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Upcoming Television Shows 
Feature MWC Students 

you're watching television in the next 
few weeks and catch sight of some familiar set- 
tings, don't be surprised. Two widely diver- 
gent television shows, one an NBC documen- 
and the other a feature show on Virginia 
educational television, have been prepared for 
airing and both involve Mary Washington Col- 

An NBC news documentary crew was on 
campus in January to film student reaction to 

u-e on wife-beating by visiting speaker 
Stewart Onegha, a Maryland attorney and 
judge who is considered a specialist in handUng 

of abuse. Mrs. OnegUa's talk, which 
detailed "the widespread but usually unreport- 
ed" problem of marital abuse, was filmed in 
its entirety by an NBC crew under the overall 
direction of Clare Crawford, a Washington- 
based reporter and producer who is also an 
editor for "People" magazine. 

A half-hour que stion-and -answer session 
with MWC students was also filmed for possible 

use in the "Battered Wives" feature slated to be 
shown on the March 6 edition of late-night 
NBC -Weekend" stTies. The taping at MWC 
concluded more than 15 hours of filming for 
the documentary. 

Also in January, a half-hour show about 
Mary Washington College was taped at WCVE- 
TV in Richmond for broadcast February 24 
on the station's "College Night" series. The 
show features two students and a recent 
graduate discussing the entire spectrum of 
Ufe at the College today. Photographs of the 
campus and various student activities accom- 
pany the discussion. 

involved in the prpgram are: Vicky Geis, a 
junior from Cockeysville, Maryland; Scott 
Sharer, a junior from Warrenton, Virginia; and 
Susie Bond, a 1973 graduate who is now an 
admissions counselor for the College. 

The program is slated to be aired in 
Virginia over WCVE-TV (Channel 23) at 
8:00 p.m. on February 24. 

Phi Beta Kappa Taps 
27 Students, 2 Alumni 

Two alumni, 21 seniors and six juniors 
at Mary Washington College have been selected 
for membership in the Kappa of Virginia Chap- 
ter of Phi Beta Kappa, the nation's oldest and 
most prestigious academic honorary society. 
The nominations were made this month 
by members in facuUate to recognize current 
students for outstanding academic achieve- 
ment at MWC and to honor alumni who have 
distinguished themselves in the humane sci- 

and letters. 

^mong the MWC students nominated to 
the Kappa of Virginia Chapter are the first 
three men to be selected to Phi Beta Kappa 
Mary Washington College. Men were first 
admitted to the College on a regular basis in 

The alumni honored were Norma Ann 
Kinsel, a 1949 graduate who is a research bi- 
ologist for Gulf Research and Development, 
and Wendy Joan Shadweli, a 1963 graduate 

; currently Curator offprints for the New 
York Historical Society. 

Dr. Kinsel, who holds a matters degree 
and doctorate from the University of Pitts- 
burg, is a specialist in yeast chemistry, micro- 
biology and fuels. A former microbiologist 
and Fellow at the Mellon Institute, she is the 
author of numerous articles for professional 
and scientific journals. A member of Sigma 
Xi, the American Society for Microbiology 
and the American Association for the Ad- - 
vancement of Science, Dr. Kinsel has been 
listed in American Men and Women of Science 
and has been with Gulf Research since 1969. 

I Printing, the First 150 Years and 

scores of articles in magazines and periodicals. 
The former Curator of William J. Middendorf 
Collection of American Prints, she has been 
associated since 1971 with the New York His- 
torical Society, working as an editorial assist- 
ant and special consultant on collection cata- 
logues before assuming her post as Curator of 
Prints in 1974. 

Mary Washington College seniors nomi- 
nated to Phi Beta Kappa this year are: Deborah 
Regim Allan of McLean, Va-^Katherine Anne 
Bortz of Woodford, Va.; Gaii Josephine Bryant 
of Chesapeake, Va.;G>wndo/j'n Veda Otenault 
of Falmouth, Wa.,Drucilla Graves Davis of 
Washington, Va..,Maria del Carmen Diaz of 
Rio Piedra, Puerto Rico;7efln Louise Ellis of 
Rosemont , Pa . ; John Grafton Ellis of Freder- 
icksburg, Vdi.; Patricia Agnes Hall of Glouces- 
ter, V a.- Martha Ellen Hawes of Buena Vista, 
Va. ; Beverly Carol Hudnall of Heathsville, 
Va.; Cynthia Jo Ingham of'Lorton, V a. .Mary 
Portia Jones of Falls Church, Va.; Judith Lynn 
Kerchner of Chatsworth, N. y;Mary Jane Long 
of Fan-fax, Va.; Glenn Paige Markwith of Col- 
onial Beach, Va.; Karen Edith Miller of Alex- 
andria, Va.; Margaret Denny Nichols of Lex- 
ington, Va.;Margaret Ellen Walter of Spring- 
field, Va.;Barbara Conner Wilkinson of Peters- 
burg, Va.; and Donald Ray Wolthius of Kala- 
mazoo, Mich. 

Juniors tapped to the Kappa of Virginia 
Chapter were: Bonita Faye Habron of Mech- 
anicsville, Va.;Patricia Kay Jaggers of Vienna 
Va.; Faith Marie Lynch of Springfield, Va.; 
Teresa Ann Mulloy of Vienna, Va.;Mary Anne 
Pierce Myers of Fredericksburg, Va.; and Pam- 
ela Sue Roberts of Harrisonburg, Va. 


Bicentennial Programs 
Continued This Semester 

Bicentennial programs at Mary Washing- 
ton College are incTeasing in number and scope 
as the nation approaches the 200th anniversary 
of declaring its independence. 

Concerts of colonial-era music, lectures 
on American theater from the 17th Century 
to the present and weekly Bicentennial lectures 
on lifestyles and history of the Revolutionary 
period are among the varied pubUc offerings of 
the College during the present semester. Mary 
Washington College has already been designated 
as an official Bicentennial Campus by the 
American Revolutionary Bicentennial Adminis- 
tration on the strength of its programs dealing 
with the Bicentennial. 

