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i^rmbfjarti of 3laniaica. 

174-3. Aui:. P. Patent of naturalisation granted to John Xembhard of the 
p. of St. Mary, "an alien born." (Jamaica Deeds, Lib. 24, fo. 1.) The following 
is from a Patt-nt of George II. : — 

"lu oonsideraticu that D"' John Nembhard hath transported himself with hia 
servants and slaves into our said island " do grant unto him 300 acres in the p. of 
S' George bounded X. on Mathew Shutler, S. on John Jump (?), Jun'', E. on 
unsurveved land, W. on John Jump, J"', at the rent of 12s. 6d. and ^\ of the 
yearly profits of all base mines. Entered March 1758. Lib. 28, fo. 81. 

It is not known from which other colony the Doctor removed. It may have 
been the Dutch Island of St. Eustatius. He called his estate Koningsburgh. 
Search has been made at Konigsberg in East Prussia, but no trace found. 
Tradition points to a Dutch origin. 

John Nembhard of the p. of St. Mary, co. Middx., Jamaica, Esq. WiU dated 
19 Oct. 1775. My wife Ann £40 for mourning, plate, jewels, furniture, 2 horses, 
poultry, hogs, and sheep, and certain slaves (named). I recommend her to 
reside on my plantation called Eoningshurgh, and I give her £500 yearly in L'eu 
of dower. To my eldest dau. Ann Payton Edwards, now wife of Edward E., Esq., 
a mulatto woman, and £1200. To my other 3 daus. Leltice Hamilton, Eliz. Jane, 
and Charlotte Kose Xembhard the like sum at m. or 21. All residue to my 
friends the Hon. John Ellis, George Seaton, and Edward Foord, Esquires, and 
the Eev. Wra. WilUams, upon for my 4 sons John Frederick, Ballard 
Beckford, AVm. Edwards,* and Edward Lynch X., until my youngest son E. L. X". 
be 21 (all sons under 15). Trustees to be Ex'ors and Guardians. Proved 
24 April 1777 at Jamaica. 

Ann Xembhard of Beaumont Street, co. IMidds., widow. Will dated 15 Feb. 
1801. To my granddaus. Anna Hibbert and Letitia Hibbert, children of my 
dau. Letitia, wife of Eobert H. of Pains Hill, co. Surrey, £100 each. To my 
granddau. Letitia ^., dau. of my sou Ballard Beckford X'. of Kingston, Jamaica, 
£1000. All residue to my dau. Charlotte X., now residing with me, and in 
default of her issue to my sons B. B. X. and "\Vm. X'. of the p. of S' Mary, 
Jamaica. I appoint Robert Hibbert and Tho. Hibbert, the Y^ of Upper \Vim- 
pole Street, E«j., Ei'ors. Proved 5 Aug. 1806 by Eob. Hibbert, Esq.; p. r. 
to Tho, Hibbert, the Y^ Esq. (P.C.C, OGO, Pitt.) 

• Clerical error for Ellis. 



Arms. — Argent, a chevron Gules hetween three human hearts proper. 
Crest. — A dcmi-lamh yaJient, hearing over the dexter shoulder the holy banner 
of the cross, all proper. ^loTTo. — pax potior bello. 

Doctor John Xembhard of the= 
Koningsburgli estate, St. Mary'.s, 
Jiimaica, born IS July 1711; 
naturalized English S Au'"-. 17-lo ; 
died 2 March 1777. "Will made 
19 Oct. 1775; proved 24 April 
1777. Miniature of hiniselt and 

Anil Pevton Haaiilton, born 21 
Oct. 1737; mar. 3 Nov. 17.j3; 
removed from Jamaica to Lon- 
don about 1709 and lived in 
Br auinont Street, Marvleborie : 
died -lo Jnlv 1S06 ; Uir.'at Kiel.- 
nd, Surrey. Will (P.C.C, 

his wife owned by E. F. Hibbert, Pitt, (JGO) proved 5 Aug. ISOG. 

I I 

Mary Elizabeth, 
born S Feb. 
1755; died 1 
Aug. 1756. 

Mary Orgill, 
born 13 April 
1764 ; died 2 
Sept. 1773. 

John Frederick^ 
N embhard. bom 
1 Aug. 175S; 
Surgeon to the 
St. Ann's Militia 
in 1795 ; died 
29 Oct. 1797. 
A miniature of 
him owned by 
the Logan 

John Frederick: 
10 May 1796; 
Assist. Judge, 
Court of Com- 
mon Pleas for 
St. Ann's and 
1821; died 22 
Dec. 1827 at 
the Hermitage, 
St. Ann's, J., 
where he is bur. 
Will made 16 
April 1825; 
proved 22 Jan. 

See a., 

Sophia Anne Edwards, 
born 8 Feb. 1773; 
mar. 16 May 1793 in 
Jamaica; died 17 Sept. 
1822 in Paris. She 
mar. 2ndly William 
jNIilne, Esq., whom she 
survived. Small oil 
portrait of her owned 
by M. N. 

Ann Peyton, lorn 21 
April 1756; mar. 28 
Aug. 1771 Edward 
Edwards, Esq. (evi- 
dentlv died s.p. before 
Mav''l797) ; died 14 
July 1800 in En-land. 
Will (P.C.C. .Aber. 
crombie, oSS) made 
22 May 1797 on leav- 
ing Jamaica; proved 
in England 6 Feb. 

-Eleanor, dau. 


of William 


Parke, Esq., 


deceased ; 


mar. 20 Jan. 


1821 at the 




She mar. 


2ndlv, aK*o 


at the Her- 


mitage, 2S 


-Nov. 1836, 



Eose, Esq. 

Ballard Jaques IN'embhard,: 
34th Eegt. of Foot, born 
in Jamaica 7 Aug. 1789 ; 
at Eton School 1802—05 ; 
Ensign 30 Jan. 1812; 
Lieut. 9 Dec. 1813 ; ex- 
changed to 99th Foot 9 
Dec. 1813; served in 
the Peninsular War; 
placed on half-pav 25 Nov. 
1S18; died s.p." at Plas 
Madoc, CO. Denbigh, 19 
JNIarch 1822 ; bur. atLlau- 
doget. WilKP.C.C. Her- 
schell, 486) made 19 March 
1822; proved 19 Sept. of 
the same year. 

of ,!. 
of Plas 


J ixw-e^i JHtmwfbOJth 

Ballard Beckford Neinb-=j= 
hard of the Hounslow I 
estate, St. Elizabeth's, and i 
New Place House, South- | 
ampton,born 7 Aug. 17(51 ; 
Attorney-at-Law in Ja- i 
maica 1785; Member of 
Council 1808 ; died 11 ! 
June 1821; bur. in the | 
Catacombs, All Saint's 
Church, Southampton 
(M.I.). Miniature of him 
owned by M. N. Will 
(P.C.C). made 30 Aug. 
1819; codicil 3 Aug. 1820; 
proved 2 Aug. 1821. 

Ann, dau. of Letitia Hamilton, born 17 Dee. 1705; 

Christopher mar. 3 Sept. 1785 Koben Hibbert, 

Brooks, Esq. ; Esq., of Chalfont Park, Bucks, and 

born 3 Aug. Birtles Hall. Cheshire ; born 12 Oct. 

17b'7; mar. 1750; J.P. for Kingston. St. Georges, 

29 March and St. Mary's, J., in 1783; High 

1787; died Sheriff of Cheshire in 1798; died 15 

2 Aug. 1818 Feb. 1835. A miniature of him at 

in Harley Davenport Hall, Cheshire. Had issue. 

Street, ton- She died 1 April 185-1 at her house in 

don; bur. in Hvde Park Square, London ; bur. with 

Old Marvle- her husband in the Hibbert vault, 

boneChui-ch- Chalfont St. Peter's, Bucks, in which 

yard. church there is a window to their 

memory erected by their sou John 

Nembh'ard Hibbert, Esq.. of Chalfont 

Park. An oil portrait of her owned 

by R. F. Hibbert, Esq. 

Letitia, born 18 June 1791; 
mar.27 March 1817William 
Eaynsford Taylor, Esq., 
Jladras Civil Service, born 
1 Nov. 1793 ; died 10 .Ian. 
1804 She died 5 Oct. 
1862 ; bur. with her hus- 
band in the Extra Mural 
Cemetery, Brighton. Had 

Henry Nembhard, born 4 May 1795=Sophia Louisa 

in Jamaica ; Fellow Commoner of Kowe. born 12 

Trin. Coll., Camb., 1S19 ; at St. Nov. 1796; 

Bees 184-2 ; subsequently took Holy mar. 6 Jan. 

