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Full text of "Neues und vollständiges deutsch-englisches Wörterbuch: zu J.C ..., Volume 3"

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Carl eottkib ^<ittttttmt> ^mam tftiO^lfm 



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f- V 

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C U tb« aiiMCeentlL Imer of the Ot€amn bU 6Mrt(rBfte# , Cwd • pafefe , p^de W 

ilphiWc, uid u iDoii commoniy fonn^ v fowing. 

tkd like tlw Ei^liih f. ift fe, fune, baieaatfttb, M-^, pimr. Kf-Cff afield 

w, ecc . fowa with corQ. 

Cl! 6(1! lA Uumrjeeiion of eQCMun^e- tU 0aa^tnt^ V. 5al Ckkltftlfc(iei|. 

, J to acUYity and ioy, jCaatfur(pcn^ verb.reg, act, tp plough iha 

^ - day! cone » cornel eome oji; o Uft time for the feed. ^ 

^ krtre! well ! o ioy ! bow happy! , 'M 6aatftmten/ the lait plou&iaa for tha 
taeotf, M-cl, pimr. %^ m^t, DU ^ C9cd, the feed-p toughing. "^ 

K<W- bti 6d!(6cil/ a haU> a large room, bfe @aat9Urfie , the cucumbet graiiu or 
S^^Cf' or epdfCfaal, the dioiHg-roora. . kerneU lor plantiog. 
Scr 9il(crfaar, .a ball or iaioon ador- \M 0Oatforn/ ieed-cora, corn for fowing 
M<i wiih imagea or picturea^ S)^r b^fy ^^ 0(Xatfrtf)^C/ the commoii crow. 
idtM, a weddiogroom. 2)fr StfttCI* We«aottCi^ p/ar. Wc-OI, the feed- u'me. 
m^ a baU« where the kiiighta meet, lowing vtime. 
SerWAcrfikit alibrary- «o iHrfoaC/ tier ©aWttt^, W-c<^ p/iftr. Me-c, th« 

* auditory, ©tf ®Drfa«I. ao aati. '^'^•^-*- -..--... . . 

OuBbcr, A fore-halL (Sin i^Ultirfaat/ (gU| gco0er 6aal/ 

iit&Ulc, the SaU. a river of Germany* 

viiicfarires in Franconia* aadCiUa ilto 

Ute liter Elba below Deilkii. 
te6«amc,f^di V. 6o«c 

* ©•«/ f^w* We - CDi fir^m the vfili 
fin* fha ac< of (owing,, Ltt. Satia, 
{a[ticulaiiy of oocd, without a plui^l. 

^«a«t iMfcni o< iPliktcii, to ploMh 

n order to low; W.^omui^m. flfff 

^ jc«l {ii|rr eaut, wlir ^ mil »er $<r @aKat(tag/ . the labbath. 

€oat MNfWi^ we are now a Ibwlog. OCt SdM^ M.* ^/ W«^. Ml m>m. ^Li^. 

«e are BOW employed in fowiii| com/, a fabre or uble, fidcluoj^^. (cimitar, « 

*tii now the feed- time. S}{(i6aat VOr< fliort crooked fword. . 

«^, to bepin to fow. ®ic 6aai id ¥< 64Jctt?ftne, p 6<r. 6fc . o, a french* 

tcfmcn^ the towiflw •> n'me oa £Md^time beaa , Judoey -bean ; V.' CkbmcrMobflf » 

^pallor orer. ^g| 000(1^0, tcr 6<r fdbeW*, the fw^rd-filh^ 

Sy^trwftll, Die 6aarg(r|i(# M< ©aafc Cill €k»<(fuL a crooked faulty leg of a 

^»*«»/ »CkbcgefiCt IPCrtcn foBcn, leed- . norfe. which i« beat like a (able or 

»fB, ieed-i^e, C»ed^bar£^» it^^Ji^di'' cuUala. . v . 

^\ inOead of which we fay alfo @<u (<r OdfrcOfltf^ a ftroke, blow or cut wt^ 

«abni, CaiBCOrotftn JC a; The feed. a fabre, (able or fciniitar. 

vtechii fowa, particulaHy of tbjy corn (U 6^be(Kinflt/ the blade of t fabre « foi- 

^eugaed ibr fowing; moil commonly in ^mitar or cutlafi. 

Jjcmnpooad worde %Xk¥mf (HttfiOr. Wbffo, verb.reg: act. to cut withafalwe^ 

W»fMl> 6a«iicrfaar> SKoKrftoal tC. falchion or fcimiur, to (put down. We 

(ke mafewordi) where the plural it ufe it only in bcruntcr W>t\Xkt and in the 

<^ only of feveral (bits. It it maH compound worda a(r46c(n and (lic^ecfd^ 

filiMui thia CeaCe in lowW Saxony; in \dXif which fee. ^ ' 

|ood German the word eaoim i« alfo ^ed^eff^indbbr, V> 6(il|ieir(^(nrcr. « 

«mI 3; The young corn (hoc out of pit @4bciUfc|)C/ p/ar. tie-n, a. kind of 

ue Cwd, before ti eart or bcaachea into < leather* pocket covered with doth, which 

^*^ 9k 0Mlt ftcbit \^% the com haa . -the huflara hare hanging^uoder the fabre. 

«good or.fine (how. Sie 6«or Ottf bCOl tCT 6dbC0teum/.be^ -€</ p/a<:.tkr bdU0U> 

mCtheAanding com. 2)lirAMf6aat the Sat ia or Sabin • tree , Xun^perua Sa* 

•tS^mi, to walk dtroaeh the corn or bioa U. * 

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befor* a ma{;iftrate and the fubjaotof ii» 
, aod in a more eatenliTe fanfo , any prp- 

- ' «ilc JtlogcfacJc' 
\f a law - Ikut. 
(I, tobaTea lull 

own cattfa. jjll 
judM, to datida 

matcers. i^OUfadKII, criminalities cn- 
xninal cafes* capital' crimes, criminal 
aoti<ms« dr banj^ng mattats. a) An 
a£Pair, concern or bufineCs. j^tt^ro^Cll/ 
don&aftick affairs. ^X9XkX%\^VCi9 Aatai^ 
affairs. 5triCg«fa*<n ^ the sffairs oFwar, 
War -matters,' matieirs concerning uraF.. 
^Clbfacbetlf money- affairs, money- mat* 
ters» affairs concerning money. tlOyetv 

rid)tfmr @a4K abjicl^en ntftfTen^ to ba 

obliged to retire, Tetreat or go away 
witboyt having done or performed any 

thing. Getner @a(be geioif fcpn/ to go 

upon fure grounds, to ba'cotk - fure. 

Ser @a4»e w nf(tt meiir itt (^Ifefl/ iba 

affair b not lo be remedied. fBic gcOcO 
cure @a(^cn? how go fqnares Wicfa you? 
how do you fare T how do your anaira 

go?- ^6(9 dner 6a4( aiine(meii# co bo 

concerned for, to intei-eit himfelf in or 
for a thing « to defend an affair. GdOC 
listen ft<?en fc^tott/ his affairs ar» in a 

«€ad condition. 3ti mitbtigcn @a€^eti^0es 

btau(t>t tlKrbCO# to l>o employed in im- 

^ 'pbrtant affairs. 6cfoe 6acM vcr(lcb€n# 

' to uttd^rffand his affairs • to be fkiUed 
or (kUful in his affairs, mi^ in fTddbt 
6a<bC0 mOltaif to nieddia with other 

loik's affairs. St b(tt feint ^(t( M^r 

* f»lf#t %m9S^, be has executed hn af- 
lair very ill. 2)l< 6adKdottel^ ftft 9t<^ 

" ligfontJcrttKibhKn, to defend the cauf^ 
•oF Ood, of Helton. tDi('6a((e ttt 
CBobrtKit fttbrcn^ to plead t^r defend dia 

^ caufe pf truth. £1 Qtit b<r gmt^tcn €Sa^ 

' ^( batten^ to ftami, for the good cailla. 
jDo« tft beine 6a(bc/ gebet Dt(b an/ if 

^ beine Vffcbt/ that concerns tbea, relataa 
to thee, is thy duty, fs^A fjt mcint 0a^ 

* (^enfttt/ ge^ttuiiailti^tgiinr that doe* 

not concern me, does not belong' to me^ 

*' 1 am heither under the obligation nor 

have die ability, ^n bcr Qicfd^winbigfeit 

cine gebcitfliibcttntmort §u ffnben/ifi nicbc 

' fdne ^^w,' ft befift bam nic^t btc w 

tbige SdbigWt In familiar language th^ 
j^minueive is alfo fomatimes u(ed of 
trifling iniignificadt affairs or buiinels« 

(^ bac^tc mt @d(^Icbai tti^t fhig oniu^ 

fangen^ he thought to begin or commen- 
ce hil affairs very irifely. 5) An occur* 
renceor event paft, an accident, the 
, manner, how a change follows. 

wtfl ibnen blcgaiue Ca^e €tiAikn,l 

' tell you the whole affair. According to 
the circumftances, to the condition thuigs 
ihall be found in. ^ mof Clf (ilftCf 

bfc«a*rfo(nmni/ im^tati dbc^raf 

or find out the affair. fSKc it bie 60C 

Sgegangni? how did the affair bappm 
t> (onn ibnen no<b onbere @acbc£c^ 

erid^en/ I can ffill tell you other affati 

Seine. SI tbnnen beo ibr eben foCc 
@tf<fo((ben. vorgeben/ even fucb «£fd 

may happen with her. 4) As a figure 
the preceding ligniH cation €)a(be ia c 
«en oppoied- to Ucren fBortrn (emp 
words 3, but only in the plural. (Si\ 

8Ube mtii Co4^en oitb nick blot !G3oi 

tntbollcn*, 5) Any matter, fubject • 
thing, whidi we (peak or treat of« upc 
which wo employ ouvfelves ; where it 
nfad in miny cates only In the finguia 

iDog bient^ gebtit nicbr w ©acbt/ tb. 

iav nothing to the purpofe, that is n< 
thing to the bulineta. Pur Sfl<be bifl 
li<b^ to the pnrpofe. gut ©acbt fdi>rc 
ttXit to proceed to tfaa point, to tl 
affair, to the matter rn queliion. ^c 

dner ^Ae ^anbefn/ to treat of a thin 

2Me i^U|ltfa(be/ the main point, inai 
thing, th# principal or chief affair, 0| 

voled to eineWebenfatbe, a by-maite 

by -concernment. Cicb mit (aottr 91 
benrfNben befc^ftigen/ to empby one 
falFin » about or upon nothing Imt bv 
mattors. ©ie «a(be be<tebet bdrtn , tt 

affair confilU therein. 9)on ber ^ac( 
nblOeicben / to go from one*s ' fabjec 
irtaka a dTgreffion. IbwMit i^ ober b 

€<Kbe (uri f^lfe^ (urt 9on bcr @a0e a 

rcten/ but to bring die matter to 

point. Urn nun for €Ha<^ |« fommci 

now to enter upon the matter, tin nu 

mieber lut 6aa)e m fommen/ to coa 

home from my digr^ilion. gfncf &(X^ 
ein Cnbe mo^^en , to make an end i 
a thing or of an affair. £)a^ if! cine ai 
bere CacbCr that \% anoAer affeir, < 

ano^r thing. Cinem ton'fenb fdge 6< 

4Kn MrfOgtn/ to fay a thoufand rwe< 
or agreeakla things to one. iDtfg t(^i 
IBM^Um ®a(^, that is nothing to tl 
parp6fe^ nothing to the matter, ftnf^ 

gen von ber verbabenben 6a(be |u bai 

bcto/ to eater upon the matter in han< 

VM i^ gefngt babe, flieft aqg ber cR«ti 

liti @a(be/ what I have faid proceec 
from the nature of the thing. 2>er 6< 
<|K |U iMel tb^lOf to exceed the bonne 
of a thing, to over -do it, go be3ron 
the limits of it, or run upon extreme 
6) This word is alfo very often nfed as 
^naral name of co^oreai moveabi 
things, if wa don*t know how to ca 
them by any odier general namo. QQBi 
finb bog iixt @atben? what things a] 
thefa?6pfe(ra(ben/phiy- things. Qacfc 
fOtbOl/ comfitt, fweetmeats. SI fcbU 

mir no<b hit nbtbioen 6<Kbett m biefi 

tiritiev, Iwantftillthe nec^ffary thtaj 
for. this medicine. WttUXi Wnc ®l 
tben/ all forts of fine things. Partici 
laaty ^ools, implaments, inilrumeni 
Aimimra, aloiliet ftc ^Cfne.da^K 

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^H^Utttf to pack qp hifthiitgt, gbodt* 

3900 Mhrm mfeSacbcn ? to whom do 

thiduuii^ bdoDg? Wbare it Unhen 
Boft conmonly in tbe piunl. 7) 2)|C 
6iKtc it. often oppofod to the ^rfetl/ 
ad then it IfgninetaDj thing oppofed 
to die perfon. J)o< ^dtlOOlt grttn tU 

l« ^rittc bcr 9arfon , the Yerb |e^cii re- 

^oiies the accnfiitivo of the dung, and 

t)» ditite of the perfon. 
h^oMtimm, pitar. bfe-Cn/ in Logic, 
4 I real definition, a definition, which ex- 
j ?iM the matter or notion of any thing 

feMCdr «e^*' end a^t^. that lofea hia 

cnre, that is call in his fuit. ^(Htf(^ 

I9 Mhtfflf/ to lofe one^f caufe, fuit oc 


i^fflAhlf^ a complaint or action atlaw« 
(ftHniMg^ a^f. ^^^ «^* th^t'it appri* 

ffd or idfbnned of a things that knows 

kow te manage an affair. 
Itf etchtsifer, hti'i, pimrJ nt noni. 

fi»g, a table, regiiler or index of the 

coaieoti of » book or of things. r 

^*fal , Saxony. ObctfCKHcn , wppei! 

S«w«y.. Wt^tfM^, lower Saxony. 

liB6a<^ff/ aSaxon« 

te6«*ftnfed^, t<r ©aiWtnfttegel/ the 

cod* of the Saxon - Liw. 

Mf|(t) , aJJ, and a^/vw Saxon , belong- 
ing to Stxony, of or out of Saxony. 

ftett, - CT/ • efe^ tf^/* And adv* foft, 
fofitly, -flowly, gently, by degtees, br 
Ktde and little, by flow {iegreet. u 
^ ooly iifed in popular laog^ge , parti- 
olaiiyin lower. Saxony, t) -^i^tt ttf 
^ te rpeak low or foftly, not ^o h>eBk 
[oloiid. ScMbocfrfacbUr! I<^ly! fpeak 

Mj\ pray do not fpeak To loud! V. 
^C- s) ^OCbtC gclKtt/ to walk loftly. 
orgMidy; to walk flowly, not to go 
^H 6a(bec! fOibte! hold! foftly! not 

kCift! V. (angfam. 9)^ati5cii Mt 

flifftifnif to tondi one loftly or gentl?t 

^- icmo*^ fanft. 4) Eeff » "ot diffi- 

^t; eoly as an adverb. 2>al faOIlt bu 
Mttoll/ Iclcl^l/ thon canft ealiiy do 

"^♦•Cffhmbf M-el/ plur. car. in 
Lope* a relative determined fenfe. 

w6;*KfWiiMge, M-n, piur. hH -n^ 
? vlJf^^Mi « Hge, one who 
nn JkiU fnfficient to discover and pro* 
»gw upon tbe merit of any thing, 
« Uoifid or knowing man. * 

w6j*wiirer, M-i, piur. m nom.fing. 
Urron^M^ t* an attorney, advoca- 
ie.Iw»yer, proctor, a) eiil 9ef<^fir<trtf# 
^'IMt/ anfagent, a perfon iatmAed 
imh transartiog bufioeU for another. 

^^, bU-^a, pimr. bfe ed<ft. DimU 
'H^J^^Mtditn, ♦edrflein. 1. In the 
^estaifive fenfe, any hollow* fpace 
2{^ •* one end; ooly in fome cafes# 

•!%. lOer fyrweffarf, the plfee of a 

f;un, where the powder orchsrge it ppt; 
9 Chvroiftry, tift AoWeofatf ie the hearth 
or middle partofa furnace, oikwh^h^ie 
char- coals are laid or pi^t. a. In a n^o- 
re limited fenfe, a hollow^ Ipace made 
ofapiiable matter, iiu^F or fabiUnce, 
and dofed at one end, to put other 
things in, without di/iingni/hipg the £se. 

Oln (eberner ^ad, a leather -^hag, a bag 
or lack of leather, ^ din UinttUX ^acf/ 
a linen -lack "^ 
ilrainer,. a b 
etc* through 

eft ^^b\^d 
ichel or b 
beggar's bag, 
tclfOrf/ apoj 

(Der i^ot)enr<)( 

cods - purfe. 
farf^ a walle 
lef carries h 
2)cr 6troJfa< 
bed. J)cra 
unb fact/ w 
unb ^acf au 

and baggage 

Jfebni/ to rei ^ 

' and baggage. 3. Sucli a large recepia- 

c!e or repofitory of a pliable mattbr 
' bears in good German in the moil Iinfi- 

ted fenfe the name of a ^acP, oppofed 

to the fmaller 96t\Xtt\. €fn ®t1bfacf; t|n 

flrofcr ^elbbcutef/ a money, bdg. (2in 

ffloflfarf^ awoolpack, woolfack.; «tl 
$Dee()lfO(f/ a)tOf|fa(f/ Aomi'atf, a meaUj 
fack r m^lt • feck , corn • fack. (gt) i^0^ 

l»fctifa(f / a hopbag. dfema^cR ftt' ben 
eatf dcdcn/ fisuruuvwfy, ibn flbcwih* 

ben , to put one in the bag, to hare the 
fup'eriofity over him. 3ctiwnbca tol €^ 
CfC'^flbCn/ to have one in his power.. 
60 VOS Wk dnSacffcpn/to be as drunk 
as a toail, to be quite 'drunk or fuddled^ 
FigmraUveijr , in iome parts, the 6ac( 
is luch a 6ocf of a fixed or cenain fine, 
end then it is alfe ^fed n a corn«mea-j 
fure. 4* Among the ancient lewi , a ilrait 
maumiog • fuit of coarfe ila£P„ 5ac;k- 

cloth. 3m @ad unb in ber 9lfc^ ^itt 

t^On/ to repent in Sack -cloth and allies.' 
6* Skr SiSagen ; the Aomach i but only 
in a contemptible fenfe. Qet'nen ^Ml 
fkUtn, to fill his Homachi to fiU or crW' 
nis belly. 

bag ©aefbanb/ a fack -fixing. 

ut edda, y. gtcfcr. 

bCt&ddtim^ftzr, a.treafurer, pnrfer, pnr|e* 
bearer, alfo the caterer in a monaAerr. 

I. * <Ba<tcnf t^er^. ^eg, reciprocai, to fiak^ 
lowerr fioop, fall tpgether. Qa6 i6aug 
bQt 0<b gefOCft/ the hooDe has funk « 

. Utile by too much weight. ^Oi WM* 

ftr tSlm@a<!en/ im^aflcn, im '2tbnf^ 
mtn,: the water is lulling or^deofsafiog, 
3* 6adcn/ ver^. rug. met. aM4»«^<ar^ O 

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4 6A& 9aft 

To fiet^^ttt into a Dick, fbro fMNtI/ WT €«<Mtlf Mjnr / M-i, ff^^'^^^ 
. to fick oorn, put it ioto t UA> flioll fi^g* * [iicrAmenurian , ooo who nN 
fd<tal/ t^ £>^ ">^1<* O "^^ ^^ ®' ^^ ^^ ^'^"^ ^^ Sacrament of th^ Im 
up greedfly, at into a fack, partieviariy f upper* Al£o ooo that iipoA any occaiil 
in the compound words tftlfadfll/ Mtt<bn« will lay : vGodU blood ! 
CAdtn, 'V^rS. reg, ma. to put into alack. 6ACran(0lU(^ / mdj. and odiv. lacraiDen(| 
Cfne fBdWpcnon, "Wclor JWllb tim§C* lika orrefambU^g a Sacranoot. beld 
brac^t ^t/ Ul dllttt 6<ic! Pccfcn unb m ging to the SacrameBt^ in \k$ formol 
fdufttl/ to put a woman, who hei kil- Sacrament. 

led her child, into a Tack and drown her. Me &qaQmtUtihiAf€ f « pyx to kotp t| 
W CatP^am/ M^ti, pl>^- biC-C/ a bag- confecrated Holt tn« 
net, a net ufed ia catching paftridget, 6al,@dCfameflt#fct/9roMti4Wa>Mf(|rC(i 
orDe - net ufed in pus •Chtittt day. 

btreacrnntot^fidMobeff M-ii ph^- 

n, a ki^ the fmaU nom.fing. a profaner of iheSacramanj 
> Dancing- malUri, M< ©OCriWttllttlJWtC ^ iho, laoramao^ 

tioocy. *« SacciflaB . W - cl, j^/«r. Me -C/ «^ 

.cloth, coarfa K* criftan or (acnft, a perfon, that has d 
icka are made. •^^■'?« •» «"*^, <»^ *^« ut^afilt or oioH 

needle. ^^ ^^ * cbjirch* 

-n, a bag-pipe. We •^a>i(ic», /^/«r. bJc-ea, atacrilUj 

liper ^ ^^ veltry, an apartsnant or placo, wb« 

C-n/ btr CttrfpHf^ tha confoeraied veflalt or mo^bles^ 
• a church are k^t, ^nd wbareia toe n 

Miners, a pump re- , ^^^ puU on hia facerdoul gafm«nts. 

cker. Me WcularifOtloa, fecuUmation, the « 

*» 1V./.V;,.. «i;r- of feculfceiaing.or eonveriijig Orooa h<i 

et-lookmg-glals. ^^ fpirUutl, ?o common i3e. 

fempltm^^^^ 6lrulSrf«htlU W. re^. ocf, to faciUarM 

i?o£;ih^^n-s!- ^ »^^^^^^^^^^ 

Ur emnloymeni. Pror^^n^i^C b^? i garv'^ea?"'^ 

1*^^; V^^ . 1 , • r , junoua or abuUve frord ufed iq low 1^ 

b<U 6a<rtU(t , fack - cloth , camrals . Dole- g„,ge of a malicioua • cruel and fiirio^ 

; dam, (arp-aoth or fiirpher. packcdotb, perfoa, a MeU-dragoo, a.Satan, a H« 

t*"!f ' *!J?^r"l ^''"** P'^J**' * pockeu- tound. ffik fft^rt beoii bCT {Cllfd ft 

haadke^hief beara thia name; V. fen @abra<biR Me ta<(K! how dia ^ 

' 0<blUlt>fftK9« ^ », ^ ^ML * ^*^ comes thia Hell -dragon into tho k 

We eacfubr, a watch; V. £ar<^iiuflr. cheni i^eniie^. 

We 6«<l»ofe, a balance^ in one's berfdcwann, bc^-e«,p/4ir. Me-ndim< 

pocket; V. gebenpoge. . afSwer, onewhofows. 

eine eacfmuft/ •cn*?r?^ ^t^^t* ^f We©4etnaf*lwe, a C^wing-machiiw. 
maw of a fwtne £Ued hke.a Wack-pud- gj^^ ^uri^. reg. act. to fow. to fcati 
ding. fead.on the ground for growth. 8U0M 

|Jer©acfacMt{tf be#-t!, p/nr, Me-n/ a tithe VM^n, ettfU, ftafer icr fden^ toTc 

giten of thramed and cleanred com, rye» wheats barlay, oata etc. Citti 
which is already put into ficks ; ber SCdPct fdeit* 6ef<fCII^ to fow a field* fBB 

€»clWjebfiitt. , . . ibr fdttt ft »<tbcr i^r erobtm, aa yi 

ber CkKfiWiQkb/ coarfe canvafs or ticking, fow you /hall mow. Hi 1$ gttt ffett/ 

of which facks ace made, lack-cloth. . is good fowing. FlguraUvefy ^ HtJoij 

bO< COcrament/ bel-e^, pi»r. bie*e/ from cafes, in the palCve, to mail orba ths 

• ifha Lab' ^cramentum, a Sacrament. together. lDieZ)6rf<t ftllb ^ier fttr bw 

2)a< Sacrament be^tUar^/ the holy Sa- %tWt, the vUUgas are here vary thin 

crament , the Cuchariit , the holy Com- fown. X)(e 00r|Age ffalb bC9 iflB f^ 

ttunion^ the Lord"* fuppar. ©a^ ©as bflnnegefdet. 2>a6 i»elb tt be9 mfr j 

crament bee taufC/ the Sacrament of b&nnegefdet/ money is fcacca with n 
Baptism or of chiillening. ba^ SdCtt/ the act of lowittg, fowiog faoi 

6aeramentaUr(b^ facrament](4^, adj. and alfo the rowing -feafon. tSir jftob n 

adv^ facrameauU facraoftentally. bcm 6den fiert{g^ we have done lowing 

bal SacramentMa^leinr a remontfrance. Me @dc|e<t^ the lowing -tiai«» fowi« 

wherein the Sacrament b eipoted oa a feafoo. 

popiih altar. Cafcra^ a mlnefal; V. 6ofVor« 

Oacrametltlrftt^ verk. r^.nwmr* tocnrfe ber 6af|iaQy bc5-€^, pitir. (bnt only 

and'fwatr. • - ' fe?erai ibru , ) biC-C/ Mutt wd or p 

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6#f ei» 9 

; W^lbroceo, Tmkay ar 8p«AiBi Let. OiKHl/ -CTf •te, «*'. wA wiv. jaliy, 

ter drelM Willi gallf. full of jiijc«, (scculeiit) JigMrmi. My 

um^mt, M'h, pimr. (but o«k of ft«i^.faWUotUlly. ®qftM ^W»/ fog 

Cmlf#ftaO Me-(. ft^md of cobalt- Hgf »tm<tt,liiicyfnnM,)mcypatf«. ©af^ 
I cfth «f a my tttd f^dilh colcfiir, which fiftel 8(df*, mMt foil o£mwf. eamt 

k Mttra, wfacn «n the Arfenic ami BU- m^fti fncciileiit or fuhi&mtial inM or 

ndi or MMaOto ii fopsraMd by ttia foo4. /JffiM'a^toa/^, io popiaarltn^MC. 

fin fr«inf the Cobalt-' ore. obrctna^rmuthr, immodeft, bawdy* Ctn 6tff|fr, bd -«, r'tfr. /m/ SdBow. m^Hmpri^, tn obfcen* or finutty 

SaflBowwr. Ballard- falfron. wild Sflff- diftcourCs. 

lea, CarriiamBs tisctornM L. ^f ^ftf|feit/ juicfaaft, htffaig plenty of 

kr6ifnni, M-U, ^mr. (hut only of joice or Tap, fucculeae^ or fueeiileac^. 

fe»«al Ibrtt,) Me -e, Saffh>n, a Hower (Boftlol/ -tr, -e(te, flc^'. and adv. juic^ 
. or plaaf» which ia nfed ia tinctariog iay J^, hating no joice, no (ap, no gravy, 

4ufeK ycUow etc. Croent L« / bo noUlure. 

HeMnUlfiute/ Saffron -colont. ({( eafUomtdt, juiceleCineft; dryneft, 

^' - - " adj. laffron, yellow, of the went of juice, ti^ or graty. 

calour o^f faffhm. - M€ 6aftr(|fre #//«''• bU -11/ ceruinftrait 

te 6ift# M -Ci, f/«^. (but otfly of fe» juad long Teflela.which convey noorilhing 

mil forii,) bccQtfftC/ Dtminui. M juice to plana etc. . 

6tfMcil, ^effUdllr ^vhich it only uloal ({^ Q^t, plur. Mc -H, a Hying, talk, *iii* 

ia the fecosd fignification."' tj'fhe juKe, meur or report, d gefK(t tinttir ^ 4<mb 

the fi^or, fap or water of a plant; the ^ Caflt/ *tii whispered about, *til m- 

laid m ansnal bodiei etc. Cin Cl9fe(/ nonred or reported abroad. S^ if dQC (iS^ 

dtr tlinie %at jMol 6aft, an apple, gondnc 6o«c,trt W<t el^bcm.dii 6*tp8 

a pear has mnch joiotfT' ]>cr6aft/i6 ttOe gcjtaUbCtl bat/ there is a general report, 

lm'%a^tSi eOCf ^Otcnen fleffdK that a callleftood formerly here. 2)0: 

Uift. the gravy. J)cn ©ofe OH* HiwK 6a«c tia* ^ot Wcr dn CAlof geftanbcn^ 

IrMoi edcr |»rci||dl/ to preU or rqneese according to what is faid a cattle haa 

oaf the jnlce of fomethtng. 2>er «Uf' fiood here. C« gtbet Ut eWf ^^ ^^ 

McBbe 6aft bcr f||bm»cit mA HMsiiC/ j^of vcerdfet feO/ there goes,% reporx or 

^rife oc tte fap m plants and trees. '»^ reported, that the coutt is 'gone on a' 

We Vioiiic MNta to t^Um ««f»«/ jj»« tourney, ©ie gcwdne 6a0e# « common 

trees ore fuU of fap, are in fap. Set laying, the common report. (EiOt ftttt 

M ttttt to bCt edttttC/ the rap nlea ^^^ tDOVOtl/ an old tradition* 

»^ nes. Odf WWttlfdft/ *TO^ \M eht, pi»^' bie -n/ a Ca^, an hiftm- 

tc. th# Cap of the Birch-tree, of the Vuia g,ent with teeth, ii£ed to cut wood or 

ett. H^^^^mfMtiJ^^^;^^^^^^ metal with, tint i^iUtbfagC, « W- 

Iom; dfo the Chyk »pr tdcR^ft^ few. JDer W^jcmc Stt^m dner 6dge# 

die radical moiftnra. a) In a mora Ji- ^^ wooden frame of a fiiw. f^ 9oa 

bnfe, ceruin thickifli Ibid ho- aenfdAC/ the large faw 6f the ,Carpeit« 
dies are calkd 6tfft^ P«ticdarlr •"^^t^ ters etc. ©it ^atlinfd0(^ « Ca^<^^ ^^ 
Apoi&ccaries. fDN«fift/ ^ium, the uTbd by Gardeners. (»Iie etfflC f^NrfdV 
)«Me of poppy. MmAefWr/ th« j«w« ^o Ibarpen a faw. ©{j #<tftOtfdt(« * I«|t 
ef eider. fMMolbClfaft/ Mc SoiMpU dw, a two-handed faw* 
t(gfltif{f| / an dectoary of juniper-ber- j^^ ©dgebaum / V. edbOlbiUim. , j 

wy. «fibre!i«srft/ the jtaoe of carrets. fcai ©Jgrtrott/ 64:cnWan, b<l-a# #^< 
A9b Aie thicfcilhatfid bodies in the earth, bic-bldttcr / the blade or a Ciw. ^ 
for exantpie. Petrol, Petrolenm ^^ Itt &i^thMlf M ' ^ f pi^^ MC - MBrf<f 
Beck- oil (6M88|r); Rock - ur or « uunk/*or the bo^ of a tree to be (aw- 
black thick IVock - oil QIRtt%timJ etc. ^J into planks. 

are called by fome even after their har- ^^ ei^tbod^ M -ti, pIkp. Ik-iMt, thn 
deObg or growhtghard Crb^ or ^Uttp borfe, block or uellle.en which abir- 
'^^ ..^ «. mr A *' ^"y* *^^ ^®®^ '^ ^® (awed. 

'^■5!r.!Iu3i^'^''***^ "^^^^ fi^ a ki;d of Ih;rk, having a Inout, 
.."^'-jf: '^•"'••r?"*^-^ IT .Mfwop which ends in a Imooth fword; tootheA 

bfcf^' ■ l"'?^ P**'^ V- ®«ffCf^ Tr denud on both lides like a faw. 
W&Mtt/PlMr. W'Xlj among Painters, 6d|eflrmHl / «* «"<^ /f:^- « ;^» ^^J* 
coCSsWe o^the|m^cei' orthe vege> of faw-teeth, formed like a law; alfo 
tabU and anhnal kingdoms ; oppofod to w Botany^ leaves dented hko a favc. 
die flHneM ^kmis. bal Cdfldoto/ noney paid for iaviog^ 

kl Battptn, Bmkft Utd9€l. plmt. cnr. boi fflgtmcW^ faw-AiA. 
Sap -Green, Sap-green colour, a Green bCt #dgmdf!cr, one whd Baa the uifpeo% , 

sade of Btackthom - beiges ; alfo a Green tion over the fawers in forefis. i 

ttodr of fbe plan^ Im- Mc 64g<mA(U^ pAir. bfc-f)/ t Utt. miU. ■ 

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6 e% 

Ctf^en p 'v*rk^ -^eg, cct. to Cm , ym etft 

- uinber or othvr inaterialt with a law. 

itnft Sfmon^en in (Mcll^^ft r40^ # to 

faw with one in corapany. . j>0U SMtti, 

' to r^w wood, fnoctcn, jjora W«e«> to 

faw bon«, horn. 9>UktX , 90^(01. 9fb# 
• (ten, Gotten Wgcn/ to £iw boarda, planka, 

poAs , laths. 
hai @d0€n> fawi«g», the act of (awing, t 
@Oden, *verb. reg. act, i. To fay, tell 

OF Btter wprdi, , S)a^ fogct 2)tt ? what 

'doft thou fay? or what fayell thou ? ^ 

})aU a fcbo;! amco ^oM dtfa(t^ I have 
aid ic. twice, already. ^Qgen.eic wai'i 
do you fay any thing ? 3* fogC nicl)t^, 
. ^ I faf Clothing. 04^ fogt ^ 5af icb^ e^ t(^UII 
roifl, I l^y th^^Jwill do it. 2)i(®a(r# 
Wt fagen, to,lj)eak the truth. gjj0< fa< 
^ fiCnSit IWliit.wKat doyou fay to thatt 
SBad TOfrb mon bawon fagcn ? wat will 

! People fay of thau 2)avon mit uicf Stt 
agcn, imich might be faid asainil that, 
. or there is a great deal to be laid againft 

it. $S3ad '(^bt t^r bagegcn su fa2<n? 

what haf« ygju to Cay againil it? 34> 
^^iXi, I have no- 
ju oQcm {a fagcn^ 

every ibing. ^^ 
WX{t 1 hiive feme- 

l^have fomething 

^Wxi febr i^ic( au 

ich or a great deal 

II you. acpaj rogt 

do peof^le fay. of 

n ein ^ort bavoii/ 

to anybody. SRoil 
Ibcr^actc, People 

be affair. 3eman^ 
rintn gut<n Qjrorgcn 

[i one good night» 

1 !DaQf fagcn, to 

thank oi^.e, to return htm thanks. JAr 
ScnlQtltcn flUt fagcn/ to auifwer ror,^ne. 
to t)e bail for him. ^ai moQct if^r %0- 
"iriit fdgcn? what do you raekn by that? 
IBtC gCfagt/ tDlC i4» gCfagt (abC^ at I have 

£ud. $!8a^ mid ba^ fagen , n»a^ foB bal 

Wfttt/ bebClUcn? what is the meaning 
6f that? w|iat does that fignify? tlntCT 
titljj g^agt / .hetw^eeu us , or between you 
aiid'I, be it fpokcn under the rofe, pri- 
Tately» fecreily. ^^ babc mir f^gcn W* 
fen, matt bot mfr gCfagt., I have been 
told 9 or they have told me. ^\t, or 
wad i<5 !3Wcn fOflC , a kind of alfurahce 
' ufed in popular language. 9Ba6 i^ ^\^ 

' ncn fogC/ cr i% »fr«icb ^^ I •ffute yon,. 

- he is actually or really there. 2)i; baft 
»on<Blikfc vx fagcn, thou««iayil look 

upon thyfelf a» ktcky or fortunate* f^^ 

fagte nur fo, icf; fagtc ctf nur im @6fixit, 

1 only faid fio in jWi. . ^Cttanbcn tobt 
fagcn, to £ay that one it dead. gUicBl 
ftmad fa^cn, to fay fomething to one, 
to tell him of it. . (?r fagtt iu mIr, Cf 
roi^IIc fcmincn, he Paid to me or ho told 
mc, ihai he ivoul4 come. 


a« Ia «. noro limited and fHNP* ifgw 
tive fignification. i) To Qijf figaifioic 
•and not merely articulate or audibl 

words. Sum miij mcnia rebco, obcr ^i 

(ia^Ht; -^wv mud. talk Utile, but mu«h t 
the parpofe. rCjr plaubcrt obcr n>fi4tb( 

ianicn iUa unb fogt bod^ okbt;i,^i3 

prates or talks all the day, and vet " 
BoAing to the purpofe, or ^aii ao pri 

tea \mb. nothing^in it. a) To. comman< 
bid or order, to have command or ai 

thori^y* ^n cincr Sacbc ntcbU |o fag< 

^ b^bCH/ to have no power or aothoritv t 
command in an affair. Ht bat bicr tlUbl 
iU fagcn, he has no power or authorii 
to command here, ^cr %iXt mir Wki J 
faiMI?. who has the power or authoni 
to command me? ^ To make 'kno^ 

by wmian words, ^an mag gem, id 
fDlenragotfagt, grofc^dnncr bcv^lfc 
nCgfeitcn. BcUufdKn, f^^ Moniagao (ay 
4^ Ac<;ording to a Ilill more ex^enlit 
Bgure, to make kno:wu in ey.e^ otb< 
perceptible manner. iKcill S>ah bot < 
mIr (dngK gCfagt; my heart haa told 

me long ago. (Dtcin ®c»ifrco fagt xxAjt 

my confcience tells me. 2)a^ 01^ 

jjMtc liitr, bal bcr Vricf von vcinci 

SfCUnbC Um , the feal told me, tlut fk 
Letter came fcoip my friend. ., ^0 bCi 

fogt mir cine iKibnbung, b(c kft l{cb g 
n>innc, bas tcb tbn ctno?a(.mic2\crfcb< 

IDCrbe, J^crmcl S) '^o iignify, denot 
mean, ^ai n)tff Hi faocn? what is tl 
memmnfL of that ? vi^at does HJM (UnU) 

IDa< tm fo »tc(fogen, that llgoifiea i 

much as« Likewife^ to be of importan< 
or cenfequence. jQa^ Wtfl ni(bt^ ffl^CI 
that*a-ofno conCequence , ,that figniBi 
nothing , that*a no great matter. . 3cb< 

Sbi^er sMttca nfcbt »lc( fageur too Do 

lara is no great matter. Saofi^nb 2ba( 

n)eQcnf4>on »ic( fagcn, aihoufandDo 

lars is a confiderable Turn of money, i 
bat nicbtd m fagcn, no harm, no mattei 
*tia no ma^^r, *tis of no confequenc 

it don't fignify. 2)a# bat ylcl fu fagci 

that is pr importance or coniequeoci 
Sr bat 9tC( iU fagcn, he is of great cr 
dit or confeqiience, he haa great pow 
or authoriij » he is a leading man. 

bO^ ^agcn^ 'Vyiog etc. particularly in tl 
hrft ^gni6catioii. 2)ic CugUng is uf< 
only in fome compound words. 

bcr jpdgcr, bC< -5, pimr. ut nom.fin^ 
a fawer or fawver, a perfon, who cu 
timber etc. witn a faw. Alfo a kind • 

birds; bcr 6dgcf(bhdb[cr. 

biC GdgCfpdbnc , Jing. imuf. law - duit 

bcr @d§ctau4gr. bcl - i, plur. at nom.futi 

a name fof the Q3<bcrantt# Me^gus C 

Ilor L. 
tai 6daewcrf r pl^i^. boards etc. whi< 

have been fawed ; alio in Fortification 

bcr @dAC|Qbn, the tooih of a £aw« 
6dgUcb/ nJ/, and rnfy. froai th« verb f 

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e/iiiira^.b« i3nd dt f^^iitMt^ -irnxdleA hdbm^emtB 'of tha4ni^-kiadf 

ooIviatlKfcoinpoimd jtfrord uoMg^ . /^ihoiu a pliiraL . 

mbr wtiAfc. • tor ©attenlWcfof, be* -*f ;>/«r. ut a9«i. 

M e«i»# Sago, the *pMp«Did pidi oi tktt ^^n^- Fmnim. bit.&AttnmUttntif « mofi. 

c^go*crtei JL^ca* L. • daif • * ptffon, itbo playi on .roiiilcal 

te WM, v. CmL ■ inftrumeint of the ilriag>kind ; ^dfo only 

l« 6 rt ii tlH / V. CkKtebcr. in the Garman Bible and in Mn el.eea^c 

M 6«»(BiBb, M-e<, piur. bit -Muter, ftyle. 2)ie M^tnenidcfdngc tftnftCic^creaU 
a}lDlliuog, CheM^ edge or border tmipMtt m^dtn ^aMOi>t, 9tin. 
of ■ piece of ore; alfo the Team ,< the @ciitig^ adh and arfv. vitf ^ fK^^^fqlfil^ 
nastle of die of*. ^) Th« lift of oioch ; that has tonrl, fix firingt. 

^•J6*WX . . ..'--. bfteofcrf«!l/ta*<ii/f/fM-. bU-Ctt^ aCi- 

iie ( 

ih0 paiticiikva* ^nhich l^eioac to a lonf (ed to live in the fife » and imaging to 
I ^ erlMt, ae ^ riou, lemcet etc be veiy poifonoutf Laceiu Sdamandftf 

dveieit U' V. alfo gtoki^. 

IliSflMiil, afirw aSite, UimL Hfhich bo* €MamailbirtNiar# akiadof fil?er*or« 

pi]Fa DO lent. in feathen ; allo,die amiantna or aabeftoe> 

Iir6«iffifr/ pimr. tk^n, the lift of.cloth; ^ai 0afortlUMliaC/ ammoniac^ ialarmoniae^ 

V.6ib6aal^/ ' ammidu 

fcr emmma, i> A man of the court, bet 0«(Ot/ Mnel, f/<^. (hut only of fe.^ 

a flua» who lirea at court, a) Ib Dofine v^rd f^rts*) tie -C / (allot, falad, lalle- 

pans » an adfbcate, an atidcnejr. tiog. ») Aajr food eaten x^kh oil end 

lit6gM0e(bc,-^/Kr- Me -H/ the Sallow or Tinegar, particolfrly if it it eaten cold 

5aflow-tiee, ^-lund of Wtllotr; Salix end without any other preparation.. 

• cmen L. Hence ^4rinfl*ra(at,@orbeDetifaiat#Anittti 

tk6(4oe^ p/«r. iMAf. ber OMcbratm, fafot^ jhrdutcrftrlo^ (docteofofat^ j^* 

aeam, the thick Ui fuhllance rifiaa on pftt^Out/Shl^iinm^t tC. a faUel ma- 

ibe. farface of niihy when is haa Hood d^ of herriaaa , of endigYie^^ of cabba- ' 

foretime. «e, of fmall herbs, of cncumbeA, o£ 

^ 9 ttmM ft, SUhnMft, doan ^cheefe. the young fpnga of hops, of nuapiona^ 

n BmM^, fim^ We -H^ ia (ba^parta» etc. Cwim €aUlf ttaiM p to saM or 

anoM for the hfack Fopbr-Cfoe, Poptt* prepaid a iallet. a) In a more hmited 

\m aigre L. V, R^Cier JopfClbattni. UaU the lattice (tottic^ or Saetof) / Lap. 

flip/ 6ilie0 H. 1^ m 6dL ^ tnea L. ia calied onJ^ Ckllat finply» be- 

Ik 6iite ^^w*. bfe*tl^ the diord oriliing canCe it ia moft frequently 6a tea aa Sal- 

o(a«nficalnftauBe0t. f^J^WBOfoKUf let. ^arteofafat or lobmer 6a(ai/ gar^* 

iMMHr ogvt.%faif» wire-Anng. dsn-bUet, hnctuca fatira (i. to wfich 

fa aiji i i wi m ttitt oOftn ic|fe(eii^ ito belong ber fraufe @a(ot / (crifped^ laUet) 

ibiaf en aAQmneBt. 'ftae tfttStf »ft end toffRlIat (headed le^tice) ; oppofed 
low 9Mm (di^Cllr to ftnn^a hite tothe wild. 

«B«i«^ 2He edtCII n^Olineilr ^ Arain b#lSalat6ect/ a letdee-bed in,a. garden^ 
iWfirinn. 2Me6aile» #11111101/. to tune bo^ ®a(atfraut/ lalleting, A^allefeHherb. 
a nnfical iofhument. SMefe^U mil#. bhr@a(atfrdtlter/ £allet*herba» heibaitfoi 
■BO Oi4K beeftbreft/ figmroiht^fy biefeit in making falleta. 
fciCl# IMie 6Q<be r one oioa not touch 5{e GaloMwifd/ a lattet* dlOi. ' 
apon or ^atentioa thia affaie« one mull bit^Oiat^ib^/ fidlet^- women » womei< 
a^ barp on thia ftnn|. 2){e 6«iteil |U who fell fallet. 

Je* m^nm, to Aram the flringa tone ^er ©Ottober, bC^ - «/. p/ni».ut nom.fing^ 
m^, £Mr too high, id demand or xe- i) A prater, a prattler, one who p^att- 
m-e-teo mcid»« ^ nil |h b«lb gefUlbere* les or 4alke too much on trifling fubjecu* 
@0ttCB Mftic^^ he will foon come a a^} A quack r quacktalver or empiric. 
ftgot two lowefv he will foon be more %\i C^Oibobenf/ flw.W'tXif pradnj^» pratC-: 
li Am e M fr er-more fubmiffiya-^ ^VMRtt Ibg, chatting, babbling, ulkatifenefs ; 
ilf rinet 6a(te feleni, to harp always alfo quackery, quacking, charlauneiv^ 
«■ the fame:ilii9^ to lay the fame thing bal Saibonb, V. W Gablbanb, alfo bit 
aftf end orer agam. Q^Wiu 

>l^6dltni^:^MirumtQ^ Ui-ti, pimr. Me bfe ealbe^ piur. (but only of feveraUorie^) 
'U a muucal initmmeat of the (Iriiig^ bfe«n, Dimiri. bal®d(bdKn> *6Ab(ein> 
^d. ^ CidTev an .unguent, ointment. )fUgeitflU 

Wl 6flitC1lf|Her^ M'H, plmt, b«e*e, i) be^ fBunbfolbe, a faWe for the eyes, fer 
Only In the. German BiMe, lond fi^flMtip * wound. Cflie Cofbe beedten / to pre* 
nes alfo flilf in an elegant ftyif, a mu«> pare an ointment or falve. 
Minlb#o»eoc of the -firing • Jiimeh ^) Oofbebf. Ver^. r^g. acp. to^ke, anoiniw 

IDei^pM, tba pUTiag m tho ntifio oa ^i tobten Cekbnam falben^ buuer b«U 

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.10 anoioc orie p'rieft, lung. S)ll f»lti)h|^ « wail being e#tfn away by ibe £bUp« 
Hiibt mlt Oe^ic ftl(6cil, ibM flult not . ibMaiiMd m th* liaM*. Ukemim fi 
anoint thyfeU with the •%!, Dfot. agt 4o« damaged placet. 
Cioen AMOtcn fatbeo^ l^m Me teile De<^« btt Sali»eteijei#^ fpirita of aitit. 
Ittng geb(n# to anomnialickf erlon mCh ®0lPetcr^0(tid / ^*- «><i «^*v coal 
the boJjT oil. ^falbt# anointed. f)tt ialtpetcr. 
^(^(btc Mi^erm. ibe Lord's anobud. Me. e«(Mer|M«/ /4«r. Ue-n, a I*ii 
"•efalbte o^ee eetroote i^te|»tei> anoinud. ^ faduTe. 

or crowned beads. Me ^(yetetfaofe # laltpMm^4ye. 

^ai ^ofbeiT, Me eafbutHi* tbeaccofaDoin-Me 6a(peterfdMre, piur. (^bot only of 

ting, unction, embalming; alfo a coro- Ttral foiti.) Mt-B# ^ addky of oil 
fiauon, cofll^iation. la Oiriaity. Ck« MH SaNKtllfetetl, the making of (alipei 

^etc »Mler eafbrnig , feijlitl(|K Ortete/ bet edMcrpedetr te*-*/ pdur. uc^e^ 

• prayers full of unction. -y!^. ^Cakfotef soaker, laltpeur*o 
Me eQfb€f^4i^, a falve-box. Me BoipfUfiUUm t aiialmeiaa^honre. 
5er@a(benframer/ aquackorqnaek-faUer. '^Ipctrl^, -er, 'ftt, aaf. %md mdv, 
Me«^1lf^e«, plmr. inmf. fage» a kind of trbot* contatoing fakpotar. "^gMptttii 

odoriferous and aromatic pljai|C> Salvia L. like or releanbliog faltpeters ' * 
ColM^/ mdf\ and ^v. greafy, iioctio«»ft. Me' gaffe ^ pi^r. tie* II ^ awprd only _ 

oily , fat. u fed in tome parts , iigo%ing a iaii< 

ber ^flbllli/-64(Mlllil/«A fcivt of fiib; V. . a Iharp, fait or (bur fiuco aatM w 

««<lll, ^rminil. ^ fomafomoffiDod. 

Mil ^(b(eftl# etf(b4)€n/ « licde bintmeot Me @a(»er « y^^^^T ^' disch^egoaf. Ueeld 

or ^ahre. muakett or guns at omkm. . I 

tel^OMMf tba anohitiog.oii* tbaholy Me 6allHg4ir>e> a fate. guard. < 

anointing. oil. Me galwete/ a napkin; V. 6cnifette* 

Mtt eatMt« , V. 6ot»tMi(t. eelMren (XU^h to bve ooa'a felf . 

CoMHih ^^rb. r0g. ma. to baUnee an ac- bt4 @«(f / bti-H, pift^* (but only^ of (eJ 

count cunoni, to elear or adjoA it. ' ^eral i^ns^^Mt^C, lalt. JfedKoU/ $A^ 

Mil 0albe, ibe balance of an account d)enfa(|,. epeifefali ttnb gemeinel ^(i^ 

• cvrraiil. • ■ coniroon (ait. S)Ol WeefM|> fea * falti 
Me 6aNRe> tal 6^mmh a (ahem, {alt. laic Mde from £ia - warn. eMnfottj 

boa(e,a plaee wbere £alt Js made. vpck-ialt* mineral lak. €«|| gftbfll< 

ler 6aHttr, in fome parts, a baaU lor toidignp Mt. Colf ficbeBr to boil £slt 

in otber places it isv called make wxi boil. brine of IJaa^ater iatc 

' fait. ilMe«af»ttArieti. 10 feaCmi will 

eofrttoeide. . Cait. ea(» Unb «fO>r iidt:and baead . 1 

• d/ piui. Me-e/ aXsImon; • oanke lor ibe plalaeH and moft Irogal 

« . '^ood. Ail eat{ rnit 9ml Mcfielf nr(^ 

k, MNfareSe # a falaon- lien , to bo fatisfied with fait and beosd 

•.J'^h , *, tiU««faf>, aWina faki flMtigC^ealj 

tel eafflHini/ a ^double tramel, a aae ^Utila fait. 2)amil ^Ooll^ iah, tbai 

nfad in catdiing (almon. has ieft itt fahnafs. 

ter 60imia(, M^el/ plur. inmf. faUar* Me d^Hober, a Tein of fair, 
moniac. ^^I f$al|«ml> tba faltroffico. 

vet @Qlillia(9ef|l/ Ipmta of fal-ammooiae. 5ee ^(fkrg, a fait -mine, fait^mommio 
^ ber ^HnfiBg, a lamlet, a, fmall faloion. a mine tluie conuina rock- lak or aiae 
ber ©afiHIer. nitre; V. ealpeter. rrf fait. 

^^\jtVMfif Momon, a mali% name. ^{e '9 tbo £ilferulb. 

Mil iBolomonliicael, Salmons* leal, (from tol r f«it of faduen. 

• Salomon) fBdmurif • pl«w. tie en, ibe Howers of fait. 
lit ^QXhUt, hti^i, pimr. (but oaly of tie r the efflorefcenccof lalt. 

meral foruO «« nom.fin§^ fall -peter, bet l^ a fak-loft. 

Ai1t-petre» nitre. 9llliflr!{(|^ ^Oipctfr^ te? (m, the iieam or vaponiB o 

. €?<liP(tert!omen^ apbronitio« flowers of t [ak-honfes. 

nitre, eofreter 0ebCII , to .boil or make Me CoflMril^^ brine or pickle, fait -.water 

Altpeter. ^orpetet fdutem^ to purify alfo a broth condiling of fait and water 
•or refine lalipeier. - bet Cttlbniniieil, a faU-fpring. 

Wlipelevarng, ^dj. and adv. niiroui* con- Me t^MM^^ a fak-box, 

tatning fahpaier» being of the natnra of Me &WUbt, ber ^aUlObetl/ a fak-fhop 

Wtpeter. (a niaee where fah «• fold. 

Me eofpeterMmft, a piece of oryliaUiaed b€€ WW^nb^ figmrmtiw^iy,' •nimviohhl 

faltpeter. . pact or leiigue. 

Mt 6«^tcrerbe, nitrooe aarth« eanh C^»- B^lH»t ^^f^ f^- ^ci. only that k haa 11 

laiB^ Wtpecer or attrr. ih$Pwrtimiph not |efol|et, bntgif|f|ai 

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%• f>tt» niV fvMi Iklt/ rtaTcm wUlTriilli m ^^Qmir/' faU -'iiiMfot«» ' 

to powder » liit orCprinkle with £dt; 2H< Nt ^Boftindfte/ V. Coflfaf* 

6|icl|te fSlHirr to Ulr*tlio meat or Tt€« frtr ^aljintffitr/ « toeafurfr of lah. 

»«!•. ©Ic gpcffe « itt hitj<mtn, 5ie earu)rtouQfit# • -ft*"*^* ©^ regulaiioa 

dw moat 18 too nwck W<od. Atfaficne^ for ftlt. 

fNttrr^ Ikltodbiitur, Iklt^bttntfr. fttdn^ hie ©aWfomiC/ • fait- pan. 

MCllKt^MFer M fmmm, rock. ^eSoUorote, an elTay.ifftll- water; alio 

till Guta better tbaii laic made from fait- an loAt^uroant uCed in eflayinff fait- wa- 

%ri^. J^gmmttv^ijr, injiop^vXtm-i ter ; V. ©al|»afiC. 

Sage. gcfdUolia aa mndi aa verr dear, fc(e6o&QII€le, a bnne-pit, a falt-fpring. 

IT « ^fiO^Ctl 8f» §epfefert/ ^t la Ue e^lfdurC/ the addity oF falu 

i«jr deer- ^^ ber 6alaf*aum , the Tcute of fait. ; 

••*>rM?' WttfBliai/ faltmf, feafomng Me^aWcbraoC. afalt-tcraper or [ak-M< 

wSrg^ putting fait on meat in order %^^X%d ia f<«]SJ 6ff ^«t^ 

TO pinefw It- Wih 

toWtCeSiir* ^'^•^"•'•^ "^^ i<r e^lO^ • dprk in i^.luii4i., 

"l&ffiSVrofarm'^^^^^^ onalt.i^Hh,^ 

1) A ceik« in yhich Fait it km or ron- , fait -maker; the fjt-makert ere effo 

«rt £ JfivirAifoTfl^^^ called ®w?r' <r6S»irt«ri^ u^ 

Hi^^th'^^^re^^oA .^MSf' «HaU4>a«0Km 

Win kitcbent. a falt-boi. Mc€«l||lcbCW. i;:'*'^. Wc-Cn, « Wttfcj. 

t(r6fl(lttd>, « Wt-ifli. ' * ?**«• mhv9 U\t ta made* whtch la 

' ktemSif brt-W, p/nr. tU -mt, • ^i*.*t ."^ wwnonly Hn «ol|t0Clt, 

laoious or pnrolent flux. wmcn lee. • 

Mc««l|f8»rc;acart or waggon-load of faU. He.6lftftWe, W«r* (\mt only of feearid 
>«r &«««#; « enftomer, one who bun f^i^) ««-n, ^••iJ^J*;?*'^' *""*• 

hb Wt in • Cilt-honfe, or at a falt-W- ' ''•^J^. wjpregnated with Cilt. 

le'tibop. We CoWMltC, an elovited pUce m Cili» 

MtCffiwrtc, die proprfetora of a We- We •oftfcwr, an otofe or duty vnd*hr 
liSSb theproprietoitof«l*ouleat6ilielord 

Ne^Hinik, a Wt-plt. fch-mine, a place ^^^ "^^'-^ . .r u r . 
iSewrock-Wtiadog, '^ ^nJSMhmti,^^^ 

kcreofAmM, thelali-uade, the trado .^:.^W??•^ . r, . ,_m ^ 

iaWNL^ ' lal«aWakf//aam«aliWraa It boded «i 

ter 6a(|MlMer/ e Iklt^man, (alter. »»• «»"?.>" • falt-kettle, m i^dioW boU 

errefeoiblinglklt, (altifh. ^ B^.WW' • Wt-marlb. 

6*ip, -erT- le. «-(r. ««» «^t;. fait. 5»««?w. V. «fcW«*e. 

f^i5h, Ikliiie: alfo briny, brini/h. ^of' eine 6«titomier * fcli-baffel. ^ , ^. 
Ml Ictaccfeil/ to tafie rah or (altjlh. gtt ^;S«UWHKltter^ the matte* of die lUfr 
Mlla (fill * to be- too fait. 6allira omce. ... . ^ 

5sy?fak- wat^ ?^ He 6oUM0e> an riArtikiam afed in eOap. 

WcetftfjWe, fUtneCa. ^'>f^^'^^-r rw 

(fl e^nmem, « l«wnp, mala or piece M eoftlMfRr, fee -water. fak-wat«r. 
effrfir.^^ f ^"•^ impregnated with (bit; V. alfo 

kr 6if|ftian», «a(ifllC*t. a workman, • ftJK^^'/ V . . , ^ % * 

briier orkbonring man in a lalt-houfo. M 6aftmerf / bjl - H, pi^r. «< • e. t) A 

toe^torl, a lah.balket. ftlt-mhie, falt-pit, a mine lyhere nJdc- 

MCifibni/ a com of fait, a grain of [air. f*lt »• «*"« «P- ^«)A faltem. fali-hoirte. 

WeSS^^i pf^r. Wc-n. a falt-hoofe. • P^«*,^ ^tf^^^^^t or common -dh 
a place wbere fait ia macfe. » »«<!• i We 6attlie6eref / » Loncnbn^ 

lirffettWroiit, brt-e^, f/«r. i/n,/ Salt- ^ WeJWCie. ^ ^. cr t. v 

I wort. Kali, a plant growing on die Sea- W ,««ftn»efei1, die makmg of fah, that 
I coaAa ; SaJfola L. which belonga to . or coocerna the ma« 

I ttapd, a^lt.pit. Ull-fen« lalt-bog. ber6aI|lWrfer, a (alt-maker; Y.^Ollffcbcr. 
tk 6«l|lile, brine. jber 6a(|§ef , We dabwoul, gabcl, a duty 

Mt CaUkcfe^ ^Inr. bfe-Q, a place, where or tax upon fait, 
fientaaien pet a falt-ltone in order to ler CMHOkT/ a falt-tqb. 
aiere the game tbichtr; ia ia alfo called tcr Qknne. M *tA, piur. (bat only <^ 
Wr.9eife/ ibe bait. fcreral (oru.) Me - 0/ feed. i. In a^pro- 

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40 HfHtf 9^um 

per £»&«. tli« pfodivcr of $rvUa$$ inm ta AUftpAM|lf# lb« ctCi of r pltDt In thi 
wheiice new punt* are prodaoed. Ci# term oft iNiitoji, which iodpiee the £9^6. 
> men (riMm# to brinx forth feed*. 60^ (in: eaamtoffi, ' feed - colt, cahhtgcr thai 
10<n tra$CQ # to be«r Teedt* . 2>Ct 8(0<t^ nme to feed* 

fiim</ J&onfiiiime/ Xi^ifamt it. lin-Ieed^ 60I Contenfoai, bti-U, piur. bie-Mmer 

hemp-ued, cMbafe-Coed ett. (Kneo i) A grain, a grain of (iaed. a) S#»d< 
^atneil fdCtl# to tow a feed. 3^60' 'Com» com, aa wheat, m, harjby «tc 
' in^tt Wtttn, ^o run to feed, to caft' n^iich ia to be lowed; V. gootforn. 
'Torth its feed. Z>Ol ^Omcil OU^ftftOCtl/ He SoiBCIllaMaif the coda or.0ielU o\ 
ffm, to fow the feedr Ahho* alio he» poUa and feeda, 

the cbnnpound worda Cotlicnforfty teed' (fc ^WUtdthif a yooog treo' grown upou^ 
con»; eanun^tKif feed - barley; i6ii#' offoed; V. £obe. 
tncncitren 2C. feed-peafe, are more ufual, Mc 0<Unciipaf<ll/ thoiinall oc feed*p«nrl#^ 

•iofbAd^of wydi we alfo fay 6aotttni, hoi^eomtnttU , V. 6amcn(ote. 

"■ AlotoerfteiC. Camt h a colleetiTenoon; Ut &amcnWtiqaitr f (the fpermatic artary. 

if a Ungie com or grain it to be denoted, Me 6omeAf(t^nttr# the ^rmattc ilriag. 
""Me'imA tb« word Xtitn to it, imcp 9^ bit @aitl<nfc(u(e/ a fernery, (eed t plot, 

tnen(5mcr# two grains of feed. Flgura- auclery. 

Ui^efy' !Der eane M 2fO{M, the feed Ut@amtnMn^tJi, the iUik of piama. which 
^•^ discord. SCP ^tnt DOr SttftClK / the bears the feed. 

fped of ▼irtue. 2)0? @amc AMUr h(rCQ| ()(r CamcnKaub/ ihedufi; of theAaminea'.ot 

the feed oP good or found doctrines. , Aamina of flowers., 
^ ft. In m note ejuenflvo'ftinfe, the feed ^ 6oiltcn|lran§^ the fefninal Ariog ia nnl* 
' or fpeffiD -of rational and irrational ani^ mal bodies. 

snals, which G»nrea for their generation, b^ 6amcnttt<r<M# ^ho fpermatic aai- 
/ Wr mdlUlfl4>C.€ailie, the male • feed; malcule. 

Scf m^OMt @i6mtf the Csmale-feed. ka# CamamKrf/ leeds, grains; all loru aF 
. ^gnrmiiv^iy, Ae young fey of fiihea and feadK . 

the brood of many inlecu is very fire- Qfe'^ilittereO # W't^* btC-etlv leeds; fsToral 
: caentlr called M^ etOtit^ This word i4 .^^^^ ^^ ^>°<>* o^ ^<Beds or grains* 

tiled ot fiihestiil they are. two years old. @dmifl/ aiij, and adv. which is only nfual 

In the German Bihl^ this word iigntiea ^ in lome compound -words. Sinfdm(0C 
.*;vefy fre^ently He SStOHbtommtn , pofie^ (geetttf , berries, which contain but ^nm 

rity, fised, jMneralion* offltjpring, de* kernel or but one (i^ed-' grain. 
^' fcandants, iUue. In GeroNmthia oiiaiC^ &llffiM, adf.tindadv^ whichia onlv ufnal 
. tal figure is nouihal. . wi& the fubilanthre ftbtt- emif^ti 

Ut ©dmenocfer, V. eomenfe^. . . ,Wcr, fbamoy- leather- 

MComeiMter, the ^armntio vein or artery* per Gdmifctgdrber, bU 'i, plur* ut nom, 
OetGttmenbauni/ a tilfer oriUnder, a young ^ng, one who dreiles V^amoy leather. 
.' fti^ ifcft in a woad for growth aitd^ bit (Siintteteil^ the common expences or 

heafing (oed^ c^ilfS^- 

til 6amenMdi(^n, the Csminal Teacle or baf 6ain(ratit/ V. 6amcnfraut. 

bladder. . 1 ' ' • bCf 6ainme(bfteil/ a cittern, in which wa* 

bill ©amenUott^ the ftamM l^f of a plant* ter is gathered. 

tetSamenbrU^r the fpermatocele. 6iMnme(a^ verb, rs^. iter. -to gather, .to 

Mf QUittfeafelbi « field. Cawn or fit to^ bo . collect ieveral di»erfed things; to aec 

fown. togeiber. j)ie Steioe »ott bem Sfdrcr 

WC i^MenllfiAt/ Mi SiM*rtlt/ IaaU Bib, faintneto# to gather the Aones JQrom tbe 

young fry. field. «ebren fOtnm<ta> to glean, pick 

beee«nieflffU§^ M-fW# Z'/^- (tot only of np or gather com - ears, Uraft^ |ailt< 

JCsv.eral forts.) He ^pAir^ a running of the tneln^ to collect pbrafes. etdlK auf 

reins , the flux of a man's fperm or feed, eiOtQ i^aofen fonime(ll> to collect lloneo 

j> |hegononhea,thegloet. into aheap. IDie Q&ienen fammeln i^oa 

'h%i ^menaefd6/ ipo fpermatic or fper- nig/ the bees collect bonev. £r4uter, 

«atical reflel in an animal's bo^y. SrAdJte fammeln/ to gather herbs, fruita, 

bai 6amen«ebtfufe# tlie pericard, pellkle 9t \^Oit bai 6(b6nfle i^ber Here iRateHc 
_^membrane« alfo the cal'e^ which indo- aui ten Men ^dftteOetn gefammelf^ 

fes the feeds of a plant. ' ^ he his collected the bell mauers on tbia 

bCf '@<inenb4inbe(/ Iho dealing in feeda. fubject from the bell authors. Likenvife 

tit 0din(nb4nH(r, a feed- man. in the poetic Ayle. j^ier tuH i^.mdne 

tol ^menpduDttl^en f the feed -head of a "H^^tX tm 9Ufetu()ati tinb fommk lieblid^ 

poppjr- eio. V . ®erii(bC/ ®e$n. 1" * mott limited fenfe. 

Jit 6amcnbiffe# V, ©amtngcWufe. ®clD fammeln / to hesp up or accumuia^ 

le ©amenfai^feC/ the feed > cafe; V. Sa* . te money. ,@*dgc^Ommel^, to heap up 

mettd^bdofe. or accumulaie treafures. @iUenC ^>S$ 

^r;€qmenW*/ the out -ward feed- cafe ^tx , 3RineroCien fommcfn, to colleci 

atcartaifiplant«» the fftd* Cup or chalice, rare books, minerals. Of lining creatu- 

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a) k gff•t^anlnb•^ of fimcAlfiagle tlitpgt 
And g«(liered» Bi-ou|ht or got t6gelIior 

by dttftee$. ^Qc €iamm(ung macf^/ 

to mako a colleciion. X>it^ii<btt(ammf 
lung/ 4.colloctioo of book*, a library. 
2)ie SKdnsrommtona/ a collection oF 
coi^s or medals. t)ieSSlotlxra^tn^amw 

&inft / a collection of natural curioIitiiBt. 

Cine.@ammUin9tfoii 8tdict|, t^on SHin* 

101 ^ a eoUection of trarrU , of coins or 
modals. jDie ^amotUina bcr Srticbtc^ 
the eaibering of fruits', tl\e gatbeiing. of 
the hart eft. 

t fbi fet^r bduSd/ people flock or fBaittmt a p,arU6h ufed in adou^e fo^« 
logeiher. figuraav^ljr, (t^^ ^tlU . i.:As mh advtr^t for oKc^ In^gefamiOtf 

. re^aiidpetfimdioint^f^eiKfftatmrill 
is more ufoal, altbo* the more iimple 
(ommttU occurs reiy oftep in this figni- 
ficadoa in tho German Bible . and alfo 
bcfidos tbat is uDsd in the elegant and 

poetic Hjle. 34) mui mdnc jttnbtr urn 

itifo tka verb reciprocal , fld> ratnoieltl, 
to gather together, flock together, ^^t, 

9k 5cr &Qxib 0(6 torauf fammlctf do 

hat fee how it gathers dull. 2)ad SBflf^ 

fcr fOQUncIt p(b/ the irater gathers toge- 

' ther. Likewife of perfons. 2)a5 9&tt 

(mufct *" " ' 


Bldll^ to^recollect ooe*a felf. 
ttl0aannclD, lathenng, collecting, heii- 
ping or treafiinng op» gathering together ; 


a reiidednroas • a meeting, or place 6f 
aeeting appointed. 

kif6aiiiiii(t, eammt, M-ti, phir. (but 

ooijof feferalfons.) Mc-C/ veltet, %\^\0 

ttreammet, plain velvet, ttngerfffenct 
or doctonier eammet, iborn vehei. 

Mttoter ffammctf lowered velvet. 
^Ctrdftcr eommct / ilriped velvet. 

1M/|«fammel/ fliag. phtlh. ycfjfomtnet/ 

plolh. ^ ^ flmuluneous inve|liture« 

SdMnetartfA # »df, and m^. ta(ked» m»- ^r^atltmtbcft(f the common polfelfioQ. 

de like velvet; velvet n like. dll @<imOltAttt/i A common ellate, or ao 

^f ^Wmtthin^ , velvet - ribbon. eftate held' in common ; V. ^eramttlt. 

\k GovtncttdnBt/ piur, bie-n / bcr 9m(H b<r 6ainint{auf, a commfSn or joint pux^ 

nti^, the amaranth, flower gentle, chafe. 

flower- amour or velvet -flower; aflb the GdnnOtH^^ a^/- •nd ^v* \ni%t\Wmtf 

Tvrky or African marigold or gilliflower. ' all, all of them, all together, Uie wlio- 
He Cammctbilrfe / plur. Me-O/ a velours. *- --'■ ' '-^ "^-^ '^'^ '' — ""' 

s velvet . robber for a bat. 
€asm<tni, jammttn, adf. vilvet, of vel- 

^«. ©B fammctencf ©at, IDhmtet «cih , 

tt! K. a velvet - cap,^a, velvet • cloke. 

iammt unb hnbtti, all together, jointly, 
together, IB general » generally, one 
with another, afl and every one of thein* 
as many as there are ,^ jointly and fepa* 

raiely; V. |i8efai!imt^ S^^gefainmt and 

^f^mdlt; where it is more uQial in tbia 
fenfe. %. As a prepaJUion , which ro* 

auires the dative of the fubilantive , and* 
gnifles with, together with. Sooiinl: 
fticti^ with you ,^ alfo you. 2){e StuttCf 
rammt ibrm £inbcni/ the mother wiA 

or together with her children. 

the common or joint iafsoffment; th» 

a Tdvet - purfe etc* ©ammctCttC iJofOI^ 

vehrft- breeches. 
teeomilKr^ltUL M'ti, piar. inuf, a kin^ 

of gra6 with leaves as foft as velvet; Lft- 

hi eammctmel/ the velvet -mod, tufted 

W etamctrerc plnr, Me 

rafii; V. emaiBctWamf. 

le, intire or joint body. 2>U fdmrntlb 
AeflfamUiti all the family, the whol* 
family. ZH< fdmmtUdK QArAcrfc^^ 

the whole commonality of burghers, tho 
citjaens or bnr^frs ia a body. @{e (lis 
men fdmmtltcb m yUatO , they came to- 
gether unto Pilate, Idatth. ay* 6a. (gfe 
crfcbittien rdmmetfdb ^ they apbeared aU 

together. !Dic famtntli^en 4Briefc be5 

Cicero f all the letters or the whole do\* 
lection of letters of Cieero. 

Me ®ainmtreAferun0# V. ®erammt. 
the vdvet- cine 6ammtf9r|ft/ 9efammtfArfft/ a wH- 

ting viYttten in the name of feveral jier* 

M 6amMetf<bmar} , /h4/i ind^eiim. plur. foAS. 

car. a Ibiniag black toloor like that of Jet ©am^tOg/ b<<-e*, pimr.J^lt-t, Gottttf 

black velvet. Among Painters, Ivory- Obent/ Saturday. 

black is alfo called Sontmetfcbioavi. SomneC^ Samuel, a lean's name. 

ttr 6aiimief9Cbcr/ a velvet -maker. &ff<t, adj, l^l\%, (aint, 5. or St. ©Qnct 

to 6<arailar, bci*^, p/iir. Qtnoiit.^/1^. iDaui/ faint Paul. ®onet Veter, faint 

a gatherer, collector, one that gathers Peter. 

thrags together » that heaps or treafures (erSanb/ M^tt, P^^^' ^^r, land, "gei^ 

things op ; one who makes ^a gathering. ner 6anb, fine fand. ®rol^ @Onbf gra- 

tk eommlung, pimr. Me -en^ inBead of 
the nonfnal OamiteblOg l^om the .verb 
fnomtin, a gathering br coUecrion ; alfo 
an accnmnlatjoBi. i} Hie act of collec- 
tiog or pthering together; without a 

SoraL 2>ic Ainumong feiner ®eban# 
I, the rftollfctioa of pBe*ii though/s. 

veL 6tretlfOttb^ fine fand to Ihew on 
fomething written, ^ricbfonb , Stngfanb/ 
quick-fand. gCuffanb/ river-fand. ®oIbs 

ianl, gold.fand, gold-dufl. 6an5 gro* 
Un, to dig fand. ©onb jlretten^ to 
Arew fand. Sinem 6anb tn tie tugcn 
ftrcuen/ to«tft a mlft beibre one's eyes. 

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to impbb itpbn hihn Wf JbMfimb Ml ^mrfWcMW^ !««• CmUdlli; V 

laum# to build tipoii « Tandy ground* 0(nib6ff0. 

Ora?ei or coarfa fand it knofru by the htt 6wA%Hti, |r«^I* 

name ^^titis 9tatit, titi K. ew^f hit eau^tuU, « fand^pic 

mowftmOR tit 0«{|fit W*flWtt/ bilUft >er «atl^WIII^ a fandy ground, « gmm^ 

tr ©atlbaal/ .tel^^Cl/ p/*r. We*</ the cottfifting of Cmd. 
(knd-eeK Ut 6<llltgu(/ tlio calling lo Und. 

k ©aQbabef/ a JDuidylretniia ninea. ^q^ ^onbgOt, tho lower or boUon*loafd 

tHeanhat^d, (a,-</ plmr.innf. i) of iobacco-pianu. 
Gum-fandarYik, a gnm. wWch dropa j^j. «anl)M^/ W-l, f/iw. /««/: M 
by inciiion fiponi foreign mniper.trees. ©tronbgrol, black oats; aJfo a kiado 
:i) Sandar«ek,'tlift beft red arienick or grafs growing in tbo faodt on ftnuids 
orpine. 3) @Ottbara(b or SBfenctlbrot, fan- Eiymiia arenarhit Linn. 

,darackor &ndatacb, ibe maitcr found ber ean^^dgtry ffjnbMI/ Me GanUfin 
in a ' bee*hiVe • (pomihOnly named bees- g^^ a iand^tdil eitber on land or in tratef 
bread. 4) Amottg* Miner*,, any gum- bc? 6aitbbof</ awbitehare; V. I&c^|a(( 
mout mineral h'^ciiled 6att9Qra<(«' ' ber Sanbtattftll/ alieap oUand. 

5aiibaiftia/v. @aR6(a. bcr 6anbbor(l/ V. danbbdgcr* 

a^ eanobab/ bd-e^/ f/«^ Hc*M5er. ter Ganb^Adtf, a.Cuid.hiU. 

^^^h X ^T^d^^'^^^^'^^^^A^^'l aboJndingin, or conMingof rand^ W 
•the veffel '^^^^f}?^ry'^^ *^'^^^ of (and o? gravel. , 

,. pnl into Tajid^^hich is heated by a ict.«anMl|, V ©antaof/ 1 

firemade ijttder jt, ' r i. *cr eonttdfer, ibe pearled Tcanboe^ ^ 

tr ®onbbaB/. ^ teneraal tumonr of tbe i^,.^ x^^^^ fcarabee. " ' 

le @««b6(ml,j;A^r. Me-bdnfe. t bank of j|^ eiitiMHnic , V. j©atJbM«er. 

SlaW^Sber"* "^'"'^^^^^ '\%?°^"^*^ «^^' "^^ •'•^ 
C ®<m»eere^ bear*, grape; V. «dltllf ber 6«nb(0(«tt, fandv cobalt.' , 

T&^, * fttad-bill. n Ur,e i,eap *^,««»M«>^»/ 6aiAt6r»*ai/. ^ o| 

orhUloffand. @qnbberge OmMrber ^^^ Canbfraut, the plant Areaaria, «ow. 
«CC, bfe X»nni, the dbwna, hdU oi * i„gTthe fahdy'^Oiore. of thi nor. 
fand along the [eA-ihore. ,l,^„ „, ^f £„' 

Janbbobftt, fflWb/,6aifM0tlb, ftndy bal 6atlibfMcil, a cu^ion filled wiA faDil 

:r 6onbbrU*j a .larw n«P!>f r-»«^* ©tronMdufcr, the Sand-pipar, Gfiteoi 
place cohered with fmail land; in foYne la Kl /* birdV *^ r » 

IJ^"il'.*Sr{!'iS^!L-/'^^^ 6onWief<bgra«; the Sand-phkum, 

l^kewifj a Wft utAoM«ri^nn&. VUe^m areoarium U 

e 6anW(l4fe, « faW^ox. ^^ eoobaUc.tke iUy, which growa in Luid. 

fandefs, ihename ofablue woodnfed . *^J*!'"'™'«*y-. ^. .,; , . ... 
in apoiheJries-rhopi. - ^^ Cdnbofctl, m Cbynuftry, the f^ad-bat 

jonbeii/ verb. reg. act, 6anb fretien,mit \.T^^^tl\ mi«t> m«j«« 

6anbebrtretten> ^ firavel. cover with WCgdIWWfe, » trnrnp-manne. 
^a"el o7rand7 to ArSw fand. !Dle!&Ci# ^^ CoobKcifer / * ftrandi>teir^ (a bW). 
$efani'eh, to gravel the dikes* ba^ •0«ltbpu(»er ^ a powder, a remedy Ibl 

:r 6<mbCt/ hti'S,p^ar, ut woni. ^a^. the gravel in hnman bodies. , 
the Pearth^pike, PeVcA Ludo-p^ca L. ber ©tftlbreittr/ one thrown from hlahorft* 

a fre(h.w«terfini. • bct <0afibrtuter, V. ©atibjleb. 

\$ ©atlbcti, tandy ort, fand which con- M ©anbtietb/ ©anpHetbgtO* / fodge of 
uins fome ore or mineral, ©ilbctfailb^,. l^ed-grds, whith growa iti fand. 

.<$ui)faffon6#, 4Kfet|(bnbf, ©fevfanbcra/ *<»* ««nb»br, be^-e«, War. Iim»/: rM 

a land, which contaii^^ illver, cop-* %vhioh grows on fandy &a-lhorea ; ^rtto- 

per. iron, lead. ' d* arenlria L: 

c Gonbfeber^'S^befgni^, ftreaked grifs. bet 6anbr(Hcf^r/ « CmlS-ftono iotbefbm 

C @onbfubte^ a can-l^ad of fand. of a Date. 

t 6anb<;<^:p, a yttJk ia a Aac den covered* bce 6anbf<5(mimt , a whiie or gray borb 

wiOi^tia. - Ipoiied as if^ftrnred with filod. . 

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bird, Himfldp ripana &i* 

▲ SMd^buM^ 4 ihme tUrcrumblM u^ 
to {ABd. a) A nam* lor tho XbAlioft 
Cofto of aaibar. . , 

Me ftmfrrwtff • kbd of AUnood-tait. cb«t 
diflbhrct or reelu in tho ttouthlikound. 

kr «aitaKg. O A Umij way. aj (|(n 

WttrMff ^OtNM# A craf el'WaU. 



«ioMtam or rook» v|ndk xiEit oalj ^ 
degrM. {&(St fanftt int^ilKf «n t^ 
or gentle akent or tUmm grennd* 5i 
FartUmUu^fy of feeling. (S|||c faoftetllft/ 
a mild» fweec« temperate air. . 0ailN 

i^dnbc/ ibir 4iandt« Cine fanftc J^ip^ 

fiU^ aiirAbmi# to toudi one geatllT. 
6anfk (icflCR, to lie folk, qy^ fotiftel 
ttkrt, n loft bed, Cin fanW JWIOT^ 
tin fiSfkb 9lllt^C^ a fo4 culhion, a foft 

chair. 3c»on(tQfanft9((l4Kta/toftf^ 

ke one gezitly. 

ek 6ailkKibC/ pi^* bie-ll/ »a imau . ke onegemiv. 
MLjraiow with/vrbuiih and rougb lea- tit CdnftC , piur. (fc - tt. >) A fedan ^ G^ 
vea; Saiutarcttaria L. In fome parts, ^ dao^chair,. a carriage conveyed by meaoa 
ykSMmdhti tbe fallow or Water*wil- ' of polee by two men; a chair. ^\^ Itt 
km, siSixJH«a& h. hw% aUo lb* nam^ (ta(r.6dD|te tfOitn toffctt/ to be carried 

or to M one*a feli carried in a Cedam 
a name for the 3or»*^aA a) A litur^ a ci^friage bora by hocCig 


aSeo-fifii; ^< 

aifo a Saod-worm,^ . or millet. 

, fimr. Me-ll/ a laady de- bH ©toftattOMe/ a fi^dan-pola. 

Hf _ _ 

(mordeikrV'^ ,---•'. ^ ^CIP 64i'ft<ntrd«ir, a chair-man. 

I(l6i8b|0l, Sand*gafeL Mc 6aitftMrf pJur.4nuf. the abilractfroaa 

CftSft, -cr, -etc, «//. and adv. i. Of ., fanfl/ the quahty of being taofl/. m alj 
cbefowid* foa. gentle low. CUJOPf^ the fignificationa , pamculariy m the 
td 6a8fdlf a ^ifm^l voice, i. Kinge moral iignification , for the obfoled 
t% i^ eoAft fCbOl/ to fy9$k foftb^ 0dnflc and Conf^gCdt^ ibftnefe. ^ 

lUy or ^th a low>oicer Cioe romtC etfnfM/ «4^'* ahd 04^. fonft;, foft, rifing 

oBUy oj 

liabOl/ to. have a Ib(t, gentle by degrees, notfieep 

Mod low voke. ' <J* (^ b4^ fonfte «C^ Me ' ^eanftlW0 r pV. c^ir*, meekndBi* 
M»4i Cflicl-9a$i^f I hear the foft ^nUdnefii, fott or tender-heartedne£|> 
MlUing pf a rtvolet, fjbtd fflllftc 9LUU ^ fweetneCi of mind, manfi^tode, .Iiip^ 
mUm^hfiCUttSkt, the leu Bmrniuriiig of . plenefs* kindnels, gentJenels» graoooe* 
the Ipong. a. Of an agreeable Jolt, . nets, goodneb, benignity^ debonamty. 
eafyorgaode modon. 6Mlft fl(6cttr ^tl^ 6anftmfitW«^ -<»/ -fc^ «^/* and adv. 
KSf to go, to ridefolcly or'^nnyi in* mild, gentle, rneel^, i#fc and tender* 
fieadof whkh partly Icift/ and partiy , hearted « fweet*naturcd, qnietomindedi 
lillf^ ara more ubaL Ckmft WQW ^ fapple, pliant, goo^l,. loving, hind^ 
IcM, wa&iog, going or mirchingfoft» gracioua, beni^p, humane, aftable, de- 
Ivor gently » Sio^C pnianUtfmMh, ment; isi/v. with goodnefa, benignly* 
'a brotfe or nntle fareaxh of wind. QBit .^.gradoufly, mildlff moekly, lowody eicv 
MIt rkMH bo vorttcr, HdnctOttcQt^ Die CMftmAt^igMf, plmr. inm/. V. ^{ti 

hew gently doft thon ^lide or run by, «iut^; 

httie foringl edn. ^^ imSkotoM eOQg, fOOdC, laog, fyng^ V^ CiHOI^ 

lie SmMQ iWKflU f Oif accordine aa *e eang f. V. eefuifl* . ^ • .^ 

Danabe flowed or ran more genify* Mt eanftlor, aa(f« and adv. thai wUdi may 

Seles f^fttttt Rwft tun^ 69lff/ ®€|n. , befung. 

S Flgmrai^mly^ woak> foft, gentle, m ^e GongbroCFtl/ iOio imginip Thralh; V. 

an agreoabU manner. eXilmMim, 9efOll^roire(. 

a ^d figjift. Col tlO^ teB %\m^ lei Me Gonge/ an eArof coxa that i^ par- 

ttcQlMM tn^ ^ MtM ecMmmer cbed. 

M fltonlci belw;*te»/ iftete. JMef bcrredaier r bc£;l^ pi^r.mnam. Mg. 

4cnr b«< la tafi Wdftir this heart, that < i^sm/iv. Me edtl|erill», a finger. 

beateto m'ddly» ^»&ly or gently. &n 
MM »ei«llfigcnr a gentle plealure. 
IciC fOlfte 8«eilbe, a gentle joy. «(n 
iM^eeb^ a peaceable, i|uiet death. 
Panicnlarly with refpect to the behi^i- 
our to others. @aoftreaiere«/ to reign 
or govern mildly. , eonfle bitten |a/ 
leu, to have gentle roanners^ €fn fanf# 
W ^bfttWMf a mild or geotle bdia-. 

wour. 6aiflmitiesBasilenutiMe^ii/to 

treat or nfe one mildly or gently, (j^tlt 

e^ «iil finifte* iwn. • 999^ ao^ ?»Ad 
rt. 4. Rifing bj deg^aoi- 4Hfl BMlf« 
W CeHw^ amoof Mmit*: an tirfy 

who iiiigs, and i|i a more liiUited ienfe, 
who imdeiilanda liogiug according itd 
the mlee oF act, and praotifeip this art. 
2>er Dl>erof4ngef ^ the finger in an lOpe* 
ra. dn Clerrdngec, a querifter. {>e( 
SotfUnget/ a pttMMitorv hexdiat finga 
lirft or leads a chotr.^ fiteo m{r gegrft^/ 
ffirvfoo, lulielUciKfei^f eelo. In 
the poetic Aylo, the fining bbda bear 
alfo Uiis name. 3|r Heiiieti fco(Kti 04n^ 
fer/ mie tieUM^ vm eoer Ciel vonr^letr 
Qdime^fBiyfatt! 60R. <Ai(b in thia 
poetic fiylo > ;p9ec,l»; fti^fiimet oglM 


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14 €J«i« 

cle or Self-h^al » tne name of a ^lanc; 
eaof/ faok, V. eftifctt. , 

W ©flPjIcr / J?' ©oprtler , W - e*/ p/Wr. 

*Mt*C/ the -Sapphire, ({at. Sapphirot,) 
■ a predout (lone of a beautiful Iky- blue 

' colour. 
tft 6app</ W**''- Me-n, in Fortification^ 
'a'lapt a ^ay cut under ptiund, in 6r* 

■det to pafs through the couhterfcarp in* 

to the dkch bf a forueft. 
fSopPtrlot! Jappermcnt! ^nc^iy. xoolera, 

* ndibudikin! jsounds! 

€tt|)p|>ff*/ •w'/. and adv. fapphic. QRnt 

iC^PVW^tOht, a fapphic ode. 
OnPPirCff/ {F^* f^PP^O to fap, undermine, 

diainto, to cut a way under ground; 

inftead of which fapptn if alfo'uied» al« 

tho* butfeldom. 
Mtl Gotppirtf/ a fapper or iinderminer. 
W Qarabon^e, a Uraband, a cerutn fpa- 

nilh dance. 
M ©oracenenfrottt, Perfwinkb (an Herb.) 

b<p.©araf, or ©arro§, M-fSU, piur. 

Mt-ffC,'tn popular language, ar fword. 

bi€ ©ari^(be/ V. ©a^a^^e. 

bet ©Orttfum, tjie white Poplar -cree^ 

Me ©orbeBe, pint, tfit-n, We ©arbftte^ 

the fardel or, fardine, a fin all filh caught: 
' near the Ifland of Sardinia , and it io* 

mewhat Hunger than the anchovy; Clu- 

pea Sprattue L, - 
We ©arbeSenbrAlK/ a fardeMance, 

ber ©OrbeTf bti-i, ffkr. ut nom. Jing. 
(IsBC. SardiuaO a urdel, fardine-Uone, 
lardiua. fardonion*Aone ; a kind of pre* 
ciooe flone.' > - 

beir'©arbDn9):, a (ardonp, u precious flo- 

* .ne», an onyx mixed , with red (Ireakr. 

ber ©arg/ M-tA, plur, We64rde^ the 

.receptacle, whareitt a dead body it pla- 
ced, a coffin. 2)je M<be in ben ©org 
Ifgen^ to plate or>uc a dead body intd 

a coffin. ©It WCaemer, afnnemer©ttrfl/ 

a wooden , a ne^td^ ^oSSn. 
bfeeorge^ v. gorge. 
ber©arraf, V. e<iea§< 
lit ©arfoparille/ farlapariUa, a rdot 

brought frem Fer« ufed in medidne. 
Me'6(irfcbe# pi*»r. (but only of feferal 

Swu^) Mc-il/ fei^e, a kind of doth: 

ber ©orter/ bei-g/ ptur. nt ndm.fing. 

^e draught of a fliip, the model of a 
ibip, after niuch the iMp - carpenters 

©afo f»e, f-u V. ©(Jen. 

fdaffafra^/ fauafrat, anamertcan-tree, 
.'Wbofe wood k itfed in medicine. 
blc©afre/'in Hunting » the fbrm, feat or 
bed'ofahare. ' ^ 

©afieti/ feteic. V. et$tn. 

ber ©atotlf M^i, plar. bt<-e/ fatan, 
tfavipmce^jMU; tlib lla^ii; an^ Uri- 
eked fpim. 1 J :/^ a 

©oltttrtf(J, -er^ -if, tf«fr. andVAt-Tbaii 

nical, fatanic'diabojic^ diabolical CI 

ne fatanffcbe ^tmt, 9mH, « ^^^^^m 

lical malice br trick. 

ber ©atfn^ fatin,- a fdtj, cbfe, piled; mm 
finding ItHc. 

©att, -er, -effe, adj. gnd ^dv. faced, Ci 
tiktttd, failed, iatiaGed with meat am 
drink. " ~ 

I. In a proper fonfe. ©om^lie^fitt^rf 
iatiated , oi* Citif fied g|Mlla< guefia^i^ 
fe belliet are fall, or who have aflael 
and drunk enough. (Sin fotter (felc^ 
QOUtb/ a full belly, a fatiaced b«lly 
Moft commonly at an adverb. 9ctf 

fepn/ fort boben^ to boCuiafied, to ft* 

ve one*a fill 'of mioit and drink. 9M 

far^ effen/ Xi* fgtt erfnfwtf to oaf , t* 

dnnk one*t fill, to eat, to drink od8*i 
belly full. 3cb Htr-fftt, my belly Ufidl 
WW fltt la Cffitt b«bei>^ not to hav^ 
enough to fill one's belly » or -<o ca< 
one's fill. In a decent manner of Cpoa] 
lung gerdttigt ia often uted ioftead oj 

this, geWtigt ft9n^ for fan fepti/ ^^d 
fl(b ftfttigetir for fub fact effim. 

A*' Flgmrativeiy , i) Gratified, appeafed 
by a fuffident enjoyment of the deim 
(Sin ©atter^ one who. has gradfied, ia^ 
tisfied or anpeafed his diliree , his appe- 
tite* Moft commonly alfo here as an 

adveib. 2>ag tuge fteber ffab ntewei 
fatt, bag Dbr biret (fab nimmer fattf ^ 

eye is not fatisfied with feeing , oor the 
4ar filled with hearing, £cclef. i, %. 

^ (ann nriib nHbt fatt baron feben, I 

ctfunot look enough at or on it, I am 
extremely pleafed with* looking «c it. 

©(4 fdtt fac^eiii^ rebcn^ fpiefeii/ toiaogh, 

to talk , to play till one baa enough of 
it or till one is weary of it. Jb^br ibr 

eucb efntnol fatt gefotbttr gebeinet, ge» 

Sanfety geUfeHte.'rwell have yon BOW 
done your laughing, eryiog, fquabbiin^, 
' reading etc. ? AlTo cere with tiie .geniti- 
ve txf the fubltamiw> but wliich mult 
be t>laced beiore. '• IDOT (EbtC/ beg ®€l^ 

beg nicbt'fatt' fveiben f^eit / to havo an 

infatiable thiril after or of honour, af- 
ter money, a) Having disault b/ Ire* 
<|neat eniovment tfr ufe; ^my as an ad- 
verb, whicn has ufually here a fubllaoti* 
ve in the genitive before it. &t\mi tt* 

bengfart fc9n# liberbrAfflg / to be weary 

of his life. On the contrary alt tltlb \^ 
beng fatt feon, Signifies only, to b#ve 
no great defire to grow older or 'to live 
lon^en ^ (in fclner fatt# 1 am weary 
' o^ tire4 of htm , he is a burden to me. 

©le finb ntetner fcboQ Mt/ they are 

alream* weary or tired of me, OeS. So* 
me u(e alfo ibe accufative. Unt^ iDcnn 

er ^(gbann bag f(b&ne ^t^t fatt irtfre, 

and if he were then weary of the hand- 
fome or beautiful face, (eff. 2)a lotebe 

- M^ meine Sran bait fatt loertcn^ ©eff. 
^9) I^ gcimg; te»o|k» fuMaow ©»(* 

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I / ' (Sott ^Mt 15 


ft^ilfttm ^fitnp to h^T» mdto orbiK UtCUtttMH, • f«dd]«*c]ot]i; hooGrifW 
SofiseDough* D|lt$. In good Cenila4 capariToo; alfo « leatber-cafe» that co- 
siMl only 4i9 all advetb* ^A ^e tl(<^ ten a (addle. 

^ ScOi ^11 # I bave not Itiiff eooagh ^ottcffrcV / ad/\ and iz^v. exempt froin 
l»(hat. @att }tt ^KIll ^^f ^ b#v* taxea or Impoili, immediatei 9Mtt^ 
oon^ to do , or to ba?e bdfiself fjft^t 9Mtr, &atttt%Attt, t>tm fSifi^t Un^ 
cMndi. 4) It ^ olfo^ fometimet iifed mitXtihOX linttnoomnc (dflter/ immedla- 
ofcflloon, andtheait Gcnifiet ^urittl^ te ettatea , eftates depending on, or^ol- 
tsit ware a fully fatoratad colour, dark» den only under the finip1re» exe0i|>t 
^ Tad. efn fatted ^k(b, fftt9ei&# Eftatea. ' 

hnmgdb^a dailL or deep yellow. 6att' (erSOttdflttn^ a gilthofr^ band; br whkh 
|rii^ a dark or deop green ; i^Rcf baa tbe faddle h fafteoed upon m horrei a 
bU it of ^Qfli : $)ie nmdVbatm 9^tf borle't ginb, faddle-girtb. 
rt, tk QDA^fcHatt vom eim M miu Vo^ @amrgut, Ut @anelte& N«>ei; /^faK 
|Ct|d!tcn iv^U in f anger Oftoung tC(n ^t ^pbft , an immediate eaate. 
m ^tt aum (ben 91{4M. Me 6attetfatllincr ^ a chamber or room for 

)(r6attcC/ be^-^^ pdur. Me <Mtte(/ a Xaddlaa and horfe-harnefii. 
liddfc. I. In a proper fenCe, defeat- (er eottef!ned)t, M-ti, piur, Me-e; « 
jiUeed on a horfe a back for a perion'to grooms a fer?ant, who looka only after 
^ on, battel onb B^U%f fiddle ahd Uddle-borfei , faddles and unfaddlea 
odur iccoatrcmenta or riding furmCure. ' them , and alfo attendt hia mailer on 
fmem fftrbe ben CkltteCanflegen, to borfeback; likewife a groom of tkefta* 
iaddle a borfe » to pot tbe laddie on ble. r 

^- 2)en 6attef abne^nt efn 9ferb ber 6atte(ftiopf / the pomniel of a faddl». 

tKottrUl/ to onfaddle a boriev to uke bow. 

^die faddle. ^emonben mi^ bemCat^ bOl eatteftAfTetl/ ihe pannela of a faddle; 

ttl Men^ yom Vfetbe Wttftn, to fap- alfo the pad of a faddle. 

pUmode, to deprive him of an advan* ^| ^ttellcben» be5-^/ plur, vt nom^ 

iige; to throw bkn from his horfe* Jinm. a mafcnline fief; V. CRannleben. 

gim 6atte( ftoen / not to Coffer him- bie ^Ittelmuf4»el / a name for an eiu^i% 
to be de^iired of an adYanUge; to (addle, a polifli faddle, and alfo for • 
eott^onfnre groonda, to be cock-furto. fort of oiner oa account of its refeoa-' 
^ m beo eatttX fcblOinden/ to throw bUng a faddie. 

<H>e*t [elf into the (addle, to'mOunta fiotteln^ varb. rwg. MCi. to laddie, igilt 
^>^\ alfo fometinaea figmraitvehr* to %HA fattdn , to faddle a horfe , put 
icquireor get an advanuge^byone^ikill, him a fiddle on. ^ttClt nkhl ftfetb^ 
<)afenCT or ability, ^^atlben fn ben iaddle my horfe. ^ 

^ttCl belftn, to help one to a place or bai 6atteln/ bie eatletong/ the faddling 
^^* to amH one in obtaining or get- of one or more horfea* 
tag u office, place or advanuge. ^n ber Gattelpoufcb / ^^ taddle-pad. 

•^WttcC gerecbt fet>n/ to be fit for boi eomipferb/ M-U, fiur, Me-e, .i> 

trefy t\uDM, a. M>ny things bear the ^thiUer, filler or thiU-norl^, theboKfe* 
|?*">< of SMtd on account of their re* whicl carriea the faddle, and on which 
uabBng it. 2)cv @Otte(f bol abbdngi^ the carrier or carter rides. 2} iDolSl^t^ 
¥tM einer Z)a^re, the rault of a pfcrb/ * fuidl^horfe.; 
«m-kila or mah^ktln. A kind of oi* b<U 6atte(PD((ler/ the bolder of a faddle. ' 
"'*(9a|kni} bear tbiananie alfo on ao* be? 60ttelHemen/ tbe giith-Arap or leather^ 
coaat of their refomUaace. la Aneto* be? 9atte(r^cfen> in fiunUng, the ridge ot 
"y: X)er6oltt( or M Oattefbdn^ is the back of a wild boar, or the chine 
^Siere. like bone of tbe fcuU. ^tt of a wild boar. 

Sottclaneng Fowiers or Bird-catchefs, ble Satteltafcbe / the budget or bag cija^ 
\|iv or DOOM of horfe-bair ufed in cat- faddle, in which feveral things are kept; 
^ag birds. CfOtte(> ia alfo a name for ber 6(Ute(lO0Ben # a coverd waggon wltb 
»*t ptrt on the caAlng-inilruments of ammunition etc. belonging to a can* 
Of I'Ctter-foonders, on which tbe na- non. 
ij^»ft». Me eMtimtmht, » gtiling. (tin SWrbf 

2S«Wb0lim, • faddle-tree. M eine ©attetwanbe bat/ a galled horfe. 

^€«ttf(kiQ, tbe Siere-like bone of tbe ba^ &OtttlitU%, a faddle and every thin^ 
y ^' ^'^ eouina. belonging to it. 

f r^^^^^ the'iron-plaie band of dia Me ©Otteljwerfe/ Iaddle -nails. 

Wdla-bow, bfe eatttdt, piur. car. from fatt, thtl 

^ ^flttdboien^ « fadd)e-bow. Aate of bemg fatt/ both in a proper and 

^^^tttM^ft, 9f|b(en^elfter^ thebol* figoratire fenie, fatiety. fuIneCi, glnt, 
J^» a cife for a borfeman*s piAol. faturity, furfeit, a repletion of meau to 

•«*6«ttclbacb, M-ti, piur. 6ic-b<f(beff disgurf; V. emOtlt. 

•foofMitheform of a (addle, « roof 6dttig, -er, -8^ adj. atid orft?, fdttfgen^i, 
*»^«iWf«da; fftHHekRU*. * «ioyiiig, fiUinfc. ftailing, lali^upg, la- 

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£ltiaM> fitt, fttiT, (atit^ or appMieaa 
humfij htUyp lay the ftomachf cooient 
|u cnvinf ; aUo fyuraifvelri to (ktiftfy 

.f oat^t anger or patbon ; co (atnraio* ' t. 

. la a proper feote. Cloe €pdfc, Me I00)»( 
tUf Wo Ifttftet, * niaat apt to Uy ihe 
IbmacBf meat of imich one caoooc 

, aat rnadi^ maftC of ivfaich a little ie 
^Boo^ t9 laiiify dno. (Ef n Sinb it (CicBt 
in ftfttiflCflf A chtld*t b^ly i» Ibon filled; 
9$ if in0M iU ftfrttocn, he is inGitiabl^ 
he it not to be (aiufied. ClM^ ftf ttlfcn; 
lo fill one** belly, to eat ooe^t belly nilL 
m. Fi§Mr^iV0ir* i) Toapp^fe adefire 

. or pamoa by tue enjoyment, t^ S^t$ 
Mr <Mt it nMt iU f4tti|<ll/ Harpaa*a 

. avaike U tnCitiablB or it not to be Iaut« 

Bed. 3) To lattirate, to impre|{^te 

. lIlL no more can be imbibed or Mceived. 

(Kill mit @iiber defdtttgu^ 64Kibewafftr, 
an Aqua Fortit latarated witk ulver* 
VMUtt mit eoli/ tScinefffg ttift @abcr# 

aldite fdttiiCO # ^ facurate, water tnih 

' ialt, vinegar rriih Jithaije. 

emmb, 4«tf.cloyioa, filling, (atiatiag, 
fMLwf^l euo nonrilhiog. 

«<MgMt, pl^r. inuL (aiiety . folneft^ 
cl«t, faturity. I) JThe qualuy of a 

- &>od being Utiatia| or (aiiifyiog. s> 
Tbe fiate or condiuon of a perCon bebg 
fiitiated, fatarity; inAead of which, at 
leait IB a decent raaoner ef rpaakiagy 

. ^Colt^^ more ufuaL 

^64tt(0UQ9, thefniating. the (atit^g 
or filliog of oo#*t belly » Catietyi, Oio 
being fauated, fatisfieU, filled eto^ aKo 
y%arai/v#^ fatit^ing orfatiaiing. 

A faddler, faddle-maker; alfo one who 
makes hotfea * collars and the like ; hit 
wife bl< ©ottftrttm.' , • • 

tic CotttCrO^IC/ e large aetNlle or awl uEtd 
by faddlers. 

b<tfettttfCtgCftcf</ e jommey^aB faddUr. 

htt e«ttUrpailHII«r/ * laddler's hammer. 

lit eianUntHOt, the nailsl afed by Cufd- 

^4««*f -cr, -Ik, .«//.«n^ tf^i'; «ffy to 

^ be fatiated, or latufied ; but only in the 
componnd words, ttf^ttl\4> end nUUf 

' f(tltu4 ; V* thele words. 

8ilttf(ltSr^>^*« ^end ai/ii. fufficieot, enough ; 
adv. fumciently, (atisfactorily , fully, 
ebyndanay etc. ^in fattfahicr ^^mtU, 
a fuffident proof. ©attfOmc Ut^t J^Cif 
Un, to hare laffident caufe. (tinm 

fattfowm $9rrat(^ i^on ttmaihaUn,; to 

lufit a fufficient iiore of fomething. 

ei^ fattfom cntf(bu((fgcii/ to excuie 

one's felf (iifficiently or fatitfactority. 

Sib babe fqnrame ^M^titbt bomni/ l U- 

¥0 a fufficient account of it. 

the' fufli 

m. t) The act of leaning; b« 
foiae /limifications of mis vert 

6attfkmfitt cloti eoM^, 

cieo<^^t a proof. 
Me eoettrcf, f/ar. «a/; Savory, 
plant; Satur^a L* a) la fome ^ari 
Oer CintAM, the wild Thyme, ^lij 
mnt Serpillum L. it alio called ^ait 

terCartr, kel-«/ pi^- Vit-ta.S^r, 

fylvan god, fuppofed to be lude and U 
cherout. Figurmiiv^fy , fome Aiodei" 
auihors call thele animals Satyn , whic 
reiemble men in any outward paru , t 

. which belong the apet and monieya. 

6te OOtfte/ piur. Me-n, a fstyre or fati 
re, a poem, in which wiekednaCs an 
folly are cenfured. 2>ie @at9re ItUUt 

£M|dtcn Hnb (after U<lfitiii,Mf^ai 

(niiS %tX(QUtM$ a fatire makes foiij ^n 

vice ridiculous, a pasquil pef Ibat. Qi 
. ©OtfWtnWreikr, • latynft; oae vfh 

makiffs or writet fatyres. 
eatf riF* . - er ^ - tC, o^**. end ^y. fatyr 
, cal, latyric, cenloriout; ^v, (atynca] 

lyt in a la^rical manner, 
©atorijlren/ verh- reg. acu to fiinrrij^ 

to CjBatnre for faults; to teproUch, t 
. make fatyres , or to be a latynlt 

bet eat^, be<-e<, pt^r. tie 64|e/i>imJ 

verhfedoi. ^ 

only in fome ligpific 

iOer @a( of quadrupeds and partial 

laxly of borfes is as much as eitt6HVtl( 

a leap. (Sinen 6A( tbMIU ^ take a lea| 

einea @a«^init bcm yferbe Kmnf td u 

ke a leap^wiih your horfe. 2)0^ %{tt 
tbat eiimi @aQ , the iioffe took a leaf 
2) In Muiic, the compolition and tb 
manner of it it aUb fometimft called th 

©«». J) See 6a«, b^ Wtboi^ ihi 

which (euies at the bpttom, leet, dregi 
mounds or fi^dtmenc of aqy liquor. .^ 
. 6a|/ in Logics, tlie points the parioJ 
the propoiiiion. 1^ Qmnbraf / , a 
axiom* maxim, pnnciple or poiitioii 

£>cr «egeiifa$ in bcc SXeM/ the antithJ 
lis. ^e betbcn 9oeb«fMe# the pramii 

Dst, the two Ecit^propofitiont of a fyi 
Jogitm. See i^ineerfOl^ the condoCoj] 

£)er febrfa|# a thefis. !Du D(frfii< 
Unterfiot^ eioer. ^cblafirebe./ the maj^i 

. the minor proportion of a lylloaisoi 

Sin angcnommenee or voMtt^eyest^ 

^^, an hypothefis^ a fuppolkion. pt 

@acr bouon man bonbeit^ a peapoiitioii 

a theme , a fubject. ein bejOf^CWCf ^l 
an affirmation 9 aa a^aiauve» ao a^ 
fertion. ^i^ vemei^enber @a8 , a nega 
tive propodtion, a negative. Sin Mtiei 
fOlfAtr @0«, a uew, a falfe theik. (ti 

6a«/ bee etioa^ gemilTe^ veraniiir^/ 
I'uppolition, a tenet. (Sin 6a(^ ber ^i 
, tiwebten idft^ a convertible propoiition 

(Rncn 604 vorbringen^ to advance « 

bring forth a propoiiiion. gin £ebefa|| 

Jo enolefcn ntaUkvi mnf/ « theorem* 
prop«(iupfi of itA<^4^*^^f4 jnuhu ^ 

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or iiog^; tli« femtJe of • bo«f. i) H « 

proper fwrft. 2)ie 6aii nil Vnm (ei» 

fcWr u>0 «ow with her pi^. (llncMc^ 
tigeSMIr « fo^ ^'nth fiurow. eitte6<IO/ 
tie gcfnWt M, « fow, Uut h«ft pigged, 
iarrowod or bfoughi ibrdf pitt., ^ie 

64iie bdt^, bU &bmi»t, to teodL to 
look a&tr the fwiao or hogt. doc ^el^ 
be etee, CcbMxine, « founder ofTwi. 
«•• «to( i9llbe 6au. Vac^^ « wild 

iMjk/fwbe'i fleOk ») Figmnuh^S^. 
(«) 6att^ ii «Mb ^(cd ia popular tu- 
gui^e ur Mm injttrioHt tetin , ead fftid in 

SarucuUrof oOoTonly orllatcilh perfbo.> , 
J ittint tt^u eaui ho b • Ooveo. 
61c tfeincr<cbt(6ati/ Am »• dm or 

Mom HuttMMn, a tost Mown or 
playod oa the hotn' wiihottt 4 poufii or 
w one poaJ. ^ ©cr e«9, in aamiog, 
a flako, what evecy tme kyt dowa at- 

^■2)01 fBiHcn^eoi ioNiineii, to 
HokM; V. alfoeii^iit. 7} Yonog 

caipa ttf dttoo xoart old tiMLoa one of a 

bfeoding pood, aad nut kiio a feeding 

oot for further ^rowili, are called col* 

Udwehr aod wuhout a plural bct^af* 

9^hk yytomAof, bit 6of ia any ma- - 

Hfial or iogradicai^ with whidi~fire*balli* . 

rodbeta* Ihella etc. are filled, o) Anun- 

bw of thbct fiiitiof each o£ar« ond- 

ncefla g y to JFom a whole are often cal- 
led do ea» . a let. eitt 609 04k4' 

USM, u let of boaet. Cifl 6t« 9Pn fOtf 

Mllai, a fet of diamonds, 
to ^mmMti umong Minei»» a oour ^. ^ _.. .^.» ^,,^, -«.«.«« «r 

widi ita famitore. uollop«. ({{jie bicfc^ fettC ^gll /or 

tcr dfltbaiC/ hU-n, pimr. bie-O, « doe- StaUh • fuAilogt; V. alTo eatUlliaid 

M CiCHtf, m Lfw. tho arndet of a '''— -i- /Ai«*^*r.^ ..^ . v»i 

flea or pleading. 
Icr ClftCitlf * wh-poad , in which Jarge 

lifh am kept and led^ a £Mdiog pood. 

VtQsfmHf p^' bie*cB; • couBuwiion* 

•rdmiace. ^tnte» law, decree • rego- 

^^deo. tjkt Comio^cii tib€t Qkfebe'bco 

(iMT MiftlMI|/ the mfiitatee or oidera 
ef a Ibundatioa. JHe 6a4tlllieO fUXkU 

Di»a4^ dttf? «0cktft, dacrdftnmig, 

tte ftacacet of an order, Cbtietj^ cor- 
pomioa or gaild. . flIeDMmfilMlicn 
» 9kWoiliKKbC8/ hoeiaa titdiyont 
ibeet OMttert of reiigioa. !D(e CMIIIU 
p bd n»fBiffb<Q ^kft«€l/ the legal ob- 
i c w atiene of the mofaic law. (tint fllen# 
fitOtfi^nnif a tradoiott, homaa infiicn- 
tioo. MP(tallll|BO0CI f chnrdi - 0om«- 
ModBMata. IMMttcbc 6a«tUigcilr the 
cuea-law» popilh ordinaocei* £kb$ 

Ml mib eokrog im teftmidin. aaor- 

•i i mce and diapofitioa of a teftameot. 

bet eanbflf, bcr€tar^ a 
b(e eaobceie/ ihe plant 

. fiea of the gttrden/ night 

pitpm^^mnm baSltorifi^gieMI. 
tbtmndaaiental coaftrtudoaa of ^Ro^ 
mm Empire. 2>iC SOifHtMIt/ « dial 
kSfritser lead. ' ' 

lit€«|Mgc, u maTon'a leraL 

Ml f i bd b C g a Sallow -troe, thiamin bo 

hmakt ^v. bf pilea oa heapas alCqf 
Vf leap* or janipa, by bounda or rt* 

k ^^fwMtj the Axlo-tree of a mill. " 
M«l(|M»ai, a fuppofitoiy. 
KcMrdt/ the time or (eaiotfr^wliett wild 

WtAi bring forth their youag. 
Ik 6<|pdcbc(, av ookm pliuuod fbr io^ 

'* Nc e«l^ plar. bit etut, in Imeltiag* 
■««&•. A aaafa of black-copper 

(fitmmfupftO ^ cmUed tint 600 of 

tefcital/ a (tfW» a fow of copper. a> 
pit Cm ta a flat or evea pic ,aader the 
■•pbigtabl^ on which ore it walhtfd. 
^tXteoi, pla^. bit 6tev aadby 

fitrt . till SiBimtkdi, a bloc^ a ipotof 
.lok diopped on jeper. •#•,, ia lo# 
language » la alfo fometimM ofed for 
.Jiay £|ttlt, miA#ko or Uaadey. ; »0e 
Cail.auHbat^ to mOa a miAake, Suk 
dr blmider, . ^ . 
ba# jBoiiao^, any food fi>r hoar or Iwiae. 

bit eauartrlKi^flviftbt 4Stttn,hoggilhae(i. 


wild boar. • 
, «orel, the beN 

. — . ^ DT ^^"^ "'ft^t^hade* 

btr «ailM^^ bt$-ijpimn at «,m,>^. 
*^«^ w^onttag wild^boaia. ^a 

eaubOT/ -tf, ^fc, ai^. and jidv. f^tf, 
oleaa, neat» ^^J> nmtfy^ free from 
diri or aitband befidei that elegant ^i fi. 
ae^ nice, fprace^ pretty. gaaMS. head- 

' j??*/' P«>R«J. I. In a proper feofe. 

pai mi fit liebf ftmbtr, ttftr, the gtafa 
If ijery dean.- «ln foujtrtl «rt», d 
neat, a fine iuit of doatht. ^n ^|tbt« 

^ft^\t^^^ «*fiuibtruittf 

rtinlicb bafttn> to keep one'a felf cleaa 

jne^ felf finHy* neatly or handfomely. 
In good German the idea of cleanlineU 
ta alwayt united with the idea of elegant 
ce; but in upper (J^rauny it ia uffid al- 
fo for fileaa in geaereL 6ail6trt fMa 
f^, clean linen. Cfn roirbtrtr ^tlTitr, 
tin reintr, a dean plate, a. FigmraUi 
V0^. t) Fine, curioaei ddieate. (l^ 
fattbtrt «fbeft/a ane^ curiooa or deli* 
catework. Clii faubtlt^ ttbtftbdlirc. u 
£ne or cunoot watch-ca£i. 2)0< i(t f^r 
fOJS^htXf that it \Mtj fine, rurioua or deft- 
cata. a) Gi^cnmfpcct' and Cautiooe or 
wary. @aubtr niit thoa< tungtbtn, to 

hafadle or itoanage a^ thiufr- circumfpectly* 

aad cautiouHy. 3femanbttt fe|(f faobtr 

angfdfen. to attadt or feiae ooe very 
cautioufly bad ctrcamfpectlyi* V. .%i\x$ * 

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en* ^Hk» it 

KtO^, S) Ubd iwrfcUf,- tfmUng 
000 Aioc arc meaAinf uiotMr. vUl' 

toav wickMl, extrafiniic^ vicioaa feL* 
low. 2>«^ ft mdn f^berer^eetaf veto 
HQitfOtteiKr, thM !• my penr«ff«» d«. 
g«a«raM Cim. On .fMbml «Qiimt(eii# 

A^biBttypratonti^n iollMdU 
Me ^tammifpiiur. inmf. cl«Mnelt, dean* 
hm(k, Matoflfr, finaoafiif handlbaio* 
Me&, prattioeCt^ fmBguU, fpruaanelii* 

lbo»al7^pro|tarfy» ctfcanrMctly^ cau- 
tlooay, waiOj. giptly. imklhr. jMlM 

icili* mir eiiMi MMKn, to bai^ 

■Hiaoage a thine cbcufldbaGtly* eaiiOo«a* 

fftbie^, to tooch a thiof twtj mulyw 

hAtiy or fligbdy. Serflt^Mr M ^; 

iN^ttil »U e^ t»fKe», dMl 

mamdf with sy fea AbCuoou 
•dr «4oNrliiiii. faQMmr 

- oveiHUoa lalua arofii » a 

MttbCft # ^i^ri. r«f. «»^ to daa&Ca, frao 

from din or filth » to ^aar^ purify, ma-. 

ka ckan or daar* ahfiatga^ jpvf^ ieosff 

' to cUar tha iron from th^ raft. SillCII 
. •orten von ItnfMUie MbM, to wood a 

garden. fRttalC fltlKni, to rafinaime* 
taU« to dear them (fom drofi* 2)ft 
S4|ic, bieO*wii Malcni/ to pick 1^ 

teedi, the aars^ etOOl (BrunRttt ffo^ 
terHf tadeantaAWelk «ise AomilKf 

ffttbcm, rdn ma(^> ftm, to dean. 

^^ or Tweep a room- 2M jiNfWfr 

ffiHm/^^WhHtn, to Cwmr die vat 
K Z)«4 •ctrdOe fta^mif to cleanio 

tonti by fifti^ or winnowmg it. Ci* 

mil 2>e^ Mm R^fc ftakm, to mb 

off the mft^ aTword* to focbiih, po* 

Ulh or brighten it. 
VU.eanhinmt, the Twine- DBOut* dm^do* 

lion, the lion Vtooth. 
Vt ^ttbabilC# pi^' t)it-n, hoga-beant* 
kcr eOUboM # a gelded foW- 
AiC ^ailtoHK, the hog'a4>riftle. 
H^ 6atthrO^> low* bread, Iwina-bfoad, 

tfiiffle; V. CrtapM. 
tCf ®Ottbro*/ in Hunting, « pUca too- 

ted up by wild boars, 
lie eatt^f«<l# pimr.:^^U, ^ fiaw^lhifila^ 

SMidma olara^eoa U 
tcr eauhttd, he«*a-dmig. 

which is only oled in low langtuu;e« to 
Ibql, make dirty. Coil, dawb, fpot-or 
fiain. j^mim Fattoi^ unjUtig or ^dfrnti^ 
nifd) Jefti, to be hoggilH, fihhy, nafty^ 
Imatty, Cold. fiancO/ fignifiea alfo to 
talk bawdy, 
•aver, -cr, •#<> mdi. iind mdv. fotr, 
acidy (harp to the tafle. t* In a proper 
Jeore. £cr Cffto ifl falter, the vinegar 
tafenr. 6ailir?l9llr tf bafovr. tfoncr 

fdmcdoi/co taEa fottr/ faisrw^ 

to tarn -^ grow four. @$inHt Wffti 
fouf , iharp, or prickad wine, ^mir 
W<r, four beer. e«IK tiffc^/ •fe^^J 
fonr dtamea. ^uae<lli((b# foiMr niil 
milk turned, a. Fifmratl^eiy. i)Troi 
blefooM or painlul m a ht|^ decree, cai 
fingmueh trouble or great pamt. ^€L\ 
relhrkft/ painfol, or hard work « Kai 

labour, toU. 6f<b H fauct wedbnt x<i 
fltii# to toil and moil, to labour too) 
andnaU^ CI it ittir bftttftiKC «mer^i 
it hat proved estremely Ubon^ua i 
paiaftil to ma or 1 had ilnich Ada i 
bring it about. ^mA^mkXMint 
%m HMIcr / you make me a &ttr iifo. 2>< 
(amaitmlrfimeriltl/ that ia a grieivoi 
or hard taSc fbrme« 2>aimirb WirfCUie 
it giraa ma pain, it it painM to vao » 
it a great hardihip for mo. 'Qoi Iff in 
jl^ fatter wfi^m, H 10 trCoogcti, . 
hat coftmo great paint to gator obtai 
it. OH* MttAt c^ tomiBl »Mi »c 
(durer (fonrer) 00 / efiie ««*« w ik 

Biugioeahla. 9m ^ t^^ ^^^ ^ 

Cctl# dthottgh it happant ^ • don 
agamil dia w'dl S) Paavilh^ ntorofd 
cSlen. 6atKifft^^fnKratt^t>en/t 
look £bnr, have a (bur look. S)tl M 
ft foocr airt, «tt »*Pt^Wfl tri*t rc*l 
Raff; Ciii fttirc* ®«W»i*^"Lf**«* 
taottice, a fdlen look. ttmUeaup 
18 friner •cmMHort Mm , to Wa fc 

mething peaviCb, morofe or liiUoa ts hj 
humour or temper. . ^ -, 

btr«audf, M-i, r^ 0»^ only of ft 
vera! Ibrta) ut itom. Jing. a word onl 

- ii£ed in popular language, to denote 
four hardy. 2)cr 6anertcfg, loaven, iou 
dougjit^ it called by the Bakara hi 
CkniCf ihnply. In Mecklenburg, vinegt 
is called hit OWtt, and in feoto pan 
M CottCtfrant heart thit namo. 

bcr «<Hicra<br • ?^^i V. etrntt^. ^ 
>cr e«acr««pfdr^ M-i, pl^^ i^nf- ^^ 
rd , Rumex acetola L. 

Ut ©aaerbtottib W- */p^«r, ut uom. fi^ 

foaft meat loafoned with ?inegar# pal 
ticttlariy roaH beef. 

>cr6oiiirtomiicii^ W-l, P^\^^ ^fi 

Jing., a chalybaato well or Ipring. Aiii 
didybeat waters, waters impr a gn at e < 
with lleel, mineral*watert. 

(cr eauerbarn^ W-e<, jpimr. tk-m, ^^ 

baibarry*tl«e and fruit» fiarbana fulga 
rit L. ^ 

M( eauatit Pi^' Mc-gi, naftmeDi. fil 
^iine&, flovtodlneft^ dirt» fillh» obCco 
mty; alfo hoggilhnaiCi. 

bcr eauerbonig^ oxymd. ^ ^ ^^ 

6ibafO«pfcr,the Uttle wildforr»l,flieep 
loidel, Rnmex Acetofdla, which » air<d 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 

©4ue • 

ikft wood-foml, Oxalit Acftofalli];^ 

toeracA^. M-dj plMT. car.Uhed 

Iwrib^^ 'tt, 'ttf Adj. aod adv. loo- 
lilh, t Ktd0 four, fomewliat Ibiur or 

iiujp. 6tacrU4 fc^meMif to taiU Too. 

fc6iMlh(fctt/ foiirifluMii^ uotneGi, new 

word iif«d in feme plaqes lo denoM « 
(w bo^. OuljboAt Or mineral witart 
ire ciflad in many pUcoa GdUOrlhlS* 
Soir grapei, four apples « fbrrel (ta? 
.toOMBpfcr)/ ura known by tbta namo. 
Imm/ ver^. r^^. itca^r. wilb tateO/ 
\\m wtA^f to four, gtow fottf or 
lurp, to mm font. 2)er ^Kcrttig bat 
ii« WoUoflbtc Scil gcboM |q fati<m, 
,ie Mfen baa not had fofliaent time 
to Gmt or turn (onr* 0^ ft itm^ UfcM 

fppolir r«igiiagey^raiay«/ir/ the thing 
ir aiur it not ytt at ^n and , u ia not 

jBc fiiilhad. 2>ic fDlUcb/Mtcrt/ leiA fao^/ 

wi taSk foofB y tnms four. 

iMi. i^i. ri^. «ei. f«terna<bai/ to 

ibyr.aako foor; aifo to laavan, to far* 
••t. S)cn Irfg fifttcni/ to laavan the 
ioub. tcf4oemlVret/iaa?anad bread. 

Hwem, Mc 6diicniii(|, the act of 

nikiag, growing or turning four; al^ 
efktrattni; fermonution. 2)al Citl^ 
\kfXti, tba act of kneading the don^ 
ike Itif caing and kneading the doi^ 

l6nc(Mlf Sal-Actd, or acid laic 
!|Wf*ttl, -If, -ic. «a5f. akid «il9. 
Mua| foorly or rnllenly^ ft>rly» pao* 
jib, bewaid, melancholy, gloomy. ^Ui 

mmmnxm, v. eaomo^r. 

t6fllCfWi, M-d/ /r/«r. tell/: iea?en, 

reMcttotr. M^d, ^ikr* b{<-tt9fe, 
tauof afettr. Aero and crabbed look> 
i^or grimiaced Mow. 
pmifM/ oi^. and niifi;. tf f a fbnr, 
aiAnn bitter and crabbeiitten»per, peer 
gi,jiaro fai^ furly^ Ulhuinonred. 

Pjwitt/ V. GoQcfbrttHQini. 

ren|tfl§/ die hunting oV wild boara ; 
«» a iM^^for wild boart; Ckewife a 
P"4witb a foear. 

Vtahg^.>i^7l. te^ec/. f/lar. bfe-0 
*^^w* drunkard* toper, one who 



'JBiiflMcr, hd-i,piMr. bic-brtter. 
^■^^C 6MffEfmfefr apoKompa^ 
>^i oriokiag-cofnpaaion. 
■bf irer^. Irrey. «ef. and nenir. and' 
knjlitter cale with (nboi; I* fwUf 
?** « Hufl, r bn fBtift, 2f»up 

t^M ^^ ^^^ todiSak, apphad 
«Nia»i to dnnk h«fd or tr excefi. 

ftppKed to tDiflu O For trtofm #: to 
dnnk» appued Xfi beafii. ;pem Sftrbf 

III faifen aebtn^ tfo flfcrb mfcn Iafei# 

to water a horfe, to let him dnnk. %)ai 
SIcb ftfoft ffiafTeT/ cattle drink wt^^ 

2}al Sicb faufcn laffen; to water tho 

oaitbB^ to give tham fome water or |^ro 
them to drmk. . FigurmUvety (ometimet 
in the poetic fiyle of manimate tbingi» 
to imbioe^ &ink or draw In a fluid )>o« 
dy amply; but infiead of wh^ the mo^ 
re decent trintcn ia al& nled. . a) I9 n 
more limited fenfe » to drink hard or to 
excela; but onlv in a hard* contrmpti* 
ble fenCe. Abrolutely and as a Terb ofu- 
ter, as well U witn the acqiDitire'of 
the thing* , ScefifUI. unb ftofnt, to oat 
and drink to exee(j» to goaale. 2){e 
a«D)C 9)0(^ burcb ftfiifeil/ to tope, fwiil 
or drink to encela all tl^ ''W^ ^ ^ 
the night loxL^. '2>ca @aii^ cincbai 
rcotl^ to be Uibject to hard driaking. 
€^ »0B ftfttfCII/ to 4rink Wd'ortoex* 
eels, to get drunk .or fuddled^ . SBilil, 
Qler K. MQfOIr to dnnk irine^ heeretc, 
toexcelir, . , 

ba< Saofett, carouimg, tinpKog^ topiiyg, 
debaudl»ery« f willing, liara^driflliag, dm* 
king to eicels. 

bcr eiiiftr.^ ^'UJ'^' « »o«.>Jif< 

F^min. !DU6Atfcrtan, ators*pot.xh^an< 
• kard,toper,'fuddle-cap,fwill>howir^« 

pbty caroofefj one who drinks ham o<| 

to excels. 
hit 6aufere9/ drunkenneia* hard drin)c* 

ing, gujcaling. 
Ui 6atfffldiat# ^ drinking match, drii^b. 

ing-hbut* caronling. / ^ 

ilnc SanfgcfeirctHtft^ a caroule,.a menyw 

ineeting, a company of hard drinkers. 

tipplers or drunkards. ^ 

fin@aiifbaI5/ v. @diifet* 

Citt6auf(0Ul/ a tavern, ale-houfa^ tippling.' 

ber @01lfif<i^f Ae thomback fa fifli). 
dtl 60U!ttCb/ a drunkenfong^ a fongliiog 

at a (h'inkittg match. 
UC 6illlffcbl»ciier, a drinking.gofi[ip,a tipp^ 
' Img or drunken woman, 
bet @aufteufcl/ the devU of a (eUowfor. 

drinking, the devil temptiog people to 

fuddle tnamfelves. 
bie eMogoimtie/ a wetnurfe; 
ba< €$auAom/ 6aune$, tolls or nets ufed 

in catching wild boars. 

bet Gaudatfetl/ an Indofure for wildboari^ 
in which they are caught. 

Gfindetl, verb* irrem^ act. and neuu* ift 
tiie laUer cafe with (foboi; (4) fnigf/ btt 
fOUdft/ cr fattgt; tmperf. \if fog; Coa^ 
fana. {(b fbgt; Particim. flCfOACn; /«• 
;»#rar. faU0< ^ to luck , to draw a juice 
or liquor with the lips. Zkp @<lfk Oltl 

' dncii lipfiel fauaen, to fuck 4e juice out 
of an apple. iDic ffifcncn fouecn i^oola 

gU^ bm Q^bniKn, uie bees fuck hon^y 

ontofflotrera. tm i(uii0(itU({ieraii0co# 

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J)€ IM|0C1I CmuuUv^ to talk iowudemlja, to Uii 

I nek or out obibeiiity« ribaldlry or bawdjf. ' 
to fuffor ^Q§ 6at|flrfll# ^knot*gralj, iWlae-graf 

l^cn'^ilM birdTf-toogue » inooceiiM-Derb. 

torcon. |j(e eat(^a«/ 6fitt(>c%f/ 6au}agfc# -tl 

»r devile chaUoc or nutting of. wi(a bo^t. . 

M Sfnb (cr@aup(rt/« rwiiio.hor<i 

th« child )er edU|)U8it/ eauMtt, « ihgnbij 

Unbar hunting wild boar*. 

ft of the ptx Aiuig^U V. ed^iMtnCscL. . ^ 

oflen^ to 6dufr4/ '^' ^^h "/• *°^ ^^^'^ ®^' 

, irhich ia Jaft/ homjlh^ iwlne-like» fiUW, n*fi 

therein., '^kfOUflaitti AMt » rucilag brutifli* Ilo?&ly, flutiiih. &tui[(i> tn 

child/ CteWrfgUlW (omni/ « luddng 
Umb. «|n fougmte* tottt/ • fuchinjg 
calf. Ih a 'nftora oxtenfi? e fenfo , uio 
ofinatrimito thingf, to fuck, fuck up 

ooge fucka 

Ctmotf.umdeben.. to handle a thinJK wi 
cleanly or naAilj. (gin fdttif$cr Aaf # 
floTen, a flovenW fellow, (in ftfuifdb< 
SC(6/ a flue, taoUop« a fluttilh womai 
filthy creature, ff n fditQicM Htbcn fftbrei 
tb lead a hoggilh kind of life. @airlf 
fttfftn, to eat greedily, and naliity^ hi 
a (wbe. 
a fhck, to (cr 6aufobai# « hog-fly. 

Mth one*t bereaiitoA/ Wc6iiti!64ton£.«p«ltty5P®^ 

nckle or a nafty cook-maid. 
finb fdWb bal ©OUftaut/ hogi-wort or hog«-weod^ 
I her child biC CiinfOtf^C/ a pool« in which wild boa 
r cbw« that cool thetnfeltei, ',, 

[ihcerimlk. btC edntt, piur. hit.^ti, Diminmi. b< 

that fuck* 

MI^II0efty bit MuMng, the fncklinc* 
' t)iir>i^ct bf gifiBg to tuck or nurQ^g with 

oiM*s milk; 
•ft «MlgJfr M^i, pi'^'^tnofd.'fing, i) 
One who fncka, a lufker. jn A luck* 
ittg^'bottie for k child. , S^ The fucker 
or piilon of a pump. 4j A fucker or 
- yow/kg (hoofpffbceedtn^ffom tha root of 
a tree. 5) A kind offea^fifh; 

&iuUUai a pillar., a column. |. 
h6dy Itandiaa perpendicular, whi 

llicka to- the bottom of fltiba, Bemora; 
alfo -tlettilttgo, Ccheoeit RemOra L. 

Die 6*ifffau9^# 6*Hfbnlt<r. 
bU €$dugerinn^ enurfe, a Woman, who aur- 

fea or fuckififa her dlTTd: ' 
bit ©ailgCrt^/ the alpiraiiott- pipe of a 

bcr &mMAm, Kha fuddbg trunk 6( a 
bee and. of other inficta. 

