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Alumni Celebrate Homecoming 

The annual spring homecoming for alumni 
of Mary Washington College was held April 29- 
30 at the Fredericksburg campus. 

The reunion, with its theme "Come Home to 
the Gates of Learning," featured the second an- 
nual alumni concert, several seminar and dis- 
cussion sessions with mert.bers of the faculty, 
a general alumni meeting and a luncheon during 
which the 1977 Distinguished Alumnus Award 
was presented. 

Additional activities for the returning alum- 
ni included: a reception at Brompton, the home 
of the President of the College; a Homecoming 
Banquet; and, reunion meetings for the classes 
of 1932, 1937, 1942, 1947, 1952, 1957, 1962, " 
967 and 1972, in addition to the Golden 
rlub-those who have been out of MWC 50 or 

The alumni concert included one dance work 

and five musical compositions. The performers 

dancer Katherine Rogus Shepard '64,vio- 

Mary Margaret Tegg Kiernan '44, organist 

Peggy Kelley Reinburg '58, flutist Hannah Bush 

organist Rebecca Reames '76, and harpists 

Mary Ann Pomfrey '75 and Janice Kay Gern- 


The seminar and discussion sessions included 
one with MWC President Prince B. Woodard, 
on the status of Mary Washington College today, 
and one with Dr. John Kramer of the MWC De- 
partment of Economics and Political Science, 
on the topic of Soviet-American relation in the 




present MWC students-were spotlighted. 
Among these were several Regional Scholars- 
who had been selected to receive their coveted 
scholarships by regional alumni committees- 
and Drucilla Graves Davis, who earlier that 
month had received the annual Alumni Cup for 
her outstanding academic record and for her 
service to the College. Also featured was 
Victoria Lee Harris, a rising junior from Hano-/ 
vtT, Pa., who had recently been named the recip- 
ient of the fourth annual Grellet C. Smipson 
International Scholarship, which is funded by the 
Alumni Association. Miss Harris, a French and 
art history major, will spend next year studying 
at the Alliance Francaise in Paris, France. 

The highlights of the special alumni luncheon 
were the presentation of the Distinguished 
Alumnus Award (see story below) and the pre- 
sentation of a painting to the College by the 
Class of 1936. That painting, titled "Summer 
Afternoon," is by Barclay Sheaks, a renowned 
artist whose wife, Edna Daniel Sheaks, is a 
member of the Class of 1 936. 

? college by the Class of 

President Prince B. Woodard. The 

Peggy Reinburg Named 
Distinguished Alumnus 

Peggy Kelley Reinburg, a noted organist and 
music director, was awarded the 1977 MWC 
Distinguished Alumnus Award. 

Mrs. Reinburg, who has performed in con- 
cert in both the United States and Europe, was 
presented the annual award at a special luncheon 
held Saturday, April 30, as part of Alumni 
Homecoming Weekend. The award is presented 
each year by the Alumni Association to recog- 
nize and honor a graduate who has distinguished 
himself or herself in a profession, in a humani- 
tarian cause, or in service to the College. 

A 1958 graduate of Mary Washington College, 
Mrs, Reinburg has since been involved in a wide 
variety of professional music activities, including 
teaching, choral directing, presenting solo recitals 
and concerts and directing music in a number of 
churches. A resident of Fairfax, Va., she is or- 

ganist and director of 

music at the Union 

Methodist Church; ins 

tructor in organ at Mary 

Washington College; a 

nd, director and adminis- 

trator of the widely-re 

nowned "Abendmusik" 

series of sacred music 

concerts in Washington, 


A concert organist. 

she has performed widely 

and has received critic 

al acclaim in this country 

and abroad. Her most 

recent major tour was 

this past summer, a European tour which included 

performances in Paris 

Bonn, Oldenburg and 

Berlin. Following tha 

tour, Mrs. Reinburg was 

added to the artists' re 

ster under recital manage- 

ment by Robert Kolli 

sch Konzertdirekton in 

West Germany and was appointed as American 


for Alfred Fuhrer Orgelbau 

in West Germany. In addition, another European 

tour is being planned for her in the summer of 


Mrs. Reinburg has also been involved in 
alumni activities at Mary Washington College, 
and has served in a wide range of posts in both 
the local and national branches of the 1 2,000- 
member Alumni Association. 

Dr. Thomas, Mrs. Myers 

Receive Top Awards 

At 1977 Commencement 

Dr. Glen R. Thomas, Professor of American 
Studies, and Mrs. Mary Anne Pierce Myers, a 
graduating senior from Fredericl<sburg, receivec 
the two major annual awards during the tradi- 
tional commencement exercises held May 14 
at Mary Washington College. 

Dr, Thomas, who has been an MWC faculty 
member since 1962, was named the sixth 
recipient of the Grellet C. Simpson Award for 
Excellence in Undergraduate Teaching. Mrs. 
Myers received the Darden Award for grad- 
uating with the highest academic average in 
the senior class of 381 students. 

Dr. Thomas had taught in the MWC de- 
partments of psychology and English before 
becoming Director of the American Studies 
Program. In that program, he has been noted 
for developing a flexible, interdisciplinary 
approach to the study of American society. ' 

Mrs. Myers, who was graduated with 
Highest Distinction and with Final Honors, 


had been selected as a junior to Phi Beta Kappa. 
A sociology major and member of Sigma Omega 
Chi, she received only one "B" for her course 
work; all of her other grades were "A." 

Besides the presentation of the Simpson and 
Darden awards, the outdoor graduation 
ceremony also included a brief address by a 
distinguished lawyer and alumna, Aileen 
Hirschman Belford '53. and the conferring of 
an honorary Doctor of Humane Letters degree 
upon Dr. Edward Alvey, Jr., former Dean of 
the College and Professor Emeritus of Educa- 

A Senior's View 

Impressions of Life at MWC 

Last fall, the Alumni Association sponsored 
a Classes - Chapter Work Shop for all enthu- 
siastic alumni volunteers. Highlights of the 
program included four presentations, by stu- 
dents, giving their impressions of life around 
the campus today. Debby Jordan, who was 
then the Senior representative to the Alumni 
Board of Directors, gave the following 
presentation - which the Board thought all 
alumni would like to read. 

Mary Washington College. . the only small, 
stale supported, residential, co-educational lib- 
eral arts college in Virginia. Used as an intro- 
duction to the Mary Washington catalog, lliat 
statement alone may entice one to look into 
Mary Washington, but does it really tell what 
Mary Washington is all about? The academic 
challenge, the honor system, and the lifestyles 
are three important aspects of the life at Mary 
Washington. Beth has discussed our honor sys- 
tem. Cindy the academic community, and Greg 
has given us a male perspective of life here at the 
college. And finally, my impressions of Mary 
Washington College . . With simplicity I might 
say. "I like it. " - but I can V stop there. After 
surviving through the overwhelming meetings 
Of freshman orientation and the first period of 
final exams. I was prepared to handle anything! 
I must admit, though, that first semester was 
quite a hectic one. Fire drills at 4:00 in the 
morning? How could I possibly wake up; close 
the windows: open the blinds, turn on the lights, 
and don myself with shoes, a towel, and shower 
cap. cautiously make my way. amongst 130 
other screaming freshman, down to the front 
porch of Virginia Dorm, all within 2 minutes? 
After awhile, though, it all came naturally - 
but it wasn 7 until our last fire drill freshman 
year that 1 noticed myself to be the sole wearer 
of a shower cap. Those junior counselors had 
done it again - and I was the fool! ! ! But our 
revenge was yet to come. As the junior class 
proudly accepted their Mary Washington 
College Rings in the spring of 14. project 
number one for the class of '77 was underway! 
We were not to be outdone by anyone before 
us in the "tradition of Junior Ring Week. " 
The highpoint of our first class project was 
the expression of our junior counselors as they 

happily tnarched down campus drive, only to 
find their bedrooms, neatly arranged in Ball 

Is that all we did for fun? Of course not! 
Fortunately class council kept us busy by 
sponsoring organized activities on weekends. 
Mixers. Keg Parlies. Mo vies, and a formal 
dance each semester. This gave us all an oppor- 
tunity to close the books, forget the papers, and 
go out for a good time The first mixer was a 
real experience - one I'll never forget! One 
week of ctsses had gone by - and males were 
scarce. I wondered who there would be to 
"mix with" at this affair in Ann Carter Lee Ball- 
room. It wasn 't long before I learned that men 
from everywhere imaginable had heard of our 
social function, and begun to "crawl out of the 
woodwork. " Contrary to what one may think 
of a predominantly women 's college, the social 
life was very lively. 

Seacobeck. I couldn't forget that aspect of 
student life. As a freshman, dining was the 
most enjoyable part of the day - we all attended 
three meals daily, endulging in numerous 
helpings of Sara Lee Pastries, delicious biscuits, 
and plates full offrench fries, while we solved 
the problems of the world. Was biology or 
drama a more marketable field? Did this weeks 
chemistry lab last three hows? Was Mary in- 
vited to U. Va. ? All of this was important, and 
the food was good, the company nice, and the 
atmosphere relaxing. It wasn 't until we went 
home in May, and stepped on the scales, that 
we realized - sophomore year must bring a 
termination to those long hours of dining! 

It was sad to see freshman year end - the 
carefree college life was over - and it was 
time to settle down. Sophomore year there 
were no excuses for neglecting to initial the 

Long about November it hit me . . . 
commonly diagnosed as "Sophomore Slump. " 
I decided the best cure for this dreadful disease 
was to ease upon the books a bit, and enjoy 
some good healthy fun! The swim team was 
the answer! I had not previously been involved 
in any of Mary Washington 's athletic programs 
and so decided to try one out. Because of a 
somewhat rusty stroke. I contributed little to 
the twim team, pointwise. but it was alot of 
fun and it cured my slump. I can proudly say 
I was a member of the 1975 Women 's Swimming 
Championship for small colleges in Virginia. 

As spring came sophomore year, a big 
decision was upon us. What would it be like 
to be a junior counselor in a freshman dorm? 
Weighing the possibilities of how to spend 
junior year became a common topic amongst 
the sophomore class. I personally wanted to 
follow in the footsteps of my junior coun- 
selors and pass on to the class of '79 the en- 
thusiasm that I share for Mary Washington. 
That in itself was a good enough reason, and 
so I applied for the position. Finally the 
counselors were chosen and I was among 
them. The plans began! 

