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le annual search for scholars is entering its 

s February comes to a close, thirteen 

ly separated committees composed of 

lary Washington College alumni are gath- 

riiig forces to prepare for the final push - 

11-important interviews to determine 
hich 25 distinguished high school seniors 

:er MWC next year as Regional Scholars, 
e personal interviews will be conducted 
hroughout March by the alumni committees 
Each region (one in each of Virginia's ten 
ngressional Districts and three in selected 
lUt-of-state areas), and each committee's 

I for the two Regional Scholars to rep- 

their area will be made pubUc in early 

ipril. Those selected this year will join some 

Regional Scholars, selected over the past 
liree years, who are already on campus con- 
tibuting significantly to the academic life at 

vs was intended when the program was 
iated in 1973, these students represent 
.. cUte of high school graduates throughout 
\lkgma and much of the East Coast. They 
lominated for the coveted $ 1 ,000 annual 
larships by their high school principal or 
luidance counselor on the basis of superior 
icademic achievement, and they are con- 
idered by the College and the regional alumni 
smmittees on their potential for continued 
icademic excellence throughout the four 

Alumni Help Find 
Regional Scholars 

years of study in the liberal arts and sciences 
program of the College. 

"The program was developed to get alumni 
involved in the life of the College and to attract 
top-notch students into our program of 
studies," says Program Director G. Forrest 
Dickinson. "And it has succeeded on both 

Since 1974, when the Hrst 25 Regional 
Scholars were chosen by the alumni com- 
mittees, the competition has grown more in- 
tense each year, and the standards for selec- 
tion have been raised accordingly. That first 
year after an anonymous donor funded the 
program with a $250,000 gift, there were 226 
nominees; last year there were 337. Of the 25 
Regional Scholars from that first year - they 
are now juniors at MWC - 21 were in the top 
6% of their high school class; this past year, 1 8 
were in the top 3%. (Of the Regional Scholars 
now on campus, ten were high school valedic- 
torians, and another 3 were salutatorians.) 
And with each year, the Scholars' average 
College Board score has climbed - from 551 
verbal and 548 math (both some 10% above 
the overall College average) to 600 verbal and 
592 math. 

"Getting top-quality students like this can't 
help but strengthen the academic program of 
the College," Dickinson says. 

Other administrators and faculty members 
also feel strongly that the Regional Scholars 


are making their mark at the College. The 
Assistant Dean for Academic Advising, 
CorneUa Oliver, says the Scholars "take their 
work very seriously. I think they realize the 
College considers them a worthwhile invest- 
ment, and they are conscious of their respon- 
sibility to do well." Evidence of their success, 
she says, is the constant appearance of Regional 
Scholars on the Dean's List and other rec- 
ords of academic achievement. "They're a 
great addition to the campus," she added. 

But the 70 alumni who are involved on the 13 
regional committees which actually interview 
each of the candidates and make the final de- 
cisions on who will be a regional scholar 
particularly feel the excitement of the pro- 
gram. Among other benefits, the volunteer 
point out that they enjoy meeting outstanding 
high school students, getting involved with 
other MWC graduates in their area, and par- 
ticipating in the selection of future MWC 

One committee chairman, Ann Craig 
Rusmisell '51 of Hopewell, Va., says that the 
Regional Scholarship program is "one of the 
finest to be found at any college." Judith 
Townsend Gatlin '58, of Greenville, S.C, noted 
(See SCHOLARS, page 2) 

Alumni Election Set 

; once again time to place your ballot 
for officers of the Alumni Association. 
Ballots will be mailed to all Alumni during 
the month of March. Officers are elected for 

two-year term. Those officers to be elected 
this year are: First Vice President in charge of 
fund raising. Second Vice President in charge 
of Homecoming, and Third Vice President in 
charge of chapters. 

Please vote and return your ballot to the 

umni Office before May 30th, 1977. All 
ballots will be tabulated on June 1st. 

The following candidates have been selec- 
ted from nominees sent in by chapters, class 
agents, and individual alumni. 

First Vice-President 

Duties of 1 st V.P. - She shall be responsible 
for planning and implementing, in cooperation 
with the Director of Alumni Affairs, the annual 
fund-raising program of the Association. She 
shall appoint her own Fund Committee. 

Second Vice-President 

Duties of 2nd V.P. - She shall determun 
and execute plans for the annual meeting o 
the association and for other major, reunio 
activities of the Alumni. She shall appoint 


Patricia Flannigan Blosser '65 has her Masters 
of Education from the University of Vuginia. 
Pat and husband Kelly, have one son, John 
Patrick, two years old. Pat has been treasurer 
of the Stafford Education Association, a mem- 
ber of the Virginia Education Association, 
National Education Association, District A 
Teachers of English, and Virginia Association 
Teachers of English. She is currently involved 
in the National Council Teachers of English, 
A.A.U.W., Belmont Council representative and 
guide, and the Fredericksburg United Methodist 
Church. Pat has been an active member of the 
Fredericksburg Chapter and is a past Treasurer. 
She has been active in community, church, and 
college affairs and offers her desire, interest and 
experience to fulfill the duties of 2nd V.P. 

Ttiird Vice-President 

Duties of 3rd V.P. - She shall be respon- 
sible for encouraging and supporting the work 
of chapters, providing information and guidance 
to cliapter officers, acting as liaison between 
chapters and the central office, and representing 
the chapter viewpoint on the board. She shall 
appoint her own committee. 

Patricia Peyton Franklin '60 states that she 
would like to see every alumni as active as 
the Fairfax Chapter has been in the past few 

in the Fairfax Chaptei 
to get more people active in alumni affairs. 
She would like to adopt a motto which says: 
"Get Involved." Pat lives by those words as 
she has been very active in the Fairfax Chapter. 
She has served as secretary, membership 
chauman, worked on the annual boutique 
committee and organized the social event held 
at Gunston Hall last year. Pat is married to an 
electrical engineer who graduated from VPI in 
1958. They have two girls: Patricia 14, an 
eighth grader at Robert Frost Jr. High in Fairfax, 
and Susan 17, who will graduate from W.T. 
Woodson High School in June. Susan was 
recently accepted at Towson University where 
she will study to become an Occupational 


Procedures for nominations and elections 
are recommended by Nomination and Election 
Committee and are voted upon by the Board 
of Directors. For your consideration, we are 
including in this issue up-to-date information 
on the candidates. Please keep this issue of 
MWC Today for reference. Detailed information 
on the candidates will not be repeated on the 
ballot. The Nominations and. Election Com- 
mittee are enthusiastic about each of the candi- 
dates. Each was selected for her understanding 
of the Association and its programs, past in- 
volvement with the College and Alumni Asso- 
ciation, sincere willingness to serve, achievements 
and interests which especially relate to the 


that "being on a regional committee gives a 
renewed sense of pride in MWC, an understand- 
ing of the direction the College is currently 
taking, and an awareness of the role alumni 
can play in determining the future" of the 

But Rose Bennett Gilbert, '60, of 
Maplewood, N.J., summed it up best when 
she said that, above all, she and her com- 
mittee are "truly proud to have a part in 
sending MWC such good stud ent material." 

MWC Chair Available 

Just a reminder that tjie MWC Chair is still available. 
It is the perfect gift for the upcoming graduate or any 
occasion. These fine solid wood chairs are finished in 
black lacquer with the MWC seal silk-saeened in gold. 