M ediiflcikfef, bc4-e«/ i>/«r, bfc*e, amv 

nala.mmilhed with hreaUa or uddera» 
which thair young fttck; a fucUog a* 

• AimaK' '> ' \ 

hai eamtmtt, be^-el/ piur. Hot, fuck« 

ing pumpa • pumpa that dnyt op water 

* by attraction. , 

a fuckinc-pig, 
Asking- calff. 

confiderably Fooger than thick; iiiwhi.< 
moft exteniife fenfe a great many bo di 
of thlakiod. if they have o^ ouier n 
me, are' called @tfulcn. Particularly b 
long thereto the compound wbrda xbU 

BaU, ftatue; epmfdult, tint ^pran 
, pyramid ; $KUttWuUp pillar of Eri 
GoVcnfdafe/ pillar of the cloud; Gd 
fdnU It. pillar of (alt etc. a. In Cj 
any piece of ttrobet-'Aandij 
particularly if it'beara any thir 
-. tte< 6d«lt/ in fome paru a| 

em @tdo];cr« Alfo m Imaller machin 
bit GAllCh Of ^StMtn are fuch piec 
of wood lUndiUg perpendicular » aa i 
example, the poita (b(c ^duloQ o 
bed-itead^i . In many cafet |uch Sdul 
are called %fyfttn and ^tuUH, whi 
fe^. f ^t^In ArchUecture, a column ii 
round pillar, 'made toTupport or adc 
aboUdiag. @Mtn n<A ^ottfliit f ^ 
nifct^crtc JOrbnong/ colomna after I 
Doiick^ Jonidc etc order. I^gurmi 
cine 64ute, a piUar, a (npporter, ma 
tainer. ' (gr ift tint @du(^ M BOObcg^ i 
SUxpt ». he ia a polar of the coiuit 

of the diurch etc. 
fucking-lamb, a fuckling« tCT 6du(enfuf / the pedalUl of a colon 
i^t$, flur. bie*e/.a the foot-Aall. 

king child, em &ivigt b<r MuIen0aiig,'bel*t(^ plur. Me-gdn 
bem man on finer Qmji- a cofonnade. ., 

fter. broker. Likewile bfe 6dnlei|0rbnnng, ^/nr. 4ie-en# ap Scr» der, in Architecture, a lyitero of i 
feveral mcmbeca, omamenu and p 
portioOa of columna and pUaftera^ . o 
certain rule Cor the proportiona . of i 
column or oda^9 paru of a l^uildi 

(a Fockfiogj in tmd^r-i 

popular Ian£;uage, mlt 
IVttn/ to talk, bawdy or 

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eta'' .«**i> ' M 


IbMic OBb We Mfmnmimmt Orb# • moment j I won't lottor/ra hm quick 

|l4^r 6Alfeiimntrof / ibeTufcaii, aboiitit. ^ ^^ 

, Jooick. CoiiDtbUn «iKt tho ba49tf8mf0# tho aet of mOfiilg ■ Ikin or 
jOte order. bem, hommiiiK; aUo « deJaj or delay* 

. ^CRMaft or 6tttm» cftKr €Mhl(e, bg, « Aaf • Itop* lotteriot. Imgeriog, 
ibe (baft of A pilbr or colvmn lletw^cA ' and* altli6* ieldomer, Ms C<htntun§. 
AeMefial and the capital. . ' bCT 0ailtl|Cfe(/ M-l^ piurlut nom^Jing. 

tim^t, the cubrcalt lliomlkMdal 2)^ (gdomtifier, a Iiimpter-ibiil<9. 
L^ ., Caimbaft/ *cr> ^tlti, d^j- 4nd. ax^i;. a 

f^^Mtatm 9 pi^' Me^ a / V. word l^om ufed in good German ; V. 

SSS»S»C, bC*-t#, /^V«e;«»IC^^^ag^-8^^^^^ and 41*... flow, 

ly^llainent, the pedeftal of « eo- |ardy» linaering* flak, backward. ioi« 
haa, the r(|Mare bod^ ont^^kb the teriog, ddaying, negligent, late etc. 

with lu loot KrtU. . m|(t ^^ ^e^a^Hung filmnig wn/ to bo 

t te eoum , M - C4 , f»/0>'. MC KAvm^ flack or flow in payment, giki fdumitJ<C 

iltefaal. m 64inD4en ^ * ^(H 6AlW 0(h||fb|icr# a flack or flow debtor. ^ 

til. i.«>er JtQjib, ihe bem, * gnaid, ^jj f^uUilg ^^n,|t !„ ijgerH, bf jo*a 

Wtforlbftora garment. JgyLllMi flakJyj floyrly or tardUy. to woik, it 

kr e^ f^aUr eaum on rilKm ^^QKK dbea not piy it. 
llKica' ' 

> kro^ J ^ ,>>,i..i>«r kgm Af eh^ J- ^ ©dttmiglw, /^iWr. liM^ the Aate or 
livf* We 9)«ti^ Cill,ci mUJIWPrUio qualtty oCa perlbn beina fdamig; bit 

tMof abofder. Cftieti 6mnB ttm ein ^aumreUgteit; wbidi foe. 
MwfM noc^, e« fdonni, to hem 5^ ^umtT liogVdung. 
, i baadkadMf. tomako a kfo^^bont ^ gaumUMfe/ tie liftoC cloth J V^ 6aU 
X. 2)a6M0iglltteQ, «r bAgeItt, to ^^^ 

ibioodi or fledi the hem, border or f^^mMibtU Hxemming- needle. 
it^^bSS; jiTwe ©!«.«, ««Cf«»»«>t' d.e 1^ of . b«d.r *. 

jkdr. .bow thTM or iMf hi«Ji«l ^toftoP to ilw >X4& . ih.t>p.. 

*. ]Mealbai»UdUanMf4umtiho -^^.r * "T^- o^ flow 

Uftte iiMd* not be hemmoa. Alfo dO ei««jW*f ' ' «»/ : ?*' JT* Si. TT* 

©•itet Ibr, 8llb fdumet no<b langC, or flowneU , beat meCi, ,/*«nf& -^ dolUiela. 
SrSlirf'aiSVSl^^ UrcBty.fanntenng.lmgenng, loitering, 

ywianyor iUy for? why don't youfaU '«o^g««»^»«^^ # u. . . 

to?wUfignlfii. aU thitllngering, loU M ^W«Wef. M-ti,piur. We-C, • 
imog orldlying? why do yoS thua ^beall ^^ ^^«v V. foftWor. 
■Ip^tdietUe^ e^umct eii ni<^, Me 6ait«attcr , a (bw Aat lial farrowed. 
■"•w hifte, do it q^ckly, brifldy, im- bO^ eauntlt, In' Ho4»andry, a place in ft 
"'«<>>*t^T- M MIt fA mit Uefef 6a(^ Md, owtx which the plongb baa not oajk 
iii^jatUncB, there mod putting off or fed; V. alTo QbdbOK. Cm €^um «• 
^nm dyii matter, it it a hnfinelathat alTo a dirty, nafiy, filthy place. 
^•Mtofno fiiuceriog, loitering or ba^eoUflet^ V. 9aaflani. ' . 
^f«»g. it adaitf of,^ iteby- 3* ^ TO«>t6^ Wtllrttftl^ » nafty »«»»• 


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I lfi$ t^Uha, miiBmgp i^oanngr tisgko^ 

bussing 0tc. 
Ckinftoi) / adj. and «if<v. UuHenng ^ rui 
liiy.^ rainof^' dwnderiiig, obiivep49tou 
bnssiitf , . wnifiluift. 
b«r ©oaTwtab, W-cl, /^/»r. Jbfc-e^ 1 

JSMmratiV€ )«ft» a wild relUeft perfo^ 
imo doet or perrormt hit buGaeb part 
with a ooily buAl^* JUid who is al 
partly addtttad to wild noify pleariacas 

' (Cf CanfMcf r « 4^«^ iir^d tn.piarcta^ 
wild boar. 

»«r eaurtbr, ?e«-n./ War. Me-n, t^^^g ttteaum, a bog.%. 

uTed in buriting wild boars; ^ RUcn^ ^d^ eantdl, V. etittMMs. 
bunb./ V. ©aubcttc^ .^ bcr 6<tutfdto, V. eatibirt 

cm ^anrabfl, a founder of rwina or wild ^ eitXttO% , a trough for bagi to Faad ii 

^VL'^\^^. x^ . r • , r >«* ©OWUbwrct, a wild boar, tha ilai 

bar @(nirfifrct/ a hog*f or fwine*s flioat. ^f ^ wild botar. 

Itt^WXi, M^t±, plur. ihmf. a debaucb. Me6aillWlbk/ tba foofiag.placaofa wii 

^otinc. 3fmS<nifc (ektt, lm«flufcui* boar« 

Sraufc ftScn/ to riot, to Uve a lewd or ^ emtmilf / pila-wort oi;£g«wort. 
bauched life, to be or, make roerty, bof ©WOPtrfo^lr S*voyi Y. Wlrfd^la^ 
to dnnk roemly, to lead a chaarfiil or bUCka^Me/ Scabiona. an jBerh. 
'merry life. ^^ OcttfUtC / -a naudbty paaaii^let. 

>cr ©au(^/ bic ^agenmrf, the maw of ^ %upUX, a fcaptar; V, ScptCt. 
a fwiila or hog eitad hke a black, pud- eccptir^/ oi^/. and a^«u fcapUae^- fcapi 

*tr @auf*n«ttcr., ®(^»dQf((nci(xr, • gd- e^aaf) edKiam, e^aar, V. e<t>i] 

■ der •thoffi. 04018, @<b<ir. 

-bnou.tnin.pM. JS^Sl IhT^ltiSLlSf^S;. - 

and agreeable noife, to mumiar, purl or Wt«*flbC, piur. Ne-n. ^ i) A fcrapar,* 

. warbU at a fmall rim doet; to whiftlap wttniment or tool ufed in fcraomg. i 
particularly applied to a gentle, faftand Sav«'«l ">"« of infectt. which eat t 

t agreeable winch ©o* eSofWll b€r4Bcff^ 8?*^ ^^^^ bodies, bear the name i 
tnim, the foft wbiftling of the Zephyrs f^aklU To which belong bfc Wotti 
Of wefl.windt. QnXfob in bfoeAlaf ^"*® '"^*' ^ba tiay; bk fflrubc, the roi 
(<Ittfc(ll, to lull a child atteep, to bring «SJ bU fl(W/ the wood- worm. 5^ V 
on fleep by ilnging of makina fome ftonfctoclbC. 4} SMt <rtfH# ^^ >(<^1^ 

. agreeable found. fcab, fcurf. 

©OUI^J, wr*. r«g. aa^r. with babdl, to W« ©S'K' ''^Z' *^-^/, ^f.^***^^ **°' 
make a noife, to roar, whUlle. hilt or ^^^ "" ™ Saltern at Hall m the con 

whis. em gcmafUg f^Qfenber ®liib, a pound word »ortfcMbc/ to denote tli 

rufhing, biuiUring. roaring or boifte- "de-platet of the fait ^ papt , by whicl 
^ouft wind. !Der g^nb fOttfct^ the wind ^o pant may be heightened in cafe c 
whUUes. J^ai IBecr fOUW/ the [ea roars. ^ "^5^: ^ ^ , ^ -. 

SO^ eotlfetl bcr aMen, tlm roaring of >«? 6*abc6«ttllt. the wooden legor borfi^ 
6 waves or billows, fyt ItlgCfa fOU^ ^^ whtc)i a unner Lcrapes hit hides. 
gl, the balls. whiOW 2)0^ eoitfeil unb ba« e<babeMe((/ a blunt knife -bUde ofe< 
raufcn in ben ObPCtt# the tingling of by Xhoemakers in fcrapiog the fupa 
the ears, the feeling or perceiving a con- Huoos wax out of the foams, 
tinned found in the oars. 2)ie .Vienen bcr ^<bQbeborf. t) Among qomb-makan 
fllffni# the bees buss, maka a hnmmtng a trdOTel or wooaen leg. on which hor] 
fonad. Lilwwife^jraraflye/^. to ditert Is fcraped even or fmooth. a) Ilia taa 
eae*a Uf 10 a irda daify sunnip,^ ^ am h^tCs qr trafML 

^ ' Digitized by VjOOQ IC 

bMrd* ft t4ibU pr boMd to QuTe of un- houurn^ , {addle* dotlu 

m 6d Wk c Hi m/ n tfOB, pr «i iroo |»0l iCfcMtC # rerapingf, , Hianags, .2)af 

«r infinnieBC uied in rcftping «Dd p<4i- fl4aWe(# t^fdKlMet 90n ^Utca^ tlj^ 

Oiin^ otlitr ihiofi ; idfo a rakiar, fcraper. i^apiaci oF bldaa or fldm 

£)«i «<b«bCCifni ^Cf Mfkr, tha uanar't. te 6(t»ObiMo OCT ^MOfi Af grindiiif^ 

finaa-koife. ^ * fioaa of tba uwaff* 

kre^oMcM, apoUfhisf plana. tier 6d^«, V. 6<M«cr« 

KlMocf^Slr aoMfon^t CaiooUiiiig trowal. b<r 6<0<Ufe/ Cin a)tm((# V. $(^((t 

III 6Mcnicfhr, a panngi Qumg or Ui&ba^0 &ba^fpM, <^m* the game 

ibtpbig koife. at che& 6dNK9 fpfcfcn , to plajr at 

Milai, 90r^. reg.0€i. 1) To r^b. SMC ehela. Cd^M hm Siini%i, btt ibai0 

6^Mtet UM€n to 00 bet flMttbCllf ilRII/ ^eck to the king, to the fueen. 

kfi rub tlMoiCeleei agaittft a wall. . lM)a4 MctbcO/ to ofiTeck the kfiig ^t 
»)TqniavOt fcrape , crate, Tcffatch. f:hara. (Einenf(pa0mattllia(iKQ/ to check- 
Ixt AaCb Mil ttmtii fdHWMf to fciapa mate one; V. 64<^(bQiatt. 
6ff ibe dift of fomethmg. ^tU^lUt M ^d^httt, M -U, plur. Hc •CT/ • 
|anK<BllMft# grated ParmafiiB. fBSui^ chela* board, checker -board. . 
Ids fdcf Mbc SKfttfgc MKibcn, to fera- CkiKNbeiie Y. 6(ba«teQ. 
pe roou or radifhos. flMt dDcm SKefTct^ bcT 6<NMr (am SmtK)^ te«-<, /^/nr. nt 
■it cteHI @tJkfC (fttol 2C. f(t>ilCtl# to ;iom. ySif^. tha thief on the croft, ono 
Ibape with a kni^B, with a piece pf of the two malefactortj who were rm* 
(^ 2Mc Mote fifeakn, to forapo 01 eified with lefut ChriA. In familiar' jeft^ 
Ouie hma. ikins. fj^mrativehr, €klNh btK ^AMI^t the thief , rogne, knave^ 
id mib fd^Mm, to rake and Tcrape for M 6(M4<ttteo|l, in Uereldry, a croft (ha. 
^^ eiOCHI M MAMKO f^Otal, pad like » Urge Yi, a moving pale. 

_r^^i L- ^ ci _«_•_ 6j|^a(^ern^ ver^. re^j. «ei. to u(e or prac- 

tiCe nfurr, tOvplay the lew, to take un* 
lawful ule, intereu or profit, to deal or 
traffick, alfo to engaca in fome totrigao 
for a Imall profit. .j(at bcri^rr Iti^tl 
|0 fd^adbttnl (an exprelBon afed W 
the lewt) Sir, ha?e tou nothinc to chtN 
Sefl have yon any thing to trade, barter, 
chop, fwap or exchange? 
bet 6dM(bt6nig, the krag at chela. 

bo^ eci^<bitaut, broom ; V. yfrfcmcofroot 
e<b<i<bn«t>;04^V and »4v. Oibacbtnatt 
fC90# to be check -mate, |o have loft 
^ game , to be c^eckt. 6<bAd)niatt 
nui^tlf to check -mate. Bp^rativtir^ 
flr iH fc^fOCbmAtr, be ia at a dead lift^ 
he ia mmed and ondono to lall intentp 
and purpofet. s 

bol 6(ba<bf)Hd, M-tt, plmr. Me-e, cha&u 
the game at chela. Paying at chela. 

bcf TOikj^ftdn, M'U, p7wr. bte^c, o 

chela •man. 

bar 6(fKubr, bd -H, plar. bie GM^te. 

I. An area or liir&ce extended in leng^ 
and breadth. 1) In general, pirtarolarly 
among Foreftera for #CflCQ|b/ conntir* 
re^n pr tract of gcoand. JHcf It tm 
MibOCr tUMbttfiU, thit it a region or 
uact of mund nneiy grown over or op- 
verd wiuk wood , a fine fbrefi or wood* 
ff (bfl(4<btC ere little ri^ipnt ot ttacu p£ 
gfouad coverd with igood; V.ffdbboH 
endffe(bf<Mt O A bpdn which io 
•Imeft §s lopg aa^bfoad. Dot very thm 

. in. propprtioo to the lepgdi and breadtlu , 
In Gpaeaecry, Sorveyiag eie. it.ta ^« 
fise^ qoaadty or entent pta body, wbofia 

. bteadth and leogdu ia equal, but ike 
j^^neb ampiinu only to the tenth part 

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* f^( to^%od^ whtcli for mmmfUm, m- 
one pol« or perch (fllttfK) 1^ ^^ 

^broid aad one fbot^Suf) thick , tvhich 
^hen for a nearer determinatieo le tailed 

' cin »ut^fd>^^. «ii 64irf|f*a<M it 
a bodjTt which tt one foot rM|lfl(^)^ioftg 

'.and- broad, hut ooly oneincn(S9l) diick* 
Alfo 30ar<(a«t7 Ml!Ccil|(»a(^l tt. Henbe. 
ba4 SdbaAtmaf , the coAorti or method 
of mealVirtng bodies in ihie nanocr. 

2.^ Particularly in the fcieoee or art of 
nininff. i ) TTie higbeit part of the (ipia- 
re hoTlciw of a bi/^b furnace, throng 

' which fbe colli and iron -ilonea or iron- 
ore are tumbled or thrown down, a) 
A narrow deap and perpendicular «pit» 
a Oiaft. They have feverilnimet accor- 
ding to their ufe; hence there ire ^ilH* 
iA^dbU, the fhaFti, by which the minert 
defcend. f^bthttUbMtt rhifti, by which 
the ore ii brought or drawn up ; JlQn(N 
fdnfcttC^ the fhafu of the bydraulic en- 

(inei. ^ncn e^ad^t obflnfcn, ahttuf 

* fen^ to (ink a fhif^, dig a fhaft. (Plnttl 
^d)0(^tau^tOlinetl, to Jinea rhift with 

planki or boards. The plural in good 
German ii alwiyi 9<{^44>tC^ but in up- 
per Germiny alio @4^Qd)U ©U ^aff tcr 

6<^d^tni (Sri anl @oob gcfd^mdir, j^aE. 

(!e 9dia(^ff, plur. bic -n / Dtmtfiut. boi 

eM^ttiAtti, *(6dHf4^teflfein * a care to 

hold any thina* a box» wooden box. 

Vnt^tttMm^ibttX, a periwig -box. 
' 990t|Kfftf4^a4)te(n/ apothecaries -boxei. 
« CfHf i^at)»uberf((at(|tel/ a powder-box. 

CIn @ai; 6c(Ki4reto , a let of boxes, 

, one wtthm another. 
Hc€cb«4tei69r(e, the bri[llet,T^tch fhoe^ 
. ir thread, 
le tmnk-fifh. 
M ^ti , plur. inmr. 
re-arafs, Equifetan L> 

a box- teller. 
, a box -maker. 
rg, act, to rub, to po> 
@AQ6l>Un, "umrL reg, det, to fquire, to 

divrde into eaual fqnares. 
JBiMfttn, 90r6, rtg, aoL which is only 

* ttfed by Ihe lews lor fcbfOCbten^ to kill 
cattle, (o butcher. Hence bet @(bdd»ter/ 
he that kills the cattle. In popular Ian* 

J;»ge« jcmanbtn fc^cbtenr is to pre ju- 
ice, over - reach • deceive , cheat or 

d'efiraud one, as weU as to cudgel or beat 

Icr &ba<itmti$tf, the firft or principal 

trencher or digger of piu ditches etc. 

alfo. one who has'tho infpection over 

the fhaft <or ^tt - diggers; 
6(6«d>«eire» fd»i(|)f6rtt(A, gef<tac|tfct^ 0ci 

raorct, checkered. #d>o(^mdfe gcftttc 
** fNmitt#' trees planted checkerwife. 

. fkMffat0 ai^/. and adv. V. Qcbobbaft 

Kr ^dMbMr^e^ ncbeiiMite# •« after^il 
'*«r afteff-fonuity. . ^ , 

htm the irerh^ il(^bC1l> danuj^ 

hami , lob , detrinenc. a. Any < 

vil i>r bodily hurt, the-hort oi ao osMi 

- mUte » at w¥ll as of an animate hoA| 

K>ttl ®M>«t dnm e<lKilcQ, the m 

bat a defect*, a cracky dmik. 2M Wl 
efcnm lerMt eber obfrrit, cattle J 

the frufttt of ^bm field damaae^ hart^ 
in{ury» wfaen tltey tra^ipla tipott « 
browfe them* fin fftOCrfiobb, tBa(M 
fil^ObC, 9ctt«rf(^bC IC a damage oaold 
by fire Y by water, by the weather m 
MoA commonly of the hurt of an ad 
mate body, dinm e<b«bCII mR ll«|l 
omfVtH Uktn, to have a hurt iatbe ef 
in the foot, tin offtnOf 6(|KI((/ «■ «P« 
wound, fore or hurt, a runniii|^ Com o 

ulcer, ein inntrtt e<M< / «» »««» f 

ihward burr, {{n Cc^abC Om Mc, « 
UilMn^btf A hurt , fore or* woood ij 
the body, m frif4»ereoabe ^ttclfri«( 
a firelh wound is foon healed. 6(NM 
'HCbmetl/ to receive a hurt, ti fof M 

tcin ek^abe gefcbeben/ Aon Chalt get a 

receive no hurt, which phrafe is atf 
ufed of inanimate bodi^ : fi fo8 tdl 

6d)obc baron Acfd^t^cn ^ it IhaU not b 

hurt or damaged, it (hallaet or receiv 
no hurt or damage, a. Virliacaver mi 
kes the Aate of t thing , as vfeU as tbi 
'of a perfon n^re imperiect^ and the put 
ting iilto this Aate; only with ceitsii 

verbs. ^obcR an fcfncT ^efrfibbeMj 

Ulbgtn Idben^ to fuffer damage in hi 
healthy in his reputation^ in his fortaa^ 

2>ur(b @(bobcn mirb mail Hna^ bouik 
wit is beft» a burnt child draada thefin 

gitmanbcn 6<tKibcQ t^un, lufftsco/ « 
art one, do him hort or harm. ^ 

ntt ecfonbMt 6(ftabcii tNn/ to bai 
his health. iDal ivM bdn &Mt fen 
that will be to thy hurt, damage or iu 
advantage, or that wtU be a hurt, dam 
i;e or disadvaouge to thee. 5. Paxtiei 
jrlv a dimifltttion of property* in cdfo 
males more imperfect , loCi in weilil 

jScmoobcti 6dl)aDcn tbuii, to do one Hj 
mage. t>ai tbttt oiir vleUn e^tm, ^ 

does me much damage. . f^rofcn 6^ 
ben Iclbcn, to fuffer a great lols. PAi 

b<n bc9 dner @a<ft€ Idbcn , to fuller 
loCi by a thing. Sd> mill 0(rn e^i^ 
bOb(Q Uitta, i am content to go bytl 

lofs. 3br wcrbet 6d^oben balcv USk 

youll come by the lols. @(babCO ^ 
ettOO^ Robert f to have a lofs by Ibfli 
thing. Cincm e<bobai crfe^en, tor 

pair a loGi or damage, to make up ( 
-reprieve aiofk. (Stncn 6dKlb<S tri§C 
to bear a lols. ditittt ftt e^^Q^tn bn 
aen r to.caafe a lo(s to ooe. ff^i « 
bf€r (etttrd^ben tlni mvtttn, to jra 

wiCe by other people's loffes. Qn M 
ben 0erat^»f tit (yftaiH a lob* to fafl 


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ftlOK 9M e4#C1l fettttdl/ the flrip . d^Ughtioglncilwpeopl^'jmitelutt li«rt 

^hShndgnmt dtimmg0 bt 4i« Jionb. :i>t ■uAforame. Dcr 8<Meilf^( , « P«r- 

BMCf it k drts alfo AoMtmie*^ uM in ^ £on,^Ako dfligfato ia^ttier pebf leViaM* 

|H«1 Cor asy 4iMdr«fitag«oiM l6lf . chief, hurt or mitfortiroe. 

Vfog A €Mfoct erhun; bnt oaij^io th« 
iignificatton of • o^rp^Mi hun or de- 

KftfKlcre^NI^; di» flMb of a gTMC 

unit M impariUo t< 
wii Hif jtt i oa, to decl 


4. UfodM 

manifvft or 

OBO't pf IT » coMaffion or lo* 

ptL eda^, M K. €% HI&Mt, tot 
K ^pitj, or *tio ft pilf tbat me. 9i it 

fftti|04tt^^ it UoihoakBd pitiot. 
IWtbMcf , cfaac oAbo pitiot, uUim, iFic 
W a fcbft tB riTe , tbe prapolitioa tUR/ 
bitibtiinio dM paniclo oat# ftod of 

ifinvttbiflg lociitL eiil6(Meinii 

|kl!be«to bo pidodl Likowife. ^o 

Iocs. tUteagodv bort, dofoctite, ^>oil6d, 
fattltVf imperfect, rviaom, decayed etc. 
qinmKMtt$^9bM, afaiiky, defectU 
▼e#* cracked or chinked flaib. ^ fdNl5# 
baftrt OeMtt^C, a mioont or decayed 
Mldiog. iMH^^eOHetcr^iMtmed; 
hart , wonsded or Core 4i»be. 6(^0^ 
|afl (ton, to be damaged, fpoiled,^ tmim 
neat, hurt of defeetiee* 69ab(Hl1l Wttf 
Un, to become demaged, fooiled.^kvrt* 
minoot W defiMti^e. emMtKM VkRHf 
loCiefhbperfbBie^co be rapetted.- CI Wf, rottaDQr^Rromivtatefli^tBber. 
le^ile, bo|fC( Mk^it9%nommmhto, 6< W W i C n / -Perh. re§. aei. whidi 10 llio 
k'aa pi^ diac I) didinoc come foooer* tnteafire of fjKlbcti, bat i» only aledmlho 
6 Mr ec^Ae, M Cf OA^ ta IMT/rit coooosod word (cf:|^dM8etl# which £m, 

CI <M!Mt(^/ *<r> - (k # «^A •o*^ mdw^yn* 
nicioet, p^mtciable, noaiooa, h«»rual» 

vMapily, that be waa not there. Cl 

Wl. it wovld bo a thoofand pMet, if 
te BKMid BO€ liappeo. Aocordiog to 
" ttt more oanannve eHipfia the verb 
eitk dM article it a1(b freqoently left 
«. e^hbt, >«#K. 'tif pity, or 'tie a 

mtkatete. e^^elk, M ek hH ett 
m «Mit wfenbcf iNlfdl' *tta a pi^, that 
Yot ht?e nor imChed the poem* 0<^ 

K M i* Mn «Mei«iHf bom iinbcii 
(Hi, Ml e^Mf/ f^Adfcr, feltefbii 

i «• d lOllcAtKlbC* And then^t it alfo 
bwiBtlj nliMi irooieallr with die pre* 
fUAtmfK, to ligirify mt a dune it of 
■0 ceafeoaeoco or tmpottanoe. mi^titt 
ffrifdl llcUMm' what iieni6ea ri- 
dMi, what do I care for wealth or ri^ 
c^, ld|^all ficbea. OtMc fAr bol 

vitf telMit iQ ft9ttf wens d ttl^t %t0 

rmg. imur. with ^ktl/ to 

hvt, haim, eadamage or prtjttdice, to _ 

^ toe harm or fanrt, to cante him any Me6^bft<H(it/;'^''< 

fnjadke, detriment or lofa, with the **" *^" 

tere of the perion. Skfel SBatbol 
MM tor MMb^^ much wat^mg 
Wtidieheaidi. 2>al »lrb Mr MNibciir 
tewiUdotheehmrt orharm. Cl MiM 
Ht Icat^cfkNc/ ^ ^»»> tb« %ht. Oa^ 
MUM on (dMti Citbie vunqHibai^ 

wiiirili blafi hia credit or repotation. 

$• %Mb ftton ne(r Mabcn, m ic^n 

frate IdfOI ^ «»• enemr can do more 
u), tbao tea firieade can do good, ^al 
fMct^? what hut ia there m that? 
«>katdoeaithurt? tdiat diaadeaaufaoua 
^ 'wCy— c ea can it haire? {)ol hmn 
tiillfiMct/ aoharm, that will do no 
Wna. TW fhhftaatim b«l CMKni 
•^ Me edKl6«1li are noiaiiial. 
Wf «<|<|i m|U l llr iK»^<<«- aaialktoiia|oy. 

harmful, offfti/ife, ptfejodjoiij, noilbme* 
defhvctiTe, damageable , diaad?ania- 
geoua; diaadvamageoufly. ^<|klbtfl^ 
Irdoter, daefdHtblkbrAMftr MgefsnHf 

hurtftd or nnwholelbme herbe, a hort-> ' 
fbl or miwholelonie food. !Der fM'tnib' 

Seii fcN^fM^/ premdiciai or hartlul to 
le health. ScT ffrod if bcn Vdumeti 
f(^Ci4^> the firoft u hnrtfiil or prejudi* 
ctal to dtft treea. Vm MdHldKr 9^C^(f 
dM fiNblMc taft, a noaioua or aawho. 
leCbme mift« anoxiouaor uawholefoma 
air; inftead of which angCftHlb it 
mor^ufual. VMHim^f ^^tH^ 
fC^rCy antmibniid, jpemicioBa doctripie. 
TOdbOctc akMtaodlm^ pemicioua 
curioma. Cillf(iNft(idM9e9fW(i/«Ptf- 
nieioua eaample. ec^dMitbC MWOgO 
dangeroaa, peraicioaa, ^aiaditeeoaa or 
defkuctive defigna. Crlf bcm goneflim 

flScfitti dn feir MHMKt flimm^ he ia 

the peft or bane of the commoi^- wealth. 
0dMibH<bC S^iOt, noaiolia creatarea. 
eC^bfttH^//'^''- <'*•/• pemicioQane&» 
aoxiotMae(a, htmfblaeCi, harmfofaielab 
malignity or malignancy, prejudice, da* 
mage, me quality of being nojdoaa» pae* 
lumdal, dangerom etc. ( 

ecNbfol/ - cr, * c(U/ •dj. and aA». hi- 
denoified, laved harmlela. C/ vertVaUR 

eie mir ibi# i^ Mm An MKMol9iirAA, 

^4Kir. unhurt, harmleri, without eay de» 
triment or damage, gfdnatlbm MMbM 
iHlUCIIf felen/ to fa^e one harmleTa, to 
"tndemotiyhin, rid htm from tfaehasftrd 
* of becoming a ioler by feme adfeatare. 
M Hn tiMi^ iK<tt fdHiM^I , >a»e iiod^ 
ni^ Crr«9 wdnei Oertnffcl/ i em not 

yet indemnffled, have not yet an iiidem* 
' Bi6cation or an equbaient for my loCi* 

' 2>k 9orfk^ (At ben ^tM^fn ttonn im^ 
> wrf^nMol/Wibftftenfl^nvrraai/pto. 

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vidifeM iliiM foamita III* ImMI m9t$Mam.*)Unm9h\lmuAhtdk 
mMtk, tmA mm alrMtfy h^iw liMd. ^r €^fer u »• firft, principal or hem 
feff. 2MC SrntObMafl/ fO MftfCfUA^fc «mMi§tlie(h«pliercU or«aock, yrhol 

Ht, Itftt ntit »o* nte veicft ha mi fubalunu Imi^ ilp mb« of Um 64a1 
r(6«b(Q«, 0dl. ., riie(tttbr6<»4fcrtiic{ftk, ^vfaich £••. 

MC 6(MbM|KlttltOft, F^. Me-^ md«Bi« Mtt^itkifat^r p^iir.Mc-CIl, a pUca, wher 
oifieatioA, indemmtf^ iademmqrioc, or flie«p aro kept* « breed of fliaep, lo 
liiYipg bannle£i , i)m mtkiog afDetidk for keeping and leedioa of flie^p, and ioan 
a lou, haradeCknaCii; in opp#r Gera*- timet alio tJia yAtolt flook with the pfi 
ay hk edMWWM. Ibnf, who tend them. 

Me @<tKlb(BMfdt pi»r. cmr. the indeaniitty Me 6<Mfcr(6te# « fliepherdV reed or pip< 
■orhamieUneCi,. the ftat» or ooodition the pailoral reed. 
. of b^g indonmified. M eij>ditt^id>t, M -tij pimr. Vie •< 

(^ 'HmUu apaftoral* anldyU an Eclogue, a Bi 

^ . ». phi- colic. 

In the f)< b/ a(hephfrd*a-dog. 

01/ to 51 (/aiheplierd*«cotorQOCtlli< 

. . ^ tesd bi f • IhepberdeCe. 

o have b( IC # a mepherd*! boy. 

lock of b( xn, aihepherd*« cart* 

Krt frill b< ^,albephenl*a[waui,alh4 

Qbui« t. 

t, the bO<6<Mfeel{ei), apaftor«l, apcftoral o 
advantage hoped for. CcHi 6((df{beft ill rural fon^. 

bO^ trodne bringOl, to bring himfeff and biee^dferpfeife^ a fliepherd*a reed or pip 

. hia property into f^carit^r; to (ave hie bal Ocbdfarft^itl^ M-H, fhw. ble^e# a p4 

. htcon. a) In a more limited fenk only Aoral or play, in wbicti the perfont ti 

the female indiriduai of thefe animaJa^ prefAnted Mm Ihepherda aad ihephipi 

. that brings forth or beara young, ia cal- deflet. 

. led a (beep» oppofed to the ram and bec6((»drer|!a(/ a flienherd'aorookorhook 
wether; an ewe. €^ft, 4Sitber 0nb bfe 6<tdfurtuiibe # W'"** ^f<:K( ^^ ^PP 
Jbixntntlf awea, rama and wetheri. Thia ' or criucal minute, the yielding, minute 
- defeuceleia and inooeent animal ia very the favourable moment for levera^ Fi 
fiaqiiently oftd M§ ao emblem of mtU-* Llieore da beiger. 
sefa and patience, as well aa of iimple- btr 6<Mfcrtttn|# uie Aieph«td*a danea^ 
. nela and iillinels. &n %UM, fnUMU, lNt@<tdferU/d^/ a lhe|^erd'a fcrip orfma] 
geblllbigel OdKlf # ^^ ^ perfon. ^ bag » in Whicn he pnta hia broad. 
dtfJIttoc^, olbeme^^ bammed 64<»f/^ hai «^ff# M-ti, plmr.. hU-t, * won 

iheep , an ignorant and iiUy perUin. particulariy ufed in upper Germany fo 
2>a^ ^^f 9en eincni Aoane fdHOieg l O ceruin wooden veOela, which are callei 

dkm {(^rem tttttefen iKll# berfdge/ ein^ in other paru ^Baoseti, £incii# er«i 

flltige AoQU. $y Flg^raUvefy, on ac- ben, ©elteo K. f!»e thefe words. In 
count of feme relemblance in the thick more limited fenfe, a corn-meafore ii 
woolly form, ble .tdMKn or !|falnen upper Germany, which feems to contau 
on Rtany loita of trees are called in po- more than our @<bcfc( 9 V. this word, 
pular Ungvage B^f^, eatkina, cats- M 6(taffeB/ a Iheep. flun or fell, 

tails. ber e^dffitl, V.6(beffcl. ^ 

ber e^^oUmftt, ^« Itltlo wild -forrel, 6Aafeil , /ver^. reg. and irreg. nee. nni 

. Iheep •fonel.^ n^mtr, in the latter cafewiw the auxi 

ber wM^Wf ^ ^""^ places » d name foe liary verb (obeil/ to procure, get, fui 

edklftiilr Iheep*s*duna. nifh, help to etc. t. •^^hUn, to con 

lie6(tKlfHatteni# theksib, a conugions mand, bid, order, charge etc. with 

diseafe in Iheep. regular conjuaatton. Soi fcbdffeil 9fe 

)er GdKlfbetf/ r^r, bfe •bkh# a ram or mai befe^lenoie? what*s yo«r pleafure 

tiip , la male Iheep. vrhat are your eo^manda with mo 

Me ewfiUttttf butter made of Iheep's- what d'ye want? what would you ploal 

milk. to have? Zf^ut mai i(b bif ((tdft/ d 

QAofOly M** *"cl ^^' of a Iheep ; but what I bid vou? %c bot txdf MiH §1 

only in fome ca(es and in (one places, fcbdffetl , h» has not the power to com 

where it is Ibmetiipos fc^anded fdMfeit. tnandme. i&abetl@ieet»i4 aefdHlfft, U 

®(bOffne^ Veegamentf ^Cftafmiaillfflt; foWeil? have yon commanded or ordered 

Ibeap-parchment. CcbafeBe^ feber, &M* V ^'^f ^^ ^ 9. To be in a quick or fwii 

bbee^ Iheao*s»leadier. '4l*iry motion, with a regular coniugatior 

it9 CAdfee/ oti'i, .pifir, ot mom.Jin$* a twherek is ufed only in popular langnag 

. iX^epherd, Am/jv.bieOcl^dftrinn. a Ihep- and even here only in the Infinitive. 2)e 

herdfb. 1) One who unds (he«p;, a . ggnsctl Sag III ^MftHi bflbea^ to be fuI 

&r<to J a rural lover ; ^ 6(^af|^Ilt, bit (^ bvfiaeCi 4li lh« day^ 19 bt coqumuiI] 

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««i«r «iNf n 

«!.••- Lsfi tli^n 

tawlh , prona« or Uipply wilb, to mt . aoa our of which h« producM bit hMp. 
.«c iNif ooly is foM caCn . aad UkewiTo CDldttC «nift f (ODfl tOir 9*0 Unmutb. M 
rqnii«r. 3ciiiaiitcii ®(Ib rdMffem to far^ . «iAMenatttciH<tftinlnnIi4»fiittf,^tt». 

nSh OM with mooor, to orocyro htm 5^1 ©Airffetf, flieep't tallow. 

Boofly or to pfocure money fp» him. 3^ |,^ MLJi-iMi ^!^t».%,. * 

to procure oBo adtice* help, ai$il«nce. Itt'&baffttiV, M -ij pii^'^^t nom.Jing^ 

XiW^fd^ 9M) fcMTcn. ni provide « uj»er Germany alfo 6*0jfcr, F#mf«. 

fcf it. ni get it done. ^cmatlDen StubC, W< ewffncffnn, id upper Germany alfo 

tfvtbm fMfOi, to procare.oDeqmetnelf, 6<^flfftrlnn, from the preceding v^r^, 

ptco. Mwmti ^fAt eluen Wf&m ?"«7^9 bai the managemeni^r a family 

frcil r<Mfai, I will orocuxe thee it for m the name oFanoiher, a honre. keeper, 

• rMfoneble price. 30) (abe ti ibm %U major- dome . ttrward. In the ioni and 

(Mt. Ihave pfocmdhira it. or I hjiye uvemt in upper Germany ttt ^ap 

fffocmred it for him. I hevo fumilhed tter it a rerrant. who waiu on thegueiU. 

km with it. af<(> mti% ni'dtl kerbCP. IVL * drawer, a waiter. In good German 

llaitlU I cannot get, provide or fiirnilh thit Word is ufual onlv in Come cafee. 

any thing, ^(t bo»e oUc mcinc 5Bcticiu . ©er 6*fl||hap it he wbo «oet with tho 

iBlfNtgdcMb IhayeditmiOed or I have poll or Itage - coach to the appointed 

VumtA 9m%j dl my fervanu. In a more pUce<. and has the inlpecrion over>it. ^ 

hmitMl rente, to get. eaVn, prociare or ^ 9M%KAt, piw. iMt^f. Milibil ^ yar. 

acfoifo by pema or trouble, ^nd lonie* row, the aame of a plaati Achillee mil* 

tiaMe alfo for to buy w purchafe. 6Ub lefolinm. 

JUbcr MaiRI# to m or bujr clothet. M @4afMut4(tl# b Anatomy^ the m> 

to provide himioirvrith clothet; ^ f anQ ver of the fbeine. 

tt MiU fcfeaffcil/ he can provide him- Mc @cfHlfberbe/ ^ flock of Iheep. 

Uf with notlung. ei(b f0toC 9Ad)<r ber Gcbaftirt^ afliepberd; V. 6(b4f€n 

fMNO/ 10 get or. procure OBe*t felf fine ^ €<9afbQllb # a (bepherd*t dog. ' 

^aobe. eiq» cia twi, dnftt Morten ble C^of^Arbc, a (heep-fold. Iheep-cot, 

Mftffni^ to get. boy or pttrchafe a hou« e fmali inclofure for iheep. 
M. a garden. 4^ To make; to do. to tcf C4H)RMt#fn# a dry cough. 
piodjicediaBget. to effect; mod com^ \M&iwiMt, a Ihepherd't cot or cotta|t»« 
aly in the Infioi|ive. .ffial bol bU bcr^9afMfe, eheefo made oflheep-mlllu 

"-'^ - « ^ . -- bee6*affic*t/ aihepherd, afhephefd-a 

b«l €<lKia«m, a female lamb: 
Me 6(baflOU^/ a tick, a Jheep -Ionia. « 
bOl e4H4eber, Iheep*t leather, 
bic @(bof orbcerc/ War* bic - n^ flieep - duag. 
bir 6<|Hlfmdtcr/ bf< - it P(»r. m mom.Jlag. 

a roalief-Ihepherd. 
Me &iafmM^, Iheep-milk. 
ber 6(bafmf# , iheep . dang. 

Me @<bafmtttter, ptf. Me - mAtter, a* ewe. 
M €^(bafot^ bel -el, p/«r. Me-e, a fcaf- 

fold , an occalional or temporary gallerr 
xecuciona; bleVdlb^ 

rof a iheep* Ikitt. 


lerd*^ dog. 
made of Iheep^t gvti 
bie6<bAfhlbe/ an ointment or fi^ve egainft 

the iheep • rot. 
Me e^iafMbWt, the monntain fcabiona. 
ber6^fr(ba|, a tax on iheep. ^ 

Me 0<mR|eere, Iheait «fed .in iheanog 

*er ecMrfWeerer^ a Iheep -Aearer. 
Me 6(bafr<bor / War. ^mi/: the act of fliea- 
HngAieep. Like^fvifoaie (hearing -timet 
iheep • fhearing. 

ber «*of»M, ifi -ti, fit^^^ Me - »i>fc 
I) A iheep^t bi«d . the head of a Iheep. 

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^ kIdmA ii )mMBhmi, ^Md^hOji mmtkt^nm^ ^^ 
HkM fb0 hMd ^f a flmp. Lik«wir«» a hmding ofibeep* 
liorfii widi radi a liMd. S)lm low laa- 6<t^irln (Merj^# fliagreea • 
i» a iliMp*! bMdL All IgBoraa^ iilly, * - fill nwMikMj nwgh. 

olt(h perCod. 

kr 6<fKimaI# a a>Mpi>lM>ii(li» a pUea or 
.iUbla-f in whidi ihaep me put* 

tiOl 0(MKec(CII/ « oioruijiiy aiiKmgft fhaep. 

(et e^oft; M -el, 9/«r. Mc ei^fU, A 
Ibaft. flunk nr ftocL &ar Oc^ft CWel 
^pkfcl # tha (haft or fiaff of a b«lbard. 


It longh. 

a Ipeiter, a wanton man or boj^ on 
who it foil of (port and Wanton tfktia 
Me WfUvm^ pi^^* bie-eii/ fcolary, Qu>n 
•play,, wantonnali, toylog* pleaUntf) 
fad, fpoftfulaeGi. 

l^er 6(Mt eltiel eett<|^ter<# tbo Ihaft of 6(jMfetba(lf -er, -effe# ^'h '^^ ^^^ i" 

»cand1enick» Eaodot a^, $1. 2>er6<taft dinod to pleaikntryt fportfulnela atc« 

Cinel SbMXaij tbe tnmk or body olF a 6dkHeni^ ver^. r^^. J»#jrir. witb boM 

tree. |)e^6<9aft eiliet manie/ Uiaftalk, to play, f«ft» joor» fport, to be ItfU o 

blade, fteni or (hank of a plant. 2)er wantpa tridu» to pl«y the (bol, to fUsi 

<B<boft efner 64u(e, Uie (haft 6f a ptUa» tnaioj. 

•r column. 2>er 6(Klft einel CtfCftfi, M 6(bafenir toying , IjpOfiing, playisi 

the lag of a boot. 2>ef Cktaft eiliel 8e^ wanion tricks togeoier. 

lerfiett , tbaflunk of a i|uiU. SJer BiM,'ttp -efc/ «4f. and «rfte» nnijiTonry 

^dft efo^ etecfnatel it oppoGed to 

' the bead, and the OcMftC «fo the pina 
ttot yit ftinkilhed with a boad. file 

e<(4fte an ben 9Beberittileti , mrln bie 

SMfett or Mften (tob/ the iby of a 
weaver's loom. Zkr 6(b<ift ebiel Cc^ef^ 
geweVire^/ the dock of a fira^am , e^ of 
•^, piQoletc. 
ber@<bafttra|t> wire^ ofwbiditbafliaitka 

of pint are made. 
CMfteOir tMr^. raf . nor. t. To fornilh 

withaftock etctoHoek etc. (BfnO((<e8> _ 
♦^ g0Oebr f*4fttn/ to (lock a fire-arm , aa ©<b«T VV©^ 

. n gttn , piftol etc ftiiieii btM fMfteii, Me dd^taime / pimr. Me 

, lo dock a plane, a) In ^bip-bouding. ot doak. 

flat, dead, taftelefa, inlipid or vapNi 
parttcolarly applied lo bquort. 0<^Ui 
teier, MHrfer Sdn, flat or dead beat 
wine. • Set Oeffi ft r<ba( temerben , tbi 

wine u crown dead, flat, tapidor inU 
pid* Likewirey^aira«/ve/|', duU, flcrv 
of apprehen6on, wanr of genina , . flat 
without (pirit. ^n MHlIer fopf/ A doll 
bead or dullard , a dull - pated or doll 

witttd perfoo. 
flat or faint 

ein fAofer tuibracf, < 

oxprelUon. Vleobeilbc 

Sl( tniftoiHger fibofe? auwine, 3«Uft. 
>ll, a(horc^i»amL 

L a plan. „ 

Dol 6<^fff i| oaf fanffebtt tonMen get bal e<N(MeA, •« Iron-plate laid •■ Uii 
' \ uia r' eiv___ . *.- 

fMllet/ ^ (hip eamei fiftean guaa ade-tree of'a waagoi 
'(caoteon). ' bOl 6(bto(bftt# a flab, thOontmoft boar< 

beif Gc^fteff ona who makes flocks for or plank of a block or tree, ihatia C|wo4 
gnns, piftols etc V. QihW<tllf4kKker. bto boards. 

W %«i mx^m H, bel -l# piv, ut nowu Me6(^a(c, vy^r. Me-n, ./>/iiiin. ba«6(NI 

Jint. the 
(haft of a 

the lower cornice or cornilh of die 

Wei^Mvx,U%-H,piitr.inmf. horfo. 
tan, borfe- willow or (haro^grals, £<|ni« 
fetum hiemale L. and in the new editioa 

Uiponris ; ber 64laftba6n (« pl^^O- 
6(ltmR^# f^dj. a word uCed only in com* 

ber^6(boftfef|eil# * boot-tree* the lad for 

the leg of a boot. 
Me CkNml^eil/ among Wearers, the nils, 
beir flkbafMeb / a right to drive one*s (heep 

to the pajliire - ground. 
bcr 6<bam)Kege(/ • looking - glafs placed 

betwiat two windows; a pter-glau. 
bit CMftnOi^ the AodL of any gun. 
b«5 S^fbiq^ be4-el^ p/ar. a^ir. a collee* 
^ rire nonn, the (haep, (l)eep of both (exes 

and of dl ages. 
\i\t edKlfoeOer « lbM9»-walk; a pa(hm 

for flMop. 
Me «Nftooie/ fl»«p's wool. SeMorne > 

6(Nn>oOe # fleece • wool. 

He ®(bafld(tc« *^lt# the U^ of dogs or 

bowl , flidl etc. I 

A certain relFd, whofe hollow foaco re 
prdeou an Hemifphere or at leaft near! 
to. Die WogefdKire/ the feate of a ba 

lance. Pardcularly fncb a vtS[^ nfod i 
eating and drinkinc. Cfoe ZVtjWb«l< 
.tafleef(b0(e# aiea-Jifli, coflee-difti, is 
flead of whidi {Oft is more afuaU <Si|] 
eCMt Zbeee dn ^^^tUm Sbce tdiifei 

to drink a dtfli of tea. eilK3u<teff(^a(< 
a fugar-dffli. CHui OMtfcbaTe'/ o froii 
difli. fine »llflftM*0(e, «pwidi. bow 
fine telntf<jare/ a drinking- bowl c 

cup. OKne 6(ba(e Ce«ftffeO Obftr * ^ 

of ft^uit. 

2. A hollow body, which forrovnd 
and covers another fofter body. ^ 
~^mf4ale/ the fcuU. brain-pan. ©j 
gitttfcbafey a nut - fliell. i>(e dti(etf 
trftne Ckbafe einer iod(f<M 9hii# tb 

green (hell of a wdnOt. SMe 

franbeircbolc ^ufterTdHKef Srof , . 
e^lbMtenfcbde !c. •(» «gg • Aidl, 

roOnd - (hdl, oyfler - (hdl, mufde • A 

tortoife-tbeli etc. The homy cotreri 

^ iPf ^ ioirfg H^ ^ itw (aai oflWa 

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^iM ^JM 99 

widi doven claws • is called 5tc 6<balC. coapMoly thdf hA 

sUb Ik <M4k. ^.ec^ f^. «a«^ ^fl*9i^/':''f*i^ ^^^ *3^- ^ 

Tbesojouds, which luurfliiioclofeacUws. Ckfeilf^/ *(r, •ftl^aiff. andAA^^lHUI* 
this covering is niofi eomoKMify csll^' firh, V»g^^ roj^iO^ CifMUllaftfmf 
la ^f^the hoof.^ but ia njuijr |>l«cee tobew«g^ih»luHiftlh orrogoilh. 0M^ 

^ cndftCllr t» hdufe.oM^iiff 
iy, katfiAly or rog»(hl«. 

■Ci, beuer Me SUobe, the iNUk of A fl(ktftbafl cmlftCllr t» hdufe.oM^ 

trae. 2>ie«(H(cC^t«rli(2){(le)<i9i< ^.mi "" -' 

98{|cly thecover ofa hook. Sieeda^ M(@ _ 

k Ciad OcfTerl, the h«ft of e knifes «!•&» roguery • .a kMfifli dik p ofi tfai ^ 
i9fclftMca, iSiflMlKllai/ appU-lkiBl malice. ^ 

or_pee]s, peer. Ibns or peris. Mf 64a0|ett, pfar* Mc -CO. t^'fM Afl 

& A hara or foUa but thin body ef AitttT V. 64all(afrt§fdt «. €tal 
tsaded in length and breadth; lit Ibtte ed^Wb^t Icge^ or gQ^AIco, to play 
csCbs* au $amm(^alt u the naote of « l^iaveiT or aogaety^ to flwir kaavift 
■bUck hard ilate cpntabdogoopper. CHc " ^ rogiiiOi tricks^ to play the knairew 
CxMMf or due 6<Me 2r| ttiin Si. cto C^ottMigC/ a kMmCh* aogBiih* aia* 
nbig a flat bnt thin piece of ore* vdilcii diieffoiia eye. 

hai &eed icielf from the rall» boi whiCo ICf MolMICCtef^ ia figamtife and famaliar 
sUe the idea oflKbOlcnittl (fepamtlon) laniraage# a cioak to co^er feme ro* 
it admitted of. gnilbjiick, aUo a ialio precast or fiett* 

6McBf uilaBtiBf,.die«<k#otAdeer^ teoco. 
beof. ICf @«altt^rt^ H^t$, pimr.tU^^^ a 

6iMni# V0rS. reg. met. to haft.. fHc S ■■*» friend- - / 

Seier I^Mm, to haCt the knites, t0 Hit Icr 64MUMQe0t, Id -C<^, pimr. Ife-f/a 
fts on ihem..- AaMng Ioinert« .to cheat, knare, a maiictoas, tr a i shl r ai^ 
board p to wainlcot, to Enlay^ ClM §C# ^ ^^' perfidious (brea^- 
nolle iD^C. an inlaid or wminlcotted bCf 6<|al(lll0rrf M -m, plmt^ M(-CI^ « 
cttfing, floor etc Among Hnotsmen; bonbon, artaot droll, 
icddcl, a deer whole hools >an edged, l^i 6^4tfto|r/ thai ftl^ to be deaf. 
6MkO/ ^^rt. r0g.. aei. to pare, peeb IfT 9(mi|Mrat|/ a malicioiw^ aogmlh co«^ 
(belU to deprive of the peel, Ikin, fhelJ, M ; he who giras malicioua coanfel. ' 
hod or barlu %tpUl Qifliai (Mfltt. to ICt «*af /^W -tj, pimr. lie «<M|C^ • 

Capplea, peers. Sical /(MMc et** ^^V ^."•»^ ^ •^J thing ihar re- 
Ucob pilled (peeled) rods , Gen. 90, foonds. Cillf n 64*1 ^lOI , to niak# 
~ tines 9aum dHtm, to bark a tree, or yield a found. «{|| .|aer ^dHlIt a 
off the bark of a tree. OiQle&l cleat found. Ciii Iielli#er6(baly aHre«| 
^ to blanch aUnonds. f^ni/ ^^^^^d. 2>e^ SielerrdKlH/ la< «(|0^'aa 
filAeo^ 10 (hell peale, beans, oc^o. IDer e<MI lerWodtfi, leaZronu 
-Ocn. SttTMeo It. ANHcir, to peel peim, Icrjtwiimieln, thafonod oftho 

oranges, dtrons etc. £kll*9rol belis, of the trumpets, of the dmmai 

». todiipbfoad. ZMe f^tUmit «*al«,.*w^,*«^. «f*«f. with Mtn, 

^ the Ikui peels, (hells, faalas or to found, make or yield a fomul, fWf 

coaMs oflL . found* toedid. Ab9t l|r nUbt, wk lie 

M6Mamebl^ ^e meal, which ia yet in W^dta MoHcil? do yon not hear iho 

the bran and isto^bo bolted. belis riogf 2)iC tim^Om fl|al«/* th« 

6MtWer. M 6<|alCll, the (bonding- refonoding. 

te6^A§ailgr a pair of miU«Auieafi»ff . oryieldmg a found; ringing, eehoilig^ 
paetuig com. . . '. . refoundtng, fonoroua. 

mC^Wbtnti «mong Minm, a mom»» laf €Aono4# the found- l|ota of *mii^ 
tsia or rather a mine conlifiing of hori* ileal inilrument. 
matal fiooe- layers. . |<l< edMt&df the broad and, or tfaa lb«A# 

bCf 6(M(bCII0i / a fUUion; V. QefAdtar. ^ng pi«ce of^a truinpet etc. > 

Kc 6dii(|Wier^ de& pieces of timber sfed lie @<l^tumf the limnf of diket with 
in the ihaR or pit -of a mine hdripd Aa boards or free*ftone« 
Cvarea. |er @<|a(lll^ a certain part of a Ibraft do» 

kte<|a|L M-*e|^|i{^.lle6(|difr^«caii- Aitied^irfaftttre; aUb a lane through a 
Biaf, fly, crany, fubtle man, alfo a foraft. . 
kaave. Wag, dieat or rogue. CfQ Mc^ M 6dKI&IMifi»/ • iif«ftar*a haflMaar. 

fBcttoeT/ Hitrntttimt e<latt/ m mh &balmtn ^ v«r^. reg. ner. lie Vdniitr 

wag. Cia fliiger edolf, « crafty knara. . K|almeil# to baric trees, ftrip off tiio 
CiD CcifK^alt, an arram knave, eraer^^ bark of trees. 
Mqt leu iMM. cr bit l|o bisief len Ik ed^imm, pi^^ lie -«/ a (halm or 
Olfca^ he hides hia fogaiflMa. ijt ig$ . (hawm, a kind of oafioal-iafinmwott a 
tcvecNIt/ M kffiirwM^4kafmnr hautboy or ooMt, • 

y Google 

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JO «««l 

"W^iM^tUf ptmr. Me -11/ • fbilot or 

fc«lIio'B , tfchalo^; • kind of garlick* , 
-Kr 6ilMpfaf /vt ^ k>ogh ored in g ra b W ig 

• np^anttBtilled ^eeeof erottttd. 

'%^\%, feoidedi V. 6»^ften. 
4Mt((en# w^. '•«3f. «5f«^. with (^aMl/ to 

dUpoft of a ftalng areordiog to oDe> 
"' ptetAaro, to doai|ife«r» command or bo 
*> -tiM gNifter, iONt'Ctmo^ n<Kb Skfitbcn 
fJKlCtCa tmb »a(tai, to ditpofe of a thing 
^ «» platfTiire; €4a(t«fl .00^ ONlftCII^ to 
' tola tha road, to domina^, to baar 

• ^ay. 

Mh edKlttlicrv M-e^, flmr.^t-t, from 
Mndef an animal covaredwitb^ hard 

' fhall, n flialUanimaU a taftacaona ani» 
bijI ; in which lanfe the toitoifa might 

' nlfo baar ihit name. Bfoft oommonU^k 

• ia nied of varmb , •fvhich are kHkeJ in 
oaloariona Qialla; ^and than only the 
fnaila and mnrdat compolb the tlala of 

« et^tt^im. l^lMCe wfiidi Ufa only in 
water, 9Cf% fometimaa aifo eallad ^t^ 
UfAe # fhM - fifbea or teftaceoua fiffiea. 

^MattHitr. ^«-el. i»/nr. Me-e^ in 
chronology, the biffeitile , or leap • jear^ 

» H year, oontainia(p966 dayt, which iiap«> 
pent every four reara. when a day ia ad* 
dad cb the monui of February. 

intercalary month. 

• taaoalaryday, the «9tb of febraa^, which 

< ia infertad in the Almanac or calendar 
. ovary leap year. 

Ke •((dlUDg. I) Peeling, paring, (helling, 

' fcallng. 3) The kay of a river or harw 

bonr raifed and lined with fVee - Aono or 

• thick plat^, in order to keep the earth 
faft and the water off; aifo the lining of 

. dikaa wUh ftrong planka or free • ftone. 

Icr eHM(on0flKi#er/ ior port*towna, an 
WUMtt who hat the tofoection over the 
kay or place, where Ihipt are unloaded. 

%kt MKrtoptCr « IhalUp ; V. e|Kl(uppe. 

Wc d<90IB, plf^r. car* i. Shame, the being 
afliamed, baflifolnefs, Ihamefacedn^C^ 

< modafty. 9or ^(^ trot| mcrben, to 
. hlulh, to aeddan la the fice at baina char • 

fed with any thing, which exdtea matte. 

' «• Mne edKiit If, >a ill fdnc C(Mt; 

fttediatiapaft Oiame, ia paft honefty. 

•r %^ ale eim^ verlob^ ^ Vm 

illg<f((t/ heia jpaft ihame, he is a Iha* 
iiieIeGi» bxaeeniaced or impudent feliowJ 

tBo no4» SibotQ In i^ w^ if he l^«ve 

.. nnTlbaaaein-him. n. 2NC 6$Qm# Ml 

. mmMiS^ a^rr wAVl^, \At edKimalie^ 

bCTf the privities, privy parts, genital 
mamhefa; the (ham or groin; the pu* 


6<b<UMb< WMgM, to beat or deBra a par* 

lay, to beat ihamade ; V. nomobe. 
Mi wSjMKOkfX, a brapcfa of the Ihank • veins, 
. the vaiA of the nnvr'parta of eithar fai. 

tkf 6»W**/ W -l£ f /«r. tit Vtomj 
Dimlam^, Dol ^ame1<<>f n. a joint- 
ly qricket, a little lew form or I 
Cftl XSkbetfcMmcl/ the treadle of a ^ 
▼cr's. loom. 

Yer e^dmtn, Ht Q^iff, ddKittcn;; 

C<Mmcrtr W*- ''*»r. n#i«lr. but only i 
verb redprocai, M fd>dlll<n, to be a 

• mad , balbful or ibainefeeed , to bl| 
or redden in the face thro* (haroe. 
fdHlni^ mi<fe reflKr, I am alhamed of I 

* 9(9 fw^mc VR\<H ti AU fageU/ I am 
med to lell it. ^{^ vot eincf t 
ffNmtll/ to be afhamed of a thing- 
SmcaiSbtii^Vlitn, to be afhamed of i 
ejMmt l|r cud) bcftn nf^t? «re yon i 

' aihamedofitr 

^am^, 'tXt-t^t, adi, 9Admd^. 

s nnra« modett, baihful , i 

timorous, chafte. j 

%itJMmh9fH%ft^, Piur. ikmf. modefl 
bathfulnels, ubame, being naturally a|U 
med; demdranefs. ^ 

C<>am|ol, •tt, "die/ ^dj. and oii;. 
meleia, impudent, brtaenFaced, 
Ciucy , wantiog (hame or modeAy. 
flbanifefe^ Vmogdl / a (hamelela or i 
pudent bi^avionr. iNiMibH HUCO/ i 
piident or fhamalefs liaa* I 

Mr GdHnntoflgtelt, pimr. Mc -eor ChaaNl 

laUneia, impudence, immodeOyf b^ 
aanalii, Clucinars, affronceiy. 
CdKimrfceti or 64<inimtrir(ti, ^erh. nf 
. aa. mit ^Cb ober Giftct befttOL to U 

ce • to adorn with gold or lilver laeei 
6<fHIIDt0tb / Mdj. and ndv. bluihing foi 
Ihame. 6(^infOr( OCrbcil/ to bhifli (« 
fomcthsng). 6<(iamrat() fcoit, toblafl 

for Ibame. (EtUCtt fctailiral^ JWUMA 
to put one to the blnlh , make hira aAu< 

mad. Cr tt)arb ^mx^ barflbcr, hi 

. blnihed at it. 

Me edKimr^tbe/ /'/«''• ^/tn/: a blulh or bla. 
(hiog for rhame. SettMlbctl €flK6(|aHI 

rbtbe abjagen, IbtiTctuunrMl^ mt^eii, u 

pu( one to the Jblufh. 

bie 6<bamt|)ei(C/^<. ''i^, the privy pam 

or facret parts ; the privitiea. 
Mr eMhrnbaftOT/ the aUaa of abominatiatt 

Mr ecbonbbalg, bel -e<^ ;»/nr. Me -M8M 

' a common prollitute, Jpublick ilrompn 
or Infamous whore. Likewife a baAant 

6<tonbbar/ -er, -fte, ^h «nd aiIw. fh* 

meful , disgraoenil, fcandaloua, inl* 
moua, villainouaf ignominioua, bals^ 
vile, deteflable, abominable, hainons, 
dishonourable etc. (gin fd^oubbort^ tO 
MltfAM^en, to lead aOiamefiil, infamous 

' fcandaloua, lewd« wicked life* 6<bdDN 
Mire Ocrte/ obfcene, filtW, fcandalooi, 
lewd words. 6(Mmbbare SHoge/ Chame 

. fnl, bafe, lewd, bawdy, fmntty, ob- 
fcene, filthy, villainous, foul, naUy, in£i- 
mous'or dishoneft things ; V. 6(MqM&|^ 
Me 0d>anbborfdty pl»u\ tnmj. infamy, ba* 

■ InnaCif rilMalH tilUny^ tncktdnai^ 

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hra^riitfi, filtkiMb, 6l$h Itoaonr. vilify, fwO«» 42fgnM, JU»» 

CT, «il^ or immMJiif rogM» «i iafa* bit cmdit, bonoor pr j«pQutioB» Qt^^ 
mm or dir^ Miow. tt if fift64NMlt^ IIMUlNa W^t^ttn, to rtbt^eor^rapxilBttid 

katditM fisttow* Ml/ »vor abmle tbe dtftd. ^. , 

lv6#MMM# %Cl*lr pi»r. v^nom.fin$. f^^hlM tM^, pOT«rtx it no im, povoiw 

iftiii»aBtni«, wbat OM to- n it na ioCiiDjr. CMa ^ftM^/ flUM ; 

ktt lor a doak to cotor one** ibamo mmm ft^McHf to ditboBOnr bit fa* 

viik» alfo a ftiawafiil psocaxu ttfy» btt oama, x^ ga 0C^ailMl.nia# 

NtMtt^f/ jriWr. Jm^. Qiamab iaoonuB^, (betl# to blali* abor«» fpotl, cttrtaii» ^« 

' ^ne«» ioCmy* ditboooor, baCuialt, olMt» daftrov, ataim, defact« d^tfiaufiiw ' 

lupitada, ioproadi» dtMCradit* blamilb, dQ VcM^ ffdObCR/ to toaimorditfiMo 

uA (bma. Ct ^at Meif olerCbre nnb « Ctce. <|in Wtt f<fMliiMi^ to fpoir oc 
Maec Its Aepf OtalMffini, ke bat loft dalaoo a picnuo: fine @t«fUC fMllta^ 
i&QiMBa» bo iapaft fliama.' (B U( i|^ to flMimi fpoil orditfigiiro aftatua« .5« ^ 
MfiQc^ctmi^/ it it afliama mmanw To dabaacb, forca, fioiata^ ditboaanr* , 
%> Wiib tba propofition |ti^ ibe ftau of abofa or ravifb. Cine SllOgltaa ft)Hii^ 
bin afbaatad, SawmbCfl |U 64)011^ ^(L <^ violaca, jtabaiick, dafiovr oc 
MbCif ao cosfiua, confcMuid* (ba^ia, ravi[b a Tirgiiu flQCll Jtonkft IMibn^ 
WSe, lilanco, pujule» out-talk, soo- ^^iritmy kftC^^ to comsiit lbdoBi]n» 

S»aBe» put bim in coihfbiioii. 5- Abo^ ^i MNlllktt, (ie€<9dtttatli^ OaBdamg. 
7 Mm, bnrt, damaga ate aUb witb .ilfibmmg^ abuAof, daflMyiM, ftola4 
^prapofidon |«. Cin SMsd |aGt|att^ tbic, tioladoo, debaocbmg, dit(iadB^ 
laM^f oriiiltai, toTpoii, da- -^ dbbavoiima ate. V. tba vaib. 
■•9», tart or tondar a tbiag olblaCi. |cr6(Mll^/ M*ir Z'^- *t mm.Jm§(. 
CitflCf^ la 64aibdl rcileo, to barab, one wbo dafiunea, bkoiifbet-or in|BTat; 
treoriatigve a bo/fo> to rida a bocCa a dafaaMr» flaodarer, tradocar or eabi* 
• atttb. SdOailbeil Ml S40lriifll JMrii niaiator, aUa a blaQ»baniar, piolSttar. 
fed, to baatr one bladt and bka. 6i4 a cormptor* dabancber or violaior. Moll 
ji64Ql^cn orbcfttn/ UHtfW, to tiro or ' o^amly it it o£ad b dia compooiiA 
iti^OBa*a(eifwilliwDrkuia,witbr«n* wordt MrCllR^tfQ^, CabMMfMlllCt/ 
Mf- Cbl e(»iff |U e^NOM ((^eftn, tMAcO W^ikf K. faatbafowirda. 
titailgaordeftTo^a flnp by fbooting. Ur 64<UlbpC(t / M-e#, ^/or. ble*ca# an 
9l4l aiir Mdn Acffitr imt |0 ^m^ afparfion^ Uot^ blur, ^in.or Idwnini 
kl. vA» bead yoo dO not ^po&l vbj \m one*t Tapntatioo« S>cr fi^Minbfctf kU 
w. fBc9 Mcfm vcnmsttdlcn edtfle ac? SottiUc tanr to ba a Ibama or dia* 

H ctfiAc {Mfl» #iftc< 10 e^Nnlm crAce to bit faonlj. Soiimbcii tfarn 

Ktmcil, bydiialbiP.avafy^icbjDarfo mKNlbfttt ailbdll0ni^ to cafi tti a&M^ 

wucallaway* 4- A bi^ da§raa of do* lion upon one, to dUboaoor or dalaa^ 

koMar; oppoCad to bononr. flKm |aas bam, to blaft bit fapuutioo. 

pit A^ooic alcH CtMMtf («90tl rebnir M CdnmbgeM^ • dafhicabla price, a vtii 

Awenafbamo aran to fpaak of it. 4tit la offor; an onderbididing. 

6^iak mib etotl kmcn, to coaM ctoeclNIBbgCbMlv an ^dilcana pobao^ a pat* 

«ftUa(ban»d. SMtrUf cClIC e<N«« ooiTUmiP^^ 

k IClcicbt Mr Hir eMMk, tt mdonadt M W^n^Vb, M-d^ f/ar. (of Cmral . 

•rtaoMto tbyibaate. fflll^ bCT 6(|afM ibrta.) bU-cr. i) Money acauind or got 

kt IbMoel ifaaaa on*f. ^cminbOt inadbboneft, Cbamefal, fcandaiout or 

MiBk ONM^z to fbama, dqgraoa ot nnlawAil manoar^ n) ▲ very low piiaa^ 

Monow one. trmtltb ^i^^X^ M^ dog-obeap. 

C#ailC, povarty brinat no XbaaM, «a- |g| WmmuMhtf ftc^-^, pikr.ut nm%. ' 

pctorditbonoar. gtt 64MmbCII wm fw$. t) A bOdfton^ picnuo. %) K Um 

: Ml, taba?a Cbaoe or reproacb. 5* Di»- tirical piaura. i 

pan, [hama, infiuny, dafiunation. «!# c{ll6^muf, a bargain or pmcbala at % ' 
■pecbaabc aBt^llll£ to pot a bleniCb, Tary low pnce, doa - cbeap. 
thrat apon, to attrpnt. 6. Grofo or efg moilbfebetl/ a dbtofdaily» (banafaL 

! pett oisaa ttnitad wiib public ditbo* orinfitfnout lifir. 
io«, disgraco or infamy. CAartc imb MfllMkI/ -cr» ^ffCf a^* end nilar. t. 
Mer lMc|€ll# to connnit a viila^ and Wtj, dafbnaad, offanb?a to tbe iidii^ 
^. 6kbobcnaaimmitfBlami«(lKm# ip^dofbaaoiy. efai fdHfiiMi(M 0c^|> . 
b fttridci, aten witb men wotkinn Aa» an u^y or defermad ftce< a. Sbame&il, 
ttaA U unfiwmly, Rom. j, at;, V. Mlp bale, wicked, Infanoot, riia^ Tillaooot 
•SjMwi^. ^^ ^ •««^- «« fWiiNHKr •lciif»r a vitta^ 

mmfai,'»9rk.r^. aeu u e^^md^f Aont, wiakad^ jnCnnoat nan. dkfn 
iiil»b» WnM, i^9ti^ i^Sam^ #a. f*«iMi«e MlMUlr niofiuMna^ iri* 

Digitized by 


*±W b nMn%t AniMny- ^ikWMHiftbU u to make pi^paratMSi, .tbaillMt'l 
Me ooptofiffioa. e<N«^(^M<IU' aifa imly bagia M fvprk* In a ■« 
to Uvt lew^y / fhamafo^y , •ff^wicMly. - niiad faiiCa , > ta laa]^ a taeack or 

• eMRMi^MMMcifai> iNuli^caiida. «rifi^*>ank. to huM m feoflco,.*i 
l^va, Oiattiafial oft ^btflmu^^ cnftoma.^ ^obfi, to fiako^a teco* to mfiv 

^tlttf*dn5W>crSrt>«tt «&■»«• <ir^"g- 10 fonify, . ; . 

Bommiout a«Btb; V. e^KTOMar^ 4tt«Mtn9Cll, 4io woriL aia4o fi»r-«| 

#ft 6^4ll>W^tt# /^^^ ^-M'^*l»«f<n*^Ci» treocbaMiit; bttiiciiiiy of font, Mill 

• TiUaoT* wtckodatDi, bwdttafa, ibame* of reuoocfaiiieau.. 

fiilikebt iflfiBiy^ di^MMOy; tiliMaia, Nr ec^Mll^vM^r, be^**^, W^ »* *^ 
bnitilbiiala. iiiif. a piooear; 94Kni|Ci. 

«re*«hMtebci:>ba«riUIbii^.. •. *a«*»ki»j«e*br bc#-e#r.W««--.«e-f^ 
tie ManMA^/ • QxwMid ta^nkuumM, lia. . fhipr of war* a coaria ttoon . dotbiM 
It^ 6<bailMlUl()l> 1^ ittfaaoua ftiariu . about tbe'fbtp at tb^ tima of aa ad 

til^C4KMItMII^> 1) ooa mho talka baw- aemetit, 10 order' tto kaeo off iboM 
df. a) AfouiiiMiQutiieAparfbiif^oaa^api ballt or^buUeta^ aad to bradar^eH 
. to'fhro fouiorabulife laaguaga^ ' «iy from loabg wbat paffisa oa boardj 

ete e((Kmtoa(^IIIC> n A niek-jiaflia. s>4n ^B^bmiihtbf M ^ti, pj^r. tk *M 
. iafamoat nama. ^ agabtott, a tvidwr balkat fiOad im 

Jer«*«lM«W/^P»^- ^. r ^^' '*^"* baiwiaa to fcra^i t^ 

MeC$mbl«t(lt# obCcemtiatb ffi%* liMttt- oannaan. 

. ty or bawdy di^aotiriM or uXH.- ^tf&^anipMt, die paUfiido of a li^ 

. A dafanatofy Itbol. W^MMMtVClT/ a barmr^ fanoa. 

lloo^, onwbtda an jofittaomi - pwaao rt ' loftnimeott or toola of die pioaeeft, oi 

puni^ied; a A^ of idtoy. in maiujil; ratraschnaiits sad raifiaf j 

Ml edKinMIOtt ^/ar. MC-CR# A BiiMid. doubts. 

bafe» igBoUa, lawd» vila» mtedor I. Mte^N^^ /'Av-^ Nc-m, « troop^bv 

• ffisaraoafbl 4l«cd or aolbm. loot, oialtituda, bofti yHmto ^ ia ai 

bcr 6(|0il# M*C4> W*^* Mtf. froan tbo of foldiart, oflioife. of robbara. fl 

▼^ M^tcn, tha (ala or reJliag ui (mall bie flBftrwdKII/ f<CgCO §0 0dKMI OBP 

. tfuaiititiaft » iba rigbt or. privilege tolall 0<il|. Among HuntMnan, 9^^, CH 

certain goods, wsras or commoditias hy and gltiM 9lt% ^fsonymal words, j 

> lacml or in imall qnanihias ; wbelo it it 6<bar btr ftal<ni # iba aflbmbl^ Hal 

' itfual only in:tbofa cafos, in which the fMt ^mlifMI CCJNirfi r ^la calafl 

. ^#tb Y4Ktlten is nfed. ©er WerMWIllr hoftror anmes. 

tit SWnftbotie, ft«i^ @ohf*aiif # Hccrfe, a. bic 6*^, /»/«r. Me ^t^f Me INbifMi 

fight or pnvilega of (ellinc beer, wme the ihareror plou|^-fbara. that part 

• o^fAlt by retail or m Imalroosiltitiea. thrtiloug|iy wmcb is par pa n dic nh r tot 
Me ed^ame, P^^* bie-n. i' Tbe hazard, coulter. 

«^e played with dice. 3nMe64Kiaie bM ^AOfftbm. a chopping- board, 
fdmften ^ to venture or haaard, to lay all C^ir kP y -wer^. /••jT. ac*. jn Cookery 
iic%die, to expofe. (Hue 6(b«n|e IIHI# cut or chon a thing, to mtnco or 
^ ^eiT/ to haaard a thing, to do or under- finaU. tm, jtrimr le. NJKirbfll^ to^- 
tak^ it at a haaard. fikl fn Me6cbimS€ _o«hbageorpotwherbs,,no cut^haas 
Mtogen, to pm all to a haaard, to lay 6(barbtob(v ^^%ttavit, mmcmA. 
all at flake, ©fe ©<batl|e iemltmen , to csfcbage or cola- wort. 
fWeep ftakat, take all away, tltf Mat bOi e^immt^t, a* mincing -kaifis» 
''^dKOISe f^beo; to ftand to your tackling, ping-itnife, deavor. 
bewatchful, mind your bnfinefs, take bet e<bairba((/ M*HrPimr. imtf^tcu 

• heed loit you be oTercbme. a. In Porti- Soorbutns, bCT 6corbOt 
fitauon. a fcoiice, fort, redoobt,' fence, Sc^orblKf, Hdm&biUtmt, the little 

Aong hold, rampant. Ciiii. gefbWmiie. ^!f?i«lvl***"!n'"* ^ ^ r ^ J 

o retrenchment, a redoubt in the held. @^rbO(K|l9# ^* and adv. feoibut 

f)it ditfere f^d)atiie# or bk tnfeniiKecf Icorbutical. 

teiim eine6tabt> the out-works^of a bOl ed^tMUttM, theantilcoibntichM 

IbrtiSed pUce. ©He 6terBf*«l|e. afcrt, ftioan-wort. 

which has the figure of a iUn (Me Cd^fen f t>«r^ r#^. nct^ VeriMmefa# 
' A§fnmCinH,M\u^rn'ifot\L gat fogethes, to »ee|. «*f»0#e«J 

MMNiieR^ v^i^^ '-^^ «^ to db or par- ^tfiimmtUi, uifaiiimcn (omaien, tom^ 

jiSrm a hard or loHfom^ work , whato it to came togeih^ f onlr in mhiing* wW 
iaffill«M iniomi ptataaof anr^JB- tar o. ^aina <»dlliO WNW, f*a« 1^ 

Digitized by VjOOQ IC 

(Hi m COM xoftAtft, ted pioc^vd or 

Ki /or foM tuB« IB tliif uoion. ®n 
(Mill) Mgrtt ^cmaotoii jn, what 

k Muttt wiui th« othar* Hmice tli6re 

niBttwliidi juio or coom togvthor in 
ikii Bamer, add partkuUriy cho bj-^ • 
Mat, T^Dch nnito wi^ a pfftod^ vtiiii^ 
an calM @<tKHM4nfC. 

t4«rf, fcNrfcr, flNm. ««(r'- ««m1 a^. 
I I. Id A proper £»£§, Oiirp, dituiig, ha- 

nog a keen adgo, or an aama point; 

•poaM to blunt. eOl f(»Orft^ fllcfap, 

dRc kkft tit^ doc MHUrfe 6l$el k. 
A Atrp fword, axa» fickla ate Ciil 
ttoifer €tcto, « ibarp ftona. 9int 

Ici, doc ift ff^Off mMbCQ^ to fliarpan 

Aaro upon kin. Likavnfa aT eamiil &• 
aulttas of tha Bund. fliatp« witt^* lago« 
-^ inrtntifa. «ii fc^OfM •cM«tir 

ftit^ a qtiidL o^fiiarpniamoir; (glacMor^ 
ft «CttVt»cUmii«raf^, a lUrp^^qScK 
)odgaMM» raalon oc luidatftaadiiic.. d^ 

wm ANrfmScribni^ ^(ca, to Eafo* 

Iharp, qijidtoracnjawit, 64irf kn# 
Im^ «o think (harpJy. 950 ftOlCR/ life 

^«t Morf »rB(ni tttrnen, t^n »i|ige 

ShnlJ^ iiiarp, aetata, appUad to Ibwnd. 
enfEfarftrfaitt^ 4 (harp. ihriUfoiMKl. 

aKtl# m gaanoMir* mi acata or an acv- 
to acoant , an accont, which taachat to 
Tm£e» or fliarpan tha foica. 

akoi£i, an »%•, to maka tham Omrp, M( @4Mtrfc> if/«r. bie^O^ aMmaaft, kaan^ 

la iriiat or fet an edge on than 
• rtlBy violatiiig or hmtbig m\ 

6aMir f*acf (&cn mtt ^sgcTOf to diar- 

por i^d afire-armwithAhAll. GdMn 
fiMai# |tecni# U> (hoot or fira with 

Ulh. snn irtcge gcl^et el fdniff (kt, it 

foil uiArplj in war. 5. Gauliof a m^ 

uiMoa. (Kin ft^Mfrr ffilnb# a (harp, 

Wwind. Clttf(;MrM«»ttt, fbarp 

Mood, tmt fOOrfc tiOgC^ a (harp lye. 

Ptoiicttlarij with ra^pea to the t^ilr. Qf^ ___ 

«cr « fllarf, the baar u (harp, four. 6^C »<l 9(i(fetrn, cho iararii^ of^ 

Cil fcMcf etfig/ A (karp vinegar, (harp ' jud|p. a. Aa a concrata. iJTha (harp^ 

uM noa^, 2>cr ^cnf, bet Slettig, cutung part of a Oiiog. (r fi((||g ihft 

kr Itfftff fttOff ./ Iha mu(iafd, thara- mit btr 6cMcfe kl cloicrS; ha finis 

iia(a, (ararity, eagania(a, Aricma(a aco» 
1. Aa an abaract, and withoot a phual. 
tho ouality ,. iha fUta of h«ina (harp in 
•S «• fiip*fic«ti<MW of tha acKac^ 

M ikreMi, tinel Saterl ic tha num. 
JM(a^f a kni£% of a (Word, of tha bh>o^ 
of vinacar, of horfa-radifh. of fiaht. of 
-^ -^ tha law, of a i^tharatcT^- 

'of uin 

him with Ui9 adga of tha fword. a> A 
r^orona procaadin^, [^rnitfi lig^. 

ilk, tha chaa£a ia (barp« ^biting, pnn- 
goit or po%nast. 4* ^TmigC, favara, 
n^ Qmp, ngorontw (gn fcborfer 9^ 
tctr A (harp or ikttf fiithar. &^tf 

wot SmoopcB vcrfobrcn^ u> ba (luup 
>p« oaa. SMuntai Hi flclKirfier giK^t 
Wtn , to kaap one under (harp or fo> 
Wf iblctpliDa* t^ kaep a (bict hand 
aver Inni, to Imw a ftrict wfe jipon him. 

tt<i«rfbaifMrf)ktwimti4cn/ toiax- 

tniea evenr thing in tha ifaictaft nran* 

*^* CiO m^fer 9cMl/ * ^ct injun^ UMrp • cttttina 

oioa or Older. ftlMtf ttrf 50l feNrffiC 6d)drTen, ^r£ r<^. act. 

loMft|cB# to forbid air thing in tha 
fckteft manner. ^tmOMCII fdm Onre^ 
iai/ |grt^ to (jpoak to one in a fharp or 
Irvcre awnnar. 2Mc f6)atk SragC, ia 
>*^' Me t^ftur, tha torture , rack* 

Hm m timnbtf l9mmcii , toquBneU 

hU oat, give hard or ill worda, to fall 
^opaher by the eart. 6. Strict, dofa. 
9^MBbco |<barf Hmadmf to watch one 
widf^ watdi llrtctly o?er him- 9<barf 
fMfm K9Q # to be locked or (hut up 

•Wy. ewe ((*ar^ «a*frflgc bflltni, 

ta ouke a Rtict inanity attar one. . 6. 
^ak a ftrict obtervation of all circnm- - 
B«cai and thflea. * Panicularly of Uia 
^fct of bearing and feeing. S(q fdl^tf 
P^clk, 9c^ bObni/ to hare a 
W orcpiakbeaHaag, fight; Vr^dwrff 
Ml. 9tib6rflfoPdK»f Qllfe, i;>a9cb. 
tm fi^ ttnft^ to look (harp upon 

6(^(tlfe brancbai/ to a(a feren^o/ri- 

g^.«tt*b<r6<Wifcwfrtren, to p«v 

caed with rigor or rigoroufly. ©|c @Mr* 
fe bcr @trafe , the rigidity of tho pu£^ 

"»««• 5;^ pit ecbdrfc In ben ettttn, 
the iharpnafa or acrimony in humonra. 

6(barft(fid, ((borfttOKHidM; n<^..and adm. 
acute- angular. 

bol @4»arfeiren ber iDm^Ker , tha chifal oc 

ihan> • cutting iron of the Tumera. 

Mrftn, v%r£. r^. act. i. To (harpen, 

to make (harp or (harper, i) In a pro« 

per fenfe, to (harpeo , make (harp , to 

let or fet an edge on , to whet f affo td 

Sbd. «fn 2»cfftr fcWrftn, meeen/io 
arpen or i^et a knife , to fet aft 

edge on it. Cine %xt, fin «d( fd^drftn/ 

to (harpen an axe, a bill t^ @Ctlfo| 

3nb v^<d)C(n fcb(trf(n, to whet or (harpen 
le (ithaa and licklea. «(nen <ftfiblScilt 
fcMrfCQ/ to (harpen a milU jftone. SfnOft 

9ferbe b<( i^afttTefl fcbdrfcn. ai(o (bmeti- 

mea dtl 9fcrb fcbdcfeil lo.Charpen a hor- 
fe'a (hoaa. ©neil »(cg<Jtft ftbdiftn. JU# 
flM|eil, to (harpen the point of a pencil 
or crayon, (gf o< Jetfr i"d)rfrfcn , to mend 
aj>rn, to (harpen the point of it. 2} Li- 
kewiie in feteril figurative (ignificationa. 

€inc ^trofe fc^rfen, to aggravate, fi^i^h- 

ten. augment or increafe xhe ripsidiiy of 
g pnai(hjnant» to make it heavier* <g{5 

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Jigbi iiit4 iluofifts mdp^^^mimifs AU 

mil iPiMt'lfcftyijl, "■ inftrra^n urirr „ ., , 

AilCll*MlM« Imfni/ c« itti^ * proof •cutety, ingemouify ete^ - i 

ta« ©ebtf f Ml «ttfiiKf«wnfeit fcNrftm . ««ilae^. acuK^, fnbuliy. or 
it f(Whffc/(HHKl>cn/ to nurp^i the JUbt. of iudftmiot , an ^cuto , 
k^a^g, amndan. 9dtt€ «nW* f<Mr* fubcie or r«g«cKMt wit. 
fen, to Cbmcvbit duceramcot., AcU ^@4Hirf#d|l> • ftono^ on wbsdi 
nm^datMl'W^fftaf to fkarpon or what l^indert dre(f thob leacbcr. • 

bit wit- Om iSunicr ftMfto , to fhar- bev ©dHfrU*, bi^-d/ f-/?^- Cbjt «i«% 

Bcn.or.wb^tha Aomacb. 3ti rttobcn^ reveralforu. or quantitMiaO M( *C^ 

'^ Jv. . .„ ApUnti V. 6*«le». a) Sca»i«t,idb 

dyed £carl#fc, i. a. of a colour mado of 
mixture of red and yellow* • CtA 
6(^rM RcibOl/ to dreli OBa*« MC 
bit e^^Mhm, tbe Grana abiMW 

^^ „ - ^ (barlet in grain i V^SrntK^. 

and iu cowpoondi ObfdMffen/ aufftbdr* Mc6*afeo*b©to«. alwiet-bwn 

den. the laatbar U «C(*4tW or akt' ^^ ^^?«^ '=t^'*,««to tt^ 
Mdrffti wban tt ia cut tbinner on tbe a fciriet roba. (fme MPOfUM^Cat tt(l 
odea. WWera it ia tbed tomecimea nfed a foarlet waiUcoat. 
Ibr Mfoi . to^aae, to glance u^ion. or Mc f$flr(a*fa$C, fcarlet- coIout. 
ton^ but fli^%. Wtltt J^nkt<nn>c^ ber @i^i»fMvtf « dyer in r<iarkt. 
-' nrtdrfoi. baf«*aria*|lcb<r, bc<-<. /^i^j.ut ••; 

' ' fcarlat lbvar» I 

t4 omrfanb # Ibtrpened the pam. (Sine 
•vfbefcWrfcn., m grammar, toXharaen 
a fjrllable^ -vo pronounce it with a iharo 
or QiarpMied cbne^ of voice. %»,@4imtU 
ben/ to eot, but only in fome cafet. 
The Uunttmen^generaUy ufe tbit word 

' nfg on bic flftfikr onMNArfen 
to* tkbitfta^ Oiarpenmg 4 

«tQ. lika the Jutg. the purple or 
precedtae. purfdet; Scarlatina. 

t&atmttvi^r^t^''^^^^* flun>^'T>i<^ |a^e<bat«Q(beeoiii;aroit of dMy.C* 

^ifhXrina- V. iheXoUowiog. 

«(6arfta«^/ «*•'*»* «'^- of a^fharp, ber@«ar(e9/ M-t$,/i^r. /nV". a 

'^trorftAli found- foTSferal planta. clary. OSoM 

%^VfM^^ adf.MOid adw. Comewhat fharp 
, or bitiAg (ieldom ufed). 

»er ©♦orfrMrter, W'l^ f'*?^-?^ '»*'^ 
. ^^•hUwife, Me 6*arfrt*|er<nn# an 
. axecuciooery hang^maut me nntiher oi 
the law. • . , J 1 

♦le.0*a»frKW(W/ the execnuonere dwcl- 

MfiflrMed»nib . ttdU and adv. quick of C^HieMf V. ^(iklfet 

for&feraipranta, clary. 

Ui(t)tnuife or lie HHUMk eaftc9, 

lace, title meadow- clary, Sal« 
mmiuA L. a) Cine Urdbed 

a kind of elecampane; Innla Oc 
Chrifti L. CbriKauge/ iMIbcr _ 
5>«BotagO, borage. Borago L.. 4>| 
fome parts alfio to^ @4KirUntMtlt, 
Herb iaTonrr^ Senatula L- 

runniilgf a good mark*8-man. 

l6«arfUd)tlfi, -er, -»e, ndj. and adv. 

i) Sharp. fighted, fharp-eycd. a) /iT- 
Muraavefy , c^ar - figbted , ingenious* 

' iharp'Witted; alfofhtrp« fubtle, cun- 

' ning* having a great iought into things. 

Me 6d|mrf<i*tl«fclt , Plur. inuf. fharp . 

. iightednefs, quidLoels of underitanding» 

Iienetration , fharpneCi of wit; know- 
edge , 'an acnte or clear - Ii|^ 
6(barf{iltn, be<-e«, f/»r. car. penetra- 
non, fineneCi of judgment, fagaaty, or 
acutanefii of the underftanding» fubtalty, 
6<|Hl|^ni0 -er^ -^^ fdj. and adv. in- 
genious, fharp - witted » penetrauve» f«- 
gacious, discerning, fharp^ fubtle, acu- 
te , knowiog, wiuy , having a ^rt at in- 

work, worn by officers in the 
way of diiUncuon. a) A fling id < 
wounded or broken arm in. .S) ^ 

CMe epKe eine^ 9oO»etN mtcoj 

droben)^ the fcarp of a baftion or 
wark. 2Xe CMIt^rfKtklriK^ the 

Me ©*arpfe^ lint fqr « wound. 

We &baat/ p/w-. Me-n, from ihe 

fC^Oirrcn. I) A tool or iniUiiB»eDC 
in fcraping, raking etc. 2>a^ ^ 
fen/ a rake, raker or fcraper, 
to I'crape fomethiog of witb. ^e| 
f6)atxt, the plough-raker » when 
the plough > cooker is deanfed. 2>i( ] 
or j^rnqM^ *' P^^^ ^ '^^ ^* 

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^-*- — 



|(r/ wi (mi - rak«r or fencer of the IM^i 

diinorf • fw«#p«rt. a) Hitt ^wlNcfa' k 6<^noe(ft/ tfJv. by tro«p«, hj bindi. 
fcrapMi off, Cbv exara^, 'that pan otiM 0<ban8Ctf^ M -e#, f^«r. ^ .f, t) 
tlMptp tad oihar feoda, wbidi ^MOga ^ ^"w fata of nppar G«niiaiiv, M 

wItuiM 10 tho pota ate 
itmfM, 9trh. ref. mcL and m^iUr. in 
tktiaii0rca£awitliMni# to Ccrap^ ra- 
k«. ficiitdi etc fliit bell gMkn fcNi^ 
TCI {fmd of patfena), to beat the gMmnd 
wTtfa oot*t mt, or to draw .ibe iolet of 
tkltet backwarda and fiarviatida or to 
mi firo aloQg the ground, aa a takas of 
diNBpfebarioo or diaplaaliire. 2)ft 9&\^ 

d^Omm i« anf buabaadljT renrice, to 
'whkh a tenant ia bonnd by lands he 
holds in Tillaoagr or focca^a, and fc^ar^ 
mttttn, fMiNm)^ «> do hnabandly ferri. 
cea. n}Aaioog Mafen^ Carpenten^aBd 
oiharMechaaickae^armcrtia* pjttHy^ 
br- job, but partly alff the woA, which 
they 4I0 or perfoim after and befidea the 
nfual work, and Ubamttttni to do or 
parfonn &di work. 

dtt liaoi or fowla fcraicfa or fcrape the bet S^OttHI^ M " i, pimr. tit n^m.fing. 
* " * * "^ ^ . -. ^ .-- I. Thereprefentation of a body, by which 

giewid with their fet^c. S>a^ %\a^ fcbor* 
Rt, the berfe pawt, draws hb fore-foot ^ 
ibaf die gronnd. Ptgmnu. ^ffb UOb 
«tt ilfnniiCD MKUfCn^ to rake and 
btpe lor an ettau, to get money by 
m sr by credL Likawifo widi oar- 
tioioolaorinftnuBeDU. S^i^f|VOII 
tcQ Womeii f$affeii# to rcftfo aeCn 

vM0Rff/ a Icraper, raker. 

fc^torratC, liAsr. (bnt only of fotrenl 
^J M*fi. earth ete. raked er Icra- 
pedtafitherintfao Areott, audnCadaa 

Nt Mtn^^ 6c(atrftaii#. e<ftamr, 
AMcr wmeCbah^, a raldngand ferA- 
BBg fipUiyw, Icrapa • penny, a no«iible 
(mr, one that benda aii faia diooghts' 
rsjadMT Hchaa. 

ir &N tf i < i<f f n piaeo of iron or * nail 
FV iaa» die bolt» to hold the plongh- 


It Muni or-9c^0ffcti/ bfc 8(tuinntf 

lltrMc tf Xjiflr rai r the fhambles, atCo a 
kRdisr*s £bU, a place where meat ia 
npoMte fide. 

EittffiiHctfn, var^. rej^. nor. to fire, gif» 

^, to charge or attack the enemy. 

ir Steft, ^mr. Me - n. 1) a notch, ^ap 

fc. Ciiie60iirre fn eh:cm 9Mttt, agap 

joakaile. fjtO€ ^OftDft^rtC^ a hare- 
lip- Cfne Cd^orte on^iMtcfi / to whet 

•at t gap, figmrmivffiy, to repair a 
halt, aieke amosda for a fault. (Die 
^^MiwHtf the port* hole or embra- 
Alt m ^ordlicacioii ; the aperture in ther 
>ttcnct, baAtena md walls of fortitied 
' pl«n for the cannon to fhoot tbiougb. 

>) ?lr 6dMrte or bo^ 6d>Qrttnfftiat/ 

neMCaroniT, Samtnla K V. SdNirUO* 
it W«lh, a lorry, fcur^, pitifol pam- 

S, a little fcanry book or a Orub- 
« prodncdon. 
^, .er, *fc, 4^^. and isily. foil of 
M*tbss, gape or teeto , baVi^ notches/ 

— ih. 

;^ nArr. ble -tt^ the nigkt- 
that watd aQ die aigbt in 
of a town. 

^•#, ^Asr. nt Mm. 

1^ light ia interoapted^ a Ihadow, Ihade. 
eefnen 6cbottcti im SBafTcr feben/ to fee 

his fbAdow in the water. 9tad)dDCIft 

Cdfoiten gedfen, to graip at a niadow 
and lofe the rubftancai VNob^/ loexin 

bfe Sc^tten kteger wetbni/ in tba ere. 

ninff* when thf (hadows grow longer. 

y«>^' fin frMmcr eterfen fmin ftfticn 
gefttben dbottot iverfttif a crooked iUck 
cannot eaft a Araight ihadow. 014 Wt 

feioem eigaot Ckboiteo ffti«teii/ to bo 

afraid of hie own Ihadow, he- is feadini 
ttghont caoGi. Cr Met iHi« mfe eUi 
matten, he. looks Uke a fhadow. tX 

il daem ScMlcn dbnlfit^r af« eineoi 
fltenficbeilf be is «ose like a fludow than 
a man. n. An imperfect or faint rep re* 
fontation. 2He VMK ber iften if eaiuB 
eiii etbtttten boil in iietiem. the phyGca 

ot natural philoCophy of the ancients is 
fclttce.a fliadow of tne tnodem*- S* ^^ 
foul feparated from the body , a fhade 
or (badow, a fpirit» ghoft^, an appan- 

tion. J)ai Kelcb ber edrntfeii/ h^i 

ecbattctirekb# the reds of the ihados 
0/ (hadows, the refideoce or habiiation 
ol the fouls feparated from their bodies* 

fof befnen €^dKitrefi mfr erf^fnen. 4« 
The want of light in an enjigfatened plat 
ce, in cafe it ie.canled by bodiea, .which 
intehrept the rays of tight. SHlth @d)at#. 
ten mac^ll^ to make a ihade, to inter- 
cept the rays of light -by one's body, igin 

»f]»er ffebtt im @<batten, a body Hands 

in tne foade (which receires no light)* ^ 
Among painters , the parts of a picture 
painted with daik colours , the fbade or 
Ihadow, oppofed to Ught, "Q^fie f (((# 
ter crforbeen grofie &^tttxi, ^^t lighu 
require ^eat fhades or fhadows; ^q 

bicfcm •em^btbc (Inb £fcbt unb ^(batten 

IDobt angebradbt, the lights and Ihadowa 
are well distiiboted in this picture, ^m 
6(battfn ji^etl/ to fit in the rbade. 6l(b 

in ben e^atten fe^en, to fit down m the 
fliade. 3m ©(batten fpo^feren, to weUt 

' in the fhade. 5. A rrgetabla, which af* 
fords a fhade; but only in the poetical 

Ayle. Oft befO(bt bk ^ufc bemooiff ^titf 
tin / ttm bie ber eonbrnann fHe 6<batten 

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hkb « utalbrt. efgeii(S^lMcii;i 
find A UMfure. LilLtwife « tkitk or A 
re of moiMy. 64^ fommeUl, to bt>oi 
treafuro Or l«y up nooey. Cf bcfi 

erote e<|kl«C/ gme guM^tOiiiitr, W b 

£eat tteiifttret or ridiet» he it la ih 
Uion of great trealtb. Figmrmtt^e/y 
fig oi&et ciHlectively a llook, fiorr, « nc 
nefa of coftly^ eftifnabie ihloga Ukd qn 

hiiu, 2>ic ^Itime, bit i^ <S<^M< t 
tommoflUu Gomie cntfoftet 

6(|rfj!^r*cr/ -tCf precioua, rkla$h 
ettunabley worthy of honour, refpocc 
efteem. 6(H<!!baiPe (KfCRftMlttt^ val« 
ble or eftimable qoahbei; (Im^ U 

ie«t noA ebcn fo i^bat M «Mr cfii^ 

SMH, he is Itili even fo eftimahlo 
valuable to nfe at a year ago. 
^C e4^(fftarfdt, fiur. Mc-cn, tho qnali 
of being valuable » predoutnelt» vahia 
leneit , the hi|^ value of a thing, 
more limited fenfe of alkce^ afiter th« M <Sc|MI(Cofe§ittm / the tre*fnry - hoai 
fhadow ; Fr. Silhouette. x a board for admioiftering die pobUc i 

Ml @d^tUnipidf a kind of Magic. hinteni» venuet. 

a madiine, which, in a darkened room, (cr 6^NfCiOncbmcr / &t!tntfft¥mAmt , 
reprefentt various ti^nret on a wall. receiver of the financet, comrihatioij 

MC QC^ttcnil^r/ a fciateric Dial. taxes etc. 

lai^eOHimniOeftj Ihadowings. CiMUcn, verb. reg. am. t. JHlfftr ^ 

CdJKIttid, ^ttf '%tf ^dt. and adv. ikutiy, ttn, to believe, think, iudge, com 
aiving fhade or a fhadow. t^U^atW^ ' ^ 

fioRict # •efii. fNe mtnn U> ctnen- 
M{flen 6<^ttcti nn ftn^tbattn9dtmin 

IBdHlttCtt/ «>^^« J^' «<^« ««« n«JMr. to 
(hade, to give or caft a (hade or fha- 
dow, to make a [hade." 

M edwttcnMtt , M' ti, /»/«r. bicr^er/ the 
reprefeiuttiooofa body after the ihadow. 

M 66attcQer| , V. Wcigtaiii. 

htt ecbattengong/ » Oiady walk or alley. 
W< edmttenbtlfi/ »■ imaginary meafure of 

hmd/ * . 

t€t @{(attcn(mt/ 4 hat won by women to 

keep off the uin« 

t>ai e<iHttrcnrel(by bol Sefcl 5cr€k»atteii/ 

the realm of the. fhadet or fhadovrt , the 

elylian fiel<b. 
Cd>attenrd<(/ a^.Ukd'adv. Pudedor 

Itr e*amntif / W-W^ pimr. We -ff^ 

the reprefenution of a body, and in a 

tXti, « fhady place, a. place Gbeltered 
£rom the fun; ^(11 fcMltgCr COoIb / ein 
fttKlttieer (^OB/ « flu^y wood, a fbady 
walk^ or alley. 
C<lHltHmi^ tier^. re^. net. tofhadow, to 
inadL with various gradarions of colour 
or ligAt ; to paint in dark colours. CUlt 

SIftnr, dAcn ttmrif fsbattimi/ to fhadow 
a ngnre, a contour. 

^(B^ttfttnidf Oiadowing etc. 2>{e 6(^' 
tirtitii elttc^ ^emdlbcl ober £ci»^^ / the 
fhadovring of a picture or tepeivy; V* 
the verb. fcMHreR. 

lie 6(tat08e/ pi»r. bte -n. A ealket^ 
a Imall calh.^r box to keep money in, 
end the money therein, a) Ac courtt, 
money for Xmall expenfes , a Kiog*t or 
Prinee*t privy puHe, ScbatuEgHbcr. Ocf 

$M% %\tht ibm da i4brttiM ®nabcn«e# 

%Ai Oni fefncf ^(^ttlSc^ the King givea 
bim a yearly penHoa out of hit privy 

bar@<fKi(, M'ti, flur. bfe Cc^se, « 

irealure etc. i. Anj thing, which we 
prefeive or k^ep wuh a particular care. 
e<kafftt/ bof oier ec^f nkbt iKrMlicrt 

fOtrbC, let not then your good he evil 
fpoken of, Rom. 14, 16. 2)cr 6<ba(^ 
blminmt. bal 6(ikl8(tKn, figDtfiet alfo, 
lover, love, fweer" heart, d^incn SdHlf 
^kn , doe Siebte obcr dnoi ffebllai, 

to have aiweet*heart etc. a.^ Pariicu'* 
larly, a treafure, a hoard Aock or Aore 
of coiily or rich things , or looked upon 
Atfuch. 6<^9efa«tllClQf to heap up 
eeafures. Clo XtVS^ <^>^%9 • nch ttea- 
Ihrt. Cliioi64m« mgrabctif to bury or 

look upon as, uke for.' #M<^, I 
itnl l^lteii, ott loanbdtcii »lr fciM 
t^t fScifC t fome who think of ut , a^ 
we walked according to the fleOi, sO 
10* a. J3(b r^it^c ntitl fefbd tie(» iH<| 
bat kW cigrifftn babe, l count ntit n 
lelf to have aj^prehended, PhiL 3, 1 
In this connexion it it oblblece in go^ 
German. We only fay IHU fc^ f^fe^ 
itilr ^r cine C^re it. for icb baltc, I \o< 
upon it at an honour etc a. To el 
mate, rate, tx. the value of diiog ; jud 
of a thing, to calculate or compui 
3(b JM(c U^ eat ouf Kxxx) %\^\\ 
I ^imate, rate or value the eftate 
loooo Dollars, i believe iris woirth 

much. 3cb f(b4(e ibQ iniflcftf^ ftrafj 

gabrt altf I fuppoie or compute bim 
B about fifty years of age. Aoil fM 

ibn auf doe £eime %^M , he is fod 

be worth 100,000 dollars, he it believ 
to be fo rich. ^XtM ft^r bo(b ft^f^ 
to eltimate, eAeem or valtie a thing v^ 
highly, to fet a great value on il. Jtm 
flCdng fibdBen f to nadervaiue a tbing, 
eiUem it but little,^ fet but little val 
on it. 3. To elieen^, valuer bono! 
regard , make much of, have a r#ga 
for, make an account oL Sf4^ M^^ t 
(dl Otaiin ftbl^, I elleem thit ntan v< 
much , 1 have a great regard for hii 

ftx X6^^ «on icbarmami bo^^f^l 
every one hat a great efteem, re()>ect 
regard for him. ^ locfi bit ScrbiCH 
|0f4M(C0f ^* knowt how to priae q 

fit* 9cr ^f|diM»Arbi8e C^rftfter^ 
man bod 9utf on diicmonttn ott m ( 

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M mmd, mp^cted fn«niL 4. To fix 
ibpfUM; ibe woith of a ihiagf tAricCtL 
MSW<» fcMfcn, to aJTiM or to fix 
irpdcaaffl«ChorBatch«r*»iiMat« {>al 
Cm flutes tr. to aflu« or to fix the 
pact or weight of bread ete. SyicUntCC^ 

iNkii n&^ax. i^nen dne @(bd|»iin0 anf# 

im# 10 tax, rata or aflab the fubiecte» 
ti by a ux upon them , and to Bk the 
m, ithich ewmy one U to pay accor* 
ei| to hU age, ability » lortona etc. 
il^kt A6pfm ftNiXnr to lay a capi- 
' awa, poU- money or poU-tax upon. 
)»6MKr# bci 'i,piMr, nt mom.fimg. 
iiippraiier, aflellor, aHixerj GcMf' 

66l|frci, My. ^*^^ '^^« exempt £roiir 
(MihbiitioBa , taxes orirapofia. 

)lf ftloeiCl^r M-a^ W'*^^ Cbut oiil;r of 
(emalbiaia,) bk-f& the contiibntiOD ; 
iUd (pate flMMtey • noney laid vp;^ like- 
wib BOiMiy kept as a rarity or carioiitv. 
b pepalar laaanage medlala o? niedai- 

iiMim called «Mfi<<^- 
ls64Mirtfbcr, e di|jger after hidden 

ifiltHlfltt. an eftaieb which ia Uriile or 

bU«ct to coattibutiooa, taxet etc 
MUMMU, the treafory. 

ti(6*a|taD»cr, p/«r. Me -n. ^ 1^« 

tntbtfy. treafure-honfe, treafur^-om« 
«; a^ce» in which richet are laid up, 
w accaoiDlated. 2>iC (foigIb(C 6<iKie^ 
I^BflMt, die Riflg^a treafory* the roral 
tmlaiy. s) In (one partt, the exche- 
^Btr, a eoort, to which all the rerenaet 
•f I Ring or Prince are brought* and 
vbi^ is moft coamonly called only Mc 
Imcr finpl^. 

kr 64i(faiciir tel - 1/ W«f« vt nous. 
Mi.iHmiM. bal 6<Neftt4eii/ *e0av 

Mpdll, a coffer, a chall to keep money 
« other precious things in. 
t««*«»id|cr/bcr. i,pitir. ut Hom.rmg. 
Fmim. M( e4faMc(|erillll/ uealurer. 
OkMatndfcr, Lord-ireafurer or firft 
Ud of the trearnnr^ IDOT er|f4K4mc(^ 

hr bd kUiftdi Wmittcn 9Ume ^« 

Aicb-trealjirer ^f the holy Roman Em- 



batioB» impoft,. ^t^te> iiopofition, 

^ duty, or tax laid upon (nblec^ accor- 
ding to every per£bn'a 4ige, aoility, rank* 
fortune or eiiate. (Knc 6(lNlSirog OUia 
Mrdbeil, to put a country under contri^ 
bution , to levy taxes. ^dMUj^Otli eot^ 
ri((tcn# to pay the conmbtttioB etcr 
etne SiPfTdMlunf / a capitation, poll- 
ttx or pol/ • money. 9) Apprailiog, elU- 
mation, valuing, rating, aHiatog, the 
fetting or fixing the price of a thing. 

Ut ^^liun^irndftttf a taxer, a taxer- 

hoi ed^a^nn^iitd^t, the right of levying 
taxes , or of laymg or impofing Uxes. 

MeCdMltt# pinr.inuf, from the verb r<|^aticn. 
1) The ilate of being expofed to the light 
«r^f being (een, a Ihow, a fpectade; 
only in feme phrales and vrithout an ar- 

tiae. (gmoA Hit ectau auHttfitn, io 

(hew a thing , make a parade of it , ex*' 
' pofe it to the public view or iigbt, ma- 
ke a fiiow of it ,. fet it to Ihow. CtflMl 
hffmta^ iur 6d^ t)ttttmttQ$tn, to ca^- 

sy.a thing opoily about for a fhow^ to 
m^ke a Ihow or fpecttcle of it. SMt 

VkiVttl^tttwtbtn am 9raogrr jnr 6f# 

fcattt^cn €d)au «|<0cMt, the crimi- 
nals are expofed to the public view in 
the pillory, a) The act of viewing, vi- 
iiting or examining a thing; the infpec- 
^tion, rifit', exaimnatioa of a thing, a 
reriew. 2)ie ittff^au, the review of 
an army. SiitC SdKlU / 9tMtii»H «' 
%tMtnn% von or Abet ttiM W^tUf 

iU fclQC MbxOd^ettt f^, to keep 
«n aHay, eday, viiiutioa# infpectioiv 
Tiew or trial of fomet|tin|^ to prove, try 
or examine the qualitv and quantity of 
it, whether it has the dne or proper 
goodnefs , or no. Uf (Ct C^jm or 
%ttt Mtn* to Ceotft, take a view or 
fight, as Scout- watdMS do. 

bOi e^iatumt, a copuMrilof fwons i^prair 
(era, taxers or aftimators; alfo the ofii* 
CO or duty o( one who in(jpects» views 

• or examinee- things. 

Me 6(baaMn(e, the feau or benches in 

QdHtubatf ni//. and adv, that which may 
be fbewn or viewed, that which fiay bo 
looked at. 

bcr6AatiHttt. M-H, piiu-. bfe-bttc^ 

a large round firaw- hat to keep off the 
&io or rain. 

bill 66aiibrot> M*ti, pjmr. Me-Cr ftow- 
bread , or (new - brc^ad , the loaves o^ 
bread among the lews , that the prielt 

. of the week placed every (abbath'^day 

; on the goAden -table^ 

tie 6(tmubilbne, pUtr. Me -a, the Theaira, 
Stage, a flobraaiied, on whieh tragedies, 
cemediea etc are repselenied* 

ber 64attbcff Ui-i, pia*^ » 

a Ibuddeniig , Huvering or cold fit i alfOk 
a ftariing up out of fear, a firidbtk dfeeid» 

4aiDi» h9ao^ Sec €4)ai2ctf tommt 

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or t«rf«r. 

thuikofdiat. SkptfGBorlf, 
tkVknbum Mtkt groiifiii' 
t ^raoflen Iti usfmr IKM# 
» j^rc vfQ^9)fbciiMrHfcii 

«tf/ *€#t# CJpAUe of 6X€i- 
iA^ A IhyddMuig, Ibivcruig 

tko lotenfive from 

or flioil* into ^ich one reuret for fb^^ 
ter from the WMtber, which it aifo c«i 

M cin @<(Q|»iKii. ein ^Ba0cof(f>aticf 

A (hod to put a waggon oncier, where i\ 
iUodt covered from the weather. 
.bC»6(Nucr, M-i, />Aw. utnam^/ing 
a thower. {RdcnfclKnier , a bower o 

©♦aqbew^-v^r*. r^f. _ 

fluent to Ihudder^ Ihiver, qoake, 
tremble» Ihake etc. r) Ai a «»0ri^ active ; 
where it it uled only wiporfonaliy » and 
according to the role requiret tho aecti- 
(ative of the perfoo. ^i f&^OUbm uM, 
mnn kb batanbtnhr l ihudder or trem- 
hle, when I think, of Jt, or I eamwot 
. iJbink of it without horror. Hi (d^nhftt 
mtdb yor SMttt I ihake, qnake, fimdcler 
or ihiver with coJd. But if hit S^Ut it 
exprellly mentioned , the dative of the 

pc«ibn it u(e)d; ^ fd^aubcrt mir He 

ebco iKim bit mtkbtntc ®intc 
een MroHfcM OiMngca fetiie lc«ta 
e^^orc (CdHiQer) von riefclcotttti S^a 

#cl pfftftttcCt, 304)ar- a).Aqu«ko. i 
ihudder or trembling motion, a ihivertoj 
fit, a fttiTtring, tiemhiing » qaekin^ 

^^ fhrnnrniicdn renter €MHiiMr an, « 

«iiiiit my bloody I tremble e?ef]r hem 
of me. ein ]Nekrf(Nllcr/ an aga«*fii 
the cold , flueering fie » fHiich peopli 
haveinthetgoe. ScT^nfal^ bCT e<tHIUe 
ter (umM tt tforfticr, thit agae - fil o 
fear it oterblown. Hi AteHICf mkt etl 
'Oct^asCf / I wat (eiaed with a Aivertiij 
cold , or with a tfembliag fipar. 

6avi, looui iib boranfiebenfe. it chillt my 6*iMKri0* a^*. and «4^w. mm«f mtflii 

blood pr I tremble every bone of me* 
when: I think of it. 3/ A« a ver6 nmmier, 

with habtn, 6<^uber empfmbctif to (hi- 

ver, ihudder., quake or tremble, have 
a Ihieefftng , to Aart or Aart up , alfo to 
have hooor, hut only in fome parts. 

3d) ^(baubtm vor entfe^ca , I trembled 

with hocrdr, with fear. 

kte @4uitrt)er)|ng/ ihivering, trembling. 

ficfMNICO/ fer^* rrg. act. and n&tur. which 
reauirea baben # to look . fee, view, be- 
hold, .conlemplatet gaxe on, take a view 

of. ^inem fed>t ini Qk9<bt Maocn , to 

look one in liie face* to gate or ftare at 

him. e^autt, be! ifyt imbt foOcr, look 

or take, head left you eet a faH. ^f 
fdMUien! lot me feel M> %aU €i ^u 
MMOCt^gCft^^ Ihavefeeaic @afQUt 

atn iMmme(, unb fic^# mhf^aut an 
iit SBtfienf look unto the heaveot, and 
fee atid behokl the clouds , lob. 35, 5* 

SM Sum^ b(U9nb fitauoi^ ti bcfklM 

tigCII / to infpect , aHise or examine the 

butdiertrmeat, bread. . 
bai @(l^autn, th^ act of feebg, looking; 

alfo viiion, light, view* 
I. bcr .6dKUlCr/ M -4, pi»r. «ic nom.Jlng. 

one who infpecit , alliaet or eaaminet, 

but oitly in^lome compound words* at 

benb/ chilly, Caelingeeotd, eflikveriofi 

* Araddeiwig, having r Cnafe of cold 
fdcboiicr eerurfac^enb/ caufingaftiverini 

' ^<bafl<rigC< ttCttCT/ cold, coldilli wei 

Gdmucmf t^er*. reg, det. and neiur. i 
the latter cafe with ^bCfl, I. Ctnci 
@d>auef tmfinbtn, to thiver; Qutddei 
quake, tremble, to Ihriak, to chill 

3^ f^utft flbtr btn gdnitn Mi, o 
c^ f^autrt mir bit f^ut, wtnn Ub barai 

flcbcnfc, it chillt my blood, I trembl 
every bone of me, my body tremblea al 
over, or my hair ftanda an end, whei 

1 think of it. 3« fjircbtc m\(b Jflr Hi 
bof mir bit i^OQt nantttr my fieni trem 

* bleth For fear of diee, Pf. 119, lao. j^ei 
vorfcbaucrt et'neO/ that maket oneibi 

- or fhttdder, that fiartlet one. ^or Md\ 
ttfAanttn, to tremble, fhiver, fhuddc 

* or (bake v^th cold, fti fcjauert mi*, i 
Idttft mir cin 6(boner tttt bit ipout^ m 

body treroblet or fhuddert all over. 2 
C4 f^auert, in fome parta u an impei 
Jonai verA for e^ b^S^^t/ ^^ hailt. 
drbauervoS, - erf *cfie# ^df, and adt 
horrible, dreadful, frightful, hideooi 

8reifd)f<beucr, ^cttfdwiacr, an infpector, bafecbottcfTcn/ • dilh p«t on a table h 

examiner or aflizer of butdiert . meat or f^">^ ^U^"**? •*"/ *«** net to be ei 

bread. 2)ct*fi-baucr IC. an infpector or teOf • Ihow-difb. 

an examiner otthe diket etc. at alfo a loo- bCc Qd^UM p P^^r. bH - tt , a. fhotel^ 2)1 

kee on or boholder in general, as in go^ QedfftfHItifcI^ en oven -peel. ^\ttHt 

MKlltcr/ e fpectator. In the old TeRa 
ment , a^eer or Prophet , one vrho can 
- lerefee future • events. 

at. ber 9^aaer^ bc^^/ phw. vt nom^jimg. 

1) A pUee^ wheft a peifon it covered ' 
. from touch or 'inolemant weather* jjni 
Cdbatier lebcn , to ihmd in a place CO. 
f^red from the wind, rain etc Cie 

6(Nta cinlatcntfer 6(k«mn» JKtpf." 

f#onW/acom-fhoveL SMeQarfT^ai 

ftlj a ihoval to winnow com .with. S)l 
HHf^tM, a loading- (hovel for e ml 
gun, the gunner* ladle. Hit gctierfd^l 
fcl, e tire>. (hovel. JMcWlMUM^uW, 
mah - fhovel. •JMc f^tttfel On cind 

Oafltoebe. the ladle. 2Mt9ltibcff4Ktii 

f^, a paddle, the broad and flat end c 
an oar.^ ;<>it Sllt(Vfi*i«ff(r ib« flool 

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%mia the f^wni. 
MA^mredcm, « Wg in tlM nnp» of % 

£bofci, Uit third part of ih« |tc of a bva 

» commonlT ratt«d M eAottfcCMll. 
IcrfttofdMrfief # V. fMCHraer. 
MMuaMetto. chabroadrboipclrfbiw 

■cd fc^ancfaea of a daor* a daerS lor 

brfibraBcbet, wlbidi ara flar at iha top. 
berMooftf^frfcbr a ban, tvhofa biancliea 

tft fljt it tbatop. Tba Uoatsmeb afnally 

pie ^ oima to fallow • Aeer. 



ofbaar.' ttt C^Mmn, IhitMit^ 
foam of tUa firm. Z)er®efi(MrcMnR/ !•- 
tha#. S>cr«(|Knim 1^611 Sl^flen/ ^ 
Icttui or dj^ of ittdtaU. ' !Der 9liQ^ 
ft^otmt/ tba fctttai ^op taad« tDfr (Sifln# 

fdNiatIt/ tba droit of iron. M(|(rMKiamr 
litbaraa of IHraT. ©cf ®oiMM«lll/ *J^ 

tbM^ofjsold; ^ e^QUdif iafft>enr^o 
turn to Icum or frotb. 1^ &^tm 
Mm )K^(r, tor ttft^au!it4k«:^*MI«^ tbi^ 

Icum and refbfa of tba pa^pW «• dia ta» 
fcality or labbla. 

^^toMtnttt, tba bandla oft rboTal. C^ttHlttl/ t^i-^. r^^. !• A nar^ ntrntni 

HrMifdtaof/ an b)rdraanc fincioa vfad 
is vaWog or amptytdg a pond. 

feJaifiSD- i»«n*. riy. ati. i^To work 
widi 1 ibofcl , ttf Iboval. f^cti OatllCII 
}ai1ikaitfr(n mifrn / to ba obligad to 
ftofil alf tba day. frbe, ©CttttlDC IIM 
ftflBOQi r<^fc(nf to Cbovai to^ediar 

•«^. «o«. i^ftiwcgfKiatifelo^ to Oto- 
feiiwty. 2>alfktrtfbe fd?mifcfii, tmi# 

IMCBr to (bovd or turn tba com on tba 
aorn-loft. a) To fbrniQi witb fbotrit» 

Wl«« ate. Die JMPfrrdbcr ouNrl 
AnMo, fk mit oafrcrn 6<tauftrtt i^erTe^ 

)cai ta famifii tba watar- wbaalt whb 
ofto laaief . 
»ai e«ailfclra( , a whad w!tb Udlaa, 
or falloct. 

witbfobm. &banm yott M 0^n, tor 
frotb » foam. $0? Baroc fcpdumcn^ to 
foam with raga. ffitft t^ SDlntl^ FdMn4 
.nrni/ to foam at moutb. ^Qi iSkt 
MfMmet/ tba baar fmtfia. D«^ iR(CI$ 
Mddmt^, tba (^a foama. «i(|^, »{€ 
mm b(e ancOe ati< mdnem get^ 
f(*Attnt/ Ocin. fti^dttiiicnfr' iKtWfl>fiAtJ 
s. Aa a *ivr^ active, to driva out in tba 

form of a foam. SSMecfn 0ml|tc^ZWcr/ 
(0^ 3arti nnb Mftr f(Mumt>.e<t»(e9. 

«. To fraa from Cenm or Ibiairainfi. to 
Icnm or lkim» to taka off die mtb ofS 

feum. !Da^ greffict^ fdkhimen, to fc«m 

tbamaatf to taka off tba fcom. S)Cfl: 

i^otiig, M 9MH mmmnt to Ccom 

uabooey» tbewax. 
fcrMcnMMKfi, tba rigbt to claanfa a M «jMtt«ai, «bf<Mimmilf ir tba dkfjim. 

iub ar a ritar ; alfo Iba daanibg of 

(fitdiei • brooka or rivart. 
kr e^MtmOj tba bandle of a (hbrd. 
*t eMtm, a £bovaU foU. 

M tooA u tba form of a fbo?al* Tba 
Ifoid (ara-taatb of doer, boKet ate 

mation, ^a act of fcmmning or Attain 

^MKliratfg/ adj. and «ifv. baving or con* 
taining fcom or frotb » frotlnr # foU of 
Icnm or frotb. 6dmaiiiQie^ Vktf ^^' 
Aat Oowers or mantlaa» tbac fcnmt or 
frotba. e^tmW wonid fignify« liko 
-- ' or rafamblidg fcom or f^b. 

MoUcdManMB, - waU aa e(»an# He 64KUimf<le/ a fkimmar; V. e^aum 

todlae. Alfo tba broad taatb, ^bkb ftftL 

u^ nr at tbaj incraafa in yeart, in* Mt Mtttmrfette, a (brt of bit«at into a 
im of tba Oiarp pointad taatbj baar ' borfa*i moutb to axcita maftification ^or 
ftn aame. cbawing. 

MeMMM, plmr. iit.n, a fwing. a fao^ bet &d^ummi, V. eAatfitiMk. 

£nr. a ttcmot. Cfnt ettidf^nhU « >Cr 6*aUtIinJUmi, a kind of grafa-koppa* 
c«d. Jbiag or ropa . fwing. or fmall locuft ; V. ^{p^tufd^titi 

WiWfte^ tvr*. reg. act. and nemir. in bet CklKIUPtQt, bc* -C<^ /'/««'•• We -pli^, 

araryjplaca, wbera an action it rapra- 

i2ie bttcr cafe with (Klbetlr to fea-faw* 
•wg op and down alternately, to 
wit^ to make a ibing tbat it fufpended 
■ov« backwardi and forwardt, to mo- 
je loofcly on a firing. 6M ttCtt Wn, to 

wi«w, to fwing. e^aktn ouf cincm 

?WCl>aIje/ to fee -faw upon apiece of 

»«^. 2)0* ©ijff Waufeie, the tbip 

•»♦•• on tba water from one (Ida to tba 
w, vp and doVrn, %bera it it a verb 
^ t6 fwing 

Mr..3cMnbeft ftftaofeto/ 

Waa-iaw one. 

fented, which it io be feen by rnaar; 
particularly the Aage or theatre, fno 
Iccne; V. bit 6(bauWbnc. In a more 
extenliva fenre , every place, on wbick 
an action it undertaken. 2)fe !DeWIII$ 

Mtt mit ®efdaia(dt unb teutfcngfeit fa 
tai ^tfcnmWi^tMtn efn, fo lofe be# 
etoli mit etmithe uftb ®etingfcbd8itn0 
atif bcm @dkktipf<i(e erfcbelnetf 

anbcrcr „_. ,,. ^ .- . ^. . 

(^0. 2)cr drrie e(bmtpto« ber tteft/ 

^ -JJ-- ^-». the great flage or theatre of the world. 

wfMdlt^ fwiagbg, fee-fawing ate. bOl C«|)aafl»fcl . bc* -el, />/««^. We - e. ».A 
'sS^gUH\^f Pjtt. car.lroth, . - - 

l«tber. 2)er 6dKiom an 

etoel 9ferte5, ibjmbel eber 

^(x»i ahenficben^ the foam of 

. ora wJ( 9 or of a nerfon in a 

»«»«paffion. «<feW(ram;rtia frotb 


play, a piiblfe fpactada ; airoa6jrobjecc« 
which attractt attention or (be* the Ught. 

etn Hibtttt*/* efn trtmride* 64kiQfp<er^ 

a fine, a mournful l^|>ecucllo. a. Farti- 
culady a play^ a drtmatic performakoa* 
ill tt1uc£ cbarattars are inriodaca^ and 

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cooMclf. till tC«|llfi(<<6dKmA»l(l# a IM- wfa«re the Dime, but x tifiUftl u lt§ 

« fen, to aaapley« l» pfrfofm a c1m> 64Kfft(S/ v«^^ ''^« Mraor. to •UwM 
, iftCtM' m a pby. ^ . or to yield plenty qf gralot or com/si 

Iff MNTOMdMrncrf a 4r«mAiS€ poel» ectmkc f^cfeU gtit, the com yiit«| 
* a dTMMitift* .tlia aodior of a 4iamiie^ imdaiice ot giaiiit. 
piM^- : bcr eOKfftfMat/ bit &^tfScl$tm, a Ai 

kt^ e #Ml ( Wcftt/..tC» • #, fimr. irt »M. itpoa every e^tKUof eont htQ^\ 

tha an 

jSna. a conadiaa* actor. H^yfr. 2)te laerket. 

6«aoflllcf(Hnn£ an acueb* a jpWyac 6<kffd»cife/ «^a>. by bafheU. 
Me<lNluM(l|atll#|bap%*boit(e.tbeatte. ^McfeiMwk, # titlw ar 
Me edM^fWllltft/ the draaMlic-aft. 6mM of thralhed corn. 

tM &tatilUutt a vedel.. hU Mdb^KS/ 6(f^dblciii# da nA 

Mc edKraftttfC/ a fine piece of oia for the e^JftwbtM tp{d 2C a rouad Oica af i 

cabinet. apple etc« 

ter @<|»aittOfl, a <Uy of vi£ung or asavi* Me GAette^ 'pimr. Ut -U, Dtmim. jbi 

« oioK; a dinr when any thin^ie aipoUrd 64eii<(K0 # * ^^iiltxvu !• A lb 

: to public Ibow. . thin» round body moveable abaat i 
bCr ^^^llti((bf the uble. on vfhicb tha. centre* which U called in UMiey caC 

• (hew-brnad or fhow-bread was laid. alfid eitte Sole/ fee thie word. Qf ik 
Me €dKlOtlllft^ a viHt, intjpection, the act lort are» foraxample^ Me &O^Hf a pa 

. of vilitina» of looking at or of exami* ley, a CmaU wheel* with a chMo 

• sing a thiiM. round iu edge, end tuniing round • f 
H^^d^\smn, the /Ullage, thalamplee vet. (Die i>ra(t|kM<t^^ ^ ^^*^'<" 

of a fboD to be Chown , a fhow. er'a wbeel X}ie £merfdbeibe# a pe 

Me &^tmt, a vellelon UieMediterranian, ter*t wheel. 2)(e ^atftbeiKr th* ^sa* 

goiog bo(h with oart and iatlfi a chebe* block, a. Any round or roniulifli ib 

ffue or xebeck. * body, which is even on both'iidec fi 

e<M^'' V* eAt^txt. 6oancnf(l>ci^/ Me Oonbfcbei^. ihefi 

Mc Scbede, plnr. Me-n , a pie- hall or a of the fun or moon. 2)ie^<(iefMdfte 

pie* bald horfe. Cine r6t^lt(be @cl,^e(fe, @<foctbe fimply, a but. aim. tiimi 

• a flea -bitten grey,' or a dapple - grey mafk td Ihoot at. 9la(b Mr 
horfe , a white, horfe fpotted vrith forrel fdl)»fcteil , to fhoot at a 0Mrk« 
and bay fpota. (liXif @4>ii)ar|f(t^e« a %pfc( {fi 6<hcibett ^eiMQ# to cat 
white or gtey borfe fpotted with black. . epfile into Hices. (Sin 6c^efkM> M 
Qine ^KraunfaKtfe* a dapple-bay. , mm flpfeU a CmaTl dice of aa aM 

Me 6(be<fe , the Meadow • rail or rayle ^\t Snief4»e(be/ the knee-pan. j. J 

(a bird), , many fade the idea of roundnelt it lei 

CdKCfen, V0rb, reg» act, to furniHi with and then Me*^^dbe i< aflat, ibinb« 

I whi^lpota on a coloured ground: , or, extended in length and breadth. -^ 

with ooioared fpou on a white around ( g^nfferf^eibe or (31a<f4Ktte# a paaa 

the paniciple of which gefc^edt lor f^ aiaCi. Qit l^oni^fc^lbe (M tm$), 

cHg It moUuCiial. Booey-vCOBib. 

" Vrffg# - er, -ter a<(f- «nd adv. furni^ tcr ©(JXlbcnapfel # an orbicular apple, 

bed with white fpota on a coloured 6(^f ibenfbrnitA , adf. and adv* CtffainI 

ground, or with coloured fpota on a of a round torm or [hape. 

white ground, pied, ckecky, checkered, ho^ @4Kibenft(a4# pane-glafa. 


ipartagated, vary or party coloured^ foot- Mr 6{^iben(onia ^ ahoney-oooib, hoi 

ted, Tpeckled, Areaked. Cin fd^oige^ incoroba. in Uices. 

y.fcrbf dn geiicbccfte^, dnt edndt. a Me@^Miiteule, inOlala-honfef, ab 

pie -ball or a pie- bald horfe. 6lc( f<^# of alafa./ 

' efti (0(tetlf |o (plit ona*e fidet with 5er @<{l[dMlltKtdC(, the nail of a bat 

laughing. fhooiing- mark. j 

Mr6d)ebe(^ M-i, pl»r. ut nam. fing. b^ @(^t(enro(r^, a rited gun, nU 

. the fltull or i'cull , the bone, which de- fhootmg at a mark. 

fenda and inclttdet the brain. 6(^(ibetirutl( / adj. uki adv. orViaal 

lit @<beMftobrec>> a trepan, an inftrumoat, circular. i 

bv which lurgeona cut round piecea out M @4^d6enf<(^lefiettf be^- h piur, at 9A 

ofthef^lL ^ia^. theexercile or diverfionoflbaon 

Me 6d>ebe(aaMf tha bam of the uull, at a mark. . ' < 

the cmwaliiitnre. tor 6cbefbefifibfl(/ M-eii; sm^tkA 

W 9iMHMU ,' fi»r. Me,«tt/ Golgat}ia# a member of a compai^,, mSS-nm 

. tha place of fculla. - himfelf in"* fbooting at a Mik. ' 

ftlcft, y. ®d)l|MM. e^dbenntdref adj\ and ^ihiriaiaaali 


64dbenittdref odL^di . 