Junior year . . .with 21 freshmen! It 
was great! From the first day to the last — 
/ knew I had the best hall. Somehow the 
counselors on fourth floor thought their 
hall to be better - but, no, Randolph fifth 
took the cake!! I couldn 't have had a more 
enjoyable experience than seeing a group of 
enthusiastic freshmen learn what college life 
is all about, and be able to help them along, 
share their enthusiasm and get them involved. 
They learned quickly, and in February I 
learned that I was no longer the knowledgable 
one! Junior Ring Walk had finally arrived. 
In all the excitement of receiving class rings 
and anticipating the Junior Ring Dance, we 
had no time to worry' about freshman pranks. 
Maybe I should have . . .The week began with 
a room stuffed ceiling to floor with newspapers: 
a blindfolded walk to the Yellow Caboose for 
steak, on Ihem, and the display of my bedroom 
on the porch of Randolph dorm. Being carried 
to Seacobeck in pajamas, with 21 tired voices 
singing "to breakfast we will go" culminated 
the week. But I wouldn 't have traded them for 
anything! Most satisfying was the note they 
left me during final exams in May - "thanks 
for everything. Mom. " 

Yes, junior year was a good one - and Mary 
Washington saw many changes. A co-ed dor- 
mitory, Westmoreland, housed both men and 
women. The attitude of the women toward 
the male students changed even more. It 
seemed to be widely accepted that the pop- 
ulation of men added positively to the student 

And anew year is now upon us — Senior 
year. What will it bring? Placement folders, 
G.R.E. 's, resumes, job interviews, and ulti- 
mately -graduation! Now that question we 
once pondered over in Seacobeck is important. 
Is biology or drama a more marketable fleld? 
But whether or not we step right into our life- 
time goal, upon graduation, 4 years at Mary 
Washington College could never be replaced, 
or forgotten. 

That 's life at Mary Washington College. 

Alumni Association 
Honors Retiring 
Faculty Members 

d k 1 i , I 

Five long-time Mary Washington College 
faculty members who retired at the end of this 
academic year were honored during Alumni 
Homecoming festivities. 

The five, who among them have a total of 
145 years of teaching at MWC, were made 
honorary members of the MWC Alumni Asso- 
ciation during the Saturday morning business 
meeting of that organization. The retiring 
faculty members honored were; Dr. Anna 
Scott Hoye. professor of biology; Dr. Earl G. 
Insley, professor of Chemistry; Miss Margery 
Arnold, associate professor of health, physical 
education and recreation; Dr. Edwin Jones, 
professor of modern foreign languages; and, 
Mrs. Catherine Hook, associate professor of 

The presentation of the honorary member- 
ships - a traditional event at the annual Alumni 
Homecoming at MWC - was made by Mrs. 
Helen Stamell Wills, the current President of 
the MWC Alumni Association. 

Two of the faculty members honored. Dr. 
Hoye and Dr. Insley, both began teaching at 
MWC in 1941 and both have been recipients of 
the recently-established Grellet C. Simpson 
Award for Excellence in Undergraduate 
Teaching. Dr. Hoye, a graduate of Lynchburg 
College who holds a masters and doctorate in 
biology from the University of Wisconsin, 
received the Simpson Award at the 1974 
graduation ceremonies. Dr. Insley, who holds 
a bachelors degree and a Ph.D. from Johns 
Hopkins University, was honored at the 1975 
commencement program for his outstanding 
classroom teaching. 

Miss Arnold, a graduate of Russell Sage 
College who also holds a masters degree from 
Columbia University, has been associated with 
the physical education program at MWC since 
1945. During her cpaching and teaching 
tenure at Mary Washington, she has been active 
in a variety of state-wide and national athletic 
associations, and has been president of both 

Dr. Jones, who taught French in the Depart- 
ment of Modern Foreign Languages, has been 
at MWC for 29 years. A graduate of Hampden- 
Sydney College, he holds a masters degree from 
Duke University, a doctorate from the Univer- 
sity of Virginia, and completed additional study 
at The Sorbonne and the University of Nancy 

Mrs. Hook, a former principal of an elementary 
school in Covington, Va., had been teaching in 
the education program at Mary Washington 
College since 1958. A graduate of Madison 
College, she holds a masters in education from 
the University of Virginia and has done further 
study at Duke University and the University of 
London. A past president of the Poetry Society 
of Virginia, she also holds life memberships in the 

Alumni Association News 


Richmond Chapter: Tho Richmond Chapter 
of MWC alumni gathered at the Salisbury 
Country Club for its Annual Spring Meeting. 
President and Mrs. Prince B. Woodard and 
Mary B. Carson, Director of Alumni Affairs, 
were guests. Carol Pridgen Gill '59, outgoing 
president, is to be congratulated for such a 
lovely meeting and having 58 alumni in 
attendance. Rosella Tuck Davidson '40 was 
installed as the new president. Debby Stanley 
'72 and Helen Hodges Conte '54 co-chaired the 
Richmond Telefund. They and their com- 
mittee raised over $ 1 ,500.00 for the Annual 

Peninsula Chapter: The Peninsula 
Chapter hosted Dr. Bulent Atalay, Chairman 
of the MWC Physics Department, and Mary 
B. Carson, Director of Alumni Affairs, at its 
Spring Meeting held at "Bill" Wheeler 
McCalluin's '36 house. Dr. Atalay gave a 
presentation on the search for Noah's Ark 
on Mt. Ararat and Mrs. Carson gave an up- 
date on the Alumni Association. Merrilyn 
Sawyer Dodson '68 announced that $1,750 
was pledged at the recent telefund. Merrilyn 
is to be congratulated as she was National 
Chairman of the 8 telefunds. Tabulations 
are still coming in. Clara Boyd Wheeler '3 1 
was presented the Peninsula Chapter's 
Alumna of the Year Award. 

New Jersey Chapter: The New Jersey 
Chapter held its Annual Christmas luncheon 
and Chinese auction on December 4, 1976. 
Besides having a good attendance and a great 
deal of fun, Louise Mayer Foraser '74, 
Treasurer, sent the Alumni Fund a check in 
the amount of $65.00 from the proceeds. 
Many thanks. New Jersey! President and 
Mrs. Woodard and Alumni Director, Mary 
B. Carson, are scheduled to attend the 
Chapter Picnic on June 4. 

Mt. Vernon Inn on May 1 . Susanne E. 
Landerghini '66, president, presented 
President Woodard a check in the amount 
of S600.00 to be donated to the Alumni 
Annual Fund. Half of this amount is to be 
restricted to the Alumni Scholarship Pro- 
gram. A house tour of Mt. Vernon pre- 
ceded the dinner. 

King George Chapter: The King George 
Chapter met for the first time in two years 
at the home of Carolyn Hippert Rose '63. 
Reorganization plans are underway with 
several projects in mind. Louise Gordon 
Davies '29 was elected the new president. 

Roanoke Chapter: The Roanoke Chapter 
held its Spring Luncheon at the Hotel 
Roanoke on April 23. Dr. Conrad Warlick, 
Dean of Admissions and Financial Aid, 
brought the members up to date on the 
latest developments at MWC. Glade D. 
Bumette '42, chairman, is to be congrat- 
ulated for a beautiful luncheon. 

Triangle Chapter (Raleigh-Durham-Chapel 
Hill): The Triangle Chapter just held 
its Annual Dinner Meeting at the North 
Carolina State University Faculty Club. 
Dr. Conrad Wariick, Dean of Admissions 
and Financial Aid, was speaker. The 
event was hosted by Dr. & Mrs. Clauston 
Jenkins (Emyl Jocelyn Jenkins '6 1 ). 
Sharon J. Long '71 was elected president 
for the coming year. 

The Alumni Association "flipped" pan- 
cakes for the graduating Seniors on Sunday, 
May 1. Sue Regan '73 and her Student-Alumni 
Relations Committee helped Pal Robison, Food 
Director, serve over 600 pancakes to starving 
seniors during the middle of final exams. Singing, 
mountains of pancakes & syrup and relaxation 
were enjoyed by all. 

Eva Taylor Eppes. 85, die 

Memorial Hospital in Emporia. 

Departmenl at MWC for 35 yea; 
before retiring in 1957. Stie wa 

Mabel Elizabeth Foster Ford '18 
fi^nms Kennedy -13(1/77) 
lana Pierce Bill '22 (1/77) 
Dorothy Money Stoner '25 
Virginia Topsy Parsley '28 (9/76) 
Tecia Scholl Goldberg '28 (3/77) 
Anne Frances Owen Dunn '33 (197 
Edith Foster Layman '37 (12/76) 
Walteen Tolley Koiner '38 
Mary Magee tenth "33 i2P7) 

Margaret Cunningham Massey '35 

Kathryn Lee Gray "36 

Edith Oieatham Taylor '37 (1972) 

Barbara Dawson Aycock '42 (10/76) 

Agnes Kathleen Ratcliffe '44 

Elizabeth ^VXtitint Anthony Bartley '42(11/76) 

Shirley Grayson Hose Hunter '56 (1/77) 

(presses sympathy to the followin 

Mary Chesley Rowe ' 1 3 whose 
husband died in December. 

Ina Scott Orrell '17 whose bus- 

The family of Frances Owen 
Dunn '33 and her husband, 
Paul. Paul and Frances died 

Delores Ross '49 whose mother 

died in April. 
Alice Elizabeth Johnson Birtwell 

'37 whose husband and mother 


; 3,Num 

Alumni Class Notes 

GOLDEN CLUB- 1913-1927 

Class of "1 3 - Next reunion in 1 978 
The Jefferson 

Ruth Carter Vellines 
Glcnco Road, Box 59-B 
Glen Allen, Virginia 23060 

Messages at Christmas brought 
some news. Virginia 5oundifM, "I 
miss you." When I could drive. I 
visited her. Sarah Gouldman McAllister 
was well and happy. Edna Gibbs 
Hunter. "To Florida with Eddie for 

a brother-in-law-eye operation and 
a fall. Edna was looking forward to 
seeing us in the spring at Home- 
coming. A card from Fannie 

Edwards at Christmas told of her 
spending two weeks with her son 
and his wife in King William County 

In Roanoke in March, 1 called 
Junia Graves '14 and Jean Graves 
Delaney ' 1 4 who live at the Friend- 

lany. Her latest hobby is 

On April 21 attended the 

lalisbury Country Club. There w 
18 members present. President 

Street Baptist Church in Richmond. 

The Class of '1 5 was represented 
by Margaret Sayre Ransone. Elsie 
Wood Rice and Ruth Carter Vellines at 

Anne Murray '25 and Lillie 
hie Behrendt '17 stayed 
r group. We enjoyed a 

festivities and Alum 

Letters had been re 
Birmingham, Nannit 
Lillian Waring Edwards and hannie 
Hiter Bowie. We eiyoyed news of 
their activities. Charlotte Rice 
Weymouth sent the Alumni Office 

: Page Burrus, 

anyone wants a copy. Congratulatioi 
on your beautiful family of four 
children, eleven grandchildren and 
eight great-grandchildren. 

f her daughter, Frances 

Orrell Dunn. 
Classof '18- 

Louise Milbourne Clark 
3020 Kenburg Road 
Richmond. Virginia 2323 

Nellie Hodgson Warner 
2407 Garnetl Court 
Vienna, Virginia 22180 

Alexandria, Virginia 2231' 
Grace Roberts Robinson ei 

ram from Belle Oliver '22 
;ident of the Alumni Asso- 
g the Worid War II years 

read: "Greetings a 

Notes were read from Jane Garth 
Nelson ' 14. ^eWie Hodgson Warner '18, 
Rose Ulman Ahiams '22 and Lucy Walker 
Smith '24. Jean Boyle Owens "43 

Kennedy Boyle ' 1 3 was in Holly 
Manor Nursing Home, Farmvllle, 
Virginia, and that her aunt, Fannie 

Imogen Ellis Daniel '17 wl 
was present at the 1976 reunion 
passed away in July, 1976. 

arrived eariy enough to attend t! 

by the Pi 

.tion at Brompton given 
dent of the College. At 
the Annual Meeting on Saturday and 
the Distinguished Alumnus Luncheor 
the group was recognized a 

f golden camatic 

i wonderful weekend c 

Class of '27 - h 

Three Otters Estate 

Route 2 

Bedford, Virginia 24523 

We enjoyed seeing five membei 
of the Class of '27 at Homecoming "; 
They became the newest members ol 
our Golden C 

Those in attendance 
were: Phronsie Marsh Sitwell, Alzada 
Scholl Connock, Elizabeth Hope 
Gilman, Catharine ferry Robey, 
Hildah Brauer Rosenberger and 
Kathleen Sizer. 

