companie. 

^wj. Well fhepheardyiith thou fuffcrcfl this for my 
On Uiis condition fhepheard thou canft lour, 

c^/.No longer louc no longer let mcliue: 

<<faM.OnatI loucd one indccd/io w loue I none but 

Af/^.Thankcs worthic princes I borne likewife, 
Yctfmother vp the blaft, . 
I dare not promife what [may pcrforme, 

^w^.Wcll fhcphetrd,harkc what I (hallfty, 
I will rcturnc vnto my fathers court. 
Therefore to prouide me of fuchnefcefTaries, 
As for our joucneyl fliiilthinkemoft fir> 
Tbisbciog doncIwrittKmrtciotht^ 


Doe thou therefore appoint the place where we may 
. d meete. 

Mu. Downe In the valley wheielflue the beare, 
And rheredoth grow a taire broade Branched beach, 
That ouer /hades a well/o who comes firft 
Let them abid thehappie meeting ofvs both. 

AmA. \ like i i ycry weK 

Mu. Now if you pleafe you may appoint the time, 
Am*. Full three hours hence God willing,! will 

Mu.Jhe thankes that ^fwgaue the grecian quccnc 
- the like doth Mucedorns yeeld. 

Aw*. Then Mufcdorus for threce ho wres farewell* 

Mu. Your departure ladic breedcs a priuie paine.' 

, S*-Tis well Segafto that thou haft thy will, , 
Shou'd fuch a fhhephard , fuch a fimple fwaine 
As he ,,eclips thy crcditc famous through the court. 
No ply SegAJlo ply -let it not in Arwgonbc faidc, 
Afhcphard hath Srgatocshoriour wonnc. 

%nttfMoufe the dovone caliinv hit maiftcr : 

* .1 O 9 J j 

Cto. Whaj hoe maiflcr will you come j avi'y s ( tcr? 
S^. Will you come hitber l p* ay you, tvliats the mat- 
do. Why, is it not paft aleaoen a clock. 
Sf. How then fir. 

cKIpray youcom away to dinner; 
Se.l pray you come hither. 
Clo. Hcres fuch a doc with youy wil you neiier corri^ 
S^, I pray you fir what newcs'of the meibgc I fcntc 
you about, 

Clo* I tell you all the meflc sbe on the table alreadic, 
D There 

There wants not fo much asa mcflc of muftard halfe 

Se. Comcur^ourmindc is all vpon your belly. 
You haue forgotten what I did bid you doe, 

Clo. Faith I knovve nothing >but you bad me gocto 
fr.Was that all; 

Ch. Faith I hauc forgotten it,the veriefcntof the 
mcatc made me hath forget it quite. k 

Se. You haue forgotten the arrant I bid you doe. 

clo> What arrant , an arrant knauc , ot anant 

Se. Why thou knauc , did I notbid thce baniih the 

C&.O thclhephards baftard. 

SM tell thce the fhcphcardcs banishment. 
C&.itel youthcfhepneardsbafiard fhalbewelkept 
ile looke to it my fclfc clfejbuxi pray you come away 
to dinner, 

&. Then you wll not tell me whether you hauebar 


Clo Why 1 cannot : fay banifhmcnt and you would 
giucmeathcHjfandpoundstofayfo, *, ; - 
S^.Whyyouhoribnflauc, hauc yoo forgotten, that 
I lent yp^ija^d another to driue way the fhephard 
C^ % What^n altc arc you. hccrs aiturre in deecde 
heeres mcf^agejarra^ baniihrnoHo and I cannot tell 

S^ t I pray you ^r ,ftall I know whether you hauc 
"droue him away. 

. Faith 1 thinks I haue, and you will not belecue 


Sf> Why can thy ftaffe ttll 

&?. then happic I that hauc obtaind my will* 

Clo. And happier I Jf you would goc to dinner. 

Se. Comenrra,fbllo\vmc.' 

Clo. I warrant you I will not loofc an inch of you now 
you are going to dinner,! promife you I thought Tea* 
uenycare before I could get him away. 


Enter ^4madinefila^ 

Am*. God grant my long delaie procures no harmc 
Nor this my tarrin g fruftrate my pretence, 
My UWwaorttsfaiclie ftaics forms , 
And thinks me ouer long,at length I come 
My prefentpromifc to petfoime: 
Ah what a thing is firme vnfaincd loue, 
What is l f which n u r louc dares not tempt 
My far cr he may make but I muft match* 
Segtfte lotics; bit 4rn&dinc muft like, 
Whcic likes her bcft,compul(ion is a thrall, 
No,no,thc hearticchoifc is all in all, 
The (hephards vertuc i^trudinc cflecmes. 
But what me thinks my (hcphard is not come? 
I mufe at that,the hower is (ure at hande, 
Well here ilc reft till UMucedorus come.* 

Enter Sremo looking about >bajlilj ttketb 

bouUoflcr. \ 

Xrcmt.A hapic pray ,now Brem* fcedc on flefli, 
Dainties Jlremo dainties thy hungry panch to fill, 
Now glut thy grcedie guts with lukcwarmcblood, 
Come fight with me.Hongto (ee thce dead. 
Am$ How can flie fight that weapons cannbtwecld^ 
n?Whatcanft not fightf then lie thou downc and 


