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The Municipal yearbook 
and public utilities directory 

11 . 



Installations of COMPLETE PLANT and 
LIGHTING for Country Mansions and Pri- 
vate Houses, also for Collieries, Workshops, 
Factories, &c. 

Some Recent Contracts secured by the Company. 
Stana-***** *«..«* iur«%.t v.«.»«> t t^M, * A *, xr twt . 


Art, , 


the lat 
V.C., I 
land, f 
and W 
A. Mo 
Com pi 
and W 
of Tha 
Lt, Ra 

Marquis of 
. for the 
lourable E. 
on House, 
head, for E. 
ike, Esq. 
rave Square, 
tight Hod. 

i, St. Annes- 

Hall, EJec 
I Stabled. 



s, Wantage. 

Cameron— Plant Work. 
Clarinish House, Bow, Helensburgh, for F. C. 
Buohanan, Esq. 
Edenhurst, Roby, Lanes., for W. Lee Pilkington, 

Complete Schemes of Town and Private 
Lighting, Specifications and Estimates 
prepared Free of Charge. 

Digitized by CjOOQ IC 



," i 





Digitized by CjOOQ IC 

iv Advertisements. 




Telegraphic Address, "Ericsson, London." 
Telephone, 1340 Holborn. 


Telephone Instruments of 
all Descriptions. 

Switches and Switchboards 
for Installations of any size. 

Lightning 1 Arresters, Test 

Boards, Relays, and all other 

Accessories for Telephone 


Contractors for H.M. Post 
Office, War Office, the Colo- 
nies, British Municipalities, 
The National Telephone Co., 
Ltd., etc. 

Digitized by CjOOQ IC 


Charles Griffin & €o n IM» 


BANITAKY ENGINEERING : A Practical Manual of Town Drainage and Sewage 
and Refuse Disposal. For Sanitary Authorities*, Engineers, Inspectors, Architects, Con- 
tractors, and Students. By Francis Wood, A.M.Inst.C.E., F.G.S., Borough Surveyor 
of Falham, late Borough Engineer, Bacup, Lanes. With numerous Illustrations. 8s. 6d. 

PKACTICAXi SANITATION: A Handbook for Sanitary Inspectors and others 
interested tn Sanitation. By Geo. Rkid, M.D., D.P.S., Fellow of the Sanitary Institute, 
Medical Officer, Staffordshire County Council. With Appendix on Sanitary Law, by 
Herbert Manley,M. A., M.B., D.P.H. Eighth Edition, Revised. 6s. 

MfWAGE DISFOSAIi WOSES : A Guide to the Construction of Works for the 
Prevention of the Pollution by Sewage of Rivers and Estuaries. By W. Santo 
Crimp, M.Inst.C.E., F.G.S. Second Edition, Revised and Enlarged. Large 8vo, 
Handsome Cloth, with 37 Plates. 30s. 

TBADES' WASTE : Its Treatment and Utilisation. With Special Reference to the 
Prevention of Rivers' .Pollution. A Handbook for Borough Engineers, Surveyors, 
Architects, and Analysts. By W. Nayloh, F.C.S., A.M.Inst.C.E. With Numerous 
Plates, Diagrams, and Illustrations. Shortly. 

CAIiGABEOUS CEMENTS : Their Nature, Preparation, and Uses. With some 
Remarks upon Cement Testing. By Gilbert Redgrave, Assoc. Inst.C.E. Large Crown 
8vo. With Illustrations, Analytical Data, and Appendices on Costs, <tc. 8s. 6d. 

GAS MANUFACTURE (THE CHEMI8TKY OF). A Handbook on the Produc- 
tion, Purification, and Testing of Illuminating Gas, and the Assay of the Bye-Product of 
Gas Manufacture. By W. J. A. Buttkrfikld, M.A., F.I.C., F.C.S. With numerous 
Illustrations. Second Edition, Revised and Enlarged. With a Section on Acetylene. 
10b. 6d. 

CENTRAL EMCTBICA& STATIONS : Their Design, Organisation, and Manage- 
ment, including the Generation and Distribution of Electrical Energy. By C. H. 
Wordingham, A.K.C., M.Inst.C.E., Late Member of Council, Institute of Electrical 
Engineers; Consulting Engineer to the City of Manchester. With numerous Plates, 
Diagrams, and Illustrations. 24s. net. 

JKOAD MAKING AND MAINTENANCE : A Practical Treatise for Engineers, 
Surveyors, and others. With an Historical Sketch of Ancient and Modern Practice. By 
Thomas Aitken, AssoaM.Inst.CE. With numerous Plates, Diagrams, and Illustra- 
tions. 218., 

DAISY CHEMISTKY : A Practical Handbook for Dairy Managers, Chemists, and 
Analysts. By H. Droop Richmond, F.C.S., Chemist to the Aylesbury Dairy Company. 
With Tables, Illustrations, &c. Handsome Cloth, 16s. 

F&E8K FOODS : With Methods for their Chemical, Microscopical, and Bacteriological 
Examination. A Handbook for Medical Men, Inspectors, Analysts, and others. Bv C. 
Ainsworth Mitchell, B.A., F.I.C., Mem. Council Soc. of Public Analysts. With 
numerous Illustrations and a coloured Plate. 10s. 6d. 

A HANDBOOK OF HYGIENE. By Likut.-ColoKel A. M. Davies, R.A.M.C., 
D.H.P.Camb., late Assistant Professor of Hygiene, Army Medical School. Second 
Edition, thoroughly Revised, 600 pp. Pocket size, Leather, Limp, Gilt Edges, and 
Rounded Corners, with Illustrations. 8s. 6d. net. 



Digitized by CjOOQ IC 

vi " Advertisements. 



Giving a Lighting Efficiency of 


With about 10 Cubic Feet of Gas 


Dispensing entirely with Auxiliary Compressing Plant of any kind whatever. 






The Welsbach Shadowless Lantern,with Self-Intensifying Welsbach-Kern Burner. 



Public Lighting Department, PALMER ST., WESTMINSTER, LONDON 8.W. 

Digitized by CjOOQ IC 





Travelling Cradle. 








for Easy and Simple Positions. 

for many Awkward Positions. 





Telephone Nc 1156-HCP. 

Telegrams: "WIRL WAY," LjkOCNv 

Digitized by CjOOQ iC 

viii Advertisements. 



In a SPECIAL REPORT upon the Subject of Steam Laundries recently made to the 

Supplied His Majesty's Office of Works for Chelsea Hospital ; Metropolitan Asylums Board for Brook Hospital, 
Sore Farm Hospital, Western Hospital ; General Hospital, Nottingham ; Liucoln County Hujpital ; Hackney 
Workhouse (3 Machines) ; Hackney Schools (2 Machiues); Wandsworth and Olapham Workhouse ; Wandsworth 

and Clapham Infirmary (2 Machines); Chelsea Infirmary; St. Oeorge's-in the-East Workhouse; Wokingham 
Workhouse ; Brentford Workhouse; Romford Workhouse (3 Machines) ; Thanet Workhouse ; Portsmouth Asylum: 
Cambridge Asylum ; Norwich Asylum ; Glamorganshire County Asylum (2 Machines) ; Three Counties Asylum ; 
London County Asylum, Hanwell ; Battersea Public Baths (4 Machines) ; Inverness Baths ; Hove Baths ; Hastings 
Baths; St. Pancras Baths; North Surrey Schools (2 Machine*) ; Felsted School (2 Machines); Crondall Schools. 
97 Machiues supplidd Kessrs Wm. Whiteley, Limited, Mammoth Laundry. 
15 Machines supplied M9ssy. Spiers & Pond, Limited, Laundry, 

" Westbourke Grove : May 13th, 1896. 
" Gentlemen,— The machines which you supplied to my new laundries a few months hack I 
am pleased to say are giving every satisfaction, no fault whatever has been found with them so 
far, and I am glad to be able to bear testimony to their thorough efficiency and usefulness. 
" I am, Gentlemen, yours very faithfully, 
«« Messrs. W. E. Baker & Co." " WM. WHITELEY/* 

" Hackney Union Workhouse, Sidney Road, Homebton, N.E. 

" 10th August, 1897. 
" Gentlemen,— I am pleased to inform you that the two Washing Machines which you supplied to 
this Workhouse a few months ago are easily doing the washing for about 1,300 persons, and giving 
every satisfaction. Several Experts in Laundry Appliances, whom I have spoken to upon the subject, 
agree in pronouncing your Machine the best in the Market.— I am, Gentlemen, yours faithfully, 
" Messrs. W. E^Bakeb & Co." " JONATHAN MASON (Master)." 

FACTS ! ! !— Six Repeat Orders received in Five Days. Of 800 Machines 
sent out 188 went to Laundries that placed Repeat Orders. 

W. E. BARER & CO., JOT, Chancery Lane, London. 



Ambulance Specialists, Inventors 

and Patentees. 


_ _ A . A Received Highest Awards (Silver Medals) 

at Sanitary Institutes (of London) Health /Exhibitions. Leeds, 1897. 
Birmingham, 1898. Southampton, 1899. 



»"»™ assai 

WAR OFFICE. Placing 

Patient in 

Position, after- 
Over 150 wards closes 
Towns and up like 
tPublic Authori- an ordinary 
ties supplied. Brougham. 


Digitized by CjOOQ IC 

Advertisements. ix 



60,000 in use for 
and DRYING. 


The BLACHLMA1V System or 

Rapid Drying for Steam Laundries. 

Most Efficient and Economical. Used in Public Institu- 
tions throughout the United Kingdom. 

KEITHS Patent System or 


As used in the Grounds of the Glasgow Exhibition, 1901, 

in the Nave of the Crystal Palace, and 

by 400 leading Firms. 

KEITH'S Patent 



27, Farringdon Avenue, London, E.G. 

Works : HOLLOW AY, M". Foundries : ARBROATH. 

Digitized by CjOOQ iC 

x Advertisements. 

A. C. W. HOBMAN & Go. 

Sole Contractors to the School Board for London. 


Universally acknowledged to be the Best and most Economical. 

References to vast quantities laid during past twenty years. 

The Architect to the LONDON SCHOOL BOARD states: "There is no doubt 
the Board have been having this work done cheaper and better than it has 
ever been done, since Messrs. A. C. W. Hobman fe Co. have executed the 
work." __ ____^^_^^_ 


Most durable, impervious, and non-slippery. 
Laid or supplied in slabs, or in situ. As laid for the London School Board. 




Asphalte Manufacturers and Contractors. 





Telegraphic Address:—" Hobman, South Bermondsey. " 
Telephone .—No, 1241 Hop. 

Digitized by CjOOQ IC 

Advertisements. , xi 


You cannot ■ ■ 
do better 




(The "RELIANCE"), 


tbangoto- — — > 

T. J. WHITING & SONS, Ltd., 

7a, South Place, 


Telephone: 826 London Wall. 

Telegraphic Address: "INKINESS," London, 

Digitized by CjOOQ IC 



Digitized by CjOOQ IC 

Advertisements. xiii 

Telegrams: " Pbbssionum, London.' Nat. Telephone : No. 752 Holborx. 

Agents for the 


Contractors to the Contractors to the 

Cardiff Exhibition, 1896. Corporation of Birkenhead. 


Railway, Tramway & General Advertising Contrac ors, 

42i'2'3, Birkbeck Bank Chambers, Southampton Buildings, 

London, W.C* t 
and at Cardiff, Birmingham, Birkenhead, Manchester, &c«» 
Are prepared to pay the Highest Price for Sole Advertising 
Privileges on the inside s or outsides of Electrical or Horse 
Tramcars and Omnibuses on Municipal Corporation or County 
Council Tramway or Omnibus Systems, and will also suppl y 
the Tramcar and Om n ibus Tickets Free of Charg e. 

Advertising Contractors for the following vehicles : — 
Cardiff Corporation Electrical Tramways. 
Newport (Mon.) Corporation Electrical Tramways. 
GatesheaJ-on-Tyne District Electrical Traction Co., Ltd. 
Devonport and District Electrical Tramways Co., Ltd. 
Great Grimsby Electrical Tramways Co., Ltd. 
Bury, Rochdale, and Oldham Tramways Co., Ltd. 
Lmcaster and Mo r ecimbe Tramways Co., Ltd. 
Birmingham and Midland Tramways Co., Ltd. 
Birmingham and Aston Tramways Co., Ltd. 
Birmingham General Omnibus Co., Ltd. 
Dudley and Wolverhampton District Tramways Ltd. 

Official agents for Advertising on the 


And Sole Contractors for Advertising Spaces on the 

Taff Vale, Rhymney, Barry, Brecon and Merthyr, Vale of Glamorgan and 
Fort Talbot Railways. 

Advertisements inserted in all Newspapers and periodicals. 

Manufacturers of Enamelled Iron Tablets and Metal Show Cards for Street 
Name Plates, Door Numbers, &c. 

Digitized by CjOOQ IC 

xiv Advertisements, 

Digitized by CjOOQ IC 


Municipal Year Rook 

OF THE ' ' . 








Offices of" The Municipal Journal" 




Digitized by CjOOQ IC 

xvi Advertisements. 


Is no more slippery than any. other form of pave- 
ment, if kept clean* 

It lives longer than the hardest wood. 

Its life is ten times as long as that of mocR-asphaltes* 

Its surface is always uniform. 

It is repaired more expeditiously than any other 

But to obtain good results it is necessary to specify 



Is the only Asphalte-paving Firm in the United Kingdom 
which uses exclusively the products of its Freehold Mines 
in France, and is thereby in a position to guarantee 
uniformity of quality. 

The Asphalte which is laid most extensively in LONDON, 

The Asphalte which is laid most extensively in BERLIN, 

is that supplied and laid by the FRENCH ASPHALTE 




Estimates, Samples, and all other information may be had on application at the 
Office of the Company, 


Contractors to H.M. Office of Works, the School Board, the Commissioners of 

Sewers, the Borough Councils of Chelsea, Kensington, Westminster, Hackney, 

Falham, Finsbury, Holborn,Lee, &c. : the Hornsey District Council ; the Liverpool 

and Cardiff Corporations ; the Municipalities of Berlin and Hamburg, &c, &c. 

Digitized by CjOOQ IC 

€f)t iWumcipal f^ar $oofe, 1902* 

The Editor has again been obliged to increase the size of the Municipal 
Year Book, to keep up with the growing activity of local authorities. 

The sections which show most expansion this year are those devoted to 
Tramways and Housing of the Working Classes. We are fast making up 
for the backward state of rapid transit in urban communities, and before 
two or three years have passed there will not be a town in the country 
which will not be served by electric tramways, in most cases under muni- 
cipil ownership or management. 

There has been a great awakening on the subject of Housing of the 
Poor, and the new Act which enables municipal authorities to build out- 
side their o vn boundaries is being taken advantage of. 

It is inevitable that old undertakings should continually expand 
and new developments of municipal action take place. This year, 
for instance, we are obliged to open a new section devoted to Telephones, 
which, on the invitation of the Government, local authorities are now 
introducing in competition with the National Telephone Company. Since 
the Post Office has decided to co-operate with the company in the Metro- 
politan area, the public will have to look to the municipalities alone for 
that "effective competition" which the Parliamentary Committee con- 
sidered necessary to protect State interests, when the license of the 
National Telephone Company expires. 

The next great expansion of municipal work will probably take place in 
connection with Education. 

At the request of a number of readers we have in the edition introduced 
a list of the Rural District Councils, with the names of the officials. 

Digitized by CjOOQ IC 


Scheme of the Tear Book. 

\ lack of uniformity in the municipal year should be noted. In the 
majority of English boroughs the accDunts are made up for the twelve 
months ending March 25th or March 31st. One or two Corporations close 
their accounts for the year in August, others in September. The financial 
year for eleotric lighting ends in December, but in most cases the accounts 
are made up to the end of March. The municipal year in Scotland ends 
on May 31st) and in Ireland on the 31st December. 

The Editor tends his grateful thanks to town clerks and other officials 
for their cordial co-operation in helping to make the Municipal Year Book 
increasingly valuable as a work of reference. 






Tnsul£tFn6 conduit 


Obtain full Particulars, Pamphlets, and Price Lists from 


Telegraphio Address: "Koming, London." Telephone: 11 Wimbledon. 

City Office: 63, Queen Victoria Street, E.C. 

Telegraphic Addreu: "Conduits, London." Telephone: 5495 Bank. 

Digitized by CjOOQ IC 

Advertisements. xix 


IL l O¥ 

Decorators and 




Council Chambers and Munici- 
pal Offices Fitted, Decorated, 
and Furnished with Economy 
and Distinction. 




Digitized by CjOOQ IC 


The Goldsmiths Company, 


Is the Leading' House In the Trade for 


And other Presentation Plate. 


112, Resent Street, London, W., will be 
pleased to submit designs and estimates 
free of charge for every description of 
Civic Insignia. The Company are also 
prepared to send thoroughly experienced 
and technical assistants to wait upon 
Committees, *c , immediately on receipt 
of letter or telegram. 

The Company's facili- 
ties for the production 
of this high-class work 
are unrivalled, and the 
prices charged are 
much lower than those 
of any other house in 
the trade. 

Special Designs 

and Estimates 

Free cf Charge. 

Special Illustrated 
Pamphlet of Civic In- 
signia and Illustrated 
General Catalogue Post 
Free on application. 


Goldsmiths & Silversmiths Company, 


Digitized by CjOOQ IC 


Abattoirs. See Slaughter-Houses. 

Aberavon, 21 

Abercarn, 293 

Abergavenny, 21 

Aberdeen, 389 

Aberystwith, 21 

Abingdon, 22 

Aoerington, 22 

Aldeburgh, 23 

Andover, 24 

Appleby, 24 

Art Galleries (the principal),. — Birming- 
ham, 39; Blackburn, 43 ; Bradford, 55; 
Glasgow, 379; Leeds, 154; Leicester, 157; 
Liverpool, 163; Manchester, 179; Salford. 
234; Sheffield, 240; Wolverhampton, 283. 

Artisans' Dwellings. See Housing of 
the Working Classes. 

Arundel, 24 


Ashton-under-Lyne, 25 

Ayr, 390 

Bacup, 25 

Banbury, 26 

Bangor, 27 

Barking Town, 296 

Barnes, 297 

Barnsley, 27 

Barnstaple, 28 

Barrow-in-Furness, 28 

Barry, 297 

■Basingstoke, 29 

Bath. 30 

Baths, Public, anp Wash-Houses (the 
principal).— Aberdeen, 389; Accrington, 
22; Bacup, 25; Bath, 30; Batley, 
32; Belfast, 403; Birkenhead, 36; Bir- 
mingham, 39 ; Blackburn, 43 ; Bootle, 
51 ; Bradford, 55 ; Bridgwater, 58 ; 
Brighton, 60 ; Bristol, 63 ; Burnley, 67 ; 
Burslem, 70; Burton-on-Trent, 70; 
Bury, 71; Cardiff, 77; Chester, 83; 
Chesterfield, 84; Colchester, 89; 
Coventry, 92 ; Croydon, 94 ; Darwen, 
97 ; Derby, 100 ; Dewsbury, 103 ; Dover, 
106 ; Dublin, 400 ; Dundee, 387 ; Eccles, 
112 ; Edinburgh, 385 ; Folkestone, 115; 
Gateshead, 116 ; Glasgow, 380 ; Glo»3op, 
117; Gloucester, 118; Halifax, 123; 
Hanley, 125; Harrogate, 126; Hast- 
ings, 129; Hey wood, 134; Hudders- 
field, 137; Hull, 140; Hyde, 143; 
Kendal, 147; Kidderminster, 147; 
Ipswich, 144 ; Lancaster, 150; Leaming- 
ton, 153 ; Leeds, 155 ; Leicester, 157 ; 
Leith, 393 ; Lincoln, 162; Liverpool, 165; 
Longtou, 170; Luton, 174; Maccles- 
field, 176; Maidstone, 178 ; Manchester, 
181; Middlesbrough, 186; Middleton, 
186; Newcastle-upon-Tyne, 191 ; New- 
port (Mon.), 396; Norwich, 199; Not- 
tingham, 202; Oldham, 204 ; Oxford, 208- 

Paisley, 394 ; Plymouth, 213 : Port Glas 
gow,396; Portsmouth, 215; Preston, 217 
Reading, 222; Richmond (Surrey), 223 
Rochdale, 225; Rotherham, 228; St. 
Helens, 232; Salford, 235; Sheffield, 241; 
Stockport, 253; Southampton, 241 
South Shields, 249; Stafford, 251 
Stalybridge, 252; Sunderland, 256 
Tamworth, 260; Torquay, 264; Walsall 
268 ; Warrington, 270 ; West Ham, 275 
Wolverhampton, 284 ; Worcester, 286 
York, 292. 

Batley, 32 

Battersea, 14 

Beaumaris, 33 

Beocles, 34 

Bedford, 34 

Belfast, 403 

Bermondsey, 14 

Berwick-upon-Tweed, 35 

Bethnal Green, 14 

Beverley, 35 

Bewdley, 36 

Be i hill, 299 

Bideford, 36 

Bingley, 300 

Birkenhead, 36 

Birmingham, 39 

Bishop's Castle, 43 

Blackburn, 43 

Blackpool, 45 

Blandford, 47 

Bodmin, 47 

Bolton, 48 

Bootle, 51 

Boston, 53 

Bournemouth, 53 

Brackley, 54 

Bradford, 55 

Breoknock, 57 

Bridgnorth, 57 

Bridarwater, 58 

Bridlington, 58 

Bridport, 59 

Brighouse, 59 

Brighton, 60 

Bristol, 63 

Buckingham, 66 

Burnley, 67 

Barslem, 70 

Burton-on-Trent, 70 

Bury, 71 

Bury St. Edmunds, 7 

Buxton, 304 

Calne, 74 
Camberwell, 14 
Cambridge, 74 
Canterbury, 76 
Cardiff, 77 
Cardigan, 79 
Carlisle, 79 
Carmarthen, 80 

Digitized by CjOOQ IC 



Carnarvon, 81 

Cemeteries, (the principal).— Aberdeen, 
389 ; Accrington, 23 ; Ayr, 391 ; Bacup, 
25; Barrow-in-Furness, 28; Batley, 
32 ; Beaumaris, 33 ; Belfast, 404 ; 
Birkenhead, 37 ; Birmingham, 40 ; 
Blackburn, 44 ; Blackpool, 46 ; Bolton, 
49; Bradford, 55; Bristol, 65; Burnley, 
68; Borolem, 70; Burton-on-Trent, 71; 
Bury, 72; Cardiff, 77; Canterbury, 
76; Chelmsford, 82; Chorley, 87; 
Coventry, 92 ; Croydon, 95 ; Darwen, 
98; Denbigh, 100; Derby, 10J; Dewsbury, 
103; Dundee, 3S8; Bccles, 112; Edm- 
burgh, 386 ; Gateshead, 116 ; Greenock, 
391 ; Halifax, 123 ; Hanley, 125 ; Hartle- 
pool, 127; Hastings, 129; Hey wood, 
134; Huddersfield, 138 ; Hull, 140; Hyde, 
143; Ilkeston, 144; Leamington, 153; 
Leeds, 155 ; Leicester, 157; Longton, 170; 
Macclesfield, 176 ; Manchester, 181 ; 
Middlesbrough, 186; Nelson, 191; 
Newcastle-upon-Tyne, 194 j Newport 
(Mon.), 196 ; Northampton, 198 ; Nor- 
wich, 199; Nottingham, 202; Oldham, 
205 ; Oxford, 208 ; Paisley, 394 ; Port 
Glasgow, 396; Portsmouth, 215 ; Raw- 
tenstall, 221 ; Richmond (Surrey), 223 ; 
Richmond (Yorks), 224; Rochdale, 225 ; 
St. Helens, 232 ; Salford, 235 ; Southamp- 
ton, 244 ; Southport, 24* ; St tfford, 251 ; 
Sunderland, 256; Swansea, 258; Tarn- 
worth, 26) ; Walsall, 268; Warrington, 
270 ; West Hartlepool, 277 ; Wisbech, 
282 ; Worcester, 286 ; Yarmouth, 290. 

Chard, 81 

Chatham, 81 

Chelmsford, 8J 

Chelsea, 14 

Cheltenham, 82 

Chopping Wycombe, 83 

Chester, 83 

Chesterfield, 81 

Chichester, 86 

Chippenham, 86 

Chipping Norton, 86 

Ohiswick, 306 

Chorley, 87 

Christchurch, 88 

City of London, 10 

Clitheroe, 88 

Colchester, 89 

Colne, 90 

Congleton, 91 

Conservancy, Lee, 13 

Conservancy, Thames, 13 

Conway, 91 

Councils, Urban District 293 

County Council, London, 11 

Coventry, 92 

Cowbridge, 93 

Crewe, 93 

Croydon, 94 

Darlington, 96 
Dartmouth, 97 
Darwen, 97 

Deal, 99 
Deptford, 14 
Denbigh, 99 
Derby, 100 
Devizes, 101 
Devonport, 102 
Dewsbury, 103 
District Councils, Urban, 
Doncaster, 104 
Dorchester, 105 
Douglas, 105 
Dover, 106 
Droitwich, 107 
Dublin, 400 
Dudley, 107 
Dukiniield, 108 
Dundee, 387 
Dunstable, 109 
Durham, 109 

Baling, 110 

Hastbourne, 110 

East Ham, 310 

East Betford, 111 

Eocles, 112 

Edinburgh, 385 

Electric Lighting and Electricity 
Supply, 477 ; Introduction and progress 
of, 478 ; Provisional Orders for 1901, 479. 
Electric Lighting Works, last Year's Statis- 
tics, &c. — Aberdeen, Ashton-under- 
Lyne, Ayr, Bangor, B irking, Barnes, 
Barnsley, Barrow-in-Furness, Bath, 
Beckenham, Bedford, 480; Belfast, 
Birkenhead, Birmingham, Blackburn, 
Blackpool, Bolton, 481; Bootle, Bourn- 
mouth, Bradford, Brighouse, Brighton, 
482 ; Bristol, Bnrnley, Burton-on-Trent, 
Bury, Buxton, Canterbury, 483 ; Cardiff, 
Carlisle, Cheltenham.Chester.Colchester, 
Coventry, Colwyn Bay, Crewe, Croydon, # 
Darlington, Darwen, 434 ; Derby, Dews- 
bury, Doncaster, Dover, Droylsden, 
Dublin, Dudley, Dundee, Ealing, East- 
bourne, East Ham, Eccles, Edinburgh, 
485; Edmonton, Enfield, Epsom, Exeter, 
Fareham, Folkestone, Fulaam, Garston, 
Glasgow, Gloucester, Govan, Greenock, 
486 ; Grimsby, Hacknej , Halifax, Ham- 
mersmith, Hampstead, Hanley, Harro- 
gite, Hastings, 487; Heokmondwike, 
ereford, Hertford, Hoylake, Hudders- 
field, Hull, llford, Islington, Keighley, 
Keswick, 4S8; Kidderminster, King's 
Lynn, Kingston-upon-Thames, Lancas- 
ter, Leeds, Leicester, Leigh (Lanes.), 
Leith, 489; Levenshulme, Leyton, Lin- 
coln, Liverpool, Llandudno, Longton, 
Lowestoft, Luton, Maidstone, Man- 
chester, 490; Margate, Middlesbrough, 
Middleton, Monmouth, Moreoambe, 
Morley, Moss Side, Nelson, Newington, 
Newmarket, Newport, Nottingham, 491 ; 
Oldham, Paisley, Perth, Peterborough, 
Plymouth, Poplar, Portsmouth, Rad- 
cliffe, Red ditch, Reigate, Rochdale, St. 
Anne's, St. Helens, 492; St. Pancras, 
Salford,"Sheffield, Shipley, Shoreditch, 

Digitized by CjOOQ IC 



ELEcTRrc Lighting -Continual. 

Shrewsbury, 403 ; Southampton, South- 
gate, Southend, Southpart, South 
Shields, Stafford, Staly bridge, Stockport, 
Sunderland, Sutton, Swansea* Taunton, 
494; Torquay, Tottenham, Tunbridge 
Wells, Tynemouth, Ventnor, Wakefield, 
Wallasey, Walsall, Walthamstow, War- 
rington, Watford, West Bromwich.West 
Hani, 495; West Hartlepool. Whiston, 
Whitby, Whitechapel, Whitehaven, 
Wigan,Wimbledon,Winchester, Windsor 
Withington, Wolverhampton, Wood 
Green, Worcester, Wort sop, Worthing, 
496 ; Yarmouth, York, 497. 
Works in Course of Constiuction. — 
AccringtoD, Alloa, Devon port, Kendal, 
Swindon, Whitby, 497 
Schemes Proposed. — Batley, Beverley, 
Bridlington, Brierfield, Camber well, 
Colchester, Dover, 497; KdLionton, 
Hornsej, Malvern, Newark .Norwich, 
Radcliffe, Boy con, Rugby, Tyldesley- 
with-Shakerley, 498 

Electrical Power Distribution, 498-499 

England, Municipal Government in, 18 

Evesham, 112 

Exeter, 113 

Eye, 113 

Failsworth, 312 

Falmouth, 111 

Faversham, 11* 

Febries.— Birkenhead, 36; Jarrow. 145 

Finsbury. 14 

Flint, 115 

Folkestone, 115 

Fulham, 14 

Gainsborough, 314 

Gateshead, 116 

Glasgow, 379 

Glastonbury, 117 

GIobsop, 118 

Gloucester, 119 

Godalmir.g, 120 

Gas Supply. -Law relating to, 455; Pro- 
gress of, 456; Record of Muuicipal 
Works. — Aberavon, Aberdeen, 456; 
Accrington, Arbroath, Ambleside, Ash- 
ford (Kent), Bangor, Barrow-in-Furness, 
Barry, Batley, 457 : Belfast, Beverley, 
Birkenhead, Birmingham, Birstall 
(Yorks), 453; Blackburn, Blackpool, 
Bolton, Bradford, 459 ; Bridgnorth, Brig- 
house, Burnley, Burntlisland, Burslem, 
Burton- on-Trent, Bury, 460; Buxton, 
Carlisle, Carnarvon, Chorley, Cleck- 
heaton, Clitheroe, Gockermoutb, Colne, 
Colwyn Bay, Congleton, Conway, 461 ; 
Coventry, Darlington, Darwen, Devizes, 
Devonport, Dewsbury, Doncaster, Droit- 
wich, Dumbarton, Dumfries, Dunbar, 
462; Dundee, Dunfermline, East Retford, 
E coles, Edinburgh, Elgin, Evesham, 463 ; 
Falkirk, Filey, Forfar, Glasgow,Glaston- 
bury, Goole, Govan, Gourock, Greenock, 

Halifax, 464 ; Hamilton, Haverfordwest, 
Hereford, Hey wood, Huddersfield, like' 
ston, 465 ; Inverness, Johnstone, Keigh- 
ley, Kendal, Kilmarnock, Kirkcudbright, 
Lancaster, Launceston, Leeds, 466; Leek, 
Leicester, Leigh (Linos.), Leith, Lim- 
erick, Lincoln, 467; Llandudno, Longton, 
Loughboro, Macclesfield, Manchester, 
Mansfield, 468; Maryport, Middles- 
borough, Middleton, Milford Haven, 
Milium, Morlev (Yorks.), Mossley, Moss 
Side, Mountain Ash, Neath, Nelson, 
Newbury, 469 ; Newcastle-under-Lyme, 
Newtown, Nottingham, Oldham, Ossett, 
Oswaldtwistle, Paisley, 470; Penrith, 
Perth, Peterhead, Pontypridd, Port 
Rhyl, Richmond (Yorks.), Ripon, Roch- 
dale, Rotberham, 471 ; Salford, Saffron 
Walden, St. Helens, St. Ives (Cornwall), 
Selby, 472 ; Shipley, Smethwiek, South- 
port, Sowerby Bridge, Spalding, Stafford. 
Stalybridge, Stockport, 473; Stockton- 
on-Tees, Stoke-on-Trent, Stratford-on- 
Avon, Tenby, TodmordeD, Torquay, 
Tredpar, Ulverston, Wallasey, Walsall, 
Warrington, West Bromwich, 474; 
Widne", Wigan, Wilton, Wishaw, Woking, 
ham, Womb well, Workington, Yeovil, 
475. A Municipal Gas Table, 476. 

Godmanohester, 120 

Governing Authorities in London, 14 

Governmeut of London, 6 

(i rantham, 120 

Gravesend, lvl 

Greenock, 391 

Greenwich, 14 

Grimsby, Great, 122 

Guildford, 122 

Hackney, 15 

Halifax, 123 

Hammersmith, 15 

Hampstead, 15 

Handsworth, 316 

Hanley, 124 

Harrogate, 126 

Hartlepool, 126 

Harwich, 127 

Haslingden, 128 

Hastings, 128 

Haverfordwest, 130 

Hedon, 130 

Helston, 131 

Hemel Hempsted, 13 1 

Henley-on-Thames, 131 

Hereford, 132 

Hertford, 133 

Hey wood, 134 

Higham Ferrers, 134 

Holborn, 15 

Honiton, 135 

Hornsey, 320 

Hove, 135 

Housing of the Working Classes.— 

Legislation, 545; Clearance Schemes, 

Artisans' and Labourers' Dwellings and 

B 2 

Digitized by CjOOQ IC 



Lodging-Houses, 545. Clearance and 
Housing Schemes.— London, 550 ; Aber- 
deen, Barking, Barnes, Bath, Belfast, 
Birkenhead, 552; Birmingham, Boot I e, 
Bournemouth, Brighton, 553 ; Burton- 
on-Trent, Bury, Carlisle, Clonmel, 
Croydon, Darwen, Derby, 554; Devon- 
port, Douglas, Drogheda, Edinburgh, 
Erith, Folkestone, Glasgow, 555 ; 
Greenock, Hereford, Hornsey, Hudders- 
fie:d, 558; Hull, Keighley, Kingston, 
Lancaster, Leeds, Leicester, Leigh 
(Lanes.), Leith, Liverpool, 559; Llan- 
dudno, Manchester, 561 ; Newry, Paisley, 
Perth, Peterhead, Plymouth, 562 ; Ports- 
mouth, Rathmines (Ireland), Richmond 
(Surrey), Salford, 561 ; Sheffie'd, 
Southampton, Southgate, Stafford, 
8 tret ford, Swansea, Tarn worth, 561 ; 
Tenby (Pembroke), Tunbridpe Wells, 
West Ha id, Wolverhampton, Yarmouth, 

Schemes in Progress.— Abercarr, Abertil- 
lery, Ashton-nnder-Lyue, Bangor, 565 ; 
Bidlington, Bedwellty (lion.), B aok- 
bttrn Blaydonon-Tyne, Bo». sail (Derby), 
Bradford, Cheltenham, Cheshuut, Ches- 
ter, Coventry, Cromer, Devizes, Dudley, 
Dundee. Ealing, 566; East Grimteao, 
Ebbw Vale, E«-cles, Edmonton, Knfeld, 
Esher and Dilton, Evesham, Exeter, 
Pinchley, Govan, Halifax, Hertford, 
Heston and Jsleworth, Lichfield, 
Lincoln, 567 ; Merthyr Tydvil, Morpeth, 
Newcastle- on-Tyne, Newport (Mon.), 
Norwich, Poole, Prescot (Lanrs.), 
Rudsey, Quarry Bank (Staffs), Reigate, 
Rotherhtm, Southend-on-Sea, South 
Shields, Southwold, 568 ; Stanley 
(Durham), Sunderland, Tewkesbury, 
TunstalL Walsall. Wellington (Salop), 
Whitley Upper (York-), Wimbledon 
Wood Green, Wrotham, 5C9. 

Hucknall Torkard, 322 

Hnddersfield, 137 

Hul\ 139 

Hull and Barnsley Railway, 110 

Huntingdon, 142 

Hyde, 142 

Hythe. 143 

Dkeston, 144 

Ince-in-Makerfield, 323 

Ipswich, 141 

Ireland, Municipal Government in, 397 

Islington, 15 

Jarrow, 145 

Keighley, 146 
Kendal, 146 
Kensington, 15 
Kidderminster, 147 
Kedwelly, 148 
King's Lynn, 148 
Kingstou-upon-Hull, 139 
Kingston-upon-Thames, 149 

Lambeth, 16 

Lampeter, 149 

Lanark, 392 

Lancaster, 150 

Launceston, 151 

Leamington, 152 

Lee Conservancy, 13 

Leeds, 15 fc 

Leek, 325 

Leicester, 157 

Leigh, 159 

Leith, 392 

Leominster, 163 

Lewes, 161 

Lewisham, 26 

Ley ton, 326 

Libraries. Free Public (tfie principal).— 
Aberdeen, 389; Ayr390; Barrow-in-Furness 
28; Bath, 31; Belfast. 403; Birkenhead, 37; 
Birmingham, 40 ; Blackburn. 41 ; Black- 
paol,46; Bolton, 49; Bootle, 52; Bradford, 
55; Bridgwater, 58; Brighton, 62; 
Bristol, 65 ; Burslem,70 ; Bnrton-upon- 
Tront, 71; Bury, 72; Cambridge, 75; 
Cardiff, 77 ; Chester, 84 ; Chesterfield, 85; 
Colchester, 89; Croydon »x • tWwa« as- 
Derby, 100; Dewsbury, 1 
Dublin, 400 ; Dundee, 3 
33d; Folkestone, 115; 
Glasgow, 379 ; Glo^sop, 1 
Hanley, 125 ; Hartlepoo 
112; Heywood, 13 *; H 
Hull, 140; Hyde, 143 
Lancaster, 150 ; Leamington, 153 ; 
Leeds, 155 ; Leicester, 158 ; Lincoln, 162 ; 
Liverpool, 165; Longton, 170; Luton, 
174; Macclesfield, 176; Maidstone, 178 ; 
Manchester, 181; Middleton, 187; Nel- 
son, 191 ; (Newcastle-under-Lyme, 195 ; 
Newcastle-upon-Tyne, 194 ; Newport, 
193; Northampton, 198; Norwich, 
199; Nottingham, 202; Oldham, 205; 
Oxford, 2(8 ; Penzance, 210 ; Peter- 
borough, 213 ; Plymouth, 213 ; Ports- 
mouth, 2 1 5 ; Preston, 217 ; Reading, 222 
Richmond (Surrey), 223; Rochdale 
2*5; Rochester, 227; Rotberham, 228 
St. Helens, 232; Salford, 235; Sheffield, 
211; Southampton, 241; Southport 
2 48; Soith Shields, 249; Stalybtidee, 
252 ; Stockport, 253 ; Sunderland, 256 
Swansea, 258 ; Tamworth, 260 ; Walsall 
263; Warrington, 270 ; Welshpool, 272 
West Ham, 275 ; West Hartlepool, 277 
Wolverhampton, 234; Worcester, 286 
Yarmouth, 290 ; York, 292. 

Lichfield, 161 

Light Raiway Schemes, 543 

Lincoln, 161 

Liskeard, 163 

Little Hulton, 326 

Liverpool, 163 

Liversedge, 326 

Llandovery, 169 

LlaneUy, 327 

Llanfyllin, 16) 

Llanidloes, 169 

London, City of 10 

Digitized by CjOOQ IC 



London, Cost of Government, 7 

Loogton, 169 

Lostwithiel, 170 

Loughborough, 171 

Loath, 172 

Lowestoft, 172 

Ludlow, 173 

Luton, 174 

Lydd, 175 

Lyme Regis, 175 

Lymington, 175 

Macclesfield, 176 

Maidenhead, 177 

Maidstone, 177 

Maldon, 179 

Malmesbury, 179 

Manchester, 179 

Ship Canal, 18) 

Mansfield, 181 

Margate, 185 

Markets (the principal). — Aberavon, 21 
Aberdeen, 389 ; Accriugton, 23 ; Ayr, 390 
Bacup, 25; Barrow-in-Furness, 29 ; Bath 
31; Batley,33; Beaumaris, 33 ; Belfast, 
403 ; Birkenhead, 37 ; Birminghflm. 40 ; 
Blackpool, 46; Blackburn, 44; Bodmin 
47; Bolton, 49; Bradford, 56; Bndg. 
water, 58; Brighton, 62; Bristol, 65; 
Burnley, 68 ; Burslem, 70 ; Burton-upon 
Trent, 71; B ry, 72; Cambridge, 75 
Canterbury, 76 ; Cardiff, 77 ; Carlisle, 80 
Chelmsford, 82; Chester 84; Chester- 
field, 85; Chorley, 87; CHtheroe, 88 
Colchester, 89; Colne, 90; Conway . 

Marlborough, 185 

Marylebone, 16 

Maryport, 329 

Mersey Docks and Harbour Board, 164 

Merthyr Tydvil, 330 

Middlesborough, 186 

Middleton, 187 

Monmouth, 188 

Montgomery, 189 

Morley, 189 

Morpeth, 190 

Mossley, 190 

Moss Side, 331 

Municipal Government in England, 18 
„ „ Ireland, 397 

„ „ London, 6 

„ „ Scotland, 377 

Municipal Developments in 1901, 1 

Munioipal Telephones, 407 

Museums (the principal).— Birmingham, 40; 
Colchester, 89 ; Hauley, 125 ; Liverpool, 
165; Nottingham, 202; Salford,235; Shef- 
field, 241 

Neath, 190 
Nelson, 191 
Newark, 192 
Newbury, 192 
Newcastle-under-Lyme, 195 
Newcastle-upon-Tyne, 193 
Newport (Mon.), 196 
Newport (I.W.), 197 
New Romney, 197 
Northampton, 198 
Northwich, 334 
Norwich, 199 
Nottingham, 200 

„ University College, 201 

Oban, 393 

Okehampton, 204 

Oldbury, 334 

Oldham, 204 

Ossett, 206 

Oswaldtwistle, 335 

Oswestry, 206 

Oxford, 207 

Oyster Profits, Colchester, 89 

VAiurvi, f.\ro , i cuoauuc, aivj tei/Ci- 

borough, 211 ; Plymouth, 213 ; Ports- 
mouth, 215 ; Preston, 217 ; Rawtenstall, 
221 ; Reading, 222 ; bichmond (Yorks ), 
224; Rochdale, 225; Rochester, 228; 
Rotheiham, 228 ; St. Albans, 231; St. 
Helens, 233 ; Salford, 235 ; Southampton, 
244 ; South Shields, 249 ; Southport, 248 ; 
Stafford, 251 ; Stalybridsre, 252; Stock- 
port, 253; Swansea, 258; Tamworth, 
260; Tynsmoutb, 267; Walsall, 268; 
Warrington, 270 ; Welshpool, 272 ; West 
Hartlepool, 277 ; Wisbech, 282 ; Wolver- 
hampton, 284 ; Worcester, 286 ; Working, 
ton, 287 ; Yarmouth, 290 ; York, 292. 

Paddington, 16 

Paisley, 394 

Pembroke, 209 

Penarth, 33 > 

Penryn, 209 

Penzance, 210 

Peterborough, 211 

Peterhead, 395 

Plymouth, 212 

Police, 19 

Pontefract, 214 

Poole, 214 

Poplar, 16 

Port Glasgow, 395 

Portsmouth, 21"> 

Preston, 216 

Public Libraries.— See Libraries 

Pudsey, 218 

Pwllheli, 219 

Digitized by CjOOQ IC 



Quay, Gateshead, 116 
Quay Trust, Lowestoft, 172 
Queenborough, 219 

Radcliffe, 338 

Ramsgate, 220 

Kates in various towns, 574, 576, 578 

Rawtenstall, 220 

Heading, 221 

Refuse and Sewage Disposal.— See under 

various towns 
Reigate, 223 

Rhondda and Ystradyfodiog, 338 and 358 
Rhyl, 339 

Richmond (Surrey), 223 
Richmond (Torks), 224 
Ripon, 225 
Rishton, 339 
Rochdale, 225 
Rochester, 226 
Romsey, 228 
Rotherham, 228 
Royton, 340 

Rural District Councils, 359 
Ruthin, 229 
Ryde, 230 
Rye, 230 

Saffron Walden, 231 

St. Albans, 231 

St. Helens, 231 

St. Ires (Cornwall) . 231 

St. Ires (Hunts), 234 

St. Marylebone, 16 

St. Pancras, 16 

Salford, 234 

Salisbury, 237 

Saltash, 237 

Sandwich, 238 

Scarborough, 238 

Scotland, Municipal Government in, 377 

Shaftesbury, 239 

Sheffield, 240 

Shipley, 342 

Skoreditch, 16 

Shrewsbury, 242 

Smethwick, 243 

Slaughter Houses (the principal). — 
Aberavon, 21 ; Accrington, 23; Ayr, 
390; Beaumaris, 33; Belfast, 403 
Birkenhead, 37; Birmingham, 40, 
Blackburn, 44; Blackpool, 46 ; Bolton 
49 ; Bradford, 55 ; Brighton, 62 ; Burn- 
ley, 68 ; Cardiff, 77 ; Carlisle, 79 ; Ches- 
terfield, 85; Chorley, 87; Clitheroe, 
88 ; Colne, 90 ; Croydon, 95 ; Darwen; 
98 ; Derby, 101 ; Douglas, 105 ; Dublin, 
400; Dundee, 387; Edinburgh, 386 j 
Glasgow, 379 ; Halifax, 123 ; Hereford, 
132 ; Huddersfield, 138 ; Kendal, 147 ; 
Lancaster, 150; Leeds, 155; Leicester, 
157 ; Leith, 392 ; Manchester, 181 ; New- 
port, 196; Paisley, 394; Plymouth, 213 
Port Glasgow, 3°5; Reading, 222 
Rotherham, 228 ; St. Helens, 233 ; Sal 
ford, 235 ; Southampton, 245 ; Southportj 
248; Swansea, 258; West Hartlepool. 
277 ; Worcester, 286 ; Wrexham, 2*8. 

Southampton, 243 
Southend-on-Sea, 216 
South Moulton,247 
Southport, 247 
South Shields, 249 
Southwark, 17 
Southwold, 250 
Sowerby Bridge, 344 
Stafford, 251 
Stalybridge, 251 
Stamford, 252 

Steamboats, Birkenhead, 36 
8tepney, 17 
Stockport, 252 
Stockton-on-Tees, 254 
Stoke Newington, 17 
Stoke-upon-Trent, 255 
Stratford-on-Aron, 255 
Sudbury, 255 
Sunderland, 257 
Surbiton, 346 
Sutton Coldfield, 257 
Swansea, 257 
Swindon, 259 

Tamworth, 260 

Taunton, 261 

Technical Education.— Aberdeen, 389 ; Ao- 
crington, 231; Barrow in-Furness, 28 
Bath, 31: Batley, 32; Belfast, 403 
Birkenhead, 37 ; Birmingham, 40 , 
Blackburn, 44 ; Blackpool, 46 ; Bolton, 
49 ; Bootle, 52 ; Bradford, 55 j Brghton, 
62 ; Bristol, 64; Burnley, 68 ; Bury, 72 ; 
Cambridge, 75; Canterbury, 76; Car- 
diff, 77; Chesterfield, 85; Clitheroe, 
88 ; Colchester, 89 ; Coventry, 92 
Croydon, 95 ; Darwen, 98 ; Derby, 101 
Dewsbury, 103 ; Dover, 106 ; Dublin, 400 
Dundee, 387 ; Edinburgh, 386 ; Exeter, 
113 ; Folkestone, 115 ; Glasgow, 379 j 
Glossop, 118; Halifax, 123; Hanley, 
125; Hartlepool, 127; Hey wood, 134; 
Hastings, 129; Huddersfield, 138; Hall, 
140; Keighley, 146 ; Kingston-on- 
Thames, 149 ; Lancaster, 150 ; Leaming- 
ton, 153; Leeds, 155; Leicester, 157; 
Leith, 392; Lincoln, 162; Liverpool, 
164 ; Longton, 170; Luton, 174 ; Maccles- 
field, 176; Maidstone, 178; Manchester, 

York, 292. 
Teignmouth, 347 
Telephones, Municipal, 407 

Digitized by CjOOQ IC 



. Telephones Established — Tunbridge 
Wells, Glasgow, 400; States of Quern- 
sey, 410 
. Schemes .in Consideration— Aocrington, 
Barnsley, Bedford, Bolton, Bourne- 
mouth, Bradford, Brighton, 410; Bris- 
tol, Burnley, Bury, Cambridge, Cardiff, 
Cheltenham, 411; Borer, Dundee, 
Eastbourne, Folkestone, Grantham, 
412; Halifax, Hartlepool, Hastings, 
Huddersfield, Hull, Kettering, Leeds, 
Lincoln, Lowestoft, Manchester, 413; 
Oldham, Portsmouth, Boohdale, 414; 
Boyton, Salford, Searboro', Sheffield, 
Southport, Southwold, Stockport, 
Sunderland, Swansea, Wakefield, 
Wardle, Wednesbury, Yarmouth, York, 
Tenby, 261 
Tenderden, 262 
Tewkesbury, 262 
Thames Conservancy, 13 
Thetford, 262 
Thornaby-on-Tees, 263 
Thornhffl, 348 
Tiverton, 263 
Todmorden, 263 
Tonbridge, 348 
Torquay, 264 
Torrington, 265 
Totnes, 265 
Tottenham, 349 

Trim ways, 501 ; Legislation, 501 ; Muni- 
cipalisation, 501 ; Municipal Work- 
ing of, 502 ; Systems of Traction, 503 ; 
Summary of Statistics, 504. Working 
of Municipal Tramways : — Aberdeen, 
504; Ayr, Birkenhead, Blackburn, 
Blackpool, 505; Bolton, 506; Bradford, 
Brighton, Chester, 507; Chesterfield, 
Derby, Douglas (I. of M.), Dover, 508 ; 
Dundee, 509 ; East Ham, Glasgow, 510 ; 
Halifax, 515; Huddersfield, 516; Hull, 
Ipswich, Keighley, 519; Leeds, 520; 
Liverpool, 521; London, 522; Man- 
chester, 526; Newoastle-on-Tvne, 527; 
Newport (Mod.), 527; Northampton, 
Nottingham, Plymouth, 528; Ports- 
mouth, Pwllheli, Reading, Salford, 
Sheffield, 529; Southampton, South- 
end, Stockport, Sunderland, 531; Wallee- 
ley, Wolverhampton, 532. Municipal 
schemes in progress : —Aston Manor, 
Batley, Bedford, Bexley, Bournemouth, 
Brierfield (Lanes.), 532; Bristol, 
Burnley, Burton-on-Trent, Bury, Car- 
diff, Cniswick, Colchester, Crompton 
J Lanes.), Darlington, Darwen, Eccles, 
Sxeter, Gloncester, 5S3; Hey wood 
(Lanes.), Ilford, Ilkeston, Kirkcaldy 
(Scotland), Lancaster, Leicester, Ley* 
ton, Lincoln, 534; Llandudno, Lowes- 
toft, Maidstone, Matlock, Prestwich, 
Badcliffe, Rhondda, Rotherham, Roy- 
ton (Lanes.), Shipley (Yorks.), Swindon, 
Warrington, West Ham, Yarmouth, 
York, 535. Mutual arrangements 
between Local Authorities :— Ashton- 

under-Lyne, Audenshaw, Bootle, Bred - 
bury, Brighouse, Clayton, Denton, 
Droylsden, Failsworth,536 ; Farnwortb, 
Glasgow, Gorton, Govan, Heatort 
Norris, Holmfirth, Hurst, K ears ley, 
Kirk burton, Lenton, Linthwaite. Little- 
borough, Luddenden Foot, Mirfield, 
Moss Side, Nelson, Netherthong, 537 ; 
Queensbury (Yorks), Staly bridge, Hyde, 
Mossier and Culdnfield, Swinton and 
Pendlebury, Wardle, 538. 
Tramways (leased).— Belfast, Birmingham, 
Croydon, Devooport, 538; Edinburgh, 
Gouroek, Great Crosby, Greenock, 
Grimsby, Kingston-on-Thames, Leith, 
Lonjrton, Middleton (Lanes.), 539 ; 
Neath, Oldham, Rath mines (Ireland), 
Rawmarsh, Rochdale, St. Helens, 
Smethwick, 540 ; Southport. South 

• Shields, Surbiton, Walsall, Waterloo - 
with-Seaforth, Wednesbury, West 
Bromwioh, 541 ; Light Railways, 542. 

Truro, 266 

Tunbridge Wells, 266 

Tunstall, 349 

Tynemouth, 266 

Urban District Councils, 293 

Wakefield, 267 

Wallasey, 351 

Wallingford, 267 

Wallsend, 269 

Walsall, 268 

Walthamstow, 351 

Wandsworth, 17 

Wareham, 269 

Warrington, 270 

Warwick, 271 

Watee Supply : Introduction and Progress 
Of, 417. 
Record of Municipal Works.— Aberavon, 
Aberdare, Aberdeen, Aberystwith, 420; 
Abingdon, Accrington, Alloa (Scot.), 
Alnwick, Ambleside, Andover, Ardros- 
san, Ashford (Kent),.f Ashton-under- 

• Lyne, Ayr, Bacup-Baildon, Bangor, 
Barnsley, Barrow-in-Furness, 441 ; 
Barry, Basingstoke, Bath, Batley, Bed- 
ford, Belfast, Birkenhead, 422 ; Bir- 
mingham, 423 ; Birstall, Bishop's 
Castle, Blackburn, Blaydon, Bolton, 
Botole, Brackley, Bradford, 424 ; Breck- 
nock, Bridgwater, Bridlington, Brig- 
house, Brighton, Brixham, Broadstairs, 
425 ; Brynmawr, Buckingham, Burnley, 
Bury, Bury St. Edmunds, Buxton, 
Cardiff, 423; Carlisle, Carnarvon, Chard, 
Chelmsford, Cheltenham, Cheshunt, 
Chipping Norton,Cleckhcaton,Cflitneroe, 
427 ; Oookermouth, Colchester, Colne, 
Colwyn Bay, Congleton, Conway. 
Coventry, Cowpen, Crediton, 428; 
Crewe, Croydon, Cupar, Darlington, 
Darwen, Deal, Derby, Devizes, Dews- 
bury, 429 ; Doncaster, Dorchester, 
Dougla", Dover, Droitwich, Dublin, 
Dumbarton, Dunbar, Dundee, 430 ; Dun- 
fermline, East Retford, Ebbw Yale, 
Eccles, Edinburgh, Evesham, ExeteY, , 

Digitized by CjOOQ IC 



Farsley, Festiniog, Filey, 431 ; Frome, 
Gainsborough, Galashiels, Glasgow, 432 ; 
Glastonbury, Glossop, Gloucester, Goole, 
Greenock. Guildford, Haddington, Hali- 
fax, Hamilton, 433; Harrogate, Hastings, 
Haverford west, Hay, Hereford, Hert- 
ford, Heywood,434 ; Hitchen, Holmfirth, 
Honiton, Horwich, Hncknall Torkard, 
Huddersfield, Hull 435; Huntingdon, 
Hurst, Hyde, Hythe, Ilkeston, Ilkley, 
Inoe-in-Makerfield, Inverkeithing, In- 
verness, Ipswich, Irvine, Keighley, 436 ; 
Kendal, Keswick, Kidderminster, 
Kirkby, Kirkintilloch, Knaresborough, 
Lanark, Lancaster, Launceston, 
Leamington, 437 ; Leeds, Leek, 
Leicester, Leigh, Leith, Leominster, 
Ley land, Lincoln, 438; Littlehampton, 
Liverpool, Liskeard, Llandovery, Llan- 
dudno, Llanelly, Llanfairfechan, Llan- 
gollen, 439 ; Lostwithiel, Loughborough, 
Ludlow, Lyme Regis, Lymington, 
Macclesfield, Maldon, Manchester, 440; 
Mansfield, Margate, Marlborough, Mary- 
port, Matlock Bath, Matlock Bridge, 
Merthyr Tydvil, Middlesbrough, 441, 
Milford Haven, ttiddleton, Millom, 
Montgomery,Montrose,Morley .Morpeth, 
Moss Side, Mountain Ash, Nantwich, 
Nantyglo, Neath, Nelson, Neston, 442 ; 
Newark, Newport (Mon.), Newport 
(Salop), Northampton, Nottingham, 
Nuneaton, Okehampton, Oldham. 443- 
Ormskirk, Ossett, Oswaldtwistle, Oswes- 
try, Oxford, Padiham, Paignton, Paisley, 
Pembroke, Peniston, 444 ; Penrith, Pen- 
zance, Perth, Peterborough, Plymouth, 
Pontefract, Port Glasgow, Preston, 445 ; 
Pudsey, Radcliffe,Bamsgate,Rawmarsh, 

Bawtenstall, Reading, Redruth, Rhyl, 
Riohmond (Surrey), Richmond (Yorks), 
446 : Ripley, Ripon, Rochd Ue, Rochester, 
Rot herb am, Rothesay, Rothwell, Rugby, 
Runcorn, 447 ; Rushden. Ryde, Rye, St. 
Helens, St. Annes, St. Thomas, Saffron 
Walden, Salford, Salisbury, Sandoaoh, 
448; Scarborough, Selby, Sheffield, 
Shiploy, Shrewsbury, Southampton, 449 ; 
Sowerby Bridge, Spalding, Stafford, 
Stalybndge, Stockport. Stratford-on- 
Avon, 450 ; Tarn worth, Taunton, Tenby, 
Torquay, Torrington ,Totnes,Tottenham, 
Tredegar, Tunbndge Wells, Tynemouth, 
Ulverston, 451 ; Wakefield, Wallasey, 
Wallingford, Warminster, Warrington, 
Wellingborough, Welshpool, Weniock, 
Weston - super - Mare, Wexford, 452 ; 
Whitehaven, Widnes, Withnell (Lanes), 
Wigan, Wigton. Windsor, Wolver- 
hampton, 453; Wombwell, Worcester, 
Workington, Worthing, Yeovil, 454. 

Wednesbnry, 271 
Wells, 272 
Welshpool, 272 
Weniock, 273 
West Bromwich, 273 
West Ham. 274 
West Hartlepool, 277 
Westhoughton, 354 
Westminster, 17 

Wimbledon, 356 
Winchester, 290 
Windsor, 281 
Wisbech, 281 
Withington, 357 
Wokingham, 282 
Wolverhampton, 283 
Woodstock, 286 
Woolwich, 17 

Weston-sper-Mare, 354 Worcester, 286 

Weymouth, 278 
Whitehaven, 278 
Widnes, 279 
Wigan, 279 
Willesden, 355 
Wilton, 280 

Workington, 237 
Worthing, 288 
Wrexham, 288 
Yarmouth, 289 
Yeovil, 290 
York, 291 




Opposite Westminster Abbey and 
the Houses of Parliament. 

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ranged for CONFERENCES, 

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A text-book dealing with the methods and principles recognised by statistical experts 
or used by official statisticians. To Government Officials, Town Clerks, Medical Officers, 
Accountants, and others engaged in Municipal and Local Government, this book is 
especially useful. 


The Influence of the Dwelling upon Health in Relation to the Changing 
Style of Habitation. By John J. F. Sykbs, M.D., D.Sc. (Edin.), Medical 
OfficSr of Health, St. Pancras, fa. Cr. 8vo, cloth, 224 pp. 5s. net. 


By Sib William Chance, M.A., Bart., Author of " The Better Adminis- 
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Three vols., 42s. net. Vols. I. and II., a.d. 924—1853. By SiB Geobge 
Nicholls, K.C.B., Poor Law Commissioner and Secretary to the Poor 
Law Board. New Revised Edition, with a Biography and Portrait of the 
Author, 2 vols., demy 8vo, cloth, 30s. Vol. III., 1834—1898. By Thomas 
Mackay, Author of " The English Poor," fa, fa. 


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Their History, Principles, and Administration. By Miss Sophia 
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A Text-b.>ok on the Public Health Act, 1875, and the Public Health Acts 
Amendment Act, 1890, so far as they affect the Inspector of Nuisances. 
By H. Lemmoin-Cannon, Professional Associate,. Surveyors' Institution; 
Associate, Sanitary Institute, fa. t fa. Cr. 8vo, cloth, 256 pp. 3s. 6d. net. 

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iHtinictpal JBeUelopmentsi in 1901. 

The first year of the reign of King Edward VII. witnessed several 
important developments in municipal work. The inauguration of tele* 
phone services by the local authorities in Glasgow and Tun^ridge Wells 
had a stimulating effect upon municipal telephony. Licences were 
granted to Brighton, Portsmouth, and Grantham, and applications have 
been made by Hull, Eastbourne, Swansea, Halifax, West Hartlepool, and 
other towns. Parliamentary sanction is sought for the establishment of a 
Joint Board to operate telephones in the Manchester area, in which 5 
boroughs and 25 urban district councils have jurisdiction. The local 
authorities in the West Riding of Yorkshire also resolved upon common 

Much attention has been paid to the appalling death-rate from phthisis, 
and most of the large towns entered into arrangements with the local 
medical practitioners for the voluntary notification of the disease. Halifax 
Corporation sought to make such notification compulsory, but the Local 
Government Board withheld the necessary consent. Sheffield Gity Council 
has decided to erect a public sanitorium for the treatment of consumptive 
patients. With a view to removing a dangerous source of infection, Edin- 
burgh City Council endorsed the scheme of its Medical Officer for the 
establishment of a retreat for the reception of consumptive subjects 
beyond hope of reeovery. Steps have also been taken by the Worcester 
and West Riding County Councils and the Poor Law authorities in Brad- 
ford, Liverpool, and Richmond (Surrey) for the erection of public con- 
sumptive sanatoria. 

Three attempts were made during the year to secure a recognition of 
the principle that the sale of intoxicating liquor should be under the direct 
control of the municipality. A Special Committee was appointed by the 
Glasgow Corporation to consider the whole question, but their recommen- 
dation that the Council should seek Parliamentary powers to apply for 
certificates under the Public Houses Act did not find acceptance. Nelson 
Corporation, too, threw out a similar proposal, although only, by a narrow 
majority. The movement was more successful at Devonport, for the 
Corporation decided by an almost unanimous vote to apply for all licences 
in new districts. 

The retention of licences which have fallen into municipal hands as the 
result of public improvements proved a fruitful subject for controversy, 
but did nothing to secure uniformity of action among the various 
authorities concerned. London County Council, which has allowed 94 
licences to lapse (the approximate premium value "f which is estimated at 
a quarter of a million sterling) declined to accede to the request made by 
Earl Grey's Public House Trust for contiol of a certain number of licensed 
houses on the Hoi born-Strand Improvement. The Trust was more success-^ 
ful at Sheffield, where the Corporation agreed, under certain conditions, to 
hand over seven licences in its possession. In January, 1902, the Bradford 
Corporation decided to proceed with the erection of a hotel in connection 
with the public markets. The hotel will be under the direct control of the 
Corporation. Very few local authorities have availed themselves of the 

Digitized by CjOOQ IC 

2 Municipal Tear Book. 

Inebriates' Act. The most notable exceptions are those of the Glasgow 
Corporation (which last year purchased a mansion in Ayrshire for the 
reception of inebriates of both sexes) and the London County Council 
(which has decided to expend another £20,000 in enlarging its Inebriates 1 
Home at Horley, Surrey). An Inebriates' Act Board has been formed by 
local authorities of Lancashire, and a reformatory for 100 females and 50 
males is in course of construction. The three Ridings of Yorkshire have 
also a scheme under consideration. 

The year 1901 also witnessed a growing desire on the part of local 
authorities to secure a greater co-operation in matters of general public 
interest. New associations were formed by the Urban District Councils 
of Lancashire and the West Riding of Yorkshire. A proposal to bring 
about the federation of the local authorities — seventeen in number— in the 
Potteries District has recently been made. An effort to amalgamate the 
boroughs of West Hartlepool and Hartlepool did not produce any practical 
results. Only two urban districts — Ealing and Wallsend — received c** arters 
of incorporation during the year, although nine applications were made to 
the Privy Council. In several cases decisions have not yet been given. 

The municipal purity crusade has continued, and questions were raised 
as to the probity of councillors in nearly thirty towns. In several instances 
— notably at Leeds and Huddersfield — investigations were held, and 
irregularities were remedied. The determination to sift every case of 
suspected conflict between public and private interests, and to maintain the 
highest standard of public morality is a healthy sign of the times. 1 he 
moral code which many towns now lay down, goes far beyond legal 

On the recreative and educational side of municipal work there 
were several novel departures. A Municipal Trust was formed for 
the purchase and management of the Alexandra Palace in North London ; 
Brighton Corporation obtained Parliamentary sanction to purchase the 
local aquarium ; an^ the Battersea Borough Council established a social 
club for lads, and organised a series of free concerts, but an objection was 
raised to the concerts by the Government auditor. The City of London 
Corporation opened public golf links at Epping Forest, and made arrange- 
ments with the railway company for the issue of cheap tickets. 

As the growth of the section of the Year Book devoted to tramways 
shows there has been a great extension of tramway enterprise. 
• There has also been great activity in municipal housing. As the result 
of continued agitation on the part of local authorities, the President of 
the Local Government Board agreed to recommend the appointment of a 
select committee to consider the desirability of extending the period for 
the repayment of loans. 

The Association of Municipal Corporations laid before the Local Govern- 
ment Board several suggested municipal reforms, including the consolida- 
tion of the Public Health Acts, the amendment of Private Bill Procedure, 
the amendment of the Lands Clauses Act, &c, and obtained the promise of 
favourable consideration by the Government. 

February, 1902. 

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tt» Lima LOB emu. i/coiguj jva-ot w* vuaigc uu app luatiun. 



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parliament atrtr ittunfrfpalftft*. 

No public general Act of any great importance affecting Municipalities has 
passed into law during the year 1901. Reference may, however, be made 
to two Acts of last Session which affect local authorities— the Isolation 
Hospitals Act and the Public Libraries Act. The former empowers any 
local authority which has provided under the Public Health Act, 1878, or 
under any local Act, a hospital for the reception of the sick, to transfer 
such hospital, with the consent of the Local Government Board, to the Council 
of the County in which the hospital or any part of the district of the 
authority is situate. The Public Libraries Act provides that the qualification 
for a Public Library Commissioner shall correspond with that of a Parish 
Councillor, that the Library Authority (i.e., in boroughs, the Borough 
Council ; in urban districts, the Urban District Council) may make bye- 
laws relating to the library, and that two or more districts may make agree- 
ments for the erection and maintenance of any library building, &c. It 
provides also for the purchase or interchange and use of books as between two 
or more Library Authorities. 

A large number of local Acts were passed during the year, enabling local 
authorities to construct tramways, or to undertake the water or gas supply 
for their respective districts, and for other purposes. Amongst others may 
b3 mentioned Acts empowering the Boroughs of Bournemouth, Burton-on- 
Trent, Darby, Kingston-upon-Hull, and Lowestoft to construct tramway 
systems. An Act was passed incorporating a joint board of representatives 
of the Boroughs of Stalybridge, Hyde, Mossley, and Dukinfield, for the 
purpose of constructing and working tramways and for the supply of electric 
energy within their district. Amongst other Acts relating to electricity may be 
mentioned those incorporating the Cleveland and Durham Electric Power 
Company, the Yorkshire Electric Power Company, and the Derbyshire and 
Nottinghamshire Eleetric Power Company. A noteworthy Act is that which 
incorporated the South Staffordshire Mond Gas (Power and Heating)Company, 
for the manufacture, supply, and distribution of Mond gas within the South 
Staffordshire and East Worcestershire District, for the purpose of motive or 
heating power, but not for illumination. Some unusual claus-s were included 
in the Alanchester Corporation Act, 1901, which dealt mainly with the con- 
struction of tramways and streets and the acq uisition of land. These clauses 
enable the Corporation to make regulations as to the conditions upon which 
licenses authorising children to trade in the streets may be granted, subject 
to the approval of the Home Secretary. A child trading without such license 
may be arrested by a constable without a warrant. A Summary Jurisdiction 
Court has then power to transfer the custody of the child to a relative or some 
other fit person, or, if he is under 14, to order him to be sent to an Industrial 
School. The Corporation may contribute the whole or part of the expenses 
of the maintenance and education of any child thus dealt with. It may 
also contribute to the expense of lodging, ooard, and clothing of any child 
licensed by it to trade in the streets. Many other useful measures were 
iatroduced in the House of Commons during the Session, but from one 
cause or another they did not pass into law. 

Digitized by CjOOQ IC 

iLoaiion ittumctpal (Sobtrniiwitt* 

THE Metropolis is as unique in its system of municipal government as it is 
in other respects. It has no municipal code. It affords no parallel with 
the Corporation of a provincial city. A large number of authorities are 
engaged in managing metropolitan affairs, but there is no symmetry in the 
civic structure, no unity in administrative work. This lack of homogeneity 
does not so seriously affect the nett result of government effort as one might 
imagine, but jealousy is not wanting, and a certain amount of friction 
cannot be avoided. The absence of any consolidation of the local govern- 
ment laws, and of a logical distribution of municipal power, coupled with 
the existence of a multiplicity of authorities, leads to strange diversity in 
administration. No two parochial areas in the metropolitan province are 
governed in precisely the same way, and we have on the one hand 
audacious excursions in the direction of collectivism, and on the other the 
solemn observance of mediaeval customs. 

A considerable advance in the reform of local government was registered 
by the Local Government Act of 1899, which abolished over 200 bodies 
with a membership of about 5,000, and created twenty-eight boroughs to 
carry on the work hitherto performed by those bodies. In several instances 
new local government areas were created. Although the new Councils were 
vested with powers not enjoyed by the old vestries, the relations between 
the central and local authorities have undergone little change. 

Certain municipal functions are discharged by the Thames Conservancy, 
constituted by representatives of public bodies and interests connected with 
the River Thames. The Metropolitan Asylums Board, consisting of fifty- 
five delegates from the Boards of Guardians and eighteen nominees of 
the Local Government Board, maintains the infectious diseases hospitals 
and asylums for imbeciles. 

Amid the radical changes which have taken place in the government 
of the Metropolis, the Corporation of the City of London has remained 
undisturbed. Since the passing of the Act 46 and 47 Vict., c. 18 (1883), 
the City Corporation has Deen the only unref ormed Municipal Corporation 
in England. And it speaks well for the ability of the rulers in the City, 
and for- the influences which radiate from the Guildhall and the Mansion 
House, that the Corporation has continued until now to exercise its 
ancient powers and in the enjoyment of its special privileges. The chief 
characteristics of the City 's government are touched upon later on. Here 
it may be noted that the City was not greatly affected by the above- 
mentioned measures which revolutionised government in the federation of 
towns which surround it. The Metropolis Management Act brought the 
City directly into touch with the rest of the metropolis, as it delegated 
representatives to the Metropolitan Board of Works. The Local Govern- 
ment Act of 1888, besides strengthening that connection, as under it the 
City elected its representatives to the central authority, also took away 
some powers from the City Corporation, but the essential features of City 
government were untouched. Its customs, its ceremonials, and its institu- 
tions have maintained their continuity unbroken from the Middle Ages. 
The City was not merged in the new metropolitan county, and only included 
for certain purposes in the "administrative" County of London. 

London is peculiarly situated in regard to its police. The City main* 
tains a Municipal Police Force, but the rest of London forms part of a 

* For a detailed account of local government in London, and a description of the work 
carried on by the various authorities, see The London Manual (Is. and Is. $d.), 
JSdward Lloyd, Ltd., 12, Salisbury.Square, E.0. 

Digitized by CjOOQ IC 

London Municipal Government. 7 

great metropolitan province, with a population of about six millions, which 
is policed under the direct authority of the Home Office. 

There are in all over three hundred public authorities at work in 
governing London. The local municipal work is carried on by the 28 
Metropolitan Borough Councils which came into existence in November, 


The total cost of London Government is £13,391,000, or, including the 
expenditure out of borrowed capital, £16,002,000, equal to £3 12s. per head 
of the population. The expenditure of the London County Council 
amounts to £2,240,000 ; the School Board to £2,400,000 ; Sanitary Autho- 
rities (Borough Councils), £2,800,000; Poor Law Authorities, £3,500,000; 
and the City Corporation, £786,000. The whole of this expenditure, how- 
ever, is not borne directly by the London ratepayers. The sum of 
£1,391,300 is received by the various authorities in aid of rates (derived 
mainly from payment of services, such as public baths, washhouses, &c), 
while the Imperial subventions amount to £1,382,000 (including £697,000 in 
respect of education, and £682,000 the proceeds of the estate duty grant 
and beer and spirit duties). The amount raised by rate is £9,843,000, 

The debt of London (March, 1901) amounts to £46,268,871, exclusive of 
that part of the City Corporation's debt which is not secured on the oredit 
of the rates, namely, £9,202,974. The County Council debt is twenty -three 
million pounds, of which over two and a half millions is remunerative 
debt ; the School Board debt is ten million pounds ; and the debt of the Poor- 
Law Authorities (Asylums Board, Boards of Guardians, School District 
Managers, Sick Asylum District Managers) amounts to nearly £5,750,000. 
The debt of the Local Municipal Authorities is seven million pounds. 


The powers and duties of the London County Council, and of the Borough 
Councils, difier widely from those of other County Councils or Municipal 
Corporations. Not only is the distribution of duties peculiar to London, 
but the differences are continually being accentuated by special legisla- 
tion. London, for instance, has its own Public Health Act, passed in 1891, 
and its own Building Acts, and its own Assessment System. The theory 
that matters which are common to all London should be looked after by 
the central authority, and that local functions should be discharged by 
the local authorities, does not hold good in practice, as the distribution 
of duties follows no scientific or logical rule. It is difficult to indicate 
briefly the leading central and local municipal duties, as to almost every 
rule there are exceptions, but so far as the County Council, the Borougn 
Councils, and, in the City, the Corporation, are concerned the chief 
administrative work is distributed as follows : — 

Drainage. — The maintenance of main sewers and the disposal of sewage 
discharged by the County Council. Drains and sewers which run into the 
main qewers are maintained by the local authorities. 
Fire Brigade.— The County Council is the sole authority. 

Improvements. — Street and other improvements which are metro- 
politan in. character are carried out by the County Council, others 
partly of a local character are paid for jointly, and purely local im- 
provements are undertaken by the local authorities, 


Digitized by CjOOQ IC 

8 Municipal Year Book. 

Bridges, — Bridges over the Thames are maintained by the County 
Council, and in the City by the Corporation as Trustee for the Bridge 
House Estates. The County Council also maintains minor county 

Maintenance of Streets, Paving, $c. — The County Council pays the 
local authorities in certain cases for the maintenance of certain 
streets which are main roads disturnpiked since 1870. It itself 
maintains the Thames Embankments. Otherwise street mainten- 
ance, paving, cleansing, watering, and scavenging is under the local 

Lighting, — Except the lighting of the Embankments, which is done 
by the County Council, all public streets are lighted by the local 

Regulation of Traffic, — County Council makes bye-laws for certain pur- 
poses, regulating speed of tramcars, &c. , sanctions closing of streets ; 
local authorities prevent obstructions ; and the Metropolitan Police 
regulates traffic generally. 

Street Names. — County Council sanctions street names, local authori- 
ties affix the names. The Council is also the authority for num- 
bering the houses, its orders being carried into execution by the 
local bodies. 

Buildings. — The administration of the Building Laws is carried out by 
the County Council, under a superintending architect and district sur- 
veyors, except several minor duties, such as the removal of unauthorised 
sky signs, and of obstructions in the streets transferred to the Borough 
Councils. The Council passes all plans for new buildings, gives consent to 
new streets or alterations, prohibits building on low-lying land, &c. 
One of the main provisions introduced into the new Building Act was one 
which provides that no dwelling house must be higher than the street which 
it fronts is wide, and that in the rear there must be an air-space equal to an 
angle of 45 degrees from the centre of the space on the ground to the top of 
the house. There is a Tribunal of Appeal, consisting of three experts, 
which reviews the Council's decisions as to the height of buildings, rear 
space, width of streets, &c. For certain purposes, sucn as street alignment, 
the City Corporation is the authority in the City. 

Public Health. 

Removal of Refuse. — The duty of removing house refuse, dust, and 
garbage devolves on the Borough Councils, under bye-laws passed 
by the County Council. 

Nuisances, — The same conditions apply to nuisances, which must be 
stopped by the local authorities, including smoke nuisances. 

Diseases. — The provisions of the Public Health Act as regards infec- 
tious disease, disinfection, &c, are enforced by the local authorities, 
under bye-laws made by the County Council, which has large super- 
vising powers in such matters, hospitals for the treatment of in- 
fectious cases are maintained by the Metropolitan Asylums Board. 

Food Adulteration, — The administration of the Food and Drugs Act 
is carried out by the Borough Councils. 

Dairies. — Registered by local authorities. 

Factories and Workshops. — County Council sees that factories and 
workshops where more than 40 persons are employed have 

Digitized by CjOOQ IC 

London Municipal Government 9 

reasonable means of escape from fire, and local authorities look 
after the sanitary condition of workshops. The local bodies are 
also responsible for the sanitary condition of bakehouses. 
Shop Hours. — County Council sees that young persons under 18 years 
of age are not employed in shops for more than 74 hours a week. 
The Corporation is the responsible authority in the City. 
Insanitary Houses. — Borough Councils prevent overcrowding, and 
enforce the Public Health Act to maintain proper sanitary con- 
ditions. As in other cases, the bye-laws are made by the County 
Council, which sees that they are carried out. Common lodging- 
houses are registered by the County Council and inspected by its staff. 
Slaughter- Houses. — Licensed by the County Council, inspected by 

local authorities. 
Offensive Business. — Regulated outside the City by the County 
Council, which sanctions their establishment or stops them. Local 
authorities abate nuisances caused by such businesses. Within the 
City, the City Corporation has jurisdiction. 
Contagious Diseases of Animals. — Acts administered by the County 

Inquests.— Ths Coroners are appointed by the County Council, which 
also maintains Coroners' Courts, and mortuaries are provided by the 
local authorities. 
Water. — The County Council is the authority for seeing that a 
constant supply is provided, and that the prescribed water-fittings 
are used. (In the City, by the City Corporation.) The local 
authorities abate nuisances arising from defective water-fittings, 
and see that a sufficient supply is provided for new houses, and 
that cisterns are clean. 
Housing of the Working Classes.— The clearance of insanitary 
areas is carried out by the County Council, except the removal of small 
areas, which is done by order of the local authorities. The Home 
Secretary defines which are metropolitan and which local housing im- 
provements, and settles the basis of payment for the same. The local 
authorities put the law in force against the owners of insanitary dwell- 
ings, either to repair or demolish them. The County Council builds and 
maintains artisans' dwellings and common lodging- nouses. The Corpora- 
tion is the housing authority in the City. The Borough Councils nave 
equal power with the County Council in carrying out Part III. of the Act. 
Parks and Open Spaces. — Maintained by the County Council, except 
in the case of certain small local spaces (not all) which are under the local 
authorities. City Corporation maintains parks and open spaces outside 

Tramways.— The County Council is the Tramway Authority. The 
local authorities, as the road authorities, sanction the laying of tram lines. 
Gas. — The County Council is the authority for examining gas, testing and 
stamping gas-meters, except in the City, where the work is done by the Com- 
mon Council. 

Lunatic Asylums. — The County Council maintains Asylums for Luna- 
tics, except for the City of London. Asylums for Imbeciles are under the 
Metropolitan Asylums Board. 
Baths and Wash-House.s.— Under local authorities. 

Digitized by CjOOQ IC 

10 Municipal Year Book. 

Public Libraries.— Under local authorities. 

Reformatory and Industrial Schools.— Maintained by the County 
Council, but the School Board and the Asylums Board have also Industrial 

Electric Lighting. — Carried out by local authorities (or companies), 
but County Council authorises laying of mains, cables, &c., and provides 
testing stations. 
Cemeteries. — Local authorities. 

Technical Instruction.— The County Council, through its Technical 
Education Board. 

Theatres and Music Halls.— Licensed by County Council, except cer- 
tain theatres under the Lord Chamberlain. 

Weights and Measures.— The County Council stamps and tests all 
weights and measures, except in the City, where the Common Council is the 

Markets. — The City Corporation is the authority, but there are local mar- 
kets under municipal control at Woolwich, South wark, and Whitechapel, as 
well as large private markets. 

Loans. — The County Council sanctions loans to local authorities (with 
exceptions under the Public Health Act, 1891), but there can be an appeal 
to the Local Government Board, which, in turn, sanctions the Council's 

There are many other duties which do not fall under the above headings. 
The County Council enforces Muzzling Orders, the Rabies Act, the Shop 
Hours Act, the Overhead Wires Act, the Sale of Coal and Bread Acts, pro- 
vides Small Holdings, enforces the Infant Life Protection Act, the Petroleum 
and Explosives Acts, except in the City, where the Corporation acts for these 
purposes. The local authorities manage charities. Under the new London 
Government Act some powers are exercised concurrently by the Borough 
Councils and the County Council, and the latter has the option of trans- 
ferring other minor duties to the former. 

Among the powers not exercised in London by either the County Council 
or local authorities may be mentioned the Police, and everything which 
relates to Police duty, the regulation of Cabs, 'Buses, and other vehicles for 
hire, the Registration of Voters and preparation of the Jury Lists, 
holding of Police Courts and Petty Sessions (except in the City by the Cor- 
poration). The Vaccination Acts and the Registration of Births, Deaths, 
and Marriages are, for the most part, administered by the Poor- Law 
Guardians, with the supervision, in the latter case, of the Registrar- 
General. The accounts of the County Council are audited by a Local 
Government Board auditor, and the official audit has now been extended 
to the Borough Councils. 


Population, 26,000.* 
The City Corporation is unique among the municipalities of the world, 
alike for its historical record, its exceptional powers, and its present con- 
stitution. The Common Council is not, like the Town and County Councils, 
merely a deliberative body ; it is also a legislative assembly, and is able to 
* The day population i$ over §00,000, while over a million people enter the City daily, 

Digitized by CjOOQ IC 

London Municipal Oovernment 11 

remodel its own consoitution. The jurisdiction of the Corporation extends 
beyond the City boundaries, and for some things it is a Metropolitan 
Authority. It has always been a county in itself, and was not united to 
the Metropolis for any municipal purpose until 1855, when, with other 
London districts, it sent representatives to the Board of Works. The con- 
nection with what was formerly called Great London has been maintained . 
but the City has not been completely united to the new County of London, 
as in several matters the jurisdiction of the County Council stops at the City 
boundaries. The legal definition of the body generally described as the City 
Corporation is " The Mayor and Commonalty and Citizens of the City 
of London," which consists of the Mayor, 26 Aldermen, and 206 Common 
Councillors. Lord Mayor, Aid. iSir Joseph Dimsdale, M.P. ; Town 
Clerk (Vacant); Chamberlain, Sir W. J. R. Cotton; Remem- 
brancer, Sir P. Goldney; Solicitor, Sir H. Crawford; Secondary, 
T. Vaughan Roderick ; City Surveyor, A. Murray ; Engineer and 
Surveyor, D. J. Ross ; Medical Officer, Dr. W. Collingridge ; 
Medical Officer of Port of London, Dr. H. Williams ; Coroner, Dr. 
F. J. Waldo ; Ldbrarian, C. Welsh ; Director of Art Gallery, A. G. 


Up to 1889 London had no central representative Governing Authority. 
In 1855 the Metropolitan Board of Works was established, and discharged 
certain central municipal duties. It was constituted by members nominated 
by the Vestries, the District Boards, and the City Corporation. Originally 
intended only to look after Main Drainage and a few minor duties, it soon 
extended its duties by taking over the Fire Brigade and the Thames 
Bridges, executing Street Improvements, including the making of the 
Thames Embankment, acquiring and maintaining Parks and Open Spaces, 
and undertaking other works. When the Local Government Board was 
forming the County Government in the country, the opportunity was seized 
of abolishing the Board of Works, some of the members of which were 
proved guilty of corruption, and in its place a really representative Council 
created. London was made a County, and the jurisdiction exercised by the 
county justices of Middlesex, Kent, and Surrey, within the area governed 
by the Metropolitan Board of Works, ceased. For certain purposes the 
Ciity was absorbed with the rest of the Metropolis. The Council consists 
of 118 elected representatives — two from each Parliamentary division and 
four from the City — and 19 Aldermen. The Council election takes place 
in March, every three years. Clerk, G. L. Gomme ; Solicitor, W. A. 
Blaxland ; Architect, W. E. Riley ; Comptroller, H. E. Haward ; Chief 
Engineer, Maurice Fitzmaurice ; Medical Officer, Shirely F. Murphy ; 
Chemist, F. Clowes, D.Sc. ; Chief Officer — Public Control, A. 
Spencer ; Housing Manager, S. G. Burgess ; Statistical Officer, E. J, 
Harper ; Valuer, A. Young ; Technical Education Board Secretary, 
W. Garnett D.CL. ; Tramway Manager, A. Baker; Works Manager 
W Adams. 

* The London Manual (Is. and Is. 6d.: Messrs. Lloyd, Salisbury Square, E.G.) con- 
tains detailed information, extending over 90 pages, of the worn of the London county 
Counoil. Full particulars will also be found in the book relating to the Cir-y Corporation, 
School Board, Borough Counoils, and other public bodies in London, 

Digitized by CjOOQ IC 


Municipal Year Book. 


Total Receipts & Expenditure on Accounts affecting the County 

Rate in the Year Ending the 31st March, 1902 (Estimated). 


Balance at beginning ... 
Exchequer Contributions 
Interest on Loans, &c. ... 


Sundry Fees, Fines, &c. 

Surplus of Debt 


Agricultural Rates Act... 

County Rate : — 
General ... , 

Special ... 




(at 12|d.) 
(at 2|d.) 
(at 15(1.) 



Debt charges — 


Dividends on Stock (less 


Interest on Sundry Lia- 

Income Tax 

Management of Stock 


To Guardians, Ac 

„ Guardians and others out 
of Exchequer Contribu- 

„ Registration of Electors 
,, Main Roads 


Pensions and Superannua- 
tion Fund 

Judicial Expenses 

Main Drainage 

Fire Brigade 


Bridges, Tunnels, and Ferry 


Lunatic Asylums, Ac. 

Industrial Schools 


Weights and Measures 

Other Services 

Technical Education 

Parliamentary and Legal 
Expenses, &c 

Total Expenditure 

Balance at end of year 
O.L.F. Surplus 


























Rates. — The rates levied and the purposes to which they are applied are 
as follow ; — 

1892-93 1893-94 1894-95 1895-96 1896-97 1897-98 1898-99 1899-00 1900-01 

(1) Services of the d. d, d. d. d. d. d. d. d. 

County Council 12*776 13*400 14020 14126 13*690 13*205 15*61 15*57 16*71 

(2) Services of the Lo- 

c a 1 Authorities 

aid out of the 

BSunty Fund ... 3*747 3*670 3*747 3*781 3*668 3732 
Total amount to be met 16*523 17*070 17*767 17*907 17*358 16*937 

3*78 3*78 
18*88 17*89 


Digitized by CjOOQ IC 

London Municipal Government. 13 

Beceipt from the Ex- 1892-93 1893-94 1894-95 1895-96 1896-97 1897-98 1838 99 1899-'00 1900-0 

chequer Contribution 

(licence and probate 

duties, and beer and d. d. d. d. d. d. d. d. d. 

spirit duties) 3865 3746 3259 3*636 3*392 3788 3*409 366 4*31 

Amount of hate 

US7IED 12-500 13-000 14000 15*000 15*000 14*000 14*000 13'50 14*50 

The following is how the rates are distributed among the services of the 
Council : — The Council Debt absorbs over half, viz., 847d.; Main Drainage 
reauires l*57d.; Parks, 0*68d. ; Fire Brigade, 105d. ; Lunacy, 0'64d. ; 
Salaries and Wages, Office Charges, Elections, Parliamentary Expenses, 
and General Administration, 1 *40d. ; Judicial, *51d. ; Technical Education, 
l*J0d. ; Bridges, Woolwich Ferry, &c„ 0*38d. ; and other Departments 
smaller amounts ; while Tramways effect a reduction of rate of # 45d. 

Artisans' Dwellings.— Page 557. Tramways.— Page 522. 


The Metropolitan Asylums Board, consisting of 73 members, of whom 55 
are nominated by the Boards of Guardians and 18 by the Local Government 
Board, is maintaining asylums for imbeciles and hospitals for the treatment 
of patients suffering from infectious diseases, manages eleven fever hospitals, 
including a convalescent hospital, with accommodation for nearly 5,200 
patients, four imbecile asylums with a population of six thousand, hospital- 
ships, and a convalescent hospital for the treatment of 1,400 smallpox cases, 
and maintains an ambulance service for the whole of London. It has also 
a training ship where six hundred boys from workhouses are trained, and it 
has schools where four hundred imbecile children are taught as far as their 
limited intellects will permit. Poor -Law children suffering from 
ophthalmia, contagious diseases of the skin, &c, are also under the care of 
the managers. Chairman, Mr. R. M. Hensley, J. P. ; Clerk, Mr Duncoinbe 


The Thames Conservancy Board is the responsible river and harbour 
authority. Its jurisdiction extends from the estuary of the Thames to the 
source of the river in Gloucestershire. The income of the Board is obtained 
from various tolls, fees, rents, licences, dues, and payments from the Water 
and Canal Companies. 


The New River Company and the East London Water Company take 
water from the Lee. The navigation from London to Hertford is twenty- 
nine miles. The river and its tributaries extend over an area of about 600 
square miles. 

Digitized by CjOOQ IC 


MumAcvpal Year Book. 



Population, 168,896; Rateable Value, 
£1,012,534 ; Abea, 2,169 Acres. 

Batteraeain 1887 established Free 
Public Libraries, Baths and Wash- 
Houses, set up a Dust Destructor, 
built a magnificent Town Hall, 
and ^as carried out a scheme of 
J* un icipal Electric Lighting. Two 
Cemeteries are also under the Coun* 
c "« 9 Aldermen, 54 Councillors. 

Mayor.— Aid. H* Barnes. 

Town Clerk.— W. Marcus Wilkins. 

Borough Surveyor.-^. T. Pilditch, O.E. 

Borough Accountant.— W. H. Ward. 

Medical Officer of Health. — C. F. 
McCleary, M.D. 

Chief Sanitary Inspector.— I. Young. 

Chief Librarian.— Lawrence Inkster. 

Electrical Ehginebr.— H.R. F. Mackay. 


Population, i3u,4«6 ; Rateable Value, 
£874,365 ; Area, 1,506 Acres. 

Two Public Baths and two Public 
Libraries. A big Housing scheme is 
being carried out, and Electric Light 
station has been erected in con- 
junction with a Dust Destructor. 9 
Aldermen, 54 Councillors. 

Mayor— Col. Bevington, V.D., J.P. 

Town Clerk.— F. Ryall. 

Borough Treasurer.— J. Buck man. 

Borough Surveyor.— R. J. Angel. 

Medical Officer.— Dr. R. K. Brown. 

Chief Sanitary Inspector. -H. Thomas. 

Electrical Engineer.— W. H. Vincent. 

Librarians.— J. Fowde and L. Hobbs. 


Population, 129,681 ; Rateable Value, 
£517,922; Area, 755 Acres. 

Public Baths and Wash-Houses 
have been established. A Voluntary 
Free Library exists in the district. 
Electric Lighting scheme being 
carried out. 5 Aldermen, 30 Coun- 

Mayor.— U. E. Fox, J.P. 
Town Clerk and Solicitor.— Robert- 
Voss, Jun. 
Borough AccouNTANT.-Wm. H. Ashmole. 
Borough Surveyor.— F. W. Barratt,F.8.I. 
Medical Officer.— G. P. Bate, M.D. 
Chief Sanitary Inspector.— J. Foot. 


Population, 259,258 ; Rateable Value, 
£1,273,473 ; Area, 4,450 Acres. 

The borough possesses Baths and 
Wash-Houses, six Libraries, Ceme- 

teries, and an Art Gallery. Council 
has decided to purchase the local 
undertaking of the London Electric 
Supply Corporation. 10 Aldermen, 
60 Councillors. 

Mayor.— W. Scott-Scatt, J.P. 

Town Clerk.— C. William Tagg. 

Borough Surveyor.— W. Oxtoby. 

Medical Officer of Health.— F. J. 
Stevens, M.A. 

Accountant.— J. C. Greatrex. 

Head Master and Curator.— W. B. 


Population, 73,842; Rateable Value, 
£799,208; Area, 650 Acres. 

Public Libraries Act adopted in 
1887 and the Public Baths Act in 
1889, and institutions provided. 6 
Aldermen, 36 Councillors. 

Mayor.— Major W. F. Woods. 

Town Clerk.— T. Holland. 

Solicitor.— C. S. Pern ber ton. 

Borough Surveyor.— T. W. E. Higgens, 

Medical Officer of Health and 
Public Analyst.— Louis C. Parkes, M.D. 

Chief Sanitary Inspector.— A. Grant. 

Chief Librarian.— J. H. Quinn. 


Population, 110,388 ; Rateable Value, 
£591,014 ; Area, 1,574 Acres. 

Baths opened in 1898. Three 
ballots taken under the Free 
Libraries Act, but each unsuccess- 
ful. 6 Aldermen, 36 Councillors. 

Mayor.— B. J. Jacobs. 

Town Clerk.— V. Orchard. 

Borough Surveyor.— T. Corfield. 

Borough Accountant.— T. E. Charles. 


Population, 101,476 ; Rateable Value, 
£956,527 ; Area, 588 Acres. 

Libraries established in Clerken- 
well division of the borough, where 
there is a fine new Town Hall. 9 
Aldermen, 54. Councillors. 

Mayor. — E. Howes. 

Town-jQlerk.— G. W. Preston. 

Borough Accountant.— E. T. Hay thorn - 

Borough Surveyor.— P. G. Killick. 

Medical Officer.— G. Newman, M.D. 

Chief Sanitary Inspectob.— W. Green. 


Population, 137,289 ; Rateable Value, 
£677,897 ; Area, 1,701 Acres. 

The Libraries Act adopted in 1886. 
There are two Libraries. Baths now 

Digitized by CjOOQ IC 

London Municipal Oovemment. 


being erected. Electric Light in- 
stalled in 1900. 6 Aldermen, 36 

Ma.yob.-T. Davies. 

Town Clebk and Solicitor.— R. M. 

Borough Surveyor.— Francis Wood, 

Medical Officer.— J. C. Jackson, D.P.H. 
' Borough Treasurer.- R. H. Meyer. 

Chief Librarian.— P. T. Barrett. 


Population, 95,780; Rateable Value 
£531,528 ; Area, 3,837 Acres. 

Baths and Wash-Houses estab- 
lished in 1850. 8 Aldermen, 30 

Mayor.— Ion H. Benn, 

Town Clerk and Solicitor. — P. S. 

Borough Engineer. — E. J. Heward, 

Medical Officer.— Dr. Annis. 

Borough Accountant.— P. D. Keen. 


Population, 219,288 ; Rateable Value, 
£1,122,948 ; Area, 3,299 Acres. 

Public Baths and Wash-Houses 
erected in 1897. Electricity supply 
under municipal control. 10 Alder- 
men, 60 Councillors. 

Mayor.— W. Johnson, J.P. 

Town Clerk.— G. Grocott. 

Borough Engineer. — N. Scorgie, 

Solicitor.— W. A. Williams. 

Medical Officer of Health.— J. King- 
Warry, M.D., D.P.H. 

Treasurer— A. Millie. 

Borough Electrical Engineer.— L. L. 
Robinson, M.I.E.E. 


Population, 112,233 ; Rateable Value, 
£624,348; Area, 2,286 Acres. 

Hammersmith possesses Free 
Public Libraries and Electric Light 
undertaking, and is considering the 
advisability of establishing Baths 
and Wash-Houses. 6 Aldermen, 
36 Councillors. 

Mayor.— T. Chamberlen. 

Town Clerk.— H. Thompson. 

Surveyor.— H. Mair, M.l.C.E. 

Chief Electrician.— G. G. Bell. 

Treasurer.— J. H. Lewis. 
. Accountant.— A. G. Keen. 

Medical Officer of Health.— H". C. 
Collier, L.R.C.P. 

Librarian. — S. Martin. 


Population, 81,942 ; Rateable Value, 
£938,542 ; Area, 2,248 Acres. 

Baths and Wash-Houses, Public 
Libraries and Museums, Electric 
Lighting Works, and a Parochial 
Cemetery have been established. 
7 Aldermen, 42 Councillors. 

Mayor.— Vacant. 

Town Clerk.— A. P. Johnson, M.A. 

Borough Surveyor. — Oliver Winter. 
M.l.C.E. * 

Electrical Engineer.— G. H. Cottam. 

Medical Officer of Health.— H. 
T. Littlejohn, M.B. 

Public Analyst.— A. W. Stokes. 

Chief Librarian.— W. E. Doubleday. 


Population, 59,390; Rateable Value. 
£841,925 ; Area, 409 Acres. 

Public Libraries, and Baths and 
Wash-Houses in operation. The 
borough has a fine Town Hall. 7 
Aldermen, 42 Councillors. 

Mayor— Aid. G. Phillips. 

Town Clerk.— H. 0. Jones. 

Borough Surveyor.- G. Wallace. 

Medical Officer.— W. H. Bond, M.D. 


Population, 334,991 ; Rateable ValuEi 
£1,841,292; Area, 3,109 acres. 

The Council owns three sets of 
Baths and Wash-Houses, which 
are considered to be model institu- 
tions of their kind, and has estab- 
lished Electric Lighting Works. 
10 Aldermen, 60 Councillors. 

Mayor.— W. J. Crump. 

Town Clerk.— W. F. Dewey. 

Borough Treasurer.— A. Towers. 

Solicitor.— A. M. Bramall. 

Borough Surveyor.— J. P. Barber, C.E. 

Medical Officer.— A. E. Harris. 

Electrical Engineer.— A. Gay. 

Superintendent of Public Health 
Department and Chief Sanitary In- 
spector.— J. R. Leggatt. 


Population, 176,623 ; Rateable Value, 
£2,215,9U6; Area, 2,188 Aches. 

Kensington possesses Public 
Baths and Wash-Houses, and Free 
Public Libraries. There are also 
Parochial Cemeteries. 10 Aldermen, 
60 Councillors. 

Mayor.— Sir H. S. King. 

Town Clerk »— W Chambers Leete. 

Digitized by CjOOQ IC 


Municipal Year Book. 

Borough Treasurer.— E. A. Co-nibs, 

Borough Suhvevor.— W. Weaver, C.E., 

Medical Officer of Health.— T. Orme 
Dudneld, M.D. 

Chief Sanitary Inspector.— G.M.Pettit. 

Chief Librarian.— H. Jones. 


Population, 301,895 ; Bateable Value, 
£1,871,081; Area, 4,105 Acres. 

The borough adopted the Public 
Libraries Act in 1886, and has 
erected Baths and Wash- Houses. 
There are eight Library buildings. 
10 Aldermen, 60 Councillors. 

Mayor.— J. White, LL.D. 

Town Clerk.— H. J. Smith. 

Borough Accountant.— J. A. Inglis, 

Borough Surveyor.— H. O. J. Edwards, 

MedicalOfficer.— J.Priestley,B.A.,M.D. 

Chief Sanitary Inspector,— R. Emblin. 

Chief Librarian.— F. J. Burgoyne. 

Superintendent of Public Baths.— J. 


Population, 127,460; Rateable Value, 
£770,662; Area, 7,011 Acres. 

There are Public Baths at Lady- 
well, and Public Libraries at Lewis- 
ham and Forest Hill. 7 Aldermen, 
42 Councillors. 

Mayor.— T. W. Williams, J. P., L.C.C. 

Town Clkrk.— E. Wright. 

Borough Surveyor.— E. Van Putten. 

Meeical Officer.— Dr. A. W. Harris. 

•Borough Accountant.— Henry P. Hall. 


Population, 143,954; Rateable Value. 
£1,4*5,979 ; Area, 1,400 Acres. 

Baths were established in 1874. 
The Public Libraries Acts have not 
been adopted, but there is a Library 
in Kensal Town (Chelsea detached), 
a portion of which district is now 
in Paddington for Borough Council 
purposes. 10 Aldermen, 60 Council- 

Mayor.— Sir John Aird, M.P. 

Town Clerk.— Vacant. 

Borough Accountant.- J. B. Carrington. 

Borough Surveyor.— E. B. B. Nswton, 
A.M.I.C.E., F.S.I. 

Medical Officer of Health.— R. Dud- 
field, M3. 


Population, 168,822 ; Rateable Value, 
£750,934 ; Area, -2,333 Acres. 

Baths have been established at 
JJow, Poplar, and Millwall, and 

Libraries at Bow and Poplar. 
Electricity supply under municipal 
control. 7 Aldermen, 42 Council- 

Mayor.— W. Crooks, C.C. 
Town Clerk.— Leonard Potts. 
Borough Accountant. — W. M. Mead. 
Borough Surveyor.— H. Heckford. 
Medical Officer of Health.— Dr. 
P. W. Alexander. 
Librarian.— H. Rowlatt. 


Population, 133,301 ; Rateable Value, 
£1,679,239 ; Area, 1,506 Acres. 

The borough has Baths and 
Wash-Houses, and has obtained 
power to purchase the local under- 
taking of the Metropolitan Electric 
Supply Company. There are no 
Public Libraries here. 10 Alder- 
men, 60 Councillors. 

Mayor.— E. Boulnois, M.P. 

Town Clerk.— Vacant. 

Borough Surveyor.— J. P. Waddington. 

Medical Officer of Health and 
Public Analyst.— a. W. Btyth, M.R.C.S. 

Accountant.— T. H. Puzey. 


Population, 235,284; Rateable Value 
£1.798,000 ; Area, 2,672 Acres. 

St. Pancras was the first London 
parish to establish Municipal Elec- 
tric Lighting. The Council has a 
Cemetery and Public Baths and 
Wash-Houses. 10 Aldermen, 60 

Mayor.— E. Barnes. 

Town Clerk.— C. H. F. Barrett. 

Borough Accountant.— W. H. Booth. 

Borough Engineer and Surveyor.— W. 
Nisbet Blair, M.I.O.E. 

Medical Officer.-^. F. J. Sykes, M.D. 

Chief Electrical Engineer. — S. W. 
Baynes. M.I E.E. 


Population, 118,705 ; Rateable Value, 
£773,710; Area, 648 Acres. 

Municipal Electric Lighting 
Works, with which are combined 
a Dust Destructor, were opened in 
1897, and Baths and Wash-Houses 
were ojjened in 1900. The Council 
maintains a Municipal Technical 
School and Libraries. Artisans' 
Dwellings have been erected. 7 
Aldermen, 42 Councillors. 

Mayor.— E. Gates. 

Town Clerk, and Solicitor. — H. M. 
Robinson, LL.D. 

Digitized by CjOOQ IC 

London Municipal Government. 


Assistant Solicitor.— G. 8. Walton. 

Borough Treasurer,— E. A. E. Adams. 

Borough Surveyor. — J. Bash D^xon, 

Electrical Engineer.— C. Newton Bus- 

Medical Officer of Health.— L. T. P. 
Bryett, M.D. 

Borough Analyst.— T. Stevenson, M.D. 

Chief Librarian.— W. 0. Plant. 

Population, 206,128 ; Rateable Value, 
£1,255,155 ; Area, 1,119 Acres. 

There are two sets of Public Baths 
and Wash- Houses and four Public 
Libraries in the borough. Newington 
has an Electric Lighting scheme in 
operation, and St. Saviour's district 
owns a Market. 10 Aldermen, 60 

Mayor.— P. Redman, J.P. 

Town Clerk.— J. A. Johnson. 

Borough Accountant.— 0. H. Patterson, 

Borough Surveyor. — A. Harrison, 

Medical Officer.— G. Millson, L.B.C.P., 

Librarians.— H. D. Boberts, E. Beels, T. 
Aldred, B. W. Mould. 


Population, 293,543; rateable Value, 
£1,415,412 ; Area, 1,764 Acres. 

The Baths and Libraries Acts are 
in force throughout the borough. 
Electric Light Works were estab- 
lished in Whitechapel, and the new 
Council is extending the mains 
throughout the borough. 10 Alder- 
men, 60 Councillors. 

Mayor.— E. Mann. 

Town Clerk.— G. W. Clarke, A.K.C. 

Solicitor.— S. Cheater. 

Borough Surveyor.— M. W. Jameson. 

Accountant.— H. Carter. 

Medical Officer.— D. L. Thomas. 

Electrical Engineer.— W. C. P. Tapper. 

Population, 51,247; Rateable Value, 
£322,632; Area, 868 Acres. 

The borough has a Free Public 
Library, but no Baths. Electric 
Lighting powers are in municipal 
hands. Arrangements are being 
made for a supply of current in 
bulk by a neighbouring borough. 
5 Aldermen, 30 Councillors. 

Mayor.— W. Eve. 

Town Clerk.— G>. Webb. 

Borough Accountant.— G-eo. T. J. Willis. 

Medical Officer of Health and Public 
Analyst.— H. R. Kenwood, M.B., L.B.C.P. 

Borough Surveyor.— W. F. Loveday. 

Librarian.— G-. Preece. 


Population, 232,032 ; I.'ueable Value, 
£1,527,029; Area, 9,106 A cues. 

The Baths Acts are in force in 
Wandsworth, Claphain, and Streat- 
x ham, and the Burial and Libraries 
Acts in these parishes and in Putney. 
New Baths nave just been erected 
at Wandsworth. 10 Aldermen, 60 

Mayor.— W. J. Lancaster, J.P. 

Town Clerk.— H. Gk Hills. 

Borough Accountant.— C. F. Richards. 

Borough Solicitor.— W. W. Young. 

Surveyors.— Eastern District: H. J. 
Marten. Western District : P. Dodd. 

Medical Officer of Health.— P. C. 

Librarians.— Claph am : J. E. Welch. 
Streatham: T. Everatt. Putney: C. W. 
Tweney. Wandsworth : C. T. Davis. 


Population, 182,977 ; Rateable Value, 
£5,423,000; Area, 2,555 Acres. 

There are Baths in St. Martin's, 
Westminster, St. James 5 , and St. 
George's ; Public Libraries at West- 
minster, St. George's, and St. Mar- 
tin's. The Burial Acts have been 
adopted in Westminster and St. 
George's. The St. Martin's Town 
Hall is being extended, and will be 
the municipal headquarters of the 
city. 10 Aldermen, 60 Councillors. 

Mayor.— Lieut.-Ool. Probyn, J.P., C.C. 

Town Clerk.— John Hunt. 

Assistant Clerk.— T. H. Munsey. 

City Engineer.— W. H. Bradley, M.I.C.E. 

City Comptroller.— L. Woodhouse. 

City Valuer.— J. E. Smith. 

Medical Officer.— P. J. Allen, M.D. 


Population, 117,178 ; Rateable Value, 
£62t>,201 ; Area, 8,296 Acres. 

There are Baths, Library, and 
Cemetery at Woolwich. Plans are 
being prepared for Public Baths and 
Libraries for Plumstead. A Pro- 
visional Order for Electric Lighting 
has been obtained for Plumstead, 
and a station is in course of con- 
struction. Markets at Woolwich. 
6 Aldermen, 36 Councillors. 

Mayor.— J. J. Messent. 

Town Clerk& Solicitor.-A. B. Bryceaon. 

Borough Accountant.— A. Thomas. 

Borough Surveyor. — F. Sumner, 

Medical Officer.— Dr. S. Da vies. 

Electrical Engineer.— J. B. Mitchell, 

Chief Librarian.— H. Bond. 

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iftutttopal Government in ^nglanti. 

THE government of the Municipal Boroughs in England and Wales is 
regulated constitutionally by the Municipal Corporations Act of 1882. This 
measure amended the original Act of 1835, and consolidated the numerous 
amending Acts passed during the intervening period. The Act applies only to 
incorporated boroughs, and charters of incorporation are granted to towns by 
the Privy Council following on the presentation of a petition to the Queen 
and the holding of a local enquiry. Until 1835 there were no Municipal 
Corporations as we now understand them. Towns held charters and enjoyed 
privileges granted by the ruling monarchs from early times, and might 
loosely be designated incorporated boroughs. The first town to receive a 
Municipal Corporation was Kingston-upon-Hull, in 1439. Plymouth was in- 
corporated by Act of Parliament in the same year. The Reform Act of 1835 
dealt with 178 corporations, which were at once brought under the Act. 
Other towns soon changed their unref ormed governing bodies and accepted 
the Municipal Corporations Act. Some old corporations did not voluntarily 
extinguish themselves, and an Act was passed in 1883 which provided for 
the abolition of all unreformed authorities by March, 1896. During the 
reign of Queen Victoria 134 charters of incorporation were granted. Every 
year one or more towns are incorporated. In the following pages we deal 
with the work of 313 Municipal Boroughs — including Douglas in the Isle of 


The Municipal Boroughs are governed by Councils in which the burgesses 
or citizens are represented by from nine to seventy-eight members. The 
Aldermen, who are appointed by the Council, shall not number more than one- 
third of the Councillors Practically all householders and owners or occupiers 
of property (including unmarried women) vote for Town Councils if they live 
in the Dorough or within seven miles of it. Anyone qualified to vote may be 
elected as a Councillor, and also anyone who lives beyond the seven miles 
voting radius but within fifteen miles of the borough. Women are not 
eligible as members. Councillors are elected for three years, Aldermen for 
six years, and the Mayors annually. The Mayor and the last ex-Mayor of a 
borough are justices. 

While the Municipal Corporation Act controls the organisation and 
management of the Town Councils, other Acts affect their administrative 
work, the most important of which are the Public Health Acts. Outside 
everything that relates to public health, cleansing, scavenging, street 
maintenance, drainage, sewage disposal, execution of the Weights and 
Measures Act, the lood and Drugs Adulteration Acts, and other exe- 
cutive duties, there is no uniformity as to the extent of municipal work 
carried on in different towns and in the method of its execution. Both 
depend on local needs and local enterprise. The application of many of 
the Acts affecting town government is optional. In the case of the large 
towns the requirements under General Acts have been supplemented in 
many cases by powers under Local Acts. 

There are several grades of Municipal Boroughs. The highest form of 
government and the most complete local autonomy are secured by the 

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Municipal Government in England. 


County Boroughs. They are entirely independent of the county authorities, 
although as a rule the County Borough is under the jurisdiction of the 
County Sheriff, and, unless it has a separate Court of Quarter Sessions, is 
connected with the County Assizes. As a rule the County Boroughs main- 
tain the Lunatic Asylums, although sometimes a combination with the 
County is found advantageous. They receive all Government Grants and 
are the authorities for Technical Education. 

Some towns which are not County Boroughs have separate Courts of 
Quarter Sessions as well as Commissions of the Peace, and maintain 
Lunatic Asylums and Quarter Sessions. Boroughs with more than 10,000 
population have powers relating to Reformatory and Industrial Schools, 
Explosives, &c, which are not enjoyed by a lower grade of boroughs. 

All except the smallest towns — particularly the new towns — have separate 
Commissions of the Peace, which liberates them to some extent from the 
jurisdiction of the county justices, and enables the justices in every 
borough to become the licensing authority for liquor licences. 

A town which has a population of over 10,000 carries out as a rule the 
Weights and Measures Act, the Adulteration Acts, and the Diseases of 
Animals Act. 

Diversity exists in the matter of Police. Several County Boroughs have 
not control of their Police, while some towns of a few thousand inhabitants 
have municipal Police. 

The Police in the following boroughs are under the control of uhe county 
authorities. Those with (*) had Borough Police until the passing of the 
Local Government Act, 1888. The Metropolitan Police serves the Boroughs 
of Croydon, Kingston-on-Thames, Richmond, and West Ham. 



# Abingdon 











Bishop's Castle 








Brig ho use 





Bury St. Edmund 






Chelmsford . 




Chipping Norton 


Chris tchurch 



































Higham Ferrers 
























Lyme Begis 

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Municipal Year Book. 















•Newport (I. of W.) 

New Bomney 










Retford (East) 





Saffron Walden 

»St. Ives (Cornwall) 

St. Ives (Hun to.) 





South Molton 








Sutton Coldfleld 










•Torrington (Great) 









West Bromwlch 

West Hartlepool 











The Great Towns of England and Wales, so-called by the Registrar- 
General, are 33 in number and include London. Roughly speaking, they 
are towns which have more than 100,000 population, but in some cases the 
population falls below that figure, and several towns which are not 
officially designated "great" have now as many inhabitants as others 
which are in the list of 33. Just as all "Great Towns" are not Cities, 
all Cities are not Great Towns. The highest dignity is " County of City," 
followed by Cities, then "Counties of Towns" as follows : — 

Counties of Cities. — Bristol, Canterbury, Chester, Exeter, Gloucester, 
Lichfield, Lincoln, London, Newcastle, Norwich, Nottingham, Worcester, 

Cities. — Bath, Bangor, Birmingham, Bradford, Carlisle, Coventry, 
Chichester, Durham, Hereford, Hull, Leeds, Liverpool, Manchester, 
Oxford, Peterborough, St. Albans, Ripon, Rochester, Salisbury, Sheffield, 
Truro, Wakefield, Wells, Winchester. Cities are not always towns which 
are the seats of Cathedrals. Modern towns, such as Birmingham and 
Leeds, have been created cities without reference to their ecclesiastical posi- 
tion or history. 

Counties of Towns. — Berwick, Carmarthen, Haverfordwest, Poole, 

Gbeat Towns. — Birkenhead, Birmingham, Blackburn, Bolton, Bradford 
Brighton, Bristol, Burnley, Cardiff, Croydon, Derby, Gateshead. Halifax, 
Huddersfield, Hull, Leeds, Leicester, Liverpool, Manchester, Newcastle- 
upon-Tvne, Norwich, Nottingham, Oldham, Plymouth, Portsmouth, Preston, 
Salford, Sheffield, Swansea, Sunderland, West Ham, Wolverhampton. 
The Great Towns, it will be understood, are all County Boroughs, and 
have charge of their Police. 

The town of Haverfordwest has a Lord Lieutenant, and Oxford has a 
Sheriff. The most recent towns to receive charters of incorporation were 
Hove, Abergavenny, Bridlington, Dukinfield, Leigh (Lanes.), Pudsey, 
Smcthwick, and Swindon. 

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Population, 7,555 : Rateable Value. £26,800 ; Abea,=2,060 Acres. 
Aberavon was incorporated in 1861. It had received royal recognition and 
the privileges of a borough since the reign of Edward III. The Corpora- 
tion owns the Gas and Water Supplies and Markets and Slaughter-Houses. 

Gas.— Page 456. were £936. There was a bal- 

Markets. — The receipts from the ance after meeting all maintenance 

Markets and Slaughter-Houses for of £346 ; £261 was, paid in interest. 

the year ending 31st March, 1901, Water. — Page 420. 


Mayor.— J. H. Williams. Town Clerk.— M. Tennant. 

Aldermen.-W. Williams, H. J. Stokes, S~™b^W^«^VSS^« 

J. H. Williams, Jnc Phillips. Roderick water engineer. Jas. 

Councillors. —T. A. Burgess, T. D. Evans, Collector of Rates.— John John. 

G. Clarke, W. Williams, John Davies, F. E. Inspector of Nuisances.— W. E. Evans. 

Perry, Henry Jones, Timothy Owen, Aaron Market Inspector.— W. Pearce. 

James. Gas Manager.— Ar. Bond. 


Population, 7,795; Rateable Value, £34,500. 

Abergavenny is a market-town, with collieries and iron works in the 
neighbourhood. The gas supply, which was inaugurated in 1854, is owned 
by the Corporation, which also supplies the parishes of Abergavenny, 
Llantillio, Fertholey, and Llanf oist. 


Mayor.— Alderman J. G. Thomas. Town Clerk.— J. T. Rutherford. 

Aldermen.— W. Williams, J. Cf. Thomas, Borough Surveyor.— J. Haigh. 

H. O. Evans, E. Foster. Medical Officer of Health.— W. D 

CouNCiLLORS.-nJ. H. G. Harris, W. D. Steel. 

Woodward, Q-. Evans, Z. Wheatlev, J. Inspector of Nuisances.— J Haigh. 

Straker, T. Delafield, W. H. Gwatkin, P. H. Collector.— H. G-. Restall. 

Price, L. Davis, J. Nesbitt, P. E. Paton, Gas Manager.— S. Cross. 

J. O. Gwatkin. Treasurer.— D. H. James. 


Populatign, 8,005 ; Rateable Value, £32,285 ; Area, 845 Acres. 

Although Aberystwith has old privileges it was not incorporated as a 
Municipal Borough until the passing of the Municipal Corporations Act, 
The Town Council has control of the Water Supply and is the Harbour 
Authority. It has provided a beautiful promenade of over half a mile in 
length, and a pier. It discharges the functions of a Burial Board, main- 
taining a Public Cemetery. The water Supply comes from Mount Plin- 
Jimmon, and is of the purest quality. It was introduced at a cost of 

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L'2 Municipal Year Book. 

£20,000. Electric Lighting is in the hands of a company. The total 
expenditure for Corporation as such and as Urban District Council is 
£8,500 a year. 

Water.— Page 420. 


Mayor.— Richard Jenkin Jones. Town Clerk.— A. J. Hughes. 

Aldermen.— Peter Jones, W. H. Palmer, Clerk to the Magistrates. — Hugh 

Edward Price Wynne, David Roberts. Hughes. 

Councillors.- R. J. Jones, John Jenkins, Medical Officer.— Abraham Thomas. 

E. H. James, Robert Feake, J. P. Thomas, Borough Surveyor.— Rees Jones. 

Thomas James Samnel, Thomas Ellis Sal- Borough Accountant.— H. L. Evans, 

mon, John Thomas Davies, George Fossett Treasurer.— R. H. Morgan. 

Robert s.William Thomas, Robert Doughton. Inspector of Nuisances.- James Evans. 


Population 6,480; Rateable Value, £33,587; Area, 730 Acres. 

Abingdon was incorporated by charter in 1555, and was reconstructed on 
the passing of the Municipal Corporations Act in 1835, received Quarter 
Sessions in the following year, and was extended in 1890. 

The Corporation maintains its Water Supply, Sewage Farm, Allotments, 
a Corn Exchange, Cattle Market, and Free Library. 

Water.— Page 421. 


Mayor. —J. T. Morland. Borough Treasurer.— I. Westcombe. 

Aldermen.— A. H. Simpson, E. L. Shep- Borough Accountant.— A. E. Preston, 

herd, J. Harris. Clerk of the Market.— T. Faulkener. 

Councillors.— P. Legge, R. Hore, J. B. Officers of the Urban District 

King, J. Ivey, J. G. West, W. G. Payne, H. Council.— Clerk : B. Challenor. Medical 

J. Clarke, H. S. Challem, J. E. A. tiottrell, Officer of Health : W. T. G. Woodforde, 

C. Coombs, and G. H. Morland. M.D. 

Lord High Steward.— The Rt. Hon. the Surveyor and Engineer.— G. Winship. 

Earl of Abingdon. District Rate Collector.— A.E.Preston. 

Town Clerk.— B. Challenor. Librarian.— P. Wicks. 

Clerk to the Justices.— W. J. Sedge- Clerk to Technical Education Com. 

field. mittee.— A. J. Shirley. 

Recorder.— W. H. Nash. 


Population, 43,122 ; Rateable Value, £170,108 10a. ; Area, 3,426 Acres. 

ACCRINGTON was placed under a Local Board in 1853, when it had about 
11,000 population. A charter of incorporation was obtained in 1878. The 
Cemetery was acquired in 1864, Markets opened in 1869, a Commission of 
the Peace granted in 1880, the Corporation Tramways Act passed in 1882, 
the old townships united in 1878, and Abattoirs opened in 1891. Accrington 
joins with Church in forming a Sewerage Board, and entered into an agree- 
ment with the Local Boards of Rishton, Clayton-le-Moors, Great Harwood, 
and Church in 1893 for the purchase of the Accrington Gas and Water 

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Municipal Year Book. 


Works. The Town Council has erected a Technical School, has a provisional 
order for Electric Lighting, has now erected an Electric Lighting Station, 
and in the Sanitary Department is just now displacing the pail system 
for the water-carriage system, and has erected Refuse Destructors. 

Baths. — Total admissions to the 
baths last year, 24,055. Charges, 
Id. to Is. Receipts, £437 ; expen- 
diture, £452, including interest and 
loans ; loss, £15. 

Cemeteries.— Fees and other 
receipts last year, £979; pay- 
ments, including £129 loan charges 
and interest, £912. 

Electric Lighting.— Page 497. 

Gas.— Page 457. 

Markets. — The capital outlay 
on markets up to last year was 
£28,692, the debt then outstanding 
being £11,304. The tolls, rents, and 
other receipts for the year ending 
31st March, 1901, were £3,439 ; ex- 
penditure, £2,698, including £480 
interest and loan charges. 

Refuse and Sewage Disposal. 
— Refuse is destroyed at the town's 
destructors and the sewage is dealt 
with at the Sewage Works at Coppy 
Clough, which are controlled by a 
JointBoardof Accringtonand Church. 

Slaughter - Houses. — Rentals 
and tolls last year, £400 ; expendi- 
ture, including £462 interest and 
loan charges, £790. 

Technical Education. — The 
Town Council has spent £12,900 in 
erecting a new technical school. 
There are art, science, and techno- 
logical departments, and a continu- 
ation school. A penny rate — £680 
— is levied in support of the school ; 
£401 is received from the County 
Council ; £631 in fees; £1,706 (from 
Government) in grants, &c. The 
total expenditure is £3,934. 

Telephones.— Page 410. 

Water.— Page 421. 

General Statistics. — Rates : 
Borough Rate, Is. Id. ; General 
District Rate, 3s. lOd. ; Poor rate, 
Is. 5d. Total rates, 6s. 4d. Debt 
outstanding, £259,801. Cost of 
Police, £4,467 ; Fire Brigade, £379 ; 
Lighting, £2,431; Highways, £2,800 ; 
Hospital, £132 ; Scavenging, £1,425 ; 
Health and Cleansing, £3,139. 


Mayor.— James Cunliffe. 

Aldermen.— T. Hindle, F. N; Haywood, 
WilliamsonLee, T.Whittaker, T.Broughton, 
John Duckworth, James Duckworth, Wm. 
H. Bawson. 

Councillors.— H. Ramsbottom, T. E. 
Nuttall, J. W. Cunliffe, R. Walker, G. N. 
Slinger, J. E. Haworth, J. E. Bunting, D. C. 
Dewhnrst, J. S. Higham, J. H. Critchley, 
Gk W. Pickup, T. Crooshaw. J. C. Lupton, 
Wm. Lupton, Wm. Grace, J. Waddington, 
John Harwood, Edwin Welch, Arthur Smith 
Bury, James Briggs, D. L. Sprake, T. E. 
Higham, James Whittaker. 

Town Clerk and Clerk to the Urban 

Sanitary Authority and the Burial 
Board.— A. H. Aitken, Solicitor. 

Treasurer.— R. H. Rowland. 

Medical Officer. — A. Greenhalgh, 
M.B., D.P.H. 

Surveyor.— W. J. Newton, A.M.I.CE. 

Chief Constable.— J. Beattie. 

Account akt.— J. Beckett, P.S.A.A. 

Inspector of Nuisances.— R. Diggle. 

Superintendent o Pire Brigade.— 
J. Barnes. 

Secretary to Technical School.— J. 
Rhodes, P.E.S. 

Electrical Engineer. — H. Gray, 
M.I E.E. 

Borough Librarian.— J. W. Singleton. 


Population, 2,405 ; Rateable Value, £9,271 ; Area, 1,972 Acres. 
ALDEBURGH, which held a number of charters from kings, was Incor- 
porated in 1885. The Corporation owns property, marsh lands, which 
hist year brought in a revenue of £424. Kef use removed to tips. The 
General District Bate in 4s., and total local expen<iiture £1,508. 


Digitized by CjOOQ IC 

24 Municipal Tear Book. 


Mayor.— G. H. Garrett. Starling, D. J. Beatton, H. Haken, W. 

Deputy MAVOB.-W H Hall. ^"oLbk.-H. C. 0«l«y. 

Aldermen.— W. H.Hall, J.G.Anderson, Medical Officer of Health.— Dr. B. 

J. Flintham G. B. Block. b. Wrightson. 

Councillors. — G. O. Knowlea, E. W. Surveyor and Inspector of Nuisances. 

8carlett, 8. W. Smyth, J. Fisher, H. Baaham, —J. 0. Gordon. 

Q. H. Garrett Cf. A. Ward, A. Reading, H. School Attendance Officer. -B. Ash 


Population, 6,509 ; Rateable Value, £27,096 ; Area, 8,662 Acres. 
Andover is an ancient town and was governed nnder old charters until 
the passing of the Municipal Corporations Act. The municipal assets con- 
sist mainly of a treasured Common Acre, which has been a recreation 
ground since the Middle Ages, Water Works, and a Cemetery. The rates 
*re 5s. 6d. in the £, which' include charge for water. 

Water.— Page 421. 

Mayor.— Alderman H. Sherwood. and Library Committees, and Clerk to 

Aldermen.-C. J. Phillips, P. Ponting, the Water Works and Burial Board 
H. Edwards, H. Sherwood. Authorities.-!?. E. Longman. 

n.jww»™ B ,u. u««u Medical Officer of Health.— Dr.E. A, 

Councillors. — G. Dugey, W. Turner, p arr 
S. G. Footner, W. 0. McLoughlin, J. F. Treasurer.— F. S. Shaw. 

? il i. e ^» 5' S^T^S 8, B - T Pond iJ ^*^ ge » Surveyor, &C.-B. W. Knapp. 

S. Bell, E. Chamberlain, J. Lee, F. C. Ellen. Ratk Collector— W. F. Wear. 

Town Clerk, Clerk to Urban District Registrar Burial Board Authority.— 

Council, Clerk to School Attendance P. E. J. Talbot. 


Population, 1,764 ; Rateable Value, £9,700 ; Abea, 1,852 Acres. 
Appleby was incorporated on modern lines in 1885, but it had received 
charters from at least ten monarchs. The original charter cannot be 
found, so that the date of the town's corporate history cannot be fixed, but 
that it was before the reign of Henry II. is evidenced by a grant by that 
sovereign in 1179 to his Burgesses of Appleby, of similar privileges to 
those granted to his Burgesses of York. This grant, with a number of 
subsequent charters granted by succeeding sovereigns, is in the possession 
of the Corporation. The Corporation owns the Water Supply and the 
Markets. Gas is supplied by a company. Total local expenditure under 
the Town Council and Urban District Council, £2,509. 


Mayor.— E. A. Heelis. Rigg, R. Slinger, D. Steadman, W. A. 

Aldermen.— J. P. Shepherd, R. Warton, Webber, S. Wood. 
J. Graham, E. A. HeeliB. Town Clerk.— W. Hewitson. 

Councillors. — J. Alderson, J. L. Bert- Treasurer.— J. Hanson, 

whistle, F. Chatfield, W. Dixon, J. L. Surveyor.— F. T. Balmer. 

Forbes, C. BL. Moordaff, T. Nixon. J. S. Medical Officer.— R. M. Craven. 


Population, 2,733 ; Rateable Value. £11,528 ; Area, 1,968 Acres. 
The town received a charter of incorporation from Elizabeth and its 
historic importance enabled it to become a borough under the Municipal^ 

Digitized by CjOOQ IC 

Municipal Year Book. 25 

Act of 1835. The Town Council acts as the Burial Board ; it maintains 
Markets, and receives an income of between £400 and £500 a year from 
rents. Expenditure under the Borough Fund of Urban District Council, 
£2,000 a year. 


Mayor.— Charles Bartlett. Town Clerk and Olebk to District 

Aldermen.— G. T. Evershed, A. Hering- Council and Magistrates.— R. Holmes. 

ton, C. Bartlett, D. P. Osborne. Treasurer.— E. Henty. 

Councillors.— A. Burrell, G. Buroher, Surveyor and Inspector.— B. F. Far- 

J. Hare. J. Smith, R. H. Whittaker, J. rin^tou. 

Banks, M.M. Loudon, O. Bovra, W. Glossop, Medical Officer.— Dr. C. Kelly. 

G. Pocock, H. C. Bulbeck. School Attendance Officer,— W.Searle. 


Population, 43,*90; Rateable Value, £157,664; Area, 1,340 Acres. 
Ashton was organised on a modern basis in 1849, but had previously been 
a Municipal Borough by royal charter. The Town Council maintains 
Markets. It joins with Stalybridge, Dukinfield, Mossley, and Hurst in 
providing the district with Water. Gas is supplied by a company. Refuse 
destroyed by a destructor. 

Electric Lighting.— -Page 480. Water.— Page 421. 
Tramways.— Page 536. 


Mayor.— J. B. Pownall. Medical Officer of Health and Sur- 

Aldermen. — T. Heginbobtom, J. S. oeon to the Police Force. — W. H. 

Hilton, O. Hulme, W. Andrew, A. W. Hughes, M.R.O.S., L.8.A. 

Biddall, C. H. Waterhouse, A. Shaw. Clerk to the Justices.— C. H. Booth. 

Councillors.— J. Andrew, E. C. Bain- Comptroller, Registrar of Stock, &c. 

bridge, A. Board man, T. Catlow, R. A. —John Neal. 

Barrett, J. H. Fletcher, M. L. Hall, W. Surveyor.— John Thomas Earnshaw. 

Kelsall, A. Park, Q. Pearson, J. J. Phillips, Chief Constable and Superintendent 

J. W. Pollitt, J. B. Pownall, J. Whitehead, of the Firk Brigade.— John 3nell. 

W.-A. Yoxall, Edwin Barlow. R. S. Oldham, Director of Technical Instruction 

F. Keyner, E. B. Heap, H. Shaw, J. Wilson and Chief Librarian.— D. H. Wade. 

(Delamere Street), J. Wilson (Gloucester Sanitary Superintendent.— T. Potter. 

Place), W. Newton, Thos. Hal lam. Superintendent of Markets and Light- 
Town Clerr.— F. W. Bromley. ing.— J. Radcliffe. 
Treasurer.— J. Neal. Electrical Engineer.— N. Appelbee. 


Population, 22,505 ; Rateable Value, £83,104 ; Area, 6,083 Acres. 
Bacup was incorporated in 1882. The Corporation is a particularly active 
l>ody, and owns the Water Supply, Markets, Baths and Wash-Houses, 
Recreation Grounds, and Cemeteries. The Gas is supplied by a private 
company. The Corporation maintains the Police in the borough at a 
30st of £2,600 a year, towards which £1,100 is received from the Exchequer 
Contribution Account. The Public Libraries Act has not been adopted. 
The value of the corporate property owned by the Corporation is £130,000. 

Baths and Wash - Houses. — Markets.— The markets are a 

income last year, £302 ; expcndi- profitable enterprise, the income 

tare, £607. being £577, and the total expenditure 

Cemeteries.— Income, £562 > ex- £311. The balance went to the 

penditure, £711, relief of the rates. 

D 2 

Digitized by CjOOQ IC 


Municipal Year Book. 

Refuse.— The refuse is deposited 
on the Corporation farm, and the 
sewage is treated at the outfall 
works belonging to a Joint Board. 

Water.— Page 421. 

General Statistics. — Rates : 

Municipal, 9|d. in the £ ; District, 
2s. 9d. mthe£ ; School Board, md. 
in the £ ; Poor, Is. 4fd. The 
income from the Borough Rate 
is £6,700, and from the General Dis- 
trict Rate £10,460. 


Mayob.— Alderman J. H. Maden, J. P. 

Aldermen. — I). Greenwood, J.l\, GK 
Shepherd, J.P., J. H. Maden, J.P., E. 
Hardman. Ben Smith, J. Astley. 

Councillors.— J. J. Aked, T. Smith, J. 
Collinge, J. Cropper, J. Craven Hoyle, J. 
A. Law, J. Howorth, E. Lord, J. Heys, 
W. Aekroyd, J. H. Hoyle, D. Lord, J. 
Mawdsley, K. Stewart, J. Crabtree, J. 
Brierley, tJ. Brierley, J. Worswick. 

Town Clerk.— A. Blasdale Clarke. 

Treasurer.— J. H. Eastwood. 

Surveyor.— P. Wood, A.M.I.C.E., F.G.S. 

Borough Accountant.— A. J. Boden. 

Medical Officer of Health.— J. Brown, 
M.D., 1>.P.H. 

Chief Constable.— J. Harland. 

District Bate Collector.— J. Lord. 

Inspector of Nuisances.— T. Mooney. 

Water Bate Collector. —B. W. Hartley. 

Market Inspector.— J. H. Bain. 

Inspector of Weights and Measures.— 
J. Harland. 

Police Surgeon.— W. B. Barclay, 

Veterinary Inspector.— W. D. Simpson, 

Analyst.— C. Estcourt, P.C.8. (Man- 

Secretary Technical Instruction.— 
Wilson Greenwood. 


Population, 12,967; Rateable Value, £62,128; Area, 4,634 Acres. 
Banbury dates from the reign of Queen Mary. In 1889 the boundaries of 
the borough were extended, and now include the Urban Sanitary District, 
and the township of Neithrop and parish of Grimsbury. Neithrop and 
Grimsbury were in the Urban Sanitary District before the extension of the 
borough. When the borough was extended, it was made co-extensive with 
the Urban Sanitary District. 