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fdiBe^ to t^pofrnm: awiat <tc. 

rotmo roracMQ. 
Met, « word uCbd only 10 compofldba 

tt. V. «cf<Mb^ OeRN^ iN^Wcf^ K. 
IMIOf, 4M^. And adv. fep«rtble» di- 

nTifcb, apt to b« divid^. 

U, ft Icabbard. 2XR 9cgetl OOl ^ 
6MIC -iiC^CB / to draw tli6 fword* to 

■Kiwitli it. Z>en OcdCQ in tic Gcftdbe 
McB^ to CbaAth Uia fwojrd, to put it 
warn ibo Ccabbard. Oil GAeitC dnct 
Md, Ctoei aciM, tbo Oieath ofa 

. fefk. of a kniftf* 

k «4citC^ ^M Qi^f .^^ ^^' fini; V. 

.if^^itM^K, with fe9ll# todep^t 
»r i long or atl^ lor a prat- 

ll 04Ac # dto placo 6t poiat of fepara* 
ioa, m^idi ia^fcd particularly in com- 
poii^» M He flr4oiMKibe/ die limiu 
ar bordors, ^f^di faparato ooa tacritoiy 

I. A'l^ 
Aoim oaa Carl 

ty^'Om. iDcr (hiici f<ti<5 m ttrr/ tbe 

•1^1 depaitad from h^g Luke i« Sg- 

mu ^U^m^ttbtn nt^m / yen Ktmcn 

fd^^hm, in a folemn %le for (kj^ou to 
depart dua life, to die. , 2)04 Soal n(KI' 
t<t imifi4>cii ben 9i4^^{itn, the lot par- 

tM betweea (be mighty, Prov. ig» tg; 
which occttrt in Lulher*fl fitUa, but it 
i<»jM>w UBufual in good German. II. A 
*9srS active, to feparaiab to divide what 
it joiaed together* |Bir mAffitll im# j(^ 
hm, tnWtU, we moft part or feparata. 

9k Unmi ft^eibcQ Qta&tn m ^iDeatfd^ 

(anb# the^pa part or leparate luhr from 
Gennaay. X>tt 91ft f^^fitOI^ to divorce 
a huibend Ukd wife, to feparate them 
from each other « or to annul the marw 
riage coatracc. Cfg fUpf^^t »0I1 £K6 
ttltb Qctt fcbcibOl/ to feparate a married 
couple firoeli bed and board, Ueace bi( 
CbcfMbaM# • diforca, divorcement, 
divorcing, the abrogating or Catting aiide 
the mamage contract, JxtVOUnf^Hli^ 
ctwonioni Men M iWkbni^ tho 
two partnera have leparated, have con- 
doded , ended or ailTolved their part- 

nerthip. Sdf unb a ^nb ^tW^utmtt, 

, I have broken offall commerce with him. 

fioi 0Kt %ttM fdKlDet eccMmt «d|^ 
the word of God dividea afunder loul 
and fpirit. fllctaSc or ^ fll^ibcn, to 
feparate, part, trr or fine mettle. JM 

«o(b gott icm efOcr, ba« Wev von ban 
jKuffet fMbCQ, to fepante the gold 
from the filver, the lead from the copper. 
M 6c|cikilM, a g^(a-vaflel in the form (g« C^beOcil/ Me 6<»dMl§r feaarauag. 
* , afid in feparating fluid dividing, paning, departing , xdepartura 

or going away; feparaiioa, diviiion, 
bf gold, which ia feparated* fining, refining, diitblution; divorce, 
lt(m/ the tunide or flda of divorcemenu . \ 

M< 6<|<ibCIMlb({/ ^ bodkin for the hair. 
imi^C, a boy, that leparatea ore. b(f MKibCtumUVCt/ aiheath or fcabbard- 
\f % weaver*a comb. mdcer. 

a glala -bottle, a long bc? CdKCb^/ * finer or refiner oCmeula; 
aaiTow necked and round bellied alembic one who leparatea ; alfo among Miilert, 
lie 6|Mbcfm(l,, p/ar. inmj. chymiftiy, the oae who leparatea the good ore ban the 
ait of Ceparating the feveral fabfiancea, ftonea or rook with a harom^. 
ahareof mixed bodiea are compoled, bill CdKftcficb p a Ceparating lieva, 
by the aieaiia of fire etc Ijkt tmAt b^ ^A^^mfX ^ 

ar bfc Cbcotfc Z>i( aiartfc^dbctaifl, Mc e<odbemnb, fU». bk^wdobC/ • pat^ 

ihe Ibbterraiieoiia Geometrr* tition-walL 

kr jMcibcftefkr. a chymift, OMtalhir- bOl QctKibCMft?^ M*</ ;»/ar. (bat only 
gill , a refiiier of metala. of (everal forte or quantitieaO at aom, 

krCclfaeaWBW, aa arbitrator or aibitar; ^t M^jJ^'*- <J^*<tt<««%',? 5?r^ 
rkMcr. eoCba«|6M, Aqaa.regia, ifhich dii; 

folvea gold* 

lit e^f^^OOf , amoa^ Blinera, a boud 
er leaa tabia» an which the ore ia called 

kr«4^<bMai/ 5 bar or tree, whidi £»• 
paiatea two tarritoriea etc 

krMcilCta^^ theittrfup.cup. 

kiMCiM4<f<>ca, the trivet for the cu- 
cminta, a diymical veffel. 

lR6<»cibcbrkf, bei - el, /r/ar. Me-c, a 
bOl or lanerof divorce; alfo the deci* 
ham of an aibiter berween adverfe 

McAMbcmaucrc a partitioa-wal); •Ifo |^*2JX&Vi^ K#A #a >iiM> M# # tl,., 
a^^Umt i^arat^ die two Dialb ofa ^^^T^'^^^^ 

liiWcttcrtw, f^WcHi^faiaUco^^ bcr ed»eibcnm(t, the 

,^ T"' coppar-iaottey mixed with a point ofteaaattoa, tho maik of di. 
htdefilver. fiiicttoo* 

MedcO, ^9Th. irreg. aei. and aeatr. (k 6c|Ktbirof« >) Z)k 6(bCibttM SMMI^V 
^/'^7- i* W<>i FartUi^. Icfi^Oi frcimbc^ *e pMtiagp departing or dc- 

" Digitized by VjOOQ IC 

4* ^^kti 

ptcvra of two' firlM^i. 9) S>{r CdcU 

ttni tcrff^, • <lirore9, divorecuM^t, 

^, tbe CBpar«tiiif a faufband and wifi^ mm 

• oacb otllar , tba abrogaiitof or Ibtlilu^ 
•fido the Biartiage contract. IE)k O^f^ 
bting vcrdtitoter SocM/ ' fartitMRi» di- 
Tifion or feparatiott of lose imicvd 

^Vngt- I) 2Xe64K<btm« ber 9itt^t, the 

finiog, rafinuig, the parting or fepara- 
tion of netala (in cli^mtftry)» the diC« 
bcr €<Mn , M-t$, fl». inmf. fio* the 
verb fMnen. t* A Kaht, Chine* brt^t- 
neb* fplendour. fMf N^ 8l0llten« 
fftdll, @otl|imf4(Hl # we have MooV 
Ibine, Snn* thine. In Allrology » ab 
afpact, the fituadon of iUrt or planeu 
with n^fpect to each oibo*. Qn g(Mt» 
tor, %mmitf fcfeiMrr @<tdn * • trine» 

onadlvte, Textile a|p«cr. 2. The clear 
light of a fhSninc or fuminont bodjr* Cb 
Ml %bMwCi^^fk, to fhine, give 

* light, call a light, |>e^ 9ronbtnf<$dn, 

Goni)<nf4^t{n, the MV>dn-'(kine orMoOn- 
light, the Son- Chine; Qc9 Scm MafFcil 
e<tCf At elAO^ fiampe, by the f^int or dim 
figfat of a lamp. £)er mdtl M fttlCf <, 
the light of the fire. 9a# fk^ ilicM 'cU 
ticti hdcti, c!ncn ftbnxiAm ^cfit ^ the 

candle givea a clear, a dim or feint light. 
2)cr9ltrtf<btin^ the aurora borealit, or 
northern light. X>er IMcbcrfiCbdtt/ a re* 
Rnctiott of« the light, a referberaiion. 
In an elegant Ayle fkbl and ^\Wk i« 
moll commonlr nfed inllead of it. 5* The 
appearance, fnow, form, colour, pre- 
text or cloak, outward (how or appea- 
rance of a perfoik or thing, likeliltood, 
probability. Oft 6«(6< (at efnm ftttf««# 
dneh Wen Otbdn, the thinner -the af- 
fair baa a good , a bad appearance. C^ 
^Otbttl @£dn, OH eb tc. tt baa the ap- 
pearance or likelihood aa if otc. Qd^ 
IctaBen bM<tn 6<fedli; abilain from all' 
appearance of evil, ^fll fdlfcbtr ^(bdll# 
4uicrU4Kt Ccbdlly a Ufe appearance. 
Ctoa^ lUfll ^AdnC t^ , to do a thing 
nnder die apnearence , fbow or pretext 
of etc. or only by outward appearaOte. 
cRitr iitm 6(bdn^ betm obtr ftmm fe»n, 
to be bypocritica^ypraying or devour, to 
do it only for to be feen. Unter bem 
64dtic ber fhibot^ bcgdbr cr bit fitSfiteti 
llll^atd)Hd(dtcn/ under the cloak of de- 
votion he commiu the greattft iojuilieeb 

ttnttr ban 0<bdiit (Vor»anb)dner9tdiie/ 

under the pretext of a Joumeqr. 4) A to* 

IUmon)r, certificate, an avertiirement or 

f aueftadon; alfo an acquiuance, ditcher- 

ge or receipt lor money paid. ScftldlN 

ben efnen 6<bdn aeben, dne £lafttitn^ 

to give one a receipt. Z)er £aitffitKHQ^ 
a cettilicate of baphfm or of being chri^ 

llened. iSfn ^CmpfangfEfeefn • a receipt, 
a note, of (omethinf received. 2)er £oti< 
tthMMtt/ * certificate V>ut of thebook of 
bollala. "Qtx SraufitbC&l^ a cemficMe of 


■ iMiBg HfVMuI^^taMned. ■ B(t ^MffVeM 
a cocker, a cerdficate or receipt frOa 
Hie cnftom.*lRMMef(* moiMNrpoid fortkri 
-cuAomaof^Mdiu S)br foMMli# « off 
tificau for money or odur thinga of «i 
Ine delivared to the poft-oflko fdr 4ti 
^cbdnbor, -er# -ffe/ «iiy. •nd ad%f. \ 

Having a good outward appearance 

Cine vSaore (ii^fnbor ma<ben/ to give 

'commodity a'good oBtward appearane< 
3)Specioiif , &e, plaulible, fair in ap 
nearance, apparent, feeming. C(ti fdKtl) 

* Wet 9)om)0nb# « fpeciona pretext o 

pretence. (Fin ftt^tebore^ unb ni<bti9cfdii 
{{(be^Qut ober OUkf, a bfifi in fhow o 
appearance, not true or reaL t^oMXt 

* beto fcbdnborcr or fidrtr «ed^/ t< 

make it fo much the clearer, to tnak 

* it appear fo Vnacfa the better, ^ffl 

fd^inbare entf(buCb(giin0, a plavlAl 

ble 6<bdnbarfdtj flnr, tmuf, anneo^nnec 
' probability, likelihood* Ibmoianco Ic 

truth, plaulibility. 
CdKlnbarucb, •dv. feemingly etc V 

ber 6<befnbegdff, io illalory. decettfti 

word, tone or found, nouon. 
ber 9<beinbcbelf/ a Ibift, evalion* o Tab 

ber 6<9efnbe»eil^ an Iilufory, doctttluj 

'' uncertain propofltion. 

bol ®<feeinb<lb # « phantom, chimera* o 

* ftmcy, a vain phantom, 
bie 6(^dnbnfe/ afingnedor falfereponUQd 
0er€l^n<bdff, afdfe or feigned chhftiae 

an hypocrite. 

bii< 6d)e{n4dfen(^m^ bypoerify, 

ba# @((e{nbflH|, an image , anpealtntici 

. fhadow, phantom, that whicn baa on I 

. the appearance of polUbility, but 10 fn< 

cannot be. 
Me ^(befnebre, a falfe honour * oalj ai 

appearance of bohoor. 
6<beinen/ t»er^. irrtf^. ntutr. Imperf. U 

wen; Panuip, gefi^ientn; impermi 

Kbdne# with ^ben. 1. To Ibine, glilbei 
giveli^t, diffbfe a light, fparklo. tDc 
^onb *'d)dnetf the moon ihinet. ^j 
®onne fcbdnet nuimt/ the fun Qunes wn m 
Z)(e @onne f(bfen mx4^ bal (lMa5# tb 

fun fbone through the gUfa* ». To af 
pear, feem, look, fhew. (a) Aa a pet 

- tonfal verb. ©Cc 63nne fcbeint mi Kef 
\n ffon/ unb if bo(b fVbr flrof/ tho fu 

; appeam to oa to be fmall and yet ta ver 
large. !Oie Voffete fcbdnt gut 10 fe^r 
the pie fe^ma to be good. S[tbe 6lirat 
fAdnt ibm eioe tr«urige $3totenio<bi 

every hour feema to him a me(an€liol 
winter -night* ^fn. Z)ie @a4K M^cic 
ni(bt To uneben^ ^tia a good llkelv mattei 
(b) Aa an imperfonal verb. 9i f4>€in 

M mm H regnen ooflit/ it feem* « 
looki at if it waa going 10 rain. Q 

ft^ciocr, bflf el ni^ \<m "Krbe , 

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t«ilb»«r»o vfWor adhFMiMg*. Ait irffTic^tai, to'ra to ftool, to MdW mm's 
iMtt C# f», it Sbmm ^r ippeart TiTto .f«tf» tt» go to th» litti^-bmife or to tlMi 

». 9a# Meter rIeMM, tlMt^MitrM- iio«lW ofoiiee. «| ff fbm fdidtonAli. 

£imU«. C^ Mont mW f»r *tit v«ry bb Imrt ii £mtik into hia biooi^, lio 
Umtt, mdf. mndadv, (himng, glillo- ^et Cdbdlar^ a iliilor* • IhittMi IMIow. • 

wgor^gfittoriiif. l|Mi%lHig ; ttlTo hAvhig Me6dbd(m9» 6d>eiffa(^/ @cbd6p0f|imf 
tW i^p«oi«BC« • being likdy, apparent. Antiog; rffo a oootemptible, defpicablt 

ftCtraifctcf, tbo ca(a, wbioi coven «tbe affair, mattera of no cooCtqueiico. 
■al &fiog of lock. ' bO< 6<beft^6,' die iiecefiary-bo«(e» tbt 

ifttmilrfllDc^ « leigntd or aa afectod boyHfl^of offlee. 

m-^ ^ ^ ^ ,. .,.,»«* ©*d«»faiit/ «iigcffriQt, epHaofc«ir, 

kr McMlllilA ^ a niUe or teigoed fneod. aieffeory, fpatge» garden • nerciirT. 
^f^c fa tfefat c . a fi^d or £lIo peace. Mc efciMarbfCrt , V. McKNId. 
V. GwCto^Cifti. Wt ScDdfnidbC ^ tke herb orage» 

>gWfh|g|grtCe * ^^ ^ tiiigned b^ie( Mt TOdfMr}, V. StMiQIi/ SMmrctat. 

ioA or pvofiefflon. M 04eftf bc<- C<^ W^' We-C^ in foma 

ki€#Cttiiitf, eaappafant fortune. pam, bk-tr, Diminmil h9^i &itM^, 

^ 9tid9$nmh » a Ulie - argument $ vain * C(tcftl el l l . t M piece of a wbole^ a bioi. 

|ieef» empty reafontng, bUe pretext* ken piece, a fpiinter, a fragment of 

tt app«au er plau/ibie reafon. any ttiing broken ivitb violeoco. {)o^ 

toflMN8t# a feeminggood, a tbing, «(((# U Hi CMtCf «r |0 eiMtam 

ite ftewe mm it were a true and penaia* gcdailgni/ if Ollf Cfner «IfiM»e KrfMtcrt 

*^ good, bttt ia faUi|« perifluble and or MIlQittcft/ tbe fliip waa caft away, 

tnamoffT. or ihe fplit upon a tock; inftoad of 

^>t<t<nW/ -ft, -%ti adj. andmlr. by- wfakft tbe^eib fMtcm ia alfo ufed. s. 

ptcrvkal, appearing good or religiona 'Ool C4^# Clll 64clt S^U^ ^ tallbid^ 

eidioat boaog really fo. a billet, a piece or fire - wood deft. f^\k 

dlMdliMfiicr, an bypocrhe, one who (Wni tmt 6*CltC «0<ftcil/ tofellwobd 

liKta tbe appearance of religion or mo» ' and make taUhtdea or billeta. 

■by, witbont being really akber ^ralW Ml CcNIM^ fAv*. bfc • H, tbe crown or 

paoa or moral. top of tbe bead; Uie poll. 2)ie G^citel/ 

ttSMB^Ofifdt/^Arr- etfr* kypocrify, M fM Mc i^MHt t(d(rfl|r tbe dlfilioir of 

Aaact of co nm e ri eiting religion or wr- tbo bair on tbe cop or tbe bead, Ae 

at, IB onkr to pala for religiona and feam or oaitfing 4f the bair. QU^cm 

P'j^r^^ tttrfdiiMraoffUiiCf 6<|ldMtiA 

Iff 6(Mrtgof # a ftigned or pretended . fcftl'xfllll ^ Ocfft* 

paacbete or bargain. OMttit/ 'I'er^. ny. #«#. wbicb k only 

isOActefMi/ a Bock-kiag, a eottn* nfed of tbo bair o» tbe crown or top of 

tn£nt or Cdfo king, not rtal orgMinine* ^ bead. ]>fe iNilK fcfKltClO/ to part 

S^ftobtaf , ar^f. oniil «ilv. feigning, pro- tbe bair on tbe bead,- to divide t>r ie- 

tan£ng or • coonterfeiting an iilne(a or parate iba bair. 

MdiM, a word afed onW in compoli- tbeseoitb, tbe point directly over oiie*a 

tMMi« aaftafCnfMnO^/OaHfdkttlW ^^* and op poike to tbe Nadir. 

ba^ieCe worda. 6<^tf(rcd»t/ odL and m4¥. vertical, pla- 

Ke MMfbbC t feigned love. ced ia tbe aeaiiib; placed perpendicnlar 

A yfttHWlt Wfj a palliative remedy, a ro- to tbe Horison. 

■•dy, wbith fleama to be good, but in (et 6<> d t€r J K I »>tB, M •<, ;^r. nt nont. 

ttAy ia not« ./Suf • a beap of (aggou , a pile of fire- 

VrfitoiitafiClA/ a fisigned, appaient or ' wood, on wbic^ certain cnminali Mtm 

btfi virtue ; as act, wbteb baa ^ ap« burnt. 

fauance of virtae. 6Aeftcni# t^er^. ftig. nettir. witb fffHI, to 

^ CMflfiM/ an apparavt or imagina* ' uiip -wreck, fpiit upon a rock, >to fuf* 

nriH . fofiiip. wreck. 2>o< 6<|^ It §cf()Kfterti 

tiKMclRSfMfr ^ apparent or feaming * ^ finp b4a fplit tipon a rock. like- 

MM/ c^Soor^or pretence.' ynS» figmrathffy ^ to nnecarry, fail of 

die^ctalicrf/ any tbing done for form'a ' focceCr, prove ab<Mve. 6(ln WM^Ui, 

Ukt. a foimaKty. (dn «M^ktt IR tfcfi^itnt, bia d^r^ 

m MdUiSfeO / &e ootflde, tbe Ibow, bave miacarried, foilea of fuccf (a or pro- 

iha o u tff ai d appfannce. ved abortive, 

jj ft b citl ii rf ^ a word void of fonfe. fol Q^tem, l^^ctbig or running dpo4 a 
wftttli b fC if / Mcg^Wtt/ atnrd, a fir* rock, foUering Aip- wreck. 

iwarcnee, a aian^a excretnent. Ut CWtHVttt, a 'wood -cleaver, a faller 

iMdicn/ "V^h. irrwg. 0c$. lmperfA(k of wood. 

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44 «#tl m^bd 

tmtbMtMUm, fattlM of lag«« emi* bcr ^0d M Mttm ,. H^i^h pkur* « ^ 
w*bif; oppoltd to tinib«r« J*V' ^ Uct.ifith U04UM or uakli 

ti»cL-Cf/.C«t,^-.a«a«rf#. i)«4IC# Wit. .... 

lOie, iqfiiiit-«fMl» lo#kuig.a(Uw» ha- M( 6cMc«f<ta(<fc / « Tpbenck epoch 
viora c#ft wicn-^ 9^ sj MAiiif«ftiiig A10U. aa Bmbtliciil IbaiK 
or dbcofMriBg one't itidi|;iiittioa , «oger bil< OAcScQIiCff > * work conpoCid of 
or diiplajifiir* hf fo^oc fiillea ioo]u» or . ttfTAi bdU* 

-wilh an evil eye. ^M }Q CtM^ fcbctif IM @<^lcn|kVi# * hiroeGi^ on tfl»idi ; 
to dieoof er one*e ditpleauire ac or with tiokhoc beiU. , j 

fomeching by Tour or fuilea looke or Ut @<^caffr<t, M-Ki, plur, bferC/ «a 
coMOteoance. ^ic^H tu tOfUin fo fd>c(# of cod-fifii, Gadiu Aegiefioya L. 
tat i(b fo 0fltto Mn? it thine eye evil be- Iff C^KlMAt/ tcl - ih piur. Mc -f 
€aa(«Iam good? Mauh. 3o» 15. Sill Aallien; V. 9cf^(cr. 
fMcr iBIicf * * ^U«o look, ao evU.eye. M 6Mhmtf b€l*el# pifff. tmmf. oel 
^fnen fcbet OttfttKllf <o look upon one dine <a medicinal plant) iwailow* w< 
with ao evil or envioiia eye. ^ chelidonium L. 6ttctnMtr|. 

tk^^>Mb, the Scheld» a nver of the Ne« ttt &MM, Gum -lack in uhlee. 
therUndt. - U9 (Sd^m, M- ti, pfur. bU -(. i* 

tU OdKf fie , piir. tie * # in fome parti» a TafJ hard CsnU, a ro^oe^ knaves chi 
Me &ii$kr a Ihell. pee], pariac. IcpffI' vilU'in, raCcal, bully, (huffier, nilEi 
f(4KlfClt/ the pari«g« of applet. £|le • 'hfrper, a wicked or proiiigaie felk 

e^lmwn€tbka, 9e(men« mdlf^^eii 3em(lnteii itim ecbclme macpcft / to 

Oluffetl te. the fliaUft of peaie, beans, , clare one for a cheat or rafcal, to m 
walnuu etc or render bim infamoiif. Sioeil OU 

We &^t , pltur. bie • Q/ DimUiiui. ta< tien &ot\m megiagei^, to tnni one av 

^<bel(benr firom the verb f<t>cflrti. I. A wiih infamy. Stiin eAdmt loetbcn, 

' flap , blow or Aroke over tlie face. SiOC . become a trakor or cheat. . a. In a m 

' e<Mt, 0)UlO(f(teBe, a flap on thecbopa. , gentle fenfe. ^in kicbtfotlder &bt 

Unb gat Ibm elne beite &^tVit, ^nd gate a vricked , an impudent rogue, a flis 

him a froart or fonnd flap on tbe chops. , canning , fly fellow. <Sf (Kit tcn &<bi 

' s. &^Vm, fetters, irons* tAt i^ilb' biaUtibeO Dtvai# 1>« lu> ^ 1^*^ ^^^ 

fdbeleR , manadea or haod-feturs. QK^ he (ooka aa if butter, would opt meli 

. nem ^onb # imb guf # or Qkinf<Mlcii his mouth. 3e drger 64eim . i< b< 

atlNll9<n> to.manadc or fettenone, to , fHM/ ' the greater knave, the bci 
.bind one in chaina hand and foot. In \ Inck. 2>ec arme @(|etlll ! the poor 
Xome parte, the bell of a tower, or of a gne! the poor fellow! the poor man 
dock beaPtalfo the name of the 6<|)ele. b09 @cbe(men0c(inbel^ @<tcimeopact # 

' Bloft commonly it ia ufed,.in,the molt rafcality, the mfsmoM ^tbbU ormol 
limited fenfe, of Isnall, tbin and com- bie &CbeUDere9# pif^. bU - CO/, rogu 

nonKf. round boils, which cau(o a tink- viliany, kaaveiy, treachery, impolii 

ling lonnd, as blc @<b(ittcnf(Mto 9{ar< . iharping, cheat or cheating trick; i 

tCQfMUn It. fee thefe words. !Der tt<fe waggery. Ciliein Cioe 6(^IlB€rC9 

W 6<bcle anbdngm, to andercake a l^nn, to put a flum or cheat u| 

dangerona thing, which others refufe to one, to piay or ferve him a knaviXb, 

4o. J. ©ie ©fteflen, ijebcti due* Jfet# guini,,viUaoous or wanifli trick* ^ 

bel# the coda, ilooea, tefiidea or bal- ntfrei trdbeo # to play the knave, 
locka of a iUlUon. Gd^etimjfidb # ^tt, ^ttf ^dj> and nalv. 

bi< 04cldtal# a hammer, a tool of the ffuiIh,~knavUh, perfidioua, treachori 

copper- (miiha. falfe, infamoua, fliuffiing, ba(o, tori 

QmKlIf ^^erb^rmg, met* to ring, to ring malign , miscbievous . malidoua. 1^ 

AebeD. STail M 0Cf(fte8(t, Tpmebody the fiVa. and hard fenfe. fflafcjMmif 

luf mng the bell., Sum Aitrooefflm Qelrogeil/ a mgnifli, vUlanoua, i 

fibeflen, to ring for dmner. ^ ^Ot . mous bahaviour. @{bctml|<i)et SB 

SenHmb^an ber £MK Somebody rinu perlidioufly, treacheroufly, bafoly 

the hellcat , the door/ inftead of which . 9^ {dMvffAci Soi|HI^/ ,a roguiXl 

(Qngebl is alfo nfed in good German. villanous del^n or -mtention. 21^ 

M^CdidUn ,. the act of nngiag, or of liin- ^ the iecond and more gentle (enia, vrl 

ging the beUa. ' it occura only fbmelimea in pop 

M 6(iKBenge(tet/ a tiagling or tinkling language, 
of fauUbeila, a ringing: of CoaaU tink- bcr €f&dmittid>,)>€i -H, pimr. bk-< 

ling bella* roguiflv knavim trick, an tnCsrooita. 

bit ^(bdleillap|»e/ a foorabanble. fidioua action; a wicked, rafcaliy tj 

bCrecMcQHm/ the bttni or ringing of actordeedi (gitien MK^(irerd> bc^c 

bdla, or of (mall tinkling bells. . . 19 commit a rognifli, kaavilh, mGta 

tcr &MfMMift9, 09%. who makas (maU trick, action or de«|d» 
or tinkUng bdU. bO^ eMmftid, M 't$, pimr. bit - c. 

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AM. eiW diet 64(lp|l«t «<«/>• 

i> Ml of MalkioM , rofuilh or kMvUb 

MeedKfMf, pimr. ecr. CffMD^, je*. 
loQ^.cavj, fpleen, fpiM, nulke^ hatred, 

Irtltcr Migcr ^mjcn 9}«<M^af urn 

oafriffBdly, flialtcioitf. 
Mttai/ ««r^. trr0g. act. and ji««<^. m 



fehret I Kfng or Knct wHb drmk. ibcT 
€MKn(6a(0mefli4/ Solomoo't c«p-b«arer, 
xjjtinp lo, 5. 2>er MtHgUc^ fBTQiMteiit^^ 
tlie iCiiij*t cap ^bearer. 2>er ertMolf^ 
the Ardb-citp - bmrtr. 2>er Ct^MKIlt/ 
tha bereditaiy cop • bearer. 2) 2)cr 

ectcoe^ e^enhDffH^/ <ww who (eiu u- 

qiiort or drtok in fnall qnanddea. ^btt 
Q(l€rf;icilf/ «n AlehoaCft- keeper, Aleora- 
pen ©cr fEBcfnf^Cnt « Vintner. Tav^ 
ner or Tavern-keeper. 3>tr MftfS^tVOt, 
« Coffee - men* %Bl9Wmtm<kC^Ml ,^om 
that fella (trong Kaaort. In Uie'Khi|- 
don of Saxony, be tbat fella fait w 

,,, „ .^„ , ^ -^ - iinall qnantftiea ia called the 6i(|f*cnfc 

Cai9. (i (MltC/ (fonnerf J f(^ft, M^O ^ edKHec / f /mt. Wc • n / • place, a lio»» 

?ariM^/ fcMk^lMj ^r«^- f^Wt/ to 
IcoML demonr. f<|oabUe, bawl or brawl 
tt oragainft aaofber. revile , injure or 
•Ml one, fpeak Ami or abulive Ian- 
gMfa, bnvo a Ibul bioatb, belch out re* 
proacbfbl WM'da againff bin ; abfoldtely 
aa^aa a varb neMer. ^^ %wm tOg 
ficttea, to fcold ell the day lona, or 
ike wfaolo i»[, Alfo actively with the 
accidaiive of the thing. Soiiailbai fM^ 

to^tofieokiotte. 3aiiinibcncmm6<bcliii 

\MtU, to call one a knave. Inltead 
of ibaaccaiativaairo the neuter vrith the 
prepegtien aof ia ofed. lUlf ieitlttltcn 
^ifOBOL, to fcold or rail at one, 16 in- 

fo , where - certain gooda or commodi* 
tiea are (old by retail or in finali - ^faaa- 
tiliea. JDft €M&f<t)Cnfe/ in fono^ fNirta 
of upper Saxony, vdiere Cidt b fold by 
retail orip iinaU quantitiea. Moft con- . 
nonly a place, vrhere lijoora or drink ia 
JTold Dv reutlor-infinatfouantifiea. 2>fe 
Wfrfocflfe/ tn Inn, an AJahoufe^ a Tap 
or TipKng^bovfe. SHc VMlMhSt, a 
Tavern. JAt SOfftcWctlflt # a CoffeO- 
Hbnfe. 2Xenct|f4ctlff/ aMead.hoafe. 
TAtfbtmMm^fi^mtp « Brandy or Gin* 

Slop. 3>ni goificn Zm in Mt 6<trfiee 

fi$en, to fit ail the dav long, or the ' 
whole day in the Tap or Tipling.hoafe* 

f«^ tgaiaft him , to abofe, affiant, (^ &JM^\, M -i, pi^- ot rum.Jhg* 
r.: ?i »^r_ *_ 1 .^- themank, inftep, baaa or houah. J)(f 

CMMM &htt htm Xnit, M 9o^e M 
e$cnf(l^/ Mc StnMfn%t, the tvHfl, 

ioint> knockia or bendine of the leg, the 
iiollow of the thigb. ©«r tMf^tnHU 
the tbigb, the (bank above the lea. ])er 

64cn(e( nnter hm 9tint, bU ^(HcnCf 

the ibin , the (hank nnder the leg. 2)cr 
64cilfet Jlnc^ BMtU, the foot oi a pair 
of compajlei. 

uJBie or revile him. In a ntore exten* 
five (cafe for foMti^ to blame, reprove, 
itpfiheBd, £nd fault vrith or cenfure; 
iiwbidi figfiificatjoa it ia IHII u(ed in 
f<Hua placea. ^ Utm ti oebcr (obctt 
■Kb'fMtCII/ 1 oan neither praifo nor 
bbaeorBudfidihwithit. SXl^if ni4t 
II HktM, ^uK ia not to be blamed or 

Uad &ttlt With. Cffi anbcf^ottenct 

9m# an ifToproachaMe man , a man 

iviAoa; blame or reproach. In fSamiliar (o^ e^ikMbtin, M-ti, plmr, Mc-f, tba 

lopMga, tnWt fm dcm 3^ enobcn (hank -bone or knuckle^ bone. 

tititell ortltltttrea^ bo Uvea to be cal- bic 6<^M(Cll(C . tbo fpavin, abonye*. 

M ay Lord. crefcence growing on the inlide of a hor^ . 

ftlcmNDmb, fftcirctlMbMg/ blamable, fe*« hoot 

repreboBfible, reprovable, vitoperable, ^i @(bcllMb(Ottf that part of a hamafii^ 

nnoachable,woruiyofblanieor cenfure. wbtcfa covera a horfe*a thigb. 
MtMrUng/ lataklng, diiding, vitupe- ^e? @4Knfc(M4 / « dike in m%s^j comk 

atiofl. tries, which makea an elbow or angle. 

!•< dtMtMCtr M-d/ ^/vr. blc*e, and fi{(@dKnMabC^ a kind of a vice, on wbioh 

'•ktcr, C^* Soft/) on ontrageoua. ab- Pinroakera cut their wire for pina. 

•fivt, invOetive. affrontive, comuroe- &^ttiHUt vtrh, rwg. ad, f. To pour a 

lioaa or iajnriona word \ a reproachful liquor out of a laiger velTel into a drin- 

ttm, an itf«oi|^ing againfl one. 9)ef^ 
Bot nndiiag railing Car railing, 1 Faiac 

\nHima, V. edtad, a joint ilool. 

*lcr @4cflKII, bCi - ^, pimr. nt nom.JiMf. 
a word aanfbal in good German, but tt 
ligaifiwintbmopanathoAiape, tbelba* 
dew of a thing. 

ttrMcat, hU'Hf piar. bU -«/ Femin. 

Mcedmffns. 1} ^^^dMt, Atmbf^rnf/ 
acap^^haaier, an officer at ooart, who 

king-veflfel, to pour, to fill etc. 9Bc(i 

ottd bar .ftttiK hi bcii'^dKr fdnnhn, to 

pour wine out of the can into the cup. 

Sal W^M, htn ee^ m yofl pbtnttu, 

to over - ml the gkfa , the cup , to poor 
or make them over •> foil. SBfin in dtt 
Offli fpfinftn, to poor wine into a glaiGl» 
to fill it with wine. a. To retail, to Mi 
\lriok or iiquora 'by retail or >in fmall 

fluaotitiea. fSdtt/ 9itt, 9raimt»ctii# 
Atffftt^ ([(0co(ttC/ 9Mi tc. fd^taltn, 

to retail or to fell by retail wine, beeiv 

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.m4 wim to b« bad or to b# iOMl* , to 
^. ISmko ptita of upper. Siuopjr^ QoU f4Kfl^ 

ICtt U CO £i]l Ult b]| Jttlil or in CmaU 

qiMntitieft* 5* To g^vi^ bofiow, pfoCrot 
. #M widi« naKe oan 9 prafent ,«/ £««Be- 

tkilig* with tka dadff of tke pedbn, 
*« And cho accufauvf of tWtbuu|. fUHuM 
.< iCflKkJ fibaital^ to givo oao (omeiliiiigt 
• PmCouc lum with it» nuko hin a pre£Bnc 
;j;rk. ^Mi€««m6Cf;«etttt, Ibatre 
.. aWoa hun il, or I have giviaa it. to hian, 
; Iha?oiiMid«hiiD.apre£eatofk. ScOUW^ 

tCQ fete i&«r|.f(|eakll# to make oaa a 
1. Drefant ofhia hftn-t or to maka a pB»- 
. &ot of bia haai^ to oaa« hallow i^ oo 
€ic fittntte Iboi dacii 9toflico^ 

g^ Iha prelaauted bin with a nofaaay. 
ahich aITo baloog Me %^^fvihm 
Hnt, tbola cradaa or ,baadicrafts» 
» yn in a y in yn , whan dbiay traval in- 
to, fbraigm coantnea, r^cofta a profane 
1 Snip) thair faI)ow« tradaa-OMn. 4. To 
^ taHMt or forgive, to, t^. to fbiftta a 
.i debt, to a€i||iit from. SoiiatlbCQ bal 
. trtdl ft^lcn/ to pardon a ^aEattor, 
acquit htm Crgm hit defanred puniihiBant» 
, to oira him bia life. JcmantKtt CiHC 
fi^bld f4<tl(ciL 10 forsiva or remit a debt. 

^Mall^cn He^Mft KbcnHH/ to frM or 

H^cqait one firom puniihaiient, to pardon 

. bim. CMocoilanbcbal Mm Koarfcn/ 

to give one*a enemy bia Uf% to give bim 

naartar. (EllK» OcfMSCnqi Mc gccy^ 

. Acafco^ to acquit a prifoner, to fat 

. him at liberty. 3cb lOCf6c i(^m bOi tk* 

8iatf f<M(C0# I ffi«U never forgive bim 

that. SM^. luifl bfr^ jiicbtftNnffii/ thou 

ihaU not go unpuniihad lor thia^ Ilhall 

i^emembfr thee. 
ta< C^entOlf giiring» prefanting with» or 
^ makina a preienl of » paiidoning etc. V. 

die verb WmUx^ 

hv 6<tKnfcr, F^nin. tu ^cnferhm^ a 
doporv giver, prefenter^ one who givaa 
or maket a prefent. 

jAi 6<Mtfaf » a tub fiUed with Mh wa- 
ter or ic^, in which hottlea filled with 

., wiae are put in f ura m er » in order to 
keep the wine cool and Drelh. 

Mt&imt^tt^ML plur. W: the ridit 
or pnviia^e to Cell all foru of liquora or' 
veuii or in [mall quantitieai (OlQ^CS^ 

btc e^bimtbMMm / iha pfiaf««if made at a 
, wedding by the guatta to the .new our- 

ried couple* 
)M 6<bcilHamii/ an ewer. 
hitw^xMfittf a cellar, when wine iafold 

by retail orin iinall quaolitiea. 
C<iKnftf(t»t/ n4f. and adv, a word nfad 

only in compolition, aa Mcffcbcnnidyt/ 

lurxftbcnHMr k. thick ihanked, Ihoit 

(banked etc. 
M eAcQtaaf # M -d/ pif^* (but enlv 

of fevat^l fottt) M< -f ^ niMforea ufe^ 

10 ala ^ t^ h u ^ fe it %r^**<b K^Mor 
,. Cald. 
bk 6*<ftWott/ fhr. We - Uttt, or 

0(ftCftfMttr#F^« Me • i, • places whe 

Uqvor ii fold by mtail or in 4mM\i quai 

titiea^ Mce<ftm(e, 
lie€M<llttttbe, /r/er. Mc-«^ the rooM i 

an ale- houie» where the giietta or cuA* 

mora fit. 
(ftftdKOftird^. ka-H, pU^. IMf *C^ n cni 

board, a ude-board«table. 

Me^64»cnhin§, f> ;Da« ^eMenf / • pfi 

bant, donation ot dooatiee^ 9) X) 

, Mcnfani bci Vkm, Werl k* the ic 
. lang of wine, beer etc. by retail or i 

(mall quantitiea. ^ 

bcr @(boi(iDein/e(iimcto^ wtnepr^Cei 

ted to one aa a token of honour. 
Uteei^vsit^, U6-ti, i^dmr. bit - 

Femim. Me S^CIlMfttim, a tiplinn-. 
bonfa-keenar, one who fella hta 1 

111 or 


qnor by retail or in fmall qiiantitie 
H^Ka bie (^eiitoivt»f«iflr thit bui 
nela or proSsuion* . • 

Me 64erfe^ pimr. Me - a, Mmimmi. b( 
6«eel4en«*edMMciB. i.Afrngaiei 
or piece of a broken pot, afsh ore. pM 
ticularly of a biokmi oacAen veOol . 
ihaid,. port-lhard. n* SiMh a ^ellol 
loaio particolar ca£sa. 2H(9bnMlfcbc 
k. aaa IMll oftner btf «Qme»MMbi 
a aowjar-pot. Ciae 9ta<MiJMe« ^ 

earthen pUi-pot. 
bOI <B(bemcrai# a Ihavinf -baCNi or ba 

ber'a bafon. 
bcr 64eficii(94eti# M-l^ f/nr nt mo* 

fing^ a cake baked in a fiBrm or poc n 

dar hot aihea*; V. «fi(^etl4ai» v 
Me d^bennette , the pot - pink. 
Me 64erf, pim^ Me-ttr Vumm. h^ e^bi 

(ben, *@Kberle<it ^ ^»o p«^» tl 

ihelvea, di£Bi or rocka in the Can a 
called ^cbercn. n) A cloven things dii 
ded into two anna. J)IU 9Avti AH I 
SBoge, bO^ SBagfteMt, the dieokn 
a balance. {><€ JtreMfdMcni^ tho Ci 
cUwa of a crab or cmy-filh. JMc 94 
tea be^ 6co^M0lA thepincufaof «Scc 
nion. 3) An inftrameot to cut with , < 
Uri, ihearaorapairof ciDuaorlhonmy 
whidi there are many forta. CiHC Arc 
e«ete,flieaM. S>led(btctta«bc«c, Ti 
lor*a iheara. VoiNeift^, Ibeara or 
pair of laige ctUra to cut paper ^pvii 
IB(e4K(|eff f* Ihean to cot metal pUi 
with. 6(bafr(bm^ ibeMa to fbear Ihe 
with, ^e W^^ or %n^Ki^fn9 tho oma 
Giberea^ 'v^* '^^z* «€e. and m^mir, 
the labor oab whh bobdi; fcb f*crc, i 
[(beret, vnig* fcblert/ erf4)eret, «aii 
Miert; im^ar/. 14 fcber; Comj. M fcfc 

re; Partietp. gef^mtt; Imp^r^t. fc^c] 
v/i^* ft^fer, toAiear, ibaveetc. i* 1 
change the place Mftly or quickljr » ot 
aa a verb reciprocal, and in popular m 
low langn^o. ^^ bfc| 9^$$ "^ 

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Mff Mm^ «v«]r* oom«, come«f«aj. don, trouUt, dmdgitiv; a piece •faia- 
ficr Wb Htm Stilfel^ ^ to di« dUvU. llo^^ pi«i«ing, imkwftil dMliof etc . 
t-SoMiM racial, ill pofraitf Uuua- ^ 6<Hrf, M*d/V^^* btc«e, mmimu. 
», {)• fctroilHll^ MflUtOI, to Iter, btd 6<M^ ^««ef<Wll. the fneQeft 
mm or ridicnlo ooo. tklft nt$ M)t • • coJD» 4 aite, ebont iIm third part of a 

W(t/k»«M6cMMi», foMb cvaor .£mliiii0. 

lciaUtfdtk(»l^ Mttl». I. :3eM0»CII ^V e<lc«0<, M^U, plur. bU-n, • b4i«dle, 
(itm, (bU9(tiWh hmmMm, to pJa. - rei|;e«iit» bumUiliff, catch • pole ofip^ 

S» i^qieit«ae» mmblOft diaqniei, Kex» paritor. 
ifbor ipiveBt oae; aUb only 10 po- ^M SdcnociTCT/ a xacor or rafor* 
■UrliBgaage. JMc UntOtlKmcil f(tK«tll/ ^ @4<n»((|cmcineil, a&ap or leatiier 
tM, btHimr ^ 9pp<«& Kbe Iub» uTed for Cpttitig ao edge on raaora. 

jectt. 34 Ml Sir Hm.m^tn, 0C9la; Mc ScM^er V^HScMcpe. . 

§U,*l $m pMgued, vexed, tom|ieiitod Jbii Cckruiia/ ibaariag; al£» ^^ warp» 
wiMce^bj hiin. f)QifdHrt (in p^u* waipiof. 

klMgaa|a(#kft)iiiM^iii0t^^ba6bcMiiM UgedHmamhM-i,j^^utMwm.J 
mnmtfoUi^, lamnoc ac aU coiic«f^ a camaMcarda; alio a Juuive at • 


aad tt dnt. Pff abotft tliat. VM fctfert ; 

^ M2 M« ht»mmm nmi wfaat^ . 

tbc to thee? what aoed you ooacern 
par .(elf ahoat it. ®i(| mm CtnoA f(^ 
ICOr MdMieai* to troohle or.eoncera 4 
UKL% M aboot foBiethijig. All thefe 

LiMwife fin e^umtoid U a lack oi all 
Mdtt, oae who'doee oeenr thivg; heoco 

aUb doe «f|C0e9 £ a ,medichie>. or any 
other thing, of which a perloa malLea 
n£e 4ut,of inore cnAom in iev^al cajbi^ 
beare thia name. ^ 

•nlf b low humaM. 4^X0 ihavo or bal 6(bcnDCrf r » Fortificati^** a toaaiH^^ 

Ami. tocatott buTi wool eu. VUt' a hind of outlrork* 

tai6*cmcicr Mottt/ <o Ihafo with n Mc @dKmoBeAllocka of wool* Aeoco^wooU 

met or rater. ClMB Cite Vfaitc Mc^ • lhaar«wopL 

Ra, to IbanrooeAi crown. Of thobeard» bCt 6<beri, M ^U, piur. Me • 9 a witty 

^Silt fttKrcS/ to (b«ve theboaidi it - oc poinud turn of wordt, H^ea divert|» 

iiafod eoly in low language » liko soil of gimSm laughter, a ]eft, joke^ fport* 

ofihewnponnda and derivationa ffom. 
k. far eianiple» 9mfikcm, 0(berle(!eii 

K. lea tfaeia wordb. In n^ecent manner . 
of(peakiagbalMfCll«>d?oftreo are ufed 
aOtai of itp> figmrmtt^fy, but only in 

hwlmgu^; bcf ffiink |(bfrt or.f<)Keft 

\m fMle. the la»Uord fleocea hU 
peia m he oiaeu upon thenu S- To 
out, 10 cut off with lbe#ra. t>it^^' 
k Mem, to (hear the lheq>. dneft 
^ ftem, to fliear a dog. ffr (Kit. 
ftte 6cUneB «Cf#Htllf he liaa got an 
■Jwma^ by it. «c A^ einco «amm 
fttnMf to tfonc or nfe ereiy one ia the 
u^ aianQor. Cfm <)ecre MeiftI r to 
p«trahedge. 9(«l^t fytim , O^om 
^MKt. {iN|) fc^eres, to Ihtar woolen 
deih. 6. AfttongWoaTert, ^Vltn, to 
w«fp, to warp a diain. ©ol ©wrenr 
we warp the tfamad« which crolbe the 

^•o^t tiw warping; 

WMma, the act of Ihearhig, (hoaang, 
lo^ODg etc (ee the terb k^Vttn. 

^ A(mn(kK(tfer/ oi^a who grinds (heart 

^QtmsfilnA/ «ono who makaa qfara 

^StmBfliMfll, the Iboffptott - fly. 

^6*ewr, bti-i, plmr. ut nom.Jlng. 
'^^ We- ©Afrertnil f alheartr, but 
oatT ^ the fourth and fifth fignification 

J^*^«h fjieren. tinpM,M^v^ 
vmmt fif C»ff> fruiim ik^m?/ aa a 

)eer, bancor, drollery > vallery etc. ^tn 
edfim, ia jeft, in 4>on, jocolely. (li 
tear iMi64Kr|e ^ecebet. it waa ipoken in 
}cft, in fpoft, |ocofely oc in a atarry, 
waggilh manner. Cfn IllMier 6<Nn, a 
meriy left. «{• fUilier or biftter 
S(bcr|/ afoberfeft, a fine irony. SHl . 
arober ®(ber|, a coarfe, inperttnent raU 
lery or banter, din ^srcicbcr Meti^ 
a witty or ingeaaoua feft. Cto fropiet 
ecberl, a cold jelt CiOlll flfifecil Ollf 
bie Vabi brta^ai^ to break a jeft. 9t 

bat pfelekbt ciacn Ocbcr^ lUKtien malea^ 
benboAbe(aef(taabciibali^#eL Oeincn 
64eia mft femaoben bo^f ^ ^^^ ^^ 

the object of ridicale, ^lirth or laughter. 
&kfh VCrftcben, to underftand rallery 
>of to take a Jeft^ ajeO. I$i(b Mi ben 
®*en»ertcbm, to underiUnd 4^ arc 
of jeffing jttdicioiifly, ingenibttlly or udi* 
fblly. t34Kf^ Heibei^^ to jeft, fpo^ etc 

V. edeneo. Oer edki»i* «ft«» appalbd 
to eameft. Hi If fon ecbcri, feabint 
ArtHI/ it ia not in |eil» hut m eameft. 
6<bcribC9@e{tC/ oboe6(b€Vil/ ^tt^oaf 
rallery, talleiy aiide» ferioufly, in good 

ecberieU/ aMrA. ri^g. n^ntr. with ^OiCS^ 
to left, joke, Iport, jeir, banter, dtoH, 
ralijr etc. to undertake fudi actiona and 

. motioM , aa have no other end or de- 
fign , but to manifeft or diacover one*a 
"^leafnre^ ono'e^irnHh. In this fenle the 
calret, tba dogi etc. ff^ftClb P^* h^^ 

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SU ®aWf4k rctcrKD iol iSleire, che 1«^ 

- tMtlitti (the wbtie) tbatpi#yt ia^t £m^ 
PC:'io4, 06. AMMMif Poeu, M< fBcfiC 

fitmcn HOI taf toiibr imfdkfien Me 

CtatnCQ, tb« Mpbycft C <^ welt- wtacb) 
pUy (or fpoct) aboHt iIm Imtm^ abovt 

I' ^tii« fl^wen*. 1b. a^noi* limued faiW to 
create mirtii by pleafant and witty tiiitit 

^ ' in exprellion, to jtR, joke*, fporc, teti^ 
. banter, droU, laiiy, £cu>l, play« ffi^ eU 
licr Skrfon o^er 6ck^ f^cricii/ to mako 
a parfon or tbtag a ^ jeft or I 
itook, to jOMke tbtoi the obioctc of 
» cule, floirtb crlaufbter. Ct UH lH<^ 
init M{ MKTKtl/ be does not nnderftand 

< £port, be would yiot befooled. ttfdHflU 
imit, be made a jell of it. 01 ffl iHcbl 
bomtt fU f^E^mcil/ ^U «o ibauer of drol- 

' leiy, "tie not played witb, there 
iguo/boiinc widi ic flJHt dlicr MoMM 

bca ftfent^lyotter, mk dncr f(ba#afieii, 

** witk a )okmg meen. In botb cafes ofiten 

• eopofod to earnelt 3dl fdKTSC nkl^t/ C^ 

• Ml mcUl €l1l#r I don*t jeft^ I am in 

M &btfWii « baibar*a cafo ifidifra- 
leofff etc. . 

Cin 6(6cng(W4^/ « bnneeque poeni» jBock^ 

CqKVi(^aft/ -CT/ -cfCr a4V and iiiv. jo* 
Gofe^ jocular, jocund, tatfetidni, plea- 

I Ifant. iportful, of ajocofe* OMiry, jovial' 
or diverting Innnoin-. Ciii fdHtlMM 
fMM<M/ a barbiifae^ a. kind of poetry, 
wberein bodi perfone and tbiogs . aro re* 
preCented in a rtdiculont iigbt. @(|^g# 
Iftft rcfeai/ to talk jocoffly or jooiJarly, 
to fpeab £icetioufly« iromcalty or in an 
ironical fenfe. €Mer|Mt ft^n, to be. 
fet on tbe many pin, to talk jocoleiy»- 
fjicetionfly^ironicaUyetc. ^ 

kk 6<^llHlfCfgtdt, Plmr. inmf. pJeaDutiy, 
toj^ng/ wantbtaneift, play, Iporti 

bet edKfliHIIlie / « ntck -name* 

ble 6<b(rgreber /^/^r. Wc-n> an irony, fpea- 
king in jell, Ctcetioutneit , a jocofo or 
facetious fpeecii or dit coaHe. 

e^ernrndfe. «rfv. ironicalijr, in jeft, jo- 
cofeJv, in a jocob or ironical fmo, oitl 
of pleaCintry. 

&^ttV»tttt, <|mbblas,^nna. 

Ut^^d^tttt, M -1^ pimr. (but only of 
leveral foru or quantitiet,) mtnomsjlng^, 
buckram* • / 

CdKO/ -er. -efe. anj/.andoi^. i) e^&4^ 

fern, furcl^fotn, Ihy, reTerved, afiaid, 
timorous, learful, balhful, coy, wary, 

ibunning. einemaonfc^oeSoiMfer^acoy 
virgin, (it it f*eii wr mk, be is wy 
Iby of me. (EineQ MHU ma4^ t to ma* 
ke one afiraid, to icare . or iHcbt bim. 
3} 9Bilt/ wild, untamed etc (Sa f<^eil' 
ej ^ferb^ a Ikitulb, fearful or fiarting 
horfe; a r^ borfe^ a horfaaptlo Aan 
ojr boggle. 

renee, abborrency, ., 

diftaAa, diOiko, loatUbmnala. 

' be elseo rccbtcti e<le« at {of^U. 

. ore/ 1 bavo a Aisange Aborrenco to j 
couffloof lUW, l4oatb, dattft^ oi 
it* ft)glircbr,.droaa, awe, fiw. ))t^ 
Ihamff.r^ard, refpeot, Ibyna^^ i 
aefii, fefervadoaCi, efehewiaii or| 
din§. D)lU<MeOy^*^OHtfoKotl 

> roo; ^meltlU]^, wiibont boii^ i ' 

, to do it. MoeC^tt Men, to 
IM iluHMt n» modallv^ so 
ataU. 7 

Me «(»eu4e. fel»f«eti4e. a Cm 
a bn^.bear; V. VWiW^ 

&b€U(pn,^w*4 r0g, ma. fdetl 

-< I0<8trci^m/ ^ mfibt« icarf or i 
to put in tear, to dfivo away. 
f<HMte M^kvteelboMti, Abnakj 

; tbe fowls away. Gen. t& ii. C 

* tDe«r<^ttd^/ to £caro, dmo or 1 
birds or towts away; 

CAeseil/ verk. reg,. aUi and r^dptkl 
ihun , efdMW or avoid, to bo Ibr, m 
or fearful of, to dread fiemetbaig^ 
lear apprebend, to'ftand in fsar or I 
f)To be (bynor afraid pf ett^ SMf 

fcbeuel M tw eiaer flBtaMttlc# 
borfa is afeaid of a windaMll, bo 
•lit. eMfi*e«e«iMteiMi 
efneni (Mftpn Malm, t» baro a» 
lion to dnnk with anotber oot of • 

glAd. ^vor»ea«(iMm.^ , 

bo afraid oF, or to bave an ovaiiav 
tbe Imall.pox. 6ie f<|ciCt f* |*Ml 

ber titH , feoberii mif mt ban Mifj 
berfelben# 9dL ») To endoavoitf to i~ 
a thing as, an evil.; as a verb acxivo 
• the. accuCitivo of tbe porCcnu A 

bfontited JMtb f<(»ettee bM ftttet/ n 

child dr£ds tbe &re. 2Me Mil 
Ihrbelt i^ai, to avoid or Omn tbo 

work. Sftm^tBiM tmmq Ubtwm 

Ibun or avoid one'a company. SMi 
fc^oeii' Mo Aut dkmiffea fiah€9k <• 
tbe light. Wbere in auinvoaCaa dM 
reciprocal may alio be niod. 6M| 
ber Xdltef »er bet «rMe fcbeocs. ' 
Mr to «Mmre9 {^tnutn , ^ 

I J. ^ 3) Out of reCpoct to fi 
hafiute, to commit or do any 
pleafiog or offeniive to any botfy* 
violate decency or deoonm£ aa a 
raciplocaL eA4^ yor tlfemOlbeil .^ 
to be afraid of nobody. ^30^ J^ftng 
ti in fogen # I am afraid to hj it. 

i»em mt i4> mtd» ftbeuen ? whom '^ 

I be afraid off @icb {(beoett 

itnter Me tagen |ti mnmeo # 

afraid to appear before one or 
iiaht. Sometimes, altboogb 
alio witb tbe accufadve. { 

{(beue nitmanb, do rigbt, leaj- 

It is fometiroes ufed alfo witk dio- 
niiive of the thing: lOCIUI Ibr CiMII 

ber eto^f nm mn^4^ mdmi 


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l^tnM; i: #. •!- 

ibn^joti are oot «fr«id oT commitling 
6r to comnit the fin. 

Mr e^tfKt, Me 6<tetire, piur. Me •ir. i) 

A tkti, a |itDt-ho«ire, a] In a vmH lU 

oDiMi aod more Bfiial (erne » • ban , a 

UiitfoflioQGi, wtierein any grain iaiul. 
Nf @4cticrfaf, a tab to fcoitr d\Q\^, flaL» 

taetc m, a fcouiing-tab. 
\^ ScNoerinn # a Tcoitrer , a womaib» ft at 

ksm plates, difhei etc. aHfo a Icnllioii* 

kr6(>eMrf(9|Kii, a4cdnriog • clout, difli- 

t^nan, wk, rfg. act. to fcour. to 

rab liard witb anj tbtng rough in order 

to deanTe ibe (orface. . 2)(|< JtS^Kflge^ 

WrrlilleBern, to fcour tbe kitchen «fef- 

feb, die difliea , fdatea etc. 2>ie CMt 

lllnKni, to fcour the room. 
Mfttcneni/ Wurisg, rubbbg» dean- 

uu; aUb mbbing or fiictioiu 
ktt&tCOerfM, fcouriog-raad. 
kre^Cimtg, a daj defiioed for Iconk^g 

Atplatei, difbes» rooms etc 

ibc^fe-Bap ofborfea. 
M9tMt, ptar. bit-ti, V. C<J>etiera). 
tee««W, bf|.el/^/«F. We-e. OA 

Mm- crow, an imaWe or figure ofedio 
fti^ktta birds » anj tliogto raife terror. 
fc fcaje parts eiot ©d^en^C/ dnetJcjeC 
s) A tbiDg, irbich excites or caufos a? er» 
BOB.'tfat^ bigbeft degree of abhorrence „ 

fcj in Aafinr. n<t<D<t eure ©eele nidft e^U>ttn, i^^ reg. act. t) •netftti/ 

InMiaing, tiM fotndl jOtt^ ^n mfna 
canfilting of 8a Ouiet <llt|ell) is called 
« e^fkbt;' ^. A %er, lay. bed, rt>w. 
a ftratn^i of eartb^ or any od^ tlrtng; 
a^eoadi» rank, row, coniib or order. 
8. Amon| Miners* a talk^ «faa dsed hours 
fbr ti^irkiiig in themiB<% or worb« wbkli 
is to be deoo therein in a caibiin time 
Yrithout leafing off or oe^dZng from !(• 
tAt Wfti^Uj^^t, the work w %orkin| 
from 4 o*cloek in die morning to i a o^cfock 
at noon ; Me ZwMt^ from ta o*dock 
at noon to 7 o*ciock m the ereniog ( ac 
night); Me 9hK^tr(bkN f^n 6 o*cibck 
in the etentng (at AtgliO *<* 5 <>*clodL ift 
the mominc. 2)(e WMtmttttm, 011^ 
failten / to be{gitt die ta£k or to begin to 

work. «(M(ie UXm, feliic MRmmte 
trbeft ieWHg verrKbCeii^ to do Ms work 
or finim bis talk duly or 'properly. < ^fg 
6<^(<|»t verfK^reO/ has die lamo %mfi« 
canon* All ohrafes^ whtdi^ are nSsd al 
mining. 4*. "> an oppoflfe faailieation* 
Me 6$K(t it very fimqViendy di# leering 
off, or ceafing Com work. SMtt lia^ 
<teQ^ aiif(6reii 10 orMieii/ toleare'off 
wMAlg or eeale £rom* working; ilk mt- 
sri^ » aa well as amook mechan kks ii^d 
Hbourert. 2>ie 9icrr<9l(^/ among me. 
chanicks aod laboorert, wheniiHhr esklo 
from or leare off working** 90 pider to 
go to drink MMr or |de. Alb We QSabe# 
mWf in diofo places ol* parte, whbra 
bathhsg ia nfiiai. 


WetfU^ ye fhall not make your- 

, ye ] 
abominable, Levit. 11, 43. Aper- 
fofi ia tbe hjgbeil degree maltcious, nils- 
dncfous, vicious and wicked is there- 

^•ftcn caUed ebi ectotfaf. 

mi^, or radier ^c^ettfR*/ - tt, - ft, 
ftff. and 4m/v. grifly. gallly'* ugly, hi- 
<}«<>••, borrid, horrible, mghtfuU dread- 
^> alTo deformed, not handfome; 
•^. Uaeoufly • hornbly • firightfully, 

li^iffiiny, terriblr. ^tj^fujfl* aolfe^en^ 

to 10^ griflr, hideoofly, horribly, fright* 
Wt, dreadfolly, ugly, gaAIy or tcrri- 
^' JRd MeaHtcter %nhMj a horHd, 
^ftsfiUe or gaAIy ligbt. efn f(beilf(f# 
4tfVMra$ciK, cin abf»etiK<bcl, aa 
iWeiiable, deteftaUe, 
miUe crime. 

MbtiXta, O^fMberQ, to pirt, Oare^or 
dividtf. to feparate. JXe :g(tt&et htt ,er# 
teto C9e M»i9ten, to dinde» di/IHUute 
or ihare uie portionadtte to die chSdren 
ofdie6»ftbed. eitteSetefibreptAene 
ftf^kbtett, 'tbeffelt r «» dirido a fpeeS or 
dilcourie into three parts. This iig\Hfi« 
eatidtt occurs fbldom ill good'Oermta. 

3)etimilf(M4ten^ W^mt\H featti/to 

ran^e, eirder, fqtiare, firaifae, to die- 
pole in layers; to llratify, to heap* up 
one upon anodier ; to lar one' firati|(m 
uponaoodier. SMe IBfiareii is bU 6($if 
fcbi^teil/ to pack the goods orderly and 
jkft in die Aip. i^ f^ditm, to pilo 
up woodi * 

execrable or M64i4^teil, Me 64^{<^tllll9 , the act of^ 
dispofiog in(o layers, of piling up', of 
dlvidiDg, (baring, ieperating etc. 

fMoftft^^, pimr. inmf, ugltnets, do- dividiDg, llianng, ieperating 
^w^ gafttinels^ bideonfbefs, di^ad* bet W!^^ttf, one who dispoles or placea 
Ua«fr, Enghtlulnela, horriblenelk, ter- in order, one who piles up or feu up la 
piiacft. heaps. , 

, ttntkngl^e^ the Scistic godt. Me e^oMMVt^f the lidiafge of one ca* 
, pAir. bte- efl. t. A part of a (ting or Gnbhing. 
, from f(bi<t>tenr t^etftn* to divide ba^ @lM(ttbO(|, billetf orlogs of wt>od Wt 
Vuaaii.bu^ only fim in fohie places in char*coala. 

n^ language: JMe MWdf or 6db{«ti§, o<9- ^od miv. hf liVers, by 
fWtQMBQg, me dtvidin|[ of au beit- Urate ^(bitoms), by rows. Swe9ftbi4# 
kSeorbcceffion; the ellimation or va* * tfg^ in two rows, in two ffrata (ftra- 

^^ ^ «« Jlon , 

p^ of an heritage. It lignifies R>- 
■jjjb 1611 , partjcnierly in a more K* 
■Ml tnrfa, die fonnh part of # whole. 

turns); msde two layers of. 9Qdtfd^l<b# 
tig, ^adj* and oi^. ample; dlffiafed, pro- 
lix, long-winded; alfo tedioua.. 

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bcr ftMNAVf tb« qutrMr oF a mitfe. . 

JUg. Ml officer* wh6»bu the iiiAiaction 
^ over tbe mioeri^ "vftiO work by tiJics, end 

wbo keepe die. eccououi thereof end 

elfo oeys tbem tbeir we§et. t , . ; . 
tcr C(9i4tf(trei(€r ^ * clerk oF tbo-mkiece, 

one wbo reeiiiers tbe fe? eral ulkt per,. . 

Conned by tne miners. 
We MMircmmc^ p/»r. bkrii'# ^>te 

bread in Uule rolU joined tbgeuier. , , 

ik edMtutiAj piur. bie-ev/ frvtv @dW<>^ 

ten 1. I. vie ZiKilnng, a ditiiion, iha. 
Hng or diytding. Particttlarly i|i law, 
die dividing or fiiarine of a fortune in 
coparienvr^ wbicb tbe luipriving butband 
ia oound or obliged to do» it be will 
marry again, a. ^ai ^4i(^ten, tbe or- 
dering, dif poGpi; into firata (Aratuma); 
ibe beapbg ; piling up ; tbe ditpofal of 
any tbing. 

^CdrntrndR # advi by JRrau ( liraoima ) 
ftramvn Miper ttratuai, in ranks or by rawt. 

*Cf(M<ICIlr.'Di#'^ re#. ma, and neatr, in 

|he latter cafewitbboitnf to fend, trans- 

anit* CQor^f to deliver up or over to 

Wen, to make Wfo' «<> 

verb redprocaL'; .0()^|(tt 

1. a^t fert# mak^ baile, dis- 

k. M i9i8 mi<t fdiicfen/ 

Bake 0efte« l^be adjective 
often ufed for quick, nim* 
1 ligbt in one*t moiiona. 
tbing to becomp preCent . 

j-r-J«^» wbere it ia ufed dill 

. •nljr in Come cafee. In a more limited 

ffenl'efcotb perfona and tbinge are fent. 

. 31ie place, wbitber one Cnidt, takea 

Ae prepo&tiona 10/ in, na4iu an l(. 9U 

Ml 9oc(eo nocb ber etabt to Uc etaht 

fcHtfen, to (end a meflenger to town or 
to ibe city, into tbe town or dtv. 0M^ 

dt Mam VeMcnteo in mix, land tby 
1 fervent to me. C(nc irmee in iM 8ctn« 

belfand WHdtn, to fend an army into 
. ibe enemy > coontry. ^ itmavAm W^ 

. tfen,. to fend to one. 6einen 6o(»n anf 

Keifcn ft^iden , to (end bif fon upon bia 

traf els. 3<manbcn in W SIcnb mUttn, 

ttn Venoetfcn , to banim or exile one* 
Sometimes tbe dative of tbe perlpa 

ftanda alfo. 64^ mit btintn Srubcr/ 
or f^iit ibn iU mir, fend tby brotber 
to me. Tbe tbing, wbick tbe perCoa 
fisoc ia to fetcb, takes the prepofiiion 

n§^. 9)a<(Vr0ee/ nwji^SMnt, nacbbem 

S>Ocror midtn, td fend for bread, for 
^irine, for tbe Doctor. M'lM nacb bcr 
fBa4e Wdtn, i will fend for tbe watcb 
0r guard. The tfatox , wbicb the periba 
fttttiatodo, maybeTometimeaexpreiTed 
bv tbe infinitive, ffin j(itA fd^tafcti fd^if 
AD/ to fend a child to J>tfd or to fleep. 
Tbinas are gtfibidt (fent)^ when ono 
pu tbem broiuht to a place. 3emon« 
(en an 9a(fet flBaarcnjoflcfen/ to fend 
oMoptcket of wares. fDKMNrbein 


> Stennb MfK^iltt? what has iby fiw4fi 
thee? M leil tf Mr burd^ beinoil 

bienttn lAUttn, I will (end ibee hi 
will fend it to thee ^y tby feivant. ( 

bate 9m etnen^9Hcf anf bcr 9et 

Wat, I have fent him a letter lif I 

poa ffiaaren mit ber M f^ktm 
lend wares by the poii 9B(er no^ 
iiO/ nad» tenbon mdtn, to feod 

to,Leip$c, to London, lliis w< ^ 
moll ufi^fl in popular and familiar 
^uage, in an elegant ilyle fcnben. is 
indeed of it, particularly inibeakieg 
important things and perfons. In am 
eztenfive fenfe. ^cmanbcn in bit OOl 
SBelt W<ftR, to kill one, or to be I 
caufe of his death, to fend him tnto^ 
other world, fffn 9tt(b in tU JEMT I 
dtn , to publiih a book. 5) In thai 
ries of accidental things to cauCe lo i 
come real; fftgen/ to appoint* mi 

regulate, dispofe. !Der i(crr (MdU i 

the Lord had appointed , a Sam. 17^ 
' orders, dispoles, lends or app< ' 

lb. (9ott fQldt bcm WUnWbta itt^ 

teiben IC. God fends man lickneb* 
row etc. ^ie c^ ^fUt (^dtn vMA, 
God (hall fend it , or aa it Ihall f 

God. 9^0 ti 9ott mdtt, M el 

mil mit V^m if, ifGod fend be be 

^0 ti &tn fKbttfet/bat M fo Uaw 

if God (end roe life. 6el CtlMl «{ 

fo muS ti (8ott (6>idtn, you will 1 
fpeed or have good fucceu, aialeis 
fend it. likewife as a veib recij 
in cafe we impute or afcribe fucb 

tea to an accident or chance. Cl 
4 no(^ »ttnbcr(id» fdMtfen, times 

ejpt to turn, the fcene is apt to 
there may happen nuny unef 
changes. {I muftc fid) fcbitf Ol ^ 
ibn nid^t m j^aufe ontrofr 1 happeaea 
chanced not to find him at Ikmbo^ 
happened that I did not tod bim 
home. 4) To do bufinefs : a ««f^ i 
ier, but only [till here aad tWa.m 
pular language, ^f (ot imsier 
f4)i(fen^he has continually fooio 1 
do, he IS always bufy. 3ima%tMM 
mit l^m iu (^idtti f^aUn, m Am, G 

have nothing more to do wiill -biail 
4on*t care to have any .thing a'oei 
with him. 5) To prepare or gat 

6i(b m yrbcit, )ur 9teift, xnm f 
idndttli to prepare one*s felf fin 
for a jounv^, for death. fi$ 

in einem Stcgenf *tia a ^oing ta 
thofe clouds threaten a ram. > ^^ f 
ficb f<t^on aSgeinait^ lum VHntttf libm 
ter draws on or near. 6) To ajgiofw I 
fit together, to fort, to Iqit ,vntbu Ih 
proper or convenient. SD'U'tMt fft 

9<i nicbt inr l^tftt, the coa^ Amj 
agree or fuit with the wa^leoat. 
9ntnott f(bidt HA ni(tt hkta^j 
anfwer. from the purpo(e, your f ' 
impertinent, it goes from the 

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(MWdtfU^Mf Mtiu bm Hmtt, 

Ujat ii HOC at di 6| tor tba( office » he 
bM eoc iheoecelTefy qualificeiioot for it. 
%k Wdm #0 lltfMMncn / tliey are na- 
^00^ for another. ^QUft 60(M f^ 

tfen M wM iufavmm , thefe things 

laitatrtaMly well together. 2>ai ®e^ 

a^\^ ttaniK^ fibetot P(^ in ftinc 
i^ lebr ilHt in f<Kaai/ |tt fbkti/ thu 

BUI*! a»Dd feeait fitted to hi« fiacion* 
64 in ianaoD Tc&lcfeti , to aceommodato 
Of iix aoe*t felf to the humour of any 

^ &A in Mc Sett fcKcfcQf to accom- 

a»<iaie one*a felT to the timet , to act 
iccorilio£ to the. timea. 9M^ itt Mil 
Vai^W^i to beor hit mi&iy or ca- 
liflutj with macb^refigoation. 7) In the 
Boft fimked CmIo, to be agreeable ot 
conTanDaUe to (decency or decorum* 2)a| 
mi% nt4^ fAr bi4, thafa not meet 
for thee, that doea not become thee» 
t&it*i ?iiy nnfeeply , indecent or unbe- 
eoaiagia thee. (^ fcWtfC fi4 Oi^t ftf 
04/ fU(HSeb€tt 10 f&bren^ it doea not 
•WoBwyott to fpeak fo. ^ f^c^lcft ^ 

f»{4d Di(tt fftr cfQco enona von corcr 
fryfrflbll/ it doea not become a nan of 
jour profeflion. 

64Uli4f •>€?/ -iC/ tfdjf. and oili;. pro* 
ytr, oooreoient, fuiubie^ fit, agreeable* 
ipt. pertinent, fortable; feemly, meet; 

fealoiible. eioe f<tf<ni4c tntvort ^ 
to, to ghre a pertinent or foitable ana^ 
««* or to give an antwer fuiuble to 
tiMpitfpore. 7M ift nicbt {^\Mi^ tfaat*a 
ootneei, that*a veiy nnbecomiog , im* 
proper or unfit, gi^ in aBcil tlOnMobCtl 

fiBf tit f»i(fli#e «(t itt bctrogcQ NMftiu 
to koow how to behare one*s felf in all 
circvmlUnoea in the moft proper or [hi- 

(C 64iA{Mdt/ ^/«''. ton/, the quality 
ofbciaglic, proper or fuiuible, feem<n 
^•£i» laitablenela, cottfeniency, de- 

tff«((ra(, bci-c<, f/nr.bk-C, £ite, 
^eJtiaf, fatality* fortune. 9)iatl (OOII fci^ 
ccaMictfMe oic^t entlUe^, one can- 

^ tfoid one'a dciiiny, fR(t fcincm 



M 6(ft(eMiMctl, among LocUautha, pia* 
ceca or nipperk 

pern«. fcbteK ( * fdHOft). t A ^mrb m9^ 
ve^ to ihofe, poih or diruil along or 
forward. CiiKn Jtafcn fwtf*lcknr 10 
fiiOTe a cheft along or forward. lDcnSff4^ 
an Mc IBaiib f4^tcbcn« to ihof# the table 
to oracainft the wall. (Qcn Oagcn in 
(cn Ck90Wn fc^bcUf to Ihove the wagw 
gon into the Ihed or cart*houfe. 0d^cf 
ben ^(fen, to help or alfift (one) to flio- 
▼a. Qrot in ben Dfen r<^bcn # to iho^e 
or put hread into the of«n. CtflHI^ atff 
tie lanAe ^nt fiMcbcn, (UurmtHmfy. to 
put a tting o|fiFa Jong while, to fpin out 
the time, to jprotraet,^ prolong or delay 
the doing oTit. ftmoi In Ne t^m 
f<^Mcn. fttfcn^ to p«t fome thing m 
the pocket, to pocket it. 6i4l f4>l(bai/ 
the Terb reciprocal, to bo romored oat 
of iu horiaontal fitnatioa lide -ward 1 to 
be diaordered, diiulaced or awty< $M 

9a|Kert»atfi<i^9ef(f^(en. tc«e( MMekH/ 

to play at nme • pu^. Figurattvo ibru ol 
exprellioaa aiet etocm CtR»M fH ^^ €k# 
mifTcn f^ietol/ to put, k^^ reier « 
diin|; to one*i confcience. tM ^Bdwlb 

ouf Knanbco f(^^, to lay all the bU* 
me upon another*a back. . QHncn fttfOf 

von fiA Webett/ aKc^ncn, to decline % 

, propofal. U. A «er^ neni#r with ^bcn ; 
but only in fome cafea in popular Ian- 
guage. 1)2)01 Vferb bat gcf^obcn^ 
the horfo baa caA hie milk -tekh. a) 
Alfo die growing of plantt ia fometimee 
called fct^cbftt. ZHe VfatAen boben 'out \ 

Oclc^obcn/ the plantt era lenGbly growa 
in height. |) fjm ^M ftWfbcn; to go 
aa if one |hoved foaeuiiiif* 

^ 6(blcben, AMmig, puihing, thiuAiag 
along or forward. 

bCf Ocpiebor, bc4-^^ plfu-« otabni.ySii^. 
1) A perfon, whoUiovea, a (hover, a pH« 
iher. a) A gold -wire • drawers S) A Ba« 
ker*a ofen-peel or Ihovel. 4) A thing, 
which is Iboved. 5; A fhackot, a kind 
of hafp for cafemem*a ( a little plate of 
iron with a bolt to^ihut a window or 
door). 6) A drawef, a Ibutter. 

efn 6(b(cHcnt€r<b€tl/ • little folh-^WSadow; 

bar e<b^!amn or fiibicbcfamn; M • i, 

plur. ttt mom,Jlng. a wheel ^ barrew. 
elB ^^^Mloi/ a eheft with di««re#a. > 

huq^t. bk Zam « R*aMt . fob. ^ 
biC em^mnft, a long polenfod in flio- 

vtng any thing; fuch ae^wvtermen haVe 

to Diof a their boata with. 
Me 6(bicbtttftt/ 6|rfclrafc(, a fliOTel. board, 

a long board , on which piecea of metal - 

ffo polhod towarda a mark. Presently 

pEooDonoad /huAe- board. 
C&ieb, V. C(^<bcn/ of which thia ia the 


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5t e4k &itit 

XKjOh Cyprinua npMiLina.; V.SUlMK/ wkicil'iMiy b« aafily dindMli 

to6(P&efM^ « ^>i«f^ •'Pt^ ^^<^ »^ M 6<tMe9b(iUI# 5«^ imdttcLwimr. car 
ke» the iimiu Utweeo i^wo mioca. moantAiQ lilve, a fii^fonoCMM, ^nrbtd 

Me 6<U€tliauer <» MMlmoOer^ /'/Mr. haagt on the £Ut« like aCuid. 
b{e-IL«p«mUMi-wa]I; V.C4Ki5aMlllb. 6^iefm(0tl, ofaUate-blo«coloiir. 

Ut 9iMMinf ^roiiraiii, « balk» a hd- bcr ®^ieftrinM(7 « jkce-ciQan^r. 

ge of Jand OfWfrovra with §rAGi« wUcb bii. S^l^fei^il^ ^ a flaiad raof. 
UiA linatt or bord«a Www ^ . -^ .-.-- 

^ . jiwMD two (cr ApfctoMfer^ M - </ ^/«r. « jt^m 

»cr 64(cM«ailO^ kd-Ci, l^/itr. hU-miW €Mt(<tefnbi8f ^(f . and oilv. flata-Uue, o 
ttC9# or^kuU/ An arbitaa or Arbitra* AiUta-bluo cotonr* 
tor« Qnpiroft OMduttor, toodflratOT, a |il €(^cri(Mf9Cf * noumaia* wfaic] 
> d4y>-ipao» relmo, -a parfon chofan lo oonfaina llataat a rook of flat*, 
datennine a di|f(awnro botwoan cootcn- bOl 6<|Mt(criCMll/ « ftooe. that cUatos a 
ding pftrttaa^ flatoAdo; allb a flato-Hooe. 

Me @&ieb<P(06e/ « oobomt proof, n doci> Mc C<Mefefirttk, a Oato-fmarfy. 
iiie effay. lil CAiefcmAll/ Sui^ imi^ci. pimr. cmr 

Ht 9^iWtUitifi M 'if pltur* nt iiom. a kind of moanuin* men, which tj 
/m. Fim^. Me 6<t^ieblrUt»te8tall^ V. found on manv llatoa. Borax ia alfo cal 

, QAU^imna. led by fome 6(|^iefef$rAo. 

Utm*i^iM^n^M't^fPlur.,\M.-^t^t, tet eiUcferiOPl/ a kind of pargat mica 
thf (antanca or jodgowat of tha arbitats, vad platea. 

tha aifeqritataat, tha dacifioa pcoaoun- ^ CWeferteoer# a cmtar of flataa, «lf< 
cadhy aa moira. a dtggar of Ilatea. 

CAicfi -<er# •^eie#,a4(r\and Aiv«.oUiqne, 6<MeferkM; -CT^ *effe* a^* and #ilir. ain 

flopa» wrT« aflcaWf gaing aflopa or Ilo- la, lika or rafembling flata, i. a. thai 

pingy tkmfimg, 0?^ acroia ; crooked* nuy bo daft like flats. 

Boi ftni^ht; bowing in and out; wio- SdMMft^ «<&'• And ^v. of flaia> confa 

' ding3iiniia#iAAndout;alfoiadiiaa^ x.In fiing ot» or containing flata. 
a proper %nfe. ftfiit flMeft^iak, aa^b» bk MHeferfeMe# flaca-coal. 
li^na ar orookad hna. eiiie fcM^CdO* Me @<Mefer(ateea , Utha on a roof, ^kid 

. |c»actaakadoftlMmnnypillar,acoh|nMior ia to ba coearad with flataa. 
pUkr» thiir Wao* on ana (ida. «{a f4fc# dMcfcm, v^rh. rer. nai. only n£ad aa i 
fcrflNlitel An ohUqua an^lew eiaefcMef verbracipfocal, ^ fMeftTQ., to ibireii 
ffegOlbefUltei/ An inclining phdn, (H# fcala, peal, tnm all ibaled* be apt u 

^ MO MWet 4mIw Meft/ to hava a wnr fplii or daata, to faparata into thin pie 
M<^, to ha wfy-nackad. CIti fMefd cea lika a flata. lDer@|MeieI(Mo f«icfet 
illitl Mea^ to hara a wty month, to QA jorldft 9^ WiUxu, the mng-gUfa 
ha wry* mpmtHAH* eUl f<Mefe^ttMlC no^ ftone may be fplit into ihin leavaa or. fe 
tbcn^ to make wry fi^ea, to.maka mamha. pacated itito QAm or ptatea. 

Mmk f<biefea ^eiteoMWi atif aeemoabfn ler &bUlf€ttmtif a nAil nfedhj flatara ii 

tOUft. ion 9011 ber 6eilC 0^Um, to faftemng flataa. . , 

look^Mktw at Often ana.. . 2>k|krrA<t(« Me 64iefa»lefC/ a flata in the form oi On 

fist f4^^a the paiiwig iiu awiY. 2)er kidney. ^ 

iWW^trillM f9i(f^ Iha haal of ilia flioe Me edmCfVtatter a flate.flab. 

goefawry*. 64mC.QMlMMl^ll^ fntm Me 6 » kf cr W»ty a lAyrr or ArAtnm o 

ttCf^o,haaewoK>oked lega* '^. £igurai. flata. 

1) 6<iiir j6o4eii «eM f4Mef/ hia affaire ^ 6c»iefrrM»acir 5»^ la^fad. je/«r 

donl^ Ameaead* don^t go wall, don^t^o aar. black earth , black oker, a Uad 

To could wiflu a) (tin f4M^ calonr in tha Ihapa of a flace. 

9 A m H ,M Ul fonnda^ thaiighr. A^ef ber edrtefcrflKit^, a leaify fpat. 

httitm, fcMef ortfKflett^ unHAttg/ to berMMtfteUi, a flata. 

think, to iadge ia^f, nofr la aa one. ^ ^OfitHftaWf F^^r. Me* Or « QAta 

w Af M i *dm^ and aa the thing reqairta. whkk it nfod to write on. 

IlK^edbMe, War. Ma*4l^ oUiqaity, tha ber CfMefatl^Or Ootfert^OO / feUana 
quality of Uai«g aOope. awxy or crooked. aar^ 

In Aftronamft» Me 6<Meft ber HUm^, ber 6cMefeftift/ a flata- ubla or a tabU ^ 
M tikHmU^, tha obliquity of tha flata.j 

Sdipuck; thaiaaglaofthaSdipticiLwkh bii AUfftn^di , 5aM. tmdeel pimr. cM 
tha £qiMtor% ^ thelnaftioat of white lead, caaOftiaiJ 

kr 6tfHefer/ bel - i. pim^. (of foverd fom.) of thin lea? as Uka thofa of flataa. 1 

***."^^ • ^?'' • f^ ^^''^^ ^^•^ >•» ©cWeftniMi^ W-e*^//*'. Me- ^ 
which Oiu imo thm pia^f and ia nfod a fcaly toothy a tooth thatfcalaa. 

edMttor&ptitttt, A rpiinter. ©^fctCll, v^^^. reg. neutr. with 

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t. Tb look iwiih th# •fpt dmifld 4iC- Ken^ to eloQC a wkad* to lay iron^bandt 
Setmt wtf^ to look obliq««ly. to 'about it* 

^■iBt, le bo fqotnt^md, to fooint bi#®<M(n€tlf tha act of ionqflMo^ wiik 
ac look aflMw. ^if etR 911101 Wt' ^ or of applyiag Xpliiits> bandi etc. aifo 
Its, to (qumf.widi tko eyot. Q{o4^ dieligatuca; tko bandage. 
6mm fAicta/ to look afkew or aCnunt, Qd^ier, -Pt, - ftt/ adf. aod oilv. ahBoR. 
tootle at oao* a. AppKod to ONour» -«reU*mgk, noari -aa it were^ n#ar upon; 
to cBioge , to appear diffsreot in dif- in a intnner. CI "With i^lt ' Cftlte dOf 
feftat pofiboot. €<Meknbc? tMnt/ {(|)ftf h)mmni/ yet a little while and tko 
649arftiit, ckangeablo taffeta. It ia uatie of kerkarvaft Ihall coifie, Ier.51, 
■Cm! ftiU more connoolY of a* colour, S3. Mf fMtfU foillineil, to cone wiik 
wlndi ckaogoa into anotner in a faukr all Ipeed* Acu ty, 15. Sfnc^af fOkib 

mum^. $. 2>cr talAmicb, bal Itn^L vMir ffmiRiKrf onb foBte Wtt gdfegeo/ 

NelMhiliOO fWckt^ or ftUl^irtner, iH ^Pbinoas wife was witk ditld near to 
flieM# lko£stttoooe, tke decree, tke be delivered, i Sank. 4, 19. i^i ift fd^itt 
Mnition, does not agree inttroly witk fllittM# it isalmoft noon, ^fc babeit 
dw thing, witk tk^e circumftanciM. Slkb Wtt UHlbrOitf / tkay kad aloioA 

WMMai/ tko see of looking alkaw or cooforaed me, PC 110,^87* 5^ mtfrc 
•tp^t. Rtltf JCf«Sni/ J wae like to get a Fall. 

mMb, od/. fqouit- ayed. Cfn McM' 34^ HttC Cl fc^er WC%tt(tn , I kad (beer 
WM k i Wbt A falle and £^uint*eyed or entirely forgot it. Still in flumliar 
foiti. language. 

di 6M«lcr> a fqoiot*oytd man, one G^crcfl, V. Cd^tm. 
aiw look! aflcew. be( ©(Wcrflng^ bel-Cl/ ;ift«'. /»*</: Hero. 

ta&HUkif bc# - If ^Inr. nt nom:fimg. lock, a poifo^ous plant, which k>oka 
OAperfoaof tke male fex, wko fquiott very much like Parflev* but baa. a very 
erieokt aikow, a fqarat. i) A Uiinc, diaagroeabie fmell; Coniom JU alfe Gi- 
whick changea into anotker colour; only cuta. 
ia OMay panicttlar cafes. Therefore eil\ttt, V. e^btXta. 
daict-winej, or apale-red wirfeiscal* bCf St^Mbofm)/ iron • arrows or bolts 
ltd Qdicfe? , VUU^n or C^itttf Ikot ovt of guns in order to deftroy tko 
iducfa Utter form alfo itt' 0<)^((rtAf Ct ia U^ing of ike enemVs Ihip. 

« - . Wt6<«CfC o^ btr6*icb«t, a flat board 

on a pole, ufed by bakers in Ihoring 
the bread into an o? en. 
e^efeilf vtrb, irreg. i^ MOt, bO fcbicf^ 

fct (ff*<u«W crfd)W C*f4cd«t;) int- 

perf. i<( fibbf; Panicip. 9Cf((o|[etl ; Im- 
ptrat. . f^Mt or f(»f(( ( f^cttf . ) It la 
tiled in a double form. 

I. As a ver6 neiuer with (t9fi, to mo- 
ve along id ihefwifteftaBanner, toflioot» 
to fling forward with impetuoHty. i.To 
pafs fwiftly alonj^ or on . of animate> aa 
well as of inanimate things. CiO 9a<|^ 

ftKcfct bot^fn von ben teutcn, the watara 

are gone away from men , lob. ag^ 4« 

SMc 6<Hangc fitrt no4 bem fMbt tin 

fOtaffcrf the ferjpent 9mA out of bi^ n»outk 
water m a flood after tke womaii. Re* 

vel. 13, If, 16. CHc etofvbgct fcbicfen 

mif ibren Rcmf'/ tko birds of prey pow- 
der inpon tkeir prey. X>ai fDoffct mtH 
wm Jelfen bcrOO r tke water precifitatea 
down the rock. Very frequently is (aid 
in familiar language, €r tommt gdcj^ofreil^ 
for gcronntf ke comes runnbg. 2>CP 

@tdn Wtit von ban 2>(ubC/ ^ Aono 

' falls down from tko roof.. 2)0l QUit 

fcblef t oul bet 9Bunbf/ blood gulhes out 

of or from the wound. Damft fiofTcn 

Ibr bic Sbrdncn ^dutlfi fn bic Vogcn q# 

Ottl ben VOgen^ with thatlko gulhed 
«nt in tears, uie began to (bed abun^ 
dance of tears, teass begaA ta tsicklo 

down ker ckeeks. fflmn &berme<ter 

(t^{ inir om ber )f«n,b/ myia»oa%t 

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54 e*« e*ie 

oat ofiny haads^ ^ ttaw ffffN km a Wi 9C 9#if6aads^ « twflmy-pottnaar 

gaum Iwicfen lafltn, to m# a hoili th« 3) It u aUb ConBttimet ufed Tor •erfta 

ri(Ua» to lat Joofo tha rmot. (Rr Celt (ticn K. la fbreral parts, einen <»C«%cr 

MMtnMtn, to Ut loofe a ropa, coril f^fcfcn^ or ffyi ani(dMtn, to di^ 01 

or lioa. 5. For aufmoAftXij to crow dr nitka^ dttdi. QfOt ill bcil Dfco f0iC 

* fhoot vp. IDIcVdiiniC fcblcm (9^0 tlta (m^ to (hote or put bread into the oven, 

ueet riioot or crow up v«cy handromely. Mk |tlf(MI»(tlfE(HCf«l , Ittfamtnai legen, 

IDiC 9<fUmc f<pi[C§CII, ftwroffen, the trees to coatribut^ one*a fbare of mooe^r to^ 

Ihoot, fprout, ipriag fofth grow up. warda looie thing. Beace the com* 

Sn ©omen f^lefcn, to run to leed. ponada, aerMlcini/ l^ttkbMmf Abcri 

3n ^tbftn r<((efni/ to fbodt out ia eara. f^Mcif lufdicfeo, ^mdui, 3iiFc&«t. 

ParticuUrly ufed of cryfiala ia the corn* Ucbcrf^tlf ^ fee thefe worda. 

ponndaauffctlcfcn, airTd^tCfcn^ (ee thefe (Ol €itl^MtQ / the art of fhooting. It ii 

words. 9ft! Jtrp|tallai/(|rfefeil/ to fhoot al(o ufed of a folemn afifeinbly or tnee- 

into cryflals. ting, where they Cho^ for exercife 01 

II. As MverB active , to, dart, fling, diverfion. JM Vo^tU^Mtn, the dl 

throw, fhoot* 1) In a proper fenCi* 2>Tt ▼effion of fhooting at a large wooden 

60IHIC f^(tU Cbrt ©traWcn aaf bic erbCr bird faftened on the. top of • high poU 

the fan darts his rays upon the earth. or tree. t)ai 0d)lcfni Ulit |C|O0CIICt; 

guptter f*iefr felne ^C^e ani bcti ®oU Wktfciif the fhooting with rifled guna. 

n, lupiter Ihoou or daits his lighte- pai Wct^W^n , ^&Mb€aWti€n , th< 

aing out of the clouds. (UntU |0nii§CII diveruon of fhooting at a mark. ^^ 

Q(i(f Ottf ^cOMtlbcn fcbicfen, to call an e<Metctl NltCtt/- to bold a saeetin^ foi 

angty Ibok on one. Gau( rd)of bCH (hooting. 

epiet noA tciii X>Q^ib, Saulcali a ja^ ber64ifffr, ftfe 9ki<tflAattfitt ^ V. M 

velin at David, t Samuel ao, %$. f^al @dM(te. 

mUb< 9lammtntMmt f(b$^ Ht ipobcr M 6(iK<fAc(b# M -d# ^a^^ (bat oalj 

0ad> fttacm Brten! StomL a) To dis- offa¥eralfBais,)tie-er^ aHuntaanen*! 

charge from a how, gun etc to (hoot. fee, money paid to a Huatsauuilbr ih< 

0Ht cincr SUnti / mit dnn. 9itok, mit game ha (hoois. 

dncr Jtanene, mit dnet Utmhrufl (d>U* Wc 6<^icffterc<(tiflNtt, the right or privile- 

fetl/ to Aioot with a gun, with a piXloI, ge of chafing, nunting or ihootiag. 

with a cannon, with a croCi-bow. (Rtt hai 6Alt6^mtfft, te< -C^^ ^/ar. hit'tf 1 
^UAC(n# mit 6cbrot rd^icfttO/ to fhoot fire-erm, one that ia diarged or loaded 
rith balls , with (hot. ^ft jfMUtU mit with powder aa^ ball , as gana , p'u 

l5ol|cii na<t tern ^(c(e W^n, to (hoot ftols etc. 

at a mark with arrows , with bolu or bCT Gdrittarakll^ a ditch ia a i^wn , or a 
darte. Q{0(b3<llianbeQ WtUn, to fhoot place, where uiecitisens exercife diottifel- 
at one. Vl<ub cincm Sofl((# na^ Ut vea in fhooting at a mark or butt. 

ed^iU WtUn f to ihoot at a bird, afr lai &bit6baui, bti'ti, pUir. tie •Moftf/ 

e mark. Cintn 9308d # ciaca i^afCQ/ d^ the houb or place, where the citiaeM 
mn J^irfc^rclM^II/ Cdcgcn/ to (hoot» to exercife themlehrea in (hooting at a 
kill. a bird, a hare, a hart or ftaa. a^rk or butt. 

@(barf fcbictCH , to fhoot with a ball, bet ^icfibunb^ M-ti, piMr. bic - C r a 
with (hot etc. oppofed to MlXlb f<Wcf(tl/ iaCting«do|, a dog uught to fiad g«me, 
when the lire -arm ia only diarged with and point at out t^ laying down near at, 
powder. :3[emanbeil thtt beo i^Ottftn or fetches it when (hot or killed. 
KbUfea, to kill one with a gun, to fhoot btC €4Mll^Mtf a cot or hut, an which a 
' him dead, ^anonbcn aor bCO Jtopf fMt$ hunuman hides himCsif to Ua in wait for 
fcUf to fhoot his braios out. Sorkp game. 

fd>tc§en^ ftb( f<^icfai^ to miia the mark, Ut edtfcffomilA a cart or waccoa ufed 
fhoot befide the mark, to miCi his aim. in fhooting at Bullards and wild Geefe. 

mmtlnttHintt, au^ SanotKii WtHn, bet 6(t<cWii«. bai 6<bofrd<f bcr^cb^^ 

to (hoot out of a gun , out of cannons. One , the flip of a tree , a young Ihoot, 

Of a contical , waggifh , facetious or ri- fucker or fprig • a fcion, twig. 

diculous nijin, likewile of one who com- ba^ 64i(f(0<9. 1) Among Miners, a hole 

mits follies for want of fenfe or under- made in a piece of rock and filled with 

Handing . one Uu, tt fco gcicboffcn, or aun-powder in order to fpring or blow 

haht dncit C<bui f where it feems to at up. a) A port -hole, loop • hole, an 

fland for atl(Kfd>affhl. In a more limited , aperture, through which the guna are 

fetife ia Mining f^icftCft, is, mit @<bick ' put out. 

ptiloct l^rcndcn^ to (prlof^ or blow up-^m^C^ttmtH^t, a butt, aim or mark to 

with gun -powder, which IS only called fhoot at, 

fprCltdCQ except in Mining. 2>0^®etDcbr bCT e^Mpldltf bU-H, pimr. bie-C a long 

Wtit fiQt/ thf fire-arm is without fault ares place, oo which people (hoot for 

or delect. Unt Jtanone^ bfe 2Q Vfunb exerafe or dtveifion. 

f(|i€ft/ a cimioa» ttat (hoota or t&rowa btt edfittpUff, M - Clf F^'^''. biC - fU^, 

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nj place, wfccre people fhooe at a limt^ Htn, tb''eove iSiore» t* CMna fr^m 
aba or ourk for exercife or divtfHioa/ aVom. 

ptfwdir. vigjible, C(n fWffNUtr glUf / a nariga-' 

NiWMtt^tr V. 6<Wcl8m*tttfdr. b}6 mot- ' ^ > 

KrMfcfrft^, aoaong Mtoerf , a cartooch (cr ^^IfftOUf tli« oonftrection of flups; 

•f Oder • wood filled with gtin •> powder alfo the dexterity or art of bnilding fhipa* 

•dnfed at a match at the fpiinging of (er ^^iftoucr, a Ihip- carpenter, Ihip- 

indL wrignt. 

b 64Mfttartr ^ pittr^ We •«, an embra- (CT S<(>lff^Wt*^f/ « y*'^ ^«' boildba (hipa 

fitn, in Fortifieatioii, the hole, through in, a buUdiag • yard, dock • yard, tho 

wUdi eaimon are pointed either in ca- Aodu. 

(nttii, batteries, or in the parapeta Hc jS(^ff(atlfntlt# QaVal aitrhhecipire* ihm 

if walls. In a more cxtenfive uniilica- art of building fliipa. 

»n K^6((icKMct in the wailt are ^i 6<t<ffbdn, the naviciilar bone, the fl»* 

d[s fonetimet called ^k(f(^rtCQ# fae cond bone of the inftep. 

^ieitK^. Ut Wi^iftbt^m, ^o keel or bottom of a 

^i^Mfdftiii, the mark, butt, aim or (hip. 

vkhf to Ihoot at. bCT ^fffborb , fUp -board. 

^€<^itffidUaf)ge# a kind of ferpent, which bai$ 6^iffibrot« bilcoit or bifleet, a kind of 

4ns wuh the miftnefa of a jaVelin upon bread baked for long voyagea. 

ittprey. bCT ^k^fbniit/ M -ti, pimr. bfe-M(fte^ 

i«6*icWroMc,aWoaw'alhittleorflioitle. fhip-wredc. «*lff^ru<b rdtOI, tofnf. 
kr tM filjLL. ««««. iTin^ » AVM^ ^•^ fliip- wreck, to make fhip-wredu 
BWCMtliar, amoogMmera, an over- ^tAift-AUu ^4;. and aifi;.fliip wrecked. 

fc«rrfd,emmea, wh^^ ^iffiVte^?^^ 

JS^"^ ""iT^ '".""?•• t ^S fa^S Tut of a^ip.wreA. or 

kttmM, ft flmf el .board,, a long ^nt of a wrecked fhip. e<MfbrMMe 

fcowi en which piecee of metal are pu- ^^j^p^ fo QUgftricbcn eotnmcn/ IBrMtgtt, 

M towards a mark; V. Qkttfetflfief. ligan, flotfon or flotsam, jetbrn or je^ 

^ 6(tic|t«f4</ Fi»r. Mt^Hf a Unmsman^a fon. 
jmA M fcnp ; He afaflttttfjc Me 6*<ffBrtrfe, a bridge ofboata, pontons. 

te6*cta(igcn, V. 6$<efforreii. Me mmmt, the &ck. - 

^^Msmri/ f9athem-wood. 6<Mffen/ v^'*^- ''«^* I* ^tf'*^ umU0r, With 

^^0fff be<-C«, W'!-- bfe-e/ Diminmi. fc9Q; fegefn, to (ail, is moreiiftfal. !D« 

^ WiiMeii, ^ eAlflMii/ a Ihip, a Tof: H annmebr defd(rti« Mria f^^Hfett, when 

*«*• I. VH JMMf^if or ter it&|^(|locfr failing was now dangerovs, Actt 47. 9* 

«cooIfr, a veirel ufed by brewers, to f)a mt iber lauffam Wtttti, when w« 
oaliheir Aiveet-wonin. Among Pain- ^ had failed flowfy, V. 7. IBfr MHfMH 

^. bie e^ilM^ are Ihtle rondd vef- unter &Pttn Mo^ we (ailed imder Cy- 

Msvi^iitMrs or handles, in which pms, V. 4. s. F^wk active , to ihlp^ 

^ put their oil and colours. tM to put or transport in a (hip. OaOteR 

Ml )er fBe((r, a weaver's Ihittle or tlO<^ SMttMd^ RMTeQ/ «• (N '^ 

flwtle. Soi e^iff ber «o4broeler, a for Prance. «atcr Abcc 6ee fMoi or 

"^ a printer's tooL ©(rf ©<Wff elnct flbfCII, to Qup goods» to canYoy or car* 

. the nare , the middle or body of iy them over lea. 
fckordi. «bif ttnb«ef*irr>popu- j^gjWjf^j M.$, pimr. nt m9m.fmgj 
^)»8°«|e, «((fff(ignifies all tfie ne- * o^Who ile«es a [(tip , alio the liO&t 
2»Treffela for a ceruhi defign, but ^f ^ (hip, the patfoo, and [JMnetimes ha 
gg rr an the reft of the things or tools, {g caUea captauk 
St^ bil6«l(Mi/-tifa. 

I^SBe oTtSiandryr J.^'ET the «« »fe$& ^^•^V^r, • ^.j; 
M sfaal fenfe. bai S*fff w • l^ge, ba#.«WftA0«/ Wlu of ieafilnflg coodi- 
WW, floating building for the water^ ^ ^l,M^t ^ r^ « 

^•04. «n 6«iff ouMllen, to tigator , IhHor. ^ 

boots fldp, to fnmiih a (hip with ne- bie 6<^ffifobrf # naviption, a voyage bjr 
writi finr a deiign and undtrtakbg. h%; alio the art dF narigatioa, of fai- 
?^ CtNft gelfCll/ to take Qiip, to em- ling, of Meeting, a (hip. 
^10 go OB ihipboerd4tfto go aboard. VtCoMaUtt^ ^ I^** fl^*^ 

3»«Mitk!wtt. iQ< «*if laben, to bltCSfiRtotte, ▼;»»«€. 

?«•■ board, a (hip, to erebark. flof bic e^fffirOCbt, the freight, money pat« 
JW* WWc ftW^ to be on board of a for the freight of gooda fern in a (hip. 

^. 10 be aboard. eUA »om 6(Wffe bO* ©(WlietdttK. the rigging, (ails, sack- 


y Google 

J. 10 be aboard. ei(( vom 6(Wffe bO* ©*iiiettti|K. the rittpne, Mn . 

**i> fe«eii laffen, vom ?Wrb tmf »«#. i?^ ««» ««» « * ^T' •» **°^ 

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56 04V C4il 

McfllEu]f to>t btt, «lc•ptt^■wB ttd ba-f^t^u^^' i^^ capuin of a Ikip, 

Tictiiilt. ctpMun m ^« navy. 

hai ^MHtifPtr die carcabofalhip. ^ B^fOfftH, the caUa or ^rMt loftia 
icf 6£{^ftnr iBoodMcn/ a grapple or Ibip. - , 

grapIiAK iron; a Oiip't hboL (tr wMfTcidciadf the rmj- of an aadia 

licr @((m9<tftcr, btr filoitdcr, a ceruiii Cia* - to Woich ^ cable is /aSenod. 
' fiOi; V. ^OUflCfirc^. Ut 66liF^l0tte. p/«r. bic -n^ a fleet. 

M ^iHMkt timbar for the bufldii^ pt ^oumber ,of fhip or vel&U soingui ceo 

fhipa. pany; V. Jlotttr which U bettef. . 

to &bltinWi * cabut- hey^ a fwabber, tie GdlMMforv, thelorm of e AHp. 

aOiip-hov. btr@4^ipfreunb/ bee S^^ber/ a freui 

to 0(bfff!ieC tbe fhip** keel. ter • one who frei^hu a Xhip a^ km 

toeillhltttt/ ^-d, |»/jw. bk-«, a. wardt it. 

iee-fban, mariner, e common failor; V. ^ ^^fSiUtt, bc^ -en, ^/«/'* bfc«<ll, n 

QXacroJjef Voot^fnCCbt. proprietor of a fhip, who i« commeoi 

tic ^(ffNtnfh piun inmf. die art of nan- caUed in fee- port« towna tin Sfrttoi ^ 

gation. offteering^ directiug or mana- alfo gtbiffcr. 

giogafhip. ifa( 9^ifiholm, 6*fffptfft^ the ded 

lit 6cMffabttllg/' 6((lffHabUtt8f the cargo yard, where (hipa are btiiU. 
• or ladiiig of a fhtp. bic M^UMCronc f the naval • croffm 

Mre<bimat, a weight or fort of meafure ^^ e^ff^jfObQng, the cargo; the Udbg < 

of two tuns. ' a Thip. 

(ic 6<tifft<tire, bdi 6<bi|fvoIf/ feamen, U^ eMlipfftdtr, eecaCpdet/ as officer i 

snarinert, failors. feifaring men; alTo ' the navy « a fee* officer. 

watermen, who Oeer a ihip or boat on bet eWfH^^' ^Cr Cnt^ an itaOiMi 

rivers. fc ^ Uie Riare one has in a (hip. 

bti'ti, piur. bfe - tntfiu bar Qcblff^tfonf bH-ti, p/«f* Mf-L tl 

waterman, navigator; V. patron, the proprietor of ji (hip; V«d^ 

fcr and @4»iffitor. 

9dj, and adv. (ailor like, bet ^d^igM^OtC^ a pilot; V. 8oat#. 

9r and cuilom of the fai- \^x @.d)if^rOum, bfi-d/ piir. blf •A 

or' feamen. « ' the hold of a IhiP » where goodav f i< 

plt^* bte-a/ a water-mill vifions etc. are placed. 

: or ponton. bet 6*l«rtrt«, V. Slbcto. ^ 

t bonnet or cap, made in ,bie 6<i^iff^rippcn / the nbs of a fhip* a 

boat. piece of timber or other matter nfsd i 

a nail with a round head. Urengthen the fide of a Ibip* 

e< - tifPiur. bit - C, a fchip- ba^ ©Aiftrubcr, the helm ; 7, ^tVmjA^ 

. pound, amoni^Merchantt to 6<9iff^f(bnOD<f/ the beak or ba*k-bei 

i fhip* pound js ago Ger- of a ihip, the fore* part or hmi d 

^ „ iglifh pounds, butamonj; l^jg® ^^P% the prow, the Aaoii* 

Carriers; who convey goods byland^ it is to @4iff^M>IbQt/ a marine, a XoUKcr i 

Sao Carman pounds. board a Diip to be empioyaa is dafcn 

bU 6(^ff)ll^llipc^ ajump, byidiich water on land. 

is pumned oat of a (hip. bcr^cbifffirclt m to|t, saumacby, • am 

bOl^lffrecbt/ Gcerccbt/ the law of na- fee- fight, afea-fighi, repaeteiad i 

vigation., the law concerning fhipping the Usee. 

or the fea.' ^ M ®6^if(iV0lti the crew, a £btp*s cat 

dflfft^f ^dj, and aitP, abounding in p«ny, the iailors, mariaqn* etc 

ihtps , being full of fhips. Cfn fc^mrd* €dHJft(Ute. 

<bcr fM, a river, which Abounds in ba^ ^Cbiff<mcrf|, better C<^{|hCf|l# t 
Anps. Cm Wi^ftkbC^ tahb, a countiy, dock - yard ; V. ec^f^ata. 
which V abounds in thips, or a conntiy, to Sc^in^linmct^tiaott ^ a fh^P'^catpeet* 
in which f\arigatiOn flourifltes. a fhip - wrigW * 

Ue 6(^iM'c# pfitr, bie*ll« ^a fea -com- bcc 6cbiff3)0l^.,Qiip- money, loU paid i 

pals; V. IBMnbrofC a Chip. 

to etl^fiM, toeolai/ the ballaft, a bie 64)iftrCM>C, ^e fcuttlea^ tbe httd 

quanuty of Aones, fand eta laid in a in a (hip. 
. Ihip*s hold, to make it draw more wa- biC ^fffma(t>e/ tha guard da hpui a 
ter, fail uprrght^ and prevent iu over- (bip. % 
fatting. ©tblftcii/ V. 6((dftcn« 

to 6cbw(ob(n, the bottom of a fhip. bcr 0d^i(b , bcl • ii, plur. Me - I* A 
baa Ck)f<ffibeor> the boat belonging to a (hield ot buckler, a pieco of aivo 
nup • a fhip • boat. CcUtb Qllb ^OgCtt ^ton, to baa^ a (hi* 

Kr ed^CIRbaotiMiano, the boat- fvraio, and bow. 2)ai @4i(b tforbottm » ta « 

Mc 94iff^caiilte/ the cabin. • ver one*s (elf with s fhiela or badl 

XX ®4Mr^co|rttdn/ to-c^/ W^r* (ic • t/ a ecfc^gt auf ibrc goitDca 6(Mbt/ 1« 


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fim 9m 57 

9) SbM, lirfwri or mMcdoit; % pro. feMjiBoif he hif bew 4e(€rilrod or 79^ 

Mctor. S)cr dot It OIQA G^iO/ the pc^lentod to me as a man of a very bad 

Ud if May OuM, PL %^ y Gciac character. 2>i(@4riftfk0i*r.f4HIO€rn fi^ 

S«(^ 4 ^iem itnt 6<^i(b, hia fclbftio ij^rcn fBMeO/ authors charaao- 

imtt uuU beviy (hUld and buckler* Pi. rise themfelvf^ or paint tbemCBlfet in 

01, ^ ^) A fhield, in Heraldry »• tho their works. 

icmeoa or efciitcheon, on which the tOl ^AUbttUr paintip^, defcribing, fOf 

kmiM of m artnonrv art placed.' Ci'f preCwiting, ch^ractenaing. 

mmtt im AM^ Wf^tm^ to b^r •» 2. @d)f (bcrn , i;«r^. ^eg. neuir, rrithJ^aUng 

cigbiatha£cutcheon, to have k for a G(|^UUMl^C lk|Ktl/ ^ ^nd ceotry, to 

cast of arms. Hence the figurative phra- . be upon 4Q<y or upon the watch. IjS^iU 

k rtM< in &iiXU W^€t9f ^9 have Tome htm mifftn , to be obliged to Aandcen. 

jt^p. 3^ nctfmoMf ncA crimembe try. to ho upon doty or upon tho'watdi. 

fi|ct; I Imow veij well^ what he ia ah- bM @4ilbens, Handing ctntry, being on 

«Bt, or what hia intentions are^ 9li<tU the watch or npon duty. 

Mdin 6(^t(k fftttxtt^ mkt ttiM %(« Me AHfttmiidf/^^-^fe-fti, the pictuio, 

fcs ONIftcQ/ t* have bad or ill defignt. portrait, the defcription one makee of it 
4]IaaMay partknly cafes^ 10 denote thing. 

I tbtu , which refembloa a 6cbirbc \^ ^64Mtt^rM; the arouidillo; V. SlrtC^ 
rOttskO in ^ fiift fi^ficilion. There- fb^cr. 

tois tka hard hollow Thell, whiph covers her CMUbjIfA/ |ha fea-pje^ a [ea-ll(h. 
^v^olebody of theiortoife, is known f^ii^^mAgi adj, and adv. DBUtifoim, 
bfibeaame of 6<bi(b; V. C^^UbMle. Scr Mi^ftooiflCftlPl^tf/ ihe Ccatifoffw 
iMpoft-boys, heiml^a etc. have netal iped cartilage. 
6^Cbad|ea) on their breads; and bcr 6(|K(bfilbrtr ^ a (hield- bearer, 
taoag Locklmichs it is the plate, which bCT ^(f^Ubboitcr/ in Heraldry, a hnmaa ot 
cof«t the key • .hole of ^ iodt-^ the aniinal ngnre, that bears or Dipporta the 
bttdieQn. fhield or efcutcheon , a liipporteiw 

H %m, M-ti, fifr. UC - Cfr a W bet &mU^, a fcaly pike. 
tpioBit or painted board hung on the bet fkbubttlttf the tortoile*£caraboe, tht 
flvfide of a tradesinan*s houie. fbBL cajfida. 

6Mb tBlHMqir to put np a lUn, to bet eMtbbMt, tkHatnappt, S^ilbtoecfrt:/ 

bttg oat a lign befpro ooe*s houle. Fi- a Aield- bearer. Cio (K^Mtter Cc^ilb^ 

bOi 6C^ tiuMtn, feill tM^pt, anefqaire. 

fOu ^enerbe nicbedcdeo, to tU 60i(bfrabbe, V. ZafidKiifteM. 

giw over hia proMioo7to leave or leave bk 6^i(b(rtf||eV @d>Ubrabe/ a Royfion- 

oftUsbnfiaau. croiv, a winter -crovf. 

^t^imfd, « BUck- bird with a ivhite b^ Ck^ilbtrout # the hedyfanim^ g pbnt» 

^ 08 itf bfoail in the torn of a fhield. Scntellaria l^n. 
kWUtifd, the (iedopeodra, aninfea bie e^itbMU, piur. bie - 11/ a tortoife, 

-^ ' '-*-' ^ — ox- bill, an amphibious creature covered 

withaArong, thick CheU; Teftudo L. 

Skt 64^b einet &l^ii\>Mtt, the Iheli 

. of a tortoife. 

bie ec^ifbMtenarbeit/ the work made of 
tortoife- (hells. 

6er ©(WbWtcnW*/ the fea- urchin. 

ber @4^ilbbrbteQfkUl, a dyilonite (pacifi- 
cation. ) 

(ie e^ifblani, piur. bit'Ifoft/ « Pame for 
the cochineal, the kermes^ a .fniall in- 
fect. Jjit 9omi»aii|cnr4f(blatil/ the 

orange kermes, the loufe of the orango- 

uee. 2>ie64ilb(att«beriiibianif«e98ei^ 

• sen the real or true cochineal. 

bOi Sd^ilbUlKn/ a noble fief. 

Me ^(M(btnottC# a moth or tiny coftred 

with ;i Icale. 
Me ^ilbnottct, the black adder, 
ber 6<t>i(brabe/ V. e«UMrd(e. 
bee 6(ti(breiber/ a name for the night -ra- 
' ven or night-iof oiler, Ardea varia Klein. 
: ^ 64»i(btr(lAer, bel • 1/ pl^^r- ut nom. 
fing. a Cbield - bearer ; V. 6<Mlbhiabe. , 
Me e4lflboa4K/ pi^r. ble-ll/ a feoihsal, 
fentry.or centry, the watch. 6(MIMDa# 
I 4k i|e|^e(V 10 fi§Bd CMUijf be vpon duty. 

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(Kite e^Obnvt^ att^p t9 Mlt6?« a e^^MotcIto/ l^«»er fdMMM, *cr, ^ft 

centrv or the fentb^l. ^k S^ilMVOlbe «i^/* aod aift». mottl^ cotared irill- 
anfAprftt/ to filac* the (eotinel dn hit kind of white ^bwD^fUpdiogiiiir^ 
po(t 6((fCbt90((»m aulffeSettr to poft or place. 6<MmmU«e^ ^rot, nouldy I 
to place out a fei^inel» a vedette. . ^ ^AimmUj fepil/ to be mouldy. C 

bcr or tatf 0<|»Uf ^ M^ ef^ W«r. (but itlCUCbt, Iigiii6ea vniy r e fan t rfiog i 
Only offeteralFortsO Me-C/ 9l0l^r, reedt dirtefr. 

fedge, lea -weed, ralh, fea-mfh, bolmfh. to< @<bhttmelfrattt the herb 
©a<©f<f(|){rf, fea-weed. ^ cat's foot; V. StU^ifraot. 

Ckjrtjfattlgf ttdf.'$n6 ath. of a reed, of a edbfmmtlti, vwrk, reg. tiemtr. wtth( 
ruih orbalrufli kind, having &e aatnre to grow nbtiidy or hoary. f)0i 
af a nilh. f^tmmcft, the br«ul growa movldy. 

efne 6(bilf6rA(fe, abridge<»f reedorbulmfh. enfidk flh0t <m iU (tbimmftii, tlia i 

tin C<WCfbi(t», a roof of bulrana, a faonfe begint to grow mouldy.' 

covered with bulrutb. M 6d>immeln / the 4ate or coiiditiairil| 

due e^lifbtit, dnc !Ratte «Mi e^lh « 

rufh-raat. ' ^ 

ta^ @d)HfArol, be^-d, ^/«r. (but only of 

a thing, that arows mouldy. 
^ed}imttttt;M-if ^/«w. ftMj/: aKA 
a gtimmer, a^aHmm^ng lidift' 41 
fp^ndour, brightneff^ fparkliog, fj^ 
tering ; a dim or faint glance of mt 
brightnefs ; alfo a glimpfe. i) A btif^ 
trembling* glittering or fpariJiog K] 

2)er &^Unmtt M ^oiM, the glii 

glittering or g^iitering of leld.' A 
^fmtncr iHt ©remc, the rparklnigl 
the flare, i) A faint, dim* trembling Ngh 

tPcr tcn^totrf bdt^ 9^ mr bcneM 

nut'btt ©iW/ be thathaa a catm^ 
fees only the glimmer or g^mmeringi 

diings. Scr biofTe t!!((bitfutt(r brr 6fc^ 
In bar giOCbt / the pafe glimmer or j "" 
mering of the Aars at aiaht* the 
faint or dim light of the Bart laf ' 

6<boti febt l(b ben 6(bhnincr bar _, 

gCtiritb^ ' ^ ^ already the gUiiM 

fevera) torts,) bit - dtdfOT/ i«a - gtals» 
led^e, reed-gfib. 

bie@i>(ff!Hn9er pi^r^w-n, J^^dUn^e^ 

ajiollow-whettod fword- blade. 

-fine e^ilimQtUf 96inHtimatte, a mlh-mat* 
bai ©(Wlfmetr/ bc<- ti, W^« '««/• ^^ 

' red - lea. 

©Cbilfrdd), II J/, and <rrfi>. 6<bi(fi(bt^ co-^ 
'▼ered with ro/hes, lull of ru/hea or reeds, 
reedy, reeded, ruOiy. 

ba^ ^(biffrobr/ bf^-e^, ^^r f#iir/: reeds» 
fea-weed, ore* weed; V. @d)Uf. 

bcr ©CbCflcrlttffct/ br<-<, ;»/««r. (offeveral 
forts,) hit 'ty changeable taffeta; ,Fr. 
cbangeant; V. ©dHcltn. 

bcr ©(Rifling/ bC^ - t^, piur. tit-t, a (hil- 
ling. I. An Englifh Diilling is about fe- ^ ^., 

ven good'Oerman grols. There are alfo alimmertng of Aurora 
feveral foru of fhillings in Germany of garfltimctn/ VBtit. reg. netir, 
difiEerenc values. . Thro* lower Saxony to fparUe, Ihtoe, gu 
th« (hilling ia fix penins or deniers fo- 
mediing more than three farthings Eng* 
lilh. a. Correction , chailifement or a 
pnntihment inflicted upon one with a 
hick, whip or rods. ^CocfTdHflfngC bc^ 
UmmVlf, to be privately cudgelled in 

prifon. efncnC^ifiing bcfemmen fn bcr 
i^UlC/ to getone*a breech whipped in 
the fcfaooi. 
bcr eWRnMtat^, fine brals trire for knit- 
ting* neeales. 

&m, V. «<^riat. 

1 . bcr ^(bfmmcf/ bc^ - i^pUr, ut ndmjing. 
awhiteorgrayhorfe. (Elncn@<b<niOlclrti^ 
ten / to ride a white or cray horfe. ^in 
%PftW)immt\orf^pkt^lf^mma, a dapp- 
le- crav horfe. (fin @<t>i»ani<bfnimci, a 

with I 
a, gutter or gtiftai; tol 
briflht* to give lights alfo <o J ** ^ 
to inine fiintly or feebk. f)Or al 
trembling (li^ht. 2)|c iDfaatontOII 
ntertt/ the diamonds g?ve a bHdit I 
they gliuer or fparkle. 9k I 
Mimmcm/ the iUrs fparkle, 
|;Utter. SJon Oolb^ vonSMoaidnM u 

mcm« to glitter with gold, with 
monds. Amr^Uv^fy- 9dM*' , 

ftbimmcrt flbcraf bccvor^ hia wit 

or f^arkles every -vfhete. CCfttC. 

fcbfntmcmf his eyes fparkle or 

i) Of a famt, dimw trembling light. \ 

K\immttt 9or ben flt«en, h gtioMMttjv 
incs faintly before the eyes- 3(fe M 

ein fcbvodM fi^ fd^immtm, I uwM 

faint or feeble light gli 

pie haU'd horfe, a dapple-gray ^orte. ^itl itii (Mimincm, TparCliog, glSmoMR^ 
gibcrgrancr @(|rtimncl/ a filver-bay, or brightnela, fplendour, luAgis. 
Ill ver-* gray horfe.' «Jn StetbfMntmcC/ * 6f^iln^lCmbf at^. and adv. glittering, |^ 
reddilh-baj horfe. Cto Qr(IUnft9inimc(, Ifering, (hining. bright, light, 
a roan hotfe. fin SficflCnftbiinmcC a flea- (cT ecbtmpf, bCl-C4r pi»r. intf I. 2)1 
bitten- gray horre. 0(bcr|^ rallery, je(t Jeer, fooleiT. plan 

bcr0<tiinimc(, M-i, pi*r, (but only of fantry; an oblolele fi^ficatioa lA Mj 

feveral forts,) ut itoivi. yZiigr* roouldinela 
or hoarinela, the ftate of contracting a 
whitiih concretion by being in a damp 

place. 9rot • obcr Sdfcfcbfnmic(f the 
moullincli of bread or diecder . 

German. 84 (Otttt ill4 e<bim9f (0m 
(Srnd merbcn, what is fpoken vn\m 
nay be (aken in eameft. 1. An aflnM 
injury , - outrage . inlblt , offence , eitba 
Vf norda or deede. ^efMIl^ ^fd 

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6(|iiiNPf<ll|ti/ lopMtmi^ArofiiMMi 
oM, to affront lum. CtM^ fAr (WCn 
MMIllUll, to uke a tbiog for an 
tfioK. fteco e4tai|»r icbttlMg cftrtt^ 

m, Mf M fi(Ct foffen, to fnffer an 
i£«al pttMOtly « to put mp an aAroai« 
tftbeiriiofpodittitiip. CntCtI €(Milff 
lMai> 10 fweage an afiEiront. $, 2Mc 
6(aBk, i^oninr, fbaaic, infamy; 
WoBtOi* A^oe» «ifhoaour, a(pocfion« 
eoatmieiy, reproach* dUcrodit, fcom. 
SOMB^ la e<Nnilrf IrfttgCi;, to bring 
CM mp diMvpato or discredit. Whare 
it it Boft eoBimoaW ufed vrith ilie word 

ttnkt (faiem Wmpf nnt 64Hiiib< 

Ottai/ to put a gfi^ous affrout and a 
^euUy uaai upon one, to call a notable 
cvatuMijr or afparfion upon biro. 
UMn, ^fh. reg. mti. i. *&lmni, 
Mipan, jeft, joke, jeer, banter, rally 
«c ID geed Gem — tbia lignification i§ 

•Mete. niitMmmtipknmitgUf 

met Mki ^OtMfOU , and faw bo waa 
IjpwiiDg Uriib R^kab bb \Tire, Can. 

^^ ^ amnbtn i^itavkn, to offand, 

i^ert, iafok, abofo or affront one, to 
nvii or Ccorn bim, to inTOi^ Agahiil 
^» 10 uCa Au6f9 language to bin. 
bm^ ICfMmft. be baa abufed 
•r Tftiled am, railea at mo. ^mmtf iU 
^tn NMi ((^fmufcn f to talk fcom. 
nU;f oat-ragoonfly or injurionfly , to 
rficonftamly abattfo> tontomiriioaa or 
nbontife laognage. 

M6(Mairtm/ afironting. abnfing, inruU 
tiof etc abure^ outrage^ injury. M^im 
M^wonly nJjUl in thecompomioword 
MMnif, wbich fee. ©0< WtUt* 
Wipni/ recrimination, tbe rotuming 



-ft/ -It/ «4f- and mdv.uu 

P^, offnlive, abnuro, afiFrondve, 
^"^v^iovt, inTniting, Ibamoful, infa* 
"**'\ diigniccftil, Unoniinions, contu- 
■<ma» ditreTpectlnC reproacbFul. ein 
JWirtttd ScrfKlftcn/ a (bameful con- 
^erMiamur. Vnt (^Mmp$i^9t0 
' ^ a thimtfftf treatment or rocep- 

^^ eVmpp^ fon ionofib rcbm # to 

Y<*aor tal^ mjnrionily, dtsrefpecttolly 

• wwwvebr ofone. 

^^tteirf^clCB/ abvlivo lanj^a^e*' Bn 
°mt eotragiona words, ironical ex- 
FffioBi, tannting, biting or nipping 
Kt«. raDerba etc mock^praife, lace- 
^ rayisge, wbkh bavo a iiing in 

^ WtortJMt; (d r a, pimr. Mc - ^ and 
*Mttcr, an injariooa offenitte, ontra^ 

^f*Jl?'^» abnfiro laagnaga. 

■*5*'****/ canioo, a dead baalt 
■•ne eic 

>f i pUcaia a fid4 wbtfedeadbeaftt 

Mf.Mlilbff/ f/*'-- H<^tl# a Ibitt^le, fmalt 
piecoe orwood , ufed in covenng roofii 
.Weadof tiloa. :Among Surgeons, kfi^t 
or iy>linter for a broken arm or leg ; V. 

bcr ed^t(bt%wm, a tremor wood nfed in 

making Ibinglea^ 
M €MrftlbC^((, a roof covered with 


bcr BiinMmtAtt, ^inMiMCt, a Ihiag- 

6<b(llbcfll/ "V^rb. reg. act, to provide witb 
fliingloa, to cover with Oitngles. In Ho^ 
raldry, tbo PartielpU gefcbttltcft is nfed 
of a fort of figures referubling Ihingloa. 

6cWnbCtl, verb, irrtg. act. ^mper/, {^ 

fd^nnb; pMTiieip, gifAvnten; imperat. 

fQinbe. i) In a propel fenfe, to flay, 
flea or B^P off the Ikin of a bea((, that 

died of itfeir. S)er«bbt(fer Wnhtt tin 
umiicfollnie^ 9itir <ho A^yer fl«p or 

Aripsofftbe fldn of a beaft, that died of 
itfelf, inftead of which Mtdcn, Obf^IO^ 
gen, and in low language Abpsffhl are 

alfo nfed; V. ed>Ubtt. (Untn 9attm 

fMtlb€tl# to bark a tree, to llrip of the 
barii in an awkward manner. ^6^ (obt 
ftiit beo •rm qMumbtn , l have torn a 
piece of ikin off my arm. 2) FigmnuU 
veijr, to exact, to fell too^dear, to aDc 
or demand more than ^no ought to do. 

(St fcf^ffibet fdne ormenttntcr^tini/ bo 

fleeces his poor Aibjdcts. Cfn ^iafhoirtf^, 
bcr bie (MWC ft^inoct^ an inkeeper or 
bolt, who exacts upon bis guelia or lod- 
gers. t^U Vascm fiNnbcn, to onprefs 

or overchargo tbe peafents. Cf WOb^t 
Unb f^ObCt, be pilla and polls,- he rakea 
and Icrapes for an eftate, jio oideavoars 
to get by hook and by crook. * 
bO^ WbinbCII/ extortion, flaying or fleaing; 
the act of flaying, exacting,, oppref- 
iiiig etc. 

ber 6(binb€r, bel - ii pimr. m nom^fing. 

Femin. hit CMrfobcrfttn f from the pre- 
ceding verb. I ) In its proper iigiiinca* 
don, ber MbCtfCT/ a, flayer or fleaer, one 
whofe particular buiinefe or occupation 
is to flay or ftiip off tbe flcjns of beads, 
that die of themfelf as. a) In tbe figu- 
rative fignificaiion, bcr 0(btober/ (in 
Huttfd^inUt , one who would fleece 
every body, that falls into his hands , a 
great exactor or extortioner , - as a mer- 
chant, an inkeepec etc that exacts upon 
hiscnllomers etc. Alfo a W^Vtdftttt,^ a 
' nfurer, one who demands exoi^bitant ia** 
terefti is called a &b\Xlbtt. 

Mr@<bfnbm9, ^/nr. Mc-cn. i)Thohou. 

fe, where the flayer lives, the flaying- 
bottfe; alfo the hanginan*s or execntio- 
ners boofe. a) The work, occupation 
or bulinefs of the flayer , tbe flayfaig of 
beaffs, that die of thomfelvea. %)FtgU' 
TUtivefy, alfo only In low language* ex- 
acting upcui^ afl(ing or demamlTPt ittora 

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^ ' e4i« 0«i 

slum one oui^t to dof Mie0iai«. Of«r. ^ iM«v itoitod nitk Mm^^ . Im d& 

durglni ; alio uDify , or um deniMidiag inord. 

; ol exorbiuiic.ioteralli g it o cin g ^ poo- kr ^(birdKr/ bd • J, pl»r, itt i^om. 72iv| 

. pio etc. ' ^ /Wmiii. Ue 64tf»ertea« V. Qcfli^fnDc 

ft(c eAinbmrtAc, V. 6(f»(iibati^. ^ irviich U «iofe ufoU. 

bcr €»c|Uit<rt«ccco, tht (Ufer** cMTt. bol €d)<fmicfb^ V. 6<frtt8ietb* 

>cr®<6(nb€ifnc(M, the beogaieji>« eseeu- Me gftirmjcwtHglrtt^ V. 6<^(WCfC() 

tion«r*« orfla]Fer*tferTaiK« one who fUjri tif^Mt 

or Ilripe off the tkm of beaibt that die bet @6>imf^f V- 64Hljl»berr. 

oTtfaemCBlvee. @((inil(e4/ 04^'. endoifv. defencetef^ Tritl 

Me ecWnMriibe^ V. 6<b{ob<re9 And.64Uib^ oik protection. 

MOOT* > ^ bfti @d)irmmeo5 / a kind of moGi with 

b«( €Mb(tlbbSllb # avillatn, an extertloner. circnltr Tcreen or bottom; SpUdmui 
Mc C^btllbOldbM/ • carionlr fade* a lorry, Linn. 

.poor, lean or barreling borCe. Me ^dfitmHUot ^ a kind of indinn Pnio 

tcr <6<Mltal, M*i, p^. ot pom.Jimg. tree, Wfaofe leavee are foniied likn 

Dlmin. b$i @^Mbin , * G^tidn, fcreen; CdiyphaLina. 

n haffl« e gamoion, the thigh />f a hog e^ltptn, to chirp; V. ^tfAvOL 

Uhtd fiid dried. Cln cobor 6cUll(cn, Adrift, an obfolete word for QcfiMf) 

a rew ham. Cio gelo<|CCr 9dtMm, a which fee. 

boiled ham, 6<bimil # t^er^. r^^* ««<• V. tttfcMnrCII* 

Me ^(biPlK^ piurJ hit - II, V. eimMf Me €S<MerNmmer/ f/ar. 5U-Q, a duunbc 

^Mppt. or place, where faddlee and haninffi 

betd^i^beC/ .be<»l/ pimr. uc mom^fmg. ii^t horfee aie kept; V. Me AcfMri 

V. ^<berbe. ^ iaawler. 

ber 0^(106^ V.6<Mer(iog. ber6cMrr»eifer,be^'4.i'^.ntitooK/Sje^ 

ber CkMrtll/ be<-e^, f/nr. ble-e/ ^m the ■) Xht conductor of e<|ttipago#. ^)Tfa 
Verb fcMeneo; i)^y thing, tbataffbrdt foafter or keeper of the hamaIbo» V 

• Ihelter or defence from the wind, fan, QdidbtrtBieiffct. 

>N rain, heat etc. In Hunting, a covert, tber@dbff ^ V. @(b<iSciL 

a place of lecuiity or iafety, a Aielter. fi^abbeil, eMWPtXi and 4M(fMCTO/ » 
2)er ^Mfcbiraif an ambufcade, a Icreen lap aa a dog dnet when drinking, 
utod in Hunting. £)cr tei^r^frm, a Ihel- ba<#64tebber/ a bib, a flabbering - InE. 