Of special note during the semester will 
be the premiere performances of a play, 
Belvidera, which will portray personalities and 
occurrences in colonial Fredericksburg. Based 
on the diaries of John Harrower, a Srattish 
tutor at Belvidera plantation, the play wilt be 
written and directed by Roger Kenvin, Pro- 
fessor and Chairman of the De^partment of 
Dramatic Arts and Dance. The production, 
sponsored in part by the Fredericksburg Bi- 
centennial Commission, will open a five-day 
run in Klein Memorial Theater on April 2 1 as 
one of the regular MWC student theater pro- 

Music of the colonial period has been 
featured in a number of concerts so far this 
semester in performances by students, faculty 
and visiting artists. Upcoming major musical 
tributes to the Bicentennial include a perfor- 
mance by The Fredericksburg Singers in Ann 
Carter Lee Hall on February 29, and perfor- 
mances by the College-Community Orchestra 
on March 26 and April 1 4 in George Washing- 
ton Auditorium. Each of these performances 
is open to the public without charge. 

The public Bicentennial Lecture Series 
which proved to be so popular during the first 
semester is being continued with programs 
every Tuesday night at 8;00 p.m. in Combs 
Science Hall. While the first semester lectures 
dealt primarily with the broad historical as- 
pects of the Revolution, this series is focusing 
on selected topics and lifestyles of the colonies. 
Included in the remaining Bicentennial Lec- 
tures will be: TheBritish View of the Ameri- 
can Revolution, with Dr. Almont Lindsey on 
February 24; Drugs in Colonial America as 
Seen through Hugh Mercer's Apothecary Shop, 
with Dr. Mary Pinschmidt on March 2; and 
Medicine in Revolutionary Virginia, with 
Dr. Gordon Jones on March 23. 

MWC TODAY. Volume 1. Number 4, February, 1976. 
Published quarterly by Mary Washington College, Fred- 
ericksburg. Virginia 22401. Second Class PosUge paid 

Interviews Underway 
For Regional Scholars 

Several hundred outstanding high school 
seniors in Virginia and surrounding regions are 
being interviewed this month by alumni com- 
mittees charged with screening applicants for 
the coveted Regional Scholarships to Mary 
Washington College. 

The interview process, which is involving 
68 alumni on thirteen regional committees, is 
one of the final steps in the selection of those 
25 students who will join next year's MWC 
freshman class as Regional Scholars. 

Those chosen this year for the special 
scholarships - which are worth $ 1 ,000 per year 
for each student - will join the 50 students 
aheady on campus who were selected during 
the program's first two years of operation. 

In the Regional Scholarship Program, 
academically superior students are nominated 

to the College by their high schools and are 
interviewed in person by alumni committees in 
then- area before final selection is made. A total 
of 25 Regional Scholars are chosen each year, 
with two awards made in each of Virginia's ten 
Congressional Districts and five from out-of- 
state regions. 

Last year's group of Regional Scholars, 
selected from among 218 nominees, included 
23 students who graduated in the top 6% of 
their high school class. Of the group, five had 
been valedictorians and one had been saluta- 

This year's group "will be just as good, if 
not better," accordmg to G. Forrest Dickinson, 
Assistant Dean of Admissions and Financial 
Aid and Coordinator of the Regional Scholar- 
ship Prograni. He said the three year old pro- 

gram is becomijig better known in high schools, 
leading to more student interest and an increas- 
ing number of nominations. 

"With a bigger pool of nominees, which 
is expected to be about 330 this year, com- 
petition for the scholarships becomes even 
more selective," Dickinson said. The scholar- 
ship, he pomted out, is designed to recognize 
the top proven fiigh school scholars from the 
various geographical regions and get them 
involved in the liberal arts and sciences pro- 
gram at the College. "They have the honor of 
being a Regional Scholar and the opportunity 
to take advantage of the College's strong aca- 
demic program. In turn, the very presence of 
these outstanding students cannot help but 
strengthen MWC's program even more." 

One significant point, Dickinson noted, 
is that beginning in the Fall of 1977, one hun- 
dred Regional Scholars - 25 in each of the four 
classes - would be on campus every year, con 
prising 5% of the entire student body at the 
College. This fact, Dickinson said, "insures th 
future of Mary Washington College as a leading 
undergraduate college of the liberal arts an 

Alumni Association News 


Nominees Needed 
For Board of Visitors 

We need your suggestions for potential 
nominees to the Mary Washington College 
Board of Visitors. Members of the Board are 
responsible for seeing to the effective govern- 
ment of the College. Your Alumni Associa- 
tion maintains a current list of appropriate 
persons whose names might be submitted to 
the Governor of Virginia for appointment to 
the Board of Visitors as vacancies occur. 

The twelve member Board must have at 
least six members who are alumni of the Col- 
lege. (At present, we are proud to have eight 
alumni who are serving.) Of the membership, 
no more than three may be non-residents of 

You can help us by sending the names of 
alumni you believe are qualified to serve Mary 
Washington in this capacity. Developing 
a "pool" of possible appointees is an ongoing 
responsibility of the Alumni Association. 
You may send suggested names to the Com- 
mittee for Nominations to the Board of 
Visitors. Box 1315 College Station, Freder- 
icksburg. Va. 22401 . Please include the name 
and address, congressional district in which 
the person lives, and a brief description of the 
person's background as it relates to qualifica- 
tions for service as a Board member. The 
Alumni Association welcomes your sugges- 

Expanded Homecoming 
Slated AprU 9-11 

Homecoming, traditionally the time for 
Eilumni to gather on campus for revelry and 
reacquainting, is being expanded this year. 

The festivities will be centered around "The 
way we were-The way we are " and will be- 
gin Friday, April 9 with a Bicentennial 
Concert featuring alumni performing artists. 

Saturday morning, in addition to the amiual 
1 meeting and presentation of the 

MWC TODAY February, 1976 

1976 Distinguished Alumnus Award, Aileen 
Hirschman Belford '53, attorney and judge 
from Massachusetts and the 1966 recipient of 
the EHstinguished Alumna Award, will address 
alumni as keynote speaker. 

After a luncheon at Belmont, estate of the 
late artist Gari Melchers, there will be class 
meetings, a Golden Club meeting, the Brompton 
open house and a tour of Fredericksbui^. 

For the husbands weVe added a full week- 
end of special programs. There will be tennis, 
voUeybail, handball and a 9-hole golf tourna- 
ment. The golf tournament will be played at 
the Sheraton Motor Inn's Shannon Green, a 
challenging par 72 championship course. Res- 
ervation mfonnation will be included in the 
Homecoming Brochure. Following the tourna- 
ment, the Association invites all husbands to 
the "C" Shoppe for a "Brew and Bui!" session. 

