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A Compilation from many sources of the ITelson 
Pamilyjin both England and America, temporarily arranged 
for the use of inquirers who may be interested, and v/ho 
may desire to further the perfection of the work by any 
corrections or additions to the same. 

aoaJ.e eeoisjcz vastn. aoi"! noi.tRlxqrrfoD A 


Sixteen years ago I "began an investigation into the 
origin and history of my family. Having no other source 
from which I might derive the information so needful in a 
work of this character,! began with my own immediate fam- 
ily living in the far west and the traditions which the 
different mem'bers furnished me as to the location of the 
early members and their families when our Country was first 
settled. I, accordingly, took up those traditions and sift- 
ed each one to its utmost, many of which furnished valuble 
clues from which much benefit was derived,v;hile others 
proved as "Castles in Spain." Prom the very outset my 
highest exjjectations promised results far beyond any of 
my wildest dreams or fondest hopes. V/hile discouragements 
were few and successes many and unexpected, much that would 
now be highly valuble and much more appreciated, must for- 
ever remain unwritten. Wh.y this must needs be, may be ex- 
plained in the destruction of many valuble Records, in War, 
by f ire,rotteing with age, loss in transit ;and most of all, 
the things of interest that were never recorded. Not being 
entirely satisfied with the results so far attained,! sub- 
mit the work to others scrutiny, with the hope that any no- 
ticeable errors, discrepencies or omissions will be over- 
locked or corrected, as the case may be, - 

New York City, Cortez Nelson. 

12 July 1906. 


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vm ..'sacfijc y'^s''" s^'^ rao'x'i ".nxaqS nx aalcJ-BBO" ajs i)9V0iq 

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- ,9cf \;Bra 98^0 gji.t aB,Jb9Cf09't"C0o *io ba^ool 

.noalaW sacftoO i'^*-i^ attoY wsTI 


^ • • • • 

Burke's Coirimoners of England and Irelan,fit 

Sir John Bernard Burke's Peerage and Baronetcy, 

Edward Welford,in County Families of the United King- 

Encyclopoedia cf Contemporary Biography. 

Historic Lands of England, vol. ,ii. 

Royal descents and pgdigrees of Founders. 

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The Ancestor. 

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Sydney Lee's National Biography, 

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setts Bay. 

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Genealogical Dictionary of the first settlers of 
New England 

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Heraldic Journal. 

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France and England in North America, "by Parkman. 


^•— •--•--•fc■ 
• • • • 

.voterfot^S: bns 9aB^9?*I s'siinff i>i£;nt9a nxiot iJtS 

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.sinxgiiV lo asxlJ-.m^'H: a*JbJ39M qoxfaxrT 

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''9lcfB-ti;onoH f)ni; J-nsxonA" . .,,:,.... 

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i)nj3lsn3 "v^rsTI 

.nod-eoS lo agsjsaoatgg: iBolioi'aiH baa aafiis/afcrusJ MO 
.nBm:i-Ls9: Yd■,B0j:^9^IA rlJ-ioTf nx hrrj3l-arf!Jr hrra enrrsT? 

Surrogate Court Records of the Counties of ^New York, 
Westchester, Putnam, Dutchess, Ulster, King* s,Q,ueen's, 
Suffolk, Albany and Rockland. 

Town Records of MamaroneckjNev/ Rockelle,vniite Plains, 
C5jQld-Spr in , Philips, tpwjXjSQ.gierSjPoughkeeps ie,Rhein"beck , 
Flatlands,01d Breucklin,Sc,arsdale^J)y proxy, Clinton, 
Hyde Park.Nev/ City, Port Chester .Rye, etc. 

T ''1 r.i c- r- fi! . 

Many Ceimt&rX,^p^i^psif^tei^^^,^^^^^X^P^^ "the state and 
elsewhere. ^^^^^g ^^ ^^^^^^^ ^^^, ^^ ^^^^^ 

ir Faniily Bihles and private records. 

Church Registers in many towns and cities. 


Family Genealogies vt ,^0,,^ cut cf Lnncs^v.^^^ 
Ministers' Dairies. 
.1 Journal of Rev. Silas Constant, 

e to . , etc. 


\i<i aeaxt 


.anx^iq 9:firfW,9Xl92{oofl vv9M,2io3noi£niB. .£)^oo9H xrwT 

.o^9,9YH,^9c^a9xfO :^^og,Yd■iO W9ll,2li£q 9I)yH 
bas ac^scfs arfcf .tworfsuo^^ft he-.-^ v+^'^P, c,-f ^a,t9ra9D y^asK 

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.^nsJ-anoO asIxS .ygH lo Ismwoi: 

.o;f 9, . o& 9 

The Nelsons in England, 
Burk's Commoners of England & Ireland. 

The Family of Nelson appears to have been of very- 
ancient existence in the County of Lancashire, Their Seat 
at Maudsley, where they held lands "by Military service, is now 
in possession of the Riddles of Northumberland, to whom it 
came by female descento Some notice of them can he found 
in the pedigree of Earl Nelson, in Sir Richard Hoar's History 
of South- V/ilts, under the Head of the Parish of Downtono There 
is little doubt that the ancestry of V^illiam Nelson, living 

tempore Elizabeth, and Edward VI, came out of Lancashire, in the 

r of 
suit of Sir James Stanley, ^"arden of Manchester .youngest son of 

Thomas Stanley, Pirst Earl of Derby; which Dr. James Stanley was 
elected First Bishop of Ely, 23d Henry VII, and settled in Nor- 
folk, v;here the See of Ely had considerable property. 

The Arms of the Nelsons of Maudsley were worn by the 
Norfolk Nelsons, as may be seen by Old Books and Papers in the 
collection that formerly belonged to the Rev, Edmund Nelson, of 
Burnhara-Thorpe. ( See under heading of Viscount Nelson.) 

The Family of Nelson, originally of the County of 
Lancashire, settled in Berkshire temp ore Elizabeth. 

Richard Nelson of Maudsley, in Lancashire, was living 
there in the time and durin-^ fhe Reign of Edward III. In 1377, 
he gave and confirmed to Warine de Golborn and Alice his wife, 
daughter of the said Richard, certain Lands in Maudsley, with 
the remainder in default of issue to George Nelson, son of Rob- 
ert Nelson, and his lawful heirs. This deed is dated 1st Rich- 
ard II and sealed with the Arms, "A cross over a bendlet" ,1405, 

,£>n.Klsna CIS. anoalsK sxfT 
.bnslatl £, baals^S. lo eTiaaomnioO s'^iuS 

YT9V lo nescf avBxi od- ei-'iaiii-G noelsH "io ^^IxuijsI erfT 

won Bi,90xvi9!r! xtB'&tLiU Y.(i sbttsl bl9xf ysdi eisciw^xsLsbuBM. J-a 

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\;^od•8xF[ s'tfloH btsdoiR liS nl,no8l9^ LibK lo sei'si-bsq grfJ- ni 

9i9riT .noJ-nwoC: to fIax^B<T c---- >o .b^gH grid- -tebtw fatll"^^-d:^uoP to 

SnxviI,noal9l^ i5i6iIIiTJ7 to vid-a9ons sriJ d-arfJ- tcTuob &l:^iiL ax 

9r{c^ ni: ,9ix£fajsonsLT to &tio 9m5o,IV fj-i^wM Lns^rfd'acrBSlIIH: e'loq msj' 

to noa d-ag^nuov ,'i9d-a9x{onBl'I to nebts^''\xelnsj8 agrrusTi nx8 to ^xua 

asw xQlcisi^Q a^mi;^i,^Q; rfolifw;Yrf-t9(T to Ix-sS d-aix'5;,Ai9lnBcl'3 asinorfT 

-tol^I ai i)9ld-ct-9a bns^llY y;"tn9H £)£S,Yl5t to qorfaia: d-atl'5: I)9d-09l9 

.y.-'-'tn'o-tq 9J[cfBi9l)ianoo JbBif y.IH to 993 gxiJ- 9^9riW5>IIot 

9Xfd- Ycf mow 9197/ Y9-C8i>iJsM to anoalgl^ 3d& to amA 9jiT 

edS nx a^9qB*T iin^ a^ooa: b£0 ycT n99a 9cf yb/h a>s,ancBl9TI 2IIot^oM 

to,noal9T' LniKiLbE.vgH 3d& o& bs-gnoLed -. Iferatot ABd^ not&osSSoo 

(.noal9W d-nxjooaxV to :^,nibsed isxin;.' 993 ) .gq-xorfT-fosiimuff 

to -^J-nuoO grid- to Yllsnigx-to ,noaIeK to x^i-^'^'^- ^^'^ 

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snxvxi 3J3w,^^lr{a,son£J nx^YS-CefcusM to nualgPI JbisdolH 

,VV£I nl .III £>^J3wM to ngxgH Bd& -^aiiub bnB gmicJ- 9rfd ni e-iedi 

, stiv/ aid eoilA i)n.5 nicd'IoO ah en.iiB'''' o+ fcsnnxtnoo fcrrj^ sysi-^ sd 

d:iiv,'fX3lQioijsi.JL ni ax)it^Ll ni^d'iso, b^Jer{oi--i jjx-^a 9x1.+ 'i.'j ujusijiji:' 

-cfoH to noa,noal9l!r 9S"i09D ocf guaax to &£sjBtQb ni tsbciiBme-^ grfJ- 

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. . • ,' :a.j.uic,u :; lyvo aao-io a" , aunA 9iid dH"' belBea Ln;? II bis 


Robert Nelson of Maudsley confirmed "by deea certain 
lands to Peter Banester and Edward ITaudsley, Chaplain, dated ^t 
Maudsley anno 6th Henry IV, and sealed with the Arms, The 
Grandson of George Nelson, ahove mentioned, Richard Nelson was 
living in 1508, as appears hy an indenture of that date. He had 
three other sons , namely: 

1. Richard, who inherited Maudsley. 

2. vailiam,who settled in Chaddleworth.and of whom 


3. Thomas, of Wright ington in Lancashire, who married 
Cecily, daughter of Ralph Maxsey,Esq. ,and had two sons: 

i. xRichard of Fayerhurst , in Lancashire, who married and 

-: ' , r'Si. ., oi*" Coir 

d.s.p. ahout 1618, 


ii. Thomas, who married daughter of Morton, of Morton in 

Yorkshire, and died in 1621, leaving with a younger aon and daugh- 
ter, Maxsey of Fayrehurst,a Captain in the Royal Army, slain at 
Mars ten-Moor, July 2nd 1644. He left hy Helen, his v/ife,who was 
a daughetr of William Travers,Esq. ,of Neatly in Lancashire , one 
son his sue cess or, Thomas of Pajn-ehurst , living in 1564, This 
gentleman married,first .Bridget .daughter of Robert Molyneux, 

Esq., of the Wood of Lancashire .hy whom he had a daughter, Ellen, 

married to Nicholas Hallinwell,of Harrock-Hill, in Lancashire, 

He espoused, secondly, Anne, daughter of Thomas Heslceth,Esq. ,of 
Magnes and had several other children. 

The second son of Filliam Nelson was "bred up to the 
study of the Law, and hecajne chief Prothonotary of the Court 
of "Common Pleas." He purchased in 1576 the Manor of Chaddle- 
worth,in Berkshire, from William Brouher,Esq. He married, Doro- 
tha, daughter of John Smith.Esq. ;Sergent-at-Law and Sergent-at- 
Arms in the Court of Henry VIII. His wife died in 1619, and had 
the following issue: 

nx:3j-i9'- ^99i^ risfinxlnoo y,eLabusl!l Jo nosIsTI .+ ^^crofl 

9£[T .arntA b .>. .i.jiw balBse LnB,VI vinsH liio onns xaLsbuBK 

a.8w noalsH i)TBr[olJI,l)enold-n9fli svocfs, noaIeK 93^09P "io no8f)n£iS 

i)j3x{ 9H ,9d-jsh d-jB.i'J- lo 9^JJJ■^9i)^x n£ YcT a^JS9qcr£ as, 3051 nx gnxvll 

. > .: laLu^M i)9d-x-i9ifnx orl!w,l)ijBXioxK .1 
raorfw "io baa fditov/slbbsdO nl bBl&tdP. orfw.xnsxIIxV .2 

bex-f^BOi odw tBiidaaoasJ. ai nod-§nxc^r£§JnW lOtaHmodT .S 

:anoa owd- i)Bxf , ;^^j 32,^98X^1 liqlsH lo T9d-xi3Jj,eb,Yli:o9 

'^f^- beitis!'" <^'-'- .e'xideson'^''^ •'<■ "^ atudia'zs'^ to LiBrf^i 

,3X61 c'-jjocfjB . , . 

nl noSioK lo,^oc^*IoM to Tcgj-ffgaeb bei-itma odw^aBsiodT .xx 

-rf' trs'^ '^'■■^ •• ■: '-■'■ f ' .bn.s,9txrfa2l-ioY 

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s£w oxtv/jSlxw axxI^nsIsH ^cf d-t9l 9H ,i^^dl bnS. xLul^'iooys-ne^^aiBl'L 

Bo-n J A-rf-rrpftnrfP;,'r I + roT-T to , . paS, aTevBiT RiBJ.Tr^ "-r. '■■^od'PtSJSb & 

sxxi- , .rvxItd-atuiigiYfil to a^mon'T.-xoaesoojja axxi ooa 

,xjj9r!YloM ;?i9cfoH to i9dT[sw«i5,c^9Si)iiat ctatxt (fiexiiBin rtBm9li-n92 

5 nsl.r??". •Y9.+ rfr\rr^r-, .p, p!.Rff srf mcrfv/ vtT. ATT r-'p:,f;nr'R,T "^o r->,;o'^ eri'.f "^Of.pelH! 

.s-Uiia^oxi^J. nx ,ilxii-:iooT:ifiii tOjliawiixll^Jii ejslonoxrl oJ LsiiTjeiTv 

to, ,paa,rfd-9:^a9H a^cioxfT to t9d-xi:sui3f),9nctA,-v;-C£'noosa,f)9awoqa9 9H 

3di oi qu Ii^^cf asw noalgH iiLXUliiv/ to noa bnoosa 9x1'!' 

d-txjoO sdi to Y'l'Stonorid-oi^ lexdo 9cuso9cr £)rt6,wsil 9xf^ to vf)XJct-B 

-slJbLjsiiD to ton^M 9r{+ BVcl nx issaerlotx/c s ".bbsI? rrorMrroD" to 

-o^o'■-,l;•&i'i1.fci^x aiJ .pad-^-isxii/ota irtpilXlW iiiu-riiSixAaiLtsti. flx,xi:'io\v 

-d-fi-ctng^tga i>rcj3 vt&Ju-^B-tn&'^i3Bi,,p8K^ditmB mloL to te^d^sJBbf&dd 

bsd bnStQldl ax bQxb ©txw alH .IIIV \iaeE to jtxjoO sxlJ- nx aimA 

tgjjeax ;t^nxwoIIot gifd" 


1. Thomas, his successor, 

2. Mary, married to Sir John Duckett,K.T, 

3. Ursila, 

4. Elizabeth, married to To;iche,died a widow in 1630, 

5. Frances. 

6. Ann, 

7. Winn if red, and 

8. A.gnes. 

Mr,]ffelson died "between the years 1588 and 1594, and 

was succeeded by Thomas Nelson, Esq. , of Chaddleworth,who was in 

Iifi -i 16X1,0.00 W"if: jt- o^« ■; 

the Commission of the Peace for the County of Berks' in 1601, 

He married, Mary, daughter of Stephen Duckett ,Es».i, ,of Colne in 

Wilts,and had issue: 

dle-vorth; ■.'.•lo 

i. William, his successor. 

ton i ^on,. 

ii, Duckett, 

ini, Francis, 

iy, Thomas, 

V, Mary, married to the Rev. Thomas Blagrave, Rector of 

Pur ley, in the County of Berks, 
in Eedf QT'daiiir led In IJ"-.; 

vi. Elizaheth, married to Thomas Casti?^Lan,Esq ,,of Ben- 
baa- Valence , in Berkshire, he died in 1647, and was suc- 
ceeded by his son. 


William Nelson, Esq, , of Chaddleworth,horn in 1611, v/ho 
married Joanna, daughter of Richard Syblre,Esq, ,of Hardwick in 
Oxfordshire , by vrhom he had issue: 

i, Thomas, his heir, >->- ni^.-\. 
1 i . Anne , 
iii, Mary, 
iv, Jane, married to John Scrope.Esq, ,of Castle-Combe in 
County of Wilts. 


.^CBa90oua axil, ajsjTioiiT . "" 
.T.iI,cf:t92louCr adoT. txS oJ- bal ^^Bi^,•v;^sM .S 

.i^IiaiU .£ 
.0S6I ni wo£)i:v/ s: 1:9113, anoiJuT oct- i;t-xi-i,iax,a>;sujiiiiX3 .f^ 

. c: . e 

. nixA . 6 
£)n£,i>97[^innxW . 'T 
.esnsA ,8 
bn&^^QGI btiB 8861 aiBey; ericf nsawj-erf ^sih noaleJf.iM 
ni BBv - r'" . - .+tow9lf)bfir[0 to , .paa,noait7ri ci^morfT y^ Lebssoo/Je asw 
,IOoI flx aa^teS "io ^^tnuoD 9xi.t ^o1 sobs? sxld" I0 noiaalmmoO srfi 
ril snIoO Io, .;jaS, .+cf92loua ngrfqsd-S lo ie.tri§jL;£h,YiJBM,f)9X'nBffi 9F 

leueel bsa j^i-jt-, ej"IxW 
."xoaasooue exxi,nTjsl.ClJtW .1 
.ctcfgjIouC ,xi 
.axo^B^'i .T""! 
.BisraoriT ,vx 
lo ^0o09fl,svB•ts•s■ta: aBiaoxfT.vgfl ed:f oJ- £)9ii"f£fii,YtBM .v 

.a2l*i9fr "^-^ -,.-^r..',,n or>'-,+ <v.K^.,9l*iuq: 
-nsS Id,. paa:,nfii J^lctasO ajsraoxiT oc' i,>9x-itBffi;,i£J-9ci"BsJtI&[ .iv 
-oxra ejBW £)nB,'^i>SI nx i>9xj) sxi, 9txjlB>[t9ff nx , eonslBV-Hsrr 

.noa axrf vcf beb'.^eo 

oiiw,II6l nx mod',jid-iow9li)i>Bx{0 lo, .paa,rfOBleW mfllllxW 
nx yiOxwi)ifiH lo, .paS,9iIcrY8 Jb^Bxiolfl to laid-^isabtHnnsoZ bei'^tBCi 

:9j.rasx J&Bii ed mortw y,cf,9fxr{af)tolxO 

, tj ;■ r' f: X r' . a-GfrrorlT . i 
, oruiA , J ; 

rxx 9crinoD-9ld-asO Io, .pea,^qo^o?^ rrn'oT, 0+ ir)6X-tT-,r-, sn/;!. ,vx 

.aJ-XxW lo YJnuoO 


He espoused, secondly, Dorothy, daughter of John Pocock, 
gent,, of Wooley,by whom he had issue: 
v. William, 
vi, Francis, 
vii. George, 
viii, Henry, 
ix, -John. 
X, Dorothy, and 
xi, Elizabeth. 

Mr. Nelson was a Justice of the Peace for Berks. 
He died in 1631, and was succeeded by his eldest son, James Nel- 
son, Esq., of Chaddleworth,born in 1638. This gentleman died in 
1692, and was succeeded by his only son, Thomas Nelson, of Chad- 
dleworth;who married,first, Anne, daughter of Allmut,Esq. ,of Ips- 
ton in Buckhamshire,and had four daughters. 

1. Hichard-Walter ,who eventually inherited the whole 
of his Grand-father 's property. ' ,«tTir^ 

su'-. 2. Mary-Walter , married to John Kerr , Esq. , and had issue. 

3, Nelson-Kerr, in Holy Orders ,LL B, Rector of Fillbrook, 
in Bedfordshire, married in 1808, Sarah, daughter of the 
Rev.Crofts , Rector of Lewes, Sussex, 

4, Robert Kerr, died unmarried in 1804, 

5, George-Kerr , of whom presently, as inheritor of the 
Chaddleworth estate, 

6, Elizabeth-Kerr, married in 1798 to William Wiseman 
Clark, Esq. , of Ardington,and dying 24th Feb. 1825, left 
one sonr-Williaan Nelson Clark. 

7, Mary died in 1772. 

8, Elizabeth, died unmarried in 1791. 

9, Martha, died unmarried in 1759. 

m I 4.. o. 

,210, "> 1o teid-gusb ^xdioiod^xlbncose. fbesvoqae sE 

isueai. b&d sd moxlw ycf.YsIooW lo^.in^r, 

.aj:o^B^1 ,lv 

.YinsH ,iiiv 
.nxfoT- .xi 

.r{d-9cf£sii;ii .xx 

.851*19; S0B9? sdi lo soid-But £ aBW noels'W.-iM 

y ■ ■" ■ 
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;^t 91,6281.^91 ild-J^S snlvl) l»ftB,nod-§nxbTA. 3:0, .paa,2fT:i-.X0 

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Mr .Nelson espoused, secondly, Isabella, daughter of 
Francis Merrick, of Wocutt Ln Middlesex, "but had no issue. He 
died in 1748, and his grand- son, Richard Walter ,"becoming( on the 
death of his Aunts) sole heir to the fdirtuj^e, assumed the sur-j'ey, 
name of Nelson, at the request of the last survivor. He married 
in 1805, and "bequeathed the Chaddlev/orth estate to (the youngest 
son of his sister)his Nephew, George-Kerr , who in consequence as- 
sumed by sign manuel the additional surname of Nelson. He mar- 
ried in 1812, Charlotte, second daughter of William Hallett, Esq, , 
then of Danford in the County of Berks, and had issue: 
i. George William, tne present proprietor, 
ii, Frederick, 
iii. Edward, 
iv, Charlotte, 
V, Elizabeth. 
vi, Anne. 

T^Ir .Kerr-Nelson died 13th January 1821, and was 
succeeded by his eldest son, George William Kerr-Nelson, Esq. , 
the present proprietor of Chaddleworth, 


SEAT:- Chaddleworth House, six miles from Wantage and nine 
miles from Newberry. It is a modern mansion erected by the last 
proprietor about the year 1810, 

ARMS:- Paly of six, ar. and gn. A bend vairec of la. 


^o ieid'^u£b,sllsdsal ^y.lbnooQB, ,b9asjoq,83 fioaleW.iM 
sH .c . or; bsd tud^xeaelbbiU ni ituooW 'io,2foi^^9?'^ elorMtl 
sri^ no)sn.r '" -^,i9d^Xj3W bisdolR^noe-bnsiri aid f)nj3,8i^VI ru x,9if) 
AUsesSiSfyiiitl edi o& tied sLosisicujA aid to dissb 

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,xid-"£ow9lf)f)firiO to ictgl^cfo-iq c^ngas^q edi 

eain bets S'gs&asW raoil aglliB xxa,9ajJoH dt^07^9lbb&do -:TA5[8 
da^I edi x^ beios'is noxanBci ntebota & ai iJ .-^•ngcTwgTI mott aelira 

,0181 t;£9y. sri;}- *i;ocfB ^o*9X1qo-Iq 

,sl to 09TXfiv basd A .ng £)^JS.^B,xia lo xIb^I -:SMHJ\ 


Horatio (Lord) Nelson. 

mu3T. ,r;owever ,be 
Earl Nelson(Horatio Nelaon,M.A.) of Trafalgar and Mer- 

ton.Viscoiont Merton;also of Trafalgar and Her ton, County Surrey, 

and Baron Nelson of the Nile, and of Hilborough County, Norfolk, 

try ox 

in the Peerage of the United Kingdom, born August 7th 1823, as 

Third (3d) Earl, on the decease of his father , Nov, 1,1835 ;raarried 

28 July 1845, Mary Jane Diana, only daughter of Welhoro.Earl of 

Normantown,and has had issue: 

1, Herbert Horatio, Viscount Trafalgar ,D.L. , for Wilts; 
Captain in the Royal Tto,litia,born 9th July 1854;married 5th 
August 1879, Eliza Blanche, eldest (daughter) of Fredericic Gonner- 
man Dalgety,Esq, ,of Locksley Hall Hantz, 

2, Charles Horatio, born 2Sth June 1856. 

3, Thomas Horatio, born 21st Dec. 1857, 

4, Edward Ward-Agar Horatio, Lt, 3d Battallion Wilt- 
shire Regiment , born 10th August 1860. 

5, Albert Horatio, born 24th Sept. 1862, died 3d Jan, 1868. 

6, Alice Mary Diana, 

7, Constance Jane, married 21st April 1870 to the Honour- 
able and Reveredd Bertrand-Pleydell Beuveric(Sec E.Randul 

8, Edith, married 5th July 1870, to Charles Claynant Tud- 

way,Esq,,of V^ells, Somersetshire , and died 24th Aug, 1877, 


9, Mary Catherine, 


LIITEAGE:- If all doubts be laid aside concerning the au- 
thenticity of the papers, documents and books formerly belonging 
to the Rev. Edmund Nelson, of Burnham- Thorpe , and , if all the other 
sources from which our information has come in, some of which 
bears the sta^ap of authority, while much comes as being uncertain 


, noalsK (btoil) ol JjsioH 

-isM bna is'§.xbi£1-^ zo[,A,~2ifCio&le^i oi.d-j3toH)noBl9TI ItfiK 

,\;9iiu8 Y^ciJJoO.nod-isM Jans ts^lst^iT 1o oal^i-^nottsM. dTu;ooaiV,nocf 

,5IIo'i^o^(I,\;d■^;;oD d-guotodllE to bns^&IlTi edi lo noeleU notBE bna 

8£,£28I d&V iasj-guA a-iodi ^mcb-gaiJi f)9>tinU sxlJ- "io 9§£-]t99<I erf^ rri 

fcsi-nBmieeSIjI.voWjtgri.+Bl: eiri "io ea&eosb Qd& no,Ii5S(i)£)t'xJ:riT 

"io I^BS, oiocflgW "io isMgirisi) Ylno,sn£ia snsTi x'i^'^'^,^^^^ vIjjTi 82 

:9JJ88i iJBif BBri Lnj3,nwo*nscno'K 

xid-c l)9it^Blri;^e8I Y-tw^ ^^^ mocf ,Bid"xlBJf le^o^ Q^'^ J^-^ nlsiqB^ 
-^^^^oO 2toxt9I)9^'3: "io (t9jT{suB£>)cta9f)l9<9£{on£ia «si;ia:,eV8I cfaiJSJjA 

.SoHbH IIjsH \;9JIa2iooJ lo^tpeK^x&a-glBd fLsm 

.6581 9njj"Ii ifcfSS n-xocr, oxcffiToH aeliBriO ,S 

.Te8I.09CI .talS niocT, oxJ-fiioH asmoriT »e 

-d-IlW nolIlBcTcfBH: bS,,&Ji^ol&s1oll ^BsA-B^fiW Liewj^S .dt' 

.0681 J-ai;§jjA rtcfOI mocfjd-nertilssH gtlrla 

.SdSI.nfiT; b€ beib,&d8L,iqeB d^i'S. niocf, oiJ-sioH c^tgcflA .6 

.Bfi£i(I \;*£-sM 9oiIA ,Q 
-luonoH edi o& 0V8I Ix^qA chalS i)9X"f-r-:fn[,9nBli 9onB.tanoO ,V 
i;«I)Xix:^.'^ --=)oJ:-[9vi/9a Il9i)y;9X1-i)n£i i- . f)ii9'i9V9H iin^ sIcfB 
"bisT! itt£[^S5l'C) seLiBdO och,0V8I y-CwT, xl^e bextism^diibS .8 
.VVSI.suA rfJ-^S beih £)nB, 9ilii8cf9gi9X!T08,eIl9W T:o, .peH.vjsv/ 

.gnxtsricfBD y^-sK ,G 

-jjB 9r[d- snxm9onoo 9Ma£ bi&l ed s&dsjob ILb 11 -taOAaTPriJ 

■gai-^aoled xLtemtcl a-Aood brie. a^nemsjoobteteqEq ed& to x:fioi:^nsdi 

•xsdio 9di 11j3 1x <Lnj3,9qtox{T-ircBr{n-ma: lo,noal9W bnuab^.vsA Qd& oS 

doidvi to 9150 e,nx 9ircoo G£d noxcfBrnioIni ^IJO rioxxiw ao'^t bso'usoz 

nl&^tsonsj -j^aled qb a9CToo dousE sLidvf,-y,^t'iod&us l:o (pjscfa 9£{.+ enB9cf 


of its own parentage , yet seeking a place in the coliamns of the 
line to which it pro'ba'bly belongs. Much must , however, be taken 
for granted as true in the absence of proof to prove it other- 
wise. Taking this stand in the matter of the immediate ances- 
try of William Nelson who were living in the time of Elizabeth 
and Edward lit, that they came out of Lancashire, as has been 
stated on page l,etCo 

etiaeto,-: 'i The above V/illiam Nelson was the father of Thomas 
Nelson of Scarning, Norfolk, and was born there in 1590, whose 
son, Edmund, also born in Scarning in 1625, was the father of 
William, of Durnham-Parva,of Norfolk, born in Scarning in 1654, 
married Mary, daughter of Thomas Skene, of Durnhara-Parva, Nor folk, 
and by her HXa(who died 2nd Jan. 1731) left at his death, 27th 
Jan. 1713, three sons; 

I. Thomas, of Sporle,born 19th July I683;died 22nd April 
^'•■" ■ 1762, His son, the Rev. Edmund Nelson, M. A. .Rector of 
a ^.oci. iv^Conyham, Norfolk, was the father of the Rev. James Nelson, 
also Rector of Conyham,and of Charles Nelson, Post Cap- 
tain, R.N. , both deceased. 
II, William of Durnhara-Parva and Curds-Hall, Pransham, 

Norfolk, born 18th Peb.l688;died 29th Jan. 1773, His son, 
the Rev. William Nelson of Curds-Hall, Rector of Halling- 
ton and Hilgay, Norfolk, left three daughters, the eldest 
of whom inherited the estates, 
III. Edmund:- This third son was the Rev. Edmund Nelson, M. A, 
Vicar of Sporle,and Rector and Patron of Hilborough,Nor- 
7. folk, born in 1698, married, Mary, daughter of John Bland, of 
Cambridge,gentleTnan;and by her(who died 4th July aet.91) 
had issue: 


nsiLej 9cf,"t9V9wori,d-8irm douM .agnolscf ■yjIcTBcfoTq ^i xioxxiw od" snxl 
-tsiid'o &1 svoi'CT o.t 'iooicr "io soctsscTjs 9x£+ nx sjjid' bb bsinBtv. •vro'i 
-89011. -'-■'■ .J 10 isjjjif fciHJ snxiLS-. .aa.!'.'. 

xfj-gcfissxia: lo smij 9x£:'- nx gnxv-' w oxiw noalsK cxsxIIlW lo ■\iti 

ne -ixriesortBiI to &sjo etnBO Y.edi' tsidi','ill htsv/bK bn& 

,oie^L ^-^^i'^ no bed&iB 

aBmodT lo igA'cfsl grid- aBW ncaIsM nrj3illi¥7 erTT 

38orfv/,0eei ni 9t9xid- mod" ajBv/ JHfs ,>(Io'i•<oP^,r-!^-t^^i3o8 to noel9M 

lo ^ ,jsw,eS6I nx -'. :c. li, ii luo i,aXjB,fcru;rai)a,noa 

,^661 fix snxm,Bo8 ni mocr,2tIo"tToii "io.sviBl-inBrfmua lOinisillxW 

,>fIo'ito'K,BVt£^-£n££[mua lo<9n9:f3 a,6aioxiT lo •t9cfxfsJJJBi),Y^BM fcexTUBm 

xl.tVS,r{^B9i) axd dB ilBl (leVLnsL ^-^"~- Psif^ oriv/)BM tsrf xcf f)rts 

tanoa 99^^fd ,£IVI,risI. 
:S2 Jb9ii^;f.86l Y-CWL xlJ-GI mod", glioqg 1o ^z&mo&l .1 
lo iod-09H,..". ,noal9" '^'••"rti)S,v9H ^-^^-^ .--r-. ■.--■ .goVI 
,noal9TI asxjLBT-.vsR 9xfd- T:o igrfd-jsl 9x{cl- asv/tjUolioiitinBrlYnoO 
-qsO ifao^itnoalgTt a9liBriO lo f)n£,«L6xl\;noO Tto ToJ-ogJl oals 

,JbsaB309ij xid-odT, . ''■. '',nxBJ' 

,nxBx[a^B^'!I,.EIBH-ai>^JJO f)nB BviJsl-rrLexfmjja lo mi5iIIx^J7 ,11 

,noa axH .SVVI.njsX rfd-es f>9xi);886I,cf9'?[ diQL siiod .-ALoIio'Vl 

-§niIlBH to Tod-09H,IIj5H-aJc)iJjO to noalsK .f>Ti?j:IIlV/.v9fl grfJ- 

cfaeMg 9ricf jBtgd'ilsiJBfc 99idd^ d-t9l<3iIot*ioM,Y-ssI-£H •t'nB nod- 

,a9ojs.ta9 grid- iod-xtgrinx nroxfw to 
.A.MtnoalgPT LnjjmM.vgfl e--^'-'- ^^'^'•"- (-cos b^xri.-^ ..rrTT -t^rT/rrtba .III 
-^oIl,rCsilo^ocfIxH to noTd-sS: Mb tod-ogH bna^al'ioq.'d, to ijsoxv 
to,i)nj3ia: naoL to ^9d-risiJB£),•y;^BM,f)9i't^JS£^,896I nx ntoo'',;iXot 

(I9,d-9J3 yIwT. rid-f^ £.>9i ? ■•.r--^-tc,rr T.-rr F-.irr^ • rrRjrrgld-n'^-' t ^*f'^^■i•r'r(^Qn 


i . Edmund . 
ii. John died unmarried, 
iii. Mary died in 1800. 
iv, ALice married the Rev.Rohert Rolf , Rector of Holloor- 
ougho Her son was Rohert-Monsey Rolf , Lord Cranworth, 
V, Thomas ine, married to John Goulty,Gent. ,of Norwich. 
The Rev. Edmund Nelson was succeeded at his de- 
cease, 23d Oct. 1747, by his eldest son, the Rev, Edmund Nelson, M. A., 
Rector of Holborough and Burnhara- Thorpe, in Norfolkjhorn in 1722. 
This gentleman married 11th May 1749, Gather ine, only daughter 
of the Rev. Maurice Suckling, "D. t^. , Prebendary of Westminster, 
whose wife was, i^Iary, daughter of Sir Charles Turner, of Warham 
County, Norfolk, Bart. , by his wife, Mary, daughter of Robert Wal- 
pole,of Houghton, Norfolk; and sister of Sir Robert Walpole,K.G, , 
Pirst Earl of Oxford; and of Horatio, Lord Walpole of Walterton. 
Mrs. Nelson died in 1767, and by her the Rev. Edmund Nelson, who 
died 26th April 1802, had issue; eight sons and three daughters: 

1. Edmund, born 5th April 17 50; died in August 1752. 

2. Horatio, born 28th July 1751;died loth Nov. 1752. 

3. Tiaurice,a clerk in the Navy Off ice, born 24th May 1753; 
married, 1st Jan. 1787, Sophia, only daughter of Theodore 
Smith,Esq, ,and d.s.p,,24th April 1801. 

4. Williamdst EarDNelson. 

5. Horatio .Viscount Nelson, tlie Great Admiral. 

6. Edmund, born 4th June 1762;died unmarried 11th Dec. 


7. Suckling, in Holy Orders, born 5th Jan,1764;died 

unmarried in 1799. 


8. George, born 13th Dec.l765;died 21st March 1766. 

4w V . ^u W'- X 


.betttsnuiij bsxb nrio" , i i 
,0081 nl Issif) Y^ti: ..fix 

ioo09fl,'ilo.. w ,^>.:^>.. /9£ sxlJ- i)9it^BfiI eoiJA .vx 
.xid'TowrisiO i)'toJ,lIofl YQa^^M-^'^stfo^ s-sw noa ^9H .xlsuc 
.xio-twuoK to, .ia9x),Y*-'^^o^ nrlot oi i)9x-njjfi:,3nia>enioriT .v 

,.A.M,floaX9TI l)nurff£)a.v9fl 9r£ct-,no8 c^39M9 sid xo\V^'?I,toO L5S;,98B90 
.SS'i'I ni n"iod';»Io'iioTi!l ni ,9qioiiT-mfixintx;S i)n£ rfswoioo'IoH "io iod-09fl 
led-xlguBi) vIno,9ni:t9xict-.e''^-^'^i" ■'■""" ^:+II i)9x^^>B0I nsneld-ngg aixfT 
,i9d-anx£fid-a9W lo x'isbaBiJeil^ ,(l.G^^[iil-ilou^ Qoiius^K.YeR edt to 
tSBd'iB'^ *io,*£9n*iJjT a9I^fid■0 ixQ 1o tetd-giSBb^xiMM^aeivf sliw saoxlw 
-LbW J'-fgcTofl ^0 led-dsuBh.^-ffi"' '^t*^ i-^" aid ycT, .d■^sff,2IIo'i-£oK,Y,t^JJO0 
, ,T!),5I,9loqIsW ' 1 ^i:5 'lu -xscJ-sla i)nBj>lIo'iToK,no*ri§uoH lo,9loq 

.nod-i9^Ij8W la gloqlsW i)iOLl,oxd-BToH lo bn^ ', biolx-O to LtsS. ^aTx'T 
oxlw,noal9W hnun-fhH.vsH eK.t terr vrT £)nj3,V6TI ni £i9i£) noalgPt.aiM 
:a^9^xi2i;Bi) &9ixij ijri^ e.noa Jngis j9uaai f)Br{,S08l Ix^qA ri&dS. bslb 
.SdVI J-auswA ni i)9if);0evi liiqA d&c mocr,f)nifinM .1 
.SeVI.voW xfd-cl £>9i£.;ISVI vlnl. rLt82 mocT, oiJ-BioH .2 
;£efl Y"SM dii^S. mocf,9oi'i'i0 \rs'd 9xiJ ni iialo jSigoiiujaH^^ .£ 
9tof>09r[T lo teid-gusb Y-^no,BixiqoS, VSVI.njsT. d-aljJbsxiTBFT 
.1081 iJTfTA ticJ-^P., .q.a.^t firr.s, .paa,xi:fxm2 

.^csI^K(X^B^: crai;rrLBiIir^^ ,1^ 

.iBtiiTfM d■£9^3 9xicf,noel9T(I ^njJooaiV,oid-J3"toH ,e 

,09(1 rid-II fegitxRHTnir h9je;g8VI 9njjL di^ m o cf" , bnijxnJbS ,6 

t9xl);i^dTI,nBG dJ-S mocr,at9f)'xO y,IoH ni^gnlljiouS .V 

,eevi ni £)9iTtj3n:njj 
,oaVI iiLiiji-u jaxi. jj9^ijj GO VI, 09Cr. ild-f.I morf , ggtosT'") ,8 

IT. 9 

9, Susannah, married 5tii Aug,1780,Tiioiaas Bolton, Esq., 
of Wells, Norfolk, and dying in 1813, left issue (See Bol- 

tOl6ll^enealOgy) : hc^.-F.nia...r ; '.V,t.vr' r^M^rrS, ^^.^ 

(1) Thomas Bolton, who succeeded as 2nd Earl. 

(2) George, born 10th Nov. 17 87 ; died at Sea in 1799, 

(3) Jemima-Susannsih,died 10th Aug. 1864, 

(4) Catherine (twin sister with Jemima) , married, 18th i. 
May 1803, to Captain Sir William Bolton, R. N. , who died 16th 
Dec. 1830. Catherine died 23d April 1857, 

(5) Elizabeth- Ann, married to Rev.Kenry Girdlestone, 
Rector of Landford, Wilts and of Colton, St. Andrew County, 
Korfollc, ria.ti-:i*»^ daui.- 

(6) Anne, died umnarried 3d Oct, 1830. 

10, Anne died, unmarried, 15th April 1783, 

11, Catherine,married,26th Peb. 1787 , George Metcham, Esq, , 
of Ashford Lodge, Slougham,Sussex( who died 3d Feb. 1833) , 
she died 28th March 1842. They had issue (with four 
other sons, who died under age); .-v,-..n< 

(1) George, D. C. L. , born 7th Nov. 1789 ;married 20th Feb. 

Harriet, eldest daughter and heir of William Eyre, Esq 

of Newhouse,V/Jlts;and died 15th Jan. , having had? 

i. Horatio-Nelson Eyre, born 3d Jan, 1822; 

died 5th Nov. 1833. 

ii. V/illiam Eyre, of Newhouse,Wilts, J.P. and D.L. 

the Rev, 
born 16th April 1823 ;raarr led 3d Jan. 1861, Mary 

Elizabeth, fourth daughter of H.L.Long^Esq. , 

of Hampton Lodge, Surrey, and has three sons and 

.erton.lst Earl of Ox- 
two daughters. 

iii. Catherine Eyre, married 4th May 1848, the Rev. 
Henry Blackstone Williams, Rector of Bradford- 
several .Dorsetshire. 

, .pea.nod-IoS aj: , ^itisax^iiennBauB ,G 

-loff 998)9jjaax d-l9l,SI6I nl gnxy.h f)nB,2lIolioM,aIl9W lo 

t (x30lB9n9iOld!0^ 

.IibS. LnS a£ iJ9i50900Jja oxfw,noc)-Ioa: B.sniojlT (I) 
.een nx B9a i& telbiV. :I ri.tOI n-iocr,9siOf. (S) 

.f^SSI.gjj/ > .- J-.— . (liBnn^BuS-sciimsI. (£) 

iid-6l,£)9i*n,6xn, (^rinisL diiw teisia niwS) ealiad^sO (^) 
dcfei bexb oxfw, .K.H.nocMoe xW tia nx£j-qBO od-,S08I x^K 

,Vg^-. -.-.... ^.;" ^-•^''■•' p^x-{9rf:^B0 .0581. oeCT 
,9^oc^B9I£)^xC xinsH.vgfl ocf f)9XTici5fii,nnA-xiv+9cr£Sxia (c) 
,\;d-nuoO v/9^Jb^A.*8,^od•IoO ^o bas a&lt¥tbio1bnBJ. 1o loJ^osfl 

.0£8l,d-o0 £)£ f)9x•t^J3^ImJ i)9xt,9nnA (6) 
,E8TI IxiqA £ic}^6I,i>9x*nBranxf,i39xL snrtA .01 
, .pn^r.rfsrfn.fa'*' sr-'jogO, V8VI .d"9T rLtfic; , bsxtTi^ni, anxierfd-fiO ,11 
,(6tc.i.ciSi xit D9xJj oxiw)x9aajj3,;a£xi3iJOi3,9sJboJ btolxfaA 1o 
iisot dilw)3i}esl b&d xadT .SI^SI doisM. d&BS, beib eda 

: (9^i5 isbni; bsib oxfw.ano?, tsrfcJ-o 
.cfg'^: dJ-OS i)9iT-ij3mj68VI.vo;i rij-,' rnoa , .l.. i;. ■ :, gg-ios-J il) 
paa,9T<cS ntexllxw lo -iX9r{ ba^ -ie&d'gusb :^aebLe,ieit-iBK 
ib&d gnxvBri, .nsT, dtSl bsib f)n.B;ad-ItW,9axjoxfw9TI *io 
j2S8I,rtjsL f)C mocr,9T\ia noelsW-oxcfBioH .x 

.eESI.voH ii*e baib 

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-Jb^ot£)£^a lo noctosfl.emBilllW 9nod-a>roBl8: \;^^9E 

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iv, Louise-Harriet Eyre, married 2nd Feb. 1860, 
to the Rev.yortesene-Richard Purvis, eldest son 
■^nxc of Rev.?ortesene-Riciiard Purvis, Vicar of Wilts- 

bur y, Hants ; and had issue: 

(2) Charles Horatio Nelson, born in 1806;died in e 
Australia in 1844, ,s,|;.li.«,j, :A,m,'. a-»**-i 

(3) Nelson, LL.D.,Barrister-at-Law, born 22nd Feb. 1811. 

(4) Catherine married, in 1820, John Bendyshe,Esq. ,Lt. 
in the Royal Navy, of Barrington, Cambridgeshire, and 
died in Nov, 1831, having had five sons and four « 
daughters. Mr. Bendyshe, married, secondly, 21st Oct. 
1833, Anne-Maria, third daughter of Sir Charles Wat- 
son, Bart, ./ 

(o) Elizabeth married, 6th May 1824, Arthur Davies, 
Ex-Post Captain in the Royal Navy;and died in Nov. 

(6) Harriet married, in 1819, Edward Blakely,Esq. , 
Captain in the Royal Navy, and is deceased, -i -^-.-^^d 

(7) Horatia married, in 1826, William Henry Mason, Esq., 
of Beel«House, Bucks ;Lt. in Royal Navy, and died 31st f 

i.t.i ts jsj-tjut;, iJeC,loby. . -.kiruj 


(8) Susannah married, 24th April 1832, Alexander Mont- 

>''ov/' gomery Moore, Esq. , of Garing, County Tyrone. -fid 

l^■^ ■♦- *a *•» ♦ 

Horatio, the fifth son of the Rev, Edmund Nelson, was 

born at the Parsonage House, Burnham- Thorpe, Norfolk, 29th Sept. 

1758, and received the name, Horatio, after his Grandfather and 

relative, Horatio, 2nd Lord Walpole,of Wolterton.lst Earl of Ox- 

ford of the second creation. He was educated at the High School 

of Norwich, and at a school at North Walsham. In 1771, he joined, 

through the interest of his Uncle and Patron, Captain Maurice 



noa ia9f)l9 .alvijj<l f)^B^lOifl-9^9a9d■^o'i.v9fl axi^ o* 
-ad'lJtV/ lo TtBoiV,aJ:v-iu*I h^£xloxfl-9^9a9d■^o'H:,v9il to 

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.voH nx f)9J:b bnBjyvJBK Ib\;o^ sJi* nl nxBct-qfiO c^ao^-xS 

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i'elS bsxi) bn£,\;vj3K IjbyoH nx .cfJ; B2tojja,9aJiicH&l99a to 

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,9no-iYT vJ-nuoO,§ninfiO lo, .paJT^g-xooM viairor- 

e£w,noal9TI bnwinbS.TsH sii^t- to noa rlJ-'ii'i grid", ox j•fi^oE 

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,b9nxot 9ri, IVTI nl .mBrielBW dtto'VL tB looxfoa £ djs bnjB.xiolwnofl to 

90X1JJBM nxBdq.30,nond-B<I bn^ glonU axn' to d89n9d-nx 9rlc}- rfgijonxld- 


Suckling, that Captain's ship, the Kaisonab^e of 64 G^lns, This 
was the commencement of Nelson's Glorious Naval Career, the de- 
tails of which helong to General History, and need not "be reca- 
pitimlted here. He lost his life on hoard his Flag-Ship 21st 
Oct, 1805. His hody was carried to England, v/here it lay in State 
in Painted Hall, of Greenwich Hospital, for three days, and ag4mn 
at the Adraitralty, On the Ninth of January 1806, his remains were 
deposited in St.Paul's Cathedral, London. % 

His Lordship married, 22nd March 1787 , Frances, daughter 
of William Herbert , Esq. , and Relict of Josiah Nishet .M.D. ,of the 
Isle of Nevis (a Scion of the family of Nisbet,of Carfine of 
Lanarkshire) , hut by her(who 2,000 pounds Sterling, a year, set- 
tled on her by the 46th George III. Cap.#3 and who died 4th May 
1831) he had no issue, and consequently all his British Honours, 
save the Barony, became extinctjbut that, in accordance with the - 
limitation, developed, as well as the Dukedom of Bronte, upon his 
only surviving brother. 

The Rev,Williara{2nd Baron)Helson,D.D. ,who 'Aras created 
20th Nov. 1805; Viscount Merton of Trafalgar and Merton,in the re- 
mainder, failing his issue male, to the Male heirs of the body of 
his sister, Mrs. Bolton, and failing them, to the heris was born ,,. 
20th April 1757, was a Prebendary of Canterbury ;he married 1st 
Nov. 1786 ; Sarah, daughter of the Rev. Henry Young, by whom(who dial 
13th April 1828) he had one son and one daughter? ;i, 

1. Horati9Viscount ?Terton,born 26th Oct .17 88; died, unmark- 
ed, 17th Jan. 1808, --erx- 

2. Charlotte Mary, who married Samuel, the 2nd Lord Bridge- 
port, and succeeded as Dutchess of Bronte(according to the 
Law of Sicily: See Case of Earl Nelson, Vs. Lord Bridgeport; 
Reported in 8 Beavans Chancery Report, p. 547.) which Lady 
died 26th Jan. 1874. Earl Nelson married, secondly, 26th 

aixfT tBosjr) *S to e^cf^noBXBfl srio , q iff s 8'nlBd-qfiO d-£ff:f ,sniI>[ojj2 

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v.P)-sJ d^nidwi .Vi'T ,a ^iioqsR y;^9orL6riD p.r^.-wr.'^P: P, ni bs:^*:oq;9fl 

£lJuti,Yli>noo98,l)6iiiBin noalgK IibS .t'TBX.nBt. riJ-oS bsib 


March 1829, Hilar e, third daughter of Admiral, Sir Robert Barlow, 
s/C.B,,and sister of the Viscountess Far ring ton, and widow of her 
cousin, Captain George Ulric Barlow, who died in 1824, and ty whom 
(who married, thirdly, 7th Feh. 1837 , George Thomas Knight , Esq, , and 
died 22nd Dec. 1857) he had issue. His Lordship died 28th Feh. 
1835, and was succeeded in his British Honours hy the only son 
of his sister jJIrs. Bolton. 

His nephew, Thomas Bolton, Second Earl, who on succeed- 
ing to the Title, assumed in Lieu of his own surname and Arms, 
the Surname of Nelson ;pursuant to 46th George I£I(This statue 
secured 5,000 pounds Sterling a year to Earl Nelson and hsi 
Heirs; and granted out of the consolidated fund 90,000 pounds 
Sterling, for certain uses; namely, to give 10,000 pounds to Mrs. 
Matcham,to provide 10,000 pounds to Lady Charlotte, wife of Lord 
Samuel Bridgeport , and to provide a fund for jointures; also a sum 
to purchase an Estate to accompany the Title of Earl Nelson, 
By this Act the name of Nelson is to he taken by every inher- 
itor of the Title. )Cap. 146, an act passed for securing the Nel- 
son Annuity, He was born 7th July 1786;married 21st Peb,1821; 
Prances Elizabeth, daughter and heir of John-Maurice Eyre, Esq., 
of Landford and Br ickworth, County Wilts; and by her (who died 28th 
Llarch 1878) had issue: 

i, Horatio, the present Earl. 
ii. Rev. John Horatio-!!. A. , Rector of Shaw-cum-Donnington, 
Newberry, Berks, born 15th Jan. 1825 ;married SIHKXjqillllXXX 
27th Aug. 1857 , Susan, eldest daughter of Lord Charles Spen- 
cer Churchill, and has two sons, namely, John Eyre, born 1st Oct, 
1858, and Horatio Spencer, born 6th June 1860. 

iii, Maurice Horatio, a Captain in the Royal Navy, Knight 
of the I'edjidie.born 2nd Jan. 1832 ;married, 21st April 1863, Emily, 


,woI^£a d-iedofl ^x8<I£ti:^D[M to te&dsiseb Jbiirict .stjsIlH.esSI xioifiM 

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-n9qa a^I^i5riO bioJ. Io igcfrfsjJBfc c}-8 9f)l9,nsei;3, VeSI.swA n^VS 

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dT{j:,xn3,YVj8PI Lsxofi- ed& nx nlBJ-qBO i2,oi:cfJ5toH soltusM ,lxi 
,Ylxirra,e58I lifrrA +aIS , l)9lTiBm;^t LnS mccf, 9x1)1 tl^sM 9iicr Io 


the Pourth daughter of Sir Charles Burrard.Bart . ,and has issue: 
Maurice-IIenry-Horatlo,^orn 17th Nov. 1864, R/k. ;Edward-John,lDorn 
4 Oct. 1867 ;Charles Burrard.Toorn 27 Nov.l868;noratio William, 
torn 18 June 187l;Mary Maud, horn 20 Nov. 1865 -.Emily Prances, horn 
22 March 1870 ; Alice, horn 30 April 1876. 

iv. Edward Fayle(Rev.)M.A. ,horn 11 Nov. 1833 ;died 8 Sept. 

1858 o 

V. Henry, horn 28 July 1835;killed hy a fall from his 

of the 

horse 28 No v. 1863; unmarried. 

vi. Frances-Catherine married, 25 Jan. 1855 ,Rohert Petti- 
ward, Esq., of Great Finhorough, Suffolk; and died 14 April 

vii. Susannah married, 27 June 1865, the Rev, Alexander Cal- 
vin Blunt, Rector of Millhrook,near Southampton, His 

, for 
Lordship died 1 Nov. 1835. 

: Baron, 18 August 1601. 


: Earl 20 Nov. ISO 5. 


or ur 


of C-urnE' 

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mocr,ixdo'G-i)'XBwI)aj .i^H,^a8I,voK d&VL ^toc^,ol:fJB^oH-Y•x^9H-9ol1UBI/l 

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.d-qsa 8 i)9ii>j££.8I.voM II mod", ,A.M( .vsPOsIybI i)^JSwi)a .vi 

aid 1-. Ifil B Yo' L9lIx2tjeS8I \lis1 8S mocr,X'^«9H ,y 

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<ri:t:f95 cftgcfoJijCGoI.n^L dStbeitissa enitadisD-aQons'i'-i ,lr 
Ii^qA 1^1 bsib ba£>\:Alo'i'iu3,d-guo-^odtti1 d-B9ii) "io, ,paa,£)i£w 

-IfiO Ti9£)nBX9lA,V9fl srlo, edbl gouL 'r'S,f)9i'nBm dsntiBssjS ,li-v 
alH .no^texOTfidd-uoa iJ3sn,2fooicrXIjtM lo toct-osfl, J-nuIH niv 

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.eo8i.vo"/r OS itq.'h: : 

H . 14 

Sir Alexander AbercromlDe ITelson(l816-1893) Lieutenant 
General, "born in Kent in 1816, educated at the Royal Military Col- 
lege, Sandhurst ; was appointed, 6 March 1835, Ensign l^ortieth ?oot 
(now First Battallion, South Lancashire). In which Regiment his 
two brothers and subsequently his son also served. He hecame 
Lieutenant 15 Tiarch 1839, and v/as in sole charge of the Commis- 
sariat of the Bambury Column, during the operations under Sir 
William Nott(qv) at Kandahar, and in Afghanistan in 1841-42 ('edsi]) 
He accompanied the Bombay Column under Colonel Stack, which pro- 
ceeded from Perozepore to join Sir Charles James Napier(q.v.) in 
Sind,was present at the battle of Haidarabb8b,24 March 1843, 
Medal) and mis thanked by the Governor General of India, and the 
Bombay Government , for the manner in which the duties of the 
Commissariat v/ere performed. He was an Aid-de-Camp to Sir Thomr 
aa Valiant at the battle of Mahrajepore,29 Dec. 1843, and had a 
horse shot under him, (mentioned in Despatches and Bronze Star) . 
On 31 July 1846 he attained an unattached company. He was ap- 
pointed Adjutant of the Walmar Depot Battallion,? April 1854, 
but immediately afterwards was made Deputy Assistant-Adjutant- 
General, and subsequently Brigade Major, at Portsmouth,v/hich post 
he held during the Crimean War and the Indian Mutiny. He became 
Major unattached 6 June 1856;Lieutenant Colonel 9 Dec. 1864, and 
Colonel 9 Dec. 1869, and v«hen Deputy Adjutant General in Jamaica, 
he was appointed Brigadier General to command the troops at St. 
Thomas- in- the-East, at the time of the insurrection, in suppress- 
ing which he received the thanks of the government, and was unan- 
imousely voted a sim of Two-Hundred Guineas, for a testimonial 
by the Jamaica House of Assembly. He was Lieutenant Governor 
of Gurnsey from 1870 to 1883, and was a Justice of the Peace for 


aid J-nsffilgsfl xfoixlw nl , {aiidasonsJ d&iJo8,aoiLls&:fsE >taiJ:1 won) 

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ii3 lobrtu enoi&staqo 3d& ■gntiab^nmuIoO x'isJdttLBS edi 1o J-siiBB 

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-oiq iioxav. , :i0J3d-g IgnoIoO nrnxrloO XBdmoS. gncr jDsxnjsq^aooojs aH 

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edd- i)n.s,j3xcnl 'to Is^9^^^J "lomevoO sdi \;d" bs^injanj asv/ iin-^dsbsM 

9ild- lo aexiijb sdi^ doidN ni ^9^nBJ^ grf.t tol , ^nginmsvox) ^-scTaioa 

-ffloiIT ^i3 Ovt qiaB0-9L-i)iA nj3 asw 9?I .i)9Imo'i^^q 9T9w .+sinBaairrtnioO 

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-q^ a^w sH .Ynaqxaoo bedo^Q^i^snu ns bsnis:f:^B sd b^SL v;IjjX I£ nO 

,^581 li-xqA V,noiIl£c^d-sff ^toqgCT t^r''"' ' "io :t-nBd-.ut-fcA i>9d-nxijq 

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Middlesex. Nelson "became a Major Creneral in 1880, and a retired 
Lieutenant General in 1883. He was made IH C.B. in 187 5, and 
K.C.P. in 1891, He married, in 1846, Emma Georgeanna, daughter 
of Robert Hib'bert,of Hale Barne,Altrincham, Cheshire. She died 
in 189?.. Nelson died at his residence, near Reading, 28 Sept. 

James Nelson(1710-1794) .Author , horn in 1710, followed 
the profession if an Apothecary for Fifth Years in Red Lion 
Square, Holhorn, London. He was v/ell known in Contemporary Lit- 
erary Circles, and va*ote Two Works v;hich v/ere highly prized by 
the Critics. They are:-Pirst , "An Essay on the Government of 
Children, under thjree general heads, nemely, Health, Manners, Ed- 
ucation;London,1753. In which the mistaken prejudices of the 
time and suhject are carefully refuted. Second, "The Affection- 
ate Father, a sensational Comedy, together with Essays on Dif- 
ferent Subjects" jLondon, 1786, 

In these works various moral truths were taught in 
the form of a play. Nelson died in London 19 April 1794. 


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J'rances-Eerbert(Visco\intees)Nelson(176l-lS31) ,was bapb 
tized in May 1761, was the daughter of William Wooa\vard(died 18 
Feb, 1779) .Senior Judge of the Island Of Nevis in the West Indie? 
and by her mother , niece of John Richardson Herbert .president of 
the Council of Nevis, On the 28 June 1779, she was married to 
Josiah Nesbet.M.D. ,who shortly afterwards became deranged, and 
died within Eighteen months, leaving her v/ith an infant son de- 
pendent on her uncle, ^^ile living with him she became ac- 
quainted with Nelson, then the young Captain of the Boreas, and m 
was married to him at Nevis 12 March 1787. The irregularly 
kept Register at Nevis gives the date 11 March, but in a letter 
to her husband, on the 11 Ma.rch 1797 , Mrs, Nelson wrote, "Tomorrow 
is our v^edding day and it gives me a dear husband, and my child 
the best of fathers." 

When the Boreas was paid off , Mrs. Nelson lived with 
her husband at Bur nham- Thorpe till Feb. 1793, and during his ab- 
sence(f irst) in the Mediterranean, corresponded on the most af- 
fectiona,te terms. V-Qien he returned home after losing his arm 
at Teneriffe,she tenderli'^ nursed him during the months of pain 
that followed, and through 17 98 Nelson's letters to his wife ap- 
pear as affectionate as ever. Lady Nelson, however , seems to 
been early disquieted by rumours which reached her from Italy; 
and on the 7th of December, Davidson wrote to her husband, "your 
valuble better-half is in good health, but very uneasy and anx- 
ious, which is not to be wondered at, — she bids me say 

that unless you return home ina few months, she will join the 

Standard at Naples. Excuse a woman's tender feelings, they 

are too acute to be expressed." 

Any reports of v/rong-doing which she may have receiv- 
ed at that time, were certainly exaggerated; though it may be 

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readily understood, that a lady of delicate tastes, disapproved 
of her hushand's extreme intimacy v/ith a woinan of Lady Hamil- 
ton's antecedents, and felt insulted hy that woman's presuming 
to write to her hushand on terms of friendship, as Sir William 

Hamilton did not ohject to his intimacy v/ith Lady Hamilton, Lady 

) ■, .. . - ... 

j_Nelson had no reason to do so; and he was painfully surprized, 
(.on arriving in London in 1800, to find that his wife received 
him with coldness and disapproval. ^ 

We know froin ITelson's letter to Davidson(23d April 
1801) that the weeks v;hich followed were rendered miserahle by 
frequent altercations ; and, though the oft quoted statement of 
Mr.Hazelvfood,has heen held to prove that the quarrel was a sud- 
.den outburst of anger on the part of Lady Nelson, goaded past 
V endurance by the iterated reference to "Dear Lady Hamilton", 
.such a statement made 46 years after the date, by a very good 
man, has but little value jwhen it implies a contreidiction of 
Nelson's letter v^ritten at the time. On the other hand,Har- 
^rison asserted that there were many differences , between the hus- 
band and wife, respecting Nelson's nieces and nephews; that Nel- 
son loved the companionship and prattle of children, v;hich an- 
noyed his wife; that they two quarrelled, about Lady Nelson's 
son,Josiah Nisbet,at this time a Captain in the Navy, whom his 
mother v/ished to be considered as her husband's heir;and that 
after one of these domestic broils, Nelson wandered all night 
through the streets of London, in a state of absolute despair 
and destraction. It is well established that Bisbet was rude, 
quarrelsome and intemperate; that he had much annoyed his Step- 
father while in command of the Thalia, and that when that ship 
was paid off, he v;as never employed again. Harrison's story is 
not thus improbable, in itself, and is partly confirmed by Nel- 


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son's letter of the 23d of April 1801, already referred to;"but ., 
fhe source from which it comes is tainted, and there is no di- 
rect evidence in support of it. 

Even admitting serious differences on the suhject of 
Nisbet and the children, thtre can he no reasonable doubt that 
Lady Hamilton was the actual cause of the separationjand it is 
quite certain that Nelson's friends and Society at large under- 
stood it, T^fter separating early in 1801, from her husband, v/ho 
settled Twelve-hundred pounds Sterling a year on herjLady Uel- 
Bcn lived a quiet and uneventful life, mostly in London, v.'here 
in later years, she was frequently visited by her Brother- in- 
law, Earl Nelson, with v/^hom she was to the last on friendly terms, 
She had been for some time in feeble health, when the death of ,_ 

her son in August 1830, proved a blow from which she did not re- 

ea ay c-^. ArcjKc 

cover. She died 4 Kay 1831, in Hawley Street .London, (See Gentle- 
man's Magazine, 1831; part I, p. 571. Clark and M' Arthur's Life 
of Lord Nelson. MS of Sir VTilliam Hatham, article on Emma Ham- 


is ^^ ^ vCJ Ci cvv - 

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John Nelson( 1660-1734) ,Few England Statesman, "born in 
1660, son of Williajn Nelson, appears to have gone to New England 
about 1660, Eis father's iincle,Sir Thomas Temple , 'became, by pur- 
chase, one of the proprietors of Nova Scotia, after its conquest 
by England in 1654, and after the restoration he was appointed 
governor of that dependency. This brought Nelson into commu- 
nication with the French settlers, and in 1687 he gave a letter 
of Introduction to Villebon the governor of Nova Scotia, then 
restored to the French, Y'hen^Willebonf was about to pass through 
Boston on his way to Nev; York, o;--i->^ qre- 

Nelson was a Churchman, and as in the case of Temple, 
there were barriers of taites and character v^hich separated 
him from his Puritan Contemporaries in Boston, He is describ- 
ed by a New England historian as "of a free, gay temper." But 
in New England as in the mother country, the arbitrary rule of ^ 
the Romanist Sovereign united, for a v/hile at least, men of dif- 
ferent Creeds and Views in common resistance. Nelson, too , had 
connected him.self by marriage v/ith a family possessing much 
political influence in Massachusetts, His wife v;as a daughter 
of William Tailer,who became Lieutenant-governor of Massachu- 
setts in 1711. Tailer's wife was a daughter of Israel Stough- 
ton,a rjan of influence among the first generation of New Eng- 
land settlers. Her brother , William Stoughton,was anient for the 
Colony in England, in 1676, and was at a later date, Lieutenant- 
governor of the Colony, Thus, though Nelson was excluded from 
political life in the Colony, he was brought into direct contact 
with many of those who controlled it. In the crisis brought^" 
about by Sir Edmund Andros,the leaders of the popular party 
were glad of the assistance of any public spirited man. Accord- 


i)nBlsnS wsTI o& enop sv.Qxi oi- a^J39qq.B,^oaI9TI uLsillxW lo no?., 0681 

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&uK '♦.-i9qfli9i YB3,99^1 ^5*10" as n£XToJ-aiil .bnisIsnlS well b xd be 
lo ali/T Y^-ST^icTis 9riJ-,Y*i*f^woo nsric^ojn srfJ- rri as bft.<=;I^,n!»r wsPT nx 

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9di -tot d-n9SB aj3W,nod£f3j;;oi8 EIBlXIxW,^9xlj•o^c^ t9H ,ateLtd^9a ba&l 

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-btoooA .nfini bsJ^x^xqa oxidwq \nB to gonB^axaaB 9di to bs£-^ 9t9w 


ingly,when in April 1689 the news of the Revolution in England 
reached Boston, Nelson was among those v;ho signed a document 
addressed to the Governor .requiring him to resign his office 
and surrender the Jort in the town and the Castle in the har-'^ 
hour. Andros took no notice of tloe summons. By this time the 
Boston insurgents were supported by a large "body of Militia 
collected from the country around. Nelson was placed in com- 
mand of the party, and was sent to demand the surrender of the 
Fort, He surrounded the Tort, got possession of an out-¥.^ork:, ' 
and then threatened the Port with a cannonade, Addros there- 
upon surrendered, and Nelson took command of the Fort, With 
the establishment of a Provisional Government Nelson disappears 
from the scene of action. But, though his opinions and charac- 
ter may have excluded him from political life at Boston, a place 
v/as found for him, in the service of the Colony, for which he was 
fitted by his earlier associations. In 1690 a force from New 
England, under the comm.and of Sir William Phipps, conquered Nova 
Scotia, and in 1691 the nev/ Charter of Ilassachusetts formaily 
incorporated it with the Colony, Nelson was appointed to act 
as Commander-in-Chief of the ''assachusetts forces in Acadia, 
Before he could reach his Province he was captured by a French- 
man of War, and Acadia was reoccupied b.v a French lalitary Force, 

h Nelson's captor was his old friend Villebon,who of- 
fered him courteous treatment. He was kept for a while at 
Quebec in honourable captivity. There he used his opportuni- 
ties to study the designs of the French, and to give information 
of them and their movements to his friends in Nev; England. In 

.the Autumn of 169S he bribed two Frenchmen to carry a letter -- 
to Boston, addressed, as it would seem, to the general Court there. 



i>n^IsnS ai aoiiuloYsR. &d& lo awen sdj G86I IxiqA nJc nsr{w,vl§ni 

;^^^mJooi) £ i^dxigia odx: eaodt ■gnosoji aew noeIsH,noJ'Boa bedoaet 

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-iBd edi ni el.+aBO sd.t Xjob nwoJ- 9rf;J' ni J-iol sdd' tsiina'njje £>nB 

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,2l-iow-cJ-xro as lo naxaeseaoq d-os,^+To1 edi bsbauo'itiss sE ,.t^o'i 

-et&di' QOiiibA. ^sbBnonmio s dix\-^ .tTol aii^ i39^^J■J3^^ii:}■ n9rIJ- Lrtjs 

rfcJ-xW ,c^^o'i srfcf "io MBtwfioo ^tooct- noelaW bn.BjJbsishna'njja noqu 

a^.Q9C[qi3exf) noaIgH c^nsmmsvoi) iBnoxaxrotl £ lo &rtemdeilds&se 9dt 

-OBtjBiio LfiJB. anoxaxqo airf d-^sjodi ^iuE .noxd-ojs "io gnsos sricf aotl 

9o^Iq B,no*aoEr j-b 9lxl IsoxJ-xIoq moil mtd bsLirloxs svbxT y^^ t:9 + 

aB1^' 9x£ xloxxiw iot,YnoIoO edi Io 9oivi9a ©liLt ni ,inxr{ tol bnuol aBW 

yteVL moi'l Mo-fot ?? OQdL nl ♦arioxd'BxooBaB •t^xI^B^ axxl Y<f b9J'<ti'5: 

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Yliamiot actJ"9a;jr[oBaaBM Io ^9.t^BrfO wen sifJ" I69I nx f)nB,BivtooS 

&0& oi h9.+nxoqqB bbw noale^ .vnoIoO sxid- rfd-xw .tx b9tB^oq'fOo^x 

.BxlojsoA nl asoiol a cf .t 9 ax/rfoB a a Bj' 9d& Io "iexifD-nl-igbnBxrunoO bb 

-donail B xd bein&qso aBw srt 9onxvG^S[ aid i£ob9t JdIuoo 9x1 giolsE 

.9010'^ X'i^^^i-liyi donetl s -cf beiajjooosi asw sxi>BoA b^B,^BW "io nBfn 

-to of{w,nocr9XIxV bnsxTc't Mo exd bbw to^J-qfio a'noalsK 

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-xnsjct-ioqqo s.rr." bgaix erf 9i9xiT .^^ivL+q.^-n ^Iff.^iuonoii ni 09cf9i;p 

noxd-Btmo'tni evi^ ocf i)nB,x£on9i'i erii to an^xiisij 9xl.t y^JJ^^b o:t aaxcJ- 

nl .i»nslgn-'i weTI nx ai)n9l'tt aid o^ ad-ngmevom ixsrf.t brsB msdi to 

"£9C^J-9l B viiBO o:^ nsra-f-fons-iTC ov;& baditd 9-f S66I to nirxuti.rA srTcf 

,t)ia£Lj j-ijjou liiiensg, saj oj,ino3a I:Xuo'A' ii a£, J^^ae9^i)i)B, nojaun. od" 


-' '' ['■ "'" s 

It told of a French design for an attack on Boston "by Sea, and 

•"rjr' a m. ■both 

also of the attempt which he was making to detach the Indians, 

whose language he could speak, from the French, Nelson's mes- 
sengers succeeded in delivering the letter, "but their proceeding 

vc-. in ' 

was either discovered or suspected, and they were arrested and 

shot, Nelson expected to share their fate;his life, however, was 
spared and he was sent to France, where he v;as confined in the 
Bastile, Nevertheless, while on his voyage he succeeded in warn- 
ing the authorities at Boston that a French fleet was ahout to 
attack the v/hole line of English Colonies along the Atlantic 
sea-hoard. In 1698 he contrived to send to England a Keraorial 

to he laid hefore the Lords of trade and plantations. In this 

he showed the danger of allowing the French^claira,as they would 

surelj' seek to do, a houndary which would give them control of- 
the Kennehec, This, he pointed out, would furnish them with abun- 
dant supply of ship- timber, and would also enable them to detach 
from the English a large and valuble body of English allies. 

It is noteworthy that here, as elsewhere throughout 
his career, Nelson says nothing of his own sufferings, and makes 
no petition for deliverance or redress. He had, indeed, before 
shown a singularly scrupulous temper. When the Peace of Rys- 
wick was ratified Nelson was in England on Patole. The King 
held that the Peace of itself terminated his captivity and did 
not v^ish him to leave England. He , however , insisted on return- 
ing;and, when, shortly after, he was released, he seems to have 
been visited with the King's displeasure for his disobedience. 

In 1705 certain public men in New England set on foot 
a discreditable intrigue to exclude Joseph Dudley from the gov- 
ernorship of Tiassachusetts,and to secure the post for Sir Charte 
Hobby, Dudley was not a man (ff high political character , and 


JbnB,JBs3 Yd" "--•■-h: no -AoBiifi njs tot n-giseb rionsil i; lo Mod- tl 

jan^itinl sd& tiosi&eb o& gnxism bj3W sd xfoirim' d-qjnsd-J-s srid- to oela 

-asm a'noelsK ,^fo^e^'i eilct- mo-i'i,>ts9q8 Muoo ad a^jsi/srtsl saoriw 

§nxi>&90o-iq tx&si& d-ucr,i9;td-9l 9x1.+ ^nx*ievil9i) nx babsaooija aisgnsa 

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a£W,i9V9Wox[,9'iJ:I aixfjsis'i -il9r[J- ft^J5ria oS bdiosqxa noal9^1 .cfoda 

■©iid- al benilnoo a/;w 9Xl 9^9^[w,9o^B^'E oJ- onsa bbw 9rf Lna i)9i.3qa 

-niBW ni i)9Jb9900JJ3 9ii e-g^or eld no 9Ixxlw,ae9Ie^L:^^9v9M ,9lid'8sS 

o& &uodB aijw d-99lt rlonsi'i ^ d-Bdi aoisoE d-.r, 89Xdx*xor{*U£ 9jl^ gni 

oxJ-asIJ-A siict- gnol£ a9xnolo0 riaxIsnK lo 9nxl gloriw gdd" >IoBic^B 

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axri* nl ,anoxd-B.+ n:Blq bns ebB'i& lo ab'xoJ. sdi 9^o1:9d■ bljsl 9cr oj 

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rfojBigf) od- m9r(cf 9lcfBn9 oals bluow i)n/'?,T9cfjiTXd--qxr{a to ylgqi/e d'nBib 

.aexIlB xiaxIj^nK to yfjocr eldislBr bciB s-^tsL b riail^nS ericf r!IO^t 

d-uoxfgiro-irfj gtaxiT/ealg ajs,9isi{ c^osrfd- Y.r{^Tow9d-ort al d-I 

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9'iot9d,i)99ijnx ,I>£r{ 9H .3a9iij9i 10 9onBt9Tll9Jb "iot noxcfxd-eq on 

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bib JbnB -^id-lTlJqBO aid i)9d-Bnxttn9d' tlsadl to eosis^. sd& &sd& blad 

-ntsj&s'i no f)9d'aianx ,-£9V9worf,9H ,i)nBlanS 9VJ39l od- mid riaxv/ ton 

avBd od- em99a 9r£,f)9a£9l9-i asw 9r{,-f9:tt- v ^.t^Oi■{a ,n©x[w ,Jc>nBjgnx 

,9on9X.b9croaxb aid Tot 9-ii;aB9lqai£> a'^nxJi dxio rld-xw £>9ix3lv nsscT 

d-oot no d-ga LnsIgnS wsM nx n9XH oilcfxrq cilsi'^Qo cOTI nl 

-vos extd- mo-'t ^'■fl^f;;r,'r dq^aoT. sbuloxe od pitr- j-'x:^rJ 5L^£,&.t!:^toai.b b 

^B^^BdO liB toI Jaoq srid^ etijoea o& btiSfa^tea^ri0.zsB£y^ lu qx:ieTom;:; 

i>nB,i8d-OBiBdo iBoxd-xIoq d-^id It aasn b d-on asw YglbwCI .-^icTcfon 


New England had no reason to refjard him with respect or grati- 
tude. But he was a more reputable man, both in public and in 
private life, than his rival, and it is creditable to Nelson that 
his influence with the English government v/as exercised in fa- 
vour of Dudley. Nelson died in Massachusetts 4 Dec, 1734, 

The foregoing sketch of a great and good man might, 
unier less favourable circumstances, be sufficient to perpetu- 
ate his name. "But there is a Brochure In the possession of 
Dr .Richard Henry Derby, of New York, containing the Funeral ser- 
mon, preached by the Rev. Timothy Cutler ,D.D. , over the remains 
of the above John Nelson and his wife. The quaintness of the 
Discourse can be better judged after reading than any attempt 
at description here. It was decided to give the Two Title pa- 
ges and the Sermon as printed in 1734. The spelling, capital- 
ization and punctuation are the same as in the original, 

1st Title. 
Dr. Cutler's 
Occasioned by the DEATH of 
And of His CONSORT 
Mrs. Elizabeth Nelson. 


The Final Peace , Security &; Happiness 
of the Upright. 


-xc^B^^ ^o .+ 09qa9T dttvr mid. bts^.t ■ bn.BL'gnK W9H 

:.i bn& oilduq nl diod^nsm elds&uqe'^ STOin ^ asw srT cfuff ,9i)jj+ 

d^Bxld- noalsTil od' eld&^fibe'^o a.r ^i nnj3,lBvii aid nsd;^ ^etll ad^jsyiiq 

-£^ ni I)9axo^9xe a^w taemaievo-pj dsiL^n.^ 9d& diiw aonsultni aid 

,:^£VI.o9C[ i .., auxfoaaajsM ai bsib n'oalgW .YS-CiJ^^Q "io luor 

^&d'gim ni?n i)oos bciB tMSTg £ lo do:f9>ia gnxosaiol ertT 

-wd'sqtsq od- driai oxllua ad", as onficfajBUJOtio ela'^Ti/ov-sl aael ^9£^Ju 

'io noxeasaaoq &di ni etisdootS. & ai aisii^ iuS. «9ini5n ax££ 9*£ 

-Tsa LBtenu'Z ed& snxnxBcfnoo,:3ftoY weM 'io^v,d■^9C^ ^;;^r^9H biBrioxJl.ta 

anxj5Xii9"£ Qdi isvo, .a.G, talJxrO Yd.+ omxT.vgfl 9ili vd" ij9ilo.S9Tq,noiit 

9iit- lo aasn^nxisijp siiT ,©'ixw alri fjn^ noaleW nilol. evocfis srI* -lo 

^qiE[9:fcf£ yns nsri^ gnifceei isd-ls i)9s£)jj(, ^9c^cf9cf 9cf hbo eaiifooaxG 

-J3q 9l.+xT ovc'T Slid- eyxg oct i^sbiosi) asw .+1 ,9T9xi ^cx:^qi-loa9h J-b 

-l£dxqB0,gnlIl9qa ■ sdT .f^STI nx Ls^nxiq a^ nonneB 9iid" £>nB asg 

,I>enxsiio sd& ni bb 9iTf£a srict 9^i3 noi&Bisionsjq bnp. noi&^sii 

.9l*xT ial 
lo HTAaci 9xf* Ycf fcsnoJcaBOoO 
,pBa,MOfijail HIIOL 
.noslsVi dcfscffisxia.aiM 
-c-o-o- G- 
eagnxqqBH £, \:^i^0o^8,^o>e91 I^nxT arlT 
.dTL^x-iqU 9x1:' lo 


2nd Title. 


Delivered at Christ-Church i,p^ Boston 
On Occasion of the Death of 
John Nelson, Esq: 
Which was the 15th of that Month 
and of 
I.Irs. Elizabeth Nelson, 
His Consort 
"Which was the 25th of October preceding. 
Ey Timothy Cutler, D.D. 

Boston,Nev/ England, 
Printed "by J. Draper ,1735, 

A n ,i A 'i y '1 r> p. t. p* 1 •■ 




K If 'H S g 
aotBoK '■' -"-"■■■ oi-iiiJ . ij betsriled 

f ,;..•.. |.,,„j ^0 xi^tjseC sxfJ- lo noia^ooO nO 
:paS,noal9TI nrfo'O 
rfc)-fioM i&d^ lo £fct-5I 9£[^ aaw xioirfW 

,nQal9TI rfd-9cr^slI!H;,a"£M 
;}-xoanoO aiH 
.snif)909iq isrfo^oO Tto rfd-es 9£l:f e^w doldW 

,f)n^Isna w9K,noctaoff 




THE Printing of this Sermon is wholly owing to the 

iraportimity of the Relations of the Deceased ;and is the fruit, 

(•'■> k , It- 'i 
neither of my Judgement, or Inclinations, 

Their Desires,! acknowledge, ought to go a great way 
with me, hut I cannot say so far: it is now in the Power of oth- 
ers to determine That, I neyer affected a Puhlic Appearance, 
much less ought I to he fond of it , in "behalf of a Composure, 

under many, great unusual .inevitable Interruptions ; one whereof 

er;t Sub.i i:'C t, q* vjhfither our ^:. 

was a head-Ache that altogether disabled me for a whole Day, 

However I must say, That ray Sermon was well meant ; and, up on Re- 

view, I can retract nothing in Doctrine or Fact, 


.But as to the deceased Gentleman's Character I beg 

leave to supply one Omission with XSM. what follows, viz. That 

nr !■■ 
he was always a profess 'd Member of the Church of England;Her 

Admirer, Friend and Advocate, in Times and Places the least Fav- 

ourable to Her, And this is the Uprignt Man, whose Religion is 

not Local or Occasional, v;ho goes not down with the Streara,but 

can in a good Cause, stem the Torrent of Prejudices and Censures, 

I know of no Church upon Earth that can better justify 
' or wp) 1ivt»jO" "I '«"» dv 

such Conduct, and I thank God, that Truth of this Mature is rath-' 

er brightened than clouded by Opposition: Thus Wisdom is justi- 

fied of her Children, 

a Sv 

And nov/ I present this Sermon to the Public, and to 

the Blessing of GOD. 

T. Cutler. 



1 a H q: 

' .anoi jfinllonl to ^ :^ nsme-^buT, x^ "^^ tsrld-ian 
YJSW j-B9?[i3 B og ocf- cfrlgxjo , 9g£)9lv/on>[oj3 I, BeTlaaCI "tisifT 
-riJ-o lo -u, .V. . ...... nx won ai d-i :ib1 oa Y-ea j-onnso I d-jLJcf,9i\ x^.. .../ 

,9on.f;-TtB9 7' ■; B iigjoglls t9r9n I .c^bxIT 9nimt9d-9f) ocf ais 

( iscT nj , :M "io fcnol gcT oif I ctifsi/o bbqI doism 

lu.. . .. . ..^ i ^..^.-i;J•qJJT^9c^^I 9lcf£,-*iv9ni , IjsuaunjLi J■s^^s,-v;^£Is isLnif 

•Y^a 9lor[w £ -': LdBalb igrfJ-egod-Is ^Brf:^ 9rioA-i>B9xl & sbw 

-gfl noqir,f)n£; J-nBgn I: iv noinigS Yfi d"Br[T,Y^a cl"ai;fli I tsv9W0H 

.J-oe'? '.V. ..aiid-ooCT nx gnirtcton ios'iiet aao I,w9xt 

S9cf I ^9^toB^£xiO a'aBrnglJ-ngO hsaBeoeh edi o>+ as &ijS. 
&sd'x ,sxv,awoIIo'i J-jsxfw SKX rfJ-lw nolaaxmO sno YlqrTua od- 9VB9l 
^9H; £)nBlsr 'io^ur[0 edi "io ^9c^^!I9M b* eaelotq s a\£wLs bbw gri 

-vbI ;taB9l 9ricf a90i5l1 i)nB asnixT nJ,9d-BOovM BnB fcnali'Jr, igtxxcBA 
ax noxgllsfl 9aoc[v.-,n'?M j-ii^xiqU grvJ- ax axxiJ- LnA,T9H oo*- 9lcfi3"£j;c 
d';jcr,MB9i:J-5 grf.-" xlj-xv/ nwol) cfon eeog oi£v,',lBnoxaBooO io IbooJ d'on 
.a9^ua^90 bns, aeoibulst^ "io dnsTtoT 9riJ^ xn9d-a,9au.sD boo-g b nx nBo 
Y^xd-BJut "isiied nBO dBild xiJ-iBH noqjj rfotwrlO on lo woni: I 
-dis-i ax ett/^^BK axriJ- "io il:^u^T J-Brld ,i)oO sfnBJid- I f)nB , d ouLno doxra 
-xdaut B-i mo^axW audT :nox.txaoqqO Y,cf l)9fci;oIo nBXfd i)9n9:tii;3Xicr le 

.n9tfjIxd:D -iod lo beil 
od i)nK, oxlcfjj^ 9xld oj nof[n93 eiifd" d■^9a9^q I won bnA. 

.aOO "io gnxaasia 9.c{i 

t I I I I I I I I t I t I « I 1 t t 1 1 I 

.i. c'...:i-v -- .t. ~ 



P U N E R A L S E R M N . *^- 

-' ^^ ISA .lvii.2; 

He Shall enter into peace: they shall rest in their 
beds, each one walking in his uprightness, ^ '■^-^ 

Things the nost frightful and impleasant in Themselves 
Kiay be sweet in their Consequences. Of this Nature is the pres- 
ent Subject , which is Death: whether o\ir ovra,or our Friends. But 
v/hen These have been long, and justly, by Vertue , Goodness and Ten- 
derness, entitled to our Love and Esteem, it is hard to govern 
ourselves rightly, and to soften the Thing by the happy Issue 
of it. For so weak:, carnal and selfish are our Minds, that they 
dwell too little on the bright, and too much on the dark side 
of the Dispensation: So that it is our Loss, and not their Gain, 
that affects us; not where they are gone, but whom they have left: 
not the Peace and Rest, and Security they have entered into, but 
the past Comforts, Pleasures and Assistances they have afforded 
us. And hereby we miss of those ad vantagesvts, instructive Uses 
to which Changes of this World are design 'd to lead us: we neith 
er become Wiser or Better ;Holy while we live, or happy when we dy 

The End of all is, to teach us what this World and what 
another is; and to mind both only in their places: the Former in 
a Subserviency to the Latter ; that , according to our Saviour's 
Express ion, when we fail, we may be received into everlasting 

This is the End of the Righteous, the Merciful and 
the Upright Man: of whom the Prophet complains , That he perish- 



. Ti o in .a ^I a J A fl 5[ ^^ '' ^_ 

iS,,!!-^!. A P, I 
nlsii^ nl cJ'asT llaric "^ ■'■ + :9o^.-3ii uoju. iSjns IIjsiio an 

-a9tq Slid- ax atuisK exriJ- tO .agonsupganoO Tlgd* ni ^99wa 9cf vjsm 

c^iJa[ ,Bb[i3xi1 ^JJo io,nwo ij;;o teiiJ-grfw :rIctB9CI ax iioxr(w, v+09i,cftr8 ine 

-n9T i,..,, aagnLoo-''' c.rr+^Mr ■"■'^■j-\,^ld-ajjr, f'-- ■ ■^^''- ^ r.-^c-r ... 'asffT ^^^^■"' 

nievog o:f Lisxi ax J-x,K99;taS baa svoil 'ujo oj bal^iins ^aasn^mb 

gjjaal vqqBrf 9nJ- ^cf gnxxfT edi nsc^loe o:^ £)nB,\:-C*^SJt"£ agvIseiiJO 

Y.od& &Bdo ^abns''' -"■■' '^-'■^ dailLsa •■""■'• r ^r.-...-. ^^c,^.,, oa lol ,ix 1o 

9l)xe -^iBb 9xiJ" no xfoum ooJ^ bns , ^ii'^xtd edi no 9lcf;txl cod- ILe^b 

,nxBC TX9ricf d"on Jhn.p,aaoJ ^J^;o ax ^x d-.6r[,+ oS :nox,tBBn9qaxC[ edi Tco 

td'lsl svBii xedi m^ -^"cf^gno" s ijd ■;,c7,io e-'ioiL.. j-crr;ajLf aoosl'ifi j^jrfd' 

d-jjcf,od-nx beieins av^ri vgrlcf \ct•i^JJ•o^8 f)n£,d"a9fl brts 90i?9<I 9ilJ' c^o^ 

hsLiotls 9Vfi££ vgrLd- aeons^taxaaA f)n>8 ae^x;a£9J1,ac^^o^:l^oO ia^q edi 

egaU gvx.touicJ'anx .ax^aspjBcJ-nBvhB ©eorfcf "^-o aair .detsd '--^^ .air 

r[cfx9n 9W :au l)fi9X od i)'nsia9b qib bLidW aidi 1o 89j?.asriD doidvf oi 

Xb 9w ngdw y^I-sxI tOjSvxI 9v/ glxdw Y■CoH;^9^i9a: to -i9axW ecioosd" t9 

ni -Tiani-^oT 9r[J:a90Bl5 'ixaricT nl vino xW-ocT fsnim ocl- JbnBjex ledJ-ons 

a'ljjoivBS t;;o o;t :^nibioooB ^isdi [leii^J. sdi oi y.ocialy'ieaduS b 

^nt&asLtove oini f)9vl909i scT y>sei 9w, IIbI 9v; n^i-'V, rro i apaToxa 

,enoi jjiJxcixjH 
i)n£ Isjtiotsli edi ^aiiosid^iR. edi lo LnS edi sx axiIT 
-xlaxTsq oxf :^J3riT, anl^Iqmoo J-giiqo^t^ 9Xi^ nioifw lo :n.?M drigxtqU 9rid' 


eth,and no man layettL it to Heart; that is, No Man maketh sucli 
Reflect ions, as are for the Reformation of the Living: they may 
look on it as a matter of Wonder, hut not as a motive to Repent- 
ance: to imitate them, and to meet them again, 

Here is enough to engage us to it. ^"Taen general Ca- 

lamities approach, God prepares them an Hiding-Place and Shel- 
ter; they dy,not in his Displeasure, hut his Love, The Death of 
the Righteous, tho' here called a Perishing, is truly a deliver- 
ance, and such Perosns are taken away from the Evil to come: 
this hrings them to Peace at the last into Rest and Joyous Ex- 
pectations, He shall enter into Peace: they shall rest in their 
beds, each one walking in his uprightness, 

A learned Writer, upon the Place/takes these words 
to he Prophetical of the "Death of King Josiah, nearly foregoing 
the Distresses and Calamities of the Jews hy the Eahylonians: 
and so the Prophetess Huldah foretold him. That He Should he 
gathered unto his Grave in Peace and his eyes should not see 
all the evil which God would bring on Jerusalem, And thus it 
happened to him, notwithstanding his violent Death by his Ene- 
mies: for the Public Calamities of the Jews were consequent „y 
upon his Death,^" "^^-p^ f- ■.j^jr'! ^^t- 

But allowing these words had an original View to Him, 
there is no reason to restrain them entirely to this Person; 
it being the happy lot and Portion of every good Death 
to enter into Peace: and so the Sence is extended in that Plu- 
ral Exi)ress ion, They Shall rest in their beds; and in that Dis- 
tributive one, as our Translation hath it, Each one walking in 
his uprightness, 

F And thus the Words imply ;Our Duty in this World, and 
our Happiness in the next; Here we walk in our uprightness, 

rfoua ^'M oPI,al ^BdJt\&issE o;t .+i xfcfevjsl n^n: on bnB^d&s 

•-:}T.^.i^.. v-c ,^ . \. .. ^. . Ji a£ cfon .+ua',ii:.j,.iiv^ 1o tsd-uBm b 8£ ii nc ^iool 

.nxBgB Hisjlct d'ssia oi' i)nB,rH9iict ©;)■£>+ Imx o^:son£ 
-bO - ' ,S1 oi ajwf 9eii£sn9 0^ iigijons ai sisE 

~l9x..., ...i: QOBll-gnxLiH n^ rasxid' B9^fiq9^q i)uD,rio£o^l1q£ eeid-irofil 
^0 ri:tj39G sriT , .id J-jjcT, s-mefislqaid aixf nx ctOHj^J^ xediitsi 

-T9vxl&^ J3 Y-^J^*^ , -nx rial 19*1 e JbellBO 9*X9rf *oa'd-,exro9cfrf3xfl srii- 

:9moo oi iJtvH gxic^ moil Y'SWjs ngjUo 9i£ anaoisl xlox,f8 f>n.6,9orLS 
-xa airo^oL bn^ ;fa9H oicii ^asl eiid- d-js goBg^I o& szadi a-gnltd eidi 
•ix9iic?' ai iii9t ll&da vedi iqobs'^. o&ni ^9c^^9 IlBria 9l-T,8noJ:d-fi^o9q 

.aagnd'xigxiqu axxi nx gnx^llBW gnc doss ^abed 

ai)iow 9a9xlw+ Bs;^i\Q.OBl^ 9d& noqjj.-te.txiW beniBel A 

anxogs-iol Yli£9n,rLeIaoTi gnxX 1o d&BeCL 9jcf.+ lo Ijsoicfsifqoil scT o.-t 

:anaxnoI\;crBa: ©riJ' \;tf aw9L adi lo agLtinifilisO f)n£ aeeaeTcfaxCI grid- 

9cr bluodB 9H vtBxIT .inxri Mod-QTol riBhlxrH aagdsrfqoil adi oe hns 

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dn9up9anoo 9i9'w- aw9l. edi 1c eeidxjtruBl^O otLdv'i edS tot leais- 

tdissCl aid noqij 
,mxH Ovt v;9xV I^nisx-io n£ £»J6X)' abtow gasrid gnxv/oIIjB d-uS 

jnoai9<I axxid- od Y-t9iidn9 ingjild nl^idaeT od noasst on ai 9i9r(d- 

xldsgCT ct.G.rrsT! boo§ ytsvs "io nor,l-i-o<T hn.R iol vqq,Er' 9rf.t gniscr .ti 

-jLfll j£r;j nx bebneixa ai 9on9a am oa has teoBSl odni tsJns od 

-BxCE cJ-Jsdd- nl i)n£jal>9cr nxedd ai d-aa-t XlBifa YS^tnoIaagtqxS I^t 

nx snxjtifiw sno iloi5K,.ti: rfJ-srl noi&BLsnstT luo Bj?,9nc 9Txdj:rd'l*'.d 

.aasfunsx-iqi; axxf 
l)n£,i)lToW axilJ- nx \,Ji;a luOixlqaii af)ioW grid awricf fcn> 

,ee9ncfi£gxiqu luo nx 3il£w 9W 9i9H ; dx9n edi ai aagnlqqBH injo 


hereafter we may enter into peace and rest: or the way to sweet- 
en Death, and make it the greatest Gain; even this last Enemy may 
give us Peace, it's most turhulent Assaults of us may lead us 
to Peace and Joy, All Sensative Nature shivers at the Approach 
of Death: Rational Nature with it's more lively Preceptions, 
hath a strange Aversion. The Anticipation of it damps all our 
present Joys, and makes all our Pursuits fee"ble;and when it 
comes in earnest, how piercing is it's Call! how hard to ohey 
itl This it is to hear the sight of that Par tit ion- Wall between 
us, and all our Views, our Hopes, our Entertainments, our Er lends 
and Children jhetween Us, and all our Advantages of doing, and re- 
ceiving Good, Now the Sences feel the most acute Pains, and the 
Heart is rent from the object of it's tenderest & most vehement 
Love: and withal, we look with Doubt and Amazement, at what is 
before us: The Enemies we may find, the Evils we may suffer, and 
the Incurableness of our Condition; especially, if v/e have not 
Revelation to enlighten us, or Conscience to befriend us. Then 
Eear delivers us over to an Almighty Displeasure, to the want 
of all Good, to endless and easeless Torments, and the most in- 
Vt'ard, sensible and insupportable Reflections, But here you may 
a^^e from the Text, That Death may be qualified: it may become 
easy, safe and joyful, 

I may therefore now consider: 

1, ^p-P-: Q,ualif ication for an happy Death, which you may 
infer from these words, Each one walking in his uprightness. 