, ter or fcreen. 2>ef «iit«abM^irm, a dob ebf 6(b(abbettr, <^ife(f|»riibekf/ « OaMoi 

place, where a huntetnan waiu for game chops , a driveller. 
tgr fiioot at, a ftand, a catch. 2)ef S^9X^ CdKabbeni/ verb, reg, neatr, 1) To flal 
Minn, afbeltor, aplaceof fecnrity at the ber one*t cUihea, to drirel. a)<kfl|wiO 
hunting of wild boan, or at a combat rebcil/ to fpmter, to fpeak hafbly nn 
of fiecce bealb. I>tt<6d)itm, eine Qhu inarticulately. 

nifAe fBaab, a folding fcteen. It ia the 6<btobbi(l, (tt^lobberig, nii^/. aodnirt^ flap 
tnoft nfualin the eomponnda, ber ^t' Py or flabiy, diri^,. £»ul, pUhj c 
MifMf A Icreen before a candle; Segett* Iplalhy. 

iifm,, an nmbreila, a fcreen. to keep Me 6<Ma<bt, pif^r. ble *eil/ ttom iho mr 
^ off the rain, a parapluie; 6oB|ieBf[binil, fMogeS/ a battle, an engagemoM W 
, a Icreen to keep off the (ho, a p&ralbl; tweOn two armies. One 64(«|t Hcfcrt 
peuerfcMntl/ alcreen; eiitfdMnil, a hoi- to join battle, to gi^e battle. Cir 
low piece of iron or hrais , fet before ^(UttAt^miWM, to* get the fidd* t 
die fireto reflea the heat of it upon the . carry the day, to get the eictoty. 2>j 
meat 00 the fpit. 2. FigmraHveiy, ber €<Macbt KrHereil/ to lob tho hmxiU 
4^9, defence, protection, Ibelter, 2)« ble 6<Ma(bt Oflt MMfteS natp to th 
fu|>port, countenimce; mod commonly very heat olthehattb. Cine i^iWIIKWMbl 
nnitnd with 6<fHl(/ ^^mgttbea in Mnen n mM battle, a jleciaee battle. 

i6<bat tmb 6(Mcni m^men/ to take one Me ^cblacbtbant/ f/nr. bie •Mtnte, froi 

under his protection , to defend him, the verb (i^taibtett* i)ln a proper f^nfn 
aifo him flielter. %intm Ccbitltt Uflb the butchery, (laughter -houLi; a hraid 
&<bll9 Itlfttg^ f to ailttre one of your 00 which cattle are killed. %) ffgmr^ 

protection. . Uveij. 2)ic @e(bateo Mif ble e^Ioeb 

bk %tMMMt the fide- boards orplanka bont (irfertt/ to deliver tha foldiere to b 

of a Ihip. flain , Uaughtered or butchered ; to lea 

bOi €kMrmbiKi|# bel-el, plur. Me*btf(ber/ them to bo flaughtared or (lain to n 

a pent-honie, to keep off the rain; alio pnrpoCs. 

aboob-oave, a (bed; a fence againft 64^(a(btbar/ -eT/ -(N/ adj. and nilv. I 

wmds or Hreathar ; likewife tho tiU of a . to be killed* «<bto^tbi^ Wcf^/ cnul 

boatf a cover of bil doth. fit to be killed. 

CiMtM, ^rS. r9fn ma. V. Vkl^meil. Hi ClMacbtbeil, abutdier*s baicbet or fti 
' Alfothooompoandt6<Mmbricf^e(|imu MM^%, v^^- reg. au. to kill* bo 

Digitized by VjOOQ IC 

{MOfrffMM W(K»tai/ to l«flific«|{Qedia4rtiM/«^Tofthew«A 

^ mCcIiaI kuB%. tbfO^ fMtC fdnm th* bntcfa^rt kiJi onde in A« Iktifbuf* 
Mi W«(tai (ttbtcn vnb \B9fcMi)» houik ^ . 

Aalkua to^k the koile to flay his Tod, M e4rt(k^(fe. Pimr. immf. fiit beaftib 
te. a9» >o^ • 9)l0(Mfk f(|I«(ttai^ co-kill b«<ftt to be Idtted for lb* tabU. 
{r catiio. Ctocn D4|^f (Hi 6dtHrf/ dn >(t 04(oAt|em(. t)11ie ioroice of Modi 
itmlt^ CteC 90!Q§yiMhM, to kill an . Of mercfaandifei* with wbicb a ibip* ot 
u, a Ihom , • boc, a f oolii^ /^«rA. ?ell«l ia £rei|^t«il. 2) A pMmilDoa 01 
Hw^t MiO<lH(n >• foroetimaa auo to Hcanee for a buttbar to kilt a boaft. ' 
kiDwilkMf any advaataca aad witbout M 64rttf4tSCU|^ a btitcber*a toola. 
aw nfiftaoce. iMIaC^ ia likowifo 6d^(0(f . adf/. aad ailtr. V. 6<(((Rfli« 
dU in £uailiar laagaagie aa a v#r^ aen- bCT 94^a(f/ tbe filt)i»tbat fiaka to tbe^ol* 
kr^ «id fifl^aifiaa to rmnible, to bo li* tom , the fattlmca of refiaed fait -pater, 
la, or liava a rofinabUaca to or witb ^®4l0CtNrm/ tbe ftcat gut of aaiaial 
birtiiag er MM>tct fefttcm Sater bodiaa. 

lit^ko «• lika bia father, or be relam* Mc S^^loAf p^ir. Mf - tt, tba drola, tba 

Urn bia fiatbar. 'vrafte, fcuai or fefliment of any mehed 

W6#f04»tCIL kilKnr, bntcberinf or kao- mataL Cf^fd^acfdl , JtUPfttn^ttttf 

ijam^ d<»WB beafia tor the table. Wc^RMotftn 2(, the droDi of koa^ oop. 

kiMUUbiU^ M ^ nom.Jhig. per, leedete. 

t Mdier* one ytho kilU aad felb the i^Mtn, f#i^. r^. aeair. with tbe mm» 

Idb of cattlo ia a market, or ia bia Miiituj v&rh ^Ua, C<ffCa<fen tltUXi, to 

•aa boale. T^ld or have a areat deal ^ chrofii or 

kr Mla^tfr , dv Lanaer-fideoa. looria. 2>al 99h fWOckt Mr, the ova or 

MiiUiHljPirtllfrf the trade or piofeC^ netal yielda or baa orocb dtoiGi; 

Saa^of a botdier. M CiMatfMltabf M^ti, pimr: tk-lgbetg 

04l|A|rrffdb^ ^* aad a^fv. iUligbtar or • a bam ci the footia or droCa of mailed 
^Bi3ier.Iike. metaL . > 

fcllCm<iltllllflBrrtir « f^neymaa batdier. tal e^dait(^t filafff or ritrtoaa filfekw 
k^etMifM^f M'd/ /^/ar. Mc«cr, the ore refembUaa drofii or feoria. ^ 

fiJd piUtsiU. M€ 6<Ma(fe0groN, the pit or bole befota 

kt64CiKbt^iiftnr M * ipplMT. at aom. a uaeltu^ lamace^ into midi the droA 
ji^aberdofcatdedBiiffBed tobekil* iaput. 

led or batdiered. to? ^((MMlKrfni, • book albd ia taklaa 

MMMHra^ bCi-el, /»ikr. Me-^tlf)Br, out the fcam Of drofr of metal. 

boale, a honie, ta which Me 6(t(a<ten)Klttt> a hill or heap of diola. 
ottle^are killed.- bo4 CMNadtnHcIll, diofii or feoria beatea 

a44f*.ifld ailv. a word afed iato little piecea. 

aaly ta compofitioB* dnf(tM<Mg, of the i)e? 0c|la<fenfola(e/ tha fitreoaa cobala* 
(aaaelwttror^oar; laidof horles. (T' 

(SCa ore reierobliaf feoria or drofiu 

ltirftbMAtiir#Wct»» afi>andered hoHe; tff e^kMfCllIihrrer, a wberi-barrow maa 
V. M9 akiUMW%r tllltttfd^ldcttlf. ia fmeltingboaTe*, tdio cairiea the dfbl^ 

kl CtjilWiWffri. an Architect in BMafliy away, 
ceaatriaa, who ia Ikilled ia ikiabtag §ood Uf e«(a(tdKMll, a fieny maft, wbidi ^a. 
awl iaffing dikea. ■ paratea from the df o(a or fooria. - 

HffttffftlttfrtP'^f • batcberVkaiCa. M @tH^dta%\mt tin or pewter melted oi^ 

kr0MM|tMN/ * ^^ ^>* which ia fit to be got out of Icoria or drofik 
kiUr^ I-6(N«(n§f -ef/ -fe, m^. and a^fv. con* 

M 6(MKftti9ftr / U$'i t pimr. at aom. uinbg and yielding droU, and in a mo- 
jb^ a fictim or Sacrifice* /Ir^arailt^e/^^ re limited fimfe.mucb drola, drolfy, 
im 04tfftd^tO9fCf WCfben/ to become of full of drola, filthy, impure. ^Um$ 
betka victim, to Ibffer for another. gci Cff, drofly or^ or metal. ^blOf 

kc MUubtOftaling/ plur, bk .en. i) An M^X woald lignUy like or refembimg 
evier of *^ttle, a battle array, tint drob. 

mwrna. fn €(^Ia(9tottnang ((cllai« to draw a. GcMMfg, • ffr • fe^ «4r. «Bd mdv, ia* 
^aa arsi^ in order of battle-or in batt« Head of ftMlffW, rainy, pluvial or pla- 
le array, in battalia, a) A ftatnte or vioaa. Mfftcflgei QettCf/ wet, raiay, 
law coocenang thebntcher*a, die (ham- moiiirweather* 
bica or the kiluag of cattle for the market: Me @4rocfl»nHI, a large thick paddings 

te 64Mi|^tpfnt, a war - horfe, battle* the grdat gut of a bor Auffed widi mia* 
bofie, ahodCf, which an officer ridea in ced poik well fealoaed with fpicea 
bacila. andlalt. ^ 

)iie4iikMiN&*^^»^<<»^«^^Uedbya UHt^eA^h M-eg, ptmt. Me 64(4(6 
bafdMrr the temple, tba upper part of die fidiaa 

ki MffMMitaat^ bef -eg/ pimr. Me*er, of the bead 

• Abe, a broaa^wotd &r tha bfRia or a, bef fN>taf/ M • e^y ^ar. car. diat 
■Mia bafiia, a - «. ftate^wlHPrai.-« tkebadt£^mpagr£Kdy)it 

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ft proper £eaCe. ^H bcti @(|(af fdKcD, 

tmbi^ftn, to fall afle^. i^C^ Mr lOI 
. li{ftii6(Mflfc, I tmtiilft 41«ip. Sill 

ffnb in Un e^iaf ftegcn^ to lull a duM 
. fflkep. ^tt tengrr^ toicrf porter » tv 

WftCT/ ftttftof, fc«er60(af, t W. 

1.. fliort^ profound, ^uietv moet, l%hc 

n0«p. )3<»(^abe bifft ^tac^ ttixitn &^iQf 
in tocioen Vtidrn p.e<^6t# I bavo oot got 

ft wiok of deep thift Di|$ht. Sill tUffC^ 
. >^6fiaf n^ SiMK/ « nap, « Ottmbor or 
i (honSUtp ftfter burner. ^6) f^abt CiOCO 
i' illlCll ^(af gCtfKiW/ 1 bftfo hftd ft 80o4> 
ft found fleep , Iliave flep( yrelL a. Fi» 
. guraii>v§/r. i) Tbo Uate of the bonoiu- 
• miiig oftevem ftnimals ia irioter, for 
, ftxampLi, Ibc corn. rat (j^Otnflcr)/ ibe 
marmot (CfttinscUftiCt) ate. tditch it pro* 
' perly no fleep. 2) Still more inprDper- 
., ly, a ieep it ftfcribyed to plftiiiU . wnicb 
. . ^onfifti in an iiiftccivt^ of tbeir vege* 
tftUe nature. 3)' Oer e4K0f of ft meni- 
bor of ft human body it likewifo ft Aita 
of Aunniog or benummiBg (^5(tiltt^llllg)« 
. ^Ztt @&tof M ^»tmim^, ihft futft 
. of the dia<H>«tionftd vfio of it for the judg- 
ment of actions. ' , 
iU :6*teftlUt, the^^ftrtery of the tenplo, 
that branch ol the uury, which ia Tiublo 
'. on the templet. 

reddilh green (puoge in the form or 
Jbape of fta i^pie» which grows out of 
the branches of the wild role-bulh ; ftlfo 
thft mandrake* ft pUnt. 

ba ttcblafbalfan, ftjurcoticfti bsKftm. 

Me @(bl0tlbont. 1) A bench to fltep on. 
. ft) A bedHeftil in the form of ft cheift. 
hit 6<t^(afbtm# the feft- morel; th^ night- 
, ihade»^lhabeUftdoonft (ft pUiit> theAl* 
, kckeagi. 
bod C^l^fbtin, thft bone of the templet. 

future of the temple -bone. 

64Iof6rloitti(^ Wcfmid^i »ih ^^d 

Mv. narcotic » aarcoticftI» foporilerous« 
Ipponfic* fomniforoos, cftuiiog or brio- 
fting fleep. 
C^riolch f 'oerb, trref. ntutn rdik the 
auxiilary verb ^ObCli; idf Mtiftf btt 

M^m, a mUi imperf. iSfWM; 

- Partidp. d<f(b(afcn ; imper. fc^lftfo WI«f( 
s^ to fleep, to take one^s reft with, ft total 
'* iufpeolioa of all the. mental powers, i. 
. lo ft proper Cenfo* to fleep» repofe* reA. 
' .Itnciipig fctlafcar to have an UAOuiet 

0«ep- iM or Wf f<tofm f to fleep 

ibfindiy. ghin mil M W^fm, ^ bar 

£ag anbrlcbt, now I will fleep till day- 

^ break, ^emaiibcn^ fctl^iib Robco , to 

K ' fiad one afleep or fleepmg. With ft faw 

** verbs this word u nfed in the lufnititro 

without 10. 6<^aftll 8C(CQ, to go to 

[ bed. 34^ (am mt0f(^iifj^eniacgr, 

1 WIS already abed or in bad. C|c \A 

- »fc^1IO(ft{(M<lfmfldr8t ^rtCr btforaj 

: wieat to bed. S){r Aiiitct Wafta 14 
dvtif to fend the children to bed. a. ! 

. ft more extenflve fenfe. t) To hare ca 
rtal knowledge of. Ocf cbltr 9erf( 
M^lofhl^ tolia^iihona. s}9€93emo 
bro ftblofeOf M dnaii Orfc fdNa^. t 
feM nbema<bttii/to lie or day all nigl 

.' at one's hou£e» ftt ft pUce. - S. To be 

r • ft Hate of benummingt nombneft, 
torpitude, to be in the Hale, of ft flot 
fid inftctiviiy. .£rr8u| td Wk tillficfibi 
fctl/.mv footis ftfleep. Certain ftniro^ 
floep all iha winter , whan thev arjt in 
banumanne inCBnlibtli^. Tna pla£ 
fleep (((blaiClO/ when their Tegaubla \ 
gonr is in ft fort of ihactita raft. Tl 
conlcience fleeps (f(ftUlft}/ when it 
not n&d to judge of actionf accordk 

to the Uw. (Stan moi tk JftunbfcM 
nlAt Cdngc WMm (offm, wnMM Kj 

ioHtXif one mall not let friandlmp 1 

, lonft inactive. In an alagftnt ftvlo al 

of things • whidi have not yet tnoir e 

iftence, diair due or proper nnraveilta 

2)le Sunhn ber p^nab tmu^, wtit 
In ttofmr Vrull (maftii, to kindle < 

llir up the fpariLt of virtna , which fle< 
i in our breaft. 4) To' be in the Aato 

death, to ba dead, fr if Wifn i 

taMCO, ha is dead. 
bOl e^MfCII/ fla<l>ing. rapofingf flee 

raft, repofa, lombar. 
ba< e^fimMA^, tha gong to bad. lyii 

down to fleep, 
bcr 6<W(lfier/ M - b, p^' nj 'wm.fut 

F0mliubU@ifiA\V[\m$ ft fleepar, (£ 

UmWMtt, a Aug- a . bad. 

e*M^j, mm%, -«. -»«/ ««f. •« 

adv, ut9pyi daowfy. i) In a prop 
IVnfe. twUvin femir to be floapyn 
drowfy. (fillfdMdftrCfte^ Jt^b^ a Aaaj 
child, ft) Figuroiivefy^ flow, uu\ 
' lingarmg* lazy, flothlml. flnggifli/dil 
tory, heavy. dnlL negligent. 2to f(bi 
feriacr fRmf^lt/ ^ ^^h heavy, flow, lai 
flothful man. ^(WdfOfig O^Cftcn, 
work flowly or nealigentiy. dn ^14j 

rifled ffrrb, tuow, dull, flnggi 


bte6«MftHjMt/ ftiUoftnerMMfU§(c 
pint, inuji fleepinels , drowuneCi ; a| 
figuratively , tupinenels, carele(anftf| 
Uoth, negligence, flowneCi» dulnei 
laftioedi, uacknefs, idlenab, hoavinel 

6(W4fcm# verb,, r* nejor. with ^^ 
to drowfe, to ba Deepy or drowlV. i 
fc()I4fcrt mM/ I am fleepy, drowfy. i 
\9X mf(t fcbrflrficbMfcrtV 1 have been ve 
drowfy. e«r4lU|fmcnk^ I waaOee] 
or drowfy. 

6(b(of , •cr, ^ €(N# ttdj. and mdv. Had 
looLe» unbent • not fiiff» not Arfina 
foft, remifa; flackly, remillly. Suf < 

ttOifMiitaeciirtaiiiai/ todaoco^ 

a flack rope. fiMm S^wM*Obtt 
AaggiAg ears of a mgt dog'g aaift Imi 

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• (pftrt^fmMgiagbMiA.- ttiMAMfaff 



otlMkeo A duH* Cdrfaff mcfOoi^ to 

H» Aactoi or nH^Bt, to gtow looft, 
or rt9i|i. 
ib64i4»Cttr pi^r. immf. t^\SmU» Hack- 
uk, yi^tmmoth nnhwi<ing» iudmifig* 

)m.i^m/km* ^«« ^^ ^^'^ ^ ^ 

MMMhA^ »oiit]r f^A tot ft nighi^ 

wTSOow. Ok edKafgcfcmnn, «( wife 

riK MtoftaviC/ « womao^t oi^t - cap. 
IHftlflflatl^, « hoiiio for ft crftv«Utr to 

lkaMiftofci^ltatei#»f€«r « P«lf of draw. 

en worn ftiuUff the brooohMr or ufed 

kS&mt, bOl 64rofi|CllUK> Of 

MWpnKT, ft btd-cbftmber, ft room 

vidb a M fo Heaping in. 
M MlOfbOttt^ a oama for plantt* Trbich 

iuta die firtoa of piocorixig fUep,- aa. 

ibtftidiUhada^ faftii-^ftoa or hoaa-bftoo ate 

M eMAicI, ft fong to 1^ pna afleep. 

UUitt, *er# -Cfh r a4/. and o^v. llaap* 
Mi,nittleCi,-4apnf ed of flaap, ihat canno| 
^* e^oilok 9)dd>tC M<Q/ to ^v« 
lU«pk(iorioai€&ai6lita. 9d) M)C Ikfe 
iMkti<IMMilll^t<^' 1 havepalTad 
ilns B^t wichoiit fleep , I got up fleep- 
kk tittt laoiniiig* ' 

tmalaUMt, pUtrJmmr.aeefileUMlii, 
fmtkatU, want of Ufop or r«& 

iMlMMy a ioponferoiia remady. 

ItewfRiaiC, 9taftmft«e, a ni$ht-cap. 

Cf il doc refute €kb(aAnA(fc f ha ia a 
<trown, dull, Aupid* homdrnm fellow. 

CwnittCf a donBoufe. a littla anioial 
nCniUiai a rat, that li>et ia liollow 
tfe«i aod ueept a areat part of tha wio^ 

kr* CriicfiKre9f(6d)tafratte/faa U 
I Oaagui or a flog • a • bad^ ba is tpo 
flacS|;ifCft to flaep. 

t:eMpa,.M-ti, plur. Mc-fMv 
• iifK^goWB^ teonuna • gown, (cT 

ke^WTB^e. ^/jiT. c*r. tbe latbafgy. a 
oMtIf cooUAu ^f a profound drowC*^ 
ttd orHeep. Agmroihte//, a blameab* 

»>^«fibaay. IH< eeele au< efiic^ 

mitf , to daKfer tha £i^ul from ap la-^ 
^mtj or dttUaotiK Imo which flia 
^BflkorAiU, , 

*»*i|/ -CfV -fc^ -^- «d ifi^. fc. 

. Jtl|ar|i6» Oaapy,, drowipr; .bothulftplro- 
r pier and fiauvativa feiyfe, 
MeCM^afiUlC, a Ijaeping-placa, a M; 

a place* vWhara 6i^a ilea at night upon a 

tit e^loftrwitrM * ef , pfur.hkrMak, 

p 41 loporuarooa dttnh» a narcotic potion. 
>€r ^d^loftnint/ M-^H, pdur. lie- IfAnfC/ 
• a fleafiiag-aup, wina or any other liqoor 

wa drink iuftbtibre wo go to bed. . 
6Alateaiifca^-r<tr - He, adL and fdv, 

all ft Heap • drparfy . full oi' Ueepr*:drow« 

'jMd,withAaap, dull, heavy, Qaepy.' 
iil ed^UKfitumnHitf Qeepinels, drowG- 

sfltfsy hearinffs^- dead Qaep, any iiw:lir 
.. .nation for fleeing. 
Me Ci^Wfitit, the ttfoal timo of going to 
. bad^ bad-tioia. 
MedMitiumn, abad-cbambar. 

tar &6(h* M • a, piur, lu Gdrtdie, from 

iboTarb RMOICtt,/ a ftrokit# biow» dfAi, 

. . Iiit, clap, tap» cnffi^ box* ftripa* O Xh^ 

pecntiar found or noiCa tmited witb the 

ftroka. S)er @cMi M ^onertff a clap 

or burft of thunder, a thunder dip* 

2)cr e^lHf ter AnoH einer glinte , tho 

mort of a gun. &n fOltCT 6^te0^ 

a lightning, wich lliiket or cracki» but 

doaa not luadla or fat on fire. 2)ie 

. SAntt, 9Mft tajT eiaen ^uten 6d>iad^ 

. tha gup cracka wall , haa a ^ood or loud 

report. Of another kind it the 0(bta(l 

, of certain lioging birdf , i. e, their fong» 

and the manner of their linging. ^cr 

6d)log Set 9lO(ttldalI, ter (ttitf M 

SinttH^ K. the fonp of th^nighiingate^ of 
lelarkt of the £ich ^tc their manner 
of finging; where tha plural it nnufual. 
a) The act of iiriking. (a) From the 
V0rh fgemier fdllaflen. o) In itt mora 
. profier fianificaiiona. (Eitien 6c|^fag ^tl 
ber ©loae tbun, to Ilrika againll a bell, 

to toll it. jHe tM^r ill auf oent &blm 

tilff the clock ia upon the llroke of eje* 

yen. (Kit tern @4lofe fecb^ ba fc9n/ to 

be there precifely at /u o*clock* €r hm 
gkld^ nacp bemS^lage, he came direaly 
after it had itruck. Z>cr gd^log te^^Cr^ 

e$, M 9tt(fe^^ the palpitation of the 
rt , the beating of the pulfe. Uke* 
wife a more violent cafe united with the 
. found peculiar to this word. Cilteit 

. 6d)^0 r^un/ (^fcbloften, to fall down 

headlong, to fall to the mound, fi) ri* 

Sirtuivelyp @d)(Og it AiU very freauent- 
the fort, kind, fpeciet, nature of a 
ing , and in a more extenlive fenfe, jts 
ouality , where* the plural if onttfual. 

, itutt 900 cinem @<bfage^ people of tha 

(ama caft, cut or kidney. 2>a< if gOIII 

, dn onbrer 64rfag tiam iRonne/ twr>« 
^uita another •goeia /fort of man., ^i. 
it wn cinem onoem @41aee/ that it of 

, another fpeciet « kind, ffitcnf^en VOn 

; Uefem emim Mtint tie a(netgtm» ge^ 
flen Me tdefeOf^af^ eine £|)0cbeit so fepn, 
ginrmenii, (b) from the ^^rh actl^A 

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nta^tl, o> THit n6lem «nd' <fuick 
moiion oC^a hotW ttgiinSt 1I16 other, wl^ch 
it' eKprbttM:^ aoci imiUrted by tha veri^ 

em 64^(00 mft ^dii l^iimiicr, mil ^m 

gtodC, mU ^et#0«^/ a jftrolw Of Wow 
'^lilti t hirraiiier,'irfith'««iliick, with th# 
bend or R^ - J)tt(t e^O^t mit ^Olt 
pCmmtff tbr«a ftrokaa wkh a baamaf. 
IB the plural it figinfiai " t efy fr^qoaatly 
Tocb lirokaa or^biarws t6 diafla(a»- cor- 
rect or pimiih, 9i fc^tte Mit vleCf tat 
ffrnkhtn ifrC$4(dACnfOimiKtlr tbaj were 
like td come to baadibloita; ^Mm 
• b0i«enr^»lc 
^ to heat the 

k^Mnt^ thou 


been fomidlT 

te aecidaBtt» 
^fe fortune* 
opieiy. €<il 
1 apofdectick 
>r ^ladittffie 
aa a}>opleiy. 

•tIofl» e^COfl 
' a (hip from 
oneUckingtoanotlier. 9t{t6<Mtftni(ail^ 
ftnr UnHrcn# to lafeett 10 diaojMtbedt- 
vectionorteouiacoiirfe. $)tHf(tin^lXifi, 
•moos WeaVert, the woof in weating. Jxt 
CitlfdUdg among Wine^merchanta, diat 
wbicb IS put into wine in order to im- 
prove it 9 and man^ other compound 
words. 4) Thai which is produced by 

beating. 2)<r i^otiimarfi(IOfl or eif)tn< 

fdfia^f the fcales, flakes or Uaket, which 
are hammered out of iron. The ilaoip 
0/ coin of a piece of money is very fre- 
quently called the Ckt^gi where -^e 
E' ral is unufnal. CkiO veil dnftlct 
Cogr, 9cprtfgC/ money of one and 
fame damp or coin. ^Ultbcrt ZHifO* 
ten aUc iron tlntm ©<WOfif , e hundred 
ducats ail of «one coin orAamp. Alfo 
the mark , which many MecUaaicka or 
AniAs make or put on their wares or 
voods, is known by this name. S)tr 
6*Ittg/ htt lact/ in Muiic, the caden- 
ce» the time, the mea^ire of found. CiO 

longramcr, gcfictoinbcr e^la%, « flow, 

a Quick cadence or meafure; V. bcf' 
^Ct. Among Millers* S^ftffC ere llie 
channels or grOotes cut in milUftones. 
5) Set 0jtrO8/ *p||f*f«g/ the felling or 
rutting down of wood; that part of a 
fotefl, where wood is cut down or trees 
'9^ felled. 6) That which ftrflces, a eUp, 
crack, crafli. 2)(e t^itt, M OQflne# 

lentt Vtilver, (er faimH Vaunt k. go( 
fbieiigcmattfgcnCc^fag/ the door, the 

0iio* powders blowing up, that tree*a 
nil etc. cave a great clap/ crafli orcrapk. 

boiiCe wlcb a trap»4oof. ^ 0cf 1 
: mif, e TieiiiMle « tff«p or 

' 6(|iiig Oil dncf jhitfite, the' 
c<*ch. gkifdarreMMiitftrlfliAtii 

V fKfcif/ to ride fisi rftMexeoadk GuSk 
the boot. 7) In HusbODdrt , bff^M 

- ia a ciofe, an tetlofttao; a dbtiMi< 
stable grd^ for diffMMC feeds aeis 
ding to the Csafona. • tHt Mcf fhH 

^ hm ««M0ni/ the fleldt mm «rfde4i 
to three parts. 

%fe 9(||iCa|abciv;«/sir* Mc-iv w aftviy; 1 

kere<vragbafkti, ed>i»llMka Mg^ 

htttdt, the fwipe of ^ draw- Iftdge^ 
^r6<t^(agba(fam, hti-i, f/^v. (hot en 
of fereral forts,) (^fe-e/ en apoplttf 

64(agNr# -er# -Itt, «i9^ end md'9. ^ 

nity be felled or cntdowa. Cia fMl 
terer 9aini/ e tree» thai nsay be Mk 
with advanuge. 
ttt 6<M«g»attiii, M- d/ !»!»-. Mc*UBii 
i2 A bar to flivt a palTage » a tsmi-^ 
99 In Huntings a trap or pit-Giii'i 
in <:at4Biii0g wild beefta. 3) 4M* < 
Norn mIt 6|tffC1lf canung - bor 
tum-piko wim iriMB-fpikea. 4) < 

mit 64(agMtiiiin) tn^pdWUcii ' 

edmie> e bafaicado, a ' 

bite6^U!idt,3vmtdt, e aiaw-bi^i 

bcr 6<Migl<gei, a rapier; tbtog fwoid. , 

ecMigCfMrf, M^'. and «Ap. fiaidoned^ 

imirad to blows. Cr if MfbgefM, 1 

ia hardened or mured to^ blowe, 4 

does not mind beii^ aat^§A or fM 

tag eitlagdfai. ■) Among 
hammer vied in narking trees, s] 
Hunting , a trap or Ihiro nfed In i 
diing wild beaftt . ' 3) Aw Iron ^ 

tet6<$rdgt(/ M-gf pimr.m » 
t) A mallet, a hammer; alio a 
a parer*s beetle, s) J}tt AMIgCl 
le CfngUfcbtogcn/ a rammerrj) 2)ef < 
ittbartttmoiitl; tbedromftck 

e^pfmW^d, tint 4amiMgfafirA 

leg of mutTon. 
6$ligthl/ *i>erb\'reg. neut^, with (gfl 
aa popular «nd famUfar latrrtaglw f^f 
or miAake out of inconliderataiMr 
imprudence, to comuit agfola or 
fault. ' , . . 

m^t. et f«f(fgt; Jmper/. i^ f^' 
Conj. /(tldgfj /'«ri/e/f.gc(d>ragait 
peti^. (ttfoge, r(WOg- Jt U ufnal 

double form. 

I. As a Verb neuter, i. With the/ 
xifiafy verb fton; where Ae 
more paifire. i^To fall vio 
fuddenlv, cfuicklv, fwiftly'or 
tely, to nil 001^ headlolUE. to i * 

dcm gnVtOfW) tM siwd 

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lit hii bead «gaixill> fipQf. QKt (cm . ke mi; 
lofff tfcgen ^u Wanb anWa%tn, to 

, Scream i| |urfl((dcrdl)(agci)/ t 

r 11 rfpeiled, .or beatea bactu,. %) 
moved, wiih violence and force. 

Ibo<s or bit your haad a^ainli a ,vraU, 
* "* *" • - -' - ijjg 1^^^ 

2) To be 
lorce. 2)a< 

Dillac Wng ftm dkt ben ^bpf mhrnt 

nnir ibe water iran over bit bead, be 
fris loaked or covered witb water. 2)ic 
fmm W6qlt in bit S^bhtf tbe fia^me 
■oQou, nfioft. Scr Wm WM {n tic 

6Nd, <be wiod beata in the faila. DtC 

fBdkn rctingen an \>Qi e^% the^atea 

orUllom beat againil tbe veflel or Ibip. 
Towbicb belong probably Uia pb^aCs 
t(B lOfiKn Kf<t(c8cnf n 208/ ail the day, 
imag the whole day. 3) Qften alfo of 
ceruio quick cbangea. ^{C t>intt , fsiMit 
\m^, ibe tok Ciikf tbroujf^ the paper. 
iDic^damti;4KAdCn ani, the treea ibooc 
or bud , tbey burgeon or fprout out. 

Ui ioro fcb(4gt in ^tc ip6t^c. (ft in bic 
ipide gef(b(a()cn , the price of com riles. 
Of oani rilet in price, ©cr SCcocn ftbWgt 
hti, die raio links through. !oxt €^a(bt> 
if ^^Cftl^fQgcn f the aAair has failed, 
lui miicarried. %ui ttt trt ffWagtOr to 
<ifg6iirrate, to debafe one*a kind. Sicf 

W4t flitte in mdn 3ad).* I tm no com- 

jMtent judge in this , thia doea not bo- 
IoB| to ny province, trade or -btiiinelfl. 

{^ if do Jiekr basn gcfcblaftcn/ it waa 

Kconpaaied with a fever , or befidet 
leiag feiaed with a fever. SbC bCT Ultt 
^bna^hm fi4Mgt, before the wUd Bra 

[ fat elfij^tagcn? hbir 

J? (c5 To. move fio- 

much did ^Urikei 

lently. ^J^tt^U, boi^tfiWA^t, tbo 

Sttlfe. the he^nWau. goea pic a pit. 
> nit rtpg nunmebr ibt.&Kn an jo mat 
g^t 3a fdbie. wit mir bco fcincm 9^ii(^# 
men bai S^tn Wdgit, Q)d|T. Qai jkn 

fcbtUg 2>0»{b, Dayida heart fitiote him. 

A Sam. 24. 10. ecfneemifTen m^Mgt ij^n^ 

hia conlcience reproachea, itings him. 
rd) According to Aill qtiore^/ixtanlive 
Murea it ia ufed in feveral particular 
phrafea. 3n fict f(^rog(n / Scuc (clom^ 
am # to come to ooe's felf , to relent at / 
ooe^a crime, to be forry for it, to repent 

it. ® urad f^la^cn , grminncn , to take« 
to (bike root. C Htbt, wic tief ^ot bdft 
e^nu ^ora<l gcf^fagen! aBdfTc. 

11. As a verS active, i. To move a 
body of a certain length aqd breadth 
with fuch a velocity and violence a^^aiinft 
anotherj that the found peculiar to th« . 
word f(b(agcn arifea. 

i; In a proper fenfe. ^Kit btfll J^flW^ 

meron bic £bAre rd)iO0eh/ to itrikeor 

knock at the door with a hammer. 2)i( 

i^dnbc Aber ben £opf iufamnren s^Upm^ 

to clap one*s badda together over one*t 

head. Suf ben 9lmboi fcbtogen, to iiri* 

ke on the aneil. @i(b Oft bie Q3ru# )icbl<l^ 
gen/ to beat one*s brealt. in bit <&(0^ 
tfe fcbfOgen/ to ftrike the bell. 3q CtA^ 
(te fi)(agen / to beat in pieces. ilm(Xl 
HU \feoben fcbfogcn, to knock fome thing 
down. And fo of a £reat many actions, 
which are united with a /Iroke. StlieR 

6dbub dber ben Mflen fc^lagen/ to p^t 

a fboe upon tbe laA. ^trten ^fobl in 
bit (grbe fcbfagen , to drive a pile or 
ftake into the ground, fintn SSlmi in 
bit %Banb fd)(Ogen/ to drive a nail into 

the wall, yapter^ (Biicbef fcbfagen/ to 
beat paper, books. ®oSe fcj^Iagen/ to 

card wool, ©en ^ofien fcbiagen/ to plav 
at tennis. Cinem ttxoai ani ber ipano 

fcbfOgen/ to ftrike foroethin^ out of hit 
hand. According to a very ufual figure 
it lignifies very frequently to give a thing 
a certain preparation by beating, ftnkinr 
etc. to produce a thing by beating, An- , 

king ate. 2>en toitt ((blagen, to beat 
the time. Sfe llor fcbldgt bit @^unben^ 

the clock ftrikes the hours. V. tbe 'pre- 
ceding verb neuter, ^ol| W^tn, to 
fall or cut doWn trees, as well as to 
make billets or logs. DcbCJCblOpen/ to 
prefa oil. gencf fcMpen, to ftrike fire. 
Oe(b fitrfdgen/ to coin or mint money. 
©Ofb f$Iagenf to beat or hamn^er gold 
into thin leaves. in^^fCU^ fd)(agen, lor 
nagein^ to fafteo on, or to nail to a crofa. 

Cinetf 9)abmen an ben (Bolgen fcblagen/ 

nagdnr to faften on, or nail one*s name 
10 the gallows. To which probably be- 
long tbe phrafes, dnc '13rA(fe fcblagen/ 

to lay the pontons, make a bridge of 

loati. Sal Aigct (4^(adcn «' abffccfxn^ 

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to pitch 4 €iiil«. fr fdmi 5k Oif^el, Mt 
tanu, *<irfc, ailNTftWagtli, be cm pl«y 

on the orgin , on the lute, on the h«rp« 

on the gujt«r. 2Me. Xttmmfi, (>fc 9au« 

fen f<bta0^/ to beat* the drtim, the kett* 
le-dram. Urm WagCQ, to alarm, to 
nt9 the lignal of anning, o^ pi^mMiinc 
For any fudden danger, ^n QkarfQ 
fcl^Caaai/ to Itrike np the march. Su 

tnoncen )itm 9Utter mam, to knight 

one« to creAte him a knight. "Oai^BMH 

tiviH Cdc^ r<bladen or flopfcn, to beat 

the white of an egg. 

-s) In a more Imitted fenfe, td heat, 
(hike etc. out of retenge or aa a diafti- 
fementf correction or nunifhment, whe- 
re this verb fuppofet the mere palm ot 
the hand, of a fiick or a fimilar inAm- 
ment. (a) In a proper feofe. 3emaiM 

ben Wwn, to beat one. g^a^Scmon* 

ben WHtti^ to itrike at one. Seman^ 

^ ben auf ba< Staul f^faflen^ to give one 

a flap, blow, cuff, dowfe or flap on the 

chops. :9<monben hinder tieDbren Kb(a« 

gen , to give one a box on the ear. ^e^ 

manteit mit bent etodt, mfr ber j^onb 

Sl^Iagcn/ ^^ beat or ibrike o|ie with « 
tck, wikh the hand, mt Ut OttttbC 
8(0Aen/ to whip or fcourge with a rod. 
• belt fefne Stnber gcfcbiagen/ he has 

^htpired , beaten , punilhed or chaftifed 
bis children, (h) Figmrativafy, a) To 
fmite, chaiUfe, punilh, plague, amict; 
'particnlarlv in a fcriptural Ityle. CDUt 
tellnbbeltfcbCafien/ to fmite with blind- 
iie(a, Gen. 19, 11.^ 2>al 3)oK mit |)e< 
Weni (3>la0en, to Ixpite the oeopie with 
pefiiknce, Exod. 9, 15. JHnjef" 

set Slannj 

lann # *& untortunate, a rumea 
0) To wound; but only flili in 
the German Bible. H^ tcm W^m 
tinb (ann fdltn, I wound and Iheal« 
>Deutero. 3a, 39. Alfo among Huntsmen. 

S>a^ wilbe 6<bioeln (W» mit ben gtfb^ 

neil/ the wild boar wounds with hia 
teeth, y) To kill; alfo only flill in Lu« 

ther*a Bible, ^cb »i8 binfort ni(bt mef^r 

ICblOflen aM, wa^ ha UUt, neither will 
'. again fmite any mora eveiy thing living. 

Gen. a, at . i) ei<b fcblogen , mit eindiu 

ber f4mpfett/ to fight, box, cuff, to beat 
or cudgel «>oe another. 6f(b mit dtiem 

auf ben X>t%m Waatn , to fight with 

the fword ; to fiebt a duel with the 

fword. 6{(b mit Vitolen fcbfagen/ 
to ^^t a duel with pifiols. VVhere 
alfo the verb f(blagen it fometimea 
ufed abfolutely and without recipro- 
cation ; lie moOen /(blagen^ >• «. fi^ 
fcblapen. ^t is in this manner not only 
sled of Juels or combats between linale 
perfons • but alio of the fights or battles 
of fmall'parties and whole armies. ttD^ 

fere 9rffiee mitb morgen f()>(agen# our 

army will givf battle or will fight the 
enemy to morrow.' flXft bem Jefnbe 
WWMf to fight the enemy. On the 



contrary Tn a more actife form, an4 eo 
feqnently alfo with the accufativo^ b 

tetiOtWagenf ben 6{ei^,(l(er ibn erfe( 

ten / M to beat the ehemy^» to gam or 
get the victory, where it 10 ufea of imi 
parties , as Wl as of trhob armies ; 
kewif^ of. the war by land, aa well 

by (ea. 2>eil SeinS in W Slucbt fef^tagc 

to defeat, to rout the enennr, to ptit tl 
enemy to flight. - S)en Sdnb OUg be 
Jelbe f(blO|Cn# to decamp, boat, di 
perfe or deftroy the enemy. ^9 £f9e 

mc wurbe hit tOrdfcbe Siotte gef^ftiie 

the Tufkilh fleet was beaten nearTfchfl 
me. O^ duels or combau between Gng 
perfons It is not nfual in this ligntficatio 
a. This word is alfo ufed ofmany foi 
of iWift,^ active motions and unit< 
with violence. 1M %Uth WiA^f b<flt< 
'' aa«/ the horfe kicks, fitc SlAga lUfai 
men fcMOienr to dap die vdnp. 2> 

n>f(be €^mHn fcbMgt mit bem iopfe ui 

ben JBaUJdbnen* the wild boar ftnk 
with his head and tulks. 2)er 3taubV 

ie( fcbidgt feine &mvx In ben 9Caub , t] 

lird of prey Ihrikes his claws or taloi 

into his prey, ({{nen in eifcn nnb 9ba 

be f(biOgcn# to fetter one. to pnt \|im 
fetters. To which alfo belong the figi 

rative phraCes, fi(b ettbol ang bent einii 
dug ben (^ebatijfen fcbUgeri/ to endeavoi 

to for^t a thing • to drive it out 
one's mind or thought, ({twa^ in I 
64>awef(b(agen, to venture or ha»a| 

fome tirmg; V. Scbanie. etmag in b^ 

JBinb fcblagen, to flight, neglect, d 
fpife or fcom fome thmg. (rtnen gttt 

SRatb in ben ®inb Rbiagen^ to flight, n 

gleet, deipife or fcom an admonition 1 

advice. £He Veine ftbof einonber gefcbl 
gen/ crob - legged, ffitit fiber cfnoni> 
gefcbtogen^ «rmen/ ^th arma acrol 

©og ©an In «brbe fcblagett/ to fhov 

fait into balkeu, to put it m with afli 

vel, Zai «ier in Jaffer Wtagen, fflBei 

to tun or barrel beer, to put it in caflfi 

Ctwag bur* ein Cleb fAlagen^ to lira 

fome thing through a ueve. f^ 9ng< 
»Oranf fcblagen^.to look upon a Ain 

IDen (ftantel nm bie Cbren Wa%ta, 

thi^w yonr cloak about your ihonldei 
to wrap yonrfelC up in it. CfQ IBMA 

tu(birgenooo bcrumfcbiogen, to enveli 

or wrap Lome thing in a waxed canvii 
ptt gcagen fcjltfgt urn, the waggon ovu 
feu or overturns. 2>erSinb f^tdgt til 
the vvind changes, turns. !Oie Sdpvoefl 

In bie SXoft fcblaaen, ttefben, to driv 

put or fend the twine or hogs to maj 
Particularly as a verb reciprocal. 0f 
Hnfer iponb/ W re*tef j&jnb (cMage 

U^ben # to turn on the left hand , < 
the right hand. 6i(f» §U bflh ScinI 
fcblagen , to go over 10 the enemy. 6i 
InggjIttClWOgCn, fegeh, to interpol 
intermeddle, alfo to interceiJe, interpo 
hisgoedoJBices, toput in hit modiaiioi 

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MfkKlp/ 1)>« ttct of bMtiiit, IMkiiig, frittt) He - C, t |bMar ; « Itak Hp* 
ftmipiDg, tlfo fightings kickidg , -£■• .Toldoring; tbe maCi for foldeffing. 
png itc ' 'ta{ 6(|(aBnc9^ a fMn^ « lam net ufad ia 

krMtier/ W -I, W«r. HI nom.fing. filhiog. • . 

I He dMt bMU orkiiocU ; k U ordini- 'tk^^hipHtfUf •fopXmede plib. 
rily ofed m compooiMU. Z^lbtfd^ld^, Hi C^Iagt^tttvCf/ ami • apopfecde foxf^ 
tD hmddde, nu/chereri Dt^tfC^^BCT, * ^'» povdar ^sod. for th« apoplexy. , 
I preffer of oil, ono -vrho makes rape- bcr 0<l)(aflrfMn# OCl •^y ;i/«r. at mam,Jiag% 
•a lie. ChtQoI^f<t^Hl9Cr> • goW^Jiea-- « great ihower of iain» a reiy beaef 
rer. Ctei&8(|f4l4gcr, afeller. a otea- rain-r V* y(a|lr(0m^ 
feref wood. eftitrommefWIger, a Me 64^a§nit|e/ ihe beitar of a nilU 

imuDcf. etir SNei^CtMger/ a tiiT^aB. liopper. 

tkitSdt ^dtnt Vfomatf ot fupfcfi Nr eotfotWatteo^ bti^i , p9Mr. m mom. 

fittKr/«brixter, a topper- fmitb. ^in Jtnf. in PdmiMy the flraater ihade or 
tvaafWmf • Intanill* a Ivie- player.- iiaArage of a body liaiidmg !■ the fain- 
(fa «rihl(l*<r @<tMecr; SdUftr or ^aW ««' ft>*<*« ®^ another body, that cofCTf 
|(r, agreat fiahter, fiUicuff-iiiaa, bo- orifael^ it from the ion-ihine; Fr« 
IV or doellilL ^) An laftrdDieDt vfed I'Obrage. 

Rinrikiflg, beatbig. knocking etc. for ber^fa«fcba6/ V. 6A|il|cfAo$. 
edUtflCl Dee 9taufMetl/ a rapier or ble eAlOgfdeiber in Clock -inakiBg, the 
loof JWord, bean aKo this name fo- plaet or dial, nvhtcfi ihewa the number 
netinei. of ftroket of every hoar. 

iemfm, ^/hr. Me -en; t^f^r^, figh* Me BdOatu^, a clocks v. et>iamit. 

ti^ ceffiog or udrmiibing. 2)ie e^0 Me 0Mli»anb/ amon^ Hnmsmen atfd 

imifltdtar to part the fray. Fowlertr any net^ which maybe drawn 

!r6(M^eMMK, M -H, iffMr. timf. tlie aiBddiopt^ 

/curiae, a regaMty in gold Or fiiver to *Ml^ e^^finM^tt, M-tr P^- <btt only 

be coined, an nnpoll taken' by a fovereign of feveril.foru , ) at nom. fiag. apopleo- 

fron the coining oF^oney. * > tic water« 

C^(d(Kfam9fCr the flecking orpnoo- ^lueCfLMf IH^ti, pimr. Wft, a word 

dna{ banmier in paper •>fniH§. ^only. .uM in popnlar* iapgiiage , a laay, 

t&itagaikr or^Jbiogubr, pAtr. Me -en, fluggiih# tade. uncigil, lUveniy. or good 

I dock, a machine, ferving to Ihew the £ori[iothing iailow; V. CcMingcL 

bflor by AiikiDg on a bell; aUb a repea- bee'-0(btanini/ 5cl«'e^/ phkr. tm^f*, oiire» 

dog watdi or a repeater, a watch» which nncU dirt» plafli, t^^xiU. gfm ^Urmmt 

firikes the hours. ' #ecfen hWbtti or P|Cn Uefbett/ >toilick in 

SMfHeioeef, clock-work. the mire. &6^ imeOfimmt xM^tUf W 

ijSMifaf, bfg -ffw, p/iff*. bfe -mth \ ^^:«,*^* *^*'* «^: "«• • , • 

ilarfiocaflc, in wliich things or goodi ber MUNfibeMer , ^et eMmmltXHt, 
•re picked for carriage. a ioadi, a fmail £lh in .pondl, . 

6*IagWer, ptmr, Me-n. i) TheOron- I. 64>Mninien/ vrh. .rttgn •et^ to cleanfo 
S<4feathert in the winga of birda; V. or &ee £rom mod, to waih. i) %fdit, 
^t^feWlgfe^m. %)K{oTto£R9%Utmnm^ 0onb fc|)((fminen , to waihaflieav fand. 
nfnck when nncoekeii . fou a machine ^fc^Idltintter eanb> waihed fand. 2)0^ 
b motiea or agohig ( adfo the fpring of St) Mblnimen> to walh ore. When the 

mdTona white -waih a wall for thtf^ firft 
time, they call it f<b(dmmei!. a) Citieil 
Xei(t» fctfldnimen/ to deanfe orfinee a pond , 
from mnd. 
a. ^i^fitmmXLf tferh.reg. neaUK with ^0 
ben/ to jgluttoniie • to gormandtae, to 
guaale, totope, to eat and drink to es»* 
ceft, to lead a debaticbed» riotoug life^ 
to live is lui^ury. • > 
M 0CbMmmen. CleanOn^, 'wafliing. 
ft) Oiattouaing , gormtadiaug , topin|^ 
eating and drinking to exceft, leadmg a 
debauched, liotons life, lifina in luxury ; 
^ntloojE, gajiaiing^luziiiy, luxuriouanela. 

ber Ciddmmer, be^ - i, piur, ut nam. Jlng. 

I) A cleanfor, waflier. a) A glntton, to- 
per, guaelaff, debancbee, gormandiaer, 
j^ormand , Mreller > one wholivee in 
great Insary. 

ble ecHdnmcret/ W^i^. bfe-en# from 
fcbMmmcn / bad ^dMniniei> a high 

degree of imemparan c eAaid luauriowe- 

Digitized by LjOOQIC 

6ft i64(a ^itla 

drink. ...... «(erpam.' v. 

fiib» that keeps in ponde» a mud* fiih. grara Pla|i|an«| likenpnliB « piune ford 

ha&biattmmwm/ • fifuawlhiaden duft ' wild Cnm-fopi (a pUa(>^ . . 

in whidi oivb /waflied. . . . . .M 6<ttasi0Cn^aU»tf tl^e Urpi^nt a huj 

Me 9d^(aillVI§nf((/' i quagmire. ^on§h or iikewife^n^m^liof. the heib Vip^VJl 

puddle^ . ' ' - gl " "" '. f 

^(Naitlllltt/* -er; nff. ^MTy. and «ara^. con- (fe < in «F a jarpatj 

tainiog rand, muddy» mix^ dhiy,uauhj,. y. 

plaAyJ eiMmmi^H na§^, tnudJtf hit i ent> de^. 

Tracer. (Ein f<6lommi0er 8(nB r • «;Diuddy bcr .'< cai4bo{^ a k^ 

liver. 4Mlanmiid^tt would Wy jigni* oL ; 

fyiike Of Mumbling mud. ^ • i icf @£t»lan0<nfopf/ the bead oFaTerpff 

tie ©cWarawmmeF a flue, ndmj and na- g^ €MM<mflcnf((>f4eO/ tbelWintflH 
., ily bofly. e^IarniMiniKtlv^to *be idlo> a (erpent't iiead. 

anfllead a rioteua- and negligent conrla M Gctdandcntrautf Serpeptarjr, Mn 
of life. or ' Snake -vreed. Dragon -wort. i 

Me64»(ant|K/aOttcanalW weneh* afloven. Me 64^Can^nNoiK/ tbe,<;rown of a rcjrpej 
eiS^lampiiit^n, to be floveafy. flnttilh, Mc @d>(aiiaetM<Qie, (five lyUabifej ph 
idle, nailff neg Ugent in ooe'e drela or Me-lk/ m cr^kedUne^.a^uiw, wfai 
clotbing. bas many tuminga and wmdingi* 

«<Wandf 6*Mniie> V. 6(M(hggr- We,64iftwenW..*« fiMP!wtioe,«W^ 

Me @<&(ati8e> /^^'^ Mettt,.^ tktfmti^ tbe qrcfc, cnfuneu .or qmuMJig ol 

iaake , aia animal , tbatjm^vea on ' tbo ferpen.t^ 

ground " ' 


crawl- Uka«« .*««|aww»« »^/v »»|p»|} «Vi^ ^»M* iV>V C;fW«M||||MiHIVM»./.« •MW«*» UB %«MJ> ••'T 

®d)iange/ aa fubcle at a ferpoit. 8lnc on Fir • treaty. JKialaana Noi?|oa pi< 

e$(ange iki feHieat9iifm:nid|>fe!n> .tp. Li^n, ... 

' BourUb a leDpeot in iene*a b4[bm ,. to be- Mc G^latiiltntibftf a ccookad.pipe-, a 

fipw beneiitaohan ungrateSiil barfod. , nui>U5#ii .winding pipe.i. -^ - 
e^limlnt '»^^' ^^' ^^' wbiaiiaHfedMe 6(t>(aiigenf|»r{$e , p/ar. hkcVi^ *1« 
/ a« a'veib redprocaJy to move in making ... fjrriiijge oc fire r engine with a leather- 
many tundncs and windings, • to > wind, *. p^ tq:i^« fires. , 

twinr^rtwifi. S)e( Sp^ti fdUogitt f[({^ ber @(Mangcnftelii , oet-eir 

« Snt' : bin ^ Itlmbitim , the ivy whida . or the Serpeuone ftone, a fmalL blackiloi 
fwiib about^he ehn. U iignifiea dlTo to with « didty white tpot on bothi ijSd«^ 

50 wiftd^ff about or band out, atkriiei^ (cr 6(f)(ailgcnfiid^ ,' the bite 4f a ierpa 
o; it iahkewifo faid of lig^iog, which alfo among uamiiriires • a ferpaat 
makes many tomings and windings. 2)iC • Aitch* . . , . 
<5Ii$e mmOx^f^ ttUlt bQM^ ^HHirAe ter, 6(b(ondetttaii|/ the hay, a count 

^»Wf/ <»^n* • . dance*,. ., 

M 64)lailg€(ll>. the turning or winding ©cblangetuoeife/ «^«* crookedly, wflidin( 

in and out # winding' aboMy twining or aJI wrigaltpg, -making many tuma Ck 

twifting. - " • Ihake» terpentine. 

Me6((^l0nBdiaft# the ferpent-race, breed, Mt @cHcmftMI»«r), Me ^^Xi$lOm^ 

a generation* of ferpenu. /r/nr. bie-tt/ the Serpentaiy, AiilfiBJ 

C4)tongcnart<g/ ^dj, and nii«r. Cmrpentine, . ferpeiHaria L. a plant. 
- refemblisg a ferpentj of the nature of a Me C^^langchiunge , pliw. Me - II. ^ 

lerpenc. proper lenfe, the pointed *toiigiio «f 

^ed>laiiaei»Mg/ hH-H, p/nr. Me-Mf^ Terpent^ d. Fignmi^ i ) 'X^i'e^plant J 
. ge^ the flouth, the caft fkin of a piake. der\- Tongue, Ophiogloirum L* 9)a4 

(er ecblangenMf or etl^, the bice of a aungC/ ^attcnA^glein. O'i^^P^ 

ferpent.. . • lion, the Serpeni*s Tongue ,'*'Glbl] 

Me (^Cangcnbfllif a.4>rood or.gcoerauon trae, Odoncopetrae, 9tarter|ftlli((ill| 

offerpents. ^C©ctrongcn|»ang, the lefler BudE-* 

M 6<Mangeikf / the egg of n ferpent. V. alfo @4>{angengra^. 

hoi e^lmmnU^ f the fat>«anafa ^ibltititi'tt, -cfte^ fnff- and mIi^ 

ferpent* : \ der, (mall, thin. Aim, lahk« Im 

GU^Iangenftmifi, ««//. and ^is;. wavkig, flender, atfo pliable, flesibU; 

havina many tnrnin^^s and windings f for* • eafy to bb bent. @^lanH%rm€s 

raed like a inake or ferpant, )c. A^detr'arfus, fetp etc. ^iitt f 

ber6d)rangengaog, the walka^ina gardiog, BeibCdgcftalt/ a flender ihape< 

whicbuumioand out, maan^herilig walks. f^lqnft 9lutt>e# a pliable yrilexiJbli 
Val S<Mmgeilg4!f((^^ the hUipg ox hif* thin or 4eodor fwitch , a'long'/.Oen 

fing Boife-o^a. tsrpent. - , fla^ie rod., ©n fcMflltfC* ^m, * " 

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fimM 9ta4 mit iOfttnMttlf 9eOn. ' « fljogerroae wbo knowt bev* to ma- 

W, nit Nr grole (gU^^it fMonten Mffeor handle a flia^. 

fetdtlRilfr Mgt, OQb fii|fm6<f^omn M^4fldtMtHhtf , the ieadw «F a fling, 

^ ^^fretft/ 9kfl^. '' -on which theiUae i« pa^ that ft to b« 

•Wirftttr/ V. ©drtcnfct*'; '^' • • flmlk or rafc 

•Wtai^/ -CT/ -cfre^ adj. m^ adv. flads^ Mtautoti/^v'^- >»i^ nmtr. with (afen; 

loofe, tinb^Dt etc. which is 4iiily.ii[ad in ~ 'V. ^AtdttbcriT. 

popotir tanguage ht ft|^fffff/ Inrbich Cm. OdMlHttm / vtrb. reg, which is ufed in • 

tfe@4fA|1^(/ F^'^^- bit-nf a tela, dana- donblr fdm, to flinf etc. i. As a 1/01^ 

ce, pre}n<!ice, disadvantage; detrinent. .i:^«ii/ar, with (^O^CHn 'ioftead of the pxe- 

f{8(6<tram^toinmen/ to Cuff^reareat ee^inrg f($lQtt5cni. ^foe (BpuU (bobbin 

b&. Sir Sefnb Jfor fine ^erb< ©<>f«PI>c ^rfjiool) ftJMittert/ when, in the mo* 

mtm^f the enemy has fuffer^ a con- \. tidd itout iu axis* it moVes at the lamo* 
UertbUloGi. • time fide - ways to and firo. Flgurathf^fy^ 

C$[aiM/ to fiscken, yt«td of relent, to ' to do i thing perfunctorily or in a care* 
bog down. ?j r^CopptunbtKlttgt aOe^ lefs, negligant manner. Therefore wo 
09 1^, be is ail tittered tn all in rags. •' by tff a Workman, who^ does his work 

Nr^(0PfH^dt# ecMaPPfdMt/ OackneTs, but perfunctorily or hi a carelela, negli^ 
^^g «tc. V. 6^raffb€ir. ' gent manner , that cr l^fduNrc. @<tlatt^ 

Kr64fonif(« M-n, pinr. Mc-n/ an idle Sent/ ligniliei alfo. to. lell goods or wa- 
rogue or rafcai, a )aaybon», Ihiggird^ ' 1^* uaader the .ufual price. <Dtit fcincr 

fipboad. '^ IffittflteWdubeniv fcitie »«aren t*r^ 

aMteroffOMCfiAt/ • monkeyV (ace, a fdKtftlbeni/ *o f«^^ ^i* goods or warea 

foolilb, Ipim or ridicuKiaa face ; a ridi- under the ufual price« or under the noiar* 

culoni hmAc \iiii. pric«; a. As a v^rb active^ to flings; 

tt eMorafftnTotlb, a ptentifal country, throw by a fling, to call, euint fd>Idu^ 

a good coUBUy to Hre inj'tbd fairy- Uvti, mit Ut €d^lduHf mtUn, to fliiig, 

had, Utopia. throw Or call Aonet at a diftance by a 

k 64btrfe, piar, bie - ti / a pair of flip. flbg. (^(etd) i^agcf^ifoin etarme gcrd)(Ai^ 

pert irithout hind quarters, and which Utt itf^^d^t tt tk ndbrtHbm J^almCQ/ 
<»ilycofer the fore -foot. XMft- 

W^tkn, vtrb, reg, neutr. With ^obdt/ bff ^MttbcrrieitlOl/ the leather - Arap oF 
to to brsilirfg or dragging the feet or a flmg. 

wiibeot liftu^ ihcm properly. He (MldUberoitfl «. Oni^g, the throwmg 

WQ/ - cr, - el^> ' itf<i!f. *»aA adv. fly, or calling a ftone by a flinj|. 
oifty' cimmaj ,' wily; qni^k • witted, Mc Q^lm^titf pi^' i»»/* ffynefa, craft,* 
ipprehenlive, Inbtlo, Ihaip, a<;ute, m^ craftinela, cunning, acatenels, fubtlety, 
tfwmi 'Cfn f(|>(atltr 80(f<, a fly bla- witd<<i6n. ' 

de. <^ a crafty knave. €m rd^latfcr 6(blaiilaWt/ V. ecbloobtft/ 
0«l/*iin r<b(aoer A^pf/ a odnfidering htt e^lautotU M-H^, p^»r. b(i-npf<> 

pa cunning blade. 

\ Mrduti^/ V. ecbfemifg. . . 
; ©<We*t, -er, -cffe, «rf/. and adv. r. 

, * Straight , oppofed to crooked; new 

obfolete. fS^ ttumttt ift, fotin nfcbt 

r<b((Cbt lOftbcn f that which is crooked 
cannot be made Araight, Ecclef. Ia.i5» 

i tBer fonti ba^ iTrumtne f<bft(bt mad^eti? 

L who can make that Ihaight, which ha 
hath made crooked? Chap. ?• i9* AHa 

t 6<Wi*t. a. SCcbK*, re*tMraffen,.h.o. 

- Heft, jttft, reafoaable, fincere, apnghr, 

I agreeable to {uftice and law ; but only 
AiU fometimes a9 an adyerb and unUed 
with ti^t, particularly in the CBrinturai 
ftyle. ed^U^tmhvt(bt, plain, down- 
right, flncere; upright, openheacted^ 

honeft. Ofcfcr 9itnw kit Rblecbt utib 

rc<bt/ this is an upright , honeft and 
fincere man ; he is a man of integrity^. 
5. It is afed as a Particle in feveral caa^v 

nexions for unbeblngt ^ obne eebingutig 

titib ©nfcbrdnhingf without coadiooa^ 

referra or rtftriction , and accordu^ ta 

' a Aill more exteaflve figure (ot vbOig^ 

iSnittfif fiilly,.eatfrary, ^te, WtaMy. 

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mekK Hif)imnhmmtn, (cb«c k biM^ 

Anl nkl^t/ by oo-ai^iis, ia no wi(f» mot ' 
At all, aofrin ^e leaA) i biA«ni ih*U 
not enter into dbe «ow^gatioa of the 
Lord, peuter. %$, %, NW tislf Itiil in 
the conhexioae f^^M$ Utt or |<Uc4KIU|y 
plain, without omanent, and fwc^ttr^ 
'Oin^^f abCblntefy^ peremtorilj, iiMtte^ 
rabiy. by all mean*. Sit mim fcUc^t^ 

(im M itd ibn f At Hncn eM(<tK«8Kflntt 
crfemien OdS, i. e. ^urAcnil/ they will ah- 
folntely «tc. Aii(€4Mbinil i» Aill natbre 

. tifuaL ®a< loin ipiii iiktr bifl4fcKQ> 
]• mcnn man ti UkMtttbiMfi ivfl? if ona 
will abfolutely? Likewile for tfUrtHMif 
9>hHi^, gllnsiid^/ ebroiately, enttreiy. 
fully, unite. €r. iootttt vor fikiKcn 
Ubk^ttmngi V^ti (am, he could ab- 
fbhitely tvr nolhiofl b>r weeping. 2)(e 
fong< ingir bat'^midi ((blecbtcrMngI on^ 
(cnntdct gcmoctM;/ mte# the long aCBjc* 

tioa or anguiih has made or rendered me 
ouite • fuUy or «rt|trely unknowable/ In 
tne very fame manner*, in familiar lan- 
guage, plomrMn^ (abfolutely. by all 
means « entirely) u alfo ufual. I'he fia- 
te often alters the lignificaiion. (gi iff 

nM^t ^<t)U(bterMi^^ maht, nor without 

all <rondiuon9 und reArictiont ; ti {f( 
fi^levbrerDing^ tiid>t iDa(r, tucd>ati< oMt/ 

it is by no means , in no wife , not at 
all, not in. the lenA true. 4. Pl/iin, void 
of ornament', Ijmple, artlefi. (Sin i<i}lid)f 

Mi^aiitu^, daiM^tud) olme@pifien> 

a plain cravat ^edfU6>tt Wlmf^ttttn, 

f ilottc^ dnfacbCf plain ruffles, jtln f(Uc<bf 

M Xlctb* a plain fuit of clothes, oppo- 
sed to a laced or ornamented fuit. d^l 

fS nur fd)led)M j>o{f , ^mhWi^t^p it i» 

but coihmon or ordinary wood. @{<( 
fd>(ed)t fUtO<n . to dre(a one's Xelf plain- 
ly, limply. :3cb oil aern rcbUcbt un( 
nd^ ecpen , mtmi 14^ fic nur flotank febe, 

0C8. AUb in the compound adverbs 
\^{t4bXm% and ftblec^tbin, limply, plain- 
ly, plain, without ornament, quite fliort. 
^in SUtfcQ fCMc^tbin, a market- town 
limply, without any further addition. in- 
Head of SRqrttHeden. ^id) r<b(cd^tt»ea 
ttcibcn, dnfad)^ ungeMnffcU^ to dreb 

one*a felf plainly, (imply, artlefsly. 5. 
Being of little or lefa v^lue, where it is 
often oppofed to good. 6AIed)U^ ®olt), 
hale gold, oppofed to good, (fin f<|^lccb^ 
tec $re!*r • low price or rate. 34> ^Qbe 

d urn dnrn wccbtcn %tt{i^ urn cin 

> ^Pettgelb^Cfauft/ I have bouaht it very 
cheap, dog-cheap, at a very low price, 
or 1 had it a dead bargain* ^9ii nHlrC 

. Ctitmd fcbkcbtd iht Ibn / that would be 

. uiQing for him, that would be of no 
|rtat matter to him. @i(^ um f^fe^^tC 
SXnftC crlftmai/ to be offended or angry 
at the leail trUlet « or at things of no^ 

. importance or confequence. Ctnt Wt^* 

te tniobl/ ctnc «aloie# t IinaU wi^tt. 

hut of a mean or low dMcent. (Eii 
fcbMlte/ gcffidner SOromi; a commb 

flender. light or flight aneaL ®|] 

gCtt/ «Cl«. 6, tiaving an intire want < 
tha Aecefi^iv^arreqaiiite qualaiea; whei 
it ia oppoled to good in deioll caCei 

e^ltmt Odn. f«fccbtc^«»er, r<blc4 

; trt «fOt, ^W^ti ^^Vb0 bad win< 
bad beer # bad bread » had gold. Ci 
(6^U^^Z^mt, <in f(Me<btcl j6aiii# 

had room, a bad houfe. ^C (C(1 

9Mlk war fetnr MIccbt the Uft mart wi 
▼ery bafl. 6<b(«iKc^ Setter, tuidngi 

. tiebwe^ f disagreeable or had weathei 
, 6<MeAte®aare/ bad gooda or warq 

6tb(e4te entfcbun^iftiiigen, bad eacufe 
▼am. miTQloua ^cufos. iDa^if fliifd)le<^ 
let Srofr that*s a fid ^conCblatioi 
e^k^U SeiteO/ bad timet. Sin fd^icd 
ter Retailer ^ a hti6, pi^er or pay-m^ 
Aer , one who 4)oea not pay well. <£r k 
llnbet M ffbiecbt ^ febr frant, he i* vei 
Ul or.fick. (E^ Mef f(|rtc<bt mit ttmt . 
is veiy had with, him . he ia in bad < 
iH drcnmllances. 2><|^ j^ntm^rf gel 
SAltAt , ^ufineU is nadu It ia aUb f| 
metrmesufed fornittcrtrdAHg/ bafe. vil 
abject » fervile. mean, fawning, crii 
ging , mean • fpirited. ^n f^|e<M 
wlenfc^f.* bafe. vile. fServiie, mean 
fpirited man. 64(e(bt bentol/ ^tdl 
. to think, to actbaCaly. ^Md^tVB^i 

manben ungcbenr to treat oV ufe one b 

fely or fhamefnlly, |Klne f^rffCbte 4)0{ll 

lunAf * Tillainoiia* fordid. ba(a» ih 

meful .4kciion. 
e<b(e<^tcrbfn8l, •dv. iwAMit ahCaluttl 

pereratorily» obftinatelVf unalter4>l 

by all means ; V. in @((fecbt |. 
bit 6*le*tbe(r, Pi^r.inmf. fiMe^tff^i 

vileoefs, meanneU ; iowlineU. Omphcii 
ecbte^tbiii/ adv, dqKrCbtim^ plan* wiil 

out ornament, quite ihort; V. 

bie @<Me*ttthlt/ p/iw'. *««/. V. etM 

^(ecbtmegr oiiv. V. in 6(((e(M !• a' 


Cmtdt^t y^rb. reg, act, and nfuir. 
the lall cafe with QOben^ it i«,oofy ud 
in popular language, to be dainty *<do 
thed or lickonlh. to love tid • bits ; ^ 

bet &ij^dttt, oe*-#. plur, nt nom-nn 
Femin. hit Kd^mtHhn, bol 6tUd\ 
maul 9 * dainty - mouthed or tickeri 
perfon . a fweet - toothv one who lo« 
to eat tid* bits. 

We@<Wcchr5D/ p'«r. b(e-ew, j:)ttil6<f 

(fen/ being dainty - mouthed or Uckeni 
a) Daifitiners » tid - biu . daintiea*. dc 
cacies, fweet -meau etc^ 0^iM^t9k 

«af(*a)«f, fetftrW*.' 

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• mouthed, lickerifii, lovipg'tid*' 
him/V. 2Kdad^. , .^ 

lit BikdtiiamMti, <bii>tineG|» llcUrifil. 

krCckkiCl, A beetle, beater; V. Q^i^ 
Id. Sxr 64»(cicl citiel Zd<M# * uM<:« 

CMsidQ, ^«r^* fg' act. tsxi ntntr. to 
Uttsdec^ to comiDU e blimder or. feult* 

Vk&fiAt, plur. W^i^, a floe, tbe fmit 
of die bUck thorn. 

Mpeier lenguatt Ccfrfcl^Oortl/ the bUek 
a«B, which bears the floea; PrtiBua 

ItfCcMcbcomiii, Me 6{Me(enconren^/^ 

64Ubciiraft# the juice of Qoes, the con* 

Cbivq €»f wild plniot; Acacia. 
kteKAqUDCill#. ^e w^ of floea s ^e 

fvce of floea ssijied with wioe. 
kr 6<3|tchttricf ^ , a letur of permu^atien, 

a fmct/an .pernuilioii to eitciiaoge a D51- 

aeficc or mjlitaiy employmeiit lor ano* 




\a1UfiMf^lVidttf « claadeAine prin] 
eeewhopnnu prohibiud books iecrei 

C^(^|(CK T veri^ irrtg, nmut. hnperf, 
^W^l Pariicip.^tUbWbtn'rlmpt^ 
rau ftUCiclK/ WfMff ^ iut^V, flink* 
cfe^ flilr* to treao pngerly, to come 
er go aa U a&aid to be leeo. fgx f4^fd4t 
mktftottWf 9ktt\Xi%ai^, heereepa 
or loeakt like a cat, Jike^ fox. 2)<IV0ll 
I to llh^ awaj. Cr (f bam 
i^H. he Aonk, Uieaked' or ilble 
ewaj. CtnNir Wit\6^f to foeak along. 
to Coeak up and down, ^n lit ^dUKT 
Mkt(tca# to creep into Jioufes, to enter 

^>eakln|^. !0a eommt it tia.dcf4^Ii(tNrti, 

there he comet creeping qx fneaking 
along. &6^ bOVOn iC^UKm^ to foeak 
awaj. Heal away, give one the Dip. ^\jj^ 
^eam^ an cincn D?t (infcldd^co, to 

£de lecredy into any place,, to enter, fe- 
cretly or foftly. tDiefc ZMXi%, bic (!((» 

al 9rcift luge fcbCdd)!. Ccff.. _ 

M 6^Pd4cil, «be act of wAiog flowly 
or bcavuy, creeping, crawlinc, fnea- 
king. Sw @<fHd(bca einer ec^Iange, 

dw oaii^g or wriggling of a ferpent. 

^bicUKftb/ ^f^« ^"^ ^^* creepioftt craw- 
ling, taking, liagerii^ etc. SfU f(^(ci# 
<bCBlc4 S^CbCT/ ^ hectic fever. 

e()^(cfc^amwd|e # o^/^. fneaklngly. 

kr 6(^(d4ct , be* - <, /»/ttr. ut worn. ^«^. 
a hedfto- creeper^ a foeaka or fneiiksby, 
a (newng or pitiful fellew, that fcarce 
daraa Ibow hla fiead. i^fttc M(b l^or bem 
Mkid^^ ber gutifctfet ttut ^bir ni4^^ 

tbe Qm fow facki np all the drs^eght. 
eta CHt^bfaber, a finde^ a fieft.-; - 
{iie64fCk^fe9/ Caeaking, fiiea)diignefa. 

kr6cMeftWflrtcr,,,be< -.^^, pi«r, inuf. 

IJNDngi^f » the tqiporttng or exporting 
gooff wilhobe j^ayiog t)ie ciiX|oid# -o( 
dniifs, or de^jifif J^ prohibi^d gpodt. 

. 6<N4NiM treiben/ (olmug^ goods, 

fn run goods. 

ber,6kbletQbdnbler# bei-^^ plf^r. m iiom« 

JiA^. a fn^nggler. 

ber€<blei(^t9ea/ be4-e*/#/«r. bie-e. i)A 
by - way m 4 wood or fpre^ / to furprise 
or fall unawares upon the game. a)Aby<* 

, way , ,an obCcure way , a way, on which 
it is not permitted to go; (er @4^Uif»eg. 

ber eAWi^, V. Sdjfiv^tt. 

ber ^<bielf on einem fUtdt, the traj^i of « 

gown; V. 6<bmelf/ 6(bt^pe. 
bie G(We{fban(^ pif^r. hit:HtAt, the gria* 

'ding, polifliing or furbifliing - bench. 

bie ea^leife# p/tir. ble-ii/ bfe @cb(etfC/ ber 
(fMUm fifs^ einem Srauendimi^er^flelbe/ 

the ^ai^^ of a woman's gown. Among 
Bpntamea,\ a lore or b^it fiHened to a 
' line and 4fawn along a woi>d« to draw 
.hf its (ii^U beaiis of prey to a cenain 
place « is .called 64^leife ^ as wel^ aa 
, ecbleppe apd bal Oefcblepp. eiae64^(ei^ 

fe Sbgeljtt fOB|etl^ «Ipring, nboae, gia 
or uiare ufed m catchiog birfls. Cfn€ 
6<(ffdfe is alfo a name for a hurdle, om, 
whidi delinquents are drawn ^to tbe 
place .of execution. A dray or" fledge, 
a carriage without wheels, ufed in con- 
veyinff gpods or merchandifes , is alfo 

called efnc 6<&leife. SMe 6cblcife an tern 
iVl^t, bie ^Utr^^Ieife^ tl^e loop of a hat. 
2>te ^al*f(b(dfe# • uoofe or nooae, a rib- 
bon tied in a knot #nd worB about the 

neck. !Dte @cbUffe an etiie» itnerflecbe/ 

a loop, a loqp^lace, J)ic e^ldfen^Mf 

einem jtlelbei 6<blenberf the loops of a 
woman's gowi^ 2)ic OcUeffie/ the knee 
of a ribbon. Sine (aiiftBbe @(bIeifC/ a 
rundivg or Aiding knot. (jtClMl in eiOe 
e±M\t binben/ to tie a thing itf a knot. 
1. e^leifen/ verb. reg. e<u. J) @4>leppen/ 
^ to drag,^ tx^n qr traU, to draw or drajg 
after one. 6(in Sleib f<Ueifdi tafen, to 

let the ttaiu of one's gown draggle aft^c 

one. einen fDMff<tb4rer lur ^ericbtls 

J dm fcblelfcn/ to draw a criminal en a 
nrdle to the place of execotioB.v ») To 
demolifli , pull down ,' raxo or dettron 
to lay level or even with the ground. 

. Cine etobt/ eine Seffong fMeifen^ to de- 

molilh a chy, a fortrefs, S) In Gram- 
mar. (Einen 9n4ftaben f4)teifen. to pro- 
nounce a letter gently without joining i| 
to the ipUowing vowel* fene^Ote fA(e(# 
ftn, to pa£s tiveranote lighty, to flido 
over it. 4) Sine genermotter f^UifNir to 

give a cbimnc|r an oblique directipo. * 
bae @(bleifen, trailing, traiolpg,.dragaiiig; 
' thf^act of deinoliming , raaing, deltroy^ 

ing- or palling down; demoUuon etc. 
a. 6(blei|eit , vprb. irreg. ac<. imperf. {^ 

fjliff: Panicip. geM^fiffen; Impt^mt. 

fcMlift or Wtiil f mnnd, whet, fe( 
, an edge on, (iKbi0»# Drighten« polill^ 

IDleffer, 6<berett f<b(eifen/ to grind ka^ ' 

v^^ eirari. tlixK e^^cciietTer fcUerf^ni 

to grisfl, to retar.izor. (^(0^^ S^9tm6t^ 

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HMeifmr'^ f[^^ ^Bd poKOt dab, niir^ let t^t^KlM(^ > 1^^ -pf ^.^l^ ^ r^** 

ble, CO me them lullre. (E&en(e{ne f4^(ci« ' bbrfei. 

fen er f^ndbetl/ te cot precions fienesJ- MtCcb(cibe# ff/nr. ble^-O/ e Ten A « Crel 

FigmroihMi/. ©m ©crfHttb fftldf*n, ' water B^; tfdce L, 

to whet tbe trie, ©n we^jWllfchcr tcr,€*Irtm, OCl-e^# />/«r.(btft only 

SBttltanb, an acute, Ibari^* lub^le. re- feYeral foru,) hit-t^ flime, pblegm 

fined or crafty wit. ©fcfb jttttfte 1ReTlf(t llegm. a thick vKcoua bumouf ; alio - 

fH nin^ lli<tt (Cf^Uffittt , this ybnna man ,cilaffe» flimy maccer. iQttttnfAk 

it not yet poliflied. (Hn ttngCfchTtftncr barley-water , a ptisane nade^ of berli 

or grobct Sttl, a rnftical/ ill-brecH Mc 6<mdinbr<ifCf die pituitona or ffegi 

bcvme-rpon; doWniflr, booviOi or lab* tic glandnlea. 

berU fellow. 6(Mclinm# ver^. r^g^ . r.^Aa a vrr* 

|. ^Wdfitll. at A verk neui0r: |tof htm «ef w*tti (^o6cn/' to canfe, produce 

(KfTiC fj^fdfOI/ to Hide' on the ice; V^ breed flhne. 9. At a vtr^ active, 

tSrdten. . » free fnrtn (lime. (Pneo JWfc ftMdit. 

(a# @d)(dfcn , Me 6((fefftini / ' 'gnnditig» %o foak or water a Hfb, to free it fn 

Iharping. wbetdn^, fettin|( ite edae bn. ** flime. ©te gorfcr i^MOitfi, to pu 

poluhing, furbifllin^. So^. '@dHdfCII or Team fugar. ' 1 

M bent vfife, the fliding otl the ice. h^i ^^(f|nten/ tbe act of freeing horn i 

tCt ©{ftfelfff/ M '^f piur/ui iom.Jlng, ' 'taking away a Tifcoiit or fliroy matter^ 

r) In Mufic-, vm) or more notet united (le ^((^(dm^atlt/ tHe pituitoua tunick 4 

with one another, a} A perfon. who * thin 0ciii. ! 

'"* frindt, a grinder. S) An old German b(e 6>WtimiWtf the caWty, in Irvhicb dl 

dance A> called. * ' phlegm 'br flime it gathered, 

fter^dbrdferbofni/ a grirfder't hook; ^Ultntg, -tt, -ftt, «^V and tuiv. OiiM 

iFer QcbldfJ^Oindl/ htf^S/yf»r. ut nont. < clammy, vitcotta, flegmatic or pitnitool 
Jfing, a trame) • a drag or draWnet ufed muctlagittout. ' 

' in catching filh. (|e @(6(eTmigfdt/ flimlneli, vifcoOtj, dna 

Me6<bldffafinc, /'/•r. We-ll/ a large cann. minelt. 

a Wooden drinking - veflel. {ff( ^^ijlMXa,^ X^llt f pf»^- (of fev^ral forti 

Ot€ @<tlCt|l0bC/ the found - board of an ]r^e-m# a cotick caufed l^y too mnc 

oraan. flime in tbegutt.or eotrailt. 

' tk ^KWdMltle/ pifi9': ble - Q # 4 grii^ding b(t€k|ffetim>ftl>Pf/ a\nadladfnoaa polypui 

. or pdliOwA^-mitt. - aft excrefcenceinthe ooltrilt. ' 

H^^ftltiftW, the poliflting or grinding- 'btt SibTdlffffdlti. V. 9)tdrgd and frcbMcil 

wheel. tie @cp(effr/ /'/«''• Me • It. i)Afplinf, 

'hk&ibltifttUrM fucker or fprig, the young tbb l6ng piece o( wood Heft,* a imm 
fhoOtof aeiot» r^iece of wood cleft or flit lengthwife 

'M ^(blcKMi, a fmallb^nch of a tree, * XtU^tfpQti. a) Lint » lioen ' Tcrapod by 
wbkb a ^cutler putt intO'a wheel to keep knife into a Xoft wooty fubiUnc#» ole 
it firbm turning. ' 'by furc^nt to lay on Woundt. 

Me @d>F)tlfl*(b(Ke« a bafoa» u winch optic bal 9di^M6^ftn, a flitting -iron. 

gleffefaieott^ , > * ^^i^^ f ^'''^' ^''''^g- ^"^P^Kf ^^ Wi\ 

•Me <S(|ldfl4)dbe, a Iteel -wheel, an inftm- ^d tome paru f(Mo|) ; Pariicip, gcftf^U 
meor, on which the lapidaries cut or po* fen. (in fome paru^efibtoffdl)} impera 
■^ Hfli (heir diamondt. ]^it\^. 

•©A(dff<Mf|d/ V. ©drtdfTcMTe. i. A msrb neuttr with fcptt> to- deavi 

■N^ @d^lelf fd/ hti^i'Pitt^' inu/. the fliredt, fl^rorl^it, to fray, to w^ar oat or of 
that whith goes off or waitet in grinding to tear; V. ftdfieo, entAWef iC^n. 
or poliAiing^ hard bodtet,' and are alCo " a. A verb motive, to flit orfplit a this 
called tal Slbfc^Ieiffel, CcMeiffpdne^ b^c afunder, to fplit a piece of wood lengil 
in popular language alio bCT GcUfff. wife ; it ia mo/l commonly uled of lo. 

htt ^ihki^n, be^-Cl, piui^ hk*t, a flit etc. ^ebcm ili^leff fll r t 
> grind - ilooe, on which -all forts of io- freo feathert from thefr qatllt or XUlks 
- itrumeott Mre ground, in order to ihar^ ber 6(Md6enf(bnl$cr/ a knife oied in cu 
■ pen; at well atto- polifli'^them. Some- •- fii^g fplintt. 
timet a®e(fftdn(whM-iione) ia impro- ber ®<btefllen|lamm^ a tree^'that nay 1 
perly calUd a ^cbtdfifldn, deft or flit. 

hr €i*WftfOg, a trough or veflel mied bilf@Wel8er,i>0laM>WJef>cleaTerofwoo. 
with water to moifien the grind -Aone. Cifl fih^bi$(ein 9011 i^othr * fl>t of wood, 

•cf©<Wdf»eg, M^x^, ptmr. Me-e, V* fpUnti 

0(Mei(bn>eg. ble @<t^(dfiml(leHi / bladed onlona. 

Iff eilfetfietwbe/ • ti*fca; wh^re the tU fMjkmiRtti, V. a @(^i(fmniep. 

iharauiy take the lendi flieaf wb^i^ha V^ ^({IftlAerv bti-i, pUr. ut nom, Jur^ 
pleafea.. from th^ te>b MHdtbedl, a gown with 

. NK^eiftciig/ th«poEibing SiiSniiiieBU train >o it; V. e4>(eppne<b. 

or.tooh. «r 64^Icn(rrer/; Ai«i4at]»fing, }mnAa 

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raonng or rambKng fdloWS a lotted « 
nmbler, flu^afd. 
BitotCtO/ verb, reg, mwmtr. mih ftm, 
to walk ifith flow liept , to go or wAlk 
llowly alobg, to ftroil. 3(t mifl ttlit eit<( 
Weabcnif 1*H g<> or wjrtk along with 
!^ ^ fttfrntert im Morten (Krom, h« 

walks about in the garden, gert fcMtll^ 
ImiA to go flowly or fortly on. @<ld^tl 

m% R^oiDcm, ro jog on. ^ramfd|»Icn« 

kni# to laonter about, ramblo, rango 
■p and down , jog . fnadge along/ Iboak 
abom, CO idKng to and ^; 'aUo to be 
Mtta, to loiter , do nothing. ' ~ ' 

coouBoo rota or practice , the eoninioa 
or ordisary courle. 9d^ tf( htt fcntdne 
6(Men(riail/ that*s the common or 6r- 
^iouT conrfc, cuftom or way* 2)(0I 0(^ 

tni 6<MfnWttn fofgen/ to follow or ifai- 
t>t« dw common or ordinary conrfe^ en* 
fiftffl or way. ©en ©d>fal^r^an reffPtOf 

tokoow the common courfe* the Intrc^ 
doced cuAom, orwav^to be ic^piaidted 
with the meana , coftomt or ways. 
M'mftsB , verh. reg. i. A verh nHu^r 
^ ioim, I) For ftWentcrB, bnt only 
in Tone commoti manners or rpeaking. 
s) To (wing, tola. Air, more or dangle. 

Wt Uu Skfncn Wtnktn, to fwing or 

io(s ooe*f legs to Md Bto, to lit and -n^g 

«M*s legs, lb Wtvtat bH dune lm,C^c# 

kH/ ha goea fltdgiog or dangling, his 
pnii. s. A v^rB aetiv^p to fhaite, toCi, 
p|» er joh; to throw, caA or fling with 
UMrca; to call with a Oing. ff^Ufnl 

Wotfertc Me Otter in^Sener, Pnul ihook 

•nF the riper into the fire/ the Acts a8, 5. 

Smnta Sett mt Me Itfeibcr f^lttifem/ 

to caft dirt on one'a clothei. 
kfttlW/ />/«'• Me- «/ DimifUti. M 
Wtoiijea, *€$^epp(efn^ the train or 
tail, the part of a geWn or cloak ^' that 
fvms behind along the gronnd. t^U 

^^Hmt eittH WtMttli, eifie^fcatieiiiliii* 

Vttmt^i, die train of t doik, of a wo- 
WB'sgown. Sfe ©cMeppe onftedetir to 
uou, tie or pm up one*a train. 2){e 

SoBca lafrctt 9* hit&bltpH nact^aden^ 

tat ladies hare pages or ferranu to bear 

tfcrir trains- eif Ifef l^fc e4»teppe iHin« 

jn, ihe draggled her tail. 

^Vt9ftf aMong Hnnumen, a hire or bail 

to (haw a wolf into a fhare; V. hU 

^ICfPOl, rrr^. re^. to drag, train* to 
^aw er drag after one, to^trail or draw 
*^BS* 1- A v#r5 metutr, with ^beilf to 
^» train or tiail after loofe -on the 

pm^ $MtW^. bet Aantct ftMem^ 
uw cowD» the cloak drags along. Siter 
twi Weprt ovf etner «clte^ yotir gwwn 

*nu« on one fido« It hi^ga on the 
F?wd. 2)fr Mfer f«lem, the an^or 
<"vfi> does' not bold fall. J^iiuf^M^ 
♦;6', alfopfthe/lyfe.^ CiH^JWepMe 



' ioaden whfa liiineeelfafy ref^itiona andf 
acceirory ideaa. U. A varS active, where 
St is ufed in getferktl 6f the flow drawinyf 
of heavy or refiiiina things.' t. In a pro* 

; perfenfe. 2Xe ^jifcrte ?6nnhi tenJDBa^ 
«en fottm ^i Mm ft^c fcb(eppeo> the 

horfea can fcarce draw or drag the wig* 
' eon out of the dM Or hi'tn, jQf(fman6ett 

fortfct^feppen/ btt ©fttrftont) leWet/ to 

' draw one along er hnrry one awar« whfo 
makes refifUnce. gflien M ^mm^t 
fWtpptn,' to ^draa one to prifon. liko> 
wife 6f carrymg lieary burdena*' CtlM^ 

(antnTortfAteppennnnen/ hiom forttro* 

, getf/ to be fcaros able to carry ibiiiechin| 

away. 6M mit ttm^^ fc^petir eine 

|>d)mere tat ttainn, m carry a heavy bur. 
den. a. Pigurath>eijr. l) T» cwy a 
'trottblefome, ds^reeafale tiling Trith 4>r 
about one. 6k( tail W^UwtlH fi^lep^ 
. ptii / to eany women .along widi you* 
eiA mic eiticr irranl^tf(Weppe», 

' troubled with fbme dastemperv or , to 

have been a aoodr while ill of Iqme diar 

temper^ %) ft ia fi/fiij frequently ufed in 

good^erman for WlAHn, to drag, train 

. or trail « to .draw or drag after him, alfo ' 

oi light things. Cfii ^nb, eiQen etdd 

• Mntcp ff(|> ^ ((^leppea. 

©<|)feppenb/ «ef/. and ad9. uailingb drag* 
ging, dragging upon the grouML /^ 

Sur. eioc T<MllNMnH e^MhMf a duU 
yle, a n3rle orer* Ioaden with onne- 
coOaiy repetitione and acceObry id^aa. : 
hPt ekbteppeOtrddOT/ a train-bearer, 
ber ®(|Iepper# a large rake ufed in raking 
the balma of com together; V. j^nger^ 

' re*en, 

ber @<biepp(»afeti, Me GcMeppAotRwer/ a 

' hook in minei, ufed in dragging thnber. 

Iier @(bfcppfa|lft), ScMepptrog^ a trough 

or little diefl u(ed' in draggmg ore in 

minea. ^ 

Ue @(b(epplette/ a chain in nines, ufed in 

dragging timber or any other thing. 
Mtl^reppHelb^ M-ti,.plmr. Me*er/ a 
' habit or ga^n with a train or uil to. it» 

particulariy among wNimen, where' k ia 

called in many places alfo ein 0<Mttlber 

and 6<b(0inpef> * 

ber @4(epplMe(/ a pail or tub ufed in 

mines , where the inafu don*t go quite 

Mr 6cbleppmaoteI^ a cloak with a train 

to it. 

W eiMeppiietf, 6trei(f»nee, a drag or 

• draw^net. rlaige net uled in catching 
birds or fifli. 

Mr MleppHegelf the large boh of a lock, 
which fet4 the lefler bolu in motion. 

Mr©<Weppf«rf# M^H, pUr. Me-fdrfe. 
1. In a proper fenfe, a filh- net in the 
form of a fack^ a trammel f a net drawn 

' up or -down a irlrer in order ta*«utch 
filh. 9.' Jkgm4^4 r) A lasy , i^gligent, 
Auttiihftonian^, ' particularly in lower 
toiQiiy. aj A contempiiblowvmaii. 

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74 fWt 9f^ 

for^ lawn, luftiing or lutd^lbiog. 
Mrd, by whicb (b««- ^ C^^ktKltQUr ^^^« biC-O/ the churct 

owU UluU Aliico, Klein; bit 1!c4KUIi 
m or lirong cord, by lie 6dbkoerfa|)|K# /^Avr. bU-n# « tromao' 
it jdrawn or dragged cap, wkach co van ^tbe wbole £ice like 

▼ail, Aktrcbiefj^ alfo a cap made c 
rovinca of Germaiiy, . • Uwn. 
^uchy. ^« @d>lt9V^tin, SbinfeScbiif a fiet whic 

hit Q^lfUha, &bk\ihttn, V* Gc^tfuberiC. may be held by women, e femaJe-fief. 

^{blClten, 'ver^. re^. «c(. among Butchert« ^$ &^U9€tltkl, a lictle vail or veiL 
CO cleanra guta, riofe tbem with water; weflH»(c9ei^tdn»anb/b^€<b(c9trtu<^/lawz 
m|( aulgciWUute JDamC/ guu well b(c0<b(t9emtcffc/ J&auBcnliidfc^ the cufte 

deanfed and rinfed; . ,^ tit - rooufe or mulkin. 

6d)(eonifl^ -or, -»<, ^Jf.Mndadv. baiJy,' afclefem. i;erA. r*'^. ac*. to veil, to cc 

fpeedy, fwift. qnick, prompt, foon, iiid. w with a veil or vJiiI. ftac ®r«U 

den, expedite, fiibitaaeout, «c<;el*a. . fAfe^WI. to veil a bnde. €lnc gionn 

ttd', precipitaio. «lte fiflbCettnidC ntiU fcb/ClK«l/.tp veil a ourx. lo gi;c her th 

Wtt, a prf^mpt anfwer.. Ciii f(»leimi0er ^ ;?»i ^' ^l; ^^jjm toUocrt g* to cin 

tob/ a &dd«a death* > gittt f(Wcutilflc IcbiMtic JBtnbc, ©flntb. acmanboi cli< 

Olcberfonft, a nuick, fneedy ot h2fy .VUfmWmtn,, ifmitmj aufbmcn, 5 

tetucn. »IKll9btbcil fcblcunte oWcrtti impofeuponone, make him believe a h< 

gen, to dispatch a nleffenger Tuddenly, 6<Wtd)/ V. @cbW(JKn. _ . ^. . . . . 

quickly. baOily, to bafteii him. &nt I. b« e*%,^Cj-C<, p/«r/v bic -t, Froi 

?d)IC1infgC »re1fe> afndden or precipi. the veA^ t*W4ett, •) Afecret way;^ 

V tate departure, gkoianeen Otif bfli fcbfeu* way, which I^^J* f^gm theilrait or n^ 

ttiaft luMlft fommcn, •• come to one'a / |roa4i a hde - way, a way about, f 

Sd ora^ancein«Uhaae. @Ub»(CU# Umtt iOitGAU^^ia befem tBoIbc, h 

Hid 00^ bcm emUmQ^tXlg loefcape . knows eirery by orfide.waymOiie woo 

M run away fuddenly, quickly* P^»- or foreft: or he knowi aQ Uio, lecri 

• toiutely or haftily. btlt ti (t> fd^Utinig l^tUge$ in tb^S wood or foreft. 2) E 

•il** mbg«« iH, mako aU the hafte Murntiv^ir, whfre it la moft tiftial 1 

you can .the. plural, Tecret courliqp, clandeuin 

tmefs, promptitude* protnptneTs. quick- ZlI ^I^iS^itli!^llihliL^^ 

bi< ©Cblcttfe, ;^«r. blC -m a fluice or Huce, ^^ ©AUd), M-U, piur. (but only c 

a wwr - gate or vent for water, that is [„^^\ f^^^,) Dl^ . e. ,> 1 name JBor th 

peak up, a Aoo^.^iJ^;* ^jo^"^' «i«f«» fectiroffs in the trough under n grind 

dam or wear: ©« ©iblcufc aufmadg^ . fione 2 tbo fliroe or mud. a) Among Mi 

Xo open. raiCs or lift up ibc Iluice. lj)|e . ners, bniifcd or pounded and walhe. 

&bmt lUmacbai/ to Ihut or let down ^^^ ^,^ ^.dy prepared (o bn brougfa 

.tb«fl",ice. to the furnace, 

hai @d»lettfmflllb# M 'H, plmr. (but only ^flcbl» - et, -e#e# ny/. and adv. Oeel 

. of feveral fun^s,) bU-ff/ the money j^ooth, even or plain. ^<|)(i<btc ^aan 

|Nud for a /hip or veffel, that pafles through Ui^ bair. FigmfMiivefy. 2><r f(^U4^t 

aduicet Amce-* moneys Jopk>dues, lo- , s0{cnfcb€ll1Kr(l<Ulb ^ common knfe. 

cMd^-4»ty. iKc 64>Ii<btaj:t/ pi»r. (U -.4:tC| the broa* 

tcr 6*ICtlf<nmd(ltr, hti • <. ;i/kr. ut nom. ♦«« ^f ^e caroenters. 

' Jhig: one vfho has the infpectioa over a bl^ &*^t*tCy P^' bic • «# fi»e, gluo, th 

• fliiiet or lock, pafta ^f ihe weavers. 

ItC Wtm/ V. 6(bfeib*. ^a^ 6cbli(btcfa§f a tub, into w^ich gittc 

bcr 64MKrf b<l -</ ^^'"'^ *>^ nom.Jing, Q^n or pafte is put. . . 

i) A.vail or veil, a .part ot a dr^Is, bol 6cbKotCffcn# a jptoer's imooihing-iroii 
by which the face is covered. 2)icb ttl< ^6<bUcbtCn/ 'V'^. '^g- 4<^# I) ($5crab< mc 
fdl jttnac VMttnKn M, <m bodlbCtrOb^ .dKa^ to ilraighten or to mak^ilreight 
ten CkbiCtKtf Samk FigitraUveijr, that a Agnification only ufad Aid ia lora 
whidi covert, hides or (;oocaaIs a thing, paru. Qo^ ft9,illUI i^/, fAHd^t^A/ whs 
appearance, colour, ihew, pretence, , is crooiied, ftraighten or i^l^e firaighi 
oiitwaid appearance » cloak. UDter :ai Sbcn mi fllott .mcubCU # i^^ fmooib 
ikl» ««nba4^ «eriiirgt.. (ft « Pack, fo make evep or &t, to areb 
iitt Qfto^bt^, ihe cQteatv Mdcs or i:on-.:.,poli(U or plane. O&rcUr mt Um i^qb< 
cealaAer malice iindei<tho^Kail.0f 4ero-;^ „ IcMtcbtfn* to plane b^r^f. fmooth. ^c 

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mm Am fmp a Imooth BibA with 

iM Qm {€MSbt0. a) tUtf etoanbir Ic . 

in, to lay ID wfdei.. j^(| fti»(i<btCO# to |. j^Uefdl, verlf. irreg. aei, whidi i 

file «f fire -Wood. Ok'ftffltt f<Ml<9l:(n, . la the coDJugAtion with^ the folio 

U hib. 90 comb the luir. 4) 9c9lCi 
M, 10 AccoMDodaio, termiaAte or td- 

i2. Ciiioi emt wubM,^ht9Um, 

10 aecommodato , aojult* doctde* com* 
Md, cad or tetinioate a difierenco. 

S^ mie Mbc iBorb 0c^C(bm, j^oAcb. 
biet^tcn, the act of faiootbiii^ Oee- 

ki^ making oven^ df eOifl|g> POliQitfig etc 
kr64IMcr^ « mediator, arbiter, a per^ 

iM,wfaoacu betwcea two panlet, m 

•1^ to procure a refoociliatioo. J^t 

««Mi(btCt, ^ pilw up of wood; an 

ifiutr or wood. 

\k%mM^C0 « faoothing-^le. 
^WMobd, M'i. Pf»r. ttt nom* 

fm, a iboodiHig • plane. . 

te eWMtin , • fi«*i^ - ftoa«- „ 

lit CkKibtllili, fmoothiog, flattening. 

M 6«tt4liiM cfna etrcftf, the ad- 

jiftiag or decioiag of a quarrel or dif- 

teftbM/bd.d, />/i«r.(bttt onljoffe- 
fCFillbruO Me-C# • word iigmfyioji in 
tome pertt. parncularly in lower Ger- 
BiBj, a fit » very tough, clamniy or vif- 
om nod. QMtftOllb^ Cit and clammjr 
had dirown oat by the fee. 

ttfigji*, CT/ fie, I. h^ flie flept; V- 

« loaf of bread, whidt la not baked 

Wkfm, «er^> <^«f« m^mtr. widi fc9ll/ 

s» ftp or creep througb. il^nb0r(( fcMiCi 

fai# to lljp or cre^ through like a Ina. 

ka^ It U bucfeldom nled io good German* . 
tcrMfilfer^ M-^ , pl^r. ut nom.fink. . 

• dwig, whidi flipe or xreepa through. 

kHnotia^ the tenien or badger - hounds . 

tnaUbcaUed 2>a(»^Uefar. . 

Wfcdl, -er, -(N/ a^. ind aifif. Ha(i . 

MS^.dunft ioiped « 4U0 t]|^ifon of a loA 

which keepa it fiiut. 


te€(^Qcf , a fort of tnmonr filled with a . 
My iaatter, pJirtkelarfy under the amu 
ScrMlicr on edBd4»U, a fere about 
hm groin* 

€mai, «vtfr^. i"^- iMiMr. to run wiOi 
a fliiay nuitter* 

M QtHiCfCO^ an excretion of matter. 

^MiiclbattSf a ue«t beam or bar ufed \ 
is matting np a harbour or any other * 

w6(MtcfUc(ft# a little ihield, a target. ] 

te ^(^U^ebCII / %f^'i, plnr. ut noai. . 
jtag. a bolt nfed fer cloliog any thing. ^ 

tefiWcfc. p/«r. Me-;i. i) A key, a thin .. 
voB, or a fieel-tpnna to fallen a bolt, ^ 
or sail at pne end; ello a rivet; V. bct * 
Mnt a)Ain^ Lock£Bidi«, a ftraight , 
bv. whidi, in latticed or grated W9rk» .' 
MU two vobtea together^ ia aUb eal- -» 

Jfd einc 6cMtif<. 

W £ibUlMfill^. i« iioo * JMd to keep .. 

Sebern r4>(fc§ep^ fAldltti , tc) fre« fee. 
lera from tbeu qoilU 9,^ (lalka. ®cf(((of^ 
iStm ScbcrO/ (icfcbltfFetK, feathera frned 
irdifa their quilla or Aalka.. 
3. e^Wtitn , verb. \^ W\t%U 

bit mtM, (tf(t er. f«lU$t, 

I. A ver^ neuitr.. n # to fluit^ 

to clofe etc Stn ( Wtitt Did^t 

Menu er bO^ SMoi ^ ^ a key doee 

not Ihut , if it doea not open the lock* 

Slefe^Ckblof tft yetborbcn, c^ (tblicfl 

. nUitf thia lock ia Spoiled or. out of orw 
der. It doea not lock.. ,QU Zf>iitt fAUcfit 

, tticbt tCCbt/ the dopr dqei.not go quite 
clofe, doet not ihut at it ihould do. 
iDcr SUittt (^Uttt, the rider claps hie 
thigha or kneea clofe to the lldea of bia 
horfe. ecfc^Ioffcn rciUD/ to ride with 
the thiffha or kneee clapped plofe to the 
fides of the horfe. ©orf id) bitten, bat 

bfe ttnterrebung bU% Atliefe 1 may i ven. 

ture to bee, that the di^ourfe may finiih 
or conclude here.? ^here the following 
. verb active ia the fofm of a verb recipro> 
c#l if more uiual. 

IL A verb active* r. To Ihut, to elo« 
fe or £hut up that, which ia open. In 
fome cafea the fimple {cb^cfcn ia alfo 
iifed inilead of the compound. |afiAKf# 

fenorverfc^Iieten. ZXe tbm f(^<efeti, 
to Ihut the gatea. ^u ZMtt, boi Jeiider 

(mitUn, to £hutthe dpor^ the window. 
According to anothef fiaure. i^nen iDieb 

eXetteti imbQaiiben Wiekn^ to thack- 
or letter, a thief , to put him in fet« 

tert; JUnm ^htmnm Wittm ; to 

chain a prifoner,. to put him into irona. 
a« To clofe or fhut what ia corporally 
or bodUy open. giiwil 6^i6beden 
idfiUitn, to clofe or bind an ardi at the 
top with a key or key-iione. 2>letlMeil 
f40e(en, to Deep ; alio to die. Stift^^ 

U hit gotue ^oAt (eUi aiude gefStoffen, 
I have not doled my evea all night lone. 
AJfo the reciprocal verb ji(b f^efttt. ©tt 
^unbe Witit 04, the wound clolea np. 

!D^rSob( fibUcttMi the cabbage growe 
into a head. XHC ^fUlDC fd^Heft fia>, 
the flower clofea. Z)tc 9)luf4d ^C^ef t 
fi<b , the mnfele clofea. foft hU &bmQ0 
bronen M fcbdcf eo ! let ihe Xquadiona 
draw cioierl S* To furiound, to endo* 
£e^ anvirqn or fpaoonlpafi on all iidea, 
and. thereby aa. it were tp.clore •r (hut 
everywhere. WgpBt MttU Whditn, to 
form a dircie. .9intUf^i9lSttlt>5Mbf « 
^iitticly where one'.hMilta^ enoompafled 
with ipila. (On geR^toffcM (Mll# aooun- 
W jendofed or guarded. on. all Iidea 
. agaiaft ap ,«aain)(, ^ . ArcoidiH* ^ * ^^^ 

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«oiidddeitnili. .«tt5|l|t(flCMfAaifUU 

taf, to Ind^&tfom go<Kl rMfont. ^m 
<t ntc^t von anbentatif mk^, d<»ii*m 
ffe^ of in« bt o^«rt. iB^natil mat) ml 

mtt9 inLtaif^to'fi|filrt»'' 'tftl llfi^tdfKlM 
tan^/ Terricojriam dtftfum, is 4 cciuntiyr 
in wlfich «ll'{h«' ibbabitantt ar« Urn 

Um^ tittie Yaflals aikd fUbiects to tbe rtig- ^ 

fling prince , appotid to an ; mf^Uf!u ftti Pldf f vtt tf. b«iidl fftU mair az{B( 

tietlf wkieh alltf containa eibit^i • ^Wch eottcludc, nifar or conji^cttiw^ aiat<«i< 

are not fobject to Ibe reigamr pnabe. ^<tHefct VOlt fUA OdfttntercV jud{«< 

etmoijrn (l*f*We§«j/ in (f*fa(f<n, In / oibe«btyourf*lf./ 

fidl^ftltlaCtetl^ to contain » comprebenj; M Scbfief (R, th^ act Wf cloGft^ JQi«mii| 

eemprlfe, include or boUi fometbiog. 

^ Stt ote irmc Wicfen^ timarmfn/.to em- 

*' brace, ' to claTp fondly in the arm^. 

A. To limit' or reflricL according tp the 

• ' 'ttme, number or lathercircuinllancea; par- 
; -^ticalarly in tbepartidple gef^CofTcn* ' ^' 
' ^ nt fleftWafftne gfogb, a dillrict or crotmd. 

• /fvliere onhrtbe proprietor baa the|'ijghc 

tabunt. aWc|eftW©fftneSdt/atime.:in 
'• trbida a tertam act or actbn ia forbid- 
' den. (Bti gtf4^Iofft;ne< AatAwttt, > tra- 
de •.bandi* craft or profeflion » of which 
- only a ceruin number of mailera are per- 
»• ^pitted m pne place, gtnc gefdAofpene 
ffyitft * ipeadow, in which it it not per- 
mitted to graae. ^nc gcfc^Coffene ®c|rcB^ 
l^l^aftf a conipaiiy tt fociety^ partly, con* 

concluding etc. 

foe the ligQifitetidaa < 

^cr6*^fcfer, W-l^/ pt^r. ut 110111.7W 

Femin. tit ©tWrtCtfttn. i) A p»fd] 
who (butt or'loA/*' » potter » a dool 
kecjper. a) III ifi^n^ p^CtV a parfoa i 
great famHiea; ^o^has th^ kV^>^ 
pantry and cellar , and the ioibectki 
over the viatitfrr'irAd drink, ia aiU 
eO^ae^Ct and &bli^timi. S) Ibi mti 
narU la underftood byC<)^(i^cr/ die ja 
ler or keeper tff a '^rtibn> 
tk ©^niffclXT/ piur. iU^'ii , Oie cod 
' that piece of a watc1i,wfaioh covfra Ml 
fuppona the baWn6« and holda it tighl 

' of fefei-al [Umt*J Mt ^ tf/ tbe jattcr'i f 

CMng only oF^ bxed or c^tain nuubar ttt^^Utfbah^ , ^^^\^' P^ ^^ "^'^ 
<of members , but partly alto * ' ^ ^ 

Jing, the catch of*4 d^or, tlfftflapiej 
a lock. 
Me @an(ffeae>0^iic]iles; alto a chab/lj 
which a diing is ^oc*ked or £hut. 

__ ^— -^ -ilo in general, 
into which no otner can be admitted 

"wikhout tbe confent 6f the membei^.' 5. 
To accomplifh, finiOi or bring about all _ , 

forts ofagreemenu or contracts in a le- ^dilttcilKb, advi lalUyv at lail« AnaBji 
gal, valid or binding mann^; to con- concluuon, (to ^nc)ude, cut ihottf' 

' clnde, to make, to clap up. (Sitlth^tf^ ' " — -*-« » -^^ ^ «* - 

^Iei0 Jd>fk§in , to agree about a thmg, 

' to make an agreement. (fHXitXi SiiHUf or 

,i&an^(fttH<§^# tootake abargaip, to 

chip up a bargain. , fftn 9Anbnif fcblie# 
ftXit to make an alliance. Ctftetl 9ria« 

Oiort, to make an^encl, bireak off); 
definitively, peremptorily. In 1 
Germany it ia alfo ufed as an adjfc^ 

©djIWucJ jfctHdk fti^ mcinrt'ifewi 1 

iiorfomer Siendr/ I conclude and &| 
bribe, your very bumble fervaat,' 

6cn fcblMtn/ to make or conclude a pea- -^ ^W^i^tl, M^i, plmr. Hf ' 
««. €ine9€9rOt( Wit^, to conclude a • an iron- nail or bolt talhnt r ^ 
iMtdb. Olc etico ©erben Im i^imilfel • birge bars on gates with; alio a 
gefd)(Ofr<fl# }»ar^gea are concluded or bar, by which Printers forms aro net 
mado in heaven.' ©er Mantel r»«ef*rofr ^ @<MirtHeftel/ihe Volt of the l^aoTj 
"fen, the bargain is made. In fome cafea trunk, which'' ffeo^ or iocka dflkla 
alfo abfolutely. 5)cr ©efonbtc Jot VM* , v^n the lid faUs.dqvrn. 

>n»*r«iimtetOMbrt«,a6etnl*tauf^^^^^ the ac^ of fbutting, ddiJ 

JtO,^ tW ambafladot hds power or au- -^ofSSiQgupi alfc^^ 

tbodcity to negotiate, but not to conclude. ?. vTTiLS.'l*^^ H»««u«u^^ 

6. To finifh, ceindude or put an end to ; J^^^J ^J ^^ 

bat only in fbrtia ^afea. ' ©nttt Sflcf, wltff> V* 9c|lCtKtU "' ^ 

dnc Kebt/ Mfic ft'tbigt fa^ncfcm to 6m(h 6(bfimm^ -ct/ -U, ^d/. andtf^v. 

' or conclude a letter'^^disc^urCe ,, fermpn. , ill, bad, naughty; (<*urvy, fad, 
©eln ttUn fcWIcftn, to and one's life, ' paltry. i)Ill, fick or disoirdered, af^J 

to die. (?inca<t*nuna Wfeftn, to ch)fe • •- 
an account, (tint peW^IcfTctic 9it((natig, 

a clofed account. Sen SlcW^ag fdffie^ 
fen / to pot at* end to the djet 6t aflem* 


ly of the ftaies etc. Hint Kef b^" f*l«cf' 
K, to4»e tM»;laft''itt fhe'row <yr rahk^ 

7. To infer* g«wfe,'\ ■fg^* 
' perceive, gather, lapd^hend, coiddi^lei 
Imagine, mtf^UWtn bmHi fcbCMto? ' 
wlul»,do yon ooalchiidd, argiMs dt-twfdc^^ ^ 
tore frote 4hen0i!? .^gSli^ <*CW<t m*t • 
vadll/ ' your argoivi^nt 'cto«bd)»s tA^e, 
ihat ^oaa iMK foUoni frdfti l^oiice, .you <-: 

to heahh ; in popular and' familiar 1 
guage , but only af an adverb^"^* ^ | 
mtr irc<t>t fcbr ftWtmm, I am very ot 

kv^mi^Iv'ill or Ock. St^enn^k Ctfa#ef I 
iifbctv foiofrbSfbrc^ama gUioben/ tkif< 
fkbr fdbKmro ftnb > if wo delay any 1 
(j^dct4ve» '"'^er, your mamma Irifl^ali^e, tbiar) 
are very ill or lick . ©tfff. W muf \\ 

'W<# W/ •^"^ >JU bad, fharp, ha 
)>alfionate{ alio onlyiti popular la' ' 
^in fcbtim^icr f^aui^ttr, dnc f. 
tfrati / A ftirp , iU ot b«d wa^ht 

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9m «<9<tH 77 

k0d^ M lliarp, ilt or l>adaiiAMb« C^T bM* WBcifil,. jnidc, namtanariy, dowv 
fUtmn fcon, tobtvery^Ml/Ui, Ihfrp . ^iibfdllow. i 

9^ 5) B,?d, misciiieToiif . timghij, No6<WjlWJlev,.(^«''- biC-CIl/ flothfulntfii^ 
BaJiciout. «n<l in A more eiteoiiytf fenfo iloirHiJiiiieU , id]eiief«* yill«D]r» clownUh.^ 
ilTo fom^dmeft for f(^U4»> perniciouf» .. neft^ ikiKgiihiiers» awlufrardnefs, aa^ii* 
faartiaU of thioii; im h<ih cth$ tlio .j cWil, rudfe, imuiAniM^ly-or clowoilb bt^i 
fio^ ia poPttlar GuMniMe. Cillfd^IfqiMr havioan 

fyib, a iiMUcioiis doj. (Hn fimmtif ^^l^lflM^ *^' -,^</ /'^'* nnd^adif, 
IUlk# a bad» juugbty» mUdiievQUSy iiotl)^, Povflnly, laxy, rauntering, id- 
Mfictott*. boy.4 . Dor tnafi^aiMf ^Cl. »tigr. dreaming, trifling, flugjUh .tJU- 
ftfiamtc geiw bar 390Cf^' idUDefs, nous, rude» doinuiui, b«haviBg likM A 
th« iforll or moft pemlciouf enemy to ,u fclimidreL ^ . . . ' :^. 

?QQ^ (ML 4) I» iaaiiliar lAaguage for fyl^lin^tUi, V^h. rfg. fumu. to loiter, Un- 
Mf WfC/ bad, UL. «l 9c)^( (etr MrotOmnterabout, loleada.iiogeriiiff, 
Mmn mitibni/ Hie f«ry bad with him, ..ToUetipg, lauateriog iifr; to ramble 
Wt al^ira aro m an iU way. & gcbt . .Aboia the ftreete. 
fMmm om bfc6«t^i tbe afiFair goeaiil, 1* ^OcblitlAeil/ ^erlf. Pr0^< aa. and «iH»/r. 
Off it in oo Wc.wmr* fi M^t Ibm ie^t in Ae latter cale with »okCII. /m^/. 
Mr fcbrtmm or ftblCCbt/ ha wkfl « ff.^^Wwiir (i» popwhr langutW.fA 
bard fillet to liTCLl b^ i^ pinched - or fcpIonfiO ParUcip, ACflbllltldCnf to &faU 
iiMine4 by fort^nt. C^Hmmc SciiCO^ -*> Wi, gulp, fnp, ablorb, CO devour j ;y> 
bad limea. eimm*%%t^nf ^^d^or «! ScrWin^. .. . h ^ » - 

enoimli. 6d^(imn. 50100: fOm^ x^ .9P A CtbUndetl^ ver^* ir/i«f«^oi. wbieb le 
iMdIy or ill ofP, iiot to know tdliAttO'do conjugated in the fame 'manner, at tha 
or daiermine, CritOli.ttQl^ Oflfi « ! . piecfdinf, to eitterlace, knit, make* 
I^Omoiftcn gcmo^ii n» baa d< w^^rft ,. ^fumxg-knot^.to tnod or twiit, <o^twi- 
•fail. 9Badno(b W<l*>^^' ^'^"^ °*> V, 6<bMtigern. efc(»ttmcfiicfieaitni 
fiiU worfe. 2>cU^:e$ttlRmlk 5abC9 ift#:^e itflttfia f to wind^kfielf about a ueow M 
imraofitif,^.»l*t^.tRIDirM»ttmi|l certain T^auftOta do* «f ffrmt flbcr^ 
ioNn, 1 fe«r D« ^>11 have or g^t th# einanbcr MlingeO/ to throw the armji 
worft oo't. - ZJcdO ftfliiilWtf y the worfj, aCToft. ^railgCBiDdft gcWUttflCtl, wri,^ 
Co macb the wo*fe^ . Mm f(pHmm(k, Im . / gl»g or wmdmg.Uke a foake, 
fdMimmffmgale/ when the worA cornea (er emiXi^xm, a cormorant, a large black 
toifaewotft. e« vif^iimiKr MHimOKI^ water- fowl, the fea.«afeo^ 
It growa worfe and worfe. ^6fWfP^f V«.€tb(lMtn. ; 

•?f^r/ ^^iT^tU'^^^ •''a^Jro'r ffi' ^a'^-riSJg:":;;^?; 
with , the hedge. plant, Vibkiraiiiti Lan- ^^^^ ^^ pnndpallv to ride in, .or 

**"^ M. , to carry loada over thevlnow. gfm©4>Kt^ 

He 6*liJlg<# W*"-- &U -11/ * w"®! jP?» Icn fo^rcil/ to ride in a fledge. > 

Ijpringe, noofe; a gm or Inare wfed in y^ ©ilitt«lba(m, p/»-- Mf-OI, a fledge, 
catdung^irda, harea etc. alfo a trap., road, a beaten way, a way over the 
ecUtn^ctl Um^ ^"^ lay fiiarea or gint. trodden (how for fledgea. 

21 Mc ©*Kiwc,fa«<ii/io be caught, w- j^j e<blittcn^am, W-cl> /^/nr. bU-Mit^ 
ared, drawn in or wheedled in. J)eft jne^ the fledge-beam. 

fUuratU i\iemMmf pit^rW-tng the plea* 
the col- fu,Q or diverOeo of riding m fledgea, 
'; ^i^ ^ whan it haa (bowed. eHiC 6cHittenf&rt 
r -c ^HrfMUtl/ to prepace a rtdo 
UC?i>nea i^ l^dgef , or. to imake a iparty ibr ridbg 
•loop; ittfledL.. , . • / * 

irJS^J M ©cWtocninig, tbe bamefii ht a fledge. 

VlHUOCr. . herle. 
in iii.y:a^; e^fimnif to Aide; V. mitf^. 

lown« a icr ed^ttMnbf bdl ^^'c^V P^^ bfe • <, a 
] w; only fcatot a kind 0(woodi«i Iboe, havbg a 

1 Sin fatt* plate of ileei nndemea«k« u(ed in flidtaig 

I or drea^ or moving on ice. fnf ^en 9tUW0nf 

] loiterer, bcti M^HU, 6<Mmfc^tlb fOllfctK, to Tcote. 

1 onea,^ a to move or Aide on the ice by meaoaof 

I • «a UU fcttef. 

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7« «diH «<«to 

lilt , cleft, or nh, a jTmati or< ntrrow ^ ^(tH oflCimte / «« oAc«r of di« cail 

operagleogthwae.-f}eiMiii$ferteci< M< AMefkta, eteflMn, the hocliU 
fien €4>lit in bai D(r mactea , to make - bone. . . 

WKi in t horfe's ©tf. e(n S<M(e (n bcr bet 6<rt»fb<fg, tlw ctRlo . hiMv> 4 hill < 
vlafe/ in &em:^&<Kfdl/ « flitin tb« nofe* ' aioaiiutn, on which there b « caftle. 

in the cheek. 2)cr@cba«in tintte^bf ^9d^li>lhtatth 4 oodketwi^ n lock to i 

frter, the ilii oT r pen, a) J)fr 9^ ^(» e^h>llbM^, M-t^, ^m^. Mc -c/ tl 

iMN ^emtK , the hoCddk of a Oun. Skr ' Am^ pUte fervinc for e cover to a lock< 

' W^m <n (fnetar Sefecrmb^ ^•.lUA of «ft e^€ , piuF7ht€ - n, to^ to^t, hal 

^«woi«ett'« peiiicoil. . hail.Hooe. » M «*Ie«tS g&y I 

6(^C|cn> wr*. ''^&««^- toJp«..fl^. 10 - b<r 0»r6§f dnei Jtmben^e^; there f« 

-* tnclengthWifk' ^fUcmflMe bkO^ten, baiUibne^of the ibe of a pkeoil*t eft 
bleWaft flb^eH, to flit a hoHe't ears, ^lelCB, ver^. rif^. #iji;>i.i/. mth bobei 

am. 9fe 9latr0fm f[$(f9cn dnaiibar mlt to haiL ^ f(t»rofct, itheiU. «i)^ 

-^brOI^Dldfcni Die «<l<len. the (aiiera (par* fcft^CoM/ «« ha» hailed. 
. tmlarly the Dutch) llaih one anodier't ^»6«(»ftlH9etta, drt-l; ptur. mti^n 

•al6«{i«€tt, ^e act of flalhi^/ flitting, ' ^m of haU. > ' 

^aV^IS f^' , . r* ;. ^®<W6ffr/ \>H'irpUr. ut jfoi*. /»fj 

Ml ©♦H^ftnfleer e long and veiy fmali or Feapln* bfe e4>rt(|Wim, e lo<ik - fnlch. 

narrow window; alfo along and fnall b(te#(otfcfecr, the fpring of a lock. 
. ornaifow openhig in a waU to let in ^ ^oft«rtCllf the garden briongins i 

*er ecMwrflbftt r i loo. and vefy bnaU ^^Ap^Mm^m We tM^cms, tbowen 

- or- narrow ditch « nled in. imeAng of a look, a (at df * lock. 

nMad^wi. ^ tcr e4)(0fga«ai^ the oafila- ditch, tl 

C(kfokni / ^•rh.^ T9f^. met. taaong Lockr ' ditth round «b«nc a cilUa. 

©drtoff f V' ^<Wf<fcn. oi a lock. 

«*lob»<ff , «i//. end tfifv. fe»f wfit f*nee# bcr 6<Mof tKNtftMAii, M - « , pimr. « 
^f/J«2 ^™"' ^*** •• "*<*^* V. -t^iicf/ th^captainof dieoOUe, tl 

?f !2?irX- ^*^; t ^x ^^^ ♦^ «<w3w. Ai eontt or the eallle. tl 

(alCc^fof, M-fftl. p/irr. HeMlMltr. caftle-court. 

Dimim MeAuvitn, ♦ f^Olrclii; (Cue 6(W4lettc, • ^o with • kx* oni 

from die Teth WKf Jcil , • lock etc. i. A hit 6A(of«r*C,. Ae eaOle. chnrchT 
thine, which clofet or flint*. lDol6A(of ^€<Pleini<Kber, one who aakaa loc] 
an cinhn ScuergOb^/ the lock ol a Ire- £br fire - amu. 

. '!5^jraS!*'^:.*J''i^*'' ?«<?^Wt . fn.«UnaUtoraIUnkJc&;wit£7 25o A 
' MeVefdMgetHldVttcM/ the dajpof poll-bolt oia coach^ * . "^ 

a book. Inthe moftlimited fenfe, e^ock. Me ©4loSpforte, the calHe- gate. 
- ail inilmment with boha etc. ofed for ^^ e^mptM%ty, the chapUlnin ordinal 

the fecunty of dooriy drawefi etc. Cin ' to a prince, court- chM^hi. 

S**^ VJ^f^^^^^'. ^^"^ • *^^ t)ee 6dJfe«rlegtL the boh of a ibdt. 
®" S^^'i^l&^i. • ?!i-^^^- «W^ ^' 6*!o|ft»l<t<r, the large ^aiU nfed hi fofcl 
©m®orCwWS% wftWcfcfi* to pad- fmithi. - : 

. lodu s. A caille, a fortieCi imJofed teir 6(|b>Murm / the eaffle w tower; all 
with a ditch and high walU, flanked the cafUe-fpire. 

2l*^2:!!5**^^'^^***^**«^***- *«^«4?^>«^t, theconihiMeorteel>er< 
• «tl 64>W anf dncpgrtfai. »ew, . acam«, acaftellan, ^^ 

"***Ai ^" *^««- eitt^RanWHofc ^ wlSte aa (now or wlSte aa hafl.ftonea, 
a oaftle f^^nnr aa a teiioat for robbers; betS<Wot M-ii^piar. McMRtC. a fini 
a ihelter for thievea or robben. 2)o| common fewer, a conduit, &Joudb whic 
TOW ■• aMo, a palace or cattle, the , 3yatef runs, alfo a gutter. eVBt U 1 
iioura, whm aJbvebeiM pnnoe or ^ . tewife a name for the fliaftof a chimnei 
lord of a place Kret. ©n f uffflWof / a ' tbe tfinnel of a chlmii^. 
fe! ^222.1^'i '^'^^^^ ef pleaforei htf e^t^tt or be^ 6«^t^, a namo 3 
ein fWttH<OC} ©*to|, a royal pahceo* feme parU for the reed - club; Typh 

-S;2^ !5?**** *" *• •*'• WWJfff e In bet btt 6Abtfe«er, a ehimiey- fweeper. 
WWr chimera*, atrynotioni. e^Ctftr Wc 6*tottCtlbmrtie > a name in fonf^-pan 
«Uf dncir banm, to colder m one. liily for the Wind- flower; V. alfo Xttbtt 
oahm, depend or trull upon him; to f^t 
place ooe*a&opei in one. «« CdlWKf/ to SaH-houfci, th« rhic 

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iMiiAickfilMiMor(ktlMiBrtftei«If* ^itMkff spoor ftamaff nmdi. ens 

I wh«n*wlutal to livo. 

iuMt hm not 

HiMMtiiM, t&e cmn% k wtudi now* UBIi^lfMtMtt/ orj^Micriflckcr.bcl-l^ 

Of kftp ncir nbei - Aunt. * friiir. (but only of ierwU fotu,) or i^m. 

Kr6(»WretW«l/ '^op^ ^#- • ^*^' tccompamod with the 

ttfl^, fwatting, ifibbliDg, flapping, e^uhtm, adj. uid adv. ao|ii|eot« ca- 
vtuum§. 4io^m. 6((MteH(| gcRci^ reUCi. &Shtly{ V. tictcrfk^. e^^tutcpfg 
Ut KtCQ/ to be OovtnJy or careleHly 0<neiM/ n^ligently doathod or dfofled* 
(bd or draOed. «n fAfomrlgeif^leilft^/ >cr e*lllff , itt Httotbg, the paflMo, ihm 
I B«h who it extrenoly Do^li^aot in bu placOf whtro wild b^atta ordioarily paCi* 
diib and bobaviour. (fc C^^lQfty a hollow Tray, a daaie, a nar^ 

IkftNlttcrigWt, n«|Jig«ico. row paib|o bamatn two hiUa; V. 

kr ««»tterea|teiy ui Salt-bonfoi, a ««(iK|t 
00^ or tab» mto which tho miid it ^im, f0(A«if Ihmdc; V. e^btoM* 
thfoim. ber @4)lttg/ ^nb^rof a noanor fort. , 

Vt^immliUbi pl^* <^* curdled and \it WiVavmVC, hO-h piur, car. Dumber/ 
Mid oalk. ' • light and imperteol ileep , ropofo. Sb 

e^ttttn, iwr^. r9g, nemir. with (o(cQ, cHicm fanftoi CcMiitmDcr ttegen^ t* b« 

to fWai, wabble, Ibake, or Jog; to bto§ ^ in a (weet or foft flniiiber. 

dngliDC 10 and fro, or from one fide thitU>iUmmtnt , a (huBberer* one who 

to«AO&er. S)i( jtfc^r fC^OttCm 1(^01 * fivmbera. 

m Mc, hia clothes hang dangKog ^ e<|(Qlirmfrileoa/ a fiMPor ac^npmaied. 

•boM htt body. - 2)of i(r ^cri mtif 9Cr< * with a drowfiaHa* 

mm, Nc iQit ^fOtrert), tUo heart meU Ci^^fommcni/ ^er^. re/. HHHT. widi (mini, 

tfUi, aad the knees finite together. Ma- \ to Oamber, to fleet) fliehtlT or iaiper(ec»* 

64lifi»tif # V. ^iDlttdf . tlltr , 1 did not fleop ) I only ^u^be^d. 

W^HMt, piar. Me -Cn/ ni fome parte, tOr €59(ttm«, M-t^fpifr. immf, e cbaUce, 
« itane for e narrow deep dale or dingle ^ a tnere chance; any diio^, that happene 
between tWo hilU or raountaioe; al& a ttmhraraa, .or oft a AiddMiv (^ warcitt 
holkiw or camy of a rifing ground Uo^&blUW, it waa a mere ciuHiloe. 
walhed oot by .tte water rplfinf down ; ' '^ln 6t(!Bm#Wn^' A chilnoe-ibot. 
it ii alio a name for a hollow way. -Me -C^lumpt t a Out, • flactem, ilovett, a 

6*B<kJtn. -wrrA. rtg. itettir. wiA (^j|(cil» trapiii. . ' 

i) To fob, figji, groan, yex oryux. n) CcJ^lUIIIIKtl^ vefb. reg. Aeitfr, with H(eiV 

3^ teotoi fSMnen feaficft# f^tu^ictt' ^^ ^^ ^^^S ^^^ ^^'^ ^ 9*<^^ '"<l' >>o^«* 
lob. 6te fpontc 9or «(Mii4rKn nici^ti ^(rf ettfUwuKf/ hti-ifflmt. ot Mom.jitig. 
fMCH, ih^ conld fay nothing for fobbing. a gown with a train or tail to it;y« 
ksBM^mh M-i^pi^r.tmr.hlccou^ 60(eppfMb. 
orbi^ep, a conmllife, tntermpted, 0<((ttinp(9^ -tf/ "fttt ndf/. and mIi^'ox-» 
aadvaeaiyoiotioB of the diaphragm 4nd uemely flovenlv or negheent in dr«i^ 
pam ad)acent. Z)efl 64»(tKbSeil UUn, flack, loofe, florenly. jMCtlOttfg eill« 
to biccoeih, to hare the hiccouab or (Kt 6e|<ll/ to go careleCvf or Oorenl]r 
Indap. In popolar language on^ (er dad or drefled; V. 6<^mii§/ &tw 
vCpniwCQ. verfft* 

.^^''nlSg; ^ili&out a plural ; but Diminm, M e^Wl^, *fM»nhU{tL 

•dy in a few cfee. am itoem eWt^t. 'l^^^P^ VlSS^^^ 

a a draoaht or at one draught. Still ^' weaiand. Mf miini^ i|t efn OffOiel 

•ftear a) Vonantiiy of liquor drank at «Wt, their throat U am open i«pnldii> 

oace, a ihaught. a gulp* ,a dram, where ^?«hf'» ?• fS- In « »•» extenfire fenCe 

tbt dnniMtive 64n(tdieil U alTo ufed. J^o the bfg^ning of Ao wmd^prpe- j(l 

Cwn 6(Miitf fBehi ml , to uke a ^^ mfj^ trto^^ ben tiw 

draaAt^oTgulp of wme: «» 6<Mtt(( re*ten.6<W«llt, f «li« of bread feU or 
Sc^a draught of water. «ln6(M8<& ^l^ "?'^ . "T ^>«/ -P»P«. .*• ^garmi. 
4cB«raa8t»eSl, ^ dram of brandy. iJTbe begmmni of the opening of a ca- 

^^^ Ut 6(Mimg, Ml- el, ptmr. Me ecNAine^ 

ltr6(|M(r^ kl*l> piar. nt mom.Jimf. a firallow, aa mn^ aa<one can fwallow 
poBi the fefb f^ndttll/ a targe fwaliow, down at once (feldom ufed). 
Urse throat, a (pooger, lickdifli, flap* Me 6(lft(lll1ir6(fef plur. iit^ti, the ftrfl 
tMte i ?. aUb 9<^aMi9(er, Cte armer £iphnn in an bydmulie engine. 

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*C« Gi^lttPf, •'flip; •♦••rrjw ptSue. 
tbrough wbich'Oae ctn only fli|i or iQde. 

. feon>' to iltfi or^klo io 'or iBCo» to creep 

'/ intxy* to flip, -to conyev ouonittfily. dint 

nauiW&pftm iht2tq, amouie flipi or 

x crept iioober.iuila OUM^ dncn 3ot9t 

' (4) wfflU to flip or creep, thmu^ » hedge. 