Sn. W utneedesthrfe words. I third to fuckc thy 
Am*. Yet pittic me and let me liuc a while. (bloud 

Bre. No pittie I, ilc feed vpon thy fiefh, 
Ileteare thy bodie peecemeale ioynt Iromioynt. 
AmA. Ah now I want my fhephards company. 
Bre. ile crufh thy bones betwixt tow oken trees. 
Am A y Haft fliephard haft orelfc ihon com ft tolat. 
Bre. ilcfucke the fwectnes from thy marie bones. 
Am&. Ahfpareah fparetofhcd my guiltleflc blood 
Bre. WitHtfus my bat will I bcateoutthy braines 
Do\vn,down I fay,proftrate thy ftlfc vpon the ground 
^w4,Then3//w^ hoped ioies farcwcl. 
Yea farewell life, and welcome prcftnt death, 

TothecO God I yceld my dying ghoft. 

Br^.Now Jbemt play thy parr, 
How now what fuddcn chaunce isthls. 
My limmes do tremble and my ftnewes fluke' 
My vnweakned armes haue loft their former force: 

That yet at no time cuer wail afraid : 
To dare thegre atcft gods tofi ght with thce, hejlrikes 
And now waotftrengthforoncdownedriuing blow 
Ah how my courage failcs when I Hiould it 
Some ncwe come fpirit abiding in my brcaft, 
Shall IJparehcr Bww, /pare her,do not kiilj 
Say thfparc her which neucrfparcdanyf 
To it Brow to if, (ay againe, 
Icarteot wceld my weapons in my hand, 
Me thihkes Ifhould not ftrsk fo faire a one, 
I thinke^r bcawtie hath bcwitcht my force 
Or die with \\\ mealtefednatutcscourfcy 
ay Wbrnin,wilt thou liiie in woods withmc; 
Faine would I liuc,yetloth toliue in 


- - 

Br<f. Thou (haJt not chufe,h(halbca$ Idy& theif 
fore follow me. Exit* 

Enter <jWctdontS folus. 

Mil, It was my wil an hower a goe andmorc, 
As was my promi/e for to make ret u rn e, 
Buc other bufines hindred mypretcncc, 
It is a world to fee when man appoints, 
Andpurpofelk one certaine thing decrees 
How manic things may hinder his intent* 
What once would wt (lithe fame is far theft off: 
But yet thappoynted time cannot be paft, 
Nor hath her pretence yetpreuentd wee, 
Well heercileftaie,and expeftht r comming- 
They crKwitbmJjouldbimJlaukimJioldt 

M*. Some one or other is purfued no doubt 
Perhaps Ibme fearch for mc a tisgood to doubt tfje 
worll,thercforeilc begone. Exit. 

. Holdhim,hold him hold him, heers ailurk deed 
Heere came hewe after the crrcr,3nd I vyas ftt clofc 
At mother Nips houfe 3 and there I caldc for three 
Pots of ale,astis the manner of ys courtiers, po\v hrra, 
Ihadtakenthcmaictep headoftpw of them. 
NovyasI was liftiogypthp thirdtomyniopth a thcre 
came hold him,hold him,now fcpulde not tell 
\yhome to catch hold pn,butl am furc I caught one 
perchance a maic^be jn tl)j^pot,well ile fee, ma? I can 
not fee him yet^ well ilc looke a little further ,inas he is 
alittleflaueif a be hieer^ why hears no bodicfal this 
goes well yetrbutif thcoWe trot flioulde come for her 
pot, I marriethercs the matter but I care not, ile face 
her out, an^alher* pg}d ruftic duftic .mufiie fuHie 

Dj oui 

outofherpot:but foftcheere flic comes: 
Eater tkeould woman \ 

oldw. Come on you knawc whcrcsmy pot you 

c/<\ Goc looke your pot ,comc not to me for your 
pot twtte good for you. 

old. Thou lieft thou knaue thou htft my por (fay 
Clo. You He and you fiy it,I your pot,I know whatilc 

0/,Why what wilt thou (ay. 

C/o.But fay I haue him and thou darfte, 
olde* Why thou knauc.thou haftnotonelicmy pot 
but my drinke vn paid e for. 

Clo < You I jc like an old I will not fay whore. 

O^doft thou cal me whorc,Ue cap^hce my for pot. 
C/'. Cap me &thou dircft/carcc me whether I haue 
it or no* 
Shccfi&cbctbhim,Andl)t<lrinkttl)6trl)tt bed attd 

cares, e ueserptaugo4w*t* * Bxit 

. .if* A t 

Enter Segafli , ....... 

* , Se. How now (irra,whats the matwr; 
' Cfb. Oh flies maiftcr flies. 
^Jlies where are theyf 
^li.'Ofi heerc maiftetjall about yor fecc* 
&. Why thou Ifeft I thinlcthoiiaw BMirf. kaft 

Clo. Wh \y maifter,lhauckildadunctrt fulatthe 
Sr.Goto hrra,!eauing this idrf talkegiuecatetomc. 
Cb. Flow ,giueyou one ofmy carttf not& you were 
ten mtifters. 

