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Full text of "Names of soldiers of the American Revolution who applied for state bounty under resolves of March 17, 1835, March 24, 1836, and March 20, 1836, as appears of record in Land Office"

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Who Applied for State Bountv under Resolves 

of March 17, 1835, M arc h 2 4> l %& and 

March 20, 1836, as Appears of 

Record in Land Office. 

Published by order of the Governor and Executive Council. 






A hundred and ten years have rolled by since the reverber 
ation of the last gun of the Revolution died away at Yorktown. 
More than three generations have come and gone, and still 
our interest increases rather than diminishes in those old 
heroes who, through long suffering and heroic deeds, achieved 
our national independence and laid the foundation of the 
grandest nation on earth. Every scrap of personal history 
and every tradition of that stormy period is eagerly sought 
for by the present and rising generations. Societies of the 
sons and daughters of the American Revolution have been 
formed, who are doing a grand work in gathering the scattered 
fragments of personal Revolutionary history and putting them 
in permanent form, to be handed down to future generations. 
In that great struggle Maine, though an unknown land and 
without a name, bore no insignificant part. Her villages 
were small and her homes scattered, yet from every hamlet 
and hillside her sons came nobly to the work both on land 
and sea. It was on her waters that the first naval fight 
occurred, and through her forests marched one of the most 
daring expeditions of the war. We are told that when Gen 
eral Washington, with uncovered head exclaimed "God bless 
the Massachusetts line," he was talking to a division com 
posed of Maine soldiers, citizens of York and Cumberland 
counties. And now the State has very properly come forward 
to assist in preserving the record of her honored sons. The 
undersigned has been employed to compile the record here 
with presented from the files of papers in the archives of the 
State, and it is sent out with the hope that it may assist many 
in tracing their descent from the patriots herein found. 



The resolve of Massachusetts granting land, or money in 
lieu thereof, also all the resolves of Maine relating to the 
matter, except a few special personal resolves, have been 
carefully copied and arranged in the introduction which will 
be of value to the student of history. 

Augusta, Me., October 19, 1893. 


Nineteen years before the separation of Maine from Massa 
chusetts, on March 5, 1801, with the view of compensating, 
in some small degree, her Revolutionary soldiers, the General 
Court of the Commonwealth passed the following resolve : 


MARCH 5, 1801. 

Whereas, Application has been made to this Court by a 
number of persons who served in the late American army 
during the war with Great Britain, praying for a grant of 
some of the unappropriated lands in this Commonwealth, and 
as such a grant will promote the settlement of such land, as 
well as be some reward to those citizens whose meritorious 
services in the field so essentially contributed to establish our 
independence ; therefore, 

Jrtesolved, That there be, and hereby is granted to each non 
commissioned officer and soldier Avho enlisted into the late 
American army to serve during the war with Great Britain, 
and who was returned as a part of this State s quota of said 
army, and who did actually serve in said army the full term 
of three years, and who was honorably discharged, and unto 
the children if any there be, if not, to the widow of such non 
commissioned officer and soldier, and to them only who en 
listed as aforesaid and died in said service, two hundred acres 
to be laid out at the expense of the Commonwealth, as soon 
as there shall appear a number sufficient to take a quantity of 
land that shall be equal to one township of six miles square, 
to be divided and appropriated under such regulations as the 
General Court shall hereafter prescribe, within the following 
limits, viz. : Beginning at the northeast corner of the land 
now appropriated by the committee for the sale of eastern 
on the eastern line of this Commonwealth, thence run- 


ning west six miles, thence northerly in a line parallel with 
the said eastern boundary line, until a tract shall be completed 
sufficient for each non-commissioned officer and private sol 
dier, their children or widows, as aforesaid to have the afore 
said quantity of two hundred acres or twenty dollars as an 
equivalent for the aforesaid two hundred acres, to be paid out 
of the treasury to the selectmen of the town where any such 
non-commissioned officer or soldier, their children or widows 
as aforesaid resides, for his or their use and benefit. 

And be it further Resolved , That where any such non-com 
missioned officer or soldier has deceased, or shall decease, 
before he shall get possession of the land hereby granted to 
him, his children or widow as aforesaid shall be entitled to 
the same, and in order to secure to the said non-commissioned 
officers and privates, their children and widows as aforesaid 
the benefits of this grant, 

It is further Resolved, That all deeds, mortgages, or con 
veyances of or bonds or contracts of every description con 
cerning any of said lands which may be made by any such 
non-commissioned officer or private, his children or widow, 
before the same shall be laid out and have a settlement made 
thereon and five acres thereof shall have been brought under 
improvement, shall be null and void ; provided always, that 
no such non-commissioned officer or soldier, his children or 
widow shall have any benefit from this resolve who shall not 
make application therefor within three years from the time of 
passing this resolve, and who shall not make the aforesaid 
settlement and cultivation within the term of six years. 

And the secretary is directed to publish this resolve in 
such of the newspapers printed in this Commonwealth as his 
Excellency the Governor may direct, six weeks successively 
directly after passing the same. 

But it seems that a large number of soldiers living in the 
then District of Maine did not avail themselves of this law, 
and fifteen years after the separation the Legislature of 
Maine passed the following Resolves : 

Resolve in favor of certain officers and soldiers of the Revo 
lutionary War, and the widows of the deceased officers 
and soldiers. 

Approved March 17, 1835. 

Resolved, That each non-commissioned officer and soldier 
of the Revolutionary Army, who enlisted to serve during the 
war, or for a term not less than three years, and actually 


served not less than three years in said Army who at the 
time of his enlistment was an inhabitant of Massachusetts 
Proper or the District of Maine and is now an inhabitant of 
this State and who has not already received a grant of land 
or money in lieu thereof from the Commonwealth of Massa 
chusetts and each widow of such officer or soldier who at the 
time of his decease was an inhabitant of this State shall be 
entitled to receive two hundred acres of land to be selected 
from either of the following Townships, to wit : Township 
numbered tAvo, Indian Purchase, in the County of Penobscot, 
reserving all the pine timber thereon, the same having been 
heretofore sold and letter D, in the second range of Town 
ships west of the east line of the State, in the County of 
Washington and each non-commissioned officer and soldier 
who was honorably discharged before the expiration of three 
years from the time of his entering the service, in consequence 
of wounds received in the service, or other bodily infirmity 
and each widow of such officer or soldier, and the widow of 
every non-commissioned officer or soldier who died in the ser 
vice within three years from the time of his entering the same 
shall, if in all other respects coming within the provisions 
of this Resolve, be entitled to receive a like grant of land to 
be selected as aforesaid. 

Resolved, That the Land Agent is hereby authorized and 
directed to cause the said Townships as soon as may be to be 
surveyed and laid out into convenient lots of two hundred acres 
each ; and to execute a conveyance of one lot to every officer, 
soldier and widow aforesaid, who shall prove his or her claims 
to the satisfaction of the said Land Agent on or before the 
fourth day or March in the year of our Lord one thousand eight 
hundred and thirty-eight. And every such officer, soldier or 
widow who shall establish his or her claim as aforesaid, be 
fore the survey of said land shall be completed, shall be enti 
tled to receive from the Land Agent a certificate stating that 
he or she is entitled to two hundred acres of land under the 
provisions of this Resolve ; which certificate shall be conclu 
sive evidence to entitle the lawful holder thereof to a convey 
ance in fee simple, of one of the two hundred acre lots 
aforesaid, whenever said land shall be surveyed and laid out 
as herein provided. 

Resolved , That the Land Agent is hereby authorized to 
procure at the expense of the State, from the Land Agent and 
Secretary of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, and from 
the Pension Office at Washington, certified copies of all such 


documents and records as he may deem necessary or useful in 
carrying into effect the provisions of this Resolve. And it 
shall be his duty to keep correct plans of all surveys which 
shall be made as aforesaid, and to mark upon each lot the 
name of the person who shall first make choice of the same, 
and also to keep a record of the names and places of abode and 
such other material circumstances relating to the several claim 
ants as may be deemed necessary to obviate all disputes res 
pecting the justice of their claims. 

Resolved, That every officer, soldier and widow aforesaid, 
who shall become the owner of land under the provisions of 
these Resolves, shall hold the same exempt from attachment 
on mesne process or execution. 

A Resolve additional to a Resolve in favor of certain officers 
and soldiers of the Revolutionary War, and the widows of 
the deceased officers and soldiers approved March 17, 

Approved February 8, 1836. 

Resolved , That whenever any officer or soldier or any 
w r idow of such deceased officer or soldier, entitled to the pro 
visions of the Resolve to which this is in addition, shall have 
died or shall die after presenting his or her claim for military 
lands, the heirs of such officer, soldier or widow shall be 
entitled to the same lands in the same manner and proportions 
as if said officer, soldier or widow had died after his or her 
title had been perfected under said resolve to which this is in 
addition Provided such heirs shall produce a certificate from 
the Judge of Probate of the County where the deceased last 
dwelt, certifying the number and names of such heirs and in 
what degrees and provided also that whenever the oath or 
oaths of the officer, soldier or widow was required to perfect 
his or her claim, such other evidence may be substituted by 
the heirs as the Land Agent, with the approbation of the 
Governor shall prescribe. 

Resolve additional to a Resolve in favor of certain Officers and 
Soldiers of the Revolutionary War, and the Widows of 
deceased Officers and Soldiers. 

Approved March 23, 1838. 

Resolved, That the Resolve in favor of certain Officers and 
Soldiers of the Revolutionary War and the Widows of 
deceased Officers approved March seventeenth, eighteen hun 
dred and thirty-five shall be so construed and carried into 


operation as to extend the benefits of the same as well to each 
non-commissioned officer and soldier and to the widow of each 
non-commissioned officer and soldier who enlisted and served 
in the army of the Revolution during the war in the line or 
lines of any other State as in the Massachusetts line Pro 
vided, said non-commissioned officers or soldiers or the 
widows of said non-commissioned officers or soldiers have 
not already received a grant of land or money in lieu thereof 
from any other State ; and provided further that said non 
commissioned officer or soldier, or the widow of said non 
commissioned officer or soldier was an inhabitant of this State 
on the seventeenth day of March, eighteen hundred and 
thirty-five, and that the full benefit of said Resolve shall be 
extended to them in the same manner and upon the same con 
ditions as the said Resolve has been extended to the non 
commissioned officers and soldiers of the Massachusetts line. 

Resolved, That so much of the Resolve above named as 
relates to the term of enlistment and service shall be so con 
strued as to entitle to the benefits of said Resolve those non 
commissioned officers and soldiers and the widows of such 
non-commissioned officers and soldiers who actually served 
three years, although they may not have enlisted for that 

Resolved, That these Resolves and the Resolves to which 
these are additional shall be and remain in force for the period 
of two years after these Resolves shall have been approved by 
the Governor. 

Under these Resolves there were over 800 applications 
made for land. Many of them could not prove a three 
years service ; in fact there were many who enlisted late in 
the war for three years and were discharged on account of 
the close of the war. To meet these deserving cases the fol 
lowing additional Resolve was passed : 

Resolve additional to a Resolve, passed March seventeenth 
in the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred and 
thirty-five, entitled, " Resolve in favor of certain Officers 
and Soldiers of the Revolutionary War, and the Widows 
of the deceased Officers and Soldiers." 

Approved March 24, 1836. 

Resolved, That there be paid from the Treasury of this State, 
out of any money in the Treasury not otherwise appropriated 
to each non-commissioned Officer and Soldier of the Massa- 


chusetts line of the Revolutionary Army, who enlisted to serve 
for the term of three years, or for durhfg the war, and was 
honorably discharged ; and to each Widow of such deceased 
Officer and Soldier ; and to each Widow of such of said Offi 
cers and Soldiers as mav hereafter decease before establishing 

/ ^ 

a claim to the benefits of this Resolve, the sum of Fifty Dol 
lars. Provided, however, that in all cases such Officers, 
Soldiers and Widows shall in all other respects come within 
the provisions of the Resolve to which this is additional ; 
and Provided also that the provisions of this Resolve shall 
not extend to those Avho have received land, or may hereafter 
establish their claim to land under the provisions of said Re 

Under this last named resolve there were over 300 applica 
tions made for the $50, the larger part of whom had already 
made application for land and been rejected. There was 
more or less special legislation under all these resolves, but 
only two names appear therein which are not found on the 
files of the Land Office, viz. : 

February 24, 1838, Levi Chadbourn of Parsonsfield was 
granted $50. 

March 8, 1838, W. Thomes was granted $50. 

These two soldiers probably made application to the Land 
Office, and had their papers taken oft" the files to go before a 
legislative committee. There is no book record to be found 
of the applicants for money, and several numbered papers 
are missing. 