Class Notes 

Golden Club 

Mts. Anne Ware Bedinger '13 
The Jefferson 
P.O. Box 1 397 

Richmond, Virginia 232 1 1 

iHrs. Rulh Carter Velhnes '15 
Glenco Road, Box 59-B 
Glen Allen, Virginia 23060 

Mrs. /na Taylor Powell ' I 6 

634 Randolph Avenue 

Cape Charles, Virginia 23310 

Mrs. Louise Milbourne Clarke '18 
3020 Kenbury Road 
Richmond. Virginia 23235 

Mrs. NelUe Hodgson Warner '18 
2407 Garnett Ct. 
Vienna, Virginia 22180 

Mrs. Grace Mason Snuggs '19 
5639 Pinebranch Road 
Columbia, South Carolina 29206 

Mrs. >lniM Pepmeier Bennett '22 
R.R. 2, Box 260-A 
Woodford, Virginia 22580 

Mrs. Sue RishelH Perry '24 
314 South Lee Street 
Alexandria, Virginia 22314 

Mis. Dorothy Chiles Hodnette '26 
14 Wood Manor 
Tuscaloosa, Alabama 35401 

News of any Christmas messages will appear 
in a later column. Saw Fannie filler Bowie in 
September at the Bowling Green Baptist Church 
Homecoming. She looked fine and happy and 
is very active in this church. Her niece and 
nephew were visiting with her that day. I was 
glad to see news of Charlotte Rice Weymouth 
in my last news column. Office was respon- 
sible. In October, when visiting in Roanoke 
with my daughter, I had the privilege of a visit 
to Lillian Waring Edwards in Buchanan. She 
was fine. A niece and a friend from New Kent 
County were visiting for the day. 1 also vis- 
ited Junia Graves and Jean Delaney at the 
Friendship Manor, a home for elderly in 
Roanoke. Hadn't seen Junia for 66 years. 
Each lives in a nice apartment in senaratp 

They both a 

urrounded by the 

ALUMNI: If you would be interested in serving on a 
Regional Scholarship Committee, please fill out the 
form below and return it to: Regional Scholarship 
Program, Room 303, George Washington Hall, Mary 
Washington College, Fredericksburg, Virginia 22401. 

Yes, I would be inleresred in serving on a Regional 

things of interest to them and seem so happy 
and contented. 

A telephone call from the Bolens in my ab- 
sence. Sorry to have missed them. Phone chat 
with Mac Moore. Is doing fine. Driving car 
again. Eye operation was a success. Asked 
about Edna and Margaret. Lisa, the grand 
daughter, is a sophomore at Hermitage High 
m Henrico County. Elizabeth Ninde Brian en- 
joys her independence and apartment Was ex- 
pecting a son from Delaware to come for 
Thanksgiving and all would dine with another 
son and family in Richmond. EUzabeth asked 
about Elsie and Belle Linthicum. Belle 
Unihlcum Masters remains in Plyler's Nursing 
Home. I talked with her daughter She says 
that they have trained nurses with Belle who 
feed her and encourage her walking She seems 
cheerful and now physically improved It 
would be nice to remember her with cards 
Virginia Saunders is fine. I had a telephone 
conversation with her recently and heard about 
her indu-ectly from our mutual friends. Have 
regretted that 1 have had no response to letters 
sent to Mannie Torbert Kelly, Louise Henley 
Jones, and Aha Birmingham. Trust they are 
not sick. 

Often hear from Elsie Wood Rice and 
Margaret Sayre Ransone. Margaret stays very 
busy with her service to others. Elsie keeps in 
touch with Sarah Gouldman MacAllister, who 
keeps well, does her own housekeeping and 
attempts to keep up with her traveUng family 
Elsie's son and wife have recently been visiting 
^daughter, whose husband is in service in South 

; has been busy with a wedding and 

MWC Today Febn 


several birthday celebrations. Recently her ( 
from Remington, Virginia spent a week with her 
Almost envied her when she spoke of their long 
walks through the College campus. Elsie had 
visited in Remington in September. She was my 
representative at a workshop meeting for class 
agents held September 18th. She always does 
a fme job and I thank her. Bertha Scott Bass 
has been ill in St. EUzabeth's Hospital. 
Richmond, for the past three weeks. She is 
leaving today, November 27th, to stay with a 
friend and cannot return yet to her apartment 
in Imperial Plaza. We wish all success to Diana 
Koski m her new position and welcome Mary 
Carson as she assumes the duty of MWC Alumni 

Our sympathies go to the family ot Katheriae 
Coales Underwood '26 who passed awav in 
June 1976. 

Remember the Alumni Fund. Try to give 
something. We want to have a high partic- 
ipation of the 1915 class. Write us about 
yourselves and famiUes. Plan to attend Home- 
coming, April 29th and 30th. 

Ruth Carter VelUnes ' I 5 

MWC TODAY, Volume 2, Number 4, February, 
1977. Pubhshed quarterly by Mary Washington' 
College, Fredericksburg, Virginia 22401 . Second 
Class Postage paid at Fredericksburg, Va. 

Mrs. Carmen Me/la Weiler 
2216 First Landing Lane 
Cape Henry Shores 
Virginia Beach, Virginia 23451 

Our congratulations are extended to Annie 
Collms Snow and husband William. Their soi 
just gave them a 50th wedding anniversary 
dinner on November 27th. Annie and Bill ha 
two sons; the oldest is a realtor in Dover and 
their youngest is a large scale farmer. They 
have four grandchildren 

The Alumni Association was saddened to 
hear that Polly Eugenia Daniel Temple '35 
died from a heart attack last November. Polly 
was married to Virginia Commonwealth Uni- 
versity President T. Edward Temple. After 
graduating from Mary Washington College 
Polly taught school for 1 6 years in Danville. 
She conducted a radio program for young 
people and lectured throughout the state on 
"Americanism." Polly retired several years 
ago after teaching American history at Thoma' 
Jefferson High School in Richmond. We 
know her family, friends, former students and 
classmates will miss her. 


Adelle Mansfield Goodwin 
Route 2, Box 355 
Orange, Virginia 22960 

I had hoped for some news for this issue 
but haven't been able to secure any I very 
much want to report news from classmates 
irom whom we haven't heard in a lone time 
Please resolve to send me som 
Happy New Year! 


Mrs. Evelyn Riggs Ellington 
7 1 1 Connecticut Avenue 
Norfolk, Virginia 23508 


News comes in rather slowly from all of you 
out there, and 1 will not fill up our space with 
a lot of running on. Just be sure that yoi 
planning to be at our 40th reunion next spring 
so that we may get news personally. I 
hope that you have sent the resume to 
MWC Alumni Office to be included in 
special reunion booklet. 

Our sympathy goes out to Martha Epes 
Deane who lost by death, her husband, 
Edward S. Deane, on November 27. Let 
her hear from you in Nottaway where she 
is postmistress. The Alumni Office has 
heard from Kathryn Nebelung Bowles. She 
sends news that her daughter Carol Bowles 
Martine lives in Durham and she has two son: 
She is a graduate of Lees McRae as a medical 
secretary. Linda Bowles Killea, her other 
daughter, teaches and has specialized in learning 
disabiUties in Cleveland, Ohio. Linda graduated 
from University of North Carolina and receive 
her masters from Case Western Reserve. We a 
sorry to announce that Kathryn's son Robert 
L. Bowles was killed September, 1 97 I . He wi. 
a junior at Appalachian State College. Kathryn'i 
husband. William, passed away in October 1975 
at the age of 63. He died of cancer. Bill w: 

n College 

Officer, Box 3575 College Station, Fredericks- 
burg, Virginia 22401 . telephone (703) 373-'; 

Extension 214, offic 

I Mary Lou Wilcox Dull 
6 Harvard Avenue, N.W. 
iton.Ohio 44709 

lean Moore Basnight's husband retired on 
luary 1 , 1 976 with over forty years service 
h Texaco Inc. In July they sold their home 
Ulanta, Georgia and moved to Virginia 
ch, Virginia. A letter arrived in the Alumni 
fice from Barbara Gaines Mann. Her daugh- 

Mary-Jacquelyn and Barbara F., are well 
ablished in interesting careers. One, a mu- 
technician at the Smithsonian Institution, 
assistant head of the SEM laboratory. 
e other, has her Masters in Nutrition, is nu- 
Consultant in Public Health, her specialty 
rnal and infant nutrition. As for 
rbara's husband and her, they are still running 
inesses - a construction company and an 
uipment and supply company. They manage 
take a couple of interesting trips each year 
d right now they are looking forward to 
bruary '77 with great anticipation. Barbara 
d hubby have chartered a sailing yacht with 
;w, and will cruise the Caribbean. They have 
earned about such a vacation for years and 
cided it was time to do it before they get too 
d to enjoy it. Happy saiUng, Barbara! 