. 34'mu|iiiefne9orfi4t Mrboppcln, baf 
uJinciii 6te8 mir okbt.aitf ^ i^dnUn 

.«: U>\M^( I vuil redouble or iocreafa my 
. I. preciuuoB^ tb«K myc rictonr may not flip 

tibtn fAl&pfcii/ (9cfai. 

»i»g, IUdiD|, gliding. 

^4 V. Oct. ^ufT. Sior 
rren (a linaU bird).. . 
I MawAation^ fk Lee- 
• for Imali inipa, or 
re IiaaU Ihipf go foe 

crlbakor., . in . r. 

W ®<i)UipM# hti'H, plur. bCe-((4fr, 

t A-hoJi^, an ApAningv into and throu|;b 
wbicb one can only flip». Aide or creep. 
^l lkktmS»figMraihfefy 9 a place, by wbich 
none may efoipe in p fecret manner, alto 
^-^j^rbere one njiay.f^nceai. or hide one'a 
.: (elf. a birkiiig.-hole, lurking - place* 
. e<Uii9fiAerbcr.SAiber,d«paorhaunu 

. oftbiere^; V. e«(liPf«»UlCeL e^IVPf^ 

. .1^9 ligaUief allp, «^loop • bolo» eta- 

., fi^oriWt. r . . —J 

6*riffrtir - et ,. - fc^ adj^ ^udadv. Ilip- 

/ r. .wwy; Inbricottli, .flippani; or glibby. t. 

In a proper fenfe, flippeiy, where one 

• aity«alUy4lid#* {)«« ku it m^PW%* 

the ice ia flipp^ry* StiU oitner» when 

thif flipperiiMil pioceeda Irom wetneCi 

. / «^ moiiliir%^ S>ergic9cnniac|^tMe|Be# 

fie f cf^Idpfria , the rain makea the ways 

. - iOM roada flippery. In a more exteniive. 

foBfe. iktmiftM)l&Pfri%, the eel ia 

• flippery, Ii| a ftill more estenfif e fenfe* 

• fob, and fupple. So^ 6c()( m0(bt bit 

SMraieittlftpfrlfl. a. Figunu. o^in 
CApfrldOr 95ciOCf<^ «n iU Tonnded proof 
or argament. ft) (Sue {c^UsflttC SUIHK 
(abCtl/ fC^matMft (t^n, to be ulkative, 
: to have got a Oippfry tongue. 3} Dan- 
serouf, donbtmit -uacertain* flippy. 
. 4tin fcMApfrlgcr ^ouM/ aflippeiV or 
.^f ngeroua bufinaCi, Stall fit^ttt Oft hit 
fdA&»M%t etftibt, i^aact. 4} Obfcene* 
wanton, la£ci?ioua, lecberoua, fmutty, 
bawdy, raiiiog onchalle ideaa. &I^WfU 
'tiM ®Ci)i((tf/ obfcene .poems, (tin 
f(twpfrigel dmif^ibt, «n oblceiie pic- 

• tur^. 

Ut @(!^i&pM^kitt p/«tf. iW: flipperinela. 

the qualliy of being flippacy; alio oU* 

^i< @(b(apflOCf)K/ p/«r. bfe-n^ an inlect 

refembling a waip, with four parchment 

wings and a fling oi| ,the tail,# Ichae?- 

mon L. . «. . 

Icr &il^lnpMnM, M - $, piur, at noni. 
^^. a comer ta flip io^ a rairoat, iur« 

^ ftiJL, 

. J(i9g<*plac9, hiKkipi*bok; V. CMIV^ 

^r.45(bfttrf/ a lip, Tup^v t fmall draugb 
Gcblurffn/ verh, reg, aa^ .to fip, Cijfn uf 
tn drink by fmail d^aughu orquaniitiei 
V. faWllrfcn. ?>ann fchipfte fic tiiic 
(A6(C8 Srufl! un5 r^ftrft i^ niit eiieli!^ 
fippeit/ ®efii» 6cbt&rfeo iigniAes .all 

to flip along, ^i thf (per manner < 

fpeakiog of lome ofrts jt is alfo. Ufed. i 

a verb neuter iofi/ead of f4^|^cil/ Jc 

this word. 

bcr 6<tlflrfaL O One who flps, fups i\ 

,. ^tioks by (ma(l draughts or quantities 

. ai) One who tiip$ along or about in larg 


.««liifc, V. 6«reure. 

bet 64iufi, bti - m, plur, bit etM\ 

from the verb kbhi$tn. i. The arc c 
. , concluding, cloflng etc withojut a pin 

tidi but only in lome flgnifications < 
. the verb. t]|The act of concludiii#{., cU 

flog etc. btn &U\it cfncr @acDc iii< 
4aif (ie mtn @Alnfft brinflcn, (te b 

(Mttttif to condode an aCTair. ^Ul 

0db(it||ie fommcii or dbn^ to come t 

a conciuflon, end or ifltie. ^\m &d)lv^ 

tinti etnhtbti ((brdten, dn (Bcn>bq 

MUtfoi/ to dofe a vsult. a) In Horf(| 
roanfliip, the flttlng or poihire on hoi 
feback; the iiiuation of the rider o 

horCfrback. Hinttt ^tcn @4tqf t^abct 

. to have oneV thigha or kneea. clappe 

clofe'to theiides of the horfe. a. Th 

thing, which clbfes orfliais. and the pUc^ 

where a thing clofes or fliuu. i} Th 

place, where two flmiler n arts are joine 

tof^ether, i$ frequently called the^(t)tu| 

• joint" etc. llierefore the @(|)llli ^f 

^ pair of cifars is the place^ where tb 

two parts are joined together bv mear 

of a pivot or rivet. &t @(bUlf of 

mufde, of a door etc. the place, whei 

the mufcle, where the door dofej 

. where io many cafes alio 64^(o$ is u rax 

Alfo Me 6<baifffdncr 6«(ufibcitie tc. ai 

often called onlv@4^(Afpt flmpiv; \ 
theie words, a; That^ with which 
thing is concluded, finiflied or ond^ci 
bcrWC^luf/ the conciuflon, end.' X>< 
6^(uf tinti 9titM, tintt Setc k. th 
end, the conduuon of a letter, of 
discourfe or fpeech etc. 3.Tbst« wli&c 
is concluded; only in fome Cgnificatior 
of the vierb. i) For (^tfcbluf , a reHt 
lution, purpofe, intent; the party on 

takes, iiam 64^luf faffen/ to tak^ « r. 
foludon. ^tln &bm iff ftfaft^ IT 
refolution is takon. ^in en6(id)fr 6dbCui 
a Anal refolution. The componnd wrot 
entfilttf ia more ufuaL a) (Elll6(bf ut 
«a inference, a condufion drawn froi 
previous propoficions. Sineil €^<t>lt] 
A tnd^t^llf to argue, to infer, to conduci 
one thing from another, to draw a coi 
fequence. &d>iui, ben mott mcrai: 
Uiw^ti * condofiou^ on infer^ce, A coi 

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64(u ec^ma Si 

^MBc*. SocanAik^ ^ iftfSeaficMQf/ «retwo fimated b«tw«eii 4« IbuMla and 
iheoce I infin; or draw thta conlaqaeftce. . fierauoi. -^ 

S(^ hm nan bcmui ftr cinen 6$titf Ue e^lAffklilmt) pimt. ((e -n. BimmdMtf 

M^cn? what can. be inferred horn fct^UKTcl/ tbe primrofe, cotr-(K. 

6«|W or tta.^aimitmat, ■ fjl- ted to ftoot with: IT/ ^ «7iw 

,.^F™-, ^ 6*Uircrgcfb, W-C«/ pimr. (but only of 

WWfafart/ p/«^. Me -cn^ the form ac* feteral furat,) tit - ttf • Prefent mttdm 

cording to tlio nilea, Trliich logic pre- to the (eller*t wife or daughter for dc^. 
^ fchb«. veriog up the key of a houfe fold. 

hOmtMUtn, M'i, piur. ut nam. 5er 60ttl|fcr|>«fcn, W- 1/ pimr. ut nom. 

Jiaff. the jouit- beam. Jing. a hook to hang keyi on. 

I(^e(>(uftei0, bti 'H, pImt. hlt-tt thai Ht&CbWfdiluppt, among LocUniithj^acatf 

bow of the haunch or hip, 0$ cotae. ' to tie up the key-bic ^^ 

ka. a key. i. A Hide iron •inilruraent "®»^' ^5) The bore of a ^ey. 

QTed 10 Qpeping and Ikutting a lock. (Sine ^^\ ®^mt\^^ , Iti - 1%, plur. ({( • t, thi 

vnJocL or open ihe.door with a key* fin ^^^ SAIAfTclrobr, the Ihaok of a key. 2)fe 

6A(oio(ne6<ua(reUunnacbco, to open ^ flfSffi^i^^fe^^ ^o'« of « key. 

• lock without a key. Sinen ^Uffcl ^^^Mtm^l^'^ U% - el, /9/iir. 5fe . e/ 

M)WI/ loVhill or bore a key. ©le the plate, Which corera the key- hole of 

fjMWwctlMl^ol^en, tohavefome- ^ /J*^^^^^ . ^ 

tJiixig onder lock and key. 2>er goAette McSc^UfreVenff/ among Lockfmitha, afieei: 

64lAft(, the. golden key, a badge or pUte wuh round. holea in it to round 

BMk woiB by a lord \ of Uie bed - cham- >"• ihanki of keya in. 

ber to denote hia dignity. 2>en gOibOtn 641uf(td/ A<(fV a«d adv. refolved. 6((rA|^ 

^AHm kfommen, to be made a lord |19 WCrbO)/ to agree, rake a refolution. 

oftha bed-chamber, to get thia dignity. jejoWe unon, determine, ©le iDOffteit 

s. ha mere extenEve lenfe leyeral in- 0(6 tKrdM(f>n)/ 0n^ Obeir nlAt fc^Iii^g 

ftnjBfrta, by which a thing ia fcrewed, Woroen, they were treating together, hue 

tiiiaed, fliiu, opend etc. %ie often cal^ ^. «^« "ft agree. 

W6*ttlW. ©er 6*WIW ^ eiflcr W«6*Wd»e,/^/«r. bfe^n, among Prin- 

»f# te H^UUrcIr a watch-key. 2)er ^^* W««/ »• •• Aounlhea or tail-pie- 

fWm in efnem edtenilldramente, the cte put at the end of a chapter , fectiorf 

iejrofaninarument of the ilribg.kind ^ or book; Me Jlnaf'fdffe. 

»(ed m nuniBg the pina, alfo in ftret- Ptr ©jMufcMinft, M-ti, flur. ftfe- e^ th« 

cbiag or Oackening the ilringi. In afBll °"''' poiilt, the end Of a period. 

noro »tenli?e fenfe. Among fhoema- M( SAlnM'ed^ntind « the 6nal liccount, an 

W tee^Affitl or iteiL ia the wedge 'cconnt balanced, a balance. 

of «Ufi deft in two , ufed in making a MeGAIttfrebe, plur, £ife-n. i) ^ Q^Uogitra. 

&o« wider. $. Figteraliveir. i) AArong *) ^ apilogue or conclufion. 

hmtb or any lirong place on the froiH ^<^ e^bluittlf, the laii hoop of a calk. 

titff of a country ia called ^er 6(^Aire( ^^'.^^"^/'''S ' (el*el, piur. tit- fd^t, 

of diecountiy. a) The means of know- ^" condulion of a difcour£e, of a pro- 

' " . .-. . - -- politioo. 

be? ©cbiuMeUi, bt$-ti, pinr. tk-t, th« 
6(^lutten/ V« CBoierelen. 

Me 6(|^nia(b# piur. inuf. reproach » igno« 
miny , inta my , affront , rebuke , , diaho* 

Donr, disgrace, abufe. ^emanten aflfe 

lS<9mac^ ant^UO/ to put m great affront 
upon one, to aA-ont him in die higheil 

degree. ^emanDen mit6((mad) (elaben/ 

to load or cover one with ignominy or 
6(f»tnac)^ten« verlf. reg. neutr. with ^Q^itd, 
to languilh , pine , lofe oiie*s Arength^ 
to be weak or feeble ; alfo to long for^ 
to pant after, i. In a proper fenfe. iPo|; 

Z)urft / vor i^unger fc^mocDten/ to Aar?e 

for third, for hunger, to be very tliirity 

or hungry. 8DU ein j^irf4) na4) frff J)cm 

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. IRRrllier jl^tfldt^/ t^ tbart pants a^er K liim.' to inveigh or tpeaK ^tted 
wacer-br^.okt. a^Bgurativtijr. l) WC igainftWm. ^ 

Brat Vor hunger ^ ^bma^tta, flie moft balGct^mdOCIV tfae«ct of Oandenair* cali 
pine «Wa| Ibr bonger. 3n dncm <^ mbiltiaf , backbiting etc. Tee the v«rb. 
ftftt^flTe fftlffOitten/ tolangulib. topia« efn@((ma9Ct/a caluimiiator. reviltf^, c^ 
. aw^ ip a.prifoii. i^ A high degree of tiller, flanderer, backbiter, raillor* 

loogiog. sematAm rc(ina(Drenb anfe^n, S^mdi^en • e<l^miW6^, V. ed^nUTta 

" to look Iddkiogtyr on one. tllftetl, tU . ©*WW(ti 

eft f^a^tttii oiif ^ic eeinfgcn eebefket He 64^m4(ift^ft/ ^ /^r. bfe-ni>.« pat<|oi 

finm, * lampoon or wnting, in Trhich a porlo 

^ib^aQtttilf ^* aod adv* langoilhiii^ ii etpofed to ridicule » a libel; el 

longing. . fkUquil. 

IMmfid^rld/ -er, -Ce, a<//. and d^i>. lean, tfe@4^mAAK^^ plur.cdr. Oanderoutael 

meager, j^.in, flender, lank, fcragey* a llanderoUf humonr, a caTillatton , a 

ClnTdftniMlAd^^ ^Ofibf atbin, (Under iramodente defire to blame, injare < 

nan. * Sin r<|m)b^tig<l gtci^, a flen- flander. 

der twig. C<^ltkd((&(ttig/ ad/, and adv* flandorou 

(fc @<binfl<tt)0f dt/ leaoneiii, meagemelj^ caloronioua, raifing, very apt to rail i 

flenderneU etc. a perToOy ^vett to uandering, cavUlinj 

ttt &^mA^tHn%, ttt-tif piur.hU't, 9 ' raiUag or Uunting. 

thin, fle^der perfon. Mc 6<|^md(tl(M. f/«r. bie-en# flander, c^ 

htX &dfniQ6^MtXBtXi^ M'h piur. mnom^ lumny, cavilling, cavillation, railioj 

yin^. a brdad girdle worn about the waift Dipping, backbiting, taunttna» abor 

6f carriers, hoiaemen etc. ^ ^ ^ W^T/ I'eproacfa, reviling, viliTjriog, ii 

^^modbvoll/ «4f- *»d adv» igoominioaa* Teigbiog, blaming or vituperating. 

^ameftil, diagraceful. hai&btn^tOOtt. M-ti, piw. hU-t, ^n 

I. ber &i>m^<tf M - tit P^''- Ut-t, Jfle* - mhtttt, an ihjury, calumny, an iniorioi 

bataom/ Ocmrf^m, Uie Sumadbi-tree^ word, an aboGve or foul word. 6(tintf| 

Rbut coriaria t. noftt mtn ^tmatihtn Oll9fl9fnt , 1 

^ ber G^ntact/ be^ ^U, pl»r. tnuf. taXle rail, to abtffe one or call bim nareet 

ate. in good (j(erman an obfolete word to caft out invective words agalnll him. 

for 9ef<6mact. 2>a< IRanna bolte efnen 64^mo(/ fAmdIer, fcbmdCitef «4f- an 

^<t)ll1<Kf tOie Gemmel/ tbe taftd of the adv. (mall, Arait, narrow, not broa< 

Manna was like wafers made with hony« i) Narrow, not broad* 6(blR(ltC ZAtbc 

^od. 16, Si. narrow cloths. Sia r<t^lllO(er ®C(|/ a nai 

VU 6(bttia<!fe/ plur, bie-lh a fmao:, a kind row road or tray, a narrow palTago. Ci 

of Ihipor veflel with a forked mall with- j^tttf^ fllir dnem fcbmoletl Kotlbe , « nai 

out a fcuttlf. row brimmM hat. Cfn SifV^tM QklOb/ 

^C^atfboft/ - er^ -efe# ad}> ^uid, adv* narrow ribbon. 9i) Flgmrathfefy ^ ba« 

relilhable , auHable , favoury« well ta« fmall, flight, mei|n, llender^ poor ; Aj 

Ited , palauble. CdmtacQHlfte Qlmeit/ fomecimes ufed in popular languagi 

favoury pears. &^m^^a\M (Idf^/ Vtkxit fc^nialt emtt, VMnWt, S^efK/ eti 

favoury or well tailed meat. fcblec^tf/ a bad harveft, bad vintage, ba 

tie ^{(mtacfbaftigfeit, plur.inuf. ikvour, mart, {{ne rAmoIe ^efol^mig, aflei 

talte, relifli, relifliing. deror ftnall lalanr. likewife for peni 

6(bma(Ho<^ adj. MnAadv. tafieleis, infi- rioufly, poorly, Sparingly; likewifo on 

pid, unfavouiy, unrelifliable. fomciimes. ^<(ma( lebellf to live poo 

tttnavounneis. , gerdiet. «« gcbet W WmM ber , hei 

ecbOMbern, verb. r€g.act.^iiA neuur & but flender dieer made, meat U het 

with baben, to fcraWI, fcribble, to wnte f^aniy, fliort or firarce. ecf f<toial< 

in a carelefs, ulelers, and mcorrect man- ^^a ' A^^ 

ner. Stan f»rdW njkbt mejr, man f(^ma# 6d>maCM3*l«/ adj. and udv. of n4Ani 

bert nnr/ Wern^arbf- Aet^der belly, flender, lank bellied. 

.^md^en, W. reg. net. fjbdnben, (d^ ba< ecbmolMer, btane^ »fet/ *o»<ii 

Smi/ to belch out a great deal of flan- fmall beer. 

6cTp obloquy, calumny or railing, j) ^molbldtteHg/ adj. and adv. of Ijiia 

With the accufative of the perfon. (|i/ leaves, having (mail leaves. 

sen fcbmdben, to calumniate, affront, ^i ^iB^uMim, iron remaining in tbfe (n 

injure,/ revile, abufe, vilify, afperfe, nace after the fire b ont. 

wrong, detract, blaine, traduce, oip, 6<bllM!lai/ verb. reg. meuUi with labcI 

taunt, flender, backbite or defame one. tolcold, chide or reprimand, to ci 

a)Withtheprepofitionoaf. gtllf^eman^ mour, l^wl, inveigh, fret, eadain 

ben rd>ntd(^en# to f|>eak ill or evil of one, cry out, thunder out, fulminate, blui 

to revile, vilify,, nip, backbite, traduce, . der or bluAer at, upon or againll a pe 

blame or vituperate him » to l^H or cajjil fon or thing; toquwel, be angry i 

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UndlCB, to fcold aD tie day. 9(uf bit beant. 

powlor ^prufnble at or aaaioA the go* (ied« iDiberal £ubAaace» Wbich gives a 
rnnmeot. ^tt ^ttt mti fc^ffldun^ blu^ coloui-. blue enamet 
par maRet wiM take yoa up Iharpljr, he h^i &^alWtt, M-^, pt9&. Ue-C/ ibt 
«il2 read yoa a fhatp lecture. jJO/ nicntl fawn of a deer^ ai fOdu aa it it a yenr 
H4 niir ^(a 9Kat>{ Mn 2)ater atlf bic)^ old. and to the tlitie, when it firfi go^ 
^ttf/ 9(0ff. to the rut. 

te64«8d(tn, fcoldin^ chiding, bawling, t^al 64l9aMe(/ M-tf^', ptur.inuf. fhia|l 
raaoar, reprimand. cattle » at Ibeep^ calves « Iwine etc. 

^HmXtntt, a fmall (ort of wild duckl. taB Sc6ma(|/ bt^-e^/ f/jir. (but onl;^ of 

i^ i^fOxAlit , a (colding, bawling, cla- feveral forts'O tit^t, feam, the fiit or 
Boatiog, fretting, blundering or oluUe* i^reafe of a hog or goofe d^rified ^ud 
Rigman* a fcolder^ chider. ' tried, gcDlOCinfitniflti, b^g*s feam or 

l^yicni/ 'verB, reg, act. to (horten, cur- lard; fwines • greafe, barrow • greafe^ 
^. abridge, le/fen, dininiih^ make tho fat of pork beaten. SBtdjretlf^maU/ 
IS, refiringe, pinch, /Iraiten^ nib off, 'bears greafe or lard. , SUigCrfctmau^ 

. ^strict, derogate, deprive. 3eraantetf h^ron - oil.. fec^WJaLj, 64mc(ieUttC^ 

CftfUo^ fAmitfitrn/ to leflen or diml- melted, tried or nnfaited butter for Lud- 

mStk one's revenues. jCfnc^ 9lC<bt fC^Qld' drv ufes in tbe kitchen* 

km, to detract from one's riaht. fj^* Uc ^^VMhUtU, pit^- bU-b, tkind of 

^BM duren 5R<<(niCit fAmoLcm/ to jmcy andT delicious pear. ' '\ 

wend one*a reputation, to deuact or ({e @mial|bIUIllC^ the mangold* flowe^ 

Mine him. 2)(e ^fc^e (±Ui6ittn, to thebatier-Qower, the crow. foot. 

icfrffi^e tbe laws. 9i(m fivmiKert fein tcr@ct)mahebntC/ be^-n^ ^A<r. bic-Hz the 

^ciMcolL ®(lnt(. . ti^he of [mall cattle. ,. ' 

^84ini!icni# bic 6(bnidlerttn0# reilHc- ^malieii/ >er^. regr. ^c^, except that^tho 

oeo, leffenio^. diminution or dimini. Parri^c/^. in inanyparu has .geR^matjenf 

ftaL detractmg, defrauding, infringing, in cookery, to feaioit or Axis food with 

abidging, abatement, I'etrenching, pre* feam, lard or fat, and in a more limU 

ySice, hurt. ted fenfe with butieh Sine ^tlppC, 

kf, QimaT^ni, bd - el / pli^r. bfe - 1, m , i^m^im f gutter biraj tbwb. to leaftm 

urn language, a ilrait - handed, ctbre- a foop with butter, ^(i J^tQUt Utlm 
fi&d or peoutioul man , a great hu j^ks, fcbtnaUCA tSfitl r to eat ca^age unleaio« 
iBofer, an'oatrenielv miferable 6r tiia- ned. In many .parts, even in upper Sa^* 
prdly nan. S^itt m G^mHii^ani Sih ony this word ia pronounced f<bntdl|ifl> 
tamdfcr, here is but little roeatfer-, /fibnieden/ but fcbmalim is bqtier. 
Hd tp, here thej do but feaft flenderly. Me 6<bmatifeber/ V. JcttfcbjCr^. .. 

Ht@4iM(beit/ pi^r, tnitf. the ftate oi ^k ^mamtnU, p^itr. bit-ti, fis»''of^v0* 
MM fiaall^ Jtrait, narrow etc. for tht fy, ^ £ruittul country, where there is ah- 
°™»^ SCbttldle. undance of neceflanes* 

^64BMlbpb# among the char-coal Bur- bar 6(bmaU(flbel/ a butter-tub, a tub full 
Kit. (/bOT wood or lUcks put under the of butter. 

J^^niecaa in the kilo. , b<r &lfmtit^ Ui^ti^ piw. 0>ut only of 

^^mt, 'tt^'fttf mdf.^nAadv.rt' fereral foru ,) bfe - e. t) In many parts, 
Fotehfol, iil]orious, opprobrious, con- OtfC^robtO/ cream, iy Among A^era, 
tiaielU^aA, calumnious, ignominious, the fedintent or fettlings of vitriol. 
fi^>neM, dishonourable, disgraceful, M Gcbmdr or ^mttt, greafe, hog*a 

i^oaa. @fe fc^Cagcn mfA fd^tndlidl)/ greafe; V. e^bmttt. ^ 

tasf hare tmitten me reproachfuUjr , loD , bcr C^Uidta^b / An emerald , a precioaa 

^» to, 6<lblD(I(:(be WOVtt f injurious ftone of a, green colour. . . 

^'ords. Cine fd^mdltc^etrafe^ an igno« CMftmordgben/ aaSf. of ^erald, ^efeml^ling 

^oms puniihment. (SfnettI etnen fcpinds an emerald. 

Btea Xob antbtsn^ to put one to a Iha* ber 6(b8tdrbOUd/ the belly or paunch. 

Bcfol and ignominious death. In low ba< @(bni(l«fratlt/ broom -rape. 

hmage it is often ufed for fcbr/ febr 6d)inaro(eiV verb. reg. nemir* with bdletlf 

tn> feffr ieftia. (jW Ig etae fcbmdifcpe to fpunge or fliark, to live upon tht 

|tlC« It is a very great or anintenle heat. catch, to go Il^arkiog about, be a imeli 

t< 11 fdundU^b f alt/ it is very or txir^ feaft, fpunge upon oihert that keep a 

vslycold. e<ptfl4rf(b grof, very great., aood table. 6<pmare(en gebeR/ to eo 

*<f raeofeber the leather of thin hides ; fliarking about ,v to live upon the catch, 
dfi A name for Iheep- leather. to be a fmeli feaft. %e9 9fmanbctl 

Vfcniiefbig««d7.and#i<fv.llender-bo£ed, . f(b(noro9en, to fpunge upon one. 
tf s ihin Umder (hape. bO< (^^morOQeO, iharlung, fpunging, li- 

v^Sd^QffgQl^ p/ar. /ira/I in Tome piirtSi . ckerillQiels. ' ^ ^ #• 

< c^nectiva noan to* denote polfa, bet 6c^lD0roter/ M - 0/ plmr. ut nom. Jing: 

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' a (hark* • fpMiger or fpunger « ooe tLat 
meanly ddpeildf upoa otheri for niain- 
toiianc^» a ^ynell fea/l, paralite, hao- 

' cer oo • table - friend , cater - coulio. 

' e^hiard«ei ((efcn fct^neDer, unb folgeun 
, txdhMt Ptt 'i^armonb bet ZcOer, 3^4* 
V.alfo mttUdtt. ^ , ,.^ .« 
©(JmarotcdfA # ^i//. «nd ^''v- lickenfli, 
paraQdcal* d'eUrous of egung and drin- 
king at another's coil. 

hit ©AmarofienMlonjc, ^/i"-. bic-n/a pa- 

raHucal pUnt, a plane « which rubOits 
on the nourishing juice of other plants. 

We ^*morre, p^- bit -n, Diminut. ba< 

(SimflPWCn, a g*ih^ fl«Oi or cut, a long 
^ound; and mod coponionly the fear or 
cicatrice of a long wound. 
We ©Cbmdmwn , comfrey- confound. 

1. Me 6$m4fdb<f pit^r. lu^n, V. ma(9e. 
a. bfe ^tbmwe/ or ©cbmofe, fiur. We -n, 

adrell taoib-Ddn foft and fupple# iha* 

r, V. famm^fett. ^ 

}erb, reff* ac<. tP fleek, fo 

be<-e</ ^«^- We6<(mdse. 
a^ecWndecM/ *64mdt(em;^ 
a^ loud kifa. {Hntnt dnen 

6<binai fiebcn r «<> f»nack one, to give 
- one a »nack or loud kifs. Unt gab Itttr 

einen berbittt 6<tma0, attlffj. „ 
We @*m6?e, pit^r. bie -n, th? ftump of 

a treiB rennaing ftill tnth its roots in the 

ground. • 

I. @*mafen# n^^rh, rtg, act. among Fo- 

reflen, to root out or gmb up the Ibxmps,^ 

to cleave them and fathom them no. 
9. ©AmCfBetl/ wr^. rem, neutr. with ^# 

htXit to Tmack, to make a chew* 

ing meat, as hogs do; alio to make a 

noife with the lips in kiflbg. 

^a< GcbmaQen, tmacking. 

We @<bma6ff after , a fAthom or cord of^fifting of cleft itumps. 

ber @(bmaQ4l/ M-ti, pl^r. cat, fmoke 
or frooak* . , ' 

6<bmflUdJln/ v#r*. rea. neutr. with bqBeit, 
eipcti giou^b wn flo gebeii/ to linoke, 
yMd a fmoke. i) 2)ie SoWen rebmoiKbeii, 

the coals Imoke. ^Q^t* j^eb fdmiOtlCbt, 

wet wood fmokes. a) £obaf fcbmaucbeD/ 

for Cabal ratl4^, to fmoka tobacco. 
' 6KbttldO<l>Ctl, verB. reg. which is the active 
of the preceding, to befmoKe, to hang 
meat etc. where it nay be fmoked. In 
fome parte 9M^ fil(mdud)Cn for rdu^ 
tbtttif to fmoke -dry or to fmpke and 
- drv meat. To fufiEocate with fmoke. 
J)te ^leqen f^rnidttebeil/ to expel or drife 
bees out of their hives by fmoke. Cinen 

8tt<b< ^vfi feinem 2odit f(f'indo<ien # to 

expel or drife a fox onr of his hole by 
(moke. 8d[tndtl(f^ i« alfo ufed by fome 
inftead of^(bmetSen/ which fee. 

hti ^cbmatKbeti / fmoking. 

bee 6cbmou(f)cr^ ZobaffmiattAer/ t fmo- 

ker of tobacco or a tobacco -finoker. 

bo^ 6(binaact^eiter/ M-$, phn at nom. 


Jlng, fi fire> that does not bum cUar* 
thaf only fmokes. 

ber <B(bniau^/ hti>-th plan Me 6^mdo 

a feafl, an entertainment, a banquet, 
regalio , a treat* a noble tteaf or repa 

Cincti 6cbinao< geben. to give a fcail 

entertainment. gum S^buiaufe gebc 
to go to a feail or enteruiomeiit. H 

berrltcber 6(bmaii<^ afolendid, fum 

tuous, magnificept, gniod or elegant e 

tertainment , a regalio. 
bOl G4^llldOl(|Hll/ a, collation or beverad| 
C^attfen/ 'Verh. reg. neuir, with babe 

to feaft, banquet or revel, to affiH at 

banquet. 2>ie game SBodK f(bmour< 

to feail r banquet or revel all the wee 
fbpd> f(bmaufeQ/ to fea(}, banquet, rev* 

live hiah. gr tbut nlct^tl a3 fOmauii 

he fealts every day. 
iai @(bmaOfen, feaHiiig^ ba&qfietiiig, I 

ber d<bmoofer, bt$-i, piar-utnom.Jln 

a lover of feafting, a banqnetar, a pt 

£pB, who lives liimptuoully ; id popuJ 

language alfo ein 6(binau^brobcr. 

MC ©(bmanfereOr fealllqg, banquedc 
revelling. la familiar language 1 


6Ainaufertr4^, adj, given to fealUog aJ 

Gcbmetfen / ^vtrh, reg, which is ufed in 
double form. I. As ti verb active, 
talle, to dillinguiih by the palate, to i 
by the mouth, to have or take a imRe 
torelilh. 2>ct) SBeUi i^mtdtn^ foRi 

to tafle the wine^ to try it. ^a < 

fdmtecfte, moSteecinicbttrfli^r ^b 

he had tailed thereof « h^ would i 
drink it, Matth. 27^ 34. Figarative 

(?r ffbmetfr ipoWr toa^er Ift/ ho hai 

taAe or ri^lilh of what ha eats. Cin 9 
gttflgen fcbmedeii , to taOe or relilb 

II. Aa a verb neater y^M^^ / 
tafte,' to favour well or u), to havi 
taile, Imack or relilh. i. In a.proi 

fenfe. !Die £lttaf||a f^meett Utttt, 1 
Sucfer Mf ber 9Iaun ra()<0/ »« T*^ 

tJdles bitter^ the fugsr fweet, the aUi 

faltilh. «tit, AM f(bme(fcn, to u 

weil^ ill, to have a good or ill tal 

2}a< ®ei»dr| fdnnedt iWe yfeffr?/ > 

Ipice taftes like pepper. iDer IB 

fd^me(te nacb bem gaffe/ the wine tai 
of the calk, ©le Wuttef, We 6i> 
fibmecft nacb brm 9au<be/ the buner, 

meat taftes of fmoke. s. Figaraiivi 
I) To talte weU. iDtefe Bptift (4»mi 
mfr redbt gut, this meat reliOies v 
well with me, it uffes vTell to my pah 

mt fcbinccft 3bnen bfefer SQein? h 

do you like thu wine? &bmtdt 3bl 
ba6 Kcbbubn nicbt? don*t. you like t 
partndge? 2)arauf fibmedt tin Zn 

this \rili give wine , beer etc. a good 

liih. dr (d#t e^ fic^ retbt Aut f«iiicd 
he aats rrith a very good Atmitch , 

Digitized by VjOOQ IC 

•ftti kevtij J. ' SrfMDit ni^ti fAmttfetif 

I hare no topetite or Aomach, I can eat 
Bodiiog. a) To be to one's tafte orli- 
Uo;. Olefc Sntwdrt fctmccftc H^m fiar 

9^t, thu aofwer or reply was not to 
hii tuie or to his liking. XMcfe 9<g€g^ 
ini M mirilfeN PpUttdm $ this treat* 
XDeot or bdiaviour dfoe% not pleafe nDe» 
I don't like it. 3) To betoken or hare 
ta^ appearance of fomething. 2)al 
{((aedt na(( %^%txvi, th^t imacka or 

Uvoon of atbei(in. 2>{e Jtau fi$me<ft 

goiit o(K|^ bem S)orfe/ Me fbrem fRoiiQe 
\m\mt, SBdfft V. alfo (i^r(t)ma<f. 

kff6taC(fcr/ jo popalat language, tbe 

Mfe; sad among Huntsmen^ the mouth 

or toagDe. 
M&ta((f/ hogs-lard, hT^gs-£it« any 

Fat uded in greaune, 
^6(tnccrmd)/ u>e paunch, the lower 

beltj, the abdomen. 
tf Cktaetreri/ a ibining iiher-ore, which 

H greafj to feel on. 
l^6(tflKCf0cNrde/ mottntaiD-eIay» me- 

uiUeday. ' ' ' 

k 64lDCtrffn|t, among Miners , a vein of 

dkj, metallic clay or greafy clay, 
ie^ktmccrlinbe/ the Auguft- linden -tree: 


cr&tiic<rfelii, epecTRtln/ the fteatite, 

uic.fteatite, fpanifh chalk. 

ic €^Nsci<Mc9, plur, btc - en^ flattery. 



Boaring, nleaiing, complybg widi , a 
Tmite and faiwning bebavioor , attended 
mth fenriJe compliments , and com- 


iMd^ifSMt, -cr, -eUc/ «4f' •nd adv. 

Sitccnng, fawning. careOiDg* >adnlatory, 
wkeedling, coaxing, £miling, aliimag, 
rootliu^, hnmooring, * cajoling, plea- 

^i' eio f(tmel(t^€lwter (ftcnfcC • flat- 

t«niig or fawnhie man. Sa< fft mir ftl^r 
1iNld(^cf^ft, that is veiy flatter^g or 
pjfifiag to me. In popular language 

i(M4cC8# 'V^rA. re^. nenrr. with ialtd, 
vrbtch tikes the dative of tbe perfon , to 
fitter, to compliment with falfe or tm« 
^piai&s; to plea£s or (ooth ; to ez- 
cue &Ue hones Ind expectations; to 
^^■Bioar, plea(e ( praile, commend* 
CMx.Mfbeeole, tickle, eheriih, Aroke, 
ctjole, cog, allure, cared, huj^ fondle,, 
^wo, indttUe or gratify one. f)tt j^Utlb 

fcM(trU reteemi^rrn/ thedogfawna 

t'poa hit mailer. 2>J< ^Sitlb f<(mei(|Klt 

^ hotter/ Ne Matter bcm 5tfnbC/ 

ih« child coaxes his mother, tbe mother 

tbs diild. e<bnfd<|^e(tt ttoncn , to bo 

»Ie, to have Ae faculty, or ta know 
bow to Cswtf or coax. @I4» mit b<r 
^•fnillgfitniCkbCfll/ to flauer oueVlelT 
^ die hope or bMos. C(Jmd<Wc Mr 

ri^tadai Ifaniif SBdlTe. S4 r<&n^>^(Vtrte 
nir, bafi crfeminen mflroc^ I flattered 
myfeLC that be would come, (p^u fc^mcM 
d)err({cb meiftcntf vcracbcn^. M ®ifTen# 
fcbaftcn aufcr (er d^e heffer |u icCen, 
©cfl. ^cr «rat f*md(hclt bcm ^onfen^ 
the pbyncian flatters the patient , whea 
be reprefeuts bis cafe or condition bMtev 

than It is- ©cc TOaMcr f*mefvt«:r O^mf 

mX^tn tX XnMtt, the painter flatreru 
him^ that he paints, when be bideo 
die faults or detects, or paints bim mor* 
beau^lul than be is. 2)er i^ofmami 
A^VAii^U bem tMtn, the counter flat* 
ter the prince, when "be oompUmente 
him with falfe or undue praifes. (£{|| 

SrcMgcT/ Urtf unb ^a\^Ut tnJ^fTtn ni^t 
)mt\&nUi, « parfon, pbyllcian and 
painter inuft not flatter. @ic fd)inei(tcC* ^ 

ten i^ tin& r<idtcn , tt (abc voOecmm^it 

9tCC|)t f -they flattered him and fxid, ho 
was perfectly in the right. 

ba^,@0md{t^Cln/ flauering, £iwnbg, coa« 
xing etc. 

tHbmeid)Cn/ verS. reg, act. amoiig th« 
weavers of fome provinces it is uled in- 
Head of fct^UcUen/ which fee. 

to @c()md*lcr / W * i, plur. ut ««!«• 

jfing. /'•ifi/n. ^ie Sc(melc((er(nn r t flat- 
terer, udulator, coaxer, wheedler, ca* 
loler, fawner, cberilber, Aroker or al*^ 
lurer. A child, that is accuAoroed to 
coax or to make W9Sn» is called t 
little e^mti^ltx. 

ec^mdMA; ^tt, ^fit, ^df. and iidv. u 
word Ilill in ufe in popular lan£uage^ 
UDiflead or which , in the more decent 
manner offpeaking, gefijtinciMg u uCed, 
fee tbia word. 

GAmeften/ v^rb. irreg. htiperf. {|| 
fdimifi ; Particip. aefct)ttl(frcn« imperai^t 
mmmu Wmcffc « is ufed iii a doubl« 
form , but in both only in popular lan^ 
gua^e. 1. As a verb neuter with fcOO# 
to fall violently aodfuddenlv, of large 
bodies, like fcf^ladcni molt commonly. 
iu the compound word ^^InfAm^itXi, tm 
fall fnddenly to tbe ground. Cr i9t>iW! 
dcfcbtttifrcn/ li« i& fallen fuddenly t6 th« 
ground. II. As a verb active^ andndfi^ 
in a double principal iignlflcatlba. i« 
e^la^in, to ftrike, fmite or beat, ta 

low language. Seiiumbcn ^inttt bit 0^ 
rtn fcjmdfcn^ lo gi»e one X box on the 

ear. 2)o< 9fcrb fAmcift Mntoi aoft tho 
borfe kicks, fiinen or oufdnen fcbtnel^ 

gCH/ to Hrike^ unite or beat one. Henct 
bet ^d>tnli is alfo a fraart or fotmd Aro* 
ke or blow. s. ^erftn , to throw, caS 
or fling, where it is alfo ufed only ia 
low language, (gtmob ttntcr bit ^nf 
fttmcifett/ to throw fome thing undev 
die bench. 3(tnaiiben |u O^ten f(t)ipeU 
fen / to throw or fling one d^vm Gte 

WmiTTctt »m etclne <o M< fetito. *^ 

threw, caJft or flung (Iftnes mto his.wiii* 
d9Vi« 9* }0 t»W Ungaago-it U oTed m 

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li grvat. belly u gon^, is meltad aw#3 

@ciQ (|:apita( ii! idn^n acfcbmoUcn , b 

}ia| alrei^iy iavilhetf or (qnaad^red awa 

lu« efia^. Si( firmer fctx^fit burc 

franfbelUn/ the a^fmy di^ninUhe* b 
licki^aU* Alfo id j^q eUgMt. Ayie : uietl 

icn von tteincq Ztic^ncfi fc^mi^t i^ (Afic 

11. As # ver^ aQtiyC' i) To melt 

di^folre, liquefy, to render fluid b 

rn^eans ofheac or fir^. Gutter, ^ctBI 

^($mc(iCn/ to melt bwtt^r, faow. • IBkl 

^100/ Aupfcr rct^mcUen^ to melt Uacj 

tin, copper. (ftcf^WOUCnci ®U0/ bc| 
ter gcr4)mc(ite^/ melted Icad.^ S^ tuir 
t)(ute hivtt 0cfct)mori^D, better gefd^Dicf^l 

Ainonff Minerj, fj^mcliCD/ »• p f™elt o 
to melt ore, fb as tp extract the nnota 

hjpfiVLg Painters, Me Jarl^cn fc^meUcn « 

' ^tt\d^m\htXi, to foften or fweeteu th 

^ colours, a) 3fiit @$mel| maMen o 
ft6erilc6<n/ m good Cerm^ cmatOtrc 

I IS moll uluajl, io enafp^), to paini wi^ 
flinel/ or enamel; to lay colours upol 
a body To. «s to adorn and var^ iu 1 
tbis iigQification it is always uied as 

i y^b regular. ^Inep SRing fc^OIClKn/ tb 

> ^ emoilllren/ to enamel a rbg. (^r4>in^Ui 

Stt^Ctt/ <^oameUed work. , 
ta^ @ct)mel)eA^ Me 64)UK(aUIIflf the mel 
ting or'Cmelting of any thing, cUq Fu 
lion, U(][uefyiag, liquQfaction. 2)0 

@(tmieUen ter iDletaae/ the fiiGoii « 

We @4^<(&e/fSa(Hr0tnerac^ a place, where metals. 

va* w melted and calL tet 6cbmel|ef/ M-i, pi^r, ut npm.Ji^^ 

|ia^ @<bine(ieifen/ melted iron, that muft a melter, finer or r^fin«r of met^l^^ 

b^ Drought un^er the hammer before it caller. of metals. 

is fit fo^ any work. Me ©cbtnclieffe r * kind of fopge, ifhci 

m or mix fgod with metals are melted. 

tter; Y. (Sc^mal^en. Hi ®ct|uje(|feuer/ hH-i, jfJur. ut non 

%. uid irreg, wbicb fi»g» * melting jot froeltina fire, a fii 
lesfo: l^ ^^jmtllt, ufed io melting metals) Tikewife th4 
Cfjeft -) er fcbmaat deflree of fire, in which a body melu. 

fcbT(9nu>^/ CBTif. hai PubmtWai, ^U-ti, pUr, (but onl 

ICf<|)rao!jen; Imper. of feyetal forts.) Me-dtdier^ eoaoiel, 

rtner fctit)e(|. U is kind of coloured ^lafs, ufe^ io aiiame 

ijm. ^ -jiog and painting in #nam{*l, and whir 

er, with an irregu* ia iomei^mes called only @(tl1tel3 Umpl] 

the auxiliary verb bte @<6in6l.aWtte/ plur. blC-fl/ * melli^ 

nelt or be dislolved, or fmeltinff - houfe ; alfo a large Forge. 

> liquid. 2>a^^eiii< Mc Q(tme(ifunS/ pii^- car, i) Meiaiiu 

fcbmiti: on bet Juft/ gy, the art of ipelting metals, a; Tfc 
^es in the air. *Qit art of enamelling* 

er@otine/baJS^q(D< bcr 6cbuieU(5ffeI/ a fpoon to melt m 

Y melts in. the fun, taU in. 

fire. ©efdMnoUener ber @<bmcl|tna(kr/ be<-^, p/«''- vt noia 

^5 S^^ # fiCfi))tttoUene fing. kii enamdler , one who paints < 
Y, melted ice , mel* colours in enamel. 

ieo fcbmiiu in elpem bU @(bmeb9iaMeret)/ enamelling, palotir 

:uer4/ H^ £UPfcr tX* in enamel. 

x, bcr IDtamant ben Vit ^4mebmAMc# « o^ ufed in poiindii 

nelts in a moderate or l^tuiling nottfir^ varfiilh. 

P coppyr requires a ^t 6*«lCl^Sn^ i^ tRC^«jlJ 9' faeltii 

pond the. itrQngeit. furnAc<;, 

^inijh. d.ecay« C9m9 bftj 69me(K(|ld<iOi «B 6p«meUer*i re< 

i|( iMii to (0^ ba or pipe/ 

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.^ lel/ • ctu^bh, nuHunf foj^ 

a itMiil to joelt m%u\ jn. 
IK QltnuliWCrfr eiUflQdUiqg or ^Mmlied 

boo-greaf«» hogt fat; V. alfo M 

^ i> A gors-bell/, great bcUy* a) Tho 
Innr bcUy» tlie pavncb, the abdomao ; 
V. aUiL tor eclncerbati^ 
krMMctftcL bCl-4/ plur- (but oolv oF 
tnaal (orta») ut Horn. Jiitg* ameiU or 
wwiy> m iron-ore, of a diiiky. Wown* 
A fed oa tlie IbrCaco, afed in cleanioc 
aad poiiniiog Skml, iron, ^^» Mia 
Imm prociotii ftonea. la popular lan- 

iB/ v«r^. re^. ad. to polilh witH 
or enerf. 

elat imh a ibft end >greely Malk, cal- 
led by iho aacieai MerbUla Orobaofbe 
tcandnlttau . 

kr6#atff» M-«/ p/«r. bU*e,. XMm^ 
cK. b«*@4flKrl4ctt, *€<bMi<rIdii^ tbe 

Merlia^ tlie fmaUeR of aU tbe birda of 
Mef ; Faico AoDilon L. in many parte 
Ifrlcnfeaiffttf, the Hobby, Falco Tariue 
^ctne Alaodeeoni Klein , n alfo called 

Cf m nod @(taKr(0C«er. 
lie 6(liiiccfCr /y/*^- bk * n, a loach, a 
linaU freOi '•irater - filh ; Cobkit Barba« 
lala L. bcr edwierHiia. 

^cli# ^ffiiK in Ae l»«n3r» di« doUc* 
®i(btrd|)ine(^, pain caufed by the aout. 

* CMnl4mcl^n/ pain canbd by thalton^ 
or graveL 64)mct;| i« a general expreC- 
fion,' wUdi wafes t]^e degree nndeter^ 
mined. Hie moft ' violent degree o^ 
0(baiCrl W eapreOed by ^eto/ £ltt(l^ 
and fOHktIcr/ tee thele wor4f*, a) Ap* 

'. pUed to te mind, affliction, grief, fovr 
xow, trouble, perturbation. T^t&imtti 

Aber ben 9}erlufl dne^ ffreunbc^^ fdoei 
8q«liACtl< K. the lorrow lor the Ipla of 
a&iead, of bia fortune ftc. 9D<r crmar» 
tm itm mit ^cbmCflCII/ we expect turn 
with impauence. 9A V^tt C< mit 
64llier|CII/ I am forry to hear it, I hear 
i| (lb) to my forrow, affliotion ,or grief* 
64mCliCllr vsrb. rtg^ Mutr. with (O^ 
im, to fmart, ach or ake, to put to 
pain» to caafe, .create or give pain ; alio 
Jipurmivafy, to afflict^ grieve, to gi?e 
or cauCs trouble or vexation.' Wifit 
9SmU f(|l»eCHt/ my wound Imane. 
2><r JCapf. gabii/ 0aa4^ k. H^vmi^t 

VjM^ my head, tooth, bellr etc. akea. 

IDiefrr Sufai id^maii xM^, M^ accident 

afflict* OF grieves me ^ I am troubled at 
it, grieved or [fitty for it. £< ^XM^t 
siif# febr, M iib bkM tluii tnui^ u 
grievea me exceedioaly, that I am for- 
ced to do thia. ^i KbOMVI^ m\6^ \Xi ttt 

ettitt btcb fo onboiiibar in Ubtn, it 

Steves m^ to thee very heail, to find 
ee To ungrateful. 

btC»»<ltfPb<r P^' Mt'tt/ tiieAngiiil* gitUKflcnb^ Ai//. and «iv. finardng, 

faden-tiee, probably fi» called on ac- grieving, grievous, afflictive. 

cemtt of iCB folk wood; V. iKtiguCHnbe. bOf 6ciMBCrietlg<rb/ b<»-e«, piur. (but 

i:r6(taHertdQ, bc^*el/ p/nr. inuf.. the only of feveral loru,) ^ie-Cf^ the money 

fteaiMe. the Tale<^fteatite, ^«nifli dialk; paid to one a« an indemnificatioiK or r% 

. V. g|Kj#ellL ooital for tbe bodily paina» which he baa 

M edmcrvkb' VI 6(bmicbic^. Inffesed, fmart - money. . ' 

te 64»mMr}> ^iSar. tejs/; i) A nam# %^mttmH9^ ^dj. and «^V- oppreffed 

fiac Ao gctrtrOUtr Bntter- wort , Pinguid widk pains or with grieL ^ i 

eaUL. a plant, who£a leaves ace fitt or 6^«eCMaft/ -tt, -€*«/ •^A «d #i?v. 

amafy: 9«IICffr(H^ a) A planiw vriiich Unartml, patafuii dolorous, dolovonsly^ 

* ^ '— *i— r — *_ _r afflicting, IJnaatiag, vexatioua^ grievous, 

fofvoWful, doiefuT. fad, pitiful. (Knc 
fidMiifrAiKiftc ttafm\t, a dolenua or 
painful fioknelii. Sin f^Qlin^fta; £obf 

a pain&il deadi. 9iii fcbmeribofter $u» 

#anb/ a pitiful, forry, deplorable, la- 
mentable or (nrrowfui condi^n^ 
We^mWM^dt, painfttlne(i,. dolo. 

©AmerinAf -cr, -M, •d^w^ aw- i*l% 

6<btllCI|paft'/ only thia is ufed more c^ 
the fmart or pain of the mind than that 

of the body* (j^n f(bmer§litbe« 3a^ 

a pitiful , deplorable or forrowful acci- 
dent. ^gM ^cr bcrifkb Ucbt, M vcf 
({fit tP f*mcr«IW, what'a paflionately 
loved , will be forrowfuUy, painfully or 
ttnvHllmgly loft. Cin Rbmcrlllcbce SBtm 
fangen , a pallionaie, impatient, hearty^ 
_^ ^._, painlnl or great defire or longing. 

head-achu SolttWrniTf 6<taKr§«nb<rnb, «^A and #4^: p^^ 
fOI, looth-adi. eiHK)W«<IK»r bally, leaiuive, knt^iog/ 

» uM^geaena m- ^e fouthem parts of 
Europe and in the oriental cownfrtes; 
Tomna L. S^ A name for tbe Oc|M0ar|< 
MUQCC, Cae Uiis word. 4} A kind of 
filfl*, Lednnr Tebphinnm L. m^ 

^cfMmr|, bc^-eol, Jier. bent - en, 
>^cc. bm Gc^mcfg^ pier. Me - eo. 

Sourt, pain , appliea to the body. (l\$ 
ttnS(bner}inber6^b«ben ober ftb^ 

ka, to have or feel a pain in the fide. 

CbKB Icfingcii ecfwieri fa ber 6eile em^ 

pblqi, to feel a violent pain in the 

&de. qwck e^nerHft ^uMcben, to 

feiw great pain* Where tbe pkiral, aa 
is the foUewin^ fignifioation, is alfo 
fre^oentl^f; ufed inRMd or the -ffasgular. 
MtfgteclmicfKii m^lMm. to feel vio. 
l«t pam. xum 0reioi Wlmnm ter» 

tal, to die or expire in gfoat agonies. 

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painleb, witkcmt toy pain* ral, <obU uM hj black •fmitha ix 

bit t^^mtXiMplMt^ tfMithy, comproredndU tli«r workt^ at char^coaU, pit-coftls oi 

of tbe ifiina, Aoicttm. ^ (ea - coalt . 

e^mmfijffcnb, s4f. and adv. Icnkive, (er 64illlei)etnfMet , a mafter.fimtif, i 

anodyne. mailer black"- fmith. 

ttt ^(t^mmerdOd/ M-th pii^r. Ut*tf a Me ^tmi^tmttfit, Awatar-miU, that ha 

buuer-0y, Papilio L. a beaatiful infect. a hammer -work. 

tk ^dfmttutHmiblnmt , piur. ^-n/ 
* papilionaceoui flower. Corolla papilto- 

nacea L. 
Gc^mfttcnif verh. reg, I. A ver$ HsiUer, 
~ wkh (abcn. i) To make a great crafli 
or crack, to make a nolle; faid of 
thunder, o) It is alfo (aid of the (harp 
and piercing voice or^ found of the 
I^ightingde and many other linging- 

birds. ^nn tnrc^ f^r i6)mttttmt> 9icb 
tic 2tt^t minber fiinft vttvUtb, (SeQ. 

II. A verh active, to dettroy, ored^ to 
pieces, fplit in pieces; V. ^ttidfiaxi^ 

(er ^i^mib, M-t^, pl»r. bit GAmiebe, 

Femin. tie @Ctmteb<nn ^ Hkewife bel 
^^mW SrOU/ a (jnith, one who forges 
with a hammer. Scr Untcrftbmib, an 
fmith. ©er ^uf^ or ®rob< 
L black -Imith, a farrier. Scr 
lib, atih-man. Ser W4)fcn< 
I guB- fmith. IDer ^ammcri 

(orger, a hammerer. 2)er ^Dlcf^ 

a cutler. X)er 9)a0c(fcbniib# a 
\, a nailer. !Der 9BaffenfcbnHb, 
1^1 armorer. 2)ec *U|»ferf*mib / « cop. 
per -fmith, a brasier. 'X)er ®Olbf<bmiQ/ 
a gold • froith. hi a more limited Cenfe, 
hy @4ltllib limply is alwaya underiiood 
ben i&nf^ or ^robfAmib. 

6(^mfeben/ verb, reg, aa. i. T^ forge 
to form Of beat by the hammer, to bf 
hot iron. 9Ba^ %a^ f^^nitcben tdlftt, wha 
is malleable or hammerable^ €$(t>infetc 

bal efftnr me(( e« no<t betf ift, /bike th 

iron while it it hot, take time iFrhil 
time fervee* likewife to produce o 
form in (uch a manner. (Sin ^ufctfo 
f<tmteben/ to forge a horCs-ihoe. ^ler 
9^dfic( in eincr.x^i^ i^Mtbttt, to kil 
two birds with one ^flone. a. Sintlt i 

(Ellen nnb' Qanben fcbm^eben/. to etidiai 

one, to put him in chains. Siiien A 

ben Sarren fcf^miebtn/ to cbaio » fbrgc 

tie or fallen one to a wheel- barrov 

2)ie ouf bie(§a(eerett gef(tmicbct finb, th 

Galley -(Uvea. 5. Toeodea?ODir to rei 
Itxe a bad affair or thing, to iotjge, coir 
fet up, invent, fabricate* deviio, com 

terfeit* (ginc Mgc obcr eitt i^iff&rci^c 
fcbmrebcn/ erbicbten> to fbrce» contrive 

devife or invent a lie or tale* to <coiii 

terfeit a Aory. @€in eifene^ tln^ld 

f(ttnieben/ to be the came of. or t 
caufe hit own misEbrtune* 9Mt Ml 

r4^(<Ige ge^en elnen fcbmiebctt/ to broo< 

ha tern or brew iU oeligns againll om 

^tnt ^bttn unb dtebenlarico kbml 

bttif to coin or make pew words an 


etbmiebbar/ ad/, and adv. malleable, .ca« bAl @<bmieben/> forging^ coining etc* 
pable of enduring the Ibokes of an bie@cbniiebeiange/ a £mith*s tonga or larj 

. Iiammer, and being by that means made pincers, 

thinner and of a greater buU(. ba< @(|i)QliebC|eilg /' inftrumenta^ 

Me 6d^miebe, Piar. bit -n, a forge , the iiCed b^ black - fmiths, a Ihiidi'a tools 
worklhop of alraith, the place, whef-e bie @Cb8liege^ piur. bit -tL 


a fmith works. iDie 9(n(erfd>niiebe / a 

forge foe the making of anchors. Moii 

commonly the ^(bntiebe dmply is the 

workihop of a ^ft and (Srobf(^niib/ 

• 1. e. of « black- fmith. Flgurativeir, 

Box bit re(bte @cbmiebe del^en^ to apply 

to the proper perfon. 
ter 6tbnilebeambo<, a rifing anvil with two 
nooks or corners; al(o a fmall riling 


lie @dnn(ebe«r^cit/ foiith's work. 

I^r @<(^miebeba(d/ the bellows in a fn)ith*ft 

b(e@4)miebcelfe/ a forgo, the place^ where 
J iron is forged. 
ber f^micbebommer/ the hammer of a 

Toiler, 4 blac^fmith's hammer, a Imi|h*s 

tof O^miebebanbiofrf « the uade of a 

fmith, of a Uack-imith. 

ber (B<bnifebelne4>t. bti-ti, piar, hit^t, 
i^'iouroay^man black -fmith, a joame]r« 
»an« ivbo irorkf ia * Cnivk*! ibop* 

. , , . . I) A filUni ( 

bending^ carpefiter*a rule; an inilr 
ment uled by carpenters and joiaora 
drawing a right angle. a),A flopo. . 5 

bie 6<bmiege geben, to go flanctng 

flopiag, to be aflope, to lean. 
Qd^tttit^ttl, verb. reg. act, 10 bend, be 
or make crooked, to give any thing 
crookid direction/ Co that it cornea nc 
the form of an arch. Moii common 
it ii as a verb -reciprocal , to bead , 
become crooked. 6|(b fcbmiegrtT ijig 
rativeiy), to ftirink, cockle, wrinkTe, 
yield, iloop or fubmit, to humble 
abafe one*s felf. @iA unter iciDQnt] 
&tfOaU fd^mtegen, to yield or fubmit 
one*s authority, ©id^ fc^cMI unb b 
genr to ihrug and duck, buckle a 
yield* deep and cringe, orovFi a 
croucji, flatter and £iwn. 2>er Bu 

Mmiegl M wt fdnemi^errn, tbo d 

lAwiu upon bis mailer. 

taie^egcm biejecbm^egung, b«ndu 

oom»fi fabimttiog; cxinging, ^Yrmu 

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Nt 6toMt# piMT. (yrtndb it oM otilv mUlcfll/ to tndgA, heu, ban^ ot naul 
aUblvidy or coll«ctit«hr,) Mc-ll. OA one; iolload ofitBich u alfo only ftiil 
bwe IB (osM ptrti for a ni^» bul- ikitfkf.i^ ftE^Ottl or a^f^ietCil. 
nib, oa account of fiu DKtnciidi. a) A (al 0<t)micren/ graaOna, anoindDg, Tpita* 
facUiBf.'^taiiioor, bimfa or €«atiiA<Mi im^, bfibmff» da&biiig etc 
nctited from a blow. %tt e^mkttf, Ui-if ptwr- ut nonuJUg. 

ItfMnftr, tite^mitttf tm^tr, grade; oaa -vvfao bribes or ^eafet one in £e 
T.Cktmcer. ^B0§fttf4nH<lfi gNNire for All. Fig»t0Uvefy, a danber^ a coarCe* 
cazt or wanoB-wbeels. 1 ^ indifferent painter ; a fcribblar, one who 

lit 6(tniieranni f >i«Mr- '^'!/** ^^°> writer in a careleCs, nfelefs and incor* 
^ipt&XtXi, flHeC^r fcbr<t^/ @<im{cralfcn recc manner, or one iv)ro writM ill. 
aiearcribbla or fGnwi, t carelefii or bk fJd>m(etcre9/ pl»r. Me - (tl/ daubing, 
imthlefii writiog, and the paper writ* Icribbling, ferawlio^; alTo Outtery, flut- 
tai itt racb a wanner, a) From ftbmft^ tiftmefft, ^ reafineft.' 
n, l^kc^CQ, a briber a prefent to briba bal e*«ierfo|/ V. @<6m(«rWcf>fe, 
••• with. @^micrf0, -<r, -UC/ ^dj. and ai/<tf. grea» 

Mt6(^lli(«M<Mt^ ^/ht. bie-n^ a greafa fy, uactnous, vifcout, oily, Cmnttj; 
kn; a box fitted with greare for cart adv, greaCly etc. (Hn ftbmtcdfier $,W 
tr waggon -wheals; b«* 6<|>llllcrfa§.' ^Cf/ a greafy body. ^(bmfcrige of 

*l6*«ia*tl*/ *>«i«»branc»*book, a . fcf^mu^iie i^^bc, greafy, na% hands. 
waAe-book. ;„ * ' , , ^, • €inc fd^mferige «rtelt, a dirty ^f greafy 

l(i€««iCfdlllCr/ V. 6(imiicrbM»fie. work or bufinefs. 

AMmnr tw^. r^.^€t. to fmear or bCT 6<|>mf<rt4(e/ be«-*r !'/«'•• car. pot- 
bdmcar, tonraalis, oil, anoint etc. ?. dhaefe, curdled milk or curd kept m a 
or fiit, jreaTy, niictuous or fifcous foft ftate, in order to fpread it^pon 
l^Bmgs. eincrn JKnbC bcnSreO in ben bread; £Utarf/ in lower Saxony jMfe^ 
Saob ftt^artcrcn # to 'feed a child with buttef. 

psp, lo aive him it or put it into his bO^ &baAvAtltt, leather in uTe, which is 
Mttih. ^nmr auf b«« ^rot fcM^fClL creafed. 

10 fpread bmter upon breads to fpread baS @$mferldll Pt @<fHtrfrfeltt, a merlin; 
bread with hotter. 2)<( 9Mbcr Cfnti V. @4^llltr(. 

fB«ini# |(^ifCHI/ to greafe the wheels tie e^mitx^f^t, foft foap, barrel* foap. 
of 4 waggon. Die e^U^t, bic StiefcUl/ ba< 6dbmicrvU|ir fcabby cattle. 
Ml !ebe? fd^ereO/ to greafe the Ihoes, bOl 6(9mi«mcrf, mud -walling, 
the boou, ilia bather. Sfn 6(|Kof We 6(^tlli€rt9oa<, greafy wool. . 
f^BrtCfiS/ to oil a lock, to linear it bie eibminV^\^Xit , ptur. bfe - n. french 
with oU. eM^ mft eincv @a(be fcbmiCf beans, kidney-beans. 
tOI/ to fioiear or anoint one*s ielf with bU 6i^fnf6fl<9fe/ a i^aint-box. 
ialra or oimment. gUpp^ner/ mtnO ^ne @(fmiHl(bO{(e/ a woman, that pamu. 

mi fie brotee, toft «e»ittter j^mmn, bieecbminN, plur. (but only of faveral 

to bafie partridgee while roailing with forts.) bie-IT* paint, coloors laid on tho 

batter. fctlieWICOg^ fp mm iMfdKII tM, face ; a walh for the face. 
BtteHfr fdbmicren/ tolbap linnen, that e^m\f^UXi, verb. reg. ad. to paint, to/ 

ii to be walbad. Cr «ag gem bit mv lay colours on the face. 61(6 Abtnin^ 

Mfc^icrcn/ ha ia a glutton, tippler, fen/ to paint one*s face, to baautify 

or gornaandiaar. gemanbOl bOl WVX ^ ona's face with paint. I^gmraUvefy, to 

fl^atoai/ to ^va one agraeabla, but gite a thing a iVlfe luilre by hiding ita 

vamhopea. She rdttNom 04afe f^^mit^ defects or faults, to trim up comrno^, 

m, to groafa the fcabby fljaap. a. To . <lities, to put a glofs apon them. Oefne 

write and patot ill or in a Uovealy man- {Rebcn f<>mtohtt, to flourilh hu dis* 

■w. !D«4ltn<<W»ttl(lJtt/ fonbttngC^ courfo. etf6)minttt ^Bhttt , rhetorical 

ffblDicrr# that is not painted , but dau- flowers or fiouriihes. Cine fleftbminfte 

W. ei^^t U»tt»tn, to «r«inbf*ttft verWte/ a feigned or coun- 

icTibble, or fcrawl, to write m a care- terfeit friendihip. 

kft, afeieCft and incorrect manner. fU ba< 6*mfnfen. paiatbg, the appWina of 

»«« in do «wb f*m<<rcn, to knbbla paint orwaftes. rr j 9 

«£"*JLVf^^^«>/..j!''*^^- ^' V^? >«* 6*nrtnf(W*en, &bminmppAtn, a 

9dll flNlcren, to fophdUcate or adul- patch for the face , a piece of crape 
tsrate wine, (gin gefqnnferter 0Cto# a dipt in cochineal ufod in painting the 
topbilUcated, haldardafbed oranadul- face. 

tettted wine* 4. Semonbai We ftdnbe ba#e<»minep|MSrv«M/ M-i, piur. vt 

MnieitQ/ i|KI bcMcOf ^ male ones ncm, JUng.) a patch, a Imall piece ol 
fift, to graaCs one ia the fiR, to bribe black filk Wort by ladies on thmr fates 
«r corrupt liim with gifts, ginen 9li<^ as enH>mameoc. ' 

tc?, dnen Ibvofaten. ftbrnieren, <ie be^ b«« 6<bmliifmaffir/ M-i, piur. (but onW 

Mm, to btiba ajadge , an adrocata. of (everal forU,l ut nom. fing. a wa(K, 
f* 3<lMill» ha 9<N^( Mmiercn^ i^a a aoMnic, a baaatifying waOi. Cfn 

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tor th# (kc9. 
Me @d)mintooffie(/ graymil^ gmmmil or 

ftone-crop C« piMit)* 
^miWln, "Verb. teg. netur. mth (olcil/ 

na^ gette HeAoi /. to (omU ruily. 
tar 6c^lf, W-ffa<- p/ii*.^-*^ a^ 
.Xboko^ablow; V. e^ttdldl. ecMlTe 
%thmm0i, @4rt4gC/ to gei or r«o«ve 
,^iowSt to be b«at«iu 

lafli or jerk Willi a rod or whip « a. rap 
or ftroke with a rod oa p9e^$ baiid. 

^. htt ^mii, M - c^ r P^- (but only 
of levaral inM^ts,) Wt-C/ amoof. Hina(t» 
^ nama for day. 

MC @cjmf^# i»/*«r. Me-n^ a whip-cord; 
alio blackiof Eow leather. 

Qcbmi^n/ vera. rtf. 4tci. i) It is i|iad in 
ni«ny paru for W^t fA^treOr to anoint^ 
$fii fmear orbafmav. i) u ia alfo u£ad in 
many parts by linen -waavara inftaad of 
f4^(f(W^ ; which lae. 3) In a more ejip 
tenfive fenTe it if alfo ofed for. fdfbett/ 
to dye, tocolourt paftif^ulaHv £er dying 

^ bUck. He mt.ttmitm, rarko^ to 

dye or colour ikins. 4) Alio Co bfat, 

laih or irhip. 
ber ^6mi^tr, Ubtrfd>m\6tt, one who 4yea 

or col«uM Ikina or iealhar* 
G^moOen , varlt. re^. neutr, with ^oWlt/ 
, V^ pbQt, look, giia or ftiUan» to. mop 

or mow. 

liSi 9r ba»v^ 4^ %|ij(«rard fciiim •£. 4 
diing I likewiVi without a. plaral. Sci 

meorfclmacf/ liadkitfctaHwf / the ««ipa 
menu of thai a4#r, ^f the g1|u^^ Qa 
edmuf . aategcov to pm omt^ awpa 

menta on, to adorn oae*a mit^ -%kl 
fBrailtfi(MlH<f» tbf. bridal or |^«ip«Mi Of- 
namantt, the omam^ti. whipck au bnk 
wears on her/w#4djng-dajF* 9r0Sd 

^aar iff bcr flltca 6<bmucl/ the b^ant] 

of o(d men ia the^grey haad« Prov. «o* 391 
5. In a more limited (ftnfe* precioia* fio- 
nes* >eweU and pea^U. in fafe. tk^y JCer- 
To to amhelliih w hoaniijy the oiasw^erd 
<ir estterior formj^ are inM{Meodf celled 
etniBc^mucf/ amd then it is oiaa «e a 
coUecuve jieun. tct deno^ foverol t^ia^ 
or parts of ihia (ort, whictt helon^ ^^^V^ 
ther, or form a whole or a £st« 0£ Te- 
yeraL fitch ythto^ or £its the pli^rel », Mf 
@ct>mu(ff/ it airo fometimea isle4. Cin 

fee of pearla« . of dtamooda. 
obcre^lCf^dHmt^^ a food, eanaeor 
geimino Cat, eipeoljpd to a lellk »or 
counterCsit 01^. 2)|ritearf^mtKb 9^^ 
fctmutf/ ontaments (»r d^e hair^ fio*- the 
head. 2)er ^ii/^mm, an orpe^jynt 
for the aeck* a }ewel worn aJbosa&.Uie 
neck, da 4IMuiMMntt€l, ^e iewele etc. 
of a bride on her wedding- dejr, fRit 
^ (iacn ffibtaeift @cim|Nl, Ihe^l»e#>bie 
or precious jewels. 

bO^ ©d^moliefl^ pouting, looking, fnllen^ 64Mnutf^ «^** and a<^v* in fi>«9#> pro^o- 

eel* pretty, handlocae^ ioe,» eeet. ^iu 

mopping and mowing* a poittiog angiy 

ber@(N>i>^(i^O^<n/ M-$t ;^iar. nt wont. 

fing. aewed meai; ^/MmfM ^6ifi. 
&gamtfXi, vmh. iTM, act. ami iMn^r. in 

the Uaer cafe with t^ObCfl/, to ftew meat 
s ia a llove.pao. Sine gcfcbi^octe.ilalb^ 

leak, a Hewed leg of veaL ($^cfiA«or^ 
. t<« SBnb(Wfcj>, fWwed beef; V. SdW 

&cr 9(tMitaHli9iO a Oewing- pan. 

Ixr @*mo«ta|)fc a ftewing-pot, a, pott m 

which me«t^ fruiits eic« are flawed, 
bcr ^4^1811/ an indecU«able wo^ ilfed 

only int low language, and moft cqm* 

monly without an article* to denote a 

profit, gain or ad«anta|e, particularly 

if it is acmiired by cunning ^ ertifice or ^5. %(^x(MtXk\ 

fAnwcf Cd W3^Xkf a haadfooM or pvetty 
rl; V. ecUn. 

(!etl/ vtrh.reg* Mcu to adorn,, em- 
bell ilh, attire^ fet off or out, deck, tnan, 
Kank up, grace Y adjnft; fmug njp or 
autify. @(d^ fcbaiMeit/ to a^cwn osae'e 
felf* trim one*a Celf up, put en o^e'e 
ornaments, aceorutremenis/ few^ e£c« 

Cine fkt^f einen iftof (cbmAcSiii , to 

adorn a chur^, an altar. SHI AntatS^ti 
fctpnAden^ to cmwn, to adorn wnuh «er- 
lands. Cine ^aut f((^cfeBr to etS>ra 
or attire a bride, to fet her o£F to tiae 
ball: a^rantage. 2>eii Aatf^ Me fioare 

f^mftclen, to drefs one*s head^ ooe'e 

hdr. (Sin yftrb ftbmMen/ to paac « 
hor^his trappings on* 

aaomingr embelltfhita^ , 

deceit. ^(Dmu mo4)(tt^ to acquire a ded^og, trimming* gracim^,. adyeliiD^. 
proiit, to ma^ gai)QS. ^ ornameott embelufliment* letting ofiL 

^ ©cbmucf/ Dci-c*, plur. but only in ber 6*miic!cf, ee ad^mer. Ser fc^cT^ 
oqe cafe, bi$ *f/ an ornament, attire* fic(>mi!idfcr, a feather* dreOer. 
adornment Or a .Cat ofiV ao embellifti- boi @^nia<l(|eU), money gtlren by a pfu^saar 
ment or any t^iflg uie<i purely to fet to a daofthtar on her marriage forv ^er 
off a thing. 1. The fplendour, luEre* ' atiire and |ewals. ^ 
magnificence or pomp* ac|d in a mom ^g^ @<|inu(fMM^f be^-^ fr/e'v at feoan. 
exteniive Csnfe. the emhellilhed or beau* fing. a(caiket„ a (mall boa for |ef a > ul s^ 
tifyedfonOiof a^thin^. without a plu-* pfeiuds, rings etc. 
ral; onlyflill in the elegants and poeti- OcbmuM^n/ to bnugglo;, V. 6<|ki4#atis 

oal Ayle. 6<Mb/ ftbta \Si Ue |an|e «f ' b^ tcdben* 

4inblnbeli^tbfcAfe9eefi4ileine4muc!e, ^cbmomeUi, veri. regi. nem^. witk^f^o^ 
%C^^ a. That whidK Icfvaa 10 . e mbeU. b^m U4»c(<i / 19 fmilH %fggK>; l^vo^^m. 

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are a|{p lUw^in jibtA'te^fe. ^ ,' ^ I, Tbe bill, beAk, nib or neb of a bird* 

^ B^mox^ttf^ Xmilii^, Eaj^^n^ £pjg«> Sin frUi 

Sin frumm^r. jgera^cr ©cbnabel/ a croo* 

Cennc. ^ r ' ^^d, « itrai^c bill or beak. (Siir iebcr 

te6<jimiA, M-el/ plur, Jn^f. frnut, g)ofl€t (tait/ »ic li>m Ut C*nobc( tt'c« 

flirt, iuiiKui«u, filth, 4 ipo( of dirt* WfOiittk vHf tfty one will fpeaK aa he 

Bolor 6<^mM ftoii/ to be full of <Jiri, * it taught. Aft Urn 6<bn«W Hdtn, 

ufiioeCa etc Som @4mu^ rdniocn/ to . fidtn, to peck wuK the biU» to give a 

dean, to free frpm durt, filth or loil. . blow with the bill. a. The moutl^ oi 

kr6(tmifdnilCl/ M-ii pJh€^ m nom. > P^rfon; but only in jeft. 5. On ao- 

fiat, a cower worn over the flecvet to count of lorae referoblance. ^ 2yr@*na* 

k^ them clean. M anhtt &bTtibH^tt, the nib of a pen. 

l^^^ in^ximmerce. a ^J^^ttn^n.^^^^ ^ 

book, in which aflidea are entered pro- «*naM ait dWm Oc|(flkrWra<, *• 

i.i(c»«aly .. tb^ dccut ; a journal or ^fJ'.f, *" ^^r^^'"' r ®^' ^"«K OW 

daj -book; in lower Saxony j^bk. JtOfcbOfgC. jhe fnou . nofe. noael or 

»BiHcto/ V. ei^mmntln* U\ pn elncr UamK/ the focket of a lamp. 

1.6(^0101, Ui^tln, to (foiia ett. V. ^tt Q^Mbti tintt Santit , the b^k of 

@c||mtiniclll. « cann^ 

1 6ta8tC8» 'V«>^« f^g' neutr. with ^< ()a< ©dnabcbifctl/ a curIin^«iroa, a tpn- 

tal. to /motv flux, greafe, fully, fpil. |pee-iron. 

Wor dirty fome thing, to make it Ut e>^S^UHt Or ®c^niIH<rf a bird, 

peafy or diny. ©ic jUcttct Kl^mU^CII/ ^^ole bill ^as tlje fprm of a chifel; 

10 fault, flur. Ibil or dirty one'a dothea. flotua anoipaJp-rolter, Klein. 

iai3etlg# U$ UM>t f*mtt(Kt/ » ^«ft 6<« e*liaJelWd># ih* muaalo or (houf- 

dut fooa grows fmutty or fmutied; whale; alto the (ea-pike. 

V.qM<|fllll|€Q^ and S^mulcn. WC e*04^lpto^ a flute or pipe with a 

^?'?^' ^: %7' ^'^•^T ^'rt' 6*nabcl(ren, i^^r^. reg. act. to eat tid- 

aifhJ)vfiIih»ly.fnlIof nallmelii; alfofTo- ^j^ be a lick^diihra flap-laucer to 
Ttoly, fluttOh; foul, unclean. ^inu< bo eating. • -t 

g|C»d«K. foul linnen. ^mu|tee y^ 6cbnaWmJ*r<. Tepua-comb, a plant. 

S^?^^ *iS{*P' dirty clothes, f « ^^^ch it only ufed fometimes injaft for 
j^tjyPUgfgC^fEBetter, it la dmy weaUier. ^ ^^ ^^ par^coVirly of eating tid- 

^f^^mj^^^l^^ to foul or d^ty g{J, . V, ectttabcHrciT 

oa^afelf. ©♦muClgrSorbni, dirty CO- e^„45cfa, ver^.r^j^. ac«. ,i> Aa * verb 

W colours, wh^lS have loft their Iw ,eciproc^, ^ i^hOXk, to biU, aa 

vdy and clear bnghtnefi by roainj them pigeons do ; ^foTiid of peribna , in- 

with a dark or my colour. Contra- ^^ ^f ^^j^ ^^ j^^ J^^ another. 

2to. or agamlf modefty or decency. ^ g)jitttaem 6((|iabc(tfirMtQ, to fumifll 

©Nillfige «Cbcn, foul ducourfci, baw- ^r provide with a beak, whm the paiw 

Ar, ^utiy, obfcene ducourfea. »|(l ucipleM*«dbcCl fomeumes opcurt, far 

ij^^'^. «; un'^^ n£? redt;' ^'^ ^^f*^'^'^^* ®*^«^ * '^•- 

wSrrJi.^'^^^i^P'**"^^' **'^f*»°'*^ Wc64lWb€toclbf, pUt.'in^ tid-bits, 

irt 56115, an obfcene picture. "^ dainties,, junkeu, kicklhaws, deli4:ate 

Nt6(t]|in||glclt/ fmuttincfs. flnttiflmefs, and lickerilh meat; fweet-meata^ 

asHioeU, grealinaCi, dirtioela, uaclMB- \Xt @cf)IUlbcbanfte/ ton^s with f^ long 

aels, filthinela. biUs or baaks, i^fed in ukiag crucibles 

NK@(^BUIi|Httc(, a irockroade of cjoarfe out of the fire. 

Bnneo worn over other clothes in. order ^nabem or @<(nabbqi|, V.. 6<^ati 

toprefarvo them aufl keep them clean. tcm. 
tee(N«|M, eobala<(i a paltry cook, ^^ndftlll, verS.regi ntmr.. to bark like 

a oaCy cook. a puppy, to fpeak forwardly. 

vcr e^^Qtfler/ • Ctniler, a foeering feU dn &ixi^U, a barkupg puppy* * foap. 

la**^ Ihort. 

te6*IW»ttrtf bcl -i/ pittr. ut nom. I, t^ e()»oafe/ ;i/«f. W«-I^/ » Ivmit 

fia^. a utie 10 a bo<)k put ouIt to keep Oermluy a aama fot a ioake or fef^ 

tt» ml 01 proper tills- pagacleaii.^ faj^v . - 

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9. Me ^tiofc; /i^r. U( lit/ « fM 4t di«t at tlie' bmd. 9M^ Wm llf(tet 

. m'id0e, A fioBAli flying infect. i^nWfU^tti , Co fkch Bretth ifhh diffical- 

}. tic (^d^nofer W^^ m-n, tn fitnilbr ^ toliave wut% Bireaft opprt£M. Z)a^ 

ianguago, a droUery^ fkrce, buffoonery, 9ret f^OOPPt Itt (k #^r ^e board 

pleafaatry \ a jeA. rallery. ^ whips or leaps up. ^^ @cbfof fdmoptt^ 

C(t}naHn or fllbnacfen/ 'var^. r^^. «c<. * tba lock flackens. unbencis, fliea ap. 

and nomr. to chat, prattle; to fpeak* fttma^ f<|)napi»ai (affitn/ to let a thing 

a word otily ufed in lower Gemoany. fnap, to let it give a map. £yte.€Ofine 

eUl @4)naftr^ a jefter, merry-maker, }o- oDef Wc J^flr fctnopixn laffem «o lot the 

ker, merry- (nap; a laughing £!ock. tankard - Ud or' the door fnap , to let il 

^(i)nat{fct)# 'tXt -tt/ o^'- and adfv. agree- give a fnap. FieurnUvaly, ^(K^ tVB^ 

able, pieafant, diverting. Jelling, joking, fctlUippcnf to alpire at (ome» thing, to 

merry, comical, bnffoon-like. (Sin gape at or after it. 

fd)namc^)<P -Dlenfii adverting, jefting, (06 <d4mappcn, a (bap, fnapping, Chac* 

comical man. ' iDfll ift bod^ fcj^nanfct) gC^ ching, catching with the month etc« 

nuA, ^dSc. V. >ttt>ftt>nappeii, 3hif(*napp«u 

tic ^nofft, p/tf*-. bfc -n^ Dtminttt. bQ$« ber ©Snapper, U5-^/ /»/««'•» ut nomujing. 

©(tndllc^cn, a buckle etc. i) An inltru- i). A cro^fs-bow, ilone<bow. *D .^ 
. meat or thing ufed in faHening a thing. fleam , a fmall inllniment ufed in 

©if ^djnofle oh >cr 3:(>fir/ the locket of bleedirie. 3) Oct pcgenfcj^iiappcr/ a 

a door. iDtC GcbnoIIe on Cfnem ^ud^C, kind* of linget or hedge -Iparrow, th« 
a clasp. 2) A buckle, an inflmment fly- catcher (a bird), 
made of metal, to faflen the ilraps of bet ^C^noppf^Obtt/ M^ti, pi»r. Mc*^nr, 
the flioes etc. &tAf>lttnt ^d)nQUtttj a robber, or highway- man, who carries 
Heel- buckles. (Hn Vaor {!16emc ^disnii a fnap -haunce or fire* lock about-faim.^ 
f^naflenf a pair of filver buckles for ©Andppifc^ or @4niMft>' "W/ -te^ «<^/. 
fhoes, a pair of filver fboe - buckles. and a«fi;. fnappilh, (harp in rej>lyt for- 
i^cftnfcJ)nallcn, 5fnlcf4)naD[cn/ knee-buck* ward in giving a fliort anfwer; impavti- 
les , breeches - buckles. ©f c i^tttcU nent, infolent, peevifh. 
fdmafle, the buckle of a girdle. itt ©*napp(arrtn^ a whip-cart» Ihap 

G^^nollcn^ verA, reg, LA verb nenUr, - cart» a tumbrel; dun|-»cart. '^ 
with babCH/ to clap, flap, clalh. flafli, ba< Gct^nappmcfTcr/ a kni£B with a fpring. 

crack, fnap. Wt oer $eitr(l)e fct^nallen @4)napp^/ an interfecUon^ V. ecboopn 

or fnoflen. to clafli with a whip. «Rft JttCt^oppI, bc5-<^ /»/«r. //fcj^. a dram, 

(em iOtanbe fxt^nollm , to chatter wiiU Inich a auantity oT fpirituoos lienors, as 

^ the teeth* with the mouth, ^(t btU is ufually drunk at once; V. htt^B6Aud. 

Singeni Mnafkn, to knack with the 6n- einen (gcbnapp^ n<(^men, dnen 6(t(ocE 

gers. 11. A verb active, to bookle, to ^anntmctt) tttnttn , to drink or take a 
^ fallen with a buckle, clasp etc. dram of brandy. Alfo Iplrituous liauora 

M dct)no8eilb(C<^< the plate for clasps or in general, ^n ^laf @^tiapi» a dram. 

buckles. to @Ci>n0PPfacf^ bti-tB, piur. hit-Wtt, 

Ut @(bnoOenbl>m/ the tongne of a buckle. a (hap -lack or knap -lack, a foldier'tf 
't)cr@<bnal!cnfd)mibt/ Gd^naQcnrnQ^icr^ a bag. 

buckle • maker. CctnaPPftll/ verb, reg* neutr. with bo6(fl# 

Scbnaden, ve^b, reg. netur. with ^b<II » to dram , to drink rplritnous liquon, to 

V. etbnoHm* driak drams; V. \S4mappl 

ber ®<^ndpef/ M^i, ptnr. ut nom,Jtng.. bU ©cbiioppmdft/ /'/or. bf<-«;.yam*wind- 

the name of a well - failed frelh* water- les or reel for coumiog the threada; V. 

fifh, Saimo Oxvrinchos L. S<ii)(n>etfC tnd i&at>el. 

€<lHlttPP/ Of W^n^PPi, an interjection, ©Snorcbcn^ iier^. reg, neutr. with (oBctU 

lhap , with a Ihap ,• all of a fudc|en. i.) To fnore, to breathe audibly through 

C^napp^! ba fifeng ti XU\ it went off the no£e in fleep. 3ni @()^lafen fitriar^ 

with a fnap, it went off and gave a fnap, (Jcn , to (hore in fleeP. %) To Ihnb, 
or it made a fnap or crack, and off it huff and puff, to give Iharp aufwers, to 

went. 3fn clnem @*napp fcbnltt er« ob, liuftcr or ilorm; v. finf*n«c>en. / 

fctmfP^ or tDctf4» f^nttt (t'i Qb^ he cut W ^narcbctl, Inoring. 

it off with a jerk, he (hipt it off. f^t Itt Scbnorcbcr^ U^ -i, pitr, at iroau 

6^nOpP/ a fnap or fnatch. Sitieit J^^g* a finorer, a perfon, who Chorrs; 

' 6(9napp loarnacl) tbUII/ to £n<^tch at a atfo a perfon, who Ilorms, blullers etc 

thing. bfc^cbnorrdnte, >>/tt^. b!c-n, a kind of 

Q^n^ptn, verb, reg. -neutr. with ^abett^ wild - ducks , which has a fnoring or 

to (nap or fnatch, to bite or catch at .rattling voice. Anas Ilrepera Klein el 
foma thing eagerly. Vfiwb tttoai f<(nop# Linn. 

pen# to inap or Ltiatch at a thing. &$ bit ©(bnarrbroffd, piur. iit-n , a name 
IM^ ^nweg Mmoppeit/ to (hap or fnatch for the (0Htlc(^r6ffd / a miiUe-bird os 
fome thing away. t)tt J^unb T^nappt miflle - throi^e; Turdus Vifcitom* 
tlMt^ ^ ^jTOto/ (be |io; bapi oriiMt* Klein, .^ 


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8)f^6diaam# (^mtm^^itU^ ^^y^* 

-fart of hiid, A rattling qu4ul. 3) 

64llttRe, ill lower Saxony t la alio a 

oaiB« for a yaxn-windle. 
loi 6<fttiarfCifen# among Goldlbitha, # 

thin long bent antil* 
B^mnmi i^rb, reg. fMftir. with ^11/ 

io make a barlh noifii like, that of a 

rtttW. edMrrcn »ie dn 6i)lirorQb/ to 

CmtI like a fpinoing-wbeel. (Hue fC^IHHSi 
ItnftC *a^, a rnarling or rnorinc cat. 

Die €a«tc MmarretS Ae Arina Ciaila. 
Crfi^Darret eInHKilid itnReNn, be rnarU 
a linle in his fpeech, be prooonncet 
the leaer & fojneiriiac hardly, he rattlee 
iia little. 
M6dNiarreil#rattliflgfCoarHng, litpiDgetc 

M^k^armerf/ be^-e^/ >/er. Me«e# the 

pipee of an organ, irtiich give or yield 
a rattling or (harlijig found. 

\k&9aMtx&fXtt, V. die6<^arrdiite« 

Ut &bua\ttXtX, achaturer. 

We . m O A '««Jf W« 6*tiatii>e. V. ©cjnottie. ^ Sc^itoiyK (ia 

iuTo axiarae for the wick of a lamp, that 

if burnt down -, W, 6<(nil|NK* 

@c^iiduM^n/ *@ct)udu6(dn/ the Diout; 

the nofe of a hbg etp. the raujEale. Sine 

6<tmein«# i^unb^^ oiber jta$cn^@4^Qau(ef 
a hog's, dog'a or cat's Ihout* 2)ie 
@d!^nau6e linc^ Vfcrtc^/ ered ober 

aSaulCfm/ thQ muaaie of a horle, a(a 

or mule. Z)U ©c^nautfe dnti eicD&an^ 

teil/ the trutak of an elephant. In a 
contemptible fenfe, it is alfo fometime» 
. uled for the mouth and npre of a perlbn. 
fi^mrativeiv , the beak » nofe or point, 
of fereral things. iDie @C^nau(C Cinel 
Qlafebi^CA^/ the (qout, nofe or noael of 
a pair of bellows. 2)fe ©{fmaUQC on jfc 
Iter JCanne/ the beak of a cano. ^tKt ' 

6c(nau(c an einer im^tt the focket of 

a lamp. 
64mdU9en/ v^rb. reg. at. i. Id a pro> 
per fonfe. ©<e ^JofC fcf^ndUlCtl/ to blow 
ihenofe. 6i(b fcl^dduSett^ to Oute or 
blow one*s nofe. a. Figurative/y, i) 

ciae Cdbnottergon^^ k gaegling goofe 

6teomr(mft,. atit, and «<iv. ^aggllnr'. ^ 2>atf Hc^t fcbnda^n, to InuiFthe candle' 
inij or chattenog; V. a) " -- - - 

chatting or chattenog ; 

B^^aOSttm, verb* reg. neiUr. with (Oten/ 
to gaggle, as a goofe does ; fm l0t|^ 

f^ottcrn or fc^oabem leic \\t Ventov 

to mnddle, as a duck does. 3>ic ^nft 
f^omni/ the geefe gaggle. Liketrire* 
to chiit or chatter, to prate, prattle or ^^i 
Dabble* nofe , 

3cmanbtn finduicn/ to cheat one ^o 

a cunning or artful manner/ ^o deprive 
^r defraud him of His money ^ which ia 

alfo called fcbncScii/ pteHeo zc. 3eman» 
bcQ um idKn £(»attr f<t)ndu^n/ to de- 

Sri?e» defraud or cheat one of tea 

the act of blowing the 
of (buffing the candle etc. 2)dl 

tal6<!^aeterQ, gaggUng, inuddliog, chatP 6(^ndtt((n tcr dtcriie, the ihootmg of 
tefing, pratding. ^e ilart. . . 

ei^unaUxi, 've^b.reg. act. but Rill oftner tct'@4nou}(a(n/ ciiijtinder 6((naoababtr/ 

a tf€rb memir. with babeilf fart atlM anipernlt, chitty-face, a young would* 
mm, to huff^ pi^fiForbloif; fetch orte*a be -wife; V. ®eIbf<tnabcL 
breath ihort. bwathe thick and Iho«, bfe e^Titdt, p/«r. bie-n^ DimtmU. t0i 
he out of breath. Qo? IRAblfl^it fiboatM 6cbnC(f<ben , * SQIKtRcfO^, alaail. .1. 

- - " SlefBkfleftbnecfe. * dew-uuil or a (ha^ 

tal, to Doff and blow, for wearinefii, to 
he oat of breath or fpent with fatigue. 

•on f^h€€t, bai ibre dUift bereit ftbnotM 

ben to 2)011/ the ihorting of his horfea 
waa hoard from Dan, ier. 8, i6. Figti^ 
rmif^efy. Sof gom fcbtiaitbcii / to huff 

and puff, firet and foam, to hectoiV 
bveathe oot threatenings and daughter, 
to bo in fnosea or in huff, to be iofla- , 
aned with rage, wrath or palCon. @au( 

gtaftabete mit Ordnen anb .fQlorbcn. . 

Saol yet breathing oot threatnlngs and 
Ilang^&er« Aku 9^1* 

b«i edrPAVAOi or 6(kfUitlfeil/ huffing, 
pnffingt blowing, Etching otte*a breath 
with ddBoulty or Ihort and faft. tM 

6<bnanben Ut Soft, the (bottiog of 

6#Mtfbeilb^ huffing, paffing. 
bk 6<bnaQe, flur, tit -n, a Cnow^ a kind 

of ihip, a long baik. 

Limaz L. a ihail without a ihelL a. ^ 
fheU-Inail, a (nail with a wreathed 
ihell. I) In a proper fenfe ; Cochlea L. 
There are alfo ^amnfdmedeo / garden- 
feails; Srbfct^necfeo, wth-lbails; S(u|^ . 
fc^nctfcn/ river -IhaiU; ffieerrcbnecfcn/ 

cockles , fmall Ihdl • (Ihes. a. Figura* 
iiveiYp @<bOC'(fe ia alfo a name lor fe« 
veral thiogs,^which refemble the figure of 
a wreathed (hail -ihell. !Die &S^ntd€, 
ill Architecture', tne volute, a part of 
the capiul of a pillar twilled and tur* ' 
ned into a fpiral line. Die &bntdc^ 
cfneSBenbeUreW/ Ae nuel of a winding 

iUir-cafe. 2}Ce &i»titdt in einer Ubiv 
the (ufee of a watch • round which the 
chain turns. Die &^ntdt \m Of>tt, the 
Cochlea or Snail, fo called from its re- 
fembUnce of a (bai|-0>ell. Sine SBafTerr 
f<bnccf<^ ©alferfirauber Archimedes*s 

fcreWt the fpiral pump for railing water. 

6(blMtlfen, verb. reg. neutr. with Boben, bO* 6*necfenau«e , the centre of a fpiral 
which denotes 6*nauben in a higher or line, the eye of a volute or fc^U m Ar 
flrODger degree; V. 6#l|aub«l. cjiilQCture. 

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94 ^tt^ ^d)nl 

t) A finaJl bill in a ^irdeOj irvhere edible Chaffiiion. 

fniilt Arb kept and fed. %) A hill in a Me (Bd^tittMtj ffl»^> Mc - n> « f!<k^ of 

pleafure - garden vrith a way winding fntiw. Oct ^a( iCtf 00^ »f e ^d^edfoffcil 

about it like a fcrew. . ^ vor. I^m i^aut^c bcc mdrtmrn fQft, 96rf R 

6<bnc((fnf&nn{9A adf. Bud atfy, tpM, titedmtwn^, p^t^r- hk-^Mt, a ^triia 

* rptrally, formed like a faail. goore» Anfer grandidit nivii RM0. f^ 

tcf e^ncrfengang, bt6 - c»^ ;>/«/•. 6(c - flditgr , tettanl. ^ . : . 

i«. A winding alley in a garden » which M Q^tittmSitnf a net uled iii ctttabing 

or open Partridget, when there 14 Uiow. 
ry flow M @4)net8CMr0Cr monatains corfenrf ^th 

li wiiida ^a< ®<t^n(e0eMber. M ^^# /»/««'• nt jtom. 

{ «At/F. fnowittg thick and m little fl^Lea, 

)tC-Mtt' t with a whirling it about by a hi^ wind. 

«64>ne« M ednceaCMd^ii^ bd-i/ #/»*. tit m^m. 

le*lhell. 7^/1^. the ToowHleep, a flower 1 V.6(|hiCC^ 

i watch. bUime. 

/: liiail- Ik efbhttU\iUf V. 6(bnttflani. 

foil, lu- hai^kotittiu}^, the fnow^fowl or hen» tli« 
cam. white partridge, the white wood -bell. 

Me &bntdtnUtiU, r^t^r. (ie-n, • Tpirti 6(biicei4t or fq^nedg,' «4^'. and ^i^w. 

line. Inowy. 

ber 6Anetfen0oft ber (gubneef 6nfg/ the wren« a loi^li bird. . 

lira gallop » rery bie 6^n€tfVippCf the Ciii^nDit, top or pe^ 
of a high mounuiA covered with (how. 

re purple, a fiikall bie ^^^necfaumine/ bie ©dmeeltf^iK/ & 
great drift of lao w faUiog fuddeoly hp^k 
glance -wheal of a . the mounuins. 

, bU®*neriet(tef the ni6w lark, 
fpiral, a toundiog, bie SAneettlCifiP/ the common titmottlo or 
er together in the mulkin. 

e. bfe &ibntttitk, V. @c(neerau»Cne. 

he Uime of.Ihaik^ m @cbneefc|)mel9e/ the melting and iallieg 

of fnow from the mountaina. 
e Item of a volute, ber ^((neefcbuf) , a Ihow-ihoe, a kind of 
ame for the topaa , Ihoes uled in going or w^kin^ ovax 


inding-f^ir•J V. ter @(tineef|iertftti, V. ©<bneeomin<r. . 

(er @4nee((eCnbre(b/ laaibaee or ftofne- 
rwork. break, whidigrowf on thehighefl fnowj 

litecture, a wound raountaint. 

tie ^((neetrDDfen/ a fiiow-drop, a flower, 
^e,) bti'i, (two Galanthus L. 

r. fnow. ei fm ber @dWeef eil, We 6*net»lole^ V. etmtt^ 

it fnowf. jRU blpnre. j- 

d with fnow. £)er beir SdmeeMget/ V. &^t^n^n, C^dec^ 
fnow melts. @o cfminer. 
iflener @4inee/ as tii 6(tfleettHi1lhr; fnow- water. 

V* 6d[^neetOeif, ad;\ and ddif. white al a €ri* 

low-bird, Erohe- ven fAoW, fbow-^hhe; fhow]f. C<9ilte^ 

tbeife i^dnbf/ fnow-white hands, handa 

bie ®Ct)neeba(^n/ a beaten or trodden Ihow- as white as Tnow. ^u fcbnetmeifc 

way. S)ant, her fiiowy, or fnow- white fldn, 

ber ©cbneebatt, M-ti, piur. bie-b4llc; a bt^i ©Aneeroetter, fuowy weather. 

- fnow -ball; alfo a name for a fort of bic ^(tneemiefel^ the fmall white weafel. . 

puffed cake. ber €l(bnfe»illbr a wind, that briogff fnow. 

ber ©cbneeboflbaani; the cultivated garden- bie ed^nttv^oih, a fnowy dotid, a cloud 

Maple/- tree. 'foil of fnow. 

^^mcbiint), adj, and adv. daaaled by the ber @(bnefel, V. @<blltf|»eL 

£nOw. bic ScbOeibC/ piar. Me -n^ from the TOtb 

bk @<bneebCuine/ the (how -deep, Leuco- . ^ f(bOCiOen. 1) I'he^ower or quality of 

jum vemum L. ' cutting, bie @<|)dffe/ Ouirpnels; wiib- 

C4)neebrA(t{g, broken by the weight of outanlnral. Sa< Skeffitr M We ^ncl# 

fnow. betfcriortn, bk^mt, the knife hart 

ber ©cl^neebbbfe^ the common Jack -daw. lotl ifi Iharpnefr. 3) The fliarp, or 

bie 6(t^neebrpfre(/ V. Rtngbrofef/ iReerbf&frc(. ihin Odr of any cutting ioftrumoot ; bic 

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e^Htftf $hB tdg$. tfit e^ntfbe Knei 
f^Mf dRtr nvt, dnelZ)cgen« tt. tbt 

e^ ot A knife, ax«* hrord «tc. 

tit €tindMatit, pUt. Wt - bdnft/ among 

Coopers, a lench with '« mo? eabld ilejH 
OB whidi wood is cut iHth * cntttng 

(«l6(6Qd^Cbret *' cuttio^boanL a board* 
OB i^cb ihoemakers and fkddlers iut 
dieir leadier ; alfo !n kitchens « chop- 
pine board. 

Itc ^ondbebdcBfe/ ^e vice, to which a 
ftoneii G^eoed, which if- to be cm 

Mdi^ndbedfen/ an iron -tool or inAhi- 
neot, with which otbvr things are cbut. 

^•(taribfgelb, money naid for fawjng 
er catling boards; jifo for chopping 
feaw etc. 

(flj @(>Deibc|eIi; Wt>od fit for Ciwing into 

Ke6<htctt<I(^^ Wur. bk-n, a chopping 
Uod), in which firaw is chopped wjtn 
s broad knife. «DI< gtltfcrtanf, ♦tftf fetf 

tot, 9Merttnft#(obe. 
^ 6<b0Cit€(ebC&/ leather jcnt rtftdy for 

Bd>nd0(to, or S^^nciteht/ l><?r*^. re^. act. 

5JftUDe fitodbffii, befAndCtti, to pran^ 

er lop trees ^ to cni ofiF the branches or 

foperlhious branches of trees. 
^ 6(tlKtbe(tt or e^ntlttln, the pruning 

or loppiog of trees. 

^i QibnmtmtSctr M-i, plur. ut ;tom. 

file, a cutting. kmi\», a two-handed 
knife nCed by coopers , wheel - wrighu 
ind others th ctiniog their wood o|^ the 
catting bench^ 

ketn^bmMt, V. edgcmflble. 

BAn^Jbca, verb, irreg. Imper/. H^f(bnftfj 

Particip. gcfitntttcn; i^p^r. f^ndK/ 

to cat etc. ^ 

I A verb, neuter with ba(ctl. t. In 
« proper fenfe, where it often fiinnifies 
H nrach as ^atf feoti/ to be Ibarp. 
©♦ndtobe SkrfieitBC# cutting inflru- 
»«nts, edge-tooJf. J)Ol Dtmt, hit 

64cm, Me «jrt, Mt ectife, bk 6(ge 
Modtd iMC^ nfi tritbt f^tnd^en. ft^fKi^ 

ktmtrcffticb^ the knife, thecifars, Ae 
ue, the fithe, the Ikw does not cut 
wdl, won't cot, cttU excellently, d. i^ 
/Pfor. t) To catife a (harp or violent 
fw, wludi is like that caufed hv cut- 
ting iBftmmems. QHii ftbtidbettbtrfStnb/ 
dac r0iidb€ttbc WKC/ « fli«f . biting 
oippmg* piercing or viplent wmd, cold* 

Kttt aSiab r^ndbct mfr gerobe fn$ 9<^ 
^ 1 haye the wind directly in my 
> Ctn f[$Ddbetibcrd(binaif « iharp 
pain, e^ Kmdbct mk im Mbt, I have 
tHe tripes or a griping in the futsc Ac* 
cordiog to a ^11 more extenute figure 

ii ilfo faid : ©0* fdmeftct tnit M ipcr§^ 

uut cuts me to the heart. 2) ZM 

Ftadkct In ben ^etitd^ that caufes » 

CBofiderable expence, that makes a 
fiitssci hi the putfe; that's rery dttr, > 



\etf chkrgelible or expenflV«. S^ In , ' 
Painting, fcbfldbetibe (farben, iDe(iEbetn{t < 
^ ber QdtMeirffQcbe nf<f^ ^gebbrift vcrfEbmoU 
jeti «nbi V. 6*md<en. ©tbndtenbe 
ItOttifk^ contours of dil¥ejrent colours^ 
■ iL Averb active, to cut, to enter 
or dif ide with a • (harp edged inilnU 

* ment. i. In <i proper fenle, to, cut, 
hurt or wound by means' of fach pn in- 

^ ftrument. et<b ft|tld(>etl/ to cur or 
wound one*s felf. Qi^^ in bet! Sfltflcr^ 

In tit S^nhi fn beit guf W^ntlhtn, to cut 

or wotind ono's finger, one*s hand; otfe*a 

foot. 61* nrtt bem 'Witfftv, mft ber 

Gcbete fd^netteil/ to cut ok wound one^s 

: hV with the knife, with the cifarsr; 

Cbrot/ gleffcb id^ntim, to cut bread, to 

ent or carve meat. Where it is ofUa 

ufed for ab(^nt»tni ^^ ®rtd ^M 

ffbneiben/ to cut a Qice or a piece of 

bread. ' Hab ^ettdbe Rbndbeti/ to ebl 

down the corn, to cut it down wlA a 
fickle; oppofed 10 mowing or ^cutting 
it down with a iiihe ; %ence f^ndbcm 
where ihe lickle is lifed, is alfo ufed 

• abfolutely for tttittn, to reap, ^©tto^ 
f^neiben ^ to chop ibaw. Likewife to , 

' produce by cutting. Ureter f<bndben, 

ftfgeQ / to law boards cTr planks , 10 cut 
them ^ih a law; for f^lldben mity ,bi 
ufed alinoft in aU cafes for ftfgen. ^tne 
feber ftbndben, to make a pen. Stfemen^ .. 
itiftttt, 9omtn i^ntibtn, to cut iiraps, 

lafis for Ihoes, models.' Further, to 

• olafaonite by cutting, etnen 9tndk 

'* f^^ttflt/ to cure a rupture by way of 

feetion. ©«t etdn fcbnd^en, to cut for 

thb-ltone, to extract it. Scn Iffiefn fcbttei^ 

' ben/ befc^neiben, 10 lop or prune ?incs«r 

' €itl tbier fcbneibett / to taftrate or geld 
an animal. (Rn yf^rb fcbnefben^ to geld 

a horfe. ©tbmefne i^ontibtn, to gelJ 
fwine. ©nem jjunbe ben ©urm f*ttel* 
ben, to worm a d<yg. Ok «5lenenWrfe . 

' fcbllelbetl / to take the honey away from 
the hives. It is alfo fometimes ufed for 
Wtlftn, to grind, to cut. ©tjfn JMcM 
QMmtin fi|)lieibetl/ '^ cut a diamondt 
i^tfibnitttnti&m, ground gUfs. ± Fi* 
gurat. t) ®el5 rd?ndt)en , to get an nn« 

- larwlol profit, to gain confiderably or get 
much iponey by any undertaking or en- 

terprife. gjfef be© titttt ©acj^e fcbnd^en/ ^ 

to get a coiiGderable or an unlawful 
profit by a thing; infiead of which wo 

atfo lay, fdiun 6<>n*rt bev dner ©fl*e 
tnocben. a}9tfi(bterrcbndbeii, to make 
factt, mike wry laees, to grin, to look 
four or aruflF upon one, aJBoram f(tnd» 

bet f^ ToCcbe Oefftbter? ^^y do yon \ 
make fuch ftcesf 5lun »obf/ Wbrt 
9atU fort/ tinb (^ntm tin tmt<de(ld)t# 
iBkl. SopHokn fd^ndhtn, to cut ca- 
pers. 5} In playing at fiilliards. StQCIS 
qwifl f^tidben, to cut a ball. 
M OcbneibeO/ cutting, carving, dreflmg, 
lopping, pruning, gelding etc. 2)A^ 

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@<^dbeil IMI> Sldfca IHI HUy the gri- 
ping of or in the guts* tho ciipei* 

€WKlUnt/ -ttr-tt, 4id§.9Miadv. ihtrp, 
marp- edged, cuttiog* ke«n; «l(byC^tf> 
raUvefyy vioUntr pterciag, bitiDg» fo- 
vera etc V. ©(JHKlbeD. 

Uf 6*»ClH»» ^C* • i, plw, ut now. >Mr^. 
i?«n/;i. tie 6<^t)Crinil 9 ttom xk» verb 
f(|neUKIIf « Tailor -or Taylor, one wfaof^ 
buune& it to make doatbs. In many 
camet bCT 6<ftO€l^Cr is be tbat not only 
kiXes tbe game, botalfo bas not eveo a 
«eruin Imall number of poiota* Tbe 

^ compoondf pnay be ioand in tbeir alpba- 

. betical order. 

ttt 6*IKU)CCirtdt. a TaUor'a or Taylor'a 
nodL, the bufineu of a Taylor. 

ftcr 6(bncifter6ttrf(6, a Taylor\i apprentice. 

Ml 6^t^^/ ^^ trade, proleflion or 
,. buUneb of a Taylor ; TayIor*t work* 

Ut @<tKICiber(if;^/ 4 Way or bleak, a freOi. 

^ wai^-BIh* 

to G^neibcrgefdl/ a joumeymao -Taylor. 

e4mciterbaft. Taylor-llke. 

tic 6(6neiter6crb«rgC/ the Ti^lor*a houfe 
. of call, a hoije, in which journeymen* 
• Taylors meet. 

^< €^llcibcHmi, t Taylors wife; alfo a 
Mantua •maker, ^ 

I)a^@<bneitoMUiqr lumSJIc^fcn^ fearing 

(U <^nciterfran((cU> the itth, a-TayWs 

diseate. , 

^e 6d)netbcnn((^ (SttedO/ ^ dragon-^. 

C^^bcm,- t^er^- r^r^. act. to do o^ per* 
J^m Taylor*s work, to make new or 

mend old dothes. (gr (onn fiAncibcni/ 

he can do or perform Taylor*s work, ho 

has feme flqU in it. 2x0 gaoietl Sag 

fC^eltm/ to do or perform Taylor*s 

work all the day* 
Ut @4ndbama^^ a. Taylor's Csam or 

Me Mneiberiit^C/ a Taylor*s O^wn. 
Mt &biiitibcr^ or SSkrffiott, aTayWs 

(hop. ^ 

|)Cr 6d)«WltcrtlfA^ a Taylor's taUe. 
Mc S^ncibmunft, the Taylor's guild or 

bifiG<ynelOer<(cKef a machine or tool, of 

lied uled by clock and watchmakers in 

catting the teeth of wheels, 
bcr @<^ncU)cficin/ arock-ftone, Gree*fiope, 
> which may be cut into any Ihape to 

inake it fit for buildinp. 
%tt 6i^nci5efH<^e(/ a (harp poinud chUel 

or graver, a graving- tool. . 
tCf &(t^ntibC|at)n/ the i^iilro or cutting 

tfe^ctncite^ft/ the harveil or harveft-tMiie. 
(aiSdbncibtSCOg/ edge-tools, cuttiog.tocis; 

V. alfo ecbncOKcffoi. 

6$nc{b{g^ adj. and adv. tdgtd , Iharp. 
acu;e, cutting. &n i^atff^ndhi^ti^ff 
fCt, a ihirp. edged knife. (Hn ^H9f 
fcbnCibiged @cbtVCrt/ a two - edged fword. 
.^ntlidt^ &^ftin, ore eafy to be cut. 

gin, fprmga,. noose. 

6d^iidl/ -er, *pe/ adj. uid.adv. i] 

Sudden, precipitate* bappenina withou 
anv expectation or notice. Stn IdMlcflc 
Sob/ a* fudden. death. Ct^tHi ntxbctl 

to die fuddenly. @ct)neD tnit bcm 9kun 

be (Vjtif to be forward in talking* (gii 

fctmeicr 9uf(rucb ber Wmtt, a Tuddei 

decampment of the army. a) Swift 

. nimble, fleeL quick, a^le, light. CkbUCl 

nit tin yf^u mie elo wf<b/ as fWift a 

. an arrow, as a ha^t or Hag. &n fcbncl 
(C^ 9ferb# . a fwifc or fleet hor£». igix 
(ij^ntfltt etrobm or g(tlfi# a rapid Hrean 
or Tiver. JHcfer @trooni (Hefit fAnefl 
this Aream run^ rapidly. . 6meE laufcil 
to run fwifdy. J)U 3eit Um {^tUH ba 
(in. time wears apace, time rubs ra 
pidly away. JComitt fc(llldl of^bcr/ re 
turn quickly or with all haAe. 

bie @<bnelbanf , formerly a machine ufe< 
in calling Hones* 

ber 6<bne0OO(f / a ram - Block. 

tie 64iiefe. v. @(^fielligMt. 

&b^tttt0 verb, reg: I. A verb nemie 
with {efO, to bounds leap, fir, rebound 
Ihoot, ipring, to fling forwaros by moan 

of a fprioE. stma^ fc^neleo (affm, t< 

let fome thina fpriog a Inap. CbiC ft 
^fdmelenlafKnf to let loole or unbem 
a fpdng,. to let it fly off. In a mor« ex 
tenfite fenfe. (Sioeffloge f^tXitti laflctl 
to let a balance whip up or whip down 
IL A verb active, i. ft^ bCQ %in 
gern ftlOeieS/ to knad^ or (nap wi|J 

the fingers, a. {jkmanbeti ftbncleo, ti 

fillip one, to Arike hiip with the oai 
by a fodden {erk of the fioter. ^CtO^n 

bet 90C bie 9Ure r^neOen, ipm edien ^a 

fenMber geb^O/ to fillip one or. civa 00 

. a fillip on the nofe. 5. ^^fc fq^elkn 

pttitn, to bait or tols feces. ^eilMUibei 

in bol SBafTer r^nelen , mil 6$ocff raf 

iafen^ to plunge one into the water 

Figuratively. Semonben f^nelett, U 

• VOrt(KiIen# to deceive, dieat, coaen o 
over* reach one, dfo to exact or afl 

too much, ttm lel^en tl^itt gefc&ticG 

WXitVXf to be cheated of ten doUan 
jpreflin la ufed in the very Dame (eo£e^ 

ba< 64)nellen/ the act of 45c«>v'^ 

chetting, exacting etc. V. the verb. 
ber@<tmelar, ht^-i, piur. ut nom. Jing 
Difiiinut. bai 6<bn(IIerc(eo^ *6<ftBcSei 

((in, from the preceding verb, t) A Inai 
, with the fingers, dintn @(^ll€fl[fr fdbkl 
got f to knack or Inap with the fingen 
Alfo a fillip , a blow given with tlie oai 
by a jerk of the fioeer, from bdng ben 
fo a« to meet with the thumb, to , 
Ibait pofition, wbich is alfo called 

@tikber. Sfemonben einen 6<fmeler.a< 

beO/ to fillip one, to Hrike with tho nai 
by a (uddea jerk of tba finger. (H 

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ft^Mc^ Mf Me etfroe; a fillip on tbe cr e^W^ of caimf etc^ we called 
foreobeid. l)S{a(6prfngfc^er, airing. in many parts @(|nem>en. 

Sol 6t(4f<bto( ^B^ 9euerroM/ the ^r @d)ii<pi>er, ftrom the verb fAnomn^ 

triggar er tricier of a gi^i^ V. 64tl(!p|Kr , a fort of CK>ia - bow etc^ 

H(6(ti(fffaie/ ia Uiintipg, a uap o^ <(n d4)iippfr(i(r9/ dn Iwraer ©cfjoepporf 

Imw for wild beaiU. Hng r a footty boy, a fauce-box, a 

j^r. the giflow. . a gibber: ISSJf ?,*[* V ^RA tt^^** 

IklincnigPcff, Piut. inuf. fwifwefs, &*^tfL/* ^?^L^5 
^wdnels, DimbreDefa. rapidity. Telo. ^^^^!^%^^^,r 

kr6*wK4ftr, ihefcarabecwiihafpnng, @$nc«en. i»erA. rem. n^utr. wJtk (oteii; 

hi6*oeIIfdnI<^n, W-l, pUr umom. „ally. €*ft6ncocr,itliiowsi ©fLcJf# 

A|. naibles, mckera, fmaU round fC, itinowed; «l M flCf*ntW itbae 

Jloaet played with by children. foown or XnowedU, %$ iMiSiim, il 

fee*wllraft, f^ir. In*/. itbtthQft Cj# will Inow. 

Kl ihtmi, tne fpring, the elaAicity. &inil^t, ©(^nlppCf V. ^((ncppc* 

ilie daftic Tirtue of a body* 6(feni(t(n/ ver^, ree, ti^tUr* and <ici. a word 

Ik Woctegff , ;>/«/•. We - n , ilillofiener f"'^^'» V'^^ ' ^\ ^V"^^^^ ' to mofrhaili. 

in tbe Diminmt. hai ©(tncnMier*en# V' 5? «f{«w*boMt. JMea^^AeC rd^iii(# 

nurblff, nickera; V. ©(JnettMor^en. Wl tU Sihuut umber. the bifda throw 

W6*ttearort, a fufible folder, ufed by fi.u^'*"'* ""^ corn, ^ibout witk theif 
fooie tradesmen in folderlng. w^^^Ju^uicMm,^,^ •.-* -^ 1 

WMflrflie, • Tery fmall one In the L,^A«?.h.. .i,-r.~.-i ,«- c i • 
n..p..f . iwip. »/.<! in weighing gold- '^'.f^.f c^*'.,' .K'^"'' "^ "^ ''?»'* « 


i«6<fiaeI|fatt,tinuredinroldering. fttfl^'Z^A*"*?*- ,, ♦ r 11 • 

««« or ordinary fnipe. a wood- cock. ^/^'««^''^*^ Z"*'? f*nlWB/ but only 

fe^foipV;; thatTingrJar^^^^^^^ l^rSA'^ln"\':a *'^"'i.''\^^^^ 
i>om one country to another ^t €*Dlppc|>en, \>ti - $, piun ut npm. 

^ €j^c e u *'''?'''• ^ , >^. a foap with the fingeri. gin @*ljlpp# 

trf^fenfang, the lakmg or catching ^^en fcttOgew . to ihap with the fingew, 

oflmpet or wood- cocks. to fnap the fingers over any one> head ; 

*5^WPT«W*> "»« fea.pie, a kind of figuratively, 10 mockor deride one. tin 

tfftrfHi^^n*^ . . VA' .!.• @*nlpp*en aebeiw to 6llip one, toftrike 

W WKPfflWiari!, a net ufed in catching him with the nail by a Uidden jerk of 

fBpn or wood- cocks. the finaer. 

t^W^mmh, the chaOng or hutiting @(t>tllppcRl , V, gc^tllpfettl. 

wtajpes or wood -cocks, the ihooting jBcbnlppCtl/ f«r^. re^. neutr*^ m 

»f &»p« or wood- cocks* the firil cafe with (abeo^ to crack, crack* 

'6w9fcn#0f/ the catching of fnipee or le, to make or produce a crackling npi* 

|Q|«4»cocka with nets done over with fe. Among Huntsmen, 2)le (B(t)loaf|# 

f^- omfel f4)Rippt, mcnttftetetfSOlorgenlotier 

^pmpfcoilW , the palling or flight of iU ^^tnU tin toilMZWx aemobrtolrb, 

Upo or wood - cocks out of fa wood the Black <* bird makes a crackling noife, 

1^ tbe field; alfo a flight of ^fiaipes or when it perceives a wild heal^ eiibef ih 

"•©d-cocks. the morning or evening. €cbnippcn^ 

\^^\9l^i a' lund of pike< a* fea« tin @(baippcpen fd^Iagei)/ to foap with 

"a« the fingers Jbefore any one's nofe. ^Ineiff 

t^wrpe, pUr. hit -nr 61c 04iiepp6 - <ln @*ttippcben ai^«v to EiUp one, to 

^fP^ Oa etaer SMtof^auN/ the peak >/lrike him with the nail by afnddeo jerk 

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9n(Hm»* e^iPHn, fignlfiM tlfo to Citt ticfer (Mnftt, efitelMtlMM 

£01 p paper, to eoc it wry rmall or into « deep cur, galh, fliUr or wouo< 

▼arv fmail pieeei; V. @<|||(pfUll or 9).A piece or dice cat oH £til @C^nt 

©ifieWXta- wot/ glcffd)^ * piece, a ilioe of brM< 

Mc @4)iti|»DCiflil^, ImppiBgt or flips of meat. Cln <6<tH)ttrdKn @diinf«nr « il«< 

oF'hanii. 5) A (bing procUiced bj cu 

S<tai9fffll» tiDg; but only in foarie cafes. A.{>atiei 

Mjiippi(0* <:ut out in paper after a thing, is calle 

^^nhfUU by the feanubefles, milliners, teyloi 

t, cot; V. S^ttfAetl. etc. bit ©ctnitt. A figare cut id woo 

'i, pimr. bk'-f/ Brom* and iu copy is called (in J&dli}\1>::ftf, 

Kll , a cat , cttttiog etc wooden cut. 4) The place , where 

t. As an Abfiracti the act of cutting; thing has been c\n or cat off. ftcrgo 

properly without a plural, except when tet auf bffll Q^ittt, 'gildi>d or gi 

It IS nfed of Iingle actions.' O In a on the edge, papier tlHt eintn aof^itlf 

proper fenfe. Cflietl ^0<> bnvfb tOI 6(J>nftte, paper gilded or gilt on tl|«eag< 

WMtt*}^{tn, to cure a rapture by e^nlttr i^fc^nttr, icut; V. (^(bireibtr 

way of fection. ZknSttin Hi ^€rt6(at( Mc @^nftt«r f^^- tit-n, Dimin. be 

borcb Kn ^(bnitt ofierfrcn. to ct^t for ®<^<et<t«nr * ®(tm(ttU{nf « wore 

the ftooe, or cure one oftheftonein which has theraroe meaning as ^ 
the bladder by way of fection. (Sificn &^\Xt in its concrete fignification , 
6^flftt vorncomeiif ot fyw^, to make cut. flioe etc. iliat tgctnfttc Vbtt 
SU1 inciflon, to perform a cure by way @\t)(nt(Q K. a flice of bread, nam eti 
of fection. tHt ^dmitt M n^ 8(Ian# 2)fc ^UtUti^witU, a ilice or piece < 
gen* the inciiion has lucceeded weiL 2)cr bread and butter ; V. ^dmmc. (ti 
^f>*n In ^m fBdn^criKn, the pruning @4)nUt4en V<3PiC * flip or Inip of pi 
«if the Tines in the Tine -yards* 2)(r per. @(bnfttct^<n Zucf)/ ihreds of dotl 
C(|)nirt in ^ft CrntCf the cutting down Ux 6c&mtter r M -<# ;>/«'. \nnom,Jln^ 
of the winter-corn with rhe (ckle ; hence ' a reaper, one that cuts or reaps corn, 
in thofe places, where they make ufeof ber @CtuittetCo(n» a reaper^s wages. 
Ackles , the whole harTefl is fometitties tal @Ctn(U(rmat)( ^ the harvelU feall. 
called the @<tnltt. a) Figurat. (a) The (ag ©AnfttCf urt^l . tce -C«, />/«r. M 
lAethod or manner of cutting, where it -C/ in law, a fentence pronounced i 
is frequently ufedofartful or curious man- a^ affair, where the proofs of boib pai 
ners or ways of cutting, cut, falhion or ties are equal, and the colls or charge 
ihapeofdoathsordreis. ^ifl ®(t^ndbcr, are divided between them. 

tniin@d^aMa(t)rrhatrfn^nguten^4^n(rr, ba< 60nittgra^, ihave-grafs, horre-tal 

my taylor, my flioemaker has a good a plant. 

{land in mtting out; he gives it a good bit 6c|)n{tt(oM/ a knife, or inilrunier 
afliion or fliape. <S< ft ^t Mf feill Stk\bt ufed by Book -binders in cutting the ei 
ain6d>nirtc, OcrStblrrHegt omf^Ute, ges of a book, the cutting or paiin| 
the fault of this fuit of deaths lies in the knife. 

cut. Alfo the manner, how a form -cut- (O^ @c|tt{ttbo(|/ vine -branches cut ofifan 
ter or cutter in wood manages or ufes iluck in the ground forjncreafe; alfo 
his ioilruments , is called the @c(pltt* provinc ; a Icion grafted , a gra£F. 
(y) An unlawful gain, nnreafonable pro- bit @((n{ttf 0^1 , bti - ti , pl*tr, car. cafc 
m« @dnni ®(f)llltt M etma^ mM^n, bage or cole -wort that fliooUtafrelh al 
to get an unreafonable profit by a thing, ter is has been cut. 
to draw from, or reap great advantage bit @Ct)nfttfoa(t) , bti -ti, pi^r, inuf, cut 
by it; where we fometimes fay in the leek, maiden - leek »' cives or chivea. 

3iminmtfv0 B^it^ti* ©en 6*n(tt bcr edfinlttCfng, bti - e*, piur. bit -t, 

9(rilc(cn , (1(|) auf ben 6ct)nftt verfteben 9 flip or Tdon of a tree ; any thing cut ofll 
V. ^kbneioen. (c) For prObCen/ to ro- a provine, a twig or fprig of a vine Hue 
doraontade, boail, brag, vaunt or crack, for increafe. Among Surgeoua, m chil 
likewife for ^rablereO/ a rodomontade, born by inciflon. 

^'Wng» heaping, vauntinff etc. !Qai tO« ®<bnlttmffftr, be< -</ p/ur. ot non\ 
WHt fin @d>n{tt ! that was a rodomontade ! Ji^g* a canning - knife , a knife with tw 
that was bragging, boafliog or vaunting ! handles, a two-handed knife; a co< 
<9r9fe &btlltU tOun/ febr prablen, to per*s and cart-wright*s plane; abaskei 
Todomontade, brag, boail or crack. maker^s knife; a gardener*s bill, he^ 

a. As a Concrete, i) Tlie wound or ging-bill, a vine- knife, 
cavity cauCed by cuitrag (Einett^Rirt ber ^(bfiiWaUot, liiile or low lottio 
fm (Micbte,^ in bfttl Singer baben^ to which grows again after it is cut. 
have a cut in the face, in the finger. 6(bnittn)dre r fl«v. in or by cuts; by 1 
Cin 9d)nitt mft bem ^cbeermeffer, a ces, in flices. 

cut or flafh with a razor, (tintttl tlntn Nc 6^n(tt|mkbcf/ replanted onibns, whoj 
C^nitt %tbtn, to giv« one a cnt orflalh. lea vet era cut off Ibl- the better grOrvll 

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M whHf<Mf * 0<fen»BCfro# from - nmutr.mith t^Qhcn, to Inuffle, to Tpeak 
iW vorb Mnifeil/ a cut« flico. Hrpftt^ or liraadi* hard through the nofe. ]^|| 
finCSCr 9tnif<lmi$(/ dried flicoa of oif# f<t)nilff(ln^ tooffw, add or pot in 
applca, peara, or apples aod paara i|«4r« ODe*a word -to all what othtr orwifar 
lend «iid- dried. lf|»f:lf<btll|C ffl ^lr men lp«alu 

ffiannc gc^ri^cn/ apple;- flicea firiad in CkbnutUfi i^r^. ra^ tf«r. and neutn m 
a MB. nie Attar caCe with ftal^^n/ to Cnuff, 

tit ^^i^athtit, hai 6dtt1f|i9ert^ a car* fnuff ap Toniething into, or take in at 
fir's work«carTedwork,carvisg^faIloooa, ' the Vrole. @d)nupftObat ^nupftn, to 
«tt.> take ftiuff; ^impfct i^t Z^olt, do 

N( &^l$bOflf , pter. Mr -Nnh/ a form you take Tnuff? 
•r Wach to cat or carve on. ^ ^ @<bnU^en . taking im at the nofe; the 

In ^i<te{6>rct . a choppina or earring- taking on fnuff. ^ 

^•ard^ a board* on vrfaich thinga are cut ^ 6(tnupftn Ml »!/ f/*^- (but onh 
ML of faveral fbrta^ ut jtom, fiftg. a cold, 

M 64«f6dfni , a baflcat* maker's knife, or rheum, ^ diaeafe occafioned bjriiop^ 
1 paring - knife ; alfo a fcraper, an in- • ping^^perfpiratioa ; bet (S^tlUPPtn* 2)eo 
inuneoi of the paper* makers. €^<tnopf<fl bob^# to have a cold. 2)en 

Mt 6(^irifCf / fit 'd>ni9cl , Aireds , parinj^s, ^(bnttpfvn pcfoinmca . to catch cold, to 
d^pings , chips , cuttings ; (mail pie- get a cold.' 
CCS got bj cutung. >^ ter @d>ntttfte^af/ fhuff. 9htbt mf r eftie yrife 

6^^n or f(blli«f(n# varA. iw. «c<. lgd)f)UpfN^t/give me apinch oflhuff. 
la cm. to carya, to cut out. ^ilie ^1^ bit Ckbliai»il0baflCcfe / a fnofF^box. • 
m iimlBtn. to cut or carve a Bgure ot bai^mm/ft^^* M -Cl. pimr. bU-ti^tf, ' 
■Kve. CCa ^(Ani^M 9^ilb, * carved a handkerchief, pocket - haodkenAief, 
iaage. MtpfC ^ll^ll , to cut apples ar piece of iilk or linen , carried in the 
ia ^oartera in order to diy them. pocket, ided for wiping the face or - 

tcr^nlecr, bti-i, piur. utnom.JinM. nofe. 
i) A carver or fculptor, one who circa He &^nnpp€f pt^r. Me*ll/ the (buff of 
or camrea wood or iionoL 2) A carving- a candle; bit fld)tfiiinuppt. 
laiie, a cutting- tool. 3 A fault, er* .1. Q<tn<IPfCtl or ^(bfimiftD/ VerS. teg. 
far, blunder, mistake, overlight, bull. tfcc ioflaad of which tferfcl^lltlpfen >a ai* 
6n irobcr 0((oiQcr^ a grafs or great feuCed, to be offended at a thing, to 
bale. CfnmSctfii^er mibcrotc 9pra<b« ukeitilLtofmifFatit. I^Qi tfcefdl>i<upft 
tol Oia<ftm , to Gn or to commit a fault i0tl, he (nufia at that, that offisnda 
afsiafi the roles of Grammar. him, he takea it ill; V. 9m'dmiH>ftn, 

tAhWttn, 'Verb, reg, neiur. with ^ixlttk, «. f^^mi|»^Or ^trb, reg. a«li and neutr,' 
to oomtiNt a fault or blunder; to com- V. ^(^nttpfra. 
■it a fault againft the rules of Grammar. ^^%ppitti, a^r^. reg. act, (ta\t bit Kofe 

lit 6(|fii|^Iintl . pimr, inuf. Icnipture or berum rkt^nif Wfe fin i^ttll^)* tofnivel, 
ctmag, the art of carving wood , or . Aand fniveling or plying one's nostrils. ' 
baariag ftoae. i. ♦ W< €5d>nar, Wer. Mf *rn, a word 

hl6(M9tlifffer, V. 6((nfttm((ree. obfolete in good German, but it is ufed, 

tal 64Nnl0lMrh M 'C^, ^/a'-- (but oolv in upper Germany, one'a Ion's wift of 
ef Ceveral ferta.) ^Ie •tf carved Work daughter in law. 

i^fitfrl iK$ t^ttCoina 6d»nf«mf rf mad^fii/ j^«« 6'ndr(t<ii, *^<bnArrffn: a eerd 

aadSolemoo carved all the walls of the or firing, a laoe, flip, a line. Cfti jllett 

beeCe, 1. Kings 6. 19. mil 6cl>ii(lr(ii eb<r 9(ifFrnienr<fi tefc$<n, 

III 6<l^l^jetl«, carving - tools , ■ fcuU Co border or lace a garment. XMcCcRlttf 

ler^ toole oroteniiU. Om dncn J^Ut. Nc ^Utf^nur a hau 

. ti6r, -r, -#C, a^//. aoda^v. vi)e,ba- band. !D<f «fMlflf*nur/ the angling 

&, fcorvy, wretched, ,Onmielul, fordid. line. 2)ic9labr<tll«rr tha ftring or cord 

SoMO^a f»n6^ (cgrgnrn , i^n fd>R6be of a wheel. Cine @d)nur ff rfen . JT** 

Hftm/ to treat one contemptibly , vile- tattn, aAring of pearia, cortli. fkrlcn/ 

^, bafeljr or rudely. 6d>n6bc ©crtf, Jforiien ouf ffn* 6(bnttr |i<M^ to 

lajatioas , reproachful , abullve words. ilring peerls , corals. 2)1< i^idk^dmur, 

CIk f^llMc t^t a wretched action. the plumb-line or plummet, the liae to 

lit@4«^iftMt, iodiaotty; hainoosnela, fquare with. 94um( na<h brr iPd'tur 

nlanefii, bafenefii, &araefuinefs, villa* fef^en , to plant treea altera file or or- 

ay, asalflce. -derly In a row. Hence fd)nrraer -"f/ 

Icr6dmkfe(# W-*, pitir.utnom.flmg. fd^n'.^rglHd), fee thefe woVds Likewife. 

^^^''immt. b«l @<bflMd<&f n f a volute, the figurative phrafes. ^ad> btt ed>t\Ut 

m onuaient ia Architecture; a part of (ebfll to live orderly or according to 

Ae capital <A a pillar twifted andtnmed the rules of medical writers. ©eH bCf 

tMa a f piiai liae. * C^S^tlWf $t^tn SO^Jwm 9fii ^hm liiil^ oao 

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has wUhout endeavouring to gain* any 
thing. U€bert{c@(tnur!)dttcii (|0«>(it 
0Ci>€n; to exorbitate. escted, ^treipars, 
' trantgrefa, oui-go tbe ruU or roeMure. 
Alfo in oafis it* it ufed in meafuriiigt ^for 
t)Kc^d)nur/ an enpineer^a or C4rpen|er*a 
line I a line^.mea^ttro with, ffift bcr 
6<Dnur tnffTcn ,- on^mcffrDf ao'lurvey or 
nuealure with the line. 

ta5 edi^nArbant. M -H^ piur. He -btfm 

^tt, a lace to lace with , a lace orilring 
of thread or Jilk ufed by women ia lace 
their Hars widi.' ^ 

bk&(inmruftf pi»r.hU 'Mtt i Dimtn. 