There is time allotted from 5-6:30 p.m. for 
individual class parties and then a candlelighted 
Seacobeck Dining Hall awsiits you for the 
Homecoming Banquet. Golf awards and re- 
union class awards will be given at the Banquet. 
The concluding event will be the "Spring For- 
mal" in the Ballroom of Ann Carter Lee Hall 
from 9-midnight. The "Spring Formal" is a 
benefit dance for the Alumni Scholarship 

Frances Wishner, Homecoming Chairman, 
and a very enthusiastic committee hope you 
are making plans now to be on campus for 
Homecoming '76. 

Travel Notes 

It's not t 


Alumni Association's Sprmg Fhng trip to the 
Canary Islands, April 15-23. Cost per per- 
son of this deluxe all-inclusive vacation is 

Upcoming trips include summer family va- 
cations to Hawaii, July 29 - August 5, and a 
two-week trip to Munich, Vienna and Budapest, 
July 30 - August 14. Details on these summer 
vacation packages will be reaching you soon. 

Next fall, specifically November 31, spend 
Thanksgiving vrith your family in Amsterdam. 
Have Thanksgivmg dinner overlooking the 

over 200 years ago. Truly a trip in America's 
history — what better way to view the Bicen- 
tennial than from the place it all began. 

Kathy Deneke to Bud Oatenoff 

&nift Jurite Bates MS 
Mi&e//ejrcr Wallace "28 
hhtUda Haile Mann '28 
Ida Dressier Liebermann '39 
Mary Ellen Seaborn Gilliam '41 

Helen Schultz Cotting, retired facul 


I Endries and Robert, 

To Pat DePriest King and Pete, a daughter, Jessica 
Katltryn.July 28, 1975 

To Louise Hobart Bryant and Caiy, their first child, 
1 daughter, Kathleen Louise, December i3, 1974. 

To Maureen Murphy McCart and Dan, a son, K 
Patrick, February 17, 1975. 

To Sue Farnham Piatt and Joe, a son, Christof 
Denning. June 28, 1975. 

To Pamela Powell McWhirt and Walter, a son. 
Matthew Pierce, August 24, 1975. 

To Suzanne McCarthy VanNess and Sam, twin 
daughters, Kristin Suzanne and Carolyn Elsbeth, 
February 15, 1975. 

Members of the Alumni Association will 
e voting in March for President Elect and 
ourth Vice President of the Association. 
"he Nomination and Election Committee, 
haired by Helen Starnell Wills '42, has placed 
ination the following: 

ylvia McJilton Woodcock '61, for President 

art DeShazo Flemer '44, for Fourth Vice 
President in charge of classes 

The candidates were selected from nomi- 
es sent by chapters, class agents and indivi- 
lal alumni. The single-slate ballot will be 
ent to all alumni for whom the Alumni Of- 
i current addresses. The ballot will 
1 space for write-in candidates. Those 
lected will serve terms of two years com- 
lencing July 1, 1976. 

Procedures f( 
are recommended by Nomination and Elec- 
tion Committee and are voted upon by the 
Board of Directors. 

For your consideration, we are including 
in this issue information on the candidates. 
Please keep this issue of MWC Today for ref- 
erence. Detailed information on the candi- 
dates will not be repeated on the ballot. 

Members of the Nomination and Election 
Committee are enthusiastic about the candi- 
dates. Each was selected for her understand- 
ing of the Association and its programs, past 
involvement with the College and Alumni 
Association, sincere willingness to serve, 
achievements and interests which especially 
relate to the position. 

The Candidates 

Duties of the offices a 

; follows: 

; Elect- 

"He shall study the workings of the Ass< 
tion in order to more effectively carry o 
his future duties as President. He shall 
assume the responsibilities of the p 
upon the request, resignation or incapacita- 
tion of the President. He shall also assume 
chairmanship of the Nomination and Elec- 
tion Committee for the duration of his 

fourth Vice President— 
"He shaU be responsible for stimulating, 
supporting and coordinating the work of 
class agents, supplying coimsel and assist- 
ance to the work of class agents and 

Sylvia McJilton Woodcock '61 believes that 
alumni need to be better informed of the val- 
uable work and activities of the Alumni 
Association. "Through better communication, 
I feel that greater participation will be 
achieved. The College desperately needs and 
deserves the support of its alumni," she says. 

Sylvia, husband, Stuart, and children Kathy, 
Ed and Meredith, Uve in Williamsburg. As 
Second Vice President, 1974-75, of thp Alum- 
ni Association, Sylvia was responsible for 
planning a most successful Homecoming '75. 
She worked pn the committee for President 
Prince Woodard's inauguration. She is a mem- 
ber of the Peninsula Alumni Chapter and has 
served on her Congressional district's Regional 
Scholarship Selection Committee since the 

program s mceptioh. 

In addition to her alumni activities, Sylvia 
serves as a Board of Directors member of the 
Heritage Girl Scout Council; is a Director of 
Tidewater District Virginia Federation of Gar- 
den Clubs; is a Cub Scout den mother; 
secretary of the Administrative Board of the 
Williamsburg United Methodist Church; and 
is current chairman of the Greater Williams- 
burg Area Heart Association Fund Drive. 

For these and her many other accomplish- 
ments, she was selected for inclusion in the 
1975 "Who's Who in Virginia." 

Sylvia's husband is a production manager 
for Dow Badishe Co., in Williamsburg. 

Jean DeShazo Flemer '44 is a teacher and 
department head for business education at 
John Kennedy High School in Richmond. 
Her goals as Fourth Vice President for Classes 
will be to coordinate the work of class agents; 
continue vrith annual class agent workshops; 
to support the three major areas that Presi- 
dent Prince Woodard has challenged alumni 
to do and to continue to update class files. 

Jean has served as a class agent for her class 
and is a member of the Richmond Alumni 
Chapter. She is a member of the Richmond 
Education Assoc; Virginia Education Assoc; 
Vii^inia Business Education Assoc; Virginia 
Vocational Assoc; Ainerican Vocational 
Assoc; and National Business Education 
Assoc. She also is a member of Old Domin- 
ion Woman's Club and Richmond Pageants, 

Husband, John, is an engineer with Rey- 
nolds Metals. Jean and John have four 
children: John Jr., 23; Diane, 22; Virginia, 18; 
and Joan, 16. 

Jean holds the M.S. in Business Education 
from VPI & SU. 