I Messenger. Thanks 

Class of '32 - Next reunion in 1982 

Margaret Kirkpairick Thompson 
1112 Littlepage Street 
Fredericksburg, Virginia 22401 

Margaret Kirkpatrick Thompson 

Agent and reunion booklet editor. 

Nursing Home in Richmond and 
continues the same physically. 
Bertha Scott Bass is expecting to go 
into Lakewood Manor in August, 
a new Baptist Home near Tuckahoe 
Village in Henrico County. No reply 

Served as a supervisor of Elementary 
Education in Virginia, a critic 
teacher at Radford CoUege and 
owned and operated a kindergarten 
five years. Received her B.S. Degree 
from Radford and her M.A. Degree 
from Columbia University. She 
sent a picture of herself in front of 
home purchased in 1959. She looks 

Class of '20 - Next 

Marion Swift \ 
in Yale, Virginia. T 
granddaughters just i 

happy tasks, church 
clubs, crafts and ma 
for friends. 

the Golden Club was held c 
Saturday afternoon, April 3 
1977. in the Anne Fairfax , 
House. Some twenty-five n 
were in attendance. The m 

House. A reporter from the Free 

Lance-Star was present and Monday's 

Mary Anne Rame, Levy 

the occasion. A remark frequently 

Monsey, New York 10952 

heard was: "Best part of Homc- 


Greetings received from Esther 

Uwrence Pearson, of Wisconsin. 

Ut us all help to keep the 

Those present were: 

. campus green with particular 

attention to the amphitheater. We 

Margaret So>.r. Ransone 'IS 

Elsie IVoorf Rice '15 

Ruth Cofle/- Vellines '15 

Dorothy /oAnson Brown is 

Lee Aficft/e Behrendt -17 

retiring on July 1 with 31 years ol 

teaching. Her husband, Frederick. 

Mary Ellen Burke Donald '18 

is also a retired Virginia educator. 

LouiseM76oi/mf Clark '18 

They have three sons and two 

Anita Pepmeier Bennett '22 

Class of '36 - Next reunion in 1981 

Dorothy (irpenlerGallaeher '22 

PeachieSp/n*e Pitman '22 

Adelle Mansfield Goodwin 

Mary Briscoe Butler '23 

Orange, Virginia 22960 

Helen Hart Prasse '23 
Ernestine Payne Daniel '24 
Sue Risheill Perry '24 
Elizabeth Dickinson Thorburn '24 

Catherine flerry Robey '27 
Hildah Brauer Rosenberger '27 
Phronsie Marsh Sitwell '27 
Kathleen Sizer '27 

Hampton, Virginia 23361 

We are very excited that our 
40th Reunion ( 1 976) class gift of a 
painting by Barclay Sheaks was 
presented at Homecoming. Ruby 
Ue Norris Norris was chairman of 
the committee to secure this painting 
and presented it to the College at 
the Distinguished Alumnus Luncheon 

Virginia. Her husband, Gordon, 
has retired as District Engineer for 
the Virginia Department of High- 

Ruby Lee Norris Nonis is 
e in helping set up another 

County. She has been asked 
particularly to concentrate on 

student and teacher workshop. 
Ruby Lee edited the Dialogue 
series, the third book. Last But 
Not Least, My Poem, being 
published in April. We extend the 
thanks of all our class for your 

painting. Ruby Lee. 

Special thanks also go to Bill 
Wheeler McCallum who first suggested 
the possibility of our giving one of 
Barclay Sheaks' paintings to the 
College (Barclay's sister is also a 
luate of MWC). Bill is teaching 
grade English at Carver Inter- 
liate School, Newport News- 

California. She recently visited h 

on a committee for the National 

ite of Education. The Peninsula 
li Chapter met at BUl's home 
on the Sunday Ann was there. 

Page Whitehead Hladky and 
husband, Emil, visited Bill 
McCallum and Clara Boyd Wheeler 
recently. While there they went to 
e Dorothy McGuire Bunch in 
srfolk and at her summer home 
Sandbridge. Audrey Davis Smith, 
Whitestone, and Elizabeth Hart 
Robertson, Middlesex, also received 
a visit from Page, EmU, BiU and 
Clara Boyd. 

Louise Jennings Creamer 
that somebody in her family 
is always taking off for foreign parts! 
daughter, Sally, and son-in-law 

1 September oi 

Mary Frances Rowe Varncr 

drove to Castle Courbe, Lincoln, 
and the Lake District. We 
id our sympathy to Mary 
Frances on the death of her Father 

Susie Dickinson Hudson wrote 
all her family was at home with 
ind her husband for Christmas. 
Edna Harley Sickels and her 
husband are still looking for the 

i working. Daughter, Sylvia, is 
rking on her Master's at Florida 
ite University. 

Edna Lovering retired from 
il Service in 1 97 1 . Ethel Nelson 
tmore, visiting her daughter, 
Elizabeth, and son-in-law in Wash- 

, enjoyed a long chat with 
Edna on the phone on Easter 
Monday. Flora Ryan Durgin '38 

High School, Fredericksburg, since 
1947. Since 1968 she has taught 
Occupational Home Economics in 
the field of Food Service and has 
coordinated the Cooperative Work 

attended the International Conference 
of Home Economics in Helsinki, 
Finland, and one held in Paris, France. 

Lillian Bowling Pierson (Mrs. 
Randolph) teaches piano and is 
organist at Hillcrest Methodist 
Church, Fredericksburg. She also 
keeps books for her husband. Her 
son, Victor, is in the Navy. 

Avis Fleming Harris works at 
the Fredericksburg District Office of 
i Virginia Department of High- 

'" r mother 

and Transportation. 

educational program at St. George's 
Episcopal Church. 

Wake, Virginia, is enjoying retireme 

Lucille Hiti Lane of Ashland on 
the death of her mother, Mrs. 
Beatrice Hitt of Fredericksburg. 
— Adelle 

Class of '37 - Next reunion in 1982 

Evelyn Riggs Ellington 
711 Connecticut Avenue 
Norfolk, Virginia 23508 

Mary Charlotte Chapman 
Mitchell (Mrs. Herbert F., Jr..) now 
lives at 49 Ranelagh Road, Claremont 
7700. C.P., South Africa. Her husband 
is Senior Lecturer in Computer Science 
at the University of Capetown. They 

Flora Ryan Durgin and husband. 
Doug, enjoy their six grandchildren. 
Flora works as a "Patient Care" aide 
and finds it most rewarding. They 
hope to do some traveling after 

Mary Lou Wilcox Dull 
Canton, Ohio 44709 ' 

1 Dale Roop Osborne was 

t Emory and Henry Homecoming 
ist spring. What a great surprise! 
Adehne Kirkpatrick Vines and 

s Store, Virginia 23084. They 

Madeline JYaina Hewitt write 
she is in her third year of retin 
t from the Richmond School 

eizabeth Stoecker Gallant 

Route 6-A 

East Sandwich. Massachusetts 

^elen Stamell Wills, President 
National MWC Alumni Associa- 
id a marvelous job in handling 
business at the Annual Meeting. 
77. This lady is super 

Isobel Elliot Taylor is busy with 

Rabun in the Georgia moui 
She and husband. Charlie, : 

Jean DeShazo Flemer 
1202 Confederate Avenue 
Richmond. Virginia 23227 

Christine Vassar Farrar 
ISODFeatherstone Drive 
Midlothian, Virginia 23113 

Homecoming. We are woi 
improve Homecoming '78 
all of the suggestions from 

Virginia Gunn Blanton 
369 Lexington Road 
Richmond. Virginia 23226 

daughter. Emily, g 
1 Washington D.C., 

Conchita deMedio Gilbertson 

Route 2, Box 9-9 

Ruther Glen, Virginia 22546 

Thank you for your warm 
3nse to the appeal for a class 
:o the College. You made it 



possible for us to present $190.00 to 
be applied to the Regional Scholar- 
ship Program In Memoriam. We had 
a grand time visiting and renewing 
long-standing friendships. Those 
who were in attendance during at 
least some part of the Homecoming 
activities were: Adelaide "Berry" 
Brail Aims, Anne Haley Brandt, 
Jean Drummond Broaddus, Doris 
Lippold Burns, Virginia Pinchbeck 
Covington, Helen Virginia "Cinny" 
Schier Drury. Annie Patterson 
Gardner, Conchita deMedio 
Gilbertson, Ann Bradley Guerrant, 
Marion Carey Harding, Rebecca 
"Becky" Reamy Harding, Meda 
Overman Hill, Phyllis tforwn 
Kent, Margaret "Mickey" Sadler 
Kirby, Laulie Fried/m Richardson. 
Alice Holzhauer Scott, Marguerite 
"Rite" Marshall Smith, June Ashton 
Steppe, Mary Ellen "Dewey" Dulaney 
Stern, Betty Fulk Strider. LUlian Cox 

around all day Satui 

us were escorted by the opposite 

of a date for the weekend or the 
duU book which had to be read but 
of — the trip that "Mickey" Sadler 
Kirby and husband, Elgin, will be 
taking to Tokyo and Hong Kong on 

lyoy retirement. Instead of going 
3 Tahiti earlier this year as planned, 
le opened an unusual gift shop 

your preferred i< 

where, I am going to have to fin 

visit that shop. Grandchildren \ 
also popular little items. 

Our class gathered half thi 
prizes at the luncheon. Laulie 
Friedlin Richardson for the mos 

) were awarded; Lillian Cox 
tson and "Ginny" Schier Drury, 
h from California. Obviously, 

Your new Class Agents are 
Doris Lippold Burns and Helen 
Virginia Sc/iiei- Drury. Please be 

sharing these past five years with 
me. Every smQe and every tear ha 
special meaning. See you in 1982! 

Ruth Meyer Butler writes th 
she is doing team teaching In Ariin 
ton, Texas. Husband. James, is a 
college professor of Biology at the 
University of Texas in Arlington, 
Their son, Mark, is finishing up his 
Ph.D. in Sociology this year. 