^' da« 6(bnAr6H^cn/ * @c^ArMfiUin# 

a woman^a bodice or Aays. > . i 
. $d)ndrenr verk, reg. act* to lAce, clofe 
with a lace or string; to tie idk with a 
lace or ilring. i)To put a Itring on a 
thing ; a lignification only ufed in fome 
cafes, (gint i©oge f<tnilraif to furnilh 
a balance or pair of fcalea with Ibinga. 

tm f to deprive a male animal of hia 
Hones with a firing; a kind of.caAra- 
ting or geliliog. tkltn^lfbtHtit fci>flA^ 
' ftnp to tie or bind a maleUctor with 
cords. . 60nilrcn ^ among Qarpeoters, 
Brick - layers etc« to draw a line be- 
fore people, who come to fee or look at 
their work, and then demanJ fome- 
thing to buy Ii<]^uor with. 2) To faften 

with a firing or cord, ©en iSKaiitelfad 

auf tai %Uvb f4nAvm/ co faOen or tie 
the port- mantle on the horfe with a 
llring or cord. Particularly in the com- 
pounds abfcl^nilrm / onfc^Arcn / auf^ 
f^ntttn ic. <3ie (at 0$ ti^t ^t(d>niixt, 
ihe has not laced her flays or bodice. 

2>a4fDttfDct)eR iff ni<bt i^id^n&xt, ihegirl 

ia not laced , has no Hays on. ®d)nfirt: 
11114^ OUf/ unlace me. . ^10 fefler fctMRfl^ 
■retlr to lace the ilays tighter. Sin ge# 
f^Bflrter @tel, a liiff, ^smal, affected 
Aylf. 1) ^9ttdr(n, among Carpenters, 
Jjgnifies alio » to draw a line en a piece 
of dmber by means of a Ibing or cord 
made black with a coal. In fome com- 
pounds, fwr.example, obfc&nAren ^ iifLr 
niHes fometimes alfo , to meafure with 
or by A line. 4) To firing. »erlcn ftlwiU 
ren> to HHng peyb; 

M @<f)nurfruer^ a fort of attifioial Are, 
that runs 'Ipag • line. 

V 6£^nllroera^e, ^c^nurgleict^^ ad/, and adv. 

. ftraight as a line, level, even« in a direct 
Hue* fqoared or laid out by a line. Hand- 
ing in a right line or in a row ; alfo per- 

ter S(tmArt)a((n , aJiook or claf|> to lace 

with ; V. @(bQurferre. 

bOf @4)n&rt^o() , a tool of 6de wood uijad 

in making loops. 
hit €iAnMttti , a chain ufed in lacing any 
- thing, 
^r (^Hdr(a9 , a woman's llomach^r, the 

br«Ajft«piftC« beioDging to a bodice^ 

kind of bodice without mocfa wliale* bo- 
ne in it; a Ihort' wailUcoac wiiboui 
fleevea worn clofe to thebreaH audi laced 
M e<inMo4^f An eilet-hole; V. Vlctth 

Ht @<&narniO(^t^ « ribbon -we«Y«r, J 

lace -maker, 
tie e^tmtmWt, an artificial wesveci 

loom , on which a per Ion can make £r 

vera I jaces at the fa«e time. 
bet ^nUrna(^^r/ theoeateft oetgihbofu 

of a mine. 

bit @(bn{uoabti , piMr. We -Hz « ^§f^^^ 

point fallened to a firing to lace 'waih 
a flrong blunt needle in the Ihap^ of 1 
fewing .needle ufed in drawing Iacoj 
through the eilet - holes. . 

bit ^^tt&tnttti, V. edfnitbaib ud 
^tttl. , , « 

bit v?>C^nurpfr(eil# pearls to bottran|;» 01 
■ bored pearU fit to be Ilrunf. 

ter6d)nttritortz bti -ti, piur. He •MrtCi 


^er ©({jnurre/ ^e< -H/ pi^r- Me •«# iaTo, 

nie places, a watchman ; a catch- poll 
or beadle; V. 9lai()notf<tler andi^tff^cc* 

Me ©cbnurce, plur. bit -n, • r*uU, a 

thin^, with which one rattles and ftiake4 
a noife. i) In a proper feaie. Thr no- 
fe and mouth is frftquenily called 5|| 

©cbnurre in lower Saaooy. i^emaQbe.i 
tbtt bit @4)nurre (auen^ io lower Smo- 

n^ figuratively, i^n ODfflMn; Ita aii 
fd>httrrcn/ fee thefe words, alfo 6(|Hliiri 
ren. a) A tale to laugh ^i^ a pleafno- 
try, joke, jeil, is called in popular lan- 
guage , particularly in lower Saxony, 

eine 64)nurrc. 

@4)nurren# verb. reg. which imitates a 
hollow humming trembling foend 01 
Boife. 1. A verb neuter, witli ^cUbtUt 
to yield or produce thia found. 4. laa 

proper fenfe. 2>|f Sratllfer f<bn«rrca Im 

^(icgen, the May-bugs buuor hiuK in 
I 11yin£. In many placea. Me^CfttsM^ 

' ter fciintircen tnlr elner Sd^nurrc, tlie 

watch • men rattle or make a noife ^tb 
a rattle. 2. FiguraUvefy. 9€ll|ai^tf 
onrd)nurren. ibn beftig amMrtu, tc 
. chide one, fcold at him or rattle hm of 
flurply , to Inub and fpeak io fury to 
him, to give him ah anfwer witk a 
fmart thundering voice , in lower Soxo- 
ny, ibn Abet bit ^cbnurre b*nciu U 

. A verb active, where it is ufed onlj 
in the vulgar manner of fpeakin^ psrtl} 

. for bt^tteln to beg, to mump, an dT pert* 
ly alfo fometimes for (tfHg fef^feo , tc 
ileal cunningly, ^cbnvrren de^« icti 

. ttin, to go a begging. 6{dft et»M49fiiir< 
rcn / erbcttrin / to obtain fomothiour bj 
begging • likewife U maufen r to bbtein 
or get It by Heating of piifiering. Sf OCIB 

eti9aMbf4)nurreo/ aMerMn^ to b^ i 

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Aiflg oT^net'to get it lh>in luni b j way ortb^ fli1d« yMd plenty' 4r abaiidanta 
oflcg^n^. of barley or barley corrt*^ > 

kr S^irrkBttn , W-*, p/ttr. ut nom. 6c(M)c!fr0» <«<//. And a^i;. Mempt from 
.^i^ V. @(tHt^r^nb. ' impoits, taxetf or contrtbutiboft. 

6i^arrfgf -tt,. -de* «<//. ^nd adv, co- (o^ ©(bocfbolB/ M-e^, ;^/«r: /^w/wood 

-"tl, iocoTe, merry. • pkalant, diver- fold by fixty pieces, vrood to be counted. 
' facenoat, wa/^ifh, (portful, ridi- &^odtDti(t 9 ' h^ fijiti^s or thre* - fcores. 

dona, bvrleaque or burlefk. 'Qt^i Ift (Rrivfli ftbocfwelft t)f rln OfCIl'; to' lell fen 

llntirrfi^ that ia comical, diverting, methiog by fixtica or tbrce-i'cores. 

■my. facetioua. Sin f^RUrfger ^Otcnfcb^ bif 6d!>OC0fafe/ chocolate. 

acooncaU locofe, merry, diverting, fa- bk @d^dCOlatCVlfQltnef a cho^dlate - pot. 

cefioa», waggUh , pleafant man. tH< Mc 6(9»to(atcnt4f<I4^CII, cbocolate in little 

Mtgfc tauQC* bcr fcbnttrrigfte ffi»>/ tU cakea. . 

f}ff(!V(tlc eatore faffcn un4 V9X facbcn ^c^ofcf/ fcbofirHd, ai^'. and adv. V. ®t# 
tes |Q wfni ftM foinmcn^ ^fT. ring, fAlectt. 

)(r 64tiinr9fdfc , /'/«''. ble -n. alfo Mc bfr ^c^MFe, bt^-n, piur. bit-n, infome 

Mimrpfcf fcrC9 , triflea, iriflin^ things, provinces they fay @469P(rtffort of ma- 
1071, frippery , lumber, any thing, that giUrate, fomathing Uke an Englifhlherifir. 
is afeleU and camberfome. Q3fb<nf<n btC &bhfftn^anf , the (Kenf^i bench. 

&t0 btlbtrgfleicten <^<bnurrpfeif(n ni(bt< 6(t^aibar, aJ/\ and mdv, of the rank of 

■ntl pftb / conAder , that fucn frippe- a meriff. ' 

17, himber or iifele& things are of no btt 6(bbfftn(iubl f the conncil of lawyers^ 

;<W. £>a4 iff tint&bnurtpitiftttnf 'bat that pronounce the fentenco , the Uibo» 

b a afeleCa tbiog or that is a thing of no nal . the council ofjuf Gee. 

Mbw. ©*obr, /haved; V. @cbtfrcn. 

6Hiiiro<N# ^^1^. <l<rtibe i»cg, Ibaight e^iUt, i^Httn, V. eAfitttK. 
«r (bait- ways, directly. @cbnarKra<f< ber @^Ut, be^-CHy piMT. blt^tn, t 

(BttKin or |UfViber# directly oppoGte, Icholar or fchool-boy,adifci|ile,'apup9. 
diametiicatly oppoGte. 2)a^ f|t bftftOI bet 6<boCOr(6/ bti -tn, piitr.' bit -tti, 
flBartratfg <ntacaen or suioibtr/ that iheinfpector ororerfeerof ooeor more 
adnectly again It thia, 'tis diametrically putUic fchoolst 

appoCie to It. Oen ^ffe^en fcbnurdratfl^ ba< Scbolai^l, the olHce and dignrty of 
fMibCT/ ^Krectly againfi the laws or op- the infpector of a poblictfchool, fome* 
pofita to then. times alfo the houte, in which hd lives* 

•iNlf CM^c; V. e^tbtfl, fto^e etc. bet 6*orojJfr, bCl -*> A^r» mnom.Jmg. 

^9^bf br4 -Cf/ f/irr. bit @<b6be/ or a fcholalter, rector, chief tnailer , tea* 
Nc€i#tlc# P^'- He -n. Stn 6>CbPb cher. AlCb an ecclefialUc or church- 
9M^ f n fiioaf of ftrtw , rthatdb, wad man, Who teaches divinity. 
•r Aackof Amw. btt &b^t^Wft, one who tr^U of fcho- 

Nr C lN ltg / M*#^ ^iMr.^inonufinii. lallic divinity. 
«lfC 0<tl^/ ihe Dtmin. ^i &(tU e^^^^i^^ , €ul}. and ai^i;. fcbolaAic o^ 
Itf^nir a heap etc. ^fn ^StlttfytUt fcfaolaiUciil, practifed in the rchooh ac« 
abaap, flack or rick of hay. ^ii@(bo« quired at, or belonging to a Cr'hoOlf. per- 
l«#arSeS/ a fhock of corn , a pile of taining to the fchools ; pedatttic. ' £)|e 
iMiveaofconu ' fd)»(<llt(fcb( VbUofopbfC/ the fcholaflie 

*.ft>e>Cifccf. a broad heap of hay about pliilofophy. JMe fc^loftlfcbt Jtb^^We/ ' 
sigMtep inches high. the (choLaiiic divinitv. 

fi^HCfn, verA. reg. act, \n SAobfT fr|< ber €<^0(iat# a fcholiaft,' an aathor or 
|Ci« to pUce in heaps, to heap ep, to writer of explanatory notes. 
nciL hay* jtetll amfd)ebern^ to pla- ein ^^\\ffk, a fch^ioa orPcholiun/ « 
cc eeea ta heapa , to heap it up. * note or eaplanation. 

to 6#0<f , W -d, f^/w. bie -f , it ia I. bie CkJoBe, piur. He -H/ Dtminut, ba^ . 

aec every -where the l^mge, "bnttti oft cdm- @d>bOdNnf a clod, a lump, but faid 
»afely n ta three fcore or iixtyof any only of fnch clods or lumps of earth and 
*<■§. Cf« NCb 6c|0(f g^tf/ thirty ice. ©Ie «rbf<J)r>tte , a clod or lump of 
•MS. . earth. Oic(?Wf*oIlef a flake of ice. 

9iMt^wVefh. rwg.acetthdnemtr. in the ft. bie 6<b^Qe« p/ar, bit -tif a flat fea- 
latMr cafe with bOi^lV.- 'V^ 3R &b^t iS^« of whicVtbere are feveral fpecieS ot. 
kipti, 9icb C<bO(f en Itf^en , toXhock, kinds, aa a bret,/a iole/ to plaice, 4 
iealec#iiiheaps orinOiocks, -to ooont .flounder etc. ' 

^necka or by fixties 0/ three (cores, as Sd^^plllcbt^ adj\ and ftdv. cloddy. 
af«b active. 2)<|g ttntcrbofl f^tdttl, btii @<i^&fraiit, celandine; y.Q^WtaUt 
la cat jowti underwood, make it into @4)0ltf chid or chode; V. ^cbtUen. \ 
ligace, and place thefe in heaps of Gxty @(bon# a pmrUcie^ which is ufi»d is a 


s.* In £hisbendry, to yield plea- double form; I. k^^nadv^b. x.^tttMg 
•rabaadance. ©ifO^effc MM^rft gut, already. ^ if f(ben %\tt, he ia hertf 
''"■ '71^ plenty of Ibeavesofbailey, ekeady. 6lc ^t Cl «ir Wpn fteN^ 

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, file luit xM me elreedy. #( Iff fi^il 

A cf(be((ll» it Lea been done already* it 

. iemmt f<^# lie comet already. 3<6 

' tbtli f4«Q/ nxr^ {(( tbM mW, I know 

I alread/, wbat 1*11 do. 6fnO fie fdben 

^etommcn? ai-eiibey come already? MK 

btt e< i<fcon.0C6&ret? haft thou heail it 

already? tt {| f4»oQ t«. — f<tOQ? he U 

already there^ ^ already? AM) t>Aiift/ 

fd)on te(e fcf^ betae Z^nUieii/ me, thioka, 

alreadf , I6lr?ey your teart. St^oovoa 

Sieinrr 3ag<ab aaf/ from my youth up, 

even from my youth up. @cbon gldOltC 

tic ©onsn.bufft) btti StebPHift, bol am 
9en(lerjicbm6rbrc ^cfn. 64^n (ORgo 

jcb^n ffln<i(f, long ago, lengfince. a. In 
. amorf extenGve feole, with ail forfa of 
acceflbry idea«. It often accompanies 
expreiliona of wilfaing. $Mr h9(b f<bOlt 
mdafUAcM mcln! €DH§c.\ For ebne 

bieS ^ Obne bin ^ without this • befidee. 
iDe^ SB^iM Ut f<bPn fo vfcL the people 
of the land now are many, £iod. S, 6* 
lDe<n i^ri. bal fibon fc i»tei ^auUt 
mfrb. With the acoeflory idea of the 
dne or propnr time. 3<b mfS fcbmi f om« 

tneo mr.cecbffn girft, rll come in good 

^ time, in the very nick of time or indue 

lime. Sib iDlfl bi<b>t'(bo^ mfnt, ru give 

' thee a call in the werj nick of time or in 

duo time. It often ugnifiea an aflurance. 

S)cr 92(Mie( i»lrb fcben baittn . ^e naH 

. will hold well enough. - (fr trirb c^ 

bbMi bdbiieb. mlt md) ma4Kii .. no doubt 

bnc he will nfe yo^ well o^kindly. ^i 
m f<bf R iittf . id) bin fcben bitnitt ittifrft# 
ben, it is well enougfar I am content with 
it. Z)a^ rbue id) nun fdjotn nt(b<, that's 
« thiAg, which 1 would not. do.; (ii i»frb 
Mon rcl(ben, it will be fufficient. ^^ 
l»il C^fcbMI WOiCben. Til tAke^Ckre tp do 
4t, or let j«e alone for that. (^ it f<b(kll 
jot^ 'tis^ell, 'tia veiy weJL 3d) werbe 
tIKb rd)on beiabCen , I Ihall pay you. you 
:|ieed not fear, or jrou need not be afraid. 
94^ mifl fb'- fcb»o friegen , I IhdU pay 
him off, I Ihali catch him f warrant yon, 
II. As a con/unetion, where it.ia fery 
ufoal Jn popular language* for ou^, 
0lei(b. Particuiariy with .ijbe adverbs 
loenn and ob. iBcnn ^d) fd^ett tin ^ecr 
m^it mid) feaei/ fb fard)ret.{idrb<iuio<b^ 
Mcln itti n(<br# i. e. roenn ^4> n^^nn 
gleifb' though an boA fhonld encamp 
agaioft rae, my heart fhall not fear» Pi. 
27* 3* Unb menn er oud) kbon (dme, 
and though be fhould tome. Ob c4 
M)0n Mtit Acfabr b<lU though there be 
no danger. in it. Likewife omitting or 
leaving out wcDn and ob. Qlo( i(b M^ 
(ammerU<b lebin, fe k. 

@d>5n# rtX, •ffe» ni//., and a^v* that 
which excites, admiration and pleafuce» 
fine, fair, handlom||k beautiful, bean, 
teous, pretty, neat etc. i. That which 
^excites admiration and pleafur^ ,by ita 
outward or eaterior fojm or beauty. 

fcb&nerebellein, tin f^bne^ Qcmibi^ 
dn TibtBcr Careen, ein ftbbncr Votinii 
f(Eb6ne faarcr rd)bne garbeiiv fineelo 

thes, nne furniture, a fine precioui 
ilone, picture, garden, uae, fine bair 
fine colours, fin f(b&Qe# iwU, « Bn< 
or elegant houfe. Cin VWiti ||fcrb# < 
finn or beautiful horfe. (gine f(^illi 
ibonb fcbreiben, to write a fine Wad 
6f n fcbbne < Cotorit ^ a fine lively con 
plexion, a fine colouring, (txtkt {d>htk\ 
(^egenbf • fine country. (SHie fd>&ni 
@tabt / a fine , pretty or beautiful town 
0^6n atlirebcn/ to look^handlomely 
^Unberfd)&ll f cxuemely handforae oj 
beautiful. £hi f<f)6liel (^rfid)f / a hand 
fome, pretty or beautiful face^ . ^Ini 
\ f^bne (SetaCt/ a fine figure, lonn oi 
fhape. Cine fcb^ne VerfOO/ « fine per 
fon or figure. Q^iibftb^O t ** haodloaa^ 
or beantmil as a painted figure. -^cb^D^ 

fttsdeo/ fcb^ne 3<ibDe f f(b6oe S^dmn (hij 

ben, to have fine eyes, teeth, h^njda 
tai f{b6ne ®tf(hU^t, the fair- fax, 4ki 
women. Sir @<bftnc , a flatttoriog nfm^ 
or naming of a perfon of the fttnole lex 

S^rc^ten ^knlmti, meine @«biiu I Imi 

nothing, my fair one! a. ^In a nior^ 
eiteniive fenfe, that which exeitea oi 
railea agreeable fenCitions. PmrUcmiurij 
wiih refpect to hearing. (ffNM M^blli 

Su(t( , a fine or agreeable muiic. Ctai 
6ne »^efoMe, a fina or Mceeabli 
Ittne or melody. CilU fcbbM etimR^ 
a fine, harmonioua or agree4>le'*iKNce 

.CHie Mbne ^rie^ a fine or ajr^t ib le air 
ed>(ft finnet » fniefen , to fing „ n^ p^y 
well, finely or agreeably. JQiCt ®5#el 

.fd}ldgt gar AbbH, the bird jSnga veq 
welt, finely ot melodioufly, SouNifiaiei 

. alfo oF the tailcand kinell. Qa^ iilMHA 

^ bol rkdK rd^5lt/ that taAea, ^t rmoDi 
well or has an agreeable tafte, foiell 
5. That which gives the foitl and it^ 
( hdr) faculties particular |ileafure. CitI 
f (Ivftoer <y>ebait!e/ a fine, fublime thonght 
^nc fdl)6nf {bat, a fine or noble deedj 
act . action or feat, ^hi ifd)6ne4 ^tKl)i 
a fine, entertaining or inftructine book 
a book, which pfceafes, amnfiM or give^ 
pleaCure. vfliie ffbblic ®«de bfl^Cll. t^ 
have a noble (bill ©if f<bbnf WttlM^ 
the beautiful nature. ZXc rd)lncn Afai 
#e r the refined aru , ,belf ef lettefa. Cil 
fcbbner (^eift, a wit, a virtuofo. 4 
Figurmi. 1) sitit Kmaob (*♦• tbifn 
to careGi one , to cocker , to. fondle 
Senian^eo id^boe ®orre gebm., .to. Bat 
ter, coax, wheedle or cajole ooo; . &\ 
otn fdvboen O^rof on euten •«l€t. m^ 
(ervice or comphmenu to yonr father 
6d)&neo 2>anf! 1 thank you! gramar 
<^y ! 3[<b fa^ fd)^nen ^inf# 1 tl^aok vei 

kindly. i^It is often nfed ata bin4of in 
tenfion. ^nefcbbse^mme^iOetf, i 
€»niidmUeI«ni^bMMgr«, Ctofil^tatl 

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WUb, *n oM^» a great agt. fg) it 
nftHlofoMTuM &r fc^§ttt> wry gCKxl. 
SiMfdrtof (9(k«en^tr. • ^ery good op. 
portsmty, -a larosrable cp ywrw tmty. 

beft U etc« 4) Ukewife ^if0aiea%, 

SMking 000 tking and nieaaing ano- 
tr^ by way of fneer. ©« Wi Illif 6Q 
(Mtcv iNfU 70U are a pratty ^elldw 

^ ire a fine o^ pretty maa indeed, you 
irtafpecialyoBth. 2NII floMnit f(H# 
lttlclri# i&efo are indeed pretty ^ee* 
dMiirdiaeouilea. & Ht Ha WnU tt0 

H9, M i|r mm (i|f M^ Uc^crtkl)/ 

TDB lead « pore fi£e. !{}• mikrtf id) 
f<^«ll60llliimi^ there 1 Iboold be fitte- 
\f MOgbl ois> coaened. 

e^MHabf ^- a^l «<^iy. vmMlM, 


Ifr &|MnKf # among P^ten . t]»e fiirft 
prieied page of a /beet. Ocn Oflttii 
^nuf «09MI^ to print the fiift page. 

*Nc 6^Cr pltar.cmr. the flate, &e 
qoalkyof a thiag^s being fine, handib- 
meorbeaotifnl; bit 6(id(l(>dt # beauty, 
kModfiilBela » handfoineBeia^ prettiaeU, 
fiaeotb. cendiiuiGi. eeilK 6MttC »frb 
MTKlrtt nie »on COh^Uen^ tbou.makeft 
bit Deaaty to confnme away like a moth, 

BCr 6{Hnf (KibftI/ £0 Biall the kmg 
fna&f daS» tky beamy, Pf. 45, 11. It 
II oblolete in good German, jince 
6((lBbCll ie become more nfual. 
6(W>dl/ ver^. rr^. «ci. to make clear, 
ta eleuor clarify wine, that ia troubled. 
fin 64hini b<l 9BHnf 5 , the act of 
ciiario^ wine; alfo the clarificauan. 
O^fotO, KMn SIOCM^ ^^ embelUih. 

6(tMm, awr^. re^. tfci. eliitn eber tXt 

VttI (<|eACn^ to ^are or ibrbear a peribn 
w U»»g. ©dnc itiefber •f;^neti / to be 

cirtfii| of one*a clothe* » to preferve 

^^^ 2M€ eelbotcn r(&Mim# to rpare 

tbi feldiera. 2He Soften WOntn, tofpare 
ika coftf or chargea. Stf t4h f(|>ont 
Skmab,^ deaik fparet no bpdy. ^dnc 
9cf0llb^t ftbontd, to take care of one's 
beiiib. SHfM Metict urn tic «i§en itu 
ttftica, this ferves to preserve the fight 
(or fyei). ^f ncil fcbonf , to give one 
v^uxxM, to rpare hia lite. @{(b f(|>OtKn^ 
ta take case of one*a lelf , not to venture 
100 much, bi an degant Jiyle alfo with 
Ae geimive^ ^flnH grrimbcf fE^eiWtlr 
10 ^rv'oiie^ friend , to have a regard 
for bni. HcHk^ SltnMko fi^tti , to 
fpie BO bod^ e^^it, fir Stomimio^ 
le, «(|iHcf bel lerbMdcn »b|itttfc</ 

6lfo. It is oDubial in good ^rman 
wkb the infiottite. (Jr WonftCltl ticb^ 

ttdi voM fdncD 6<|ofcii onb Rlnb^vHr 
Be fp^(Nl lo'take of hia own Hock, and 
of bu own herd » sSam. «», 4, 



a &ho»ner,* a wTel with nto mallif 

. which eantet frpm 30 to no tiioa. 
ba< 6<|N)fftbtrcgel, the main-fail of die 

,inain-maift.^ v 

bir^lbM4rbC9, bH -i. pimr. nt M»fv 

jfiiur* a dyet in fiMo and genpHMe oolouri. 

bai @4ta<K(l4cft^ V. e(|6tiirfaiNr. 

Me @4ll>ll0eiftett9, ^that which.belonjga to 
the beileHi lett|esa. , 

Ne 64^l^ft#^«r< bfe .fA, boMty. hand- 
SomtaieUf pfreitatefa, beancifislnela , fair« 

, nafi , finenafb, comelm^ •} The Aaie» • 
the quality of a thing*« betngfine, hand- 
fome or beavcifil, and wifboat > plu- 
ral. !0l€ ^Mftlt M giMniboReR^, 
thebeaotyof the rmni*bow. S)ie6<b^ 

btft M 9({i(btl/ cliHr %tfhn, the 
beauay o# the lace, of a peffon. X)ie 
6d)6nbeir fftitr ^gcnb, the pleafaAt- 

nels or finenels of a counuy* ^c6<b5lt^ 
bell ({ner 6|»ni<be # the beauty , delieacy^^ 
elegimoy , fiBenela or excellency of m 
language.' 2)i< fM^bnhtlt bcr 6ce(<> die 
excelledcy^ of the loul. a) A beaatiiiil 
perfan» pMicolarly of the ^Dmde fea. 

eiforil A tint m«bre ®(b^n^t# Chlo- 

rif ia a real of true beauty. 

ba< 6<bfopfl(KHr, be< -i/pUr. ut nom. 
y^/fg. and llill oftner in the Dimi/u b<l5 
0(bbflff[tf(l^(|CII/ a patch, a (mall pieco 
of bla^k filk worn by ladiea on th«r hn 
cat as an omamaot. 

64^nf(ftiU9, V. gffnfifitlid. 

hit ed^hn^nMwfifk, caligraph)r, the trt 
of writing well ; beautiful writing. 

iited)onm%i fparing» pralarmg, re* 

< gard, rafpect. 

bk @<b00|cUr ffi»r- bit -en# the Fence- 
month, the time when the hunting 'or 
killing of ^ame is pi^ohibited ; Ht ^# 


Dimin, UH ^^t^m, *@WHtin. i. 
The lap, that part of the bcTdy, which 
is parallel to the feat of a chair, when 
a perfon fits; alfo that part of the 
deaths, which ia fpread over the thtgha 
as a perfon ^ Hxm down , and will hold 
any tning laid/ on it,' without lettbg it 

roll off. (Hn SInb anf ben 6(^^ neb# 

meil/ to take a child upon one's lap* 
ett ^QtuHi JHnb anf flram ed^em, 

flte had the child upoQ her' lap. ^r 

f(b(u8 tfotf bieSRann^perroneo foDten ftc6 
o^e betn fraiKtiginimer otiT ben @(f^ol 

fe^en^ he propofed that evei^ gentle* 
man ihpuld fit in a lady's lap ^ Uetacp 
the figuratite^phrafes. Oft^nbe in bttl 
64)oof U^tn, mtitUi ^^n, to idle, to 

go idly or idling about , to pajj t|me 
without employment.- 2)fin wMc im 
CfbiOfe lfc§tn, to be favoured byCor- 
tbiie. LikewiHs in fome< cafes figttrmi* 
vefy^ the.bQfom, the inner part, the 
middle of a thing. Qfn bflll ^oele b<r 
JtirCb^^Vn/ to be wiihm the pile, (or 

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the conunkmion) 'of the fSipTch* Kk^ 
Ui in Un ^(bDol btt Afrdx snrilcffd^' 

ttif to return to the pale of the church» 
or to the ime religion, ^r fAfic fViO 

tin / ntlditn man im ©cbooge feincr i3a# 

aHUc geolef t/ ihe agreeable peace, which 
a. man eoio^t in the mldil or-mindle of 
hitvfami^.. ^etl) ^tt$ fll.^ea 6<t)0Dt 

fined |r<iiiiI)teddu^(9A|fetn, to unborom 

ODe*a felf to a friend* lo Vliaclofe^or 
opea oiueV .heart to hiiiif Hud tciU 
6<t)P0$e kot^er 3ntfcii.(^oU Me 4^nbeU 
f((»aft neutft Gdmen von 9af , dmiii imb 
Stle^r *tiade or cpnunerf^e fetches new 
feeds lof hatred • discord asud war from 
the bofom of both the Indies, a. The 
loofe part of a garment, the lap ; the 
lappet of a gown; the fldrt of a doublet; 
that part of a man** coat /rott> the waift 
down to the knees or under. 

Idii&btoiMn, the Os pubis*. 

tad 04iO$feff^ A leather - apron. .\ 

Ut @c6oi>6^ont/ ted -ti, plun bU ^t, 
Diminut.tfa 64)oo§(&nb(bcn/ *@<|)ooS^ 

(AnNdD/ • lap-dog, a Unalldog, fo 
called, becaule permitted by the la* 
dies to lay in their laps. 

l^cr @ct)OP§iander^ e darling disciple. 

tod @(tkeofi!fn(l/ a moiher*s minion , dar- 
ling or bofom-child, a parents favourite. 

hit. (^ibwt((a\b€ , plur. Me -Or 1 bolom- 
.Hn, Xavokujite iin, darling • fin, habi- 
tual fin; Q5ufcnfdlU><ll/ £ie*nnddfflnDen. 

efn ©<too§POtt/ a lap.fuU, as.piuch aa 
can- be held or contained in the lap* 

Me@cbo0te, V. @4)ote. 

tee Scbopf, ted -ed/ piur. tie ©*ipfe/ 

. -Dimw,. tpd ©*tpf(ten, •«*6pffeiii, 

i)i>cr ©IpfeC eined Gaumed ^ the top of 

m trrf. 2) (Sin ^uf(t ^oee oter Sctern 

OUfm jtopfe/ a tuft of hair or feathers. 

. Cimn tfQ tim @4^pfe fiffeo^ to take 
one hy the hair, ^emanten eiiien 64opf/ 
tin e<t)6pf(beA i^oore audr(<6en# to pull 

one*s tuft of hair o£c, or -to pull a tuft 
of hair oif one's head. 2)cr ©cfeopf an 
Cinem yferte/ thefmall tuft of bair, that, 
.fails down the fore - head of a horfe. 

(Sine ^enne, 2tt^, £aube }e. mit tU 

Oem 64^opfe/ attOted hen, lark, dove 

tod @4)5pf(cet on i^AMrdtern/ the jaunts, 

the hoards of a Mill- wheel, which draw 

ter @<^pf6«t^nnen, ted -d, pJur. ut 

. nam, fyg. a draw • well, a well to 
4raw water. " ^ 

tie &(!bhpfc, piur, tie -n / « pl*ce, where 
one may draw up water: alio a fpriug, 
fountain, well (a word feldom ufed}« 

tef 6d)hpMmt, ted -d/ plur. ut nom. 
JJMg. a bucket, a wooden veffel refem- 
pling a pail, tifed to draw water out of 
a well. 

Gct^pfen/ 'Verb, rfs, I. A verh neuteif 
with toteo* i) To leak, to let Wilter 

ltd t the Ihip leaks , ieta wwter isl* Wl} 

£rinfen^ to drink; hut oolr 
Huoisoaen or Falconers. jHt^ 
• fd>iipft/ the Falcon drinks. It i« 
u£ed actively by them ; dtteft i&ttH#t 
f(tipfm^ itn rrdnfen, to §i?e • faenvk 
drink, Ukewife to bathe him or give btoa 
to bathe. 5) VlAteO / to blow , blooen 
or hioITom ; bu^ on^ (aid of bops. 2^cr 
^opfen f4)Mt, \{^^f thehepa bic»oi<i» 
blow or bloi]^>m. 

II. A verb active. lyTp draw 0p » to 
draw water with a TelFel out of a xsmt 

Or .^jdU to fcppp. ©offef r4»6tofeB *;to 

draw' water* wuh any lore, of vmM. 

SUideiaein Vtuimca f(tApfcB# to draw 

water out of a well or pit. . ffioffer in It 
tern @iete rct>6pfen/ to do^ neoaloGs or 
unnecelTary work, to p6ur, water into 
a lidve« a) lo a more. #atenfivo Ceia£eu 
9lttcm fd>6pfen/ to breathe or refpire, 
to draw hreath. ©ct^pff t !Htcm^ t^ko 
V breath. grird>e (uft M6pfcnf to loko 
frelh fir, to air one'a felf, to ob|oj tbe 
lur., 3) Figuroiiveijrr.hnt onif >yida- 
tertain fubfiantives, (or tef»mRICtU 8ri# 

. fcten^utb i(i>hUn, to pluck up. « good 

heart, to recover your fpirits, to reK«la 

courage, ^ %vti bit uter^lMtf nen &iS^ww 
tWtit' M}6pft tie 93ernnnft Dlott unb 
iActuIt lUr nencn 9lrteiti ®<]L Srof 
fct(l»fen , to becbme cooijpried. SS^mpttt 

nocaud M>hpUnf to profit h? « thiiic» 

to reap advantage by iu. JtoffaM^ fd^M 
fUnf to enteruin orr coneetvo bopea. 

Sinen 9krtQ(tt# einenSr^motn fcttpftQ/ 

to conceive a fufpicioo • to fufpect. 
tod ^Ct&pf(n / the aa of dcawfog. water. 

tee ®<bb9Ht, ted - i, piur, m MOKMmg^ 

. I, A velTel or inftrument ufed in ira^/r^ 
ing water or any li«|uor, only in fosne 

' cales and in Tome places, a. A. perfbn, 
who draws water etc. Femitim tlC 
SAtpferinn* i) A perfon, who drows 

a fluid body. 2)a tfc 6(ti^n fibricii 
i»if<ten ten @ct5pfern# from the ncMfe 

of archers in the places of dratring wa- 
ter, |wif4)en tenen, me(4e goffer fcU* 

pfen , . i. e. amoned the dcawera of *wa- 
ter. ^. ^) Any, petion, who producoo a 
work by- hi» own power. Sin vcifcr 
Qkann iii tee 6<t&Pfer fdner @ittett# a 

wife man is the creator of his roannora. 
Particularly of God, the creator. O0tt^ 
ter -^ct^dpfer oHer Singe ^ G^^» tbo 

creator of all things. , > 
Gct&Pfeeifctf ^4* ^^ '<^* creattng, 
creative, having the power to fc»mi or 
produce out ofnothing. Die fict^PfeHMc 
Jtroft, 6<t6pfeteroft, the creetivo pow. 
«r. &n i^^Uti(6^t ®eit, da. W6# 
pferiM^ (Benie/ a creauve ijpiiic. ^e* 

tie 6<t5pfde(te# pltw. tie -tt# « p^il^ 
bucket or tyh to fetth wator iii»^ or to 
draw it out. 

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&0P f5*of fo5 

MMir -er, «fe, m4f, MB^'mdi^. «tfiien her MMhttteitr the tripea of • ai$§p. 

6M f^itnhy P^Ud, having « tuft tef 6<|6pfCD^ratCQ ^ .r#i^ nsuuon. 
itm or fiMthcrt. Cine fct^Apflge i^ClUr tHC ®(b6pf<nbruS r * brQaU of muttoo. 
Kf ^crAe# X§Bbt H* atufied hen^-UrX* tie jS^^&pfenbUAi <^ flioul|Jer of mutton. 

N( 6(6«pf!dU« « flice to lako up Dried &bhp^um< / trotiect pr (heep'^ ieet. ( 

neit witk; V. Mq @(|^pfl4a(C» . b(C (^cib6pfcnf(UU/ a le^ of mutton. 

ktBtfhrtbfii, « Udlo, • Urge fpoon to- ®(bor, fct^irC/ rtjore etc, V. ©(j^erCtt. 

•icoopwiih. ©Aorcn, 10. dig; V. foa^D , M^t^tfm, 

Hk^b^mtn, hit &Aipfm&l^U , 9n fArticrit/ au^reutch. / 

lijdraaiic aMKhioe or engine for draw hU ^^^ttfbt , V. €)C(Kirrcrbf« 

iu Dp water. Ut @Ct)orf# bc^ ^Mir W*""- '"'j/^ fcab, 

M(&MffaKif<# R^»r, tu -n, a tufted fcurf ; V. (Srint. 

■aflun or tic*iiioof(p; Parus ' crillauia htf^^^htl, bti 'i, pLur. inmj. a/ei9i«. 
Kitin. ginoua ore or mioeraU 

li(6c^rqiiclle« « well*ifnne. bic @ct)armattl, V. iOUuImurf. . 

MeitipfraM i) A irheel Tor drawing bcr ©*orftdll/ td -e^, plur. Mc •€/ 

Dp water out of a well, a^ A wheel the chimney, the tunnel of a chinaoey. 

wkfa.UdJes turned by a wind - mill for (Cr ©{borffdnfegOTy M ^ir piur. ut nom. 

diriog marfhy ground*. /wg. J^etnin. bic. 6<bor (If Cofwrlon , a 

lk€(^P^ftb<U<»i adiih.'or bowl tiled by chimney- fweeper. 

PaDer-onieKiip filliag orfcoopio^ (cr @cborBdnmanrfI/r SLaud^fang, .tlio 

¥t B^hpMau^tl , a fcooping^fhoveU a mantle- tree of a clumncy. 

<}«ep veflel for filiina water in» or for btt ^^oi, V. @cbooi. ^ 

dnirtM water out oTaoy veileL ^og/ 64»6frC/ V. @C^USni. 

itf6MpM»<n^If afwipe u(ed to draw Ut @(bofi, bCl -ffe^/ piur. hit &tb9fft, 

water out of a W/flL Dimin. tai @d)5f ACD/ *@Ct)6§(cin. t. 

t^6^9f|}H/ Z'^'"'* ''*'/' *^® creation^ Afprig, young Ihoot» or young branch, 

lite act of giving e«iiienc« to a thing, .,the twig of a branch. 3. A Aory, the 

i>liicb had no preexifient matter. 2)Te fpace between two floora of a building; 

e^hvfvm^ ^ce IBclt on^ nidbtii the V. ©todnxrL 5. Among Miners, the . 

creation of the world out of nothing. earth or rock, that fa lis or turobIe«dow:n; 

9k€cHpfo8f bcrOlco^d^n, badntitl, in the plural tic Q^bift. Dfe &d)bSk 

llierrrati«|DoF man, of the angela. 9}or Qbrdumen# to take* away or remove the 
)<r 6<fcepf9llfl ^ before the creation, L e. earth or xoc^t ^ that is fallen or tumbled 
ef the world. Poetically, the u^liver- down. 4., A little window in a greater, 
fa,, nature, the, whole world. Scr which may be opened without opening 
9iak^. hai 0))cUkriA<! bcr €<b6pfimg/ the greater, but>>nly in the diminutive 
BUD, the mailer- pi<}ce of the creation. M @cb^fi4)(P*' S- A" initrument, wltl^ 
9k gaoic 64^pfllftg f4)Mft f all nature which one Ihoou , a fire-arm etc. hut 
Deeps. I .it is only fomotiiuea ilill ufed in thia 

(tt^t^PM* bci •»/ ^i!Kr. Ml •0/ afort fenfe in the poetical Ayle. ®rf(^of 
af magtUFate , fomeihing like an£ngliih being more uiual. j6. Tax, tribute or 
ihoiff; ilfo an affellor. contribution, ^fi'i rc^t/ bat mir trcOl 

€MMc(fl, ver^. M. ne/i/r. to tipple, MUt ttn @fici ^htn Obtf niibtl 
ilriok by pinu pr naif pints, to drink lawful for us to give tribute unto Cefjsr, • 
vane &ei|o«otly« or no? Luke ao, 23. @cbo§^ beOl btt 

1* brr 6{boppcil , hH •$, plt^r. ut itom. 6c|)o^ gcbi^bret # tribute to whom tribu- 
^Mg. ailM, a flight, temporary cover*' te is due,^nom. i3, 7. 
in^ orpent-houle, a cart-hou(!e etc. ' Gdbo§bo(0f be< -f^, phir. bit *Bi!(0e; tba 

^tCr^iboppcilf t#i »lr P^'"'* ut noiR. cover or cafe of aii ear of corn before iit 
fi»f. Dimim. tal ^d^bpPfiftn* * @46pp' begins to fliooL 

kk, a pint, a fmall vefleTufed in mea^ Me @cbo§banf t a long beiich with a hack 
fonag wine etc. (Sill ^(boppCD SDclll/ ^ to it, on which feverai perfons may lie 
9in, a pint of wine, beer. at the fame time, a fettee. 

(il.6<(eppCBilalf a glafs containing a. @(bof^or/ mdj. and adv. liablo to taxatf 
pint. / ' impoils, comribu poos etc. 

K/ Ht 9erf(^t^tKrfllllin(ttnd/ the afli^e, ahook, in.which 4he /^fiboes.and fabjecte 
tboie that are appointed to hold the liable to taxes or impolls with the fum 
•ifixet. of their taxes or tmpoAa. are regiHered; 

^^9PHnmif€/ tfi^.bypinta, by the pint. boi @ A06 ^ Xe^tftcr » a terrier. 

Itr B^h6, bd -C^, p/ur, bit •%, in bcr^@<tofi(ib / atd^,prailing, rating, valaa-* 

rkr Germany bf I r 11/ bU * Q # a we* tion or ellimation upon oath* 

, acaflrated ram, Figurativefy^ ^^^^iHt verb, reg. A verb neuter with 

I CdoI, fbt,. blockhead or nilyfellQiv. , boboi, S»cUf gCWlnacUi to fprou^, 

vC^ifftrA^, matl0nri»ro(h. moot forth » fprin^ or grow up. , |{)«f 

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fo6 ^4^ 9ms> 

tMen f^mt, tb« lya ikoflttr •Qt la 'MMcil/ TiMt .^{f/f)|r64iihl|M 
earf. 2>(e 9er|le ^t MTctolTct / theb«r- |«1 tlw coNdt or HmUs of f>«aCB. 
ley y was in the ear/Exod. o; Si. Jn ber ^(|^0teQboni , ^C^ ^H, H^n tea^. ik< 
6aamtn f^afeil/ to run to feed, i) A aum-tne, the tnui Acaca^ dia thoro^ 
•t'varb acttfa. &tft1ltti fh^U 6<^»f ^|ak« Acacia. 2)er rotl^MA^nbC @<bttC1l^»lll, 
1(11^ to pay tbe tributo, contribution or the Ckire Acacia with rad Moflbma. 

taxes. 64otenetlf€ii# yifff. tmuf. V. 2. 6<Me. 

iia4 fic(>o(rci1r the act df /hoofing forth* tfit ^(bofftlfapar/ the Caper in hiifla, 
« Iprioging or growing up , or growing to Capparis /iliqnofa Linn. 

an ear. (Ct ^^OUUHet, M 'i,^ pi^* /a«^ « plAW 

tcr ^f^Httr M -if plitr, ut nom^fing, refembUng the TrafAil, which l»««ra \h 
t Frmitt, Me @46frftiltt)f the receiver of feeds in coda orhuflcs; Lotos L. 

the taxes, impoAs, contributions or tfef 6cbetf0))fc^r/ papl)er in buOv. 
- ^tbute. Among Bakers, a (hovel u{ad 5er@d»#tte/ G^MttfmePr a 8<potchiBan 

in putting things into the ovien. Z)lc@cJ>0ttinn^<5*0trtailberfnn,a Sceich 

ba< ^ct6ir(''amt/- the office or charge of woman, ^it Sbtt^^^%Uf a Ht|^a» 

-a receiver of the taxes ^ impofts, contri- der, one who inhabita the, wonwtainoiii 

buttons or tributes. parts in ihe north ef Scotland. 

We ©ch^fftrc©, ptf^r. We -en, the place, Ca)0trefi / 9{el(en< whay or whajr. ' 

the oliice of a receiver of'tlie taxes etc. 6(bott(anb/ Scotlandi > 

his houle, likewil'e the place, where he ®^tfldni#Cf)', <h// %n6adi^ of Scotland 

receives the taxes etc. # belonging to Scmlaiad, feecch^ 

ta^@cbc§f<l|i. a large tub in bnBw-houfea, ®Aai»et/ V. ©<JoW: 
' into which the boiled wort is put. 64)rO^# V. ^cbrd^t- 

§4>oJfcfD/ attf. *Bni\ adv, exempt from ®d)roffirei1# ««rA. reg, «M. to hatch , Xi 

U%^i or contflbUiions , fcot • free. - (hape by lines in drawlhg o^ bngraviag. 

6d)yfta, /idT/.and^rfv.fuU ofyrungfpTtga tie @4)rafflr^n^/ haiichiug. 

orihootfl, SdNfddC/ -r, •'ftt, adf, and mdv. ohii 

ta^@v1>c»(ljaf}r/ a y^ar, in which perCona que, flope, aflopa. Doping, awry 

ftiH grow taller. acroCi , overthwart. (Stwol f^rdge Ifgcn 

lit (^(bt'^UUi pjmr. bit -n, the hamper fcbtlfiben K. »> lay ot cut a thiaa aflope 

or balket behind a great* Poll • waggon flopingly. athwart, awry, ooliqtiely 
^ orltage-coach, in which trucks andouier acrofs, aflanc, aot'dire^y. ^ine f4>r49 
' goods are packed. tltift poti efner Crft |lir AR^crtl 9C|aft(l1 

Set ^0$fie( r the flalk, the 6rll Ihoot *of a diagonal line. Sledge hBttb #. fdlf4g 
' corn, which containi the ear. fl^ft / diagonally , in a- crofa directioi 

Ut &ibHlim, be* -■<*/ p/ur. bie -e/ a £fom one corner to anoiher. ftetrtfgf 

young (hoot, fprig Or^-twi^. - a9bdtt9l<l « dedivouar gradually daacencj 

to*@Cbo$(otb/ among' Malons and Brick- ing fron» an eminenca, doping^ ibol« 

layers, a level, ing. @ibr4«e HKKIWI « to jmaka «flop< 

6a)ol^p0kbtia^ ad}\ abd adv, fubject or aBctiii f<bv4mt @trob(en {Jbtt @onO( 

liable to tribute, tnbmary. qttf bfefe grOne Meill folcil, Odfi4^. 

Wc fi*o8p([lc^Hg{eft;. tbe obligation to pay hit ©^Jrdfte, /^/tfr. i/iii/ bie®cbrigc, W( 

a tribute. f<bona einer COlatier r cCnel ®alk# , a 4^ 

bic @d>o6rcbf # a young (hoot of a vine; • los. flopeneCi, (helving o£ a wall, of 

V. Kebeiifcbil, ' • rampart.. 

W< 6d)0irlnnr/' a- fmall gutter made of ber ®tbr Jfteborf , the Hay, ptap, or Cup 
• gutter-tiles on a rb'of.* ' •* port of a tawer't treftle. 

b<r.@(Milf(n, a aame for the Belemnite. b<»*®*irdaetno8, the pliaWe mla ^r Cqu^i 
M« 4fatA«a«..... k«.VN.^^a.»«u«« Ar.n*^ of the ioinera; alfo a compals of pr< 
hit ©*•»»»«/ >et ^*«^«««^'; ^*^«*- portion; it it likawifa a Luno for 

grafs; fouthem wood (an haib evpr- J^fon's level. 

'*^*^°^. * 1 .., n.- ^- ^^f ^<b«flCII, be# •«/ ^/iiriit nan 

1. Wf @*OtC^ W*-* bf< -tt/^»n « ywp* /Zuf. three cords C^tlafltr) of wood; 

the ropes on tbe corners of the linls, Tieap of wood piled op. 
. by. which the faiU are kept tight or loo- |. ^^p ©(^rogttf, M rir 't^^^- tit noM 

' f«°«f J^* JS?*** • .^*" ^' ^^1''*': yJ''5'- ©«< ®<*ril' wrauf erroo* rtrfre 

- p•»•^ Ok ecbotm efn ObCt ^me^ 6<M a treftal or trcllel, a frame, fopportw;fta 

^ iaita rMf(tKa#Cn> to check the main. prop, foot, horfe or oafel. ©W^flcftfr 

^ bowUne. ^ hnihttedtthtd, Ae fawing troftio 

i. bfe€<(0te/ f^Air.bfe -tl/ Dimin, hU horCe.Q^^ aBard)f{brQA(n/ atreftlo for 

6d)brd^fn, ♦bo#6dvbtI«f»/ a cod, (h*ll, walhttig tub. 2)elr£ff^(<bro«cn, atrifi 

■fliale or hulk of nulfe^ the covering of fora taola, the foot or fupporter o< 

the feeds, ©rinc 6«bo^ett; pealSin table. ClO <Mrb(tMNjen / l*|eWofMf 

'Iheirs. 6(>oten Otlfmacbttl, on*ma(bni^ • leg whereon a' tanner fcMpea-bis Kid^ 

•^■to fiiell peare. tfle^<bdrcnctWen, green «« ©fablerf^Toam / efne# «R«W<r* (fj 

-Vale, or grtfen paafe ik fticlb, *SU(ffr# a paioter> cabL ChT ^^CltMffSCII, 

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64^ ®Artt Ms? 

\tfHtn, a b«kw't, a butcber^a full, 

M6(lt^ni^«(i» ^e4 -e^/ f/»r. list/.: 

w—i to b* p^ed «!»* into pordt* 
kr64^ftt8MBiCf / :i)i«* pol« of a tawtr't 

>>ft>tl(akil. ib«w«i^t oflbnet oa « 

QfVfT** or taimer** trelUa. 

ifcmv on the lido or near a ▼•in of 
\Bt^Mm%namnf a hammoff with one @(^lllcn# vtirb. rsm. i. A verb iteucor 

ffll irtffnir to kerp iM^ttfain bound*, moa* 
fare or compals. 2)tC ^ct)r«n!fn faier 
%efitt^^cnbdr# tk)p 'bounds of roodeiiy. 

(lioem ^raDtoi. fftten^ to confine br 
finit one» to fet htm bounds. " IKher 
tit @(btanttn fdtrrftcp^ to go b«yoad 
or.tnntgrvfft the botfnds. 4>ici6(t)Tlto# 
fen bcr «)?(|fioo«0. t<r ^tOKNtf ic. 
-ftkrfclrrcltra, to aio bejrond or to trust* 
fif efa the booodi of moderation , of 
jttltico etc^ 

^pasac m£td by 

^ &kmme , pimr. ble - n, Diminui. bci 
CMWMleir^ « ^^^dmittldll/ a flight, 
(aitt or |ri8i0C hurt or.danace of tha 
Mce of a timig ' leogthwiie. Cinc 
M'^iMC in dium Wofc ^ a crack in 
• gUi. CiM CkNromm in tern i^atic 
1 chbk in tha wood. Particularly in 
tbt fafCnro of the fldn, a fcratch, a 
ft^ or cnfiiDg woiiAd, a fear, Ccratdh* 
I pUoa, wh«^ llie fldo it off, or where 
<«• if galled ; the mark or fign of a 
vmmI remaimag in tha flcin ; a flalh or 
CM bealed «p. 

CtwmcQt iMT^. r§g. mei. to fear, 
loa^ , fret or gaO , to tear off a piece 
of die lkin» to make a little fear or 

wiihbolben. among tiunumen, to ftradd* 
le, to fet the legs afdndirr adiiian« 
ce from each other in going. Qe 4|ri5# 
ttt on^ ftMtt btr SfitiS) i^ ^ tw iacU 
M f^rdaft a aU^^lhe larger and ftroo- 
eer a Aag is , the more he ItraddlM or 
lets his leg's at a wider dilUnce frotC 
each other to the right and ld&. ^ , , 
2. A wetk active. t) ^n bit D<l«t(/ 

(rcttJimdfc H^tn, U§€n, to lay or put 
acrofs. X)le Welnc fdbrdnfni, to «^la 
your legs , to put them acrofs on^ ano-f 

ther. (ftit gcMrtfnlun %ciim fi^cn^^ 
wU tie t^Anefber oter bfe XMtn tfW/ 

to fit crofs-legged, ,aa the Taylors or the 
Turks do. ») To' wind, alio to throw, 
acrols one another. 

_, . a 

I^ntch. ei(^ Mvcrfe^en^ aneiner^tecf* ba€ t^ranfeofrnffer, a lattice - window,^ 

BUct fit^iminni # to gee a light fcratch grate- wmdow, a window trellised. 

mawarea by a pin. Qc^ianUnM, •ttf 'tfU, adj, and nAr. 

%knmH$ adj. and mdv» full of Icart unliraitedi' unbounded^ without bonndit 

w faiatchea. or limits, bouodlefs; aifo of immensity. 

(ii^#rm«f^f, 6treiff;:)Hif. afcratdi, Mc@((r(Miir,'aAall{ V.ei^ageii,64aro^ 

• Bigk or HaStt Cda- wound received by ^er 6drtao|, V. i^eff(t^rail|. 

antlftat-baU. M^eangCt/ f i"^- regr- ac<. to cram, to 

^64ra«!, bel *e4» pUr. hit^^Mt, ftuff one*s guts,, to aat very much (an 

'Hb/ji. M iMfdnfCben ^ a cheiU pmfs» obfolete word). 

Aviat. 9rolf4»ffMl(^ a nantry, bnttery. Me @<|)rO|ie/ a Cerapar, an iron-tool tn^ 

Ikfteiliteaill^ a wardrobe. Q91tffer# fcrape with. 

Mrttf, a cop* board. €Hi 9dd>er< Me dotiperef , fcraping. " 

fllfailf, a repolitoij, book- board, fhelf bad &ll>tQ^nmtt $ a Icraping-ki^ife. 

Wrbooka. ©er ntbettt^raiif ^ a cup- Me 6*f«»bf . >/«r. Me -n# Dtmitm* 
tosid in a kiccheo , a fpence or larder. t9ii Gd>rdub<ften ^ * C^rdttMeift / « 

^ Ictaw. ttmi mir cttiet AMttbe Nd 

fefffiea/ to' fcrew, to-failed a thing 
with a fciew. JMe SBaffierfcbf Mbc ^ Ar- 
chtanades's Icrew, the fpiral pump fotf 

raifiog water. S)ie 6<traiiN, ler 0ir# 
bef on cHier Qeffe/ eooter ^a fcrew, 

peg or pin of a violin, Ime. F^gur^ 

iivefy. 2)lt6adKtibt«ttfM^MijbeO/ 

the. thing or the affair is undeterminacr 
and uncertain. C^IKlEB^fle OUf@d^rOO^ 
ben fe(|en , to talk ambiguously or equi- 
vocally, like an oracle, ^e anf 6<bt(nia 
Jen af«eBte tintimt ^tn, tb anawer 
ambiguontly. X>ein 9erfrredKn Kefil 

S^ ^^^ Ollf @(broobenr thy promife ia dafignad* 
Mil ftaill#f# 8Mnf <^r pUnnftfele ly uncertain and undetermined. 
^ ^j^ihe Uft or liMa , m which tktj afe dntjOitiffn # ver^* regi and irr€£. ' tfr#. 

^f^eMtobCTr f^/iw. bk'-O, the artary 

of akoiie'f fbra-leg. 
te6<Mltfb«llett/ a crola-beam, bottreCi, 

a paop or fiipport at the but- end of a 


^ emmt, pimr. Me •«/ or ber 

Nl Ollul , bt6 -4. f/nr. ut isajw..^i|e. 
})ln a paopar fenle, a barrier, bar, an 
laclobre made to hinder perfons frara 

— '" 9d^f»tm »iii6ttfn«en, 9ftt 

to abrr V^dicii qmmIkii^ to make a 
we, iacleCnre or barrier of cro(a- 
^ p boafda. pales or fiakies. 2He 9e« 
diUMlianteil/ tha bar in a conrt of 
ifiM* SMe ecHronf en , InnerbafJ nkU 

«*^n, wreftla or mn races, gjl Me 
C#mfdl treten / to enter the lifts. 9q 
HI 6*ni|feft (onfCfti to mn in a race, 
\ Car. 9 , a4. a) F^uraUv^fr^ bounds, 
^M»- 6l«iaii(aS|6«vaieeiiiil)Ki(i 

and Irre/r. tfcf^ 
which has in the latter cafe in 
fa*^ f(|r9b/ and in die Partieip. ge# 
fcbroben/ to fcre%», ta fallen whh alcrew. 
m MWW*eil, to fcrawup orfaft. ««i 
WU «OfaH>r MfcMtlbeilr to fcrtw 

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a tbing Qmt of oft, to bfifcnw ir. !jfit 
hit ^h^idyroubtn , to fcraw up. J^n# 
dit fibrantcn to ftrew in. 9liiM>raii^ 
B<n f to fcrew on. ^bf(6rauben / to un- 
fcrew. '^ct gafanunenfibraulKrtf to fcww 

Call together. STnon ^ifftMttt itl ^r 

Sortur b(e 2)oiioicn tlni^uhtn, to 

fcrew a criminars tbanibt« to force or 
compel him to oonfelej Figmralivtfy* 

I) afcmflttbcn W>ratrtc«^ or urn Wn 

^<It fcbtdUbcn, to <leprive or cheat one 
of hit moi/eyby conning and artifice. 
But Hill oftner io-'good Germair \i, 

'») JciiHinbai fj^radbftif ibn oufjte(ni# 

ttCjrircn, to bamer« make game of, fport 
Tritb « mock or jeer one. The mgqlar 
' conjugation it mott tifuaJ in good Ger- 

hki 64)caaben, 5k OcbiaubereOf banter-^ 

ing, rallery, jeering, mockery; alio the 
. tolling in a blanket. 2)<1^ <9(braabcn^ 
y W ^idl^rOUbon^ / the act of fcrewing, of 
« faftening with a^fcrew. 

>et ®<t)«IOb<n^am,; the fcrew-tr^e, a 
tree, winch j^rows in tbeEaft-and Weft* 
tn^ies, wh9re fruit ia in the form of a 
tcrew ; H^licteres L. 

tie 6(t)rOttbtttbOcfer the blocks of aTurner*s 
lathe to turn fcrewa in. 

$0l gcbrOUkneiftll/ among Iron-worker«, 
.^^iron*plate to cut their (crewa in. . 

Mc @d)raub(n9df<^ , a decanter or Balk 
. with a (crew to it. 

64)rattbcRf6rt9li , ^n/y. and adw. in the 
form of a fcrew. 

ter @kbrQiibcngaiig, M -H, flur, b(e 

. •0ilngCr bfti t^vM^t, the thread or 
worm of a fcrew. 

bcr i6ibr«tibtollob<n^ • &ig> aCopper* 

. fmith'sfmall vice. 

^r @(bra«bcn!opf * the head of a fcrew. 

6(^raubett(Ult< , the wotm of a fcrew, a 

kse in the form of a fcrew about a cy 

linder , a fpiral line.. 

lit ecbrOQbcnnittHtr^ p/«ir. bit -wAttix, 

the box, th^ nui of a fcrew. 

Ux @4ra»bcttnaiien « fcrew* nail. 

lol @d)roube»rt9i<«r« a fet of tooU of 

the Tarntia; the whole fet of boaet 
. belongiiig to a l^rner*s lathe. 
hU 4B«brOUb€nrcif /< an iron* hoop faltened 

with fcrews on tt caflc or tub, . 
ler 6(b«l0b<nf*Ca(W. O The key to be 
' fcrewed in . or a key with a fcrew. a) 

The vice -pin. 
Ue 6dl»railbenftAnfrf( , a kind of fpiral or 

wreathed fnail-lbell or cockle. 
lie @cbrOUbflir(bnar^ fmall or narrow half- 
■ lilk ribbons, iwitb which women's carpi 

are tied. 
iitl 6(|^ffOtlbtIlScin , a petrification rtf* 

(raibling a |c^rew» 
ta<@<|Mlll«flvtrf^anvrcr««MWork, any 
- work with fcrewtf to k, . .., 
We 6(broalcnmfnbe^ a wnodta machine 

coalUUog of tmo ficae- and a faww. 


ferving to liit or dntw^ Qp Urge pieces < 
timber etc. / 

Me 64r«ltbfniatli<, a pail- of tongs < 
pincers , which ar« craled t^nA opene 
• briMeana of a fictew; a hand -vice. 
ba< '©cbraubcnifiigf « fpt of tools «(edi 
' making all forts of* fcraws and nuu < 

fcrews. ' " 

bff ®*rtrob<n»ff Jer, a key for a fcrev 

akey for a vice, 
bfe @{braubfnsn*inge/ smo^g Joiners, 
' kind of pwCi wiAi fcrews tded in fcr«« 
ing glued wood 'and boards clofe tog< 
' tber; alfo a vice* pin. 

b<r@(braabftDtf f bd'-e^/ F/«r.bU -fiMi 

a vice , the chops of a vice. 

bcr 6*rf<!/ kti^tit pUr, bk -t, ban 
the verb fc|^retfen. 1. !« focne parts 
figniHes a cradL, cleft ox fltt. 2><l^<^i« 

' bflt clnen e^ttd ^efommcn , the giai 

has got a crack. 2. Figmrativeijr. i) 
Hart, a fright; Vi^^cr ^(brccfcfl. ^ 
Amoug Huntsmen^ the toils to^rif^ku 
game, which are alfo called^d^Cd-C. 

bo0 e*iitcfb«b, be* 'ti, pl^' ttc-n 

afcare-crow, a bug -bear, t^n imag4 
a figore or object t>f terrour, a thing t 
raife terrour. fBlrl p(| bdRtlMMIof 

mitcmigcne<lrc(fbllb<c»()iidlhi. Vki^ 

©dJrCcfcn, vwrb. reg. m^i. to foght c 
frighten, to fcare, fiartle or terrify , t 
put in fear or in a alright; -alfo to du 
courage or bugbear one. t) In a pre 
per hnh ; only ilill in fome oaCss. 1 
Cookery , to parboil , to boil meat be 
half; alfo to take off the cold* to warr 
a little, a) Figmrativefy. ^ nH ^tii 

be gcbcn / bof fbt Wfntt nnb cacb nh 

manb Mtcdt, I will give paace i 
the land, and ye fliall lie doWn, an 
none ihall make you afraid, Levit. li 

6. Unflil unb ?Rotb i^rt^hn ibn # po^W 

and aneuifh Ihall make him afraid, Jo 
i5, S4. In tht^ more extenOve fignifioatto 
frf<bfC(ftD is now more afuaU and th 
^ limpte verb fcbrrtfet) is commonly oni 
ufed , when we reprefeot an ill^ to om 
which will not happen to him. ^i 

v»Utt H^ nnr fd)retf<n p 1 wowld oni 

frighten him. 3<monbcn Ifltt etRM 

' flbrecf (tl to A-ight or ^ighten one wit 

fomething. t>u .f (nbrr mit bem fDtlHf 

mcl fdl^rtcfm to frighten chiMron wii 

thd bugbear. 

ber ©Arccf eii , M -i, pi^r. at nom. fim^ 

fright, fear, terror, horror, aftonilbment 

alarm , dread , conllemarion. i) 3 

e<brecfm gcrotf^Ctt, to be affrighted 

. ®Mi eineui @4rei(en befollcii or Abe 

fdfien merben^ to be febed with terto 

Srmaobcn dncn e^ttdtm moO^ r 9t\ 

' ttrfCKben ; in popular language, (btt t 

ftcn e^ttdtn dniaiKii, to ihgliCM m 

Jto put him in a fright, to ftrike one wil 

terror. Set ed>re(ffii lafmnneR fobfd 

to be feiaed wkh fear, to ha frighten 

eu^ ton 6i|ieecteii v^lVR, to ftaov^ 

Digitized by VjOOQ IC 


ot or from a Eifjut. 2)f» tebe ^fitUf^^didnf Ut WtaMbitf tb«MaU. 

6^ttdta C0ld<9<D 64ai# to look death . chite,, Apreciotu Hone of a dark^r«ea 

M the £ace wiihouc fear^ not to fear coioar. 

^ih. a)Tlie act of frightening others; ,ta^ @(t)rc(ttuc6 / in Hunting, a name for 

a hgnificadon ufe4 only Ipneiiinea in . any toil, niib which any part is indoTed, ' 

an elegant fiyle* 2)01 &l^ttdtn M^ the toils to frighten game with. 

tk^i^ if »ie hai ^riScn Cioel iotflen ta< ^ttdv^tt, a water or liquor taken 

lhwn> the fear of a king ia as th^ toa- as a remedy for a fright. 

riu of n lion. Prov. ao, 3. !Defll til^ (S^rcdWdtt^ a menace, al«ena<an|^ 

Bindcn ttf^ttdt mid^ , thy dread ma- . word, a bug -word, a word to raiie 

ItttoMafiraid, Job /S fti. 3) Tbe oh- terror. 

jtaof £ear or terror; properly without .^ic &d^Vtihatt, pluir. |fc -fD/ the iiyle^ 

apbiral, hue in an elegant liyle aifo a manner of writing. 2)ic f^iHorff^C/ 

with iL Sum @((>r€ctcn ivifl icft ticft rebocrifdx, peetifcf^ @c^ref^Orr :c. the 

■ddOl/ 1 will make thee a terror, fiaek. hidorical, the rhetorical or oratory, the 

36^ 11. Z^, wo fuib nun ^ne &d^xiU poetical ilyle. Sine nitM^t, W^tt 

{»? %tA. tkh. ' ectfrctboet/ a lo>v^, a mean &y\t. eitie 

\n Q^ndOLhW^t , «n atieient Saxon ,crt^abene @(trc{6art, a fublime iiyte. 
coifl worth about fife pence iiu'liJig. ^ ^tllC lci<^te/ (licfcotc @(|^rdbartf an 

€4r(cftflfr# -(f/ -eSCf a^^'* and aiv. eafv, flowing, fluent, natuml %le. ®ne- 

i«ai(ul, timid, timorous* limohrfome, fd^OHf/ rdne @d)re{bQrt^ an elegant, « 

ba&ful; apt to be afraid, ealily terrified clear or pure Ayle. (^tlC' fct^fCIH'fnbt 

or put in a lirigbt; alio hideous, dread- Sd^rdbArt/ a flyle, which ia over-^a. 

fal, ghalUy^ friahthil, bor/id , horrible, den with unnecelTaiy repetitions and ac- 

aaliog fear or honor , furprifiog, aAo- cefTory ideas. (Sine ftCliPUItgrne @(^re{6# 

lifbing. i Ort / an affected , ili^, unnatural ftyle. 

64rcc!baft€ti9circ# adv. fearfully. Cine t^octtrabcnbf/ fcOmfiltige ed)rdb^ 

^6(bre<fiKlffi9ldt^ feerhilnefs, timidity, 9Ltt, a bombaiUcal SXyU, a high -flown 
puiillanimity , cowardice* faint- hear- ilyle. 
tednefs; V. gttr<|>t. (Ol <Sc|)rdbc6f eo ^ IBafTcrbleP/ a pencil, « 

6<bfC(f|{4|# 'ttf 'At, adj, and adv* crayon to write with. • 
l)Terribfe, faorrible, dreadful, fright- ba5@d)rdb^U(h^ tci -C^^ ^/nr.bfC -bfic^Cr/ 
ful, fearful; hideous, ghaAly, dismal; . a book to write in, a writiog-book. 
aifo formidable; m *n adv. terribly, lie @d)retbeg(bdbl^' P^*^^' M( ^tti, the fee 
bonibly* frightfully, dreadfully, fear- for copying,- the falary Or wages of a 
fully etc. 2>a* id efOC f*rfdlic^ 3d# iranlcriher or copier. ♦ 

tVH^t^t IRiffett<)t!(. that is a dread- bcr &<bxi[MK%t{, M ^i, plur. inuf. an 
ful newa, a horrible action, a horrid itching defire of writing, or of entertain* 
crime etc« Cin ^ttdVi^tX f%i\iUt, a ing others with one's writings. S>cit 
terrible faoh. (tin ^ti^M^U UllflO ©tbrfibdiOfl babeo, to hate an itching 
klier, a hideoof monHer. Sfi<in0Cl UOb wfiteetc. ^ 

taiit^finbfdbre(fli4c8dob<bcrnietif(b' bfe6d?rdbeei^li, pUr. He -fftnfle^ tl>o 

li^ 6(A<fKl^(dt, want and poverty art of writing. 2)|c @Cb6nfd^rdbefullt^ 

are terrible enemiee to human ha^pioefs. caligraphy , the art of writing beauti&iU 

i)ln the moA eatenOve fenfe^ it is aifo ly, alio beautiful writin£. iDfC JtUflt dC^. 

▼ary frequendy ufed in popular lanaua- fcbmfnb }U fd>rdbm# racS^ygraphy, fhort- 

ce of things , ^hich excite or cauTe a hand , a method \of writing in compen* 

Eigh degree of furprbse, wonder or dious characters , fo as to lave time and 

af&ndhmeot. 6d)r<(fff(b «wf^. enor- paper. ©IC i^bdmftbrcibefunt^ ibga- 

Boasly or prodigiously greats (gfnc nography, cryptography, ©fc 91e4t# 

Mrcdlfcbc Gtttnmc (^elbe^z an enormous fcttretbchinff/ orthography, right fpelling. 

or prodigious fum of money. €(brC(f# b(r @Cbrdb(ll1riScr« Ui^i, pUr» utnnm. 

Il(b flK^Or io fwear grievousl;f. fif'S' ^ writing -maAer. 

\k 6(bredU<b(dt^ />/«r. ///«/: horror, @cbrdbeil/ verb, irreg. act. Imperf. |(J 

enormiiy, deformity, ualinett; the qua- fd)rtrb; Particip. gcfd^fiebfll j Imper, 

Kty of a Mfk% being horrid, hideous fcbreib. . i>In a proper fenfe, to write, 

etc • to form letters, or exprefs by a pen. 

M< 6ibtc(fB{f, or hai 6cbrecfni6. M mt jtrdbc/ mft dnem @d)iefer«fftf/ 

-Ic*, p/«r. Mc -fiV^ a word ufed in mit 9{5tbd tf. f((rdbeil/ to write with 

foore parts infiead of tbe fubftantive chalk, with a Qatn- pencil, with ruddle 

6^anir which is alio fometimes ufed etc. ^it bcmjfngcr In ben ©ailb fcbrti^ 

by good aoihors ; V. ber @<t)rec!en. ben # to write with the Hnger in the 

^(t 6^mrf(bai^ be* -ffe«/ pUr. bfe fand. tluf Ropier, S^ergatient, ^otmor 

-fMflit/ a gun -fhot to terrify oue with. f(bretbeO/ to write on paper, parqhment, 

6tr Ck^edf^rnDg, among Huntsmen; a marble. ^Ine gate, fctU;Me J^Onb f£|>rcl# 

iiile leap made b/ a TTOiinded dtex in ben, to write a good, bad hand. (IX§ 

tbt ^4 fright. 1901 (0 ba^Sldnc fcJJrelbAif w copy « 

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thing fair. e*tm U Mr ffMWm 

Q\^t,figuraiiV0iyr mind and mark this, 

heed and mark thia point weU. 2)i< 

ilrcitc f4rd(t M(t>r/ nxnn (ic nal i^ij 

the chalk doea not write, when it ia 

wet. 2)|< gcfeff f^Wftr f*lCcM,^ gut/ 

tiia fWr M)rdbrtl# the pen wrilea iU, 

well, won't wf ire. a) To write, lo con-, 

▼ey ocie*a ideaa by leitera formed with toil ^^HioipmlXf Hi -tit pi»r. 

« pen. ^inc 9t«^tlllg/ dn Urtfectl/ «deik» « writing- de&. 

cinen ^M<ff tin 9bvi^ fit^rcilcn^ to to ed;rdl>err hU -i, piMr.mtn9tm.Jhis 

write a reckoning, a verdicr, a letter, Fmmin. t(c @<t^rdl^rtan / Irom tfa« irrd 

a hook. (Sine (^rommJtK/ dn 9B6rt<r> fC^rclbca, a writer, clerk, copier^ uan 

nklaikw, '«r a congratulatory letnt. (^ 
CtntaNog^liAetikii/ a istter of, umtj 
tion. Ctn empfetlungifctrdbrn/ • *«< 

ter of recomoiendatkhn. Co ^MMdt^ 
or €MI(^akll|f<^r<(^ll, a letter oi oon 
doience or a confolatory epilile. Cii 
C&<rid»tfcbrei^ # a letter of «dric< 
notification or nev^a* 

write a granmar , a dictionary, a biQo- 
lyetc. etn KtCtft ij^ttlbcn, t« write 
' a receipt or prcfcription. X)i< S^^tting 
fcl^c^kfl / to write a newa - paper. Wic^t 

tclncn 9la|^mcii fct^ben f^ancn / not to 
»e able to write hia name, ^in 9g«r 

• gdkn an iemanbcn ff^rdben/ to write 
a few linea to one. ^(ne@pract^ fc|^c{« 
Hen ^ aixr nid>t reNn (6ftncD, to be able 
to write a language, but not to fpeak 

. it. Wkfchrcitt er fid), »U f<brcibc tt 

ffinen 9)«))m(n? how doeahe fpell hia 
name? how does he write hia name? 
@<^rtt&fn is very often uied abColutely 
of drawing up a writing. \UhtK dnctt 
SCjTt f((>rciWn , to write on a text. i®|# 
^cr jcmiDben fc^nfbcn, to write againA 
one. Particularly ol drawing up orcom- 
pofing a letter. ^((^ wifl ati (urcn ^reanb 
' fd^retben/ I'll wnte to your friend, (Ca* 
jo^ ^at noct nid>t geM^lf bm , Cajua has 
not y^ written. §Ran ^(^efbt nld)t old 
P)tur^ von Q^rlinf they don*t write 
much newa from Beriio. 9la4 ^fUn 
^ febrctbeft/ to write to Berlin. ®{c ntb 
Un tarum M^rcibcn, we will write on 
that account, ^r i^tt\U nl(bl gem. 

1^ A writer, on 
ircni 4 

icriber, fcrivener. 

who forms letters, worcts etc. with a poa 
we iky Ibmetimes, but only leldoni , t\\ 
guter, dn fd)(cct>tfr ec^r brr/ a good 
a bad writer, one who write* a goo^ 
a bad hand, i) One who writea io 
another, or an inferior writer in a puhli 
olhce. Sin CeP^H/ « copill or eopiei 
is called dn Sci)Mltcr/ aa well aa on< 
who writes what another dictatea. 2>c 
@(brdbct dne^ ll5»o<6rcr, an att€»mey' 
or advocatea clerk. %\^ dnen @4^tcl 
ber i^airtn / to keep or to have a d^rX 
or writer. 2)cf (S^c^dmrttNTctbcr r o 
Cccrcrtfe (which ia now more ufoal) 
a privy fecretary. 3) A writer, an au 

thor. Ocr ©djrclbcr erne^ 9rfcftg^ ih( 
writer of a letter. t)cr Jtom6Menf(l»d 
ber/ « dramatiil. 2>fc jTalciibetf^rd 

bet/ an almanack -inaker. Sct^ft^r: 
fcbrdber, a writer, an author, one whc 
writes books. SdlUng^ftt^rddcr , ajour 
naliil, a writer of newa -papera. ©ci 
@cfd)i<^tf4rcib<rf aohillotMn, hillorio 
grapher, a writer of hiiioiy. ^Iq ^U^ 
ter 6d>ittbcror@d)dftffffi€r. a CcHbb- 
ler. For iQ^rihfMtt in general it n 
obGc»lete io good German. 

iidrel«l«tjefit, bedo« notliketonrite (^er 6cbrdbcrWtn», the oifice of aderk, 
(letteri). It/ia alfo ul«d fifurativ^iy in ^ tranCcriber or regifter. 
a^ reciprocal manner '^ '-«-•'- >«^-^ 

die ^)a(tricbr M? 

gefcbrieben ? who has written tbia news 
and in a more ext<*nfive (enfe alio, from 
whom do«}S it come? who has given 
this account? Likewife of evf;ry other 
thing. ®o fd^rdbt fid) hai bcr? mD 
lemmt bal %iX, whence comes that? 
It is alio f^metimes ufed forob^ttrttbeiU 
to copy, to traalcribe. ©icMwm ©d)reU 
(en nibren , to get one^s liFelihooKd or 
one's living by copying or uanl'cribing. 
Hctcn fd>retben , abf^reiKn/ to copy or 

tranfcribe writings, 
ta^ (S^cbrefben^ be^ -%, piur. ut liom. 
Jing, 1) Writing, the act of writing. 

Sa^ SdHtiben eUui^fcfe*/ the writing 
of a letter. @id) m(t (S^reiben tttiih* 

er. fflo ftbtdbt fj* bit @d)rtlbere0, pJur, He -em Me6«rffe. 

properly, n^r ^i fie a writing, one*a band- writing. Ct»a^ 
as writien this nffWA? ..«.. r-iJl- iA^^^u .-1 T ^^ it^ 

von fcincr 0(bit<bere9 idgenf to Ibow 

fomething of one*s hand -writingc Alfa 
all manner of writings, the written pa« 
pers. It lignifies alfo the office oF a re- 
gifter, fecretary or clerii, the office, 
where the clerka lit at work, or wrhere 
they transact their bulioels. 9\6^ ^ci 
@0rdbcreo n>ihnen^ beileiflgen , to ad- 
- dfct or devote one*a felf to writing. 

ber @<brdberd^ronf / a fcritoiy* Ibrtitor, 

fcrutory or fcrutoire. 
W €>d>reibeftt<(t/ an itching ciefire oC 

@(f>rdbt;rilcbdfl/ adf* and adv. hatring 

an itching deilre of writing. 

fea , to get one's iivelibood or living by b^ @<brdbetif0/ or €7vt>retbdf<b , Ui 

wridng; alfo to write U>t bread. 2) Ott 
^tUi, a le^r. 3d) bdbc tuer 64reiben^ 
cuern -^rfrf rrbulten^ I have received 
your letter, your favour. ;f<tt ^IM* 
• loAnflMg^Mlrel^ll^ alatterofiCQa^u- 

e^^ p/un bfc - e, a uble to^ write on. 

M 6d>reibeKm, beg -a, plur. Ht ^t, 
a receptacle ot cafe containing tlieprita- 
cipal thinp uled ip writing, M fttp<r» 
pen, ink^ ptn-biifc aio. . 

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BfCtltft m rr> fimr. bie-1l/ a.p«ii| an 
ioftnraieiit nfM in 'writing. 

l(r6cl»rd»fcMer, M-i^ pt»r. «c nam. 
)l«^. aa erroar io wiirfngt, a fault con- 
aitted io wriMig or by a traorcriber* 

kr 6c(rtflfMKf# bo^Ventiat apen-^re 
to carry in oWa pocf^ct, a pmncTy to 
which ao ink-hctm tt joineo. 

In 6*rHb9a|»ier, M-ti, pImt. (but 
only of fevfrat feru,} ^fe -€/ Trriticg- 

Mr ^5fC>W ^fe/ pimr. Me-Q/ « writing- 

Mrcft^efCl/ •«?/*#€/ «i^. and «flftr. ia- 

^■ed, <laGioa« to write aoch. 
in ^^rffbMI<^^ a ck>fet to write in. 
W MftfbtO^, pArr. Wr -n, a connting- 

boofe, e place, apMrtoieiit or ropm» 

ifbere raerchaoia ana traders keep their 

NtMrtii^CtflN/ ato boor appointed for 

i leflbn in writing. 
66fd^i4»ll|, 'tt, -fit, ^dj\ and adv. 

Mc6«rciftt<ffl, pimr. Me -O/ « flate-tabU 
vfed to write on , bnt it ii moll com- 
monfy called fUt^tntoftU Aifo a table- 
book of ivoiy, percbmeoc etc. on which 
t^ thtag ci wrote wtihout ink. 

Mteitrdbimi, the writing. 9fe Bte^e^ 

MftAnng^ orthography* correct or ex- 
act writing. 
•b<r Abtrfn, M-^lz p/«r. (tC -f/ Dims- 
m. D«4 Mrdiid»tn * *6<Dreln(cin7 a 
word on)y IGli ufed in (bme prorincea, 
a Ovine, cheE etc. V. S<(raQ(, Xa#CQ/ 

kf edirdfior, M -1/ pi»r. at nom.Jimg, 

Femim, )fe 6((rrfkKrlnti. £ir4»(tr; a 

Kf €4KtimrOrk(r, joiner'a work, joinery, 
kr 6#rcl«erg(M, a joume^-man-joiner. 
tel @4«€inertaa5merf/ a jomer'a trade. 
6(tlCflett# '•♦^^. irreg. neatr. hnpetf. 

\A ^i^^^f PmrtMp, |tf4»ritrrn. it ia 
iifed with fr9Q. t) To Ilride, ftep , pafs 
or CO. %Bdt fcf^reilm, to make large 
ftridee or fiepi . ^ ff^tet wcf If lOCnil 
cf tdtt, cr felt bU Scfne irdr von ^•^ 
#Obfr# ^ imiddlef, he Andes far, he 
makaa wide ^A^%, he goes liraddlingly. 

Oeftft bill ^mbcn Mrrltm, to ftep or 

ftride c»eer the ditch, (bfffctr \xMt^* 
tnir to send one's pace. aS Ftf^urati" 

veijr, 3ar ^(fcci §11111 Sffierfr r<^eireii, 

to enver on tbe natter, to come to the 
poiot, <juelUon or pnrpofe. ^UtnUttl^U 
Ic f^ttitttt, CO proceea to the judgment 
efr Gmteoce. ^nr IfH^ttU Cbt fc^ftltCIt/ 
to marry again or a fecond time, to 
take a fecond Irife. ^tbtt {U htt @<l# 
6c f<!brfftm/ to come or return again to 
the fahiect, purpofe or matter in hand. 

toUkn&t nui nan |u ten i^cirottlpiinf# 

M 94hreftCII/ ftriding, ftepping, vthe 

firid^ Aep. ^omet^ftiuu aim iOpfU, 



f^ 'tfa'a tvaiuitiod or pafllng to the iriain 

fubject. ■ ■ ' , 

eOrcpfcn/ V. 6(tr6pfett. / 

bCf @*W, W -a, pUtr, hit -«, a cry, 

crying out, a (mteak. dn lantCT 6c|rC9# 
a loud cry. Stncn €^rC(^ l))l|ll/ to ciy 
out, CO exdainu 
e^Ufftn, verb, irreg. Imperf. |(J fAtlt, . 

(one fvllable ;) Cot^.i^ f^tit, (two fylbb- / 

les ;) Panlcip. gef(6rten^ (three lyllablea ;) 
Imperttt, fcbrep* It is uled ai averb neu- 
ter, as/well as a verb active, and then it ta* 
kes io the firll cafe the auxiliary verb 
fKl^en. 'It Signifies, to cry, exclaim, baw)| 
, or cry out. i. In a proper feme, where 
it is alfo afed of the ciy or loud noife 
made by fomo animala. S>a5 SIBU^ 
f4r<9ct nf4t/ mcnii ci d^ro^ M# tct 
^ D4fe bllUt nf())tf wenn cr fclnSuetcv 

tatf doth the wild afa bray, when he 
ath gra&? or lowach the oa ovet hh 
fodder? Job. 6, 5. 0(f i^irf* f*rCH^ 
the hart belleth. Particulariy of « 
loud human voice, ffu^ VOlUm ^AlftV 
' 011^ OBcr ^(^t f4!rC9CI|/ to bawl oi|^ 
with might and main* i^intcr jtmantCQ 

St (^tKtttti, to cry or call after one* 
cmonbtn fc|^rc9tir b^ctt# to Mr one 
cry out. dimm iu hit 0(^rcn f^rcecRf 

to din one's ears, to iiun them vrith 
noife and clamour. (IMi(f. )tll fttripch^ 
Si03t! f^tr>tn, to Ihout, to make an 
acclamation, to cry, God fave him ! or 
God blefs him. Particulariy, if tliit 
outcry or exclamation is'cauled by vio- 
lent pain or the higheit degree ot grief, 
forrow or aAiction. ^r ©^Mucrica 
fctrCKn^ to ory out for pain. Mm 
emu r4^rC9Cn/ W cry (for) mercy.. Um 
iMlfc Wrcocn/ to ciy out for help. 
Itm ©rot f^ttntn, to cry for bread. 
limKM^C f^Hdtn/to ciy for vengeance. 

§n 9ctt f(|H^cn/ to cry unto God, 
■* Wreoc ftter Unvt^^t, I cry out of 
wrong, ticket lln9frC<tMg(rft f bt^pcn/ 
to cry ont againli injuftice. %• Figmra^ 
iiveiy, 1} To foeak with a disagreeable 
loud voice, a) To vreep with a loud 
. voice; ZXii jtmb fCtorcpCt, the child 

cries. 2>ltrcr eicnbc bculet tsnb fcbrct^ct 

ium ^barmen, thia miferable or unfor- 
tunate man howle aqd cries pitifully. 
3)^0 require a public revenge, re- 
fentment or pnniihment. Sine fcbrc9Cn# 
be tlngerec^idfett / a crying inju^ce. 

6d>re9enbc,' |^bnmclfcbrc9cnpe 6AnbC(i/ 

cryinjp; Una. 
hW eSvtfKn, the act \)f crying; crying, 
weeping, alfo the cry, the tears. X)0^ 
edreiKnciiK^ Keintn Xf nbce, the erring, 
whimpering or whining of a linle cnild. 

2>a5e4re9en efnel ^Irfcbel, the belling, 

grown! ng or bellowing of a deer. SM^ 
^S4re9en bcr wUben B^mtint, the 
freaming of wild boars. 'Qai (S4^9i9tn 
bcr 8A0ff/ the breeknng of £&xes. S>0< 
•<|rC9« (i&WHn) ♦<« aW^/ 'the howl« 

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ing of ^oI?es. ®9< ei^Htan (VfASoi) 

tit C6n)<n/ tbe roaring of UoDf. Z)o^ 
©Arcocn (©If^trn) ^er ^fcrftC/ the 
naiglung dr wBinnying of horfes. Qai 
6d)r(0Cn 5cr ipUnOc^ the barking, 
yelping or vrbilking/ of .'dogs. Da^ 
e^tcntn dnc5 gfcUr the braying of an 

'^ab. 2)0^ <$4rcoen tcr Iranictc r the 

crunking of cranet. 'Qai @4)rC9Cn 

' (Cmaten) tcrffc6fctt, bcr Robai/ the 

- croaking of frogs or ravens. ©a^ 

®(t>rcoen ht mn(t, the gaggiins of 

Jcr @d)rw<ff be# -4/ />/«r. ut nom. fmg. 

J^emtn. hit @(brepcrmn^ a crier, bawler, 

fqualler; a bawHng, noify perfon. . 
lit <^d>rCPbaW, a crifr, biwler, alfer a 

cbild, that does nothing but cry all 

day long. 
W ^vtridf A name. in fome parts for a 

chap, cleft, chink; V. SltQ, 6f»a(t/ 

€<btie, cried ; V. ©cbrcwn. 

®(f)rtcb. wrote; V. @4>rribcn« 
' Wt @d>t(ft, f>^«''' ^ic -<n, from the. verb 
fd)retbcn. ^ i. Written figns of the 
thobghts^ t) Wtiiten fign* of the vrords 
«nd thoughts in {general ; where the 
plural is only n&d of feveral focts. 
However it is feidom ul'ed in this ligni- 
lication. ©rucf . ober ni4>t ©cbrift Ic> 
ftn tbtiflttlf to be. able to read print, 
but not wjriting. gu (crocn €balbtf{fd)e 
©iJbrifr unb tgpr(l*< , they might leach 
the leamtng^ and the tongue of the 
Chaldeans » Pan. I, 4. a,) The peculiar 
cut or caft of the letters 'in writing. 

Citte 4Utt r tint (<bl(«btc 6(l)r(ft fcbreU 

lben# for ^onN to write a good, a bad 

hand^; but onljr in oopular language. It 

. is moii ufual «a tne compound words 

Jtoff)eact)f4)rtften/ ^6nd>^fd>r<fr/ Srftcrur# 

W)rlft/tfunttltWrifttC. fee thefe words. 
a. The cait printing' letters or types are 
called in the printing.- houfes coUecti* 
▼ely in the plural (g^rif ten or 2ttttrn, 

9{cuc @(trlfren su cincm ^ttU gicf en 

la^tn, to get a fei of new types caft for 

- n work. It is alfo ufe'd in the lingular 
of the @d)rift<n or letters of one fort, 
which belong together. ©U ©rie<bif<te 
©Cbrifr^ Greek types, ^apitttltcn or 
§Occf<li^@Cbrift/ flouriflied letters or ty- 

pej. Cicero *@ct)rtftr pica* Die attcr# 
flCtnAc ©Arlfr, peaH, nonpareil. 5. 
Words or thoughts written* 1) in ge- 
neral. sSclcbcr >Jtlenf0 t^Ufc <3(^rift Jie* 
ftt, whofoever iliall read this writing* 
i^ao. 5, 7. Where it is moA ufual in 
the compound words Sttlffd^rift^ 111)' 

terf*rift, nmf^rlft,. 3nWbtift le. lee 

thefe words* Sometimes is underAood 
(hereby alio the written or printed part 
of a book, of a leaf etc. iDer S&UCbbin' 

6er bar in . bit ^<brtft gcfcbtiUteu , the 

' Book-'liinVler has cut into the written 
or pnat«d|>trt o^ the book etc. a) Asy 

««mteg drawtr up. (ttm$$ QBttt lonaij 
bc^ 6cbriften fiubtUi to End Jometluo 
. amoi«gll one's writlagt, papers etc 0c 
cuments, deeds, writings etc are vei 
freqnedtly called edj^f^n. ^nte^H] 
OUTKien/ to drayr or dtaw up a writin| 

mntm cine ^itrfd^rifr DbcrrcielKn, t 

deliver or prefenta petition to one» t 
make your requeA to him. (Oat nM>fl 
Obgefa^te @d^rift/ a writing drawn o 

couched well, gr ^at otir (tint ^anb 
iiftlit, SorfclKcibune o»er CblfftatUi 

borilber gCgCbeD> he gave me a bond 
. bill or note under hil hand for it. $^ 

@<|^riften or!tctenetacig<H(^t(i4Kli9xb 

lefTc^V the writings or papers of a fui 
. ac^aw, ,5) A book, a written or printei 

I'peech or discouH'e Is often called on I 

dnc @€brif(. {ot|)er( &6^tifttn, aUti 
toai er fleicbrieben iat; fcine ^crtc, Lm 
ther*s works. (giDi ^^rffr brucfeo (a I 
fen/ (^crou^dcbcn, to pubUIh a work 
book, fpeech or discourfe. @l(t^,bur<l 
@4^r ftcnberu^mtmadKn, to make him 

felt famous by his works, hooka etc I 
is partic>ilariy ufed of pamphlets an^ 
[mall printed things, which Cannot b 
called books , and then the Diminutiv 
@<f)rifr(bcn ia I'ometimes ufed. 4) Ii 
. the moli limited feiife is underAood b] 
ecbrtft, or (^cUige @d>rift limply, bil 
Sibcl, the Script re, the holy Scripture 
. the bo4y wiiit ,' the fiible , where it ii 
ufed collectively and in the lingulai 
alone of the whole compels or exten 
of the I'acred or divine writings. 2)(^ 

@4)rift 0(beut/ bie ^ol^itl^dttt iniUiom 

bere |u Ucben, ^H. 
bcr @d>?iftauj(tger; an interpreter, an ex^ 

poui^der of the holy Writ or Scripture, 
Mc @^tifttn, the papers, written papersi 
ber <^rif tforfcter , a fearcher into the fei 

crcts of the holy Writ, 
(er (^{(rtftgelcMc^ a divine, theologian { 

alio a [cftb«, a rabbi among the jews. 
bd^ <B(t)l^lftAen)61bc, the^archives, the place. 

where old records are kept* 
ber ®ct>cififlj<§er, hc$r^, Z^^**^- «^ ^oin. 

Jlng. his wife bic @^riftiiifc§ennn r * 

letter -founder, oneyt^o cafts printingi 

ble @<tQirtdcefere9/ tho letter- foujldery. 
bei!©<ttlfifo(Ien^ be*-i, p/ur. m ftonn 

Jlng, a letter -cafe in printing -honles. 

tier ectrtfrUr, (ber age fcine munbecU4»en 
ffiscinungcn aui ber @^r{ft |o bcvclKd 

fUd)t) a fcripturiil. 
6(brift(id), <zi/y. and Wt^ in wriring^ 
couched, in writing. (Jinc f^rifUi^t 
9lntn>ort/ an answer couched in writing* 
ain fct^riftUitf^ 3eU0ni§/ a. certificate, 
attelVation or proof written or fet down 

in writing, gtn f(*rlfiU*cr ®eioef<# * 
litteral proof. ig|n f<Jdf{li*er eontractf 

an agreement written down, put or fet 

dovvn in writing, (^tmai i^rtftHcb attf<j 
fctcn f VerffliTm, to couch a ibini iA 

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imfiiij, *«w it up in trridng, put ^t 
down in writing ; to commit to wriring. 
e^riftlKtC Utlnnhtn,^ «uibcntic. autheo- 
tied or original writioss. Cftt f(itift* 
fh^ScfetL twrit, refcript, mandate 
or coannandnlCTit HTued cat from the 

cwrt, tin Wtifttt^ci utrWl/. • jodi- 

dit writ, a feotence paiTfd in lome 
mn of jodicature. ^ine fibtlftii^t 
9(tfminn^, awmren promiJe, or a 
pnoUe in writing. (Sine @a(t^e fct^rift' 
H(^ vorbHnflcn, an^Hngen .of efngcben^ 

to toter an action in writing or bj 
imtiBg, ot> couched in wriring. @i<9 

fln \tmnh ntiftHd> aKnbcn / to apply 

to oae, or to make one*a applicauon 
10 one in writing. 

S4riftBl4flg/ ndl. and adv. agreeable, 
cooformable or confentaoeous to the 
Scmtore or Word of God. (Einctt ZtXt 
(*Hltin4«gcrf((hrcn, to oxplaii a text 
con(ttraiabiy to the Word of God. 
k&itiftmili%Uit, the conformity to or 
wiih the holy Scripture. 

tr6*rWa§, M-fTtn, pli^r, Mc-ffcn. 

i) A fubject or vallil to whom the wriu 
or deaees of any court mult be delive- 
red in writing and not verbally. 2) Gne 
who ii (object to the prince and hit 
chioceries only. 

^iftj4(^ ndj. an j adv, immediatfly 
Tubject to the prince, or depending in- 
tiretjf on the prince or fovereign and hia 
cooru or chanceriea. 

i« €4riff(tffpoffit^ piUr. car. the ftate or 
coadirion of a mah, by which he is 
fabject immediatelv to the fovereign or 
prince and hia cnanceries ; which ia 
•Ifo fiid of any foundadon. 
ftWriftftJndbCtf one who cutt printing. 
(nttrt; afbrm-cutter ; V. Sormfcbncibcr. 
•t 84riftfit|er , the compofitor in a 

'^ftWftWttcr/ Mt^i plttr, ui nom. 
H. Femin. bjc ed^n^httttinn i one 
^ ridicolet or modlu the holy Scri- 

tf^^WWrif, a paflage of the holy 
jeriptore, or of die Bible. 
5j6WfrttDcry Ui'if pi^f"- «t nom. 
pj. Ftmin. ble®<&?lftMIcritm/ • wri- 
^ an anthor, one who writes and pu- 
w« i book# one who writes upon 
fobjtct. ' 

WlfCliWPf the act of compofing 
mitiog bookt; the compoOtion of 

Mcrfftb/ Utterary, as an author. 

^^'' the teat of the holy 

OriftV(rj<(tet/ one who '.derides' or 
^% the holy Scripture. : 

Wfbf%b<r, @^rffwrf<nf(ber,. • 

"" of wttllhgs. ^,. 

ifaffCf/ the author of a wrTfiQg. 



6<f^ri06tll# i>9rh. reg. aeh to fmart^ caud 
an itching pain in ^e Ikin. gfoe ftif 

f$<^^unt)c f(trinect, i^mtntt • f r^ 

woudd fmaVts. 

ber <5*rftt, M -ti, pUrl M< -t/DimU 

nut. tai e^tittAtn*, &i>rittlm, from 
the verb fcbrcitcn. i. A ftep, pace or 

firide. (Brog'e @(^rirte tinn, to go a 

great pace, to go at a good rate, to 
w^k at a great rate. (Snge, (uru |inb 

fief4»lt}be @<^irr( tbuni to trip it, to 

trip #long, to go fall and bv little Heps, 
or with Ibort and thick iteps. f an0C 

ed^tittz t(^un, oBc e<britte iWtn, to 

go a flow pace, to go ilately on, to 
itride It , to count every llep or ilride. 

eUid>in @(brltt mf t tinm balten r cbcn 

fo gcfCblOlnbC gCbCn ali tt, to keep pace 
with one. fStit fitncflco e(!^titttn, with 

et, with haliy Xieps. ^U (angfamco 
rltten, with flow Heps. ©<br(tt Wf 
ritt / ftep by itep , ftep after Itep/ 

Figurativelj. !Dcn crKeti @^t(tt in cW 

net @ad)( t^un r to make the advances 
or firil itep m an/a£fajr, to make thebe- 
giiining or the firll propofals. Statin ti 

3bncn Unn faucr iverbCD / ben atoeptcn 
ecOrUtfu tpun/ locnn elo fDlkbreicb^ 
Saeer f^on btn erftcn getban bar? 2tff. 

a. As a lone meafure, particularly as a 
meafure of land, a pace* a Aep. (Se ii 

nur iDoniig @(brim i^bo bi^r babin. It 

ii but twenty paces or Aeps from heneo 
thither. @ecb< @^tHtt lang# £x pa<p^s 
long. (Ii ift nur einei ®0ritt bavoiy 
*tis but a ilride or (tep from thence. 

©ec gcometrif(bc 6<britt b«t 5 gu*/ the 

feometrical pace is a meafure of 5 feetw 
^iguraUvefy of a fltortdiAance.both of 
(pace and lime. S^ tft nur Sin @<brirt 
imtMco mir unb bctn {0b</ there is bnc 
a fiep between me and death, r. $am. 

3ff ti toaU, bai von bcr 3rcunb# 
nur gin ®d)riet «ur titbt Ift? 

_. moft ufual marmer of going, op- 

pofed to running. Has no plural. J)er 
©Atltt Cine* ^(txM, the pace or na- 
cing of a horfe. (Sin Vfcrb# |0 btO 
gcbritt g<(>Ct, a pacing -horfe. Lai 

Sferb g^t <<n<n guten/ or fanften 

©0ritt# the horfe £oes very eaff. So< 

tPffrb gcbt tinea mfm @^titt, the 

horfe goes a great pace , he goes at a 

great Mie. 2>ai ?Jferb^ bot cinen fcf en 

. ©Cbritt^ the horle trots freely.-^ Qai 

»f«b bot -eincn fcbtocwn or (wrjm 

@4)ritt# iHe horfe trots hard. SiniSeU 
tcrf*ritt/ «n ambling -pace. 

Cftrnwngl, -'^t). fibreitenb - mttf 
wcifc — im ^o<!»Hm, fl^P by ftep, Hep 

vHfter ft«p} ftridhrg, pacing, going a 
pace or an sfhiWe. *?kbri^tUnfld reftcn^ 
to n(Urf^aam^. to beflr^e a horfe, 
larfrfe'<Aihbrle.Wkwiih one leg ()n 

Kr ^(rrtiiW^il^J^J^^* ' ' 

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Iff 6<|titt»a| 



'" " " ' making Ccan&cations ; the fcari^ing ifl 

in A fliallow brook or. wafer M &4ft»t, Ui^ti, piur, Mt-e> Dimii 

Ity meant, of which one may Aep of^r 
V without wetting one'a feet. 
tcr6*«HtjdMcr, M:if f^*"*- "« ^^' 

Jin^o a geometrical inUrament uCed in 

meafuring the way one hat made either 

on foot or in a carriage; tf IT 64)f fttm<f< 

fcf. ©fgemeffcr. ^ ' ^ ^ 

6*robtcn, V. Gd^rubbcn. ..^ 

(fe @c{)robe (am tu^c)^ the hft or edge 

of cloth. 
6*roff, -Ct^ -Cfe. ^dj. and ni^y. i) 

i(atl|^f rougl>> >^gg^d, uneven furface 

or fuperSdes ; V, gtau|^. gin fcl>rD#cr 

$Q(g, a rough* rugged or uneven way 

or road. 05>wff< gClffll/' rough or rug- 
^ged rockt. a) 3tftc, fteW/ ftcep, inac 

ceifible, molt commonly of mountaina 

and rockt. @4>r0f€ ^t%t, fteep moun- 

taint. @()>rofe gelfcn, fteep rockt. 

9^o4> r^CM i4 ni4t gaoir oU f<b mfcf^ 
ouf dnmol on bem f«r6ff#tn Xi^ctk tel 
^<trccfltdjftcti Selfen fa|)C, Self. ^ ,,_ 

JR ®Ct)ro(fC/ « precipice, a iteep rock or Mc 64)rotajrt / ^/«r, 
the iteep iide of, a rock, a cliff, a rock. cleaver^t 

Forellert, the block, trunk, ^m < 
bo^y of a tree. a. Among IdiAei 
^i^tpto @4)rotnKrf/ fquared timbc 
fquare timber-work. 3. In Mints, 9)|flni 

von gittem B^^t unb jtotn ^ two red 

tern 9c(^a(t^ coin of due weight «« 
allay « coin' duly fixed and allayed, 
due.intrinlical value. 4. ^| 6{(rO 
imall - Ihot, hail - £hot. ^oc ^^^ M 
6(^rot lObcn^^ to charge a gun wi 
fmall-ihot or haiUIhot. ftjt 6<^ 
f4)(C§cn, to Ihoot with hail -(hou i)t< 

S«Qte.f4»Uftbl€6cbrote6rner cngc/ tfa 

^un Ihoott or carriet fmalUmot c!of< 
It don^t Icatter. 5. Corn coarfly groui 
or br^ifed ; groats, rough ground cor 

!D(e 64^mcfne mit 60roc mdHen, to U 

ten the hogt with groau. %tt%tia{6l>t% 
barley -groati. ^abCrfcOrot or SMi 
ajAje; oatmeal- groatt.' 6(feC0t fd 
9)iCb/ meflin, mixed com for cattl 

6.JBad abgcfArotct iS^ ihredt. 

bU - djfte^ a woo 


i) A leather bag to ke< 
hail-Ihot in,^« ihot-bag. aj I54>t( 
fOCff A fack with coarfe ground or on 
fed barley, a groatt-bck. 
Mc 6d>rocbilcbfC/ /'/«^- bit -0/ a rlQed gl 
for Ihootiug game with Ihot. 

^ Wc ©*rof!i)C(t/ plwr.inuf. the Itate of a bcr Sc^rotbcUtCl 
, thing being rough, rqg^ed or iteep. 
^r @(bro{fi)obeI , ©cbruflf^obel, a chair- 

maker*a plane ufed in rough-hewing. 
6(brof|id, ^dj> and aii^. rough, uneven, 

itaep, (harp, fcabrout. 

Wc6*ro!lc. I) A clod; V.gcJoITc. a)IDle b<r ©cbrotbunien , «*fottn<<fef# « pu 

Ccl^rofle, a fit of madnela or 'doting; cheon, a chilel ufed by Goldlimiht 
alfo a fit of ill -humour. cutting a thing off. > 

He €4)rt|ife/ f»/«r. ble -n, the cutting off )a< G^^roteifen, bi5 - 1/ pl»r. nt mo\ 

the topt of green wheat, when it growt fi^* ^ chifel, any tool to cdt witj 

too rank. , alfo a Ilioe - maker** cutting* koife; 

^(bth^^VX f verb. reg. met. i) 8B<{$cn butcher> cleaver etc. 

f4^r6pf<n# in Uusbandrv, to cut off the S^^rotcn, verb, reg. act. except, that 

tops of green wheats wneh it growt too 
' rank, a) fRidcO/ to open a little wiili 
a (harp pointed initrumeot, but only in 
Come cafet. In Cookery. Kepftl fd^rb' 
pftn» to ilew apples, it is moft com- 
monfy ufed of cupping or bleeding a 
perfon. ©^rboffjpfe ouffeBcn, to cup, 
to apply cupping glaffet. «d> ftbrbpfcn 

JQiren, to get ofie^t felf cupped , to have 
Q|ne Clipping -jglaffet applied. Fign^ 
raUvety, Sfemanbtn f^rbpfen, to deprive 
or cheat one of hit money, ^er ^Urtf> 
(((tbpft fefne ®d(e# the land -lord or 
inn- keeper e]iM% upon his gueitt, he 
fleecet ttiem. 

^< 6<(rbpfctt/ Me e(irbpftttl4' fcarifyiag 
or cupping, fcarification, die a^ of ap* 

' Plilnff cupping. glaffet, ^ . 

ber ecptbpfropf. ht$ "U, piur. ble •(bpfe/ 

a cupping -glala; £o«opf, , 

bte ©(Jfbpfiqinpe/ a cuppm^rlaM. 
ber@<>rbpf?*ntoper,ifl* «$if4pf3fe»^«e 

hat in the P^uttcipie iff((roteil# vvhi 
it better than gefd)retet. i. To grij 
coarfely, to bruife, to rough -grid 
Xora f^Mtn, to bruife corn (not 

bolt it), inali ft^eteft or §g9% mi 

Un, to grind malt, •trie jiArotCII / 
bruife, to rough -grind barley« 9ei 

fbtottn, •raupcn ma^eo, to peel bi 
ley. OleK^rotine Qolnes/ fpUt or rp 

ted oeant. a. To part or divide. ^ 

nen Saum in ^t^etMt f((ro(eQ# 

cut a tree into two pieces. 9tt 

tinb SieUii [Amtn, to iUe or an 

boardt. In Mintt. {Me tKAfUHf 9M 
ddcfe rc^OtCQ , to iiae or cut the blai 
or pieces for coining. ObCattQ fd>ni 
Oltr Otllf(brotnt / to flired or unlh^ 
wafert to feai lettert with* J. CcMebi 
mtfiicn^ to roll, to let down. (Bs % 

eier tber tBelii in ben Jjelef . f4>to« 

to roll or let down a oalk of over 
wine into the cellar. 

jftletC/ a lancet, afcarifier, a Suji^n*s bal .@<(roteQ. i. The act of bmitiog 
wtninicnt olod in n t ^ i s^fi ^ (ciirific^tioni. jtoagli * lading com etc. i Y* th« v« 

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i.lM VUf^Hn HnH Mki ln,ffmn Mmg or caulsf Urge treet and Urgm 
Jthfi the letting down of « calk of pieces of wood* ^ 

wioe or beer into a cellar. M( e^tttf^ttt, plur. Me-n; large fhean 

itr6«r>tff. tC#-*/ /»/^. nt nam. fmf. «f^> cutting iard wd lirge tTiinp. 
i.90< Mwtdfni, a tool ufed in 6«t 6*rotf*»€fll . a linal! hog and not 
Iwwbcorcnttiog, a cntting chilei nfed . ^^2 "'Z- *^^ed for the kitchen. 
byCaipeotert and other*. a.2>cr64r(# ^ 64)fOtW(/ W -U, piur. hit-t, < 
»/ aMme for the Horn-beetle, a very f<»P* «wd m letting down large calkt 
hf^tfori of fly or beetle, ©tf eaQm« . ""i? » f«"y- , „ , , 

flMmi the Hornet, the large Horn- >Cr«*rotiaW/ the fteel or iron ufed by 

dHta-bomed Beetle. 3. ©er Wttm0 N< C^roJlM A 5cl - b, /^/Hr. Mc-f. I) Any 
Artttr/ an Afliser in Mints. 4. ©cf P!*^' 'J** la cut or lawed off. a) A large 
8r(lltlkr9(arMr&eeri a witie or beer- P«c« of cannon, fhboting 48 pound* of 
pomr; one who lets down wine or iroir and is 8i or 9J calibara lona. 
Ur.cslb into a cellar. . WC 6*f0t»0ie^ P^i^r.^C-n, a level, ft 

Nr«Mftrm, a mould or form nfed in f """"^ ^ piuinV. rule ; «(c9tmi|C, @C|i 
c^g ihot or j^, l^rohOftf , a name for the timber- 

krMwtittaa, a pair of ftones m a miU work |n Mines, where large pieces of 
Bddmrougb-gnnding or bruifing bar- trees are ufed, fquare timber- work. 

i-?42" f f'f 1. a- c tu ^^^ e*ratiittrm/ V. frtgrWe; alio a n«, 

til f^mititn, the cafiing of Ihot, ae for the large Horn-beefie. 

jiiU-ibot. .1. . . N*6*fPt|cu§ltttenfflriln»en, thofetooli 

Kl Miorlailliner/ a hammer, that cutt or inftrumems ufed m Mints in iizinff or 
wnb one end and Itfikes with Uie cutting the blanks or pieces for coininr. 
oiber, a cutting-chifel in the form of a e<>rubti<lll, ver^. reg. act. to card wool 
™"*i , , , between two combs. 

krWrotfteW. among Joiners, a plane, eAruebCtI, verb. reg. aci. to IbVnb; V. 
wbofe blade has a roundifh edge to Ccbcocm*' 
Toojh- plane wijh, a large plane. ^^T ©cbrubJc^ a worn out broom nfed lA 

Mmif, a4j. and adv. gefcttetet/ OHt^ fcri^bting or fcouring floors; a fcrub. 
S^JS^.J^*^', fiacd,ailucd or fitted, j^^ 6*rympf, hH -U, piur. Me -C, th« 
lfiltttltlicr,»lcrf(|)r6HgCr«Crr/ a fquare ftate of a body's crumpling, flirivelin/r. 
flioiildered man , a very ttrong man, a wrinkling; has no plural. It is only 
iwo^nded fellow. ufed in the compound word ftvuAU 

te IfrotflW^^ibe coarfe bran of groau. fcjnimpf, which fee. Likewife a wrinUo 

Wairotfom^ M '€$,^ K^^Pf «c. in popular language ©(fcrtimpeL 
tmiidtn, rough -ground or bruiFed •,,. fitApt,mti/w fitA.-JM.r . t, 

u^z^^i^ •• 4 "S"' ®*r '^T'jr- "r uSJrti^if f vTunW"*"^ 

W 64rot(eiter/ W«/-. Me - tl/ a large lad- ^.^L' ^, ' wuhs^mi. 

der efed in letting down large wine or 6*nunpfen/ verb, reg. neutr. with rC90# 

W-pilks into a cellar. to crumple, Ihrivel or wrinkle, to be- 

tee^Wtlhlg, M - e*, p/«r. b(e - C, a «<>««« r*I"P'2?i «W>P'«^' ihriteUed or 

pUnchet, hfank, plate or piece of me- Jf^nWed. 6^rampfm,.CinlOUfen, M . 

ul ready to be iUmped on or coined. !«<*/ ^ V^*^ '^ ^I^'* V **^ «'^^ ^'* 

-STSe ioarfe lAeal if peeled wheat. f^^^^ ^^"»">^i V. «lnf«rttmpfni, Sl|S 

fe6<Jrrt»eiW, 6*wt#aW, a cbifel; Jfli«»<nf*rumpfett* 

, V e^wttenfen. 6*riimp(lg, -er, -fc^ .«^/r .M a^. 

Ml 6<|r0tlild{illg / yellow braCi in final! rumpled, flinvelled, wnnkled, lhrunk|' 
fi^cet, broken brafs ; tflfo the waAings, in popular language fcf^rtHnpeKg. 
%i«V. fileduft of brafs. , . , Me &^tmU, plur. Me -n, Diminut, tai 

IMWWWUO a fiae, a mould, mnhich ©Arflllft^en, ♦ ®d|)rfloMef H / a word 
iBot IS call. feldom uled in good German , a chap, 

K^toCnA^e, a faill, in which corn i^ cleft, crack, chink, flaw or creVice, a , 
isa^-ground or broifed* gap , gaping or burft. 6c6ron^^n atl 

iBAHiefatf/ a bag filled with pape- ^ifltbeo atlb gdfen l»on,4d(te/ chaps on > 
w, £niir pieces of iron etc. ufed in one's l^ands and feet canfed by the 
c^upflg cannona on board of a man of frolt. 

»«, ttd in fhooting at the tackling of C^tnnUtl, verb. reg. except thai it has 
t^ebemjB fhip; alfo a lack filled with in the ParUciple not ger<6rUnter, but 
<B«lsaMtl; y.€<(rotbC«tC(# « groats- gef(bClin^en. it is a verb neuter and 
lick. takes fcon, to chap» gape, crack, chin^, 

^f^fnmtf Phff. Me -n, a large (aw Jplit or burft (feldota iired> 

«Mbj carpaatfr^ loinm andotCert ia 69rUQM8# ^4c Aftd aivi Sefd^O^OI/ 

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chapped wild cold. Mfttobtfle tippttif 
Hpt rut or chapped by tne wind. - 

. Icom the verb fdjlrhcn , a pu»h , thruft, 
Ihova ; tifo the itf t of giving a pwlb or 
/ihruft. O 61>Ubf a call or throw at 
filne-pins. 2)cn <rtcn @d>ub t^un/ to 
have the firft throw or caH. «) X>«t 
©Chub Der Sdhiflt^ Ae breeding of tcetb, 
the pufliiiig out of the teeth. 3) Among 
Bakers dn ®d)Ub ®r»t etc. is at much 
bread etc. at it put into the oven at 
one time. 4) 2)(r ©((ub bti tutliUn 
tf^Uti an ben ^doiiicn fm gdlbjabre. tho 
Ihootiag of the young branches of 
trees in rprin|r. ^ 5} ^fn ^u^ J^(ge(/ a 
fet bf nine- pins. 

ta* ^C^)Obble<^f «« iron -plate, with which 
the nnouth of an oTen is Ihut. 

i^^ ©dJUbtoScr, a window, which is ope- 
ned and fliut by means of a groove. 

©^iib«fd) or ©djicbif*, adj. and adv. 
among Miners for abb^nfttg , declivous, 
leaning or bending downward. 

be? (^djUbfdmcri * wheel -barrow-man. 

ter iS<bub(orrcii , ©cbubforii/ * wheel- 
barr<i^fir.k V. ©Afebtfaifcn 

>er ©d)ubra<lcn , be< - 6 piar, ut nom. 
)!/»gii Z>/ini7B. b<U @<|)ubMftdxn, * ©cbub^ 

(tf»ndn, a drawer; bic 6<bub(abe. 
tie @4^UbIab<# /r/Mr.bie-ll/ Dimlnul, hai 

©ibUbldbd^en/ V. the preceding word, 

Ukewife tabe. 
>eevrcbAblCn« or©<Mebnngr M -ti, phr. 

bic - e » A thing , which is ihoved m or 

upon another thing. 
ba^ ^d)Ublo<b the mouth of an oven ' a 

hole in an oven or furnace, through, 

which the wood fs Ihoved on the Bre- 

ter <$Cl>Ubo(bl/ an ox, that carries the yoke 

OD its fore-head. 
bee #<bttbHeAeL be#-l^ plar. ut nom. 

JiMg, a bolt for a door;* alio a fnacket. 

Ux ^*iib»arf, bU^th pit^* bit • fdcfe/ a 
pocKet or fbb. it is aifo called @(^ieb^ 

Me©<bab»oiib/ bai %tWf!bt, the part 

of a mineral vein, which has been remo- 
ved by the water; V. Ckf^lebe. 
CkbA4tern# -e?/ -fe* adj. and adv. fliy, 
feariul, tiosorous, balhful, alhamed» dis« 

tmfting. ein fd^A(btenie< CR4bdbeii> a 
coy or (hy girL tin ^M^ttnti, fcbeuel 

mmb, « fi»y, a ikiitiih horle. gfnfdft** 

ternc? flieofCb/ a balbfui, timid or timo« 

rona man. 
tic ^^ikcttetnteit/ p^ur. inuf. fliyrtefs. 

timorousnefji or timidity, fearfuinefs* 

^Ctotfein, verh. r0g» ati. to fluke or 

jog; V. ©tbaucfelQ. 
©cbttfr V. ©ctmffen. 
tie ©4llfft , a vefliel with a long handle 

to it, iifed by Brewers, Soap-boUers etc. 

.... - *v "^^ 

language, a tatter, de-malton, a raggs 
muffin, a beggarly, mean or bafe fellovi 
6<Mftcn, (eine (BA^fe,)' to make a fhal 
for a gun; V. ©(bdfteo. 

ter ©(tufut, or 6<bubut> Ui-ti, pi"' 

bit - 1, in populaj language, a name fo 
the large owl, madge-nowiet, or fcreedi 
owl; V. UbU. 
ber @<bnt/ M -tif pi»r. bk -t, DimUi 

bol ©<tAtd>en m low language @«1)i] 
d^eUbeil. t* In the mott ulual ligntfic4 
tioo ber ©itttt '* * fhoe. i) A cover io 
the foot. €tQ Ikiar ©(tUte^ a pair < 

ihoes. itbttnt, itagene ©<tute tc. les 

ther» ftulF- fhoes etc. gU|f<^)^c, fhoc 
made of felt. ^ol|f0Qt^ , woode 

fhoes. umgemaabte ^ctube, pumpt 
2>ie @d)Obe anMeben, oulMet^n , to pu 

on , to poll ofip one*s Ihoes. ({in $a(] 

©<bube bco ^(m ©(builer bcfeOenf 1 
befpeak a pair of fhoes. ^bUertlC fBv 
tericbube mit gifen befd>lajicn, pattern 

a kind of wooden fhoes with iron - riD| 
at the bottom, worn under fhe coraroo 
fhoes by women to keep them out c 
the dirt and wet. 9ul ben Jtlltberfd)! 
ben getrereo fei^n, in popular languaa 

bit tinberr(t«te ou^^etretcn ^ktn Hi 
Sinb tnetr feijn , to be paft the fpooi 
^at b<iiht id) (dnaff 4in ben ©cbuten sci 

riflfen^ that's what I have known thi 
eood while, or what I have forgone 
foiig ago. Cincr well ni*t/ iro ben an 
bcm bef ©Cbub brWt, none knows < 
well where the fhoe pmches, *a he thi 
wears it. da, ba bttdt Ufii btT&^U\ 
that grieves or afflicts us, givee us greJ 
pain -or trouble , that fails us. ^inei 

bit ©(tube am^treten,^ to fuoplam < 

undermine one, to trip up lus hrelj 

3emanbeQ ermal tn bii; ©cbube futid 

t6 Ctm ©*ttlb %thtn, to lay a thing t 
one*s charge, to charge him witl» it, t 
impute the fault to him. tflao (afl 

tiictt alle ©(tut( fiber einen feiten M»N 
gen / cv^^t ^®* ^ts not every foo 
9) It ii alfo very frequently ufed as 
long meafure, and then it is of ti| 
fame fienifrcation as Jut, a foot , v/stj 

feet. i{n ©<ttit/ ^tis or fSerMftol 

a foot, a geometrical foot conuinin 
twelve inches. ©e(t^ ©(tOt OMite 
cine SUiftttf Hx feet make a fisthoii 
a. ©dl^ot / i* alio A name for the iro^ 
with which a pole, a halberd, a pile et< 
are fumifhed at the bottom to preCen 
them, ©(but/ ^ likewife a name f< 
the toe of a horlVs, deer^s or of aii 
other animars foot. ^Ol i^CfcbA^ bi 
JfalfeU/ the bewfts or the leadiMV, wit 
bells buttoned on the lega of m laict^ 
ot hawk. 

tie ©((^utQbfe, ©<^tlf[efOt(C# an awl, 
fhoemaker*s awl. 

in fcoopiui 

bet ©ctn 


ft, M 

bit ©Aubbdnber/ fhoe- firings. 
t§, piur. bit -tf in low tft ©^OpbOllf/ a* flipemakerV fbop ; 


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a c*nftd pltce or ibU» ,ir«liere tkanw 
lu't CbU their Cboet. 

W MoHlatt. eituMefter, OUtUhct, 

tb* Bpper leaithtr of a fhoa. 

lie 6telboC||<Q, hoj^s briiUei nfad by 

IkS^biltlCf A fboe-brufb. 

|(r64ruk^rat^/ |lc(|)brat^, a fhoenukcr't 

0to)(8 r tP#r^. rpg» act. to furnirh or 
pnmda wkh rho«3 » to (hoe ; in which 
tule omij ihe ParticipU ^tf^nf^ttf iliod, 
fosMtixDes occurs* CMfUf AC^Ot fcilien 

3tlMert, Nf fie ^Upnbn jam foftien, 

Cbcift commaaaed his difcipies to be 
Oiod with DmdiU , Mark 6, 9. 

jSm. a cobbler « a mender of fhoes* 

\ne^nVMu, « (hoe- clout. 

64uM^ ^*> «nd adv, a word ufed only 
ia coapoUtioo; a« |ioeof(tub<i f ^tW 
f^tiH%t o( two or three feet ; of two 
or tbree &et long or broad. 

Nr6itnblii((t»t/ M-ti, plur. Me-c^ 4 

jottfiiejfaian fhoemaker. 
Icr €kNMa{f en^ « fhoe-cUut. 
^6(^i4tafi;^8/ or eleven/ tl^ flaps of 

toSMfcifm, afhoemaker*s lalL 
^9i^fi\fm^t, M-i, ppfT. ut nom. 

JMf. /Win. Me edm^ma^Krinn^ a 

(luMmaker; ^r 6<tofier. 
tlJ 6<ta^tta((cr|KUi^lDef t ^ fhoemaker^f 

trtde. , 

N(6<M«t(lKritUlft/ the g^Ud or com. 

pioy of fhoemakert. 
krSkks^lBartt, the fhoe>roarket. 
M 6<WWWt# t^0 ^^» <^ (hoemaker*t 

^ ^OlOflM/ A* fhoemakc^'s large 

^MoltMid or^mc<te^ a fhoemaker's 

naih (panow- bills, pegs for the heels 

of (hoes. 
>k €Mnaftt/ the welt of a fhoe* the 

fittch or r«am of a fhoe. 
)k€(|ii|pa>pe. @d>ti#cr|MPDC,, ^<r@4u()^ 

(idtar/ a (hoemaker^s palte. 
M6<(||IHK^ ffaoemaker's pitch, 
He @(ta9P{ladt , a fmall oail without a 

Wad for fboH ; a fhoemaker's peg to 

fiften the hetU of (hoes with. 
)<tMiitf||»<t, a p^g for a fhoe. 
^ ^tl&pfdCISCf A fhoemaker*s punch. 
Nr^0toO9er, a fhoe- black, one who 

deaas rbo<^ 
in6(bl(r[c]||(n, a fhoe-ftrjip; alfo the 

Ulchet ot a fhoe. 
^^iftv^lffellicrr, greafe or blacking (or 

Hiflai, Oioe-froear. 
^^^tAQOle/ a fhocbuqUe. 
lit6<iu^lo4r|(^ blacking, blacking for 

Hioes, fhoemakier's ink. 
^^<bibfttbk. J.nioe.fole. . 
W^6(bB^W(K^I , fhoe- wax, a blacking- 

'wl for bUckeoing (hoeafand boots. 



Me 6(Nlll«M<bf ^olf - nttlt, fparrow- 
bills; pegs for the heels of fhoes. 

M @<bu(aml:. HI -e^/ ^/ff^** Mr -4mttr» 
x) A fchooK mafier*s place, the dffico 

, of a preceptor, a) A board or of&co 
^ar the adminiihration of the revenuee 
appropriated for maintaining or luppor- 
ting Ichools. 

We ^^bui«rlelt > the work or bttlmefs of 
the Lchopl, fphool-work. 

bcr ScbllUlUffe^erf the infpector of ft 

Me @<Ml(^Alb# the forms in a fchool. 

ber @(t>u(bube, 64^ttUoate# « fchool- bpy, 

a fcholar. ^ 

bol ^(tuibttcb^ bel -el, plur\ Me - M(ber/ 

hooka ufe4 in fdbooU. 
Me 64Utlt. fl^r. bU -m. i. A fault, of- 
fence, gbilt, crime, iinr wrong. 9U 

nem etwal @4ttlb ac^^/ .<<> tax or 

charge oqe with a guilt or crime , lay it 
to his charge, charge it or lay the fault 
upon him. ^ x^txtt IMo Mc @d>Vlb 
ni0t bevmeffitQ^ I fh«ll not lay the crime 
to his charge , 1 Ihall not impute it^o 
him. 3be fcpb 64ulb baWB, 'tis your 
fault, you are in the faulu ^4^ bin Qtifit 
©cMiiD Mirdti/ fonberti Ibr, 'tw your fault ^ 

an4 not mine, I am not th^ caufe of 

it, bnt yon. 9f (ie xA,M fe(ber @<ttt(b, 
ivenn mfr efnlBert im SartK etitftfNt? 
®eflL' Me6<Mifb auf eineii anbern fibte# 

ben / to throw all the blame upon ano- 
ther, ^^ib bdben » to be in the fault 
or in thei wrong, ffier Mit Me 0(t>Ul5t 
who is in the fault? who is to blame? 
ei 4ft feiae 6<f»ii(b, bie @<bu(b Ifcgt at 
H>in, er bat ®<bu(b^ '<>• Ws fault, 'tis 

hfi that is the caufe of it. Jd) muf 

mefne 6d)ull 6efennen , 1 mud own my 

. fault, or I nmd conlefs that I. am gutltv 

■ 01^ to the wrong, a. A debt, that which 

one pertbn owes to another, where of 

federal fuch fums of money the plural 

is alfo ufual. 6eiQe ^6(bulben be^bUn, 

to- pay ooe*s debts. Ctnettl bie CdHlff 
ben eriafTetl/ to remit one's debts. 

6(bu(beQ mocbeh/ in @dlwlben geroffien/ 

to conuact debts, to run into debt. 

^ulben ^ben, to be in debt. Sfd^ bin 
wi^ in euref ®(bu» , I am ftill lome- 

thing in your debt. S5il flbeff bie DM^en 
In €M>tt(bettfe(teO/ to be in debt over 
head and ears, to be deeply in debt. 

(Sine^4>n!b elntreiben, einforbern^ to 

call in a debt , to collect debts. @eine 

Ccboiben oi<{^t beiaMen Mnhen, to be 

in(ol«%nt, to be .unable to pay ones 
debts. SorO0f mad^t 6dl^lltb. promire 

, puuadeot, duty or obligation upon you. 
Jtieinc @<btaben , fd|i|»erf(bu(ben, flippy 
fdbulbfllf driblets, (mall or tricing fums 
of money owing. «ttlfie|enbe ^oU 
beo# acuve debu^ ^afpofcbulben / ^U 
ntatf^te @<bttftea^ contracted debts, paf- 

"^JitQ debts. 

♦w SAnCbMcf ^ b^l-fly fi^r. bic-e, • 

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-promiSoTjtkOte, to obligatioii , t note/ 

• paper giren, wherein a debt it acknow- 

. -lodged and promifed to bo paid; COM 

l$$ed>nmn^, M^ti, pimr. Me -»&^# 

a book of accouBU, a inercbant*8 book, 
wherein every one of hit debtora liaa a 
particular account. ^ 

Mc @<(tt(beill0ft# a charge or burden of 

aebta. Cittc grotc 6<^ulbeii(a# ottf bcm 

j^aCfC bdbCII/ to be deeply in debt, to 
be in debt over head and ears. 

to 64o(tcnina4er^ a contracter of debu, 
one who runt into debt. 

*tC ©(JottfortCWOfi/ *n aclife debt, a de- 

CAttlbfrCP f ^dj, and adv, having no 
d^ts , beink not indebted or being not 
in debt; alio innocent, aniltleCs, not 
guilty, fauhleft, inculpable. 

Ue 6cb0lbgcM(r, doty, obligation, be- 

e^nVwkm%f V. Qff^ttrbHimig. 

>tr ^a(tgcnof / • confort of a debt, a 
codeotor, a debtor in folido. 

Mc-cn^ hia wife, tie 6(tulbM<Jin# 

0<(uC|lnil/ he that exercttea the jufis* 
diction or legal authority in a place » if 
prclident in a court of juflice, and admi- 
• Biflers juilice, a judge or bailift; parti- 
cularly a fort of magiiirate or officer of 
juJlice in villages. 

ter 9^vXWn, M-n, pitr. tu -en. 


ttinith. . Oet II M %VaHtni ffeti< 

'fd>tl(tfd t he Ihali be in danger of hi 
£re, Matth. 5> as* 3) Obliged ot boul 
to do foine^ing by virtue of, or u 
account ol one'a onty. ^(^tbfg |( 
to DO obliged or ^ound, to have 
obligation. 2>tl bf| ^nW% , nM |tl 
|^or$en/ thou art bound to obey 

^emanbeii Oe^orfam \f^nW% frvn 

owe obedience to one. Sioeilt h\t f 

blge etre (emeffen / to give one bit 
honour. f^A ^t , mo< 14 V^W% bH 
I do what I ought to do; 1 do nay duti 

ettttf vM fbr (0 i%m (<bii(blf m 

IKr)>|lf<(tet feOb, do what youarebounc 
beholden or obliged to do. 3f4) Ml bC| 
(eincdwegC^ fAufbfg fO t^^ lam in n 
wife bound JO do it. 4) In tbo moi 
limited fenfe, indebted, owing. ^ 

manben le^n nalft Mufbfg fcon/ t 

owe one , of to be indebted to ono te 

dollars. ®e|of)ie, mal bQ fctMilHd bil 

pay what thou owell or what thou ai 
indebted, or pay thy debtt. Likewil 

abfolutely. 3<iitanbeii fcbvlbfg ftpn / t 

be indebted to one, and i\jM more ui 
determined, fcboCbig fe9tl# Vfel f<^(bi 

fcen, vfele 64)ttlben ^aben^ to be it 

debted or to be in debt , to be much i 
debt, to owe much. la/the moft extei 
live fenfe it often faid, iemaoben eit 

SnriDort/ einei^»(l(c|»eeit}c.f4^aC^I§ bU 

(en / to make no return. 

ecbalbfgen/ V. eef^ulbfien; 

who ia moll commonly called btr ®Mo^ «ber G6tllbfger# M "i t f/*'^- "^t non 

Wger/ a creditor. ^. „ 

tef64>tt(Mfncr, a fchool -mailer, teacher ^c 64^lllbi«felt , W«r. ble -eil/ 

or uiher at a febooL "* ' ^ i*- <•- j.-- 

fter 6*u(blen(l/ M -el, p/«r. bfe -t, V. 


€<^lbU/ ^dj, and tfiin. culpable, guiit]^, 
who has committed fome fault or en* 
me, faulty, in lault. i) Guilty, oppo- 
fed to innocent, jibfolutefy. ^fd^ \ij^\xU 
bCfl lOlfTefl / to know one't felf guilty or 

culpable. 6i4> aU f(^a(b(ji aogcbett/ to 

impeach, charge or accufe ooe*s felf. 
Hence ber fiHt^uCblde^ oppofed to the 
tlllf4W(bigCQ. Alfo with the addition of 
the thine, or of the lault, which ia ' 
then in the genitive, d^titi ^rbredXDl 
Wulbig ft^^n I to be guilty of a crime. 
The perion or things againlt which one 

coromita a crime or fin, takes the pre- ^ ^.-..„ 

pofition an, but it only occurs in the Me '(SAufl^eUtC / ^e^tort. 