Orders; Rector of Instow, near 1842 at Lee, 

Bideford, 1866—70; Rector of Blackheath ; 

West with East Putford, Ex. Dio., died 10 .lune 

1870; died 18 Oct. 1876, s.p. ; bur. 1862; bur. at 

at Bideford, North Devon. Bideford. 


Ann Peyton Edwanis of Kingston, co. Sunvy. Jamaica, widow, intending 
shortly to depart for G. B. "Wilt dated l!i! May "i707. To my mother Ann N. 
my negros and the interest of all vested monies, and after her decease to my 
sister Charlotte Eose ^^ a moiety of all my estate and the other moiety to my 
3 nephews .T.din N., sov. of my brother Joliu >".. and Ballard N. and Henry N., 
sons of my brother Baiiard N.' I apjioint inv mother an Ex'trix and Robert 
Hibbert of Kingston, Esq.. Ex'or. "S\•itI.e^sed bv .[. E. Nembliard, Hubert 
Hibbert, B. B. .Neinbhard. Proved 8 Sept. 1m>1 bv'Ann N., widow, the mother; 
p. r. to Rob. Hibbert. Esq. Proved 6 Eeb. 1M>7 by the hitter (P.C C, 5SS, 

Ballard Beclvforde }vembhard of tlie p. 
Southampton, but late of the ]. of Jamaica, 
brother-iu-law Robert Hibbert of K. Hyde, o 
Smith, Esq., paymaster R.\.. £5000"st, o 
Hibbert. Wm. Hibbert. and Sam. Hibbert 

Ail Saints in the town and co. of 
Will dated 30 Aug. 1S19. To my 
ISedford, Esq., and my friend John 
of monies in the hands of Geo. 
■ L.. merchants, upon Trust to pay 


Elizabeth Jane, born 
1768; mar. 12 Sept. 1702. in 
Jamaica, Robert Hibbert of the 
Georgia estate, Hanover. Jamaica, 
and Bast Hyde, near Luton, Beds, 
cousin to the Robert Hibbert who 
mar. Letitia Nembhard ; born "2-5 
Oct. 1769; J. P. for Kingston, 
Jamaica, 1795 ; founded the Hib- 
bert Trust by deed 19 Julv 1S47 ; 
died 23 Sept. 18-19, s.p. (" h.^ .B.") 
She died 15 Feb. 1853 ; bur. with 
her husband in the crypt under 
the chapel in Kensal Green 

William Ei:is Neinbhard= 
of the ■• Pavilion." Bog- 
nor, Sussex, born 10 July 
1771 : Adj. -Ge-!. Jamaica 
Militia In Dec. 1807; 
A,=sist. Judrje and of the 
Quorum for Clarendon 
and St. M.try"s, and M. of 
A. for Clarendon. Jamai- 
ca, 1810: died 11 Dec. 
1829 at Bognor. s.p. ; bur. 
in Chichester Cathedral 
(M.I.j Will (P.C.C, 
Beard, 44; made 9 Aug. 
1827, Loudon: proved 
15 Jan. 1836. 

Julia Cobb, mar. 22 
Oct. 1824 in Edin- 
burgh ; died 21 
Aug. 1883 ; bur. in 
the Extra Mural 
Cemetery .Brighton. 
She mar. 2udlv 19 
Sept. 1837 ■ the 
Chevalier Francois 
de Rosaz (died 21 
Sept. 1876); bur. in 
the R. C. portion of 
the Extra Mural 


William Nembhard of Kensiiig-=pElizabeth Iran- 
ton and Hounslow estates, Ja- ■ ces, eldest dau. 
maica, born 22 Dec. 1796; died ' of Geo. Brooks. 
9 Oct. 1833 in London; bur. in , Esq., of B!en- 
Marylebone Burial Ground, heini ; born lo 
Paddington Street. Settled the [ July 1808; mar. 
Kensington estate, and after 1 Feb. 1827 at 
inheriting a considerable part of Blenheim, Man- 
Hounslow from his father and cheater.; died 
elder brother, probably bought 25 June 1874; 
his brother Henry's share in it, bur. at Cann- 
as he was possessed of the whole statt, AVurtt 
when he died. Will (Lib. 115, bur;,', Gennanv. 
fol. 169, Jamaica) made 25 .\f 
1833; proved 23 Dec. 183 1. 

See a,, p. 6. 

Eliza, born 3 March 1802; 
mar. 7 Sept. 1833, at Chalfont, 
Robert Du Pre, sou of Sir 
Robert Alexander, Bart., 
Clerk in H. M. Exchequer 
Office, born 1802; died 16 
Nov. 1874; bur. in the Old 
Cenietery,Chalfont St. Peter's. 
In the church there is a win- 
dow to his memory and that 
of his wife and son, erected 
bv his daughter Mrs. Leicester 
Hibbert. '^ Slie died 6 Dec. 
1850; bur. at Kensal Green, 
iliniature of her owned by 
her daughter. 


the interest for o years to my son Ballard Jaiiui's X., then the capitiil. To 
my 2'' son Henry IS". £5.300 at the expiration of o years with interest in the 
meantime. To my 3'' son Wm. N. £4500 (having alreaily received £1000) 
6 months after my decease. To ray brother Wm. Ellis N. and my said brother- 
in-lart- Kobert Hihbert £f)000 upon" TVust to pay the interest to my eldest dan. 
Letitia, wife of Wm. Kaynsf.ird Taylor of .Madras, and at her death the capital 
to her children. £6000 on Trust for my 2'' dan. Eliza N., the interest to he paid 
her at 2L or day of m. £12000 on Trust, h for my 4"' son Edward X. at 25 and 
i for my youngest son Tho. Hay N. My house called New Place in the p. of 
All Saints to be sold. All residne among all my children, and whereas my eldest 
son Ballard Jaques will be entitled on my decease in right of his mother to one 
third of a plantation now called Hounslow, but formerly Codd Penn, such as the 
same was holden previous to my purchase of 450 a., and my 2'' sou Henry will upon 
the decease of his grandmother Mrs. Deborah Brooks be also entitled to ^, and 
I am entitled to the remaining -j by purchase, I give to my 3'' son Wm. my said J-. 
All my stock thereon, my 450 a., and all residue and sums due to me or as a 
copartner with Lacklan M'Bayne and Sam. ]Vrurphy in Jamaica to my 3 sons. 

George Seaton 
born 30 June 
1769; died 18 
June 1770. 

Edward Lynch Nemb- 
hard, born 10 July 
1773; died 13 May 
1779; bur. at Kingston 
Parish Church, Ja- 
maica (M.I. Law. 
Archer, 139.) 

Charlotte Rose, born 31 Dee. 1774 ; died 
unmar. 25 Sept. 1809, while on a visit to 
her sister at Birtles; bur. in Prestbury 
Churchyard, Cheshire. A beautiful 
miniature of her at Davenport Hall. 

Edward Xemb- 
hard, born 30 
Dec. 1S04; died 
unmar. Will 
made 15 Julv 
1836; proved 4 
March 1S37. 
Miniature of 
him ownec 
Mrs. Leicf 

Adela Harriet, =p Thomas Hay Nemb- = Eliza. dau. of the Rev. 
dau. of John hard, llth fiegt. of Richard Eyre, LL.D., 
Evered, Esq., Foot, born 27 Nov. Rector of Eyre Court 
of Hill House, 1809 ; Ensign (by (by his wife Anne, dau. 
Somerset; born purchase) 16 Aug. of" Capt. the Hon. Paul 
1813; mar. at 1827; Lieut. 5 April Gore), and widow of 
Otterhampton, 1S33; placed on half- Thos. Gisburne Burke 
Somerset, 18 pay 2 Nov. 1838 ; 

exchanged into 16th 

Eoot 3 Feb, 

bv Oct. 1837 

; died 

ster 19 Sept. 

1838; 1 

bur. in 



vault, I 





1843 ; 
retired 19 April 1844; 
died 21 Nov. 1892 ; 
bur. at Loeksbrook 
Cemetery, Bath. A 
miniature of him 
owned by Mrs. Lei- 
cester Hibbert. 

of Grcfnfield, co. Gal- 
way, at one time lieir 
presumptive to the Earl- 
dom of Claiiricarde; bom 
1811; mar. in lSi4 at 
Eyre Court Church, co. 
Gahvav ; died in Bath 
19 Jnne, 1891 ; bur. at 
Loeksbrook. She had no 
Issue by either marriage. 
2nd wife. 