Barbara Davidson Bailey's 
daughter. Elizabeth, is a MWC 
student living in Custis Dorm. 

Irvin Whitlow Westbrook 
27 East Gray Street 
Sandston, Virginia 23150 

Mary Elwang Sharpley and her 
husband. Dr. J. MUes Sharpley, had 
a lovely honeymoon in London this 

at Virginia Commonwealth Uni- 
versity, and also has a laboratory in 

Barbara Watson Barden and hei 
husband. Bob, went on a two-week 
cruise to Honolulu, Hawaii, in 
February. Betty GUmer Devening 
attended a Lee-Jackson dinner and 
met and chatted with Elizabeth 
Taylor Warner. She saw Queen 
Elizabeth when she was in Charlot- 

w her college 
et Thompson 
s in Tazewell 

Farrington Leslie recently traveled by 
train to New York to visit her daugh- 
ter, Robin, and her husband. An ac- 
nne's knows Chuck 

ler son-in-law to a Prayer Breakfast 

Class of 'SO - Next reunion in 19S 

Dorothy Held Gawley 
177 McCosh Road 
Upper Montclair. New Jerse; 

Carmen Zeppenfeldt Catoni": 

19 and that her husband h 

June. 1977 C 

she is thankful for her job as Director 
of Testing and Evaluation Services of 
Leamaid. Anita is a Freshman at 
MWC; Yelly is in Veterinarian Med- 
icine at Purdue, Toni began Med- 
icine at the University of Puerto 
Rico and Luis Angel has about 3 
more years to get his musical degree 
from Barcelona. Husband, Luis, 
is still with his law office in Cayey, P.P 

Dodson May and Billy have bought 
have only John. 10. at home with 

Barbara Uoyd Hiller of Ridge- 
wood, N.J.. is now unemployed which 
gives her and Jim more time in their 
mounUin retreat. Younger daughter. 

Mary, is a Junior a 

Still teaching and working as 
Technical Services Dept. Head at 
the Library of Charles County Com- 
munity College. Marcia Eglof Monaco 

sophomore at the University of 
Idaho, majoring in Radio-TV 
Technical Broadcasting. Peggy 
is in 4th grade and active in Scouts, 

a Can Huddleston si 

Assistant Principal. Jon, 17, is a 
high school senior and is running 
for State 1st Vice President of CAR. 
Sam, n.juslstartedjunior high school 

Mary Paoich Schoof had to 
leave her teaching because of a 
back problem. She is much improved 
and is doing volunteer work for 
Planned Parenthood. Daughter, 

mental Protective 

Office of Toxi( 

a Sophomore at V.P.I. . majoring in 

Mining Engineering. Frank is an 

8th grader. 

Barbara Birkenmeyer Mader 

good in Warren, Pennsylvania. She 
will be President of the Warren Coun' 
Board of Realtors. Daughter, Nini, 
graduated from Bay Path Junior 
College in Massachusetts and son, 
Marty, is a sophomore at the main 
campus of Penn State. 

of Elmira Doolittle Briggs Daniel, is 
a sophomore at Tabor Academy in 

Recker, Tenafly, N.J., was a 

and is a Political Science student. 
He had an opportunity to campaign 
for Carter in N.H. with the "big wigs." 
Mutfin is 14 and goes to Dwight- 
Englewood School. 

In Atlanta, Gerry Boswell 
Grifrin helps in the school and 
church libraries. Judy is IS and 
David, 11. Also in Atlanta. Helen 
Hopkins Mizell has been traveling - 
Hawaii, Lake Tahoe and to her 
apartment in Florida. Saw Ann 
Byrd in D.C. and spoke with 
"Ozzie" Osbome Cox in Florida. 

The children of Rachel 
Niekey Morganthaler are in assorted 
colleges. Diane is in graduate school , 
University of Rochester; Charlie is 
at Towson State ; Ellen is a junior at 
Washington University in St. Louis 
and Lee and wife are in graduate 

, N.J.. Mim 
Sollows Wicland is working in a shop 
in Murry Hill Square plus doing her 
Calico Crafts. Barbara graduates 
from American University and Tom 
is a sophomore Forestry r 



will graduate from 
Cole Schleter and 

Atlanta on New Year's. They are 
"Camp Followers" to the UNC 
Tar Heals. Son, Chris, is a senior. 
In Leesburg, Virginia. Carol 
Bailey Miller was nursing a bad 
back in the Fall from too much 
hunting. She shared her doctor with 

was a week in the hospital in Leesburg 
Carol and Bill stdl have 4 horses with 

As for the Gawleys, we tried 
to escape the cold by going to 
Florida in mid-February, but it wa 
' chUly there, too. BUI wiU go to 
the University of Rhode Island in 
the Fall. In April, he went to San 
Antonio, Texas, with the H.S. ban 
the only N.J. band to play in the J 
Jacinto Fiesta parade. 

Julia Rose Wright Sublette 

; Fort Walton 
h Branch of AAUW. She says 
s grateful to Nina Bushnell for 

during the years at MWC. Julia 
now keeps busy as mother of four 
active children. Thanks for vwiting, 

Anne Craig Rusmisell 
102 Woodland Lane 
Beechwood Manor 
Hopewell, Virginia 23860 

Lee Tebbs Ghiglio, husband. 
Dave, and daughter, Laura Leigh, li 
in Atlanta.Georgia, where Dave is a 
Major with the U.S. Army. They 
live on post at Ft. McPherson. Ue 
was in Virginia last summer visiting 

Atlanta for a few more years. Laur 
Leigh is 5 and attends a Montessori 

Virginia Poole Kinniburgh 
8235 Chancery Court 
Alexandria, Virginia 22308 

a May Wheeler Gillett 
) Darien Drive 
son. Ohio 44236 

The deadline for this issue was 

1 Social Work and has worked in 
his and related fields. Located o 
-80 near Yellowstone, she invite; 

ager for a local county board in- 
cumttent and Marianne will be a 
candidate for Arlington Delegate 
to the Virginia General Assembly in 
1977. Jane Marie Lloyd has been 
Assistant Professor in Physical 
Education and Women's Golf Coach 
at Duke University for Fourteen 
years. Jane is acting Director of 
Undergraduate studies in Health 
and Physical Education at Duke; 
First Aid Instructor for Durham 
County and on the Executive Board 
of the N.C. and S.C. Golf Association 
She hung up her tap shoes in '53. 
Alas! Roylee Tozer McCullough 

I 1975 a 

and Phlebotomist at the Pratt 
Clinic in Fredericksburg. Betty 
Raynor Pittman chairs the Social 
Studies Department and teaches 
Human Relationships and U.S. 
History of Charlottesville High. 
She completed her M.A. at the 
University of Virginia. Betty's 
daughter, Barbara Cook Pittman 
was a freshman and Regional 

Gunther Ramzy, in t 
mulated fifty more h 

Navy Captain husband, Frances has 
isively. Betty Mason 
Koper has played for thirteen years 
with the Atlanta-Emory University 
Orchestra, and is currently principal 
viola. Betty's husband is Rector of 
the Church of the Holy Cross. 
Decatur, Georgia, and Betty is 
involved in group and support 
church work. Betty votes for a 
little nostalgia at Homecoming. 

privately and is enjoying mamed life 
of four years and a ready-made 
family. Shirley Grant Smith is 
Personnel Assistant at the Dupont 
Plant in Waynesboro. She serves on 
the Salvation Army Board and is 
active in AAUW. Anne Lloyd Spinn, 
in Newport Beach, California, thinks 
she has a script for "Paradise Tossed." 
She requests free air fare to Home- 
coming for Caiifomians provided 
they have not fallen into the sea by 
then. Anne's activities include cub 
scouts, girl scouts, PTA President 
and politics. Nicky Raitt Staunton, 

Christian Tuttle's activities include 
being secretary of the Richmond 
Symphony Women's Committee; 
on the Board of Managers, Crippled 
Children's Hospital; Alumni Board 
of Directors; Tobacco Festival 
Hostess and past president of 
Women's Clubs. She represented 
the Class of '53 at 1974-75 Home- 
comings. Pam Powell WiehJ will 
see everyone for our 2Sth. Her 
two girls are studying in Europe 
this year and she and Bill will join 
them this summer. Barbara Fasick 

When Patricia Hatfield Mayer . 

field. A classmate, Toulai)ro«fln"j 
Fotopoulos was Business Manager 
of Battlefield and senior class rep- 
resentative to Student Government. 
The daughters of these alumni are 
at MWC and will be seniors next 
year. Kathleen Patricia Mayer wiU 
be President of the Student Associa- 
tion. Vicki P. Fotopoulos will be 
the senior class Council Representa- 
tive-and the two girls will be room- 
mates! History seems to be repeating 
itself! Pattie Pickett Wadsworth has 
been in Yolosuka, Japan, for the 

Captain, Supply Corps, USN. A 

whUe there. They enjoyed the 

as well as all th 

t goes with Command. 

; Andrew, at 14, 

though all thre 

have learned much 

and enjoyed lif 

in Japan. Baby 

Randolph at 16 

months keeps them 

all alive and run 

ning. They keep a 

(Charleston) and also h 
always welcome. They a 

forward to returning t^ 

J S.C. for the 
another duty 
station, probably Washington. Pattie's 
sister, Sallie Pickett Moore '60 lives 
in Vernon, Connecticut, now after 
having spent 3 years in Belgium 
where she became most proficient 
in the French language. She takes 

beautiful daughters (all good horse- 
women), a horse called Sassy and 
has just sent her eldest, her son, off 
to Marine Corps Recruit training. 
aass of '55 - Next reunion in 1980 

Virginia Thackston Richardson 
400 N. Beech Daly 
Dearborn Heights, Michigan 

Carole Kolton Bryson 
404 Kramer Drive 
Highland Springs, Virginia 

jading a few cards and notes fro 
lass members, the age and activii 
f our children plus our own van 
1 to make "always 

Chris Han 
Luis Obispo, Calif., reports the same 
syndrome-her famUy is always busy. 
Chris herself is in the process of 
moving her prosperous "Dance 
Supplies" shop into larger quarters. 
Daughter, Robin, is learning to 

state or perhaps luckily, calmly 

Talked with Lucy Phillips 
Vick, who lives in Richmond, 
Virginia, along with about 1 5 other 
known class of '55 members. Lucy 

ofU.Va. Bill is an e 
Allied Chemical Co., 
of Hopewell, Va., ar 

MWC Today June, . 