2, Wherein it oloth consist, he shall enter into peace, 
they shall rest in their beds, iec,- 

1, Here is before us the Qualification for an hap- 
py Death, Which I infer from those words, each one walking in 
his uprightness, or each one that walketh in uprightness. 

v;Bm xf^QoS. iaal aiiicf nsvsjnisO ;^e©;}">s9is Qiii ii e^&ta i'n£,jil,t436CI ne 

Bsj bJiel Y-eci €i; lOv aJ-Iu^aaA ct-nslijcfiud" ieom e*.ti,90J39^ e;i 9vi;g 

xio^oiqqA eriS && eisviila 9tud"BPI 9vl.+Ben93 XIA ,yoL f)r!£ 90b9*I oJ' 

,Bnoi^q9 9t*T XleyiL 9-£om a'^x xfJ'iw gtjjctjsTII X^noi^BH :xi:tB9CI to 

-ijjo XIb eqnifii) .ti lo nqid'fiqxoid'n^ p>r'T .rnjA-fevA s^oei^a .e Kcfsri' 

ii asdvi hnii 1 9Xcf 991 e^ii/atuSt iwo Xi^ ti©ijsi;i rm^taYo"^ Jnaaatq 

■v;ocfo oi btsd worf iXIjsO a'J-i ex gnxo'i9xq T/ox{,d-a9mB9 nx a9moo 

nsswvtgcT XX.e^'-^fol.■+i.t^£<I J-^jSj- lo d-dgxa 9rio 'iissd od- aj d-x axx£T Ml 

ebasxt'-L -iiJ0,aJa3iuxix,Bd'i9;t^na tJJo,a9qoH *K;;o,awsxv "iuo XXb l)n£,ajj 

-91 i>nB,snxoi) 1o aggB^navM "xwo XXs iiiiB,BU ^e9wcf^c^J^9^fiXxIlD Lxxis 

add" Las.axxlB'I 9.t;jo£ d-aorrr erf.i lo'^'i a9on98 arid- v/oll ._bcof^ ^rtivloo 

dTiSiBgxigv iaom c2> ,:^a9i9X)n9a- a'J-x lo :^09Gcfu Qxii mo-tl jxisi ax di^gH 

ai d-Bxiw d-s, d-n9ia9asmA iin.rj ^cfuoCE dil^ ^ool 9w,Xj3x£cHw i)ixs :9voJ 

baSf-i-pilJ. '■■■-. v.srf sw aXxvIT sd:^ ^ba,il:. ,X^m 67/ agxmana: 9iiT :aa gTolacf 

d-on ovjiii 9Vv' 'ix ,-',iXX^xo3qa9;aoxd'lf)noO ti/o lo aagngidB-tuonl add- 

n9iiT .ajj iingxilgcf od- 9on9xosaoO no, aw n9d^xlsxXn9 od- noxd^^X9V9fl 

d-nj5Vir srld- ot , siijaBsIcTsiC!' \'idni.mLA ns c«t n9vo au HtsvxXsi) tsg"?: 

-nx d'aoux aiij x)iX£,ajn9:.ior aaslaasa ijn.o aa9Xi»n9 oa , :jooi; XXjs 'io 

Y^ra ijox 9T9il iuS. ,aaoxd-09l1:9H gXcfsd-ioqquanx i)nB aLdlansa^bts^f 

9nioo9cr xB!a &i tbgilxXisxrp 3d y.Bm xid-^gC d-Br[T,d-x9T grid ffloil 99a 

,Xu'i">:o(, bns al.ic;, ^:,ciB9 
:n9jDX:anoo v;on 9no'i9T9rid- x^^ I 
Yi3r!T uc-: ilni dw,r{d-£9CI -(^qqari ns toI noxd-BoxlxXsup 9riT .X 

.aisaru ii;^--tqij aXii nx gaxjiXiiw 9nu rio6a,ai)Tow 9a9ri:^ motl telnx 
,90.39q od-nx ngd^na XXsrfa 9ri,iaxanoo rid^oi) d-x nx9i9.cfW ,S 

.di)9cf tX9rij ni d-a9T XXjaria \;9rid^ 
-qBd rtB tol iiji jjdoXlxXfiwp 9rid au gTolacf si: 9i9H .X 
nx snx2iX3v/ gno ilo^9,ai)iow 9aorid- mo-il -iglnx I rioxxIW ,dd-seCl x<i 
,aa9ndrfj>j:-fqu nx d:i9^l&'fr iAd:i 9no rioas no ,aa9n;txlgxiqjj axri 


And Uprightness is the Bent of the whole Man, all his 
Powers, a.nd Faculties, and Strength, at all Timea and Occasions,,., 
toward everything that is good and right, respecting GOD, our 
Neighbours, and our Souls ,Heligion, or common Honesty and Vertue. 
When there is an exact and perfect Consent "between the Heart, 
the Tongue and the Hand; the inward Principle, and the outward 
Life and Conversation ;v/hen the I'fe.n is the same in his Closet, 
as in the Shop or -Exchange; strict to his Religion, fair in his 
Dealings; the same in all Corapanyjnot only good among the Sober 
and Serious, "but preserving his Vertue and recommending it, if 
not reproving Vice, among the Liher tines and Profane ;one vmom 
neither Good-nature nor Self-love doth ■betray;so that he is 
neither corrupted "by Flatteries, Solicitations, Kindnesses, Prom- 
ises or Threatenings,"by Friends or EneBiies,"by the Glare of Hon- 
our Sc Grandeur, the Sweetness of Pleasure or Prof it, by i^^ecessity, 
Conveniency,or Glory ;but, to all outward Considerations, prefers 
the Love ^d Fear of GOD, the Love of Man, and the Salvation of ^^ 
his own Soul. GOD is the supreme Object of his regards, his 
Maker , Preserver and Benefactor, his Lord and Judge ;and therefore 
Religion, the Natural or instituted way of acknowledge ing Him, 
will not be betray 'd in it's Doctrine, Discipline, Worship or 
Precepts: all his Enquiries, his Professions, his Behaviours , are 
here duly guided, and his Mistakes are not chosen, but the pompa»- 
sionable Effects of human Weakness: and thus he walks before 
GOD, as some render the latter Expression of the Text, Each one 
walking ."before Him. Llan is his Fellow-Creature, descended of 
the same Original, liable to the same Wants and Miseries, capable 
of the Same Happiness, redeemed by the same Saviour; whom he looks 
on with Benevolence, and behaves towards with Truth and Justice, 
Benignity and Compassion; sharing with all in the Sompass of his 
Knowledge, in their Infelicities and Sorrows; communicative of 

aid IlB,njBM aloriw &d& to tneS. 9d& si Baertv+rfgi-tqU hrlA 
janoxafiooO bnB asmiT Xla iBtd&^aeiiB ba8,B8x;tIjJ0^'5 fcnjs, btswoI 
-iuo,GOO snij-09qa9T,d-x£sJ:i bn£i boo-g ei cfjsrfJ snxil*\;^9^9 f)^flwod 

,d^iB9H sifd" nseviied J-nsanoO ^oeliaq £inB ;toBX9 tts el sied& asd!ff 

biBVf&sjo Slid" i)^J3,8Iqxo^i^1 IjtBwnx eiid-jIjnjsH 9x1*+ Ms augnoT '=^-^-^ 

,c^^eoID axri nl atiiBa 9iii' ax nsM 9rid" nsdv/jnolcl'satsvnoO bnB 9'txJ 

axil nx ^XJS'i,^olgxI9£ axxf od' d-aiid-ajsgnBxIoxS ^o qoif8 9rf.+ nt as 

-£3cfo6 QiiJ- gnomjs boo-g j-onj^ff'Sq^o!^ '"''" ^i SfrriS'--. <=*•'+ ;esnxlB9a 

IXjJ'i: snibnafliraoosi i)as 9u^ieV alxf gnxvtaasTq Jjjcf ,ajJoxi98 Mb 

xaoxiw 9no ; gnBtoil inB agnxd'tadiJ sifd" anofiLs,9oxV srtlvoiqgi ;ton 

ax 9x£ ifjBXld^ oa;y;B"i*9cf d&ob 9voI-tl9^ "m H'Tj;;;tBn-f)oof^ tsrf.tlsn 

-!Roi^^>nbai'R^aaoiisiioiloB^eieli3iS.iil^L \(i hQiqutioo 'isdJlaa 

-noH to 9*5bI0 edt ^cf , asxxusna ^o abnalil Ycf«8gnxn9c?B9"trfT to asai 

,Y^-taa909Pl xdfiltoi^ to 9tt/aB9l*I "io .ift-^.-r.+ r.'^-'.iv'n ftrr,t ,tu9bnB*T?^ c?- tiro 

at9'i9tq,enoiJ-Bt9i)±anoO i)tBv/ct"i:/o lia u.J , .twd", •/'xoX-D to,v;oxx9in©vD;oO 

lonox J-bvIbS 9xfd- bxi.B,nBM to 9voJ gxld-jCrOx) "lo t^el has evoJ 9ffcf 

axxi,abtB39" ^■f;^'' '^n .i-n:^r.>-fO ervfitfrua 9x1^- e.i CO?, ,Iuo5 nwo aid 

9to'i9t9xl;t bnjs;6gjjUij has jjtoJ axxi^toi^OB'iengff bn& t9Vt9a9t^, t9!^BM- 

,raxH §nl9sl)9lwon3ioB lo ybw bs&is&ttfanl to IfltUctBH 9x{*,noxgxl9fl 

to qxxiatoW,9XixIqxoax(1, 9nxtd-ooCr s^&T nt b*yj£iied srf d-or: IIlw 

9tB, atuoxvBxl9S axr[< anolaaQlotl,a9xtxi;pnS axrf Lis :ajq909t1 

-esqiaoo 9di .+jjcf ,n9aoxlo &oa. etjs a93lB^8xM axxf £»n.8,l)9blus X^ub 9t9xf 

etnT-Bff r.:>LCF>77 srf Rtfr(.t hns XP.p.^nylR?"'' rrsr'tn-^ 1:o a.+ ogt'iH sLdstioi-a 

sno ;ioj^:ii., JxsT eiii' lo xioxaastq^:^! teJoBl aiiJ to£tn9t enioa aB,(rOt) 

lo l)9f)n90B9Jb,9tJj*B9tO-woXl9'4 aiii ax nsJI .raxH 9tol9cr gnxiilaw 

sIcfBqBO t ssiteaxM r>ns a,+n,BTi^ sxriBa sri^ o^t alcTttil, .Lenl-rtO gxriBa 9rfd' 

a^iooX 911 iiiorff^; ti;oxv,3d 5ir:sa snJ y*^ ii3xn3sjjai,ua3niqqji/i anisS ariJ" lo 

,9ox^ajjL i)XiB £t;J-j/tT ilJ-xw al)tBv/ocf asvBxfacf fcff.G,9onaXov9n9S rid^Xw no 

axxl lo aEBqraoB edt nx lis d&l-w :f!.filtBr{B jnoxagBqmoO ^rr« Yd-xxTsxneff 

lo 9VXCt'Boinjj<™iioo| awotto.}i bnsi a9x.txoxXelnI txsaJ ni , 9§/)9Xwon3i 


his Help, Counsel, and Relief, as he is able, and they need it, ^.. 
Jor so he that walketh in his uprightness, in the Text, is call- 
ed the Merciful Man, in the verse foregoing. And how large or 
narrow soever this Pereon's Sphere of Life is, whether of the 
WSM. Man in his Commerce and Travel, ahroad,or of Sarah in her 
Tent, in their several Stations, the upright are innocent , useful 
and heneficient ;they live desired and dye lasientedl. 

For this is a Pereen that Perse ver,e th. ^.ij.. uprightness. 
It is not a single Act that v/ill denominate and recommend him: 
hut as uprightness is a Thing of invariable , eternal Excellency 
and Fitbess.we must be constant and steddy in it: the Integrity 
of the upright must guide himjand therein(in the Phrase of the 
Text)must he v,ralk till he comes to the End of his Journey, and 
the Reward of his Vertue. 

For (however it fares with the upright Man at present) 
the Course and Tendency of his v/ays is towards it. GOD is the 
highest Example of Uprightness; the only Source of It, and of oizr 
Happiness;to v/hose Love this leads 8.nd recommends us, preparing 
us for the fullest and most noble Emenations of it; of which we 
have the strongest Assurance from the Promises of the Mediation 
of Christ, atoning for those Imperfections that (alas I ) the most 
exact Life is tinged with. And so I pass to the Second Head, 

2, To consider v/herein the Happiness of this Up- 
right Person doth consist;being thus represented in the Words 
before us: He shall enter into peace; they shall rest in their 
beds. And I shall npw have a special Regard to that Happiness 
that commenceth immediately at Death. 

Here is a Negative Description implyed,and a Posi- 
tive one Explicit. It is implyed, 


,i± bssn y.9rfJ Jbn.Q.sIcfB ai sifa^, lellsH bn.B, IsanuoO.qlsH airf 

-IIbo 8l,tx^. ^xiJ- nx iseanctrfsiiqi/ aid ni d&s-^lBrr :fsdi 9d. 08 ■to'? 

TO sgT^I y/od bak .gnxogsTo'i seisv sd.& nl^asVl. Iw^loisM arid" bs 

ad.:* :'dJ-9x{w,aI atiJ ^o etedqS a'noBTsT Bxdd- Tsvsoa wottbh 

"terf nx deiJSS ^o to j Jbsoicf.s IsvjsiT bns soTsmoioO alrf nx hbaT JBSS. 

lutesu ,&aeooa[tt ets fd-^iiqv 3d:f ^anol&siS iBTavsa ttsd& ni^insT 

. IfcsJ'nsr.i.el 9^^ bn& betiReb evil xsdi i &n9 i ott 9 nsd bns 

,aa9n& d^itqsj nx rfd-STsvaaTS^ J-RCtcf nOBis? fi si aid:^ To'^ 

tmlrf bct9maoo9i bn.B sd-jsnlraonsh Iliw d'sxld' d-oA algnla b :t-on ax d'l 

TjofldllsoxH lBm9,t9, slrfBli^vnx lo anxrfT b al aaen^dQlTqu as d^ucf 

ViJ-iisa^nl 9d& :&1 ... .jjijsi'e i)rtfi *n^:t-snoo sd" J-ajJin 9w,a8erftx'!i: bns 

Si-fJ- lo saBTifl srT^ nx)ni9't9r[^ I)n.i3jt!ild 9i)i:jjs tsum id-gitqu sd^ to 

f>nB,Y9niuot aid ^o i)na arfct oJ- a9moo erf Lli& Ulsvr Qd tsusn{:fxeT 

.9rj.-t"£9V Bid to f)TBW9H Sdd' 

i&neBstq &.S nsLT J-xl^iTqu 9ci:t- d^txw a9nBT: .tl T9V9worf)To'5 

9d& ax crOO ,vt± ai)TBWo:t ai a^-sw aid "io YongfcnsT bns gatuoO sxfd- 

Tiro lo bns^il Id sotuoR vino grfd-jaaan^dsitqU t-o ^Tr'.tqx^ .tsdxfslif 

Sni*iBq9Tfi|aw ai)n9ffmioo9T f)n3 'abs9L airfd' 9voJ saodw ocfjaasrtiqqsH 

9w doirfw loj^l lo anoi^BHsnia sicfon iaota bns J-asIIwl arit tCjI: sxj 

noi:fijiJii9M sriJ- "io a9aifflO-i*T 9ff+ '-o'-T: 9onB-iJjaaA ^•892^0'^ + .^ ad* svsd 

:faoftT sd;}- ( t aBIB)^Bdc^ anoi;to3lT9qinI gaodt toT: grrxnocJ'B, J-axTrfO lo 

,f>59H I)noo92 9d:t- oJ- aasq I oa bnk ,d;tiw f)9§ni* ai gliiJ J-obxs 

-qU aid:t "io aasniqqBE edt ni9T9dw ^i'^hfv.noo oT .'? 

af>ToW add" ni fjed-naag^qsT audi gniedjcfaxarioo d?o.b riosTgl &d-gsi 

lied^ nl ^ae*^ J' \t;eoBeq oJ-frx T9J-n9 IlBrfa sH :au giolgd 

BEsniqqBH ^£d:^ Ov+ 1)Tb:s93 iBJogqa b pv-.'-'' v/or i:, ",-. I fenA .ahscf 

.rIc}-B90[ J-B ^:,±oJBiJ.s^:^^TiX lijsonsivjincc J-Bd." 
-iaol B bnB,b9-v:Iqcii noid-qiToasCT evictsssTf b al ei9H 

,£.9^.-1,7^1 ai J-I ..tioilqxa: erro sri J 


1, That it Ls more tnan a "bare Deliverance, or a Negative 

Happiness that an upright ferson enjoys immediately upon his 

Death: that he is not in a State of Insensibility, nor his Soul 

asleep till the Resurrection, "For so this would hardly "be of 

any Account ;hut a poor Invitation to Mortals, who take Pleasure 

in Life and Action. As miserable as this World is, we should 

he more loath to part with it, if the Mind were to be as sence- 

Isss as the Bodyjburyed with it in a Grave of utter Forge tful- 

ness and Stupidity, That Peace the Upright enter into, is a 

Blissful State, with all the lively agreeable Sensations That 

n hi 
administers. Joy always results from Peace: which composes 

Variances , and ends Strife, which quiets Anger and Fear, makes 

way for the Return of Love, of Friendly and Kind Off ices, and 

gives us an undisturbed Security in our Possessions, 

2 It is implyed,That the Happiness of the Upright is 

not compleatjbut only inchoat,and in order to Perfection, They 

ft in r„ 

shall rest in their beds: denoting their Expectation, and not 

their Fruition of Supreme Happiness, as Calvin observes upon 

the Place, For in these Beds of Rest, their Bodies share not 

in their Felicity: They are waiting for the Adoption, even the 

Redemption of the Body, which, while in the Grave, retains the 

Marks of GOD's Wrath and Curse for Sin: and when Body and Soul 

are made happy, there is the Happiness of the whole Man, which 

must be greater than the Happiness of a single Part, In the 

mean time, their Happiness is begun: for the Flesh rests in hope, 

and full Assurance of Corapleat and everlasting Joys, in the Pres- 
ence and at the Right-hand of GOD, Troubles and Distresses are 
over: Happiness is with them, and before them. So that it may 
well be said as Revelations 14:13. Blessed are the Dead which 
dy in the Lord, from henceforth: yea,sayeth the Spirit, that they 


Blrf ncqjj •yjIsdeiLsirmaJ. a\.otrio xioats^ ii-^x'iqij- rte i^xij aasaxqq^H 

Iuo2 Birf •ion,yi'ilJ:cflens8nI lo sc^BJ-g e ni J-on ai srf d-jsxfd- :d&&e(l 

lo scf \;Il)lP.f' . . -''■'VBen. s-'.t IIi+ cresIsB 

J./sroria 9W,aI blioW airl* bb 9Itffi^^3j:^I bA .noid'oA Lns e1:iJ ni 

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may rest from their laTooiirs ;and their works do follow them. 

The Positive Description of the Upright Man's Hap-"; 
piness is Explicit, in these two "Expression: He shall enter into 
peace: they shall rest in their "beds, ^^ich words, tho' they 
conspire in the same general Sence,yet being different in No- 
tloh"', I shall particularly discant on; That we may thereby have 
a more enlarged and lively Apprehension of the gtate, 

1 The first Expression before us, is, He shall enter 
into peace. In full accord with what the Psalmist had before 
said, Psal, 37:38, Keep innocency,and take heed unto the XIKgX 
thing that is right; for that shall bring a man peace at the 
last, Now is the Time for it, And now it is welcome ; after the 
Troubles Sc Hazards of this Militant State, Dulce Bellum Inex- 
pertis. We enter on the Stage of this World, making light, or 
thinking v/ith Pleasure, of the Difficulties, Dangers, and Opposi- 
tions, that will exercise all our Vigilance and Strength, Coiirage 
and Patience: but Nature is tired after the Experience of sev- 
enty or Fourscore years; and then it is £omfortable'^t6* her ,hav- 
ing fought lawfully, That her warfare is accomplished. Here are 
Worldly and here are Spiritual Enemies, that the Upright Kan, 
with others, has to encounter. Uprightness, tho ' a very amiable 
and beneficent thing, hath sometimes it's outward Enemies, It's 
Example shouls stir up Emulation, but it oftentimes only provokes 
Opposition, It reproves the Manners of a corrupt World, and - 
raises the Envy, the Spleen and Malice of resolute incorrigible 
Offenders; especially when there is a Clashing of interests and 
designs. Therefore Ba.y they, as Wisdom, 2: 12. Let us lye in wait 
for the Righteous :because he is not for our turn, and he is 
clean contrary to our doings ;he upbraideth us with our offending 
the law, and objecteth to our infajny the transgress ings of our 


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But surely he never wants Enemies to his Soul: the 
World, the Flesh, and the Devil continually seek his Ruin, For, 
in this Life, his Vertues are "but weak and imperfect , he has some 
criminal Appetites and Disorders within him; there are outward 
Temptations enough, too agreeahle with this corrupt Part;and the 
Devil is very Dextrous, and always ready to inforce them; and as 
far as he yields, GOD is also displeased with him. Hence he 
finds work enough to contend vrith himself, to subdue the carnal 
mind which is at enmity with GOD: to remove the Customs, Examp- 
les, Enticements & Terrors of the World; to live "by Faith among 
the Things of Sence,to look through the things which are seen, 
to the eternal Things which are not seen;and to oppose the Dev- 
il disguising himself under, and insinuating himself with these 
Temptations. Here is not a single Encounter , but a constant War- 
fare that our Lives are destined to: and if we are at any time 
careless, remiss or presumptoius,our Enemies will be ready to 
take the Advantage, and to rally their Forces, and may fail(to) 
or overthrow us. And in Consequence of all these things, we are 
to seek Reconciliation with GOD, and a Pardon through his Son, 
I" Now, what happy Beginnings soever there of this Up- 
right Man's peaceful State in the present Life, in his composed 
Desires, in the good Order of all his Faculties, and his security 
against all Events, in the Satisfaction of his Conscience, and 
his Assurance of the Love of GOD; yet it waits for it's Comple- 
tion in Death: Where the wicked cease from troubling, and the 
weary are at rest; where the TJlass of Corruption harboured in this 
Body, the Propensities Incorporated with the Flesh and Blood, are 
laid aside therewith; where GOD frees Death of it' s Sting, which 
is Sin, Sin it's Pollution, and Sin it's Guilt;and the Soul is 
united to GOD, in a more sensible and exhilirating manner than 

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the test of Saints clo find; in the fullest Liherties with Him, 
and an unshaken Confidence in his aToiding Love and Favour, 

Soinetiines Peace is taken in a more Comprehensive 
Sencejfor the Enjoyment of all Good, perfective of Man's State 
and Desires. And at Death, the upright are "blessed from hence- 
forth, fully satisfied for all they have done and suffered in 
the Service of GOD, for all the Pains they have taken to "become 
acceptahle to him: Tho* as we have said before, not in so Com- 
pile at a, State of Happiness as will follow the Reunion of Bodies, 
However, as a ITatural Consequence of their great Peace and Hap- i 
piness at that time, 

2 They will rest in their "beds. V/hen all their 
Lahor and Drudgery is over; their necessary Care and Diligence 
for their Daily Bread, for the meat which perisheth,for such a 
P^ortipQ in Life, which after all is uncertain, too mean to con- 
tent us;after all their Anxieties for worldly Enjoyments, and 
sorrow for worldly Troubles ; after repeated Experiences of this 
World's Vanity, it may be to old age;having served their Gener- 
ation by the will of GOD;done a great deal of good, as well as 
received a great deal of Evil;having laboured to please GOD, and 
dul,y grieved and, humbled for p.l\. their Imperfections, Neglects 
and Miscarriages: Then Rest is sweet: sweet after such a toil- 
some, but successful Day;and a Bed in the Grave, is softer than 
all the, Delicacies th&t a wiciced. ^lan wallows in. There are no 
Thorns in this Bed: all is either well done, or well finished 
by Repentance. There is nothing tempting to the Desires of a 
Return here:, np^^^Jlmplay and Business here would be any more grate 
ful to them, who have before them the most delightful Scenes of 
Wonder in the Divine 7/isdom, Power, Grace and Goodness, to contem- 
pl3,te:,.jand that blessed and heavenly Exercise, of. celebrating the 
praise of our Creator and Redeemer, in consort with Saints and 

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Angels for Evermore. Thus may we dy the Death of the Right- 
eous, and our last End be like his J May our Rest "be without the ' 
Disquietudes of this World, the Pangs of the Guilt, and the Dread 
of Omnipotence J which is the condition of the Wicked, who are 
like the troubled Sea, when it cannot rest; there is no peace, 
saith CfOD,to the wicked. May our Rest' oh our Beds in the Grave, 
"be different from his Imprisonment there: invited and welcomed 
"by us, as it is "by the good Man, saying. Re turn unto thy Rest,0 my 
Soul, for the Lord hath dealt "bountifully with thee! Tho' to an 
outward Eye, the Bed is a Bed of Corrupt ion, yet it is truly a Bed 
of Sp ices, sweet , fragrant , and glorious. 

On such a Bed, we hope, are that remarkable Pair gone 
to Rest, after more than Fifty Years Labour and Rest together 
here. As they were here united in true and exemplary, conjugal 
Affeclion,so by the Providence of GOD',were 'they unlt'eif in' Siclf- 
nes3,and in a Removal, we trust, to that blessed Peace & Rest, 
our Thoughts, at this Time, have been led to, 

• tt'cahriof add to the Peace of 'fffeir Condition, or the 
Perfection of their Rest, to follow them with our Commendations, 
These are but mean Accessions to the Felicity of their State. 
But ourowh'Peace and Rest tS^ay "h^e' promoted, if we are duly awak- 
ened and acted by Examples of their Nature, that the World hath 
been adorned with. And tho' we are not sure to match them, or 
l^achary and Elizabeth, in Years,yet we "ma3r loe sure, sooner or la- 
ter, with them, to attain the End, and reap the Trults of a good 
xn^s 1,1 .... tt 'would' be l)'ut littl6' to\Vour Edification to t«ll 
you how honoiirably this deceased Gentleman was descended: and a 
Man's personal Character and Conduct are the main Articles in 
'Rid^Pra.iB^ kM T^ShMr, ■TTow^ver'"! may say, That with a very good 
Understanding, improved by Education and Travel, the Spirit and 

9ii:t d-0or{,-tl7r 9cf .fasfl ^JJO ybM laid e-yiil scT .bn!f ct'aj;! tx;o f)n£,auos 

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Temper of an ancient and worthy Family appear in him: contemning 

mean & sordid Actions. He passed through many Changes and Events 

of Life.remarka'ble in their nature, and though troublesonjie and 

IS prepar •'"=* 

dangerous in Themselves, and detrimental to his Family, yet neith- 
er dishonourable in the Occasion, or the Improvement of them. He 
was immovably attached to what he tho't just and right ,courage- 
ous(as I am told) in bearing Witness against, and reproving Vice, , 
a Despiser of this World, a Lover of his Country, acceptable to 
his Family, as an Husband, Father and Master., universally affable, 
courteous and hospitable, ready to do good to all within the Com- 
pass of his Abilities and Opportunities: He had a true Regard 

to Religion and Religious Men, and reverenced the Mysteries and 

the Demands of it; and under the Sence of his Unworthyness, of- 
fered to GOD the Sacrifice of a broken heart, and a contrite 
Spirit, which He will not despise. This Temper he signally dis- 
covered before his o'jm Sickness, and joyned with it a proper Sub- 
mission, as he saw the Sickness of his Consort dissolving that 
Bond of T.larriage that had so long held them together: and with 
this Temper he closed a Life of four-score and one ^ears, fear- 
ing GOD, and calmly and quietly trusting in his Mercy. 

And this, after the Example of his worthy Consort, who 
a few Days before him, passed to an happy Immortalitj'-, She was 
the Virtuous Woman; whom her Children rise up, and call her Bless- 
ed; her Husband also, and he praised her! This is but a due Ac- 
knowledgement to her prudent , handsome, frugal Management of her 
Family: Her patient .submission going through the Troubles of 
this Life, whereof GOD saw meet to allot her no small Share: Her 
open Heart, and open hands to the ]Tecessitious;Her Industrious 
seeking and cheerful embracing all Opportunities to Good: Her 
Contempt of the World ;Her great Care to instruct and Counsel her 

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isd IsaxKJoO briB doi/^d"anx o;t etaO J-jiats T9Hji)IioW gdct to d'qmsd'noO 


Children in what was good, and set them a "bright Example of it, 

A £erson adorned with Innocencjr,and so many Vertues, 

is preTjared to quit the World in the peacelSIable manner that 

She did;not so much concerned for the success of the Physician 
V,,, ace: i.i:io;.: 

hs for the Salvation of GOD. Which she prepared for hy the hum- 

■yr '.(■■ 

"blest AddBesses to Him, an entire Reliance on the Merits of our 

Saviour, and Closing all up in a joint Communion with her "beloved 
'Conso'irt in the Body and Blood of Christ, Shortly after which 
she slept in Jesus ;and all such as do so, God will bring with 
Him. And God make us what we daily pray-i- to he numbered with 
his Saints in Glory everlasting: JS&X thro' the prevailing Mer- 
its and Intercessions of our Dear Redeemer; to whom, with the Fa- 
ther, and the Holy-Ghost, be ascribed all Might , Majesty and Domin- 
ion, now and forever, Amen, 

^^ FINIS. 


Te Deum 

, ^^ ■ ' CI . -n ■' *■ 

at B 



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.n9rrfA,'i9vs*ioT: i)nj3 won,ncx 

mrgCT 9T ^- 


John Nelson(1707-1774) ,a methodist ,was "born in Octo- 
ber 1707, in the Parish of the West Riding of York- 
shir eand was brought up to his father's trade of stonemason. He 
has giren in his "Journal" a detailed account of the religious 
perplexities which troubled him from the age of nine or ten^ He ^^ 
married at nineteen, but did not overcome his religious anxieties 
till he heard John Fesley preach in Morefields in 1739, He re- 
turned at the end of 1740 to his native place, and began himself 
to preach and pray with his neighbours. V/esley was convinced 
of the sincerity and success of Nelson and others that he ought 
formally to recognize the work of lay preachers, and in May 1742, 
he visited Bristol, lodged in Nelson's cottage, and preached to 
his converts. Nelson now became the most successful and assidu- 
ous of Wesley's Evangelists, He kept for a year or two a Jour- 
nal of his experiences, which gives a minute and vivid picture 
of his labours in Yorkshire, Cornwall, and other parts of the 
Kingdom, An attempt was made to get rid of him by pressing him 
for a soldier, and he was for some months moved about the Country 
with his regiment till Charles Wesley, by finding a substitute, 
persuaded the authorities to release him, From 1750 to 1770 
Nelson was stationed as official preacher to Methodist societies 
in London, Bristol, Birdstall, Leeds, Derby, Yarm and York, and paid 
one visit to Ireland, In 1773 he was stationed in the Leeds 
circuit,v/here he died of a fit of Apoplexy 18 July 1774, and was 
buried at Birstall. As a preacher he showed a power and express- 
ed an influence scarcely inferior to Wesley's, He was especi- 
ally at home with the poor and ignorant. 

The portion of the "Journal" relating Nelson's experi- 
ences as a soldier was printed first under the title of "The 
Case of John Nelson"(2nd Edition, 1745) . A revision of the 


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,Sl^ri Y'BM ni i)n£<ai9iioB9iq vjbI lo i[Tow eri^ 9sxnsoo9T od- \;IlBflnol 

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,9c}^i;:fiitacfua b snifjnil Ya«\.9-ta9W a9X^BxfO IIl;^ J-ngmiseT alii xfctiw 

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abesJ sdS ni baaoioBia bbw 9i£ SWI nl .baalatl oi J-xaiv ano 

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-xo9iiB9 aaw 9K ,a'Y9la9W oi ^o2^^t^i y;l9onBoa 9on9JjI1nx ns be 

,.+^B^o^si hns rtooq 9r{.+ xl.+xvf sn^ori c^J3 xILb 
-lT9qx9 a'noalsTI §nxd-£l9"£ "I^a^i;oT.'' edi to aoiitoq griT 

9jrlT" lo 9l>tid- Qdi lebnu iaiit beinitq asw tsihloa £ as 89on9 
9j:f.+ lo noiaiV9T A , {ci^Vl,noiiii>S. baS.)"noeL9^ ndo'^ lo 9aB0 


"Journal" to the Porty-Second year of the Author's Life was 
printed in 17 57, with the title, "An Extract of John Nelson's 
Journal ;being an account of God's dealing with his Soul, from 
his youth to the Forty- Second year of his age, and His working 
by him: likewise the oppressions he met with from people of 
different DenSrainations, Written by himself." This went through 
many editions, Nelson's grandson reedited it as "Memoirs of 
the late Mr. John Nelson of Birstall" .Birmingham 1807, These 
Memoirs, with the additional fragments and letters, were again 
edited in Vol.i of "the Lives of the Early Methodist Preachers; 
chiefly written by themselves. Edited with an Introductory Es- 
say, by Thomas Jackson", (3d Edition 1865). The "Letters to the 

.1.6 f'f -v:- ^1- 

Protestant-Dissenters in the Parish of Eallykelly in Ireland" 
is wrongly attributed to Nelson of Birstall, A portrait of Nel- 
son, etched by Harrison, is mentioned by Bromley, 

John Nelson(1726-1812) , sculptor, born in 1726, was a 
native of Shropshire, where he executed several works, and was 
highly esteemed in his art, both in his native place and in the 
neighbouring counties. Among his works, were the statue on the 
Column erected in Hawkstone Park to the memory of Sir Rowland 
Hill, and the statue of Roger de Montgomery in Shrewsbury Cas- 
tle. Nelson died in Shrewsbury 17 April lS12,aet.86. 



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.6d.d-9je,SX8X liiqA VX YijJcTaws-tri^ ni f39xXj noaXeK ,3li 


be - 
John Richard Nel3on(1803-lS77) , Major-general royal 

engineers and geologist , son of general Richard Nelson, was born 
at Crabtreejnear Plymouth, 3 May 1803; educated at a private 
school at Tamer ton Foliott,near Pl3/mouth,he joined the Royal 
Military Academy at Woolwich, 23 March 1818. While a cadet he 
designed a rifled field-piece, of which the projectile was to 
be coated with lead, an invention which was only fully devel- 
oped many years later by others. After passing out of the 
Academy as eligible for a commission in the royal engineers; 
he had to wait for it, on account of the reduction In the e.rmy, 
until 6 June 1626, when he was gazetted second lieutenant in 
the royal engineers , and was sent to Chatham for a year,a,nd 


then to Woolwich. 

In March 1827 Nelson went to the Bermudas. Promoted 

lieutenant 22 May 1829, he was employed in the superintendence 

5,lbd4 ■-} proiv_o .!^d li'c- 

of the various works of defence in the Bermuda Is lands, v/hich 

TT51 •-.■..■ -, ,. 

were partially executed by convict labour. Nelson vvTote an 

elaborate paper on the different descriptions of labour of 

different works, and the relative value of each kind. He also 

employed the leisure in studying the coral formation of the 

Islands, and prepared several papers on the subject , which were 


illustrated by many beautiful drawings. He returned to England 

in June 1833, and v/as stationed at ^oolv/ich. On Nov. 14, 1835 he 

embarked for the Cape of Good Hope, returning to Englamd in Dec' 

1838, He was (Quartermaster at Plymouth until 1841, then he went 

to Canada, Nelson was promoted 2nd Captain,! Sept. 1841. In 

July 1842 he returned to England, and in Jan, 1843 v/as sent to 
'^or on., ti 

Ireland, Vhile quartered in Ireland in conjunction with G.G. 

Lewis and Sir Henry Jones, he edited the "Aide-Memo ire of Mil- 
itary Science" in 1847, and himself contributed many articles. 
Nelson was promoted 1st Captain 1 April 1846, During the three 


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|!ollowing years he served in the western district at Davenport 
and Pembroke dock. On June 29,1849 he emharqued for passage 
to the Bahamas, and devoted his leisure to the Geology of the 
Islands, He wrote soir.e papers on the formation of the Islands, 
accompanied "by very careful drawings. After two years he was 
invalided home. In Decemher 18bl he was again sent to the west- 
ern district, and was quartered chiefly at Plymouth until 1858, 
On June 14,1854 he was promoted Brevet Major, and on the 20th 
of June of the same year Regimental Lieutenant-Colonel. On 20 
June 1857 he "became a Colonel in the Army. In September 1858 
he was appointed commanding royal engineers at Halifax Nova- 
Scotia, Ke made a tour in the coal districts of that Province, 
and sent home his notes and collections of specimens ;but after 
arriving safelj'- in England they were lost in transit. 

He returned to England in August 1861. On February 
5,1864 he was promoted Ma jot- general, and retired on full pay. 
He resided at Stake, Devonport, until his death 17 July 1877. 

Nelson Married, 6 Augtist 1839, at Ipswick, Lucy, daugh- 
ter of Thomas Howard, She survived him without issue. 

Nelson's G-eology of the Bermudas is a standard work, 
and is referred to by Lyall in his "Principles" , and by 7'yvill 
Thompson in his"Notes from the Challenger." Some beautiful 
drawings of the general appearance and the structure of the 
parts of various coal formations, both from the Bermudas and fron 
the Bahamas, with descriptive notes, and are in the "Pvoyal Engin- » 
eers Institute" at Chatham. A collection of specim.ens which 
he made in the Bermudas vras distributed between the Geological 
Society of London, the Royal United Service Institution of Lon- 
don, and the Berlin Academy, 

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TTelson was the Author of "The 2nd Part of the Memoran- 
da of the Bahama of 1850, the first part of vrhich was 
written hy W, J, Woodcock" ,1850, 8vo ; of Lockspeise ,or Inducement 
to the Study of the German Language, by the removal of that last 
serious difficulty in the way of a "beginner" ;London and Daven- 
port, Printed in 1850, 8vo. He contributed to the "Professional 
Papers" of the Corps of Royal engineers: (1) Q,uarto Ser.vol.iii, 

p. 121, Report on the Beaufort Bridge, Cape of Good Hope; (2)p, 132, 

ry.T. If 
Rough Sketch of Suspension Bridge over the Lahn at Nassau; (3) 

p. 139, On the Mode of Bending Tim.her adopted in Prussia; (4)p. 142, 

Footbridge built by the Prussian Beams; (5)Vol.iv, p. 12, Notes on 

Shot Furnaces; (6) p. 136, Comparative Values of Convict and other 
Tr^. .In ,)o7 8 h y\r 

Labour; (7)p, 198, Notices on the New Victualing Establishment at 

Davenpott; (6)Vol.v,p,7 ,Part of Report on last 150 miles of Great 
Fish River, South Africa; (9) p. 90, Remarks and Experiments on Vari- 
ous Woods, foreign and domestic; (10)Vol,vii, p. 48, Swing or Fly- 
Bridges; (ll)p. 52, On Lime and Limestone from Quarries at Plymoutlj 
(l2)Nev/ Ser.Vol.i ,p,14,Discussional Project for an enciente; (13) 
Vol, vi, p. 119, Fragments on Coast Defences; (i4)Vol.vii, p. 73, Frag- 
ments on the Composition and Construction of Military Reports; 

(15) p. 130, Syllabus of Studies , Duties , etc. , of an English Officer; 
and '. y, ou 

(l6)Vol.x,p.l44,A Lunar Tide at Lake Michigan; (l7)Vol.xi, p. 121, 

On Construction and Application of Vaulted Revetements ; (18)Vol, 

xii, p. 199, Siege Operations at Grandez. He contributed to the 

publications of the Geological Society, of which he vra.s a Fellow, 

papers "On the Geology of the Bermudas , Vol. v Transactions, 2nd 

Ser.and Vol.ii Proceedings; and on the Geology of the Bahamas, 

and on Coral Formations Generally,Vol.ix, Journals" 

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RolDert Nelson(1656-1715) , religious writer, born in Lon- 
don, 22 June 1656, was the only surviving son of John Nelson, a 
"Consid.eral:)le Turkey Merchant" , by Delicia, daughter of Lewis and 
sister of Sir Gabriel Roberts, who, like John Nelson, was a member 
of the Levant Company. John Nelson died 4 Sept, 1657 , leaving a 
good portion to his son. The mother sent Robert for a time to 
St.Paul's School, but took him home "out of fondness." She set- 
tled at Dryfield, Gloucestershire, the home of her sister Anne, 
wife of George Hanger, also a member of the Levant Company, Here 
George Bull, afterwards Bishop of St.Bavids, then Rector of Sud- 
dington in the neighbourhood, acted as his tutor. He entered 
Trinity College, Cambridge, as Fellow Commoner in 167 8, but never 
resided. He very earlj'" became known for his abilities and his 
charm of character. As early as 1680 he began an affectionate 
correspondence v/ith Tillotson,who was a friend of Sir Gabriel 
Roberts, He was chosen a fellow of the Royal Society 1 April 
1680, He then went to Paris, accompanied by his School-Fellow, 
Edmund Halley,and afterwards made the Grand Tour, re turning in 
August 1682. During his travels he met at Rome Lady Theophilia 
Lucy,widov/ of Sir Kingsmill Lucy, of Bronxbourne, Hertfordshire, 
and second daughter of George, Earl of Berkeley. She had a son 
twelve years old hy her first husband, and was two years Nelson's 
Senior. He married her 23 Nov, 1682, the marriage having been 
postponed for a time in consequence of the elopement of her » 
sister with Lord Grey, of Werke, She had, it is said, been con- 
verted to Catholicism 8.t Rome by Cardinal Philip Howard, and 
Nelson was not aware of this until after their marriage ;but 
it seems more probable that her conversion did not take place 
until after that event, Tillotson endeavoured in vain to bring 
her back to the Church of England. 


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"A Discourse concerning a Judge in Controversy in -' 
matters of Religion", published in 1686, upon the Roman Catho- 
lic side of the Question, is ascribed to her, and in the next 
year TTelson wrote against Transubstantiation, Their religious 
differences, however, did not disturb their affection. He took 
her to Aix-la-Chapelle on account of her health. He left her 
there during a visit to England in 1688 ;but the revoluti'CTT de- 
termined him to return to the continent. He travelled with 
his wife and her son and daughter by her first marriage, to Rome. 
He lived for a time at Florence, and corresponded vrith .Tames Mel- 
fort, Jajnes II 's envoy to the Pope, He was a Jacobite in his 
sympathies, though not engaged in any active measvires. He re- 
turned by way of Germany and the Hague to England in 1691, and ' 
settled at Blackheath. The correspondence vdth Tillotson,from 
v/hom he was divided on both religious and moral grounds, was *• 
probably dropped for a time;but Tillo'tso^' was attena'6'a. by Nel- 
son during the last two nights of his illness, and died in his 
arms 22 Nov, 1694. Nelson afterwards helped to obtain an in- 
creased pension for l^lrs.Tillotson, He hacl meanwhile joined 
the non- Jurors. He became very intimate after 1691 with John^^- 
Kettlewell,the non-Juring Divine, and Kettlewell, dying in 1695, 
made him his Executor, It Was' by Kettlewell 's advice that he 
began the religious v^Titings by which he is best known, and he 
supplied Prancis Lee with materials for Kettlewell' s Life, It 
v^as through Kettlwwell that he came to know Hicks, and he was 
soon in close communication with all the non-juring circle, Dod- 
well, Collier .Leslie, Brokesby, and others. 


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, a-i9xfd-o f)nB,^ccfa93£o^a, axIaeJ, i9xllo0, Ilav/ 


Sydney Nelson(l800-1862) , composer , son of Solomon Nel- 
son, was "born in London 1 Jan. 1800. Evincing musical ability 
when quite a young qian,he was adopted hy a gentleman who gave 
him a good musical and general education. He was for some time 
a pupil of Sir George Smaitja.nd eventuallj^ iDecame a teacher in 
London, He was in partnership with Jeffreys as a music seller 
until 1843,v/hen he was elected an associate of the Philharmon- 
is Society. Subsequently he became a music publisher , but being 
unsuccessful, he arranged a musical and dramatic entertainment 
v/ith members of his family, and went on a tour in North America, 
Canada and Australia. He WSMXm died in Lojjdon 7 April 1862, an 
and was buried in West Ham, He was a prolific composer, and 
claimed to have written about eight-hundred pieces, some of which 
were published under an assumed name. He composed a Burletta, 
"The Grenadier" .produced by lladam Vestris,at the Olympic; "The 
Cadi's Daughter" , performed after "Tlacbeth" for Macready's fare- 
well benefit;and "The Village Nightengale" , words by H.T.Craven, 
his son-in-lav;. He had a "Grand Opera, Ulr ica" , in rehearsal at 
the Princess "voider }Taddox's management" , but owing to some dis- 
pute, it was not produced. He was the author of "Instruction in 
the Art of Singing", and composed many duets, trios, pianoforte 
pieces, and songs, some of the latter, such as "The Pilot", and 
"The Rose of Allandale" ,have attained considerable popularity, '^ 
(Information from his son, Alfred Nelson, Esq, ;Bciptie's l^'i'usical 
Scotland, p. 207) . 



3d& lo 9911 .9i)fiffi a£W 9x1 0861 lecTo^t-oO 8 nO «8aei ai .A, 3 fcsfceso 

.soic^ng'xqqB njs 2loo^ sri 5861 >a gnuX nO .ynsqinoO 2*tsnol:fjB^8 

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,OGei,noI)noJ, "0ecI,i)-foJ tsjo lo 91b9Y J-n9a9i1 

%*/u , 

•. •■ k ft 


plaint of the People of England for the Death of the Right Hon- 
ourable Sir Francis Walsingham" , folio sheet .London, 1590, 

The authorship is more doubtful. None of them ap- 
pear to he extant , though they are separately entered in the 
"Stationer's Register," 

4. "A ballad entitled "Clinton's Lamentacyon" , licensed 
to T,Parfoot and T.Nelson, 19 August 1583, 

5. "A Jest of Battell Ale", entered "Stationer's Register" 
19 August 1583. 

6. "The Traditor Francis Throckmorton." 

7, "The Sayler's newe Tantara" , entered 19 July 1584, 

8, "A Brief Discourse of foure Cruell Murders" ,&c. , en- 
tered 2 November 1584, 

9, "Certen goode Advertisements to be observed with dil- 
igence in this Life before we depart hence" .entered 

11 January 1586, 

10. "A tragicall Dyttie of a younge married wyfe who 
fayned herself sick" ,<4:c. , entered 7 November 1586, 

11. ■' "Goe to Rest", same date, 

12. "A lamentable Dyttie showing the Cruelty of a 
Parmer" , same date, 

13. "Of a Christian Conference between Christ and a s.yn- 
ner",same date, 

14. "A Prayer of Thanksgivinge made by the Prisoners of 
Ludgate in y® 29 yere of the Quenes Reign" , entered 
21 December 1587. 

15. "Certen Poesies upon the Playing Cards" , entered 
5 October 1588, 

16. "An eKcellent Dyttie of the Queens Comminge to Paules 
Crosse the 24th Dale of November 1588" , entered 26 Novem- 
ber 1588, 


-noH id:^ifi sdi 1c -'■'r-q sdi^ ioi ^nslgna lo sIqo9<I edi Ic ^nislq 
,0ecII,nof)noiI,d-o9xis oilo'i, "insxisnielBW eion&'i'i tx8 sIcTBtuc 
-qs mend- "io enoPf . roi) sioia ai qiiteToxid-u^ exfT 

add- nx J''- ,o x.-^^ '3 ste ye-''-* -''•".uorfd , dnsJ-xs ei "iBsq 

".isd-aissH a'i9noxdBd-8" 
i)Gan9 0J:I, "noYOBcHsnifiJ e'noJ-nilD" ijsldidns bsZLsd A" ,^ 
,5861 ^BJJBUA ei,r'-^-"." boe ctoolt^o-.T oJ- 
"isd-eigsH a'-isnold-^d-B" l)f ,"9lA IIscfoBa: Ic A" .c 

.S85I d-auguA GI 

.i^sei xLijJ, ei i)sis.tn9,''Bnfij-n£T 9W9n a'tgl^BS grCT" ,? 
-09, .o:&, ''a^9fJ^JJM II9jjtO stjjol to eeiisooazQ. Isliff A" ,8 

,^851 TscTmsTOlil 2 batei^ 
"Lib rivtjtw i)9v*£9f. od- ad"n9Ei98xct-i9vM 9f)002 n9dT90" ,Q 

i)9^9o^^, "e i9L 9w 9tol9cf 9lxJ axxiJ- ni; gong^x 

,6861 x'i^iJ^^'^' -f-C 
oiiw 9lYW bsx-n^sra 9snuo\; b lo siJ^Yd IlBOxgB'sd- A" ,01 
,c)86I igrffitgvo'K V iigis.tng , , o*, ">foxe "ilgetsil hgriYBl 

sa,":ra9- ' e(^^'" .II 
B lo -vicUgjjTO 9xlj §nxv/or£a sxddYQ sla'Bd-nsniBi A" .SI 

.SdBl) 9mBB,''T[9miBl 

-rrv^a b Bhb ;taJ:T[rrO nsswcfso'' 9on9i©lnoO fi.6i.+ Bi^r{0 b "iO" .£1 

,9dBl) gniBaj^tsn 
lo aignoaxi? sxld vcf 9hBn ggnlvxgasfnBXfT to texst'i A" .^I 
l39^sdrf?l ( "n-f^j sH eeneup eric)' "io etSY 6? ®"*' '"''•'' '^ + ^-'^bu»I 

,?8cl "iQcuiiieo&Ci IS 
i)9i9.tn9, ''ei)iBO gnxyBl^ erij noqu a9le9o*I neJ'TeO" .61 

,becl tecfodoo r. 
asIjJB<I od QsnimnioO aaoeug arid lo eidd-yid dnsIIsoKs nA" .61 
■fii9voTI as f)9i9dn9 , "SSeX igcfmgvoTI "io slsG rid■J^S srij eaaotO 


17. "A Dolorouse Dyttie and most sweet Sonnett made upon 

the lamentable and of a godlie and vertuous ladie late- 

17B0-1861) , ffho was 
ly famished in Parr is", entered 29 April 1590. 

18. "A Pleasant newe Hallad wherein is descryed how 3 Per- 
sons for Lechery through London did ryde" .entered 15 
May ra 1590, 

19. "A newe Scottyshe Sonnet made "betwene a Kynge and 
his love." 

20. "A most Excellent Dyttie made upon Sxiddrye strange 
TSinges v/hich have lately happened and on sundry hor- 
rible cryiaes lately committed" .entered 27 July 1590, 

rom the West ^rr;^ to ; 

21. " Dyttie of the Fight upon the Seas the 4 June last 

in the Straytes of Gibraltare between the George and 
tion c 

the Thomas Eonaventure and viil Gallies with 3 f frig- 
id WO' 
ates", entered 31 July 1590. 

22. "All the Merrie Prankes of him that whipps men in 

the high waies", entered 16 February 1591. 
•3 he ! a r 

23. "A newe ITortherne Dialogue betwene Will Sone and the 

Warriner,and howe Reynold Peares gott faire Nancy to 

his love" .entered 13 August 1591, 

24. "A Subtell Practice Wrought in Paris by Friar Frann- 

cis who deceived Fryer Donnat of a sweet skind Nun which 
he secretly kept at London" , Printed for Thomas Nelson 

25. "The Second Parte of the Gigge betwene Rowland and 
the Sexton", (Licensed to T.>Telson,ll December 1591.) 

of v-^ 


noqt; 6bsm d^d-snnog d'eewe ^aom baa el&^ixd eeuo'ioLoCI A" .VI 
-SG\;)I 9li)£l exfoi/d-isv f:-rf£ silbo-g b Io bns 9Icf£c^^0mi?I Qcid' 

-T97 S T'Ori fJSYIOf; nl9*r9riW fcf.IIfiS 9W9n ^CiBGBSl'Z A" .81 

cl bs-^. bib nobii :jo'idi x^edosJ. td anca 

.OGei SI vbM 
f)n£ sgr icf 9i)j3rtr d-9nno5 9xiBY^+J"Oo8 9W9n A" .GI 

".SVOl 8X£[ - 

ggnst^a ex'tbivjS noqjj b>...,>. eiiixd inslLsoxK tsora A" .OS 

-^orf Y'- "to hnfi bgftgqqeif xleifsL evsd rioliiw aggniST 

,0651 xlijJ. VS f)9*ie^n9, "fcsi.tlrciMOo Y-t9*>sI BaciYto sicfli 

^J-BBl gni/X *- siffd" 8B9c5 9ilct' noqu drfgi'? 9ri:' '^■^ exd-J-YQ " • J^S 

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-§itl^ S rid-xw asxIIsO xirxv bciB eiuiaexBttoK aamoriT 9£{i 

.OGfll x£u^ 1^ f)e^9*^^,"a9;tJG 
nx n9£;i aqc' BnJ- nixri lo 892ln£n-<I «iTie!.I axf* IIA" ,SS 

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axld^ fcns eno8 XIxW gnaw.+ gd" gugolBxCI srttgrfct-ioTT 9v/9n A" .£S 
oi yonjsK g-iLX^l c^Jos a9t£9*I blonYsfl 9Vv'oxi i)njB<n9nxT>i£W 

,XGei d-BugJjA f.I JE)9t9:^n9, "9VoI axri 
-nnsi'T ^■6i:•I'g: y^ exiB? nl drf^jjoiw 9ox:^OJ3^:*T Ilgd-cTjJc! A" .-S 
xfcxrfw nwTI Lnx^a >-t99wa s lo ^BCinoci tex.t'K. fc9VX90si> oifw exo 
noal9lt e^rjorlT lol b&ini^^i^^'*nobnoJ. isi ^qei! x^^^'ioee. 9f' 

bnB bcisLvjofi. Sttsyif&e6 ssg-C^ 9^^ "io a;}ts^ baoosS adT" .t5S 
(.IGei -i9crm909CI II, noalgK.T o* i)9an9oxJ) ."noct-xgS 9rf* 


Thomas Nelson(1822-1892) , publisher ,. youngest son of 
Thomas Nelson(l780-lS61) ,who was the founder of the firm of 

Thomas Nelson & Sons, was "born at Edinburgh 25 Decemher 1822. 

'Q at one ft i:.'!itat£d b 
He was educated at the High School of his native town, and en- 
tered his father's business at the age of seventeen. The bus- 
iness was the extending, owing to the tact and energy of Wil- 
b\ the fire waa i for new macriir!- 

liam,the elder son(Vide Infra). The staple of their trade was 

the reprinting of Standard authors at a low price. In 1844 

Thomas was entrusted with the establishment of a London branch, 
were r all the a a w: 

of which he had charge for more than a year. In 1846 the firm 

removed from the West "Bow to larger premises in Edinburgh at 

Hope Park. There all the operations connected with the produc- 

niap enftrt- I iiis 

tion of books-printing, stereotyping, bookbinding, lithographing, 

engraving and wood-cutting were carried on with great success. 

Ultimately the workmen numbered six- hundred, Thomas proved an 
•* aer ■. 

enargetic superintendant of the manufacturing department. From 

his earliest years he showed a remarkable turn for mechanics, 

and in 1880 he invented a rotary press, with curved stereotyped 

ne a 
plates fixed on cylinders , and v;ith a continuous web of paper. 

This press was the original of all the rotary presses now in 

use for newspaper work, but he did not patent the invention. He 
:v or a.n-i Sou 

also introduced into the business many devices in printing,bool£- 

binding, and photo-zincography, and the Nelsons became widely 

known for the beauty and accuracy of their typography. 

ana . s.-&vles ^,xoi.;{ (:xa38 At - 

The firm soon devoted itself largely to the production 

of story books, and books of travel and adventure by popular Au- 
thors, especially intended for Juvenile readers. Thomas also in- 
itiated a series of school books -;inr*itten principally by himself- 
with maps and atlasses,and he also edited "The Children's Pa- 
per", which had an enormous sale. In his maps and atlasses he 


to sa-iil 3d& "lo lebnuol edi- a£w orfw, (ia8I-0o?l)ncal9TI SBCioxfT 
.SS8I "f9ffm909(T 55 rir.-f'^rtxb^T .■t.s rf-rofT aBv.snoB :P> nce.LeV aBraoriT 

-ajjcf 9xfT .aeeiaeysa lo sgfi 9r£.+ cf^- easriisjJcT a'larlctfil aid bsie:^ 
-liW "^iro "^tsne bn^j .+oj3J- silo o.+ j^niwo^gnibnect-xe 9r{^ aBW aasni 

^^81 nl .9oi-fq v/ol b &b e"tori*iJjB i)iBf)nsd-8 lo snlcfnxiqei arfJ- 

(rionBicf rrobrroJ b lo &rer^sietlrj[R&Be B!<& ri.+ iv' be.t8ir-T,+ne bbw aBmoxfT 

ra-K" '^~ r:"^ ,■ - r.sidi stojii ■iu.i t.-^ •■^tm ed dold'i'r lo 

&s r^S^JJd■^iJ^K nx aeaxcisiq legtsl od- woff ^asW arfj- mo^'i i)9vom9'i 

-ouLo-tq 9£ic)- xliiw i)9d-o9nnoo snoi.+i^'rerfo ed.t II,-!? eterfT .^ItsS; sqoH 

,g^ixiq:B^so^fd•xI,3^xi)^i:d■3iuuu tSii.Ui>4o u -«jiuou 'iu noxJ- 

,aB900jja d-B9i§ rid^xv/ no fc9xi"£so 9i9w s^xc^^x;o-i)Oow fens gnxvBtgns 

na l)9votq aBmorfT » beibmjd-xie bQtsdmsjn nsrcoiiow 9iid" xLe^^smiiUJ 

mo^'^ t&nstzi-isqeJr "~'^*^"*OBtjjnBni e ': "^rrfiJbns^nligque olSe-^^taas 

,aoxnj3xio9ra tol mud- 9XcrB2^^Bra9^; js bs^oda sd eisex cfasiliBS elri 

f)9qY.^09i9J-s bSYisjo rt.+xv/, aasiq yiBJo't b bsd-navrfx ed 0831 nx hns 

,*i9qBq lo cfsw auoi/nJ;'-- . , . :n-fcnJ ^-■'- ■■ --^-.-f^ agd'Blq 

Kl won a9a89^q x"^^^^"^ ^^^ •t-t'S lo Isai^lio itdi bbw aaaTq axriT 

9?T ,^o.^:^^9V^fx gri.t ^ngcfsq ion bs.b ed ,+jLrc(",5f'iow *t9qBqaw9n tol 9ajj 

Si, u.' , ^i.-i . i:a i.i i._ t-i,-.vj- veJb x^j;u!i c. ci biii. cw> . -..;:i i)90JLrf)0T ;t nx oelB 

yls^lw 9mB09cr enoalsW gifcf I)nB,Yri<I-6"tSOonis-od-or[q !>«£,§ nibnxcT 

.■'^flqBTSoq'".^''' '^J9r{.+ lo vobtx/oob brtR v.t.yBgd" grief tol nwonjf 

-u^ ijsluqoq vcf 9*i;.rcfn9v£)B Mb IgvBtcf to dsioocf fjxijs , Riioocf y^o^s lo 
-nx oalB aBmoriT .eT;9f)B9T: 9lln9Vjj"G -col bebneini yllBX 09qa9, atorl^ 
-llgarcxif xd YllBqxonxTq n9d.-tx-Tw e^Ioocf loorioa lo asxi98 b Ijed'BXcti 

-b1 a'^9^£)IiriD 9riT" bg^tibg oalB 9rf toB,a98aBl:fB bciB aqam ri>txv; 

eri egaaBlJ^B ba& aqBxa &td nl .siBa ai;oir.-ion9 nB bsd rioxriw,''i9q 


introduced, in addition to the lines of latitude and longitude, 
the measurement in Englishe miles. After the education Act of 
1870 had created a demand for improved school-books, the Nelsons 
started the "Royal Readers" , which were at once imitated "by all 
the great publishing houses. A fire in 1878 completely destroy- 
ed their premises, nothing being saved but the stereot;;rped plates. 
But while the fire was raging Thomas telegraphed for new machin- 
es, and in a few days sheds were erected near the "Queen's" Park, 
and business proceeded as usual. Within a year huge buildings 
were raised, and all the departments were in full work on a lar- 
ger scale than before, Thomas extended his operations by becom- 
T,er • 

ing a partner in the firm of Bartholomew & Co., the well-known 

map engravers, whose premises adjoined his own, 

Nelson was a liberal in politics and a free Churchman, 
He identified his firm with the free Church, and published its 
"Monthly Record" , Children's Record", and other official documents- 
He wrote numerous letters to the "Scotsman" , advocating disestab- 
lishment without disendowment. 

After two years of delicate health he died in Edin- 
burgh, 20 October 1892, His life was one of incessant toil, and 
L\Q. i'.inei*al 
he left a fortune exceeding a million. In 1868 he married Jesse 


Kemp , daughter of James Kemp, of Manchester and South America, 

Besides writing and editing a large nu}iiber of school- 
books, Nelson was the author of-(l) "New Atlas of the World, By 
Th, Nelson and Thomas Davies" .London, 1859, fol. ; (2) " A Class At- 
las of Ancient Geography",Edinburgh(l867) ,8vo. 

,9Jbw^i§noI bns &biJ&iiBl "io asnlX edi oi nosJihbB ni (beouboitni 
lo itoA noi^Boube edi leitA .aelxm axfailsna ni d-nsmsii/RBsra srfJ- 

IIj3 Yd" bei&iimi wono J-b sisw iloiif?/, "a'v3£iiio;i IjsyoJi" sifd LsJ^usJa 

-■^0T:J-89i) ■\j;-'^9J"S-fQ:cJ00 8V6I ni enxl: A «E98iJori sfi-i^dailcfuq d-£9is 9xii 

. 89d"i5l(T f)9 OA^ c^ 9t 9 .tp; ?^rf>+ .iirrf ftsvRf? virrr«»rr tT-jrr.+ nrr J a?*p. fr^?5*irr ^"rs.^'■,■t he 

-axriosim wsn tol ijsiiqBigsIs.t a£jraojiT §ni§j3i ci£iv/ sill 9xiJ sixiiw jjja 

,2f^B7 "a'ngsjjp" 9xi;f tsan £»ed-09i9 9i9w ei>9x{a sxsb v/st s nl f>rt£,a9 

BynibLiL^d 3v.ud -fjGSv s nxrf:MF .Ibi-sl' bb bsLesootq sagnisi/cf LnB 

-IB! B no iiow xxu'i ni e-xsw aoXiSciJiJoqsjj 9Xio il£ Dns, JDsaxs'i 919W 

Maoo9cr Ycf anoxJ-jisisqo airi bebnetxs e^aodT ,9io^9cf nsidi glaoa te-g 

rrv/on>!:-Il9w 9rfJ-,,oD aS wetnolod&t&E to rtr"!!*?: grfj- nx isnitsq ,g ■• ni 

,nv/o aixi benlolbB saaimaiq 9aorivv,ai9VBisjn9 qjsxn 
.nsmiiotxrifD 091! b bns aoicJ-iloq ni l£t9cfil jb a£W noal9K 

a.+ i bBrip.jT.duq bns (rfmurrr) sstl sr^.t rfj-iv/ m-ilj eld £)9i"iid-n9bi aH 

• Bd-nsiixuoojj X£Xox"lio -isxiJo iinx;, "ijioos.^ a'nsii'IixiO, "i>"C009fl Y-^^^noM" 

-cffij-agaif) gnlc^Boovi^, "nefflad-ooS" 9dd^ o;t 8^9c^i9.^ auoisnu/n gcfoTsr/ 9H 

,J-n9nrwoi3noaiI) :fx;ori!5"iw j-namriai:! 

-aliM ni i;9ii) 9r{ d^flaed sd-^oilgt I0 aiB9\; owj tsd-TtA 

f)ni3,Iiod- cfnBaaaoni lo 9no a£v/ glil exH ,2681 -I9cfoct'o0 OS.^d-g'usd 

9aa9'L i)9i*Ti£in 9x1 8681 nT .noillxrfr b nniheenT^s enu&'io't b v+'isi 9rf 

tBOltsmA d&uoS btiB *i9>ta9xionfiJI 'io,qpieji asruBl. "^o -i&SxisjjBij, qmsS 

-looxloa lo -I9cf0ix;n ggiel js §nijfiij9 bns gni^titw a9fcia9a' 

yS .MtoW edi lo sbHA waK" (I)-'io loricfx;^ 9Kv+ bbw noaIeP[,e2foccf 

-J-A aaBlO A " (S) ; .101,6681, nox)riuJ, "esivB':- BBXiionx ijr.a nucixsn.xiT 

.ov8, (V68l)iis'ix;crniLS, "YxiqfiiSoaT) cfnaionA lo bbL 


William IJelson (1816-1887 ), youngest "brother of Thomas 

Nelson (Supra) ."born 13 December 1816, at Edinburgh, was educated 

at the High School, where he gained the classical gold meadl, 

he Kc-:..- ac n'-nK-:. ■■>■••'■ -^ :.'■ ''-i" 

Subsequently he entered his father's business as bookseller and 

publisher in 1835. With his brother Thomas, William gradually 
built up the business. He was in every respect a capable man 
of business, but took life much more leisurely than his brother, 
and in his beautiful home at Salisbury Green gratified many re- 
fined tastes, such as the collection of china and bronzes , gath- 
ered together in travel in all parts of the world. He also in- 
terested himself in the improvement of his native city, and he 
expended large sums in restoring St. Bernard's Well on the Water 
of Leith,the Argyll Tower, St .Margaret 's Chapel, and the Old Sco- 
tish Parliament House in Edinburgh Castle. At Kinghorn in Fife- 
shire, the birthplace of his mother, he erected a memorial cross 
to Alexander III, the last of the Celtic Kings, 

In July 1887 he was presented with the freedom of the 
burgh of Kinghorn, and he died in Edinburgh, 10 September 1887, on 
the eve of a visit to Greece. His remains were accorded a pub- 
lic funeral by the city, and interred in Grange Cemetry. On 24 
July 1851 he married Catherine Ingl is, daughter of Robert Inglis 
of Kirmay,Fifeshire, He left a widowyfour daughters, and a son, 
Eveline, the eldest daughter, was married in 1874 to Thomas Annan- 
dale, professor of Surgery in Edinburgh University; and in 1886 
the second daughter, Florence .married S.Fraser MacLeod, barrister 
of London. (Scotsman .September 11,1887 ;William Nelson, -a Memoir 
with Portrait.) 



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,3 vols, , 

William Nelson (f 1.1720) , legal writer, born in 1653, v/as 
son of "^"^illiam Melson,of Chaddleworth, Berkshire. On 16 July - 
1669 he matricualted at Trinity College, Oxfordj'bu^. did not grad- 
uate. He was called to the bar fron Middle Temple in 1684, and 
was elevated to the bench in 1706(Poster, Alumni Oxon. 1500-1714, 
iii,1056). He practiced in the Court of Chancery for many years. 

.kelson's judicial knowledge v/as undoubtedly great, but 
lacking both judgement and acumen. Although an unsparing critic 
of the labours of others, he v/as himself inaccurate and slovenly. 
His books are: 

1. "Reports of Special Cases argued and decreed in the 
Court of Chancery", 1625-1693, 8vo. The Savoy, 1594(anoth- 
er edition 1717) , 

2. "The xRights of the Clergy of Great Britain" ,8vo , 

the Savoy, 1709( 2nd editionl732) , 

3. "The Office and Authority of a Justice of the Peace", 
8vo,the Savoy, 1710, (6th edition 17l8;12th edition, 2 vols 
1745) . 

4. "Lex Testajnentaria;or ,a Compendium System of all Laws 
*•"- of England. .,, concerning Last Wills and Testaments" ,8vo, 

the Savoy, 1714( other editions 1724 and 1728). 

5. "Reports of Cases decreed in the high Court of Chan- 
cery during the time of Sir Reneage Pinck(Lord Chancel- 
lor Nattinghara) ,1673-81", fol. , London, 1725, said to be a 
book of no authority, 

6. "Lex Maneriorum;or , the Lav;s and Customs of England re- 
lating to Manors", &c. ,2 parts , folio, the Savoy, 1726 (Oth- 
er editions in 8vo, 1728, 1733, 1735) . 


a£w,£56I ni: mod',i9:M-nv Issel, (OS VI. IT:) noaleT^ lOBilllW 

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~rid-on£)^G3I,v;OT£S arIT . ov8,£G6l-eS9I, "yisohbiIO ^o c>-"cjjoO 

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-9t bnBljjna: to aciod"3;.rO i>nj3 bwbJ sjl.t , tojincrtoxtan.";**: xaJ" .0 
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, (e£VI,£eTI,8SVI,ov8 nl snoiJ-iba t9 

IT. 52 

7, "An Abridgement of the Coinmon Law of England", 3 vols., 
folio, the Savoy, 1725-26, chiefly "horrowed from William 
Hughes* "Ahridgements." He does not abridge oases an- 
terior to those in "Fitzherhert" and "Brooks" , and tteats 
of the "Year Books" as a rhapsody of antiquated Law, 

8, "The Laws of England concerning the game; of Hunting, 
Hawking, Pishing, and Fowling" ,12mo. , the Savoy, 1727 (other 


editions, 1732, 1736, 1751, 1753, 1762) . 


Helson translated and annotated Sir Edward Lutwyche's 

"Reports and Entries" , folio , London, 1718. The work was stigma- 
tized by Charles Viner "as being a reproach and dishonour to * 

the profession, and rather adapted to Billingsgate than ¥estmin- 

> leave. r>.,. .-- -,- 

ster Hall"(Viner, Abridgement, vol. xviii, Preface) . He also trans- 
lated Lutwyche's "Reports of the Resolutions of the Court on 

divers exceptions taken to Pleadings. .. .arising in the... 

t :,cler^ Tp, ai: 

Common Pleas", 8vo. , London, 1718, 

In 1717 he issued enlarged editions of Blount's "Law 
Dictionary" , folio , and Ifenwood's "Treatise of the Porest Laws", 
8vo. To J. Lilly's "Reports and Pleadings of Cases in Assise 
for Off ices, . .and Testaments" , folio, 1719 ;he supplied a "Prefa- 
tory Discourse, shewing the Nature of this Action and reasons 
for putting it in practice." 

Nelson is supposed to have been the Author of the fi 
first five volianes of the so-called "Modern Reports", 1669-1700, 
folio, London, 1682-1711( other editions) ; a long preface to his 
preceded volume v. 


,.aIov £, "finsIanS 'to wbJ nonmioO a.d.i "io inamsabxtcfA. aA." .V 

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,00TX-edai,"ai-ioq9flm9{)oM'' ballBO-oa eri,t "io asm^lov SYXt iatit 
aid 0.+ sOBlstq gnol b; (anoiJxiig ^9x{d■o).£IVI-S8^I,^oi)notT, oxiot 

,v 9mjjIov i)9i)909iq 


V/illiam Nelson, first Earl Nelson(1757-1835) , eldest 

son of Edmund Nelson, rector of Burnham- Thorpe, in Norfolk, and 

brother of Horatio, viscount Nelson(q.v.) ,was horn at Burnham- 

Thorpe 20 April 1757. He graduated B.A. from Christ's College, 

Cambridge, in 1776, and proceeded M.A. in 1781. The same year 

he was ordained, and in January 17 84 was appointed to the Eec- 
X -to rofeo-t" n 

tory of Brandon-Parva,in Norfolk. He had before this consulted 

r ^.on ;u-'d Fur} .''.o.i.,vcr- 

his brother on the advisability of entering the Navy as a Chap- ^ 

lain, and in June 1784 was appointed to the Boreas , though he did 

n o f 
not join her imtil September. In her he went to the West Indie^' 

but the restraint would seem to have been distatsteful to him, 

and though on leave away from the ship for most of the time, he 

'.. it lu tl- 

obtained his discharge from her and from the service in October 

1786. It has been urged against his brother that, as Captain of 

the ship, he tolerated the abuse of his Chaplain's drawing pay 

without performing his duties. Nelson certainly did not perform 

the duties, but on the other hand, he did not receive any pay( 

vide Pay-Book of Boreas) ; a singular fact, which is evidence of 

a scrupulous nicety very unusual at the time. 

On Nelson's return to England he married, in November 

17 86, Sarah, daughter of Rev. Henry Yonge,and settled dovm as a 

,. ^.T;).■i"■ 
Country parson at Brandon-Parva,from which, in 1797, he v;as trana-^ 

ferred to Hilborough,also in Norfolk. The interest that attach- 
es to him during this time is mainly as correspondent of his 

■',-<i.tid n;. 

distinguished brother, who wrote to h±m frequently, freely ex- 
pressing his opinion of men and affairs. Without these confi- 
dential letters our knowledge of the great Admiral would be 
much attenuated. When Lord Nelson was at home, and especially 
after the peace at Amiens, the brothers were a great deal togeth- 
er, the parson and his wife freely visiting and being on intimate 


■■•-■■'■■ ■■ ■ TA." 

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yIIxsx 09qa9 bas^smod &b e.Bvr nosleVL b*ioJ n^ilW .bsd'Bi/ngd'd'B xIoi;in 

■'d&3-go& iBBb d-B9Ta J3 9^9v/ a^9rito^cr 9rIct,an9lmA d-s gosgq 9xf>t ^9d■^JS 

gd-.Siiixd-nx no gnxgcf baB gnxd-xalT ^-^99^1 slxv; axif ban noa^Bq 9;ld-,"r9 


terms with Lad3r Hamilton. The Admiral's glory reflected on the 
clergyman. In January 1802 the University of Cambridge conferr- 
ed en him the degree of D.B. as did Oxford in the following June 
and in I4ay 1603 he was appointed to a prehendal stall at Cantei*- 
bury. By the death of his "brother, 21 Octoher 1505, he succeeded 
as Baron Nelson of the Nile/the viscounty "becoming extinct, as 
limited hy patent to male heirs of the body. On November 10, 
however, he was created Viscount Merton and Earl Nelson of Tra- 
falgar and Merton, and in the following year he succeeded as Di;ike 
of Bronte', A pension of 5,000 pounds sterling a year was gran- 
ted to him by Parliajnent ,and the sum of 90,000 pounds sterling 
for the purchase of a Mansion and Estates; this svim was in 1814 
laid out in the purchase of Stanlynoh Park, near Do'OTiton,in Wilt- 
shire, He died in London 28 Februa,ry 1835, 

Nelson is described by Sir William Hatham as large and 
heavj'' in his person, boisterous in his manner, "his own voice very 
loud, and he exceedingly KSiiX. and impatiently deaf." Nelson has 
been unjustly accused of concealing the last codicile to Lord *-^ 

Nelson's Will in favour of Ladj'- Hamilton till the government 

grantM the Earldom was settled on himself , and then throwing 

it to her in an insulting manner. The document from the first 
placed in the hands of the officers of the government , who decid- 
ed that nothing could be done about it. Under the altered con- 
ditions tmd demeanor of Lady Hamilton, Nelson gradually dropped 
the intimacy, and almost the acquaintanceship. His wife died in 
1828, and in the following j'-ear he married, Hilore, daughter of 
Rear-Adniiral Sir Robert Barlow, and widow of her cousin, George 
Ulric Barlow. After Nelson's death she married, thirdly, George j 
Thomas Knight, and died in 1857. By his first wife Nelson had 
issue one son,v/ho predeceased him in 1808, and a daughter , Char- 

srid- no bs&osllet X'^ol'g a ' 1st xinM erfT .nocHljosH y1)bJ rIcMw amsJ- 

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lotte Mary, married in 1810 to viscount Bridgeport ; on the death 

of her father she succeeded to the Sicilian title as Duchess 

f fid cj< 

of Bronte"; The Earldom, hy the terms of the patent , passed to 

Thomas Bolton, the son of Nelson's sister, Susannah. 

Wolfred lTelson(1792-1863) .Canadian insurgent , was horn 

at Montreal 16 July 1792. His father ,?^illiam Nelson, held an 

office in the Commissariat department of the Royal Navy;his 

mother was the daughter of an American loyalist named Dies, 
owner of an Estate on the Hudson River, who emigrated to Canada 
after the revolt of the American Colonies. In December 1805 
T^olfred Nelson was apprenticed to Dr. Carter, of the army medical 
staff , then residing at Sorel, In January 1811 he obtained his 
medical diploma, and began practice as a physician at St. Denis, 
on the Richelieu river, near Montreal. In the war between Eng- 
land and the United States in 1812 Nelson accompanied the ma- 
litia regiment of his district to the frontier. During the next 

(■' i. ''• f ■■ '■"! ri i>r, ■■- c- ,r? V. -t- ^- 

fifteen years he remained at St. Denis. Besides his medical 

work he carried on a distillery and a brev/ery. He was made a 

•'^; 'v th. 

justice of the peace, and rapidly acquired great influence among 

ft , ^-nrf 

the surrounding people, the vast majority of whom v/ere French 

Canadians or Inhabitants. Though coming of a rigidly royalist 

and tory stock, Nelson completely identified himself with the 

inhabitants, and headed the cry raised by them for an alteration 

in the exclusive system of government then in Vogue. In 1827 

he contested the borough of William Henry against James Stuart, 
the attorney-general for Lower Canada, and defeated him by three 

votes. In the assembly Nelson closely allied himself with Louis 

Papineau.head of the French party. On 23 October 1837 a great 
ht .ted ■ 

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meeting of delegates from six counties of lower Canada was held 
at St. Charles. "Nelson acted as Chairman, and so violent v;as the 
tone of his speech, that the Governor , Lord Gosford, issued a war- 
rant against him and Papineau;a reward of two- thousand dollars 
was offered for Nelson's apprehension, Papineau urged surren- 
der, hut Nelson, bent upon rebellion, entrenched himself, with 
George Cartier and a number of French inhabitants , in his Brew- 
ery, a large stone house at the north-west corner of St.Denis, 
and prepared for armed resistance. On 23 November he beat off 
an attack made by Colonel Gore and a company of the 23d regi- 
ment with heavy loss. Two days alter, however, the rebel camp 
at St. Charles, seven miles distant from St .Denis ,7ras stormed by 
the English. Nelson now evacuated his position, tried to escape 
to American soil, but was captured and brought to Montreal a 
prisoner. His brother , Robert Nelson, who had joined him, escaped 
to the American States, whence he organized an expedition against 
Canada during 1838. Nelson remained in Goal till 1838, when the 
High Commissioner, Lord Durham, on his own responsibility, senten- 
ced him and a number of other prisoners to transportation to 
Bermuda. The sentence was reversed as invalid by the Home Gov- 
ernment, and Nelson was set free. But, fearing subsequent pros- 
ecution, he retired to America in November 1838. He returned to 
Montreal in 1842, after the amnesty, and resumed his practice as 
a physician. His popularity continued, and in 1845, he was elec- 
ted to the Canadian Assembly for the County of Richelieu in op- 
position to D.B.Viger. He supported the Rebellion Losses Bill, 
a measure bitterly resented by the English and Loyalist party; 
but as a general rule he showed himself opposed to any extreme 
action. He thus recovered favoixr with the Government. In 1847 
he was appointed chairman of the Borad of Health, In 1851 he 


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was inspector of prisons, and in 1859 he rose to the chairmanship 
of the "borad of Prison Inspectors, He wrote numerous reports 

on the state of the prisons, and also contributed on political 

1: 8, 

Subjects to a Montreal Paper, "La Minerva," He died in Montreal 

in 1863. 

The Family of Nelson 
SkarningjEng, , 

On a stone in the churchyard near the chancel 
door of St .Lawrence Church,Norwich(Bloomf ield's "His- 
tory of Norfolk'',vol,iv,pp.250,271) , 

'• Ester Nelson, 
The daughter of Benj.A: Eliz. Nelson, of Skarning in Norfolk. 

1637 : 28. 

The yoiing & innocent in death are blest; 
These with small troubles gain eternal rest, 
And have the priviledge to run the race 
That leads to Heaven in a little space. 
Dear child, her time was short, 
The longer is her rest, 
God calls in mercy first 
Those whom he loveth best," 


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?.* ,8S : TE6I 

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Samuel ITelson, 

This Nelson does not appear to belong to either the 
English or the American "branch of the family descended from 
the English family. In the following notes it is stated that 
his family were of Scotch-Irish origin, and such a statement is, 
in all prohahilityjtrue. By giving a short account of his life 
in this work no other apology need he offered than, that the ma.n^S 
life and life's v/ork demands a place wherever uprightness of 
conduct and integrity of character are appreciated. It might 
he added, that here, as in no other place, the best and most that 
can he said of him, must he said,(C,N,) 

^' The Honourable Samuel Nelson, late Associate Justice 

of the Supreme Court of the United States, was born at Hebron, 
Washington Count3'-,New York, 10 November 1792, and died at his home 
in Cooperstown,New York, 13 December 1873, He came of Scotch-- 
Irish lii^eage. His father was one of a conpan;/- of settlers, 
that emigrated from the North of Ireland, about the year 1762, 
with their pastor, the Re v. Dr. Clark, and settled at Salem, now in 
Washington County, His son, John Rogers Nelson, was married a 
short time after the close of the Revolutionary War, to Miss Jean 
McCarter,and settled at Hebron, The old Homestead still remains 
in the possession of the family, and was long occupied by John 
Jay Nelson, the eldest son of John Rogers Nelson, who lived to a 
good old age, 

Samuel Nelson's early life was spent on the farm. He 
attended the District School till he 3HQf had mastered the branch 
es taught there, and was next sent to the Classical School in 
Salem; taught by the Rev, Mr, Gross, and afterwards fitted for Col- 
lege at the Granville Academy; of which, the Principal was the 
celebrated Salem Towne,who had once been the instructor of Gov- 
ernor Marcy, In 1811, being then Nineteen years old, he entered 
Middlebury College, Vt, , and graduated in 1813. Having selected 
the law for his prof ession,he became a student in the office 
of Savage and Woods, v;here he remained two years ;at the end of 

86, H 

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to lin9 9dd d-BjaTBOY owd' i>9nlBra9*i 9d 9i9dw,8l)OoW bcxs 9sbvb8 to 


that time the firm was dissolved, and Judge Woods moved to Mad- 
ison County whither Mr .Nelson accompanied him. 

In January 1817 he was admitted to the Bar, and soon 
afterwards "began the pEactice of his profession in the village 
of Courtlandt. For several years his business was principally 

in the Justices Courts, and he enjoyed almost a Monopoly in the 

■- + 1.-.. 

southern towns of Courtlandt County, His first suit in the 

Court of Common Pleas, upon a stock note, was decided against 

•.a firs >, is.- 

him;'but he did not, however, let the natter rest here. Finding 
upon reference to his hooks, that the decision was illegal, he 

procured a stay of proceedings , had the judgement set aside, and 

. o J. r 

finally obtained a reversal of the decision. This, at once,es- 

;,-■.'■: i r 

tablished his reputation, and he soon had a large and remunera- 
tive practice, 

-:Ci Xii i^i^i-n >■ 'J ■.■■.j,l — 

He always took a deep interest in politics. In 18P.0 
he was chosen a"Presidential Elector" on the Democratic ticket . 
by the Legislature, and as such cast his vote for Munroe and 
Tompkins, A few weeks later, to his surprize, he received the 
appointment as Postmaster of Courtlandt, Being on intimate 
terms vYith Major Hoswell Randall, v/ho was the incumbent of the 
office at that time, made his position womewhat embarrassing. 
It transpired, however, that Major Randall had himself been in- 
strumental in procuring the appointment of Mr, Nelson, In 1612 
was held the Constitutional Convention and Mr, Nelson was elect- 
ed a delegate from Courtlandt County, Here he gave the closest 
attention to the proposed modifications, and distinguished him- 
self , more especially, by his endeavours to procure the abolition 
of the property quallif ication of voters. He had by this time 
a reputation, which extended all through Courtlandt County and 
its vicinity. 

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XiSiBqionttq asw afeeniawcf alxf bissy Xs^^y93 tol .:fl)aaIct-iyoD "io 
9r „iu-^onoM B ^taojfllB *M-v;'0-t,n9 3" j..ii.:.,Qo ij^oO aaoid'ewL '="^"*- rrx 

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His practice now yielded him a handsome income, and 
in 1818, he was married to Miss Pamelia ^i^oods , daughter of Judge 
Woods, his former Preceptor. This m.arriage, though a happy one, 
'■was terminated by Mrs. Nelson's death some three years later. 
She v/as a most estim.a'ble woman, and her hushand was devotedly 
attached to her. 

In the year 18?,3 Yates hecame GoYernor under the new 
Constitution, One of his first acts was to nominate I''[r. Nelson 
to the office of Circuit Judge, and the nomination was confirmed 
^■8^ thi' Senate on the First of Pcbruary 1823. This District 
comprized the counties of Eroome, Chenango, C our tlandt, Delaware, 
Otsego, Tioga, Tompkins, Steuhen and Yates. This position he occu- 
pied for eight 3'-ears,and with it "began a judicial career, which 
in dmration and usefulness has not heen surpassed "'in this Coun- 
try, -and prohahly not in the history of Jurisprudence, His '" 
jurisdiction embraced Civil and Crim-inal cases, a.nd the Judicial 
acvimen of the presiding Judge was often severely tested. 

Judge Nelson always proved himself fully competent 
'^^o fulfill the duties involving upon him. The death of his 
wife, and the conviction that he was outgrowing the field in 
which he was labouring. Courtlandt Countir being at that time 
■•"dne of the I».)?^fflnt least populous counties of the State, made 
' a further residence seem no longer desirable to him. Other 
lavryers of ability had began their career there, and after the 
discipline of a fevj years, removed to localities offering a wid- 
er scope for their talents. He, therefore, took up his residence 
at Cooperstown, in the place then kno^jm as "Apple Hill", which 
was subsequently purchased by Mr. Edward Clark, v.'ho changed its 
name to "Fernleigh," Coopersto^^^l continued to be his home to 
the end of his life. XIXXXBXa:?:*ii£«*JiX 


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In 1825, before iiis removal to Cooperstown,he was mar- 
ried,a second time, to Miss Catherine A.Russell, the daughter of 
Judge Russell of Cooperstov.Tija marriage which proved to he a 
most happy one, 

But a wider sphere of usefulness was ahout to he open- 
ed to him. In 1831 the term of Nathan Sanford as United States 
Senator expired, and he was succeeded hy William L,Marcy« The 
celebrated "Albany Regency" was now in full power, and it alv/ays 
endeavoured to secure the appointment of the most capable men ' 
for every position. Under this Regency, Judge Nelson, was, on the 
First of February, made Associate Judge of the Supreme Court of 
the State, It is hardly necessary to state, that in this new 
field, he was entirely at home. Judge Savage, his old precep- 
tor, was Chief Justice. In August 1837 , Governor Marcy appoint- 
ed him Chief Justice, upon the retirement of Judge Savage; a po- 
sition he retained for eight years. 

t V'. p 

The Supreme Court at this period was a Tribunal of 
great dignity and learning;and its decisions had long been cit- 
ed in all the states of the Union, where the Common Lav? prevail- 
ed. As long as Judge Nelson occupied the bench, this reputation 
was maintained. But all this was changed by the Constitutional 
Convention in 1846, when all jurisdiction in law and equity was 
blended in the Supreme Court, a.nd its judges became elective; 
thus virtually creating Eight Supreme Courts of co-ordinate pow- 
ers, -often adverse to each other in decisions. 

In March 1845, Judge Nelson was prom-oted to still wid- 
er field of duty. The death of Smith Thompson in 1844, had 
created a vacancy on the bench of the Supreme Court of the Unit- 
ed States. The president , Mr .Tyler , had nominated John C.Spencer, 
but the Senate refused to confirm the nomination. Chancellor 


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Walworth was next proposed, "but the president hesitated until 
the presidential election should be decided,vfhen Judge Nelson 
was nominated and confirmed. Of his ability, there was not two 
opinions, hut it was suggested by some, that it his long experi- 
ence in the administration of the Common Law, had in a grea.t mea- 
sure disquallif ied him for aji understanding of the broader sys" 
tern of equity, maritime, admiralty and international jurispredence 
administered in the Federal Courts, But Ehese apprehensions, 
as it was soon discover ed,v/ere all unfounded. He had no sooner 
taken his seat on the bench of the Circuit Court of New York, 
than he began to investigate every question as it arose, and to 
study its bearing on the case before him. Not only did he sus- 
tain his reputation, but an appeal was seldom taken from his de- 
cisions. On questions of admiralty and maritime law, he was con- 
sidered strong authority. He had so mastered the principles 
v;hich underlie administration, and applied them so conscientious- 
ly, that he was by common consent , awarded the first rank among ie<i 
American Jurists. 

The "Dredd Scott Decision" was pronounced. The chang- 
ed condition of the Negro race which followed the civil war, bad, 
in a measure, swept away the basis on which the famous decision 
was made. It had long been recognized that the Negro constitut- 
ed no integral part of the Nation, and on this ground it was de- 
cided, "that he had no standing" in the Court, and the case was 
accordingly dismissed for want of Jurisdiction, 
8 (By this decision of the Supreme Court of the United" 
States, it v/as the logical conclusion by the majority of the 
American people that the Constitution v/ould have to be changed 
or amended, before the vexed slavery question could be settled. 
The slavery question was settled and in what manner is too well- 
t, s or >; w'Xij^i'tss, 

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known to "be rehearsed here. It is sufficient to state that the 
"Dredd Scott Decision" , was an important factor in bringing on 
the greatest Fratricidal contest the World has ever seen, -the 
Civil War of the JRehellion,-and by that contest and the "Eman- 
cipation Proclamation , issued by the "Immortal Lincoln" , made the 
Negro a free man, -"an Integral part of the Nation," By theXV 
Amendment to the Constitution of the United States, the Negro 
obtained his right of suffrage.) 

Many and bitter v/ere the speeches made against this 

"ted ■ the i\)hfy'ir'f.y^ r.r-.. 

decision, A struggle soon v/as to begin, that would reverse the 

decision against the Negro. During the Civil War Judge Nelson 

soon demonstrated where his sympathies lay in regard to the Ne- 
that year. 

gro,and just as soon as the Constitution gave him jurisdiction 
over the Negro, just that soon did he demonstrate his willingness 

to make him a citizen, -equal in suffrage with the white man, 

the i. 

During the v/hole struggle he continued to faithfully 

discharge his official duties, and president Lincoln often relied 

upon his judgement in matters of the utmost importance to the 
',.e ar ; 

National v;elfare. He won and retained the confidence of the 

party then in power, and his loyalty was never questioned. He 

disapproved of many invasions of the rights of the citizen, which 

were made under the military authority, but never by v;ord or act 

did he obstruct the maintenance of the government. 

Els labours v;ere, however , not vrholly confined to the 
': cor 

prescribed duties of the Court, His counsel was frequently 

sought upon the gravest questions of^ state. He entered the Su- 
preme Court during the height of the Slavery agitation; as illus- 
trated in the Mexican War, and the annexation of Texas, T5[ues- 
tions closelj'' trenching on the political conflict sometimes 
reached the Court, and the stormy passions of the hour were as 
strongly reflected in its chambers as in the "Halls of Congress? 

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Through all this time, Judge Nelson never forfeited any part of 
the puhlic esteem. The people cherished the same confidence in 
his judicial prohity that they had "before this period, and succes 
sive administrations have often asked for and acted upon his caln 
calm sohriety of judgement. President Lincoln and Secretary 
Seward placed great faith in his wisdom, and many times consult- 
ed him upon delicate questions arising out of the crisis of the 
Civil War. 

In 1871 he was selected as one of the American Com- 
missioners on the "Joint High Commission" , for the purpose of 
settling the "Alahama Claims" , which met in Washington, D. C, , in 
that year. His familiarity with "International Law", his legal 
acuteness,a,ccompanied "by persuasive manners , frankness , conscient- 
iousness and learning, admirably fitted him for taking part in 
the solution of that vexed controversy, while his high reputation 
for personallXJ^ probity won for hira the utmost consideration and 
regard. He could bring into play all the tact of the diplomat- 
ist, the erudition and acuteness of the jurist, the sagacity of 
the statesman, and the iron will of the executive officer. Eis 
patriotism was beyond question, his industry indefatigueable. 

The sessions of the commission had almost come to a 

close, v.-hen those having the custody of the rooms in which the 

commissioners were sitting, carelessly let the fires go out. 

Judge Nelson contracted a severe cold, and this soon brought on 

an attack of Lumbago, from v/hich he never recovered. He sought 

medical advice but in vain. Returning home he spent the season 

of 1872 with his family, but he found the tortiire of his disease 

too severe to warrant the resumption of his official duties, 
Ee was too conscientious to retain a position, the labours of 

which he did not perform. He accordingly pla.ced his resignation 


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in the hands of the President, and v/as succeeded "by Ward Hunt. 
It was with deep regret that the news of his resigantion was 
received by thememlDers of the Bar. On the 17th of January 1873 
a meeting of the principle lawyers, of the Southern District of 
New York, was held in the United States Court Room, over which 
Charles O'Connor presided, Different speakers gave voice to 
their appreciation of the character and official career of Judge 
Nelson, and finally Mr .E.W.Stoutenton was appointed to prepare 
an expression of the regard in which he was held. Other trib- 
utes, equally appropriate, v/ere paid to him in other places. He 
could have a successor , hut he could not he replaced. Mr.S.M. 
Shaw, editor of the "Freeman's Journal" of Cooperstown, in an ar- 
ticle published in that paper, 12 December 1872, thus refers to 
Judge Nelson; 

"After a service of twenty-eight years on the bench of 
the Supreme Court of the United States, and tv.-enty-two years as 
a judicial officer of his native State, Judge Nelson, on Thanks- 
giving Day, sent to the Secretary of State of the United States 
his resigantion as one of the Justices of the Supreme Court, and 
it v/as accepted on the 1st inst. And thus closes a most remark- 
able and highly honourable and distinguished judicial career; 
covering a period of half a Century. As to point of time and 
constant service, it is without precedent in this Country, or 
Great Britain, and we doubt whether it has a parallel in the 
history of Jurisprudence. lord Mansfield served thirty-tv/o 
years, and Lord Elden twenty-eight. Chief-Justice Marshall was" 
thirty-four years on the bench, Chief-Justice Taney thirty years. 
J-lr. Just ice Story thirty-four years, and Chancellor Kent alDOut 
twenty-five years. And of the distinguished men of this coun- 
try, they have longest held judicial positions. 

It has been said by some of his admirers that Samuel 
Nelson was born a Judge. However this may be, industry and ex- 
perience made him one. His decisions have stood the test of 
time, and the searching analysis of the most able lawyers ;and arc 
referred to as authority in Great Britain and throughout the 
United States, One decision in which he concurred was reversed 
by the'»Civil-War",-"by an appeal to the people", as it has been 
derisively referred to. The others remain as interpretations 
of law, and stand boldly out as beacons to guide those who come 
after. Judge Nelson seemed to, but did not grasp the points of 
a case by intuition. He was thoroughly familiar with the law, 
and his clear reason enabled him to see through foggy surround- 
ings, and separate, unerrinf^ly, the true from the false issues. He 
always bore himself with the dignity and urbanity which befit- 
ted his position. And whether on the bench or in the social 


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circle, he inspired the regard of all who marked his uniform 
courtesy. He has left a deep impression upon our Jurisprudence, 
and v/ill rank in history as the peer of any who ever wore the 

Jadge Nelson's nsme v/as more than once mentioned in 
connection v/ith the Democratic nomination for the Presidency. 
But others v/ere awarded the honour. His sagacity would have 
enahled him, as it was "believed at the time, to have determined 
all the vexed questions that were created by the slavery agita- 
tion, and his popularity would have caused the people to acquies- 
ce in his acts. It was indeed the opinion of many, that if he 
had "been President before the outbreak of the Civil War, that >, 
calamity could have been averted. 