Gertrude Eliza, born Sept. 1838 ; mar. 24 Aug. 1859 at Instow, 
North Devon, her cousin John Guv Courtenay Evered, Captain 
R.N., of Barford Park, Bridgwater, "born 23 Sept. 1831; resumed 
the original spelling Everard in 1904; alive Oct. 1914. She died 
3 July 1903 ; bur. at Eamore, Somerset. Had issue. 


a. (See p. 2.) 
John Frederick Nembhard^Eleanor 

Ellen, John Frederick Nembhard, 56th Bengal Nat.: 
born Inf., born 18 April 1823; Ensign 19 Aug. 
March 1840 ; Lieut 12 Nov. 1842 ; Adjutant Gwnlior 
1822; Contingent 13 Jan. 1844; Captain 5 Dec. 
died 1845; Brer.- Major 7 June 1S49 ; mentioned 
1838. in dispatches 16 June 1849, for his conduct 
at Chilliauwallah ; medal for Chillianwallah 
and Goojerat ; died 10 March 1856 of cholera 
at Camp Bowsee during the Sonthal Expedi- 
tion. Will made 9 Dec. 1855 ; proved 4 Sept. 
1861 (India Office). 

^Ludovina, eldest dau. of 
Col. William Stuart Men- 
teth and granddaughter 

[ of Sir Chas. Granville 
Stuart Menteth, Bart., 

I of Cioseburn, N.B. ; mar. 
30 April 1852 at Cal- 
cutta; died about 1891. 

Frederick C. W. L. Ludovina Sarah Eliza, born in India 10 May 1855 ; mar., 
Nembhard, born in 23 Sept. 1875 in India, Thomas Gardiner Bolster, M.D., 
India 5 July 1853 ; bom 17 Feb. 1840 ; died 23 May 1893 ; Assist.-Surgeon 
disappeared and is A.M. S. 31 March 1864 ; Surgeon 1 March 1873; Surgeon- 
believed to have Major 28 April 1876; served with 80th Eegt. during 
died without issue. Bhootan Expedition, 1865 (medal and clasp), also at Base 

Hospital, Cyprus, during Egyptian Campaign, 1882. She 

alive Oct. 1914. Has issue. ' 

B. (Seep. 4.) 
William Nembhard=pElizabeth Frances. 

William Nembhard, Bengal Staff Corps,T=Louisa Fanny, 
and of the Hounslow estate which he dau. of John 
sold, born in Jamaica 23 Dec. 1827; Anson Wheal- 
Ensign 14 June 1845, present at Sobraon ; ler of the Wal- 
gazetted to 55th Bengnl Nat. Inf. 1846; drons, Croy- 
passed as Interpreter 1848; on special don, and Mark 
political mission with Kewah Rajah 1851 ; Lane, London, 
with Arracan Battn., Burmah, 1853; born 30 Nov. 
Dep. -Commissioner Saug. and Nerbud. 1838 ; mar. 9 
Ter. 1853-55; Dep.-Ct)m. Dumoh 1857, Oct. I860 at 
when it was attacked by JIulineers ; the Parish 
Dep. -Com Jubbulpoor 1858-65; Com- Church, Croy- 
missioner East Berar 1867—77, in which don; alive Oct. 
year he retired with rank of Major- 1914. 
General. Medals: Burmah, with clasp 
for Pegu, and Indian Mutiny, with clasp 
for Central India. Died in London at 
hia house in Devonshire Place 17 Feb. 
1905 ; bur. in the New Cemeterv, Chal- 
font St. Peter's. Will (P.C.C.', 1905, 
423) made 6 Nov. 1860; proved 10 
March 1905. 

Mabel, born at Jubbulpoor 5 Jan. 1862 
Oct. 1914. Compiler of this pedigree. 

Eva, born in Jamaica 
9 Aug. 1831; she 
owned a half-share in 
the Kensington estate, 
Jamaica ; mar. at Mu- 
nich, 1851, the Eev. 
Paul Edward Gottheil, 
Pastor at Stuttgart, 
born 5 April 1818; 
died9 June 1893; bur. 
at Stuttgart She died 
27 Feb. 1895 in Ger- 
many ; bur. at Stutt- 
gart. Had issue. 


I I 

E iza Jane, horn i April 1825 ; mar. Oct. Edward ^embbard, 53rd Bengal >at. 

lS-t6, in L;ndou. the Eev. Logan Dobin- Inf., born 16 Oct. 1S2G- Ensi^lO 

son, Eeotor of Lockington, Yorks, who Dec. 1S44; Lieut. 13 July lb49; 

afterwards assumed b^Roval licence the stationed in the Pun^aub part of 1S4S 

surname of Lojan in lieu of that of and ISO); died 12 Oct. 1851 near 

Dobinson. becoming; the Eev. Logan Uelhi, unmar. ^Vili dated 6 Uct^ 

Looan- bornlXov.'lSlS; died 26 March 1851 (India Office). Oil portrait of 

1S96 ; bur. in Brookwood Cemetery. She him owned by the Logan family, 
died 80 Dec. 1SS7 ; bur. in St. Peter's 
Churchyard, Boiimemoutli. Had issue. 

My trustees with Sam. Harrison and Martin Ma.ldison, both of Southampton, 
baiters, Ex'ors in England, and Jas. and David Simpson ot J^mgstonJ^ 
merchants and copartners, Es'ors in J., and my brother and the said Kobert 
Hibbert G. Certain slaves, the property of my late wife to be maimmized. 

Codicil.-S Aug. 1820. Account of stocks about £39.501 house etc., £a493 
total £15,000. Sworn by Martin Maddiso.i, the Y% and Alfred Wood, botb ot 
Southampton, 16 July 1S2L Proved 2 Aug. 1821 (471, Mansfield). 

There is no will nor administration in Jamaica of John F. Kembhard of l/_9/. 
He was with his mother and brothers and sisters a party to the sale ml '90, 
by a decree of the Court of Chancery, of the plantation Koningsbnrgh. 
(G. F. Judah.) 

BaUard Jacques Nembhard. Will dated " Plas Madoc March 19'" 1822."* 
Left all his personality then at Plas Madoc unconditionally to his wife Jane, 
executrix. Probate granted to his wife ig'" Sept. 1S22. Witnesses: BE. 
Downanham (r), Eobert Hughes, Owen Evans, Sarah Horam. (486, Herscbeil.) 

John Frederick Nembhard of the p. of S' Ann, co. Middx., Jamaica, Esq. 
Will dated 16 April 1825. Whereas by deed of pre-marnage settlement dated 
20 Jan. 1820 £650 is annually secured to my wife, to make further provision for 
her I oive all mv estates to Wm. Parke, John Anderson, and Geo. Gillies of 
S' Anns. E.-^quires, upon Trust for her for life, and at her death forall my 
children equally. Trustees to be Ex'ors and with my wife. Guardians A\ itnessed 
by John Benn,' George Denistow, John Johnston. Sworn by John Benn 22 Jan. 
1828. Lib. lOS, fo. 109. Entered 15 Feb. 1828. 

William Nembhard of Kensington in the p. of S' Eliz., Jamaica. A\ ill dated 
25 April 1833. My wife amply provided for. To my son Willy (under a^e) 
I leave Hownslow with the stock and negros, to be under the guidance of his 
uncle Edward. To my dau. Eva the half of Kensington plantation, her brother 
sharing with her at her mother's death and paying her £3000 c^ Mv fnend 
Michael Myers sole Es'or. Witnessed bv Jos. M. Seilman, Jas. Wright, Geo. 
Creed. Sworn by Geo. Creed 23 Dec. 1834. Entered 7 April 1835 in Lib. 115, 
fo. 169. 

* The day he died.— M.N. 


Edward Nembhard of tlie p. of S' Eliz., co. of Cornwall, Jamaica. Will dated 
15 July 1S3G. To Eliz. Era. N., widow of my late brother Wm. N., all my 
property, she paying to each of my uatural chiUlreu Henry, John, and \V'm. N. 
£400 and sole Ex'trix. Witnessed by John Gurley, Wui. K. Hewitt, Geo. 
Creed. Sworn by Geo. Creed 24 March 1S37. Entered lo June 1S37 in Libre 
117, fo. 201. 