Helen Hodges Conte 
4301 Amberly Road 
Richmond, Virginia 23234 

District 2 Coach of the Year. Joan 
was named by the National High 
School Athletic Coaches Associatio 
as girls Basketball Coach of the yeai 
She will be one of 8 candidates 
considered for the National coach 
of the year. She has been coaching 
basketball and other sports for 
more than 20 years and she's been 
winmng-230 basketball victories 

Rubiner Gallery, Royal Oak, 
Michigan. She has been exhibiting 
m states throughout the East. Our 
best wishes to you, Maryann! 
Class of '57 - Next reunion in 1982 

Nancy Hallett Guest 

Loudonville, New York 1 221 1 

presently branch librarian at John 
Marshall Library in Fairfax County. 
NASA sent husband. Buz, to Peru 

joined him for a 1 0-day tour of the 

where her husband is Comptroller 
for Smith and Welton Dept. store. 
Her oldest son is a Freshman at 
Virginia Wesieyan CoUege. The 
other two are in high school and 6t 
grade. Judie still loves her horses 

business, MODELS, INC., her 
own modeling school to teach 
ladies poise, self-improvement and 
professional modeling. She keeps in 
touch with Mrs. Shack who has 
recently recovered from a broken 
hip. Mis. Shack is at Westminister 
Canterbury Home, Richmond, Virginia. 
Judie sees Yvonne Lewii Alexander 
and Harry at least twice a year. They 

Mary Lou Morris Wolsey 
visited Richmond for the first time 
in nine years. She and husband, 
Wayne, had a mini-vacation in the 
Tidewater/Eastern Shore area. They 
had a brief visit with Ann Flanagan 
Gregory and her three boys. Ann 
and David celebrated their 16th 
anniversary this past February. 
While at the beach, they dined with 
Lila Ross Davis '63, former Language 
Lab. Assistant to Miss Morris, who 
is now Chief Medical Records 
Librarian at the U.S. Public Health 
Hospital in Norfolk. During this ' 


I 1978 

Jean Anderson Chapmar 
1 405 Hillsboro Drive 
Richmond, Virginia 23: 

Lou Magette Thomas. She and Art 
live in Newport News with their 2 
children, Robb, 9. and Katherine, 2. 
Lou stays very busy around the 
house by painting, papering, carpet- 
laying and taking care of house- 
plants. She is also very active in 
the local MWC Chapter and received 
the Alumna of the Year Award 
given by the Peninsula Chapter. 
She wrote about Lois Lambert's 
wedding. Elsie Minix Russ from 
Houston, Texas; Carole Busked 
Cooke from Richlands; Peggy 
Kelley Reinburg from Fairfax and 
Ann f7ano«fln Gregory from Virginia 
Beach were all at the wedding. Lois 
married CDR Thomas P. Whaley. 
They now Uve in Coronado, Cal. 

Sandra Harmon LoNano and 
Frank are in Greenlawn, N.Y. Frank 
is Vice President and General Manager 
for Avis Rent-A-Car for USA and 

League which helps n 

The League raised 

s going to England 

e for 3 weeks with t 

Edith "Toots" 
Massie Warner says, "see yoi 
*78." She is still teaching in 
Arbor. Kay Jiuih McMUlan 
Colin are getting ready ' 
again. Lynda is going 

that of the Catholic all-male liberal 
arts college. She teaches part-time 
in the French Dept. at the CoUege 
of St. Thomas in St. Paul. Minnesota. 
She says they voted to go "ct>-ed" 
next fall. Mary Lou and Wayne 
have twins, Roger and Carole, in the 
third grade. 

Jean Ashe Crompton was 
appointed Justice of the Peace in 
Delaware by the Governor. Jean 
is now divorced and lives with her 
two children, Rebecca, 1 8, and 
Charlie, 14. She still continues her 
music and is a professional soloist 
at Trinity Episcopal Church. 

Roseanne Bamett Mobley is 
involved in abortion counseling in a 
cUnic in Washington, D.C. The 

articles in April relating to the 

understands what she is dc 
Class of '59 -Next reunic 

Edna Gooch Trudeau 
1221 Marceille Drive 
Mobile, Alabama 36609 

"Sonie" Kates Douglas. Summer 
found her family visiting Spain, 
Tangiers and Portugal. Still working 
a little, the voice of the 6660 Com- 
puter for IBM. And for fun sings 
2nd alto for the "Blue Notes." Also 
busy with the Jr. League and vol. 
hospital work. Larry is the head 

Anne Craig is in the 8th; Pam, 7th 
and Betsy, kindergarten. And Ed 
has been promoted to Captain! 
Audrey Dubetsky Doyle's 
return address is Dallas, as of August. 
Their new home has a pool, plenty 

the Olympics in Canada, they bumped 

with Kaien Johnston. Jane h 
Buchanon and family will be 
toWeUesley.Mass. Peter will 

President of Resources. A 
looking forward to being i 
Boston area. All the girls . 

Kris is 13 and Kent is 

Personnel Assistant to the Friends of 
the National Zoo in D.C. Her posi- 
tion involves hiring, payroll prepara- 
tions, writing and copy editing - a 
lot of variety which she likes. Hobby- 
wise, Mary has been backpacking and 
just completed a week in the Smokies. 
She hikes regularly with a local club 
and has been hike leader. Lois 
Gaylord Allen and family took a 
trip to Missouri. Gene is in the 
4th grade and doing well. He swims 

annual trip to Aspen. She and Don 
will probably be moving in the near 
future because Phillips will be moving 
to N.J. Don was in Europe in 
January. They were both in Chicago 
together, then Don went west and 
Irene went to Kentucky. Travel, 
travel. They are also hoping for a 

high school, plays quarterback 

guard for basketball and 

golf all summ 

Ann caddy Morgan and family are 
still in Richmond. Thanks for all 
the news. Mary Carolyn! Little 
Cathy is m kindergarten this year. 
She loves it! Mary Carolyn teaches 
6th grade Sunday School and subs 
in the county high school. Harden 
Ireland Bell says Phil is really enjoyir 
the apt. business. Bridges is 16 and 
driving. Her horse. "Poco,"* is the 

and is looking forward to the soccer 

been doing some horseback riding just 

Carmen Culpepper Chappell 
just can't believe she and her family 
have been in Europe 2 yrs. already. 
Their social life in Brussels is almost ' 
hectic. Paris is only 2Vt hrs. away. 
Christmas they spent in Rome. A 
real sob story, girls! Eric, 11, and 
Jennifer. 8, both attend the Inter. 
School of Brussels, a private American 
school. They are learning French and 
love it. Carmen belongs to the Amer- 
ican Women's C\uh of Brussels and 
travels on a lot of its tours. Last 

Committee for New 

a Coates Littlefield's 

out beautifully. Mo is the Executive 
Secretary of Sigma Nu National and 
continues to work on his doctorate 
at V.P.I. Julia is a den mother for 
Scott this year. She plays golf and 
participates in a singjng group. Ruth 
Gaines Hepner writes that Sandra 
Taylor Fox is getting her teaching 
certificate at MWC. All of Sandra's 
chUdren are in school. They are Uving 
in Falmouth now. Ruth is News 
Editor of the Montgomery Journal, 

nty of D.C. Ruth 
has bumped into Beth Shocatt Cole. 
Sigrid Stanley Jackman and Bill 
went to Mexico in October. Her son. 
Tom, is already thinking about 
college choices! Sigrid still does a 
lot of chauffering, plays t 

fine. Both manage to get i 

Aud Dubetsky Doyle and family m 
Chicago in '75. Saw Pat Gray Proulx 
and family in June at Virginia Beach 
and they will return the visit in 
August. They hoped to spend the 
holidays in Conn. 

Nancy Brewer McCarthy has 
joined the Ft. Myers Officers Club 
and really enjoyed the use of its 
facilities. Ust May she visited her 

trip this Christmas. She and Bunk 
are looking for a new home. Eleanor 
Markham Old stayed in her cervical 

rating now and teaches ground s 
From "Dodie" Reeder Hruby (ii 
Germany) she says her husband 

talion he was in when a 2nd Lt. 
die is in her 7th year of teaching 
ool. 8th & 9th grade English, 
eis 16.Tay, 15, and Elizabeth, 
Emily Babb Carpenter and 

1. from Frankfort. Tom is the 

eking u 

Virginia; Labor Day, in San Ante 

s well! Pat Gray Pre 

took a trip to Philly and I 
in the year. John is the A 
Vice-President of U. of G< 

Mary Carolyn Jamison Gwinn 

Spillman Clark. Had a great reunion. 
Martha and family had been in the 
U.S. for 4 mos. and were on the way 
to Lima, Peru. Mary Carolyn also 
bumped into Jan Bewley WUlhide in 
Roanoke and in Oct. saw Margie 
Krisman Kostel. Mary Carolyn sends 
word that Joan Lautenslager Dodd 
and Urry are still in Richmond. Joai 
is teaching. Ruth Craft 

Jr. choir, in July they took a wc 
derful trip to Colorado and did s 
camping, too. "Gerry" -/en*! 

time left over after teaching. B.V. 

heated, underground school in 
Reston. Saw it on the T.V. news. 
Couldn't find you. B.V.! \nn Harris 
Hunter is teaching at Lake Highland 
Prep. Only 13 smart 1st graders. 
Loves it. Fred is working on the 
Shuttle at the Cape. Fred, Jr., 
Martha and Caroline are busy in 
Scouts, piano, gym, etc. 

Surprise! Surprise! Surprise! 

f Alabama. She i 

Martha has now been teaching 14 
years. She is involved in the United 
Teaching Profession and is also one 
of 3 Virginia members on the NBA 
Resolution Committee, and is 
Secretary for the 1 3th District in 
Fairfax County. Elizabeth is 14 
and plays the flute in the All City 
Band. She also very much enjoys 
babysitting. She will be attending 
school where Pat Hundley Osisek's 
husband, Steve, is principal. Martha 
sees Jo Neal Hendricks Scully and 
family a lot. SaUy Marriott Clark, a 
guidance counselor, and Kathy 

s bumped into Joan 

t VEA and NEA 

Hope 1977 brings much hap- 
and success to everyone. Am 
i thinking about all of you. 

aaudine ,4MricA Eckfeldtjust 
recently went back to East Africa 

Who's Who Of Women In Education. 
She received her Ph.D. in secondary 
education and reading specialization 

now Director of the Rollins College 
Learning Center in Winter Park, 

Class of '61 - Next reunion in 1981 

Elizabeth Merchant Eldridge 
11502 Purple Beech Drive 
Reston, Virginia 22091 

Lynn C. McCarthy 
950 Tierra Linda Drive 
Frankfort, Kentucky 40601 

This is our issue for all those 
ts of news received on Christmas 
s. But, how strange it is to be 
ng this information while basking 
e April Kentucky sun, a pursuit 
cultivated in our MWC days! In 
wing the previous issue of MWC 

cards. Marcia Kirstein Fitzmaurice lives 
in Dallas, Texas, now and is active in 
B'nai B'rith Women (taping books for 
the blind for the Library of Congress 
collection). Her husband has dual 
careers: a pilot for Braniff Airlines 

Rio, Limi 

achilles tendon p 
was in a cast from foot to mid-thigh. 
Connie was busy as ever - Brownie 
Leader, playing tennis, and taking 
a sewing course. Linda Lange Senf, 
Tom and their two boys have returned 
to San Rafael. California. Seems 
Tom got a job offer he couldn't resist. 
In October. Qaia Sue Durden Ashley 
and Clarence spent eight days in Russia. 
Sandee/uditmi Armitage (Connie's 
suitemate freshman year) and Bob 
moved into a new home a year ago 
in Brookfield Center, Conn. Their 
girlsareia, lland4. 