Thus far no grants of land or money had been made by our 
State to the commissioned officers, and in 1838 the following 
resolves were passed : 

Resolves in favor of certain commissioned officers, and others, 
of the Revolutionary War, and the Widows of such persons. 

Approved March 20, 1838. 

Resolved, That each commissioned officer of the Revolu 
tionary army, who actually served not less than three years 
in said army, and who, at the commencement of such service, 
was an inhabitant of Massachusetts Proper, or of the District 
of Maine, and is now an inhabitant of this State, and who has 
not already received a grant of land, or money in lieu thereof, 
from the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, and each widow 


of such officer, who, at the time of his decease, was an inhab 
itant of this State, shall be entitled to receive six hundred 
acres of land to be selected from Letter E in the second 
Range of Townships, West of the East Line of the State, in 
the County of Washington. And each Officer, who was 
honorably discharged before the expiration of three years 
from the time of his entering the service in consequence of 
wounds received in the service, or other bodily infirmity, and 
each widow of such officer, and the widow of each officer who 
died in the service within three years from the time of his 
entering in the same, shall, if in all other respects coming 
within the provisions of this Resolve, be entitled to receive a 
like grant of land to be selected as aforesaid. 

Resolved, That the Land Agent is hereby authorized and 
directed to cause the said Township, as soon as may be, to 
be surveyed and laid out into convenient lots of six hundred 
acres each ; and to execute a conveyance of one lot to every 
officer and widow aforesaid, who shall prove his or her claim 
to the satisfaction of the Land Agent, on or before the fourth 
day of March, in the year of our Lord one thousand eight 
hundred and forty. And every such officer, or widow, who 
shall establish his or her claim as aforesaid, before the survey 
of the land shall be completed, shall be entitled to receive 
from the Land Agent a certificate stating that he or she is 
entitled to six hundred acres of land under the provisions of 
these Resolves : which certificate shall be conclusive evidence 
to entitle the lawful holder thereof to a conveyance in fee 
simple of one of the six hundred acre lots aforesaid, whenever 
said land shall be surveyed and laid out as herein provided. 
And it shall be the duty of the Land Agent to number said 
lots, to be surveyed and laid out as aforesaid, from number 
one upwards, and place the numbers in a box to be kept for 
that purpose, and each person, who shall be entitled to a lot 
under the provisions of these Resolves shall, in person or by 
agent, draw one number therefrom, which shall represent the 
lot to which such person may be entitled. 

Resolved, That the Land Agent is hereby authorized to 
procure, at the expense of the State, from the Land Agent 
and Secretary of the Commoft wealth of Massachusetts, and 
from the Pension Office at Washington, such evidence as he 
may deem necessary or useful in carrying into effect the pro 
visions of these Resolves. And it shall be his duty to keep 
correct plans of all surveys, which shall be made as aforesaid, 
and to mark upon each lot the name of the person who shall 


draw the same, and also to keep a record of the names and 
places of abode of, and such other material circumstances 
relating to the several claimants, as may be deemed necessary 
to obviate all disputes respecting the justice of their claims. 

Resolved, That every officer and widow, who shall become 
the owner of land under the provisions of these Resolves, 
shall hold the same exempt from attachment on mesne process 
or execution. 

Thirty-three commissioned officers or widows of officers 
made application for the 600 acres of land. In the following 
list, which contains the names of the applicants under all these 
Resolves, the alleged rank of each commissioned officer is 

After eliminating all duplicates there are found to have 
been 978 applicants for land or money; or 980 including 
Chadbourn and Thomes before referred to ; of whom 480 
were soldiers, and 500, widows. 

When the soldier w T as living, his name and residence are 
given, followed by his place of residence at the time of his 
enlistment ; but where the widow made the application, the 
name of the soldier, his residence at the time of his enlist 
ment, place and date of his death, Christian name and resi 
dence of the widow are given, followed by the name of her 
second husband if she had remarried. 

The following abbreviations have been used, viz : e indi 
cates place of residence at time of enlistment ; d, died ; w, 
widow and m, married. 

The name of a town following the name of a soldier or 
widow indicates their residence at the time the application 
was made. 

In locating persons, as far as relates to the State of Maine, 
the present name of the town is used when it can be identi 
fied, but in some cases this is impossible. Falmouth as the 
place of residence at the time of enlistment may mean Port 
land, Falmouth, Westbrook, or Deering, and so Pownalboro 
covers Alna, Dresden, Perkins and Wiscasset. 

With but few exceptions there are papers on file at the 
State House, giving information in regard to the service of 


these Revolutionary soldiers, consisting of the declaration 
of the applicant with affidavits to prove their claim for State 
land or money and in many cases full copies of papers filed at 
Washington in their pension claims. 

These papers contain a rich store not only of personal, but 
of war, history ; detached statements and broken fragments 
to be sure, but none the less interesting and real. They tell 
us in the words of the very actors in that war, of Concord, 
Lexington and Bunker Hill ; of the siege of Boston, of Ticon- 
dcroga and Crown Point ; of Long Island, Stony Point and 
White Plains ; of the retreat across New Jersey, of Trenton 
and of Valley Forge ; of the surrender of Burgoyne and 
Cornwallis ; of raids into the Indian country, of the cruise of 
Paul Jones; of the campaign of Arnold through the wilder 
ness of Maine ; of camp fare and of prison life. 

This compilation has been made with a great deal of care, 
yet no doubt some errors exist, as it is not always easy to 
decide between conflicting statements, many of which were 
made long years after the w r ar, and when the persons making 
them were very old. 


Abbot, John, e Woolwich, d Boothbay April 16, 1825, w Rachel, 


Abbot, John, North Berwick, e South Berwick. 
Accrow, Silas, e Plymouth, Mass., d Portland about 1816, w 

Sarah, Portland. 
Adams, Jedediah, e Lincoln county, d Bowdoinham July 17, 1833, 

w Rebecca, Bowdoinham. 
Adams, Joseph, Jay, e Concord, Mass. 
Adams, Samuel (surgeon), e Truro, Mass., d Bath March 6, 1819, 

w Abigail, Bath. 

Adams, Samuel, Bowdoin, e Harpswell. 
Adams, Solomon, Farmington, e Chelmsford, Mass., d Vienna 

November 4, 1833, w Hannah, Farmington. 
Additon, Thomas, Greene, e Duxbury, Mass. 
Adley, Peter, Hallowell, e Soper, N. Y. 
Akley, Samuel, Rumford, e Topsham. 
Albee, Jonathan, Lexington, e Wiscasset. 
Alld, William, e Waterboro, d New Brunswick in 1791, w Hannah, 

Hollis, m Joseph Clark. 
Allen, Amos, Dresden, e Dresden. 
Allen, Daniel, Bowdoin, e Topsham. 
Allen, Daniel, Winthrop, e Winthrop. 
Allen, Ebenezer, Hampden, e Rochester, N. H. 
Allen, Hezekiah P., e Dedham, Mass., d Bowdoinham January 31 , 

1826, w Susannah, Bowdoinham. 
Allen, Isaac, Minot, e New Gloucester. 
Allen, Jacob, Scarboro, e Portland. 
Allen, Job, Pownal, e New Gloucester. 
Allen, John, e Portland, d Thomaston February 27, 1832, w 

Eunice, Thomaston. 
Allen, Joseph, Gray, e Falmouth 
Allen, William, e Topsham, d China April 3, 1834, w Jane, China. 


Allen, Wright, e Cape Elizabeth, d Denmark April 7, 1832, w 

Ruth, Denmark. 

Alley, Ephraim, Boothbay, e Boothbay. 

Ames, Samuel, alias Samuel Buck, Norway, e Haverhill, Mass. 
Andrews, John, e Raynham, Mass., d Minot February 6, 1829, w 

Betsey, Minot. 
Andrews, Samuel E , e Hillsborough, N. H., d Lovell January 1, 

1822, w Hannah, Lovell. 

Arno, John, e Bath, d Leeds March 30, 1831, w Mariam, Leeds. 
Arnold, Robert, Starks, e Middlesex County, Mass., or Kittery. 
Atherton, Joel, Waterford, e Harvard, Mass. 
Atkinson, William, Lewiston, e North Yarmouth. 
Austin, Benjamin, e York, d York April 9, 1826, w Abigail, York. 
Austin, David, e Berwick, d Dresden March 18, 1833, w Judith, 

Austin, Jonah, e Falmouth, d Windham September 27, 1833, w 

Sarah, Windham. 

Averill, Ezekiel, Wiscasset, e Alna. 
Ayer, Benjamin, Winthrop, e Buxton. 

Babb, Peter, Buxton, e Scarboro. 

Babbidge, Courtney, e Deer Isle, d Vinalhaven October 9, 1834, 
w Catherine, Vinalhaven. 

Bacon, Timothy, Gorham, e Gorham. 

*Bailey, Daniel, e Woolwich, d Woolwich March 13, 1817, w Sus 
annah, Woolwich. 

Bailey, Hudson, of Portland, e Portland, d at sea, w Sarah, Port 

Bailey, Israel, e Bridgewater, Mass , d Buckfield May 20, 1830, w 
Lucy, Minot. 

Bailey, John, e Bridgewater, Mass., d Turner July 19, 1833, w 
Lucy B., Turner. 

Bailey, John, e Portland, d Portland August 13, 1822, w Abigail, 

*Bailey, Joshua, e Woolwich, d Woolwich December 24, 1827, w 
Sarah, Woolwich. 

*Bailey, Josiah, e Woolwich, d Woolwich February 5, 1836, w 
Mary, Woolwich. 

Bailey, Prince, Leeds, e Hanover, Mass. 

Bailey, Samuel, e Rowley, Mass., d Milford (Sunkhase) May 14, 
1830, w Elenor, Lincoln. 

* Sometimes spelled Bayley. 


Baker, Amos, Skowhegan, e New Ipswich, N. H., d Buffalo, N, 

Y., October 7, 1814, w Elizabeth, China. 
Baker, Samuel, e North Yarmouth, d North Yarmouth August 3, 

1826, w Mary, North Yarmouth. 
Baker, Silas, Freeman, e Marlborough, Mass 
Ball, John, e Whitefield, d Concord September 3, 1823, w Rachel, 

Ballard, Jonathan, e Andover, Mass., d Temple October 31, 1830, 

w Betty, Temple. 

Ballard, Uriah, Fryeburg, e Wilton, N. H. 
Bangs, Joshua, e Falmouth, d Auburn April 23, 1823, w Anna, 

Auburn, m Woodbury. 
Barker, Daniel, e Stow, Mass , d Waterford February, 1824, w 

Rachel, Bethel. 

Barker, James, Westbrook, e Stow, Mass. 
Barnes, Joseph, e Harpswell, d Lubec May 28, 1838, w Lydia, 


Barrett, Nathaniel, Fail-field, e Chelmsford, Mass. 
Barron, Jonathan, e Mass., d Minot March 21, 1815, w Mehitable, 

Barrous, Abraham, alias Barnes, e Sanford, d Cornish Oct. 24, 

1819, w Margaret, Cornish. 
Barrows, Peter, e Attleborough, Mass., d Camden May 12, 1841, 

w Elizabeth, Camden. 
Barstow, Benjamin, e Newcastle, d Nobleboro August 10, 1824, w 

Susannah, Nobleboro. 

Bartlett, Joseph, e Whitefield, d Montville June 2, 1826, w Han 
nah, Whjtefield. 
Barton, Ebenezer, e Windham, d Windharn April 15, 1785, w 

Dorothy, Windham. 

Barton, John, e Falmouth, d Salem May 10, 1834, w Abigail, Salem. 
Bates, Samuel, e Wareham, Mass., d Fairfield October 18, 1817, 

w Susanna, Fairfield. 
Beckler, Daniel, e Waldoboro, d Greenwood March 25, 1830, w 

Elizabeth, Greenwood. 

Bemis, Thaddeus, Fryeburg, e Waltham, Mass. 
Benjamin, John, e Needham, Mass., d Whitefield December 2, 

1814, w Betsey, Freedom, m John Decker. 
Benner, Christopher, Dennysville, e Abington, Mass. 
Bennett, Andrew, Troy, e Mt. Desert. 
Berry, George, Greene, e Scarboro. 
Berry, Joseph, York, e York. 


Berry, Nathaniel, Gardiner, e Gardiner. 