There is a deed dated 19 June 1S37 by which ^Irs. Eliz. F. N. assumed the 
executorship, but disclaimed all beneficial interest. ( G. F. Judah.) 

I, John Frederick Nembhard, Major of the oti"' re<;' jS'.L, H.E.I.C.S., leave 
everything to my wife .... Camp near Jongra, Junction of Sidh and Nonhill 
Nuddee, 9 Dec."l855. Date of adm'on 3 Ocn ISGl ; proved on affidavit by Col. 
Geo. Burney of the 10 Bengal NA. 

I, Edward Nembhard, Lieut, of the 5S'^ reg' Bengal N.I., bequeath to my 
brother Brevet JIajor John N. of the Sf)"" reg' X.I. all my property and to be 
sole administrator this 6 Oct. 1851. Witnessed by Fred. JelHcoe, Lieut. SS"* reg* 
N.I., Delhi, W. H. Greathead, 2'' Lieut. Engineers. 

I, Wm. Nembhard, a L' Col. in H.M. army, declare that in accordance with 
my desire my mother M'^ Eliz. Fra. N., now deceased, devised by her will all 
property to my sister M" Eva Gottheil, wife of the Eev. P. E. G. of Stuttgart, 
and renounce all claim this 30 July 1874 in the presence of C. Hordern, Magis- 
trate of Oomratee. 

Wm. Nembhard, a Capt. in H.M. Bengal army, but at present residing at the 
Waldrons, Croydon, co. Surrey. Will dated 6 Nov. 1S6U. All my property to 
my w ife Louisa Fanny N., she to be sole Ex'trir. Proved 10 March 1905. 

Dates of Births and Deaths of the children and grandchildren of Ann Peyton 
Nembhard {ne'e Hamilton), wife of Dr. John Nembhard, in her handwriting. 

Mary Eliz"' born Feb^J 8, 1755, died Aug" 1, 1756. 

Ann Peyton born April 21, 1756. 

John Frederick born Angst. 1, 1758. 

Ballard Beckford born Augst. 7, 1761. 

Mary Orgill born April 13, 1764, died Sep-- 2'', 1773. 

Letitia Hamilton born Dec' 17, 1765. 

Elizabeth Jane born March 6, 1768. 

George born June 30'K 1769, died June IS, 1770. 

William Ellis born July 10, 1771. 

Edward Lynch born July 19, 1773, died March 1779. 

Charlotte Rose born Dec'' 31, 1774. 

Doctor John Nembhard born July 18, 1711, departed this life March the 2'', 1777. 

Ann Peyton Nembhard* born Octo"' 21, 1737 was Married Nov' the 3, 1753, to 

Doc'' John Nembhard. 
il" Nembhard's first grand Child Anna Hibbert was born Thursday Aug=' the 31, 

1786, at half past 11 o'Clock in the Morning. 
Thomas Hibbert was born Tuesday July 29^'', 1788, at 9 o'Clock in the Morning. 

* " Hamilton " has been written above " Nembhard." 


Eobert Hibbcrt was born Sundav Nov' lis"', 1790, at lialf past o'Clock in the 

Jolm Xemblianl tlie .Son ot B. B. >\'mb]iai',l was born Sumlav Sci)> 14"'. 17SS, 

at 7 o'clock in the Evening, he died Sunday Deo' IS, 1791. " 
Ballard jaques Xembliard was born Friday- Aug-' 7 at 9 o'Cloek in tlie IMorning 

Letetia Nembhard was bora Saturday June IS. 1791, at 12 o'Cloek at Noon. 

AViLLiAit Ellis Nkmbitahd. 

Cop3' of Certificate ol' Marriage. 

" Tliis is to Certifv that Arilliam E. Xembhard and Julia Cobb were married 
at Edinburgh this tweiity-second of October 1S2J.. before 'Witnesses by me 

(Signed) Henry Grey M''. 
"Witnesses: George Carplin, Janet Nicol. 

N.B. — ;M'' Grev and the 'Witnesses reside at present in Blintoun Street 
N. 3 & 4 or 5. 

Newington, Edinburg. AV™ E. Neuibhard," 

'William Ellis Nembhard died at Bognor 11 Dec. 1S29, and there is a tablet 
to him in Cbichester Cathedral. By his will (P.C.C, Beard, 44) dated 9 Aug. 
1827, London, he left his personality (proved under £45,000), unconditionally to 
his wife Julia, who was made sole exeeutri.x.* Probate granted to his widow 
15 Jan. 1836. Witnesses: W>' Elliott Oliver, 'W'" Elliott Le Blanc, Eiehard 
Thompson, New Bridge Street. 

John Frederick Nembhai'd, 56"' Bengal Nat. Inf., inherited the '• Pavilion," 
Bognor (200 acres), as heir-at-law and sold it. 

Extract from Supplement of AfEdavit of Mrs. Eosaz. 

'• On the support of the present affidavit I declare that I do not know (sic) 
read or write as I lost my mother very young I would not go to school and this 
is so— during my interli'fe with M'' Nembhard I could sign the name 
Nembhard only, but not any other word, and not my Christian names. After my 
marriage with M'' Eosaz I learned to sign Eosaz, but it was and it is now yet 
impossible for me to write or sign any other word, and not my Christian own 
name Julia Georgina. Whatsoever deed, act or settlement should be shew (sic) 
as from my hand bearing more than these names ' J. Eosaz," or, during the period 
of my marriage with M'' Xembhard ' J. Neudjhard,' positivelv it should not be 
my signature, for never in my life I have signed differentlv, liut only J. Nemb- 
hard or J. Eosaz. 

Signed J. Eosaz. 

Signed Eosaz. 

London 6 l'eb'> 1S55." 

(Sent liy post to) '• Ed'' Horridge Esq. Solicitor, 30 Burton Crescent, London." 

Notes by Major-Gen. AV. Nembhard. 

•' My Aunt was married 19 Sept. 1837 to the Chevalier (Eosaz or De Eo.saz— 
M. N.), previous to this she was 2 years in Paris. 

M"' Bellingham, solicitor, Brighton, was the lawyer she summoned over to 
Paris to enquire into .De Eosaz character before she married him. 

Eobarts of Loudon was her Banker. 

Ba.\endale, solicitor to M'' Eobarts, drew up her settlements." 

* ili-i. W. E. Xembhard, nee Cobb or " Speaker "—she is believed to have beeu illegitinnte— 
was unable to the day ot her dcatli in 18S.3 to read or write. See above. 



1. Doctor Nembhaed. 
According to family tradition Dr. Nembhavd was Dutch and descended from 
a famous general ; soiiie say lie was a natural soi\ of Prince Eugene of Savoy, 
who certainh' was at the Hague tVom Nov. 1710 to Jan. 1711, regulatmg a 
question of supplies. There is a great likeness between portraits of the Nemb- 
hard family and those of Prince Eugene's ancestors, not so much to those of the 
Prince himself. 

2. Nkmbhahd — Milne Makri.voe. 
Note at the back of a small oil portrait owned 1>\- M. N. : " ^I" John Nemb- 

hard wife of John Nembhard of the Island of Jamaica Es,|>' Subsequently 

married to ... . Milne Esq>'." (Signed " L. H. Hibbert," daughter of K. Hibbert 
of Birtles.— M. N.) 

From Date-book kept by Mr.s. Hibbert of Chalfont and Birtles. 
"John Frederick Nembhard, Born Aug. 1, 17oS, m'' May 10, 1793, Sophia 
Anne Edwards, d. iu Jamaica Oct. 29, 1797, and bad issue," etc. 

" M" Milne died at Paris, Sept. 17"', 1S22, John's mother." (" Auut Bobty's " 
Family Date Book.) 

1822, Sep. 17. At Paris, M" Sophia Milne, of Pedro River, Jamaica. 
(" GM.'," 619.) 

Cathedral, Sjianish Town. Monument to "Augusta Georgiana Mdne, only 
dauo-hter of the late William Milne Esquire, and Sophia Milne, his wife, of Pedro 
Eiver, St. Ann's. Born 17"' July 1806, died 3P' October 1812. (Eulogistic 
lines.) To her endeared memory this marble was dedicated by her affectionate 
brother." (Ante, I., 280.) 

Parish of St. Ann. 

Slaves. Stock. 

Milne and Nembhard 180 138 

John F. Nembhard 58 122 

(" Jauiaica Almanack," 1821.) 