Judge Nelson, in 1829, moved to the estate near Coopers- 
town, known as "Penimore" , there he continued to reside till the 
death of Mrs. Russell in I838;\7hen JJirs, Nelson, an only daughter, 
deemed it advisable to return to the home stead, which remained 
his home until his death, 

i Judge Nelson v/as strong in his home attachments. Prob- 
ably no other man ever assumed less in consequence of his exalt- 
ed position, TVlthough always dignified, he never repelled any 
one in humble life, and he found no greater pleasure than to 
throw off the cares of office and discuss with some farmer, whom 
he might chance to meet on the street, the state of the weather 
and crops. The almost extreme modesty of his public life, and 
its counterpart in thoroughly developed domestic virtues, which 
not only made him beloved in his family, but also endeared him 
to all whom he came in contact. Gentle in his manners, he never 
descended into a familiarity which would encourage disrespect; 
nor did he repel the intimacy of friendship, which constitutes 
the greatest joys of life. His figure was erect till his last 
years. He was as cheerful a,nd his intellect as clear and strong 
at eighty, as when he was but twenty years of age. He was slow 
in forming his judgements of men, and was generally reluctant to 
express them when unfavourable. In his profession he acquired 
a competent estate, and in its besto^raient he was generous, careful 
arid eminentl:/ judicious , neither stingy nor profuse. He was the 
intimate personal friend and associate of another notable res- 
ident of Cooperstovm, the late James Feninore Cooper, His ap- 
pointment as Chief Justice of the State took place soon after 
Mr, Cooper purchased "The Hall", and the latter always spoke of 
him as, "His Pr lend, the Judge, or The Chief." The two were often 
seen together on the street, and in fine personal presence and 
noble bearing, they bore a striking resemblence to each other, 
Mr, Cooper had a great deal of the lawyer in him, and often dis- 
cussed and consulted with the Judge on the political condition 
of the Country in its legal aspect. They were both fond of farm 
ing and other rural pursuits ;and as their farms lay on opposite 
sides, about a mile distant from each other, they were able, fre- 
quently to compare notes as to their success as Agriculturists, 
It is a matter of interest to note, that a part of the farm "Pen- 
imore" was formerly in the possession of Tir. Cooper, and the site 
of the house which he built, lies immediately in front of the 
present house at "Penimore," 

The Judge's excellent health was doubtless due to the 
frequency and regularity of phj'-sical exercise. Until within two 
or three years of his decease, his favorite mode of exercise was 
horseback riding; and his daily visit to the farm was often made 
in this way, long after he had reached the allotted "Three-Score 

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years and Ten," He was a Vestryman of Christ-Ciaurch,and during 
the latter part of his life occupying the position of Wardeno 
He took the greatest interest in the welfare of the Parish, and 
was liberal with his means in this way. It was his Christian i» 
Faith v/hich developed into striking fullness the nohility of his 
character. Towards the close of his life, he took especial in- 
terest in the discussion of the Religious topics of the day. 
His conversation, as might he expected from a man of his exten- 
sive reading, was always instructive and entertaining. After his 
retirement from off ice, he employed the most of his time in read- 

Fe\f lives have heen more completely rounded out than 
that of Judge Nelson. His mind remained unimpaired to the last, 
and he v/as comparatively free from pain,- After the first shock 
of his illness had subsided. His death was a remarkably easy 
one, there being no severe attack of visible disease, no trace of 
pain or suffering in his countenance. At nid-da,/-, sitting in his 
chair, he calmly exi:)ired. His certainly was a happy old age, and 
but few men have died more deeply or universally regretted," 


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David Nelson, son of Henry and Ann (Kelsey) Nelson, educa- 
tor , clergyman, was born near JoneslDorough, Tennessee, 24 September 
1793, died at Oakland, Illinois ,17 October 1844. He was eduacted 
at Washington College, Virginia, and studied medicine at Danville, 

Kentuclcey,and at Philadelphia, He joined a Kentuckey regiment 

as a sugeon in the War of 1812, and proceeded to Canada, Ofa his 

return he resumed the practice of Medicine, After making a pro- 
fession of religion in early life, he lapsed into infidelity, but 
at length returned to his religious convictions, became a clergy- 
man in the Presbyterian Church, and was licensed to preach in 
1825. He preached for nearly three years in Tennessee, and was 
engaged in the publication of a periodical called "The Calvin- 
istic JIagazine." In 1828 he succeeded his brother, Samuel, as 
pastor of the Presbyterian Church in Danville, Kentuckey, In 
1830 he removed to Missouri , established a college in Marion 
County, twelve miles from Palmyra, of which he became the first 
president. In 1836 ov/ing to the slavery question, Dr. Nelson, 
who was an ardent Emancipationist, removed to the neighbourhood 
of Q,uincy, Illinois, and established an Institute for the educa- 
tion of young men. In the latter part of his life he was sub- 
ject to Epilepsy, which gradually impaired his faculties. He 
published the celebrated work, "The Cause and Cure of Infidel- 
ity", which has passed through several editions. 


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,Bnoxd-xi)9 l£i9V9a riguortrid^ f>9aa£q a£ii xioxriw, "vd-x 


Samuel Kelsy Nelson, son of Ann Kelsey and Henry Nel- 
son, clergionan, was l3orn near Jones^borough, Tennessee ,9 October 

;-i«;.c8 of T 
1787. He was graduated from Washington College, Tennessee, in 

' -f <■' <u -r* u. f, 

1803, taught school in Kentuckey for a short time, and also stud- 
ied law. He studied Theology under Dr. Samuel Dook, president 
of Washington College, and was licensed to preach "by the Pres- 
bytery of Holston in 1807, He preached in South Carolina and 
Tennessee, and was pastor of the church in Danville, Kentuckey, 

chartered in 1819, and of the Kentuckey Asylum for Deaf Mutes, 

He went to Florida to found a like institution in 1827, He 

was charter trustee of Centre College from 1819 to 1827, and 

received the degree D.D. ,proha'bly from Washington College. He 

died in Tallahassee, Florida, 7 May 1827. 


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, VSSI y,J3liI V,j3£ixioI'^,e9eBJ8xif?IIjeT ni beib 


The history of the Nelson family which is to follow 
as ii; -3 of t/iQ country, m p. 

dates "back to almost, if not quite, the first English settlement 

or permanent oocupancv «#■ the English of New York, It can "be 
stated with almost a certainty that with the wresting of Nieu 
Amsterdam from the Dutch "by the Duke of York "begins the resi- 
dence of the first comer of the family name. Others of the 
name had settled in different parts of the country; as, "Scotch 
Tom Nelson, in Virginia; Temple Nelson, in Boston ;v;hile still oth- 
ers had settled in the forests of Maine; all clinging to some 
trace of their origin, in the Mother- Country, with indisputable 
exactness. But the Nelson, of whom this is to Toe a short account 
kept no record of his origin, at least none has ever been found 
by which he could be traced to the Mother Country, ^rhatever 
his origin, there is not proof lacking that he was the progeni- 
tor of the vast number of Nelsons inhabiting the counties of 
Dutchess, Putnam, Westchester , and several who have migrated to 
more remote parts of this broad land. 

The name is prominently mentioned in the early annals 
of Virginia, and the members of the family, have, at the differ- 
ent periods of time taken an active interest in the affairs of 
that state, and in some instances have become identified with the 

intersets of the Nation, For patriotism and devotion to duty, 

o J a 

as they saw it, they have ever been foremost; giving freely of 

■v1 t" •- 

their time, for tune, and when necessary have sacrificed their 
lives for the benefit of the common weal. Those of the name 
in Massachusetts have been among the foremost in Art, Literature, 
Science, and government , and business. The earlier members of 
that family branch have left an example that could well be em- 
ulated by others. 


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vf trie Rf; 

^"hatever may "be said of the good qualities of the 
Nelsons in other parts of the country, in private life and put- 
lie affairs, those of the name in New York have not heen lax 
in emulating their kinsmen in the other colonies. These latter, 
like their namesaices, "braved the dangers of the wilderness with 
its wild beasts and savage hordes, to huild for themselves and 

all those who should come after them homes where they might be 
Dtlke • sc ' .^i ? 1 e f t f -v » sj- - 6 !t, a r. p . 
secure from the persecutions more deadly and cruel than any 

they had to face in the wilds of the American Forests. 

In investigations of this kind, nothing can satisfy 

the mind which is not certain and clear of allreasonable doubt. 

In the present case, however, after a thorough search of and ex- 

amination into every available source of information, no such 

'. be 
absolute certainty has been attained; and yet nvimerous circum- 
stances have presented themselves, indicative of a probable hy- 
po thesis, which may not be uninteresting to those of the pres- 
ent time, nor useless in a further pursuit of the enquiry; to 
submit conclusions, with the hope that they may hereafter, be 
either verified or corrected by some more fortunate investiga- 

i ") (' V 

Unlike the other branches of the family, the New York 

Nelsons have been unfortunate in not keeping an unbroken line 

. but on.' 1 as re I t- 1 « *..:>-« c..f 

of descent, and more especially some account of their connection 

with the Mother Country; and the proof to establish our descent 

1* » ■ .- . ■ 

from any branch in England has been, possibly, irrevocably lost 

«il ir 
or destroyed. The one broken strand or missing link to bind 

the family with the English Tffelsons has been sought but nothing 

definitely established by which the connection could be made. 

One of the aims of this volume will be to repair the break, now 

so fatal to establishing the continuity. 


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won,2LB9icr adi iXBqsi *. ..^ o.., IIxw 9rjL;IoA'- airij lo amlB ^.. lo 9nO 

.Yd^-twnx^noo 9ii;t gnxxiaxIcrBiag oJ- IbJ"b1 oa 


The first of the name and progenotor of the New York 
family of Nelsons to come to this country settled,f iBst ,in Flat- 
lands and later at Kamaronecltt. The date of his coning and the 
name of the ship which carried him to these shores are alike 
unknown. From the prominence which his name takes in the af- 
fairs of the colony, one might be led to believe that he may 
have been present at the surrender of Nieu Amsterdam to the 
Duke of York's Fleet of war-ships, he may have seen Petros Stuy- 
vesant stalking about on his wooden leg urging on the Dutch sol- 
diers, and he may have witnessed the Dutch CJovernor's discomfit- 
ure in having to surrender the Province to the English. Wheth- 
er these things be true, History is silent. --'-^- — ^-i.-- 

Before giving the life or what we know of the life of 
John Nelson, in America, it may nut be amiss to review some of the 
political history of the time, and in addition try to convey some 
of the troubles with which the early colonists had to contend, 
not only against famine and failure of crops, v;ild beasts and 
wilder savages ;but against the plottings of secret enemies, far 
more formidable and deadly and greater to be feared, than any of 
the before mentioned in the wilds of America; these enemies were 
both political and religious. A short history of these events 
may be of some interest to the student of American History, 
More might be given but only such as relates to the history of 
the colonies and John Nelson, and the part each took in the con- 

A short time after his arrival in this country, John 
Nelson took up his residence in Flatlands. After a residence of 
several years in Flatlands, and having married the daughter of' 
Dirck Jans van der Vleet.he established himself on a farm in the 
town of Mamaroneck, Westchester County, in the then Province of 

i[ToY wsK 9Jl& 1o ^od•o^^§o^q bciB emsa exfJ- "io J-eixl sdT 

add- Las snixnoo aid "io 9:^Bij sdT .Bf'erft^t.Bn.oT^f ,+^3 t©*f-I f--'- gf)nj3l 

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New York. This farm, which was situated in the vicinity of the 
residences of the Heathcotes, DeLanceys,and other prominent col- 
onial families , was kept in^ |he f gji4;^^^„ ^ox;, mguiy , generat ions ; and 
in a section of it set apart for the purpose, as it was KJCCKiOiXK 
the custom "before Cemetries were founded, were interred as they 
died, its, owners, thfir wijes and the ir^ children. ^,. ,,,,„ 

That the first settler was of Puritan Stock is undouht 
ed. The names "bourne by his children and Grand- children, which 
were mostly taken from the Old Testament, is almost sufficient 
evidence to prove the proposition. It is amazing that any par- 
ent, since the dawn of learning and civilization, should confer 
upon a^ son such a strange name as Polycarpus,or such an unwield- 
ly one as that of Maher-Shalal-Hash-Baz. Even though the latter 
was the name, which hy the Command of the Lord, was written on a 
Great Roll, and was given to him "by the Prophetess(See Isa.,Chap. 
viii,vss.l & 4) ;the interpretation of which is"hastening to the 
Spoil," Yet that was one of the names in the Nelson family tw- 
hundred years and more ago; and v;ith such other names from the 
same source;as,Jaco"b, Joshua, Reuben, Enoch, Shadrach, and Mephibo- 
3eth,some of which continued in the family for many generations 
afterwards, is a marked piece of evidence that the founder of tis 
family was identified with the Parliament cause, against the Ja- 
cobites and Papists, 

Another fact, which has an historical interest, may be 
cited in support of this view, Pew persons at this day can re- 
alize the condition of affairs in this land, at the t ime that 
James had abdicated the Throne of England, and the Prince of Or- 
ange and his wife had been placed thereon. All Europe was in 
more or less of a ferment. The fires of religious zeal inten-^ 
sified the disturbances. The French Monarch, then in the height 


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of his power, had given hospitality to the Steuartsjand Prance 
was the spot where all sorts of schemes to overthrow the reign- 
ing Sovereign, and reestahlish the house of Stuart, were favoured 
and encouraged. The colonists, in the main, were hostile to the 
Stuarts, yet there were not wanting those here who sympathized 
with them. Although communication v/ith the mother country was 
infrequent, allegiance to it was firm. The settlements v;ere 
sparese and intercourse "between the different colonies diffi- 
cult. Who was to occupy the Throne was af-';as much interest to 
the people of the colonies, as to those at home. Their charac- 
ter and standing as loyal suhjects or as Rebels might depend ^d 
upon that question. Notwithstanding the Revolution in England, 
and the enthronement of William and Mary, and the settlement of 
the "Succession", yet the Jacobites were in close and secret 
bonds with each other; and in frequent correspondence with the 
"Pre tender", who was favoured by the smiles and promised the aid 
of the then most powerful Monarch of Europe. Nobles of high 
birth and great influence, and extensive connections, were favour- 
ing the movement. Great alarm existed throughout England at the 
discovery of this systematic plotting, and it was no wonder that 
the colonists were alarmed. 

In this condition of things, the inhabitants of West- 
chester County v^ere moved by the necessity to some action on 
their part. Accordingly they met and consulted, and at length 
published a declaration of their principles, which is to be found 
in the earlier records of the countj'-. In the substance of this 
declaration they professed their abhorrence of the assassinatiai 
of the Monarch, which it was believed had been threatened jabjurai 
the doctrine of "The Real Presence" ;expressed their opposition 
to the "House of Stuart", and their determination to uphold the 

oon.B'i'i. f>^£;e;t^BJJ9d•S ©dd" ot xiile&tqBod nsvig f)Brf,i9woq exri lo 

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reigning Sovereign and the rule of Parliament; and it contained 
a pledge to maintain these principles, that was no less sacred 
and binding than that which subsequently distinguished the "Im- 
mortal Declaration of Independence," To it were subscribed the 
names of the most prominent citizens of the county, and one of 
those names was that of John Nelson, 

Recalling a previous statement that the names in the 
family indicate its Puritan origin, it will not be amiss, at this 
time, to esqilain the origin of the name "Polycarpus." Tradition 
that John Nelson emigrated from the town of Norfolic, England, be- 
tween the years of 1660 and 1665 ;and that the ship he embarqued 
in was driven by stress of weather upon the coast of France, 
The passengers were distributed among the peasants along the 
coast and in the smaller towns lintil such time as the ship could 
be repaired and proceed on her way. It appears , however, that 
John Nelson was given quarters in the family of a French Physi- 
cian, Polycarpus by name; and with him John stayed until the ship 
sailed. Agreeable to his Puritanic principles, John Nelson offer- 
ed to reimburse Dr .Polycarpus for his kindness towards himself 
and others, but Polycarpus refused any payment \7hatever ,but made 
this one request of John Nelson; that when he was married and 
settled in his American home, that John should name his first- 
born son, Polycarpus, How well John kept his word of promise wi 
v/ill be seen later on;but no account remains b;^ v;hich we can 
ever know that John Nelson ever informed Dr. Polycarpus that he 
had fived that naiae to his first-born, son. 

' •*> ^r r 

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.noa,n'xocr-:)-aixt axxt od" 9rijsn d-Biid- bevi% bsd 


The "Van Ber VleetSo" 
A trief account of the family of Vander Vleet.Van Der 
VllchtjVledtjOr Vlit,inay not be out of place at this time, Cor- 
nelius-Barentse Van Der Vleet came protahly from Vliet,a vil- 
lage in the south of Holland, He was allotted 6 August 1668, " 
a meadow lot on the division of the Flatlands-Meadows ,at Canar- 

— ci f.i. ' Dirck Janse Vander Vleet, the common ancestor of the 
family, emigrated from Woal in the Netherlands in 1660. He was 
■born about the year 161?. ;married, first , in Europe, to L^mtje-e-nd 
Aertsejmarried, secondly, in Europe, to Geertje-Gerrettse; settled 
in Flatlands v/here he obtained, 24 November 1654, a patent for 
25 morgens. He was on the assessment rolls of Flatlands in- ^'■^^ 
1675,1676 and 1683. Magistrate in 1678,1680, and in 1681. Mem- 
ber of the Reformed Protestant Dutch Church in 1677, and Deacon'^^ 
in 1680. On Governor Andros* patent for the New Lotts in 1677; 
and took 'the "Oath of Allegiance" in said town in 1687, On 15 
January 1679-80, he and his wife made a joint v/ill, which is re-*' 
corded on page 95, of Liber M,of the Platlandfi Town records. 
The children of Dirck Janse & Geertje-Gerrettse Van Der Vleet 

I. Hendrickje-Dirckse, married to Jan Nelsie 
II. Jan Dirckse, 
III. Hendrick-Dirckse. 
IV, ¥.a.ry or Fargaret-Dirckse. 
'"' V, Geertruyd-Derckse. 
;.jit^ VI, Gerrit-Dirckse, 

VII. Worretje,v/idow of Andries Onderdonk, married 13 August 
1667, Jacob Janse Vander Eild,or Bilt of Flatlands, The name of 


-loD .sralt alrfJ- ;J-J3* so^Iq lo &iso ed :)-on ^jKniV^lIV -ro,c^f)9lV,dTloIIV 

-Ilv j3,.t9iIV mott ■'tlrfBcfOTq: 9«ifeo ^esIV tsCT n^eV ©Bj ^9^.^f_3rJrX^rI 

,86BI ^teugjJA 3 Jb9, . u..j..rf bjs\v' eH .bnBlIoH "io rfj-uoe srlu '.ij. aa^el 

-tfifisD' d-fi',8woI)S9M-aMsll.Rl'»[ arid- "id noiBivif) 9d& ttb'iol wobsem. s 


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-9t^m;«I od-,9qctJLrS ni , d-atj. i ,f)exi-i.8M;SlSI tB9v 9x1^ -tuocTB mod" 

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ni 8bnsLtsL'<L to ellOT d-ngntRagasB 9j1.+ no asw eH *an93T0i!T 5S 

-ni9M .1851 ni i)nj3 ,0861,8^31 ni e^Sii&al-^BK .S89I Lns o?9l,eVdI 

nonfigO: Ijob, VVSI nx dotisdD do^vG. *nBd-39d-ot<I iormotgH Qdt to iscf 

; VV6I nx ad-J-oJ W9'K 9rid- tot fae&.Bq'-^aotbnA TOm9vof) nO .0861 ni 

■''61 nO ,V8ai ni n«'od- blsa nx "gonBxsgllA to dcf^O" 9xf>t i[oo:f Lhb 

-9T 3x rfoxxiw, JEIjtw .tnxot b ebBiit 9txw aid bn.B erf.OB-evai -sjiJSunBl 

.af)^oo9'I nwoT e.b:is=ilis£'K. 9jfd to,AA ^9c^xJ to, 66 ^Tl^fl no Lgitoo 

d-99lV TsCI n.sV 9aJ-d-9-n90-9td'T99^ ^^i sanBl yioiid to nstLIxjio 9riT 


9xal9T'I neT, o* i)^x^^.B^T,9a2£o•ti(T-9t>[o-c^f)^9H .1 

.Sa^IOtl'''" rf-iT ,11 

.ae^IotiCI-sIoi'iLnaH .IIT 

.9^3£o^xCI-,t9•lBs^sM to vt»M ,VI 

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.aaiotxCT-.txTigr) .iv 

d-awguA £1 i)9X'nBni,inob*i9i3nO ssi-ibnA to woJbx-,v,9td"9t-ioM .ITV 

Io emsn arf; , afjasId'Bl'H: to &11K to fbltK tabaBV gan^T, cfoo/sT. , vaai 


Morretje is not given on the regular list of the Dutch Church 
Records, hut it is here given for convenience, having "been obtain- 
ed from another source. 

The name is found in the early records variously writ- 
ten as,Dirck Jansen Van Der Vliet, Derek Eanse Vander Vlicht,or 
Vliedtjor Viet, and sometimes Vlit. It vrould be worse than use- 
less to try to trace the name hy any one manner or form of spel- 
ling; since every Dutchman in the colony had a way and sometimes 
several v;ays of v/riting and pronouncing his own name, and their 
careleeeness in "blundering over what we now consider as of vi- 
tal importance, signified nothing to an;/ one but a Dutchman, and 
which must "be understood in Dutch;s.nd to make matters worse, no 
two Dutchmen were ever knovm to have understood the same utter- 
ance or transaction alike. The language is neither musical nor 
harmonious, "but it is charming in its makeup, so much so that it 
does not require a very great stretch of the imagination for one 
to make up his mind as to its value commercially. The very 
structure of the language, and their manner of dealing in mat- 
ters of trade prompted Leigh Hunt to break loose in the follow- 
ing bit of slander on the Dutchman's honesty: 

"In matters of commerce , 'tis the fault of the Dutch, 
In giving too little and taking too much," 
It is not surprizing that John Nelson should, among 
a people who did not pronounce their names the same way twice 
a day, almost lose his identity, Ee may have endeavoured to pre- 
vent any great number of mistakes in the spelling or pronnoun- 
ciation of his name, and if he did he most signally failed in 
the attempt j as will "be seen in the following variations of spel- 
ling. In Flatlands he v/as known as Jan Eli2en,Jans Elizen,Jans 
Elsen,Jan Nelsie a.nd Jan Nelsejas will "be seen in the following: 

do-ii: "uG 3d& to J-all isLij-gsi siivt no nsYXg jon ax 9i,.t9TtoM 

-nij3cfcfo nascT §niv.sxf,9on9J:n9vnoo 'lol risvig sisrf ax ii ;tucf, abTOosH 

.aotxfOH isrfoonB .'Tto^'J: be 
-jX-iw xXaJJox^^v ai)-ioo9T Ailtss sd:^ nx finuol ax 9mi5n sxfT 

iQ,ctTioxIV i9f)nsV sansS io-isd^d-sxIV teO. nisV nsan^t, xotxa.aB ns^ 

-sas.! rfBn'.t sB'co-v B^-f iiltrov/ .tl ,&i£Y Qsmi&emoa bciBtd^sIV T:o,^i)SxXV 

-Isqa 10 ;.'no'x 'io lannsra aao yhb vcf suusn sxid' aojBt^ oJ- \;^."f■ oJ- aaal 

asmxd-sraoa i)n.s ■yjBv/ b bBd vnoloo edd' nx n£xnxIo.tJjCr yiqvs 9onxa;§nxI 

iXsd& £in.'S,9niBn mvo aid gnxoni/onoiq JbnB gnioxtw "to av;jsw lB-£9V9a 

-XV lo as iei)ianoo won aw J-sifw ^9vo sniTofinuIcf nx aaanaaelaiBo 

l)ns,r|[BiEr£o^jjCr B cfucf sno -v^hb o^ 'gnxffd-on b9x1xnaxa,9onBo^ioc[rax L^d' 

QnjQaiow a'i9,tJ-Bni s^tBci ot l-jaB;£tod"X-rG: ns. hooiatabcuj acf cfauxa xloirf;/ 

-te^&u 9£isa Soij JjooJaiaJinu avBxI ocr ar;o:i:A Tsve ataw n9nulo.tjjQ owJ- 

ion iBOxaun ^9Iid■x9^ ax agBxrgnBl 9ifT ,92IxIb noxd'OBanBiJ" to sons 

d"x d^BxiJ- oa rfouui 0B,qu9^ni a>tx nx gnxraiBdo ax J-x J-uJ ,s.yoxno!mjarf 

sno lox noxJBnxgjsmx adJ- io rio.tgtd'a i-saig ^tar a a-iiuge-i oon asob 

YT9V sdT mXllsLoiem'soo 9jjIbv acM-oct bb f)nJ:iii air£ qu 9>[bhi o>t 

-:t^ nx ,ar;ilB9l-) Io 'ienciBm ixajdv .bna^sgaugnBl axlJ" 'io g^jjcfouiJ-a 

-woXIo'i 9xf;t nx aauol :ii£9^c^ oJ- cfnuH xigxaJ i)9o qntoTiq siiBi^t 'io a'loi 

r^J-agnoxl a'nBinxioJ-jjCr axici- no tgfcnBia "io cMcf gnx 
,x£ 9iicf "to d-IuBl grf:?- ax.f , soaor^-noo "io nl" 

".rioJJfii ooo snx^ijsj ijn,B aXJ-jxx ood" gnxvig nl 

SnomB,I)Xi;oxl8 noaXsH nrloli :^&di gni sliqiua cfon ax il 

90lwd- VBW 9fiiBa sdi ssriBn tJiaifd- 90ni;onoTq *on btb oxiw aXqoaq b 

-^^q o:*' XJ9iijovB9£)n9 ^vi3n vbih eH ,Y^-td-n9Jbx aia aaoi j-ao!-;lB,^B£) £ 

-njjonnoiq io sniXX9qa arid- nx asjiisj-alin "io Tsdrnun JBaig Yfi-s ct^ngv 

nx beLisI ^Hfinaxa ctaoci sd bib ari Ix Jbn.6,9mBn axxi "io nolJ-BXo 

-Xgqa Io anoxJ-BxtBV sniwoXXo'i arid- nx na9a ao' XXxv/ bbj J-qmaJ-J-B grief 

BnBT.,n9sJ:Xa anBT,,nesxXa asZ as nwon^i aBv/ 9ri ai)nBXd-BX'5: nl .gnxX 

:3nxv;oXXo1 grid- ni n99a grf XXI »v aB^gaXaH naXi hnB gxaXaTf nj3T,,n9aXa 


Jan Nelse married Hendrickje-Dirckge , daughter of 
Derek Jansen Vander Vliet,of Plat lands , and had daughter 
Catherine Nelse. (Dutch Church Records), 

Jacob Janse Vander Bilt.of Platlands, married 13 

= — - — ' — ^=^ it> ,.). in ur. 

August 1667, Morretje, daughter of Dirck Janse Van Der 

Vliet,and widov; of Andries Onderdonk. (Dutch Church 

,'1 , . .■ 

Records of Breukl-m.) 

il se s 

' ' '"b(scn of Rem Ja.nsen and Janet J e Rerasen) ,ina.r- ^' 

uj-v ried Geertrjiyd-Derckse, daughter of DerickVe^nder viiet, -^ 

ee ■ 13 May 1667. Issue: 

'«+« I, Janet j e jhaptized 27 July 1701 ;raarried TAicasse 
Voohees. (Voorhees frenealogy.) 

uponll, Joseph(son of Joseph and Flemmetje Hageman) married, 

secondly, 6 February 17 14, Sarah, daughter of THft-'DlR&Klft 
Jan Dirckse Vander Vliet,died in 1741, (Dutch - 

v.'ife. Church Records of BreuckljTi. ) 


John Nelson, called Nelse, married Hendrickje, daughter 
of Dirck Janse Vander Vliet of Flatlands. (Bergen's King's Coun- 
ty Settlers, pp. ,214 & 325.) 

Of the private life or public services of John Nelson 
in Flatlands very little is knovm outside of what is recorded 
in the Dutch Church Records of Brooklyn and Flatlands, The on- 
ly interest that attaches to to this man at this time and place 
is the various names he bore among his Dutch neighbours, or the 
various misspellings and pronoiinciations of his name. Frequent- 
ly he must have smiled to himself on the "Amenities" of loving 
and marrying a Dutch girl and having to ES endure the language 

tsd-dgufii) fcBxf f)nj3t aJbHriXd-Bll lOtd-airV -isbnsiV naacisJ* doisCI 

. (abmoosii Jj[o^urfO rloiwCE) .©aIsM eninsxf^BO 

iiOturiO rL0J"uCr) .>[noi)T9i)nO asxabnA 1o woLiv/ bns^^slLV 

{.rrrl-AijBiK Jo abtoos^L 

-^.sra, (nsBiHaH ©t^an-st ins aosanZ msR lo noa)croo£Ti 
,d-9iIV tebnsY^os.'isQ. to 19;ti!{3U.sJb,9a^[b^9a:T|)YJ{'Id■^9^0 fcsit ,V8bL ybM SI 
gaajsoiJiI i)9ii-iBni;I0VX xLuJ, V2 f)9si;:fq^d" ^stJ'snsT. ,1 

( .v.soIfi9n9T) 8 99rltooV) .BseriuoV 
,I)9iii^in(n£ra9S£fl 9t.t9rani9lT fen^s xfqgaoL lo noa)jcfq9aoI- ,11 
iKXik3tXft'-.ti]ar lo ^9;tx£susJb,Ils1'?a,i'IVI viBxnd"9'i 6,Y-ti>noo9s 
xiod-uG) .li^VI nx ijsxi), j-gllV i9f)n.sV gaxotiCE obX, 

(.n;,IMoi;9ta to ai>"£009H rforturfO 

^9d■£[3JJBf),9(.2i;ox^f)^^H i)9i'n.Qm,9al9K ijgllBo.noalsTI nxfoT. 
-nuoO a'snxX a'nggigg;) .alsn^lcl-jsl'i lo :f3iL'V tdbn&V sanBT. jIotxCT lo 

(,eS£ a?> AIS, ,qq,ai9ld-J'98 xi 
noalaM niToTi to a9oxv^^e oxicfuq to 91x1 acfavxiq 9ri.t tO 

i)9X)T009T ax d^i5dw to 9bia&uo irA-onaL aJt glJ-J-xI yt9v abnBlvtisI'? nl 

~no sriT .afjael^sl'? bn-i frv;l2iooaff to af)'ioo9fl do-ii/j^O do&sjd grf:*- ni 

9o,Rlq £ine smxd' aiifd' J-.s n^ni aixi^ oi oi agrio.sJ-cfs j-jsxl:^ :f39T9dTii Y-f 

gxicf ^o,a^wocfxlax9^ xtoJ-jja axd ^noxn^ 9T0cf ad asrauen a.uoxrtav edi ax 

-d■^Qwp9^'5: ,9fliBn exrf to anox^^xoru/onoTq bnpj asnlllaqaaxra auoxiBV 

gnxvol to "a9i:.txn9niA" sdi no tlganiJLil oi baLima 9VBri d-aun &d x^ 

9§j3w§nfil odd^ 9*ixfJb£t9 M oJ- gnivBji JbnB I^xg ifoJ-uCI s sniyTi-sm bns 

IT. 79 

he probatlv did not under stand, but nothing is certain about his 
sense of humour ever having been brought to the surface by the 
uncertain meanings of that language to any but a Dutchman, Y?hat- 
ever laay have been his opinions of his wife's relatives , friends 
and neighbours, will, in all probability, have to remain unknown 
to the descendants of that remarkable pair. 

Very little data has been secured, even by the most 
careful searching of records, and only one headstone , that of his 
son,Polycarpus ,has been found to throw any light upon the begin- 
nings of the family. As some proof, at least, must be adduced to 
esta.blish descent and claims to descent ,v/hat proof already ex- 
ists is here given with the hope that it v/ill suffice until more 
of a substantial nature is found v/ill establish a stronger hold 
upon the credulity of the reading public. 

As already stated, John Nelson v/as not John Nelson all 
through his life;for,v/^ile he lived in Platlands v/ith his Dutch 
wife, and among her Dutch relatives and neighbours , he v/as some- 
body else, if the manner in which his name was spelled and pro- 
out some o-f ' -i 
nounoed by those good Burghers. But v/hen he appeared on his ovm 

farm in Mamaroneck v/e hear no more of his Dutchyness,and here 
he became once more the John Nelson of former days, and the Nelse 
Elsen,Elizen,etc. ,of former days forever disappeared from his 
family name. While in Platlands none of his children v/ere bap- 
tized Nelson, but with the loose perversions of that name, as 

in 1' 
has already been stated; and it was not until he had settled at 

Mamaroneck does the perfect name of Nelson appear in connection 

with any of his family. The names of his children are given 

as they v/ere recorded on the various Church Baptismal rolls of 

the Dutch Church of Brooklyn, and their identity can only be made 

out by their Phonetic sounds, and not their Authography: 

sld jLfocfs riij8*T90 ai v.nitiion tud ^b^^&Bisbciij don bxi> v;IcrBd"o"tq sd 

3d:t YcT soB'iii/a sxfd- o:>- ctrfgi/o-icf noscf snivBxl Isvs luomurl to sansa 

_j.,.,.ftTr .n.ismriocJ'jjCr s d^jJcT y^-s od" sj^sugasl d'Siid' lo esnin^ism nxBd'Tsonu 

ai>xi9xi'i, asvld'fils-i e'atjtw axif lo anoinxqo axxf nsacT 9VBxi a:bci tovs 

nvyonjini; nl^msT oJ- 9Vjaxi,\;d-xIxcrBcro'ig Lis ai flli^N ^atuodibgisn bae 

.ixaq sIcffi^fiJScisT J-Brid- lo adriBbnaoasi) axfd- od^ 

d-aom edi vd aevs^betuosa nsscf asd sisb oL^;^lI v^9V 

ax.d "io d-BjiJ-,9noc)-ai)B9xl sno i^Ino b^J3,ai)^oo9^ lo s^iIio^B^a lulgt^o 

-nx^.-..j u.iJ- noqjj irfgll ^ns wo^Ifd• Ovt brix/ol nagcf eBrljaJjqxsoYloltnoa 

od- b90ufif>£: 9cf iarjm,d-ae9l .^j3,'ioo^q smoa a.A. .YllmBl edt lo agnin 

-X9 y;i>-s9iX^ looTq &sd,v ^tasoasb oi ainxjslo Jbn.s ;tn9oa9b i{8ilcfj3d"a9 

9'xora ll&nsj eoxfiua IIxw it &sdi gqorl 9rid- dilvf novi-^, 9i3ri ax ad-ax 

blod igsnoid-a b xiaxIdBd'es XIxw bm/ot ex LsiSa-Biadua b to 

.oiXcfuq p^aibBQt grid- "io xtllubQio arid- noqir 

iljB noalsH rtdoL d-on bbw noalsPf nr[ot,b9d-B.ta x^^^'^L^ sA 

riod-jjG[ Bxx[ xid-xw abnfsl^jsl'i nx bsvxl sd 9lx4w,-io'i;9'ilI axxf d'^uotdi 

-gfiioa SBW 9ii, aiuocrriglgn bna aeriiBlei. doiuQ isd anoDiB bctB,9T:J:w 

-oiq bnB bgllsqa a£v; smBn aid rioxK'"' t'- ^^^^J3^a si-Id- li^^ald vbocT 

nvvo aid no batBgqqB sxt nsiiw d-uQ! , a'isdg^ijff boog saodo \;cr baorujon 

9i9d bas,aa9nv£fod-uCr axif to sioia. on ib9x£ sw 2lo9noiBnij3?T nx crtBl 

9bI=)T' frf.t bne,a\;sb •xsHiio'i "io aoalgW nrtoTi arid- 9^om 9ono ameoad" sd 

aid moil b9iB9qqBaxb 19V9to1 ax^^b 'isniio'i Io, ,oc^a,n9sxIS<n9aia 

-qBcf 9-I9W nsiblxilo aid "io anon abrtsiLial'i ni eLld}^ ,9raBn \:IxjnBl 

aBjS/oBn d-Biid- Io anoxaisvigq saool srfd- dd-jtw d-jjcf,no8l9]iI as bssid" 

is beId"d-98 bBd eri Ild-nu d-on sbw d-x bnj3;b9d-£d-a nsacf xbjSQ'xLs asd 

noxd"09nnoo nl tBsqqB noalaH Io smsn ^09*i"£sq &di aeoh yLoanoti^msTHL 

xtsvx^ 91B n9iblJ:rio axxl to aamBn ?)^ .ylxxne'i axK Io vas rfd-Jtv/ 

to allo-i IjsfTfBXd-qBff dotudO auolisv axlJ no b9b*too9i 919^ varfd- e.s 

sbBfii ecf y,Xrro hbo xH^nebl tiedi bns, nyl 2loo*x8: to .rioturiO xfo.tjjG srid^ 

:YXiqJ3^^o^{d•x;A TX9r{.t d-on bns, abni/os oxd-^nori*? ixedd- yd d-jjo 




2. Maria Nelson. (Jan Elsen and his v/ife Eendrickje Dirck- 
se had Maria "baptized 11 Jtme I671:-Nev/ York Dutch Rec- 

3. Catherine Nelson, (Jan Nelse had daughter Catherine, 
(Bergen's King's County settlers , p. 214.) 

4. Mahitable Nelson, (Mahitahle, daughter of Jan Elizen, 
"baptized 23 Octoher 1678;Dirck Jansen Van Der Vleet, 

: a,\.' t' ^^ 

witness:- Elathush, Br ookl.^Ti, Church Baptisms,) 

and iiarnart 

5. Polycarpus Nelson, "born 21 July 1680;died 19 Decemher 

of w ■ '■-•-'■. - !. y~ 


£»Ci *• »^ ■ 

6, Eli Nelson. (Eli, child of Jan Elizen and Eendrickje, 

■vh«srj v/i2e 'dii j.s a.vaf;'i--.o and a. ,■(-;.: ■!. -■ ■ 
daughter of Dirck Vander Vleet ;v«'itnesses, Jan Van Vleet 

& Ilaria.) 

7, Francis Nelson, born circa I691;died after 13 November 

17 50. 

Right here it is necessary to pause and straighten 
out some of the inexplicable affairs of this family. As stated 
above Eli was christened in the Platbush Church sometime after 
his father had removed to Mamaroneck,v;hich latter event occurr- 
ed sometime previous to 27 July 1683, for on this date John Nel- 
son purchased lands from John Richbill and v/ife Ann, Subsequent 
ly he served on the Grand Jury of Westchester county 1 August 
1688; was Overseer of Mamaroneck in 1697; and Constable in 1699, 
Eis name appears frequently in the records as a member of the 
various town committees, and alvmys with the prefix of "J<Ir,'',a 
desigantion of some distinction at that period. His name ap- 

pears, 28 T!arch 1713, at which time he was a witness to a deed of 

'•"'i"^ncji r-c- 

John Pell, Sr, .brother of Thomas Pell, second Lord of the Ilanor 
of Pelhara, Eis wife, Eendrickje, was living IK 2 April 1694, af- 

08. K 

-MoixCL 9(,2loxif)n9H 3tiw airf ban nsalS obL) .noelaVI siiB^" .2 
-oeR do&uQ. :jItoY wa^-tlVai 9ru;L LL hssiioqsd siisM fcsri sa 

( . abto 
,6ni*i9ilc}-fiO T9,}-risiJBi) bad ealeTi ns'^) , no a LsVL Qnltedi&O .£ 

(.:M2,q,8T9lct-d-9a Y^nJ^oO a'§nx5I e'ngsigS) 
,n9sxia: n.FjI. *io i9ixl3U.ei),9l^''o-i rrT.,=TT) ^noalsH =^rrfR.+ r<r«TT .^ 
^^'j^lV 19(1 nsV ngenst 2[oiiG;8VdI tgcTocfoO SS Jbaaxd-qBCf 
( .aiaaxJ-q^ff rioiiJr[D,m;;l3iooi2,xia0crd-Bl'?[ -laaenil-w 
iscfmsos'" P r ^==i f r, • nn?, r T.r.rrT. r<^ ri'^nrr ^noeZeV. aijq_isoY,lo'i ,2 

,9i,^oxtl)n9H bas n9sxia n^X "io Mxdo,xIS) .noalsT^ xIS ,3 
d-99lV n.eV nsTi,'; teglV tebnsV jfoixCI "io ie.+ rr-c.j.rR' 

(.BX"tJ3;I X. 

TgdingvoK 51 'X9c}-'is £)9lJb;I9dI sotxo mocT.noalgTI aionail .V 

nsJrtsxBt^a l)n>s 9aijfiq oct- vi^aa9D9n ax Si eiad id'^iPj. 
bei&Sa aA ,"<ilxraj3"i axxiJ- "io atx^l'iB alcTBOJtiqxenx 9dd' lo sxiioa J-xro 

19.+?-s ?imr *<^nTna rT'-ittrrrD -TRircTl fvrT 9'^-"^ nf f->;^rT3.t s J t-fn aBY.' xIS BVOrfs 

-rujooo ua3V9 -i9d-J-j3l rIoiitv.-,iIo9noipiJ3M oo iaavoinai i>j3j.i igri^^i axif 

-I9TI nrfoT. 9;t5£) alii:^ no iol:,58dI vIjjL r'S oj- auoivgnq grnxd-gmoa be 

J-naupsacfuS ,nnA 9tl\v |)ni? IIxcfr{oJ:H ruio'G nioit j^brrBl f-'9P.3rro'-:"CT noa 

^taugjjA X x^^^woo i9o asriod-89W "to viwT, brtBi-D arij no bevioe. ed vX 

,696X ni gXcfBjenoO f)nBjVeBX nx ^iognon^oisM "io I99ai9v0 afiv/j88aX 

edS *io Tednsm s as5 aJiicos-iL 9rf.+ nx vlirouos'iJ. atsgaa'^ sman axH 

s,'','t2'4" 10 xxX9iq gnj- lUixj a\:BWiB joa.s,a9aj-jxninioo nwoj suolisiY 

-qfi 9inj8n alTI .LolTsq &£di is noict-onx J-ail) 9nioa lo noi&ns-^lasb 

I0 bssb B 0+ aegniiw js asvf ad 9mx>t doidw &b,^.LVL daslf^. 8S,a-tB9q 

lonjjJt 911: 10 moJ £>noo9a,XX9l' a.sxnoriT to I'juo u-id", ,lS,XX9'5 ncioT. 

-lB,f^e6X XxiqA S XI anxvxX a^w, 9t2loxtbn9H,9lx'// aXH ^tusdlal to 


ter v/hich her name disappears from any record, 

A low hill in the town of Mamaroneck, called "Nelson's 
hill" perpetuates the name. It was made historically memorahle 
during the Revolutionary War for the surprize and defeatjhy 
Colonel SmallwoodjOf a large body of British Troops stationed,} 
there under Eajor Rogers. This property has since passed thro- 
ugh the Horton,Ryer, Barley and Stanley families, to the present 
owner and proprietor , Benjamin Brown, Esq, The house occupies a 
beautiful situation on the slope of the hill, overlooking Long 
Island Sound and Mamaroneck Bay, This place is remarkable for 
a distinct Echo, the true object of which appears to be the op- 
posite residence on Heathcote Hill, In the still dewy evenings 
of summer, when the air is elastic and a dead stillness prevails, 
every word spoken in the neighbouring house is plainly re-echo- 
ed from the northern bank. "Echo", says ^/hite,"has always been 
so amusing to the imagination that poets have personified her, 
and in their hands has been the occasion of many a beautiful 
fiction ;nor need the gravest man appear ashamed to be interest- 
ed in such a phenomenon, since it may be the subject of mathe- 
matical calculation or philosophical inquiry." 
tsX -:_:-;.:-:_:-:„ 

(?) One of the daughters of John and Hendrickje married 

Rogers, and had a son, Richard Rogers, who is mention- 
ed in the deed of John Nelson to his son Polycarpus, 

8. Richard Rogers. 


Polycarpus and the Great Nine Partners, 
ana Polycarpus Nelson, At last John Nelson was able to ,.: 
fulfill his promise to the French physician,Dr, Polycarpus. He 
was the eldest son of John and Hendrickje(Vander Vleet)Nelson, 
v/as born, probably on Long Island, and, according to the father's 

18. K 

.i)T009i xns oio-il aiBsqq&atb smsn tsri doldw tsd- 

a'ri, ' £)9lIso,2losno"[i3nu3M to nwod' 9r[.+ ni LLid wol A 

oIcTiS'iorron vriBOx^oJ'sirf ofijsm bbv/ ,-^1 .smi^rt add' a^c^£uJ■^t^9q "IIM 

Ycf,j jH^ saxiq-xi/ci sxlv "iox -i.s'.'/ Aiisnoxci-jjlovsfl sii& gnxTtui) 

ijanoxJ^. , oo^T rlBld-xiS lo Y^ocf es^JsI i3 lo,i)oowIlBniR lenoIoO 

-oidi bsaaaq aonia nsxf Y^'iSQio'xq: bxx£T ,a^95ofl nor.BH labnjj eiarfJ- 

vlnsaaiq 9ri:^ o.; .asixxnusl ^alnsoB bn& Y9-t"tJ3a,"ts\,/i,xto>t"[oH sriJ- xiau 

J3 aaxqjjooo assjod. srfT ,paS,nwoia ni:iiist^98^«ioJ'Q-i"i<3oic[ bna tenwo 

gnoJ §nx2looIi9vo, XXxrf 9rfch lo 9qoIa 9r{.+ no noxJ-sucHa lulid-jj^gcf 

to"! glcfBa-tfiinsi ex aojsiq axxfT .-^sff 2io9no-£j3in.s3'I bn^ bnuoS bcislal 

-qo sdj- 9cf od- a^B9qqB rioxriw "io d-o9tcro auii 9dd-,or[oS J-onx,taii) b 

agnxnsve ^'•wgl) IllJ-a 9ilvt nl ,IIxH eioodSssE no eonobiae^ gj-iaoq 

,aIXAJV9T:i aagnllx^a bseb s bas oi^ssLa ax liji gdd' ^9riw,^9raI!Iua lo 

-orto9-9T: \;J^«-C'SXq ax 9ajJ0ri s^x^JJ0cfdgx9^ erii ni n92loq3 f)iow Yfsvs 

n99cr BYBwIs 8Bri",9.Mr[W a^sa , " orloS" .^fnjscf ntsAfton srfJ- irroiT: L9 

<i9i{ b9ilx.ao3'i9q sr&d aj9oq JBiid' noxi.yiU^.oiiix sd^ v.- ^axa-unis oa 

Xjjlx.^jjB9cf Jo YH-sni 1:0 noiaBooo 9xid" nggcT ssd abciBd ilQd& ai bns 

-d-ae-isiai 9cr o.+ b9iiisxlas legcrq^ ni^rrr J•s9v^^:n gxij- i)99n Tonjnoxd'ox'i 

1 - * . ■, 

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-ed&Bsa. "io ur^i^aju'a 9iid- 9cr \;,^m gx sjo^U'-^ , nunaxnongriq 5 dous al Jbs 
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ovm deposition v/hile serving as ConstaTole in Mamaroneck , in 1680. 
The inscription on his tombstone gives the date of his birth as 
21 July 1680. His life from his infancjr was spent in Mamaronedc 
where he was elected Constable, 2 April 1712, and Overseer of 
Hi^.ways,7 April 1719. Besides his homestead in Mamaroneck, he 
held lands in Dutchess county purchased from Anthony Rutgers, 
Jacob Goelet,and Charles LeRoy, attorneys for David Jameson and 
others. The "David Jameson and others" constituted a company 
kno'A-n as "The Great Nine Partners," The history of the Great 
Nine Partners is interesting in that the gentlemen who composed 
the coTWfiRny were an influential body in the Colony, Its histo- 
ry runs as follows:- "On the 27 May 1697 , William, Prince of 
Orange, and the III of England, "Defender of the Faith", etc., 
granted a patent to a tract of land, lying in the towns of Clin- 
ton and Hyde Park, Dutchess County, in the Province of New York, 
to Nine men of v,'ealth and influence. They were: 
Colonel Caleb Heathcote, 
Lt.Col, Henry Palkins. 
Major Augustine Graham. 
Mr. William Creed. 

" David Jameson, 
■^ ■'■^"•••i-James Emmette. 

" John Areteon 
"'■ " ^ " James Marshall. 

" Henry Tenyck, 
The above named gentlemen were the original owners of 
the tract of land commonly knoAvn as "The Great Nine Partners", 
and lying in the towns of ClintonCnov/ Hyde Park) and LaGrange,in 
Dutchess County, In consideration for this grant , the owners 
were to pay an annual rental of three pounds of current money, 

,0-1 -:z ^Aoscio'iBmBM. ai alcfsd'enoO as gnivtsa alixiv/ noliieoqeb nwo 
axi xxdiicf ai^i lo sJ-jsi) edi asvxs anocracTciod- eiri no noi.+qxToanl srfT 
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9xf,2{09^o^JSI^.sM ni i)&9;^e9mod. aid asiJxasR: ,eiTI Ix-iqA T , a^JSWdgxH 
,a^9sd■JJ•fl Ynoxfd-fiA moil Ijoasrioiuq ydmioo aagrfoiud «x af> Mexf 
bas aoaemslj birsn tot svQctioi&s^xo^sJ. aaliBilO bciB^&9Leor) doosl 
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^senO sdJ- "io ^iiotaxd edT ".aionJ-ijs^ snxM d-ssiO gdT** as iwon^i 
f)9aoqitioo oifw nsmalct-nea erfJ J-.Gil:f nx §nxd-a9'i9c^nx ax aiand-ijiq; anxH 
-^rOvtaxd act-I ,xnoLoO 6ri[,+ nx Y^od I3J:c^n9iJI1:^x as 9i9w -^n^qraoo sdj- 
lo 9onxT:1,inj3xIIxW, Teal ysM VS srid" nO" -tawollol aB anui vi 
, .od-9, "d.trp'7 orTt no teonelga'^KaBlsna "lo III sdct- i)ns, 930810 
-nxXO "io anwoj ado nx anxYl,i)n.Gl "lo cfosic)' £ oJ- J-nsd-sq £ i)9ctnjBi§ 
j2lioY V/9M "io 9onxvo"f<I ed* nx,Y*ffuoO aa9dod-uC[,:!{i>BS: eb\R bns noi 
:9i9w Y9dT .DonsuIlnJt im^ dcHssv/ l:o aem sntll oJ- 
,9jOodc^i39H dgl-sO lonoIoO 
♦ anxH^II v:in9H .loO.J-.I 
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,bsatO fiiBXlIlW .i7.,I 
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"io a"C9rn?/o iBnlgxio adi 9i9vv n9xn[9lJ'n9g bamBn gvocf^ griT 

, "ai9n:tij3q: enxT-t :f^9it) 9dT" aB mvonil Ylnocnnoo £»nBl lo J-obiJ- 9d* 

nx , ggnaiO gJ .ba.c(:>[xo^ e/DvR T/on)no:}Tfi:IO lo 3nT;o.+ ez[^ nx ^nxYl Bna 

ai9n-«yo aa ■ , jxija-i^ exdJ' 101 noxJ"£i3X)xanoo nx ,x:^auoO aaedo&ud 

iXeaocn crn9iijjo lo afcnx/oq eetd& lo iBd-nsi Isiunas ns -zsq ot 9i9w 


of the Province of New York; to be paid on the first day of the 
"Annunciation of Our Blessed Virgin Mary" , (llarch 25th)at the 
City of New York." This should "be sufficient proof that there 
were no Nelsons concerned in the purchase of the original grant; 
a traditional error that for a long time passed as current in 
the family. And not only has the family held to the erroneous 
idea, hut writers of histories (for sale) have the matter as a fact 
without ever looking up the proofs of v/hat they were raving 
ahout. It was thirty- three years after the grant was made that 
Polycarpus Nelson purchaseddn 1736) thirteen-hundred and four 
acres of land lying within the dreat Nine Partner Tract, lying 
on Crum-Elhow Creek, in the town of Clinton. On 31 August 1736, 
he sold the Northern portion of his purchase to his brother 
Francis. Ot of this purchase, Francis gave to his eldest son, 
Reuben, a farm of one-hundred and eighty- two acres, lying on Grumr- 
Elbow Creek, 13 November 1750, lliis farm remained in the family 
ujitil 1887, a period of one-hundred and thirty-seven years, when 
it finally passed to other owners, For the final distribution 
of the remaining property of Polycarpus, see his Will in Appendix 

According to IfAss Pamelia Dougherty, a grand-daughter 
of Thomas, who was a son of Polycarpus ' ,a quakeress,born in 1800, 
living in Mamaroneck in 1887, writing to I^r. James Nelson, at 
Br idgeport, Conn. , relates the following :Polucarpus was a tanner 
by trade, and it was while serving as Constable that he was kill- 

/ -> - 

\ 'O ■ 

ed "by one of his own workmen whom he was sent to arrest ;while 
Polycarpus was reading the Warrent of arrest the v/orkraan raised 

the tanner's cleaver .struck Polycarpus v/ith its sharp edge on 

a' i )■.'■■ ' -■■■- ; 

the head, killing him instantly, 19 December 1738. The quaint 

stone v/hich marked his grave on "Nelson Hill" is represented in 

another place, and though removed therefrom, is still in existance. 

sxict- 'to zBh j-aiil sdi no blBq 9d od;2lioY wsK lo aonxvoi'I 9xl:^ lo 

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i&di Qbata Bfiw d-n«is ^^^ teits &t&9Y, ee'idi^x^ixd:^ aew J-I .d'uocffi 

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-III2I a,6w ed J-fixfd- glcTs^anoD a^ snlvige 9lxriw aBw ti bns^sbG'ii^ vd" 

9lx£{\v; d-ag-nis oi inee aj3\v 9x1 moxfv/ nginjiTow nwo axrl 'io gno x,d be 

bQaiat nfimiiow &d& J-aeiis "io d-nettsW edi ^nibs^t ajsw auqi^o^i^Iol 

no 9si>9 qnaxfe ati rfcMw auqTBO'>iIo1 2£oJJ^d■a,^9VB9Io e'tsmtsl grfJ^ 

d-nxijup 9r{T .BSVX tacffnoogG ei,-v:lJ'ni3d-ani cixri gnxllx3{,i)£9il edi 

nx ijg^ngagiqs*:! ax "IIIH noalgK" no 9VB^3 axil i)92liBra doid"{ 9no^a 

.9onBdaJ:x9 nx IXid-e sx ,aio'i'i9"[9x£d' bsvoiaot d'gsjod:^ i)n;o,90BXq tediocw 


He married Ruth Gedney v/ho survived hiaio Issue: 

9. Siber Nelson, who married 31 Julj' 1736, Isaac G-rdney, 
(New York Marriage Bonds, vol, l,p, 2.) 

10, Maher-Shalal-Hash-Baz Nelson, under 21 years of age 
13 Octoter 1739, when Isaac Gedney was appointed his 
Guardian. (V/estohester Deeds, G. ,254.) 

11, Thomas Nelson,who,v/ith the consent of his wifCjJIary, 
executed a deed 9 July 17 66, to James Horton,for land 
in Mamaroneck , e.nd was then styled "of Minneford in the 
Manor of Pelham." (Mamaroneck Records,) 

12, Enoch Nelson, who, hy deed of 28 May 1754, joined with 

his hrothers in conveying the interest they had to 

lands in Mamaroneck, formerly their father's, to their 

"brother Elijah.(Maiaaroneck Records.) 


13, Esther Nelson, an infant under 21 years, 8 May 1744, 
when she petitioned for the appointment of Richard 
Cornell, Jr. , as her Guardian, (Westchester Deeds ,G, 348.) 

14, Elijah Nelson, 

r. -I M , -.■■:-' ■ vms an«ie«i9or of f-f., 

15, Shadrach Nelson, 

16, Exana, Nelson, 

- nad 

17, Glorianna Nelson, horn in 1718, 

18, Ruth Nelson. 

19, Mary Nelson, 

(6) Eli Nelson, second son of John(l)and Hendrickje(Vander Vlect) 
Nelson, was baptized 14 Decemher 1684, For several yearM ^f- 
ter reaching his majority Eli Nelson was active in the town 
affairs of Mamaroneck, holding the offices of Constable and 
Surveyor of highways in 1715, tax-collector in 1718, fence- 
viewer in 1721, and collector in 1726. The place and date of 
his birth are not known, but from the fact that his baptismal 

: 90881 .niixi bsviv^ua orlw -^cenbat) rfd-uH i^ax-nisn aH 
.T{;9ni)-XT) oBBBltSSVI x^""^ ^^ bBittsa orlw^noalsW ^9cria .G 

(, I.Iov,al>noff 93si*nBi' 2[ioY W9H) 
93B lo a-tB9Y IS tebnUfaoeLsM sBff-cfa-BH-XslBiIS-isrLeM ,01 
81x1 L9;tnxoqqB bjsy/ \;9ctf)9i3 o^bbI n9r£w,eevi ^^d"oc»'oO SI 

,YiJ3M,9llw alxi to cfnsanoo srfJ- j:I^Jtw,oiiY/,noal9H s-smoxlT ,LL 

basL lo'i.aoiioE a9m^Ti o^.dd'TI xluJ, Q beeb fi ii9d-i;o9X9 
arf.i ni fciolgrtrriM 'io" .bslY^a nerfct' asw i)^B,2Io9^o^■SJJUB^T ni 

(.al)^on9fl >.o^^o^B^IBM) ".insril9*I "io noasl^il 
xf^jfcw i39nloG,^e'!'I Y^sM 82 to i).99i> YtfjOrEw.noalgTl doonS .SI 
od- Jbarf \;9il;f ctagTsJ-nx 9xid- ^nlxavaoo ai ated^oid axrf 
ilexiJ' o^tja'tgd.+js'i 'tiQdi xliass'io'i ^zLoaaotspiBli nx a£)n^I 

i.abiooeA 3io9noiBjiLsM) .xLstxIS 19Il;to^cr 
,^f^VI Y^-i 3,a^B9''i IS isbaiJ :^nBl:ti nj3,noal9Ti: •X9xid-aa .51 
b-iMoifL to *n9ra^nloc?(jB 9rf:t toI f)9noxJ-lcl-9q sila n9ii^'/ 
(,8i'S,S,8i)99CI tecJia&^o^asW) .nalMBitT) "£9:i bb, .^L,II9^toO 

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.noalsT! y^BM .GI 

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-Is a-iB9v I.et9V96 loT ,^861 -£9crm909Cr £■! I)92i:^q>5fr a£w,noal9'M; 

m.'uj 3x0.0 ni avxcTof '— aoeleVL ilK x&ltol-.s ^wXrtoj''^" 

bciB 9lcfB:tanoD Io asox'tlo edi :^aibLod^^oQ[ioisiti£JK lo aT.xBll£ 

-9onsl,8IVI ni iocfo9lIco-xsd-,eiVI ni BYSv/xfaxxi lo -I0^:9v^u3 

lo eisot -'"^ .'•'■VL nx i-od-o9T ro-^ ^nR,Isri iu -xsvoiv 

lBr:8xd-qBd" aid i&di doB'i 9i{^ moil :tjjcf .nvvoniL J-on 9-iB rlJ-xId" axn 

N/85 -' 

record in the Flatlands Dutch Church gives the date 14 Decemher 

1684, and, therefore, iy might be safely inferred that he was horn 

on Longlsland, The place and date of his death have not been 

ascertained, nor is the name of his wife known. The histpry of 

his descendants is very fragmentary;but,however , it is stated 

that a great number of the Nelsons of Westchester and Putnam 

counties are his descendants, but this is only an inference, as 

these people have no knowledge of who their progenitor was, and 

in many instances, they do not seem to care. So far there is 

cause to believe that Eli had two sons: 

20. Eli Nelson. 

21, William Nelson. 

(7) Francis Nelson, yoimgest son of John and Eendrickje(Vander 
Vleet) Nelson, was born, probably in Mamaroneck, about 1691;died 
after 13 November 1750. Until about 1 May 1716, he resided at 
Mamaroneck( "The Place of Rolling Stones") , at that time he pur- 
chased of Colonel Caleb Heathcote , lands in the Manor of Scars- 
dale, and shortly removed thereto. Ke was assessor of Scarsdale 
in 1723. He conveyed, by consent of his wife Ann, 8 October 1733, 
all his lands in Scarsdale, which he had purchased from Colonel 
Heathcote, to William Barker of I/[amaroneck;and removed to the 
Highlands of Dutchess County, which had been accomplished by the 
31 August 1736. He purchased of his brother ,Polycarpus, an in- 
terest in the Great or Lower Nine Partners, a certain tract of 
land(Vide Supra) . iVIr. Nelson was one of the first cojamissioners 
of roads for that part of SQL Dutchess which is now Putnam coun- 
ty, 1744, In 1747 Francis Nelson's name disappears from the tax- 
list of the South Ward of Dutchess County, and in 1750 it last 
appears on the County Records. 


nsscT o on svsrf xictBsi) aixi "io eieb btts soslq, exfT .hnBlalgnoJ no 

lo YTI^eixl sxfT ,nv/ori>f 9l4w sirt.'io ©ctsn sdi ex •ion,fcsnx£d-t9oei5 

fjectfid-B Bx .tx ,'iev8v/0£[,d-xfcf;"\ii£:}-n9ra^j3*i^ ■V;i9v ex eififiLneoasI:' axrT 

xasnd-jj*! i)nj3 ^e:t{i9I[oifB9W lo BnoelsK edi lu *iecto/n J'ijeig £ dBdi 

aB^eoaetetnl ns ^Xno hi sldi isjd^Qicii^baeoe.eb aid sib asld^nuoo 

bct£.^iisw tod"J:n980iq -£X9xid- oilw ^o 9gi)6lwon2[ on 9VJBxi slqogq ^B9r{:^ 

Bi 9'T;9£tc!- leT: 08 .et^o ot laeee chon oi) v9r[d-,a90flJ5;tani: vnsri nx 

:anca owd- f)BXi tZK tsdo evelL^d o& eesjso 

.noel9M iia .OS 
,noBl9K xttBxIIxW .IS 

^9f)^£V)9(,2Iox1£)^9H ba& adoZ Io noa d-a9sajJOY.,noal9TI alonBt'i (V) 

£)9xLjIG9l :fuod"j3,2lo6noi^rBK ... .-cfj3cronq,n'iocr aBw,noal9K(d^99XV 

ot-£ bebiae^ ed^blVl y^'5 X c)-jJOtf£ XxJ-nU .OeVX tgcfxnevoPr SI isJ-lfi 

-^JJq 9xi 9inxd- d-arid- d-£, ("e9nod'8 gnilXoH Io 9obX*i gn'T" )>Io9noi£in£M 

-B1J308 to TonsM adi nl ebnBl^e^oodissE dels'O XgnoXoD "io i)9ajsrIo 

elsbeisoB ^o ^oaa9aa£ asw 9H .oie'T.sdi teyomei \:Xd"ioria bOBtSl&b 

,£eVX igcTod-oO 8,nnA elxw axxf "io .tn9anoo Ycr,f)9\9vnoo 9H .52 VI nx 

XgnoXoD moil bessdotuq ^BfT er-' rfo.rrfvy,9Xfii)aifio3 nx a/jn^^I aid Ilfi 

9£ld- oi bsvome'i itn^jiosnot^ajsJI 'io tssIiBff rc^xIXiW o,t,9d-ooxict"B9H 

edi' Yd" i)9r[ailqjiiooo£ neecf bsd iloxr{w,YCt"njJoO aesxiocfuC to Bf)nBlr{siH 

-ni HB, auq^£OYXo^,19rivto1r^ Exrf "^o iiOesxiotirrr sH .SEVI cfEJi-nrA 15 

to cTo^td' nxj8d'T9o £, ai9n^iJ3>l 9nxll "xevod. to Jjae^B ©i-ij nx :fa9''9i- 

Btsnoleaxirfcioo iaiit edi Io 9no ajsw no8X9K«iH . (a-xqi/S eblY)ba£l 

-nf.roo riBn.+jj^ ron si doldv: ea9.cio.tjLrCl ISHX Io J-tBq Ssdi lol ahsoT Io 

-xjou Silo cio^l a'ffisqqfiexi' sxfixifi B'noaXoW axon^f'il V^Vi'. nl ,^1^71,^- 

d-aiiX &1 OeVX nx i)n£, Y*nwoO easn'od-i/G ^o l)^eW xichjjo3 9x[d Io cfall 

,abioosii Y*n;joO 9c[d no aiB9qqB 


There is a strong tradition held hy the different 
Toranches of this family that Francis* wifes name was Ilary Skin- 
ner, and there may he some semhlance of truth in the in their 
■beliefjhut on the 8 Octoher 1733, if the instnoment he correct- 
ly drawn as entered on the county records, his v/ife was Anno 
■Prancis may possibly have had two wives, surely there were chil- 
dren a plenty for a.ny two women to mother (14) ,and as Ann's name 
does not appear until late in the life of Prancis, it may he that 

the legendary Mary Skinner was the first, and Ann later, Issue: 
or i-'i3 

22. Reuhen Nelson, horn 15 November 1713. 

2 3. John Nelson, born about 1718-19, 

24, Theophilus Nelson, born about 1723-24, 

25, Mephiboseth Nelson, 

26, .Joshua Nelson(Major) ,born 18 September 1726. 

27, Caleb Nelson(Captain) , 

28, Mary Nelson, 

29, Anne Nelson, 

30, Frances Nelson. 

31, Christina Nelson, 

32, Catherine Nelson, 
(I'lSS, Charity Nelson. 

34, Lucretia Nelson, 

35. Justus Nelson, was the seventh and youngest son of 
Francis Nelson, and certainly by wife Ann, born 21 Feb- 
ruary 1737 .probably in the Highlands of Dutchess county. 

^i^x£d■ ni erfJ- ni liji/tcJ- to son^Icfinse sinoe ecf \;fifiT sterlJ- f)nB,ien 
-d"OST"COO 9cf J-nsniift.+BnJ: axfj- "iXjSSTI •xecfo^oO 8 srij- no &v(f flstLed 

-Ixx£o 919W 9i9xid' \I^^xr8,a9viw owct hBsi SYsd xldieaoq xsnt axoaei'5' 
sm^n s'nnA a^ bna, {1^1) ted&om of nsmovi owd- \ixb -xot Y*n9lq £ nsiL 
cfBild- gtf vj^m cM,exon£Tc'i to 9txl srfJ- ni e^f.X Ix.tnjj ^fi9qqJB cfon asob 
:9xreel.i9ctj3l nnA JbnB,>ta-ix'i ed:^ ss\v t9nnx2L3 yijsM \;^fif)^9s9I 9r[d- 
,5ITI igolnsvoW 61 n"[ocr,nc8l9T'T ngcTwgfl .SS 
,ei-8IVI J-;;ocf^ mocr,nvG.' -'oT. .£ S 
.^S-£SVI iisods mocr,noal9TI ai.'Ixiiqo9ifT ,f»S 

,noal9T{ xiJ^gaocrxriqel*!' ,gg 
.6SVI T[9cfci9d-q9J^ 81 mod, (lot^JOnoalsM fiuriaol- ,6S 

, (nxBc)-qB0)no8l8TI cf9l£D , VS 

.noal9M yibM .SS 

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,X&nsjoo BBgxIo.twd to a^jnelrfsxH gxiJ- nx \Ldfidoiq,?EVl vtsvi 



(10) Jlaher-Shalal-Hash-Baz Nelson, v/as under twenty-one years 
of age 13 OctoToer 1739, when Isaac Gedney was appointed his 

•Guardian, He was the eldest son of Polycarpus Nelson(6). 
Neither the dajye of his hirth nor death is known, hut he was 
prohahly born in Mamaroneck,as that was the home of his fa- 
ther. There is no record of the name of his wife or the date 
of his marriage. What is known of his descendants was acquired 
from one of them but a short time since; and is here given ^^• 
with the hope that it will lead to further discoveries of 
the family of the man with such a remarkable name. Issue: 

36, Absalom Nelson. 

37, Elijah Nelson. 

38, .Tames Nelson. 

39, Isaac Nelson, 

40, Tamar Nelson, 

41, Peggy Nelson, 

42, Jane Nelson. 

(11) Thomas Nelson, fourth son of Polycarpus and Ruth(gedney) 

Nelson. With the consent of his wife, Mary, executed a deed 

;,eldc.s'f. son of ?rancxa ''- was . 

9 July 1766, to James Horton,for land in Mamaroneck, It is 

stated that he had several children, but all that is known 
with any certainty whatever is, that a daughter , name at pres- 
ent unknown, married Dougheety- 

(13) Esther Nelson, an infant under twent^r-one years of age, 8 
Jlay 1744, when she petitioned for the appointment of Richard 

Cornell, Jr. , as her Guardianjmarried Smith, And here she 

disappears from the pages of historyo 



e-i^QY 9ao-Y^n9w:r tabms a^w.noelaM sfia-xfasH-I^IijilS-isifB?'' (01) 
8irf i>9J-nxoqq£ sbw \9ni)9S oB^al nsdw.GeVI i9croc)-oO cl 9§s "io 

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-£l Bid lo siJiod &£i& aBW ;tjBri^ 8«,:io9^o^BI^BM ni mod" YIc^i3C^o^q 

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,noal9PI 0£BaI ,G£ 

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.no8l9K ens'T, .Sf^ 

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inBxfoxfl lo cfngmd'nxoqqB 9riJ -iol f)9noxdid"9q 9xi8 n9x[v/,i'i'VI y-sJ^ 

giia 9*i9xi JboA .xic^xica £l9x^^B^;^BxinBX/T) ted aB, ,iT.,ll9moO 

•\totiild lo a93£q 9xid rnotl aiBsqqjsaxL 


(17) Glorianna Nelson, daughter of Polycarpus and Rutli(gedney) 

liraison(6) ;niarried Gandall. She died in 1822, aet. 104 jrears 

She had one daughter who hecame- 

43. Mrs. -James Gandall Hazelton. New Rochelle,N.Y, 

■ ( •■ ] =; n T) I '^ ' , ^'' ?■ '^' 

(20) Eli Nelson, son of Eli Nelson(6). Very little is known of 
this man other than that he is said to have married "between 
the years IVoo-ob, uv^^ing to the imperfectly kept fragments 
of records rery little credence can "be given to what is here 
presented. Issue: 

44. Thomas Nelson, married MaBp imwij-iwc. wSae^&S****^ /®/-*t^ce. 

45. Bloomer Nelson, (of \Yhom later). 

46. William Burling Nelson. 
I 47, Sarah Nelson. 

48. Lydia Nelson, 

(21) ■'/Villiam Nelson, son of Eli Nelson(6) ,of llamaroneck and later 

.r,,-.rf, in tha ^' hi-3, 
of the Highlands of Dutchess county. The name of his wife, 

date of his marriage, and death are unkno'vm. He is said to 

have left one son- 

49. Ahsalom Nelson, v/ho was horn in 17 52, and prohahly in 
Mamaroneck. (Of whom later). <• 

(22) Reuhen Nelson, eldest son of Francis Nelson(7). He was sur- 

VGyer of highways and fence-viewer of Charlotte Precintt, 
(24! •! 7) ,wfts 

\ «0 

Dutchess county, in 1763;married Elizabeth ;she was "born 

in 1726, and died 30 April 1812. Reuhen died 5 December 1784. 

50, Francis Nelson, horn 5 July 1749. 

51, Reuhen R.Nelson, born 23 February 1756. 

52, Zeba Nelson, married Smith Rowland, 


88. H 

e-ii-et J^OI..t---' 'f'^^J nx X)9i£) ba^. ,Xl£i)njsi'- i.■Bi^^Bin; (6)noeI¥TI 

-sm^oscT odw led^xisjJBl) ano f)£r{ 9ri8 
,Y.T[,9ll9r{ooil W9F .nocMssjsK ll£bna€> BSit^Bl-.Btl't .Cf' 

^0 rwonsi si alcfJ-il \t9V , (d)noal9l'I IXa "io no8,noal9K iia (OS) 

si9xi ax j-^ilw oi n9v±§ scf hbo 9on9i>9io &Lyii.l x'tetr afctoosi "io 

:9JLreaI .i)9;tn9a9nq 

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.noaXsM gniltuff mjslIIxW ,d^ 

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.g'iivr alri lo eman QdT .^^nuoo Ga9rioJ-jj(T l-o efcnsIrfsiH 9n" "^o 
oi felfia ex sir .nwon^ij bib di^sb bci& tO-g&i'xiBEi eld to Biab 

-noa 9no ^-191 9V£rf 
nx xLdsdotq f)n£,S6?I ni mocT a£w oxiw,no8l9TiI snolssdA .^^ 

. ("f9ci"BX laoxiv/' 10) .sIognotBrnsM 

-tue asw 9E , ("r)noaX9'H: axoflBil lo noa c^a9j^X^,^oaX9TI ngcfuaK (SS) 

,J-dnxo9TI 9:fJoX^£irtO to igwsiv-gonsl: i)ns aY-swriairf lo ^e■v;sv 

ciiod aaw 9rfe . ■ fc9x*n*;r-F;£9'C"X ru' (V^rttfO'^ nBBdoitjd 

,^8V1 ^sc^m90^a cl l)9xL nediJBR .SX8J IxnqA 0£ i^axL X':(b,8SVX nx 

.Qi-K'I vIjjl. c. mocf,noaX9H exonBi''i' .06 
,35VX x'l.fiij^da'^ £S n-£Ocf,nosX8K,>i necfwsn .ic 
.X-m^XwoH ^ditif^!8 fcsx'jiBrr!«ncaI^T5 «cf9S ,se 


53. SusannatL Nelson, married Henry Neely. 

54. Mary Ann Nelson, 

55. Eliza"betii Nelson 


(23) John Nelson, XKIKX son of Francis Nelson(7) ,was born prob- 
ably at JTamaroneck about 1718-19;married,f irst ,25 December 
1739, Elizabeth, daughter of Thomas Davenport, of Philips Pre- 
cinct , Dutchess County. Elizabeth was born at Cold Spring, 
Nev/ York, in June 1721; and died at Mamaroneci:,10 February 
1747, Issue: ^ 

56. Thomas Nelson, born 17 Jlarch 1744, 

57. Elizabeth Nelson, born in January 1747, 

John Nelson(23) married, secondly, 12 November 
1748, Rebecca Schot,of Kinderhook,New York, He served onCbar- 
the Grand Jury of Dutchess County in May 17 46, was Overseer in 
in Crum-Elbow Precinct , Dutchess County, 4 April 1749, and was 
one of the Executors named in the Will of his Father-in-law, 
Thomas Davenport , which bears date 10 October 1746; he died 
in February 17 96, By his second marriage there was issue: 

58. Ann Nelson, baptized 8 July 1750, 

59. William Nelson, baptized 30 August 1752. 

60. Francis Nelson, 

61. John Nelson, 

(24) Theophilus Nelson, third son of Francis Nelson(7) ,was born 
probably in Scar sdal e , about 1723-24;married,f ir3t,9 June 17- 
45, Mary Alltin. Issue: 

%8» Stephen Nelson 

63* Joshua Nelson, 

64, Sarah Nelson. 

65, Mary Nelson, 


.noeXalil nnA xibU .h& 

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iSniiqg MoD *« mod" bjqw rlct9cf/5sx.' .^^d-nuoO aa9iiod■uCt,c^o^io 

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,?i»VI x'^BUCt&J. nx mocf,no8l9l^ d^Qd&silS. ,V5 
igcTwavoPI S I, y -^ -Bno o 9 a, Ijex-n jam (f:s)noal9TI nrioT. 
no fcgviga e . ioY wgH^^ooxf-ighniX 'io,*or[o3 Booecfgfl^SJt^VI 
fit lesatgyO efiw,6i'VI \;fiM nx Y^nuoO aaario^ud lo y^J^'"^ bnBtS sxi^ 
SBW iDn^je^VI IxiqA ^,Y*njjcO aaQdo&uCt&onlo&'il wocfia-mixiO m 
jV/^I-nx-tgrid-fil alil lo IIIW gifj- nl Lextuin a^od■uo9x3 edi lo sno 
f)9i£i sri {S:{^VI "^'-fn^+oO 01 9+'=^ »-rKQ,T "*of .-fiy ^ -f-ioqnsv.eCI a^moifT 
:9W3ai a£v* a-tgilj e-gsiiism baooea aid xS. ,66?I xtau'ide'i nl 

,OeVI xIi/T, 8 i)92ljqBcf,noal9K nnA .85 
.SeVI +aysuA 0£ f)9si t'^^^r. noalgll meilliW .G5 

,noal9Pi: alonst'5; ,0d 
,n08l9TI nrioL .19 

mocf BBW, (V)noel9TI alonBil lo nos i)^xx£cf ,noRl9"H ai-flxdqogriT (^S) 
-VI 9m;"G €,.teixl^l)9i'n£in;^2-£SVI &uodB^sLBbaiBoP "■''<- - IcfBcfoTq 

teueal .nlJ-IIA Y^■sM,G:^ 

ncal9W n9xlq9d-c2 .Sd 

.noelsTf BwHeoT^ .56 

• noelgK ds-XB?, ,^b 

.noal9PI xiBl'i ,59 


Theophilus Nelson( 24) , married, secondly, 12 July 
1764,Mary Rose, of RlainelDeck,Nev/ York, Issue: 

66. Charles Nelson. 

67. TheophilusdDNelson. 

68. George Nelson, 

69. Catherine Nelson. 

70. David Nelson, i^jJiJji^u. /uL^hJ^':^''t.'^ 

Theophilus Nelson(24) ,was appointed Path-Master 
of Crxm-El"bow Precinct .Dutchess County, 6 April 1773, from 
Captain DeWitt's mills south along the KJfiOI Crxim Elbow road 
to the Post Rosid to Schralenbergh Landing, and in 1774 from 
near Nelson's saw mill, along Criim-Elhow creek, south to the 
road that leads to the landing. His will, dated 31 October 
17 85, and which was proved 3 February 17 87, styled him of Char- 
lotte Precinct. His legatees were wife Mary, children Steph- 
en, Joshua, Sarah wife of Gilbert Williams ,Junr. , Mary, Charles, 
Theophilus, David, George and Catherine. 

(25) Mephiboseth Nelson, fourth son of Francis Nelson(7) ,was born 

probably in Scarsdale,and probably in the latter part of 1725 

was chosen Constable of Crum-Elbow, Dutchess Covinty,6 April 

1756. His Will bears date 20 September 1770, and in it he 

names wife Mariam,and children: 
Nelson iren 

71. Christina, born 20 October 17 55 ; baptized in the Rom- 
bout Presbyterian Church 20 January 1758. 

72. Roger Nelson, 

73. Caleb Nelson, 

74, Gilbert Nelson, 
75# Justis Nelson, 

76, Mary Nelson. 

77, Ann Nelson, 

78, Lucretia Nelson. 

"P»--";,r-. :p rled 


yIsjT> SI,Y-tJ^^oo9a,i)9i^^Bra, (^S)no8l9M ajjIiifqoerlT 

:9iJ88l ,2lioY W9 fsnxrCK lo.gaofl -v^-usMj^dVI 

,noal9TI 89I^£IiO ,dd 

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•xac^a^vl-ilj-fiq: be&nioqqs S£w, (^S)no8l9W 8xrIiilqo9xiT 

J^o^1:,£m XitqA a«-<tj-njjo0 ae9xioc^i;CI, JonJ:o9'i1 wocfia-cuj-xO lo 

Jbfiot v/ocflS cujtO S]£8X gxfch §aol£ xiJ-ji/oa alXira a'i'.txWgQ niscfq^O 

taotl f'VTI nx bn£,.3nxi)nBiI xis'i9an9ljs"txfoS oi bsoU &ao1 aiLi o:^ 

9£ld- 0.+ xi:d-jjoa,2L99io worfia-iajJiO snoI,e,Ilira v/^a a'noal9TI tB9n 

i9cfoJ-oO X£ i)9d-£i),IIxw axH ,anii)ael 9ri* od- a£>BeI iadi bsot 

-isd.0 lo iTixrf l)9lY^8,V8VI ^iBrjiccfe'i £ l>9vo'tq asw rtoixfw fjnjs^eSTI 

-xiqetS xi9-:l)Ixi£o,'v;'i5M 91x7/ gigv ageJ-is^gl eiE ,cronxo9i*I 9;tc>'oI 

^asIiBxfDjYt-sMt .^^u^i,arasiIIlW cJ-Ttacfllr) to sli-v; ilj8'ifi8,£i.'iiao"o,n9 

,9nxt9rid-B0 has 98^09x),f>ly£(I,ai;Iiriqo9IfT 

mocf 8BW, (T)noal9K axooenl lo nee x£ctiuo'i,no8l9W d&SBodldqaVi (52) 

esVI ^o j■^B5 is&tsl 9ii& nx YlcTBcTonq hnBtgXBfcei^oS al Y-Ccfacfoiq 

XiiqA 5,\;;tnuo0 aasxioi-jjCI^wocrXS-iflwtO lo 9Xcr.'; ' ' n nseoiio asw 

9x1 ^x nx f)nB,OVVX iscfmg^qgS OS s^Bb a*jB9cr XXiW axH .aeVX 

:n9ifcXiilo bnsi,mBii£li 9ltXw B9mjsn 
noeXgH n n ■• 
-raofl grid^ ni hgExd-qiJcfj ccTX lecfod-oO OS mocf,JBni*8iiriO .XV 

,85rX Y.'^BUttsJ, OS rioiJJxfO nBi?t9*\;crB9i5 ^tuocT 

,noaX9Vt t9soH .SV 

.noeXgK cfgX^D .£? 

.floaXsTI ;ti9crXxO .^V 

.noaXgli axi-awT. .SV 

,noaX9^ Yi-fi-^- •c'l' 

.xioaXsM ixnA , VV 


(26) Joshua Nelson(Major Joshua) , fifth son of Prahcis lTelson(7) , 
was iDorn, probably at Scarsdale,18 September 1726;died at 

Philip St own, 14 December 1817, He was chosen, 6 I&.y 1776, by" 

-;he was chosen by .Toon Rogr-r 
the Committee of Safety for Dutchess County, secoil Major of 

"the Regiment to consist of all the Militia in Frederick's 

Precinct .except the northern and Middle-Short-Lotts and all 

the Militia in Philipps Precinct, in the county of Dutchess." 

He married, 3 January 17 54, Sarah, daughter of of Jacob Mande- 

ville,born 7 November 1736;died 16 August 1823. Issue: 

79. Martha Nelson, born 26 March 1756;baptized 21 January 
1758(Rombout Presbyterian Church Records), 

80. Sarah Nelson, baptized 9 February 1764. y,. 

81. Jacob Nelson, born in 1761. 

82. John Nelson, born 23 April 1766. 

83. Jane Nelson, born 23 June 1769, 

84. John Nelson. 

(27) Caleb Nelson( Captain) , was born either at Scarsadale or in 

the South Precinct .Highlands, Dutchess County. He was the 

sixth son of Prancis Nelson(7) . He married, first, 26 Febru- 

ar^^Esther Haight(Rorabout Church Records). His second wife 

was Phoebe, v/idow of Richard Baxter, a Tory, who went to Nova 

Scotia in 1783. His children were in all probability by his 

first wife, Esther Haight,and were as follows: 

85. . Phineas.,born 8 Ilarch 1762:baptized 9 February 1764. 

86. Joshua Nelson. 

87. Jemima Nelson, born 13 February 17 64;married Meeks. 

88. Mary Nelson who married Lounsbury. 

89. Daniel Nelson, born 5 October 1766. 

90. Susannah Nelson. 


, (V)nosl9Tf EXonfiiT ^c nog rfJ-lx^, (Bi;riaoTi -(otBV:)noel9T>I m!tie,or^ (3S) 
;' ^ ' \Pjj6SVI isaxiiSviiisc ol, ^ii2X)e^£0S J"« \,Id£do^q,^-iod a£W 
YcfjdTVI vbM 6. .0 asw sH .VI8I isctesoeCI :M,nwoJ-aqiXi£f5 

. t-sM ciooee ^^rfasjo!} aBSrio.tuG tot y.c^stBP to sscfcfij^'moD srfvf 
a'2loil9£)3lT nx ^xjxxxjvl snj IIb "io jeienoo ';rus3--i exid''' 

IXb f>n£ ed^doJ-d-noxI3-9Xi)i>iM baa snediton 9jld- jqsoxgjd-onxost*! 
" to Yjmjoo 9riJ' ni , J-oniosil aqqxlldl ai elitHK edi 
-sbaion UUUJ3 "■ y»-iii:^uisv ^jJ.iiti^cJ^I^^VI viBun^L C,1)&x'XT6I!I qH 

:9i;eal .£S8X jajj^xiA 6X £)9il;;6£VX isdingvoTI T mocT.sXXxv 
\;-tfijLrnBt X2 l)9Sj::^CT.«d■; aeVX rfpii?M dS mod'.nceIeK BifcttJsM ,GV 

.f'&VX ■y;T[Bi;icr9'3: G £>9si j-qBcr,nosX9TI j±b'Xb8 ,08 

.X6VX rtl mocf,no3X9K cToobL .X8 

.d'cVl liiqA F.S. ntod ^a.o^'' ''' '"■="' .'■''^ 

.GdVX enul SS mocf^noaXgH ensJ, .£8 

.noalsVl nrioX. .^8 

nx to 9X£i?j3aix>oa is tsd.&ie mocT a^'^. (nxBJqi50)noeX9ll rf9X.RO ("fg) 

-xncfgl dS,;tBixt,i9xiTBffl 9H . (V)noaX9VI axoast'i to noa ri:^xxa 

9txw fcnoosa axH , {&btooeK doiud'^ iuodaiofi) ^^d-p.isB -xsrvd^Ba^ifi 

svoVL oi' &tteti orfw.v-toT B,-iBSxsF. h~-'^oxH to v/o.u.9cf 9 0x11 ajsw 

alxt Yd" Y-'^XXlcfBcro'tq XXb nl gtsw nstijXxjcio aXH ,£8TX nx bl&oo'S 

:awoXXot bb stew Ms^^risxjsH "i9r[;J-aa,9txw J-aixt 
.^ ; ,•: .ncsXstl 

.^aVX x^^sJ^'tcTgl e';S6VX xIoibM 8 --t"'^'',_aB9nixI<l .68 

.floaX9TI BjjxLao'G ,38 

.e2l99M b3ittBm.;^dVZ Y^J5x;^cr9'5: £X n"iocr,no8X9iI BmixH9L .V8 

•Y'fxrcfanxroJ f)9xtti5in orfw noaXgW xi&U .?!? 

.SaVX i9aoct-oO e n-tocr,noaX9H XgXxiJsO .68 

,noaX9TI jd-BfinBauS .06 


Of the public life and services of Captain Caleb Nel- 
son very little can at this time he saidjhe was Assessor and 
Overseer of Philipstown in 1772 A3, and "Pound-Master on the 
River ".at the same date;he was chosen "by John Rogers, of Phil- 
ipstovm,as executor of his will, 5 November 177 6, being then 
styled "Captain." Hisown will bears the date of 10 February 
1796, and names wife Phoebe, and the children named above. In 
his will he made one except ion, and that was to give to his 
daughter, Jemima, a set of curtains that formerly belonged to 
her mother. Just where and by v/hat means Caleb Nelson se- 
cured the title of "Captain" remains to be determined. 

Of the seven daughters of Francis Nelson(7)no mention 

is made of them other than their names. No dates of births or 

marriage or death of any one of them has ever been found. But 

this disposition of the daughters of a family is not an isola- 

of Cor t land t 
ted instance, of this one particular family or any branch of any 

other family, -the fault appears in every other family history 

known to the compilers of Genealogical works, , No other excuse 

can be offered for neglecting the girls than that "they have 

just been forgotten and neglected," 

(35) Justus Nelsonthe seventh son and youngest child of Francis 
Nelson, and certainly by wife Ann(7) ;was born 21 February 
1737, probably in the Highlands. His home was in Philipstovm. 
He died, intestate, on the anniversary of his birth, 21 Febru- 
ary 1803, and is buried in a marked grave in the beautiful 
church- 3'ard of St. Philip's, at Garrison 's-on Husdon, His es- 
tate v.'as administered upon by his son, Cornelius Nelson and 
his son- in- law, John Warren, both of Philipstown, 1 March 1803. 
He married, first, about 17 56, Mary, daughter of Joseph Haight 

-l9l!I cfsIjsD nxBd-qsO lo seotriee btt& stll oilduq adi 10 

b:i£ loaasaaA bbw edibt&s sd 9mk& aidS i^ n£0 el&Stl \;'*9V noa 

9d& ao T9.t8J5M-Jbnuo?" f)nfi,£\\SVVX nl mm + ^r^ iixrfq: lo ^99a^ST0 

-Iir[<I lo,8-i9soH ndoZ xd nsaoxfo esw 9r[;9J^3i> ecina 9£[cr d-j3,"f avxH 

nerid- s^-tscT^dV^I tsdmeroJ/L e,IIxw alif lo iod-i;o6X9 ei?,rtwod-aqi 

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bas noalafl a;jxl9n'roD,noa s^a xd noqjj i.'yta>jeij.iiJi;ij^.'- c;^->r< r>.;:.6.t 

,S08I do-CBlI I,awod-3qiIxd<I to diocf,n9TtBW ndoT.<;vi3l-ni-noa aid 

d-d§XBH dqsBol to igddpuBf), v^sM, 3cVI *wocfj3 .J-atlt ,l)9x^iBci 9H 


by his wife Hannah Wright, "born about 1739/40 ;died December 

1775. She was probably buried in St, Philips and her tomb- 

B K A T I K 
stone destroyed during the building of the new Church some 

years ago. Issue: 

91, Cornelius Nelson, born 26 February 1758, a- 
• born p y in 17S2,3.nd pos*.-; 

92, Frances Nelson, born 7 August 1759, 

93, Hannah Nelson, married Abraham Garrison, remoyed to 

Pittsburg, Pennsylvania. 

!^.r)a. I'rom ' of retiidence oi 

94, Joseph Nelson, born 3 April 1767. 


95, Sarah Nelson, born 1 January 1766. 

96, Sylvanus Nelson, born 16 March 17 69; died, unmarried 
11 July 1793. 

.- .- . V c. 

97, Catherine Nelson, born 14 November 1773. 

V.c. ^ — 

98, Mephiboseth Nelson, born 1 December 1775, 

; wife :■ 
Justus Nelson marr ied, secondly, Phebe, the v;idow 

of Nicholas Budd,and daughter of Elisha Covert, of Cortlandt 

Manor: She was born 7 November 1743; died 4 June 1819, Issue: 

99. Elisha Nelson, born 26 May 1777. 

100. Nicholas Nelson. A*^^ ^J-fjJ^--^^^^^^' '^• 

101. Justus Nelson, born 17 March 1780. 

-:orair»r; "-o 

102. James C.Nelson, born 10 July 1784. 


tedaeosd b&ibiO^Q^ZVL -toocfs mocf,d-£l§inW dsansH slxw aid \ci 

9inoa \doiuilO wsn sriJ "io sniBIljJcf arrt s^i^JJ6 i)eY0io89JD anoj-a 

!9uaal .03*3 a^£ev 
,8SVI YisjJicTs'^ as ntocf,noal9PI a^jilsnioO .IS 
,ecVI ^ajj^JjA V n-iocf,noal9TI aaons^'^ ,S;e 
ot l>eTo^I^^,^oaj.t^fix) irtexlsicfA i)3l"CT3ni,no3l9TI xfjeaaeH ,86 

. s J: as vl'^ a nn 9 ? , 3 ?iiJ cf a :t J- i 1 
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.66?! vtsuaBi X mocf.nosIaTI rLsis8 .c€ 
be.fA'^Bmmj ,h9lb\QdVL dotfM dl a^ocf,aoaI9H ai/n^vlYS ,86 

.ceTI \^. r.-rT. rr 

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vfobr-'^ ^''+ ,^d"9ri<I,Yll>no 09 3,1)9 J'^tpf^ aoalgW ajid"ajjT. 
rf-fjosIJ-ioO lOtJ-igvoO ^aiia lo isJxigxj^i) i)rL6 , i)i)jja: asIodoxTI lo 

:9jjaaI.6l3I gout i^ i)9li);£f>VI lodmsvoV^ V mocf asw 9r£3 rionsM 

.WTI Y«^- •'^'^ mocr,noBl9W jsrfaiia .69 

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.08 VI ^[o^J8lI TI aiocr.rtoaleTt eijcJ-awT, .101 

,^8 VI x^uT^ 01 ntocr,noal9W,0 agn-fii^ .SOI 

• • • 



(36) Absalom Nelson, eldest son of Maher-Slialal-Hash-Bas Nelson 

(10) , was 'born probably in 1752, and possibly at Mamaroneck. 

The name, Absalom Nelson, is frequently found in the "Muster 
1. ir B. 
Rolls!' of the Militia, of Dutchess a.nd Westchester counties, 

and from the location of residence of this man and the re- 

( cruiting districts from which the Sixth and Seventh regiments 

were taken, it might be taken as a certainty that this man 

did yeoman's service for his country when most needed, Fe 

married, before 5 November 1776, Esther ,Y;idow of Samuel Warren, 

( iV} ) if' i'i O i 

of Philipsto^ira,and daughter of John Rogers by his wife Hes- 

ter Vepveelen. Absalom Nelson and his wife later returned 

to the Warren homestead in the Highlands , which in Erskine's 

Military map of 1781 is marked as "Nelson's Tavern", but v,'hich 

I'tr S.Livingston described, in a letter of 12 July 1766, to her 

husband, Judge Livingston, as "Warren's" , and here Mrs Nelson 

.•-,o.i':. , r-or: 
died, leaving an only child: 

103, William Nelson, born, according to his tom.bstone,2 Ilarch 
1776, but according to the Warren Bible, 1 May 1778, 

I»i[r .Nelson married, secondly, Sarah Teed,v/ho sur- 
vived him a.nd married for second husband, Samuel Storm, She 
died 12 August 1852,aet,68 ^/-ears and 20 days. 