The Corporation possesses a considerable amount of corporate estate, 
which brought in a revenue last year of £o35. It maintains Markets, 
Public Baths, a Cemetery, and a Hospital. The sewage is disposed of by 
irrigation, and the town's refuse is burnt as fuel for the sewage pumping 

The income to the District Fund from a farm and two sets of allotments 
was £3,284. The Corporation maintains the Police and the Fire Brigade. 

Statistics. —General District 
Rate, 2s. 8d. in £; Borough Rate,9d. 
in £ ; Borough Expenditure, £3,540; 
Administration of Justice, £317 ; 
Sewage Work* Firm, and Repairs of 

Roads and Highways, £6,371 ; Sca- 
venging, £629; Public Lighting, 
£724 ; Allotments, £179 ; Sewerage 
Works, £13 ; Cemetery Expendi- 
ture, £307. Outstanding Loans, 

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Mvmicipal Tear Book. 27 


Mayor.— Wm. Ja*. Bloxham. High Steward.— The Rt. Hon. the Earl 

Aldermen.— J. P. Barford, W. Dench- of Jersey. 

ftVld. W. Lake, H. B. Webb, J. Mawle, P. S. Town Clerk.— O. J. Stockton. 

Edmunds. Recorder.— The Rt. Hon. A. S. Hill.K.C. 

Councillors. — A. Fairfax, W. Palmer, Surveyor. — N. H. Dawson. 

W. L. Whitehorn, W. H. Walkley, W. J. Medical Officerof Health.— I. Griffin. 

Bloxhanv W. R. Cooper, H. J. Cooke, Inspector of Nuisances.— 1. Wright. 

J. J. Chard, J. Grant, H. R. F. Brooks, Borough Account aht. — T. Edwin D. 

F. S. Collinge. R. H. G-ibbs.T O. Hankinson. Garrett. 

J. Picton, A. Boulton, J. W. Bloomfield, and Collector of Rates.— E. H. Sellers, 
one seat vacant. 


Population, 11,269; Rateable Value, £39,9L1 10s. ; Area, 1,208 Acres. 
Bangor got its Corporation in 1883, up to which time from 1850 it was 
under a Local Board of Health. This authority municipalised the Gas 
and Water Supplies at a cost of £70,000 in 1878, and Electric Light Works 
were established in 1890. The Town Council maintains a Free Library. 
A scheme is being considered for the erection of Workmen's Cottages, and 
plots of land have been purchased. Dust Destructor (Messrs. Meldrum 
Bros.) in course of erection. Cost of local administration : Town Council 
last year, £8,370 ; Urban District expenditure, £21,117. 

Artisans' Dwellings.— P. 565. Water.— Page 421. 

Gas.— Page 457. Electric Lighting.— Page 480. 


Mayor.— Alderman Henry Lewis, J.P. Deputy Town Clerk.— J. A. Rodway. 

Aldermen.— T. Lewis, J.P., H. Savage, Trtcasttuku _w Pn<rhA t p 

John Evan Roberts, J.P., Henry Grey- Treasurer -W. Pughe, J.P. 

Edwards, Hugh Hughes. Borough Accountant.— E. Smith Owen. 

Councillors.— W. Bayne, W. A. Poster, Surveyor and Manager op Water 

B. Jones, W. P. Matthews, R. Williams, J. Works.— J. Gill, C.E. 

Williams, T. G. Williams, T. J. Williams, Manager of Gas Works.— J. Smith. 

David Owen, O.R. Hughes, David Williams, Electrical Engineer.— Price Pfoulkes 

B. LangforU Jones, E. O. Price, W. H. White. 

Rowland, Owen Owen, R. Jones Roberts, Medical Officer.— P. Fraser 

W. Earn s. Inspector.— W. H. Worrall. 

Town Clerk.— W. H. Rowland. Rate Collector.— R. Thomas. 


Population, 41,086; Rateable Value, £135,064; Area, 2,386 Acres. 
BARNSLEY was incorporated in 1869, and was granted a separate Commis- 
sion of the Peace in 1895. The Town Council maintains Markets, the 
income from which last year was £3,798, and the expenditure £1,920; the 
pro6t goes in relief of rates. It also supplies Water, and acts as Burial 
Board. It maintains Free Libraries, Baths, Infectious Diseases Hospitals, 
and the Harvey Institute. 

Expenditure' of General District Fund, £33,402 ; Borough Fund, £7,055 ; 
Library, £576 ; Baths, £479 ; Hospitals, £3,423. 

Electric Lighting.— Page 480. Water.— Page 421. 
Telephones. — Page 410. 

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28 Municipal Tear Book. 


Mayor.— John Fletcher Home. 

Aldermen.— E. R. Taylor, W. E. Raley, 
William Woodcock. Charles Wray, R. W. 
Holden, Thos. Wilkinson. 

Councillors.— W. Foulstone, W. Parrctt. 
H. J. Broomhall, H. J. Wells, F. Goodyear, 
8. Wheatley, W. Atkinson, H. Smallwood, 
J. H. Cotterill, J. Charlesworth, M. Ken- 
worthy, H. Brady, J. F. Home, B. J. F. 
Rideal. R. D. Maddison, W. H. Carter, J. S. 
Rose, H. Holden. 

Town Clerk.— Henry Horsfield. 

Surveyor and Water Works Manager. 
—John H. Taylor, O.B. 

Medical Officer.— M. T. Sadler. 

Treasurer.— H. Klgey. 

Accountant.— A. hewsum. 

Chief Constable.— G-eorge Henry Butler. 

Electrical Engineer and Inspector 
of Lighting.— S. E. Bastow. 

Inspector of Nuisances and of Mar- 
kets.— William Watertou. 

Librarian.— John B. Kane. 

Captain of Fire Brigade.— George 
Henry Butler. 


Population, 14,137 ; Rateable Value, £51,187 ; Area, 2,359 Acres. 
Barnstaple held governing charters from early times, and came under 
the Municipal Corporations Act in 1835. The Town Council maintains 
Markets. The Gas and Water Supplies are by companies. 


Mayor.— Gk W. P. Brown. 

Aldermen.— 8. Berry, R. Ash ton, J. €h 
Hamlin tr, A. Lauder, J. Harper, J. D. 

Councillors.— A. E. Arnold, G. W. F. 
Brown, W. Cooke, W. Penhale, A. J. 
Reavell, A. P. Seldon, 0. Youings, G. Slo- 
man, S. BT. Petter, F. W. Petter, T. R. 
Heldon, G. Dendle, J. H. L. Brewer, H. 
Barrett, G. T. Andrew, A. E. Hopper, W. 
Allen, W. Richards. 

Town Clerk, Clerk to District 
Council.— J. Bossom. 
Treasurer.— W. P. Hiern. 

Accountant and Secretary to Muni- 
cipal Bcieuce and Art Schools — J. 

SuRVEi'OR.— A. Thome. 
Medical Officer.— M. Jackson. 
Inspector of Nuisances.— W. Garland 


(County Borough). 
Population, 57,584 ; Rateable Value, £257,354 ; Area, 21,009 Acres. 
Barrow-IN-Furness (Lanes.) has the largest area of almost any borough in 
the country, but half its area consists of sand and water. Barrow was incor- 
porated in 1867. It was enlarged in 1872 by the addition of several islands, 
again in 1875 by the inclusion of part of a township, and in 1881 it was still 
further extended. The Corporation maintains the Gas, Water, and Elec- 
tricity Supplies, a Cemetery, Public Libraries, School of Science and Art, 
Markets, and Public Abattoirs. The Corporation receives £1,000 a year 
from its estates and property. The Corporation has recently obtained an 
Act for the construction of additional Waterworks which, when completed, 
will considerably increase their power of supply. 

Cemetery. —Income, £1,384 ; ex- 
penditure, £2,380, of which £1,232 
was for interest and sinking fund. 

Electric Lighting.— Page 480. 

Free Public Libraries.— There 

are a central library and two 
branches. The total issue of books 
last year was 106,898, an average 
of 337 per day, and the annual cost 
of the library is £1,907. 

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Municipal Year Book. 


Gas.— Page 467. 

Markets.— The income from the 
markets maintained by the Corpora- 
tion last year was £1,972 ; the ex- 
penditure was £863; interest on 
loans and sinking fund charges. 

Refuse and Sewage.— Refuse 
is removed at a cost of £2,059 and 
given to farmers. Sewage is dis- 
charged into the sea. 

Technical Instruction.— The 
Corporation maintains Schools of 
Science and Art, the cost of which 

last year was £805. A new Technical 
School is now in course of erection, 
and additions are being made to the 
present School of Science and Art. 

Water, —Page 421. 

General Statistics. — Rates 
for the current year, 4s. 8d. in the 
£, of which Is. 2$d. is for School 
Board purposes, l(>i. for the Poor 
Rate, and the rest for municipal. 
Loans outstanding, £629,717. Cost 
of Police, £6,647; Fire Brigade, 
£ 666 ; Paving and Highways, 
£7,651 ; Public Lighting, £2,812 ; 
Sewerage, £2,572. 


Mayor.— Councillor J. P. Smith. 

Aldermen. — Benjamin Townaon, A. H. 
Sbrongitharm, G. B. Wansbrough, Robert 
Loxham, James W. Little, R. B. D. Brad- 
shaw, Walton Lee, William Gradwell. 

Councillors.— Walney Ward.- Hatchell 
Hardy, Alexr. Miller, Alfred Brown. 
Hindpool Ward : William Hewetson, 
Geo. 8. Heath (one vacant). Bamsden 

Ward: J. F. Smith, Alfred Barrow, John 
Charles. Central Ward : E. T. Tootill, J. 
Thompson, P. J. Peacock. Salthousr 
Ward: Thomas Ashburner, G. H. Young, 
William Postlethwaite. Hawcoat Ward: 
James Cox, John Henry Meal, 8. M. 8. 
Townsend. Newbarns Ward z Joseph 
Huartson, H. Cook, James Fisher. Yarl- 
side Ward: L. P. Chapman, William 
Dawson, Thomas Stoker. 


Town Clerk.— C. F. Preston. 

Treasurer.— J. Gunson, F.S.A.A. 

Engineer and Surveyor.— W. H. Pox, 
Assoc. M. Inst. C.B. 

Medical Officer of Health.— John 
Settle, L.B.O.P.E. 

Gas and Water Works Manager.— 
William Fergusson. 

Chief Constable.— Captain ft. V. C. 

Cemetery Registrar.— Gilbert Martin. 

Sanitary Inspector.— John Halifax. 

Librarian.— Ernest Beck. 

Electrical Engineer.— H. B. Burnett. 


Population, 9,793 ; Rateable Value, £48,382 ; Area, 4,195 Acres. 

Basingstoke is an old town. It obtained its first charter in the reign of 
James I. The Town Council owns a good deal of corporate property. 
It maintains Markets, has the management of a fine Corn Exchange, and 
owns a Cemetery and the Water Supply. 
Water.— Page 422. 


Mayor.— Alderman John May, J.P. 

Aldermen. — William Powell, W. 
Wadmore, T. J. Edney, J.P. 

Councillors.— T. B. Allnutt, P. Hillary, 
T. A. Phillip*, J.P., J. A. Sims, W.Buckland, 
Alfred Matthews, William Joseph Gerrish, 
Richard Sterry Wallis, J.P., W. P. W. Stark, 
John Wheeler. 

Town Olere.— J. A. Kingdom 
Borough Treasurer.— P. Lazenby. 
Borough Surveyob.— George Pitton. 
Bate Collector.— William Gillinghav 
Town 8ergeant and Hall Keeper.— 
Tom Pritohard. 
Assistant Mace-Bearer,— James Pittard. 
Toll Collector.— Charles J. Finlinsou. 

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30 Municipal Year Book. 


(City and County Borough.) 

Populatioh (1901), 48.821; Rateable Yalur, £307,687; Area, 3,382 Acres 

Bath (Somerset) is a very ancient city, and one of great beauty. Its attrac- 
tions are not confined to its Medicinal Waters and its Baths— it becomes more 
popular every year as a health resort, and much has been done by the 
Corporation in recent years to attract permanent residents. The Hot 
Springs, nearly all the Cold Springs, the Baths, and the Pump-Rooms are 
the property of, and are managed by, the Corporation. Nothing could 
exceed the excellent organisation of the bathing establishment, and visitors 
who frequent the city to undergo a course of treatment will have some 
satisfaction in knowing that they are not being cured for the benefit of any 
private person, but are being catered for by a generous Corporation which 
does not manage the Baths purely as a commercial enterprise. The 
Corporation has recently carried out improvements in extending the 
Grand Pump-Room with a Roman Promenade at a cost of £30,000. Be- 
sides inheriting the famous Baths, the Corporation is also the owner of large 
Corporate estates. The rental from ground and houses last year was £8,068. 
There is also a Freemen's estate which brings in £400, which is spent in 
annuities tor old Freemen. The city contains beautiful parks, including 
the Royal Victoria Park, which is maintained by voluntary contributions. 
The Corporation owns Markets ; it maintains the Water Supply and 
Electric Lighting. Recently the Municipal Buildings have been extended 
at a cost of £38,200, exclusive of the site of which the Corporation is the 
owner, by adding a south wing to the old Guildhall. A north wing has 
been added at a cost of £22,000 as a new Technical School, and an Art 
Gallery and Reference Library has been built at a cost of about £16,30u. 
The Corporation is the owner of the site of these buildings. 

Bath, it is said, was built in the ninth century by a British king who 
had benefited by its Baths. There are Pleasure Grounds called Hedgemead 
Park, Henrietta Park, Beechen Cliff Park, and a Playground in the Lower 
Common, maintained by the Corporation. The city was under the rule of 
the abbots for many years. The earliest charter was granted in 1189, 
and numerous charters Were granted in succeeding reigns, which were 
consolidated and extended in the reign of Elizabeth. A new charter, 
extending the boundaries of the city, was granted in 1794, and it came 
under the Municipal Corporations Act in 1835. 

Baths and Roman Promenade, receipts last year were £9,016; 

— The baths are, of course, the the ordinary expenditure was £9,434; 

famous hot mineral and cold springs, and the extraordinary expenditure 

and luxurious pump-rooms. The for additions, interest and sinking 

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Municipal Year Book. 


fund, £2,796. .The chief items of 
expenditure were wages of superin- 
tendent, attendants, &c, £2,921 ; re- 
pairs, £660; advertising, £360 ; coal, 
coke, and wood, £744; music, £1,881. 
The Corporation also maintains a 
public cold water bathing-place. 

Electric Lighting.— Page 480. 

Free Public Library.— Known 
as the Guildhall Library. Cost of 
maintenance last year, £50. 

Markets.— There are Corn and 
Cattle Markets, Dead-meat, Fish, 
Vegetable, and Poultry Markets. 
Income last year : General Markets, 
£312 ; Corn and Cattle Markets, 
£162; Weighing Engine, £110; 
total, £584. Expenditure, £544. 

Refuse and Sewage Disposal. 
— Refuse is burnt in a dust de- 
structor and the sewage at present 
discharged into the river in a 
crude state, but a scheme of in- 
terception and disposal is being 

Technical Education.— Up to 
now technical education has been 
carried on by the Corporation mak- 
ing grants to various institutions, 

but a fine new school has been 
erected on a site belonging to the 
Corporation at a cost of £22,000. 
The grant received from the Ex- 
chequer for technical education 
last year was £1,908. There is a 
capital technical day-school for boys 
and girls to continue the education 
of scholars who have passed Stan- 
dard VI. The technical and science 
classes include classes in coach- 
building, cabinet-making, masonry, 
mechanical and electrical engineer- 
ing, plumbing, and painting. Special 
attention is paid to mercantile sub- 
jects in the evening classes. There 
are also art and cookery schools. 

Water.— Page 422. 

General Statistics. — Rates : 
Poor Rate, Is. ; City Rate, 7d. ; 
Watch, 5d. ; School Board, 4d. ; 
General District Rate, 3s. Debt 
outstanding 25th March, 1901; 
£468,240. Cost of Police, £6,622; 
Lighting : Gas £4,647, Electric 
£5,100 — £9,747 ; Scavenging and 
Destructor, £6,420; 'Pitching and 
Paving, £3,047 ; Roads, £5,682 ; 
Drains and Sewers, £2,455 ; Pleasure 
Grounds, £787 ; Infectious Disease 
Hospital, £1,897; FireBrigade,£181. 


Mayor. — Councillor Edward England 
Phillips. J.P. 

Aldermen. — James Clark, Frederick 
George Farwell, Major Christopher Deake 
Brick maun, Gen, Richard Qui n tin Main- 
waring, Richard Harwood Moore, Alfred 
Taylor, Charles Henry Simpson, James 
Chaffin, Robert Dyer Commans, William 
FothergiU Tuoketb, L.R.C.P., William 
Crucknell Jolly, John Evans Sturges, John 
Ruble, Alexander Cochrane. 

Councillors. — Bathwick Ward: Edward 
England Phillips, Frederick Ernest Sham, 
Thomas George Palmer Hallett, John 
Howard, Frederick George Farwell, Thomas 
Forder Plowman. Kinosmead Ward : C. 
Beers, Walter Spencer Bryaier, Herbert 
William Matthews, George Ferris Powell, 
John William Knight, Richard Wqpnacott 
Harris. Lahsdoww Ward : Robert 

Edmond Dickinson, Thomas Vincent, Co., 
Thomas Arnoll Davis, R.A., H*rry 
Thomas Hatt, Preston King, M.D., 
Alfred Henry Butler. Lyncombe 

and Widcombe Ward : Samuel George 
Mitchell, Isaac John Stone, William 
Roadhouse, James Edward Henshaw, 
Thomas Ball Silcock, Sydney William Bash. 
St. James's Ward : John Arthur Wyndham 
Ricketts, Alfred George Derwent Moger, 
Frederick George Isaacs, Edward George 
Peacock, George Woodiwiss, Edward Bewsey 
Titley. St. Michael's Ward: William 
Fletcher Gould, Thomas Sturge Cotterell, 
William Bally Bartrum, Robert Baggs. 
John Thomas Waldron, Benjamin John, 
Walcot Ward: Charles Bryan Oliver, 
William Tonkin, Henry Joseph Thomas, 
George William Henry Greves, Frederick 
Young, Cedric Chivers. 

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Municipal Year Book. 

Recorder.— H. 0. Folkard. 

Town Clerk and Clkrk op the Peace.— 
B. H. Watts. 

Clkrk to the Justices.— E. N. Fuller, 

Coroner.— B. A. Dyer. 

City Prosecutor.— Cannings Collins. 

Treasurer.— Henry (tore. 

City Architect.— Major C. E. Davis, 
JT.8.A. (Antiquarians). 

Surveyor of Corporate Property.— 
Silvanus White. 

Clkrk to the Urban Sanitary 
Authority.— P. Horace Moger. 

City Engineer.— Alfred Mitchell. 

assistant Engineer.— Charles Gilby. 

Surveyor. — 0. R. Portune. 

Assistant Surveyor.— F. E. Gay. 

Medical Officer of Health.— W. H. 
Symons, M.D., D.P.H. 

City Electrical Engineer. — Francis 
Teague, M.I.E.E. 

City Analyst and Inspector of Electric 
Light.— J. W. Gatehouse, F.C.S. 


Director of Technical Education 
Studies.— A. Godfrey Day. 

Chief Constable. — Charles de Courcjr 

surgeon to the Police Force. — J. 
Maurice Harper, M.U.O.S.E. 

Inspector of Weights and Measures, 
of Gas and Water Meters, Gas Examiner, 
&c. — James Williams. 

Assistant Inspector of Weights and 
Measures.— Albert Williams. 

Inspector under Diseases of Animals 
Act.— William Alfred Welch, M.R.C.V.S. 

Inspector of Nuisances, Inspector 
under the canal boats acts and food 
and Drugs Acts.— Walter Amys Craven. 

Assistant Inspector of Nuisances, 
Inspector of Dairies and Clkrk to the 
Statutory Hospital.— F. W. Kelway. 

Constable and Collector of Tolls of 
Provision Markets.— William C&rwardine. 

Superintendent of Corn and Cattle 
Markets.— James Lewis. 
Secretary and Advertising Manager of 
Hot Mineral Baths.— Laurence H. Wilson 


Population, 30,321 ; Rateable Value, £100,136; Area, 

> Acres. 

Batley is a manufacturing town, a centre of the heavy woollen trade, and 
has grown rapidly during recent years. The town received its first charter 
of incorporation in 1868. The Corporation owns Baths, a Cemetery, and 
a Market. A Technical School has been established out of public sub- 
scriptions. The Gas and Water Supplies are also in the hands of the 

Baths. — The baths are main- 
tained by the Corporation. During 
the year ending March 31st, 1901, 
the baths were patronised by 33,019 
persons, of whom 3,328 were scholars 
who used the second-class swim- 
ming baths at a charge of Jd. 
each. The total receipts were £410, 
and the expenditure £650. 

Cemetery. — The Corporation 
maintains a picturesque cemetery 
which cost £14,658 in laying out, 
and lias been extended at a cost of 
£1,280. It is used by the towns- 
folk as a pleasure resort as well as a 

Electric Lighting. —Page 497. 
Gas.— Page 457. 

Markets.— The Town Council 
maintains a good open Market. The 
receipts from the Market for the 
year ending March 31st, 1901, were 
£702, of which £123 was from ground 
rent, and the expenditure was £642, 
and £309 of this amount went in 
estate rents. 

Refuse and Sewage.— Part of 
the refuse is consumed in a destruc- 
or at a cost of £671, and the re- 
mainder sold as manure Sewage 
is disposed of by precipitation. 

Technical School.— This was 
established and is maintained by 
public subscription. The Corpora- 
tion also makes a grant out of the 
rates. ^ 

Tramways.— Page 532. 

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Municipal Year Book 


Water.— Page 422. 

General Statistics.— Rates : 
General District Kate, 2s. lid. in 
the £ ; Poor (including Borough 
Rate), 3s. lid. ; Water Rate, Is. 3d. 

Cost of Maintaining Highways, 
£2,470 ; Sewerage, £485 ; Nuisance 
Removal, £1,845 ; Sanitation, £398 ; 
Scavenging, £1,264 ; Lighting, 


Ma. tor.— John Wm. Turner. 

Aldermen.— J. W. Blackburn, Jos. 
Aut.v, G. W. Jessop, J. W, Turner, Geo. 
Hirst, Alf. North. 

Councillors. — Akeroyd, Armitage, Brear- 
ley, Jos. Colbeck, Orabtree, Pox, H. Worth, 
C. Robinson, Ben Turner, J. W. Turner, 
Ward, Whitaker, Chas. Robinson, W. H. 

Town Clerk.— J. H. Craik. 

Treasurer.— A. Heron. 

Accountant.— T. Cantrill. 

Surveyor.— 0. J. Kirby, A.M.I.C.E. 

Medical Officer.— Dr. J. A. E. Stuart. 

Sanitary Inspector.— J. Lindley. 

Gas Manager.— J. F. Bromley. 

Water Works Manager.— J. C. Barrow- 

Baths Manager.— W. B. Lister. 

Market Inspector.— H. Swann. 

Cemetery Registrar.— W. H. Atkinson. 

Weights and Measures Inspector.- 
O. J. Kirby. 


Population, 2,309 ; Rateable Value, £10,815 ; Area, 3.13J Acres. 

The Corporation owns freehold property, consisting mostly of dwelling- 
houses, which brings in a rental of about £466, and ground rents of £109 
of a valuable property which will fall in in about 12 years. The site of the 
pier is also the property of the Corporation, and during the last two years, 
being greatly in want of repair, it was leased at a nominal rent to a body of 
guarantors, who have expended about £4,500 in restoring the pier and 
building a Pavilion. Gas and Water is provided by Sir R. W. Bulkeley. 
The Corporation also owns and maintains the Harbour, and receives about 
£400 in dues, the Markets, Public Slaughter-Houses, and the Cemetery. 

Cemetery. — Income last year, 

Markets.— Income, £14. 

Slaughter-Houses.— I n c o m e, 
£.37 ; expenditure, £7. 

General Statistics.— Borough 

Rates,about 2s. lOJd. Debt outstand- 
ing, £10,490. Cost of Highways, 
£570. Drainage, £427, including re- 
payment of principal and interest. 
Total local expenditure, £2,787. 


Mayor.— Councillor W. T. Williams. 

Aldbrmkn.— SirR. H. Williams- Bulkeley, 
Bart., Colonel T. L. Hampton-Lewis, W. 
Hughes, and Hugh Thomas, sen. 

Councillors.— Dr. C. Gh Edwards, H. 
Thomas, Jan., W. B. Jones, F. Geary, O. J. 
Fritchard,Rev. Jos. Hillier, W. T. Williams, 
Adam Thompson, John Coulthard, E. Davi- 
son, Richard Jones, W. £. Jones. 

Town Clerk.— J. Rice Roberts, M.A. 

Deputy* Town Clerk.— J. Stuart Laurie. 

Harbour Master.— Thos. Staples. 

Borough Surveyor, Surveyor of High- 
ways, and Inspector of Nuisances.— E. 

Inspector of Buoys and Pier Master. 
—Thomas Staples. 

Borough Treasurer.— J. G. Davies. 

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34 . Municipal Year Book. 


Population, 6,898; Rateable Value, £23,856; Abba, 1,922 Acres. 
Beccles received a charter in the reign of Queen Elizabeth. Gas and 
Water are provided by companies. 


Mjlyor.— Thomson Wilson. Town Clerk and Olbrk to District 

Aldermen.— P. 8. Six, J. P. Walton, T. Council.— T. P. Angell. 

Wilson, N.W.Pelfc. Treasurer.-J. Clarke, F.I.B., elected 

Councilors.-*. W. Pells, P. K Ban- 17fch 0ctobe 1850 . 

ham, J. P. Lark man, E. G. B. Watson, a • _ _ _ , - 

T. A. Woodroffe, A. McQueen, W. B. Surveyor.— T. W. Woodrofto. 

England, George King, P. J. Jolly, W. Medical Officer.— W. T. McComb. 

Elliott, A. E. Mickleburgh, H. Cope man. Inspector.— A. G. Love. 


Population, 35,144 ; Rateable Value, £145,000 ; Abea, 2,200 Acres. 
Bedford is rich in local charities, most of which are under the control of 
the Corporation, which has shown considerable enterprise in various direc- 
tions. It owns the Water Supply and Markets, and has spent a large sum 
in constructing sewage works, and establishing Electric Lighting. Bedford 
is an old town, and has a Recorder, a separate Commission of the Peace, and 
a Court of Quarter Sessions. There is a Public Cemetery and a Burial Board. 
The Corporation receives about £2,300 per year in rent and dues from its 
remunerative property. It maintains Parks and Recreation Grounds, and 
provides allotments. The Corporation took a leading part in advocating 
Municipal Telephones. A Bill is now being promoted to empower the Cor- 
poration to get a supply of water from the greensand at Henlow, a distance 
of about nine miles from the Borough. Power is also sought for the exten- 
sion of time for the construction of works, &c, under the Tramways 
Provisional Order, and also for the appointment of a Government Auditor 
instead of the Elective Auditors. 

Electric Lighting.— Page 480. General District Rate, 3s. 2d. in the £. 

Telephones.— Page 410, Total expenditure on local adminis- 

TRAMWAYS.— Page 532. tration, including Borough Fund 

Water.— Page 422. Account, £50,000. Loans outstand- 

General Statistics. — Rates : ing (including those for Water and 

Borough Rate, Is. 4Jd. in the £ ; Electric Light), £104,000. 


Mayor.— Geoffrey Howard. Town Clerk.— Robert Owen Seacombe. 

Aldermen.— Henry Burridge, George Clerk of thr Peace.— Mark Whyley. 

Carruthers, Edward L. Moulton, Alfred Coroner.— C E. Prior, M.D. 

Clare, 8. L. Kilpin, Edmund Walker. Treasurer.— Thomas Henry Barnard. 

Councillors.— Eastern Ward •. Charles Medical Officer.— C. E. Prior, M.D. 

Carter, Jabez Carter, Thomas Lee Roberts, Surveyor.— John Lund. 

A. Talbot, G. C. Walker, C. D. Shelton, Electrical Engineer.— R.W. L. Phillips 

Walter John Valentine, Charles Bailey Inspector of Nuisances.— Alfred Wal- 

Halliley, Frederick Pooles. Western lace Merrie. 

Ward : Richard Black, JohnWalton Carter, Inspector of Common Lodging-Houses. 

George Royle, H. T. Barnes, Alfred George —Thomas Phelps. 
Carruthers, Henry Charles Dunham, James Chief Constable.— Harry Thody. 

Wurton, Hedley Baxter, Geoffrey Howard. Inspector of Weights and Measures. 

Recorder.— W. Russell Griffiths. — W. T. Fuller. 

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Municipal Tear Book. 



Population, 13,437; Bateable Value, £59,128; Area, 6,507 Acres. 

Berwick is a Scotch town in England and with an English municipal 
constitution. It has had a varied municipal history, as becomes a town 
which has played an important part in the wars between England and Scot- 
land. The Town Council maintains the Water Supply, a Freemen's School, 
and Markets. It is a County of a Town. 


Mayor.— Councillor Steven. 

Sheriff.— Councillor S. E. Simpson. 

Aldermen.— W. Alder, H. L. Christison, 
J. Gilroy, G. A. Harrison, E. Marshall, J. 
Weathers ton. 

Councillors.— A. 0. Burn, G. Black, A. 
Darling, A. J. Dodds, J. M. Edney, F. 
Edminson, T. J. Grahame, A. Lawson, W. 
Lyle, S. E. Simpson, G. G. Maclagan, J. 
Richardson, G. A. Turn bull, G. F. Steven, 
D. Herriot, T. A. C. Nesbitt, H. J. W. Green- 
wood, Ralph Thompson. 

Town Clerk.— B. Weddell. 

Treasurer.— T. C. Smith. 

Surveyor.— R. Dickinson. 

Chief Constable.— W. J. Nicholson. 

Clerk to School Board.— T. C Smith. 

Medical Officer. — D. Heagerty, 

Clerk to Town Council as Sanitary 
Authority.— W. Weatherhead. 

Sanitary Inspector.— J. Cruden. 

Inspector of Weights and Measures. 
— R. W. Smeaton. 


Population, 13,183; Rateable Value, £49,621; Area, 2,411 Acres (Including 1,217 
Acres of Common Pasture). 

Beverley was incorporated by a succession of charters. The first is 
believed to have been given by King Athelstan, and the last was granted 
in 1573. The Town Council provides the Gas Supply, and owns the 
Beck Canal, the dues from which last year amounted to £699 ; the 
expenditure was £546. The rents from corporate property were £793. 
The income from the Corn Market and Exchange was £87. Chief items 
of expenditure : Police, £1,369 ; Highway Fund, £8,105. 
Gas.-— Page 458. Electric Lighting.— Page 497. 


Mayor. Alderman James Edward Elwell. 

Aldermen.— Marmaduke Wray, M. M. 
Westerby, Thomas Dixon, Frederick George 
Hobson, William Green. 

Councillors. — St. Mary's Ward: 
Stephenson Copeland, P. A. Axden, Tom 
Turner, Geo. Adams, John H. Southern, 
Simpson Clarke, Leonard Autchey, John 
Cooper. Minster Ward: William White- 
head, Jacob Forsyth Eaney, Henry Norton, 
Robert Harding Wood, John Duggleby, 
Richard Care, William Spencer, Harry Wray. 

Town Clerk.— J. W. Mills. 

Treasurer.— J. H. Hobson. 

Surveyor and Inspector of Nuisances. 
-J. Gkmld Smith. 

Medical Officer of Health.— J. P. 
Park, M.D. 

Head Constable.— G. H. Knight. 

Manager of Gas Works.— James Gib- 

Veterinary Inspector.— T. Watson. 

Inspector of Weights and Measures, 
Common Lodging-Houses, and under the 
Adulteration of Food, Petroleum, and 
Explosive Substances Acts. — G. H. 

Collector of Bates and Market Tolls. 
—Arthur Westerman. 

School Attendance Officer, Col- 
lector of Beck Dues, and Inspector 
under the Canal Boats Acts.— Bobert 

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36 Municipal Tear Book. 


Population, 2,866; Rateable Valub, £8,555; Area., 2,105 Acres. 
Bewdley is an old town which had a Bailiff and a Recorder at the head 
of its local government until the passing of the Municipal Corporations 
Act. Administrative expenditure last year of Town Council and Urban 
District Council, £1,375. 


SSJBBl WilUam WU80n ' EdWiQ ArthUr *™ CLKRK.-S. Hemingway. 

Councillors. — T. Gardner, T. Owens, Treasurer.— T. Betts. 

E. A. Bawdon, Alfred H. Maunder, T. Bctkvkyo* a w tt„^ k 

HolUu,. W. H. Tome,, J. Oakea. E '. J. iSSSi^S^^tSSSS: 


Population, 8,754; Rateable Value, £20,450 ; Area, 3,196 Acres 

Bideford was incorporated in 1583, but had previously enjoyed the 

privileges of a market town The Town Council maintains the Water 

Supply, a Mun.c.pal School of Science, Markets, and a Free Library. 


Mayor.— Edward John Tattersill, Town flrxpir • »■* n.„„„ -. 

ALnKRMEN.-W.Braund.J.W.Narraw.y, Cou^L.-W B Sddo" ™ DlSIM0T 
E. Dymond, H. Ascott. „, IUUU| 

Councillors— J. J. Braddiok, J. Cock, T -TREASURER.— P. A. Searle. 

Pollard, T. Goaman, J. J. Laroerton, V Surveyor.— H. Chowins. 

fXJk, &MeSi P w - 0add ' J - u - SSS^^Si"- E ' GoodlDg - 


(County Borough.) 
Population 110,926 ; Rateable Value, £568,817 ; Area, 8 850 Acres 
Birkenhead (Cheshire) possesses flourishing Municipal Institutions. The draws the Water Supply from within the borough, has its own 
Gas and Electric Lighting undertakings, Electrical Tramways, Baths 
Libraries a Cemetery Markets, Abattoirs, Technical Schools, magnificent 
Parks and a Steam Ferry service. The last two features standout f or 
special notice The ferry rights over the Mersey to Liverpool were 
originally held by the Priory and Convent of Birkenhead W ♦!,. u 
long been held by the Corporation It owns rVn «r»,™ t they have 

goods. Two new passenger steamed ^ are p"o D ^ed t„ , PaSSen f ,Saml 

the Woodside Ferries was £27,613; from ffoods £22 -us-f^TtK- ? ger L b ? 
Joint Railway Company, £1,934 ; hireofft^m P r«>fn;= T «? J lrkenhead 
&c., made tiL tot£ £oi,039 ; t^J^^^^IS? "» 

JLl'af rates. The Birkenheaa £&5?5 ^n^Z^f^ 

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Mwticipal Year Book. 


fn^n^^T^ir'T- laid - ° ut from d J esi ^ ns b ^ Sir Jose P h Paxton, and cost 
£115,000. Liberal provision is made for games. The Mersey Park and 
Victoria Park provide other Districts of the Borough with recreation 
grounds, while Bidston Hill commanding a magnificent prospect of sea and 
land, has been acquired by the Corporation, assisted by private sub- 
scriptions. The Corporation has erected a handsome new Town Hall a 
new Infectious Diseases Hospital, and made some important street improve- 
ments. Birkenhead is naturally closely associated with the control of the 
Mersey, and the shipping interest is represented on the Mersey Docks 
and Harbour Board. The Corporation provides Police service for its side 
of the Harbour, the expenses of which are paid by the Harbour Board. 
Birkenhead, which held the control of the Police before it was incorporated 
was granted a Quarter Sessions in 18S2. Although an old town BirkenI 
head was not incorporated until 1877, when the adjoining townships of 
Claughton, Tranmere, Oxton, and part of Bebington wer? added to fhi 
new borough. m 

Artisans' Dwellings. — Page 

Baths.— The Corporation main- 
tain two fine bathing establishments, 
one in Argyle Street South, at a cost, 
exclusive of interest on loan, of 
£1,098 a year (the income is £708), 
and a new bath was opened in 
Livingstone Street in 1900. Expendi- 
ture, £769 ; receipts, £79. 

Cemetery. — The Corporation, 
being the Burial Board for a por- 
tion of the borough, owns a cemetery. 
The maintenance expenditure for 
the year ending March, 1901, came to 
£3,139; interest and sinking fund 
charges bringing the total to £3,728. 
The income from fees, &c. , had to 
be supplemented with a Id. rate, 
which brought £1,513. 

Electric Lighting.— Page 481. 

Free Public Library.— The 
Corporation has a central and two 
district libraries containing about 
70,000 vols. Last year the working 
expenses were £2,264. A grant of 
£200 was received for technical books. 

Gas.— Page 458. 

Markets. — The Corporation 
owns a large covered market with 
numerous shops and stalls which 
brought a revenue last year of 
£2,494. There is also a hay- 
market, a wholesale vegetable mar- 
ket, weighing machine. The total 
revenue from the Market Depart- 

ment (including abattoirs) was 
£3,551. The maintenance expen- 
diture was £2,154. 

Refuse and Sewage Disposal 
—The town refuse is nearly all 
burned in desurucrars. Sewage dis- 
charged into the sea. 

. Slaughter-Houses. — Abattoirs 
m the most modern style have been 
erected. Income last year, £468* 
expenses, exclusive of interest' 
£560. ' 

Technical Education. -A 
School of Science and Art is main- 
tained. The working expenses last 
year were £3,787, met as follows — 
Exchequer contribution, £2,783; fees, 
£678 ; grant from Science and Art 
Department, £646. 

Tramways.— Page 505. 
Water.— Page 422. 

General Statistics. —Rates ; 
Birkenhead Township Rate, 3s. 2d • 

PoorRate (includingliorough, Watch 
and Library), 2s. ld.=5s.3d. ; Claujrh- 
ton lownship and Poor Rate, 5s. 3d • 
Oxton, 5s. 2d. ; Tranmere, 5s. 2d'- 
Bebington 5s. Id. ; Debt outstand- 

(Watch Account), £17,750; Fire 

£6,576; Dast Destructors, £3 573 . 
Infectious Diseases Hospital, £3,246* 
Scavenging, £5,768; Highway,; 

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Municipal Yewr Book. 


Mayor.— Councillor Haslehurst. 
Aldermen.— Henry Bloor, 39, Beresford 
Road, Oxton ; T. 0. Clarke, 6, Rock Park, 
Rock Ferry ; T. Oook, " Parkbury," Talbot 
Road, Oxton; T. 8. Deakin, 20, Devon- 
shire Road, Claughton;Wm. Getley, "Wood- 
bank," 30, Clifton Road, Tranmere ; Benedict 
Jones, 6, Wexford Road, Oxton ; Luke Lees, 
147, Bedford Road, Rock Ferry; B. G. Mason, 
" Saxon hurst," Rock Ferry ; J. Qamlin, 
"Westwood," 2, Holly Bank Road, Tran- 
mere ; Henry Rawcl iff e, " Kirk land," Village 
Road, West Kirby ; Thos. Shaw,54, Park Road 
South, Birkenhead; Charles Singleton, 
" Hadleigh,"8, Park Road West, Claughton ; 
W. H. Stott, "The Gables," Egerton Park, 
Rock Ferry; James Thomas Thompson, 
" Chetwynd Mont," Chetwynd Road, Oxton. 
Councillors.— W. H. An de i-s on, 63, North 
Road, Tranmere ; P. W. Atkin, 19, Beresford 
Road, Oxton ; G. W. Bennett, 9, Ingestre 
Road, Oxton; M. Byrne, "Melrose," 18, 
Clifton Road, Tranmere; R. T. Curphey, 
522, New Chester Road ; W. R. Dalzell, 22, 
Slatey Road, Claughton ; T. Davies, 13, 
Church Road, Tranmere; T. L. Dodds, 
" Sunnymead," 8, Charlesville, Claughton ; 
J. Edwards, 478, New Chester Road, Rock 
Ferry ; E.T. Evans, " Holly bank," Storeton ; 
W. T. Fiddes, 4, Radnor Place, Birken- 
head ; A. Goodwin, 12, Seymour Street, 
Tranmere; A. E. Grice, 6, North Road, 
Tranmere j James Griffiths, 47, Upton Road, 

Claughton; G. 8. Haslehurst," The Grange," 
St. Peter's Road, Rock Ferry (Mayor) ; J. 
Heap, "Outwood," 7, Manor Hill, Claugh- 
ton; R. R. Hughes, "Lyndhurst," Storeton 
Road, Prenton ; J. W. P. Laird, 63, Hamil- 
ton Square, Birkenhead; A. Lilwall, 
"Rose Acre," Meols Drive, West Kirby; 
J. H. MoGaul, 16, Thompson Street, 
Tranmere; W. F. Miller, 402, New 
Chester Road, Rock Ferry ; J. Moon, 
" Westwood," Eleanor Road, Bidston ; 
R. O. Morris, 92, Westbourne Road, 
Birkenhead ; W. L. Morris, *' Branksholme," 
Egerton Park, Rock Ferry ; E. W. 0. Oatee, 
The Grove, Fairview Road, Oxton ; G. S. 
Oldam, " Florenceville," Prenton Road 
West, Tranmere; H. 8. Patereon, 3, Rock 
Park, Rock Ferry ; H. L. Pearson, «• Bay 
House," 113, Holt Hill, Tranmere; W. Pear- 
son, 4, Rock Park, Rock Ferry ; J. Pen- 
nock, "Roslyn," Clifton Road, Tranmere; 
T. T. Rees, 2, Alexandra Road, Birkenhead ; 
A. M. Robinson, 15, Lome Road, Oxton; R. J. 
Russell, 25, Grange Mount, Birkenhead ; 
J. G. Robinson, 31, Kingsland Road ; J. R. 
Simm, 23, Park Road South, Birkenhead; 
G. P. Snape, 24, Laird Street, Birkenhead; 
G. A. Solly, 1, Grosvenor Place, Claughton ; 
E. A. Tooth, 3, Park Grove, Birkenhead ; 
John Venables, 12, Christchurch Road; 
W. G. Wall, 3, Shrewsbury Road, Oxton ; 
E. Williams, 38, Clifton Road, Tranmere; 
C. W. Willmer, 7, James Street, Birkenhead 


Town Clerk.— Alfred Gill, 

Deputy Town Clerk and Prosecuting 
Solicitor.— James Fearnley. 

Assistant Solicitor.— Edmund Spencer. 

Chief Clerk.— Elijah A. Need ham. 

Borough Treasurer.— (Vacant). 

Cashier.— Henry Jones. 

Borough Auditor.— John Ellis Lloyd. 

Borough Engineer and Surveyor. — 
Charles Brownridge, A.M.Inst.C.E. 

Deputy Borough Engineer and Sur- 
veyor.— Robert W. Johnston. 

Gas Engineer.— Thos. Ormiston Pater- 
son, M.Inst. C.E. 

Assistant Gas Engineer.— Frederick D. 

Consulting Water Engineer. —William 
Augustus Richardson, M.Inst.C.E. 

Assistant Water Engineer.— J. W. M. 
Richardson, A.M.Inst.C.E. 

Electrical Engineer.— William Bates, 
A M.Inst.C.E. 

Manager of the Gas and Water Office 
Department.— James Birnie. 

Medical Officer of Health and 
Superintendent, Ac, Fever Hospital.— 
R. Sydney Marsden, M.B., D.Sc, D.P.H. 

Puhlic Analyst.— J. Carter Bell, F.C.S. 

Chief Inspector of Nuisances.— 
William Dawson. 

Inspector of Meat and Fish.— John 
Masson Carnie. 

Matron Infectious Diseases Hospital. 
—Miss Emily Teomans. 

Chief Constable and Superintendent 
Birkenhead Dock Police.— Walter Stocks 

Superintendent Fire Brigade.— Wm. 
H. Smith. 

Secretary Schools of Science and 
Art.— Arthur Henry Crosby. 

Supt. Market and Abattoirs.— Thomas 

Chief Inspector Weights and 
Measures.— Henry Tudor, 

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Municipal Tear Book. 39 


City and County Borough.) 
Population, 522,182; Rateable Value, £2.735,426; Arka, 12,705 Acrks 
Birmingham was incorporated in 1838, and raised to the rank of a city in 
1889. The new era of municipal rule in Birmingham dates from 1874-75, 
when during Mr. Joseph Chamberlain's mayoralty the two great branches 
of the common service — the Water and Gas supplies— were municipalised. 
The City Council has extended its control over almost every department 
of municipal life, having the management of the Markets an4 Slaughter- 
Houses, the Tramways, Baths and Wash-Houses, Cemeteries, Libraries, 
Museum and Art Gallery, Technical Schools and School of Art, Artisans' 
Dwellings, Sewage Farms, Hospitals, Industrial School, Asyluni3, &c. 
In 1900 the Corporation purchased the Electric Liorht undertaking 
at a cost of £420,000,- and obtained powers extending the area of 
supply to the whole of the city. The greatest enterprise undertaken by the 
Corporation was the acquisition in 1876 of an overcrowded and unhealthy 
area in the centre of the town — 45 acres, with about 1,368 houses. The 
gross cost is estimated to be £1,700,000. Under this scheme the centre 
of the city has been completely transformed : where slums were, the best 
business streets in the city now stand. To carry out the work a special 
rate was necessary ; but a valuable asset has been obtained, the sites 
are let on leases of 75 years, and contain the best buildings in the city. 
In the meantime the Corporation receives a ground rent, and at the end 
of 75 years will become the owner of the houses, and thus more than 
recoup itself for the original outlay. Part of the ground has yet to be 
cleared. Last year £62,199 was received from rents and £13,000 from 
the rates. The capital expenditure under the scheme has been £1,560.736, 
Artisans' Dwellings £18,000, Milk Street Improvement (Housing of Work- 
ing-Classes) £15,133 ; total capital 31st March, 1901, £1,611,265 (2}, 3 and 3i 
per cent. Corporation Stock). The present value of this municipal estate is 
at least three millions. 

In addition to the departments specially dealt with, the Corporation Art 
Gallery and Museum deserve notice. It dates in its present form from 
1880, when, mainly through the generosity of Messrs. K. and G. Tangye, 
a fund was raised for purchase of pictures. Many valuable gifts of pictures 
were received, and now the Gallery contains examples of leading contem- 
porary artists, and not a few older works of note oy Turner, Etty, Mor- 
land, and others, and is especially rich in works of the " pre-Raphaelite " 
school. The Art Gallery cost £80,000. It is open free every day, in- 
cluding Sundays, and is visited by nearly a million people annually. The 
Industrial Museum contains a fine collection of examples of decorative 
work, models, &c. A very fine early seventeenth century mansion at Aston, 
built by Sir Thomas Holt, is the property of the Corporation, and is used 
as a Branch Museum and Art Gallery. The students at the Art School last 
session numbered 4,188. Birmingham at the national competition of all the 
Schools of Art has for ten successive years stood at the head of the pro- 
vincial schools, and last year received no less than one gold and seven silver 
medals. The students also distinguish themselves in securing scholarships. 
There are fourteen branch schools, and, under arrangements with the School 
Board, the Corporation provides a number of art teachers for Board Schools. 
The city owns nine Parks and seven Gardens and Recreation Grounds. 

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Municipal Year Book. 

The city extended its boundary in 1891, by annexing the suburbs of 
Balsall Heath, Harborne, Saltley, and Little Bromwich, adding 3,285 acres 
to its area and about 63,000 to its population. 

The Council is represented on the governing bodies of a number of local 
institutions, including the Midland Institute, the Grammar School, Birm- 
ingham University, Bluecoat School, and various charities and trusts. 
It supplies water and gas to districts outside the city, in the case of the 
former over an area of 83,192 acres with 680,000 inhabitants, and the latter 
an area of 75,000 acres with 700,000 inhabitants. 

Artisans' Dwellings. 


Baths. — The Corporation main- 
tains six sets of baths, ranging 
from open-air baths in Victoria 
Park to Turkish baths. Receipts 
in 1900-1901 :— Kent Street, £2,291 ; 
Woodcock Street, £674; North- 
wood Street, £1,000; Monument 
Road, £1,379; Victoria Park, 
£.59; Cannon Bill Park, £78. 
Total income, £5,483. 
' Cemetery. — The Council is the 
Burial Board for the city, and main- 
tains the city cemetery, the re- 
ceipts for which from 1900-1901 were 
£4,365. Expenditure, £4,200. 
Electric Lighting. —Page 481. 
Free Public Libraries.— The 
Public Libraries Act was adopted 
in 1860. There is a Reference 
Library containing 153,020 vols., 
issuing during the year 338,367, 
a Central Lending Library and nine 
District Libraries. The total issue 
of books during the year was 
1,260,041, a daily average of 3,965 ; 
total expenditure in maintenance 
and interest was £16,308. A rate 
of l*62d. is levied for libraries. 
The Reference Library is the 
best municipal institution of the 
kind in the country. The Shake- 
speare Memorial Library con- 
tains 10,974 vols, of the plays or 
Shakespeariana. The plays are 
issued in many languages, includ- 
ing Finnish, Bohemian, Icelandic, 
Bengali, Serbian, and Wallachian. 
There are also special collections 
devoted to Milton, Byron, and Cer- 
vantes. Readers 7 tickets issued, 

30,526. The Reference Library is 
open on Sundays. 
Gas Supply.— Page 458. 
Markets.— The city is well pro- 
vided with markets, as follows: 
Smithfield cattle and horse (market 
Tuesdays and Thursdays) ; Smith- 
field wholesale general (market 
daily), and hay and straw market 
(Mondays and Fridays) ; Bordes- 
ley Street, daily, wholesale pigs, 
sheep, and calves ; St. Martin's 
meat market, wholesale (retail on 
Saturday) ; Farm Street, wholesale 
market ; Gosta Green, wholesale 
and retail ; Bell Street fish market, 
wholesale and retail ; Market Hall, 
flowers, vegetables, &c. The receipts 
last year from the general market 
department and abattoirs were 
£11,327; from Smithfield Cattle 
Market, £1,963 ; Vegetable Market, 
£8,377 ; City Meat Market, £9,459 ; 
which with rent, &c, made a total of 
£34,513. The expenditure, including 
interest and sinking fund charges, 
was £32,570. 

Refuse Disposal.— The duties 
of collecting refuse and maintaining 
sewers were thrown upon the Cor- 
poration by the Birmingham Im- 
provement Act of 1851. A proper 
sewerage system was then construc- 
ted and the collection of night-soil 
undertaken. The "pan" system 
prevails to a great extent in Bir- 
mingham. The "pans "are col- 
lected at night, once a week. Dry 
household refuse and other gar- 
bage is collected during the day, 
but the ashpits, a considerable 
number of which still exist, 
are emptied at night. The dry 

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Municipal Year Book. 


refuse is sifted and screened, being 
partly utilised as manure and partly 
burned in destructors. The faecal 
matter in the pans is converted into 
manure at Montague Street Wharf. 
During the year 1899, 38,445 tons of 
refuse were sent to " Tips " ; 96,518 
tons were burned in the destructors, 
and 69,667 tons of mixed manure and 
garbage were barged away or sent 
to fields by carts. Over 700 tons of 
poudrette were sold during the year. 
New destructors are being con- 

Sewage Disposal.— For sewage 
disposal purposes, Birmingham joins 
with neighbouring districts in form- 
ing the Birmingham Tame and Rea 
Drainage Board, which was estab- 
lished in 1877, and is constituted as 
follows : Thirteen members of Birm- 
ingham Corporation (with Lord 
Mayor cx-officio), two members of 
Aston Manor District Council (one 
being the Chairman ex-officio), and 
one representative of the following 
District Councils : Handsworth, 
Smethwick, King's Norton, Sutton 
Coldficld, Perry Barr, Castle 
Broniwich and Erdington. Chair- 
man, Alderman George Baker, 
J.P. ; Vice - Chairman, Alderman 
Dr. Alfred Barratt. Officials : Clerk, 
William Harris, 9, Bennett's Hill, 
Birmingham ; Solicitor, E. O. Smith 
(Town Clerk). The Board maintains 
outfall works at Saltley where 
part of the sewage is purified by 
precipitation in tanks and filtration 
through land. The original works 
and sewage farm cost £403,695. 
Last year the income from the farm 
was £25,395, including £15,764 for 
stock, £4,677 for miJk, and nearly 
£4,000 for crops and wool. The 
expenses were £34,487. The cost 
of the sewage works was £19,761. 
The interest and repayment of loans 
came to £28,710. 

Technical Education and 
School op Art.— Birmingham, be- 
fore the Act of 1870 enabled corpora- 

tions to establish technical schools, 
was provided with technical instruc- 
tion by Mason College and the Mid- 
land Institute. A municipal techni- 
cal school was erected four years 
ago at a cost of nearly £90,000, 
and works in harmony with other 
educational institutions in the 
city. There are well-equipped class- 
rooms, laboratories, ana workshops, 
and special attention is paid to the 
engineering, chemical, and electrical 
industries. Last year the school 
was attended by 2,680 pupils. It is 
open during the day ana evening ; 
the fees are very low, amounting only 
to 2s. 6d. and 5s. per session, except 
in a few special subjects. Most of 
the students and some of the 
instructors are in workshops and 
factories during the day. Tne cost 
of the institution last year was 
£20,094. A vote from the Boro' Rate 
of £2,535 was made. The Committee 
of Management includes representa- 
tives of the School Board, the Mid- 
land Institute, University of Bir- 
mingham, and the Trades Unions. 
The School of Art is under a 
separate committee. 

The School of Art, which had 
its origin in 1821 under the manage- 
ment of another body, is main- 
tained by the Corporation to give 
instruction in art as applied to 
industries. Besides the central 
school there are fourteen branches 
in Board Schools in the evenings. 
The number of students during 
the session 1900-1901 was 4,188. The 
expenditure on the School of Art last 
year was £17,288. The Art Gallery 
and Museum (expenditure last year 
£4,415) are valuable adjuncts of the 
Art School. 

Tramways.— Page 538. 

Water Supply.— Page 423. 

General Statistics.— Adminis- 
trative expenditure for year ended 
31st of March, 1900, of various com- 
mittees : Public Works, £223,944 ; 

E 2 

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Municipal Tear Book. 

Public Health, £109,466; Baths 
and Parks, £24,812; Estates, 
£39,412 ; Drainage Board, £42,314 ; 
Free Libraries, £17,468; Museum and 
School of Art, £22,229 ; Technical 

School, £20,094. Total expenditure 
by all departments, including gas 
and water, £2, 162,577. Total capital 
expenditure to 31st of March, 1901, 


Lord Mayor.— J. H. Lloyd, Higbcroft, 
Somerset Road, Edgbaston. 

Aldermen.— All Saints' Ward : S. 
Edwards, Whitemere, Gravelly Hill, near 
Birmingham. Balsall Heath Ward : 
Alfred Ash, The Mount, Wash wood Heath, 
Saltley. Bordesley Ward: W. H. Hart, 
Newlyn, Driffold, Sutton Cold field. Deri- 
tend Ward : C. G. Beale, Maple Bank, 
Church Boad, Edgbaston. Duddeston 
Ward : E. W. Bowkett, Birchfield Road, 
Hands worth. Edgbaston and Harborne 
Ward : W. Cook, Trinity Boad, Aston. 
Ladywood Ward: F. C. Clayton, 18, 
St. James' Boad. Market Hall Ward : 
R. F. Martineau, 18, Highfield Boad, Edg- 
biiston. Nechells Ward : The Bt. Hon. 
W. Kenrick, The Grove, Harborne. Botton 
Park Ward : Sir James Smith, Edgbaston 
Hall, Edgbaston. Saltley Ward : F. E. 
Hal lam, Claremout Cottage, Moseley Boad. 
St. Bartholomew's Ward: H. Manton, 
198, Hagley Boad. St. George's Ward : 
T. 8. Fallows, 19. Calthorpe Boad, Edgbaston. 
St. Martin's Ward : Lawley Parker, 11, 
Chad Boad, Edgbaston. St. Mary's Ward : 
Dr. A. Barratt, Calthorpe Boad, Edgbaston. 
St. Paul's Wjird: J. H. Lloyd, Somerset Boad, 
Edgbaston. St. Stephen's Ward:G. Baker, 
Beaucastle, Bewdley . St. Thomas's Ward : 
G. B. Lloyd, Church Boad, Edgbaston. 

Councillors. — All Saints' Ward: 
L. J. Murray, 112, Lodge Boad ; Jamee Aide, 
3.J7, HagleyBoad ; T. E. Smith, 197, Icknield 
Street. Balsall Heath Ward : R. W. 
Haines, Moseley Road ; A. H. Halse, Salis- 
bury Boad, Moseley; N. C. Reading, 
Iiiglewood, Wake Green Boad, Moseley. 
Bokdesley Ward : S. D. Balden, 
lairholm, Raven hurst Boad, Harborne; 
8. E. Johnson, Chorlton, Aleester Road, 
Moseley ; A. R. Jephcott, 231, Park Road, 
Hockley. Deritend Ward : Charles Thomas 
Bishop, 8, Carpenter Boad, Edgbaston; 
A. G. Ellaway, Oxford Road, Moseley; 
D. Russell, inn., 460, Moseley Road. 
Duddeston Ward: W. L. Barber, 103, 
Bristol Road; J. C. Dexter, The Mount, 
Sutton Boad, Erdington ; Rowland Hill 
Berkeley, 93, Harborne Boad. Edgbas- 
ton and Harborne Ward : Arthur Godlee, 
The Lea, 33, Park Boad, Harborne; G. E. 
Stembridge, 11, Vernon Boad, Edgbaston ; 
J. S. Nettlefold. Bechen hurst, Selly Hill, 
Ladywood Ward: Walter Barrow, 43, 
Frederick Boad, Edgbaston; Hartison Bar. 

low, Lawn House, Ampton Boad, Edgbas- 
ton ; Horatio Lane, 17, Clarendon Boa l, 
Edgbaston. Market Hall Ward : D. 
Da vies, 15, Augustus Road, Edgbaston ; 
B. C. Marsh, 4, Salisbury Road, Moseley ; 
(Vacant). Nechells Ward: William 
Jones, 52, Islington Bow; James Hunt, 
143, Nechells Park Boad; Wm. Parkins, 
Station Boad. Gravelly Hill. Botton Park 
Ward : Henry Allen, 318, New John Street 
West ; J. P. Randall, Park Boad, Moseley ; 
T. W. Walthall, Portland Boad, Edgbaston. 
Saltley Ward : J. A. Herrick, 
Heath Road, Saltley; John Wilkinson, Hill 
Top House, Ward End ; Robert Toller, 115, 
Great Francis Street. St. Bartholomew's 
Ward : A. Keegan, 7, D*rnley Boad, Ladv- 
wood; P. Pates, 2, Wood bourne Boad; 
Walter Waters, Acock's Green. St. George's 
Ward: Thomas Fletcher, Elsinore, Park 
Avenue, Handsworth ; Joseph William 
Tonka, Wake Green Boad, Moseley ; N. S. 
Heeley, 113, Soho Hill, Handsworth. Sr. 
Martin's Ward: B. C. Jarvis, 60, Worcester 
Street; E. Martineau, 39, Augustus Road, 
Edgbaston ; Ha lie we 11 Sogers, Sir Harry's 
Road. St. Mary's Ward: F. 0. Whittall, 
211, Heah field Road, Handsworth ; Martin 
Keily, 80, Aston Street; W. E. Lovse.v, 61, 
Gem Street. St. Paul's Ward : Charles 
Green, Rokesley, Griffin's Hill, Selly Oak; 
G. H. Johnstone Hamstead Hill, Hands- 
worth; John Skinner, Grove, Wake Green Kd, 
Moseley. St. Stephen's Ward : W. J. Lan- 
caster, Barnet Green ; A. J. Reynolds, 178, 
Newtown Row ; G. Sperryn, Melville Road, 
Edgbaston. St. Thomass Ward: J. V. 
Stevens, 104, Summer Road; W. Davis, 
Cromwell House, Oakfield Road, Selly Park ; 
W. H. Bowater, 207, Broad 8tieet. 

Chairmen of Committees.— Baths and 
Parks, Councillor Marsh; Estates, Coun- 
cillor Stembridge ; Finance, Alderman Clay- 
ton ; General Purposes, Lord Mayor; Markets 
and Fairs, Councillor Jarvis ; Health, Alder- 
man Cook ; Public Works, Sir James Smith ; 
Watch, Councillor Lancaster ; Lunatic Asy- 
lum8, Councillor Berks ley ; Industrial School, 
Councillor Jones ; Gas, Councillor Hallewell 
Rogers; Water, Alderman Parker; Free 
Libraries, Councillor Haines ; Museum and 
School of Art, Alderman Bt. Hon. W. 
Eenrick ; Technical School, Alderman 
Martineau; Electric Supply, Councillor 
Johnstone ; Tramways, Alderman Beale ; 
Housing, Councillor Nettlefold. 

Digitized by CjOOQ IC 

Municipal Fear Book. 



Recorder.— J. S. Dugdale, Q.C. 

Stipendiary Police Magistrate.— T. M. 
Col more, J. P. ' 

Town Clerk.— Edwrard Orford Smith. 

Coroner.— Isaac Bradley. 

Clerk of thk Pkacb.— C. E. Mathews. 

City Treasurer.— T. H. Clare. 
r City Surveyor.— John Price, M.I.C.E. 

Medical Officer of Health axd City 
Analyst.— Alfred Hill, M.D., F.I.C. 

Chief Constable.— C. H. Rafter. 

Prosecuting Solicitor.— Alfred Walter. 

Town Clerk's Department.— Deputy 
Town Clerk : E. V. Hiley. Chief Clerk : 
J. B. Jones. 

Finance Department.— Cashier : G. 

Public Wo rksDepartment.— Engineer, 
Ac. (Sewers): E. B. Savage. Building 
Surveyor: Henry Price. Road Sur- 
veyor : T. J. Orme. Superintendent 
Mechanical, Ac., Department : T. A r nail. 
Accountant : A. M. Rose. 

Baths and Parks Department.— 
Superintendent of Baths, Engineer, 
and Secretary : Job Cox. Superinten- 
dent of Parks : Saml. Hearne. 

Markets and Fairs Department.— 
Supt. of Markets: F. H. Edwards. 

Weights and Measures Inspection.— 
Chief Inspector: Allan Granger, jun. 

Health Department. — Accountant 
Clerk: W. H. Cutts. Superintendent 
of Night-Soil Department : William 
Holt. Inspector of Nuisances: John 
Parker. City Hospitals.— Medical Super- 
intendent : Dr. E. Chatelier. 

Stables Department Superintendent. 
—J. Malcolm, F.R.C.V.S. 

Fire Brigade : Chief Officer.— a. R. 

Lunatic Asylums. — Winson Green : 
Medical Superintendent, E. B. Whit- 

TENDE.vr, Dr. A. C. Suffern. 

City Cemetery Superintendent and 
Registrar.— W. S. Aston. 

Birmingham Industrial School, Tfik 


Craven Jones. Matron : Mrs. W. Craven 

Free Libraries Department.— Chi i:f 
Librarian: A. C. Shaw. 

Museum and Art Gallery Kesper - 
Whitworth Wallis. 

School of Art.— Head Master: E. ]{. 
Taylor. Secretary : E. Preston Hytoi . 
Curator : John Gongh. 

Gas Department. —Secretary: G. IL 
Barber. Engineers: Saltley Works. 
Swan Village Works: Henry Hack, 
M.I.C.E. Adderley Street Work*, 
Windsor Street Works : Chas. Huiu, 

Water Department.— Secretary: E. 
Antony Lees. Assist. Secretary: Edwi i 
A. Williams. Engineers : Engines •, 
Henry Davey, O.E. Distribution En- 
gineer, William Gray. 

Estates Department.— Manager : J as. 

Technical School.— Principal : W. E. 
Sumpner, D.Sc. Secretary: George Meli' r. 


Population, 1,378; Rateable Value, £6,514; Area, 1,867 Acres. 
Bishop's Castle is an ancient town, and obtained its charter in 1573. It 
maintains its Water Supply (see page 424), which is obtained by a gravitation 
scheme from a mountain stream six miles distant. The cost of the under- 
taking was £6,000. The borough obtained a new charter under the 
Municipal Corporations Act in 1835. 


Pugh, John Williams, George Beddoes, 
William Lockley. 

Treasurer.— William Rig by. 

Town Clerk.— E. Griffiths. 

Surveyor.— Aaron Hamar. 

Medical Officer of Health.— Maurice 
Gepp, M.D. 

Mayor.— W. E. Garnett Botfield. 

Deputy Mayor.— William Ashby Pugh. 

Aldermen. -H. S. Newill, W. E. Garnet. 
Botfield, B. Bowen, A. Greenhouse. 

Councillors.— W. A. Pugh, E. Price, 
8. H. Puckle, P. Hughes, R. W. Francis, 

J. Roberts, E. Mansell, George Owen, A. E. 


(County Borougrh.) 
Population, 127,527 ; Rateable Yalue, £405^24 ; Area, 7,426 Acres. 

Blackburn, (Lanes.), received a municipal charter in 1851. It was granted! 
a Court of Quarter Sessions in 1886. The Corporation adopted the Public 

Digitized by CjOOQ IC 


Municipal Year Book. 

Libraries Act in September, 1S53, and established Public Baths in 1865. It 
owns the Gas, Electric Lighting, and Water Supplies, and the Tramways* 
It maintains Markets, Slaughter- Houses, Cemeteries, an Art Gallery and 
Museum, a Technical School, Smallpox and Fever Hospitals. A new 
drainage scheme was carried out a few years ago at a cost of £200,000, and 
new sewage disposal works are being constructed which will cost £85,000. 
The Corporation is represented on the governing body of the Blackburn 
Grammar School, on the Joint Committee of the Lancashire Sea Fisheries 
District, on the Lancashire Asylum Board, on the County Rate Committee, 
on the Kibble Committee, and on the Lancashire Inebriates' Reformatories 
Board. The Corporation obtained an Act in the last Session of Par- 
liament for extending the boundaries of the Borough, to authorise the Cor- 
poration to reconstruct and to construct new Tramways, to make street 
works, to erect a new Sessions House, Police and Fire Brigade Stations, 
to borrow money, and for other purposes. 

Artisans' Dwellings. — Page 

Baths. — Receipts for the year 
1900-1, £884. Expenditure, £1,291, 
exclusive ofc interest and sinking 
fund charges. 

Cemetery.— Fees and other re- 
ceipts, £2,350. Expenses : miscel- 
laneous, £407 ; salaries and wages, 

Electric Lighting— Page 481. 

Free Public Library. — The 
Library and the Museum Fund are 
combined. The capital outlay for 
the Library, the new Art Gallery 
and Museum has been £18,377 ; 
maintenance expenditure last year, 

Gas.— Page 459. 

Markets. — The capital outlay on 
the General Cattle and Fish has been 
£48,418. . Gross income, £8,276 ; 
Maintenance, £2,339 ; Interest and 
Sinking Fund, £1^846 ; profit in aid 
of rates, £4,090. 

Refuse and Sewage Disposal. 
— The town refuse is got rid of by 
tipping on. land ami burning in de- 
structors. The sewage is taken to 
settling tanks, where works of an 
extensive nature deal with it by 
precipitation by Ferozone. The 
effluent runs on to the land, thence 
into the Darwen, and the sludge 
is pressed into cakes and sold for 

manurial purposes. Two sewage 
farms are maintained. The income 
from the sewage farms last year 
was £3,378, and the maintenance 
expenditure, £2,802. Sewage irri- 
gation cost £5,616. 

Slaughter - House. — Receipts 
from Slaughter-House, which is 
under the Health Department, were 
£800, and the maintenance expendi- 
ture, £653. Conisiderable altera- 
tions and extensons have been 
effected recently, new eattle lairs, 
among other things, having been 
constructed at a cost of £2,236. 

Techn ical Education. —£48,984 
has been spent in building a new 
technical school. Tiie maintenance 
last year came to over £2,700, 
which shows that liberal provision 
is made by the Corporation for this 
purpose. The Exchequer grants 
amounted to £2,717 ; the Corpora- 
tion levies a penny rate which yields 
£2,008 ; £727 was received in grants 
from South Kensington, &c, and 
£691 in students' fees. 

Tramways.— Page 505.. 

Water.— Page 424. 

General Statistics.— Debt out- 
standing, £2,747,356. Cost of Police, 
£11,749; Fire Brigade,£l, 743; Parks, 
£2,300; Public Lighting, £8,407; 
Scavenging, £15,000 ; Fever Hospi- 
tals, £2,616; Highways, £59,382. 

Digitized by CjOOQ IC 

Municipal Year Book. 



Mayor.— Sir W. H. Hornby, Bart., M.P. 

Aldermen. — Adam Dugdale, Griffin 
Lodge; Ell Heyworth, Whinfidd; Samuel 
Crossley, Beech Bank, Wilpehire; Thomas 
Parkinson, Gorse Boad ; William Gars- 
den, 67, Northgate ; Edward Billinfiton, 
126, Whalley New Road ; James Hoyle, 6, 
East Park Boad ; William Thompson, East 
Park Boad; William Newton, Braeside; 
James Nut tall Boo tb man, Clayton Green, 
Clayton-le-Woods, Chorley ; Frederick 
Baynes, Famlesbury Old Hall, near 
Preston; Henry Harrison, Preston New 
Boad ; Joseph Pollard, 213, Preston New 
Boad; John William Oddie, Campsie 
Lodge, Infirmary Boad. 

Councillors. — Henry Lewis, Billinge 
House; Thos. Talbot, 149, Whalley New 
Boad; W. Starkie Gregson, 24, Charlotte 
Street ; Walter Farnworth, Beechwood, 
Cherry Tree ; Bcholes Bostron, 56, Artillery 
8treet; John Holt, 8, Palm Street; Josh. 
Fielding, 46, Adelaide Terrace; Houlker 
Watson, 17, Dock Street; Michael Shorrock, 
63, Bevidge Boad ; Benjamin Walrasley, 95, 
Accrington Boad; John Slater, Infirmary 

Boad ; Frederick Wm. Taylor, 23, Infirmary 
Boad ; Thomas Shaw, 40, Sarah Ellen Street 
Bobert Baines, 9, Bold Street ; J. W. Wells 
104, Montague Street; J. Hothersall, 12 
Albert Street ; W. H. Law, 35, King Street 
J. T. Worswick, 99, Bedlam ; J. T. T. Ramsay; 
17, Richmond Terrace ; John Feicit, Moiling, 
ton Boad; Thomas Hurley, 16, Myrtle 
Street; Richard Fletcher, 144, Whalley 
Range ; Chas. Ibbotson, Sallord ; John 
Neviile,BavenswingTillas, off Bevidge Boad; 
Francis John Greeves, 99 and 101, Larkhill ; 
James Bolton 9, B Brookly terrace ; William 
Woolley, 9, Bathurst Street; Herbert 
Higson, Ribohester Old Lane, Wilpehire; 
J. J. Cunliffe, 86, Langham Street; Daniel 
Aiusworth, King William Street; Edward 
Blakey, 6, Market Street Lane; Thomas 
Ashworth, 86, Park Boad ; Thomas 
Critchley, 7, Simmons Street; William 
Tattersall, 11, Shear Bank Boad ; 
Edwin Hamer, Braeside, Bevidge; George 
Green, 6, -St. Andrew's Street; John 
Higginson, The Hollies, West Park Boad ; 
Lawrence Cotton, 3, Infirmary Road ; 
Thomas Longworth, 34, Dock Street; 
Charles Higham, 68, Walnut Street. 


Town Clerk and Clerk of the Peace.— 
Bobert E. Fox. 

Assistant Solicitor.— A. Holt. 

Borough Coroner.— H. J. Robinson. 

Borough Treasurer.— J. H. Bailey. 

Surgeon to Police Force and Fire 
Brigade, and Medical Officer of 
Health.— Dr. Wheatley. 

Borough Engineer.— W. Stubbs. 

Justice?' Clerks. — Malam Brothers. 

Gas Engineer.— 8. B. Ogden. 

Auditors.— Ashworth Mosley & Co. 

Gas Auditors.— B. Farrar Lonsdale and 
W. Porter. 

Technical School Secretary.— A. W. 

Chief Constable and Chief of Fire 
Brigade.— J. G. Lewis. 

Superintendent of Police.— W.Dobson 

Chief Inspector of Weights and Mea- 
sures.— James Biley. 

Vet. Inspector and Chief Meat In- 
spector.— J. M. Stirling. 

Inspector of Nuisances and of Com- 
mon Lodging-Houses, Jtc— James Graham. 

Scavenging Superintendent.— J. Mar- 

Librarian of Free Library.— B. Ash- 

Market Superintendent. — Edmund 

Electrical Engineer.— A. S. Giles. 

Water Works Manager.— J. Wilson 

Mayor's Auditor.— Councillor Worswick. 

Elective Auditors. — Thos. Siddle and 
Richard Wolsteu holme. 


Population 47,348 ; Bateable Value, £427,938 ; Area, 3,496 Acres, exclusive of 
748 Acres of Forrshore. 

Blackpool is the Brighton of the industrial north. On Saturdays and 
Sundays, during the summer and autumn, visitors quadruple the number of 
normal residents. During holiday weeks perhaps 100,000 people daily come 
and eo. At all times there are visitors seeking recreation and health, for 
Blackpool appeals to all classes, and is remarkably healthy. It has won 
its position as a seaside resort and maintains its attractions through the 
■enterprise of the Corporation. It has already spent over £200,000 on parades 
and sea-defence works ; has constructed beautiful promenades ; and the 
widening and extending of the promenade under Parliamentary powers at 
an estimated cost of £3o0,000 has been commenced at the southerly end of 

Digitized by CjOOQ IC 

46 Municipal Year Book. 

the town. It has lighted the piers and principal streets with electricity; 
established Corporation Electric Tramways which are about to be very con- 
siderably extended ; provided Public Libraries and News-Rooms, and carried 
out many other improvements. The Corporation has inaugurated the 
town as an estate to be developed in a thoroughly business-like spirit, and 
has obtained power to advertise. It can spend a 2d. rate on advertising 
and last year spent £3,075, mainly in posters, handbills, and rail- 
way showcards. Private enterprise has backed up the Corporation by 
supplymg i such attractions as the Winter Gardens and Pavilion, a big 
Tower, Alhambra Theatre of Varieties, Theatres, &c. The facilities for 
bathing and recreation are excellent. The Corporation maintains the 
Gas Supplv, Electric Lighting, Tramways, the Cemetery, Libraries (it 
has a lady as Chief Librarian) Markets, Slaughter-Houses, and 
Public Conveniences. The Fylde Waterworks undertaking was on the 
;Y^t August, 1899 transferred from the Fylde Waterworks Company to 
the Fylde Water Board, consisting of representatives of the Councils of 
Blackpool, Fleetwood Lylban and St. Anne's-on-the-Sea. The borough 
was incorporated in 18.6, aid the area extended two years later. Und*er 
the Blackpool Improvement Act, 1898, the number of members of the 
Council was increased from 24 to 48, and in August of the same year a 
separate Commission of the Peace was granted to the borough, ind in 
June, 1899, the Blackpool School Board was formed. 

Cemetery.— Receipts last year Slaughter-Houses.— The public 
f ^°Si I " unlc ;P a l cemetery, slaughter-houses were opened on 1st 
£1,376. Borough Kate, £250. Ex- May! 1895. Expendltu?e on ma n 
penditure (including interest and tenance, &c, last year, £539 In- 
sinking fund charges £308), £1,263. terest and sinking fund, £681 
Balance m hand, £363. Receipts, £431. 

Eleciric Lighting. -Page 481. Technical Education. -Grants 

GAS.— Page 459. are received from the Lancashire 

Markets.— Blackpool has general ^ oun ^y Council, under, the Local 
markets-St. John's, covered mar- Taxation Act of 1891. General 
kets and fish shops. Income last ™ cn l ni ? a \ instruction is given at the 
year, £3,865. Cost of management, technical School. A Continuation 
repairs, debt charges, &c, £3,541. fec n° o1 has also been established. 
Profit, £324. Total market capital Ibamways.— Page 505. 

outlay, £54,479. Sinking funds, inEffiSS^, Statis "CS. — Rates, 
£9,549. 1900-1901 : General District, 3s. «d. ; 

Public Libraries. - Blackpool s t3^i IrJ'Ti™ *??t out " 

adopted the Public Libraries Act in SSf!n^ 

1879. There is a central and two f^ hfnd ^^n 6 ****' ^ 

branch libraries. The rate has DOW ers ' £1 «Ko* £ orr ° wln S 

varied between ^d. and Id. Last E\^ftf\- C f , ot 

year the expenditure was £1,456. Sf' H M D ?J ; . hm Bn S^e t 

Refuse and SEWAGE.-Ref use is ve'ngi^ 1 ^ ^tl^t^' 

burned in a destructor, expenses of £10, 191 ; Parade' Maintenance 

which were last year £2,921. The £5,377 ; Infectious Diseased hK u' 

sewage outfall is m deep sea. £i , 8 i 9 . Refuse Collection, £4,795* 


Mayor.— Jarmslhrwartli. Blckerstaffo i^^^u n^At t ™ . 

A^E^MKN.-Joln, Bickerrfaffe, Tbona. SSSfSSSfc &g? iJS^jjKRdJSl; 

Digitized by CjOOQ IC 

Municipal Year Book. 47 

George Chadwick Kingsbury, Robert Medical Officer of Health.— Francis 

Butcner Mather, James Howarth (Mayor). James Henderson Coutts, M.B. 
Thomas Houldswortn Smith, James Ward. Borough Surveyor. —John Shanks 

Councillors.— Fred Ash, James Batters- B ^? die U . ,, , , «. 

by, Jamea Bibby, Gilbert Bl.mdell, Robert g* 3 Engineer & MANAGER.-John Chew. 

Bridge, Henry Brown, William Butcher, Borough Electrical and Tramways 

William Cartledge. William Henry Cocker, Engine er -Robert C. Quid. 
Joseph Roberts Gath, W. H. Hampton, Chief Constable and Inspector of 

John Hall, James Heyes, Samuel Hill, V^^U^?*^^'!' Fl ^iirT* 
JameaHolden, James Laurie, James Edward Police Surgeon. -T. W. Butcher, M.B., 

Lucas. Frederick George Paguam, Joseph ^«M. 

Revill, Richard Tomlinson. John White- _ Inspector of Nuisances. - Thomas 

side. Milton Gough Wilde, J. Goulden, Sanderson. 

William Clwlloner, William Henry Broad- Cleansing Superintend en p. - F. T. 

head, Joseph William Scholes, S. Butter- Knndall. 

worth, James Bamber, Thomas Catterall, Superintendent of the Fire Brigade. 

John Lazarus Smith, John Collins, Thomas —Inspector Henry Sharrock. 
Melding, Allen Iredale, Harry Riley Sims KB l GIST j tAR 0F TIIK Borough Cemeterv. 

Brigga, James Chadwick, Richard Holt. ,.? Wray V, T » t 

-. « ^. « Tramway Manager.— John-Lancaster. 

Town Clerk and Clerk to the Burial advertising MANAGKR.-Charles Node.i. 

BOAKD.-Thomas Loftos (Solicitor). Librarian of the Public Library. - 

Deputy Town Clerk. — W. Edgar Miss Kate Lewtas. 
Stephens. Markets Inspector.— Henry Harrison. 

Borough Treasurer.— William Bateson, Mayor's Attendant, Mace Bearer, 

A.C.A. Ac— Edwin Unsworth. 


Population, 3,649 ; Rateable Value, £13,99 i ; Area, 145 Acres. 
The Corporation of Blandford, which had its origin in a charter granted 
in the reign of James I., owns the town Markets. The boundaries of the 
borough were extended in 1889. 


Mayor.— alderman P. A. Town Clerk.— «. C. Smith. 

ALDERMEN.— P. A. Barnes, J. J. Ball, E.B. TMCAwrnwn IT Qi.i™ 

Smith, J. Stewart. ±REAsurrr.-H. Slnpp. 

Councillors.— E.Derham, A. Dean, J. L. Surveyor and Inspector of Nuisances, 

Marsh, C. S. Roe, T. Nesbitt, J. J. Lamperd, —J. Crocker. 

michael. Collector.— W. H. Short. 


Population, 5,353 ; Rateable Value, £18,925 ; area, 2,797 Acres. 
Bodmin does not possess its Gas or Water Supply. It holds a profitable 
corporate estate, most of which was, at the Deginning of last century, 
waste or common land, the income being sufficient to meet all the expendi- 
ture of the Corporation. A rate of £1, 100, this year (ending Lady day next), 
however, is made to meet tha deficiency in the Urban District Council Fund. 
Municipal ownership of land is the rule in Bodmin, and the receipts from 
rents, chiefly con ventionary and rack rents, amounted to £985 13s. lid. 
last year. Three hundred acres are still out on life leases. When these ' 4 lives ' 
are all dead the revenue of the borough from land* will be about £1,500 a 
year. The land seems to cost very little to maintain, only about £44 
a year ; Markets and Fairs yield £144 per annum, and the only expendi- 
ture on this head seems to be £6 6s. Id. The Borough Accounts include 
Kates of Overseers, £1,100, and the School Board Rate, £590. The 
Corporation in its capacity of Urban District Council maintains the 
streets and carries out the Public Health Act, &c, in the borough. The 
Corporation as such seems to pay the Urban District Council more than it 
receives in rates. The grant to the Urban District Council last year 
was £1,500, and the School Board £500, and the Corporation had a debit 

Digitized by CjOOQ IC 

48 Municipal Year Book. 

balance of £248 6s. 8d. The refuse is disposed of by public auction, and 
the sewage at present flows into a stream, but an irrigation scheme is 
under consideration, and a new Cattle Market on a site belonging to the 
Corporation was opened in September last ; the total- cost was about 
£2,000. A Public Pleasure Garden at the eastern end of the town on 
a site given by Viscount Clifden (Lord Kobartes) has been laid out and 
planted, and will shortly be opened. The public Recreation Ground is the 
Beacon, an elevated position close to the town. It is an open space of 
twenty acres, from which a magnificent view of many miles is obtained. 
On the Beacon is a granite obelisk, 144 feet high, to the memory of 
Lieut. Gen. Sir Walter Raleigh Gilbert. Bodmin is the county town, the 
Assizes and Quarter Sessions having been held there for many years. The 
County Lunatic Asylum (800 patients), the Military Depot, H.M. Civil and 
Naval Prisons, H.M. Court of Probate, and the Head-quarters of the 
County Constabulary are situate in the town. 


Mayor.— Joseph Stephen*. Borough Treasurer.— H. D. Foster. 

Aldermen. — E. H. Higgs, Joseph Ste- Borough Surveyor.— E. J. Oliver, 

phens, John Carhart, and William Martyii. Medical Officer of Health.— B. G. 

Councillors. — Harold Harvey, John D«*rry. 
Treleaven, John Pethybridge, E. J. Burton, Inspector of Nuisances.— E. J. Oliver. 

Thomas H. Sftear, W. Arthur Bawden, Rohei t Foreman of Roads.— Henry Tregiigas. 

1j. 8. Roscorla, Richard Grose. William School Board Clerk.— W. J. Adams. 

Arthur Marshall, Thomas Hore, Walter T. School Board Attendance Officer.— 

Verran, and Samuel W. Jewell. R. Weale. 

Town Clerk.— R. P. Edy vean. Clerk to the Justices.— J. R. Collins. 


Population, 168,205; Rateable Value, £767,130; Area, 15,283 Acres. 
The area of the Bdrough of Bolton was largely extended in the year 
1898, eleven neighbouring districts having agreed to join the borough, and 
after considerable opposition by the Lancashire County Council, this exten- 
sion was approved by Parliament in the Bolton, Turton, and Westhoughton 
Extension Act, 1898. The municipal authorities in Bolton have been 
thoroughly business-like. Their capacity for organising commercial enter- 
prises is unsurpassed. For the last nine years they have carried an 
average of £13,551" a year from the Water Department to relief of rates. 
Gas has yielded thereto an average annual profit of £21,320. Markets 
bring in net aid to the amount of £2,506, and the Corporation is 
building up an Electric Lighting undertaking which is also a paying depart- 
ment, besides owning and working the Tramways, Ice Stores, &c, and 
it is now spending £300,000 for electrical power and track on the 
overhead system of tramways. The Tramways have been worked by the 
Corporation from 1st January, 1900. Business does not solely occupy the 
attention of the Corporation. It has provided good Technical Schools, 
well-stocked Libraries, and beautiful Parks and Recreation Grounds, 
and has recently accepted a gift from Mr. W. H. Lever of 360 statute acres 
in land at Rivmgton for the purposes of a Park. The famous Rivington 
Pike, rising to 1,192 feet above sea level, and two approaches, are included 
of Mr. Lever's gift. There are over eighty acres of pleasure-grounds in 
the town. The Parks Department also maintains three Museums. Bolton 
Corporation owns Public Abattoirs, Markets, Water, Gas, and Electric 
Lighting supplies, Cemeteries, Tramways, and everything else which a well- 
organised community should possess, including even Turkish Baths, and 
other Public Baths are now almost completea. It maintains two Fever 

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Municipal Year Book 


Hospitals at a cost last year of £3,304, and takes part in the administration 
of the Lancashire Lunacy Board, which receives the Bolton insane. The 
Corporation is also represented on the Joint Committee on River Pollution, 
on the Joint Committee of the Lancashire Sea Fisheries District, on the 
Mersey and Irwell Joint Committee, on the Manchester Assize Courts 
Committee, on the Lancashire County Rate Committee, and on the 
Lancashire Inebriates' Acts Board. 

Cemeteries.— The Corporation 
maintains three cemeteries — Tonge 
Cemetery,29 acres; Heaton Cemetery, 
63 acres ; .Astley Bridge, 8 acres. 
Revenue from Tonge Cemetery last 
year, £1,099 Is. 4d. ; expenditure, in- 
cluding £117 interest and £623 for 
sinking fund, £1,853 19s. lOd. ; defi- 
ciency, from Borough Rate, £764 
18s. 6d. Heaton Cemetery revenue, 
£2,605 2s. ; the expenditure, in- 
cluding interest, £1,754, and sink- 
ing fund, £1,160 £5,411 12s. 8d.; defi- 
ciency, from Borough Rate, £2,805 
10s. 8d. Astley Bridge Cemetery 
revenue, £210 17s. 7d. ; expendi- 
ture, including interest, £172, is 
£592 8s. 8d. ; deficiency, from 
Borough Rate, £331 lis. Id. Capital 
outstanding, £8,648 17s. 9d. 

Electric Lighting.— Page 481. 

Free Pdblic Library.— There 
are six libraries — Central Lend- 
ing and Reference Libraries, and 
branches at Little Bolton, High 
Street, Mere hall, and Astle.v Bridge, 
— containing over 103, 75 i vols. Total 
expenditure last year, £2,257 15s. 2d. 

Gas.— Page 459. 

Markets.— The Corporation has 
a Market Hall, Cold Stores, a Whole- 
Kale Market and Public Abattiors. 
The revenue from the Market Hall 
last year was £6,423 18s. lid., and 
the maintenance expenditure £2,494 
16s. 4d. The Cold Stores brought 
a revenue of £2,330 9s. id., while 
the expenditure was £2,770 5s. 6d. 
The Wholesale Market was still 
more profitable, the income being 
£2,542 12s. 2d. against £393 5s. 9d. 
outlay. Rents of surplus property 
connected with the, Market brought 
in £904 14s. 6d., and miscellaneous 
receipts, £76 15s. lid., brought the 

total revenue from Markets and 
Slaughter -Houses (see below) ac- 
counts up to £12,508 3s. 7d. After 
paying all expenses, including 
£3,007 14s. 2d. interest, £650 renewal 
fund, and £641 5s. 5d. repayment of 
loans, there was a net profit handed 
over to the rates of £2,442 12s. 2d. 
The net relief to the rates was equal 
to £1 16s. 9d. per cent, per anunm. 
Refuse and Sewage Disposal. 
— The town refuse is consumed in 
destructors (Messrs. Meldrum Bros. ), 
which cost, including buildings, 
sidings, &c, £84,321, and sewage is 
disposed of by precipitation and land 
filtration. The sewage depots, out- 
fall works, and farm cost £125,628. 
Slaughter - Houses. — This is 
connected under the Markets De- 
partment as regards capital ex- 
penditure and interest. The main- 
tenance last year was £108 4s. 3d., 
and the revenue £229 1 3s. 

Technical Education. — The 
Corporation has established a Tech- 
nical School in Mawdsley Street, 
formerly the Mechanics 1 Institution, 
a Textile and Engineering School, 
which has cost £15,204, and is build- 
ing a new technical school. A penny 
rate, yielding £2,600, is levied to 
maintain the schools in addition to 
£2,640 received from the Exchequer. 
The receipts also include : grants 
£1,044, fees £1,279, making total 
receipts £11,383 17s. lOd. The total 
expenditure on technical instruction 
last year (including interest £472 and 
repayment of loans £753) was 
£7,679 2s. lid. Cotton spinning, 
weaving, bleaching, dyeing, and 
chemistry are among the chief 
subjects taught. There is also 
a School of Art. The work of the 

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Municipal Year Book. 

committee has been extended to in- 
clude the management of the evening 
science and art classes held at the 
Central Higher Grade Board School. 
Day classes are also held. 

Telephones.— Page 410. 

Tramways.— Page 506. 

Water.— Page 424. 

General Statistics.— Borough 

Kate, Is. 8d.; District Rate, 2s. 2d.; 
Poor Rate, Is. Debt outstand- 
ing, £2,919,967. Administrative ex- 
penses : Police, £15,593 ; Fire 
Brigade, £2,256 ; Parks and 
Museums, £7,054 ; Street Lighting, 
£10,149; Do. Rumworth and Halh 
well District, £1,430 ; Street De- 
partment, £12,852 ; Scavenging De- 
partment, £23,703 ; Sanitary £8,128. 


Mayor.— Aid. John Miles. 
Deputy Mayor.— Aid. William Nicholson. 
Aldermen. — Exchange Ward : — 
Hough,Glenthorne,Green Lane,Great Lever; 
J. WT Brown, 110, Radcliffe Road. Brad- 
ford Ward : J. Harwood, Back-o'-th'-Bank ; 
J. Horrocks, 169, Derby Street. Derby 
Ward: T. B. Tong, Park House, Chorley 
New Koad; E. Kearsley, 261, Dean Road. 
Church Ward : J. Barnes, 91, Castle Hill ; 
0. Yates, 80, Bradford Avenue, Great Lever. 
East Ward : S. Dickinson, 8, Onii n Street ; 
J. Miles, Lyndene, Chorley New Road. 
West Ward : W. Blaiu, 41, Chorley Old 
Road; W. W. Cannon, Hill Cot, Astley 
Bridge. North Ward : W. Nicholson, Yew 
Tree, Astley Bridge. Rumworth Ward : 
J. M. Rutter, 88, Bradford Street. Halli- 
wkll Ward : J. T. Brooks, 46, Bradford 
Street ; J.Vause.Makants, Halliwell. Astley 
Bridge Ward : T. W. Fletcher, East View, 
717, Blackburn Road, Astley Bridge. Tongk 
Ward : A. G. Park, i26, Folds Road. Darcy 
Lever - cum - Breightmet Ward : W. E. 
Smith, Radcliffe Road. Great Lever 
Ward : J. Phethean, Woodside, Great Lever. 
Hulton Ward : J. Chorlton, 432, St. Helens 
Road, Over Hulton. Deane-cum-Lostoce 
Ward: J. Piatt, 297, Wignii Road, Deane. 
Heaton Ward : R. Lord, Newsteads, Albert 
Road, Heaton. Smithills Ward : K. Edge, 
24, Church Road, Smithills. 

Councillors. — Exchange Ward : D. 
M agin n is, 77. Radcliffe Road ; N. J. Horner, 
47, Arkwright Street; J. T. Cooper, 12, 
Dobson Koad; M. Kilroe, 29, Newjort 
Street ; W. Cooper, 47, Manchester Road ; 
W. K earns, 29, Belmont Road. Bralford 
Ward : R. Fairclough, 8, George Street ; H. 
Horrocks, 123, High Street ; M. Battle, 145, 
Morris Green Lane; J. Greenwood, Spen«er 
House, Norris Street; W. Webster, 271, 
Wigan Road ; E. Lee, 18, Lever Edge Lane, 
Great Lever. Derby Ward : J. Young, 267 
and 269, Derby Street ; J. Parr, 86, Beverley 
Road ; F. Walmsley, lhornhill, Heaton ; J . 
Preston, Higher House, Lostock Park ; F. A. 
Horrid ge, Chorley New Road; W. T. 
Grundy, 141, Ma} or Street. Church Ward : 
F. W. Thompson, 97, Castle Street; N. 
Ramsden. 5, Bury New Road ; W. Altham, 
8, Clarendon Grove ; R. Hough, jun.,Haulgh 
Cottage, Radcliffe Road;,J. W. Taylor, 102, 

Bury New Road; W. Russell, Clarendon 
Grove, East Ward : J. E. Pantou, 4i, 
Higher Brdge Street; R. Marglnson, 82, 
Chorley Old Road ; M. Fielding. 197, Chorley 
New Road ; J. B. 8haw, 14, Bark Street ; W. 
Hargraves. 13, Bank Street; L. Wild, 45, 
Dorset Street. West Ward : S. Rothwell, 

21, Chorley New Road ; J. Berry, 4. Grafton 
Street; E. P. Greenhaigh, 78, Chorley Old 
Road; W. H. Horrocks, Westhol me, Chorley 
New Road; R. Tootill, Westward House. 
Tonge Moor Road ; J. Broadbent, Silvcrwell 
Street. North Ward : A. B or rocks, Sey- 
mour Road, Astley Bridge ; H. WarburN>n, 

22, Blackball k Street; J. Demaine, 134, 
Blackburn Road. Rumworth Ward: W. 
Morris, 62, St. Helens Road ; W. H. Brown, 
Southfield, Lostock ; J. Higson, HI, Deane 
Church Lane, Deane. Halliwell Ward : 
J. W. Scott, Beech House, Gilnow ; T. 
E. Smith, Chorley New Road; J. P. 
Taylor, The Glen, Chorley New Road, 
Heaton, and Croft Mills, Dafley Street ; W. 
Edge, 18, Raphael Street; J. Seddon, 293, 
Halliwell Road; J. Edge, Hollywood. 58, 
Church Road. Smithills. Astley Bridge 
Ward : W. Hideout, 34, Seymour Road ; 
G. Hesketh, 49. Seymour Road, Astley 
Bridge; H. Huggins, Springfield, Astley 
Bridge. Tonge ward: E. Barnard, 62, 
Ainsworth Lane, Tonge ; T. Holt, East View, 
Ainsworth Lane, Tonge; A. Duxbury, 53, 
Seymour Road. Darcy Lever - cum - 
Breightmet Ward: D. O. Ramsden, Rad 
cliffe Road; W. Roberts, Crompton Fold 
Farm, Breightmet; T. Gillibrand, Wlthins 
Lane. Great Lever Ward : W. E. Walker, 
Lever Grange, Great Lever ; J. Fletcher, 73, 
Rishton Lane, Great Lever; J. Etkersley, 
The Raikes, Great Lever. Hulton Ward : 
J. Heywood, The Pike; S. Hough, Edge 
Fold, Middle Hulton ; J. Murray, 159, Morris 
Green Lane, Middle Hulton. Deane-cum- 
Lostoce Ward : L.WiW, 1*7, Deane Chinch 
Lane, Deane; W. Gold tag, Spring Moui t, 
Lostock Park, Horwich. and 27. Knowsley 
Street; J. Hibbert. Hunger Hill Farm, 
Deane. Heaton Ward : J, P. Haslam. 
Ravenswood, Heaton; P. Higson, 441, 
Chorley Old Road, Heaton; J. Holgate, 
Hodgkinson's Farm, Heaton. Smithills 
Ward . J. W. Witter, 13, Eennetta Lane ; J. 
Tickers, 535, Chorley Old Road; R, H, 
Ainsworth, Smithills Hall. Smithills. 

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Municipal Year Book. 51 


Town Clerk..— R. G. Hinnell. Inspector of Nuisances. Bichard 

Treasurer.— George Swainson, F.L.8., 8pencer. 
P 8. A A. Surveyor, Private Works Depart- 

B.oo^B.-W F K W. KC - X^^^o^^eo^Southern. 

Coroner.— Kowland Taylor. Johu McMillan. Ed. Oakee, J. T. L>rd, B. H. 

Clerk of the Peace.— Wm. Walter Farraguer, J. W. King. 

Cannon, jun. Assistant Overseer and Collector of 

Clerk to the Magistrates.— R. Winder. Borough and District Rates.— G. A. 

t ™»fi H PROSBCUTOBS -- John Hal1 * nd B C O Hi^F n C0NSTltLE.^rohn Holgate. 

j. u.Jiaii. ,„«,„,,„ Police Surgeon.— George Patrick, M.D. 

Deputy Town Clerk.— J.H. Field, LL.B. Superintendent of Fire Brigade.— 

Borough Organist.— Wm. Mullineux, Hy. J. Batten. 

F.C.O. Librarian.— J. K. Waite. 

Borough Surveyor.— E. LI. Morgan. Director and Secretary of Technical 

Waterworks Department.— Engineer : School.— F. Wilkinson, F.G.8. 

R. H. Swiudlehurst, M.I.C.E. Indoor Curator Museums.— W. W. Midgley, 

Superintendent : Wm. Hutchinson. F.R.Met.8. 

Gas Department. — Engineer and Superintendent of Parks and Regis. 

Manager: W. Smith. Office Super- trar of Cemetkries.— W. Longworth. 

intendent: Wm. Walch. Superintendent of Markets.— Robert 

Electrical Enginekr. — A. A. Day, Pike. 

A.M.I.E.E. " Inspector of Weights and Measures.— 

Tramways General Manager.— C. C Thomas Bennett. 

Howard. Superintendent of Scavenging and 

Medical Officer of Health.— J. E. Sewage Department.— John Stewart. 

Gould, M.D., D.P.H. Superintendent of Lighting.— James 

Public Analyst.— Walter Ratcliffe,F.8.C. Parker. 


(County Borough.) 
Population, 53,555 ; Rateable Value, £504,311 ; Area, 1,590 Acres. 
Bootle (Lancashire), conterminous with the Township of Bootle-cum- 
Linacre, was incorporated in 1868, and has since made remarkable 
progress. The population in 1861 was only 6,414, in 1871 it was 16,247, in 
1881. 27,374, in 1891, 49,217, and in 1898, 53,544. The rateable value at 
the date of incorporation was £64,578. In ten years it had almost doubled, 
and in the next ten years it rose to upwards of £400,000. It is now £504,31 1 , 
The town obtained a separate Commission of the Peace in 1877. In 1899, 
under a local Act, the number of wards was increased to five, the Aldermen 
to ten, and the Councillors to thirty. An important part of the Liverpool 
Dock System, including the Hornby, Alexandra, Langton, Brocklebank, 
and North and South Carriers' Docks, containing together an area of about 
109 acres, are in Bootle. The borough receives its Water Supply from 
Liverpool, and it is served by the Liverpool United Gas Light Company. 
The Tramways, which are worked by electric traction on the overhead trolley 
system, are the property of the Corporation, which supplies the electric 
energy therefor. The lines are leased to the Liverpool Corporation. 

The Corporation has adopted a scheme of Municipal Electric Lighting, 
and the public supply commenced on January 1st, 1899. The Town 
Hall and Municipal Offices were erected in 1882, and have recently been 
enlarged at a cost of upwards of £8,000, the Free Library and Museum in 
1886, the Public Baths and Gymnasium in 1888, and new Police Courts 
and Police Station in 1891. A new Technical School, erected at a cost of 
about £26,000 was opened in 1900. A new Fire Station and Police Sub- 
Station, estimated to cost £25,000, are now in course of erection ; also an 
open air Bath and Gymnasium, Branch Public Library and Reading Room, 

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Municipal Year Book. 

Public Assembly Room and Garden, at a cost of nearly £9,000. The Cor- 
poration has provided an Isolation Hospital, and has laid oat at a cost of 
upwards of £20,000 the Derby Park — land presented by the Earl of Derby 
— and has also provided the North and South Recreation Grounds, Morton 
Garden, and Balliol Road Garden. 

Baths. — The public baths include 
two swimming baths supplied with 
salt-water pumped from the Mersey 
and filtered. Receipts from the. 
baths last year, £1,205; expenditure, 
£1,890. An open-air bath is about to 
be constructed. 

Electric Lighting.— Page 482. 

Free Public Libraries.— The 
Libraries Act was adopted in 1884. 
The libraries contain 21,047 vols., 
and the issues are about 106,355 a 
year. A branch Library and Read- 
ing Room is in course of erection. 

Refuse and Sewage Disposal. 
— Refuse is burnt in a dust destruc- 
tor, and the sewage is discharged 
into the estuary of the Mersey. 

Technical Education. — The 
Corporation spends about £5,500 
every year on technical education. 
It established a Technical School in 

189}. In addition to instruction in 
a large number of commercial, 
science, art, and domestic subjects, 

Preparatory teaching is given for 
tu dents at evening continuation 
schools. The Corporation erected a 
new Technical School in September, 
1900, at a cost of about £25,000, and 
an intermediate Day School for Boys 
was established in January, 1901, in 
connection therewith. 

Tramways.— Page 536. 

Water.— Page 424. 

General Statistics. — Rates : 
General District Rate, 2s. 7d. ; Poor 
Rate, including Borough and School 
Board Rates, 2s. 8d. ; Watch Rate, 
4d. Debt outstanding, £247,388. 
The expenditure on the Borough 
Fund Account for 1900-1901 was 
£48,855, and on the General District 
Fund, £60,016. 


Mayor.— Geo. S. Wild. 

Aldermen— P. Aseroft, W. B. Brewster, 
J.P., B. Cain, J.P., W. Jones. J. P., 
I. A. Mack, J.P., J. MeMurray, A. Morton, 
J. Musker, I. Platts, W. Thomas, J.P. 

Councillors.— J. J. Bell, T. Brll, H. J. 
Blundell. W. B. Brown. W. Brown, P. 
Canavau, J.P., W. H. Clemmey, W. N. 
Clemmev, J. Geraghty, J. Gill, R. C. Hey- 
wood, J. P., E. Hughes, H. E. Husrhes, J. A. 
Hunter, O. K. Jones, G. Lamb, J.P., J. J. 
Mack, W. Macvie. H. Mathison, J. E. 
McCracken, J. J. Meocalf, W. T. Oversby, 


J. Pearson, J. Rafter, P. Regan, R. E. 
Roberts, W. Wadawortb, 8. A. Westerton, 
G. S. Wild (Mayor), F. Wilson. 

Chairmen of Committees. — Finance, 
Mr. Alderman Thomas ; Watch , Mr. Alder- 
man I. A. Mack ; Health, Mr. Alderman 
Cain; Highways, Mr. Alderman Aseroft; 
Parks and Baths, Mr. Alderman Morton ; 
Free Library, Mr. Councillor Mack ; Parlia- 
mentary, Mr. Alderman Jones; Fire Brigade, 
Mr. Alderman Platts; Electric, Mr. A'der- 
man Brewster: Sanitary, Mr. Councillor 
T. Bell. 

Town Clerk, Solicitor to the Corpora- 
tion, and Prosecuting Solicitor.— J. H. 

Assistant Town Clerk.— J. S. Tumilty. 

Borough Treasurer. — George Craig. 

Medical Officer of Health, &c— 
W. N. Barlow, M.R.C.S. (Eng.), J.P., D.P.H. 

Assistant Accountant.— E. Upton. 

Borough Cashier.— E. Cowley. 

Borough;* Engineer and Surveyor.— J. 
A. Crowther, A.M.Inst.C.E. 

Borough Electrical Engineer.— T. D. 

Clerk to Justices.— E. L. Lewes. 

Chief Constable.— J. Curaming. 

Superintendent of Fire Brigade. - 
H. Roberts. 

Inspector of Nuisances, Ac.— William 
Daley, L.R.C.P., L.R.C.S. (Edin.), D.P.H. 

Director of Technical Instruction.— 
J. J. Ogle. 

Librarian and Curator of Museum.— 
C. H. Hunt. 

Inspector of Weights and Measures. — 
Thomas Scott. 

Manager of Baths and Gymnasium.— 
T. MacMahon. 

Public Analysts.— Professor J. Campbell 
Brown, D.Sc, and J. C, Williams, B.Sc. 

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Municipal Year Book. 53 


Population, 15,667 ; Rateable Value, £5 1, 122; Area, 2,766 Acres. 
Boston enjoyed special privileges before the passing of the Municipal 
Corporations Act, and had a Recorder, rights to hold special Courts, and was 
the Market Authority. Modern Boston is a well-governed town with 
beautiful Parks and Gardens, important Markets, and corporate property, 
which does not make it necessary to levy a Borough Rate for ordinary 
purposes. The Corporation is the owner of Docks, which it has built 


Mayor,— W. T. Simonds. H. B. Clarke, W. H. Gane, J. Eley, 

Aldbrmen.-W. Bedford, W. Lammie, £ S'SJ^'g "s w^efb * * *"*' 

Y*L S i r nd * ^ Wei * htmaD ' J ' C ° 0ke ' TOW^ TlERK G AND OL J ER b K TO DISTRICT 

J.Beaulah. Council.— R. W. Stauiland. 

Councuxors.— P. Blanohard, J. Clarke, Treasurer.— W. Garfit. 

J. Cooke, 0. Durant, C. N. Hunn, T. Surveyor.— W. H. Wheeler. 

Kitwood, W. Pooles, W. Towell, J. ff. Medical Officer.— A. Tuxford. 

Simpson, S. Waddington, P. Harrison, Inspector.— J. Stephenson. 


( County Borough.) 
Population, 47,003 ; Rateable Value. £450,000 ; Area., 2,593 Acres.. 
Bournemouth is a watering-place on the South Coast, and is new as 
a municipal borough. It was governed under an Improvements Act from 
1856 up to November, 1890, when it obtained a charter of incorporation. 
Bournemouth obtained in 1899 a separate Commission of the Peace, a 
separate Court of Quarter Sessions, and has been made a County Borough 
as from April 1st, 1900. In November last the Urban District Councils of 
Pokesdown (population 4,930) and Wartin (6,719), together with parts of the 
parish of Holden hurst and Southbourne were included in the Borough, the 
population of the extended Borough being estimated at 60,000. The 
number of councillors was increased from 18 to 33, and that of aldermen 
from 6 to 11. The new Borough is divided into 11 wards. The Corporation 
maintains several beautiful Parks and Winter Gardens. The receipts of the 
latter amounted last year to £10,162, and the expenditure was £10,638. 
Excellent facilities for Golf are provided by the Corporation. The receipts 
from Golf in Meyrick Park amounted to £827, and the expenditure' was 
£710. The Corporation maintains a Pier, the receipts from which last 
year amounted to £8,173, the expenditure being £7,918. The Water, Gas, 
and Electric Light undertakings are in the hands of private companies, but 
the Corporation have an- order for Electric Lighting for public purposes. 
The town refuse is disposed of by burning in dust destructors, and the 
sewage is carried off to sea, no nuisance being caused by either process. 

Artisans' Dwellings.— P. 553. Telephones.— Page 410. 

Electricity Supply.— Page 482. Tramways.— Page 532. 


Mayor.— George Fr >st, M.D. J. A. Parsons, J. P., 406, Holdenhurst Road, 

Deputy Mayor.— George Joseph Liwson. Bournemouth ; J. E. Beale, J. P., Bridge 

Aldermen.— H. C. Stockley, J.P., Essen- End, Parionwre Road, Bournemouth; C. 

dene, 2t52, Ohristehur.rh Road, Boscombn ; Prampton, 119, Wimborne Road, Winton; 

G. J. Lawson, Pier View, B wcombe ; C. H. J. C. Webber, Somerleigh, Wellington 

Mat*, Elim, Groveley Road, Bournemouth; Road, Bournemouth; A. Davis. Walworth 

W. Bolton, Cromwell Road, Pokesdown ; Villa, Braaksome Wood Road, Bourne- 

Digitized by CjOOQ IC 


Municipal Year Book. 

mouth ; W. Mattocks, J. P., Tralee, St. 
Michael's Koad, Bournemouth ; E. L. Lane, 
Tay mount, Surrey Road, Bournemouth. 

Councillors. — Branrsome Ward : H. 
Robson, Burbiton Lodge, Surrey Road, 
Bournemouth; H. Burden, Corfe Dale, 
Surrey Road, Bournemouth ; S. Minty, 3, 
Beaulieu Terrace, Bournemouth. Boscombe 
East Ward : A. Beckett, Kensington, Spa 
Road, Boscombe : A. J. Abbott, Strathmore, 
Westby Road, Boscombe; H. J. Hunter, 
Mowbray House, Boscombe. Boscombe 
W*st Ward : G. M. H irons, Gran ton, Spa 
Road, Boscombe; F. Street, Palmerston 
Road, Boscombe; J. A. Hosker, Kirk- 
leatham, Christ church Road, Boscombe. 
Central Ward : A. H. Jolliffe, Luekhurst, 
Bournemouth ; E. Payne Piiilpots, M.D., 
Southcliffe, Bournemouth J. W. Parry- 
Crooke, Carlton, Cavendish Place, Bourne- 
mouth. East Cliff Ward: P. W. Cory, 
2, Southcote Road, Bournemouth ; J. Gun- 
ning, Bo wood, Wellington Road, Bourne- 
mouth ; C. G. Hawkes, 241, Hold en hurst 
Road, Bournemouth. Malmesbury Park 
Ward: J. Trowbridge, 265, Holdenhurst 

Road, Bournemouth; A. Drake, Burford, 
St. Leonard's Road, Bournemouth ; G. H. 
Rolls, Arcadia, Holdenhurst Road, Bourne- 


Garfield, Evelyn Road, near South bourne 
Road, Christchurch ; R. S. Parsons, 33, 
Cromwell Road, Pokesdown; C. Harris, 
Glen Dale, Pokesdown. Springbourne 
Ward : W. Roberts, 262, Windham Road, 
Bournemouth ; W. Sheppard, 166, Windlum 
Road, Bournemouth; A. Lickfold, 139, 
Holdenhurst Road, Bournemouth. West- 
bourne Ward : R. Y. Banks, Tredegar ville, 
Landseer Road, Bournemouth ; A. Young - 
man, Sutton Court, Grosvenor Road, 
Bournemouth ; W. E. Jones, 1, Granville, 
Alum Chine Road. West Cliff Ward: 
W. J. Smyth, M.D., The Hydropathic, 
Durley Gardens, Bournemouth ; J. Allen, 
Chine Villa, Chine Crescent, Bournemouth ; 
G. Frost, M.D., Clovelly, 21, Poole Road, 
Bournemouth. Winton and Moordown 
Ward : C. Hunt, 4, Waterloo Road, Win- 
ton ; C. H. Belbin, 90, Alma Road, Winton ; 
W. E. Hutchings, 93, Wimborne Road, 


Recorder.— R. A. Einglake. 

Clerk of the Peace.— C. J. Haydon. 

Clerk to the Justices.— J. Selley. 

Town Clerk, Clerk to the Urban 
Sanitary Authority, Clerk to the 
School Attendance Committee, Clerk 
and Registrar Wimborne Road Ceme- 
tery, Registrar Bournemouth East 
Cemetery— J. Druitt, juii. 

Borough Coroneb.— A. Klnsey Morgan, 

Borough Treasurer.— H. Beale. 

Borough Surveyor. — P. Wm. Lacey, 

Medical Officer of Health and 
Medical Superintendent of Sanitary 
Hospital.— P. W. G. Nunn, M.R.C.S. Eng., 

Borough Accountant.— C. R. Haley. 

Musical Director and General Mana- 
ger of Winter Gardens.— Dan Godfrey, 

Public Analyst.— R. A. Cripps. 

Borough Bacteriologist.— P. J. Tanner. 

Meteorological Registrar.— C. Dales. 

Chief Sanitary Inspector. — W. G. 

Inspector of Food and Drugs. — J. 

Collector.— J. Phillips. 

Veterinary Surgeon.— J. T. King, 

Winter Gardens Assistant Manager 
and Secretary.— W. T. Sheates. 

Building Inspector.— F. C. Keene. 

Lighting Inspector.— G. Hemington. 

Hackney Carriage Inspector. — P. 

Pier Master.— R. Buckler. 

Inspector of Weights and Measures, 
and Inspector under Bread and Petro- 
leum .Acts— F. W. Dacombe. 

School Attendance Officer. — Job 

East Cemetery Superintendent. — 
A. King. 

Wimborne Road Cemetery Superin- 
tendent.— J. Symonds. 

Auditor.— R. M. Estcourt, Esq. 


Population, 2,467 ; Rateable Value, £11,181 ; Area, 3,489 Acres. 
Brackley was incorporated in 1866. The Town Council maintains the 
Water Supply, the unique feature of which is that no charge is made for 
water for domestic purposes. It has Markets, which bring in a small 
revenue. Sewage is disposed of on a Sewage Farm, the expenditure being 
£477, and the income of the Farm, £567. A big sewage scheme has 
been completed. Cost of Highways, £936; Lighting, £112; Loans out- 
standing, £12,764. 
Water.— Page 424. 

Digitized by CjOOQ IC 

Municipal Year Book 



Mayor.— E. Bartlett. 

Aldermbn. — Sir G-eorge Bannerman, 
Bart., John Farmer, J. L. Stratton, J. G. 

Councillors.— R. B. Aldous, J. Allen, 
Frederick Hat well, James Coles, C. 
Gardner, W. H. Hawkins, Gt. W. Hawkins, 
Edward Bartlett, T. K. Curtis, Thomas 
Judge, Clarke Wright, W. H. Wood. 

Town Clerk.— W. F. Thomas. 

Treasurer.— Walter G-eorge Hemmings. 

Surveyor.— A. A. Green. 

Medical Officer of Health.— Dr. J. 8. 
Fen ton. 

School Attendance Officer.— Samuel 

Inspector of Nuisances.— A. A. Green. 

Water Works Manager and Engineer. 
— T. H.Plowright. 


(City and County Borough.) 
Population, 279,767 ; Bateable Value, £1,421,200 ; Area, 22,843 Acres. 
Bradford has built up municipal institutions and industries which are of 
great service to the people. The chief common services are under control of the 
Corporation. The Water, Gas, and Electric Supplies, Tramways, Markets, 
Slaughter- Houses, Cemeteries, are all municipalised. Few towns have the 
same generous facilities for education and recreation as are found in 13 
Libraries, an Art Gallery, and Museum. There the is same ample provision 
of Parks — Peel Park, Lister Park, Horton Park, Bowling Park, Wibsey 
Park, Harold Park, and Bradford Moor Park ; and a number of smaller 
recreation grounds, the total area of which is about 300 acres — costing ap- 
proximately £15,000 a year to maintain. The Corporation has also 
acquired a fine expanse of breezy moorland, about 770 acres in extent, on 
Baildon Moor near the city, for use as a place of public resort for purposes 
of recreation. The Corporation has established two sets of Baths, and the 
Technical College, one of the model institutes of this kind, which has 
turned out many youths skilled in the technical elements of the local 
industries and in industrial art, is now under the control of the municipality. 
The disposal of town waste is well managed. One of the latest additions 
to municipal enterprise is the establishment of a conditioning house for 
the staple industry, fitted up with the best machinery for testing woollen 
goods. Last year 80,821 tests were made of wool, yarns, and cloth. The 
goods which passed through the house weighed 38,145,000 lbs. The income 
has been more than sufficient to meot the current expenditure during the 
last few years. Altogether Bradford is regarded as one of the most enter- 
prising and progressive municipalities in England. 
Baths. — There are two sets of from former last year, £1,811 

baths, in Thornton Road and Man- 
chester Road respectively, including 
Swimming Baths for both sexes and 
Turkish and Vapour Baths for men. 
Total bathers last year 169,402. 
Thornton Road Baths. Receipts for 
year ended 31st March, 1901, 
£1,707 ; maintenance expenditure, 
£1,962; interest and sinking fund, 
nil. Manchester Road Baths : Re- 
ceipts, £666 ; maintenance, £972 ; 
interest and sinking fund, £570. 

Cemeteries. — The Corporation 
owns two cemeteries, situated at 
Bowling and Scholemoor. Income 

expenditure (including £1,893 in- 
terest and sinking fund payments), 
£3,316. Income from Scholemoor 
Cemetery, £2,696 ; expenditure, 
£1,741. A further cemetery is also 
being constructed in the North 
Bierley District of the city. 

Electric Lighting.— rage 482. 

Free Public Libraries.— There 
are central reference and lending 
libraries and twelve district libraries 
The borrowers last year numbered 
12,654, and the visits of readers num- 
bered nearly a million and three 
quarters, exclusive of the thousands 

Digitized by CjOOQ IC 


Municipal Year Booh 

of unrecorded visits to the central 
newsrooms : volumes issued last 
year, 674,572. There is a stock 
of about 4,000 volumes of technical 
works, and 7,021 cases of patents 
specifications. Art works are to 
be found in the libraries, and the 
Hanson Memorial Library of 10,000 
volumes presented by Mr. Jacob 
Moser. Cost of maintaining the 
libraries, £4,224, of which £2,308 is 
for the central library. A grant of 
£300 is made from the Exchequer 
Contribution account, in aid of 
Technical Education. 

The management of the Art Mu- 
seum is under the same department, 
and the cost of maintenance last 
year was £709. The visitors to the 
Art Gallery and Museum during 
last year numbered 397,059. Two 
exhibitions of pictures were held 
during the year. The capital outlay 
on the Libraries and Art Museum 
was, up to March 31st, 1901, £42,017. 

GAS. -Page 459. 

Markets. — The Corporation pays 
£5,000 a year for lease of manorial 
market right. It received rents 
in connection with the markets 
last year to the amount of £20,687, 
tolls of £2,808, and miscellaneous 
receipts of £1,010 making a total of 
£24,505. The expenditure, includ- « 
ing the manorial right rent of £5,000, 
and interest and sinking fund pay- 
ments (£7,654), was £23,453. 

Refuse and Sewage Disposal. 
— Refuse is removed by workmen in 
the direct employ of the Corpora- 
tion, and is dealt with by destruc- 
tors at four stations, the Horsfall 
Patent having been installed in 1897. 
A plant has been laid down for the 
manufacture of paving slabs from 
the clinker produced by the furnace 
which, mixed with cement and 
faced with granite chippings, forms 
excellent material for this purpose. 


Mayor .—William Charles Lupton. 
Aldermen. — Edward Dobson, 


A considerable quantity of valuable 
concentrated fisu manure is made 
from fish refuse received at the 
dep6t, and the income of the 
Department augmented by receipts 
for mortal* and screened clinker. 
Precipitation by ferric sulphate is 
adopted for sewage disposal. 
Numerous experiments are being 
conducted to find a better system. 
Refuse from wool-washing causes 
an unusual amount of difficulty. 

Slaughter-Houses.— Tolls and 
rents from abattoir department 
(Bolton Lane), £943 ; expenditure, 
(including interest and sinking fund 
payments, £800), £1,572. St. James* 
abattoir is included in markets 
given above. 

Technical Education. — Brad- 
ford has one of the best and oldest 
technical colleges in the country, 
excellently equipped, and managed 
bj the Corporation. The Corpora- 
tion last year devoted £6,700 to 
technical instruction from the 
Exchequer grants and this has been 
allocated amongst the Technical 
College, Grammar Schools (free en- 
trance), Mechanics' Institute, School 
Board, Church Institute, &c. 

Telephones.— Page 410. 

Tramways.— Page 507. 

Water.— Page 424. 

General Statistics.— Borough 
Rate, year 1901-2, 3s. lid.; General 
District Rate, 2s. 2d.; Poor Rate, 
average Is. Id. 

Year ended 31st March, 1901. 
Gross Cost of Police, £35,945 ; Fire 
Brigade, £5,920; Parks, £14,724; 
Health, Department, £5,401 ; Hos- 
pitals, £12,501 ; Sewage Defecation 
Department, £17,372 ; Scavenging, 
Refuse Removal, &c, £39 f 841 ; 
Highways, £60,565 ; Sewerage, 
£15,658 ; total local expenditure 
from departments affecting the 
levying of rates, £380,803. 

Elsworth, John Hardaker, Win. Holds worth, 
J. Hustler, W. Lister, Root. Pratt, Hy. B, 

Digitized by CjOOQ IC 

Mwnicvpal Yew Book. 


Batcliffe, David Milner, John O. Wood, 
Thomas Crosslaad, Irvine Hind, Hezekiah 
Lister, Joseph tfoorhouse, Michael O'Fiynu, 
Enoch Priestley, J. 8. Toothill, W. H. tint, 
David Wade, H. 8. Wright, W. W. Wood. 

Councillors. — Allerton Ward -. J. 
Hajhurst, W. H. North, Thomas Sowden, 
BOLTON Ward -. C. E. Dowson, T. A. 
Williamson, J. A T. Biddiough. Bradford 
Moor Ward : E. R. Hartley, T; Clark, C. 
L. Bobinson. East Ward : Anthony G xiie, 
T. H. Shaw, H. H. Spencer. East Bowling 
Ward: Abram Peel, W. Land, H. M. 
Trotter. Eccleshill Ward : J. H. HuUon, 
T. Whiteley, Walter Pullan. Exchange 
Ward : W. C Lupton (Mayor), James 
Hill, W. E. Briggs Prieatley. Great Hortoh 
Ward : J. B. Moorhouse, Joseph Rhodes, 
Robert Roberts. Heaton Wakd .- James 

Freeman, F. W, Jowett, Jacob Moser. 
Idle Ward : Jos. Stringer, Albert Dickin- 
son, Francis Watson. Lister Hills 
Ward ; Thomas A. Guy, John Arnold, Fred. 
Foster. Little Horton Ward : Cnristopher 
Greenwood, Philip Smith, A. T. Priest man. 
Manningham Ward: G-eorge Minty, J. 
Tritfitt, Arthur Priest man. NoaTH Ward : 
Samuel Horsfall, J. A. Godwin. North 
Bierley (East) Ward : Hy. Birkby, Fred 
Hind. North Bierlkf (West) Ward; 
K. W. Wickuam, J. B. Childe. South 
Ward : Joseph Dawson, Richard Johnson, 
Henry Hibbert. Thornton Ward: Win. 
Pickles, R. Jennings, James Marraclough, 
Tong Ward: T. Wi.kuisou, E. J. Smioh, 
Tliomas Lister. West Ward: G. W. B. 
Seweil, Thos. Burke. West Bowling Ward ; 
C. H. Briggs, H. Gray, Geo. Wilkiuson, 


Town Clerk and Prosecuting Solici- 
tor. — F. Stevens. 

Deputy Town Clerk and Chief Assist- 
ant Solicitor.— H. Hankinson. 

City Treasurer.— Geo. A. Thorpe. 

Deputy Cit* Treasurer.— D. Smith. 

City Collector.— J. W. Gill. 

City Surveyor.— J. H. Cox. 

City Architect.— F. E. P. Edwards. 

Medical Officer.— W. A. Evans. 

Chief Sanitary Inspector. —James 

City Analyst.— F. W. Richardson. 

Chemist and Engineer at Sewage 
Defecation Works.— J. Garfield. 

Chief Constable. — J. Farudale. 

Gas Engineer.— C. Wood. 

Water Engineer.— J. Watson. 

Electrical Engineer.— R. A. Chattock. 

Tramways Manager.— C. J. Spencer. 

Markets Superintendent:— R. M. Dun- 

Cleansing Superintendent. — John 

Chief Officer of Fire Brigade.— James 

Manager of Conditioning House.— 
Walter Towneud. 

Librarian of Free Libraries.— Butler 

Clerk of the Peace.— A. Neill. 

Clerk to the Magistrates.— W. Greaves. 

Coroxer.— J. G. Hutchinson. 


Population, 5,875 ; Rateable Value, £23,660; Area, 2,C14 Acres. 
Known also as Brecon. The Water Supply was introduced by a Board of 
Commissioners in the reign of George 111. New works were constructed 
in 1866. The Corporation owns Markets and Slaughter-houses. The markets 
last year yielded a revenue of £637, whilst the cose of maintenance amounted 
to £254. The loan charges amounted to £440. 
Water.— Page 425. 

Mayor.— Councillor David Powell. 

Aldermen.— T. Williams, W. de Win ton, 
E. A. Wright, L. Williams. 

Councillors.— A. George, J. A. Jebb, 
W. P. Price, D. Powell, Col. John Morgan, 
Lewis W. H. Jones, T. E. Morgan, Charles W. 

Best, Herbert C. Rich, J. W. HeJger, David 
Williams, Guy Dobell. 

Town Clerk and Clerk to District 
Council.— G. H. Williams. 

Treasurer.— D. Evaus. 

Surveyor.— H. LI. Griffiths. 

Medical Officer.— D. V. Rees. 


Population, 6,049; Rateable Value, £20,960; Area 2,998 Acrbs. 
The Corporation maintains the Water and Gas Supplies, Cemetery, and 
Markets. Administrative expenses last year of the Town Council and 
Urban District Council, £14,150, including gas. 
Gas.— Page 460. 

f 2 

Digitized by CjOOQ IC 

58 Municipal Year Book. 


Aldermen. Burton, E. Morrall.^T. Tow* Clerk and Clerk to District 

Whitefoot, J. Anderson. Council.— J. H. Cooksey. 

Councillors.— C. H. Deighton, R. B. Treasurer.— A. S. Trevor. 

Findon, G. Lloyd, J. Minton, S. Ridley, Surveyor.— Ernest Trevor. 

J. W. Steward, W. Minifle, J. H. Liley, Medical Officer.— A. Bethell. 

T. Perkins, H. J. Ormerod, W. Heasman, Inspector.— E. Williams. 

A. L. George. Mayor.— J. W. Steward. 


Population, 15,209; Rateable Value, £60,729; Area, 923 Acres. 
Bridgwater received its first charter from King John in the year 1200, 
and enjoyed the privilege of being a free borough. It held its charter 
until it was brought under the Municipal Corporations Act. The Town 
Council maintains the Water Supply, Markets, Allotments, Baths, 
Pleasure and Recreation Grounds and Libraries. It holds corporate pro- 
perty to a considerable value. The rents from its house and landed pro- 
perty, Town Hall, and tithes amount to about £1,300 a year. 

Baths and Wash-Houses.— The £79 13s. 6d. The other revenue 
cost of maintaining the baths lasb for the Market Department and for 
year was £85 6s. 6d., and receipts, Fair Tolls brought the total up to 
£18 8s. 8d. £840 12s. 5d. 

Free Public Libraries.— The Watfr _p a(ye 405 
cost of maintaining the Free water, rage 4-5. 

Libraries and Newsrooms in High General Statistics. — Muni- 
Street and St. John Street last year cipal Rate, 4s. ljd. in the £. (Urban 
was £223 2s. 4d. (less £6 12s. re- 2s. 8d. ; School Board, 8£d. ; Watch 
ceived from sale of papers, &c). Rate, 4Jd. ; General District Rate, 

. Markets.— The Cattle Market 4Jd- ; total, 4s. l£d.); Poor Rate, 
tolls last year amounted to Is. OJd. in the £ ; Cost of Police, 
£408 5s. 7d. ; General and Butter £1,248 lis. 5d. ; Fire Brigade, 
Market, £250 6s. ; Corn Exchange, £49 4s. 


Mayor.— Thomas William Manchip. Town Clerk— W. T. Baker. 

Aldermen.— P. 0. Foster, J.P., Thomas Treasurer.^!. T. Nicholetts, J.P. 

Good, J.P., Alfred Peace. J.P., Thomas Medical Officer of Health.- P. J. C. 

Manchip, J.P., H. W. Pollard, J.P., Thos. Parsons, J.P. 
Wm. Manchip. Borough Surveyor and Water Works 

Councillors.— C. J. 8ymons, J. M. Davis, Engineer.— Francis Parr. 
C. E. Hagon, Thomas Aldridge, E. H. Borough Accountant.— Charles Chard. 

Churchill, A. J. Whitby, David Bradfield, Chief Constable.— G. a. Barnetfc. 

Frank Wills, Wm. Bouchier, Wm. Bradfield, Inspector of Weights and Measures. 

Frank Symons, J. Collishaw, Thos. Good, -W. H. Kitch. 
F. W. Bishop, E. O. Sully, E. Popham, W. Collector of Bates.— 0. Hydon. 

Thompson. Collector of Taxes.— B. 0. Hydon. 


Population 12,473 ; Rateable Value, £74,119 ; Area, 2,263 Acres. 
Bridlington is a popular Yorkshire seaside resort. Its resident popula- 
tion during the rreater part of the year is about 15,000, but in the summer 
its visitors number nearly 100,000 a month. The Corporation owns the 
Market rights, which it recently purchased from the Lords Feoffees for 
£1,800, also the Water Supply, and the Royal Prince's Parade. Gas is 
owned by a Company which contracts with the Council for public lighting. 
There is a Fire Brigade under Corporation control. In conjunction with 

Digitized by CjOOQ IC 

Municipal Year Book. 59 

certain adjoining Parishes, the Corporation maintains a Cemetery of 
8 acres, situate within the Borough. 
Electric Light.— Page 497. District Rate, 3s. lOd. in the£; Water 

Wat™ —Pfl.(TP4^ Ewe, ls -J Buiial Kate, 2d.; Poor 

Water. -Page 4-5. j^ (including Borough Rate), 

General Statistics.— General Is. 8d. 


Mayor— J. Nightingale, J.P. Borough Surveyor. — Ernest R. 

Aldermen.— F. Creaser, J.P., R. Med- Matthews. 

forth, J.P., L. Malnprize, J. Rennara, J. Medical Officer of Health.- W. A. 

Sawdon, G. G O. Suteliffe. Wetwan. 

r « „ irr w Inspector of Nuisances.— V. Reed. 


P. Collins, J. N. Davidson, T. Grimshaw, Mayor's Auditor.- -Alderman F.Creasei, 

T. A. Jackson, T. Mainprise, T. V. Martin- j p 

dale J. Nightingale. Quay Ward : J. Elective Auditors. -A. Humphrey?, 

A. Andrew, C. Bailey, A. Barr, J. T. Hill, j Crosby 

J. Johnson C. G Southcott. Hilder- Waterworks Managhr.-W. Lee. 

thobpe Ward : J. Benuett, H. Burton, RiLTE Cojjlectors.— J. Sherwood, R. J. 

G. Rennard, J. Slater, H. Taylor, T. oke. 

Whitaker. Town's Gardener.— S. R. Crofts. 

Town Clerk and Clerk to the Urban Captain Of Fire Brigade.— Geo Ren- 

District Council.— Alfred E. Matthew- nard. 

man, B.A., LL.B. (Lond.). Collector of Market Tolls and Hack 

Borough Treasurer.— E. J. Smith. nsy Carriage Inspector.— R. Williamson. 


Population, 5,710 ; Rateable Value, £24,400 ; Area, 651 Acres, 
The Town Council maintains the Markets. It owns corporate property 
which brings in £600 a year. The Water and Gas Supplies are in private 
hands. The Borough was enlarged in 1901. 


Mayor.— W. B. Northover. S. J. Allden, W. S. Edwards, J. C. Palmer, 

Aldermen. — A Meech, Wm. James, George Powell, F. C, Biddlecombe, J. 

James Guppy, J. T. Stephens, W. A. E. Hay, Blarney, A. E. Champ. 

T. A. Colfox. Town Clerk and Clerk to District 

Councillors.— D. Brownsdon, S. Champ, Council.— C. G. Nantes. 

E. Clent, E. J. W. Buckpitt, J. W. Hounseil, Treasurer.— R. D. Thornton. 

A. Meech, W. E. Randall, W. B. Northover, Surveyor.— F. Cooper. 

A. Bpiller, E. P. Rendall, W. G. Cornick, Medical Officer— W. Clibborn. 


Population, 21,735; Rateable Value, £86,470 ; Area 2,221 Acres. 
THE Brighouse Corporation governs the districts of Brighouse, Rastrick, 
and Hove Edge, which were incorporated as a borough in 1893. The Town 
Council maintains the Gas, Water, and Electricity Works, Cemeteries, 
Markets, Free Library and Museum. The Town Council takes part with 
neighbouring districts in maintaining an Infectious Diseases Hospital. 
Under an arrangement made with the Corporation of Halifax in 1869, 
the Corporation of Halifax supplies water to the Brighouse Corporation in 
perpetuity in bulk. Charge, Is. in the £. The Corporation has con- 
structed new sewage disposal works of sufficient capacity to serve six 
adjoining districts, and the Corporation is now considering the terms on 
which it proposes to deal with the sewage of these adjoining Districts at 
the Outfall Works, and negotiations are now proceeding with these 

Digitized by CjOOQ IC 

60 Municipal Year Book. 

Authorities ; the cost of the scheme up to the present has been £120,000. 
The Corporation supported the Halifax and Huddersfielc? Tramway 
Bills, which provide for a circuit through the Borough of Brighouse. 

Electric Lighting.— Page 482. Tramways.— Page 536. 

Gas.— Page 460. Wa ter. —Page 425. 


Mayor.— Samuel Edgar Hirst, Egq. M.A., Treasurer.— J. C. Kerr. 

J.P. Medical Officer.— Fredk. W. Martin, 

Aldermen.— A. Old field Stocks, William M.R.C.S. 

Smith, Richard Kershaw, Henry Sudgen, Accountant.— Jos. W. Wrigley, A.S.A. A. 