Connie also heard from Sarah 
Leigh Kinberg who had spent three 
weeks in Virginia last September 
(Sarah. I wish I had known as 1 was 
in Norfolk at the same time). While 
there, she saw Nancy Driskell Warren, 
whose oldest daughter is a junior in 
high school, and Katie Calhoun 
Higgins, who has a little daughter. 
Heather. Margo fterce Metzler is 
now living at Virginia Beach, though 
Sarah didn't know this while she was 
in Tidewater. Sarah, by the way, 
has two children: Tom, first year of 
highschool. and Sarah Leigh. 13. By 
now, they've completed that large 
addition to their home in Stockton, 
CaUf. Rose Condon Hamm is now 
teaching math at the College of 
Charleston, S.C. Rose, how about 
a short course in metrics? A big 
surprise was a note from Kay Gamble 

Mandy Carson Hitchcock and they 
do get together. How about more 
news from you two? Kay, 1 haven't 
heard from Peggy Carr in years. If 

Becky Paris Spetz. Wayne and 
Becky's children are Susan, 13. 
Kevin, 11, Laura. 4, and Ryan, 2'A. 
Becky, thanks for Abbott's address 
Jane Hoffman continues her work 
at the Juvenile Court in Richmond. 

before the holidays!" Bttsy Oilley 
Taggart. Dave and famdy are now in 
Midwest. Wyoming. Betsy, now that 

third grade i 

Marcia sees Kathy 

to mail that Christmas c 
returned! Dave complel 

Betsy continues work oi 
degree, and the children 
school functions, band, 
and dancing lessons. 

She has two giils, Paige. 6, and 
Bonnie. 3. They live in Stephenville, 
Texas, which is south of Ft. Worth. 
Kathy's husband, Frank, has a working 
dairy ranch and is an ophthalmologist; 
and his dad and uncle own the local 

The Fitzmaurices were in 
Calif, the summer of '75 and spent 
time with Linda Ropertz Knebel, 
her husband, Jack, and children. 


suburb of San Francisco. Before 
thanking Marcia for her letter. I 
would like to share with you a verj 
interesting observation she made. 

Lieberman visited Virginia 

1 Tench Huml and r 

Also Jo; 

Betsy Carper Cole, who is in Marl 
ville, Va., with husband, William, 
sons, Bill and Carper. As for hers 
Joanie says all is fine. Daughter. 

son, Lee, is in first grade. They b 

back to Virginia - where things were 

on the staff of Frederick MUitary 
Academy near Portsmouth, Virginia. 
Bonnie spends her time painting and 
sewing for Mami and Sandi. Nancy 
Heffeman Mallon writes that she is 
preparing for "re-entering the labor 
market" now that the children are 

: Peyronnet Drew 

; years and call il 

Darby, 12, and Kate. 8. Nellie repo 
that the girls go to school in Farm- 
school bus, Nellie spends many hou 

in resigning in the next four. Nellie 
enjoys gourmet cooking and does 
a lot of entertaining for the college. 

with two-year old Christopher. 
Doug and Louise Dunn Nelson are 

teaches psychology at the U. of 
S. Rorida. They have two sons. 
Gale Taylor Hickerson and Phil are 
still in Richmond. Phil has been 
. quite successful in realestate, and 
they have two preschoolers, 
Graham and Carey. 

Peggy Hobart MaUler is living 
in Gainesvdie, Virginia, with husbani 
Dave, and son. Lee, and daughter, 
Towniey. Dave is a Lt. Col. in the 
Marine Corps, stationed at HQMC. 
He and Peg are eiyoying suburban 
life and spend leisure time fox 
hunting and horseback riding v 

e children, 

s for myself. Bob 

school - so that leaves just Will 
and myself at home. My days are 
filled just keeping up with everyone. 
Reunion booklets are available 
by writing the AJumni Office and 

and materials. Many thanks again 

Rebecca Blevins Faery is 

Hollins College in Roanoke. She 

English in May. She and her husband 
live in Blacksburg and have two 
children. Judy Walsh French White, 
husband, Dave, and two daughters 
are living in Gaithersburg, Md. Judy 
acts with Montgomery Players and in 
area dinner theaters in D.C. She also 
i column weekly for the 

Class of "63 - Next reunion in 1978 

Elizabeth Caudle Marshall 

11 33 W.Kenan 

Wilson. North Carolina 27893 

Constance Waterman Lam| 
9 Hillcrest Drive 
Chelmsford, Massachusetts 

for our "15th." Ann We/wiy Gordon 
writes that sons, Andy and Tom, are 
well and very mterested ii 

Louisville too soon as we h 
on November 29. Uttle di 
that starting on December 

June and heading for Norfolk, and 
wiU be giving those a call who Uve in 
Tidewater. -Lynn 

Kelly Cherry has another book 
on the market. Relativity: A Point 
of View, published by the LSU Press. 

VaiTioM-Mackey Taylor 
351 Level Green Court 
Hampton, Virginia 23369 

nother is doing as well as can be 
xpected after open-heart surgery and 
s resting at home. Kathy Oark Wary 

7 Lott Haglund's Christmas 
i from New Orleans. They 
Louisiana this year and 
ing city life. Husband, 

le Mary jogs a mile regularly. 

fantastic! Ashley and 

Sallie Granger Daughtrey writes 
that she and husband, Tom, are moving 
this summer to the Pittsburgh. Pa., 
area. He is in marketing with Texaco. 
Barbara Moon Wheeler, husband, 
Jim. and family have moved to 
8696 Westwind Circle, EdenPrairie, 
Minnesota 55343. Jim is now Vice- 
President of Environment Technology 
Corp. They have three boys. Randy, 

Elizabeth Mac Cubbin Bader 
Baltimore, Maryland 21204 

Louise Stevens Robbins writes 
;t she was elected the first woman 
3 two-year term as Councilman- 
Large on the Ada, Oklahoma, 
y Council. She and husband, 
vUle, have lived in Ada since 1 967. 
; 2 sons, Patrick, 9, and 
7. Orville teaches at E. 
tate U. Louise is a reading 
St at Byng School. Felicity 
in is doing professional Girl 
ig in upstate N.Y. Diane 
Fadely and husband. Milt, 
lyllis Cavedo Purdy wrote the 

li Office and is Eving in 
aperviile. 111. Thanks for keeping 
touch. Phyllis. Patricia DePriesl 
jng and husband, Peter, have a new 
augliter, Emily Boree King, born 

slurbed adolescents in a private 
tiool in northern Virginia. Randy 
iac Donald Peterson is living in 

a, Md.,and is working as a 
ecretary. Her son, Robert, is now 6. 
Mary Myce Johnson Roberts 
usband. Cliff, are living in 
tockville, Maryland. Cliff is a vet- 
larian vwth the Army at Bethesda 
al Hospital. They have one 
ghter, Kathleen, and expected 
therinMay. Mary Alyce (Lisa) 

)and. Bob, were visiting. Lynn 
tard Jablonsky and her husband, 

; in Newtown, Conn., where 
lob is a teacher. Lynn and Bob have 

children. Kacky Hudson Fox and 
er husbandl Bob, live in Acorn, Va. 

State Attorney of Westmore- 
and County. Kacky was working 
in his law office before his 
i. Kacky and Bob were 

lacky and Bob also have two teen- 
Dm Bob's previous marriage. 
Kakalec Jensen was in McLean, 

Virginia, over the Christmas holidays. 

She and her husband, Ken, and two 

1 live in Montgomery, Alabama. 

, Florida. Don is 

jrope K 

Devan Oldfield Auddet, Janice 
Wright Kirkeby and Lynn Riley 
Cole. Susan and Steve invite all 
their friends to come see them at 
5325 Edgewater Dr., Ewa Beach, 
Hawaii 96706. 

Nancy Ferguson Pederson and 
husband, Edson, are now living in 
Idaho. Edson serves the Presbyterian 
Church there. They have two children, 
Sara, 7, and Andrew, 5, with hopes 

gymnastic school. 

Class of '67 - Next reunion in 1982 

Susie Church Dillon 
9566 Cherry Oak Court 
Burke, Virginia 22015 

Mary Mac Blanchard Harris 
111 30 Guilford Road 
Richmond, Virginia 23225 

Jeanette Thorpe Shawen is a 
resource teacher and counselor in 
Hamilton County, Tenn. Her hus- 
band, Mac, is an Assistant Professor 
of English at the U. of Tenn. at 
Chattanooga. They are expecting 
their first child in July. Ann 
Wifkerson m\lism 
and enjoys watching her two 

cultural opportunities and temperat 
climate of Seattle. She lives 5 minu 
from the U. of Washington and take 
advantage of the offerings there. Hi 
husband, John, is a staff Assistant 
in the Corporate Offices of Paccar, 
Inc. Both stay busy remodeling 
their 52-year old house. Wanda 
Hamby Moffatt is divorced and 
teaches in Richmond, Virginia. 
Carolyn Ludwig Menk lives in 

Sharon Arthur Spencer 
58 Henderson Avenue 
Havelock, North Carolina 28532 

Becky Tebbs Nunn and her hus- 
band. Spike, live in Potomac, Maryland. 
:e is a pilot with American Airlines 
flies out of National Airport, 
lay, 1976. Spike ran in the Repub- 
1 Primary for U.S. Congress from 
State of Maryland and placed third 
field of ten. Both he and Becky 
e very pleased since this was his 
first attempt in the political arena. 


iMay c 

the NEA employees b 

appeared in one film and has an agent 
iw. In May, Becky directed How 
e Other Half Loves which was pre- 
nted at the Rockville Civic Audito- 
im. Spike and Becky's two chUdren 
s Dash, 8, a: 

3rd grade and Ashley is i 
rten in the Damestown S 
hool. The Nunns are building 
i Creek, wh 

Becky h 

i Ashley, 5. Dash is 


husband, George, who works for 
Reynolds. Jean JoAmon Dunn and 
husband, Robert, have a new 
daughter, Michelle Jean, born on 
April 26, 1976, in Londonderry, 
N. Ireland. Betty Tate Reitmeier 
dropped by the Alumni Office to 
say hello. Her husband, Robert, is 
head of Social Services in Culpeper, 
Virginia, and they have two children 

Judy Bennett Russell 
12301 Persimmon Plac 
Woodbridge. Virginia '. 