In his will 28 November 1817 ,Ii[r, Nelson is described 
as of Greenburg, His legatees wre his wife Sally and three 
sons, Willisjn, Absalom D.,and Oscar G, His tombstone in the 
Cemetery at White Plains reads:- "In Memory of Absalom Nel- 
Bon.who departed this life 12 December 1817 , in the Sixty- 
Fifth year of his age. This monument is erected to his m.era- 


. ir I T A R a Tf a B h t i i '5: 


noelsW SBE-jle/..- siiE-id!±B¥ "^'-^ no^- -t-esMSjnoalsTf (noIsacfA (85) 

,2^^e^o^srasM :J-i3 Y.Icfiaaoq i)a3,SdVl nx vIcf^cfo^q mocf asv/, (01) 

T9d-ajjM" edt nx bnuol "^Ij-nsupsnl aI,noal9TI molBacTAjSniBn ^'xIT 

^a^xc^^JLfoo TsJ'asxfod-asW bnji aaerfntrrCT 1o,BJ:c)-lXr¥ f^ i-t to ".__.„ 

-e " I:.n£ asm eidi 1o sonsLxasT lo ^oxc^fiOoi ado mo-it bnB 

:xg9T xl;}-n9V98 has xf:^xx3 grid- rioxrir moil ai-oiid-ai:!) gnxd-lirto 

rt-'!^'^ arrc.t .t.srCJ- v:tnJcfi.+i'90 is as na-^si 9d" .trKx-n- .tx .n;;->ts.t 9*19?/ 

9'.! ,i39X)0 3a J-aom ngxiw vfi;tnjjoo airi 'lol goiv^aa a*a»oiiio9^^ bib 

,a9-tiBW IgwmeS I0 woi>xv/,^9rfd■aa:,6V'?'I ^9d■ra9voH S 9niol9cf,^9X-£ifim 

-_. ytxw sxii ^id atfi-'^ofl rrffoli T-o ^{^0J5fo hn^ , nwoiaqxlxr!;*! "io 

l>9mxri-9-t ^g^sl aliw alii j^hjs xioalaTI xaoIsatfA .nalagvagV teJ- 

a'9nl2lB*ia nx rioiriw, ai)xtBlrisiH 9d& at bss&aemod ^^'t^BW grid- od- 

rioxriv .tud", "msvjsT a'noalsK" p,c h9:-fT-5rr 3! IS'CI "io q^rrt vi^.tlllM 

^9£[ oJ,aavl y-^J^^ 21 'to 19s s el b nx ^Lediioaob nod-agnxviiL.axAI 

noalgK eiM eisd iinjB, "a'natn-sY/" a^,nod-esnxvxJ ggLuLitoBcfauri 

:bLldo yino n.6 gnlvggl^fcgli) 
rioiBlI S,9nod-ad>!iod- airi od- gni:MoooB,mocf,noal9K nuslIIxW ,SOI 
.srvi -viBil I^gXcTia: natisW grid- od- saxl)^oooB ducT.dVTI 
-lira oriw,i)99T ILs^.s2,■^Ii)^oog8,i)9i^^aM noalg'K.TM 
9ri3 .nnod-S LeumsS^bnsdesjd ijaooga lol beitiasa bns mid berxv 
,8x.Bb 02 bnsi aisex 36.d-9.s,2d8I d-auguA 5^1 Lgxb 
ijgcTxToagl) ai noalg'K.'iJf, TI8I igcfuiovoTI 8S LLivr aid nl 
99"irid- bns xilsS o'iiv aid 9^^y aggd-fii^gl ax.H .gtucfnggrtO to as 
grid- nx gnod-acTaiod- axH ,0 ^B^aO bnB,,a nioI^acrA,!TT!3xIIxW,8noa 
-I9TI laolBadA "So vtoaieM nl" -:ai3B9T anijsll gd-x:!"^ ts \!;t9d-9xnoO 
-•■id-xiS grL+ nx , ?I8I igcTingoga 21 9l:xl axri^ jjs. i,'jL£9i) oriw.noc: 
-rtigni airi od- be&oane ax d-ngmunora axrfT .g^s axri to t^sx rid-'ix'R! 

ory oS his disconsolate v/idow. His conjugal love was pure, 


his parental strong, his affection for friends warm,gener- 
KA. ,ne Bon! 

cus without ostentation, hospitable without vanity. As a ten- 
der hushand,a kind parent and a sincere friend will never his 
f. Memory "be forgotten," 

Children of Absalom and Sally) Teed)Nelson: 
104fr Oscar D. Nelson, of Greenburg,"^T,Y, 
105*^ Absalom D. Nelson, of Greenburg,N.Y, 

(37) Elijah Mels on, second son of Maher-Shalal-Hash-Baz Nelson 
(10) , married and had :at-a-sfer^;e fce g *Hg3^n .. f ■ 

106 Peter Nelson, i.i 

(39) Isaac Nelson, fourth son of Maher-Shalal-Hash-Baz Nelson 
(10) , born 7 July 1760;died 8 August 1848. He married Sarah 
Gedney,who was born 14 October 1770, and died 16 August 1841. 

( r 

V • 


107 Joseph Gedney Nelson, born 9 March 1792. 

108 Absalom Nelson, born 7 September 1793. 


109 Mary Nelson, born 22 September 1795, 

110 James Nelson, born 19 June 1798. 

111 V/illiam Nelson, born 11 May 1802;died 20 June 1850. 

112 Isaac Nelson, Jr. , born 2 January 1805, 

113 Jane Lynch Nelson, born 22 March IhlO, 

114 Ellen Gedney Nelson, born 26 May 1812, 

' ■ * * 

(40) Tamar Nelson, eldest daughter of Maher-Shalal-Hash-Eaz Nel- 
son (1©) , married Ashby. Issue: 

115 Sarah Ashby. 

116 James Ashby. 

,3tjjq --1 Is^sjlnoo aiF .woJbxw eisioaiioosiiij exd -:o xto 

-I9ri3§,fln£w shndltt aid lol aoi.&oo1l£ exrC.anot^a Is&ciQtBq aid 
-ned- £ aA ,v&insr iuodiiv<f ^lda&iqaod^aoi:^BJ tist ao iisod^l^ ajjo 
aid isvan lxx» baQitt etsonis b bns J-ns-x^q bai^ a^basidaud toL 

'•,^9J•c^os^o'i 9d" -v^omsM 
:noel9PI(i)99T(T^XIi38 bns molBacTA "io fiaiBlirfO 

.Y,M,^^JJc^^99-ID *io,ftoel9^I .CT moIsacTA *^eOX 

aoal9K SBa-x{asK-l£laL£8-i9i{BM lo noa i)noo9a,noal9Tl xist-^-C^^t (VS) 

.iioai9^--?fd*^^i»a»as i)J3d fcrte ijaiiTsm, (01) 

• ,noal9/I i9o9<I 601 
.^-AiK — J^<^ f<d^{ 

no8l9^ ssff-ilaaH-Xai£xio- .oi_Lc. . .... uua ^Ivt^uo'i,^oaI9T■[ ossal (65) 

d^isa bsl'itsm 9lt ,8*^31 cJ-awguA 8 i>9xJ:);0dri y-^wX T aiocf, (01) 

.H'SI cJ-eugx/A c)I i)9x£) i)nB,0V'i'I ^9d■od•o0 J^L niod asw or[\v,Y9ni)9T) 


.S9TI xIoibM e mocr,noal9TI \;9nb9S dqsaoJj TOI 

.SGVI iscfma.+qga T mocr,noel9PI rrrolBacfA. 801 

• devi t9cfEi9ct-q3R p.?. n-iocr,noal9ll vi^M 601 

.8G?I emsJ, 61 mocr.noalgM egros'G Oil 

.0581 gnxrt Og Jb9x£>jS08I y«M LL ntocr,noal9K niBlIIiW ILL 

,(i08l v-iJsuasTj g mocT, .iT.,noaX9T[ ojsjsal SIX 

«OXdX xIotaM gS mocr,noaX9K xfonYiI sajsL £XX 

,ri;X8X Y^ 9S mocf,noeX9K Y9nJb9-D ngXXH i'XX 

-X9II SJsa-ilesE-XBX£^£S-^9ri£K "io letd'gvsb ^a9M9,noeX9pr tssoBT (0^) 

:9U8aI .YcTxiaA, (OX) noa 

.YcfrlaA xtfiiBo dXX 

.YcTriaA agnusL dIX 


(41) Peggy Nelson, second daughter of Maher-Shalal-Hash-Baz Nel- 
sondO) , married Ferris and had one son: 

117 Horatio Ferris, 

(42) Jane Nelson, youngest daughter of Maher-Shalal-Hash-Baz Nel- 
son (10) , married LjTicii, 

(42-a-) A Daughter, name unknown, of Thomas Nelson (11) and Mary 
his wife ♦is said to have married a llr .Dougherty, and had sev- 
eral children, tv/o only, at this writing, are knovm: 

118 Paraelia Dougherty, Q,uakeress, a Spinster , born in 1800, 
and died at Mamaroneck ahout 1884, 

119 Alexander Dougherty , M. D, , at one time a Medical Prac- 

titioner, living in Newark, N.J, 

r- iV* - 

(50) Francis Nelson, eldest son of Reuhen and Elizabeth Nelson( 
■'h-iV"- ,3 of the 3ur-. r-ie?,-!- 

(22) , was horn at Clinton Corners, Dutchess county, N,Y, ,15 July 

1749;married 15 November 1787, Sarah Lyon;died 2 June 1812. 

Sarah, his wife, was born was born 26 January 1763, and died 

out their .*- - 
28 October 1821, while enroute to the far West with her fam- 

;;r"<" i ■' ' 1 -' .^,-. t. r- <--.■, 1 - •>-. . ■"" V , :•■, ". rf-"ni >r.-.'. ~ . . ■ i '■■ ".' - .- •- ' »■ 

• ^' - • ■ ..■ . , , c , J . : .■ J, J . 

ily,and is buried at Marietta, Ohio, Francis very early took 
an interest in the struggle of the colonies for Independence, 
and his name is foxmd among the first to enroll ;and from the 
very first call for men to defend the country ^gainst inva- 
sion the name of Francis Nelson, of Clinton Corners, is found 
among those offering their services to resist invasion. His 
naine figures in the various grades of promotion, from that of 

private in 1775 to that of First Lieutenant in 1781, After 
I-"' :K;n,i-.. 

the close of hostilities, Francis returned to his farm, and 

where, as has already been stated, he married Sarah Lyon, 15 

November 1787, 


:noa ano bad bna ai^^^'i Ijeiiifiin, tOl)noa 

.ai-nsi oid-fiToE Til 

-IsH SBa-ilBBH-l5Xfiii8--X9riBM lo te^id-gusb d-8«sniro\;,noBl9W snaX (S^) 

.jlofr^il^ b9x*iTsrrr, (01) noa 

■^-IBli Mb ( II )noal9TT ajSinOjlT to, i-t^vrirr-jfrfcr i^fif.c;n,'t9.tnV;.r.n(T' A (-£-S^) 
-vsa £i£rl baSfX^t6d'guo(l,'i!il s ijaiiiiiiii avBii od bi&a ax., g'liv/ aixi 

:nwon>i at^s^sxiiitxiw sldd- is^vLno vv/i ^ciatbLldo Late 

,0081 nx mocf, 'T^ij'arfiqS js<aa9i92Ls0p,-viJ-i9xfsx;oa sil9fn,s*I 811 

,1^881 .tjjocf.8 2lo9noiBntsM i->6 caxr. Jons 

-OB-i<I IboxI)9M fi 9ial.t 9no j-.a, .fl.M.Y^tsrfS^^o^ i9i>aBX9lA Gil 

,T, .KjjfiBwgTf nx Tjitivxl, t9nox j-x:^ 

)noal9'PI xld'acrBsxia Ln^s asdsjsR to noa d-a9i)X9,no3l9TI axonBi'^ (06) 

yIi;"G ei, ,Y,TI,Yd-nyoo aa9iioc)-uC[,aT9moO noJ-nilO is n*iocf a.ew, (SS) 

.SI8I gnuT. 2 boib\nox^ xiBXs8,VdVI ngcffagvoTI dl i)9XTi£ii;t?J^?I 

1)911) i)nB,£dTI Yi^w^'S^ SS mod" aBW aiod aBv;,9'iJ:w sid^dsisB 

-iXLel ted ri.txw J-agW nsl 9xf^ oJ- sJ-jjoing 3lx.'{v/,l!?8I ^9cro^oO 82 

2£ood- yJ^^-S9 v;i9v axo^B^'i ,oxx{0,Bd•c>•9i^Bi>i J-b i)9xiucf ax i)a6,\,Ii 

«9on9i)n9q9l)nI lol a9lnoloo sdct- "io sL-g^ut&e add- nx J-a9^9jnx njs 

ed& mo'x'i baejllotng o^ J-atxl odt ^noxoe Lmro't aJ: om-sn alii baa 

-Bvnx janxBS^ y^Jcujoo adS baeteb o& nsin to'i IXbo d-atxl \;t9v 

fjnjjol al,at9moO xtod-nxIO 'iu,noal9'K 3Xons^'»^ lo 9mBn 9iIj noiu 

B±H .noiasvni d-aleet o& agolrtga TxsrfJ- ^nxigHo eeorfJ- Tsnoine 

to ^BriJ- ino^1:,^oiv■''OiT^o^q to aaijjsig 3JJ0X^Jsy 9rl? ni astugit amBn 

^9d•l:A. ,I8VI nx ;tni3n9J-u9xJ cfail'? to :fBr£;t- o^ eVTI nx 9J-.svnq 

£)nB,flnBt axxi o:f'i eioast't ,a3i:&iLs.S-aod to aaolo gxt^t 

Gl,novJ dstBB baitim". ed,bB*s&a naed xbsatlB axjrf a/:,9i9rivr 

,?8VI "tgo'msvoTI 


The Records of the Rombout Presbyterian Church give i 
the date of Francis Nelson's baptism 6 May 17 50, that of his 
sister Susanna 30 August 1752, and that of Mary 16 June 1754; 
Nothing is said anjwhere about his Christian life, but, if we 
may judge a man's character, by the conduct of his children, 
it is safely to be inferred that his home life was that of 
a conscientious Christian gentleman ;f or, his influence, or that 
of his v/ife is still to be seen in the conscientious appli- 
cation of the principles of that Religion which was taught 
at the Old Rombout Church one-hundred years ago. 

The children of Francis and Sarah(Lyon)>Telson who liv- 
to maturity were Five in number. It was for a long time 
thought and taicen as a fact that five were all the children 
that belonged to this worthy couple, but from an Old Family 
Bible, lately come tdi light, the niupber is given as eight. Now 
there is a speculation going the rounds of the surviving memr 
bors of the family as to v/hy this matter had never been 
brought up and disposed of before. The answer is easy. The 
family, at an early day, 1819 to 1621, sold out their possess- 
ions in Dutchess county, N. Y. , and removed to the Far West in a 
vain search for the Golden Fleece, and in the struggle for 
existance that followed, had no time to talk over home matters 
The names of the children are as follows: 

120 Reuben Washington Nelson, born 27 July 1789, 

121 Harvey Nelson, born 16 August 1790, 

122 Amos Nelson, born 20 March 1793, 

123 Thomas Nelson, born 20 July 1795. 

124 Franklin Nelson, born 8 September 1797, 

125 Anna Nelson, born 20 March l&OO, 

126 Sarah Nelson, born 9 August 1803, 

127 Elizabeth Nelson, born 3 August 1805, 

avlg dotudO nBi"£9J-\;cfa9i<I ;tuocfraoJl adi^ lo sb-ioosA sxfT 

axif "io d-Brii,OdVI ^sM. 5 rnalctq^d B'noalsM aio^B^'i lo sd-sl) sxiJ- 

,i^SVI snuL dl Y^JsM lo &sdi f)(X6,seVI J-ajjgjLrA OS snasajjg lej-axa 

3v/ li ,d-0cr,9^1I n£i;taxir[0 aixi J-wocfs 9^erfv/v^JS hisa ax gnixfJ-oK 

fastblido aid to cfoui>rioo 9il* Y.<i tT-^^<^^'i^do a 'asm s g^i^JJi, \;Bra 

Io ;^Bdi 3svr elxL awoil alrf ind:^ bQitstni ed o& vlgisa ax .tx 

jGd& to , a oneultnl aiJc[,^o'i:;^B^I9Id■a9§ nstial'idD auolcfnsxoanoo js 

-xlqq^ ajjoxd-ngxoaaoo axli nx nssa 9cr oJ- Xlld'a ai 9'ixw aid lo 

d'rfgjJBit aBW xioxifiv n^v^"■rI9fl ^BdS to aslqxonitq erf-t to no-ccfso 

.ogjs aifiSx: i>9^1)^iJ^I-9^o xfoti/dO oUocfraoH LXO siicf J^b 

-vll odw ^oaI9T'^(^OY'I)xiB^B8 I)n£ axo^B^'T to aetblido 9iiT 

9rrIX.•^ -arrol b tot aBW .tl .Tgcfniun at 9vl'^r 9t9w x&itsjiBm oi^ 

n9ix)Xxxio sh.S XIb 919w 9vx1 cJ-bHJ &OBt B as fl9:isd- Ijns crdgiJOiic!' 

YlXniBT MO HB ^IO^*i tud^oLquoo yrid-iow axxfcJ- oj- fcg^noIgcT iBd:t 

woll .i'rfgj'g aB n9"vx3 ax tsdmvn sd:^ ^idvtl ii& snioo yLsi-r.L^sLdzK 

-raara saXTXvuja SilJ 'to ebauo'i. SiiJ ^nxog noiJBXjjogqa b ax 9i9xiJ 

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.eOeX cTau^JjA s aTocr,noaX9M: lictscfBSxXa VSX 


(51) Reuben R, Nelson, second son of Reuben and Elizabeth Nelson 

(22) , was born at Clinton Corners, Dutoh.ess County, N.Y. ,23 Peb- 
8 ion tensp^ea, Blackrcaii . 

ruary 17 56. Like his brother ,Pranc is, he was baptized in the 

Rombout Presbyterian Church, while in his infancy. He also 

displajred an early patriotic spirit by associating himself 

onnthe roll of the Patriots, It is not recorded that he ever 

the Vil^M -r v.'5 

rose from the ranks, or that he saw any fighting, but from the 


disturbed condition of the country he must have "burned a 
O' ■' 1 i a c t > , c t.v) o '■ - ne 

little powder" in rounding up the Tories that infested the 
two by ' > -=! l >"« tes?- ^nc^ Tr - 

v/hole country round. He married Hannah Morse, she was born 

6 March 1756 and died 10 December 1B35. Reuben Nelson died 
5 liEay 1839, Issue: 

128 Reuben(III)Nelson 

129 Joshua Nelson. 

130 Thomas Nelson. 

131 George Whitfield Nelson, 

132 Hiram Nelson, born 28 July 1791. 

133 Elizabeth Nelson, married Prancis Jaycox, 

134 Huldah Nelson, ma.rried Abraham Nelson, of Canada, 

(56) Thomas Nelson, eldest son of John Nelson(23) ,by his first 

v;ife , Elizabeth Davenport , was born at Clinton Corners, Dutchess 

county, N.Y. ,17 March 1744;married,llApril 1769, Sarah Wright, 

Of Stephentown, Thomas was enrolled as Sergent in.^'Uae 2nd 
of Orrin V'ii: ^-^ti of i'Voin^,'.; ru.v< ^*ie»*i«t- 

company of Peter Gansevoort's regiment of New York Troops, 

1777 ;was village President of Poughkeepsie in 1804. Prevo-i 

icus to 1804 he was on the Board of Trustees of Poughkeepsie, 

■d In 
and while serving as Trustee was instrumental in running down 

- » 

a gang of Blackmailers, who had thretened the lives and prop- 
erty of the family of one Mr, Livingston, The original declar 

86, M 

noalsTf r£;t3cfBSxia[ bnsi neofjJsH. to noe Jbnoosa.noalsK.P. necfuafi (15) 

-cfal SS,,Y,Il,-5jd-niroO SRs.rCojrjfT.atsrt'roD no;tniIO ^J'^ mod" ssw, (,^S) 

sxfct' ill basiJqBcf a^v/ sajsxon^i'-.'iaij.joia axu ajixii .dfiVI ^^lajji 

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•I9V9 9x£ ctfidJ- i)9Mooei ^on sjt d-I ,e.toli*B*I sriJ- !to Hot sndrino 

9££* fflont :fi;cf,8nxJ-dsi^ ^n^ ^•Ba s^ J^rE.t T0,82£nfiT: grid- moil; 980t 

B fjanixfcT" gvsd ;tai;in arf \:^d•^x;oo adf "lo noiJ-xLnoo f>9cftt;:t-aib 

9rf:t baiaslns. isid.& e9x-£oT ado qx; saxi^mjOT nx "taiwoq slj-j-ll 

mocf 3svf e da ^eeioM., dsaasE bex'^ism aH .bnuoT ■v;'ic^m/oo sXortw 

f)9xb noal9E n6cfjJ9fl. .a£dl isdrngoaCE 01 l>9xb f)nj5 adVI rIotsM 3 

:9;x8bI .6581 -zsll 3 

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.noaXsM £)l9x1:ixriW s^ios-O ISI 

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,xoovi5L axo^fi^'T f)9X"n£;m,noal9K jdd-gcTBslIS 551 

,ief)BnBO lo,noal9K raBdatcTA f)^i^^.sffl^^oaI9T'^ rLebluE ^51 

J-aill axii ycT, (62)noal9TI nrioL "io noa c^aaitls.noals'Pr 3BraoxfT (?2) 

aaadoJ-wCIjatsmoD nocfnilO ;J-b ntocf aBW,i"ioqn9TBC[ dd-scr^slISjgll^y 

,*ri3lY\'/ dBis3,C6V.C LltqALlthstt-ismi^^VL doisK TI, .Y.F,Y*nxroo 

hnSi edi nx insgiaS as bglloins bbw sBraoriT .nwoctnarfqsd'B IlO 

,aqoor[T 2tToY W9'PI lo *ri9inl§9'i a ' d-Toovaaoei) igcJ's^ to "vinBqinoo 

*•0T9^'T ,^081 nx 9xaq9 95ld50O<I lo ^naiiisai? e-gsL£tr aBV/;V?VI 

,9xaq99^3uo1 to a99^3AjiT 1o frtBoS srlJ- no axjv.' arf f^Oal ot ajjoi ' 

mrob sninm/i nx iBtnsmxncfaax a.sw 99JawtT aB gniviaa allxlw I)Hj8 

-qo^q bns asrlL edi baa^^&d'idi bsd orfw,8i9liBrriioBia to gnBg b 

iBlo9b iBnx^xTO griT ,no;fagaxvxJ,iM eno to A^IxiiiBt 9rf.t to Y^t'ia 


ati6'n,with a copy of the paper on v/liich,in large Headlines, is 

In J*.;.i;:-irv 1 7'"; f^ ;,i iad rit Mr'.... 
severe debunciation of the attempted Blackmail and Arson. The 

v/hole matter reads like a tale of more ancient date than one- 
hundred years ago;and is headed "A Daring Villainy* , '#250 Dol- 
lars reward," "We the undersigned Magistrates and Trusrees of 
the Village of Poughkeepsie, together with the Citizens of the 
Town, having "been conveyned to take into consideration Two In- 
cendiary Letters addressed to one of our inhabit ants, etc," The 
two letters are attached and signed by the Magistrates and Trus- 
tees, ajid dated 30 November 1804, The names of the Magistrates 
and Trustees, the letters being omitted, only are appended: 

William Emott 
widow < 

Peter R.Maison \ Magistrates 

Teunis Tappan 

Thomas Nelson (56) 
Richard Everitt 
Peter R, Maison V Trustees, 
John Sayres 
! >,:: John Forbes 

The estate formerly oAvned by Thomas Nelson lies to 

the east of the Hyde-Park road, in the town of Poughkeepsie, 

15P -.rorr) ?.0 Au-' 1774, 

between Pallkill and Kidney Creek, and is now in the hands 

of Orrin Williams, Esa, The children of Thomas and JSiiwa- 

"bcth l Davcnport ) Nelson were: 

135 Wright Nelson, born at Poughkeepsie, 2 February 1770; 
died in Richmond, Virginia, 26 January 1793 , unmarried. 

136 JohnNelson,born 31 July 1771. 

137 Elizabeth Nelson, born 11 May 1773, 


< • ■' - 
srfT .noaiA briB lieraitoslS baci-qinsd-^J-fi arid- lo aoid-sionurrsij snavae 

-9no nfiriJ- 9C^Bh .tnaions Biota. 1o sLBi s sjixl absei tsitsm aXoxfw 

-loa 0c2#' , '.^ .. : ' ■■''' -niiBC A" bs^.; --■•-^a axn^'^ ■ ■='-£i)nuiI 

lo a^9^aJJ^T bas Bsist^^ai-gsiS. bQa^iatebnij adi sW" '•,f)^fiW9t atijl 

oxfd^ lo an9Sjtd-iO sd& riiiw isrfct-sso.t.axaqsa^Iriguo*! "io essIXlV adt 

-al 0"''^' rr.N r + efoF,f ,,•,- .^-•, ,, + -;• m-j^j- qJ- l>9rri9vnoo n99cr snivj?rf,nwoT 

edT " ,otQtain&K^idBdn& tuo to ano o* bgaagnbb^ a^^d•d■9J vtjsibnso 

-au-iT bcis aa^siial-geiiS. 9xf:f ^d" b9ngia bnB bQdos&:^s sta aiaicfgl owi- 

:i)9ba9qi£B 9Xfi xIno,i»eJ-cJ-J:i»io anigd" ai9cJ':}'9l 9r[c>-,a99d-axnT bns 

agcfBtctaigJsM "f noalpHl.R 19^91 
nsqqjBT alnusT 

/(6e)noal9K asffloiiT 
tcl■1^9va biJSiiolH 

.s99:taxnTi^ noaiaM ,fl laJ-gl 


{ a9iYs3 arfoT. 

agcfTO'R: nrio"G 

od- 3911 noal9TI a^raoxfT ^d" bectvro y-CisciioI gcf^d-aa 9cfT 
,9xaq99>{rfi:^wo<I "io nwoJ- 9r[d- ni,i)£o"!: :'{is*I-9f)YH 9dS lo d-8fl9 911* 
ebnijri grfcT nx won ax l3ns,2[99i0 xeabiH bns LLi:ALLs1 aee^iad 

bns a&modi: ^o nsiblxxfo axfT ,pa2,am£J:IIxW nittO lo 

:9Tew rin»l9K( itToqnovjsn "M^»<f- 
jOVVI -^tBmcfs'i S,9xaq9 93{xI§ijo«i is mod.noalgtl d-ifgxW c£l 
,£)9x^^B^x^u,£e^I vtsunsiJ. 9S,BlnlsilV,/)noific£wJtfl ni f)9xi) 

..CV?I vIuT. I?; n'rorf^noalsTfnrfoL 651 

. ■■('I -^^sM II niod, no 31914 iio-9a.ssxI5t V£I 



Twin daughters, born in January 1775;<iied at birth. 


140 Thomas Nelson, Jr. , "born 7 December 1775, 

141 Sarah Nelson, born 9 August 1777. 

•'HwUt Frei:r'-r .re}' • 

142 Jacob Nelson, born 8 May 1779, 

143 Reuben Nelson, born 25 JIarch 178l;died in November 1782 

144 William Nelson, born 29 June 1784. 

145 Joseph Nelson, born 1 April 1786. 

146 Nancy Nelson, born 14 February 1788;died in June 1789. 

147 Samuel Nelson, born 14 February 17 93. 

^n.f f '3 in 


'^e Thomas Nelson( 56) , married, secondly, llary Thompson, 

widow of (the late)Ifejor Nathaniel Delavan, 

(57) Elizabeth Nelson, only daughter of John Nel8on(23) ,by his 
first wife, Elizabeth Davenport, married, in 1765,Ashael Arm- 
^ strong; she died in October 1787. Issue: 

148 Joshua Armstrong, born 22 April 1766;diad 8 January 

149 John Armstrong, born 1 May 1768. 

150 Anna Armstrong, born 29 April 1770. 

151 Abner Armstrong, born 3 October 1772. 

152 Mary Armstrong, born 20 August 1774, 

153 Elizabeth Armstrong, born in 1776. 

rro>r v/ap - he B 

154 Ashael Armstrong, born 19 September 1778;died 16 July 


155 Sarah Armstrong, born 7 April 1780;died in 1850, 

156 Lydia Armstrong, born 5 May 1782. 

157 Mary Ann Armstrong, born 22 September 1784. 

001. TI 

,diild &s JbsiLjem Y^•6unfiTi nt niod^sie&dvusb nlv/T 



,cVVI ^9c{■m^09(I V mod, .iT^^noBlsM aismorfT 0^1 

.efn YJ5^ 8 fn:ocr,nDel9Tf cToojeL S^X 

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.h&V£ snuL es mocf^noalsW mbIXXIW ivi^I 

v.dSTI XxtqA X mocf,no8X9T{ riqaeoL a^X 

^esrx anuL nl beibi88'?L x,isiJi.d9l ^L cnocf .noaXaK vonsM 6^X 

.gei'X Y^'BiJicrs'H: M mocf.noaXsIl XaumeS 'Ti^I 

,noaq3EoxiT ■\;;'^-BJ''t,YXl)noo9a,i)eJ:-nj3ra, (6G)noaX9TI e^niOiiT 

.rtsvsXgCI XeJtnBrfoi?!!! io(,b^^(9J'bX aii-t)lo woLiw 

aid A^cT, (5S)no8X9TI tidoL lo ted-rfsufil) Y-C«o,noaX9K rCJ-acfsslXa (VS) 
-miA X9£jc£aA,6aVX ni ,f)9iTiaffl,*Toqn9VsCr xi;t9cr«sJ:Xa,8Tti.v c)-bi11 

:9jjaal .V8TX igcTo^oO nl bstb 9r{a;snotia 
XtsisrisTj 8 l)axi)jS3VX XiiqA SS moa',3^o•xc^em•xA BurieoT, Bi'I 


.86VX Y-sM X mod■,§^o^:^am1A nrfot e*^X 

.0?"CX X_c^r' '^^ -~"-^ anoid-einiA BttoA OciX 

.STS'^X ^9d■od•oO £ mocf,gno"[*a0nA TsncTA XaX 

.I^VVX :ta0:!5uA OS mocf,8noi.+araTA vibM SSI 

yXuT, dl Jb9lJc>j8??X ^9cfra^ct■q98 "t?! mocr,3noiJ-annA XsBiiaA *5X 


,r~ ,., £)9ib;08VI litqA V htc^ . --^^'• + °'"-t \ riB^B3 ddl 


.S8rX vfM a aio<S f'^notifamtA bIJ^yJ 3aX 

.l^8TX lecfnig^qgo .... i.iodi ^■giw^SaiaiA nnA VaX 

(, 158 Lucretia Armstrong, "born 15 September 1787, 

• ••••••• 

(58) Ann Nelson, second daughter of John Nelson ( 23 ), and only 
daughter hy his second wife, Rebecca Schot,was baptized 8 July 
17 50(Rombout Presbyterian Church Records) , married Thomas Bar- 

i. 1791, and removed to Greene County.N.Y, .where she died, 
da-te unknown, 

• _••• 

« • * • 

(59) 7/illiam Nelson. eldest son of John Nelson(23) ,by his second 
wife, Rebecca Schot, baptized 30 August 1752. William torned 
"Tory" and enlisted in the British Army at New York City, 

He married Jane Emery, a daughter of a Major in the British 
Army then stationed at New York, 12 July 1781 (Vide, New York 
Marriage Bonds) . At the close of hostilities William went 
v/ith his wife to Nova Scotia where he died, date not known, 
(- (vide Sabigne's Royalists). 

(60) Prancia Nelson, second son of John Nelson(23)by his wife, 
Rebecca Schot, married — - Wright in 1775, Ee afterwards be- 
came blind, and died about 1800. 

(61) John Nelson,yoiingest son of John Nelson(23) , married Sarah 
Reed, who, according to family tradition, was of Troy, N,Y. He 
died betv/een 10 October 1789 and the first of December of 
the same year;his Will bears d'ate v/ith the former and its 
Probate the latter date. He was a soldier during the Revo- 
lutionary War, in the Fourth Avixillaiary Regiment, of Dutch- 
ess county Troops. (Vide Dutchess County 'l'^iils,a,rid New York 
in the Revolution). Issue: 

159 Leonard Nelson, 

160 Joshua Nelson. 

161 Arnold Nelson, 

!" bns, (£S)noal9K nxioX. 1o leid-gusb i)aoo9e,noal9K nrtA (86) 
lioqBcr aaw,;}-orio8 B009cf9H,9lxw f)noo9a alxi y^ igJ'rfsusb 
-^£a B.--' iooafl rioiuriO n^xis j■^rd■29^<I :)-uod"raoH)Oe'!'I 

,i>9Jti) 9ila 9-i . ;\;ct-nijo0 9^9^^ij oj Xisromet cnB,I6TI ax ^OJi 

.nwonslrtj aisb 

• • • 

ijnoosa aid vcT, (SS)no3l9li niio u io noa ct-39£)l9,noBl9H flisillJfcW (65) 
£t9mu* msiLLtW .SefX Jax/s^A 05 f)9sict-qj3d",^oi£o8 fl009cf9H,9lJtv/ 
,HcMD 2f^oY W9TI J-b yjaiA det&iiE 3t<J at bs&silao bas "yioT" 
rf8l'ixi£ 9ifj- nx lOtfiM s to if^JixQis^b B,\i9£aii. gnaT. i)9X'tiBra 9H 
2I^oY v/9liI,9i)xV)l8TI "^luli 2I,3fioY W9ll J-b f)9noi:fait-a a^di vfonA 
&nsvr fliBxXIiW asxct-xixd-aod "io saolo grft .+A . (3f)noa ga^liiiiFI 
,nwon3l .+Off Q&Bb^belb 9rf stedw jsLtooS jbvoTI oJ- stxv; axrf rfJ-xw 

. (a*axlBvofl a'9n§xcrBa 9bVJ) 
, ... iri Ycf(S5?)noal9M nrioT. To noe i>noo9a,aoai9ll aion^YI (Od) 

-9cr 8b'tfiwt9.t'ii3 9H .aVTI nx d-rigxtW bgxitsniji-ojloS J3009cf9fl 

.0081 :^uods bsib baa^baild smso 

IlB^B8 f>9XTXBfli, (52)noel9ll mfoli lo noa d-a9aturoY,ao8l9H miot (16) 

9H .Y.KjYOiT Io aBW,^oxct•ibB^cf yJ^xiubI: oj- :^nxi)ToooB,orfw,Jb9951 

lo igcTrasoaQ lo J-eTxl 9ri.+ bas 68?I .t-uusJoO 01 n99w;t9cf beJtb 

a^i bna -t9ra' o'i 9rid- diiw eiBb aiBBd LltW etd\isQY, snisa edi' 

-ov9fl 9r£d- gnj: tub 'telbLoe b bbw 9H ,9jfil) teiiBL sdJ QiBdoil 

-x£oJ-Jja: to, jnaini^a/l xtBlBLLixjjA di'iuo'Z 9ifJ nl,tsW xtsnol^tvl 

2lioY W9H bnB^alllW ydrtuoO aa9r[o.tjja eblV) .eqooiT Y;J-nuoo ee9 

:9JjaaI . (nox;rxrXov9fl 9x1.+ ni 

,aoal9K JbianosJ 661 

.noalsK sjjxiaoTi 061 

.noalgW MoniA ISI 


(67) Theophilus (II) Nelson, second son of Theophilus(l)Nelson(24) , 
"by his second v;lfe,Mary Rose, was a Millwright, He married 
Mary StjTner,"but had no issue of their own. They adopted a 
daughter ,v/ho has "been lost trace of. 

(68) George ITelson, third son of ""Theophilus Nelson(24) jhy his 
second wif e ,Mary Rose, married Phoehe Stymer, Issue: 

162 Maria Nelson. 

163 Jacoh Nelson, 

164 Hamilton Nelson. 

165 William Nelson, horn in 1806;died in ito. 

166 Catherine ifelson. 

167 Eliza Nelson.' 

168 TheophilusdiDNelson. 

(70) David Nelson , fourth- son of Theophilus(I)Nelson(24) ,by his 
second v/ife,Mary Rose, was bornjprohahly on Crum- Elbow Creek, 
Djitchess county, 12 October 1770;married,17 February 1796, 
Hannah, daughter of Daniel vrickes,by his wife Rebecca Wood, 
Hannah was born, at Hyde-Park, N,Y, ,18 January 1773;died 26 
January 1861. David Nelson died 4 October 1813. Issue: 

169 Sarah Wood Nelson, born 10 March 1797, 

170 Theophilus Nelsondi.D,) ,born 17 October 1798. 

171 Jacob" Wickes Nelson ,'""i5oPri'''2'4"liiay lioO. 

(80) Sarah Nelson, second daughter of Major Joshua and Sarah 

(Handeville)Nelson,was baptized '9' PeVruary l'758(Hombout Pres- 
byterian Church) ; married, 13 June 1782 .Benjamin Welles, M, D. , bo 
born at Stamford Connecticut ,22 November 1756; died at Wayne, 
Steuben county, N.Y, ,19 April 1813; was graduated at Yale in 


, {i^S)noal9W(l)BirIxxfqo9xfT lo nOa J^fiOoae.noalaWdlHtTliilqosn'T (VS) 
bel-^tsm sH .id'gliyKLllk is e^w, ssoH* Y*x.eM,9txv; Lrtoosa exd \d 
B i)9 ;}■ qo f)£ YSriT .nwo ^J:e^f:t to sjjbbJ: on t&ri &ts6 ft'Bta^tQ -^jibM 

,l0 »ofi*i:^' it'Bbl"nsscr sBd osiw,*i6&d'^sjBb 

Bid xdt (^S)ncBXsK BuIlxfqoaxfT to nos fcnirld-.fToalsTI sgtoei) (86) 
leuael .-jsra^d-S scfsorll I)sl*i-t.6m,98oJl \;i£M, stiw JbrrooeB 

.noBlelil BxifiM S6I 

,«0Bl9'^ cToobI ScI 

.noBl9T>t nod-IxmBH hQl 

.0181 rtl ielfc;308I nx ntocf.noalsTI mstlltW 661 

.ncBleTI snitsxftBO &&I 

'.nOBlsTI Bslia TBI 

.ncel9K(lIl)eurj:xi(itJ9r{T 661 

♦ * • • 

Blif vcf, (^S)noal9H(I)etrIlx[qo9d:T To ttoa xf**iJjot,fi08X9Tf bxrsC (OT) 
,2l99t0 worfia-raj/itf fid xXcr£dro-iq,mocr a£w,9aoJl x'iBll^^ttvf baooQa 
~ \b^Vl x-i'sutds^ VI,fc9litfini;0V?I •i9cro;foO Rr^x^'cusoo sagxfodTjC 
,I)ooW Booacfgfl 9tJ:w slxf Ytft^®^oi¥/^ leinBd lo' tgctrfsJJBiijilBrfnjBH 

:«Jira3l.f.Ici-C leo'octoO ^ psib noel9W btysd .IdSLxias-inBTi 

.vevi do-isM. 01 mocT.noeXeW hooW dstBE 631 

.8PVI ^9ri■od^oO ri nior' ^ , , /rVf^o r.^xr =rr 'rrrrroerfT OVI 

.0081 x0[ ^S. mocf.noeXal-j. esiioiV/ doost XVX 

-eeil d-uocrinoH)85TX ^^•■ij3JJ1d9'i G i)9sxd-q£cr Bi3W,noaX9PU9XXiV9l>fi£l'l) 
ocf, ,G.M,88XX9W rixffi£tf^99^iS8VX 9mjX £X,i)9x'n;Bxrii (xio^JJr[0 aBtisix^ 

^ecixp^" +" '-«r' -BaVX igcfingvo'' <""" , c}-i;oiJ"09nr-cD f)"^'~,*Trr-,--rP. ■!-,:• rf-^orr 
nx gX^Y ctii be^BSJbBt^ asw jf,XoX XliqA G' -fujop nacfij©cf2 


■ 1775, and served in the Revolution as Commissary and' Surgeon, 
I-Jlrs, Welles died at Wayne, in January 1858. Among the descend- 
ants of Joshua Nelson, in this line, may he mentioned George 
Welles McClure,a gradixate of West Point, and Cavalry officer, 
who died while on an expedition against the Pawnee Indians, 
under General Atkinson, in the Black Hawk War; and Judge Hen- 
ry "Welles, for twenty-one years a judge of the Supreme Court 
of New York, 1847-1868. 

• ••••• 

(81) Jacob Nelson, eldest son of Ifejor Joshua Nelson(26)and his 
wife, Sarah Mandeville,was born probably at Philipstown, in 
1761 ;he died in Philipstown, 14 April 1812 ; married, first ,Han- 

-Bah ,who died 16 February 1795, aet 34 years jinarried, 

secondly, Sarah -■ ,who survived him. Issue: 

172 Cornelius K. Nelson, born 25 December 1780; married 
Charity Jaycox^, 

173 Samuel C. Nelson, born in 1782;died 12 September 1833; 
married Ellen Tompkins, 

174 Jacob M. Nelson, married Matia Andru3,and removed to 

175 Joshua Nelson, married Elizabeth Nelson, 

176 Hannah Nelson, married John Grenzebeck,and removed 
to New York City. 

177 Sarah Nelson, married Stephen Pardee. 

178 James M, Nelson, married Camilla Hyatt, and removed 
to New York City. 

179 Eliza Nelson, married Lewis Constant, son of St. John 
Constant, by his wife Jane Hyatt, born 26 May 1793;died 
13 August 1868. They resided at Caldwell's Landing, 
New York, and had a large family. 

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,Snxf)nj?,J a'Il9wfc,lB0 v+b ijgMaet -^9x11 .8681 d-aw^uA CI 


(83) Jane Nelson, "born 23 June 1769;died 12 February 1828 ;mar- 
ried. 9 June 1785, Harry Garrison, of Philipstovm, 

* • « • * 

(85) Phineas Nelson, eldest son of Ge.ptain Caleb Nelson(27) ,and 
loertainly by his first wife, Esther Haig]at,was born, probably, 
at Pishkill Landing, 8 March 1762;baptized in the Rombout 
Presbyterian Church, 9 February 17 64; married, in 1781, Hannah 
Lane,a Q,uakeress;she was born 28 October 1761, and it is said, 
of French Parentage, and died 25 ITovember 1854, at South Dan- 
by,N.Y, Phineas died at South Danby,N.Y, ,2 July 1844. Al- 
though Hannah was born a Q,uaker she later became a Methodist, 
while Phineas found it more convenient to renounce his form- 

fpr allegiance, and becaaie a Baptist. They left Fishkill -;^.„ 
the Autumn of 1801, and with eight of their children, Sarah 
having married Christopher Haight, remained behind, the mother 
riding horseback and carrying her baby in her arras, the house- 
hold articles being drav/n in Ox-Carts, made the . 
Genesee. Here they lived for some time a near neighboixr to 
that Arch Heretic, Joseph Smith, the founder of Mormonism. 
Phineas Nelson's opinion of Joseph Smith was not one that 
, ,.,,woijld excite admiration^in any., one ..towards, the founder of, a 

^new Faith. Phineas Nelson, Jr. , says that Smith was a lazy, 
vulgar .licentious drea,mer, illiterate and superstitious. How- 
ever much these qualities may have been Smith's own, he was 
not long in securing a few followers, when he went west and 
History teaches us the rest- 
After living at Genesee a short time, Phineas moved to 

iSouth Danby,in Tompkins County, New York, then an unbroken wil- 
derness, and where they cleared a farm on which they lived to 
the end of their days. Issue: 

--^J3ffi;8S8X xiBUtdiel SI i)aiJbje6VI ettuT, £S n*xocf,noBl9H aasJ, (£8) 

iJfiB, (VS)«oBl9M cfel^O niBv+qaO lo noa ie9i>I&,noal9K eBsnxxi? (58) 

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od- i)9TXX V9iid- xloiriw no mtfil b i)9^a9Xo \!;9xid" 9^9xiw buB^^eentsb 

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N,105 -a 

180 Sarah Nelson, "born 9 Octo'ber 1782. 

181 Hannah Nelson, 'born 8 January 1784;die<i,unmarried,inin 
Genesee County, New York, in 1803, 

182 Caleb Nelson, Tsorn 8 May 1786. 

183 Mary Nelson, torn 6 August 1788, 

184 Joshua Nelson, born" 11 December 1790. 

185 Phineas Nelson, Jr. , born 7 February 1793, 

186 David Nelson, born 9 September 1795. 

187 Priscilla Nelson, born 26 February 1798, 

188 Phoebe Nelson, born 19 Ifey 1800. 

-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:- :;ci:an4 

' (91) Cornelius Nelson, the eldest son of Justus Nelson(35) and by 
his wife,Iiary Haight,was born, 25 February 1758;died 3 Janu- 
ary 1841 ;marr led Chloe, daughter of Nicholas Budd by his wife 
Phebe Covert, born 28 June 1766;died 23 February 1842, 

(92) Frances Nelson, eldest daughter of Justus Nel3on(35) ,and by 
his wife, Mary Haight,was born 7 August 1759;died 25 lto,y 1820; 
married Matthew Snook, 

• • • • 

(94) Joseph Nelson, second son of Justus Nel8on(35) by his wife, 
Mary Haight,was born 3 April 1767;died 11 August 1858;married 
7 June 17 92, Rachel, daughter of Smith William Jones, of Cort- 
landtovm,born 20 July 1771;died 11 August 1838. 

_,•_ •_•_• — • — •^ 
• ••••• 

(95) SaraJi Nelson, third daughter of Justus Nel30n(35) by his 
wife, Mary Haight,was born 1 January 1768;died 2 November 
1833;raarried Captain John Warren, of Cold Spring, New York, -^•' 


.SS'CI iscTocfoO e niocr,rroel9"PI lie'iisa OSI 

XIX,X)9i^^£fc^^u,i59xf);■j^8TI Y'f'S'^^nBli 8 mocr,nOBl9^ rfjenn^H 161 

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• ««^» •^•» • • • 

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slxw 8lri x^ th!TE aBlodoxK to t&td'^sjsb ^ bo IdXi fc9X'nf;rrr-Ii'8I x'^^ 
,2-^81 •\i'i£jj'!d'e^ BS i)9xBjddTI gni/t 32 ntocf , d-i9voO 9cf9xi<I 

X^ f)n^, (5£)noel9H aucfai/Ti to teifd-svBb J-asMStnoalsH aeon^t'? (se) 
jOS8I Y£M es fcexfi-^e^I >aj:;SJjA T ntocf a-eWiJxisxBH vi-bM,911w sxn 

,:2foon8 v/sxfd-tsM fcgxTiBm 

• -; 2:^ •■■— * .. • 1- ♦ — • — 

• •• • • • • 

^^'iivr aid x'^ (e5)ncai9ll au&QijI to rtoa bctooes ,noeLoK riq9edT; {^Q) 
LsiTuemjSeSI iev^sJA IL i>Bi.b\Vd?I Ij-tciA £ mod" ^^w^&d'gts'F -^ifiM 
-d-noO '=to,89no'0 mx;iIIiW rf^txmg to i9*£{3j;/Bi),l9xIo.efl,P9'^I erruTi V 
,B£8I j-euj^^uA II LexfijIfrX yIi/T, OS mca ,rr"Li- hns I 

• • • • • • 

axxf xd (ac)xi08l9'M qv^bsjI lo tstd-^vsab biitd& ^ttcelsl/i ds-isP. (d^) 
ledtaBVoVi S? belbi&bVl x^^wni:!. X mocf 3£w,^xlsx£H liifiMjelxw 
.^IioY wsPT.gnltqa MoO lo,n9TtBW nx{oli nlBd'qBO fcexTiairrjESSI 


(95) Sarah Nelson, third daughter of Justus and Tfe,ry(Haight)Nel- 
aon(35),born 1 January lS568;died 2 November 1833;married,in 
17 83, Captain John Warren, eldest son of Samuel and Esther (Rog- 
ers)Warren, He was horn, 15 March 1765, in the "Highlands-on- 
Hudson;bapti2ed 22 February 1767(Romhout Church Records) , and 
died in the Highlands, 1 September 1837. 

Blake's History of Putnam County, New York, published 
in 1849, ends a lengthy notice of Jolin , Warren, Esq, , in these 
words: "He aspired to no higher distinction than that of a 
plain practical farmer, which he was. The purity of his mo- 
tives and the honesty of his heart were never questioned; and 
in all the relations of life, he never gave just cause for 
offence to his neighbour. He died regretted and beloved by 

all who knew him, in 1837, in the seventy-wecond j^ear of his 
-j Esther "-" 

age. His children, so far as we know them, inherit his vir- 
tues," Children were all born in Philipstown: 
186-a Phebe Warren, born 1 March 1784:died 13 March 1787, 
188-b Mary Warren, born 4 January 1786;married,first, Joshua, 

son of Sylvanus and Martha(Nelson)Haight;raarried, second- 
ly, John, son of Isaae Davenport, by his wife, Elizabeth 

188-c Samuel Warren, born 25 February 1788; died in New York 

City, 7 February 1865 ;married, Martha, daughter of Daniel 

Haight,by his wife Martha Fowler, born 4 June 1799;died 

12 April 1832. 
188-d Cornelius Warren, born 15 March 1790 ;marrled, first, 

Hannah Haight;married, secondly, Ifrs,nannah(Eaight)Reed, 
188-e John Warren, born 29 June 1792 ;married, Rachel, daughter 

of Isaac and Eli2abeth(Hustis)Davenport. 
188-f Susan Warren, married Elijah Davenport , brother to Rach- 

-IsTK r'JvtBM. ba& auieuZ 1o le&cigsjsb bitdf ,ao8l&VL i{sts8 (56) 

nx,i>3i-nem;££8X iscfmevoTI S balb\3bSL x-isunaL I motf , (cS)noa 

-aoH)i9xf;t5a i)n£ leum^S to nos .taa jisjne-nBW xtdoT. nx<s:tqfiO,S8'!'I 

-no-8f)n.sIxlgiH" srlj ai,SdTI iloisJr c!l,mocf 3sw eE ,n9TtBW(Bis 

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:,Bx;xfso"G,.taii:t,b9iTiBra;d8VX Tc"t-swnBX t{> mocr,n9TiBW xisll cT-SSl 

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x{d-9cfBsiIS,9tiw alii Ycr,ct'Toqn9VJ3CI bbbbI to noa,njd[oT.,-\^I 

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XslnjsG to i9d-£[suBb,B£[vt*ifiM,b9ifisra;eQ8X ■\i•\.SJJ^cr9'5: V.Y'^xO 
i)9ii)j6CVI 9njj"G h mod^igXwo'i biI*ib1»I 9tlw cxrf YcTtd-xf^lBH 

,SK8I XxiqA SI 
,c^a^j:t,£)9i1^Bm;0GVX doiaJJ fiX niO'J.nsi'iBW awlIamoO i)-88I 
,i)99fi(^rfslBFi)dBrtnBfI,a*tJ-l,YXbnoo9a,f)9X-{*tBin; J-rfel^H dBnriJsH 
^9d■rfa^JBJ^,I9£[oBfi,x)^x't-tBfiI;SevX griuTi GS ntod^nBf^BW ndoT. 9 -881 

,d'ioqn9VBCr(axd'8Jj^H).cr;)-9crBSxIH Lcib obbbI to 
•i£obH od- ^b^IJ■o^cr,d•^oqn9VBC[ ilBtlXS i)9x^^£itI,^^^^BW nBeuS t-8oX 

-:t"^oan9V£CI Xo 


188-g Henry Warren, 'born 5 May 1798;removed to Newark, Dela- 
ware, where he died, 6 November 1888; married Amelia 
Reinhardt.torn 9 February 1802 ;died, near Newark, Dela- 
ware, 26 November 1888 »- 

188-h Sylvanus Warren, born IS November 1799- 


(97) Catherine Nelson, fourth daughter of Justus and I.!ary(Eaight) 
Nelson(35) ,born 14 November 1773;died 21 November 1815; mar- 
ried, 1792/93, Peter Warren, a brother of John Warren v/ho was 
the husband of her sister Sarah, Issue: 

IVO ^i:- 4 

188-i Justus Warren, born 15 November 1794;died 1 May 1824; 
married, 12 January 1820, Amy, daughter of John Griflin 

by his v/ife Abigail Barret, born 21 December 1798. 

P'hoe::,r ( li.) v;e}-~. 3n . V 

188- j Esther Warren, born 10 May 1796; married Morris Daven- 
port. He died 19 March 1835,aet.44 years <Sc 6 mos« 

_188-k Mary Warren, born 10 June 1800; died unmarried, 

188-1 Catherine Eliza Warren, born 18 February 1802; married, 
Isaac, son of William and Phebe(Mekeel)Hustis, 

188-m Jane Warren, born 27 January 1804;died 25 January 1839; 
married Jacob W, Crosby, He died 1 August 1847, 

188-n John Peter Warren, born 10 September 1806; married, 
Matilda Ann, daughter of Gilbert and Lydia Ireland, 

188-0 Samuel Nelson Warren, born 10 April 1809;raarried Bar- 
bara Underhill. 

188-p Elisha Nelson Warren, born 5 April 1811; married Han- 

nah Cummings, 


.Ai^weM oJ- i>9romei;&Q?L xbK e mod,^9^^eW yinsH 3-88! 

-J3X9(I,2f^BW9Tl nson,f)9XJb4 208J[ -^j-usutcfel 6 n'tocf,i^i>iBxIni:9fl 

-,8681 T9crjH9V0W ^St9^BW 

-9evX iscTinsvoII SI mocf,^9't^J3W Bx;nBvI\;8 d~88I 

• • ••» • 

(^^^ialDxtBJf bets auiiBiSjZ l.. ^■o■-■i,.^i.,^iJ lu. -ijjyA,floal9W 9nJ:i9x£d-B0 (ve) 
-■t-siii jaiSI' i9cfm9V0TI IS bax^jSrVX i9crni9voT?[' :^i mod", (6£)noal9W 
aew o^w nsTtnaW nxfoX "io isrf.+oicf J8,n9t-ijsW -f9:t9<T,5e\gGVI,h9ii 

:9;jaal ,^iB^B8 tsodc. -1=.^ dd- 

jf»S8I vbM I balbiBQVI igcfeevolK EI ^[•(oc^,^9^^BW eir:tai;L i:-B8I 
^illi^D nxioT; lo i93-£iBi;jBl),\;raA,028I x'i^^nst S.l^b&tt'i£m 

j.% » ■- •'• ••.'^. . ■ i . . ■ ■- 

-nevaCT el*noM Jb9X*naini6evi ybK 01 mocf,n9TXBW -isriJ-aa t~oS-l- 

.eojn 6 s& aifi9\; i'^.d-gBteSSl xioifiM GI f>9j:f) 9R .;^^oq 

.iaiTififlinjj 'isil'FjdOfii snut 6imocr,n9TxeW ■^^BM i'-83I 

,f>9i-n£rv': ;S08I xisJ^irfs'^ 8X niodf.ns-nsW Bsiia enlterlcr-sO I-88I 

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;G58X YTjsufiBt es bQlb\^0&L \'isuns-'^- ^^ "- . c .;.-,.""■ "-"-X n-86X 

,Vf^8X ^bjltbjjA X f)9xlD 9H .\,cfeo^O.W cToo^X f)9XTiBtn 

,f)9x^i£m ;a08X iscfms^qgS OX mocr,n9Ti£¥ i9d9*I ndol n-88X 

.rTfcfeTT R:r-,-,r.T fSrr^ ■^-^^-''XiO 'I0 ^ '^' •"'--"-' ^ '>'f< . rrnA BbXX^j3l.I 

-tBa LsXi-iijiTijeOoI Xi'iqA 01 mocf,n9'tiJ8W noaX9K X9ifflu5R 0-88X 

.XXiiit9LnU £^Bcf 

-ni^TT p,AF-f'::,;^rr, • rrsx XxtqA 5 mco',n9Ti5W rrceXgK sxlaiXa q->^8X 

.asnimmuO xten 


(97) Catherine Nelson, fourth daughter of Justus Nelson(35) by 
his wife, Mary Haight,was horn 14 Noveraher 1773; died 21 Nov- 
emher 1815;raarried Peter V/arren,a brother of John V/arren 
the husband of her sister Sarah, 

(98) Mephiboseth Nelson, the youngest son of Justus Nelson(35) 
by his wife, Mary Haight,was born 1 December 1775;died 29 

March 1830, He was a Millwright and followed the trade all . ■ 

his life. He married Elizabeth Baxter ^» 1798, Issue:^/?? ?;^ J'^ 

189 Phoebe Nelson, born in 1799;died in \r\fr\r\t\^/ 

190 Mary Nelson, born in 1801, 

191 Catherine Nelson, born in 1802;died in 1825, unmarried. 

192 Warren Nelson, born in 1804, 

193 Phoebe(II)Nel3on,born in 1807, 

194 Justus Nelson, born 17 August 1809, — 

195 Cornelius Nelson, born -in 1811. 


196. Eliza Nelson, born in 1813, 


197 Jacob Kt Nelson, born 22 May 1819. 

• 9 • •• • • 

(99) Slisha Nelson, eldest son of Justus Nelson(35) by his second 

vafe,Phebe Covert, was born 26 May 1777;died 15 April 1852; 


married, 22 December 1804, Prances, daughter of Isaac Davenport, 

(100) Nicholas Nelson, second son of Justus Nelson(35) by hiis 
second wife,Phebe Covert , ;married, first, Mary, daughter of 
Captain John Haight;niarried, secondly, Hannah Vermilyea, 

• • • • • 

(101) Justus Nelson, third son of Justus Nelson(35) by his wife 
Phebe Covert, was born 17 March 1780; died 17 December 185i; 
married Letitia, daughter of James Horton.born 23 February 
1788: died P.?l .7-^-nuar-^r i aA« 

901. H 
xcr (eS)noel9K aisdauJitf}^ "ieid^UBb dJ-ii;o1|noaX©M enitedis'O (VG) 

^« • • • •'^« 

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;S38I ItiqA cX £>9lL;V?ri y^M 9S mocT a«w,*ievoO 9if9jc{<I,elxw 

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Y-XBi/idsl CS mod,noi-ioH B9mB"0 I0 '\eid:Ql!Bb^siili9d heiti-Qm 

RftftP v-<atrfTP,T. f:c; f39x£):88VX 


Letitia Horton's parents , Joshua and Phoebe (Rtansey) 
Horton,had moved from Orange County, New York, to Philipstown 
shortly after the Revolutionary War. Issue: 

198 Phoete Nelson, horn in 1805. 

199 James Nelson, horn in 1806;died in 1831, unmarried. 

200 Joshua nelson, horn in 1809, 

201 Sylvanus Nelson, died in Brat tlehorough,Verinont, and 

was huried there. 

202 Mary Nelson, horn in 1810. 

203 Isaac Nelson, horn in 18l2;died in 1841, unmarried, 

204 Joseph Nelson, died 11 Octoher 1657, 

205 Elisha Covert Nelson, horn 13 March 1815, m. i>-<-*'-'-' 

206 Sarah Nelson, horn 13 July 1816. 

207 Emily Nelson, horn in I8l7;died in 183 5, unmarried. 

208 Cornelius Nelson, horn in 1820;died in 1823, 

209 Elizaheth Ann Nelson, horn in 1822;died in 1859,unm'd. 

210 Cyrus Nelson, horn in 1824; died in 1825. 

211 George W, Nelson, horn in 1830, 

212 Samuel G, Nelson, horn in 1833;moved to Minnesota, 

^♦,_#_»,_«^-«^» -•-.• — 
• • • •• • •• 

(102) James C, Nelson, youngest son of Justus Nelson(35) hy ^is 
wife Phehe Covert, was horn 10 July 1784 ; died 6^6 cto1)ef 1863; 
married, Sarah, daughter of Thaddeus Baxter, horn 22 August 
1803; died 20 January 1854. 


(xQanajH.)9dlsod1 tnsi £ivdaoT^^ ajnsisq s'aoi-ioT is J 

nwocfaqllirTI o;t,2lioY wsH.-iid-mjoD 9§nsi0 ciott f>9vom Jbfixi,no:fioH 

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.9081 ni mocr,rrcEl9TT BudaoZ 002 

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,£281 nl £)9ii?;028I nx ntocT.noelsTI ajjll9moO 802 

.f)'xnnu,ee8I nx l)9xf>j226i in i-nuo^noelgK nnA diedBsilK eOS 

.6281 nx bBit\^S.8L nx mocf.noelgK ai;T\;D OIS 

.0£8I ni mocr,noal9Tii: ,¥ ggToot) 112 

.«cfOB9nnlM oc^ l)©voinj££8X ni mocr,no8X9Til ,0 X9x;flis8 CCS 

aid xd (6£)noaX9TI BU^tetrTi lo noe i'eggmroYtJnoaXgTL ,0 egciEX (20X) 
j£98X ^9cfo.to0 d l:9xL;^8VX ^XwT, OX niocf afiv/,:^i9voO scfgrig: ©llw 
iau^uA 22 n-iocr,i9cfxBS ei;9JbbBxfT ^o *t9j^fIsL'£l;,xfj3tfi3,£>elTi£C£ 

,^68X YtBi^nst 02 f>9Xfc;£08I 



(103) Willlaai Nelson, the eldest son of Absalom TTel3on(36)and on- 
ly child we have any re^oprd. of ,l3y his first wife, Esther, the 
widow of Samuel Warren, and daughter of John Rogers bj^ his 
wife Hester Verreelen. V/illiam was "born, according to the 
Warren Bible, 1 J^Iay 1778. He was a fanner of Greenburgh and 
later-lived at Somers, where he married Catherine Green; she 
was born 21 January 1785, and died 27 January 1861. William 
died 2 March 1839. Issue: 

213 Martha Ann Nelson, born 10 March 1804, 

214 Sally Nelson- 

215 Esther Warren Nelson, born 8 November 1808, 

216 Henry G, Nelson, born 9 June 1812, 

(106) Peter Nelson, son of Elijah Nelson(37) .married and had one 

217 ^38 Nelson, 

2^'/ -n*i?> Oc* • • 

(109) Jlary Nelson, eldest daughter of Isaac Nelson(39) ,by his 

fT7 -wife, Sarah Gedney,was born 22 September 1795;raarried,29 

September 1824, Samuel Reynolds. -SsMauel Rej-nolds was born 

fS-t Somers, New York, 30 September 1799, and died at Southport, 

now Elmira,26 February 1827, Issue: 

218 Katherine Reynolds, born 31 July 1825. 

219 Ophelia Reynolds, born 9 August 1826, 

801 #1 

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8iii ^ "ot lo le^xisJU^Jb .bn£,n9TiiiW XgjJciBS 'to woJbiw 

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exfsjnseiC gnxisuJ^O isiiisxa s*i 9'X9£Lv/,a'X9£io3 d-£ i)9vil' isj^I 
ittsilllW ,1581 -^i^BWiieli ys i)9ii> l)nB,58VI -^tisunfit IS mocT asw 

:9jj8sl ,eS8l dOIBll 2 £)9lfc 
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-noaleK vjllsa ^12 

,8081 ^9cfGI9voTI 8 mocT^noalgK ^e^^£'W i9rIJ-aS 512 

,^1SS. 9auT. t motftnosIgK ,0 -^-insH d^§ 

•••• • 

9no b&ti bn& fcet-n^m, (V5)nosX9Z rLetllS lo noa,no8l9TI lej-gl (301) 

«no8l9K JKfi) VIS 

axa ^ia,,(e5)iioaX9K OB£eI xo isua3iJiji)^e9i)l9,noal9T!l %;Ti^'i (GOI) 

CS^iisXiiJsmieeTX t9cfm9d-q[93 SS mod" 8fiw,\;©ni>90 i£B^i5S, sliw 
mocf aaw 8Mofr':.?iH I9U0ib8 .ablortYsfl l9Jjirjsa,^2ai ^9dx!I9j■q98 

^iioqdiuoQ it: ijt!^i. jjnjs,GevX -L9dxce.tq9a Of,>r--'^' ...-r;- ,„ -. ^^ 

:9W8aI ,V28I xisisids'i. dS^BilmlS. won 

,6281 y,lL'T3 iSnnod',aMonY,9fl snltgrfd-fi}! 812 

,dS8I iBiJ^uA G n'tocf,ef)Xon\;9fl BilsrfqO QXS 


(110) James Nelson, third son of Isaac Nelson(39) .by his wife, 
Sarah Gedney,wa3 born 19 June 1798;raarried Lavina Bird, of 
Rye, New York, Issue: 

220 George Nelson, died in infancy. 

221 Howard Nelson, "born 18 Octo^ber 1838. 

222 Lavina Nelson, horn 1^ 26 September 1840. 

••• — • — • — • — o.— 
• • • • • 

(112) Isaac Nelson, Jr. , fifth son of Isaac Nelson(39) ,hy his 
wife, Sarah Gedney,was horn at PishkilljNew York, 2 January 
1805; died 11 March 1890. He married, 2 January 1832, Mary Ann 
DeLanoy;she 'fra.3 born 27 November 1815 ;and died 1 December 
1879, Issue: 

223 Emma Dean Nelson, born 1 February 1833 ; married, first, 
in February 1853,Lev/is Vernol,of New York Cityjmarried, 
secondly, 24 December 1862, Johh Owens, Res. ,Yonkers,N.Y, 

224 Daniel DeLanoy Nelson, born KX 28 May 1836, 

225 Henry Clay Nelson, born 29 July 1858;married,10 May 
1864,Araminta M. Merritt, 

226 Wells Nelson, born 13 Octaber 1840; died in April 1841. 

♦ • • • • • 

(113) Jane Lynch Nelson, second daughter of Isaac and Sarah(Ged- 
ney)Nel3on(39) jwas born 22 March 1810;raarried William Henry 
Clarke, of Clarke's Summit , Lackawanna County, Pennsylvania, 

^- ■■; 

227 Williaai Nelson Clarke. 

228 Josephine Clarke. 

• • • • ^ • 

' §t<\-mrt-^» !<.*•, 


,8liw aid Ycf, (eE)noai3K ojeeal lo noa l)-£ic[;t , nee Xslil esm^T. (Oil) 
10,1)119; snlrsJ. batttemi&QVL srurX 61 mod" eBW,venf>6C xifiifiS 

rsuKal ,>[toY w9Tf,9Y51 

.\;on£tni ni £»exr,noel9K sgiosO OSS 

.8£8I TcscTo^oO 81 niocf.noalsif fcijswoH ISS 

.0^81 iscTnie.+qsS 32 I nio'cT.ncBlsK anivBil SSS 

• • • • • 

aid vcT, (6£)noaX9li o^^el lo noa dj^til, .I'G.nOBleK obbbI (SIl) 
Yiswnst S,2lioY w9H,II.t:ir{8i:'»r d-fi mod" 8£W,x9n!b9D xleiB2,9llw 
fUiA \;i,bM,2S8I ■y;isijnB"G 2jf>9i*nfiin 9H .0S8X xIoibM II fc9lLj308I 
lecTmooeCI X beib bnsidlBl tsdmavoVL VS mocf a£W sda ; yo«-b«I9<I 

:9iJeBl .CV8X 
^iaiiJ.^b&l'i'ii-m\\ttti£ Yiisincfg'tl I mocr,noeX9K nfisCT Birana £2S 
,f)9i*nj3rKjY»tiO sInoY wsTI lo,Xont9V 8i;v/9J,Ca8I '\j;tj3jJT:tf9'i nx 
,Y.TI,at92lnoY, ,a9fl ,an9v/0 £fdoX,S98X igtfingoeCI ^2,"\c-t^noo98 

.6S8X TCBli 82 XK niOQ^nCfcsIsH vOU^Jeft'lsinBd ^"22 
TjfiM 0X,f>9X'nBirtj858X Y-tifTi 62 mocf,noeX9'K xsiiO \.-tn9H 522 

.J^dittsM .M'BJnlfliB-tA, 1^681 
.Xi^8X XiiqA nx f)exJc);0^8I ledjs^oO SI mocf,nceX9T;i elXsW S22 

• •••« • 

-f>9T))xfj3iB3 Joae Ofi£aI lo ns^txist/Bl) l>noo98 .noaXsW rforrcJ sn&X, (SIX) 
XineH mBllilW Bsi-n^mjOXei xfoi^M 22 mocT ajsw, (ec)noel9lI(-<(;9n 
,£inj3vXY8nn95,Y;J-njJoO BnnBWB>fOBJ,v+lmtGw8 a'9>riBX0 lo,9^ii?X0 


.e^tr.IO noaXgH iislixiW V2S 

.gjTiBlD gnlrfqgaoX 822 


(114) Ellen Gedney Nelson, youngest daughter of Isaac and Sarah 
(Gedney)Nelson(39) ,wa3 horn 26 May 1812;inarried Washington 
Clarke, of Clark's Sununit, Lackawanna County, Penna. Issue: 
229 Ellen Clarke. 
T230 Sarali Clarke. 

231 Victoria Clarke. '--^ "'^ *^-- *""- vthd fo^cwai 

232 Ophelia Clarke, 

(120) Reuben Washington Nelson, eldest son of Prancis and Sarah 
(Lyon) Nelson( 50) , lawyer, was horn 27 July 1789, at Hyde-Park, 
Nev; York. He was educated at the Public Schools of his nativ 
village and later at the Poughkeepsie Academy, then situated 
i-on Academy Street, in the City or then village of Poughkeepsie 
iHaving finished his studies at the Academy he next entered 
cthe law office of his kinsman, the Honourable William Nelson, 
nat PeekskilljNew York, Having completed his law studies he 
^was admitted to the New York Bar to practice as an Attorney 
and Counsellor at law. But he did not practice his profes- 
'-«ion for any great length of time in New York State; for, in 
-'l&19,when his mother and family staretd for the Par West, 
"^Heuben remained behind to straighten out the legal matters 
appertaining to the family's breaking up and removing to a 
cfar distance. Reuben W, Nelson was one of the pioneer law"- 

yers of Indiana ;his superior abilities were early recognized 
'-'^)y the Courts and his associate lawyers. He opened a law of- 
fice at Corydon,then the Capitol of the State, But his rep- 
-'utation as a lawyer called him to other parts of the state, 
- when he would set out on horseback, with the Statutes and a 

copy of Blackstone, together with an extra shirt, in the "Sad- 
i'dle Bags" slving over his saddle ;and in this mannei; lieulj^n 

iixrtajsW l)9xTXJ3ni;2I8I -^cbM dS mod" bjsw, (GS)rioal9Tf (YsnbaO) 
teifael ,ann9<I,'c;tn;joO j5nnj3ws2lo6J,ct'Jcn-Knjja 8'3[ij3lD lo,9iiBX0 

, '--"^ ■■" '" ! '■ ess 

. 32infix0 rtsifiS 0£S 

.92{lJ8lO Biioioi'^ I£S 

xiBifiS i)nB aicnfiil lo noe in^hlQ ^no^LBVL no*§nidBBW n9cfjJ9fl (OSI) 

, jI1s«T-9fcYH j-s,G8TI \Ly. mocT eKW,-i9 ■ r f -,- ^ „- ,, -^.TTfrfOYJ) 

vIcfBn aiii lo alooxioS oir icf i& b^iBOuha a£w 9n .ii'ioY v/gTf 

l>9^Bu^l& n9££i,\;in9f)£oA 9xaq99Jti:Iai/o^ sxi^ ia tQi&L Jbns 9§.eIXxv 

9xaq9 9:iLIsuo^ 1o ss^XIiv aa^.. *» s^JlO ^Ai ni , J'9ei + !=' "^r"9bfioA no 

l)9^^J•^6 txen ad ^^gbfioA 9XiJ- d^a aaxfewita aid i)9i£a4nx1 gnxv^H 

,noel9pr riiBlXIxW sXcTBiuonoH 9££i , nananiat aid 1o aoitlo wbX &di 

9r{ a'erKrr + 'p -OTeX'arfi 1^9 + .? KtmAo -npf' , . oY w9'IT,XXl?Iai99*T i& 

xeatodik n^ a£ 9ox;tO£'tq o^ tsS 2£ioY w9lil gdit oi hsiiLmb& asw 

-B9loiq aid 9oi&o^iq_ J^on bib 9d d-xiff .wbX da noXX9anuoD bnB 

nlVioii^d^BiB klbY W9W ni 9inlcf r,::^-r-c ,.^ toI noia 

,cfB9W ^B'5 9d^ TO*! bd•9^Bd■a YXimel bas T9d.+ofii aid nsdw.GXSX 

aT9;tcJ'Bffl lBS9-t 9d^ 'cfjJO n9d-d3iBid-a oJ- bnid9cf b9aijdiTi9'i aedudU 

B ocf 3nivo<"o"? ^na qu aai^Lssiff e'YXisie'i 9d* o& gaiaiBi''""^'';^- 

-wbX i99noiq adJ- "io 9no aBW noaXaH ,W nadjjgH .eonBJ-aib in'l 

bgsxngoosT ■^Xisg 9i9w a9i^iXicrB ^ol^6qjJa eid;BnBibnI lo 819'^ 

-Io wbX £ bgngqo 9H ,ai9"v;wBX 9d'BiooaaB eld baa aJ-itroD arf.+ v^r 

-q9T aid &uE .9jbJ-8 9dJ- Io Xod-iqBO gdt n9dj ,noi)\;ioO J^ soxi 

,9J-B*a edi- lo aJ-iBq ^9di•o 0* mid baXXso ^9\;wBX b bb aoiisiiJ 

B bnB B9j'i;*Bd'8 9d.+ dJ-iw^^fnsugs-iori no J-uo J-sa bXuow 9d ngdw 

-baP^^ 9d& ni,i-iida b'iJxs xii: xiJx.v i9^J9dOJ,9noJ-3:Io£lff Tto ^[qoo 

n9djj9H i9nnBra aidct ni bnajgXbbBa aid T9V0 gm/Xa "asBff 9Xb 

Nelson, and his associates made the rounds of the Courts, as 
it was -then called "Riding the Circuit." But Reuben was not 
long to enjoy the distinction he had won in so "brief a space 
of time in the nev; country;his polished manners and accom- 
plishments; his education and knowledge of the law;his youth •• 
and vigour ;his recollections of the past and forecasting the 
future; dignified manhood and winning ways, were of no avail 
against the jealousies that arose against him from his less 
fortunate associates. In the most civilized parts of our 
country no man can can he said to he safe from assault whifch 
may end in his deat^either is he free from suspicion when cd 
once the fatal sentence of misgiving is pronounced against 
him; if such be the case in a civilized part of our country 
it is to be expected of a new settlement that life v/ould be 
of less value; social standing, education and high family con- 
nections are no proof against the bullit of the assas- 
sin;but the opposition in professional circles by high attain 
ments and superior abilities would naturally tend to excite 
the jealousies and fire the imagination of those with deprav- 
ed tendencies to deeds of daring in the shadow of the forest 
or in the more desired time the shades of the night. Where 
jealousies abound and no attempt is made to hide them, suspi- 
cion is bound to fasten itself upon those who were most ex- 
pressive of their feelings. It was while riding the circuit 
of the Courts, and when Reuben Uelson was in the height of 
his professional career that he was struck down, while riding 
in company with one of his professional brethren to the Court 
then being held in Clark county, Indiana. No proof could be 
produced against his companion, but suspicion was sufficient- 
ly strong, that he was openly accused of Nelson's murder by 
his most intimate associates. But better counsel prevailed 

;^oii saw nadysH ^tx/S ".c^ImotIO sii«t gnlf)lH" bSiLlao norii aBW di 
aojsqs td" oa ni now hsd ^d aoifonifatb ^a^"i■ "^otrts ot asiol 

; w^I 9iij xu 9j, noxd-fiojji)9 axjcCjacfnsnuiail.i 

exiJ- § r.+osIIoosT axiijii/oaiv bna 

aagl tenxBae sao-i^ dad:^ aaxajJolBat, Qdi J-anxjagB 

lijo 1 .^q i)9siIlvlo iaora sdi nl .aaisxaoaaB gd'anu^iol 

ddHrf-vv j'luaaaa raoi'i elBs acf oc^ blaa 9<f ajbo ct&o nam on yi^^jjoo 

flD naxfw noioiqajja flxotl 9911 9jc[ ai i&diida4:i>B9b aid ai ba^ xsm 

ianiagja |)9onjLiO0O'iq aJt gniTisalitt to 9oa9;J^fl9a Is;^Jd*t adt aono 

ifiJ^njaoo "two lo cJ-taq besxlivlo « »jl srbo sxid" 9cr dous ti laid 

scT, i)Xwow 9.1:iX ^ari:^ j-fl9ia9l;t.+9a wan a lo fiacfoaqx© 9cf oJ^ aJt ^x 

-noo ■^■tXciat riQiif f>na noiv+«oi;f)9,3n±i)nad^a IsiooaisulBV aaal to 

-aaaaa 9di 1o fiLlud edi ^aiiiaga looiq on sxs anox^tporr 

alsitB dgtd \d asloilo lanolaastotq nl noxixaoqqo sd-i iisdiaia 

sd^loxa oj- bn9t ocXXaiu^an JdXjjow aslcMXicfs iol*x9qMa bas a;tn9ffl 

-V£'tqeb liiiw aaoxCt to nolianxgsmx erf^ --rf' '>"■- ssxai/oXaQi, edi 

J'asio.l ed* to vrobeda Bdi al gnJt-iai) "io abeeh ui aaXonghng;^ i»9 

9i9rfW .J^xigxn ©xiJ- -lo aaJbaiCa 9di amlt be'txn&b stom sdi ax io 

<^lq8Jja,xn9rfi aixri "+ ^fi^m ai j-qmsc^.t^ on bas baijods B9xai;oXB9t 

"XQ iHQsa aiew oxiw saoxij^ noqj^ "iXseJ-jfc na^aal o& bcujod ax nolo 

tluotlo 9d;t snlJbii aXxdw aaw .+ 1 ,agiuX99l: tlQdi to evlaaaiq 

'J:o,.d-xf8ls4 adct- nl aaw noeXsK ndcTueH nadw i)na,a^t^1I;oO 9d^ to 

salJbii aXldw.nwol) ilowicfa aaw ad d-ad^ laanao Xanoiaaslotq aid 

ituoO ^dc^ o* naidJ-eicr Xanolaaatoiq axrt to 9no dilw Ainaqmoo ni 

9cr Mifoo tooiq oW .anaiJonlj'id-nuoo 2liaI0 ni bX9d gniscf nsdi 

-J-n9xoil'ijja aaw noiolqaxra J-udtnoinaqmoo aid ianiagB beoubotq 

Xd lebium a'noaXgTd: "io Jbeaiiooa yXuaqo aaw 9ri ^sdi ^^ao'xia '^X 

l)9Xlav9iq X9anuoo te&tad ^uK .aa^^alooaaa 9;taffll*ni Jaotn aid 


and the usual mode of punishment dealt out to suspicious per- 
sons was not put in practice against the supposed slayer of 
Reuben Helson. Reuben's entire family v/ere acquainted with 
his associate on this journey, and they never "believed him 
guilty of the charge, but alv^ays believed that Reuben's horse 
stumbled and threw him against the side of a tree where he 
expired. His associate stated afterwards that the first he 
knew that an accident had happened to Nelson was when his 
horse came gallopping by, riderless. Reuben's death occurred 
sometime in November 1825, He never married, 

• • • • • 

(121) Karvey Nelson, second son of Francis and Sarah (Lyon)>Telson 
(50) , was born 16 August 1790, at Clinton, New York; married, 

in 1811, Jane Rowe,and who died 30 October 1821. Harvey died 
26 October 1840, He established himself on a farm near SSUr 
Georgetown, Indiana, where he died as per Supra. Issue: 

233 Susan Nelson, born 3 March 1812. 

234 Catherine Nelson, born 6 December 1813. 

235 Louisa Caroline Nelson, born 26 November 1815. 

236 Francis Reuben Nelson, born 10 January 1818. 

V. i,.„„.„ Harvey Nelson's children were all born at Clinton 
V New York, and removed west with the family in 1819, 

(122) Amos Nelson, third son of Francis and Sarah(Lyon)Nelson(50) 
was born, 20 March 1793, at Clinton, New York; removed, with his 
mother, sister and brothers, to Indiana in 1619 ;he married Nan- 
cy Smith, a niece of the last Colonial Governor of Indiana, 
Governor Jamison, Nancy was born in Wytheville, Virginia, 23 
August 1805, and died at New Albany, Indiana, in 1870. I3LK348XXX 
Amos Nelson died in 1840. Issue: 

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237 Caroline Nelson, born in 1827;died in 1847 , unmarried, 

238 Mary Nelson, "born in I830;died in 1850,xmiaarried, 

239 James Harvey Nelson, "born in 1835; learned the Printei^fcs 
trade, and was drowned, while in bathing, a,t Lockport, Ind- 
iana, 4 July 1854; unmarried. 

It might be added here, for the benefit of inquir- 
ies that Amos Nelson learned the Tanner's Trade while in 
TDutchess County, and after going to Indiana he added to his 
handicraft that of Shoemaker, which was then looked upon as 
a useful accomplishment. 

(124) Franklin Nelson,yovmgest son of Francis and Sarah(Lyon) 
Nelsonf 50)was born at Clinton(now Hyde-Park) ,New York, 8 Sep- 
tember 1797, He attended school in his native village, and 
later entered the Poughkeepsie Academy, and was here vigour- 
ously pursue ing his studies when the War of 1812 broke out. 
To young Franklin Nelson the Coiontry's Call to arms appear- 
to his Patriotic mind more urgent than the pursuit of knowl- 
edge. Accordingly he left shhool and enlisted in Captain 
Samuel Nelson's Company, in the same Regiment of which his 
kinsman, Joseph Nelson, was Colonel, The regiment immediately 
went to the defense of the City of New York, where Colonel 
Nelson succumed to an attack of Typhoid Fever, 3 November 1812 
The regiment was then removed to Staten Island where it re- 
mained until the close of Hostilities, when it was disbanded. 
Realizing the necessity of learning some trade, Franklin Nel- 
son took up the combined trades of Tanner and Shoemaker, in 
both of which he became very proficient , and which served him 
to good purpose in later years. 


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In company with, his mother , Harvey, Amos, and sister, 
El iza'oeth, Franklin Nelson set out, 1819, towards the Great 
West, then filling up with people from all parts of the Union, 
They travelled as far as Marietta, Ohio, where the Mother sick- 
ened and died, 28 Octo"ber 1821. The family now left without 
a Mother's counsel, decided that Marietta, was not the place 
for their future home, set their faces once more towards the 
Setting Sun; they travelled through the untrodden wilderness, 
swimming their horses and oxen over swollen streams, penetrat- 
ed the forest then swarming with wild beasts and still wild- 
er savages; passes through where Cone innati, Ohio now stands 
which was then hut a trading post and a few log-huts ;pressed 
on across the Ohio River into Kentuckey and down its south- 
ern banks, crossed the Kentuckey River, and made their way to 
Palls City, now Louisville, then a small trading post, crossed 
the River again to the place where New Albany now stands, and 
followed the trail to the Capitol of Indiana, Coryd on. After 
pasiiing through the site of New Albany they camped over-night 
on the farm then being put in order by the Scribner3,'.7ho had 
journied thither from Albany, New York. Arriving at Corydon, 
t hey found the crush for farms had consumed all the choice 
lots in that section of the state, but a few sections remain- 
ed that were, what might becalled, desirable. 

Amos seized on a small tract of land two and one-half 
miles east of Corydon, on the soixth bank of Little Indian 
Creek, while Franklin went still a mile and a half farther 
eastward to a beautiful valley called "Spring CJlen" . And 
it was rightly named "Spring Glen", be cause, through it ran 
a small creek which had its origin on the farm, and was the 
outcropping of a small creek that sank out of sight about 

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six miles to the east, on a farm belonging to tiae Gresiiaia3«ii 
The chief reason why it may have "been called "Spring Glen" 
was for the reason that ahout one-hundred springs were found 
along it on either side, from its source to where it emptied 
into Little Indian Creek. And where it emptied into little 
Indian Creek, was the yearly camping ground of the Misuni Ind- 
ians. Hither they came to hold their councils of ?/ar,chantaiju 
their Far Songs, put on their War paint, and steal away in the 
night to pillage the country round ahout. Many were the sto- 
ries told of the dreadful week passed by the inhabitants of 
the surrounding country when the Miamis held their last coun- 
cil on those grounds. Their War Whoops were louder and more 
threatening, their council more securely guarded than at any 
other time, and their attitude towards the settlers more an- 
tagonistic than at any time previous. Every house secured . 
itself against invasion, but they were not molested; the Tribe 
of Warriors stole away one night and passed to the westward, 
then turning northward they fell, the next night, upon the de- 
fenceless inhabitants of Scott County and massacred every 
man , woman , and child, sparing neither old age not infancy, 

TPra^l^^ Nelson set about, clearing a piece of ground 
to which he had laid claim, and erected a house for himself 
and built a Tannery and shoe- shop for himself and his brother 
Amo^, A.t first ii^ ^did not de,YO.te much time to farming, be- 
cause of the heavy timber that grew on every part of his 
tract;but,bye and bye, when opposition in the Tanning of hides 
aj;d the mining of shoes made those industries less prof ita- 
ble,he turned his attention to the forest with its trees of 
huge Oaks, Hickories, Beeches, and many others, including the 
Sugar-Maple, of which there were about one- thousand trees on 

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sLiitl oiiil Jbeivtqiaa di siarfv; ,i)ftA .^qstO C£J:i)nI 9ld^;}-iJ o;;ni 
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tofiilo , tJBV/ "io alloniioo ixarfJ- Moil od- sai^o' ys^J- lexiJ-iH .ansl 
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acfJt'xT 9xi^;Jb9d-89loiE J-on ©isv/ -^srEc^ ijjcr,noxa«vnJ; i-eriijss^ ll9a.tx 
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-eb &di noqjj,d-xigxn &^sa ^d^ ^l£^'i xod:^ btmrditoa gnintJjJ- H9xI* 
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.YonBlni cJ-on s-gB bio i9i£^X9n sriliBqe,Mixio ^kjb , aemow , nBin 
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~sitx1o'iq_ aasl bax'xSsubai 9aoii^ 9i>Bxc e90jlB Io gnl^lBm edit i)£ip 
Io 8991^ ac«-x xii'xw ieetol 3di ocf noiJ^nSvtcffi axxi i)9n'iJJJ ad, eld 
3d:} ^nitsjloas ^a'i9d&o xnsta i)Xie,e9xio99a ,a9xiO2toxH,eiB0 ©guxl 
no eo9T:d- £)n,s,axioxid'-9no &iso(Ss 919* siedi xloixfw "io , 9Xqj8M-ij3SJj8 


the Quarter-SectiondsO Acres), Here on this farm Franklin 
Nelson spent almost sixty years of his lifejand from that of 
strong and vigorous manhood to the evening of his life he 
toiled year in and years out in the struggle to rear his fam- 
ily. And on the 2 May 1882, worn out with the toils and tri- 
als of nearly 85 years he laid down the burden of life, at the 
home of his daughter, Mrs. Socratez J, Bence; leaving behind him 
such a record of struggle against adversity, a life of honesty 
and uprightness, patriot ism and self-sacrifice, as this world- 
seldora witnesses, in this or any other age. It is true that 
his life was not spent in the Arena of politics, and except 
for a period of less than trhee years, in the war of 1812, his 
time was spent in the domestic pursuits of home and fireside. 

In 1826, Mr, Nelson married Rachel Smith, a sister of 
the wife of his brother, Amos, Rachel was born 15 July 1807; 
At Wytheville, Virginia, and died at New Albany, Indiana in Aug- 
ust 1897, Issue: 

240 Elizabeth Ambrosia Nelson, born llPebruary 1827. 

241 Susan Nepentha Nelson, born 1 December 1828, 

242 William Nelson, born 4 April 1830;died in infancy. 

243 Paulina Nelson, born 17 June 1833. 

244 John Patterson Nelson, born 11 December 1834, 

245 Isaac Newton Nelson, born 9 December 1837, 

246 Reuben Washington Nelson, born 20 March 1840. 

247 George Anderson Nelson, born 24 March 1842. 

248 Margaret Nelson, born 5 May 1845, 

249 Sarah Lyon Nelson, born 4 October 1847, , . 

250 Lewis Swearings Nelson, born X 17 March 1849, 

251 Charles Henry Nelson, born 1 March 1852. 


niL:AnBt'i satel atdi n© stsH , (esioA OaI)noid-oe3-"S5^*jfiup ed^ 

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.Scl8X doisM. X mocf,ncaX9K Y"fK95 asXifixfO X5S 


(127) Elizabeth Nelson, youngest daughter of Francis and Sarah 
(Lyon)lTelson(oO) ,was born 3 August 1805, at Clinton, New York,; 
she was educated in the public schools of her native town, and 
later attended a Boarding School at Jeffersonvilie, Indiana, 
whither she had gone with her brothers. She married a Jlr. 
Layton,and by hira had one daughter: 

252 Cora Layton;]narried Mr .Hurst, of Fort Madison Iowa, 

Mr. Layton died and Elizabeth married, secondly, -. 
a l^.Greene ,who contracted a severe cold v/hile away on a bus- 
.iaess trip, and from which he soon died. Elizabeth died at 
4,^c.the home of Edward H. Baldwin, Esq, , in August 1884, at New 
Albany, Indiana, , 

• • • •• • • 

(128) Reuben(III)Nelson, eldest son of Reuben(II)Nel3on(51)by his 
w ife Hannah Morse, was born at LaGrange, Dutchess County, New 
York, His Will dated 31 October 1831, makes mention of wife, 
Catherine, and Children: 

253 John Milton Nelson. 

254 Eliza Maria Nelson, born 13 October 1803 

• •••••• 

(129) Joshua Nelson, second son of Reuben(II)Nel8on(51)b2/' his 
wife, Hannah Morse, v»'as born at LaGrange , Dutchess county, New 
York; married, in 1833, Sarah, daughter of Israel Horton by his 
first wife, Nancy Hills, born 9 February 1815.1ssue:~,^a,jn.. 

255 Horton Washington Nelson, born 20 February 1834, 

256 Cyrus Elisha Nelson, born 25 March 1836, 

257 Cornelius James Nelson, born 20 November 1838, 

258 Amelia Nelson) 

VTwins,born 22 February 1840 

259 Adelia Nelsonj 

260 Mary Jane Nelson, born 6 March 1842, 

261 Joshua George Nelson, born at Cold Spring, 20November '50 

;,3iiQy wsH,nOvtniX0 cfB,e08X d-aiJ^jjA £ motf aaw, (Od)noal9PI(no\;J) 

btt£,svffoi' Q-^li^a iQsi to elooxioa oilcfjuq axi^t nx £)3ijsc>iji)9 bsw eria 

- ,Bn£i.i)nI,9iIxvnogi9'l'i9Ti Je looxfoa ^^li)^3o5 J3 b&bno3iJi tsd-fiX 

.iJ.I J3 i)9iTXfiffi 9xi8 .a^9Iic(0^tc^■ n^d xicfXw ©nog ijjsri airia ngniidw 

'.leid-^usb 9no £>££[ rnXxi Yd" •bnB,noJy.BJ 

,-\iXi)no 09 8,1)9111.6X0 dJ-sd^siXS iins Jb9x£i aoiY,sJ. .iM 
•eucf B no \sw& sllsin bloo 9T9V9a b baiostinoo oiiw, gnsai^.tJI a 
Jb ijeih iii-go'^sxXa mbaib nooa gii liolilw xao-tl JbaB,qxict- aaani 
wglif j-Bji'SeX iejjguA nx,,paa,aJwhXfiff .H fciewijS lo amorl 9iiJ^ 

,j5£i&J:biil ,v;nfidXA 

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W9ll,Y^njjoO Ba9x{orfuCI,9snaiOsJ ^b atod 8BW,9a-ioM xlBnnBH etx vv 
,q1xw lo noid-n9fli e92lBm,XS8X tgcfocToO X£ ijgjBi) XXxW alH .iiToY 

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aid vcf no^ioE X9BieI lo i9^if3JJBL,xfBiB8,6£8X nx tbeXtiBflijaftoY 

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.J^E8X Y'Tt'SJJicf9'i OS n-iocf,noaX9TI no^tgnirfaBW no:tToH 55S 

,d£8X rioiBM es mocf,no8X9TI BdexXa Buty.V) d5S 

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0e't9dittevoTt0s:,sfli"tq8 MoO ^b ntocf jnoaX9W sgioaC BJJrfaoT- X6S 


(267) Thomas J. ■Melson(M.D.) ,born 10 April 1797;died 21 July 
1865; licensed to Practice Medicine, at Rheinbeck,New York^ 
12 May 1818. 

JjJL'ioY W9^,nOvtnxI0 J-b,508I ^bwsjjA £ mod" eaw, (Oe)noal9K(riO-'<;iI) 

l)fl£ , ixwo i . STx Jt^fi ^^^{ lo alooiloa ollcfwq 9ii^ nx i59.+BOJj|>9,..e£W axis; 

- :,«n£x|)rcI,9iXivnox3'j9'l'i9X j*5 xoonoc. 3fixi>'t«oa & o^bttQ^is ts^sl 

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•ejjcf £ no -^c^v/B 3Xxi£w l)Xoo sisvaa s i)a;foB'iinoo odw.snsa'i-D.iM e 
t& beih XijscijoiSxXa .JbeXL nooe sxi xfoXxIw fflOT:! LcLe^qlicf aaenx 

^XjjL XS fceibjVeTX XxiqA OX mocf , ( .a.M)noaXsT>f .T. s.tmoxiT (VdS) 
,iioY wgTr.^oecfnxgiffl J--6,9nxol;I)'9?{ s'oI^obi^ o.^ b9art90xX;ea8X 

.8X8X x&}!( SI 

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0c'i9Qffi9Vo'K0<x:,sni-iq8 MoO cfs rnocftfioaX9K ssntoaO Bi/jiaoT. X6S 

Ho 118 

(132) Hiram Nelson, fifth son of Reuben(II)R. Nelson(51)hy his 
wife Hannah Morse, v/as "born 28 July 17 91, at LaGrange, Dutchess 
county, New York; married, 13 January 1814, his second cousin, 
Sarah, daughter of David and Hannah Wickes Nelson ;died 16 July 

t 1832.. She was horn 10 March 1797; died 20 February 1831. 
Issue: ""^ To V- 

262 Joel Nelson, horn 19 November 1814. 

263 Harriet Nelson, born 20 March 1817;died in 1886,untnar 'd 

264 Emily Nelson, born 20 July 1823. ^ 

265 Sarah Nelson, born 23 January 1831; died 7 June 1832. 

• • • • • • • 

(136) John Nelson, second son of Thomas and Sarah(Wright)Nelson 

(66) ;married,18 September i794,Celia Pell, at Poughkeepsie. 

He died at Poughkeepsie, 14 August 1828. Issue: 

266 Richard Nelson, born 19 April 1795. pst^-e^ci*^,^ «y^ /£>6<*^C^ 

267 Thomas Nelson, born 10 April 1797'Jdied ^1 July 1865. 

268 William F. Nelson, born 14 October 1801;died 8 October 

269 Charles Nelson, born 6 August I810;died in the Sand- 
wich Islands, date unknown. 

• ••^•.•♦^•.^* ..• — • — •,_ 

• ••• ••*••«• 

(137) Elizabeth Nelson, eldest daughter of John and Sarah(Wright) 
( Nelson(56) ,was born 11 May 1773, at Poughkeepsie , New York;mar- 

ried George Parker, 22 December 1798, at Poug]rikeepsie,and died 
a t the place of her birth, 10 September 1845. George Parker 
was born in Gar stang, County/ Lancashire, England, in 1760;died 
at Poughkeepsie, IBLXSSJiJtfiffKSKXXX 19 March 1811. Issue: 

270 Ann Parker, born 3 June 1802. 

271 Sarah Parker, - 

272 Thomas Sherrington Parker, born 10 J'ebruary 1304. 

aid Ycf(Xe)noal9M ,H(II)fiscrij9a lo noa xfi-lxl.noalsH: rastiH (SSI) 

ae9x£oJJJ<I,esnBtt)BJ d-£,ievi \I«li SSntocf aB\¥,eatoM iLenn^H sTiw 

,xuaiJOo btioooa aJr[,M6I ^i-iBi/n^T, fiX^ljsltijBcijji'ioY wsK^y^ci^^o 

t^Ijju dX i)9ll>;noal9'K a9:ioi:W xlennsH fcne i)iva(I lo 19i■dSIr£Jb,xiB^B3 

,X£8X •\i'i-BiJ'xcr9'? OS X)9ifc;VevX rioiisM OX niocf aew gxfB ..SC6X 


.Max tedrusvoH ex mocfjnoaXgK XaoT, S6S 

£)*'j,s(ani/,688X ai ijaxij\Vl&l doisU OS mocf,noaX9Tl ieltiaR cas 

.5S8X yXut. OS mocftnoEXeW Y-t-CcS l'6S 
,S£3X 9fu/T, V J:9ii)jX£8X YiBfj-nsli es niocf, ncaXgli datsP^ 668 

'•^•""« "*•""• 


eX9liI(d-iisinW)ji6iB8 f>n^ efifflOxiT ^o noa bnoosa.noaXeTI adol (6£X) 

.9Xaq392lji§i;o<I ^b,XX9<I filXgO^J^erX I9crm9d-q98 8X,£>9i'it6jiij (66) 

tgjjaal ,8S8X d-ai/guA i;'X,9Xeq99>lriswo*I ;^J3 bsth 9H 

k»^»>*..!.j!^, -^j* -..,«:>^>v.NiA .cSTX XiiqA GX mocf^noaXeH ttBdolR. 66S 

.e68X xLuJ. r& fcaxLfVGVX XltqA OX moo' noaXeK^eBinoilT V6S 

igcTocfoO 8 i)9lX.jX08X i9cfo^oO ^X mocf,no8X9'K .1 mjBxXXxW 86S 

-bnB3 9di ni tsxbjOXSX J-ax/sjjA 6 iT-tocr,noaX9lt aeXi^dO G6S 

. xivvon^Inxi sieb^shnslal doivr 

—-•—.*»•*— ••-••.*•.•• •••••-••.•». 