J. A. Robinson, John William Clay, William Engineer and Surveyor. — S. Spencer 

Pilling, D. C. Holmes. Haywood, P.A S.I. 

Councillors. — George Walnwright, Gas Engineer.— James Parkinson. 

Thomas Btitterwortli, Win. Harrison, Dennis Gas Manager.— W. L. Sutcliffe. 

Haraaker, W. H. Helliwell, J. Bottomley, Sanitary Inspector. — Kalph Marsden, 

John Inman, Charley Jessop, A. T. Clay, A.S.I. 

S. E. Birst, Geo. Healey, Joseph Pickers gill, Bkgistrars of Cemeteries. — John 

John Wm. Taylor, Tom Bottom ley, Jon. Milne r (Brighouse), Geo. H. Eastwood 

Caldwell, Joseph Buiice. John Wood, (Bastrick). 

William Crossley, Thomas Barnett, John Consulting Electrical Engineers.— 

Roberts, Oliver Sutcliffe, Albert Hepworth, Messrs. Lacey, Clerehugh and Sillar. 

Henry Booth. Besident Electrical Engineer. — 

Town Clerk.— James Parkinson. Amos Aspinall. 

Assistant Town Clerk. — Preston Librarian.— J. A. Wroe. 

Kitchen. Collector.- J. J. Lane. 


(County Borough.) 
Population, 123,478 ; Rateable Talus, £337.283 ; Area, 2,620 Acres. 
Brighton (Sussex) is, as becomes the Queen of Watering Places, a remark- 
ably well -governed town. Its strength lies in providing the institutions 
which are most needed for the health and the recreation of its people, and 
its large visiting and residential population. For instance, it has an 
excellent water supply, cheap and copious. It has shown great enterprise 
in constructing a magnificent sea-frontage, with great sea-walls, parades, 
shelters, and promenades, while the inroads and ravages of the sea are 
provided against by a system of groynes. The cost of improvement* on The 
Front, exclusive of groynes and sea-walls, has been over £80,000. Among 
recent improvements may be mentioned the erection of terrace walks and 
a shelter hall at the cost of £28,000. The Front extends for four miles and 
is the largest seaside promenade in the country. The Corporation is fortunate 
in possessing the Royal Pavilion, which it acquired at a cost of £60,000 
in 1850, and which is used for purposes of entertainments, &c. The Dome, 
which was formerly the royal stables, was also acquired and converted 
into a magnificent assembly hall. In connection with the Pavilion pro- 
perty there is a commodious reading-room, public lending library, art 
gallery, and museum. The income from the Pavilion property in 1900-1901, 
including the rents of the corn exchange, pavilion buildings, hire of 
rooms, &c. , was £3,890, and the expenditure, including extensive repairs 
and redecorations, £4,522. The Corporation band and promenade 
concerts maintained by the Corporation cost £2,027, the receipts being 
£1,796. Brighton also maintains the Dyke Road Ornithological Museum 
(British birds), which was presented to the town. The Church Congress 
was held last year at Brighton, the meetings taking place in the Dome 
and Pavilion. Brighton is also fortunate in possessing fine parks and 
recreation grounds. Preston Park, situate at the north-west of the 
borough, on either side of the Preston Road, contains in the whole 

Digitized by CjOOQ IC 

Municipal Year Book. 61 

about 62 acres. The cost of this park, including the laying out, was 
about £73,000. About nine acres at the north of the park have been 
laid out as a cricket ground and a bicycle track, and a number of lawn-tennis 
courts and a bowling green have been laid out in the southern portion of 
the park. There is a handsome terra-cotta clock tower near the centre of the 
park which was presented to the town by Mr. Edward White, J.P. Queen's 
Park, situate in the eastern part of the town, was purchased by the Race 
Stand Trustees for the sum of £9,500 and generously presented by them to the 
Corporation for the use of the inhabitants of the borough. The Race Stand 
Trustees also paid over to the Corporation £4,000 towards the cost of 
enclosing and laying out the park and forming roadways, and the Cor- 
poration has expended a further sum of about £8,000 in the same work. 
The area of the land within the park railings is 15 acres 1 rood 32 poles. 
Near the centre of the park the Corporation has erected, at a cost of about 
£350, a handsome drinking fountain to commemorate the gif t of the park. 
Lawn-tennis courts are laid out in the north-east portion of the park. 
The race ground, containing nearly 122 acres, was also presented to 
the town by the Race Stana Trustees. The Blaker Recreation Ground, 
containing 4 acres 1 rood and 1 J poles, was generously presented to the 
town by Alderman Sir John George Blaker. The Corporation lias recently 
acquired, at a cost of £25,000, about 180 acres of land on the borough 
boundary. A portion of this land is to be laid out as a public park (to 
be known as Hollingbury Park), while the remainder will be let for 
allotments or used as a Botanical Garden. In addition to the above 
there are the Old Steyne Enclosures, the Victoria Gardens, the St. Peter's 
Church Enclosure, and The Level, which, with the Pavilion Grounds, form 
a very pleasant continuous garden walk of nearly two miles through the 
centre of the town. In the interest of public health the Corporation has cleared 
large overcrowded areas in the centre of the town at an expenditure^ of 
over £62,000. Artisans' Dwellings have been erected under the supervision 
of the Council. A series of first-class Public Baths, suited to all classes, have 
been erected, which are taken full advantage of. A fine Swimming Bath, 
120 ft. long by 35 ft. wide, has also been provided by the Corporation. The 
Corporation has erected Municipal Slaughter-Houses, and a Hospital for deal- 
ing with infectious disease, and allotments for working men have been pro- 
vided. The health administration of the town is maintained at the 
highest possible standard. A comprehensive scheme of technical in- 
struction has been adopted and is carried on in well-equipped schools. 
The Town Council was one of the first in the country to establish 
Municipal Electric Lighting, and its undertaking is one of the most 
profitable of the kind. A large power station is being erected at an estimated 
cost of about £400,000. On its completion the generating station at Brighton 
will be transferred to the new building, and the present premises used as a 
transformer station only. The Corporation has laid down a system of 
electric tramways in the borough, and the cars commenced running in 
November, 1901. Application has been made to the Board of Trade for a 
provisional order to lay down additional routes. A system of municipal 
telephones is about + o be carried out. The Gas Supply is in the hands of a 
private company. The town owns the Markets, and has the administration of 
a number of charities. Brighton was incorporated in 1854, and the boundaries 
of the borough were extended in 1873, by the inclusion of Preston. Brighton 
supplies Hove, Shoreham, and other districts with water, and Brighton 

Digitized by CjOOQ IC 


Municipal Year Booh 

and Hove form a Joint Sewage Board. The Corporation acquired, under 
the provisions of its Act of 1901, the Brighton Aquarium, and plans are 
now oein^ prepared for the alteration and renovation of the premises. A 
municipal flower market was opened in the centre of the town last year. 

Artisans' Dwellings.— P. 553. 

Baths. — Public baths were first 
established in 1870. The Corpora- 
tion now possesses more baths in 
comparison to its population than 
any other town in the country. 
It has excellent swimming baths, pat- 
ronised last year by nearly 50,000 
persons, two sets of public baths and 
two sets of cottage baths. The 
total number of bathers last year 
(including the swimming bath) was 
about 170,000. The cost of the differ- 
ent establishments was as follows : — 
Swimming Baths : receipts, £453 ; 
maintenance expenditure, £699 ; 
loan charges, £376. North Road 
Baths : receipts, £835 ; mainten ■ 
ance, £868 ; loan charges, £330. 
Victoria Baths : receipts, £318 j 
maintenance, £454 ; loan charges, 
£354. Cobden Road Cottage Baths : 
receipts, £136 ; maintenance, £270 ; 
loan charges, £156. Brunswick 
Place Cottage Baths : receipts, 
£190 ; maintenance, £289. 

The total income of the baths 
amounted to £1,934, and the total 
expenditure, including loan charges, 
to £3,798. 

Electric Lighting.— Page 482. 

Free Public Libraries. — The 
Public Libraries Act has been 
adopted, and the library is well- 
stocked with books. The expendi- 
ture for maintaining the library 
last year was £2,554. The interest 
and sinking fund charges were 
£1,554. Dyke Road Museum, which 
is under the Public Library Depart- 
ment, cost £266. 

Markets. — The Corporation 
maintains old -established markets 
for meat, fish, and vegetables. The 
income last year was £1,835, and the 
expenditure, £1,004. 
Refuse and Sewage.— The town 

refuse is mainly consumed by de- 
structor. The sewage is conveyed 
a distance of four miles from the 
boundary of the borough and then 
discharged into the sea by means 
of an outfall 1,100 feet long. 

Slaughter - Houses. — Public 
slaughter-houses were erected by 
the Corporation in order to remove 
the business of slaughtering from 
the centre of the town. The 
slaughter-houses have been fairly 
well patronised, and are increasing in 
favour amongst butchers. The in- 
come last year was £361, and the ex- 
penditure £1 224, exclusive of 

Technical Instruction. — 
The Corporation of Brighton has 
erected a fine Municipal School of 
Science and Technology in Richmond 
Terrace, where the science portion 
of the technical instruction work 
provided for by the Council is carried 
on. The art portion of the work is 
carried on at the Municipal School 
of Art, Grand Parade. The Corpora- 
tion also carry on classes in science 
and art subjects at the Brighton 
Grammar School. The Corpora- 
tion has spent the whole amount 
it receives under the Local Taxation 
Act, about £4,000 a year, for the pur- 
pose of technical instruction. Last 
year the total amount spent for this 
purpose, including fees from the 
schools, was £7,276. 

Telephones.— Page 410. 

Tramways.— Page 507. 

Water.— Page 425. 

General Statistics. — Rates : 
Municipal and Sanitary Rate, 
3s. 8d. in the £; School Board 
Rate, 9|d. in the £; Poor Rate, 
Is. 9d. in the £. Cost of Con- 
stabulary Force, £17,903 ; Fire 
Brigade, £1,488 ; Lunatic Asylum, 

Digitized by CjOOQ IC 

Municipal Year Book. 


£1,408; Pavements, £5,250; Scaveng- 
ing^, 1 14; Collecting Ashes, £7,236; 
Highways, £13,122 ; Lighting, 
£13,383 ; Watering, £4,281 ; Drains, 

£2,779 ; Public Gardens and Street 
Trees, £2,962 ; Parks, £3,660 ; 
Sanitation, £3,553 ; Sanatorium, 


Ma tor.— John Edward Stafford. 

Aldermen.— Henry Abbey, Abbey Boad ; 
Sir John George B laker, The Romans, Stan- 
ford Avenue ; William Botting, 80, Grand 
Parade ; J. L. Brigden, 187, Western Boad ; 
J. C. Buck well, 12, Wellington Boad ; J. 0. 
Clark, 28, Ditchling Boad ; Henry Davey, 82, 
Grand Parade ; Sir Joseph Ewart, Bewcastle, 
Dyke Road ; A. J. Hawkes, 60, Old Steyne; 
Edward Lowther, 41, Ditchling Rise ; 
Edward Martin, 46, Compton Avenue; E. J. 
Beeves, 85, Queen's Boad ; William Sendall, 
131, Preston Boad; J. E. Stafford, 52, Wil- 
bury Road, Hove. 

Councilloes.— Frank Allen, 23, Upper 
Lewes Road; H. W. Bedford, 29, St. 
George's Jioad ; Frederick Blaker, 61, St. 
George's Road ; G. G. Bonser, 1, Blooms- 
bury Place ; Edwin Booth, 53, Old Steyne ; 
F. A.D. Briant, 30, Queen's Boad ; Edward 
Broadbridge, 32, Bill wood Boad ; William 
Brown, 10, Ditchling Bise ; Jonathan Bur- 
berry, 23, Carlton Hill ; Herbert Garden, 37, 
Stanford Avenue ; F. W. Garter, 47, Bucking- 
ham Road ; 0. J. Galliers, 60, Egremont 

Place ; Edward Garrett, 1, Egremont Place ; 
A. J. Grinstead, 29. Richmond Boad ; Henry 
Greeny er, 3, Cojlege Boad ; F. G. Halliwell, 
18, North Boad ; J. J. Holder, 8, Lome 
Villas ; W. H. Hollis, 7, Springfield Boad ; 
G. T. Holloway, 42, Stanford Avenue ; E. 
Jarvis, 7, Clifton Terrace ; S. M. Kidd, 93, 
Lewes Boad; Emile Maurice Marx, 6, 
Buckingham Boad ; Harry Mayston, '06, 
Western Boad; Matthew McGlean, 110, 
Queen's Park Road; E. J. Pankhurst, 
" Peniel " Queen's Park ; J. Pannett, 87, St. 
George's Boad ; G. Penfold, 43, Southover 
Street; J. W. Penfold, 21, Preston Park 
Avenufl ; T. Robinson, 19, Montpelier Cres- 
cent; John Sone, 55, Preston Street; E. A. 
Smithers, Furze Hill ; Joseph Stringer, 17, 
Rose Hill Terrace ; Edwin Swift, 12, Church 
Street ; Henry Tester, 45, Stanford Avenue ; 
E.J. Butt-Thompson, 13, Bichmond Terrace; 
Lawrence Titcomb, 15, Devonshire Place; 
S. Tozer, 97, Carlton Hill ; W. C. Wallis, 
Springfield, Withdean ; E. Watts, 2, London 
Road; S. P. Weston, 25, North Road; F. T. 
Wilson, 14, Devonshire Place. 


Town Clerk.— F. J. Tillstone. 

Deputy Town Cleek*— Hugo Talbot. 

Treasurer.— B. Y. Bevan. 

Accountant.— H. M. Stevens. 

Mbdical Offices of Health.— A. News- 
holme, M.D. 

Clerk of th* Peack.— Hugh J. Verrall. 

Coroner. — J. E. Bush. 

Clerk to the Magistrates.— T. P. 

Borough Surveyor.— Francis J. G. May, 

Waterworks Engineer.— Jas. Johnston, 

Public Analyst.— M. Wynter Blyth. 

Consulting Electrical Engineer and 
Manager.— A. Wright. 

Resident Electrical Engineer.— John 

Chief Constable.— W. B. Gentle. 

Principal of the Municipal School of 
Science and Technology.— C. H. Draper, 

Head Master of Municipal School of 
Art.— W. M. Alderton. 

Chief Committer Clerk.— Frederick 
Dunkley. Second Committee Clerk.— 
Walter H. Erricker. 

Chief Sanitary Inspector.— J. F. 


Population, 328,842; Rateable Value, £1,578,3u0; Area, 11,607 Acres. 
Bristol was enlarged in 1897 by the annexation of Horfield, Stapleton, 
St. George, and parts of six other parishes. The annexed areas added 7,985 
acres, 86,004 in population, and £246,049 in rateable value to the city. 
Five new wards were created, and 14 additional Councillors elected. The 
city was previously extended in 1836, and again in 1895. The Bristol Cor- 
poration Act of 1897 abolished the u Incorporation of the Poor," and unifica- 
tion within the city was effected. 

Bristol Corporation is the largest municipal dock authority in the 
United Kingdom. The docks, quays, &c, are entirely under the 
Corporation, and are managed by a committee. The capital expenditure 
on the docks has been £2,540,769. There is a Sinking Fund of 
£135,834. The revenue last year, tonnage dues on vessels entering the 
port, was £51,420. Rates on goods from foreign and coast-wise ports, 

Digitized by CjOOQ IC 

64 Municipal Tear Book. 

&c, were £43,883. Other licences, fees, rents, wharf rates, &c, 
brought the total revenue under this heading to £108,796. Discharging 
and loading vessels, lairage, &c., brought in £81,907 ; rent of warehouses, 
£16,524. The total revenue was £208,137. The expenses of management, 
maintenance, &c., amounted to £137,916. The balance was not sufficient 
to pay the interest on the stock and the Sinking Fund charges, and £28.000 
was obtained from the Borough Kate. The trade of the port has continually 
increased, and the Corporation has undertaken large extensions which will 
further add to the business and importance of the port of Bristol. 

The city is a large landowner. Its ground rents and leases brought the muni- 
cipal exchequer last year £24,246. It owns ground rents and property in the 
city, and estates in Somersetshire and Gloucestershire. Like other ancient 
cities (Bristol's first charter was obtained in the reign of Henry II.) which 
have inherited real estate, Bristol also enjoyed special privileges, and it still 
retains some quaint features in its government. Until the passing of the 
Municipal Corporations Act it had a number of special Courts, including the 
Tolzey Court, lor civil cases ; Probate and Bankruptcy Courts, an Eccle- 
siastic Court, and a Court of Pie Powder. An item in the Corporation 
accounts of £1 6s. 8d. for " ringing of curfew" shows that one mediaeval 
custom remains. The city has a Mansion House, which is the Lord Mayor's 
headquarters ; and the Lord Mayor has also a Chapel, which costs about 
£400 a year to maintain. Over a thousand is spent on the Mansion House, 
and the Lord Mayor's allowance is 1,000 guineas. Owing to the extension of 
the city boundaries in 1897, the Council House buildings had to be extended, 
which included the erection of a new Council Chamber at a cost of £3,088. 
The city is well provided with beautiful Parks. There are Public Baths 
and Wash-Houses, Free Public Libraries and Museum, two Cemeteries, 
and a municipal School of Cookery. Six Isolation Hospitals— the Novers 
Hill Hospital, for smallpox cases, and the Ham Green Hospital — have 
been built by the Corporation. The latter hospital, the cost of which has been 
£47,300, was opened in July, 1899. The Corporation has established 
Electric Lighting. Practically all work in the Street and Cleansing Depart- 
ments is done by the Corporation's workmen, and this system of direct 
labour was extended in 1895 by the erection of workshops and the establish- 
ment of a kind of Works Department. It is under the management of 
Mr. Yabbicom, the city engineer and surveyor, who publishes an admir- 
able report on the work of his department. 

A new painting shop (80 feet by 88 feet) and a large ironmongery store 
have recently been erected at a cost of £2,500. The Surveyor reports that 
last year the following work was executed at the workshops. Built : 22 
carts', 24 barrows. The repairs to carts numbered 985, 1 set of harness was 
made, and 1,537 repairs executed. The cost of the work was: Construc- 
tion of new carts and repairs, £2,793; making new and repairing old 
harness, £234 ; shoeing, £698. In addition to the above a large variety of 
work has been done for other departments in connection with the Cor- 

Very little of the street work is done by contract, and a large amount of 
laving, pitching, wood paving, macadamising, and sewer work was done 
y the Corporation workmen, as well as building, carpentering, painting, &c. 

The Tramways are not owned by the Corporation, but are worked by 
a company, on the overhead electric system. 

The Corporation collects all rates within the city. 


Digitized by CjOOQ IC 

Municipal Year Book 


Baths and Wash-Houses. —The 
cost of establishing five sets of baths 
and arranging one bathing pool was 
£40,914. Income from Weir baths 
and wash-houses last year, £957 ; 
payments, £1,451. Mayor's Paddock 
baths and wash-houses : income, 
£861 ; payments, £1,402. Rennison's 
bath : income, £164 ; payments, 
£180. Jacob's Wells baths : income, 
£538 ; payments, £850. Victoria 
baths, Clifton : income, £312 ; pay- 
ments, £405. Royal baths, Kings- 
down : income, £391 ; payments, 
£895. Gymnasia : income, £99 ; pay- 
ments, £277. A maintenance grant 
of £2,700 is obtained from the Dis- 
trict Kate. 

Cemeteries. — The Corporation as 
the Burial Board maintains Green- 
bank and Avon View cemeteries, 
the latter having been taken over 
from November 1st, 1897. Receipts : 
Greenbank, £1,885 ; payments, £838. 
Avon View receipts, £849; payments, 

Electric Lighting.— Page 483. 

Free: Public Libraries and 
Museum. — There is a central lib- 
rary and eight district libraries. 
The cost of maintenance is £6,498 
a year. The cost of maintaining 
the mnsenm is £2,346. 

Markets. — The receipts and ex- 
penditure of the city markets were 
as follows : — Exchange and St. 
Nicholas' Market : receipts, £3,521 ; 
expenditure, £1,758 ; St. . James' 
Market : receipts, £337 ; expendi- 

Lord Mayob.— The Rt. Hon. Alderman 
Charles Edward Ley Gardner, The Mansion 
House, Clifton Down, and 6, Priory Road, 
Tyndall's Park. 

Aldermen.— Sir Herbert Ashman, Cook's 
Folly, Stoke Bishop; Arthur Baker, Hen. 
bury Hili House, Henbury ; Joseph Thomas 
Board, 34, Boyal York Crescent, Clifton ; 
Edward Beadon Colthurst, 93, Pembroke 
Eoad, Clit ton ; Charles Wm. Cope-Proctor, 
Harley House, Clifton Down ; William 
Howell Davies, Down House, Stoke Bishop ; 
John William Stone Dix, Hampton Lodge, 
Durdham Down ; Francis Frederick Fox, 
Tate Bouse, Chipping Sodbury; Francis 

ture, £156 ; Hay and Coal Market : 
receipts, £120 ; expenditure, £133. 
The trustees of the Cattle Market 
paid £324 on account of interest. 
With the weighbridges the total 
income from the markets was £4,362, 
and the total maintenance expendi- 
ture, £2,145. 

Refuse and Sewage Disposal.— 
Refuse is burned in destructors. The 
Corporation used 5,600 tons of 
mortar, breeze, clinkers, &c, from 
the destructor, and sold 3,500 tons 
to the public. Sewage sent to the sea. 

Technical Education. — The 
Corporation has acquired a school 
of cookery for £1,050. Payments for 
maintenance last year were £1,551. 
A number of scholarships have been 
established, which involved a pay- 
ment last year of over £3,000, and 
grants are given to the School of Art, 
to the Grammar School, University 
College, the Merchant Venturers' 
Technical College, Redland High 
School for Girls, and other institu- 
tions. The payments for technical 
instruction last year were (including 
scholarships) £6,628. 

Telephones.— Page 4 J 1 . 

General Statistics. — Rates : 
General District Rate, 3s. lOd. for 
year ; Borough Rate, Is. 0|d. ; Poor 
Rate, Is. 4d. ; School Board Rate, 
Is. 2id. ; Debt outstanding : General 
District Fund, £1,028,528 ; Borough 
Fund, £419,528. Cost of Police, 
£49,507. Cost of Fire Brigade, 
£2,101. Docks Debt, £2,573,726. 

James Pry, Cricket St. Thomas, nr. Chard ; 
James Colthurst Godwin, Ellinthorpe. Stok 
Bishop; John Wesley Hall, Stoke Green, 
Stoke Bishop; Charles Bowles Hare, Clarence 
House, Cliiton Park; James Inskip, Clifton 
Park House, Clifton ; Wm. Wilberforce Jose, 
5, Gloucester Bow, Clifton; George Pear- 
son, Bannerleigh, Woodland Road, Tyndall's 
Park; William Pethick, Woodside, Stoke 
Bishop; Sir Robert Henry Symes, Burfleld, 
Westbury - on - Trym ; Edward James 
Thatcher, Firfield House, Knowle ; Charles 
Town send, St. Mary's, Stoke Bishop ; John 
Hancocke Wathen, 16, York Place, Clifton. 
CouncduLOBS.— Henry Anstey, 11, Fern- 

Digitized by CjOOQ IC 


Municipal Tear Book. 

bank Boad, Bedland ; Wm. Kobert Barker, 
106, Bedland Boad ; Francis Gilmore 
Barnett, 7, Great George Street, Park 
Street; John Bastow, 5, Archfield Boad, 
Cotham ; John Byan Bennett, 3, Upper 
Belgrave Boad, Clifton; Charles Peter 
Billing, 10, Vyvyan Terraco, Clifton; John 
Boyd.The Grand Spa.Olifton; George Bryant 
Brftton, Lodge Side, Sound well Boad i 
Frederick Burris, Lys^ker House, Wells 
Boad, Totterdown ; William Henry Butler, 
Summer Hill House, St. George; Charles 
Henry Cave, Bodway Hill House, Mango! s- 
field ; Edward Horwood Chandler, 21, Wells 
Boad, Totterdown ; Thomas Joseph Coe, The 
Avenue, Bedland Boad ; William Collins, 2, 
Beaufort Building3, Clifton ; Ernest Heury 
Cook, 27, Berkeley fquare; John Coole, 
Ducie Boad, Barton Hill ; Henry Frederic 
Cotterell, 207, Redland Boad; William 
Cottrell, 21, Cromwell Boad, St. Andrew's 
Park ; John Curie, 17, Oxford Street, Tot- 
terdown; James Fuller Eberle, 96, Pem- 
broke Boad, Clifton; Herbert George 
Edwards, 5, Percival Boad, Clifton ; William 
Henry Elkins, Combe House, Somerset 
Street, Kiugsdown ; Arthur James Harris, 
Elm House, Fishponds ; Frederick Oakley 
Hawkins, 143, Bedneld Boad, Easton ; Joseph 
Holman, Downside House, Downleigh, Stoke 
Bishop ; Walter William Hughes, 2, Down- 
field Boad, Clifton ; Edward Burnet James, 
Stoke Lodge, Stoke Bishop ; William Jen- 
nings, Morley Villa, Ashley Hill ; George 
Fowler Jones, 66, Cobourg Boad, Montpelier ; 
William Albina Latham, Merry wood, Bed- 
minster; Arthur Lee, 10,1 Berkeley Square, 
Clifton; MossLevy,14,Whiteladies Boad, Clif- 

ton ; ArthurAlbert Levy-Langfield,14, White- 
ladies Boad, Clifton ; Edwin Thomas Lewis, 
Upton Lodge, Cotham Park ; Samuel Lloyd, 
1. Wells Boad, Totterdown ; Charles James 
Lowe, 1, Claremont Boad, Bishopston ; 
Heber Mardon, 2, Litfield Place, Clifton ; 
Allan Mc Arthur, 6, Harley Place, Clifton ; 
Isaac Mcllroy, 57, Claremont Boad, Bishop- 
ston ; Henry McQuade, 2, Enowle Boad ; 
Frank Moore, Knowle House, Upper 
Enowle ; Charles Newth, Woodside, Red- 
an d Grove ; John Nichols, The Woodlands, 
Bower Ash ton, Long Ashton ; Edward 
Parsons, 71, Coronation Boad, Bed minster; 
Joseph Pembery, 65, Buby Street, Bedmiu- 
ster ; George H. Perrin, Nore Park, Portis- 
head; Johu Poole, Bedford Villa, Fish- 

Sonds ; William George Pope, 8, Byron 
treet, St. George; William Proctor, 
Cambridge Park, Bedland; Alfred John 
Saise, Veutnor House, Fishponds ; Samuel 
Shirley, 16, College Boad, Clifton ; Alfred 
John Smith. Brooklea, St. Anne's Park; 
Fairfax Spofforth, 21, Belgrave Road, Tyn- 
dall's Park ; Bicbard Court Stephens, 11, 
Edgcumbe Road. Bedland ; John Swaish, 98, 
Redland Boad ; William Terrett, Westleigh, 
Sheene Boad, Bedminster; Stephen Try on, 
5, Beaufort Boad, Clifton ; Charles Henry 
Tucker, 5, Boyal Park, Clifton ; Henry 
William Twiggs, Ellesmere, Henleaze Boad, 
Durdham Down ; Hamilton Wilfred Killi- - 
grew Wait, Woodborough House, Sneyd 
Park ; John Walls, Callendar House, Clifton 
Hill ; Colston Wintle, 24, Gloucester Boad, 
Horfield; Featherstone Witty, 26, Dowu- 
leaze, Stoke Bishop. 


Recorder.— E. J. Castle, E.O. 

Town Clerk.— E. J. Taylor. 

Assistant Clerk to Sanitary Autho- 
rity.— W. H. Wise. 

Accountant.— J. Orompton. 

Treasurer.— J. Tremayne Lane. 

City Engineer and Surveyor.— T. H. 
Yabbicom, C.E. 

Docks Engineer.— W. W. Squire, C.E. 

Medical Officer.— D. S. Davies, M.D. 

Clerk of the Peace.— F. F. Cartwright. 

Coroner.— H. G. Doggett. 

Deputy Coroner.— A. E. Barker. 

Electrical Engineer. — H. Faraday 

Secretary and Accountant, Electri- 
cal Works.— Frank W. Prosser. 

Chief SanitaryInspector.— J.W.Eirley. 

Curator of Museum.— H. Bolton. 

Librarian, Public Libraries.— E. B. N. 

Superintendent, School of Cookery.— 
Harriet D. Atkinson. 

Chief Constable and Chief of Fire 
Brigade.— Harry Allbut. 

Haven Master.— E. T. Parsons. 

Water Bailiff and Quay Warden.— G. 

Analyst.— F. W. Stoddart. 

Chief Inspector of Weights and 
Measures.— Fred Newton. 

Clerk to Justices.— T. Holmes Gore. 

Assistant.— J. E. Braithwaite. 

General Manager of Docks.— F. B. 
Girdles tone. 


Population, 8,151 ; Bateable Value, £16,000 ; Area, 5,007 Acres. 
BUCKINGHAM was a very important town in ancient times, and has been the 
centre of several important industries, including the Wool Trade, Lace- 
makin". Engineering Work, and Pillow Lace-making. It had at one time 
strong Trade Guilds, which held the controlling power in the town's govern- 

Digitized by CjOOQ IC 

Municipal Tear Book 67 

mentw lb obtained a charter in the reign of Edward III. , which charter was 
confirmed by other monarchs The town was incorporated on the passing 
oi the Municipal Corporations Act, and it enjoys a Commission of Peace. 
The Corporation maintains the Water Supply and Parochial Cemetery. 
The rates are levied by the overseers and the Corporation. The Corpora- 
tion obtains an income of about £130 from its property, and about £50 from 
piccage and stallage. The cost of Sanitary Administration was £251 ; 
Lighting, £180; Highways, £1,490; and Sewerage Work, £892. District 
Council Rate, 4s. 
Water.— Page 426. 


Mayor. — A. C. Rogers. Toww Clerk.— Thomas B. Hearn. 

Aldkrmkx.— J. T. Harrison , J. W. Thorpe, Treasurer.— Harry Freegard. 

G. Harrison, H. Thorpe. Sitrvtcyor—Tiih Smith 

Councillors.— T.Osbornp. J. G. Tailly, F. BURVE\OR.-Jas. bmitb. 

Adcock, C. A. Hennett, E. H. Laurence, A. Lighting Inspector and Collector of 

C Bogers, J. Nichols, T. Hawes, J. T. Bates.— Thomas H. Holton. 
Marshall, F. Holton, L. Varney, J. Harper. Medical Officer.— Vincent Howard. 


Population, 97,044 ; Rateable Value, £364,621 ; Area, 4,015 Acbes. 
Hebe is a little summary of the growth of Municipal Institutions in 
Burnley : Charter for a market granted by Edward I., 1293; Water Works 
acquired, 1846 ; Gas Works bought, 1855 ; Cemetery opened, 1856 ; Town 
incorporated, 24th October, 1861 ; Markets and Fairs municipalised, 1865 
Public Baths acquired, 1867 ; Borough extended, 1871 ; Commission of the 
Peace granted, 1872 ; Public Abattoirs erected, 1880 ; Foundation-stone 
of new Town Hall laid ; New Public Baths opened, 1887 ; Duckpits Sewage 
Works taken over, 1887 ; Town Hall opened, 1888 ; Public Park presented 
by Sir John Hardy Thursby, Bt., 1888 ; Town made a County Borough, 1889 ; 
Borough again extended, 1889 ; Eight Recreation Grounds bought, 1891 ; Gas 
Works extended, 1891 ; Cant Clough Reservoir completed, 1892; Ladies' Baths 
built, May, 1893; Court of Quarter Sessions granted, June, 1893; Queen's Park 
opened, July, 1893 ; Sewage Farm established, August, 1893 ; Electric Light- 
ing installation inaugurated, September, 1893 ; Burnley Wood Recreation 
Ground and Briercliffe Road Gardens opened, May, 1894 ; Borough unified by 
Amalgamating Townships in the Township of Burnley ; Scott Park opened, 
1895. In commemoration of the completion of the 60th year of the Reign 
of Queen Victoria, the then Mayor (Caleb Thornber, Esq.) presented 
to the Corporation a plot of land, adjoining the Victoria Hospital, which 
has been designated " The Thornber Gardens." On the 2nd March, 1898, a 
representative authority was constituted for the promotion of Secondary 
Education within the borough. The Burnley District Sanatorium, a 
hospital for infectious diseases, erected by the Burnley Joint Hospital 
Board at a cost of £21,900 (including land), was opened on November 11th, 
1899, by the Chairman (Caleb Thornber, Esq., J. P.) Extensions to the 

Digitized by CjOOQ IC 


Municipal Year Booh 

Sanatorium are now being carried on, which will increase the accommodation 
for patients to 74 beds. Cold Air Stores opened in 1901 ; Townsley Hall 
and grounds purchased in November, 1901. This is a notable record. 
The only important institution missed is a Public Library. The Council 
has, however, resolved to provide a Free Public Library and Reading- 
Room, and has appointed a committee with that object. The Cor- 

S oration is represented on the Lancashire Asylums Board ; the 
ounty Rate Committee ; the Ribble Watershed Joint Committee ; the 
Lancashire and Western Sea Fisheries Committee ; the Lancashire 
Inebriates Acts Board ; the Burnley Free Grammar School ; Burnley Joint 
Hospital Board, &c. The Corporation obtained powers in 1898 to work the 
Tramways of the Burnley and District Tramways Company, and in 1900 
obtained an Act authorising their reconstruction after acquisition by the 
various local authorities. The undertaking was purchased from the Tramway 
Company on the 1st March, 1901, and the work of reconstruction and 
electrical equipment is being rapidly proceeded with. 

Baths.— Bathers last year num- sewage is disposed of by precipita- 
bered 65,274. Receipts, £927 17s. 9d. ti°n and bacterial nitration. 
Expenditure, £1,302. Income from Slaughter - Houses. — Powers 
~ " ~ " were obtained under a local Act in 

Borough Rate, £374, 

Cemetery.— Income, £1,706. Ex- 
penditure, £1,701. 

Electric Lighting.— Page 483. 
Gas.— Page 460. 

Markets and Abattoirs. — The 
Market Hall, Fish Market, Pig Mar- 
ket and Abattoirs are under the same 
management. A special feature 
about Burnley is the fact that 
all slaughtering of animals must 
be done at the public abattoirs. 
Animals slaughtered at the abat- 
toirs last year : 5,620 beasts, 15,222 
sheep, 16,146 lambs, 750 calves, 5,464 
pigs. Tolls, £761 15s. lOd. Owing to 
the amount of dead meat sent to the 
town, it is suggested to erect a dead 
meat market. Last year the receipts 
at the markets and abattoirs were 
£6,263; expenditure, £5,842. Rev- 
enue to Borough Fund, £421. In con- 
nection with the Markets Cold 
Air Stores and Ice-making Plant 
have been erected on land adjoining 
the Abattoirs in Calder Vale Road, 
and were opened to the public on the 
21st March, 1901. 

Refuse and Sewage.— The town 
refuse is partly " tipped" on land and 
partly burned in destructors. The 

1871, but, owing to the opposition of 
the butchers, some eight or nine 
years elapsed before buildings wero 
erected. It was made unlawful 
to slaughter animals in private 
slaughter-houses. Income last year 
£874 ; Expenditure, £1,281, including 
interest and sinking fund payment. 
Technical Education. — The 
Corporation co-operates with the 
Burnley School Board 4 in promoting 
technical instruction,and has handed 
over to a Joint Committee the 
management until 1st July, 1902, 
of the Evening Classes in Science, 
Art, Technology, &c. , formerly con- 
ducted by the Directors of the 
Burnley Mechanics' Institution and 
the Burnley School Board. The 
Joint Committee also carries on the 
work of the Higher Grade School. 
There are 3,285 individual students 
attending the schools ; the subjects 
of instruction embrace chomistry, 
physics, mathematics, the natural 
sciences and art under the Depart- 
ment of Science and Art, practical 
instruction in cotton weaving and 
designing, carpentry and joinery, 
wood-car ving^lumbers' work, paint- 
ing and house decoration, &c. 
Domestic subjects : Cookery, laun- 

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Municipal Year Book. 


dry, dressmaking, millinery, &c; 
also classes in commercial subjects. 
In 1901 the Science, Art, and 
Technical School had 293 certificates 
and the School of Art had 260 
certificates awarded by the Depart- 
ment of Science and Art ; the 
Technical and Commercial Classes 
had 318 certificates awarded by the 
City and Guilds of London Institute, 
the Society of Arts, London, and 
the Lancashire and Cheshire Union 
of Institutes. 781 certificates were 
awarded by the Union of Lancashire 
and Cheshire Institutes to students 
attending the School Board's Con- 
tinuation Evening Classes. A 
secondary Education Authority has 


Mayor.— Thomas Thornber. 

Aldermen.— Christian Mitchell, J.P., 
George Sutcliffe, J.P., Jas. Greenwood, 
J. P., Thos. Burrows, J.P.. Thos. Thornber, 
J. P. (Major), Wm. Parkinson, J.P., Wm. 
Lupton, W. Armistead, William Dickinson, 
J. P., Caleb Thornber, J.P., Richard Holds- 
worth, James Bibby. 

Councillors.— St. Andrew's Ward: S. 
Macfarlane, 44, Colne Road; Hartley 
Emmott, 9, Colne Road ; J. M. Ferguson, 
70, Colne* Road. Danes House Ward : 
James Mitchell Grey, 1, Colne Road; G. 
Metcalfe, 120, Colne Road ; William Walton , 
38, Abel Street. Stoneyholme Ward : £. 
Keighley, 51, Rectory Road ; W. Warburton, 
344, Padiham Road ; Edwin Whitehead, 2, 
Thursby Road. St. Peter's Ward : J. H. 
Carter, 35, Church Street; £. F. P. 
Emmett, 33, Todmorden Road; Thomas 
Moor, 83, Ormerod Road. St. Paul's 
Ward : W. Witham, 149, Todmorden Road ; 
D. D. Dickinson, 13, St. Matthew Street, 
Thomas Walmsley, 2, Coke Street. Ful- 

been constituted for the borough. 

Telephones.— Page 411. 

Tramways.— Page 533. 

Water.— Page 426. 

General Statistics.— General 
Rate, 4s. 8d. ; Poor Rate, Is. Debt 
outstanding, £948,809. Chief Ad- 
ministrative expenditure : Police, 
£6,278 ; Parks, £2,197; Recreation 
Grounds, £3,709; Health, £4,740; 
Highways, £2,601 ; Improvements, 
£2,839; Fire Brigade, £948; Sewage 
disposal, £16,233 ; total expenditure 
under highway rate, highways, and 
scavenging, £21,085 ; Lamp Rate, 
£5,721 ; Borough Rate, £90,580 ; 
total local expenditure, £117,386. 


ledge Ward : A. Carrington, 79, 
Ormerod Road; G. H. Cudwortb, 15, 
Temple Street ; William Hanson, 62, York- 
shire Street. Burnley Wood Ward : 
William Hough, Tunstead House, Simons- 
ton ; W. T. Farrer, 1, Brooklands A\ enue ; 
Thomas Smith, 112, Hollingreave Road. 
Healey Ward : J. Rae, 3, Albion 
Terrace ; A. M. Sinclair, 113, Man- 
chester Road ; John Thornber, 4, Park 
Avenue. Trinity Ward : J.Catlow,21,Grant 
Street; William Henry Rushworth, 111, 
Acer ing ton Road; John A. Heaton, 87, 
Ormerod Road. Whittlkfield Ward : F. 
Thomas, Sefton Avenue ; H. Nutter, 117, 
Accrington Road; J. Riley, 42, Cotton 
Street. Gannow Ward : S. Hargreaves, 6, 
Hargher Street ; W. Hartley, 228, Accring- 
ton Road; John Walker, 96, Cog Lane. 
Lowerhouse Ward : F. L. Riley, Ormerod 
House, Kosegrove, near Burnley; G. 
Ha worth, Worsthorne, near Burnley; 
William Whittaker, 7, Arundel Street, 


Town Clerk.— A. Steele Sheldon. 

Clerk of the Peace.— W. T. Fullalove. 

Assistant Solicitor.— Lawson Taylor. 

Borough Treasurer and Registrar of 
Stock.— Hy. Clark. 

Chief Collector and Casbjer.— Chas. 

Boko ugh Surveyor.— G. H. Pickles, 

Medical Officer of Health.— Dr. T. 

Sanitary Inspector.— J. B. Massey. 

Veterinary Inspector.— James Kenyon, 

Chief Constable. — Henry Charles 

Superintendent of Fire Brigade.— 
Inspector Stedman. 

Inspector of Weights and Measures.— 
H. Kenyon. 

Public Analyst.— Raymond Ross, FJ.C, 

Gas Engineer.— J. P. Leather. 

Electrical Engineer.— R. Birkett. 

Water Works Manager. -Wm. William- 

Market Superintendent.— J. C. Gauk- 

Manager of Abattoirs.— Geo. Astin. 

Cemetery Registrar.— Geo. Houlden. 

Baths Manager.— Vacant. 

Park Superintendent.— B. Murray. 

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70 Municipal Year Book. 


Population, 38,766 ; Rateable Value, £142,524 ; Area, 2,585 Acre?!. 
Burslem is in the centre of the pottery industry, and is the birthplace 
of Wedgwood. It was governed by a Local Board until 1878, when it 
obtained a charter of incorporation. The Town Council has municipalised 
the Gas Supply ,and has several excellent Markets, Public Baths, Public Park, 
Free Public Library, and Cemetery. The Water Supply is in private hands. 
A good deal of attention is paid to technical instruction, and the Corpora- 
tion pays out of the Borough Kate a sum equal to the grant received from 
the County Council towards its Art and Technical Schools. Particular 
attention is paid to Art in relation bo pottery and to chemistry. A large 
number of Wedgwood Institute prizes are given every year to Burslem 
students. The town refuse is consumed in a destructor, and the sewage 
is disposed of on a farm. 

Baths. — Last year 26,000 people open market, and a covered vegetable 
patronised the Public Baths. Ihe market recently erected. The ex- 
charges range from Id. to Is. Free penditure last year on the markets 
Baths to School Children, 13,229. and shambles was £886, and the 
The total income was £406, and the income £2,076, £148 in town hall 
expenditure £938. Interest on re- rents, £640 from shambles, £396 
payment of loans £635. from the open market, and £584 

Cemetery. — The expense of from the vegetable market, 
maintaining the Public Cemetery General Statistics. — The 
last year was £2,433, and the income General District Rate is 3s. 2d. in 
from fees £1,023, and from other the £, and the Borough Rate 8d. 
sources £134. The balance is made in the £. The total rate is £26,000, 
out of the Borough Rates. and the principal items of expendi- 

GAS.— Page 460. ture £7,227 in Highways, £1,612 

Free Public Library. — Over Scavenging, £335 Lighting (gas for 
£580 a year is spent in maintain- Public Lighting supplied free by Gas 
ing the Free Public Library. Committee cost about £2,000), £3,000 

Markets. — The Corporation has Sewage, £175 Fire Brigade, and 
a market-hall, a fish market, an £2,114 Parks. 


Mayor.— Wm. Lovatt. Sydney Malkin, S. Gibson, W. W. Dobson, 

Aldermex.-R Sudlow, T. P Wood, '•£%$£*£%& Ellis. 
W. Bratt, T. Arrowsmith, E. Edwards, J. 8urv£YO b and Engineeb.-P. Bettany. 

w « j! ' a 8 e - Treasurer.— R. A. Pippet. 

Councillors.— W. Cartiidge, E. Leigh, Medical Officer of Health.— C. H. 

J. Bowden, W. Lovatt, W. Heath, T. Mott. 

Edwards. Gk Wade, W. Owen. Daniel Gas Makageb.— H. Peaty. 

Porter, Thomas Willett, J. W. Brindley, Borough Accountant.— J. Walibank. 


(County Borougrh.) 
Population, 50,386 ; Bateable Value, £311,478 ; Area, 4,025 Acres. 
The government of Burton-upon-Trent was originally in the hands of the 
Abbots, but the privileges and liberties of the monasteries were conveyed 
to Sir William Paget, whose family exercised the rights to a recent period 
through a steward and bailiff. Commissioners for paving and cleansing 
and lighting the town were appointed in 1779, and a Board of Improvement 
Commissioners was established in 1853. The town was incorporated on 

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Municipal Year Book. 



the 3rd September, 1878. It became a County Borough by virtue of the 
Borough or Burton-on-Trent Order, 1900, confirmed by the Local Govern- 
ment Board's Provisional Orders C onfirmation (No. 9) Act, 1900. The 
Corporation owns the Gas Works, Electric Light Works, Markets, and 
Cemetery. The Water Supply is in the hands of a company. The town 
maintains Baths. 

refuse is destroyed by a destructor 
(Meldrum " Simplex ") or is given 
away for the use of farmers, and 
sewage is disposed of by irrigation 
on a sewage farm. 
Tramways.— Page 533. 
General Statistics. — Rates : 
General District Bate, 4s. 4d. in 
the £. Income of Borough Bate, 
£20,076 ; total income of Municipal 
Authority, £20,553; income as 
Urban District Council from Dis- 
trict Rate, £58,066; net debt, 
£335,875; in Sinking Funds, 

Artisans' Dwellings. — Page 

Baths. — Income last 
£282 ; expenditure, £798. 

Cemetery. — Income: Rate, 
£1,085; fees, £803; Expenditure, 

Electric Light.— Page 433. 

Free Public Library. — The 
Public Libraries Act was adopted 
in 1894. Expenditure last year, 

Gas.— Page 460. 

Markets.— Income, £1,881. 

Refuse and Sewage.— The town 


Mayor. — John Robert Morris. 

Aldermen. — Hon. GK H. Allsopp, M.P., 
Wm. Canning, A. J. Coxon, Sydney Ever- 
shed, M.P., T. B. Lowe, John Parker, Thos. 
Turner, Bd. Wilkinson. 

Councillors.- W. Austin, J. W. A. Bas- 
sett, Q. L. Blackhall, F. Madeley, J. 8. Coxon, 
Th. Collier, F. J. Groad, W. Glover, John 
Harlow, Wm. Geo. Hutchinson, J. H. King, 
G. Kennard, Jas. Alex. Lorimer, T. E. Lowe, 
6. Lathbury, J. B. Morris, I. Oliver, A. J. 
Roberta, H. Bugg, Joseph Samuel Bowland, 
C. A. Tresise, P. Thompson, Alfred John 
Thornley, John Wood. 

Town Clerk and Clerk to the Urban 
District Council and Burial Board.— 
T. N. Whitehead. 

Borough Treasurer.— E. A. Brown. 

Medical Officer of Health and Public 
Analyst.— Harold Coates. 

Borough Surveyor.— Gk T. Lynam. 

Borough Accountant.— O. W, Arnold, 

Inspector of Nuisances and Inspector 
under the food and drugs act.— wm. 

Manager of Gas Works.— F. L. Bams- 

Superintendent of Markets and 
Fairs and Inspector under the Ex- 
plosives Act.— W. C. Hanson. 

Superintendent and Registrar of the 
Cemetery.— J. H. Budd. 

Librarian, Public Library.— S. T. W; 

Borough Collector.— Wm. Brittain. 

Inspector of Weights and Measures.— 
H. Van Tromp. 


(County Borough.) 
Population, 58,028 ; Bateable Value, £261,876 ; Area, 5,836 Acres. 
Buey (Lancashire) is a Parliamentary and Municipal Borough, and a 
County Borough under the Local Government (England and Wales) Act of 
1888), in the south-eastern division of bhe County of Lancaster ; a market 
town, parish and poor law union of twelve parishes, situated on rising 
ground between the rivers Irwell and Roach (a little less than two miles 
from their confluence) in the Hundred of Salf ord and Diocese of Manchester, 
It has two stations on the Lancashire and Yorkshire Railway, 188 miles 
from London (King's Cross) and 10 miles from Manchester. The Man- 
chester, Bury, and Bolton Canal gives inland water carriage to a large and 
populous district. Bury obtained a Charter of Incorporation in 1876. The 
Markets had been obtained by the Local Board in 1839, the Gas Works in 

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Municipal Tear Book. 

1858, and the Water Supply in 1872. Baths were built in 1864 and the 
Cemetery opened in 1869. Tne town was enlarged in 1885 with the addition 
of parts of Elton, Tottington, Walmersley, and Pilkington. A Technical 
School was erected in 1894 at a cost of about £20,000. The Water Works 
werj transferred in 1900 to the Bury and District Joint Water Board. 
The Sewage Works are being considerably enlarged. In connection with 
the Cleansing Department, known as the Town's Yard, are wheelwrights' 
and smiths' shops for carrying out repairs. The Gas Works, which are on 
an extensive scale, have been lately enlarged. Powers have been obtained 
for the erection of a new Fire Station, in place of the existing one. The 
town has five Recreation Grounds, three of which were acquired by 
voluntary contribution, while the other two were gifts. Plans for the 
erection of Model Lodging-House have been approved. An Art Gallery 
and Public Library was opened last year, which is an exceptionally fine 
building, and was erected to house the Wrigley Art Collection, presented to 
the town, and valued at about £100,000. Public Abattoirs, New Markets, 
and Infectious Diseases Hospital are in course of erection. The Council 
in 1896 commenced to supply electricity, and the works are being consider- 
ably enlarged. It is intended to take over the Tramways, and all necessary 
powers to work same have been obtained. 
Artisans' Dwellings. — Page expenditure to £3,600, or £1,934 

more than the revenue. 

Refuse and Sewage Disposal. 
— Refuse is burned in destructors 
or sent to tips. Sewage is treated at 
works just erected. 

Technical Education. — The 
Technical Schools were erected in 
1894. Total cost of the buildings has 
been £21,786. The school covers an 
area of 1 ,830 square yards. Last year 
the cost of carrying on the various 
departments — science, art, tech- 
nology, commerce, and domestic 
economy — was£3,417; theamount re- 
ceived under the Customs and Excise 
duties was £1,596, fees and grants 
more than providing the rest. 
Telephones.— Page 411. 
Tramways.— Page 533. 
Water.-— Page 426. 
General Statistics. — Debt 
outstanding, £548,652. Cost of Fire 
Brigade last year, £1,280; Parks, 
£1,121 ; Scavenging, £2,711 ; Re- 
moval of Night-soil, £4,108 ; In- 
fectious Diseases Hospital, £1,266 ; 
Lighting, £5,301 ; Highways,£23,876. 


BatHs. — The baths were opened 
in 1864, at a cost of £4,998. There 
are three swimming baths and 
Turkish and vapour baths. A new 
swimming bath, constructed on most 
modern lines, was opened in March, 
1896, which cost £4,240. Receipts 
from the baths last year, £652 ; ex- 
penditure, £1,381. 

Cemetery. — The municipal ceme- 
tery was opened in 1869. A Cemetery 
Rate of Id. in the £ is imposed to meet 
the cost of maintenance, interest, &c, 
which amounted last year to £2,005. 
The receipts from fees and charges 
were £685. 

Electric Lighting.— Page 483. 

Gas.— Page 460. 

Markets.— The Market Hall and 
the manorial rights were acquired 
from Earl Derby in 1872, at a cost 
of £57,295. The total deficiency of 
revenue since 1872 has been £35,061. 
Last year the revenue was t£ 1,666, 
the maintenance £1,597. Interest, 
sinking and loan funds brought the 


Mayor.— Councillor John Battersbv. 
Aldermen. — Joseph Barrett, Charles 
Brierlev, Thomas Scott Colltnge, John 

Parks. Christopher Talbot, James Kay 
Butcher, Thomas Mel lor, Oliver Ormerod 
Walker, George Edward Wike. 

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Municipal Year Book 


Councillors.— Moorsede Ward: John 
Edward Baker, George Bentley, Lambert 
Fletcher, James Hunter, W. Ash worth, 
Peter Smith. East Ward: J. A. Hall, 
John Aeh worth, J. E. Smethurst, D. War- 
dleworth, Thomas Ashworth, Robert Kay, 
Church Ward : Samuel Cox, Thomas Joseph Hill. 
Wilson, Giles He wart, Francie Sm'th. John 


Town Clerk, Clerk to the Urban Sani- 
tary Authority, and Solicitor.— John 
Has lam. 

Deputy Town Clerk.— F. S. Miller. 

Borough Surveyor and Engineer.— A. 
W. Bradley. 

Assistant Surveyor.— F. B. By man. 

Borough Treasures and Registrar of 
Stock.— K. W. Buxton. 

Borough Auditors.— C. M. Merchant & 

Gas Engineer and Manager. — H. 
Simmonds, F.C.S. 

Medical Officer.— A. E. Brindley, M.D., 

Borough Analyst.— George Filkington. 

Curator of Art Gallery and Borough 
Librarian.— Archibald Sparke. 

Battersby, Walter Spencer. Bedvales 
Ward : J. D. Mould, Franklin Howarth, 
John Taylor, William Sykes, B. D. Dux- 
bury, Henry Hargretvea. Eltos Ward: 
William Dawaou, William Kirkman. Tnos. 
Holt, W. H. Mitohell, Thomas Bradley. 

Besident Electrical Engineer.— S. J. 

Inspector of Markets, Weights and 
Measures, and Food and Drugs.— H. C. 

Secretary to Technical D/st ruction 
Committee.— John Bigby. 

Superintendent of Fire Brigade.— E. 

School Attendance Officers. — T. 
Bigby, A. Kenyon, B. T. Taylor, aud W. 

Registrar of Cemetery.— H. Pollard. 

Sewage Works Manages.— E. Scamp. 

Stationery Clere.— F. C. Smith. 

Inspectors of Nuisances. — tt. Wilkin- 
son, S. Kay. 


Population, 16,255 ; Rateable Value, £«2,671 ; Area, 2,934 Acres. 
Bury St. Edmunds was in its early history under ecclesiastical government. 
It obtained a market charter from Henry I., and subsequent charters in- 
creased its privileges. It ha9 Quarter Sessions, and the Corporation main- 
tains Markets, Estates, Water Supply, Public Baths, and Electric Lighting, 
It sends one member to Parliament. The Council sends representatives 
to the Ipswich Dock Commission, and the governing body of the 
Feoffment Schools and Charities, and to the Grammar School. As 
Urban District Council it has several representatives on the Board of the 
Local Gas Company. The town provides a School of Art, in connection 
with which there are evening classes for Technical Instruction. The town 
Markets bring in an income of £1,500 gross, and the corporate property 
about £1,680. The Corporation maintains an Isolation Hospital. The 
town refuse is carted to farms, and the sewage is disposed of by irrigation 
at six miles distance. The Sewage Scheme cost £38,000. A twelfth 
century building, known as Moyses' Hall, has been converted into a 
Museum, and is maintained by the Council at a cost of about £llo a year. 
The Water Supply is in the hands of the Corporation, from which last year 
it received a net sum of £1,763 in aid of the District Rate. Net amount 
loans outstanding, £63,331. 
Water.— Page 426. 


Mayor.— Thomas Bhillitoe. 

Aldermen.— James Floyd, Thomas Shil- 
litoe, E. W. Lake, John G. Oliver, A. J. 
Hooper, C.H, Bull en. 

Councillors. — Northgate Ward : 
Lieut.-Col. B. Anderson, H. J. Salmon, 
CheveU Lawrence. Eastgate Ward; 

H. J. Bolfe, O. F. Felton, Alex. Mitchell, 
Southgate Ward : C. H. Nunn, C. J. 
CroES, Wm. Denton Paine. Westgate 
Ward: D. Fulcher, W. H. Nice, Owen 
A. Clark. Risbygate Ward: William 
Jaggard, Saml. Street, John H. Staff, 

ABfiEYGATE WARD: H. O. C. Walpole. 

0. D. Leech, jun., Chas. Walton Crasswaller. 
O 2 

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74 Municipal Year Book 

Town Clerk, Clerk to the Urban Treasurer and Accountant. — J. H- 

District Council, and Clerk to School Wakefield. 

Attendance Committee. — Charles £. Curator of Museum.— Horace B. Barker.. 

Salmon. Analyst.— W. L. Sutton. 

Steward of the Liberty.— The Marquis Inspector under the Contagious 

of Bristol. Diseases (Animals) Act. —Edwin Taylor. 

■d .«»«»■»» mr n mint -en INSPECTOR OF COMMON LODGING-HOUSES 

KECORDER.-W. E. Hume-Williams, K.C. AND i NSPEC tor under the Petroleum 

Clerk of the Peace.— R. H. Wilson. and Explosives Acts.— W. G. Emmerson. 

Coroner.— 0. J. E.Sparke. Inspector of Nuisances and Market 

Clerk to the Magistrates.— J. W. Toll Collector.— Bobert Kerrage. 

Greene. Officer of School Attendance Oom- 

Engineer and Surveyor, and Manager mittee.— 0. E. Skipsey. 

of Water Works.— J. C. Smith. Weights Inspector fob Borough and 

Medical Officer of Health.— A. H. County.— H. 0. Walters. 

Gibbon. Bate Collector.— Harry S. Fen ton. 


Population, 3,456 ; Rateable Value, £10,961 ; Area, 366 Acres. . 
Calne is a borough by prescription. A charter was either granted or 
confirmed to it in the reign of Henry III. The Public Health Act was; 
adopted in 1851 and a Local Board of Health constituted. The borough 
was enlarged in the year 1889, and the Local Board merged into it. Th& 
Water and Gas Supplies are in the hands of companies. A Drainage Schema 
was carried out in the year 1882 at a cost of £6,000, and the sewage is pro- 
perly deodorised by filter-beds. A small annual rental is obtained from 
lands, and from market tolls, which are leased from the Lord of the- 
Manor. The Corporation is the administrator of certain local municipal 
charities, has established Public Baths, provided Recreation Grounds, and 
made provision for dealing with infectious diseases ; the Corporation ha& 
also contributed towards the supply of Technical Instruction by making 
a building grant. 


Mayor.— Councillor F. W. Pininger. Borough Treasurer.— J. Haines. 

ALDERMEN.-John Bownas, Henrv Wil- ^ Me ? i ^ al 0mCKB OF Health.- Dr. 

kins, S. W. Bennett, Wm. Alex. Webb. Campbell. 

' „ *„ . * " " ,_,_ Surveyor and Inspector of Nuisances.. 

Councillors. —P. O. Henly, Noah Webb, _q. D reW ett 

James Beaven, John E. Wood, T. Gunninar, r ate Collector.— W. L. Tucker. 

Colin Hawkins P. W. PiniDger H. P. Superintendent of Fire Engines.— E. 

Jeiferys, S. Wiltshire, Wm. Bray ley, P. W. Maundrell. 

Strawson, tt. J. Barnes. School Attendance Officer.— J. O.. 

Town Clerk.— GK I. Gough. Brink worth. 


Population, 88,393 ; Rateable Value, Gross £238,272, Nett £225,139 ; 
Area, 3,278 Acres. 

Up to 1889 there were two municipal authorities, or — if we consider Univer- 
sity Jurisdiction — three. The Corporation was occupied mainly with the 
management of its property, and the regulation of markets and fairs, and 
the preservation of the commons ; street and sanitary work was under 
Improvement Commissioners. The administrative unity then obtained was 
increased in 1894 when the powers of the University — its right to interfere in 
amusement, its arbitrary power of arrest, and other privileges — were abro- 
gated. And "Town and Gown" now live in amity. The University and 
the colleges and halls send six members to the Town Council and are accorded 
two of the Aldermen. The town received its first charter in 1118, and the old 
Corporation atone time owned a considerable estate, but parted with some of 

Digitized by CjOOQ IC 

Municipal Year Book 


the property. The rent received is now about £1,900 a year. Cambridge is 
fortunate in possessing extensive common lands — 15 in all — most 'of tneni 
being in the centre of the town. The Gas, Electric Lighting, and Water 
Supplies are in the hands of companies. The Corporation is anxious to 
obtain the Water Supply and has made overtures to the company. The 
most recent work undertaken has been the redrainage of the whole borough, 
and the construction of sewage works at a total cost of about £150,000. 
•Chesterton is now joined to Cambridge for Parliamentary purposes. 
Their* joint population is now about 51,000. Land has been purchased for a 
new Cemetery, and the works connected with the laying out, &c, of the land 
:are now in progress. The Cambridge Corporation owns profitable Markets, 
it was one of the first towns in the country to take advantage of the Public 
Libraries Act, and it takes part in the management of Perse Grammar 

Free Public Library. — The 
Act was adopted in March, 1853. 
The Library con tains 42,000 volumes, 
and is patronised by all classes in 
the town. The issues exceed 100,000 
volumes a year. A special feature 
is the Shakespeare Memorial Library. 
Cost of the Library and Beading 
Rooms is nearly £1,500 a year. 

Markets.— The tolls from the 
General Markets, held in Market 
Square, and from the fairs amount 
to nearly £1,000 a year. The ex- 
penses are about £630. The Cattle 
Market yields £860, and costs £420 
to maintain. The revenue from the 
Corn Exchange is £620, and the ex- 
penditure, £280. 

Refuse and Skwage Disposal. 
— The refuse was formerly sifted, 

mixed with night-soil, and sold, 
but a destructor has now been 

Technical Education.— Grants 
are given to Cambridge Science 
Classes, the School of Cookery, and 
to the Perse Schools for boys and 
girls. The Perse Grammar School 
is managed by six members of 
the Town Council, six representa- 
tives of the University and Caius 
College, and three co-opted gover- 
nors. A new scheme for the man- 
agement of the School is now under 

Telephones.— Page 411. 

General Statistics. — Cost of 
Police, £6,000; Fire Brigade, £600; 
Lunatic Asylum, £270 ; Public 
Lighting, £3,800 ; Hospital, £1,400 ; 
Scavenging and Watering, £4,200. 


Mayor.— George Kett. 

Aldermen.— George Kett, H. M. Taylor, 
William Bond. Arthur Deck, T. Hyde Hills, 
Joshua Taylor, W. P. Spalding, S. L. 
Young, Edward C. Young, G. Stace, J. H. C. 
Dalton, C. A. E. Pollock. 

Councillors.— Ward No. 1 : C. Arm- 
strong, J. A. Wootten, C. B. Warrington. 
Ward No. 2: James Owen, Walter Flack, 
Frederick Morley. Ward No. 3: Arthur 
Matthew, D. Muns*v, H. G. Whibley. 
Ward No. 4: A. J. Lyon, J. Oatling, 
Thomas Coulson. Ward No. 5 : T. Waraker, 
George Peck, John Burford. Ward No. 6 : 
A. I. Tillyard, P. H. Young, E. FieM. 
Ward No. 7 : A. E. Negus, f rank Ward, 
George Smith. Ward No. 8 : A. 8. Camp- 
bell, H. J. Gray, J. N. Digby. Ward No. 
9: George Hawkins, Thomas Nichols. 
William James Wallis. Ward No 4 10: 

R. F. Freeman, Frank Banyard, Frederick 
Cumberland. University Members : W. 
G. Bell, J. M. Dodds, F. Dyson, Walter 
Durnford, Hugh McLeod limes, Johu 
Henry Herbert Goodwin. 

High Steward.— The Duke of Rutland. 

Recorder.— J. F. P. Rawlinson, K.C. 

Town Clerk, Clerk to the Urban 
District Council, and Clerk to the 
School Attendance Committee.— J. E. 
L. Whitehead. 

Clerk of the Peace.— R. C. Burrows. 

Treasurer.— E. H. Parker. 

Borough Accountant.— Wilfred C. Gait. 

Coroner.— H. S. French. 

Clerk to the Justices.— John Bonnett. 

Medical Officer.— Bushell Anningson. 

Surveyor.— E. W. Harry. 

Librarian.— John Pink. 

Chief Constable.— C. E. Holland. 

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Municipal Tear Book. 


Population, 24,868 ; Rateable Value, £119,535 ; Area, 3,955 Acres. 
The fact that Canterbury is not only a city but also a county in itself 
— which it was created in the reign of Edward IV. — shows that it has 
had an important municipal history. Before the Norman Conquest the 
city was under the government of an officer of the King, styled 
the King's Prefect or Provost. It received many privileges from time to 
time, one of them being the power to levy a fine of 6s. 8d. per day on any 
stranger keeping shops in the city, which was granted in 1544. The last 
monarch who tried to interfere with Canterbury's privileges was James 
II., who imposed a charter " modelled to his purposes, and only such persons 
as he thought fit put into the government of the city, and several of the 
Council were by him ejected," mit (we are quoting from the official year 
book of the Corporation) " finding himself in danger oy reason of these and 
other arbitrary proceedings," he restored the charter of James I., granted 
in 1607.' This gives the city a recorder and a sheriff, a sword and a mace. 
The city estates are not great. Rents last year were £139. City tolls 
brought in £179. The Corporation maintains a Cemetery, Markets, a 
Museum, and School of Art, and has erected works for the supply of 

Cemetery. — Receipts for the year 
ended 31st March, 1900, £457. Ex- 
penditure, £1,013, of which £521 was 
for loan charges. 

Electbic Lighting.— Page 483. 

Markets.— Cattle Market re- 
ceipts, £432 ; expenditure, £382. 
Corn Exchange receipts, £438 ; ex- 
penditure, £245. 

Refuse and Sewage Disposal. 
— Refuse is destroyed by a dust de- 
structor (Meldrum Bros. ), erected in 
conjunction with the Electric 
Works. Sewage is dealt with at a 
sewage farm, receipts from which 


Mayor.— Geo. Collard. 

Aldermen.— -Henry Hart, Geo. Collard, 
Frederick Kennett, William Watson Mason, 
Thomas Cross, Thomas Wells. 

Councillors. — West - Gate Ward: 
Thomas Wood , E. G. Stead, George Pope, 


Recorder.— Frank Safford. 

Town Clerk, Clerk to Urban District 
Authority and to Burial Board, and 
Clerk of the Peace.— Hy. Fielding. 

Sheriff.— Councillor Gentry. 

Clerk to the Justices.— B. M. Mercer. 

City Treasurer.— J. McMaster. 

City Analyst. -S. Harvey. 

last year were £1,010, while the 
expenditure was £2,325. 


amount devoted to technical instruc- 
tion last year was £660, in addition 
to which £430 was provided from 
the Borough Fund for maintaining 
the Museum. 

General Statistics. — Rates : 
Borough Rate, Is. 6d. ; General Dis- 
trict Rate, 3s. 8d. Debt outstanding, 
£99,190. Cost of Police, £2,602; 
Maintenance of Roads and Pave- 
ments, £7,868 ; Scavenging and 
Watering, £2,472 ; Gas and Water, 
£2,960 ; Sewage Works and Farm, 

Root. W. Whittaker, Henry Jas. Gculdeii, 
J. G. B. Stone. Dane John Ward: W. H. 
Netherclift, J. P. Whichcord, Frederick 
John Godden, Samuel S. Warren, Wright 
Hunt, Albert Urry. North-Gate Ward : 
Wm. Home, Thomas Burren, Thos. Bourne 
W. J. Russell, P. T. Gentry, W. K. Harris. * 

City Coroner.— Dr. Johnson. 

Medical Officer.— Frank Wacher. 

City Surveyor.— A. C. Turley. 

City Electrical ENGiNEER.-N.Staniland 

Superintendent of Police.— J. 

Sanitary Inspector.— C. Bichardson 

Bate Collector.— G. P. Frands. 

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Municipal Tear Book, 



(County Borougrh.) 
Population, 164,420 ; Rateable Value, £1,064,073 ; Area, 8,408 Acres. 
Cardiff, the capital of the Principality of Wales, has been during the last 
twenty years under a period of extraordinary expansion. Its population 
has more than doubled during that period. Its rateable value, which was 
only £251,683 in 1875, is now £1,064,073. It has also been growing as a 
municipality. It has greatly extended its Water Works at a cost of nearly 
a million and a quarter. It is building new Markets, one being a Fish 
Market, at a cost of £14,500, exclusive of site ; a new Cemetery has been 
laid out, which is now being considerably extended ; it maintains six 
Libraries and a Museum, levies a rate for Technical and Higher Educat- 
ion ; it has introduced Electric Lighting, enlarged its Baths, and is now 
carrying out other schemes for improving the town, including the acquisi- 
tion of a Central Park, the erection of a new Town Hall, Law Courts, 
and other public buildings. The Corporation appoints Governors under 
the Welsh Intermediate Education Act. It is represented on the 
governing body of South Wales University College, on the Severn Com- 
mission, on the Court of Governors of the National University of Wales, 
on the Cardiff Pilotage Board, and on the Local Marine Board. The 
Docks belong to Lord Bute, but the Town Council collects harbour dues 
amounting to nearly £2,000 a year. It holds property which brings in an 
annual revenue of £5,000, and among its other activities has been the 
establishment of garden allotments. Cardiff received a charter of incorpora- 
tion from James I., in 1616, which confirmed and extended previous 
charters. The Corporation obtained a Market Act in 1835, when it came 
under the Municipal Corporations Act. It took over the Water Works 
from the old company in 1879. 

Baths. — Extensive baths have 
been established. The Corporation 

{mrchased baths for £2,271, and has 
aid out £14,050 for new baths, 
which were recently opened. The 
Corporation has opened a winter 
gymnasium at the baths. Income 
from baths last year £1,349 ; expen- 
diture (of which £900 was for loans) 

Cemeteries.— The income from 
the cemetery for the year ending 
31st March, 1901, was £3,129, which 
had to be supplemented with £882 
from the Borough Rate. Cemetery 
extensions have been carried out at 
a cost of £40,000. 

Electric Lighting.— Page 484. 

Free Public Libraries.— The 
new libraries were constructed in 
1880 and extended in 1889. There 
are now the central and six branch 

libraries. Capital expenditure, 
£30,000. The libraries contain 65,000 

Markets. — The markets more 
than pay their way. The figures 
for last year are as follows : — 
Central Market : income £2,949 ; 
expenditure (maintenance, £1,456, 
and £713 for interest and sinking 
fund), £2,169 ; profit, £779. Roatli 
Market and Slaughter-House : in- 
come, £2,972 ; maintenance, £1,784 ; 
interest and sinking fund, £1,184 ; 
Canton Market and Slaughter- 
House: income, £481 ; expenditure, 
£1,926, of which £1,091 was for 
interest and sinking fund. A 
new Cattle Market is being pro- 
vided for at Canton, and new mar- 
kets erected at the Hayes and St. 
Mary Street. The capital invested 
in markets now stands at about 

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Municipal Year Book. 

Kefuse and Sewage Disposal. 
—Dust destructors are being erected 
for the disposal of refuse.. The 
sewage flows into the sea. 

Technical Education.— Liberal 
provision is made for technical in- 
struction. A special grant is made, 
equal to amount produced by Id. in 
£, which brings in about £4,000, to 
which is added the Exchequer con- 
tribution of £1,981. The work is 
carried on mainly in connectioh with 
University College. There are also 
classes at the College School, arid the 
Women's Technical Department is at 
the Higher Grade School. Twelve 
honorary members associated in 
education are added to the Techni- 
cal Instruction Committee. A grant 
is also made of |d. in the £ per 


Mayor.— Councillor F. J. Beavan, J.P. 

Deputy Mayor. — Alderman William 
Sanders, J.P. 

Aldermen.— Daniel Lewis, J.P., Thomas 
Windsor Jacobs, J.P., Patrick William Carey, 
J. P., David Jones, J. P., William Banders, 
J.P. (Deputy Mayor); William John Trounce, 
J. P., Ehenezer Beavan, J.P., Joseph Barns- 
dale, J.P., Sir Thomas Morel, Kt., J.P., 
Samuel Arthur Brain, J.P. 

Councillors.— Samuel Mildon, 26, Paget 
Street ; P. J. Beavan, J.P. (Mayor), Pern- 
bank Villa, Conway Road ; Edward Thomas, 
J.P., 282, Bute Street; John Jenkins J.P., 
105, Pentrebane Street; Thomas Andrews, 
J.P.( Ex-Mayor) .Chelmsford, Newport Road; 
William Evans, Glen hurst, Cathedral Boad ; 
Robert Hughes, J.P., 21, Park Place ; Wil- 
liam Smith Crossman, 31, Harriett Street ; 
Alfred Good, 153, Cathays Terrace ; Illtyd 


Recorder.— B. Francis- Williams, K.O. 

Town Clerk, Clerk to Asylum Visitors, 
and Clerk of the Peace.— Joseph Larke 

Deputy Town Clerk, Solicitor, and 
Deputy Clerk of the Peace. — W. J. 

Chief Committee Clerk and Senior 
Assistant.— P. J. G. Cornish. 

Chief Assistant Committee Clebk.— T. 

Prosecuting Solicitor. — John W. 

Borough Treasurer and Clerk to 
Burial Board.— P. R. Greenhill. 

Chief Clerk.— R W. Lewis. 

Collector of Water Rentals.— N. D. 

annum towards Welsh Intermediate 
Education amounting to £2,062, to 
which is % also contributed £1,981 
Exchequer contribution (Customs 
and Excise duties). 

Telephones.— Page 411. 

Tramways— Page 533. 

Water.— Page 426. 

General Statistics.— Rates : 
General District Rate, 3s. 4d.; Poor 
Rate (including Borough and School 
Board Rates), 3s. 2d. Loan Debt 
outstanding, £2,432,332. Cost of 
Police, £25,973; Fire Brigade, 
£2,003; Parks, £11,478; Public 
Lighting, £11,979. Scavenginsand 
Watering, £21,636; Sewer Main- 
tenance, £11,599 ; Sanatorium, 
£7,927 ; Highways, £22,575. 

Thomas, Ely Farm ; Frederick James Veall, 
5, Plasturton Gardens ; John Harry Hallett, 
J.P., Radyr Chain* Llandaff ; Lewis 
Morgan, 100, Cathedral Road ; Lloyd Mey- 
rick, 10, Ninian Road ; John Wesley Cdtirti?, 
J.P., Hillside, Penylan ; Frank Allen Fox, 
80, Richards Terrace ; William Thomas 
Symonds, J. P., 83, Cathedral Road ; John 
Chappell, 97, Carlisle Street ; Charles Hay- 
ward Bird, 38, Newport Road; William 
Lougher Yorath, 135, Richmond Road ; 
Morgan Thomas, 61, Wellfteld Road ; Samuel 
Owen Williams, 138, Bate Street; John 
Norman, Charlton House, Llandaff Road; 
Walter George Blow, 120, Cathedral Road ; 
James Robinson, 24, Albany Road ; Frederick 
Gustavus Lyons Davis. 154-, Castle Road ; 
John Thomas Richards, 17, Cathedral Road ; 
Francis James Nicholls, 43, The Parade; 
William Roberts, 1, Piercefleld Place; 
Arthur Sessions, 35, Cathedral Road. 


Chief Collector District Rates.— 
Henry Jones. 

Corporation Auditor.— C. E. Dovey. 

Elective Auditors. — A, M. Bailey, 
David Shepherd. 

Collector of Customs.— M. J. Harte. 

Manager of Cemetery.— H. Whitworth. 

Borough Engineer and Surveyor.— W. 
Harpur, M.I.CE. 

Deputy Borough Engineer.— F. M. 
Greenhill, A.M.T.CE. 

Electrical Engineer and Manager.— 
Arthur Ellis. Deputy Engineer.— J. E. 

Water Works Engineer.— C. H. Priest- 
ley, A.MJ.0.E. 

Deputy Water Works Engineer.— Neil 
O. Peters. 

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Municipal Year Book 79 

Medical Officer of Health.— E. Wal- Chief Building Inspector. — G. H. 

ford, M.D. Locke. 

Chief Inspector of Nuisances (Urban). Parks Superintendent.— W. W. Petti- 

— D. Vaughan. grew. 

Chief Inspector of Nuisances (Port).— Head Constable and Chief Officer 

D. Jenkins. of Fire Brigade.— William Mackenzie. 

analyst and Gas Testing Inspector.— Resident Medical Superintendent of 

T. Hughes. Sanatorium.— B. W. Broad, M.B. Matron. 

Chief Inspector of Weights and —Miss Margaret Hay. — T. Caister Major. T . _, 

Superintendent Health Department. LiBRARiAN.-Jonn Ballinger. 

—J. Woosey. Curator.— John Ward, F.S. A. 


Population 3,511 ; Rateable Value, £12,500 ; Area, 4,453 Acres. 
Cardigan was a town 800 years ago, and obtained its first charter from 
King John. The Corporation owns the Water Works, recently municipalised, 
Public Cemetery, and Markets. The Gas Supply is in private hands. 
The expenditure under the head of District Rate amounted last year to 
£975. The expenditure of the Borough Fund was £425. The income 
from the market tolls was £215. The Corporation acts as Port Sanitary 
Authority and as Burial Board. 


Mayor.— Arthur Cloujrher. Treasurer.— W. Lewis. 

Aldbrmex.— E. C. Evans, Ivor Evans, Clerk to the Burial Board.— D. M. 

J. C. Roberts, B. James. Jones. 

Councillors.— D. Ivor Evans, T. Griffiths, Elective Auditors.— John Jones, David 

A. Clougher, T. H. Williams, John Daniel, Williams. 

Edward Mathias, Thos. Watkins, Evan Medical Officer.- J. W. Stephens. 

Bowen, Alfred Harper, John Evans. Surveyor and Sanitary Inspector.— T. 

Town Clerk.— D. M. Jones. Bowen. 


Population, 45,481 ; Eateable Value, £203,598 ; Area, 2,028 Acres. 
The old episcopal city of Carlisle is active in municipal work. The Cor- 
poration purchased the Water Works in 1865, and it also owns the Gas 
Works. The revenue from Water for the year ending 30th June last was 
£10,341 10s. 9d., and the expenditure £4,594 8s. 9d. The net profit paid 
to the District Fund was £4,396 7s. 8d. The charges amount to 24s. a 
year on a house rented at £20, and increase 6d. per each £ of rental 
above that amount. The Gas undertaking shows a loss on the year's 
working of £1,452. Baths are maintained in connection with the Water 
Department, and are almost self-supporting. The receipts from the Cor- 
poration Markets last year were £2,679 13s. Id., leaving a deficiency of 
£14 13s. 6d. The Markets have been extended at a cost of £2,015, and 
the Slaughter-Houses at a cost of £2,000. The Corporation owns land, 
houses, and ground rents, which produced a revenue equal to a rate of 6d. 
in the £. The Corporation maintains a Free Library and a Museum, and 
Technical Instruction and Science and Art Classes have been established. 
A halfpenny rate is levied for Technical Education. New Sewage Works 
on the JDibdin principle have been laid down, and overhead Electric Trams 
(worked by a company) run throughout the city. The total expenditure 

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Municipal Year Book. 

under the Borough Fund was £43,209, which includes £17,468 rate levied 
and handed over to School Board and Burial Board, and under the District 
Fund £59,907. Debt outstanding, £234,333. 
Artisans' Dwellings.— Page 554. Electric Lighting.— Page 484. 
Gas.— Page 461. Water.— Page 427. 

Mayor.— Alderman Benjamin Scott, J.P. J.P., William Phillips, Walter Phelp 
, . T . « • i. t u Gibbings, William Brewis Kedmayne, 
Aldermen.— John Jackson Saint, Joseph Joseph Denard. 

Walton Hope, James Atkinson Wheatley, 
J.P., Thompson Wigham, John Kitson, 
Francis Peter Dixon, J.P., John Maxwell, 
Thomas Williamson, JohnCorbett, B. Soott, 
J.P. (Mayor). 

Councillors. — Botchergate Ward : 
William Irwin Robert Crowder, Jun.,Gteorge 
Collin, George Augustus Lightfoot, Richard 
Brisco, Henry Wardle, George White, J.P. 
Caldewgate Ward : Robert Wilkinson 
Tweedy, John James Forster, Frederick 
William Chance, D.L., J.P., Francis 
Robinson, Robert Little, William Hudson 
Scott, J.P. St. Cuthbert's Ward : Robert 
Burns, John Hodgson Minns, William 
Hanson Donald, George Coulthard. J.P., 
Walter Wood, John Hurst, J.P. St. Mary's 
Ward: James Arthur Broughton, James 
Atkinson, George Long, Robert Faulder 
French, David Laing, William Irwin Robert 
Crowder D.L., J.P. Rickergate Ward: 
Christopher Ling, J.P., John Charles Dove, 

Recorder. — Alexander Henry, M.A., 

Town Clerk and Clerk to Urban Dis- 
trict Council, Clerk of the Peace, Ac— 
A. H. Collingwood. 

Deputy Town Clerk, &c— J. K. Allerton, 

Clerk to the Magistrates.— S. Cart- 

Treasurer —John Graham. 

Medical Officer.— W. Brown, F.R.C S„ 

Surveyor.— tt. C. Marks, A.M.I.C.B. 

Deputy Surveyor.— J. L. Redfern. 

Chief Constable.— Geo. Mackay. 

Manager of Gas and Water Works.— 

Director of Technical Instruction.— 
Dr. F. H. Newman, B.Sc. (Loud.), M.A., 

City Analyst.— T. H. Walker. 

Sanitary Inspector.— C. W. Hill. 

Electrical Engineer.— C. D. Burnet, 


Population, 9,9S5; Rateable Value, £40,308 ; Area, 5,157 Acres 

Carmarthen came under the Municipal Corporations Act on the passing of 

the measure. It hadpreviously held charters, the last being cranted by 

George III. The Town Council owns the Markets, which bring in a 

rental of £1,700 a year. By the Carmarthen Improvement Act, 1898, 

powers are conferred on the Town Council of providing a new Water Supply 

at a cost of some £25,000, purchasing and laying out a Recreation Ground, 

and extending and improving the Cattle Market. The Recreation Ground 

is completed, the Water Works are now being constructed, and the extension 

of the Cattle Market will shortly be commenced. Income of the borough 

bv borough rate, £1,729 ; by tolls, &c, £89; total income of municipal 

authority (excluding loans), £1,909 ; total expenditure of ditto (not defrayed 

out of loans), £3,289. 


WiVn „_E ColbvEvaus. Town Clerk, Justices' Clerk, and 

Ma\OR. *.v,oiuy Clerk tq DigTR1CT Council ._ K . m> 

Aldermen.-W. Spurreli C. W. Jones, Thoma s. 
E. 0. Evans, H. B. White, W. Lloyd, Treasurer.— P. J^Wheldon. 

W; V. H. Thomas. 

Councillors. - T. E Brigstocke, W. 
Evans, W. V. George, H. Davies, Morris 
Jones, A. Soppit, D. E. Stephens, D Samuel, 
D. Davies, B. Davies, A. O. Norton, G-. 
TrehaVc. H. Williams, D. E. Jones, T. 
Daniel, J. F. Morris, Acton Evans, J. 

Surveyor.— F. J. Finglah. 

Medical Officer.— L. M. Bowen- Jones. 

Analyst.— B. P. Charles. 

Sanitary Inspector.— James Evans. 

Collector of Rates. — A. Llewellyn 

Superintendent of Police. — Thomas 

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Municipal Tear Book. 81 


Population, 9,760 ; Rateable Value^ £33,000 ; Area, 2,214 Acres. 
Carnarvon was made a free borough in the reign of Edward I. , and passed 
under the Municipal Corporations Act in 1835. The Town Council main- 
tains the Gas and Water Supplies, and is the owner of Public Slaughter- 
Houses, the Anglesea Ferry, ana the Aber Swing Bridge. The Council is 
applying for a Provisional Order under the Electric Lighting Acts. The 
total local administration expenditure last year was £15,835 (payments 
out of Loans not included). Debt outstanding, £54,107. 

Gas.— Page 461. 

Mayor.— R. O. Roberts. Town Clkrk and Clerk to District 

Aldermen.— R. N. Davies, D. T. Lake, J. Council.— J. H. Bodvel Roberts. 
Williams, Ed. Hughes, J. P. Gregory, Accountant.— D. H. Jones. 

K. Parry. Treasurer.— Ck H. Humphreys. 

Councillors.— J. Fletcher, G. R. Griffith, Surveyor.— E. Hall. 

W. Hamer, R. E. Owen, J. T. Roberts, Medical Officer.— P. Praser. 

B. O. Roberts, W. G. Thomas, R. Thomas, Inspector of Nuisances*— E. Roberts. 

Owen Evans, Griffith Owen, Ed. Parry, Gas Manager.— W. M. Ruxton. 

B. Gordon Roberts, John Davies, Thomas Collector.— J. Williams. 

Hughes, J. Issard Davies, Robert Owen, Free Library Librarian. — G. K. A. 

E. E. Jonathan. Thomas. 


Population, 4,437 ; Rateable Value, £16,276 ; Area, 403 Acres. 
The Corporation owns the Water Supply, Markets, and Allotments. 

Market. — The tolls last year Water.— Page 427. 
amounted to £72. General Statistics. — District 

Refuse and Sewage.— Dust and Kate, Is. 9d. in the £. Poor Kate, 
refuse collected by Corporation carts 3s. 4d. in the £. Cost of Public 
and used for manure. Sewage is Lighting, £313; Sewage Disposal, 
first chemically treated, afterwards £355 ; Main Koads ana Highways, 
by intermittent downward filtration. £684. 


Mayor.— Francis Harris Mitchell. Town Clerk.— W. J. Tucker. 

Aldermen.— F. H. Mitchell, A. V. Kyrke, 
8. H. Dening, Geo. Gawler. Medical Officer of Health.— Geo. 

Councillors.— H. £. Small, M. Larcombe, Barnes. 
E. Crawler, B. Dwell y, R. Love, J. Hockey, 

Joseph North, J G-illingham, John Baker, Surveyor and Inspector of "Nuisances. 

J. Hawker, E. J. Symes, T- S. Balfour. —Samuel George Rogers. 


Population, 40,753 ; Rateadlb Value, £136,089 ; Area, 4,343 Acres. 
ALTHOUGH Chatham is an old town which grew up round the great dock- 
yard, it was not incorporated until 1890. The Corporation maintains 
a iPier and a Cemetery, has a Public Garden and extensive Recre- 
ation Ground, and spends £800 on Technical Education. It has recently 
erected a Town Hall and Municipal Offices at a cost of £29,000, and has 
since its incorporation spent large sums in the improvement of the town 
and widening of its streets, and further extensive improvements are under 
consideration. The Chatham and District Light Railways Company have 
obtained an Order for the construction of Electric Railways (overhead 
system) whereby the town and neighbourhood and Royal Dockyard and 
Garrison will be brought into easy and rapid inter-communication. This 

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Municipal Year Book. 

work is being rapidly carried out. The Gas and Water Supplies are by 
companies. Total local expenditure, for year 1900-1901, £43,700. 


Mayor.— Henry John Thomas Browne. 

Aldermen. — W. Dun stall, A. Gibson, 
0. E. Skinner, F. Perse, C. T. Smith, J.P., 
C.C., G-. H. De la Gour. 

Councillors.— J. N. Bryan, J. Fenner, 
J. J. Acwortb, H. G. Richardson, W. 
Scott, G. R. Viney, 0. Bessent, E. A. Billing- 
hurst, J. J. Kent, T. 0. Lamb, W. Paine, 
J. E. Kent, W. D. Driver, G. H. E. Hewett, 
S. J. Hart, Thos. W. J. Mitchell, R. F. 
Palmer, Robt. W. Hogg. 

Town Clerk and Registrar of Burial*. 
Board.— H. P. Mann. 

Treasurer.— A. D. Clarke. 

Medical Officer of Health.— J. Hol- 

Surveyor.— 0. Day. 

Inspector of Nuisances.— W. G. Joels:. 

Accountant and Deputy Registrars 
Burial Board.— Walter Cuckney. 

Veterinary Inspector.— Elmer Ebbetts?, 

Rate Collector.— W. R. Harridge. 


Population, 12,581 ; Rateable Value, £61,460 ; area, 2,309 Acres. 
Chelmsford was incorporated in 1888, having previously been gfttteraecf. 
by a Local Board of Health. The Corporation maintains the Water Supply, 
a Cemetery, and Markets. There is a recreation ground, expenditure on 
which, for the year ending March 25th, 1901, was £308. The Gas Supply 
and Electric Lighting are in the hands of a private company. 

Cemetery. — The income from the mitteeof Chelmsford and three neigh- 

Borough Cemetery last year was 
£163, including £101 from the Town 
Council fees. The expenditure was 
£288, including £167 for interest on 
loans and repayments. 

Markets. — Income from the 
markets account last year was £1,119 
and the expenditure £1,377, of 
which £1,039 was for interest and 
repayment of loans. 

Refuse and Sewage. — Refuse 
is carted on land and used as 
manure when practicable. Sewage 
is taken charge of by a joint com- 

bouring parishes which maintains a ■ 
farm. The sale of produce and other 
income amounted to £2,053, and the 
expenditure to £1,821. This expen- 
diture does not include payment of 

Water.— Page 427. 

General Statistics. — Rates, . 
£6,469. Debt outstanding, £44,228. 
Cost of Highways, £2,543; Sewer- 
age, £305; Fire Brigade, £149;. 
Scavenging, &c, £719; Lighting,. 
£1,044 ; Hospital, £599. 


• Mayor.— F. A. Wells. 

Aldermen. — J. G. Bond, Frederic 
Chancellor, Frank Whitmore, W. W. 
Duffleld, A. G. Morion, G. W. Taylor. 

Councillors.— North Ward : William 
Dennis, W. Cowell, A. Lunney, T. J. D. 
Cramphorn, W. P. Gepp, Edward Lawn, 
H. N. Crozier, Frederick Spalding, J. 
Gowers. South Ward : H. Gripper, G. W. 
Taylor, F. A. Wells, George Osborn, C. 

Arter, R. Ward, Robert BrittoD, Douglas = 
Kevan, A. G. Maskell. 

Town Clerk.— Thos. Dixon (solicitor). 

Borough Treasurer.— W. M. Tufnell. 

Borough Surveyor.— G. H. Basse. 

Medical Officer of Health.— H. W„.. 

Sanitary Inspector.— W. K. Baker. 

Collector and School Attendance - 
Officer.— Thos. Golding. 


Population, 49,439 ; Rateable Value, £283,919; Area, 4,677 Acres. 
Before 1876, when Cheltenham received a charter of incorporation, the ♦ 
town was governed by Improvement Commissioners. The Corporation 
maintains Electric Lighting and Water Supply, Swimming and Washing . 

Digitized by CjOOQ iC 

Municipal Year Book. 83 

Baths, Cattle Market, Abattoir, Sewage Farms, and Free Public Library, 
The town refuse is consumed by a dust destructor, and sewage is disposed 
of by irrigation on three farms of 357 acres. Tne Electric Tramways and 
iihe Gas Supply are in the hands of companies. 

Artisans^ Dwellings.— Page 566. Telephones.— Page 411. 

Electric Light.— Page 484. Water.— Page 427. 

Mayor.— Alderman Col. Rogers. Town Clerk, Clerk to the Urban 

Deputy Mayor. - Councillor John District Council, and Burial Board.- 

AWa « hora ' "iSSSSL^. F. Leaver. 

Aldermen.— Col. Riohard Rogers, John Accountant — R Miaett 

Haddon, Charles Samuel Holliday, George Medical Officer.— Dr. J. H. Garrett. 

Norman, William Nash Skillicorne, James Surveyor and Water Engineer. - 

Batten Winterbotham. Joseph Hall. 

Councillors.— Fred Bainbridge, William Chief Sanitary Inspector.— A. E. 

Alfred Baker, George Benoe, John D. Ben- Hudson. 

dall, Richard Davies, Moses Davis, Walter Public LrBRA.RiAN.-Wm. Jones. 

Gerald Gurney, Francis F. Handley, Charles Gas Examiner.— Ky. Matthews. 

Hay ward, M. J. Kii*g-Harman. Arthur Cemeteby Superintendent.— G, C. 

Lamb, Elw. Lawrence, Tom H. Parker, Pratley. 

Edward Henry Parsonage, Thomas Ellerson Fire Brigade Superintendent.- S. J. 

Rickerbv, Herbert. Stroud, Henry Wag- Such, 
horne, John Waghorne. Electrician.— M. H. Kilgour. 


Population, 17,688; Rateable Value, £62,432; Area (Estimated), 1,400 Acres. 
Chepping Wycombe is an old town which held charters from the reign 
of Henry III. The boundaries of the Borough were extended by a 
Provisional Order, which came into operation on the 1st November last. 
The Town Council maintains a Free Library, and the town has several 
charities. It also holds corporate property which produces a yearly rental 
of £293, and Markets which bring in £207. The Water Works have been 
purchased by the Corporation from a private company. Total local adminis- 
trative expenditure, £15,126. Loans outstanding, £74,417. 


Mayor.— Walter Birch. A. J. Thurlow^, Chas. H. Elsom, H. T. 

* a xr ,*„ m /ii^jjjk.. t Dickens, Jas. Salmon, H. Tilling, Ralph 

Aldermen.— A. Vernon, T. GHenister, J. m K .h w v ■Raftefcv A w Nash A 

G. Peace, T. Hearne, John Bu 9 by, Charles SKna R Goodearl ' 

William Deacon, Robert Samuel Wood, X? Clerk and Clerk to District 

Walter Birch. Council.— A. J. Clarke. 

Councillors.— P. J. Howland, O. Nash, Treasurer.— H. S. Wheeler. 

W. Wharton. R. D. Vernon, B. J. Howland, Surveyor.— T. J. Rushbrooke. 

George E. Stephenson, J. Gomm, H. J. Medical Officer.— W. L. Bradshaw. 

Oox, W. E. Ellis, C. E. Skull, H. Goodearl, Analyst.— C. E. Cassal. 

Joseph Bailey, R. T. Graefe, Chas. Carter, Free Library Librarian.— J. Bowler. 


(County Borough.) 

Population, 36,281 ; Rateable Value, £202,754; Area, 2,860 Acres. 

The beautiful old City of Chester can produce something like 60 Municipal 

Charters. It does not live, however, on the privileges of the past, but is 

alive to the interests of the time. The City Council, for instance, has very 

Digitized by CjOOQ IC 


Municipal Year Book 

successfully installed Electric Lighting, and the principal streets are well 
lighted by arc lamps. It established a Free Library twenty years 
ago. Among the possessions of the Corporation is the racecourse, which 
brings in a rental of £1,151 a year. Kents from land and houses last 
year were £2,792. The charges on corporate property— mainly for churches 
and charities — were £419. The repairs cost £102. The Council recently 
bought the Dee Mills for £7,000, and maintains the Water Tower 
Museum. An Infectious Diseases Hospital is completed and opened — 
estimated cost, £20,000. 

Baths.— New Public Baths have 
recently been erected at a cost of 
£11,3€0. Floating Baths, main- 
tained on the river, cost £104 a year, 
and are self -supporting. 

Electric Lighting.— Page 484. 

Fbee Public Library.— Library 
opened 1877. Contains over 17,000 
vols. Maintenance last year, £856. 

Markets. — Receipts from the 
Public Market for year ending 25th 
March, 1901, £2,247 ; expenses, 
£1,087. Cattle Market and Smith- 
field receipts, £595 ; expenses, £351. 

Refuse and Sewage. — The 
former is buried in low land pur- 


Mayor.— J. G. Frost. 

Sheriff.— R. C Davies. 

Aldermen.— SirF. G. Frost, H.T. Brown, 
W. H. Churton, G. A. Dickson, T. Smith, 
Wm. Williams, Geo. Dutton, H. Stoltenoth, 
J. J. Cunnah, J. Jones. 

Councillors.— A. M.Archer, S. Coppack, 
W. Lees, M. Gibbous, B. C. Davies, E. 

chased by the Corporation, which is 
thus being raised about six feet, and 
improved ; the sewage is treated at 
precipitation works, and filtration in 
addition is contemplated. 

General Statistics. — Rates : 
Consolidated Poor Rate, 5s., 
from which the Corporation gets 
3s. 7d. ; Borough and Library Rate, 
2s. Id. ; Watch Rate, 3d. ; Improve- 
ment Rate, 8d., half of which is paid 
by landlords ; and 6d. Lamp Rate. 
Debt outstanding, £227,361. Cost 
of Police, £4,451 ; Fire Brigade, 
£391; Grosvenor Park, £460. Sewer 
and Outfall Works, £2,307 ; Light- 
ing, £2,667 ; Cleansing, £2,332. 

Dutton, A. Hamilton, J. G. Holmes, K. 
Jackson, I. Jones, J. Joues, J. D. Siddall, 
J. M. Frost. J. Roberts, J. b\ Lowe, S. Moss, 
M.P., J. G. Frost. B. C. Roberts, W. Vernon, 
R. Lamb. J. E. Gilbert, H. Dodd, W. Fergu- 
son, A. Mann, J. R. Roe, G. W. Haswell, J. 
Williamson, D. L. Hewitt, W. Carr, R. H. 


Town Clerk and Clerk to District 
Council.— 8. Smith. 

Deputy Town Clerk.— J. H. Dickson. 

Treasurer.— J. R. Thomson. 

Isolation Hospital.— Medical Officer : 
J. Duff. Matron : Miss Bland. 

Chief Constable.-^J. H. Lay bourne. 

Medical Officer.— Gk A. Kenyon. 

Surveyor.— I. M. Jones. 
Accountant.— F. J. Beckett. 
Clerk of Committers.— W. Peers. 
Electrical Engineer.— F. Thursfleld. 
Inspector of Nuisances.— H. Wharton. 
Free Library Librarian.— Ernest H. 


Population, 27,185 ; Rateable Value, £92,551 ; Area, 1,338 Acres. 
Chesterfield's first municipal charter dates from the reign of King 
John. Until the passing of the last Local Government Act, the drainage 
work in the town was under a Highways Board, which is now merged in 

Digitized by CjOOQ IC 

Municipal Year Book. 


the Corporation, acting as an Urban District Council. The Gas and Water 
Supplies are in the hands of the Chesterfield Gas and Water Board, 
incorporated in 1895, and constituted of representatives of the Corporation 
and the Urban District Councils of Newbold and Whittington. The 
Corporation, either in its capacity as such, or as an Urban District Council, 
maintains Markets, Baths, a Sewage Farm, Slaughter-Houses, Cemetery, 
Park, and Tramways. The town holds corporate property which brings in 
£372 per annum. 

tion with the Cattle Market the 
Corporation maintains slaughter- 
houses, the rent for which last 
year was £50. The expenditure 
was £14 17s. 9d. , the balance going to 
the District Fund Account. 

Technical Education.— Rooms 
in the Memorial Hall are rented for 
the purposes of technical instruction. 
The expenses amounted to £1,328 
17s. 4d. , Fees amounted to £96, 
County Council and Science and Art 
Department £394. There was a call 
from the Borough Fund of £365. 

Tramways.— Page 508. 

General Statistics. — Rates : 
District, 4s. Id. in £ ; Poor, 3s. 4d. 
in £ ; Revenue from District Rate, 
£15,901 ; Principal items of ex- 
penditure : Public Library, £399 
9s. lOd. ; Technical Education, £1,328 
17s. 4d. ; Police, £3,155 ; Roads, 
£5,964; Lighting, £1,685; Sanitary 
Expenses, £2,406 ; Fire Brigade, 
£180; Administration of Justice, 
£357 7s. Id. ; Queen's Park, £803 ; 
Loans outstanding, £62,292. 

Baths. — Income last year, 
£142 lis. 8d. Expenditure, £193 
15s. 5d. Loss, £39 12s. lOd. 

Free Library.— The town main- 
tains a public library, the work- 
ing expenses of which last year 
amounted to £399 9s. lOd. 

Markets.— Chesterfield is an old 
town, and several important fairs 
are held there during the year. The 
income from the markets last year 
was £2,272 6s. The expenditure 
was £1,988 10s. Id., leaving a profit 
of £284 15s. lid. The expenditure 
included £990 instalment of prin- 
cipal and interest towards the 
purchase account, which stands at 
£14,604 17s. 

Sewage. — The sewage is disposed 
of by precipitation tanks (bacterio- 
logical principle) on a sewage farm 
maintained oy the Corporation. 
Maintenance last year, £1,062 
towards which there was an income 
from the farm of £82. 

Slaughter-Houses.— In connec- 

MEMBERS of the council and chief officials. 

Mayor.— W. Spooner. 

Aldermen.— W. B. Robinson, J. M. Clay- 
ton, E. Woodhead, T. P. Wood, G. Booth, 
J. Pearson. 

Councillors.— B. Douglas, H. Dronfield, 
W. Glos«op, 8. Had field, J. Haslam, C. F. 
Margereson, W. Jacques, W. E. Harvev, J. 
Hodkin, A. E. Hopkins, T. W. Lock, 
O. P. Bobinson, W. Rhodes, W. Spooner, 
G. Whitelam, S. Walker, W. Wrigley, P. 

Town Clerk.— John Middleton. 

Committee Clerk.— C. W. Hadfield. 

Treasurer.— John Naylor. 

Medical Officer of Health.— Dr. H. 

Burgeon to the Police Force.— Dr. 
W. 8. Symes. 

Borough Surveyor.— E. S, Nicholas. 

Borough Accountant and General 
District Kate Collector.— George Broom - 

Assistant.— C. G. Broomhead. 

Head Constable.— B. Kilpatrick. 

Superintendent of Fire Brigade.— R. 

Veterinary Inspector.— F. B. Pearjon, 

Clerk and Inspector of Markets.— 
George Preskey. 

Librarian.— D. Gorman. 

Sanitary Inspector, Ac— 0. E. Wood. 

Digitized by CjOOQ IC 

86 Municipal Year Book. 


Population, 12,241; Bate able Value, £51,503; Area. 1,595 Acres. 
Chichester is one of the oldest cities in the country. The old city walls 
are still in existence, and the place is one of great antiquarian interest. 
The municipal area was extended in 1893 and in 1895. The old ramparts 
of the city are utilised as promenades. Gas is supplied by a company. 
The Water Works have recently been purchased by the Corporation from a 
company. Like other old cities Chichester holds landed property. Last 
year its rents as a municipal authority amounted to £367, while its 
tolls and dues, chiefly from Markets, amounted to £1,005 lis. lOd. The total 
receipts, other than from rates and loans, amounted to £1,919. The 
total local expenditure, including repayment on account of Loans, Stock, 
&c, was £2,907. Debt, including Stock outstanding, £7,719. 


Mayor.— Peyton Temple Mackeson. Becorder.— C. P. Gill. K.C 

«u™ K fl M p5nT^p Ba Ti a J■^ w £Z»i: nd ' J - Tow * CLKRK * nd Clerk to the Burial 
s To%Z£l^E: i^kel^ th H . h. B r D - J - w * L r er Co T. ff , 

Moore, H. S. Aylmore, J. O. Holt, Hy. Clerk of the Peace.-W. T. Haines. 

Hodge, P. T. Mackeson. W. Butte", E. E. Treasurer.— J. L. Gauntlett. 

Street, G. T. Apps J. A.M. Bew^A. Leng, H. Surveyor.- James Saunders, A.R.I.B. A. 

Penney, P. Buchan, G. Bartlett, G. M. „ ^ _ . . . „ . 

Turnbull. C. Fowler, W. Burgess, A. H. D. Medical Officer.— Reginald Humphry. 

Cochrane. City Accountant.— J. St. Clair. 


Population, 5,074 ; Rateable Value, £19,131; Area, 310 Acre?. 
Chippenham owns large common lands in ths neighbourhood of the 
town, and possesses other property, which brings in a revenue of £200 a 
year. It also rents the Markets, which do not provide a large income. 
The Council has control of the Water Supply. The town was originally 
incorporated in 1544. The total local expenditure last year was £5,300. 
Loans outstanding, £3,141. 

Mayor.— E. M. Awdry. Town Clerk and Clerk to District 

Aldermen.— W. Austin, D. Coll en, J. C Council.— P. H. Phillips. 

Coles, E. Neale. Treasurer.-^. Lane. 

A XTTSrC.ottS Swsvob^A. E. Ad™. 

Reeve, W. Small. A.J. Townsend, E. Bowker, Medical Officer.— W. T. Briscoe. 

G. W. Collen, J. Hiscock, G. A. H. White. Collector.— E. Thomas. 


Population, 3,780; Rateable Value, £11,456 ; Area, 2,456 Acres. 
Chipping Norton has been incorporated for over three hundred years, and 
held charters in more ancient times. The Water Supply, Markets, and a 
Cemetery are under the control of the Corporation. It also holds some pro- 

Digitized by CjOOQ IC 

Municipal Year Book. 


perty and allotments, the rent of the latter being £65 a year. The income 
from the Cemetery last year was "£32, and the expenditure £74. The 
refuse is carted away. A scheme of sewage is now under construction 
at a cost of £12,000, and additional water supply works have recently been 
provided. Principal administrative expenses are : Fire Brigade, £20 ; 
Water Works, £531 ; Public Lighting, £180 ; Sanitary Work, £130 ; 
Highways, £850. Amount received for year, £3,244. 

Water. — Page 427. 


Mayor. — Albert Brassey, M.P. 

Aldermen.— J. B. Bowen, F. T. K. Guy, 
0. P. Simms, A. A.Webb. 

Councillors.— J. Busby, C. W. Hannis, 
». W. Hutchison, M.D., S. Lewis. W. Y. 
Paul, J. Hope. A. C. Rawlinson, J. Header, 
J Stayt, P. Gh Saunders, H. Smith, E. 

Town Clerk.— T. Mace. 

Surveyor and Inspector of Nuisances. 
— G. F. Mace. 

Treasurer.— T. H. Burbidge. 

. Medical Officer of Health.— Dr. Chas. 


Population, 26,852 ; Rateable Value, £91,040 ; Area, 3,614 Acres. 
Chobxey obtains its Water Supply from the Liverpool Corporation, 
provides Gas, owns Markets, Slaughter-Houses, and a Cemetery. 


Cemeteries. — Fees last year, 
£780. Expenses, including £230 
interest, £689 Balance transferred 
to the general improvement fund. 

Gas.— Page 461. 

Markets. — General Market: re- 
ceipts, £1,150; expenditure, £394; 
transferred to general improvement 
account, £755. Cattle Market : re- 
ceipts, £223 ; expenditure, £67. 

Refuse and Sewage Disposal. 
—Refuse is "tipped," and sewage 

disposed of by precipitation. The 
receipts from the sewage farm are 
nearly equal to the maintenance ex- 

Slaughter-Houses. —The 
slaughter-houses produced a reve- 
nue of £237 last year ; expenditure, 
including interest, &c. , £292. 

Water.— See Liverpool. 

General Statistics. — Rates : 
Highway Rate, 8d. ; General Im- 
provement Rate, 2s. ; Sewer Rate, 
Is. 3d. Loan expenditure, £202,523. 


Mayor.— G. T. Brown. 

Aldermen. — Bertram A. E. Jackson, 
H. p. Hibbert, Thomas Howarth, Henry 
Rawcliffe, James Farrington, James Law- 
rence, A. G. Leigh, H. N. Whittle. 

Councillors. — Ralph Hindle, James 
Winder Stone. James Sharpies, Alban 
Jolly, Jesse Klrkman, G. T. Brown, 
W. B. Sharpies, Henry Bradley, A. D. 
Mackay, Daniel Gee, Frederick Cook, 
John H. Whittle, Thomas Rowe, Peter Hil- 
ton, James Lupton, J. S. Tullis, John Critch- 
ley, J. H. Gillett, W. H. Killick, R. G. 
Anderson. D. M. Asprieri. John Ilaxendale, 
Win. H. Diueley, and C. Gidlow-JackEon. 

Town Clerk, Clerk to the Urban 
Sanitary Authority, and Clerk to the 
School Attendance Committee.— Jno. 

Assistant Town Clerk.— Albert Cottam . 

Treasurer.— Richard Bond. 

Medical Officer.— J. A. Harris. 

Borough Surveyor.— William Leigh. 

Accountant.— Joseph Roberts. 

Sanitary Inspector.— William Cunliffe. 

Superintendent of Fire Brigade. 
William Cunliffe. 

Manager of Gas Works.— John W. Allin. 


Digitized by CjOOQ IC 


Municipal Year Book. 


Population, 4,204 ; Rateable Value, £16,600 (about) ; Area, 1,030 Acres. 
Christchurch, as its name would indicate, was formerly an ecclesiastical 
borough. It obtained its first charter from Charles II., and did not become 
a reformed Corporation until 1886, when it came under the Municipal Act. 
The total local administrative expenditure last year was £1,300 (about). 
Debt outstanding, £292. 


Mayor.— Alderman William Tucker. 

Aldermen. — J. Drultt, W. Tucker, J. 

Councillors.— F. Dowden, 8. Newlyn, GK 
Marshall, W. J. Payn, E. Davis, O. M. 
Smooker, D. Galbraith, W. E. Moorey, G. 
Pope, Lt.-Col. P. E. Monckton. 

Town Clerk and Clerk to District 
Council.— John Druitt. 

Treasurer.— E. Baine. 

Surveyor.— E. J. Legg. 
Medical Officer.— R. L. Legate. 


Population, 11,414 ; Rateable Value, £41,340 ; Area, 2,381 Acres. 

Clitheroe is a borough by prescription and possesses charters granted 
by the Lord of the Honor of Clitheroe dated 1280, and its municipal 
privileges were continued by kings until the town came under the 
Municipal Corporations Act in 1835. The borough was extended in 
November, 1895. The town owns the Water and Gas Works, Markets, 
Slaughter-Houses, and maintains a Free Public Library. The Corporation 
receives £600 in rent from real estate. 

Free Public Libraries.— The 
Library is maintained at a cost of 

Gas.— Page 461. 

Markets. — The toll from the 
Cattle Markets and Fairs, &c, 
amounted last year to £286, and the 
expenditure to £341, the chief 
item being for interest and princi- 
pal repaid, which was £238. 

Refuse and Sewage.— The re- 
fuse is carted to tips, the sewage 
disposed of by land irrigation. 
The income from the Sewage Farm 
last year was £157, while the ex- 
penditure for working the farm 
amounted to £170. 

Slaughter - Houses. — Small 
slaughter-houses are maintained in 
connection with the markets. 

Technical Instruction. — A 
grant is received from the County 
Council, which is supplemented by 
fees and other grants, making a total 
expenditure for this purpose of 
£521, of which £150 is provided by 
the Corporation. 

Water.— Page 427. 

General Statistics. — The 
General District Kate is 2s. lOd. in 
the £, and the Poor Rate, 2s. Debt 
outstanding, including gas and 
water, £125,865 ; less at credit of 
Sinking Fund, £16,965. Net cost of 
Police, £590 ; Health Department, 
£812 ; Fire Brigade, £102 ; Street 
Lighting, £741 ; Sewage, £1,016 ; 
Sewage Farm, £13 ; Branch Sewers, 
£30 ; Public Street Improvements, 


Mayor.— Col. Aspinall. 
Aldermen. — Abraham Roberts, H. 
Parkinson, H. Tillotaon, J. Norcross. 
Councillors.— Tom Garnett, J. J. Carter, 

Thos. Cowgill, Jas. Bobinaon, J. W. South, 
worth, John Sagar, W. Hardacre, W. 8. 
Weeks, B. B. Blackburn, C. T. Mitchell, J. 
E, Smithies, J. Crabtree. 

Digitized by CjOOQ iC 

Municipal Year Book. 


Town Clerk.— John Eastham. 
Borough Treasurer.— W. J. Mitchell, 
Borough Engineer and Surveyor.— 
A. B. Bleazard. 

Gas Works Manager.— R. Barrett. 
Inspector of Nuisances.— Thos. Da vies. 
Chief Constable.— W. Clayton. 
Librarian.— J. W. Hayhurst. 


Population, 38,351 ; Bateable Value, £148,482 ; Area, 11,324 Acres. 

Colchester had certain municipal rights prior to the time it received its 
first charter as a market town in 1189. Last year 2,484,605 oysters 
brought a revenue of £18,209 0s. 6d. to the Colne Fishery Board, the propor- 
tion going to the Colchester Corporation being £3,191 3s. 2d. Another 
great municipal asset is the Harbour. The Corporation obtained in tonnage 
and other dues £1,220 last year. An interesting Museum of Roman and 
other Antiquities has been established. The Corporation is the owner 
of the Water and Electricity Works, also the Colne Oyster Fishery and 
the Markets, has provided Libraries, Bathing-places, Recreation Ground, 
Castle Park, Allotments, and Infectious Diseases Hospital, and has 
taken over the duties of the Burial Board. The Technical and University 
Extension College, with which is incorporated the Albert School of Science 
and Art, was enlarged and re-opened in 1896. The Corporation owns the 
Severalls Estate, which consists mainly of farms, and is over 1,000 acres in 
extent. The expenditure last year, owing to the maintenance and 
interest charges, exceeded the income. The Corporation is the Harbour 
and Port Sanitary Authority. A new Town Hall has been erected; the 
foundation-stone was laid by H.R.H. the Duke of Cambridge on 31st 
October, 1898. It is anticipated that the building will shortly be ready 
for occupation. 

Baths. — Bathing-places are pro- 
Electric Lighting.— Page 484. 
Free Public Libraries.— The 
library was opened in 1894. Four 
branch reading-rooms have been es- 
tablished. Cost of maintenance last 
year, £581. 

Markets.— The tolls and rents 
from the Cattle Market last year 
were £589; expenses, £464; balance, 

Museum. — The Museums and 
Gymnasiums Act has been adopted. 
Refuse and Sewage Dis- 
posal.— Refuse is conveyed to land 
in the neighbourhood. Sewage is 
disposed of by precipitation at the 
outfall works. 
Technical Education, — The 

Albert School of Science and Art 
cost last year £1,296 to maintain. 
The Corporation also made, grants 
for instruction in agriculture, 
cookery and dressmaking, and to 
the University Extension Com- 
mittee. The total amount spent on 
Technical Education was £1,138. 

Water.— Page 428. 

General Statistics. — Rates : 
Borough Rate, 9d.; General Dis- 
trict Kate, 3s. 4d. ; School Board, 
ls.OJd. Debt outstanding, £236,056. 
Cost of Police, £3,014; Fire Brigade, 
£380; Lighting. £2,616; Recrea- 
tion Grounds, Castle Park, and 
Bathing-places, £864 ; Infectious 
Diseases Hospital, £727 ; Main 
Roads, £4,799; Other Roads, 
£3.838 ; Drainage, £1,439. Sewage 
Disposal, £2,190. 

H 2 

Digitized by CjOOQ IC 

90 Municipal Year Book. 


Mayor.— Wilson Marriage, J.P. 

Ildermew.-H. H. Elwes, William 
Butcher, E. J. Sanders, HG. Egerton 
Green, James Wicks, Henry Laver, Henry 
Goody, — . Wilson. 

Councillors. -North Ward : J J Crimes, 
J Asten.G. Littlebury, C. H. T. Marshall, 
E. H. BarVitt, W. C. Snaw. South Ward : 
ft Moore R. G. Craske, T. M. Bear, E. S. 
Beard, Joseph Phillips, F. Nash. East 
Ward • J. F. Goodey, Hy. Arnold, C. H. 
SaMom, Asher Prior, L J. Watts, J. A. 
Greenwood. West (or Head) Ward : E. 
Thompson Smith (Deputy-Mayor), E. J. 
Penney J. C. Shenstone, W. Gurney 
Benham, W. B. Sparling, C. E. Egerton- 

G High Steward.— The Right Hon. Earl 

C 7E P co r RDER.-His Hon. Judge Philbrick, 

XT' Q 

Town Clere and Clerk to the Urban 
District Council, and Port Sanitary 
Authority.-H. C. Wanklyn. 

Clerk of the Peace.- Sidney C. Goody. 

Coroner.— C. E. White. 

Peputy Coroner.— H. G. Elwes. 

Clerk to the Magistrates and to 
School Board.— C. E. Denton. 

Treasurer.— C. R. Gurney Hoare, J.P. 

Chief Constable.— R. O. Coombs. 

Engineer and Surveyor.— H. Goodyear, 

Accountant.— W. H. Hutchinson. 

Committee Clerk.— Wm. Smith. 

Hon. Curator of Museum.— H. Laver. 

Medical Officer.— Geo. Brown, M.D. 

Inspector of Nuisances.— T. Wells. 

PoRr Sanitary District Medical 
Officer.— C. A. S. Ling. 

Port Sanitary Inspector of Nuis- 
ances.— T. Poole. 

Water Works Superintendent and 
Collector.— Chas. E. Bland. 

Electrical Engineer.— A. B. Sillar, 

Librarian.— G .Rickword. 

Clerk to Council acting as Burial 
Board.— A. S. B. Sparling. 

Principal of the Technical Col- 
lege.— Philip Lake. M.A. (St. John's 


Population, 23,000 ; Rateable Value, £84,767 ; Area, 5,330 Acres. 
COLNE was incorporated on November 9th, 1895. The new Corpora- 
tion inherited a Municipal Water Works, which had been purchased 
by the old Local Board in 1881, and further lands have now been pur- 
chased for an additional reservoir. The Gas undertaking was also 
acquired by the old Local Board in 1877. In Feb., 1895 a Free Pu%hc Library 
was onened Markets and Fairs in the town were formerly held in the 
Greets but' a proper Market Hall was opened in March, 1898, which is 
working ^successfully. Slaughtei^House Refuse Destructor (Meldrum 
lVroa ) and Technical and Municipal Schools have been erected. The Cor- 
poration acts as Burial Board. It also inherited a commodious Town Hall . 
^hP sewace is treated on a farm on the downward intermittent filtration 
s 'l m a fter passing through settling tanks, and bacteria filter-beds are now 
in course ol construction. The Corporation has laid down an Electric Light- 
In* Plant The same plant is to supply electric current to a private com- 
rmnv who have secured powers to construct a light railway through the 
borough. Land has been purchased for an Infectious Diseases Hospital. 
Gas. -Page 461. Water. -Page 428. 


Vivary Bridge Ward : Wm. Brown, 

J.P., H. Hewitt, J.P., J. T. Whittam. 

Central Ward: Silvester Cork, Wm. 

Holmes, Albert Newall, J.P. Horsfield 
-B-- T p Ward : James White, Jas. Laycock, E. 

^InTTTnM- Primet Bridge Ward: Harrison. Carry Bridge Ward: John 
Hartley Sw, F Mulligan, Pd. Biley. Paterson, A. S. Haighton, H. Holgate. 

Mayor —Alderman W. H. Varley, J.P, 
Tt^krmen -H. Brooker-Oarey, Samuel 

Cat^w J.P; Robinson Foulds C.C W. 

BagaT'CA., J.P., Wm. H. Varley, Calvin 

Digitized by CjOOQ IC 

Municipal Year Book. 


Laneshaw Brii>ge Wabd : John Mallinson, 
Charles Gibson , Richard Sowerbutts. 

Town Olkbk. — Alfred Varley. 

Borough Subveyob.— T. H. Hartley. 

G-as Engineer and Manages. — Fred 

Water Mawageb.— Gabriel Dyson. 

Sanitary Inspectob.— H. C. Sugden, 

Market Ihspectob.— John Filling. 

Medical Officeb of Health.— W. L. 
Lovett, L.K.O.P. Ed., L.K.C.S Ed., L.F.D., 
and 8.G. 

Tbeasureb.— J. L. Wildmsn. 

Collectob.— J. A. Nutter. 

Librabian.— Miss Kate Botterill. 

Borough Accountant.— Jos. Q-reen. 

Professional Auditob.— John Stans- 
field. A.C.A. 

Electbical Engineeb.— A. G. Cooper. 


Population, 10,774 ; Rateable Value, £32,766 ; Area, 2,572 Acbes. 
Congleton is an old market town, and obtained its first municipal 
privileges in the reign of Henry III. For many years it was under the 
rule of a Manor Lord, but in 1625 obtained a Mayor and a High Steward, 
who held several special courts. The Corporation owns the Gas and Water 
Supplies, and corporate property which brings in a rental of £300 a year. 
Total local expenditure last year, £20,282. Bebt outstanding, £17,160. 

Gas. — Page 461. Water.— Page 428. 


Town Clebk.— E. A. Plant. 
Committee Clerk.— W. Dart. 
Treasurer.— T. Marston. 
Chief Constable.— J. Hall. 
Controller. — John Booth. 
Surveyor.— R. Burslam. 
Medical Officer.— P. M Davidson. 
Analyst.- J. C. Bell. 
Gas Manager.— W. Orme. 

Mayor.— Councillor G. Pedler. 

Aldermen.— 8. Maskery, T. G. Sheldon, 
I. Salt. R. Shepherd, J. Worrall. W. Worrall. 

Councillors.— C. D. Bradwell, W. Tagell, 
J. Birks, W. L. Carson, D. Co.tterell, D. 
Hickson, J. T. Lucas, C. W. Jackson, 
F. W.Adams, G. Pedlev, S. Wright, A. J. 
Solly, W. Taylor, G. W. Stubbs, W. T. 
Thornicroft, William Salt, P. Wood, A. 


Population, 4,660 ; Rateable Value, £22,000 ; Area, 3,449 Acres. 
There is almost an acre of space for every inhabitant of the town of 
Conway. Although the population is small, the municipal work discharged 
is considerable. The Corporation, for instance, maintains the Water and 
Gas Supplies and the Markets. It is the Harbour Authority. It controls 
an important asset in the bridge property. It owns a quarry and the castle, 
and a good deal of freehold and leasehold property. The income from its 
rent last year was £1,424, which included £460 from the quarry, the pay- 
ments for which were £882. The Bridge Account shows that the income 
from rent and dividends for the year ending March, 31st, 1901, was £1,650, 
and the expenditure £606. The Harbour is not a profitable enterprise, 
there being a balance last year of only £72. Conway was incorporated in 
1866, but previously held charters. 

Gas.— Page 461. General Statistics. — Debt 

Markets.— The income from the outstanding, £15,564. Cost of Public 

Market Hall was £80. Lighting, £530 ; Sewerage, £649 ; 

Water.— Page 428. Highways, £701. 

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Municipal Year Book. 


Mayor.— Albert Wood. 

Aldermik.— William Hughes, Hugh 
Hughes, Hugh Jones, Felix Had ley. 

Councillors.— J. Conway Jones, Hugh 
Abram, J. Oldman, Llewelyn Jones, 
Edward Boberts, Thomas Foulkes, John 
Williams, James Porter, B. S. Chamberlain, 
Emanuel Jones, B. A. Priehard, W. M. 

Town Clerk.— T. E. Parry. 
Treasurer.— Owen Rowland. 

Borough Surveyor and 
Inspector.— F. A. Delematte. 
Medical Officer.— Peter Fraser. 
Harbour Master.— Evan Evans. 
Bate Collector. — T. M. Jones. 



(County Borough). 

Population, 69,877 ; Bite able Value, £272,956 ; Area, 4,147 Acres. 

Coventby is ' an ancient city in Warwickshire, with many picturesque 
bouses. Its rapid growth as an industrial centre — the capital of cycled om — 
has led to a serious municipal problem : how to find housing accommodation 
for the working people. The City Council has adopted the Housing of 
the Working Classes Act, but lias not yet undertaken a building scheme. 
Coventry owns its Water and Gas Supplies, Electric Lighting Works, and 
the Council maintains Baths and Wash-Houses, Public Libraries, Markets, 
Cemeteries, and a Technical Institute, 

Baths. — Receipts for bathing, 
£963. Expenditure, including in- 
terest and sinking fund, £2,196. 
Payment from Borough Fund, 

Cemetebies. — The accounts show 
a loss of £575 for the year in re- 
spect of the three cemeteries. 

Electeic Lighting.— Page 484. 

Gas.— Page 462. 

Mabkets. — Receipts from the 
Markets, £2,239 ; expenses, £1,664 
(including interest ana sinking fund, 

Refuse and Sewage Disposal. 
— Refuse is carted into the country ; 
sewage is got rid of (now) by treat- 
ment on farm. £128,808 has been 
spent on the sewage farm. The 
working expenses were £1,471. 

Technical Education. —A 
Technical Institute and School of 

Art is maintained at a cost of 
£2,724. The deficiency not exceed- 
ing a penny rate is raised with the 
Borough Rate. There are some 
capital classes in connection with 
the Institute, including watch- 
making, silk weaving, typography, 
magnetism and electricity. Jjlumbing, 
building construction, &c. The 
number of students last year was 
580, and the number of class mem- 
bers 720. 
Wateb —Page 428. 

Genebal Statistics.— Receipts 
from Borough Rate, £25,743 ; from 
District Rate, £41,593. Debt out- 
standing, £698,655 (including gas 
and electric light). Cost of Police, 
£8,895 ; Fire Brigade, £1,000 ; Hos- 
pital, £2,421 ; Sewage, £5,153; Re- 
creation, £606 ; Lighting, £3,390. 

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Munidpal Year Book. 93 


Mayor. — Alderman A. S. Tomson. Hawley, N. Copson. Gosfobd Street 

Aldermbn.-W. Andrew., J. E. Banks, J^A™; JFSSSl Y\l?»T%JLJr. 

L. 8. Booth, T. W. Fowler J. Gulson, C S°' h T e «S5™ w^rf^T ^^°w^5?F 

Haywood, C. J. Hill, J. B. Loudon, J. Mar- S^&^SKji? Cal^t ? A B* 8oden # 

nott, J. Mayeock, C. Bead, A. S. Tomson. ^^'^^^^^^^: 

Councillors.— Spon Street Ward: J. Iliffe, J. L. Callagban, G-. Statham. T. 

Bausor, W. H. Halliwell, A. H. Drinkwater, Liggins, W. S. London. The North-East 

A. Wood, J. T. Armishaw, C. H. Slingsby. Wabd:T. P. Tickner, W. H. Hanson, T. B. 

Bishop Strkbt Ward: W. H. Batchelor, Bethell, F. S. Jackson, J. Slaughter, E. 

C. West, W. McGowran, J. Watson, A. Golledge. 


Town Clerk.— L. Beard. Chamberlain.— J. Mattocks. 

Assistant Town Clerk.— G. Sutton. Chief Constable.— C. 0. Charsley. 

Treasurer.— 0. P. Newman. Sewage Works Manager.— E. F. Cod 

City Accountant aS© Registrar of dington. 
Stock. — H. Lord. Sewage Farm Manager.— W. J. Beavan. 

City Engineer and Surveyor.— J. E. Gas Works Manager.— G. Winstanley. 

Swindlehurst. Electric Light Works Manager.— J. A. 

Medical Officer.— E. H. Snell. Jeckell. 

Analyst.— Dr. A. Bostock Hill. Free Library Librarian.— E. Brown. 


Population, 1,202 ; Rateable Value, £4,021 ; Area, 85 Acres. 
Cowbridge was incorporated in 1887, but had held municipal charters 
from the time of Charles II. The Town Council maintains Markets and 
holds property which brings in a rental of £89 a year. The income from the 
Markets last year was £62 9s. 7d. ; expenditure, £6 15s. Refuse carted 
away for agricultural purposes. 


Mayor.— Lewis Jenkins. Town Clerk.— Wm. T. Gwyn (Solicitor). 

Aldermen. -W. A. James, E. John, J. ununimw TnKAsmurn— t David 

Llewellyn, and L. Jenkins. Borough ireasurer.-J. David. 

Councillors.— J. Williams, T. J. Parsons. Medical Officer of Health.— Dr. B. M. 

D. Thomas, J. W. Hall, W. Lewis Jenkins, Movnan M D 
J. Pickard, C. M. Davies, D. Tilley, Daniel „ ' ' * 

Evans, Thomas Thomas, F. A. Miles, J. G. Borough Surveyor and Inspector of 

Harold Bird. Nuisances.— Wm. D. Alexander. 


Population, 42.074 ; Rateable Value, £144,110 ; Area, 2,193 Acres. 
Crewe is a railway town. The London and North-Western Railway Com- 
pany not only provides nearly the whole population with work, but also sup- 
plies Gas and Water, and maintains various institutions. Two large Cattle 
Markets are private property, but the Corporation owns a General Market, 
which cost £12,000 to erect. The town refuse is carted to the Sewage 
Farm, where the sewage is treated by broad irrigation, and also by bacteria 
beds treatment. The expenditure on the Sewage Farm and plant was 
£55,505, in addition to which the bacteria beds are costing £5,000. The 
Corporation has erected an Infectious Diseases Hospital at a cost of between 
£9,000 and £10,000, and a farmhouse is maintained as an isolated Smallpox 
Hospital. A Technical School and School of Art has also been erected 
at a cost of £7,500. The Corporation maintains a Cemetery. The Corpora- 
tion has just laid an Electric Light installation at a cost of £43,000. 
The total cost of local government tor the year was £41,952 (expense on 
Revenue Account only). Debt outstanding, £92,174. 
Tkamw ays.— Page 543.' 

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94 . Municipal Year Book. 


Mayob.— W. McNeill. Treasurer.— Alfred Williamson. 

^SSSSTlT'KJSrk. U£$& B0B0TOH S<™ B .-G. * Shore. 

Thomas, H."Wallwork. » Assistant Surveyor.— W. J. Ball. 

Councillors.— Central Ward : E. R. Medical Officer of Heal th. — Dr. 

Hill, J. B. Settle, Chaa. Wilson, James Alf. Greenwood. 

Bobertson, Wm. Hutton, J. H. Kettel. Borough Accountant.— Jas. A Jenkins 

west Ward : J. Booth, W. J. W. Battams, Farm Manager.— John Woodhouse. 

H. Hoptroff, J. Jones, W. Lightfoot, J. T. School Attendance Officer — Wm 

Worthington. South Ward : C. H. Pedley, Thompson. 

P. Manning. Jas. H. Moore, A. G>. Hill, A. H. Sanitary Inspector.— Wm. Urquhart. 

Badger, H. Taylor. North Ward : G. Bailey, Waste Water Inspector.— J. T. Jones. 

A. Jervris, T, Smith. Borough Justices' Clerk.— C. E. Speak- 

Town Clerk.— Predk. Cooke. man. 

Assistant Town Clerk.— A. E. Illing- Borough Elec&ical Engineer.— H H. 

worth. Denton. 


(County Borough.) 
Population, 133,885 ; Rateable Value, £804,019 ; Area, 9,014 Acres. 
Croydon (Surrey), although to a large extent a town of Greater London, is a 
self-contained borough, which has developed from an old nucleus. It was 
not incorporated untiI1883, "by which time its population had reached 80,000, 
having increased over 125 per cent, during the previous twenty years.' 
Since it secured its municipal dignities Croydon has made rapid progress, 
and is a striking contrast to the London districts which it adjoms. It owns 
a Municipal Water Supply, it has well -equipped Baths, well-stocked Public 
Libraries, it has established a Central Polytechnic and two branches, it 
possesses Cemeteries, Slaughter- Houses, Artisans' Dwellings, Municipal 
Lodging-Houses for both sexes, it has thirteen Parks and Recreation 
Grounds, Allotments for working men, an Isolation Hospital which has 
cost £39,993 to erect, and has a Lunatic Asylum in course of erection. 
The Gas Supply is in the hands of a .company, but the Corporation has 
undertaken the supply of Electric Lighting. The Corporation has recently- 
undertaken expensive improvements, including the widening of High 
Street, at a cost (after deducting receipts) of £75,003. Of this sum the 
Grounds Rents remaining are valued at £25,723. This important work will 
therefore have been completed at a net cost of £49,280. Nothing could 
better illustrate the progressive spirit of modern Croydon than the erection of 
a handsome block of Municipal Buildings (opened by the Prince of Wales, 
18th May, 1896) at a cost of £106,579. The building provides accommodation 
for the various Courts of the Borough and the Quarter Sessions, and the 
Central Public Library. There are Cattle and Corn Markets in the town, 
although not under the Corporation. For Police purposes it is within the* 
area of the Metropolitan Police. Croydon is the healthiest town in the 
country of its size, its death rate last year being 14*6 per 1,000. The 
Tramways have been purchased by the Corporation', and the lines are in 
course of electrical equipment, one section, about 5J miles in length, bein<* 
already in work, having been opened on the 26th September last. & 

The Corporation owns several sets of allotments leased to 894 working men ; 
the Corporation owns the land, except in the case of one plot. Last year 
the rent, &c, received was £437, and the expenditure £152. 

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Municipal Year Book. 


Artisans' Dwellings and 
Lodging-Houses.— Pa^e 554. 

Baths. — There are three sets of 
Public Baths, one at ScarbrookRoad, 
Croydon, one at South Norwood, the 
other at Thornton Heath. Croy- 
don baths, erected 1865, cost £9,529. 
Bathers last year, 72,184 — charges 
from 2d. to Is. ;. receipts last year, 
£1,088; expenditure, £902. South 
Norwood Baths, opened 1881, cost 
£8,300. Bathers last year, 29,736 ; 
receipts, £434; expenditure, £642. 
Thornton Heath Baths, opened 1897, 
cost £7,943. Bathers last year, 
25,994 ; receipts, £425 ; expendi- 
ture, £664. There are two Swim- 
ming Baths at Croydon and South 
Norwood, and one at Thornton 
Heath. Not taking into account 
water supplied by the Corporation, 
and repayment of loans and interest, 
there was an average annual profit 
during the past five years of £42 at 
Croydon Baths, and a loss of £114 
at South Norwood Baths. 

Cemeteries. — In its capacity of 
Burial Board, the Corporation main- 
tains a Cemetery at Queen's Road. 
Fees, &c, received last year, £2,505. 
Balance, £878. Total income, £3,383. 
Expenditure : Fees to Clergy, £703 ; 
Salaries and Wages, £1,753. Total, 
including interest, &c, £2,920. 
Balance, £550. A new cemetery 
has been completed at Mitcham 
Road, Croydon, at a cost of £15,528. 

Electric Lighting.— Page 484. 