Sf.' Why fir f Bidypu giue cart to my iwtordes, 
Clo I tcllyou I ww ,o betnadc a curtail for nomans 
plcafure ' 

rcfrcte whole? ifewnc- fc 

'= C^.How *ear the towne'eucngoe your felfe^h Is 
more then I can doc, why do e you thinke I can rearc a 
t6wnc,that can fcarfe reareapot of ale to my hcadet 
I (hould rear e atowne Ihould I nor 5 

S<r, Goto the cunftable andmake'a prime fcarch,for 
thcfhephardisrunne away with the Kin^s Daughter, 

C/^.How ^ is the fhephcard rim away with the kings 
daughter .or is the kings daughteriunncavvay with the, 

S^ 4 1 cannot tcll 3 but they are both god together 

hcard,whylthinkel am alitkhanfomcr man rhcn 
thefliepheardmy felie, buttelTrjemaiftcr 3 muft I make 
apriuiefearch, or fearchin thepriuie; 

S^ why doft thou thinke they will be ihcrc^ 

Clo. I cannot tcIL 

S?, Well then fcarch eueric whercjeaue no place 
vnfcarchedfoithem, ; Exit. 

Ctl.Qh now amlinoffice,uow will to that old fiibpads 
houfc& vvil notleaueoneplacevnfwrchcd,nayile to 
her ale ft and & drink as long as j can ftand, & when I 
haue done ile let out al the reft, to fc if he be not hid in 
the barreL& I find him not t heretic .to the cubord.i'c 
notleaue onecotnerxxlJ)erhoufevnfearched,ye far.h 
ye old cruft I wilbe with you now. 

ttdifguife himjetfc* > I ) 
wiit thougbe^ ' 
Home to thy father to thy natiuefoile, 
Or trie fomc long abode within thefe woodsj 
Welllwill hence depart and Hie me home, 
What hie me home /aid J. ? thaMijay not be. 
elicitfc : 

Tnen ^Mttcedcrus do as thou didft decree, 
Attire thcehermite likc^wirhin thefcgrouccs, 
Walke often to thebc.ich and view the well. 
M ake. fettles the re and (eate thy (clfe thcreon % 
And when thou fceleft thy felfc tobea thrift, 
Then drinkc a hear tic draught to AmAdmc^ 
No doubtfhethinkeson thee, 
And wil one day corn: pleg theeatthis well: 
Come habit tliou art fit for me, he difcuifttfi btmfelft* 
N o fhephtard now, a hermit I muft be: 
Methinkesthisfusme veris well, 
Now mnft I learne to bearca walking ftaffe, 
Andcxercifc fomcgrauitiewithall. 
1 ZnterthcClowne. 

Clo Heers throw the wod?,an d throw the wods, 
tolooke out a flicpheard & a ftray kings daugtcr, but 
lo( tc whohaue we heere, what art thou? 

C*f*. Jam an herm^ 

C/0. An cmmer 3 I neuer faw fuch big emmet in all 
my life before* 

U^itt. 1 1 <. 1 you fir I am an. hermit,one that leads afcli- 
tarie life within thefe woods. 

Clo. O I know thenow, thou art her thar eates vp at 
the hips and ha wes^we could not haue one pcece 6t fat 
bacon for thee al this yea re. 

.M/fcThoudoft miftake mc^butl pray thce tell mcc 
.what doft thou feckc inthefc wood ? 

Cb. V^hat doe I feek e, for a 'ftray Kings daughter 
runncaway wirha flbcphard: fheaarde. 

/Afn. A ftray Kingtfdaughttr runne away with a flic p- 
v -^Yhereforccanft thou tefl-r 
. etc. Yes tbot3l/can> , ^tisthis 3 my maifter and Am&dins 
wal kin gone day abrod, nearer to thefe woods then 
lacy wcte vfcd,about what Jean not t ell ,biu tov varde 


V " yi v^mn ! -,; tf.'.^-t-^- 1 '{''!'- v.'?-' 

j' ^ joi'< .i ' ..'r./n^-- , ' . .- 
them comes runniDgarc^i>catc^|)QW *xty ttiiter 
he plaidc t^cmanaod runneaway,#vrtrWSf#? .trying 
after him :no\vftrcQmcsrae^fl;cpH^rd &Aiikes orT 
the bcarc^lic^nQvy ^vhcthef t^^ew 4 wbcT6cfeqd be* 
fore or no 1 cannot tell fen bring -twet^ifiiWft^fefticff 
me and binde their hands &fcete aiid ile kil them ah_ 
now cucrdnce^w^/^hath bin in louewiihthelliep^ 
heard , and for good vvil fliccs eucn runne away with 
the fliepheard . , . . '. , .-. -, ,. r - \-. , 
<jtiu. Whaunannrofjpian wasa 3 wiift ddcribcljim 
vnto'meej ' 