(:t-c[si'iW)iiei£8 ba& adoT, lo is:id'QiJ&b cTasiiXe.nceXsT! dted£.silK (V£X) 

-iJimjiiioY W9K,9i8qa93ixfgiJ0<I ^£,£TVX "v;^-^'^ -f-C xnocf a^w, (6a)noaX9T'I 

l)9Xh f>nfi,9XBq©9>Liiguo1 js,8evx iscfiaooaC SS,t92ti£S[ gsiosO iislT 

is3iiB? 9gio9i),. , ^^J^SX^igeTmscJ-qea OX,rid--iXcf igjri "io sofiXq edS its 

bsibiObVL nx ,l>nBX3na,9nxxlafion£«I Y^«J^oO,gfijs^ai«T) nx mocf B£w 

• :sxf88l .XX6X doisll ex :''Xv3£MM*Xiii2XHI,9lRqs9^(isiJ0<I 3s 

.R08X eniiL S mocf ,19^ijb<I nnA OVS 

-jisjfXB? dBi^a XVS 

.i»06X xiBij'id^'i OX mocf,*i93ii«^ nocfgnXTiedB eismoriT SVS 


273 George Parker, Jr. ,Toorn 10 January 1806, 

274 Ilary Parker, born 15 December 1607. 

27 5 John G. Parker, born 5 September 1309. 

• •••*• 

(140) Thomas Nelson, Jr. , third son of Thomas and Sarah Wright 
Nelson(56) ,was born 7 December 1775, at Poughkeepsie.New York; 
was apprenticed to his cousin, John Lang, a printer, in Phila«^c 
delphis,Pennsylvania;but died before the expiration of this 
apprenticeship, August 1|^6 4 unmarried. oor^^ed 

of learf :-:-:-: -:•' 

(141) Sarah Nelson, fourth daughter of Thomas and Sarah Vright 
Nelson(56) ,was born 9 August 1777, at Poughksepsie,New York; 
married, 21 September 1809, John Nat'.ress,vvho was born in Kent, 
England; she died, 17 January 1835, in New York City, Issue: 

276 Sarah Ann Nattress,born 25 February 1610. 

277 George T. Nattires8,born 20 June 1612. ^& 

278 Charles Nattress.born 31 January 1814;died 17 October 
1839, in New York City. ,,.,..,■.-.■ 

279 Ralph Nattress ,born 12 April 1816. 

280 William Nattress, born 20 October 1818. 

281 John Nat tress, born 27 August 1822, 

(142) Jacob Nelson, fourth son of Thomas and Sarah Wright Nelson 
(56), was born 8 May 1779, at Poughkeepsle,New York ; married, •'- 
16 December 1800, Elizabeth Deyo,at Poughkeepsie; where he die<J. 
16 December 1815, Issue: 

282 John Nelson, born 23 October 1801. Tr*,,^ „•»,.-.«; 
263 Wright Nelson, born 17 August 1803. 

284 Mary Eliza Nelson, born 24 November 1805. 

285 George Nelson, born 13 November 1807^,..,, 

,Q08I x-iBvasT, OS. mocT, ,iT.,t9:itB<x sgtosf) £VS 

.V08I iscfmoosa eX n*socr,*X93liB*I y*«-s^ ^'5'S 

♦ e06X iscfffiscrqaa ?- niocf ,'xe3it£*I .0 nrioX aVS 

• •*••• 

drCaitW £LeiB8 i)ni5 8«flioriT 'to noa fctiil^, , it, no a I sT^ bbeioxIT (Od^l) 
;>!• ^K,9xaq99>[ri§x;o1 cfB,erTI iscTinsosCr V niocT 8£W, (ae)n08l9W 

-Bltd^ ni ,i9cfnitq ,fi,sa,8J nrioX^niewoo aid oct- fcaolcJ-ns-taoB asiv 
aidi Ic ^oic^£"Iiqxs aiSJ sio'iscf beib ct'ucfjjBinsvlYeniisI, aidqlsfc 

.bsi'nBninjjfd^I ;t8JJSiJA,qxx£asoi^rt9iqqi3 

• #••• 

• « « • • 

cJ-xigiiW rLsifiS bni5 BJsmoiiT lo isirfsw^i- i£J-iual,ncal9PI rtsiBa (X^I) 

j2C*toY w9n,9laqos2irigifo5 d-ByVVTI d^awgwA 6 mod bjbw, (de)noaXQTS 

t^na^I ni mod a^w oxiw,aa9T:fcf£K njioL,e06X i9Grmerfq93 LR^btltiBin 

•.sijaaJ .^^-cO 2{toY W9H ni,fie8X yiBwnfiT, VX,l)9xi) grfa ; Jbn^Xgna 

.0I8X Yi'BU'irfg'i dS n*xocr,889n:f*BW naA rLBisa 6VS 

.iiXdX smjJ. OS niocf,8e9*tJJ£T^ .T Q-gioed VVS. 

•X9cfo^oO rx fc9ii>;^X8X xiBkiaaT, L€ jmocr,aa9ic^iJ3vI eaXiariO 6VS 

,yi&iO itoY W9K nl,e£8X 
,dX8X XiiqA 2X mod, aa9t;tcrBTI dalsR GTS 

.SX8X tedo^oO OS mod.easictcfBTI islbIXXIW OSS 

,SS8X d-awguA VS n-!fod,8a9i:^d-BlI mIoT, X8S 

• • • •• • 

noaXgW j^rij^XiW nB*iB8 baa aaraoxiT lo noa xli'-'XJJO'3:,noaX9'K doo^t (Si'X) 
,X)9iTi'ii5ffij2[ioy v/9H,9iaq99?IdBW09: i-£,CVVX y-bM 8 mod asw, (d5) 
^ii) 9x1 9i9dw;9xaq302ixl8U0*I ctB,o\;9Q. xicfadssiXK, 008X igdraooaQ 6X 

:9U8aI .ciXSX i:9dineo9G 6X 

.X08X tgdo^oO £g ff-iod,noaX9K nxloli S8S 

.£08X Sbu^sjA VX n-tod,noaX9H &d'^l-\^ 582 

.eG8X isdmsvoK i^S mod,noaX9H bsXXS xi^{ ^8S 

.V08X i9dci9voI'l f'-L n-iod,noaXsPt 9gio9t) 682 


I 1 286 Laura Nelson, born 31 I!ay 1810, 

287 Joseph. Nelson, born 3 October 1813. 




288 Jacob Nelson,- 

fi t out 

289 Sally Ann Nelson, born 11 March 1816, 

• • • 


(144) William Nelson, sixth son of Thomas and Sarah Wright Nel- 

f'nf-.n occasion re-julr?d; ar " >iua i" ■ it-c 

3on(56) ,was born 29 June 1784, at Poughkeepsie,New York, He 

spent his boyhood days working on the farm in the summer and 

attending school during the winter months. Having mastered 

■ her pri-Tne charac ^jr c^ 

the rudiments of learning as far as the common schools could 

teach him, he entered the Dutchess Academy, where he graduated 

and immediately entered upon the study of the law with The- 

was gentle in practl 
ron RuddjWho was afterwards Clerk of the District Court of 

the United States. He formed the acquaintance of all that 

practic;- '■'-■ ■-'•^ 

distinguished group of lawyers, then practiceing their profes- 

l of onlet 'hiv'our . 

sion at Poughkeepsie, including Smith Thompson, General James 

Tallraadge, Jr. , Thomas J. Oakley, Gilbert Livingston, James Emott 

Sr ., Nathaniel P.Tallmadge, James Hooker and Alexander Porbus. 

He was admitted to the bar in 1807, his diploioa'Tjeing signed 

■^._^^ ^by William Kent. jf Z^^^**^-^ /i-^ ei-*->«-^ ^^ /i-^- 

,^,. , , , After^Qompleting. his law, studies Jlr .Nelson went to 

/ / 

Buffalo on horseback with tke intention of settling in that 
place, but circumstances afterwards led him to Peeksk ill, where 
he remained, and soon became knovra as "The Honest Dutch Law- 
yer," He readily acquired a large practice and a wide rep- 
utation. In 1815 he was appointed district attorney for the 
district then composed of the counties of Westchester , Putnam 
and Rockland, which office he held for thirty- two years, the 

longest record for continuous service, though after 1818 the 

district composed of only the county of Westchester. Inl819 

uiix » n 

.0X81 Y^sM I.Z rriod",noeIeK biugJ. c)8S 

.£181 -fscfocToO f, n"iOcr,noal9TT xfqsaoT. VSS 

-.noalsTit cToo^T^ 83S 

.6181 doiJsM IX fi-iocf,noaX9K nnA x-t-C^B 682 

-XsTI drfsi-tW dsiJsS Mb e^moxIT lo no8 rii-xi8,no8X9"K fffBlIXlW (^*X) 

sH ,:I^oY wsH^elEqesiQisiiO^ d-^.i^STX enuO es morf e^w, (6c)noa 

l)nB leffittuja sxid' ai btibI sdi no gniaiTow axBb boodxod elr£ ^tneqa 

Jbansd-aBm snivsH .axicfnoiH leiniw 9ii^ igni-oiii loojEloe ^£iibaei:fs 

bluoo aXoodos norrunoo 3rl& es tsl gb ^niaiBel lo ecfnsDixJbu't 9r{;t 

f)9:t£0i>Bns 9Ji 9*x9rLw,\;fli9-fc>fioA aeedo^ud &d^ bsisiae sd,mid dosei 

sdT ji^iw wjbX 9x1J lo vlwjcta Bdd noqw iieiSvtng x-ts^-B-ci'SfflinJ: fcas 

lo diuoO doxicfaxG 9ii;t lo iiisXO eij'iBWxg^lfi esv/ orfw,bf>i;51 net 

J- Brief XXb lo 9onfi*nlBJLrpo£ sriJ- l>9flnol eH .es^scfS i»9vlinU siiJ 

-asloiq -^ilsdi gnigoi^'Ofiiq neri;^ , aigywsX lo quois bedsiu-gcil^aib 

aemBZ XBi9n9t),noeqmor{T r(;J-iiE8 gnifvuXonl ,9laq99^gi;o<I *b noxs 

cfcforaa aemBt,n6Je^nivlJ d--£9rfXiT),\;eX2LsO ,T, ejsnoriT, .iT.jegBBmXXeT' 

.aud'io'K lebciBxeLA bns ig^iooH aems'^fQTibBmS.LBT.I leltiBdtBK^ .iB 

i)9ngla snl9d £iHoXqii>- eixi, VOSX nJ -ljbcT 9rf+ c^ b9:tJlmf)B bb\" 9F. 

" ' ■ .c^^9X iTTBiXXiW vcf 

od^ .+n9W noaX9K,iII.a©xf)ud'a vr&l aid gnicfeXqnioo TsJlA 

d-fiild- nl gnxX;t;t98 lo noictn9cfnx sxi^ d&irt :^o^cf9s^OIl rto oXbIIjjH: 

9-£Sjlw,XXi:3£B2[99<I oi mxri "fceX • efiia1frt6*lB Esonsjaxiiijoiio ,tjjcr,90£lq 

-wbJ do&uQ. *aenoE eifT" bb nwon>f sflteoed" nooe f>n£,i>snlBiit9T ed 

-q9i 9i)xw B inB soid^ojantq egiBX b b&tiispoB YXXf>B9T sH ",19^ 

9xfd "tol xsatojiss. ;ioi'iiaib ba&ai:Qq,q,s asvr 9xf cX8X nl ,a.oliB^ts 

raBnd'jj^,T9^B9xfoJ^a9W lo a9id^xujoo ed& lo ioaoqmoo tied) toliSalb 

Qd&^atsex ovri-y,)-ildi nol tl9d 3d 90III0 r(oJ:r<w, bnBliooH bna 

ed& 8X8X •i9^1jb d'^uod) (eolv^se ai/ojjnicfnoo lox iJ^u•J9^ ;J'a9snoX 


QXSXnl ,i9cf89iio;J^a9'^ lo xinuoo 9di vino lo fcoaoqraoo toitistb 

William Nelson: 

The story of the life of William Nelson would not laalf "be told 
were there left out of it a summary of the virtues of her whose in- 
fluence was, for almost three- score years (seven and fifty years) the 
controlling factor in his home, and whose wise counsels were ever 
ready and helpful when occasion required; and whose fine qualities 
were her distinsuishing heritage to her family. It can in all truth 
he said, and with reverence he it written, that humility, charity, 
truthfulness, were her prime characteristics. Her conscientious 
scruples were firm and lofty, though never austere. She had a strong 
sense of right , coupled with perfect charity towards other people; 
inflexible in principle, she was gentle in practice. Intellectually 
brilliant and accomplished she had a strong vein of common-sense 
and practical wisdom, great penetration into character , and a goodly 
fund of quiet hamour, • 

" She stretcheth out her hand to the poor; yea, she reacheth 
forth her hands to the needy." (Proverhs XXXI, 20 ) . 

w-^i^x, »«^^ p^'^^ zCc^i^c^:^ 



he was elected to the Assembly, and in 1823 to the state Sen- 
ate, where he served for three terms. In 1848 he was elected 
to Congress and continued to represent his district until 
1851, after which he was one of the Judges of the Court of 
Appeals. He was an old time 'Whig, a personal friend of Henry 
Clay, Daniel Webster and Abraham Lincold. He was one of the 
first Masons of Peekskill and was universally esteemed by 
that "Fraternity, 

Mr, TJelson married, 9 February 1812, at Peekskill, by 
the Reverend Silas Constant , Cornelia Mandeville, eldest daugh- 
ter of John and Dorinda Hardman,of New York City. She was 
born in New York City, 20 February 1797, and died at her home 
in Peekskill, 26 August 1869. William Nelson died, also at 
Peeiiskill,2 October 1869. Issue: 

290 Dorinda Hardiaan Nelson, born 25 January 1813, 

291 Joseph Nelson, born 4 March 1815, 

292 George Parker Nelson, born 25 January 1817, .^^y, -r, 

293 Thomas Nelson, born 23 January 1819. 

294 Sarah Ann Nelson, born 15 January 1821. 

295 William Rufus Nelson, born 25 November 1822, 

296 Cornelia Mandeville Nelson, born 17 November 1824o 

297 Elizabeth Parker Nelson, born 11 December 1826, 

298 Richard James Nelson, born 4 June 1830;died 29 October , 

299 Edward Beverly Nelson, born 28 July 1832;dled 28 May 

300 Laura Young Nelson, born 26 October I834;died H 2 April 

301 a Son, born 22 April 1837;died at birth, 

302 Robert D. Nelson, born 15 May 1839, 

-__: B 9£f:t o;f SS8X nl bctB ^\L(iIaeeaA sdi od- b&iosle aBW erf 

b9ioQle afiw en 8^81 nl .exmsJ- aeijiJ^ tot bevtea ed 9i9riw,9d-£ 

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to *^uoD 9iiJ^ to ee-gbsjT, ed& to 9no aaw 9rf doJLriw ^9cttB,Ie8I 

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.Aj^imed-Btl' jBxfd- 

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-xiSJjBf) d-a9f)l9,9.CIiv9l)nBM Bil9n'foO,d'nB^anoD bbIxS bci&iSYeR Qdi 

aaw 9118 ,y:^xO 2l-toY weTI "iOjnjsnibiBH RbniioC baB nrloL ^o is^ 

emoxl tad is baib JbnB.Vevi Y*l^w^c^9'i OS,\;d-±0 st-xoY W9W nl mod" 

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teuaal .Cd8I isdoioO Si^ILt:li»4&9^ 

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.6181 do-tBM i^ motf,noal9TI dqeaoL IGS 

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,ei8I Y"t£wnBt £S mocf,noal9TI aBmorfT £68 

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igcToJ-oO 62 h9xi:>;0£8X enuT, h ntodfaoaLaVL a9inB'G htBdolR 862 


XbM 82 £)9X£);2£8X ^LuT, 82 mocT^nosXgW v.Xil9V9S biBVbS. 662 


Xl-tqA 2 K i)9ii';f^£8X ^9c^o:^oO 62 n-£Ocr,noaX9Ti: gruroY b^ubJ 00£ 


.il^t-xicf J£ i)9Xl);f£8X XxiqA 22 mocf,noa b XOE 

,e£8X Y^M ax n-£Ocf,noaX9TI ,a ;fi9cfofl 20£ 


(145) Joseph Nelson, seventh son of Thomas and Sarah Vright Nel- 

3on(56) ,was 'born,! April 1786, in Poughkeepsie ,New York;he 
was married, 17 February 1808, at Poughkeepsie, "by the Rev.Jlfr. 
Brower,to Hannah Porto Joseph Nelson was Colonel of a Reg- 
iment of Artillery, recruited principally from Dutchess and 
neighbouring counties, in the War of 1812, Colonel Nelson 
was ordered to take his regiment to to the defence of New 
York City, arriving there he was stricken with Typhoid Pever, 
from which he died, 3 November 1812, His wife, Hannah Port, 

was born 18 August 1785, at. Poughkeepsie, New York, she died 

Curtis, and iliPd In 184.J . ■re.l cti ■.3.<'r«»r. 

in the town of her birth, 18 October 1828. Issue: 

303 Jane Ann Nelson, born 15 December 1808. 

304 John Peter >Telson,born 29 July 1810, 

305 James Port Nelson, born ^ July 1812. 

• • • • • 0. 

(147) Samuel Nelson, youngest son of Thomas and Sarah Vrtght Nel- 
scn(56) ,was born at Poughkeepsie, New York, 14 February 1793. 
Mr. Nelson was a Captain in the 84th Regiment of Artillery, 
of New York State Troops, commanded by his brother, Colonel 
Joseph Nelson, in the War of 1812, Mr, Nelson married, 15 Nov- 
ember 1820, Christena, daughter of Hendrick Brenner, at Upper- 
Red Hook, New York; and died,l April 1869, on his farm at Upper 
Red Hook, Issue: 

306 Thomas Henry Nelson, born 21 October 1822. 

307 Sarah Catherine Nelson, born lO December 1824. 


rfi] ■ 

308 Theodore Tenbroeck Nelson, born 22 March 1827. 

309 Arthur Nelson, born 15 June 1829. 

310 Christena Jane Nelson, born 28 January 1832, 

311 Elizabeth Nelson, born 4 April 1835;died 1 March 1863. 

^v>^« 'X 

9£lj2inoY wsTI, eiaqs92£risi;o<I rfl.SSTI IxnqA I,n"£Ocf aBw,(a?.)noa 
.iM.vsfl 9xiJ- Ticf,9laq9 93lrisjjo*I d^£,o06l x'^ajjiasl '^IfbQittGtsi asvi 
-g9fl B lo IgnoIoO e^w noBlalT ifqseoX ,j"xo1 rfannfiH oi ^tewoiE 

btiB aagrip.tua flto^^ xllaqtrynl-iQ betiuioei ^y-ieiLi&iA to itx&ird 

W9TI lo 9on9l9f» ed& o>l od" ^romlaai airf 92£jb.j' oct- f)9^e£no aaw 

* ■ • ■ 

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j.tioT £££nnsH,9lxw axH ,i,j.oj. lacfiasvolil e.-osirj sif x£oiiiw moil 

i)9xl) 9Ifa,2t^oY wgTI.aiaqsajiflsjJol ;}-B,e8TI .+ ajJSJjA 81 mocf asw 

:9uaal .8s^8I iscfoVoO 8I,xi:t^j:cr laif to f^Aroc^ 9r{^ nl 

.6081 iau:;-.909(I 51 mod«noal9K nnA eaal 606 

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.5GVI v-uswicfel ^l^^ioY weV[,3ieqed±i-psio<l t.g mocf 3Bv/,(ae)noa 

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I9^oIoO,t9xfj•o^d■ aixf vcf J)9l)nBciraoo,aqooiT sd-sd-g ^IioY W9PI to 

-voK aI,f)9jt^^B^I noslgil .tM .SI8I lo ^BW 9ri* nx,no8l9K riqgaoL 

-igqqU ^fSfienneiK jfoiibnsH ^o is&d'^sjiib tBaeiaitdO ^0R3L lacfciG 

laqqU cfB cnBl eJtxf no, 6881 IxiqA I,b9x/) bnj3;2ttoY w9lI,2£ooH beH 

:9uaal ,2tooH beR 

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,^RaL lacfnisosa: 01 mocf<noal9PI anx-iaxfJBO jiBifiS T0£ 

.TSSI xfotsM gS mocf,noal9Tf iosoicfngT 9^ofc09^[T 806 

.es8I ectuX dl mocf ,noal9Tl ^JJri.+^A 606 

.S58I Yi£i'afi''i 8S mo-f.itoalgW an^L ensd-aiTtrfO OIS 

.£d8I £fo^BM I i)9XJb;a£8X IxiqA i^ mocf.noalgTil xicfacfssxIS LLC 


(149) John Armstrong, second son of Eli2abet}i(Nelson)and Ashael 
Arinstrong(57) ,was born,l May 17 68 ;marci.M, iQ , 17 99 > Susan Alb- 
ertson,and died in 1841, leaving several' children. 

• • * 

(150) Anna Armstrong, eldest daughter ofEli2alDeth(Nelspn)and Ash- 
feel Armstrong (57) , was born 29 April 1770;married, in 1793, 
Jacob Wright ;and had seveEal children. 

(151) Abner Armstrong, third son of Eli2abeth(Nelson)and Ashael 
Arms trong( 57 ), born 3 October 1772; married, in 1799, Hannah 
Curtis ;and died in 1841, leaving several children. 

(152) Mary Armstrong, second daughter of Eliz.abeth(Kelson)and 
Ashael Armstrong(57) ,born 20 August 1774;raarried, in 1802, 
Jacob Broth, at Pough]ceepsie,New York; and died in her native 
tovm in 1804, Issue: 

312 Lydia Broth, 

(153) Elizabeth Armstrong, third daughter of Eli2abeth(Nelson) 
and Ashael Armstrong(57) ,born in 1776;married, in 1803, John 
Dennan;died 8 August 1659, near Poughkeepsie. Issue: 

313 Azahel Denrnan, 

-:-:-:-:-:••:- 4. 

(156) Lydia Armstrong,f if th daughter of Eli7,abeth(lTelson)and 
Ashael Armstrong(57) ,born 5 Jfey 1782; married, in 1800, Jacob 
Albertson,and died 20 October 1828, leaving several children, 

■*^"''' -:-:-:-:-:-:- H Via ana 
(187) Mary Ann Armstrong, sixth daughter of Elizabeth (Nelson) 
and Ashael Armstrong(57) ,born 23 September 1784; married, in 
1806, Richard Thorn, and removed to Western New York. 
"*"" ■ -:_:-:-:_:-:- leal 

SssdaA i)n£ (rTO?.lB")rr,+ s,-fs,^ xirir lo noa feno 09 3,2^091 J- SitnA ndoT, (9i»X) 

— • —•—•—•-••—.♦ — 

-xlaA bnB(noai8KM3^3cii3siii»iio -^sd-xigu^j;) jasblSjgnoiJ'BanA snaA (OfiX) 
,S6?I nx,i)9itifinijOVVI Ii^qA CS mod s^w, (\'5)gnoiJ-eiaiA I9j3 

.nsTbllrio LBZ3V33 bsd bn.p.i&ri.-^l'iW cTooBt 

-•••••—• — • — • ^ * ^ 
• •• • • • 

IgBrfaA l)ns(noal9K)riJ-9crssJ:ia lo noa bild& (:gnot^am'iA lendA {Ldl) 
ilBnnsH,eeTI nj ,^9lTi.B.rijgm tacTo^oO S mocT, (V5)§^o^^BfmA 
,n9-iJ3Xxao XB-i»y9a gnxv^3l,I^8I ni i)9if) i>^J3JaicJ•^JJ0 

i)nj3(noal9'l<l)dd'9d'BS±ia "io "^s^^rir^L'sb bnoosa f-gaot&smtA visM. (S5I) 
,2081 ai ,£>9j:T^j3ni; J^Vf I j a;j;yjj.n u^ uiuff < (ve)gnotcfeni'iA l9J3jlaA 
9VlJ"Bn igxl nx LeJtf) £inj3;:;£ioY vv9M,9laq992L£lsiJ0l d's,d:^0'iK doosJ, 

:9jjaBl ,^081 nl xwod- 
.dd-o-i-a: Bxi)\;J SIS 

(noal9W)r[J-9crBsxia "io ie;^d:ausb inxdvt ,§noictgniiA xlcJ-gcrBslia (sai) 
itu.uuj£08I ni,i)9XiiJSflij6VTI nx niocf , (Te)3noi^aiaiA l9Bjc{aA bns 
:9JjBaI .9xaq993£rfsi;o<I -issn^QdQL jawgwA 8 £)9xl)jas£nn9Cr 

.OBfTtnen: lerlBsA £I£ 

.i«*-»*««»* ..*_,* Ml * — 

i)nB(noal9Tl)j[ld-9crBSJ:ia lo le&d'gsjsb dd•tj:^:,§^o^d•afiITA BXb^J {ddl) 
cfooBl.,0081 nx ,f)9X^^B^I;S8VI xbII 5 mocT, (V3)j]no*i.+amiA l9BxIaA 
,n9ni)Ilrio iBTe — i ■ ^^.irsQl^Q^Sl lado&oO 0£i jj^^j. ■ La- ^IJoa+^9c^IA 

• • • 

(no8l9Ti:)ri:f9d'BsJ:I?r lo igJ-rigjjBh r{i•xxa,§no-I:^am^A nnA y,'iBK (^fll) 
nl ,j:>9x-i ;.--,' ii±-o> J. ic7UJu=.jiX9a £S mocf , (Va)snotd-aiinA IgBxfaA bns 
,3i^oY W9W n-i9j-e9¥ oJ- bsvomsi bnB,mor{T btBrioxHjdOSI 


(158) Lucretia Armstrong, youngest daughter of Elizabeth (Nelson) 
and Ashael Arinstrong(57) ,t>orn 13 September 1787;married 
Charles Manning, and was living in Hyde Park, New York, in 1854, 

(159) Leonard Nelson, eldest son of John(68)and Sarah (Reed)Nel- 
son( 61) ; married, Mary, daughter of Lloses DeGroff,of Poughkeep- 
sie,New York. Issue: 

314 Isaac DeGroff Nelson, born 2 July 1810. 

315 Eliza Nelson, born 15 February 1812, 

316 Mary M. Nelson, born 30 May 1815. 

•••-*• — •— •••—•»- 
• ••••• 

(168) Theophilus(lII)Nelson, youngest son of George and Phoebe 
(Stymer)Nelson(68) ;married Catherine Lyons, v/ho v/as born in 
Ireland, in 1815; she died in New Rochelle,New York, June 28, 
1898, Issue: n^,-,.^ 

317 Henry Loomis Nelson, 

318 George Lyons Nelson, 

319 Maria Nelson, .«^u^^ ,^s. 

320 Zaida Nelson, 

321 Catherine Lyons Nelson, 

(169) Sarah V/ood Nelson, only daughter of David and Hannah (V^icke^ 
Nelson(70) ,was born 10 March 1797 ;married,13 January 1814, 
Hiram Nelson;died 20 February 1831, For children of Hiram"' 
Nelson, 3U£K and Sarah Wood Nelson, see(l32) , p. 118) . 

— •-••• •■••••••«' 

(170) Theophilus Nelson, eldest son of David and Hannah (wyckes) 
Nelson(70) ,was born 17 October 1798, in the town of Clinton, 
Dutchess Coiinty,New York. At an early age he laft the paren- 
tal roof to coEimence the battle of life for himself. By his 
own efforts he obtained a good English and Classical educa- 

(no3l9M)rf;±IS 16 teMswieB d-adsxurox«sno.t;?aw:"iA alcJ-eioxTLl (861) 
l)9XTii3m; VS'fl tecfflieJqsS 51 mod, (V6)§noiv+en!TA. IssrfeA iniJ 
,*58I ni,2[ioY v/9"pr,2f*xB'r sfci^H nx gnxvll aew Xjas.snxnn-sM aelisriO 

-X9M(Jb90H) dB-sjsS £)ne(<id)«rIoT. lo nos Ja8bi9,noal9PI iitsaoeJ. (661) 
-q39>£rfS«o<I to,llota9Cr B©aoM lo '«9MsM.s.b,Te%QM,f)9ltiBra; (I9)ao« 

:9uaal ,:£'xpY wgKjSla 

.0181 yJ^jjI. S mocf,noal9-lI 1101090: obbbI ^15 

..^ilBX YiSJJicfs'tC fil mocftnoBXaTiC saiXa: SIS 

,aX8X Y-eM OS rrxorf,fioaX9i;f .M vibM dX£ 

9cr90x£<[ f)rtB 93109t) lo fioa \+89gmroY , nosXglil (ill ) aijXxi£qo9rIT (8SX) 
ftir mod a^w oriw.afrovM enxterioBO fcaiiiBm; (86)noaX9K(i9fliy;*8) 
i8S"'9m/t,5{ioY W9i;i, siisxfodfl wsK nx f>9i:£» 9xla;6X8X ai^bn^lsil 

:9jjsal ,8C8I 

(noaXsTf =.f:nTOoJ vtrrBK 7X2 

,noaX9H. aau\:ii sg-iosB bXS 

,noaX9"H BXi^M 6X£ 

.rroaXsPf bMbS 0S£ 

,KoaXsli anoYJ. 9nxT9xiJ.B0 XSS 

t9:jIox^y)xiBnn:3H inij birsd lo tad-rfgw^f) vXnD,noaXslI ijoo^if dBtsP, (€'8X) 
ji'XaX vT-Gunis'L, cXjuen-iBfTt; V&VX .iloifiM OX mod ajsw, (0V)noaX9Pi 
flxkiXH lo nsTbXxrfo to'?[ .XfiSX ytBindo'? OS f)©xi)j«oaX9TI msitiE : 
. (8XX.q, (Sf;X>f59G,rT08l9TI fjooW riijiJS^ ftfiB IWi^noalsV. 

i^»— ■-«•,«•-•' 

(a92loYw)iisnnBH bns ijxTfiO: 1to ctoa c)-a9M9,noaX9K auXldqoerfT (OVX) 
^nodrtlXb 'to nwoct grf.t nx,8e?X i9doJ-oO ?X mod stx/, (0V)noaX9'T 
-naiBq 9ri,t Stsl sd a^Qn vx-^^s n£ &A .iitoY waK, v^,^nijo0 aasrloJi/CT 
axxC Y^ .IXgamlrf 'sol slxX lo Qltiad sd^ eoasmnoo oJ- looi Xj3o 
-soube XjsoiaafiXO Ms rfaxXgrtS Boog ^ Lgnlerdo 9r{ ddnoll9 nwo 


tion.and coimnenced the study of Medicine. He first studied 
with Dr. Piatt, and afterwards continued with Dr,Sherrill,of 
Hyde Park, completing his course at the Medical College, in . 
New York City. He then commenced the practice of Medicine 
in partnership with Dr.Sherrill,with whom he remained ahout 
two years. In 18?.5 he returned to Rhinebeck and entered 
into partnership with Dr. Piatt , where and with whom he conr) 
tinued in active practice for more than forty years. For 
the last four years Dr. Nelson has been alone but still in^ . 
active practice, 

I- He arose to eminence as a physician, and was especial- 
ly skilled as a Surgeon ;his fame in this particular extend'^., 
ing far beyond the limits of his ordinary practice. He was 
a man of great force of character , possessing a high order 
'"^ of mental and physical ¥igour,-of untiring energy and per- 
severance. Starting out in the v/orld with nothing but his 
own strong arm and brave heart to aid him, he overcame every 
obstacle, however formidable , and obtained a v/ell-merited em- 
inence and distinction. As a citizen, he always encouraged 
every enterprise promising the advancement and welfare of 
the community. He was twice elected to the office of Super- 
visor of Rhinebeck; and in every posit ion, both public and pri- 
vate, discharged his duties with ability and fidelity. He v- 

retained his physical strength and mental acuteness to the 

25 October- 
last, He died at Rhinebeck, 4 April 1872, He married Frances 
-1837 '^'■ 

Hooke Cov/les;she was born 5 July 1801;died 2 July 1864, 

fkU.. iO^Vl- 

bolhij&a ■tatx^ 9H ,af(dfcpj(:l>3M to \bij&a sdt beonsinmoo baa,nol& 

1:o,XIx^^9ii3,^(I d&xr/ i)awnx:t-noo abtsvne&TiB f)ft8,d-;tfiI5,i(I d&tvr 

rrx,es9llo0 LsoibeM 9Xi.t J-.q aaiixoo alrf s^-tJ"9J^Qoi03»3iis<l sijyK 

d-jjocffi i>9nxBm9T 9il raoxCw A^ iw ^ Llitt9d.?j ,t(I rfJ-lw qldaten^tsq ni: 

b&ta^ae bnss -AoBdantdfi o& baatuis-x Bd eS8X nl ,a't^9v ow* 

-noo 3d ffl.' H 9t9ilw< vt>tBI1.^Cr r({J-xw qlilaisnct-'ijsq- odril 

io1 ,eiB9\: vJio'l tisdi^ 910CI loi soxjoisici svlcfo-s nl £>9i;fti^ 

rrx IlxJ-a ^ucf anolB no9cf a^rf noalgi^l .id a^iBS-^ tuol tsal ed& 

,9oid-0-STq arl&os 

-lBX09qa9 saw fona,n£xoi3Yrfq js a« sofiserirag ocf 9ao^fi 9H 

-Lag^xe i&Lsjoi&iaq, aidi nx 9iasl axdjnogpiwS >s as beLLl-Aa vX 

asw 9H .Qoxct-oaiq \'t&atb'io aid to aJ-xiaxI 9i{^ baox^d tst gnx 

•19£)"£0 rl§xil £ saiaa9aaoq,i9>toBiBjio lo sotoT: J-^ais to ciBm 3 

-^9q iins vg-rartg snitlJ-m/ xO-jiuo-gxV Isoxa"v;riq fcn^ l&inam to 

aid i'ud ^nid^on xfc^xw bliovr 9r[d- nx d"jJo gnxd-tfiJ-f^ ,9onBi9V9a 

XtevQ 9rasoi9yo 9Ji<mxxi bis o& &tsed srsid bnn una snotJ-s rr.vo 

-ins i) 9 cfi 1921 -I lew b henis&do haj3,9icfBj3Xcn«l: igvewodiSloBJacfo 

i)93f?iuoon9 axBTvlfi sd^a9si&lo b rA .rroic^orrxd-axi) bns eonanx 

^0 91^*1X97/ Xjrts tnemeonsvbB sd3^ anj-d-iiiiuivi asi-tqtsjii^s .^-i^vs 

-igquB lo 90x110 gxfd- uJ- beioeLo Bolwt aaw 9H .Ytinunnnoo 9ri^ 

-t£"tq Lrrs oJtXcfjjq 4*ocf ,noi^xaoq x'^eve nx Las ; ^loecfgnirlfl lo loaiv 

9H .Yd^lXgi)^! i;n5 Y^-tXxdj; rfJ-iw a9x*wfj atd B^J^1B^^:oax.b,9c^;3V 

9ifd' 0.J aa9n9;}-jjojs LBi'aem bns ilJ-sneTi^a XjBoiaTCjrfq alii benistet 

-•tocfocfoo as 

a90^£^'i X>9iTi'Sffi sH ,S?8X Xx-tqA i^jiTogdealrffl cJ-b batb en ..ta^X 
A vssx- 

,^98X Y-t^f- S i)9xl3;X08X \;X0T. d aiod asw 9rfa;a9XwoD 9?IooH 


(171) Jacob Wickes ITelson, youngest son of David and Hannah 
(Wyckes)Nelson(70) ,was born 24 May 1800 ; married, 1 Ja.nuary 
1824, Julia A.Smitli;died 21 February 1826. Julia A. died 19 
May 1825. Issue: 

322 Julienne NelsoH;bo*'n-i8:M3n«ek I825;died 3 October 1826 

X« — • — •»••'-« •^^•X 

(180) Sarah Nelson, eldest daughter of Phineas and Hannah(Lane) 
>Telson(85) ,v;as born 9 October 17 82, probably at Fishkill Land- 
ing, TTew York; she married Christopher Haight,at Fishkill Vil- 
lage. Sarah did not go west with her father's family, but 
remained behind with her rapidly increasing familj'jhere she 
lived all her life, here her children were born ,and here, she 
died, Children:-8, 

(182) Caleb Nelson, eldest son of Phineas and Hannah(Lane)Nelsai 
(85) was born, 8 May 17 86, at Pishkill Village, New York. He 
united with the Baptist Church, at Spencer ,Nev/ York, in 1810, 

■ "I --^and v;as ordained a Minister of that denlmination in 1822; 
held several charges, first at Spencer, ten years at the West 
Owego church;four years at the Enfield Church, in Tompkins 
County, In 1851 an urgent call decided him to return to the 
^est Owego Creek Church, which charge he held until his death, 
27 March 1854, He married Christina Ingersoll.she was born 
in 17 91, She survived her her husband and married Charles 
Scott, ^'/hen on a visit to her sister at Palrport,and while 
out driving near Batavia,v/as thrown from the carriage and " 
fatally injured, dying a few hours after the accident. Issue: 

323 Joshua Nelson, died in infancy. 

324 Priscilla Nelson. 

325 n,-n:]LB.1 Nelson. 

■\7iBunfi'Ii I,b9ifiBra;008I x^K I^S mocf saw, (OV)noal9TT(a92[ovMr) 
GI Jbaib .A Bt£i.sT, .8S8I v-t^iJtcfeT IS f5©lb;rfd-XfflS.A j:?xIwX,^a8I 

tsjjaal ,eS8I -^.sM 
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(drtBJ)iiBnrtJ3R bnB assniri*! lo i9d"xl§jJ5b c}-a9f)l9,rtoal9TI disiBS {081 ) 
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odB^ied bnB, mocf 9T9w neTMxdo iQd stad^eltL i9ci lis f>9vll 

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:9weal ,ctn9X)iooB gxiJ- -ie;ftB sissod "rtel b gnXY&t^^'^J^'tn-t v;XlB.tBt 

.vo^Blnx nx i59xt,noaX9W Birrlaol. 5SC 

.noaXgH .sXIioaxiq ^25 


326 Palmer Nelson, 

327 Mary Nelson, 

328 Hannah Nelson, 

329 Judson Cale"b Nelson(?'i.D. ) , 

(183) ?'Iary Nelson, third daughter of Phineas and Hannah (Lane) 
Nelson(85) ,"born 6 August 1786, at Fishkill Village, New York; 
died in 1872. She married Samuel Ingersoll,who was a Tent- 
mate of her "brother Palmer in the War of 1812, They were 

in the expedition that crossed the Niagara river and was 

at the Battle of Lundy's Lane. I-ary,with her husband, went 

to Flint .Michigan , Issue: 


Twin daughters, 

331 f livp.d. :'.:.;;,neas, Jr, ,a. ".or 

332 A son. ' ^^^'-' ^-^ "^^rr in ?.: 

333 A son. oj.u-vicii;j,ry 

• «•••* 

(184) Joshua Nelson, second son of Phineas and Hannah ( Lane )Nel sen 
(85) jhorn 11 December 1790, at Pishkill,New York, He enlisted 
in the United states Army and saw active service in the War 
with Mexico, a.nd died, in Texas, soon after the close of hos^ril- 
ities. He married Sidner Howard, b;/- whom he had one son: 

334 Gouvenier Nelson, Jth^^-^yCof 3-A^ • 

(185) Phineas Nelson, Jr. , third son of Phineas smd Hannah(Lane) 
>Telson(85) ,born at Pishkill,New York, 7 Pebrua.ry 1893, a-nd went 
west v/hen the family moved to South Danby,New York, driving a 

'*' Yoke of Oxen the whole distance. When twenty- one years old 
he visited his old home in Pishkill, walking the whole distan 
ce there and and back. When but 19 years old he was drafted 

I >J\*bV r-L 

, (.C.M)no8l9W cfaXsO nosfjuX, eS5 

* • '•■• • • • • 

(9n.'5LT)xisnn^H eciid^ to -isdrigtrjsf) £)ixxW-,noal9Tl Y^-sJi (£81) 

;2L-ioy wePf.ssfiXIxV IlijWal'T ^J3,88?I iaiS'guA 6, mod, (a8)noar3'Pr ' 

-v+nsT js aj3W orf'.Y,XIoa^9saI Isiiaifig beiitsn sdP, .SV8I nx f)9J:l) 

ataw vaxfT ,SIdI lo isW ed.& ni lamlxj^ isilj-o-icr laxi "io 9;>-Bxa 

sBv; hnj3 tsvlt B-xagBxIf gifJ' .baaaoTo ^Mj- noicMbsqxs axlJ- ni 

d-newtlsnfldauri -xari rid-xw,7;*taM ,9nsd a'yi'fWiI lo sld-J-BS arid- J-s 

: 908 el ,n^i:x£oi}I,;}TiJtI'T ot 


,a^9j•xl^Jl;Bjb niwT 


.aoe A S££ 

.rroB A £f;£ 

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f)9ialln9 9H .2l^oY vreK^lJLxolsiei'^. ts^OQ^L igcffreosC 11 mod", (28) 

tfiW adi nx eoxviea 9vi:t-0£ 7/£3 bn^ xsstA asosJg i)9cH«U arfd- nx 

-lltsod lo 980 lo edi -ioilsi fiooaje^xaT ai^beib f)ns,ooxx9M rfc^lw 

:noa 9no bad sd moxivs' x<i ^b^svoE tanblci ijgx-ttjsrr sH .aeid^i 

• ■ * « • ^ 

(9rrBJ)xCBnnsH fens s&enid^ IlO noe bixd;^ , .^■L,^0 3I9K 8B9nJtri1 (581) 
cfnaw i>nve,£e8I -yiXQijicfal '!',::f^oY rfsK,LLx:Mzi1 iB nxoa, (e8)noal9P[ 
s gnivxt-b, XioY waVi^xdnsd d&uoS o& bevom MlxirLBt 9xic!' nsr&v :>-aaw 
bLo B^£9\': 9no-y;ct'xi9wJ nsrPV .gonsc^axf) 9lox£v; 9x£^ naxO lo 93loi 
HBct-axiD aloxiw 9xfj 2-'^-t>£-CBw,IIi>lriax'»[ ax smod bLo aid beiiisiv od 


beilBib asw arf bLo atssv 61 &ud nedW .ioaif fin^cj .fcfift-9i9r£d- 9o 

for service in the war of 1812. He served under General 
Stephen van Rensslear, Colonel Solamon van Rensslear ,and Cap- 
tains V/horl and Christie. He was in the "battle and at the 
storming of Q,ueensto^im Heights, education was acquired 
hy studying at night by the light of a log-fire. He had an 
excellent memory and could rehearse historical events with 
phenominal ease and accuracy. He was a good Mathematician, 
v/ell versed in Philosophy, and Astronomy v/as his hohhy. To 
convey some idea of the interest he tQOi: in his children's, ^, 
education, in "bad weather he would ca.yry the younger ones a 
great distance through the snow or slush to the school-house 
ajid return for them in the evening. He saw tQ it t^^t r, th^y 
should have the "best education obtainable in the section . 
where he lived. Phineas, Jr. , married, 5 February 1815, Eleanor 
BandfieldjOf ,Ithica,New York, Her fg,tlj,er was born in England 
but served with the Colonies through the Revolutionary ¥ar. 
Taking his bride of only seventeen yeers old, went to South 
Danby,v/here he purchased a. part oi; „t^e wilderness and proceed 
edjin true pioneer style, to build a home for himself and wife 
On this farm he lived until his death, which occurred 15 March 
1871. Issue: 

335 Sarah Maria Nelson, born 15 July 1816, 

336 Hannah Nelson, born 2 March 1818, 

337 Anna Iferia Nelson, born 17 October 1819. 
,-,338 Harriet Amanda Nelson, born 22 January 1823. 

339 Samuel Nelson, born 16 April 1829. 

340 Jane Nelson, born 17 May 1836, 

(186) David Nelson, fourth son of Phineas and Hannah(Lane) Nelson 
(85) , born 9 September 1795, at Pishkill,New York. He went 

9t3 isbau bev-iBB sH .SI8I lo ijsw edi al eoiriee, ^ol 

- '^ ' t&^tBQLa^' -■'^ nornsIoS IsnoIoOjnsalaensfl iiev naxiqs^J-B 

: .s JbHB slJ-ifscf 0r[^ ni asw sH .sjfcd-aiiiip bn^ X-codW anisJ" 

.;poa aBW noic)-Box/l)9 axH .ad-xfgjcsH nwoc^aaaejj^ 1o saiimoi-a 

diivi afasvs LBoitoisld 9ai£9if9T i>IjJOO bas Y^orasin JnsIIaoxs 

^afii:ox;tBni9£[J^'»I i)oos 3 aaw 9H .-^toB-iupoa iins esse Isniffloneilq 

oT .YrfcToii ,ai:4 asw •v;ffloao^ctaA i)«fl,\;-iiqosoIxr[q ni i^aaisv Il9w 

a'a9il)Iixio axd ax :iQOi ed d-aetsJ-nx 9^* to ssX)! siaoa ■v;9vnoo 

B asno tagx^joii gxfd' vt^bo JjIuow 9£C igxfj'ssw i)£cr aifaoli&ouhQ 

easjQd-Loodoa adi oi rfearla to wona edi d'^sjoidi' Boa&Aaib ct-^gna 

xedi iBd:^ . taQve sdi rjx xnsxfJ- iq"! mwcJ-ai I)as 

noxJ-o9a ed& nl alclBnlsido aol&sosjbs iasd adi Bvsd bLsjoda 

•ionB9lS,5l3l •\i^Bi;^d■^'i e^isxtiisra, .iL^aBsnxxf*! .fievxl axi 9T9x£w 

iiaslsna nx mocT asw -i9r[,+jBl 19H ,2lioY w9TI,.80xrid-I 10t£)l9l'if)nfia: 

,ibW Yt-snolj-ulovefl 9xi:^ d^uotd;!^ aeinoloO edi r[;txw bertaa d-xjcf 

r£;t-uo3 oJ- JTi:9v/,i)Io a-£39Y n99cfn9V9a ^;Ino to 9i)itcr axrf gnxaLsT 

beaooiq, bci^ aaQntabllv/ Qdi to d-tsq b b3&sdoisjq_ axf atgxlw.-^cfn^cr 

sltxw l)nB lleamxil lol ©laoii b bXxxrcf od-^&lYJ"a laanoxq euti ni,l)9 

do-tsM ex i)9Tiijooo iioIiiv,',ciJ-B9i) axri IJtJ-m; f)9vil 9r( nns't exii.+ nO 

lauaal .IV8I 

.dI8I xLsjT, ei mocf,noaX9K si-i&il dLstsQ 255 

,3X8X dpi^.. ^ moGr,noal9liI xLsnnBH 6S£ 

.eioX n9crod-oQ VX n-xocr^apBl9i;i BitsK snnA ?£S 

,£S8X '^tiawniaT. SS n-iod,noaX9H BbaamA d-9xiiBH 8££ 

,es8X XxtqA 6X mod, noaXaW X9ura£8 G££ 

.d£8X Y.J3M TX aiocfjnoaXsTI 9ns & O^fi 

f - • ■ • » • 

noaXgPI ( 9nBJ)r!:j3fmJ3H .bas as9nid<I "Jio aoa 4J;?|;io1«noaX9W bivsd (d8X) 
.tnsw 9H ,2^^oY weH^XXxsMaxI *j3jaeTX lacTxag.+ qaS 6 mod, (68), 


to South Danby with the family, v/here he lived for almost 
sixty years ;he afterwards moved to Owego,New York,v;here he 
lived for fourteen years, ^e'ri' the ' infirmities of age were 
laid too heavily upon him for further activity, he removed 
to Spencer, New York,Y;here he died. He was drafted into the 
United States Army in the War of 1812, hut did not get into 
''-■ any active service. He married, 24 Novemher 1816, Sarah Dear- 
l;orn;£he was born in Vermont in 1801, and died at South Dan- 
by, New '¥or'k, 6 December 1886, Her father was a soldier in both 
the Revolutionary ^ar and the Far of 1812. David Nelson died 
30 April 1872. Poth he and ahis wife were members of the Bap- 
tist Church, and almost the last words uttered by David on 
his death-bed were: "On His Grace, not on my works,! rest my 
siulo" Issue: 

341 Harriet^r¥eTson,born 28 October 1818, 

342 Caleb Nelson, born 2 April 1820. 

343 James J. Nelson, born 27 May 1822. 

344 David Nelson, born 7 March 1824. 

345 Polly it. 'Nelson, born 2 July 1826 

346 Phineas Nelson, born 17 July 1828. 

347 Nathaniel Nelson,born 30 August 1630. 

348 Priscilla Nelson, born 3 March 1834. 

349 Rhoda Nelson, born 3 April 1836, 

"* -' O f" , 

• ••••• 

• ••*•• 

(187) Priscilla Nelson, born 2S February 1798, at Fishkill,New 
York. She v/as the fourth daughter of Phineas and Hannah (Lane) 
Nelson (85) ,and was but three years old when the family moved 
to South Danby, New York; where she married Robert H.Howard 
and moved to Fulton County, Ohio jbeing among the pioneers of 
that county and state. Issue: 

COtX « iX 

9d &ield^ f^toY w9W,bs9VA0 o& fcsvora aij-tBT/iad-Trfi ^£fJB^s9\: Y*xia 

919V/ 93J3 lo aglJ'xxalllnx ed& aes£^ .a*ij39v neeituo*^ --"''ii fs^vri 

i39vox!i9-i gxTj-^ctxYiitofi I9ild-tx/l toI raxri noqu xllvBad ouJ jjxjsl 

arid- o&ni b&its'ib aew sH .l)9lf) ed' et&dvi ^■itoY w9Tf,i9on9q8 o;}- 

otm -^rfsV tort B'jtfi' >ffJ-rf,Sl8i :. ..-W ed& rtl vmiA BdtB'd-S l>9tlnU 

-fjsisCI iiB~isQ,bl&I T9cfm9vdlT ■^2,Jb9XTtsr!i 9H ,9oxv-i9a 9vl;toj3 y«-b 

-«bG rltuoS t^ i)9.!;l) l)n,s,I08X nf ctrrocngV nl ntod" ajsw 9£[a;ntocr 

diod ai tsibLoa s asw *i9r{:t-J5l: -rsH ,8881 TerfirrsosCT a,5l-roY TrsTf.yd' 

I)9i5^'iT0-8l9K Mvstf .SJtSi^lo ix;W gdj l)rt£ txiW viBnoxouIovgh. edi 

•«p3a erft lo ai9cff!i9ni 9T9W etlv; aids I>rts erf rfcfoff .SVSX linqA 05 

rto bt-^sd Yd ba-is^l^u sb^ow d-asl 9ifJ- taomlB riaB,£ro*iurfD c^aic^ 

Yin tagi I,a:>i'xow \.iti no cJ-on^eoBiO aJtH nC'ta-^cav/ bgcT-rliBei) axrf 

:9ueal ",Ijjo8 

.8181 tscrotoO 8S rnocr,noaIoTI j-telTtsH' If^S 

.0S8I Ix*iqA S mocf,noal9TI cr9l£0 Sf^S 

.SS8I \;j3M' TS ntocf^noelgTf ."G aeraBl SI'S 

.f'SSI rfoiBH T mocT^naalsTi: biYsd l-f^S 

6S8I Y-Ci^^ S niod",noal9T/r ,li Y-tIo°[ ei^£ 

.8281 -zlsjt vr ntod',noBl9'Pt afi9nir[1 Qf^S 

.0581 c^ajJsuA OS mocf.noalgT^ IsxnBrftBTT Vi^C 

.f^Stil noi^-i o n-xocrinoalgW slli oaxn*! 8^£ 

^ ,oC8I II-iqA E niocT.noaXgTi: BfcoxfH 9i^E 

V/9K, Ilijiiiex'?: ;tj3,8GVI Yi^jjicTg'tr OS u .uu .uutisvl Bllioaxil (Tai) 

(9n£j)xisnnBH i>nj3 a^anlril "io T9:^£l3JJBf) xfd-'Xijo'i adi asw edS ,:j{-£oY 

iigvoxn xliaBl edt nedv; bLo a-isav. osnrit &sjd bbw bn^, (28)noal9H 

jbiswoH.H tiQcfoH l)9xtiJ3£c Oa^ia 9i9riw;2['ioY v/oK,Ycfn£C[ Jlc^iJ03 oi" 

1:0 ai99noxti sdi igiioias snxgcfiOxxfO.Yd-riJJoO nod-IuT ot f)9vom baB 


350 N. K. Howard, Esq?, of Water st, , Toledo, Ohio, 

351 Elraira A. Howard, of Hillsdale, Michigan. 

352 William Howard, of LaSalle County, Illinois. 



353 Augustus A. Howard, of Ingham, Michigan. 

354 James W, Howard, of Pulton County, Ohio. 

>a ill x'O'i'i ^ -ii t 

(188) Phoehe Nelson, youngest daughter of Phineas and Hannah 

(Lane) Melscn, born 19 May 1800, at Fishkill,lTew York. She was 

the youngest of the family and an infant in arms vtien the 
•\arT':;jt He m&rri'S ifi. 

family moved from Fishkill to South Danby. She married Wil- 

liani Montgomery. Issue: 

355 Nelson Montgomery. 

356 Priscilla Montgomery. 

357 Phoebe Montgomery, 

358 Elmira Montgomery. 

359 Briggs Montgomery. 

360 Hannah Montgomery. 

361 Adelia Montgomery. 

362 Caleb Montgomery 

363 Phineas Montgomer 



364 Ezekiel Montgomery. 

3? -J ?'arv 

365 Palmer Montgomery, 

366 Mary J. Montgomery, 

367 Cordelia Montgomery. 

C; .iur.'^ble Co 

• •••••••• 


,n£3idoxM,9X£f)aIlJ:ii ■io,l)iJBWo7I ,A ^ixfliia IdS 

.axoni:III,x*ru;oO sIIsSsJ 1:o,i)iBWoH mfillliW sas 

,n.83irioi?I,raBxfsnI 1o,£)iswoH .A.ay^j^aJJswA seC 

» — . — »-— > 

esw 9il3 .2l-toY w9TiI,IXi2[d:a,x'i c)-fl,008I -^^bM 61 mocr,noal9lI(9afiJ) 

asi& aad.-f smiB al ta^Blal as has xLlmBt 9rid' "io cJ-aggfujo^ 9il* 

■rllW.jjQx't'iBiR.afllS ,Ti;GfaBa.,xld-i;o3 od" IXi.airCax'i mo-xl i)9vofn ylinisT: 

.Yi9j3i03inoM noel9H 655 

.vtsfliogjno:. cdood^ T5£ 

.v-iSxao^cfnoM BiiralS 855 

.Yisniogd-noM e^as-t'^i,^ ^^S 

.viamoa^tnoM xtennsH 09£ 

• YtSinoscJ-noM BilsM 165 

( Yi9rao:^*noM cfglsO SdS 
. aniwTp 

V.\ii9r[i03J'aolii aB9nxr{T 53S 

.vigrnogcJ-noM l9X2[9sa ^65 

.Y'lamosd-noll igmlfil 5S£ 

.Y*i9ino§c)-noM .L.-^n^M d6£ 

.YigfliogcfnoM bxIsIjtoO Td£ 


(188-d) Honour alole Cornelius Warren, second son of Captain John 

and Sarah(Nelson)Warren(95)//7as "born at Philips tovm, 15 March 

1790; and died at Cold Spring, 28 July 1849. He was appointed 

Judge of the Coiu-t of Common Pleas in 1841, and represented 

his district in Congress in 1847-49. In his Will, dated 26 

July 1849, he mentions the names of the children given helow. 

He married, first, 1 DecemlDer 1808, Hannah, daughter of 

Daniel and Martha ( Fowler )Haight, "born 12 Augustl789;died 25 

August 1821o He married, secondly, in 1829, Hannah, daughter of 

Captain John Haight h:/- his wife Miriam Swim, "born 21 Novemher 
17 93; died 17 ITovemher 1886. At the time of marriage Hannah 

Haight was the widow of the Rev. Moses Reed, of Darian,Conn. 

368 Eliza Ann Warren, "born 22 April I8l0;raarried Samuel 

369 Fanny Susan Warren, horn 15 October 1811; married Sam- 
uel Martin Kip, and had issue. 

370 Sally Maria Warren, horn 19 February 1813;died 15 June 

371 Patty Jane Warren, horn 6 March iai6;died unmarried, 
in 1834. 

372 Polly Warren, horn 6 March 1818;died 6 March 1886; mar»- 
ried Ahraja Wright of Poughkeepsie, Had five children. 

373 Sarah Jane Warren, horn 23 December 1819, 

Children of Honourable Cornelius Warren by his second wife: 

374 Hannah M. ''^arren,born 15 May 1830. - 

375 Cornelius John Warren, born 30 September 1831. 

376 Martha V/arren,born 26 November 1836; died 3 July 1887. 

•L%J-4. • tJ. 

is&qBO to noa f)noo9a,n9*njsW EwilexnoO 9lcr£ti/oncH(f)-88X) 

dotsM 6I,nTvo:l-BqiXi£t*T &f. n-rocT 5j3r^. (56)n3T"£aW(rroal9W)r{js"iBR i)nB 

i?9:^^^a9^q9"t £)n^,If^6I ni aisell nomraoO lo j-u/oO ad& to sgfcjjT. 

as f)9d-Bf:i,IIlW axrf nT ,ei'-Vi'8I nx sasignoO ni ioii&aib axrf 

.wol9d" n9vxs nsTblxiio anj xu eyxx^n suj anoLSLiati'. sxi,6^8I vIjjT. 

"io •t9ctrisujsi>,ji6nnBH,806I tacTcrsosG: l^iati^^belfiBm 9F 

SS &='.': fi:P"'^I,-t2ffr.'' n'fod', *rf!nxx3H(-f9l^'o'3:)£!ri.tTj5M hn^ l9xnB(I 

Ic -LSjii;iJj£r,iii3isrij3-:i, t':iox nx ,\xx)noosE,xi9x"i-i^ni sn .ISSI :^8JJsuA 

^9d■m^voliI IS mocf,ml'!78 maJTiM gtxw airf vcf d-rfglBH nxfcX nxsJqjsO 

jisnnfiH gsjsxTtsrn to emif ed:f J-A .9881 •jecfcevo''^ VI fc9lh;5evi 

.nnoO,nj3liBCr to,i)99H aeaoM ,V9H eiu ii.' wujjiv.- mu kjsw Ji'v.i.-,H 

I9ums2 f>9XTiBin;0I8I IxtqA SS ^1ocr^^9'i^£W nnA ^silH 835 

-clbS 1^9i^^5IllJII8I i9cfoi-oO 51 mocfjngi-isW n^auS -sinn^'i 665 

.9wael bsd £)n£,qi3 nli-isli l9x-' 
snjjX 51 Jb9iL;£I8I Y'^-Six-icrgl GI moc^,f[9^^fiW bIibM vXIfi3 0V5 

,Jb9xi-i.ernnu bBib[bl81 doisU 6 ntoo'",n9*nsW gnaL y**b' -f^f' 

.i'SSX nx 
•nam ;388X £{o^5M 5 l>9x£)j8X8X dois^i c --'-', ri 9 -t-i-"' ^-rioq o^g 
.neiMxxiO 9vit baE ,etBqes:M.'giJO^ to id^tiW m^icfA *9J:i 

,GXSX -i9crm909C SS srr^T. jrfBfBa 5V5 
ratxv/ Lnoosa axri ':cr ^9^^£V ai;iX9moD 9Xcf*i-u.unuix i>j ^9^MxxiO 

.0581 Y'SM SI m OCT, nails'"' .M ii^nnsH ^V€ 

,1181 ngcfmect'qga 05 mocr,n9TtBW nrfot airlXgmoO eV5 

,V88I xLsjl 5 i»9xJbj666X tedoievoVl cS niccf,n9i-Xi3W jBx(d-tBM 3^5 


(188-e) John Warren, third son of Captain John and SarahCNelson) 
¥arren(95) ,was born in Philipstown, in that part of Dutchess 
(v^hich is now Putnam) cotmty, 29 June 1792;died 8 October 1840; 
married Rachel, daughter of Isaac Davenport by his wife Eliza- 
beth Hustis, She died at Earlville, Illinois, Issue: 

377 Admiral Warren, born 22 July 1813;died 21 October 1813. 

378 Sylvanus Benjamin Warren, born 28 November iai4;died at 
Joplin, Missouri, 2 August 1887; married at Troy-Grove, 
LaSalle County, Illinois, Hannah Keyser Brov/n, She died at 
Butte, Montana, 23 October 1892, 

/ 379 Isaac D. Y7arren,born 2 March 1317 ;married Mary Ann 
Smith. He died at Millington, Illinois, 

380 Sarah M. Warren, born 6 April 1819;died at Brooklyn, 

j,^ New York, 28 November 1874;raarried James Dougherty,who 4- 
.„_, died at Flushing, Long Island, in December 1892. 

381 Betsy Jane Warren, born 29 June 1821;died 11 January 
.,. 1850 jmarr led William H.Jaycox. 

382 Harry J.Warren, born 6 September 1823;died in Califor- 
nia, 17 April 1885;raarried,in Illinois, in 1851, Elizabeth, 
daughter of Oliver B.Johnson by his wife Mary Skinner, 

^^-, No Issue. 

383 Esther Warren, born 26 October 1825;died 5 April 1826, 

384 Samuel M.Warren, born 22 October 1828 ;raarr led at Earl- 
ville, Illinois, 11 August 1869, his cousin Mary E,, daugh- 
ter of William Lobdell by his wife Sarah Davenport, 

385 Susan Warren, twin of above, died 23 June 1894, at Mc- 
Leansboro, Illinois jmarried, in Philipstovra, William H. 

386 Frederick P. Warren, born 16 October 1831; settled in 
Illinois in 1858, In Illinois Volunteers during the 

Civil ^ar, one-hundred days^ 

5>t>X« v^. 

- --''---^'ja io c)-iBq cJ-fidd- nJ:,rcwod-aqlIi:jd[9: ni n-ivu Gx^'^ ^"^^^ '■— -f:'7 
;Oi^Bj oO 8 ioiLjSe'TI sziuT. Gs.vdrojoo (m£nJ^ij*I won ai lioiriw) 

-Bslia 9liw sxr{ vcT J-ioqitsvjsCE oBsal lo lad-rigw-Bf^iIsiio^fl fcsi:-- . 

:rrjj«c;x .e;j.onlIII,aXIlvItBS ^£ l)©xi) sifS .Bl^axjH rid-scT 
,£X8I -tscfoJoO IS f>elijj£I8I xLuJ, SS niocf.ns-nsW I48^1^Ii)A VVS 

;^J3 f)9x£>;*IBl isctosvoTI 8S ^-coc^,^e^^JBW nimiscneff aunjsTlY2 SVS 

,avo^t)~vo*iT J-£ bBitiBKi ; V8bl jtaugwA S;, j.'i^-.\JcaxM ,nJ:IqoT, 
iB bs£b 9j18 .xiwoiS -xsaYS- 3H,aJtonJ:III,v*nx;oO ©IXsa^iI 

.sesi -iscfod-oO £S,eaB:tnoMj9dd-ija: 
n«A >cibM iai'nBflijTISJ ^-^ ;ti g^-^ .-^ objsbI GVS 

,alonlIII,iioJgnlIIxM is b^lb 9H .xid^ImS 
jnYl^IooiE i& f)exi)jeX8I litqA 6 niocT^ns-iisW .M d&'lB^ 08£ 
0£{w,Y*i9rrswo(I asraeX bei'njB/T'.jJ^VSX tecfmevoW 8S,2[ioY wsTi: 
,2681 tscTmsosCI nl,l)rLBXaI snoJjsnxrfejjXI d-B i:©!!) 
YtfiwnsT, XX fieiXiiXSSX 9ru;Ti ©S mocr,n9iiaW grrxst xziB^ X8£ 

,xooybT.,H Bosil Xli^ fcsxnijsmjOeeX 
-ioIiIXbO nx l)&x£ij£S8X tscfmaJ-qsS 9 ^10cr^n9^^BW,L vnifiH S8£ 
,r[c)-9cfBsiXa,Xe8X ni,axonlXXI nx,i>9iTii3inje88X IxiqA ?X,BXfr 
,^^^^X3{8 yI'BM 9l:xw ai'^' ^'" no8nrfoT..a: levxXO to 'ieid'^ueb 

.sjjaal oK 
,9S8X XxiqA 6 fcei£)j6S8X tacfocfoO dS mod",n©'i-£BW leilcJ-aa: E8£ 
-XibS ;tij £>9i^^■8^I;828X i9cfo.+oO qs'ni?^.'" r^rrrrfsg |.8£ 
-r[3UB£>,,a Yi'SM nlaxjoo axxi,6d8X ^fayguA IX,aJ:onxiII ,9.rixv 
,d■^oq^9V£C[ iistfiS elxw axn \;cf XXeJbcfoJ mfiilXlW Io t^i 
-oM J-j3,^e8X 9Xu;L £2 f>9x i) , evocT^ to "i-ji-^f jflSTijjW fteawP 58£ 

,E fliBiXXxW,nwod-eqlXxxf*I nx ,f)9X'n^fl:;axonXXXI,otocf6nB9J 

nx f)9X^:;9a;X£8X lecfoJ-oO 6X mocr,n9Ti£'V .I 2L0li9£)9't'iI 58£ 
9x£d^ S^x^iJ£■ aissJ-mjXoV axonlXXI nl ,6581 ai eXonXXXI 

sybX) bg-xBnJJif-gnOjiBV XiviO 


387 Charles Young Warren, "born 23 January 1834;raarried at 
Cedar Rap ids, Iowa, 17 Fe^bruary 1867, Emma Annetta Puller. 
He settled in Illinois in 1858,v/liere he enlisted for 

service in the Civil War in Company I, Fourth Illinois Vol- 
unteer Cavalry, and removed in 1878 to York Covuity,Neb^- 

388 Martha E. Warren, born 28 February 1837;married Milton 
I. HustiSjSon of Isaac and Eliza(?.'arren)Hustis, 

389 Phebe Warren, born 6 April 1839;niarried in Illinois, 

<-' pa li-i l. 

29 Septexnber 1870, J. .Alvin Case. 

• •• •• • • 

(188-g) Henry Warren, fourth son of Captain John and Sarah(Nel- 
3on)Warren(95) ,was born at Philipstovra,5 Itoy 1798;removed 
to Newark, Delaware, where he died, 6 November 1882;married 
Amelia Reinhardt ,born 9 February 1802; died, near Newark, Dela- 
ware, 26 November 1888. Issue; 

390 Theodore Warren. 

391 Nelson Warren. 

392 John Warren, M.D. 

393 Joseph Warren, 

394 Angevine Warren. 

395 Lucy Warren. 

(188-h) Sylvanus Warren, Esq. , youngest son of Captain John and 
Sarah(Nelson) Warren, was born at Philips tovm, 15 November 1799, 
and died there 19 February 1859, He was one of the executors 
of his father's will, and under date of April 1,1839, joined 
with his brothers, Cornelius and Henry, in executing a deed 
to a certain tract of land, belonging to his father , to John 
W, Brinkerhoff ,etc, Mr, V^arren was a member of the New York 
Assembly in 1843. He was a member of Philipstown Lodge, No, 

cox •Co. 

.IjbIIjlt'H: £d-.tsnnA Bmma:,V68I Y^B^f1cf^■H: TI.BWoIjafcxqBH ^£f)90 
loJ. f)e*8J:IiT3 ©il 9i9x{7/,8a8I ni aionlXII nx l>9l^;t9B sH 
-XoV aionllll rfcfiwo'br ,1 ■^neqirtoO ni -isW IlvlD sifi xT^ ' ^"^ ■ vtsa 
,cf9K,xcfm;oO 2lioY ot S'CSI nx Bstoies-i f)njs,Yi£BTi30 ToeJ-nij 
fto^XlM JbsiTiamj^eSI Y1'ey^c^9'9: 82 ^tocr,^©^^fiW .a axivfnJsM 88S 
,ex;}-aj;;n(n9'nBW)Bsiia btte obbbI t^ rmp ,ald-aijH .1 
,axonlIII rrl bgittanjeeSI I±-xqA S flnocr,n©'ii£;W edsd^J^ 685 

,98^0 nxrlA. .X.OVSI tscfrus^qsa CS 

-I9PI)£Lb-£b8 i)n£ nxfot nxs.+qBO lo xxoa ilJ-iuo"i,n9Ti£W ■v;^^9H (3-88!) 
f59voin9Tj8eVI Y^f e,nwoc^aqlIJcri*T ^b ntocT asw, (ee)n9ti£W(noa 
i)9lTifirL;288l iscfmsvoK d,l)9iJt> sxT etgiiw, 9*iew£l9Cr,2£i£W9TI 0* 
-BX9G,^{^J3W9P^ ?tB9n,fc"9ifc;g08X YifixncTsT 6 ^^ocf,d■f)^BIl^X9H filXaniA 

: suae I .888X tgcfocevoPf 9S,9i£v.' 

.nsTsfiW 9iof>o9rfT oee 

.aeitsW noaXsTf xee 

.(T.Mjng-TiBW nrfo'C 2CE 

.ngit^W ricrgaoT. ce£ 

.ft9•t^JsW snivagnA ^6£ 

,eeTX -lectosToTI flX,KW0c?-aqiXlr[1 isi mod" Bsw,^9^^£W(^oeX9]T)x[B^£S 

aioJi^09xe &d& lo 9no Ri5V/ sF ,e?.8X v^BI;*Ic^■^'5: eX 9*t9x[ct fjsxJ^ bciG 

f>9fii;ot,'C'S8X,'.t Xl-iqA lo 9J£b isijni; Jbnj3{iXxv/ a'^^x[d•£'i axrf Ic 

f>99l) B snxd-xro9X9 al ^xtnoR briB ai;xX9ntoO,eisxiioicr sid d&iv 

ndo'{.oi ^t3d:fs1 aid oJ- j* ni gno 1 5 r:,bni=; I T-c .-'ns-Y:'- nxBd-x9o £ oi 

ijItoY V/9M 9rl;t "to ^9c^m9ra s aev; nsi'm'^'J .*iM .aJSjilorr-isinitS .W 

.oKjSsfcoJ fiwoJ-eqxXxri'5 lo tscfi^iei!: a esw 9F .£^8X nx \:Xdin9aaA 


236, of Free and Accepted Ifa.sons,and at a meeting of the Lodge 
held at Philipstown, Saturday evening, February 19, 1859, his 
death was announced "by the presiding officer in feeling lan- 
guage, and, on motion, a committee was appointed to draft res- 
olutions expressive of the sorrow of the Lodge, The resolu- 
tions drafted and adopted were as follows; 

"Dearly Beloved Brethren: 

"It is with pain that we have heard of the death of ou* 
worthy Brother,Sylvanus Farren,\7ho expired in the village 
this afternoon ahout two o'clock, 

"Again and again within the past few months have we been 
called upon to mourn the loss of our departed brethren, but 

'<: i^.y .■ I-:,:.. >;)^;_ ■_■ ■ - :..•::. ■ ■■ ■ .■ , ■ ■■ , 

the story of sadness has come up to us from a distance, and 

r 8 '■ 
while we have been bowed down with sorrow, yet we have felt 

more prepared for it; but now, indeed has deAth knocked aud- 
ibly at the door of our Lodge, and we have beheld one of our 

a: nltv, 

most esteemed and tenderly beloved brethren torn from our 

very midst, and the voice which we all so much loved to hear 

in life has been hushed in the cold and icy embrace odt death, 


" 'Sad images of the stern agony and pall 

And breathless darkness and the narrow house 
Warren Is r.c 

Makes us to shudder and grow sick at heart,' 
It is not consonant with the present purpose to eulogize 
Brother Warren; his life, whose daily scenes have been enact- 
ed in our very midst, is its ovm best eulogy. 

It has fallen to the lot of but few men to fill so lar^ 
a sphere of home usefulness as Brother Warren. In all move- 
ments for the amelioration of suffering he was ever among the 
foremost. In all his dealings he was upright and just, and 

9Si>oiI 9d& lo gnlcfesfd s i& Jbni3,anoaf5M .b©;tQ90oA Jbns 99i'5 10j9£S 
aid,ee8l,GX Y'i-!3Wtcf&'a:,sninev9 y,i3Jb'«;;Jfl8,m/od-eqiIJ:xi1 d-fi bled 

-asT J*iBiJb oi bs:ftttoqq_£, asw aect^l/tfrnoo s^noxi^om rfO,f)nfi,9gBiJs 
-uloas'x exfT .ggi^oJ ssii- "to wonnoa eriJ- lo 9vie89iqx9 enol&vLo 

'.awollol BB 919W bQiqob& bas be^'iBib anci* 

'.cietdi-BiK bevoIsE xLtsed'* 

9SbIIxv 9ilct- nx be'iiqy.Q 0ii\v,n9ii£W ajj^un-iYi^iTgnjoiS Y^f^tov/ 

.jfoolo'o 0V/& ivods aoonts&tB aixfd- 

n99d" 9W svir' p.rr.+nont v;s^ :^sbct 9rf,+ nirf.tlv; ni"i5T>s hn^ nx^t^A" 

cfi;cf,n9'i£LJsia JseJiBqaX) iwo io aaol sdi niijoiri od" noqu i:.9lIso 

hnB^eoaa&eib b fflo^l bjj od- qw 9ffl00 aarf aagnJisa lo x'^o^ta ed^ 

j-Isl svi5r{ 9W d-9v,wo-noa d&iv: tmob iowocf ngscT svBd 9W glxxfw 

-fcjjfi i)93{oon>[ diMQb aad tesbni ^vion d-ud ;ctx Tiol i)^1Bq9^q 9^0IG 

tjjo lo 9no blsdsd svBd 9W f>fffi,9sJboJ ijjo lo loof) 9x{d- ob \Ldi 

15J0 ffl0^1 nioJ- n9ixid-9'icr Ji>9Tol9cr \L-\ebne:^ bnfi h»9iT;99d-89 d^eora 

tB3d od- bQYoL doma oa 11b 9w lioxilw goxov 9iij £>fi£, jaiDxra xi9V 

,rfd-B9i: lo ^0B^c^flI9 xoi bnB Moo 9xfcf nx bsdsud aesd asd 9lil nx 

IlBq briB YfiOSJS m9d-a 9x1 J to aagBr^ix J3s3* " 
98iJ0£{ woiiBn 9r[;^ irnB a89n5f*tBh aaelrWBgicT JbnA 
^ .i-iBsd &B :>rox2 wo^g hns -isthyxfa od" at; e93LeM 
9SX30li;9 oj 9aoqiwq J■^^a9^q 9xli" iid"iw onisnuenuo d'on ax d^I 
-d-0Bn9 n99cf evBiI a9n9oa ^jIlBfc 9aox{w,9li:I eld ;n9Ttx5W -isd&otS: 

.V7?nlir9 d-E9d" nwo b^x 2l,d'shxn Yt9v tsxo nx be 

^'ibL oa lirt OJ neiTj vv9l d^ucT lo " .-i^j uj iv ■ ' :^I 

-9voni 11b nl .n9i"£BW igiidoia: aa ae9nljjl9ai; 9mod lo 9^9^[qa b 

axfd- v-noms -ov? bbw 9ri Tjnlisllx'a lo noxd-B^cilsniB 9rid- ?tol ad-nsn 

jbnii , J fcjjj [, jDiiB drlax-iqjj a^vr on tijnilBgi) eixi XIb nl ,d-aoin9-£ol 


the timerous in business knew at all times that with him 
they were safe. 

"His associations with our Fraternity were always marked 
with gentleness and kindness, and he always loved the breth- 
ren, and it is needless to say here that these feelings were 
entirely reciprocated, 

"0 how often are we led to exclaim with the poet,- 
" 'The good die first, 
And they whose hearts are dry as summer dust 
Burn to the socket.' 

"Alas! our brother, may the earth that nourished thee lie 
lightly on thy bosom, and on the glorious morning of the Res- 
urrection may thy body rise as incorruptible as thy Soul. 

"Brethren, we are spared, but, like the sands in the hour- 
glass, we are rapidly passing away. Let us be v/ise in time, 
that we may be the better prepared to meet the realities of 

an untried eternity. 

, Horn i 
"Vfe offer, in conclusions , the following resolutions: 

••■>%ereas,It has has pleased Almighty God our Heavenly 
Father to call from among us another member of our Frater- 
nity; and 

"^Jl/hereas,The name of our late worthy Brother Sylvanus 
Warren is now added to the list of those whose departure we 
are called upon to mourn; therefore, 

"Resolved, That in the death of Brother Sylvanus barren 
his family have lost an affectionate and indulgent husband 

and father, our Fraternity a valued and much esteemed member, 


our community an honourable and upright citizen, who has sus- 
tained an unblemished reputation throughout all the trying 
vicissitudes of life, and who leaves behind him an unirapeach- 

mid d&ivi *«ri.t bqusi^ IIjs i£ wsnjf easniewcr nl eijot^mti edi 

.elfia entsw Yexid^ 

-il:t9'tcf arid- Lsvol avswl^ erf /)nj?,8B9ii£inJ:M f)nB aesnelcfnas xIJ-lw 
6T-9W Bsfrllss^ eaexi;)- &Bd& sisri yj?8 o.t eeaXissn ex ii bci£i,n9i 

,£)9jfi00TqX091 Y-t9"£-titn9 
-,*9oq 9ri.t ricfxw mjtjsloxs oJ- beL 9w 9i£ ne^"'-o n'ori 0" 
,;taill alb boo^ sxfT' " 
iaub i9jtninjja a& ^ib etB ad"iB9r£ gaorfw Y^rid" hnA 

9ll 99x1* f)9Jiai:^JJ0^ J-^dd- i(i-?£B9 ^I£c^ v^at^igil^oiccr luo la^IA" 

-89H 9d& lo gnxmoET ajjoiiols aifJ- no f)n£,noaocr ■v;ild" no xL&d:^il 

.Ixiog Yrf^ S'S elcStiqistiooat 8£ sail ^^ocf y^* x^^ tfoltostiv 

-iisod edt nx sbnBS adi e^Hlt^udf^betBqs 91b 9w,n9'xr[ct-9ia" 

^9alif nt 98iw 9cr au J^eJ ,xe^& gnxaasq vlblqat qis gw^aaslg 

"io sei&iLss'i 9r£d' ;t99m oS batsqeiq tsii^d Qdi '-"-'■ ^^Bm 9w &sdi 

,Yd-xn*iaJ9 i;9X*id-nu ns 
:anoid-uIoa9i snxwoifilol 9ri:i^,Bnox8ijXonoo ^j;,^911o 9W" 
Yln9Vfi9H two f)oO Y^^si-'^-fA £)9eB9lq afiri a^rf J^I,a£9'X9rr'''' 
-rt9d-Bi'5 li/o Io 'iedtaesa tsdion^ au §noct6 Dtotl IIjso od' -fsxij-sl 

eunavLxQ tsd&otK vxfj-Tow 9d-£l tuo ^o 9msn 9r{T , aB9ie£n/i^" 
9W atsj&'isqeb saodvf eaod& Io tail 3di ci bebbs won al tiQti&W 

^e'io'ie'l^di latuom o& noqi; i)9ll£0 sib 
aefis^'' awn.GvlYB -v^'f?r "io o'&f-^'-^b 9d& nx d-jsxfT ,b9vIoa951*' 

bnBdaud. :}ne-glsjbn£ bas gd^noiooallB nB daol 9V£r( y-I^-^c^^ sixf 

,rt9cfra9ni bsmssiae rfoura £)n£ f>9rlBV b Ydinted'Bi'i ^JJO , i9£id"iil i)ni3 

-ajjp. 8J3ri orfw,n9sxd'lo d-rijiitqjLr hn^ ftlcrj^iifonoji n« Y^-trti^nfrro-. ^JL^o 

gnxYio 9x£d IIb ^isod'^uotdf noxdjsc^uqai fjaaaxxnalcfni; fi*5 JDani^J 

"doBeqtnlmj n£ mlri f)nlx{9cf agv^al oriw £)ni3,9lxl "io aalsi/dxaaxoiv 


able reputation and a name that will ever be remembered witii 
respect by all wbo knew him; therefore, 

"Resolved, That we'^bohdole and sympathize with the affile 
ted famijlfy and relatives of oizr deceased brother, and v/ith 
heartfelt sorrow mour with them over his death; therefore , 

"Resolved, That , as"' a," token of respect for our deceased 
brother, our Lodge-Room be draped in mourning for the space 
of sixty days, and the brethren wear the usual badge of mourn- 
ing for thirty days. " 

"On motion, the foregoing Preamble and Resolutions were 

accepted and ordered to be engrossed on the minutes, and the 

Secretary transmit a capy to the family of our Deceased 



: ■'..•■ ,vrk^r- 
Secretary of Philipstown: :, No. 236." 

Mr, Warren married, 15 February 1824, Phebe, daughter of 
William Lickley by his wife Elizabeth Bell, born 13 August 
I804;died 15 December 1870. The children of Sylvanus and 
Phebe (Lickley) Warren v/ere all born at Cold Spring: 

396 William John Warren, born 27 November l824;drowned 
25 June 1828. 

397 Alexander Warren, born 5 May 1826;died 9 November 1830. 

398 Sarah Elizabeth Warren, born 18 December 1827;died 3 
January 1829. 

399 Gouverneur Kemble Warren, born 8 January 1830;died 8 
August lS82;raarried Emily Forbes Chase, 

400 William John Warren, born 2 November 1831;died 9 July 
1901; married Edward ina Simms. 

401 Sarah Warren, born 9 liarch 1834;died 16 October 1841. 

402 Cornelius Warren, born 6 March I836;died 7 May 1837. 

dtlw b3ta6snesiQi ad" levs JIxw JtAdt airtjsn £ bm; noiJSviuqsT sIcTb 

(9-i0^9-i9ifd";r!LCjcf wsnsi orfw IIjb vd" ct-09qa9T 
oxIll:£ sxfJ- dJ-iw Qsld&Bqarzsi bns dIoJbnoo ew #BrfT jfcevloaafl" 

iicMw M£,t9r[d'0td' i)9a£9 09f) ^xJo ^o agTi^fsIs-t has Y^xicfi'i £)^:^ 

,9•tol9"c^f[c^Jllc^^efc axrl tevo tner^t d&iw tuom woTtoa tlBl&issri 

bsaeeo&b ^xfo io*i *09qa9T 1o n92lo^ £ a^jJ'srfT jfjsvIoaaH" 

90,eqe 9AS ^0i snxntjjors ni bscjatf) ed mooH-ggijoJ iwo, isilcfcfOTd" 

-aijjorr b&d Issjau edi legw ^9^IlC^9^d■ 9di bns^s^&b x^xla to 

,B\sb Y^'^-trfi tol snl 
919W anoi^jjloagfl bn£ sldEiBei^ gnxoggiol 9r[:f ,noxc^ora nO" 
- exft- ijna?. ,e9:fj;;nixii gxf* no isgaaotana ed o& bQteb'io bn^ be^qooos 
1)96^909(1 ixxo lo Y-CifltB'i 9^1- oi xqoo B cMuiariBt:^ Y'^>B*9"t092 

. ^9ff .1 oiff 

".aes.oPt , t- -tffwoctaqxXxrH lo ■y;*IB^9^09P 

1o -t9d'rlsJJs£),9d"9i[<I,f^S8I Yi-sutd's'^^ 5l,l)9iiT:£in hstibW ,^M 

cfawsiiA 51 mocf,Il98: nd-grfssxIS slxw aid Y.d valJloU mBilltW 


fcns ajjnBvI\;8 lo a&tblldo grfT .0T8I i9tfni903G cl beibi^OQl 

:s^x^q8 MoO J^b mod lis 9i9w ^9^^BW(Y9I2IoxJ)9d■^^[*I 

£>9fiwoif);^S8I •i9d'ra9voli; VS ntod',n9'nBF ndoTi mexIIxW OPS 

.8S8I enuZ cS 
,0£8I -i9dm9vol^ G i)9xh;6S8I v^M e n-tod',n9TiBW tebnaxelA 966 

5 f)9xii;VS8I t9din909CT 81 mod',n9TiB^^ rid-9cfj3sil?[ rlaiBR 865 

,GS8I \;^BW^J3■G 
8 I)9lf>jO£6I Yt'Bwn.s'G 8 atod ^astts^f sldcna'yL *iW9m9Vi/oP G9£ 

.eesri!? aedtol vIxmlH: ioltij^mjSSSI i&u-guA 
yIuo Q Jd9XX);I£8I ^9d"m^ToM S n-£oa,n9Ti£\v nxioL cicixli " 00^ 

.araralc entbiBVfbS. beltism[lOei 
.1^81 lecToJoO cl bei.b:h^&L rio-r.H G mod,n9TiBW riBXRP lOf^ 

.T£8I ^iisii \ i>9xjjjc)66X £io^£-':. d moa ,n9i-i£ ' aijil9nioO gOJ^ 


403 Eliza Warren, "born 21 Beceniber 1837 ; married, 24 Novemt- 
3SK er 1863, Captain Cornelius Hook, U.S. A. , who died of Yel- 

rie. low Pever at Kej/^ West, 19 June 1864, ^>^y-^-^j-<.^.L' 

404 Alexander Warren, born 7 April 1839; died 14 February 

405 Edgar Washbxirn ¥^arren,born 6 August 1841;married Cor- 
nalia Maria Barrows, 

406 Emily Warren, born 23 September I843;married Washington 
Augustus Roebling, r..u». ,..- 

407 Robert Parrot Warren, born 16 November 1847;died 23 
January 1876. 

(190) Mary Nelson, second daughter of Mephiboseth and Elizabeth 

:.«n f-^ni Id.r - 
(Baxter(Nelson(98) ,born 11 April I801;died 19 July 1870;mar- 

ried,20 January 1820, Henry Croft, born at Continentalville, 

New York, 3 August 1793;died 8 August 1857 ;son of George Croft 

a Revolutionary sold4e*';-"5ad-si«*e«n children, 

«•• • • • ♦ • 

(192) Warren Nelson, born 2 September 1804;died 16 November 1870; 
married, first, 11 October 1823, Sarah, daughter of John Bryant 

and Hannah Horton,born 13 May 1804;died 27 April 1850; mar- 

ried, secondly, 5 December 1850, Catherine Turner, born in Eng- 
0>' .".?'.'•■ Jul' ::jy.r- 

land,24 March 1820; died 10 February 1899, Had seven chil- 
dren by the first wife and five by the second, 

(193) Phebe Nelson, born 25 July 1807 ;died 9 April I842;raarried, 
24 September 1837 .Joseph, son of Joseph Haight by his wife ■ 
Catherine Croft. Had three children. 

-'^xw. ,oM i^S , i)©i 'nflUE ; VS8I tsdnso^O IS mocf ,fi9fi,6'>V s&iL'S. ZOh 
-LsY to beib odw, .A.2,U,3iooH auxXemoO nij5d-q£0,£68I 19 S£ 

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-Xirlo ngvsa b^E ,eG8X Y*f-BW'icr9'=^ 01 ^sj:f-,;0!^8X doisM ^S.,baBl 

tbtiooes edi yd 9vxi bn^i sixw Jaiilt sxiiJ- Yd" ^b^f; 

^Ijgx-^i^ExjSi^cx Ix-iqA Q i:9XXijV08X vXjjT. aS mocr,noaX9t!r 9d"9r{^' (£GX) 
9ll\v Bid xd d-rfgi-sH xlqgaoX lo noa ,jc[q980L, VgSX t9d'nt9J-q98 i^S 

.neibLido 99-frid- bB~ .iloi^ aaltsd&s^ 


(194) Justus T'Telson, second son of Mephiboseth and Eliza"bet]a(Ba,x- 
1:or)Nelson(98) ,born 17 August 1809;died 13 March 1876;mar- 
ried,13 October 1836, Sarah, daughter of Justus Nelson by his 
wife Letitia Horton(Vide 206). Issue: 

408 Elizabeth Nelson, born 11 March 1839.- 

409 James Nelson, born 19 April 1840.- 

410 Isaac Nelson, born 7 October I84l;died 8 March 1844, 

411 Mary Nelson, born 20 October 1844.- 

412 Sarah Nelson, born 17 February 1647.- 

(195) Cornelius Nelson, born 15 ^lay ISlljdied 12 December 1893; 
married, first, 6 January 1832, Elizabeth, daughter of Moses 
Meeks,born 7 October 1809 ;married, secondly, Mrs. ?Ielissa Mearns 
'jvho died 10 May 1878, Had ten children by first wife and 
one son by second wife. 

(196) Eliza Nelson, youngest daughter of Mephiboseth and Eliza- 
beth(Baxter)Nelson(98) ,born 17 May 1813;died 13 February 
1894;raarried,20 April 1842, Leslie Sanders Sims, born 10 Hay' 
18l3;died 6 October 1844. Had three children. 

(197) Jacob Kemble Nelson, youngest son of Mephiboseth and Eliz- 
abeth(Baxter)Nelson,born 22 May 18l9;died 24 July 1867 ;mar- 
ried,27 October 1840 /Catherine J., daughter of John Low, She 
died 28 September 1887. Had three children. 

(198) Phoebe Nelson, eldest daughter of Justus and Letttia(Horta:i 
Nelson(lOl) ,born in 1805;married, first, Absalom Eerris;mar- 
ried, secondly, Arvy Hill. They lived in Phi lips town, New ^ork. 
She died in 1872. 

-xsa ) xl^ 8 cfs si 13 baB jiJ^saocfxifqaM ^o nos f3non3a,noal9PI zuisisT, (ikGI) 
-tsct;aV8l xioiBiT £X f)9iJbje08I ism-gisA VI mod, (8G)rical3H(-scj 
airl YcT noaXsTI awd'eut lo tad-rfj^uBfc^iistfiB.dCei isa'c^oO SI, belt 

:9jjBaI . (aOS 9i5xV)nod''toH cxcMd-eJ 9llw 

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,M8I do-iJsJI 8 beibili'&l n9cfocfoO V mocf.noaIeK obbbI 01^ 

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'■,'^^QL ^-iasjidal TI niocf ,noBl9T(i: rLs-tfiS SI^ 

J £631 igcfxaeosQ SiL h3ib\LlSL \£Vi 61 mocr,no.al9ll suileaio^ (5GI) 
aeaoM lo T9c}T£sJLrBl5,x£ct9cf£siI!Ji,a£.6X Y'"5WiX&'G d,cJ'etxl,f)9J:Ti£in 
aniijeM ^aeil9M,Bt?I,Y-f^noo98,i)9li*i/3nT;G08I t9croJ-oO "T mocr,e^o9M 
has slxw jv.ixl \;cr nsiMxiio nei ij-<^n ,oV8I x^^' ^J" J'^s-t^ o^-" 

,9lxw i)noo9a Aid" noa eno 

-£sxia bn£. lioaao '• io xajiisijfii) rfa9snjjo'\i,noal9T'I BSlia (661) 

XtBSJi(Js% £1 i)9xij£I8I YJsM VI mocT, (8G)noal9l>r(t9^XBa)xi^9cr 
YbM 01 n-iocT, anils etefcnsa 9lIa9iT,g^8I liiqA 0S,fc9li-t£m;f'G8I 

,ij,3 ijjxj.iio ss-jrij- bsr .li'oX 'i9dojoO 6 1)9x1); £181 

-sxIS bas xld-9aocrxrIq9M lo noa tae-pMuoxtnoeleT/L elcfmgJI cfooBT, (VGI) 
-tfimjVaei \lijl, :^S LalLjGIoI \,*iri WW fi*iOcf,noe/'^"'':9d^xj3a)ii.)6uj3 
erfS ,woJ rtrioTi lo "ieisi^iSBb^ ,1 gnlierict-^oXOf^SI T9doJ-oO VS^bsii 

,netblido estdt baB .V88I ledas&qeS 8S l)9xL 

h>J-toH)£lct-icf9J l-nis ajJcfauL lo -ied-rigjjjsij oe9l)l9,noel9H so'eoxfl (SGI) 
-tfimjexTie'?: rrfoIj^8crA,cfa'xil,i>9x*t*iBfli;eO&I nx rnocf^ (lODnoalal^t 

,2iTo'''' W9Ti,nwod-aqx 11x11 nl havxl ygjlT .IIIH \:vTA,Yll)noo98,l)9l'i 

,S.V&L nl i)9ll. ed? 


(200) Joshua Nelson, second son of Justus and Letitla(Horton)lIel- 
3on(101) ; married, Sarah, daughter of Israel and Nancy(Hills) 
Horton,in 1833,, She was "born, 9 February 1815, in Philipstown, 
and married at the same place. Children all horn at Philips- 
town, except Joshua George, who was horn at Cold Spring: 
(200-a)Korton Washington Nelson, horn 2 Pehruary 1834. 
(200-h)C3T-us Rlisha Nelson, horn 23 March 1836. 
(200-c) Cornelius Janes Nelson, horn 20 November 1338. 
(200-d)Adelia Ann Nelson) 


•horn 22 February 1840, 
(200-e) Amelia Nelson 

(200-f)Kary Jane Nelson, born 6 March 1842, 

(200-g) Joshua George Nelson, born 20 November 1850, 

O&X • V-l 

-•xficT;8T8l no-iii-. ex jjsj:x5je08I J'airgjjA VI mocf, (8e)nolEleT?(tcJS"' 
aid YcT noalsTI au&au'^ lo ^^;^r[s^iiBi',xiB^BS,^S8I i9cfocl-oO fil,b9ii 

• ct^ m c> I 


-l9TI(no*ioH)Bl.ti;t9J Mi. si/c^airT, to nog. J>npoQa,iioaXaK eyxlaoL (002) 

(aXIiPl)YO«^'^ ^"^ -f^^-^^^ ^'^ 19:^ffSU*^.IlB•Ifi^.i)ei•t'l^i^;(I0I)fiC^ 

,mvo^aqlIlrf<I ni,ei8i ^c-^^J.ids'l e.niod bbw arfP ..eSF-r rrt,nc:ttoK 

-aqilxri^ JB mocf XIB netbXJcriO .9o«Xci eniBe 9d^ :^«. i^^xTt^.. i^r.^^ 

:sfliiq3 MoO *b morf asw oriw,.9sio9S ewifaoT. *q90x9,nwo.- 

.i^fiBl Yi£Wtcf9'^ '0 2 fliocf,nosX9^ ^o:^S^xxiBfiW ,^cj$icE(fl-OOS). s 

.aS8X dotm cS mocf,noaX9Tl sxlalXa awt^QCcf-Qps) 

.8S8X i9o>9VcPr OS mocf,noaX9-H asnisX. axxXsflioD (o-OOS) 

CnoaXell nxiA BiX9M(l:.-00S) 

.Oi^aX v-iButcfgl S:S mod's w„ -^nc'i 

^(^. noaX9^/l ^iXeiuA (o-oos; 

.0681 i9dM9voH OS fltud,noeX9W 9-^oer. ^wdaol. (s-OCS) 

\;b?'I ox n-iod",ac!la 8T:9fcnB8 9lXB9iI,2f'8X XlTqA 0S,b9X'nBxn;^e8X 
,ix;3 iJjXiiio 99-ir^^ ^ • ' .i'^i^bX igdOooO 6 l)9iX)jSX6X 

-<.* . 