Free Public Libraries.— Act 
adopted November, 1888. Central 
Library opened in March, 1890, and 
Branch Libraries in April, 1890, 
November, 1890, July, 1900. The 
stock of volumes is now 43,791 — 
33*08 per cent, of population; issue 
last year 351,661 volumes— 266*15 
per cent, of population. The issue 
from the Central Library was 
164,673 ; from the Central Refer- 
ence Library, 36,267 ; from South 
Norwood branch, 78,747 ; from 
Thornton Heath, 71,587 ; and 387 

from Shirley Library. A library 
was erected at Upper Norwood 
(jointly with Lambeth) in 1900, the 
stock of which is about 5,500. All 
the libraries are worked on the safe- 
guarded open access system. Special 
features : lectures, half -hour talks, 
bi-monthly magazine, collection of 
local books, students' extra tickets. 

Refuse and Sewage Disposal. 
— The town refuse is sold to brick 
manufacturers. Sewage is dis- 
posed of by irrigation on farms. 
Beddington Farm : Receipts, pro- 
duce, &c, £5,426; rents of spare 
land, cottages, &c, £656. Total, 
£6,082. Expenditure, management, 
stock, &c, £4,936; wages, £3,271. 
Total, £8,207* South Norwood Farm: 
Receipts, produce, &c, £897. Ex- 
penditure, rent, £334 ; management, 
£629; wages, £1,557. Total, £2,520, 
exclusive of interest and sinking 
fund charges. 

• Slaughter - Houses. — Public 
slaughter-houses were erected at 
Pitlake in 1863 and are well patro- 
nised. Receipts last year, £230 ; 
expenditure, £168, exclusive of in- 
terest and sinking fund charges. 

Technical Education. — The 
borough has established a Central 
Polytechnic at Croydon, and 
branches at South Norwood and 
Thornton Heath. Students (last 
session) at Central Polytechnic, 
1 ,530 ; South Norwood branch, 
936 ; Thornton Heath branch, 663. 
The curriculum is a very compre- 
hensive one — embracing all depart- 
ments of technical, scientific, and 
manual work. 

Tramways.— Page 538. 

Water.— Page 429. 

General Statistics. — Rates •. 
General District Rate, 3s. 4d. ; Poor 
Rate. 3s. ; Debt outstanding, less 
Sinking Funds in hand, £1,210,498. 
Chief Items of Administration : 
Fire Brigade, £2,711 ; Hospital, 
£3,527 ; Public Lighting, £10,277 ; 
Dust Collection, £7,323 ; Sowers 

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Municipal Year Book 

(maintenance, repairs, improve- £212; Main Roads. £8,137 ; Luna- 
ments), £6,886; Highways, £37,553; tics, £11,287 (less receipts, £7,809; 
Recreation Grounds, £1,817 ; Bands, net, £3,478). 


Mayor.— Nathaniel Page, J.P.,Woodlands, London Road, Thornton Heath; Edwd. 

15, Coombe Road, Croydon. 

Aldermen.— G. J. Allen, J. P., Dunheved, 
Thornton Heath ; R. V. Barrow, J.P.,Enga- 
dine, Park Hill Road; Sir P. T. Edridge, 
J.P., Addiscom be Court; P. Foss. J.P.,Wood- 
croft, Park Hill Road ; W. Goodwin. 4, Lan- 
caster Road, Norwood; P. Joslin, 67, Wes- 
tow Street, Upper Norwood ; D. B. Miller, 
J.P., 218, London Road; C. C. Morland, 
J.P., Rastrick, Morland Road; S. L.Rymer, 
J.P., 14, Wellesley Road; J. H. Schmitz, 
J.P., 4, Lansdowne Road ; M. Taylor, Park 
Lane, Croydon ; J. Thrift, J.P., Sandhurst. 
50, London Road. 

Councillors.— Upper Norwood Ward : 
T. Betteridge, Croft Lodge, Beulah Road, 
Thornton Heath; J. A. Hancock, 23,Westow 
Street, Upper Norwood; Joseph Peck, 99, 
Parchmore Road; Philip Read, 7, 
Fernham Road, Thornton Heath; John 
Stewart, 25, Westow Street, Upper 
Norwood ; James Trumble, 128, Bensham 
Manor Road, Thornton Heath. South Nor- 
wood Ward; Thomas Hillier, Howard Road, 

5. Norwood; F. W. Mark King, J.P., 76, 
Albert Road, S. Norwood ; Chas. J. Letts, 1, 
Avenue Road, South Norwood ; C. L. Tarry, 

6, Queen's Road, S. Norwood ; J. Anthony 
Trythall, 180, Selhurst Road, South Nor- 
wood. West Ward: Jas. Chapman, 30, 
Arundel Road, Croydon ; W. G. Fenn, 344, 


Fletcher, Quarrhurst. Norbury, 8.W.; Albert 
Gore 11, Howley Road, Croydon ; Arthur 
Anderson Johnston, Rushbrook Lodge, 
Sydenham Rnad ; Sidney Btranks. 52, 
Edward Road, Crovdon. Central Ward: 
T. W. Dobson, J.P., Clifton Down, Park Hill 
Road; B. McNay Johnston, Park Lane; 
J Noaks, 9, Park Lane ; N. Page, J.P., 15, 
Coombe Road; G. Nicoll Price, 72, High 
Street ; William West, Sherwood, Dingwall 
Avenue, Croydon. East Ward : F. R. Dock- 
ing, Grafton House, Sydenham Road ; F. 
Dyer, J.P., 45, Park Hill Road, Croydon ; 
H. D. Hall, Colleendene, Addiscombe Grove ; 
Hy. V. Moss, 127, Lower Addiscombe Road ; 
Wm. G. Stapleton, 41, Morland Road; 
Wm. Henry Wright, 23, Havelock Road. 
South Ward : R. J. Hi n ton, Bramley Hill ; 
W. Lillico, Coombe Hill House; J. Privett, 
Heathfield Road ; T. Rigby, Warham Road ; 
F. Thompson, Haling Park Road; T. G. 
White, Ottinge, Purley. 

Chairmen of Committees. — Roads 
Committee, Clr. T. Rigby ; Sanitary, Clr. 
Price; General Purposes, Clr. Betteridge ; 
Beddington Farm, Aid. Allen ; South Nor- 
wood Farm, Clr. King; Tramways, Aid. 
Sir F. T. Edridge ; Finance, Aid. Foss ; 
Lighting and Electricity Committee, Aid. 
Miller ; .Libraries. Aid. Foss ; Polytechnic, 
J. W. Helps, C.E. ; Streets Improvement 
Committee, Alderman Foss. 

Town Clerk, Clerk of the Peace, 
Solicitor to the Council, Registrar of 
Corporation Stock, Registrar of Burial 
Board. Vestry Clerk, and Clerk to the 
Croydon and Wimbledon Joint Small- 
Pox Hospital Board.— Ernest Mawdesley, 
B.A., LL.B. 

Assistant Town Clerk, Assistant Clerk 
to Burial Board, and Clehk to Libraries 
and Polytechnic Committers.— Samuel 

Borough Engineer. - Thom . Walker.C.E. 

Deputy Borough Engineer.— Geo. F. 
Carter, A.M. Inst. C.E. 

Borough Accountant.— William Gun- 
ner, F.8.A.A. 


Chief Collector of Rates.- 

Borough P>oad Surveyor.— E. F.Morgan. 

Borough Electrical Engineer.— T. H. 

Medical Officer.— Dr. Richards. 


—A. W. Smith. 

Inspector of Nuisances and Explosives 
Inspector.— P. Saunders. 

Treasurer.— F. W. Langdale. 

Borough Coroner.— Dr. Thos. Jackson 

Borough Analyst.— Lester Reed, F.I.C.. 

Chief Librarian.— L. Stanley Jast. 


Population, 44,496 ; Rateable Value, £194,000 ; Area, 3,945 Acres. 
Darlington received a charter of incorporation in 1867. The Town 
Council maintains the Gas, Water and Electric Light Supplies, and has 
established Baths, Markets, and Cemeteries, erected a large Technical 
College, and adopted the Public Libraries Act in 1885. The Library 
contains 27,807 volnmes, and a special featnre is a collection of local 

Digitized by CjOOQ IC 

Municipal Year Book. 


literature. The Corporation levies a rate for technical education, which 
brings in £805 a year. The total local expenditure under the Borough 
Fund was last year £21,816 5s. lid., and under the District Fund 
£30,510 17s. 3d. The debt outstanding is £259,593. 

Electric Lighting.— Page 484. Water.— Page 429. 

Gas.— Page 462. 

Mayor.— E. L>. Walker, J. P. Clerk to the School Board.— F. 

Aldermen. — t. T. Sedgwick, J.P., J. K. 
Wilkes, T. M. Barron, J. J. Wilkea, John 
Widdow field. J. P., B. Green. 

Councillors. — South Ward : R. S. 
Benson, W. J. Stewart, Arthur Henderson, 
J.P. West Ward : r. B. Swinburne, Wm. 
E. Pease, J. H. Pease. North - West 
Ward : Chas. H. Leach, T. Imeson, T. Stair- 
mand. North Ward : Robert Wilson, Dr. 
Eastwood. Central Ward : M. Trees, W. 
J. Oliver, Ed. Wooler. East Ward : G.W. 
Bartlett, J.P., J. G. Harbottle, H. W. 

Town Clerk and Clerk to Urban 
District Council, and Secretary to 
the Technical Instruction Committee. 
— fty. G>. Steavenson. 

Treasurer.— W. Porster, J. P. 

Accountant.— J. W. Armitage. 

Medical Officer. — James Lawrence, 

Surveyor, and Waterworks Engineer. 
— T. Smith. 

Clerk to the School Board. - 
Raymond Su-avenson. 

Clerk to the Magistrates.— G. N. 

Director of Studies at Technical 
College.— Alex. P. Hogg, M. A 

Sanitary Inspector.— T. A. Atkinson. 

Gas Works Manager and Engineer.— 
F. P. Tarratt. 

Borough Electrical Engineer.— 
J. R. P. Lunn. 

Inspector of Weights and Measures. 
-W. Peart. 

Public Librarian.— W. J. Arrowsmith. 

Veterinary Inspector. — W. Newton 
Dobbing, M.K.C.V.S. 

Superintendent of Cemeteries. — 
Joseph Bowker. 

Captain of Fire Brigade. — Felix 

Hackney Carriage Inspector.— Robert 

Superintendent of Fever Hospital.— 
Mrs. Curnow. 


Population, 6,579 ; Rateable Value, £23,791 ; Area, 1,921 Acres. 
Dartmouth was incorporated in the twelfth century. The earliest charter 
in possession of the Corporation is one of 2 Rich. II., which recites one of 14 
Edwd. III. It had a Quarter Sessions until 1889, and still has a Com- 
mission of the Peace. The Town Council owns the Water Supply ; there 
is an annual income of about £860 from rent. The water rents amount 
to £690. Total local expenditure, £6,320. 


Mayor.— William Philip Ditcham. 
Aldermen.— W. G. H. Ellis, T. Wilton, 
"W. Smith. R. Row. 

Councillors. —P. Pollett, H. J. J. M. 
Wellington, T. W. Atherton, W. H. Payne, 
W. P. Ditcham, J. W. Medway, Gh H. 

Richards, J. Spital, P, J. Voisey, O. K*. 
Philip, P. Pinhey, S. Smale. 

Town Clerk and Clerk to District 
Council.— O. S. Barlett. 

Treasurer.— W. R. Elliot. 

Surveyor.— A. Smith. 

Medical Officer.— J. H. Harris, M.D., 


Population, 40,000; Rateable Value, £112,181 ; Area, 5,919 Acres. 
Darwen is remarkably enterprising for a small town. From a municipal 
point of view, however, .it is not small. The Town Council maintains the 
Gas and Water Supplies, Electricity Works, Tramways, the Markets, a 

Digitized by CjOOQ IC 


Municipal Year Book. 

Public Library, a Technical School, Public Baths, a Cemetery, and is 
building Artisans' Dwellings and a Lodging-House. New Sewage Works 
were recently constructed on the system of downward filtration. Dust 
Destructor (Messrs. Meldrum Bros,) erected in connection with the Electri- 
city and Tramway Works. The debt outstanding is £524,592. 

Artisans' Dwellings. — Page 

Baths. — The expenditure on 
baths last year was £400 ; rent £84. 

Cemetery. — The income last 
year was £1,488, of which £450 was 
transferred from the Borough Rate. 
The interest and sinking fund 
charges amounted to £534. Total 
expenditure, £1,374. 

Electric Lighting.— Page 484. 

Free Library.— Darwen adopted 
the Public Libraries Act in 1871, 
and opened a new building in 1895. 
The library contains over 21,000 
volumes. Expenditure last year (in- 
cluding interest and sinking fund 
charges), £732. 

Gas.— Page 462. 

Markets.— Tolls and rents from 
the market hall, £2,181 ; expendi- 

ture, £2,665, including £673 interest, 
£751 sinking fund, and £256 ground 

Slaughterhouses.— Tolls and 
rents last year, £305 ; expenditure, 
including £140 interest and sinking 
fund instalment, £562. 

Technical School.— A Tech- 
nical School has been built at a cost 
of £15,321. Special attention is 
given to instruction in weaving. In 
addition to grants from the County 
Council, Science and Art Depart- 
ment, &c. , the income is, including 
£1,050 from the Borough Rate, 
£2,598. Expenditure, including 
sinking fund instalment and in- 
terest, £2,55S. 

Tramways.— Page 533. 

Water.— Page 429. 


Mayor.— John Tomlinson, Esq., J. P. 

Aldermen.— Messrs. Cocker. Tomlinson, 
Duxbury, Eccles, Lightbown, Wardley. 

Councillors.— Messrs. H. Ash ton, Wm. 
Atkinson/ Ballantyne, Carus, Catterall, 
Cooper, Forrest, F. E. Hindle, Marsden, 
Pi kup, Regan, Ralph Shorroek, Robt. Shor- 
roek. Shackleton, John Tomlinson, James 
Tomlinson, Yates, Worth. 

Town Clerk, Clerk to the Urban 

Sanitary Authority, and Clerk to the 
Burial Board.— William P. Halliwell. . 

Assistant.— John Derbyshire. 

Treasurer.— J. H. Ellison. 

Medical Officer.— Dr. Howartb. 

Surveyor and Water Engineer.— R. 
W. Smith-Saville. 

Water Manager.— Joseph Shaw. 

Electrical Engineer.— Charles Garnett. 

Gas Engineer.— A. Smith. 

Librarian, Free Library.— Walter Bae. 


Population, 3,780 ; Rateable Value, £14,714 ; Area, 3,427 Acres. 

Daventry's municipal charters date back to the reign of King John. 
Until 1888 the town maintained the Police. The Corporation owns Markets. 
Dust and refuse are carted to Sewage Disposal Works and burnt. The 
sewage is treated by chemicals, the effluent subsequently running into the 
Grand Junction Canal Company's Reservoir. The General District Rate 
is 4s. Precept on Poor Rate towards Borough Fund, £150 ; General District 
Rate, £1,793. Debt outstanding, £8,333. 

Digitized by CjOOQ IC 

Municipal Year Book. 99 


Mayor.— James Christopher O'Rafferty. Town Clerk.— F. Willoughby. 

Aldermen.— F. H. Thornton, H. G-olding, Clerk to the Justices.— B. 0. Burton. 

*-3£3Si£2TB«y. J- Herbert, 0. Tbe^bkb-TH Marriott. 

Rodhouse, J. C. O'Rafferty. P. Billingham, Surveyor.— J. B. Williams. 

B. York, A. E. Harrisson, E. 0. Wykes, T. Medical Officer of Health.— C. E. 

H. Reynolds, L. Hammond, J. Gardner, Oldacres. 

H. W. White. Inspector of Nuisances^W. Collins. 


Population, 10,575 ; Bate able Value, £36,192 ; Area, 1,124 Acres. 

Deal is one of the Cinque Ports, and the official residence of the Warden of 
the Ports is still Walmer Castle. Deal was granted a charter hy William 
III. The Corporation levies a coal due which Drought in last year JE 1,139. 
The income from rents and boat licences was £116 ; from market tolls, £66. 
The Gas supply is in the hands of a private company, but the Town 
Council, in conjunction with the Urban District Council of Walmer, have re- 
cently acquired the Water Works. Town refuse is collected by the Cor- 
poration, and sold from time to time. A scheme for- the more effectual 
drainage of the town has been adopted, and the sewage is disposed 
of by gravitation into a reservoir, from which it is pumped into the sea 
at some distance from the town. The Council is now spending the sum 
of £3,000 in groyning the northern portion of the seashore — the Case 
system being adopted. The cost of Sewerage last year was £159 ; High- 
ways maintenance, £2,263 ; Lighting, £972 ; Loans outstanding : General 
District, £15,518 ; Sewage, £23,300 ; Water, £43,980 ; Lower Deal, £4,021. 
Water.— Page 429. 


Mayor.— W.J. Solomon. John Clarabut, Robert Brudenell Burton, 

Aldermen.— J. P. Ramell, George Cot- George Charles Allen, Henry George May, 

tew, Elias Elliott, W. H. Hayman, H. S. Stephen Mauser. 

Chapman, C. W. Thompson. Town Clerk.— A. C. Brown. 

Councillors.— T. J. Chandler, Frederick Treasurer.— Andrew Fisher Holt. 

Thomas Honevball, W. A. C. Chapman, Medical Officer.— Richard Lvddon. 

James Edear, Benjamin Wood, T. 8. Bayly, Surveyor and Inspector of Nuisances. 

Richard Wilks, G. H. Denne, W. J. Solomon, —Thomas Collings Golder. 

Frederick Herbert John Havward, Edgar Accountant.— John Reynolds Hammond. 

Bruce Payne, Henry Gandar Frost, Herbert Water Surveyor.— John F. Cullen. 


Population, 6,439 ; Rateable Value, £33,298 ; Area, 8,868 Acres. 
DENBIGH possesses a long list of charters arming it with mnnicipal powers, 
some of which it lost when brought under the Municipal Corporations Act. 
It owns the Markets. 

Digitized by'CjOOQlC 


Municipal Year Book. 

Cemetery. — Income almost nil. 

Markets.— Smithfield and Mar- 
kets income, about £350 per 

Refuse and Sewage.— Corpora- 
tion re move ref use. Sewage deposited 
in two large tanks on a farm about a 

mile from the town and ultimately 
used for irrigation. 

General Statistics. — Rates : 
General District, 3s. 4d. in the £ ; 
Cemetery Rates, lid. in the £ ; Poor 
Rate, 2s. in the £. Debt outstand- 
ing, £12,768. Total local expen- 
diture last year, about £6,921. 


. Mayor.— A. O. Evans. 

Deputy-Mayor.— Dr. Lloyd. 

Aldermen. — Robert Owen, W. D. W. 
Griffith, John Davit s, A. Lloyd. Jones. 

Councillors.— W. Mellarcf, T. A. Wynne- 
Edwards, Howel Gee, Roger Pryce, David 
Lloyd, A. O. Evans, James Hughes, Griffith 
Jones, B. J. Swayne, J, Humphrey Jones. 

Town Clerk.— J. Parry Jones. 
Collector.— E. Mills. 
Treasurer.— R. E. Hughes. 
Borough Accountant.— Ellis Williams. 
Borough Survkyor.— John Davies. 
Inspector of Nuisances, &c— William 


(County Borough.) 
Population, 105,785; Rateable Value, £488,226 ; Area, 5,260 Acres. 
Derby is an old Municipal Borough, and came under the Municipal Act in 
1835. The boundaries of the borough were extended in 1877 and in 1901. 
The Corporation maintains the Water Supply, Electric Lighting, the 
Markets, Slaughter-Houses, Baths and Wash-Houses, Cemeteries, Free 
Libraries, Tramways, Asylum, a Municipal Technical School, a Museum 
and an Art Gallery, and Garden Allotments. The income from its property 
was last year £8,800. The town is provided with a Park of 11 acres, 
the "Arboretum," and four Recreation Grounds. Important street 
improvements have lately been carried out. 

Baths.— Receipts for the public 
baths in Full Street, £928. Rate in 
support, £104. Bass' Free Baths 
involved a payment from the Dis- 
trict Fund of £164, and Markeaton 
Baths £86. 

Cemeteries. — The Corporation 
maintains two cemeteries. Receipts 
from Nottingham Road Cemetery 
last year, £1,287. Receipts from 
Uttoxeter Cemetery, £604, which 
more than met the maintenance ex- 
penditure, but a rate of £600 was 
contributed to the general account 
to meet interest and repayment. 

Electric Lighting.— Page 485. 

Free Public Library. — The 
Acts were adopted in 1870, and a 

central and a branch library have 
been established, containing 30,000 
volumes. Id. rate, £1 852. 

Markets. — Income from general 
markets, £5,090 ; cattle market, 
£2,028. Maintenance : general 
market, £2,317 ; cattle market, 
£1,147. Balance to borough fund : 
Interest on loans, £491 ; repayment 
of loan, £473 ; profit, £2,754. 

Refuse and Sewage Disposal. 
— Night-soil and ashes are mixed 
and sold. Income last year, £511. 
Sewage is disposed of mainly by 
broad irrigation. 

Slaughter-Houses. — The re- 
ceipts from the slaughter-houses are 
£284 ; the expenditure, £221. 

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Municipal Year Book. 


Technical Education.— There 
is an excellent Municipal Technical- 
School with an important art 
section, in addition to which the 
Corporation maintains outside class. 
The amount devoted to technical 
education is over £5,600 a year. 

Tramways.— Page 508. 

Water.— Page 429. 

General Statistics. — Debt 
outstanding 31st March, 1901 
£827,971. Cost of Police, £11,027 
Fire Brigade, £1,495; Parks, &c. 
£2,333; Lunatic Asylum, £3,163 


Mayor.— A. Woodiwiss. 

Aldermen.— Sir H. H. Bemrose, Sir T. 
Roe, M.P., T. H. Harrison, Grandy, Home, 
Lowe, P. Duesbury, B. W. Spriggs, S. Ben- 
nett, Uawin Sowter, E. T. Ann, J. W. New- 
bold, W. Heathcote, G. Bottomley, T. 

Councillors. — H. J. Blount, C Boam, 
H. J. Bonas, G. Brigden, A. Brown, A. 
Butterworth, F. P. Copestake, E. H. Cox, 
H. Dakin, G. Dean, J. Dean, W. Eaton, G. 

Hospital for Infectious Diseases, 
£3,486 ; Highway Maintenance, 
£14,565 ; Street Lighting, £10,539 ; 
Collection of Night-soil and Ashes, 
£10,453. Income of Borough by 
Borough Rate, £30,908 ; total 
income of municipal- authority 
(excluding; loans), £48,384. Income 
of Urban District Council by General 
District Rates, £73,666 ; total 
income (excluding loans), £75,566 ; 
total expenditure not defrayed out 
of loans, £75,566 ; amount of loans 
outstanding, £724,407. 


Foster, J. W. Gandy, W. George, G. Groome, 
C. W. Hardy, W. Hart, E. Haslam, G. Innes, 
W. Jen-am, J. Johnson, R. Laurie, F. E. 
Leech, B. W. Moore, J. E. Naylor, T. C. 
Newbold, A. B. Newland. J. Newton, J. 
Norman, A. Ottewell, J. H. Ottewell, J. 
Peach, J. Potter, W. B. Kobotham, I. 
Boome, J. E. Russell, C. J. Shackleton, 
C. Sims, W. Slater, J. Smith, Hon. F. Strutt, 
C. Wain, J. Walker, W. G. Wilkins, A. 
Wilson, W. W. Winter, B. A. Yates. 


Town Clerk, Clerk to the Urban 
Sanitary Authority, Clerk of the 
Peace, and Registbar of the Court of 
Record.— H. F. Gadsby. 

Borough Treasurer.— C. E. Newton. 

Borough Accountant.— W. Cooper. 

Clerk to the Magistrates.— W. H. 

Borough Coroner.— J. Close. 

Medical Officer. — Dr. W. J. Howarth. 

Surveyor.— John Ward. 

Chief Sanitary Inspector.— W. Wilkin- 

Chief Constable.— H. M. Haywood. 

Police Surgeon.— G. D. Moon. 

Inspector under Explosives, Ac, Act. 
— J. Cooper. 

Inspector of Weights and Measures. 
— M. D. Spriggs. 

Inspector of Hackney Carriages.— 
Superintendent John Clamp. 

Engineer of Electric Lighting 
Department.— T. P. Wilmshurst. 

Chief Librarian.— W. Crowther. 


Population, 6.533 ; Inhabited Houses (Census), 1,433 ; 
Gross Valuation, £30,639; Rateable Value, £24,423; Area, 907 Acres. 

Devizes, which is a very ancient town, owns its Water and Gas Supplies 
and the Markets. 

Artisans' Dwellings. — Page Gas. —Page 462. 
566. Water.— Page 429. 


Blair, E. Hopkins, W. E. Thorp, T. Ellen, 
A. W. Godfrey, 

Town Clebk and Clerk to District 
Council.— J. T. Jackson. 

Mayor.— F. Rendell. 

Aldermen. — H. Biggs, T. Chandler, R. 
Hill, R. D. Gillman, W. Bobbins, F. 

Councillors.— T. S. Helms, W. Rose, G. 
T. Smith, G. Catley, C. Parsons, A. T. 
Robbins, E. L. Anstie. H. Willis, 0. Gill- 
man E. J. Giddings, E. T. Simpson, L. T. 

Treasurer.— H. Sandell. 
Surveyor.— F. G. Billingham. 
Medical Officer. — G. S. A. Waylen. 

Digitized by CjOOQ IC 

102 Municipal Year Book. 


(County Borough.) 
Population, 69,674; Rateable Value, £252,343; Area, 3,176 Acres. 
DEVONPORT is a Municipal and Quarter Sessions Borough containing a 
great Naval Arsenal, extensive Government Dockyards, and a Military 
Depdt. It is also a market town, with stations on the Great Western and 
the London and South-Western Railways, and abuts on the magnificent 
harbour of the Hamoaze. The town dates from the establishment of a 
Dockyard there by William III., and it obtained its charter of incorporation 
in the year 1837. In conjunction with East Stonehouse it forms the 
Parliamentary Borough of Devonport, and returns two members to Parlia- 
ment. In the year 1898 the borough was extended by the addition of 
1,276 acres. The Corporation maintains a fine Public Library, an ex- 
tensive Park, and several public walks. Bathing-places have been con- 
structed on the shores of the Hamoaze. Successful Technical Instruction 
classes and a handsome Technical School have been establishad. The 
Corporation has obtained a provisional order for Electric Lighting, and 
has erected works for lighting and power purposes to serve the borough and 
the adjoining urban district of East Stonehouse, whose provisional order 
has been taken over. The Water Supply is in the hands of a private 
company, but |the Gas Undertaking is about to be transferred to the 
Corporation. A scheme under the Housing of the Working Classes Act has 
been apprdved by Parliament, and one area has been cleared and built 
upon, whilst another is being taken in hand. The Corporation has acquired 
a large tract of land for burial purposes, and is about to lay out a Cemetery. 
The collection of the rates has oeen consolidated, and is now carried out by 
the Borough Treasurer's staff. The town is connected with the adjoining 
towns by Tramways, there is also an excellent service to the suburbs, and 
additional lines are about to be laid under the auspices of the Corporation. 
Some of the lines belong to a company, but the others are the property 
of the Corporation. LandingStages and Piers have been established on 
the waterside. The Naval Dockyards and Factories are being greatly 
extended, and bid fair to largely increase the trade and prosperity of the 

Artisans' Dwellings.— Page 555. Electric Lighting.— Page 497. 

Mayor.— Edgar May Leest. Tamar Ward : C. E. Palmer, P. Paul A 

Aldermen. —J. May, J. Rolston, G. T. Sleeman. Clarence Ward : E.M Leest G* 

Rolston, W. Banister, S. R. Gould, H. J. A. Rae, J.K. L. Martyn. Keyham Ward • 

H. Graves, T. Bowen, J. Goodman, J. B. J. Stephens, P. A. Norman, R. H RendlP* 

James, J. W. W. Ryder, W. Littleton, H. Ford Ward : W. H. Roberts, W. Truscott 

W. Brvant, G. H. Smith, A. C. F. Smith, J. Patey, P. L. Stutfield. Molesworth 

S. D. Brooming. Ward: F. Allen, G. H. Smith, jun T H 

Councillors— Mori ce Ward: G.Risdon, Gill. Nelson Ward: H. Banburv'p'c' 

J Moore, J. E. Oliver. Prince's Ward: .Goodman, R. W. Heard. Stoke Ward • E* 

j. C. Tozer, J. Day, H. Jarvis. St. Aubyn Down, F. W. Parnell, R. Bond. PennyI 

Ward : J. Jolliffe, W. Ford, J. H. Rickard. cross Ward : J. B. Love, D. D. SheDherd 

St. John's Ward : G. S. Bennee, M. Fred- W. J. C. Oundv. Station Ward • A G 

man, A. R. Carlton. Clow ance Ward : Roberts, C. Smale, W. Cousins. Tamer row 

W.Hornbrook, C. H. Healy, R. C. Truscott, Ward : C. Organ, W. H. Short, Gard 

Digitized by CjOOQ IC 

Municipal Year Book. 



Recorder.— H. E. Duke, K.C., M.D. 

Town Clerk and Clerk to Urban 
8anjtary Authority.— A. B. Pilling. 

Borough Treasurer.— H. J. Hoare, 

Clerk of the Peace. — Gh H. E. Bundle. 

Clerk to the Magistrates.— P. J. Bone. 

Medical Officer of Health.— J. May, 

Electrical Engineer.— C. Furness. 

Surveyor.— J. P. Burns. 

Coroner.— J. 0. Pearce. 

Analyst.^C. A; Bean. 

Inspector of Nuisances and Inspector 
under Sale of Food and Drugs Act.— 
Gk T. Geaton. 

Cleansing Superintendent. — Bicbd. 

Inspector of Weights and Measures. 
—Edwin R. Collin gs. 

Head Constable.— John Matters. 

Public Librarian.— F. W. Hunt. 


Population, 28,050 ; Batxable Value, £136,881 ; Area, 1,468 Acres. 

Dewsbury came under the Municipal Corporations Act in 1862, having 
previously acquired the Water Supply, which has since been extended. The 
Gas- Works were also purchased, and new extensions undertaken at a cost 
of £78,000. The Corporation supplies the neighbouring townships. Dews- 
bury also maintains Baths, Cemeteries, Technical Schools, and Markets, 
The establishment of these varied undertakings has, for the time being, 
increased the debt of the town, and contributed to the high rates which are 

Refuse and Sewage Disposal, 
—Refuse is consumed in a dust 
destructor (Messrs. Meldrum Bros. ), 
and sewage is disposed of by irriga- 
tion and downward nitration on a 
farm. The income from the farm 
last year was £2,284, and the cost of 
maintenance, &c, £2,426. 

Technical Instruction. —The 
Corporation makes grants to the 
District Technical School and the 
Grammar School. 

Water.— Page 429. 

General Statistics. — Rates : 
General District Rate, 4s. 3d. in 
the £ ; Poor Rate (includingBorough 
Rate), 3s. 8d. ; Library Rate (in- 
cluded in Poor Rate), Id. Debt out- 
standing, £785,157, including £7,172 
borrowed and lent to School Board. 
Cost of Police, £1,896 ; Fire Brigade, 
£187 ; Highways, £4,031 ; Lighting, 
£1,066 (gas supplied free) ; Night- 
soil Collection, £2,239 ; ^Scavenging, 
£2,067 ; Hospital, £662, 


Baths.— -The baths last year were 
patronised by 42,150 bathers. The 
charges are from Jd. to Is. The 
receipts last year were £592, and the 
expenditure was £1,990, including 
£437 for interest and £371 for sink- 
ing fund. 

Cemeteries. — Receipts last year 
£906; expenditure, £1,382, of which 
£182 was for interest and £240 for 
sinking fund. 

Electric Lighting.— Page 485. 

Free Public Library.— The 
library was opened in 1889, and 
contains 11,938 volumes in the lend- 
ing department and 5,492 in the 
reference department. The cost of 
maintenance last year was £539. 

Gas.— Page 462. 

Markets. — The income from the 
general markets last year was £1,586, 
and the expenditure £1,343. The 
receipts from the market site were 
£799, and the expenditure £920, 
including £514 for interest and £283 
for sinking fund, 

Digitized by CjOOQ IC 


Municipal Year Book. 


Mayor.— Edmund Eilburn. 

Aldermen.— Robert Seattle, E. Kilburn, 
A. Oldroyd, A. H. Pyrah, F. W. Reuas, F. 

Councillors.— All Saints' Ward: F. 
Newsome, Josh Kershaw, Robt. Machell, 
A. Pearson, G. H. Irwin, M. Wilkinson. 
Trinity Ward: 0. J. Denton, F. Ellis, 
J. A. Parr, C. E. O. Walker, M, Campbell, 
W. W. Yates. St. John's Ward : J. McCann, 
L. A. Gledhill, P. C. GHedhill, J. Blackburn, 
J. C. Cartwright, B. Tolson. 

Town Clerk and Clerk to Urban 
Pistrict Council, &c.-^G; Trevelyan Lee. 

Treasurer.— W. H. Fitton. 

Borough Accountant.— J. Hutchinson. 

Medical Officer of Health.— W. F. 

Surveyor.— Henry Dear den. 

Clerk to the Magistrates.— C. A. 

Gas Manager.— C. A. Craven. 

Head Constable.— H. M. Shore. 

Inspector of Nuisances.— J. Thackray. 

Market Inspector.— J. E. Mountain. 

Public Librarian.— W. H. Smith. 


Population, 28,924 ; Rateable Value, £147,654 ; Area, 1,695 Acres. 

Doncaster Corporation is in a very fortunate position. The income from 
rents and other sources which the borough receives amounted last year to 
£23,463, which enabled the Corporation to do away with the Borough Rate. 
The chief sources of revenue are the Gas and Water Supplies, the Race- 
course, which belongs to the Corporation, land, houses, and the Markets. 
The Corporation maintains Slaughter-Houses, a Free Library, and a 
School of Art. The Corporation has introduced electric light and has 
obtained powers for light railways, which are now being constructed. The 
total municipal expenditure was £26,265, and the debt outstanding on the 
General District Fund was £12,764. The total annual expenditure, as an 
Urban Sanitary Authority, was £17,869, and the debt outstanding on the 
Borough Fund, £166,189. 

Electric Lighting.— Page 485. 

Gas.— Page 462. Water.— Page 430. 


Mayor.— T. Windle. 

Ex-Mayor.— C. Theobald. 

Aldermen. — John Athron, H. Wain- 
wright, J. F.Clark, R. C. Bentley, T. Abbott, 
J. Pawson. 

Councillors.— W. Armitage. W. Man- 
waring, H. H. Birkinshaw, T. Tuby, F. 
Brightmore, R. Robinson, S. Edgar, M. 
Dowson, C. Wightman, 0. Theobald, E. 
Ellis, J.T. Spencer, T. Windle, G. Smith, N. 
Gyles, R. A. H. Tovey, Bennett, Halmshaw. 

Recorder.— S. C. Macashie, K.C. 

Toww Clerk and Clerk to Urban Dis- 
trict Council.— T. B. Sugden. 

Treasurer.— R. E. Beckett. 

Medical Officer.— J. M. Wilson. 

Surveyor.— W. H. R. Crabtree. 

Accountant.— H. C. Thomsby. 

Nuisance Inspector.— J. Thompson. 

Librarian.— Miss M. C. Scott. 

Steward.— T. Anelay. 

Gas Manager.— R. Bridge. 

Electrical Engineer.— W. Wyld. 

Inspector of Weights and Measures. — 
A. Watkinson. 

Chihf Constable.- G. Lister. 

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Municipal Year Book. 105 


Population, 9,458 ; Rateable Value, £34,513 ; Area, 1,$53 Acres. 

An ancient town, governed before the reign of Charles I. by a Bailiff and 
Burgesses. The Corporation owns the Water Supply, the Markets, the. 
Corn Exchange, and property which produced a rent last year of about, 
£700. Boundaries extended in November, 1900. Rates : General District, 
3s. 8d. ; Water, 7d. ; Poor* 5d. - 

Electric Lighting.— Page 497. Water.— Page 430. 


Mayor.— S. D. Allen. West Ward: S. D.. Allen, W. B. Cosera, 

Aldermen.— G. Davis, W. P. Genge, W. 0. P. Byrnes, T. H. Tilley, J. Feacey» D. H. 

Tillev, H. A. Huxtable, H. Duke, J. W. Manable. 

Fudge. Town Clerk and Clerk to District 

Councillors.— Central Ward: J. Hazel, Council.— A. G. Symonds. 

T. R. Higgins, E. W. Kerr, E. W. Young, Treasurer.— A. Edwards. 

William Evans, A. E. Pope. EASt Ward: Surveyor.— GL J. Hunt. 

J. Paine. J. Porter, E. C. Westcott, L. Medical Officer.— E. J. Day. 

Tilley, G. J. Dennis, W. J. Bellinger. Inspector.— T. Bradshaw. 


Population, 20,000; Rateable Value, £141,000. 

Dotjglas, the capital of the Isle of Man, has been going ahead at a great 
rate in recent years. While the town has become a most popular holiday 
resort, with a summer population equal to twice the normal number of re- 
sidents, the municipality has extended its influence and established new 
institutions to promote the well-being of the people and the prosperity of 
the town. Here are a few of the recent improvements : — The Water Supply 
has been acquired and large additional works carried out in connection 
therewith, New Promenades, Public Shelters, and Parades constructed, 
Artisans' Dwellings erected, and the following expenditure incurred and 
sanctioned : £20,000 for purchase of property for North Quay improvement, 
£16,000 for Artisans' Dwellings, Public Cemetery completed at a cost of 
£9,000, and £16,400 for a new Market. The Market has been completed. 
An increase in water storage accommodation is now being provided at 
a cost of £70,000. Existing public Abattoirs brought in a revenue last 
year of £200. The establishment of an electrical undertaking is now in 
the hands of a special committee, and handsome and well-equipped municipal 
offices, council chamber, and public library have been erected and furnished 
at a cost of £21 ,000. Many important street and foreshore improvements 
have been carried out. A large scheme of drainage, designed by Messrs. 
Stevenson & Burstal, London, and approved of by Mr. James Mansergh, 
is being carried out by the Corporation at an estimated cost of £70,000. A 
scheme for extending the boundaries has also been adopted by the Council 
and awaits the sanction of the Insular Legislature. The Cable and Horse 
Tramways within the borough have been purchased at a cost of £50,000. 
Douglas was incorporated in lS9o. and the new dignity conferred upon it 
has evidently added a stimulus to municipal work. 

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Municipal Year Book. 

Artisans' Dwellings. — Page 

Free Library. — The town 
established Public Libraries under a 
Local Act in 1886, and a library was 
opened. A penny rate is levied each 
year for the purpose. The library is . 

maintained at an annual cost of 

Tramways.— Page 608. 

Water.— Page 430. 

General Statistics. —Sanitary 
Committee expenditure, £3,120 ; 
Lighting, £1,595. 


Mayor.— Alderman 8. Webb, J.P. 

Aldermen. — W. Proctor, S. Webb, J. 
Hall, J. Curphey, W. Goldsmith, J. T. 

Councillors. — H. Hambleton, E. G. 
Cottier, H. Brearley, R. H. Cubbon, A. 
Caley, R. Clucas, G. Thornley, R. Moore, 
J. Skillicorn, J. Kewley, R. Corlett, J. Kaye, 
J. Carr, E. Chadwick, J. Craine, W. 
Joughin, A. H. Marsden, A. Lewthwaite. 

Town Clerk.— Alexander Robertson. 

Deputy Town Clerk.— A. B. Cuthbertson. 

Borough Surveyor.— A. E.Preacott.C.E. 

Assistant Borough Surveyor. — H. 

Medical Officer of Health. — Dr. 

Water Department Manager. — J. 

Car and Market Inspector.— W. J. 

Borough Overseer.— J. Callow. 

Public Librarian.— John Taylor. 

Manager Borough Abbatoikh. — R. 


Population, 41,782 ; Rateable Value, £186,048 ; Area, 1,779 Acres. 
Dover has recently carried out many notable local improvements, 
and its importance is being increased by the construction of a great national 
harbour by the Admiralty. The Dover Harbour Board is also carrying on 
new works, and they propose to construct a graving clock and make exten- 
sive facilities for landing passengers from the Continent under cover at 
the port. Dover is one of the Cinque Ports, and had early municipal 

Privileges. The Corporation maintains the Water Supply, Baths, Markets, 
'echnical Education, and has about, three and a half miles of Electric 
Tramways. Just now the Corporation is proposing to carry out further 
street improvements and to acquire the undertaking of the Electricity 
Supply Company. 

Baths. — The income last year 
in connection with the baths was 
£809, and the expenditure, £1,238. 

Markets. — The income last year 
was £316, and the expenditure, £123. 

Refuse. — Refuse is deposited on 
land outside the borough, or towed 
out to sea, and the sewage is 
pumped into the sea. 

Technical Education. — Pro- 
vision is made for technical educa- 
tion, the amount spent last year 
being £2,122. 

Telephones. —Page 412. 

Tramways.— Page 508. 

Water.— Page 430. 

General Statistics. — Loans 
and Stock outstanding, £343,184. 


Mayor.— Alderman H. Martyn Mow 11. 

Aldkrmen.— H. M. Baker. M. Pepper, 
H. M.Mowll, H. Peake, W. J. Smith, W. J. 
Ad cock. 

Councillors.— Castle Ward: W. 
Bromlev. €K P. Erv, W. O. Lewis, E. Chitty, 
Sir W. H. Crundall, J. W. Bussey. Town 
Ward : P. Finnis, W. J. Barnes, W. J. 

Digitized by CjOOQ IC 

Municipal Year Book. 107 

B. Best, G. H. Mowll, A. M. Bradley, F. G. Surveyor.— H; E. Stilgoe, O.B. 

Mackenzie. T. Bromley, F. Clark. Clerk of the Peace.-T. Lewis. 

Town Clerk and Clerk to Urban Coroner.— Sydenham Payn. 

District Council.— Sir Wollaston Knocker, Head Constable.— W. N. K. Knott 

CB. Inspector or Nuisances.— R. W. A. Pryer. 
Treasurer.— W. V. Popham. Head Master of School of Art, Ac- 
Medical Officer. —M. K. Bpbinson, W. H. East. 

M.D. Manager of Tramways.— E. Carden. 


Population, 4,163; Rateable Value, £81,300 ; Area, 1,836 Acres. 

The town of Droitwich originally owned the celebrated mines of salt and 
salt springs which still form the chief industry in the town, but the muni- 
cipality long since allowed others to enter the trade. The Saline Baths are 
patronised by many thousands of visitors every year for their medicinal 
qualities. The Corporation owns the Gas and Water Supply, and maintains 
the Technical School. Loans outstanding, £27,439. 
Gas.— Page 462. Water.— Page 430. 


Mayor.— Alderman H. 8hlrley Jones. Town Clerk and Clerk to Urban Dis- 

Aldermen— P. Holyoake, J. Bradley, trict Council, &c— S. J. Tombs. 

G. Langford, H. 8. Jones. m , ,, . 

Councillors. — A. Harrison, Stephen Treasurer,- J, Hanson. 

Ha ? ri . 8 .;, Ta 7 lor ' S, ab £» You °S» Hall, Culley, Medical Officer.-P. A. Roden. 

T. Willis, Inett, E. Evans, S. J. Small, J. H. 

Humphryes. Surveyor and Inspector.— H. Hulse. 


(County Borough.) 
Population, 48,809 ; Rateable Value, £117,146 ; Area, 3,603 Acres. 
Dudley (Worcestershire) was incorporated in 1865. The town grew up round 
the old Castle, and is one of the highesb towns in England. The Town 
Council maintains a Public Library and a School of Art, small Art 
Gallery, and Technical School. It has also erected Public Baths at a cost 
of £10,000, and recently obtained an^ order for Electric Lighting, and 
has erected a generating station for Electric Lighting and power for the 
Tramways. The Water and Gas Supplies are in the hands of companies. 
Artisans' Dwellings.— Page 566. Electric Lighting.— rage 485. 


Mayor,— John Hughes. M. A. Messiter, J. Round, B. Smith, J. 

o » ** n it rn„ t,*„« Taylor, G. F. Thompson, D. Boliuson, T. W. 

Aldermew.-G. Bagott, G. H. Claughton, A( f 8headf F . w . Coo k, j. Foley, G. H. Wil- 

Gjtanger, J. Gaxratt. M. Smith, H. G. shire, J. O. Addenbrooke, F. Graaebrook, H. 

Walker. W.E. Walker, Hy. Bridgwater, J. K • A H# Hillmant j. ^ Hillman, B. C, 

Turner, G. H. Dunn. Theedam, R. G. Walker, G. Bean, G. J. 

Councillors.— T. Ashton, W. Brooks, T* Oartwrignt, J. Fullwood, J. Greaves, J. 

Chambers, S. Dando, C. Haynes, 8. C. Lloyd' Griffiths, D. J. Shedden. 

Digitized by CjOOQ IC 

"108 Municipal Year Book. 


Town Clerk and Clerk to the Urban Inspector of Weights and Measures 

District Council.— H. C. Brettell. and Inspector Under Food and Drugs 

Deputy Town Clerk.— J. S. Morris. Act.— T. C. Brown. 

Treasurer.— Gh Wilkinson. Veterinary Inspector.— A. Green. 

Medical Ojtficer.-J. H. Wilkinson, borough ANALYST.-Dr.Warmington. 

Surveyor.— John Gam mage. «w»wuw« a«*mb*. j^i.rfa*ui« U gw 

Acountant.— A. W. Harley. Librarian of Free Public Library.— 

Clerk to the Magistrates.— A. W. Bar- Mi8S Southall. 

radale. Secretary of Free Library.— J. F, 

Inspector of Nuisances, &c— J. Smart. Timmins. 


Population, 18,929 j Bateable Value, £65,578; Area, 1,263 Acres. 
Dukinfield, which received its charter in 1899, is a town of some 
antiquity. In the oldest maps extant Dukinfield is shown, and in Dooms- 
day Book reference is made to the town as in existence at that period. 
The town has almost unique railway facilities, having three railway 
stations, and is noted for the variety and extent of its trade. The princi- 
pal trade may be said to be the industry of cotton spinning, there being no 
fewer than thirteen large spinning mills in the district, representing, 
roughly, 650,000 swindles. Considerable sums of money have been spent 
in public undertakings. In Water the Council is partner in a joint scheme 
created by the Ashton-under-Lyne and District Joint Waterworks Act, 
1870. In Gas the Council is the proprietor of its own works. With regard 
to Sewage, the Council has been formed with the Corporation of Staly- 
bridge into a Joint Sewerage District, under the title of the Stalybridge 
and ^Dukinfield Joint Sewerage Board. The Council is also a Burial Board, 
holding, in conjunction with the Corporation of Ashton-under-Lyne (but 
within the Council's district), a large Cemetery, the expenditure on which 
is £9,000. The late Local Board established offices of its own so long ago 
as 1862. These offices proving too circumscribed for the present work 
of the Council, a new Town Hall has been erected, at a cost of about 
£15,000. During the last few years the Council has acquired a Free 
Library and Technical School land for a Public Park and Recreation 
Grounds, and has effected various other improvements of a like character. 
The Borough has joined with the neighbouring Boroughs of Stalybridge, 
Hyde, and Mossley in a joint system of Electric Tramways and Lighting, and 
a goint Tramway and Electricity Board has been formed under an Act of 
Parliament of 1901, The Alma Bridge, which crosses the River Tame and 
connects the Counties of Chester and Lancaster and the Boroughs of Dukin- 
field and Ashton-under-Lyne, is at present a toll-bridge in private hands. 
The Corporations of Dukinfield and Ashton-under-Lyne, with the co-opera- 
tion and financial assistance of the two County Councils, are promoting a 
Bill next Session for the acquistiion of the bridge by the Corporations and 
the abolition of the toll. 


Mayor. — Councillor William Edward Councillors. — Central Ward.- Joseph 

Wood, J.P. Bardsley, Albert Emmeit, James Grime, 

Aldermen.— James Bancroft, Abraham George Heathcote, James Dyson Hibbtrt, 

' Elce, Charles Stafford Hadneld, James Edwin Kenyon. East Ward :£. A. Clarke, 

Kerfoot, James Pickup, Henry Pra*t. Allen Howard, George MeFarlane, Samuel 

Digitized by CjOOQ IC 

Municipal Tear Booh 


Radcliffe. John Stafford, William Williams. 
West Ward -. William Henry Ash worth, 
James Avison, Jas. E. Barraclough, Joseph 
Cooke, Thomas Warhurst, Wm. E. Wood. 

Town Clebk.— Thos. Hodgetts Gordon, 

Bobough Subveyob.— Samuel Hague. 

Borough Oollbctob.— George Hague. 

Gas Engineeb.— Harrison Veevers, C.E. 

Medical Offices of Health.— J. B» 

Sanitary Inspectob.— J. Summerfleld. 

Borough Treasurer.— Thos. Hyslop, 

Borough Accountant and Committee 
Clebk.— Wm. Smith. 


Population, 5,147 ; Bateable Value, £17,20!) ; Abea, 452,572 Acres. 

Dunstable is an historical old town which received its first charter from 
King Henry in 1131, which was renewed under the Municipal Act in 
December, 1864. A separate Commission of the Peace was granted in 1866. 


Mayob.— A. E. Langridge. 

Aldebmen.— Charles Boskett, Walter 
Love, Alfred James Perkins, Arthur E. 

Councillors.— J. Swain, J. C. Johnson, 
Prank George, Francis Frederick White, 
Arthur William Nash, Fred T. Garrett, 

T. Cook, Edward Franklin, F. T. Scroggs, 
C. D. Lockhart, J. Field, H. A. French. 

Town Clebk.— C. C. S. Benning. 

Tbeasubeb.— W. I. Hawkins. 

Medical Officeb.— A. Morcom. 

Subveyob.— Frank Kelly. 

Clebk to School Attendance Com- 
mittee.— C. 0. S. Benning. 


Population, 14,641 ; Bateable Value, £54,319 ; Abea, 880 Acbes. 
DUBHAM is an old ecclesiastical city which received its early municipal 
privileges from the Bishop. It was governed under Bishop Matthew's 
charter from 1602 to 1770, when Bishop Egerton granted a new charter, 
which continued in force until 1834, when the city passed under the 
Municipal Corporations Act. The City Council owns markets which (with 
proceeds from fairs) brought in a revenue of £142. Baths and Wash- 
Houses are also maintained, the receipts from which were £346 for the year 
ending 31st March, 1900, and the expenditure (exclusive of principal and 
interest and sinking fund investments), £631. In addition to the above 
undertakings the chief items for expenditure were : Police (excluding 
principal and interest), £1,744 ; Hospital, £101 ; Lighting, £1,080; Main- 
tenance and Improvement, £1,795 ; Scavenging (excluding horses), £1,704. 


Mayob.— Councillor B. T. Herring. 

Aldebmen.— I. Battensby, Wm. Sander- 
son, E. Jepson, C. Bowlandson, Balph 
Charlton, T. Coates. 

Councillobs.— William Gray, G. P. Blag- 
don, James Todd, Thomas Colpitts, T. J. 
Tomlinson, William Thwaites, S. Fenny, A. 
Pattison, J. T. Boyd, O. Caidc-leugh. A. E. 
Ferens, J. Brownless, jun., G. H. Procter, 

W.H. Ferens, C.ThwaitesJun., F. B. Jevons, 
Bobert T. Herring, James Moves. 

Becobdeb.— F. J. Greenwell. 

Town Clebk.— F. MarshalL 

Tbeasubeb.— C. H. Backhouse. 

Accountant.— Thos. Smith. 

Medical Officeb.— A. M. Vann. 

Subveyob and Sanitaby Inspector — 
John T. P?gge. 

Head Constable.— John Smith. 

Digitized by CjOOQ IC 

110 Municipal Year Bock. 


Population, 33,040 ; Bateablk Valve, £244,000. Area, 3,225 Acres. 
Ealing received its Charter of Incorporation in July, 1901, and the first 
Council was elected in November last. Considerable enterprise has been 
exhibited in municipal affairs in this borough. The Council has established 
Electric Lighting Works, and since their introduction the plant and station 
have been almost doubled. A large scheme for surface drainage has just 
been completed. The sewage is deodorised near the electric lighting works 
and the effluent water is used for condensing purposes. The Council pos- 
sesses a fine Town Hall, a Public Library, an Art and Technical School, 
Public Baths, Wash-Houses, and Isolation Hospital. Walpole Park and 
Mansion House, with an area of thirty acres, were recently purchased for 
the purpo-esof public recreation. The estate adjoins the Lammas Parle, 
purchased fifteen years ago, giving an entire acreage of some sixty acres, 
at an expenditure of £50,000. The average death rate for seven years has 
been 9*94. 
Electric Lighting.— Page 485. 


Mayor.— Alderman H. C. Green, J.P., 0. Hulbert, J. B. Johnson, Col. Menzieg, H. 

C.C. W. Peal, E. 0. Bayers, B. P. Sidley, 0. Steel, 

Aldermen.— H. C. Green, J.P., C.C, F. G. Taylor, Maj. St. J. Taylor, H. S. Simp- 

Adamson, T. Drew-Bear, D. A. Griffin son. 

(Deputy Mayor), H. Kasner, A. T. Tyer. Town Clerk and Solicitor.— W. Buston. 

Councillors.— H. Armriding, W. J. Engineer and Surveyor. — C. Jones, 

Bailey, T. K. Bowley, J. Box, Hi Brampton, M.Inst.C.E. 

G. 0. Parr, T. S. Hardman, W. Hedges, M. Medical Officer.— C. A. Polten. 


Population 43,337 ; Bateable Value, £369,145; Area, 5,410 Acres. 
Eastboubne is comparatively a new town, and a prosperous one. It has 
doubled its population since 1881. It obtained a Charter of Incorporation 
in 1883, and a separate Commission of the Peace in 1896. The town is famous 
for its pretty and well-kept streets, and as a fashionable health resort. 
The Corporation has, at much expense, provided an excellent system of 
drainage. The Water Supply is obtained from wells, and is in the hands 
of a private company. The Gas Supply is also in the hands of a private 
company, but the Electric Light undertaking is under the control of the 
Corporation. The Corporation has spent large sums of money in making 
the sea-front attractive, and in providing for the recreation of visitors. 
It maintains a well-equipped Sanatorium for dealing with all cases of 
infectious diseases. It provides Allotments for working-men which bring 
in a rental of £107 a year. It maintains a number of Pleasure Grounds, 
and also has a Municipal Band throughout the year. Refuse is destroyed 
chiefly by a destructor. The Corporation owns property from which it 
draws £1,175 a year in ground rents. The Public Libraries Act was adopted 
in 1896, and the Council is now considering plans for the erection of a 
new Technical Institute, Free Library, &c, on the site presented to the 
Borough by his Grace the Duke of Devonshire. The Council has acquired 
82 acres of land for the purposes of a Public Park and Recreation Ground. 

Digitized by CjOOQ IC 

Municipal Yettr Book. 


Electric LiGHTiNG.-^Page 485. 

General Statistics.— The ex- 
penditure under the Borough Fund 
amounts to £16,830, including 
£6,410 for Police, £3,430 salaries, 
£2,781 Town Hall. On the Techni- 
cal Education Fund Account the ex- 
penditure was £1,556. The expendi- 
ture under the General District Fund 

amounts to £55,492,including £10,520 
highways, £1,462 sanitation, £1,560 
sanatorium, £196 Langney Hospi- 
tal, £97 Acacia Villa Hospital, £529 
fire brigade, £3,699 sewers, £2,564 
pleasure grounds, &c, £2 ? 963 re- 
moval of refuse, £5,519 public light- 
ing, £931 refuse destructor. 
Telephones.— Page 412. 


Mayor.— Alderman N. Strange. 

Aldermen.— W. H. Burt, W. Pccock, E. 
Duke, H. Sutton, J. T. Wen ham, J. Welch. 

Councillors.— T. Bennett, B. Bradford, 
O. Breach, R.Climpson, J. Duke, J. Eden, 
Wm. Francis, G. O'Brien Harding, J. Easter, 
A. C. Hillman,' B. G. Lambert, A. H. Maude, 
M. Martin, A. B. Main, J. McCann, F. 
Hollins, W. Newman, J. Rawles, T. B. 
Howe, W. Sharp, 0. P. Simmons, A. B. 
Steward, J. 0. Towner, J. White, J. C. 

Town Clerk.— H. W. Fovargue. 

Treasurer.— H. P. Molineux. 

Medical Officer of Health, Police 
Surgeon, Ac— W. Ot. Willoughby, M.D. 

Engineer.— R. M. Gloyne, A. M.Inst. C.E. 

Accountant and Registrar of Stock: 
(Third Issue).— J. Allcock, F.S.A.A. 

Chief Constable.— Major B. J. J. Teale. 

Collector of Rates — F. Holdsworth. 

Building Surveyor.— W. C. Field. 

Electrical Engineer. — J. Kempe 
Brydges. A.M.I.C.E., A.M.I.E.E. 


Population 12,340 ; Rateable Value, £34,149 ; Area., 4,660 Acres. 

The Borough of East Retford has still an Honorary Recorder, whose exist- 
ence is a reminder of the old jurisdiction in the hands of the Corporation, 
which stopped at nothing short of hanging. The property owned hy the 
Corporation brought last year a revenue of £727. From the Town Hall and 
Corn Exchange £242 was received ; from the Markets and Shambles, £418. 
The Gas Supply yields an annual net profit of £1,000 ; the Water Under- 
taking is also successful. The Council maintains Public Baths at a cost of 
£150. Total expenditure under the Borough Fund last year £ 1, 1 96; under the 
District Fund, £5,582. The Council is now carrying out a scheme of Drain- 
age and Sewage Disposal Works at a cost of between £40,000 and £50,000. 
Gas.— Page 463. Water.— Page 431. 


Mayor.— J. W. Holmes. 

Aldermen.— T. Bescoby, T. W. Denman, 
J. W. Holmes, P. Tomliuson, G. Marshall, 
F. Huntsman. 

Councillors.— C. Butler, S. Thurman, W. 
Clayton, J. Thornton, W. Barlow, J. Pish, GK 
W. Doe, W. Ostick, 8. Pegler, H. Spencer, 
J. Walker, P. Broadbery, T. L. Hollely, 

G. Thomson, A* Marshall, J. Peatfield, E. 

Town Clerk and Clerk to District 
Council.— S. Jones. 

Treasurer.— J. H. Lambert. 

Borough Surveyor.— J. D. Kennedy. 

Medical Officer.— J. Housley. 

Gas and Water Engineer.— J. B. Fen- 

Digitized by CjOOQ IC 


Municipal Year Book. 


Population, 34,369; Rateable Value, £135,074; Area, 2,008 Acres. 
Until 1892 Eceles was governed by a Local Board, but obtained a charter 
of incorporation in that year. Eceles obtains its Water Supply from 
Manchester, and its Gas from Salford. The Corporation owns the 
Tramways and Electricity Supply undertakings. The Tramways are 
worked by the Salford Corporation. The Council maintains a Fire Brigade, 
two Recreation Grounds, Public Baths, Cemetery, Sewage Farm, Town's 
Yard, and a Market. There is no Free Public Library. Hospital accom- 
modation is obtained at Salford by agreement. The Town Refuse is 
partly disposed of by " tipping " and partly sold as manure. Sewage is 
disposed of on the farm by irrigation without previous chemical treatment. 

Baths.— Income last year, £206 ; ture under Borough Fund, j£6,087, 
expenditure, £772, including in- * ~ 

teres t and repayment on loan, £267. 

Cemetery. — Income for year 
(March, 1901), £734 ; expenditure, 
£1,751, including £545 on loan. 

Electric Lighting.— Page 485. 

Gas.— Page 463. 

Statistics.— Poor Rate (including 
Borough Rate of 8d.), Is. lOd. in the 
£ ; District Rate, 3s. lOd. Expendi- 

including Police, £1,683 ; Techni- 
cal Instruction, £974 ; Tramways, 
£1,137. District Fund expenditure, 
£29,706; Public Health, £1,993; 
Cleansing, £2,556 ; Highways De- 
partment, £8,724 ; Lighting, £2,014 ; 
Fire Brigade, £716 ; Sewage Dis- 
posal, £5,090. 

Tramways.— Patje 533. 

Water.— Page 431. 


Mayor.— William Dodson Kendall. 

Aldermen.— J. P. Wilkinson, 8. Mellor, 
W. Holland, R. Spary, W. D. Kendall, 
N. Parr. 

Councillors.— C. E.Hindley, W. Brough- 
ton, J. R. Plews, J. Clarke, F. Oldtield, W. 
Corner, jun., A. B. Wimpory, W. Pearson, G. 
Thompson, T. Grindle. J. Schofleld, F. G 
Smith, J. Cunningham, J. Chadderton, G. 
Mort, W. J. Nuttall, J. Irlam, J. Kershaw. 


Town Clerk.— W. H. Hickson. 

Medical Officer.— W. M. Hamilton. 

Treasurer.— F. Leech. 

Borough Surveyor.— T. S. Picton. 

Electrical Engineer.— H. W. Angus. 

Accountant.— A. T. M. Russell. 

Committee Clerk.— E. Parkes. 

Sanitary Inspectors.— C. W. Laskey and 

. Laws. 

Sewage Farm Manager.— G. W. Willis. 

School Attendance Officer.— J. Lewis. 


Population, 7,101 ; Rateable Value, £26,500 ; Area, 2,265 Acres. 
Evesham is an old town, and is now becoming to some extent a summer 
holiday resort owing to the excellent boating on the River Avon. The 
Corporation owns the Markets and Gas and Water Supplies. The total 
expenditure under the Borough Fund last year was £419, and under the 
District Fund, £4,289. Water, £1,501; Roads, £1,552. The Corporation 
has a Public Library, upon which it last year spent £224; and £206 
was expended on Technical Education. 
Gas.— Page 463. Water.— Page 431. 


Mayor — <3K Hughes. Councillors.— H. Byrd, C. P. Cox, H. 

w w x> «« w n-^™ Field, J. Bracher, W. A. Fisher, G. Hughes, 
Aldermen.-W. W. Brown, W. Gardner, w Masters G . N ' ew% H . Smith, J. L. FeTton 
E. D. Lowe, I. Moms. j T> wmiamg, j. H . Matthews. 

Digitized by CjOOQ IC 

Municipal Year Book. 113 

To ww Clerk and Clerk to District Surveyor and Watei: Works Manager, 

Council.— Thomas A. Cox. — R. C. Maw son. 
Treasurer. — G. Hogarth. Medical Officer.— G . II. Fosbroke. 

Manager of Gas Works.— P. H. Fletcher. Inspector.— H. S. B ar vey. 


Population, 46,940; Eateable Value, £238,867 ; Area, 3,158 Acres. 
Exeter (Devon) is an old city and county, and has enjoyed peculiar muni- 
cipal privileges, a reminder of some of which still exists in the Provost Court 
and in the City Sheriff. There are rich municipal charities in the city ; 
the Corporation maintains a Free Library and Museum, a Technical and 
University Extension College, City Asylum, Markets, Cemeteries, Elec- 
tricity Undertaking, and the Water Supply. The income from, market 
tolls last year was £3,000, and from rents of corporate property, £2,100. 
The administration under the Borough Fund last year cost £34,560, and 
under the District Fund, £44,000. Loans outstanding amount to £266,962. 
The Conservators of the Exe are the Corporation. 

Electric Lighting.— Page 486. Markets.— Receipts, £3,022 lis. 

Technical Instruction.— Re- lOd. ; expenditure (including interest 
ceipts for year ending March 25th, on debt, £881, and dividends on 
1901, were £2,914 15s. 7d. (including original mortgages, £952 8s. 6d.), 
a grant of £507 10s. 5d. from the £2,623. 
Science and Art Department) ; expen- Water. — Page 431. 

diture, £2,419. 


Mayor.— Albert Edward Dunn. J. Courtney, G. F. Gratwicke, S. T. Herbert, 

Sheriff.— Theophilus Knap man. E. J. Domville, W. Hawke, F. G. Hodson, J. 

Aldermen.— R. Bradley, T. Knapman, Jerman, W. Jarman, P. Kelland, J. A. 

R. R. M. Daw, W. H. Dunn, W. R. Mallett, Lucas, T. Linscott, J. A. Loram, T. Howard, 

A. McOrea, W. H. Reed, C. E. Rowe, R. H. J. Munro, A. T. Oliver, W. H. Oliver, J. 

Pople, W. Priug, J. Tucker, H. B. Varwell, Pulsford, J. Peters, E. C. Perry, C. J. Roes, 

H. Yeo, W. Wreford. F. G. Mansfield, T. B. Rowe, H. Tolson, R. 

Councillors.— C. Baker, J. Bates, C.Cole, C. Upright, J. Stokes, C. T. K. Roberts, E. 

W. L. Brown, J.E.Daw, A. E. Dunn(Mayor), Turner, J. Stocker, C. M. Taylor, F. J. 

H. Campion, J. Campfieid, R. M. Challice, Widgery, H. E. West, J. Wilson. 


Town Clerk. Registrar of Provost Electrical Engineer.— H. D. Munro. 

Court, Clerk to City Council, Clerk of Chief Constable.— R. L. Williams. 

the Peace, and Clerk to Visiting Com- Medical Officers.— J. Woodman, G. T. 

mittee, Exeter Asylum— G. R. Shorto. Clapp, J. Mackeith, E. A. Brash, C. J. 

Treasurer.— W. G. Rogers. Vlieland. 

Fihaxce CLEKK.-8. Snodgra.,. B.8c" YST "* *" to8PECT0R - T - »*". 

Surveyor.— D. Ca meron. Inspector of Nuisances.— W. J. Wreford . 

Deputy Surveyor.— T. Moulding. Free Library Librarian.— F. R. Rowley 


Population, 2,004 ; Rateable Value, £7,952 ; Area, 4,323 Acres. 
Eye can trace its municipal history back to the reign of King John, The 
town came under the Municipal Corporations Act on the passing of that 
measure. The Corporation draws about £230 gross from corporate property. 
It owns the Corn Exchange, from which a revenue of about £50 is drawn. 
The principal items of expenditure last year were : Highways and Surveyor's 
Department, £500 ; Lighting, £110. 

Digitized by CjOOQ IC 


Municipal Tear Book. 


Mayor.— Charles Tacon. 

Aldermen.— Charles Taoon,H.W.Cullum, 
E. H. Peck, J. F. Page. 

Councillors.— Harry I. Neale, William 
Roper, Samuel Eose, William Wei ham, 
Harry W. Gedny, William Short, Harold 
Warnes,"! Henry Bix, Charles Beales, Henry 
Havers, Chas.Wm. Harper. 

Town Clerk.— Francis Woolnough. 

Treasurer.— Frederic Whaite. 

Medical Officer of Health. — Dr. 

Surveyor and Inspector of Nuisances. 
—Walter H. Hammond. 

School Attendance Officer.— Walter 
II. Hammond, 

Chamberlain of Moor,— (Vacant). 


Population, 11,773 ; Bateabls Value, £40,755 ; Area, 857 Acres. 
Falmouth received its first charter in 1661. The borough was extended 
in 1892. Formerly the chief Packet Station in the Kingdom, it has come 
into greater prominence during the past few years as a health resort. It 
is also largely used as a port of call for ships. The Town Council main- 
tains Markets, Free Library, Landing Piers, and Bathing Beaches. 
Application has been, made to the Board of Trade for a Provisional Order 
to extend the Piers. A new Sewerage Scheme is to be carried out at a 
cost of £20,000. Gas and Water Supplies are by companies. Application 
is also being made this Session by a private company to supply electric 
power throughout Cornwall. 


Mayor.— Dr. Wm. Banks. 

Aldermen.— Wm. Banks, F. J. Bowles, 
T. J. Pye, W. P. Dunning. 

Councillors.— B. Williams, 0. Rusden, 
J. W. Buckley, W. M. Harrison, J. Grose, E. 
A. Banks, A. Bice, A. W. Chard, H. L. 
Owen, H. V. Miller, W. C. Bullen, H. Liddi- 

Town Clerk and Clerk to Urban 
Sanitary Authority.— Edward E. Armi- 

Treasurer.— T. B. Grylls. 

Surveyor.— W. H. Tressider. 

Inspector of Nuisances.— H. Eelway. 

Assistant Inspector of Nuisances.— D. 

Medical Officer.— W. K. Bullmore. 

Accountant.— A. Skinner. 

Collectors.— J. E. Corlyon, E. Moseley. 

Clerk to Justices. — Edward E. Armi- 

Librarian.— B. H. Brenton. 


Population, 11,290 ; Rateable Value, £49,344 ; Area, 681 Acres. 
Fa versham is an old town which is mentioned in Saxon and early Norman 
records. It received a number of charters, the earliest one in existence 
being that granted by Henry III. Gas and Water Supplies are provided 
by private companies. The Corporation acts as a Port Sanitary Authority. 
The total expenditure under the Borough Fund last year was £964, and 
under the District Fund, £8,217. The amount of loans outstanding is 


Mayor.— F. Austin. 

Aldermen. — C. Holmes, H. B. Child, 
F. Johnson, C. Smith. 

Councillors. — F. Austin, E. Chambers, 
C. Cremer, T. Gillett, W. W. Shilling, G. 
Pordage, jun.,W. C. B. Jackson, E. L. Smith, 
J. Smith, B. Bogers, E. Knowles. 

Becorder.— G. E. Dering. 

Town Clerk and Clerk of the Peace* 
— F. F. Giraud. 

Treasurer and Clerk to Magistrates. 

A. Tassell. 

Port Inspector of Nuisances.— W. 

Medical Officer.— Dr. Evers. 

School Attendance Officer.— C E, 

Borough Surveyor, Inspector of 
Nuisances, and Inspector of Petro- 
leum.— E. Pover. 

Digitized by CjOOQ IC 

Municipal Year Book. 115 


Population, 4,622 ; Bateable Value, £23,741 ; Area, 3,333 Acres. 

Flint — an old borough — was reformed by the Municipal Corporations 
Act. The Corporation held a good deal of land until a few years ago, 
when it was sold. 


Mayor.— T. W. Hushes. Town Clerk and Clerk to District 

Aldermen.— J. Hall, T. W. Hughes, J. L. Council.— H. Taylor. 

Muspratt. 8. K. Muspratt. Treasurer.— E. Thomas. 

Councillors.— S. Davies, B. J. Hughes, aw»~»™» xx r>™«>~ 

J. B>an, S. Wilkinson. B. Harrison. B. Surveyor -H. Owen 

Boberts, E". A. Hughes, R. Jones, 0. B. Dy- Medical Officer.— J. H. Williams. 

son, M. S. Bogers, A.B.Lloyd, Henry Powell. Inspector.— W. E. Bithell. 


Population, 30,690; Katkable Value, £231,000 ; Area, 2,481 Acres. 
Folkestone is sharing in the prosperity which the increased railway and 
shipping traffic of the port brings, and the Corporation is showing great 
enterprise in meeting the needs of the town. The South-Eastern Railway 
has nearly completed the enlargement of its harbour. Large schemes for 
sea defence works and improvements in connection therewith are being 
proceeded with, also drainage works. Street improvements and the 
acquiring of a site for a Town's Yard are either under consideration or 
being proceeded with. The Corporation has recently purchased a large 
site in the centre of the town for the purpose of Municipal Offices, &c. 
An Electric Lighting Order has been obtained and transferred to a 
company, which is now supplying electricity for public and private 
lighting. The Corporation obtained last Session an Act for increasing the 
number of members of the Council and a Provisional Order for construction 
of Tramways. 

Abtisans' Dwellings.— P. 555. Refuse and Sewage.— Refuse is 
Baths.— The Corporation has sold to contractors for £200 a year, 
adopted the Act, and possesses and sewage is discharged into the sea. 
Public Baths at Foord, which cost Technical Instbuction.— The 
upwards of £5,954. The buildings Corporation has erected substantial 
contain sixteen slipper baths for men Schools of Science and Art, and last 
and ten for women. Receipts for year received £640 from the County 
year ending March 31st, 1901, £250; Council for purposesof general tech- 
expenditure £465. nical instruction. Receipts for the 
f7 * _. year, £1,264 ; expenditure (includ- 
Electbic LlGHTlNG.-Page 486. ing interest and loans £578), £1,304. 
Fbee Public Libbaby. — The Telephones.— Page 412. 
expenditure last year in connection Genebal Statistics. — Rates: 
with the Free Library and Museum, General Rate, 3s. 2d. in the £ ; 
which is part of the Public Library Borough Rate, Is. 2d., and the 
building, was £1,247. For this pur- Poor Rate, 2s. 8d. in the £. Cost 
pose £869 (a penny rate) was re- of Police, £4,289 17s. 9d. ; Fire 
ceived from the Borough Fund, and Brigade, £1,412 12s. 2d. ; Lighting, 
£419 from the Urban District Fund. £5,592 Is. lid. Debt outstanding, 
Total receipts, £1,370. £108,746 15s, Id, 

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Municipal Year Book. 


Mayor.— The Earl of Radnor. 

Aldermen.— Messrs. Banks, Salter, Spur- 
gen, Penfold, Baker, Vaugnan, Dunk. 

Councillors. — West Ward : Messrs. 
Hamilton, Michell, Ramell, Anderson, Hall, 
Sherwood, Carpenter, Peffer, Saunders. 
East Ward : Messrs. Bettle, Payer, Jones, 
Marsh, Kirby, Pope. North Ward : Messrs. 
Fagg, Jenner, Gambrill, Peden, Clading- 
bowl, Eingsmill. 

Recorder.— J. C. L. Coward. 

Town Clerk.— A. P. Kidson. 

Chief Clerk.— T. Wilkinson. 

Clerk of the Peace.— W. H. Harrison* 

Surveyor.— A. B. Nichols, A.M.IC.E. 

Accountant.— A. Moat. 

Medical Officer.— Marcus Gr. Yunge 

Sanitary Inspector.— J. Pearson. 

Clerk to Magistrates.— H. B. Bradley. 

Coroner.— Q-. W. Haines. 

Inspector of Weights and Measures.— 
W. T. Gosling. 

Chief Constarlb.— Harry Reeve. 

Lihrarian.— S. &. Hills. 

Bate Collector.— F. Frauds. 


(County Borough.) 

Population, 109,898 ; Rateable Value, £375,675 ; Area, 3,133 Acres. 
Gateshead (Durham) has been increasing rapidly in population during the 
last forty years. During the last decennial period the population increased 
by 24,206. Jn the eleventh century Gateshead became a borough, and 
about 11 64 received a confirmatory and enlarging charter from Bishop Pudsey, 
as Count Palatine, giving to the Burgesses the same rights and liberties as 
were enjoyed by the Burgesses of Newcastle, with free passage within the 
liberties of the Palatinate for their merchandise, clear of all dues and 
exactions. Bishop Tunstall in 1557 incorporated the Company of Glovers, 
Bishop Matthew in 1602 several other trades, and Bishop Cosin in 1661 
united the whole in one Corporation. The Common Seal of the Borough of 
Gateshead is referred to in a charter so far back as the 20th year of the 
reign of Edward IV., i.e., in 1480. The town was incorporated as a 
Municipal Borough in 1835, when it received a separate Commission of 
the Peace. The Gas and Water Supplies and the Electric Tramways (over- 
head trolley system) are in the hands of private companies. The Town 
Council owns a quay which brought in an income of £819 last year, and 
the expenditure in connection with which was £434. It maintains Baths 
and W ash-Houses, Cemeteries, Public Park and Recreation Grounds, and 
Public Libraries. The Corporation is represented on the River Tyne 
Commission, the Tyne Port Sanitary Authority, and the Tyne Conservancy. 

Baths and Wash-Houses.— The £495, and the expenditure £824, of 

Corporation maintains large baths 
and wash-houses at Oakwellgate, 
and baths at Mulgrave Terrace. 
The total cost of the former was 
£8,563, and the latter £4,882. Last 
year 54,500 one-hour tickets were 
sold for the wash-houses at Oak- 
wellgate, and 2,048 persons used the 
baths. The receipts at this establish- 
ment were £335. The expenditure, 
including £231 interest and sinking 
fund charges, was £732. The num- 
ber of bathers at Mulgrave Terrace 
Paths was 36,470, the receipts being 

which £267 was for interest and 
sinking: fund instalment. 

Cemetery. — The receipts in 
connection with the cemetery last 
year were £3,164, of which £1,284 
came from the penny Burial Rate. 
The expenditure was £3,085. 

Free Public Library.— The 
Public Library was erected and 
supplied with books at a total cost 
of £7,857. The receipts for the year 
ending March 31st, 1901, including 
£1,356 for the Library Rate, were 
£1,506, and the expenditure £1,489. 

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Municipal , Year Book. 


General Statistics.— Rates : 
Borough Kate, lid. in the £ ; 
General District Rate, 2s. 8d. in the 
£ ; Burial Rate, Id. in the £ ; Public 
Librarv Rate, Id. in the £ ; School 
Board Rate, Is. 2d. in the £. Cost of 

Police, £6,225 ; Fire Brigade, £304 ; 
Highways, £5,086 ; Sewage ? £935 ; 
Scavenging, £13,276 ; Lighting, 
£5,94G; Sheriff Hill Hospital, 


Mayor.— Alexander Gillies, J.P. 

Aldermen.— L. H. Armour, Bewick Road ; 
William dough, 2, The Crescent ; W. H. 
Dunn, 1, Belle Vue Terrace ; J. G-reen, 
Wellington Street; T. L. Hall, Belgrave 
Terrace; EdwM Henderson. Vernon Gar- 
dens ; £. S. Hindmarsh, Gladstone Terrace ; 
George Patterson, Noble Terrace; L. T. 
Penman, Gladstone Terrace ; J. T. Scott, 
Richmond Terrace. 

Councillors.— Robert Affleck, Bloom- 
field ; John Brennan, Ashleigh, Eel) field 
Avenue, Low Fell ; W.Carr, 16,The Crescent ; 
W. J. Costelloe, 17, Oxford Terrace ; James 
Cleary, 123, Derwentwater Road ; John 
Chipchase, 17, West Parade, Newcastle; 
Wm. Anderson Coxon, 181, Coatsworth 
Road ; Joseph Titus Corking, 42, Jackson 
Street ; James Kershaw, George Ellis, 
12, Queen's Terrace; Robert Elliott, Albert 
Drive, Low Fell; F. J. Finn, 4, Summer- 
hill, Blaydon ; Alexander Gillies, Ravens- 

worth Terrace ; J. E. Gowland, 44 Walker 
Terrace, North ; Daniel Hodkin, Carr Hill ; 
M. F. Muse, Durham Road, Low Fell; 
Tom Peacock, 1, Ord Street; R. Dow son. 
Borough Cottage, Half Moon Lane ; Nicholas 
Temperley, 4, Carlton Terrace, Low Fell ; 
John Tnubron, 12, Bensham Crescent; 
John Todd, 2, Abbey Terrace ; W. De Lancey 
Willson, Enfield ; James Wood, Sheriff Hill 
House; E. McKeown, 102, St. James Road ; 
John Ross, Park Terrace; G. Gilhespy, 
Bewick Road; John Leonard Watson, Wil- 
berforce Terrace ; J. W. Laws, Brandling 
Street ; W. E. Wardill, 1, West Street. 

Chairmen of Committees. — Watch, 
The Mayor ; Cemetery, Alderman Dunn ; 
Town Hall, Alderman Clough ; Park, Alder- 
man Henderson ; Quay and Railway Accom- 
modation, Councillor Finn ; Town'lmprove- 
ment, Councillor Affleck ; Health and Sani- 
tary, Alderman Hindmarsh ; Finance, 
Alderman L. T. Penman ; Parliamentary, 
Councillor Temperley. 


Town Clerk.— William Swinburne. 

Borough Treasurer. — Frank Winter. 

Borough Surveyor.— James Bower, C.E. 

Medical Officer of Health.— Reginald 
Green, M.D., D.Hy. 

Public Analysts.— John Pattinson, 
F.I.C., and Hugh Salvin Pattinson, Ph.D., 

Committee Clerk and Mayor's Secre- 
tary.— T. Pike. 

Rate Collector.— David Darling Main. 

Chief Constable.— James Trotter. 

Inspector of Nuisances.— William Jours. 

Superintendent of Cemetery.— George 

Librarian. — Henry Edward Johnston. 

Master of School of Art.— William 
Fitzjames White. 

Quay Master.— Nicholas Hutchinson. 

Inspector of Weights and Measures.— 
Samuel Cooper. 

Superintendent of Scavenging De- 
partment. — Maurice Conuell. 


Population, 4,016; Rateable Value, £22,798; Assessable Value, £13,805; 
Area, 4,802 Acres. 

Glastonbury was incorporated as a modern town in 1835. It had pre- . 
viously held charters. The Water Supply is under the control of the Corpora- 
tion. The town also has established Allotments. The Burial Board has not 
been absorbed, but is now managed by a Joint Committee elected by the 
Town Council and the Parish of Sharpham. District Rate, 2s. 8d. in the£. 
The receipts under the Urban District Council last year were f 3,393, and tii? 

Digitized by CjOOQ IC 


Municipal Year Book. 

expenditure £3,480. The Corporation, in July 1901, acquired the under- 
taking of the Glastonbury Gas and Coke Company. 
Water. —Page 433. refuse is burned, and the sewage is 

Refuse and Sewage. — The disposed of on a farm. 


Mayor.— Samuel James Hulbert. 

Aldermen.— T. S. Bath, J. Morland, J. A. 
Porch, J. Baily. 

Councillors.— W. F. Biggin, J. Bishop, 
H. Hawkins, H. 8. Baily. 8. J. Hulbert, M. 
H. Stead. J. Merrick, M. J. Doidge, B. 
Goddard, W. Nixon, R. T. Gould, W. Hodge. 

Town Clerk.— S. Austin. 
Treasurer.— V. Stuck ey. 
Surveyor, &c— G. Alves. 

Medical Officer of Health.— A. A. 
Collector.— T. J. Hann. 


Population 21,526 ; Rateable Value, £61,039 ; Area, 3,033 Acres. 

Glossop became a Municipal Borough in 1866. The town maintains the 
Water Supply, and has established Baths and a Free Public Library. 

cost of Technical Instruction last 
year was £556. 

Water.— Page 433. 

General Statistics. — General 
District Rate, 3s. 6d. in the £ ; Pool- 
Rate (Borough, with Library, Watch 
and Technical Instruction Rates), 
2s. 9d. in the £. Cost of Police, 
£2,394; Lighting, £1,224; Sanitation; 
£1,424; Infectious Diseases Hos- 

?ital, £618 ; Wood's Hospital, £855 ; 
*ark, £262; Highways and Main 
Roads, £4,640 ; Sewage Works and 
Disposal, £5,674. 

Baths. — The income from the 
baths last year was £188, and the 
expenditure £393, £317 of which 
was for wages and coal. 

Free Public Libraries.— The 
expenditure in connection with the 
Free Public Library last year was 
£224. The Act was adopted in 1888. 

Refuse and Sewage. — Town 
refuse is taken to tiptf. Sewage out- 
fall works are near completion. 

Technical Instruction. — The 


Mayor.— Samuel Hill Wood. 

Deputy Mayor.— J. Barnes. 

Aldermen. — Edward Woolley, Samuel 
Rowbottom, William Dawson, John Barnes, 
Benjamin Piatt, F. Rigge. 

Councillors. — All Saints' Ward: 
A. Sidebottom, Henry Hadfield, B. Furniss, 
James Malkin, F. G. Knowles, G. Olleren- 
shaw. St. James's Ward : Alfred 
Garside, Samuel H.Wood, William Hold- 
gate, Herbert Partington, William McMel- 
Fon, Edward Partington. Hadfield 
Ward : William Sargentson, George Thorn- 
ley, Thomas Braddock, Wm. Greaves, Wm. 
Alfred Martin, John J. Whelan. 

Town Clerk and Clerk to Urban 
Sanitary Authority. — Theo. Waller 

Treasurer.— T, T. Kenyon, 

Assistant Borough Treasureb.— T. S. 

Surveyor.— T. Haynes. 

Chief Constable.— J. G. Hodgson. 

Inspector of Nuisances.— Samuel Dane. 

Medical Officer of Health.— D. J. 

School Attendance Officer. — T. 

Water Inspector.— John Garner. 

Librarian.— Miss Warhurst. 

Inspectors under Diseases of ani- 
mals. — J. G. Hodgson and J. Cooper. 

Veterinary Surgeon.— E. S. Gubbin, 

Superintendent of Fire Brigade.— 
J. G. Hodgson. 

District Rate Collector.— 8. Fletcher, 

Water Rate Collector.— T. TJield, 

Bath Attendant.— 5 '. Whitehead. 

Park Keeper.— P. Rowbottom. 

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Municipal Fear Book. 1 IK 


(County Borough.) 
Population, 47,943 ; Rateable Value, £205,856 ; Area, 2,321 Acres. 
Gloucester is a city with a great history and an important municipal 
record. It received special charters from Henry II., John, Richard III. 
(who made it a county), and other monarchs. The city has many fine old 
buildings, hut has lately been obliged to transfer the headquarters of the Cor- 
poration from the historic Tosley to an excellent new Guildhall, erected 
at a cost of £33,830. The Markets hare always been under the control of 
the Corporation, which also owns the Water Works, haying acquired them 
in 1854. There is also a Municipal Cemetery. The income from rents 
and dues is £2,735 a year, exclusive of £2,902 in market rents. Public 
Baths were established in 1891. The city is now witnessing consider- 
able municipal activity. Extensive additions have been made to the 
Municipal Technical Schools, and a Public Library was completed 
and opened in May, 1900. The cattle market has been extended. The 
Corporation has established Electricity Works (opened in June, 1900) at 
a cost of £54,383— exclusive of site, which belonged to Corporation. 
A Refuse Destructor in connection with the Electricity Works, has 
now been erected. The additional Corporation Water Works, costing 
£45,000, are now in complete working order, and providing a very ample 
and excellent supply of water. There is a puolic park with pleasure 
grounds having an area of over twenty acres. The total expenditure under 
the Borough Fund was last year £26,502, and under the District Fund, 
£38,298. JDebt outstanding, £190,003. 

Baths.— The city has a good set Technical Education. — The 

of baths, including two swimming museum and technical schools are 

baths, private baths, and Turkish now under municipal arrangements, 

baths. Cost of buildings and site, The classes are attended bv over 

£14,401. a thousand people. The County 

Cemetery. — Receipts, £838 ; ex- Council has also schools for cookery, 

penditure, £1,118. dairying, and domestic economy. 

Electric Light.— Page 486. 

Markets,— Cattle Market re- Water.— Page 433. 
ceipts, £1,549 ; expenditure (exclu- 
sive of loans), £907. East Gate General Statistics. — Police, 
Market receipts, £1,049 ; payments, £3,455 ; Scavenging, £4,246 ; Street 
£344. Corn Exchange receipts, Lighting, £3,554, Parks, £613; 
£380 ; expenditure, £231. Street Maintenance, £5,562. 


Mayor.— Samuel Bland. Councillors. — Karn, Treasure, Clutter- 

Sheriff.— John fiowe Pope. buck, Peters, J. Clarke, Madge, C. Gh 

Ex-Mayor.— Albert Buchanan. Clark, Reardon, Goddard, Hat ton, Gurney, 

Deputy Mayor.— W. Langley-Smith. Eice, Dr. Hadwen, Holbrook, Poole, 

Aldermen.— Allen, Hoi tarn, Blinkhorn, Packer, Waddy, Birchall, Brown, Bruton, 

Baker, Fielding, Hardman, Hart land, Estcourt, Fream, Matthews, Simmonds, 

Hume, Lea, Sessions. Johnston. Vaughan, Morris. 


Town Clerk.— G. Sheffield Blakeway. Accountant.— A.B.Clutterbuck,F.S.A.A. 

Treasurer.— G. Pike. Medical Officer.— J. Campbell, M.D. 

Chamberlain and Surveyor,— R. Bead, Analyst.— G. Embrey. 

A-M.I.C.E, Inspector.— J. Owner. 


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120 Municipal Year Book. 


Population, 8,748 ; Rateable Value, £39,347 5s. ; Area, 706 Acres. 

GODALMING has an ancient Corporation. The Water Works undertaking 
was purchased by the Town Council, in 1900 for the sum of £74,196. A 
scheme for Municipal Buildings has been adopted, £4,000 borrowed from 
the Public Works Loan Commissioners for the purpose of carrying it out. 
An Electric Lighting order has been sold to a private company for £804, 
with power to re-purchase. The following items of expenditure from the 
last accounts show the extent of the Corporation's work : Sanitary purposes, 
£324 ; Lighting, £1,177 ; Highways, £1,886 ; Isolation Hospital (contribu- 
tion towards expenses of Guildford, Godalming, and Woking Joint Hos- 
pital Board), £1,183; Fire Brigade, £171 ; Technical Education, £227 (a 
Technical and Art School has been built) ; Sewage Farm, £536. Debt 
outstanding, £131,597. Rates : — Borough, 4d. in the £ ; General District, 
3s. 9d. ; Drainage, 2s. 6d. ; Old Borough General District, 3d. ; total, 6s. lOd. 


Mayor.— C. Burgess. J.P., H. J. Bunning, P. K. W. Girdlestone, 

Ex-Mayor.— E. Gammon, J.P. F. Muntzer, J. W. Verstage, W. H. Pilcher, 

Aldermen.— C. Burgess, Thomas Rea, Captain Gk C. M. Rouse. 

J.P., Ebenezer Gammon, J.P., Thos. E. Town Clerk, Justices' Clerk, Clerk 

Page, W. T. Mitchell, P. D. Minchin. to the Urban Sanitary Authority, 

Councillors.— P. J. Mitchell, G. P. and Clerk to the Water Committee.— 

Hattrell, Josiah Dosweli, Mark May, T. Percival Whately. 

tf. C. Maiden, E. Bridger, P. H. Hortoh, Medical Officer.— William Parson. 

A. W. Stedman, P. E. Fisher, C. H. Collier, Surveyor.— J. H. Norris. 

Colonel G. C. Sartorius, Thos. Goodall, Inspector of Nuisances, &c.— T. Tribe. 


Population, 2,017 ; Rateable Value, £7,367 ; Area, 4,907 Acres. 

Godmanchester is not such an important place as it sounds, but it is an 
historic town. It is served with water from springs, and a company sup- 
plies gas. 


Mayor.— F. W. Bright}-. T. Brighty, P. W. Brijjhty, J. Higgins, W. 

P. Theakston, James Walker. 
Aldermen- J. Bright, T. B. Fordham, Town Clerk and Clerk to Urban 

W. Smith, J. T. Tysoe. District Council.— G. Ilunuybun. 

Treasurer.— F. W. Bird. 
Councillors. —J. Gh Herbert, H. White, Surveyor.— C. Mayfield. 

G. Chandler, E. Abbott, A. Brawu, 8. Watts, Medical Officer — H. Lucas. 


Population 17,592; Bateable Value, £73,320; Assessable Value to General 
District Bate, £60,86.5 ; Area, 1,677 Acres. 

Grantham was incorporated in the fifteenth century. The area of the 
town was extended in 1879. The Corporation owns some remunerative 
assets and is the lessee of the Market Rights. Gas and Water are provided 
hy private companies. Sewage is disposed of hy irrigation. Net expendi- 
ture on Sewage Farm (264 acres), £539. The Council is about to establish 
a Municipal Telephone Exchange at a cost of £2,000, 

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Municipal Year Book 


Telephones. —Page 412. 

General Statistics. — Year 
ended 31st March, 1901 : Income 
by General District in lieu of 
Borough Rates, £2,005 ; other re- 
ceipts, £2,272. Total income as 
municipal authority (excluding 
loans), £4,277. Total expenditure as 
municipal authority, £4.277. Loans 
outstanding, £2,612. Police Super- 
annuation Fund, £2, 184. Income of 
Corporation as Urban Council by 
General District and Special Rates, 
£6,410. Other receipts: From 
County Council for maintenance 
and repair of Main Roads and 
County Bridges, £3,499 ; Highways 
not being Main Roads, £110; 
other receipts in respect of High- 
ways, £137 ; Market Rents and 

Tolls, £573 ; Baths and Open Bath- 
ing-places, £44 ; Sewage Disposal, 
£1,039; other receipts, £49. Total 
receipts (excluding loans), £11,909. 
Expenditure : Roads and Streets, 
Mam Boads, £2,867, Other Roads, 
£650; Scavenging and Watering, 
£198 ; Sewerage Works, £532 : Sew- 
age Disposal Works, £1,578 ; Public 
Lighting (Gas), £1,305 ; Isolation 
Hospital, £48; Markets, £492; 
Salaries and Establishment Charges, 
£557 ; Repayment of Loans and 
Interest, £983 ; Baths and Open 
Bathing-places, £55 ; Fire Engine 
and Appliances, £48.; Infectious 
Disease Notification and Prevention, 
£18; Scavenging, £767. Total ex- 
penditure of Urban Council, £10,157. 
Loans outstanding, £5,655. 


Mayor.— Arthur Hutchinson. 

Aldermen.— J. Lincoln, W, Scoffield, 
W. L. Wand, A. G. Gamble. 

Councillors.— W. B. Harrison, A. Hut- 
chinson, J. H. Parker, R. F. Lee, J. 8. 
8tauton. J. P. Coultas, G. H. Linnell, J. 
Parish, Theo. Rowle. Tryner Lynn, Samuel 
L«»mb Williamson, William Land. 

Recorder.— Thomas S. Soden. 

Town Clerk, Clerk to District Coun- 

cil and Clerk to Borough Justices and 
Borough Coroner.— A. H. Malim. 

Treasurer.— Lieut.-Col. C J. B. Parker 
(London City and Midland Bank). 

Surveyor.— P. J. Morris. 

Medical Officer.— H. Poole Berry, M.B. 

Analyst.— A. Ashby, M.B., Reading. 

Inspector.— J. Barnacle. 

Chief Constable.— J. R. Casburn. 

Borough Collector.— W. S. Wilson. 


Population, 27,175; Rateable Value, £105,560; Area, 1,519 Acres. 
GRAVESEND was incorporated by Royal Charter in the tenth year of the 
reign of Elizabeth, who thereby confirmed the privileges granted in the 
reign of Henry IV. The Corporation does not supply either Water or Gas. 
The Corporation owns one of the oldest Markets in the country, and a new 
Market Hall has just been opened. 


Mayor.— John Hanks Cooper. 

Aldermen.— J. H. Cooper, W. 
E. C. Paine, J. Russell, G. Wood, 


J. Willis- 

B. Ber- 

COUNCILLORS.— G. Uaylor, I. 
kowitz, J. Jones, T. Bnodes, J. Bose, T. G. 
Sandford, William Acworth, J. A. Mason, 
C. Cobham, S. T. Walter, A. E. Enfield, 
H. E. Davis, Theo. Smith, W. H. Archer, 

J. Hill, T. N. Hooper, J. G. Prevost, B. 

Town Clerk.— Chas. E. Hatten. 

Clerk of the Peace.— George Sharland. 

Treasurer.— W. J. King. 

Surveyor.— F. T. Grant. 

Medical Officer.— Dr. Thurnell. 

Inspector.— A. H. Lukes. 

Librarian, Free Library.— A. Watkin- 

K 2. 

Digitized by CjOOQ IC 

122 Municipal Year Book. 


(County Boron g-h,) 
Population, 63,138 ; Rateable Value, £240,903 ; Area, 3,120 Acres. 

Great Grimsby (Lincolnshire) was one of the towns which received a charter 
of incorporation from King John. It obtained charters from other 
monarchs, and had at the head of its governing body a Mayor and two 
Bailiffs. The boundaries of the town were extended and a Court of Quarter 
Sessions granted in 1891. The Town has a High Steward. The Corpora- 
tion does not own either the Gas or Water Sunply, but has a remunerative 
asset in leasehold and other land estates, whicn bring in a revenue of £6,000 
per annum, equal to a rate of 7^d. in the £. The Corporation owns the 
Markets, and provides a School for Technical Instruction, the cost of main- 
tenance of which is £700 a year. Town refuse is removed by the Corporation, 
employees and the sewage is discharged into the River Humber. The total 
cost of local administration under the Borough Fund last year was £30,439, 
including £12,000 for School Board purposes, and under the District Fund 
£44,725. Loans outstanding, £102,047. 
Electric Lighting — Page 487. 


Mayor.— Moses Abrahams. Simons, C. Maddison, W. Beels. North 

Aldermen.— William Brocklesby, Thomas West Ward : Geo. A. White, Henry Harri- 

Charlton, G. S. Dobs on, George Doughty, son.T. Wintringham, Thomas Brown. Jacob 

Francis Evison, William Jackson, William Pickwell, J. Odling. North-East Ward : 

South worth, Charles Morton, Harrison Moses Abrahams, Chas.Hy. Jackson, Henry 

Mudd, John C. Wright, Henry Smethurst, Holmes, Geo Middleton, J. H. Tate, D. 

Jack Sutcliffe. Richardson. Humber Ward .- W. 8. Letten, 

Councillors. — South Ward: J. W. W. 8. Watkinson, J. CoUins, John Spring, 

Smethurst, A. Bannister, Edwin Tvson. J. W. H. Hitzen, T. G. Tickler. Wellow- 

W. Shephard, J. C. White, P. W. Riggall. Weelsby Ward : G. L. Alward. John Chat- 

South-West Ward: John Fletcher, Richard burn, Fredk. Muss, J. R. Benton, T. King, 

Johnson, jun., W. G.Marshall, A. W. C.W.Wharton. 


Town Clerk,— W. Grange. Inspector op Nuisances.— H. F. Moody. 

Treasurer— John Stephenson. Head Constable.— John Stirling. 

Borough Surveyor.— H. G. Whyatt. Clerks to the Magistrates. — W. 

Medical Officer.— T. Newby. Grange, E. L. Grange, J. F. Wintingham. 


Population, 15,937 ; Rateable Value, £87,000 ; Area, 607 Acres. 
Guildford is one of the oldest towns in Surrey, and it narrowly escaped 
being the headquarters of the Surrey County Council, which it thought it 
ought to be. Tne Corporation maintains the Water Supply and Markets. 
Its income from rents and tolls amounts to about £10,000 a year. The 
total local expenditure last year was £19,250. The debt outstanding is 
£88,679. Rates, 3s. 8d. in the £. 
Water.— Page 433. 


Mayor.— A. F. Asher. Brown. West Store Ward ; W. Emery, 

Aldermen.-B. Salsbury, J. [Bullen, G. E T ow» Cl^rk' I^dClerk to Urban DlSr 

Tayler, J. Bnggs. TRICT Council.— Frederick S. Miller. 

Councillors.— Holy Trinity Ward : A. Treasurer.— T. W. P. Trench. 

F. Asher, J. Baker. A. Hart. St. Nicholas Medical Officer.— Dr. Mitchell. 

and St. Mary Ward: Col. Hughes, C.B., Surveyor.— C. G. Mason, A.M.I.C.E. 

W. Smith, A. M. Johnnon. East Store Chief Constable.— W. A. Worlock. 

Ward ; H. S. Folker, W. Baker, C. H. Inspector.— F. C. Tribe. 

Digitized by CjOOQ IC 

Municipal Tear Book. 



(County Borough.) 
Population, 104,937 ; Rateable Value, £477,446 ; Abba, 13,634 Acres. 
Halifax ( Yorks.) is one of the towns which was long under manor rule. It 
did not receive a charter of incorporation until 1848. The Town Counjil 
maintains a high standard of administration. It has very successful Gas and 
Water supplies ; Tramways, worked by overhead electric -traction ; and two 
Bathing Establishments are under the Water Department. Electric Light- 
ing has been introduced. The town owns five Parks and several Recrea- 
tion Grounds, and also the Belle Vue and Bankfield Estates and Mansions. 
It maintains a series of Libraries, Markets, Slaughter-Houses, Fire Brigade 
Station, and a Cemetery. By the Act of 1898 the Corporation was enabled 
to construct three new Reservoirs at a cost of £157,000, and to purchase 
sites for new Gas Works, being authorised to borrow for this purpose 
£150,000. Anew scheme of Sewage Disposal has just been completed. The 
Highways Department owns a quarry, from which stone is obtained for 
paving. The stone produced last year was valued at £4,756, and the wages 
of the quarrymen were £4,824. With stone and sand sold, &c, the total 
income from the municipal quarry was £4,769, and all expenditure, interest 
and new apparatus included, was £6,192. 

Baths. — The Public Baths are Markets.— The receipts and ex- 
under the Water Department. The penditure on markets for the year 

charges run from Id. to 4d. There 
are two bathing establishments, each 
with swimming baths. Board 
School children bathe free. Cost of 
maintenance for year ending 31st 
March, 1901: Woodside Baths, 
£1,081 ; income, £462. Maintenance, 
Park Road Baths, £1,145 ; income, 

Cemetery.— The capital expen- 
diture for the cemetery stands at 
£18,010. Income for the year end- 
ing 31st March, 1901, £470. Ex- 
penditure, including £262 for in- 
terest and sinking fund charges, 
£1,107. The cemetery is managed 
by the Parks Committee. 

Electric Lighting.— Page 487. 

Free Public Libraries and 
Museums. — Halifax has a very com- 
plete set of libraries. At the end of 
September, 1898, 4 there were 40,000 
volumes at the Central Library, and 
20,000 at Akroyd Branch Library, 
Bankfield. There are also four 
branch libraries at schools. The cost 
of maintaining the libraries for last 
year was £2,094. 

Gas. -Page 464. 

ending 31st March, 1901, were as f ol 
lows :— Retail Markets and Arcade 
expenditure, £5,379 ; receipts, 
£6,941. Victoria Cattle Market 
expenditure, £707 ; receipts, £693 
Market Hall : expenditure, £849 
receipts, £1,222. When all the in 
terest and capital was paid there 
was a profit on the Market and 
Slaughter-Houses Account of £2,009. 
The Retail Markets were recently 
reconstructed at a cost of £56,723. 

Refuse and Sewage Disposal. 
—Refuse and ashes are carted to 
pits, night-soil is removed in closet- 
tubs by what is known as the Goux 
system. A sewage disposal scheme 
has just been completed. Land for 
filtration purposes cost £20,500, 
and £25,000 was spent on works 
of trenches, syphons, bridges, &c. 

Slaughter-houses.— Tolls and 
rent for the year ending 31st March, 
1901, £1,378 ; expenditure, including 
£263 interest and £87 for sinking 
fund, £1,291. 

Technical Education . — The 
expenditure in technical instruction 
last year was £5,616. Fees realised 

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Municipal Tear Book. 

£785.Thegrantsamounted to £3,537. 

Telephones.— Page 413. 

Tramways.— Pajre 515. 

Water.— Page 433. 

General Statistics. — Loans 
outstanding, £2,427,138. Cost of 


Mayor.— William Brear. 

Aldermen.— Leonard Calvert, J. H. L. 
Baldwin, B. Firth, G. H. Smith, J. T. Simp- 
son, William Brear, George Tyson Enoch 
Robinson, Michael Booth, John Mitchell, 
John Walsh, J. F. Coe, William Wallace, 
Josiah Wade, J. W. Crosslaud. 

Councillors.— Southowram Ward: J. 
Arthur Broadley, H. S. Raper, G. H. Wads- 
worth. Skibcoat Ward : James Pearson, 
Howard Clay, Thomas Hey. Copley Ward : 
L. W. H. Shoesmith, G. C. Alderman, 
John R. Swaine. East Ward : J. Collinson, 
E. Pinder, J. W. Clark. South Ward: 

Police, £10,949 ; Fire Brigade, 
£1,394; Borough Hospital, £4,287; 
Street Scavenging, £5,470 ; Goux 
Scavenging, £10,644 ; Parks, includ- 
ing Cemetery, £4,516 ; Highways, 
£20,395 ; Lighting, £12,561, 


Joseph Taylor, Robert Kerr, Joseph 
Whitaker. Kingston : T. 8. Dodd, J. 
Brearley. West Ward: J. H. Whiteley, 
M.P., A. Crabtree. |Pellon: Alfred Binns, 
Abraham Pawcett, W. H. Greenwood, 
CentralWard : Robert Maude, P. Alderson, 
A. Taylor. North Ward: James Parker, 
R. Morley, J. Marshall. Akroydox : Charles 
Parker. James Horsfteld, J. So wood. Ovex- 
den : James Naylor, Joseph Hartley, B. 
Berry. Illingworth : Edward Stansfield, 
S. W. Chapman, J. W. Sutcliffe. North- 
owram : 8. Holmes, B. Hainsworth, W. 
Oates. Warley . 8. Park, W. Holland, J. 

Town Clerk.— Keighley Walton. 
Borough Treasurer.— J. H. Howarth. 
Borough Account anTh— James Nicholl. 
Borough Engineer and Surveyor.— 
James Lord, C.E. 

Manager op the Gas Works.— Thomas 
Holgate, M.Inst.C.E. 

Electrical Engineer.— H. P. Street. 

Borough Collector and Cashier.— 
Daniel Bairstow. 

Chief Constable.— Charles Pole. 

Officer of Health.— J. T. fleech, D.P.H. 
L.R.C.P., L.F.P.,&S. 

Sanitary Inspector.— David Travis. 


Water Works Engineer.— James A. Pas- 
kin, M.Inst.C.E. 

Principal of Technical School.— J. 
Crowther, B.Sc, F.C.S. 

Tramways Manager. — Fredk. Spencer, 

Superintendent of Fire Brigade.— G. 
B. Collins. 

Markets Inspector.— H. Quarmby. 

Inspector of Weights and Measures.— 
Benjamin F. Lamb. 

Librarian. — Joseph Whiteley. 

Registrar of Stoney Royd Cemetery.— 
Marshall Hunsworth. 

Clerk to the Borough Justices.— 
James Robertshaw. 


(County. Borough.) 

Population, 61,52 1 ; Rateable Value, £236,085 ; Area, 1,768 Acres. 

Hanley, like many other towns in the Potteries, has grown from a village 

into a town within comparatively recent years. The Gas and Water are in 

?rivate hands, and the Tramways are owned by the Potteries Electric 
'raction Co. , Ltd. The Corporation maintains Baths, Cemetery, Markets, 
and a Free Technical Museum— a very useful institution. The Museum 
contains a collection of Pottery and Paintings, the property of the Cor- 
poration, and loans from private owners, also specimens of Fossils and 
Minerals, as well as a valuable collection of Pottery and other objects, con- 
sisting of Early Staffordshire, Salt Glaze, French, Spanish, Persian, Chinese, 
Egyptian, Italian, Cyprian, Japanese, and modern examples ; Electro- 
types, Bronzes, Oil Paintings, and Prize Designs of Students' Work from 
the South Kensington Museum. In connection with the School Board, 
science and technological classes are held, and special attention is given to 
instruction in the local industries. The Corporation manages the Meakin 
Concerts, from which last year the revenue was £605, and the expenditure 

Digitized by CjOOQ IC 

Municipal Year Book. 


£573. The Corporation lias the Electric Lighting in its own hands. It also 
supports certain local charities. Hanley has a magnificent Park, which 
some of its leading citizens have helped to adorn with gifts. The town 
was incorporated in 1857, and obtained a Commission of the Peace in 1859. 

Baths and Wash-Houses.— The 

Corporation maintains Turkish and 
vapour baths as well as private and 
swimming baths, but has not yet 
built wash-houses. During last 
year 49,837 persons patronised the 
baths, from whom the Corporation 
received £706. £40 was received 
from other sources. The expendi- 
ture was £2,272, including £616 re- 
payment and interest on loans. 

Cemetery. — The Corporation 
took over the duties of a Burial 
Board in 1858. The revenue 
from the cemetery last year was 
£1,080, and the expenditure, includ- 
ing interest and redemption of loan, 

Electric Lighting.— Page 487. 

Free Public Libraries.— The 
Library was opened in 1887 with 
12,000 volumes. The expenditure 
last year was £848. 

Markets. — The income from the 
General and Cattle Markets last 
year was £3,994. The expenses 
amounted to £3,717, interest and 

loan charges, £713. The abattoirs, 
which are under the same account, 
brought in £140 ; the expenses were 

Refuse and Sewage Disposal. 
— Refuse is taken to pits outside the 
town, and the sewage disposed of 
by lime precipitation and filtration. 

Technical Education.— The 
cost of maintaining the Technical 
Museum is £1,152. The amount 
received under the Technical In- 
struction Account is £1,396. The 
science and technological classes 
are conducted in connection with 
the School Board. 

General Statistics. — Rates : 
Borough Rate, Is. 8d. ; General 
District Rate, 3s. 4d. ; Library, Id. ; 
Poor, Is. 7d. ; School Board, Is. 4d. 
Debt outstanding, £275,569. Cost 
of Police, £5,715 ; Fire Brigade, 
£144; Parks, £7,449; Maintaining 
Carriage Ways, £5,597 ; Footways, 
£1,341; Street Scavenging, £2,131 ; 
Sewage Disposal, £3,727 ; Public 
Lighting, £3,658; Removal of House 
Refuse, £4,103. 


Mayor.— H. Coates. 

Aldermen.— E. J. Hammersley, Thomas 
Hampton, Michael Huntbach, Jesse Shirley, 
G. Ellis. 

Councillors. — W. H. Adderley, J. 
Appleby, J. H. Ball, William Henry 
Beechener, F. Bentley, T. Bickley, Thomas 

William Bratton, 0. G. W. Elphinstone, 
W. Foster, T. Goodson, A. B. Jones, Harvey 
Jones, William Henry Jones, Josiah Kirk- 
ham, William O'Keeffe, Benjamin Thomas 
Riseley, James Schofield, John Sherratt, 
H. B. Shirley, Louis A. Taylor, Peter 
Turner, T. Whittingham. 

Recorder.— William Henry Clay, 

Town Clerk and Clerk of the Peace. 
—Arthur Ohallinor. 

Deputy Town Clerk.— E. S. Challinor. 

Assistant Town Clerk.— J. B. Barrow. 

Borough Engineer and Surveyor.— 
Joseph Lobley. 

Assistant Borough Engineer and 
Surveyor.— Amos Burton. 

Borough Treasurer. — Thomas Spear- 

Borough Accountant.— George Barlow. 

Assistant Borough Accountant.— A. 
M. Walker. 

Medical Officer.— John Clare. 


Analyst.— James Baynea. 

Sanitary Inspectors.— Thomas Hall, 
A. E. Hulme. 

Electrical Engineer— 0. A. Cowell. 

Markets Department. — Chief Inspec- 
tor: Joseph Leigh. 

Librarian.— A. J. Milward. 

Museum Curator,— C. Parr. 

Coroner.— William Huntbach. 

Gas Examiner.— George Barlow. 

Stipendiary Magistrate, — Harold 

Clerk to the Borough Justice?.— 
Robert Bates. 

Chief Constable.— R. J. Carter. 

Digitized by CjOOQ IC 

126 Municipal Year Book, 


Population, 28,423 ; Rateable Value (at Makch, 1901), £203,170 ; Abba, 
3,297 Acbks. 

The Corporation of Harrogate has recently been enterprising in increasing 
the attractions of the town as a health resort. The Town Council provides 
Electric Light and Water, owns the Royal Baths and Springs, a Winter 
Garden, Town Hall, Theatre, and Royal Spa Concert Rooms and Gardens. 
The purchase of the site and the erection of the Royal Baths have cost 
the Town £120,000. These Baths were opened by H.R.H. the Duke of 
Cambridge on the 23rd of July, 1897, and are now in full use. The 
Corporation acquired the Waterworks from a company in 1897, and is 
now constructing additional waterworks at Scargill. These will be com- 
pleted in 12 months' time. The Corporation has also obtained an Act 
in the last Session of Parliament for the construction of a further impound- 
ing reservoir at Masham, to be called the Roundhill Reservoir. The Harlow 
Moor was purchased in 1898 for £25,000, and will be kept as an open space 
and recreation ground. The Spa Concert Rooms and Pleasure Grounds 
were purchased in 1897, at a cost of £23,000, and the Corporation has 
thereby acquired the two very valuable mineral springs on that estate. The 
Corporation owns the Markets, which brought in gross receipts to the 
amount of £2,033 last year. The gross receipts from the Baths and 
Mineral Springs last year amounted to £19,474. There is a Free Public 
Library, and the Corporation maintains a successful Sewage Farm. The 
Corporation is constructing a large Kursaal, at an estimated cost of 
£40,000, on the grounds adjoining the Royal Spa Concert Rooms, the 
latter being too small for the increasing number of visitors attending the 
entertainments provided by the Corporation. The Borough was extended 
on the 9th November, 1900, in pursuance of the Local Government Board's 
Provisional Orders Confirmation (No. 10) Act, 1900. The Corporation 
successfully promoted an Improvement Bill in the last Session of Parliament 
for street improvements and for the good health and government of the 
Electric Lighting.— Page 487. Water.— Page 434. 


Mayor.— Alderman David Simpson, J. P., Town Clerk and Clerk to Urban 

C.A. District Council.— J. Turner Taylor. 

Aldermen.— C. Fortune, W. H. Milner, Treasurer — B A Day. 

Win. Hudson, D. 8. Ward, D. Simpson, t5„„«tt«tt qitt»t^™t> v> n<.~.v*.,«, 

J. Chippindale; T. Laycock, R. Errington. Borough Survey or.-F. Bagshaw. 

Councillors.— Amos Chippindale.Horace Borough Accountant. — F. H. Gray, 

Milling, William Holgate, J. L. Appleton, A.8.A.A. 

J. Balmforth. W. Annakin, Ernest Solly, Medical Officer.- W. J. C. Ward. 

M.B., L. Ash, W. J. Binns, Isaac Dickin- Sanitary Inspector.— William Kemp, 

son, J. L. Hampton Matthews, Frederick Librarian.— GL W. Byers. 

Mudd. Matthew Stephenson, J. P., J. Wilkin- Superintendent of Baths.— A. H. Davis, 

son, W. A. T. Turner, Arthur Chippindale, Electrical Engineer.— George Wilkin- 

C. E. Atkinson, Wm. Davidson, Neville son. 

Willliams, M.D., J. P., J. Houfe, M. B. Bay, Water Works Engineer.— E. W. Dixon, 

Jos. Shepherd, J. W. Scott, Jos. Sheffield. Assoc.M.Inst.C.E. 


Population, 22,737; Rateable Value, £72,619 10s. ; Area, 972$ Acres. 
HARTI..EPOOL is an old market town which has had a Mayor and Corpora- 
tion since the reign of Elizabeth. William de Brus obtained a charter 

Digitized by CjOOQ IC 

Municipal Year Book. 


for a market, which was confirmed by King John, who added a fair and 
granted a charter of incorporation. It was incorporated as a municipal 
borough in 1851. It has a Kecorder although not a Court of Quarter Ses- 
sions. The Gas and Water Supplies are in the hands of companies. 
The town has an income of about £850 a year from corporate property. It 
maintains a Burial Board and Markets and Free Public Libraries. 

Cemetery. — The income from the 
cemetery last year was £217, and 
the expenditure, £183 4s. 9d. 

Free Public Library. — The 
cost of maintenance last year was 
£184 8s. 9d. 

Markets. — The markets are 
maintained by the Corporation as 
Urban Sanitary Authority, the in- 
come from which is £41 5s. 6d., and 
the expenditure, £70 5s. 2d. 

Refuse and Sewage.— The Cor- 

Snration lately erected a Refuse 
estructor at a cost of about £6,000, 
and it is now in full working order. 
The sewage falls into the sea. 
Technical Instruction.— 

Grants are made from the County 
Council and Science and Art De- 
partment. The total expenditure 
in this direction last year was 
£292 13s. 4d. 

Telephones.— Page 413. 

General Statistics. — Rates : 
General District Rate, 3s. 3d. in the 
£; Poor Rate (including Borough 
Rate, which also includes School 
Board expenses), 4s. 4d. Cost of 
Police, £2,638 17s. 6d.; Paving and 
Repairs, £1,986 10s. 2d.; Public 
Lighting, £1,298 5s. 2d. ; Street 
Cleansing, £2,971 14s. 6d. Debt 
outstanding: Corporation, 
£17,125 16s. lOd. ; Urban District 
Council, £15,879 6s. 9d. 


Mayor.— M. Harrison. 

Aldermen.— John Horsley, John Hunter, 
Henry Kirby, R. H. Rowe, Sir Thomas 
Bichardson. H. H. Murray. 

Councillors. — South Ward: J. K. 
Butterwick, W. S. Merryweather, B. S. 
Finder, Alfred Charlton, J. E. Robs on, K. 
H. Ooverdale. North Ward : Thos. Hart, 
James Ainsley Mann, W. H. Foxton, Mark 
Harrison, Robert Tate, T. W. Watson. 
Throston Ward : J. Kit burn, John Moir, 
Dr. W. Scott Gibb. Middleton Ward: 
Meredith Atkinson, Henry Withy, J. 

Recorder and Town Clerk.— H. W. Bell 

Medical Officer. — James Rawlings 

Surveyor and Engineer.— H. C Crum- 
mack, A.M.I.C.E. 

Borough Treasurer.— E. Hyslop Bell. 

Chief Constable.— Albert Win terbot torn. 

Accountant. — Christopher Robson 

Veterinary Inspector. — Alfred Feele 

Inspector of Nuisances.— Joseph Charl- 
ton, A.8.I., R.F.C. 

Public Analyst.— J. B. Dodds. 


Population, 10,017; Rateable Value, £29,515; Area, 1,526 Acres. 
Harwich was an important seaport in mediaeval times, and is still so, 
chiefly through the fine fleet of steamers belonging to the Great Eastern 
Railway Company and Steam Navigation Company, and plying regularly 
between Harwich and Antwerp, Rotterdam, The Hook of Holland, Esberg, 
and Hamburg. This port stands fourth on the list showing the value of 
goods imported subject to Excise duties. It is also becoming a large Naval 
and Military Station. The forts protecting the Harbour are modern and 
formidable. There is also a considerable population in connection with the 
Trinity Service, the light-ships along the coast being served from this port 

Digitized by CjOOQ IC 

128 Municipal Year Book. 

The town obtained its first charter in the reign of Edward III. The Gas 
and Water Supplies are in the hands of companies, and the Corporation, 
which obtained an Electric Lighting order some time back, has now agreed 
to transfer it to the Harwich rElectric Lighting and Tramway Company, 
Limited. The harbour is under control of a Conservancy Board. The income 
from corporate property amounts to about £1,200 a year. The town refuse 
is collected and sold as manure. The sewage falls into the sea half an hour 
after flood-tide. The parish of Dovercourt, within the borough, is a flourish - 
ing seaside resort, and is especially interesting and worthy of a visit 
because of its ancient church, which contains a lych gate erected by H.M. 
the Queen, and a stained glass window erected by H.M. the German 
Emperor in memory of the British and German soldiers who died after 
the Walcheren Expedition and were buried in this old churchyard. The 
sea-front is well paved, and commands most extensive and attractive 
views. A considerable sum of money has been recently expended by the 
Corporation in laying out public walks and gardens on tne sea front, and in 
the erection of band stands, shelters, &c. The rates are : Sanitary, 3s. ; 
School Board, 2s. ; Poor Rate, 2s. 


Mayor.— William Groom, J.P. Town Clerk.— A. J. H. Ward. 

Aldermen.— W. Groom, S. R. Groom, W. Treasurer.— B. 8. Barnes. 

J. Nalborough, and H. G. Everard. Medical Ofjicer of Health. — H. 

Councillors. — Messrs. McLearon, Hill, Gurney. 
W, Appleby, Saunders, D. Appleby, Warren, Surveyor and Inspector of Nuisances . 

Grice, Oann, J. T. Moran, Self, Went, Gray. -H. Ditcham. 


Population, 18,543 ; Rateable Value, £90,663 ; Area, 8,195 Acres. 
Haslingden is a modern town whose government was constituted on its 
present basis in 1875, but it was not incorporated until 1891. The town is 
supplied with Water by the Bury and District Joint Water Board. Local 
expenditure: Borough Fund, £4,915; District Bate, £17,325; Poor and 
Borough Rates, 2s. 6d. General District Kates, 3s. North Ward ; 2s. 8d. 
South Ward. Loans outstanding : Borough Fund, £3,878 ; General 
District Fund, £71,077. 


Mayor.— G. A. Smith. Town Clerk.— W. Musgrove. 

Aldermen.-J. Barlow A.Holt, J. Law, Treasurer.-J. H. Bailey. 

W. H. Baxter, tt. Taylor. K. Waite. .„ . "L _ 

Councillors. — H. Hargreaves, J. Max- Borough Accountant.— E. Young, 

well. T. Halstead. B. Tomlinson, R. Wad- Surveyor.— J. S. Green, 

dington, J. Lord, T. Barnes, H. Worsley, R. Medical Officer. — J. A. Harrison. 

Hargreaves, D. Cartin, D. Halstead, T. B. Inspector.— B. Hoyle. 

Hamilton, G. R. Smith, J. H. Spencer, H. Assistant Overseer.— A. N. Roth well. 

Tomlinson, L. H. Ormerod, J. W. Tattersall, School Attendance Officer.— J. Grim- 

J. 0. Witham. shaw. 


(County Borough.) 

Population, 65,528 ; Rateable Value, £460,563 ; Area, 4,857 Acres (including 

373 Acres of Foreshore). 

The Corporation of Hastings is fully alive to the needs of a seaside resort, 
and has looked well after the health of the town. The Corporation provides 

Digitized by CjOOQ IC 

Municipal Year Book. 


an excellent Water Supply, remarkably pure and soft, drawn from deep 
wells. The Council is now engaged in increasing the supply. The drainage 
of the town is in good order, and improvements in the system are con- 
stantly being made. The Gas Lighting undertaking is in the hands of a 
private company. The Front line is lighted by 53 electric arc lamps, 
and some of the principal streets are also lighted by electricity by the 
Corporation. The Town Council owns a large Borough Cemetery, a 
beautiful Park, and three Public Gardens where lawn tennis can be played, 
and large open spaces known as the East and West Hills. On the East 
Hill golf links have been laid out. Hastings is an old town which ob- 
tained a charter under Elizabeth, but had municipal privileges before that 
time. There are two handsome Piers with Pavilions and large tepid 
Swimming Baths. The west end of Hastings — St. Leonards — has been 
joined to the borough. Hospital accommodation for cases of infectious 
disease is provided. The Hospital is in Pavilion style, and designed on 
the most approved and modern principles. The Corporation has not 
adopted the Public Libraries Act, but owns a large building known as the 
Brassey Institute, presented by Lord Brassey (a former M.P. for the 
borough), containing an excellent Reference Library, which is open to the 
public daily, free. The School of Art is also accommodated in the build- 
ing, which also contains a small but well-stocked Museum. The Corpora- 
tion has a chemical laboratory in connection with the School of Art. It 
also owns a small Fish Market. The borough has been extended (by Local 
Government Board's Provisional Order Confirmation (No. 17) Act, 1897). 

Baths and W ash-Houses.— The Technical Instruction.— The 
Corporation has not adopted the Act, grants made by the Council in aid 

but" maintains small baths and 
wash-houses, which were handed 
over to them by the trustees. In- 
come during the year was £211. 

Cemetery. — The cemetery at Ore 
was opened in 1856, and is now over 
thirty-six acres. There is a piece 
of land consisting of thirty-two 
acres, which is to be used for further 
extension. The income during the 
year amounted to £2,294, and the 
expenditure to £2,858. 

Electric Lighting.— Page 487. 

Refuse and Sewage.— The town 
refuse is disposed of by a dust 
destructor, and the sewage is dis- 
charged into the sea from large tanks 
at the east and west ends of the 


Mayor.— Aid. Frederick Adolphus Lang- 
Lam, J.P. 

Aldermen.— John Bray, S. T. Weston, 
J.P., F. Tuppenney, J.P., F. Bagshawe, 
M.D., J.P., F. A. Langham, J.P..W. Stubbs, 
J.P., R. Idenden, L. O. Glenister, B. H. W. 
Tree, J.P., T. Dennett. 

of technical instruction for the year 
ended 31st March, 1901, amounted 
to £2,224. These were made out of 
the sums received by the Council 
under the Local Taxation (Customs 
and Excise) Act. The amount thus 
received for the year ended 31st 
March, 1901, was £2,176. 

Telephones.— Page 413. 

Water.— Page 434. 

General Statistics.— General 
District Rate, 3s. 2d. in the £; 
Special Rate on Old Borough Dis- 
tricts, 7d. in the £ ; Borough Rate, 
including School Board precept, 
Is. 387d. in the £. The debt out- 
standing is £528,5 14 (including water 
works debt). 


Councillors. — All Saints' Ward:C. 
H. Ball, H. T. Diton, G. Hutchings. Saint 
Clement's Ward : JP. Shoesmith, C Eaton, 
W. H. Gallop. Saint Mary-in-thk-Castlk 
(Upper) Ward : W. H. Atkins, W. Couasens, 
J. Stace. Saint Mary-in-the-Castle 
(Lower) Ward : F. W. 8. Culhane, B. Brad- 
nam, J.P., J. Cockett. Holy Trinity 

Digitized by CjOOQ IC 

J 30 

Municipal Year Book. 

Ward J. J. Boutwood, 0. J. Llndridge, 
F. B. Bones. 8aint Maby Magdalen 
Ward : J. Parker, A. W. Chesterfield, £. J. 
Deck. Saint Leonards Ward: A. H. A. 
Colville, J.P., C. H. Allfrey, M.D., 0. Dyke. 

Saint Peter's Ward: H. N. Outtenden 
F. W. Coles, W. Cooper. Silverhill ahd 
Hollington Ward: J. Stredwick, J. Pel- 
ham, E. H. Harden. 8aint Helen's Ward : 
C. Sanderson, T. Paulson, O. Wickens. 

Town Clkrk.— Ben F. Meadows. 

Treasurer.— C. £. Beeching. 

Medical Officer of Health.— A. Scar- 
lyn Wilson. 

Public Analyst.— H. F. Cheshire. 

Consulting Surveyor.— W. Andrews. 

Borough Surveyor and Water En- 
gineer.— P. H. Palmer. 

Sanitary Inspectors.— R.W. King, E. H. 
Andrews, H. F. Venesp, and E. W. Jones. 

Borough Accountant.— F. H. Thorpe. 

Chief Constable.— C. F. Baker. 

Borough Chamberlain.— John Gibson. 

Librarian of Reference Library.— 
E. H. Marshall. 

Meteorologist.— Henry Col borne. 


Recorder.— Bobt. Hy. Hurst. 

Clerk to the Magistrates.— F. Gh 
Lang ham. 

Clerk of the Peace.— Gad. W. Meadows. 

Coroner. — C. Davenport Jones. 

Prosecuting Solicitors. — Davenport 
Jones and Glenister. 

Deputy Town Clerk.— Thomas Wood. 

Electrical Engineer.— L. Andrews. 

Rate Collectors.— T. W. Avis, J. Ashby , 
W. H. Ball, and J. E. Carter. 

Registrar of Burial Board.— F. Ellis. 

Superintendent or Borough Cekx- 
tery.— W. Field. 

Inspector of Weights and Measures 
&c— a. Craik Smith. 


Population, 6,007^; Rateable Value, £15,070; Area, 1,382 acres. 
Haverfordwest has a long roll of charters and enjoys peculiar privileges. 
It is, for instance, a county in itself. The Corporation owns the Gas and 
Water Supplies and maintains Markets and Slaughter-Houses. 

Fund receipts to 31st March, 1901, 
£1,283; Borough Fund payments, 
£1,436. Rates: General District, 

GAS.— Page 465. 

Markets. — Ahout £2,000 ex- 
pended on erection of markets. 
Water.— Page 434. 
General Statistics. —Borough 

2s. 6d. ; Special Water Rate, Is. 6d. 
Total debt, £23,489. 


Mayor.— W. H. George. 

Aldermen. — T. James, T. R. Owen, Sir 
Chas. Philipps, Bart., William Williams. 

Councillors.— W.H. George, T. L. James, 
P. White, W. J. Jones, R. A. G. James, J. H. 
Bishop, G. Davies, H. J. E. Price, James 
Reynolds,W.McEenzie, Isaiah Reynolds, E. 

High Sheriff.— J. G. W. Francis. 

Town Clerk.— R. T. P. Williams. 

Treasurer.— W. S. de Winton. 

Surveyor and Gas Manager.— J. Gibbon . 

Medical Officer.— C. A. Brigstocke. 

Inspector.— D. E. Thomas. 

Borough Accountant.— F. J. Warren. 

Rate Collector.— A. H. James. 

Sergeants-at-Mace. — James Phillips 
and Thomas Jacks. 

Bailiffs.— Stephen Davies and Richard 


Population, 1,010 ; Rateable Value, £3,329 ; Area, 312 Acres. 
The total local expenditure of Hedon is, under the Borough Fund, £562, 
of which £320 is obtained from rents. The District Council expenditure is 
£253. The Water Supply is obtained from well-springs, and is under 
Corporation control. 


Mayor— Q. R. Park. 

Aldermen.- W. Beal, G. R. Park, W. 

Councillors. —J. Gibson, J. Heron, jun., 
J. Robinson, J. Soutter, C. Wright, W. H. 
L. Warn, J. C. Stringer, W. P. Evesiiigham, 
W. H. Gray. 

Town Clere and Clerk to District 
Council.— R. A. Park. 

Treasurer.— J. S. Soutter. 

Medical Officer.— H. Robinson. 

Inspector.— J. T. Levitt. 

Digitized by CjOOQ IC 

Municipal Year Book. 131 


Population, 3,088 ; Rateable Value, £9,230; Area, 309 Acres. 
Helston maintains some of its old privileges and customs, including its 
Flora Day in May, and religiously presents six halfpence in two leather 
purses to the Lord of the Manor, claiming thereupon the right to cut the 
tiooe Bar when the water of the Looe Pool or Lake has risen so far as 
to stop the working of the Borough Mill. The town is well supplied 
with water. The total local expenditure is about £1,300. 


»tf ayor.— G. Beringer. Town Cls&k and Clerk to Urban Dis- 

Aldermen.— T. Taylor, C. C. Hocking, trict Council.— J. W. Tyacke. 

G. Beringer, J. James. Clerk to the Magistrates. — H. M. 

Councillors.— J. O, Eva, F. W. Jeffery, Rogers. 

A. B. Tho.mas, W. Harris, R. G, Rapson, Treasurer.— W. E. T. Bolitho. 

J. Toy, jun., H. Toy, H. Thomas, C*. E. Medical Officer.— Walter Wearne. 

Cunnack, J. B. Martin, E. Duneland, P. R. Borough Surveyor* and Inspector.— 

Perriug. W. J. Winn. 


Population, 11,264 ; Rateable Value, £48,025 j Area, 7,184 Acres. 
This town was re-incorporated in 1898. It has an interesting municipal 
record. The town was originally incorporated by Henry VIII. , and charters 
were subsequently granted, including one by Cromwell. The government was 
originally vested in a bailiff and a jury ; but the powers of the " bailiwick " 
— as it was called— have been transferred to the Corporation. The title of 
bailiff has been retained, and the mayor is known as the *' mayor and bailiff." 
There is a valuable trust — known as the Boxmoor Trust. From the revenues 
considerable contributions have been made to town improvements, and the 
handsome Town Hall Buildings and Corn Exchange were erected for the most 
part from the funds. A new Council Chamber and Offices have just been 
provided by the Corporation on the site of the old Market House, at a cost 
of £1,000. The Corporation has acquired the undertaking of the local 


Cemetery is managed by a Burial Board, and Technical Education by a Town. 
Committee. An important Sewage Scheme has been carried out at a cost of 


Mayor and Bailiff.— Councillor A. J. Eolfe, E. Pear man. South Ward : H. F. 
Chennells. Hebert, T. K. Clarke, R. A. Hodgson, P 

Aldermen. -H. Balderson, W. E. H. Dow- l^Z^TMi^n ^ thTJ!"****' H ' 

^f^^ray,W.J.Orehard,W.Eandall, ^^•5S-f5;AS^. 

B. btaiion. . treasurer.-W. Summeraeld. 

Councillors. — North Ward : 0. J. Surveyor.— W. B. Looke. 

Austin, A. J. Chennells, J. Paxton, W. H. Medical Officer.— W. Gruggen. 

Bailey, J. S. Janes, W. A. Fisher, B. W. Sanitary Inspector.— T. Flint. 


Population, 5,984 ; Bateable Value, £27,140 ; Area, 348 Acres. 
Although Henley did not receive a charter until 1883, it is an old town. 
Gas and Water Supplies are by companies. 

Digitized by CjOOQ IC 


Municipal Year Book. 


Mayor.— C. Clements. 

Aldermen.— W. Simpkins, E. Chamber- 
lain, W. A. Simmons, C. Clements. 

Councillors. — W. Hamilton, T. M. 
Drewett, A. Holbrow, A. Pitlier, A. E. 
Hobbs, J. Lidderdale, J. T. Campion, E. 

Percy, E. H. Dee, G. W. Beeves, G-. E, 

Town Clerk and Clerk to District 
Council.— J. F. Cooper. 

Treasurer.— J. Page. 

Temporary Medical Officer. — Dr- 

Surveyor.— B. Pratt. 