Gerraan Bible. ^^ btO fd)U(Mg on ^U @(f)U(b(ol/ -er, •efle/ •dj. and od'^. 

fen Geelcn belnel Soterl j^aufcl^ I have nocent, guiltlefs, Eaultlefa, exatnipt 

eccafioned the death of all the perfona free fromwiny crime. 

of thy fathers houfe, i Sam. aa, 21. bit C^OtMaflAff tt r innocence. 

S>er ift fct^ulMft on bem fcfbe nnb Mule ber @(t»nlbnHiftn , M -H, pi^. 
M ^rrn# he fhftii be £uiity ol the body -mdnner, and G^mlMeute, a debt 

and bbod of the Lord, 1 Cor.' ti , 27. V. ^ibttlbncr. 

d) Obliged to fuffer puniChment on ac« 6())u(blTldf {0 , « iff . duly. 

count of a cnme committed » likewife bet @cbtt|bner, b(^ "if pimr,uim^m.Ji 

with -tho genitive of the punifhment; a Pcmin, ble 6<bulbner(nn ^ a debtor. 

lignificatioo for the noil part obfolete. bO^ @(|Hl(biiDfer/ be< -i, pimr, ut n 

1M fMU fdtfMg ft9B# to te gwlty <>f fifg' A IVespata-offetisg, «a •jqr« 

fing. V. 6d)ulbnef. 

le 64^iilbi«felt, W«r. ble -en, dot 

obligation, beholdingoefs , due'. 1} i 
an abllract and without a plural , d 
ty. ^i it melne e^tttbigfett, it 
my duty. Still oftoer, a) as a concrei 
eine Wf*tf duty, oWigaiion. (gtW 

aH eine @(biifblare!t ferbcm, to demai 

or require (oroething as a duty or obHg 

tion. 6t{ne 9(butbfgfeit beoNettc 

in Mt nebmcn , to obferve, perform 
do one*s duty or one*s devoir, to pi 
form oae*s part or obligation ; to coi 
ply with one's doty or to acquit on 
lelf of it. In popular language, it 
fometimes ufed in a more limited fei 
of a fum of -money, which one is 
debted to anotlier. Geine 6<^1llbi§l 
entrf(bten/r to pay his debt. 

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6<^l - «^t "9 

to ftHtttcgltct , • wi o. a«o» ^^^^^^ .^ ^^p^ ^ ^^ j,j g^j Ipjj ^ g, 

'%'^*f ...£>- for .d*t. or, |-ajjf,',ft^ 

Slf.r4iir»^t"J.T Wdyl^ other «.uon. h.v. bo 

iSJ^^S. anobWion, .note. ^„emtt, »*«:*'/'« V US A' 
;.ip«fBTeii, therein* debt i««cknow- " jr«„i„. Mf @*ajtrinn , • Ichool- boy, 
U»T aad prooifed to be p«id; btr fcbolw or disciple, one ^0 recewet w 
6MMHff , Wt Obtt8«H»n. . Ibuction from a, matter. > 

WTafchool. a honle or place, where «^*Jg{iis'or feholaftical. like a fchool- 

jtAm are difciplined and •«>""'«'!<' "* boy . like • fcholar , fchoUr-like. 

■ar Icience or art. fiinc totl£ ®*J''5» t^ lauhMetiKmti . feholarlhip . the eondi- 

(AatA% are alfo ionietimc8 called acade- dantry. . - « ^, *.. ku * 

S±Lttu*''S'-Vf«Sft^^^^^ ^'T^hoo^l^lWot'er^^^^ 

^3i^'vi;^«^^^ .-S;»S.tra2eU!£o;ip'^?rt"^ 

lr;:£tU?**!DU W%*«U J • fchool-fellp. . ««P««.n or co-. 

UmoI fflT cirU to learn to Icvr. 5)U rade at Ictiooi. ^ . , ^^ aa^^ 

kit fiaiience or hb obedience. ©It an ulher. ^ . ^. ^/^, rimt onlv 

iy.aplam.tion of young tree, to be r«^<>°> »' =^"'6'\ febolar. tAooUiM., 
irM»Uted to other wound, a. ^'?"- ««» ©An'S*'/'??' , Vn««tLdM- a hn- 
i;S25! n The a(f.«bly or meeting ' "?5 Ift^a^^ .rSbphe*. 
rfSIt.acber.nd fcholar.; ha. no plu- ^^*^±-£*'''°J"^.k,yTdh !nd adv. 

imitate art^ particnlarfy of painung, j^ttMtntt V*n t • ■Mi»e?« »-^» 

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^cr e*ttrtef«r « fchool-WJoi^ : |^ jM^CihittS, M -Mr. Wr- ^«^- *« 

MC @4ll(dC|dn(C, fcholawe diipntM. ^ rcbool orcollege-dult ; the pains aadt|i^ 

Uf^AnlMttt , M -1/ P^'^r, ttt fioi^. dUgttlla, which the employtnenu of ,tlM| 
Jlng. /^Ml/a. (b 6^U(^(e(rilin/ one fch^Qi give. , ^m @4)Ulitau6c fttttoi^ 
wha keeps an inferior private rcbool for ^ @(t>ttl8aul> xpxfdxiu^tn , to endure thei 
teaching children to read and write* paint, ^e lUaguils orthe unpleaaantoef* 

^i @<bu\iaui, the fchooUboufe, the of the fc)»oo). . . 

fchool , the hoiUe, wheri^-the Cchool ia ((e @(])Ulftu^/ * room , in which a rdioo][ 
held. is kept. / ^ 

itt ®<bU(6efr# SUctoe^ the rector of a Mc 6d)UlfuntCf t^e fchool-hpun 
fchool or college , tl^ head -mailer of a |>{e ®cbu(ter# ?/«''• 5ic - n f the (houldoTiJ 
Ickooi. the joint , ^hich joips the arm to th«] 

bet i64)tilf na^e , a fchool - boy. body, (gtxoai atif ten @4urtern lragcn#3 

CctUlt^^on^ /^ '^/* *°4 ^'''^* ^'^ pretends to carry a thing on the fhouldeis. ^Ht 

UK be lick or ill in order to avoid going €^UUtta lie^Cn / or ^UcfCQ , to Ihrp^ 

to fchooL or mrug pp o;ie's ihoulders; alfo tol 

(!C Ginltvanthtit f plur. tie -en; bit buckJe. yield, fiibmit* cringe, duck or | 

(6(tul(ran{()elt %<k\fZn, to pretend illneft crouch. Figuratively, in Fortificatlon«.| 

IQ order tp be dispenfed with going to ^ 6<|)0(tCr i« the epaule or the flanjd 

. fchool, or with any disagreeable bufinefs. of a ballion* 

^ « Id eioe Wcfe ©dDrfronfCcIt/ 'tie on- ^i 6*titterWti/ U^-ti, plur. Me -Cr 

)y a pretended illnel^ not to go to fchool. the Ihoulder-bone; V. QUbfclbCfn. S)U 

Ut ^WU\iXttf M -^i, plur. ut Tioia. G^uUerbcinc dRe< 9ferW/ themtb^ra 

Jtng. or bet ^ttMnanil , a, of a horle. 

Icho^l- diving, a profeflbr. ^r fft dn ba< Sd^U/tcrblatt b(l -Cd, plur. bfe *BCdU 

iUl<r 6<t>UlmOQa . be ip agfodfchool- tcr^ the (boulder^ blade ; LauScapula. 

nan , a good profeHor. 6d)tt(tcr{ft , adj. which is ul'ed only in 

bcr 6(^11 toiann , M - c< # plur^ We - mdo* compoGtion , breitfct^aUcrU » brosid- 

n<r, V. 6(tHlir<^rcr. . ftiouldercd. 

e(t)ii(iif4gi6 / <>«y* and 0i/ir. conformable ba^ ^d^oUrrfffTen ill eHi(r £utf({»<, the 

or agreesble to the doctrine or to the Ihoulder-. culhlon in a coach. 

difcipline of the fchool ; alfo fcholar^ @(|)U(tern / verh. rtg. act. to moulder. 

like, fcholailic. - ^AuUcrt ba^ (SCttC^r! ihoulder your 

hpt^^lmMtXi M -if plur. ut nam. musqueti 
^#. afch<>ol-naaer» Femin. bic$(bu(# bad @<6ttlteriU(f r ^® fhoulder- piece of a 

mcWtrlnn, a fchool -mlilreU, a fchool- Ibirt etc. V. fl((fe(tAcf or «(|^fcf|lccf. 

dame. ' . - . bCr@<bultrmiofc(, M -i, plur. ut nom. 

6((^llllll€iSerif<f| / ' od^*. ana adv, fchool- ^ngr* in Fortification, the angle o^ibo 

anallerly , pedantic ; magillral , magiiieo epauie of a bailion. 

dally, pr imperious; innperiously. Utt^vM%^^, ber@()^0(ie/ V. ber 6c{^lUb# 

Mc 6(^^Cor^nllPgr the difcipline of the (^ci|. 

fchool., ,the |awa» ordinance, ordering bit 6<(af tbrctogfC, the fcholaOical orfcho- 

or regulation of a fchool. laAic theolojnr or divinity, 

b&l Boalpferbff hti -ti, plur. bie -e, bic SdHllverbcfKtUnd/ the reform, there- 

a horfe in the manage, a horfe thoroujgh- formation of Cchools. 
•ly managed; ahoffe, Uiatis well*dreUed lit &^XiUttmQXXttt the Heward of a fchool 

or broke. or college , a provifor. 

Ut ^ni'Ot^U, hai 6(tu(tC*t/ the no- ba^ 6<buln)?feil, fcholaftic affairs, ftbool- 

viciate, novlcefhip. affairs, matters concerning a fchool. 

bet @4u(rector, the rector or head-mailer bic 6<l)llll0ifFenf(baft « hamane learning, li- 

of a public fchool. beral knowledge; humanity. 

bf<@<bU(rcbC/ adeclamatioR. an barangye ber 6(bUln)fQ # M -ti, plur. car. Audy, 

at a fchool »- either by the mailer or learning; fcbolarlhip. (gta Dudltl^ll 

fcholar, SDtuttcnvil if fo dut ali ein Centner 

ble @(bU(tegel/ a fcholadlc rule. 6(bu(m(Q/ an ounce pf Mother^pwit is 

ble tfcbutfacben/ fchool- matters or affairs. wc^rth a pound of learning. Z)aT CDtUttcr< 

bcr 6^ulf9(f ; fcineti @(bu(fac! auifd^tu ivis bcingt ieber auf bU SBkkti Ur 

ten to utter feme fcraps of latin. • 6<bufwi0 mirb bur4^ ^Si^tt Uuf gCgCe 

Uted^umul, M'i, plur. bit -fdttef/ ben, i^ageb. 

in the riding • Cchools » a kind offaddles bet @(buUe, be^ -n^ Femin. bfC ^i(|l(# 

for tbofe , who learn to ride. |inn ; V. S^ulbbeif • 

bcr ^4ni(rc|Uiitt Cine^ Vferbei, the pace a Me @d)Uj)tltbt, fchool. difcipline, ^ the 

.))ioj;f^, goes', i^ the manage, a regular pa- . difcipline of the fchool. 

ce« iSfi'^^^jcfi of a well-dre^ed or ma- bet G^ttmtnettOC^ f @Ube({o4), « P^^bry 

n<|0d \ff>i^ cook* 

bie 9<6tftf0MiAli« tl|o language of the ^r @<tQmincr^ the dawo, twUighx; V. 

fchool. 6#JmiiKr. 

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Mnqifii,«9 d^nHT eic. V.C^^bmtm Mmen^rtf^/ r4ni»Mnf}niii4, 9^/. and 

Nr 69005/ (td -e^/ piur, car^ tbe 9^- ^ajv. Icaly, in tfae form of Icidei. 
dorej dir| or fil^h 19 « common fewer; M SdHtpP^nklfi/. ibe Tcaly part of Um 
hesce {be coinpounds , b{< @(|)Unb0.rube/ Tem pie - bone. 

in tlie decent manner of fpeaklng tie Ut ^UP0tnfjJiA ^ btf,'t$, P fur. tit •ti 
8((ninbgrilbC/ a fiok or pit, into 'Which a Am with fcalesi a fcaly 6m, 

tbe fihb flpws togf ther ; iier ©ctnntfe^ td^ @^l»ihmbaat/ SaWroiU/ Toptk« 

|(r, i Tbm-tord or Gold - finder,* a wort. 

perfoo, wbo empties privi^ or iakes and Mt ®(blU>|KIUIII^/ a fbture orfeam ot tba 

ooonoB (ewera 0tc. Iri low language* fcall. • , , 

tt^fliieg, tbat i| of so afe or a worth- @<puppl(i)t/ -Cf/ -fC/ «4(^'.aQd 4»/^i;. fcA« 

ku tbbg U called in 4 contemptible ly • refembling fcalet. 

(ai«6(janb. &cbuppi0/ -er, -iC/ A<//*and 0^1;. furoi- 

6(|lQ(r flajed; V. @(i){n(cn. . ihed with fcalea, Ccaly, fcaled. (giit 

g^lfen, t»#r^. reg. ad. Y. @(^ppci|« fd)upp(0er Sa^f • fcalv or fcaled fi/h. a 
)(r6<NPf<1l/ V. ^^ppen. . filh with £calea» initeadof which &d)np$ 

ki^iupfit^n, • perfon^ fief , a move- ptn^fct) is more ufqal. ^Inc fci^uppigc 

ableiief, a fief for life. S^QUt t A fcabby or Ocaiy Ikio. . , 

ktSdun, M 'ti, -tr A blow, ^i e^UPPtl^Ut , the paagoiir?, phoUdo^ 

• dtlhag, firikiog againfi, a hit, Jinock, te , a' quadrupede, whofe Dcio it covered 

«W1. j«k. 3emaiid<Q dncn @((upp with fcalet. 

UkBtimanHn f^UPPCn^ to thruA one, tie C^nt, pl»r. inn/: from the verb f(^e# 

t» dalb or ma one rudely a^ainft fo- rcn. i) The fc( pf /hearing. 2X1^ 

B<diiAg. . ^<^r«i be? ^afC/ bie ecb^ffd^or, t^^a 

Ke6tefpe# piur. lit -n, Diminnt. M iheanog oFIhe^p. 2)ic @(bur ter^a# 

^PP^KQ/ *@i^AppU\n, A fcale, the {e r the firit of the fleece of thv Iheep, 

iinall flielU or crult, lying over etch D«ucer. ig* 4. IDie ®0lIfC^tir« the Ihra<« 

odicr, aod make the coau of filheiand ring of wool, a) The Hiearing of clothe 

ferpeou. 2>{e @({^Upp(n von tinmgat^ S) lo the figurative ienfe of the verb if 

pfrO/ the fcales of a carp. Tne dry -liid in popular ianguagt, bO^ nUKbt tSfl 

iciirf or fcab formed over a wound or nitl Q^ut, that ^uk$ me much aetd- 

rort, Ijkewife a cruil, that rifea on the . lefs uouble. . 

lloa in the form of fcalet , are called ber SAAtbOOIB / a high or lofty treer. 

@4app(n. 6(buppen aufm ^opfe, fcall Ui, ©c^Afeifen, tcoaUrake, or oven- - 

ti icirf on ono*a head. G^UPPeO iltl fork,; a poker, raktr. 

9tfd»U, tetter: 6(bilreny vef^. reg. act, X>ai ffeiier 

^e^Hm, afcoop, a wooden ihovel. ftW«n/" loliir the firpvHh %pokeretc. 

Ww ffctoe &i>iippt , • fcooper. «ttf In « ™ore exteofife iiinle, for ge iwr tn# 

fcic 6<^i0ft faffen , to Ihove up, fcoop mac^en, to make, light or kindle a fire, 

uplbmedung. FigurativeJy. 2>it64^Ap< ®^l^ fcf^ArCR beute teftl itUtt , we make 

K Mfunneii, to moet with a denial, re- no fire to day. 

fatal or repulfe. ' bCrScbflrCf/ one who llirt the fire in brew- 

im^tefi, acart*bovie, coach -honfe^ a houfet etc' 

M or covert; V. 6«oppen. ,. ^er 6*urf , ber ©rfnb , V. 6<torn 

fobftiattve6(*nppe. O To furnilh with « opening, wound, hole etc. i) Among 

^m which fcnfe ihe participle %ti Hunumen, a cut. €(nen©*ttrfmOCben, 

^PPJ for f(« rooft ufual. In , eincil6dmitt, to make a cut or incifton. 

HwiWiy afifure it called gcf<()jfppt, a) Among, Minert , an opening; alfo a 

ictled. when it u fomilhed with lemi- aitCAvery, the finding oit the opening 

Su yx^ "" *? ^*'"V ^P? ""^ *^* "™- ©n«« 6*»rf «>«rf«. fi* 

L^'''"'*r''i '^""iS!^*** eincnSif* ^inen ®(»urf einen d^ag tntmtn, to 

rV^i *^Jfl**;? ^ • to fcrape the qncover, to open a mute. 

^^Wcn/ver*.re^.4jcr. which It the fcblafteil/ to trench, uncover, open a 
"ttenfion of f*lrteil. gineil fcbappen, , mine, to ttOBch tho ground and fea^ch 
. Tn V ^^ ,^. one, to ihruft b»m ^^ft^ ^,i„, of ore. a)To fcrape or rake 
«§ahift romething, to thrult him from ^^ t^ pare or fiiave. einen ©atlg 
JOB, to Ibove l»mi. fMrkn, t& pare an allfty or walk in a 

^ 6<tlip|KQ # fcaliag ; alCb pvlhiog, gatden. 
Jnifting. aafliinf.a«wft ^C' M •dflrfefff 'fcirajpiog, raking; fclfo 

c^iP9tD# Is ber Xarte, fpadet at €49dt. . trymdai|g» paring, uncoveriog, «]len- 
2>Ft^ippeiM f« 6pabe«Hllig / ijif llii« *. ina « anaiB etc. . ; 

«^ fp*4a*» ber 6*ftrfer I be* • I # piur, ui i^m. /n^. 

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a trencli^ of grdund, a fikar; It f aaiw 

cber into or after. 
l<ki ^d>ikrf$<(b , * recoiDpeiire or rovraid 

for discovering a vein of ore. 
lee <3*flrftobcf , a Urge plane of tho joU 

ners ; V. &6ytMoUU 
©rf^Urfla / «^/- »niathf. fottify. Of ftsabbyj 

V. 6*ab«fl. .^ , 

ker 6ct>drftcttflf *» written "pemiillnn tor 

a Miner to trench the ground and Coardi 

after veins of ore. 
ttt @cf)^Kl)afco / A hook to iUr or rake'the 

fire with. 
hQi QdbMoUf wood for firing in glaCi- 
, houfes etc. 
Cd^Mfi / ^^h *"^ ^''*' which it nfed on- 

JjJn compoUtion, e(nf<(&rt0/ |mc9f4^ 

tt^, £99 thefe worda. 
64)inr|^<(nr v^r*. rrg. act. to vex, pla- 

gue and trouble one uonecefHirily. 
tcr 6*urec. Dc* -ii/ /»/«''. Of« -n, « ro- 

goe, rascal, villain, fcoundrel, ihar- 

per. knave, ihark, cheat. 
Wc edbftvUrtn, plur, lit -tn, Iharping, 

Aiarking; fcurvy^ knavifh or roguilh 

tricks; villany. 
6*ur!«f*, -er, -tC/ ad}- and adv. kna^ 

rifh, villanous, fcurvy, fcurrile. 

^cr i^cDflrl. V. (gdjftrl. 
bal 6d)Ar(0C(, the hole in an oven or hkt^ 
nace, through which the fire is made. 

>cr 6(t?ur|; bd-c«/ e^unt. 
i) An apron ; V. @(tAr|f. a) Among 
Miners , a chain , which is laid about a 
veflel. 3) The lower part of a thatched 
roof, which is thicker of firaw or reed 
than the top, the gutter of aCiIthoufe- 

roof. 4) iDcr @d)orntclnmonr€(, the 

' mantle of a chimney, the mantle-tree. 

5) 2)cr @(bori om Sbtdt, da< 6ci( am 

^cini or 9l6brcnn)Crf/ the rope of an 
hydraulic machine or enaine. 6) Among 
Huntsmen , the whole iiind part of a 
(al 6ci»Ur)^llb^ a fcarf; alfo a fcarf ofed 
by women in trufsing up their petti- 

tU 6<(ilm* ^n, Dimin. hat 

6<f)Ar§(ncn, '^ @(Mr|CeCQ, an apron, 
a part of drefs , which hangs from the 
middle downwards,' worn by men to 
keep their doaths clean; by the women 
for orilament* . FifiuraUveiy Q<t)ikrit 
ijgnifies fometimes a perfon of the fema- 
le fex. 9lbcr im S^crtcauca/ iA ma$ HU 
oer e<(ilrsc rocin SUtf in tentcn ^Un, 

^C^Aricn, verb. r^. aei. to lace, tie 
with a lace, to tie, to knit, ©ocn 

£tiotcn f(tdri(« ebcr fnftpfcti/ to make 
or tie a knot. e4^Ar|tii, a«ff(f>llr|cn/ 
to uufsx>r tie up, to tuck up, pm up, 
turn up. ^M^ Wntn, to trufa or 
suck up one's petticoats. ^Hc Ifcrmel 
M>Ar|co, ao^^&l^cii, to tura «p jqv 


M 6Mn(tt(ail(f tbe Oriiif <» fibk^ of 
an apron. 

M 6*iirsfcll^ bel ^et, f/«^. We -e, « 

leather - apron. {Dal 64fttr|fdl ^ 9rf(^ 
(cbcfr a leather -apron,' which minora 
wear behind, 
ter SdurMflrfer, a girdle to tuck or t»la 
up one*s cloaths with. 

from the verb fc^icfcn. !• lo <^fe it ia 
a netit9t. r. The (late of a thing mofving 
very rapidly or fwlftly ; has no plural. 

€fn Soiretff*u§ or fflafferfal , a cas- 

cade, a waterfall. Z)al Qofier i% tltl 
Sciniffc $ the water precipibtes or rent 
down with violence or rapidity. S)<t 

9!o0(r fft (m @(^tfc rc^Cefir in M< M^/ 

the bird Oies into the air, rifao moft. 
Likewife of a perfon or animal, that rana 
' with the greateft velocity ^r fwifbieb. 
Hence ia fud fgurmtiveir, ftl bCII &bn% 
fommCD^ when one acquires a high de- 
gree of habitude or dexterity in a thing. 
3. Thit which (hoots, i) Of fluid bo- 
dies, where it is ufed onfv in the com- 
pounds ^otkbnh 9la<bttttf If. Ca* tk«f« 

words, a) Of vegeubles , in cafe fJKc* 
' ftn (ignifies to grow up fail,'ber €d)llf 
is a (hoot . fprig or fcion of a tree or vine. 
II. In cafe it is an active, i. The re- 
port of a fire-arm > and the act of ftrinj; 
or discharging it. SfC^b^rtC tiSitn&bUh 
1 heard a (hot. 30 t(at DrcV ed^ftfTo 
or (4 fc^g bcepmof barna((, 1 (bot 

three times at i(. ^Qi^ icmOBbcn tmOl 
04ltf thUUf to flioot or fire at 'One. 

IDtr 64«4 aoi etoer Aanoae/ Sttote k* 

a cannon -fliot, gun -(hot etc Prov. 

mtit baMtt it Aue Mr bto Sibaf , far 

from court, far from care. a.Tho Itate 
of being hit by luch a (hot. Cin gllcr 

Mta%, bcr ten 6*o» uni^Ht, • good 

cuiraCa, that is mulket- prooL , SfQCQ 
e4Hlt Wommcn, to receive a (hot. 
to be wounded by a mu(ket*Lhot. .//• 
^nraia^e/r. (SltKtt 6<(Mit ^bctlf to 
be a fool or fimpleton. 5. llie place, 
where a wild beaft haa been wounded 
by afhot, particularly amonc Huntt- 
mcn. 4. The ^charge of a* fire-arm. 

OfQ &bui Qui bit iiinUf aia btt .t«i 
none bcran^^ie^nr to draw the charge 

out ot the gun, out of the cannon. (StQ 
®<6u8 ^(*er# a charge of ijun - pow- 
den 5. The direction » whither one 
(hoots ; has no' plural. 6. Among Ba- 
kers, ein 6d>o| Qrot, efn ^tiddt, 

a batch , the quantity of bread hakod at 

once, an oven full. 
bff 6<)>ufil<llimf among Mio^. a bean 

or timber laid acroCs the (haft or pit to 

hinder any thiogfromfisUiog dowa upon 

the Aiiaers. 
ter^aMoCllfO/ a boh or ^in in a 9tn& 

atchina for entttng tho piocet. 

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M'ANHctt/ in timt^e^UMt ,* fk^ MeMofiodnte^ W^a Me •ii, a wou^ 

irickec in • flood- gate, alhtle Cailiag. made with a fira-arm. 
^r. ^r 6<Mlffr, Ni -I. p/tf^« ^t nom.fing. 

ift ftNfM^ ^ the fhed over a fhaft or ^^"lin. Me @0ltferton . a rkoe.m«ker, 
nine ; V alfo 6(^uf ^nm* '^^^ ^ called in the niore decent man- 

£OMa in * kitchen. ^^ 6(^ufl Cr{iroge f * ihoemaker'a ap. 

kr 6(Mf(ielft / a turner of wooden bowlt. prentice or bov. 

tcr fkJHHkllcibt/ M -ti, piar. bit -t, htt 64^tl(fcrflKif/ a lboemaker*i paring- 

a pike of a middling iixe fit to be ler- knife or cmting* knife. 

ved up in a difb. tcr ^dl^tfffftlabCll / a lboemaker*a Ihop. 

Icr 64^flffirftf:C(bt, a jack in a kitchen for ^r 6$ttlNr(((m/ (hoeinaker*a p«ite. 

(ftting piatea and difhet on » when they ^i €5(ttt|cflid>t / a Ihoemaker*s candle ^ 

ere watfaed. ' with two wicki. 

to MMUtort^ a baflcet for piatea and ^i 6((Mltcrmat r <> Oioemaker's fiie. 

difhee. 64^utfrn/ i'^A- r«^* tfcf* to make or 

Mc 6(M(IUviiMk(/ an univalvcd cockle; mend ihoei » or to perform fuch work, 

^ PateUa. aa Ihoemakera ofually do. GAuCcrQ 

M 6lbM<tfmil|, V. gU^mquOlf. (6lUini^ to ha?e Come fluU in cobling or 

Nc6((rftffel|Klilete/ a pike baked in a difh. in makitig Iboea. 

kT9^ikff(»r(aft, M -ti, plur. tic •<, Me 6<t^U0crf4lo4rK # ihoemaker*a blak or 

a ftand to fet a difb upon. ink. 

&|ife(roaft/ ^u//. and tf^v.> orbicular. Me €k^O|let}lt»e(fe ^ ihoemakerV pegs or ' 

kr^cMifFtt/ (ei ^i, plur, ut nom,fing. pina wiihottt heada. 

Diminmt. bBi €MW(ftr*cn, ©^ilffer* Me e^Ate^ ;>/«r. hit -n^Diminui. ta« 

M8/ a marble or nicker, fmaU round Qibd^^tUf in Nafigation; a veHel of 

Aones played wilh by chijdren* fevcral forma and G^i and for (ereral 

648ffrct/ tf^A and adv. fbotfree, not nifa, afknte* barge » boat, 

to lie within fhoi; alfo mulket*proof. Mr 64^tltt/ M *tlf |r/ar. cor. a collactU 

Us 6<taMaUrr/ V. 64^1lM0tter^ 3aR# ve noun and haa no plural. ORubbifh, 

^ttot* rubbage, ruina or fragmena made in 

IM e^^ael^f ht§ '€i, piur. (but only building etc. 2)eii @(btttC medfAbreii^ 
^ Ceveral foma.) Mt -tXt a huntaman^a to carry away the mbbilh. a) In Brew- 
fee, Doner paid to a huntaman for the houfeaf as much malt aa is nf^d or no- 
tame b« fhoou; V. Sdblef ge((» ceflary for one brewing. 3u eificm ®e^ 

kf6i»QftrtI, v.9U<»trdL »rdobe «ier ge()5mi imCfff 6(befFcf 

kr e^MOnd/ V. @<b6|lfRi. ^ . 6<btin/(ffllo(|r)iinb imanifd^imer (^uf, 

SdMaidlfg/ tfdjf.* and n^^a^. within gnn- (SBofTetf) for one brewing of beer there 

OMt. mnfl be twelve bufliela of malt» and 

taied»ttfpfcrb# V. 6<M(ff fftb. twenty bnckeu of water. 3) Alfo in 

Mc 690^attC, a port • hole or eni- Uuibandry by^^cMttt com ia often on* 

Vnsnre. derftood. ^er iflrtClllO^II QRb 6(^Utr, 

Nl €4Hifi9affcr, M -i, pimr. (hut only ber $frfet(o()n aab M ^tircfMf, the 

of fiiveral lbrta») nt nom. Jimg. SS^tiht herdraan*f wagaa and the com. 
W iftr> , a Yulnarary water conlilliny of Hi ed^Att/ pi^- Me -cn, but only in fo* 
federal Inaredienta and diftilled ; it ia me parta, anialand in ariver, where it 
venr goo«*fbt all forta of frefh woonda alfo occura aa a paapar name of Inch 
ttid omfe made with fire •atma, the lalanda. 

Fnodi call it l«*ean d*ari|Qebuiade. Mr €<Mktt6obC8f hti -if plur, bfe *U# 

Mi €#y t» C l t C # tha wa^ of a cannon or ben^ a graaaiy, cora-loft, corn-maga- 
I«a. MAe» in lower Saaooy fin eptid^U 

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Mc ^kbtttt , piur. hit • n, A buBdk iMHt^ 
le, tniif. ©nc«4)fi«e 6lrobr abon- 
aie of draw, efoc ed^dm i^tt, • 
truU or bottle of bay. 

6<btUtcln , "^. BCt. to fli4ke# loiii 
jolt, agicatr. jog, wag or ftir. joiiin 

maroi Die ^ortc ()crau^, N trat <r ini 
i^att«^ Da i^o ^onn aU UmiUhmmun 
unf> httfii(t> bco ^(r &anb M^Art^ltco r aa 

I rpokc> be entered the houfe , a^d waa 
Yrelcomecl by the family, wbo fbook him 

.-heardiy by iba band, gr *f4^ttC(tC bin 
£D;f bar&bt- ium ^AMn, oa§ c^ iiin 

' miHtt f be (book bis head at it« in or- 
der to mark hift difpieaiure* i£e fd)At« 

tcU« ^cn j^oDf .'aiu, unb fbrocb nelO/ 

he ga?o a nod foV a denial, ^ad g(c^(f 
fdbjVtJt (bn bctlitu be has a Ibiveriog 
fit ol' kn acUe. (Siti j^fii^rb . ta^ cftncil 
inJArta l'4)5trc't, a joJiing or hard\rot- 

• titk^ borfe , a very uDearyihorfe. iHcft 
jiutfcbe fd^firtfU <iticm bU SvipocQ «(^ 

• fd|)CII({<b/ ^* coach jogs ox joha hor* 
xibly. €«ncn »T»atim ivb^<t^(n * to Ihake 

- a uee. 9<9fc( tton bcm ^auioc fcbilttc(n# 

to ihake. down tipplea from ,the tree. 

' SVh @tanb van htn SAicii ftMttcin, 
Ihake off the daft of your feet, Mattb. 

' lo, 14. edtt ^Dd^ t«oiii ic^oifc tcbAttdn# 

to fbake off the yoke, to flifi^youriieck 
out of die collar. ^i\\c SUot au< bcm 
8l(rtii«^l i^fitUlti,' fyurMhfefy, to make 
. an extemporol fpeacb. 

M eMittin hit <g''<bAfttefiin« , ibakiog, 
' ipM'"«» toCwog, ioiting; agitation. 
SQ)lurcn# verlt. reg. i. A verh mctivo, 
' i» ^cHnntn f to curd or curdle, wbeif 
it ta ufed at a veib reciprocal. 2)ic 

^{^ bar fid) gr<bi^ner/ the milk it 

curdled. 3. To (haot dry or pour li- 
quid bodiea with a lort of violence. %t$ 

trclbc .f obf cn to aul c4ncm @atfc r<bdr# 

' ' tf II f to Iboot corn , csoala etc out of a 

Tack, erbe ttm b^ ^^\xm fcbdtun^ to 

raife the oartb •bou^ the trees, ^i^, 
.' @fliib, @rdne ic. auf f<ncti$aufenfd>i^tf 

tCII/ to put dung, tVand, Aoaes etc. in 

a heap. JXe (^tcinc 111 efnen OTlnW 

fcbAtlcn, to Jiut or th.»ow the flones into 

* ft comer, tsu i$^U\ au^ bcm Aorbe 

{MtXtn f to /hoot tbo applea out of the 
bafket. 2)cr ^rattor borf nkbt tnebr 
^a(^ fi:b&tten (|o dncm ^^rdube neb- 

mcn). aU n6rbl# if ^ tb# brewer dares 
not take more malt for one brewine 
than ia necelTary ; V. 9<bUtt Of liquid 
bodioi. itgfin in dn fot fcbfittcn, to 

Spur wine into a ca/k. Ocbl in ba^ 
cirtf fdiAfteo/ to thro^ Cpo"0 ^^ 
into the fire. ^t\fm t rtid) fn «d>t/ bat 
tbt n{(6t rd){lttet taJke oar^ , that jrou 
don*t fpill. 5. Figurti'ti'VeiY. (a) In Hus- 
" baadnr it is fonatinias u£ed abfolutely^ 

/f^r, ^etr<fb< acbcn . entrl^trn, to give, 

topav corn, i^n QhttM^ittk mvi^ dn 

- jfber bem SHthmmut ba< ?^bn«etfdbe 

na<V bcr 4tt^ fibAllCII/ in upper Saxony 

. oraryime nmR give or pay tbt bar teaa'a 
wages in com according to the nuinbar 
of bides , that he baa. Dem Jbt^cn 
V^tUVi, to pa^f or give the heffdmaii 
bis 'fixed wages in com. ,b) (^Cbdrfll/ 
to bring forth young, among Huntsmen 
applied to dogs, wolves and deer , to 
whelp , to fawn. (c^ To diswibote, 
give 5>r bellow amply, in the fcriptnral 
' and elegant ilyle. vdHnitn 3om,(^ri«ni 
ftbrr Icmnnb outffAfttHn/ to wreak or 
vent one^s anger or wralh upon one. 
ednc j^iaoen, fdn aolkgen fn '\tf 
man^c« 64co< fAiJtrcn. to pour out 
one's 'grief into any one's bofom, ^pen 
your heart to him, make him your. 

; 4:on6dGnt. ^ott »(bAttet fdnc 9Saffn^ 
bcril^fdt an* fiber jlc, ©It. iS, 9. 
II. A verb neuter, with baben^ whore it 
is only ufual in foroe cafes for er^tbCII/ 
Crglebta fcbn. to be rich, abiiMlant* 
abounding, yielding, productive. S>rC9 

6<bo(r @arben fcbAnctrn brct @4)cffel/ 
. %9iHn fa nidi f kior / three ihocka ot 
. rather igo Qiaavea of com yielded three 
bulhcla. tM (dctrcibr ktdttct hititi 
9abi' r({d>(i(b * corn yields abandantly 
this year. U it alfo .uled in mining in 
the fame manner. 

ba^ ©(bflttfrftrob/ M -U, p^ur. ear. 

from the fubdantive ^ibtVt, long Araw* 

if raw bound up into iheaves. 
©f^A^^•m/ r^rA. rr^. to fliudder, fhivor, 

ihake, tremble, quake, to be agitated, 

to lean or hang from one Ado to the 
* other. I. A verb neuter, with (^ab<n* 

. ©fc Unttti fMitmr n ibm , ibo joints 

of his loins were loofed » Dan. 5» 6; 
where one would now rather uTe §fcs 
Icrn. £a(bcn, bof ber 9au(b fcMttcrt, 

to fplit one*s G.dei with laughing. II. 
A verb active, (^(Utcrii WQ&tU, where 
etfcbfittcrn is now more ufua] » toe thia 

bai&Mttttn, bit ed)attcrund, Xhudder- 

ing etc. V. grfcbflmfung. 
bit eMtmUU a fork ufed by thraihorain 

fluking theitraw on the thralhiDg. floor. 
ba6&^m^tib, Jkb/l. imdett. pimr. car, 
ifed • 

diilrained cattle. 

bo^ @<b&ttbavi^ bti 'ti, piur. tie -|khi< 

fcr. a com - magazine , granary; c^m- 

loft ; in lower SaaOo^r dn @pcu^Ct. 
b«t €M)AWpla$ d place in a foreft . whore 

bade)' etc. are thrown for wild boaxa to 

feed on. 
ba^ @cbfletre<btf tbo right to dUcrain oi 

feine the cattle, which go into another*! 

btf e^Mknf, wild vmfiard* 
bff etb&ttiaB a liable^ into whi«^roiMd 

or dUbainad cattfas are put.^ 
bi$ 6(bAMnii iIm feta^g pr Jiftrajmnj 

of cattle. 

A yellow colour uied in paintias. 
bal ^Cbi^^^^'^^' ^^ ranibm for letsed 

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Kr 6#B«, M -el/ W«^- Me «<W?c. *«< 6*ttwattef . W -1/ pl^r. vc wdw. 

i) See ©*u$bm, ©d^UBflflttcr. a) Pro- Jinj, * pottcuWis ; agratel; a b«mc«do. 
tectioo, patronage, alLllance, fuccoor, (cr S((tl94Cit^ >C< -<*# p/ur, ^t -tt, • 
rifb^, afjle Dmctoary, guard, defcn- tutelar genius; V. @^U$<ngeL 
ce, fheker. UntCr tintttt *autnc f^egen bOl ®*U&c(b^ tcl -C</ ^/«r, (but okily 
^ lX(0en 6dl)Q0 fucbcn, to take liancrua- oFTeveral foms,) hU ''tt, money paid 
jj or (belter under a tree againit tbe for being protected^ Z)f( 3u5en gC^eO 
rtin. tin $ct| gibt @C|IU$ geacn tie <&(t)U$fl((b ^ tbe jews pay 'a certain Ibm 
ti^tt, a furred cloak is a defence of money for having leave to live it a. 
SEsinft tbe cold. S^ROnteH ftl I'rinen place and to drive a trade tbere. 

Mu( oc^en, to take on^ intobispxo- tfr &<tui^0tnofi / flkta$uem>antt(r/ an lo- 

tection , to give on^ flielter or jDro* babiuot received by grant • a free com* 

action, (llntm ^&iU$ Uiftta 9 to Hiel- moner. 

ttf. protect or defend one. Me <g((u$aef((^fgfe(r/ pl^^r. inuf, 6((a(f# 

to6<bueercr, bcl 'H, plur. Me ^er, t«rf*oft, hai 64ucre*e/ tbe/ightof, 

smUl-dam, floo4-gate, water- gate, ^ protection or patronage. 

1 plank, tbat fbuu up or ftops the if a- tcr ®d)u$aD«. be! - e<, p/««r. Me ; f efter. 

ter for a mill etc. ©a* 6<hU«ttCl Oaf# Fenan.Wpe^ml^tt\m, a tutelar god. 
ji<>t8, loopentheflood-gatT • SU (K«bnifd)f n ©Aufg^mf, the tunAar 

sMe-gaard^ letter of protection J"oV trijiff^^^^^ Ml .». or bet 

Nr6<W8C' ?el - n,piMr. Me -a. A -o^/nr, Me -n, 6*u$imtfom iHe pa* . 

w«tvert fbutleorfhuttle. i) Aperfon, jyJn of a church or of a nation, ©le 
wbo fboott weU, a fbooter, an archer, ©{bUBbeilfae/ the patronefs. 

• wuks-ma-. eiB amer, elnf*le*# ^er 6d)a$Mrr. bel -n, W«r. Me -en, 

tfre*i|t, a good, a bad markmanor Femin. tic 6((U8^rton, * piotactor, 

narks-rasD. €m Wogcn*d>fl|e, an ar- defender. 

"^T-.^n P"ft'^ witchman in many j^ 6*0$iu5e, Ml -11, piur. Mc -H, 

tales ts ftill caUed dtl iS^M^t In up- » jew, who fives /at a place under* the 

per Saxony and Tboringia the watch- protection of the fovereign or chief tfia- 

Bcn appointed to look after the fruits giiUate. 

of tfat field are <raUed 9f(M(bA9en/ flinxf f^^uhUi, adj. knA adv. delUtute or de- 

fMlcfi, alfo only 6<MI^R fimply ; V, pnved oFprotectidn of defence, with- 

^ml(feter. out protection or patronage. ^ 

iAiM,V€rL reg, act. i) 2)Q| SBafTer Me Sd)U9rcM/ «n apology, a fpeech Uk 
m^tt, to flop tbe water by means of one's defence, an apologetic oration, 

s flood-gate or dike. ' Hence the com- Me @(t)U$fd>rifl f *n apology « a writing in 

poaeds dbfj^fl^en, VOrfcf^A^eil/ ,6d^U(i your ovm defence. 

wa 6d)u(gomr jc. ») To protect. Me 6<t>a9ftonge# * !«»««' »n a mill etc ' 

Wend, patrocinate or fhelter. X)le >er ©^u^ttfrwanttC/ le* -n, ;i/«r- Me -0/ 

ftauer fd^Osr ^en <9qq» tfor bem 9}orb« V. 6(bu$genoi 

B<1l^. the wall defends tbe tree againil 5{e igcba^ioatlb/ « defenJive wall againii 

tbe aordi-wind. 2>ct ^itilb fd)ftat Mn the wind. \ 

M fer Mn 9fel(eil. the fhield defends Me 6(bU(lBebef '• Defsniive arms. 2} A 

die body aga^A or from the arrows. fence, bulwark. 

6ierrgteQ Jftonj In i&OOb aol Mr f(t4|« e^\X%tOti\tf adv. by way of pro|eciion. 

Mtn ^retee Server, i^fin. jBfnen Mr 6<^i)$Hte(« M0 -1/ /'/«r. ut aom. 

W^U, to protect, defend or ftaelter Jlng. a certificate for one, who is taken 

«o«* 0hieil M9 ^nen SUcbtcn f(t)flOen, into protection; a bill of protection, 

to warrant , fecfire , maintain or prefer- 6(biDaDbe(tt # verb, reg, neutr. f^ httOtM 

^ one's rights or prerogatives i V. alfo gen^ to Ilir, to fh udder; V. Ckbdttcrlt. 

^ ^n%. 5ie &AmQbt , the little black chafer, the 

^ 6((0|engel» bel •!# /'/k^- nt hojr. houle- chafer. 

ji^. a guardian -angel, a tutelar or tu- ^mabei)/ Q^wabtnlani^ Swabia, a 

tdsiy angel , a man's guardian. circle ot Germany. 

bcrG^i^er, bti -i, piar. ut nom.fing. ^d^lVf Mngift , white arfenic. 

rVaifo. (it Scbft9er<nil. t) Among Kfi- Sd^irabifd}, adj. und^adv. of Swsbia, 

nen, a name for a man, who lifts up or belonging to Swabia. 2)(r 6(tn>4Mf<(^e 

>ni down the water • gate as occalion £an| , a Swabian dance. 

rMfokes or who opens or Ibnts tbe flood- goioacb/ K^iodcl^er. fd)tvdcbfle^ adf, and 

ens or water-gate in mines. 3) Prom mdv- vrekk, feeble, faint, infirm, not 

wen a, Ibr 9ef<bd8erj but only in Ihong; alfo flender. tender. Sin [(tlOOi 

tbe poetical and elegant flyle, a pro- ^tt >2)}(nfd># a weak, feeble, mfirm 

tector, defender, preferver, maintainer. man; alfo a weak, Ully or limple man. 

^/ Ml giWger €<)4(fr uiifrer Irlflen^ «i" i- H'ucbei Amt/ * ^eak , feeble or 
lir. infirm child, ^{n fcfiwcMl ©ettfc^tnifi/ 


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a weak, bad or traacheroui mamory. 

gin fcbmoclx:* &tbbt babcu, «o be bard, 
tliick or dull of hearing. (Hn MieOC^I 

®c|'i<|>t ; a fhort light. . 6eiti 83cvffant^ 

nUb ftblvad)/ bit undorlUnding grovrt 
weak. (gCnc f*«ft4X gcftttUg/ ^ weak 
fort or fortreft. Hence it if alfo foma- 
times ufed of a (maU number. 2)U fcl1b# 
4{d)c mntt mar Dicft 0){abl /e^r f4n>actrf 

the enemy** army waa this time very 

weak, diu ie)m<bt%^tmWbt, apiciu- 

- re . Mrhich has not the proper or nfual 

goodnefs. (Efne fcbwa4)e i^xhti * 

weak colour. @c^aci|) uttn, to foeak 
low.' £(ncrct)it>acl^^tlmtne, aweak or 
low voice. l^Htin Ift (r f(t)tOQ4^# in thb 

be is weak., ^emaii^en aof ter i6)nat 

Cbch ©dtC Ongfdfcn/ to attack one on 
the weak-iide. 2)er &tMH Ht ft^t 
fd)n)Qit/ the patient is rery weak, ill 
or lick. Qtt ^tl« g(|^t W)ma^, the 
puUe beaia weakly. 
Wc-?^ biva^'ic, pinr, hH •tif weduiefs, de- 
Diliiy, feebienera, faintnels, want of 
Dreiirstb* ,i. KnnBJtrant and has no plu- 
ral, uie llait of a thing being weak. JXc 
ecbmaclK efiitd %z\\a, t\nti ^U^ti, 

t\t Stinnc OS Sibin^t/ the thinners or 

flendemefs of a twig , the thinnafa of 

- a plate. Likewife fguratively , of ihe 

accidental Itate or condition. SinC 

,©d)rtJd<bc in l)cn ©(tetertr cmpffnben/ to 

feel a weaknefs in the limbs. X)!c6<^nNi< 

(be bed a?crliant»(l^ (c^ (Beftcbtc^/ M 
9ulM, tcr ©tfrnoiCf eincr JJeffung , eia 

ner Vrmee K. the weaknela of tba un* 
derAanding, of the fight » of the pulfe, 
of the voice, ol a fortrefii, ol an army 
otc. Sometimes @4n)tf0e is alfo uCed 
^ for Obnmocht/ want of power, Arengtb 
"^ or force , alfo a fwoon or fainting fit* 
in which one fufifers a fuspenHon of 
thought and fenlation for a ihort time, 
and then it alfo admits of the plural. 
IDTit ©ttmddxn^ S^ttern un^ 6<bn)in&et 
bttflftet feoilf to be afifticted bjr (with) 
fainting fita, tremblirtg and diazinels. 
d. A concrete^ confequently alio with 
the plural, i) The place, where a thing 

is vieak. ©«e 6ct>i»(l4e e(ne« Segend/ 

the place, where the Iword-blade is the 
Weakeli, the part towards tlie point. 
Alfo in a moral and figurative fenfe. 
Side ^d}iv(ld)en l^ai>cn , to have many 
weakneOes* many weak -fides, a^ in a 
figurative fenfe, an action proceeding 
from Weaknefs , i. e. from a want of a 
proper clear under/landing or knowledge; 
inltedd of which ®C^ir»a(t|>ei( is more 

nfual. OMc SeMer werlien fcfcftn unb 

6<bnJ(lc6en, verb, reg, act, fdJioad), or 
f(^re(Id)er tnQ':itn, to weaken, debilitate, 
infpcble, enerviite, confuine, luidermio 
ne, waile. deftroy by degrees. ^kUi 

^ tefcn «hm4<l^t bit Slllgcn/ much reading 
iwrtakena the pyu. ZtMtigMt f^niilit 

|<tMOtf<|Kn# to enervate, atunaate, hurt* 
lefsen , diminilh the natural powera or 

faculties. Sine Urmee f(|)iD4<t(n# to 

weaken an army, ©a* fC^tMbtt fdncn 
fSKVitf^, that discouraaed or diaheaitened 
bim , that leflfened hia courage , . that 
mad^ him faint • hearted. 2)eB/ 3cto& 
burd) Cine SlieOerfagc ftodeboi/ to 
weaken the enemy by a defeat. In a 
more limited fenfe. ^^C^ngftr fc^vd* 
(tcn» to deflour, abufoy defile, violate 
or ravifli a virgin.^ 

M 6(tnHl((en/ Me @(bwd<iinDg# weaken- 

ing, infeebhngk diminution of Hrengifa* 
debilitation ; alfo the defloi^ring or abua- 
mg a virgin. 

6((niact>g(duM|| , ad/, and adv. weak ia 
matters of faith or belief. 

^CC ^ippWl^t, pian hit -CD/ weaknefs; 
dd)Uity, ' feeblenefs, inBrmiiv, faintnela» 
languor, languilbing»languilnmefic, frati- 
ty, poomel's, imbecihty. i . An aSftractp 
confequently without a plural , except 
of fevaral forts, the liate^ofa thing heing 
weak, (a) The iUta of the body beioc 
in want of the proper or qf the ufual 
ilrenath; where it is of the fame feofe 
or lignlficatloo as ed^$M^. See 

&Amibitit ni^t anfftt^tn thnntn, not 

to be able to rife or get up for weaknela. 

Scr Xtantt llegt In grof cr &d^nQ^^t, 
the patient lies or is eatramely ill, weak 
or languid. Of the fenfe one uCni 
rather @(|m(!<(e. (b) Of theXoul aod 
iu (her) Acuities; where it has likewife 
the fame jjgoification as 6((n)dC^ 2)fe 
e^mtl^titbti^ttf^nbt$, M&tbd^t0 
nlffti, htt 9enrtbet(ung^eraft/ uie 

weaknefs of the under/landing, of the 
memory, of the judgment, in a more 
limited fenfe, bit &<bwa^H'it often 
as much as SSefcbiKf Itgfeit , Wiititibetb 
Sicbe le. tender -beartednels, compaf- 

lion, love etc. ajfele 6A»a<^bett ^r 
bai anberc ^t^UM iaUn, to have 

nueh tender - heariednefs, compaflion* 
love etc for the fair- fex Qwomcn^ 
(c) In aitill more exteolive lenfoi bte 
6^madbbefr it the eflentjai reftriction of 
the cafualnefs and mutability or chao- 
geablenels of an accidental or cafual 
thing; in which lenltB @(bm4<b€ ia not 

uliial. 2)fe meiiMae^e 6cbM<HHt^ 
humaif weaknefs. 2)o< ftcflcnmlttef »i# 

^er bit langw<erfde^@d)nHid)tKft unferer 
iAngem 3abre finbtn wit fn ber adrttU 
^n Suaeigung ber SleUera sabereirc^ 

<9e8. 2t. A concrete i a change founded 
in the want of the proper or at leail of 
^e ufual ftrengih. ^onfbeUen QUb 
6(b<B0d)beftei) / illnelles, infirmities and 
weaknefles. S*e @4)n>a<b(KHeil bcl «U 
Uti, the weaknefses, feeblenelles or in- 
firmities of age. Alfo ficurativeiy, chan* 
ges, whith proceed aom the want of 
A proper dear underfiandmg or of the 

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mNMrfiffcudbaadfiMd-fiiaiidlsflftbe Uir like. &im^i!tt{i^t Qjemoflttfcfmfr, 
Sl" 2>aMwt) e^KOM^Mtcn, th«« afiiniiy, relationlhip by nwirriagd or al- 
^rttkiiaattorrolllea»3aDail5Cie4»KKI(|>f liance. 

kitfi AM<(mf to Of er- look one*t €4)iooaern / f!c(^ fct^mdgcrn^ to call one 

yjtlftfP^ or foUiea, to coaoWe et anptfaer brother or brotber-io>law. 
ibMi. Ueaice in Di?uiit¥ alfo bic Me 6cttP0d<rf(baft/ /y/ttr. bic -en, a^Bnity, 
6toiCMdt<fdllbeil (venial una) aoe fre- an alliance or kin by marria^. 

" " '^' " •' * ♦bcr @(t)»<l(^er* W - i, pl*^" "t nonf. 

Jin^. a father - in - law ; a husband*s or 
wite*a father'; an obfolete wor<f in good 
German. Die ©C^ivdbcrfnn; a motbeiv 
in-law, a hiiaband*a or wife*$ mother. 
Mc©4>m(|Ib<, piur. blc-n* a fwallow, (• 
bird,) of which there are-feyeral foru; 
Hirundo L. Prov, (SiDc @cbtoa(bc mo^t 
fciOCO 6oniincr/ one fwallow makes n6 
Uii @4^malbenc<ftn r « fort of iron marked 
, Minuy, w«*ji »Mw,^* *v M-M.- with a fwallow- tail. ' 

; tender » nice ; alfo that ia eafi- bcr @4toat(cn(if4# a fcray (a fea- (]ih)4 
k uken iU. Sin ^»d<Wl*C* SSv^j b« 6*t»atb<nfot^ fwallowt-dung. » 

aiickiy or weakly child. @4H0d^n<9 ba< 6<9n>0lben(rattt, celandine, fwallow 
feiB, to be fickly or weakly. Cine Trort, tetter- wort. 
M9l(tU4< Ctimme^ a weakly voice, bal @<(l9albetlt)(f# A fwallow-neft. 

^f(t»4ttHc^ fei^ majt bcr @ccU bcr64ioalbeor4»ani/ b(^-e^/ A'/'^r. Me 

qoeatly celled ec^M<^(c{|eo< 

Mt6(biMuMcitlrdQb<, ^/<^- Me -Of a 

venial iin or fault.' 

&liwftWe»|i«. 4uii. Mnd adv. we{((^ril0/ 

tcodar-heened; faint-hearted; tender, 
Iuilible» touchy. 
Ik eiMtftiU%Mt, pl^r. Me -en, 

fBettWeflWeit/ tendemefii, leniibUiiy; 
C^fteeU. toudiineCi. 
6*«^«*/ -tf/ -fc. ^f •nd. flrfv. 
weak, weakly, lick, iickly, infirm, 
fcd>lj, faintly » craxy; fubject to infii^ 

»fe ^fo^nmn f*»er, f cBc 
Me @4»d(b(i4^fett/ weakoela, feebleneu, 

»(t 6«i0d(»IiD0/ bc# 'tiiplwr. Me -e, 

aveakliog, a weak, iickly perfoii, both 
tn a proper and figurative (en(e. 

taMMCbjino^ M -el/ ;/«/*. ^ar. im< 
becilitT. weaknefi, finpidity» limflici- 
ty, OUineCi. 

(dQiNHlbeil ,U$'i„ plsa-.ntMm. /ing. 
i)AiBoiig Hontanien, the Jhort tail of 
fte hart or fUg ia called ber G^ivabett 
or ^|r<(^f(bMbCII/ the ^^^9- a) Va- 
poor, eihaUtion , & fume arifing trom 
da cronnd, cbieflv in mines. ^ 3) 1^ 
HiisbandfT,^ a fwaUi, a line of grala or 
com cot iown». alfo the breadtn, the 

fdbmdnje , in a proper fenfe, a fwallow- 
tail or the tail of a fwallow. Figurat^ 
l) Any tall of « bird, where the out- 
ward tail - feathers are longer than thofi^ 
in the middle. s) A kind of kings- 
filher (5tinlg<jff(Jer) , Ifpiila Surioamen- 
iis Klein. 5) A large yellowllh brown 
bird of prey, whofe tad* refembles that 
of a fwallow. 4])^ A borer or gimlet 
with tinro Ibarp points in <he form of a 
fwallow- tail. 5) Among Joiners and 
Carpenters^ a Urge notcb^ made iii 
wood refembling the uil of a fwallow* 
a fwallow -uil. ffitu &bmibtnf^todn0 
lett lofommenffl^ien/ to )oin with fwal- 
low -t^ls. 6) In Fortification • a fwal- 
low -tail, a double teneii or outworks 

^, which a mower can reach in htt ^4>9»CilUn(itin , hti -ti, f/«r. bie-e/ 
■owing with a fithe. ^S^tttlU QUf & fwallow -Uone, Lapis Chelidoriijus, a 
kl G&mObeO or {n ben €kb»tfben (fes petrification faid to be foiind in a fwal- 

Slofni/ to let iht com lie on fir in low's maw. 
(wath. 4) The Graymil, Grumel Me @(|)malften»Od/ P^«^* 'W** ^^^ ^ater 
or Stone-crop, a fort ot herb , Grals- celandine, pile-wort; V. alfo Q^\ft0 

w .'^ t_ r — wtiriet. 

(er e*njolI ,M-U, pi^r. inuf. 1) ITie 
peculiar found, which a great number 

nanoa. Manna, which grows in fome 

M( 6<M^engrfl(K/ P^* ^^V- <^« &^ 

of Stone - crop. 

&Mer, V. «cf((iiMiber. ^ , 

Mt6toabrotte, pi^r. Me -D/ « fauadion 

of hoife^ t. Ob troopers, dragoons or 

Vt&^mtx, M-if piur. Me &bv}h 
p, Fm. Me 64m4fterinn^ a brother 

wpaw, one^a iiAer*s husband , orone^a 
hoibaod^s brother, one^s wile*s brother. 
S)fe6c<>lWlgerUin/ a lifter inlaw; one's 
orotber's wife, one*s husband*s lifter, 
or one's wife's Mer. (^in mXMuWm 
A^Mgef/ a diftant kinsman or rda-- 

or quantity of things cauTes, when it 
moves in a waving manner. 2) Still 
oftner and more ulual , a ^reat number 
or quantity of things movmg in a wa- 
ving manner, for example, a jgreat quan- 
tity of water , fire etc. moving in fuch 
a manner. SBo iO bent %thiivmttt, bOl 

elne gama ftA^t/ 9)u(con im @(bn>a{l w 

{wttX, 9leptan im ^ocfnen ftet/ S)a%t\i. 
a a more extenlive fenfe , any great 
number or quanlinr without order or in 

cbnfufton. (jtin Scbmafl i»on a)teard)en# 

m great number of people in confuuoo* 

i\n €k^ioaB von SBortcn* 

6(|9MKKrfi4# ^i' *nd adv. of or bo- bere^»amtti/be«-el//>/iw.Me^ri)dmiBer 
Wq|iiig to A b/ot}ire ill ItTf , brothti ia 'Ifimin, (g« S(t|o4mm4en/ * 6((»flmill# 

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(efh. i) A fpoage or Tpiiiige/ a fofr ^itflmmn^llin Cffltf COffAr/ W«] 
porons UibfUnce remarkable for fucking ched ir<m-bir b^ind Ae for«-wb«el 
up water, a) A nialhrooiii, champignon. of a coa^h , fervipg to torn within 
5) @vt)maimn anctneill 9daumt, a $unk, ^eet. It ir alfo a nauie for a Surgeon' 
an excrefcencelon the fides of a tree. 4) inXtrument called the Swan's bill. 
A flefby excrefcence, foft and fponsioui, Ut GctHOanCQftel / i fwtn'$ ipiill. 
which grows on wounds or ulcers. Ht 9(^100119/ M - ti, piur. car, tho ftat 
5) Spavin, a bony excrefcence grovring P^ a thing being in a Twinging motion 
on the infide of a horre*s hoof, which is «^ing« lolliog, jogging, Iha king. f (Sin 
firil al tender as a grilUe, but after- «*'--•- ^- *> ^-^ ■ • 

wards grows hard by degrees. 6) QU 

@4m)dnimc Im ^untc , toomit, tin fitif 

nel &inb mlaMM, the thrulh in chil- 
dren's moMtbs. j) 5)er ©todbfc^mamin, 
a pufi^.ball or poff-fift. «) ^iftige 

@c!)n)dmmer toad-ftoolr. 9)6(tmomra# 
ber 3unb<rfcbi9amm, fpunk prepared to 

tetiin or catch fire. 

®(oifc in btn ^(bmang bringm , to tini 
a bell out, or to raifo c bell. 311 
®4n)ande Idurcn, to ring the bells ij 
peal. Figurative/y, {m e^fntrngt fcOl 
or gtptn , to be in vogue, in efleea 
or in ule, to be the caAom or in courfe 
toboar ihefway, to be current, to b< 
rife, prevailing or abounding, ©ff ®^ 

fen g<t^n ftm (^loandc, the fmaU-po] 

are very rife. 

Gcbwamm, 6<(n)dnimo V« 6(t)m(minett. 

'@(!on«omm{ct?t/ -er, -fit, ad;\ and o^tf. ^v$att^, ^Amdn^t, V. @<|>mfn0eii. 

fpongious, fpungy, porous, fiingour, ^t ^^Vf^mth M - i, p/ur. ut nom. Jing 

refeaiblin(; a fpunge; %\[o fiffurativefy, >p^ 'llie clapper of a bell or the boll. 

foft, tender, meifow. @0mailimf<^fc| 
-fptlfCJ^/ ?5rot, ijotif fpongy or fpon- 
gious ilelh, brfead, wood. ^ @ct)it><{l}U 
tnLtte ^ordSC/ Tpuogy bogs or moraHes. 
©CJ^mammlg, - cr, - ftC, «<//. and ai/t;. con. 
laining fpunge, Ipungy. Often alfo for 

lit @(t»»amiii(a(eit fpunginefs. 
^er <Stimatnui|fe{ll / a Ipongions Aone, 

(fV ^ct^roott/ N^ -tl/ piur, lit @(()iodne/ 

dapper; alfo the fwipe of a bell tc 
give it a fwing. a) llie fwipe or fwing 
of a well, or of a draw- bridge. 5) The 
whip or whip-Aiff of a hehn. 4) The 
balance of a coiner or mbt - man. 
5) The rounce of a printing •pred ; mai 
thing, by which another is fci agotug 01 
put in motion. C) Sm^mfC^BklOgtl, 
•i^rcfc^jlcgel/ a flail. ' 

lit 480n}dngC(pumpe , a pump with « fwi. 
pe; a pump or well with a wheel » « 

a fwan, a large water -fowl, with a long 

n^ck and remirkably white ; Cignus L. bCr ©C^lPdndClnemcO/ the Arap or firinc 

S*»Onb, @Ctn)(lntC, v. @<trctnbcn. of a bell -clapper. 

dMOaoen ^ 'ver^. r&g. neuir, which is Gct^OOflgCr/ ati/. and aifv. with diild, big 
• ufed for abnt)tn, particularly in lower with child, pregnant. (Hne M^AOOgert 

Germany, and imperfonally with the 
dative of the perfon. ^| f^^monet tAitt 
my heart t^lls me, my mind misgives 
fne, 1 have it ih my thoughts. (£i ^at 
inir Mfd^mntt, my heart told me, my 
mind misgave roe , I thought all along 
of itrX have had a forefight of it. 

lai 6d>t9aninlttt t M -cj, piur. Me -en# 

a bed of the down or Tott feadi^ra of 
' fwans* 

(fC 64nKincni09f pi'r, muf. fwanfkin , a 
kind of foft flannel, imitating the down 
. of fwans both in appearance^ and in 
, tint @<l>WMtt[htnll , a breail or seek at 
tvhite as a fwan. 
lit @(blOanenfCter, a fwan - feather. 
. lit 6c])mancngonl, the Spanifh goofe» the 
I goofe of Guinea. ^ 

Itt @4^monengerona/ the fine fayiogs of a 
dying perfon, fuch was that of Socra- 
tes at Athens. 

ItteAmntnlM, M-tSfPiar, lit-mft, 

a fwan*s neck; applied to horfes, a 
vaulted neck , a long and loffy neck. A 
' kind of fpear for bealts of pr^y and 
particularly for foxes, on account of 
fon^d refemblance in die form , b like* 
' "tvife tailed Itf e^^WWmWK ^t 

tVQUf a woman with child. SiOf ffrtftt, 

bi< bo* or grob (^wanM it or ge» 

ptti a woman bigrwiih chdd, or great 

with child. @ct^manger fti^Uf to be 

with child. 6(t^ioangCr tDCrben, to con- 
ceive or become pregnant. j^pA fc^iMUU 

gcr fv9H,ilttt 9it<bcrfunft nof^ ftn, to 

b^ nh*t ber retkoning or time. ©|t |tf 

9on Urn f(i)ioangerr £he is with diUd by 
him. 0fe in fctnangrr 9ojn »(ct deltas 
ttn, Ihf is fiftur months gone whh child. 
Figurativeijr is faid, mtt CtlMl ^WOIU 
get ^f^tu, to breed, hatch or brew 

iomething. (gf %ilt Rift (fnem UimfMt 
fctmangcr , tofri) aber eincn Sc^( (cbtfrcn, 

ne breeds fome mischief, but he will 
not bring it to pad. €r fieng tlO^) Itlft 

ben gr5mn (Sntmarfen \C^Mxt%tt, hU 

mmd was yet buly with the greateft do- 
ilgns; or he haa Ilill. great defig;iu in 
his head. 
ScblodngenT/ Perh, reg, act, to irapregtiate, 
to make frvitfuf or fertile, i) In a proper 
fenfe, to impregnate a woman, to get 
her with cjnild. (gint teWge IfMm 
fc^tfngern/ to get a fingle or nnmarried 
woman with chdd. @ic t^at g((> f^flkb* 
ficrn ia^tn, Ihe has luflfered her feif t» 

b6 ffii >ridk (rUid; CAic gcr4N»«Nmc 

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11 Flp^0ltffiefy , it U* dfo FometiteM 
■fed af the mineral ntd yttj^cfbltB Kbg* 
Mm; for 6€frQ((lch/ to iokpretiutte , to 
Bale Mum ot lerrilr. in UhyMiftr^» 
to ittpreipuite» to chaij^ i llqubf of any 
fibftuice Widi feme iiran^ pattkle^. 

hl«Mdi«Vtv. we^fMmviiiii the 

act 6f ,Mttiii|[ a woo^a^ ^th^ cfiild;, 
fit iomr^atiOQ of a' '^mi£ or &)^ 
Uo| i^uafr With chtld bjjf ^g tirftli a 
liin. fo CkyiAiilryf the impregnation; 

oancf y the Aale ofbetng with cbiid. 
Wm, -Xt, -Cftt^ n^. ah^iiiiv. from 
de fcfb ft^flMinfai, pliaUe, flexfble. 
(nefMllth Snt^C/ a pliable" or Qexi- 

utrdaorMtcfa. eine f^jboviee at$ei# 

k, t flexible willow. SometimeB ilfo 
for Wdnf or gtf^laof / oF dre hiima^h 
kdf* fleniliir, thin, fftm, Hiiabe^. ftfn 
fiMl^ WA, A fleoder bodv. U b 
anb fittelimet uieA figuratively for URtf 
hfSml/ andetprnnned, initnnitt\ un- 
Wmiiute* vaatfe!, unfTxed/ ^iMbrgQ^HS, 

ooloiM o)f aibbigtfou^ ^xpreOion. 

a fice»^^ttneu» a i^tticiam , a pleafant- 
W; i(;]eft, a fbtt^d or ^UffM, faying. 
CbiMe fcitbribflfcn , to jefi or joke, 
to droll 0^ bto'ter, to fell mahy or 

waatM thrA|f . ©olltr ecJtorfWe <cc<cn^ 

to KfTe alwM fomei^inf^ to fay tb 
•dli^o(iela0|(fa\ to be full of jefia, to 

. bt oteaDiat , merry or, cotnical. 

f^mtA, veth.reg. nttur. with iOiUH. 
hflfjltrmpelY, to waveh to be uolieikdy 
orwtirmng, to Ilagger, to be in an 
VBcertaiaty; to balance or heiitate , to 
be ia doubt, to be onrefolved or irre» 
Mate. I) T^ be irrel'olute. ^ fd[)iedtlft 
I04i hoheiitatea, he baUncei vet, he 

'^mh dotibi. ffiicfn ^cr§ fiDroanft 
n|C9i( , e^\t%. a^ To be uodetdrim* 
i«9d. dttbioas, ambignoDf or obfcure. 
^sMvoilfdltef Htll^rvtf ^ a dubiooa* 
aiiU|^Nit> or. obfcure ezpreilion.' s. In 
a prop«r fenCe , to reel , iiagg«r > fhake, 
ri^PSfb* to totter, towaaglo, X9 
Mq^tatad, to bend or iodine from one 
Ma to tbe other , to waver, to play or 

U the 
lot lie 


er 6e^ 

' fluid 
id fro 


rk or 



Ma Mr vKwKV/ tho* InRnMoff dz tnc 
noon. ^ 

activir of the pnscediirf, fMbllf 01' ma^ 
(^y but iifonly ufed of Md bodiea, 
to a|(hate; tofii/ jolt,' flnki^;' put m 
rnmiotf; to give i tofa or Jbh; to Air, 
tor pbifb. Cin ga§ f<|HO(Infcti/ to fwia^ 

a ca(k with fome water i4 it* in prd'er 
to wjifh it within. Cin jOlai Mmditfciir 
to rinct A glala. 2>int ftuilb fc^Mcily 
atlifl)M|cQ/ to wafh or rince oae*! 

fiftf. S>a< CMHOtftoffat> , a: ciRem in a 
^ dininf ^room to rince glafaea'' in. 
W tMipMtmf the act oF uimlng or 
wHeeling about ; of Hncxnar at NfamDg, 

gr^en - C 

loDji fiib 
maf fro] 
iu^, el 

aoi, of 

uH of a 

m, tl 

or' Wreai 


(cut oF a 


briifh ox 

>tif mt 


tretirnv f 
or afffoi 
to favi^ 
coajt 6r 

to trick * 
lentiy. a^ 

d(ef mbveable end of i thirig, atid iii a 
ftiU more extenfive fenfe dVeiy efid 
is oft^n Called (eif 64toai||. 2>e( 
ec^iDflni: Ui^ gopf , ^iaatiopf., . r ijeTt 
6r tuf^ df hair^ a uvt of hair. 2)€r 
64iboiii or 6(bmeff rtnci JPometen/ 

the uil of a comet |^r @(t)n)on8 dtt 
tm Jt^ciicrfl/ the triitif or taU oF a lady^a^ 
gown ^tc. V. ©cbroelf ei ^d^Uptit, ri^'tth 
10 better^ {kr @(t)ioan» ^fner 9^i)tC/ « 
Crotchet or quaver in mnfic* In a con- 
temptible tenle. ®(nn fie tomnftf ft^M 
obcr brfnfit JS< iitimcr ffncn rotmcrr 

f<1)n)an| mft jW^ ^ whenever /he cornea, 
e baa of brihgi always a long tram or 
ooivptny along wilh her* . 


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. Ife e<to<mioftir, eteriKAcrtliMl fIfeiM/ tie CttMuMtC/ « toadwlt)! • uiiL ^ 

the vein of a horfe've tail. (ic O^maillindrc f a titmoufi or laulki 

Ml 6*IDa«|Wll^ bti -C</ p/»r. We -e. ^ wiOi a long tail , 

tbqfe bones of the fpine, which extend ber @*».on|popatf<D , the parrot vnih 
.to the taU of quadnipeda, the hide bo-^ long tail, the long-uUed paixot, 
ae» which it an appendia to the ridge- bi< gOWOfllUCrflrf C / a tail-perawig. 
bone, which U called alfo 6tarr!no<|^eil. ber 6<P»an|ric«eI, the croft -tiniber, whic 

MiS^ti^* ♦*,r il^^.«. l,:« tSl ^« «'«**- umber oF.the carnage-cbeek. 

^ W»4n§e!t, Ae dog, wag. hie tail. @<t>»aii|r«eincn, be! - ^ /»/*«?. t.t non 

M ®«»toieto, wagging, monng the ^^ ^ crupper, a horfe . crupfw < 
tail. dock. 

ter 6*»A«eWe?nft, M -H, fi«r. Me j^r @((muiiigring / the rbg at\hc did ^ 

-C , *• fmall illiat profit inade by any ^ . Samping-haninier. 

^rchafe or bargain , markot - nnge. j^ 6(t«flB|rflfce. piar. bk -«, tHo doc 

tBcbii»4n.9elpfennig< madl^n, to cheat one, ^h^ it„nip part of a ho^fe'f uiU ; t 

snake him pay dearer tor a thing than it ' @<bn)C{frube; 

^.2? ?^^ ^"*^ ^J^^ ^^T ®*!^"' blc^»on»f<bntir, Sobmfdvnur, the fr 

icHrfennlge, die maid or cook - maid ma- ^^ ^, i^^^ . ft^ng of the reWetZwea ve. 
^ef her Miftreff pav more for thingt y^ @d)IMn«r<t)raubf / p/«r. Jlr -n, t\ 
than they coU, Ibe makee frequent t^e^ch of a aun or any fire -•nn ; il 
markettmgt. fcrew, which Auu,or doles the hind pa 

dC^mdnicn^ verL reg. I. A ver^ neuter or breech of any gun. 

. with baben. t. To waa or move the (er 6(bman||icrD , bti -ti, ptur. Me . 

, tall, particularly applied to doas^ in- ^tt jtomct, a comet, a blaaiog Kar, 
Head of f^ich r(bn>4n|e(Q is alio ufed, Rii widi a long taiL 
which fee. Ftgurattveiy. Cfltbcr f<bn>4n^ ba^ @(ttoon|0ik(t, tc5 -H, pUr. tt'c - 
|en^ to draggle the tail, to walk trip- the tail -piece, apiece of the tail; 

^ ping nicely, to jog the arfe proudly, as loin of mutton, or a piece of bartocl 

. nroud ladies do. (gu trmo efnbcr unb beef., t^ai ^^toanhUM «cn cimm 8 

f^^lWtnSeOf walking, and mincing, as \^t^ the tail- piece of a (iih. 
thelgo. If. 3, i6. %, To eo to and fro ((f 6d>ioan|lt>urm # an ulcer on the tail 
or backward and forward laaily and cattle , by whidi 'the tail often rots aii 
without 4efi«n. fRASfg bttrxm f(bn)dn' drops off. 

iVXt to go idly or idling about, to trifle @(bnMl|>P/ fcb»Opp«, an interfectiom . i 
about, n. A verA active, i) To furniih iinitate the found , which a quick ax 
wit|^ a tail, make a tail on fomething, in violent Aroke with a foft body caufea, 
which fenfe particularly the * panicipU lower Saxony fct^tolpp^ and fctmopp 

gef<biotfnit » »f«><^* i&efcbttHlnjre 9lot(n, Gcbm^DPl »ar cr ^{ndn/ fo (d>ncl ^ 

crotdieu. In a more lirtiited fenfe. Cio CiO %U(f, lie was in, as quick aa lig] 

9ferb f4>n»4Qien/ to tuck ^r tie up a tening. 

horfe*s uil| V. auffcbmifnien . which is ber 6(bn>09PCQKlU, a ihick> fat aack. 

2>a< S>^\\ fcbmanien, to loofen and pufli 

^fte taUhides or billeu off, which fiang ^■TSSi ' J ' /f^ %^. Si!?2 

"on, or ftick to the more' or Hdes of a ^.^^i^VALTiSfMi!^^ .f^ ^3 

river. 5) To neglect wilfully or defig- K??i* i*'^'^^^^ **"' hiailiick, f 

nedly, in popular languaae. gin CoC^ ^ T2!1m^ ^^ m «• ^ . 

legium f(b»4nicn, tto neglect a lecture, ber ©wdr, e(9«jfrm, ^v. fkftttwAi 

to play the truant, ©nc ©tuttbc \AfbiVif ?<^erbeu(e, an abfcefs. impoAhinake, 

Kttf t<^ neglect an hour or a leffon. ©k [^'* <» fweUing full of matter; a bo 

^iufe fAmdnicn/ to play the truant, *>••* ^^ wle. 

to be abfent from fchool without leave, ^i^wittn , verb, irreg. Imperf. {^ fitoyc 

In another lenfe. gfncn f(b»(fn|Ctt/ be* (formerly {^in\Xti)Poracip. gefiPlMK 

lrAgetl# bintcrge^/ to cheat, gull or It is a verb neuter with fc9n , aiMl 

bubble one. commonly ufed only in the third p« 

tie @(bn>On|feber f a feather of the tail, fon, to fuppurate, teller, beat, to ma 

the feathers, of which the tail of birds ter, run with matter, together mane 

is coropofed. or draw to a head, guic ^dj^f^figtU 

lit (ScbmanilolTe/ '@(b»)aii||o$feber/ tbe %t\d^wn\Xt, a tumor or fwelling d^awii 

fin of a fiih*s tail. to a head, ©fe fIBoobe fcbBNfrt/ \ 

ber Scbioonibammer, a hammer from 3o fdngt an in fcbtodren, the wound fb 

to 40 pounds weight, vfhich is moved by purates , it runs with matter, ^er gi 

the force of water and lervei to flatten ger oDer 92ai)C( fAn^rt / the finger 

bars of iroa. nail fefters. (Efnen gefcj^fOOraeil flll|)fV ( 

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fS/ to luKfe a feflered finger or • B^ 
ge^ that hat feftered. 
Itf ^((mffCII^ the fuppuration, ulcert* 


Bt| A crowd, Biulcitade» throng or 
iwt, a graat bodhr or nqmber of beea or 
•tbtr ammaU. fffn ©AnKirm VlClltll, 

ifvam of beat. ®n 6d»»ann flNen^ 

Ho, a fwarm or crowd of people. Sin 
Mmoi ^bttHtt, a crowd or crew of 
Ns>n- ein ea^matm 9b%tl, a Ccry, 
tlock of birda. (On e^am ii^, 


iMrnfQ/ ver^. reg. neuir. with ^a# 
Ml» wluch iinitatei the confiifed noife* 
tiiidi amoo^ others alfo feveral things 
a^ hi th^ir motion, i. In a proper 
^* ^^^'^ ^^ produce this £onfoTed 

»H^ Wai f&f tin tUhU^ti Gumftn 
Mm om ini<^ ittl ®e§n. in a 

Boct limited fenfe this word is nfed of 
^> when the young ones quit a ,liive 
^ t confofed humming or bucxiog 
ttd in I feemingly disorderly multitude. 

^ Vktim iiS^mdtmtn, toerNn hall 

mimtn, the bees fwarm, will foon 
"fvrm, a. In a more limited and more 

tttife fenfe. i) To be given or ad- 
^ tonoifypleafures and riots afsinit 
lO decorum. ^i< ganjc ffiubt fcpmdf^ 
on « to riot or revel all the night, tdtt 
B(n,on5 WffOifmeti, to make anoifeand 
to riot, a) To rove or ramble about. 

SsB dnon Drre ium antrm fc^iedrnicnr 

^ rove or ran]|>Ie from one place to 

■"^^kw. laf be? 6cf l^frum f*n)(Ir# 
j^/ to rove about the feas. S) To 
nfs wild or conftifed notions. Sr 
{Nrmt fm Jtepfe, he is ma^get-hea- 
M or msgget - pat^ . he is full of 
^^, freaks or fancies, (gr i^Vi6xmt 
^ Nf Mre, he fwerves from the 
••^Hae of the chnrch , lie is heterodoi, 
"• is not orthodox , he is a fanatic. 
K@<MnilCB/ fwarmina. rioting, (war* 
^ etc V. the £gnifications of the 

^.^^Mmtt,- be< -Ir plnr, ut ifom. 
^ *i. A fmall rocket or fouib, a 
2J5^ paper filled vnth gun- powder etc. 
^^rmtr locrfeil, to tbrow fmall 
'•cMtt or fqoibs. a, A revelling or riot- 
•J»peribn,/^wif lit. Ut ^(bm4rmfrlQn. 
j) A oaccbanailtii ,' reveller or rioter. 
W>»i*e«MldW|IC^Va mght- brawler, 
"Vt-refeller> a> One who hat wild 
*' ospCaled iotiona , a fanatic , an en* 

^j5**^Nrirtrep, f7«r, Me -m, debao- 

f°«T. rieipQs banqnetting and revel- 
HjWravSi jfanc^ Iwerving ; faniltilin; 

^**^wtrifif- er, -te^ «<//. and ii</v. 
*y«f«gaiit^ extravagantly; alfo fanati« 
^» euhdlUilicili Duuitieally. ^q 



f4l04mcrr|i^^ 8Renf9/'« Fanirtical or 
wiAnfiaftical man. €ftl WwrfrnieVlWcf 
<Effer/ an enthufiaihc^I seal, isibntt^ 
mcrff^C Clnfiftte^ extravagant thoughts, 
fanatical conceptions. 

6<tadnnf*t> v. 6c^totfnneH|ic(. 

MC C^ttmrtnUit/ the time, when beea 
fwarm or when they ufe to fwarm. 

M^©<^l»arte, pimr. ^t -n, Dtmin. hai 
6*nHfrtcHfn. 64m>tfrrrdn. i) The 

pellicle or film, which fiicks to the 
TeHels^ in which food is boiled , is cal- 
led in the Diminutive ba^ ©d^WtfrtcbcH/ 
alfo only tff Jj^out. i) The thick hard 
ikpi of perfoQS and animals. Among 
Huntsmen, the 'fldn of^ s'badaer Ilrip- 
ped off, and bv fome alfo that of a 
wild boar is called ^k gAwOrte. Par- 
licolarly the thick hard Ikin or blick^ 
rind offmoked bac^n tfr hams is known 
by this name, a fward. g(ne &ptd0 
fftpnuirte/ a fward of bacon. 'In a con- 
temptible fenfe the human flcin is aKb 
fometimes called tie @d>mart€. !Daf 

84(^0 anb etbmttt tnadtt, Cpi(|. 

Hence this nord is alio ufed fonietimea 
in popular language of the perfon him- 

felf, like s^aut and geBj einc arme 
Bd^pmt, tint 9ute ed^matU, ein ar# 

tner. jOUtet Wttnfd), a poor man, A 
good man. 3) JJer Rofen , a green fad 
or turf, the green fward, is called-in 
many places bit ©CblOOrlC or flrfltJe 

etbroorre. 4) 64»arren. ^Matttnt 

brrtCf/ flabs, the outmoA boards of a 
block or tree cut Or fawed into boards, 
in fome places they a^ called Gtfialett/ 
bcr ecbmartenmogfti^ M -i, pimr. hit 

- ItldgCII/ the paunch of a hog filled with 
minced fwards and flefh of the fame 

bfe ^(bwortftinmrff, piur. tie -nAxflt, a 

pudding of fwards. 
@d}ioort<0« nd)*. and adv. containing 
fward, tnick, hard Ikin, fwardy, being 
of the nature of a fward , rind or flcin. 
64martf0e< 910 1^ aiUood, that t^s a 
fward or thick rtna. 

6<bn'or|f fd)mdr|fr, fcbtiKfrlfffe / adj.uid 

' adv. t. In a proper fenfe, black, that 
is of a black colour. Cilt f^^tOdtkti 
Stltib, a black fuit of deaths, fyt 
fdbmarie garbe, the black colooa. 

6cbwar| oeflefbrt 9cben> to be dad in 
black. 6d)mQr|e £lnre. black ink. 
i>(Xi fd)fOOtH ^ttt, at univ^rlities , a 
black board, on which are the academi- 
cal publications. JDo^ f(bit?0r8C Stcftfffer^ 
the black book , a lift of the culpable 
orof thofe who deferve to be punilhed. 

Sftmanben Itt bos fcbmorje fUtMfttt {cbrtf^ 

belli to enter one in the black book.. 
Hence the figurative exprellions, efneit 
bev ietnanb fcDn^iari macben or anfrbnxk^ 
%ttl , to aiperfe, disgrace, caluminate, 
dafamOf blemilh or Qander one. Q^c9 

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te with one. 9<6lD0ri Ottf mcff.M^/ 
to \uiW9 femeiUagin iffiuag^ .^^^'^ 
f^ori dttAotai. the ink^ aad tnHf the 
p4per. f'rov. Sm fU^ttn fkh tSc 

kdy m the wL . The fmyimipHv^n 
pro9otioce4,ro|Deti«ee Ni MMr|;, fo- 

dirty? fmth&m^ ^P^^ ^ ^ Wifh 
ing of Iben , tfppe i eJ te nHfif , deeii 

M ufed, for ft^MOe Mm^ And it in- 
decliDabb lUbe all adverbf # 'when ihey 
Me ufed fft (hbftancee. fill Mtacl 
^4^Mri,. a fine ^ beeiitUitl bbclu Z)iC 
MaivMiWir ma<|^ m @«HHift •en 
0feni<b(o4en^ the ghOli-pamMre make 
their l^dK of the dtoU of iron. granN 
fnmr€tt«iin» Fraocfon-hlack, n black 
earth. {< gi^t iKft^McttClrtoi 6<ti0af|# 
there art feveral font ol black, {lie 
6(66n(K{t.M€fje^ &^man, the beaotjof 
^lU UncL But the fiUfiamiiv •WQi 
C<tHOir|t oenotet ia flMay oafet a black 
thioa, Ibmetimet alio the c^alityt and 
U dedined like all adjectivft* j6o5 
6c(»niMe ia.efnet e^tfmfi^ibe, the 

black in the white for Ihootiog at ; |he 
mark, the ann, 2}al 0(bioar|t jn ttt^ 
itf bcr luaopfelf the apple of the eye, 
toe, eye- ball, the black of the eye» 9p- 

g>Ced io the white, ijM ed)ipar|C . faU 
fi, (among Paimen.) 5k @oamR dbtr^ 
d^li f to charge a picture with flia- 
' dowinga > 9M0 to incline to be black or 

dark. (Sin @4mKirier^ etti 9{eacr/ « 
nearo • a blackainoor or a black moor, 
s. In a more extenCf e feafe » for toiltcf^ 
dark# deprived of mach light, at well 
aawr8<t with black. 6d)ioor(< %mt^f 
ft]|Mtttlitte.orbuiiee(6r«|lie# black eyat. 

^f^atit tW^tn, ^mUittWf black 
chenriei* Among thole who work in 
iron, an iron it called f((||Mlf|^/ when 
It m not tinned or done ove# .with tin. 
eteOfKA Jtopftr or ^4lMr|(lM»f(r in 
bal^ting-hoiiret, mucrefnfgtcl/ copper 
o£fh^ (tcond pnelting of the ore. 6d»nHir# 
%tiWV^^^ttM, black, coarfe meal, op- 
pofed to %r^ white.@(tnHlt)c< 9rtt bread 
atade of thit meal, brown • bread, brown* 
[O. In. a more eitenlif e ftnfe Mmort 

fC9 lOnrt it 9Mtll6r»t« rye-bread, op- 

, p^ed to the whitd. 6<l)i»ar|el fkMatf 

f^toMiA relMf blackilh red blood. 

e^omiel wiVbpttt or GcbnKiriwn, 

bladl^*game, among Runttmen , a na- 
me, for wild fwine or wild hogt, to 
whidbr Come reckon the heart and bad- 
fart, on account of the blackilh brown 
oolour. e<t»»arftc< fb^iks V. QfchiMri^ 
|9b. "-Ccbioarl often Ggnifiet fun-bnint, 
tanned by the fun, fwarthy, uwny* Cr 
tt fdWMiri* or f(t«ar| vcrbraant. i^ii 

^ef iRw^t, he ia fun -burnt, fwarthy 
or tanned by the fun. In another fenle 

e^ant mit^, Ibnl tteeik «« 
fAlDOriel itm^ » a foul or dirtf Mnrl 
2>lr MMtK <tint, iHsaoiiMar^ H fcbi^ 
of grating #poft copper. \ In an tfAe 
fenU rt occurs hi ttm IbHowing. like 
wife for flsffct, eonfci, dark, gldM|i> 
blacky deprived of nmtji lidK, of fhi 
greateftpartof Hgbt. JNri^MMiel «fl 
fi^ri/ mit biRfditfBotteiiJSaE|9ica 
the heaven, the fry growt bUdi ^ 60aV 
gloomy, over-calt vHdr' darl dovdi 
§ti Hi fq^marieii nob |WMB 9M#t# i' 
the bUck and dark night. dteMwM 
«i(U^ # black hole. .etoMiMrit««4 
wiuer ileg {iembar onf # %m* ^ , ^ 

. 3. Figwrat. 1) X)fe (dN9«|e XMlli 
Wc Sou^ei^^ thjt black art,. 0e€rotar.c 
cyormagickr V. 64«0MfMiml<r* .2 
In the h^heft degree (ad, . Cbrrowtbl 
melancbonr; nnhappyr unfortmiato,..iin 
locky, black; in Ube. eltfam fiflc 
@(|)RKirK (^Ctanfftt. Mack, melmidK] 
ly or gloomy thouj^ta. . Id^ »|ttl| 5l 

iio<b bm M)i9afaeiizai|/ bet 5(e 9Wlci 
unfercf i^oftiima ft •nmbe ndmc 

ah doft thou Hill know the bladit oi* nn 
happy day, that deftroyed the blolaoni 
of our hopet? SBdffC.^ S)In a high dc 
gree viciout, bad, wicked, maneioni 
mitchievout , black , abominable or dc 
tellable ; ]ckevrife in an elegant Ityla. C 
bat dne Mioarie 6c€U / ba haa f^hlacl 

a malidout foul. fBamll crbffm W 

beine f(bioaf|e Gcefe nkbljMie tfbta 
tbe e^tr to K\ttt garnet WmMkf^ 
etot (((marie {^t# a black deed* Cii 
fc^mofK^ Serbced^en^ a black crima. 

tie 6(bloariamfel/ the blackbird*, 
e(6»arfAiAia# -er, -ft, adf. gnimdr 

having black, i. a. dairk eyat, blndi 


per @((^nMif|6d<(er / be# • ir f /«r. m itojn 

Jing. a baker, who^ bate only ry« 

bread or brown bread. 
We 6<bmaribeere, bill-bahry, Blaae<tb(«i 

ry; V.iJ?<n)e!leefe. 
ber 6(bn)ar)btnber, a cooper, who 61 Ac 

large caA^ or tuht. 
Ccbfl>ar|bNlfrf0, adf. am! mdw.- ibrij^Kfie 

ly, fad, atrabilary, atraAAafiolifll, ttM 

led with nbeltncholy or ilie ij^^M^* 
6<tnNir|braiii|/ -er, -fft/ mAtMmSt 

black- brown, dark -brown. CmHtf M lj 

bronnel ndbiVen / a browtf girf wiii 
black eyet. tin WmVtM^mttfSia^, 
dark - brown fAit of claatluk' 4^1 

e^Mfibravnel 9f^# • Wadt-^Browi 

btf&^an^vm,M -H, pirn Mr -en 
the black thorn, the floe-bniir ^iwm 
rpinoU L. 

He 6d»n)drief piur. (but only i» ihm hi 
IL^fication of feveral fbrtt,) Mc -R 
biacknelt. 1. The Ibte of a tlii^f- botnj 
black; hasf aap/ar«/; r) ^ »• ^ 

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&Mi iB^m IS) 

i9$Am 9ifih0 Mdfmti' ki^ltmitHf, alauigglflr« n pafon. i^ 
lott It ft huntH von imports or sxpofU eoodt without payiDjr 
U> 9dB$p i$ U^da^r^ than di^ cuftoaia, or wno fouiggiet prohiM- 
ftMl/LaiMJU. 4-8- 9fe Ziqte (at ud£;oo4f. 

Idir J8tt 6<tM«^# ^« '^ W 'lo M Cil^nMUraeri/ « bUckiq» kind of filver- 
fN»d bUdLocfii, IS qo good bkck. ^ ore. 

«MrH *cr 92a(i»r# fhit bU^ka«& of tar«d)iior|fdrlcr/ ooeMrbo di»i black, a 
Qisifli^ 9) Figurtutvtljr , a high de* dier in black. 

pot of fiadne&, £prrow, melaoeholy. ^t 9(|>iiNirftfdr(m9 # ^ dyinc in black, 
0k 0<bflMfrif M %tW^i, the forrpif alfo the die-houfe» where iktif did ia 
«t|n«f €M:«Aicuon; but Aillofuier9b# blaok. . ■ / 

IhiH^fftl, tB^rrncbtbcft/ detefttble- CdMoof tli<Hg , tfdf/. and td'9. Iiaviug 
«i^eiK>iQin#blenerf, Ua cknefstb^inous- black (pots (applied to horfef). 
m6, efiormity; bafenefi. iofamy, vil- C4nMMr|0€(bi a^'- and adv* blivo' colons 
\lg§^ ifsckedjiefs, both only ^ toe ele? red, alfo tawny -li?id, of a yellowish 

CI Bpfk€. S>tc 64Mi<lr|e M MttH, colouf m\u with blacks ClB fEtwariir 
i^ladm^, heinottsnels or enormity 0(fbcr # <$0(blilo(^r) # raulaUo, one that 
af liie fke. S>ir @<tMOtfrie fHncr @CcCc# has a bUck and a t^^ite for his parents^ 

M a cknrft of his foul. 2){( @4^iBdrie 6A9«rMCfprcilMr , m//. «nd 4iilv; fpeck* 

ter Sfeflt/ <be blacknefs of a deed* ' led or jotted lika a tiger. 
W 9<todr|c felof^ S^riircAen^, the 6tbwarM(tfii|cii^/ Ad/, and 414^;. black* 
llackMb of his crime, a. As a con- fhining. 6(b»ar|$Idngeobcr Co^t black* 
awtf, in wfkiHfJ cafes a black bod^. X)l€ fliining taffeu»'IuRrinK or If^teibing. 
6#»ifritwdf|C» Ihoemacker*s ink or 8(tn>ar|iroa> ««&'•' ^niT nifi;. gray mfatt 
UliBk. S(e S^mtfrftedrie, the prin- with 0lac)L» dark gray. 
HiTf ink. 2Mc.6(]>llbf(|)mir|</ blacking 6ci^mor|grAn , a^\ and adv. dark greea. 
(btiboef. Among Ifioers , e^m^nt is 6((iiiarM<k((M , V. 64mi^er|- , 
i H«ck or bUckifh metallic earth, (cf 6<(»ar|9afcrf black o«u. 
M»»«iligc 6<frflHlc|C/ yhich conuins Ml 64»M|Mi# M -H, piur. bU 
tehL 6Cttcff4^ivdrHf wiieiiit conoins -(6(|cr. 9}a(cl(o(|/ taogel^vfl/ i^r|# 
use lilvar. (o(|# roiinous wood, black' wood, to 

ftJBiTini ^1""^' f''^* ^>^* !• 6^nMr| whidi are reckoned the fir-tree, |)ino*" 
■i$iw infftrltnrifrriirlh'r'ltrn '"^l'"V tree, larch -tree, yew-tree and the |iini- 
frie bbbek€9» to maku hlaokf to do over per -tree, a) A roreA, wood or grove 
1^ y^ck., to darken. C4< eifeil of Aiob trees. 

ff0$tf$ai, tp do iron ove^with pitch* tel &blMtiUpp4^tn , the Hng«c« a bird 
It flilncb it becomes a fhimng black. witK a blackhead ajpd lufr.. 
OtB^nbt, Hi iiUt Wmintn, to bai &6)mQflHbU3mi theredjtpii, a bird 
HaAf ibe Choes, the leadier. 8Bdf4K with a bUciL throat. 
nmbvUf f^Qolig niafSftn, to foul or ftcir 64iMr|froiai, the black • aecjud 
«l disiy linen. Alf9 hUUltli ffnfCf plorer (k bird). 

mmttn, to bladien, to dikrken. 0o^ till SdMOar|(failt/ ^a herb of St. Ghri* 
H% Mt €oft tin fcuAter 6fi(i»lnb Bopher. 

jtsdurr, as foon 4s a moift fooih-wind (er ^ivar|tjiinne( , tel "!# fr/«r. inn^. 
Uackana the afr, i^gct. 9a(5 afcr pei>p«r - wort . coriander .o| Aome , ^» 
HMncl pd) Me (dm i&fmmcll(ttftr gella or giih. 

4ii£^ ». Flfurat. 1) 6<9ilKir|r.i. «• We 6<(lO«r|(oaff^ necromancy etc. V. 
iBcMHi mg^iij verKuintei, inAead ed^ibori the ^df/Vc^. 
of wfakli in popniar language aDfd)i0dn (er C<t)n«ri(tatfer # be^ *<# pi^r. ut 
' ^ ' ' " * to nom. jCngf. /w'w. tie Gc^rafAnff' 

e, UfinO^ a necifomancer» magician jor 

it, coaiurer ; a £brcerer. 

»| ta< 0dbtimnhiPfcr# bel •«, W*''* Oivt 

us onlyofleveralfofU.p at noat. /ia^.tha 

;g/ copper of the fecona (mating of the ore. 

e- It IS alfo called fitaigMopfer. 

u- ed)mdriiU<(^ -cr# •(«* ^dj\ and aibf. 

r# bUckifh,. flbmevhat black, farartlqri 

ll dark, brown, uway. 

bt Me Cd)(0ar|)nclf€, the b)ack lit-monfe or 

le* mufkin. 

^» 6ct»loamot(» , arfl. And pdv: having a red 

4) colour mixt wiib black* a tedcuCh-black, 

(|l biackrfed. 

in Me@d)iDar«bM<f a WaA-m^d hoifa. 
djP 0cb»ilr|fi4^fmme(f a gray- lorfe, whofo 
^hita IS fpQcklod nub tlacb 

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M 6<fMiar|0(to / Bbnr^ on miit with 

tcr @d^m«c|llefii, Qroanliui, the ne^ 

ganeie, a Hone of a black -gray colour. 
eSbtoatJiHtHf^, ad/, and mdv. black- 

Me @(bttHlritafUle/ the common or femalo 

fir •tree.' 
5ers~<S^mor|tOtu|er^ the black -headed 

little diver • Mergut minor niger Klein. 
G((n90r§rAp|ii4^ , adj. and adv. fpeckled 

or fpotted nith black; pinked with 

Mc ScbwdriatlA/ blacking, bladming, 

the act of making black. 
bar Scb»orj|n)a(5 , the laigeft foieft or 
• wood in Germany, 
(et @(|Koar|ioeMcD / buck -wheat. 
ba< @C^dNir|Oilb , Ui - ii , plar. ear. 

blick - game , i. e. wild (wine or wild 

hogs, to which fome reckon the bears 

and badgers, 
bit @cboar|mfobe/ wild bnck -wheat. 
Me ^(^loarimuri origcbioammuriel, plar, 

car. t) The great comfreyt Symphy- 
^ torn officinale L. 9BoS»>ur|. a) !D(c 

gOUnrAbC/ biyony or briooy» Bryo- 
nia L. 
6<i^ma4en , v^rb. reg. ntmr^ with bafteti, 

to prate » pratde» chat, chatter, talk, 
-blab, babble; cabbie, jabber, clauer, 
twattle. I. In the moA exteniive fenfe, 
where it is ufnal with feveral acceflory 
ideas, i^ To talk or fpeak familiarly. 
To that the acceHoiy idea of no iropo^ 
tance ceafes or Tanimes. QUt icmanbCH 

f<bioaten / to ulk with one. Son etoal 

f<(ieaitCII / to talk of or about fomething% 
S^Caubern is ufed in the verjr fame fenfo. 
' A^^So thit the acceflory idea of unim- 
po^rtant, inconliderable , often alfo of 
indiscreM is evidently piedominant, 

iBr fcbmai^t ma< {(m in ben ^unb eomt}it, 

whatever is upperraoil, out it comes, 

9a4 (9c(ag Mnein fdHvaien, to talk at 

random , to talk without knowing or 
conlldering what one lays, ^i if bcO 

ibm bc^ @d>waiitni fein enbe, there is 

no end of his prating, prattling or 
chattering, a. In a more hmited Tenfe 
it is as much as au<f<tnMIQen / to blab, 
babble, to reveal a fecret. %ui hit 


mch^eato talking^ C »> tH t ft fnil# 
to be ulkative etc. gHo WM|Hfm 
Selb/ apratin| gollip, a prating, prau* 

• ling, on ulkative woman. In popular 
Itngnage f*mafi(KlWg. ,^ . 

Ne ecbwaibaftfeWt, pimr. c^r.-^talkati- 
veneU, loquacity, the quality Oi talkioc 
to excefs, in all tbe lignificatioos of 
the adjective and adverb. ' 

Me 6<t»cbe# pi»r. tit n, the Ilaie of 
a thing bemg fuspended . or hanging ; as 
anabUract, and without a plural. 3t| 

ber @(boebe ftfa, ^ngeo/ to beDif* 

pended or hanging. 
dimthtn, verb, ref. neutr. with ^htXk 
which imiuies by lU found the foft gent- 
le motion of a raing in a fluid body, par- 
ticularly in the air. i ) In a proper fenfe, 
to move, hover, float, wave or flutter* 
Z>er 9^e^ ®om< ((bmebte anf Um V^U 
fer , the fpirit of God moved upon the 
face of the waters. Gen. i, 2. Sle 

aBorten fcbtoeben In ber hift. tho douds 
hover or move in the air. Huf mb IllC- 
bce, or bin unb ber fAmeben, to wave 

up and down or to and (ro. (Bl f(tWC# 
ber or treibet auf bcm ««ffcKf ^« drives 
or floats upon the water. OiC eill Wb$ 

ler Aber fetnen 3unaen M»»ebet/ as an 

eagle fluttereth over her young, s. B^ 
Murativ^ty. I) 9cbtt)ebrnbe ^dnoef in 
Mining , flat , horisontal or moftiy ho- 
lisontal veins, oppofed to ihe^ perpendi- 
cular or at leaft to thofe refembiing a 
perpendicular direction, a) In feveral 
particular phraCes. CI ft^mebt ttfr «af 
ber Svn9<> ^ ^''^^ ^' '^ ^y tongne*s end< 
Sal f<bmebt mir immer vor tugeo,, iha« 
ve it conftantly before mr cjes , it wa- 
ves before mj eyes. C< Imebt Oiil 
no4 im ^etiftnifTc, I remember it fiiU. 

^ rd>mebt rnlNp bem einne or ta^ ben 
9ebanfen# 1$ tann nur \tU nlcbtbori 
anf f onraien , it is not out of my memo- 
ry , vet I cannot at present call it tc 
mind.' 3»if(|Kn Snrcbf onb t^Wwxn 
rcbn>eben , to hover or float betwist ho 
pe and fear, ^n (i^efabr fcbiftbeii 9 1i<f 
beflnben/ to be m danger. 9}ie #cfibj 
ren/ welcbe. Aber unfcrm i!>aii|ite k^mt 
ben r the dangers , that hover oyoc ou 

6<boU f(bma|en , to blab out or divul* ba^ @(bmcben ^ the iUte of a thing beini 

ge fomettiiog. Stt nMt , id) fAwaQe (uspedded in the air> that horera in th 

nicbt/ thou knoweft , I do not blab. air, 

ber @cbiOii(ar, M 'i, piur.ntmom.Jlng, @d>RKbenbf adf. and adv, bov«rtti| 

Famimj Mc @(bW(f$erinn ^ a prater, floating, wavering, hanging, waving 

prattler, chatterer, babbler, a blab, a (Kne f^OKbenbe anfcl/ a lotting Ii 

talkative perfon. land. 

Mc^iid^erev/pratioff, prattling, chat- ble @4H»ebttn0, hoTfring, floating, h«i| 

taring, babbling, chit-chat, tittle- ing. 
.tattle, gabblina, twittle- twattle, pritt- Q^mttf a Swede. 

le«prattle> ulk, tflkativenels. 6<blDeben / Sweden, 

ble 6q>n>(f (erinn r apratinggoflip, apratt- G^MKbifitb. adj. and adv.' UfMSti,, c 
, ling or talkative woman. , or belonging to Sweden. 

0dMVfl|«bO(]^/« -er, -tft/adf. and adv. ber6(bmeft(# be< -i, piar. (bat only < 

Ulkative* * lull of prate, loquadousy feveral tbrts)) iKnom«yi9g« brimftAni 

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t^fHat, ifiu ttoctuont mSiMraly yelloWf 
dn, folid, and friable. 
kteAmtftlahHUit, a print or actype in 




Imni brimftone in an anptjr calk« and 
afterwards fiJl it with wine* in ordtf to 
'make the wine Aronger and 'gi?e it a 
abetter taAe. 

Me64}»cfcfa^cr^ tor 6<tmef(t0aiig/. Ibl- (a< 6<^mefc(n# thedtppinain, or doing 
phnr-ere. a Tein offiilphur. over with brimHone, tne bleaching or 

6^0CfdOrt{f ,. fnlphurona. 
to MncfcfMUaiB , balTam of ftilphnr. 
\k&mtitShlnmt, flower ofbrimiloae., 
to B^mtftlhtQnh / tbe burning of fnl- 

to MiMfUbampf # the vMponr or Aeam 

to BimtfObnnft a (ulphurona exhala- 

whitening by the fumea of burning hiU 
phur; aifo the making wroe ilronger 
and giving it a better taAe by' burning 
brinutope m a calk. 
hai @<>iMfel5W oil of fnlnhor. 
hai 6d>m<fc(pjla^cr , & plaifter conUfimg 
of balfam of fulphur, wax and relin or 
' colophony. 

^Cr 6am»(f((redeil , a rain miied with a 
\k6^mftUt!ttf a fiilphnrous eardi. kind of fine yellow dull. The vulgar 

MwMtUth, oT9p which contains fnl- opinion of its being brimftone is an ar- 

S or brimftone ; an ore, whole chief ror/ 
ance u fnlphnr* (f( Q^wtftXiatbt 9 an ointment or [aire 

to 6<ti»<feffaOcil # a match, a thread dipt made of fulphur. 

a brimftone • ferring to light a candle bic Od>iOCf(lMurc » the acidity of fulphur. 

with. Me 6$tOCfclf<tlatfe/ the drofs d* recre- 

He64NKfe(firic# the coTour of fulphur. ment of brimflone. 
to 6dH»<ftIgCif / fpint of fulphur. (oi 6^l0efe(nHlircr / folphurous watiors. 

64«cfdgClly ad), and mdv, of a pale t>a< ®Qnif fdlVcrf / a honle. where brimfto* 

jsUow. ot a brimftone-colour. ne is prepared. 

to @(tlDCfitlgrll^, a fulphur -mine. 6(blO((lcn/ V. ^WCtCtl. 

M 6(taKft(^CSIlb€> afturt dipt in brim- Mmcibeo* t^er^. r<g. ncl. among I^ea- 

fiooe. Uier - dreiliBrs , to rub Ikins with lime 

\^ €4ocf!tA5b(^, a matdi, a fmall and aihes. 

piece of desl dipt in brimftone; fenring (et 64m>Cif# M -C</ V^^r, (fe -€/ I^i' 

to lifkt a candle with. minut. tal ©Cjiodfc^ll , ♦ ©4n)Clf cin# 

N( G99CfeI|ftttC/ nhoufe, where brimfto* the uil, trail, train etc. i) In a pro* 

aeii refined. 

6(tiMfcfi4t^ ^' and adv. fulphnrons* 
tbst is of the nature of fulphur. ^^VM 
Mcbtc ttgtflntoilgcil/ lulphurous as* 

Mvclefl;/ -ft, •fr^ adj, and «<^v. 
eoBtsimog Inlpbnr, fulphurous. 64K0C#' 
fclteCrde, fttlphurons earth. 

to 64«dd(lel f fulphurous pyrites. 

N( A|M»(fef((fgfofc# the marcallite, or 
BtKslHte ftone. 

^ &tiocft(lebfr, piSur. (but only of fa- 
jeniroru,^ Mc -0^ in Chymiftry, the 
W of fulphur; a product conftfting 
of a compound of fulphur with alcaline 
n*tten; Uepar Sulphuris; V. W<t« 

M 6(M»(f(e(mdlin4^f among Miners, 
A double twifted match of brimftone- 

to MiKffliiiciilCf / anoverOserof abrim- 

per fenle, but only in fome parricular 
cafes.. The tail ot an animal is called 
etn C<bme(f/ parucularly if it is long 
. and hairy. 2)er 6d>l0eif CfOCl ^ittUi, 
Iti )}f<rbcr(tioeif or Sol f^iodf / the tall 
of a horfe, a horfeuil. Dcr 6(|MI>Cif 
CCQCI 9faael SC. the tail or train of a 

peacock etc 2>cr 64^meif an eiticm 

,, $Xt\Hf Me 6<|>CCPPC, ibe train of a 
woman's gown. 2cr ^mcff eUicg So^ 
mctcn / the tail or r rain of a comet. 1) 
Figuroiivefy, among Miners. Z)(f 
6*n>cff eincKBonge^, the end of a me- 
ulic vein, where it ceafes or termi- 
nates. ' . 

M6*»<Wwt/ aboard, which goea 
acrofs a Lace -maker's loom to bear the 

(cr 6d)n)e(fliildfl». a kind of ftirrups h<ing 
on the pommel of the faddle*bow. 

(atf 60rocifefftn / an iron uCrd in cutting 

u, ^^ „ , MA • j^ •!! -n or turning round. 

^^^mmm\m, m Cbymiftrv, nMinito- @(|^n>eifetl , «er^. reg. I. A vrb neuter 

7. a.ehymical powder, the milk of ^ , ^il^ fep„ u„^p ftbwclfm, to rove. 

W"'! Magiftenum Sulphuru, Lac ,anible, range, wander or walk about 

869<ft(||, ver^. regr, net. to dip in 
briiaftone , to do of er with brimftone, 
>Uo to fuspend in the air over the fu- 
yi of burning fulphur. 6efb<IK etttw 
pit (((»€Tcin/ to fuspend filk*ftoc)ungs 
n the air o?er the fumes of burning fm- 
pliar. in order to bleach them or to 

•ale them white. VkHl f<t»Cfc(fl# to 

without any particular determination. 

am Bontt umpSff f(i»nxif(ll#tO rove, ram- 
ie • range or walk about the country. 

JDer gjcrba^t bcr (Rrdjlnn f<fcroc4ft aiif 
cincr gans onteni 8(Ibrte# tdT. H. a 

a»er^ active. 1. FumiQied or prorided 
with a tail; where it is iifual only iii 
the pfirticiph gcfdjmdff . . Cln f*Btt ac* 

f^lDClM #lt/ shoife. tliat ha« a fine 

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. tail * jfi fiajtrtailed iioijCl. 
a'thiiiff oibVo. t^ In ' 

/I. To mak^ 
- feale» 

l^iit only yi romecMea'. (fOTo m^ve a 
fluids liody to apd Iro , t6 ffir/ to rinij% 
to fpUfli. (b) Segen # 'to (Veep, a) 
Rgurativf/y^ to' gi?e f pioce of Jot* 
^*s Work etc . A crooked t^re ,. either 
to 'miJie it lighter or handromer ; to |;ive 
jt tlie forni of a bow; to chamfer it. 
Cfne Ae^tbetfrc @<fnU, a channeled or 
chamfered pilUr or colamn. Amona 
Tayiort, (j^wtifin, to flope, cm IIojpiji£ 
llant, to round or make round. ^(Sipd* 
fen ja al(b r<(lep|Ktl# to uaU or fTireep 
behind alon^ the around. 
Ifii ^Ct^i^eilTetl , and in die active fome- 
timet l^ ed^ntUufii, the i^ct of giving 
a thing the forni oTa bow or vadJt/ of 
,<jatting it adope etc. £pe thj» Ilanifica* 
ti'ont of the verb. ' " "' ^' ' "' 

t/ ia«&'. and adv. 

f git iiflope^ 

train, l9ha-ui)ea, 
rain. gS^tkfypti^f^ 

ter e<|)»elfra(inc9/ among Lacf^n>akera, 
tvrp Dojf^ii ,wuh pega or nails, to Which 
the ^auoi i^ extended to tip lacea aid 
ribbons. * ' • ' " * * 

Ut e±miMim€$ , V. eAmaoyrlemai. 

^U &ff^€pitl^if among Joiners, a few 
n(^ in cutting things crooked px in |he 
JTorm Ipf a bow: ^ taw'jto cut ibuiid 
Wiih. ' * 


gen > to conceal , hum or hide f uiij^ 
not to tajjJL of j^ ^9t to blah it 6u^ 0^ 
to discloie fff /^Uecover it ; l>.at only a 
upper Germany, j^al hXLfi \lti Ulcf 
ftpjRdjiCII/ I cannot 'conceal that* 
niuft Upfk filence with it. ^^ flrff 5i 

ft ,bcr JKoltfdt oi<tt fAmiiitn, OpH 
145* Ul. Aa a FAcr/r. withar^l 

ParUcip. d^fOti§Ct, Mmpenu. fiti^mcl 

je; ^11^ 6d{jjO|^Q ftrinacD, to fflenci 
to put to iUehce» to Aill or oblifte t 
refrjun fr^ peaking, fijttt |Wc 
Mfmm JSOA b^ Jtioter. dul4ren nr 
luliedu' j^u/hed, fiienced or appeafe 
Iby fiifis. t>U ^ottioteo mflfieo in bi 
^(8e ^iDCftet oerbei)/ Mm 6t(l 
rAmclgeo gebropl mertcn , let the lyip 
lips he put to lilence, Pf. 3<* t8- SB< 

Icbm 19)8, iinb mt tBM (Am, hi 

ntod^ (tint SungeV he that wiQ Icy 
life * and fee good dayp , let him re&ai 
his tongue from eviJ, i Pft. 3» ^p. Ii 
familiar language ia filJb (aid, ju at 

JE^.wc(geo< gefcbioeige ba( — - ^ la 

nothing of, to omit, not to mentioc] 
jto take jifio ^tice of » not to fpeak oi 
to pals py tf 10 iilence ; Trithout couni 
ing or reckoning that etc. 
k»§!6^^jh9infQ\tni. iilenco. « 
ncm ead S^wtiae n ouferledtn . to iiien 
PIS one, to impofe Iilence uppn him. CI 
nc^ |uni\@d)i»ci0co $jr(ngeiii to Clone 

one, to n6n-plus hira^ to pofe or pvaa 
le him , to put him to a" non-plaa. 
Q^CigOl, fa a vifr& act.; V« 9n(0m^ 

' gea* ' 

C^dgfant/ -tf, -^c, 

having the ^abitude to 
keep ^tence» and to 

MttQwlrgen. wliich is 
tV ll^^ar iignificati^on. 

Bi^'. and adi^ 
be iUenK oir ti 
coi^ceal things 

n^re u^Mfl ii 



long enougta 

gcf*»fCd«, 1 have 

^ ^ iilent. 6<^iDdgCll, 

A[Ocfc(»ej|gfn, j(iU>t ai^i99r|eii/xo be 

•H',' .9f .I**,'®? • to nold one'f tongue or 
peace, to bai hulh, to answer nothing. 
jBtpdfbfiff ^aumfiVc, mMditMiU 

Jd^t^thj not to Cay a vrord , to keep 
Siienif, ro hold iene^a tongujs. 9>on tU 

Aai {dmiim, hr(t)t« bavpn foam, fo 

(aynpihing of a thing. §14 ^<^ fcbn)el# 
gCllf not to aoayver to a thing, not to 
c;ontradict it,' to let any tning pals 
vri^out contradiction. Sor f (oem idjwcit 
geil^ to be^ nient or k^fb fiJlence before 
one or in' his prefence. In a more limi- 
ted fenfe, to have* t^e habitude not to 
l^ake ^ fpcret, • beret fhing known by 

y?r«U. ^r foim hf*t fc^cigjui/ he 

cai^not keep a fecret. jTaniit bu ft^eU 
gen? canii thou keep a fecret? Flgurt^ 
tiveij't to ceafe to be efiieadotta. '3qi 

ter Qd>mtimi, giddlnefs or fvrimming h 

tfiiicir 1 

the' head; 
Gd^lDCfmeD, verb. ref. neutr. with IkI 

beb* 1} StaftM bfn ubb l^ct g^anfrn 

to ftagger or reel from one ^de to ^| 

o^er. ^l^ruln fdtiDctmcn/ to Amw 
reel about, a) ®f rgc|Kn VCrf^^wfatbcn 
w^ichfee. |) e(^9Mabtt#. i»ClMl, t\ 
become or grow giddy or -diaay* 

pe* hpg* Dimin. . , ^ 
G^mffnCf a founder of fwm. 

tin9#ff^t)cg'6(tm)Cfaim m 

Mtei; cineber, a hoar* ftQilS$!Hll 
fA(0At^O# to kjlll pr botdier a bog 
tKe i6(t|IO<bie Mtcn/ to leep the fmna 
to tend .0^ look a/ter t^e fwine pr hogs 
figuraiivflj." 1) A blot, blar, ftam 
tpot etic. and in jt nott axtoifiv* I«b£i 

w giaay or -asaay. 

en , *«SiicWtalq# f^ 
mia. ,a fig. ^lU i^rb 

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nil M civ Ao. ») A pM&o» lerho it >r«t. * 

fjd ^uog the TiWiJ l^paf . 4; 4 ^ii« pr 

wild btfjir 

iC0^ wber;^ jbo^s 

,»i^.^d,e,, ,ju.d »-„,«Sr!:f'S;&-r.«Z;b'b!?l 

t, fwu^-bre|td» tnifflet. 

^reat Tiitiia in b9«)ui|$ ali kinds of 
>froand«* . , 

5cr ^MwcinlMlf « Au>it faorisentalijr 
Areidied nock of a horlTe, oppofed to 
a CM^nNmcn^alfef which fee; alio a na» 
ne for a horfe wiih i^ch a faulty neck* 

Nt 64iH»el8^;agb, tha l^umioj^ of wild 

Icitt# pork, fwii^e*a fl<B^ 
iBpU^dMtfarft, f hpj|>a)rka^ fwina- 
Ik^oenall, panna,^, .crana, »^ kCf Jg*«dlltf0pf . tha haad of a ho, •£ 

Bdiin«Ia.>V5DUn,Ia,>it4u,tU; ai- 5?,12flLV^^^^^^ 
w obtioauty, unutu^tla, unmodeit 


, xbe paiincb of a bof • 

o- bal e4^WC{ll^inatl( or SlilliU, the fnout of 
a Iwine. 


Itrfi^VCio^QSb, f bofr -hound; V*9att# 
' Jm^. 1) A ba^e-bpi 6r urchin, Erioa- 

O fial jE[ea4Kn<jl)wd^ / jpor- 

' ■ ' ff^W fry. *oni 

ro ' 

a no. HtUqz L. i| called by ioma bf|r 64^n»cl| 
■cfDlflcL 5) /^rij«r«iMHr2^, in low '*' — ' •* - 
Imgpiaf e, a p«r(on, w)ip it nffiy* .^^^7* 
la^nly, uuuifli, hog|iIh or Ariniih in 
dia biuiaft dearea* 

9tm\l^^, -ftp 'tif cdj. and adv. in 
a b^ da|^ n^5^ dirty , lloTanlv, 
IfeiliSit liog|[tih. fwi^a-li^ia orfwiniln* 

'd Of 

berCOWefntftibar, a driver of fwine. 
bfr6(bn)eintrog/ a hog*t trough, atrongh 
for bogt, 

ba< ®(boe(moilbi»nt, the Helh of a wild 
boar^ conlider^d at feoifoD. 
f 6<^»cl|^ Ibcl rcf£ //«r. (but only of 
feveral fortt,) bfe MpcMC/ Iweac i« 
Jn ih^ " *** 



^lia "vi 

a noie liipniied ranfa- i) A' ffn)[iMf 
lipoiAnra (nracuated at the poret of api- 
malt, Iweat; V^^^mi^tn. In jefl ia 
fometimea faid in tha piminmive cli| 

to pa' i[\ oyer in a Twe^t . to fweat ai 

over. '*6tortere(bmctt, muck-fw^«t- 
CcbflKfl trrfb<i)|b<9tUt€r. wefcbe bcf 
Cibmcff bcf6rbcfn, a diaphoretic orfu. 
dorific rpmpdj, a phylic, that'caoipt or 
proanote ' *- * • -^ - ^a 

abiageil/ tb make ooe fweat, to put 
him to a fweat. <t(^ Scbivcn i6»if9€n| 

proanotet fweat. ])emanbcgebieQ64)met( 
luad gbiilfleil/ ^b make ooe fwe 

, _ «lf ibfW^eiu 
log. to w)pa ofi the fw^eu 9^ WIf 6<^Ctf 

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i3S 6(^me ®4me 

irO(( itm am or ftinb D^m att (er UA 6(twe(ftll(&/ « handkerduof «fad in 
Ctfni/ there was a cgld fwett* apon his wiping ofiF^weat. 

fore-head. ©Cr «nflft»"*IVll/ the fweat- Me 6*n?cft»ar(| / ©totWttrf; « black- 
ing for fear ^or anguilh. ^ Zlp^C^F^lOCllr pudding, 
the fweating of one in agony. 6einen Mc 6ct>»d9 , 64md l»er(<inb# orGc^lDCUf 

tlcenfit'<?*n)ci§ n!<l>r rirdjcn fftnncn^/^ 6<biiK!|crIan^ , Swiuerfand. 
guratively , tdnt 9nH liutn ^rMHn i^t bcr ^nxiscr^ bed -i, plmr. vt mam. 
bea ' to uke no delight in working* not Jing. a Swib or^Switser. 
to Idve or like working Figuratively Me edHOCiacrqarbe * @cbwel9er»a(^ # the 
ber @4)ioeit it troubieloaie or toilforoe Swib-^ard; in England the yeomen of 
work, labour, joil, trouble, pains. the king*s guards, conunonljr called 

. Sad ^at ^d^ioeit ^(fotef / that has coft the beet- eaters. / 
much trouble or labour. 2)ie inafrc^ ble @(bme{|erbofe/ pantaloons, wide and 
eDtffd>t^2)rora( ift mt<d>Ud> ttllb |Klt nf^td ton^ breeches worn by the paalknu oE 
9on Oem tndnn|i(t)eti ^cbroelfe bH9^ilo« Swiueriand. 

fO|)b<n. Alfo fubAance, wealth or richea 6(bn>eheri^, a^A and e</«. after tl»e 
acquired by great trouble, toil or la- falhion or manner of the Switsers ; of 
hour. Urnter ^eure ^d)mcff unb 9(ut or belonging to Switzerland or to die 
lecten , to fuck poor people*s fubftance ' Switners. 

and their veiy marrow, to draw them bit ©Ct^neUerrepoHtf/ bif (6bIIAcn @4>ffeet# 
dry jjier trinft nicbt mtftbtla llnred)t acrfantond , the helvetit Body, the uni- 

. bed<g4ma$Cfr91ltf«nb^<bnKii 2>0fd^« ted republics of Switzerland, the €uai- 
3^ ^(bncff / among Huntsmen, the tons of Switzerland, 
blood. 6cbn>e(Cn # verb, reg, act, and meutr, to 

bad @d)n)C<fbob# ahot or dry bath, ado- burn flowly without a aflame; to pro- 
ye to Iweat in. duce by fucn a flow fire without a Oeoie. 

bad,6d)iT>f{fbQnb hn iViit, a leather Arap AobUl^ fcbmclenf to chark cdaU; to sna* 
within the hat of a clown-, to fuck up ke chark or char- coals; V. ^rfnacil- 

^ the fweat of his fore -head. GibiOCUen, verb, reg, aetur. ynih^hfXi, 

@d>i^ti§eil« iier^. reg. i, K verb neuter to fwill , caroufe, boufe, guzzle, tipple 
with bd^CII/ to begin to melt. 2)fld or riot, to eat and drink to excefis ; in 
9Kitk fcbmtitet/ the iron begins to melt. yvhich fenfe prOlTcn^. f(b(CmilieD IC^ are 
C<ibt^tfiCII , among Hunumen, to bleed. alfo ufed.' 

tXr ijfrf* fcbwelM/ the ftae, the deer ber @(b»el0er# b<« -ifpUtr.Vii nom.Jln^. 
bleeds, when wounded. II. A verb Fem/n. bte @(bme(fierinR/ > Twill • bowl, 
active, to weld or join two pieces of fwill -pot or fwiller, a guzzler, fuddle- 
ved* hot iron together. cap; drunkard, tooer, tippler, a per- 

bOd 6d)m(f6(n , tit Scbwelf Ong , folder- fon, who eats and drinks to excefa. 
ing; alfo the welding or joining of two b(e @(bn>elg€reo # plmr, inmf, fwillia^ 
pieces of red-hot iron together. guzzling, caroufing, bouilne, tippling, 

bod @d)meff fieber , the fweating Hcknetsy furfeit ; debauchery, riotous banquetcmg 

J> malignant fever, which caufes aperfon - and revelling, hard drinking, inordiAa- 
o fweat continually. * te eating. 

ber ®d)»eljfu(bd, bed -ed# pi^r. hit 6d)»e(gerW7 -er, -te, ad/, and 4idv. 

•fb«1^re, a kind of forrel horfe, i. e. a fwillinj^ , guzisling, carousing, riototis, 

reddiih horfe, whofe dark hair is fo gluttonizing ; tippling^* gormandising ; 

(hadowed with white, that they feem debauched, loole, iew'd, given to de- 

or appear to be covered with fweat. bauchery. 6c)>me(aerlfc|) Ubcn # to leaij 

b(C 6d>ipeilb(^# among Smiths, a heat, a'lewd, riotous or debauched lito. 

in whi^ the iron begins to melt; a ber G^ttthcbtd f aloft, on which malJ 

welding* heat. ia fpread to diy. 

bcr 6<bit>cifbunb# M -ti, plur, bfe -e, @(bme(fett, verb, reg. act. to half- dry 

a hunting -dog, called a blood • hound. to diy a thing fo mat it remaina lUl 

©d)mei§lfl, adj. %nd adv. wet with fweat, pliable. SJepfcl tinb Qlrocn f((oe((ni # ti 

fweaty ; alio among Huntsmen, bleeding dry apples and pear's. 

or bloody. bit e*melc^ piar. bfC-tl# Dtmim, bCU 

bad 6(bme(i(raut, V. Slefpappet, e^mtMtn, a Gil, the umber or Q^atr 

bad @4oef|lo<b # 6d>we{filb4Ketn , a pore. at the foot of a door. DU Dberf<^i»clc 

SoOer 6<biedflb4er^ porous, full of the lintel, the head- piece over a -do.Q 

pores. .. ' _ or window. ©iC tlnterfcbiudlt r <^ 

Me 6<bmc{ff(nt<(c or €((ibeitlti(|^tf v. ground -fiUor threihoid. Jrommt mi 
©(bmeiMeber. .. ' . ' . .^ nC4>t »feber fiber mdne ©ct^w^ffe # com 

0d)n>e{ttretDetlb ^ ^a/. and adv. fudonnc, no more into my houfa, let me. neve 

provoking or cauflng fweat ; diaphoretic. , fee ^ou aga'm in my houfe. 6(^IOefll 

6d)n)e(ftrc(benbe Srineo # diaphoretic or in Architocture, a .beam, , that reach e 

fudori€c medicines. from one wall to another. iDie JC^aum 

f»c 64^mciltroj»ftn/ drops of fweat, Y*weBC/ DterfcfmcBe / the ardiUrav^ 

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tk 9nA or ^npftnfAmtt efncr SArdnen fi^mtmrntn, to batho one's bed 

WCtftoirfaffe, the §nMind4iU of tllu- ii^ toart. 34) fctiiKiiime mcfn ^etre eu 

ct, tbttfole. aanie 9)a(bt/ til the night make 1 my 

(Mai, « f«ffh, whkh u o&ti in A bed to fwim^ Pf. 6. 6. 

-ttdilvtbnii. I. At 4 v«r^ nsmw, with (oi @((oemmcn, bfe 04m(mmaii(!, rwim* 

ff|B, and U conjugeced irrMuUrly : |<b ming, ^watering, bathing . Walhmg. 

tMk# 5a M»at> erftMat; Impwf, ber 6<t)mtmm(r, V. ect^ioinimer. 
lilNhMf, Cpfl/. f(^68e; /'nr/lc/^. Oet Mc e^nxmrnrrdOOi, a' cormorant, £e»- 
MMlca, to fwell, to ^w bigger by raven , fea>gull. 
ottafion of pam, to grow torgtd, to ftct @(|Hoemmuf (() # V. 64»emme. 

^■•fy» CO be elated, i. In a proper GAwenbcn , verb. reg. act, to dellroy* 
feofik 2>Cr etrop ki^f^Ut, M 9il!fltt deprive of it$ being. It fignifi^» in Tome 
•M pt§ or !•<(, the rirer fwelU. (Kill p^ru to burn down a grove or wood, in 
^fp^H^ tttl5 grfAiMica C^di4)t « bloa* order to make the ground arable or pro- 
hifcca. JHC QkiOC MtoelCO ib» |tt« per for plonghing. 

Hcabl/hb Uga fwell tUiblY. eintfiie^ Ut 6((^»<nge(, V. &^n%tl 
jmimn^H^^^tUf to have a Bivoi- i. 6(bW€Q(ni^ to move a fluid body to 

and fro; V. Gd^mdnfcn. 
il. 0<(ll>5tl(en , verb, reg, act. to fwing, 
brandilh, toffl* to Ihake to and fro. 

la Mck; V. e^iDild and ^(b»Qt*- 

tf^mt. I) tDonn UbmOi (M^nQt) 
ait w «nil, ^etonfm brtfngeo m 

ieflk a) Pravsrb. Octll lian bell 

ftncni Mftet, fi fi«niiat i|>»5cf IBiii^* 
3) Sooietifliea alfo to ucreaCa in Jxilk 
oraiimbef. XMc 944Kr r4)HKlUn , »<r# 
ha laKrd^Cf . n. Aa a verb met. with 

2)<c Sabne f<bmcn!en, to fwing, bran- 

dilh or flonrilh one*s colours. Xkr lDa# 

der, ter frcA ten ®tiffpfeU fd^menft^ 
t^^tl, Likewife ffcb f^meoHn, to ram, 
whirl and whecLabout; to move with n 

to Hop or hem a brook, to 
■<ke it' fwell by Hopping \u courfe. 

JM fiHKit tt (ter Sloii^) bo^ ffieer, 
N^ Mc^f/ bof el in ber 8(otb aii# 

"^ MveSen, Celling etc. pufBng np; 
lib uunefacdoo. 