rs. Frances Wills Stevens 
12 Oakland Drive 
leigh. North Carolina 27609 

1 received a letter from Virginia Johnson 
jeller and was glad to hear from her. How- 
;r,it contained bad news. Mary Wallace 
uskey lost her husband with a heart attack 
October 21 . She is returning to Memphis 
ere her children are. Please send new 
Udress. Virginia has been laid up with a 
iiptured leg muscle and had been on crutches 
ince August 17. She is almost recovered. Her 
laughter is in North Carolina working and 
ping to college. I also had a note from Migit 
Jardner Livesay that she lost Bob July 10. He 
lad a stroke 2 weeks earlier. Migit was at MWC 
Inly 2 years and was my suitemate in Ball. 
fhis had to go to press by December 10 thus 
io Christmas news. The office has received a 
icwschpping of Ensign Scott H. Kelly. Oaire 
tloore Kelly has just pinned on the same pair 
)f wings her husband received 32 years ago on 
ler son Scott. Her husband, Ralph, first received 
;he wings during World War II in which he 
ierved as a Navy carrier pilot in the Pacific. Ralph 
»as at Pearl Harbor at the start of the war and 
ps off the coast of Japan during the surrender. 
)ur congratulations to Claire, Ralph and Scott! 

iis. Jean DeShaio Flemer 
1202 Confederate Avenue 
Richmond, Virginia 23227 

Mrs. Christine Vasaa-Famr 
1500 Featherstone Drive 
Midlothian, Virginia 23113 

We received a letter from Fran Tracy. She 
is very busy devoting her time to the Unevan- 
gelized Fields Missions in GUYANA, South 
America. She was in the U.S. for four months 
to spend time with her family and friends in 
eastern Pennsylvania. While Fran was here, 
she had a good medical check-up and found out 
she was in good physical condition. If any of 
her friends would like to write Fran, here is 
her address: Unevangelized Fields Mission 

GUYANA, South America 
We wish you best of luck in your endeavors. 

Mrs. Virginia Gunn Blanton 
369 Lexington Road 
Richmond, Virginia 23226 

Very little news this time - hope to get lots 
of information before the next dead-Une in 
April. Martha Holloway (Mrs. James J. 
HoUoway) lives in Lynchburg, Virginia, with 
her patent attorney husband and three children, 
Jamie, Anne and Sam. Her sister. Hilda 
Holloway Law, was in the class of '43. Anne 
Jackson (Mrs. Anne J. Henry) Uves at Virginia 
Beach and works as a reading diagnostician 
for Virginia Beach schools. She received her 
masters degree from Longwood in 1964. She has 
a daughter and a son. Betly Jean Keith (Mrs. 
John Alexander) hves in Randolph, New York, 
and teaches elementary vocal music and directs 
a choir at the Presbyterian Church. Her husband 
is retired. They have three children, Kathy, Keith 
and Kim. Virginia Gunn Blanton (Mrs. WilUam J.) - 
I have a new granddaughter. Susan, who joins 
Carol and Cathie, the daughters of son Bill. 
Come on, you grandmothers, let us hear about 
your famiUes! 


We have received word from Marjorie 
Storms Reddock and her husband, Ruskin. 
They just returned from a July and August 
tour of Ireland, Scotland, Wales, and England. 
She says it was a real heritage trip that was 
truly beautiful. Marjorie can help us with our 
up coming Alumni trip to Ireland and Scotland 
in June and July. If you are interested in going, 
maybe you can write Marjorie at 41 Walton 
Avenue, Tarpon Springs, Florida 33589, for 
news of her trip. Natalie Kerus McWilUams has 
very exciting news to share with us. She is now 
embarking on a new vocation at the age of 52 - 
that of a Lay Minister in the First Congregational 
United Church of Christ. This is a three-year 
study program that is very exciting and stimu- 
lating with other persons throughout the State 
of Ohio. Natalie is one of the few women in 
this pilot program. We all extend our very best 
wishes to you and your family in this new pro- 


office has just received news of the death of 
Nancy Augusta Williams. Our deepest sympathies 
are extended to her family. Jean Wilson TuUey 
writes that she is a medical secretary in the 
U.S.P.H.S. Hospital in Norfolk, Virginia. Her 
daughter is graduating this year from Randolph 
Macon College and she still has a sixteen year 
old Junior in high school. 


Mrs. Conchita deMedio Gilbertson 

Route 2, Box 9-9 

Ruther Glen, Virginia 22546 

Nan Garland Howard died of cancer August 
4, 1976 at her home in Sanford, North Carolina. 
Nan taught in high schools in Warrenton, 
Charlottesville, and Atlanta, Georgia for 10 
years. Her husband, De Paul Howard, and three 
teenage children (I girl - 2 boys) are her sur- 
vivors. Nan was active in church and civic 
organizations and was a member of the Sanford- 
Lee County School Board at the time of her 
death. She was the sister of Meg Garland Deitz 
'55. Our deepest sympathies to her family. 

Mrs. Jane Hockenberry Holden 
7853 Oreana Drive 
Annandale, Virginia 22003 

Word has been received to the Alumni Office 
tbiough Eleanor Pollock (Vice President - Fund 
Raising) from Janice Worsley Mayberry. Janice's 
oldest son, Walt, received his Master of Science 
Degree in Electrical Engineering from Stanford 
University, Palo Alto, California in June, 1 976. 
Two of her other sons and Janice went out for 
his graduation and all four of them toured 
California for about two weeks. .They had a 
marvelous time. Upon returning Janice found 
Linzy, her husband, in the'hospital with a flare- 
up with his heart, but he seems to be doing 
pretty well now although he's still having to 
take things easy. Janice's second son, Charles, 
is in his senior year at Western Carolina univer- 
sity, Cullowhee, North Carolina and Wade, son 
No. 3 is a Freshman at the University of North 
Carolina at Chapel Hill. Paul, her youngest, is 
a senior in high school this year and is busy as 
can be as President of the Student Government. 

Our congratulations go to Lmzy and Janice 
who celebrated their 30th wedding anniversary 
on December 20th! May you be blessed with 
30 more. In our office Christmas greetings we 
received a nice letter from Elizabeth Stallings 
Sharpe. She and husband. Coy, celebrated 
their 30th anniversary in Hawaii! They attended 
a 35th anniversary reunion of the Peari Harbor 
Survivors. Coy was in the Navy during the 
Pearl Harbor attack and served on the U.S.S. 
Tennessee. This was his first trip back since 
the war and EUzabeth's first visit to Hawaii. 
Happy Anniversary Elizabeth and Coy! The 

Lcwisburg, West Va. 24901 

Ashby Griffin Mitchell was named "Teacher 
of the Year" for 1976 by the Woman's Club of 
Culpeper, Va. Mrs. Mitchell, who holds a 
Masters Degree in Education from the Univer- 
sity of Virginia, has taught mathematics at 
Culpeper County High School for 20 years. 

Mrs. Iniin Whitlow Westbrook 
27 E. Gray Street 
Sandston, Virginia 23150 

Our deepest sympathy is extended to the 
family and friends of June Shirley Brandow 
Nixon. June died quietly at her home in 
Bowie, Maryland on June 10, from a heart 
attack. The following poem is dedicated to 
her memory: 

"Putting Out the Lamp" 

Death is not extinguishing the light ~ 

Blank darkness when the spark of life is gone; 

It, rather, is an ending of the night, 

A puttmg out the lamp at break of dawn. 

Just softly putting out the httle lamp 
That burns within this life to Ught our way, 
A lamp no longer needed when the dawn 
Has come to usher in that brighter day. 