Population, 21,382; Bateable Value, £113,494; Area, 5,031 Acres. 
Hereford is a city of great antiquity. Its early municipal history was 
associated with the ecclesiastical authorities, who took part in its govern- 
ment. It received many charters, the first being from King John. The Cor- 
poration maintains the Castle Green and Pleasure Grounds ; it owns a good 
deal of property, including the racecourse, some of which was formerly 
common ground, and part has been acquired in connection with modern 
improvements. The town has spent over £41,000 to prevent river pollution ; 
it nas profitable Markets and maintains a Free Library and Museum. 
The Gas, Water, and Electric Light Worlu are the property of the Cor- 

Artisans' Dwellings — Page 

Electric Lighting.— Page 488. 

Free Public Library. — The 
library was opened in 1874, owing 
mainly to the gift of £6,000 from Sir 
Jas. Rankin, M.P., Chief Steward of 
the city. There is a good museum, 
mainly of natural history and anti- 
quities, in connection with the 
library. The total issues from the 
library last year was 69, 184, and the 
cost of maintenance £855. 

Gas.— Page 465. 

Markets. — The receipts from the 
Poultry Markets and Hop Ware- 
houses for the year ending 25th 
March, 1901, were £1,651 ; ex- 
penditure, £1,236. Tolls and other 
receipts from the Cattle and Fruit 
Market amounted to £1,800, and 

the expenditure, including £558 for 
interest and repayment of loans, 

Refuse and Sewage Disposal. 
—Part of the town refuse is sold as 
manure, deposited in old gravel 
pits, and part burnt in destructor 
(Messrs. Meldrum Bros. ) ; sewage is 
treated by a system of precipitation, 
and the effluent filtered through 
sandy soil. 

Slaughter-Houses. — Revenue, 
£183. Expenditure, £107. 

Water.— Page 434. 

General Statistics. — Rates : 
Borough Rate, 2s. Id. ; Street and 
Road Rate, 8d. ; Sewer Rate, 2d. ; 
Debt outstanding, £127,429. Cost 
of Police, £3,291; Fire Brigade, 
£263 ; Asylum, £1,297 ; Hospital, 
£805 ; Street Maintenance, £6,987; 
Sewage Disposal, £3,572. 


Mayor.— E. E. Bosley. 

Aldermen. — T. Llanwarne, H. C. Beddoe, 
W. Boycott, T. Carver, E. E. Bosley, J. B. 

Councillors.— Ledbury Ward: T. W. 
Clarke, E. L. Wallis, R. Andrews, T. Turner, 
F. B. James, E. C. Ghirney. Leominster 
Ward : W. Hewitt, P. Ralph, C. Witts, J. 
Mitchell, 8. H. Prosser, J. Davies. Mon- 
mouth Ward: A. C. Edwards, C. Hatton, 

H. Rogers, W. J. Humfrys, W. 0. Gethen 
N. Heins. 

Town Clerk and Clerk to the Urban 
District Council.— J. Carless. 

Treasurer.— E. Bellerby. 

Surveyor and Water Works Engineer. 
—J. Parker. 

Electrical Engineer.— P. Q. Poulton. 

Medical Officer.— H. 0. Moore, 

Accountant.— T. Lewis, 

Digitized by CjOOQ IC 

Mimicipal Year Book. 


Clerk to the Magistrates.— J. Davies. 
Clerk of the Peace.— C. B. Beddoe. 
Head Constable,— F. Richardson. 
Gas Works Manager.— Wm. Parlby. 

Inspector of Nuisances.— S. Protheroe. 
Inspector of Weights and Measures 
and Markets.— D. Ovens. 
Public Librarian.— J. Cockcroft. 
Collector.— Jno. Ough. 

Population, 9,3: 


2 ; Bateable Value, £46,460 ; 

Area, 1,129 Acres. 

Hertford is an ancient and historic town. Its powerful charter was 
granted by Elizabeth, but it enjoyed earlier governing privileges. Im- 
portant charters were also granted by Charles I. and Charles II. The town 
has had a High Steward for two hundred years. The Town Council is an 
active body, maintaining the Water Supply, Markets, and. a Free Public 
Library. Many important public improvements have been carried out 
recently and more are in progress. An Isolation Hospital, very perfectly 
equipped, has been provided conjointly with the town of Ware for 
infectious diseases. Sanitary improvements are being constantly carried 
out. Experiments are being made with electric arc lamps for street 
lighting purposes. The sewerage system has been extended aDd perfected. 
The unification of the five old parishes within the Borough has been effected. 
Street improvements are being constantly carried out. A handsome Fire 
Station and large Corporation yard, with necessary buildings and stabling 
have been erected recently. In spite of the heavy expenditure thus involved 
the Corporation has been successful in constantly reducing the rates, until 
this year the total rates levied by the Corporation in the Borough amount to 
only 2s. 6d. in the £. 

Artisans' Dwellings.— P. 567. 

Electric Lighting.— Page 488. 

Free Public Library.— The in- 
come for the Free Public Library 
last year was £206, and expenditure 
£181. There are also voluntary re- 
ceipts which do not pass through the 
Borough Accounts. 

Markets. — The Corporation re- 
ceived £211 last year for its markets, 
and expended £427, of which £184 
was for repayment of loans. The 
receipts, from the Corn Exchange 

were £179, while the expenditure 
(which included some heavy repairs), 
was £302. 

Refuse and Sewage. — The 
sewage is disposed of by chemical 

Water.— Page 434. 

General Statistics. — Rates 
for the year : Borough Rate, 7d. in 
the £, including Library Rate ; 
General Rate, Is. lid. in the £ for 
the old borough and Is. lOd. in the 
£ for the added area. 


High Steward.— The Rt. Hon. the Earl 
Oowper, K.G. 

Mayor.— T. C. Usher. 

Aldermen.— J. C. Haddon, C. E. Shelly, 
W. P. Willson, H. R. H. Gosselin, J. R. 

Councillors.— W. P. Andrews, Herbert 
Baker, A. Baker, W. J. Brickwell, P. C. 
Burton, J. R. Cocks, G. Crouch, A. S. 
Gripper, C. K. Murchison, G. E. Palmer, 
Gilbertson, J. H. S. Gill, A. P. Ginn, B. J. 
T. C. Usher, E. J. Wlckham. 

Town Clerk.— T. J. Sworder (Solicitor). 

Clerk to the Borough Magistrates.— 
H. S. Hawks. 

Borough Treasurer.— T. S. Carter, 

Borough Surveyor and Inspector op 
Nuisances and Canal Boats.— J. H. 
Jevons, A.M.I.C.E. 

Medical Officer.— Dr. R. A. Dunn, 

Librarian op Public Library.— Ernest 

School Attendance Officer.— A. J. 

Inspector of Common Lodging-Houses. 
— Supt. Shore. 

Superintendent of Fire Brigade.— 
T. M. Pamphilon. 

Digitized by CjOOQ IC 


Municipal Year Book. 


Population, 25,461 ; Rateable Value, £102,509 ; Area, 3,6; 

I Acres. 






Park, the 

Station, to 

was incorporated in 1881, and has a vigorous municipal life, 
a new municipal borough, there are few towns of the same 
which have provided Water and Gas Supplies, Baths, Cemeteries, 
Diseases Hospital, a Technical School, a Free Library, and. 
The town possesses a fine Recreation Ground in the Queen's 
gift of Her late Majesty Queen Victoria. Electric Lighting 
cost £17,000, in course of construction. 

Baths.— Receipts from the baths, 
£240. Expenditure, £667. Defi- 
ciency, £427. 

Cemeteries. — Fees, &c, 
amounted to £798 last year, and the 
expenditure to £1,053, including in- 
terest. The cemetery was pur- 
chased in 1894 for £3,400. 

Free Public Library. 
Acts were adopted in 1874. 
contains 12,000 volumes, 
cost of maintaining it, £400. 

Gas— Page 465. 

Markets.— Tolls, £144. 
penses, £18. 

Refuse and Sewage Disposal. 
— The Sewage Disposal Works were 
opened 18th Dec, 1897, and have 
cost £41,607, including land, &c. 



Technical Education. — The 
Corporation transfers £410 from the 
Borough Fund in aid of the Technical 
School which it has established. 
Grant from the County Council, 
£250. Total expenditure, including 
Sinking Fund, £1,324. The new 
Technical School has cost £8,939. 

Tramways.— Page 534. 

Water.— Page 434. 

General Statistics. — Rates : 
Borough Rate, Is. Id. ; General Dis- 
trict Rate, 3s. ; and Poor Rate, 
Is. 4d. Debt outstanding, £215,267 ; 
Heywood and Middleton Water 
Board, £462,246. Cost of Fire 
Brigade, £547 ; Parks, £522 ; Main 
Roads, £2,158; Scavenging, £511; 
Night-soil Collection, £1,087 ; and 
Lighting, £1,898. 


Mayor.— T. Popple. 

Aldermen. — Messrs. Heaton, BToyle, 
Maden, Marlor, Hodgkinson, Firth. 

Councillors.— Messrs. Ashworth, Barker- 
Brearley, Walter Chadwick, Cockerill, 
Coupe, Dutson, Hobson, D. Healey, W. 
Healey, Ingham, Grundy, Jackson, C. Lee, 
Smith, Mills, Twelves. 

Town Clerk, Clerk to the Urban 
Sanitary Authority, School Attendance 
Committee, Technical Instruction Com- 
mittee, and Heywood and Middleton 
Water Board.— Q. G. Bouchier. 

Deputy Town Clerk.— F. Greenhalgh. 

Clerk to the Borough Magistrates.— 
James Isherwood. 

Treasurer.— William Barritt. 

Medical Officer.— H. H. I. Hitchon. 

Consulting Engineer. — Jas. Diggle, 

Surveyor. -J. A. Settle, CE. 

Gas Manager.— W. Whatmough. 

Accountant.— W. Blomeley. 

Sanitary Inspector.— Tom Robinson. 

Librarian.— G. G. Chiswell. 

Secretary Technical School.— W. H. 


Population, 2,550; Rateable Value, £6,762 4s 6d. ; Area, 4,693 Acres, 
Higham Ferrers, although it has more than an acre in area for every one 
of its inhabitants, is a town with a history dating back to the reign of 

Digitized by CjOOQ IC 

Municipal Tear Book 135 

Edward I. Its old Corporation remained in existence till 1886, when it 
became organised as a modern municipal borough. The Water Supply is 
obtained from wells, and a company provides Gas. 


Mayor.— Councillor Owen Parker. Town Clerk and Clerk to District 

Aldermen.— C. Jolley, T. Sanders, W. Council.— W. H. Simpson, B.A, 

Spong, T. Patenall. "Deputy Town Clerk.— P. J. Simpson. 

Councillors.— P. Brazier, J. H. Johnson. T STTRB:R _j w a shdown* 

W. Newman. S. Pack, C. S. B. Palmer, 0. Ibeasurer.— J. W. Asndowne. 

W. Perkins, J. W. Higgins, Owen Parker, Surveyor, Collector, and Inspector.— 

W. H. Gadsby, H. H. Oadsby, A. E. Wright, ^. W. Pratt. 

P. Walker. Medical Officer.— J. Crew, 


Population, 3,271 ; Rateable Value, £16,407 ; Area, 2,019 Acres. 
HONITON is one of the boroughs which is fortunate in having an acre for 
almost every inhabitant. The Corporation maintains the Water Supply ; 
total local expenditure, £2,200. 

Water.— Page 435. 


Mayor.— J. 0. Macaulay. B. 0. Taylor, W. H. Smith, 8. Durbio, T, 

Aldermen.— T. B. Avery, D- W. B. Ooren, G. Gidley. 

Buchanan, H. Banfleld, ^Harding, H. Town Clerk, &C.-G T.Tweed. 

TTnnir P Peiui Treasurer.— E. Stanford. 

hook, ks. aeau. Medical Officer.— Dr. Shortridge. 

Councillors.— P. A. Buckingham, T. D. Surveyor and Water Works Superin* 

Hussey, B. W. Clapp, J. W. Chard, B. tendent.— W. Ward. 

Harris, E. W. Hellier, S. W. Hook, J. Bate Collector.— E. White. 

Hoskin, L. J. Badford, B. H. Matthews, Inspector of Dairies and Cowsheds.— 

E.W. Matthews, P.W. Mitchell, T. Bolstone, James Bidgway. 


Population, 36,542 ; Rateable Value, £303,210 ; Area, 1,594| Acres. 
Hove, which comprises the parishes of Hove and Aldrington, is delight- 
fully situated to the west of Brighton, and is a distinct town, with which 
Aldrington has been incorporated since 1893. Hove parish is included 
within the Parliamentary Borough of Brighton. Aldrington parish forms 
part of Lewes Division. Both parishes are in Steyning Union. The 
parishes of Hove and Aldrington were created a borough on the 8th day of 
August, 1898. Improvement Acts were obtained in 1873 and 1877, under 
which the Commissioners and afterwards the Urban District Council acted 
in the government of the town. It is now considered a most fashionable 
town, and has handsome squares, avenues, streets, and terraces. The sea- 
wall and groynes for the defence of the Brunswick Lawns at the east end of 
Hove and ad joining the foreshore were constructed in 1883-4, at a cost of 
about £40,000, under the direction of Sir John Coode, K.C.M.G., C.E. The 
wall, about 2,000 feet in length, is built of flint-faced blocks, backed with 
concrete, with a coping of granite. The approaches to the beach are by four 

Digitized by CjOOQ IC 

136 Municipal Tear Book. 

flights of granite steps and two granite-paved inclines. The wall, which 
forms an admirable promenade, is fenced in with an ornamental rail ; it is 
well lighted and has plenty of seats. A wall similar in character has also 
been erected to the west end of Hove, and public lawns provided, about forty 
acres in extent, at a cost of about £35,000. The Town Hall, in Church 
Road, erected in 1882 at a cost of about £35,000, is a building of red brick 
and terra-cotta, in the Perpendicular style, with a tower containing twelve 
bells, the tenor weighing 36 cwt., and the peal altogether over nine tons ; 
there is also a clock with four 7ft. -6in. dials, striking the hours and chiming 
the Westminster quarters, and a patent carillon machine. The hall is 91ft. 
by 60ft. and 40ft. nigh, with a gallery. There are three storeys of offices : 
on the cround floor in the east wing, amongst other apartments, are recep- 
tion and supper rooms ; in the west wing are the town clerk's and rate 
collector's omces, and the police-station ; on the first floor are the Council 
chamber and committee- room, the surveyor's offices, magistrates' and 
solicitors' rooms, and the police-court, with a gallery at the north end, 
opposite the bench, for the public ; on the second floor, the kitchen and its 
omces and storerooms ; the extension alone the west side encloses a parade- 
ground for the police. The Hove Free Public Library occupies premises in 
Third Avenue. The Public Libraries Act, 1885, was adopted April 1st, 
1891 ; a newsroom was opened in December, 1891 ; in October, 1892, a 
lending library of 3,800 volumes was established— now increased to 10,150 
volumes. In January, 1894, the reference library of 1,226 volumes was 
opened, and now has 3,800 volumes. The Electric Light has been installed. 
Hove Kecreation Grounds are very centrally situated at the north of the 
Grand Drive, and from the number of persons frequenting them, and the 
games played there, no question can arise as to the appreciation of what is 
practically a park. Another ground twelve acres in extent, in the parish 
of Aldrington, near Wish Barn, has also been provided. The Cornoration 
has control of the police force, which consists of one chief constable, two 
inspectors, two detective sergeants, one sergeant clerk, five sergeants, and 
forty-eight constables. Gas and electric light are supplied by companies, and 
water is obtained from Brighton Corporation. Very handsome lbaths have 
been erected by a company at a cost of about £33,000. The Corporation has 
obtained power to widen Church Road, and has acquired forty acres cf 
land at Preston (Rural) for a new park. A very fine bronze statue of 
Queen Victoria, by Mr. Brock, R.A., costing £3,500, has recently been 
erected in the Grand Avenue, in commemoration of the sixtieth year of her 


Mayor.— Alderman Jeremiah dolman. I Turner, Henry Herbert Taylor, Adam Morti- 

att,i»»™ TaM „, aVl n«i™«„ T«t.« mer Singer. Btanford Ward : James Bull- 

ThfiS^Sf^l-nCSf ri.S *? p ' AifiS William Jago, Everard John Willett. 

flStSS; £™h™« ?P 'n t ' ti™« Mobbis Ward : Robert Bullen, Alexand.e 

w«rnl« w£S£? &n£?'f «£; &> J«Sf« *>*"*. James Benjamin Hutchins. Medina 

SShw STiS ' Sh^Sfw Sf "WJSISS Ward Geor « e Cbeeeman, William Hunter 

SSS f0 Si«2nV.Sl2B52 rw*2 X *t£3a Cockburn, Herbert Chrippes Upton. Val- 
SfS^SSHF Washington, George Bald- W ' ARD . Thomi f , t> uA £ l y 9 George 

win Woodruff, J.P. Matthias Jay, Edgar Lennox Voysey. 

Councillors.— Brunswick Ward : Alex- Goldstone Ward : Thomas Bedfoid. 

ander Bruce Bidders Eraser, Henry Alger- James Jupp, John Frederick Waghorn. 

non Hod son, Edward Howard Leeney. Portland Ward : Bruce Morison, 

Goldsmid Ward : Henry Cresswell, Henry Joseph John Cooper, George Tolcher 

John Gimblette, Francis Yates Toms. Eccles. Wish Ward : Edward Davey, 

Adelaide Ward : Alfred Moxon Sydney- Arthur Nye, Lewis Woolf. 

Digitized by CjOOQ IC 

Municipal Year Book. 137 


Town Clerk.— Henry Endacott. Boats, and Inspector of Fire Brigade.— 

Borough Surveyor.— Hugh Hamilton Major George James Teevan. 

8c £ tt# -r, t, ,. t Inspector of Weights and Measures, 

Collector of Kates. — Eme9t James Officer under Petroleum Acts, and 

Marston. Officer under Explosives Acts.— George 

Medical Officer of Health.— Augus- Presslie. 


the Diseases of Animals Acts, 1894 and Bainea, and Woolley. 

1896, and Officer under Food and Drugs Treasurer.— John Eardley Hall. 

Act, 1875.— Harry Herriott. Surgeon to Police Force. — Edward 

Chief Constable, Inspector of Bath- Treves. 
ing Machines, Hackney Carriages, and Librarian,— John W. Lister. 


♦ (County Borough.) 

Population, 95,008; Rateable Value, £459,403 19s. 6d. ; Area, 12,154 Acres. 
The Huddersfield Corporation occupies a high position among the munici- 
palities of England. No town of the same population can show the same 
extent and variety of municipal institutions. Few, if any, of our great 
cities can equal it, as there is not a single local service in Huddersfield 
which is not under the control of the Corporation. In more than one de- 
partment it has been a pioneer. Municipal Common Lodging- Houses were 
established in Huddersfield in 1853 -about twenty years before Glasgow's 
enterprise in the same direction began. Huddersfield was not only the first ; 
it was bolder than its later imitators, as it had lodging-houses for women as 
well as men, accommodation for married couples, and a Mechanics' Home. 
Not less notable was its enterprise in another direction. Huddersfield was 
the first town to work its Tramways directly, and now carries passengers 
equal in number to the whole population of London. At present the entire 
system is being electrically equipped. It municipalised the Gas and 
Water Supplies many years ago ; it has also Electric Lighting ; it has 
constructed and manages Artisans' Dwellings ; carried out street improve- 
ments ; maintains municipal Markets, Public Baths and Wash-Houses, 
Cemeteries, Slaughter- Houses and Cold "Storage, a Hospital, Technical 
Schools, several beautiful Parks, in addition to the Police, the Fire Brigade, 
the Sewage Works, and other machinery connected with public health. In 
the domain of labour it has also led the way, as it was the first town to adopt 
an eight- hours' day. A fine Market Hall and a still more imposing Town 
Hall further testify to the existence of a healthy civic spirit. It has 
established Free Public Libraries and an Art Gallery, and a Dead Meat 
Market and conveniences. All this has been done by a town which has now 
95,000 inhabitants, and which, when it began its progressive career, con- 
tained only about half that number. Huddersfield sets a splendid example 
to many larger cities. 

Artisans' Dwellings.— P. 558. swimming bath and four slipper 

Baths. — The Public Baths in baths, but in 1890 extensive altera- 

Ramsden Street were established by tions and additions were carried out. 

a company in 1875, and were pur- The capital expenditure has been 

chased by the Corporation in 1888. £7,000, and the income last year 

At that time they consisted of one amounted to £653 made up as 


Digitized by CjOOQ IC 


Municipal Year Book 

follows :— Receipts from Board and 
Voluntary Schools, as per arrange- 
ent made, £52; 20,19/ swimmers, 
£236 14s. ; 9,719 1st class slippers, 
£242 19s. ; 10,057 2nd class slippers, 
£125 15s. ; sundries, £1 2s. ; total, 
£658 10s. Cost of maintenance, 
£831 10s. The charges are 6d., 3d., 
and Id. The Corporation has also 
some Public Batns at Lock wood 
which are a charge upon the dis- 
trict. Cost, £4,000 ; income, £189 ; 
cost of maintenance, £263. 

Cemeteries. — The Huddersfield 
Improvement Commissioners ob- 
tained powers in 1852 to provide a 
burial-ground for the Huddersfield 
township and this was transferred 
to the Corporation in 1871. The 
cemetery was enlarged a few years 
ago, and the area is now about 18 
acres. Last year, after paying 
interest and loan charges, there was 
an accumulated credit balance of 
£2,341, which shows that the under- 
taking is a profitable one. A Burial 
Ground has also been provided in 
the Lockwood District, but no 
interments have as yet taken 

Electric Lighting.— Page 488. 

Free Libraries. — The Public 
Library and Art Gallery was 
established in 1897, and is situate 
in Byram Street, contains lending 
and reference Libraries and Beading 
Booms, and the premises are equal 
to many, and superior to more than 
a few, that have been specially con- 
structed and arranged for public 
library purposes. The reading 
accommodation now consists of seven 
rooms, inclusive of the reference 
library, and the number of readers 
frequenting these rooms even now 
taxes the accommodation to the 
utmost, a most gratifying feature. 
Issues of books from the lend- 
ing library during the last twelve 
months, 138,000 volume s. The stock 
of books is now 11,600 in the lending 
library and about 1,700 in the 

ieference library. Borrowers have 
" free excess " to the shelves. The 
rate is Id. in the £. 

Gas.— Page 465. 

Markets. — The markets were 
held by the Commissioners under a 
lease from Sir John Ramsden (Lord 
of the Manor) on the incorporation of 
the borough, but these were imme- 
diately transferred to the Corpora- 
tion , together with their powers. In 
1874 the whole of the markets, fairs, 
tolls, and market rights, together 
with certain lands, sufficient to build 
a covered market and slaughter- 
house, were purchased from Sir John 
William Ramsden, Baronet, for 
£38,402. The purchase was after- 
wards confirmed by Parliament. The 
Corporation afterwards obtained fur- 
ther powers with reference to the 
markets, by which they constructed a 
wholesale market on an area of 3,619 
square yards. The revenue from 
the Market Hall last year was 
£5,231 17s. 8d. ; expenditure, 
£2,272 16s. 7d. Wholesale Market : 
income, £985 18s. lid. ; expendi- 
ture, £291 12s. 5d. Cattle Market : 
income, £654 16s. 7d. ; expendi- 
ture, £60 lis. 2d. The whole in- 
come under the Markets Fund, in 
which are included the slaughter- 
houses, was last year £8,310 14s 9d., 
and the expenditure, including 
£4,800 5s. 7d. towards interest and 
sinking fund, £8,640 15s. lid. 

Refuse and Sewage Disposal. 
— The Corporation disposes of the 
refuse partly by a destructor at Hill- 
house, where the collection and dis- 
posal of night-soil, house refuse,&c, 
is performed. Only portions of dust 
and refuse are consumed in the de- 
structor, the remainder is " tipped." 
The clinker is utilised for filtration 
purposes. The Sewage Works are 
at Deighton, and were designed 
by the former borough engineer 
(R. S. Dugdale, C.E.), and carried 
out under his supervision. The 
works were opened on the 31st 

Digitized by CjOOQ IC 

Municipal Year Book. 


May, 1893. Sludge-pressing 
machinery has also Been put down. 

Slaughter - Houses. — The 
revenue of the slaughter-houses, 
which are connected with the Cattle 
Market, was last year £879 Is. 8d., 
and the expenses £399 6s. 5d., to 
which would have to be added the 
interest and loan charges. There 
are 20 private slaughter-houses in 
the borough. 

Technical Education. — The 
Technical College is carried on by a 
governing body independent of the 
Corporation. It depends for [ its in- 
come on the grants from the Town 
Council, subscriptions, endowment 
fees, and Government grants. The 
Corporation voted £1,527 towards 

the school; it gave £764 to the 
School Board, and smaller sums 
to other institutions for technical 
instruction. The principal of the 
school, which is one of the oldest in 
the country, is Dr. Rawson, and the 
secretary, Mr. Thos. Thorp. 

Telephones.— Page 413. 

Tramways.— Page 516. 

Water.— Page 435. 

General Statistics. —The rates 
vary in each one of the twelve dis- 
tricts for local purposes. The 
average rate last year was 6s. 3Jd. 
Debt outstanding, £3,194,434. Cost 
of Police, £12,017; Fire Brigade, 
£2,048 ; Scavenging, Cleansing, and 
Dust Disposal, £13,730; Sewage 
Disposal, £9,245 ; Parks, £2,144. 


Mayor.— Aid. Ernest Woodhead, M.A., 

Aldermen.— J. A. Brooke, J. P., F.Calvert, 
J. Firth, G. W. Hellawell, B. Hirst, J.P., 
B. H. Inman,W. H. Jessop, J.P., S. Kendall, 
B. M. Shaw, X.P. (Deputy Mayor), J. 
Sngden, J. P., A. Walker, J.P., D. H. White- 
head, J. E. Willans, J.P., B. B. Woodhead. 

Councillors.— A. Ainley, J. H. Aston, O. 
Balmforth, F. A. Barras, W. J. Barras, £. A. 
Beaumont, A. Beevers, J. Berry, B. Broad- 

bent, M.A., T. Oartwright, A. Chatterton, 
T. A. Cockin, E. G. Coward, B. B. Dobson, 
J. F. Dyson, B. Garner, A. Gee, 0. T. E. 
Haigh, E. Hallas, G. H. Holdroyd, J. Hol- 
royd, W. Jepson, H. Lawley, K. G. Learoyd, 
T. Lockwood, F. Longbottom, E. Mellor, 
T. H. Moore, J. Moorhouse, O. Oxie.y, I. 
Pogson, J. Quarmby, F. W. Koblnaon, C. 
Bolfe, E. Shaw, T. Shaw, E. Swallow, A. 
Sykes (Marsh), A. Sykes (North), C. F. 
Sykes, G. Thomson, H A. Whittell, J. A. 
Woolven, J. W. Bobson. 


Town Clerk.- F. 0. Lloyd. 

Deputy Town Clerk.— W. Hudson. 

Chief Clerk, Town Clerk's Depart- 
ment.— Wm. Owen. 

Borough Treasurer and Begistrar of 
Stock.— S. C. Potts. 

Deputy Borough Treasurer. — E. 

Borough Engineer and Surveyor.— 
E. F. Campbell, M. Inst. C.E. 

Gas Engineer and Manager.— E. A. 

Electrical Engineer.— A. B. Mountain. 

Water Works Manager.— J. W. Scho- 

Chief Constable.— J. Morton. 

Medical Officer of Health.— S. G. 

Tramways Manager. — H. N. Thomas, 
(pro. tern.). 

Corporation Auditor. -D. D. Shirtliffe. 

Borough Auditor.— Cornelius Wheawill. 

Cemetery Registrar.— J. Firth 

Market Inspector.— G. Matthewman. 

Borough Analyst.— Dr. L. G . Paul. 

Librarian and Curator. — A. G. 

• Scavenging Superintendent.— W. J. 


Population 240,618 ; Bateablk Value, £1.004,702 ; Area, 9,202 Acres. 

The Corporation of Hull possesses a formidable list of municipal assets. 
It has not lost its hold of the old communal property handed down — some 

Digitized by CjOOQ IC 

140 Mwaidpal Year Book. 

quite from mediaeval times — and the enterprise of the modern municipality 
has added to the remunerative departments of town government. The 
Corporation exercises great sway over the Port and the Harbour, as 
may be gathered from the fact that the Water Bailiffs dues and 
charges in shipping jettage and anchorage last year came to £4,145. 
Harbour dues were £412. The Corporation receives a rent of £3,260 from 
the North-Eastern Railway for one section of the docks, and £2,000 a year 
from the Hull, Barnsley, and West Riding Junction Railway for another. 
The Corporation has a total rent-roll from farms, dwelling-houses, docks, 
shops, &c, of £17,400 a year. The farms, landed estate, warehouses, 
shops, and houses, ground rents, etc., belonging to the Corporation are 
valued at about £600,000. Reserved land at Alexandra Dock and vacant 
land is valued at £154,000. As a sea-wall costing £20,810 has been con- 
structed in front of the Alexandra Dock land, it will soon be used for 
remunerative purposes. If we add the markets and the public build- 
ings to the above the whole corporate property is over a million, which 
is more than the rateable value of the whole town. The Corporation 
has invested £100,000 in the Hull and Barnsley Railway, coming to its 
assistance in the way which Manchester has done in the case of the Ship 
Canal, in the commercial interests of the town. Last year the dividends 
received were* £1,500. The Corporation are Governors of the Grammar 
School, and its maintenance is vested in them. The City joins with 
Goole as the Port Sanitary Authority, it is represented on the Humber 
Conser vancy and the Hull and Barnsley Railway Company, and pays a 
contributi on of £100 to the Vicar of Holy Trinity in lieu of collecting a 
vicar's rate, which indicates the variety of its interests. The Corporation 
has a profitable Water Supply, derived from springs in the locality, profit- 
able Markets, and a Crematorium, the first municipal institution of the kind 
opened in the country. It maintains Free Libraries, Public Baths and Wash- 
Houses, Cemeteries, Destructors and Disinf ector, and has one of the most 
successful Municipal Electric Lighting enterprises in the country. The 
Corporation also owns the Tramways, which are operated by electric 
traction. The Corporation also proposes to establish Municipal Telephones, 
and has applied to the Postmaster-General for the necessary licence. Hull 
was the first incorporated town in a modern sense in the country. 

Baths AND Wash-Houses. — Hedon Road Cemetery : income, 

Madeley Street Baths : receipts, £1,240; maintenance, £1,125. Wes- 

£727 ; expenditure, £857. Trippett tern Cemetery : income, £2,130 ; 

Baths and Wash-Houses : receipts, maintenance, £1,633. Old Ground 

£4U9: expenditure, £651. East Hull Western Cemetery: income, £66; 

new bath : receipts, £694 ; ex- maintenance, £13. Interest on stock 

penditure, £1,061. These figures and instalments of loans, £1,480. 

are for the twelve months ending Amount received from rates, £1,163. 

31st March, 1901, and do not include Crematorium.— The Corporation 

charges for interest and sinking has erected a crematorium, the first 

fund. New baths are being erected municipal one in the country. It 

in the north-west district. cost £3,000, and was opened [in 

Cemeteries. — Disused burial January, 1901. 

grounds and two cemeteries are Electric Lighting.— -Page 488. 

maintained by the Corporation. Free Public Libraries. — A 

Digitized by CjOOQ IC 

Municipal Year Book 


central and three branch libraries are 
maintained. The central library 
was opened in December, 1901. Ex- 
penditure last year, including capital 
charges, £4,056. One library, costing 
£11,415, including an endowment of 
£6,315, was presented to the city by 
Sir Jas. Reckitt, Bart. The libraries 
are well stocked. There are 15,000 
volumes in the reference depart- 
ments, and 43,000 in the lending 

Markets. — Hull has extensive 
markets. Tolls are levied on street 
markets (£850 last year), and a 
Market Hall produces £731 in tolls, 
Hull fairs, £708. The expenditure 
was £1,351. Tolls from the Cor- 
poration Field Vegetable Markets, 
£342 ; expenditure, including £224 
for interest and sinking fund, £316. 
Receipts from Pig and Cattle Mar- 
ket, £1,489; expenditure, £980. 
The income from the Corn Ex- 
change was £241, and the expenses 

Refuse and Sewage Disposal.— 
Dry dust and refuse destroyed by 
destructor which last year cost 
£1,633. Night-soil collected by 
contractors. Cost to town, £13,536. 
Sewage runs into the tidal waters. 

Technical Instruction.— The 

Corporation has founded a Municipal 
Technical School which is organised 
in five departments : (1) Day de- 
partment (junior and senior) for 
science, engineering, building trades 
and cognate industries. (2) Day de- 
partment for commercial and mercan - 
tile subjects. (3) Day department for 
chemistry and chemical industries. 
(4) Department for women. (5) Even- 
ing schools and classes in all depart- 
ments. The cost of these schools 
last year was £4,301. The Corpora- 
tion has also taken over and now 
maintains the School of Art. Cost 
last year £932, grants and fees re- 
ceived £536. The Exchequer grant 
o btained is £4, 120. The rate of one- 
eighth of a Id. is levied in aid. 

Telephones.— Page 413. 

Tramways.— Page 519. 

Water.— Page 435. 

General Statistics.— There are 
several parishes in Hull, and rates 
vary in each. Debt outstanding 
after application of Sinking Funds 
under Borough Fund, £496,742; 
Water Works, £284,265; Urban 
Sanitary Authority, £914,704; Tram- 
ways loan, sanctioned, £218,079 ; 
Electric Light, £148,227; Fire 
Brigade, £1,653 ; Parks and Recrea- 
tion Grounds, £4,879 ; Lighting 


Mayor.— William Alfred G-elder. 

Aldermen. — Philip Thomas Crook, 
El lough ton ; Evan Fraser, 52, Spring Bank ; 
William Alfred Gelder, 4, Chestnut Villas, 
Holderness. Road; Richard Gillett. 80, 
Prince's Avenue; George Hall, Westwood 
• Road, Beverley; William Jarman, 176, Anlaby 
Road; Frederick Larard, Mascotte House, 
Kingston Square; Watson Arton Massey, 
Brough; William Rayment, 16, Coltman 
Street; Arthur Rollit, Browsholme, Oott- 
ingham ; John Love Beaton, Pearson Park ; 
Jonn Sherburn, Pearson Park; John 
Symons, 198, Coltman Street; Henry Toozes, 
242, Hessle Road; Thomas Wilde, 48, 
Margaret Street; Sir James Thomas Wood- 
house, Brough House, Brough. 

CouNOtLLOES.— PranciB Askew, 47, Blake 

Street ; Peter Atkinson, 52, Coltman Street ; 
Thos. Beecroft Atkinson, Wood burn, Anlaby 
Road ; William Johnson Atkinson, Cotting. 
ham Road, Rowland ; John Beautement, GO, 
Park Road; George Jackson Bent ham, 60, 
Park Street ; George Jeremiah Briggs, 136, 
Spring Bank; John Brown, Haceldene, 
Pearson Park; George H. Clarke, Kirk Ella, 
near Hull; Walter Herbert Cockerline, 
E Houghton, Brough; Solomon Cohen, 127, 
Beverley Road ; William Henry Cooper, 81, 
Queen's Road ; Frederick Coetello, 272, 
Anlaby Road ; G-eorge Dibney, 36, Cannon 
Street ; James Crake, 427* Beverley Road ; 
Henry Feldman, 10, Linnaeus Street ; John 
William Fisher, 15, Granville Street; 
John Grindell, Fern Lodge, Holderness 
Road; William Hakes, 27, Spring Street; 


142 Municipal Year Book 

John George Hall, Lindum House, Berkeley 52, Holderness Boad ; John Pybus, 1, 

Street ; Thomas George Hall, 10, Lowther Pendrill Street ; William Roberta Newland 

Street, Albert Avenue; Edward Hanger, Park; Henry Robinson, 161 Beverley 

Stoneferry; John Henry Har greaves, 15, Boad; Edward Bobson, Hop Villa, Mew- 

Pryme Street; William Holder, 10, Somers- land; John Sylvester Sage,* He&sle Oora- 

town, Holderness Boad; Andrew Emerson mon; George Lucas Scott, 15, Pember- 

Kessen, 163, Beverley Boad ; George Latus, ton Street ; John Shaw, 371, Anlaby Boad ; 

445, Beverley Boad ; George William Lilley, George Sipling, Rydal Villa, Anlaby Boad ; 

20, Williamson Street ; Samuel McGaw, 10, Joseph Tong Skinner, 19, Wright Street ; 

Cleveland Street ; Daniel McLaren, 149, Tubal Cain Taylor, 19, St. Andrew's Street ; 

Westbourne Avenue; William Greenwood James Torpey, 10, Scott Street; John 

Millington, 16, Argyle Street; William Watt, Newington Hall, Anlaby Boad; 

Whitehead North, 58, Hedon Road ; James William Gardner Wharram. 113, Waterloo 

Kutt, 27, Coltman Street ; George Henry Street ; Harold John Work, 443, Anlaby 

Panton, 206, Anlaby Boad ; John Porter, Boad. 


Recorder.— John Forbes, Q.O. City Architect.— J. H. Hirst. 

Town Clerk.— Edwin Laverack. Inspector of Nuisances.— 0. W. Eving- 

City Engineer.— Alfred E. White. ton. 

City Treasurer and Registrar of Chief Inspector Weights and 

Stock.— Thos. G. Milner. Measures.— C. Cooper. 

City Accountant.— B. Brown . Superintendent Borough Asylum.— Dr. 

Chief Constable. —Captain F. P.Gurney. J. Merson. 

Water and Gas Engineer.— F. J. Ban. Chief Librarian.— W. F. Lawton. 

croft. Director of Technical Instruction.— 

Medical Officer. — John W. Mason, J. T. Biley, D.Sc. 
M.B., D.P.H. Magistrates' Clerk.— G. L. Shackles. 

Electrical Engineer.— A. S. Barnard. Tramway Manager.— W. J. McCombe. 


Population, 4,261 ; Bateable Value, £21,357 ; Area, 1,074 Acres. 

Huntingdon was first incorporated in 1189. The old freemen of the town 
had extensive common rights, and the common land is still maintained 
in the interest of freemen who are now not very numerous. The payments 
last year to the freemen and freemen's widows amounted to £248. The 
Town Council maintains the Water Supply, Markets, and a Bathing-place 
on the River Ouse. The tolls from the Markets were £67. The cosfe of 
Sewerage amounted to £40. The General District Kate was 2s. in the £. 

Wateb.— Page 436. 


Mayor.— Councillor H. 0. Jones. Town Clerk.— J. Percy Maule. 

Aldermen.— Sir A. W. Marshall, Q. Thack- Treasurer.— T. H. Bush, 

ray, P. D. Veasey, A. Grist. Surveyor.— B. Borissow. 

Councillors.— A. 0. Sweeting, B. Good- Medical Officer.— H. Lucas, 

liff, J. Brown, B. Dear, C. Bryant, H. School Attendance Officer.— W. B. 

Peacock, H. 0. Jones, J. W. Ingram, J. Todd. 

Scotney, W. Favell, T. Coxon. Inspector of Nuisances.— S. Beresford. 


Population, 32,766 ; Bateable Value, £122,573 ; Area, 3,072 Acres 
Hyde was incorporated eighteen years a»o, and obtained a separate Com- 
mission of the Peace in 1893. The Local Government District dates from 
1868, and the boundaries of the town were extended in 1877 by the inclusion 
of Newton and Godley* The Corporation owns a Water Supply (though also 

Digitized by VjOOQ IC 

Municipal Yecur Booh 


obtaining water from the Manchester Corporation), Markets, Cemetery, and 
estates which bring in an annual revenue of over £700. 

Baths.— The receipts from the 
baths for the year ended March 31st, 
1901, were £373. A deficiency of 
£707 (inclusive of £375 loan and 
interest payments) was made good 
out of the rates. 

Cemetery. — The cemetery has 
been constructed at a cost of £10,599. 
The receipts last year amounted to 
£256, and a grant of £850 was ob- 
tained from die rates. 

Free Public Library. — The 
cost of maintaining the Free Public 
Library was £506. 

Markets.— The profit on the 
markets last year was carried as a 
contribution to Capital Account, 
which had been necessitated by the 
building of new Lavatories on the 
Market Ground. 

Refuse. — The town refuse is con- 
sumed by a dust destructor at a cost 
of £695, and the sewage is disposed 
of by precipitation and filtration at 
a cost of £1,446. 

Tramways.— Page 543. 

Water.— Page 436. 

General Statistics at 31st 
March, 1901.— The rates are : Dis- 
trict Rate, 3s. 4d. in the £ ; Poor 
Rate, Hyde township, 2s. 6d. in the 
£ ; Newton township, 2s. 8d. in the 
£ ; God ley township, 2s. 6d. in the 
£. The debt outstanding is £120,340. 
Cost of Fire Brigade, £618 ; High- 
ways, £1,729 ; Lighting, £1,317 ; Re- 
moval of Refuse, £1,385 ; Infectious 
Diseases Hospital, £1,558 ; Scaveng- 
ing, £1,220. 


Mayor.— Coun. Thomas Carter Beeley. 

Aldermen.— Jos. Mycock, Thos. Mose- 
dale, John Blackwell, John Oldham, Jona- 
than Bailey, £. W. Smith. 

Councillors. — Newton Ward: J. J. 
Tinker, J. W. D. Barron, James W. Kemp, T. 
C. Beeley, Jubal 8haw, Stephen Infield. 
Godley Ward : Joe Cooke, D. H. Shaw, W. 
I. Sherry, J. W. Maloney, S. Fildes, Thos. 
Ferrin. Werneth Ward : Jas. Pollard, J. 
Bowker, Geo. Brown son, Benj. Garside, 
Luke Kenny, Percy Hibbert. 

Towv Clerk and Clerk to Urban 

District Council. — Thomas Brownson. 

Clerk to Borough Justices.— T. Brown- 
son, B.A. 

Treasurer.— J. B. Muir. 

Borough Accountant.— E. S. Jenkins 

Medical Officer.— J. Bennett. 

Surveyor and Water Works Superin 
tendent.— Joseph Mitchell. 

Sanitary Inspector.— John Shawcroft. 

School Attendance Officer.— Saml. 


Population, 5,557; Bateable Value, £26,416; Area, 2,620 Acres. 
Hythe is one of the Cinque Ports and was incorporated by Queen 
Elizabeth with a Mayor and Jurats, and was governed under her charter 
until the passing of the Municipal Corporations Act. It has a Commission 
of the Peace, with a Recorder and Magistrates, and holds Quarter Sessions 
and Petty Sessions. The Water Works are under municipal control. 
The Corporation has completed a sea-wall and promenade, and nas obtained 
a Provisional Order under the Electric Lighting Acts. The Gas Works are 
owned by a company. The Burial Board is not connected with the 
Corporation. The population is very largely increased during the summer 
Water.— Page 436. 

Digitized by CjOOQ IC 

144 Municipal Year Book 


Mayor. — Councillor Henry* Strah an, M.A. Treasurer.— Frank Spichernell. 

Aldermen.— Henry Thomas Cobay, J. P., Medical Officer.— Major Kirby Robin- 
John Scott, Daniel John West, William son, M.D. 
Henry Maycock. Surveyor and Sanitary Inspector. — 

Councillors. — John James Jeal, J. P., Arthur Shaw Butterworth, A.M.I.C.E. 
Charles Goodyear, Henry Strahan, M.A., Accountant. — James Edwin Holmes, 

James Ashdown, Daniel Walter, John Pin- A.S.A.A. 

sent Shilston, Richard Price, Stephen Bean, Collector.— Alfred Roberts Manning. 

Robt.Dann, Henry Manning, Thomas Amos, Clerk to Magistrates. — George 

James Lovick. Striuger Wilks. 

Recorder.- Beaumont Morlee. Coroner.— Charles Wilfrid Blaxland. - 

Clerk of the Peace.— Robert John Sidle. Deputy Coroner. — George Stringer 

Town Clerk— George Stringer Wilks. Wilks. 


Population, 25,384; Rateable Value, £67,508; Area, 2,526 Acres. 

Ilkeston was incorporated in the beginning of 1887. The previous Local 
Board municipalised the Gas and Water Works. The town now possesses 
Markets, a Parochial Municipal Cemetery, and maintains a Sewage Farm. 
The Corporation contemplates extending the Gas Works and establishing 
. Electric Light and Tramway undertakings, Provisional Orders for both 
having been obtained. 

Cemetery. — The receipts for the Markets. — The income last year 

last year were £312 ; expenditure, was £389 ; expenditure, £357. 

£485. Tramways.— Page 534. 

Gas.— Page 465. Water.— Page 436. 


Mayor.— P. Sudbury. Treasurer.— P. A. Smith. 

Aldermen.— Beardsley, Maltby, Merry, Medical Officer of Health. — J. G 

Robinson, Sudbury. Willis. 

Kirk, *i£b!?^ Accountant^-T. N. Lissett A.S A.A 
Richardson, Scattergood, Sudbury, Swindell, Borough Surveyor.— H. J. Kilford. 

Trueman, Wood. - Inspector of Nuisances.— T. Evans. 

. Town Clerk.— Wright Lisset (Barrister- Manager of Gas Works.— F. C. Hum. 

at-Law). phreys. 


Population, 66,622; Rateable Value, £280,288; Area, 8,428 Acres. 

Ipswich Corporation provides the Water Supply, maintains a Free Library, 
School of Science and Art, a Museum, a Public Park, and an Arboretum. 
The town is an important market centre in East Anglia. Ipswich has 
many old charters, which were superseded by the Municipal Corporations 
Act. The rent roll from land, houses, wharves, markets, &c, amounted for 
year ended March, 1901, to £3,812. The Corn Exchange produced £494 
net; coal dues, £376 ; rents from provision market, £157. Nearly half the 
total receipts come from other sources than rates. Rates : General District, 
4s. 4d. ; Poor Rate (which includes charges for Oyster Fishery, School Board, 
Post-office, and general municipal purposes), 2s. lOd. The total debt out- 
standing on the Corporation and Sanitary Authority Accounts is £461,543. 

Digitized by CjOOQ IC 

M 'itmdpal Yewr Booh 


Baths.— Fore Street Baths cost 
£166 to maintain. The revenue 
from fees was £407. There are also 
two open-air bathing-places. One 
is leased and the other maintained 
by the Corporation at a cost of £38. 

Free Library.— There is a School 
of Science and Art and Museum in 
connection with the Library. A 
penny rate is levied for the purposes 
of the Free Library, and a half- 

fenny rate under the Technical 
nstruction Act. The Corporation 
has, during the last year, provided 
additional accommodation for the 
Museum and a Reference Library at 
a cost of £3,000. 

Markets.— The rents from the 
Corn Exchange brought £494, and 
the expenditure was £252. Provi- 
sion Market yielded £157. 
Water.— Page 436. 


Mayor.— A. C Churchman. 

Deputy Mayor.— W. F. Paul. 

Aldermen.— E. R. Turner, W. Turner, A. 
Wrinch, J. May,C. H. Cowell,N. Cafcchpole, 
J. H. Joeselyn, D. F. Goddard, M.P., 8. R. 
Anness, E. Packard. 

Councillors.— W. C. Page, J. H. Grim- 
wade, P. Bennett, W. Pipe, H. J. W. Jervis, 

W. Grayston, P. E. Bands, F. Turner, T. R. 
Elkington, T. Alderton, S. Brand, C. E. 
Tempest, 0. Turner, J. R. Staddon, 
E. P. Ridley, E. Catchpole, W. F. Paul, 
A. C. Churchman, R. 8. Paul, G. Fenn,W. A. 
Churchman, R. D. Fraser, J. Pratt, W. O. 
White, G. Butcher, W. T. Pretty, A. 
Hanson, W. J. Catchpole, W. S. Cowell 
H. W. Raffe. 


Town Clerk.— W. Bantoft. 
Treasurer.— W. Alexander. 
Medical Officer.— G. 8. Elliston. 
Analyst.— W. L. Sutton. 

Surveyor.— E. Buckham. 
Inspector.— Arthur Hicks. 
Water Works Manager.— H. Roberts. 
Free Library Librarian.— Henry Ogle. 


Population, 34,291; Rateable Value, £112,700; Area, 1,004 Acres. 
Jarrow was granted a charter in 1875, and a Commission of the Peace in 
the following year. The principal feature about the government of the town 
is the maintenance of an Infectious Diseases Hospital, Recreation Grounds, 
and Quays. The Hospital cost for maintenance £718, the Recreation Grounds 
£347, and the Quays £74, the income of the latter being £538. Ferries 
have been transferred to a company. The town sewage flows into the sea. 
Water and Lighting supplies are under private control. Rates : the Borough 
Rate is 4d. in the £ ; General District, 2s. 3d. ; Poor Rate, 2s. 4d. Cost of 
Recreation Ground, £458 ; Highways, £1,430 ; Scavenging, £3,125 ; Public 
Lighting, £1,481 ; Sanitary Works, £196 ; Street Improvements, £233 ; 
Infectious Diseases Hospital, £1,021 ; Loans outstanding, £727,733. 


3". W. Gordon, T. Ramsey, Geo. Johnson 
J. Rutherford, M. Dillon, J. Hill. 

Town Clerk.— Wm. S. Daglish. 

Deputy Town Clbrk and Accountant. 
—J. Batey. 

Treasurer.— Brodrick Dale. 

Surveyor,— John Petree. 

Medical Officer.— J. M. Nicoll. 

Inspector of Nuisances.— B. Batey. 

Mayor.— Robt. Beaveley. 

Aldermen.— W. H. Dickinson, Sir C. M. 
Palirer, Bart., M.P., B. Handyside. Z. 
Harris, J. T. O. Penman, and J. Arm- 

Councillors.— D. Chalmers, L. S. Nor- 
man, T. Webber, G. A. Barrasford, M. F. 
Rupp, J. D. Rose, J. O'Connor, J. Casey, 
W. Pearson, Andrew Frew, R. Reayeley, 

Digitized by CjOOQ IC 


Municipal Tear Book. 


Population, 41,561 ; Rateable Value, £136,999 ; Area, 3,600 Acres. 

KEIGHLEY was incorporated in 1882, and soon began to overflow its borders , 
and in 1895 was extended by the inclusion of several neighbouring villages 
and hamlets, and its area doubled. The Corporation owns the Water and 
Gas Supplies ; it has erected Artisans' Dwellings, and owns other house 
property which brings in £1,800 a year. It has recently acquired the 
tJemetery from the Keighley Burial Board, and the Baths and Wash-Houses 
from th© Keighley Baths and Wash-Houses Commissioners. The town 
possesses three Parks. The Corporation owns the Tramways. Keighley 
joins with Bingley and other authorities in forming a Hospitals Board. 
The Free Libraries Act was adopted in 1899, and a site purchased to meet a 
gift of £10,000 for building from Mr. Andrew Carnegie. The Corporation 
is taking steps for the erection of the Library. 

Artisans' Dwellings. — Page Town Council pays for 150 b©ys and 


Electric Lighting.— Page 488. 
Gas.— Page 466. 

Refuse and Sewage Disposal. 
— The town refuse is deposited on 
tips, and the sewage is disposed of 
by intermittent downward filtration. 
The sewage farm for the year ended 
30th June, 1901, produced a revenue 
of £1,273 16s. 5d. Cost of main- 
tenance was £1,701 13s. 6d. 

Technical Education. — The 
West Riding County Council grant 
for technical education is paid direct 
to the Keighley Institute. The 

girls at the Institute and levies a 
rate of £150 per year for that pur- 
pose. The total Grant for Technical 
Education amounts to £450 per year. 

Water.— Page 436. 

General Statistics. — Rates : 
Borough Rate, 2s. 8d. ; General Dis- 
trict Rate, 5s. 8d ; Poor Rate, 2s. 
Debt outstanding 30th June, 1901, 
£529,641 6s. 4d. Cost of Fire Brig- 
ade, £6310s. 5d ; Parks, £1,131 19s. 
9d.; Hospital, £2,391 3s. 10d.; High- 
ways, £3,980 10s. lOd. ; Main Roads, 
£1,201 Is. 4d.; Removal of Nightsoil 
and Ashes, £2,664 15s. 5d.; Scaveng- 
ing, £1,098 4s. Id. 

Mayor.— H. C. Longsdon. 
Deputy Mayor.— B. S. Brigg. 

Aldermen.— B. S. Brigg, William Clougta, 
Shem Paget, 0. H. Foulds, B. Edmondson, 
H. Horner. 

Councillors. — Central Ward : H. C. 
Longsdon, John William Smith, Denby 
Driver. East Ward: William Midgley, 
William Thomson, Philip Snowden. North- 
east Ward: John Best, J. T. Pollard, 
Joseph Craven. North - West Ward : 
Robert Holmes, Joseph Waterhouse, David 
Pickles. South Ward : Moses Hargreaves, 

Henry Newton, John Lamb. West Ward : 
James Walsh, John Smith, Michael Ho wley, 

Town Clerk.— George Burr. 

Medical Officer.— W. Scatterty, M.A., 

Treasurer.— Alfred Lister, F.S.A.A. 

Gas Engineer.- John Laycock. 

Engineer, Surveyor of Highways, &c. 
— W. H. Hopkinson, A.M.I.C.E. 

Electrical Engineer.— J. M. Smyth. 

Inspector of Nuisances.— W. C. Haller, 

Inspector of Water Works.— Joseph 


Population, 14,183 ; Rateable Value, £62,207 ; Area, 2,622 Acres. 
Kendal traces its incorporation to the reign of Elizabeth. The Corporation 
provides the Water and Gas Supplies, Free Library, two Recreation ferounds 
(viz., Abbot Hall and Castle Hill), Markets, Baths, and Slaughter-Houses. 
The income from corporate property last year was £1,576 10s. 5d 

Digitized by CjOOQ IC 

Municipal Year Booh 


Baths.— The receipts last year 
were £320, and the expenditure, 
including interest on loans, £696. 

Electric Lighting.— Page 497.. 

Free Public Library. — The 
Library was established in 1892, 
and contains 10,855 volumes. The 
cost of maintenance last year was 

Gas.— Page 466. 

Markets. — The receipts from 
the markets were £60, and the ex- 
penditure £202, of which £149 was 
for interest and redemption. 

Refuse and Sewage. — Refuse 
is carted to tips, and the sewage is 

disposed of by irrigation on a sew- 
age farm. 

Slaughter-Houses. — The in- 
come last year was £116, and the 
expenditure £183. 

Water.— Page 437. 

General Statistics. — Rates : 
' The Borough Rate is 5|d. ; General 
District Rate, 3s. on houses, mills, 
and warehouses ; on cottages, Is. lOd. , 
payable by owner ; on land, 8^d., 
payable by tenant. Cost of Police, 
£1,498 ; FireBrigade,£129 ; Hospital 
£793; Lighting, £1,173; Highways, 
£2,137; Sewerage, £1,297. Debt 
outstanding, £146,039. 


Mayor.- Gilbert Gilkes. 

Aldermen.— J. Monkhouse, J.Thompeon, 
T. Sharpe, T. Wilson, T. Harrison, J. 

Councillors.— North Ward: J. H. 
Jefferys, J. H. Braithwaite, J. Thwaites, 
David Parker, Gilbert Gilkes, J. McLaren. 
East Ward: John Banks, J. Somervell, 
G. L. Hoggarth, G. F. Braithwaite, W. 
Edmoudson, Isaac Braithwaite. West 
Ward : F. W. Cragg, W. B. Parker, T. Bate- 
son, J. H. Little wood, Ed. Busher, E. J. 

Town Clerk and Clerk to Urban 
District Council.— J. Bolton. 

Treasurer;— C. Graham. 

Medical Officer.— B. M. Craven. 

Engineer and Surveyor.— B. H. Clucas, 
C.E., M.S.E. 

Gas and Water Engineer. -T.N Bitson, 

Clerk to the Magistrates.— B. H. 

Head Constable.— C. E. Harriss. 

Public Librarian.— J. Hosie. 

Inspector of Nuisances.— J. Barnes. 


Population, 24,692 ; Rateable Value, £83,387 ; Area, 1,213 Acres. 
The Corporation owns the Water Supply, Markets (which bring in a revenue 
of £1,263 a year), Baths and Wash-Houses, and a Free Library. The total 
local expenditure last year amounted to £9,565 for Borough purposes, and 
£30,031 for General District purposes. Debt outstanding, £94,553. The 
General District Rate last year was 4s.; Poor Rate (including Borough 
Rate and School Board), 4s. 4d. 

Baths.— The receipts from the 
bachs last year were £236; the ex- 
penditure, £470. 

Electric Lighting.— Page 489. 

Free Library. — Kidderminster 
adopted the Libraries Act as far 
back as 1854. The lending library 
contains over 6,000 volumes, and has 
a museum and an art gallery at- 
tached to it. The annual cost of 

maintenance is £353 ; maintenance 
expenditure, £180. 

Sewage Disposal.— The sewage 
is disposed of by irrigation. The 
Corporation maintains a large farm, 
the revenue from which last year 
amounted to £4,700. Capital ex- 
penditure on the farm has been 
£22,261, and the loss on the trading 
account last year was £122, 

WATE.R— Page 437. 

Digitized by CjOOQ IC 


Municipal Fear Book. 


Town Clerk and Clebk to Urban Dis- 
trict Council.— J. Morton. 
Treasurer.— E. C. Newmarch. 

Mayor.— P. Adam. 

Aldermen.— George Holdswortb, George 
Holloway, Edward Parry, B. Hep worth, P. 
Adam, T. Pensotti. 

Councillors.— M. Cole, W. H. Moore, J. 
Garlick, M. Tomkinson, E. W. Talbot, W. H. 
Talbot, G. A. Weston, T. Griffin, H. E. 
Smith, W. Phipps. W. Taylor, J. Brazier, E. 
Robin son, C. Dailey, J. Boyle, M. Smith, J. 
Ray, H. Bennett. 

Surveyor.— A. James. 
Accountant.— T. H. Williams. 
Medical Officer.— D. Corbet. 
Inspector.— J. T. Cowderoy. 
Chief Constadlk.— Edwin Bennett. 
Public Librarian.— W. F. Baillie. 


Population, 2,285; Rateable Value, £8,213; Area, 3,165 Acres. 
Kidwelly is an old Welsh town, and was first incorporated by a charter 
granted by Henry I. This charter was from time to time enlarged and ex- 
tended by subsequent charters granted by succeeding sovereigns, and 
governed the town until the 9th November, 1885, when a new charter, 
granted on the 20th July, 1885, under the Municipal Corporations Act, came 
into force in the borough. The income from rents amounted last year to £137. 
The Corporation acts as the Urban District Council, and its General Dis- 
trict Rate briDgs in £272, and Water Rate £79. The total debt is £4,257. 
Rates : General District Rate, Is. 6d. in the £ ; Borough Rate, 2d. in the £ ; 
and Water, Is. in the £. 


Mayor.— J. G. Anthony. 

Aldermen.— J. G. Anthony, R. Browne, 
E. V. Davies, D. Stephens. 

Councillors.— T. Beynon, T. Gower, W. 
D. James, D. J. John, G. Jones, J. Jones, 
D. Reynolds, H. E. Smart, A. Stephens, 
W. Wilkin, W. Ycung. 

Town Clebk and Clebk to Urban Dis- 
trict Council and Borough Justices.— 
D. C Edwards. 

Medical Officer.— D. Jones. 

Surveyor and Collector.— J. Morgan. 

Sanitary Inspector.— John Davies. 


Population, 20,289 ; Rateable Value, £82,541 ; Area, 3,061 Acres. 
King's Lynn is an ancient town, which in its early days was under the 
government of the Bishops. The Town Council owns a Water Supply, 
Electricity Works, Ferry, Cattle Markets, Corn Exchange, Quays, a Public 
Cemetery, and maintains Public Walks, Baths, Public Library, Fire 
Brigade, and a Technical School. The revenue received from rents amounts 
to £5,400 per annum. The total local expenditure is £38,500, and the debt 
outstanding, £143,961. 
Electric Lighting.— Page 489. 


Mayor.— T. E. Bagge. 

Aldermen.— Alfred Ream, E; Dunn, R. 
Green, W. Pattrick, Thos. Pattrick, John T. 

Councillors.— G. Bristow, W. R. Sadler, 
P. W. Savage, F. S. Thew, P. R. Floyd, J. A. 
Parsons, W. S. Dexter, P. T. Chatterton, 
J. Bardell, W. H. L. Brown, H. 0. Brown, 
W. Savage. E. M. Beloe, Jun.. G. II. 
Thomas, T. Brown, A. Jeimyn, W. Nicholls, 
G. Gemmell. 

Town Clerk, Clerk of the Peace, 

Clerk to the Urban District Council, 
Ac— J. W. Woolstencroft. 

Recorder.— The Hon. John de Grey. 

Borough Treasurer.— Geo. Cresswell. 

Clerk to the Magistrates.— C. T. Ives. 

Borough and Water Engineer and 
Surveyor.— H. J. Weaver. 

Medical Officer of Health.— H. C. 

Accountant,— G. H. Anderson: 

Head Constable.— W. G. Payne. 

Inspector of Nuisances,— J, W, Shaw, 

Digitized by CjOOQ IC 

Mvmicvpal Tear Book. 149 


Population, 34,375 ; Rateable Value, £193,151; Abba, 1,114 Acres. 
Kingston Corporation is one of the oldest in the country. Since the grant- 
ing of its first charter by King John, the corporate existence of the town 
has been acknowledged by the Crown. In mediaeval times it was governed 
by two bailiffs, fifteen headboroughs, and about a dozen councillors. James 
II. gave it mayor and aldermen and councillors, providing the mayor and 
aldermen himself. On the landing of William of Orange the Corporation 
reverted to its ancient constitution of bailiffs and headboroughs, which con- 
tinued until the passing of the Municipal Corporations Act of 1835. Kingston 
possesses an ancient Municipal Market, which occupies the market-place 
and the ground floor of the Town Hall. The Market yields a profit of 
five hundred pounds a year. The Corporation established Municipal 
Electric Lighting in 1893, and the undertaking has proved a successful 
enterprise. There is a good Free Public Library. There are also Art 
and Technical Schools and good Baths, which are very popular. 
Artisans' Dwellings. —Page 559. Electric Lighting.— Page 489. 


Matob.— W. E. St. L. Finny. High Stewabd of the Bobough. — The 

AU.EBMEH.-B. M.r.h, 0. B. 01drid«e, Ea £^?I r #& Vfcwell JP 
J. J. Colling, W. Hart, M G. Moatt, J. B. &SSm -KdW £' 

Walker, C. Baker, G. T. Salmon. SSSSS^J. nSSStfc 


Youldon, C. Wells, G. Clarke, C. Maggs, Accountant.— George Porter. 

J. Glover, E. Wilton. Hill Wabd : H. Bobough Subveyob. — Major Henry 

Minett, D. Judd, H. C. Minnitt, W. E. St. L. Macaulay, C.E. 

Finny, G. E. Cawley, W. G. Cam. Nob- Medical Officeb.—H.B. Collins, D. P. H. 

biton Wabd: G. E. Street, H. M. C. Bobough Ei ectbical Engineeb.— James 

Sprunt, J. Lambourn, T. E. Welbelove, T. E. Edgcome, M.I.M.E., M.I.E.E. 

Lyne, W. V. Prior. Town Wabd : W. Cam, Bate Collectob.— F. R. Hawkins. 

J. N. Horsfield, H. K. Baker, W. F. Forsyth, Sanitaby Inspectob.— F. J. Pearce. 

C. E. Woolnough, J» M. R. Francis. Libbabian.— Benjamin Carter, 


Population, 1,722 ; Rateable Value, £4,073; Abea, 1,754 Acbes. 
Lampeter had an unref ormed Corporation till 1884, when it came under the 
Act. Its original charter of incorporation was received in the reign of 
Henry VI. , and for some years its chief magistrate was known as the Port- 
reeve. The Town Council owns the Markets and the Water Supply. 


Ma yob.— Dr. Hugh Walker, LL.D. Francis Lloyd, Timothy Richards, Thoma 

Aldermen.— John Jones. D. Tivy Jones, Hugh Bice Hughes, John Davies. 

Samuel Davies-Jones, Hngh Walker. Town Clebk and Clebk to District 

Councillobs. — Joseph Davies, J. J. Council.— John Ernest Lloyd. 

Davies, David Hugh Evaus, Thomas Tbeasubeb.— D. Jones. 

Hughes, Daniel Evans, Daniel Jenkins, Medical Officer.— A. Evans. 

Arthur Price, Daniel Griffiths, David Inspector.— Bbys W. Jones, 

Digitized by CjOOQ IC 

150 Municipal Tear Book. 



Population, 40,329 ; Rateable Value, £186,395 ; Area, 3,610 Acres. 
Lancaster is an ancient town situated on the banks of the River Lime. It 
ossesses a series of charters, the earliest in existence being that granted 
>y King John when Earl of Moreton in 1193. This was confirmed upon his 
becoming king in 1199. The total local taxes, including the School Board 
Rate, are 3s. lOd. in the £ for all purposes. The property of the Corporation 
brings in a rental of £2,380 per year. In addition to this, the marsh land, 
and investment from sale of portions of same, of which the Corporation is 
Trustee for the Freemen, brings in an income of £1,027. The last exten- 
sion of the borough took place in 1900, when arrangements were made for 
the inclusion of portions of three large townships, with differential rating. 
The town has an excellent Water Supply from the Wyresdale Hills. The 
revenue from it is £16,210 per year. The Corporation is constructing, by 
direct labour, a new reservoir at Blea Tarn. It has concluded arrangements 
with the London and North- Western Railway Company which have enabled 
that company to proceed with the construction of the much-desired new 
station at Lancaster. The Corporation owns the Markets, and has recently 
purchased a large property, consisting of the " King's Arms Hotel 
and considerable land behind, which it is proposed to utilise for the 
construction of a new covered market, and to remove the present crowded 
market from the streets of the town. The Corporation owns the Free 
Library. Considerable addition has been made to the store of books there 
during 1901, and the Corporation has again sent delegates to the Congress 
of the Library Association at Plymouth. Land has been acquired tor a 
new Town Hall. A Smallpox Hospital has just been erected. The Cor- 
poration has now an important scheme for widening the south entrance to 
the town. An interesting feature in connection with the work is afforded by 
the fact that the improvement has practically paid for itself. The Corporation 
purchased property and incurred expense amounting to date to something over 
£19,000. It has sold three licensed nouses (part only of the property), subject 
to being pulled down and rebuilt to their model elevation, for over 
£20,000. The Corporation has still a good deal of surplus land, so, probably, 
there will be a balance, after completing the improvement — a* most desirable 
one — to be carried to the Borough Fund. In the Bill recently promoted in 
Parliament, the Corporation obtained powers to carry out an important 
Electric Tramway Scneme (which will ultimately involve an expenditure of 
£70,000) ; to commutate the Vicar of Lancaster's tithes ; to buy up the old 
Freeman's estate, previously owned by an ancient body called the Freemen 
of Lancaster, and to widen the scope of the charity. A dust destructor 
(Messrs. Meldrum Bros.), will be erected in connection with the tramway 
Artisans' Dwellings.— P. 559. Electric Light.— Page 489. 

Baths.— There are baths for both Free Library. — The Public 
sexes, including Turkish baths. Libraries Act was adopted in 1892. 
Receipts from the baths last year Annual cost of maintenance, £690. 
were £304. From the wash-houses, The Corporation maintains the 
£173 was received, and a grant Storey Institute. Cost, £684 a year, 
from the Borough Fund of £507 Gas.— Page 466. 

was required to meet the expendi- Markets. — Receipts from Cattle 

ture. Market last year £307 ; expendi* 

Digitized by CjOOQ IC 

Municipal Year Book. 


ture, £237. The income from the 
General Market was £1,417, which 
includes rent of shops, and the 
expenditure £1,072. The balance 
was transferred to the Borough 
Fund. Slaughler-houses, tolls, and 
rents last year £334. Expenditure, 
including interest and sinking fund 
charges, £335. 

Technical Education. — Ex- 
penditure on technical education 
amounted to £2 X 040 last year. 
Except £650, all this comes from 
students' fees and educational 
grants. There are Technical, 
Science and Art Departments. 

Tramways— Page 534. 

Water.— Page 437. 


Mayor.— Richard Inglis Hall. 

Aldermen. — William Smith, William 
Bell, Wiillana Huntington, Robert Preston, 
John Kitchen, Norval Watson Helme, 
M.P., Thomas Pattison Greene and George 

Councillors. — Robert Wilson, John 
Turney, George Jackson, Richard Gorrill 
Towers, William Dixon. Thomas Till, Charles 
Frederick Seward, Arnold Wright Kershaw, 
James Edward Oglethorpe, William 
Cowan Hamilton, Robert Thorn pson,Thomas 
Wilkinson, James Heald, Anthony Bell, 
Thomas Huntington, Alexander Satter- 
thwaite, John Allen, Edward George Clark, 
Richard Inglis Hall. Henry Garnett Kirk by, 
Edward Cardwell, Georjje Wright, Robert 
Threlfall, Edmund Langstreth. 

Town Clerk and Clerk to District 
Council.— T. Cann Hughes, M.A., F.S.A. 

Committee Clerk.— S. J. Taylor. 

Accountant.— William Clough. 

Medical Officer.— G. R. Parker. 

Surveyor.— John Cook. 

Assistant Surveyor. — John Chapman 

Gas Manager.— Charles Armitage. 

Assistant Gas Manager.— Harold S. 

Principal, Storey Institute. — Wm. 
French, M.A.,F.I.C. 

Electrical and Tramway Engineer.— 
W. A. Tester. 

Librarian, Free Library.— J. M. Dow- 

Inspector.— F. W. Smith. 

Assistant Inspector.— Alfred Wharfe. 


Population, 4,053 ; Rateable Value, £17,862 ; Area, 2,188 Acres. 
The Corporation is Lord of the Manor of the borough, and has an 
annual income from copyholds of £32. It is also possessed of property 
in the borough yielding an annual income of £206. Several valuable 
long leaseholds fall in the hands of the Corporation in 1908. The Markets, 
including the Cattle Market, which are governed by a Local Act 
obtained in 1840 (3 Vic, ch. lxxv.), belong to the Corporation,- and the 
tolls arising therefrom are let on lease at an annual rent of £525. 
The debt of £3,700 has been discharged, and fresh loan for £6,500 negotiated. 
A handsome pile of Municipal Buildings, comprising a Town Hall capable 
of seating 800 persons, a Guildhall with committee rooms and caretaker's 
offices, and a Fire-Engine House was erected some fourteen years ago. The 
Water Works are the property of the Corporation. In October, 1895, a 
new Water Supply, obtained at a cost of £11,000, was inaugurated. In 
connection with the Water Supply, the Corporation has purchased and 
laid out as a pleasure ground the Windmill, an elevated plot of ground four 
acres in extent, and having extensive views of the neighbouring Cornish 
and Devon Tors. On a portion of the Windmill it has erected an open 
service reservoir, with a capacity of about 400,000 gallons. The revenue 
from the Water Works has, in consequence of such new Water Supply and 
of extensions in connection therewith, been increased to £663 per annum. 


Digitized by CjOOQ IC 


Municipal Year Bool. 

The Gas Works are owned by a company. The Corporation is the owner 
of a small Acetylene Gas Plant, and lias successfully lighted a portion of 
the lamps in the Borough with this gas. The Corporation has improved 
the footpaths of the borough at a total cost of £1,065. A. scheme of Sewage 
Disposal by means of chemical treatment has recently been completed. A 
Public Library, given by Mr. Passmore Edwards, has been erected. In 
1890 the borough was granted a separate Commission of the Peace- 
Negotiations are now pending for a lease of Launceston Castle to the Town 
Council from the Duchy. 

Markets.— Income, £528 ; ex- 
penditure, £441. 

Refuse and Sewage. — The 
Council in 1897 acquired three acres 
of land about two miles from the 
centre of the town, on which it 
has erected works for the purifica- 
tion and treatment of the sewage 
by means of chemical precipitation 
and filtration. 

Water.— Page 437. 

General Statistics. — Rates : 
Pour, 2s. 2d. in the £, including School 
Board, o£d., Library, Id., and 
Municipal Rate in aid of Borough 
Fund ;4d.) ; General District Rate, 
2*. 9d. in the £ ; Water Rate, 9d. in 
the £. Cost of Local Government, 
year ended 31st March, 1901.— Re- 
ceipts by Council as Municipal 
Authority : from Borough Rate, 
£493 ; by rents and fees, £268 ; total 

£1,013. Expenditure as Municipal 
Authority (including £350 contribu- 
tion to School Board and expenditure 
of Public Library, £287), £961. 
Receipts by Council as Sanitary 
Authority : from General District 
Rate, £1,771 ; from Water Works, 
£663; Markets, £528; total receipts 
as Sanitary Authority, £2,869. Ex- 
penditure as Sanitary Authority : in 
maintenance and improvements of 
Highways, £978 ; Water Works (ex- 
cluding loans repaid), £129 ; Public 
Lighting, £398 ; Markets and Fairs 
(excluding loans repaid), £721 ; 
loans repaid, principal and interest, 
£1,456; total expenditure as Sanitary 
Authority : out of rates, £3,131 ; out 
of loans, £2,129. Loans outstanding 
31st March, 1901 : Municipal Build- 
ings, £600 ; Water Works, £9,638 ; 
Markets, £6,500 ; Footpath improve* 

*"X«7*X , UJ ibuvo cbuvi j */*/£>, +~n\t'j f vuucti iiioi novo, «*tvr,«s\/vr , iuuuj/nvuiiu|/i 

receipts (including Public Library), ments, £879 ; Sewerage, £3,845. 


Ma yob. — Councillor C. B. Shuker. 

Aldkrmejt.— Wm. Andrew, J. Hawkins, 
E. Pethy bridge, T. Stephens. 

Coi'XCiLLOBS. — T. P. Trood, W. H- 
Symons, T. 0. Reed. W. Prockter, J. 
Treleaven, J. Kittow. C. B. Shuker. W. 
Wise, P. Downing, W. L. Powell, G. L. 
Allen, T. B. Hender. 

Towjt Clerk awd Clerk to Urbajt 
Samtary Authority, Borough Magis- 

trates,School Board. Library Authority 
axd Burial Board.— C H. Peter. 

Treasurer.— E.D.Pethy bridge, Launces- 
ton Bank. 

Surveyor afd Inspector of Nuisances. 
— W. O. Thorp. 

Collector of Sanitary Bates. — J. 

Medical Officer of Health.— C. ft 

Librarian.— C. S. Hart Smith. 


Population, 26,888 ; Rateable Value, £180,828 ; Area, 2,760 Acres. 
Royal Leamington, or rather Royal Leamington Spa, is the official name, 
was incorporated in 1875. The chief municipal feature of this charming town 
is, of course, the Baths and Pump-room, upon which £21,764 has been spent. 
The Baths are patronised by thousands of people who frequent this health 
resort every year. The charges are moderate. Every kind of bath may be 

Digitized by CjOOQ IC 

Municipal Year Book. 


obtained : Massage- douche (Aix-les-bains system), pine, vapour, carbonated, 
Nauheira, Vichy douche, Dowsing Radiant Heat and Light baths, and 
Electric baths of all descriptions. The town boasts of a fine suite of 
swimming baths for both sexes. The revenue from the Baths last year 
was £1,272, and the excess of expenditure for maintaining the Baths 
and Pump-room was £851, in addition to which there was £449 for 
interest and loan charges. The Corporation owns the Water Supply 
and Cemeteries, and maintains beautiful Public Gardens, Parks, and 
Ornamental Grounds, Free Libraries, and Technical Schools. Leaming- 
ton was enlarged in 1890, A Town Band is maintained. Various 
important town improvements are now in hand. The " Mill Property " 
has been purchased and demolished, and improvements to the river are being 
carried out. A new Technical Institute and Free Library are in course of 
completion, and the question of the adoption of electric traction for the 
tramways is under consideration. 

Baths.— Besides the Spa Baths, 
the Corporation has spent £1,000 in 
providing open-air baths, charge for 
using which is ^d. per time. 

Cemeteries. — Two cemeteries 
are maintained by the Corporation. 
The deficiency in the revenue, 
which last year was £584, was 
supplied by the Borough Rate. The 
capital outlay on Leamington Ceme- 
tery has been £11,286 and on Mil- 
verton Cemetery, £3,700. 

Free Public Library. — The 
Public Libraries contain 20,878 
volumes. The daily average attend- 
ance last year was about 794, and the 
annual attendance nearly 238,000. 
A reading-room is provided for ladies. 

Refuse and Sewage Disposal. 
— Refuse is carted away, and sewage 

disposed of by irrigation. A Refuse 
Destructor is in course of erection. 

Technical Education. — The 
amount expended on technical 
education was £1,070. The indi- 
vidual number of students attending 
the Science Section and the Munici- 
pal School last year was 606, while 
164 attended the Art Department. 
Popular science lectures are given 
in the town under the fostering care 
of the Managers. 

Water.— Page 437. 

General Statistics. — Rates 
(year ended 31st March, 1902) : 
Municipal Rates, 4s. OJd. in the £ ; 
Poor and other Rates, Is. lljd. ; 
total, 6s. Cost of Police, £4,398 ; 
Fire Brigade, £628 ; Scavenging, 
£3,205; Lighting, £2,665; Cleansing, 
£1,891 ; Sewer Maintenance, &c, 
£668 ; Sanatorium, £726. 


Mayor.— Aldtrmm William Davis, CC. 

Aldermen.— H. Bright, S. Flavel, S. 
T. Wackrill, T. 8. larvey, G-. L. Bland, T. 
W.Thursfield, James Murray Moleswoith. 

Councillors. — 8. Holloway, A. E. 
Overell, T. Bailey, C. Baker, J. Nichols, 
J. Bennett, J. H. Kichards, J. Fell, J. Staite, 
J. T. Barrett, George Cashmore, C. Purser, 
J. H. Stubbs, T. H. Horswill, C. Habbi- 
jam, Henry George Hawkes, J. B. Eeeve, 
P. W. Lee, Dr. Harold Mason, Charles 
Smith, G. Norris, G. B. Gilbey, E. P. Yates. 

Town Clkrk.— Leo. Bawlinson. 

Assistant Town CLEkK.— A. Turner. 

Treasurer.— 0. E. Wildman, A.S.A.A. 

Medical Officer.— Dr. Browne. 

Borough Engineer.— W. de Normanville, 

assistant Surveyor.— J. Eennan. 
. Manager, Baths and Pump-Boom.— C. 

Librarian, Free Library.— D. B. Grant. 

Chief Constable.— A. Thomson. 

Science Master.— S. Mellows, B.Sc. 

Art Master.— W. B. Bawitt. 

M 2 

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154 Municipal Year Book. 


Population, 428,953 ; Rateable Value, £1,741,373 ; Area, 21,572 Acres. 

Nothing could better convey an indication of the prodigious amount of 
work carried on by the Leeds City Council than a list of its Committees 
with the number of sub-Committees. 


Watch 4 sub. 

Finance 2 ,, 

Parliamentary ,, 

Property 3 „ and 4 sections 

Library 4 ,, „ 4 „ 

Water Works 4 „ 

Highways 3 „ 

Tramways 3 ,, 

Improvements 2 „ 

Sewerage 3 ,, 

Lighting 3 ,, 

Markets 3 ,, 

Sanitary 8 ,, 

Gas 5 „ 

Baths and Cemeteries 3 ,, 

Fifteen Standing Committees, 50 sub-Committees, and 8 Sections, 73 
Committees in all. Some of the sub-Committees have heavy duties. 
The city has spent over £200,000 in the improvement of insanitary areas. 
The Corporation possesses an Art Gallery, with a valuable permanent 
collection of pictures and art objects, and has more Free Libraries than 
any other town in the country. The average number of persons visiting the 
Art Gallery is about 900 a day. A Spring Exhibition of Art is held yearly, 
the total number of visitors to which being last year 16,977, The Gas and 
Water undertakings are both profitable ; and Tramways under municipal 
management have proved eminently successful, the mileage has been nearly 
trebled, and extensions are still in progress Although the fares have been 
considerably lowered the receipts and surplus profit in connection with the 
undertaking have been materially increased. The Corporation acquired the 
Electric Light undertaking from a local company in the year 1898, and 
since that time the works and the output have been gradually doubled and 
the charges for supply much reduced. A Town Hall and Municipal Offices, 
erected at the cost of a quarter- of a million, show that the city does not 
grudge the civic administration adequate accommodation. The Corporation 
has established Allotments ; it possesses Baths and remunerative Markets, 
maintains five Parks and sixteen smaller Bccreation Grounds, and provides 
bands of music in summer. 

Leeds was described in Domesday Book as a large farming village. It 
became a county borough in 1899 and was made a city in 1893. It was 
originally incorporated in the reign of Charles I. 

On the occasion of the Queen's Diamond Jubilee, 1897, Her late Majesty 
conferred upon the chief Magistrate the title and dignity of Lord Mayor. 

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Municipal Year Book. 


Baths. — The Corporation has es- 
tablished six sets of baths. Two 
additional sets, qne in York Road, 
and one in Bramley, are authorised, 
and the erection of these will be 
proceeded with shortly. Receipts 
at Kirkstall Road Baths last year, 
£402 ; expenses of maintenance, 
£736. Union Street Baths : receipts, 
£553; expenses, £1,212. Holbeck 
Baths : receipts, £409 ; expenditure, 
£662. Hunslet Baths receipts, £489 ; 
expenditure, £616. Mean wood Road 
Baths : receipts, £526 ; expenditure, 
£707. Cookridge Street Baths : re- 
ceipts, £1,285 ; expenditure, £1,308. 
During the five summer months 
52,485 children attending Element- 
ary Schools in the City bathed free 
of charge. 

Cemeteries. — Receipts and ex- 
penditure on three cemeteries for 
year ended March, 1901 — exclusive 
of loan charges — were as follows : — 
Leeds Burial Ground : receipts, 
£1,914 ; expenses, £l t 760. Holbeck 
Burial Ground : receipts, £715 ; ex- 
penses, £774. Hunslet Burial 
Ground: receipts, £1,221; expendi- 
ture, £1,014. Total receipts, £3,850 ; 
expenditure, £3,602. The Corpora- 
tion supplies headstones. 

Electric Lighting.— Page 489. 

Free Public Libraries.— The 
people of Leeds have books brought 
to their doors. One central and 
reference li brary,22 branch libraries, 
and 23 juvenile libraries certainly 
provide for a liberal distribution of 
literature. Some of the branch lib- 
raries are at Board Schools, several 
are at Police Stations. The j u venile 
libraries are worked by the teachers 
at the Day Schools. The cost of these 
branch libraries is very small, an 
average of about £80, while the 
whole of the juvenile and travelling 
libraries cost about £60. The system 
of wide distribution evidently makes 
for economy as well as the greatest 
utility. The total cost of the lib- 
raries is about £3,410 per year. The 

libraries contain 200,244 books. The 
aggregate number of visits made by 
readers and borrowers in the various 
libraries and reading rooms during 
last year was 2,586,851. 

Gas.— Page 466. 

Housing.— Page 559. 

Markets. — The Corporation 
maintains three Markets and a Corn 
Exchange. The following are the 
receipts for 1900-1901 -.—Wholesale 
Meat Market, £2,925 0s. lid. ; Kirk- 
gate Markets, £16,350 18s. 3d. ; 
Victoria Market, £1,286 Is. 2d. ; 
Corn Exchange, £2,599 9s. 7d. 
Total receipts, £23,161 9s. lid. 

Refuse and Sewage Disposal. 
— Four sets of dust destructors, 
costing over £48,585 16s. 8d., con- 
sume most of the city refuse. 
Sewage is got rid of by precipita- 

Slaughter-Houses. — Combined 
with Victoria Market. 

Technical Education. — The 
Corporation has not erected new 
technical schools, but subsidises 
existing institutions, including 
Yorkshire College, which holds a 
high position among the technical 
institutions of the country, the 
Leeds Mechanics' Institute, which 
receives £1,250, the Leeds School 
Board (grant, £1,920), and eleven 
other organisations which promote 
technical instruction. A sum is also 
given for the purchase of works of 
art and for technical books. 

Telephones.— Page 413. 

Tramways.— Page 520. 

Water.— Page 438. 

General Statistics. — Rates : 
Municipal Rate (including School 
Board Rate, Is. 4*d.y, 2s. 3d.; 
Consolidated Rate, 3s. ; Highway 
Rate, 8d. Debt outstanding 25th 
March, 1901, £8,747,134 8s. lOd. 
Cost of Police, £50,902 6s. 6d. ; 
Fire Brigade, £1,479 15s. ; Parks, 
£6,018 19s. ; Public Lighting, 
£35,971 16s. 7d. ; Cleansing Ash- 
pits, £30,417 2s. 3d.; Hospitals: 

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Municipal Year Booh 

Beckett Street, £4,314 3s. lOd. ; £8,426 2s. 0d. ; Highways Main- 
Total, £13,401. Street Cleansing, tenance, £56,191 ; Refuse Destruc- 
£30,342 ; Sewage Works and Farm, tors, £8,246 ; Health, £13,881. 


Lord Mayor.— Ambrose Edmund Butler. 

Aldermen.— A. Cooke, The Hall, Weec- 
wood; T. Haanam, Raglan Road, Wood- 
house; T. Willey. North Hill, Headingley ; 
J. F. Carter, Cranbrook House, Beeston 
Hill; J. Gordon, Church Lane, Adel ; A. J. 
Knowles, Pernville, Roundhav ; J. Lowden, 
Birk Lea, Harrogate ; J. H. Wurtaburg, De 
Grey Road, Leeds ; F. W. Lawson, Oak- 
lands, Adel j W. Walker, Blenheim Terrace, 
Leeds ; T. W. Harding. Abbey House, 
Kirkstall ; J. S. Loe, Chapel town Road, 
Leeds; F. M. Lupton, Newton Park, 
Leeds; C. F. Tetley, Spring Bank, Heading, 
ley; R. Wigram, Allertou House, Chapel 
AUerton; B. Hopps, Headingley Terrace, 

Councillors. — Mill Hill Ward : J. 
Feate, Nun Boyd House. Guiseley; E- O. 
Simpson, Laurel Bank, Headingley ; R. A. 
Smithson, Grosvenor Rnad, Headinglev. 
West Ward : H. Brown, Baiubrigge Road, 
Headingley; W. Marston, Osborne A\enue, 
Leeds; P. Denton, Vesper Road, Kirksfall. 
North- West Ward: J. G. McCandlish, 
Woodhouse Lane, Leeds; H. B. Janus, 
Oakfield Terrace, Headingley ; P. Layoock, 
Woodhouse Cliff, Leed*. Bku'xswick Ward : 
C. Appleton, Spencer Place, New Leeds ; 
R. M. Sagar-Musgrave, Red Hall, Shad well ; 
F. Pleasance, Carlton Koad, Leeds. Central 
Ward: G. Wood, Round hay Road, Leeds; 
A. Hobson, Preston House. 8 had well; E. A. 
Hirst, Shire Oak Road, lle*dingley. North 
Ward: C. H. Wilson, Louis Street, Leeds; 

E. E. Lawson, Virginia Road, Leeds ; R. H. 
Barran, Beechwoo.i, Roundhay. North- 
east Ward: F. Kinder, Woodlands, Kirk- 
stall ; M. Lee, Hamilton Avenue, Leeds ; 
E. W. Bitley, The Grange, Woodlesford. 
East Ward : E. C. Midgley, St. Ives, Wood 
L:me, Headingley ; B. G. Heald, East Street, 
Leeds ; O. Connellan, Faith Street, Leeds. 
South Ward: J. Barmby, Oak Road, 
Newton Park, Leeds ; J. J. Strother, White- 
house Street, Hunslet ; F. Ambler, Pen ton 
Villa, Chapeltown Road. East Hunslet 
Ward : A. Hawkyard, Jack Lane, Hunslet ; 
J. Tetley, Crossland Terrace, Hunslet; J. 
Hirst, Church Street, Hunslet. West 
Hunslet Ward : R. Pickersgill, Middleton 
Villas, Dewsburv Road ; J. Bowling, Lincoln 
Villa, Beeston Road ; G. W. Flockton, Dews- 
bury Road, Hunslet. Holbeck Ward: 
G. Ratcliffe, Cemetery Road, Holb»ck ; J. 
Henry, Grande Vue, Beeston Hill; K. 
Banks, Rose Villa, Beeston Hill. New 
Wortley Ward: J. Ringrose, Skilbeck 
Street, New Wortley; J. Flintham, Milnes 
Terrace, New Wortley ; J. W. Jess op, 
Dumfries House, Armley. Arm ley and 
Wortley Ward : J. Wormald, Sunnyside, 
Armley ; J. Sharp, Oriental Terrace, Arm- 
ley ; T. Walker, Mistress Lane, Armley. 
Bkamley Ward: W. H. Vickers, Oakdene, 
Stanningley ; J. D. Conyers,WestoverRoad, 
Bramley ; S. Nichols, Nutting Grove House, 
Faruley. Headingley Ward ? C. Yates, 
Fairlea, Wood Lane, Headingley ; R. Boston, 
Croft House, Burley Road, Leeds; W. H. 
Clarke, High Mead, Wood Lane, Headingely. 


Town Clerk and Solicitor to the Cor- 
poration.— William John Jeeves. 

Deputy Town Clerk.— Charles Cotgreave 

Chief Assistant and Prosecuting 
Solicitor.— Thomas Thornton. 

Municipal and Committee Clerk.— 
Walter Yates. 

City Treasurer.— E. W, Beckett, M.P. 

City Accountant.— William Derry. 

Chief Clerk.— Robert Lees. 

Water Rents Surveyor. — F.C. Nettletou. 

Chief Clerk, Rates Department.— 
William Wade. 

Assistant Clerk.— William Harpham. 

Chief Constable.— Major G. G. Tarry. 

City Engineer and Surveyor and 
Water Works Engineer.— Thomas Hew- 
son, M.I.C.E. 

General Assistant.— Thomas Hew son, 
Junr., A. M.I.C.E. 

Water Works Assistant.— George Hew- 
son, A.M.I.C.E. 

Unhealthy Areas Assistant.— E. B. 

Managing Clerk.— C. H. Freeman. 

Surveyor of Sewers, Paving and 
Flagging New Estates.— J. W. Witts, 

Inspector of Buildings. — William 

General Manager, Gas Department.— 
R. H. Townsley. 

Medical Officer of Health.— J. 
Spottiswoode Cameron, M.D. 

Assistant Medical Officer of Health 
and Chief Inspector of Nuisances.— A. 
E. Porter, M.D, 

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Municipal Tear Book. 



Cleansing Department. — George Darley. 

Medical Superintendent at Hospi- 
tals.— a. E. Pearson. M.B.C.S. 

Matron.— Mrs. C. Doran. 

Highway Surveyor.— T. A. Prince. 

Tramway Manager.— William Whar- 

Superintendent of Baths.— C. T. Bond. 

Superintendent of the Market.— 
Herbert Yeadon. 

Chief Inspector of Weights and 
Measures.— A. H. Butherford. 

Public Librarian.— T. W. Hand. 

Sub-Librarian.— Bobert McLeannon. 

Curator, Pine Art Gallery.— George 

Superintendent of Pares. — A. J. 

Coroner.— J. C. Malcolm. 

Clerk of the Peace.— Arthur Copson 

City Organist.— H. A. Pricker. 

City Auditors.— LordMayor's Auditor : 
Councillor C. H.Wilson. Elective Audi- 
tors: J. T. Simpson and J. D ran s field. 

Official Auditor.— H. Gaskell Black- 


(County Borough.) 

Population, 211,581 ; Bateable Value, £846,463 ; Area : Municipal Borough, 8,586 
Acres ; Parliamentary Borough, 3,121 Acres. 

Leicester has a go-a-head municipality. It has a first-rate Water Supply 
which, although recently increased, requires supplementing, and in the 
future the town will be partly supplied from the head waters of theDerwent 
under the Derwent Valley Water Act, 1899. It also owns the Gas 
and Electric Light Supplies, the Markets, Abattoirs, and the Cemeteries. 
Few towns are as fortunate in provision of Baths and Libraries or institu- 
tions for Technical Instruction. A Museum, which involves an annual 
outlay of over £1,500 to maintain, has been extended ; an Art Gallery is 
enriched every year with new pictures, £2,785 having been expended on 
that account last year. There are four Parks, eight Recreation Grounds, 
three Baths, two Open-air Bathing-places, and two Public Gymnasiums, 
at which the Corporation pays instructors to train the young in physical 
culture. The Nighx-soil Department carries on business as manure dealer, 
and the Sewage Committee manages farming estates. The Corporation 
has provided Garden Allotments, and holds estates and properties which 
produced an income last year of £10,259. The borough was extended in 
1891. The Corporation has, at great cost (about £700,000), constructed a 
most complete system of sewerage, sewage disposal, and flood prevention 
works. Few towns have such a valuable collection of records as Leicester. 
The borough's municipal history goes back to early times. Its first charter 
was granted by King John, and it was conceded from time to time many 
privileges. The governing charter, previous to the passing of the Municipal 
Corporations Act, was one granted t>y Elizabeth. 

Artisans' Dwellings.— P. 559.. 

Baths. — There are three sets of 
baths, and two bathing-places on the 
river. Income from Bath Lane 
Baths, £835 3s. 7d. ; expenses, 
£1,475 19s. 3d. Income from Vestry 
Street Baths, £1,381 17s. lid. ; ex- 
penses, £1,556 3s. 9d. Belgrave 
Baths: income, £494 lis. 5d. ; ex- 
penditure, £951 17s. 6d. Interest and 

sinking fund charges are not in- 
cluded in the above expenditure. 

Cemeteries. — The cemeteries are 
under the charge of the Estate and 
Burial Grounds Committee. 
Receipts from Welford Road 
Cemetery, £3,034 12s. 9d. ; from 
Belgrave Cemetery, £344 7s. Id. 
Expenses, £2,424 9s. Id. and £322 
5s. Id. respectively, exclusive of 

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Municipal Year Book. 

interest and loan charges. A new 
Cemetery is being laid out, and a 
crematorium erected on the Gilroes 
estate, a part of the Corporation's 

Electric Lighting.— Page 489. 

Free Public Libraries. — A 
rate of If d. is raised to maintain the 
Free Libraries, the Museum, and Art 
Gallery. There is a central library 
and six branches. Leicester is 
therefore very well provided with 
facilities for reading. The total 
cost of the libraries last year was 
£3,327 8s. 2d. exclusive of loan 

Gas.— Page 467. 

Markets. — The borough is well 
provided with markets. The follow- 
ing are the returns of receipts and 
payments for 1900-1 :— 

Receipts. Expenditure. 

General Markets ... 8,298 ... 3,815 

Market Hall 776 ... 403 

Cattle Market 3,292 ... 2,026 

Hay Market 223 ... 118 

Corn Market 359 ... 227 

Wholesale Market 10 

Interest and sinking fund charges, 
transfer to loans, funds, &c, on 
the Market Account were £3,501. 
When the cost of administering the 
Weights and Measures Act and the 
Contagious Diseases (Animals) Act 
is added the total balance of the 
Market Department is as follows : — 

£ s. d. 

Receipts 32,709 3 

Payments 9,885 10 3 


2,823 10 

Refuse and Sewage Disposal. 
— Kef use is burned in dust destruc- 
tors. Night-soil and ashes sold. 
Sewage is disposed of by irrigation. 
The Corporation maintains three 
sewage farms, which produced an 
income of £21,230. Sale of stock 
ac Beaumont Leys farm last year. 
£14,152 9s. 6d. ; horse hire, £6,340 
17s. 2d. ; total receipts, £21,002 ; 
payments, £27,059. Expenses, at 
Belgrave Farm, including cost of 
pumping station, £90. Net expenses 
of Knighton pumping stations and 
farm, £32. 

Slaughter-Houses. — There are 
18 slaughter-houses at the Cattle 

Technical Education.— The 
Corporation has a Technical and 
Art School in the Newarke, 
which was publicly opened in 
October, 1898. The capital ex- 
penditure to March 31st, 1901, has 
been £33,075. The cost of mainten- 
ance last year was £8,226. 

Tramways.— Page 534. 

Water.— Page 438. 

General Statistics.— Net Capi- 
tal outstanding, £4,669,956. Cost of 
Police, £20,616 12s. 9d. ; Fire Bri- 
gade, £2,361 Is. 2d. ; Public Light- 
ing, £15,654 8s. 4d. ; Scavenging, 
£8,872 8s. lid. ; Night-soil Depart- 
ment, £15,496 15s. lOd. ; Fever Hos- 
pital, £4,334 16s ; Parks and Recrea- 
tion Grounds (including interest and 
Sinking Fund), £10,711; Sewage 
Disposal, less receipts, £17,424; 
Lunatic Asylum, £18,974. 


Mayor.— Ed ward Wood. 

Aldermen.— J. H. Marshall, Park House, 
Stoneygate ; G. Clifton, 60, London Road ; 
G. T. Coleman, Danesbury Villa, Kirby 
Koad ; G. Collins, 5. St. Alban's Road ; S. 
Patey, 6. Newtown Street; G. Payne, 140, 
New Walk ; G. A. Royee, Westleigh Road ; 
A. E. Sawday, Springfield Road ; E. Wood, 
Sunnydene, Kirby Muxloe; T. Windley, 34, 
St. James Road ; C. Lakin, 72, London Road; 
A. Wakerley, 58, London Road ; W. Deacon, 
82, Conduit Street; W. W. Vincent, 

Knighton Hall ; J. S. Vorley, 66, Up 
ham Road ; T. Smith, 55, St. Peter's Road. 
Councillors.— No. 1 Ward : S. 8quire, 1, 
Salisbury Road ; G. K. Billings, 14, Hotel 
Street; J. T. Hincks. Eimaeld Avenue. 
No. 2 Ward: W. P. Jackson, 43, Lough- 
borough Road ; J. Spurway, 44, Highfield 
Street; G. Folwell, 29, St. Albau's Road. 
No. 3 Ward : J. E. Walker, Ashleigh Road ; 
T. Canner, 10, Harcourt Street; G. C. Tur- 
ner, Parkhuret, Upper New Walk. No. 4 
Ward : J. Hurley, Ely House, Fosse Road 

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Mimidpal Year Book. 


North ; T. F. Bichards, 181, Belgrave Gate ; 
G. Ban ton, 19, St. Margaret Street. No. 5 
Ward : E. Edwards, Victoria Park Boad ; 
A. Sbaw, 236, Bel grave Gate ; S. Flint, 10, 
West Walk. No. 6 Ward : C. F. Bryan, 44, 
Humberstone Boad ; J. 8. Collier. Knighton 
Park Boad ; E. J. Yearby, Westleigh, Nar- 
borough Boad. No. 7 Ward : A. Tolling- 
ton, 6i, London Boad; J. T. Walters, 1, 
Granville Boad ; F. Major, 106, Laurel Boad. 
No. 8 Ward : G. Chitham, Holmleigh, 
Victoria Park By»ad ; H. B. Bruce, 184, 
London Boad; J. T. Biggs, Woodlands, 
Aylestone. No. 9 Ward : W. A Matts, 23, 
Aylestone Boad; W. E. Hincks, 66, Ash. 
bourne Street ; J. M. Hubbard, 41, Saxe 
Coburg Street. No. 10 Ward : T. Mason, 68, 
Hinckley Boad; J. H. Woollej, 38, Gaul 

Street ; J. W. Smith, 24, Fosse Boad. No. 11 
Ward: J. McCall, 49, Evington Boad; E. 
Jennings, Ashleigh Boad ; W. Berry, 1, 
Danes Mill Boad. No. 12 Ward : S. Hud- 
son, 10, Bel grave Avenue ; 8. Hilton, 131, 
Loughborough Boad; J. W. Burton, 39, 
Loughborough Boad. No. 13 Ward : T. W. 
Walker, 333, Humberstone Boad; E. Bur- 
rows, 123, Mere Boad ; A. Mann, 35, Sherrard 
Boad. No. 14 Ward : D. Henderson, 5, 
Salisbury Boad ; J. North, London Boad, 
Kuighton ; J. Hawkes, 58, Earl Howe Street. 
No. 15 Ward: J. Loseby, 46, Princess 
Foad ; S. Faire, Glen field Frith ; E. Han- 
cock, 16, Springfield Boad. No. 16 Ward : 
W. Watts, Venetia House, Aylestone Boad ; 
B. A. Shires, Wj vernhoe, Aylestone Boad; 
J. T. H. Davies, Aylestone Boad. 


To ww Olerk— James Bell. 

Becorder.— M. C. Buszard, K.C. 

Clerk of the Peace.— A. H. Burgess. 

Clerk to Magistrates.— B. B. Black- 

Coroner.— Robert Harvey. 

Medical Officer of Health. — 0. 
Killick Millard, M.D., D.Sc. 

Borough Surveyor.— E. G. Mawbey, 

Assistant Borough Surveyor awd 
Estate Surveyor.— F. W. Allen. 

Borough Treasurer,— W. Penn.Lewis, 

Engineer and Manager of Gas and 
Electric Lighting Department.— Alfred 
Coison, M.Inst C.E. 

Engineer and Manager of Water 
Works.— Frederick Griffith, M.Inst.O.E. 

Heai> Constable.— T. W. Lumley. 

Chief Sanitary Inspector.— F. Braley. 


Population, 40,001 ; Bateable Value, £157,659 ; Area, 6,347 Acres. 
The name of Leigh is pure Saxon, and is synonymous with the English 
" Lea " — a meadow or field. As a town, it probably dates from che twelfth 
century, or perhaps a little earlier. The earliest mention of the Parish 
Church is in 1264, but the foundation was not then new. The town was 
# incorporated in 1899. The Town Council maintains the Gas Supply and 
Electricity Supply ; it also possesses a Technical School, Free Public 
Library, Market Place, Public Baths, and Fire Brigade. It is also a con- 
stituent authority of the Leigh Joint Hospital Board, the Leigh and 
Atherton Joint Sewerage Board, and the Leigh and Hindley Joint Water 
Committee. In conjunction with the Parish Council of Astley, it maintains 
a large Cemetery, situate within the Borough, which is placed under the con- 
trol of the Leigh and Astley Joint Burial Committee, appointed annually 
b} r the Corporation and the Astley Parish Council. 

Abtisans' Dwellings— Page 559 

Baths. — The income from bath- 
ing fees last year was £223 lis. 8d., 
and the expenditure £429 10s. 5d. 
Interest and sinking fund, £257 
4s. 7d. 

Cemeteby. — The receipts last 
year from fees were £854 15s. 8d., 
and the expenditure £1,011 Is. lid. 

Electbic Lighting.— Page 489. 

Fbee Libbaby. — The Public 
Libraries Acts were adopted in 1892, 
and the library opened in 1894. 
Number of volumes, 8,302. Expen- 
diture last year, £521 2s. Id. 

Gas.— Page 467. 

Mabkets.— The receipts last year 
from tolls were £365 12s. Id., and 
the expenditure £73 4s. 7d. 

Digitized by CjOOQ IC 


Municipal Year Booh 

Refuse and Sewage. — The 
ref use is collected and removed by 
contractors and tipped on land ; the 
sewage is disposed of by chemical 
treatment and irrigation. 

Technical Education. — A 
Technical School and Free Library, 
built at a cost of £14,000, were 
opened in 1894. Instruction is given 
in a large number of Science, Art, 
Commercial, Domestic, and Techno- 
logical subjects. Number of evening 
students, 826. Expenditure last 
year, £1,996 9s. 5d. The school is 
used for day classes by the Leigh 
Grammar School (for boys and girls) 

by the Pupil Teachers' Central and 

Water.— Page 438. 

General Statistics. — General 
District Rate, 3s. 3d. in the £ ; Water 
Rate, Is. 6d. in the £. Expenditure 
last year on Fire Brigade, £344 
l&s. 3d. Sewerage, £6,767 Is. 2d. , 
Hospital, £24277 16s.; Lighting; 
£2,425 17s. 7d. ; Collection and 
Disposal of Night soil, £1 ,243 8s. 
Debt outstanding on all accounts 
of the Corporation, £352,999 0s. Id. ; 
amount in sinking funds established 
in liquidation of said debt, £25,141 
Is. Id. 


Mayor.— Aid. T. B. Greenough. 

Aldermen.— J. Battersby, H. Cowbura, 
W. Cocker, J. Fairclough, T. R. Greenough 
(Mayor), C. Guest, W. H. Pennington, W. J. 

Councillors.— Samuel Boydell, T. Boy- 
dell, J. Corner, T. G. Dobb, B. Bckersley, 
W. G. Gray, B. Greenough, H. Halsall, W. 
Harrison, W. Horrocks, J. Monks, C. Owen, 
E. B. Pollard, G. Shaw, John Sargent, Thos. 
Lonsdale, T. Smith, J. H. H. Smith, J. B. 

Speakman, H. 8 peak man, E. Taylor, J. W. 
Una worth, H. Wilkinson, John Wood. 

Town Clerk.— Peregrine Thomas. 

Deputy Town Clerk.— Thomas Holt, 

Surveyor.— Tom Hunter. 

Gas, Water and Electricity Engineer. 
—John Foster. 

Treasurer.— John Wilson. 

Medical Officer.— James King, M.B. 

Inspector of Nuisances.— E. Jackson. 

Librarian and Secretary for Tech- 
nical Instruction.— James Ward, B.A. 


Population, 5,826 ; Assessable Value, £29,910 ; Area, 8,284 Acres. 


Leominster is a very ancient town, the original government of which was 
formed in the days of the Confessor, when it was governed hy bailiffs, beadles, 
and free tenants. In the later years the bailiff remained a chief magistrate, 
and a Common Council was chosen by the ecclesiastical authorities. Later 
on it obtained a royal charter of incorporation, and had a Chief Steward, a 
Recorder, and a Chamberlain. The town came under the Municipal Corpora- 
tions Act on the passing of that measure. The Town Council maintains 
Markets and a Free Library. General District Rate, 2s. in the £ ; 
Highway Rate, 9d. in the £. The receipts in connection with the Water 
Supply were last year £766, and the expenditure £834. 

Water. —Page 438. 


Mayor.— R. J. Dent. 

Aldermen. — J. Hall, J. Page, J. T. 
Southall, R. Bright. 

Councillors.— A. Duncan, R. Davies, H. 
Gosling, H. J. Southall, T. Smith, D. A. 
Brown, G. Page. W. A. Notley, H. Easton, 
W. £. Birch, T. Davies Burlton. 

Town Clerk and Clerk to Urban 
District Council.— W. T. Sale. 

Surveyor,— J. Budd. 

Medical Officer.— R. Williams. 

Treasurers. — E. P. Lloyd (Borough 
Treasurer), V. W. Holmes (Urban Sanitary 

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Mvmicvpal Year Book. 161 


Population, 11,249 ; Rateable Value, £56,800 ; Area, 1,024 Acres. 
Lewes was a manorial borough until the present century, and was governed 
by head constables and headboroughs. The town was not incorporated 
until 1881. The Electric Light, Gas and Water Supplies are by companies. 
General District Rate, 2s. 4d ; Borough Rate, 9d. The Corporation main- 
tains the Fitz Roy Memorial Free Public Library, which last year issued 
953 borrowers' tickets. The expenses were £207. Loans outstanding, 


Mayor.— William Gates. Town Clerk and Clerk to District 

Aldermen.— P. Flint, J. Farncombe, C. R. Council.— M. 8. Blaker, B.A. 
Kemp, J. Buckman, W. Gates, Gt. J. Wight- Treasurer.— F. B. Whitfeld. 

m Co'uNcrLLORS.-J. 8. Biackett, F. Gh Shil- M *£ EDICAL <>*™er.-J. R. Steinhaeuser, 

son, S. Savage, J. Miles, J. Pelling, T. R; m -"' 

Riekie, R. C Hobden, W. 8. Hammond, Surveyor.— D.Roberts. 

Gk Holman, W. H. Stevens, M. H. Bishop, Inspector.— J. T. Gardner. 

G-. Lloyd, C. Patrick, W. G. Whittington, Rate Collector.— T. Buckman. 

Arthur Green, James I. Uridge, W. A. Librarian of Free Public Library.— 

Dow, M.D., J. H. Every. J. B. Buckman. 


Population, 7,902 ; Rateable Value, £38,053 ; Area, 3,421 Acres. 

Lichfield is an old episcopal city which is a county in itself. The Corpora- 
tion received its first charter in the reign of Edward VI. The Water Supply 
of the town is drawn from estates granted to it by the Master and the 
Brethren of the Ancient Guild of Lichfield, who intended to provide a 
gratuitous supply of water to the city. The rents and dividends, including 
rent of Market Tolls, received by the Corporation amount to about £1,000 
a year. Refuse goes to tipping ground, and sewage is disposed of on 
a sewage farm two miles from the borough. Gas is supplied by a company. 
The Corporation maintains a Free Library. Rates : General District , £5,823. 
No Borough Rate was levied for the financial year ending March 31st, 1901. 
Artisans' Dwellings.— Page 567. 


Mayor.— Gr. Haynes. Town Clerk and Clerk to Urban 

Aldermen.— T. H. Hunt, S. Haynes, H. District Council.— H. Russell. 
M. Morgan, J. Trevor,. J. Gilbert, A. C. Treasurer.— G. Ashmall. 

L cSu^cillo M .-T. Andrews, J. Barnford, Medical Officer.-J. Clark, M.D. 

J. S. Fraser, T. Cox, A. Eyles. J. Fowler, Surveyor.— Emerson Brooke. 

G. Haynes, D. Harrison, J. H, Johnson, Inspector.— W. Chovil. 

Pilsbury, H. J. C. Winterton, W. R. District Rate Collector.— W. Brock- 

Coleridge-Roberts, E. W. Welchman. »om. 


Population, 48,783 ; Rateable Value, £180,511 ; Area, 3,891 Acres. 
The framework of the municipal government of Lincoln is very ancient, 
and may be said fco date from the time when Lincoln was the Roman Colony 

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Municipal Year Book. 

of " Lindum Colonia." Until 1384 it was governed by a Portreeve, and for 
many years the members of the various Guilds had a share in the regula- 
tion of the City's affairs. Its first Royal Charter was granted by Edward II. 
The Corporation owns extensive estates in Lincolnshire and Bucks., the 
revenues from which amounted to £2,022 last year. It possesses valuable 
properties within the City, which produced £1,209. The dividends and 
interest on funds invested realized €690 ; the amount received from the 
Race-course was £694 ; and Belton Tithe yielded £787. The aggregate sum 
received from these sources was £5,402, equal to a rate of 8d. 

The Corporation also owns Markets (which have recently been largely 
extended) and the Gas, Water and Electric Lighting undertakings ; main- 
tains Baths and a Library, and manages an Arboretum, which was formerly 
the property of the Freemen ; Abattoirs are now in course of erection at an 
estimated cost of £6,400. An Act has been obtained empowering the con- 
struction of Electric Tramways. 

Artisans' Dwellings. -Page 567. 

Baths. — Public open swimming 
baths are provided. 

Electric Lighting. —Page 490. 

Free Public Library. — The 
penny rate for the maintenance of 
the library produces £648. 

Gas. —Page 467. 

Markets. — The rents from Mar- 
ketsand Fairs, the Cattle Market.and 
Butter Market received for 1900-1 
were £1,699. Expenditure, £865. 

Refuse and Sewage Disposal. — 
Refuse is deposited on low lying 
(commonable) land belonging to the 
City. Sewage is treated with chemi- 
cals (to a small and decreasing ex- 
tent), and passed through Bacteria 
beds, and on to a small farm, the 
sludge being run on to low lying 
land and dug in. The sewage 
farm brings a revenue for produce, 

&c, of £771 a year, the expenditure 
being £2,340. 

Technical Instruction. — The 
Corporation handed the Joint Com- 
mittee for Science, Art, and Tech- 
nical Education £1,883. 

Telephones.— Page 413. 

Tramways.— Page 534. 

Water.— Page 438. 

General Statistics. — Rates : 
Borough Rate, 4£d- ; General District 
Rate, 4s. lOd. Debt outstanding 
31st March, 1901, £452,255, in- 
cluding Public Health, Gas, Water, 
and Electricity Loans. Cost of 
Police, £4,634 ; Fire Brigade, £91 ; 
Arboretum and Recreation Ground, 
£610 ; Maintenance of Highways, 
£4,874 ; Footways, £1,892 ; Public 
Lighting, £4,314 ; Scavenging, 
£5,293 ; Street Sweeping and 
Watering, £2,257. 


Mayor.-— John William Ruddock. 

Aldermen.-— P. P. Dickenson, E. Harri- 
son, T. Wallis, J. G. Willian.8, H. Wyatt, 
E. Pratt. 

Councillors.— Minster Ward : S. Bain- 
bridge, W. Blaze, J. Mills. Carholme 

Ward: C. T. Parker, T. H. White, C. 
Pratt. Castle Ward : M. H. Footman, B. 
Tickers, A. C. Newsum. Park Ward : C. 
W. Pennell, W. S. White, P. H. Woodcock. 
Abbey Ward : J. W. Buddock, J. T. 
Collier, H. A. CottiDgham. Witham Ward: 
H. Allison, S. Horton, J. H. Poster. 


Becobder.— Geo. Gills. 
Town Clerk.— John Thomas Tweed. 
Deputy Town Clerk.— W. T. Page, jun. 
Clerk of the Peace.— Gilbert J. Dash- 


City Coroner.— Alexander Trotter. 
Treasurer.— John Scoley Battle. 

City Accountant. — J. H. Burgess, 

Surveyor.— B. A. MacBrair, A.M.I.C.E., 
and Mem. San. Inst. 

Land Agent.— Francis Bartholomew. 

Chief Constable. -*- John Thomas 

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Municipal Year Book. . 163 

Medical Office* of Health. -Charles F LMB10 ^S|2"!^ 8 w'Sf Srtfn 

Harrison, M.D., D.P.H. sflof San^lSst 

Public Analyst.— G-. M. Lowe, 'M.D., Inspector of Meat. — Henry Howse, 

F.R.C.P. M.Tt.C.V.S. 

Water Works Engineer.— John Henry Librarian, Free Library.— A. R. Corns. 

Teague. Magistrates' Clerk.— Wm. Manby. 

Gas Works MANAGER.-Jolm Carter. Land Agknt.-F. Bartholomew. 


Population, 4,011 ; Rateable Value, £18,111 ; Area, 2,704 Acres. 

Liskeard was created a free borough as far back as 1250, and was in- 
corporated in some form or other before that date. The Town Council 
maintains a Market, and, under its 1898 Act, has purchased the under- 
taking of the Liskeard Waterworks Company. The Gas is supplied by a 
Company. Poor Rate 4s. ; only other rate, Lighting Rate, 6d. in the £. 
Water.— Page 439. 


Mayor.— Philip Brewer Hen wood. Town Clerk and Clerk to District 

Aldermen.— 8. Bone, A. C. L. Glubb, S. Council.— H. L. Caunter. 

W dE£SlS£3S!; Oo.mer, P. B. Hen- T.™™™.-*. Sargent, 

wood, W. H. Husband, W. A. Jenkin, R. H. Surveyor.— J. McMeikan. 

S&£. I J^aSw?-* Hfifc.^. Hi "— O.F.CBB.-W. Nettle. 

Edmonds, Geo. Harris. Water Manager.— J. Symons. 


(County Borough.) 
Population, 684,947 ; Bateable Value, £4,000,000 ; Area, 15,252 Acres. 
Liverpool, like London, has its old city, which for many years maintained 
special privileges and still possesses distinctive features. Modern Liver- 
pool inherited from the mediaeval municipality, whose area was round the 
Castle and near the "Pool," a valuable corporate estate, Public Markets, 
and a Municipal Court known as the Court of Passage, which still exists. 
The city of 1699 had an area of 1,858 acres, and consisted mainly of what 
are now the Exchange and Scotland wards. There was an extension in 1835 
making the area up to 5,210 acres. No further extension took place until 
1895. By thafc time the population had become congested, the city over- 
spread its borders in every direction landwards, and the outlanders en- 
joyed the benefits of Liverpool institutions, its parks, libraries, &c, with- 
out payment. Bootle, an offshoot along by the Docks, became incorporated 
in 1868. The districts added to greater Liverpool were West Derby, Tox- 
teth, "Wavertree, and Walton -on -the- Hill, with a total population of 150,000, 
and an area of 9,800 acres. 

The real and personal estate of the Liverpool Corporation is mainly in 
central positions in the city. The income from renewal and sale of leases 

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164 Municipal Year Book. 

for the year ended December 31st, 1901, was about £40,757, yearly rents 
came to £21,307, rents from an estate in Birkenhead £8,572, Kensington 
Fields estate £5,709 ; the total income for the estate, together with £9,787 in 
interest on loans and other receipts from Reserved Rents and miscellaneous 
sources was £109,951. The expenditure was £27,172. The estate is therefore 
a very valuable asset. St. George's Hall is corporate property, and was 
erected out of the profit of the Docks. Up to 1858 the Corporation was the 
Dock Authority, in which year the Mersey Docks and Harbour Board was 
created. The duties of paving, sewering, and watering the city were in 
the hands of Commissioners until taken over by the Corporation in 1845. 
Adjoining St. George's Hall is a magnificent group of buildings, the Pub- 
lic Museum, Free Library and Reading-rooms, Picton Lecture Hall, and 
Walker Art Gallery, and in November last a new Technical School and an 
extension of the Museum Galleries were opened by the Duke of Devonshire. 
The Art Gallery was presented to the city by Sir Andrew Walker, and 
contains an excellent collection of paintings to which is continually being 
added the best examples of contemporary artists. Funds with which to 
buy pictures are obtained from the remarkably successful annual ' ex- 
hibitions which are visited every year by about 62,000 people. The receipts 
are between £3,000 and £4,000 every year. It is also a very good " selling " 
exhibition. During the twenty-nine years this Liverpool " Academy " has 
existed pictures to the value of over £200,000 have been sold, and the total 
receipts to the city have been about £80,000. The visitors to the gallery 
— open on 330 days including Sundays — last year numbered about 500,000. 

Other important institutions maintained by the city are the Museums, 
which have been in existence for fifty years. They are (1) the Derby 
Museum, bequeathed to the city in 1851 by the fourteenth Earl of Derby, 
which is a natural history museum, including zoological, geological, botani- 
cal departments, and an aquarium ; (2) the Mayer Museum, the larger part 
of which was presented to the Corporation by Joseph Mayer, F.S.A., con- 
tains valuable collections of Egyptian and Eastern antiquities, mediaeval 
European ivories, bronzes, and illuminated manuscripts, the unrivalled 
Faussett Anglo-Saxon collection, the Mather miniatures, and rich pottery 
collections. There is also an ethnographical collection. The Museums, 
which are the best municipal institutions of the kind in the country, are 
housed in buildings presented by the late Sir William Brown. The total 
visitors last year were over 300,000. Every facility is given for purposes 
of research, and the Museums are greatly used by students, and science 
cabinets are distributed among the elementary schools. Popular science 
lectures are delivered in connection with the Museums. 

The city is well provided with Parks. Since 1864, the city has spent over 
£700,000 in Parks, and now owns Sefton Park, 269 acres, Newsham Park, 
111 acres, Wavertree Park and Botanic Gardens, 43§ acres, Stanley Park, 
93 acres, Sheil Park, 15 acres, Wavertree Playground, presented by an 
anonymous donor, 108 acres, Prince's Park, 50 acres, Kensington Gardens, 
18 acres, and twenty-one smaller gardens and recreation grounds, bringing 
the total park area up to over 700 acres. The city also maintains Botanic 
Gardens. Sefton Parle contains a magnificent Palm House, which cost 
£12,000, and is the gift to the city of Mr. Henry Yates Thompson. 

The city possesses Markets, Artisans' and Labourers' Dwellings, ex- 
tensive Baths and Wash- Houses ; it has founded a Nautical School ; it 

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Municipal Year Book. 


acquired the Electric Lighting undertaking in 1895, and has purchased the 
Tramways. All the lines have now been equipped for electric traction on 
the overhead system. The Corporation owns tne Water Supply. Gas is 
supplied by a company. There are five City Hospitals for the treatment of 
infectious cases, and the Hospitals Committee acts as Port Sanitary 
Authority and has jurisdiction beyond the city limits. For the care of the 
insane Liverpool forms part of the Lancashire Asylums Board. 

Artisans' Dwellings.— P. 559. 

Baths and Wash-Houses.— The 
Liverpool Corporation was the first 
in the country to establish public 
baths and wash-houses. In 1794 
the Corporation purchased baths at 
the end of the New Quay for £4,000, 
and in 1842 opened public wash- 
houses in Frederick Street. The 
Pierhead Baths were erected at a 
cost of £24,481 in 1828, and others 
followed in 1851, 1863, 1874, 1877, 
1878, 1879, 1895, and 1898, until 
Liverpool has the mo3t extensive and 
varied bathing arrangements of any 
city in the country. The Corporation 
offers every inducement to the public 
to make use of the baths, and school 
children are admitted free. Nearly 
200,000 women use the wash-houses. 
The Corporation also provides open- 
air baths in Burlington Street, 
Gore Street, Green Lane, and Mans- 
field Street ; Gore Street and Mans- 
field Street are also provided with 
large covered gymnasiums. Follow- 
ing are the particulars of the cost 
and income and expenditure of the 
various establishments for 1901 : — 

Cornwallis Street Baths cost 
£27,945; income, £1,769; expendi- 
ture, £1,835. 

Pierhead Baths (salt-water) cost 
£43,659 ; income, £922 ; expendi- 
ture, £1,257. 

MargaretStreetBaths cost£ll,320; 
income, £791 ; expenditure, £1,299. 

Burroughs Garden Baths and 
Wash-Houses cost £21,784 ; income, 
£1,292; expenditure, £2,459. 

Steble Street Baths and Wash- 
Houses cost £14,490 ; income, £1,190 ; 
expenditure, £2,196. 

Lodge Lane Baths and Wash- 
Houses cost £18,548 ; income, £1,541; 
expenditure, £1,934. 

Westminster Road Baths cost 
£17,122 ; income, £1,091 ; expendi- 
ture, £2,028. 

Frederick Street Wash-Houses 
cost £4,450 ; income, £323 ; expen- 
diture, £532. 

The open-air bathing establish- 
ments in the poor and crowded 
neighbourhoods, where boys (and 
girls on certain days) can bathe 
free of charge, have proved exceed- 
ingly popular. At the present time 
the Corporation has established four 
of these baths. Total expenditure 
on baths, £15,587. Receipts, £8,924. 

Electric Lighting.— Page 490. 

Free Public Libraries.— Liver- 
pool possesses every variety of 
Free Public Library. The Library 
Department consists of (1) the Picton 
Reading-room, a strictly reference 
library— a British Museum Reading- 
room on a smaller scale— with no 
works of fiction ; total yearly issues 
about 250,000 vols., and '168,000 
reviews. (2) The Brown Reading- 
room for popular reading. (3) 
Lending Libraries, of which there 
are six. (4) Evening Reading- 
rooms, of which there are three in 
school-rooms in populous parts of 
of the city. (5) Jbree lectures for 
the working-classes are held in 
connection with the department. 

Markets.— The Liverpool mar- 
kets have always been municipal 
property, and as the capital expendi- 
ture, which amounted to £242,863, 
has long since been paid off, the 
city markets are now a source of 
profit. The income and expenditure 

Digitized by CjOOQ IC 


Municipal Yecvr Booh 

for the year ended December, 1901, 
were as follow : — 

Income. Expenditure. 
* £ 

St. John's Market... 12,385 ... 5,552 

Jish 4,227 ... 2,127 

wholesale... 3,824 ... 1,983 
Pig Market ... 66 ... 77 
8t. Martin's Market 1,333 ... 702 
North Hay & Whole- 
sale Vegetable ... 9,292 ... 4,503 

Weighing Machine 
Old Hay Market 163 

St. James'... 



31,125 17,319 

The Corporation recently pur- 
chased the Stanley Cattle Market. 
Receipts for 1901, £3,050 ; expendi- 
ture, £1,206. New works and 
special expenditure on the market 
amounted to £692, interest and 
sinking fund to £2,101. 

Refuse and Sewage.— The whole 
of the scavenging, cleansing, and 
refuse disposal is carried out by 
the Corporation, under the general 
superintendence of the city engineer. 
Part of the refuse is burned by 
destructors, and the rest carried 22 
miles out to sea in steam hoppers. 
Steam is obtained from the furnaces 
for generating electric light for the 
works and wharf, and for a disin- 
fecting station. The resulting clinker 
is reduced and made into concrete 
slabs for paving footwalks. . The 
whole of the sewage from the old 
city falls by gravitation into the 
River Mersey and from that Walton 
and West Derby is disposed of on 
two sewage farms. 

Technical Education. — The 
Corporation has built up a complete 
system of technical instruction by 
subsidising existing institutions and 
providing new facilities. The system 
involves (1) a scheme of technical 
science and art scholarships and 
studentships, connecting the ele- 
mentary with the secondary schools, 
and the secondary schools and 
advanced science classes with Uni- 
versity College and the Schools of 
Art ; (2) centres for the instruction 
of women and girls of the artisan 

classes ; (3) evening classes in com- 
mercial subjects and in science, art, 
and technology ; (4) a school of 
applied arts ; (5) and the establish- 
ment of an electro-technics depart- 
ment, school and museum of hygiene, 
and school of commerce in connection 
with University Col lege. Among the 
institutions and bodies assisted are 
University College, School of Art, 
School of Architecture and Applied 
Arts, LiverpoolCollege, Liverpool In- 
stitute, St. Francis Xavier's College, 
Catholic Institute, Training; School 
of Cookery, Liverpool School of 
Science, Liverpool Council of Educa- 
tion, the School Board, and the Con- 
vents of Notre Dame. In addition to 
the above the Corporation has estab- 
lished a Nautical College for the 
training of all classes of officers and 
seamen in the mercantile marine. 
The College is divided into four 
schools, giving instruction for boys 
preparing for sea, apprentices and 
seamen, officers, and a higher school. 
New Technical Schools, where the 
more advanced and specialised work 
will be concentrated, were opened 
last year, and branchschools in the 
outer portions of the city are 
gradually being established. 
Tramways.— Page 521. 
Water Supply.— Page 439. 
General Statistics.— For year 
ended December 31st, 1901 — Rates : 
Liverpool, 3s.6Jd. ; Kirkdale,4s. l^d. ; 
Everton, 4s. 3d. ; West Derby, 
4s. 2*d. ; Toxteth Park, 4s. Id.; 
Walton, 3s. ; West Derby, 2?. lid. ; 
Wavertree, 2s. 6d. ; Toxteth Park, 
2s. 4d. Chief items of expendi- 
ture : Watching— Police, £187,575; 
Administration of Justice, £20,544; 
Sanitary, £286,371 ; Hospitals, 
£35,085 ; Lighting, £55,749 ; Lunatic 
Asylums, £21,582; Public Parks 
and Recreation Grounds, £24,918 ; 
Fire Police, £17,364; Total Expendi- 
ture (General Rate), £666,159 ; 
Total Expenditure (City Fund), 

Digitized by CjOOQ IC 

Municipal Tear Book. 



Lord Mayob.— The Right Honourable 
Charles Petrie, 7, Devonshire Road. Princes 

Aldermen.— Joseph Ball, Ravens wood, 
Warren Drive, New Brighton ; William 
Bartlett, St. Clare House, 8andfield Park, 
West Derby ; William Benjamin Bowring, 
Beenhwood, Beech wood Road, Grasoendale ; 
William James Burgess, 31, Park AV Id Road, 
S. ; Herbert Campbell, 85, South Hill Road. 
Toxteth Park ; Thomas Clarke, 94, Durning 
Road ; Andrew Commins, The Grange, 
Baukfleld Road, West Derby; Edward 
Hatton Cookson, Kiln Hey, West Derby; 
John Ellison, Stoneleigh, Oakueld Anfield ; 
Tuomas Evans, 5, Princes Gate West, 
Princes Park; Sir William Bower For- 
wood, JPromboroujjh Hall, Bromborough, 
Cheshire ; Charles Heibert Giles, 16, Rad- 
stock Road, Fail field ; Edward Grind ley, 7, 
Kiugsmead Road South. Birkenhead ; John 
Houiding, Stanley House, Anfield Road, 
Walton; Maxwell Hvslop Maxwell, jun., 
76, Canning Street; Hugh McCubbin, Mill 
Bank House, West Derby ; Thomas Menlove, 
Aston House, Hunter's Lane, Wavertree ; 
Thomas William Oakshott, Derby House, 
New Chester Road, Rock Ferry; Edward 
Pauil, 26, Bentley Road ; Edward Purcell, 
3, Somerville, 8eacombe ; William Radcliffe, 
Roselands, Woodlands Road, Aigbui th ; 
William Roberts, The Hollies, Roby ; James 
Ruddin, 119, Mount Pleasant; Archibald 
Tutton Salvidge, jun., The Gables, West 
Kirby, Cheshire: Frederick Smitb, 37, 
Falkner Square; Joachim Nicolas Stolter- 
foht, Dawitone, Sandown Park, Wavertree ; 
Ephraim Walker, Beechwood, 8, Mill Bauk, 
West Derby ; William Henry Watts, Elm 
Hall, Penny Road, Wavertree; William 
Humphrey Williams, 29, Croxteth Grove, 
Toxteth Park. 

Councillobs.— J. W. Alsop, 16, Bidston 
Road, Oxton, Birkenhead ; J. S. H. Banner, 
Ashfield Hall, Neston, Cheshire ; C. H. Beloe, 
11, Livingston Drive, Sefton Park ; Edwin 
Berry, 26, Prescott Drive, Fairfield; A. M. 
Bligh, 59, Shaw Street ; W. Boote,52, Deaue 
Road; E. Brownbill, Mooreneld House, 
Melling, near Liverpool ; J. Brunskill, Rose- 
mount, Regent Road, Great Crosby ; R. H. 
Bullen, 40, Cumberland Avenue, Toxteth 
Park;T. Burke, 126, Ampthill Road; E. 
Bums, 46, West Derby Street; E. J. Che- 
valier, Marsh Lea, Crosby Road N., Water- 
loo; L.B. Cohen, The Priory, St. Michael's 
Hamlet; A. 8. Col lard, Elm wood Hoot on, 
Cheshire; J. B. Col ton, 14, Esplanade, 
Waterloo ; W. Crosfield, 3, Fulwood Park, 
Aigburth; A. Crustbwaite, Fylingsdale, 
Wavertree; J. Daly, 367, Scotland Road ; 
R. Dart, 28, Aigburth Drive, Sefton Park ; 
P. J. Deery, 21, Norwood Grove; W. Den- 
ton, 16, St. James' Road ; C. Dowdall, 17, 
Sao don Street; J. Duncan, 15, Victoria 
fioad, Waterloo ; W. H. Edwardes, Holland 

House, Greenheys Road, Liverpool, S. ; 
B. W. Kills, E*st Bank, Aigburth Drive, 
Sefton Par* ; J. L. Bills, 45, Croxteth Road, 
Prince's Park ; W. Evans, 11, Belvedere 
Road, Prince's Park ; J. H. Farmer, 43, Moss 
Lane, Walton ; I. C. Glover, Warreuhurst, 
Warren Road, Blundellsands ; D. H. Grant, 
21, Virginia Road, New Brighton; J. R. 
Grant, Langlands, 68, Croxteth Road ; L. B. 
Haddock, 5, Gambier Terrace, Hope Street ; 
R A. Hampsnn, Ivy Lodge, Ashfield Road, 
Aigburth; A. Harford,2, Rutland Avenue, Sef- 
ton Park ; F. J. Harford, 2, Rutlant Avenue, 
Sefton Park; S. W. Higginbottom, M.P., 
Elsinore, Claughton ; R. D. Holt, D.L., 54, 
Ullet Road.Sefton Park ; S. Hough.Arequipa, 
Aigburth Road, Toxteth Park ; W. Houid- 
ing, 10, Eaton Road, Cressington Park, near 
Liverpool; J. Hunter, 20. Fairfield Crescent, 
Fairfield; 8. M. Hutchinson, The Bingle, 
60, Mill Lane, West Derby; J. Japp, 9, 
Alexandra Drive. Sefton Park ; J. H. Jones, 
5, The Parade. Hoylake ; M. P. Jones, Airlie 
House, Hoylake; S. Jude, 17, Lockerby 
Road, Fairfield ; Richard Kelly, Holly Bank 
Brook Road, Walton ; G. King, Salmone, 
Penkett Road, Liscard ; J. Lawrence, 29, 
Falkner Square ; J. Lea, Lin wood, Mossley 
Hill, Liverpool ; J. B. Light, Riversdale, 
Alexandra Drive, Liverpool ; J. Lister, Basil 
Grange, Sand field Park, West Derby ; E. L. 
Lloyd, 12, Richmond Terrace, Everton ; G. J. 
Lynskey, Ash Grove, Seymour Road, Broad 
Green ; P. McGuffie, Wool ton Hall, near 
Liverpool ; D. A. McNeight, 28, Rock Park, 
Rock Ferry ; R. B. Meade-King, Sand field 
Park, West Derby ; H. Miles, Lance House, 
Childwall Road, Wavertree; J. Morris, 
Brynarto, 11, Grove Park, Liverpool ; W. 
Muirhead, 19, Falkner Square ; T. B. Neale, 
Woolton Hall Hydro Hotel, Woolton ; J. 
O'Shea, 78. Great Howard Street ; W. Oulton, 
Hillside, Cuckoo Lane, Gateacre ; W. Per- 
mewan, 7, Rodney Street; W. Phillips, 
Finch Lane, West Derby, Liverpool ; R. 8. 
Porter, 5, Grove Park, Lodge Lane, Liver- 
pool ; W. Ramsdeu, RoseSea, Stonyr roft ; 
H. R. Rathbone, Green bank Cottage, Green- 
bank Road, Wavertree; J. E. Rayner, 10, 
Kingsmead Road South, Oxton, Cheshire ; 
T. Roberts, 15, Ullet Road ; J. Roby, War- 
wick Cottage, New Brighton ; T. S. Roger, 
sou, 20, Prince's Road; E. Russell-Taylor, 
Penkett Road, Liscard; W. W. Ruther- 
ford, Heathfield House, Heathfield Road, 
Wavertree; T. 8alter, Wingham Villa, 
Sefton Road, Litherland; F. Saunby, 263, 
Prescot Road, Liverpool; A. Shelmerdine, 
3, Prince's Gate East ; T. M. Smith, Fernlea, 
290, Kensington ; J. V. Smith, 313, Edge 
Lane; G. B. Smith-Brodriok, Screonshaih, 
Biikdale ; G. Sturla,Denstoue,Blundellsauds 
Road, E., Great Crosby ; J. G. Taggart, 37, 
Sackville Street, Everton ; A. Taylor, Carl- 
ton, Aigburth Road, Aigbui th; W. W. 
Thomas, 19, West Road, Albert Park, Liver- 


Digitized by CjOOQ IC 


Municipal Year Book. 

pool, 8. ; I. Turner, 3, Thornhlll, Child- 
wall Road, Wavertree ; T. Utley, Sefton 
House, Crosby Green, West Derby; J. 
Utting, St. Anne's Hill, 59, Aniield Road ; 

W. W. Walker, 145, Smithdown Lane ; W. 
C. Williams, 4, Derwent Square, Stony croft ; 
W. E. Willink, J. P., Dingle Bank, The 
Dingle ; J. T. Wood, The Court, Halewood. 