C^-Scribhim.ayc I warrant you that I can^ wasa 
Jittcfjow,bro5d,tall,panow 3 big wcl fau^U^ed fellow, 
a iet1cin()fwhitcIoatLan4button^of th$ fatnc (jloath, 
Mu. ThoAj di.fcr;bcjft him wet but if J cha^nte; ftp leany 
fuc'Nprayyou \vhcj Jnal I find you/arwhat 
Clo. My rame is called miiftcr rrjoufe. , 
A^:Q Ji maiflerp?p.urej|Ipi;ay yqtl what pfitCe iBf 
you be^relnih; cpy r tf , v , , : . " . ; : 
. Marry tlr lam arufher of theflabfc* 
Ovfl>cr of the table- . J ; 

Nay ^Ifayruflicr.andilcproouc rojii^ifice .t \ 
goo d,for foolccfinviien any corns ^010, vnde^tfee fca 
or fo,and a dog chance to blow his note bat ki vvaEde," 
then with a\vhip I giue him* the good tin)? of the day, 
andftraw^ruftesprefently ^therefore 

> But where Ihal ,1 find you inthf Court c? : ' 
4 Why. wh etc it is be ft being, ei i her in the latch- 
inga catin^orfn the butterie drinking : but if you- 
come I will prouidc for th; e a peccc.of bcefe & brewir- 
kncckledttpe40.fac,px^yyQU ta 
maiftcrinoufg, . 

.- B 

rrant /w notforgetyou. 

* fl)ould bccon * "Ac. 

thou go fo Jong vnknowne. 
with watch and warde echc plage is befir. 
I? u at 1 3 e f"! notl<jn g< ;( 'pevnknowne: 
Dototlefle ftehath loft her fife within thcfe woods 

wh vhC 6 t0 aud fro /he fcek th ' vvell, 




"'.hovvlikeyou Br^&his vvoodesf 

would with relentingteaie 
vnhumaine deedes. 

wly doftthou munnur 


et me on to cruelrie 



T H , , y rt 


I>eniemyloue,ahw6rmeofbeautie /Wocfc 

chafticc,h e :com,com,p re p a retby head vpon the 

Nn^f, pa f emeB T" loJJcAculd limit ife, 
Notto bemadtamnrderer ofhimfeJfe 

IfthouwiltglwthylouingheartWth blood, 
Encounter with the lion er th? bcare 
AndaIfte W olf 


And a like wolfe pray not vpon ahmbe 
*r, Why then doft thotfir pfce armrV 
thou wikJoucmcthou /halt be my quc 

I will crowne thee witha complet made ojfliionc, 
And make the rofe andlillyfaaitonthec; , 
- lie rend the burleybratinchcs from the okc 1 ,; c l ' 
To iiwdow thee from buring funnc* 
The trees fhall fpred thcmfelues where thou doft go, 
And as they fptead,ile trace alon^with the e, 
Awa. Youmay 5 for who but you? ' 
$rc: Thou (halt bee fed with quailes andpartridges 
Withblacke bird$,larkes5thrufhes and nightingales. 
Thy drinke fhall bee gdates milke and chnftal water, 
Diftilled from the fountaincs & the clea reft fpii<igs t 
And all the dainties that trie woods afforde. 
He freely giue thee to obtairie thy loqc. 
AmA.. You may/or who but youf 
B/^Theday ilc fpend tbrecrcAtfe my.ldiic, 
With ail the plcal'ar es tlft t'lc 


And in the nigh r ilc be thy bedfelioiv 
And loiun^y embrace thee in tmncarmes, 
^w^.Onemay 5 fomaynotyou. (the 

Brc. The fjrtyres & rhe wocxlnimphs fha! attend on ; 
And lulltheca flcepe with mofickes founde, 
And in the morning when thou doft awake 
The lark fliall (ing goodmorne to my quecne, 
AndwhilfthcfingesilckiiTe my Awadinc, 

Am*. You may,for who but vow/ 
^n When thou art vp,the wood lanes {halbe[ftrawcd 
With violets.cowflips and fwetcmarigold5% 
For thcetotrampeland to trace vpon, 
And I will teach thcehow to kill the deare, 
To chafe the hartand how to rowfcthe roe, 
If thou wilt Hue to loue and honour mee, 
^ You may.fot who but you? 

Welcomd fir,an howre ago I lookt for fiich a geft 
Ex Be 

"Be merric, wench-, wee 

Heeres rle &' iiiough for tafuffife y&bpth, . 

Staic firra,\viluhoufii;ht or doft "thbu yeel to die? 
A^.Iwarit awcapon % howan I fightf 
Brt. Thou wants a weapon, why then thouyeclft to 

' die* r .; ,.' . 

<J\iu. I fay not fb,Tdpc no ty eeld to die. . 
Ere: Thoafhalt not choo(e, I long to fee thec dead 
AmA\ Ycl f pare him *&reme fparc him 
. A way , I fay, I will not fparc him. 
?, Yctgiuc me leauc :ofpeake. 
{^hon fhalt notfpeake, 

t. Yetgiuchim leaueto fpeake for nay fake* 
Br/.-Speakc on, but be not ouer long. 
M*:In timejQfyorjCwhennienlike brutifli beafls< 
Did lead tneir'liacf in loathfpm ccllcs and. woodes 
And wholy gauc themfcfucsto \?itlcflewill, 
A rude vnruly % j;out, then man to man became 
A prcfcnt prjie, then might prcuailed, 

'Right was vnltfiovvenrforTwrong was all in 

As men thus liuedin his great outrage,, . 