No, death is not extinguishing the Ught - 
No settling down of dark when Ufe is gone; 
Death is only putting out the lamp - 
A lifting of the shade to greet the dawn. 
-Helen Lowrie Marshall 

Thank you /rein Whitlow Westbrook for 
sending this in and sharing it with us all. Our 
sincere best wishes ate extended to Mary 
Elwang Shannon Sharpley. She and Dr. Miles 
Sharpley of Fredericksburg, were married on 
December 26th. 

Mrs. Dorothy Held Gawley 


Upper Montclair, N.J. 07043 

Allan and Barbara Booker Palmer's son, 
David, married Karen Lynn Larson of Char- 
lotte August 29, 1976. They live at Virgmia 
Beach where David is a paramedic and wife. 

MWC Today Febrt 

Karen, is an x-ray technician. Alyce Deens 
wrote and told us of her wonderful trip to 
Utah. She said the rock formations and 
mountains were so beautiful with lots of 
space to breath in. Alyce is going to be busy 
with two graduations this year, one of her 
niece, Cindy Deens and the other of her 
nephew. Ensign Hank Deens. We know that she 
is proud of these two! 


Mxs.Anne Oaig Rusmisell 
102 Woodland Lane 
Beechwood Manor 
Hopewell, Virginia 23860 

Dorothy Belden Wood wrote that it will soon 
be 20 years that she has been living in Tusca- 
loosa. Her daughter Kim is married and she 
and husband, Rusty, are stationed in Hawaii 
for three years. Courtesy of U.S. Army. Her 
son, Kevin, is a senior in high school and 
hasn't made college plans yet. He wants to 
continue running. Kevin finished 6th m 4A 
class cross country state meet. Dorothy stays 
very busy with church and community ac- 
tivities. Girl Scouts, in particular. Belen M. 
Caimcho wntes for the last two years she has 
been working for Loctite Corp., a subsidiary of 
a stateside and multinational chemical specialty 
products company. They produce the extra- 
ordinary superbonder. Belen travels often and 
has attended the first Loctite symposium in 
South America held at Sao Paulo, Brazil. After 
Brazil she spent some time visiting Venezuela. 

\lts. Anna May Wheeler CiWtn 
7250 Darien Drive 
Hudson, Ohio 44236 

Mrs. Virginia Poole Kinniburgh 
8235 Chancery Court 
Alexandria, Virginia 22308 

Our class news questionnaire was a success 
and we have a good start on our Homecoming 
informational booklet. Thanks to all of you 
for suggestions and support. Our deadhne for 
this report is December 1 0, for pubhcation in 
February. Next deadline is April 2 1 so continu 
to return the questionnaires or a note. Doris 
Lindsey Buschman remarried one and a half 
years ago and is the Eastern Region Personnel 
Representative for the First Union National 
Bank/Cameron ixovin\Burr Anderson Camp 
has her MA in English and was a Real Estate 
salesperson in \91S, Ruth Williams Campbell 
is Assistant Professor of Pediatrics, Medical 
College of Virginia. She has two children, age 
12 and 7. Ruth's husband succombed to 
leukemia in June, 1 976 and we extend our 
sympathy. Barbara McFarland Carper hves 
in Virginia Beach where she is President of 
Baptist Women of Westwood Hill Baptist 
Church. Janet Swan Clements sent us a ticket 
for Shrieks of Arable. Monroe Auditorium 
8:15 p.n.. May 4th, 1951. Janet hopes to' 
start a Doctoral program in Museum Art at 
Emory in September. Garnette Louise Bell 
Crawford leads the busy Ufe of the wife of 
a CoUege President. Garnett's husband is 
President of SaUsbury State College. 

Elizabeth Roller Emde lives in Lodi 
CaUfornia which makes it difficult to attend 
our Homecomings. Jimmie RiVeKpinklea 
Townsend Uves in Charlotte, NC where she is 
a member of the Medical and Mint Museum 
of Art AuxiUaries. Martie Jane Hoke Harris 
IS Executive Secretary of the Santa Fe, New 
Mexico Council on International Relations 
and teaches piano. Becky Spitzer Harvill 
teaches sociology and special education at 
Lee High School in Staunton and directs the 

activities of her six children. Anne Smith 
Jenkins Uves in Lakeland, Ftorida-Peggy 
Hopkins Johnson invites all members of the 
Class of '53 to her "Open House" . 
for the entire Homecoming Weekend. Peggy 
was selected as coach of her Middle School 
team of six students to represent Virginia on 
the CBS Children's program Way Out Games 
on December 25th. Congratulations, Peg. 
We have included only a portion of the replies 
we received and those are in alphabetical order. 
K through W will appear in our next letter 


Mrs. Virginia Thackston Richardson 

400 N. Beech Daly 

Dearborn Heights, Michigan 48127 

Mrs. Carole Kolton Bryson 

404 Kramer Drive 

Highland Springs, Virginia 23075 

Francis Pruden Allen still keeps in close 
touch with MWC roommate, Afancy Rakes 
Moorcones. This past Thanksgiving, Nancy, 
husband Tony and five children visited Fran 
and Mike and their five children. Fran and 
Mike's oldest daughter Deborah, married 
Wilham Cash on April 21, 1975. Joan E. 
Kleinknecht has been busy teaching a very 
interesting second grade class. She intro- 
duced her students to Thomas Jefferson, 
George Washington and many more of our 
founding fathers. Her love of history method 
of teaching brought forth this reply from one 
of her student's parents. I'm sure Joan won't 
mind if I share it with all of you. (1 feel that 
this IS what bemg a Mary Washington College 
Alumni is all about - Editor). 

I have seen my daughter blossom under the 
superb direction of a very wonderful 
I have heard words of wisdom and knowledge 
from a seven year old that taught me 
things I didn't know 
I have seen your teachings and philosophy, 
through Laurie, make their mark on her 
younger sibling who at four years old 
loves George Washington and Thomas 

I have had the privilege of knowing someone 
who truly understands the word LO VE 
and stresses its importance in all phases 
of her students lives 

I have been a part of a school year experience 
that is the unique gift to parents and 
children of your class each year 

I have adopted, for my own growth and develop- 
ment the phrase 'Lost time is never found" 

I have seen Laurie receive the special blessing 
of learning for the bve of knowledge 

I have seen an academic year shaped by not 
only the "three R's." but by something 
much more important to a child's develop- 
ment - self-awareness and self-satisfaction 

I have a whole year of Laurie 's life captured by 
the special papers you save as our "holidav" 

I have learned to believe in miracles. 

by Lois Ringelheim/76 

MWC Today February. 1977 

Mrs. Jean Anderson Chapman 
1405 Hillsboro Drive 
Richmond, Virginia 23233 

Judith T. Callin writes that she has changed 
jobs and moved to Greenville, S.C. She is now 
directing a faculty development project at 
Furman University in career planning for Uberal 
arts graduates and programs for women, funded 
by a Mellon Foundation grant. Interestingly 
enough, one of the three other new women on 

Mrs. Edna Gooch Trudeau 
1221 Marceille Drive 
Mobile, Alabama 36609 

Help - the news is SPARCE! Even a 
card will do! Ann Watkins Steves and 1 
announce the birth of William on October 
their 4th child, 3rd son. Priscilla Brow 
Wardlaw and Charles had a fabulous tr.^ ._ 
Europe during the summer. She also took I 
boys for a week to Bermuda. Continues he 
work with her alumnae and Chris and Robl 
and their "social engagements" keep her o 
the run. The Trudeaus are fine - had lots c 
company during the summer and of course 

busily preparing for the holiday seasoi 

Excited Person Number One - Virginia. Ho 
1977 brings happiness to everyone. Ed 
Sheppard Ott is now doing her twelve i 
internship in clinical child psychology at tin 
Virginia Treatment Center for children. Edi 
has served on the Distinguished Alumni Coi 
mittee and currently working with the Reeii 
Scholarship Committee. Thanks for helping 