Barbara Price Wallach 
708 S. Urbana Avenue 
Urbana, Illinois 61801 

Donna Sheehan Gladis 
530 Humiston Drive 
Bay VUlage, Ohio 4414 

Maureen Murphy McCart is 
now living in the Baltimore area, 
after a 2'^ year stay in Iran. Her 
husband, Dan, is with Peterson, 
Howell and Heather, a fleet-car 
leasing firm. They have two children, 
Kevin and Margaret, Maureen and 
children will be making a trip cross 
country to San Francisco to visit 
with Judy Jackson Jones '68 and 
Suzanne McCoriley Van Ness '69. 
Judy's husband is a Major in the 
Army and is a Psychiatrist. Suzanne 
and Tom have moved to Alberton, 
Calif. Periodically, Maureen and Dan 
get to New Jersey to visit with Leslie 
Merrilt Van Bushirk. Leslie now has 
two children. (Thanks for renewing 
your contact with the Alumni Office, 

Bettie Sue is taking classes to become 

ti Sichol Myers 

Donna Cannon Julian 
2728Tanager Drive 
Brookmeade II 

GaU Emond Willis 
638 Hawthorne Place 
Keokuk, Iowa 52632 

Marjorie Roszmann Tankersley 
1712 Dudding Street, S.W. 
Roanoke. Virginia 24015 

Mary Hannah Bush has gone into 
accounting with the Augusta County 
School Board Office. She teaches a few 
flute students and was recently elected 
business manager for the Stonewall 
Brigade Band in Staunton, Virginia, 
where she lives. Barbara Greenlief 
Saunders just returned from Thailand 
where her husband is awaiting new 
orders. Susie Turner Johnson and 
Charlie and their two sons, Patrick 
and Stephen, are living in Wooster, 
Ohio. Susie is busy with tennis, 
paddle ball and an exercise class. 
They went to England last year, 
then on to Paris and Germany! 
Jean LeMasurier vacationed in 
Yugoslavia and sailed in the Greek 
Islands. She stays busy and active, 

. Frances Smi"(ft 
Chris are in Detroit. 

have a new baby girl, Brannan! 

Ellen McGhee Jumper and 

Las Vegas. New 
Steve just bougli 

recently testified for the Commission 
in one of the many Washington 
hearings. She has been appointed the 
Equal Employment Opportunity 
Counselor and Federal Women's Pro- 
gram Coordinator for the Postal Rate 
Commission. She and Steve vacationed 
to the Olympics in Montreal! Kitty 
Culhane Rogers and John have a new 
home and daughter, Amy. John is 
working on his Master's in Economics. 
Karen /one5 Rogers and Len have 

England and Ireland. Jane Patch 
Williams and Memphis both have 

busy in addition t 

Jane is busy canoeing and Kyacking!! 
Greta Nelson Dawson and Jim are in 
Wilmington and have a new baby girl. 

regularly and I have taken up 
skating, of all things, and rece 
completed an interior decorat 
Thank you for all the news; k^ 

of '70 - Next reunion in i 980 
Lucia Smilhey Bushway 
Tazewell, Virginia 2465 1 

Jane McKemie Cutchins 
28 Old Mill Road 
Richmond. Virginia 23223 

Breckcnridge, Colorado I 

Gabby Pagin Ficklin 
3312 Brandy Court 
Falls Church, Virginia 22042 

? Feifs V 

Jonathan Andris Feifs, bom on 
November 22, 1 977. Betsy is working 
on her doctoral dissertation in School 
Psychology for Duke. Jody Reed 
Hamberger went to Cuba this fall 
with the Rlpon Society. Jody lives 
in D.C. Valerie Gumlo Hammer is 
now living in Fairfax, Vir^ia. She 

mothering a 

i daughter. 

are both practicing law in Minneapolis, 
Brenda Martin Butler writes that she 
and her husband have been living 
on the Island of Malta in the Medi- 

world traveling and deep-sea fishing. 

s herself with daughtei 
J Ray continues in 

Janet mentioned she saw Sarah 
Carter last fall in Richmond where 
Sarah was finishing work on her 
Master's. Cean Wighlman Cauthorne, 
also of Richmond, quit her teaching 
job around Cliristmas to await the 
arrival of their first child in January. 
Cean's husband, Billy, opened a law 
firm there specializing in divorce cases 
Last 1 heard. Margaret Muse married 

Morgantown. W. Va., where Margaret 
teaches and Dwight operates an 

From the North, Donna 
Bredahl Jones writes that she is busy 
with their daughters, Andrea and Anr 
Kera. Donna is chairperson of the 
Enfield (Connecticut) Jr. Woman's 
Club organizing volunteers to work 

heard, Dick and Lesley Fanning 
Atkinson '69 were in Lafayette, 
Indiana, where Lesley cares for their 
daughter, Christine, while Dick works 

news from Randy and Sally I 
Simriions in Bellevue, Nebras 

Duncan, in March. I am sure 

in HUton Head, wh< 

editing for a newspaper. Barbara 

tinues his managerial positic 
1 C&P. Do keep us posted c 

SaUy Henry Smith and hus- 
band, Scuddcr, have a new daughter 

Belinda Garrett Fauikner and husbai 
John, have a daughter, Kara Elizabel 
born December 24. 1976. Sheridan 
Holstein is teaching 2nd grade in Bui 
Vista, Virginia. She was recently 
licensed by the EpiscopaJ Church as 

f Cup of Holy Coi 

wrapped around my n 
a magnificent spring v: 
now completing my fi 

now enjoying her job as a project 

The Alumni Office has heard from ' 

Manassas. She and her husband, Dave, 

exciting and challenging! Ann 

scientist for BioTcchnology in 

Sarah Crojj Eyre who is now teaching 

are anxiously awaiting the airival of 

«,»en is in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. 

Falls Church. Norma Scripture 

their first chUd in July. I am enjoying 

Lisa Kirkwood Spey shares her good 

WiUiamson and husband. Gark. 

working on her graduate degree in 

taking care of my little girl, and feel 

this is where 1 belong, so I resigned my 

llu'ng their"r"t chUd in"october. 

"eachcTmusical'R'ockledgc Q™" 


teaching job, but am tutoring an 8-year 

Southeastern Electric Co. Sarah shares 

old girl twice a week. Am also directing 

Donna Taylor and Pam Miller 

this news: Jan DoWrfsoi. Morgan and 

the 4th. 5th and 6th grades choir at 

Henry Nursing Home to be located 

teach second and third grade. Susan 

church. So. I continue to work with 

in Saluda. Virginia. N^ncy McKer,„e, 

C»//e>. enjoyed a spring skiing 

port News. Jan is teaching first grade. 

children. In December, my husband. 

Ritter and her husband. Jay, are 

Tennis is their past-time. Paige 

Royce. was ordained as a deacon in 

Uving in Richmond. She is working 

moved to Franconia, Va.. where 

Sne»,( Barker and her husband live in 

while he attends law schooL Pat 

she shares a house with two friends. 

Hampton. Paige is working on a 

Coulter Fried married in November 

She continues to teach at Wood- 

Math Education degree at Old 

waiting for a visit from Pat Worn 

and is living in Baltimore. At her 

bridge High School along with 

Doty. Please write to keep me in 

wedding, I also saw Marybeth Jones. 

Uveme Warlick and Kathy McCannM 

Kecoughtan High School. Barbara 

touch with more of vou. Have a 

. who is in her third year at PMC; Jody 

Kris McCoy Elliott and husband, 

Nold Howard's husband, Jack, is a 

nice summer. -Susie Bourne 

Harris, ani Marilyn Miller Zick and 

Mike, had their first child. Suzanne 

graduate of U.S. N.A. and stationed 

husband, Don. In Blacksburg, Sue 

in Norfolk. Kathy Bradford Gillette's 

Barbara amies Krug gave birth 

Sendlein Luscomb '76 is beginning 

doing private practice in speech 

husband. Holmes, is attending Eastern 

to a son, Adam, in January. 1977. 

Mary Lou Slevens and Kenneth 

1 heard from Val Gregg who 

is working at the Census Bureau, 

work as a researcher for National 

1976. in Chapel Hill. N.C.. where 

improving census techniques for 

working as a legal secretary in 
CharlottesviUe. Va. -Pamela 

Cl.ssof71- Next reunion in 1981 

Capt. Karen Laino Lewis 
Box 308 

Class of '73 - Next reunion in 1978 

Susie Baril Bourne 
820 Malabu Drive. 

No. IIS 
Lexington. Kentucky 40S02 

Kenneth is working on his Ph.D. in 
Biostatislics at UNC. Jlargie Walsh 
married John Dean in late 1 976. after 
getting her Master's in Education from 
U.Va. Margie and John are living in 
Ruckersville, Va., where Margie is 
teaching learning-disabled children. 
Christine Crawford ("Mary Wash 
Wondeis"), after graduating from 

gram, was granted a leave of absence 
from her job with GE in Philadelphia 
to attend Temple University's School 
of Law. Chris will be working in the 

Indian Reservations in 1 980. Her 

the reservations. Debbie Fricke 
Carlisle of Boston writes that Jeff 
has started his own company and 
she continues working as an insurance 
underwriter. She traveled South in 
January to Richmond for Mary Gaber 

Sally Rilchrer Mayor 
Rte. de Montana 

283 River Bend Road 
Berkeley Heigl.ts. New Jersey 

Young's wedding. She and husband, 
Scott, will be living in Norfolk where 
she will be working as a dental 

3961 Randogne 


Michelle Lalle Rush came from 

Deborah Wiggins Seehorn 
P.O. Box 5225 
2211 Onslow Drive 
JacksonvUle. N.C. 28640 

i Castle Swann and hus- 

Corp. oulside of Boston. Jane worked 

Product Development Sections of 
Arthur D. Little, Inc., untU Jayne 

Schlemm '76. Sandy Fromkn, 

London, England. Cecilia Desmon 

of AT4T in Washington, D.C.. and 

Shenk and Dave are living in Tamp 
Ha. Jan has her Master's and is 
teaching high school English, audi 
also the department head. Marie 
Lunsford Hancoff and husband. 
Bill, have a new daughter. Jennifer 


1065 Bobolink Drive 

Virginia Beach. Virginia 23451 

500 Greenbrier Court 

No. 101 
Fredericksburg, Virgini 

Fredericksburg. Virginia 22401 

in Library, Pa. She 

Sniie CahUI has been 
for the D.C. school s 

Sue Hughes 
66 Malin Road 
Malvern, Pennsylvi 

On Sunday, AprU 17,Salh 

isited us here in Lexington, Kei 
riiey were on their way to St. L 
,nd then on to Hawaii. They wi 

xpecting her second child. She ga 

he past year. Kathy Daley Buckie 
ind husband, Ronald, are moving t 

' Lab at the U.Va. Hospital 

Sandra Hockley Grover U 
:rvisor of the Chemistry Ub 

lere. Thea i/er 

t Anderson & Strudwick ii 

Business School. Kathy ForreH alsc 
came from Northern Va. She is 
working as a Speech Therapist in th 
Loudoun County Public School 
System. Katherine Farrar Willard 
and husband, Freddie, came from 
CharlottesvUle where she is the heal 

U. Va. Hospital. Mareha Davies 

attended the wedding. Barbara i 
in private practice as a Speech 
Therapist and Consultant in Rid 