Berry, Pelatiah, e Scarboro, d Gray December 20, 1827, w Louisa, 

third wife, Gray. 
Berry, Samuel, e Gardiner, d Auburn August 6, 1816, w Ruth, 


Berry, Timothy, Cornish, e Scarboro. 
Bisbee, Elisha, e Pembroke, Mass., d Sumner December 4, 1826, 

w Chloe, Hartford, in Stetson. 
Black, Henry, Kittery, e Kittery. 
Black, Josiah, Limington, e Gorham. 
Blackington, James, e Rehoboth, Mass., d Thomaston October 25, 

1835, w Elizabeth, Thomaston. 
Blair, James, Woolwich, e Woolwich. 
Blaisdell, Daniel, e Phippsburg, d Phippsburg February 4, 1829, w 

Phebe, Mexico, m Howard. 
Blaisdell, Jonathan, e Brunswick, w Elizabeth, Brunswick, m 


Blake, Benjamin, Brownfield, e Gorham. 
Blake, John (lieutenant), Brewer, e Wrentham, Mass. 
Blake, John, e Harpswell, drowned in Harpswell bay July 14, 

1806. w Jane, Brunswick. 
Blake, John, e Gorham, d Gorham March 26, 1826, w Deborah, 


Blake, Joseph, Gorham, e Gorham. 
Blake, Willing, Warren, e Wrentham, Mass. 
Blakely, Pero, e Bridgewater, Mass., d China December 15, 1814, 

w Dina, China. 

Blithen, Increase, Phillips, e Durham. 
Boaz, James, Portland, e Plymouth, Mass. 
Bogs, Samuel, e Warren, d Warren October 1, 1834, w Susanna, 

Boies, John, of Madison, e N. H., d March 16, 1833, w Mary, 


Bolton, David, e Frankfort, d Augusta February 4, 1828, w Han 
nah, Augusta. 

Bond, Jonas, Dennysville, e Lincoln, Mass. 
Booker, Isaiah, e Harpswell, d Canaan February 23, 1823, w Sarah, 

Boothby, William, e Scarboro, d Limerick September 2, 1328, w 

Elizabeth, Limerick. 
Boston, Thomas, Kennebunkport, e Wells. 



Bosworth, Daniel, Dennysville, e Petersham, Mass 

Bowden, Amos, e York, d Castine December 20, 1820, w Lucy, 


Bowden, Theodore, Penobscot, e York. 
Bowker, Levi, Machias, e Scituate, Mass. 
Bowler, Ralph H., late of Machias (adjutant), e Massachusetts, w 

Hannah, Brooklyn, N. Y. 
Brackett, John, Harrison, e Falmouth. 
Bracy, James, York, e York. 
Bradford, Peabody, Minot, e Duxbury, Mass. 
Bragdon, Aaron, Corinth, e York. 
Bragdon, John, Kennebunk, e Berwick. 
Bragdon, John, New Gloucester, e Scarboro. 
Bragg, Joab, e Vassalboro, d Vassalboro April 9, 1832, w Lydia, 


Bray, Joseph, Anson, e New Gloucester. 

Bridges, Daniel, York, e York, temporarily in Wolfboro, N. H. 
Bridges, Edmund. Castine, e York. 
Briggs, Adin, e Stoughton, Mass., d Ansou February 26, IS 28, w 

Abigail, Starks, m Seavey. 
Briggs, Jesse, e Taunton, Mass., d Paris February 18, 1833, w 

Naomi, Paris. 

Britton, Jonathan, Otisfield, e Pittsfield, Mass. 
Brooks, Samuel, e Buxton, d Porter April 14, 1825, w Lucy, 

Brown, Amos, late of Limerick, e Saco, d Cornish December 1, 

1829, w Hannah, Limerick. 
Brown, Andrew, Litchfield, e Kennebunk. 
Brown, David, Boothbay, e Warren. 
Brown, Enoch, Sebec, e Arrowsic. 
Brown, Jacob, e Waterboro, d Hiram December 1831, w Rhoda, 

Brown, Jacob, (ensign,) e North Yarmouth, d North Yarmouth 

February 28, 1813, w Judith, Windham. 
Brown, James, Parsonsfield, e Virginia. 
Brown, James, e Newcastle, d Palermo May 28, 1827, w Aseneth, 

Brown, Jesse, e Gorham, d Raymond December 10, 1831, w Elee 

or Ela, Raymond. 

Brown, Moody, Cornish, e Waterboro. 
Brown, Samuel, Oxford, e Milford, Mass. 


Bryant, Daniel, Saco, e Saco. 

Buck, Moses, e New Gloucester, d Simmer, August 24, 182G, w 
Hannah, Sumner. 

Bumpus, Sbubal, Moutville, e Wareham, Mass 

Burbank, Eleazer, Belgrade, e Scarboro. 

Burgess, David, e Wareham, Mass., d Fairfield Oct. 11, 1832, w 
Sylvia, Fairfield. 

Burnham, Joseph, e Kennebunkport, d at sea about 1793, w Su 
sanna, Kennebunkport, m Proctor, then m Dudley Stone. 

Burr, Daniel, e Oxford, Mass., d Mercer March 13, 1834, w Su 
sanna, Mercer. 

Burrill, Benoni, e Abington, Mass , d Clinton April 8, 1814, w 
Lydia, Fairfield. 

Burrill, Humphrey, Skowhegau, e Abington. Mass. 

Burrows, Jonathan, e Lebanon, d Lebanon January 1, 1817, w 
Elizabeth, Lebanon. 

Bussell, Isaac, Columbia, e Bangor. 

Butler, Jonathan, e Georgetown, d Tamer January 21, 1827, w 
Dolly, Turner. 

Butler, Phineas, Thomas on, e Union. 

Campbell, Alexander, e Massachusetts, d Minot Febiuary 15, 1827, 

w Man, Minot. 

Campbell, James, Monmouth. e Boxford, Mass. 
Carl, John, e Lyman, d Unity October 17, 1832, w Lois, Unity. 
Carltou, P^zra, Letter E plantation, e Nottingham, N. H. 
Carlion, John, Frankfort, e Thomaston. 
Carter, Hubbard, e Warner, N. H., d Fryeburg September 1803, w 

Abigail, Lovell. m Abraham Andrews. 
Carvill, Henry, e Cape Elizabeth, d Lewiston July 12, 1823, w 

Mercy, Lewiston 

Cary, Luther, Turner, e Bridge water, Mass, 
Cash, John, Raymond, e Cape Elizabeth. 
Chadbourn, Levi, Parsonsfield. (See Introduction, page 10.) 
Chadbourn, Silas (quarter master), eGorham, d Gorharn June 13, 

1823, w Lucy, Gorham, m Edwards. 
Chamberlain, Jeremiah, e Pepperell, Mass., d Nobleboro October 

24, 1831, w Sarah, Nobleboro. 
Chamberlain, Moses, e Pepperell, Mass., d Moscow December 9, 

1833, w Anne, Norridgewock. 
Chamberlain, Silas, e Dracut, Mass., d Minot October 30, 1812, w 

Susanna, Minot. 


Chandler, Joel, e Winthrop, d Winthrop April 19, 1794, w Deborah, 

Winthrop, m Glidden. 
Chandler, Moses, e Concord, N. H., d Fryeburg September 10, 

1822, w Mary, Fryeburg 
Chapman, Nathaniel, e Lunenburg or Ipswich, Mass , d Kingfield 

January 2, 1819, w Sally, Starks. 
Chase, Ezekiel, Sebec, e Hallowell. 
Child, Jonas, e Watertown, Mass., d Hallowell February 14, 1815, 

w Anna, Hallowell. 

Childs, Amos, Vassalboro, e Watertown, Mass. 
Chipman, William, Oxford, e New Gloucester. 
Choate, Ebenezer, Bridgton, e Ipswich, Mass. 
Church, Charles, Phillips, e Pembroke, Mass. 
Churchill, Jabesh, Buckfield, e Bridgewater, Mass. 
Chute, Josiah, e Windham, d Windham October 3, 1834, w Mary, 

Clark, John, e Wiscasset, d Whitefield November 9, 1810, w 

Lydia, Whitefield. 
Clark, Joseph, Wiscasset, e Alna. 
Cleaves, William, Cumberland, e Kennebunk. 
Clough, Benjamin, Monmouth, e Winthrop. 
Cobb, Roland, Union, e Plympton, Mass. 
Coburn, Moses, Newry, e Dunstable, Mass. 
Cochran, John, e Newcastle, d Newcastle March 11, 1793, w 

Agnes, Edgecomb. 

Coffin, Nicholas, Lincoln, e Conway, N. H. 
Colbrough, Daniel, e Scarboro, d Denmark November 13, 1833, w 

Elizabeth, Hartford. 

Colby, Samuel, Portland, e Bradford, Mass. 
Cole, Barnet, Windsor, e Sutton, Mass. 
Cole, Eli, e Kittery, d Buxton December 16, 1832, w Olive, Bux- 


Cole, Isaiah, Waldoboro, e Waldoboro. 
Cole, John, e Waterville, d Albion January 11, 1824, w Polly, 


Cole, Samuel, Lewiston, e North Yarmouth. 
Collins. Benjamin, St. Albans, e Salisbury, Mass. 
Collins, Lemuel, Industry, e Cape Ann, Mass. 
Colson, David, e Bath, d Thomaston March 17, 1834, w Mary, 

Cone, Elijah, e Connecticut, d Lovell, w Judith, Lovell. 


Cone, Samuel, Hampden, e Saybrook, Conn. 
Conn, Jonathan, Bethel, e Northboro, Mass. 
Cook, Abrain, e Lebanon, d in U. S. service July 15, 1813, w 

Sarah, Lebanon. 

Cool, John, Waterville, e Winslow. 
Coolidge, Silas, e Westou, Mass., d Trenton May 13, 1834, w 

Elizabeth, Trenton. 
Coombs, Joseph S., d Brunswick April 24, 1835, heirs, Lucy 

Coombs and Thankful Given. 
Coombs, Samuel C., e Lincoln county, d Bowdoinham October 31, 

1826, w Rachel, Bowdoinham. 
Cornish, John, Brunswick, e Brunswick. 

Couch, George, e Dresden, d Hallowell June 1787, w Ann, Read- 
field, m Constant Norton. 
Couch, John, e Hallowell, d Hallowell March 14, 1830, w Jane, 

Cousins, Samuel, e Sedgwick, d Sedgwick August 6, 1835, w 

Pamelia, Sedgwick. 

Crane, Abijah, Fayette, e Dedham, Mass. 
Crawford, William, Gardiner, e Bath. 
Credifbrd, Abner, e Kennebunkport, d Kennebunkport September, 

1793, w Ruth, Kennebunkport. 
Cree, Asa, e Massachusetts, d Waterville October 19, 1833, w 

Love, Canaan. 
Creech, Richard, e Sandwich, Mass., d Leeds June 13, 1819, w 

Elizabeth, Leeds. 

Cresey, Benjamin, Falmouth, e Falmouth. 
Crockett, Samuel, Cape Elizabeth, e Cape Elizabeth. 
Crosby, Charles, e Smithfield, R. I., d Garland December 17, 1835, 

w Mary, Garland. 
Croxford, John, e Cumberland county, d Newburg December 26, 

1820, w Wilmot, Newburg. 
Cummings, Thomas F. (lieutenant), e Needham, Mass., d Prospect 

October 24, 1825, w Mary, Cutler, later of Castine. 
Cunningham, Samuel, e Jefferson, d Brunswick September, 1803, w 

Sarah, Newcastle. 

Cushman, Andrew, Leeds, e Plympton, Mass. 
Cushman, Joshua, e Bridge water, Mass., d Augusta January 26, 

1834, w Lucy, Winslow. 


Dam, John, Lisbon, e Cumberland county. 

Daisey, John, e North Yarmouth, d Poland 1831, w Mehitable, 

Damans, Abiah, e Abington, Mass., d Charlotte April 9, 1836, w 

Lncretia, Charlotte. 

Danforth, Abner, Litchfield, e Brunswick. 
Davenport, Philip, e Hallowell, d Hallowell April, 1820, w Jeru- 

sha, Augusta. 

Davis, Aaron, Warren, e Wrentham, Mass. 
Davis, Allen, Minot, e Gloucester, Mass. 
Davis, Benjamin, Belfast, e Gloucester, Mass. 
Davis, Elijah, e Gorham, d Gorham October 5, 1783, w Phebe, 

Bridgton, rn Whitney. 
Davis, Ezra, e Gardiner, d Pittston September, 1823, w Abigail, 

Davis, John, e New York or New Jersey, d Cutler April 27, 1836, 

w Eliza, Cutler. 
Davis, John, e Scarboro, d St. George May, 1792, w Eunice, 

Thorn aston. 

Davis, John, Waterville, e Saco. 
Davis, Joshua, Canton, e Gorham. 
Davis, Micah, e Middlesex county, Mass , d Fail-field January 7, 

1832, w Lydia, Gardiner. 