. .. r . , . ■ 

•siilK bns r[d-9aocrxilq9M to noa c^a9p.m^ov,^oaX9W sXdmgJI d'ooB'C (VGX) 
-^BIaJVa8X i^XuL =-b. j^siLjeXoX - ;•'< ^", ^!OP!.^e'^■'(^9d■XJ5a)£[c|■9d■fi 

■■■... ^ ,-■'.;<-' 

ariS ,woJ nrioTi 1o leid-gij&bf ,1 9nii9ri:^B0\Of'8X ngtfoJ-oO VS.fcgii 

.CiQiblido eetdi- bsiE .V88X ^^d^fI^d■q^8 8S bsib 

tD>)-ioH)eXd-Jtj^9J X.n£ aud-awli to •^aiii^sjab oa9l)X9,noeX9PI edaod'i (SGX) 

-iBmjax-nal IrfoX.Bed■A,de^x'i,J:)9x1^J3m;e06X ni atod, (XODnoaXaK 
.si-soY W9K,nwod-3qxXxr{1 nx bsyiL v.9riT .XXiH v,v'iA,Y-'^£>n'^09s,h9X-i 

.SV8X ni beib 9x{8 


(200) Joshua Nelson, second son of Justus and Letitia(Horton) .. 
llelsondOl) .born in 1809;married Sarah Hortonjdied 30 May 

(202) Mary Nelson, second daughter of Justus and Letitia(Hor,tpn) 
NelsondOl) jhorn in 1810; married Janes IIcCa'be,a farmer in 
Philipstownjdied in 1848, 

(204) Joseph ITelson,f if th son of Justus and Letitia(Horton)}Tel- 
3on(101}an engineer, learned his trade at the FestPoint Foun- 
dry; spent the greater part of his life in South America, 
Cuba and Mexico. He died in the City of Mexico, 11 October 
1857, and is buried there. 

^•» ^».^«j,«^»^»^>^ 

(205) Elisha Covert Nelson, sixth son of Justus and Letitia 

(Horton)Nelson(lOl) jborn 13 Ilarch 1815, in Philips town, New 

York; married, first, in ,183.7_,Ph,ebeABirdsall,of Cold Spring. 

.By her he had three daughters who died in childhood , and one 


413 Seymour^ lT.e Is on. 

Phebe Jane died, 24 June 1845; and Elisha Covert married, 
secondly, 10 June 1846, Prances W? Wright, born 22 January 1824, 
in Dutchess county, New York, Her father was James Wright and 
her mother's maiden name v/as Martha P. Denton, both natives 
of Dutchess county, SevenXI children were born to I.Ir. and 
Mrs, Nelson, three of whom died in infancy; the survivors are: 

414 Martha Nelson, married J. P. Smith, who is connected with 
the "Scoville Manufacturing Company'*,Waterbury,Connec't. 

415 Mary Linnette Nelson, married J. >T,:3each, merchant, New 
York City 

(noi'ioU)sil&lieJ. Jbnjs Eiuiesjl to noa i)noo9e,noaIsTt jsuxfaot (OOS) 
Y^M OS f)3ii.;^od■^oH dBtss'S JD9i-nsfli;P08I nx mocf, (I0l)no2X9TT 


{aoito¥.)Biii&pJ. bna aud-auT.. lo, isJ'xIsjj-sI) i)noo9a,noBl9M yib:" (SOr:) 
ni iscii£\,fi,ecrBDoK asnali i)9X"s*X£flt;0I8X nx niocf, (I0I)nosl9TI 

.d-^m ni £»9Xi>;nwod'aqxIxxl*I 

-l9l>r(no:f-ioE).j5i:d-x;^9j bn£ ssJiauZ 1q xioa xid-lxl,noel9Tf xfqsaoT^ (f^OS) 
-nuoT cfnxolcfae'"' 9xiJ i^ ebB-ii aid beciiseS. ^'ssen.iy\n3 fi^(.COI)noa 
,£0x*i9iiiA xiJ"Jjo8 nl 9"ixl axxi lo j-ij^q 'i^Jaa-is gxicr insqajYt-fc 
isdoioO 11 fOoixsU lo vitOedtai balp^^ «ooxx9M bna BcfwO 

,9*i9rid- bQitud ex tofi, Te8I 

••• ■ • ii*j_*»,* .j-. * 

Bxii^SiI boB Exr:fBx;X ^o noa xi^x;i8,noal9K ;}-t9VOvO BxiallS <€0S) 
wgTI.nwod-aqxIxdl nx,5I8X xiotsM £1 mocf, (XOI)^oeI9K(^od•^oH) 

906 "C * " 

• anxtqS MoH io,XXBei)ixffys^9cr9rf1, ?S8X nx loaixl^LglT^^mj^tioY 
eno I)n£,i)oor£fcliifo nl beib odw aisM-gsjBb 99'xrid- bad 9xf iQd Yff 


.noaXe^^T 'tuonnc9R EX:^ 

^f)9x^^sm i^^voO sxlaiXa bn&i&^Ql easjT.^S^fbelb easl, edsd*^ 

,^SBI •'TTBisnET, SS mocTjCJ-xIsx'i^" ?W 89onB^'?.,oi^SX snifl. 01^y,lbslpoQe 

i)n*; jujli^"' asii.j'' oijm .tsd&el leiH if'i'ioY v.'9T'[,\;.tnjjoo aagrloct-uC ni 

as-vxisa d^^od^noineQ ."T Bxfi-tBlT asw scien aabi&tss a'i9£Cc>oic lail 

hnB .tJi oJ- mocT 9i9w n9ii)Xxxlo rK09V98 ,x,i[moo aagifo.tjja lo 

:9iJ3 atovxvijja sdi ivonslai ni beib tnod'n to S9irf;}-,noaX9lI .atli'I 

xlJ-xw Jb9d-o9nnoo ai oxlw.rlvtimc^.'H;.!. f)9XTism,noaX9li£ exfc^iaM i'Xf' 

.J-'o9nnoD,\;'ijjcfi9c)-4"',"\;asqraoO gnx'iifcfo^'ijjn^.I eXXivooa" 9rL+ 

v/g^IiC^nsriotgm^xfoBeSi.T/f.L fcgxiismjnoalgTI 9J-^9nnxJ x"^^'^ 6Xi^ 


416 Nina Nelson, married Edward Newman (deceased) , merchant, 
New York City. 

417 Wright Nelson, married Lilly LaDue,of Cold Spring. 

Elisha Covert Nelson was connected with the Vest 
PiE)int Foundry Company, at Cold Spring, for the greater part of 
liis life,in various capacities, rising from the lowest posi- 
tion to that of Head Book-keeper, This position he retained 
until the infirmities of age incapacitated him for further 
duties. He v/as one of the founders of and a prominent mem- 
ber of the Methodist Kpiecopal Church, of Cold Spring, until 
his death, v;hich occurred 4 December 1900. Mrs. Nelson died 
25 December 1890. ''''■' f..>'«p"! -i^^.-,,- 

4l'j. —•-••• — *-•- "P^ • -. • « 

(206) Sarah Nelsonthird daughter of Justus and Letitia(Horton) 
Nelson(lOl) ,born 13 July 1816, near Garrison 's, New York ;mar- 
ried,13 October 1836, Justus Nelson(194) son of Mephiboseth 
Nelson;she died 13 September 1854(Vide p. 138). 

(211) George W. Nelson, ninth son of Justus and Letitia(Horton) 
Nelson, born in 1830 ;married, first, Mary Jane Fowler; married, 
secondly, Elizabeth H. Sarr; married, thirdly, Frances M.Hun- 
gerfordo He is a lawyer living in retirement , in New York, 

.griiiqS MoO lo^syOeJ y-C-C-cJ i)elt-iBm,noal9W d■£[si^W Vli^ 

;ta9W exid- xiJ-itv £)Sj-o9nnoo asw no8l9K J-ievoO jsriaxIS 

lo cftBq i9cfB9"[s 9-cI* -IOt,^^i:^qS iiloO d-i;,YnBqmoO xtiim/o'?: cfnxol 

-laoq cfagv/ol 9x1? moil snlaiT,89i:Moaq£o auoliBv nl,9lll at£ 

£i9nlBd-9T 9r[ noxcMaoq axrIT .i9q99:if->Ioo?' hss"^ to J-BrI:! o:f- r.ct& 

t9d;}'w1 tot mlxl beiB:^io&qjioni esr, lo a9xjxnj'ixlnx 9d';J ij;;}-njj 

-aem. inanlaoiq b l)nB to etr bnuol sdi 1o 9no a£W gH .aexduf) 

Ii.+njj,?:^nxiqa MoO lOtXtotirrfO lBqooaiq?[ &zi.bod:^Bl<i ^r{:^ to i9cr 

beib noaldt^.a-iM .0061 i9cfffi909(f ^ fcsiinooo ri:oxiiw,i{J-B9i) exri 

.0G8I 19^X2909(1 ?,S 

_ • _ * — <#"_** — •'— • f^'— ^« .. 

^■•"•i- •• • « • 

(no;tioE)Bx;txj'9J bna au&au'L to i9dT{sx;Bl) bixd&tioalsK xTbibB (aOS) 
-iBmjsEioY w9TI,a'noExiis5 iJB9n,6I8X y-^J^''^ ^'^ niocf, (I0l)noal9T>t 
jld-98orrfrfn-3!T to nop, (f^GI )n0BX9T{ et'^faul, 5581 iscfod-oO EL^bsln 


.(86l.q 9f)lT)>58I t9dm9Jq93 £1 bstb sriajnoalsK 

— • — •-*•«.'• — • —■'• •■"* — 

(nod-ioTT^jBiJ-xj^eJ bns hu&buJ, to noa rr,+nln,noal9F .W 9^109t) (IIS) 
,f)9XTiBfui-i9lwoT 9nBX. Y^JSJ' , J Six i , l)9iii£ni; OEbl nx niod",no8l9TI' 
-nuH.M a9onBt'5,vIi)iixfd-,f)9xnBrfT jiibS ,H x£:^9d'BslIa,YIi>^009B 
.sTioY wsTf nx , Jn9r!i9iJt.+9i ni nnxvll i9\;w»X jb bx 9H .biottsp 



(213) Martha Ann Nelson, eldest daughter of William and Cather- 
ine(^rreen)Nelson(103) jborn 10 flarch 1804, at Green"burgh,New 
York;;aarried,f irstjGiloert Eedell,of Soraers,Nev; Yorkjrtiar- 

r led, secondly, Israel Green. By her first husband she had 
( two sons and one daughter ;by Israel Green, one daughter: 

418 Williarr G. Bedell. 

419 James W, Bedell. 

420 Elizabeth G. ■Redell. 

By second husband, Israel Green: 

421 Emma Green. 

453 Anna -:-:-:~:~:-:- 

(214) Sally Nelson, secod daughter of William and Catherine 
(Green)Nelson(103) ,was born at Greenburgh,New York;married 
Henry Walters. Issue: 

422 Antoinette Walters. 

423 Almira Walters. 

424 Catherine Walters, 

425 Janey Walters. 

(215) Esther Warren Nelson, third daughter of William and Cath- 
crine(Green)Nelson(l03) ,born at Greenburgh,New Yorkjdied 1 % 
May 1883;married Henry M. Todd, of Somers,New York, IMISHXY 
She was born 8 November 1808. Issue: 

426 William Nelson Todd. 

427 Augusta E. Todd 

428 Edgar A. Todd. 

429 Laura Josepliine Todd. 

Xl^Xt fi 


W9ia:,xfsii;crn3 9iT) d-B, 1^061 rfoiBM 01 mod", (£0I)fioaXeT!l(n9eiT?)9ni 
-i/ifiijitoY "leTS.fSiiQisioei lOfllobsE ct-jsc'Xifi, j-aixliJbelTXfimj^fToY 
f)Brf 9xla Mjscfsyd v+atil ledx^i .naeiO Igfiaal^vlbnoosaihai-^ 

,Il9i)9:T: .W agrnBl- CXi^ 

.XigijgfT .t) ifd-grfBSiXa OSI' 
:ne9-Xx) X9BiaI,i)nBcfajJxl ijnooga \3. 

.naat-D Bmtna; X2^ 

9n£i9rf:fsO i>n6 atsJtXXiW "io laJ^rfsufi.b l)oa93,noaX9T<I ■y:XXB8 (^XS) 
b9i^^£m;2t1oY w9lT,xia'ii;cfn9 9-j-D J-.s mod a.EW, (50X)noaX9l!i:(n99iO) 

••sjjasl ,8T9d-XsW xtnaH 

.ai9J-XBW gi-J-gnxod'XiA SS^ 

.aiect-XfiW eixmXA SS^^ 

,ai9cfXBW 9nxT9xi.tB0 ^Si' 

.2^9^XbW vensT. es^ 

-dctBO bns ni3xXXi:<V to leid'^ij&b btldi ,cioaLoV. aat-iB'^f tarictaS (ciXS) 
T^ X X»9i:bj2["toY w9K,x{§tucfnB9iT) in niocT, (50X)^oaX9K(^&9*tO)9^i^o 
XJSHJiXX .3fioY weVL^aiemoP. lOfbbo'J: .M '^i^^9H bgi^-i^rajesSX y^s'"^ 

isuaaT .808X 'xeiXinsvoTf 3 mod asw 9x18 

.f)f)0T noaXgPI jnelXXlW dSJ^ 

f)i>oT .S[ j3:tajJSJjA VSi' 

,bboT .A lBsi)a 82f^ 

.bf>oT 9nxaq9ao1 biubJ 6S^ 


(216) Henry G. Nelson, only son of William and Catherine(Green) 

Nelson(103) ,Born at Green'burghjNew York, 9 June 1812;died 18 

a.M , rori; ioo','' , ' . ■- ■ • 

January 1860;married Prudy(diminutive of Prudence) K.Searles, 

■born in 1816; died 19 August 1904. Issue: 

430 William H. Nelson. 

431 George Nelson, married Katherine Lounshury, 

• *•*••• 

(218) Katlierine Reynolds, eldest daughter of Mary(Nelson,109)and 
Samuel Reynolds, "born 31 July 1825;died,8 June 1895, at Yonk- 
erSjNew York. She married, 18 January 1S53, Gilbert E.Hynard, 
who was "born at Somers,New York, 3 Novemher 1822; died at Yonk- 
ers,20 August 1864. Issue: 

432 Samuel R. Hynard 

^twins,"born 13 August 1855, at Yonkers. 

433 Anna Dean Hynard 

434 Milton Hynard, "born 20 April 1857 , at. Yonkers jdied 
5 August 1883, 

435 Eugene Hynard^ 

\tv/ins,born 9 September 1862, at Yonkers. 

436 Eugenia Hynard] 

'i. Eugene, died 11 March 1898; Eugenia died 6 August 1663. 

■■• m • • * • • 

(219) Ophelia Reynolds, youngest daughter of Mary(Nelson,109) , 
born 9 August 1826; died, in Yonkers, 4 October 1891. She mar- 
ried, 17 February 1852, John Halstead Lawrence, born in New 
York City, 27 November 1824;died,in Yonkers, 25 T![ay 1894, Issue: 

437 Ella Laura Lawrence, born 24 November 1852, 


438 llary Lawrence, born, January 1855;married Frederick von 

Storckjborn 21 December 1852, at Scranton, Pennsylvania, 

439 Halstead Lawrence, born, 27 September 1857, at Hastings, 
New York; died 9 April 1860, 

J>*X» k.i. 

(n99iO)9nx-£6riJ-JsD bas melllxW Ito no& Yltio ,rcoRT9Tf .D Y"f«9H (6IS) 
31 i9ii:i;SI8I em/T> 9 , :jf noY v/eKirigindneeiO &£. moa, (SODnoaIeK 
jasIiBaS.yi (sonsLuil lo Qvi&isaimtb)yf,biJi^ i>9XTismj058I \;^BuasT, 

:90asl .i'Oei j-aiJ3uA 61 f)9xi3j6I8I nx mocT 

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.v^ucfa^0oJ 9nii9ii*B2I b© i^^fim, no a 1 9TT dg-soaS Ll^ 

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-inoY :^J8,ee8I s£iijZ o,/j9xfe;e28I vlsjT, L^ atodifablorvisR l9irinB3 

,bts^^:H.[I d•^9d■I10,SeaI y'I-sjjhb'G 8I,f)9lTiJ3ra: 9iff3 ,2£ioY wgl-^jaTo 

-jLnoY ct-B f)9J:L;aP.8I lacTmsvoTf £,2iioY w9TI,ai3iTioa J"jS frtocT cjb'.v orfv/ 

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, (60I,noal9Tl)viBM to 'ieid.:^usb d-a9snjJov;,aMorri9H sxIgrfqO (eis) 

-ifiTJi 9x18 .1681 tadotoO ^,a'i9:ifioY ni ,l)9lbjaS8I d-au§uA 6 mod 

■"^•' nx ^10cr,9o^9^waJ bJiSiaLaF. nxioT,,Sc6I -vjitajJicTs'M: VI,i)9xi 

tgjjaal ,^631 x-sll 52,ai9:jinoY nx ,£»9xf)j^g8I ^9cfilI^votI V2,\;ct-x0 jilioY 

,2631 i9cffli9voTI 1^2 ^10d■,90^9^wSlI siubJ sIIH V£^ 

nov :iox^9i)9^'^ bgitiBmiSSei AnsJ^nBli.moa-aong-twBJ a^ibM 8£^ 

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,agnxd-aBH j-B,V58I -lacfitigJ^qgS V2,ntocr,9on9iWBJ b^gJ-alBH 6£f' 

.0681 IliqA Q bax.bjiinoY w9Tf 


440 Katheryn Lawrence, "born 29 April 1859, 

441 Jennie Lawrence) 

/•twins, "born 1 November 1860; Annie died 

442 Annie Lawrence. J 

16 October 1661. 

443 John Joseph Lawrence, born 12 December 1861. 

(222) Lavina Nelson, only daughter of James and Lavina(Bird)Nel- 
son(llO) ,born 26 September 1840;married John A.Wilson. Res- 
idence,lll5 Bedford Avenue, Br ooklj^, New York, Issues 

444 Mary Wilson, born 22 April 1865. 

445 Emma Wilson, born 27 September 1867;died 23 December 

' ■_'- £k • C: w; - 

446 Maud Wilson, born 4 March 1869;died 16 December 1681. 

• ••••• 

(224) Daniel DeLanoy Nelson, eldest son of Isaac and Mary Ann 
(DeLanoy)Nelson(112) ,born 28 May 1836;married,17 February 
1864, Sarah C.News. Issue* '^'^^^'wi, s- c^dZ^J^^^^-^.^^ if<y(^ 

447 Maud Nelson, born 20 July 1865;died 17 DeccEiber 1666. 

448 Dean Nelson, born I February 1869, 

449 Kenry Clay Nelson, born 9 January 1871. 

450 Clare Nelson, born 6 June 1873, 

451 Isaac Nelson, born 27 June 1875, 

452 Annie E. Nelson, born 3 July 1678. 

453 Florence R. Nelson, born 23 February 1883. 

• •" / t_- 

(229) Ellen Clarke, eldest daughter of Ellen Gedney(Nelson)and 
Washington Clarke, BX( 114) , of Clarke's Sxiromit .Pennsylvania; 
married Jere Northrop. Issue: 

454 Howard Northrop. 

455 Prances Northrop. 


9on9iw£j einnA S^^ 

bsx.b 9lnrtA;0dai /oK I mo^-f, 2nl\r.+-' 

.IS8I lacTmsoeCI <;i moif , sonatWBJ dqeaoX nrfoL £i^:^ 

-a9R .noalxW.A ariou bgliiBinjO^SI iscTflte.+qeS 9S mocf, (Oll)noa 
tguael .:':-ioY W9K,rril2£oo-i'T,eL''n9vA htoTiJbgE 5£II< 9oa3bx 

TScTragosCI £2 i)9xi);V68l ^9c^ia9cfq9S VS mocf.noaliW jsinnia d^^ 

.1881 -i9dia909CI 81 beib[Qd8l dotBi. ±' mua,nrjaxx'^/ i)jjBM oi^^ 

•*-• — •_•'-••_•' 

nnA vijsl ojssal "io no?. :'-3eP>l9,noal9W YonisJaCE l9xn£C[ (i^SS) 

Y^fiy^C^^x TI, 59lTlBrrt;af:;8l ^{;£.:v oi. mocf, (?U"l)nosl9TUYOfI£J9Cl) 

^ -ti>^\ -_r^w!!sj^ '^ ^^-"^^ 'Buaal .awsM.O xfi5iB§,4>d8I 

.6681 ^9cff!I9090: VI i)9xJb;583X y-Cj^"^ OS niocf^noalsK busM Vi^i^ 

.6631 X'T.&sJtde'^. T moJ.noaleTI m-jst 8*'*' 

.IT8I Yi-si/nsX 6 mocf<noBl9lI Y'S-EO Y"tn9H Q^^ 

t&S^Sl 9rafT. 9 mocr,no3l9'K 9?tBlO 06^ 

,eV8I gmx'C ?S mocr,noal9Tf obbqI 15.^ 

,8V8I x^iJ"^ S mocf,noal9l{ .S einnA 23^i;:1 

.5881 Yi'S^'crfs'^ SS n*!od",noaX9^ .H eonsnol'^ fiSf^ 

i£>n£Cnoel9H)Y9nl)9T!} nsIIS "io. ta'tsi^usb J-a9bX9,92liBlD nsIXK (6SS) 
;BinsYXYann9*I,cM.ciEUJ8 a'sr^iiisXO *to^ (^IX)2S,9:itBX':> nocfgnxiiafl^^ 

'.BueaT .qo'tri.-^-ioT'l gigL baxTi^ra 

.qoirf.+ioTl btjBWoE J^8^ 

.qoirfd-ToT/T eeo^B^'»I 85^ 


(230) Sarah Clarke, second daughter of Ellen Gedney(Nelson)and , 
Wasliington Clarke(114) ,of Clarke's Summit, Pennsylvania; mar- 
ried E. 7, Ackerly. Issue: 

456 Imogene Ackerly, graduated from Wyoming Seminary, 

457 Bradford Ackerly, raarried Miss Leach., 

• . •^ W -' * ^ • " • • • • 

(231) Victoria Clarke, third daughter of Ellen Gedney(l^Telson) 
and Washington Clarke (114) , of Clarke's Summit, Pennsylvania; 
married James Swallow, and moved to Iowa. ss 

(232) Ophelia Clarke ,yoT.mgest daughter of Ellen Gedney(lTelson) 

and Washington Clarke, of Clarke's Siimmlt ,Pennsylvania;marria3, 

^and lives at Kings ton, Pennsylvania. Has one daughter: 

458 Emma Clarke .graduated from Seminary. 

i ( ' K". V 

(Descent from. Francis) u, 

(233) Susan Nelson, eldest daughter of Harvey and Jane(Rowe)Nel- 
son(l2l) ,born 3 Ilarch 1812, at Clinton Corners, New York. She 
went to Indiana v/ith her parents in 1819;married ICr. Curtis 
of New York, and made that city her home. V.Qaile on one of 
her visits to her father in Indiana Mr. Curt is was taken ill, 
she hastened home to New York where he soon afterward died, 

_.*_■ *^*a.. * —m * ^ * mm 
• ••••• 

(236) Francis Reuhen Nelson, only son of Harvey and Jane(Rowe) 
Nelson(12l) ,"born at Clinton Corners, New York, 10 January 1818; 
married Mary Jane ]''cClintock,died 14 Novemher 1855. Issue: 

459 Sarah Jane Nelson, "born 26 June 1842, 

460 Francis Reuben Nelson, born 26 June 1845, died four 
days later. 

461 John Curtis Nelson, born 9 June 1848, 

:9uaal .icIisiioA vS .S l>9i*i 

\Bia.BYlxan£i3l,jltamu'd a'ajitjsio lo, (*»II)92i'Xi3lO nojgnxjlaBW i)n£ 

,BV/oI o;t i>9vojDi LftSjWoIlBwS asxnjsL £»9XTi,sm 

i ' 
* *■-*■■* * I- * 

Viiu2X3K)\;3ni)90 nailil io isjxigUBi) .tassruiOY, 9>I^■s•I0 BxIsxiqO {S£S) 
^i-nBrajBifusvlYanng^, J-iranurS a'sjI-ifilD lOjesi-tisIO nod-gnxriasW f)ns 

:T9*xlgi;Bij 9no ssT'. .Bxn£vIyanrr9*T,no.+ asnJ:3I J-b a9vil fcnB, 

.-'iiBnlmsS gr rao^^; i)9JBt;i)Bi3, — e^InsIO Bmma 85:^ 

(aj:o^B^'K .^rt6^1: i-neoae") 

-l9H(9W0n)9i-Ly b jjii£ ^^svibE "io T9d-ii:gjjBi) ct'ssblSfnoe.j.aii nisauS (£SS) 

9if8 .tLioY w9'H,aT9moO noinilO is,SiL3L liotsM £ mocf, (ISl)noa 

ai&iuO .'iM i)9XTxacnj6I8I ax Soneisq ted d&iw sn^ibnl oJ- cfngw 

Io 9no no slxrf'/ .smun xsu " ' - — ' ~'hsta bnsi,:>LioY wgK Io 

^Lli n93lsd- aBW 3Xd■^JJ0,''£JT BnBxbnl nl 19x1 j-b"! t9££ oJ- a^xaiv isd 

..bsxJb hiBvrie jt& nooa sif sted^r jiToY wgT/f oJ- 9niod bsne:^sj3d sds 

(9v/oH)9nBli hn.B xsrisE Io noa Ylno,noal9TI n9cfjJ9fl exonBi'"'! (aSS) 
;8I8I Yt-sJ^n^^- OI,M-icY W9K,ai9nioO ctodrillD j-.g mod", (ISI) fioaleK 
:9ija*i" ol lauinsvu .->! beixi, 2iOoi ail Oo tJiuil. vibK bdXiiBm 

,2^81 gnuT, 8S mod.noalgpr snsZ dai^P. Q&^ 
tuol beibfdl^Sl smsT. 6S mocT^noalgP!: ngcfugfl bIohbtc''^ Od^ 

.8^81 gnuT; Q mod',noal9T'' 3x:^^JJ0 ndoX lai' 


Francis Reul5en Nelson, married, secondly, Raciiel Morgan 
who d.s.p. ,a"bout 1859 ; married .thirdly, Mary Walker , "born in 
Virginia; died at Georgetovra, Indiana, in 1885. Issue: 

462 Harvey Nelson. 

463 Mary Nelson. 

464 Charles Nelson, :^j.xn e-ixa 

465 David Nelson, 

With his children all married and comfortably 
settled in homes of their own, and realizing the helplessness 
of the state of the "lonely widower** ,Pranc is made a fourth 
matrimonial venture, and married Kiss Engleman,in 1691, He 
is now spending ( 1906 )KXS the evening of his life on the farm 
where he has lived for more than a half century, and where, 
at the age of ninety years, he is reaping some of the reward 
that comes to those v/^ho have not lived their lives in vain. 
Re is a consistant member of the Methodist Episcopal Church, 
having united with that denom.ination when it was the only 
one within a radius of many miles of his home, and being so 
well satisfied with its teachings that he has remained v;ith 
the (Georgetown congregation, ever since its organization. 

(240) Elizabeth Ambrosia Nelson, eldest daughter of Pranklin and 
Rachel (Smith) Nelson(l24) , was born 11 February 1827, on the 
"Old Homestead" , near Corydon, Indiana; married, 16 Ilay 1853, 
Socrates Jachson Bence,born 5 November 1825, on the "Bence 
Homestead" , near Corydon, Indiana, He was elected Sheriff of 
Harrison County, Indiana, for two terms, of two years each. 

466 Walter Anderson Bence, born 18 November 1654, 

467 Mary Elizabeth Bence, born 19 December 1858, 

a^BioM I9doBfl■,Y■CfcfI009a,b9l^^.sm,^osIsM nacfusH aio^B^'■'I 

rsi/FtaX .3881 ni ,Bnj3li)nI ,nwo*9^"io9iD J-jb haiijBinx^ixV 

.noaleir Y9V^i>H S6I' 

.noalsH ^i^fi''^ C^*" 

•noRlaW BsIifidO ^b^ 

.noalsTI! blvsO 391^ 

Xldsj-tolmoo bns baiitsm 11b ne'^blido aixi liiV^^ 

aaanaaslqled aifct- gnxsiljsst i)nB,fiwo tisxiJ' ^o asfflod nx bald-J-se 

d.+iyol B sbBtn axo^B^'5, '•^^■3l'•oi)i:7; y-^-^oI" 9j-{>t "io 9J-J5.ta add- ^o 

aS .It'8l nx , njaiaelgnS aaxM baxTiam bn.-s, 9'UJd-naT IsxnoDixtci'-on 

mtel etii* no elxl axil "io -^ninavo edi £O[(60ei)gnxi)n9qa v/on si 

(gteo'w f)r[J8,viu.+nso ll^rf ,f5 nsri:?- giorn -tol bsviX e.sxi axf sigjiw 

biav/iii edi to araoa pniq^sT ax 9ri, a-ii^gv Y^^nxn lo 9^,b edS ^.s 

.nxBV nx a9vxl -iisdi- baril &ott ^Y^d odw daodi oct- agraoo :^s^{J■ 

,i£o"ii;r£0 Ixjcrooaxq?! J-axboxlJ-aTT ariJ lo tscfraem JriBd-axanoo s: ax aH 

Y-Irto adi bbw J-i nadw aox j-Bnimonaf) :7sdi lijxw x»9jxnjj §nxvjici. 

oa •gitiscf £>na , 9JDE£orf airf T:oi aslxm -^cnBra "io auibst b nidilv/ sao 

■dcMw f)9nxBrr!9"t asJ 9if ;tBd:.+ R-^nldoBS& 8:^1 rf.txw bsi'iaxd-BB Il9W 

,nox jidiixiuigTo ajx sOiixe lava ,n'oi.,j;333'i5nuo u'.vuo'=,gT09T) add 

has nlL'ilnB'i'Z lo ts^^rfauisf) d-a9bl9,noal9T'[ Bxao-tcTmA dj-grfssiis (C^S) 

srf.t no,VS8I xtButde'^^ XI mocT aBv/, (ik2l)noal9l[(iict-im3)l9rIOBfl 

,5581 Y'SM 3I,i)9l-nBm;BnBlbnI,nobYioO -fB9n, "bBsJ-aemoH blO" 

90119^:" 3d& flO,3S8I T9cfrfi9vo'/I 3 mocf,9oa9?r noajioBX sedBtoo?. 

Io 'HJ.TaxlB £)9>t09l9 3BV/ 9^1 . BnBXbnl , HObvioO Ts9n, "bBaiaeiiuo" 

.xioB9 a^B9v; owj- 'io,aifn9cJ- owd" loljBnBxbnlt-^cJ-njJoO noax^fiBH 


,^381 t9crm9voT^ 81 mocf , aonafT nucn^vak 19.1- Ib¥ dd^ 

.8381 i9crm909fl 61 niod',9on9a: rfj-gcffisxIS yibLI ^b^ 


468 Jennie Paulina BencejlDorn 31 March 1862, 

469 John Franklin Bence.horn 12 July 1864. 

470 Louannah Eencej'born 16 June 1867; died 27 April 1889. 

471 Charles Winchell Bence.horn 14 April 1870, 

(241) Susan Nepentha Nelson, second daughter of Franklin and 
Rachel (Smith) Nelson (124) ,v/as born 1 December 1828, at the 
"Old Homestead" , near Corydon, Indiana; married Jesse Bliss, 
He died about the year 1862. Several years later his v/idow 
married, secondly, Jonathan Hisley,of Valley City, Indiana, 
died in 1900. She died December 4,1903. She had no children 
by the second marriage. Issue: 

472 John ^)7esley Bliss, 

473 Eliza Bliss. 

(i 474 George Bliss. —^^el 

475 Edward Bliss. ., 

476 Franklin Parley Bliss. 

(243) Paulina Nelson, third daughter of Franklin and xRacheK Smith 
Nelson(l24) ,was born 17 June 1833, at the "Old Homestead", 
near Corydon, Indiana ;married, 25 December 1868, Luke Kiger, 
born in Germany. Issue: 
477 Thomas Franklin Kiger, born 28 July 1870. 

^•— * ^ * ^ » ^ * ^ * ^ 

(244) John Patterson Nelson, second son of Franklin and Rachel 
(Smiyh)Nelson(l24) ,was born, 11 December 1834, at the "Old 
'Homestead", near Corydon, Indiana ;married,l Hay 1862, Frances '^ 
Adeline, daughter of Alfred and Lucinda NcCown,born 27 April 
1842, near Lanesville,Indiana;died 8 October 1&67. Issue: 

O^J.* vi^ 

.S68I jio-iija?'- 15 mod",9on9S .sfLCluBl sinnsl. &d^ 

exict- J- .5,8381 T9d"m909C[ I mod a^nv, (^SI)rroaIoTr(xld-xffl8)l9xfoBfl 

• aallfT 98891. f)9j:*t^.6m{S^Bif)^I,^obv:1oD i£9n, "iDsgd-agmoK blO" 

wobiv/ alii la&sl eisev IB^9V98 .2681 ^B^Y grfJ- J-uorfs baxb ©H 

<BnBi:i)rrI,^jd-xO ys-CXjsV lOtYsIalH nj3d-tBno"G,"y;If>noo9a,l)9i:TiJ3in 

^9^bId>rio on beri ©^8 .SOGI,!^ "i9crfii909Cr b9xf) edE .OOGI rtx b9l.b 

rsi/eal .eg^JtitBrn bnoosa gxict- \;cf 

.saiia yglagV/ nifoI, SV:^ 

.sax Iff Bsxia: £Vf^ 

.aaxia 9gio90 ^V^ 

.B3±i?r bTBwba evf' 

.aaxiff Y9-tt>e*I nxIjCnjs's'i av^ 

■ • * •• • • 

ji.+xra3)l9rfoBH briB ^xI>IxTi3^": T:o taJ-rfgusb b^irf.t , rtoalgTt snxXiJBl (Sf^S) 
-, "b^scfaaraoH blO" 9xiJ j-o.eCBI sm/Ti VI mocf asw, (^Sl)noal9lI 
,^9Si5I 92ljjJ,888I T9rrai9»90" 52, beli:i[Brii;BnBlbnI,nobY"ioD iBsa 

'.asjael .xastsner) nx mod" 
.0V8I vIuTi 8S mod,i9alX nil^Lnai'^ asmoxfT VVJ^ 

l9xfo/;H bni3 nxl;lnj3i'^ l:o rroa bfioo9a ,noal9ll^ noa^eftsil nrioL (l^f^2) 

blO" sr.j- jS,#S8I ^9dm^o^^: XI,niod a^w, (i'SDnoaiel-UiiYxaiB) 

aeonB*iT,S68I y-*?'' I,b9l^^Bm,•firLexb^I (nobYtoO ^£9^r, "KsgoagnioH 

IltqA V2 morf,mvoDoi.I J3bnxoi;J br,p, b9^'iXA lo tsi-dgtrsb, snllebA 

:9jjaaT ,Vdcil 19^0^-00 3 b9Xb;BnsibnI,9lIIvB9nsJ iiisn,2^8l 


478 Cortez N^elsoHj'horn 15 April 1863. 

479 Maggie Hellen Nelson, "born 28 December 1864, 

John Patterson Nelson married, secondly Elizabeth, 
daughter of Andrew and Catherine(Stonecypher) CretSjS October 
1871, died 7 April 1900. Issue: 

480 Catlierine^elsort/8 SSptMt)'er''^1872. 

481 Andrev; Nelson, born 17 August 1873; died 19 September 

482 Jam#s Fowler Nelson i'born 4 December 1874. 

483 Fillison Otterbein Nelson, born 12 May 1877. 

484 xRachel Nelson, born 7 September 1878;died 2 October 

485 Levi Nelson, born 29 October ISfil. 

(245) Isaac Newton Nelson, third son of Franklin and Rachel 

( Smith) Nelson ( 124) , was born 9 December 1837 jraarried , in 1866, 
Lydia Ann, daughter of George Shuck, Esq. ,, born 22 February 
1845; removed to Gushing, Oklahoma; died 11 April 190r Issue: 
486 V/illiam Sherman Nelson, born 3 July 1867. 
467 Mary Henrietta Nelson, born 19 September 1869, 

488 Henry Wilson Nelson, born 2 May 1873. 

489 Florence Elizabeth Nelson, born 3 July 1675. 

490 Abbie May Nelson, born 11 August 1878. 

491 George Franklin Nelson, born 1 March 1882. 

492 Bonnie Alice Nelson, born 28 June 1886. 

(246) Reuben "S^friihg^-eR- Nelson, fourth son of Franklin and Rachel 
(Smith)Nelscn(l24) ,was born 20 March 1840, at the "Old Home- 
stead", near Corydon, Indiana ;marr led, in 1667/68, Susannah, 
daughter of Philip and Anna Zenor,born 3 May 1840. Mr.Nel- 

.5381 LitqA HI mocr,rToaX9Tf S9.t'to0 SV^ 

,f^58I i9cfffl909CI 8S mocf,noaIeW rxsIIaH 9X3a^M GT* 

: . • "^ .OOei Xi^qA V i>9i.b,IV8X 

.2V6I -tscfoiaJ-qsS 3,noal9T! snltodJ-BD 08^ 

TSdxaaJ-qsS GI i)9i:i>{£V6I j-ajj§jJA VI mocf.noalsW W9ii>nA LQ^ 


.^?8I ^9c^lII^09a ^^ niod^aosle'^A. -tglwol aanis'G SQi^ 

,VV3I Y-eM SI mod.noelgTI nlacnsd-.tO mjBxIIlW £8i> 

lacfoJ-oO 2 f)9ii>j8V8X iscftnscJ-qsB V a-xodfUoeleVL laxfo^H i^8^ 


.1281 ^^cfo;toO SS niorf^noelgll IvsJ 28^^ 

l9xfosfl i)nB niliinBil lo noa f)^iI£c)■,^oaI9PI nod-wsH OBsal (Si^S) 

,6681 aifbeiitJimiV^QL ■xodtaeoad 6 mocT asw, (f^I)noal9TI(rid^xni8) 

Y^JSU^cf9'fI SS mod, , .pa5r,iIo0jiS 93109?) lo ieJr{j3Usb,nfiA sxhYJ 

:9i;a8l o.OOei IxiqA LI £>9xi)jaraoriBl2tO,3nxxiajjO oJ- havoirteijei^SI 

.T68I Y,lu'L o mocr,noal9lI nscngrlB nisxiliW d8^ 

,6881 iscfag^qaS 61 mQcr,no8l9TT B^teitttsE N^tsU VSh 

.£V8I ajbH 2 mocf,noal9K noalxW Y^nsH 88i» 

.evai xLijT, £ mocftnoelsTf xfi-acfBsxIH 9oaetol1 68^ 

.6?8I .tauguA II mocr,noal9M y-bM sxrfcfA 06:^ 

,2881 doiBia I mocf, rtoelal'I nlI>tnBi'5 sgioaO £Q^ 

.5881 enuL 82 ntocT.noalaTl 9oxlA einnoFi 26^^ 

IgiiOBH bflB a±L:iLasi1 I0 noa xW-twoljnoalgW fft)^ M n9cfi;9fl (8i'2) 

-QdoH MO" edst iSfO^QL doiBJl OS mocf a£W, (i'Sl)n08l9F(r{:fxniR) 
,iIj3C«Hau8,36\?68I nx ,i)9ii-t.sjnj£asxI)nI,nofcYioO -ijsan, "I)«9c)-a 
-l9M:.tM .Of'SI ybJI £ mocf.tonsS snnA Ln^ qxlirl^ lo isJ-dsu^i) 

T'largaret Nelson, born 6 May 1844; married Prederick Goebel, 
TI/D.,17 September 1884. Dr. Goebel died, 3 August 18^6. His 

widow 'narried,15 "MSSiSMK '""ay 1905, Harvey Crabb. 

(249) Sarah Lyon ITelson born 4 October 1847 ;aarried,7 TTa;;- 

1874, ySOL Jacob Schwartz, who was born in Germany, 25 June 

1844; died in !Tew Albany, Indiana, 31 January 1699. Issue: 

1 John Schwartz, born 17 February I675;died 14 I.Iarch 

2 "a,^nne Schwartz , born 31 January 1677 ;married , 10 Sep- 
tember 1896, Joseph ?, Sanders. Issue: 

i Greene A. Sanders, born 19 January 1898. 
ii Sarah Josephine Sanders, born 24 October 1900, 
iii Eva Ruth Sanders, born 3 T/'arch 1904. 

3 T'largaret Schwartz , born 2o August 1882; married, 6 Sep- 
tember 1905, Charles M. Peacock. 

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son died 24 Ilarch 1872. His widow married a few tears later 
and moved to Kansas , where she died 3 September 1887. Ker 
children were "by her husband Reuben, 

493 Minnie Alice Nelson, born 3 November 1868. 

494 Rachel Jane Nelson, born 21 March 1870, 

495 Socrates Bence Nelson, born 17 March 1872. 

^ •^•-, •— ■ * -J • — . * ■,. 
• ••••• 

(247) George Anderson Nelson, fifth son of Franklin and Rachel 
(Smith)Nelson(l24) ,was born 24 Karch 1842, at the "Old Home- 
stead", near Corydon, Indiana ;married, 5 April 1866, Anna, daught- 
er of Thomas Lone, Esq. , born 6 February 1845. Mr. Nelson en-' 
listed in the War of the Rebellion, in Company "B",3d Indiana 
Cavalry, 22 July 1861, and served three years. Ke resides at 
Georgetown, Indiana. Issue: 
496"': Sallie Lyon Nelson, born 15 January 1868, 

497 Nellie Grant Nelson, born 22 March 1869. 

498 George Walter Nelson, born 20 August 1877, 

499 Thomas Franklin Nelson, born 26 December 1878, 

(248) JIargaret Nelson, fourth daughter of Franklin and Rachel 
(Smith)Nelson(l24) ,wa8 born, 6 May 1845, at the "Old Homestead", 
near Corydon, Indiana; married, first, Frederick Go6bel,M.T), ; 
married, secondly, after the death of Dr.Goebel, in 1896, 

(249) Sarah Lyon Nelson, fifth daughter of Franklin and Rachel 
(Smith) Nelson, vms born, 4 October 1847, at the "Old Homestead", 
near Corydon, Indiana jmarried Jacob Schwartz. Issue; 

500 John SchwartZj ^ /7 c^-^/f7J~', </•/</ At:«»*-tvC /f/^. 

501 J^irst Schwartz,;^ ,?/ ict*-^. />/>'. 

502 Margaret Schwartz. ^. X i" CU^-^f^i-*^^ '/f fO. . 

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,"f)x;9j-a9moH MO" exiJ- d-x5,5f'8X \;sj' o,mocr 8iBW« (:^Sl)noal9l2(:lJxnia) 
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jguaal .s^i^wuu- 'jKjv.-i'<j ij~>x i lJ:^n•■^nnuis-Ail^aobx^■LO'C) isan 

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t^'\\'~v,»*^^v>^ -^ jj, .Jjj ^*ifiWxio8 cTsi^siisM 20c 

Clarinda Marvin, daughter of widow Betsy Marvin NelsohjlDorn 
11 March 1826; jnarried,!? December 1848,Hathan Benedict, of 
Georgetown, New York. Ee was "born 11 September 1820. Issue: 

1 Elizabeth LavillejBenedict,born 21 November 1843. 

2 Mary Clarinda Benedict , born 11 August 1851. 

3 riora A, Benedict , born 11 December 1854. 

4 Nettie E, Benedict, born 22 October 1859. 

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. £^oI lecfmevo^ _XS xi^ocf,, v^ ax ^.'^n;>!X_, 9i^Xx v*^.. .-«; -c. 

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.GesX i9do.+ oO ^:i< mocf.JoiXenga .a sicf:^©^^ *^ 


(250) Lewis Swearings ITel son, sixth son of Franklin and Rachel 
(Smith)Nelson(l24) ,was born, 17 March 1849, at the "Old Home- 
stead", near Corydon, Indiana; married Ona E.Rhodes, of Farren 
County, Indiana, Issue: 

503 Franklin Nelson, horn 20 October l893;died 6 Novem- 
ber 1895. 

504 Alva King Nelson, born 15 June 1898. 

505 A daughter, born 29 Iferch 1905;died 21 December 1905. 

(253) John Milton Nelson, onl;/ son of Reuben(III)and Hannah ( J lors^ 
Nelson(128) ,was born at LaGrange, Dutchess County, New York; 
married . Issue: 

506 Catherine E, Nelson ;married Edward P.Taylor. 

507 Laura Nelson. 

508 Homer Augustus Nelson, born 31 August 1829, 

(254) Eliza I'aria Nelson, only daughter of Reuben( III)and Han- 
nah (Morse /Nelson (128) , was born, 13 October 1803, at LaGrange, 
Dutchess County, New York; married, 4 July 1820,Rosv/ell Bene- 
dict, born 4 August 1798. Reside at Montgomery, Orange County, 
New York, Issue: 

509 Alexander Nelson Benedict, born 13 "^rch 1823, 

510 Williajn Augustus Benedict, born 13 August 1825, 

511 Mary Jane Benedict , born in 1827, 

512 Edwin Riggs Benedict , born 22 July 1829. 

513 Laura Candon Benedict , born in 1831. 

514 i'lirander Ireland Benedict , born 27 February 1634. 

515 Rosv/ell Benedict, born in 1836. 

lerlojsH bciB nil:£rts"£l 1o noa £fJ-xis,ncEl9'f e-gnitsevrB eiwsJ (Oes) 
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j3iioY ^sl/L^xiasjoO aaado&uQ ,3-gnrj'x'QsJ. Sb mod" a^w, (8SI)noal9^ 

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,^^^B^D£J c^b,S08I iscfoJ-oO £I,rtiocr asw, (8Sl)noal9T'!:{9aioH)r{jsn 
-9n9a: Il9wsoa,OS8I -zLul, i' ^b^i■itBm[^1oY we'^^xinsjoD Qsedo:^uG 
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.c)£8I ni motf,vtoi:i)9n98: IlaweoH aie 


(262) Joel Nelson, only son of Hiram and Hannah (Wickes) Nelson 
(132) , born, 19 November 1814, at Hyde Park, New York, of Paral- 
ysis ; married, in May 1837, Mary Turrentine ;died 23 May 1887. 
Mr. Nelsjon vras for m;^ny years a teacher in the city of Brid^ 
port, Connecticut, being associated v/ith his sister, 'liss Emily 
Nelson, in the "Golden Hill" EHX Seminary. He was an accom- 
plished scholar and hard student, his special field being the 
higher mathematics, in v/hich he v/as most proficient and great- 
ly interested. He was ever faithful and won the affection 
and respect of his pupils, for whom he alvmys had a strong at- 
tacliment. He loved his v/ork,and his kindly, geniel disposi- 
tion drew to him a large circle of friends v/ho sincerely 
mourn his death, - 

Mr. Nelson was one of the early members of the Scien- 
titfic Society, and took a deep interest in its advancement 
and contributed largely to its work. llr. Nelson left one 
son, James H. Nelson, a druggist, in Bridgeport. His funeral 
took place at Rheinbeck,New York, Friday, 27 May 1887, (Exc). 
516 James H, Nelson, born in 1639, 

(264) Emily Nelson, second daughter of Hiram and Hannah (Ti ekes) 
Nelson(132) ,was born, 20 July 1823, at Hyde Park, New York;died 
17 October 1899, at Bridgeport , Connecticut, Her early educa^i 
tion was acquired in the Village School of Hyde Park, and was 
later sent to the "High School" at Albany, New York,v;^here she 
graduated Pirst in her class, while yet in her "teens," She 
was chosen "by a committee , appointed for the purpose of se- 
lecting a teacher, to teach drawing in the Bridgeport .Connec- 
ticut, High School, Here her services were eminently satisfac- 
tory. After a few years work in the High School she v/as urg- 


noal9TI(B9aIoJ:W)iiijnri5H JbnB ^uB^i:H lo no?. vXno,noal9Tf LsoJ. (S6S) 

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ently requested by the people of Bridgeport to open a Private 
school. Her school was a success from the start, and it was 
soon found necessary to select larger and more commodious 
quarters where it would be possible to accominodate the in- 
creased number of her pupils. The school grew and prosper- 
ed, and finally was laid the foundation of the famous "Gol- 
den Hill Seminary", of Bridgeport , Connecticut. But its pros- 
perity- was soon to be blighted, while in the height of its 
usefulness, in 1895, an epidemic of Typhoid fever broke out 
and laid many of the pupils lowjliiss Nelson did all she 
could to revive confidence in her novj ruined school, but to 
no purpose. She had finally to give up her life's work, the 
weight of years and broken in health compelled her to retire 
to private life, where she busied in literary work for which 
she was eminently qualified by early education and long ex- 
perience as a teacher. At the foundation of Vassar College 
at Poughkeepsie,New York, Miss Nelson v/as offered the Lady 
Principalship,of that institution, by its founder , Matthew 
Vassar, but she declined the offer, giving as her reason for 
refusing so tempting an offer, in her own words: "I preferred 
to reigh supreme in my ovm little realm." Funeral services 
over her remains were held in the South Cobgregational Church 
Bridgeport; burial in Rheinbeck Cemetery, 

• • • • • 

(266) Richard Nelson, eldest son of John and Celia(Pell)Nelson 
(136) , was born ,19 April 1795, at Poughkeepsie ;married,CordeiL 
lia, widow of Charles Adams and daughter of Nathaniel Delavan, 
5 November 1818. llr. Nelson died in N-^w York City, 16 May 
1849. Issue: 
517 Edward Delavan Nelson, born 29 January 1821. 

eisvii^ £ naqo od &ioq9:^hitF. "io olqosrr siii xd bs.+ssfjpst \lta9 

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518 John Henry Nelson, "born 23 January I824;died 10 Feb- 
ruary 1826, 

519 Mary Delavan Nelson, born 30 May 1826; died 4 Septem- 
ber 1865. 

(270) Ann Parker, eldest daughter of Elizabeth{Nelson) and George 
Parker(137) ,was born, 3 June 1802, at Poughkeepsie ,Nevir York; 
married Mr. Belden,a farmer, and d.s.p.,on a farm east of 
Poughkeepsie. - 

(271) Sarah Parker .second daughter of Elizabeth(Nelson)and 

Farl<er( i7>7; , 

George Parker ( 137 ), was born at Poughkeepsie , New York; mar- 
ried, 28 May 1828, Thomas Holden,at Poughkeepsie. Issue: 

520 John G. P. Kolden,born 22 August 1834. 

529 - *■ 

521 Jane Elizabeth Holden,born 5 January 1838. y»> (!t«-^. A'jw, ;^ 

522 William Rufus Holden,born 6 May 1840, 

523 Sarah Ann Holden,born 27 June 1842. 

(272) Thomas Sherrington Parker, eldest son of Elizabeth(>Telson) 

and George Parker ( 137 ), was born 10 February 1604; married, 
5^4 'i<rr 

■ I <r I .1 

first, 24 April 1828,Almira Holden. She died in 1839. Issue: 

524 George Henry Parker, born 19 December 1832, 

525 Mary Elizabeth Parker, born 26 October 1834. ^ 

526 Thomas Sherrington Parker , Jr. , born 4 November 1837. 

Jlr. Parker married, secondly, 5 January 1841, Eliza 
V. Farley, at Peekskill,New York;died 25 September 1846, 

527 Edward Beverly Parker, born 28 August 1842, ^' (^l^k 

528 Almira Ann Parker, born 27 September 1844. 1^, f/CA*-*— 


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lo J-EJ59 nn/sl js no, .•q.avJb i>nE,t9imBl £,n9M9ff .iH f)9X*nBra 

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(273) George Parker, Jr. , second son of ElizalDeth.(TTelson)and 

. nun 

George Parker ( 137 ), was born, 10 January 1806, at Poughkeepsie, 
New Yorkjwas drovmed,19 April 1810, in the Mill-Run at Pough- 

(274) Mary Parker, third daughter of Eliza"beth(Helson)and George 
Parker(137) ,was "born, 15 'necein'ber 1807, at Poughkeepsie, Nev/ 
York;narried,30 September 1833, Matthew Vassar, nephew of the 
founder of Vassar College;d.s.p. ,14 July 1851, 

• ••••• 

(275) John Ct, Parker, third son of Elizabeth (Nelson) and George 
Parker(137) ,was born, 5 September 1809, at Pouglikeepsie,New 
York; married, 26 May 1837, Esther Emily Ketcham, at Pough- 
keepsie. Issue: 

529 Augustus Ann Parker, born 18 February 1838;died 21. 
March 1861, 

530 Mary Vassar Parker, born 15 April 1840. 

531 George Parker, born 8 December 1841. 

532 Alonzo Ketcham Parker, born 6 October 1843. ^ 

533 Emily Piatt Parker, born 7 July 1847, r 

534 Louise Skinner Parker, born 20 January 1850. 

(276) Sarah Ann Nattress , eldest daughter of Sarah(Nelson)and 
John Nattress(141) ,was born, 25 February 1810, at Poughkeep- 
sie, New York; married, at Poughkeepsie, to James T. A.. Bart- 
ley of I'ew York City. 

(279 Ralph Nattress, third son of Sarah(Nel3on)and John Nat- 

tress(141) ,was born, 12 April 1816, at Poughkeepsie, New York; 


married, 26 September 1839,Eiizabeth Mindell,in Brooklyn, 
New York, 

<9iaq9S3irfBi;oT &.B,b08L x'^^^'^st Oiin^xocT bbw, (TSI)"te2li£«I egtosTO 

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sstosr) J>n£(noal9W)ai9cf£siia: io noa Lnirf.o ,-t9i[tB*I .0 nxioT, (evs) 
wsK; ^lafTogjfrf^iioT >tB,POfiI igcTctscfqsP P.^rf'iod a£w, (vr.I)T9:>[TB*I 
-ii-iijc-i j.«,GiiinL)j t'.- ->^±ir!ii ^9^id•aa, ^ col \;£:i dS.Lexiijsm jxioY 

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-q992[r{swo<T ^B,6lBf. Yi.eJJicfs'T ^S^mocT bots (IM)Hg9tct-d-BW nn'oX 
-d'-ija^ .' . owi'j^o ocf ,9J:8q99>Lrf§ijL" baii-i^iniiLicY W9PI,9ia 

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-J-i^K rtdoL l»n£(ncBl9K)x-(isiBr - :■ "oa Lilxid .aasiJ-d-sM iiiii.-r. STS) 
;>iioY wgTl/Qiaqegjilaijo*! eta, 6X81 XitqA sX,mocr a£w, (Xi^DaasTd^ 
.i.nil-^Vo-fa' ni ,IX9l)rtiM iid-9crBSi:iE!I,G£SX ^9cfIn9d■q95 6S,i)9iTXBm 

.jfioY W9K 


(280) V'illiani Mattress, fourth son of Sarah(Nelson)and John Nat- 
tress(l4l) ,was horn 20 Octoher 1818, at PoughJceepsie ,Nev/ York; 
married, in Novemher l639,Adelia Fisher, in New York City. 

* -■ * -™ • •• 

(281) John Nattress, fifth son of Sarah(Nelson)and John Nattress 
(141) , was born, 27 August 1822, at Poughkeepsie,New York; mar- 
ried, 14 Octoher 1847 .Harriett A. Mindell,in Brooklyn, 1^. Y. 

■M*-W*B*4 •-■*-•♦•• 

(290) Porinda Hardman Nelson, eldest daughter of William and 
Cornelia ]Iandeville(Hardinan)Nelson(l44) ,was horn, 26 January 
1813, at Peeksl<ill-on-Hudson,Nev? York; married, 18 Noveiaher 
1829, by Rev. M. Leggett,to John D. Arthur, at the hone of 
her parents jULXK died, 3 March 1876, in Oakland, Calif ornia. 

534 Cornelia Arthur , "born 30 January 1831, at Peekskill; 
died 12 February follov/ing, 

535 Emma Josephine Arthur, born 21 July 1832.- 

536 William Nelson Arthur, born 26 June 1834, at Sing Sing; 
died 30 March 1837. 

537 Charles S. Arthur, born 3 May 1836. 

538 William Nelson Arthur, born 25 October 1838 

539 Gertrude K. Arthur, born 27 September 1840. 

540 George Arthur, born 28 September 1842. 

541 Edwin H. .Arthur, born 2 December 1844, in New York City, 

542 John C. Arthur, born 29 November 1847, at Sing Sing. 

• .» • -w * .w 

(291) Joseph Nelson, eldest son of William and Cornelia T''"ande- 
ville(Hardman)Nelson(144) ,was born, 4 March 1815, at Peekskill- 
on-Hudson;married,?8 June 1837, by the Rev. Abraham Polhemus, 
to Margaret, daughter of John C. Storm, at Peekskill, born 31 

l:*UX« VI. 

;2lnoY w9Tf,9xaq99>[risj;;o<i o\6,8X6l iscfOvtoO OS mocf e^w, (li'Dttaaicf 
,vcMO 2ftoY W9K ni,i9r[8x1 j3il9M,656l i9cfm9voK ni,£>9iTiB0i 

aa9^d•d•BW: nifoT^ /5n£(noal9K)££6tB8 lo noa ri;tti;l,e89id-vtBH ndoT, (I8S) 
-•XBDi i^lToY w9K,fliaq995[iIsifO<I d-£,SS8l J^euguA VS.fitocf a£w, (li^I) 
.^^ .T^ .m'-r^oo- ,Il9f)n-r' ,4 ^,+ 9lfTJ5H,Vf^8I tecfoctoO '^l/bsxt 

f)ni3 m^lIIiW lo i9c)T[sjjjsi3 ci-a9^l9,noal9P[ ^£ml^^J3H sLnlTOd (OGS) 

XiBunsZ 62, mod a£w, (i>i>>I)noal9Tt:(nBivi£»-i£H)9.tIiv9i)n^vI Bll9moO 

i9crm9vo^ 8I,Jb9X^i^£m;2I^oY w9TI,noaLi;H-no-XIx>l8:i99'*T d^fi,5I8I 

lo 9ciori 9£ii &£fiud&iA .Q ndoZ od-,v+J^9gg9i.I ,M ,v9fl vcf,6S8I 

,BlmolilB0,fcn^l3lB0 nx,9T'8X dotBil Efbeib SXRljaingisq i9ii 

j.CIiDia2l99^ J-j3,X£8I Y-iBunal. 05 mocr,ti;r{d-iA BlX9xnoO ^S6 

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.0j^8X isfJms.tas'^ VS n-iocf, ^JJ■^{:^^A .Jl sbwiite-') PCe 

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,Y*iO ^-toY W9TI r'j:,i^f^6X i9cfra909(I S niod^iijdiiA .fl nJ:v/f)H Xi>6 

.T^nxR -pnlP. cJ'£,Vf^8X ^&d■m^voIf CS niccf^iurf^iA .0 nrfoX 2^6 

-gJ^HB"^! BlXsn-ioO bns mellXi^' lo noa dB9l)X9,noaX9K xlqgeoX. (X62) 
-XXi:J:ai{99l >ti3,cX8X rioi^"' -^.n-iocr a£w, (i^f'I)noEX9TT(nj3nijbiBH)9lXxv 
,ax;E£9xiio1 liUiSiBidA .vsh edi xd^V^Sl 9nuij {j. ,x.'9Xi"i:o£!-;jnoax:'ixr>nc 
X£ mocf,XXJ::ia2£99*I ia^m'xoiR ,0 arioT, lo ^9d■r£^JJcJb,c^9-lB^^B?•I ot 


May 1820, at Hopewell, Dutchess County. Removed to V^isconsin 
in 1340. Issue: 

543 William Nelson, horn August 26, 1839, at Peekskill. 

544 Hilary B. K"elson,born 31 July 1840. 

545 John Storm Nelson, horn 1 January 1843, 

546 Thomas Nelson, horn 11 March 1644. 

547 Joseph Nelson, Jr. , horn 10 January 1846;died,14 Jan- 
uary 1351, at Raymond, Wis con sin. 

548 Laura Younf^ Nelson, horn 29 Dececiher lo49;died 3 July 
1851, at Raymond, Wisconsin. 

549 George P. Nelson, horn 5 February 1851. 

550 Catherine Nelson, horn 24 July 1853. 

551 Cornelia II. Nelson, horn 20 April 1656. 

552 Eugene Storm Nelson, horn 27 July 1857. 

553 Edward Beverly Nelson, horn 8 September 1858. 

554 Eva Nelson, born 5 June 1863. 

• • * 

^Georo-e Parker Nelson, second son of William and Cornelia Mande- 
A ° 

ville(Hardman)Nelson(144) ,was born, 25 January 1817, at Peeks- 
kill-on-Hudson;haptized in the Presbyterian Church at Peeks- 
kill; attended school at Upper Red Hook, in Dutchess county, 

<r and at the Peekskill Academy; graduated from ^'^illiams Collese 
in 1836; studied law with his father for one year, and one 

>^:i-neyear in the office of Henry B, Gowles. He was chosen as 
School Commissioner in New York City, and later Supervisor 
of Scarsdale; married, 25 September 1845, by Rev. Dr. Hutton, 

Coi:Mary Delavan,only daughter of Richard Nelson(266) , in the 

D Reformed Dutch Church, New York City. lilrs. Nelson died, 4 
September 1865, is Scarsdale , New York. Issue: 
555 Mary Nelson, born 12 July 1346, in New York City;died 
le jUly 1846 

:9U8eI .OfiSI ni 

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.Si^ol x"f^JiJ'ft'S'^ J^ ff*£ocf,noaIoW Efiod-8 rtcfoti 51^5 

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-n^X 1^1,139115; 6^81 \'iGan&'^. 01 mod", .it jfroalsW rfqgsoT, V:^e 

. ni a nt)o a iW,£)f£oiirv;£^ d-B,I68I y*I'6^ 

y.IyX; C fceibjGI'SI led^creoef! es moff<noel9Tt j^nf/oY B^u^J Sf^a 

.nienooaxW^ijftorirfBH J-j3,ie8I 

.lesi Y*f>su*tcf9T: ci moGr,no8l9T'1" .q[ ©3109tO Ci>.6 

.£581 Y.Li!\> I^S n"tocr,no6l9TI 9frii9ri*sD 055 

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-a2[99l j-£,Vl8I Y'^JSwnBl, asw, (^iiI)^0RI9K(^BEIX)^BE)9J.Ixv 

-ajl99*T isi do^UIiO ^^ex^9j■Ycfae•I1 9i£c^ ni f)9siJ-qiScf;no8buH-no-IIi2i 

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sno i)nB,i£9Y.- 9no tot i9rI*Bl axxi dii\x wbI i)9i£xrd-a;6£8I ni 

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^■(bnxh noalsT-f .e"f''f .Y.'+i- -f'to"'' v/s'^'i'^rioturin rio:^;-'^" hst^^.oler. 

:9JjcjaI .2iioi v,3li,9ix;i>a-iB08 ax,6d6l I9cfribjq98 

'I)9ffcjv;}-f0 oftoY wgH ni, 81^81 yli/X SI n*iiocf,ncal9K y^-bM 666 

61^81 Ylw-^ QJ^ 


556 Richard James Nelson, 'born 5 August 1847 , in Few York-a 
.".'i City; died 21 following. 

557 Cordelia Nelson, born 8 March 1852, in New York City, 

558 Georgiana Nelson, born 10 November 1854, " " " 

559 Edmund Young Nelson, born 29 April 1861, " " " . 

Mr. Nelson married, secondly, Mary E. .daughter of 
James E. Robinson, Esq. ;died, 20 September 1899, at Jamesport, 
Long Island, Nev/ York. Mr. Nelson died, 27 September 1905, in 
H? Nlfw York City, and is buried at Peekskill-on-Hudson, 

■ ••••• 

(293) Thomas Nelson, third son of V/illiam and Cornelia Mandeville 
(Hardman)Nelson(l44) ,was born, 23 January 18;^, at Peekskill- 

"The Honourable Thomas Nelson, a well-known layyer of Ne 
New York City, at one time Chief Justice of the Supreme Court 
of the United States, for the Territory of Oregon, was born (as 
per Supra) . 

"*' "At the early age of ten years he became a student at 
the Academy, of North Salem, in his native county; which at that ^^ 
time, numbered among its pupils piany who have since made their 
mark in life, and among whom may be named, the late Robert Hoe, 
James L. Benedict who became Surveyor of the Port of New York, 
Avery Smith, Villiam Tweed, and the Junes , Jaime s, John and Steb- 
bins. Subsequently he went to the Academy at Upper Red Hook, 
in Dutchess County, where, after a diligent studentship of two 
years, under its Principal, Lyman Thompson, a graduate of Vi^illiams 
College, and a room mate of, as well as a class-mate of David 
Dudley Field ;he was fitted for admission to the Junior Class of 
Williams College, which he entered in 1834, in the sixteeth year 
of his age. Here he spent two years in assiduous attention to 

.gniwollol IS b9lb\vj£D 

,X&1'C! 2[*ioY waK nx,Se8I r£oiBl€ 8 mocf,nogl9lT silsfjioO Vee 

'• " •• ,^681 "iso'iijevoPr 01 n-iocr,noaJ[sK finjsisiosD 856 

" " " ,Ib6I IxiqA GS niocf,noal9TI smJoY bnunibS. 622 

id■^oqa9^IB"G .tjs^Sesi "iacfmsj-qeS 02,£>9ibi .paa.noanicfoH ..a aam-sT, 

ni,cOei T9cfms;tq93 ?9,f>9J:^ noelalf .-{M .jTioY weW,bf!»l8l ^noJ 

,noefejjI[-ne-Xii:aa2f99'I is bslii/cf aJ. i)nB,vd-iO 2£-ioY wlH? 

» j^ ■« • 

gllxveijnsM Bil9a?xoO !)«« ciJsiXIxW ^o noe i»ixxlcf,noel9K aamoriT. (£9S) 
-IIx^ie2i99"I *£!,J<!S8X YiBunfit £S,mocf a^v;, (l^i'l)fiGel9TC(asKii)n^H) 

-TI lo *x9\,v' ■ •oni'-XIev; jSjAoaXafl ajsmoxiT sXd'e'iuonoK sxlT" 

dijjoO omsiquS 9iii ^o eolieuZ td-tdD ©micf sno d-jB,v;;}-xD jIioY W9ll 
bb) mod RBw,nos9T;0 lo Y.iocfli'isT erf.t ^-ct,Be^j=i3 Ijeci-xnU arid" lo 

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jBilcl- d-ii riolriwjTi^r''^"'''"* ^'''■•'''^J^n eJxi ni ,msX£3 ditoVL 1o^\m.Qb£oA orlJ- 

"lierfcl- 9X>,BiD eonie avjiii odv/ vnam aXXqj.rq eui jinomje £)9isd'rrujn,snxd- 

,9oE di9a'o£ 9 cfBl ©rid-, x)9irL6n 9tf vfiic moxlw gnoniB bn^^eJiL iil ^ibm 

\i:iioY weH lo d-xo^ grfd- "io lo-yievii;" ?rri.Rr>f?rr orfw d-oiX>6n9F ,J eemBli 

-cf9cf2 bciB firioT.,Eera!Bl.,a9ni.'T, grid" JoniD , Ds 9 v/T ulsxIXxW ,jictifliS -viigvA 

,2tooH 1)9H. T9qqU &£, y^sbsoA ed.& oi dnev; 9x1 YXd-nsijpsecfjjS .enxcT 

owd to xjlxled-nobud-a d-ns-qlXxb .b -I6d•'iB,s•I9Ilw,yc^^^J0 assxioJ-uCT ni 

eiaelXXi'V J:o ejBi/fcBia £,£iOaqHio£{T nBinYiI, XBqxonxTi ejx isi^nu, 8ib9\; 

biy&d lo 9ct.6jn-BaBXo b bjb XX9v/ sBjIo 9dBm tnooT b i)n£,93sXXoO 

lo aaBlO loxnxri. ed& ci noxB8iD:ibB lo't fc9 + d-x*x asw erfiJoXftx"^ YelbxrCI 

lB9-\:; dd-99d-xxa on-y nx , ^£81 nl X)9'i9jri*j en x.oixlw, ©geXXoO a.<.'>j:5j.IXxW 

od^ xfoxd^nsd^dB euouLxaaB nx sib^x owd- d-ngqe 9X1 9t9H .9gB Bxrf 1o 


all his college dmties and in affectionate intercourse with his 
class-mates. Amono^ whora were Rohert Crawford,D..D, ; Judge Nathan 
W. Harmon iHonourahle Samuel Knox; Honourable Job Olin; Honoura- 
ble Zalman Richards; Professor John Tatlock; Honourable Bush- 
nell White; Honourable Joseph White, and Jay Ambrose Wight. He 
profited largely by the teachings of Dr. Mark Hopkins, the most 
distinguished educator of his day;who,b3'- the illness of Dr.-<^ 
Or if fin, became prrvctiaclly the head of the College at that time. 
Here, too, he formed close friendships VTith others, not of his 
class, but students in the college; among many may be named, 
Pres, Israel ^'. Andrews, Justice Stephen J. Field, Dr. Henry li. 
"Field, Governor Hross, Professor and Honourable Samuel vrilkin-^'' 
son. He completed his course in 1836, and received the Degree 
"Artiura Baccalorius. " -■ \ 

At the commebcement exercises he v/as chosen to deliv- 
er an Oration, and took for his subject the Character of John 
Jay;which he was led to select not only from the eminence of 
Mr. Jay, but from the fact that at his death, Mr. Jay was a res- 
ident of his native county, Westchester, and his sons, William and 
Peter Jay, were personal friends of his father. In the same yeai^ 
though scarcely eighteen years of age, Mr. Nelson began the 
study of law in the office of Henry B, Cowles,a lawyer of ex- 
cellent repute and large practice, in the city of New York. 
lHQiile pursue ing his legal studies, he attended a course of lec- 
tures on Anatomy, given by Professor Rhe inlander, in the Old Med- 
icf.l College, in Barclay Street, and also took up the study of 
the French language, under Professor Charles Parmentier ,of the 
University of Nevr York; and in whose house he lived while in the 
City. In 1837 he returned to Peekskill,and continued his law 
studies in the office of his father , William Nelson, who was then 

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District Attorney; under whom he enjoyed unusual advantages for 
acquire Ing professional knowledge, and making a large acquaint- 
ance, which proved of inestimable value in his subsequent career, 
Having successfully passed the required examinations in the va- 
rious branches of the law, before the Supreme Court, then holding 
its sessions in Albany ;he was, in ZHJK January 1840, admitted to 
practice, and received his Diploma as an Attorney-at-Law." He 
thenformed a copartnership with his father, and remained connec- 
ted with him in active practice, for more than ten years, and v/as 
extensively engaged with him in the trial of Causes, both Civil 
and Criminal, in the Coiinties of Westchester, Pvitnara and Rock- 
landjmani/- of which were highly important in their character , and 
excited much public interest at that time. 

In 1842 he spent several months travelling in Europe; 
visiting the various points of interest in England, Prance, Ital- 
ly, Switzerland and the German Confederacy; carrying with him 
nximerous letters of introduction to men of note in the "Pield 
of Letters," Ke enjoyed exceptional advantages, and made the 
acquaintance of most of the distinguishe men, in the countries 
v;hich he visited, 

In.1851 President Fillmore appointed him to the Of- 
fice of Chief- Justice of the Supreme Court, for the United States 
in the Territory of Oregon, and he proceeded thither by way of 
the Isthmus of Panama, in the month of Ma,rch of that yeara. To 
this high official position he brought talents of a superior 
order ; together with a thorough knowledge of the Law, As a con- 
sequence, his judicial duties, some of which were novel and try- 
ing, were discharged with ability, impartiality and dignity;and 
secured for him the respect of all good and respectable citizens 
in that Territory, In tha latter part of 1853 he returned to 

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the Atlantic Coast, and though keeping his old Residence in 
Peeksklll,he established himself in business in Hew York City, 
and there entered upon an active practice in his profession, 
taking a high standing at the bar, and being employed as prin- 
ciple coimsel in many important suits, brought in the various 
Cour^ts of the state; some of which went through the gradations 
of the courts. 

During the Civil 7/ar, Judge Nelson was a firm 
supporter of the Federal Government , and was well known for his 
zeal in behalf of the Union, He was elected to membership in 
the "Union Leagae Club", soon after its format ion, but as his 
residence out of the city, would prevent him from attending its 
sittings, he declined to accept the membership to v/hich he was 
elected. In the early stages of the War, he was appointed by 
Governor Morgan as a member of the y7ar..Corrii'iittee,for_^j:th.e- Coun- 
ties of Westchester, Putnam and Rockland, and faithfully serve(^_ 
as such during the continuance of the entire struggle. 

In 1858 Judge Nelson received the Republic^aja nonina-. 
tion for the Supreme Court Judgeship, in the second district, ., 
his associate on the ticket being the Honourable Lucian Birds- 
e;/e; but the Democratic nominees, lie sseur§ .Brown and Lott,were 
successful in that heavily Democratic District, In 1860 he 
was honoured with the Republican nomination for Congress, for 
district composed of the counties of Westchester and Rockland, 
but owing to the district being largely Democratic, and though^ 
he was greatly ahead of his ticket, he was not able to overcome 
the heavy party vote against him. Since then Judge Nelson has 
not been a candidate for political honours jbut has devoted him- 
self wholly to his extensive legal practice. 


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In 1869 he was elected "by the AlTimni of Williams Col- 
lege, a Trustee of that Institution, and he diligently discharged 
the duties of that off ice, until the expiration of his official 
terra in 1874, when he declined a re-election. 

In all molirements JEC in society, Judge Nelson has al- 
ways been in s;^/Tnpathy v/ith those of progress and freedom. In 
politics he has long been identified with the Republican Party, 
yet was never so much of a partisan as to be unable to see both 
sides of a question, and to maintain relations of friendship with 
many whose political views and associations differed frcra his 
own. On several occasions he has shown much sagacity in fore- 
casting the political future. As an evidence of this, as well ■, 
as of his good judgement , tolerant spirit and patriotic sense; &• 
we quote from a letter shown to us, and written 14 November 1884, 
to a friend in Iowa; who had become alarmed at the possibility ~ 
of Blaine's defeat, which he supposed would be followed by a long 
train of disasters to the country, Mr, Nelson wrote in part: 

"As you feared, Blaine is beaten. In my judgement there 
will be a considerable change in Office-holding, Not so much in 
the general policy of the government. The first effect will be 
business stagnation. Capitalists, for a time, will do nothing. 
They are always timorous, and they will await to see what the 
effects of a change of administration! -will be. Just now, they 
are v/aiting to see what v^ill be done in Congress this winter; 
they will then wait to see what the new Administration, when in- 
ducted into office, will say through the President , and after that 
what the new Congress is going to do. In the meantime, business 
will get over the present shock, and will all the while be adapti 
ing itself to existing states , -changing with the times, During 
all this time we will have to ES eat, be clothed, to be sheltered. 

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a,nd all the manifold operations of life will have to go on. We 
will retain our faculties and exercise our energies ;v/ill still 
have our hopes and our ains,and in a little while, v/e will forget 
all ahout the hloWja.nd the anxieties and fears it excited, I am 
deeply sorry for I'r. Blaine's defeat jhut if a deraocrat had to 
he elected,! prefer !1r. Cleveland to any other. He impresses 
me as being honest , painstaking and faithful to his own ideas 
of right. He is surrounded and influenced hy the best class 
of democrats. \Vith their advice and with his sturdiness of 
wilKapproaching nearly to obstinacy) ,and the sense of obliga- 
tion he feels towards recalcitrant Republicans, who it must be 
admitted, are honest and patriotic in the niain; though, as I think, 
greatly illjudging,we ought not to have much fear of the future. 
Mr, Cleveland was elected Sheriff of Erie County, as a Reformer; 
Mayor of Buffalo, as a Reformer jCrovernor of New York, at; a. Reform- 
er; and is now elected President, as a Reformer. I believe he 
will, whenever he makes a change in off ice, endeavour to appoint 
competent and honest officers; that he v/ill favour "Civil Ser- 
vice" ; oppose wild schemes and all jobbery, and in general, do 
what he believes to be his duty. The "Tariff ".no doubt, will 
be overhauled and changed, and he will favour it;but it v/ill be 
done carefully, and the best interests of the Coxmtry at large 
will be considered. This is not to be an administration for 
experiments. The efforts of those who shape its policy, will 
be to inspire the community at large, with confidence in the cor- 
rectness of the opinion, which led to the change of Administra- 
tion, -to increase the number of its supporters, from the class 
of people, on whom party allegiance lightly rests, and v/ho are 
more interested in "Good Government" , than party success ;and thiB 
to continue, if not perpetuate, its power. Should this be the 

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case, there v/ill te heard (but for a while only) howls of disap- 
pointment from that class of Democrats, who have struggled for 
power, merely for the sake of office. I misjudge if the "Solid 
South" does not go into"Political Disintegration" "before two 
years of the "New Administration" shall have passed, V/hat mor- 
tifies rae more than anything else, is that my countrymen have 
elected to the second office within their gift, that self-com- 
placent looking old "Copperhead" from Indiana (Thomas A. Hendrix) 
who,v/hen the country Yra.s in extreme peril, was opposing Ilr. Ldn- 
ccln's best efforts to preserve the Government,- was the coadju- 
tor of Valla.dingham,and sympathized with those striking at the 
"Life of the Nation." With respect to l^. Cievelar.d, there is .- 
no such record against him. lam willing to believe that he v/as 
for the Government in its hour of danger, I am willing to thirJc 
that his habits are not such as they sometimes, in party heat, 
have been represented to be. If he would marry an intelligent 
and worthy v/oman,and install her as Mistress of the "White- 
House", it Vi'ould be such a pledge to the people, a.s would remove 
all apprehension, a,nd in that respect jfrop: any quarter. There 
is no better way to keep straight an;/ man prone to err, than to 
have a loved and judicious wife. The "^liite-House" has hither- 
to been pure and stainless. The v/oraen who have been its con- 
trolling inmates graced it and honoured the Nation, It 
v/ould be deplorable, if it should be otherwise. The best thing 
that Mr, Cleveland could do, to remove any fears on the subject, 
would be to marry," 

The developements and events which have taken place, 
since the foregoing letter was v/ritten,when everything was in 
a chaotie state, show the correctness with which he forecasted 
the future. 

-qjsaxii ^0 aIwoxl(Ylno alirfw b toI ^Jjcr)fcij39i{ scf Iliv; 9i9rfi^,9eBo 

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,90slq n92££j 9Vi3r[ rioxjlw 2j-n9V9 bnj^ a.-t-ngnaqoIsTSl) grIT 
nx a^r -r^rTxrLtvTsvf? nerlw^nsJ-txTyV asw ig.t.tal T>rt.J:cn9io't grid" sonxa 
Jjacfa^oaiui 3ii Jioxiivv' xijxv;, &adnd'09t'i00 911.0 v.orit; ,9c?jsJc; oxJobjio b 

.atsj&ut ed^- 


Judge Nelson retains his fondness for tlae Latin Lan- 
guage, in which Virgil and Horace are his favorite Authors. They 
are 8-lways to he foiind on his ta.hle, ready to be taken up at a 
leisure moment. He has "been, and continues to he, a dilligent 
reader of the best works of English Literature. His fondness 
for Poetry began with his youth, and his facility for committing 
to raemor;/' and reciting favorite passages, has often been a won- 
der to his friends. Of American Poets, he holds liThittier in 
highest esteem, and from him, he ha.s often said, he derives his 
"Politics and Religion." He has alvirays been interested in the 
local history of the region where he was born, and spent the most 
of his life,an(J there is no event, that has occurred in that seo- 
tion,v/ith the details of which he is not familiar. He maj'' oft- 
en be seen at "^Phite Plains", in the office containing the Rec- 
ords of Festchester County poring over the early volumes, snd 
gleaning from that source, many facts full of interest to the 
Antiquarian Taste, and reflecting much historical light. 

As a lawyer, he holds a very high rank at the New York 
Bar, and is recognized by his brothers in the legal profession 
as possessing distinguished attainments. He is a fluent speak- 
er, a.nd has at his copimand a wealth of resource in argument and 
debate, which rarely fails to exert great influence in the Courts 
of Law. Possessed of a KIgK character strongly entrenched in 
uprightness, sound learning, large experience, both in the Courts 
and on the Bench, with exceptional powers of judgement ; Judge Nel- 
son deservedly occupies a high place in the professional and pub 
lie esteem. His life has been roarked by usefulness, integrity 
and honour, and his successes have been won by qualities which 
rarely fail to achive distinction and victory. 


Judge Nelson was",' for many years, until his removal to 
Brooklyn, an attendant at the First Pres"byterian Church, vrhere 
he was baptized, in his native village. On his removal to Brook- 
lyn he has "been attending the "Central Congregational** 'Ghurch 
of that City. In 1904, he returned to Peekskill.— 

He married, 4 June 1844, hy Rev. D. M, Halliday,Cornel- 
ia L., daughter of David L. Se^miour,at Feeks^Illjhorn 17 July 
1826, at Port Covington, New York. David L, Seymour had removed, 
in 1838, from Port Covington, Pranklin, County, New York, to Peeks- 
kill where he established hiihserf in 'the Iron Industrjr, The chil 
dren of Thomas and Cornelia L. (Se^/mour) Nelson wer allhorn at 

560 Zanina Nelson, horn 12 '/fpr~il 1845. 

561 David S. Nelson, horn 1 April 1847; died 12 February 
I , 1851. 

562 Geof^e P. Nelson, horn 22 February l849;died in New 
York City. 

563 Thomas Nelson, Jr. , born 18 July 1860. 

94) Sarah Ann Nelson, second daughter of v^illiam and Cornelia 
^' Mandeville(Kardman)Nelson(l44) ,was born 15 January 1821, at 

Peekskill-on-Hudson;married ,4 October 1842, by Rev. C.D. West- 
brook, to Jonathan Henry Ferris, at Peekskill. "r. Ferris was 
born, 5 May 1820, at Peekskill. Issue: 
j 564 Cornelia Jfandeville Nelson Ferris, born lo July 1843, 
I 565 Ferris, born 24 February 1845, 
r 566 Jonathan Henry Ferris, born 24 February 1847;died 2 
* April 1849. 

567 Williajn Nelson Ferris, born 14 September 1848. 

568 Sarah T»!.Ferris ,born 15 September 1851 ;d led 22 February 


Judge Nelson v/as,fcr many years, until his removal to 
Brooklyn, an attendant at the First Presbyterian Church, where 
he was baptized, in his native village. On his removal to Brook- 
lyn he has been attending the "Central Congregational" Church * 
of that City, In 1904, he returned to Peekskill.— 

He married, 4 June 1844, by Rev. D. M. Hall iday, Cornel- 
ia L., daughter of David L. SeyraoTir,at Peekskill,born 17 July 
1826, at Port Covington, New York. David L. Seymour had removed, 
in 183b, from Port Covington, Franklin, County, New York, to Peeks- 
kill where he established himself in the Iron Industry. The chil 
dren of Thomas and Cornelia L. (Seymour)Nelson wer allborn at 

560 Zanina Nelson, born 1?. April 1845. 

561 David S, Nelson, born 1 April 1847; died 12 February 

George P. Nelson, born 22 February 1849; died in New 
York City. 

Thomas Nelson, Jr. , born 18 July 1860, 


u^294) Sarah Ann Nelson, second daughter of v^illiam and Cornelia 
Mandeville(Hardman) Nelson (144) ,was born 15 January 1821, at 
Peekskill- on-Hudson; married, 4 October 1842, by Rev. C.D. West- 
brook, to Jonathan Henry Ferris, at Peekskill. rlr. Ferris was 

born, 5 May 1820, at Peekskill. Issue: 

564 Cornelia Mandeville Nelson Ferris, born 15 July 1843, 

565 Ja,ne Ferris, born 24 February 1845. 

566 Jonathan Henry Ferris, born 24 February 1847;died 2 
April 1849, ' ' 

567 Willisjn Nelson Ferris, born 14 September 1848, 

568 Sarah M.Ferris , born 15 September I851;died 22 February 

**u->- • "■ 

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riotJjxiD "IB^oxiJB3»^3^oO" axf:^ 5^nxi)n 

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.8fv8X "f'=>n'irTM.tfT3n i" I rf-fo.-r, !5i■f^■^'^ fiopXe^'' ni.gJ:IliW • 
YtBiJidsl SS f)exb;icJoi iduniyj-qaS dX xi-xod , ail". - ■' 


LJ™6''''*''P*'''' '^''- f ■ Monday svenin?, 
»n9. Cornelia ManclerUle Nelson, widow of 
Nelson, of New Orleans. La. Funeral ser- 
l"; , '^IS rMldence. No. 83 Cannon st.. on 
TUly 29. at 2 o'clock. Relatives and friends 


-aafggq; o:f,:fioY w^ 

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- '-i-lxvaibrx.;?:'! 

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.o^di •£ecfiii9^q93 ^X mocf.aXiie-?: noalgK m.eiXXf/i 
YiBx/tcf9l OS hexb;Xd8X ^9d„a;^CI9^ ex n-.Off,ai.., 





569 Prank T'erriSj'born 21 March 1853. 

570 Elizabeth N. Ferris, born 17 January 1865. 

» *^ • • • • • 

(295) William Rufus Nelson, fourth son of William and Cornelia 
l'Iandeville(Hardman)!Telson(l44) ,was horn, 25 November 1822, 
at Peekskill-on-Hudson;inarried,14 September 1853, by Rey. Asa 
ltann,to Abbie E., daughter of Amos Tuck, Esq., at Exeter, New 
Hampshire; died, 24 February 1864, at Peekskill. Abbie E. Belsoi 
v/as born at Hampton, New Hampshire, 4 November 1835. Issue; 

571 Laura Nelson, born at Peekskill, 

572 Ellen Tuck Nelson, born in November 1856, at Peekskill. 

573 Mary Delava.n Nelson, born 18 April 1859, at Peekskill, 

(496) Cornelia Mandeville Nelson, third daughter of William and 

Cornelia Mandeville(Hardman)Nel3on(l44) ,was born, 17 November Peekskill-on-Hudson:married,lS September 1845, by Rev. 
^ (145) 

; T). M. Halliday,to John Peter, son of Colonel Joseph Nelson, 

f A 

at Peekskill. Issue: ^^jL-^ ^^ ^'^ , ^ Q O Q ^ 

574 Peter Port Nelson, born 8 July 1846. 

575 William James Nelson, born 12 November 1847. 

576 Elizabeth Parker Nelson, born 7 March 1849. 

577 Edward Beverly Nelson, born 26 May 1850. 

578 Walter Huntington Nelson, born 7 April 1853. 

579 Thomas Grant Nelson, born 24 June 1856, 

580 Cornelia Mandeville Nelson, born 7 May 1863. 

(497) Elizabeth Parker Nelsonfoxirth daughter of William and Co3> 

nelia Mandeville (Hardman) Nelson (144) ,was bornll December 

18$6'fe/yPeekskill-on-nudson;married,7 November 1860, by Rev. 

D* M. Halliday,to Rev. John G, Johnson, at peekskill, New York. 

.5681 iloi sM IS ntocr,8J:fi9'^ stoeil 665 

.eaal vxisunsL VI mocr^ai-nsl .H riJ-sdesxia 0?e 

• ••■•« 

- :swaal ,5S8i -lacfiUQvoTI i^^QixiiaqfltsH w9TI,xto>tqi\ifiH .tb mod" aj3V/ 

,IXi:iajl99l cfs mod" ,noaIaPr bicubJ ITS 

.IIx2la5t99'i ;t.!3,6e8I i9c&C9Vol<I nx niodfnoeL^Vl dIouT nallH SVe 

,IIx2ie>i99<I :t-B,6c;dI IxiqA 81 mocr,noal9T>f asvfil9(I xibU S.V& 

T9cfr£i9voTI Tl^mocf bbw, (f'^X)noal9l'i(nBwl3iBK)9XI±V9Jbni5M J8i:l9moO 

.vgS -^criS^dX T:9d"xa9Jq9a 3X,i>9XTt^m;noQi)t;F-no-XXl>[aoi99^ J-^/i^SSX 

,noaX9Tl i£q9ao1 lanoXoO lo noo, miol. c^+,^ ..r,frr.^T- , 
A ... 

:9ijeal .Xli3iait9e5 vis 

.Si'SX x^fJ^ ^ Si-iod^noalaVL iiol t9.+ 9^ f^Vc 

. Vi'ol igcfmev'-'*' '^I morf , -iJ^eleK a9fn.-3T, rfisiXXlW 5Vc 

,6:^81 dQtfilvI T rnocf,iioal9K rfd-acffisxXK oVe 

,0d8X y.bM Sa mocf^noalgTI ^iXisvsa biJBwM 'fVe 

.5381 XxiqA T mod,noal9K no^^nx^nuF n9.tXsW 8V5 

,d28X 9ru;X J^S mod,noaX9T'! drr^^r/ a^JiaoxlT CVC 

,538X xbK V mocfjnoaXgW 9XXXv9i)nj3M aiXefttoO 08fi 

-rcoO Ms xoBxIXlT lo i-d&d:gusb diisjo'laoaleli ta-AnssI d^adsiS^ilH iS'Q^) 
igcfcigoecr XXmocf aj3w, {i>^L)noaLeV.{nBmb'i&K)9LliTrehna^il ^llen. 
.V9P Ycr,0S3X tsffraovoT'f T,bsi'rx^!Ejao?!JbuF-p-''i-r Tf ^r3?rr:;,eC[»>'a<5!Rl 
,2ltoY v/9Tl,XXX5iaii9 9c-i rfs^noaiirioL ,0 nrioT. .V9Ji od ,^:,*^bxXX£?' , 


The Rev. Mr. Johnson, was born, 27 January 1814, in Center Coim- 
ty, Pennsylvania, and at the time of his marriage he was Pas- 
tor of the Dutch Reformed Church at Upper Red Hook, which 
charge he held until his death. Elizabeth died in New York rs 
City, 3 June 1900, Issue: 

581 Mary Piatt Johnson, born 17 January 1865, at Upper 
Red Ho ok, New York. 

582 William Nelson Johnson, born 26 September 1866, at Up- 
per Red Hoo.K:,New York. 

(302) Robert D. Nelson, youngest son of William and Cornelia 

MandevillediardiTia.n) Nelson (144) ,was born, 15 May 18S9;married, 

llary Travis, at Peekskill;died 20 February 18&8. Mary Travis 

Nelson, died,ll) June 1906, at New -esajftn, Connecticut, and is bur- 
ied at Peekskill. ■'(■■^■nv 

(303) Jane Ann Nelson, only daughter of Joseph and Eannali(Port) 
Nelson(l45) ,was born, 15 December 1808, at Poughkeepsie,New ' 
York; married, 31 October 1831, Harvey F, Granger, of Granger- 
ville,in New York City. Issue: iJ 

583 Mary Ellen Granger, born 12 November 1832. 

584 John James Granger ; married Elizabeth Lieks,of Ganidag- 
ua,New York, and died in Troy, New York, date unknown. 

585 Jane Adelaide Granger, born 31 December 1837. 

586 Harvey Granger, born 12 May 1840. 

• • • * • • 

(304) John Peter Nelson, eldest son of Joseph and Hannah(Fort) 
Nelson(l45) ,v:as born, 29 July 1810, at Poughkeepsie,New York. 

Just here Eiight be inserted some account of Jolin Pe- 
ter Nelson's Mother's side of his family. His mother, Hannah 
Fort, was the youngest daughter ofl^^.^jor Ahram Fort, who was 

jloxi£\«/,i[ooH LaH tsqqU is do^u^D X)0ra-{o^9H iioJ-wG sriJ- to toi 
2l-foY waW nx baih ifchscffisilS .ifJ-.ssf) alrl Iic^^0 blQd 9d 9sijBrio 

rawee" . '"'Oei erwZ £,v.tlO 
isqqU d-j8,e6al TciBwnfil. TI mocT.noanrioT. ct-JeI<I \;-xjbM 186 

-qU ^B,6d8X ledfflad-qeB dS mocf,noBrid[ot; rroalall niBxIIlv 283 

.ilioY v/eH,>looH cafl-ieq 

BxIaaioO JbHB nisilli:''"' 'i;- ^oa i-asam/OY.noGlslil .a cJ-iscToH (206) 


1' Yi'B^- .3381 Y'^-sJ^Tcfs'^ OS f)3J:b;IIi5la2[99<3: d■B,axv£^T visM 
-Tucf ex i>n-3,d-uox:ro9nnoO,x»wts^ waT-I &^,dOQL 9nJJl. ^,I)9x£p,aoal9l^ ■ 

.IIx:-ia2t3 3l :fj3 boi 

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wsII,9laq992ixiaiio^ J-^,8081 -i9cfi!i909a eijatocf a«T/, (c:i^l)noal9T't 

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, • _ • • __. • • 

(d■^o'i)xle^^BH Johb iiq9aoL lo noa d-a9M9,noal9W Tgcfa*? ruloT, (i^OC) 
.2{toY. W9K,9xaq992ixi5i;o? d-j3,,0l8l y-^u^ es,mocf bb'^/, (6^l)noRl9K 

xisnriijH^'ieriJ-or!! oxU ,\;IijEBl. axji lo ©Ijxr. «'t9jg[^o. ti'noalB'i "is* 
asw oxfw.cfToT injstcfA 'iolji^J'-'^lo le&d^issh c^aagnuoY sn'J- asv.' , .t-io'H: 


the father of the following children:-(l) Colonel John A. 
Fort, who was an Aid-de-Camp to General Jackson in the War 
of 181?.. (2) Peter Fort, also an Aid on General Jackson's 
Staff , and who on the 8 January cf each year hoisted the Stars 
and stripes in honour of the battle of New Orleans, (3) 
I'lre. Pierson; (4) llrs . Ahrara Thompson; (5) Alida; (6) Cather- 
ine; (7) Mrs. Susan Haviiand; (b) Mrs. Maria Granger; (9) Mrs, 
Hannah ITelson, 

John Peter Nelson was educated in a Private 
school in New Orleans, where he spent the greater part of 
his hoyhood days; he also enjoyed the advantages derived 
from instruction from a Private Tutor; and could speak sever- 
al languages. 