Mrs. Liz Hill Heaney 
810 Amaryllis Avenue 
Oradell, NJ. 07649 

Lytme Hays Sprowis writes us that her sis 
Diane Hays Neuman, has written, illustrated 
and done the calligraphy for an mformative 
book of Yoga, /few fo Get the Dragons Out 
of Your Temple. " While it is technical and 
wntten for pracUcal use, it is presented with 
a delightful tongue-in-cheek sense of humor. 
Diane has been a student of Yoga for 23 yeai 
and has had her own Yoga school, The Diane 
Neuman Fellowship, on Union Street in San 
Francisco for the past seven years. She is 
currently working on another book focusing 
on the application of Yoga to the prevention 
and rehabilitation of stroke victims. Since 
Diane was an art major 1 should mention that 
she continues to pursue her activities in both 
the fme arts and crafts which were well launc 
at MWC. Rose Bennett Gilbert is now writini 
syndicated home furnishings column for New 
York Daily News. She is currently working o 
a book about Early American decorating to b 
published in January '78 by Doubleday, Inc 

Joann (Jody) Close has sent Christmas 
greetings from Korea. She is currently em- 
ployed by the U.S. Army as an Education 
Counselor. She is interested in helping any- 
one who might want to attend ECOKA 
University, the foremost woman's university 
there. If anyone is interested, they can write 
the Alumni Office and we will forward it to 


Mrs. Susan Wilson BoUng 
11 024 Ring Road 
Reston, Virginia 22090 

Mts. Elizabeth Marchant Eldridge 
11 502 Purple Beech Drive 
Reston, Virginia 22091 

Miss Lynn C. McCarthy 
950 Tierra Linda Drive 
Frankfort, Ky. 40601 

Shelbyville. Their two children, Jamie and 
Mehssa.are 10 and 7, respectively. Both Betty 
Louise and Jim are active in community affairs 
and have been busy remodeling their home. 
The more we chatted, the more we found how 
close we had been but didn't know it. For in- 
stance, when Patsy Hilgartner Bruckner and 1 
were at U.K. in 1962, Betty Louise was Uving 
in Lexington. Then, we found that Jim's 
brother is married to the daughter of a staff 
member who, before retirement, worked in the 
same section as 1 did. The clincher, however, 
was learning that our seats in the Rupp (basket- 
ball) Arena in Lexington are in the same 
section, four rows apart! As we had a basket- 
ball game on the evening of the day we talked, 
we saw each other for the first time in eighteen 
years! There's a message here - call a classmate - 
you can't imagine how terrific and how much 
fun it is to renew old friendships. 

We have just heard that Kimberly Ann 
Poole, 12 year old daughter of Linda Lee Giles 
Poole, passed away November 12. Our sincere 
sympathies to Linda and family. Kimberly 
Ann will be missed by her family and friends. 
As we "go to press" with this news, the U.K. 
football team is heading for the Peach Bowl 
in Atlanta. The Wildcats play UNC. While 
under any other circumstances I'd be cheering 
on the Tarheels (both my sister and brother- 
in-law are UNC graduates), I'll be found on 
the Wildcat side of the field on December 31 . 
Rabid U.K. fans snatched up the tickets two 
hours after the wmdows opened. Last we 
heard, three of every four tickets were in the 
hands of Big Blue followers. The excitement 
of the first Bowl trip since the 1 95 1 season 
has spilled over into basketball and reservations 
have already been made by many Kentuckians 
for the NCAA fmals on March 26 and 28 - and 
where are the finals? -Atlanta! The Rupp 
Arena which I referred to opened this past 
fall. Located in downtown Lexington, it 
seats 23,000 and is the largest basketball arena 
in the country. The arena is named for Adolph 
Rupp, fondly known as "the Baron of Basket- 
ball," who coached U.K. teams for 42 years 
before retiring in 1972. He had 42 winning 
seasons and produced 874 victories. This new 
arena goes with our new football stadium which 
seats 56,000. Now, tell me we're not rabid 
U.K. supporters! 

A note from Prudie Shepard finds her the 
proud owner of a home as of this past summer - 
3 bedrooms, 2 full baths, acres of woods, a 
pine grove, her own swimming hole, 2 'hounds', 
a rabbit, and birds. She's issued the invite! 
Her new address is Grays Plain Road, Sandy 
Hook, CT 06482. Connie, you and Andy 
left Louisville too soon. This past November 
was the coldest November since 195 I , and 
we caught sight of our first snow before 
Thanksgiving. On November 29, thermometers 
in Frankfort registered a brisk -7°. The 
five inches of snow in the '75-76 winter made 
for quite a mild winter in central Kentucky. 
Generally, we have 1 6-20 inches. Despite our 
being caught off guard by this year's freezing 
rain and snow, I'm glad we're back to four 
seasons. For those of you who aren't familiar 
with Kentucky's weather, it can change 
drastically within 24 hours. But, our Springs 
in thoroughbred country are delightful and 
our Summers, beautiful. 

As for yours truly, I'm still holding down 
my position as State Child Protective Services 
Specialist, but continue to have the travel bug. 
When you read this, I will have between December 
22 and January 10, touched down in Virginia, 
Georgia (twice), Texas, and Oklahoma. 
Now that you know that Bette, Sue, and I are 
holding the fort down, let's hear from 'ya. Until 
next time, "truck 'em safe and truck 'em easy." 

Mrs. Patricia Mackey Taylor 
351 Level Green Court 
Hampton, Virginia 23369 

Received such a nice note from Julie Shumaker 
Bailess. She has found a reason to retire - the 
birth of her son and third child, Todd Scott 
born September 1976. Julie and husband Bob 
live in Manassas. Am really looking forward to 
those Christmas cards with messages - especially 
notes concerning our 1 5th reunion. More in- 
formation will follow early 1977. 

Mrs. Elizabeth Caudle Marshall 
11 33 W.Kenan 
Wilson, N.C. 27893 

Mrs. Constance Waterman Lampert 
9 Hillcrest Drive 
Chelmsford, Mass. 01824 

Mrs. Barbara Booth Wilhelm 
2949 Mesa Drive 
Oceanside, Cal. 92054 

I saw Courtney Lawson Sjorstrom and her 
two children Erik, 2, and Anne, 5 when they 
visited her cousin Lisa Anderson here in Wilson. 
She is keeping busy. Bee Prall Granger wrote 
that she and' Bob are moving again, their 1 4th 


' addrf 


Heather Lane, Southern Pines, North Carolina 
28387. B's neighbor in Pennsylvania Ann 
Ralston asked to be remembered to high school 
classmates, Betsy Lydle Smith and Beverly 
Byrd Miller. -Betty 

The office has heard from Wendy Shadwell, 
she and Janice Coleman visited the campus 
this summer. They ran into a number of familiar 
faces among the administration, admired the 
new physical education facihties, and mourned 
the loss of Framar Annex. They subsequently 
heard from Sheila Wahl that she had revisited 
MWC during a trip east this summer. While in 
Fredericksburg Wendy and Janice visited the 
Falmouth home of Beth Lacey Wiseman '64 
and had a lovely dinner with her, her husband 
Bud, and their three children. They wished 
that they had had a chance to see Belmont, 
Gari Melchers' home in Falmouth, wher« Beth 
is a weekend volunteer guide. Wendy is 
curator of prints at the New York Historical 
Society. Recently she was honored by election 
to the Print Council of America at their 
annual meeting in Worcester, Massachusetts. 

Cynthia Sharpe Conger has written that 
she and husband, Oliver, are the proud parents 
of four beautiful sons, they are George age 
14, Andrew age 12, Trip age 9, Carter age 7. 
Their oldest son has just entered his first year 
at the Hill School in Pottstown, Penn. from 
which OUver graduated in 1953. They Uved 
in Miami for two years before moving to Palm 
Beach. While in Miami she enjoyed seeing 
Janet Bagg Freisenbruch class of '64 and 
Priscilla Buckaway Benford '61 . Both Janet 
and Priscilla married Quantico Marines. Janet 
has since moved to the west coast of Florida. 
This summer Ann Carson Wray and her family 
visited with Cynthia at her summer home in 
Sea Island, Georgia. Ann and her husband 
George have two lovely children, Sheldon, age 
10 and Will, age 5. 