Davis, Nicholas, e Saco, d Hollis January 14, 1832, w Abigail, 


Davis, Philip, Fayette, e Windham. 
Davis, Samuel, Standish, e Gorham. 
Davis, William, Eddington, e Maine. 
Davis, William, e Long Is^nd, N. Y., d Fairfield November 29, 

1836, w Jane, Sidney. 
Davis, William, Whitefield, e Berwick. 
Davison, Alexander, Edgecomb, e Tewksbury, Mass. 
Day, Nathaniel, Lovell, e Fryeburg. 
Dean, Ebenezer, Madison, e Skowhegan. 
Dean, Edmund, Paris, e Taunton, Mass. 
Dearborn, Simon, Monmouth, e Epping, N. H. 
Delano, Alpheus, e Friendship, d Friendship March 9, 1826, w 

Margaret, Friendship. 
Delano, Jabez, Liver more, e Winthrop. 
Delano, Jonathan, e Duxbery, Mass., d Woolwich September 16, 

1833, w Ruth, Woolwich. 


Delano, Seth. Phillips, e Winthrop. 

Dennison, David, Freeport, e Freeport. 

Deshon, James, Waterboro, e AVaterboro. 

Dickey, Eleazer, Monroe, e Vassalboro. 

Didson, Benjamin, Starks, e Duustable, now Tyngsborougb, Mass; 

Dingley, Le\i, Harpswell, e Duxbury, Mass. 

Dix, William, e Dunstable, Mass., d Prospect November 16, 1828, 

w Abigail, Newburg. 

Doane, Amos, Hampden, e Eastham, Mass. 
Dodge, Nicholas, e Duubarton, N. H , d Burnham December 10, 

1<S27, w Elizabeth, Burnham. 
Dolbear, Benjamin, Freeman, e Needham, Mass. 
Dole, Amos, e Groton, Mass., d Orriugton July 20, 1832. w 

Matilda, Orrington. 
Dorman, John, e Kennebunkport, d Kennebunkport July 26, 1828, 

w Hannah, Kennebunkport. 
Doughty, Ichabod, Brunswick, e Keimebec. 
Doughty, James, Harpswell, e Brunswick. 
Doughty, John, e Fieeport, d Portland October 5, 1827, w Dorcas, 


Doughty, Nathaniel, Portland, e Freeport. 
Douglass, John, Denmark, e Scarboro. 
Dow, Joseph, e Portland, d Standish October 31, 1805, w Lucy, 


Downing, John, Minot, e Andover, Mass. 
Downing, Samuel, Minot, e Andover, Mass. 
Doyle, Jonathan, e Harpswell, d Harpswell 1789, w Huldah, 


Dresser, Jonathan, e Fryeburg, d Fryeburg May, 1814, w Eliza 
beth, Denmark. 

Dresser, Richard, Hollis, e Scarboro. 
Drown, Stephen , Kennebunkport, e Wells. 
Dudley, Nathan, Hebron, e East Midbury, Mass. 
Dunbar, David. Penobscot, e Scituate, Mass. 
Dunham, Ammi, Freeport, e Freeport. 
Dunham, Moses, Hartford, e Plympton, Mass. 
Dunn, Christopher, Belgrade, e Gorham. 
Dunn, Joshua, Dixfield, e Durham. 
Duron, William, e Edgecomb, d p:dgecomb October 21, 1832, w 

Ruth, Boothbay. 
Dwelley, Allen, Springfield, e Pembroke, Mass. 


Dyer, Benjamin, Cape Elizabeth, e Cape Elizabeth, d at sea June, 

1795, w Hannah, Lisbon. 
Dyer, Bickford, e Scarboro, d Baldwin May 5, 1828, w Dolly, 

Dyer, Ephraim, e Cape Elizabeth, d Sullivan August 26, 1834, w 

Hannah, Sullivan. 
Dyer, Isaac, Limington, e Cape Elizabeth. 

Eastman, Edmund, e Boscawen, N. H., d Limerick December 19, 

1812, w Hannah, Limerick. 
Eastman, Jacob, Bangor, e Tamworth, N. H. 
Eastman, Jacob, Parsonsfield, e Salisbury, Mass. 
Eastman, Zachariah, Scarboro, e Cape Ann, Mass. 
Eaton, Eliab, Strong, e Reading, Mass. 
Eaton, William, Wells, e Wells. 

Edmester or Edminster, Noah, Newburg, e Berkley, Mass. 
Edwards, Nathaniel, Parsonsfield, e Wells. 
Edwards, Thomas (adjutant), e Boston, Mass., d Boston August 

4, 1806, w Mary, Portland. 
Eldridge, Daniel, e Gorham, d Buxton, June 10, 1832, w Phebe, 

Turner. - 
Ellis, Atkins, e Harwich, Mass., d St. Albans October 18, 1833, 

w Elizabeth, St. Albans. 
Ellis, Samuel, e Sandwich, Mass., d East Machias January 27, 

1834, w Mary, East Machias. 

Emery, David, e Fail-field, d Fan-field November 18, 1830, w Abi 
gail, Fairfield. 
Emery, Jesse, e Boxford, Mass., d Londonderry, N. H., March 27 

1812, w Ruth, Newry. 

Emery, John, Skowhegan, e Chelmsford, Mass. 
Emery, Nathaniel, e Fairfield, d Starks May 1823, w Patence, 

Anson. . 

Emery, Samuel, Ripley, e Concord, Mass. 
Erskine, Alexander, e Bristol, d Bristol February 20, 1826, w 

Mary, Bristol. 
Erskine, George, Portland, e East Bridgewater, Mass., lost at sea 

on privateer Dart October, 1812, w Huldah, Portland. 
Everton, Zephaniah, Thomaston, e Roxbury, Mass. 
Ewer, Jonathan, e Barn stable, Mass., d Vassalboro January 29, 

1829, w Betsey, Vassalboro. 


Fairfield, John, e Kennebunkport, d Kennebunkport June 10, 1834, 

w Hannah, Kennebunkport. 
Fairfield, William, e Kenuebuukport, d Kennebunkport March 14. 

1827, w Mary, Kennebunkport. 
Fall, George, Lebanon, e Lebanon. 
Farnham, Jonathan, e Duxbury, Mass., d Boothbay May 29, 

1822, w Dorcas, Boothbay. 
Farrin, John, Bath, e Brunswick. 
Farrington, Abner, Warren, e Dedham, Mass. 
Fendersou, John, Parsonsfield, e Scarboro. 
Fenderson, Peletiah, Scarboro, e Scarboro. 
Fickett, Nathaniel, e Cape Elizabeth, d Cape Elizabeth May 3, 

1832, w Abigail, Cape Elizabeth. 
Fickett, Vinson, Lewiston, e Cape Elizabeth 

Field, Daniel, e Buxton, d Hollis June 19, 1798, w Rachel, Green 

Fifield, John, Fryeburg, e Fryeburg 
Fillebrown, Thomas, Winthrop, e Massachusetts. 
Fish, Adam (captain), e Duxbury, Mass., d Duxbury, Mass., Sep 
tember 26, 1815, w Jane, Bristol. 
Fisher, Ebenezer, e Wrentham, Mass., d Brewer March 28, 1835, 

w Sarah, Brewer. 

Fisher, Elijah, Livermore, e Attleboro, Mass. 
Fisher, Jacob, Kennebunk, e Wrentham. Mass. 
Flagg, Samuel A., Nobleboro, e Boston, Mass. 
Fletcher, John, e Acton, Mass., d Sumner March 12, 1835, w 

Elizabeth, Sumner. 
Flood, Henry, e Falmouth, d Buxton October 13, 1834, w Jemima, 


Flood, James, e Falmouth, w Susanna, Waterboro, m Brown. 
Fogg, Charles, Brownfield, e Scarboro. 
Fogg, George, Wales, e Scarboro. 

Ford, Miles, e Berwick, d Clinton July, 1831, w Susannah, Clinton. 
Foss, Elias, Limington, e Scarboro. 
Foss, Joseph, Buckfield. e Scarboro. 
Foss, Zachariah, Scarboro, e Scarboro. 
Foster, Benner, Portland, e Machias. 
Foster, Parker, Eliot, e Eliot. 
Fowler, Matthew, Unity, e Bridgewater, Mass. 
Frank, Thomas, e Falmouth, d Gray October 11, 1831, w Hannah, 


Freeman, Samuel, e Duxbury, Mass., d Minot December 10, 1786, 

w Hannah, Minot, m Bradford. 
Freethy, Joseph, Sedgwick, e Sedgwick. 
Freeze, John, e Harpswell, drowned in Penobscot river, w Sarah, 

Bowdoin, m Card. 
French, Jacob, e Salisbury, Mass , d Jay April 5, 1819, w Mary, 


Frost, Elliot, Eliot, e Kittery. 
Frost, Mark, e Berwick or Lebanon, d Belgrade October 5, 1835. 

w Hannah, Belgrade. 
Frost, Nathaniel, e Kittery, d Eliot February 17, 1829, w Sarah. 

Frost, Samuel, e Massachusetts, d Wayne October 27, 1823, w 

Patience, Wayne, m Billington. 
Frost, Simon, e Kittery, d Kittery October 1, 1803, w Jane, Corn- 

ville, m Merrill. 
Frost, Stephen, e Berwick, d Berwick October 8, 1824, w Sarah, 

Fuller, Andrew, e Middleboro, Mass., d Warren January 31, 1820, 

w Hannah, Warren. 
Fuller, Barzilla, e Kingston, Mass., d Hebron August 8, 1833, w 

Polly, Hebron. 
Fulmer, George, e Bangor, d Sacketts Harbour, N. Y., February 

11, 1815, w Nancy, Bangor. 
Frye, Nathaniel (paymaster), e Fryeburg, d Fryeburg April 17, 

1833, w Dolly, Fryeburg. 

Gaitskill, William, e Weymouth, Mass., d Winthrop 1820, w 

Dorcas, Sidney. 

Gammon, Joshua, Cape Elizabeth, e Falmouth. 
Gammon, Moses, Oxford, e Gorham 
Gardiner, Elijah, Dennysville, e Hingham, Mass. 
Gardner, John, Oxford, e Plymouth, Mass. 
George, Francis, Leeds, e Taunton, Mass. 
George, Thomas, Newport, e Dunbarton, N. H. 
Getcheii, Zachariah, Wells, e Wells, d at sea autumn of 1792, w 

Mary, Wells, m Zachariah Goodale. 
Gilpatrick, Joseph, Kenuebunk, e Wells. 
Given, John, Brunswick, e Brunswick. 
Glass, Consider, Guilford, e Duxbury, Mass. 
Glass, John, Gardiner, e Berwick. 
Glidden, Arnold, Chester, e Whitefield. 


Goff, William, e New Gloucester, d in service, w Anna, Sumner, 
m Tucker. 

Goldthwait, Timothy, Augusta, e Stoughton, Mass. 

Goodale, Zaclmriah, e Wells, d Wells September 2, 1825, w Mary, 

Goodwin, George, Avon, e Durham. 

Goodwin, Reuben, Lebau >u, e Berwick. 

Goodwin, Reuben, Jr., e Berwick, d Lebanon February 14, 1827 r 
w Ruth, Lebanon. 

Goodwin, Simeon, e Berwick, d Lebanon April 21, 1836, w Mary, 

Gordon, Benjamin, Belmoat, e Topsham. 

Gordon, CrJeb, e Pitt^fiMd, Mass., d Augusta July 8, 1833, w 
Mariana, Augusta. 

Gordon, Joseph, Belfast. 

Gordon, William, e Andover, Mass., d Fryeburg March 28, 1784, 
w Bethiah, Portland, m Aaron Chamberlain. 

Gove, Jacob, e Saco, d Lubec April 9, 1823, w Martha, Lubec. 

Gove, John, e Waterboro, d Limington July 22, 1818, w Lois, 

Gowc-r, John, e Wells, d Wells June 28, 1810, w Mary, Wells. 

Gr..nt, Elisha, e Woolwich, d in service August 6, 1777, w Lydia, 
Wiscasset. m Hilton. 

Grant, Joshua, e York, d York June, 1825, w Abigail, York. 

Green, Daniel, Readfield, e Durham. 

Green, John, e Gorham. d Scarboro October 25, 1809, w Eliza 
beth, Scarboro. 

Green, Jonathan, e Gorham, d Jackson May 26, 1834, w Rebecca? 

Greenleaf, Enoch, Westport, e Woolwich. 

Greenlow, John, Brownfield, e Westbrook. 

Griffith, John, e at or near Phmpton, Mass., d Livermore Febru 
ary 8, 1840, w Mary, Livermore. 

Guilford, John, Hollis, e Scarboro. 

Haines, Simeon, Swanville, e New Hampshire. 

Hale, Benjamin, Waterford, e Harvard, Mass. 

Hale, Israel, Waterford, e Harvard, Mass. 

Hall, Charles, Standish, e Standish. 