Class Notes 

he Jefferson 
0. Box 1397 
chmond, Va. 23211 

Ora Green Tiller, a retired teacher, spends time gf 
ning, visiting her four children, five grandchildren 
nd one great-granddaughter and working for her 

and continues her teaching of conversational English, 

of her classes she has a Cambodian n 

daughters, 6 women from Thailand, 

bride and some Vietnamese refugees. She is also 

teaching a large group of women sponsored by the 

ladies of Emmanuel Episcopal Church -a home mis- 

Otariotte Rice Weymouth wrote of her 9 grand- 
children and 8 great-grandchildren. Eldest grandson 
was graduated from law school in June and joined his 
father's law firm. Granddaughter, Laurie Lee Haynes, 
daughter of Constance Pusey Haynes '44, was gradu- 
ated from University of Texas last June. 

314 South Lee St. 

ufh Carter Vellines 
lencoe Road, Box 59B 
Allen, Va. 23060 

On September 20th 
Id chapter presidents. 

contributions to 
t's have a greater participation. 
Elsie Wood Rice represented 


LUlie Lee Michie Behrendt wrote of the advanta 
of belonging to a Senior Citizens group. She says 
there is something for everyone to enjoy without 

Qirrie C. Fox retired from teaching and the busi 
ness world in 1962. Because of health, she doubts 
being able to attend Homecoming '76. 

Suffolk Academy in June. 

Ruth Crim Bradfield and husband are retired, she 
from teaching and he from Peoples National Bank in 
Leesburg. They have 3 children and 6 grandchildren. 
Daughter, Jane Bradfield Davison, is an MWC graduate 

Lucy Walker Smith was sorry to miss the Golden 
Club meeting. She stays busy with her home and her 
crocheting. She has a grandson who is a high school 


Edna Gibbs Hunter wrote recently. She is Rorida- 
und for the winter with her daughter and family. 
e has lost by death a sister and a favorite nephew 
s year. Let's remember Edna in thoughts and 

Interesting to me was news of Ann Perinchief 
ilamar '67, with whom I was associated when she 
mnae Director. Ann later entered law school 
m and Mary and now is an assistant common- 
ttomey in Fredericksburg, 
Rice's great-grandson, Troy, won second 
his age group in the Karate Tournament on 
ugust 16th at MWC gym. 
Elizabeth Ninde Bryan is fine and active. Her two 

sy. Bealmear Unthicum Masters i! 
Plyler's Nursing Home, 1615 Grove Ave., Rich- 
Brighten up her day with a card, 
iteresting letter came from Margaret Sayrt 

Lucy Houston Christian 
Box 368 
Urbanna,Va. 23175 

Three Otters Estate 


Anita Pepmeier Bennett 
R. R. 2, Box 260-A 
Woodford, Va. 22580 

Send some news. I depend on you to keep 

1 see Louise Raiford Lowell and Edna Mae j 
"ten. They are active in the Tidewater Alumr 

MWC TODAY February, 1976 

have suggestions for c 

children and grandchildren. 

Have talked with Grace Mason DuVal oflen, 
haven't seen her because she has an invaJid fathe 

I have a new granddaughter. Susan Ashley. b> 
October I 2. 

Start thinking about 

Hope 1976 will be a ■ 
please, keep MWC evert 


Helen VanDenburg Hall 


Locust Hill. Va. 23092 

Margaret Kirkpatrick Thompson 
Fredericksburg. Va. 22401 


Reba Collier Tliorpe 
Route l.Box 80 

Ncwsoms. Va. 23874 


Mary Anne Ralner Levy 
43 Glenbrook Rd. 
Monsey.N.Y. 10952 

Did you know-Lewise Cosby is the co-edilor of 
The Centra! Virginian. I certainly enjoy reading this 
paper when I am lucky enough to get a copy. 

Did you know-Beamce Child French and husbar 
Donald, spend their time between Connecticut and 
Florida. What a way of life for the French's to enjo; 
Bea gets to see Jo Griffith Kleiner every now and 
then. They live in the sarhe community in Florida. 

Did you know-/o Griffith Kleiner lives in Mary- 
land and Florida and sees, in addition to Bea Child 
French, Joan Brickhouse Beall and other former 

Conchita deHfedio Gilbertson 
109 Laurel Ave. 
Fredericksburg, Va. 22401 

WC girls. Thanks forth 
J things you are doing; i 

1 work and happy days 

'ettit, November 1 

a son and daughter and 5 


Nan Sharp Boyer 
grandchildren. She retired in 1973 as a seci 
the Department of Agriculture, Beltsville, N 
now enjoys trips with her husband who is a 
with the American Trucking Association. S 
volunteer work with the Women's Auxiliar) 

Helen Dale Roop Osborne's son i 
PI last June and was married soon 
:r. Sue, gave birth to Michael Reavt 

■tment D, 4723 S. Texas 
1 April Fool's Day. Write 
1 you are in Orlando. 

Send news of yourselves a 


Elizabeth Sloecker Gallant 

Shop at the Farmhouse Restaurant in Blowing Rock, 
N. C. Their sons are in Charlotte, N. C, Decatur, Ga., 
Winter Park, Fla., and Birmingham, Ala. Daughter is 
in Deland. Fla., and will go to Russia after Christmas 
for a month. Jo and Roger were in New Orleans for 
a conference and visited with Virginia Urbin Melvin 
and her husband. The Magees have 2 grandchildren. 

From "Johnny" Johnson Coleman, more informa- 
tion about Marie Williams Pascal. Marie passed away 
in July from a form of hepatitis. She left a daughter 
and a son. Irene Noble Frey visited "Johnny" last 
summer. She moved to Allentown, Pa., about a year 
ago. "Johnny" also sends word of the death of 
Harriett Walls Carey '44 from cancer. 

The Governor of New Jersey has appointed Anne 
Saghy DUlman to the State Board of Education. She 
and George, who is manager, of services for M and J 
Chemicals, have a son currently a sophomore at 
Johns Hopkins and a daughter who is an ESL special- 
ist with their local school system. 

iau-and a highlight was rafting down 

Barbara Davidson Bailey's daughter, Elizabeth, is a 
member of MWC class of 1979. 

Gloria Conte Keith and Jack have 2 grown daugh- 
ters-Diane who works in Richmond and Judy who 
is married and lives in Roanoke. Jack is an attorney 
in Richmond specializing in real estate law. 