On reaching his majority he became a Commission 
Merchant and ovmed several ships plj'-ing between New Orleans 
and English ports. Sometime prior to 1845 he became inter- 
ested in cotton growing in Louisana, where he had a Pla,nta- 
tion of more than four teen-hundred acres and several hundred 
slawesjthe latter v/ere freed by the "Emancipation Proclama- 
tion," Before the War of the Rebellion broke out, it was said 
that John Peter Nelson was the v/ealthiest planter in the 
State of Louisana, He continued in business until 1874, when 
on account of ill-health, he retired and two years later V7ent 
to Eur ope, re turning in the Autumn of 1877, He died 26 March 
1878. Ee was a remarkable man in many ways, possessed of 
great firmness of character, a kind heart, great generosity, 
in fact he without a doubt could be called one of "God's 
Noblemen , " 

He was a public spirited citizen, a firm Democrat, a 
strong Union man, and did his utmost to prevent the State of 

.A mloT, letioIoD (I)-:^o^£)Xxxfo jnxv/ollo'i srfct lo Torfls'i. 8rf:t 

e'aoa:io^L iB-iensB no bxA aa oaLsttto'K ^^J•9<I (S) .SI8X to 

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*n9w 'i9.tj8X ais9v owcf ba.B JbsnloST 9iJ,rf;tXser[-XXj- "^o +njJOoo£ no 

xIoibM 6S ..bexl) 9rl .VV8I lo ncurJ-jjA sxi* xix gnimud-gT, 9qoii;a od" 

lo Jb9aa9aaoq,aYBW ^n-Bxri at nssm sXcf^Jl-tsmgt s a£W aH ,8VaX 

,Yji80t9n9§ ojsgis, j-i.sgii i)nlii ,s,i-3>to«'i£.c{o lo aegnnnXl 0^3913 

a'ijoO'?- to 9no beJLl^o ed bXuoo iduob ajisod^lv ed foat ni 

c< +.G"inoi-r.--T n-fx'T B,n9sxi'.co b9v+iixqa oiXcfwq « "'^■v ^t' 
lo scr^Jo dixj jii^vaiq pJ- J-a.omd'jj axi-i x>xJb Jbn3,nj3fii noinJ gno-tJ'a 


Louisana from going out of the Union, and defeat the ordinan- 
ce of Secession;but numbers prevailed against him, and the 
fire of passion overcame reason and wisdom. 

Mr, Nelson niarried,f irst ,5 December 1839, Julia Ann 
KeyeSjWho died 23 May 1841, leaving one daughter , born in ;9, 
New Orleans! 
587 Julia Nelson, born 10 July 1840. 

¥r. Nelson married, secondly, his cousin, Miss Cor- 
nelia Mandeville, daughter of i-^illiam and Cornelia Mandeville 
(Hardman) Nelson (144) , and (For children of John Peter and Corn- 
elia Kandeville Nelson, see(296) , p. 165.) 

(305) James Fort Nelson, youngest son of Joseph and Hannah(rort) 
Nelson, born 9 July 1812, at PoughkeepBie,New York; married, 24 
December 1836, at New Orleans ;s.nd died at New Orlenas,19 May 
1844, of Yellow Fever. 

(306) Thomas Henry Nelson, eldest son of Captain Samuel and 
Christena(Brenner)Nelson(147) jfaremer ,was born 21 October 
H 822, at Upper Red Hook, Dutchess County, New York. His ear- 
ly education was acquired in the public schools of his na- 

)■ ■ ! 

tive town, and later attended the Upper Red Hook Academy. 
He was a. prominent representative of the farming interests 
of the County of Dutches s,v/her8 he possessed a model home- 
stead, embracing as it did, almost 212 Acres of the richest 
and most productive land in the County. He died, unmarried, 
30 November 1896. 

(308) Theodore Ten Broeck Nelson, second son of Captain Samuel 
and Christena(Brenner)Nelscn(l47) .farmer, was born, 22 March 

OUJ. ■ u 

,moi>axw bn^ aosB&i smsoievo nolea^q "io sii'i 

;a^£9I^0 well 

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-moO Las i9d-9^ nrfoT, "io ri9ii)XxcIo ^o^)bfIfi, (f*^I)^oaI9P^(^B^Lb^BH) 

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(:}'io'i)rIi5nn8H _ ^ &o^-' -o noa .+ a9snjjOY,noaX9T^ J-io'J B9rtB"G (fiOC) 
^SjtsxTiJSjrrjjiioY W9pr,9isq992Li5Uo5 d-js,SX8X yXuT> S mocTtnoaXsVt 
YSi^I 6X,aB^9X^0 v/elf d-fi baib ba.QienseltO v/eli d-^,dS8X -tgcfmoosn' 

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d'a9rf3XT eifd" lo astoA SXS j"aoinXB,i)xi) it as 3nxoB'icr0i9,I)B9Ja 

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xfotBM 22,mocf aBW,-i9fnsl, (V-f>X)noaX9Tt(t9nn9"rff)i3rj9J-axiriO ijna 


LEWIS— At Annandale, October 
IMS. Christina Jane Nelson, wife of 
John N. Lewis. 

Fun'eral service's at ner ia,i.c-ic=.u>i..^> 
on .Sunday. October 4. at 3 o'clock. 
Carriages will meet train due at Barry- 1 
town at 2:12. 

3.VTH dp MRS. JOHN N. IjEAAl^. 

rh?i-e are many people in this oity 
lo will toe grieved ,to hear of the 
3th Of Mrs. John.N. jLewis of An- 
ndale. Mrs. i-ewis died early 
unsday morning,, after a lingering 
ipss of many months, an illness 
rne,wth singular •sweetness and 
Ignation. «er is well 
ovv lin circles lin Pough- 
?psic. and Jier daughter is the wife 
the rector of St. Paul's Church. Of 
• three sons the eldest, Nelson P. 
A-is, of New • York, is now in 
rope, but Henry IX Lewis of An- 
idale, and the Rev. John N. Lewis, 
rector of St. John's Church, 
,fe.i-bairy. Conn., were near at 'hand 
en (heir mother died 

OOX . Vl 

sdit Jbnje,mljcf ct-anx^sB JbeliBVStq stacffimn d-jJcTjnoieasoaS "io so 
.cioLaiw Jbn^ noaasT sntsoievo nolBajsq to suit 
nak j5lIjjT,,e£8I ledmsoeG 5 ,;(• a 1x1,1)91 tibjo noals^' .i^T 

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jan£9XiO. wslif 

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-xnoO bciB T9:f9*I ntrlot "io n9il>Xldo io'?[)bnfi, (^i>X)no8X9K(nBi]ib-tBH) 

(,a3X.(x, (9GS)93a,noaXeTi: 9XXiv9i)nBjM Bile 

(:)-To'i)£lBnnBH bn& rfqsf^cT. ?-o noa :»-a9gnijoY,noaX9K j-fol aanBl. 
^Sifcsl^nBJtfjjI'ioY W9U,9x»q9s3>[ji3JJ0^ j-B,SX8X yXuL 9 mod, nop. 
■^jbM GX,3Bn9liO v/©PI &B b9lb i)nj3;anB9X-iO W9H J-B,dS8X i9clii9oo 

' I to walk. 



.tgva-^ W0XX9Y 'io.^^&^^^'^.^'^Xt 

Jay Street early < 
4, died at New 1 

fins XgjjfliBS nxBci-qBD "io rroa ct'a9l)X9,noeX9W xtaaK ssmodT {> 

• _•__•_• 


weeks ag-o he 
Vassar Hospital, 
to return to his 
he has been in V 

lacfoJ-oO X2 mod" 3/5W,i9xn9iB't , (V^X.)^oaX9K(^^^^9^a)B^9c^ax•IxfLin| spEciAii s.u.i 

On'ce arain 

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.yra9£)j30A >IooH fogfl tgqqU erij- l;9l3n9.+ .tB igJ-BX finB.iwoct- 9VXvf' 

2vta9t33"nx gnxxu'i^i arlJ^ Io 9vx jBJneaaiqtsi jn^rtimoTq .q asw ari 

-gmojcf Xabom b bgaaaaaoq 9il 9i9i{v/,aa9xfo^u(r Io Y^f^o!^ ^^^ "io 

d-agrfoxT erf;:!- "io aatoA SXS d-30inXB,i)xh ii as -^aroBid^na ^SiBsia 

,i^^x^^£^^^;,i>^xr» 9H .\!;^njjo0 edi- nl bn^l ari^ouboiq ^aora bne 

.aesx -c9crni9voTr oe 

■wil'l offer! 
their CHOCOL 
KISSES .at- 25c. 
for to-day onl 
for 25c. 

X9j.nn«S Hi.yjqBO Io noa .uiiyjaa ,no.aX9W 3io90i5: n9T 9iob09XiT (80S) 
jcIoibM S2,mocr aBW,i9irnst, {'?i^l) noalelliiQrtnatE) szn^ieiidO bos 


1827, at Upper Red nook,Nev/ York;married, f irst ,9 December 
1851,^7 Rev. John C. Johnson, Jane Peller,at Upper Red Hook; 
she died, in Novem'ber 1873. He married , secondly Hnahah Myers. 
One son "by the first marriage: 

588 William Nelson, born, in July 1855;died,lo October 1889, 

-—•_• — •^•— •— •*« 

• • • • e * 

(309) Arthur Nelson, third son of Captain Samuel and Christena 
(Eenner)Nel3on(147) ,was born at Upper Red Hook, Dutchess 
County, New York, 15 June 1829. He died at his native place, 
7 April 1889, unmarried, 

• • • • • • 

(310) Christena Jane Nelson, youngest daughter of Captain Sam- 
uel and Christena(Benner)Nelson(147) ,wai> born, 28 January 
1832, at Upper Red Hook, Dutchess County, New York;married,24 
Ja,nuary 1855, by Rev. John G, Johnson, to John Neher Lewis, at 
Upper Red Hook. Issue: 

589 Nelson P. Lev/is , born 1 February 1856. 

590 Henry Dodge Lewis, born 21 October 1861, 

591 Mary Eli7>abeth Lewis, born 14 January 1867, 

592 John Neher Lev/is, Jr. , born 19 January 1869, 

(314) Isaac DeGroff Nelson, only son of Leonard and Mary)DeGroff) 
Nelson(l59) ,was born, 2 July 1810, at Poughkeepsle,New York. 
In 1836 Mr. Nelson removed to Port Wayne, Indiana, where he 
married, 23 Au;;ust 1838, Elizabeth, daughter of Honourable Wil- 
liam Rockhill,who was an early settler of Port Wayne, and a 
Van Buren Elector in 1836, afterwards a member of both houses 
of the Legislature of Indiana, and later a Repr esentative 
from that State to the Thirtieth Congress. 

T^cfmso^CT 6,d■B^i'i,Jb^i^^.s^^;^i^oY w3ll,2loon Jbofl nsqqU ^s,V"8X 

jjiooH f)sfl leqqll J-b , isIIe'H; 9rtfiTi,noa«rfoL .0 n/foL .vaH Ycf,Ifi8I 

,a^9■v;JT rii5rfBnH vlfcnonse ,b9XTTBnT sT^ .S?8I -fBcTmovoT'I Tii,beih aria 

,6381 idtfo^oO Gl,ftexb;ea8I yJ^uT; ni ,niocf , noalafl msxIIlW 886 


sn9.+ ax4riO iinB IsjjiasS, rrxB^tqaO to nos hTJtrW- , noalsK lurid-iA (605) 

da9rfo.tjjCI,2looH f)9fl t9qqU J-b mocT saw, (?i'l)noaX9T'I(i9nn9ff)- 
,90Blq 9vx.+jsn axxi is baih sE ,eS8I snul. ei,2itoY v;9H,Yd-niJoD 

,i)9.J:t-Lsrinu,e8Hl IxiqA V 

Yt'SJ^nB'G 8S,mocr oj:w, (V^I)aoal9lt(i9nn9a:)Bno*axnrir icj.' 

i^S,f)9x-tX6m;:^noY wsW^y^^^oO aa9x£o.ti;(I,2tooH beA -leqqU J-.s,S£8I 
^B,eJ:w9J 'tads'K. ndoT, oj-jnoandoT. ,t) ftdoT..V9fl ycTcSC'-'^^ \'i3iS£i^T, 

rsjjaal .2looI^ be^ ^aqqU 

,6fi6X vt^jjtrfo'i I niLodtexwail.T noalsW 689 

.1881 tgcfocfoO IS ff"fO(f,exr/9J sghoa -^i'ln-rtH 0<?c! 

.7681 \;i-B«njsTi ^I mocfjalweJ lictscTBslXa tjibM XGc 

.esaX Yi'Sii/nisli 6X rt-'Off, ."tTijaxweJ T[9x{9Pt nffoT. SJCc 

('!t:^:o^D9G:(Y^i;M bnsi btanoeJ lo noe YXno,noaXsW ']:lo^t)9fI o^aal (I^XS) 

.2itoY wsHjexaq&siMSJJo^ d-£:,0X8X -z^uT. 5?,mocr bjsw, (Gc:X)noal9"H 

9x1 9i9rfxv,Bn£xI'.nI,9nv;B^ j-io'^t oJ £)9vorrrBT nocX^K .^M 6f.8X nl 

-XIW ftXo'etifonoH to •£9dTl2.u^£>,ii:>-©o'.BsXXa,8EeX J-aw^JJA £S',i)9X'Yn[j3ra 

B htiSf9ttiB^ cfiol lu t9X^j-9a vXiBs ciB apw arfWjXXirf^foofl nteiX 

asEL'orl di-od 1o tacrnsm jd Bfjixs:^"ied-'ir>,956X nx to^-tosXa ^9^u5^: n^V 

9vxJBctn9a9 ^q9H b t9^BX i)nA'!,BiiBx£)nI "io 9i:jjd'BXaxs9»I axf* "io 

.a39^r'.^oO iit9J;d'*tx£[T ed& ocf sJ^jsiR J-Bxio murcl 

Henry Loomis Nelson, author .editor ; torn in New York, 5 Jan- 

2fwii?t^^irpn?f ^^??P?i^^i'%^2^ Catherine(Lyons)Helson;educated 
at Williajtis College(A._V.,r..T,.-R., Columbia, L.E.D, jrnnl^a) .p^^J.^ 

?heVj:'?Sri'-\?°'?''^^^^'^^'^'^^ ^^^^^^^ ^yman. 'Admitted ^o 
tne W,1869;Washington Correspondent of the Boston Post 1878- 
85;editor in Chief Harper's Weekly, 1894-98 ;professor of Polit- 
lcci.1 Science, yilliams College since 1902. Member of the Ameri- 
can Economic Association, Civil Service Reform Association.Mun- 
iaJ5^"t S d"" Association. Author of "Our Unjust Tariff Laws", 
1884, John Rantoul"(a novel) ,1884; "The Money we Need" 1896. 

;3iobH i>sH leqqU d-s,'t6lle'^ 9nBT3,noanrioT. .0 nxfoT, .vsH y;cr,I58I 
.aie^M rij^riBfiH vibnooee ,b9j:-f^£m eH .5?8I fscTErsvoM «l,fceiJD sria 

,G; (focfoO dI,:b8Xb;ea8I y-CWG ni ,niocr,noa I a'^ mBillxW 886 


• • • • • • 

Ba^isltdD btiB IsuiasB fTXBd-qBO. lo fioa htlrfd-.noals^I turf^iA (605) 

aB9XloiuG,2looH Lsfl isqqU ;tB mocT bsw, ('CI'l)noal9l)I(i9nn9a:) 
,90J?Iq 9vx.+sn axri &b baib eH .es8l gnwT. ei,2iioY wgTI^Y^nuo'-' 

-kbB nxB:tq£0 1o ieMr:,uBb d-a98m;oY,noal9W ensl. 


;t- C 

.?d8I Y'^'^wn^''^ ^-t mocfjaJiweJ iWgcTBRl-Ca ^J^BM IGc 
.G68I tcibwrbT; CI n10Cf,,^^i,aiW9J ^9X{9Pt nrfoX, SGc 

• •«••• 

('i1o'tO90:(YiBM hn.o bi£iCioeJ. 1o noe vIno.noalsW 1:lo^09a o^aal (i^IS) 
.3£^oY w9K,9laq995Msxjo1 ctB,0X8I -zLuJ. S^.mocf 8£W, (ecI)x^oeI9T^ 
sri g-igrfv/.^ j-^to'H; ocf bevoKrsi noalelt .tM aF,8l nl 
~XiW ftlo'ewonoH 1o t9ctxiswBJb,dtso'£siia,8E8I cfau?i;A SS-.fcsx-fi^ra 

B MB,9ff^iJBW cftO?- lo t9l.+ :r98 vItB9 HB e.BW OX{W, 11 Xd^fOOfl HlElI 

aeauoxl I£:^orf lo tscfnam b EI)^JC^/'1:^t1i5,SS8I ni lo.+oeia naiufi rtaV 
9vxctB.+n9ao iqgH b te^tBl hixi-i^sasilbnl lo g-cj.'j.Blaijig'I 9£i;^ 1o 


Isaac DeGroff Nelson had a long public career, was one 
of the most prominent men of northern Indiana; a memher of 
the State Legislature in 1851; author of "the Nelson Railroad 
Bill", and was one of the Commissiotjers having in charge the 
erection of the State Capitol at Indianapolis. He died at 
Fort Wayne, India-na, 27 March 1891, Issue: 

593 Mrs. Henry ¥. Bond. 

594 Eva Rebecca Nelson, of Fort Wayne, Indiana. 

595 William Rockhil l NelaQa.born 7 March 1841, at Fort 
Wayne , Indiana. ■. «. v^^c-«fA 

596 DeGroff Nelson, died at Fort Wayne, in May 1887. 

(317) Henry Loorais Nelson, eldest son of TheophilusdiDand 

Catherine (Lyons)Nelson(l68) jgnaduated from Williams College 
in the class of 1867. In June 1900 his "Alma Mater" conferr- 
ed upon him the Degree of of L.H.O. Mr. Nelson was for 
many years Editor in chief of Harper's Weekly, succeeding the 
late George William Curtis. He is now engaged in literary 
work, of a more or less economic character. He married Ida 
Frances ^''^yman. Residence, New Rochelle,Nevir York. Issue: 
598 Madeline Wyman Nelson. 

598 Melville Eggleston Nelson. 

599 George Lyons Nelson. 

600 Eileen Whyte Nelson. 

601 Rose Hawthorn Nelson, 

(320) Zaida Nelson, second daughter of Theophilus(III) and Cath- 
erine(Lyons)Nel3on(168) ;married Josgiua Clibborn Nicholson. 

602 Zaida Nol - oo» % flt^^^h-.-f^^*^ — 

la iecfra©xrr BjBnjsiLnl ntsd&'ion to nen Anenitr.otq Jaorr: 9ifd' "io 

jbjeotlij&fl aoalaVi edi^tc todtUB ;Ici8I ni etJ^f^^Xei^eil s^tsd-g erfd" 

Qdi' sg-xexio ni snxvjBr( atslToiEaxnynoO arid "io sno asT/ i)nfi,''lliff 

ct-jB -bsxii sH ,8iIoqsnjBxi)nl ct-s lotxc[sQ eisiQ 9£i& .%o nox*osi:e 

:3JJ8aI .1681 rioiBM VS,Bn«i:hnI,©n\,j8Vr ^tol 

.j8ri^xJbnI,9mo«W J-tol lo^noHleM eooecfefl evS ^G6 

.sfisxJbnl J 9rr\;fiW 
.V88I \;bJ£ ni,9mj;BTY j-^ol j-is l)9li),noBl9lI. lloiOea 366 

£)nfi(III)Bi.rIi£{(i09£i:T lo noa jasMg^noalsK a xr^ "•■''" ^--"^^" (VIg) 
-iialnoo ""i©>t.e'I jamlA" exxi 0061 smrl ;rtl , ,7681 la e^a^Io si 

, -y. ■ ■ -\' ;'.'■:■-■" ; • ■ '-'^ -. 
tCri SBvtf rroele ,• . . .. X. ..^ .;9*IS9CT 9ri.+ "TfrT rfdrrff f>© 

sdi- 3fixi)38ooA;a,v;Ii99' ' iSxdP ./i-^ •tp^iXLil ait^a^ ^n^ra 

Y'fSTsd-xI nx _J>9S£sn9 won '^'i spt'.;,, ej;l*^jjO iEEiIIx¥ ©^lo^x) 9d-j^^.r 

j3i)I i)9XTiBnT sF .-^adofiifiiio olmonoos aael in ofc«! : 'rr, .■>i'-{ov, 

:9JjGaI .iioi' w9H,9Xl9x{ooH w9W,9on:6Ma&Ji ..n^ix\;"' aaorxiT 

.noeIeK n^my;W 9rrliwJ5flr' 9QS. 

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.ncaLeVL BnoY.«I sst'^^^ ^^S 

.noelsH sd-YriW nesllK 008 

.rroalsK morid-WBH aeoH 106 

-ri^BD Jbn£(III)awXxj[i(ro9rfT to ladri^u^fc l)noo9e,noBl9K JsfcXBS (02£) 

.rrcftlorfoxK n-focfrTxIO fiirilaoT, fc&x'i-rBP'-; (fifiX)noftIePI(3novil)Bniic 


>-^>-*!>J»W^:>-i^ rfe-O f r X o" tf £f)XBS S08 


603 Henry M, Nicholson, 

604 Catherine Nelson Nicholson. 

605 Ethel Guest Nicholson, 

606 Charles B. Nicholson. 

• ••••• 

(325) Phoehe Ann Nelson, second daughter of Rev, Caleh and 
Christena(Ingersoll)Nelson(182) jmarried Aaron Firman Hoyt, 
1 January 1836. He was horn 11 January 1808, in Delavrare, 
CoimtyCFranklin) ,Nevv York. Issue; 

607 7/illiara Betts Hoyt, horn 10 July 1837, at Gasport ,N.Y. 

608 Aaron Pirman Hoyt, Jr. , horn 28 Deceinher 1838, at Gas- 
port, New York, 

609 Ahner Benedict Hoyt, horn 13 Novemher 1842, at Peru, 
New York, 

610 Judson Nelson Hoyt, horn 1 Decemher 1344, at Weeds- 
port, New York. 

611 Adin Wheeler Hoyt, born 5 Novemher 1346, at Weedsport 
New York, 

612 Mary Arietta Hoyt, horn 13 Octoher 1849, at Weedsport 
New York, 

All five sons served through the War of the Rehellion, 
1861-65, in the Third Ne\7 York Light Artillery. Ahner Bene- ' 
diet Hoyt was promoted from the ranks to the office of sec- 
ond: Lieutenant, 

(386) Palmer Nelson, second son of Rev. Caleb and Christenadn- 
gersoll)Nel3on(l82) ;married, first, Jane ^''hitney,and had one 

613 Jane Nelson, married George Ford,ofrTLBerkshire,Ne\v York, 

Palmer married, secondly, Sarah Strong, Issue: 

614 A son. 

1 y± . n 

• noaloifoiW ,M ynnsH EOd 

.ffoaXodoJrTi: i-ast/O l9i{*51 50o 
,tioe,lodoi:K .ff BSliBriO 606 

••^•►-•». •»— •fc.* — 

fiXoU n>,6infl1 noisA ij^i^^£x^l; (S8I)nt!8r9W,(IIoBae5fiI)Bfl9jaJ:frfO 
,etBWjE5l9a ni ,8061 x'^^^^^^^ ^^ niocf bbw sF. .9E8I Tj'ifijjnB'Ii I 

:9j:;8al .jftoY W9K', (nxl2[nBi'i)Y^nj:;oO 

.y.T'r,d-ioqsfif) cfjs,V£8I y^wI, 01 moa%.+YoH aJ:t9ff mfillliW V08 

-e^x) d-a,8f.6I tscTmejosO: ST. mocf, .it^ctYoH nBrmx'tC rroTcsA 806 

,JLri-9*T ;?-,G , ?.^8l' tecTptevoIf SI tnocitJYOh joijoenafi igncfA 606 

,3{*ioy W9M 
-ebss''','' ct-B.^^f'SI fscfineoeft I rrtDcr,d-Yon noBlgTT rfoai)uT. 0X6 

,>i'xoY W3K,oioq 
i-toqBb99W j-B,,o^8I "lacfte&volt 5 niocf.iYoH i9l99r{W niM ILd 

.3ftoY W9K 
d-ioqaf>99W c^.s,6l^8J:•^rt9d■od•oO SI n'iod^;^xoB. £crd-9ltA yisM SX6 

.^ItoY vreli 
,noiXX9cf9fl exfJ- lo t^W grid- rfsuoirLJ- f)9V^98 enos svX*t XXA 

-sneR! •^9ncfA .YTsXXicttA JrtsXJ JitoY waK fc^.iJC^T gif.t nx,5c>-Xd8X 
-093 1o 90111:0 sri.t oj ajlnj3i erf.t isio-^:! figd-orrtoTq e£w J-^oH c^oxi; 

. w+n-snecfi/gxil fcnc 


-nI)Bn9v+ax-ir{0 bns cUsIbD .vsH to noa J>noo9 8,noaX9K T9mX£*I (6SS) 
9nd bmi JbrfBiVsni^xxF/ 9n.?T,,d-a'i±'x ,f>eX"nj8inj (S8X)noaX9K(XXoaiss 

: 'x9iii^£jD 
.jfioY v/9I4.,9^i^C8^^^Sm'i 0,^-101 g^ToeT) i)9xi-i,Bm,no8X9K ohbT, filB 

.noa A ^-[^ 


615 A Daughter. 

J/Ir. Nelson died in a fireign land. 

(327) Kary Nelson, third daughter of Rev. Caleb Nelson (182) mar- 
ried Jaraes Beland. Issue: 

616 • .J uc i- 

Two daughters, 

(326) Hannah Nelson, fourth daughter of Rev. Caleb and Christena 
(Ingersoll)Nelson(182) ;married E. D. Muir. Issue: 

618 A Daughter. 

619 A Son. 

• ••••« 

(329) Judson Caleb Nelson, M, D, , youngest son of Rev, Caleb find 
Christena(Ingersoll)Nel8on(182) ,at one tirae^n eminent phys- 
ician of Trust on, Courtlandt County, New York. He was for foiir 
teen successive years town Supervisor , and served two years 
in the Assembly. He inarried,f irst, in 1848, Henrietta Walters, 
Issue: n- 

620 Atthur Nelson, who is a wholesale merchant , Courtlandt, 
'j'^MrUew York.T^-' "•' ,^.xw^ 

621 Isabella Nelson, married DroTilinghast (now deceased) , 

Dr. Nelson married, secondly, Florence Snyder, He 
died 12 July 1895. Issue: 

622 Elizabeth Siisan Nelson, married ■-- Wortman,of En- 
field Center , Tompkins County, New York, 

623 Perjiielia Nelson, married V^iltian Ne'jnna,n,of Fairport, 
New York. 

624 Sarah Nelson, married Ezra Rolf, of Enfield Center ,N.Y. 

625 Luther Nelson, died in Ithica,New York, ae^. 20 yeras. 


.-ieSii^uaG A 6Id 

—rani (SSDnoelsT^ cfeljsO .vsfl lo iscTxfsi'^^b btid;^ .ncaleVl ^iiaM (VS£) 

,STs;trfgiJi5i) owT 


BnsJaiidO JbnB cfsIjsO .vsH lo isdrxfsuBt iIcTtaol.noeleH xfsnnBH (6S£) 
'.ex/aal .tluM ,(1 »a .l)al'xi^ra^ (seDnoaleKdIoatssnl) 

.^e;^ri^JJJ3(I A 8ie 
.no2 A ei6 

■• ;'* . • - • • 

hnU cfal^O .vsH 1c noa jeegnwoY, ,CI.M,no8l9^ cTsIjbO noaiul- (GSC) 

-a^riq. d-nenxffis n^v^smiJ anc *«, (S8X)^oeI9■pT(IIoe^9;5^I)£^9:faltriO 

"uioIl tot 8BW 9F .-x'loY W9T4:,"(;d-nxjoO tbnBL;!ttiJoO,c\visuiT "io n^xci: 

aiJSQY owi bQviaa Lrts,ioaxvt6q«3 nwoJ^ eijssx svieasoojja nha^f 

.a^9^IBW j3d^:f9iin9H,8^8I nx, Jaixl,I>9X'i*tSffl ©H .YlcfxnaaaA &di ni 

, J-|)n£lct"tijoO,ct«Bxfo't9m siBasIoilw & ax oxi:w,noBl9K ii/dilA 0S6 

,3f1oY wgl'T 
.(|)9afi909lD won)i;,a.s4gnJ:IJ:T,ia Lal-n^in^noalsPI ^IXsd'fial ISS 

sH .lebvna st>aetoI'lfXlbaooe& fbettism tio&LdW ♦^a; 

rsxjael .SSSI xluZ 21 hsxh 

-na '^:o^^,sfiICt■^oW ^-. L9l-nj5in,no8l9W naaua rfd-9cfj3sJ:I5[ SS6 

,2lioY ws^TjYd-nuoO eni^qiaoTjTtgctnsO blai^ 
tilociiisi 1o,njamw9M n^iJ'IiW f)9J:'t'tBiin,nc8l9W Bilaiatel £Sa 

,>{loY '^'9P[ 


.a£;i9\; 0S.T9£,>[^oY well.^oxffd^I ci baxi-.noelsK leiict-jjJ 626 


(335) Sarah Maria Nelson, eldest daughter of Phineas ,.Jro ,and 
and Eleanor(Bandfield)lTelson(l85) ,was born, 15 July 1816, at 
South Danhy,New York;marrled,85 Deceinb€sr 1839, Stephen How- 
ard. They occupied a farra at "Taller Hill",tv/o miles from 
South Danby, until late in life, when they moved to Ithica, 
New York. She died 16 February 1885. Mr. Howard died 15 Oct- 
ober 1386. Issue: 

626 Eleanor T.Iaria Howard, married Rev. N. S, Dewitt,who 
i'„ died 21 January 1386, 

627 Martha Ann Howard, 

628 Mandana Jane Howard, born 31 October 1843. 

• • • « 

(336) Hannah Nelson, second daughter of Phineas, Jr. , and Eleanor 
(Bandfield)Nelson,was born at South Danby, Nev^ York, 2 March 
1818;married Morris Schoonom,at Pidhkill,New York, where they 
lived a short time, and then moved to New Jersey. Issue: 
629 Phineas Schoonom. 

•~.~«— •^« 

(337) Anna Maria Nelson, third daughter of Phineas, Jr. , and Elean- 
or (Bandfiel<f)Nel3on, was born, 17 October 1819, on the farm, at 
Sounth Danby, New York; educated in the Public Schools of her 
native town; married, 30 April 1849, William S, Snyder, of Dry- 
den, New Yorko Issue: 

630 Phineas Elmer Snyder , died, aet. 3 years, 

631 Delphena Izora Snyder, 

(338) Harriet Amanda Nelson, fourth daughter of Phineas, Jr. , and 
Eleanor (Bandfield)Nel3on, was born, 22 January 1823, at South 
Danby, New York. She was educated in the public schools of ha- 
native town, where she was later employed' in teaching. She .-nar 

fcnB, .iT. , B£9nxrf*I lo tsid'gu&b ;te9.bl9,noal9Tl filiB^ datsS (e££) 

d-£,ctl6I viJ^irT, ai, mocf asw, (a8I)«oal9K(]:)I«11:fcnBB:)ionB9lS hn^ 

-woH ; ?,G58I T9crm909Cia2,f)9it-rBiTi;:^ioY w9T'T,vd'n5G rf.-f-x/oS 

ixio-ii ssiia; ow;)-, ".tlxH TgllsT" d-/3 tniit i; rsxqx/ooo \;9r[T .iiiB 

iBoJtdd-I od- bsvofli x^dd- nedvf,stxl nx 9c^/;-[ Lt&aa,x^ttBCL d&voS 

-ctoO ex f)9ii) f)ifiwoH .iM .5881 y^«w"£<^9'^ 9-f ^^-''^ 9dS .^TioY W9TI 

:ax.'fc:al ,9861 ^9cfc 
oiiw,cfcHW9(I .8 ,TI ,v9il i9iT*£j3irr,Jb*t^woH fii:^BM ionB9ia SS9 

,©381 xtBsstiBZ IS. beib 
.fc^BWoH noA sdt'is^ VS6 

,£^81 Tt9cfod"oO I£ ntod^btswoE 9njsl. BnAJansM 8S8 

lonseia bets f ,iTj^ sMsnid^ lo i&Sd^usih f>noo98 .nceXsW xfannstT (6£S) 
dotsK 2,>{"ioY W9PI,v(fn£C r'r:J-wo8 in ntocf 8J8W,noBl9K(£>l9Xtfon^a) 
YSild- 9T9ffw,3fioY .iv9PI,IIx3£d6i'5 ct-fi,monoox{o8 eittoM f>9i*nsfn;8I8I 
;9jjaal .\;sai9T, wal^f oJ- i?9vom n9r{j Jbffi3j9mJtct itods b £»9vJ:I 

.it'onoojcfoa BBsnldl 689 

^^* ♦""•""• •• 

-nssia i)njs, .tTj,aB9niil'5: *io i9ddsw£l) l:tJtrf.+ ,noel9PI sl-ifiM ^iinA (V5o) 
f^Bjflns^ 9xf^ no<6I8I igcfocfoO TI,mocr 8^Wjncei9H(l)l8ltf>nfiff)*£0 
T[9rf to eXooxIoB oIXcTjjI gdcf nl bB&BO{jbs[-A-ioY T/9liI,Y<i'nB0" r[vtmjo3 
--^cfCT lo,'s9f)Yn8 .8 uielXXlw.e^SX XiiqA 0£ ,f>9lTxam;nwo.i av-tJ^sn 

iesjBsJ .2[toY Y/9K,neJb 
.a-![B9Y £.i^9B,£>9iL,i9i>Aca8 igmXa ejssffldl 0£5 

.lebvciPj £10 si j3n9rfqXe(I XS8 

bn£, ,iT;,g£9nlxl? lo tectrfgusfc ricfiuoljnoeXgK nbttBtaA J-sxtibH (8£S) 
iid-uo<^ d-jB,£S8X x'^£vnsT, S5,niofr afiw,nc8X9]il(f)X9x,^bnJ8ft)-forffi9Xa: 
-©if to eloorioa oiXcfuq 9rfvt nJt be&BOvbs e^w 9ffB .:rtioy w9K,\;d"n'Ba 
OBin »ri3 ,anlxfo/59.+ nx •i)9YoXcini9 igJ-isX bbw oxfa 9-i9xfw,nwo;t 9VJi.i"flft 


ried,7 April 1852, Seth, son of Chester and Sylvia Humphrey 
Wilcox, of Ithica,New York;v7here they now reside. Issue: 

632 Wallace Jay Wilcox, born 5 December 1854. 

633 Prank Nelson Wilcox, born 11 Kay 1856. 

634 Fred Elmer Wilcox, born 16 April 1862. 

(339) Samuel Nelson, only son of Phineas, Jr. ,and Eleanor (Band- 
(•^ f ield)Nelson(l85) ,was born, 16 April 1829, at South Danby, New 

York;married,o April 1852,Rhoda Jane Dearborn. They jl'ived 
on a farm in South Danby, where he was born, and where he died 
10 April 18/^5. Issue: 

635 Pluma Nelson, born in January 1853, died in September 
following. rieB 

636 Orrin Dearborn Nelson, born 28 July 1354. 

637 Garaphelia Arabella Nelson, born 11 January 1858. 

638 Clarence Elmer Nelson, born 18 June 1859, 

639 Minnie Louisa Nelson, born in 1860, 

640 Emily Nelson, born 1 April 1862. 

641 George Nelson, born in 1864. 

642 Cora Belle Nelson. 

• • •• • • 

(340) Jane Nelson, youngest daughter of Phineas, Jr. , and Eleanor 
(Bandf ield)Nelson(185) ,was born at South Danby, New Yorkjmar- 
ried,23 March 1858, James S. Fielding, of Ithica.New York . IXSiSfe 
They lived on a farm three miles above Ithica, called "The 
Inlet" ;here TTr. Fielding and two children, Annie and Frank, 
died. The mother died 8 August 1885. Issue: 

643 Ada Belle Fielding, married Rev. Frank C. Whitney, a 
baptist Minister, Has five children. 

644 Thomas Jefferson Fielding ;married, 2 November 1891, 

:awsal .sLxasn won \,9ifcf 9^9x^v^';.i[^oY waKi^oiri*! lo,xooXJtW 

.ddSI •'iJsH 11 mocf,xooIxW noalsTI jlrffiT?: £59 

.SaSI II icjA ax motf,xooXiW ^efflIa bstl :^£e 

~hn^iL.)\:...^.^-^.. bn^, ,^L,ai59^xil1 lo noa YXno.,nosX9K Xaurn^a (e££) 
waTIjYcTnBa xicTjJoa ctj5,eS8X XiiqA SXinntocf sjsw, (e8X)no8X9TI(/)Xdi'3: 
JbsvXX YS^T .mocfi.s9Cr 9ns "C bLojIJI, SS8X litqA 6»f)9i';2iToY 
beih 9d siadw baa^a-iod afiv/ 9x1 9T9x£w,Ycf«£<I ii^woa ni mtel is no 

: sue a I .c^SX lit qA OX 
nt9cr]ii9d-q98 ni bsilijCeSX ^.i^uaeJ*. ni naocr,nosX9Tl smisL'i 6S6 


.i^^c.aX \;IirT. ciS mocf,ncaXaK aiodtBeCL alttO did 

,8a8X xissjcibJ* LI n'iocf,ncaX9K £lXecfj3tA. J5J:X9x{qe*iJ8-0 V£d 

,G58I snuT. 81 mocTjnoaXsT' i^mXK eonot^JD. 6£5 

.0581 nx n*xocf,noaX8Til^BXiJOiI sXnniM G£e 

.SaSX Xi:^qA Xmocf.noeXgH y:Xxina O^d 

.tool fii mocr.noeXsTl ggiog-D X^a 

,noaX9W 91X93 BtoO Si^e 

apja^sX^ Jc»pj3 , , 1 1, , a£a|fXi;f5 "^^ fsd'xlsJJBf) uaegniJ0Y«noeX9Tl saBT, (0^£) 

-ij^mjiioY w9K,\;crni3Cr diuoE vtjs mod" aew, (e8X)noaX9"PI{M9xlI)nBS:) 

m&Sl. :A'ioY W9TI,BoxxiiI lo ,gni/)X9l? ,8 eein^T.,858X doisM £S,b9i-s 

gxlT" l>9XXBO,aoXrfJ-I evocfjB agXxrn eeic'.j mnjs*^ b cto £>9vJ:X vgrfr 

{JtnBil hnfi 9xnnA,n9ii)Xirio owd- iin^ snxblaxi .ilil 9T9ri; "vteXnl 

:9i;aal «e88X ^tajj^uA 8 I)9lJb tgiicfoin 9dT .f>9lb 

B,\.9n:Mrry ,0 ^ixxfii'? .voH b9i":'£Bci,^,nxbX9i'^ stXa? bM £1^3 

.nbiXjXxxLO iivxi a^ii .ncs^taxxtx. i jaxjcijio 
jXj68X lacfraevoM a,Jb9xitafc;gnxM.ei'i noai9ll9T. BSffiodT ^f^d 


Ella Russell Thompson. They have two children. Residence 

Pasadena , Cal if ornia, 

645 Anna May Fielding, 

546 Frank Nelson Fielding. t i-^"^ 

Martha Cruikshanks 

647 Judson Elmer Fielding; married, 28 Novem'oer 1896. They 


have one child, 

^•««*.— * — •»—♦ — •-• 
• ••••• 

(341) Harriett Nelson, eldest daughter of David and Sarah(Dear- 
born)Nelson(186) ,was "born, 28 October 1818, at South Danby,New 
York; married, 14 February 1848, Oliver V^atson,of Spencer, New 
York, and died 30 Kay 1885. ¥r, V/atson died in 1878, Issue: 

648 Sarah Ellen Watson, born in 1851; died 20 March 1857. 

649 William Charles Yfatson,born 16 April 1858. 

(342) Caleb Nelson, eldest son of David and Sarah (dearborn) Nel- 
son (186) ,was born, 2 April 1820, at South Danby,New York;mar- 
ries,6 December 1841, Julia Briggs. He died in 0wego,New 
York, 11 October 1885, Issue: 

650 Charles Henry Nelson, born in 1848, 

651 Frederick Douglas Nelson, born in 1857. 

■••^•(^•t**-**.** «•" 

(343) James J. Nelson, second son of David and Sarah (Dearborn) 
Nelson(186) ,was born, 27 Jlay 1822, on the farm, at South Danby, 
New York, and later of Owego,of the same state;married,12 Jan- 
uary 1848, Abigail Jennings,died 15 May 1864. Issue: 

652 Isaac Elmer Nelson, born 5 September 1849, 

Mr, Nelson married, secondly, 17 October 1866, 
Frankie P. Watson, a.nd by her had one son: 

653 Burt Everetb Nelson, born 8 August 1871, 

sonsJbxaaH ,n9tb£.ts<o ov/* 9vj;ri Y^rfT .noeqcioriT IlaeeuH bIIK 

,-gaibL&i'<L xjsM. BanA 6^3 

TjerfT .8661 nedmeyoVL SSjfcsl^i^mjsnitlsx'S: tsxttia noefcuT, Vf-o 


-x89Cl)rf:8iB3 fcnfi ixtvBfl lo isdrtsuBi): ;tB9Me,noal9K :f;fsi*nfiK (Ij^C) 

Tr9K,-\jcfnBn: riJuoS :tjs,8X6I tso'od-oO 8S,n*tocr e^w, (a8l)rfoel9Tl(niccr 

■ w©K,-isondqS Jo ^noaiB^^ T9viI0,6^8I x'i^f-''^^^'^- ^-C,fc9x^^^■X!'-J2i*IoY 

:9uaal ,8?oI nx betb noedBV/ .-ifl .6861 y-s^'^ 0£ ffexib bns5,^foY 

.vesx xiO"i^ 02 i)9ii.;ie8X al fiiocf.noec^BF nelXK iijs-tB8 6^d 

.SeeX Xx^qA ex mocr,noaJ-BW asXiBxlO lasxXXxl'' Qi^d 

•—*■-•—* — 

-X9'PI(mocr^B9^)rfB'ri5R Bhb blv^d 10 noa ;fe9bX9,no8X9T'I cf9X£0 (S^S) 
-•tBmj2[-ioY ws^I , vdftBa xid-jjog J-b,0S8X IxtqA S.mocf asw, (a8X)nc5 
W9M,os9V/0 nx bBib bB .as^sXiS fiiIJi/L,Xi^8X •i9cfin909Cr S,a9iT 

:9jjeal .6881 T9cfod^oO IL ^^toY 

,8^8L nx mocr,noBX9?r ■vi'^naH a9X*ifif{0 055 

.vaex nx mocf,noaX9H a^XgwoCI :iol'iQb9i% Idd 

itttod'x&aC.) ii&i£S bns, blv&G Jo noa ^nooea ,noaX9li ,j, a9mi^T, (ei^e) 

^^X^aaQ' diuoQ ;rj3,iH'ts'i ddi no,2S8X y,^l VS,mocf aaw, (66X)noaX9W 

*«i3t^ .S£jfc9lTXJsm;9ct-£d-a sra-sa add- lo^o^avfO i0i9d-BX J)n«,2tioY W9PI 

:9UBeI .>a8X xs^^i ex i)9ii:',egninrt9T, Xxfi8icfA,6^8X xisnj 

,9^81 -tecfnsj-qaS 6 mocT.noaXgK T9xnXa oe^al S56 

,6d8X ledo&oO VX,YXb^oo9a,i>^it^BI^ noeXsK .t!.!: 

:nos eno fi^rl tari vcf l)n^ , noa;)•JB^V *q; gi^Ins^T 
.XVbX iawguA 6 mocr,noaX9TI ;iiei9v3[ tiuS. £66 


(344) David ITelson, Jr. ,K.D, , third son of David and Sarah(Dear- 
l)orn)Nelson(l86) ,was torn,? ITarch 1824; married, in 1844, Clar- 
issa Watson, of Spencer, New York. In 1869 they reraoved to 
Danville, Illionois, where Clarissa died, in 1880. Issue: 

653 Clarence Nelson, died 12 August 1859, aet. 9 years. - 

654 Clarn A. Nelson ;married Mildred Miller, has two childraa 

655 Minnie Nelson; married Charles Newman, of Paducah, 

656 Charles Nelson, Cashier, First National Bank, of Dan- 
ville, Illinois; married, and has two children. 

Dr. Nelson, married, secondly, in 1883, Minerva 
Ashhrook,and has four children. 

(345) Polly T'. Nelson, second daughter of David and Sarah(Dear- 
■born(NelBon(l86) ,was horn 2 July 1826, at South DanhyjNew 
York; married, 17 September 1845, William Halcourt, merchant, 
Ravenswood, Chicago, Illinois, Mr. Halcourt died 28 August 
1894. Issue: 
657 David Nelson Halcourt , "born in 1846, 

• • • 

(346) Phineas Nelson, fourth son of David and Sarah(Dearborn) 
Nelson(l86) ,was "born 17 July 1828, at South Danhy,New York; 
married, first, 3 September 1851, Fanny Spaulding,in Spencer, 
New York; moved to Ohio, Issue: 
658 Myson H. Nelson, born 12 July 1857. 

Mr. Nelson married, secondly, 22 February 1879, 
Emma Edminster. Phineas is now a merchant, of Waverly,N,Y, 

C3 VX . 11 

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jilToY v;9l>r,Yd"n£a ri^uoS d-B,8S8X \lij1 VX mocf asw, (d8X)noaX9Tif 
,i:9on9q8 nx ,sni£>Xjj£qa \;nrf3'?,X6&X lactosJ-qga 6,d•a•lil;,£)9Xt^BI^ 

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.YwH^Y^T^sveW 'io,ctTiJBrfon9ra b won ex aB9nxri^ .'i9d'anlmbS BmraS 


>■■(' ■ ; . r Cor- 

(347) Nathaniel Nelson, fanner, fifth son of David and Sarah(Dear- 

"born) Nelson( 186) ,was born 30 August 1830, at South Dan"by,New 

York; married, 16 June 1853,ITary Wiggins, Issue: 

659 Sherman Nelson, born in 1856;died 12 June 1880. 

-.T ,"'.jc;rn .1 

660 Hattie Nelson, born in 1862;died 19 November 1386. 

661 Florence Nelson, born in 1863 jmarried George Dewey, 

(348) Priscilla Nelson, third daughter of David and Sarah(Dear- 

born)Nelson(186) ,v/as born,X 3 JIarch 1834, at South Dan\»y,New 

irn ? 
York; married, 27 November 1854, George Dexter, farmer. She died 

8 December 1863, Issue; 

662 Stephen Everett Dexter, born in 1858; married, and has 

one son and one daughter. Reside at Hornellsville,New York, 

(349) Rhoda Nelson, youngest daughter of David and Sarah(Dear- 
born) Nelson, was born, 3 April 1836, at south Da|jby,Ne\v York; 
married, 16 April 1858, John Branch, a baptist minister. She 
died 19 October 1864, 

(373) Sarah Jane Warren, sixth daughter of the Honourable Cor- 
nelius and Kannah(Haight)7/arren(l88-d) ,was born, 83 December 

. ■ •'» ' 

1819;died in I852;married Christopher McDowell. Had several 

children, four of whom are now living: 
IIcDowell - : 

663 Mary, wife of John A. McDonald. 

664 Martha McDowell, now the wife of James McCabe, 

both the above live at Bay City, Michigan. 

665 Jane McDowell, wife of 

666 Eliza McDowell, unmarried, 

both the latter live at Sherman , Chautauqua Co, 
New York, 

A \X\V'i 

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W9liI,Ytf«'fiCr ^'■'^uo8 :tB^^Zel £fo^B?T £ l.mocT 8f?w, (68l)noel9K(mocr 
bslb 9r£8 .-i9r!n;3"i,-i9c)-x9C a^'^'-'^'^^t**^'-'-^ rauui^vo'.':. VS-ibal^itsmi^'ioY 

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• • • 

^ ... 

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:§nxvil won yi^ moxlw lo *lCJ;o^:,^9^l)Xxx:^o 
• . ■ XlewoGo^T :: 

.M^noCToT'-.A rulol lo 91xw,yij3:" £66 

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.nj3sxxioxM,\;j-xO -NiJBS; cJ-b 9txX gvod-s end- xicfocf 

lo 9lxw,XX9v/oC[oM 9I1BT. 666 

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.oD Bx/pujsct-jjBxfDjaBxmsrCB Jb avxX led^J-^X ed& n'd-ocf 

,2f^oY weM 


(374) Hannah M. Warren, seventh daughter of the Honourahle Cor- 
nelius and Hannah(Haight)Warren(l88-d) ,was horn, 16 Kay 1830; 
married, 6 September 1853, Charles A. Powler. Issue: 

667 Charles A. rov/ler,Jr, ,born 15 June 1854id.6 Sept. 1868. 

668 Cornelius John Warren Fowler, horn 1 Jlarch 1856 , 

669 Freddie Fowler, horn 20 ITovember 1857. ;died 30 Jan- 
uary 1861, 

670 Everitt Fowler, horn 4 November 1861, 

t OiX'tt'LT 

(#375) Cornelius John Warren, only Son of the Honourable Corne- 
lius and Hannah(Haight)Warren(l88-d) ,born 30 September 1831; 
died 11 July 1887; married, in 1863, Mary Pindar. Issue: 

671 Margaret Fowler Warren, born 6 September 1868. 

672 John Pindar Warren, born in January 1871. 

673 Martha Warren, born 26 November 1836;died 3 July 1887. 

— •■— •-••■^• — •^•-^ 

(399) Gouverneur Kerable V^arren, third son of Sylvanus,Esq, ,and 
Phebe(Lickley)Warren(l8p-h) ,was born, 8 January 1830, at Cold 
Spring, New yorlc;died 8 August 1882;raarried,17 Jxme 1863, 
Emily Forbes, daughter of Algernon Sydney Chase, of Baltimore, 
Maryland ( Mar ri.ed at^;Pal.timQrp.) . Their children were both 
born in New York City: 

674 Algernon Sydney Chase Warren, born 26 November 1866. 

675 Emily Braeaa Warren, born 4 April 1875. 

• • • • • • 

(400) William John Warren, fourth son of Sylvanus,Esq. ,and Phebe 
Liclcley) Warren (.18§-d),W£us born 2 November 1831, at Cold 
Spring, New Yorkjdied 9 July 1901, and was buried in Rock 
Creek Cemetery, V/ashington,D.C, He entered the government 
service in Decegiber 1854, as an assistant in the office of tiB 
Pacific Railroad surveys 


-toO sldHtuonoK 9n:^ lo iQisi-guBb r£*n©v9e,n9TiB¥ ,M ilsnnfiH (^^5) 

iOSSI xsM. 9X,mocr bbw, (f)-e8l)n9'nBW(^jc{3ifiH)xiBnnBH i)n£ ajjxisn 

isi^BsI ,TnlT;o'»I .A a9liJ3r{D, f.P.P.I •^fsrfmn.+qsR ^^b^i.'itsm 

,838I.d-q9S d,b;i>Ci:i snuT, 61 mocf , ,tT.,*i6l'.vo'i .A asllBriO V88 

. d5BI rioisM I mocf^^9Iwo'i netifiW nrioT, awilsmoO 869 

-rfBT, Of: bf-tbi ,Vci8I. -fSffff^voTT 0<^ rr'.orr^ tslwo'^: elb.bgt'^ G99 

,1961 Ytsi; 
.1981 i9crx!i9voTI ^ mocf,*i9lwo'5: c^di-I9va OTa 
• • • * • • 
•^9rx-ioO ^XcrB^^;o^or■ 9iij lo no8 Y-^^no , hstibW rtdoL aiiilsmoD (eV£%) 
;IE8I n9crm9.tq95 06 mocT, (^»-88I)^9-i^BW(*rfaJ:BH)£[B^^BH hnjs eull 
:9irael .iBbnt^ Y.^QM,£^8I nl ,lr.6l:-nBm ; V88I vLuT, IL beib 
,8681 i9d'm9J'q95 6 mod,nei-i£'.'' tsIwoI ^9tBsiBM XT9 

.IT6I vtBuns'L ni n-iod",n9-fiBW -tBbrtil nrioX S'TB 

,T86I Y-f^wT, £ betb\bE8L igcTrasvoK 9S ^^od■,^9^^BW Bd^ijeli'I CTd 

Jbns, ,pBa[,eunBvlY2 to noa £»Tiri:t,n9^iB''Y slcfmsX ^I;9m9ViJOT0 (9G£) 

fcXoO d-B,0S8X Y^Bt;rtst 8, mod" bbw, (rf-8SX)n9-':tBW(y9X:(oxJ)9cf9r{S[ 

(SbSX srorT. VX ,i)9i^^Bm; S88X iesj-gyjA o bexi);2i*ioY w^►l,a^x^q3 

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rEd-ocf 9t9w ^9^hXiIio ligriT . (9^oraxct■XB5 *b X'9lTXBM)fcnBXY"i£i?^ 

;Yd"xO >'ioy W9TI ni niocT 

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,S?8X XlTqA f^ n*io<f ,n9i-i£W ragJBnff Y^LiisK dVd 

•*-• — • — • 

scTgiil fcriB, .pa3«8Jjri^vXY8 to not; riitsjo'ifnsi'isW nriol xoBiXXlW (00^) 

MoD d£,X£8X t9cfo9voTI S niocf as^t (fc-88X)n9Ti«W(Y9X2foxJ 

2{oofl nx ijsxijjcf 2Bv.f b^xp■^10QI x^^^ ^ beib;^ioY w9K,snXTq3 

:fTr9rim9V03 9xfj bsteins ell ,0,C[,nod-§nxxfaBW,Y"f9J"9rti9D 2I99^0 

sli to 9oltto 9£l* ni drrB^alaaja ns aB^^58X 't9crijT909n' nx 9oivn9a 

Bxevtu?. £)BoiXx^H oxtxo-sl 


Pacific Railroad Surveys. From April 1837 to OctolDer 1869, 
he was Secretary of the Northwestern Boundary Commission and 
postmaster at Camp Simiahraos, Washington Territory. He was 
a clerk in the Census off ice, and helped compile the Ninth 
Census. In 1871 he was appointed Chief Clerk in the Office 
of the Ch ief of Engineers, which position he held at the tine 
of his death,- aperiod of thirty years. 

He married, at IJ^ashingtonjD.C, ,29 January 186l,Edvvar- 
dina Simms, Issue: 

676 Georgieina Warren, born 4 Novemher I861;ir,arried,l2 
April 1882, Harry Douglas, M.D, 

677 William Edward Warren, born 20 February 1867, 

678 Philip vSimms Warren, "born 2 January 1875 ;married, 
Maud Loretta Roach, — 

(405) Edgar Washburn Warren, seventh son of Sylsanus,Esq. ,and 
Phebe(Lickley)Warren(l88-d) ,was born, 6 August 1841, at Cold 
Spring. At the beginning of the Civil War he was appointed, 
in August 1861, lieutenant in the Second Cavalry, serving as 
such until the 6 October 1862; promoted to a captaincy, 31 
October 1862;mustered out, 6 August 1865. He was KJQDHiXX made 
brevet major for "gallant conduct" at the battle of Gettys- 
burg, July 1863;brevet lieutenant-colonel for "gallant con- 
duct" at the battle of White Oak and Five Forks, 7 April 1865; 
and brevet colonel for "faithful and meritorious service du- 
ring the war," 

He married, 18 January 1865, Cornelia Maria, daughter of 
Samuel Barrows, of Cold-Spring-on-Hudson. Issue: 
679 Lilian Warren, born 15 May 1866;married,3 December 
1895, William Alexander Wood, 

,6681 ' toO 0^ T58I Il^qA motl .eYsviua i)£C-£xi:sn oxlios^ 

f)nj3 nolaaimmoO Y*f-sbnjjoff msJ-esv/rLJ'ioK erft lo •^"rjs*9t09B aBW sil 

asw 9H .'Yit»;+lTf9T nod-snJ:rfeBW,aorff.«.trrilR qmsO *s te^Bsm&eoq 

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gcxi 9ric^ ^£ higii 9d noxtxaoq doixfWjBiesnx^na: to Isl riO gxCt to 

.aijssy Y-'''"tirfd' lo f;ox^9CIJB -fdiash aid lo 
-'; [Q3I v"[swrt-sTO (?2, ,n,f!,nocf3n-iria.HW c!-.H,x)9XT:'SBni sH 

:90a a I .anirerxB snib 

.fIiM,aBls.iLroa: yt:i,sH,S88I litqA 
.Vasi Y^-eificTg'T OS ftiocr,n9l['t«W LTiBwbS nielllxW VVa 
jholtififfijeVBI visufljst 2 n^dcr,rt9-i-iJ3W araiiiia qllirfl 8Vd 

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bloO d-B,Ii^8i cJ-ajJsirA 9,mocr asw, (i)-8ai)n9"nsW(Y9l>toliI)9cr9r{*I 

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ae s^xv^9a,Y^IBTJsD f)noo98 sif:' ixsnsj'ugxl/iasi d-aiJ-guA- al 

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-noo iriBlIsa" loJ: 'Lscioloo-&nBrtsfijeil .+9V9-xrr;£a8I AjIjjL.giircf 

;e98l IliqA f,a3lno'3: er±1 bns ^ssO 9&ldW lo e^L&tnd 9d& *5 "^ossb 

-ub eolvtee auolto&tism bns ItiliA&tBt^ lot laaoloo .-fsraid bns 

".isw srf^ artxT 
lo te^tisi/sfcjfiliBM .«Il9moO,598I Yi-sufi^''^ Sl^jbaififirfi 9H 

:9jjaal inoBiyR-no-T^nxiqa-filoO lo , awoTifiS- lawmfiS 
igcfmsosG £,ij9xiijsni; 6d8I y-^M 51 mocf,n9Tii5W ri-slXliI 6fa 

.f)O0W -ieftrtex9lA iO«xIIlW,ee8I 


Emily Warren Roe>3ling,died at her home, in Trenton, Nev/ Jer- 
sey, 28 Fe"bruary 1903,aet.59 years. She was born 23 September 
1843, at Cold Spr ing-on-Hudson ,.TIew York, to Colonel Washington 
Augustus Roet)ling, WTaen General Gouverneur Kemhle Warren re- 
ceived the command of the Fifth Army Corps of the Army of the 
Potomac in the ¥far of the Rebellion he selected Colonel Roeb- 
ling as a member of his Staff. While visiting her brother in 
camp, Miss V/arren met her fut ire husband, and the meeting resulted 
in their marriage. At the close of the Civil War, Colonel Roeb- 
ling, accompanied by his wife, went to Europe to study submarine 
foundation Construction. \'/hile they were at Milhausen, Germany, 
their only child, John Augustus Roebling, Jr. ,nov/ of Ashville, 
ITorth Carolina, was born. Upon their return from Eur 0£)e, they 
made their home in Trenton, Nev/ Jersey. 

Colonel Roebling assisted hi© father, John A. Roebling, in 
preparing the plans of the l^rooklyn Bridge, and upon the death 
of his father, which occurred at the beginning of its construc- 
tion, to charge of the erection of the Bridge. V/hile overseeing 
the sinking of the fo\mdation iie was stricken, with Ca-isson fe- 
ver, and in lo72 became an invalid , being confined much of his 
time to his bed. It was then that Jlrs .Roebling came into prom- 
inence and gained much deserved fame by superintending ti;,e Con- 
struction of the Brid;';e unde- fcer hushemd's direction. Seated 
in her husband's room, which overlooked the East River, day by 
day she surveyed the work through a field-glass , explained its 
progress and carried on its advancement by coimnunicating to the 
workmen what her husband had planned in bed. The erection of 


-r'i'rr\ia,tn>--r fl^:: rf*{orf RRTr 'flrf!=! .RTPf;^- Pf . +t-^ . frnPT v-i-sjjtd's'R' SSjXsa 

9rf.f -^o vpTiA 9d& To aq-ToO '--rtfA K.-t*^! '^ r-r' *■ T:o fcnBmmoo -ed* ^^vxso 

-cf9o5^ IsnoIoO fc&v-^osisa etx noiiiooSh sxi," xc t-iie^ i9ff/''ftx o.a;)iOJo^ 

nx Terfiixfd'' *t©if' sn-xctxaJrv 9li:if.V .T:'iBc!'B exri to TscfrTiein b sb gnxl 

fBdIuasT ■^fT.Lt'^sm erlJ LnB , fcnBcfRnn 9-t' ^tf^ tsr'' .-■sm nst-fJsV.' aax'"!, qmBO 

-daofl' IsffoXoO, iB»<.' IxviO -erf:)-' to 9X\;- jA . S3JaX*^ii5m -lisri.t ni 

sni: iBmcfi/a Y^jJvta oj- 9qoiiJ?C o:t xtrtsWjStxw alif ycT'- fc(9xrrBqmoooi5,snJ:I 

jVnsmeO.freauBrflxM d^B si'sw -^-sr':^ elxrPV .rrox.+biri.+ arroT)" noXvtBLnuot 

,9lIxvriaA lu F/on, .iL,sni:Idbo,i Kxrd" awgjjA nfioT,,i5lxno Y.Ino -ij:9rfcf 

■V;9dJ-, gqoi.uS moil nijjj9t Tisfi^' ftoqU .nio<!f aBW,BnxIoiBD di'ioVL 

."^"ea-T9T, w9K,^oj■^9^T nx sinorf ^X9^\:t obBm 

nx,;iniIirf&'oJr .Ik" ri^oT, , i-Qiftf-fet aiir'fe'f&axaaB i^^lmhoH lanoIoO 

rL>tB9f) 9n\t noqu !b'h«,^3M Tiff fir I>ti)o't^r srf.t Y© ahBlq 9r{* snJtBqsTq 

-oxfiJ-anoo e.tit to -^rri-nrriiaecf s'l^ vtB festi'-ooo FoirfWt-rsrrv+Bt airf to 

gni 99a'{9vo alixfvV .92,x)X*ifL snj 'lo ^oxciO»^9 an.t to 9s^Jor>.o oJ, ncji 

-9t noBaxBO fi.txw- rio^foxicfR aBW ^ om.'Ot 9rf>-^ to 'gtis->lnxa edt 

Btrf tG ■ riOfjm ben/thoo Snx9cf,bili=!'«'"rfj hb emBbecf SVBX nx hnB.tsv 

-nu'ui tKini smjoo 23nxrrr9d5?. fet'^T ■i^Bx■ic iiaiij yj-jw J- J .hgcf'^irf v.j -.niij J 

edi" gni:'fjn''9{fnxt©qxfP. vrf 9F£Bt bev^eeej-j rfojum bsnlB^ hriB gorrf^nx 

b9.+B9R 3-rxfi 6*fcrtBrt' bx-i!T '&rf!)--"l:^'" noXv+oJJicfa 

va' VBf>,'i9vxfl ,-t3Ba: 6ri<t' fJeydb'ltevo xfolrlv/.niuu'i e, ' bnBo'awii isil nx 

a,tx bsnxBlqxs, aaBlj>-bl9Jtt s ri^notrf.'t 3itor er{.+ bevav^ua eds \Bb 

^rfc^ o* snid-Boinummuo vrf :^^9^9o^BrbB r^^j^j rtt)' ftei-^iBO bna aaet-p^ot { 

to ncx:fo9t9 «x{T"%i)9cf nj renr.Blq hBii bniideisd tgrf isidv: n9ij>I-io'..- 



the Bridge involved novel features in engineerinr^ und rstood 
onljA "by Colonel Roe>)ling,and such, was the" nature of his illness 
that none other than his xvife could mediate "between him and the 
v;ork of construction. Mrs. Roehling's ef ficiency, therefore , was 
justly considered to he What saved the" ■buirdln-'g of the "bridge 
frori -a -l^ng<ind' !)«?*h.aps disastrous interrupt-iofn.^ The Brooklyn 
Bridge was completed 28 Kay 1883, and T'rs. RaelDling was the first 
\vomia-rr' to cross it. 

Having fulfilled her part of this great wor-k, which marked 
a nev/ Era in the history of American Engineering, Mrs . Roehling 
hecame xir (Mirf^^lf liSefnTt'lf ied Vith Women ''s'^'it'eyi^ry and patrW-t^ 
ic S'oci"et'ies. She was a memher of Porosis, the Oaughters of the 
American Revolution, the Treroge ^"^ashington Memoriial Association, 
Soc*lVty Vf DaugTiTferV'bf HollaricFT)'^me's, Colonial r)araes of the 
State of New Jerse^r/and of the New York Historical Society. She 
was also a mem"her of the Nev/ Jersey Board of T/ady Managers of 
the World'V }i'air,1893,and of the' NatloWai' ■^oaVd' of Lady Mana- 
gers of the Louisia^jR Purchase Exjiosition,' Since her" retirement 
fror-i Social Life, a■bo^^t/ -two years ago, Mrs. Roehling devoted her- 
self to literary workV^'hd' onl;'- a fe%"&t,ys befoVe h'e'r' cl'e'atiT ptfb^ 
lished for private circula'tioW^a 'genealogical v/ork of great mer- 
it, entitled "The Journal of the Tteverend Sila's Constant," 



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» . .1 flB.+ 8nO0 cBXJ.o 



680 Edgar Hayes Warren, born 30 July lS71;inarried,4 Octo- 
ber 1900, Clara Lockwood Somers. 

681 Helen Barrows Farren,born IS April 1873, 

(406) Emily Warren, fourth daughter of Sylvanus,Esq. ,and Phebe 
(Lickley)Warren(l8B-d) ,V7as born, 23 September 1843, at Cold 
Spring-on-HudBon,Wew York; married, at Cold Spring, 18 January 
1865, to Colonel V^ashington Augustus P.oebling, the builder of 
the Brookl;/TL Bridge, One son; 
('682 John Augustus Roebling,born 21 November 1867, 

(407) Robert Parrot Warren, eighth son of Sylvanus,Esq, ,and Phebe 
(Lickley) Warren ( 188-d) , was born 16 November 1847, at Cold 
Spring-on-Hudson,and died at Camp Douglas, Salt Lake City, 
Utah, 23 January 1876, where he is buried. 

The following is an extract from a sketch of Jim in tie 
Army and Navy Journal, of 2 February 1876: "The breaking out 
of the Rebellion, in 1861, found him in his fifteenth year, but 
as he had always been forward as a boy,he,J.n the trying times 
that followed soon felt himself a man, and anxious to do his 
part. In 1861 he received instruction in his brother 's (Gen- 
eral Gouverneur Kemble Warren's) camp, at Fort Federal Hill, 
Baltimore, then occupied by the Fifth New York Volunteers. 
There he served in the ranks without being mustered in and 
not going on responsible duty. During the anxious period 
that followed the seven days battles around Richmond, in Aug- 
ust 1862, he served as a private in the Seventh Regiment of 
Nev; York, 

On 14 October 1863, he was appointed second lieutenant 
of the one Hundred and Forty Sixth New York Volunteers ; first 


-oc^oO I'.i.sJtiiBirrjIVSI -zLijT, OS modinetisW e6\:jsH ^tsaM 083 

.atanioa /)Oowioo»I bibI0,OOGI ^ed■ 
.5T3I Ix"cqA SI mod",n9tiii¥ BYro'njsff nsIsH I8d 

acfsii? f)nj3, ,p8a,auaJ3vlY2 lo Tad-jrfj^jjsi) .cl.ttJjol,netiJ8W \;Ii:iaa (80^) 

hloD ;ts,SJ^8I tscfMsitqsS SP,,mocr aaw, (i>-^88l)n9'^ns?/(Y9liioJ.iI) 
'\:^. " ' '"(gnxtqg bloO cJ's,i)9lTT:j3nj3lioY w»Tt.,noal)JjH-no-snJ;TqS 

lo tdblxijcf an'o-jgnxXo'soH auJai/guA nocfsnxrfasV,^ XenoIoD od',5681 

:nca snO .agMiS m;X3looia: exld- 
,Vd8l -tscTxaevoTil IS mocf.artllcfsoH au^axxswA nrioL SSa 

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6cf9xi1 Ln.Sj .p3!H:,aunBvI-v;8 lo noa xiJ-dsie.neTisW d-oniBl d-iacfoH (VOf^) 
MoO ^s^T^SI •tscfrasvoT! dl mocf asw, (i5-ddI)neTi3W(\,aj..ioxJ) 
,-^d-xD 6>tpil ;i-Is8,asl3yoC[ qmsO d-^ i)9li) i)n.B, noaf>i;H-no-3njt^q8 

,i)9iti;rf at 3d 9^^dw,6V8I •\i^B^^£1 £S,rLsitU 
sii nx rax4 'io ££o.t9:Ia ^ moil d-oj3id-x9 n^ ax gniwollot 9dT 

d-juo snx:}t69-icr gxfT" t:6V'8I ^J^J3i;^cr91 S to ^IsatsjoJ, -vjvsTI l)n^ ^j;m*xA 

.+jjcf , ^JS9Y Jc[c^^99d■ti^: axd ni mlri Jonuo'tjIdSI ai ,noxIl3cf9fl siii- lo 

eeaixd- -^nlx'i^ ^di^ n.L,9r[,vocf a aa biBwiot a99cf B\:sw.rB i)£rl 9il 3b 

axxl Ob oi auoixne i)n.f3,nj3ra s Ttlaaniiri d"l9l nooa f>9woIIo'i d'BxlJ' 

.-^90)3'^9xi•j■o^cr bxxL nx nox-toxTt^ani f>9VJtao9-i axi I68I nl .J-tsq 

,IIxPI I.8T9b9l .ttpT! J-B,qj(iU30 (a'n9Tifi]lFr glcfragX -wQatevsjod Io3i9 

.enaaJnjjIoV jCioY waTf di^^i^ 9di xd i>9iquooo n9rf;J-,9ionii.+ Ie?[ 

bnB nx £»9i9d'aurti snlgcf c^uo.r[.txw aslxist sriJ- nx f)9vi9a 9rf 9i9xrT 

boiisii ayolxn.Q 9r[c!' 5n.'■^JJT ,Y-^wi> sXcTxanoqagt no snxos J'on 

-guA nx^bnomriolfl Jbrnjot^ aelJ-ctscf aYsf) nsvoa 9xi* b9woIIot cfxsxl;}' 

lo inaml-geR r[^n9V98 9il5- nJt gJ-jsvxTq b ax? to9vi9a 9rf,S3Hl d-ai.' 

.jIioY vyfgTI 
d-nsnact-ugil fcnooss hgJ-nxoqqjs asv/ 9x{,£68l tgcfoctoO f^I nO 
;t3nxt Ja^^9:^rw/IoV jftoY wgK r[:fxxa T^ctTol bns betbrnsB. sno edi- "io 


lieutenant, 20 November 1863;and captain, 1 April lo65;v;as 
"brevet captain, 13 Ifarch 1865, for "gallant and meritorious 
service" at the battle of Chapel House, Virginia, and brevet 
raajor,l April 1865, for RGallant service" at the battle of 
Five Forks. He was mustered out 16 July 1865, and made secord 
lieutenant Twenty- fourth Infantry, U.S. A. ,22 January 1867; 
first lieutenant, 28 May 1868;unassiened,25 April 1869;as- 
signed to Fourteenth Infantry, U.S. A. ,15 Decemfeer 1870. 

(408) Elizabeth Nelson, eldest daughter of Justus and Sarah(Nel- 
5on)Nelson(194) ,born 11 March 1839;married,2 October 1872, 
William John, son of John Warren by his v;ife Matilda Irela.nd. 

(409) James Nelson, eldest son of Justts and Sarah(Nelson)Nelson 

(194), born 19 April 1840 ; married, 21 August 1883, Esther A., 

daughter of Gilbert Forman by his wife Catherine Denny, born 

1 April 

rsa^gpi^MK 1656, by whom he has one soni 

683 James Homer Nelson, born 17 September 1884. 

(411) Kary Nelson, second daughter of Justus and Sarah(Nelson) 
Nelson(194) ,born 20 October 1844;married 12 February 1881, 
William H. ,son of Kenry and Jane(Mekeel)Haight, 

(412) Sarah Nelson, youngest daughter of Justus and Sarah(Nelson) 
Nelson(l94) ,born 17 KSOOQi February 1847 -.married 30 October 
1877, Dr. James Henry ForMan,son of Gilbert and Catherine 
(Denny) Forman, 

e^wjeaBl ll'iqfi. I,nli3.''q>-Jo i>ni5j6oSI TsdiaavoTI OS, c^nBnsJ-uail 

d-svsicf fcfTs,si:nig"txV,98uoH X^qfirfO to aLtcfscf 9r{.t ia "aoiviea 

lo si"" ■:" ailct j-js "aoivioa iftsXI^BS io'i:,598X XiiqA X,-io{,3in 

fnooaa ehem i>n.s,e98X y-^w^, 6X *uo heie.taifiti bjsw sH , .ealiol svX"? 

jVaSX Y'^-swnsT, S!^,iA»8.U,Yi*n^lnI dittuol-Yd-nawT ctrjaneJ-weiX 

-as; 9681 Xi'iqA es, JbsaaiaajsnwjSaaX Y-sM 82,cfni3nsc^jj©4X teiil 

,OTaX •xaefiHSoeCT ^X, »Ai8*Uty;tc>'nBl:nI d&ase&tsjo'K o& bea-^ia 

-X9K)xlsis8 i- 1.- aiJcfajj'G lo ^9c^^{^JifJsi3 cfa9bX9,no3X9TI d.fgd'BsXXa (80f^) 

,ST8X i9crod-oO S,l)9XTi£.rrr;9S8X xioi^M XI niocT, (^eX)noal9ll(noa 
,i)XTBX9iI bMIJ-sJI glx-v airf Ycf ngiiBV,' nrioL lo noajnTfoL raeilXlW 

no8X9Td:(noBX9H)x£aiB8 -bae eirc^sjjT, *io aoa d-a9^l9,iioal9T'I agntsL (eOi') 

, .A 'i9ri;tsK,588X tzwgsjA X2,f)9i-n.snj Oi^SX XxiqA Ql mocf,(i^eX) 

n'iorf,YiTn9G 9nJ:i9il.t50 allw exjl Ycf itsxino'?: d-~[9criiO lo tdid-gusb 

XxTqA X 
tnoa sno aBiI sd rcioxlv.' Ytf»928-t *S.*^:^tt^^SS.-<'JeX 

.^8aX I9crxrc9d-q98 VX mocfjnoaXsH t9nioH asntsL £86 

(noaXeT/[)rIjBiJ38 J)XXB auSsssI lo -igd-dguBi) l)noo93,noaX9TiI vibM (XXI») 
,X8aX Yi-sificfgl SX- i)9lTiBrajf'i»8X lacTod-oO OS mocT, (j^ex)noBX9T'I 

,J-jiaxj3H(X992[9'£)9nj3"» i)n^ Y.ingTI lo noa,,H rttElXXi^'? 

• ••••• 

(noaX9Tt)xfi3iJ33 basi au&auZ lo i9c)-j.fejjsf) j-asgnuoYtnoaXgPI dsisS (SiX^) 
-jgcfo^oO 05 ^sXtiBfli; VI^8X Y*iswtcf9'=l SSXSK VX mocT, (i^GX)noaX9Pr 
snxisild'BO ,l)ns .tiecfXif) lo noa,nBimo'5 AiineH aara^T, *tCI,V?8X 

.nBiaioT (YrrngC) 


(413) Syymour Nelson, only son of Elisha Covert Nelson by his 
wife, Phoebe Jane Birdsall, married, in l&70,Georgiana Carmi- 
chael,and by whom he had six children. S Mr, Nelson died 18 
December 1895, 

End of 7th Generation, 


axil vd noalsH \t-i3voD Brfalia: "16 aoa xLcio ^noeleVi ttjost^^?. (£!:&•) 

— fpT's-Rri Rrri? ^1TY^,c,^ . OTA r n'r n£»,rT-<r-!r(j rXB8f)*tlFl[ QflsT, scrso"^^ "^"^ '■'" 

81 Leiij aoHla^'i S ,neiMix£o xia bsd 9rf raoriw ^cf f)a;3,I»j3iio 

,<3^8l iscTnisoeCT 



(421) Emma Green, onlj'^ daughter of Martha Ann Nelson(213)by her 
second husband, Israel Green ;marr led Samuel Lounshury. Issue: 
683 Catherine Lounshury. 

• ••••• 

(426) William Nelson Todd, eldest son of Esther Farren(Nelson) 
and Henry M. Todd;married Jane E. Filson,Oilt Somers,New York. 

i> r 



Charles Yates Todd. 


Isabella M, Todd. 


Nettie Todd. 


Wilson G. Todd. 


George E.D, Todd. 


Eleanor Blanche Todd. 

(438) Mary Lav/renoe, second daughter of Ophelia(Re;vmolds) and 
John Ealstead Lawrence (219) ,was born, 14 January 1855, at 
YonkersjNew York; jmarried 21 December 1852, Frederick von 
Storck,at Scranton, Pennsylvania. Issue: 

690 Marguerite von Storck,born 5 April 1884. 

691 Carl von Storck,born 9 July 1886. 

692 Fritz von Storck,born 5 July 1887, 

693 Ernest vo Storck,born 8 March 1H91. 





■.•w*>i.*ji.*A*-.* — 

tawaal .Yiucfani/oJ lajjcisS f)9i:'t^J3^I;^99^T) Is.cTsI^fjn^craurl Lnooga 

,\:tiJuaa^oi.I sniTSxic^D £88 

(noal9T'l)n9TiB^' ^9ffJ•aa ^o noa ^eeble^bboT noelaVL msilllW (dSf^) 
,2I^o"'■^ -". 3^9fflo3 fto,noalJ:'V .a gnjoL bBtttamibboT ,M ^in^F^ £>flfi 


.bl)oT B9+BY saliJSiiD ^8d 

.Jc>f)oT .M sLLedssl 686 

.bf)oT glJ-^gH 686 

.bi)0T .S noaliW V86 

.ftboT .a.a 9sioeC 886 

.f)f)oT 9rfon.sia lonBgia 686 

bns {ablo!T^9ii)sii.LB£iqO to ig^rfguBb f)noo3a,9on9rcwjsiI visli (SSi^) 
^fi,d58X visurts'G ^I ,mocf asw, (6I2)9onsicwj3iI fejsgtaljsH nrlot 
nov >[0Jt:^9i)9^'i,S68I i9crr!i909a IS balTiBm; j^fToY w9"K,at9::fnoY 

tsjjaal .BxnjsvlYann9<T,xio^+nBTo3 w+js,2lo*io:t3 

,1^881 Ii^qA 5 niod",2£o*iod-8 nov ad-i-igjjgisM 066 

,6831 vIuL 6 niocf,2lonod-8 nov I^BO 166 

,V8&I Y-Cw"''- fJ mod•,^fo^od■3 nov scfit'R: 266 

.1681 dortBJ^ 8 a-^ocT.jLoto.tS ov J-agmS £66 




(466) Walter Anderson Sence, eldest son of Elizabeth Ambrosia 
(Nelson) and Socrates Jackson Beiace(240) ,was born, 18 November 
1854, on the "Old Bence Horns te ad ", near Corydon, Indiana; mar- 
ried, 5 October 1879, Kate Walters. Issue: 

694 Olive May Bence, born in 1881, 

695 Adah Bence, born 1? January 1887. 

696 Socrates Jackson Bence, born 18 September 1891. 

697 Henry Bence, born 1 January 1899, 

(467) Mary Elizabeth Bence, eldest daughter of Elisabeth Ambro- 
Bia(lTelson)and Socrates Ja.ckson Bence(240) ,was born 19 Dec- 
ember 1858, on the "Old Bence Homestead" , near Corydon, Indiana; 
married, 28 January 1882, Charles Hurst, Issue: 

698 Ambrosia Hurst, born 23 June 1883. 

699 John Bence Hurst, born 22 October 1890. 

(468) Jennie Paulina Bence, second daughter of Elizabeth Anbro- 
Bia(lTelson)and Socrates Jackson Bence(240) ,was born, 31 I'arch 
1862, on the "Old Bence Homestead" , near Corydon, Indiana; marri- 
ed, 28 February 1883, Benjamin C. Chickering,in the 3d Pres- 
byterian Church, Louisville, Kentuckey« 

(470) Louannah Bence, youngest daughter of Elizabeth Ambrosia 
(Nelson)and Socrates Jackson Eence(240) ,was born, 16 June 
1867, on the "Old Bence Homestead" , near Corydon, Indiana jdied 
27 April 1889, of Typhoid Eever,at Corydon, 

^81. M 

tscfmsvoF Slin'rod" '-:>-^-' y.c.w-)^.-,^ ,->,r.^p.T. s^.+ s^ ■-.ii" nits (noalsH) 

"tsm iBa£ibal,aob^~i(jD iB^n, "bjosc'cixaoJ-L aouQci blO" adi- no, ^681 

tsuaal .aTsd-IaW 9d-.s7T,eV8l lecfoitoO 5,i)9XT 

.1881 (xl nto,-r^ 3oi-r^" evliO 1^96 

.V88I Y'l'Swnjs'L 5ii mod, aonsS rfjsLA d68 

,1681 I9cfm9cfq98 81 mod" ,9orx9ff noe^IoaX a9:)'JST005 666 

,6681 vtBun.GX I mocf<9on98' v"fn9'H; ve6 

-09(1 yi mocf afiw, (OJ^s)9on'3ff noa>Ioj5T. a9ojSTooP hns (. cto a L'^V.) Bin 

\saBibtiI,nobvio'S lB9n, "hsaJ-egaioH gonad LIO" gxfj no, 8581 nacfnis 

rejjsel ,J-aiuH 89I^BrI6,g88I ^jtBun^ti 8S,i)9i'n.s[n 

,S88I snjjL £S atod^&?.i!jE stao'idmA 866 

,0681 ^9d■0v+o0 ;^S mod", v^ aim: gonaS nxioL 668 

-o^cfJT^A r{c}-9cfBsiI?C lo ie:fdr'j^pjb Bnoo93t9on9E BailuBl 9inn9u (86^) 
doiBj^i I5,mocf a£W, (Oi'S)9on3a noa:io^u a^d•^^ooS bns{nosLsK)siti 
-jcTtBai;£nBxi)nI,noi>v-toO -iBgn, '•I)S9:t39flioH sons?!: JblO" ad& no,S68I 
-a9^^: fcS 9KJ- ^i,§^l^^>foxriO .0 nxflisfcnsffjCSSI Yt-smcTg'T 8S,1)9 

.\;92[oiJd-n9l'1, 9IIlvaxwoJ,r£o^JJrI0 njsx -isj^c'' 

jSxaoicfmA £{^9cffiSxIH 'to ^9c>•riswB£' :^a9:^nuoY. ,9on9a: rf^nn^uoJ (OV^) 
9ni;T, 8I,mocr 3bw, (O^SjsongS noaiLojsG a93-sTooa i)nB (noalaTf) 
i)9il);BnsxbnI,nof)vioO iB9n, ''f)S9:ta9moH 9on9a! fcIO" 9xf* no,T68I 

,^oi)Y^oO j■J3,^^v9'^^ Moricp^T 10,6881 IliqA ?S 


(471) Charles Wincliell Bence, youngest son of Elizabeth Ambrosia 
(Nelson)and Socrates Ja^ckson Bence(240) ,was born, 14 April 
1870, on the "Old Bence Homestead", near Corydon, Indiana ;mar- 
ried,26 IToveraber 1895, Mary H. r)enbo,at Corydon. Issue: 
700 Robert Bence, born 7 July 1900. 

• • • ••• 

(477) Thomas Pranklin Kiger,only son of Paulina (Nelson) and Luke 
Kiger((243) ,was born, 28 July 1870, in the Tovm of Webster, 
Harrison County, Indianajnia.rried, and has several children; 
lives near Corydon, 

• ••••• ^' 

(478) Cortez Nelson, eldest son of John Patterson and Frances 
Adeline(McCovm) Nelson (244) ,was born, 15 April 1863, at Bence 's 
Mills, near Corydon, Indiana ;married, 5 March 1895, Eva Halstead, 
in Newark, New Jersey, 

(479) Maggie Helen Nelson, only daughter of John Patterson and 
Frances Adeline(McCoi;m) Nelson (244) ,v/as born, 28 December 1864; 
married, 2 September 1885, David Miller, born 27 Jfarch 1861, 

701 Nellie Miller, born 19 July 1886. 

702 Charles Miller, born 9 October 1892. 

703 Franklin Miller, born 3 July 1895, 

^*«MI**M*«M *^*ttM*to< 

(480) Catherine Nelson, eldest daughter of John Patterson Nelson 
(244) by his second wife, Elizabeth (jetz,born 8 September 1872; 
married, 24 July 1895, to Charles Irving Jones, at Birdseye, 
Indiana, Issue: 

704 Lillie Kay Jones, born 15 June 1896, 

705 Lila Fay Jones, born 1 June 1898. 


Liiqk ^I<mocf e£w, (0J^S)9on9ff noailo.eL ae^^TooS basinosLdJi) 

-lisni;£inI,ffofif^'-foO "^rr, "Ki^sc^aeriToH eonsE hlO" 9:{& rio,OV8I 
;9i.iaal .noiv-toO jji,uGn9' . ■:^sI'I^e6BI tedmsru.': oS,i)9J:T 

.00€I Y-Cw"^ "^ mocT.eonsa J-iacTofl OOV 

'''■"'' 3nj:lirj8*d[ lo noa vino , ^sg xyl niljinjarL ri^inorfC: (VVi') 
,-i9Jad9w to nwoT axfcr nl,0V8X xluT, 8S,mocr a.6W, (5i^S) )-i93i:>I 
; Lido lBt9V9B BBd Mb , l>9l TiBm J BflBifinl , ycJtujoO aoeiiiBR 

,noJDY"to^ i.'39n a9vil 

asonsil f)n.e noBT9cfcfj3l nrfoL "io noa *a9l>l9,no8l9K S9d"io0 (8VJ^) 
a'gonsS j,s,£r:«I IlTqA ei,xnocf asw, (4^J^S)noal9W(nwoboM)eaJ:l9M. 
,l)B^c^aIBH jsva,568l ifoifiM 5 ,i)9XTIs^IJfi^BJ:f)^I,^oI)v^oD -iPjen^aLLili 

,Y9819T, W9V[,2£lSW9K HI 

.M*k«*~.* ,— •«.' 

fcns noBi9t^B*I nxfot ^o leJdauB/) ■'tIno,noal9T'i: nsIgH slgssK (GV^) 
;^38I TtecfmgoeCr 8S,mocr aaw, (i^^S)no8l9TI(nR'oDoM)9nil9M asonjs-i'R: 
.: '-^ r->-f.i??-' T^mocf.isIIi''- bivsdfdSei tedlai3^(i9?. S.i-^.. i x^^iu 


.3881 yIjjL ex mocf,i9llJtM sillgPT lOV 

.seei i9cfocfoO e mod.TsIIjtk aaliBifD SO? 

,ee8I Y-J^J^"'^ S mocr,i9lIxM nlljInBi'H: ^0? 

V ■ ■ • - -■ . ■ 

noalgW noBt9&&'i^ nrir '> -. Tacfrf;!;."-'^ +-'^-f> jniigdctsO (08^*) 

;SV8I -X9cfra9d-q9a. 8 atod^^iexi rfc!-9d'fisiIS,9'iJ;T/ ijnooea airi ^'^(^J^S) 
^sxesbtlS. d-£,a9noI. snxvil a9I^J3Jl^ o.t,eG8l xlisl ^S^beit^Bin 

:9;jeel .sn^xiinl 

.6681 snul cil mocr,a9no"G x,s¥i 91X11 J ^0? 

.aeaX enuX. X mcocf,a9no'C xbI sXlJ eOV 


706 Harry Cecil Jones, horn 14 August 1900. 

707 Roy Earl Jones, born 7 March 1905, 

(482) James Fowler Nelson, second son of John Patterson Nelson 
(244)by his wife Elizabeth Geta,born 4 December 1874; married, 
Laura King, in the early Spring of 1899. IssMeiyj. f^^^^. 

708 John D. Nelson, born 24 April 1900. ^CLu^rrc^ ^:u^')iuu^_ 

709 Walter M. Nelson, born 2 April 1902,/ ' '•^~>i't^, /cfo 

(487) Mary Henrietta Nelson, eldest daughter of Isaac Newton 
and Lydia Ann (Shuck) Nelson, was born, 19 September 1669, near 
Corydon,Indiana;married,8 September 1697, William Earnest. 

(488) Henry Vfilson Nelson, second son of Isaac Nev/ton and 
Lydia Ann ( Shuck) Nelson( 245) , was born, 2 May 1873, near Corydon, 
Indiana; married 6 September 1896, Erie Palmer. Issue: 

710 Edwin Nelson, born 3 October 1897. 

711 George Nelson, born 17 April 1900. 

ti89) Florence Elizabeth Nelson, second daughter of Isaac Newton 
and Lydia Ann (Shuck) Nelson, was born, 3 Julj'- 187 5, near Corydon, 
Indiana ;married, 29 February 1896, Charles Smith, Issue: 

712 Everett Smith, born 29 January 1897, 

713 Claud Smith, born 5 February 1899, 

(490) Abbie May Nelson, third daughter of Isaac Newton and Lydia 
Ann (Shuck) Nelson (245) ,was born, 11 August 187 8, near Corydon, 
Indiana; married, 21 February 1897,Thoma.s Loftin. Issue: 
714 Norville Loftin, born 25 November 1897, 


,0091 d-augirA ^I moff,asfTo"0 IloeO xiibE 90V 
,3091 £fo^/5?! ? ntorf, eenot; I^Ba: yoH TOV 

.-\a^^^\ .J^V ceuaal ,6681 lo sniiq8 vI^S9 9d& ni ^^ntlL bijj.qJ 
T^Q^\ ,N^^4<.-i.\ "^l.SOeX IliqA S mo^,noal9T!I .M iB.flB'f' 


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(494) Rachel Jane Nelson, youngest daughter of Reuhen V/ashington 
and SusannalL(Zenor)lJelson(246) ,was "born, 21 March 1870, near 
Corj/'don, Indiana; married, 15 December 1892, Bernard McCormick, 

715 Bernard Earl McCormick, born 26 September 1893, 

716 Reuben HcCorinick,born 12 December 1898. 

• *•••• 

(496) Sallie Lyon Nelson, eldest daughter of George Anderson and 
Anna(Lone) Nelson, was born, 15 January 1868, near Corydon, Indi- 
ana; married, 16 November 1886, Joseph Endries,of Lanesville, 

(497) Nellie Grant Nelson, yoiingest daughter of George Anderson 
and Anna(Lone)Nelson(247) ,was born, 22 March 1869, near Cory- 
don, Indiana ;ma-rried, 10 July 1884, Clarence Crone, of George- 
tovim,Indina, Issue: 

717 Clemie E. Crone, born 8 February 1886. 

718 George Crone, born 24 December 1888, 

719 Roy Crone, Born 9 September 1889, 

720 Or in Crone, born 8 April 1892. 

721 Walter Crone, born 9 Kay 1893. 

722 Anna Crone, born l8 December, 1894. 
7 23 A Son, born 8 January 1902. 

(508) Homer Augustus Nelson, only son of John Milton Nelson, of 
LaGrange, Dutchess County, New York, was born 31 August 1829. 
His home and early environment were such as to fit him for a 
professional life. He was educated at the Dutchess Academy, 
at Poughkeepsie, where many of the men, whose names and works 
have honoured their native county, received their scholastic 

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,9XXxva9nF,J to, B9J:-ii>na xlq98oT,,988X ^^cfKr9voPI dX,i)9XTisnijBnj-i 

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-^toO ^£9^,e88X |Jo^BM SS,n"iocf a,sw, (V^S)nQ8XeT'I(9noJ)BnfiA bns 
-9§t090 lo.eaotO 9on9iJBXD,^88X ^Xi/Ti Ol^beltismi&a&xbal^aob 

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,'^9l)fioA aagrlod-jja grfj- d-£ fc9*.soul)9 sbt/ gH .9tll Isrtoxaaslotq 

a:Aiovf ban aem.Ba aeoaw,n9ii[i edct- 'to xaau e>i9iiw, axaqagstxlguo'l ;tjs 

oxcfa^Xoxfoa iledi i)9vi909T,Y^niJOo sviJ-sn ixgxicr Lgiuonorf 9VBrf 



instruction, Prom the Old Academy young Homer commenced the 
study of the Law, in the office of Dean and Tallman,and con- 
tinued in the office of Varick and Eldridge.and with Claries 
H. Ruggles,and was admitted to the Bar upon attaining his 

He was elected County Judge in I8v^5,hls first politi- 
cal honour, and held the office for eight years, when he re- 
tired to go higher in the service of his country. 

year: In 1862 Judge Nelson was elected to the United States 
Congress, a time when men of sturdy patriotism and fearless 
character were mostly needed at the seat of Government. He 
voted for the abolition of slavery, thereby enrolling his 
name among those who stood for Justice and Mercy, in the hour 
of the Nation's greatest trials. Before the election which 
sent him to Congress, and even before the convention had met 
which nominated him to that important post, Judge Nelson was 
commisiioned to raise the 167 Regiment of Nev: York Volunteers 
and of which he was made Colonel, The call issued for Volun- 
teers,- a call so stirring and patriotic, and justly celebrat- 
ed for its style and diction. It was while in camp on the 
eve of battle that a delegation, members of both leading po- 
litical parties, from Dutchess county waited upon novr Colonel 
Nelson to accept the nomination for the District of which 
Dutchess county is a part. He took time to consider the ad- 
visability of taking such a step, which to him seemed one bor- 
dering on oorardice;but this agguement was met by one of 

be found to 
more practicability, "that men could^lead in battle where few 

could be found to serve in the Halla of Congress. And it was 
just such men as Homer Nelson that was then needed at the 
seat of Government, Reluctantly he tendered his resignation 

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as Colonel of the Regiment which he had raised and which he 
had exi^ected to lead to glory and fame, to return home and he- 
gin a political fight which, however certain, must he still 
uncertain as to results until the final vote is counted. 

In 1867, Judge Nelson was sent as a delegate to the 
Constitutional Convention of this state. His conspicuous ser- 
vices at this convention resulted in his election to the of- 
fice of Secretary of State, in 1867, and his re-election two 
years later. He was urged to accept the honour a third time 
"but declined in favour of Diederich Wilier s. In 1881 he was 
elected a State Senator for his District. 

He was president of the Poughkeepsie Nev/s Company, Vice 
president of the Poughkeepsie City National Bank, and one of, 
its stockholders. 