Hall, Enoch, e Windham, d Buckfield December 10, 1835, w 

Mariam, Buckfield. 
Hall, Jabez, Readfield, e Pembroke, Mass. 


Hall, John, w Judith, Lyman, m Shackley. 

Hall, Levi, Bangor, e Newcastle. 

Hall, Luther, e Bowdoinham, w Betsey, Brunswick. 

Halloway, William, e Bridgewater, Mass , d Windsor April 16, 

1831. w Mary, Windsor. 

Ham, John, Monmouth, e Newington, N H. 
Ham, Joseph, e Kennebunkport, d Kennebunkport June 3, 1800, 

w Margaret, Kennebunkport, m Andrew Staples. 
Hamblen, Prince, e Gorham, d Gorham April 17, 1836, w Bethiah, 

Gorham . 

Hamilton, Jonathan, Sanford, e Bet wick. 
Hamilton, Richird, e Berwick, d Searsmont June, 1834, w Mary, 


Hamilton, William, North Yarmouth, e North Yarmouth. 
Hamlin, Africa, e Pembroke, Mass., d Waterfoid January 20, 

1807, w Susanna, Waterford. 
Hammond, Paulipu?, Peru. 
Hancock, William, Buxton, e Buxton. 
Hans, James, e Portland, d Portland October 6, 1825, w Hannah, 

Hans, William, e Portland, d Portland September 8, 1830, w 

Thankful, Portland. 

Hanscom, Gideon, late of Lyman, w Mehitable, Kennebunkport. 
Hanscom, John, e Kittery, d Litchfield April 27, 1827, w Catherine, 

Li chfield. 

Hanscom, Nathaniel, e Eliot, d Eliot April, 1830, w Lucy, Eliot. 
Hanscomb, Reuben, e Kittery, d North Berwick March 2, 1831, w 

Elice or Alice, North Berwick. 
Hardy, William, Wilton, e Windham. 
Harlow, Josiah, e Plymouth, Mass., d Waldo August 29, 1825, 

w Olive, Monroe. 

Harmon, Abner, Buxton, e Scarboro. 
Harmon, Josiah, Thorndike, e Scarboro. 
Harmon, Samuel, Dixmont, e Sanford. 
Harmon, Thomas, e Scarboro, d Buxton January 15, 1834, w Mary, 


Harmon, William, Standish, e Scarboro. 
Harriman, Simon, e New Hampshire, d Bangor July 29, 1837, w 

Elizabeth, Bangor. 

Harris, John, Litchfield, e Bellingham, Mass. 
Hartwell, Oliver, Stetson, e Groton, Mass. 


Harvest, John Adams, e Waldoboro, d Waldo June 17, 1835, w 

Anna, Waldo. 

Harvey, William, Sou h Berwick, e Kittery. 
Haskell, John, e Gorham, d Knox September 22, 1819, w Mary, 


Haskell, Josiah, Thomaston, e Portland. 
Haskell, Stephen, e Westbrook, d Levant December 3, 1830, w 

Rebecca, Topsham. 
Haskell, William, e Barnstable, Mass., d China September 15, 

1827, w Rhoda, China. 
Hatch, Asa. e Gorham, d Gorham December 25, 1798, w Jane, 

Hatch, Simeon, e Falrnouth, d Dresden October 5, 1802, w Jemima, 


Hawes, Joseph, Minot, e Needham, Mass. 
Haynes, Ephraim, Eden, e Harpswell. 
Hazen, Jacob, Bridgton. e Boxford, Mass. 
Heald, Oliver, Madison, e Westford, Mass. 
Heath, William, e N. H., d Mt. Desert September 6, 1840, w 

Hannah, Mt. Desert. 
Heavner, Charles, Waldoboro, e Maine. 
Hicks, Samuel, e Falmouth, d Westbrook August 20, 1834, w 

Clarissa, Portland. 
Hill, Daniel, e Biddeford, d Buxton March 10, 1835, w Phebe, 

Hill, David, e Greenland, N. H , d Waterboro November 27, 1838, 

w Parnel, Waterboro. 
Hill, Thomas, e Falmouth, d North Yarmouth January 5, 1809, w 

Ruth, Cumberland, m Stubbs. 

Hilton, Edward, e Wells, d Wells April 26, 1833, w Mary, Wells. 
Hilton, Moral, Wi-casset, e Pownalboro. 
Hilton, William, Solon, e Wiscasset. 
Hinckley, Seth, e Harwich, Mass., d Eden January 23, 1792, w 

Genett, Fa rfield, m Joseph Mayo. 
Hinds, Benjamin, Madison, e Shrewsbury, Mass. 
Hinds, Samuel, St. George, e Boston, Mass. 

Hine, Richard, e Gorham, d Turner July 26, 1834, w Abiah, Hart 

Hinkley, Nehemiah, Bluehill, e Brunswick. 
Hobbs, Josiah, Falmouth, e Falmouth. 


Hodgdon, Jeremiah, e Gorham, d Hebron August 24, 1823, w 

Thankful, Hebron. 

Hodges, Ezra, Hal owell, e Norton, Mass. 
Hodgman, John, e Concord, Mass., d Wales February 24, 1834, w 

Mehitahle, Plymouth 
Hodsdon, Samuel, e South Berwick, d South Berwick August 2, 

1825, w Ann, South Berwick 
Hodsdon, Stephen, Rumford, e Berwick. 

Hoit, John M., e Portland, d Standish February 6, 1824, w Cath 
erine, Standish. 

Holden, Daniel, Sweden, e Stoneham, Mass. 
Holden, Samuel, Charleston, e Mendou, Mass. 
Holland, Park (lieutenant), Orouo, e Petersham, Mass 
Hollis, Stephen, e Bra ; ntree, Mass , d New Sharon February 7, 

1821, w Abigail, New Sharon. 
Holmes, Gershom, Minot, e Taunton, Mass. 
Holmes, Jonathan, e Plymouth, Mass , d Hartford October 16, 

1836, w Mercy, Hartford. 
Holt, Darius, Norway, e Audover. Mass. 
Holt, John, e Andover, Mass., d Bethel July 16, 1830, w Lydia, 

Holt, William, e Andover, Mass., d Fryeburg May 4, 1827, w 

Esther, Fryeburg. 

Horsom, David, Berwick, e Berwick. 
Houston, John, Sanford, e Wells. 
Houston, Samuel, e Belfast, d Belfast January 9, 1835, w Sarah, 


Howard, Joseph, Brownfield, e Brownfield. 
Howe, Jacob, e Rowley, Mass., d Paris January 30, 1830, w Betsey, 

Hudson, Timothy, e Winslow, d Clinton April 4, 1834, w Jane, 


Huff, Daniel, Edgecomb, e Edgecomb. 
Huff, Moses, Edgecomb, e Kennebunkport. 
Hunnewell, Thomas, e Pownalboro, w Elizabeth, Embden, m 

Hunt, Ichabod, e Gorham, d Unity April 30, 1822, w Eunice, 

Hunton, Jonathan, e Newcastle, d Wiscasset October 16, 1833, w 

Hannah, Wiscasset. 
Huston, John, Sanford, e Wells. 


Hutchins, Benjamin, e Westbrook, d Minot September 4, 1810, w 

Nancy, Minot. 
Hutchins. Eastman, e Kennebunkport, d Alfred May 8, 1826, w 

Bets-y, Alfred. 

Hutch ins. Joseph, Hartford, e Falmouth. 
Hutchins, Levi, Alfred, e Alfred. 
Hutchins, Simeon, Kennebunk, e Kennebunkport. 
Hutchius, Thomas, e Waterboro, June 14, 1803, w Abigail, Water- 

Hutchinson, Israel, Hallowell, e Lyndeboro, N. H. 

Ingalls, Phineas, Bridgton, e Andover, Mass. 

Jackman, Richard, Wayne, e Ipswich, Mass. 

Jackson, Henry, e Raymond, d Raymond March 23, 1807, w 

Sarah. Raymond 
Jackson, Nathaniel, e Newton, Mass., d Jay November 30, 1830, 

w Roxauna, Jay. 
Jacobs, George (lieutenant), e Wells, d Sanford June 1, 1831, w 

Hephsibeth, Sanford. 
Jacobs, John, Mt. Vernon, e Wells. 
Jenkins, Lemuel, Bowdoin, e Kittery. 
Jenkins, Samuel, e Gorham. d Buckfield November 15, 1832, w 

Thankful, Buckfield. 

Jennings, Eliphalet, Farmington, e Dunstable, Mass. 
Jewett, Jonathan, e Rowley, Mass.,d Pittston November 19, 1806, 

w Hannah, Bath, m William S. Crocker. 
Johnson, Andrew, Stow, e Durham, N. H. 
Johnson, Dennis, Waterboro, e Kittery. 
Johnson, James, late of Frankfort, e Frankfort, d New York, w 

Hannah, Augusta. 
Johnson, Jasper, d North Yarmouth April 1795, w Rebecca, Pow- 

nal, m David Johnson. 
Johnson, Nathan, e Deer Isle, d North Yarmouth October 30, 1830, 

w Mary, Cumberland. 
Jones, Joshua, Durham, e Durham. 
Jones, Lazarus, Bridgton, e Wells. 
Jones, Thomas, e Boston, Mass., d Hope February 6, 1835, w 

Mary, Hope. 
Jordan, Abner, e Limington, d Lisbon September 26, 1819, w 

Hannah, Auburn. 


Jordan, Abraham, e Cape Elizabeth, d Durham April 18, 1835, w 

Lydia, Durham. 

Jordan, David, Albany, e Gray. 
Jordan, Hezekiah, e Raymond, d Raymond May 16, 1828, w 

Eunice, Raymond. 
Jordan, Humphrey, e Cape Elizabeth, d Auburn October 13, 1833, 

w Johannah, Auburn. 
Jordan, James, e Windham, d Monroe March 31, 1813, w Hannah, 

Jordan, Solomon, e Cape Elizabeth, d Cape Elizabeth April 15, 

1819, w Sarah, Cape Elizabeth. 
Jumper. Daniel, Harrison, e Cape Ann, Mass. 

Keen, Isaac, Clinton, e Kittery. 

Keezer, David, Calais, e Haverhill, Mass. 

Keith, Cornelius, e Bath, d Bath January, 1831, w Lydia, Bath. 

Kellock, David, Warren, e Gushing. 

Kellogg, Elijah, Portland, e South Hadley, Mass. 

Kendall, William, e Clinton, d Fail-field August 11, 1827, w 
Abigail, Fairneld. 

Kenerson, John, e Lebanon, d Denmark October 29, 1833, w 
Betsey, Denmark. 

Kenney, Benjamin, e Wi?caset, d Eastport April, 1815, w Eliza 
beth, Freedom. 

Kenney, Thomas, e Hallowell, d Hallowell April 11, 1825, w Han 
nah, Pittston. 

Kenniston, John, late of Hawke (now Danville), N. H., e Hawke, 
N. H., d Albany, N. Y., November 28, 1784, w Betsey, 
Cornville, m Bean. 

Keyes, Ebenezer, Jay, e Shrewsbury, Mass. 

Kilgore, James, Lovell, e Fryeburg. 

Kilgore, John, Newry, e Fryeburg. 

Killsa, James, e Bristol, d Thomaston June 25, 1792, w Lydia, 

Kimball, David, Harmony, e Wells. 

Kimball, Joseph, Bridgton, e Waterboro. 

Kimball, Nathan, e Wells, d York October 15, 1827, w Lydia, 
South Berwick. 

Kimball, Rufu^, e Scarboro, d Hollis January 27, 1813, w Lucy, 

King, Moses, e Methuen, Mass., d Hallowell August 10, 1804, w 
Mary, Pittston, m Brainard. 


Kinsley, Daniel, Minot, e Bridge water, Mass. 

Knight, Daniel, Norway, e Gray. 

Knight, John, Windham, e Gorham. 

Knight, Jonathan, Waterboro, e South Berwick. 

Knight, Jonathan, Windham, e Falmouth. 

Knight, Joseph, Alfred, e Berwick. 

Knight, William, e Nottingham, N. H., d Poland April 11, 1831, 

w Phebe, Poland. 
Knowlton, John, e Ipswich, Mass , d Kittery October 18, 1798, w 

Dorcas, Eliot. 
Knox, Jonathan, Berwick, e Berwick. 

Lampson, William, e Edgecomb, d Edgecomb October 15, 1823, w 

Martha, P^dgeconib. 

Lancaster, Joseph, Richmond, e Woolwich. 
Landerkin. Daniel, Boothbay, e Boothbay. 
Lane, John, e Buxton, drowned Whitefield November 1, 1809, w 

Betsey, Buxton. 