3. NtMBiiARD— Rose Marbiaoe. 
I have a certificate of this. (M. N.) 

4. Dep. Adj. Geni for Surrey, L' Col. Hon. B. B. Nembhard, 21 Dee. 1805. 
(" The Royal Register and Jamaica Almanack," 1810.) 
Return of Proprietors for March, 1820 : — 

St. Elizabeth's. 

Slaves. Stock. 
Hon. Ballard B. Nembhard, Hounslow . . 85 117 

(" Jamaica Almanac " for 182 1.) 

5. Ann, wife of B. B. Nembhard. 
In a note-book that belonged to her daughter Eliza : " Poor dear Mama died 
Aug. 2"'' 1818 aged 50. The 3"^ would have been her 51^' birthday." 

0. Robert Hibbert (1750—1835). 
He bought the estate of Birtles in Cheshire, pulled down a great part of the 
then existing house, and built the present one. On the death of his brother 
Thomas in 1819, he inbented the Chalfont property in Bucks. Pains Hill, near 
Cobham, Surrey, was also his fi'om about 1796 till he sold it again four years 
later. His town house was in Devonshire Place. He kept a diary in which 
nearly all the Nembhard family events are recorded. 

7. William Ellis Xembhaud. 

A sermon was preached on In-s death at St. John's Chapel, Boy;nor. hy the 
Rev. Edward Miller, M.A., which was published with other of Mr. Miller's 
sermons in IS-i-i. 

Jamaica :\Iilitia. Adjutant General. Col. W" Ellis Nembhard 18 Dec. 1807. 
(" Jamaica Almanack," 1810.) 

"William Ellis Nembhard died 11 Dec. 1S29 ; his will was not proved until 
15 J n. 1836. 

So much suspicion attached to this will on account of his wife Julia, who was 
illiterate, being left sole executrix as well as legatee, that for long the Nembhard 
family thought of disputing it. The Emancip:ition of the Slaves, however, had 
brought them such losses that the ide;i was finally abandoned. Fifty years later 
Madam de Rosaz, as she had then become, once more a widow, sought out the 
Nembhard family, who in the interim had had no communication with her, and 
expressed her wish to make a will restoring to them the money she had inherited 
from her first husband. This intention w-as frustrated by a man who, though no 
connection of hers, took upon himself to advise her in her affairs. A will was 
made under his direction in which her property was left between himself and her 
relations (small farmers) in Ireland, with the result that after her death General 
Nembhard brought an action for •' undue influence " against this individual. The 
preparations for the trial dragged on for some years at enormous expense, and 
the case having become a triangular one owing to the Irish relations having 
turned against the other legatee and intervening, it seemed likely that the fortune 
in question, then no more than about £30,000, would be dissipated in costs. 
The case was finally compromised without having come into court, General 
Nembhard receiving the lion's share of ten thousand guineas. 

8. John Peederick Nembhard, 56th Bengal Native Infantry. 
Letter from Fredk. C. AV. L. Nembhard, 30 Dec. ISSS : "I am the only son 
of the late ^lajor and Brevet-Col. Nembhard of the 56''' N.I. Kegt., who served 
under Lord Gough in the battles of Goojerat, Chillianwalla, and the Khyher Pass, 
and who succeeded Major Bamfield in the command of the 56"' Reg'. My father 
died March 1856 at Camp Bowsie." [Italics mine.— M. N.] 

9. " Henht Nembhard. From Queen's Coll., Fellow-Commoner, Nov. 16, 
1818. Tutor, M'' Brown. No other particulars given." (.\dmissions. Trinity 
College, Cambridge, 1851—1900.) 

Henry Nembhard became very wild and extravagant at College. He was 
refused by Miss Rowe on this account, and taking her refusal to heart he 
disappeared about the time of his father's death, and for some fifteen ye.irs none 
of the family knew what had become of him. In 1S38 his sister-in-law Elizabeth 
Nembhard, nee Brooks, while making a short tour in the north of France, 
accidentally found him imprisoned for debt in a French town, where she stopped 
to change horses. She paid his debt, a very small one, brought him to England, 
and reconciled him to Miss Rowe, who in "spite of her refusal had been faithful 
to him. They were married, and Henry, who by this time had quite sobered 
down, took Holy Orders. He died greatly respected and beloved. 

10. William and Eta Nembhard. 

Owing to the depreciation of all Jamaican property, it would have been 
advisable to sell the Hounslow and Kensington estates on the elder William 
Nembhard's death in 1833, but owing to the t~enor of his will this was impossible 
until 1852, when his daughter Eva came of age. By that time the estates them- 
selves had greatly lost in productiveness, and so far from being a source of income 


l2 KkmbharD. 

Mrs. Xembhard ami her son liad to make a yearly allowance for theif upkeep, 
a severe tax, especially nii the young officer. When at la.«t it was legally 
[)ermissible to sell them, one fetched no more than £1.00. while for the other not 
even money could be obtained. It was parted with for a hundred head of cattle, 
which sold again for about £80. Thus ended the connection of the Nembhard 
family with Jamaica. 

11. Arms. 
For coat of arms of Xembhard see Burke's '■ General Armoury;" also book- 
plate of Mabel Nembhard. 

12. TiiOiiAS Hat Nembhard Etered, Imperial Yeomanry, who died in 
Kustenberg Hospital, 23 Nov. 1901, of wounds received in the South African 
War, was a son of Capt. Courtenay Evered, R.N., and Gertrude, nee >"e:ubhard. 

Caxo>' Edgar Nembhard Thwaitks was a godson of Thomas Hay Nemb- 
hai-d, 11th Foot, and a nephew of the latters first wife, his mother having been 
Marv, fourth daughter of John Evered, Esq , of Hill (see Burke's •• Landed 
Gentry," 1900). The Eev. Nembhard Tliwaites is his son. 

William Nembhard Hibbeet, Esq., LL.D., is no relation of the Nembhard 

M. N. 

John Guv Courtenav EvereJ, K.N., of Barford Park, Somer.-et, second son 
of R. G. Evered of Hill House, D.L., J.P. ; born 23 Sept. 1831 ; alive Oct. 19U ; 
educated at Eton; entered Navy ISiO ; joined Naval Brigade (Crimea. 1S54) to 
relieve Hewitt in the 2L-gun battery, where severely wounded. At the capture 
of the Taku Forts, China, 1858. Promoted to Commander when serving in 
" Aiiiphion" 1861. Commanded Whitby Coastguard Station for three years from 
S Sept. 1862. Promoted Captain on returned list 15 Nov. Ib76. Medals : 
Crimean, Turkish, Sardinian. Orders: Legion of Honour, Mejidie. 

(" Jamaica Almanac," 1838.) 

St. Ann's Parish. 

John F. Nembhard Pedro River 26 

St. Elizabeth. 

Eliza F. Nembhard Kensington 62 

St. David. 

Robert Hibbert Albion 365 

Hanover Parish. 

Robert Hibbert, sen. Great Valley 3-51 

Coventry ' SO 

Robert Hibbert, jun. Georgia 261 

„ „ „ Dundee 151 




AVrittc'ii 111 i.enril bv Capt. EvereJ '2 Dec. Is92 : — 

K^cord of dates of births and deaths of members of the late Mr. T. H. Nemh- 
hard-s family fouud amongst h.s papers. ^^^^^^^_^^ _^ ^ ^ ^^^^^^^^ ^^ 

I was married on ThurMlav Sept. 12'" 1792. 
My husband was born Oct. 2o''' 1709. 

Ages of the Family. 

My mother was born Oct. 21^' 1737. 
My sister Edwards April 21=' 1756. 
My brother John Aug. 1^' 175S. 
My brother Ballard Aug. 7'!' 1761. 
My sister Letitia Dec. 17"' 1765. 
Elizabeth Jane Mar. 0'" 176S. 
My brother William Ellis July 10"' 1771. 
My sister Charlotte Dec. 31=' 1774. 

Departed this Life. 
JohQ Frederic jS'. aged 39 years & 2 months Oct. 29"' 1797. 
Died Ann Payton E. aged 44 years & 3 months July 14«" 1800. 
Died my dear Mother aged 69 years July 25"' 1806. 
Died Charlotte Rose aged 34 years & S montlis Sept. 25"', 1S09. 
Died William Ellis 11"' of Dec. 1S29 aged 5S years & 5 months. 

My Sister Hibbert's children— 
' Ann born August 31*' 1786. 

Thomas born July 29"' 17s8. 