Bchould oncjOrfhf^s c^me as pocis tell, , 

And them ( from^ udn^>tar9raj(on brought,. r ^. _ n - 

Who led by rc'afonfqa fyjm^fo^Q^c ifi^wpoijk, 

Cittics andtovyjics werq fo 

Glad wrcthey, thcy'fpu/ui Tuch-epfe, , 

And in the end J. c\ to 

They tearmd tre |ime wherein they liuc 
A golden age,a goodly golden age. , 
No wBremo, for (o I hearc thec^JJcd- 


If men which Jiucd tofore as thou doflnow, 
WUic in wood, addided all to fpoile, 
Returned wercby ; worthy Orj;heusmcancs 9 
Let me like Orpheuscaufc thee to returne 
From murder, bloudfhcd and like criu Itie, 
Whatfliould we fight bcforwehaucacaufe 
A T o,lcts liue and loue together faithfully. 
He fight for thee. 

Br<r,Fight forme or die,or fight or e!s thou dieft. 

, Away I/ay, thou troubkft race, 
A - You promifed me to make me your queenne, 
. I did, 1 mtane no TefH 

, ATA. You promifed that 1 mould hauc my wil, 
1 B^.,ldidrmcanenokflc. (both: 

; Atxv. Then iauc this he rmits Iife 5 fc r he may fcmc v j 
B. Arhy rcqueft ile fpare him 5 but ncucr any after him 
Say hermit what canft th6u doc? 

Mu. He waitc on thee,fomtime vpqn thequeene, 
fuchfrcuicc flialt ti;ou mordy haue as Bremo ncucr 
had, . Zxnnr 

Enter ^cgfifajkeClwont AndRmbth* 
S^.Come firs what fhalllneuer hauc you findc out 

Clo. And I haue bin ihcough theAvbodSi and through 
the woods, and could fee nothing butane met. 
R. Why J fee thousand rrrets^houmcanefralittlconc,. 
Clo. Nay that cmct that I law was bigger then rhou art 
/?. Bigger then I what a foolc hauc you to your man, 
I piay you rmiflcr turnc him away. ? 

Sr 4 But doft thou hear c, was he rot a man. 

Clo. thinke he vas, for he (aide he did lead a fait- 
feller life the woods.' 
.Se. Then \\ouldcft 'fay a folitzrie life al out the .weeds 

.Ithlnkc it was fo indeed- 
R. I thought what a foole thou art. 
CA?.Thoa art a wile man, why he did nothing but 

Se< But tell me Moufe,how did he goe - 3 
CMna whit gown e and a whit hat on his 
headland a ftqfte in his hande. 

Sf.i thought fo, it was a hermit that walked a foil- 
taiielife in the woods- 

Se. Well,gct you to dinner , and after neuer Icaue 
fecking til you bring fome ncwcs of them, or ile hang 
you both* Exit. 

C/^How now Ron)belo,what /hall we do now- 
R. Faith ile home to dirmeiymd afterwardc to fieep, 

Clo. Why then thou wilt be hanged. 
R. Faith \ care nct,for I know I mal neuer fund them 
wel ile once more abroad ,& if I cannot find them! ile 
neuer come houne againe. 

clo. I tel thee what Rombelo , thou fhaltgo in at one 
end of the wood 'and I at the othcr^n d wee wti mee tc 
both together at the midft. 

R. Contcnt^lcts awaie to dinner* 


to any hcere within thefe woods 
With bio odieBrcnao do I lead my life, 
The monfter he doth munher all he meets, 
Hefparethhonc and none doth him cfcape, 
Who would continue, who but oncly I 
In fuch acruellcutthroates company. 
Yet ^AmAdintv* there ho vv.can I choices 
4h fijlic fotilehovv ofte^ times {he fits 



And fighes,andcals come fliepheard come, 
Sweete^0ra&;w 9 come.and let roe free, 
yVhcnMtetaerff pefentfhndesherby: 
But here flie comes, what nt vves iaire Ladie as you 
vvalke.thefe woods. 

Enter \^fmadine t weft. 

Am A. Ah hermit, none but bad & fuch as thou kno- 
JW*, How doc you like your Enm* and his woods$ 
Ama. Not my Tbremo nor his Vtrtmo woods- 
c3/ , And why,not youi s,me thinks he loues y ou wel 
0*104,1 like him not,hisloue to me is nothing wroth 

cfl/0. Ladic,in thismethinkes you offer wrong, 
To hate the man that euer loues you beft. 

Am*. Ah hermit, I take no,pleafurc in his loue 
Neither yet doth Brw like nre beft. 