News of other grads: Pat 
Rhodes is the office manager of 
Washington, D.C, law firm. Jo , 
Backner is a Medical Secretary ft 
Northern Va. hospital. Gwen 
Ferguson Ungerfelt and husbanc 
Alan, are living in Richmond whi 
Gwen directs the Speech Theiap: 
Department at a children's hospi 
Chris Romanias directs the readi: 
program at a 

h Chrii 


Rosalie Yates Walsh 

nd Kathy Farrell traveled 

drive across country. Pi 
/rites that she graduated f 
'a. last August with a Mas 
ludiology. She now lives 

ni and Debby Murphy '75 alsc 
in D.C. Jane is a designer/arti 
1 graphic arts studio. Debby i: 



, Virgini 





No. 711 


• 8, Patty Gould 

Rolling Meadow, lllin 

lond and 
1 Wilson 

teaching in Spotsylvania County. 
Bob and Marianne Rowe Wendling are 
working for the government and 
living in Springfield. Bruce and 
Julia Blair Sanders are living in 

Rappahannock Yachts. Carolyn 
Moyan Akers is teaching near San 
Diego where husband, Greg, is 
stationed with the Navy as a dentist. 
Another Navy couple is Bob and 
Susie Paddock Stumpf, stationed 
in Jacksonville. Fla. I really appre- 
ciate all of you who keep in touch 
and send news. Keep up the good 

Holly Strawbridge is finishing 
her thesis on Realism in 1 9th 
Century French Painting for a 
Master's in Art History at Case 
Western Reserve. Holly is working 
for the Metropolitan Opera Office 
in Cleveland. She was busy planning 

Nannette Carpenter is now in the 
Peace Corps in Togo, Africa. Gail 
Shackelford Shelton and husband, 
Donnie, have a son, Donald Ashton, 
bom on September 15, 1977. Pat 
Coulter was married to David W. 
Fried in November, 1 977, and 
Nancy McKenney was married to 
Jay Ritter in July, 1977. 

Class of '75 - Next r 

1 1980 

Judy Saul 

9 Agate Road 

E. Brunswick, New Jersey 

with ITT in November to become 
an Independent Consultant with 
Maiy Kay Cosmetics. She loves the 
opportunity to meet new people and 
share a good product. Much of her 
time is taken up singing in the choir 
at St. Jude's Episcopal Church in 
Burbank and performing with the 
Burbank Symphony. She is in her 
second term as Chorister for the 
San Fernando VaJley Alumnae 
Chapter of Mu Phi EpsUon and is" 
kept busy with many programs and 
activities in the Valley area. Carol 
shares this news: Ann Canter had 
been working toward her Master's 
in Journalism at Northwestern U. 
and received her degree in June. 
She reports that Gwynne Maclntyre 
'74 is now studying at Indiana U. 
From Oklahoma U. comes the news 
that Lynne Leopold is pursuing a 
Master's in Dance. She has been 
performing with the Modem Dance 
Company and helped with the 
choreography for the Spring Concert 

Mary Ann Pomfrey writes that 
she is most happy with her teaching 
jobinCulpeper. Even though the 
7th and 8th graders keep her quite 

Petrie and Jan Gernhari '76 quite 
often. Beth and Jan are living in 
Washington, D.C. Susan Early 
Decesari and her husband Bob have 
settled in San Diego and it certainly 

employed by Carrol Electi 
Warrenton and they are liv 

2608 Sunnybrook Road 
Richmond, Virginia 23229 

Mary Catherine Carroll 

St. Petersburg, Florida 3371 

Elizabeth Anne Gupton 
556 N.Birdneck Road 
Virginia Beach, Va. 23451 

Deborah A. Jackson 
Box 178, Route 1 
Heathsville, Va. 22473 

Judith D. Nutter 
2505 Jackson Park way 
Vienna, Va. 20180 

Judy Frances Sledge 

Margo Oifford 
409 Jackson Place 
Alexandria, Virginia 22302 
Hannah Patterson 
1301 South Avenue 
South Boston, Va. 24592 

after Christmas to vi: 
Smith in Horsepastu 
Cogliandro joined us 

Fredericksburg for a Framar reunio 
at Margo Oifford's apartment. Jan 
Bierman and Carolyn Roberts drov 
down from the D.C- area for the 
party. Carolyn was on a semester 
break from W&M. Jan was busy 

(which I am stUI waiting to hear 
about!). Sally Jl 

1 Calif, with h 

in the Camp Pendleton 
m this spring and finished in 
half of the entrants, ahead 
s commanding officer, exec- 

utive officer, gunny sgt. and staff 
sgt.! Yea Beau! Susan Fassnacht 
and Jane Reese were both at Margo' 
Jane is enjoying grad school at U. 

from the cold, coid weather of 
Canada. Mary Ann ^a/o/c/ (who by 
the way is stiU enjoying being single 
came down from New Jersey with 
Jane. She was busy applying 
schools for the fall session. Ii 


County. She stops in to visit with 
Robin Hotchkin and Ann "Schotz 
Chryssikos who live in Leesburg. 
Robin is teaching junio. high matf 
in Loudoun and going to night sch 

Iready gnawed off the edges of her 

man for the City of I 
Daphne is still at the bank; and 
Cathy is working for the Welfare 
Division. Reggie TambelUni. who 
transferred from MWC to MCV, 
was also there for the weekend. 
She was looking forward to her in 

final semester in the physical therapy 
program. Sue Sendlein Luscomb has 
been promoted to Placement Coor- 
dinator in the Social Services Depart- 
ment at the Salem Psych. Center. 
Husband. Rich, finishes his Master's 
in Clinical Psychology at VPl in June 
and starts right in on his Ph.D. Judy 
Martens is in Houston working and 

applied to nursing school for the 
fall session. News comes down the 
line that Alison Haworth is working 
on Capital Hill in D.C. for a lobbyist. 
Becky "WEO" Pope is working for 
a psychiatrist at the U. Va. Hospital. 
Marge Schlemm is working in 
Massachusetts for a chemical company 
Florida turned out to be a great 
, although we 

Spivey has turned her love of animals 
into a productive pbsition with the 
zoo-keeping staff at Busch Gardens 

had a touch of cold v 
even snow. Heidi Owen, my fresh- 
man roommate, was down visiting 
for a week in March while on her 
spring break from Columbia Nursing 
School. Oh, the luxury of a spring 


,t Cornell, interviewing raral 

Troy and her husband, Phil, spent 
the Easter holidays with me and she 
is still busy pursuing that perfect 
position in Clinical Psychology. Her 
home base will be Charleston. S.C. 
for two years. Cindy Ballentine is 
working as a private detective in 
Norfolk. Be sure to watch for the 
August issue of Glamour Magazine. 
It will feature MWC redheads. Miff 

lixio is working for 

dCo. i 


Gayle ShellotJ Williams is now teaching 
3rd grade in Fredericksburg. Gayle 
and her husband, George, will be 
attending graduate school at VCU 
and the U. of Richmond this summer. 
They invite their friends to stop by 

. Petrucelli. She a 

weekends ago for Easters and saw 
quite a few members of our class. 
It seems Easters is still an "annual 
ritual" for "die-hard" Mary Wash 
girls, even if there wasn't mud slid 
in Mad Bowl. Easters was a really 

acquired a new appreciation for 
the "Old U" since 1 was accepted 
into the Architecture School for t 
fall term. I will be studying for a 
Master's in City Planning. Jody 
Nutter Arbelaez and I were Me t 
get together during the weekend. 
She will be in Chariottesville 
another two years, while her * 
band, Vince, is in Law Schoc 
Va. i lan Into Daphne Johnston 
who is working at Wachovia Bank 
in Richmond; Cathy Colbert who 
is doing Social Work in Richmont 

paralegal work in the D.C. area. 1 
was also able to catch up on somi 
news with Jane Reese. She is stU: 
busy working on her Master's in 
Chemical Engineering. She will 

where she has taken a job with 
Proctor & Gamble. Pattie Finamoi 
came down from McLean to join ii 

Fassnacht who is havmg a great 
time as a graduate student in 
Calgary, Canada, lynn Leggett 

history department. Snady ' 
McLoughlin wrote to say that she 
is enrolled in the Medical Technology 
program at East CaroUna U.; Janice 
Tucker is working in Chariotte, N.C.; 
Diane Justis is teaching in Cape 
Charles, Va.; Ruth Matteson and 
Barbara Wilkerson are both teaching 
in Richmond; and Bey Elliot is doing 
Social Work in Albany, N.Y. 

Margaret Spivey, a December '76 
graduate, is working at Busch Gardens 

an August '76 graduate, is teaching 
History in Stafford County. Well, 
that's the news, gang. — Betty Anne 

Graduation time has come and 
gone and a whole new group of 

the ranks of MWC alumni. The Class 
77 the 

into jobs and interesting graduate 
school assignments. Jane (ViV/i and 
Pattie Finamore have both landed 
jobs in their major. Jane is with the 
Va. Highway Dept. drawing maps of 
our highway system while Pattie is 
working for the National Geological 
survey as a cartographer. Margaret 

. Delaw 

Susan Radford Cole is teaching 2nd 
grade in Virginia Beach. She is 
engaged to the Reverend Robert 
Douglas Friend and will be married 
on August 20. Ann Katherine 
McKenna graduated from the 
Medical College of Virginia School 
of Nursing. She is engaged to Lt. 

from the U.S. Military Academy at 
West Point. A June wedding is 

Qass of '77 - First reunion in 198! 

10242 Stratford Avenue 
Fairfax, Virginia 22030 

Kathy Williams (C-D) 
2534 Brocklin Drive 
Grayson, Georgia 30221 

EmUy ,4//ned(E-F) 
300 Marl Ravine Road 
Yorktown, Virginia 23690 

Roganna Howard (G-H 
P.O. Box 3663 

, Virgil 2^ 

Terry Young {)L-\.) 

Box 2126 

Fredericksburg, Virginia 22401 

Teresa Wirman (O-P-Q) 
2 Steeple Chase Road 
Fredericksburg, Virginia 22401 

SuViE Mansfield (R-S) 
1641 Dinneen Drive 
McLean, Virginia 22101 

Darlene Calandra (T-U) 
2035 N. Woodrow Street 
Arlington. Virginia 22207 

Laura Ann Ewers (V-W) 
1001 Neal Drive 
Alexandria, Virginia 22308 

ison (X-Y-Z) 
Box 43 
Virginia 23063 

' 11 




are shipped by REA or CO 

ces subject to change, 

; a $25.00 shipping charg 
lnd„ Ky„ Tenn.. Ala., Ga 
charge to N.D.. S.D., Kan 
0.00 shipping charge to Ca 
ho, Nev., N.M., Colo., Ariz 
ah; a $30.00 shipping cha 
c continental U.S. (excep 

k (for full amount includi 
) payable to MWC Alumn 
ngton,Del. 19803. 

Islg Is I 

IssS II « ogl ISSfSlll 111 


8-^ s 

1 1 
I i I 

^-151 "3^ .--ISO c=^iSg icot 5 S^'S'^ oS 

il! lii liil^ Mt 111 1^ iili ll 



I 'SIS", 
.si 1=1 
I si""