Robert born Nov'' 28"' 1790. 
Johu Nembhard born JMarch 11"' 1796. 
Letitia Hamilton born May 27, 1798. 

Aan was married to Thomas Tipping Jan>- ISIO. Their children— 
Gartside born Dec. 3'J 1810. 
Maria born April 4"' 1812. 
Yeruou born Aug. 22'"! 1813. 
Edmond born May 6"' 1815. 
Alfred born May 2'"' 1817. 
Francis boru Nov. 5"' 1820. 
Tom was married to Miss Caroline Cholmondeley Jan. 23"' 1823. Their 
children — 

*Thomas Francis born Dec. 19"' 1824. 
Essex Caroline born Aug. 4"' 1826. 
Dorcas Dora bom Nov. 18"' 18 . . 
Hugh Robert boru Dec. 19'" 1828. 
Reginald John born Dec. 14"' 1830. 
Georgiua Charlotte 22'"i Aug. 18 . . 
Letitia Octavia 15''' Dec. 18 . . 
*Thomas Francis died July 10"' 1830. 

Robert was married to Miss Cliarlotte Drummond Nov. 27''' 1823. Their 
Frederic Drummond born Nov. 9"' 1824. 
Leycester boru Mar. 6"' 1826. 



Hcnrv ? Robert bom Oct. 25"' 1827. 
ileiiry Robert died Dec. lO^'' 1828. 
* boru Oct'' 1S29. 

*Kobert died Dec. 17'" 1829. 

John Nembbard Hibbert was married to Miss Jane Ann Alexander on the 
6"' Aug' 1833. 

]\Iy brother John's children — 
" *John Prederic born May lO"- 1796, married Miss Ellen Parke Jan. 1821. 
Tlieir children — 

A gir) dead boru May 21^' 1822. 
A boy John born April 18"' 1823. 
Elizabeth Jane born April 1825. 
A boy Edward born 
*John Frederic died in Jamaica Dec. 22"'' 1827 aged 31 & 7 months. 
jM'-= Milne died at Paris Sept. 17"' 1822. John's mother. 

My brother Ballard's children — 

Ballard Jaqnes boru Aug. 7"' 1789. 
Letitia boru June 18"' 1791. 
Henrv born May 4"' 1795. 
William born Dec. 22'^'' 1796. 
Elizabeth born Mar. 8"i 1802. 
Edward born Dec. 30"' 1804. 
Thomas Hay born Nov. 27"' 1809. 

My sister Nembliard died Aug. 2'"' 1818 aged 53. 
MV brother Ballard died June 11"' 1821. 
ilV nephew Ballard died Mar. 19"' 1822. 
My nephew William died Oct. 8"' 1833. 

Letitia Nembbard was married to M' W" Rainsford Taylor Mar. 29"' 1817. 
Their children - 

Letitia born June 22'"' ISIS. 
Henrietta born Jan. 21" 1820. 
Charlotte born Sept. 13"' 1821. 
Louisa Frances born Oct. 27"' 1822. 
Charles William boru Feb. m^ 1824. 
Georgiana born Dec. 21^' 1S25. 

Eliza Neuibh.ird was married to Robert Du Pre Alexander Sept. 17"' 1833. 
Their children — 

A son born July 4"' 1834, died aged 5 months. 
A sou born Dee. 23''i 1835. 

1826. John Hibbert's ciiildren— 

Jane Lydia born May 26"' 1808. 

John born Jan. 29"' 1811. 

Robert born Oct. 25"' 1813. 
Eliza Cecilia died Aug. 1^' 1819 aged 18 years. 

Sophia born Oct. 22i'> 1803, died Feb. 23''' 1820 aged 16 years & 4 mouths. 
Charlotte died Feb. 13"' 1823 aged 16 vears & 4 mouths." 
Robert died at Madeira the 18"' Dec'' 1833 aged 20 on 25"' of Oct. last. 

My husband's sister Cecilia Hibbert died the 28"' of Sept. 1825 aged 63. 

George Cosen's (?) children — 
Ellen born Dec. 179S. 
Robert boru April 1811. 




M. N. 

Eeom Diary kept bt Eobeet Hibbeht, Esq., of Chalfoxt A^-D Bihtles. 
Makkiage of Eliza Nembiiard v,n\i IJobert Hibbert, Jus. 

" Jamaica, TFednesJaii 29"^ Aug' 1792. On MonJ;iy moi'ii? I return to to\vu'| 
(Kingston) "'and the remainder of the week continue at Cockbiirus, going down" 
(to hfs country house at Liguanea) " occasionally. M'^ H. " (his wife) " left alone 
the Ladies all" preparing for Eliza's marriage." 

(Mrs. Nembhard lived at Liguanea after Dr. N.'s death.) 

" Monday 10"' Sej). 1792. Ballard " (Xembhard) " & Chester go down early. 
Colville M"-^ H. it the Child " (bis son Eobert) '^ & self stay 15reakfnst ; we then 
"o down " (to Liguanea) " & call on G. Pinnock at Clifton, A M" H. thence carries 
the Child to M'^^N.'s" (Nembhard's) " where we dine, and M'= H. & self then go 
to Town where we stay till Wedn? the 12"' on which auspiciou.'* day my Cousin 
storms poor Eliza's fort and compasses his point by Torches. We all dine, but 
the males sleep in town except the married Men." 

Marriage of Johk Frederick Nembhard and Sophia Anne Edwards. 
" Wed. 15"' May 1793. A\^. '" (William Ellis)'' Nembhard comes here from 
Clarendon to go over with Ballard to his Brother's Wedding." 

''Mail 261''. AVill'" B. X. & ux. " (uxor) " and all the family dine, they havs 
ret'' from the Doctor's wedding the day before." 

Death of Ann Peyton Edwards, nee Nembhard. 
"Stnidai/ 13 July ISOO. KoUen Street" (at that time the Hibbert's town 
house). "We prepare for M'^ N." (Nembhard) " and M''^ E." (Edwards) "& 
Charlotte who were to have come on Tuesdav. On Monday we get a Letter from 
Charlotte inform? us of W E. having had a relapse on Saturday noon. Tuesday 
M'= H." (his wife) " goes to Eichmoud to see her but finds her dead, & she 
returns that Evening." 

Death of Mrs. Nembhard, nee Hamilton. 

''Births, Sunday 27"' July 1806. About 4 p.m. E. H." (his cousin Eobert) 
" & myself set out in a gig for Leak, Matthew with us : we sup & sleep there 
having heard of M" Nembhard's Death that morning, which happened on Friday 
the 25"'." 

He records, Friday Aug. 1st, as the date of her funeral : " M" Cosin, 
M''^ Foster, Miss Mowel and Stevenson, E. H. juu'' and myself are all the atten- 
dants. We return from Eichmond about 5." 

The following day, Saturdav : " 1 prepare for my Departure " (from London) 
"write to Ballard" (then in Jamaica) "with a Copy of M"= N.'s will & embark" 
(on a coach) " that m'ght." 

Death of Charlotte Eose Nembhard at Birtles. 

" Birtles, Wed. Aug. 9"' 1S09. JMy cousin Eobert, Eiiza and Charlotte arrive 
from East Hyde and we amuse them as well a.s we can all the weeic, wh. is 
however very wet." 

" Sunday 13"' Aug. 1809. IMv Bro' T. H." (Thomas of Chalfont) " & cousin 
E H with Eliza & Charlotte with us all the week. On Wednesday a great part 
of us dine at Hare Hill " (the William Hibberts) " Charlotte sick & does uot go." 


" Thursday 3V' Aug. 1809" (Bobert had been away and returned tliat day). 
" We find the Ladies (all except Charlotte who has been left by 1^ H. ct ux. & in 
the care of M' Holland " (a doctoi-) " all gone to dine at Hare Hill."' 

" Siindat/ 17"' Sep. 1809. No one now at Birtles but M"" and W' " (himself 
and his wife), "Anna & Letitia " (his daughters) "& poor Charlotte. At this 
period our prospects, independent of the weather, are gloomy enough. A Pesti- 
lence at Walcheren, Wellington retreating in Spain, America said to be on the 
eve of a treatv with France, & a war with us ■, of (in?) consequence no work for 
our manufacturers, and a famine from the incessant & relentless Eain ; & IMiss 
Tvembhard dying in the house. On Wednesday we send for D'' Ferriar but 
he cannot come"till Friday; he then gives us but slender hopes. On Friday 
Miss N. continues all that day and all Saturday as ill as possible to be alive." 