Mv. pardon my boldnes faire ladie , fith we both 
Kfcylafely talkc now out of 'bremos fighr, 
Vnfouldtorneif fo you pleafe,thcfulldjfcourfe 
How; when and why you camcinto thefe woods, 
And fell into this blodicburchcrs hands. (you 

u</w4.HcrmitIvviI,of late a vvorthie (hephcard I did 


Mu. A mephajdilady 5 fiire a man ynfit to match with 
Ama y Hermit this is true,and when we had. 
Ma, , Staie there, the wild men comes 
Referre the reft vmill another time- 

Enterftretno. (hecrej 

What fecret tale is this, what vvhi/pering haue wee 
Villaine I charge the teHthy tale againe, 

Mu. I needes Imuft, loe here it isagainc, 
When as we both had loft the fight of thee 
Itgrecud vs both , but fpecially thy quecnc, 
Who_ in thy abfence cuer fcarcs the worft, 
Leaftjo$ic jnifehance befal your royrllgracc. 

4 Shall 

Shall my IweetcflBroxw wander through the wc^ds. : 
Toile to andfro for torcdrcfTc my want, 
Hazard his life and all u> chcriQic rar, 
I like not this quoth (he 
And thereupon craudc to know of me 
I Ucouldc teach her handle weapons well. 
My aunfwcrh was I had fmall skill therein, 
And this wasalL 

Br<r, Whaft fo,none can diflikcof this. 
He teach you both to fight,buc firft my qncencbegis, 
Here take this wcaponjfec how thou canlt vfcit. 
ex/wrf. This is to big, I cannot wccld it in my arrae. 
JSfor 1ft ^weelchaueaknotrycrabtrceftaffifor th^c; 
But firra tell mc,whatfaift thou* 

Mi/. With all my heart I willing am tofearne. 

Erf. Then take my ftafe & fee how canft wccld it, 

Jtftf.Firftteachmchowtoholditinmyharid' - ] 

B>r, ThouhouWefticwcllJookc how he doth thou 
maift the fboncHcarne, 
J^*. Next tell me how and when tisbcfl toftrike, 

Brf . Tis bed to (Irike when time doth ierue^tis^cft to 
loofcnotimc, ir ; 

Mu> Thcanow or. ncuer is my time to ftrike . 
Bw.Andvvhenth6uftfikcft ? befurethoahit the head 

J/w.Theheadj / 
; B^r.Thcvaiehcade. ^ bt frits him Jownc 

Mrt Then* fiauc at tMnc, fo iie thereamf die, 
A death no doutacording todefcrr. 
Or elfe a wprfcas thou defcrutft a Woifc 

Itglacfs my heart this tirants death to fee 


latclie had bcgBW^bl^edttrfftifce* 

wiht . . , ; ' ; > vi u y ' ' c5 .- ; n i'j - - - - ! , 

You fold youloued aihcpheard* 

exrww.lfol doc,and none but only him- 
And will do fill as long as life mall laft 

<JMu. But tell roe ladic, Cnh I fet you free, 
What courfe of hfcdo you intend to takcf 

AmA. I vvil di /gulfed wander through the world 
Til I haue found him out, v * 

, HOW if you find your (hephard in thefewoo Js 
. Ah non c fo happie then as Amulint 
Hedtjguipth himfcljc. 
Mu. In tradoftime a man may alter much, 
SayLadiedoe you know your (hepheard well? 
^irA^ My ^Muccdortu hsth^ie fct me free/* 
(jUuccdorushchzth fct thtefree. 
c^wtf.Andliued'fo longvnknowncto AmAdinc* 
Mu.Ay thatsa qucftion whereof you may not 
be refolued, 

You know that I am banidit from the court, 
I knowjike^vifc each paiTage is bcfet, 
So that vv % e cannot longc(capvnknown^ 
There fore my will is this,that wcretume 
Righrthroughtthethicketsto the wild manscaue: 
And there a while liue on his prouifion, 
Vnril tjiefcarch and njrrow watch be pail. 
Thfcis my counfcl,and I thinkeitbeft. 
AmA\ thirike the vcrie fame. 
&H. Come lets begone. 
/) TbcClawncjt&rclMS and fals oner the 

wi Id WAV and fo carry kim tway. 
Clo. Nay foft fir are you heere. abots on you, 
I was like 10 bcharg' d for not finding you, 
We would borrow a certaine (bay kings daughter of 
you,^ wench, a wence fir we would haue. 

. A wen choi me ik make thceacc my (word. 

F'"^ 111 ' ! ' *' """ 

Clo, Oh Lord 3 nay and you arc foluftielfe cal a coo^ 
ling card for you,ho raaifterjinaifler come away quick 

Enter Scgajlo. 
Jf.Whats the matter; 
C/.Lookemjii1er,^/wA//& thefliephcard, oh brauc 

Set VVha: minion 5 Uaue I found you outj 
. Clo -Hay thats alie, I found her out my fife. 
Sf- Thou gadding huiwifc, what caufe hadft thou to 


When as thou kno weft our wedding day fo nie? 
^4ry*' Not fo Seg*fto,no fuch thingin hand, 
fiiew youra(Turance,then ileanfwereyou* 
Se Thy fathers promife my aflurancc is. 
1^*4. But what hepromih he hath not performde^ 
Sf. It rc(h in thcc foe to pcxforme the fame/ 


. So is my will and therefore cuen fo . 
. Maiftcr with a none, none noe. 
. A wicked villant art thou hcrcf ^ 

What needes thefe wordes we way them not? 
Sf. We way them not proud fhephcard,Iskornc thy 

Clo. Weele not h a u e a corner o f thy companie. 
I fcornc not thcc,nor yet the lead of rhiae. 
Clo. Thats a lie, a would haue kild me with his pugs 

Se. This ftoutneile Amtdint contents me not*. 
^fma, Then fcekc an other that may you better plcafc 

*Mu. Well (^fmAdinejt onelic re ft s in thcc 
Without delay to make thy choife of three, 
There ftands S4?*,here a (hepheard ftands, 
There ftands the third^iow make thy choife, 

, . ' ." - 

J . 