Mrs. Patricia Boyette Robinson 
5 High Point Drive 
Mountainside, N.J. 07092 

Mrs. Alice Funkhouser Flowers 
Albrecht Lane 
Warrenton, Virginia 22186 

Mrs. Elizabeth MacCubbin Bader 
78l3Ruxway Road 
Baltimore, Maryland 21204 

Mary Oaviford Volk, assistant professor at 
Brown University has just finished a study of 
Vicencio Carducho's Dialoges de la Pintura and 
is completing a book. Studies in Velazquez: 
Form and Meaning. Bobby Barrett Crisp and 
husband, Harry, are proud to announce the 
birth of their third child, Joseph Eugene Crisp, 
on March 24, 1976. Little Joe weighed in at 
1 1 pounds 9 ounces! Congratulations Bobby. 

Mrs. Linda Sue Glynn Hutcliinson 
RD 5, Box 66 
Greensburg, Pa. 15601 

Mrs. Jana Privette Usry 
1512 Confederate Avenue 
Richmond, Virginia 23227 

Diana Hamilton Cowell and husband 
Dan, have announced the arrival of their son, 
Keith, born December 1, 1963 and their 
daughter, Kelly, born May 18,1965. This 
joyous event took place on August 30, 1976 
at the Adoption Placement Service at Lutheran 
Social Services in Washington, D.C. You have 
a beautiful family Diana and Dan! 

Mrs. Susie Church Dillon 
9566 Cherry Oak Court 
Burke, Virgmia 22015 

Mrs. Mary Mac Blanchard Harris 
II 130 Guilford Road 
Richmond, Virginia 23225 

Sarah P. Nabstedt Barnes and husband, 
Robert, announce the arrival of their daughter, 
Jessica Snow Barnes, from Korea on May 23, 
1976 at 3:45 ajn. Jessica is a lucky little girh 

Mrs. Judy Bennett Russell 
12301 Persimmon Place 
Woodbridge, Virginia 22191 

Mrs. Barbara Price Wallach 
708 S. Urbana Avenue 
Urbana, Iffinois 61801 

Mrs. Margaret Livesay Rheutan 
206 Melwood Lane 
Richmond, Virginia 23229 

Mrs. Donna Sheehan Gladis 
530 Humiston Drive 
Bay Village, Ohio 44140 

Mrs. Gail Jargowsky Farmer 
4345 Rock Creek Road 
Alexandria, Virginia 22306 

Lynn Perri Ulm and husband Sam have lived 
in NYC since 1972. Lynn received her degree 
in Fashion Design and is now a freelance fashion 
illustrator and exhausted mother of two year 
old Jacob. Lynn's sister, Suzanne Pem married 
Dr. Michael ElUott on 6/26. They are stationed 
in San Diego with the Navy. Suzanne previ- 
ously earned her Master's degree from U.Va. 
and taught learning disabled children in Wil- 
mington, Del. Sue Fuque Ryan and husband 
Frank live in Denville, N.J. Their three year 
old son Frankie is expecting a brother or sis- 
Donna Sheehan Gladis and Susan Wagner 
Buelow held an unscheduled reunion in a 
Chicago department store this fall where they ran 
into each other while shopping. Donna and 
Steve were visiting friends in Chicago that week- 
end. . . small world. It had been 8 years, since 

MWC Today FebrL 

we'd seen each other, although we had corre- 
sponded by mail. Susan and Bob and two girls 
have bought a new home in the Chicago area and 
have been busy remodeling. Donna and Steve 
also spent some time with Suzy Blankenship 
Capone and Cap this summer while in Boston. 
Kevin is now in first grade, and Suzy is busy 
attending graduate school and working part- 
time as a school counselor. Pat and Barbara 
McLaughlin Carroll are now hving in Kirkland, 
Washington where Pat is employed by a CPA 
firm. Peter welcomed a new brother, Michael 
David, into the family on July 3, 1976. 
- Donna 

Lucinda P. Long has just completed all require- 
ments for her Ph.D. in political science from 
Johns Hopkins University on October 8, 1 976. 
She is currently an assistant professor of political 
science at Montclair State College. Lucinda was 
just recently elected president of the N.E. Women' 
Caucus for Political Science. Mary Ann Burkhart 
Smith was an outstanding accountant graduate 
from Lynchburg College this past spring with 
a 3.7 average. She passed the CPA examination 
on her first attempt. This is quite an accom- 
pUshment, since only 10 per cent of the candi- 
dates taking the examination for the first time 
pass the entire exam. Mary Ann is now working 
for Dalton, Pennell, and Company, a CPA firm 
in Lynchburg. Husband Alan is an attorney, 
and daughter, Jennifer, age 8 is in the second 
grade. Mary Ann's sister, Connie Burkhart 
Coggin '67 is living in Fredericksburg with 
lawyer husband. Rod, and daughter, Sarah, 

Mrs. Chris Cole Gaul 

202 Laguna Villas Blvd. Apt. B-4 

Jacksonville Beach, Fla. 32250 

Mrs. Janis Purdy Brewer 

Box 429A, Waugh Chapel Road 

Odenton, Maryland 21113 

Mrs. Ruth Sichol Myers 
7572 Rockfalls Drive 
Richmond, Virginia 23225 
Mrs. Donna Cannon Julian 
2728 Tanager Drive 
Brookmeade 11 
Wihnington, Delaware 19808 

628 Hawthorne Place 
Keokuk, Iowa 52632 

Mrs. Marlorie Roszmann Tankersley 
Roanoke, Virginia 24015 

Frances Smith Armstrong and husband, T. 
Christian Armstrong HI, announce the arrival 
of their first child, Betsy Brannan Armstrong, 
born July 28, 1976 in Livonia, Michigan. Our 
best wishes to the proud parents. 


Capt. Karen Laino Lewis 
Box 308 

Quanticotown, Virginia 22134 

Mrs. Sally Reichner Mayor 
Rte. de Montana 
3961 Randogne 
Valais, Switzerland 

tSls. Deborah Wiggins Seehorn 
P.O. Box 897 
Shiprock,N.M. 87420 

Mrs. Janet Hempson Floom 
Quarters 4310 B 
Quantico, Vu-ginU 22134 

A MWC Today February. 1977 

Mrs. Doris Agnes Lee Hancock 

9302 Cason Road 

Glen AUen, Virginia 23060 

Linda Bishop Mathias has been busy since 
'71 . Immediately after graduation she served 
as an officer in the U.S. Army, in 1 972 she 
married Terry Mathias. After the Army she 
and Terry received their Master of Science in 
Education degrees from Southern Illinois 
University. Terry is now employed as assistant 
to the president of Ottawa University. Linda 
is currently employed as the children's services 
Librarian of the Ottawa Public Library. Donna 
Lee Roberts has become Mrs. John Edward 
Kotheimer. The big event took place on 
September 26. She is currently employed by 
the Onslow County Department of Social 
Services in Roanoke, Virgmia. 



317 E. Main Street 

Front Royal, Vu-ginia 22630 

Mrs. Kitty VanLew Wyche 
4801 Kenmore Avenue 
Seminary Towers, W., No. 71 1 
Alexandria, Virginia 22304 

Kathryn Coltison Ray and Harry W. Elhott 
were married in Washington, D.C. on June 26th. 
Several of Kay's classmates were there for the 
big occasion. Kathryn is working as a librarian 
at the Brookings Institute and she has begun a 
doctoral program at George Washington Univer- 
sity. Mary Saunders Williams, Shirley Harris, 
and Jan Moore are all still teaching school. 
Kathy Duley is living in Aspen and looking for- 
ward to the ski season. TerriHall Alford and 
Marty had their second daughter, Mary 
Elizabeth on June 1 0th - their 4th anniversary. 
Marty is still with the Navy in Topsham, Maine. 