Whereabouts unknown: Olene fdema, Jean Oarke 
Jones, Jeane Hartwell Jones, Elaine Horion Keys. 
Donna Williams Kiihy , Mildred Johnson Loughead, 
Nancy Douglas Moore, Betty Taylor Moian, Barbara 
Hickman Monow,Rose Tnble Mowbray. Let's try to 
find these classmates before our 30th reunion which 
is upcoming in the Spring of '77. 


Tuscawilla Farr 



Fnncei «ills Stevens 

432 Oakland Dr. 
Raleigh, N. C. 27609 

/rvm ■■Kilten" 

Jo Walker Magee an 

d Roger have 4 boys 
n Aiken, S. C. Jo is 

a Rcad- 

Sandston, Va. 

ing Coordinator for an 


y school in 



A postcard from Shirley Cole Schleter in late Oct. 
from Heidelbert told of their wonderful trip to 
Europe-Frankfort, Amsterdam and London. Shirley 
liked Vienna, but said the Alps were spectacular. 

Nat Wilton took a short trip to Florida and whUe 
there stopped in to see Anne 'Oizie" Osbom Cox, 

Mary Janet Graceley Lyness wrote of her foi 
children: a son who was graduated from Fairlei 
Dickinson in '7 5 ; son who is a junior at Ru tgers 
daughter who is a high school senior and a 14 y 

Evelyn Riggs Ross 
711 Connecticut Ave. 
Norfolk, Va. 23508 

Helen Pressiey Voris 
6086 Old Lawyers Hill F 
Elkridge.Md. 21227 

Mary Helsabeck Tovmsend 

Box 68 

Manquin, Va. 23106 

Jean DeShazo Flemer 
1202 Confederate Ave 

Richmond, Va. 23227 

Christine Vassar Farrar 
ISOOFeatherstone Dr. 
Midlothian, Va. 23113 

Our sympathy goes to Mae Barnes Hawthorne in 
the loss of her mother and to Virginia Hawley Butler 
and Helen Hawley Turner in the loss of their mother. 

Virginia Gunn Blanton 
369 Lexington Rd. 

, Va. 23226 

Marjorie Storms Reddoch and Ruskin toured Nor- 
way, Sweden, Finland. Russia, Poland and Denmark 
along with Lois Smith Venable '38 and Bob. 


Marilyn Gessford Ockert 
4202 BeU Pre Rd. 
RockviUe, Md. 20853 

Susan Jones Jackson and Milton live in Kennett 
Square, Pa. They have four daughters and look for- 
ward to three graduations in June: one will graduate 
from Western State College; one from Florida State 
University and one from high school. Third daughter 
is a sophomore at Peabody College. 

Anna May Wheeler GiSiM 
7250 Darien Dr. 
Hudson, Oh. 44236 

Poole K 
lancery Ct. 
Va. 22308 

1 976 wiU be a banner year in mo 
Not only is our country 200 years o 

MWC TODAY February. 1976 

1 you have to do is v 

hurry- you only have five months to go.- Anna May 

any changes of address to her. 

Gen Suits Lasker and I have just returned from 
three years in Europe. She, with her Army family, 
and I, with my Marine. Gen's older daughter, Polly, 
is a sophomore at MWC this year. My two boys wUl 
be in Lexington, Va., next year. Stuart will be a 
senior at VMI. Mark, a freshman at Washington and 
Lee. My MWC roommate, Ada Dodrill Cowan con- 
tinues her interest in the dance and lives in Ann Arbo; 
Mich., with her university instructor/administrator 

Anna and I wish all of you a happy and healthy 

Ca., 92633. Hermie writes that Barbara Kowalzyk 
("Ski") was married to Price Deal Heppe in March of 
'74. Their new address is 288 West Chelsea Circle, 
Newton Square, Pa., 19073. 

Joan Fletemeyer Moyer and Bill have finally re- 
turned to the U. S. A. after 12 years abroad with Esso. 

settled in Houston and Bill's new assignment is in the 
Corporate Headquarters of Esso Eastern, Inc. 
Perry and I are back in Washington again after a 

great to be back on the East Coast again, if only briefly. 
One of my biggest thrills was meeting Patsy Hubbard 
Johnson, >4nne Qipps Robertson, ZJor/ene Grove Mc- 
Neils and Barbara Mead Heishman for lunch. We had 

Constance Booth Logothetis 
2816 Kennedy Rd. 
Wilmington, De. 19810 

Kelly Oierry. whose novel, ' 
in^," was published in I 974, ha 
published recently. Entitled "J 

Books, 6366 Sharon Hills Road, Charlotte 

Patricia Mackey Taylor 
351 Level Green Ct, 
Hampton. Va. 23369 


Virginia Thackston Richardson 
400 N. Beech Daly 
Dearborn Heights, Mi. 48127 

Carole Kolton Bryson 

404 Kramer Dr. 

Highland Springs, Va. 23075 

■ my New Year's resolutions is to droj 
notes a month to you all. Since we a 
1 touch very weU, this will be my effc 

"The Spinning Wheel" is the name of the shop that 
Jean Byrd Steelman, who now Uves in Accomac, Va., 
has opened in Onley, Va. Sounds like lots of fun as 
well as work. Would this be antiques and crafts? 
Stop by and see her. 

Another of our classmates who is busy outside of 
home and family is Sue Bedell Albee Jr. Sue is a sales 
associate with Century 2 1 -George F. Kettle, Inc., a 
Vienna, Va., real estate firm. She received her gradu- 
ate realtors designation at U.Va. Her husband, Tom, 
is a '54 graduate of U.S.N. A. and they have 4 children; 
asonRick, freshman at VPI, Ann. 16, Steve, 13 and 
Chris, 8. Sue still continues to be active in Navy re- 
lief work. 

A real professional from our class is 
CampbeU (MiUle) who is a ^peciaUst in 
nursing. She trained at the Heart Institute at Metho- 
dist Hospital in Houston, Texas, in 1 965 and designed 
and oversaw construction and beginnings of operations 
of Arizona Heart Institute in Phoenix, Arizona. Hus- 
band, Stuart, is the executive vice president of 
Operations, Ethicon, Inc., in Sommerville, N. J. They 

; very energe 
r high mouni 


of Sally Hanger Moravitz. Sally and dance surely will 
always go together. She earned her M.A. in dance ed- 
ucation at George Washington University in '73. 
Presently she is dance chairman of Fairfax Co. Coun- 

children with learning disabilities at Washington Ir- 
ving Inst., is a part-time instructor of modem dance 
for adults and teens, aeative dance for children and 
directs her own dance group. She has a home full of 

r of Appalachian 

Oak Harbor, Wa. 98277 

Charlene Parrotta Dahl 
20 Hobart St. 
Bronxville, N. Y. 10708 

Loudonville, N. ' 

Catherine Wright Gadd 

;n working part-tim 
Roanoke Co. She 
wo daughters ages 13 and 4 1/2. 

theater arts. Bill is Chief of Archives at the J. F. 
Kennedy Library. Four children complete the M 
family. Eldest son is getting ready for college am 
applied to MWC. Elizabeth will graduate from hi 
school a year eariy and plans on nursing school. 