- do .Alordattheleaftlam. 

4m. My choife Is made, for I wijl none but 


S* , A worthy mate no doubt for fudi a wife. 
Mu. And AmJtitKjnhy wilt thou none but rne? 
I cannot keepethcoaa thy father did, 
I haueno landcs foito maintainethy ftate. 
^Morcoucrifthoumcaneiobc my wife, 
Commonly this muftbb thy vfe, 
To bcdat midnight, vpatfowrc, 
Drudge all daie and trudge fiom place to place, 
Wherc-by our dailievittelfor to wkme: 
And laft of all which is the w orft of all, 
Noprincesihen butplaincalhcphcards wife. 
Clo. Then god geyou god morrow goody fhepheard 
Am AM (hall not necde if AmAdinfto\i\\^ 
Thou (halt be crowned kingof Arragott 9 

cl. Oh maiilcr laugh, when hces King then He be 
aqueene. * 

cJW^.Then know that which nere toforc was known 
ram np(hcpheard, no Arragonian I, 
ButboineofRoyall blood,my fathers of Valentia 
King,tny mother qncenCj who for thy fccrctlakc 
- Tooke this hard task in hand. 

o/*4. Ah how I ioy my fortune Is fb good, 
- Sf. Well now Ifte, Scgajio (hall not /peedc 
But <JMucedoru$J. as m uch do ioy 
To fee thee here within our Court of Arragon, 
As if a king dome had be fain e me this time, 
I withmy heart furrender it tothee. 

Hegiueth kcrvnto him*, 

And looke what right to ^madjnerhauei 

Whatbarncs doorcand borne whcremyfarhf' 
Fi w^. 

Was cunfhble . abotson thee t hovv doft thee. 

Mu> Thanks Se^JloJbut yetyou.leutldat thccrovvnc, 

Clo. Maifter bearc this and beare all. 

Clo. He fees fees you take a goofe by the crowne. 

Se. Go to fir, away ,poft you to the king, 
Whole ha<t is fraught with carcfull doubts, 
Glad him vp a nd tell him thde good ncwes, 
And we will follow as fad as we may. 

Chigoe maifter,! runne maifter. 

Enter tit King And Collcn 

K. Break heart and end my paled woes, 
My amidine the comfort of my life, 
How can I ioy except (he were in fight. 
Het abfence breedes forrow to my foulc 
And with a thunder brcakes ray heart in troinc. 

C^;Forbcarethoff paffions gentle King, 
And you fhall fee twill turne vnto the beft, 
And bring your fouleto quiet and to ioie. 

/T.Sucb ioic as death, I do afTure me that, 
And naught butdeath, vnleffe ot her I heare, 
-^nd that with fpeede ,1 cannot figh thus long 
But what a tumult docl heare within* 

The crit within ioic andhappineffc. 

. Clo, I hcarc a noyfe^f ouer-pafllng ioie 

Withinthe court, my Lord be of good comfort. 
And hecre comes one in hafti 

Enter the Clowner uniting. 
^ Clo. A King,aKn<?,a King. 
O/. V hy hownowf.rra,whatsth^mitter? 
Clo. Oai liC/vc-sfor akmg'tis vvoorth money. 

a ifitbce 



K.Oh what of hcr,tcll me^&I wllmakc thcc aknight 
Cl*. How a fpiritf no by ladiej will not be afpirit, 
Maiftcrsgccycaway^ibclafpirritjllhailbc foieanc 
I (hall nukeyou all afraide. 
C* J Thou fot, the Kiog mcancs to nwkc thcc s gen- 

clff. Whylflialiwantparrcfi. 
ISTw^.Thou (halt.want for nothing* 
C/o . Then ftand away-,triik vp thy lclfc,hccrc 
they come. 

<Ji*ccdortts tfldAmiutins* 

M/ grarious father pardon thy difloyal daughter 
K. What do mine cics be houldtny daughter Amadint 
Rife vpderc daughter & let thefc my embrafing armes 
' Shew fomttoken of thy fatherioie, 
k Which ener fincc tliy departure hath laugui(hed in 

^.Dcare.fathcr ? neuer wcrcyour forrows 
Greater then mygriefes, 
, Neueryou fo.delottcaslcomfortlcflcy 
Yet neuerthclcflcacknowledgingmy felfe 
To be the caufc ofboth^n bended knees 
I humblie ctaue your pardon. 
x ir^.ilcpardontheedcare daughter: butasfor 

Ama. Ah father what of him, 
King Allure as I am a king, and wcarc the crovvnc, 
1 1 willr-uengcon that accuried wretch . 