Recorder.*— C. H. Hopwood, K.C..M.P. 

Judge of the Court of Passage.*— T. 
Henry Bay lis, K.C. 

Stipendiary Magistrate.*— W. J. 

Town Clerk and Prosecuting Solici- 
tor.— Edward B. Piekmere, M.A. 

Town Clerk's Office.— Deputy Town 
Clerk : Ernest W. Pierce. Assistant 
Solicitors: R. D. Cripps and G. A. J. 
Atkinson. Chief Committee Clerk : H. 
Edwards. Chief Clerk in Public Office 
W. Histed. 

Court of Passage Office.— Registrar : 
Edward R. Piekmere, M.A. Deputy Regis- 
trar : Reginald D. Cripps. 

Controller and Auditor of Accounts. — 
Richard Barrow. Chief Bookkeeper, 
Accountant's Department.— E. P. Pugh. 
Deputy Auditor.— Thomas Sumner. 

Treasurer.— J. E. A. Rogers. 

Corporation Surveyor's Office.— Land 
Steward and Surveyor : Thomas Shel- 
merdine. Deputy Land Steward and 
Surveyor: Fletcher T. Turton. Chief 
Assistant Land Steward and Surveyor; 
F. Hamilton Holford. Chief Clebk : 
Wyatt Hayward. 

Water Engineer's Office.— Chief En- 
gineer of Water Works : Joseph Parry, 
M.Inst.C.E. Assistant Water Engineer : 
Thomas Duncanson, Assoc. M.Inst.C.E. 
Chief Clerk and Superintendent 
Assessor of Water Charges: R. 0. F. 
Annett, Assoc.Inst.C.E. Superintendent 
of Drawing Office : Henry J. Shawcross, 
Bach, of Eng. 

City Engineer's Office.— CityEngineer 
and Surveyor to the Urban Sanitary 
Authority : J. A. Brodie, Whit. Sch., 
M. Inst. C.E., M.I. Mech. E. Superin- 
tendent of Sewerage Department : 
(Vacant). Superintendent Roads Depart 
ment : Francis E. Cooper, As9oe. M.Inst.C.E. 
Superintendent of Drawing Office: 
F. J. Aman. Engineer's Secretary and 
Committee Clerk : George Gore. Chief 
Accounts Clerk : F. J. Wright. 

Building Surveyor.— Wm. Gold straw. 

Electric Supply Department. — City 
Electrical Engineer : A. Bromley 
Holmes, M.Inst.C.E. Works Manager : 
Alfred Clough. Chief Clerk: BrierleyH. 
Collins. Inspector of Installation: 
Percy H. Naftel. Distribution Engineer : 
William H. Col Hs. 

Tramways Manager.— C. R. Bellamy. 

Constabulary Force.— HeadConstablb: 

Capt. J. W. Nott Bower. Assistant Head 
Constable : Leonard Dunning (B.A.,Oxon). 
Chief Clerk, Ac : Edwin Sperrin. 

Deputy Clerk of the Peace. — R. D. 
Coroner.— Thomas E. Sampson, J.P. 
Clerk to the Magistrates.— Frederick 

Medical Officer of Health and Port 
Sanitary Medical Officer.— E. W. Hope, 
M.D., D.Sc. Assistant Medical Officer. — 
Arthur A. Mussen, M.D. Assistant Port 
Sanitary Medical Officer.— W. Hanna, 
M.B., D.P.H. 

Public Analyst.— J. Campbell Browne. 

Superintendent, Veterinary Depart- 
ment.— T. Eaton Jones, M.R.C.V.S. 
Inspector of Nuisances.— James Cooper. 
Gas and Lighting Department.— Super- 
intendent Gas Examiner and Official 
Inspector of Gas Meters : Charles Revill 
Bellamy. Chief Assistant : Alfred George 
Smith. Assistant Inspector of Lighting : 
Thomas Roberts. Chief Clerk: Matthew 
Henry Wardle. 

Markets Superintendent, — James 

Chief Inspector of Weights and Mea- 
sures.— Thomas Jones. 

Superintendent of Parks and Gar- 
dens.— Henry Herbert, Superintendent's 
House, Sef ton Park. 

Librarian and Superintendent of 
Lending Libraries.— Peter Cowell. 

Director of Museums.— Henry Ogg 

Curator of Walker Art Gallery.— 
Charles Dyall. 

Head Master of Nautical College.— 
W. V. Merrifield. 

Director of Technical Instruction.— 
William Hewitt, B.Sc. 

Engineer and Chief Superintendent, 
Baths and W ash-Houses.— W. B. Court. 
City Hospitals.— City Hospital North, 
Netherfield Road— Resident Medical 
Officer : Dr. F. Robinson. Matron : Miss 
Main. City Hospital South, Grafton 
Street — Resident Medical Officer : 
Dr. Tuxford. Matron: Miss Ilbery. 
City Hospital, Parkhill — Resident 
Medical Officer:— Dr. Palmer. Matron : 
Miss McCarthy. City Hospital East, Mill 
Lane. Old 8w an— Matron : Miss Dawson. 
City Hospital, Priory Road, Anfield— 
Matron : Miss Sheldon. City Hospital, 
Fakerley— Resident Medical Officer; 
Dr. Grierson. Matron : Miss Berry, 

* Appointed by the Crown, 

Digitized by CjOOQ IC 

Municipal Year Book. 169 


Population, 1,809 ; Rateable Value, £5,014; Area, 1,264 Acres. 

Richard III. granted a charter of incorporation to Llandovery which was 
confirmed by subsequent monarchs. The Town Council owns the Water 
a jd Markets ; about £4,600 has been spent on the former. 
Water.— Page 439. 


Mayor.— D. T. M. Jones. Town Clerk and Clerk to District 

Aldermen.— J. Watkins, T. Watkins, Council. -J. Thomas. 

C. P. Lewis, D. 8. Thomas. Treasurer.- C. Michael. 
Councillors.— J. R. James, T. Phillips, a„ n „„*.~„ w ti««j 

D. T. M. Jones, T. Roberts, H. Havard, John Surveior.-W. Lloyd. 

Bees, Richard Thomas, John Evans, T. G. Medical Officer.— E. N. Berryman. 

Davies, W. Rees, Daniel Jones. Inspector.— J. Roderick. 


Population, 1,632; Rateable Value, £8,646 ; Area, 8,143 Acres. 
LLANFYLLIN came under the Municipal Corporations Act in 1885. It had 
formerly been incorporated by a royal charter. The Town Council main- 
tains the Markets and owns the Water Supply, which is obtained from wells. 

Mayor.— J. P. Williams. R. M. Lewis, W. Arthur Pughe, E. Lloyd 

n^SfSSS'^hf \ J T n J0: E * B ° berlS ' E Town S Clerk and Clerk to District 

Robert Jones, Robt. H. Jones. Council.-W. A. Pughe. 

Councillors.— W. Ellis, T. B. Jones, R. Treasurer.— W. R. Roberts. 

Evans, J. P. Williams, T. Evans, E. Surveyor.— D. Lloyd. 

Roberts, John Edwards, Humphrey Ellis, Medical Officer.— F. F. Jones. 


Population, 3,769; Rateable Value, £7,361; Area, 617 Acres. 
The Town Council is the Urban District Authority, and provides an 
excellent supply of Water from Waterworks constructed by the Council. 
It also maintains a Cemetery and Markets. Borough Rate made during 
the year for municipal purposes amounted to 2s. 2d. in the £. 


Mayor. — Councillor Richard George. Town Clerk and Clerk to District 

Aldermen.-E. Bowen, W. George, Council.- Arthur Davies 
Edward Davies, William Asluon. ^«^^ « W^fcjA. Ltd. 

Councillors. — D. Davies, E. Hamer, G. Inspector.— J. Morgan. 

Hercomb, J. K. Jones, D. Rees, J. Mills, D. Collector.— R. Williams. 

Lloyd-Kinsey, Edmund Hamer, J. Jones, Inspector of Common Lodging-House 

Evan Williams, E. R. Horsfall Turner. —P. 8. Hughes. 


Population, 35,825 ; Rateable Value, £108,000 ; Area, 1,934 Acres. 
LONGTON was extended in 1884, and now consists of the districts of 
Longton, Florence, and Dresden. The Town Council acquired the Gas 
undertaking in 1878; since then the profits transf erred to the Borough, 


Digitized by CjOOQ IC 


Municipal Year Book. 

Fund amount to £47,200. Electric Lighting was commenced by the 
Municipality in Septeml>er last. The Town Council maintains Technical 
Schools, a tree Library, Markets, Cemeteries, and Baths, and possesses 
beautiful recreation grounds, the Queen's Park, which cost nearly £1,000 a 

Baths. — Maintenance of baths 
for last financial year, £1,163. Re- 
ceipts, £518. 

Cemeteries.— Cost of mainten- 
ance, £798. 

Electric Lighting.— Page 490. 

Free Public Library. — The 
Acts were adopted in 1891. The 
Library contains over 6,000 volumes. 
Cost of maintenance last year, £491. 

Gas.— Page 468. 

Markets. — Revenue fromMarket 
Tolls and Rents, £2,874 ; expendi- 
ture, £1,598. The interest payable 
on the market and town hall account 
was £654, and on the market improve- 
ment, account, £168. 

Refuse and Sewage Disposal. 
— Night-soil and ashes are sold as far 
as possible. Dust is consumed in a 
destructor, the cost of maintenance 
of which amounted last year to £632. 

Technical Education.— Special 
attention is given to technical edu- 
cation. The Town Council contri- 
butes a sum equal to Id. in the £ on 
the rateable value of the Borough. 

The total amount spent last year 
was £1,501. The Corporation in 1899 
erected a new Technical School and 
Public Library (called the '* Suther- 
land Institute ' ) at a cost of £10,000, 
upon a plot of land given by the 
Duke ot Sutherland, and in this 
building classes in science, art, and 
technological and commercial sub- 
jects are now held. A course of 
University Extension Lectures was 
inaugurated la?t year. The Corpor- 
ation has also taken over the 
Longton Endowed School, the only 
Secondary School in the Borough, 
and the same is now worked, under 
the name of the "High School," in 
conjunction with the Sutherland 
Institute, as a School of Science ; 
Expenses for last year in connection 
therewith amounted to £292 ; re- 
ceipts, £193. 

Tramways.— Page 539. 

General Statistics. — Rates : 
Borough, 2s. 5d. ; General District 
Rate, 4s. Debt outstanding, 


Mayor.— G. Bennion. 

Aldermen. — The Duke of Sutherland, 
Messrs. Leak, Holdcroft, Prince, Bakewell, 
Bennion, Edwards, Ward, Williamson, 

Councillors.— Messrs. Brookfield, Potter, 
Jolly, E. 8. Bobinson, W. Martin, Cooper, 
Goodwin, E. H. Bloor, Meigh, Greaves, 
Preece, P. H. Bennion, Litchfield, Geo. 
Bloor, Millington, W. Mayer, Bullock, 
Harding-, Brewer, Chrystle, Kent, Newell, 
G. L. Bobinson, Hulse, Ledgar, Bowers, 

Town Clerk.— G. C. Kent. 

Deputy Town Clerk.— W. T. Cope. 
Surveyor.— J. W. Wardle, C.E. 
Assistant surveyor— W. Percival. 
Gas Manager.— William Langford. 
Gas Secretary.- J. Speak man. 
Accountant.— J. Shenton. 
Sanitary Inspector.— W. Cooke. 
Medical Officer.— W. J. Dawes. 
Deputy Medical Officer.— J. W. Dawes. 
Treasurer.— G. P. Ann. 
Librarian.— H. Walker. 
Superintendent of Fire Brigade. — T, 
Park Superintendent.— J. MePhail. 


Population, 1,331 ; Rateable Value, £4,052 ; Assessable Value, £3,410 ; Area, 389 Acres. 
Lostwithiel holds nine charters, dating from Edward II. to 1885, when 
the borough came under the Municipal Corporations Aot. 

Digitized by CjOOQ IC 

Municipal Ywr Book 171 

The accounts for the Borough of Lostwithiel show that the Corporation 
is a large land and property owner. Rents of Houses, Gardens, Shops, 
Meadows, &c, amount to £257. The estate expenditure was £72. The 
expenditure includes £3 for " Church bread." General District Rate, £378. 
The receipts include grants from the County Council for main roads and 
bridges. Public Lighting cost £41 ; Highways, £125. New Waterworks 
just completed. 

Water— Page 440. 


Aldermen. — John Santo, John Hawkins, Town Clerk.— W. Pease, jun. 

John Oliver Jeffery, George Hext TREASUREB.-Heury Durette Foster. 

Councillors. — W. T. Bassett, F. A. -_ - •* _ . ,_., 

Green, C. Liddicoat, T. G. Levers, J. A. Medical Officer.-E. A. Milner. 

Beswarick, P. Bundle, H. O.Wheeler, J. H. Surveyor and Inspector of Nuis- 

Dingle, 0. Hick, N. B. Littleton, R. Reed. akces.— Joseph Knight. 


Population, 21,508 ; Rateable Value, £91,000 ; Area, 3,046 Acres, 

Loughborough is the second town in Leicestershire, and the only borough 
in the county besides the County Town. It is on the main trunk lines of 
the Midland Railway and the Great Central Railway, and has also a station 
on the London and North- Western Railway system. Loughborough was 
incorporated in September, 1888. The Local Board which preceded the 
Town Council adopted the Free Library Act in 1885. There are parochial 
Cemeteries and municipal Markets. The town refuse is burned at a 
destructor in order to generate steam for the Dumps at the sewage dis- 
posal works. As Memorials of the Queen's Diamond Jubilee the town 
possesses fine Baths, Volunteer Drill Hall, and Park, all of which are 
vested in the Town Council. The Water undertaking was established by 
the Local Board under the powers of an Act obtained in 1868, and has been 
extended by virtue of further powers in local Acts passed in 1886, 1897, 
and 1899, the water area including, in addition to the Borough, the Urban 
District of Shepshe*! and the greater part of the Loughborough and Leake 
Rural Districts. The Corporation is now engaged in the construction of 
a large additional reservoir which will, with existing provisions, afford 
an exceptionally good and plentiful supply of water. Tlio town is rapidly 
growing and undergoing improvement, whilst a large amount of building 
land is being developed The Corporation owns the Local Gas under- 
taking, having acquired ic compulsorily from a company under the 
Loughborough Corporation Act, 1899. By the Act powers for Electric 
Lighting were also obtained and are about to be exercised. The Corporation 

E assesses extensive Town Hall, Public Buildings, and Municipal Offices, 
oughborough is well off for Allotment Gardens and Charities, and has, 
with its Grammar Schools and Endowed Schools, exceptional educational 
advantages. The Technical Education Committee and the School Board 
provide a comprehensive programme of Science and Art and Technical and 
Evening Classes. The General District Rate is 4s. in the £, and the 
Borough Rate, including School Board, Burial and Free Library Rates 
Is. 5d. in the £. 
Water.— Page 440. 

Digitized by CjOOQ IC 

172 Mvmicvpal Year Book. 


Mayor.— Councillor R. S. Clifford. Wm. Cartwright, G. M'e, E Moss, and 

. J. T. Jud^s. 

Depute Mayor.— Alderman T. Mayo. Town Clerk and Solicitor. — Harry 


Aldermen.-H. Godkin, H. Colt man, A. assistant Town Clerk.-A. C. Allibone. 

A. Bumpus, W. Tidd, T. Mayo, W. Hanford* Treasurer.— Hussey Packe. 

Councillors.— North or Storer Ward « Surveyor and Water Works Manager. 

«. J. Collins, A. Faulks, T. Cook, W. T» —A. H. Walker. 
Hampton, Wilfrid Moss, J. Ratcliff. West Accountant.— C. H. Adams. 

<or Burton Ward: W, H. Wootton, J. Medical Officer.— Thos. Corcoran. 

Cartwright, K. 8. Clifford, B. B. Barrow, Gas Manager.— E. Onions. 

•G. H. Barrowcliff, W. ViaL East or Sanitary Inspector. - Ralph Lord. 

Hastings Ward . H. Beeby, A. Yeoraan«, Librarian.— G. H. Andrews. 


Population, 9,516 ; Rateable Value, £37,533 ; Area, 3,620 Acres. 
liOUTH was originally incorporated in the reign of Edward VI. The Gas 
and Water Supplies are in the hands of private companies. The town 
contains a Public Cemetery, and the Market belongs to the Corporation. 
The Technical School is also owned by the Corporation. Refuse is tipped 
and sold periodically to farmers. The sewage runs into 4, a lovely trout 
stream." The rates last year were : Highway, 9d. ; General District, Is. Id. 


Mayor.— M. Smith. Treasurer.— C. M. Nesbitt. 

Aldermen.— S. Creswell, Joseph Cus- Medical Officer.— W. J. Best. 

St*?** 11, TV 8 Ji m r PS ° n ' B ' Lon g bDttom » Surveyor and Inspector of Nuisances. 

W. li-rimn, J. layior. o_ -rr iiij afm 

Councillors.-J. Appleby, C. Dickinson, ~ **• u - Allison. 
R. Simpson, F. M. Thompson, A. Gresswell, School Attendance Officer.— W. 

J. Davies, B. Hall, H. Hickling, H. Newell. 

Sharpley, P. Best, K. Dawson, W. Larder, Superintendent of Fire Brigade.— 

A. James, P. Dickie, F. R. Mawer, F. J. J. Naylor. 
Ingoldby, George Blaze, Mark Smith. Head Constable.— J. W. Barham. 

Town Clerk and Clerk to Urban Headmaster, Technical School.— Dr. 

District Council.— T. F. Allison. W. H. Jenkins, B.8c. 


Population 29,842 ; Rateable Value, £122,419; Area, 2,306 Acres. 

'The municipal authorities in Lowestoft have been occupied in improving 
;the attractions of the town, and in looking after the public health — the 
-essential things for a seaside resort — and not in organising municipal indus- 
tries. Parks, pleasure grounds, esplanades, and model yacht ponds have been 
Provided. The sanitary administration is maintained at a high standard, 
'he Water and Gas Supplies are in private hands. The Corporation has a 
valuable asset in the Lamp Lands Funds Estate, with which is incorporated 
the Town Quay Trust. The income from the estate, including £28 from the 
model yacht ponds and £83 from markets, was last year £656. The cost of 
maintaining the markets was £21 9s. lid. and of the model yacht ponds 
£47 6s. 9d. The Corporation spends £779 in Technical Instruction and main- 
tains a School of Art. The Corporation owns workmen's cottages, rents 
from which are £54 a year. The sewage is discharged into the sea at a point 
which does not affect the bathing. The Corporation has erected a refuse 
, destructor. Among the new undertakings in hand or contemplated by the 

Digitized by CjOOQ IC 

Municipal Year Book. 


Corporation are the installation of Electric Light, Sea Protection Works, 
and Electric Trams. The Council has obtained powers for the const ruction 
of the latter. The New Science, Art, and Technical Schools are now com- 
pleted. The accounts of the borough are made up for the twelve months 
ending 29th September. The income from the Borough Fund is £7,051, 
from the General District Rate, £23,694. Chief items of expenditure, 
Esplanade and Slopes, £173; Beach outlet, £23 ; Drainage, £828 ; Scavenging, 
£1,207 ; Highways, £5,000 ; Refuse Removal, £2,738 ; Public Lighting, 
£1,318 ; Sanitary Hospital, £921 ; General Health Purposes, £808. Rates : 
Poor Rate, including School Board, 3s.; General District Rate, 4s. 7d: 
Debt outstanding, £123,243. Telephones.— Page 413. 

Electric Lighting.— Page 490. Tramways.— Page 535. 


Mayor.— Alderman Wm. Young man, J.P. 

Aldermen.— H. J. Eastaugh, E. E. 
Johnson, A. G-. Notley, A. Stebbings, W. 
Youngman, J. P., A. Adams, J. P., W. 
Mobbs, J. Beckett. J.P. 

Councillors.— East Ward : A. B. Capps, 
P. Spashett, L. P. Orde, E. P. Thain. W. P. 
Bice, H. H. Oopeman. West Ward : J. 
Smith, John Chambers, H. G-. Jones, 
J. Jackman, H. R. Broadley, E. 0. Titcomb, 
North Ward : B. 8. Bradbeer, R. B. Oapps, 
P. J. Hook, 0. Y. Pry, I\ W. Watson, jun., 

J. W. Brooke. South Ward : E. P. Preston, 
E. Tuttle, G. Elsey, W. J. Wilton, J. B, 
Payne, W. Berry. 

Town Clerk and Clerk to the Urban 
District Council.— R. B. Nicholson. 

Treasurer.— J. Q-. Robey*. 

Accountant.-^J. E. Cook. 

Clerk to the Magistrates.— P. S. Ellen. 

Surveyor.— Ot. H. Hamby, A.M.I.C.E. 

Medical Officer.— A. Marshall, M.D. 

Inspector of Nuisances.— P. Kett. 


Population, 6,328 ; Rateable Value, £220,88 8s. ; Area, 416 Acres. 

The Town Council holds charters dating from the reign of Edward IV. , 
under which it was governed until the passing of the Municipal Corpora- 
tions Act. The Corporation maintains a Water Supply, Markets, and a 
Corn Exchange. The water charges are only 3d. in the £. The Corpora- 
tion obtains about £80 a year for rents. 

Markets. — The Markets are 
maintained by the Corporation as 
such and also in its capacity as 
Urban District Council. The revenue 
from the Markets and Corn Exchange 
last vear was £171, while the Cattle 
Markets, under the District Fund, 
brought in £105. 

Water.— Page 440. 

General Statistics. — Rates : 
Cost of Streets and Highways, 
£1,153 ; Sanitation, £493 ; Lighting, 
£305 ; Fire Brigade, £65 ; Adminis- 
tration of Justice, £195 ; Salaries 
(Corporation and Council), £498. 


Mayor. — Thomas Henry Atherden 

Aldermen.— Messrs. Atherden, Lloyd, 
Sheldon, Weale. 

Councillors. — Messrs. Blake, Boden- 
ham, Chubb, Harris, Lear, W. H. Marston, 
J. Smith, Sharp, Stead, Twiddy, Whit- 

Recorder.— H. D. Greene, K.O., M.P. 
Town Clerk.— J. Herbert Williams. 
Medical Officer.— C. B. Cranstoun. 
Treasurer.— J. Henry Lockhart. 
Surveyor and Sanitary Inspector.— £. 
H. Atkinson. 

Digitized by CjOOQ IC 


Municipal Year Book. 


Population, 36,404 ; Rateable Value, £150,514 ; Area, 3,134 ACRES. 

LUTON came under the Municipal Corporations Act in 1876. The Corpora- 
tion has provided Baths and a Free Public Library, and maintains Markets. 
The Electric Light Installation was completed in July, 1901, and the works 
were opened by Lord Kelvin. At the present time the consumers number 
some 40 or 60. There are Technical Instruction Classes managed by an 
outside committee, and they are supported by grants from the County 
Council and students' fees. The gross rental of the property owned 
by the Town Council, as per Poor Kate, is about £2,800. Much of its 
property is freehold. The new Sewerage and Storm Water Drainage 
schemes are completed. The Highway Depdt is also finished, and a new- 
Fire Station, Street Improvements, both public^ and private, and other 
works involving a considerable outlay, are in course of execution. 
Statistics to 31st March, 1901 :— 

Baths. — The expenditure on the 
Baths was £520. Repayment of 
loans : principal, £78 ; interest, 
£30. The receipts were £389. 

Electbic Lighting.— -Page 490. 

F'ree Public Library.— In con- 
nection with the Free Library the 
payments for the last financial year 
were £608, and the income for the 
same period £629. 

Markets. — The town owns very 
good General Markets, a Meat 
Market, Plait Hall, and a Corn Ex- 
cnange. The tolls and rents from 
markets and fairs last year brought 
in £1,257, and the expenditure was 
£V75 ; shewing a profit of £482. 

Refuse and Sewage.— Refuse 

is sold for manurial purposes and 
sewage is disposed of by irrigation. 

Technical Instruction.— This 
is now under the control of a com- 
mittee composed of representatives 
of the County Council, Town Coun- 
cil, and Science and Art Committee, 
The Secretary is Mr. E. D. Lass, 
Stradbroke Villa, Leagrave Road 

General Statistics. — Rates 
General District Rate, 2s. 2d. in the 
£ ; Borough Rate, 8d. in the £. 
Gro»s Cost of Borough Police, 
£3,733; Fire Brigade, £513; Sew 
a^e and Sewerage, £3,970 ; Loan 
Charges, £3,762; Sanitation, £1,919 
Highways, £3,276; Loan charges ', 
£644; Main Roads, £3,011; Lighting, 
£1,984 ; Hospital, £701. Debt out 
standing, £112,741. 


Mayor.— Low Giddings, J.P. 

Aldermen.— A. J. Hucklesby, J.P., L. 
Giddings, J.P., George Warren, E. Oakley, 
J.P., S. W. Smith, 0. Dillingham. 

Councillors.— North Ward : J. Horton, 
C. H. Osborne, A. A. Gale, James Bone, 
Albert Oakley, Hy. Arnold. East Ward: 
William Lines, E. P. Webb, J. W. Green, 
H. O. Williams, A. Attwood, J. H. Btaddou. 
West Ward: J. W. Garrard, Geo. Ordisli, 
T, Cain, H. T. Shackleton, Albert Wilkin- 
son, J. H. Jennings. 

Town Clerk.— George Sell. 

Tr kasur kr. — Ben jam i n Seeboh in . 

Clerk to Justices.— William Austin. 

Engineer and Surveyor. — A. J. L. 

Mewcal Officer.— Horace Sworder. 

Inspector of Nuisances and Food and 
Drugs, &c— Charles Wright. 

Analyst.— A. E. EkilI8. 

Head Constable.— David Teale. 

Veterinary Inspectors. — Jones and 
Elmes, M.R.C.V.S. 

Inspector of Weights and Measures.— 
A. E. Slough. 

Baths Manager.— Archibald Cooper. 

Inspector of Common Lodging-Houses, 
Ac— Charles Rogers. 

Resident Electrical Engineer.— W. H. 

Digitized by Cj.OOQ IC 

Municipal Year Book. 17o 


Population, 2,615 ; Rateable Value, £9,484; Area, 12,015 Acres. 

Lydd, from which the Lyddite shell takes its name, at one time enjoyed 
some privileges under the charters of the Cinque Ports. The Water 
Supply is obtained from wells. Total local expenditure, £2,379. Rates for 
1900 : General District, 2s. 8d. ; Borough, Sd. ; School Board, 8d. 


Ma tor. — E. Finn (eleventh time in Goble, A. Godden, J. Leaver, W. Martin, 
succession). C. E. Bass, G. L. Bishopp, W. T. White. 

Aldermen.-E. Finn, W. Biacklocks, W. r *?"* Cl ^ Tm^ T ° Dl8TMCT 

Samson, Jno. Hatchings. ^fiSSSSi-A. wET" 

Councillors.— H. Finn, J. L. Hutchings, Medical Officer.— H. S. Oliver. 

J. O. Proctor, A. Finn, J. Godden, J. B. Surveyor, &a— G. Godfrey jun v 


Population, 2,095; Rateable Value, £9,534; Area, 1,394 Acres. 

Lymg Regis obtained the privileges of a borough from Edward I., and 
was incorporated in the reign of Elizabeth. The Corporation owns the 
Water Supply, and some years ago doubled it at a cost of over £2,500. 
The Gas Supply is in the hands of a company, the cost of lighting being over 
£200 a year. The Corporation spends £60 a year on Technical Instruction. 
Kef use is disposed of on f arms, and sewage is drained into the sea. The 
town maintains a Harbour. 
WATER.— Page 440. 


Mayor.— J. R. C.Talb.t. Town Clerk and Clerk to Urban 

Aldermen.-H. O. Bickley, G. Osborn, D ?^ ^X^iSJS^A T M 
Z. Edwards, S. Harris. Bon" magistraies.— A. T. M. 

Councillors.— E. Baker, G. J. Bendall, Treasurer.— F. Wills. 

E. Radford, M. Lawton, W. Darbv, D. Medical Officer.— Dr. J. Spurr. 

Chapman, G. A. Hinges ton, F. Bucknole, Surveyor and Sanitary Inspector.— 

J. OVBTeil, R. Restrickj G. Hentry. E. Sprackling. 


Population, 4,165; Rateable Value, £18,866; Area, 1,515 Acres. 

Lymington obtained its first charter from James I. It maintains its own 
Water Supply, and acts as Burial Board. Gas and Electricity are in the 
hands of private companies. Efficient drainage and a good water supply 
have been obtained at a cost of £31,923. The Corporation owns the 
Market, but leases the tolls ; it is also Conservators of the Lymington 
River. Refuse is sold by tender, and the sewage is discharged into the 
oolent. The rates for the year are : Borough Rate, Id. in the £ ; General 
District Rate, 4s. 8d.; Burial Rate, ljd.; Water Rate, Is. The total ex- 
penditure on local government last year was £3,400. 
Water.— Page 440. 

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Mwticipal Year Booh 


Mayor.— V. F. Dent. 

Aldekmkn.— V. F. Dent, L. Lewis, W. 
Murdoch, W. B. Hill. 

Councillors.— M. J. G. Blackwell, S. 
Dore, S. Hayward, 0. T. King, J. 0. N 
King, G-. B. Masters, J. Dyer. C. F. Tuck, 
W. J. Jolliffe, C. W. Orman, B. Wentworth 
White, G. Pardey. 

Town Clerk.— J. D. Bawlins. 
• Surveyor and Inspector of Nuisances. 
—I. Pym Jones. 

Medical Officer.— John Kendall. 

Water Works Inspector. — Daniel 

Harbour Master.— Thos. Inman. 

Superintendent of Fire Brigade. — 
Joseph Collins. 

Cemetery Keeper.— W. Knewitz. 

Town Sergeant.— H. Dimmick. 

School Attendance Officer.— W. N. 



Population, 34,635 ; Bateable Value, £104,885 10s. ; Area, 3,231 Acres. 

Macclesfield has an active municipality which supplies Water and Gas, 
maintains Markets, a Cemetery, two Public Parks, Public Baths, a Free 
Library, and Technical Schools, in support of which it levies a rate. It 
has its own Police, and in connection with the Highways Department owns 
two quarries and carries on street work, repairing, &c. There was a profit 
on the quarries last year of £170. Works of sewerage and sewage disposal 
have been carried out at a cost of about £62,000. 

Baths.— Last year 31,830 people 
patronised the baths, the receipts 
from which were £314. Expenditure, 

Cemeteries. — Income from town 
cemetery last year, £1,124. Ex- 
penditure, £2,001. Burial Rate in 
aid, £452. 

Fbee Public Libraries.— Num- 
ber of volumes in the Free Library, 
17,187 ; issued during the year, 
28,415 ; daily average attendance in 
reading-room, 370. Cost of main- 
taining Library last year, £342. 

Gas.— Page 468. 

Markets. — Income from markets 
£476 ; payments, £723, including 
£204 interest and sinking fund, £300 ' 
for repairing market stalls and 
scavenging markets, and the cost of 
enforcing the Weights and Measures 

Refuse and Sewage Disposal. 
—Refuse is collected by the Corpora- 

tion and sent to farms. New works 
for dealing with the sewage have 
lately been completed and are in 

Technical Education. — The 
grant from the County Council of 
£706 for this purpose is supplemented 
by a Local Rate, which brings £368 a 
year. Total amount spent in main- 
taining the Technical School, includ- 
ing a grant of £250 to Softool of Art, 
was last year £1,322. 

Water.— Page 440. 

General Statistics. — Rates : 
General District Rate, 3s. ; Light- 
ing Rate, 4d. ; Borough Rate, Is. 1 Id.; 
Poor Rate, Is. 7Jd. ; Cemetery Rate, 
l|d. ; Library Rate, Jd. ; Overseers' 
expenses, Jd. Debt outstanding the 
31st March, 1901 , £237,663. Cost of 
Police, £4,218 ; Fire Brigade, £249; 
Parks, £900; Highways, £6,124; 
Health Department, including re- 
moval of night-soil, £2,242; Pub- 
lic Lighting, £1,472. 

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Municipal Year Book. 



Mayor.— Alderman Hill. 

Aldermen.— Thorp, J. P., Brocklehurst, 
J.P.. Hammond, Savage, Eaton, J.P., Brad- 
ley, Bower, Pickford, Watson, Crew, Foun- 
tain, J.P. 

Councillors.— No. 1 Ward : Black well, 
Davenport, Burgess, Dunkerley, Hood, 
Clayton. No. 2 Ward: Whitmore, Trotter, 
Cameron, J.P., Frith, Heath, Hordern. No. 
3 Ward: Thompson, Cross, Crew, Ibesou, 
Storrs, Cotterill. No. 4 Ward: J. Mellor, 
Shaw, Bowyer, Sinnett, K. Mellor, Clarke. 
No. 5 Ward: Bloor, Isherwood, Bailey, 
Band, Malins, Harrison. No. 6 Ward: 
May, Wardle, Elliott, Coppock, Wilson, 

To wnClerk.— H.B. Whittington(7>ro. tern.) 

Treasurer and Registrar of Stock.— 
F. Tylecote. 

Magistrates' Clerk.— John Fred. May. 

Medical Officer.— J. Hedley Marsh. 

Borough Comptroller.— James Barber. 

Borough Surveyor.— Edward E. Ads- 

Assistant Surveyor.— C. W. Stubbs. 

Head Constable. —William Sheasby. 

Gas Engineer.— E. L. Newbigging. 

Cemetery Begistrar.— William Laid law. 

Librarian.— A. Brunt. 

Inspector of Nuisances.— William Jen- 

Inspector of Weights and Measures 
and Market Toll Collector.— Walton 

Water Bailiff. -William Moores. 

Baths Manager.— Alfred Bayley. 

Organising Secretary, Technical In- 
struction.— James Ward. 


Population, 12,980 ; Rateable Value, £72,905 ; Area, 2,123 Acres. 

The beginning of municipal government in Maidenhead was a Guild, 
which had certain privileges. The town obtained a charter in the 
reign of Henry VI., and in 1578 the town was made a free borough. 
Sewage is disposed of partly by precipitation and partly by means of 
Bacteria beds. The town contributes to an Infectious Diseases Hospital, 
and maintains a Bathing-place. The Council have erected and furnished 
a School for Science, Art, and Technical Instruction at a cost of £6,000. 
The Corporation is now carrying out a scheme of Electric Lighting. The 
revenue derived from corporate property is £622. The total expenditure 
of the Council acting as the Municipal and Urban District Authorities is 


Mayor.— William Ferguson Good. 

High Steward.— W. H. Grenfell. 

Depute Mayor. — Councillor John 
Truscott, J.P. 

Aldermen.— W. Nicholson, R. Silver' 
J.P., E. W. Mackie, J.P., C. W. Cox, J.P. 

Councillors.— D. Wilton, H. D. Tilly, 
B. Hobbis, J. E. Pearce, E. Hewitt, J. 
Truscott, J.P., W. Grierson, A. Upson, C. 
Batting, J. Meeks, W. P. Good, Charles 

Town Clkrk, Olhrk to Ubban Sanitary 
Authority and School Attendance Com- 
mittee.— John Kick. 

Clerk to Borough Justices.— 0. R. 

Treasurer.— H. J. Mount. 

Medical Officer of Hkalth.— W. T. G. 

BoroughSurveyor— P.Johns,A.M.I.C.E. 

Inspector of Nuisances.— J. H. Barford. 

School Attendance Officer. — H. 


Population, 33,516 ; Rateable Value, £157,000 ; Area, 4,632 Acres. 
Maidstone is a very ancient town which can trace its career to pre- 
lioman days. Its mediaeval government was more than usually ecclesiasti- 
cal in character, it being one of the possessions of the See of Canterbury. It 

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Municipal Year Book. 

was governed by a Portreeve until 1548, when it was first incorporated by 
the Great Duke of Somerset, protector of Edward VI., and its mace dates 
from that period. The Town Council owns a good deal of property, in- 
cluding the Lock and Fair meadows, a farm, Corn Exchange, Concert Hall, 
and Hospital. The Water and Gas Supplies are in the hands of private com- 
panies, but the Council has Public Baths, Museums, Art Galleries, Victoria 
Free Library, and Schools of Science and Art, Labour Bureau, Allotments, 
Playgrounds and Recreation Grounds. Electric Lighting has just been 
installed at a cost of £40,000. The Corporation maintains seven sets of 
Allotments. The income and expenditure is as follows : — Hastings Road, 
income, £65 6s. 4d. ; expenditure, £63 0s. lid. Queen's Road, income, £16 
8s. 3d. ; expenditure, £15 lis. 8d. Straw Mill Hill, income, £13 4s. 3d. ; 
expenditure, £13 18s. 6d. Bower Mount Road, income, £9 9s. ; expendi- 
ture, £18 12s. 5d. Loose Road, income, £5 16s. lid. ; expenditure, £15 2s. 5d. 
James Street, income, £9 12s. 2d. ; expenditure, £15 Is. 4d. Tonbridge 
Road, income, £23 93. 7d. ; expenditure, £11 lis. 7d. 

Baths and WASH-HousEs.—The 
expenditure on the baths last year 
was £872. The receipts were £496. 

Electric Lighting.— Page 477. 

Free Public Libraries. — The 
Corporation possesses a Free Public 
Library and an excellent Museum 
and Art Gallery. The total issues 
for the library last year were over 
23,000 volumes. The cost of the 
three institutions last year was 
£1,097, and the receipts were £852. 
New Victoria Free Library was 
opened in June, 1899. 

Markets.— The Corporation owns 
Markets and a Corn Exchange. 
The tolls from the latter last year 
were £609, and the markets brought 
in £337. 

Refuse and Sewage.— The 
refuse is removed by contractors, 
and the sewage is disposed of by 

precipitation and irrigation. An 
extended system is now being carried 
out at a cost of £60,000. A dust 
destructor is to be erected. 
Technical Instruction. — A 

grant of £1,071 was received from the 
ounty Council for the purposes of 
technical instruction, and other 
grants and fees made a total of 
£2,023, and the expenses were £2,058. 

Tramways.— Page 535. 

General Statistics. — Rates : 
Watch Rate, 4d. ; Poor Rate, in- 
cluding Borough Burial Board and 
Museum Rates, 2s. lOd. ; District 
Rate,3s. Debt outstanding, £104,483. 
Cost of Police, £3,510 ; Administra- 
tion of Justice, £708 ; Hospital, 
£1,043; Lighting, £1,998; Watering, 
£117; Pavements and Highways, 
£7,474 ; Drainage, £2,715 ; Tanks, 
£2,315 ; Recreation Grounds, £368. 


Mayor.— W. Brownscombe. 

Aldermen.— W. Day, J. Oliver, J. Potten 
Joseph Barker, John McVitie, Browns- 

Councillors.— A. Waterman, 8. Britt, W. 
Morltng, T. Elmore, M. Styles, W. Cox, E. 
J. Waterman, J. Clifford, E. Vaughan, 
Candler, Parks, W. C. Manning, W. Day, 
jun., Laurence, O. H. King, P. Clark, E. 
Martin, T. Epps. 

Town Clerk.— Herbert Monckton. 

Borough Surveyor.— T. F. Bunting. 

Treasurer.— W. P. Mercer. 

Medical Officer.— Dr. Pye Oliver. 

Curator of Museum and Librarian.— 
P. James. 

Electrical Engineer.— W.Hoadley. 

Inspector of Nuisances.— W.Jackling. 

Inspector of Weights and Measures 
-J. S. Welch. 

Superintendent of Baths.— G. Hastie. 

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Municipal Tear Book. 179 


Population, 5,557 ; Rateable Value, £18,713 ; Area, 3,035 Acres. 
Maldon, which received its charter in the reign of Henry the Second, owns 
corporate property which brought in a revenue last year of £196. The 
Water Supply has been acquired by the Corporation, but the Lighting 
Supply is in the hands of a company. Borough Rate (included in the 
Poor Rate), lOd. in the £. District Rate amounts to 4s. in the £, and the 
Poor Rate to 3s. lOd. in the £ ; Lighting expenditure, £450 ; Fire Brigade, 
£31 ; Drainage expenditure was £150 ; Consolidated Account, £4,321 ; the 
balance at the end of the year on both accounts was £1,586 ; loans out- 
standing £18,208, also loans of £15,632 borrowed for the purchase of the 
Water Works by the Corporation. Amount outstanding on such loans 
being £14,920. 
Water.— Page 440. 


Mayor.— Hermann Alexander Krohn. Clerk to Borough Magistrates.— J. C. 

Kecohder.— Wm. Willis, K C. Freeman. 

Aldermen.— J. Sadler, A. P. Clear, E. A. Clkrk of thk Peace.— J. R. Soffe. 

Fiteh, L. Bentali. ' Borough Surveyor.— T. R. Swales. 

Councillors.— CM. Hundley, R. Blaxall, ArrmmTANT -W w d* fim»n 

Ch Wade, H. A. Krohn, E. Young, A. Ashley, AccouwrANT.-W II. de Caen. 

F. W. Moss, F. Anderson, H. W. Sadd, C.E. Treasurer.— C. W. Parker (Barclay and 

Barritt, J. Last, S. 0. Goodey. do's. Bank.) 

Town Clerk. Clerk to Urban District Medical Officer.— H. R. Brown. 

Council and Port Sanitary authority. Maldon Joint Hospital Board Clerk. 

— F. H. Bright. — F. H. Bright. 


Population, 2,854; Rateable Value, £6,111; Area, 177 Acres. 
Malmesbury obtained a charter in the reign of William III., which was 
confirmed by subsequent monarchs. The town came under the Municipal 
Corporations Acton August 25th, 1886, when the Corporation took over the 
duties of the old Urban District Council. The Gas and Water Supplies 
are in the hands of private companies. 


Mayor.— Alderman Forrester. Town Clerk.— Montagu H. Chubb. 

Aldermen. — Poole, Moore, Forrester, Treasurer.— H. Hewer. 

G CouNCiLLORS.-Bishop, Ball, Pike, Reed, Medical Officer.-C. W. Pitt. 

Pnnting, Woodman, Jones, Clark, Adye, Surveyor and Inspector of Nuisances. 

Bartlett, Poole. . — 0. Bowman. 


(County Borougrh.) 
Population, 513,969 ; Rateable Value, £3,394,879 ; Area, 12,935 Acres. 
Manchester occupies the first place in the country for the volume of its 
municipal work. Its municipal industries excel in magnitude those of any 
other provincial city, for the City Council nob only serves Manchester, but 
carries on a large business on behalf of its smaller neighbours. Manchester 
is the centre of a series of connected towns, whose aggregate population is 
over a million. The City Council supplies a million people with water. 
The area of its Gas Supply extends to 29,810 acres, and includes sixteen out- 
lying townships. Its Municipal Technical and Art Schools draw students 

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180 Municipal Year Book 

from beyond the city borders, and other Manchester institutions are utilised 
by the surrounding population. The city possesses the most profitable 
Markets in the country — yielding in 1900-1 a surplus of £15,000, a de- 
crease of £2,000 as compared with the previous year, to the Municipal Ex- 
chequer, lbs Gas undertaking paid over last year £51,900, a decrease of 
£100, in aid of rates, and its competing Electric Lighting service, although 
a new enterprise, handed over £4,000 in surplus profits. The City Council 
maintains fourteen Libraries and five Reading-rooms, and boasts of being 
the birthplace of Free Libraries, and it has nine sets of Bathing establish- 
ments. An Infectious Diseases Hospital, Cemeteries, Slaughter-Houses, 
and Labourers' Dwellings are also under its control, and its Cleansing 
Department is on an immense scale, consisting partly of manufactories 
and two agricultural estates. It has been liberal in its provision of Parks 
for the people. It glories in renowned arc treasures, and is generous in 
keeping up a Municipal Art Gallery, acquired in 1882, and managed by 
the Council and representatives of the Royal Institution ; a Museum 
is also maintained in . Queen's Park. But by far the greatest work 
of the Manchester Corporation, its boldest municipal enterprise, is 
the way in which it came to the assistance of the Manchester Ship 
Canal. To maintain that huge undertaking it has advanced five million 
pounds, and elects eleven members to the Board of Directors against ten 
nominated by the Company. The Canal Company owed the city on the 
31st March, 1901, £1,250,000 arrears of interest, but the ratepayers pay un- 
grudgingly a rate of about Is. T Vd. in the £ to develop the colossal enter- 
prise which their representatives control, and to promote the commercial 
interests and welfare of the whole community. The plunge which the 
Corporation took into the Canal business does not deter it from enlarging 
its functions in other directions. It has now in hand a large Housing 
Scheme, and additional Sewage Disposal Works. A great Tramway scheme 
is being carried out. The tramway service has been municipalised, 
and the Corporation is introducing electricity as the motive power, on 
the overhead trolly principle. Tne tramways run outside the city 
boundaries, and arrangements have been made with the neighbouring local 
authorities for their working. 

The Town Hall, begun in 1868 and opened in 1877, was designed by Mr. 
Alfred Waterhouse, and cost (including land and loss of interest during 
construction) over a million of money. 

In 1892 the Technical School and School of Art were transferred to the 
Council. A new Municipal School of Technology is in course of erection. 

As a municipality, Manchester is modern. Not until 1838 did it receive a 
charter of incorporation. Manchester was a manorial market town, and for 
five hundred years it paid homage and tribute to an overlord. In 1846 the 
Corporation bought the manorial rights and properties for £200,000. Like 
some other towns, Manchester has a central township and outer townships. 
The boundaries were extended in 1885 and in 1890. The city of Man- 
chester now consists of three townships. Complete unification has not ac- 
companied extension, as for assessment purposes the townships are distinct, 
and the rates vary slightly owing to the variations in the Poor Law 
charges. The city comprises one Poor Law Parish (Manchester) and parts 
of two Poor Law Unions (Chorlton and Prestwich). The City Corporation 
is represented on various outside bodies and institutions, including Owens 
College, Manchester Grammar School, Whitworth Institute, Asylums Board, 

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Municipal Tear Book. 


Lancashire Sea Fisheries Committee, Mersey and Irwell Joint Commit- 
tee, &c. 

Leaf Street 
New Islington 
Newton Heath 
Osborne Street 
Red Bank 


, 11,804 

Artisans' Dwellings —P. 561. 

Baths.— There are nine sets of 
baths in the city, at four of which 
there are women's swimming baths, 
and at two Turkish baths. The 
charges are varied to suit all classes ; 
Id. to 8d. for private cold and warm 
baths ; Is. for Turkish baths ; 6d. 
to Is. for vapour baths ; there are 
cheap tickets for young people be- 
tween 12 and 15. and very low rates 
and free tickets for school children. 
The bathers last year numbered 
about 927,600. The following were 
the receipts and payments for each 
establishment for the year ending 
31st March, 1901:— 




524 . 
7,076 . 
4,542 . 


374 . 
1,103 . 

363 ., 

717 ... 1,369 

The payments in connection with 
New Islington Public Room were 
£254, and the receipts £147. Ad- 
ding the charges for interest and 
sinking fund, &c, the total bath 
payments come to £37,317, and the 
*gg r . & g*te receipts were £16,341. 
Capital outlay of the Corporation 
on the baths, £152,031. 

Cemeteries. —There are three 
municipal cemeteries with an area 
of over 220 acres. They are under 
the Parks and Cemeteries Committee. 
There are burial grounds set apart 
for members of the Church of Eng- 
land, Dissenters. Roman Catholics, 
and Jews. For the year ending 31st 
March, 1901, the receipts and pay- 
ments were as follows :— Philip Park 
Cemetery : receipts, £4,925 ; pay- 
ments, £4, 141 . Southern Cemetery : 
receipts, £7,582 ; payments, £2,657. 
The Northern Cemetery is not yet 
laid out. There is. a Parish Burial 
Fund which yields dividends of 

£314, paid to the minor canons and 
parish clerks of the Cathedral. In- 
terest was £2,718. Instalment to 
sinking fund, £3,277. Total receipts, 
£12,941. Total payments, £13,429. 

Electric Lighting.— Page 490. 

Free Libraries.— The Manches- 
ter public libraries have reached the 
fiftieth year of their existence. 
The city has a central reference 
library containing over 124,000 
vols. , thirteen lending libraries, with 
reading-rooms and children's read- 
ing-rooms attached, and each con- 
taining from 6,000 to 23,000 vols. A 
news-room is attached to each lend- 
ing, library (open on Sundays). 
There are also five reading-rooms 
where books may also be borrowed, 
and four of them have children's 
reading-rooms. The libraries con- 
tain 292,167 vols., the number of 
vols, issued during the year 1900-1 
was 2,181,596, and the libraries 
were used in the aggregate 
6,157,492 times. The daily average 
issue in the reference library was, 
on week-days, 1,390; on Sundays, 
197. The cost of maintaining the 
libraries last year was £21,585. 

Gas.— Page 468. 

Markets. — The Corporation owns 
fifteen markets which together cover 
an area of 27* acres, and very profit- 
able undertakings they are. They 
are valued at £980,467. Following 
are the receipts and payments for 
the year ending 31st March, 1901: — 

Bettrf P ta - meX 
Oampfield Market ... 
Cold-air Stores 
Rising Sun Market... 

Pig Market 

Shudehill Poultry 


Smithfteld and Fish 

Victoria Fish Mar- 

There is also a Clothes Market in 
connection with Smithfieid Market. 
















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Municipal Year Book 

The total income, including sun- 
dry items for minor markets, was 
£67,886. After providing for all ex- 
penses, including general adminis- 
tration, £3,063, interest, £12,966, 
sinking fund, £5,707, the Markets 
Department handed over £15,000 
profit in aid of the City Rate. 

Refuse DisrosAL.— The Cleans- 
ing Department of Manchester is 
the largest in the kingdom. For 
the year ended Marcn, 1901, it 
dealt with 356,367 tons of refuse, 
consisting of night-soil, street sweep- 
ings, market, slaughter - house, 
trading refuse, and contents of pail- 
closets. The Department is a 
great manufacturing concern, it 
makes manure, oil, soap, tallow, 
mortar ; it has two large estates of 
3,681 acres, upon which part of the 
refuse of the city is disposed of, 
and has workshops where it makes 
implements, vans, railway trucks, 
brushes, machines, &c. Nearly 
2,000 men are employed by the 
Department, which has over 431 
horses and 500 vans and carts. Re- 
fuse which cannot be utilised for a 
useful purpose is burned in destruc- 
tors. The payments of the Depart- 
ment last year were £192,630, and 
the amount received from sales, &c, 

Sewage Disposal.— -At present 
the greater part of the sewage is 
treated with lime and copperas, and 
the effluent discharged into the Ship 
Canal. The remainder is purified 
on bacteria beds forming part of 
the complete installation now in 
course of construction. 

Slaughter-Houses. -—The 
finances of the slaughter-houses 
are included in the figures under the 
Markets Accounts ; the abattoirs 
and carcass market are combined. 
Income last year, £11,115; expen- 
diture, £6,676, to which has to be 
added proportion, not stated, of in- 
terest and general charges. 

Technical Education.— It is 

impossible to convey in a few words 
an idea of the splendidly equipped 
Municipal School of Technology 
maintained by the Corporation. 
Manchester was the first city to cen- 
tralise, after the Exchequer grants, 
its technical instruction in one build- 
ing. A wide course of instruction is 
obtained in the Technical School, 
and the weaving, engineering, and 
other workshops are fitted with 
the finest machinery, and the best 
facilities are provided for turn- 
ing out highly skilled craftsmen. 
Branch classes are conducted at 
five schools. The Corporation has 
expended £166,554 (towards which 
£23,629 9s. 9d. was contributed by 
the Whitworth Institute and £5,683 
by the legatees of the late Sir Joseph 
Whitworth) in acquiring and fitting 
up the schools, and gifts to the 
value of £99,407 have been received. 
The income of the Technical School 
for the year ending 31st March, 1901, 
included £12,600 part of Exchequer 
grant (divided between the Techni- 
cal School and the School of Art), 
£5,193 in fees, and £3,418 Govern- 
ment grants. The total payments 
for maintaining the Technical School 
were £21,234. The payments for 
maintaining the Municipal School of 
Art were £4,709. The total pay- 
ments under the Technical Instruc- 
tion Committee were £32,837, in ad- 
dition to £5,691 expended out of 
Exchequer grant in educational 
grants, scholarships, &c. 

Telephones— Page 413. 

Tramways.— Page 526. 

Water.— Page 440. 

General Statistics.— Average 
City Rate for year ended 31st 
March, 1901, 6s. 0^d. ; average City 
Rate for year ending 31st March, 
1902, 6s. 2^yd. Cost of Police (net 
ordinary payments for last finan- 
cial year), £54,463 ; Fire Brigade, 
£11,276; Hospitals and Infectious 
Diseases, £31,205 ; Parks and Open 
Spaces, £32,660 ; Lunatic Asylunip, 

Digitized by CjOOQ IC 

Municipal Year Book 


£15,993; Street Lighting, £50,658; £93,155; Sewerage and Sewage Dis- 
Improvements and Buildings, posal, £53,834. 
£65,686 ; Highways and Sewers, 


Lobd Mayor.— Rt. Hon. James Hoy. 

Aldermen. — William Thomas Bax, 3, 
Egerton Terrace, Chorlton Road; William 
Birkbeck. 13, Windsor Road, CI ay ton Bridge, 
Newton Heath ; A. G. Copeland, Lismara, 
Barlow Moor Boad, Didsbury; Alfred 
Evans, Oakdene, Stanley Boad, Whal- 
ley Range; Robert Gibson, Montague 
House, Chester Boad, Stretford; John 
Grantham, 2, Bothsay Place, Chester Boad, 
Old Trafford ; William Griffin, Willow 
House, Barrington Boad, Altrincham; Sir 
J. J. Harwood, Ash Villa, Northumberland 
Street, Higher Broughton ; John Hopkin 
son, Ingle wood, St. Margaret's Boad, 
Bowdon ; John King, jun., Pern Bank, Pala- 
tine Road. Withington; Sir B.T. Leech, Oak 
Mount, Wood Lane, Timperley; Alexander 
McDougall, Willow Lodge, Moss Lane East ; 
Harry Hilditch Mainwaring, 27, Edge Lane, 
Stretford ; John Milling, 315, Great Clowes 
Street, Higher Broughton; Harry Bawson, 
Earleswood. Stafford Boad, Ellesmere Park, 
Eccles ; R. L. Beade,New Hall, Wythenshaw 
Boad, Sale; John Bichards, 52, Central 
Boad, West Didsbury; John Foulkes 
Roberts, Ashfield House, Plymouth 
Grove, Chorlton - upon - Medlock ; James 
Bushworth, 20, Bignor Street, Oheet- 
ham; Walton Smith, Granville House, 
Parsonage Boad, Heaton Chapel; James 
Wilson Southern, Beechwood, Marple ; G. T. 
Stanley The Priory, St. Mary's Road.Crump- 
sall ; Joseph Thompson, Biversdale, Hough 
Lane, Wilmslow ; James Tunstall, 40, Pala- 
tine Boad, Withington. 

Councillors.— Thomas Charles Abbott, 
Netherley, Langham Boad, Bowdon ; 
Matthew Arrandale, 24, Upper Brook Street, 
Chorlton-upon-Medlock ; George K. Ashton, 
3, Egerton Boad, Fallowfield ; W. H. 
Beat tow, Birch Cottage Lime Grove, Long- 
sight ; Bobert Bishop, 104, Bradford 
Street ; Charles Wright Botsford, Heather- 
dale, Alexandra Road South Whalley Bange ; 
James Bowes, 286, Oldham Road, Newton 
Heath ; Daniel Boyle, Melvin House, Alma 
Park, Levenshulme; William Bradley, 
Fairfield, Eaton Road, Crumpsall ; P. 
Brocklehurst, 11, Conyngham Road, 
Rusholme; Arthur Wilson Chapman, 515, 
Stretford Road, Old Trafford; Samuel 
Cowan, Glenthorne, Ellesmere Park, 
Eccles ; R. A. S. Daly, 225, Stretford Road, 
Hulme ; W. P. Dearden, Oak Leigh, 
Crumpsall Park ; Samuel Dixon, 85, Hulme 
Hall Lane, Miles Platting ; Charles Dreyfus, 
Claremont, Wilbraham Boad, Fallowfield; 
J. Faulkner, 765, Rochdale Road ; J. Fildes, 
Oak Lynn, South Downs Road, Bowdon ; 
J. Garlick 205a, Droylsden Road. T^wton 

Healh ; H. J. Goldschinidt, 200. Wilmslow 
Road, Withington; Joseph Grime, 26, 
Whitelow Road, Chorlton - cum - Hardy ; 
Harry Grimsbaw, 123, North Road, 
Clayton; Mark Grimshaw, 25, Bradford 
Street ; Joseph Halliday, 61, Cheetwood 
Lane, Cheetham ; John Harrop, Sparth 
Hall, Heaton Norris, Stockport ; John Pitt 
Hardacrs, The Old Cottage, Bowdon ; Thos. 
Hassall, Lyme Cottage, Wellington Road, 
Eccles ; W. H. Hesketh, 484, Stretford Road, 
Old Trafford ; Edward Holt, Woodthorpe, 
Bury Old Road, Prestwich ; Edwyn Holt, 
Appleby House, Piatt Lane, Rusholme ; 
Christopher Hornby, Hawthorn Villa, Park 
Road, Timperley; George Howarth, 15, 
Beech Mount, Rochdale Road, Harpurhey ; 
John Ingle, 55. New Bailey Street, Salford ; 
Charles Jennison, Belle Vue, Manchester ; 
J. John son, 422. Stockport Road, Longsight ; 
John Jones, 24, Lister Street, Stockport 
Road; William Eay, 843, Chester Road, 
Stretford ; J. J. Lambert, Darley House, 
Darley Avenue, West Didsbury ; J. B. 
Langley, 49, Deansgate ; J. Lowry, Lindeth 
Lodge, Rushford Avenue, Blade Lane, 
Levenshulme; D. McOabe, 24, Chapman 
Street, Oldham Road ; Henry Marsden, 4, 
Swinton Grove, Chorlton - upon - Medlock ; 
Francis William Maxwell, SandOeld, Guest 
Road, Prestwich ; Thomas Milnes, 675, Old- 
ham Road, Newton Heath ; Fletcher Moss, 
The Old Parsonage, Didsbury; Cornelius 
O'Doherty, 471, Oxford Street, Chorlton- 
upon-Medlock ; J. E» Ogden, The Laurels, 
Blackley Park, Blackley ; Robert Oliver, 
Belmont. Middleton Road, Higher Crump, 
sail ; J. D. Pennington, 254, Oxford Street, 
Chorlton - upon - Medlock ; John Phythian, 
6 High Street, Chorlton - upon - Medlock ; 
Henry Plummer, Hazeldene, Wilmslow 
Road, Fallowfield ; J. Pollitt, Stanley House, 
Fairfield; William Pollitt, 59, Riohmond 
Grove, Chorlton-upon-Medlock; W. B. 
Pritchard, 270, Oxford Street, Chorlton- 
upon-Medlock; W. T. Rothwell, 800. Old- 
ham Road, Newton Heath; John Royle, 
Northwood, Manchester Road .Wilmslow; 
Thomas Q. Ruddin, 141, Cheetham Hill 
Road; Henry Samson, Wyvenhoe, Albert 
Road, Pell Causeway, Bowdon ; A. H. Scott, 
Park House, Swinton Grove, Chorlton- 
upon-Medlock; Thomas T. Shann, Meadow 
Bank, Didsbury Road, Heaton Norris; 
George Simpson, 363, Moss Lane East, 
Manchester; James Simpson, Belmont 
House, Timperley; T. Smethurst, Rooks- 
wood, Mellalieu Street, Middleton ; J. R. 
Smith, Birch Brook Lodge, Heat ley 
Cheshire; J. E. Sutton, 2, Class Street, 
Beswick; D. Taylor, 1, Win field Terrace, 

Digitized by CjOOQ IC 


Municipal Year Book. 

Old Trafford ; S. 0. Thompson, 3, Mauldeth 
Road, Heatoo Mersey; William Trevor, 
Heathfleld, Gulcheth Lane, Newton Heath ; 
W. H. Vaudrey, 84, Eccles Old Road, Hope, 
Pendleton; w. H. Wainwright. Gore 
Lodge, Hyde Road, Gorton ; John Ward, 
139, Ashley Lane, Moston, Harpurhey ; 
Thomas Wat mo ugh, 32, Hall's Crescent, 

Oollyhurst ; James Henry Wells. Sunny 
Bank, Cliff Grove, Heaton Moor ; J. Whit- 
taker, Moorfield House. Plumbley ; Philip 
Why man, Osborne Villa, Alderley Edge; 
John Williams, 116, Bignor Street, Cheet- 
ham ; John Robert Wilson, 5, Stanley 
Grove, Longsight; Thomus Wilson, 14, 
Polefield, Blackley. 


Recorder.*— Sir Jos. Francis Leese.K.C., 

Junes of the Salford Hundred Court 
of Record *— H. G. Shee, K.C. 

Stipendiary Magistrate.*— F. J. Head- 

Clerk to the Justices.— Harry Robs on. 

Town Clerk.— William Henry Talbot. 

Deputy Town Clerk.— Thomas Hudson. 

Town Clerk's Office.— Assistant Soli- 
citor : W. A. Cheetham. Assistant Prose- 
cuting Solicitor : Robert Bell. 

Committee Clerk.— Thomas Wrigley. 

Salford Hundred Court of Record 
Office. — Registrar : W. H. Talbot. 
Deputy Registrar: H. Eltoft. 

Auditors.— Mayor's Auditor : Councillor 
Goldschmidt. Elective Auditors : J. 
Taylor Kay and S. N. Williams. Profes- 
sional Auditors : Messrs. Eidson, Taylor 
& Critchley. 

Treasurer's Department. — Tr e asurer: 
Edward Thackray. Assistant Treasurer : 
John Williams. Chief Accountant : Geo. 

City Surveyor.— T. de Oourcy Meade. 

Medical Officer of Health.— James 
Niven, M.A., M.B. 

Public Analyst. — Charles Estcourt, 
F.I.C., F.C.S. 

Sanitary Department.— Superinten- 
dent: A. T. Rook. Chief Clerk : Hy. 

House Drainage Department Man- 
ager.— H. Prescott. 

Cleansing Department.— Superinten- 
dent : George Plant. Chief Clerk : R. 
Williamson. Farm Bailiff .- J. McConnell. 

Chief Constable.— Robert Peacock. 

Clerk of the Peace.— Francis Ogden. 

Clerk to the Justices.— H. Robson. 

Coroner.— Sidney Smelt. 

City Organist.— J. K. Pyne. 

Chief Inspector of Weights and Mea- 
sures.— J W. Robinson. 

Rivers Department.— Superintendent 
* Appointed 

and Chemist : G. J. Fowler. Secretary i 
G. F. Walter. 

Markets. — Superintendent : George 
Myers. Secretary : John Buxton. 

Gas Superintendent.— Charles Nickson. 

Deputy Superintendent.— F. A. Price. 
Engineer: J. G. Newbigging. 

Electrical Engineer.— G. F. Metzger. 

Secretary to Electricity Committee. 
— F. E. Hughes. 

Water Works Department.— Engineer: 
G. H. Hill, C.E. Financial Super- 
intendent : D. Charlton. Secretary : 
W. Blackstock. General Inspector: J. 

Engineer and Manager of Hydraulic 
Pumping Station.— L. H. Lewis. General 
Inspector : J. Haynes. 

Public Parks General Superinten- 
dent.— Robert Lamb. 

Public Baths General Superinten- 
dent.— J. Derbj-shire. 

Art Gallery Curator.— W. Stanfiold. 

Queen's Park Museum Curator.— C. 
G. Virgo. 

Technical Instruction Director.— J. 
H. Reynolds. 

Public Free Libraries.— Chief Lib- 
rarian: C. W. Sutton. Deputy: W. R. 
Oredland. Superintendent of Branches : 
L. Dillon. Assistant Librarian (Refer- 
ence Library) : Ernest Axon. 

Stationery Department Manager.— 
J. Robinson. 

Cemeteries Registrars.— A. Jarrett 
(Southern, Chorlton-cum-Hardy). S. A. 
Andrew (Philip's Park, Bradford). 

Fire Brigade.— Chief Officer : G. W. 
Parker. Second Officer : F. Baylis. 

Highways Department Chief Clerk.— 
Samuel Massey. 

Tramways General Manager.— J. M. 
M cElroy. 

Consulting Engineer.— G. F. Metzger. 

Town Hall Steward.— J. E. Bison. 

House Steward.— W. Baber. 
by the Crown. 


Population, 21,440; Rateable Value, £64,600; Area, 7,252 Acres. 
Mansfield obtained a charter of incorporation in 1891. The Corporation 
maintains the Water and Gas Supplies, owns the Markets, and j 8 
about to construct Electricity works. The Markets were purchased 

Digitized by CjOOQ IC 

Municipal Year Book. 185 

from the Duke of Portland and are now leased. There are Town Hall 
and Public Offices, Public Baths, Public Library, Infectious Hospital, and 
Pleasure Grounds. A new intercepting sewer has recently been constructed. 
Gas.— Page 468. Water.— Page 441. 


Mayor.— Timothy Taylor. Wordsworth, J. H. Collins, J. Marriott, 

Aldermen.— J. E. Birks, R. Barringer.D. E. Renshaw. 
J. Paterson, R. Alcock, J. H. Blake, C. P. Town Clerk.— J. Harrop White. 

Elliot Smith. Treasurer.— F. C. Smith. 

Councillors.— J. Crampton, J. Moore, Surveyor.— R. F. Vallance. 

T. Hall, T. Taylor, W. F. Sanders, J. E. Medical Officer.— C. Wills. 

Alcock, J. L. Wilson, H. J. Mettham, H. Gas and Water Manager.— A. Graham. 

Smith, D. H. Maltby, W. Singleton, G. A. Inspector.— T. Skidmore. 

Fish, W. J. Chadburn, J. G. Agar, W. J. Librarian, Free Library.— W. Gouk. 


Population, 23,057; Bateable Value, £163,000; Area, 1,922 Acres. 
Margate, which is one of the popular resorts of Londoners, has lately 
undergone several important improvements. Within recent years the 
Corporation has laid out the New Dane Park, the Eastern Esplanade 
on the top of the cliffs, which is 1,400 feet in length and over 200 feet in 
width, and the " Oval" Promenade, which is a favourite resort of the 
visitors. The Corporation is also promoting a Bill in Parliament for 
powers to obtain a further supply of pure water for the town. Other 
works for the improvement of the town are being carried out under 
private enterprise, including the erection of a Kursaal by the Margate 
and Southend Kursaals, Ltd. The Gas Supply is provided by a private 
company, and the Cemetery is maintained by a Burial Board. A good 
service of Electric Trams connects Margate with the neighbouring towns. 
Margate was incorporated in 1857, and was granted a Court of Quarter 
Sessions in 1869. 

Electric Lighting.— Page 491. Water.— Page 441. 


Mayor.— James Hosting. Town Clerk and Clerk to District 

Aldermen.— J. Coleman, E. A. Simmons, Council.— Edward Brooke. 

E. Maltby,E. S. Wootton. Treasures.— A. B. Cobb. 

Councillors.— W. H. Hughes, J. J. Her- Accountant.— F. K. C. Kendrick. 

mitage, W. H. Hughes, G. Macfarlane, J. Surveyor and Borough Engineer.— A. 

Wales, T. J. Carter, A. T. Palmer-Palmer, Latham. 

A. B. Pilcher. C. T. Hatfield, F. J. Doughty, Medical Officer.— A. W. Scatliff. 

G. Savin,. G. S. K. Rolfe. Inspector of Nuisances.— E. Elliot. 


Population, 3,046; Bateable Value, £11,994 ; Area, 198 Acres. 
Municipal Marlborough dates from the year 1200, when it was first in 
corporated. A Provisional Order considerably enlarging its area came into 
force on 9th November, 1901. Like many other old towns, there is a good 
deal of corporate property which has been handed down, and last year it 
brought a rental of aoout £1,100. The Corporation also owns the Water 

o 2 

Digitized by CjOOQ IC 


Municipal Year Book. 

Supply, but tho Lord of the Manor retains the Market Tolls. The Gas 
Supply is in the hands of a company. The Corporation maintains in 
connection with the Rural District Council an Infectious Diseases Hospital. 
The town refuse is tipped on waste land, and a sewage disposal system is 
in progress. The rate is remarkably low, being 4s. in the £, including 
the rate for water. The total expenditure of the Corporation in its capacity 
as such and as Urban District Council for roads, water, lighting, scavenging, 
drainage, salaries, &c, has recently amounted to £2,000 a year, but the 
expenditure for the enlarged Borough will considerably exceed that sum. 

Water.— Page 441. 


Mayor.— Thomas Free. 

Aldermex.— J. Bussell, J. B. Maurice, 
M.D., James Morrison, and Vincent Head. 

Councillors.— W. S. Bambridge, Mus.B., 
E. J. Hill, O. B. May, Thomas Free, Thomas 
Jackson, Herbert Leaf, T. P. Bane, W. H. 
Macdonald, A. M. Adams, W. M. Glass, J. A. 
Lloyd, E. B. Milburn. 

Town Clerk. -E. LI. Gwillim. 

Surveyor.— J. W. Brooke. 

Medical Officer.— T. H. Havdon, M.B. 

Clerk to the Magistrates.— E. B. 

Borough Treasurer.— T. S. Beddrop. 

Inspector of Nuisances. — Thomrs 

Inspector under Petroleum Acts.— 
Thomas Pierce. 

Superintendent of Fire Brigade.— H. 
J. Brooke. 

Borough Accountant.— W. H. Ward. 


(County Borough.) 
Population, 91,302 ; Rateable Value, £370,523 ; Area, 2,824 Acres. 
Middlesbrough has almost doubled its population every decade since 
1861. It was incorporated as a Municipal Borough in 1853. The Town 
Council owns the Water Supply in conjunction with Stockton and Thornaby- 
on-Tees, the Markets, and Abattoirs, and has provided Baths and Wash- 
Houses, Free Libraries, and Cemeteries. It erected new Municipal Build- 
ings, opened in 1889, at a cost of £110,000. The figures given below are 
exclusive of interest and redemption. 

Baths. — Closed for reconstruc- 

Cemeteries. — Income, £1,644 ; 
expenditure, £2,067. 

Electric Lighting.— Page 491. 

Gas.— Page 469. 

Markets. — Receipts last year, 
£2,084; expenditure, £1,151. 

Kefuse and Sewage.— Refuse 
is burned, and the sewage is dis- 
charged into the River Tees, by 
which it is carried out to sea. 

Water.— Page 441. 

General Statistics. — Rates : 
Borough Rate, 2s. Id. in the £; 
General District Rate, 3s. 7d. 
(2id. of which was in respect of 
smallpox epidemic in 1897-8) ; Poor 
Rate, Is. 9d. ; Cost of Police, £4,740 ; 
Lighting, £5,406 ; Hospital, £1,709 ; 
Sewerage, £1,543 ; Scavenging, 
£8,594; Highways, £9,593. Debt 
outstanding, £1, 515, 220. 


Mayor.— Alderman Joseph McLauchlan. 

Aldermen. — Messrs. Jones, Sadler, 
Scupham, Bell, Carter, Hinton Wilson, 
Archibald, McLauchlan, Ward. 

Councillors. — Messrs. Boberts, Bakrr, 

Benfield, Mattison, Mascall, Dent, Pannell 
Gunter, Hedley, Imeson. Forbes, Carey' 
Main, Poole, Dorman, Almgill, Burrows' 
Bruce, Dodgson, Cone, Wilkinson, Cook,' 
Roddy, Pilkington, BobiDSon, Harkess 
Wycherley, Dodsworth, Meggson. 

Digitized by CjOOQ IC 

Municipal Year Book. 



TOttn Clerk.— Geo. Bainbridge. 
Deputy Town Clerk.— Alfred Sockett. 
Treasurer.— C. W. Sheppard. 
Borough Accountant.— J. M. Parnaby. 
Borough Surveyor.— Frank Baker. 
Gas Manages.— D. Terrace. 
Electrical Engineer.— II. W. Clayden. 

Medical Officer.— C. V. Dingle, M.D. 
Chief Constable.— Wm. Ashe. 
Sanitary Inspector.— O. Anderson. 
Fire Brigade Superintendent.— H. S. 
Librarian.— Baker Hudson. 
Borough Organist.— Felix Corbett. 


Population, 25,178 ; Rateable Value, £75,762 ; Area, 4,74-1 Acres. 
Middleton was incorporated as a municipal borough in 1886. The town 
receives its water from the Heywoodand Middleton Joint Water Board, the 
members of which are appointed in equal numbers by the Middleton and 
Heywood Town Councils, but provides its own Gas Supply. The Corpora- 
tion owns Public Baths, Free Library, Markets, Park and Recreation 
Grounds, and maintains a Fire Brigade. Hospital accommodation is pro- 
vided at Rochdale by agreement. A provisional order has been obtained 
for lighting the town by Electricity, and is being carried out. The Cor- 
poration has obtained Local Government Board's sanction to borrow a 
sum of £36,757 for Electricity Supply purposes, and has entered into an 
agreement with the British Electric Traction Company, Limited, to supply 
the latter with energy to work eight miles of Light Railways in the Borough 
and surrounding Districts. The Board of Trade has made a provisional 
ordei authorising the construction of Tramways within the Borough, and a 
further provisional order to the Corporation and the Chadderton Urban 
District Council authorising the construction of Tramways within the 
borough and the Urban District. 

Baths. — The income from bathing 
fees last year was £145, and the ex- 
penditure was £290. 

Electric Lighting.— Page 491. 

Free Public Library. — The 
Corporation last year expended £318 
on the Free Library. Towards de- 
fraying these expenses a grant of 
£280waspaid from the Borough Rate, 
and £47 was received for rent of 
rooms, fines, sale of papers, &c. 

Gas.— Page 469. 

Markets. — The Town Council 
received £105 last year from market 
tolls, and the payments in this con- 
nection amounted to £74. 

Refuse and Sewage.— Part of 
the refuse is tipped on land and the 
remainder is given to farmers for 
manurial purposes. The sewage 
flows by gravitation to an outfall 
works, where it is treated by chemi- 
cal precipitation. The sludge is pres- 

sed into cakes and given to farmers 
for manure. 

Technical Instruction. — The 
Town Council last year expended 
£612 on Technical Instruction. 
Towards defraying this expense the 
County Council made a grant of 
£228, and £101 was received from 
the Science and Art Department. 
Students' fees amounted to £89, 
and £280 was contributed from the 
Borough Rate. The County Council 
also made a Special Grant of £115 
for the purchase of apparatus. 

Tramways.— Page 539. 

General Statistics. — Rates : 
Municipal Rate, 4s. 2d. in the £ ; 
Poor Rate, 2s. 6d. in the £. Cost of 
Police, £1,352 ; Fire Brigade, £732 ; 
Sewerage, £4,035 ; Lighting, £2,036 ; 
Collection of Night-soil, £1,817 ; 
Hospital, £250 ; Parks, £412. Debt 
outstanding, £57,955. 

Digitized by CjOOQ IC 

188 Municipal Year Book. 


Mayor.— John Joseph Schofield. Accountant.— Thomas Harrison. 

Aldermen.— Abraham Lord, T. B. Wood, Medical Officer. —William Graham, 

William Walker, Robert Booth, B. E. Halli- M.D. 

day, J. W. Lees General Inspector.— Charles H. Norton. 

Councillors.-North Ward : J. W. Bent- fl [, n ' ERIiriBY Inspector. - E. H. Scho- 

ley, Samuel Kent, John Mills, John «?;. m-^.™, tj.™m.„ twk„™ 

Henry Wood, James Kent. H. H. Mellalieu. S AS MANAOER.-Timothy Duxbury. 

South Ward ThomaV* Wade7 J J! A £fSJ¥^S, **"*«■• ~ 8 - Pauls - 

Schofield, R. Robertson, Peter Roe, Mark *™'*\\:^'„ ^ Vr „„ vr>„ > ™ t k 

Roye. William Martin Wiggins. West Superintendent of Fire Brigade.-Jod 

Ward : Robert Booth, P. R. Jones, John « mp i£ n i m „ BTmifimm ™ T . - n„™ 

Town Clerk, Clerk to Urban Sanitary Librariajc-MIss M. E. Harrop. 

Authority, School Attendance Com- Branch Librarian.— Mrs. N. Worsnop. 

mittee, and Borough Assessment Com- School Attendance OFFiCER.-Robert 

mittee.— Frederick Entwistle. Parkes. 

Surveyor.— William Welburn. Sewage Works Foreman. — Albert 

Treasurer.— Peter Thomas Dean. Jacques. 


Population, 5,095 ; Rateable Value, £25,210 ; Area, 5,707 Acres. 
Monmouth is an old town and came under the Municipal Corporations 
Act in 1835. The earliest existing Charter was granted by Edward VI. It 
is a large borough as regards area, every inhabitant having about an acre. 
Electric Lighting.— Page 491. 

Mayor.— H. T. Baillie. field, A. E. Jones, H. P. Perkins, W. Sam- 

P. Tippins, A. Vizard. Treasurer.-W. C A. Williams. 

Councillors. — H. T. Baillie, C. N. Medical Officer.— T. Q. Prosser. 

Ballinger, F. B. Barling, J. Breakwel). G. R. Surveyor, &c— P. E. Wanklyn. 

Edwards, K. Hall, A.W. Heyne?,W. Honey- Electrical Engineer.— A. W. Blake. 


Population, 1,034 ; Rateable Value, £7,037 ; Area, 3,288 Acres. 
Up to 1885 Montgomery was governed by a High Steward, two Bailiffs, 
and Burgesses, the latter heing privileged Freemen. In the year mentioned 
the town came under the Mumcipal Corporations Act. It also acts as 
Urban District Council. The Corporation maintains the Freemen's Estate, 
out of which it received and distributed among the Freemen last year £132. 
It owns the Water Supply, but makes no charges for domestic purposes; a stiff 
price, however, is paid to a private company for Gas— 6s. 6d. per 1,000 cubic 
feet. The income from the Markets was £70 last year. Sewage is disposed 
of by irrigation. The Corporation maintaius a Bowling Green. Tae pay- 
ments under the Borough Fund amount to £22, and under the General 
District Fund, £366. The debt outstanding is £466. The Corporation rates 
are 2s. in the £, and the Poor Bate Is. 4d. ; total, 3s. 4d. Almost 
half the rateable value of tne borough comes within the scope of the 
Agricultural Rates Act. 
AVateb.— Page 442. 

Digitized by CjOOQ IC 

Municipal Year Book 189 


Mayor.— N. W. Fairies-Humphreys. Surveyor.— W. P. Hole. 

Aldermen.— N. W. Fairies-Humphreys Treasurer.— J. M. Jones. 

and W.Jones. Medical Officer of Health.— T. D. 

Councillors.— A. Graham, B. R. James, Kirk, M.D. 
C. P. Davies, A. Vaughan, W. Owens, H. Inspector and School Attendance 

Jones. Officer.— R. Tomley. 

Town Clerk, Clerk to the Urban Assistant Overseer.— J. E. Tomley. 

Sanitary Authority, Clerk to all Com- Superintendent of Fire Brigade.— T. 




Population, 23,636; Rateable Value, £98,065; Area, ?,373 Acres. 

Morley received its charter on the 31st December, 1885, and had 
previously been under the control of a Local Board. In 1891 the borough 
was extended to include the township of Churwell and a portion of the town- 
ship of West Ardsley. The Town Council maintains the Cemetery and Iso- 
lation Hospital ; the Waterworks are also in the hands of the Corporation. 
By the Local Act obtained in 1890 powers were given to construct addi- 
tional works, and a new reservoir was constructed at Cragg Vale, near 
Mytholmroyd, about twenty-one miles distant from the borough. The 
works were completed in 1894, and the capital expenditure to 25th March 
last was £180,541. The Corporation has obtained a Provisional Order for 
the supply of Electricity, and a plant has been provided at a cost of 
£22,500. By the Morley Gas Act, 1898, the property of the Morley Gas 
Company was transferred to the Corporation in December last, the price 
paid for the undertaking being £109,866. A Provisional Order was obtained 
in 1892 to enable the Corporation to improve the streets, and this has been 
done at a cost of £40,000. A site for a Park was presented by the Earl of 
Dartmouth in 1887 in commemoration of the Queen's Jubilee, and this has 
been laid out by the Corporation at a cost of £5,000. Public Baths have 
been provided at a cost of £8,000, and the Corporation is carrying out new 
Sewage Works. A very beautiful Town Hall has been erected at a cost of 
£41,727 ; the building was opened by the Right Hon. H. H. Asquith, K.C., 
M.P., who is a native of the borough. A Commission of the Peace was 
granted in February, 1893. Total loans outstanding 25th March last, 
£442,797. Amount in Sinking Fund, £41,070. District Rate, 3s. 8d. Poor 
Rate (including School Board, Cemetery, and Police), 4s. 4d. 

Electric Light.— Page 491. Water.— Page 442. 

Gas.— Page 469. 


Mayor.— Charles Scarth. Ingle, J. H. Smith, W. H. Fish, Geo. E 

Aldermen.-J. W. Binks, O. Foster, TowN clerk and Clerk to District 

M. Riley, J. T. Horsfall, A. Glover, Thos. Council.— R. B. Hopkins, 

dough, W. Ingham. Treasurer.— M. M. Walker. 

" n „. ^ m „ ^ _ Surveyor — W. E. Putman, A.M.I.C.E. 

Councillors.— B. Hirst, W. H. Jowett, Water Works Manager.— G. Rawden. 

J. Marsden, H. Pearson, S. Rhodes, C. Medical Officer.— S. T. Steele. 

Scarth, D. W. Scholes, Tom Oakes, F. Inspector.— (Vacant.) 

Bundle, H. Craven, A. Tomlinson, T. A. Electrical Engineer.— H. DreweU. 

Buttery, S. G. Tetley, J. A. Chapman, W.L. q^s Manager.— Wm. Croft. 

Digitized by CjOOQ IC 

190 Municipal Year Book. 


Population, 6,158; Eatkablk Value, £21,836; Aria, 324,756 Acres. 
Morpeth is an ancient market town, and a " Bor( ugh by Prescription. " 
It possessed no Charter of Incorporation or Royal Charter of any kind until 
the time of Charles II., when a Charter of '* Confirmation " was granted, 
for which some £5 or £10 was paid ; but Hodgson, the county historian, 
describes this as one of the Royal modes of " raising the wind," which pre- 
vailed at that time. The town had certainly some sort of corporate existence 
for centuries before. Evidence of this is still in existence from the 12th cen- 
tury, but even at that remote period it was not treated as anew creation, but 
as one previously existing. The Town Council owns the Water Supply and 
Markets, and holds property which brings in a rent of about £6*00 a year. 
The Water Works were originally constructed about 50 years ago, but have 
been lately largely extended at an increased cost of about £5,000. 
Artisans' Dwellings.— Page 568. Water.— Page 442. 


Mayor.— George Young. Town Clerk and Clerk to District 

Aldermen. — Thomas Gillespie, James Council.— F. Brumell. 

Swinney, George Young, James Jardin. tr»a«itwwii — t H Tnhiinir 

Counctllors.-J. B? Hood, A. Burn, S. 1Reasurer.-J. 8. JobJIng. 

W. Brown, E; Norman, R. J. Carr, E. Surveyor.— John Davison. 

Dobson, J. A. Anderson, H. Morrison, G. Mw^rrix nvmnvn — tt t»iV1Ha 

Waterston, W. A. Grey, L T. Waters, G. S. Medical Officer.-H. Dickie. 

Heatley. Inspector.— John Davison. 


Population, 13,462; Rateable Value, £61,685; Area, 3,929 Acres. 

Mossley was first constituted a Local Government Sanitary District in 
1864, and obtained a Charter of Incorporation in 1885. The Corporation 
owns its Water Works jointly with the Corporations of Ashton-under-Lyue, 
Dukinfield, and Stalybridge and the District Council of Hurst. It is 
also the Burial Board Authority, and owns a Gas Undertaking and Markets. 
The income from the markets last year was £162, and the expendi- 
ture, £66. 
Gas.— Page 469. 


Mayor.— Councillor Osmond Ogier Noel. Town Clerk and Clerk to Magistrates. 

Aldebmen.— James Buckley, E. Iredale, — J. Hyde. 
J.Lawton, John Clark, Thomas Mills, M. B. Treasurer.— G-.W. Hyde. 

Parr. Medical Officer.— John Healey. 

Councillors.— Marland, Noel, H. Sykes. Surveyor.— James Diggle. 

Ward, Wood, Jones, B. Buckley, J. E. Accountant.— T. Brooke. 

Garside, John FieldiDg, L. S. Buckley, Gas Manager.— H. J. Bobinson. 

J. W, S. Lawson, C. A. B. Law ton, B. S. Inspector of Nuisances.— G. H. Taylor. 

Buckley, Bamsden, J. H. Mitchell, Bad- School Attendance Officer.- -J. Gkd- 

cliffe, J. L. Dawson. hill. 


Estimated Population, 13,732 ; Rateable Value, £49,581 ; Area, 1,439 Acres. 
The Corporation of Neath can trace its history back to the twelfth century. 
It maintains the Gas and Water Supplies, Public Markets, and Slaughter- 

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Municipal Year Book. 


Houses. It has purchased and relaid (under Parliamentary powers) the 
Neath and District Tramway Undertaking, and has granted a Lease thereof 
for seven years to a Gas Traction Company. It has laid out a 
public Pleasure Ground, known as the Victoria Gardens ; also a Fair Field, 
and four and a half acres of land for a public Cemetery. A public Library 
was opened in January, 1899. The property owned by the Corporation is 
worth at least £200,000— probably very much more. 

Gas.— Page 469. Tramways— Page 540. Water.— Page 442. 

Mayor.— Henry Pendrill Charles. 

Aldermen. — H. P. Charles, Edward 
Davies, J.P., W. B. Trick, J. D. Llewellyn, 

Councillors.— E. E. Bevan, D. L. Davies, 
M.B., Hopkin Morgan, J.P., Hopkin Junes, 
J. P., A. R. Thomas, James Glass, E. S. 
' Phillips, L. C. Thomas, Benjamin Griffiths. 
Walter E. Rees, A. J. Jeffreys, David 

Town Clerk, Clerk to Urban Dis- 
trict Council, and Clerk to Borough 
Justices.— Edwin C. Curtis. 

Treasurer.— J. W. Price. 

Borough Engineer and Surveyor, 
Water Engineer, Sanitary Inspector, 
and Cemetery Superintendent.— D. M. 
Jenkins, Assoc.M.Tnst.C.E. 

Medical Officer.— James Elias. 

Public Analyst. — Rhys P. Charles, 
F.I.C., F.C.S. 

Gas Works Manager and Fngineer.— 
R. A. Browning, Assoc.M.Inst.C.E. 

Water Works Manager.— E. C. To'e. 

Layer-Keeper. — Lieut. Gwyn Lewis, 

Veterinary Inspector.— T. C. 8mall. 

Head Constable and Inspector undkr 
Contagious Diseases (Animals) Actj», 
Weights and Measures Acts, Ac- 
Evan Lewis. 

Market and Slaughter-house In- 
spector, Inspector under Food, Drink, 
and Drugs Act, and Assistant Sanitary 
Inspector.— W. Bo wen Davies. 

Gas and Water Rent Collector,— 
David Jones. 


Population, 32,816 ; Rateable Value, £126,0C0 ; Area, 3,3.95 Acris. 
Nelson is a new town, and was incorporated in 1890. The population in 
1871 was 5,580. The increase in the last decade was 44'56 per cent.; 
the increase in the rateable value was 84 29 per cent. The municipal 
work has increased with the population, and the Corporation now owns the 
Water and Gas Works, and supplies both to outside districts with a large 
population ; it also owns the Electric Lighting Works. The Cor- 
poration has a large covered Market, erected in 1889 at a cost of £12,000. 
Debt outstanding, £405,608. The Corporation has just erected a Refuse 
Destructor (Messrs. Meldrum Bros.) at a cost of £8,000, and is now engaged 
in laying down Tramways and Light Railways to open out the surround- 
ing districts. 

Cemetery. — £9,424 has been 
spent on the cemetery, which last 
year cost £579 to maintain. In- 
come from fees and rents, £308. 

Electric Lighting.— Page 491. 

Free Library. —The Corpora- 
tion adopted the Free Libraries Act, 
and a library forms part of the 
Technical School buildings. The 
library contains over 7,000 volumes. 

A Id. rate is levied for the library 
and technical schools. 

Gas.— Page 469. 

Markets. — Income last year, 
£1,632 ; expenditure, £1,322. The 
net profit being £310. 

Technical Instruction.— The 
Corporation was amongst the first 
to take advantage of the Technical 
Instruction Acts, and has built a 

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Municipal Year Book. 

large Technical School, at a cost of 
£12,000. The classes are well 
attended, the total as per class list 
being about 1,650 students. Classes 
in Science, Art, Technological, Do- 
mestic, &c. subjects are held, also 
classes in French and commercial 

subjects. In the day-time the 
Technical School is used as a school 
of science, and about 160 pupils 
attend this. There was no secondary 
school in the town, and the Corpora- 
tion felt compelled to fill up this gap. 
Water.— Page 442. 


Mayor.— Dr. Win. Jackson. 

Aldermen.— J. H. Edmondson, S. G-ott, 
J. Greenwood, S. Hudson, W. Hartley, J. 

Councillors.— J. Wooliscroft, W. Dyson, 
J. Haytock, W. Hartlev, W. Reed, J. 
Spencer, 8. Da vies, W. Rickard, W. Dent, 
A. Nelson, W. Haifchtou, W. Jackson, B. 
Atkinson, J. Whitham, J. W. Haworth, 
H. Dyson, 8. Jessop, T. Shaw. 

Town Clerk.— -J. H. Baldwick. 
Deputy Town Clerk.— J. Skinner. 
Medical Officer.— A. P. Millar. 
Treasurer.— J. W hi taker. 
Surveyor.— B. Ball. 
Gas Engineer.— A. J. Hope. 
Electrical Engineer.— W. Alan Fraser. 
Water Engineer.— J. Hartley. 
Sanitary Inspector.— J. A. Priestley. 
Librarian.— D. Bush ton. 


Population, 14,985 ; Rateable Value to G. D. Rate, £63,384 ; Area, 1,932 Acrks 

Newark was incorporated in the reign of Edward VI., and received 
further charters from Charles I. and Charles II. The Town Council took 
over the work of the Improvement Commissioners in 1851. The Water 
Works belong to the Corporation, and the borough maintains a Court of 
Record, Markets, Free Library, and Public Baths. Gas is supplied by a 
private company. 

Water.— Page 443. 


Mayor.— Alderman B. T. Pratt. 

Aldermen.— T. Earp, J. Hole, B. Tidd- 
Pratt, J. Saunders, J. Crossley, T. Smith. 

Councillors.— F. H. Appleby, R. Chat- 
terton, J. Seal, W. F. Atter, D. Slater, 
S. Walker, W. Doubleday, W. E. Knight, 
A. Farrar, Gt. Perfect, T. Smith, J. Shep- 
herd, J. Stennett, J. C. Wright, J. 
Skerrett, L. Priestley, G. Lacy, J. Homing. 

Town Clerk and Clerk to DiSTRicr 
Council.— G-. Tallents. 

Treasurer.— Francis Abel Smith. 
Surveyor.— G. Sheppard. 
Medical Officer.— C. Wills. 
Inspector.— G-. Horspool. 
Free Library Librarian.— R.-C. Garner 
Clerk of the Peace.— G. Tallents. 
Clerk to Justices.— J. Tidd- Pratt. 
Coroner.— F. B. Foottit. 
Public Analyst.— A. Ashby. 


Population, 11,061 ; Rateable Value, £40,381 ; Area, 1,813 Acres. 

Before the old Corporation of Newbury was reformed by the Act of 
1835 it had obtained the power of Improvement Commissioners in 1825. 
The area of the town was extended in 1878. The Town Council maintains 
the Markets and the Gas Supply. It receives about £500 a year from 
corporate property. The Water is in the hands of a private company. 
Gas.— Pa<?e 469. 

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Municipal Year Book. 193 


Mayor.— J. Eankin. Town Clerk and Clerk to District 

Aldermen.— J. P. Jaokson, T. Pidler, B. Council.— F. Q. Louch. 

■SSSS&E^jl - £"&£,££. s. tFFZS&r CtKRK ^ Acc °— • 

Knijrht, A. Jackson, J. Elliott, E. Harris, ~~ w * "•■"«"«•• 

W. Edmonds, H. J. Davis, J. Rankin, J. N. Treasurer.— Evan Jones. 

Day, W. E. Leweudon, J. Stradling, P. C. Qimvicvmi —H T T, Vinopnt 

Hopson, E. Gould, F. Wigingtonf E. L. 8DBno^.J.L.TiMBnt. 

Staples, W. H. Pitman, 8. tfenn, M. H. C. Medical Officer.— W. T. G. Woodforde. 

Palmer. Gas Works Manager.— W. B. Davey. 


Population, 214,803; Rateable Value, £1,299,388 ; Area, 5,371 Acres. 

Newcastle has a proud record as a municipality. Few towns have re- 
ceived as many charters from kings. It was made a Free Borough by 
William II., and the city's many charters remained in operation until the 
passing of the Municipal Corporations Act. The borough still maintains 
many ancient customs. The Freehold Landed Estates of the Corporation 
extend over a considerable area, and consist, in addition to extensive pro- 
perties within the city, of the Walker Estate, which comprises the Lordship 
of Walker, containing 1 ,002 acres, on the north bank of the River Tyne, ad- 
joining the city ; the Willington Estate, containing 99 acres, also on the 
north bank of the River Tyne ; and the Salt Meadows Estate, containing 
83 acres, on the south bank of the river, in the County Borough of Gates- 
head, together with valuable Coal Royalties. The land is chiefly let on 
building and improving leases for terms of 75 years. 

The Corporation also owns Quays extending along the river, and Markets, 
and properties within the city, from which a large annual income is 
derivable. A new Tramway system, worked by the Municipality by means 
of the overhead electric trolley, has just been inaugurated. 

The corporate property is valued at nearly £3,000,000. The Gas Supply 
is in the hands of the Newcastle- on-Tyne and Gateshead Gas Company. 
Price of gas, 2s. 2d. per 1,000 cubic feet, less 10 percent, discount for prompt 
payment. Water is supplied by the mains of the Newcastle and Gateshead 
Water Company. The charges are at about the rate of Is. in the £. 

Electric Lighting is carried out by the Newcastle and District Electric 
Lighting Company, Limited, and the Newcastle-upon-Tyne Electric Supply 
Company, Limited, under their respective Provisional Orders. 

The Cholera and Smallpox Hospitals are upon the Town Moor. The City 
Hospital for Infectious Diseases is at Walker Gate. All are under the con- 
trol of the Sanitary Committee of the Corporation. There is also the St. 
Mary Magdalene Home for Incurables, the management of which is vested 
in the Corporation as Trustees of the Hospital of St. Mary Magdalene, and 
a Lunatic Asylum which is managed by a Committee of Visitors appointed 
by, and being one of the Standing Committees of, the Corporation. There 
are also several Charities in the nature of almshouses under the control of 
..he Corporation, some of them dating back to the middle of the 17th cen- 

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Municipal Year Book. 

tury. The principal are : The Hospital of St. Mary Magdalene (for Free- 
men), and the Hospital of the Holy Jesus (for Freemen and widows or 
daughters of Freemen). The Corporation also appoint the Brethren of the 
Hospital of St. Mary the Virgin. 

Artisans' Dwellings.— P. 568. 

Baths and Wash-Houses.— 
There are six sets of baths and 
wash-houses, which are of great 
service to the town and are much 

Cemeteries. — The Cemeteries 
(St. John's, Westoate and Elswick ; 
St. Nicholas' ; All Saints' ; St. An- 
drew's ; Jesmond, and Byker and 
Heaton) are under the control of 
the respective Burial Boards. 

Free Public Libraries.— There 
is a Public Library near the centre 
of the city, with about 70,000 
volumes ; and also branch libraries 
at Elswick (west end) and Heaton 
(east end). The buildings for these # 
branch libraries were the gifts of 
Alderman Sir W. H. Stephenson, 

Markets. — There are extensive 
cattle, fruit, vegetable, plant and 
flower, wholesale and retail fish, 
meat and provision markets, which 
are the property of the Corporation. 

Refuse and Sewage Disposal. 
— Town refuse is dealt with in 
various ways. Part is sent to sea 
and part burned at the dust destruc- 
tor, nearly half of it deposited on 

fields and tips within the city, and 
some sold to farmers. Sewage is 
sent to the sea. 

Technical Education.— Tech- 
nical education is not supplied 
directly by the Corporation, but has 
hitherto been aided by grants to the 
various schools and institutions in 
the City out of the money received 
under the Local Taxation (Customs 
and Excise) Act. About £4,000 per 
annum has been allocated. 

Tramways.— Page 527. 

General Statistics. — Rates : 
General Kate, 2s. Od. in the £ ; 
Improvement Rate, 10|d. in the £ ; 
General District Rate^ 2|d. in the 
£ ; City Rate, 2Jd. in the £ ; Lunatic 
Asylum Rate, Ad. in the £ ; Edu- 
cation Rate, lOd. in the £ ; Public 
Libraries Rate, l|d. in the £ ; total, 
4s. 3£d. in the £. There is, in 
addition, the Poor Rate, about 8|d. 
in the £, but varied slightly in the 
different parishes. Debt outstand- 
ing, £1,100,000. Cost of Sanitary 
Work, £8,000; Ashpit Cleansing, 
£13,600 ; Sewers, £8,600 ; Scaveng- 
ing, £15,000 (including removal of 
Box Ashes) ; Macadam Roads, 
£12,400; Paving, £20,100. 


Ma. YOB.— Henry William Newton. 

Sheriff. — William John Sanderson. 

Aldermen.— Sir C. F. Hamond, Sir W. 
H. Stephenson, H. W. Newton (Mayor), 
W. Owen, T. G. Gibson, T. Richardson, 
T. Burgess Winter, R. H. Holmes, W. 
Temple, T. Bell, W. Sutton, E. Stout, J. 
Baxter Ellis, T. .Barkas Sanderson, J. Barker 
Ellis, A. P. Andersen. 

Councillors.— Saint Nicholas Ward: 
J. M. Oubridge, R. L. Dunford. A. J. 
Robinson. Saint John's Ward: A. Fox, 
T. Cooke, J. J. Gillespie. All Saints' 
West Ward : W. Cail, W. E. Kirby, J. J. 
Forster. All Saints' East Ward: J. R. 
Mason, (vacancy), J. D. Annan. All Saints' 
North Ward: A. Wilson, E. W. Robsoo, 
T. S. Alder. Saint Andrew's South 

Ward : W. Maxwell, W. Smith, J. A. Baty. 
Saint Andrew's North Ward.- W. R. 
Flummer, M.P., W. J. Sanderson (Sheriff), 
G-. 0. Coates. Westgate South Ward: 
C. T. Stableforth, J. Lavery, G. Harkus, 
Westgate North Ward: G. G. Archi- 
bald, J. Beattie, J. Wallace. Arthur's 
Hill Ward: J. Fitzgerald, J. IX Farqu- 
harson, H. Morton. Elswick North 
Ward: G. Lunn, B. Flowers, J. H. 
Rodgers. Elswick South Ward: J. 
Hutchinson, C. G. Binkg, J. C. Laird. 
Elswick East Ward : J. Reid,C. 0. Elliott, 
J. F. Weidner. Jesmond Ward: J. 
Goolden, W. Cowell, J. M. L. Griddle. 
Heaton Ward : F. Elliott, W. Murray, T. 
Cairns. Byker Ward: Sir Riley Lord, A. 
Scott, F. Heald. 

Digitized by VjOOQ IC 

Municipal Year Book. 



Town Clerk.— Hill Motum. 
City Engineer and Town Surveyor.— 
P. J. Edge, M.Inst.C.E. 
City Treasurer.— John Jobson Pace. 
Medical Officer of Health and 


Infectious Diseases.— H. E. Armstrong, 
M.R.O.S., D.Hy. 

Committee Clerk and Mayor's Secre- 
tary.— Thomas Lawsun. 

Clerk to the Justices.— J. K. Roberts. 

Clerk of the Peace.— J. G. Toull. 

Coroner.— J. T. Hoyle. 

General Manager of the Corpora- 
tion Tramways. — A. E. Le Rossi gnol, 


Population, 19,914 ; Rateable Value, £57,704 0s. 2d. ; Area, 665 Acres. 

Newcastle-under-Lyme was first a manorial town, but reverted several 
times to the Crown, and received a number of charters, beginning with one 
granted by Henry II. in 1175. The Gas Supply is in the possession of the 
Town Council, which has established- Cemeteries and maintains Libraries 
and Markets. A Commission of the Peace was first granted in 1664. The 
Corporation owns ground rents and houses which bring a revenue, less re- 
pairs, equal to a rate of 2|d. 

Cemetery.-— The receipts for the 
cemetery last year were £517, and 
the maintenance expenditure £635. 
New Loan, £3,800, for extending 

Free Public Library.— The re- 
ceipts from the Free Public Library 
for the year ended March 31st, 
1901, were £231, and the expendi- 
ture £238. 

Gas.— Page 470. 

Markets. — The receipts last year 
from tolls were £650, and the expen- 
diture £420. 

Refuse and Sewage.— The re- 
fuse is tipped on land, and the 
sewage is disposed of by chemical 
treatment and irrigation. 

Technical Instruction. — For 

purposes of technical instruction the 
Corporation receives grants from 
the Urban District Council (£50), 
the Staffordshire County Council, 
out of which it pays to the School 
Board £108 (same as last year), and 
expends £70 on the School of Art ; 
on Science Classes, £10. 

General Statistics. — Rates : 
General District Rate, 2s. 8d. in the 
£; Borough Rate, Is. lid. Debt 
outstanding at 31st March, 1900 : 
for municipal purposes, £19,546 ; for 
sanitary purposes, £33,953. Cost of 
Police, £1,571 ; Fire Brigade, £183 ; 
Highways, £2,345 ; Street Lighting; 
Gas Committee supply gas for street 
lighting free ; Sanitation, £1,334 ; 
Smallpox Hospitals, £172. 


Mayor.— Sir A. Seale Haslam, Kt... M.P. 

High Constable.— Mr. G. A. Millwinch. 

High Steward.— James Lovatt, J.P. 

Aldermen.— T. P. Heath, John Hand, 
B. B. Mel lard, J. A. Whittingham, W. N. 
Webster, J. Emery. 

Councillors.— East Ward : E. G. Whit- 
field, William Hickman, T. B. S pros ton, 
E. T. E. Cook, Clement Bullock, George 
James Heywood. S. Myott, W. Shuffle- 
Gotham. West Ward: Joseph Mercer, 
W. E. Pattison, C. J. Wain, William Currie, 
W. L. Elliott, Thomas Shufflebotham, G. 
Scott, H. Warburton, E. J. Cooper, 

Town Clerk.- Joseph Griffith. 

Recorder.— Patrick P. Evans. 

Borough Treasurer.— T. H. Nicholls. 

Medical Officer of Health.— Frank 
Webb, M.R.C.8. 

Borough Surveyor.— James Pattison. 

Borough Accountant.— Robert Fenton. 

Coroner.— Joseph Knight. 

Manager of Gas Works.— W. Winstan- 
ley, Assoc.M.In8t.C.E. 

Sanitary Inspector.— Samuel Spencer. 

Inspector under Pood and Drugs Act. 
— Samuel Spencer. 

Clerk of the Peace. — Joseph Griffith. 

Clerk to the Justices.— J. H. Knight. 

Chief Constable. — A. H. Richardson. 

Inspector and Adjuster of Weights 
and Measures.— Eli Bentley. 

Librarian.— R. J. Hempton. 

Registrar of Cemetery.— Jas. Davits. 

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Municipal Tear Book. 


(County Borough.) 
Population 67,290; Eatkable Value, £350,264; Area, 4,924 Acbes. 
Newport was granted a charter under Richard II., and the charters were 
confirmed by succeeding monarchs until the town came under the Municipal 
Corporations Act when that Act was passed. The Corporation owns a good 
deal of land, which is partly built on. It acquired the Water Works in 1888 
for £278,000. The Corporation also owns the Electric Lighting. It owns 
the Markets, Baths, Cemeteries, and some years ago acquired the Tramways, 
the running of which it has just taken over. It also maintains 
Parks and Allotments. The income last year for the Allotments was 
£191 12s. Id., and the expenditure £163 9s. 

Baths.— The income from baths Slaughter-Houses.— The rents 
last year was £2,039 9s. 6d., but of and fees from slaughter-houses last 
this sum the District Fund con- ~ "~ "" " " " 

tributed £573. The bathing fees 
amounted to £979 19s. Id. The gym- 
nasium fees and entertainment char- 
ges in winter brought in nearly £200. 

Cemeteries.— The town Ceme- 
teries are over 30 acres in extent, and 
last year almost paid the expenses, 
amounting to £2,562 5s. 8d., with 
the exception of the interest on 
loans, which was more than met by 
a contribution of £500 from the 
Borough Fund. 

Electric Lighting.— Page 491. 

Free Libraries.— The Corpora- 
tion adopted the Free Libraries Act 
in 1871, and also maintains a museum. 
There is a central library and read- 
ing-room and two branches, the 
annual cost of maintaining all of 
which was £1,900 10s. 3d. 

Markets.— The outgoings last 
year (including £2,308 for loans, 
interest, &c.) were £3,425, and the 
receipts amounted to £3,211 5s. 4d. 

Refuse and Sewage.— The town 
refuse is deposited in heaps outside 
the town, and the sewage js drained 
into the tidal basin of the Severn. 

year were £436 18s. 9d., and the 
expenditure £581 8s. 8d. £43 15s. 
was also obtained from the hide 
and skin market. 

Technical Instruction. — Ex- 
penditure, £6,176 17s. lid. ; receipts, 
£2,800 3s lid. 

Tramways.— Page 527. 

Water.— Page 443. 

General Statistics. — Rates : 
Poor Rate, including Borough Rate, 
3s. 6d. in the £ ; and General District 
Rate", 3s. 4d. The Poor and Borough 
Rates bring in £51,871 3s. a year, 
and the District Rate £42,135. The 
principal items of expenditure are 
as -follows :— Roads and Footpaths, 
£11,487 12s. Id. ; Scavenging, 
£5,676 14s. 8d. ; Street Lighting, 
£4,777 ;* Sewers, £923 18s. 2d ; 
Public Street Improvement, £3,439 
3s. 6d. ; Infectious Diseases, Hos- 
pital, £2,270 9s. Id. ; Fire Brigade, 
£977 14s. 2d. ; Parks, £1,967 3sT 9d.; 
Port Sanitary expenditure, £452 
12s. 4d. ; Sanitary Department, 
£1,282 2s. 4d. Total indebtedness, 


Mayor.— H. J. Davis. 

Aldermen.— H. J. Davis, J. Moses, A. R. 
Bear, D. A. Vaughan, H. J. Parnall, T. 
Jones, P. Phillips, T. Pugsley, M. Mordey, 
T. Goldsworthy. 

Councillors. — W. J. Lloyd, T. H. 
Howell, T, Canning, G. Greenland, H. 
Duckham, W. H. Brown, G. Morgan, 

J. H. Dunn, T , Cordey, W. C. Phillips, 
J. Linton, B. Wilkinson, J. Liscombe, P. 
Philips, G. H. Llewellyn, T. Parry, GK W. 
White, T. S. Gower. W. M. Blackburn, J. H 
Williams, T. M. Little, W. A. Baker, d! 
Guy, A. E. Parfitt, J. McGinn, L. 8. 
Abraharnson, P. E. Burpitt, B. V. Sutton. 
Z. T. B. Herbert. 

Digitized by CjOOQ IC 

Municipal Year Book. 



To ww Clerk, Clerk to the Urban 
and Port 8anitary Authorities, and 
Clerk to Burial Board and Lunacy 
Visiting Committee.— A. A. Newman. 

Treasurer.— C. Cullum. 

Clerk to the Borough Magistrates.— 
T. Summers. 

Borough Engineer.— B. H. Haynes. 

Medical Officer.— J. Howard-Jones, 

Water Works Engineer.— C. Kirby. 

Electrical Engineer.— 0. D. Coplaud. 

Inspectors of Nuisances.— Spencer 
Jones and Thomas Roberts. 

Inspector of Weights and Measures.— 
J. C. Boyns. 

Registrar of Cemeteries.— B. J. Parry. 

Borough Analyst.— T. Hughes. 

Collector of Bates.— E. Sheppard. 

Veterinary Inspector.— W. Sheaf. 

Head Constable.— A. I. Sinclair. 

Tramways Manager.— GL H. Winsor. 


Population, 10,911 ; Rateable Value, £43,370; Area, 511 Acres. 
Newport has been a favourite borough in the matter of charters, having 
received grants from various sources, giving it special privileges, including 
the right to market tolls and custom dues. The town came under the 
Municipal Corporations Act on the passing of that measure. The town 
maintains the Water Supply, Markets, and is represented on various trusts 
and schools. Loans outstanding, £52,419 6s. Id. 


Mayor.— P. Templeman Mew. 

Aldermen. — John Lock, R.B. Gheverton, 
J. George, F. Pittis, F. T. Mew, W. J, 

Councillors.— North Ward : G. B. 
Purkis, F. E. Whitcher, W. T. James, W. J. 
Rugg, N. T. Mursell, F. King, C. Webb, 
0. J. Godfrey, G-. Y. Groundsell. South 
Ward : G. Salter, G. King, £. C. Langton, 
C. J. Thompson, J. H. Linington, I. J. D. 
Rich, T.Buckler, W. Clark, F. Morgan. 

Town Clerk and Clerk to the Urban 
District Council.— H. R. Hooper. 

Clerk to the Borough Magistrates.— 
£. F. Blake. 

Financial Clerk.— C. Steel. 

Treasurer.— W. Pearce. 

Medical Officer.— L. B. Coombs. 

Surveyor and Inspector of Nuisances. 
— R. H. Walden. 

Assistant Surveyor,— F. W. Water- 


Population, 1,327; Rateable Value, £5,789 ; Area, 1,287 Acres. 
New Romney is one of the ancient Cinque Ports, and as such has enjoyed 
special privileges as an incorporated town. The ancient borough was 
brought under the Municipal Corporations Act in 1885. The Town Council 
receives an income from rents of about £500 a year. The total cost of 
local administration is about £1,200. The total debt outstanding is only 
£349. There is no Borough Rate. 


Mayor. -R. S. Charles. 

Aldermen.— J. Humphery, H. T. Tubbs, 
L. Fawell, and R. Pearson. 

Councillors.— Edward George Ashdown, 
Richard Stafford Charles, William Ellis, 
Harry R. Daglish, John Hills, Henry 
Jarratt, Edward Prior, A. H. Smith, R. J. 

Terry, W. B. Tubbs, J. D. Walker, H. C. 

Town Clerk and Clerk to District 
Council.— J. fiannon. 

Treasurer.— W. B. Smith. 

Surveyor.— A. Hay ward. 

Medical Officer.— H. Hick. 

Collector. -G, B. Anderson. 

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Municipal Year Book. 


(County .Borough.) 

Population, 87,021; Rateable Value, £351,462; Area, 3,461 Acres. 

Northampton has an important municipal history, and is one of the 
old towns which has kept its records. It was governed under various 
charters (the last of which was granted in the reign of George the Third) 
until it came under the Municipal Corporations Act. The Corporation 
maintains Markets and the Water Supply. It also possesses a Free 
Library, in connection with which there is a Museum containing valu- 
able antiquarian and natural history specimens, which is much appreciated. 
The Corporation owns property which, last year, brought in a revenue of 
£1,000. The town has been lately extended to embrace adjacent 

Cemetery. — The Corporation has 
developed part of the 54£ acres pur- 
chased at a cost of £6,300, for a 
Municipal Cemetery, by building 
Chapel and Lodge, and laying out 
same. Total cost about £15,000. 
£951 was taken from the General 
District Rate to balance the Revenue 
Account. In the extended Borough 
the Corporation has taken over the 
Kingsthorpe Cemetery, 14± acres, 
which cost £5,484, and which was 
opened in 1898. 

Free Public Library. —The 
town adopted the Public Libraries 
Act in 1860. The Central Library, 
contains about 18,000 volumes, and 
two branch Reading-rooms are main- 
tained. The cost last year was 
£1,672. The Museum, which is in 
the same building as the Library, 
was maintained at a cost of £354. 
Additional Museum at Abington, 
opened in 1900, cost £114. 

Markets. — The revenue from the 
Cattle Markets for the year ended 
25th March, 1901, was £3,281, and 
the management and cost of main- 
tenance, £1,859; net revenue, £1,422. 
The receipts from the General Mar- 
kets—fish, fruit, vegetables, meat, 
produce, &c. — were £1,530, and the 
payments £398 ; net revenue, £1,133. 

After interest and instalments of 
principal had been paid, there was a 
net profit of £1,454, which was car- 
ried to the Borough Fund towards 
Borough Rate. 

Sewage Farm. — The farm 
consists of 556 acres own free- 
hold, and 416J acres under rental, 
where the whole of the sewage is 
treated. The revenue from the farm 
for year ended 25th March, 1901, 
was £10,781, and there was a loss 
of £1,999 on the year. Extension of 
the farm has been carried out at a 
cost of £51,000. Alterations of the 
Sewage Works have been carried 
out at cost of £1,213. 

Technical Instruction.— The 
whole of the Customs and Excise 
Duties are practically devoted to 
Technical Instruction, viz., £872 
per annum. 

Tramways.— Page 528. 

Water.— Page 443. 

General Statistics. — Rates : 
Borough Rate, 2s. Id. in the £ ; 
General District Rate, 3s. l£d. ; 
Poor Rate, Is. 6d. ; Library Rate, 
Id. ; Museum Rate, £d. ; Cost of 
Police, £9,251 ; Fire Brigade, 
£1,029 ; Hospital, £1,596 ; Lighting, 
£3,251 ; Highways, £7,719 ; Scaven- 
ging, £4,829. 

Digitized by CjOOQ IC 

Municipal Year Booh 



Mayor.— Councillor Fredk. G. Aduitt (re- 

Aldermen.— S. S. Campion, B. Cleaver, 
E. L. Poulton. P. O. Adams, W. Hickson, 
T. Parser, H. Wooding, J. Judge, J. Webb. 

Councillors.— T. L. Wright, J. Brown, 

A. P. Hawtin, D. Stanton, J. Jackson, H> 
Green, W. Heap, R Perkins, J. Manneld, 
H. Martin, B. Hill, J. Barry, P. Tonsley, 

B. A. Milligan, P. G. Aduitt, J. Perking, 
A. J. Ghown, S. Irons, P. Letts, S. Hughes, 
T. WbitfDrd, E. Lewis, A. E. Marlow, A. E. 
Phipps, W. P. Hannen, B. Pinnegan. 


Town Clerk, Clerk of the Peace, 
axd Clerk to the Urban District 
Council.— W. Shoosmith. 

Borough Treasurer.— A. Page. 

Borough Accountant.— W. J. Hull. 

Clerk to the Magistrates.— G. B. 

Coroner.— C.C. Becke. 

Medical Officer. -L. P. Cogan. 
Borough Surveyor.— W. I. Brown. 
Borough Engineer.— W. D. Gibbins. 
Water Engineer.— F. Tomlinson. 
Sanitary Inspectors. — P. White, J. 
Sowerbutt, and P. Harper. 
Head Constable. -P. H. Mardlin. 
Veterinary Inspector.— W. Garratt. 
Librarian and Curator.— T. J. George. 


(County Borough.) 

Population, 111,728 ; Rateable Value, £357,172 ; Area, 7,587 Acres. 
Norwich (Norf oik) is divided into 16 wards, and has 25 parishes. Like the 
Corporations of other old cities, the City Council inherited a real estate, the 
freehold of which it retains. Ground rents last year brought in a revenue 
of £3,970. The Corporation preserves Norwich Castle and Gardens and 
the Castle Museum in the interest of the public, and at the expense of 
a penny rate. St. Andrew's and Blackf riars Halls are municipal property. 
Tne Corporation owns very profitable Markets. . It has provided Allot- 
ments, established a Free Public Library, Public Baths, and maintains a 
Cemetery. It is charged with the conservation of Mousehold Heath. The 
Gas, Electric Lighting, Electric Tramways, and Water Supplies are in 
private hands. The Corporation, however, has decided to purchase the 
electric light undertaking. The town dates its history as a Municipal 
Corporation back to the reign of Henry II., when for some centuries it was 
governed by bailiffs. Charles II. granted it a new charter, and the govern- 
ment of the town was then divided between the civil authorities and a 

Artisans' Dwellings.— P. 568. 

Baths. — Public baths have been 
erected at a cost of £5,000, and have 
proved a great success. 

Cemeteries.— The revenue re- 
ceived by the Burial Board is nearly 
sufficient to meet all working ex- 
penditure in maintaining the city 
cemetery, amounting to £1 ,613. Last 
year £150 was set aside in redemp- 
tion of loan, 

Free Public Library.— The 
proceeds of a penny rate, £1,290 
maintains the Free Library. 

Markets. — The Corporation 
maintains three markets. Keceipts 
from Cattle Markets last year, 
£4,079. Expenditure, including 
interest for the year ended 24th 
March, 1901, £1,129. Bonds to the 
amount of £25 were paid off out of 
the Borough Rate, which also paid 

Digitized by CjOOQ IC 


Municipal Year Book. 

£66 towards the sinking fund. Fish 
Market : receipts, £378 ; expenses, 
£72. Provision Market : receipts, 
£1,288 ; expenses, £571. Loan re- 
payment, £66. The returns for 
weighing machines being added, 
the total receipts from the Markets 
amount to £5,871, and the expendi- 
ture (including repayment-of instal- 
ments of principal) to £1,974. 

Refuse and Sewage Disposal. 
— The town refuse is removed under 
contract with the neighbouring 
farmers, (the Corporation finding 
workmen), and the sewage disposed 
of by irrigation. The sewage farm 
is let, the net rent received last year 
being £500, while the expenditure 
was £278. 

Technical Education. — The 

city devoted £2,500 of the money 
received from the Exchequer to 
maintaining a Technical School, 
the total expenditure of which is 

General Statistics. — Rates 
made for the year, 9s. 6d. Debt out- 
standing, £397,428. Cost of Police, 
£8,923 ; Fire Brigade, £975 ; City 
Asylum, £9,956. Expenditure: Sani- 
tary Department : Stables and 
Establishment, £3,990; Watering 
and Repairs, £1,490 ; Macadamised 
Roads, £10,307 ; Wood Pavement, 
£2,283 ; Footways, £4,693 ; Drains, 
£1,862 ; Lighting, £5,889 ; Isolation 
Hospital, £1,312; Pleasure Grounds, 
£959; Pumping Station, £3,906. 
Sanitary Work, Removing Refuse, 

&c, £8,344. 

Mayor.— Russell James Colman. 

Aldermen.— R. Gr. Bags b aw, E. Board- 
man, A. R. Chamberlain, Charles Cunnell, 
W. H. Dakin, George Green, T. 0. E. King, 
G. H. Morse, G. M. Chamberlin, H. Curl, 
Sir Peter Bade, M.D., Sir C. R. Gilman 
(Deputy Mayor), W. H. Hack block, George 
Jewson, George White, M.P., Edward 

Councillors.— Conesford Ward : H. R. 
Culley, J. T. Hotblack, J. E. H. Watson. 
Ber Street Ward : P. W. Fitt, H. A. 
Day, L. W. English. Mancropt Ward : 
William Shorten, R. F. Ladell, W. J. 
F«rrow. Westwick Ward : J. H. Stacy, 
Sir Harry Bullard, M.P., D. G. F. Gaul. 
Coslany Ward : A. G. Howlett, Joseph de 
Carle Smith, jun„ C. H. Andrews. Fyb 

Bridge Ward : R. J. Mallett, Walter Batter- 
bee, George Cubitt. Thorpe Ward : J. L. N. 
Barnard, W. G. Stevens, John Moore. 
Lakenham Ward: John Linton, F. J. 
Crotch, Robert Murrell. Town Close 
Ward : R. J. Colman (Mayor), E. T. Board- 
man, H. J. Copeman. Eaton Ward : W. T. 
Scarles, Leathes Prior, William Vincent. 
Nelson Ward: Daniel Havers, A. J.Young, 
C. E. Muriel. Earlham Ward: Thomas 
Smith, A. C. Havers, W. H. Jones. 
Heigham Ward: Frederick Henry 
Bassingthwaighte, F. G. Hatch, John 
Williment. Wensdm Ward : Walter Edwin 
Scarlett, J. R. Gallard, Thomas Diinmore. 
Catton Ward : J. Mason, A. M. Stevens, 
Samuel Matthews, Mousehold Ward : L. J 
•Tillett, J. W. Clabburn, T. S. Breese. 

Town Clerk.— Arnold H. Miller. 

Deputy Town Clerk.— F. Worrall. 

City Treasurer. — Hugh Gurney 

City Accountant.— Arthur F. Gentry, 

Recorder.— Thomas Richardson Kemp, 

Clerk of the Peace.— J. Wilson Gilbert. 

Clerk to the Justices.— W. R. Cooper. 

Cor 3NER.— Richard W. Ladell. 


City Engineer.— Arthur Elliston Collins 

Medical Officer of Health. — H. 
Cooper Pattin, M.D. 

Chief Constable.— Edwin F. Winch. 
• City Organist.— Dr. Edward Bunnett, 

City Asylum Superintendent.— William 
Harris, M.D. 

Sanitary Inspector.— Joseph Brooks. 

Curator of Castle Museum.— James 


Population, 239,753; Rateable Value, £1,010,C00; Area, 10,935 Acres. 
" City of Nottingham and County of the same City " is now the official 
designation of Nottingham (the rank and title of City having heen con- 


Digitized by CjOOQ iC 

Municipal Year Book. 201 

f erred by Royal Charter in commemoration of the Diamond Jubilee of 
Her Majesty the Queen), which carries its municipal history back 
to the year 1155, when its oldest charter confirmed privileges which 
had been granted by former kings. Nottingham's privileges extended to 
adjoining districts. As " a county " it has had from mediaeval times its 
own Lord Lieutenant, its Sheriff, and its Assizes. The modern municipality 
enjoys exceptional homogeneity. A Drainage Board, a Lighting Authority, 
a Freemen's Committee, which looked after the Freemen's Estate, have all 
been absorbed. The town clerk is also clerk of the peace, and the Guild- 
hall is the centre of all local municipal work. Since the Freemen's 
Estate which yields an annual ground rent of £9,499, was taken over in 
1882, the pensions of this privileged class are rapidly dying out. The 
Corporation owns a great aeal of property, whicn at present brings a 
revenue of £30,000 a year in relief of rates. In 1874 the Corporation took 
over Nottingham Castle, which was fast becoming a magnificent ruin, and 
converted it into Art Galleries and a Museum on South Kensington's lines. 
In 1877 the borough was extended by 8,000 acres, and its population and 
rateable value more than doubled. The extension was one of the largest 
ever made ; no fewer than five Local Board Districts were absorbed. 
The Water Supply came into possession of the Corporation in 1879 ; 
the next year it acquired Bulwell Forest, and in 1881 established a 
University College, connected with which there are well-equipped 
Technical Schools, and a Natural History Museum. Nottingham is the 
only municipality in the country which maintains a University College. 
The College has become one of the leading educational institutions 
in the country. Last year it was attended by 395 day students 
and 1,682 evening students. The Corporation gave the College a 
grant last year of £3,500. From Exchequer contributions, Govern- 
ment grant, fees, and other sources, £10,034 was received. The income 
of the Day Training College was £4,052. The Committee who manages 
the College contains four co-opted members, two representatives of 
Cambridge and two of Oxford Universities. There is a Board of Profes- 
sors, and Sir Samuel G. Johnson, the town clerk, who was the chief pro- 
moter of the scheme, acts as hon. secretary. There are seven depart- 
ments : — (1) Language and Literature, including commercial classes, day 
training college, and elementary teachers' classes ; (2) Chemistry and 
Metallurgy ; (3) Natural Science ; (4) Mathematics and Physics, including 
technical classes ; (5) Engineering, including technical classes and plumb- 
ing ; and (6) Mining. 

The Corporation also maintains a Municipal School of Art, where, 
besides the usual art training, instruction is given in design, particularly 
in connection with local industries. The expenditure of the School last 
year was £3,158. 

The Natural History Museum last year was very largely visited. 

Several important improvements have recently been carried out. An 
insanitary area to the north of the Market Place has been cleared away, 
boulevards made round the town, and narrow thoroughfares at the lower 
end of the town widened at a cost of £400,000. Other highly important 
works are in progress, including new Drainage Scheme at an estimated 
cost of £62,000 ; an extension of the Sewage Farm, nearly doubling the 
area ; new Boulevard and Recreation Ground, &c. 

Besides the Water Works, the Corporation owns Markets, the Gas Supply, 

? 2 

Digitized by CjOOQ IC 


Municipal Year Book. 

Electric Lighting, Artisans' Dwellings, a large Sewage Farm, Parks, Free 
Libraries, Baths, Cemeteries, Hospitals, Lunatic Asylum, Tramways, 
Allotments, &c. The city is now by a recent Order of the Local Govern- 
ment Board conterminous for Poor Law and Municipal purposes. 

Baths.— Baths were established 
in 1850, extended in 1860 and 
again in 1880. In 1896 new Centiial 
Baths weie erected at a cost of 
£15,000, and District Baths were 
reopened at Radford. The income 
last year from the baths was 
£1,910, and the expenditure £2,909. 
There are open-air oathing facilities 
on the Trent. 

Cemeteries. — The Corporation 
maintains cemeteries, but other 
burying-places exist in the town. 
New cemeteries are to be laid out 
at Bulwell and South Wilford. In- 
come from municipal cemeteries last 
year were £416 ; expenditure, £4u5. 

Electric Lighting.— Page 491. 

Free Public Libraries.— There 
is no town in the country which has 
more Free Libraries and Heading- 
rooms in proportion to the popu- 
lation than Nottingham. The Act 
was adopted in 1867. There arc 
now a Central Library and Read- 
ing-room, and thirteen District 
Libraries and Reading-rooms ; and 
two Book Delivery Stations. Dur- 
ing last year 362,890 books were 
issued from the Libraries. The 
attendances at the Newsrooms were 
7, 163 per day. The total attendances 
at all the Reading-rooms and 
Libraries was 2,135,864. 

Gas.— Page 470. 

Refuse and Sewage Disposal. 
— Dust and refuse are burned in de- 
structors, the sewage is disposed of 
by downward filtration and irriga- 
tion on a farm of a thousand acres, 
which is just about to be nearly 
doubled in size, several miles 
out of the town. The sale of 
milk and butter amounts to about 
£2,500 a year j the annual sale 

of live stock being from £3,500 to 
£4,000. The farm is practically 
self-supporting, but the Corporation 
pays interest and sinking fund 

Technical Education. — The 
technical school is part of Univer- 
sity College Buildings, and was 
opened in 1893. The workshops and 
laboratories supplement the theo- 
retical training obtained at the 
college. There are day and even- 
ing classes specially intended for 
those who have some industrial 
experience. Particular attention is 
paid to instruction in lace-making, 
hosiery, and engineering. 

Markets.— There are four mar- 
kets : (I) live stock; (2) veget- 
ables, tiowers, &c. ; (3) Sneinton, 
and (4) Bulwell markets. Income 
last year, £10,156; expenditure, 

Tramways.— Page 528. 

Water.— Page 443. 

General Statistics. — Rates, 
1901 : Muncipal, 4s. 6d. ; School 
Board, la. 7d. ; Poor, Is. 7d. Debt, 
including Gas and Water, £4,482,732. 
Cost of maintenance of Epidemic 
Hospital, £6,506 ; income, £140. 
Borough Lunatic Asylum, £17,500 ; 
income, £16,800. Free Public 
Libraries and Natuial History 
Museum, £3,650 ; Police, £27,685 ; 
Public Lighting, £14,163; Admin- 
istration of Justice, £5,143 ; Muni- 
cipal and Parliamentary Registra- 
tion, &c. , £2,009 ; Health Committee, 
£40,749 ; Works and Highways, 
£38,939 ; Improvement, £2,480 ; 
Fire Brigade, £2,476 ; Repayment 
of Loans and Interest, £84,180 ; 
General Expenses and Establish- 
ment Charges, £19,980 ; Castle Art 
Museum, £4,108 ; Freemen's Estate, 

Digitized by CjOOQ IC 

Municipal Year Book. 



Mayor.— E. N. Elborne, Algoa House, 
Private Road, Sherwood. 

811KRIFF.— E. G. Loverseed, Western 
Terrace, Tlie Park. 

Aldermen. — Messrs. Bennett, Wood- 
borough Road ; Bentlry, 34,Cranmer Street ; 
Bright, J.P., Western Terrace. The Park; 
Brownsword, J.P., Mapperley Road; Ford, 
J. P., Nottingham Road, Basford; Fraser, 
J.P., Arundel Street; Jelley, Elm Bank, 
Mapperley Road; Lambert, J.P., Lenton 
Firs; McCraith, J.P.. Park Valley, The 
Park; Mutch, Goldsmith Street ; Pullman, 
J. P., Castle Street, Sneinton; Pyatt, J.P., 
Magdala Road ; Radford, J.P., Tuunel Road, 
The Park ; Sands, J.P., West Hill House, 
Lenton ; Sir John Turney, Kt., J.P., Trent 
Bridge Works ; Woodward, 275, Arkwright 

Councillors. — S. O. Abbott, Lenton 
Street, Hyson Green; A. Baker, 419, 
Lenton Boulevard; A. Ball, Sherwin Road, 
Lenton; F. Ball, 32, Willoughby Street, 
Lenton; J. Barnett, 133, Carlton Road ; A. 
Bexon, Bulwell Lane, Old Basford ; J. 
Billyeald, J.P., Gregory Boulevard; A. W. 
Black, Redcliffe Road ; F. J. Bradley, J.P., 
Cavendish Crescent, The Park ; J. H. Brown, 
Kirkby Hall, Alfreton ; A. J. Butler, Map- 
perley House, Sherwood ; E. Byron, 210, 
Highbury Road, Bulwell; W. H. Carey, 
Wolseley Hou?e, Newcastle Drive; A. 
Cleaver, Pelbam House, Pel ham Road, 
Sherwood Rise; W. Copley, 19, Gedling 
Grove; S. Cook, Forest Grove, Mount 
Hootou Road; T. J. Dabell, 92, Mansfield 
Road; W. Elliott, 47, Carter Gate; R. 