Immediately upon his retirement from the office of 
Secretary of State in 1871, Judge Nelson opened a Law Office 
in New York City, where he had an extensive practice, trying 
many important cases, sopie of which went through the grada- 
tions of the Courts, 

Judge Nelson married Helen Sterns, the daughter of a 
well-kno'ffn Lawyer of Brookl^Ti. He died, 25 April 1891, with- 
out issue^and is huried in Rural Cemetery, Poughkeepsie, New 

(509) Alexander Nelson Benedict, eldest son of Eliza Maria(Nel- 
son)and Roswell Benedict( (254) , horn 13 March 1823, at Mont- 
gomery, Orange County, New York; married, first, in 1856, Louisa 
White jmarried, secondly, 29 July 1858, Sophia-Emily, daughter 
of Asa and Hannah Warner, of Guilford. She was born 15 July 
1836. Residence. T'adilla,Nev/ York. Issue: 


9xf x£oxiiw haa hsalsi bsd ed ifoxxfw J-nsraxgaH arfj- 1o IsxioIoD as 

-ecT i)ns 9xnoxi atui&i a-t, saas'it Jbns ^tioIs od^ iiisal oS betoaqxs bsri;}e 9cf J-ajj-jMjnxs^nsQ t9V9vrojci,£foi:x{w J-dsx*!!: Ieol.txIoq b ni§ 

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-tnoli d-B,5S8I I£o^BM SI mocf, (j^dS) )?^ox£)9n3a: IIswaoH LnB(nod 

Baxi;oLl,a58X nx ,.te^xlti)^±'nBra ;2lioY w9tI,Yd-mjoO agnBiOj^^^-^oj^ 

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tswaal .iioY W9T'I,BXXxi)BM ,.9on9i)xa9H .SS8X— 


724 Laura Jane Benedict, born 10 August 1860, 

725 Roswell Warner Benedict , "born 7 April 1863, 

• « • • 

(510) William Augustus Benedict , second son of Eliza Maria(lTel- 
son)and Roswell Benedict(254) ,was born, 13 August 1825, at 
Montgomery, Orange Coimty,N'ew York; married, 26 March 1851, 
Hannali Bishop, born in 1824, He died, 7 July 1856, at Hampton- 
bury, Issue: 

726 Alexander Benedict , born in June 1852, 

727 Augusta Benedict, born in January 1854. 

728 Effie Roswell Benedict , born 31 March 1855. 

(511) Mary Jane Benedict , eldest daughter of Eliza TCaria(J7elson) 
and Roswell Benedict(254) ,was born, in 1827, at Montgomery, 
Orange County, New York ;married, first, Friend S. Davenport; 
married, secondly, in 1860, George V. Cookingham. 

(512) Edwin Riggs Benedict, third son of Eliza Maria (Nelson) and 
Roswell Benedict(254) ,was born, 2? Julj-- 1829, at Montgomery, 
Orange Coiinty,New York;married 12 February 1857, Mary Jane, 
daughter of Robert and Elizabeth T-fe.nn3/-,of Montgomery, Issue: 

729 Robert Manny Benedict , born 12 July 1859, 

730 Edwin Buell Benedict , born 21 November 1857;died, 
2 December 1857. 

731 Roswell Burns ide Benedict, born 17 March 1863. 

732 Mirander Ireland Benedict , born 14 December 186G, 

733 Charles Miller Benedict , born 26 May 1869, 

,0d3I ^ajJsirA 01 mocf , J-oiiisns?! enjsT. siuaJ I^SV 
.5681 lJ:^qA T n-cocf, Joihanaff ^9mJsW Ileweo^ esv 

-IaT'l)BJci^M jBsiia lo noa i^noosa, J'oi:f)an9ff BU&su^guA ni^illxW (012) 
cfB,6S8X d-ajj:sii;A Sl^mocf asw, (^es)v+oii)9n9S IIswaoE MaCnoa 
,1681 doisM 62,i5^i•I1s^l;2I^oY w9Tl,Yd-nx;oO 9§njST0,Yi9ffiosJ-noM 
-nocJ-qmjsF *.s,sa8I x^^'^ V^betb aH .^S8I nl mod",q;Ojlalff rLRnnsH 

:9waal ."\:"£jjcr 
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,^iT9raos;>-noM ct'BjTSSi nJ:,mocf asw, (^es)*ox£)9n9S Il9wsoH. Lnjs 
'j'cTloqnsvBd .3 ^9X11, J•a^ll,fc9X*t^.QmJ2t1oy w9K,Y:tnwoO ggn^TO 
.rajsrij^nxjIooO ,V 9sT09iO,098l nt^Y,lbnooea,beit'iBi!i 

bnsi{nosl&T[)sitsM ssllS "io noa btidS ^ioibeneS. asa-t^ nlv/JbS (SIS) 

,^:^9^osd•^oM iB,Q^3L vluJ. SS,mocr asw, (*es);toil)9n9a: IIswaoH 

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.vesi -i9crin909a s 

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.odSX TOcfEisoaQ i'l mocf, ;j-oi£>9n9a: i>nBl9tI -iebrtBiUl SST 

.G68I YJ6M 6S mocf,;toii)9n98: islllli a^I^axl^ ££':' 

IT. 191 

(513) Laura Candon Benedict .second daughter of Eliza Maria(lTel- 
scn)and Roswell Benedict, was 'born, in 1831, at Montgomery, Or- 
ange County, New York; married ,15 January 1851, ^f*t^ J. Mead; 
died in 1859. 

• • • • ♦• 

(514) Tlirander Ireland Benedict, fourth son of Eliza MariadTel- 
son)and Rosewell Benedict ( 254) , was horn, 27 February 1834, at 
Montgomery, Orange County, ITev/ York; married, 12 March 1857, 
Sophia Jane, daughter of Bryson,of Shawangunk, She was horn 
14 May 1834. Issue: 

734 Alice Caroline Benedict, born 28 May 1859. 

735 Matilda Ev.'ing Benedict , born 19 May 1862. 
'^"'736 Eliza Grant Benedict , born 24 November 1864. 

(515) Roswell Benedict , Jr. , youngest son odt Eliza Maria(Kelson) 
and Roswell Benedict ( 254) , was born, in 1836, at Monygomery, 
Orange County, Nev/ York; married,first , Hannah Ellen Bennoway, 
born 23 August 1835, died 16 December 1857. Issue: 

737 Morris Edwin Benedict , born 3 October 1857, 

Mr. Benedict married, secondly, 29 June 1862,Almira 
daughter of Samuel and Margaret van De Mark, born 1 May 1835. 
Residencer-Montgomery, Orange County, New York. Issue: 

738 Prank Rosvre 11 Benedict, born 8 February 1864, 

• • • 

(516) James H. Nelson, only son of Joel and Mary(Turrentine) Nel- 
son ((262), was born, in 1839, at Hyde Park, New York. He was 
for several years a prominent druggist, in Bridgeport ,Connec- 
ticut;was run down and killed by a sv/itch engine in Rich- 
mond, Virginia, 26 June 1899. He was married and had two sons: 
739 Theophilus Nelson, who is at present an instructor in 
St. Paul's schools, Hanover, Nev/ Hampshire. 


-^0,Y^^J^o^*^oM d-^,l£8I nx,n*iocf asw, j-oihensff XIsv/aoH I)nfl(rfoa 
jJbisslI ,Z t9&lBWfLd6L visfjaeZ eX,f)9itt£m;2C-ioY W9TT,Y.v+ftuoO 93ns 

,G58I ni i)9ll> 

-l9Pt)£i'ij3M £:s±ia to noa dt-wcJ i:^olbQasE btiBletl isbnsilM. i^ld) 
d-B,:^S8l x-xssj'idis'^L VS,mocr ssw, (^es)*oxi)9n9a XXawaeoR bneCnoa 
,Ta8X dot^l 2X,f>9l-t^^ra;2I^oY wgTI.Y^njJoO s^nstO ^x'i^^^o-gt ctoll 
mod" asw srfS ,2Lrru§fiBWBi£3 lo.noa-sjtS lo lad-iijiJjsLeSnBT, ^irCqoa 

tsuaal ,:^58X x&K ^X 

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:9waal .VeSX i9cto609CI 9X f)«x,b,ee8X d'ausJ^A £S mod 

,VG8i i9cfo;)-oO £ ntocf,c!-oxJD9n9a: nivi'M aiito'I T£? 

^•txraXA,Sd8X grujli es,•\tXi)^oo^e,i)9x-t^sflI toibsneZ .tM 

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:9UdeI .sI-soY wall.vcfnuoO 9SfIJB^0,■v:;^9mosd•^o]'.I-:9o^^i?x39H 

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-X9T;i(9nx.tns-njjT)Yi£iM hns XgoTi *io nos A;inc,nosX9K .H eemsT. (c)Xe) 
BBv/ sH .2[toY W9TI,2liBq: 3bx^ j'B.eseX ni.,rtiiocr 8£W,(S6S;)) nca 

-o9nnoU,;t--jog9sf)iT[a; nl , itexj^guff) ^^nsnimoiq b aisey Xbi9t98 tol 
-sioiR nl anxgng dviivfs js ^d" X>sXXx:i >^nB nwolb hjjt sbwj^jjoxI 

:anoa owj- bed br.B i>9XTi,sci aijw aF. ,G(?8X gnx/t 6S,BxnxgixV,f>ncn 
nx ^oct■oI;^d■e^i n^ J-nsag-iq &s ai orrv/^noBXeK BXfXxriqoariT e£V 

.9-ilj:{3q>ru:H w9T!r,-i5von.oii,£xooxioa a'Xi/B^.oS 


740 James A. Nelson, merchant, Richmond, Virginia, 

• ••••• 

(517) Edward Delaxan, Nelson, eldest son of Richard and Cordelia 
(Delavan)]a"elson(S66) ,was "born, 29 January 1821, at Poughkeep- 
sie,New York; married, 13 May 1851, Susan Blanchard McDonald, 

741 Adelaide Nelson, "born 15 March 1852, 

742 Julia Low Nelson, born 15 November 1853, 

743 Laura Young Nelson, born 2 October 1855, 

744 Edvrard Delavan Nelson, born 1 March 1858, 

745 Richard Henry Nelson, born 10 November 1859. 

(530) l-'ary Vassar Parker , second daughter of John G. ,and Esther 
Emily(Ketchem) Parker, was bornl5 April 1840, at Poughkeepsie, 
New York; married MarjUtfi 0. .Out ton. 

• • • 

(53lLGeorge Parker, eldest son of John G. and Esther Emily 
(Ketchem)Parker(275) ,was born, 3 December 1841, at Poughkeep- 
sie,New York;died 25 September 1890 ;married, secondly, Mary 
Ellen McCabe,27 October 1879;she was born 27 October 1860. 

746 John George Parker, born 3 August 1880. 

747 Esther Emily Parker, born 190ctober 1881, 

748 William Eox Parker, born 28 March 1883. 

749 Harry Eox Parker, born 5 October 1886, 

(532) Alonzo Ketchara Parker , youngest son of John G. and Esther 
-Emlly(Xetcham)Parker(275) ,was born, 6 October 1843, at Pough- 
kefepsie,Nev/ York, He graduated from the Rochester Universi- 
ty, at Rochester , New York, in the class of 1866; was ordained 
Pastor of of the Baptist Church, at Araenia,Nev/ York in Oc,to- 

jBJcX&MoO biiB b-XBciolR to cos *a3Ms,0Osl9H nBVJsIsO: bisT/bS. (Vie) 
-. ^, -,j- - \,ii5Xjn£T. es,niocr S£V/, (Q6S)noaX9H(rtBVi3l8CL) 

.JblBnoGoM biBdoc^BlS. nBaxj8,ie8X .t^^M -SI,f)ei'nBm;:itoY v.'sK.sIa 


..aS8I rio-t£lI dl mon.ncalsTT ftfiiP.IsbA X^V 

.£3,81 f.'xecfcisyoiil <5I moci ^HQsisw. ,wau..,^xljjl. SI^V 

.ciasi i9cfod-q0 ,S mocT.noalsTt anuoY BT;jj,eJ CI^V 

,8581 xiot^M I ntocf^noalsfl ciBvsled btBwbK ^^V 

,6681 -xscrmsvoTI OX mocfjncaXsK xtae'E biaxxoxR ei^V 

,6laqs92liisx;o<T c^xJ,0f^8X XiiqA fUniocf 2£w,^9:^£1£<I(m9xioc^9X)^;;Xxl^5r 

A^Xxciii ^-xe^ixJe^ DHs ,ii xjiiot lo noa jasi)X9,-i9:ii£g: sg-iostJ^CXSe) 
-qsg^MsJJoq: i^^XI'SX ♦sQcfniapsa 8,niocr a^w, (eTS)i9>[iBl(c!9Xiod-3a[) 
\;^£M,\'Xl^ITOo?^,f:.9l^1£rT;0GeX tscfiii9d-q92 er> jQ9xX)i^T;oY w9T!,9xa 
,0ci8X too ujou T.-i mod a£\v siiSi.e.VSX .i9,doj;p0- ^S,ecrfiOoM rtgixa 


,088X .tawgi/A £ mq((^i94"?J3^ astogO fuloTi . bhV 

,le: ' -TocfoOex mocf,i9>[TJ5? YXiia3^ •X9i{^aa r^X! 

,£88X £Io^,sM 8S n-£.ocf.,.T;92[i£<I xo*?: d^iXXlV s^T 

• 988X I9cfod-o0 e mocrjigjlrc^l xo'H: ^tiji^H Gf^V 

I9rid-aa Lnfi ,0 nduT* 1q noe d'^9snupy.,i9sI"X£^ iiiBiiod"93 osnoXA (S£5) 
-x£§wo^ d-B,£i^8X ^9crod-pO, 6j,morf^ a^v/,, (cTS)i93i'i£5(mB££oJ-92)\;Xxina 
-ie-^avxnU isj-egxloofl 911* mot'i bsisub&n-g sH ,2l"toY \v9ll,9xeq8.g3£ 
i)9nxsi)io ai5Wi0o8X. "Jo rb^Xjj 9£[vi nx,,2i"tDY weH:^i9*e9££ooa is^\i: 
-o;}-,oO nl.. 3{t:oY v/9K,£xn9ni/!L :tJS,xlo^JJ^rO cfeld-q-sff edi lo lo noJa^^I 


"ber 1870; pastor of the Centennial Baptist Churcli, Chicago, 
Illinois, 1879; degree of D.D. from the Chicago Theological 
Seminary in 1890, and a Trustee of that institution since its 
foundation in 1890, 

(533) Emily Piatt Parker , third daughter of John G. and Esther 
'^" Emily(Ketcham)Parker(275) ,was horn,? July 1847, at Poughkeep- 

sie,Nev/ Yorlc;iiarried,17 April 1872, William Brovmell Fox, of 

Brooklyn, New York. Issue: 

750 William Brownell Pox, Jr., horn 24 March 1873. 

751 Harry Parker Pox, horn 14 December 1876. OZcJ 

752 Elizabeth Parker Pox, born 27 July 1881. 

753 Esther Emily Fox, born 4 May 1884. 

• • • • 

(535) Emma Josephine Arthur , second daughter of Dorinda(Hardman) 
(Nel3on)and John D. Arthur ( 290 ) ,v;as born, 21 July 1832, at 
Sing Sing, New Yokk; married, 20 September 1864, by Rev. John G, 
Johnson, to Alvah Bushnell,at Peekskill,New York. Mrs.Bush- 
nell died at lona Island, 20 January 1866. Issue: 

754 Arthur Bushnell, 

• ••••• 

(537) Charles S. Arthur , second son of Dorinda Hardman(Xelson) 
and John D. Arthur(290) ,was born, 3 May 1836, at Sing Sing, New 
York; married, at South East, Putnam County, Nev/ York, by Rev, 
Mr, Baily,to Annie, daughter of Judge Foster, of South East. 
Mrs. Arthur died, 3 July 1884, in New York City, Issue: 

755 Edv/in Foster Arthur, 

756 John D. Arthur. >li -i^ ■-■- jfyV-v^ 

757 Fannv Arthur. ' li/y*fuuJ iiJ^^j *>**- 
7 58 Emma Arthur. < 

' I S //, /T;:r :-:-:-:-:- (M-^ZJiwC^-sA' 


,L.-.tfj..'iO,dotU£{0' c^efihtrsK iBlnnsjnaD arid' to ro&asq jOVBl iscf 

,0e8I nJ fioitBbm/o'i 

: ina .0 nxloL lo isct-dsusf) f)^iJi:^ , "(93f^B«I i&aLI vlinia: ( 
•q99>LdsjLfoq: d-3,V*'8X xLuJ, V,mocr 8£W, (6VS)t9i[i£*I(iiiexiod-9>l)Ylxma 
lo,xo1 Ilsmroia mBtlLx\V^SK'e£ ll'iqA VI,i)9xTiJ5X!ij:I*i;oY wgM^sla 

:9jj-aal .iioY w9K,rtYI2Iod^ff 

.SV8-f'ifT>iBM ^S mod", .-i-T.jXO'g: Ilsnwota ntslIIlW 06 V 

^(i .61*81 -tgcteeoga f^I n-rocr,xo'fi 19d£-xs*I yi*I-bE leT 

.1881 xLuT. "TS mocT.xoT t9>{i£l rfcTgcfssiia S5V 

(^^l£>^*H)ef)^ItoC[ ^o teisi'^usb h^oo9e,'«;rfd■^A snidqaeoL siraiiS (eS5) 

;tfi,258X xLuJ, IS^mocT e.f?w, CoesyiuifcftA .G nxfoT, f)n£ (noelsTO 

.0 nxfol- .V9M vcf,^d6l tecffflgd-qga 0g,f)9iT£<Bxn;2t2foY weKjgnxS snlS 

' ■-xl3uB'..aiM .3iToY w9l'I,XXx2raj[99^ :tB,IX9nxl8i;S risvXA oi,noanrfoT. 

:5jjRsI ,'M'=!ai ■\;i^i;n.6X 02,f)nfiXal snol d-js tsxfc XXsn 

.JXeinKBjjff -tlfkuiA f^^V 


(noeX9^T)nBrax>tBH Btiit'ioC Jo no?, I>ffooea,ix.(r{d"iA .P aaXiBrlO (V£e) 
W9pl,gnx8 sn-^2 :fB,de8X -^bM S.niod" bjsw, {0es)*tJjr{J-iA ,(I nxfol. bn£ 
,V9H -^cTiaiioY wgHj-^cdrruoD rKBnd-jj^,d'e£3 r£cfuo8 J"B,i)9xtiCBffl;2lioY 

.d'a^a rfd-jjoR 'io,i9c}'ao'i 9sI)jjL "io t9j-xfgU£fc,9XnxiA od-,YXx£ff .-{K 
:9U33l ,\&iO :iioY 7/9'PI nJjf'SBX \;Xx;T. £,£)9jL1) ^JJIlJ■^A .a^M 

.tjjTfd-iA isd-ao^ nxwba ae? 

.TJjrf.+iA .CT nrfoT. 6er 

. . -^ .•.^AA^H>^. I .tuxIcfiA BrantTi 86 V 

^^ V-A-^ni:^ 

If ^ 


(538) Villiam Nelson Arthur , third son of Dorinda Hardcian(?Telson) 
and John D. A.rthur(290) ,\vas born, 25 October 1838, at Sing 
Sing, New Yorkpnarried,l May 1862, "by Hev. Dr. Anderson, to 
Clarissa King, died 2 November 1865. Mr. Arthur died 9 April 
1865, at San Francisco, California. 

(539) Gertrude K. .Arthur, third daughter of Dorinda Hardinan(Hel- 
son)and John D, Arthur(290) ,was born, 27 September 1840, in 
New York City; married, 8 August 1867, George Bayley,in San 
Francisco, California. Issue: 

759 Arthur Bayley,born in 1868, 

760 Gertrude A. 13ayley,born 20 July 1870, 

• ••••« 

(540) George Arthur, fourth son of Dorinda Hardman (Nelson) and 
John D. Arthur ( 290 ), was born, 28 September 1842, in New York 
Cityjmarried in San Francisco, California,- 

• ••••• 

(543) William Nelson, eldest son of Josep|i. and Margaret (Storm) 
Nelson(291) ,7/as born, 26 August 1839, at Peekskill,New York; 
married, 20 September 1860, by Rev. H. Kee villa, of Favikashaw, 
to J^rgaret, youngest daughter of Brook Herron,at Caledonia 
Center , Wisconsin: Issue: 

761 Margaret Cornelia Nelson, born in July 1862. 
7.62 Joseph Nelson, born in November 1863. 

(544) Mary B. Nelson, eldest daughter of Joseph and Ii[argaret( 
(5^4^***iC^^^^®^2°"^29i) ,was born, 31 July 1640, at Peekskill,New 
York; died, 7 February 1859, at Milwaukee, Wisconsin. 

J > 

(noal9K)nj3ci£*xJsH ebniiod 1o no2 b-iid:} f'iiSii:^'iA noelel^ inBilXiW (856) 
gnia ifi,8f.8I iscfod-oO es^ntocT sssvi^{09&)tt::i&i^ ,3 niioL .bn.e 
oJ■^^oe^6t»rtA ,iCI' ♦veH YtftSQBl ybM I,i>sJ:TtBmj3l-ioY weK,§fli:a 
II-tqA. & i)eIB ix;jld-*tA.'i!T. ,5981 tscfinevoM S ,.59i £^,30121 jsa el T«iO 

*«j:^*IOl:iIBD,ooaxo^J3^'^[ nB3 J-b,5S8I 

-X8H)n.sctfcia5H jBl)fT.r-.<irr -^o ►<->;tdsA;-5l> i>-iirid-,iuxid^iA •3, flMfj^TsS (655) 
04:, 0^81 -tscfiEviiq^a VS,m;od" a£W, (OGs)iu+f^iA,»r[ firiot i)nfi{nca 
xibS at^xslx^E e§T03x),f68l d-airgJLrA 8,Jt'aiTjBiE. jvJ-iO sItoY welif 

tesjeal .BimoliXfiDjOoaxonBi'? 

.8581 ax mocTjYaXX'SS tudiiA eev 

.OVSX yXu"G OS mocf^xsXYfiS' .A siwi/t^isfi OdV 

l3n£(no8X9]/I)nBi!if>'iBH sbniioCI "io noa ■iid^^iJOl,•IJJxfd■-tA ssiosO {O^d) 
2[ioY V/9M nitSi'SX *iscrmsc}-q98 8S,xin£ocf e/sw, (OGS)iifd:)"tA .CI nriol, 

-,simo'ixXx20,ooa.Lon,e't1 rpP: nt f)i=ii;f-i.Rrrr;roxO 

• • • • • « 

(imod-5)ct9'i£Sisl.T has xlqeaoL to noe >t89i)X©,noeX9K ig^.IXXXW (£df>c) 
j^r-tc'^ w9TT,XXi3ie>Jy9<I ii?,GS8X ^ax-fguA QS,n-xotr bbw, (XpSjnoaXgT'T 
,v,'£iiae>Luj3W to, 9lIlv99>I .H .vaK vd",Oa$X 'X9c^^ls>c^q9o OS-thsxiism 

:9/jaaI :ni3ncoex'V,i9d-n90 

.Sooj. x±ul nl rtO';f,rioaX9'K ^XXgufsoO oti^iJ2^BM XdV 

.Sd8X •:£9cfra9vo'K nx m:ocr,noaX9T(I xiqaaoT. SdV 

)d s-ijagiait r'ii£ nqasoX ^0 •*:; jjiL^jij-EiJ JE6x»j.a ,nOEX9Pt ,.a -^^isM i^^d) 
W9T'I,XXi3ia:!ie.9S: d-^,0^8X \LijT, i5,n'socr asw, (XGS)nceX8Tl(ffiiocf8) 
,nlanooBXW,y9:fx;B\vXx!^ cfi5,G6oX xiGutcdl V, {)9xl. i^CtcY 

fc-'**«,«»-'* •. 

^ V 


(545) Joiin Storm Nelson, second son of Josejjh and Margaret (Storm) 
Nelson(291) ."born 1 January 1843;died,28 June 1855, at Rajraiond, 

(559) Edmund Young Nelson, youngest son of George Parker and 
Mary Delavan(Nel3on)Nelson, (292) ,v/as born, 29 April lR61,ln 
Hew York Cit3'-;married, Charlotte T'cCready Fellows, "born in 
October 1863. Issue: 

763 Charlotte Rhodes Nelson, horn 18 October 1888, in New 
York City;died,3 September 1897, at Piermont ,Ne\v York. 

764 Mary Delavan Nelson, born 13 August 1395, at Piermont, 

• ••••• 

(560) Zanina Nelson, eldest daughter of Thomas and Cornelia L, 
Nelson(293) ,v/as born, 12 April 1845, at Paekskill-on-Hudson; 
married, in May 1865, by Rev. D. K. Halliday,to Victor MacPar- 
lane,at Peekskill. Has one daughter:- ^^'i^^^^^/ ^<^^ ^ ^^^r^ 

765 Mrs Lyman Blair, of Chicago, Illinois, 

T.Trs. MacParlane died at Greenville ,T'Iaine, 30 
April 1903. 

(563) Thomas Nelson, Jr. , youngest son of Thomas and Cornelia L, 
Nelson(293) ,was born, 18 July 1860, at Peekskill-on-Hudson; 
married,T!arch 3, 1883, Cornelia Lesley, born 18 July 1864, in--' 
New York City. Mr, Nelson is engaged in the manufacturing 
of Musical supplies, at New Prunswick, New Jersey, 

• ^ • ^ • , 

(564) Cornelia Mandeville Nelson Ferris , eldest daughter of Sarah 
Ahn(Nelson)and Jonathan Henry Ferris(294) ,was born, 15 July 
1843, at Peekskill-on-Kudson;married,17 February 1881, bv Rev, 
J.Ritchie Smith, to John Currl>e,at Peekskill, of San Francis- 
co, Calif ornia. 



bciB isslifi*! sgiosi) to noa :fa9§njJOY,noal9Vr gnuoY f)rujnif)3 (€6d) 
nx,I68I litqA GS,mocf bbw, (SGS) ,noaIeTI(noel9Pl)rfi3VBl9C[ Y^BM 
ni mco^awollsl xi^^'^'i'^oll e^t3■oI^BIlO, teiTt^icjviJtO :ftoY wsTI 

rsjjaal .£581 -tscToJ-oO 
W9TI ntfS88£ ^9crod•oO &I mocTinoalgll a9i)0ifil 9>^;foli£r[0 £9V 

,j[-toY VY9K, cfnoflitgj:*! J-fi.Vesi "iscfmscfqcgg 5,i39xi) j^J'-cO iioY 
,J-noint9i<T ^b,568I cfausuA EI n'iocf,noal9T'f nBrBl9(I Yt^M ^6V 

,J BlxsmoD l)nB aBmorfT to 't9d^ifswj8fi ;fsehLe ,ncsLeK BnxnsS (066) 
jfi08i>uff-no-IIlMai9fl'I J^B,e^8r Il^qA fiI,mocr 3bw, (S6S)noBl9]'( 
-iB'io^M ^oc^oxV od-,YBMIlBH . , ^ .V9H Ycr,588I vbM nx,fc9it-£Bm 
"Uyi: o-^Ov^^ X-^-'^^^-iigMsuBb 9no a;eH .in^e:ioe1 &s,9r.Bl 

.axon! Ill, ogBoiliO lo,llBia nBmvJ aiM 63? 
05,9nxBH, 9lXivn99?[T0 jfB f>9x£> 9^r£I^i3'iIoB?T .an!^ 

,£Oei IxiqA 

.J BilsmoD bnB aBcioxfr to noa J-aagnwov, .•it,noal9'5f BBcrorfT (£56) 

;noa£>ijH-no-IIxjla2i99<I Jb,088I yIx/T; 8I,mocr aBW, (£GS)rToel9Pr 

nx,fi>d8I YliJ'^' 8-C mocr,Y9-fa9'T J3ll9ntoO,£88I,£ xio^BIT,i)9x•t'iB^3 

gnx-fud-OBtunBra &ii& rix fig^BSng ax cicbIoV! .t35 .y^-c^ ^ItoY wbVL 

,Y9ai9"G w9Tf,2£oJ:w8fwin' v/eTT -t p , seilqqua iBoxauTT to 

iiet.'sS to -tscfrfaijBi) isehlStSif^sl rtoalsK sIIxvsMbM BlX9moO(l^66) 
yIjjL 6I,n"£0cr 8BW, (1^62)81^^9^ r-frrsTT nBifd'-'jnoI. .bnj? (ncal9T'r)nnA 
,V9H vcf,I88I Y*i'6XJ'f<^9''I VI,I)6i'i'iiifi:i;noai'i;H-no--IIJ::.eiLS9*i ^£,£^^61 
-aloneil naS to,IXx5!e:5i99^ ^B,9^TtuD nrioT, od-,ji.tlm8 9Xdo«tx>i.T. 



(565) Jane ?erria, second daughter of Sarah Ann(Xel3on)and Jona- 
than Henry ]?erris(294) ,was horn, 24 Fehruary 1845, at Peeks- 
kill-on-Hudson;m£.rri9d,8 November 1365, to Ezra Griswold,at 
PeekskilljNew York. Issue: 

766 Victor llcllvain Griswold,horn 11 August 1867, at 
PeekskilljNew York, 

767 Jennie Louise Griswold,horn 3 August 1873, at PeekskiH, 

(567) ■'''filliara Nelson Ferris , second son of Sarah Ann (Nelson) and 
Jonathan Henry Ferris ( 294) , was horn,14 Septemher 1848, at 
Peekskill-on-Hudson;married,3 Fehruary 1876, hy Rev. TIr, Hut- 
chins, to Louise Janet te, eldest daughter of Alexander Master- 
ifon,at Bronxville,New York, Issue: 

768 Alexander I.Iaster^on Ferris, horn ^5 April 1877, 

769 Mari% Louise Ferris, horn 20 Jlay 1878. . ^ > ^q'^O 

770 E1«M May Ferris, li..^ t.J%^ / ^^ f 

771 V/illiam Nelson Ferris, horn 27 Fehruary.- /ff' 

772 Saray Nelson Ferris / ? i^i^JL. t i 1 S . 

773 Frank Ferris- ^h PVw^ / ^ T YT 

774 Arthur Nelson Ferris- 4- V-^-^-^ * ^^ V 

(570) Elizabeth N. Ferris, youngest daughter of Sarah Ann (Nelson) 
and Jonathan Henry Ferris(294) ,was horn, 17 January 1855, at 
Peekskill-on-Hudson; married, in April 1880, hy Rev. J. Ritchie 
Smith, to Rev. xRalph E. I'lacDuff ,an Epicopal clergincianjat her 
motherfs home in Peekskill. Issue: 

775 Douglas MacDuff ,horn 8 March 1881. 

776 Ralph Erville MacDuff ,horn 8 April 1882. 

777 Nelson Ferris MacDuff , horn 2 July 1883, 

778 Ellen Gray tlacDuff ,horn 5 Fehruary 1885, 

-a2i89S: ;ta,e:{^81 Y'-'J^J^'ici s'i ^:S,m:oQ a^w, (i>G£)aJ:i-ia'i \:in9K nexld- 
d-^iMowaiTi) STSS oi,e98l •xecTciavoH 8,i)9iTi3mjnoai)L'E-xio-IIi3l 

. tsueel .2£toY wall, IIx>Ia2l99'5 
^tB,V68I .tejjgiJA I£ ^'xod■,Mowal^T) ni^vIIoX toJ-oxV S&T 

,2iToy weHjXXx>ieii08l 
JIl5i82[99^ M^fiVGI tasj-guA £ mocr, Mowai-xO saiuoJl sinnsL VdV 

hrtfi(nosX9Pl)nnA xifiiJ88 lo npa i^ffo p©a, ax t-te'il noeXaWxrisi llxw (Tae) 
cffi^Si'SI lecfinsd-qsS ^I.,mocf a«v/, (i^es)ei:Tie'>[ \;i«9H naxf^Bnol^ 
-J"J^rH ..•xM^^vofl -^cf, BTBI x'f-si^'itfs'^^ £,f)ei:t*iaininoaf>jjH'-no-IIx:>Ia:!i99'i 
-tgd-afiM ^9l)^BX9IA to teSd'suBb ^aaM-s, scf.tenBl, selwoJ od-,anixio 

tswaal .sltoY w9W,9XlJ:vxno-ja oBinoH 
.wax XxiqA cX ^^od■,8x^^»■'€ ^o$*i9c^afiII ^9f)^BX9XA 8S? 

Ci'?'3i \ ^, , - .St'SX Y^i OS mocT.elTJsl eaXxioJ jxibII eav 

V \ l\ - .YtsJvncfel VS moa^axiTel noaXsTI rtisiXIiV/ ..fVV 

.l^lN •-^^>^^ 'SX aXitgl noaX9H ysiB3 SVV 

T(C 1 "i I M^k-W Q A -axils'^: 2{nBi1 £VV 

.^fl< 4^2KAi^vK 4;^ -a.cTte'^ noaXsH -isjdt-iA f'Vr 

(noBX9T(t)nnA li^is?- to isid^sb ise-gnisov^talt'ie'^. .VI r{;tecf>ssXIS (OVe) 

J-JSiCjesX Y'l-SJ^nsC VX,mocf a^w, {^G?>)axTie1 xi^^H asdi^sao^j bn s 
9Xiio,cMH t^^L .V9fi Ytf.OSBX Xx-xqA nx , £)9XTXjsxci ;noaI)i;H~no-XXX3ie:ji9 9^ 
19x1 d-B,n«iiriS"t®Xf) Xaqooxqa na , l^tuCIoB .2 xtqXsH .vsE oJ-,££:tlfflR 

:9ija8l .XXX>Ia2£o9"5: ni sniorf a'i9r£:torj 

,X88X £io"j6?'T o moclillijCEofil^ a^XguoCT eTV 

.S88X Xi-iqA 8 mocf^llwdofiM 9XXiv-xW xfqXsfl 6VT 

,£8BI x-fJv/T. S mocf,l'iijGoBM aiTxs'^r noaXelJf VVV 

.esaX Yt^J^icfal c ^^i/ao^^ YJSTcC nsXXa 8VV 


779 Robert Bruce MacDuff ,"born 17 January 1892. 

780 Norman Wallace MacDuff , born 21 June 1393, 

(572) Ellen Tuck Nelson, second daughter of VfiHiam Rufiis and 
Ab"bie E. (Tuck)Nelson(295) ,was "born, in November 1856, at Peeks- 
kill-on-Hudson;married V^bster Stevens, of Exeter, Ne\7 Hamp- 

(573) Mary Delavan Nelson, youngest daughter of William Rufus 
and Abbie E, (Tuck)Nelson(295) ,was born, 16 April 1859, at 
Peekskill-on-Hudson;married,in St, Thomas' Church, Nev/ York 
City, to Rev, Brindley Morgan. 

(574) Peter Fort Nelson, eldest son of Cornelia Mandeville and 
John Peter Jlelson(296) , was born, 8 July 1846, at Peekskill-on- 
Hudson;died,7 IJIay 1873, of Typhoid Fever, in New Orleans, La.; 
buried in the Family plot, in the Poug]rikeepsie Rural Cemetery, 

(57 5) William James Nelson, second son of Cornelia Mandeville 

and John Peter Nelson(296) ,was born, 12 November 1847, on board 
the Packet Ship "Memphis" (Captain Bunker), on the voyage from 
New York to New Orleans, La. ;married, at High-Noon,l<g^ July 
1.995',by the Rev, Thomas Gallaudet, assisted by Rev. Rufus 
Emery, the rector, in St.Paul's Episcopal Church, Newburgh, to 
Mrs. Mary Goodrich Newell, widow of Charles Stark Newell;died, 
suddenly, at 3 'Clock, P.M. ,11 February 1903, of double Pneu- 
monia, at Washington, D. C, ; buried in the family plot, in Rural 
CfSmetery,Poughkeepsie,New York, 

•—•-••*•• ■^ * -iM. * vm * ~» 


.sesi ^:^^uflJ3T, VI mod,'i'iJjCoj3M soxjia ct-iscfoa e?T 
.£681 snirT, IS mocT.llijCrosM sobIIbW n^rmoM OcV 

btiti BulsjR msilir'J lo is^iisuai) f>no09a ,noal9W iouT nalia (SVa 
-8i[69^ d-SjdeSIiso'meyoWf^fli^atocr a^w, (aGS)noal9W(3[ouT) .a sicfcfA 
-qmjijH w9'K,*xec^3xa lOjansvs^S ^9J■acf9W l)fti^^6Ifi; noabuH-no -IIi>f 


4-fi^,ee8I IxiqA aX,q-iocr asw, {ees.)noal9TT(i[ojjT),a sicfdA xsnij 
2[ioY waKjXio-ufxiC; •a^cioiiT -,;J-a nl ,i)aiTiJ3Ki;;noari;H-Ko-XIl2iaif99*T 

bn£ 9lIlv9i)nfiM £il9ntoO "lo rtoa ;tG9M9,no&l9Vi cnoi 19J-9<T (^V5) 
-no-IIxstaigg^ j-£,di>61 x-'^J^"'' 8, mod g£;w, (6GS)noKl9«, lectel nrfoT. 
;.sJ,8n£9liO wsH n.i, t6V9'^ Lxoricp'iT lo,£V8I x^'^ V;b^ib\aoabijR 
,\;-i9^9xn90 Ij3'iu/1 sxaqosjJiisJJO^ 9r£* nx,cfoici Y-t-i^^i^'^ 9^^ ^-t ^&i•^JJd■ 

sIIxvsljn^M BxIemoO "io :<.os fcnooaa ,noRl9l^ 2erx;L msillxV/ (ere) 

biGod no,V^8I isdfflSvoW ^i,n-iod a^v;, (des)noal3"Sr isis'i nxIoT. hna 

fiioi't ggfi-^ov Slid- no,{i9:Inua£0)''ajirfqm9M" qirlB is-^LosI eri:^ 

XisjJ. g.'X,nc)cTI-r[gxH d-^ ,f)9iTi£in; .£J, anseXiO W9K o.i :j{tcY T/eTI" 

Bi/lua ,.V3>i Ytf t'S^aXaaij, J'9f>irf.XX£-C' SBmoxlT ,v9ft biu ^/,a , cjiyc x 

o^jrf^'jxjd'waT^.xlp'tuitp iBqooaxqK a'IuB'I.d-8 ni,-to:)-o9t 9£{i,Y"t9inS 

,£i9Xf>;IX9W9H >[iBd-3 a9X^sriO lo woJoXw^XXgy/glf doitbooH xisM. .a^H 

-jj9n^ sXdjJoi) lo.COCX x'i^i^^oal. XX, .M,"I,3iooI0'0 £ ct-^,Y-^«9i>^J^fe 

XjstuPi nx,;J-oXq xLlstst aAt nl bsltsjd; ,0,0. ^aoi-gnidBsff d-fi,jelnoni 

,^10Y W9lI,9Xaq992Lri::P4ii0^,YT9^^9Cl9'^ 

Edv/ard Beverly Nelson, educator , 'born in Poughkeepsie ,!T.Y. , 
26 May 1850 ;so|^ of John Peter and Cornelia Mandeville Nelson; 
graduated at Harvard, 1873(A. M, ) ;iiia.rried , at Medina,N.Y. 1877 .Jes- 
sie R. Weld; served two terms (6 years) on "board of health, of Rome 
N.Y. ;principal of the Central New York Institution for Deaf- 
MuteSjfroFi the 1 September 1876 to November 1906;member of the 
Oneida Historical Society, IJtica; National Geographical Society; 
American Geographical Society for Central and Western New York; 
Harvard Aluroni Association; 32° Mason. 


, .Y.T'l.sxaqaajLigwol ni ntod ^lO&BOiJbe ^noel^Vi xLievsS. fc^Bwba 

jnoalaW eLilveb[tsl' ^ilsaToO bna 'isJsl nrfoT, to ^oa;0dbl ^'^^'^ 9S 

-asT., T?8l.y.T{,sn/J;9M c^B,i)^i^^^a; (.M.A)£Val,£nBViBH ^b La^tBwLBTg 

sraofl lo dJ-I^3..'i "io b^BOcf noiatsex cOacns:!- owe}- f)9v'i9a jMsW .fl aia 

-1b9C Tol nol^wi-x;tenI :iioY vreK lisi^nsO ad* "to iBqlonx-xq; ,Y,Tf 

arii "io TscfraanjciOei TacfmevoW oi- 9V8I TBrfme.^qeR I adJ- iTio-it,a9.tyM 

_j j^J-9XooR Ii5Dxdqj3i3O90 Ij3noxJ-sT4: jbox JU,->icf9Xoo3 XBoi^o*axH j3f)X9nO 

jsfioY v/sTT niQcfea'^^ bas Ls'iiaeO loT: '{,d-9Xou8 IsoidqJ3^^o9I^ oeoxTginA 

.noajsM osSjnoi^tBxooaaA iiiriuIA £)^^v^Bf^I 


au^wH m^lXIiW lo isd-dgi/fiL d'89snij0-^,noel9T'I nBVfiIgG: yibIC (EV5) 
*B,Ge8I IliqA 8X,ntc5d" asW, (ee2)no8l9K(2[ouT) ,a sxcfcfA cn^ 
2{^oY v/9l>t,doiwdD 'aamoriT .j-a nl ,i)Sx^^Brt^;^02iDJJH-nc-IXl2Iai[99*I 

,nB^j,icM y■9Xf)^x^ff .vsH od-,YC^xO 

£)n£ eXXlvsfcnBM BxXgnioD Io noa o-e9M9,noeX9TI ct-toT t^is^ (^?S) 
-no-XXx2ta3i99*I *£,6J>8X y-^^^''' 8, mod bbw, (6GS)rioeX9«, f9^s5 ndoZ 
J .j3J,enB9ltO wgK aijtsvg'^: £>xodq^;T lo,£T8X Y'SJ'^ T, Jb^xi-jnoatoH 
,\tsieme'C) Lb'isjR sxaqossLilayo^ 9di- nl,JoXq Y-f-ifcus'iT grid nx l)9x^JJd 

• •••*« • . 

9XXxv9i)nBM BxX9moD to noa bs:loo^3^nQeleVL aerrxiL msXXXXli'' (dve) 

i)^BOd" no,V^8X ledxaavoT^ S;X,n-£Od asw, (des)noaX8T)r teisl ndoli hnB 

^I0^'1 93B\;ov edi- no, (is^Inwa; ni.Bd-qB0)"eldqr(i9M" qlrfP -+9?f.':^B'T 9dd- 

YXjjT. ^SJt,nooTI-d3xH c)-B,i)9l'nBrrt; .iiJ,ariB9XiO wyn o.i .mux wgTt 

ayluH .V9fl Ycf b9*eleaj5, J-sl^iTf.XXB-O SBuiodT .V9fl sd:^ vd,"^'0€X 

oitrijjTjjdwsPTjdoiwriO XBqooaxqS a'XjjB'I.d-2 nl,ioJ-o9t ©dcf ,■"^^9r^^ 

,fi9ib{XX9W9K >[^bJ-8 89XiBdO Io woijiw^XXewsK doxtbooO y*^^^*^ .biM 

-xjgnl gXdi/ob lo.EOGX Yt^J^^cfs'^ XX, .M.I.^ooXO'O £ c^B,yXft9f)f5t^e 

XbiuR nXt^-oXq vXix5i3"5: 9dt ni bsitsjd ', ,'C),Q.,cto3-gtiideBW d-B,BlnOffi 

,5iToY weII,9xaq99:5irisiio1,Y'^9-+9ci93 

IT. 198 

(577) Edward Beverly Nelson, third son of Cornelia Mandeville 
(iTelson)and John Peter lTelson(296) ,was horn, 26 May 1860, at 
Poughkeepsie,New York;inarried,2l June 1877, by Rev. W. W. 
Walsh, to Jessie Haggles, eldest daughter of Jesse Ruggles and 
xRehecca Root V/eld,at Medina, Orleans Coiinty New York,. Issue: 

781 Edwin Weld Nelson, horn 8 September 1878, at Medina, New 
York; died, 28 March lb79,at Rome, New York, buried in the 
V/eld Family plot, at Medina. 

782 Edwine Rebecca Weld Nelson, born 21 Noveiaber 1887, 
at Rome, Oneida CoTjinty,New York, 

783 A Son, born 20 July 1891;died at birth, 

784 Margaret Haswell Weld Nelson, born 16, September 1895, 
at Rome, Oneida Count3/,New York, 

(578) Walter Huntington Nelson, fourth son of Cornelia Ilandeville 
(Nelson)and John Peter Nelson(296) ,was born, 7 April 1853, at 
New Orleans, Louisana; died, 18 August 1905, at Atlantic City, 
New Jersey; marri,ed.,at 5 'clock, P.J.I. ,6 December 1876, by the 
Rev. T. L. Preston, to Gertrude Kuntington, daughter of Horace 
Leavitt and Elizabeth Frances Baldwin Kent, in the First Pres- 
byterian^^Chur9];i,Ri,chmond, Virginia. TXK^??Y The children were 
all born at»Sunnyside" , Casanova, Fauquire County, Virginia, ex- 
cept the two boys, who were born at Melrose Castle, in the sanB 

785 Melville Kent Nelson, born 10 September 1877;died,30 
July 1897, at "Sunnyside". 

786 George Merwin Kent Nelson, born 5 December 1878. 

787 Cornelia Mandeville Nelson, born 10 September 1882, 

788 Gertrude Huntington Nelson, born 4 September 1883. 

789 Stella Laura Nelson, born 29 July 1885. 


eiliv^bnBK „_-_._..,_ ... .loa biid^i ^ no sLeVL xltarsE b'is^b3. (VT5) 

cf.jVrsi enwTi lS,£)eiTifici{2li:oy w9Pi;;9iRq3S5iri5;;o<T. 
f>n£ asl-g-^uR saasTi To ^9■:)•rfej;teh ;tsshl3,B9lTi-r,trf! ^j-p.p.b'^- ,_^.al£V/ 

W9lI,BnIi39M :^B,8?8I .tq93 8. «tocf,noaI,9H M»W aiwiM I8T 

9iiJ^ nx l)9iiJJcf ,2f"toY w9TI,9hoH :^£,eVoI riotBM 8S, F:9xfc;3{T:oY 

. . .»anxf)9M >£, ct-clq x-J--^'^'-^'^ f)l9W 
,?86I -i9c-fa9voK IS .mocT^noBlglfl. f)l9W jaoagcfaH gniwM S8V 

.ilToY w9E,"^d"Xu;qQ £;l5l9nO,9rrfofl is 
.nji^ci Ji; isilijIGSI \;Ijj1i OS xnocf,no3 A £av 
,6981 I9crci9?q93 bl mocf ,noal9l^ hla^l XIsws^H ieis-§^i^l ^3V 

,2lioY v/gTIfVctrn'oO jsf)l9ftO,9moS ia 

•—* to.'^*^*^ * ^-* — 

9XXxv9l)nsJl £iX9ntoO to noa xid^xwol^noEXeTI fio3-3rfi.ti|i;H -xetLsW (8Ve) 

c}-«,fiG8X .XX-iqA T,n"tocf e^w, (&es)noeX9TI "xeie^ ndoT, .fbrns (noaXglT) 

jAid'Xp oid"nBXd-A :fB^^OQl d-Bugx/A 6X,i)9xiJiBn£eijJOLT,anx59iiO w9T'f 

9xicJ- xdfdV&l T9cfni909C[ d, .M.IjjLooXaVQ ,d ,d-B,i>9lTCBffl j\;9a*i9li wgK 

90BaoH %p T9^r{si;*s£»4nod-anX j-flXTil ghuicftsO ot,noc)-a9i*T , J ,T .vsH 

-891? cfatXI sxlj- nlj, JfneX xilwi)X«a B9on£i^ rl^gcf^sXXa bns iiiveaJ. 

9t9w n9il)Xir[o 9x£T XXHXXI ,Blalr^'ity ^bnomiptH.^do'iijri:) n^iisiYcf 

-x9,«xrusiiV,-^icrfti;;oO 6'iluiJUS%,eronBSB^.^ebL8\nnu8^iB mocf XXa 

gnjsa 9ilv+ nx,9Xd-8B0 gaortlgM i^.^ n lucJ 9i9w oxfw, a^Pff- ow* 9rlc^ ;*:<jej? 

. 0S,i)9xX); wax isdmsrfqga OX niocr»noaXsK ineH ©XXXvXgM eSV 

."9l)xa\nnxi8" d-s,VG8X \LsjT, 

,8VfeX T9crm909a e mocf,noBX9W rfrisX ruwtsM 9sio9f) 68 V 

,S86X i9crmsjq93 OX mocf jHoaXgll 9XXiv9f>flfiM jsiXsmoO V8V 

,£86X t9rrni9d-q93 ^ n-iocr,noaX9K noi^alitwE sbuti-iSi) 86V 

,d86X yXjjI- es moct',noaX9M biubJ ^ILe&B 68 V 


790 Elizabeth Louise Nelson, iDorn 21 December 1887. 

791 Irene Leavitt Nelson, "born 30 May 1890. 

(580) Cornelia Mandeville Nelson, youngest daughter of Cornelia 
Mandeville(Nelson)and John Peter Nelson(296) ,was horn, 7 May 
1863, at "Audt/bon Park", New York City;married,l8 July 1899, 
hy Rev. Thoraas Gallaudet ,D,.D. .assisted by Hev. S.A. Weikert, 
to Harry Seldfin Lewis, at Poughkeepsie,Hev; York, 

(581) Mary Piatt Johnson, only daughter of Elizabeth Parker (Nel- 
3on)and Rev. John G. Johnson ( (297) , was born, 17 January 1865, 
at Upper Red Hook, Dutchess County, New York;jnarried,6 December 
1899, to Henry Huntington, at Peekskill-on-Hudson. Issue: 
792 Elizabeth Huntington, born 3 December 1900. 
7 93 Benjamin Huntington, 

(582) William Nelson Johnson, only son of Elizabeth Parker (Nel- 
son) and Rev. John G. Johnson (297) ,was born, 26 September 1866, 
at Upper Red Hook, Dutchess County, New York; married, in 1897, 
Mary Lloyd Allen ;died 27 March 1900, Issue: 

794 William Nelson Johnson, born in March ISmX- 1898. 

795 Ann Allen Johnson, born in May 1899. 

(583) Mary Ellen Granger , eldest daughter of Jane Ann (Nelson) and 
Harvey E. Granger(303) ,born 12 November 1832;married,by Rev. 
John Mattox.of Keyecville, Essex County, New York, to Charles 
Henri Ames, Issue: 

796 Thomas Nelson Ames, born 8 December 1851. In business 
in Titusville, Pennsylvania. 


.0Q8I v:j3JJ[ OC mocr,ftGGl9H cf.tlvaeJ 9^^^I lev 

• • • • • • 

fillsxnoD 10 T3ja2xri5x» jaegffj/OY .noelsK sliJrvs/^nsM BilsmcO (065) 
Y^M T^mocT a^w, (des)noeleW tsj-eq; ndoTj hnB(nca CsPt)©IX±vsbn£;M 

,d-i9:Il9W .iv,8 ,V9H Yd tl^i8lsB£,,Q,G^t^bsJBLls^J asinojiT .V9H Ycf 
,2[-ioY W9PI,9iBqce5[rfstfo«T :t-Ji,Blw9iT nd.hL9S xtts^ oi 

•'S.3V.)i3-2i'is^ ri.t9cf£5slia "io tsMsjjBi) xJf«o«ncafLrfo'G ;t*Biq y'I-b?''^ (186) 

,6681 vtsisn^T. ^LfCiiocf a£W, ( V'SS) )noanrfoT. .5 rrrfoT. ,V9R hnB(nca 

i9crraso9Cr Gj^siTi^rxij^Iioy w9PI,vd-nuoO aaer{ocf0CI,2looH fcgH leqqU J-s 

:9i;8al .noaf)x;H-no-IIr:ia3i99<I d-B,nod-gnltrufH Y^n^jR^ ocf,eG8I 

,0091 ^9c^r■f^o9a 5 niocr,ftOvfsfci>tnj!jH rfcfgcT^siia: SCV 

-l9T'I)i63f-tB7 rid-ed^siia -lo no s xlno ,nosc:doZ noelgTI rajslIIlW (286) 
,6881 iscTiced-qeS 6g,mocr a^w, (Ves)no8nrfol- .-0 nrtoT. ,v9fl bnsinca 
, vesi fii ,I>9i*nan;3£toY W9M,\:^nx/oO aa9XlOC^JJC^,2IooH fc9fl igqqU J-£ 

cswaal ,OOGX dotsU Vg JbeitjnsXlA b^oXiI v-t^M 

.8P8X VSMJL doi£ll cix n-iocf ,noam;.oL ncaXsT^ ttifiilXiW f^SV 

,6981 Y-sM r:i mocf ,n0 8fijCfoT, nellA nrtA 66V 

f)fT5(noaX9TOnnA 9nj3T. to -i9*fIsuB£) j-aghXe, tsgnfiWa noXXS YiJ3?'i (£86) 
.V9R Ycf|i>9-tT^BrrijS£8X tgcfmsvoK SX mod, (f.0E)n[9r:,KBix) .'•t y^vibH 
asXijsriO o:f,7{^oY w9W,v>tm;oD xaaaa, 9.riiTG9V9?I '*:o,xodf:f^I nrioT. 

: sua 8 1 ,a9niA iinsH 
aeaniei/cf nl ,X63I T[9crm909<I 8 ntocf ^aamA noalgPt aaraoriT dC'V 

,sinsvXyanns'T,9iXxv8JLr;J'iT ni 


797 Prancis Ames, 'born 28 July 1853;died,3 January 1891, 

^ in WiliceD Barre, Pennsylvania. <^>^«v 

798. Georgianna Buckham Ames, born 20 ITay 1356, " j^^mH^h, 

7 99 Frederick Ames, born 28 December 1861. 

(584) John James Granger , eldest son of Jane Ann (Nelson) and Har- 
vey F. Granger ( 303) ; married Elizabeth Lieks.of Canidagua, 
New York, and died in Troy ,New York, date unknown. 

(585) Jane Adelaide Granger , second daughter of Jane Ann(Nelson) 
and Harvey F. Granger ( 303 ), was born, 31 December 1837, at Keys- 
ville.Nev/ York;married,28 May 1856, Nathaniel Garland Sawyer, 
and died, 11 January 1868, at Oakland, California, where she is 
buried, Nathaniel Garland Sawyer was born 6 October 1327; 
died, in March 1870, in San Francisco, California, Issue: 

800 Charles Henri Sawyer, born 3 October 1857, 

801 Jane Elizabeth Sawyer, born 5 December 1859. Resides 
in Derby, Connecticut, 

^ • — * .^T^^. * ^ * -mm 
• • X • • 

(586) Harvey Granger, youngest son of Jane Ann(Nelson)and Harvey 
]F. Granger(303) jwas born, 12 May 1340, at Keyesville,New York; 
married, in I862(exact date not knovm) ,Lois Drysdale;died, 19 
December 1692, at St. Augustine, Florida. His widow, Lois, died 
26 October 1894, at St, Augustine. Issue: 

802 Edward Hopkins Granger, born 28 March 1865, 

803 Harvey Granger, born 15 August 1867, 

804 Maria Blanche Granger, born 8 December 1870, - 


- .SCSI y-bM OS nioe^asraA ra^iiJtoi/S annfiigTosO 8GV 
,1661 ^6c^Ifl^o^^■ 82 mocr,a9iiiA if-olteLs^T 66 V 

■•ijbH f)nB(noal9lil)nfrA srbT, lo noa d-a9bl8,iQ8nBi£ eein^li adoX. (^dfi) 
,s.ygBi)inj50 lo,a2i9iJ dcfscffisxlS JDei-n^n:; (£OC)Tssn£nD ,1 ^©'^ 
.fiwonilnjj 9:ffi/5,2i*toY well, y^^^T nx £)9xf) i)nj8,2lioY v/gW 

(noal9T't)anA 9n.sTi lo i9^xlsu/5£> f)^oo9a,'xos^B^T) 9JdxbI9M gn^T. (68c) 

-aygS ;tj3, V58I T:9cfrn909C Ig^mocT a^w, (£0e)^9s^J3^^D ."H: •^cev^J8H £)nj::; 

',19ywb8 feni5l*i£f) Isln^iIctBW.seBX y-^M: 8S,f)9in*iBmj2iioY W9PI, sliir 

ai 9iia 9T9rfw,fiimolxlB'9,hn£l?i£0 :f*?<8d6I Yf-swnBl. II,ij9xi3 Lnjs 

; VgSI lecTo^oO S mod" bbw teyivBa fcnjBliBi) IflxnBrfd^asliJ ,l)9iiucr 

:9j;;8al .fixmolxlBO^ooaionjsil njs8 nx^OVSI doTeM nx,£i9i;t 

,V58X Tcgrfoct-oO 6 nfocf ,*ii9-v;WB8 x^^9.^ S9I^B£{0 008 

aeblasR .6681 ^9cfw909G e moo\'V9YWJ38 rld-gcrBSlXIH: 9nB"G 108 


YOV'iBix i3nB(noal9K)nnA snaX lo noa d-a9snjjoYti9sffBiT) \;&v^fiK (885) 
;3i^oY w9K,9XIxva9Y9:H Jr;,OivSX ^-sJ^ SX.mocT aew, (£0e)i9snBif. .1 
6X ,l)exX';9Xiji)8\;*tC exoJ, (nwon?I d-on sJ-Bb jobx9)S66X ni ,i)9l"t-£jf3m 
i)9iIj,2ioJ,woiiiw aXH ,£f)x^oX'iI,9ruJEJJ3JJA .j8 o£,S68X *i9crm909Cr 

:9iJBaI .enxd-eir^^t/A ,i^2 3-b,:^68X TgcTo^toO 6S 

.eaSX r{o^BM 8£ ^*T0c!•,^9g^B1C Bniy[(To7T fci£V/£.?[ SC8 

,938X ^ax/^jjA ex mocT, tssHBiw ysvibII 608 

- .0V8X tacrmooaa 8 mocf,^9^^B^D srionBXa BitsM f^08 


(587) Julia Nelson, only daughter of John Peter Nelson (304) by 
his wife, Julia Ann Keyes,was born 10 July 1340, at New Orleans 
Louisana;married Greorge Wetinore Colles. She resides in Mor- 
ristown,}Tew Jersey. Issue: 

805 Gertrude Colles, 'born 20 August 1869. 

806 George W. Colles, horn 16 February 1871. 

807 Julia Nelson Colles, born 3 August 1876;died 24 ITay 
1902, at New York City. 

• ••• • • 

(589) Nelson P Lewis, eldest son of Christena Jane(Melson) and 

John Neher Lev/is ( (310) ,y/as born,l February, at Upper Red Hook, 

Dutchess County, New York;niarried,21 October 1885, by the Rev. 
Dr. Scudder,to Minnie Ross MacLean,at Great Barringt on, Mass- 
achusetts. Issue: 

808 Margaret Lewis, born 10 August 13S3, 

809 Harold MacLean Lewis, born 8 August 1889. 

• • • 

(590) Henry Dodge Lewis, second son of Christena (Nelson) and 
John Neher Lewis(310) ,wa3 born, 21 October 1861; married, 10 
November 1885, by Rev. Dr. Huntington, to Elizabeth Bowen,in 
Grace Church, New York City, Issue: 

810 Mary Elizabeth Lewis, born 7 November 1886 

811 Kirtley Bowen Lewis, born 20 November 1887. 

812 Virginia Lewis, born 31 May 1892, 

813 Jane Nelson Lewis, born 23 February 1900. 

(591) :iary Elizabeth Lewis, only daughter of Christena Jane(Nel- 
3on)and John Neher Lewis ( 310) , was born, 14 January 1867, at 
Upper Red Hook, Dutchess County, New York; married, 11 September 
1890, by Rev. Dr. Fairbaiem,to Rev. Francis Banks \7hitcomb, 
at Annandale,New York. Issue; 

102 #W 

Ycf (^0C)noel9l'[ is:fs1 ndoT, to leiii^uBb \:Ino,noal9TI sUl'Z (TSe) 
a^J39I^0 wsM vtB,Oi^&I yIuI. Olmocf 8£5W,a8\;eS nnA Bi:Iu"0,9liw aid 
-lolt ni a9f)ie9T adS .asIXoO siomoSW esnoa^ i)9iiiBiTt;Bn£8XJjoJ 

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,Y*iD >IioY W9T1 ;tB,S0GX 

•■^•^••-•■-•»* ••.- 

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-,:IooH bail igqqll .tjB^y-tBjj-icra'J X,niocr aisw, (OXS) )3iv/9J igrisM nrioT, 

.V9H erfJ-. Yrf,e88X istfo^toO XSjiiai-niBrrrji-joY w9WjY*nuoO aa9rioJ-jjCr 

-aasli, CIO li-galtiBE iBQii) iB,nB9JoBM pihoH glnniM o;J ,i6i)I>uo<? ,t(J. 

tgjjaal .ad-Jseuiiofi 

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OXjbei-xismiXSSX iscfocfoO XStntocf 8i5W, (0X£)aiw9vT ted9¥. ndoJ, 
nl,n9Woa ricfgcTBsiXH: o*,no:fsrfi^ni;H .^G .vgH vcr,e88X -t9crfli9voW 

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.OOGX v-xawidal S?; niocf,8xw9iI noaXsK gnsT. SX8 

•-.•»• _*»-*»^"».*»« 

-X9K)9nBl en9*alTJiO to le&ii^iSBb vXno,aiv'9>I rI*9cf£sXX!H: y"£-s^' (Xee) 

d-s,Va8X v-xiJxjnfiT, f^X,n-cocf- 8j3v;, (0X£)eiw9J i9xl9K ruioT. fjnsCnca 

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:9iJa3l .2ltoY v.'9T/[,9Xshni3nnA is 

William Rockhill Nelson, proprietor and editor in chief of 
the Kansas City Star and Kansas City Times ;horn at Fort Wayne, 
Indiana, March 7 1841; educated at Notra-Darce University, Indiana; 
married, 29 November 1881 , Ida, daughter of Rohert Houston, Poun- 
der of the Nelson Art Trail ery .Kansas City. Residence: Oak-Hall. 
Office: Grand Avenue, corner 11th St., Kansas City, Mo. 

Ycr(^0£)noel9T'[ tsjsT nifoT. to ieid'^,ijBb \:Ino,nosf9Tf &ilL'Z (V8e) 
"B, 01^81 yIuI. 01 rrtocT a£W,a9y9>I nrcA Bili;t,9l.n«;' aid 
-noli rji asfcieeT silP. .a3.rXoO siomosW sstost'^ bf^ttiBsriiBnaaiuoJ. 

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-,^ooH £>9H leqqli ^jB.YiBUicTs'I I,n-£Ocr a-GW, (OIS) )5i:w9J tgrisK nrioT. 

,V9J1 srfJ-. vff.eSSI iscfoioO IS,I)9i'nBJTrj5[toy w9W,-^*mfoO aagxfod-jjCT 

,YJ^^ a^8nfi^,.;t8 dtil i9moo,9un9vA f)^B^S:9ox•^tO 

bn£(noBl9lil)9nB'G Bned-altilD Jo noa bnooge ,aiw9il 9s£>oa yi^sH (065) 
Ol^bsi-iiamilb&l lacfCvtoO I§,niocr a.sw, (0I£)2iv.'9J tedeVL nxloL 
nl,n9W09: rlcfgcfBsIIIFt od-jnoJ-snl^^nuH .id .V9£ Ycr,68BI igcfinsvoK 

:ewBaI ,xiHO 3(ioY wgW^doii/riO 90J8ix) 

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,V88I nscffiisvo^I OS mocf,3XW9J nswoS yeld-ixX 118 

.SG8I Y^^ -^^ n-£0cr,8xw9J jB/rtlsiiV SI8 

.OOGI vtstrtcfgl £Smocf,8J:w9J noalgK sriBl. £18 

-l9T^)9n£t jsngJ-axTrfO 1o T9*xisjJBf> yIno,axw©J rlct 9 cf ssilSf y'^-S-' (166) 

is^V'd&L x'^siisasT. f^I,n-iocf- aew, (0I£)exvv9J -igrlsPl nxioX. bnB(nca 

iscfmgJ-qgS II,i)9lTiJ3inj2lioY W9K,Y*nuoO ae9rIo.Tjja,>LGoH bsH isqqU 

,cfrrtoodxrf\V e^inj^S axo^B^'il ,v9a oi',nisJtBd'ilB'T ,^G■ .vsfl ycf,0G8l 

:9iraal .iioY w9T/[,9lB£>nBnnA .ts 


814 Louise Jane Whit comb, born 21 September 1891, 

815 Francis Banks Whitcome, Jr. ,born 22 January 1897;died. 
5 November 1897, 

(592) John Neher Lewis, Jr. , youngest son of Christena Jane(Nel- 

3on)and John Neher Lewis ( 310) , was born, 19 January 1869, at 

Upper Red Hook, Dutchess County, Nev/ York; married, In June 1894; 

by Right Rev. Henry C. Potter, to J^Iary Newele Stone, in St. 

George's Church, ?Iew York City. Issue: 

816 •«" V 

Tv;in daughters , born 31 Vb.v 1397, both deceased. 

(595) William Rockhill Nelson, eldest son of Isaac DeGroff(Nel- 
son)and Elizabeth(Rockiiill)Nel3on(314) ,was born, 7 JIarch 1841, 
at Port Wayne, Indiana; married, 2 9 November 1881, to Ida, daught- 
er of Robert and Eli2a(Pierce)Houston,at Chicago, Illinois, 

818 Laura Nelsono 

• ••••• 

(597) Madeline Wyman Nelson, eldest daughter of Henry Loomis(Nel- 
3on)and Ida Frances(Wyman)Nelson(317) ;married James M. V7il- 
liams,an officer in the United States Array, and has one child: 

819 Melville Egleston Williams. 

• • • 

(627) Martha Ann Howard, second daughter of Sarah Maria(Nelson) 
and Stephen Howard(335) ,was born in 1842, at South Danby,New 
York;married Amasa Geiimay,of South Danby,and died, 18 May 
1889. Issue: 

820 Nelson Geuraay. 

821 Ivy Geumay, 


,LQ8i ie(Smeiqea IS mocr,tfmoovti£Prf sn.a'G saJcuoJ ^LQ 
£»9xl>; VG8I x'i'SJjn^T. S2 mod", ,iL, 9faoo:Mif'/ BjinBtl aionfii^ 618 

.Vetil -isrfxrrsvoll 6 

• ^. • • , 

-l9TI)9nB"I^ Bnsd'aiixiD lo nos ta9snjJ0Y, .iX>iaji;w9iI igrlsPT nrioT, (SP6) 
^•£,6681 -vji^unsT, 61, mod ajsw, (0IS)aJ:w9J laxlaH ndol hnsinoB 
j*G8I snuL cI<l>9i:Tl--5m;3l^oY W9Ta;,'\jd-m;oD 8a9iiocfufl,iooH £i9H isqqU 
,;>-8 nx,9noJ-3 9l9W9Ti -vti^jI c;^,-x9^J-o*T .0 -^iri9H ,v9H cfrts-^^ Y^^ 

:9jjaal .vd-iO ifoY w9Tl,rfoixjxiO a'9sT09T? 


,l)S8£3£>9Jb xicfod", VG8I vfilif 15 mocf, ais^ifsi/Bb nxwT 


.r^TrH'>o''.'^'=^fr r^s^al ^o no« .+ 89^X9, ncalsl^ .riirf:ioofl mi5l.CIlW (5Ge) 
,Xi^6i xio~JsM ^V,n,'io4; s.ew, (^X£)noBX9lI(IIlii2too>i)xfcf9cfi5siXy: £>ni3(noa 
-fzi2!JBbi£bl od-,X86X -£9dffl9voT't 92,£>^ jsaeifcnl , griYcV; :^^o'T ts 
,aXonJ:XXI,os'jBoixfO iB,floi'ai;oH'(9o"t9ig:)BslXa fenfi J-rscfoH^o is 

,noaX9TiI ^ti/Skl 8X& 

-l9TI)aijBOoJ xiasTl Tto i9d-xisi/J3J3 Ja9l)X9,n:oeX9TiI n.ara\:W 9niX9l)jBrC (VGe) 

-XiW .M asxTisL bsitiiixn; (VX6)noaX9H(n£Di^jW)a9onj3i'»[ ebJ JbnB(r:ce 9no as£i hnso^vmtA. as&si:^?, beSinU szii nx tooifio nB,errxxX 

.afoelXXxW no^asXga gXXxvXal. GX8 

(noaX9Tl)£iifiM xiBisP *to'QVBb bnoosa ^btevfoY. nnA *^iid"i£M (TSa) 
w9lI,-sid'nBa diisoP. Jfi,iiJ>bX nx- mod" a^sw, (c££)fctBWoH nariqscfS bns 
y.jbH 6X,i)9xb bn£,Ytfnsa d&uo3 to ^xsmisex! siBBstA b&Jiiismi^toY 

tguaal .G88X 

,v£fri;j9i) ncElsH 0S8 

,V£rruJ6D \7vl XS8 


(628) Mandana Jane Howard, youngest daughter of Sarah Maria(Nel- 
son)and Stephen Howard ( 37j5) , was born 31 October 1843, at South 
Danby,New York ; married, 29 'XiigUSt 1865, Herman Ostrander,of 
Dryden,New York. Mr. Ostrander was born 12 May 1840, Issue: 

822 Violet Etoi Ostrander , born 4 March 1867, 

823 Wellington Howard Ostrander , born 9 November 1868. 

824 Howard Walter Ostrander , born 11 August 1873;died 14 
May 1874, 

825 Floyd F. Ostrander , born 11 October 1874. 

826 Ella Nora Ostrander , born 13 February 1877, 

827 Sarah Amanda Ostrander , born 16 September 1879, 

828 Jfery Eloeen Ostrander , born 19 May 1885. 

(631) Belphena Izora Snyder, only daughter of Anna Maria(Nel5on) 

and V/iliiam S, Snyder(337) , she v/as born at Dryden,New York, 

and educated in the public schools of her native town, and at 

the Ithica Academy where she graduated. She married George 

Small, an Englishman, who is a lumberman and mill-owner , Ithica, 

New York. Issue: 


Two sons . 

831 A daughter, 

• ^^•« • •■-•■_ 

• ••••• 

(632) V/allace Jay Wilcox, eldest son of Harriett Amanda(Nelson) 
and Seth Wilcox(338) ,was born, 5 December 1854, a.t Ithica, New 
York; graduated from Cornell University, Ithica, New York. In 
1899, he was appointed Superintendant of motive power and ma- 
chinery of the Ohio River and Charleston Railway, at Blacks- 
burg, South Carolina;married, Eliza, daughter of Joseph and 
Jane Cox, of New Castle .Pennsylvania. Issue: 


lo,^9b^J3t :meH,e68I :^3WS•uA P2,bei*n£nT;:{ioY w9pr,ycrnB(I 

tsuaal ,0^81 ^bM SI mocf asiw TS-fcnjsi^tsO .i?l .2I10Y w9K,^9f)\;^CI 

,?a8I rfoieM f^ mocf, -£9l>rLa'td-aO iom SelotY gS8 

.8581 T9cfm9voTt e niocf,i9f)as*id-aO btswoH no.+grrxIIgW £S8 

^1 beibi^VSL &8u:QiJA il mocf,i9bnB-t.+aO is^LbW biJSWoK I^SS 

.i'VSI t9ffoi?o0 JI mocr,'t9l)ffJ3^c^aO .I bTcoIl eS8 

.vrsr ^^^£^;^(;f9'g: gx mocf.tgbnB-^^ '(^ •^-•^T^ sim 8S8 

,ev3I 'iscfflia^qsS 91 mocr,-t9i3n/3id-aO sbnamA rLsifiS VS8 

,6881 Y^M ex mocf^isbnBt^aO nggoia y'^sM 8S8 

Cno6ls¥)fil-t;3M ^s^rtA "io taSd'i^BbxLno^'iQbxaSi J3^osI BngxiqXeCE (XSS) 

^:A•ioY: •9r^'VL^^t^hxt(^ ^b mocf aBW 9i£b, ('TESOisbYrrS .8 rrtslXXiW bits 

Is bnj3, nwoJ- QYl&sn^Bd. to aXoorios oxXrfjjq Q£:f nx ba&BOisbB brts 

9S^o^x) beiiiBia 9r{3 .beisab&'i'g 9.ds gtsrfw ■v;r[i9f>-soA Bolild-I 9xfd- 

,£oxr[j-I ,^9^wo-XXim bns nsrat9cfrauX s ax or{w,rfjaini{aXXgn!H! ffB,XXj8m8 

:9Jja8l .jIioY waW 

.^9d•x^SXfab A X£8 

-«■•>«• •«• — • —• —*•- 

(noBX9T>l)jsbnBraA J•c^9X^^BH ^-o noa i+a9bXB,xooXiW •^^'t gojsXXsW (S£9) 

v/9PI,j3oJ:rfd^I c^B,f'5aX lecfmsosQ a,ntocf afiw,, (8£S)xooXXW r[;t9S bns 

nl .2£ioY w9TI^Boirid'I»Y*-CB"£9VxnU XXerrtoO ittoTi b9tj3i;bB*iri;2fToY 

-£01 bHB isxvoq ©vi^otn to iaBbneinliaciisS beJ-nxoqqs R^r?.' 9ri, GGSX 

-ejIofiXa J-BiY-swXxjsH. no&aaLiBd'C) bnB ^9vlH oxriO adi to yigfiXilc 

bnjB rrqgeoX Tto,BsJ:Xa,b9iTiaixa;BaxXo-i£iO iiJ-jjo8,3tJjrf 


832 Henrietta A. Wilcox, born 10 March 1889, at Allegheny- 
City, Pennsylvania, 

833 Genevieve "^R'allace Wilcox, torn 10 May 1891, at Charles- 
ton, South Carolina, 

634 A Daughter , horn 26 April 1898, at Blackshurg, South Car] 

•, - ■ • •. ■iW 

(623) Frank Nelson Wilcox, second son of Harriett Amanda (Nelson) , 
and Seth Wilcox(338) ,was horn, 11 liay 1856, at Ithica.New York; 
graduated from the school of Architecture, Cornell University; 
and is an Architect in New Orleg.ns,Louisana. He i-'!arried,2 
April 1879, at Kansas City, Missouri, Clementia Hohart, widow of 
I>r. Osggod,of New York City. She vTas horn in Maine, Issue: 

835 Edgar Prank Deming Wilcox, horn 11 January 1880, at 
Guilford, Maine, 

836 Florence Isabella y/ilcox,horn 30 March 1884, in New 
York City. 

837 Frank Nelson Wilcox, horn 24 August 1887, at Macon ,Ga. 

— •-. •—••.••.•. 

(634) Fred Elmer Wilcox, youngest son of Harriett Amanda (Nelson) 
and Seth Wilcox(338) ,was horn, 16 April 1862, at Ithica,New 
York; prepared for College at the public schools of his na- 
tive town, studied Ai*6hitecture at Cornell University, from 
which he graduated * He was Chief Engineer of public build- 
ings in Nev/ York City during Kayor Strong's administration. 
He was later associated with McElfatricks,but at this time 
runs an independant office of his own, at 186 Worth Street. 

• ••••• 

(636) Orrin Dearborn Nelson, eldest son of Samuel and Rhoda Jane 
(Dearborn)Nelson(339) ,was born, 28 July 1854, at South Danby, 
New York;v/as educated in the common schools of his native 

(noal9l'I)>ef)nBniA .t'.+ alTiBH to noa hrtooeajXonllW noalsTt :i^.'3^'^ (££d) 

; ' ' ■" '',£oixfd"I Jj3,dcbi ^^^-i II, mod £^:w, (cscc)>:poxx"' njac; doe 

IX&ia-iQvinU LlantoO^a'ajioeildoik 1o loodoa exiJ^ moYl bs^iii/ii^'xs 

S,i)9.i:^^Bl'!I eH .BnBaiiJoJ,3n.39liO v/8K ni v*•o9.tx^fo^A n£ al i)nB 

to woi5xw, ji£cfoE j3ijn9m9lO,itijo82xM,-^jJ:0 asan^sZ d-j3,eV8I IliqA 

rswaal .enxsH nx mocf e^w 9x{3 .^^lO 3ltoY weT^ "io^feo^BaO .id 

^■5,0881 \;iBunB"G II mocf,xooIxW gnxnisn: :>InBi1 ^Bsf)a 558 

v.'sK f5x,i'88X xiotfiM OS n-iOcf,xooirir sIIscfBal apnstoX'J 6£8 


, nooBM i^jVgSj; *eJ;;S^A 't^S a^iocf^xooIiW noalaU 2I^B^''I ?£8 

(no8l9Tf)Bl)nBraA d'c+sxtiBE lo noa J-a9sniJOY,xooIxW 'X9iraI3 hBil (^£6) 

wsWjBOXxid-I ct-j3,S03I Ix*iqA QI,mocf asw, (8££)xooIxW iiJsB I)ns 

-Bn axil lo aloodoa oIIcTuq edi &b aasIIoO lo'l b9tB>i9'iq;:ItoY 

xno'i'i,Y'-''"-t8i9vxnU Il9moO J-b 9iJjJ'09d'xno'xA .baxi)JJC^e.^^woJ■ 9vx;t 

-blxucf oxlcfuq to -iggnxgna .laxxIO. ;aBW 9H .beiBubst^ 3d rfoiriw 

.aoi&.sii.alnimhB a'gnoi^S -iO-^sH ^nltsjb \;d-xD iToY wsW; nx agni 

Sffixc*- axxid^ jB d-wi:r,a3iox"t.tBliaoI'I dilv/ baiBiooaas i9J-.eI bbw 9H 

. 991^3 di'i.o^ 681 J-£,nwo axri to 9oxtto tnabnoqebnl as anut 

to>*»**«>*M.* ■.-••- 

sn^X al)0£[E hna IbsjoibS to noa cJ-a9l)l9,noal9T'I n-iodiBed ^x^^0 (d£6) 
jYcTn^fT r{;tJJ08 ^a,i^dai vIuTi 8S,ntocf bjsw, (eo£)noal9lI(ntocrTB9(l) axcf to aloorloe nominoo axiJ- nx beiaouba a-awiirfioY wslil 


town, and later graduated from the Ithica Academy. He was en- 
gaged In the Gas Business for several years with his uncle, 
Robert Dougherty, at Parker City , Pennsylvania. He subsequent- 
ly went to Pittsburg, Pennsylvania, and finallj'- engaged in 
business near Philadelphia, Ohio, with a Mr. Smith, whose daugh- 
ter, Hannah, he married in March lvH82, He lived with her but a 
short time, when he obtained a divource and went to Riverside, 
Chicago, Illinois, where he is engaged in plumbing and Gas fit- 
ting. He married, 19 December 1895, Minnie Hill, of Chicago, 
Illinois. Issue: 
838 Edward Samuel Nelson, born in I"ebruary 1899. 

(637) Garaphelia Arabella^SiODi Nelson, second daughter of Sam- 
uel and Rhoda Jane (Dearborn)Nelson( 339) , was born, 11 January 
1858, at South Danby,New York;educated in the public schools 
of her native town and at the Ithica Academy; married, 20 
March 1895, George F. Todd, of Ithica, New York. Issue: 
839 Judson Nelson Todd, born PA July 1897. 

(638) Clarence Elmer Nelson, second son of Samuel and Rhoda Hane 
(Dearborn)Nelson(339) ,was born, 18 June 1859, at South Danbj^-, 
New York; married, first, Etta Manley; married, secondly, , in 
*April 1885, Dora Vose. Issue: 

840 Byron Nelson, born 20 June 1892, 

841 Flossie Nelson, born in April 1894. 

• • • 

(639) TTinnie Louise Nelson, third daughter of gamuel and Rhoda 
ojane(Dearborn)Nelson(339) ,was born in 1860, at South Danby, 
Few York; was educated in the public schools of her native 

\j\JC* tVi. 

,sIonjj : iw atfiev lBi9ve& toI aasnieua 3Bt) art J- at Jbagss 

rii fcegagns Y-t-C-B«-i^ /)^B,Bj:^svIYa^^99L,3^ud■ej•:tl*I o.t J-nsw xl 

-rfax/sfo saorfw^rfcffraB ,*iM •« ri*i:w,oJ:riO,aJ:riql9ftfiIi:r£1 inen aasnxawd" 

rlw f)9vil eH ,26'8I ritnfeit ni bsitism 9r{,rLsrfn.3H,-t9c^ 

,9f)iaT[9viJI OS Snevf tirrjs 90^JL;ovib i5 hgni-Q.trfo ed n9riw,9mx;?' itod?. 

-&i'i asO hciB gnicTnujIq ni fjsgjs^fLS ex 9ri 9i9rfw,ej':ofiJ:III,O3i5oJ:d[0 

<0SB0lxfD "io^IIlH e±nni:M,dG8I locfrrraooa QL^betttBm sE ,-gati 

:ejjaal .aionilll 
.eeai v^BJJ1d■91 nx niocf,noBl9Ti: l9JjmB8 b^^vrbS. 8£8 

^i^BW^BL LL ^[tiod bbw, (GS£)noal9Tl(mocr*iJ39Cl)9fi£X Bborifl fons Lsu 

aloofioB pxicfjjq 9r(c)' rtl be*jaoub3\:^ioY vrs'K^xdn£(I rf.tjjo8 jj3,8&81 

0R,£i9XTiBm j\;ra9£»£0A Bolxf:tI 9i{:t ^s i)n.s nwoJ- avx^Bn Tsd lo 

rgi/ael ^-^toY 1^fB¥.^Bolsitl to^bboT ,\ 951090,6681 xioijaM 

.veai vIuX i^S niocf,bi)oT noal9liI nosbuZ 658 

9nfiB sbOxiH fcn£ I9i;flii58 lo no a fcnooea,noal9Tr temlH 9orr9tBlO (8S6) 
j-'^cfftisa: ri:tuoa J-B,Ge8I ettuJ. 8I,mocf a^w, (6£S)noal9ll(moo'ii59(T) 
nx , jYXbnoo9a,Jl)9lt"iBra: ;v9laeM j3d-;)-a,;)-aixT,l)9.ttt£m I'sh.oY wgK 

rsuaal .saoV j8"io'T,e83I IxicjA 

.SG6I 9rtj;jT, OS ctiocf ,noel9H notxS Oil's 

.i'GSI LiiqA. nl n"iocr,noal9K 9iaaoI'5: L^Q 

jsLoifK bns LsutoB^ lo isid'^UBb biidi ^noaleM salwoJ ajtnnill (G£9) 
j-^crn.QQ dtuoS SBfOdSL nl cnod sbw, (G?:o)noal9T?(fnocrxe9Cr)enBL 
wlSBn led I0 aloGdoe ollcfwq sdS ctl b9&B0SJb& asw-ilioY W9TT 


town, and at the Ithica Academy. She married, as second v/ife, 
2 January 1B90, William J.!/icNauly,of Chicago, Illinois. Issue: 

842 A Son. 

843 A Son. 

(640) Emily Felson, fourth daughter of Samuel and Rhoda Jane 
(Dear"born)Nel3on(339) ,was born.l April 1862, at South Danby, 
New York; married, in September 1881, Benjamin Jennings, Issue: 

844 Orrin Kelson Jennings , born in November 1885, 

845 Rhoda Abigail Jennings, born 17 November 1889. 

846 Elfelda Jennings, born 4 September 1892. 

(642) Cora Belle Nelson, youngest daughter of Samuel &,nd Rhoda 
Jane(Dearborn)Nelson(339) .was born on the farm at South Danby 
New York; married, as first v/ife , William J. ITcNauly,of Chica- 
go, Illinois ;died 2 April 1889, 

(649) Will iajn Charles Watson, only ton of Harriet (Nelson) and Oli- 
ver Watson(341) ,born 16 April 1858;raarried,22 March 1878, 
Alice Vanduveer. He is a carpenter , Waver ly, New York. Issue: 

647 Edith Watson 

648 J/Iary Watson 

649 Frederick H. V/atson. 

650 iluth Watson, 

(650) Charles Henry Nelson, eldest son of Caleb and Julia (Br iggs) 
Nelson(342) ,born in 1848, probably at Owego.New York;married, 
in 1877, Edith Scott. Issue: 

851 Lulu Nelson, born in ilay 1879, 

852 Leon Nelson, born in 1881, 


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-BOXiiO Io^yXubMoM .L fli3xIIiW,9txw j-giii e^,l)9XTiBra;2[ipY wsW 

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,8V8I xio^BM SSj^gl-nBTTjaeSl: Ij:^qA ai atod^ (l^e)noBisW -tsv 
:9ijaal .^IioY w9K,vI^9VBW,^9:;■^9q^B0 b ai sH .TsavjjLnsV 9oxIA 

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• • • • • • 

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,l)9iTiBm;2l*ioY W9H,039WO J-b YlcfBcfoiq, 8*^81 ni mocf, (2f^£)noal9T'I 

:9wael .:^too^ i{d-xf)a,T\''8X ni 

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.X8aX iix ftiocf.noeXaTl no9tI 268 


(651) Frederick Douglas Nelson, youngest son of Calet and -Julia 
(Briggs)Nelson(342) jWas born, in 1857 jprohablj' at Owego.New 
York. He is a raerchant,at Elniira,lTew York; married, in 1884, 
Lizzie Palner, Issue: 
653 Julia Nelson, "born in 1886, 

(652) Isaac Elmer Nelson, dentist ,^"/averly, New York, only son of 
James J. Nelson(343)'by his first v/ife, Abigail Jennings ;mar- 
riedjin April 1880, Soprano Tracy, 

■■••-•— •-•••■•■-•■. ••* 

(653) Burt Everett Nels on, druggist ,Bingiiampton, New York, only 
son of James J, Nelson(343)by his v/ife,Frankie P Watson; 
married 13 September 1893, Ida Northrup, 

(657) David Nelson Halcourt, merchant, Chicago, Illinois, only son 
of Polly l.'i;.(Nelson(and William Halcourt(345) ,born in 1846; 
married Alice . Issue, 

854 Burt Halcourt, born in 1880, 

855 Hattie Halcourt , born in 1883, 

856 Fred. Halcourt , born in 1888. 

• • • • « • 

(658) Myson H, Nelson, railway conductor, Waverlj^", New York, only 
son of Phineasand Panny(Sp8-ulding)Nelson(346) ,born 12 July 
1857 ;r>iarried, in 1880, Jennie Purdy. Issues 

857 Burnard H. Nelson, born in 1881, 

858 Fanny Nelson, born in 1883, 

• ••••• 

(678) Philip Sims Warren, youngest son of ZKXK William John War- 
ren(400)by his wife,Edwardina Simms,was born, 2 January 1875, 
in Washington, D. C, , to Maud Loretta Roach. Issue: 

859 Virginia Georgiana Warren, born 15 March 1901. 


QtLsjJj bciB cfsXfiO lo noa i-aagni/OYjnoalsM c.algijoCT ^loiiabsi^. (166) 

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-ifim; agjixnagt Ix^gicTA.etiw ^etxx axrf Ycf(£^5)noal9W. ,T, asBiBti 

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jnoaJ-^V/ ? 9J:i[nBn'3!,9lxw alri ■v;cr(S^£)«oal9'i^ ."G asuifil. lo noa 

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;a*8X ni mocf, (6i>£)dT:uooXBH mBtLliW fcnB)noaX9il) ,?' acXXo^T Io 

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•^XuT. 2X mocT, (8^£)noaX9TI(§nxbXjJBqo)Ynnj3'^ tn^aBanxri*?' lo noa 

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,678X -yjtfiijnBT. S,niocf as7r,aMflx8 sniijxswba, glivir eid Yd (00^)n9t 
:9jjael .xIojboH sjd-etoil busll o& ^ ,0 ,41^no&^aidasi^ at 
.LOitl doisM 5X mocf,n9Tt£W Bn^xsiogD Bxnxstxy 658 


(682) John Augustus Roebling,only child of Einily(Warren) and W 
Washington Augustus Roebling(406) ,was born, 21 November 1867, 
at Milhausen Thuringen, Prussia ;married, 12 June 1889, Margaret 
Shippen, daughter of Edward Shippen Mcllvaine,by his wife 
Annie Bellville Hunt, born 31 August 1867. Issue: -born at 
Morris Plains, Nev; Jersey: 

860 Siegfried Roeblirg,born 29 December 1890. 

861 Paul Roebling,born 1 May 1893. 

End of Eighth Generation, 

W i)n£(na-n/j^)YXixca: "io blldo \;Xno,snxIcr9oH ssj^au^uA ndoT. (aes) 

,rd8I TauBiavoi'x i•J.^atoa ajaw, (a0^)snilcf90fl ewd-ausuA no^snixfaeVA 

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.seal ^jsM Imocr.gnllcfaoH Ijjb^ 168 

.«oicffi*x9a9S ricTrfgia "io fcna 

IT. 209 

K I N E T H;-(S-E-lf-S~R A T I N . 

(745) Richard Henry Nelson(Right Reverend) ,Co-adjutor Bishop of 
the Episcopal Church for the Diocease of Al^bani^-jNew York, 
youngest son of Edward I)ealvan( Nelson) and Susan Blanchard 
(Mcr)onald)Nelson(517) ,horn 10 November 1859;r)ia.rried,20 Jan- 
uary 1885, Harriet Schuyler .daughter of Smith "W, Anderson, hy 
his first wife, Kate Kneeland.horn 1862. She is a descendant 
of Edward and Samuel Puller of the Mayflower, Issue: 

862 Katherine Kneeland Nelson, "born 12 November 1885; 
died 18 October 1902. 

863 Richard MflDonald Nelson, born 6 January 1890, 

864 John Low Nelson, born 3 June 1895. 

• • • 

(750) Villiam Brownell Pox, Jr. , eldest son of Emily Platt(Ketch- 
am)and William Bro^vnell Pox, Esq. (533) , was born, 24 March 1873, 
in Brooklj'n,New York;m&,rried,by his uncle, Rev. Alonzo Ketch- 
am Parker ,D.T), , to Miss Edith Elizabeth Lyons, in Brooklyn, 
Mrs. Pox died 12 November 1900, Issue: 
865 William Brovmell Pox(lII) ,born 15 October 1897. 

(798) Georgianna Buckham Ames, only daughter of Mary Ellen(Grang- 
cr)and Charles Henri Ames( 583) , born 20 May 1858;married,l5 
October 1885, to Professor Willaim Hallock,of Columbia Uni- 
versity, Nev; York City. Issue: 

866 Eul^ Schultz Halleck 

■born 17 July 1886. Prancis died 

867 Prancis ^jnes Hallock . 3 October 1891. 

868 JosephidJi Hallock, born in. 1895, 


. II I T A a>-a-iii-3:-«-:ii t a k i ;t 


"io qodaxS toJ-x;(;)5j3-oOj (£)n3i;9Ye.i j-iigxn)ii0 3l3Ti ytnaH fl-i^noxii (6^T) 

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:ta6i)n9oa9i) ^ ax 9x18 .2881 mocf, ggrtS e&BJl^stt-r J■a^x'i axxi 

:9jj8al ,^9woXl:^^JsM'9,rid• lo tsIIxf'H: ^ajjnxBd xm^s f)iBwi)a[ to 

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,0Q8L -NTiBJjnBT. 6 n-iocr,noal9TI LIsnoaBM biBxIoxfl S68 
,e68I gfujTi S mocf,noal9PI woJ nrfoL i^as 

-r[o*9X);tJ-Bl1 Y-t-traS ^o noa cta9£il9, .-iT.,xo1 II9^wo^ff m.3xJ.Ii'7 (05?) 

,SV3X £[o^sM ^S,mocr asw, (Sf;5) ,paa,xof Il9OT/o'jff mslIXiW Lhb (raa 

-ifocfgS osnoXA ,v9£,9Xonjj axrf Ycf,L9j;^:^.Gra;:iI^oy vre'VL,[vri^ooiE nx 


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.vesx ^9crod•oO dX mod, (IlDxol XX9nwo-ia raBxXXxV/ 568 

-3n£'xS)n9XX!a: vibM lo •TC9dTl§w.Bl) YJ^fiO|a9*^ xnxjjlafouS BnaBi-g-^iosO (86T) 

6X,f)9x-nBflij868X y-sM OS n-iocf , (586)a9mA xtngH agXtenO bnaito 

"IriU sxcfnixjXoO lo,>iooXlBE mx^XXxW ^oa89to^<I od-,588X igdo^foO 

:9jjaal ,xiiO 2i^oY vf^K^\:^iet^v 

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.ie8X igdoJ-oO £ :looIIi:H ssr.ik axonstl V88 

^'' ^ .eeSX nx mocf,3{ooXXBH |fexd;q9ao'& 868 


(804) Maria Blanche Granger, only daughter of Harvey and Lois 
(Drysdale) Granger ( 586) , was bornjS DeceralDer 1870, at St, Augus- 
tine, Plorida;married, 19 January 1893, William Otis Boutwell, 
St,Augustine,Plorida. Issue: 
869 Harvey Granger Boutwell, born 18 December 1897. 

(822) Violet Etoi Ostrander, eldest daughter of Mandana Jane 
(Howard)and Hernan Ostrander ( 628) , was born, 4 March 1867, at 
Dryden,lTew York;married,2n May 1888, to Filliam S. McWorter, 
born 15 January 1861, Issue: 

870 Ethel S. McWorter , born 12 January 1890; died 8 Sep- 
tember 1893, 

871 Mabel Vassar McWorter , born 29 April 1891, 

(825) Floyd P. Ostrander , third son of ITandana Jane (Howard) and 
Hernan Ostrander(628) ,was born, 11 October 1874, at Dryden, 
New York;married Clara L. Bundy,born 4 March 1877. Issue: 

872 Prank Floyd Ostrander , born 6 January 1899, 

End of the 9th Generation. 

rlnh, odjiiiU^ (t. A*w C. iVU^U^i ra-^-^ti:-^ k^.^^;,*.G:c.^ ^' / 

I't/ JXt(_«v.v,^v^ nX<avh-t.>ca^ Ct^-t-tf^tiVi- XJLc^X'iAJ-^-iiJl (p-»<-^^«xi,*x»_ , •^-<^L-<,,_<_ 


^ ;^^..^..^,.^. ^^ ^^^/ c^^^^ .^^^-/^^ 

■aiJsuA.J-S cts,0T8I ^^cfmso9fI 8, mod" 3.3W, (685)^9g^B^0{9LQfcav;^cr) 
,Il9wd-uoa: alJ-0 niJ3iIIiV/,sS8I Y'iJBJjnsT, GI,b9J:'ni3«ij.eMToI'?,9nid- 

tsuRsI .i3f)inLOI1,9niJ-8U3JjA.:J-S 
,T63I T9cfia909C[ 81 n'jocTjIXswcfiJoa ^9s^J3^t) ^:;9v^BH 6S8 

SfljsL arusBa^M lo TtQ^iigyBi) j-29i)l9,t9Lnj3tJaO ioc^a ^gloxV (SS8) 
:^.s,V68I rtoiJoM ^,n'iocr asw, (8Sd)i9X)n5'-iJ-aO njsnnsH f>nB (i)ifiwoE) 
jisd-toWoM .8 fttsxIIiW od-,888X v;fiM SS,l)9i:Ti,sm;2fT0Y v/sl^,n9f5Y"fC 

tawaal ,1681 -^t^un-sT. 51 mod 
-q38 a i>eJ:;:.iOe<3X -^tsun^L C.L mocr,'t©:ttoW3?l .3 larftS 0T8 

,1681 li'iqA es mocf ,'i9:}toWoM isaesV Ierr^=TT XV3 

f)^£(£)^swoH)9^-3I. ^n^JsnBM lo, ana Jb^i;xic^,^9£)£ts•t.^'«e^ ,'5 £)\oI1 (528) 

<^9i)Y^a c^fi,i'V8I ^lacfo.+oO II, mocf saw, (8Sa)-t9l)aBid'eO ndpiigH 

re.tjaal .TV8I iIo-tJsM h moci,-^i3riwS .J. ^ibIO i)9x-n,srnji[ioY veT/r 

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