The following, under date Sunday 26 Sep. 1809, really covers a whole week :— 

" AVe have some Eeason in the course of last Night and this morn? to think 
Charlotte better, but more symptoms occur in the course of the Day, and we are 
very impatient for M'' Holland who comes about 4 ]).m. : he thinks her much 
better and dines here and leaves her abo' 7 with great hopes that all would still 
be well. Notwithstanding this she dies about half jiast one on the Monday 
Morning. The weather miserably bad : I arrange matters for the funeral. 
Tuesday I go to Prestbury about the grave for poor Charlotte: get terribly wet, 
and on Saturday the burial takes place, raining all the time. Procession as 
follows." Then comes a list of those attending the funeral. 

De.^tii of Mrs. Ballvhd NEMBiiAnn ne'e Brooks. 

" Wednesday 22'"' July 1818. I leave Town for East Hyde and M''^ H." (his 
wife) " thinks of following me on the Friday, but Fate orders otherwise. M''= B. 
Nenibhard is taken desperately ill and I receive a letter announcing that they 
could not stir from Town till her fate was determined." 

He retuns to Birtles, and continues: — 

" Sunday 2"'' of Auy' 1818. I have no Letter this m? from town but the 
accounts yesterday and the day before from jM« N. were very bad. It appears 
afterwards that she lived till Sunday aft" and then died." 

Death of Ballard Beckford Nembhard at South amptox. 
(Said to have been from internal gout brouglit on by eating an ice when heated.) 
" Thursday June 14, 1821. That same evening we hear of the death of old 
Ballard Nembhard, wh. happened on jNIonday." 

John Nembhard Hibbert's Weddixg. 
'' Sunday, 4"' Aug. 1833. Eliza N." (Nembhard) "and I leave Chalfont in 
order to be present on Tuesday the G"' at Captain John's marriage with IMiss Jane 
Alexander, which accordingly takes place at Mary la Bonne Church on Tuesday 
the G"' of 'August, after which the party returns to Sir E. Alexander's in Charles 
St & John and his wife set out on their travels. Our family returns to my 
Cousins in AVelbeck S' :" (the other Eobert Hibbert's) " Eliza & myself back to 
Chalfont & M« H. and Lfetitia to Tunbridge Wells." 

Eliza Nejibhaed's 'Weddixo with Eobert Du Pre Alexander, brother 
or Jane. 
" Chalfont Friday Sep 13"' (1833). I have a complaining letter from Gleed 
abd another Clergyman being intended for the marriage of Eliza. My cousin & 
his wife come on 'Saturday. Sir Eobert & Lady Alexander with his Cousin & 
Miss" (illegible) "arrrive." 


'• Tttesday 17"'. Eliza's ui:in'iat;e takes- plac-c. Touiig Bloucoe marries tliem 
and stays till Tliursdaj'." 

[A Mr. Gleed was Vicar of Clialfont !^t. Peter's from 1S30 to ISGS.] 

The Diary ends the following year. The original is iu the possession of 
Robert Fiennes Hibbert, Esq. 

Letter feom Miis. JVemrhahd, ne'e Akx Pettox Hamilton, to hek Geaxd- 


■• Jamaica Sep'' 26'^' 1795. 
My dear Anna. 

.... I cannot ex|)ress how much I long to see yon, and your dear Brotliers — 
but that great Ocean, that is between England and Jamaica, prevents me of that 
happiness. I hope long before this, you have had the pleasure of seeing your 
Cousin Ballard" (Ballard Jaques Neinbhard), "you must be kind to him as he 
has no Brothers, or Sisters with him, lie is a very good little Boy, and I am certain, 
you and your Brothers will be very fond of him, he is rather bashful at iirst, but 
that will soon wear off, as he becomes more acquainted, I can answer that your 
Mamma will will be a second Mamma to him. I wish I could persuade your 
Uncle Ballard to send your Cousin Letitia to England, she would be a nice little 
play mate for you, he says when there is a Peace he will send your Aunt Nemb- 
hard and all the Children to England, she has two very fine Boys, the name of 
the eldest is George, the other is Henry. Your Cousin Lettice Orgill (who 
I make no doubt you recollect seeing at your Papa's House in England) is now 
living with me, she arrived in the last Fleet from England, she has lost her Graud- 
mamnia (M" Cleland) who she was to have lived with, Tour Uncles, Aunts and 
Cousins, all join in best affections, to your Papa, Mamnin, Brothers and yourself, 
and I remain my dear Anna's 

affectionate Grand Man;ma 

A: Nembhard. 
My kind Comp'= to your English Mamma M''* S. (Samuel) Hibbert." 
[The original is at Davenport Hall, Cheshire.] 

Letter from Ballard Beckford Nemekard to hi.s Sister, Mrs. Hibbert 
OF Chalfokt. 

" Southampton July 29"' 1820. 
" My dear Sister, 

.... I will with much jjleasure obe}- your summons to Chalfont, but 
I do not believe I shall be able to leave this until the 7"' or 8"' of next montli. 
I am sorry to add that the Boys " (Tom and Edward) " cannot accompany me, as 
they had seven weeks holidays and had become so wild, living out of doors from 
morning to night and frequently not coming home to dinner, that it was quite 
time for them to return to School, which they did this morning. I tbank you for 
the particular account )'ou give me of Eliza," (his dauglitei', who had lived at 
Chalfont since her mother's death) "and would rejjeat my acknowledgments of 
all your kindness to her, if I thought you were not sufficiently convinced of my 

grateful sense of them As I mentioned to you before, 1 shall be perfectly 

satisfied with whatever sum you may think necessary to be expended for Her 
dress etc. without troubling yourself with particulars of the Bills, the sight of 
which would n^it make me a bit wiser; but as far as I can judge, the amount you 
have mentioned appears to me as little as can be fixed on to enable her to appear 
as decently in your family as you and I could wish, and which I beg you will 
allow to her in any way you tliinU proper." He goes on to complain of the 
extrava'^ance of his three eldest sons : '" It makes me melancholy when I reflect 
that out of three Sous grown up, not one of theu> is possessed of common prudence 



in whom I can place any coiifideiice in the event of accident to me, and that 
I must trust to the chance of finding some persrn that ^vill kindly undertake to 
execute my Will as far as respects ihe rest of my Family, ifhich it ought to he 
their province and duty to do .... As I liope so soon to see you I shall conclude 
with hegging to be affectionately remembered to all at Chalfont and that you will 
believe me always 

Tour affectionate Brother 

B. B. Nembhard. 
[The original is owned by Mabel Nembbard.] 

Lettee feoji Elizabeth Hibbeet, nee NiiiBirAED, to uee Sistee 
Mes. Hibbeet of Chalfoxt. 

G' Orraond S', Saturday Ocf 2i'i' (1829.) 

I cannot leave England my dear sister without saying farewell to ^ou, it is 
doubtful whclhcr we go on board tomorrow, the Tide ni)t being sufficiently high 
for the ship to go out of Deck yestei Aaj — my IlusVand is gone in the City & I shall 
know for certain this Evening. We went on board the Ann last week ; Jane 
(Hibbert, her niece) expressed a wish to see the ship & most comfortable 
& commodious Apartment we have, Snm (Hibbert)* has been very attentive 
in seeing that everything is put in for our accommodation, he is to go with us as 
far as Gravesend. I am now going to tell you of a circumstance Ihat will surprise 
you. I have had an interview ^^ilh our Brother (William Ellis Kembliard), 
my Husband met him yesterday about Edward's money, he told him where I was 
&"asked if he would not call & see me which he promised 1o do, as he did not 
come before dinner I gave up all thoughls of seeing him as he was to lea\e Tov\n 
early this morning, however in the middle of Dinner A\ho should walk- in but our 
Brother looking uncommonly well with the assistance of Eouge but much older 
than when I last saw him, he gave me a hearty kiss & appeared glad to see me, 
after we retired in the Drawing room he soon followed us, he then told me he 
wish'd to say a few words to me in pi-ivate. I went out witli him he then took 
hold of both my Hands & said it had been a great grievance to him the manner 
in which he had been treated by the family ever since his marriage, he then said 
a great deal about the respectability of his Wife's relations & could at any time 
show the certificate of their marriage. I told him he ought to have announced 
his uiariiage & not have kept it a secret .... Just before he took leave of me he 
said : " Eliza write a few lines to my AYife " .... I told him I must consult with my 
Husband, that seemed to satisfy him, he then took an affectionate leave of me 
which I believe was sincere .... I am sure I shall be most happy should it ])lease 
God that we return again to this country to be on Sisterly terms with him, being 
now only three it is lamentable that we should not be united. God bless 3'ou my 
dear Sister I pray that we may again meet, much happiness attend j'ou & j'ours 

ever your affec''^ E. H." 