Fleeman, Broad Marsh; J. A. H. Green, 
Pelham Terrace, The Park ; J. H. Gregg, 32, 
Lees Hill Street ; F. W. Gregory, 63, Gold- 
smith Street ; D. Higham, Arundel Street ; 
G. Hooton, Church Street, Basford; J. 
Houston, 12, Carrington Street; W. Hunter, 
Arkwright Street ; J. Johnstone, 68, Map- 
perley Road; A. J. Lloyd, 44, Biidlesmith 
Gate; C. Lovett, 9, Highurst Slrejt, New 
Radford ; E. L. Manning, Broadgate, Bees- 
ton ; J. Marlow, 8, Newstead Street, Sher- 
wood ; C. W. Milner, 32, Heathcote Street ; 
A. Page, J.P., The Park ; T. Palmer, 61, 
Alfreton Road ; J. B. Roberts, St. Davids, 
Derby Road ; G. Robinson, 143, Gladstone 
Street, New Basford ; R. Sands, 20, Baker 
Street ; J. B. Sim, 175, Alfred Street Cen- 
tral ; J. Skerritt, Dryden Street ; B. Smith, 
385, Mansfield Road ; C. Smith, Goldsmith 
8treet ; C. B. Truman, The Park ; W. Ward, 
Loughborough Road, West Bridgford ; J. 
White, 1, London Road; W. White, 55, 
Barker Gate ; J. Wright, Burns Street. 

Chairmen of Committees.— Castle Mu- 
seum and School of Art, Aid. McCraith ; 
Electric Lighting, Aid. Sir J. Turney; 
Estates, Clr. Green ; Fiuance, Aid. Fraser • 
Freemen's, Aid. Bennett; Gas, Aid. Ford- 
Works and Highways, Aid. Sir J. Turney ' 
Health, Aid. Mutch; Improvement, Aid. 
Pullman; Lighting, Clr. Lovett; Markets 
and Fairs, Clr. Fleeman; Parliamentary, 
Clr. Sim; Public Baths, Clr. Roberts; 
Parks and Cemeteries, Aid. Lambert; Stoke 
Farm, Aid. Sands; Tramways, Aid. Brown* 
sword; University College and Free 
Libraries, Aid. Bright; Watch, The Mayor, 
Councillor Elborne; Water, Aid. Jelley. 


Town Clerk, Clerk of the Peace, 
Registrar of the Borough Court of 
Record, Steward of the Manor, and 
Honorary Secretary of the University 
College.— Sir Samuel G. Johnson, Et. 

City Treasurer.— George Fellows. 

City Coroner.— C. L. Rothera, B.A. 

City Surveyor and Engineer.— Arthur 
Brown, M.Inst.C.E. 

City Accountant.— J. E. Bryan. 

Medical Officer. — Philip Boobbyer, 

Gas Department.— Manager : W. R. 
Chester. Accountant : W. Gar ton. 

Water Department.— Consulting En- 
gineer : W. B. Bryan. Manager : Stephen 

Electrical Engineer. — Herbert Tal- 

City Architect.— Frank B, Lewis. 

Art Director of thk Castle Muselm.- 
George Harry Wallis, F.8.A. 

University College.— Principal .- Prof 
J. E. Symes, M.A. Secretary : Philip H 

Chief Constable.— Philip S. Clay. 

Medical Officer to the Police" Force 
— Herbe it Owen Taylor, M.D. 

Head Master, School of Art.— J. Har 

City Analyst.— Samuel Russell Trotman 

City Librarian.— J. Potter Briscoe' 
F.R.8.L., F.L.A., F.R.H.S. 

Clerk of the M arrets.— Jose Lh Rad- 

Superintendent of Fire Bkicale — 
Joseph Robinson. 

Manager of the Tramwaij.— J. Aid. 
worth . 

Digitized by CjOOQ IC 

204 Municipal Tear Book. 


Population, 2,568 ; Rateable Value, £7,336 ; Area, 503 Acres. 
Okehampton came under the Municipal Corporations Act in 1885. It bad 
previously possessed governing charters from the reign of James I., and 
had enjoyed privileges at an earlier date. The Corporation has an ample 
supply of pure water from Dartmoor, having during the past year com- 
pleted a scheme for augmenting the previous supply. It is obtained by 
gravitation. The Corporation is the Market Authority. The Council, as 
the Urban Sanitary Authority, levies a General District Rate each half 
year of Is. in the £, and a Water Rate of 6d. in the £. These are the only 
local rates. The drainage of the town and the sanitary arrangements 
generally are decidedly good. 
Water.— Page 443. 


Mayob.— H. Geen. Powell, E. Pasamorc, E. Slinchcombe, J. 

Aldermen -HeoryOeen, Seth Harry, Yu ^ Clerk Clkrk tq DlSTRICT 

W. B. Pearae, W. B. German. Council. -GK L. Fulford. 

Councillors.— 0. Oeen, H. Rowe, T. Treasurer.— John Ding'ey. 

Wood, J. Cornish, Harry G-een, T. 0. Surveyor.— E. J. Worden. 

Westcott, Wm. Rowse, J. G. Toms, C. R. E. Medical Officer.— E. H. Young. 


(County Borough.) 

Population, 137,238 ; Rateable Value, County £590,290 ; Rateable Value, 
Borough Rate (two-thirds gross) is £451,833 ; area, 4,729 Acres. 

Oldham was originally governed by Commissioners for lighting and sani- 
tary purposes, &c, and was incorporated in 1849. The municipality at once 
began a vigorous policy. In 1853 the Gas and Water Supplies were purchased 
by the Corporation, and the profits therefrom helped bo relieve the cotton 
operatives suffering from the effects of famine in 1855. The Corporation 
purchased sixty acres of land, which was laid out as a Public Park in 1863. 
The borough obtained a Grant of Quarter Sessions in 1887, and established 
Electric Lighting in 1894. Under powers obtained in 1865 and 1886 three 
Cemeteries are provided, and the Corporation also owns Markets, Libraries, 
Technical Schools, Art Gallery, and Municipal Baths, Wash-Houses, Hos- 
pitals, &c. A serious problem to the Corporation has been the disposal 
of sewage, and a new scheme, carried out at a cost of over £277,000, is 
almost completed. A very complete installation of destructors dispose of 
refuse. The Corporation has obtained powers for the municipalisation of 
Tramways which have been worked up to last year by private companies, 
and electric trams are now working. 

BATHS.— There are Central Baths baths. Bathing tickets are supplied 

in Union Street, district baths at to the School Board at a low charge 

Uollinwood and Waterhead, and for school children. The total 

four branch baths. Provision is made bathers last year were 155,719, of 

at the Central Baths for swimming whom 21,577 were women. The 

as well as for Turkish and vapour income from the Central Baths, 

Digitized by CjOOQ IC 

Municipal Year Book. 


where there were 79,933 bathers, 
was £1,250 ; expenditure (including 
interest on loans and payments to 
Sinking Fund), £1,895. At Hollin- 
wood Baths there were 34,465 
bathers ; income, £259 ; expendi- . 
ture including interest on loans and 
Sink ng Fund charges), £800. At 
Water head Baths there were 41,32 L 
bathers ; income, £310 ; expendi- 
ture (including interest and Sinking 
Fund), £638. In each case the 
deficiency was aided by the Borough 
Cemeteries. —The incomeat Chad- 
derton Cemetery was £1,817; expen- 
diture, £1,447, including payment of 
interest. At Greenacres Cemetery, 
income, £1,217; expenditure, £2,566. 
Hollin wood, income, £1,061 ; expen- 
diture, £2,567. 

Electric Lighting.— Page 492. 

Free Public Libraries— In 1865 
the town obtained special powers to 
establish and maintain Free Public 
Libraries. A Central Library and 
Art Gallery and a District Library at 
Northmoor, also several Distributing 
Branches, have been opened. Income 
for Central. Library was £5,763 
(including £5,252 transferred from 
Borough Kate Account), for Exhibi- 
tions, Fees, &c. ; the expenditure 
was £5,764. A Loan Collection of 
Pictures is held during the year, and 
is well patronised. Income for North- 
moor Library was £67, for Fees, &c. ; 

the expenditure for the year of the 
Northmoor Library was £c4S. 

Gas.— Page 470. 

Markets. — Income amounted to 
£5,801 ; including tolls, &c, £5,135 ; 
rents of property, £353 ; use of 
lavatories, &c, £155; income tax, 
£58. The expenditure was £5,885, 
including interest on loans and pay- 
ments to Sinking Funds (profits in 
aid of Borough Rate). There are 
general markets, including fish and 

Technical Education. — The 
Corporation maintains a Municipal 
Technical School, which is sup- 
ported by Exchequer contribution 
grant and Government grants and 
fees, the latter amounting to £1,252. 
Total expenditure for the year was 
£4,995, including interest on loans 
and payments to Sinking Funds. 

Telephones.— Page 414. 

Tramways.— Page 540. 

Water.— Page 443. 

General Statistics.— Borough 
Rate, 6s. in the £ ; Poor Rate, Is. 
Total debt, £2,216,597. Principal 
items of expenditure ended March, 
1901: Lighting, £2,600; Police, 
£14,593; Fire Brigade, £4,144; 
Highways, £35,956 ; Health Depart- 
ment, £3,372; West Hulnie Hospital, 
£3,723 ; Strinesdale Hospital, £1,030; 
Ashes Department, £6,433 ; Night- 
soil Department, £12,629 ; Alexan- 
der Park, £3,549; Sewerage, £16,865. 


Mayor.— James Eckersley, J.P., Spring 
Mount, Greenacres. 

Aldermen — Jackson Brierley, Copster 
House, Hollins Road ; Horatio Chadwick, 
Crossbank House ; John Grossman, 40, 
Goldhurst Street ; Jonathan Da\ en port, 39, 
Bankside Street ; D. Edwardes Griffiths, 90, 
Wellington Road ; George Hanson, 90, Wer- 
neth Hall Road; William Harrop, The 
Grange, Hollin wood; William Henry Holt, 
99, Queen's Road ; John Hood, 145, Windsor 
Road ; Henry Edward Judson, 33, Belgrave 
Road; James Prestwich, Newport House, 
The Coppice; Alfred Bimister, 88, Werneth 
Hall Road. 

Councillors.— Abraham Ashworth, 58, 
Mumps ; Joseph Ashworth, 385, Manchester 
Road, Hollinwood; John Berry, Lyndale, 
Chamber Road ; David Blunn, 4, Villa Road ; 
Thomas Bolton, Hillstead, Werneth Hall 
Road; George Booth, 128, Acre Lane; 
Thomas John Carson, 117, Union Street; 
Joseph Clough, 201, Manchester Street • 
James Cheetham Dixon, 17, Barlow Street; 
James Doran, 118, Park Road ; Edwin 
Gartside, 112, Lees Road ; William Gee, 42, 
Manchester Road; James Greaves, 100, 
Chadderton Road; John Grime, 22, New- 
port Street; James Allan Ha u won, Salem 
Mount, Lees Road ; Wm. Fredk. Hodge3 

Digitized by CjOOQ IC 


Municipal Year Book. 

10, Manchester Street; Edward A. Johu- 
Bon, 47, Green gate Street ; William Lees, 
33, Spring Street ; Samuel Mellor, 38, Btl- 
mont Street; James Middleton, 387, Man- 
chester Eoad, Hollinwood ; Joseph Nadin, 

11, Nadin 6treet, Hollins Hoad; William 
Partington, 27, Ashton Road; William 
Schoneld, 420, Huddersfield Eoad, Water- 
head ; Richard Masse y 6izsmith, 76, Green - 
gate Street; Chas. Collinge Spencer, 1 
and 3, Barley Croft; Robert Strain, 4, 

Coppice Street ; James Summer*cales, 363 
Manchester Road, Hollinwood; Thos. Butler 
Taylor, 159, Windsor Road ; Jason Thomp- 
son, 87, Hudderfield Road ; William Turntr, 
34, Gibraltar Street ; Edgar Wakelam, 562, 
Huddersfield Road; Charles Waid, 304, 
Featherstall Read W. ; Fredn-iek Wild, 331, 
Park Road ; Herbert Wilde, Wernei h 
House, Manchester Street ; John Wrigley, 
95 and 97, Union Street West; James 
Yates, 1, London Road. 


Town Clerk, and Clerk or the Peace. 
—A. Nicholson. 

Assistant Town Clirk.— J. H. Halls worth 

Borough Treasurer.— J. H. Kilner. 

Medical Officer of Health.— J. B. 
Wilkinson, M.D., CM. 

Chief Constable.— D. H. Turner. 

Borough Surveyor.— S. A. Pickering, 

Superintendent of Gas, Electricity, 
and Water Works.— A. Andrew. 

Gas Works Manager.— J. Chkdwick. 

Water Works Manager.— C.J. Batley, 

Borough Accountant.— J. F. Lees, 

Chief Librarian. — R. Bateman. 

Secretary of Municipal Technical 
School.— J. Armitage. 

Electrical Engineer.— S. W. Newing. 


Population, 12,890; Ratxablb Value, £45,100; Area, 3,105 Acrbs. 
OSSETT was incorporated in 1890. For the previous twenty years it was 
governed by a Local Board. The town obtained a separate Commission of 
the Peace,1893. The Corporation maintains a Water Supply. Kecently a large 
sum has been spent in widening old streets and opening out new ones, and 
the town presents a clean and respectable appearance. The Cor- 
poration has opened a Public Library and Reading Room, upon which 
last year it spent £90, and taken over the Technical School. Sewage is 
treated at two outfall works. The Rates are 5s. in the £. Outstanding 
debt as such and of Urban Sanitary Authorities, £160,000. The Local 
Government Board have made an order to extend the boundaries of the 
town. The Gas Works have been acquired by the Corporation for the sum 
of £97,500. 

. Water.— -Page 444. 


Mayor.— Walter Townend. 

Aldermen. — Frederick Audsley, F. L. 
Fothergill, Joseph Cox, Joseph Ward. 

Councillors.— William Horsnell, J. W. 
Smith, W. Townend, John Whitehead, W. 
Patterson, S. B. Stead, Nathan Lucas, 

Wilson Tolson, George Henry Wilson, A. 
Manners, Wm. Taylor, John Wilson, Henry 

Town Clerk.— Willie Brook. 

Borough 'Ireasurer.— Alfred Wraith. 

Borough Survetor.— Walter Hirst. 

Medical Officer.— G. S. Greenwood. 


Population, 9,579 ; Batearle Value, £49,785 ; Area, 1,888 Acres. 

The Town Council owns the Water Supply, the Library, Science and Art 
Schools, Markets, and Gymnasium, and has established a Fire Brigade. The 
revenue from the Markets last year was £2,060, and the expenditure £1,757, 

Digitized by CjOOQ IC 

Municipal Year Book. 207 

of which £488 was for interest and repayment of loans. The cost of 
maintaining the Library, which was established in 1891, is £180 a year ; 
rooms and light are provided free by the Corporation. Refuse is tipped on 
land, and Sewage Works have been constructed. Rates : Poor Rate, 
including Borough Rate, 2s. Id. ; District Rate, 2s. 4d. The total expenditure 
under the Borough Fund last year was £2,247 and under the District 
Fund £6,825. The debt outstanding is £36,317. 
Water.— Page 444. 


Mayor.— J. Parry-Jones. Towir Clerk and Clerk to Dlsttcict 

Aldkrmen.-C. G. Bajley, J. Jones.W. F. C °^^~Ll7 ?f T £j rry ' * •£' M . 

Rogers, W. H. Spaull, T. Whitfield, W. H. TrI^ Jrkr^H Elfif ^ 

Lacou * Finance Clerk!- J. W. Thomas. 

Councillors.— R. Daniel, T. Edwards, Recorder.— R. L. Kenyon. 

W. T. Jones, J. P. Skeather, W. A. Lewis, Medical Officer.— Dr. R. Beresford. 

J. Maclardy, R. H. Mason, W. Martin, Surveyor and Superintendent of 

E. B. Smith, C. E. Williams, S. Lloyd, T. Water Works.— G. W. Lacey. 

Poole, E. B. Thompson, W. H. Plimmer, Free Library Librarian.— T. P. Dia- 

J. J. Roberts, S. L>oyd, 8. Parry-Jones, J. mond. 

Yaughan, A. F. Williams. Gymnasium Secretary.— A. W. Morris . 


Population, 49,413; Rateable Value, £343,386; Area, 4,676 Acres. 

Oxford has a stirring municipal history. Associated closely as it has been 
with national life, Oxford, the great seat of learning, was not neglected by 
the Kings. Saxons, Danes, and Normans were connected with the city* 
bat its first existing charter came from Henry II., who conferred upon it 
the same privileges as the City of London — "one of the same custom, law, 
and liberty." The municipal liberties of the city have always been some 
what encroached upon by the University authorities, and the Mayor 
had to pay homage to the Vice-Chancellor, swearing "to keep the liberties 
and customs of the University," until 1857, when the city successfully 
revolted against the practice. The University takes part in the city 
government by sending twelve representatives to the Town Council, and 
interferes in the matter of amusements, and with its moral police exercises 

§owers of arrest. The city had important civic officers — the High 
toward, the Recorder, the Bailifts, and two Chamberlains, all of whom 
were appointed by the Corporation. There were strong trade guilds in 
Oxford, which were closely concerned with the city government, and the 
Corporation appointed leather searchers, mill masters, cloth searchers, and 
other officers for supervising the city industries and the craftsmen. There 
were also city waits to attend the numerous civic pageants and festivities of 
the mediaeval city. Markets and fairs existed since 1520, and the Municipal 
Water Works dates from the seventeenth century. The city once held a 

Digitized by CjOOQ IC 


Municipal Year Book. 

great real estate, but much of the property lias been sold to the colleges or 
exchanged. The site of the walls and ditches was city property. All 
that remains is about 460 properties, which last year brought in a rental of 
£3,310. There are important municipal charities, and until 1889 the Corpora- 
tion occupied itself mainly in its charities, its properties, Water Supply, 
&c, the Paving, Lighting, and Sanitary duties being discharged first by 
Commissioners, and then after 1864 by a Local Board. The Corporation 
owns Cemeteries, Technical Schools, a Free Public Library, Markets, 
Allotments, and the Water Supply. It has built beautiful Municipal 
Buildings, recently opened a new Corn Exchange, and, as a street improve- 
ment, has removed Carfax Church, which a former Council helped to ouild, 
making a beautiful open space in the centre of the city. The last Census 
was taken in Vacation ; the normal population is about 54,700. 

Baths.— There are no baths, but 
bathing-places are provided at an 
annual cost of £315. 

Cemeteries. — The cemeteries, of 
which there are three, have been 
recently laid out, and the income is 
yet small— about £320 — while main- 
tenance alone costs £706. 

Free Public Library. — The 
Acts were adopted in 1852. A new 
central library, one of the hand- 
somest in the country, has been 
opened in connection with the new 
municipal buildings. There is a 
branch library at Summertown. 
Total annual cost, £946. 

Markets. — Receipts from the 
Meat Market for year ended 31st 
March, 1901, £2,704 ; expenditure, 
£1,313, which includes cost of some 
permanent improvements. Rents 
from the Cattle Market, £227; ex- 
penses, £62. The Corn Exchange 
produced £349 ; expenses, £92, ex- 
clusive of interest. 

Refuse and Sewage Disposal. 
— Refuse is carted away for use on 
land. Sewage is got rid of by irri- 
gation on sewage farms. The sale 
of produce and stock from the farm 
came to £3,493 last year. 

Technical Education. —Central 
Technical Schools have been es- 
tablished in Church Street, with 
branches at St. Clements, the 
Clarendon Press Institute, and Cher- 
well Street. Cost of the buildings 
and fittings, £6,371. The amount 
spent on technical education last 
year was £2,713, of which £1,881 
was from the local taxation account, 
and the rest from fees and grants. 

Water.— Page 444. 

General Statistics. — Rates : 
General District Rate, 3s. Id. ; Poor 
Rate, 8d. Loans raised, £489,740. 
Cost of Police, £6,765 ; Lighting, 
£4,878 ; Hospital, £1,247; Sewerage, 
£6,800 ; Sewage Disposal, £2,052 ; 
Scavenging, £4,398 ; Highways, 


Mayor.— Alderman Walter Gray, J. P. 

Sheriff.— Councillor B. Kempson. 

Aldermen.— University: Bev. C. H. O. 
Daniel, C. L. Shadwell, D.C.L., J. C.Wilson, 
M.A. City: F. Bacon, J. Banting, R. 
Buckell, G. W. Cooper, B. Downing, W. 
Gray, T. Lucas, J. H. Salter, J. Saunders, 
C. Underhill, W. Woodward, Hugh Hall. 

Councillors.— North Ward : E. J. 
Brooks, J. Dorn, F. A. Le Mesurier, O.B., 8. 
Hutchins, Col. C. B. Impey, F. P. Morrell, 
G. H. Meeking, E. A. Bevers, F. Twining. 
South Ward : G. C. Druce, W, J. I. Horth, 
C, Patey, J. E. Salter, W. H. Taylor, 8. F. 

Underhill, C. Vincent, T, Wheeler, J. 
Zacharias. East Ward : F. W. Ansell, C. 
Clayton, R. Kempson, J. Leech, H. W. W. 
Woodward, Commander W. H. Maunsell. 
W. English, G. D. Meadows, E. Jackson. 
West Ward : C. Curtis, G. H. Cooper, J. T. 
Dodd, J. W. Higgins, T. H. Kingerlee, 
Surgeon-General A. P. Bradshaw. C.B.,T.W. 
Taphouse, J. H. Thorogood, W. Turrill. 
University: A. J. Butler, E. Can nan, 
W. B. Gamlen, W. Collier, Rev. J. Carter, 
Bight Rev. J. Mitchinson, A. A. Prankerd, 
D.C.L., W. B. bkene, and Rev. W. E. 

Digitized by CjOOQ IC 

Municipal Year Book. 209 


Town Clerk, Clebk to Urban Sanitary Medical Officer.— A. Winkfiel<i,F.R.C.S . 

Authority, and Clerk to Burial Board. Analyst — W W Fisher M A 

~Si2SE£X?335ris.o.L.. m.a. b*™*™*^-*:*:***. 

Treasurer.— F. M. Davies. Sanitary Inspector.— T. J. Hull. 

Accountant.— W. S. Carver, F.S. A. A. Free Library Librarian.— T. Harwood. 

Engineer and Waterworks Engineer. Chief Constable.— O. Cole 

— W. H. White, M.Inst.C.E. Rate Collector.— H. Williams. 


Population, 15,845; Rateable Value, £39,851 ; Area, 4,618 Acres. 

Pembroke is a very old Welsh town. Its history dates back to the 
early years of British history. It holds a charter granted by King John, 
but held others of previous date. The government of the town came under 
the Municipal Corporations Act. The Town Council maintains the Water 
Supply, Markets, and Slaughter-Houses. Pembroke Dockyard is Govern- 
ment property. The Rates are : General District Rate, 3s. lOd. Lighting 
Rate, 7d. ; Borough Rate, Is. 9d. 

Markets.— The income from the Sanitary Authority was £730, and 
markets and slaughter-houses main- the expenditure, £830. 
tained by the Council as Urban Water. — Page 444. 


Mayor.— Daniel Davies. Town Clerk and Clerk to Urban Sani 

Aldermen.— J. C. Froyne, J. Jones, E. tary Authority.— R. D. Lowless. 

Wilkins, A. McColl, 8. J. Allen, P. S. Reed. boroitoh Sitrvfyo* If MrAlnin 

Councillors.— Daniel Davies, John Mug- Borough Surveyor.— K. McAlpin. 

ford, John Lawrence, William Morris Medical Officer of Health.— Dr. H. D. 

Griffiths, Joseph Lewis, Richard Deane Reynolds. 

Gilbertson, James Hutchings, Charles 

Young, Daniel Smith, J. W. Penney, Wm. Inspector of Nuisances. - Philip 

Phillips, ,Rees Phillips, A. F. Beddoe, T. H. Morgan. 

Bowling, W. B. Wall, W. Davies, W. Jones, Manager of Water Works. — John 

W. H. Williams. Morgan. 


Population, 3,190 ; Rateable Value, £7,278 ; Area, 291 Acres. 

" No local rates " is the enviable answer which the town clerk of Penryn 
sends to one of our questions. This glorious freedom from rates is explained 
by the fact that the borough owns the freehold of the town and the lordship 
of the manor, and derives its revenue mainly from rents of corporate 
property. A Court Leet is still maintained in connection with the manor, 
which still levies tolls at markets and fairs. The revenue derived from 
corporate property last year was £519, whilst £50 was derived from 
markets. There are also harbour dues amounting to £156. Quay tolls 
amount to £330. The Gas and Water Supplies are in the hands of private 

Digitized by CjOOQ IC 


Municipal Year Book. 

companies. The town refuse is carted away to farms. No rate, it appears, 
is levied for Urban District Council purposes, the money for maintaining 
main roads, &c., being derived from the County Council. While there 
are no Borough or District Rates, there is, of course, a Poor Rate, which is 
the only rate levied in the borough, and precepts are issued to the Overseers 
under 45 and 46 Vict., cap. 50, sect. 145, for payment out of the Poor Rates 
of such sums as may from time to time be required in aid of the Borough 
Fund. The Council has obtained an Order to deepen and improve the 
Harbour, and the works are in progress. Considerable advance has been 
made by dredging operations, by which vessels of larger draught will be 
accommodated. The Water Supply is being improved at the high level. 


Mayok. — Benjamin William Curgenven. 

Aldermen.— T. H. Dunstan, B. W. Cur- 
genven, W. H. Robins, J. H. Thomas. 

Councillors. — Thomas Rickard, W. E. 
Clemens, Harold Cox, J. F. Vivian, B. A. 
Kewcombe, O. W. B. Purneaux, W. James, 
J. Bisson, C. W. Andrews, J. Powell, W. E. 
Kneebone, T. H. Cavil. 

Town Clerk, Clerk to Borough 
Justices, Clerk to Urban District 

Council, Clerk to Harbour Authority 
— G. Appleby Jenkins. 

Treasurer.— R. 8. Hosken. 

Medical Officer of Health.— James 

Surveyor and Inspector of Nuisances. 
—John Partridge Jenkins, C.E., A.I.M.E. 

Harbour Master and Inspector of 
Explosives.— P. H. Dawe. 

School Attendance Officer.— Charles 
H. Poad. 


Population, 13,123; Rateable Value, £5x,2h1 ; Area, 172 Acres. 

Penzance, like other Cornish towns, has kept a good deal of remunerative 
property in public hands. Penzance Corporation, for instance, owns the 
Wharfs, Docks, Quays, Markets, and Library. Until 1882, when the new 
Docks and Harbour were constructed, no Borough Rate was levied, the 
purely municipal work being met out of the profits of the Corporation's 
undertakings. There were, of course, Poor and General District Kates. 
The income from the Harbour and Quays last year was £6,601, and the 
expenditure was £3,788, in addition to which there were payments for 
interest and sinking fund and new works, amounting to £4,604. The 
Corporation also owns the Water Supply, and has obtained an Electric 
Lighting Order. 

Free Public Library. — The 
library is maintained by a penny 
rate, which brings in £230. 

Markets. — The revenue from the 
markets] last year was £934, and 
the expenditure £625. 

Refuse and Sewage.— Refuse is 

sold to market gardeners, and the 
sewage is discharged into the sea. 

Water.— Page 445. 

General Statistics. — Cost of 
Police, £1,114; Fire Brigade, £83; 
Lighting, £797; Highways, Repairs 
and Cleansing, £3,841. Debt out- 
standing, £148,583. 

Digitized by CjOOQ IC 

Municipal Year Book 



Mayor.— Wm. Colenso. 

Aldbbmbx.— James Caldwell, J. P., W. H. 
Julyan, J.P., Henrv Came, J.P., W. J. 
Bazeley, J.P., W. T. L. Perry, Jas. H. 

Councillors.— R. P. Couch, William 
Colenso, J. A. Fox, Charles Hill, J. R. Tren- 
with, George Poole, John Banfield, J. Y. 
Thomas, Henry Daniel, J. H. Bennetts, 
X. J. Hall, A. E. Barnett. B. C. Matthews, 
G. P. A. Robinson, H. H. Pezzack, 8. G. 
Bazelev, E. A. Head, W. H. Trounsou. 

Recorder.— S. H. Leonard. 

Town Clerk, Borough Accountant and 
Clerk to Magistrates.— T. H. Cornish. 

Assistant Town Clerk.— E. C. Scobey. 

Treasurer.— Richard Foster Bolitho. 

Clerk of the Peace.— John P. Milton. 

Medical Officer of Health.— R. D 

Engineer and Surveyor.— F. Latham, 

Inspector of Nuisances.— N. C. Whear. 

Superintendent of Police. — Richard 


Population, 30,870 ; Assessable Value, £125,231 ; Area, 1,884 Acres. 
Peterborough has a curious feature in its government. There is an 
ancient " Liberty " of Peterborough which, under the Local Government 
Act, 1888, was constituted a separate county, with the title, " County of 
the Soke of Peterborough." The civil administration of the " Liberty" 
is vested in the Lord Lieutenant, the Marquis of Exeter, who nominates 
the magistrates. The city forms Dart (the larger part in population, &c.) 
of the county. The city was not incorporated as a modern municipality 
until 1874, although previously to 1885 it had from ancient times had the 
privilege of returning two members to Parliament. Four years after the 
incorporation the Corporation introduced an efficient Water Supply. The 
Free Public Libraries Act has been adopted. 

The Corporation has thoroughly drained the town to a sewage farm 
which it purchased, maintains Markets, and has a Provisional Order 
under which it is now supplying Electric Light. The Corporation has 
provided three sets of Allotments for working;- men. Public Baths have 
not been built, but a Bathing-place on the River Nene is maintained. 
An Isolation Hospital for infectious diseases has been provided at a 
cost of £5,200. The Council is about to erect a Municipal School of 
Science and Art. A scheme for a supplementary water supply is under 

Electric Lighting.— Page 492. 

Free Public Library.— The re- 
ceipts from the Free Public Library 
last year were £550. This amount 
included the Library Rate, £524 ; 
the other receipts amount to £26, 
and the expenditure £581. 

Markets. — The Corporation 
maintains General and Cattle Mar- 
kets. The tolls &c. , for the General 
Market last year brought in £668, 
while the expenditure was £221. For 
the Cattle Market the Corporation 
reoeived £994, and expended £816, 
excluding instalment of loan £500. 

Refuse and Sewage. — The re- 

fuse is deposited on land, anl the 
sewage is disposed of on an iirigatlon 
farm of about 310 acres. The re- 
ceipts from the farm for produce, 
&c, amounted last year to £1,617, 
while the cost of cultivation was £7 17, 
exclusive of cost of pumping and 
distributing sewage. 

Water.— Page 445. 

General Statistics. — Cost of 
Police, £3,257 (less £1.357 receipts) ; 
Fire Brigade, £176; Highways, 
£8,788 6s. lid. (less £2.695 receipts 
from County Council, &c.) ; Drain- 
age, £1,625; Lighting, £2,610; 
Recreation Grounds, £205; Scaveng- 
ing, £904 ; Sewage Disposal, £1,728 

Digitized by CjOOQ IC 

212 Municipal Year Book. 


Mayor.— George Keeble, J.F. Treasurer.— William Henry Sharpe. 

ALDERMRN.-Thomas Lawrence Barrett, W m? DIC ^ L ,i 0r 5 c 2 B r, °J - HKAL ??-T 1 !? be 5 fc 

J.P., O.A., William Beaver, J.P., CO., William Jolly, M.R.C.8. Eng., L.S.A. Lond. 

Joseph Clifton, Daniel Henry Redhead, J. P., ? urvb £m B . ^ d J n , 8 pector of Nuisances. 

William Daniel Nichols, J7P., C.A., John ~J° hn William Walshaw. 

n&tt* TVhhutt Water Works Engineer and Electri. 

uetw leoDuw. cal ElfGINEERt _ John char ieB Gill aE# 

Councillors. -North Ward : George Analyst.-Wiii. Elborne, M.A. 

Keeble, J.P., Walter Riseley, C.C., Richard inspector under Diseases of Animals 

y2 fr 9 r 7,u W . KW ,i WaR £ : i.« jAa %!» Q ? l i! jr ACT.-Joseph Mackinder. 

Barford, Charles Foote, Wdliam Cliffe, J.P., CmEF Instable and Inspector of 

2* C, i, J ^ pb T ? at w n , , ,« CC 4i Art £ u n J S mes Weights and Measures.- John William 

Keeble, C.C., John William Rowe,C.C. East Lawson 

Ward: Jesse Adnitt,0 A., Cleveland Henry Rate ' Accountant and Collector.— 

James Butterfield, CO., Edward Thomas John Green 

Manton, John Thomas Miller, J. P., C.C., Watkr j^ Collector.- John Thomas 

George Alfred Slack Crick, C.C., Isaac um 

W w hi ^ 6d ^^ 8 ° U J n WABD : w, m rgC W ?l?<° n ' *™™ LlBRARIAN.-W. J. Willcock. 

Charles Edward Crawley, William Pettit. School Attendance OFFiCER.-Frederick 

Town Clerk and Clerk to Urban Dis- Grocock. 
trict Council,— William Mellows, S.S.O. Beadle and Toll Collector,— D. Noble. 


(County Borough.) 

Population. 107,509 ; Rateable Value : Poor Rate £471,345, 
General District Rate £453,786 ; Area, 2,533 Acres. 

Plymouth was the first town in England incorporated by Act of Parlia- 
ment. That was on 12th November, 1439. In May of the same year Hull 
was granted a charter, but not by statute, which created it the earliest 
municipal corporation properly so-called. Plymouth has also the oldest 
municipal Water Works — although Gloucester is a competitor for prece- 
dence. The Act authorising the supply was passed in 1585 through the 
influence of Sir Francis Drake, the celebrated navigator, who was Mayor of 
the town at the time and was contractor for part of the work. The supply 
came from Dartmoor in an open "leat," and Drake established a x umber of 
mills on the "leat" out of which he made a handsome profit. The supply 
was once threatened by owners of the land below the intake, who complained 
that they had been deprived of their water, but as Drake was chairman of the 
Parliamentary Committee who considered the matter it is not surprising that 
nothing happened to the supply. In fact, Drake's original supply remained 
until 1893, when the Corporation decided to increase the supply at a cost of 
£150,000 and convey it in pipes to the town. This scheme was afterwards 
considerably enlarged. Like the old municipality which carried out part 
of the original work itself, the Town Council did not employ a contractor. 
Plymouth acquired the market rights of the Priory in 1439, and recently 
reconstructed the markets, which have always been a source of profit, at a 
cost of £57,746. The Commission on Market Tolls found that the Plymouth 
markets were too profitable. Another old municipal asset is a " Town 
Tavern," which is now the Royal Hotel, connected with which there is a 
theatre. The income from the hotel and theatre is £2,600 a year until March 
1903, after which the rent will be £4,600 a year. The Corporation also owns 
land and houses which bring an annual rental of £1,500. Among the modern 

Digitized by CjOOQ IC 

Municipal Year Booh 


enterprises of the town has been the municipal station of the tramways, 
which were acquired in 1892 and worked by the Corporation with great 
benefit to the people. A large housing scheme has recently been carried 
out. Old houses were cleared away from the centre of the town and a 
colony of workmen's cottages built in the suburbs. The tramways go to 
the dwellings and carry the workmen to any part of the town for a penny. 
Electric light was recently installed, and electric traction has been adopted 
for the tramways. The Gas Supply is in the hands of a company. In 1896 the 
boundaries were extended by the inclusion of Compton and other suburbs, 
which added 1,000 acres to its area and nearly 10,000 to its popula- 
tion. '1 he Borough was again extended in 1897 by the inclusion of 45 acres 
in the Parish of Pennycross. The Corporation has a Free Library, Baths 
and Wash-Houses, supports a Technical School, maintains the Hoe, where 
the historic game of bowls was played, and has a Museum and Art Gallery. 
For port sanitary purposes Plymouth combines with Devonport and 
Stoneliouse, which cannot be physically distinguished from Plymouth. 
Stonehouse obtains its water supply from Plymouth. 
Artisans' Dwellings.— P. 502. year removed the house refuse at 
Baths and Wash- Houses. —At a cost of £5,786. The sewage runs 

present these institutions are on a 
small scale, and are rented at £52 a 
year. Expenditure last year, £18. 

Electric Lighting.— Page 492. 

Free Libraries.— Plymouth has 
had a Free Public Library for 
twenty-four years. It is located 
in the picturesque old Guildhall, 
and contains about 50,000 volumes. 
There in an evening branch at one 
of the Board schools, and one at 
the police headquarters for the 
benefit of the police. Small lending 
libraries are also attached to the 
public, Board, and National schools. 
The cost of maintenance from the 
rates last year was £1,800. Persons 
residing beyond the municipal area 
may use the library on paying 5s. a 

Markets.— Receipts from mar- 
kets and abattoirs for the year 
ended 31st 'March, 1901, was £7,057. 
The expenditure was £5,855, includ- 
ing £1,259 for interest and £1,198 in 
Eayment of loans. The Corporation 
as obtained powers to close all 
private slaughter-houses and for 
erecting public abbatoirs on their 
land at Prince Rock. 

Refuse and Sewage Disposal. 
— A refuse destructor has just been 
completed. r fhe Corporation last 

into the sea. 

Slaughter-houses.— See Mar- 

Technical Education. — Ply- 
mouth's contribution to the Jubilee 
celebrations was a Technical School, 
which is managed by eight members 
of the Town Council and seven who 
represent other interests. There are 
some excellent classes, including in- 
struction in electric lighting, milling, 
road-carriage building, telegraphy, 
&c. Medical classes are also held, 
and are now officially recognised 
by the conjoint Board of Physicians 
and Surgeons. The Council gave 
the school last year £2,163. 

Tramways.— Page 528. 

Water.— Page 445. 

General Statistics.— Rates for 
1901 : Poor Rate, Is. 4Jd. ; Watch, 
Boro', General Rates, &c, Is. 7^d.; 
General District Rate, 4s. Id.; total 
7s. Id. Debt outstanding, £1,202,045. 
Cost of Police, £12,327; Fire Brigade, 
£353 ; Parks and Pleasure Grounds, 
£1,928 ; Borough Lunatic Asylum, 
Capital Charges, £3,795; Public 
Lighting, £6,431 ; Street Cleansing 
and Watering, £7,586 ; Removal of 
Refuse, £5,786; Sewerage, £1,757 \ 
Borough Hospital, £2,821 ; Hospita) 
Ship, £188 ; Highways, £1Q,128, 

Digitized by CjOOQ IC 


Mwnicipal Yeai Book 


Mayor.— Joseph Arthur Bellamy, J.P. 

Deputy Mayor.— Aid. T. G. Greek Wills. 

Aldebmen.— 3. Coumbe, T. Jinkin, J. T. 
Bond, T. Brook, E. H. James, S. H. Phillips, 
C. H. Kadford, W. Bray, E. Coppin, J. 8. 
Hawker, J. H. 8. May, J. Pethick, J. Shelly, 
T. G. Greek Wills. 


Marshall, C. L. Duke. o. J. H. Davis. 
Comptok Ward : J. C. Brown, C. Long, 
H. Wolferstan. Drake's Ward : R. A. Small- 
ridge, P. J. Kerswill, E. R. Hilson. Frank- 
fort Ward : C. E. Cottier, P. 8. Willies, 
R. R. Monk. Friary Ward : G. W. Eyre, 

W. G. Wakeham, W. H. Jago, Greenback 
Ward : C. H. James, A. E. Lethbridge, E. F. 
Anthony. Hoe Ward : J. Cumming, J. A. 
Bellamy. W. P. Swain. Laira Ward : J. W. 
Bickle, H. Evans, C. H. Tozer. Millbay 
Ward : J. Taylor, R. J. Bazley, J. E. New- 
land. Mutley Ward : R. W. Winnicott. 
W. J. C. Hannaford, W. L. Munday. 8t. 
Andrew's Ward: R. C. Uglow, J. Y. 
Woollcombe, J. P. Brown. St, Peter's 
Ward: T. White, 8. Edgcumbe, W. O. 
Hosking. Sutton Ward: H. Ede, T. 
Williams. W. W. Lucas. Vintry Ward : 
S. J. Page, W. C. Harris, G. Liudsey. 


Town Clerk, Clerk to the Urban 
Sanitary Authority, and Clerk or the 
Peack.-J. H. Ellis. 

Recorder.— Dr. Blake Odgers, K.C. 

Borough Treasurer and Borough 
Chamberlain.— H. Bottomlev. 

Medical Officer.— P. M. Williams. 

Borough Engineer and Surveyor.— J. 

Water Engineer.— F. Howarth. 

Electrical Engineer.— E. G. Okell. 

Inspector of Street Cleansing. — J. 

Inspector of Nuisances.— W. J. Addis- 

Inspector of Weights and Measures. 
— G. H. Lavers. 

Public Analyst and Borough Photo- 
metrist.— C. E. Bean. 

Meteorologist.— H. V. Prigg. 

Tramways Manager.— C. R.Everson. 

Borough Librarian.— W. H. K. Wright. 


Population, 13,422; Rateable Value, £35,148; Area, 4,073 Acres. 

Pontefract is well provided with Recreation Grounds and Markets. 
The town also maintains the Water Supply and acts as a Burial Board. 
The town obtained its first charter in the reign of Richard I. 
Water.— Page 445. 


Mayor.— W. J. Robson. 

Aldermen.— W. Mathers, P. W. Pease, 
W. J. Robson, G. Broadhead, W. G. Scho- 
field, T. R. Ramsden. 

Councillors. — T. Wordsworth, J. W. 
Hemmant, W. Moxon, T. Glover, J. E. 
Booth, W. H. Marshall, H. Mollekin, T. 
Butler, C E. S. Lowdeii, W. J. Wilby,W. 

Thornton, W. McGowan, A. Walker, C. C. 
Moxon, P. G. Waller, W. Hopkinson, T. 
Peacock, 8. H. Garside. 

Town Clerk.— W. Haddock. 

Treasurer.— J. F. Leatham; 

Medical Officer.— A. Hillaby. 

Accountant.— S. Lowden. 

Surveyor.— A. Oddy. 


Population, 19,461; Rateable Value, £86,441; Area, 5,383 Acres. 
Poole is an important market town, and is a county in itself, which has 
had an important municipal history. The Town Council owns a large 
amount of corporate property which brings in a revenue of £2,500 a year. 
The Gas and Water Supplies are provided by private companies. A Free 

Digitized by CjOOQ IC 

Municipal Year Book 


Public Library has been established. The Town Council has just carried 
out an important Sewage Scheme at a cost of over £80,000. An Espla- 
nade and Shore Drive have been made at Parkston-on-Sea, while the 
Quays have been rebuilt, and other Harbour improvements made. 
Artisans' Dwellings.— Page 568. 


J. Condon, W. J. Stevens, W, 

Mayor.— Charles Cartar. 

Aldermen.— J. A. Cocker, H. Parmer, 
W. H. Yeitman, P. G. Wheatley, C. J. 
Woodiord, W. Wheeler. 

Councillors. — W. Andrew, Gk Curtis, 
T. Ingrain, C. Carter, W. H. Curtis, W. II. 
Master 3, G. Bush, H. Saunders, W. G. Crane, 
G. W. Green, E. Norrish, J. A. Hawkes, 
H. G. B. Frampton, J. Ridout, P. 


Town Clerk and Clerk to District 
Council.— H. S. Dickinson. 

Trkasurer.— J. A. Robson. 

Surveyor.— J. Elford. 

Mkd:cal Officer.— H. A. Lawton. 

Inspector.— It. Smith. 

Prek Library Librarian. — W. J. 


(County Boroug-h.) 
Population, 189,160; Rateable Value, £815,228; Area, 4.483 Acres. 
Portsmouth (Hants. ) holds charters granted by various monarchs from the 
days of Richard I. to Charles II. It came under the Municipal Corporations 
Act in 1835. The principal remunerative property of the Town Council con- 
sists of docks. The revenue received by the Camber and Docks Committee 
from dues at Camber was £4,425. Rents of land, stores, &c. , produced £328. 
Wharfage and harbour dues from the point amounted to £2,737. Rent of 
Camber dock and cattle lairs at the Foreign Animal Wharf was £390. 
Wharfage and tonnage dues from Flathouse amounted to £1,560. The 
total revenue of the Camber and Dock Department was £9,442, and the ex- 
penditure on salaries and maintenance was as follows : — Camber, £2,331 ; 
Camber Dock, £359 ; Flathouse, £489 ; interest and loan charges about 
£2,192 ; the total expenditure being £5,736. The Corporation maintains 
Public Baths, Library, Cemeteries, and has established Electric Lighting. 
The Gas and Water are in the hands of private companies. A notable 
local work has been the making of the Clarence Esplanade, which is 
two and a half miles long. The Corporation some time ago carried out a 
main drainage scheme at a cost of £280,000. The tramway undertaking 
has teen purchased, and converted to electric traction and reopened. 

Aktisans' Dwellings.— P. 563. 

Baths. — The capital expenditure 
invested on the baths was £5,713. 
The income last year was £1,252 
9s. lid.; maintenance charges, 
£1,357 3s. lid.; interest on sinking 
fund, £1,857 9s. 

Cemeteries. — The Corporation 
recently took over the duties of the 
Burial Board and maintains two 
cemeteries. Receipts from the 
Portsmouth Burial Ground for the 

year ended 31st- March, 1901 
£1,553 3s. 4d. ; f rom the parish 
authorities, £4,400 ; expenditure, 
£4,815 19s. Income from Portsea 
Burial Ground, £1,884 8s. 5d. ; from 
the parish authorities, £2,000— total, 
£3,884 8s. 5d. ; expenditure, £2,581 
14s. ? of which £1,480 4s. 7d. was 
for interest and sinking fund. -• 
Electric Lighting.— Page 4£2 
Free Public Libraries. — The 
Corporation maintains a Central 


Digitized by CjOOQIC 


Municipal Year Book. 

Library with two branches, and a 
Museum. Cost of Central Library, 
£1,378 7s. 3d. ; branches, £4S0 5s. 9d. 
and £474 Is. 9d. respectively, and 
Museum, £214 14s. 7d. 

Markets. — The total receipts 
from general market tolls was £187. 

Refuse and Sewage.— The town 
refuse is partly burned and tipped 
on waste land, and the sewage is 
discharged into the sea. 

Technical Education. — The 
Corporation maintains a Technical 
School where a comprehensive system 
of instruction is carried on, special 
attention being paid to naval archi- 
tecture, nautical astronomy, and 


Mayor.— Councillor W. T. Dupree. 

Aldermen.— Sir J. Baker, Sir W. Pink, 
Sir W. King, J. H. Allen, R. Barnes, A. L. 
Emanuel, G. Ellis, T. 8. Foster, GK H. Dean, 
T. King, G. Jenkins, F. Power, W. Ward, 
R. W. Beale. 

Councillors.— G.W. Asb.G.W. Edmonds, 
J. Aylwin, J. Baldwin, T. Brewis, J. H. 
Corke, G. E. Couzens, W. A. Morley, J. 
Dummer, W. E. Duck, W. T. Dupree, R. 

navigation. The cost of mainten- 
ance last year was £2,743 5s. 7d. 
and about £477 13s. was distributed 
in grants to various institutions in 
the town, including Portsmouth 
School of Science and Art, and 
University Extension Lectures. 

Telephones.— Page 414. 

Tramways.— Page 529. 

General Statistics. — Rates : 
Borough Rate, 8|d. in the £ ; 
Watch Rate, 4£d.; Free Library, Id.; 
School Board Rate, Is. 2}d. in the 
£ ; District Rate, 2b. 6d. in the £ ; 
total expenditure last year for muni- 
cipal purposes under the Town Coun- 
cil, £64,625 12s. 6d. ; and as Urban 
District Authority, £94,651 8s. lid. 


Emmett, H. I. Evans, W. T. Dittraan, F. G. 
Filter, J. S. Freeman, T. E. Fulljames, 
M. Gill, 0. Gillett, H. Palin, J. Mulvany, 
S. Knifllit, R. Payne, Gh J. Merritt, G. 
Young, J. Carpenter, G. Coffin, C. Dye, 
A. Amatt, A. G. Curtiss, H. Kimber, Win. 
Corner, W. Stevenson, 0. R. Stobie, 
G. C. Vernon-Iukpen, Henry Edwards, Hy. 
Albert Harman, John Edward Pink. H. R. 
Pink, Albert Edward Porter, Samuel 
Edmund Sprigings, S. Wo'fe. 


Town Clerk, Clerk to District 
Council and Port Sanitary Authority. 
—A. Hellard. 

Treasurer.— W. Payne, J. P. 

Medical Officer.— A. M. Fraser. 

Engineer and Surveyor.— P. Murch. 

Accountant.— A. E. Bone. 

Chief Clerk.— H. Newell. 

Wharfinger and Collector. — E. 

Inspector of Nuisances.— F. L. Bell. 

Tramway Engineer. — E. Rotter, 


(County Borough.) 
Population, 112,982 ; Rateable Value, £393,865 ; Area, 4,030 Acres. 
Preston (Lanes.) can produce a formidable list of charters dating from the 
re'gi of Henry I. in 1100 down to the year 1828. The town came under 
the Municipal Corporations Act in 1838. Until then the heads of the 
municipality were known as Mayors and Bailiffs. The town has been a 
Quarter Sessions district since 1684. 

Preston's great enterprise was the acquisition of the dock and harbour 
rights of the Kibble. The Corporation bought the undertaking of the 
Kibble Navigation Company in 1883 for £72,862. Since then, capital 
expenditure to the amount of £1,223,837 has been incurred in improving 
th* locks, quays, &c, and in developing the trade of the port. Preston's 

Digitized by CjOOQ IC 

Municipal Year Book. 


enterprise has been greater, when its population and the local circumstances 
are considered, than that of Manchester in coming to the assistance of the Ship 
Canal. Preston is just now paying £36,000 a year towards its port, which 
is equal to a rate of 2s. 0|d. in the £. This makes the total rate of the 
Borough 7s. 4d. It is probable that this heavy rate for the Ribble has deterred 
the Corporation from undertaking new works in other directions, but the 
maintenance of the pore in the present way is no doubt of great benefit 
to the trading and general interest of the community. The Gas and Electric 
Lighting supplies are in private hands, but the Corporation maintains the 
Water Supply, Markets, Free Libraries, and Baths. The Tramways are 
Corporation property, and it has also many other special interests. It 
maintains the Grammar School ; it appoints four directors bo the Board of the 
Ribble Branch Railway. It is represented on the Fishery Board ; on the 
Kibble Pollution Joint Committee ; on the Lancashire Sea Fisheries Com- 
mittee ; on the governing bodies of Broughton Endowed School, Harris 
Institute, and on charities ; it has charge of scholarship funds, and is the 
Port Sanitary Authority. 

Baths. — The charges for the use 
of baths varies from Id. to 4d., with 
season tickets at reduced rates. 
Bathers for year ended March, 1901, 
52,857. Income, £518 ; expenditure, 
£1,341. The difference is paid out of 
the General District Rate. Cost of 
the baths, including site, £11,217. 

Free Public Libraries.— In 
connection with the Free Library, 
there is a Natural History Museum 
and an Observatory. Tne Library 
Committee manages Dr. Shepherd's 
Library, which costs £122 a year to 
maintain. The expenditure for the 
Free Library for the year ended 
31st March, 1901, was £1,791, and 
for the Museum, £506. The Libraries 
cost £22,356 to establish. 

Markets. — Preston has exten- 
sive Municipal Markets, Cattle, 
Corn, Butter and Fowl, Pork, Pig 
Markets, Cattle, Horse, and Pot 
Fairs, a Covered Market, and a Corn 
Exchange. Total revenue last year 
from the various Markets and the 
Corn Exchange was £6,790, and the 
expenditure was £4,821, exclusive of 

interest and;, sinking fund charges. 
Property purchased for market pur- 
poses, without the Cattle Market, 
cost £64,227, and the building of the 
Covered Market cost £11,879. 

Refuse and Sewage Disposal. 
—Street refuse and other waste gar- 
bage is burned in a destructor. 
Night-soil is utilised as manure. 
Sewage is disposed of by irrigation. 
A farm has been acquired and 
equipped at a cost of £64,561. A 
new main sewerage system was re- 
cently constructed at a total cost of 

Tramways.— Page 540. 

Water.— Page 445. 

General Statistics. — Rates : 
Poor, 9d. ; Watch, 4d. ; Baths, jd. ; 
Free Library, l£d. ; School Attend- 
ance, Jd. ; Municipal Purposes, 9d. ; 
General District, 3s. 2£d. ; Ribble, 
2s. OJd. ; total, 7s. 4d. Debt out- 
standing, £1 ,945,309. Cost of Police, 
£11,264 ; Fire Brigade, £518; Public 
Lighting, £7,171 ; Scavenging 
£3,828 ; Night-soil Department 
£12,717 ; Parks, £2,260. 


Mayor.— The Bt. Hon. The Earl of Derby, 

Aldermen.— B. Waimsley, Wm, Henry 
Woods, John Forshaw, Henry Davies, John 
Pearson, Wm. Thompson, Jas. Graven, Ed. 
Greenwood, W. B. Roper, Jas. Yates Foster, 
John G. Hamilton, John Cookson. 

Councillors.— 8t. John's Ward • Bd 
Myerscough, J. L. Cumpstey, J. B. Hodg- 
son. Avenham Ward: E. J. Andrew 
Dr. F. W. Collinson, M. B. Copland. Christ 
Church Ward: Thos. Houghton. Henry 
Curwen. Harry Cartmell. Afmroy Ward , 
Jna. Ormrod, Chas. White, W. M. Mir- 

Digitized by CjOOQ IC 


Municipal Year Book. 

geriscn. Maudlaed Ward: 8. Cromp- 
ton, T. Dewhurst, B. 8. 8impson. St. 
Petkb's Ward : W. E. Ord. J. J. Bawsthorn, 
Dr. F. T. Walmsley. Moor Brook Ward : 
Thos. Pat kinson, B. H. Smith, D. W. Brown. 
Park Ward : W. Johnson, Geo. Oakey, J. B. 
Smith. Trikity Ward : Wm. Half, Win. 
Worden, Q. Dewhurst.. Deepdalk Ward : 
Jas. Green, N. Miller, Wm. Worden. 
Bibbletox Ward: Jno. Hubberstey, p. 
Biding, Jno. Ains worth. Fishwick Ward : 
H. Cartmell, Jas. Breakell, B. M. Birley. 

Chairmen of Committers. — General 
Purposes, Aid. Burrow ; Watch, the Mayor ; 
Grammar School, Aid. Davies ; Markets and 
Town Hall, Cncllr. J. Foster; Town Im- 
provements, Aid. Walmsley; Parks and 
Baths, Alderman Thompson; Sanitary Pur- 
poses, Aid. Dunn; Streets and Buildings, 
Aid. Pearson; Water, Aid. Mavnard; 
Finance, Aid. Forshaw; School Attendance. 
Aid. Roper ; FreeLibrarr, Cncllr. Hamilton; 
Bibble, Aid. Forshaw ; County Borough, Aid. 


Recorder.— Francis Hamilton Mellor. 

Towe Clerk, Clerk to Urbae Sart- 
tary Authority, Registrar of Borough 
Coukt, Clerk to School Attendance 
Committee aed to Port Sanitary Au- 
thority.— Henry Hamer. 

Borough Treasurer, Borough Steward 
aed Treasurer to the Port Sanitary 
Authority. — James Carter. 

Borough Engineer and Borough Sur- 
veyor.— Thomas Cookson. 

Medical Officer of Health and of 
Poht Sanitary Authority, and Surgeon 
to the Police Force.— H. O. Pilkington, 

Chief Constable.— Major Francis Little. 

Head Master of Grammar School.— 
H. C Brooks. M.A. 

Ribble Resident Engineer. — James 

Doce Superintendent and Harbour 
Master.— J. Bilsborough. 

Librarian.— W. 8. Bramwell. 

Public Analyst.— Prof. J. Campbell 
Brown, D.Sc. 

Sergeant-at-Mace.— Francis Bigg. 

Billposter.— W. H.Collinson. 

Superintendent of Fire Brigade 

Alonza Savage. 

Sanitary Inspectors.— Thos. Jackson, 
W. J. Morgan, William Baron, Henry 

Food, Drugs, and Meat Inspector.— 
John Marsden. 


Population, 14,907; Bateable Value, £53,000; Area, 2,400 Acres. 
PuDSEY is one of the six towns which received their charter of incorporation 
during 1899. It is an important and growing industrial town in West 
Riding, and during the last half-dozen years has made great strides in 
Municipal Government. Municipal Data :— Pudsey Park opened Sep- 
tember 28th, 1889, by Briggs Priestley, Esq., M.P. ; Waterworks under- 
taking purchased March, 1893 ; First Stone of new Mechanics' Institute 
laid October, 1879, by W. D. Scales, Esq., Grove House, Pudsey ; Burial 
Board established 1870— the powers, duties and liabilities of the Board were 
taken over by the Urban District Council March, 1895 ; Isolation Hospital 
established 1888, opened 1891 ; Recreation Ground purchased 1880 ; Public 
Offices opened 1882 ; Privy Council enquiry into the Council's application 
for a Charter of Incorporation August 23rd and 24th, 1898 ; Charter of In- 
corporation received November 13th, 1899. The Water Supply is in the 
hands of the Corporation, the water being purchased in bulk from the 
Bradford Corporation. Gas is supplied by a company. The Corporation also 
maintains a Cemetery, Pleasure Grounds, Market, Fire Brigade, and joins 
With Farsley, Calverley, Eccleshill, and Idle in the provision of Hospitals. 

Digitized by CjOOQ IC 

Municipal Year Booh 


Baths.— Act adopted in 1897. 
Plans for a building now before the 

Cemetery.— In the hands of a 
Burial Board from 1870 to 1895, 
when it wa3 taken over by the 

Parks. — Park provided at a cost 
of £4,750, and a recreation ground 
at £1,665. 

Kefuse and Sewage Disposal. 
— A- complete system of sewerage and 
sewage disposal, under the most 

recently improved system, has been 
adopted and nearly completed at a 
cost of £45,000. The night-soil and 
house refuse are removed by Council 
by direct labour. 

Technical Instruction.— Sup- 
plied by Pudsey Mechanics' Institute, 
towards which the County Council 
last year made a grant of £504, and 
the Town Council made a grant 
of £80, Science and Art, £175 ; 
Education Department, £284. 

Water.— Page 446. 


Mayor.— James Stillings, J.P., County 

Aldermen.— Wm. C. Forrest, Matthew- 
Walker, J. E. Goodall, Chas. Webster, 
Albert Arn.itage, R. V. Bowling. 

Councillors.— Central Ward : B. B. 
Parkinson, Win. Rogers. Chapeltown 
Ward: John Nicholson, Walter Foiretf., 
W. A. Cordingley. Fuls>eck Ward : C. 
Wilson, F. H. Jones, B. Johnson. Greex- 

side Ward: Samuel Wade, Tom Collin- 
son, R. Farrer. Lowtown Ward: John 
Halliday, John Whitfield, J. W. Turner. 
Stannixgley Ward: J. 8. Flint, O. T. 
Stockwell, H. E. Vickers. 

Town Clerk.— Benjamin Dufton. 

Borough Surveyor.— Joseph Jones. 

Medical Officer.— Dr. W. L. Hunter. 

Inspector of Nuisances.— W. S. Hart. 

Highway Surveyor.— Richard Hodgson. 

Witer Works Inspector.— Jas. Booth. 


Population, 3,675; Rateable Value, £13,500; Area, 1,087 Acres. 
This is a market town and a leading seaside resort. It came under the 
Munic ; pal Corporations Act in 183o, but had held previous charters, the 
first being granted by Edward the Black Prince. The Town Council owns 
a good deal of freehold land. Rates last year, 5s. lOd. 


Mayor.— R. O. Jones. 

Aldermen.— W. Anthony, R. O. Jones, 
O. W. Griffith, H. P. Jones. 

Councillors. — R. Jones, T. Lloyd Ellis, 
R. Mason Jones, A. Ivor Parry, W. Jones, 
W. Eifl Jones, J. Evans-Hughes, t. Wins- 
low, R. Ivor Parry, Saml. Lloyd, J. E. 

Town Clerk and Clerk to District 
Council.— Evan R. Davies. 

Treasurer.— W. O. Hughes. 

Surveyor.— W. J. Davies. 

Medical Officer.— P. Frazer. 

Accountant.— E. Jones. 


Population, 1,516; Rateable Value, £7,170; Area, 402 Acres. 
QUEENBOROUGH is in the Island of Sheppey and is an ancient town. It 
received its charter in the reign of Edward the Third and possesses many 
other charters from other monarchs. It did not, however, come under the 

Digitized by CjOOQ IC 

220 Municipal Year Book. 

Municipal Corporations Act until 1885. Queenborough is now best known 
as a port for steamers to Flushing and Germany. A profit of £366 was 
made from the harbour last year. 


Mayor.— Councillor J. W. Stevens. Jaffray, W. J. Palmer, C. R. Stevens, E* 

W A How?w"p F anSe h n m P, ° n ' ^ ^^ ^ ™&%°&**Xs-W. J- Harris. 

w. Howe, w. Fannell. Medical Officer of HEALTH.-Cbas. 

Councillors.— J. 8. Bills, J. E. Castle, A. Arrol, M.D. 

R. Constant, P. Griffin, A. Hall, W. Cotes, Surveyor and Harbour Master.— E. 

R. P. Halliwell, J. W. Stevens, E. W. Brightman. 


Population, 27,686 ; Ra.tea.ble Value, £U8,739 ; Area, 2,343 Acres. 
Ramsgate was incorporated in 1884, and since then has been a thoroughly 
progressive municipality. Large sums have been spent in making beautiful 
Esplanades on the east and west cliffs at a cost of nearly £100,000. The 
drainage of the town has been placed in a sound condition, and the 
Corporation has provided a Public Park at a cost of £15,000. A Refuse 
Destructor has recently been erected and is now in working order. A 
scheme of Sea Defence Works for the protection of the cliffs and promenades 
on the eastern side of the borough has been approved. The Town Council 
owns the Water and Gas Supplies. 

Gas.— Page 471. Water.— Page 446. 


Mayor.— H. H. Green. Hacker, C. Ongham, W. Coleman, R. 

Aldermen. — W. P. Blackburn, W. M. Dowling. 

Bradley, P. S. Emett, H. H. Green, C. R. Town Clerk and Clerk to District 

Wood, J. Barnett. Council.— W. A. Hubbard. 

Councillors.— R. C. Bear, I. Bannister, Treasurer.— W. McMaster. 

G G. Cook, C. J. Gwyn, J. B. Hodgson, Surveyor.— T. G. Taylor, O.E. 

J. H. Hope, L. Hart, E. J. Hawkes, W. W. Medical Officer.— T. G. Styan, M.D. 

Martin, W. H. Port, M. J. Poole, R. Dowling, Inspector.— W, D. Millard. 

H. H. Hunter, J. W. Woodhall, C. A. Accountant.— A. VV. Eingsland F.S.A.A. 


Population, 31,052 ; Rateable Value, £118,202 ; Area, 9,528 Acres. 
Rawtenstall is the central, largest, and most important town in the 
Rossendale Division. It is making rapid progress, and is destined from its 
geographical position alone to some day become a very large and important 
centre. It was governed by a Local Board from 1874 to 1883, and was then 
extended to include seven neighbouring villages. It obtained a charter of 
incorporation in February, 1891. The Corporation owns a central dep6fc and 
stables and two district store yards and stable depdts, a Central Fire Station 
with houses and stables attached and two District Fire Stations ; also 
two Markets, a Park and Play -ground, Smallpox Hospital, Refuse 
Destructor, and Cemetery ; a Technical School and one of the oest equipped 
Weaving Schools in Lancashire. There is also a School Board with 
offices in the borough. Rawtenstall obtains its Water Supply from the 
Bury and District Joint Wat«r Board, of which it is one of the constituent 
authorities, and has two representatives on the Board. It has its Gas 

Digitized by CjOOQ IC 

Municipal Year Book. 


Supply from a private company, whose works are situate within the 
borough. The Corporation is now considering as to providing Electric 
Light for the borough under its Electric Lighting Order. The Tramways 
are at present owned by two private companies. The local company is 
applying to Parliament this Session for an Act to extend the system in two 
directions, and also to convert the whole system to that of electric traction. 
The borough is policed under agreement by the County Police, and there 
are a Police Court, County Court, Theatre, and Workhouse within the 

Cemetery. — The expenditure on 
the cemetery last year was £1,445 
4s. 6d. ; the income exceeded that 
sum by £57 9s. 5d. 

Main Roads.— The Corporation 
is now repaving large portions of 
their main roads at an estimated 
cost of £17,000. 

Main Sewerage. — The main 
sewerage scheme is estimated to 
«ost over £50,000, of which over 
£40,000 has already been spent. 

Markets.— The income from the 
markets was £186, and the expendi- 
ture £181. 

Refuse and Sewage.— Some of 

the refuse is at present tipped on 
land, but the Corporation has a 
destructor at its central depot. 
The sewage is treated at the outfall 
works of a Joint Board consisting 
of representatives of Rawtenstall 
and two adjoining towns. 

Technical Education.— Exten- 
sive evening classes are carried on, 
with 900 students in attendance. 

Water.— Page 446. 

General Statistics. — Rates : 
General District Rate, 2s. lOd. in the 
£ ; Burial Board Rate, 6d. ; Poor 
Rate, including Borough Rate, 2s. 6d. 
and 3s. 4d. 


Mayor.— Alderman H. W. Triekett, J.P. 

Aldermen.— H. W. Tricketf, S. Comp- 
ston, Thos. Gray, T. Woodcock, R. Wors- 
wick, 8. Schofleld. 

Councillors. — Thos. Cryer, Alfred 
Birtwistle, Hd. Law, David ftirk, J. W. 
Binns, G. H. Duckworth, James Shadlock, 
John Riding, J. Hayes, Peter Afoot e, Wm. 
Higgin, Josiah Bradley, J. B. Roth well, 
J. Maden, Hj. Coupe, Edward Nuttall, 
Alexander A. Hargreaves, Edmund Scho- 

Town Clerk, Clerk to Burial Board, 
and Secretary to Technical Instruc- 
tion Committee.— James Whalley. 

Borough Treasurer.— J. A. Gregory, 

Borough Engineer and Surveyor.— 
Albert Wm. Lawson, A.M.I.C.E., M.8.I. 

Medical Officer of Health.— Bobert 
Smith, M.D., D.P.H. 

Borough Accountant.— Thomas Hindle. 

Sanitary Inspector.— George Bawling. 

Veterinary Inspector.— Wilfred Dilke 
Simpson, M.R.C.V.S. 

Collectors.— Thomas Hindle and Wm. 

Auditor.— George Proctor, A.C.A. 

Fire and Lighting Superintendent.— 
Edward Samuel Ware. 

Horse-kekper.— Robert Hoyle. 


(County Borough.) 
Population, 72,214 ; Rateable Value, £352,118 ; Area, 5,878 Acres. 

The Corporation of Heading (Berks.), which traces its history back to tbe 
reign of Henry III., maintains the Water Supply of the borough, the Markets 
and Slaughter-Houses, and has purchased the Tramways, which are about 
to be reconstructed and considerably extended and worked by electricity. 
It has also established Free Public Libraries and Museums and an Art 
Gallery, and provides facilities for Bathing. The Gas and Electric Light- 
ing are under private control. The nett annual rental from the corporate 
estate last year was £1,691 

Digitized by CjOOQ IC 


Municipal Year Book. 

Baths. — A Bathing-Place lias 
been provided on the Thames at a 
cost of £2,700. 

Free Public Library. — The 
Corporation adopted the Libraries 
Act in 1877, and the Museums and 
Gymnasiums Act in 1895. In con- 
nection with the Library there are 
Museums and an Art Gallery, and a 
special Library has been provided 
for juveniles. The Library contains 
about 30,000 volumes, and last year 
cost £1,280 to maintain. 

Markets. — The income from the 
Corn Exchange and Markets for the 
year ended 31st March, 1901, was 
£ 1 , 1 20. The expenditure was £490. 

Refuse and Sewage.— The town 
refuse is mainly taken to the Sewage 
Farm for manurial purposes. The 
Sewage Farm and Pumping Station 
last year entailed a nett cost of £2,888 
to maintain, exclusive of interest 
and redemption charges on capital 
expended, including purchase of 
about 800 acres of land , and the 
provision of three sets of farm build- 
ngs, labourers' cottages, &c. 

Slaughterhouses.— Slaughter- 


Ma vor.— Alfred Holland Bull. 

Aldermen. — A. Beale, H. B. Blandy, 
J. F. E iei-1 y, D. Heelas, A. Hill, J. W. 
Hounsiow, J. W. Martin*, W. B. Monck, 
G. W. Palmer, M.P., B. Bimonas. 

Councillors. — Abbey Ward : R. E. 
Hodder, G. W. Wtbb, A. H. Bull. Battle 
Ward: W. J. J. Brinn, W. Frame, E. 
Jackson. Castle Ward : C. G-. Field, O. R. 
Jackson, W. Bonny. Church Ward : E. H. 

houses were established in 1858. 
The income last year was £160, and 
the expenditure £302. 

Technical Instruction. — The 
Corporation has not erected a tech- 
nical school, but last year made 
grants of £300 to the Reading 
Grammar School to be applied in 
scholarships ; £1,100 to the Reading 
College ; £150 to the Governors of 
the Kendrick Schools, Reading ; 
£150 to the Free Library and 
Museum Committee ; and £20 to the 
St. John Ambulance Association 
(Reading Centre). 

Tramways— Page 529. 

Water.— Page 446, 

General Statistics. — Rates : 
Borough Rate (including Library 
and School Board Rates), 2s. in 
the £ ; General District Rate, 3s. 4d. ; 
Poor Rate, Is. 0|d. Cost of Police, 
£7,360 ; proportion transferred from 
the Exchequer contribution account, 
£3,232; Fire Brigade, £968 ; Parks, 
&c, £2,136; Hospital, £255; Pub- 
lic Lighting, £3,886 ; Scavenging 
and Street Watering, £7,651 ; Main- 
tenance of Highways, £14,590. 


Simmons, T. Waite, J. Mosdell. East 
Ward: G. 8. Abram, W. Ferguson, P. B. 
Paifitt. Katesgrove Ward : G. Philbrick, 
W. Poult on, W. BT. Simondg. Minster 
Ward : D. Connolly, P. Tunbridge; S. 
G. Jones. Redlands Ward.- S. Hay ward, 
W. M. Colebrook. W. J. D. Venner, 
Victoria Ward : F. A. Cox, J. Milsom, 
W. Mcllroy . West Ward : Dryland Haslam, 
jun., O. Ridley, J. H. Walters. 


Town Clerk and Clerk to Urban Sani- 
tary Authority.— H. Day. 

Deputy Town Clerk and Solicitor 
to the Corporation.— W. S. Clutterbuck. 

Clerk of the Peace.— Arthur H. Sher- 

Borough Treasurer.— John Simonds. 

Medical Officer and Public Analyst. 
—Alfred Ashby, M.B., F.K.C.S. 

Engineer and Surveyor.— John Bowen, 

Clerk to Magistrates and Charities 
Trustees.— W. F. Blandy. 

(Jokoner.— W. Weedon. 

Accountant and Assistant Treasurer. 
-H. Lund. 

Public Librarian.— W. BT. Greenhough. 

Head Constable.— Captain J. S. Hen- 

Manager of Water Works.— A. T. 
Walker, A.M.Inst.C.E. 

Inspector of Nuisances. — W. H. 

Inspector of Weights and Measures, 
-H. Wright. 

Superintendent of Fire Brigade.— 
F. L. Pom in. 

Farm * Steward.— T. Chettle. 

Tramway Manager.— F. Groves. 

Digitized by CjOOQ IC 

Municipal Year Book. 



Population, 25,993 ; Rateable Value, £179,458 ; Area, 6,008 Acres. 
REIGATE was incorporated in 1863. The Water Supply is in the hands 
of the East Surrey Water Company, and the Gas Simply in the hands of 
two other companies. Within the last thirty years the Coiporation has 
carried out extensive main drainage works at a cost of £93,900 ; and 
has, in connection with sewage disposal, established precipitation works 
and a sewage farm. The Parochial Cemetery is managed by a Burial Board. 
The cost of local administration last year was £30,734 ; loans outstanding, 
£63,415 ; expenditure on Hospital and Infectious Diseases, £1,280 ; contri- 
bution towards Technical Instruction, £100. 
Artisans' Dwellings.— Page 568. Electric Lighting.— Page 492. 


Mayor.— Francis Edward Barms, J.P. 

Aldermen.- H. Yerworth, P. fiudgen, 
J. P.. H. Onglev, J. P.. W. H. Bdgaley, 
R.-B. VU1>, P. P.Parrington. 

Councillors —J. Powell, J.P., H. B. 
Reader, O. C. Apted, R. Adams, A. B. 
Apted, P. E. Barnes, J.P., H. Crosfleld, W. 
Hoi man, W. Conollv, P. Brackley, J. R. 
Clarke, M Dean, J. T. 8anders, w\ Mark- 
ham, J. R. Benham, F. P. Candy, E. H. 
Burrage, R. S. Nicol. 

Town Clerk.— C. J. Grece, LL.D. 

Treasurer.- B. Grigrgs. 

Engineer and Surveyor.— F. T. Clay, 

Mkdical Officer.— E. L. Jacob, B.A., 

Inspector of Nuisances.— J. P. Huin- 

Head Constable.— J. Metcalfe. 

Collector.— P. Gower. 

Electric Engineer.— William L. Ross. 


Population, 31,677 ; Rateable Value, £282,447 ; Area, 2,534 Acres. 
Richmond was for centuries a well-known place before it became incor- 
porated as a town. It has been alike favoured by situation and blessed by 
royalty. Richmond was incorporated in 1890, and since then lias extended 
its boundaries. It now consists of the parishes of Richmond, Kew, 
Petersham, and North Sheen. Richmond, when governed by a Vestry, 
established a Municipal Water Supply in 1876. It has possessed a Free 
Public Library for twenty-one years. Public Baths were established in 1882. 
The Corporation has built a beautiful Town Hall Provision has been made 
for the housing of the working-classes in municipal cottages. A. Technical 
School for accommodating four hundred pupils has recently been built, and 
in conjunction with the Heston and Isleworth District Council a new Isola- 
tion Hospital has been erected at Mogden. 

Artisans' Dwellings. — Page annual cost, including interest and 


Cemeteries. — The Corporation 
acts as the Burial Board and main- 
tains the public cemetery, the 
income from which last year was 
£873, and the expenditure (including 
interest on loans and sinking fund), 
£1,727. The Borough Fund pro- 
vided the deficiency. 

Free. Public Libraries. —Rich- 
mond maintains a central library 
and a branch at Petersham. The 

sinking fund charges, is £1,354. 

Public Baths. — The revenue 
from the baths last year, which 
were patronised by 65,497 persons, 
was £1,096. The expenditure, in- 
cluding interest on loans and 
sinking fund, was £2,214. The 
deficiency was made up from the 
Highways and General Fund. 

Refuse and Sew age. — Refuse 
is removed by rail by a dust con- 
tractor, and sewage is disposed of by 

Digitized by CjOOQ IC 


Municipal Year Book 

precipitation at the Richmond and 
Mortlake Main Sewerage Board's 
Works at Mortlake. 

Water.— Page 446. 

General Statistics.— The Rates 
are : Highways and General Rates, 
3s. 7d. ; Poor Rate, Is. lOd. ; Foot 
Bridge and Lock Rate, Id. The 
debt outstanding is (less Stock 


Mayor.— Alderman Alfred Aid in, J. P. 

Aldermen.— A. Aldin, J.P., B. E. Blasby, 
J.P., C. Burf, J.P., S. T. Gascoyne, J.P., 
J. O. Keay, J. P., T. Kat cliff, Marsh Ray, S. 
Roberts. J P., T. Skewes-Cox, M.P., J.P., 
Sir J. W. Szlumper, J.P. 

Redemption Fund in hand) £279,511. 
Cost of Fire Brigade, £1,339 ; Collec- 
tion of Refuse, £3,094 ; Pleasure 
Grounds, £2,008 ; Street Lighting, 
£3,690; Sewerage, £4,332; High- 
ways (less contributions from 
County Council and other bodies), 
£9,765 ; Disposal of Sewage, £10,339. 
These figures include interest and 
redemption of loans. 

Councillors.— North Ward : E. K- 
Davis, P. G. Humphreys, J.P., Ernest C. 
Morgan, J. T. Skelton, K. B. Smith, A. J. 
Ward. West Ward: T. Ben steel, J. T. 
Billett, J. W. Brooking, A. Chancellor, 
J.P., I. D. McDougall, li. W. Simpson. 
East Ward : T. J Carless, jun., W. J. 
Cook, A Garratt, Allan Lucas, W. 
Thompson. South Ward: J. H. Alabaster, 
C. B. Edgar, J.P., G. W. Heasler, J. B. Hil- 
ditch, J. P., P. E. Metzner, C. Capel Smith, 

T. W. Stephens, P. J. Wadd, M.B., E. B. B. 
Wren. Kkw Ward : W. H. Beauchamp, 
F. E. Hal me, W. Mason. 

Town Clerk.— Predk. B. Senior. 

Deputy Town Clkrk.— Henry Sagar. 

Borough Treasurer. — S. F. Higgins 
London and Provincial Bank. 

Medical Officer of Health.— J. 
Crocker, M.D. 

Borough Surveyor.— J. H. Brierley, C.E. 

Borough Accountant.— H. Richards. 

Waterworks Engineer.— W. G. Peirce, 

Librarian.- A. A. Barkas. 

Sanitary Inspector.— W. Parsons. 

Baths Superintendent.— C. L. Newman. 

School Attendance Officer.— T. W. 


Population, 3,900 ; Rateable Value, £16,539; Area, 2,520 Acres. 
Richmond is one of the oldest towns in the country, and obtained its 
charter from the third Duke of Bretagne after the Conqueror's siege of York. 
The town obtained subsequent charters. The Corporation maintains the 
Water and Gas Supplies, owns houses which bring in a rent of £327, land 
and plantations which bring in £577. The Markets are also under the 
Town Council, and there is also a Municipal Cemetery. 
Cemetery. — The receipts from refuse is deposited on land and the 

the cemetery were £60, and the 
expenditure £240. 

Gas.— Page 471. 

Markets.— The Town Council 
last year received £154 from its 
markets, the expenditure being only 

Refuse and Sewage. — The 

sewage drained into the river. 

Water.— Page 446. 

General Statistics. — Rates : 
The Borough Rate is Is. 3d. in the 
£, and Poor Rate lid. in the h. 
Debt outstanding is £3,700. Cost 
of Highways, £570 ; Scavenging, 
£191 ; Fire Brigade, £100. 


Mayor.— Alderman Gerald Walker. 

Aldermen.— George Roier, J.P., C.A., 
Capt. Geiald Walker, J.P., C.C., 8. Robin- 
sou, J.P., W. Brittain. 

Councillors. -S. Coates, B. Russell, F. R- 
Wbitton, C. Hodgson. J. Rayner, D. R- 
Smith, S. W. Close H. W. Walton, T. I. 

Wallace, H. Smith, A. Currie, Admiral U. F. 

Town Clerk.— C. G. Croft. 

Treasurer.— J. C. Winn. 

Accountant.— John Pr< ctor. 

Medical Officer of Health.— Howell 

Surveyor.— J. W. WetherlU. 

Digitized by CjOOQ IC 

Municipal Year Book 



Population, 8,225 ; Rateable Value, £38,413 ; Area, 1,804 Acres. 

Ripon is an ancient episcopal city. Within recent years the Corporation 
has acquired the Market rights, introduced a Water Supply, purchased the 
Gas Works, and provided a Cemetery. The total local expenditure amounts 
i>o £40,395 a year. A Bill is before Parliament. 

Gas.— Page 471. Water.— Page 447. 


Mayor.— John Spence, J.P. 
Deputy Mayor.— John Banks Lee, J.P. 
Aldermen.— J. B. Lee, J. P.. A. Wells, 
J. P., J. Spence, J.P., W/ Harrison, J.P. 

Councillors.— C. Watson. H. Boddy. T. 
Harrison, G. Kendall, W. 13. Dixon, J.P., K. 
Wilkinson, A. B. Walker, J. W. Hewson, B. E. J. Anderson. 

W. T. Moss, J.P., T. Smithson, J.P., T. 
Wells, H. M. Thirl way, J.P. 

Town Clerk.— M. Kirkley. 

Deputy Town Clerk.— J. W. Kirkley.. 

Surveyor.— Wm. Edson. 

Medical Officer.— G. R. Green. 

Manager of Gas and Water Works.— 


(County Borough.) 

Population, 83,112; Rateable Value, £368,648; Area, 6,454 Acres. 

Kochdale consisted of the township of Butterworth, Castleton, Spotland, 
YVuerdle, and Wardle until 1894, when the township of Rochdale was made 
conterminous? with the borough. In 1900 the borough was extended by the 
inclusion of the greater part of the Urban District of Castleton. The Town 
Council maintains Baths, Cemeteries, Free Libraries, Technical Schools, 
the Gas, Electricity, and Water undertakings, and the Cattle Markets. The 
Corporation contemplates purchasing the local Tramways, and to work them 

Baths. — Slipper and Shower 
Baths, Vapour, Russian, and 
Turkish Baths, Swimming Baths 
for both sexes, are all provided at 
Rochdale. The charges run from Id. 
to Is. The capital outlay on the 
baths has been £10,496. The 
receipts from the baths last year 
were £728, just about half what was 
required to maintain them and pay 
interest on the capital. 

Cemeteries. — The cost of acquir- 
ing and laying out the cemetery 
grounds has been £30,113. The re- 
venue last year amounted to £1,920. 
There was a deficiency at the end of 
the year of £276. 
Electric Lighting,— Page 492. 

Free Public Library. — The 
Libraries Act was adopted in 1870. 
Cost of the Library, which contains 
about 54,771 volumes, has been 
£15,572. Cost of maintenance last 
year £1,048. 

Gas.— Page 471. 

Markets.— The General Markets 
are in the hands of a company. 
A Cattle Market belongs to the 
Corporation, the income from which 
last year was £210, and the ex- 
penditure £189. 

Technical Education. — The 
Corporation has built a new Tech- 
nical School at a erst of £15,661, 
and it maintains a School of Art, 

Digitized by CjOOQ IC 


Municipal Year Booh. 

chemistry, dyeing, weaving, and 
plumbing classes and theoretical clas- 
ses in many subjects. The amount * 
allocated from the local taxation 
grants last year towards technical 
instruction was £1,706, and £1,280 
was voted by the Technical Instruc- 
tion Committee. The total income, 
which included Science and Art 
grants, fees, &c, was £4,760. 

Refuse and Sewage Disposal. 
— lief use is partly sifted and burned 
(Messrs. Meldrum Bros, destructor), 
ashes are mixed with night-soil and 
sold as sanitary manure. The in- 
come from this source last year was 


Mayor.— Samuel Turner. 

Aldermen. — John Turner, Henry 
Fishwick, J. R. Heape, W. J. Petrie, Miles 
Ashworth, James Duckworth, W. T. Heap, 
William Baron, William Hardman, Ormerod 
Topper, Saml. W. O'Neill. 

Councillors.— Cistleton Ward 
(North) : J. U. Howarth, Isaac Renshaw, 
Hezekiah Sharp. Castleton Ward 
(East): Wilson Dunning, 1 nomas Parker, 
John Kay. Castleton Ward (West) : 
S. 8. Ford, JamesE. Jones, Joseph Walker. 
Castleton Ward (South): William Cun- 
liffe, Thomas Taylor, Gerald Radcliffe. 
8potland Ward (East) : Robert -Collinge, 
Samuel Turner, W. H. Duncan. Scotland 
Ward (West); William Collinge, James 
Taylor, Thomas O^den. Wardleworth 
Ward (East) : Simeon Butterworth, 


Town Clerk. — James Leach. 

Assistant Town Clerk.— F. J. Schroeter. 

Borough Treasurer and Registrar of 
Stock. — Seth Booth man. 

Borough Surveyor.— S. S. Piatt, 

Assistant Borough Surveyor. —Henry 
Yarwood, C.E. 

Medical Officer of Health. — Joseph 
Henry, M.D. 

Inspector of Nuisances. — Thomas 

£2,988. Sewage is disposed of by 
broad irrigation. Last year the sewage 
farm produced a revenue of £1,305. 

Telephones.— Page 414. 

Tramways.— Page 540. 

Water.— Page 447. 

General Statistics. — Rates 
levied by the Corporation in 1901, 
5s. 6d.; Poor Rate, Is. 8d. Debtout- 
stmding, £1,670,590. Cost of Police, 
£8,904 ; Fire Brigade, £1,285 ; Parks, 
£2,135; Hospitals, £1,773; Paving 
and Sewering, £13,301 ; Main 
Sewerage, £10,036 ; Scavenging, 

Charles Redfern, Peter Hampson. Wardle- 
worth Ward (West): Thomas James 
Hacking, Thomas Smith, Jarvis Coates. 
Wardleworth Ward (South) : Edward 
Fletcher, Jas. Jos. Kinprsley, Joseph Rash- 
worth. Wuerdlk Ward : 8am I. Lord 
Chad wick, John Whit worth, Jas. Kershaw. 
Castleton Moor Ward : James Ashworth, 
Jo?. Eastwood, Tlios. P. Ormerod. 

Chairmen of Committees.— Watch, 
Alderman Duckworth ; Paving, &c, Coun- 
cillor Turner (the Mayor) ; Building, Ac., 
Alderman Topper ; Waterworks, Alderman 
W. T. Heap ; Gas and Electricity, Alderman 
W. J. Petrie ; Health, Alderman Hardman ; 
General Purposes, Alderimn Turner; Library 
Alderman Fishwick ; Finance, Alderman 
Baron ; Technical Instruction, Alderman 
J. R. Heape ; Technical School, Alderman 
J.R. Heape ; Tramways, Councillor Duncan. 


Gas Manager.— T. Banbury Ba'l. 

Electrical Engineer. — C. Claremont 

Water Works Manager.— William Tom- 

Chief Constable— Leonard Barry. 

Captain of the Fire Brigade.— Leonard 

Librarian.— George Hanson. 

Sanitary Works Manager. — F. W. 


Population, 30.622 ; Rateable Value: Borough Rate, £113,680 ; 
District Rate, £98,909 ; Area, 2,909 Acres. 

Rochester is a city of great antiquity. It has been the centre of many- 
struggles between rival monarchs and factions, and was burned as long ago 
as the year 676. Its ancient Castle and its Monastery figure much in history, 
as Rochester was an important stronghold and an ecclesiastical See of note. 
The city was incorporated in the reign of Henry II., and received charter 

Digitized by CjOOQ IC 

Mimicipal Year Book. 


from other monarchs up to the time of Charles I. It came under the 
Municipal Corporations Act on the passing of that measure. The city owns 
a good deal of corporate property, tne rents for which last year were £2,201. 
It purchased the Lavender Sweep Estate in 1883 for £40,340 — the rents 
for which last year (included in above) were £1,572. The revenue for 
property will be greatly increased this year, when a number of leases now 
let at a ground rent of Is. fall in. The Corporation maintains Markets, 
it supplies part of the city with Water, and owns the ruins of the mag- . 
nificent Castle (purchased in 1883 for £6,572), and preserves them with 
jealous care. There are six parishes in the city, the Foor Rates for which 
differ in each, and each of which has its Burial Board. The town quay 
belongs to the Corporation, which is also the Port Sanitary Authority, and 
elects representatives to the Conservancy Board of the River Medway, to 
St. William's Joint Hospital Board, and to Sir Joseph Williamson's School. 
The Lighting Supplies are in private hands. The Corporation has just 
carried out an important drainage scheme in the Delce Valley. The 
Corporation purchased in 1897, for £2,000, as a Diamond Jubilee Memorial, 
an old Elizabethan mansion in the High Street, known as Eastgate House, 
(the Nun's House of Charles Dicken's " Edwin Drood "). It is now being 
restored at a cost of £2,500, and will be used as a public museum. 
Free Public Library. — The The grant from the Kent County 

Public Libraries Act has been 
adopted, and the Library and 
Museum maintained at an annual 
cost of £150. 

Markets.— The Cattle Market 
tolls last year came to £203. 
Income from Corn Exchange, £276. 

Refuse and Sewage Disposal. 
— Refuse is deposited on the marshes. 
Sewage is deposited chiefly in cess- 
pools, which are emptied by the 
Corporation and the contents sold 
to farmers. The Corporation has a 
sewer system for part of the city, 
and a sewage farm. 

Technical Education. — The 
Technical Education Committee con- 
tains representatives of all important 
educational institutions in the city, 
and others interested in the subject. 

Council last year was £658 ; grants 
from Science and Art Department, 
£210 ; fees and private subscriptions 
making a total of £1,038. There 
was on 25th March, 1901, a credit 
balance of £1 17s. lOd. 

Water.— Page 447. 

General Statistics.— Borough 
Rate, lid.; Watch Rate, 5d. ; District 
Rate, 2s. 8d. Debt outstanding: 
£9,654 under City Fund, £24,946 
under District Fund, £20,250 for 
water, £340 for Port Sanitary, and 
for Technical Education £ 1 ,655. Coso 
of Administration of Justice, £207 ; 
Police, £3,348; Lighting, £1,676; 
Improvements last year, £1,056 ; re- 
moval of House Refuse, £958 ; Re- 
creation Grounds, £354 ; Port Sani- 
tary Work, £737. 


Mayor.— Councillor Charles Tuff. 

Aldermen.— William Ball, H. Ludwell 
Dampier, F. J. Horn an, Thomas Reader, 
W.J. McL-llan, W. E. Lakin. 

Councillors.— E. W. Willis, F. F. Smith. 
George Robinson, Percy John Neate, 
William Waters, F. K. Parker, C. D. Levy, 
H. 8. Knight, L. A. Goldie. W. Powell, H. F. 
Homan, Chas. Tuff, C. Willis, junr., W. J. 
Woodman, Warwiclc Stunt, Joseph Shaw, 
sen., A. W. Ireland. 

Recorder.— Morton W. Smith. 

Town Clerk.— Apsley Kennette. 

Medical Officer.— W. Watson. 

City Surveyor.— Wm. Banks. 

Clerk of the Peace and City Trea- 
surer.— F. C. Boucher. 

Justices' Clerk.— J. T. Prall. 

Coroner.— R. J. M. Stedman. 

Chief Constable.— Wm. Broadbridge. 

Veterinary Inspector.— E. Ebbetts. 

Sanitary Inspector.— Ernest Jackling. 

Port Sanitary Inspector. — Henry 

Digitized by CjOOQ IC 


Municipal Tear Book. 


Population, 4,365 ; Rateable Value, £19,503 ; Area, 900 Acres. 

Romsey is an ancient town which has had mayors for three hundred years. 
The Town Council maintains the Markets. 


Mayor. — The Right Hon. Anthony 
E*il. n Melbourne Asiiley. 

m perm en.— John Tuck, W. B. George, 
G. Wheeler. 

Councillors. — E. E. Newman, W. G. 
Prince, E. M. Meddings, Nicholas Houguez, 
George Goulding, James Coleclough, H. D. 
Gavin, John Scorey, E. A. Barling, William 

Pinnick, William Guard, Godwin New 

Town Clerk.— M. L. Harle. 

Borough Treasurer.— L. S. C. Moss. 

Borough Surveyor.— A. J. Jenvey. 

Medical Officer.— R. C. Bartlett. 

Inspector of Nuisances. — G. Sum. 

Market Collector.— J. Doel. 


Population, 51,348 ; Rateable Value, £184,054 ; Area, 5,995 Acres. 

Rotherham began its progressive career about 1871, after the municipalfea- 
tion of the Gas and Water Supplies. At that time the rateable value of the 
town was £94,873, its population 25,079, the rates 5s., and the debt yer 
head £7 9s. In 1897 the rateable value was £152,482, and the population 
50,000. The rates had gone down a good deal in the interval, but are now 
higher again, as in the march of progress they must necessarily bear new 
charges. The debt is £8 10s. j)er head, much of it being for remunerative 
purposes. The most remunerative department of the Town Council is the 
Gas Supply, which has paid over £68,854 to other departments since 1871. 
The Corporation maintains Baths, Libraries, a Museum, Markets, Slaughter- 
Houses, and Technical Schools, besides the Gas, Electric Light, and Water 
Supplies and two Cemeteries. The Council acquired powers in 1900 to con- 
struct Tramways. A representation is before the Local Government Board 
that the borough be constituted a County Borough, and a local enquiry was 
held by the Board in October, 1900. The Borough is the third largest non- 
county borough ; and, according to the recent Census returns, the popula- 
tion is increasing more rapidly than in any other Yorkshire town. 

Baths. — There are baths for men Markets. — The capital cost of 
and women, and also swimming- the markets has been over £30,000. 

baths for both sexes. The charges 
are from Id. to 6d. Income from 
baths in 1900-1 was £466 ; expen- 
diture, £1,142, of which £463 was 
for charges on loans. Turkish baths 
have been recently added and are 
well patronised. 

Free Public Library. —A penny 
rate produces £748 for the main- 
tenance of the library, which cost 
£2,400 to build and equip. It is 
well patronised. 

GAS.— Page 471. 

The rents and tolls from the markets 
last year were as follows : Shambles 
and Shops, £1,159; Market Hall. 
£596 ; Slaughter - Houses, £203 ; 
Cattle Market, £199 ; sundries 
making the total £2,231. Mainten- 
ance : Shambles and Shops, £136 ; 
Market Hall, £273; Slaughter- 
Houses, £291 ; Cattle Market £92 ; 
salaries, £200; contribution to Loans 
Fund, £1,527 ; and miscellaneous 
expenses making the total, £2,513. 
The deficiency was £282. 

Digitized by CjOOQ IC 

Mumidpal Year Book. 


Refuse and Sewage Disposal. 
— Dust and refuse is consumed in 
destructors (Manlove, Alliott and 

Slaughter-Houses.— See Mar- 

Technical Education.— Not 
being a County Borough, Rotherham 
has not the distribution of the 
Exchequer grants for Technical 
Instruction. It received from the 
County Council last year for Tech- 
nical Instruction grants and fee 5 *, 
i'223. As this amount was not suffi- 
cient to meet the working deficit a 

sum of £552 had to be drawn from 
the Borough Fund. 

Tramways.— Page 535. 

Water. —Page 447. 

General Statistics.— Rates : 
District Rate, 3s. 2d. in the £ ; 
Borough Rate (including School 
Board Rate, 2s. in the £), 3s. 5d. 
Debt outstanding, £464,883. Cost 
of Police last year, £3,209 ; I 1 ire 
Brigade, £237*; Parks, £2,820; 
Highways, i'5,746 ; Scavenging, 
£i?795; Public Lighting, £4,223; 
Sewer Repairs, £505 ; Hospitals, 


Mayor.— D. L. Winter. 

Aldermen. — Robert Marsh, George 
Wragg, J. P., Frederick Mason, Thomas 
Woodhouse, J.P., Edward Hickmott, J. P. 

Councillors.— W. M. Gichard, J. Beckett, 
John Cox, D. Llewellyn Winter, J.P. 
(Mayor), G. Nobl*, W. L. B. Hirst, J.P., 
George Clarke, George Gummer, Alfred 
Bryant, G. Cartledge, G.H.Copley, Samuel 
Hall, J.P., George H. May, J. B. Jenkinson, 
E. W. Fieldsend, F. Schonhut, J. Hemins- 
ley, Thomas W. Grundy. 

Town Clerk.— H. Hampton Copnall. 

Magistrates' Clerk.— F. P. Rhodes. 

Borough Surveyor and Water Works 
Manager.— G. Jennings. 

Assistants to Borough Surveyor. — G. 
Johnson and N. M. Ingram. 

Treasurer.— John Gibbs. 

Borough Comptroller and Registrar 
op Stock.— C. H. Moss. 

Borough Accountant.— -E. Cooper. 

Medical Officer.— A. Robinson. 

Sanitary Inspector.— C. B- Parkin. 

Sewage Works Manager.— J. H. Ker- 

Secretary to Gas Works.— T. Bellamy 

Manager to Gas Works.— F. A. Win- 

Librarian.— G. H. Burkhardt, M.Sc. 

Organising Master for Technical 
Education.— G. H. Burkhardt, M.Sc. 

Curator of Museum.— H. Moore. 

Chief Constable.— J. En right. 

Superintendent Fire Brigade.— George 

Manager of Baths.— J. Taylor. 


Population, 2.618 ; Rateable Value, £11,782 ; Area, 2,0; 


Ruthin was made a Free Borough in the reign of Henry VII. The Town 
Council maintains Markets, the tolls from which amount to £120 a year, 
and the Town Council also receives £145 a year from corporate property. 
The Gas and Water Supplies are provided by private companies. The town 
shares with Denbigh a Court of Quarter Sessions. 


Mayor.— J. Medwyn Hughes. 

Aldermen.— Thos. Williams, Ed. Roberts, 
Ezra Roberts, J. Medwyn Hughes. 

Councillors. — G. P. Byford, P. Dowell, 
T. J. Roberts. T. H. Roberts, T. J. Rouw, 
T. Williams, Win. Jones, Joseph Davies, 
J. Roberts, C. D .Phillips, Thomas Griffiths, 
Thomas Owen Jones. 

Town Clerk and Clerk to District 
Council.— W. Lloyd. 
Deputy. —Baldwin Griffith. 
Treasurer.— W. Jones. 
Surveyor.— P. Morris. 
Medical Officer.— W. F. Byford. 
Inspector.— J. Morris. 
Accountant.— David Jones. 

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230 Municipal Year Book. 


Population, 11,042; Rateable Value, £70,S98; Area, 8)5 Acres. 

Ryde was incorporated in 1868, the Town Council then taking over the 
duties of the Ryde Commissioners. The Corporation lias provided a new 
Cemetery and owns the Water Supply. 

Water.— Page 448. 


Mayor.— Michael Miybrick. Town Clerk and Clerk to District 

Aldermen.— E. Grovej, W. Locke, J. Council.— C. O. Vincent. 

James, E. M irvin, A. J. Coombes, S. Fowler. Deputy Town Clerk.— C. H. C illis. 

Councillors. — G. A. Blaekall, P. R. Clerk to the Borough J ustices.— J >hn 

Denny, C. J. de Launav. J. Hansford, G. E. Pardell. 

Mears, G. Stroud, W. Watts, W. H. P. P. Chief Constable.— George Hinks. 

Thlrkell, A. E. Jupe, J. I. Barton, F. W. Treasurer.— J. Morrant. 

Randall, E. Hayden, R. P. E. Howard- Medical Officer.— A. Woodward. 

Brooke, John Pane C. Hamilton, Arthur Surveyor.— C. Mathew. 

Teague, Alfred Millward, Alfred Holmes, Financial Clerk.— W. C. Matthews. 

Edward Rowland Corrie. Inspector of Nuisances.— J. Eldridge 


Population, 3,871 ; Rateable Value, £12,621 ; Area, 973 Acres. 

Rye is one of the two ancient towns of the Cinque Ports, and has enjoyed 
special privileges as such. The Corporation owns the Water Supply, 
which is obtained from deep springs in the neighbourhood. The Cor- 
poration receives £740 a year in rent from its property. It maintains 
Allotments, the rent therefrom being £50 a year. It also makes provision 
for Technical Instruction, on which last year it spent £89. The refuse is 
sold to use on land, and the sewage drained into the Rother. Cost of Fire 
Brigade, £52; Sewerage, £224; Highways, £389 ; Paving, £316; Scavenging, 
£205; Main Roads, £248; Lighting, £298. Debt outstanding, £4,159. 
Rates : General District, 2s. 6d. ; Water, 6d. 
Water.— Page 448. 


Mayor.— Frank Jarrett. Treasurer.— E. G. Skinner. 

Deputy Mayor.— Cuthbert Hayles. Medical Officer of Health.— Albert 

Aldermen.— William Neeves, Albert Edward Vidler. 

Edward Hinds, Frank Jarrett, J. N. Masters. Surveyor.— George Henbrev. 

Councillors. — Henry Ashbee, W. E. Inspector of Nuisances. — George 

Colebrooke, H. J. Gasson, Fredk. H. Chap- Henbrey. 

man, W. T. Smith, J. W. Jackson, E. W. Superintendent of Water Works.— 

Skinner, C. H. Huckle, J. B. Bennett, K. George Burn ham. 

Reeve, A. Wbiteman, C. Hayles. Engineer of Water Works.— James 

Town Clerk and Clerk to Urban Moore. 

District Council.— Walter Dawes. Inspector of Petroleum. — Charles 

Recorder.— R. H. Hurst. James Fletcher. 

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Municipal Tear Book 231 


Population, 5,896; Rateable Valuk, £23,827; Arei, 7,416 Acres. 
The Town Council owns the Water and Gas Supplies and Markets. The 
municipal history of the town can be traced back 500 years. 


Mayor.— John Parkinson Atkinson. Town Clerk and Clerk to Urban 

Aldermen — J. Bell, E. B. Gibson, S. District Council.— W. Adams. 

Le S£o J ^°P: Atkinaon. S. Beard, Trea S ureh.-W. Bobson. 
jun., T. E. Barcham, J. Gilling, E. Taylor, Surveyor.— A. H. Forbes- 
Henry Stear, A. Midgley, P. E. Emson, «_„._ «„„„„„ w .. . - 
W. F. Tuke, R. A. Williams, H. GK Brown, Medical Officer.-W. Armistead. 
H. J. Gover. Inspector.— W. Dickinson. 


Population 16,019 ; Rateable Value, £62,402 ; Area, 997 Acres. 
St. Albans obtained a charter of incorporation with a mayor in the reigo 
of Henry VI. , and was brought under the Municipal Act of 1835. The 
borough was created a city in 1877. The Water and Gas Supplies are 
in the hands of private companies, but the city maintains a Market, 
Cemetery, Free Library, a School of Art erected in 1880, and Public 
Baths, besides a Hospital for Infectious Diseases, two Parks presented to 
the city by Sir J. Blundell Maple, Bart., M.P., and a Playing Field for 
Children presented to the city by Mr. Chas. Woollam, J. P., and Mrs. 
Woollam. The Corporation also owns a Corn Exchange, the income 
from which last year was £65. The rents and tolls of the Markets 
last year were £342, and the expenditure £104. The rents of the Cor- 
poration property amounted to £122. The Sewage is disposed of by pre- 
cipitation on a farm. The income from the Cemetery was £470, and the 
expenditure £351. The Corporation provides Police in the city, the ex- 
penses last year being £1,607. The other principal items of expenditure 
were : Roads (including Scavenging and Watering), £3,298 ; Sewerage, 
£1,290 ; Park and Recreation Grounds, £349 ; Fire Brigade, £248; Public 
Library, £210. Public Lighting, £1,136. Total debt, £41,950. 


Mayor.— A. E. Ekins. Medical Officer of Health and Public 

Atdermen.— W. Hurlock, C. Miskin, H. J. Analyst.— J. Morison, M.D., D.P.H. 

Toulmin, H. P. Smith. Inspector of Nuisances.— J. W. Savage. 

Councillors.— A. H. Boys, H. Slade, Inspector of Weights and Measures. 

A. E. Ekins, A. Faulkner, W. Fisk, J. Flint, —A. E. Slough. 

W. S. Gkeen, W. Hitchcock. E. Lee, T. Cattle Inspector. — J. Fraser, 

Oakley, A. Symington, M. T. Hodding. F.R.C.V.S. 

Town Clerk.— A. H. Debenham. Head Constable.— W. H. Smith. 

Trevsuber.— G-. W. Blow. PoLrcE Surgeon. — H. Leslie Bates, 

Surveyor.— G. Ford. L.R.C.P., London. 


(County Borough.) 

Population 84,410 ; Rateable Value, £353,557 ; Area, 7,254 Acres. 

St. Helens (Lancashire), when it became an incorporated town in 

1868, absorbed several urban districts, comprised within the townships 

232 Municipal Year Book. 

of Parr and Sutton, and parts of the townships of Eccleston and 
Windle. At that time the Water Supply and the Markets were 
public property. Both undertakings have since been greatly extended. 
In 1878 the Gas undertaking was acquired by the Corporation ; 
a Commission of Peace was granted to the borough in 1882 ; the 
control of the Police was obtained in 1887 ; in 1888 it became a County 
Borough under the provisions of the Local Government Act ; by a 
local Act passed in 1893 the boundaries of the borough were extended 
by the inclusion therein of further portions of the townships of Eccleston 
and Windle, the local divisions were abolished, and the township of St. 
Helens created, the powers of the Vestry and of -appointing Overseers .and 
Assistant Overseers were conferred on the Corporation, and the Corporation 
was constituted the Burial Board. In these and other ways the period since 
the incorporation has been one of constant enterprise and expansion muni- 
cipally. A new Town Hall has been built, public Libraries and Baths 
established, Isolation Hospitals provided, Main Drainage Works completed, 
public Abattoirs erected, Electric Lighting introduced, Tramways acquired, 
and many other improvements carried through. In 1896 Colonel SirDavid 
Gamble, Bart., C.B., the first honorary freeman of the borough, presented to 
the town, at a cost of some £30,000, a fine central Free Library and Technical 
School, fully equipped throughout. The Gas and Market undertakings, to- 
gether with the other property owned by the Corporation, bring in an in- 
come equivalent to a rate of 3d. in the £. There are three Parks, notably 
the Victoria Park, which contains a Museum, opened in the Jubilee year ; 
and the Taylor Park, presented to the borough by Mr. S. Taylor, J. P.; and 
there are also three Recreation Grounds, two of which were acquired by 
public subscription to commemorate the Diamond Jubilee of Her Majesty 
the Queen, and the third was presented to the town by Dr . R A. Gaskell, J.P. 
The Corporation is represented on the Upper Mersey Navigation Commis- 
sion, on University College, Liverpool, on the Lancashire Lunacy Board, 
on the Joint Committee for Appointment of Coroners, on the Lancashire 
and Western Sea Fisheries Joint Committee, on Cowley's Charity, 
St. Helens, on the Joint County Rate Committee, and on the Lancashire 
Inebriates Board. 

Baths. — There are two sets of above £478, making total expen- 

baths. At Warrington Road Baths, diture on both baths £1,615. 

containing 1 plunge and 15 private Cemetery. — Established 1858. 

baths (opened 1878), last year there Income, £1,677, including £320 

were 16,481 bathers. The charges from rates. Total expenditure, 

are Id. and 2d.; private bath, 3d. £1,560, of which £896 was for salaries 

Income, £127 ; expenditure, £322. and wages and £300 for sinkingfund. 

At Boundary Road Baths (opened Electric Lighting.— Page 492. 

1890, containing 2 plunge baths, 37 Free Public Libraries. —The 

private baths, and 2 vapour baths) town is exceptionally well provided 

41,449 bathers. Charges from Id. with libraries. In addition to the 

to Is. (vapoar). Income, £386 ; ex- Gamble Institute Library comprising 

penditure, £815. Interest and sink- a central library, opened 1877, there 

ing fund charges in addition to are branches at Sutton (1887), Thatto- 

Digitized by CjOOQ IC 

Municipal Year Book. 


heath (1891), and Parr (1894). Tota 
expenditure last year for mainten- 
ance, £1,774. 

Gas. —Page 472.. 

Markets. —The public markets 
were acquired by bt. Helens Im- 
provement Commissioners in 1845. 
A new covered market was opened 
in 1889. The rents and tolls from 
the market last year were £2,981, 
of which £476 came from the 
Market Hall, and £1,977 from the 
covered market. Expenditure : 
maintenance, £1,259 ; interest and 
sinking fund, £382 ; total, £1,641. 

Refuse and Sewage. — The 
town refuse is consumed in dust de- 
structors (Messrs. Meld rum Bros.) 
and the sewage deodorised by 
chemical treatment. 

Slaughter- Houses. — The pub- 
lic slaughter-houses were opened 
in November, 1895. Income to 31st 
March, 1901, £457 ; expenditure, 
£783, including interest and sinking 
fund charges, £252. 

Technical Instruction. —The 
Gamble Institute, begun in 1894, 
was opened November, 1896. In- 
struction is given in science, tech- 
nology, art, cookery, &c. There 
is a day technical school, and day 
laundry classes ; and cookery classes 
are also held in connection with the 


Mayor.— Colonel W. W. Pilkington, V.D., 
J. P. 

Aldermen.— D. McKechnie, J. Beechain, 
C. J. Bishop, T. Cook, Sir David Gamble, 
Bart., C.B., J. U. Gamble, B. Pilkiugton, 
M.P., J. Iforster, J. Massty. 

Councillors.— P. J. Brown, J. Burchall, 
W. Molyneux, A. B. Pilkiugton, T. 


elementary schools. University ex- 
tension lectures are also arranged. 
The Corporation has also founded 
day classes at the Gamble Institute 
for the central instruction of pupil 
teachers. Total cost last year, £4,051. 

Tramways. — The system has 
been purchased by the Corporation, 
and is leased to a company. See 
page 540 

Water.— Page 148. 

General Statistics.— Rates : 
Borough, 2s. lid. ; Poor (including 
Highway), Is. lid. Total debt out- 
standing, £622,695,of which £223,265 
was for general account, £158,778 
gas account, £119,399 water account, 
£77,233 electric lighting; £42,898 
tramways ; and £1,123 Burial Board. 
Principal administrative expenses : 
Police, £8,598 ; Fire Brigade, £795 ; 
Street Lighting, £6,069 ; Highways, 
£14,392, including £2,695 Interest 
and sinking fund ; Sanitary Account 
(pail system), £5,425 ; Ashpits, 
£3,058 ; General, £2,682 ; Destructor 
Works .£1,900 ; Infants' Milk Depot, 
£595 ; Interest and Sinking Funds, 
£2,955 ; Hospitals, £4,039 ; Parks, 
£3,495. Income under Highway 
Rate, £10,700 ; Borough Rate, 
£40,810. Total expenditure under 
Highways and Borough Fund, 

Ellison, P. Gruudy, J. Hatton, J. B. 
Leach, W. L. Shaw,C. Morgan, J. Collins, 
P. J. O'Keeffe, B. B. Glover, J. Smith, Henry, 
B. Bates, Samuel lioyle, J. fisher, £. 
Johnson, H. Houghton, P. R. Dixon. 
Nuttall, A. J. Foote, J. Prance, H. H. Peet, 
T. McLachlan, Henry Martin, John Green, 
T. Walsh. 

To ww Clerk, Prosecuting Solicitor, 
and Clerk to Burial Board.— Geo. Wm. 
Bailey (Solicitor). 

Deputy Town Clerk.— T. A. Turton 

Borough Treasurer.— John Brown. 

Medical Officer of Health.— P. Drew 
Harris, M.B., M.B.C.S., L.K.C.P., D.P.H. 

Borough Engineer.— G. J. C. Broom, 
M.I.C.E., F.G.8. 

Water Engineer.— J. J. Lackland, Assoc. 
M.Inst.O.E., M.I.Mech.E. 

Chief Constable.— James Wood. 

Engineer and Manager of Gas Works. 
— Samuel Glover. 

Borough Electrical Engineer.— J. S. 

Director of Tbchnical Education.— 
Jeffersou J. Broomhead. 

Librarian.— Alfred Lancaster. 

i: 2 

Digitized by CjOOQ IC 

234 Municipal Tear hook. 


Population, 6,697 ; Rateable Value, £1,123; Abba, 1,019 Acbbs. 
An old town dating its incorporation from 1639. The Corporation owns the 
Gas Supply and W ater Works. 
Gas.— Page 472. 


Mayor.— Wm. Craze. EJwin Williams, Win. Badcock, J. E. 

Aldermen.— William Blight, J. Pearce, Pell no. * 

W. Faull, E. Hain. Town Clerk, &C.—E. Boase. 

Councillors.— Louis Monro Grier, T. R. w*^n*»»,«*.. ^.«u«c. 

Harry, R. 8. Read, E. Hamlyn, William Medical Officeb.-J. M. Nicholls. 

Herbert, Wm. Craze, P. K. W. Hawke, Surveyor.— J. Grenfell. 


Population, 2,910; Rateable Value £12,510; Area, 2,326 Acres. 
St. Ives was not incorporated until 1874, but is a very ancient town. The 
chief duties of the Corporation are maintaining the streets, carrying out 
Public Health laws, and maintaining the Markets. St. Ives is a very im- 
portant market centre notwithstanding its close proximity to London. In 
former years the Cattle Market was of much greater importance than it is 
to-day, but still the town may be said to live on its markets. Recently a 
new one has been erected near the railway. The Water Supply is "in 
the hands of the Corporation, but the Gas Supply is provided by a company. 
No revenue is made out of the market, but it is maintained for the good 
of the town. A fine bronze statue, by Mr. F. W. Pomeroy, in memory 
of Oliver Cromwell, who was for some years resident in the town, has 
recently been erected, by public subscription, on the Market Place. Two 
General District Rates of Is. 3d. were made last year. 


Mayor — George Kiddle. Town Clkrk and Clerk to District 

Aldermen.— H. Goodman, Charles Stiles, Council.— G. D. Day, M.A., LL.B. 

C. H. Coote, W. W. Warner. THlt .,.. RER P P T «hhnff 

Councillors.-E. Anderson, G. Brown- 1Reasureb.-C. P.Tebbutt. 

low, 0. R. Bullard, H. P. Corbett, William Surveyor.— W. Wheatley. 

Htevens, H. W. Thorpe, G. J. Meadows, F. T. v«™~at r\„^^ n rxr -o n 

Ruston, C. Stiles, G. A. Smith, E. Waits, Medical Officer.-W. R. Grove. 

J. R. Ingram. Inspector.— P. G. Reynolds. 


(County Borough-) 
Population, 220,958; Rateable Value, £968,113; Area, 5,195 Acres. 
Salford (Lanes.) is not, as is sometimes supposed, an outgrowth of Man- 
chester. It claims an older municipal history than its larger neighbour. Sal- 
ford obtained its first charter in 1231, a charter of incorporation in 1844, a 
Commission of the Peace in 1870, renewed in 1886, and a Court of Quarter 
Sessions in 1889. Salford obtains its Water Supplv under contract from Man- 
chester. It owns Tramways, Gas and Electric Lighting supplies, two large 
Cemeteries, Markets, Slaughter-Houses, and four Public Baths. It has carried 
out a bold dwelling-house improvement scheme, erected Artisans' Dwellings 
and a Model Lodging-House ; it maintains a fine series of Libraries, has buflt 
a handsome Technical School, owns a Museum and Art Gallery in the 
beautiful Peel Park, which forms one of four parks having a total area 

Digitized by CjOOQ IC 

Municipal Year Book. 


of 83 acres. There are also 19 Recreation Grounds with a total area of 
over 40 acres. Salford was the first Corporation to establish a Labour 

Artisans' Dwellings and 
Lodging-Houses.— Page 563. 

Baths. — There are four sets of 
baths, the cost of which last year 
was as follows : — Blackf riars Street 
Baths : receipts, £426 ; expenditure 
(interest and sinking fund, £526), 
£1,942. Pendleton Baths : receipts, 
£599 ; expenditure (interest and 
sinking fund, £400), £1,937. 
Broughton Baths: receipts, £511; 
expenditure (interest and sinking 
fund, £759), £1,826. Regent Road 
Baths : receipts, £923 ; expenditure 
(interest and sinking fund, £1,074), 
£2,339. The baths cost £52,996 to 

Cemeteries.— TheWeastle Ceme- 
tery ? opened in 1857, is the principal 
one m the borough. One chief item 
in the income is for monument 
work supplied by the Corporation, 
wiiich waslastjear £1,156. The cost 
of this department was £834. Total 
receipts, £5,877. Total expenditure, 
including £2,449 in interest and sink- 
ing fund, £6,377. The new Ceme- 
tary is not yet opened. 

Electric Lighting.— Page 493. 

Free Public Libraries and 
Museums.— Salford has six free 
libraries and two reading-rooms. 
The principal is the Peel Park 
Library, the cost of maintaining 
which was last year £1,921. The 
total cost of the libraries, which 
contain over 100,000 volumes, or 
one for every two inhabitants, was 
£5,232. The Peel Park Museum 
and Art Gallery is maintained at 
an annual cost of £1,495. 

Gas.— Page 472. 

Markets. — There is a very large 
cattle market in Salford with a 
turnover in cattle, sheep, &c, sold 
of over £4,500,000 a year. The 
tolls, &c.,from the market amounted 
to £4,656 last year, and the total 

income from markets and fairs, 
including lairs and slaughter-houses, 
was £7,531. Outlay: cattle market, 
£4,671, of which £2,211 is for in- 
terest ; general market and fairs, 
weighing machines, slaughter- 
houses, <&c, £2,979. Total, £7,651 ; 
deficiency, £120. 

Refuse and Sewage Disposal. 
— The town refuse is burned in 
destructors and the night-soil sent 
to farmers in the country. Many 
systems have been tried for dis- 
posing of the sewage. It is now 
trc ited by chemicals and precipita- 

Slaughterhouses.— The tolls 
from the lairs and slaughter-houses 
under the Markets Department 
last year were £1,723 ; expendi- 
ture, including £472 in interest, 

Technical Education.— Salford 
has spent £81,000 in erecting and 
furnishing one of the finest techni- 
cal schools in the country. This 
institute was opened six years ago. 
Expenditure in education and admin- 
istration last year, £8,167 ; interest 
and sinking fund, £3,789. The Ex- 
chequer grants amount to £5,332, to 
which is added a subsidy from the 
Borough Rate of £3,631. . 

Telephones.— Page 415. 

Tramways.— Page 529. 

Water.— Page 448. 

General Statistics. — Rates : 
Municipal Rate, 5s. 7d. ; Poor 
Rate, Is. 6d. Debt outstanding, 
£2,430,870. Net cost of Police, 
£20,162; Fire Brigade, £4,205 ; Sew- 
age Works, £15,328 ; Sludge Ship, 
£5,347 ; Public Health Department, 
£6,553 ; Lady well Sanatorium, 
£12,087 ; Parks, £9,132 ; Public 
Lighting, £16,502 ; Day Scaveng- 
ing Department, £13,226; Niglt 
Scavenging Department, £22,608; 
Highways, £22,450. 

Digitized by CjOOQ IC 

236 Municipal Year Book. 


Ma. yob.— Samuel Budman. 
Aldermen. — Isidor Frankenburg, Over- 
brook, Cavendish Road, Higher Broughton ; 
Robert Holland, 33\ Great Cheetham Street 
East, Higher Broughton; Thomas Harts- 
horne Jenki.-s, 390, The Cliff, Higher 
Broughton : Henry Linsley, 7, Bank Place ; 
Jhs. G. deThiballier Mandley, Elm Villa, 13, 
Wellington Street East, Higher Broughton; 
John James Meakin, Woodhey Cavendish 
Koad, Higher Broughton ; William Oilier, 
Riversdall, Hope Street, Higher Broughton; 
Frank Samuel Phillips, 118, BoltonTioad, 
Pendleton; Benjamin Rubmson, Zurich 
Villas 16, Fitzwarren Street, Pendleton; 
Thomas Robinson, Holm Lea, Talbot Road, 
Old Trafford; William Robinson Park 
View, Eccles Old Road, Pendleton ; Samuel 
Rudman (Mayor), Jarleigh, 94 .Talbot 
Road, Old Trafford ; Joshua Shaw, Well ng- 
ton Street, Salford, and Drywqod, Worsley ; 
Joseph Snape, 2, Heywoocl Street, Cheet. 
ham ; William Stephens, The Laurels, 16, 
Eccles Old Road, Pendleton; Francis 
Harrison Walmsley, Belmont, Higher 

Councillors.— Arthur Richard Albert, 7, 
The Polygon, Broughton ; George Barker, 
29 Part Avenue, Hullard Park, Old 
Trafford ; John Barnes, Enderley, Kersal ; 
Walter Henry Barrett, Heath Bank ,70, 
Eccles Old Road, Pendleton ; William Peter 
Burnley, Winterfleld, 398, Bury New Road, 
Broughton; John Cannon, 17, Charles 
Street, Bolton Road, Pendleton ; Walter 
Carter' 25, Snowdon Road, Eccles; John 
Holmes Cottrell, Broom Lawn, George 
Street, Broughton; William Cruickshank, 
241, Chapel Street, Salford ; Ernest Des- 
tines, ftayneld Sale ; John BlytheFoden, 
4 Howard Street, Eccles New Road, Salford . ; 
Thomas Roby Foy, Carlton Place, 29o, 
Lower Broughton Road, Lower Broughton ; 
John Griffiths, 3, Lansdowne Road, Crump- 
sail ; William Hale, Lome Villas, 24, 

Wellington Road, Eccles ; Frederick Hamp. 
son 205 and 207, Oldfield Road, Salford; 
William Willmott Hill, jun., 1, Sandwich 
Road, Ellesmere Park, Eccles; William 
Hodgson, Leslie, Longley Road, Worsley ; 
Robert Hopwood, 2i, Enbridge Street; 
William Huddart. 18, Aldred Street ; 
Richard Hudson, 128, Bolton Road, Pendle- 
ton; William Hughes, 129, Whit Lane, 
Pendleton ; Julius Hulton, 21, Silk Street ; 
George Thomas Jackson, 7, The Crescent ; 
George Henry Jones, 5, The Avenue, Lower 
Broughton Road, Broughton; Richard 
William Jones, 80, Great Clowes Street, 
Lower Broughton; Thomas Jones, 197, 
Ellor Street, Pendleton ; Thomas Kay, 145, 
Broad Street, Pendleton ; Samuel Hanning 
Kettle, 19, West Ashton Street, Eccles New 
Road; Alexander Matheson Kinghorn, 304. 
Great Cheetham Street West, Higher 
Broughton ; Joseph Robert Leach, 2, Arling- 
ton Street; Robert Lennard, 222, Regent 
Road; Robert Makin, 46, Howard Street, 
Eccles New Road; Edwin Mather, The 
Grove, 677, Eccles New Road, Pendleton ; 
A. P. McDougall, 101, Lower Seedley Road, 
Pendleton ; John Muir, Eversfield, Seedley 
Road, Pendleton; George Holtby Pinder, 
Cliffe Place, 443, Bury New Road, Higher 
Broughton; Ralph Bailey Robinson, Vine 
Cottage, 336, Lower Broughton Road, Lower 
Broughton; Allan Sackville, Ingleside, 
Swinton Park, Pendleton ; Edward 
Simpson, 171, Cross Lane ; James Hender- 
son 8teele, 67, West High Street; James 
Thompson, Glen Bank, Byrom 8treet, 
Trafford Road ; Frederick William Wheat- 
croft, 8, Great Clowes Street, Broughton; 
Thomas Goodwin Whitaker, 52, Cross Lane ; 
John Wilkinson, The Haven, Swinton Park, 
Pendleton; John Williams, 53, Howard 
Street, Eccles New Road ; William Windsor, 
Moorwinstow, Leicester Road. Broughton 
Park, Broughton; Alfred Worsley, East- 
leigh, Acresneld Road, Pendleton ; William 
Yearnshaw, 327, Chapel Street. 


Recorder.— Joseph Maghull Yates, K.C. 

Coroner.— Arthur Holmes. 

Clebe of the Peace.— Samuel Brown. 

Town Clebe.— L. C. Evans, Chief Clerk 
and Committee Glebe.— I. Rowland. 

Borough Treasurer. — John Elliott. 
Chief Cashier.— Frederick Martin. Chief 
Clerk.— Thomas Orossley. 

Borough Engineer and Surveyor.— 
Joseph Corbett. Deputy Borough Engi- 
neer.— J. T. Hall. Divisional Surveyors. 
—North : J. Evans ; South : A. Evans ; 
West : U, R. Bradshaw. 
Tramways Engineer : E. Hatton. 
Chief Clere.— G. Holford. 

Medical Officer of Health.— 0. H. 
Tattersall, M.R.C.S. Eng., L.B.C.P. Lond., 

Medical Superintendent of theLady- 
well Sanatorium.— J.W.Mullen,L.R.C.P.I. 

Public Analyst.— J. Carter Bell, F.I.C., 
A R S M 

OhiefSanitaby Inspector.— W. Wilkin- 
son. Assistant Sanitary Inspector.— 
Geo. Jarvey. 

Chief Constable.— J. W. Hallam. 

Chief Inspector.— W. Wood. 

Engineer and Manager, Gas Works.— 
W. W. Woodward, Indoor .Manager.— 
A. E. Bretherton. Assistant Engineer. 
— F. Hartley. 

Digitized by CjOOQ IC 

Municipal Year Book. 237 

Chief Librarian and Cora tor Museum, Superintendent Water Department 

Art Gallery, and Library, Peel Park. —Alfred Jones. 

~fl^toMR^jSDEN? -AlfredWhiher Superintendent Lighting and Clbans- 

kSSSSSSSS^iu^'SS^ l ™ ^partmext.-W. H. Haiublett. 

Peel Park.— W. Wilson, M.A. Secretary. Superintendent Cattle Market.— W. 

—Richard Martin. Brocklebank. 

WhltSSS™ *** PUBIJC BATH8 - B : M Chief Officer of Fire Brigade. - A. 

Registrar Borough Cemetery. — Hy. Bentley. 
Walker. Electrical Engineer.— C. D. Taite. 


Population,' 17,117 ; Rateable Value, £75,876 ; Area, 826 Acres. 
The City of New Sarum is the official name of Salisbury. New Saruni 
is an old town, and is able to trace its history back to the early part of the 
thirteenth century. The City Council maintains Water Supply, Mar- 
kets, River Baths, two Cemeteries, and a Technical School, for which 
latter a halfpenny rate is levied, in addition to the grants received 
from the Treasury. The Public Libraries Act was adopted in 1890. Gas 
lighting is in the hands of a company. Street refuse and dust is carted 
to the low-lying land used to feed allotments. Sewage is disposed of in 
settling tanks, and the effluent runs into the River Avon. The city receives 
over £300 a year income from tolls and rents. The General District Rate 
is Is. 8d. in the £ ; Special Rate, 3d. ; Borough Rate, 10|d. Total cost 
of administration under the Borough Fund, £4,574 ; and under the Urban 
District Council, £11,021. Debt outstanding, £10,436. 

Water.— Page 448. 


Mayor.— John Alfred Folllott. Clerk to Fisherton Bjrial Board.— 

Aldermen.— F. Griffin, G. Fullford, J. W. C. Powning. 
Read, H. Brown, W. M. Hammiek, W. Corporation Surveyor.— J. C. Bothams, 

Mario*. M.Iost.C.E. 

Councillors.— A.Watson, H.G.Gregory, Assistant Surveyor.— A. C. Bothams, 

T. Seamell, C. J. Woodrow, E. W. Gaw- A.M.Insfc.C E. 

thorne, A. Whitehead, E. Alexander, C. Medical Officer.— Harcourt Coates. 

Haskins, E. J. Brittan, E. F. Pye-Smtth, Chief of Police. Inspector under Food 

H. Harris, E. Waters, 8. Fiwcett, J. A. and Drugs Act, Inspector of Weights 

Folliott, F. Hoddlng, J. K. Dowden. S. M. J. and Measures.— A. Mathews. 
Moody, W. Pritchard. Inspector of Nuisances, Common Lodg- 

Town Clerk and Clerk to Urban ing Houses, and Slaughter-Houses.— G. 

Sanitary Authority.— W. C. Powning. Carey. 

Clerk of the Peace.— A. R. Maiden. Inspectors under Contagious Dis- 

City Treasurer.— M. H. W. Devenish. eases (Animals) Act.— E. R. Harding, G. 

City Coroner.— S. B. Smith. Carey. 

Clerk to City Justices.— W.C. Powning. Inspector of Water Waste.— W. R. 

Clerk to Salisbury Burial Board.— Carter. 
W. C. Powning. Public Librarian.^-O. Langmead. 


Population, 3,357 ; Rateable Value, £8,865 Area, 177 Acres. 
SALT ASH may be regarded as a suburb of Plymouth or Devonport, but has 
a much more important municipal history than the latter town. Formerly 
the Corporation maintained Markets, but the centre for markets is now 
changed to Plymouth. The Parish Church is the freehold property of the 

Digitized by CjOOQ IC 

238 Municipal Year Book. 

Corporation. The Water Supply is obtained from a public supply, being 
the Plymouth water. Gas is supplied by a company. Kates : Poor and 
General District Kate remains at a uniform sum of 4s. 4d. in the £ per 


Mayor.— R. T. Meadows. P. R. Widdecombe, J. T. Pryor, J. H. Pooley, 

W P Trood 
Aldermex.-R. Miller. R. T. Meadows, j^ Cl J. rk and Clerk t0 District 

G. Adams, F. A. Rawling. Council. -P. W. Cleverton. 

Councillors.— W. V. Alford, R. Porter, Treasurer.— W. H. Mathew. 

J. Paine, A. J. Widdicorabe, J. Lander, Surveyor.— W. W. Harvey. 

W Waterman, W. Moorman, C. W. Thome, Medical Officer.— G>. Preston. 


Population, 3,174; Rateable Value, £11,023; Area, 756 Acres. 

Sandwich Haven, which is now a mile and three-quarters (in a direct 
line) from the sea, is still a seaport. It is one of the Cinque Ports. The 
town was first incorporated by Edward III. It has a Guildhall, a Free 
Grammar School, and three ancient Hospitals. Sandwich has still a 
connection with the sea by colliers' barges and small craft. The Cor- 
poration levies Harbour Dues. The Gas is supplied by the Corporation, 
the income from which last year was £2,837, and the expenditure £3,285. 
The Water is under the control of the Corporation. The income from the 
Water Works last year was £1,179, and the expenditure £1,040. The 
General District Rate brings in £612. The Corporation maintains a Cattle 
Market, the income from which last year was £179, and the expenditure 


Mayor.— H. S. Watts. Town Clerk.— D. Baker. 

£SSS^i«2U"^t&gh«, BoBO^HTBH.srBKB.-P.C.Heming. 

F. W. Lass, J. A. Jacobs. Medical Officer.— Dr. J. W. Harrisson. 
Councillors.— G>. 8. Caspell, C. Watson, o.t««»^*v« .«> t~ ^„„^ «„ WmolvnBO 

G. G Arnold, J. Stokes, W. E. Hopper, J. B. Surveyor and Inspector of Nuisances. 
J >yce, T. V. Giles, J. S. Caspell, H. Hicks, ~ U J * Con( l ue8t - 

James Brett, R. W. Rose, A. W. Rigden. Collector of Rates.— C. T. Crump. 


Population, 38,160 ; Rateable Value, £223,191 ; Area, 2,292 Acres. 

Scarborough has corporate property which brings a revenue in relief of 
rates of over £3,000 a year. Its possessions include the Weaponness Estate, 
the rents from which last year amounted to £1,843. The expenditure on 
the agricultural portion of the estate was £732, on walks and pleasure 
grounds £424, and on interest and loans £119. Valley Bridge, another 
town possession, brought in a revenue of £3,928, mainly from tolls, and 
a net profit of £1,235. The Corporation maintains the Water Supply, and 
provides facilities for bathing. Just now it has in course of construction a 
marine drive and sea-wall lound the Castle, which will cost £80,000. The 

Digitized by CjOOQ IC 

Municipal Year Book. 


drive will be two miles and a quarter in length. Scarborough was at one 
time a county in itself, that privilege having been conferred upon it by 
Richard III. in 1485. Previous to that date — as far back, in fact, as 1181 — 
the town held charters. The street lighting and cleansing duties were dis- 
charged by Improvement Commisioners until 1859 ? when the work was taken 
over Dy the Corporation. A parochial cemetery is maintained by a Burial 

Refuse and Sewage Disposal. 
— Refuse is taken away by rail and 
sold to farmers ; sewage is carried by 
outfall into the sea. 

Water.— Page 449. 

Telephones.— Page 415. 

General Statistics. — Rates : 
Poor Rate, Is. ; Borough Rate, 
6£d. ; School Board Rate, lljd. ; 

Burial Rate, Id. ; General Dis- 
trict Rate, 4s. lOd. Debt outstanding 
31st March, 1901, £495,359. Cost 
of Police, £5,258; Fire Brigade, 
£537; Parks, £5,413; Highway 
Maintenance, £7,882 ; Maintenance 
of Sewers, £430; Scavenging, £8,600; 
Sanatorium, £1,303 ; Public Light- 
ing, £4,040. 


Mayor.— Councillor Sinfield. 

Aldermen.— Messrs. Sanderson, Eaman, 
Valentine Fowler, Gawne, Land, Tonks. 

Councillors.— Messrs. Topham, Stephen- 
son, Gibson, Pirie, Bland, Rowntree, Broad- 
wood, Darley, Hopwood, Mayaard, Sir G. B. 
Sitwell, Taylor. W. 8. Rowntree, Boyes, 
Hastings Fowler, Fletcher, Hudson. 

Town Clerk.— D. Arthur Nicholl. 

Deputy Town Clerk.— Sydney Jones. 
*: Chief Clerk.— T. Ross Pratt. 
" Treasurer.— William Sayner. 

Borough Accountant.— T. M. Fawcett. 

Borough Engineer.— Harry W. Smith. 

Medical Officer of Health.— W. H. 

Water Engineer.— William Millhouse. 

Clerk of the Peace.— George Taylor. 

Chief Constable.— Henry Riches. 

Inspector of Nuisances.— James Basti- 

Inspector of Weights and Measures. 
— Wm. Patrick. 


Population, 2,027; Rateable Value, £5,863; Area, 156 Acres. 