Mrs. Susie BarU Bourne 
820 Malabu Drive No. 219 
Lexington, Ky. 40502 

Miss Chris Kostek 
283 River Bend Road 
Berkeley Heights, N.J. 07922 

Miss Terry Napolitano 
1065 BoboUnk Drive 
Virginia Beach, Virginia 23451 

Miss Sue Regan 

500 Greenbrier Court No. 101 

Fredericksburg, Virginia 22401 

Miss Eleanor Goddu 

618 Greenbrier Court No. 102 

Fredericksburg, Virginia 22401 

Miss Sue Hughes 
66 Malin Road 
Malvern, Pa. 19355 

Miss Happy Anderson 
22 Parkwood Road 
West Ishp, N.J 


Susie A. Bond, former Admissions counselor 
has just begun working as a research assistant 
in the office of congressman Richard White from 
Texas. Good luck Susie! Nancy Smith Raines 
is working as a mathematician at Dahlgren 
while husband William is working as a cabinet 
maker. Christine Ransom, while working for a 
Master of Divinity degree at Union Theological 
Seminary, is an inmate counselor for the New 
■york City Department of Correction. Rebecca 
Rooney, 1st Lt. US Army, is stationed at Fort 
Monroe, VA. and is' working on a Masters in 
Guidance and Counseling at William and Mary. 
Debora Olsen Searfoss is living with husband 
George in Annandale and working as a research 
associate. She is also enrolled as a nursing stu- 
dent at George Mason University. Suzanne 

Shearer is workmg as a registered medical tech- 
nologist at Duke University Medical Center, 
where she finished advanced courses in July 
of 1 974. Winifred Stalnaker is working as a 
mathematician for NASA m Hampton, Va. 

Mary Lee Stevens received her MS. in Library 
Science from UNC Chapel Hill in December 
1 974 and is working as Head of Audio-Visual 
Services in the High Point, NC Public Library. 
Sarah Lewis White Stout is teaching kindergarten 
in Charlottesville. Barbara Taylor received a 
masters in Music from Baylor University in 
May '75 and is working as a music instructor in 
Charlottesville. Cynthia Thaxton is working as 
an engineering technician at the terminal of the 
Trans-Alaskan PipeUne in Valdez, Alaska. Nancy 
Wilder Thompson has received her masters from 
the University of Virginia and is teaching 
Spanish in Richmond. Ellen Harwood Uzenoff 
is living in Westport, Conn, and working as a 
social worker with developmentally delayed 
children and adults. Husband Robert works 
for GAF Corporation in New York City. 
Barbara Menth Wilhams is hving m Okinawa 
with Ah Force Dentist husband Mark. Burrell 
Montz is working as an envhonmental planner 
in Grand Haven, Michigan. Gail Gupton Owen 
is working as a social worker in South Boston, 
Va. Husband Bill is a dentist with his own 
practice there. Carol Susan Smith now lives 
in New York and works for Trans World Air- 
Unes. Marjorie C. Walsh has been working on 
her masters in Special Education at the Univer- 
sity of Virginia. Martha Menk is an artist in 
Santa Barbara, Cahfornia. Debbie Pwyear 
is teaching retarded adults in Santa Barbara, 
California. Dominique Protomastro is working 
for a bank in Connecticut. Cheryl Fox Ward 
is hving in Columbia, Maryland with husband 
Barry where Cheryl is working as a clinical 
chemist at Johns Hopkins Hospital. Cheryl 
received her masters in chemistry from the 
University of Southern Mississippi in August of 

Leslie Lynch Westerman is living with hus- 
band Robert in Library, Pa. Gay Levan 
Morrison is hving with husband WilUam in 
Wilmington, Delaware. Glenda White is 
working as a customer service representative 
at Central National Bank in Richmond, with 
wedding plans - husband to be is Dale Pittman 
who was fmishing up law school at T.C. 
Williams. Susan White received her MS in 
Library Science from Columbia University. 
Bambi Crelghton Wilhs is hving in Spot- 
sylvania County with husband AG and son 
Andrew. Bambi was recently Chairman of 
the Student Alumni Relations Committee of 
the MWC National Alumni Association. Thea 
Hermit Wilson and husband Paul are hving in 
Williamsburg where Thea is teaching earth 
science. Mary Sue Warren Wimer and husband 
Robert are hving in Fredericksburg, where 
Mary Sue is teaching. Clara Woody is working 
as a director for the Charles County Economic 
Development Commission, Inc. m Maryland. 

Julie Howe Young is hving in San Francisco 
where Julie is working as an economist. Nancy 
Greer Gray and husband Dennis and son 
Jeremy recently returned from a three year 
tour in Germany; they are now in Fayetteville, 
NC. Peggy Christensen is hving in Standards- 
ville, Va. and working as a psychiatrist's secre- 
tary. Susie Cahill is working in the DC pubhc 
schools' system, at Stevens school, where the 
new President's daughter is to go. Barbara 
Barnes Krug and husband Larry are happily 
expecting their fhst child in February. 


Mrs. RomWerares Walsh 

102 Nelson Drive 

Newport News, Virginia 23601 

Uiss Martha Welte 

6 Burning Tree Road at Creekside 

Rolling Meadow, Illinois 60008 

Miss Susan Mary Tyler 
2339 B W. Grace Street 
Richmond, Viiginia 23220 

SherriA. Michel has received her master's 
degree in Social Work. She is currently involved 
in social service work in Richmond at Manor- 
Care Homes Projects. Mary Tamlacci and hus- 
band Michael Quirk announce the birth of their 
baby girl, Ann Elizabeth Tavolacci on June 8, 
1976. Holly Sirawbridge is finishing her MA 
in Art History at Case Western Reserve Uni- 
versity. Her thesis is on 19th Century French 
Realist Painting. Holly had a fantastic experience 
this summer. She conducted the Cleveland 
Orchestra on opening night of their summer Pops 
series at Blossom Music Center. After that, she 
and her sister went to Eiu-ope for IVi months 
to travel and see friends. Holly would Uke her 
old friends to drop her a Une at 20700 Univer- 
sity Blvd ., Shaker Heights, Ohio 441 22. 

A few members of the Class of '74 got to- 
gether for a mini reunion after 2Vi years, at the 
home of Mark and Faith Geibel Williams '75 
in Fredericksburg. Present were Cyndy Gorwitz 
Drach, recently returned from Italy and pre- 
sently living in Fort Benning. Ga., and Missie 
Carpenter, recently returned from Togo, West 
Africa where she was in the Peace Corps. 
Missie plans to return to Togo in late November 
to marry a Quebeqecois, who is in the Canadian 
Peace Corps. She'll also teach school until 
Pierre's commitment is up next summer. Also 
present at the Williams were Linda Kier Driscoll, 
a teacher at Spotsy H.S. and Jeanne Sayre. an 
accountant in Richmond. 

Karen Burley Warren married Richard Warren 
on July 31 , 1976 and are currently living in 
Winston Salem, N.C., where Richard is attending 
Bowman Gray School of Medicine. Karen 
is working in the guidance department of a 
junior high school. 


Miss Val Walters 
63 Woods Road 
Somerville, N.J. 08876 

Miss Karen Johnson 
9303 Claymont Drive 
Richmond, Virgmia 23229 

Miss /«d;'&u/ 
9 Agate Road 
East Brunswick, N.J. 08816 

Miss Carol L. Pappas 
3636 Barham Blvd. S-305 
Los Angeles, CaUfornia 90068 

Anne Nelson Harris and Sydney Luck are 
sharing an apartment in Richmond. Sydney 
is working as a management associate for 
United Virginia Bank (started in Aug. of '75). 
Anne is working as a probation and parole 
officer in the Department of Corrections 
(started in July '76). They have been in Rich- 
mond since October '75 and would Uke to 
hear from any classmates in the area. Dianne 
L. Ferree, went back to school at night to 
take certification courses and did student 
teaching at James Monroe during summer 
1976. She is currently teaching Biology and 
Ecology at Bowling Green Sr. High School. 