[The original in the possession of Mabel Nembhard.] 


John Feederick Nembuaed (1823 — 18uG). 

" Henhury, Au(j. 25, 1S36. Sent Charles" (Parke) "& John Nembhard to 

* The Hibbcrts owned their own fleet of mcrehantmeii.— Jt. N. 

Nembhard. 19 

''Jnn. 24. ISST. The five bors " (one of tlieni chould be John Xembbard) 
'•all with us for their 1 oli.inv?, hou>e ,iulto full." 

"Dec. '20, ]S36. Mention of Jiiolv (Nembhard) as having come home with 

''Dec 27. Jnek mentioned as riding a certain ponv." 

" Auf/. 3, 1S40 Jack & . . . . are come." 

" Any. 14. 1S4'J. Jack leaves for India." 

■' ATnrcJi o. 1S49. Cap. Nembhard 50''' succeeded to the command of that 
reg'." (Battle of Cliillianwallah.) 

" llarch 23. A letter from Jack, Camp Cliillianwallah. his swrrd shot off and 
a ball through lis pantaloons on Jan. 13. been ei,t;aged twice. 1*' lime on 
3'^ Dec. — out of (J65 men and 15 officers. 23S killed & 8 ofEcers killed & wounded " 
(of the res'ment oniv. The total English loss was, in killed and wounded, 233S 
men.— M.N.) 

Capt. John Nembhard was mentioned in despatches for bis services on this 
occasion.— M. N. (See below.) 

*>-G Capt. J. F. Ne5ibu.\ed, 56tii Be>-gal Infa^'tet. 

Extract from Lobd Gough's Despatch, dated IGth Jcse 18-49, axd 

" Lo^■Doy Gazette ExTnAORDi>'AJEi' " of 3ed March 1850. 

"He" (Sir AViHiam Gilbert) "also expresses his thanks to Lieut. Colonel 
Jack .... Major BamSeld. commandins the oG"" Native Infanti-y, who was 
mortally wounded .... naming likewi>e Capt. Nembhard of the 56"', who 
succeeded to the command of that Corps." 

Edward Nembhard. 

" Henhury. Dec. 21, 1641. Ned arrived for his holidays. Ned is growTi." 

•' Xor. 1S44. EJward Nembhard came from Henbury having taken leave of 
Letitia" (her daughter). 

"iVby. 25. I went .... & .... after taking leave of poor Ned— these 
partings are melancholy." 

" Dec. o'*, 1S51. Heard througti his brother of p<-!or Edward Nembh.ard's 
death on 12 Oct. 3 miles from Delhi. Confumption, doubtless lungs gone. He 
has not been as regards this life happy or prosperous — it is consolatory to reflect 
that his was a gentle amiable spirit." 

Eliza Jase Nembhard. 

"London, March 16"', 1841. Drove to see Eliza A Ned Nembhard." 

" March 17"'. Eliza spent the afternoon." 

"Jan. 1", 1S44. Eliza & Ned Nembhard at Hcnburv. Blandford ball, took 
& Eliza, Ned " 

" Jan. 29'K Eliza & Ned left." 

"Sept. 26"', 1646. M"- Parke & Letitia" (her husband and daughter) "to 
town to attend Eliza Nembhard's wedding with Rev. Logtin Dobinson." 

* J. F. Nembhard was nominated to his commisfiun by his uncle, '" James Parke, Planter, of 
Jamaica." W. Nembhard, 55 Bengal N. I., was ^ven his by one of the Alexander family. 


On the suuth wall of the south aislf : — 




DEC" I31H 1829 


Above, oil a sliield : Ci:£ST. — A deini-becn- coupeJ, in its left paw a 
AuMS. — (No liiuture?) . . . . a chevron letween three human hearts. 

Below, on the floor, is a stone over the vault inseribeil: — 
W. E. NEMBHARD Esq' | LS-J9. 

He was third son of John Fred. Xeuibhurd of Kingston, Jamaica. 
Pejtoii Hamilton his wife. 

Sa>."dpits Cemetery, Gibraltar. 

George Wm. Nembhard, 

Master of H M.S. Vesuvius, 

died suddenly, 19 June, 1844, aged 34. 

Erected b_v Comr. Erasmus (_)mmaney and officers of the ship. 

(" Notes and Queries," 11 S., ii., 483.) 

Fulmee, Co. Bucks. 

To the memory of George W™ Nembhard 

of the isl.nnd of Jamaica, 

late of her Majesty's steamship Vesuvius, 

who died off Gibraltar, June lO"" 1844, aged 33, 

and was there buried. 

This tablet was placed here by his friends John and 

Katharine Kaye of Fulnier Grove in this parish, 

to record his worth 

and their affection and regret. 

In a Letter from the Father of Miss C. P. Kaye to his Uncle at 

Fclmer, dated Jan. 1834. 
" I hope George Nembhard has got afloat again, and has got his rank. Please 
remember me to him." 

From a " Slight JorENAL of a Fortnight's Tour made Septembee 1836," 
BY A Miss Kaye, aged 12 or 14 in that year. 
" Sep. 26''' Monday. Proceeded to Chichester, where Papa ordered luncheon 
at the Dolphin, and we went out to see the Cathedral while it was preparing .... 
Saw what we believed to be the Tomb of M'' J. {sic) Nembhard's Father ; 
M' J. Nembhard is a protegee {sic) of Aunt John's. 

Note by M. N. 

George Nembhard arrived from Jamaica with letters of iutroduction to the 

Kaye family of F'ulmer, who received him kindly, and became so much attached 

to him that, on hia death at Gibraltar, they put up a tablet to his memory in 

Fulmer Church. There was some mystery about his biith, and though George 


was a great de;il at Fuliner, and the K.i\o> wero acquaiiiteJ with thu Hibbert^ of 
Chalfont (ouly abjur four miles from Fuiuier), he was uever takeu there, nor 
were the Hiblicrts made aware of his existence. Young Miss Kaye's conjecture 
was probably correct. The wife of Kob.rt Hibbert, jun., sister of William Ellis 
NembharJ, hints at something of the kiiii in one of her letters. 

ISoi, Jan. 31. At Knowbury p.irsonage, near Ludlow, Jane, relict of 
Ballard Jaques X. .£ f. the wife of the Kev. J. Llovd Jones, Plas Madoc, Deu- 
bighsh. ('■ G.M.," 33.3.) 

1854, Ap. 1. In Hyde Park sq .1. ^>. Letitia-Hamilton, rel. of Kob. Hibbert, 
of Chalfont Park, Bucks. She was the dau. of Fred. N. of J. & was m. in 17'S5. 
ilbid., 559.) 


On a tombstone in the churchyard : — 

Sacred | To the Memory of | sophij. locisa, | wife of the | Eev<' Hexbt 
Nembhaed, I whj died the 10''' Juae, 1>6J, | aged Go. Also in Memory of | 
ReV HEXEr Xejibhaed | Husband 0: the above, | who died October Is^'' 
1876, I aged 81. 


Ann Edwards died li July and was buried IS July 1800, aged ii years, but 
there is no tablet nor tombstone. 

Anne Nembhard from London was b'oried in 1S06. 



1818 Aug. S Ann Xembhard, S- Marylebone. Age 51. 

1833 Oct. 12 William Nembhard, Great Marylebone Street. Age 37. 

No vault has been yet found. Ann would have been buried in the ground at 
the back of the old chapel in the High Street, and William m that of Paddington 
Street, now a recreation ground. 

See M.I. to Ballard Beckford Nembhard, " Caribbeana," iii., 235. 


Oq a headstone at the top of the churchyard : — 

Eliza Jane j wife of the Rev. Looan Logan | Rector oi-' Locknigtou York- 
shire I Born April 1'" 1825: died December 30"' 18-57 | (Also insc'riptions to 
two sous on the north and east faces.) 


This is to certify that it appears from the rec oris of the Bengal Military 
Orphan Society in tnis Office that Mabel daughter it the late Major General 
William Nembhard, Bengal Staff Corp-. Retired, was born 011 the 5'-' Janu iry 
1862. (Accountaat-Geueral's Deparrmeat, India Office, Whitehall.)