Lara, James, Turner, e Falmouth. 
Lasdell, Asa, Burnham, e Alfred. 
Lassell, Caleb, Waterboro, e Kennebunkport. 
Lawrence, John, North Yarmouth, e North Yarmouth. 
Leavitt, William, e Exeter, N. H., d Alfred October 22, 1837, w 

Betsey, Alfred. 

Lebroke, James, w Sarah, Greenwood. 
Leher, Peter, e Waldobero, d Washington November 3, 1822, w 

Catherine, Washington. 
Leland, Ebenezer, e Sherburne, Mass., d Deer Isle 1808, w Mary, 

Leland, Henry, e Sherburne, Mass , d Sangerville June 26, 1835, 

w Sarah, Sangerville. 
Lemont, Thomas, e Georgetown, d in service October, 1777, w 

Lucy, Wales, m John Mallett. 
Lewis, Abijah, e Buxton, d Hiram December 17, 1830, w Elizabeth, 

Lewis, Joseph, e York, d Waterboro, December 9, 1834, w Mehit- 

able, Waterboro. 
Libby, Allison, e Scarboro, d Gorham May 14, 1816, w Sarah, 

Limington, m Small. 
Libby, Benjamin, e Scarboro, d Whitefield, August 10, 1833, w 

Hannah, Whitefield. 


Libby, Edward, Gorham, e Scarboro. 

Libby, Francis, Buxton, e Scarboro. 

Libby, Harvey, Limington, e Scarboro. 

Libby, James, e Deering, d Auburn May 15, 1828, w Sally, Poland. 

Libby, Jonathan (captain) , e Scarboro, d Scarboro March 22, 

1805, w Abigail, Scarboro. 

Libby, Luke, e Scarboro, d in service, w Dolly, Auburn. 
Libby, Nathaniel, Limerick, e Kittery. 
Libby, Simeon, e Scarboro, d Gorham March 11, 1830, w Ann, 


Libby, Solomon, e Scarboro, d Saco March 1, 1832, w Sally, Saco. 
Libby, Thomas, e Scarboro, d Scarboro March 27, 1827, w Mary, 


Linscot, Theodore, Sanford, e York. 
Littlefield, Abraham, e Wells, d York July 20, 1831, w Susanna, 

Littlefield, Johi (ensign), e Wells, d Wells March 11, 1790, w 

Mariam, Wells. 

Littlefield, Moses, Frankfort, e Randolph, Mass. 
Lombard, Caleb, e Gorham, d Turner April 19, 1833, w Hannah, 


Lombard, Jedediah, Standish, e Gorham. 
Lombard, Nathaniel, Cornville, e Gorham. 
Longley, Asa, St. Albans, e Groton, Mass. 
Longley, Zachariah, e Groton, Mass., d Dover June 28, 1825, w 

Betsey, Dover. 
Loomis, Roger, e Massachusetts, drowned October 16, 1821, w 

Isabella, Westport. 
Lord, Adam, e Waterboro, d in service 1782, w Olive, Limington, 

in Stone. 

Lord, Daniel, e Berwick, d Limerick December 15, 1833, w Han 
nah, Limerick. 
Lord, Elias, e Berwick, d Lyman February 22, 1833, w Elizabeth, 

Lord, Nathan, e Berwick, d Lebanon November 26, 1833, w Sarah, 

Lord, Richard, e South Berwick, d South Berwick, w Mary, South 

Lord, Simeon (captain), e Berwick, d South Berwick October 28, 

1815, w Polly, North Berwick. 


Low, Beniah, of Portland, e Portland, d at sea November 20, 1791, 
w Elizabeth, Standish, m Lowell. 

Low, Jacob, of Bath (captain), e Ipswich, Mass., d in New Jer 
sey in fall of 1803, w Mary, Bath. 

Lowell, Benjamin, e Massachusetts, d Bucksport March 10, 1835, 
w Lydia, Bucksport. 

Lowell, Paul, Turner, e Georgetown. 

Lowell, Thomas, Dixmont, e Baldwin. 

Lunt, Amos, Brunswick, e Falmouth. 

Lunt, Daniel (captain), e Westbrook, d Westbrook November 29, 
1823, w Eunice, Westbrook. 

Lydsou, Robey, e Kittery, d Kittery May 27, 1809, w Olive, 

Madden, John, Waldo, e Gushing. 

Maddocks, Samuel, Ellsworth, e Kenuebunk. 

Margery, Jonathan, e Boston, Mass., d Scarboro November 16, 

1820, w Sarah, Scarboro. 
Marsh, Noah, e Exeter, N H., d Cornville October 25, 1830, w 

Hannah, Cornville. 
Marston, Nathaniel, born in Newmarket, N. H., d Gardiner Sep 

tember, 1823, w Jane, Gardiner. 
Martin, David, BriJgton, e Buxton. 
Martin, John, e Scarboro, d Monmouth May 26, 1830, w Lydia, 


Martin, Joseph P., Prospect, e Becket, Mass. 
Martin, Robert, Sebago, e Saco. 
Mason, George, e Dresden, d Windsor April 21, 1817, w Susanna, 

Windsor, m Hilton. 
Mason, John, e North Yarmouth, d Falmou h October 22, 1824, w 

Lucy, Falmouth. 
May, John, e New Gloucester, d Raymond December 8, 1813, w 

Hepsebah, Poland. 

Mayberry, William, Raymond, e Windham. 
Mayhew, James, Hermon, e Hanson, Mass. 
McCausland, Henry, e Gardiner, d Augusta August 12, 1829, w 

Abiah, Gardiner. 
McCausland, James, e Gardiner, d Gardiner March 14, 1826, w 

Mary, Gardiner. 

McClellan, John, Glenburn, e Chester, N. Y. 
McDaniel, James, e York, d York August 1821, w Susanna, York. 


McDonald, Abner, e Buxton, d Portland, April 29, 1801, w Polly, 

Wind ham, m Johnson. 
McDonald, Pelatiah, Standish, e Gorham. 
McFarland, Elijah, e Plympton, Mass., d Fait field November 7, 

1827, w Sarah, Fairfield. 
McFarland, Solomon, e Middleborough, Mass., d Fairfield June 3, 

1827, w Deborah, Fairfield, m Scribner. 
McGee, Neil, e Bradford, Mass , d Brooksville September 2, 1824, 

w Susannah, Brooksville. 
McGill, William, e Brunswick, d Brunswick September 9, 1828, 

w Martha, Brunswick. 
Mclntosh, John, Durham, e Harpswell. 
McKenney, Abner, e Scarboro, d Scarboro December 23, 1830, 

w Sarah, Saco. 

McKenney, Joseph, Greene, e Scarboro. 
McKenney, William (lieutenant), e Scarboro, d Auburn February 

7, 1833, w Mariam, Auburn 
McKinney, Jeremy, Saco, e Saco, drowned in Buxton August 14, 

1793, w Anna, Saco. 
McLucas, John, e Saco, d Hiram March 27, 1813, w Margaret, 


McMannus, John, Brunswick, e Brunswick. 
McPherson, Dugal, e Boxborough, Mass., d Madison June 11, 

1815, w Mary, Madison. 
McQuigg, Daniel, e Newcastle, d Newcastle June 5, 1816, w Phebe, 

Means, Thomas, e Freeport, d Freeport December 16, 1827, w 

Eleanor, Freeport. 

Mero, Amaziah, Union, e Stoughton, Mass., John, e Weston, Mass., d Skowhegan June 15, 1835, w 

Mary, Burnham. 
Merrill, Daniel (captain), e Kennebunkport. d Kennebunkport 

September 6, 1808, w Sarah, Kennebunkport. 
Merrill, John, Lewiston, e Falmouth. 

Merrill, Moses, e Portland, d Portland October 18, 1833, w Eliza 
beth, Portland. 
Merritt, Daniel, e Columbia, d Addison January, 1808, w Hannah, 

Addison, m William Merritt. 
Merritt, William, Addison, e Addison. 
Merrow, William, e Biddeford, d Standish March 12, 1836, w 

Margaret, Standish. 


Migbel, Moses, e Exeter, N. H., d Parsonsfield July 23, 1833, w 
Elizabeth, Parsonsfield. 

Miller, Lemuel (lieutenant), Kennebunkport, e Kennebunkport. 

Milliken, Joel, Scarboro, e Scarboro. 

Milliken, Josiah, e Scarboro, d Limington January 13, 1833, w 
Sarah, Limington. 

Mills, John, e Lebanon, d Belgrade December 21, 1810, w Mary, 

Mitchell, John, Harrington, e North Yarmouth. 

Mitchell, Joshua, e Bath, d Bath November 1826, w Tamesin, 

Mitchell, Robert, e Cape p:iizabrth, d Portland February 3, 1820, 
w Mary, Portland. 

Mitchell, Samuel, Bowdoin, e Wells. 

Moody, Daniel, e Scarboro, d Auburn April 23, 1811, w Lucy, 

Moody, George, Limington, e Saco. 

Moody, Joshua, e Gorham, d Baldwin December 29, 1829, w Re 
becca, Baldwin. 

Moore, Joshua, Vienna, e York. 

Morrill, Jacob, d Greenbush December 15, 1831, w Olive, Green- 

Morrison, Moses, Phippsburg, e Bath. 

Morse, Anthony, e Brunswick, w Susa, Brunswick. 

Morse, Levi, Gray, e Gray. 

Morse, Seth, Paris, e Hopkinton, Mass. 

Morton, David, e Gorham, d Gorham June 22, 1827, w Mary, 

Morton, Thomas, Gorham, e Gorham. 

Moulton, Simeon, e Exeter, N. H., d Newfield April 10, 1834, w 
Sally, Newfield. 

Mugford, John, Windham, e Windham. 

Munroe, Hugh, e Rehoboth, Mass., d Thomaston June 22, 1832, w 
Naomi, Thomaston. 

Murch, Matthias, Gorham, e Gorham. 

Neal, Samuel, e Kittery, d York December 8, 1816, w Mary, 

Portsmouth, N. H. 

Newbegin. George, Parsonsfield, e Scarboro. 
Nichols, Bela, e Cohasset, Mass., d Prospect November 18, 1831, 

w Dorcas, Prospect. 


Nichols, Nathaniel, e Rehoboth, Mass., d Augusta May 28, 1836 t 

w Mehitable, Augusta. 
Nickerson, Reuben, e Eastham, Mass., d Frankfort August 17, 

1831, w Lois, Frankfort- 

Norman, John, late of Keunebunk, e Wells, w Sally, Kennebunk. 
Norton, Nathaniel, e Sanford, d Limington November 22, 1831, w 

Hannah, Limington. 

Nowell, Zachariah, Portland, e Portland. 
Noyes, Bela, e Bridgewat^r, Mass , d Norway August 24, 1833, w 

Elizabeth, Greenwood. 
Nutting, Abel, e Groton, Mass., d Lisbon January 18, 1827, w 

Rhoda, Lisbon, m Green. 
Netting, Thomas, Wilton, e Littleton, Mass. 
Nye, Jonathan, Fairfield, e Sandwich, Mass. 

Oakes, John, Exeter, e Canaan. 

O Brien, John, Cornish, e Kittery. 

Orr, Alexander (lieutenant), e Boston, Mass., left Boston 1783 

never heard from, w Deborah, Camden, m Ames. 
Osborn, Hugh, Rome, e Pembroke, Mass. 
Osborn, James, Kennebunk, e Woburn, Mass. 
Osborn, Michael, e Pembroke, Mass., d Wiscasset December 4, 

1834, w Judith, Augusta. 
Osgoo^l, Asa, e Andover, Mass., d Hiram August 10, 1833, w 

Hannah, Hiram. 
Owen, PhUip, Brunswick, e Topsharn. 

Packard, James, Norway, e Bridgewater, Mass. 

Packard, Nehemiah, Minot, e Bridgewater, Mass. 

Page, Abraham, born Kensington, N. H., w Dorothy, Belgrade. 

Page, Chase, e Deerfield, N. H., d Corinth May 4, 1825, w Lydia, 

Page, Daniel, Fairfield, e Haverhill, Mass. 

Paine, Thomas, Pownal, e Portland. 

Palmer, Simon, Windsor, e Warner, N. H. 

Parker, Edmund, e Pepperell, Mass., d Norridgewock, son and 
heir, Edmund, Norridgewock. 

Parker, John, e Westbrook, d Westbrook 1788, w Anne, West- 

Parker, Josiah, New Portland, e Fairfield. 

Parkhurst, Nathan, e New Hampshire, d Unity May 17, 1815, w 
Sarah, Unity. 


Parsons, Nathan (adjutant), e Massachusetts, d Bangor October 

11. 1822, w Susan, Bangor. 
Partridge, David, e Falmouth, d Poland March 22, 1834, w Mary, 

Patch, George, e Kittery, d Kittery February 17, 1816, w Sally or 

Sarah, Kittery. 