AT.Yetworthy prince worke not thy will in wrath 
. F3 

tf.T, fuchfauouras thou de&rucft. 
Mu> I do deferue. the daughter of a king. 
A'.Oh impudent,a fhepheardandfoinfolent, 

M*.Nofhcpheard I,buta worthy prince. 

King* In farre conceit,notprincelic borne. 

Mu. Yes princely borne my father is a king. 
My mother Queene^nd of Valentia both, 

What eaufe hadft thou to come to mcdifeutfdef 
Mtt.Na caufc to feare, I caufcd nooftcnce^- 
B ut this defiring thy daoghteis vcrtucs fot to fee 
Difguifcdmyfelfefrom out my fathers courf, 
Vnknowento any infecretldidicft, 

Andpaffed many troubles neere to death. 
So hath your daughter my p irukcr bin, 
A s you (hall know heereaftcr more at large, 
Denringyou,youwillgiuehertomsc > 
Euen as mineowne an (oueraignc ofmy life 
-Then (halllthinkcmytrauclsareweifpent* 

King* With all my hearttbiu this. 
Sfgafto claim ?s my promifemadc toforc, 
Before my counfd when we came from war 
Seg4/}o^m2y IcrauethcelctitpafTc. 
And sine A' f n*ltr>c2s wife to \Avctdorus > 

O 9 * * 

S^. With all my heart, we re ir far a greater thing, 
And what l may to furni(h vp there rites, 
Withpicafing (portsand paftinicsyou fhallfee* 
King* Thankcs gobdS^4/^,I will thinkeof this,. 
Mu> Thankes good my Lord, & while Iliuc 
Account of main what Icanormaie. 

. And good Sega/fo tlieie great cur te(?e$ ' 
not be forgot* (done.'' 

AVhy rurke you maiflcr^toncs what haue you- 


W hat gluen away the wench you made metakc fuch 
paines f or,you are wife indeed, mas and I had knownc 
of that I would haue had her my mafter now 
wee male eoe to breakefaft with a woodcokc pie, 
S*. Goe uryou werebeft leauc thisknauerie- 

K, ComeonmyLordes, lets now to court 
Where wemay fmifli vp the ioyfulleft daie 
Thateuer hapi to a dift;c(Ted King, 
With mirth and ioy and grcate iolcmnitie, 
Wcelefinifli vp thcfc hymens rightcs moft pleafant 

C/t;^HjcLordcsat the firft,! amoncto,butheare 
maKler King by your letuca aft, now you hauc done 
with ihem, 1 prkif you he-pin with me. 

A". Why vxlutwoul^ft rhouhaucj 

Ch. O you f 'ratxr . r?ow, * little apparrcll to makes 

ftdfemfwl '-' ^ -l^l-Piilcs gocfo bcggciiie ajs I 

-<Jcv , 

K What! didpromifc ihse,I willpcrforaae, atundc 
on iute, come Ic is depart, 

Wcele vvaite.onyou with all our heats. 

Clo. /fndwithapecceofmyliucrto. 
\-' Exeunt omnu. 

Enter Comedic andEnuie. 

* i 


Comtdit. Hownow^^whatbluflicft thouall 

Pecpe forth, hide not thy head with {name, 
But with a courage praife a womans deeds, 
Thy threatcs were vaine, thou coqldft doe me no hurt 
Although thoufecmeft to crofle me with defpitt, 

.. . - :. 

loucrwhelmde,and turnde vpiidc downe ihy block c 
And made thy fclfe toftumble ai the lame, 
'En. Though (tumbled yet not ouerthrowne, 
Thou canft not draw my hear tto mildenefle, 
Yet muft Ineedcsconfeflethou haft don well, 
And plaide thy part with mcrth and pleafant gkc: 
Sale all this.yet canftrhou not conquer mee, 
Although this timechou hail got yet not the conqucft 

A doublereuengc another timcilchauc: 

Co. Then cat fife cutfcdjftoopc vpon thy knee^ 
Yeel de to a woman.though not to mce, 
And pray we both togithcr with our hearts, 
That (he thrice Neftors y cares may with vs reft, 
And from her foes high God defend her (till* 
That they again/I her may neuer wooke thir will* 

En. Eniuc were he neuer fo ftoiite 
Would beckc and bowc vnto her maicflie, 
IndecdeCfwfcfothouhaflfoucrrunne me now* 
Andforft mcftoope vnto a womansfwaic. 
God grant her grace amongeft vs long may raignCj 
And thofe that would not haue it foe, 
Would that bycnnk foonc their hcaites they might 


Co. The Counfell,Noble, and this Realme, 
Lor d guide it ftd with thy moft holy hand, 
The Commonsandthcfubiedes grant them grace, 
Thtir prince tofefue > hef to obey,& treafon to deface.- , 
Long maiefhe raine,in ioy and grcate fel icitie, 
Each Chriftiaa heart do fate amen with me, 

- F IN IS. 


- \ . -