Edna Gooch Trudeau 
1221 Marceille Dr. 
Mobile, Ala. 36609 

Jane Tucker Broadbooks and family are settled 
Asheville. They are very pleased with a new home 
Jane, new job for John, new school for Jon Karl b 
best of all. a new member of the family-eight-yea 
old Joseph Anthony. Everyone is happy and on tl 

Ann Brooks Papadatos and family had one of ti 
best trips to Greece this past summer. Anastasia e 
ters 5th and Gregory 8th grade this year. Ann is b 
with PTA, room mother duties and other special 

Liz HUl Heaney 
247 Colchester Dr. 
OakviUe, Ontario I 

Elizabeth Caudle Mar; 
Wilson, N.C. 27892 

Oceanside.Ca. 92054 

A'anc>' Maynard Gebelein wrc 
she had received her Ph.D. in ma 
the University of Miami and was 

3 Sant£ 

Barbara, Ca. She and her husband are teaching and 
doing biological and ecological research at the Univer- 
sity of California there. TTiey have a 4-year old 

••B"Prall Granger has gone back to full-time teach^ 
ing-4th and 5th grade remedial reading. She and Bot 
have moved again, to Harrisonburg, Va. Daughters 
Elizabeth and Sarah are both in school. "B" and Bob 
and Bob's mother went lo Copenhagan on the MWC 
sponsored trip. 

Sallie Granger Daughtrcy has moved to the 
Wilhamsburg, Va., area. Ann Rasmussen Sale and 
family are in Salisbury, N.C, where she teaches 
weight watchers classes. She saw Glennie Haynes 
Mueller in Richmond. Glennie is teachmg and hus- 
band, George, is in insurance. Anne also had a visit 
with Lillian Dix Smith '62 in Warsaw Lillian is teach 
ing home e 


school projects. 

Linda Reading PuUen 

24 Colonial Lake Dr. 

movmg to warmer cUmate soon, though the children 

UwrenccvUle, N.J. 08648 

reaUy enjoy ice skating. 

Geme Ellis Perkins and tamiiy returned lo Waler- 

Lynn Rowland Bagg 

tord. Conn., in September. Bob arrived in November. 

392 Central Park W., Apt. 7 

Didn't take long to readjust to their house and neigh- 

New York. N.Y. 10025 

typical activities. 


All is fine in Mobile. Virginia has Edna and Tom 

almost organized! Looking forward to the New Year! 

Lynch to" Va. 24502 

Helen Vakos Standing 
3400 Holly Rd. ' 
Virginia Beach. Va. 23451 

Patricia Boyem Robinson 
5 High Point Dr. 

. J. 07092 

MWC TODAY February. 1976 5 

, 2 1 093 

Alice Funkhouser Flowers wrote in the mid; 
moving, teachine four courses and taking one. 
band, George, has been made district manager i 
Vepco for Fauquier Co. so they now reside on 
brechi Lane in Warrenton. 

Suzanne Mason Haff earned the M.Ed, from 
in 1969. Husband, Peter, accepted a research p 
tion in Copenhagen, Denmark, so, the Haf fs an 
year old daughter. Tonya, invite classmates to i 
them at Vester Sc^gade 46. Ground level, Coper 
9, Denmark. 

Pal DePriesi King and husband, Pete, are livi 
Fairfax, Va. He is a District Traffic Manager wi 
C&P Telephone Co. of Va. Pat worked for six ; 
for IBM Corp. and "retired" in 1973. Their fir- 
child, a dauRhlcr, Jessica Kalhryn, was born Jul 

Gaif Jargowiky Farmei 
4345 Rock Creek Rd. 
Alexandria, Va. 22306 

male county court judge in Pinellas County, Florida. 
She attended the University of Florida Uw School 
and spent four years as a pubhc defender before being 
appointed to her new post by Florida Governor 

Lawson Stillman Greenwood. Jerry and their two 
boys were delighted to move into their new home in 
Dumfries, Va.,just before Christmas after having to 
delay plans a number of times. Jerry is having a very 
busy election year with the Secret Service-he is work- 
ing out of Simon's office. 

A note from Star Meroney Wolven told of their 
move from D, C. to Norfolk where Allen is a program 
analyst for the Fleet Training Command, Dept. of the 
Navy. Daughter, Britt, celebrated her first birthday 
on December 9th, and Star is working towards a 
masters degree at Old Dominion University. 

Julia "Penny " Wheatcroft Waters decided to go 
back to school for her degree. She was unsure in 

Ginny Bateman Hewitt 
Glynlea Park 
Jacksonville. Fla. 32216 

7644 Rockfalls Dr. 
Richmond, Va. 23225 

Dale Quel Woods 

Albany, Ga. 31705 

Suite Church Dillon 
9566 Cherry Oak a. 
Burke, Va. 22015 

Mary Mac Blanchard Harris 
1 1 130 Guilford Rd. 
Richmond, Va. 23225 

Anne Kirk Moody Burton and Dick have moved t 
Austin, Tx., and would love to hear from other MWC 
alumni in the area. Anne is a staff traininR and devel 
opment specialist with the sta 
Dick works at Westinghouse a 

Ann Perinchitf Palamar ha 


B comptroller's office. 

; called 'Tocus on Choice for 

Jean Mann Berkeley has made it with flying colors 
through the first year with twins Carter and Campbell. 
They have been a handful, but also double tlie pleasure 

From the Virginia Beach area comes news of several 

house. The guest room there will be turned into a 
nursery before long for Meredith's new sister or 
brother. Linda was delighted to discover Pjm Crutch- 
field and her husband and children live just a few 
doors away. We saw Jane Harrison Garriott, husband, 
Mike, and daughter, Elizabeth, on our last visit to 
Linda's. They are anxiously awaiting the arrival of 
their second chad. Nelson "Puck" Puckett Snidow 
and her famUy are not actuaUy residents of the beach, 
but more and more time is being spent at their "hide- 
dental practice in Richmond. 