Patten, Nathaniel, Penobscot, e Westminster, Mass. 
Patterson, James, e Saco, d Hollis April 1, 1816, w Lucretia, Saco. 
Paul, David, Lewiston, e New Gloucester. 
Payne, William, Anson, e Woolwich. 
Peary, Stephen, Denmark, e Wells. 
Peck, Joshua, e Rehoboth, Mass., d Clinton April 16, 1833, w 

Diadema S., Clinton. 
Peudexter, Paul, Cornish, e Biddeford. 
Penney, Abraham, Smithfield, e Wells. 
Penney, George, e Wells, d Belgrade March 27, 1814, w Abigail, 


Penney, Salathiel, Waterville, e Wells. 
Perkins, Samuel, e Newton, Mass., d Paris January 8, 1809, w 

Mehitable, Paris. 
Perry, Jesse, e Rehoboth, Mass., d Steuben December 18, 1832, w 

Mary, Steuben. 
Pettee, Oliver, e Walpole, Mass., d Gouldsboro August 3, 1831, w 

Abigail, Gouldsboro. 
Philbrook, David, e Hallowell, d Hallowell, February 17, 1831, w 

Catherine, Hallowell. 

Phillips, Ichabod, e Turner, d Leeds October 13, 1830, w Eliza 
beth, Canton, m Ames. 
Phillips, Jairus, e Pembroke, Mass., d Turner June 3, 1828, w 

Silence, Turner. 

Phinney, John, Gorham, e Gorham. 
Picket, William, New Gloucester, e New Gloucester. 
Pillsbury, Nathan, e Kittery, d Thomaston May 23, 1826, w Lucy, 

Thomas ton. 
Plaisted, John, e Scarboro, d Standish January 26, 1834, w Lydia, 


Plummer, Edward, Albion, e Scarboro. 
Plummer, Isaac, e Scarboio, d Gorham July 12, 1821, w Esther, 


Plummer, John, Freedom, e Scarboro. 
Plummer, William, Auburn, e Scarboro. 


Poland, Joseph, e Beverly, Mass., d in service at Washington, 

D. C., 1813, w Hannah. Cumberland. 
Pollard, Barton, e Raymond, N. H., d Albion September 10, 1828, 

w Mary, Albion. 

Poole, Job, Falmouth, e Fal mouth. 
Poole, Thomas, e Falmouth, d Brunswick April 19, 1824, w Rebecca, 

Porter, Benjamin J. (surgeon s mate), Camden, had lived in 

Pratt, Elam, e Abington, Mass., d Skowhegan April 18, 1836, w 

Ljdia, Skowhegan. 

Pratt, George, Salem, e Middleborough, Mass. 
Proctor, Samuel, e Falmouth, d Durham March 12, 1795, w Joanna, 

Wayne, m Thompson 
Pullen, John, e Attleboro, Mass., d Waterville March 29, 1810, w 

Amy, Waterville. 

Pullen, Oliver, Palermo, e Attleboro, Mass. 
Pumpilly, Bennett, e Pembroke, Mass., d Turner December 5, 1834, 

w Elizabeth, Turner. 

Ramsdell, James, e Lynn, Mass., d Lubec June 2, 1829, w Juda, 

Lubec, m Robinson. 
Randall, James, e Berwick, d Limington May 15, 1821, w Mary, 

Randall, Stephen, e Berwick, d Limerick September 18, 1837, w 

Elizabeth, Limerick. 
"Rankins, James, e Lebanon, d Rome November 22, 1799, w Sarah, 


Redington, Asa, Waterville, e Wilton, N. H. 
Reed, Amaziah, e North Yarmouth, d Weld March 18, 1833, w 

Jediah, Weld. 

Reed, Ward, Dixmont, e Woburn, Mass. 
Reynolds, Daniel, e Middleborough, Mass., d Burnham May 13, 

1832, w Thankful, Barnham. 
Reynolds, David, d Dennysville March 31, 1832, w Rebecca, 


Reynolds, Eliphalet, Addison, e New London, Conn. 
Rhode Island, Newport, e Newbury, Mass , w Phillis, Deer Isle. 
Rhodes, Jacob, Lyman, e Kennebunkport. 
Rhodes, Moses, Waterboro, e Kennebunkport. 
Riant, Joseph, Farmington, e Thornton, N. H. 
Richards, Joseph, Saco, e Scarboro. 


Richardson, Joel, e Topsharn, d Durham February 20, 1827, w 
Lydia, G nil ford. 

Ricker, Simeon, Lisbon, e Berwick. 

Rideout, Abraham, Kennebunkport, e Brunswick. 

Rideout, William, e Falmouth, d Cumberland January 23, 1831, w 
Ruth, Cumberland. 

Ridley, David, Windsor, e Gorham. 

Ridley, George, e Harpswell, d Bowdoin October 31, 1818, w 
Mary, Bowdoin, m Rogers. 

Roach, John, e k Little Winzor," N. H., d Wilton August 22, 1828, 
w Abigail, Wilton. 

Robbins, Daniel, Leeds, e Augusta. 

Robbins, Eliphalet, Norridgewock, e Douglas, Mass. 

Robbins, Otis, Thomaston, e Thomaston. 

Robinson, George, e Cape Elizabeth, d Hollis March, 1819, w 
Isabella, Hollis. 

Robinson, John, e Scarboro, d Limington February 14, 1826, w 
Deborah, Limington. 

Robinson, John, e Watertown, Mass., d Sebago February 20, 1827, 
w Phebe, Sebago. 

Robinson, Samuel, late of Portland, e Cape Elizabeth, d at sea 
August 21, 1806, w Betsey, Portland. 

Robinson, William, e York, d in service 1782, w Sarah, York. 

Rogers, John, St. Albans. 

Rolf, Jeremiah, Abbot, e Buxton. 

Rollins, Eliphalet, Hallo well, e Newcastle. 

Rollins, John, Augusta, e Newcastle. 

Rose, Benjamin, Hartland, e Bangor. 

Rourke, Martin, e Massachusetts, d Durham June 1, 1807, w Eliza 
beth, Durham. 

Rowe, Webber, Baldwin, e Standish. 

Rumery, Dominicus, e Kittery, d Lubec October 27, 1835, w 
Pamelia, Lubec. 

Runnells, John, e Scarboro, d Saco July 7, 1816, w Rhoda, Port 

Runnells, Thomas, Portland, e Queenstown, Md. 

Russell, Andrew, Madison, e Townsend, Mass. 

Russell, Calvin, Moscow, e Groton, Mass. 


Sanborn, Simeon, e Standish, d Bethel October 28, 1832, w Han 
nah, Greenwood. 

Sanders, Joseph, e Wareham, Mass., d Farraington September 12, 
1831, w Lucy, Farmington. 

Sanford, John, Cape Elizabeth, e Cape Elizabeth. 

Sargent. Charles, South Berwick, e York temporarily in Ports 
mouth, N. H. 

Sargent, John, e York, d Frankfort November 23, 1801, w Lydia, 

Sargent, Paul Dudley (colonel), e Amherst, N. H., d Sullivan 
September 15, 1827, w Lucy, Sullivan. 

Sawyer, Josiah, Steuben, e Cape Elizabeth. 

Seavey, Eliakim, York, e York. 

Severance, Caleb, Brewer, e Newburyport, Mass. 

Severance, Ephraim, e Kingston, N. H., d Belmont March 6, 1826 , 
w Ruth, Koox. 

Sewall, Henry (captain), Augusta, e York. 

Shackley, Joseph, Lyrnan, e Wells. 

Shane, Richard, e Berwick, d Raymond March 31, 1828, w 
Susannah, Raymond. 

Shaw, Abraham, York, e York. 

Shaw, Ephraim, e Middleborough, Mass , d Sidney January 27, 
1835, w Rebecca, New Vineyard. 

Shaw, John, Woolwich, e Woolwich. 

Shaw, Nathaniel, e Portland, d Portland August 16, 1831, w Polly, 

Shaw, Nathaniel, Turner, e Abington, Mass. 

Shed, Amos, e Groton, Mass., d Norridgewock July 11, 1800, w 
Lucy, Norridgewock, m Crosby. 

Shed, Lemuel, e Leominster, Mass , d Norway June 1818, w Ruth, 

Sheldon, William, e Woolwich, d Newcastle December 26, 1831. w 
Sarah, Newcastle. 

Shepherd, James, e Jefferson, d Jefferson July 24, 1818, w Mary, 

Shepherd, Lewis, e Scarboro, d Portland November 20, 1832, w 
Elizabeth, Portland. 

Shepherd, William, e Jefferson, d Jefferson March 17, 1832, w 
Lucy, Jefferson. 

Sherman, James, e Freeport, d Freeport 1789, w Margaret, Free- 


Silley, Benjamin, Brooks, e Gorham 

Simmons, Joel, e New Gloucester, d Harrison February 24, 1815, 

w Artemisa, Minot, m Packard. 
Simontou, Walter, e Cape Elizabeth, d Cape Elizabeth May 28, 

1826, w Lucy, Cape Elizabeth. 
Simpson, Simeon, Winslow, e Winslow. 
Sinclair, Joseph, Bangor, e Barnstead, N. H. 
Skinner, John, Lewiston, e Cape Elizabeth. 
Skriggins, Thomas, Eliot, e Eliot. 
Small, Daniel, Limington, e Scarboro. 
Small, Daniel, Raymond, e Cape Elizabeth. 
Small, Henry, e Scarboro, d Limington November 9, 1826, w 

Elizabeth, Limington. 
Small, James, Scarboro, e Scarboro. 
Small, Jeremiah, Westbrook, e Windham. 
Smith, Charles, Belfast, e Woolw ch. 
Smith, Ebenezer (captain), e Woolwich, d Woolwich September,. 

24, 1824, w Jennet, Richmond. 
Smith, Jesse, e Milton. Mass., d Baugor November 21, 1829, w 

Lucy, Bangor. 
Smith, John, e Gloucester, Mass., d Isl< sboro May 15, 1824, w 

Lydia, Belfast, m Covel. 
Smith, John 4th, e Boston, Mass., d Mt. Desert June 7, 1828, w 

Anna, Mt. Desert. 

Smith, John Kilby (captain), Portland, e Boston, Mass. 
Smith, Moses, Prospect, e Sturbridge, Mass. 
Smith, Noah, e Biddeford, d Hollis October 15, 1830, w Comfort, 

Smith, Peleg, e Woolwich, d Hope June 12, 1832, w Lucy Ann, 


Smith, Roland, Augusta, e Middleborough, Mass. 
Smith, Samuel, Monroe, e Buxton. 
Smith, Stephen, Freedom, e Bristol. 
Smith, Thomas, Litchfield, e Georgetown. 
Snow, Paul M., late of Portland, e Wells, d at sea October 23, 

1815, w Mary, Saco. 
Soule, Asa, Montville, e Halifax, Mass. 
Southard, Constant, e Duxbury, Mass., d Corinna November 19 r 

1826, w Lucy B., Corinna. 

Spaulding, Samuel, Frankfort, e Chelmsford, Mass. 
Spearing, John, e Clinton, d Hartland November 9, 1831, w Mary, 



Spencer, Solomon, Hartland, e Winslow. 
Spencer, Thomas, Limington, e Berwick. 
Spencer, William, e South Berwick, d Baldwin May 29, 1835, w 

Eleanor, Baldwin. 

Spring, Josiah, Brownfield, e Brownfield. 
Spurr, Enoch, Otisfield, e Wrentham, Mass. 
Stanford, John, Bath, e Ipswich, Mass. 
Stanley, Adin, Winthrop, e Attleborough, Mass. 
Staples, Joseph, e Biddeford, d Biddeford January 21, 1832, w 

Louisa, Biddeford. 
Staples, Stephen, e Topsham, d Lisbon May 18, 1814, w Charity, 

Staples, William, e Sanford, d Bethel February 15, 1832, w Joan, 


Starbird, Samuel, Lisbon, e Brunswick. 
Stetson, Hezekiah, e Plympton, Mass., d Sumner March 3, 1833, 

w Chloe, Hartford. 
Stevens, Daniel, e Thomaston, d Thomaston April, 1796, w Jerusha, 

Hallowell, m Davenport. 
Stevens, Jonas, e Gray, d Norway February 9, 1833, w Mary, 

Stevens, Samuel, e Townsend, Mass , d Mercer September 14, 

1833, w Amy, Mercer. 