Mrs. Patricia Jo Anderson Williams 
1 37 N. Laburnum Avenue Apt. No. 4 
Richmond, Virginia 23223 

Miss Mary Catherine Carroll 
1701 - 80th Street, North 
St. Petersburg, Fla. 33710 

Miss Elizabeth Anne Gupton 
556 North Birdneck Road 
Virginia Beach, Virginia 23451 

Wxss Deborah A. Jackson 

Heathsville, Virginia 22473 

Jody Nutter Arbelaez 
5-8 Copeley Hill 
Charlottesville, Va. 22903 

Mrs. Judy Frances Sledge Talercio 

108 Hallock Lane 

Rocky Point, Long Island, N.Y. 11778 

mss Margo Oifford 
409 Jackson Place 
Alexandria, Virginia 22302 

"It's really cold here in Richmond this time 
of year. When I let the cat out in the cold 
mornings I'm reminded of the icy walks from 
Jefferson to Seacobeck. Those cold walks and 
warm friendships shared over the Seacobeck 
stew are memories that we never outgrow. 
Plans made around the Seacobeck tables are 
now taking shape for many of our classmates." 

I saw Janice Tucker at one of the VMl games 
at Lexington. She is in framing with a major 
northern chemical firm in their management 
salesperson division. Daphne. Johnston is also 
in management training with one of the 
commercial banks here in Richmond. Also 
in Richmond is Debbie Smith. She is working 
at Thalhimers while getting her masters in 
special education. Sydney Byrd is also in 
school, training to be a Physical Therapist 
at MCV. I have also heard from Lundy Baker. 
It seems that she was "let go" from her FM 
radio station on the flimsy excuse that her 
voice was too cute. This type of sex discrim- 
ination is what is keepmg the college woman on 
the bottom of most pay and promotion scales. 
Lundy in the meantime has been offered a 
position with CBS in their children's pro- 
gramming section. I guess a "cute voice" is an 
asset in that field. Let us hope that with the 
new government and the eventual passage of 
the Equal Rights Amendment that sexism will 
finally be a thing of the past and discrimination 
just a memory. That's about it from here. I 
have a customer coming in for a new savings 
account. We are seUing those TV games as 
bonus gifts and it has really kept me busy- 
Thinking about all of you and hoping you are 
happy in whatever you are doing. 
- Patti Jo 

Janet Anne Piatt has been workmg with the 
President Ford Committee since March '76. 
Her activities with the Committee include 
working with the Youth Office of the President 
Ford Committee. March-August '76. Her work 
has included pre-convention planning and 
working with Carolyn Booth, the National 
Youth Director of the PFC, plus attending 
the Republican Convention in Kansas City, 
last August as part of the PFC's Presidentials 
staff. At present Janet is now working with 
the Treasurer's Office of the President Ford, 
to get a different slant on how one sees a Presi- 
dential Campaign, especially one that now has 
a legal spending Umit. As a recent graduate of 
MWC, Janet is grateful to have the opportunity 
to work on a Presidential Campaign and partic- 
ulary since political science was her major. It 
certainly has been a very busy and exciting 8 
months for Janet. 

Martha Farmer Miller and husband Richard, 
have announced the birth of a fourth son, Mark 
Saunders Miller, born on September 20, 1974. 
Harriett W. Condrey has accepted a job with 
Elwyn - Delaware Rehabilitation center. This 
job entails working with the handicapped in a 
sheltered workshop as a floor supervisor. 
Patricia Lorraine Barton and Richard Latham 
Bouwmans were married November 5 in Falls 
Church, Virginia. Pat is employed by the 
Federal Highway Administration and Richard 
is employed by C & P Telephone. Our congrat- 
ulations to both alumni. 

On August 7 Linda Bennett was married 
to David Vann Petten in Virginia Beach in a 
candlelight ceremony. Bridesmaids from 
Mary Washington included Kyna Bott and 
Linda's roommate, Betsy McNeil, Linda 
and David are residing in Charlottesville 
where Dave has a double major in nuclear 
engineering and applied mathematics. After 
graduation, he will be an Ensign in the U.S. 
Navy. Linda is teaching seventh grade mathe- 
matics for the Fluvanna county school system 
and she loves it. 

1 1 missed the last deadline but it 
came at a hectic time for me. I was married 
August 2 1 to Vince Arbelaez fallowing our 
lengthy (six week) engagement. We are now 
living in Charlottesville where Vince is in his 
first year of Law School at U.Va. I am cashiering 
part time, substituting, and believe it or not, 
still unpacking. Others of our class in Charlottes- 
ville are Maggie Walter and Gall Bryant, both in 
Medical School. Kathy Bortz is in the Law 
School, while Jane Reese is studying for her 
master's in Chemical Engineering. Elaine 
Porrino and Ann Gorneva are both in the School 
of Architecture, studying City Planning. Others 
working here are Toni Hoover, Laurie Raup, 
and Sarah Robinson. 

I see Betty Anne Gupton frequently. She 
still parties often in Charlottesville in between 
working for the Treasurer's office in Virginia 
Beach. Susan Cole is teachmg in Virginia 
Beach. Kathy Valentine married Jeff Evans in 
September and is now the assistant manager for 
ajob placement company in Virginia Beach. 
Kathy Manikas is teaching fourth grade at Hart- 
wood Elementary School m Stafford County. 
Diane Pearson is teaching first grade at Spots- 
wood. Carolyn Yowell is a permanent substi- 
tute for Orange County where Margo Clifford 
is also teaching. Lynn Leggett is in grad school 
at UNC (Chapel Hill) studying History, while 
Sue Smith is working for her M.A. in Geography. 

Jacgue Shaner is studying Chemistry at San 
Diego. Isabel Garcia is in Dental School at MCV. 
Susan Fassnachl is pursuing studies in Geography 
in Calgary. Lynn Monroe will begin her studies 
in January at Boston College in Mass Commu- 
nications. Dolly Carmody, Paula Boyd, and 
Mary Beth Kamorowski are workmg at 
Bloomiiigdale 's at Tyson's Corner. Joan Lake 
is the assistant press secretary for an Arkansas 
representative. Cathy Colbert is the assistant 
manager at a Susie's Casual in Maryland. Debbie 
Herlica is working for United States Automobile 
Assoc, in Highland FaUs, N.Y. 

Daphne Johnson is in the Wachovia branch 
managers training program, while Sue Moore 
works for Wachovia Bank in Winston-Salem, 
N.C. Kathy Smith Kapitan and her husband, 
Steve, Uve in Quantico, where Kathy is teaching 
gymnastics. Kim Stambaugh is dancing and 
studying in N.Y. Becky Cintron is working at 
Potomac Hospital and is looking into grad. 
school. Many thanks to Alison Stem '77 and 
Leslie Blair '77 for helping me get the scoop 
on our classmates. (If only they had typed 
this. . .) -Jody 

Patricia Barton '76 to Rick Bouwmans 
Carrie Bell '76 to Jeff Jacobus 
Rebecca Chambers '76 to Michael Scanlon 
Linda Clark '76 to Fred Esser 
Mary Ann Kalafat '76 to John Brower 
Mary Kennedy '76 to John Thorpe 
Mary Jane Long '76 to Gary NichoUs 
Jody Nutter '76 to Vince Arbelaez 
Martha Prettyman '76 to Dwight Lyons 
Kathy Smith '76 to Steve Kapitan 
MolUe Wilson '76 to Charles Shoemaker 
Kathy Wright '76 to Tim Barnes 
Kathy Anderson '76 to Patrick Roach '76 

MWC Today Febrmry, 1977 

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