Barbara Price Wallach wrote of her husband, 
Luitpold's. international honor. A collection of stu- 

s entiUed GcscUsctiaft. KuUui. LUaatut, Festschrift 

1 is dedicated to Luitpold. 

'JSmd the Diatribe afaintf 

1 accepted for publication in a classical series. 

ChrU Cole Gaul 

2800 Woodley Rd.. N.W.. No. 202 
Washington, D. C. 20008 

Janis Pwdy Brewer 

Box 429A, Waugh Chapel Rd. 

Odenton.Md. 21113 

Ruth Siehol Myers 
7572 RockfaUs Dr. 
Richmond, Va. 3 

Judy Bennett RusseU 

12301 Persimmon PI. 
Woodbridge, Va. 2219 

lAvesay Rheut; 
Va. 23229 

Donna Sheehan Gladis 
530 Humiston Dr. 
Bay Village, Oh. 44140 

MWC TODAY February, 1976 

Marjorie Roszmann Tankersley 
I712DuddingSt., S.W. 
Roanoke, Va. 24015 

Kathleen Bell Rutledge, a personnel specialist a 
the U. S. Geological Survey's National Center in R 

"Woman of the Month." Kathleen was also the re 
cipient of a Special Achievement Award in 1974. 
and husband, Gary, live in Reston. 

Pamela Powell McWhirt is a part-time instructo! 
the Education Dept. at MWC. She received a mast 

Lucia Smithey Bushway 

Box 631 

Tazewell. Va. 24651 

Jane McKenzie Cutchins 
28 Old Mill Rd. 
Richmond, Va. 23223 

Gabby Pagin Ficklin 

3312 Brandy Ct. 

Falls Church. Va. 22042 

£7ai>ie C. Wilson Maloney 
16 Bradley Woods Dr. 
Hingham, Ma. 02043 

Breckenridge, Co. 1 

I Kay Schutte Flohri 

The Flohres are expecting a second 

Heath, was bor 

Xnn Woodbridge Wafle has been named Director 
of Publications for the Virginia State Travel Service, 
based in Richmond. She was previously a reporter for 
lbs Eiet IsMe-Sisr. the daily paper in Fredericksburg. 


Karen Laino Lewis 
318 West 35th St. 
Wilmington, De. 19802 

Sally Reichner Mayor 
Rte. De Montana 
3961 Randogne 
Valais, Switzerland 

Doris Agnes Lee Hancock 

9302 Cason Rd. 
Glen AUen, Va. 23060 

Deborah Wiggins Seehom 
28 W. Bayshore Blvd. 

N. C. 28S40 

i gardening, so we have lots of vege- 

ida Brittain Miller and Art are now t 
t of a baby girl, Jennifer Grace, born 
' 23. Art recei 

1 C'ville 
1 Brenda is taking care of 
sr has decided to work part- 

finance manager for a Chevrolet dealership ii 
ton. Del., and really enjoys his job. 

Flash Fletcher Foster and Steve have beei 
ferred to Quantico. That's quite a change fr 

in New York and 

Oarksville, Ga. I receive. 

I Harder who is very busy 

anaging the Ugin Gallery 

a great deal of photographic artists 
ntry, which entails a lot of travelling ti 
collectors, museums and other dealers, 
! also teaching at Cooper Union in N.Y 

Brenda Pritchett Boyles, for those of you who 
not heard. was murdered quite savagely in her hon 
F'burg on August 25. For those of us who knew 
Brenda well, the tragedy is felt much dfeeper than 

e sympathy to Brenda's 

know that a tragedy such a 

Kathy Deneke Clatanoff received her MBA from 
the University of Maryland in December. Husband, 
Bud. is an economist for the Washington. D. C, Dept. 
of Manpower, 

Jean Campbell Graham, a dance major at MWC, is 
leaching modern dance at the University of Oklahoma. 
She holds a masters degree from Florida State Univer- 
sity She can be contacted at the School of Drama, 
University of Oklahoma, Norman, Oklahoma 73069. 

Annette Monsour works for the U. S. State Depart- 
ment and is an Ensign in the U. S. Naval Reserve. She 
lives in Falls Church, Virginia. 

Elizabeth Gayle Lewis lives in Gloucester. Va., and 
IS working on a doctorate at the College of William 
and Mary. She received her master's degree in biolog- 
ical oceanography from W & M on June 1, 1975. 

Oiris Kosiek 

283 River Bend Rd. 

Berkeley Heights. N.J. 07922 

Terry r 

1065 Bobolink Dr. 
Virginia Beach, Va. 23451 

Sue Regan 

500 Greenbrier a., No. 101 

Fredericksburg, Va. 22401 

Eleanor Goddu 
618Greenbrier Ct., No. 102 
Fredericksburg, Va. 22401 

Anna Mary Alexander, recently promoted to asso- 
ciate engineer, is working for IBM Corp. in Manassas. 
Nancy Marshall Baker and husband, Robert, are living 
in Spotsylvania where Nancy is working as a speech 
therapist. Jeanne Coals Bales and husband, Ron, are 
living in Richmond and Jeanne is teaching third grade. 
Sally G. Bates, working as Children's Theater Director 
in Wilson, N. C. recently starred in a playhouse pro- 

Patricia Stewart Boytek and husband, Martin, are both 
working as physical therapists in Portsmouth. Barbara 

Goods in Louisville, Ky. Donna Calve, working for 
the Monroe Center for Mental Health, is living in Rich- 
mond. The U.Va. School of Nursing claims Linda Sue 
Campbell as a student there. Also at U.Va. is Theresa 
Carroll who is a teaching assistant while working on 
her masters in art history. Susan Closer Clancy and 
husband, John, are both working at NSWC, Dahlgren. 
where Susan is a physicist. Qimille Crombie is teach- 
ing freshman composition and working on her masters 
degree in English Literature at George Washington 
University. Karen Wolf Dawson is presently attending 
Mary Baldwin College and taking pre-med courses with 
hopes of entering dental school in 1977. RecenUy 
promoted to LTJG, Susan Jacobius Davis is also 

working on school library certification at Old Domin 
ion University. Lorayne Dollet is a graduate student 
at the University of Chicago and an associate faculty 
member at Indiana University, Northwest, teaching 
English Composition. Mary K. Fletcher Donohue 
and husband, Paul, may soon be returning from Tex; 
to North Carolina when Paul gets his wings. While 
in Texas, Mary did graduate work in journalism and 