Stevens, Thomas, Brooksville, e Groton, Mass. 
Steward, Amasa, Skowhegan, e Lunenburg, Mass. 
Steward, Benjamin, e Lunenburg, Mass., d Skowhegan February 

7, 1820, w Sally, Newport. 
Stinson, Samuel, Deer Isle, e Deer Isle. 
Stinson, William, e Woolwicu, d Richmond March 9, 1823, w 

Abiah, Litchfield. 
Stoddard, Nathaniel, e Hingham, Mass., d Perry October 20, 1828, 

w Hannah, Perry. 

Stone, George, Liminglon, e Scarboro. 
Stone, John, Parsonsfield, e Scarboro. 
Stone, Jonathan, e Cape Elizabeth, d Gorham, April 19, 1834, w 

Damaris, Gorham. 

Storer, Ebenezer (paymaster), Gorham, e Wells. 
Storer, Joseph, e Westbrook, d in service October, 1777, w Joanna, 

Storer, William, e Maine, d Hiram, April 13, 1826, w Sarah, 



Stover, Christopher, e Harpswcll, cl Appleton September 8, 1828, w 

Catherine, Appleton. 
Strout, Isaac, e Cape Elizabeth, d Limington, March 3, 1818, w 

Mary, Limington. 

Sturtevant, Asa, Dover, e Middleborough, Mass. 
Sturtevant, Francis, e Plympton, Mass , d Paris May 6, 1833, w 

Mary, Paris. 
Sturtevant, Joseph, e Wareham, Mass., d Hebron March 20, 1835, 

w Sarah, Paris. 

Sturtevant, Lot, Waterville, e Wareham, Mass. 
Sturtevant, Seth, Sumner, e Halifax, Mass. 
Sutton, John, e York, d Limington November 18, 1819, w Lois, 


Swett, Israel, Cape Elizabeth, e Falmouth. 
Swett, John, Windham, e Windham. 
Swett, Joshua, Gorham, e Portland. 

Tappan, Michael, born in Manchester, Mass , d Gardiner August 

5, 1831, w Hannah, Gardiner. 
Tarbell, Joseph, e Pepperell, Mass., d Norridgewock August 20, 

1826, w Mariam, Norridgewock. 
Taylor, Ephraim, Newcastle, e Newcastle. 
Taylor Noah, Sanford, e Wells. 
Thayer, Peter, e Plympton, Mass., d Hebron February 2, 1788, w 

Ruth, Oxford. 

Thomes, W. (See Introduction, page 10.) 
Thompson, Alexander, e Kennebunkport, d Topsham February 23, 

1820, w Lydia, Topsham. 

Thompson, Benjamin (lieutenant), e Brunswick, d Topsham Feb 
ruary 9, 1793, w Khoda, Topsham, m Isaac Johnson. 
Thompson, Ephraim, Lyman, e Kennebunkport. 
Thompson, James, e Derryfield, N. H., d at sea October 19, 1805, 

w Hannah, Calais. 

Thompson, James, Kennebuukport, e Kennebunkport. 
Thompson, Joseph, e Falmouth, d Lewiston May 26, 1827, w 

Happy, Bangor. 

Thompson, Joseph, York, e York. 
Thompson, Richard, e Brunswick, d Wales September 23, 1831, w 

Bathsheba, Wales. 
Thompson, William, e Falmouth, d Wayne November 28, 1833, w 

Joanna, Wayne. 


Thurston, Jacob, e Wrentham, Mass., d Otisfield 1821, w Ann B., 
Otisfield, m John Piper. 

Tibbetts, Giles, e Boothbay, d Boothbay July 9, 1832, w Susan, 

Tibbetts, Stephen. Bristol, e Bristol 

Tobin, Samuel, e Windham, d Buekfield December 29, 1834, w 
Margaret, Buckfield. 

Tobv, John, e Portland, d Portland November 12, 1834, w Mar 
garet, Portland. 

Toothaker, Seth, Harpswell, e Harpswell. 

Tourtelott, Abraham, e Massachusetts, d Orono December 7 , 1820, 
w Leah, Howland. 

Town, Joseph, Kennebunk, e Bowcloin. 

Townsend, Daniel, e Vassalboro, d in service 1778, w Sarah, Sid 
ney, m Sawtelln. 

Tripp, Robert, Sanford, e Sanford. 

True, Obediah, Denmark, e Sanford. 

True, Zebulon, e North Yarmouth, d Temple February 4, 1830, w 
Martha, Temple. 

Turner, David, New Vineyard, e Middleborough, Mass. 

Turner, Isaac, Durham, e North Yarmouth. 

Turner, Robert, e Bristol, d Belmont November 29, 1836, w Eliza 
beth, Belmont. 

Turner, Starbird, Rome, e Freeport. 

Tuttle, Samuel (lieutenant), Portland, e Lynn, Mass. 

Tyler, Abraham, Saco, e Scarboro. 

Tyler, Andrew, Frankfort, e Scarboro. 

Tyler, Daniel, Brownfield, e Haverhill, Mass. 

Ulmer, George, Hope, e Waldoboro. 

Uran, James, e Saco, d Waterboro February 11, 1824, w Anna, 

Varrel, Samuel, Minot, e Gloucester, Mass. 
Vance, William, Readfield, e Boston, Mass. 

Vining, John, e Durham, d Durham October 27, 1837, w Mary, 

Wagg, James, Durham, e Cape Elizabeth. 

Waistcoat, Joshua, e Cape Elizabeth, d Buckfield February 6, 

1826, w Deborah, Hartford. 
Wakefield, Gibbons, e Kennebunk, d Westbrook March 14, 1807, 

w Nancy, Westbrook. 


Walker, Edward, e Berwick, d Waterboro November 5, 1832, w 
Susan, Waterboro. 

Walker, John, e Woolwich, d Anson March 22, 1831, w Nancy, 

Walker. John, e Hopkinton, Mass., d Livermore May 7, 1809, w 
Mary, Livermore. 

Walton, Benjamin, Chester, e Brunswick. 

Warden, Thomas, e Marblehead, Mass., d Wells February 15, 
1827, w Ednar, Wells. 

Wardwell, Joseph, Rumford, e Andover, Mass 

Warren, Abijah, Paris, e Worcester, Mass. 

Warren, Daniel, Limerick, e Hollis. 

Warren, Nathaniel, e Scarboro, d Hiram August 4, 1819, w Mar 
garet, Hiram. 

Warren, Pelatiah, Monmouth, e Durham. 

Wasgatt, Davis, Mt. Desert, e Monson. Mass. 

Wasson, John, Brooksville, e Shirley, Mass. 

Wassou, Thomas, Brooksville, e Shirley, Mass. 

Waterhouse, Joseph, Standish, e Scarboro. 

Waterman, Joseph, Knox, e Halifax, Mass. 

Waterman, Malachi, e Gorham, d Baldwin February 12, 1824, w 
Mary, Baldwin. 

Watson, John, e Taunton, Mass., d Bowdoinham May 2, 1823, w 
Eunice, Richmond. 

Webb, Edward, Gorham, e Windham. 

Webb, Nathaniel, e Woolwich, d Newcastle December 25, 1832, w 
Lydia, Newcastle. 

Webber, George, Richmond, e Kennebunk. 

Webber, John, e Wells, d Industry, October 13, 1808, w Eunice, 
Litchfield, m Stevens. 

Webber, Jonathan, Kennebunk, e Wells. 

Webber, Joseph, e Cape Elizabeth, d at sea March 1, 1785, w 
Elizabeth, Portland, m Woodbury. 

Welch, James, Gray, e York. 

Welch, Lemuel, Durham, e Durham. 

Welch, Paul e York, d York, w Mary, York. 

Weld, Benjamin (commissary in the hospital department), Bruns 
wick, e Boston, Mass. 

Wells, James, e Raymond, N. H., d Vienna December 11, 1818, w 
Mary, Rome. 


Wentworth, John, e Ellsworth, d Belmont September 27, 1827, w 

Lydia, Ellsworth. 

Wentworth, Lemuel, Hope, e Stoughton, Mass. 
Wentworth, Paul, of Knox, e Berwick, d on a visit in Prospect 

September 4, 1833, w Mary, Knox. 
Wescott, Isaac, Gorham, e Scarboro. 
Wescott, Samuel, e Cape Elizabeth! d Cape Elizabeth November 

15, 1799, w Nancy, Portland. 

West, Isaac, Jay, e Bridgewater or Newton, Mass. 
Weston, Joseph, Oti^field, e Gorham. 
Whidden, James, born in Penobscot, d Canaan March 29, 1828, w 

Sally, Canaan. 

Whidden, Solomon, Skowhegan, e Dresden. 
White, Joshua, e Leominster, Mass., d Fairfield April 21, 1828, w 

Margaret, Fail field. 

Whiting, Sampson, Denmark, e Andover, Mass. 
Whitney, Isaac, Lisbon, e Georgetown. 
Whitney, Jesse, e Gorham, d Saco January 17, 1831, w Charity, 

Whitten, John, e Topsham, d Topsham November 1, 1826, w Jane, 


Whitten, Richard, Troy, e Scarboro. 
Wilcox, John, Monmouth, e Tiverton, R. I. 
Wiley, Ephraim, St. George, e St. George. 
Wilkins, Edward, late of Charleston, e East Sudbury, Mass., d 

from home in Enfield March 9, 1831, w Bridget, Exeter. 
Williams, John, Wiscasset, e Taunton. Mass. 
Williams, Lemuel (lieutenant), e Woolwich, d Anson September 

22, 1820, w Anna, Anson. 
Willis, James, e Bridgewater, Mass., d Minot July 18, 1830, w 

Sally, Minot. 
Willis, Thomas, e Topsfield, Mass., d St. George January 9, 1795, 

w Joanna, St. George. 
Wills, James, Belgrade, e Boston, Mass. 

Wilson, Charles, e Raymond, d in service 1778, w Achsah, Ray 
mond, m Jordan. 

Wilson, Edward, Cumberland, e Gorham. 

Wilson, Mark, e Falmouth, d Jay August 23, 1804, w Olive, Canton. 
Wilson, Samuel, e Conway, N. H., d Conway December 10, 1787, 

w Ruth, Orono, m Samuel Sterling. 
Wing, Nathan, e Gorham, d Abbot April 10, 1836, w Love, Abbot. 


Winn, Samuel (lieutenant), e Wells, d Wells January 28, 1818, w 

Lois, Kenuebunk. 
\Viiislow, Abraham, e Freeport, d Freeport February 6, 1806, w 

Elizabeth, Freeport. 
Winslow, Kzekiel, e Newcastle, d Waldoboro June 13, 1835. w 

Sedouah, Waldoboro. 
Winslow, John, e Petersham, Mass., d Minot July 14, 1834, w 

Mary, Minot. 
Winter, Joseph, e Newburyport, Mass., d Carthage June 13, 1832, 

w Betsy, Jay, m Morse. 
Witham, Caleb, e Georgetown, d Woolwich August 5, 1823, w 

Lucretia, Woolwich. 
Witham, James, e Kittery, d Kittery December 2, 1833, w Olive, 

Witham, Jedediah, e Kittery, killed at Monmouth battle June 28, 

1778, w Hannah, Eliot, m John Tuttle, then m Timothy 


Withee, Uzziel, Hartland, e Massachusetts. 
Withee, Zoe, Industry, e Haverhill, Mass. 
Withiugton, Robert, e Wrentham, Mass , d Monmouth August 19, 

1823, w Abigail, Monmouth, daughter and only heir, Sarah 

Wood, Jesse (alias Atwood), Wilton, e Monson, Mass. 

Wood, Josiah, Porter, e Dracut, Mass 

Wood, Thomas, e Middleborough, Mass., d Hebron September 28, 

1824, w Lois, Hebron. 

Woedbridge, Christopher (captain), e Newcastle, d Newcastle May 
19, 1825, w Sarah, Hallowell. 

Woodman, Ephraim, e Buxton, d Buxton March 23, 1828, w Eliza 
beth, Buxton. 

Woodward, James, e Bridgewater, Mass., d Bowdoinham February 
12, 1830, w Ruth, Bowdoinham. 

Worster, Thomas, e Berwick, d Sanford March, 1822, w Susan, 

Wright, John, Bluehill, e Andover, Mass. 

Wright, Joseph, Raymond, e Wrentham, Mass. 

Wyman, Henry, Madison, e Petersham, Mass. 

Wyman, Reuben, Fairfield, e Worcester, Mass. 


Yeulin, William, Skowhegan, e New Gloucester. 

Young, Abraham, e Gray, d Gray January, 1829, w Rebecca, 

Paris, m Washburn. 
Young, James, e Woolwich or Wiscasset, d at sea 1796, w Abigail, 

Readfield, m Elliot. 

Young, John, e York, d York 1798, w Hannah, York. 
Young, Joseph, e Wells, w Martha, Kennebunk. 
Young, Nathaniel, Greenwood, e Gray. 


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