Shaftesbury is a very old borough, but did not receive its first charter 
until the reign of James I. The greater part of the town is owned by Lord 
Stalbridge, who is also proprietor of the Water Works. Gas is supplied 
by a private company. A Market House and Town Hall were erected by 
the late Marauis of Westminster. The receipts of the Borough Fund last 
year, including £372 in rents and dividends, were £497. The receipts 
of the Sanitary Authority, including £8 for Market Tolls, came to £562. 
General District Rate, 2s. for year. 


Mayor.— Alfred T. Carpenter. 

Aldermen.— A. Wilkinson, W. T. Buck- 
land, Geo. Hacker, Jas. Burbidge. 

Councillors.— R. Dean, J. Wescott, G. 
W. Davis, A. T. Carpenter, W. GK White- 
head, P. Powell, Jno. Norton, H. C. 

Porrester, R. W. Borley, Jno. Parris, 8. W 

Town Clerk.— J. K. Rutter. 

Borough Surveyor and Sanitary In- 
spector.— W. Geuge. 

Medical Officer.— R. H. Sawyer. 

Borough Treasurer. G-. C. Ohaloner. 

Digitized by CjOOQ IC 

240 Municipal Year Book. 


(County Borough.) 
Population, 390,717 ; Rateable Value, £1,579,857 ; Area, 23,654 Aches. 
Sheffield has recently been passing through a period of municipal expan- 
sion. In 1896 it obtained powers to extend its Water Works and to 
operate its Tramways. Sheffield was the first town which obtained the 
deliberate sanction of Parliament by Bill to work its Tramways. But for the 
strong case which Sheffield was able to present, it is probable that the 
House of Commons would not have removed the Standing Order which was 
in the way of municipal working and passed the Bill. The success of the 
Corporation in this new enterprise has justified its action, the confidence of 
Parliament, and has stimulated other municipalities. Electric traction is 
now in operation on all the sections of tramways except one, which will 
shortly be converted for electrical working. The city possesses two 
notable art treasures— the Mappin Art Gallery, well stocked with 
£100,000 worth of pictures, ana the Ruskin Museum, which is highly 
appreciated by all lovers of Ruskin. The former cost the city in 1900-1 
£887 to maintain, and the latter £590. There is a museum in Weston Park 
which cost £1,087 last year. Sheffield is well provided with Parks. In 
addition to the Weston there is Firth Park, Meersbrook, Hillsborough, and 
High Hazles Parks, Endcliffe Woods, Roe Woods, and various recreation 
grounds. A new Town Hall— one of the best in the country — has been built, 
costing, with site, £182,000. High Street has been widened at an outlay of 
£300,000, two other streets were recently widened for £100,000, an Act was 
passed in Parliament in 1897 for street widening which will involve an 
expenditure of £300,000, and the extension of the tramways will cost 
Upwards of another £600,000. A further Act was obtained in 1900 author- 
ising additional street improvements at a cost not exceeding £445,175 ; 
additional tramway extensions at a cost not exceeding £349,000. The Act 
also authorises certain extensions of the city boundaries, the acreage of the 
added areas being 4,003, population 28,277. The extensions came into 
operation on the 31st October, 1901 . A Provisional Order has been obtained 
for clearing an insanitary area of five acres in extent. Other works on the 
way are the erection of new electric lighting works, new dust destructors, 
new baths, a new bridge over the Don, and new sewers. The City had the 
unique distinction of a visit from the late Queen in Jubilee year, when 
Queen Victoria opened the new Town Hall. 

Sheffield was formerly under Manor rule and was not incorporated under 
the Municipal Act until 1843. It was made a Quarter Sessions district in 
1880, and created a city in 1893. 

In the year 1898 the Corporation obtained an Act authorising them to 
purchase the undertaking of the Sheffield Electric Light and Power Com- 
pany, Limited. The purchase price of the undertaking was £220 per cent, of 
2£ per cent, stock, or its equivalent in cash, at £97 per cent, of stock, in 
respect of £118,500, part of capital expenditure, and in respect of £36,500 
further capital expenditure and other assets. 2£ per cent, stock at par or 
cash. The undertaking was accordingly purchased, and is now under the 
management and control of the Corporation. 

The Corporation has recently purchased, under the authority of an Act 
of Parliament obtained in 1 899, from His Grace the Duke of Norfolk the 
Markets, Market Rights, Fairs, Tolls, and Stallages in the city for the sum 

Digitized by CjOOQ IC 

Municipal Year Book 


of £526,000. The total area of the land and buildings included in the sale 
of the Markets is estimated to be 43,392 square yards. 

Last Session the Corporation obtained an Act authorising the construction 
of new streets and street widenings, the further extension of tramways, the 
erection of a new Market Hall, the establishment of a Crematorium, and 
other matters. This Session application is being made for Provisional 
Orders for street improvements and the amendment of certain local Acts. 

Artisans' Dwellings.— P. 564. 

Baths. — The city has now five 
sets of public baths, and the newer 
ones are models in arrangement and 
construction. The Brightside Baths 
were opened in 1899. The capital ex- 
penditure on baths now stands at 
£58,756. In two cases the receipts 
were in excess of the management 
charges. The following are the 
particulars concerning the baths for 
last year : — 


Corporation Street Baths 
Attercliffe ,, 

Upperthorpe ,, 

(xlossop Road ,, 

Brightside „ 


... 583 
... 833 
... 7^0 
.. 1,716 


... 411 
... 830 
... 693 

... i,e 


The interest and payments to 
sinking fund amounted to £2,598. 

Electric Lighting.— Page 493. 

Free Public Libraries.— The 
Corporation maintains a central 
library, cost last year £2,054; and 
district libraries at Upperthorpe, 
£647 ; Brightside, £613 ; Highfield, 
£673 ; and Attercliffe, £432. Libra- 
ries contain 110,000 volumes. 


> — Refuse destructors have recently 
been erected and a new sewage 
system inaugurated. The construc- 

tion of outfall and main sewers 
during the last few years and of 
precipitation >vorks cost £245,615. 

Technical Education. — The 
City Council last year paid £9,380 
in aid of Technical Instruction, of 
which £5,980 went to the Technical 
Department of the University Col- 
lege, £800 to the School of Art, £500 
to the School Board, £1,400 to Uni- 
versity College Science and Art 
Department, £600 to the Boyal 
Grammar School, and smaller sums 
to the Church Educational Institute, 
Yorkshire Ladies' Council, and the 
Teachers' Guild (Sheffield Branch). 

Telephones— Page 415. 

Tramways.— Page 529. 

Water.— Page 449. 

General Statistics. — Rates : 
Borough Rate, 2s. 2±d. ; General 
District Rate, 4s. Debt outstand- 

ing, £5,868,321. 
Police, £45,891 



Cost last year of 
; Fire Brigade, 
and Recreation 
A very large 

amount of work is executed under 
the City Surveyor. The expendi- 
ture in this department last year 
was £297,772. This did not in- 
clude Scavenging and Removal of 
Night-soil, £71,346 ; Hospitals, 
£14,916 ; Public Lighting, £25,372. 


Lord Mayor.— Alderman George Senior. 

Aldermen.— William Edwin Clepg, Pig- 
tree Lane; Robert Styring, 64, Crescent 
Koad ; William Raw son Carter, 16, Rutland 
Park, Clark eh o use Road ; Joseph Gamble, 
Bouthbourne, Clarkehouse Road ; William 
Henry Brittain, Storth Oaks, Ranmoor; 
Samuel Roberts, Queen's Tower Park, 
Grange Road ; John Eaton, Sharrow Bank ; 
John Wyeliffe Wilson, Easthill, East Bank 
Road; Thomas Robert Gainsford, Wood- 
thorpe flail ; George Franklin, Broom field 
Road; Sir Henry Stephenson, The Glen, 

Endcliffe Yale Road ; Batty Langley, M.P., 
Langhill ; George Senior (Lord Mayor), 
Elmneld, Northumberland Road ; Sir Chae. 
Skelton, Meadow Bank ; John Smith, 56, 
Norfolk Road ; Charles Hobson, Acorn 
Villa, 3, Alpine Road, Upperthorpe. 

Councillors.— St. Peter's Ward •. Wm. 
Farewell Wardley, 3, Ivy Grove, Crookes- 
moor Road; William Oolver, 26, Lawson 
Road ; Edmund Hargreaves, 2, Eyre Street 
St. Philip's Ward : Tom Nixon, 1, Colle- 

§iate Crescent; John Rutland Whe&tley, 
harrow Lodge, Sharrow Lane ; James 

Digitized by CjOOQ IC 


Municipal Year Book. 

Edward Wing, Bonnyrigg, 7, Claremont 
Place. Nekpsend Ward : Stuart Uttley, 
115, Pitsmoor Boad ; Alfred Taylor, 8*, 
Blonk Street ; Thomas Firth, 175, Pitsmoor 
Road, BraGHTSiDK Ward: Wm. Thompson 
Gent, Cliffe Villa, 304, Barnsley Road ; John 
Davison, 14, Walkland Road ; Thomas Shaw, 
62, Fulton fioad. Burngreave Ward : 
George Garr, 75, Smilter Lane, Grabtree ; 
John Derry, 1, East Grove Boad ; George 
Fox, 302, Barnsley Boad. Attercliffe 
Ward: George Taylor, Wadsley Grove, 
Wadsley ; James Knowles, 449, Attercliffe 
Common ; John Charles Whiteley, 55, Baltic 
Boad, Attercliffe. Darn all Ward : Joseph 
Jonas, Endoliffe House, Endcliffe Vale 
Boad; Charles Castle, 85 and 87, Norfolk 
Boad; Wm. Turner, 91, Norfolk Road. 
Park Ward.- Joseph Clarkson, 322, City 
Boad; John Albert Man ton, 9, Norfolk 
Boad; William Irons, 78, Norfolk Boad. 
Heklky Ward : Alfred Cattell, 76, Norfolk 
Boad ; William Carter Fenton, 111, Union 
Boad, Brincliffe; George Woodcock Shar- 
man,424 f GleadlessRoad, Heeley. Sh arrow 

Ward : Geo. Arthur Tandy, 53, Mill houses 
Lane ; Charles Frederick Bennett, 10, 
Broomgrove Road; Wm. Thos. Wheatlej-, 
4, Sharrow Mount, Psalter Lane. Ecclrsali. 
Ward : Harry Walker Chambers, 9, William- 
son Road; Frederic Arthur Kelley, Holly 
Court, Button Hill, Ecclesall ; James Neilf, 
20, Hallam Gate Road . Broom hall Ward ; 
Geo. Francis Lock wood, Brinclifle Crescent; 
Harry Parker Marsh, Broomgrove House, 11, 
Broomgrove Road ; Herbert Hughes,C.M.G., 
9, Brocco Bank. Hallam Ward: Sam. 
Earnshaw Howell, Beltwood, Ran moor ; 
Chas. Richard Nowill, 415, Fulwood Road ; 
John Arthur Watson,Carsick Hill. Crookes- 
moor Ward : Francis Wood, 26, Birkendale 
Vie ir ; Richard Langley, 108, Upperthorpe ; 
Harry Fisher, 16, Manchester Boad. Walk- 
lby Ward : John Geo. Graves, 91, .Crookes 
Road : John Maxfield, 14i,Northfleld Koad ; 
Jas. Wm. Crowther, 1, Victor Street, Lang- 
sttt Road. Hillsborough Ward : Wiu. 
Nuttell, 93, Norfolk Road ; Bobert Jackson, 
63, Gell Street ; Geo. Milnes, Park View 
Villa, Owlerton. 


Town Clerk. Henry Bayer. 

Police Magistrate.— E. M. E. Welby. 

City Surveyor.— C. F. Wike, O.E. 

City The as ure r.— John Frederick 

City Accountant and Registrar of 
Stock, and Commercial Manager of thk 
Tramway Undertaking.— W. Fisher Tas- 
ker, F.C.A. 

Chief Constable.— Commander Chas. T. 
Scott, I.M. 

Superintendent of Fire Brigade. — 
William Frost. 

Water Works.— General Manager : 
William Terrey. Chief Engineer: L. S. 
M. Marsh. 

Accountant Auditor.— Samuel Seager. 

Coroner— Dossey Wightman. 

City Analyst.— A. H. Allen, F.C.S. 

Superintendent of Cleansing Depart- 
ment.— Jas. Jackson. 

Electrical Tramways Manager and 
Engineer.— A. L. C. Fell, M.I.E.E. 

Inspectors of Nuisances.— E. J. Elcock, 
W. Nicholson, Henry Bumming, S. Talford, 

W. H. Harrison, J. A. Cherry, J. B. Duro 
E. G. Spiers, H. Bich, and others. 

Superintendent of Burial Grounds. — 
H. P. Collinson. 

Veterinary Inspector.— J. S. Lloyd, 

Chief Librarian.— Samuel Smith. 

Curator of Museum and Mappin Art 
Gallery.- E. Howarth, F.B.A.S. 

Curator of Buskin Museum, — Gill 

Chief Inspector of Weights and 
Measures and G-as Meters.— J. W. Catch- 

Gas Tester.— 0. K. Baker. 

City Auditors.— Chas. H. Smith, H. 

Medical Superintendent of City Hos- 
pitals.— E. H. Williams, M.R.C.S. 

Markets Superintendent. —J. Mat- 

Chief Engineer and Manager, Elec- 
tric Light Department. — S. Edgar 
Fedden, M.I.E.E. 

Secretary, Eldcteic Light Depart- 
ment— H. S. R. Partou. 


Population, 28,395; Rateable Value, £144,000; Area, 3,525 Acres, 
Shrewsbury has been specially favoured with charters, having received 
thirty-two up to the time of James I. , and these were added to by subse- 

Juent monarchs. The Corporation owns the Markets, Public Baths, Free 
library, and provides the Water Supply and Electric Lighting. The in- 
come from remunerative property is £4,500 a year, and the total cost of 
local government is £35,107. Loans outstanding, £158,458. 
Electric Lighting.— Page 493. Water.— Page 449. 

Digitized by CjOOQ IC 

Municipal Year Book. 243 


Mayor.— Samuel Meeson Morris. Ward : J. C. Roberts. R. D. Jones, F. Chubb 

Aldermen.— a. J. Holt, J. Blockley, Castle Fields Ward : J. Barker, S. G. 

W. J. P. Pugh, W. G. Cross, Maj.-Gen. the Jones, P. M. Birrell. 

Hon. W. H. Herbert, E. C. Peele, T. P. Town Clerk and Clerk of the Peace.— 

Deakin, R. 8. Hughes, G. B. Lloyd, W. M. Henry Charles Clarke. 

How. Recorder.— K. B. D. Acland, X.C. 

Councillors — Quarry Ward : H. J. Treasurer.— H. Giles. 

Heme, R. A. Downes, J. Da vies. Welsh Medical Officer.— Maurice Gepp. 

Ward: J. Froggatt, B. R. Devereux, 8. Surveyor and Water Works Engineer. 

Withers. Stone' Ward : J. C. Crump, H. —William Chappie Eddowes. 

Parmer, E. Clarke. Abbey Ward : W. M. Financial Clerk.— V. C. L. Crump. 

How, H. R. H. Southam, R. King. Belle Committee Clerk.— John Williams. 

Vue Ward: R. Price, R. E. Jones. J. H. Electrical Engineer.— C. M. Johnston. 

Perks. Kingsland and Cole ham Ward : Inspector of Nuisances. — Edward 

T. P. Deakin, S. M. Morris, P. H. Jones. Owen. 

Oastle Ward : W. Toye, G. W. Brace, W. F. Coroner.— Richard Edward Clarke. 

Watkins. Coton Hill Ward : H. Done, T. Chief Constable.— Henry BlackwelU 

Pace, W. T. Williams. Ditherington Librarian.— H. T. Beddows. 


Population, 54,560 ; Rateable Value, £196,048 ; Area, 1872 Acres. 
The Smet iwick Corporation owns Gas Works, which were established in 
1881, and has obtained an order to establish Electric Lighting Works. 
The Corporation maintains Baths, a Free Library and Reading Rooms, 
Cemetery. Public Park, Smallpox Hospital, and Allotments. 
Gas.— Page 473. 


Mayor.— Alderman S. 8mith, J.P. Stones, J. P., P. J. Gill. C. Summerton, 

Aldermen.-S. Smith. J.P., J. Lone-, # 00 ^ Vpo"n , T T - H iff' C 

J.P.. CO., T. Potter, J.P., W. H. Good- S!S* i p H 'j f Adams W 1^ i ' 

jear, J.P., Q. B„wde D , B. Cheshire. ^^'a^-4fi£$lZi£&. 

Councillors.— E. J Forster, G. T. Surveyor.— C. J. Pox-Allin. 

Newbury, J.P., J. Whyman, J. Gosling. W. Gas Engineer.— Vincent Hughes. 

W. Heeley, H. Hinckley, T. Hedges, J. Medical Officer — W. P. M. Jackson. 


(County Borougrh) 
Population, 104,911 ; Rateable Value, £495,210 ; Area, 5,295 Acres. 

Southampton has an interesting municipal history. It obtained its first 
charter of incorporation from Henry the First, and this charter was confirmed 
by Richard the First and by King John, and was extended by Henry the 
Sixth and Charles the First. Southampton received special privileges. It 
held the customs of the port; it levied petty dues on mere hand ise going to a 
large number of towns ; it enjoyed special Admiralty rights. The Mayor is 
still Admiral of the Port, and retains a silver oar as his maritime regalia. 
He does not officially recognise the presence of a foreign man-of-war in the 
port until the commander of the foreigner favours him with a call, and 
then he reciprocates, taking his ancient oar with him. 

Southampton was constituted a county in itself by Henry VI., and its 
county area included a little place called Portsmouth. Southampton still 
takes a paternal interest in Portsmouth, which is described in legal docu- 
ments as being in the county of Southampton. 

In its early government Southampton did not differ much from the City 
of London. The guild merchant was supreme in the control of affairs. 
The laws, ordinances, and customs of the town, as carried out by the guild, 

Digitized by CjOOQ IC 

244 Municipal Year Book 

are recorded in the famous " oak book " — the most treasured article in the 
municipal archives. The existence of some of the old customs is still 
seen in the organisation of the town. There are two bailiffs appointed, and 
four town sergeants, or mace bearers, who act as messengers. In virtue of 
having long been a county the town retains its sheriff. A curious custom, 
which still exists, is for the Mayor to nominally receive £5 in ancient coin 
when he accepts office, " so that he may always have money in his pocket." 
The money was left in 1658. 

A senior and a junior bailift are chosen from the Corporation every year. 
Their duties are now not serious, but they are understood to inherit powers 
for arresting felons, and, if necessary, hanging them on the common. They 
are important personages, and come after the sheriff and the under-sheriff. 
Constables and beadles of the town are also appointed by the Corporation at 
the same time as are the " discreets " of the markets, who are police officers. 
The Mayor of Southampton is a hard -worked man. He is ex-officio a 
member of every committee of the Town Council — some twenty -two in 
number. Each committee has its chairman. 

Southampton has owned Municipal Markets ever since it was an organised 
community, and has had Slaughter-Houses since 1698. Similarly it possessed 
almost from the earliest times a Municipal Water Supply. The water 

Sroblem did not arise until after the year 1420, and the town began by 
rawing from the supply of the Friars' minor monastery. The Friars made 
a present of their well to the town. The supply was put out on lease for a 
time, and managed by Commissioners for another period until 1850, when a 
new supply was obtained from the valley of the ltchen, near Mansbridge. 
Since then the Corporation has introduced a most efficient new supply from 
the chalk strata at Otterbourne. 

The harbour dues amount to £27,003 (gross), of which the Corporation 
receive £1,200 per annum. Southampton Common, 360 acres in extent, is 
under the Council. The Corporation is the Urban District Council. 

The boundaries of the borough were extended in 1895 by the inclusion of 
Shirley, Freemantle, Millbrook, and a portion of Bitterne. Since then the 
Corporation has been making rapid progress. It has carried through a large 
improvement scheme on most economical lines, and has erected Artisans' 
Dwellings, a Municipal Lodging-House, and large Isolation Hospital. 
Several important street improvements have recently been effected. New 
Sewage and Drainage Works have been and are being carried out. The 
Electric Light and the Electric Tramways undertakings are the property 
of the Corporation. There are a fine set of Baths, a * ree Public Library, 
and a Cemetery under the control of the Corporation, and abundant 
provision is made for Technical Instruction. 

Artisans' Dwellings.— P. 564. Electric Lighting.— Page 494. 

Baths.— There are baths to suit Free Public Libraries.-— South - 

every class, including burkish Baths ampton adopted the Public Libraries 

and swimming baths. The income Act in 1889, and possesses a large 

last year was £1,443 ; expenditure, library, which is a model in arrange- 

£2,096, excluding repayment of loan. ment, and also a branch library in 

Cemeteries. — The Corporation the added district of Shirley. Annual 

as Burial Board owns a cemetery,the cost, Id. rate in the £. 

income from which last year was Markets. — A large and con- 

£2,513 and the expenditure £2,470. venient cattle market situate close 

Digitized by CjOOQ IC 

Municipal Year Book. 


to the railway terminus also be- 
longs to the Corporation. Annual 
income, £668 ; expenditure, £607, 
excluding loan debt repayments. 

Kefuse and Sewage Disposal. 
— An economic system is adopted 
for the disposal of dust and sewage. 
The dust is burned in destructors. 
The sewage is dealt with at the same 
centre, and after being clarified with 
chemicals the sludge is mixed with 
the ashes from the dust destructor, 
road sweepings, and sorted house 
refuse, and sold as manure. The 
heat of the destructor is used to 
work Shone ejectors for lifting the 
sewage, and to light the works with 

Technical Education. — The 
Corporation makes grants every 
year amounting to about £2,291 in 
support of Technical Education. 

The Hartley Institute, where the 
teaching of science and art is 
carried on, receives the largest 
amount. Contributions are also 
made towards Taunton School, the 
Grammar School, and the School of 
Science and Art. 

Tramways.— Page 531. 

Water.— Page 149 

General Statistics. — Rates : 
General District Rate, 3s. lid. ; 
Water Rate, Is. ; Poor Rate, Borough 
Rate, and School Board Rate, 4s. 3d. 
Debt outstanding, £879,069, inclu- 
sive of £133,120 loans to Local 
Authorities. Annual cost of Police 3 
£12,000 ; Fire Brigade, £882 ; Main 
tenance of Public Lands, £1,826 
Public Lighting, £6,005 ; Hospital 
£5,024 ; Sewers and Drains, £11,445, 
Removal of Ashes, £4,615 ; High- 
ways, £7,268; Footpaths, £1,482. 


Mayor.— F. A. Dunsford, J.P. 

Sheriff.— Dr G. H. Weston, 

Senior Bailiff.— H. Wilson, J.P. 

Junior Bailiff.— C. Hutchens. 

Aldermen.— B. Andrews, J.P., E. Banc?, 
D.L. J P., H. G. W. Beavis, W. Bone, J.P., 
L. Button, J.P., M. Emanuel, J.P., Sir 
G. A. E. Hussey, J. E. Le Feuvre, J.P., A W. 
Pearce, J.P., G. J. Tilling, J. P., G. S. Turner, 
T. Walton, J.P., E. T. Wise. 

Councillors.— F. S. Albert, W. Bagshaw, 
Wm. H. Bastick, M. Batchelor, Wm. E. 

Bathurst, J. J. Bayford, W. Beavis, H. W. 3. 
Bencraft, J. P., D. Bick*r-Caarten, H. J. 
Blakeway, H. Cawte, A. J. Cheverton, G. W. 
Dench, F. A. Dunsford, J.P. (Mayor), T. 
Kaston, C. A. Emanuel. F. H. Evans, J. 
Exten, jun., C. B. Garcia, E. Gavton, G. S. 
Hallum, R. W Hancock, J. Hollis, C. 
Hutchens, T. Lewis, S. J. Line, W. J. Miller, 
G Parker, F. T. Pitt, J. Badford, W. H. 
Rowland, H. I. Sanders, W. F. G. Spranger, 
J. P., GH. Weston, D. K. Whitlock, D. H. 
Willey, H. G. Wilson, J P., W. Wright. 


Town Clerk, Clerk to the Urban 
District Council, Clerk to thk Poet 
District Council, Secretary of the 
Cemetery, Steward of the Court Leet, 
and Solicitor to the Corporation.— R. R. 

Deputy Town Clerk.— O. E. B. Gidden. 

Borough Treasurer. — W. Anderson, 

Assistant Accountant— H. W. Chesher, 

Borough Engineer.— (Vacant). 

Assistant Borough Engineer.— W. H. 

Waterworks Engineer.— W.Matthews, 

Medical Officeb of Health and 
Medical Officer to the Port District 
Council.— Dr. R. E. Lander. 

Borough Analyst.— J. Brierley, F.O.S. 

Resident Electrical Engineer.— H. F. 

Clerk to Magistrates. — G. Forbes 

Clerk of the Peace.— H. D. M. Page. 

Borough Coroner.- W. Coxwell. 

Under-sheriff.— A. H. Emanuel. 

Inspector of Weights and Measures, 
Explosives, Petroleum, and Gas Meters 
—A. L. P. Holdaway. 

Curator of Cemetery.— T. A. Crook. 

Librarian and Secretary of Free 
Libraries.— O. T. Hopwood. 

Manager and Engineer of the Baths. 
— F. A. Burcb. 

Chief Constable.— W. Berry. 

Digitized by CjOOQ IC 

246 Municipal Year Book. 


Population, 28,857 ; Rateable Value, £204,110; Area, 5,172 Acres. 
Southend-ON-Sea (incorporated in 1892) is a modern watering-place ard 
residential town very pleasantly situated at the mouth of the Thames, and 
nearly opposite to Sheerness. It first sprang into notice as a watering- 
place from a visit of Queen Caroline and the Princess of Wales in 1804, 
Owing to its proximity to London (the railway journey from Southend to 
London being accomplished in 45 minutes), and to the labours of the Council 
in beautifying the borough generally, in addition to improving the sea-front, 
Southend has rapidly grown in population during the past decade. Enormous 
sums of money have been spent in constructing a main drainage system and 
making new'outf all works. The Pier is the property of the Corporation, the 
Company's rights and property having been purchased in 1875 for £12,000. 
In the years 1890-1 the old pier was replaced by an iron structure 1J miles 
in length at an entire cost of £70,000. In 1896-7 the Pier was extended a 
further 150 yards seawards at a cost of £18,000. The chief items of income 
derived last year from the Pier are as follows : — Promenade receipts, £3,735 ; 
Electric Tramway, £5,192; Tolls, £1,861; Rents, £2,293; Pier Hill 
Buildings, £1,237. The total income was £16,032, and after payment of 
all expenditure, including £6,942 instalments of loan and interest, dividends 
on stock, and contribution to redemption, there remained a balance of £3,624. 

The foreshore is also the property of the Corporation. A Sanatorium, a 
Smallpox Hospital, Pleasure Grounds, Municipal Buildings, and Technical 
Schools are maintained by the Corporation. There are six underground 
conveniences. New Technical Schools are now being erected at an estimated 
cost, including furnishing, of £20,000, and an Electric Lighting Scheme is 
being carried out. 

An order was obtained in 1898 from the Light Railway Commissioners 
authorising the construction of Light Railways in and near to the borough 
of Southend-on-Sea. The work has now been carried out, and the trams are 

The cost of keeping the Highways (exclusive of main roads) last year was 
£1,241 ; Sewerage, £3,105 ; Scavenging, £2,089; Street Lighting, £2,634; 
and Removal of House Refuse, £1,949. The rates levied by the Corporation 
during the year (including School Board Rate) amounted to 4s. 9d. in the £. 
Debt outstanding, 31st March, 1901, £323,322. 

Artisans' Dwellings.— Page 568. Electric Lighting.— Page 494. 


Mayor.— Alderman James Colbert In- Town Clebk.— William H. Snow. 

gr ?, m w * . i t ~v w— -•- Assistant Town Clerk.— F. T. S. Marsh 

Ex-Mayor.— Alderman Joseph Francis. rfloiMtart 

Aldermen— J. R. Brightwell, J. H. ^onciror;. 
Burrows, J. Francis, J. B Howard, J. C. Borough SuRVEYOR.-Alfred Fidler. 

Ingram, B. W. Tolhurst. Borough Accountant.— C. E. Tweedale. 

Councillors.— G. Allen, J. Berry, W. C. Electrical Engineer.— D. F. Adamson. 

Bradley, J. A. Browne, W. J. Chignell, W. J. Medical Officer.— J. T. C. Nash, M.D., 

Chignell. jun.. T. Doody, F. Morley Hill, D.P.H., &o. 

H. W. L. Hobos, W. Marlow, A. Martin, Inspector of Nuisances.— W. Whur. 

H. J. Oaborn, A. Prevos*, R. Roberts, T. K. Rate Collector.— B. G. Thomas. 

Wilkinson, R. H. Wright. Pier Master.— Captain Kemp. 

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Municipal Year Book. 247 


Population, 2,848; Eateable Value, £5,125; Area 6,454 Acres. 

The origin of South Molton as an incorporated town dates from the reign 
of Elizabeth. The town owns a good deal of corporate property bring- 
ing in a revenue of over £1,200 a year, which is sufficient to prevent the 
necessity of levying a Borough Rate. The income from the District Rate 
is £833. There is not, and has never been, a Borough Rate. Highway 
Rate, 8d. ; General District Rate, Is. The Corporation maintains Markets, 
Water Supply, and Gas Works, 


Mayor.— Frederic Day. Town Clerk, Clerk to District Council 

Ai.dermen.-D. J. 0. Bush, A. E. Shap- and Secretary Municipal Gas Works.— 

land, J. A- Ktngdon, W. Moor. K. L. Riccard. 

Councillors.— S. Cole, J. Comins, J, Treasurer.— T. Chappie. 

Sanders, W. Sanders. J. Vernon, F. Jutsum, fl „„„„^„ * a TO .. 

F. Day, E. Webber, J. Hill, J. BUke, J. S. Surveyor.-A. S. Wootton. 

Hodge. Medical Officer.— W. H. Wigham. 


Population, 48,083 ; Rateable Value, £348,581 ; Area, 9,093 Acres. 

SOUTHPORT is a go-ahead town and a pleasure resort. It was not incor- 
porated until 1867, and in 1846 it had not a population of four thousand. 
At its incorporation the rateable value of the town was only £77,000. 
The Corporation has carried out important improvements, made boulevards, 
promenades, handsome squares ; it has laid out beautiful marine parks ; it 
maintains an Art Gallery, levying a rate for the purpose ; it has Technical 
Schools, Free Library, Markets, Cemeteries. The Gas and Electric Lighting 
Supplies belong to the Council. Close attention is paid to the attractions 
and the sea-front, and a large amount is spent every year on the foreshore, 
the artificial lakes, and marine parks. It speaks well for the popularity of 
Southport that the rent from stands on the foreshore is £418, and the 
gross receipts from the switchback were last year £449, from the toboggan 
£39, and the "aerial flight"— three contrivances of a similar char- 
acter — £447, while the receipts from boating on the lakes were £3,267, and 
bicycle railways, £350. Besides the many attractions in the town provided 
by the Corporation to increase the welfare of the inhabitants and the en joy- 
ment of visitors, there are notable private institutions, chief of which are 
Winter Gardens, which cost £140,000. The Council in 1891 adopted a scheme 
of insuring its property itself to the extent of one half. 


Digitized by CjOOQ iC 


Municipal Year Book. 

Cemeteries.— The income from 
the Municipal Cemetery in 1900-1 
was £2,360, and the expenditure 
£2,212 ; profit, £148. 

Electric Lighting.— Page 494. 

Free Public Library.— The Act 
was adopted in 1875. There are 
two branch libraries. Number of 
volumes, 30,000. Expenditure last 
year, £1,537. 

Gas.— Page 473. 

Markets.— There are general 
covered markets. Income last finan- 
cial year, £3,652; expenditure, 
£2,571 ; profit, £1,081. 

Refuse and Sewage Disposal. 
— The town refuse is burnt in a de- 
structor. Sewage is discharged into 
the sea at a point five miles from 
the borough. 

Slaughter - Houses. — Receipts 
last year, £207 ; maintenance, £183. 

Technical Education. — Day 
and evening classes are main- 
tained at the Art School, the fees 
of which amounted to £1,034. 
Total cost of art education, £524. 
Cost of science classes, £812. 

Telephones.— Page 415. 

Tramways.— Pages 541. 

General Statistics. — Rates : 
Improvement Rate, 2s. Id. ; High- 
ways, Is. 2.$d. ; Science and Art, 
Jd. ; Library, Id. ; Poor Rate, 9d. ; 
total, 4s. 2d. Debt outstanding, 
£917,000. Cost of Police, £3,425 ; 
Fire Brigade, £378 ; Parks, £5,487, 
of which £1,850 was for Hesketh 
Park; Hospital, £2,118; Street 
Cleansing, £3,930; Flushing, £3,505; 
Street Repairs, £4,748; Lighting, * 
£4,170 ; Improvements, including 
up-keep of lakes and foreshore, 
£6,385 ; Removing Refuse, £4,872. 


Mayor.— Charles Scarisbrit k, J.P. 

Aldermen.— T. Fisher, J.P., W. Hulme, 
John Unwin, J.P., Sir G. A. Pilkington, 
J.P., W. Vaughan, T. P. Griffiths, J.P., T. 
It. Threlfall, J.P., E. J. Rimmer, J.P., J. 
Dimond,S. L. Booth, J.P. 

Councillors. — West Ward : Thomas 
Karr, 31a, Scarisbrick New Road ; John 
B. Foggitt, J.P., 32, Scarisbrick New Road; 
Thos. Hough, J. P., 114, Duke Street. South 
Ward : Edward Thorp, 81, Southbank 
Road ; Thomas Jones, 53, Princes Street ; 
Isaac Smith, 5, Ash Street. Central Ward : 
J. Hatch, J.P., 42, Alexandra Road; W. 
Shuttle worth, 16, Scarisbrick New Road. 
Craven Ward: R. H. Earns haw, 51, Scaris- 
brick New Roidj G. F. Travis, 49, Ash 
Street; S. Piatt, 13, Westmoreland Road. 
Marine Ward : E. Trounson, 22, Knowsley 
Road ; W. Jones, 39, Hartwood Road ; C E. 
Austin, Cambridge Road. Talbot Ward: 
Thos. Young, 34, Hoghton Street ; W. H. 
Stansfield, 97, St. Luke's Road; W. H. 
Holland, 38, Chambres Road. Sussex Ward : 
J. Saul, 70, LeTland Road ; K. H. Wilshaw, 
128, Sussex Boad ; S. Ingham, 51, Tithebarn 
Road. Park Ward: Lieut.-Col. S. L. 
Richards, .2, Preston Boad ; W. B. Irving, 
J. P., 27, Park Road; J. Boooook, 24, 
Baunders Street. Scarisbrick Ward: J. 
Baker, 1 6, Cambridge Road ; H. Kennedy, 

29a, Scarisbrick Avenue; H. Brooke, J. P., 
71, Hoghton Street. Hesketh Ward : T. 
Isherwood, M.A., LL.D., D.C.L., J.P., Cam- 
bridge Boad ; C. Rimmer, 11, Shellfield Road ; 
F. W. Brown, 6, Rawlinson Road. 

Town Clerk and Clerk to the Burial 
Board, &c— J. Ernest Jarratt. 

Deputy Town Clerk. — Edward 8. 

Medical Officer.— J. J. Weaver, 
M.R.C.S., D.P.B. 

Borough Surveyor.— R. P. Hirst, Assis- 
tant.— F. H. Taylor. 

Treasurer.— P. J. Whitehead. 

Accountant.— George Lloyd, F.S.A.A. 

Corporation Auditor. — James Piatt, 

Mayor's Auditor.— Alderman Fisher. 

Burgess Auditors.— W. T. Kenyon and 
R. K. Kingston. 

Gas Engineer.— J. Booth. 

Electrical Engineer.— R. S. Downe. 

Head Constable.— W. Elliott. 

Librarian.— Thomas Newman. 

Secretary Science and Art Schools 
and Curator of the Art Gallery.— F. 
W. Teague. 

Nuisance Inspectors.— J. L. Kirkbride, 
A. Kendall, H, Hartley, T. Cadwell, and W. 

Digitized by CjOOQ IC 

Municipal Year Book. 249 


(County Borough.) 
Population, 97,287 ; IU.tea.ble Value, £371,032 ; Area, 1,839 Acres. 
South Shields has grown into a town and an important seaport in spits 
of early efforts to stop it. The Prior and Convent of Durham was founded 
at South Shields in 1245, but Newcastle took measures to prevent it grow- 
ing into a town, and in 1275 Parliament forbade it to hold f air3 and mar- 
kets. Ths Guild of Newcastle refused to grant quayage at South Shields 
in 1615, and restrictions were placed for many years on its trade. It was 
not intil 1813 tint South and North Shields were separated from New- 
castle and became the port of Shields, and two years later South Shields, 
which had then a population of 28,000, was incorporated. Before that time 
(in 1768) the town built a Town Hall. In 1854 Baths and Wash-Houses 
were erected, in 1855 the Corporation purchased thf Town Hall and 
Market Hall from the Dean and Chapter of Durham for £500, and it 
bought the Mill Dam Quay in 1861 for £10,000. The capital on the under- 
taking is now £30,113, which includes Mill Dam Quay, Holborn Quay, and 
quay properties Last year the income from rents and dues was £1,853, 
and the total expenditure £2,000. The Public Libraries Act was adopted in 
1*871. The Corporation owns the Tramways, which are leased to a company, 
and has introduced Electric Lighting. New Parks have been recently laid 
out— the South Park at a cost of £24,990, the North Park cost £15,237, and 
the West Park cost £10,003. The Marine Park last year cost £3,338. The 
Town Council is represented on the Tyne Improvement Committee, on the 
Tyne Port Sanitary Authority, on the Board of Conservators of the Tyne 
Fisheries District, on the North-Eastern Sea Fisheries Committee, on the 
Visiting Committee of the Durham County Asylum, and on the Governing 
Body of the Durham College of Science. 

Baths and Wash- Houses.— The Technical Education. — Over 

Baths and Wash-Houses cost £1,000 is devoted to Technical 

£4,241. Receipts last year, £156 ; Education. Grants are made for 

expenditure, £146. Evening Classes, to the School 

Electric Light.— Page 494. Board, to St. John's Higher Grade 

Free Public Library.— There School, and Scholarships established, 

is a Central Library and Museum Tramways. — Page 541. 

and two branch newsrooms at Tyne General Statistics. — Loans 

Dock and Laygate. Cost of main- outstanding, £312,914 ; less Sink- 

tenace, £1,094; Interest and Sinking ing Funds, £21,913; in hand, 

Fund, £173; total expenditure, £29,1031. Cost of Police, £10,338 ; 

£1,267. Interest and Sinking Fund Charges, 

Markets. — Market tolls and Court building, £1,«97 ; total, 

fees last year came to £803 ; expendi £11,635; Fire Brigade, £431; 

ture on the Town Hall and Market Streets and Roads, £3,078; Hospi- 

Tolls Fund, £785. tals, £2,131; Scavenging, £5,528; 

Refuse and Sewage Disposal. Lighting, £7,216; Sewers, £1,094; 

—The town refuse is partly barged and Ashpit Cleaning, £6,725. Total 

to sea and partly sold to farmers as expenditure under Borough Fund, 

manure. Sewage runs into the £37,696 ; total expenditure under 

tidal basin of the Tyne. District Fund, £51,935. 


Digitized by CjOOQ IC 

250 Municipal Year Book. 


Mayo*.— G«orge Beattia. Tyne Dock Ward : George Beattie, B. H. 

Aldermen. — John Donald, Thomas Dunn Pettier, L. Scott. St. Hilda Ward : 

Marshall, John Potts Wardle, J. Bowman, J. Grant, J. Noble, T. G. Whiting. Hol- 

George Scott, W. R. Smith, J. M. Rennold- born Ward: G. T. Grey, C. H. Marsh, 

son, Robert Readhead, J. R. Lawson, John C. D. Miller. Beacon Ward : David 

Imrie. Richardson, T. Whitfield, G. H. Laing. 

Councillors. — Shields Ward : R. Bents Ward: J. W. Henderson, W. B. O. 

Lockey, John Thomas Reed, John John- Scott, J. M. Smith. Rekendyke Ward : 

son. Westoe Ward : John Thompson, W. W. L. Robertson, E. H. Gibbon, J. Martin. 

A. Hedwith, W. G. Wylie. Laygate Ward : Deans Ward : H. Hilton, J. Reay, George 

John Cullen, J. T. At kin, Joseph Batey. Smith. 


Town Clerk, and Clerk to the Urban Borough Electrical Engineer.— J. H. 

Sanitary Authority.— J. Moore Hay ton, Cawthra. 

B.A. Borough Auditor.— W. A. Smith, A.C.A. 
A931 st A ht Tow» C,^K.- 3M . Taylor. Comm^ C^rk^-O . Mc^ 
Treasurer.— J. W. i#ase. Inspectors of Nuisances and Lodging- 
Borough Suryeyor. — S. E. Burgess, Houses.— J. J. Hindmarsh, W. Clark, B. W. 

M.I.C.E. Weir. 

Medical Officer of Health.— W. H. Inspector of Weights and Measures. 

Turnball, M.B., D.Hy. — Jas. C. Leatherbarrow. 

Borough Accountant,— Josiah Bridge, Quay Manager.— Geo. Blakey. 

p.S.A.A. Police Burgeon.— C. J. Sutherland, M.r . 


Population, 2,800 ; Rateable Value, £14,791; Area, 647 Acres. 
SOUTHWOLD is an old town ; it was incorporated by charter in the reign of 
Henry VII., and has a separate Commission of the Peace, and a Chartered 
Fair held on Trinity Monday. The Water and Gas Supplies are in the 
hands of private companies, the water supply being filtered through Polarite. 
Five tube wells have Deen sunk at Reydon, nearly two miles from the town, 
by the Waterworks Company, and this water is softer and more potable 
than that from the original well. The Town holds property which yields a 
goodly income, and the Corporation is Lord of the Manor. The sewage 
is treated on the bacterial system, the effluent being discharged into the 
sea. The Corporation has recently sold the Town Farm Estate to the Coast 
Development Company, Ltd., which is developing it, has erected a pleasure 
pier at which London pleasure steamboats call in the season, and has erected' 
a Grand Hotel. This company has also erected Electric Lighting Works, 
and is about to supply the town. The Corporation recently obtained an 
Act of Parliament for the transfer to it of the Southwold Harbour, and it 
is repairing the harbour works and making better accommodation for 
vessels and yachts. It is proposed to extend the north pier for sea defence 
purposes, thus arresting the southward drift of the shingle. Sea-defence 
works are now being erected. They are a combination of case groynes and 
close piling, and wul cost £16,000 when complete. The Corporation has a 
scheme for workmans' dwellings in hand, and is contemplating the provision 
of a cemetery outside the town. A company contemplates uniting Southwold 
with Lowestoft by means of a light railway. Total expenditure for 
1900-01, less loans repaid, £3,320 10s. Id. The Borough Rate last year was 
4s. 8d„ and produced £3, 1 00. Harbour Rate, Id. 
Telephones —Page 415. 

Digitized by CjOOQ IC 

Mivnicipal Year Book. 251 


Mayor.— Alderman B. W. Moore. Treasurer.— H. W. Youell. 

A d ^XE.o7^W W Moo^ M - V - »»«" 0™»» <" Hb A ,th.-A. W. 

Councillors.-F. J. Button, J. Marshall, u. uerDerc. 

T. Edwards, F. W. Griffiths. R W Mairub Borough Surveyor and Inspector op 

C. a. Smith, R. F. Hinde, C. E/Hurren! Nuisances -B. King. 

E. Pipe, 8. W. Woollett, Win. Herringtori School Attendance Officer.-T. Clegg. 

E, A. Holmes. ' Harbour Master.— T. W.iyth. 

Town Clerk.-E. B. Coop-r. Fen Rekve.-G. T. Naunton. 


Population, 20,331; Rateable Value, £75,913 ; Area, 1,0SA Acres. 
The Stafford Corporation, although it had a nucleus in ancient times, did 
not take over the work of maintaining the streets and lighting till 1875. In 
the following year it obtained the power as a Burial Board, and at the same 
time municipalised the Gas and Water Supplies, which are very successful. 
It maintains a Free Library, Public Baths, Cemetery, Technical and Art 
bchools, and Markets. 

Artisans' Dwellings. — Page from the markets and property con- 

4' mi_ nected with them brought last year 

BATHS.— The number of people £969 ; interest and expenditure, 

who used the baths last year was £1,260. After payment of interest on 

xn t 5 *o Income ' £812 '> expenditure, loans there was a deficit of £291. 

£1,852. Technical Instruction.— The 

Cemetery.— The receipts from Council receives grants from the 

the cemetery were last year £452, County Council and maintains 

and the expenditure, £543. classes and lectures. The income 

Electric Light.— Page 494. under this heading last year was 

Gas.— Page 473. £572, and the expenditure, £899. 

Markets.— The rents and dues Water.— Page 450. 


Mayor.- W. 0. T. Mynors (5th year). A. Andrews, A. Featherstone, J. Holmes, 

Aldermen.— J. Goodall, G. H. Smallman, F. H. Marson. 

P. M. Bridgwood, G. J. Flamank.W. C. T. Town Clerk and Clerk to District 

Mynors, C. H. Wright, F. Grant Ren, S. G. Council.— M. F. Blakistou. 

Loyatt. Treasurer.— B. C. Cumming. 

Councillors.— East Ward : T. Westhead, Surveyor and Borough Engineer.-W. 

M. Bedtord, S. Bone, J. Green, J. H. Crou- Blackshaw. 

dace, T. Swift, M. Mitchell, B. Corcoran, A. Medical Officer.— F. M. Blumer. 

Hammond, R, Perry, H. Simmons. Oue Borough Accountant.— G. S. Parker, 

vacancy to fill. West Ward : F. Blackmail, Gas and Electric Light Department 

S. Butler G. Dean, W. Ward, H. A. Wood- Manager. -Hubert Pooley. 

roffe, J. Mottram, S. W. Morgan, W. Marson, Free Library Librarian.— T. Jackson. 


Population, 27,673 ; Rateable Value, £105,1 J 5 ; Area, 3,137 Acres. 

STALYBRIDGE obtained a charter of incorporation in 1857. The Town 
Council maintains Baths, Free Libraries, Markets, the Gas Works, and 
combines with Ashton-under-Lyne, Dukinfield, Mossley, and Hurst for 
the Water Supply. The Corporation also combines with the Corpora- 
tions of Dukintield, Hyde, and Mossley in providing a joint scheme for 
Electric Traction and Lighting for their respective districts. 

Digitized by CjOOQ IC 

252 Municipal Year Book. 

Baths.— The income from the Technical Instruction.— Cost 
bat lis for the year ended March for the year £100. 

^ t Q^ 19 °V; aS £54 V ex P e » diture > TRAMWAYS.-Page 533. 

£1,346. Balance from Borough „,„ « « „ 

Fund, £803. Water.— Page 450. (See also 

Electric Lighting.— Page 494. Ashton-under-Lyne.) 
Free Public Libraries.— The General Statistics. — Rates 

total expenditure for the year was Highway, Is. 7d. ; Borough, Is. 6d. 

£482 ; income, £37. Transferred Improvement, 6d. ; Watch, 4d. 

from Borough Rate, £445. * Poor Rate, Is. 7d. Principal Ad- 

Gas. — Page 473. ministrative Expenses : Police, 

Markets.— The tolls from the £2,931 ; Fire Brigade, £237 ; Street 

market last year were £851. Ex- Lighting, £1,609 ; Highways, 

penditure for maintenance, £397. £8,178. 


Mayor.— Allwood 8impson. Borough Treasurer.— A. Dishing ton. 

Aldermen.— D. Holt, A. Simpson, M. Medical Officer of Health. -F. J. B. 

Fentem, R. Dawson, J. Ridyard, J. B.Nor- Dudley, 

man, J. Sehofield, E. Thompson. Borough Accountant.— W. I. Mason. 

Councillors.— G. Holland, J. Croasiale, Borough Surveyor and Water Works 

W. J. Hancock, J. Hardy, A. Keefe, C. F. Manager.— J. N. White. 

Mills, B. Wood, 0. Buckley, J. W. Simister, Gas Works Manager.— W. Carr. 

J. Beece, J. Booth, G. Hopwood, A. Side- Librarian.— T. Swain, 

bottom, W. Evans, J. Bottomley, J. War- Superintendent of Baths.— B. Hors- 

hurst, A. Bottomley, J. All sop, R. Ridgway, field. 

J. Cocker, J. T. Clark, G. Waterhouae, Sanitary Inspector and Inspector of 

W. P. Tait, Nuisances.-^J. Oliver. 

Town Clerk. -J. Miller. Market Inspector.— C. Holt. 


Population, 8,229 ; Bateable Value, £32,519 ; Area, 1,918 Acres. 
Stamford is one of the most ancient towns in the kingdom, and held a 
charter as early as 972. The Corporation maintains the Markets, and re- 
ceives about £500 a year in rent from corporate property. The Water 
Supply is in the hands of the Marquis of Exeter, and the Gas is supplied by 
a company. The total administrative expenditure of the town last year 
was £1,646 15s. 7d., and its expenditure as the Urban District Council, 
£5,168 16s. 4d. 


Mayor.— C. Gray. Simpson, H. Knight. 8. Bobinson, R. Tidd, 

IteTSK" W J Battle' H fiST H - ''*£%&£ a™ 01 £ebk to Dxstrict 
Hart, F. Kiley, W. J. flettle, H. unott. Council.— C has. Atter. 

Councillors.— C. Cade, J. B. Corby, H, T^ Treasurer.— T. Sandall. 

Daniels, W. 8. Harr, S. F. Halliday, J. 8. Surveyor.— J. Bichardson. 

Loweth, T. B. Simpson, W. Ward, G. Htggs, Medical Officer.— W. D. Eddowes, jun. 

B. Bel), Albert Dobbs, B. D. Dawson, H. . Inspector.— H. Wright. 


(County Borough.) 

Population, 78,871; Bateable Value, £370,713; Area, 5,485 Acres. 

Stockport came under the Municipal Corporations Act in 1835, when its 

population was 44,000. The town possesses seven beautiful Parks and 

Pleasure Grounds, the chief of which is Vernon Park. The Corporation 

Digitized by CjOOQ IC 

Municipal Year Book. 


maintains a free Museum of natural history, antiquities, art, and geology 
in this Park, which was given by the Members of Parliament for the 
borough in 1858. The Water Supply for the borough and adjoining dis- 
tricts is in the hands of the Corporation, and a company maintains the Ceme- 
tery. The Corporation bought the Market Rights of Lord Vernon in 1847 ; 
it maintains a Technical and Art School, a Free Library, Baths, and a very 
profitable Gas undertaking. The Town Council is represented on the 
following bodies : Cheshire Lunatic Asylums Committee, Lancashire 
Asylums Board, Lancashire County Rate Committee, Railway Rates and 
Charges Committee, Joint Committee of Manchester Assizes, Sea Fisheries 
Committee, and Rivers Pollution (Mersey and Irwell) Committee. The 
Corporation has established an Electric Light undertaking. On November 
9th, 1901, a Local Government Board's Provisional Order for the extension 
of the borough came into operation, by which the area of the borough 
was increased to 5,485 acres, the population to 92,806, and the rateable 
value to £370,713. 

Baths. — There are baths to suit 
all classes — charges from Id. to 
Is. 6d. Receipts for year ending 
31st March, 1901, £984. Expendi- 
ture (no capital was borrowed for the 
baths), £1,524. 

Electric Light.— Page 494. 

Free Public LiBRARY.—Library 
established in 1875. It contains 
25,000 volumes, and last year cost 
£1,066 to maintain. There is a 
Museum in connection with the 
Library, which last year cost £155 
to maintain. 

Gas.— Page 473. 

Markets. — The town acquired 
the Manorial Market Rights from 
Lord Vernon in 1847, and nas spent 
£33,859 on the markets. Receipts 
from market for the year ended 31st 
March, 1901, £2,155. Expenditure : 
for maintenance, £923 ; interest, 
£906; sinking fund, £197; -re- 
demption fund, £121, which with ex- 
penses of Cattle Fair Ground, £61, 
made total payments, £2,208. 

Refuse and Sewage Disposal. 
— Refuse is sent away to tips. New 
sewage works have been constructed 
at a cost of about £160,000. 

Technical Education. — The 

Mayob.— Albert Johnson. 

Aldermen. — Giles Atherton, William 
Brentnalt, William Harrison, J.P., John 
Goode Johnson, J.P., Sir Joseph Leigh, J.P., 
William Lees, J.P.. Joseph Lloyd, James 

Municipal Technical School was a 
free gift to the Corporation in 1892. 
It is valued at £17,037. It is well 
equipped, there are day and evening 
classes in science, art, technology, 
&c. Number of students, 1,350. The 
fees come to £1,429 a year. The 
Corporation gives £1,479 from grants 
received, and a subsidy is obtained 
from the Cheshire and Lancashire 
County Councils, amounting this 
year to £273. 

Telephones.— Page 415. 

Tramways.— Page 531. 

Water.— Page 540. 

General Statistics. — Poor 
Rate, Borough and Improvement 
Rates, 2s. 9d. ; General District 
Rate, 2s. 8d. Debt outstanding 
31st March, 1901, £1,438,623, against 
which. must be credited £26,284 in 
Redemption Fund at that date. 
Gross cost of Police, £7,835 (includes 
£96 capital charges on new Police 
Parade Room loan) ; Fire Brigade, 
£1,222 (includes £246 capital charges 
on new Fire Station Loan) ; Public 
Lighting, £7,429 ; Hospital, £2,324 ; 
Night-soil Department, £6,912 (in- 
cludes £219 capital charges). 
Samscar, Robert Redfern, Frederick Rai- 
lings, Henry Turner, J.P., Thomas P. 
Torkington, J.P., John Turner, J. P„ William 
White, Joseph Wood, J. P. 

Councillors.— James ildrel, Thorma 

Digitized by CjOOQ IC 


Municipal Year Booh 

Alleock, John T. Barnett, John Ba r rodi'e. 
Henry Bennett, John Brelsford, Joseph 
Broadhurst, Gilbert Burrows, Thos. Crook, 
Thomas Ellis, N. DumvilleFairbrother, J.P., 
Arthur Glibhero, William Grundy, George 
William Healey, Wm. Hy. Hollis, John T. 
Hopkins, Albert Johnson, William Johnson, 
Boberc Johnson, Robert Kidd, James Kirk, 
J.F., George Leigh, Jacob Lomas, James 
Lomas, Wm, Mackenzie, George Massey, 

M. MuCallum McGregor, John Wilson 
Needliain, George Polbtt, Joseph Potter, 
James Richardson, Geo. Robinson, William 
Hy. fijbinson, Richard H. Rogers, Thomas 
Rowbotnam, Charles Sharpies, Henry 
George Smeeth, William Henry Stott, 
Will am Thomas, Thomas Tray nor, Fredk. 
Hy. Walker, Wm. Geo. Ward, Thomas Webb, 
James Welsh, Joseph Whalley, William 


Town Clerk.— Robert Hyde. 

Deputy Clerk.— H. D. F. Dobson. 

Committee Olehk.— A. Eardley; 

Borough Treasurer.— H. Grundy. 

Gas Engineer. — 8. Meunier. Secre- 
tary.— Thomas Bedford. 

Borough and Highways Surveyor.— 
John Atkinson, A.M.I.C.E. 

Medical Officer of Health.— Meredith 
Young, M.D. 

Superintendent of Markets and Fairs 

and Inspector of Weights and Measures 
—William Linney. 

Librarian.— I. D. Buckland. 

Curator, Vernon Park. — Edward 

Public Analyst.— William Thomson. 

Sanitary Inspectors. — C. R. Billing- 
ham, Wm. But!er, Johu Ash ton, Geo. Hy. 
Sainsbury, and Edith M. Hitchmough. 

Principal, Technical School. — B. J. 
Brown, M.Sc. 

Magistrates' Clerk.— C. E. Lake. 

Chief Constable.— Frederick Brindley. 


Population, 51,476 ; Rateable Value, £221,325 ; Area, 3,341 Acres. 

Stockton originally received its municipal privileges from the Bishop of 
Durham. The borough came under the Municipal Corporations Act on 
the passing of that measure, and was extended in 1852, in 1869, and again 
in 1889. Stockton joins with Middlesbrough and Thornaby-on-Tees in 
providing a Water Supply. It also owns the Gas Works, Markets, Quay 
and Warehouses, and Refuse Destructor, two Cemeteries, and a Fever 
Hospital, and has established a Free Library. The town is well provided 
with Parks. The income from tolls and rents last year was about £2,000. 
Total expenditure under the Borough Fund was £24,800, and under the 
District Fund £28,357. Debt outstanding, £1,117,906. 
Gas. -Page 474. 


Mayor.— Josh. Richardson. 

Aldermen.— Messrs. Smith, Nelson, 
Richardson, Burn, Cameron, Hind, Walton, 
Bainbridge, Samuel, Kudd. 

Councillors. — Messrs. Armstrong, Car- 
roll, Atkin, Scholes, A. Smith, T. B. Watson, 
Dysert, Nightscales, Atterby, Thompson, 
Mawlam, Green, P. B. Watson, Trattles, 
Borrow, Johnson, Densham, Barrowcliff, 
Appleton, Baimes, Hughes, Tomkins, 
Lang ley, Richardson, Ha^ue, Finch, Hodg 

Town Clerk.— Arthur B. Crosby, M.A. 

Chief Clerk.-- Jno. Luther Green. 

Treasurer.— W. S. Eingdon. 

Medical Officer.— Thos. Home. 

Surveyor.— M. H. Sjkes. 

Inspector.— W. C. Crowther. 

Accountant.— Jno. Beay. 

Gas and Electric Light Manager.— 
Wm. Ford. 

Market Inspector and Inspector of 
Weights and Measures.— Wm. Creasor. 

Baths Manager.— Ed. Power. 

Librarian.— T. II. Wright. 

Digitized by CjOOQ IC 

Municipal Year Book. 255 


Population. 33,450; Rateable Value, £106,000; Area. 1,831 Acres. 
Stoke-upon-Tuent is one of a group of towns in the Pottery District. It 
was created a Municipal Borough in 1874. The Council maintains a Town 
Hall, Free Library, Municipal Markets, Cemetery, Public Baths, Technical 
Schools, and provides the Gas. Rates : District, 2s. 8d. ; Borough, lO.Jd. ; 
Poor, Is. lOd. ; Education, Is. 2d. ; County and Police, 8d. ; Library, Id.; 
Technical Education, Id. ; Museum, \d. ; total, 7s. 5d. 
Gas.— Page 474. 


Mayor.— Councillor T. B. Toxall, J.P. Town Clerk and Glbbk to District 

Aldermen.— J. Birk», W. Kirkham, J.P., Council and Burial Board.— J.B. Asliwell. 

CO.. £. J. Leadbeater, J. P., F. Geen, J. P., Treasurer and Borough Accountant. 

W. H. Bamber, J. Woolliscroft. — T. Thompson, A.8.A.A. 
Councillors. — W. B. Hackney, G-. C. Surveyor.— A. Burton, A.M.I.C.E. 

Edwards, N. Emery, E. Brooke, E. Harding, Medical Officer. — G. Petgrave Johnson, 

J. Gibson, C. Lynam, J.F., G. Biseley, J. M.D. 

Massey, C. F. Robinson, J.P., L. Price. D. H. Inspector.— T. Stake. 

Mountford, Wm. Jackson, J. Hand, P. Librarian.— A. Caddie. 

Mellor, W. Joynson, H. M. Robinson. Gas Manager Wm. Prince. 


Population, 8,310 ; Rateable Value, £36,946; Area, 3,865 Acres. 
Stratford is an old Free Market Borough and obtained its first govern- 
ing charter in 1553. The Gas and Water Supplies are in the hands of the 
Corporation, which also maintains Markets and Cemetery. Its income from 
rents and other remunerative undertakings is nearly £3,000 a year, but 
under the charter payments have to be made to the Vicar, the Assistant- 
Vicar, the Grammar School, and twenty-four almspeople. 
Gas.— Page 474. 


Mayor.— Councillor A. D. Flower. High Steward. — Sir A. Hodgson, 


Aldermen. — W. G. Colbourne, W. Pearce, Town Clerk and Clerk to Urban 

R. W. L. Greene, R. Hawkes, A. E. Park, J. District Council and Burial Authority. 
Smallwood. — R. Lunn. 

Treasurer.— C. E. Martin. 

Councillors.— T. T. Allen, J. J. Crow- Surveyor and Water Works Mana- 

hurst, E. Deer, J. Heuson, R. Taylor, A. D. oer.— R. Dixon. 
Flower, G. M. Bird, W. Barnard, F. Winter, Medical Officer.— A. Thomson. 

G. P. Kendall, P. Ballauce, J. A. Priest, Chamberlain and Accountant.— A. M. 

G. W. Everurd, J. Green way, E. A. Tyler, Cox. 
E. G. A. Beckwith, W. T. Jordan, J. Metters. Gas Works Manager.— J. S. Craumer. 


Population, 7,109 ; Rateable Value, £23,000 ; Area, 1,938 Acres. 
Sudbury holds a number of old charters, and came under the Municipal 
Act on the passing of that measure. The Gas is supplied by a company, 
the Water by the Corporation. The Town Council is putting the Private 
Street Works Act of 1892 into force in a newly laid out portion of the 
borough known as " The Went.*?," and has prepared an entirely new Sewerage 
Scheme, which lias received the sanction of the Local Government Board. 
The Town Council has also obtained a Provisional Order for Electric Light- 
ing, plans, &c, for which are being prepared, the work to be done in 
conjunction with the new Sewerage Scheme. 

Digitized by CjOOQ IC 

256 Municipal Year Book. 


Mayor.— F. Wheeler. 

Aldermen.— F. Wheeler, C. B. Mauldon, 
J. Bell, W. Ba'ley. 

Councillors.— C. Beer. E. W. But'er- 
wick, P. Constable, G. H. Coatss, J. P. 
Hills, R. Mattingly, H. H. Baker, W. J. 
Langdou, W. Paiue, M. Death, M. Andrew?. 

Town Clerk and Clerk to District 
Council.— W. B. Ransom. 
Treasurer.— A. J. Grim wade. 
Surveyor.— T. W. A. Haywanl, C.E. 
Medical Officer.— J. S. Holden, M.D. 
Accountant — T. Bates. 


(County Borough.) 
Papulation, 146.565; Rateable Value, £531,358; Area, 3,739 Acres. 
The old town of Sunderland was under the jurisdiction of the Bishops of 
Durham, who granted it charters from time to time, wliich were confirmed 
hy the ruling monarchs. The last important charter of this character was 
granted in 1634, and carried with it the right to hold Markets. Modern 
Sunderland came under the Municipal Corporations Act in 1835. The 
borough was extended in 1867 and again in 1895. The Corporation 
maintains a Free Pnblic Library, Art Gallery, Museum, Public Baths 
and Wash-Houses, Market, Ferries, Police Stations, Hospital, and has 
established Electric Lighting. The Gas and Water are in the hands of 
private companies. The Corpo'ation his now an excellent system of Muni- 
cipal Electrical Tramways. The Corporation erected in 1890 a Town Hall 
at a cost of £59,000, and has recently built an Asylum, upon which the 
expenditure has been over £100,000. The area of the town Parks, including 
the Town Moor, is about 75 acres. 

Artisans' Dwellings.— P. 569. 

Baths. — The Corporation main- 
tains three sets of baths, which cost 
£18,800 to erect. 

Cemeteries. — The cemeteries 
are maintained by the Corporation 
and two outlying parishes. 

Electric Lighting.— Page 494. 

Free Public Library. — The 
cost of the Free Public Library and 
Museum was £12,000. The Library 
contains over 23,000 volumes. 

Markets. — The Markets cost 

Refuse and Sewage. — The 
sewage is discharged into the sea. 

Technical Education.— 
A Technical College, at a cost of 
about £24,000, has been recently 
provided and is being attended by 
about 500 students. 

Telephones.— Page 415. 

Tramways.— Page 531. 

General Statistics. — Rates : 
Borough Rate, Is. 8d. in the £ ; 
District Rate, 3s. Id. in the £. Debt 
outstanding, £706,232. 


Mayor.— Councillor John Geo. Kirtley. 

Aldermen.— W. Bruce, A. Gibson, Sir E. 
T. Gourley, Kt., J. E. Walker, T. Reed, John 
Coates, J. Harrison, Thos. Johnston, D. 
Ran ken, Stansfield Richardson, William 
Burns, E. R. Dix, Henry Rudland, J. S. 
Thompson, J. D. Fairless, J. H. Smith. 

Councillors. — East Ward : Henry 
Watson, N. Richardson, Ralph Brown 
Annison. SunderlandWard: Wm. Biggam, 
M.A., James Chrisp, Lawrence Thompson. 
Bishopwearmouth Ward : Robert Pun- 
shon, Robt. G. Bell, Henry C. Lindsley. 
Bridge Ward : George New, William 
Henry Newby, Edwin T. Shields. St. 
Michael's Ward : F. J. TrewUitt, J. J. 

Bentham, W. H. Challoner. West Ward: 
William Fowler, Robert Hudson, J. Peat, 
Monkwearmouth Ward : Thos. Harrison, 
J. Crown, J. R. Stephinson. Pallion 
Ward : T. 8. Forster, Joseph Short, W. Chap- 
man. Hendon Wabd : William Dixon, John 
Turnbull, Thomas Summerbell. Deptford 
Ward : W. Walker, J. Hindmarch, Henry 
Marsden Hastings. Thornhill Ward : 
W. M. Roche, A. Ritson, W. J. Robinson. 
Park Wakd : J. T. Potts, H. J. Turnbull, J. 
W.Johnson. Central Wabd: H.St. John, 
W. F. Vint, J. R. Cutter. Colliery Ward : 
P. Pratt, F. Foster, J. 8. Nicholson. Monk- 
wearmouth Shore Wabd : W. Sanderson, 
D. Bell, E. H. Brown. Boker Ward : J. 0. 
Kirtley, Geo. Swan, T. E. Bryere. 

Digitized by CjOOQ IC 

Municipal Year Book 257 


Town Clerk.— Pra9. M. Bowey. Bate Collectors. — John F. Pnlin, 

Treasurer —J E Woods Thomas Whinham, Robert Dickeson, Geo. 


John W. Moncur. Chief Constable.— Wm. Caiter. 

Accountant.— Haswell Brown. Police Surgeon.— E. E. Beveridce. 

Building Surveyor.— Francis G. Taylor. Inspectob of Weights, Ac — Anthony 

Electrical and Team ways Engineer.— Pickering. 
John F.C. Snell, AssocM. Inst. C.E. Medical Officer of Health.— Harold 

Inspector of Sewers.— J. W. Holbrook. Scurfield, M.D. 

Inspector of Lamps, &c— Thomas Arm- Public Analyst.— John Pattinson.F.I.C. 

strong. Sanitary Inspector.— John Pennock. 

Librarian.— B. Bowlaod Hill. Superintendent of Scavenging.— John 

Museum Curator.— J. M. E. Bowley. Wilkinson. 

General Superintendent of Ceme- Tramways Manager.— H. England. 

teries.— T. W. Bolam. Principal of Technical College.— B. 

Bate Clerk.— J. G. Phillips. Branford, M.A. 


Population, 14,266 ; Rateable Value, £90,083 ; Area, 13,030 Acres. 
Sutton, or Royal Sutton, has an interesting municipal history, and is the 
owner of the famous Sutton Park, which is valuable to the inhabitants as 
an unequalled recreation ground, and is greatly frequented by visitors from 
midland towns. Royal Sutton became a modern municipality in 1886. 
The town receives its Gas from the Birmingham Corporation, and Water 
from a company.) Electric Lighting Works have been established, and 
supply was commenced last December. The Trustees of Municipal 
Charities have control of a large estate which produces a revenue of over 
£3,000 a year, which is devoted to charitable and educational purposes. 
The estate was left by Bishop Vesey, founder of the Grammar School, in 
Electric Lighting,— Page 494. 


Mayor.— Alderman J. T. Glover, J.P. Town Clerk.— T. V. Holbeohe. 

Aldermen.— A. L. Crockford, J . T. Glover, Treasurer.— A. J. Christie. 

W. J. Seal, E. T. Walters, B. H. Bur man. Surveyor.— W. A. H. Clarry. 

Councillors. — E. J. Brookes, W. H. Medical Officer.— A. Bostock Hill. 

Bailey, H. Edwards, 8. 0. Emery, Thos. G. Inspector.— P. Merrifield. 

Price, J. H. King, K. W. Powers, B. H. Accountant.— J. E. Bibby. 

Sadler, T. Turner, 0. Vale, J. T. Gettings, Clerk to Justices.— T. V. Holbeche. 

J. Bamford, G. P. Walker, M. Dain, B. E. Besident Electrical Engineer.— Trevor 

Lea, A. Clews, W. Adcock. Duesbury. 


Population, 94,505; Rateable Value, £417,530 ; Area, 5,963 Acres. 
Swansea was enlarged in 1889, when it added about 20,000 to its popula- 
tion. It had been growing rapidly during the ten previous years. Since 
1880 it has increased 45 per cent, in population ; the number of houses has 
increased by 65 per cent. ; the rateable value has gone up 118 per ceno., and 
the debt — much of which is for remunerative purposes — 155 per cent. The 
Corporation maintains the Water Supply. It has Markets, Slaughter- 
Houses, Cemeteries, and Free Libraries. It owns large corporate estates, the 
rents from which last year were £10,904, and the net relief to rates from 
the estate was £8,969. Improvement schemes in connection with the 
housing of the working-classes have been carried out. The important 

Digitized by CjOOQ IC 


Municipal Year Book. 

Harbour interests of the port are managed by a public trust. The Gas 
Works are in private hands. The Tramways System throughout the 
borough is electrically equipped, and the Town Council has laid down 
an installation for lighting the town and district with electricity. A new 
Market has been erected, on which £27,138 has been expended. The Swan- 
sea Docks, upon which a sum of £1,610,000 has already been expended, are 
managed by trustees, and Parliamentary powers have been obtained for 
the construction of a New Dock at a cost of £1,500,000. 

The Corporation is promoting in the next Session of Parliament a Bill 
for the construction for further tramways in the borough, for water- 
works and other purposes — chiefly sanitary— as well as for street 
improvements and the construction of a bridge across a river. 

The Swansea and District Light Railways Order, promoted by the town 
Council, is now before the Board of Trade for approval. 

Artisans' Dwellings. — P. 564. £3,185 0s. 7d., and the Treasury 

Cemeteries.— The Burial Board grant to £632 15s. 6d. Expendi- 

acquired Danygraig Cemetery in 
1857. Cost of land and laying out, 
£7,000. Total capital for additional 
land and improvements, £15,491, 
ef which £7,000 has been repaid. 
The receipts for the year ending 
31st March, 1901, were £814, and 
the expenditure, including £297 
interest on stock, £1,026. The Cor- 
poration acting as the Urban Sani- 
tary Authority has established the 
Cwmgelly Cemetery. 

Electric Lighting.— Page 494. 

Free Public Libraries.— The 
central libraiy was established in 
1877. There ore seven branch 
libraries and a valuable Art Gal- 
lery. Total capital expenditure, 
£18,567 ; annual maintenance about 

Intermediate and Technical 
Education. — The amount spent 
by the Intermediate and Technical 
Elducation Committee for interme- 
diate education for boys and 
girls amounted to £6,838 which 
included maintenance of boys' 
and girls' schools, alterations, fit- 
tings, &c. The income of this fund 
included £639 14s. 9d. from the 
rates, £506 4s. lid. from Exchequer 
contributions, and £771 10s. lOd.f rom 
ground rents and royalties. The 
fees of both the schools amounted to 

ture and receipts of the Technical 
Instruction Committee for the year 
ended March 31st, 1899: Amount 
expended, £2,884 10s. lid.; and the 
income includes £1,279 9s. 7d. from 
the rates, £1,012 9s. lOd. from Ex- 
chequer contributions, £407 6s. 6d. 
from fees, and £98 15s. from grants. 

Markets.— The tolls collected by 
the Corporation amounted to £5,928, 
and the expenditure £2,377. For- 
merly let on lease. 

Refuse and Sewage Disposal. 
— Refuse is deposited on waste 
lands, and the sewage flows into the 
tidal basin of the river. 

Slaughter - Houses. — The 
tolls collected by the Corporation 
amounted to £1,656, and the expen- 
diture (exclusive of interest and 
repayment of loan) £640. Formerly 
let on lease for £1,000 a year. 

Telephones.— Page 415. 

Water.— Page 450. 

General Statistics.— Borough 
Rate, Is. lOJd. ; General District 
Rate, 3s. 8d; Poor Rate, Is. 10jd. 
Debt outstanding 31st March, 1901. 
£1,331,818. Cost of Police, £11,242 ; 
Fire Brigade, £584 ; Fever Hospital, 
£1,105; Parks, £1,828; Lighting,. 
£6,139 ; Scavenging and Cleansing,, 
£7,552 ; Maintenance of Streets. 

Digitized by CjOOQ IC 

Municipal Year Book. 



Mayor.— Griffith Thomas. 

Aldermen.— Win. Evans, Jno. Griffiths, 
D d. Jenkins, M. O'SuUivan, £. G. Frotberoe, 
W. H. Spring, J. Aeron Thomas, M.P., 
Roger Thomas, H. Watkins, W. Watsios. 

Councillors.— Morriston Ward: David 
Harris, Howell Lewis, Divid Matthews. 
Landore Wari> : Thomns Preem%n, David 
Da vies. Wm. Williams (Wern). St. John's 
Ward: G. Davies, W. H. Morris, The 


Hon. Odo Vivian. St. Helen's Ward : 
J. Moy Evans, John A. Rawlings, E. W. 
Jones. Victoria Ward: H. G. Solomon, 
Wm. Davies, W. H. Mill. Bhtnmelin 
Ward: David Griffiths, M. Hopkin, John 
Harvey. Alexander Ward: T. Men-els, 
George Payne, Richard Fender. Fftxojte 
Ward.- Gwilym Morgan, Richard Martin, 
M. Tutton. Castle Ward : William Tarr, 
A. Sinclair, H. A. Chapman. East Ward : 
Benj. Thomas, J. H. Lee, David Williams. 


Town Clebk aitd Solicitor.— Jno. 

Assistant Town Clerk— D. C. John. 

Assistant Solicitor.— R. A. Wheatley. 

Treasurer.— Frederic Edwards. 

Chief Constable — L Colquhoun. 

Borough Accountant— H. H. Hopton, 

Surveyor and Estate Superinten. 
dent. — Geo. BelL 

Assistant Surveyor.— W.Bond. 

Engineer.— B. H. Wyrill. 

Engineer. — 

Borough Electrical 
C. A. L. Prusmann. 

Medical Officer of Health.— E. 
Davies, M.R.OS. 

Public Analyst.— C. A. 8eyler. 

Inspector of Weights and Measures. 
—Jehu Bingham. 

Ihspector of Nuisances. — Llewellyn 

Superintendent of Markets.— 0. T. 


Population, 44,996 ; Rateable Value, £183,602 ; Area, 4,246 Acres. 
A CHARTER of incorporation was granted on the 22nd January, 1900, for 
the parish of Swindon, comprising the districts of the old and new Swindon 
Urban District Council, which came into operation on the 9th November 
1900. The Town Council consists of forty-eight members, as follows : — 
The Mayor (Councillor), twelve Aldermen, and thirty-five Councillors. 
Area of Municipal Borough, 4,246 acres ; population last Census, 44,996 ; 
number of burgesses on Burgess Roll, 8,881 ; inhabitated houses, 10,077 ; 
void houses, 450 ; building, 100 ; gross estimated rental, £235,824 ; rateable 
value, £185,602. The Council has purchased a site off Corporation Street 
for the proposed Electric Light Station. The Council has obtained 
a Provisional Order under the Tramways Act, 1870, authorising the 
construction of tramways in its district. The plans, &c„ of the pro- 

Ejsed tramways were prepared by Messrs. Lacey, Clirehugh & Sillar, of 
ondon, who have been engaged by the Council as Consulting Engineers 
for carrying out the proposed Tramway Scheme. The town is supplied 
with water from the Corporation Water Works situated at Wroughton, 
about Z\ miles from Swindon. The town is lighted by gas at present by 
two private companies. 
Tramways.— Page 535. 


Mayor. — L. Lapper Morse, The Croft. 

Alderven. — Edw.rd Carpenter, 43 and 
44, Crick lade Road ; John Clark, 130, Princes 
Street; Edwin Jones, Milton House, Faring- 
don Road; Frederick George Wright, 
Mariow House; James Longland, Emlyn 
Square; James John Brown, 10 Station 

Road ; William Graham Little, 32. Fleet 
Street; Ernest Clement Skurray, West 
Lodge, Westlecott Ro*d; Thomas Hooper 
Deacon, Kingshill House, Bath Road ; 
William Reynolds, Market Square ; John 
James Shawyer, 12, Wood Street. 
Councillors.— W, Stock, Regent Circus ; 

Digitized by CjOOQ IC 


Municipal Tear Book. 

F. S. Coleman, Firlands, Westlecoit Road ; 
Oliver Fry, 219, Crioklade Road; J. A. Y. 
Matthews, Bath Boad ; Benjamin Harding, 
Mark Lane House, Cricklade Road ; A. W. 
Bursou, 94, Commercial Road; Thomas 
Oswald Hogarth, Woodlands; J. Powell, 
Regent Close ; Albert Henry Wheeler, 260, 
Cricklade Boad; G. Brooks, 22. Park 
Lane; Reuben George, 132, Goddard 
Avenue ; F. Keel, 22, Liuslade Street ; 
William Hall, 13, Faringdon Street; C. 
Hill, 32, Victoria Road; William Harvie, 
6, Park Lane; A. L. Pryce, 22, Fleet Street ; 

G. Pressey, Westfleld, The Sands ; John T. 
Smith, 1 Fairview ; H. C. Cook, Crjftdene, 
Devizes Road ; John Brewer, Station Villa ; 
William Henry Lawson, 1, London Street ; 
Edwin Harvey, 50, Exm >uth Street ; 
William Sewell, 92, Clifton Street ; James 
George Webb, 9, Victoria Road ; William 

Henry Williams, 5, Church Place ; William 
John Ainsworth. Summerville, The Sands ; 
Ernest Alfred Carpenter, Feruhill, Victoria 
Road ; James Hinton, The Brow, Victoria 
Road; Henry Smith, 22, Gordon Road; 
John William?, Ivy Cottage, Wellington 
Street ; James Baker, 1, Cricklade R >ad ; 
Arthur William Deacon, Bath Road ; John 
Henry Pakeman, 20, Higti Street ; J. Ford, 
2, Fairview; J. H. Thomis, 16, Manchester 

Towar Clerk.— Robt. Hilton. 

Surveyor.— H. J. Ham p. 

Borough Water Works Manager — E. 
R. Bowering. 

Borough Accountant.— A. E. Dean. 

Collector.— W. Jolliffe. 

Assistant Collector.— W. J. Phelps. 

Medical Officer.— F. E. Streeten. 

Borough Treasurer.— Lyttelton Etty. 


Population, 7,271 ; Rateable Value, £25,650 ; Area, 285 Acres. 

An ancient town, and a borough by prescription from time immemorial. 
Tamworth has a Municipal Water Supply, Baths, Markets, a Free Public 
Library, Assembly Rooms, and a Cemetery. The Corporation is also the 
owner of the historic Castle. The Gas Supply is in the hands of a 
company, in which the Corporation is a shareholder. The rents from 
property last year were £388. The Corporation is the owner of the Castle 
Mill jointly with the Rural District Council, the rents from which are over 
£100 a year. 

Artisans' Dwellings. — Page 

Baths.— Receipts last year, £97 ; 
expenses, £177. 

Cemetery.— Receipts, £324; ex- 
penses, including £103 for interest 
and loans, £308. 

Fbee Public Library. — Expen- 
diture, £217. 

Markets. —The tolls and stall- 
ages are collected by the Corpora- 
tion and amount to about £156 a 

Refuse and Sewage Disposal. 
— The dust is sent to waste lands, 
and the sewage is treated chemically 
in Ives' precipitating tanks, and the 
refuse put on land. 

Water.— Page 451. 

General Statistics. — Rates : 
Borough Rate, 7d. ; General District 
Rate, 3s. 4d. ; School Board Rate, 
Is. 7£d. ; Poor and County Rate,. 
Is. 5£d. Debt outstanding : Borough 
Fund, £1,792; District Fund, 
£10,447 ; Burial Fund, £367 ; School 
Board, £14,262. 


Mayor.— Frederick Alldritt, J.P., CO. 

Aldermen. — William Tempest, J. P., 
Henry Hare, J.P., Charles Starkey, J.P., 
Alfred Dyer. 

Councillors.— J. H. Dewes, A. M. Scul- 
thorpe, Alexander John Bartle, Frederick 
Alldritt, Charles Frederick Cast, Thomas 

Lnby, Edmund Morgan, Fredk. Geo. A lit on 
Hiram Ilhley, Percival Milliiigton, Henry 
Baker, Henry Sanders. 

Town Clere.— John Matthews. 

Treasurer.— J. W. Beevers. 

Medical Officer.— H. J. Fausset, M.D. 

Borough Surveyor.— H. J. Clarson. 

Inspector of N uisances.— J, V. Snowdon, 


Municipal Year Book. 261 


Population, 21,073 ; Rateable Value, £100,101 ; Arka, 1,391 Aches. 

Taunton, although an old town, did not come under the Municipal Corpora- 
tions Act until 1877. The borough was extended in 1895. The Corpora- 
tion owns the Water and Electric Lighting Supplies. The Corporation 
maintains Pleasure Grounds, the French Weir Recreation Ground, Vic- 
toria Recreation Ground, and Vivary Park, and provides facilities for 
bathing. A Recreation Ground has been presented to the town containing 
about 3| acres, by Mr. T. S. Penny, a merchant of Taunton. Considerable 
improvements in the sewerage of the town were c irried out last year ; 
£7,500 is to be spent on a new relief sewer. Application was made to the 
Local Government Board for sanction to borrow an additional loan of 
£22,300, of which £18,250 has been sanctioned, for purposes of sewage dis- 
posal — the Septic system will be adopted. The Corporation is spending 
another £35,000 in providing additional water supply. The chief items of 
expenditure are : Public Lighting, £2,695 ; Highways and Paving, £2,873 ; 
Scavenging, £1,176 ; Pleasure Grounds, £455 ; Police, £1,639. Loans out- 
standing, £146,315. General District Rate, 3s. ; Poor Rate, Is. lOd. 

Electric Light.— Page 494. Water.— Page 451. 


Mayor.— Alfred Edward Perkins. J. E. Kirkpatrick, W. H. Westlake, E. F. 

Aldermen. — Win. A. Wrenn, W. H. Paull. 
Fowler, W. Lock, W. Potter, H. J. Spiller, Town Clerk.— George H. Kite, 

and W. Goodland. Treasurer.— H. J. Badcock. 

Councillors.— A. Villar, J. Lewis, A. E. Borough Accountant.— A. W. Norris. 

Perkins, G. Norman, J. G. Price, H. West, Borough Surveyor.— J. H. Smith. 

A. Hammett, J. G. Vile, W. T. Webb, J. P. Electrical Engineer.— E. B. Tliornhill. 

Sibley, J. Duder, R. Hitchcock, A. J. Spiller, Water Works Manager.— H. T. Colee. 


Population, 4,400 ; Rateable Value, £22,557 ; Area, 629 Acres. 

Tenby originally obtained its charter from the Earl of Pembroke, 1323, and 
was granted municipal privileges by various monarchs. The Town Council 
owns the Water Supply, and receives £1,500 a year from corporate pro- 
perty. A new Pier costing £10,000 was completed in 1 899. Corporate Debt, 
£6,690. Urban Sanitary (exclusive of Water but including Pier), £2 ),344. 
Water.— Page 451. 


Mayor.— Clement John Williams. Town Clerk and Clerk to District 

Aldermen.— J. Griffiths, C. J. Williams, Council.— G. Lort Stokes. 

'•oSSj&SES. Thom«. |. Law,, C. •puu.^KH.-J- W. On-. 

W. R. Stokes, J. Truscott, B. Rees, J. Surveyor.— J. P. James. 

Gifford, C. F. G. Allen, C. Hurlow, H. Leach, Medical Officer.— D. A. Reid. 

&. Grabham, C.Farley, R.L.C. Morrison. Accoiktant. J. Prytherch. 

Digitized by CjOOQ IC 


Municipal Tear Book. 


Population, 3,24! ; Rateable Value, £16,689 ; Area, 8,948 Acres. 
Tenterden formerly enjoyed special municipal privileges. The Town 
Council has arranged with the Cranbrook District Water Company to 
supply the borough with water. Gas is provided by a company. Total 
receipts, £2,450 ; expenditure, £3,010. 


Mayor.— Joseph R. Diggle, M.A. 

Aldermen.— E. Howard, E. H. Hard- 
castle, O. Edwards, A. E. Nunn. 

Councillors.— W. B. Hook, G. R. Hook. 
J. Chacksfield, J. S. Winser. J. Pi 1 beam, J. 
R. Digale, W. Body, J. E. Mace. A. R. 
Boor man, F. Sayers, E. Apps, H. S. Norton. 

Town Clerk and Clerk to District 
Council.— J. Mann-Mace. 
Treasurer.— G. W. H. Gates. 
Surveyor.— W. L. C. Turner. 
Medical Officer.— J. Scott Tew. 
Inspector. — W. S. Mortley. 


Population, 5,420; Rateable Value, £21,545; Area, 2,266 Acres. 

Tewkesbury is a very ancient town, originally under ecclesiastical rule. 
The Town Council maintains a Cemetery and partly owns the Markets. 
Water is obtained from Cheltenham Corporation. 


Mayor.— Councillor T. W. Moore. 

Aldermen.— A. Baker, J. G. Coleman, 
W. E. Hayward, Charles Harris. 

Councillors.— W. T. Boughton, W. J. 
Gardner, L. Jones, T. W. Moore, W. 
Jackson, C. C. Moore, G. P. Howell, G. M. 

Rice, H. King, C. H. S. Moore, W. H. Hay- 
ward. Harold Godfrey. 

Town Clerk and Clerk to District 
Council.— H. A. Bad ham. 

Treasurer.— G. Watson. 

Surveyor.— Walter Ridler. 

Medical Officer.— A. P. Turner. 


Population, 4,600 ; Rateable Value, £17,863 ; Area, 7,096 Acres. 

A municipal borough since 1573. The Corporation provides the Water 


Mayor.— W. C. Fison. 

Aldermen.— C. Burrell, jun., E. Frost, 
R. G. Burrell, W. Pechey. 

Councillors. — P. R. Sutton, P. H. 
Millington, R. Tilley, W. 0. Wilson, G. E. 
Bond, A. G Crousbey, W. C. Fison, H. 
Guest, S. Oldm an, jun., O. A. Catchpole, 
G. Foulyer. 

Town Clerk and Clerk to Urban 
District Council.— J. Honchen. 

Treasurer.— H. Birkbeck. 

Surveyor.— C. Baker. 

Medical Officer.— A. Harris. 

Inspector. — C. Farrow. 

Superintendent of Water Works.— E, 
S. Greenwood. 

Collector.— C. Farrow. 

Digitized by CjOOQ IC 

Municipal Tear Book. 



Population, 17,000; Batrable Value, £50,221 ; Area, 1,997 Acres. 
Thobnaby has increased rapidly in population. In 1863, when first made 
a Local Government District, it had only 3,000 population. It was in* 
corporated in 1892. The town is supplied with Gas oy Stockton Corpora- 
tion, and joins with Stockton and Middlesbrough in providing Water. 


Mayor.— Q.B.Craig 

Aldermen.— W. Anderson, G. B. Craig, 
J. B. Crosthwaite, C. A. Head, W. Whit- 
well, H. Taylor. 

Councillors,— T. Brignall, C. Clarke, W. 
Coleman, H. Fawcett, W. H. Marsh, J. 
Heslnp, J. Higgin, J. Inman, B. Moorson, 
J. W. McLeod, G. McLaren, T. Miller, fi. 

Nevison, sen., B. Nevison, jun., F. Prior, W. 
Walton, E. Wilson, T. B. Walker. 

Town Clerk and Clerk to District 
Council.— W. J. Watson. 

Treasurer.— J. Slothart. 

Borough SuRVKroR.— C T. Johnson. 

Medical Officer.— T. Watson. 

Accountant.— J. W. Clarke. 


Population, 10,382 ; Rateable Value, £52,301 ; Area, 17,680 Acres. 
Tivebton is an old town which had chartered privileges long before the 
Municipal Corporations Act was passed. The Corporation owns the Water 
Supply and the Gas Works. 


Mayor.— W. Tborne. 

Aldermen.— W. Thorne, I. M. H. Amory, 
J. Thosne, £. M. Winton, J. Harwood, 
J. W. A. Pleass. 

Councillors.— J. Cottrell, J. Partridge, 
8. Deering, S. Webber, C. Loveys, W. T. 
Watkins, W. Barrons, H. Hen son, T. Lake, 

M. G-oodland, C. E. Liesching, S. B. Fink- 
stone, G. Stear, H. Mudford, P. Arthurs, J. 
Blake, J. P. S. Grater. 

Town Clerk and Clerk to District 
Council.— C. M. Hole. 

Treasurer.— E. C. Nicholetts. 

Surveyor.— J. Siddalls. 

Medical Officer.— B. B. Cullin. 


Population, 25,418; Bateable Value, £111,048; Area, 12,755 Acres. 
Todmobden was incorporated in 1896. The town is a great centre of 
the co-operative movement. The local Water Works Company sold their 
works to the neighbouring borough of Rochdale, but the Todmorden 
Corporation obtained an Act in 1898 for the construction of works for the 
supply of it own borough and adjoining parishes. The works are now 
in course of construction. The rates are : 2s. 4d. in the £ for District 
Bate; 3s. 2d. for Poor Rate, Borough Rate, School Board, Technical 
Instruction, Public Library, and County purposes 
Gas.— Page 474. 


Mayor— Wm, Ormerod. 

Aldermen.— P. Ashworth, T. Banks, A. 
Crossley, W. Jackson, Sugden Sutcliffe, 
Wm. Ormerod. 

Councillors.— John Dawson, J. E. Hand- 
ley, James Holt, John Shackleton, B. Gibson, 
T. Greenwood, Barker Crab tree, E. Hirst, 

Fielden Holt, J. Bracewell, Caleb Hoyle, 
J. I. Sutcliffe, Samuel Starkie, E. Lord. 
John Dugdale, Jas. Dugdale, John James 
Tatham, S tans field T. Greenwood (Corn- 

Town Clerk.— Dan Sutcliffe. 

Surveyor.— C. B. Pease. 

Medical Officer.— C. W. Thorp. 


Digitized by VjOOQ IC 

261: Municipal Year Book. 


Population, 33,611; Rateable Value, £137,003 ; Area, 3,879 Acres. 

Torquay has made great progress since its incorporation in 1892. In its 
Water Works, its Harbour, its Electric Lr'ght Works, its Pleasure Grounds, 
its Pier, Refuse Destructor, Baths, Assembly Rooms, Town Hall, Sana- 
torium, and Buildings it owns property of considerably more than three 
times the rateable value of the town. Its greatest asset is the Water Works,- 
upon which it has spent altogether nearly £250,000. In connection with the 
Harbour Undertaking it provides Baths, Concert Rooms, the Promenade 
Pier, and Princess Gardens. The revenue last year from the Baths was 
£785, including dues from outdoor bathing, the Corporation maintaining 
special places, including a ladies' " Cove. Harbour dues amounted to 
£2,450; rents, £953; Pier tolls, £2403 The total receipts were not 
sufficient to meet the cost, as the Pier, Gardens, Bathing-places, &c, are 
maintained to add to the pleasures and attractions of Torquay. The outlay 
under the Harbour Account *was £13,151. 

The town refuse is disposed of by cremation at the refuse destructor. 
Sewage is turned into the Channel two miles from the town, where the 
strong current carries it away without risk of polluting the waters of Torbay. 
It is at once a chaap and effective system. The Corporation does not itself 
maintain Technical Schools, but makes grants to the local Schools of 
Science and Art. General District Rate, 3s. lid. in the £, and Borough 
Rate about 2d. in the £. Net debt outstanding, £442,000. The annual 
cost of works of Sewerage, irrespective of principal and interest on loan, 
is £575 ; Highways, £3,119 ; Pleasure Grounds, £872 ; Scavenging, £1,236 ; 
Lighting, £3,005 ; Improvements, £220 ; Hospital, £520 ; Paving, £650 ; 
Removal of House Refuse, £1,075. 

The supply of Electric Light was commenced on March 17th, 1898, and a 
constant day and night service is in operation. The revenue from this 
undertaking during the year ended March 31st, 1901, was £4,233. 

By the Torquay Extension Order, 1900, the borough has been increased 
by the inclusion therein of the urban portions of the adjoining districts 
of St. Mary Church and Cockington. 

Concerts and other entertainments are held in the Corporation's Concert 
and Assembly Rooms, and a new Concert Hall is to be constructed on the 
Council's Promenade Pier for the convenience of patrons during the summer 

Electric Lighting.— Page 495. Water.— Page 451. 


Mayor.— Councillor J. P. Rockhey. Elljlcombe Ward : Samuel Cole, Edmund 

•r. « o iir.iii t> • Pike, Robert Pickard. Strand Ward: J. F. 

Aldermen .-E. P. Bo vey, William Beavis, Rockhey , T. H.Wills, W. Ball, jun. Torwood 

Edward Appl-ton, Thomas Harrison, H.G. WarD: j ohn Quick, Robert Paul Kltson, 

Oammma, R. L. Jutland, T. A. Hill Lowe, W ,uiam Grist. St. Mart Church Ward: 

G. M. Winter, J. A. P. Stephens. w Adams, W. H. Grant, W. F. Greenslade. 

Councillors. — Torre Ward : Richard Babbacdmbe Ward : T. Foster, W. D. 

Crocker, H. Evans, W. H. Mortimer. Bowden, W. J. Godbeer. Chelston Ward : 

Waldon Ward: John Smerdon, F. J. W. A. W. Smitfi, A W. Barker, G. Pearson. 
Crocker, R. F. Yeo. Upton Ward : Ernest Town Clerk and Clerk to the Urbay 

Hutch ings, John Tavlor, Robert Lorimer. Sanitary Auth )ritt.— Fredk. S. He*. 

Digitized by CjOOQ IC 

Municipal Year Book. 


Treasurer.— John G-lan field. 

Accountant.— Alfred Manley. 

Borough and Harbour Engineer, &c. 
—Henry A. Garrett. 

Water Engineer and Chief Officer of 
Fire Brigade.— W. Ingham. 

Medical Officer and Superintendent 
of Sanatorium.— P. Q. Karke9k. 

Sanitary Inspectors.— 0. MacMahon 
W. Watson, and H. B. Smith. 

Harbour Master.— T. H. Kendall. 

School Attendance Officers.— 3. R. 
Stone and A. Hugo. 

Meteorological Observer.— F. March. 

Baths Manager.— Steorge Courtney. 

Veterinary Surgeon and Inspector 
undee Contagious Diseases (Animals) 
Acts.— Gteorge Parker Short. 

Inspector of Explosives.— H. J. Boberts 
(Superintendent of Police). 


Population, 3,211; Rateable Value, £8,924; Area, 3,592 Acres. 

Great Torrington is an old town, having sent members to Parliament in 
the reigns of Edwards I., II, , and III., and had charters granted by Mary, 
James 1., and Janes II., but mo3b of its records were burnt in 1724. There 
are Markets and a Cemetery under the control of the Town Council. A scheme 
is being carried out for the enlargement and improvement of the Water 
Supply and purchase of the works from the present Water Company. 
Water.— Page 451, 


Mayor.— H. L. M*llet. 

Aldermen.— B. Handford, W. Vaughan, 
J. Jackson, T. Copp. 

Councillors.— Gh Chappie, H. Grant, H. 
Holwill, G-. W. Laver, P. SUpleton, S. 
Webber, W. H. Turrall, L. W. Palmer, J. J. 
Slee. R. E. L. Penhale, H. L. Mallet, M. 

Town Clerk and Clerk to District 
Council.— Gt. M. Doe. 
Treasurer.— J. Bartlett Lee. 
Surveyor.— W. C. Medland. 
Medical Officer.— E. Morse. 
Inspector.— W. Q-omer. 
Water Engineer.— Baldwin Latham,C,E. 


Population, 4,034 ; Rateable Value, £18,978; Area, 1,295 Acres. 
TOTNES received its first charter from King John, which was subsequently 
confirmed by other Sovereigns. On the passing of the Municipal Corpora- 
tions Act the area of the borough was extended by the inclusion of the 
Manor of Bridgetown, and it was further extended at a later date by inclu- 
sion of part of the Parish of Partington, where the railway station is situate. 

The Corporation owns the Water Supply, but the Gas is in the hands of 
a private company. The Town Council maintains Markets, which last year 
brought in a profit of £121, and Cemeteries at a cost of £9. Refuse is sold 
to farmers A scheme for work of Sewerage and Sewage disposal is being 
carried out at an estimated cost of £12,000, which amount has been sanc- 
tioned by the Local Government Board and borrowed from the Public Works 
Loan Board. 

Water.— Page 451. 


Treasurer.— T. R. Nevett. 
Surveyor.— W. F. Tollit. 
Medical Officer.— X. R. Smith. 
Inspector.— J. Clark. 
Collector.— W. Sloggett. 
Water Inspector.— W. Hiugston. 
Resident Engineer, Sewerigk Works. 
— T. W. Stiinthorpe, A.M.I.C.E. 


Mayor.— T. W. Windeitt. 

Aldermes.— T. C. Kellock, J. Roa, J. 
Winter, B. W. Hayman. 

Councillors.— W. Adaim, A. Hingston, 
R. V. Heath, J. E. L. Lloyd, a. Mitchell, 
A. Michelmore, J. L. Winter, GL J. Gibson, 
T. W. Windeatt, F. T. Tucker. 

Town Clerk and Clerk to DiSTRicr 
Council.— E. Windeatt. 

Digitized by CjOOQ IC 

266 Mvmicipal Year Book. 


Population, 11,562 ; Rateable Value, £32,687 ; Area, 1,127 Acres. 
Truro has the oldest Municipal Corporation in Cornwall. There is a 
Public Library, and the Town Council miintains the Markets. 


Mayor.— R. Lean. Town Clerk.— B. Dobell. 

Aldermen.— J. James, T. L. Dorrington, THRA«iri»ir» _a t> vi* 

W. J. Johns, W. Bullen, H. Barrett, E. Treasurer.-A. I . Ntx 

Roberts. Medical Officer.— H. C. Sliarp. 

Councillors.— J. Hearn, A. Ble ikiasap, Co.vsulting Surveyor.— VV. Clemens. 

G. Dixon, S. Trevail, James Esuott, T. Arrouvrxwr— H Buck 

Worth, H. Barrett. E. May, B. Whitworth, AcoouxrAHP. H Buck. 

Hugh Bice. W. F. Clarke! S. J. Folkiu- Libkarian,Free Library.— W.J.Martin, 

horn, W. Boae, J. Rogers, J. H. Sampson, Surveyor and Sanitary Inspector.— 

O. I. Blackford, E. Sober, J. J. Smith. M. Lea. 


Population, 33,383; Rateable Value, £263,614; Area, 4,003 Acres. 

Tun bridge Wells is a well -governed town, which is showing that it 
justified its elevation to the position of a Corporation in 1889. The Cor- 
poration owns a Cemetery, an excellent Water Supply, Sewage Farms, 
Indoor and Outdoor Baths, has very successful Electric Lighting Works, 
and has established Municipal Telephones. Total expenditure under 
Borough Fund, £10,776 ; under District Fund, £45,746. Loans outstanding, 

Artisans' Dwellings.— Page 565. Telephones.— Page 409. 

Electric Light.— Page 495. Water.— Page 451. 


Mayor.— Aid. C. R. Fletcher Lutwidge. Town Clerk and Clerk to District 

Aldermen.— H. H. Cronk, W. H. Delves, Council.— W. C. Cripps. 

C. R. Fletcher Lutwidge, H. Pink, G. Finch, Deputy Town Clkrk.— E. E. Fenwick. 

F. W. Stone, E. H. Strange, T. Putland. Borough Accountant.— J. W. Forster. 

Councillors.— G. Finch, tf. C. Gain, G. Borough Surveyor and Engineer to 

Grover, T. Ryder, L. S. Beale, A. Nicholson, Water Works.— W. H. Maxwell. 

W. J. Marsh, W. MUsted, G. Abbott, W. Medical Officer.— W. Stamford. 

Bournes, T. G. Edwards, J. B. Gower, J. G. Analyst.— Dr. T. Stevenson. 

Passingham, C. Peun, E. E. Robb, H. Inspector.— J. Cave. 

Thorpe, H. Potter, J. Coad, T. Carpenter, Borough Electrical Engineer.— H. L. 

Wesley Smith, C. H. Strange, H. Holm- P. Boot. 

wood, C. S. Barton, H. M. Caley. Telephone Manager.— C. M. Gardner. 


Population, 51,514 ; Rateable Value, £216,629 ; Area, 4,317 Acres. 

Tynemouth was incorporated in 1849. The Gas Supply is provided by a 
company. The Corporation is the owner of the Water undertaking, on 
which a capital of £450,000 is to be expended by the Corporation ; and 
the Markets are its property, as well as the Baths and Wash -Houses. 
Electric Light has also been introduced, and works have been erected at a 
cost of £35,800. There is a Free Library in the borough. Total indebted- 
Bess, £319,077, 

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Municipal Year Book. 267 

Markets. — The market was Quays. — Undertaking corn- 
erected in 1888, the capital ex- menced in 1870. Capital expenditure 
penditure being £6,300, of which £98,427. Debt, £74,000. Revenue, 
£4,865 has still to be paid off. £6,264. 
Revenue last year, £132. 


Mayor.— Jacob Daglish. Williamson, Wm. Dxids, J. W. Hall, Thos. 

Aldermen.-G. Armstrong, B. Collins, J. Sj^fc *•? • A H ^ witt ^ « * H * H ° g *' John 
VAWnt T Hncriish t fl«,«n t T B,»lron Ihos. Porter, Arthur Jefferson. 

Elliot, J. Daglish, J. Green, i. T. Boltou. Tows Clebk _ h a Aiam8on . 

Councillors.— J. A. B. Ellis, W. Murray* Surveyor.— J. F. Smillio. 

J. P. Spencer, G. D. Thompson, J. D. Accountant.— T. J. Wallace. 

G-illespie, J. Eskdale, J. Bobinson, B. K. Medical Officer.— Dr. J. £. Gofton. 

Fenwick, B. Irvin, John Chambers, J. A. Librarian.— G. Tidey. 


Population, 41,5tt ; Bate able Value, £195,877 ; Area, 2,438 Acres. 
An old town which for modern purposes was incorporated in 184S. The 
boundaries of the borough were extended in 1895 and 1900. In 1877 the 
Corporation purchased the Water Supply at a cost of £209,415. Since then 
new works have been constructed at an expenditure of £608,518. The Gas 
is supplied by a company. The Corporation owns a Cemetery. The total 
expenditure last year under the City Fund was £20,288, and under the 
District Fund, £82,948. Debt outstanding, £891,026. Rates : Poor, 3s. 6d.; 
General District, 4s. 5d. ; Water, Is. Id. 

Electric Lighting.— Page 495. Water.— Page 452. 

Telephones.— Page 415. 


Mayor.— Henry Blade Childe. Rhodes, John Wiiliain Saville, Sidnoy 

Aldermen. - Samuel Atkinson, George %?l\ lh ' Edmund Stonehouse, Thos. Clarksou 

Bolton, Edward Alien Brothwton, diaries grttersal! .William fownend. Frederick 

Bathurst Luis Fernaudes, Tom Harrap, M i n - r y w r »8 ham . £ no T ma r 8 *oung. 
Barron Kilner, William Henry Mimes, ™J™ . ^J 1 * -0 ' J ' 5r Ud »°"; a 

Frederick Simpson, Henry Smith. ¥' DICAL ° FFIC ^ R iT, W - S ' Wade - 

\ ;, ijL1 A1 _ Accountant.— C. E. Coxon. 

Councillors. — Joe Matthew Abson, Surveyor.— B. Porter 

Henry Cookson, John Cooling Percy Water Works Exginebr.-C. C. Smith. 

Stanley Cradock, Francis Hay Whitlam Chief Collector or Rates — Geome 

Denholme, Charles Driver, John Pallas, Stead. * 

George Walker Luis Feruandes, Joseph Chief Constable.— T. M. Harris 

William Hall, Thomas Hammond, William Sanitary Inspector.— A. B. Whitaker 

Judge, James Mclnnes, George Alfred Electrical Engineer. -B. Blaokmore 

Moorhouse, Walter Moorhouse, Ge..rge Weights and Measures Inspector — E 

Firth Nurse, Walter Bamsden, William S. Jubb. 


Population, 2,80$ ; Rateable Value, £10,420 ; Area, 380 Acres. 
Wallingford was an incorporated town in the reign of Henry II. The 
Town Council maintains the Water Supply and a Bathing- place. No 
charge is made for water for domestic purposes, the expenses being met 
out of the General Rate. The Council owns Markets from which it receives 
tolls amounting to £55 per annum. It holds property which brings in a 
yearly rental of £121. The Gas is in the hands of the Town Council. 
The Sewage is dealt with on the Shone Hydro-Pnoumatic System, and is 
disposed, of by broad irrigation. Kates : The Urban Sanitary Kate is 
4s. in the £ ; no Borough Kate is made. The chief items of expenditure- 
last vear were : Lighting, £205 ; Street Repairs, £584. 
WATER.— Page 452. 

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Municipal Year Book 


High Steward.— Edward Wells. 

Mayor.— Henry Wat kins Wells. 

Aldermen.— Sidney Payne, T. F. Wells, 
Henry Ponking, B. Wilder. 

Councillors. — George Peck, James 
Wilder, Thomas Lester, B. W. Hilliard, 
Henry Watkins Wells, O. D. Leslie, Edward 
Home, H. W. Snow, George F. Slade, Thomas 
Peltit, Samuel Naish, J. S. Lawrence. 

Towx Clerk and Clerk to Urban 
District Cor noil.— Francis E. Hedges. 

Treasurer.— Charles Morrell. 

Accountant.— B. M. Bair. 

Medical Officer of Health.— W. T. G. 
Woodforde, M.D. 

Secretary, Technical Instruction 
Committee.— B. M. Barr. 

Building Surveyor.— 3. C. Johns, M.S.A. 

Inspector of Nuisances.— A. G. Gray. 

Surveyor, Ac— Arthur Hurst. 

School Attendance Officer. — John 
James HaU. 

Manager of Gas Works.— Wm. Baj ley. 


(County Borough.) 

Population, 86,440 ; Bate able Value, £256,021 ; Area, 7,363 Acres. 

The Town of Walsall (Staffs.) consists of what was formerly known as the 
Borough Township and parts of the Foreign Township and Parish of Rushall 
respectively. The length of the roads and streets is 66 miles. Gas and 
Electric Lighting supplies are in the hands of the Corporation, which 
also owns Cemeteries, Markets, Baths, and Free Libraries. A splendidly 
equipped Science and Art Institute and Technical Day School is under the 
Corporation control. The Corporation has spent £28,280 in an Artisans' 
Dwellings Improvement Scheme, but it was not found necessary to erect 
dwellings. The borough has six Parks and Recreation Grounds, the 
largest of which is the Arboretum, which cost over £10,000. Sewage 
Disposal Works have been carried out at a cost of £109,011. The Gas 
undertaking yields a large profit, which has in some years made a Borough 
Rate unnecessary. The Corporation, under Parliamentary powers, has 
purchased the Tramways, and is at present engaged in greatly extending 
the system. Powers have also been obtained for the establishment of a 
crematorium and cold-air stores, and to authorise the Corporation to 
supply gas and electrical fittings, to expend money in providing bands in 
the parks, &c. 

Baths. — New and commodious 
baths have been erected at a cost of 

Cemeteries. — Cost of maintain- 
ing Ryecrof t Cemetery for the year 
ending 29th September, 1901, was 
£972. Fees, &c, amounted to £1,001. 
Cemetery under Burial Board : 
maintenance, £554 ; fees, £274. 

Electric Lighting.— Page 495. 

Free Public Library. — Acts 
were adopted in 1857. The library 
contains 17,000 volumes. Annual 
maintenance, £1,180. There is a 
branch library. 

Gas.— Page 474. 

Markets.— The markets are held 
in the streets. Tolls for year ending 
29th September, 1901, £980. Ex- 
penses, £481. 

Refuse and Sewage Disposal. 
— Refuse is carted to tios. Sewage 
is treated by precipitation and the 
effluent used for irrigation. Sales of 
produce and stock at sewage farm 
for the year ending September, 1901, 
came to £958. 

Technical Education. — The 
sum of £1,500 is annually devoted to 
Technical Instruction by the Council. 

Tramways —Page 541. 

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Municipal Year Book 


General Statistics. — Borough 
Kate, 2s. 2d. ; General District Rate, 
3s. 4d. ; Poor Rate, Is. 6d. Debt 
outstanding, £404,328. Cost of 

Police, £7,532 ; Fire Brigade, 
£405 ; Public Lighting, £4,330 ; 
Street Repairing, Scavenging, &c, 


Mayor.— W. J. Pearman-Smith. 

Aldermen. — Baker, Brownhill, Dean, 
Marshall, Newman, Hold en, Glare, Sanders. 

Councillors.— Turner, B.C.Thomas,E. H. 
Ingram, C. C. Walker, Cope, Jno. Williams, 
E. Egan, T. P. Brownhill, Hal ford, John 
Roberts, J. H. Roberts, Shore, James 
Williams, 8. J. Hawley, Zeller, Noake, 
Pearman-Smith, H. C. Powell, Millerchip, 
Hughes, Drew, Cotterell, Burt, E. Shelley. 

Chairmen of Committees —Baths and 
Parks, Mr. Alderman Marshall; Cattle 
Diseases, Mr. Alderman Clare ; Cemetery, 
Mr. Alderman Dean; Electric Lighting, 


Becorder.— E. A. Owen. 

Town Clerk.— John B. Cooper. 
tant.— Victor Crooke. 

Clerk of the Peace.— W. H. Duignau. 

Auditor.— G. R. Ridsdale. 

Medical Officer.— J. S. Wilson. 

Chief Constable.— G. H. Ballance, pro, 

Borough Surveyor.— B. F. Middleton. 

Mr. Alderman Brownhill ; Finance, Mr. 
Alderman Baker; Free Library and Art 
Gallery, Mr. Councillor Hughes ; Gas, Mr. 
Councillor Brownhill ; General Purposes, 
The Mayor (Mr. Councillor Peannan- 
Smith); Health, Mr. Councillor James 
Williams; Municipal Buildirga, The Mayor 
(Mr. Councillor Pearman-Smith) ; Property, 
The Mayor (Mr. Councillor Pearman-Smith ); 
Sewage Farm, Mr. Councillor Noake; 
Streets, Mr. Alderman Newman ; Tram- 
ways, Mr. Councillor Cope; Watch, The 
Mayor (Mr. Councillor Pearman-Smith); 
Technical Instruction, Mr.Councillor Powell 


Assistant Surveyor.— A. E. W. Aldridge. 

Electrical Engineer. — Alexander 

Borough Accountant.— J. H. Sanders. 

Librarian.— A. Morgan. 

Consulting Gas Engineer.— J. Tindall. 

Gas Manager.— B. W. Smith. 

Chief Sanitary Inspector. 

— A. T. 


Population, 20,647 ; Rateable Value, £81,834 ; Area, 1,096 acres. 
Wallsend presented a petition for incorporation in 1898, and one of the 
last official acts of Her Majesty was to sanction the proposal. The Charter 
was issued on the 12ih March, 1901, and was the first granted in the 
20th Century, and the first issued by King Edward VII. 


Town Clere.— W. S. Daglish. 
Deputy Town Clerk.— W. V. Mulcaster 
Treasurer— C J. Spence. 
Medical Officer— T. Wilson. 
Surveyor.— G. Hollings. 
Collector.— W. Fyle. 

Mayor.— William B©3d. 

Aldermen.— 8. T. Harrison, G. B. Hunter, 
J. OHanlon, G. A. Allan, W. Boya, J. Gile?. 

Councillors.— I. H. Jackson, J. Allan, 
J. Brown, B. A. Hsrle, J. Beid, J. W. 
Parker, K. I. Dees, G. Drury, G. K. Stephen- 
son, G. Elliott, P. Caeeon, W. Giles, J. 
Duffy, C Steiherson, A.lhompson, T. G. 
Morpeth, J. Davidson, M. Afuirav. 

Inspector of Nuisances. —John Camp, 
Pare Keeper.— A. £. Raisbeck. 


Population, 2,003 ; Bateable Value, £5,367 ; Area, 210 Acres. 
Ax ancient corporate town which, on the strength of its history, obtained 
a new charter in 1886. Rates: Poor, Is. lid.; County, lOd. ; School 
Board, 9d. ; Burial Committee, &c, 2£d. ; Borough, 4-Jd. ; General District, 
2s. : total, 6s. Id. 


Town Clerk.— G. C. Filliter. 
.Treasurer.— B. D. Thornton. 
Surveyor.— W. Laws. 

Mayor.— W. P. Collihole. 

Aldermen.— S. W. Bennett, W. P. Colli, 
hole, F. Filliter, J. Hollingham. 

Councillors.— J. Bennett, J. H. Bennett, 
J. Bradley, J. Churchill, E. 8. Clark, W. 
Crocker, J. A. Drew, L. W, Gover, J. A. 
Hrbbs, G. B. Paul, J. Spee*, J. Bpieer. 

Medical Officer.— K. J. Courtenay. 
Inspector.— J. Bridle. 



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Municipal Year Book 


(County Borough.) 
Population, 64,242 ; Rateable Value, £240,445 ; Area, 3, Ho ACEbs. 
Warrington is a Parliamentary and municipal and county borough and 
was enfranchised by the Reform Act of 183z and incorporated in 1847. 
The borough was extended in 1890, and again in 1896, when parts of 
five adjoining townships were added. The Corporation established a 
Public Museum and Library in 1848, to which an Art Gallery was added 
in 1877. It bought up the Markets in 1851, established Baths in 1873, 
acquired the Gas Works in 1877, took over the Water Supply in 1890, and 
owns a Cemetery, Parks, Technical Schools, Infectious Diseases Hospital, 
Gymnasium, and Fire Engine establishment. It has installed a Municipal 
Electric Lighting Supply and recently constructed Tramways. In con- 
nection with the cleansing of the town the Corporation carries on a manure 
manufactory. A Public Hall, known as the "Parr Hall," was presented 
to the town in 1895 by J. Charlton Parr, Esq. 

Baths.— Acquired in 1873, and Refuse and Sewage Disposal. 
extended in 1893 at a cost of £5,000. —The Corporation carries on the 

Receipts last year, £445 ; expendi 
ture, including £206 loan charges. 

Cemetery. — Original cost, 
£24,005. Receipts last year, £1,470 ; 
expenditure, including £506 loan 
charges, £2,205. 

Electric Lighting. - Page 495. 

Gas.— Page 474. 

Markets.— The Market rights 
were purchased in 1851. A new 
Market Hall was erected in 1854-5, 
and a covered market in 1881-2, the 
capital cost to date being £26,000. 

Museum and Library.— A Mu- 
seum was established in 1848, and 
included a library, which was thus 
the first rate-supported Free Library 
in the United Kingdom. It contains 
collections of Natural History, 
Antiquities, and Art, and 30,000 
volumes of books. Roman remains, 
bronze implements, mediaeval seals, 
&c. , found in the Ship Canal exca- 
vations have been added to the 


manufacture of concentrated ma- 
nure, the motive power being derived 
from Beaman & Deas* Refuse De- 
structors. The sewage flows into 
the tidal Mersey. 

Technical Education. — A 
School of Art, now managed by the 
Corporation, was established in 1853, 
the present building being erected in 
1883. A Technical School is main- 
tained, and also a Continuation 
School. The Art School is well 
equipped. There are about 900 
students on the rolls. Expenses of 
Technical Education, £2,161. 

Tramways.— Page 535. 

Water.— Page 452. 

General Statistics. — Rates : 
Improvement Rate, 3s. 4d. ; Sewers 
Rate, 2d. ; Poor Rate, 3s.; total, 
6s. 6d. Debt outstanding, £708,177. 
Cost of Police, £7,419 ; Fire Bri- 
gade, £407 ; Lighting, £3,716 ; 
Hospital, £2,222; Parks, £1,305. 


Mayor.— J. Charlton Parr. 

Aldermen.— J. Fairclough, F. W. Monks, 
T. H. Sutton, Root. Heaton, R. W. Fran- 
comb, J. Shaw Green, W. Bolton, H. 
Roberts, T. Hutchinson. 

Councillors.— Town Hall Ward : J. 
SmcthuKt, Jos. Shillcock, W. J. Forshaw, 

Whitecross Ward: George Plumpton, 
Walter Brough, James Evans. Bewsey 
Ward : T. B. Malkin, William Pierpoint, 
William Rogers. Orford Ward: A. Pea- 
cock, John Wilkinson, Lin. Greening. St. 
John's Ward : F. B. Boberts, John Boberts, 
J. Baird. Fairfield Ward : A. J. Jolley, 

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Municipal Year Book. 271 

T. J. Hulse, D. 8. Duncan. Howlby Medical Officer and Analyst.— J. G-." 

Ward: Arthur Bennett, John Evans, S. Go r nail. 

Davies. St. Austin's Ward: David Sanitary Inspector.— Walter T. Flood. 

Tinnion, Wm. Roberts, Thomas Burton. Manager of Sanitary Works DsPARr- 

Latchford Ward : Juo. Sampson, Luke ment and Water Engineer.— Jas. Deas; 
Ellison, Alfred Jolley. Chief Constable.— Luke Talbot. 

Town Clerk.— J. Lyon Whittle. Superintendent Fire Brigade. — F. 

Deputy.— Stanley Wilson. Turner. 

Treasurer.— J. Fair hurst. Gas Engineer.— W. 8. Haddock. 

Surveyor.— T. Longdin. Librarian, Curator, and Secretary 

Collector and Assistant Overseer.— for Technical Instruction.— Chas. Made- 

W. H. Woodcock. ley. 

Clerk to the Magistrates.— 3. F. F. Electrical Engineer.— Wm. H. Grims- 

White. dale. 


Population, 11,889; Rateable Value, £59,600; Area, 5,512 Acres. 

Warwick, one of the most ancient towns in England, traces its municipal 
history back to the days of Edward the Confessor. The Corporation owns 
the Water Supply and Markets. Total local expenditure, £18,000. Debt 
outstanding, £33,900. 


Mayor.— The Earl of Warwick. Davenport, J. Lloyd Evans, F. W. Gardner, 

Aldermen.— T. KemD, J. W. Mann, The J. C. Puraer, J. W. Sleath, W. T. Collier, 

Earl of Warwick, J. W. Glover, H. Pratt, Town Clerk.— B. Campbell. 

W. Daniels. Treasurer.— S. C. Smith. 

Councillors.— H. J. Brown, G. Eccles, Surveyor.— E. M. Richards. 

R. 8. Gold, J. G. Mellor, J. Smith, J. Medical Officer.— G. Wilson. 

Wright, 0. W. Martin, W. J. Power, F. H. Inspector.— S T. White. 

London, D. Kendall, A. R. Britton, E. T. Librarian, Free Librarv.— T. Carter. 


Population, 26,544 ; Rateable Value, £33,552 15s. ; Area, 2,130 Acres. 

WEDNESBURY was incorporated in 1886. The Gas and Water Supplies are 
undertaken by companies. The Corporation, as the Burial Board, maintains 
a Cemetery, and owns the Markets, which last year yielded a profit of £350. 
An Isolation Hospital has been erected and a Provisional Order for the 
supply of Electricity has been granted. The Corporation has a Public 
Park, Art Gallery, Public Baths, and Free Library, and has just opened a 
new Recreation Ground at King's Hill, where eight acres of land have been 
purchased for that purpose. This is in addition to a Public Park of 21 acres. 
Improvements have also recently been made at the Sewage Works at a cost 
of between £7,000 and £8,000. A new Fire Engine Station has been opened 
and properly equipped Steam Engine, Stabling, &c. A new Isolation 
Hospital has been erected and equipped. 

Telephones.— Page 415. 

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Municipal Year Book. 


Mayor.— A. E. Pritohird. 

Aldermen.— W. Lloyd, J. A. Kilvert, R. 
Williams, I. Olbury; 

Councillors— J. Davis, I. Griffiths, J. 
Knowles, G. Lawrence, J. Handlev, C. W. D. 
Joy n son, A. D. Pull wood, J. H. Sheldon, B. 
W. Spittle, J. H. Stoekdale, A. B. Pritchard, 
W. Adams. 

Town Clerk and Clerk to District 
Council.— Thos. Jones. 
Treasurer.— E. Wilson. 
Medical Officer.— W. Gar man. 
Surveyor.— E. M. Scott. 
Inspector.— W. H. Couey. 
Librarian, Free Library.— T. Stanley. 


Population, 4,849 ; Rateable Value, £20,598 ; Area, 720 Acres. 

Wells is an ancient episcopal city. It has a Recorder, bub not a separate 
Quarter Sessions District. The Corporation maintains the Markets. New 
Sewage Disposal Works are being carried oat. Application lias been made 
to the Local Government Board for a Provisional Order under the Public 
Health Act, 1875, to amend the Wells Market Act, 1841 , governing the 
Markets, and for other purposes. The Wells Corporation Water Act, 
1901, was passed last Session for the purchase of the undertaking of the 
Wells Water Company, Limited. 


Mayor.— E. A. Crosse. 

Aldermen.— J. G. Everett, J. H. Hollo- 
way, J. Slater, J. A. Tate. 

Councillors.— J. C. Davis, R. B-wring, 
E. A. Crosse, S. F. Goodall, R. Norton, 
S. T. Richards, G. W. Wheeler, H. C. 
Norton, F. B. George, A. C. Weaver, B. B. 
Dyer, A. C. Tir ker. 

Town Clerk and Clerk to Bistrict 
Council.— E. P. Foster. 

Treasurer.— R. Harris. 

Surveyor.— C. Brown. 

Medical Officer.— R. Purnell. 

Inspector.— W. H. Jenkins. 


Population, 6,121 ; Rateable Value, £40,537 ; Area, 20,426 Acres. 

The Corporation owns the Water and maintains Markets, Free Library, 
Museum, and School of Art, and owns corporate property which brings 
in annually £847. The town received its charter originally from Welsh 
magnates and was brought under the Municipal Act in 1835. The 
Corpoiation has augmented the water supply. 

Free Library. — The cost of 
maintaining the Free Library last 
year was ±97. 

Markets. — The income from the 
Corn Exchange and General Market 
t.)lls for last year was £300, which 
left a profit after paying all expenses. 
The revenue from Smith field Market 
was £292. 

Water.— Page 452 J 

General Statistics. — The 
Borough Rate for the year ended 
March 31st, 1900, was 3*d. in the £ ; 
the Inner District Rate, Is. 6d. in the 
£ ; General District Rate, lid. in 
the £, and Free Library Rate, jd. 
in the £. The debt outstanding is 
£10,554. Cost of maintenance : 
Highways, £224 ; Streets and Path- 
ways, £330 ; Public Lighting, £248 ; 
Scaven^in^, £276. 

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Municipal Year Book. 273 


Mayor.— Charles Shaker. Town Clerk.— Edward L. R. Jones. 

Aldermen.— G. D. Harrison, W. A. Rogers, Borough Treasurer.— Matthew Powell. 

T. R. Morris, C. E. Howell. Borough Surveyor and Sanitary 1n- 

Councillors. — R. D. Thomas, W. F. spector.— George Snook. 

Addie, E. Wyke, C. T. Pugh, T. 8. Jones, Mkdical Officer.— P. E.Marston. 

J. Pryee Jones, T. W. Davies, Henry Smith, Collector of Bates.— Thomas Elledge. 

William Humphreys, Edwin Stockton, John School Attendance Officer.— D. A. 

Hickman. Breeze. 


Population, 15,866 ; Assessable Value, £56,757 ; Area, 22,657 Acres. 
Wenlock is an old town which was incorporated as a borough by Edward 
IV., but local administration was not united under one body till 1889, when 
the Local Boards of three districts were amalgamated and placed under the 
Corporation. The General District Rate is 2s. lOd. in the £. Very extensive 
schemes of Water Supply are at present being carried out by the Town 
Council. The Gas Works in the Much Wenlock Division of the borough 
are the property of the Corporation. The Gas Works in the other divi- 
sions of the borough are worked by public companies, who contract with 
the Council for public lighting. 
Water.— -Page 452. 


Mayor.— John Arthur Anstice. Treasurer.— F. H. Potts. 

Aldermen.—T. H. Thurafield, J. Boden- Medical Officer. —Maurice Gepp. 

ham, A. P. Dyas, Kd. E. Anstice, J. A. Surveyor.— George Stevenson. 

Anstice, G. Lloyd, D. G. Prestage, the Inspector of Nuisances.— H. Herbert. 

Bight Hon. Lord Forester. Coroner.— F. H. Potts. 

Councillors. — W, Allen, Hon. O. Analyst.— T. P. Blunt. 

Forester, P. Jones, T. Doughty, W. Y. Owen, Clerk of the Peace.— E. B. Potts. 

W. E. Southorn, W. J. Legge, T. Morris, Inspector of Weights and Measures.— 

E. G. Exley, T. Cooke, F. J. Hart, F. G. E. J. Symonds. 

Bed does, W. F. Bryan.W. Evans, B. Maddox, Veterinary Inspector. — John Rose, 

A. Dixon, J. Davies, C. Edwards, K. F. M.R.C.V.S. 

Ayre, A. G. Cartwright, R. A. lnstone, Clerk to Justices.— A. H. Thorn. 

R. Lane, T. J. Barnett, E. Oakes. Secretary to Gas Department.— Arthur 

Town Clerk.— G. C. Cooper. Owen. 


Population, 65,172 ; Rateable Value, £215,947 ; Area, 5,860 Acres. 
WEST BROMWICH (Staffs. ) was incorporated in 1882. The Town Council owns 
the Cemetery and Gas Works. Water is obtained from the South Stafford- 
shire Water Works Company. Recently an extensive drainage scheme was 
carried out at a cost of £120,000. Sewage is disposed of on a sewage farm, 
at which beds for the treatment of sewage by the Bacteria process are 
now beino' laid down. The town is well provided with Parks, including 
Dartmouth Park, which was presented to the town by the late Earl of 
Dartmouth. A Free Library is maintained, which was opened in 1875. 
An Electric Lighting Order has been obtained, and the Corporation is 
now supplying energy. The total cost of administration under the Borough 
Fund was £25,550 3s. 6d., and under the District Fund, £37,501 9s. 6d. 
Debt outstanding, £393,815 I7s. 4d. 

Gas.— Page 474. Tramways.— Page 541. 

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274 Municipal Year Book. ' 


Mayor.— John Henry Chesshire. shire, Saml. Keys. Hill Top Ward : John 

Aldermen — Thos. Kollason, J.P., Thos. Blockhouse, John Peters, J. E. Wilson. 

Underhill, J.P., Charles Akrill, J.P., J. H. Grekt's Green Ward: C. D. T. Bushel!, 

Blades, J.P., Saml. Pitt. J.P., George Salter. 8. Baggott, H. L. Browne. Town Hall 

Councillors. — Sandwell Ward : T. Ward : E. Pointon.G. Garratt.Wm. Lawley, 

Newman, A. J. Price, Heywood Hartland: Spon Lane Ward : A. G. Turley, Joseph 

Lyndon Ward: W. H. Keys, J. H. Ches- Lawley. 


Town Clerk, Clerk of the Peace, and Coroner.— James Clark. 

Clerk to the Urban District Council. Sanitary Tnsprptor _ti tt Rhpan 

-Alfred Caddick. sanitary inspector.-H. H. Spears. 

Borough TREASURER.-Thomas Hudson. Inspector of Weights and Measures, 

Medical Officer.— H. Manley, M.D. and Under Food and Dbugs Act.-G. W. 

Borough Surykyor.— A. D. Greatorex, Davis. 
A.M.I.C.E: Electrical Engineer.— Jno. H. Wray. 

Clerk to the Magistrates.— Henry Gas Works Engineer.— H. E. Copp. 

Jackson. Public Librarian.— G. O. Hodges. 


(County Borough.) 
Population, 207,308 ; Bateable Value, £1,154,419 ; Area, 4,706 Acres. 

West Ham's municipal dignity is of comparatively recent creation. It 
was incorporated in 1886, previous to which it was one of the largest Local 
Government Districts in the country, and had been governed by a Local 
Board since 1856. Until the last decade the growth of West Ham was 
practically unprecedented. It increased in population from 18,807 in the 
year 1851 to 267,308 in 1901. This enormous growth is due principally to 
the operation of restrictions imposed upon manufacturers in London by the 
provisions of the Metropolitan Management Act, 1854, and to the overflow 
of population from London. West Ham was made a Quarter Sessional 
Borough in June, 1894, and is now practically autonomous for the purpose 
of local self-government, being connected only with the County of Essex 
for Assize purposes. It has a fine Town Hall and Municipal Buildings in 
the Broadway, Stratford, which it is intended to enlarge ; also, what is very 
exceptional, a fine Public Hall and Offices in the southern portion of the 
borough, having practically, therefore, two Town Halls. The Free Public 
Libraries Act was adopted by a poll of the inhabitants in 1890. The 
borough now possesses two of the finest Libraries in or out of London, 
which are admirably stocked with a collection of some 54,600 volumes, besides 
which the Corporation has established libraries at the two Infectious Diseases 
Hospitals under the control of the Council, for the use of patients, some 
1,170 volumes being set aside for this purpose. The Council has devoted 
the whole of its income derived from the Local Taxation (Customs and 

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Municipal Year Book. 275 

Excise) Act* 1890, for the purpose of Technical Instruction, and has now 
erected a Technical Instruction Institute, Library, and Museum in the 
Romford Road, the cost being £92,000. Towards the cost of the Museum 
J. Passmore Edwards, Esq. , generously gave the sum of £4,000. 

The borough does not possess either Gas or Water Works, which are 
large monopolies, supplying London and other outside areas, but has 
adopted a scheme for Municipal Electric Lighting, the first portion of which 
has been inaugurated at a cost of £100,000, and an extension scheme* 
costing £218,000, is being proceeded with. The Council has acquired powers 
to work the Tramways, these being at the present time in the hands of 
the North Metropolitan Tramway Company, parts of which, however, 
will shortly revert to the ratepayers. The Council received powers in the 
last Session of Parliament to construct additional lines. 

The borough has a Fever Hospital at Plaistow, which is being extended 
at a cost of £106,000, and a large Small-pox Hospital at Dagenham, for 
which purpose the Council acquired a farm in order to provide for com- 
plete organisation. The Council has also erected a Borough Lunatic 
Asylum at Chad well Heath at a cost of £300,000. West Ham is remark- 
ably healthy for a manufacturing district, the death rate last year being 
21*1 per 1,000. 

In 1881 the borough appointed a Stipendiary Magistrate, and has had a 
separate Commission of the Peace from 1888. 

The borough possesses three Recreation Grounds, two of which have 
been purchased by the Council at Balaam Street, Plaistow, and Beckton 
Road, Canning Town, the cost of which was £42,000, and one at Hermit 
Road, Plaistow, which was presented to the town. The annual cost of 
maintenance is about £3,000 per annum. Land for a Recreation Ground 
has also been acquired in West Ham Lane, Stratford, at a cost of £11,003. 
West Ham Park, within the borough, is maintained by the Corporation 
of the City of London. In addition to these grounds the Metropolitan 
Outfall Sewer Embankment has been laid out as a promenade at a cost of 
£5,000. Negotiations are on foot for acquiring land in various other parts 
of the borough for Recreation Grounds. 

In February, 1896, the Council established its own Stabling Department 
for the purpose of collecting Street and House Refuse, the total capital 
expenditure thereon being £42,900. It also created a Works Department 
for the execution of small works, which has since been reorganised with 
the view of carrying out practically all works without the intervention of a 
contractor. The stud of horses at present numbers 172, which it is pro- 
posed to increase from time to time as required. 

Artisans' Dwellings. — Page borough possesses two Libraries 

565. situated at Stratford and Canning 

Baths.— The Council has erected Town. The Branch Library at 

public baths at Plaistow at a cost of Canning Town was opened in Sep- 

£25,000, and is about to proceed tember, 1893, the total cost of the 

with a scheme for baths at Strat- building and furniture, excluding 

ford, the estimated cost being for land, being £10,000. The number 

buildings £51,000, land £5,000, of ticket-holders at present is 4,020, 

total £56,000. and the stock of volumes thereat 

Electric Lighting.— Page 495. 18,890, the annual issue being 

Fbee Public Libraries. — The 96,055 from the Lending Depart-