Johnson Drawdy recently married and is living in 
Florida where husband, Charles, is a Lutheran Minis, 
ter. Melanie Dyer is working a 
cian. singing in the lounges, ho 
in Edgewater. Colo. Constance Lawler Fischer is 
working for Aetna Life and Casualty in Toledo, 01 
while husband. Jay. attends law school. Sharman 
Hinchliffe French and husband, George, recently 
celebrated the birth of their first child, a boy. 
Sharman recently also OF 

shop in Louisiana. 

e Interiors in Fredericksburg, where 
she works as a consultant in interior decor for homes, 
offices and commercial establishments. Patricia 
Green is working as a librarian for NUS Corp. in Rock- 
vUIe. Md,, as well as working on her masters in 
Ubrary science at Catholic University, Linda Pugh 
and Brian WUkerson were married in August 1975 
and are residing in Miami, Fla., whUe Brian attends 
law school. Elizabeth Hansen is a student in a para- 
legal program at George Washington University. 
Deborah Heiman is teaching Spanish in Warrenton and 
working on certification in English. Suzanne Hodges 
is finishing her masters in experimental psychology in 
Blacksburg. Cynthia Howk is presently taking courses 
to complete N. Y. state requirements to teach instru- 
mental music at Nazareth College of Rochester. 

irst year at MCV r 
attending Case Wt 

Holly Strawbridge ii 
in 1976. G2fften>ie£7we/Msasecreta;i with the Inter- 
national Monetary Fund. In addition to her job taking 
her to such interesting places as Sierra Leone, Paris 
and Rome, she also has rediscovered dance and spends 
weekends in D. C. and New York as a devoted fan of 
the American BaUet Theater. Catherine will be join- 
ing other alumni for the March trip to Helsinki, 
Leningrad and Moscow. 

Rosalie Yates Walsh 

102 Nelson Dr. 

Newport News, Va. 23601 

Susan Mary Tyler 
603N. DavisAve.,No. 9 
Richmond, Va. 23220 

Dear Friends, 

November 22, 1975, in Hampton. From them I hear 
Marilyn Miller Zick has begun studies for a nursing 
career. Jackie Rascoe Mason is teaching in Williams- 
burg while husband, Jud, attends W & M. Pat Kincai, 
is working in her hometown in N. J. while Susan 
Jefferson Hensley has a great job at the Blood Bank 
in Raleigh. Mary Beth Jones continues her medical 
studies at P. M. C. (Pennsylvania Medical College). 
I heard from Patty Rhodes who is touring Europe. 
She was due to return for Christmas - the economic 
conditions of England, where she was working, i 
terrible. Connie Bowt/en Rollins and h 
are stUl in Charlottesville. Also there for our mini 
"reunion" were Lisa Kirkwood Spey, Nancy 
McKinney, Susan Sendlein '76, Ann Batten, and 
Bev Haynes. 

I received a note from Susan McDonald '75. who 
is teaching Spanish in Chesapeake and living in Va. B. 
She writes news of some '75 graduates: Carole 
Mercader is living at home, teaching Spanish in 
Loudoun Co., Va., and is engaged to bf married June 
16. Marcia Howell Marsh was married in June and is 
now working for a surgical supplies company in Rich- 
mond. Carol Kemey Peal was- married in July and 
now lives in Charleston, S. C, with her husband (at 
least six months out of the year). Hope Rudinger, 
Sue Lagarenne, and Yvonne Puryear are teaching 
elementary school near Fredericksburg. Peggy Ifnkle 
moved to Atlanta shortly after graduation where she 
is working for the IRS. Jane Roark is attending 

Bridget Binko is in her 2nd year of full-time graduate 
work at S. U. N. Y. (Buffalo) and will receive the 
M. A. in microbiology in June. Amy Harrier married 
Clarence P. Hathaway. Ill, in August. She and Pete 
teach in Va. Beach. Amy sent news that Bobbie 
Burton married in December. Sherry Sydnor is enjoy- 
ing teaching in Saluda, Va. Anne Bigley. with the 
National Gallery of Art, was in charge of the Decem- 
ber showing of "European Vision of America." This 
exhibition, a major bicentennial loan, consists of 
works featuring the European perception of America 
from late 15th century tillate 19th century. Meg 
Mullen Hughes and husband. Paul, are attending Ohio 
State University. Paul is doing graduate work in 
electrical engineering and Meg will receive a masters 
in social work in June. They look forward to return- 
ing to the Fredericksburg area after completion of 

My husband, Chuck and 1 have bought a home and 
are teaching at the same high school. He teaches math 
and German and 1 am still with Spanish. Remember 
to make your pledge. Our local alumni chapter is very 
active with the annual Telethon coming up in March- 
April. I would hope our class could match some of 

Homecoming. You wouldn't believe the changes in 

There are two McDonalds! 

Karen Johnson 
9303 Claymont Dr. 
Richmond, Va. 23229 

Hume are all working for Value Engineering in 
Alexandria as Cartographic Assistants. Eva Gmham 

beny and Nealand Engineering also of Alexandria. 

Barb Sullivan. Hope Rudinger, Yvonne Puryear 

and Toni Brooks are teaching in Stafford Co. in the 

April Tooke are living in the D. C. area while work- 
ing at the Federal Reserve Board in the Capital. 
Joanne Scandling has completed her student teach- 
ing and is now working at Garfinckel's while living m 
Mt. Vernon, Va. Kim Smith married Ash Nichols and 
they are establishing a crafts store in Fredericksburg. 
The store is a collection of their own works and other 
craftsmen of the area and is located next to the Bi- 
centennial Building in F'burg. 

Ann Canter is working in Charlottesville as a secre- 
tary at U.Va.'s business school. Terry Brugioni is 

Virginia. Debbie Conner married Dana Parker. Carol 
Chapman and Val Walters are at Virginia Tech doing 
graduate work in Urban Planning. Marybeth Hatem 
is busy at the University of Maryland where she is 
pursuing a M.A. in English. Valerie St. John is at 
VCU doing graduate work in accounting. Esther 

for an eniployment agency. 

Cynthia sent news that Ginny Crowther is teach- 
ing high school in Richmond and Lisa Sheffer married 
Buddy Gibson in October. The Gibsons are living m 

MWC TODA Y February. 1976 "^ 


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