^ Ctocoune, ^/«r. b(e •!!# a river or 
?^ to water horfes in; or the place 
^t river f pond, pool er (landing wa- 
tv» vrhare horfes etc. may be watered 

*2i^"- ©a^Jferb la bte ecbmemme 

Rttca, to ride or lead a horfe to the 
n^er or pond, to fwim him. 2)U 

f^fefoe in bie jSctoetiiQie treOea^ to 

^n^ the hoga into the river , to (wim 
^ wafh them. 6(b«fe, bie OQl bet 
^4*Cimne fommen/ Iheep, which came 
«p £rom ,the wafliing , Solomona Song 

6^a(1Rincn^v«r^. re/^. which is the /lael/l. 

jf l^yimmen, wie fenteii of floten, rrdw 
Ml of trinfeit IC. to wafli* bathe in wa- 

j». to fwim etc. jboti \&mmmta, v. 

mIcb, which b more ufna). X)er (lal 

^jHcIe Cfbe an bal ttfer geft^memmef, 
^pnietf angftrfeben, the river hu 

^^ mndi earth alhore. In a more 

wwed (eofe. ©u f fvrbe fi^^emmea, 

^ Iwim hoffCif » to ride them to the rt- 
Hritt order to walh and refrefii them, 
w a aoreiexfeniive fenfo lor bene^ea, to 
Miha, to fwim etc. 6efa^ Qctte Tall 

trtttiisr conjugation, ba fcbi^elt* er boi^iaeafca^ bie 6<b»enftmg ^ theaci 

(Mb; imper/, |(b fd^VCBeUi P^^ of Twinging, tofsiog or of moving to 

^* 8ef4HBaef; fCPmeSen nac^, to and fro; the whirling, wheeling, tunw 

mfU, to make fwell, to enlarge or' ing or winding about. '2)01 t^Qmenfea^ 

MBL, to make greater, thicker or among Soldiers, the whaling to the 

^|er; to magnify things or make them rislit or left about; V. alfo @4)n)(fnfen. 

ptter dian they are. Cia 9ferb fcbmed Me @<(wepe or ed^meppe , lU 6(|)nifQe an 

m, to foundtf a horfe. Ctnea 9a4^ _lkitf(^^ A whip-cord. 

imtti -tt, -de; «4(f. and fli/v. heavy,, 
ponderoua or weighty, f. in the pro«^ 
per phyGcal fenfe. r) The fixing ot the 
degree of the weight. gebn^ $fltflb 
fcbmcr , ten pounds weight. Cine un}e 
fernery one -ounce weight. 9(eb ii 
fcbioerer OU toU » ^^'^ >* hearier than 
wood, s) Heavy oppofed to light. Sine 
MMloeire faff # a heavy burden or load, 
©er ©telD if f*nKt, the ilone is heavy. 
©«< i% mir Itt fd)Oer/ that is too heavy 
for roe. Likewife with refjpect to the 
ufoal weight of certain things, or to 
the lighter of the very Came kind. 2>A< 

fcbwere 9ef<bft|# bal grebe, the great 

guns, battering pieces, oppoled to field- 
pieces and fmau fire* arma* @cbmer be^ 
toOffaeteReiter^ heavy horfe (or cavalryX 
oppofed to light horie. QfbXQtttt (Sclb> 
money of good allay or ftandard - mone;f . 
a. FigmrmHvely. i) That which requi- 
res much trouble , labour or force, £{# 

nen r^i^eren Jtopf babea/ in lower Saxo- 
ny rfnen ^en jtopf baben . to have « 

ba4 head -piece, to be a dunce. Siac 
febtoere gtiage ^UUf to have a ftsm- 
mering tongue, to fpeak vrith difficulty. . 
Set Aatier (at einea itntttn f iafeU 

ellie fd^fHH iponb. the painter has n 
bad pencil or a heavy hand. 6<bn9er |0 
vetfeoea/ m Uanlftn, su gfaoben . eio^ 

lafebea le. di£5cult to underfUnd, lb 
comprehend* to believe, to- discover 

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140 9ilim ^^ 

very cb$ra$$bU, tptfuimf freft om> 
hit ^cbiecrbcir, V. bU e^imttu 

over l^Jivy. 

edrntiiUlf, a4i^. tmm^ h»^fp faucpoi 
UiucJ^, viib 4USciilc]r. 8al tooa 14 

cp htXm^% ti^t. 2>a| ivirb MMrU4 
Icfitt^O, Uut wili hardly htppeo. S^l 

ivrttet {(in jiil {dNwra* m «atift fhii 
l^in, yon wiU fctfcely todlum naiir «( 

mfC^/ I cfn burdbr qnfierlUAd )uin 
SoiwetMnw alio fpr K|»cr# i- •• fc|r 
Mfl)C|4i*rtaNgca#iimi«it crMtly. a Sam 

MC J@dbl»CWI|tt# pUr. cf r. haavipaa, fad 
liel# pf mind, ioMancbo)f» fprraarfiul 
Bala> pj»9Qvffna£i» a mriaodiplic ba 
ipoMr 9jr tfmper; M( 64MMrmiitMlMt 

6Avtr«iAtbl(^ -cr, rlkf «*• wi4«/l^ 

'beai||y, fad;- diiU, malanebaiic • loi 
n»WHil , panlif e , call down • opprelTed 
ov^r-wbelnied \ni!b fp^i atrabUar^ 
trottblad' witB nelanolibly br tbe fpleei] 

in ^fc^anict, b^ Stl^er^ ^tt^fr U 
jSj$ipcre'# tbe fceotra ofgrafiiy,* |f thi 
point. ab9ut wbicli all tbe Pfrff. 5>^ 
body Dfjlance each otbfr. 

abvpr^, dam. | j In a propisr FpoP 

in ba^tl^. pal8lMM^mm# thp execi 
tionert Tword, a (word ufea in habeai 
Bffg m|i/^^ctor|. 9H^hpp^eam^t^/k 
acrfd)ttt nKrboi r cnfbopptct mp^^tn , 

bf eiMB^ted or b^(9fi|ed with a fwoc 

demn oj|^ to bp oebaf^ed* 8Rff jbl 
6c|)«)(ru bffjfClii M^W? / pfoibpr^E ffi 
waU 0m«tta)cri<^io nii^ open9r pia|^ 

Yiplpnw. SCn edMpcrt M^ ^*« «*< 
ScQ ftuibruA Mr (ftcfDalttbdttofctri 

jeqn^ ftre/igiji, fprcf or porar hfnd| 
|bo brealLing out oF violpnce. jOUt %<\ 

unb 64>merr t»ar(f(rcn# to deftmy vr 
^re and Uf9fA' }n an elMant forl^ i| 
alio often uM Jlguraiivefy for t^tVki 
QbtmQlttUtf^tU {Qfpn or public viol 
ce\ and Itkewife for ibe :irar iiCelf , 

wbicb reqfe it oftin* occun in t^e C 
manBibje. ^) Figuratively ^ on a coo 
of fome refembtance in |be form or J 
broad tl 
a eacfad< 

pe. Among Sailprf. a \ 
poafd or plank applied to th 
^ bark or large boat, to prevent its 
ifig or finking too deep. AmoiMr S 

^ . , _ ,.^ ^. . bUidere, i^ nappe for f fma)l ttaa^ 

-through the centre of gravity. lopg piece ot wopd in the fo 

CAlDCrlaflig, aiU. and aftv. difficult to Imalllword^ if bd tp lay ib^ ib 
ai«U or to render fujible* in anothet. 

' Digitized by VjOOQ IC 

•r fmA Of IddMy^httm ; V.' tmtU ^i^O' •> ^ V^coMM c liiler. {He Mwc# 
MM. tcrfid^ ^6^ aiif 9crrr(niff(t(dt Me#n 

|ir09lieiM# M «f/ ^i^* ttiHom.Jing. n^ Htlfff/ t6' lof« tttth other Hke hro. 
ilM of laimf inrhii ]etttei4 Aefbrm fifUM. 
MitfHof «f^i^^<M# ^*Lfi* *?*,^" t« ©<Wdlfr!ifaim; tbrodier iii IM*. a 

JjSS^S/^'ir*^^^'^"*-- >cr 6*IW«erH|0rt, a murder or muith^r 
i2*tw22/ £Sf mLHiLlSJ^ I commiited on ooe*t own lifter ; tbe mur- 
& .jJtUT J it^Sflu?^ ^ dering of one's own fiftar. ^ 

l^^jft^ l^eri.W.. fork. «*«KJ^^^ 

0» N il ll ii i i i/n^<n^ Mil', in tfteform We eAweffffMf^^ ;^/ift>. Me -en^ OHm 
erlMflsol«f«fmi^fo¥m#(IKkeeff^)¥d. oo^itirmi, the' ^e%/ fine^dHupj fin-' 

k? B^ifBHttmnffttn, « S«iotf<^^& with utrilltfrit^ of Mer* or of tf fiUBr, fliUr- 
i(iwl|||iD}Mtifotf itff Aimafl filter hood, s) An affocUtioti or fotdeiy off 
com. lifters* 

cenprf, M tfMfeirfiDo fief. bft 8<tltfewe e|p < ^^ . a niece. 

HI MipertMlry tlw irie or fl^g , # ^tet ; M e^f^Wtim, dt niSh^ e((iefcW»j|eii/ 

V.6(t»CHcl. Wl -1/ P&r. m n6m. fi^. «n «!ch^ 

kr MM«l»Of## ttt ohfofete tror4 ibv UKAx. mafon^e ^TML;'The firte, ^# WAich 

MHilkbff g ewb ^M f/ ermelefdmiom ftfft^ each other. iDer e(MblMC« 

Ml epflbMfe/ « fowA rakciiMl. Otf H^ ^Btktt, ^ti^ ^ttth of a bn«ge« 

kfg#g mw »e fi v 4ie OttterofiheiWord; 9)00 fftt efOti e^tM^genf/ arehed^ 

fananly ai ofd«r of kfii^e nt Eiv^iai^ ardi'-^ifo, ^avihed ; V. ^ete(!H. 

^HdtMPvaa aftea-wardi n^ied with the gj^gcg/Jf Mwteg/ l>v ^^ fient; V*: 

ltf6«iNiMtf0ff, 0«»eftfrH<^. »hl6w; •»!« e^tmtt, plir- Me ^ii. air obfole- 

teeter thinft with a fwofd. cfiteii6rt ee Word, to denoto He Citflife^enmite 

9|« e<toerf(l:|Uit ehme^menr/ to take Ht, th^iAO^r-ln.laNr, the hasband^a 

ifbcewi^^ Ankinga^ftroke* wMi- or wHVa mbl<her. Which* oteavs fre* 

•il firioa a am mt lofiog r aaanr. quentlf in the OentTan Bthle. Ullb tit 

MMMd«f|itfer, v. ecN«f«iKI(^el|kr. e<»tiuf «f»Nr l»(<e e^mt%H, atid th« 

Itrip nil lN figl / « bfMi^ pof* U Oia dMjghlter in hat aMmift her Aiother m 

ImorarnSrAiiM^fowierek hiw, Mittf^. ic^/ 35. ®ic e»KMeg«t iH 

l(re*Mrt#rtic», V. MieeftfC^ %tbtfm^mtt, &e mother in hiW 

IV eMcftlltl / * IbMHi SSMiMk ^ againft her dni^hi^r in law, Micahy/6. 

BiMfivordrk AeAafldli* m ^tb^ffmtf (t^AY/ jin"^. Ini/. the fMec 

lt»6»D mcW f£ tfdooble farth#6n^g and aiifOlher in law. . 

taahesbnad of the Elates acfbiied diir. Me € <> n) tey fiWn Defc 7^^* MirjC theehitdreii 

iifkir anria)^ «r wedlodc.^ of A^' Mther attd modter fn laW. 

hfPiHwmiin/ i^^irord- hearer. M e^^rtittemmtt, pi»r. Me^-mMrr# 

)(c64«ctcf I p/iir. Me -t/ D#Nii'V. liil a mt^her ht faw, a liiiebaiRl*i or wMe't 

9lt kMm , ^6«lKM«fir^ arilftMV Mother. 

t^^Mftbetiraf tho^lmimreiitrwtth M 6«Wffi«M^/ M -e^^ /^/aH'bfe 
«f^. •letee dhclle 64Mr|Nr^ my -fWW/ th\e fon-m-lew, th« dini|^M*a 
tlrfsftfifier. fBMif rrclfe, yele <yr ftlbr hnshtfMd. 

i>e C < ge it f y myAillMerw OirHiel Vfe ettoieteet^rer, /»/irr. Me -Wmc, 
'" mel or IBefM &> w ( fci fj, iny rabr- a^ daughter - in- law , the (crn'i* wf Ah 
l«w# ttotter^ oreattfRMete^, ati Mr««M^9fffalet, te^ -4, /r/ar. ^fe^1ld# 


tnr. Araroi/Wr. 2>U9lf(<Mii9e|krr fef# th« father-in-law; the^ hitshMd*a 

'fbllerwffier. The nana call obe am^ ' er Wi^e fkther. 

^ 6<Meefcni^ and are caHeii by rte6<^iefe/ ^/ir. W-ti, DimtHtu, M 

•tbcf^lcUMc e< » <ftift «od JHefferr ^(tMtUtKiff brawn, aealloAty &f'hmd 

Mkfv. Cfne9am^64l9<#tr; a lay QrfB' on oimV hinifdi etc gotten by hard 

mtff a dredge in a im i w e i y. A dtihg rrot^tiifg ace: 

•f the feminme gendar; which refaFmhIes ^mfHIg # «^/ • and a^tr. vol 6d)tf MflB^ 

aria )ika anotliar thinft l^ffir j(Mlfg# oallous, hard,- biaw^. 

iVcithi, bm« M btf «Hfef? ofi m e^tnt^Hii -et / -fft/ oar;, and a//^. diai- 

Mae e^^WCfeatf Ht, timnU V. lAb fatisfied, discontented, believing to ha- 

Qcillr* ra catt(^ fo complain^ alf^' dllfi^tt;^ 

m fMNerfeVfbibr • nephew « a «ie«e, axceptious, ufiW^lmg; bard {o be pleaa* 

oa^fillai^ Covordaoghter. ed*, tnaking dif»roltfe!i«yverf wherean4 

Nf ffl»N^tWi|» e t v c»ttlins gimtiNfj. in .every thing. @((t»t^ fW/ ••'^ 

' Digitized by VjOOQ IC 



dnCitbfiad oraUcootented. ^CfttC flM^ 
. tiflC ©actC/ • difiicuh thiog. 
hit &(bt6\tH%Uit , piMT. Me -ni# a diffi- 
cult J «tc. i) e^witfieMttn ma<bfn# 
to maka' diAcultie*» to niak* a Tcntple 
of coofcieDce of a thing. Sfe ^d^mittip 

(cit/ f» einer roocf^t (tmal in tt)un, fcm- 

{utousoeCi, rcnipuloilt^, uiiwillingDeIt» 
•ckwardneft. ^a ICtgt f{d> (inc OeQC 
9AwUti%Uit , there b « new difficulty 
or leruple arifing. a) That which renders 
a thing difficult. QcQ ({OCm ®ef<f>dflf/ 

> '»C9 eincr ea(|t Gci^toierigfcircn fin^/ 

to find difficuutea in a bnfineft » in an 

affair. Sfnt 6<bl»f cHgtdt Mm f to ha- 
. Te a difficulty. (EiiMin vfdc 6(l>wierigf 

fcftcn ma^Cllf «> make one many diffi- 

C<I|n)illf thelmpe^. of 6<(^»e0eii, 
CAmimmen/ «>^r^. ''•'•^g- nemr. Imptrf. 

14) MtDamm; Partuip. gcfst^iDommen ; 

JjR^er. f<|)Wimmorfd)!Oimme, it requi- 
res the auxiliary verbs bObm and fc9ll. 
To hnm, to float on the top of the wa- 
ter without finking ; to be convened by 
the Aream; to. move progreTsiv^ly in the 
water by the action of the limbs, i. To 
be carried or bom by a fluid bodj Tex- 
cept the air) and to move in inch a 
manner on and in it » fo fwim» oppofed 
to linking, with bibCO. Wtn fcbwdnillt 
0{<bt# iron does not fwim. f)tU fc^lOtinint 
auf'btip ^of|(t# wood floau*or fwims 
on or upon the water. 2>l( Sif^lK rd)loiin# 
incn f m ^tttt t filhes fwim in Uie Tea. 
6Kb mit &^mmtn utHn, to (ave 

one*s felf by fwimming, to escape by 

fwimming. SBir Mtti btn g«n|cn Xag 
acf<bn)omincn# we have fwom all the 
day. ^f((memmcii lemmtn, to come 

fwimming. If the goal> bound or eftd 
of the motion made in fwimming or its 
J. direction is expreCied » it requires the 
auxitiary verb fcotl. dt ifl AbCT i|eil 9ltt( 
ieftblOOinmeil # he fwam over the river. 
Sep bin an Hi t^nb gerd)»oiniii<ii/ I 

fvram alhore. a. Figurmiivefy* \) Ac- 
cording to a ufual augmenution or ex- 
aggerauon. 3n Mntm SbVaXt^ {ii^Bkm 
men $ to fwim or welter in his blood. 

S)ic€pdf<t fctmimmt inVuitcr, the meat 

fwims in butter. According to a Hill 

Bore extenOve figure. 3n9»UbC i^iWi* 

.men, to fwim in Joy. ffliefn ^r| 

fi^fmmttfef m Mb, fflciffe. Cr fAwfmmt 

im ^tbe r he fvrima in riches , he rolls 

in money « he has a plentiful eftate. a) 

. To move foftly or gently and waviB|^y» 

or in an undulaiory manner, in an ele- 

. gaat liyle. Unt Scp^it fAiolnmt nuf 
ebaten all auf 9Bc8en/ t(e<t. 

bal 64wlnimenf the act of fwimining» 

. iloating, fwimming. 

Me 6cbmfmmMare# the air- bladder « a 
bladder found among the enuatls of 
fifties* which eoablit then to rife of^ 
diva in the water. 

MfvCMWrt f tu^* and mdv. fwi^mui^i 
floating » by fwimming* in fvrimraing* 
Sine f^mfaimenbe 3nfeC# a floauag U* 
land. Among Miners. 64»immenbe« Of 

. MtgC# marfby^ fwampy earth orgronnjb 

ber 64)n>immerf M*$, pi»r. ut nom, 
Jing. i) One who fwims* Femim, 2HC| 
@(t^n>{mnierinn , a fwimmer. LikewiW 
a perfon, who underftands the art ol 
fvnmming. %) X>tt ^er<bcnfal(, the bob^ 

^ by, a lort of hawk* Falco variua* pin 
ctus , Alaudanim Klein, is called in maM 
ny parts bet @<bn>in»er , as well •• b^ 
©{bwemmer and 6(bmelmer. 3) In fo^ 
me parts, 6((iD(mnier is a name forii 
carnage, that is covered and hangs b«J 
hind in Araps. » 

M 64n)lmmeiefb# a habit made of coiM 
to keep a perfon above water. 

bk6((mfmnihinil/ the art of (wimmioc* 

ber Ccbmfmmtldgef/ a general nnme Tor 
aquatic birds or water-fowls, which h^ 
ve feet fit lor fwimming. . 

6cbtDiAb/ 6(|nntabC, aa obfolete woi^ 
fdr lefdftwfnb, which fee. 

bit&±m\nU, piur. bfe -0/ Mc S(e<btCr 
bic @(bl$lnb|tebre , a tetter , a merpbew 
on Uie ikin , a d#y-fcab , ring- worm. 

bcr e^ofntef, bel -i, pi»r. (but only 
of feveral foru or fiu,) ut mom. Jing. a 
di^inels , giddinefs or fwimming in the 
head; alfo a fiunnlag, a numbneCi o( 
thefenfes. ©en 6<l)mfobc( iKi^eii, to 
have a diaainets, giddiaels or a iwim- 

mmg in the head. Son efncm 6cHMn# 

Kt bcfoHen merben^ ben CcMnbcf Ice 
mmen, to be taken with a dinjdnela 
or fwimming in the head. Figumiive^ 
//, the word Cktibfnbet >• iometiaBee 
ufed of an indiscieet or imprudent man- 
ner of acting or dealing, particiilarly 
of beinjE adcucced to improoable pro- 
jects. 2)en e<|0ln5e( b«ben, to have 
an imprudent manner of aeting or dea- 
Ibg , to be addicted to impiobiibW pro- 
ber 64ibfnbe(er or e^vMbUt, H< -l» 

plur. ut ncm.fmg. Set e<b»toM|elft^ 
ed^inktWtn, ififur.) a giddy pate, a 
bntaflical, giddy- brained lellovr, a fo- 
natic^ an inconfiderate mind, a man 
wiihoot reflection. 

bie 64iofnbeleb# pi^- Me -t0# V. 

6<bnHnbe(n a. 
Ut ea^mlnbtlMtt , e^niaHU^ , tare, 

daraelf cockle -weed. 
64^»fnbe(fg# ed^minblH, -tt,-H, mdj- 
and mdv. Ittm 6(bminbe( (tcncfge, incli- 
ned to diaainefs, apt to fall ^dk, ver- 
tiginous , troubled with a fwimmntg in 
the head or with the megrim ; fubjeci 
to a diaainels. ^ mtitt f(b»fllbcUg| 

(<|»bfngani f(b»fnbe(lg, mfrfc^fobctr^ 

-my head fwims or turns. Lam giddy oi 
diaay ; 1 am taken with a disainefa. fi, 
gmraUveiy, to be afiec(ed with the mo- 
ral giddhMCi. Cin r4^ln>fiier npiUfC^ 

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«nau tibo aeu inditenetljr K^rmpm^ 
dendy , particulaflv if he is , addicted to 
impnideDtf abluril projecu. Sin fid^witt' 
M%H froject, ao^eblord project. 
&fHbMn, ver6..reg. nemir. with |KI# 
Um, i) To have a fwimmiag in the 

li<*d. ftir MioliibcU/ o(iin i<t baron 

icbcofe, my head tuoit |pddy to think 
eo'L %) Inftfae figuradfe fenfe of the 
werd G^UiMf to act indiscreetly or 
iffi^riidemty » particulariT to form or 
nw nDprobable* abford proieeu. Jit 
|(|mi>Clt, he acta iodiscreetlf or im- 
iinidantly, ha forma or makes tmproba- 
ols, abford projects. Soch improbable, 
sbfiud project* asa i fomebmes called 

¥t&imluMntntt, ooriander-feedt. 

Ui&^inbtUtaat, leopard- bane. 

(iBf(MQ5clfi4t{g€l9fCfO, ahorfotrbu^ 
bled with the fiaggaia^ 

hUBtuMtlmafht, cephalic water. 

ftlMib; Particip. aefc^munben; /m- 

f«f* Hbminht, to ihnnk, cockle or 
wriaUe, to decreafe or crow lefs» to 
leffeo, to diminiih etc. It requires the 
ittiliaiyferb f^oit^ and figiiifiet. i^9er^ 
ft^M to ceale to be or exifi fuddenl)r; 
to which fipiification VCffcfemfnben it 
BOW more n(oal. Smtt Ut ^tlt^tt fic# 

)ct« Hi hai ettermdt ((t^mlnbct 3ffitof. 
1^ 39. And the elegant flyle prefers 
thu fiaiple verb ftiU lometimes to the 
compound. J^i UtTgC tcr SBclt (lefgt 
|S(^ Bnb §e(t miter/ garbm erfflartrn 

Ukfifminhtn, Sftt^. a. To deCft from* 
to give up , to abate or bate » to remit, 
ffncii BertoAr f(tofn5rn \af(tn, to de- 

fift from a fnfpicion , to give it up. ^^ 

M Htfttt Z^inr fttn<nt<n (alTcn^ folun 

tofm , ril remit , forgive or abate ten 
dollan. 5: To decreafe in bodily cir- 
cwaference imperceptibly or inienlibly. 
t^i (oil f^fO^aMf the wood warps, 
ihrinb or cafla^ when it grows dry. 

pUjmii^t aU &pitiat im {opfe, it 

inriiiks like fpinaee in the pot. 2)0l 
^Mii^kbmmti^mf his gumsflmmk. 

S^ Meter itii5 bit game Sel^ r(tmln^et 

tpil, er fAoHlbetf he pines, lingers, 
liDgailhes or confumes, he* confumes 
or|iiiies away, he is in a oonforopiion,^ 
be u troubled with a confofliptioix. 

^ 6<totobefi , bU 6<b»fn^ong Der etio 

Y^f M Uiht^f the extenuation or lef- 
ramg, diminution of the limbs; the 
pining, lingering o> confuming away. 
HfMiDinbgrabe piur. tfe -n, a fink« a 
drain or Jakes; a place, where filth Orcor- 
niption is fuHered to collect; in low 

Itogaage Mc 6<i)untgrube. 
«r6<t»teMrr, v.6<t»inWer. 
gWn^lig. V. 6(tivinteag. 

»e€d»miabfu4t/ pint. car. tfaephthlfic, a 
coaiumption. Figuratively. ^^ ^at t{e 



€<Ntobrn4t im Ventel/ money is Icar. 
ce With him, he is in want bf money. • 
66lein^fil(t)tig/ adj. ^nd adv. hectic, con- 
fumptive. 64>oinbrA(ttfg , ^ Olit bU 
e^wMMt bebaftet lur @d>iDlnbfo(|ft 

geneigt, troubled with a phthtlic, con* 
lumptive, inclined to conlumption. 

Me @<b»ioger pimr. bit -n. 1} efoe 

8Ia<NMl»illge# afwin^e-Eaff, a flaff 
to beat flax with. 2)l0it 64ll>illge or 
8utUrf(t)n)inge/ a fan or van to winnow 
the oats with, before they are given to 

horfes. 3>2><e6<t»ingcn/ 64»lngfe# 
tern ber S6flel, bte SUtgel ber Otgei, 

. the wings of birda^ 

ber gt^mingeU bei -I, plur. inuf, a kind 
of grafa; Felluca L* to which baloiw 

ber 6<barfr(t^i0ingel/ Stonnafc^iDinge! 
or @<bn)alen !(• 

64^»<llgea/ ^lerB. irr0g. Imperf^ |A 
KbiMng f (in popular language i$ 

n^mirogj) Parucip. gefctwungen; im- 

per. fcbreinge* hkverh neuter vrith^# 
beo, where it is ufed only in a recipro* 

cal form. 2)ai QcDbttl doer UbrfcbwUigt 
W> vott einer 6eire |ur anbem, the pen- 
dulum of a dock Iwings from one (ide 
to the other. Where one aUo ufes (aU 
. tho* (eldomer) abfoiutely the true verb 

neuter; baifientttl r<t^iDmgt in einerfDIi# 
mtte fecblig total, better tfma^t fo>i>ie# 

le 6<b<!f ingungenv the pendulum iwinge 
iixty ,times in a minute, or performf 
fixty Iwings in a minute. Gfcb auf bettt 
6eUe fcbmtngen/ to vault or tumble upon 

a rope. 614 on^ yferb fcbmingen , to 
vaults upon a horde, to M up -with a 
fwing, to fwing one*s feliinto the (add* 
le , to leap upon a horfe. @i(b in Me 
Snft f(bn>ingen/ to rife into the air. 2)er 
Hbler rtbminget fjicb bo$ eoipor, the 

eagle foars very high, ©fcb OUf einem 

Vrete f4)n)ingen/ to fee^faw^ to movo 

np and down alternately. @i6 auf ef# 

nem 6(bn»inaMU fcbmingen^ to fwing or 

to£s one*s felf to and fro on a flack-ro- 
pe. Figuratively. @id> in tie f^b^t f(bmin# 
gen / empor M)f <ngen , fein mM mat 

gen , to raife one*s felf, to raife one's 
nune. @<<b auf htn Zittn fcbmingciu 
to raife one's felf upon the throne. II. 
A verlr active, to fwing, to to(s with 
one*s hand to and fro » to winnow etc. 
r^ Swinging » to move with a fwing. 

'2)fe Sl^'i fAmfniteo^ to lift up th^ 

wings. Esekiel to, 16. ©le Sabne, bit 
2anit ftbmingenr to brandiih the co^ 
lours, the lance, ffiie lange fd)ieingt 
Me rafcnbe megdre Me Sorfel ? HimW 

a) To elaborate, to manage with a (win- 
ding motion ; Mi a technical term , only 
m lome cafes, ^ia^i, i^anf fcbtvinaeHr 
to beat flax, kerop with -a fwiogle-ltaiiv 
to fwingle it; V. @d)n)<nge. 2)0* (Be# 

treibe fcbrelngen^ to winnow com with 

a fan. 9labeln fcbmingeil/ to vann or 
fan pins and needles. , 

-Digitized by 




' with onVs B«odi ; 

riti^, toffiihg> fifing 
lifo nuUiog. M«ii- 

EBck iifed hf Rope- 

B j^ea-ftather, the 
kiaowing lieve. 

5<tmfngenr theMo- 

gh, foaring. 2)k 
ration. 2)ff €f^tOf ll# 
lU, the Wbratioiia 

tit ^cb'wlngioanoc/ • whin^wirfg ft* or 

W^ Qc^fl^iie/ ther thhtf or flmder plhTble 
pin of an aoering-fod; V. Qk^il^pc, 
the and of a whip. ^^ 

•^ ■*«»«' d fhArn ,' ffilHll or piercin|t doi* 
warble; to Bnm •'< bOrda 

the ehfi^ing oV chatte* 
V. irnrti^/ ftAAmAicC 

hot or drj bi^^ , tf ilo- 

btech to fit opoii Ui t 

r^g. which r# ufttal in 
I) A v^rB rteMter With 

. 2>U 6tchtt fdwf^ii/ 

Off Sfenffer MiHtni, 

fweat. Otf^ mt6lt 

iitnttf the coni^ fweau 

ki 2^tt ntti^, the 

fimen It groWs very 

irly of the fweat oF tni- 

itoirt bodiav. ffllafl f4n»fM*'/ tbttlll' ter 

^Wel8 aiil^l^flt^t^ one iweaif, w%en 

the fweaf^breakaoiiit. ftgutiaMeiffd^mif 

jm h to have a high degree of pains, 

iroable» (abottr, work 6r disagreeable 

feqfatioo. Otn nanhtn 2:0a 6co ten 9A« 

Afrn c6i»fsen. «) A vwA acrfv*, to gi- 

▼e or yi^ld in* fweating , or in" the form 

^ Iweat. 9lnt ({tiDf^m^ to fweat 

biood, 5> Fi^<^^/^- fd^tttsat macM # to 

imake or oaufie IWeat. Z>Utf^U fd>iHf|f 
lenf , aWdJitigrn fQ<frn » to bring htdee 
ro Iweat by applying ftlt ro ifcero. 
h^ #id?TOl^crf, fweauog, labour, toil, 

e^tofgtnb, Ad!r. and o^v. oem 6<(m€{|c 

m6cbfn5 * reeking with fweat, fweating. 

htt Q&wl^tr t a fWeater, one who fweau. 

6<8'fi>igff>/ -er, -if, <i<*/. and orft^. fwea- 
fj^ fwe^ing, ii^ a Iw^at. ^&^\f^t 
rdnbt . gate babW to haffe fwAwy or 
meatJAg hands , feet, $(^m4fst6/ voftr 
Cfd^iOdV/ covered with fweat, full of 
fweat, all orer in a iweai. 

Hf e^minfaitai, a hot bath, dry ba^, 
§L ltov« to fweat in. 

WC VMranraftft/ « nwoftBc tiwuuuj 

Meev^^pfleft/ fodoriSc pau. 

M 6*flM«imf9er> ^fadonfic, Siphon 
tic powder. 

Mr edmifKUU, a d^ bath, a Ao^ ^ 
fweat IB. 

e^Mi, e^iiii v. ednotieo. 

eAnof, 64^»irc, V. 6(>»4rai tn 

fdHD^rf tC. Imp^rf. \g^ flower, (in p4 
pnlar langna|ie fd^sr j) ParUci/^. a 
fAvoroi^ imfermu fi^OTrC; It la nf c 
abfolotely and ae a var^ necrer, an 
then it requireif (ObCII r i^lo at a perh act 
va. It Iifinifies, 1) to hrear in genori 
pariicatany that kind of fwearing < 
proteftiQ|^, when one calls another pe 
tenr or diing to be a witneGi of thji tun 
and avenger of t]^e deceit, in whidi fi 
niftcation it Is frequentW oied to popi 
lar language. The perfoa or thin^ c^ 
led to in this manner commonly tak 
the. prepofition bco. 9e9 crM# f^fD 
rttl# to fwear by fomediing. , Vcf hi 

J^fmmeC« U^ ban Zempc(/ unt bcm (gv 
be am t^rni^, bco bos «ttorc k. ftftio 

ren, to fwear by heaven, by the tei 
pie , by thegold of the temple , by t1 
alur etc Matth. aS- ttcp^9»tt f^ 
, to fw^ar by God*. j^pA Wlb tbcfl 

J6r«d^ bat tixHiit fe W, to fwe 

ievously., .thit it is not To. Crf^wl 
-^edfi mib 9ecii. baf c^ pi(^ fo iff ^ 

iwears by all the faints in heaven, that 

is not fo. 9f(| wpBte n((M baraof f^ 
fcn, i. p. Id) moOrc nldil Mmbrcn ^ b 

d Mbf If # I would not fwear. thnt ii 
true •: which con(|ruction with the p 
pofition oof ia otherwife nnufnal. ^ 

manbeo bm^ebr^mj^rtn/ to fwear on 
death , to fwear to kill him. Cr ift UK 

gcM^morncr 8<^.tnb# he is my fwovfi «i 

my, he is my implacable enemy. SKttt) 
nnb fd^vbrcn # to curfe and fwear. 
futbt ortb f<b»brt doni cntK^ticfr, 
curies and fwears moA abominably. 

fjibivor/ blcfcr tmb fcncr fefltc i^n ^e( 

he fwore and faid, the devil might fei 
him , if etc. a j In a more limite<i fei 
fdiObrtn ia to call Qod folemnly to h 
witneCs of the truth and avenger of 

deceit. Stati (ot (bii 9or CKfrkbfe fcttD^ 

lOffitn/ he has been fwom before the Jti 
ce, an oath Was adminiflered ortehcfej 
to him. «uf boliSttangeliiim f(bn»5r 
in fwearing to lay die finger upon 
Gosp«^l. «fnen leibli^oi hh Wbt6ht 
to take a corporal oath. GHlltm 9 
begberrn ijulb nob Jtrue fd}it6ren ^ 
do homage to your fovereicn , to C^v 
allegiance to him. ^ut Sobnt M>1»^| 
to Twear to the colours, ilandard 

flag. 2>(f ^ffcbmbmcn fn ftgiano , 

J017, a company of men, coniiiliQa 
la or 34* chofen Crom aaanV pettrn^ i 

Digitized by VjOOQIC » 


r«fom to deUfer a uuA upon fuch an* 
de^, AS Ska\i be^laid before tbem 
touching tlie caiife thdy are to decide* 

tStBcr »ao Wij^tn fitfd^otntn ,' a juroiv 

t f erfoa, who fervet on tlie juiy, {f t| 

9ef((iooiner or StUcrmonn* (Ciier ^iipftf 

a jurat or aldennan of a guild. fffO 
iSlKfeKKtwtrOCr/ * church -.warden;^. 

ttf^eitwdtni/ the actoffwearljig^ tht 

ukki| of an oath. 
^(r€4n»irer/ afwearer^ one wlip takea 




hUhnii%ttta^f a Hvely imaffinaHoti / a 
fudden £|ucir. a darting of ^e imaginit- 

tion. 2)cr tfi^i lur Sitiramfctt 6e|tebet 
fid^ r^Mt oiif clAeQ A»?r bUMM^mltit 
tinmti fttltnbtn 64mung ber @efCc 

giintneiniU a) In a more extenUve fe6fe» 
activity, efficacT^ force, particularly a 
lively degree^ of the fame; fitibtft lU . 
Cl^tDtfOg bthkavi f to put others ia mow 
tion, to fet tnem agoing, to eacoursge 

them. Sfc ScTDOi^ brimr ale Sr^m 
^er ®ce(c in ^co 6(^tiQi; y.-«lfoi 

Nf @((io6r|Krr^ a genealogiH, who attelit b\< 64mungM(Jr^/ die feathera of tho^ 

Wanyoith the degreea of nobiliy of wi^»; V. e^mfogfeber. / 

I'perCbn. bad SfbWQlUirab/ the balahce, the wheel, 

ItreibiDirtag, a day, on nhich the oath which helps t6 fet and keep a machinaf 

is taken. or engine aeoing. 

6^(/ -er, -ft/ tfc/y. and ai^. ap* b<r @<biPUngiTi men / tha main -braces of it 

pTied to the air and weather, fweltry, coach* : > , ' 

lireltij^, £uff6cating with heat, ^i % boA gcblVQngreK/ « flack -rope. 

tcotc W f<bDAi/ It is very fweltry to- Sitmuppl, C^Uerf\); V. @<(aKtp|><. 

itj. €ln ftfiwiWcr Sag , afwehry day. bcf @*»ttr/ b<l -ti, pittr. bit ©*«!!«# 

6^»lW»CttCr/ fweftry weather. '^ "'^ "^ *' " 

U (i( 6<biin&YC# /'/iA^. car. the fweltiy fia- 

te oc condition of the air. 
a. V\t ©*mflre , V. €*rofel«. 
&(r and b(t 6<tn0uUi , » the firft cafe bH 

'ti, -pimr, iHuf. I. In a proper fenfe in 

the /r«M. gender, bit &^mui(t, 90 

f(tt9tttt# ^ fwelling. tumour ;-alfo apuf- 

from the verb f(tn>5rcn/ an oath, fweajr> ^ 
ing, imprecation^ ciirfe, blasphemjf* ' 

dt tt^nt greoncbe ^(tm»flre , he Iweara 
grievous oaths. g(p leid^tff rtlaff e<^muK 
a temerarious oath , a raAi n«;earuig.r 
" ttr# 04/ Cr, flO I, he, Ihefwore; 

©cfwArfg/ won fc^<f , V. ^(bt»(frfg. 

^* >• Figurativeiv applied to AyUT 3. e^toAHg/ a«7. and a^v. fr^m ft^Mf 

aadfipifies bombalt, high, pompous , ttVi$ td^ti^Jretlb or gefcbn^srenf fuppura- 

'^ •• ting, fupparative, running Vriih foi«i 

full of inatter. '' ; . » 

ber ®c(ave; bel -i^^ pl»f> bit -ft, Fmir^^ 

b\t @c(ab(OII# a 0a ve, one taken prifor 
ner in war, or bought to fervea pel-fba 

and IwelUag «xprelDons''wit)iout' any 
impertlnt (eofe. In. this fenfe it is only 
uled in the mafrniins gender. 
64isii(fi^, -er, -ffe^ «<//. and ad^, puf- 
ied Qp or fwollen with pride, high- 
mioded, haoghcy, arrogant, conceited 
or proud, vrh) ftbmUmgcriRefifdl^, a 
ptoad, conpelted man. Still ofbief 

applied to ftyie. flHne f<bm(l(/ligc 6(brcif)# 

Ottf a bomball, bombaftic or bombaAi- 
cal Byle, pompous , xfonorous , biit c<id* ^ 
vayiag mean ideas. ®n f((iD&T(ige J ®<# 
hli^f a bombafi, bombaftie or bom^ 
baliical poem. 

64»il0g/ the preim-U of 6<(&)ing<0# 

NT6<t«Bafl, bCl -C5///<^. bUSf^flOl 
l^f from the verb fcpminaen. i^ In a 
propff fim£e« a fwing» a twinging mo- 

during life. 9in gcfartgeiier Ctteve; 

captive, a perfon taken prifbtter in wvi^ 

Cin leiMgener^ftdM, .« bond-flave, 
bond-mim. din (SaCeetenfctavC/ a gal- 
ley.flavat 6<(cwctl CbfeOr to ranCamd 

flaves. Scmonbctt mm etlQ\»tn matb«it, 

to anflavo one^ to 'deprive htm of hif 

Itber^ or freedom, erlottfti fugrcbbcit 

(tftn /l!o 9n£ciknchiEe or Ut flaves et Ji- 
lerty, give them their liberty. Flgmna" 

i^eiy,. Scmanbfl 6cfabe mn, to be, 

a flave to on^^ lo bo at his dispofal 6r 
to bo dependant on , o^ &ibiect to hia 

wiU. Cfti &ttwt fHner ft^nf(bgftdt 

it^ f to be a flave to his paflious'^ 

gmi^adv. flavifii; V. 


lioa. ^8ioc ®(i<fe in bco @cbpung Jrta^ .,^„, 

flta, to raile a bell, bring it in motion ; ifit«rA«»#MK/«^ «<#>' 

iWUadofwhichecbOHltlgisalfoufualitt ®|SfJ' 

nuny cafos ; V. 6<bmanfi. ©ai fcnbttf K,J^l»lirH*«lianh#r the flava-.. tiiada th« 

»^»lngongc». the pendufuia peN traffic or ttade « Daves. 

fonas fixty fivings in a minute. (Hn bltecUPtttn^ p/ar. bk - cn # n*jefy, fer- 

6(birong, ben man Im ©prCngen f^Ut> ▼i«!i;de, bondage, flavilbnefs, thraldom. 

a r^rit, a 

t^Bng b(r@e(frdnaer^ 

of the rope - dancers, a 

fodd«n motion in leapipg. 

double fin 
her) fapultiesi 
^r ^<|mtra'g is the quick iO> fuddeki 
«Iefation from one |ob)dct to a remote 

or diftant oAe, S>(r 6(|^m0i ^a tf UU 

1^01^ the foul and its fh^) fapulties* 

I) The condition of a flave ;^ has iio pJrn-^ 

raU :jn bic @claumo gefMigm (rfnweg^ 
giffi^rct Jbertcn /^ to beled away a cap- 
tive or into captivity, flavery or coira- 
ncment. fcikewire';fe«''tf^ve/^, the 
fiate or conftitiotf^bf b'eine involiintarily 
ful^ecTt^^ wiir'df iootheR -^A 

• Digitized by VjOOQ IC 

146 6cte s » ©ci&« 

^ chtDg4 fD«n4«^ in <b^ Aam or con- wbich it; alio fometimet called a mi* 

ditioo. /' « « .* ' nute. 

C((ai»ifd^# ^' and 0«?v. uaviih, fer?i|e» 6cruptjl(i<# adL and nifiy. fcnipulotit; 
mean, bafe; flaviihly. ©efOlllrte flr# fcfuplilously; V. JlDCiftHoft, fc<t>fn«i<b. 
Wt »errr4>tfH, to do fla*^ urork, Iffe ^crupokUtdt/ fcropnlofitf, fcrypu- 
4Eitie fda»if<De 0!cB»bor!<it. a fervUo^ lou*aef«; V. ^tlixAlmtiU '©enrtfeiH 

liibjecubn, fla?ery or depeDdance. ©«< Jaftlftfelt 
I fcUluif4)C SBtfcn , iUvilhneCi. CcBoftidn ^ SebalUan . a fnan*a namo* 

ec(a»»m(a, ScUvonia^, a^pfofince of ©cM/a fable, a fcimitar; V. ©d^t 
' HumiaiY. ' ©rtettboum/ V. ©atcbaam. 

^lrt|S!Tp&. S^^^^ plougb-coult^^ flag, 

▼onic language, j^ @f<6fo* . the liole in the plough-trce. 

^U^^mm,M 'ti, phir. w. thefcur. j^ ^^^.^ ^1,^ ^^^i^^, j, faftelied. 

Tl\ V. @<pOCDJ}a. ^ ^(P @c<l)rtna, which the coul- 

I^COrbotifd) * tf^/* and a^/v. fcofbutic or ter is faiteoed to the plough-tree. 

{fcorbuiicai, diseafed with the fcurvy. g^^^^ ^^^ 3 cardinal nnniber. 6c«^ 
S^irblcO/ fcordionorwalea-g<^ande^^ IMcr. ^ dollars. €« jt f(Al U*r, 
cr ©COrpjIf*, the fco^pion ra filh). j^^j. g^ ^» j^^,^ ^^^ ^1 .©O^KO, 

»Cr ©corp^oo, M -Cj, ^/**r. bl< -cn# fiK^eeki a«o. But if the fubiUntive 
the fcorpibn , a repple much refembling j^ ^^^ ^^^^ f^ 1,^^ ^ ,1,.^ ^1^^ ^^^^^ ^^|. 
^. a lobfter, whofe tail end. m a pdmt, ^^j numbera. in the dative fc<Wcn. Sf* 
. and has a yery venomous fling; Scorpto ^^^^ ^^^ f^^^^„ ^^^^ j^^„,j„ ^ ^^ f^l 
X. It w alfp a nanie for one of^thefigns y^ i ^ahnot come before fix. i. e. bo^ 
of the zodiac, the fcorpiop. for^ fix o' clock. S»(t fc*fm faJrCtt, 

Me @COr|llon|litO€^ the fcorpiop-fly. i. e. with Ax horCes. 

(ai 0cfrp4»Dlr<ti, (rinjiuerrotbcr ©Urn) ^^ q^a^ ^/.,.. y^ .en, die 6gur«» wiii^ 

, .Aw»r«»tetCor Scorpu. , denote, the numbjjr of fix. «gc ecdM 

li«*«COr|HinM. od of f€wp^on. ^ji i^e fixes together. ©U @C«4 ftl Ht 

Mc ecewlotipftlcine, ter @tc(Wnlto , the @^,<eieortc, .he fix in cirda. 

-way -thorn; alfo the Searulh (a plant). ^^.^^^^.J^a • m*„n^ . -.^r«« -.r 
»IC ©mpionfOwrfe , the fcorpipn-ftail, ^^If *f'If <^1' .^^^^ flrchlrta 
W<6corWonfemu,fcorpioo4eM,Colutea ^"""•^f fi*.^^^^^^ - . ^ 

£marui L. ©CCJ)^Mdtteria , /v(^. and adv. banng Ox 

kit @€orpion(piQne» a fco/ploh^jpider. * leaves, of fix leaves, bexap«utoua« 

WCiScorjoncre, ©Ctnoncrioura^ fcorxonc- 6f*tfbOPpc(t, adj. and fl^/n. fix^buble. 
J, ra, Scowonera L. . . M @ccb^ccf / tc« -C</ piur. ^it -x , an 

»Cr ©fribCftt, ^ derkj- alio a writer ,or J'H^^.''' ajex«n^ular figure. 

. \J , » . . I /. finall coin of fix Penins. 

«tot «rt€oni(bWt, a forwpW; -doubt. @^^i„ntttt.adj. and «rft.. Gx hundred. 

. wd.ffic»hy.^H5bth. wind cannot re- gj;?;j5nnt>*tt(J«, (>«, Wt, r»a<,) th^Cx- 

Jpl*e, fcraJMileCtr, renipuitiii«neta ; per- iundredth ' ^* ' "* ' " " "*^ 

. ■ Jflexity. einMe<r«p<INben, (oW etiit\iM9,' "d,: and arf*. of fix year., 

» « feniplsor doobt; to b« rcrupulou*. ^g^ yegfjold ' /""i 

, Ipruple, a.doubt of conference. Sjli ^^^ ^^j ^ ^^,^^, „^ch. ^^•^*'«^' 

. moijrt mlr wnca ©CtUfcl, that caufes a gijj^^^^^^^^^ ^jj^ .„d 4irfv. of Oi 

Icrpple tp we, that makes me fcrupu- - y^oihi. " T' ^ *" 

. '^ll*- =' , ' ' ^. 6ed>fpfennlfler, V. ©eifrr. ; 

^i ©<rQPf(f,M -Ir /'^'^* *>t noiQ.^^. ecc^«tu^crla / «4*. """ '**'^- '"♦ing Ox 
,,from the Lat. Scppulum. gcrUpif, a >ows of oars, of fix rows of oars. 

fcnipie, a weight, the third part of a @Cd)5raftTa, rf<//. and adv, of fix Artoft, 

dramr ao grains (©ron6). ©crupef, * having fix Urines. 

fignifies alfo, ^Nfecond, , the fixtieth &t^WuU^, ad;, and adv. hexaRy^e. 
.part of A W'^mx .J^CfUpcf/,fignifies U- Jtr ®cd^ii^QUf^\tf , a flieep of thrtfe yeaw 
>.Jumifa,. ^m JB»W"*.**^^ ®* * degree, " of a^e. 

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^** ©ee 147 

6<^W4tfg/ fct^dn^# ^. Mi 4l4l«. « parfe» « pocket. 2)61 Oldb fit btU. 

effixfowi. " Cccfcl ftccfen. to put money Into the 

&4^cHbl / ^^J' *^ ^dv. " of lis (Ide$« purre or poc&et. • . 

henedroo, A figure of fix equ^ ildec. (cr @(CtcUr# -«Sc(fcCmd|ler» a pur£er« trea. 
&t$^<P(lnn(j)# tffly. and adv. drawn by furer or purfe^beacer. v - 

Inhor£», oxen etc. ^i @<((euraut# a name for an berfa.or 

&(ft^tia(fi, o4[. '^oc^ tfiv* of fix days; plant , ^ called alfo j^lrt(ntaf(|^, Ihep* 

tbu laita lix dayg. berdi porfe. 

tt^, tttti Me, hai, thefixtb; alfo at ter (Betftr, in fone p^rta. tbe hulks or 

u a^^'* !Der r(cMl< Sbdl/ the Iuuh.part. ikint of jrapet io the preft, or after the 

dc? Mite (Ronat^, the fixth month. laA premng. 

^ tdft je^t in Hi fec^fc 3<i(r, it u ^ai ,@ecrcc, bo^ Mmlkbr @atio((^ the 

oow going on Ax year*, ^ai U^ftt f^^V* i)ecellary» hdufe of office or Utile 
eojlftcl, the llxih chapter. Carl bCff houle; V. fCbtritt. 
@((^C/ Charle» the Oxtb. Utetttttix , a fecretary; V. ^O^zhtt f^tdt 

&i^lh,a4i/.4fid0ciina^h,&V9and9, Ut. ^Dtt etMUfitttt^v , a fecretary 

^t^ o( Ilate, QbiWmtt &t^ttMt, QbtHtnit 

bi6e(Wlc(/ M -i, pimr. ut mom. fmg* f*rdber# a privy focretary. 

^(t Mtt ZM/ the fixth or the luth M Ckcrctari^, the. fecreta^ry ^Ihip , tht 

P*^ im &<ii(tti ZbaUf/ the iixth or fecreury*t place or olHce. 

the fixth part of a dollar^ i.e. four Icr 6irC(Ctfe|H^#, ^ tom-tnrd, a ^oldfio* 

poU. der, a perion, that emptiee pnviea or 

6<jMcq<, tfii/ the Iftxthplaco. - lakes. ' 

6(4ltbcaig, mdj.^ndadv. OQifii^ttW* bcr 6(Ct# M -H, piur. (but only offe. , 

tea Mfbcnb/ compored of iu paru, or veral foett or quaniitiea^ Mr, •r, 3aek,. 

codiiiiiig of dx parte. a kind of fweet wine brou|;ht frojii tho 

6c(M»MC!fg/ oi^.mndadv. of fix angles, Canary Istandt etc. canaf^-vitte. 
^^Btfiim^^n, tbe fix weeks of a wo. hit^cctt' piur, bit -fl. a feet, a body 

n4Q*s lying in. 3n 6fll 9ed>liD0CbCI| of men following fome paniculal-iiAlU/; 

li^lQIf 10 be ia uie firaw or iti child- or united in adopting fomo peculiar ' 

Wd. tenet. . • 

^^t^mhd^ttUm, a woman,- that lies in. Ut 6ectfrer^ a fectary or fecurian. 
&4>4c)C8 or 6«^|rbn/ adj. num. Qx^ hit 6efttrcre9/ faotartfin, the following o^ 

teen. ^J^i§^ ^ttiitn, uxteen grofs. a certain fect» the being of or belonging 

€1 nqrCQ i|tcr fe<kl|e)m , they were fix-* to a* certain feet, the being grounded or 

t«eo, thtee were fixteen of them. -' founded in a certain feet. 
Bf^lcbcatf , ttt, hit, Hi^ the fixte^nih^ @ertfrifcb, adj, fnd adv. fchtsmatic, 

34f fr^lclnrc 3ftbr# the /ixteenih year, fchismaiical , heretic, hererical. ' 

SQni@(44|Cblir<0/ fixteen ihly. Mc ©CCUlOf ffOtion / I'eculariUtion. 

Kf fecWjCftwr ^ bti 'i, plur. ut nom. ©CCUlarfffrcn , ver*. regr. tfc^ to ferula- 

yttt^. awboieconlifting of fixteen Units; fife, to contort from holy or fpiritual 

alfo d^ lixteentb part of a^whole, to common ufe, to make worldly. 

«• 6c(biHbnrcl for Bf<b^iri^ntt<il f hti htt &tcuntiant, a lecond, a perfon, who 

'i,pUr.ot ivom.^/iii^., a fixteen th, the accompanies another in a duel, to di« 

'tttaentfa part of a whole. rect or defend him\ 

Bc4|i|, adj, iHdecitn, fixty. 6e<ti(0 Wc ©ecunbe; in raeaffirinp time, afecond, 

S^M, ®rofctCII/ SBribcr, fixt^ years, rhefixtieth part of a minute, of an hour 

groff , women. or of a degree. 

«6c<tl<a<rr M 'i, plttr.oinom.ftng. 6fn]nMren; v^r^ re^. 0cr. to hdp or 

1- Io playing ot piquet, efnen @CCb|i' A^i^^ o»e# to ftcond, back or defeiid 

|tr wocbcn , to picque one, Cfn @f d># bim. 

|i|fr, Fpmin. chrc @c*|iacrfnn, a per- ©cOci , V. etAiUt^titth 

ron^fiho is fixtr years old ; atfo t\n^\Xi* Hi ©eMmrtll^ the f^ditnent, that which 
«jWC(>tigrr^ §«<Q|lllbrrA)lfl(r K. a- fciiles at the bottom 
What is^rodoced or made in 1760. The- Mc ©«, (one fy liable,) ^/i»r. tff -tt, 
r<fore a wine produced or made in 1760 , (two fyllables,") and ber '''^>n , (one fyl- 
i< frMMitly called dH 6e4|l0Cr, lable.) tc« •</ (two fyllables," pimr. 

\iiM%^t, adj. tbe ordinal of fixty; the lit ^Or (alfotwo fyllablet. t. The fea, 
^iedi. 2)fe fed^llgKc (Dlfllin / the fix- . thf» ocean ^ the vafi collection of- water, 
tieth man. which encompafie^ tbe whole globe of 

> ^ff ^(fcT» tcl *l, p/nr. ut mom.Jlng. the earth, and which ia called alfo Hi 
J weight among the ancient lews. aihe- ©t«r , Hi »XPcttllTfCr. Io this fig;iiifica- 
*^t which was about dO fotb orlialf tion it b always ofthe yem/nlte gender. 
»n ounce. Likewife a coin valued 'at ^n @fC ftcben, (lid)Cll . tp put- to fea,, 
absot fvo!.fliitliogs and fix penco Aer- to fet fail. iS^&^ auf >f( ©ec ^9Ct>en, 
^. ' 40 go to fea« tint^XM \t on'Nr 6(1 

^ 6fcfo, M ^'l^ /»/«^ tti\Mom.fing4 lUgt, • C|a«totrS| a mariiiiM towo^ # 

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148 eeea ®«f ; 

town Umated'on tlia (ofl. jHe ^DjeCec, ♦(« ^f^efgiV ^the tea * tig. 

bit offtnb^re 6ee * the ocean , the main ^tt 6e<t«)*Cl ^ ibe fea ~ fennd. 

Tea. In this ilgnification tt admits of no ^j geef^UCi:^ Wild -fire. ^ 

piifhiT. Aifo particular nana of tbis tU @er^0re.. tbe ' fed •« pine » a kind ol 

4Dcean or fea have vary trequentiy the . coral. 

name of ©ec. ©fC «ttaill«f*C 6ec, fcer^^WA, afea-ftlh, fait- water-filh. 

, the Atlantic otean. X*<e IfBc \<^ec , cbe Me ^ee|kf(f?( , the fea -urchin irith foul 

• ' Pacific ocean, ©if 9ior&fte , the North- teeth (a filh). 

fea. ©<« mfttcUdtlWfclK ©CC, the M*. tit <f>t<1if>ttt , a fleet or navy , a ilaval -iuii 

ditervanean fea. 2)k. ^Aterff f / the my. tiot mMti%t v^cejlMre : df tit^cili 
Souih-fea. 2)if OftfC^ ^ the Baltic Tea. , to fit Out or e^uip « powerful ^eet. 

3. ©<l? ^eC/ « lake. « lar^e collection bcr ©etfrofct/ the fea- frog; V. iEflttX* 

oTwatert incloied. In thia ugnifitatton f(0f4^. 

it U alway* of Ae nUtfcuiin^ gender. Wc ©e<galle/ the fea*- gull,, -a fifb. • 
2>Cr Vabcofcc; the lakeof Gonitance. hit Gee0tbj^<ni<]>/ the culiom among fallon 
S(cKcnfcr#@eCf the lake of Genera. or maainers. the cuiiom at fea. 

Stt ftem @ec fd>io(mmcn/ (Ifc^eO/ to t(rt @tca rcdjt) ):Ki -iS, plur, M< -c, 1 

lWim» 10 lib in the lakf.' fea -fight, a battle fought on Uio fea 

Icr @eeaa(/ (Recraal/ the conger, a fea* a batUe of (hlpa. 

eel. tO^ '^^cegerlctt , the adrairatity^ the jrd 

kit 6ecaMer# fjfd>aMtr/ AecraMcr^ the mirality • courC trbere the caufes r^ 

fea -eagle, a laker. lilting to maritime affairs are^tried. 

kU ^ceamfcl / ^tttmHtif the black*bird ^(1^ @i^f dCKtm # the cry or -wat^-irorc 
~ vritb a collar. /of the Inartnera. 

Ux @CCa|>f<l# the fea -apple; V. JReer* ba*®ft|ae6 the law relating td maritinn 

ige(* ' affaira; the iffaya aod ciiiloma at fea. 

^^cMtf the fea -bear, Phoca Urfi* ^o< 0e<flC»d(W/ fta^growth; V. OTctr 

na L. g(19(lcbi^* 

Mf @ecbarbe, <he mullet; a fea-'filb, (tr^ecgottr Neptune, the eod of the fea 

bet @CCtarl, th^ Tea • pearch (a filh}. 2)k @«(|6fHQn , the goddeli of the fea 

tit ^ecbattin # the bar of a port or bar- Thetis , Amphitrite. 

boor. i^i ^'it%t^T . fea • weed , fea - graft. 

bcr @<CbefCII.* the fea. broom (a plant). Occ^rAtt/ atf/«and ai/Vf fea- green, celadon 
'9i( @ee(lttinC/ the nenuphar (w^ite and pale-gre»n. 

yellow water- liliea). ^CT @<eM«n# W -1/ plur. He -^fcn 

kit @((t(0&UO (he fea-nombril, fea -bean, a fea-f^oit. harbour, haven. 

a plant, that grows in iirooda near the tcr ^tt^9\tt, zbania (a (ea-pUnt). 

iea. « ^er ©ce^Otlbet, a foreign trade, maritWn< 

tcr @K&rQ|rcn/ V. flX^crfcroffcO. trade, foreign comn^eree; aifo anraffair 

bie 6(^bOttC 9 V. gKecrblitte. quarrel etc concerning maritime affair 

tcr 6(€Coaipaf, the fea-compaft, a ma- or bufineCi. 

riner*t compafa. ter'@et)Kire/ A Tea -hare, a periwinkle, 

t<r @ecb(tc()/ a fea«dike». a^dika ^r'dam (cr @eeb<dbt/. a fea-pike; V. SKeet^ctt* 

to .keej^ off fea- water. ^er <3€eDeC0» « hero at fea. . 

\%t @cetr<KftC/ the fea -dragon; the qua- \vt @eepan6/ (>ed -tl/ p/^''. bfe -C/ i 
' viver, quavier or quaviner. ^ The lea - calf , feal , fea -dog, Pht>C4 vi 

ble Sec^rofftl / thefea-thmih. tulina L. ©ctfott, ^ecrfalb, «Otctr|niitt 

tie @eec{d)C or 6tcid)e/ v. snecreic^C. 1° "^^ northerly countries SKobbC; a. i 

tie@e(tiC^(, V. Wccrcfd>e(. . kind of ihark, a voracious fea - filh 

^ie ®eccit€(|)fe» the fea^li^ard, Canis Carcharias L. @eetDoCff itenN 

ta^ ©eeeintbril/ the fea- unicorn (a filh). fopf. 
(er @tecngel, vngelrottt/ the ray, a fea* ber @(ddH/ the fea- urchin; V. ffitfCfttcJ 

filh; V. eti{ic(r0((e. Me ©ctjungfcr V. fflkcrfrati. 

^ftOf @Cter|/ flinn;|r or moddy iron -ore; ba< @eefa(br the Tea- calf, leal, fea « dec 
iron-or^ found lit marlhy grounds. V. @C<t^Ullt I. 

bcr.Cecfdd^ft^ the fea-fan. \vi @(e(amm/a lea^comb. 

ter @ccfa9?er, M -i, p^f^r. ut nom. Me @ed$mte/ ter @tronb. Me QecfAii 

JUig. Femiii. MrGeefafnrerCnOf a fea- the fea-fiiore, lea - coaA, laa-fidi 

mail, feafaring man, mariner, lailor, thefirand. 

navigator. Me ©eeforpfe, a carp caught in lakea* 

ide €eefOflfl^/ piur. Me -eilf navigation, MeSeehrte/ a fea- chart, 4ea.roap. - 

A voyage, travel by fea. JMe 6eefflkrr,'Me ^eefa^e, t>er <3&(<J(f(ii(>, the faa-c; 

M Seemefeil, the tuvy, the marine. (a fi/li , the Cuttle -fifh or found. 

Ut @eefal(^ the fea -hawk. Me eecflncber V. a>rierHrf(^ 

Ut Geefafail/ the fea-nheafanl. W 0ttH\p^, a rock or flielfm the £b&. 

^ Mt 6ff{tber# the iM^faatlitt^ V. aSecf^ ber ^xth^, the fea-cock; 6eeNto. 

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* ettt V . e«i 149 

krecefMtol/ cane, Cesoretd. • - ^erfon, in the mJa extfoilt^ iRAire. Qii 

¥tetift0fe, ihefea-crow (abird); alfo QtaH ftlthdU le^ntQUfenb ^<iUn, tha 

ibe fea-ombra or grayling (a filh). city, contains ten ihoufaud fouU, tber« 

I(r6eefrant<t/ the Tea -crane (a fifb). . arts iii it ten thooaand fouls, g^ {§ fd^ 
\k etdtantidit , ^piur, ^U -CO^ the lea- tie Uhcnliat ^ttU to, there is not a 

ficknefs. a lickneDi on board, a fellel at living foul there* not a fingle nerfon 

l»i a dtsordef attending new voyagera there. @age Cl Uinct @UU , -tell it to 

It Tea. f ^ i no foal, tell it to nobody or to n^ 

teSecfrOHtf iea-vreed» fedje. perfen. 

Itt ^nH, a^lehAer; alTo a nama fof S« That which gives a thing liFe, re- 

jfluimp. giil'r motion and activity « force or efii- 

kT3ecfrcii|born/ V. j^offboni. cacy, gr 1^ bic eTecU Mcfer ^crCcmm^ 

I(l6cdritg# a war at fea^ a naval war. (uttl/ he is th^very foal of this^ alTeni* 

^etxhhti, the fea-toad. bly. <Sr t^ W ^CtU htt &€f^ftt, be 

Ik6ccft)(/ t)er >l!)2anati. the niai|atee or it the foul of the-bufinelii. Sk titU it 

iktfea-cow, ffrichechus Manati if. ^i( @eefe flflcr (trlffll<tKn Sugf nbCB , Ick- 

^ 6cchlllt<, tba art, of navigation, tho' ve or charity ia the foul of all chriiiiaa 

anal Idence. - virCnes* 

Ht^ecfACc, the fea-coail, fea-fbo^ (Hl &ttUnamtf Gcclomt/ a reqniem, a 

^•(ide, the iirand. inals for the dead. > . * 

^dfli(, Zealand » a province of Holland. ^{^ @e<(cnangft/ fpiritual anxiety. 

The'IsUnd of Zealand, which'is a patt ^q^ @ttUnMU the favipg of a foul» lal- ^ 

o^tbe kingdom of Denmark, is aifo caU vation. 

^etdatil>. , gin ©eeWnDcr/ aZealan- bet ©fctenjlrt/ a paAor, curate, parfonor . 

Jer, a native' of Zealand one*.s codfeitbr. 

SftUaeifcl^ ^ a^//* and adv, of Zealand, ber @eeIcn(ouip'f , A fpiritual conbat. * 

bfkmgiBf to Zealand. 2)<c fccMnbi ftt^lll bit 6e<fcnfraft / the faculty of the fool. 

itfcn, the coafts of Zealand. bie ^tiltnitt^H, pinr. (but only of feveral 

^t( 6c(laCf rnc . aphare. pharos. Fight- books of this fort,) bit - It * P^chology, 

botfieor lantern to guide fbips at fea. m treatife or discourfeon the loul, the 

Ht 6fdao| , tho fea -loufe (a cockle' . icience of the faculties of human fouls.. • 

».b«6ffU. ^/ttr.bic -0/ aword ufed ba<@edcn(icbr/ a ray of grace, the illu* 

^ in fooaa^cafes. i.' !DiC ^ttU atl mination or infniration of tha foul by 

cbkingtJicrftav^trC/ the barrel of a fire, the grace of God. , % 

arxD, as a cannon, gun ftc. a. X)ic€ee(e Gcefrnlt)^/ a47. and a/fv. inanimate, void 

2a (VHm Scbfrficfc / the ^ith of a quill, of life , fouliefs , without life or foul. 

Asligjit fiii£F. ihat is within it. flic bit @CC(Clllllcffe, ©telllieffC/ foul-mafs. . 

6c(if in bcB Jpdriogcn, the bladder of - ginc @e€(ciuii(ffievfflr eiocn Scrforbfticti 

t herrinft. ^(tflt , to celebrate a mala for a d6par« 

^ik &€W, Pl»r, M< -IT, DimintUiV0,, ted foul. 9llcr 6cd<nf<fi^ ell foula day. . 
idiich is only ufed in familiar \si\, lai bO^ ©Cf (encegiikr , a lift of the fouls or 
StMco. •» ^ inhabitants in a place or country. 

l.lliefoik. the immaterial and im« bfc ©ecfc(irub<f the rell, repoCe; peace or^ 
BBorul (nbftance, wbich animates our quietnefs of^tne foiil or mind. 
Mies, ^c @CC(e M ^(Df0tn, bk ber @<flcr.((blaf, a fpiritual fleep, thefleep 
BCOiiWicbc 6€C(C / the foul ofman , the of the foul. ^ 

bttinan foul, ^ic 6ccie it c)a SBcfm/ Ut 6efIniMtrftfufer/ bel 'i,plnr. m nom. . 

KCtilK^ 9krtflDb anb SGSiSen (at, the yT/i^. a kidnapper. One who ileals or 
loal is ■ being or Aibftanoe, whidi haa . decoys human beings, 
vnderfianding and wilU or the foul has bit ©€Clenivonoccunp p/i<^* bie%- ett. Me« 
mdarftanding and will, gineitl CtlDal tempfyc^oiis , , the transmigration of 
S^iHttt 6f CU OObcfcl^Un/ an»crtraueit it. fouls , after death to other bodies. 

bie Ge^l^Ctt/ the fea-lark (a bird). 
^\t ©fCUUcjtc, a phare, pharoa, light- 

houfe or lantern to guide Hiips at fea. * 
bif ©ccfcutC/ bal 6<CV0lf ^ foa-mepi ita- 

faring men. ^ / 

ba^ ©cclgcrdt^f alegacj^ a gift hy will; 
V. ffleTind*tni§. 

bO<@C€l{cbtr ©cetatlftnb^fln, ihefcolopen^ 
dria , a redd'Jn ,many legged and veno- 
mous fea -infect. 

bl< ©cdiliC/ the fea -lily, the ba-palni 
or date. 

ble S^linfe , V. iflJaffalinft. 

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r$o ©eel ertit 

hUejtifmt, ^Ur. car. iha curt of foiili. |Ke @«rt(hing. the arming, xfft tin. out 
fCr ©Cflfefgfl', &<« .<, p/nr, ut ifom. or equipping of Ailrts or of a fleet ' 

-Aw- ♦ P«%» «""?? «^ parfon. a mi- Wc ©ecfocte, a maritime aff*ir . an afiFaIr 
•., "!J:^''' / *?!"**?•* "*««*• - concerning* the navy , fdreign - uade ; 

We @f e/ oft , the fea • air J a Tea - breeae* alfb the Tea - y^^r, 

hit erefunflc, the Tea- lungs; V.@ecfefgC. W ecc<alj, fea-faU. hay- fait. 
We @e<ma(t>t, phr, W^mmt. O A tcr ^tmm, the froth of the f^a ; V. 

Meet, .navy, naval army, lea - forces, ^Ut\6)Wm. 

marititbe forces, a) A maritime flower, bcr 6cef*(fumtt, a tea -row; V. 6ec# 
5cr©Mminn, be* -rt, py«r. Me -indtt' rduber. 

UeL* and df inferior perfons/Wc -ffOte, M ©eefcjiff, e Ihip or velTel for the fea^ 

a Tea ^ man, feafarmg mm . mariner or tie 6cefd>«tertte, the fea-tortoife. 

faiior. one who practices navigation. ta^ 6eefcWf, fedge, fea-weed. foa-i^fti, 
effmlTTnifrtk, Adj. and adv, fea-man U- Me ^ee>*la*t> p/nr. MC -en, a fca-fight, 

k«, hke a mariner etc. ^ battle at fea. ' 

Wc ^eifemc He , a league, twenty of which ter ©fef*W0eI , V. ftammtrfff*. 

make a degree. . • .. We ©cefditange , the hydra , a kind of wa- 

Ofe ereme^e/ a fea -mew, tha la^ge black ter^fnake feigned to have many heads. 
^"^^^ r r Wr @eef4lunb, an abyf^, gulf, whirl- 

00^ 6rfmoo5/ fea-mofs* pool. 

We-eeem^rnei; V. 6ce(eK^e. »fe @cf fctnerfe / a periwinkle , fea - fnaiL 

We(&i:einuf(tel, V. aeermuf*eL , ^ ber reeftbnecfenHee , the fea • fainfoin. 
Nff ©finatff, 6d)nerfenbe(te(, the lea- We 6eef*iieiife , the fei - fnipe. 

navel, a ruddy and wreathed fhell-filh Me ©eefc^mfllbe , the fea-fwailow. 

as hard ks a ftone. * Dcr ©tefeorplon / the fea-fcorpion (a filh). 

We geciwwe, V. ®eerBO»f(. ■ ^ie eeefemfe, ©eeWrife; the cyperua, a fort 

We ©eftiatrer , the fea . aspick (a fife). of fea-or Iske-rufti. ' ""^ 

bfe ©eenefTcI, fea-grafs, faa^weed; the (^ ©ecfdbot, M -e«, pUr, Me -en. 

^r i:"^"^*' Zoltcra L. a marine, a foidier on board alhip to 

' We ©iretltlf , the fea -nut (a cocUe). , be employed in defcenis on land, 

cer ©eeoc;;^', the fea- ox. ber ®ce p»efiet, a ruttier. a book, which 

per @e. offlsler , an officer of the navy. (hows the ways eithfir by water or by land: 

.^0< ©Cfo5r,.the fea- ear ;y. ^Drcerobf. • a diiecto^ for the courfe a Ihip U to ta. 

We^ceorier, the otter of Brani, the fei- ke. e!n Keffebo*, ©egmeffer. 

. *^*^- ^ ^ r ^ e H<®«^*n««' pif^r.^it -n, thefca-fpi- 

Wf ©eeptjpdjop r the fea - parrot . the puf- der ; V. fflTeerfplniie 
fin^orfea-|)ywith a longbeal^ Mr ©eeiJflfOt, M -ti, plmr. Me -etl, « 

bnltlmc fea - Jtar. maritime power etc. V. ©eeiROd^t. 

; fea-whip (a coraP. ^e ©^ftaM. />/«>. Me -Mbje, afea-torrn. 
fea -peacock. • foa -port : town. 

fea-hortfe; V. ^m$ ber ^eeftern, a fea-ftar; V. ^Reerflcrm 
***^ ,^1 . berjBee^Jnt, the white gudgeon (a linalJ 

1^ 6eeftCWd<W , a fea- fifh), D o V 

r - , V ?*' ^^' ^''^* "®*' *^* Wr ©eeHronb, Me ©ecWIle, ©eefontf ^ thi 

iM or along the fea- feore. fea* cos a, foa-lhore, fea-iide, thi 

OK WClKfauinc'f a fea - plum, a kind of fea- Itrand. 

mofs. Ulva prpniformis L. . (q^ ©eeffflrf, a fea. piece, a picture re 

P<r ©ceplnfel , the fea -pencil (a cockle). prefenting a profpect of the fea 

Oer6eerflbe, the fea- raven, fea -cob, lea- Mr ©eedubl, an a/tronomicak ftool ofec 

gull, fea -drake, fea - cormorant in making obfervaiions at fea. 

We 6e<r<rte , the fea - rat. ^ Ut ©eeturm , a Ilorm or lempdl at Tea. 

ter ©reran ber, bei -i, pIut. ut nom. Ut ©eetana . v. ©ceflro* and Jang, 
^/"Z- *Pjr«te, corCair, fea-roTBT. ber ©ecteufeC, the fea-devil, the de^r 

We ©cerdvbereo/ piut,^ -tn, piracy, K(h. 

«^r;r .""I ^ ?''• ' )• ""^ '*^^l!?i?'4f r* ^«* ©fetWer , a fea - animal, an aquati. 
mi ttmg acu of violence on the hi^h fea. -„:m«l ««. •»:».«i .u— r -u i? J 

««et<f5>tre9 trdkn, to pir.u. .• rob .t^X*/*;" '"'."'"'• *" ''!"•„"' '^•'•' 

at fea. ^i^ @eet&nnef a buoy or cask floatmit oi 

Ik eeeraupe# the fea ctt^tpillar. ^* 7^*"^' «i«l* «? » cable fafton^a ii 

«<©efre<bt, bC^ -ff . W-'^-We *e,Uw», the bottom of the f^a , to inform pilot 
by which maritime caufes are decided ; »"« m*""^. where (hallow placea, faod 
affo die right of tl • fda. . . **!!?*?• *" *^^"^ imp^^Hraenu mwm. 

We ©eereife, a fea-voyige, travel by fea. ^'^ ©tetrapbe, the fea- grape (a plMt> 
ber ©ferfctfter, the judge oF the admirali* bal ©ceTrrffm* Hi i, plur, uxsm^m 
ty. court, where the canfaa <aUti»{ to fi^' « fea- fight; V. 6eef44a(tt. 
■wiume affair* are iriod. bil ©eeilfer t the lea- Omiv. 



^6ecVHCb afca-birJ, afea-fiowl/liirda 
or fovU • tbat Jive on or o^ar th^ fea* 

MCCCMII/ Xea^men. fail6r«, narinart. 

Vt ^CODanr , a wa tch - towec , a' beacon . 

QtmMf ^^v. Tea • ward, torrarda the 

til 6cciMSier» hti -i, piur, lit iiom. 

&. I. Tb# wai^ in aod out oi a 
. SiUlofuier, a. . the water in ihe 
(ft or ocean » fea - water « fait -water; 

III tttenDOfTcr. 

Ui@(tmkns thematine, the navy, the 
Qitil affain. . 

kt 6cfi0ifl^/ bU •ti, plur. bit -<• I- 
Aa5 wuod at Tea. Siill oftner« 2. a wind, 
tkt blows from the fea towards tne 
Ikofe, a fea-breeae. 

^6ceiBillbt0/ bCtaXcerfo^C, Tea- cabba- 
ge, biad-weed. 

ltr6(Cil0(f , the (ea-wolf; alfo 4 Ibark, 
a veracious fea- filh. 

berSccvurf/ anj thing cali out by the 
fea; W ©CCtrtft. 

hn 6(C0anil/ a-foa-worm; worma, that 
live ia the Xea; alfo a fea f [hake; V. 

Ui6M, M -*/ pl»r. ut nom. fuig. 
a hil » a piece of expanded caiivaa, 
wbidi catches the wind, moves a ve(^ 
W on the water, ©ic 6cgC( auffsailf 
ntn , to hoife up the fails* to ipread the 
^ii*- Die Qid^tl ^mUhtnr, to furl, fold 
or wrap up the fails , ta take them in, 
ta let ihea down , to Arike fail. Ilntcr 
6t§ld%tbtn0 to fet fail« to put to fea. 
itit MICO ^eftctn fO^rctl/ to faii before 
ibewiad, to fail with a fair wind. JHt 
^i itti^n, to ilrike fail, to lower 
tbe lail. Hence ^ic @CgCl IfOr ItmavUn 

M^% fyanuiveiji fidl> ibm crgcbcn it. 

to fiirrender, yield. or fubmit to one. 
Fifiurmtivefy fometimaa the flnp or veilel 

nlelL SiQc Siottt vDn iioan^g Cotarlti/ 
i* e. »Dn inHimia e(biff<n , m-^ft of 
twtaty tvA, t. e. of twenty ihipi. 

^@(g<(baom/ ^<r Viaf, tlie maA of a 



Mm, Jutff. a ihip with refpect to her 
nsMier of lailing. din @(^<f / Hi gilt 
^Itf tin gotcr 6<dCer . a Aiip« that 
(aW well or (aft, a good failer. Sin 
^»|^^ 6<tiff/ Wt^ttt etgUti a 

the ihrp Iaila(£JlrorfwiftIy, had failed 
fait or fwi&ly. . S^f r (^dbin Octl gaDMO 
£ag geiVgcU , we have fiiled all the dav 
. • or tbie whoje day* Biic if the J|^ctioi 
is.deteitnined, it takes theeuxiffinryTerb 
\c^n. 2)Q^ <^6>Hf m vor uns i^orb€9je^ 

• feaelt, the Ihip baa faile^by us. Wt 

J lorn ift nod) ^merffo gcf^tgelt^ the Beet 
aa failed for Ankerica. II. A verh au^ 
. ^e , but only in feme axpreflioot. ^(t 

^jff in Deo (^ranb legedi/ to rua 

againft another Xhip in failing, fo that 
. the (ame fprings a leak and muft link,' 
bfll @CAC(ll, failing, ileering, felting fail. 
Me @Cgc(|iange, /^ir. biC -^U, ayard, feiU 

btr ©egadrtn/ the magnet, theloadftone. 
^04 ©egeltud), bc< -el, pft^r. (hut only 

of feveral forta or <|fnantitica>) bit *^(^ 
. ^ttp fail -cloth. 
M ^rgclmetf/ a fet of fails, the faib of 

a, Ihip with every tbiBg belonging- to 

ber @€gflt, be^ ng^ pimr. ut nom. Jlng. 

bloHing, benediction or blils. J|einoil^ . 

ben (cinen Scgrn gcbei)/ to give his blef- 
fing 10 one. 2>er ©cgcD cintl Saferl 

ODcr Ciatf Gutter, a Tathei^s or mother'a 
bleifiog. iDca Scgen ft^redwi/ to give 
the people the benediction, ^alt gcbe 

eacfr fdncn ^egen ba)u , may Ood grant 

\OT give you his bl^ng to it;' raar Qod 

tlve you good fuc^eU. ®DtttHlt WOmit 
5egen ^btxSd^iXttt , God has beiUwed 
. great bleilings upon him. (tt |^at- (cflieo 
6<gen nO(b WAa# he cannot thrive- or. 
prosper, there is no bteHing upon his 

doings* 'Qtx 6cAcn Oottcg inad)t rctcft 

obllC CO^&^e , Ood's blefliog enf-iches ma- 
, ny a man without any great l^boKt of 
his own. Z)cr C^efegcti , the nupUal 
benediction; alfo children, olfl^ring, 
poil«*rity; matrimonial blefling. 2)cr 
SrntCfegfn / a plentiful haiveft or crop. 

9^011 ben Vdumen unb vom S^tlnfleae 
Id4^tU beg Sabrel 6egen, ^tin. 

6egenrei({^/ ndj. and mdv, bltfsfol, blUa- 

ber i^egenf^re((er> a charmer, forcerer, 
conjurer , fpell - writer. Sine ®egen# 
fprccberinn/ an inchantrefs, forcerefs^ 
witch • a fpelUng, mumbling, inchanting 

bfe^egenfotecberen/ inchantmant, incaiH 
Ntatioa , fpall , charm or charming. 

berGeglct^ V. ©cgeler. 

gegncn # ver^. r^^. tfc;r. lb bleu, to wilh 
bappineia or fucced to a perfon; blfo 
to make the Hgn of the crofs. Cinen 
fegnen^ tp bleCi one.' ^ott tDoUe biefel 
tSBerf ftgnen ! may God give hia blefsing 
to this work ! Qott fegne ^t Q5emili(en# 

God bleCn your ondeavours or labour. 

O^ott ftgnet bfe Vrbeit ber Srommen^ 

God bleffes the labour of tho pioaa or 

tbe good. Ut nlor mil efner (angen Re# 
gierung gefegnet, be was blauod with 

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a long rein. fDllt ^cfanb^t flCfceOtt 
fCVtl/ lo be bUQed' widi beuth. Oe# 

fc§Qete< Mpii ftfin, fc^ioanga fcitt/ to , 

»a with child^. 

lal Simtn, buet^nm^, ^e bie&iog, 

' henipcdon; tbb act of ble[fluig» of 
'wifliiiig ono well or good (ucfe[$. 

%k @e^^ tbe ciyftaliioe bumonr of the 

^t^tt^pt, in Opticlca, the rifaal line. 

We @CO(fUtMl/ the opuckt, tbe fcienee^ 
which exploint ^ lews accordmg to 
which vtuon er feeing is perforraed. 

^iitn.tveri. irreg. iA^t, bU ffcM 

. mt)f cr fieiet mt); Imper/. i^ 
|(i(e» Con;\ (dU; P^^rucip. gcfr^eo; 

» Imperau fic^ (|JcW. 

L A ver^ neuter with ^6eit*' xw To have 

a ceruin Ihape, forai or figaret which ia 

, «ixprelsbdbjaa4»^'0c//«e,for atl4(c^/to 

^ look, referoble, appear, be like orfeeiD* 

QBenn il^rfaffei, foUr i^rnl^t faner fet^tif 

when yefa/l, be not of aXad countenan- 
ce, Mauh. 6, i6, €r (icjt^oocrf cr 
.^ inacfeteln faucrcl ®e(I(t)t/|be looks four* - 

. he has a- four look. • ^ fatKr atl(( tiC 

- liebe CRuttcr fa)^' ^cH. ^loS ref)en# to 
N lojik pale« to ^e pale. Sic ffarbc ffcf^t 
< ^riinU^^ / the colour is fomeewfat^t green, 
f indioes to green Or looks greenilh. '^ie 

fc(^ ja gani mbxtW^, ®ca. Moft 

- commonly in the pbrafes 4|^nC(cb fc^H/ 

Sd((^ rcbcn^^'to look like, to refemble. 
r ficlitr 5lr fedr djbn(i4# he looks very 

' joucb like thee.' tittZtXtM'^ fie^t tcm 
^OlbC a(Cf(b# pinchbeck looks like gold.. 
^ To nave a. certain direction. 2>(c8cn' 

ftit fiben auf Me (dofTc/ the windows. 

face tbe Hreet or look ipto the tlr^t. . 
U. A- verb active , to perceive hy tbe 
. eye» to fee. r* In a proper fenfe. $3or 

bcHi Vithti fonn man nicbt. fc(^cn / one 

^cannot fee for tbe mill or fOg. Qtt f!c' 
htk nfct^t Mt, be does not fee well, be 
is ibdrt.Jigbted. Sur4) cii!®fa^, fcur* 
• We ©rlllC fcben# to fe» ©^ look through 
aglaOi, throogh fpectacles. :0ur4) MC 
Sftlffr fct^Cn^ to connive at a thing. 34> 
fete ni^ti, I fee nothing. 2>U fabcjl flU 
l€5# thou fawil or thou did A fee every 
thing. SBon dOlcn flefebeo wer^ch# to be 

£een by all or every one. ' CRft fctnco ci- 
gencn iUgcn rc(Kn » to fee with, one's 

own eyes. Odi V^ no(( rticmaU gcfef^en 

n^r^^Cly that has never vft been feen. 

S(^ lotH btn fctcn, ^crcemo^ t^oran gu 

tabcfn flnDct^ b. I. c^ mfrb ficioifi nle^ 

^ maab cti6<i« larait tu tnbeln fintcn* cer^ 

tainly nobody will find fault with it. 

6<!nc grfubc, fcine.fiuft an ttn^i ftbcn/ 

to delight in a thing, to fee it with 

pleafure. ©cfiicn Samrttcr an~ftmo< ft# 

Ocn , to fee a thing with grie^ Likewife 
wiih all forts of prepoGtioos^ flUf ctmatf 
fScbCA to 4ook npoo roroething. ^({^ 

^ Ikftc boynuf « I looked upon it. Hcman^ 
bill aof Mf SIngtt ftjcn i to watch one's 

.' ' • I 

waters , to obferre his actions narrowly, 
to keep a ftrict eye upon hnn. 3cilMlli# 
%m in ba^ ScftdH febcn , « fe«, to look 

one in tbe face. Slticni fart fnbic IHl# 
f en felcn ; to Ibure^ at one , -to iook him 
hXL in the face, iffiwi !ann OiMiod ta^ 
i^f| fcl^en, one cannot peneUft* inio 
any body's heart, ^^d) ChPCM (c|cn# 
fyurativefy, to fee wbedier it does not 
I'ufier damage or lo(s. 9td(t) ^cm Sffcil^ 

tia<( bcm Xronfm fcbeti/ to look after 

the meat or dinner, after a iick peribn, 
to take care of them. 2^ ^^ bomocb 
fcbcn, fib iDlB ti fu^ca, l Ihall look al- 
ter it, riball feek it, etwa^ fftt toi 
IhtXb febcn lafTcn/ to (how or expofe a 
thing to view for money. ^<<^UMt (t4> 
cUl hornet fcjcn, there appears m comer, 
or a romei appears. €iq) MfeotII0 fc* 
ben laffen/ au^gcbcn/ i© appeal in pu- 
bUc. etmof fcben laffcn . Domit pw^ 

(en# to make a parade of a thing, to 
boafl of it, to glory in it. 2Hc SAltt 

(Kit fid) na4^ ibtem tobc fc^ lafRo/ 

the woman has appeared ^ket ker 

' death. @<^ bcH fian^cn Zt^ tM)i f€|cn 
laffcn # nfcbt unice btc Scut« femincQ, 

not to appear all~the day or ^he whole 

day. grbarf (ic|>nf*t fc*e«(affenf he 

dares not appear, or (hew Limfelf. The 
panUipIe^^l^h occurs'Soth adverhiaify 
and ad/ecUveiy. SBIcbft rcbolbVCrbCII, 
to recover the Tiabt. 2)f( ^ttnbcofc|KDb 
macbcn # in the uerman Bible • to make 
tbe blind t<r fee. ORit fef^enbcii QaflCII 

(Hnb (tt^n § to connive at a ^sg« ^^ 

fd>cnfc inad)cn bieec^enben bHnbr the 

gift blindeib the wife, £kod. aS# ^^ 

When fcben has another verb wkb-'it, 
this verb Ibndsin the infinitive without 
|U like tbe verbs bArfcO/ belfiCD/ MfCQ/ 
b6rcnf toffcn/ f&nncn, (t^, .(cracn/ 
milfftn K. 3* fab l|>n tommco^ l^faw 
him come. 34) fcbc bf(t» (cibcn^ tnU 
ncn l(\ I fee thee fuffer^ weep ete. And 
then in tbe compound tenfes. 1S(f Id' 

ben ibn fommcn fc^n^ we have ften 
him come. 3ct) bobc fbn in 0ro^ Stf 
aui bcm ^aiuc foufm fc^cn, 1 ha»a lean 

htm rnn out of tbe boule in grearfaalie, 

(BcS. SRan boltc mtcb i^ruin fcHei^en 

fcben/ tBcifTc. Only one mull .endea- 
vour to avoid thofe ^aies« whet» the 
other vetb is capable of an acuee ai 
-\Vell as palCve H^nili cation, becaolig 
them th^ ambiguity is noLto be avntded ; 
for example, id) fabC \f^n pCdgCfB# i4 

b^Ubt Ibn taafcn fc()cn« 

a. FlguraUvely. («) '^® pefcaiea iflh 
mediately or in an immediate atuiimeri 
to perceive or discover by the CenCra 

34 fcbe wobh Ui cr mfdb not IhiM 
gcben toiOL/ 1 Tee well , t(iat he, ml hki 
cheat or deceive me. SBfC @le f^^# ba 
i^anbCl ift def4)loircny tbe bargain is ma 
de (as) you fee: 3(^ lnW bfC CmIk ge 
tObiisct fe(^cn# rUTeetha affaia fisi&H 

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or pat M end to. ^^ 'M(, ma$ Ct Ptf 
(at, I Cm hir'deiign, i fee Vhat ho it 

«^ut. ^ ftU m^U mi bit 6Q^t 

if r I perceive the bofiiieGi. @cf)tt ipt 

fiAt, mfe ec tndf iinHt^tUtl don'^ 

"jwiet, how he deceives you? fltVUbibtt 

unv i£5eniiaiin glficflid) Uitn,'he would 

hut or willinfily .feo' every one hippy; 
QboI gcrn fegtn / to love or like to fee 
a thiog. (a^ To conclude by, to judge 

^ ^erao4 ft^ ld>, ba§ K« hy^vhich 

1 conclude or fee, that etc. ;^(]^ ftH^t H 
tiAtm9t^^U Mf I perceive it by your 

looi^ flron fitf^i an ftinrn Xlcibcrn, 
Mctwenff) (^(fcbntdcf (efi$et/ onepei^ 
ccives br his cloatht • that he has but 
little taite. ^3) To try , attempt or en- 
liesvoup, to make- a trial » attempt or 
•Kperiment. Baft fctCQ / ob OlOtl COcft 
WVX tann, 'lot*s fee, whether there is 
say remedy Or means to help yoii. ^^ 

MMtn , Ob id) ttmi ouitiiibUn (onn, 

ril lee, whether I can do or perform any 

tluBff- fat ft^tn, »er unrct tml om 

■CitlfB oerfcn tollO# let us fee, which 
of OS caa throw the fanheil, Koff. 9fc|) 

nOfitbcfir Ob fcb nor nocb cini^tXm 
tnfKbttb crboften fann , ®et§e. (4) To 

erapley or make u(e of care, indullry, 
labour or uaiiis. ®f|r miffen ft\fCn, bat 
Vfr ^(b befommen^ we muH endeavour 
to get money, ©fr lOofleft fcbcn'/ wlc 

9(r m(t ibr aa^ dnonbr r f ommtn , (Sett. 

Particularly with the prepofision auf. 
To take caro of m thing, to regard, 
beed or mind it. 34 fcje auf foI*e 

6a(bcQ nMt, {(( adfttfit nii^t,! don*t 

Kgard, heed or mind fnch things, I 
*' ^^\J^' them , they are nothing 

to ne. 9tiir auf fefocn ^u^tn febtii/ 

to Bind or ^regard nothing but his in- 
tsffta or aavanuge. gr ftebct ni(bt Oof 
bOl Mb / he does not mind or regard 
SMnsy , ho does not care for it. Lake* 
wile to take into confideration. &thtn 

6r lOibt aof ixn ®ertb M ®cr<b<iiM, 
Bbern avf mdti j&cr*. 

vU 6cbC8# feeing; alfo the light, afpoct, 

*i^o- S>a4 @eb<ii bot man utnfonff^ 

Met ni<bt</ the light of it coils no- 
dnsg, one pays nothing for the fight 



; /innary,, pne who fees fprights pr fau^ , 
tt>ms. Ocr ©tomfcber / an aftrononrcr? 

ber^@ebCJ'b«d?/ a regard, a prophetic fjSi- 
■ rit, a glance bf the eye. 

ba< ©cbcrobr^ aperfpective- gUfs, lele^ 
fcope, n tube. 

ber @€bctvUifd , the angle of fight. 

bit ScbnC/ plur. bfc -11/ .a nerve, the 
.tendons or murdes; V. alfo @cnn^. 

Sebnen^ 'verlf. reg, re<?ipro<;, (|(b tlOCj Ctf . 
nja^ febTtcri/ to defire, wini orloog for 
a thing, to breathe or hanker ^fter it! 

€frt 5rtc(<)t fcbnct fi* »acb bcni ©cfrattcn, 
tinb dtt £o9(8bncr, ba§ fefne Strbeir aui 

fcO/ a fervant earnestly defireth ihefhs^ 
dow, and- an hireling looketh for (\u 
reward of his work. Job 7, a. &{^ 

nacb'Hncm (St^ttnamtt fcbnen/ to afpire • 

- to preferment, ,to afpire at or after a 
place of honour, gfcb HOCb Scicbtbumc 
lebtltn f to long for riches^ to hunt af- 
ter riches, gr febnct (t<b fcbr nad^anft, 

' he has a great hankertng^afler h6me. 

ba*©<bnea/ longing, wilhing; V. Scr# 

(angcn. . ' >, ' 

6cbtlfd)t# «<//. and aav, tendinous, ilrin- 
gy , f|iU of figaraents. 

©ebnifcb, -cr, -jfc, «r(/. »id aiv. ar- 
dent, pailiQnate; ,adaf, pailionatoiy, 
ardently,- with iir^our, iitpatiently, 
with impatience, gin vfcbnllCW^ STcrs 
I0naet1# a pafllonate longing, hearty 
wifliing, anxious or ardent deilre, a 
Itrong inclination, earnell afpiratioiv 

6ebn({cb auf etma^ ((offtn, to hope/or 

a thing with impatience. ) 
b{e@(bnfUcbt/ pitir. car. an ardent delire 
or wifli , a great longing lor. 

©fbnfilcbtig, atff. and <i/v. febnfocbt^ooH/ 

dedrous, languifliing, pining; adv^ . 

6rtr/ ^dv^ very, much, greatly, migh- 
tily, vehemently, extremely etc. ©cbf 
gro§ / very great, ©cbr tUiti , very lit- 

, ^e. @ebr old/ very much. ©cbriOCf 
ftlflf very few. ©ebr f^Mt, very good. 

, ©cbrbbfc, very bad. . €(n febr rclcber, 

eltl fcbe armer aRaim^ a very rich, a ve- 
ry poor man. gfo fcbr flcfnd i>au</ 
a very little houfe. ©efn fcbr flcofct 
{obn^ thy very great falary or wages. ; 
^icb -febr betrtbcn / to be greatly af. 
flicted. i^flib febr frrtirn, to be v'ery 
glad , extremely glad , to rejoice tnigh-* 

tiiy. 34 «cbc, f* baffc fbn fo fcbr, 

bOt It* 1 l6ve, I liate him fo very much, 

that die. 2icr gaerluft <ft nlcbt fo (cbc 

gref / the [o(s is not fo very great."" ^t(f 
,Ili0t foTebl^# don't be fo mueh in haiU. 
©a* tbUt mir fcbr ttCb^ it hurts me very 
much, it gives me great pain, y^t lr» 
ret fUcb fCpf/ 70U are grievouny, much 
pr mightily mistaken. 55lc fcb^/ ho"^ 

much. 3(b fann ni<bt fogenf »U fchr/ 

(d^ Cticb Mtbtr i cannot lay, how much 
I love you. OTjU \t%t, ^(Xt HU fcbr# too 

much. 2)0 lolbcrfcigcff bi(b Wi ^Hxk^\t^ 

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1.54 ' ^ei<* ; erif 

thou oppofell here too much. Ite^erOU^ keflping or nourHhlBg of iUk • tror^is, 
fcbr, exceedingly. !j)lcfe« fftjCOCm fc^r the filk ^ cujture* ^ 
§(<f<^> this U very much like the other, ^cr ^IhitibittiUt , a lilk-ihrowfter, or 
t1e@cf«0 pif». urine. , K.?!^L^'^% 4 L il r 

which Jf only ufed in low l«iguege» k * ^''xZ^fX; a thr^aiL 

wile , to urmr. ^^^ ©Cf^cn^nbel, ,the, 

H^ etisbtti, pifling. meking-weiel-. j^, 6c{i)Cn^ilnbItf/ • filk-mAn, lUk^wr- 

Qti^t, -€t, *tfi<,ad;\ and adv.l.^id^t cex. 

J)ocD. low, not high. €tn fei4te< *ei (cr ©clbtotafpel^ mfilk-refl/ 

bfrOf . among Miner*, a iow mountain, bai ^tibtuttaut , V. flQMtaUt. 

SL. Not dee'p. (I In a proper fenfe. tte GicfbcnmanufoftUr > • ulk-manuEactory. 

4Bclcl)t Pflilacn. to plough' fballow, not lit @cibenmA|^(e , e (Uk-mill, « machine 

deep. Partlcularlj oFwater. Jgin fe{<^' . ufed in thrpwing or iwiAing fiik. 

^ ter Slud, efliallow river* 6ci€|)te6rcU bU @Cibenpflait|0 ihe filk-plant. . 

reo Cn tintm JtufRf in bcm fWecrc/ ifCc ©dbcnroapc/ • filk-worm. 

(hallow places in a river, in the fea,whe- lit @eCb<nroD«^ iilk fpu« on a wooden 
fe thev are moft commonljr called UntlC' roller, 
ftn , fhallows. (a) Figuratively^ not Itt @dt)enrilf/ gro'gram. 
folid, not|3rofound, Ihallow, not very Me Gelbciir^^nuri , fdbcnc @<(nur, filk- 
koQwing or wife. €ine fcfcbtC (^CUbrs lace. . 

.famfcU^ a Ihallow or Superficial eru- bcr ©flbettfpltincrt a iilk - fpinoeA'. J)f^ 
ditlon or learning. Sin fetC^tCr ®rrf(anb, ©dbcnrpsnOCritlO/ a Hlk-fpinoer or lUk^ 
a Ihallow wit, a Ihallow pate, a Ihallow fpiniler. / 
brains. (£{n( fdcbtc 9lebe, a^lhaltow, b(e @db(nrpit(«, aipoolofiUk. 
dry or inilptd discoufe, fifn fdcbter bcr @dbf n^fde? / «n embroiderer in iilka. 
ilfUtrtcr, a IhalUw, mean or pitiful fcho- tie ©((bCQlDaaife, filk-ware. 
lar, a manflenderly lettered or learned, lit ®tihtXiV0th<t , a filk- weaver. 

Me ^ct*thdt, piur, tnuf. ihk flate of a bet@dbenn>urm . be< -ti, piur. We -rtdr^ 

thing being Ihallow, ihallownels; In mtt , the bontbyx or iilk - worm ; ^tC 
popular language bic &ci<btif^hit. Geibftlraupc. 

Hec4<ftc, plur. ini// Iilk. SJobe ©dbe^ Wc 6c(betupirmereier/ the ^p ol the 

rawfilk. <»ycfponnenc ©Cibe, fpun Clk. iilk-worra. 
^eiimlrntc@dbe, thrown or twifted iilk* ber <6dbeoaeug, iilk-iluff. 
'%1^fetbe. rowing iilk. (Bcu)ir!re6eibe, blc6dben)uct)r/ V. edbeii^ao. ' 
^wrought Ijlk. ,«dne 6dbe bci etioa# i. Ht ©cljfe, plur. (but only of r#veral 
Mx\ntn,fignrdUveijr, to have no pro- forts,, bk -n, foap. fope, a fubOtoc^ 
fit or advantage by a thing, to gam ufed in walhing. 6df^ mactOI or (mM^ 

nothing by 11. anfeibcn gefldbet A^ben, lo make or boil foap. ^)itt 6dft mat 

to wear filk or lilken doaths, to go f^^n^ tb wa(h with t>ap. 3klWrtaol(cbe* 

cloihed ill Iilk. 3n eammt unb 6elben mvmhbmtr ^panif*< ©elfeo^ Teaeiienj 

geftdbet se^en f to wear velvet and iUk- ^^nch , ipaoiih foapt. «cboonc# «t4^ 

bai QiiM, be< -i, piur, ut nom.Jing. toBO. 

tin «5I5W,.a pinu tin ©efbct ®eW/\l. bit&Hft, pimr. We -tt/ a plac«. >vh^ 
a pint of wine. _ re the grains of imetal mi^ed with th« 

Ut ^HUlbafk, btf^ '€i, pl^r. car. ti^tU earth or fand are wailied, i- e. fepara. 
Joia, fpurge-ohve, fp urge- laurel, the ted by means of water, dOf fftetofliodl 

• female fpuree-Jaurel, r>aphne^e^ fdk; bOi ©dfCOHJCte. Slpt^ttfrt , bii 

6effi^4 W adv. mken, of fUk. f^'t®!'/^"' '"^ ^^'""P^^ "'^"T 

ein fdbenc< «ldb, a lilken or filk-ha- a.'Celfth/ verh. rcg.act.iQ wal^ 
bit. ^ctbcnie SeUA/ dk - Auff. ^i« the o\«» lo fcparate the grams of metai 
DCtif ©rrflm?lfe, filk-ilockingt. "O" the fand or earth, with whidi the] 

berSdbcnatbdtet/ a manufacturer or worw are mixed by means of water, whicU 4i 
kerittfiik. , alfd called rtofcbtO. . ^(b fdftn./ 8**" 

lit 6d5en!>aft, a kind of ihiflF raaije of fdfen, to walh gold ,. tin. 

the inntfr ball of the bark of fome ttijeea, <@dfcnaPtU' a^\ and qdv. faoMNiceoul 
which is very much like iilk-JtulF. ^^J » heing of th<^ t^ature of fo^p. 

tet «c4bnibait, Ui -tt) plur, car. the. bit ©dfeoafdK/ €dfenflcbcraj*«# **»• 

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"Ceff p . _ e<*5 155 

Bfxedl with Umt, iM^ch liave Been oliid ' tlia fopywr, from ivbi^ die IHver is to* 

ly foap - boilers. be fepa rated. ' , .' 

kr 6cirfR^4^/ a iirook or rmall rivoUt (cr^ciAcrtorfl/ the idmaitiiag copper, rram 

10 wjlb ore io; or in which th^re ii: a whkh the lilver i« fepa rated. « for ore. ' -tft ^<0Cr§Oiidy among Miners, a per-* 

kr 6ctftn5aiini, ©CifcnbcerBoum , foap- ' pendicubr veia of ore. 

bmjorfepe-bei^, Sapiodas L. GeUccfterafte v ivc/y. and #i£^v. fen(re4)t# 

He @(tftn(IafC / /'«^. Wc -n# * foap- perpendicular » directly down. 

bttbl^le. ' 'tie 6e<pcrgldtte / the* fcum or litharge got 

fetfraco or Qcifhcil/ V.gclftlt. by refmiog metals or by aftloAAe; a 11- 

^Tfener or <&effDer/ among Mhiefs, a tharse prepared but oC the lea^l, which 

wiJber of ore^ has been^med at tbte reCnii^ of a metal. 

^t^WtXitt'^if foapy earth; alio marl. bcr @ei9(r|)Cf rt / the hearth ol\a refining* 
Kt ficjfcngrOUpt / among Miners, grains fiurnace. 

of tin gotten by walhing. M^ScldCrbAttC/ f^Ur, W -Xif ^ fint-rv, a 

to6cffenfraut ^ ©PCldKdotiri , foap-wort, houfe, where filver \% feparaied from 

Ibap.weed,' Sapooaria L. ^ plant. copper by m^ns of a proportional ad^ 

(k 6(ff(nfOAc(/ awalh-bali, a fa von et, dition of lead.^ / 

I foaj) . ball. ^1, ©elgcrfrdP or ©efgcr^icf r4f # the wado 

^it&ijcnlaudef Ha or lye to walh with, of the re6ning of metals, thole pieces 

Nr @<ffenf4oam , lather. ' . orbits ofmeult which are wafted at an 

^@(lf<njtcl)Cr* t^ -i. plur. ut nom. a£Bnage. 

jw^. a foap -boiler, foap -maker. {^U ^i^ttlxtiit, {ttlftc^tc- IMt , among 

Nt6fff(n|lcb(rr9^ a foap-boufe, a houfe. Miners, a perpendicular line. 

where Coap is^ made^ ^CiflCrn , vara. reg. act. the feparition of 

t(r 6<if(n|dn« tin -ore gotten by wfllhing. thei/llver contained in copper by means 
M CcifeniMffcCr foap-fud, foap. warn, of adding a due miantity of lead to t)ia 

foap -water; water, in which foap has copper. Among jVIincrs it Ijgnifies , to ' 

been disfolved. dig down perpendicularly. 

&«* tBdfrnrOCrf, ta^ SfUtJroerf, tt< gri^ bcr (^Cfacrofcn/ the furnace for the refin- 

ndfctc, a placa. where the grains *of < ing oFmetaU. a furnate, in which liWetf 

nrtal mixed with the earth or land are is leparated from copper by an addition 

wjlbed, i. a. feparated by nieaios of qf lead. 

^«er. y He ©cli^erpfanne/ a copper -pan, into 

fric ScJfdilOUri/ foap* wort, Gypfophila which the lead mixt with the feparated 

ftrutbium L., fiUer is poured. 

>« ecifcr , V. @effener# a waiher of ore. ter i8cl«eirri§ , the profile of a mine. 
^f.6eifer, Haver; V. t^clfer. ter @clftcrf*acj>t, ein fenfrec^te/ 6*o*t 

6<ip{|/ a<f/>and adv, foapy, covered or the perpendicular pit or Ihaft of a mine, 

done oyer w\th foap. a(hafi, that goes Itrait down into .1 mine. 

{Bclfiwn , V. 6eifen. tie 6dflCrt'<fclorfe / the drols of the fining 

^t 8dfflciD> a clayey iioue, greafy to the or refining of copper. * 

touch. ta^ @<{ftlftflAcf / • round piece of black 

&^C6<(^, V. ©ef^e. copper mixt with lead, which is to be 

®<ljCnr V. SelbCO* , reKne<l in the >efining-ltii'nace. 

&i0tr^ ad), and a<fv. among Miners, ({^ @cigfrteufe/ the depth or profundity 

tofrC(tfr perpendicular, perpendicu- of a mine. ' 

Mdy, directly down. MeSefte^ p/«r. tlc -0/ ber €<!>er/ « 

^ferSdger/ an initmmem nfed ^ Ibain- colander or cullaoder, ailrainer, an in« 
^» V, @(i^Cir. Animent ufed in iirainina , or clearing 

liquors from foulnels ; V. iburdXctlag. 
©d(5ei/ *^erb. reg, att. turdrfn^cn f to 
firain, to fqueexe Irqnor through forne* 
thing , to filter, to ilraio through paper, 
flannel I cloth etc. ' 

W ©tlben/ Wc OurAWNnAf the ilrain- 

ing through papei*, flaanel, cloth ctt;^ 
the filtration. f 

tet ©eiber, be* -1/ plur. ut. nom. fing. 

V. Me gcf^e. / , i ' 

(ee @€(btorb^ a flrainer or colander, a kmd 
of wicker bafket, ufed by brewers ia 
ctearing their b^r from the lM3pa* 

ber ©CibtOt^mCn ^ aaralning-frame.- ' 

Ve^clbfact, filtderfarf, * ftraining-bag; 

alfo a felt uled in flraining liquors. 
bee «eij>fflct>ier, a ttretmng-iOAoel or f oa-. 

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.. deners. 

tOt^CibtttCb, • ftrtiniag,- cloth. 3M 
^d(tud)^ Boaacnmcfr (cr Biircberin'nci\/ 
tb^ buekmg - cloth of the -wtflbcr- w^ 
men or lauodreflet. 
Wrf@d(, M 'ti, pint. bU -t, Dimtn. 
ba^ @CilAcn# * rope, cofd orUo^. tUn 
&t^W\\, allraw-h«nd. ^Hl ^Offfel^ 
a rope made of bait if fit ^Mtmi ^tW, 
a hempen cord or rope, fin (fit @CU 
bfrtXQ, to tie to a cord o^ line. iHtif 
elDCm vgdfe tar»SC« to dance on a rope; 
JJcutaaDcn bai @eH iibcr ben .^cpf »cr* 
' fen. {^n WiC berftrfen, to cheat, over- 
' tearch or deceive "one cudniagly. |Dl 
Citttm (geifc .4f<(?en, to be aa accompli- 
ce. j)Q< ^Unncnfef!/ the irrell • rope. 
^ai ®Corfcnfelf,,the b^ll rope. ©al 
' Jeitfitl, aiealh, hy vhich horfea or dogs 
are led. ^Sa* ^^ebutl • a rope or line, 
b^ which any thing is dratrn. 
GcKen ,. verb. reg. act, to apply ropee 
« about or to a thing * to pk-ovide or ror- 
niih with ropes; alfo to ^ fallen or tie 
with ropes* 
W better ^ be* -«/ plur, ut nom, fmg, 
Femin. hit @ci(erlnn# • roper br^rope- 
. maker. - « 
We €eiUrbabtt; piui^- bic -en, rope-yard, 

bet gcllgfd) , the nairtiL 
Kr ^{(pf(ber/ bee an(ie(flfiAerr, en angler, 

• one who angles , or filhes with a liae. 
, ber ©eiltdnjet. * f ope -dancer, 
ble @dCtd«Jcr<lon«e, a poy, the ropt- 
.' dancer*s pole or balance. ' 

We@cart»clbc, V. ©oWroelbe. 

bai @e{Imerf/ ihe cordage, the ropes of 
a Ihip.. 

^cr 6elni/ M -ti . plf^r, (hut only ol fe- 
veral Tort's,^ ble -e. a flimy, thidc and 
fubltantial liquor, wfiich'is in many ca- 
fes called alfo @d)(eiin. %ttittiHm or 
^rtenRtkfm, barley-water, bariey- 

gniel. gorfcrfeim, amp. jj^onigfeim/ 

'\ the droppings ol a honey- comb. 

6ef intn , V€i4t, reg. which is ul'ed ^s a V€r6 

neoier " as well as a verlf active , to re^ 

fine, dear-or purge, iD^n iponig feimcnf 
< to refine, -dear or purge Jioney. It fig- . 

nifies alfo to render or make a ituce 
' thick. * 

to* @dmen# the act of refining, purging^ 

or clearing 
bee Gelnitr, a nBn^r of honey, 
ber @dmb»niii, be^ -ef, the 

droppings of a honey- comb; fOr the 
obfoleie i&Ottigfdm. , 

,^dn!(*f . -er/ -cffC/ «^. and adv. mn- 
cilagina|L^, flimy, viscous, (g^he \iU 
mfSte WtfAt ' a mudlagi;ious broth* 
I. &t(x\ ; the Genitive of the perfonai pro- 
^nn er and e* i V. ©etnet. 
Ul/ « pronoun pf^ffegive, his, -third 

5\^oii mafeulltn^i fnA n^ut^r g^er. 
t is ufed in two '^different maimers. 
X. As a coA/aA^fttre. Of' joined to (bV 
ilantives , where it is dfdfa^ed the fol- 
lowing manner. 

Mafc. Femin. Nearer, Plmr. 

iV. edn, fdne# .ftUu 6eHie* 

Or. @efne^/ feinee/ fefne*. eeiflce. 

D ednem, fdner/ fefnem. eeittco. 

^. @dnen, HftW/ lein. . ©dne. 

. It accompanies hfubjianttve, whidbbfr' 
longs to the third, perfon or thing of the 
majcuiine Or neuter gender, to v^cK 
the faine relates, or wharin any qsan-i 
ner refers to the fame, ^cpe* faub'^t 
fcine v'/eipol^nbdicn, every county baa 
its culloms. @eln Q5u^, his book. 

6ein^ ^fi^tf his books. @eine Sca« 

Urib ^Inber, his wife and children. 
2»lt feiner Q^mitVr with his lifter. 
3<b fucbc nl(bt mein , ronbernfcra.Qeftel/ 

1 don*t fcek ray, hut his advaowce. 

£)€(ii Slatl) r(^ur fdne fSlrfviiii/ thy 

counfcl or advice does its effect. 2)(r 

Sdn-oat fdnen (^efcbtttacf verloreo, the 

wine ha# loll iu talle. (£* ^aC ftilie^ 
SXtcbMelt. all, is regulated, ailisiull 
and right, there is nothing \0j find lautt 
with ; alfo the affair is tiHie, the report 
is confirmed, where felli refera to e<^ 
hm .without this'pronotui yre fay, Wc 
©a(te b t ibrc SiUtlufeit. To jjive vi- 
cour to the exp^ellioh, and to imply a 
lecret oppoCiion or conuaA, dScR >* 
added to thi« , as well as to the other 
pouellives. ©ein dgenei ©ut , hie own 
eftace. ©dnetbofben, feinetmegen, dte 

. feinetirtllen/ foi^ his fake, 'for the love I 
or for the'uke of him, in his behalf, la; 
regard of him , on his account. ^ ^^ | 

V^t tt fdnerQoegen. 1 dfd it for hla (ake^ 

or on his account, ^(b fagte el om fei« 
nermffieii/ I Taid it for his Hike, jnltGi I 
behalf, for the love or for the f^ke^if 
him. V. a. TMiR, where more hat heea j 
faid' of .thefe eapcellions. Wlien fcilt 
refers to a thing and not to a p«ifo0, 
we rather ufe ^ei{itn inliead of it. S)cr 
i^of unb fdne or beffen i^erriktleU# the 
court and iu'magnificence« Geit^l^a^ 

foflt bu fdo ael3rembIingl)^6Miico, 
unb fdoe rbctter beffeUf hecaiafa hm it 
refers to jonb) f rA(bte cfofamtnc^n, fix 

years thou (halt low thy land , aait Jhak 
gather in the &uiu there of; Exod. ja3» 
lo; but if the latter fct'n referttojjfmib^ 
ling it Itands quite ri^'t. ' This tws 
is cfioll necellary, when fdH caofes ah 
ambiguity, and may refer to the fisfc|0or 
of the disconrfc , is well as to a siaarsg 
precedinef fubftantive. .' 2)ee Oltrt^taN 

tenant folgt ouf ben Dbedko unb vcitlHt 
in fliner Vbmefetibeft fefnc Biyte^ tba 

lieutenant colonel is next below* imCJo^ 
lonel and.fupplies his place in his •faCm^ 
ce , where it mull be ooth times ^cflkO' 

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Krfaaft hMtj CaiiM WJt an^^iry, tlu« 
Ct&ar had lold hii tftate^ wWe it 
avft be Hfftnf if i< refers to Cajus. 2)cr 

((dmaim nina mk benr l^ac^tcr anf (ei» 

•a %dti, the ^mlemaa went rtith 
tk teoani to'bia field , wBere fcln is ri^t, 
if it refers to tha gentleman, but teffcil 
■mil be ufed, if it refers to tbe tenant. 
IL It IS/ alfo ttfiid abfohifelj omitting 
itm Mftanttif€ t where it is ufed in « 
doable manner.^ i. So that tbe neutef 
fcader $dn Aaods adverbially. ;0«r 91(t(r 
I iclii , the field is his« Z)ic Cajfe mOf 
fdn, the caJQi was hie. X^$ j^au^ it 
Ml, tbe houre iH his. S>ic jtfo^cr 0nb 
VAj the chiidren are bis. tM f^wi 
(Mk fitta/ ihe houfe remains his. s« 
Witboat the adTerbial form , lo that i% 
refers to a JDrecedia^perfoo of the male 
ia, or therein ondedtood. ^Qi ifi tncill 
CM/ ti II flHQCf/ that IS ikj book, it 

nfais. J^t ft «|^imin<6a4)c, ci IS 

Icinc, that is not inv affair, it it his. 
After a genitive it belODgs here to the 
popoiar lan^ae o. Sffn iftifwanb tUu 

irffft \iU Sflrtcn fdnen^ better, a(er# 
trifft (en 9lvffl»ant M %9ititXit thy ex* 
penfe exceeds or forpafies the ezpenfe; 
of tbe prince ,. or thy expeoCis txceedt 
^ furpaires that of the pnnce. 
Cdne^, tbe gmiithre of the perfonal pro* 

Mwiis o" and c<. 3d) eHnocrt m(c( W# 

6cr aict^t XtU^t t l.aon*t remember him 
soy more. 6cln if fometimes uled in* 

fifsd ol fdner. (ftott crborme 04^ rein 
St fdflcr! Ood or Lor<t have mercy 
upoa bim \ ffiOft fP^ftct ftlQ Im flaOftCO 

C^ictlfli^aif felttcri»Cfl«if fcincMBen; 

♦• 6tm. 
kr. Mc, lo# €€fnlat^ his. 9>\h \\m M^%_ 

6dtlfc, give l}iffl his due , what ii due 
to btm / what belongs to him , what i» 
kit Qiare ^^ what is his own. Sr bat 

5«l friiiM<, or 5fli @diiffle t^t^n , he 
ass oone hta part or duty, acouitted 
tiiadcir of his charge,, he has discnarged 
Of performed his duty, ©ie @cinl9CH/ 
IBS, thofo that belong to him , a}£b his 
ftUooos, hU people, his family, lDt€ 
Cefm. Uiis'fneiKdU, kinsmen, relations 
6<it# adv. iince; lince that, iince that 
j**- fiielt (cincnf £o5<, ance his death. 
3* Me lln felt etncin ^^akrc nl4)t gp 
mir, I have not feen oiiti this year. 
6dt Oltni f linca, or ever iince EaAer. 
Mt mum? life (onge? iince when? 

face how long? ©eft Bxnn tft cr bdn 
frcn^? VttfiD. fdr ifdcn 3ati^n, iin« 

ct when , Or how loog has he been thy 
^sndf Answ. thefe many fears. @eits 
tOB. fdttcro, linco that time,' ever fin*, 

« ibattime. ©dc \Km (* ifluf bet ®dr 

ili# ever iince I wal bortt (Riir fdt 

^'Uttar Stina |cr/ t^tic Iond» %< f^ni^ 



fDKc (aNti eie (;4» Btfunbetif ftit benr Icb 
euiuaimdertflingcfcbcn I?a6e? how ha- 
ve ypu done iince 1 law you at Amiler? 
^am? 4r Iff felt anico Safcrcn to5t, lio 
has been dead thefe two years. ^Vt - 
i. bcV.Sett, ta fcfct^ctf ficfcbe^eo, Unce tha 
time that it^happened, ^dt tflcr SKe^ 
nor^n ^r, thefe four monihs;lail paih 
@dt ter iRireierun^ %x\€(ix\^i ^ti ^bs 

, ten, iince the reign of Frederick the 

gre&. ** 

We ©dre, ^plur. Me ^n. r. The iida^ 

the part or animals, where the ribs are 

placed. ^(ticD ©cftmefi In Oer ©eite' 

; pabeil/^ tp have a pain in the iide.. 2>iC 

rectti ©dtt, We Unfcedte/ the* right, 
tl^e left iide. gfftcm |ur ©dte gep^n^ 

to walk by one*s iide. ,®(||t^n bcr Ans 
Dcrn ©cite , let .bitt< ^arum , pray SSU 
the other hand, or uke the wait ^lliep 

thvftt Quf Oie ©eite Ugen« to Uy t bo- 
dy down on the iide. ©!(( Ouf Me re<6te 
^ite tciien, to lay doWn on Uie right 

iide. ijematiben vim ber ©dfe atife^en^ 

Aber ble %'S^\t\xi , to look awry, ai'caan- 
ce, aHope, aflant, afquint or with 
contempt upon one. Den Selnt OHf W 
©dte angreifen » to attack the enemy in 
the flank. j>fc ipfluptfdte , ^r g5od>cr» 
tteiiei^el ftro§en Oebdube^, the fronts 

toe fore • irpnt of a large btiiiding or 

edifice. 2>fe@dteefne«®:r&m<*^ ^o . 

iide of a river.. Hoice the figurauvft 

' phrafes borrowed from the iide of tjie 

Kuman body. ^Icb Onf tk foule ©cite 

legcn , to g^ve one* s felf up to lazinela 

or idlenefs. ©fcfc ouf Mc fcfcUmmc ©cite 

IC^en /, to f^n into a disorderly life, tor 
become vicious. 5(uf Me ©cl|:e gcben, 
jJcb entfemen/ to abfent one's feif. 6{(^ 
auf Me %t\Xt m'acben , to ileal away, 
give one the Hip, to disappear; to go 
out. of iight. ern)a< oo^ Mc ©cite brftw 

SVCit fcfflffctt/ to convey or bring fon^e- 
liilg away. .©<JCP| bCO @dtC, we will. 

leave off jelling. 3emon&cn bco ©cite 

nebmCD, to take one afide. .©eofclt^ 

ouf Mc ©dte reten, to fpeak afide. 
$Beg(cacn/ (eofclt (cgen, to, lay afide^ 
Sal Ift fdnc fAtoacfrc ©elte^ that is his 
weak ^^e, gcmantcn nlcjt ven ,bec 
©dfe fotnuicn^ not to leave one. Sinent 

lUr ©dte gCl^en # to lend one a-helpful 
hand, to aflift him. 9?ltmailOcn ^tlt 
©eUe (abcrt , to have nobody to help or 
afftll one. gnt ©dtc , ncbcn . heiide/ 
by, or at the iide, or near, particularly 

of p^rfons. 9rm iidcbftcn 95aume fa(ie 
er Un '6(64fcr t|nb Ibm iiir ©ette ben 

^Unt) (ICgcn. clofe to the next tree he' 
law the ihephprd, and his dog lying hf-.. 
Ude, by, or near him. a. Side, party,! 
perfohs - united with one another, moff'' 
commonly without a plural, ^tlf ictnaOi 
be* ©elte fcon , jo be on one's iide, al-j 

"fe' to iide ^iih hinj. ^vitianbcn oiif fcinc' 
€dtt flefren/ to draw ^f ofcjf i« his 

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6d« ©fit 

ifl or ^arty. 3ciMnl(ft auf Mncr (ef iSjiMHbf/. M *<</ pJar.^Ht -^ « 

kUe t^^bcf)/ to nave one on bis fide. G^le-lool, aiooVorgUncerromtheude. 
1 A more fxtpofive. fenCe. Ct If Sct« tol geitCQbrct/ « Iid«- board. 1 

r tfjo iScirr* ftCner iWoiter*^ yon fcloer Me (^cittniUtcbr, the lide, tbe foperficiet 
7Uftcr tKr# be ia coufln by bia iiiotber*s of tbe uide$. 

\e }Bon (Btlttn ftlner or von fclncr im @ClfcnAeWti5< / 'ibe wing, the oari- 
iii'f l^aM >U tcftrcbrcO/ i. e. wonHim^ lion of a huildingorediGce, a Cde-buil* 
ne baa every (bing to fear from bini. ;g4^ diog, a peDt-boufe. 

m auf mctncc &tUt, ot 900 mclner bai &iiun%t0tit. M -ti, pUr. Me -e, 
)C\tt tbUQ ma^ tcttann, i. e. mii mi4 titr JHgcn^ « fword. 

trifft, aa for ly, or for my part I will ^er @eit^ngicM/ tbe Ude* gable -vtfd o£ 
o wbat I caq.^ 2i finb Ouf tct CfncO * bnilding. 

iC'U fe i»lcl3u.aen aW auf Per an^efftV tcr ©cItenbcW,' a (on of plane or tool 

lere are as many wttnedea 00 one lide, \ nfed by fpveral flrtiCins; or a kind oC 

( on tbe otber. 3. Every furflce of a cbifei ufed by "jbiners and ptbers. 

>rly except tbe upper and under. ^\t tdi ^CitttfXtbtt, tbe fide - fining of « fhpe* 

idtc tinti ®cr(i^$.; tlmi Zi>\itwti/ ef» bU ©cftailctne/ « fide -rail. j 

r5 J^nnfclJC, tbe fide of a mountain, f^ai ©dtcnlkr, V. tkt. 
a tower, of a boufeetc. 3ie tforbrrc 6lc ©cUCBdnlc, /y/tfr. M< -n# « coUati^raK 
kftc, hit bintcrc (ScftC/ tbe forefide, . degree of kindred ; a collateral line. 
le barkfide. OrcSdten U6 tfltar^, tbe Wc ©dtcnlocfc, tbe fide-lbck of tbe head, 
das of the. altar. Wben a body bas $fc ©dtOlinaOCr / tbe fide -wall. 
)Iy two principal furfaces , tbefe prin^ Mc ©dtCDrvlIc , V . SttQ%(ttlnt and Stole, 
pal Furfaces ve alfo railed hU ©eitctl. MeGritenfctllCfK/ a fide- band of i^on; V* 

•Ic Pf^tc lintjffnfc 6<ttc tinc6 Iud>c^^ . @*Unc. 

le rigbt and wrong fide of a ct^tli. bCP <Sdtcnf(^fner}/ a pSiin in one^a fidei. 
fe excite dnc^^iiCfyd/ .tbe fide or page btr @dt€ni'4lltt(/ a lateral inciUon. 
a book. 2)fefe5 5DlKb |Hittun;frt\onj ba^^dtetUfcgCl, a bowline, a fide-lail. 
n^ tbis book bas a hundred pages. '4. tcr ©cftcnfprutlg^ a fide- leap, a gambol; 
he region /.the fituation. t>\t bfill^t alfo a ramble, a Aepping afide. 
idtC Ui 2QnhU, tbe eafteHy fide of ta^ @eircnfiec(en/ tbe pleurif^ ; a pain ia 
e country, ^{f ^crgfttfcftC/ tbe eall - ' one's fidtf, caufed by tbe mfiammatioa 
ie , tbe oriental fide, tbe l}de towards of tbe pleura, 
e eaft or tbe orient Dfc Vbcnbfdte, bet ©dtenftf d)/ «fide-ilab, a fide > Wound. 

well- fide/ tbe fide, which is fitua- htt ®tHtttfbi, tblovT or tbruiiin tbe flank, 
d towards tbe weft or ibe Occident. 5. %k @tiUnti(ir , a fide « door. 

he manner, bow a thing preffnta i^felf hit ©CtftntonnC/ tbe fide -planks in a fbaft 
appears to ns by effects or manifelU* or pit, on wbicb tbe pau or tub goes up 

>ns. @(d) uon for rtutcn ^'tltt ictgen, «"« down,- v. jonof. 

fhew ope'a felf on tbe good fide or to bcr ^IteovermonbtCf M -11^ f/o/** Me*lt/ 

Ivaniagfl. gfftc (^a6>< »on tl^r bcftcn Femin. hit ©dreiUKflMnbte , piur. 
tiUm^tVi, to (bew a thing on tbcfai- bic -n/ ^ kinsman or relation by the 
(I fide, or CO the beft advantage, ^ai wife*s fide, i 

Hi toi^ber Kr dne unaeffalte @dtc be< ber (gietttnmcfl, ^thtxmt%, a«d, by- 
IXStVii*! S^tmti, 6. llie. manner, tbe wajr, by-path, a fide -way. 
Mnt, in wbicb one views or confiders ba^ (ddtCnn^Cb/ a pain in oi^e^s Vide. 
thing. <Stl0a5 »«D bcr re^ten ^t\Xt Hi "^dtcnmcbr/ among Huntsmen,. « lide- 
febcn, to confider a thing in tbe tru^ fence or wear for hindering (he deer from 
»iiit oTview, to behold it right. ^flaiU pafling that way.. 

1 unMMcrc/ mdcbcauf bcr dnenj?Jd# Hi ©dunwirf, that pan of an organ t^t 
fcbdbtf* iinb, fiinb auf bcr adbern ^dr tbe tide of tbe capital- work; the iide- 

titi 3{dct)tbttm fncbftimfcfccr JtrdftO part of an, organ. 

ints and animals, which are cAi the b^r @etCcniutnb/ a fide* )^ind* a ipianor- 
e hand hurtful, are on tbe otber baind wind. 

bes of medicinal virtues', ®e0.' ble '^ttcnia(^(/ tbe number of tbe pagca 

5dtcnabrf§, a profile; V. ©cf tenant* of a book. 

^t. Seitber, an fl</t>tfr^ of time^ bitberio, id 

)dtcnabcr, ^bOmobet/ tbe lateral vein. now, fince, fince that rime, ^oc fSllf 

5c(tcna1l, the lateral braiicb. . 3o6x<n ivar (r \^lt i^ fdtbcr babc lift fbn 

3fircnau^ficbt/ a, profile, a fight or nltt rofcbcr ocrcbm * five years ago ha 

ofpect of one fide. ' was bfcre , fince that' time 1 h^%e notj 

5f{rcnbQlfcn, a fid^-beim. feen him again; V. ^citj^r knd ^\U 

Sdtcnbdn, (JBebanfcnbdii/ a bone in' The Sdjecfive fdtberlgr fee leUbo^ 

• uppe^ and fore part of tbe fcull near 1 wbicb is better. 

» ^oronal future. 6citn>.Irt^/ an adverb of place. Geftffllg, 

5dtCtjtfatC, any leaf on tbd' fide of « . lide- ward, fidewife, Hd^ \f^y%^ lide- 
og, a fide -leaf. lopg^ idide. ^dfrodrW WKa# to go 

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^t» filb 159 

fidewtrd, fidev^ife or Cde^ion^. M^ ^Mtit UM^ he was ?iruie, ipfialittd 

f^M imUn, td turn «Gd'e or iwly, ' 'iffeif. Cr if f(i; tic feutfclfgfcft unb mtxif 

ikitioifti abmcfcben, to decline (ap- fcbcnllebe feftft^ ®cfl. 

plied CO the compafs and to the ilars). {Ff( jtKlhltf>tf^Un%, piu^* i\t'<r\, onanism 

%^, adv. lit Hm felbonbrte or \t\U or onania. 

amtt, klbMttt, felWmc it. m mfr, b<r Selb«bctru8 , M-ti, ptur initfAfX* 

be cane to me bringing one, two, three deceit, a chimerical apparition; an iilu- 

eic perfoDt along ¥rith hiim. ^iriOCr' iion made to himfelf^ 

b« IclbfetJ* hwmzVL, we fhall come fix tie ^elbfibcurrbcilunfl, the jndgm<?wt of 

ofaiy we (hall be,fi]t together. ®ir oae*a felf; the examining of one*s felf. 

Wflffll 9D(I felbfWOnifS/ wc Vrere ahouc bcr @clbl!^cn!<r, one ^ho reflects on. or 

mmty people. ' 9IdO|) f(CDO((tC in tcf who thinks himrelt' about a thing without 

%f(bC/ Noao ^md feVen perfdna^ with him fufTering himfelf to be led by others, 
to tbe-ark. . GftbUcigflt/ nJ/* and adif. felf; one*s ovtn, 

^^©tlbonb, 6af^on^/ terfXan^ c^nM oWpfeiF,,own, proper; V. gfgcn. &(ir% 

tdOfl»anb# the fbWage of linen. ^ ftlrfliigcncr $trr fcpn / to be one's own 

&(6<, V, bttftlbu mafter. ©feff^ tvflrfn fffnc fclbfldaencn 

ftlfecr* V, ©clbft. "' SBort<f thelje were his own- words, his^ 

WWger, WbigC/ Rftifle*/ pron, demon^ very words. 

fir, reiativ. the fame, the leU' fame. Mc @<(bflcr^attOn9 / ^Z''^- ^tf''- the jyrf* 
6db{ftet (Otann fam; the fame man ca* fervation of oneV owir lifie, die cohler* 
^^ 3n jelbtgCf gdt/ at t*he fame time. vatton, the maintaining of one's felf. 
In fitlbf gem Drtf / at th« fame place; V: (fe &t\b(itt\)thun^ , pride, pr^fumptiort, 
Nelbc , biefclbt > bflffdftCr which is mo- ' th6 raiGne of one'*s felf above other's. ' 

rtufnal and better. Me 8«f bilcrfenntnif , ©elbOfenntttiS, fclf- 

Mfi, adv, felf, one*s felf. t. In a pro- knowledge, the knowledse ofone*s felf.- 
Wr feofe, Jd^ (ctbft, I myfelf. OlP Mc eclbftrmiCbrigUO^ , Toluntary, or felf- 
HM/ thoQ t^ylelf. (It Uihft , he him- homiliation. 

Wf. BicMhfl, Iheherfelf. «l fclb#/ 6<lb8criDClWr/tf*.fe1f-chorcn. ^infcrbf^ 
Uitfelt. 9Blr felbS/ we ourfdves. 9(r ttmdl)Utt Qortetfbtcnfl/ a voluntary wor- 
fifftjl, vou yonrfehet. ^itUlbft, ihey fhip, a worfhip chofen by oner's felf. 

Aemfeives. gr \ft c< fclbt, it irhehim- fficldK ()obcn cincn 6*ein bcr ®fi^bdt 
jelf. (g(r loar «# fc!b0 in cfpncr ^crfon^ turcb f^ibflerrodbttc ^eiftticbfeir unb X>c^ 
H was ffae herfelf, her own Ceir; it was mutb/ which things hav'e indeed a fhew 
Hie in perfon. Cid) ftlhtt t^crfinnctl / B<>t of wisdoni in wiil-w'orfhip and humility, 
to know one*s felf. ®cr tnb^ UUn CololT. 1, 2Z. 
»a, mul fribir MtniwMl^ fcou/ he bic SclbftjcHQiafcft/ ;»/tfr, c/ir. felf-coih- 

that will prat fq others, mull bo worthy placence; felf- love; a pleafure one haa 
of praifc himfelf. ^tlhftbadtn, ItQUtHi iii or of himfelf, felf -delight, 
to bike or l>rew within one*a oWnhoufe. bflS ©tlbftgcfAfct^ a fenfe or feeling of one*« 
Sic 6ad)t an . ftCb fefbff it nf<j)t bbfe, own felf, or of one's own condition^ 
rbe thing of itfelf ia^not bad. SBfeber, efpecially of one's own morals. 
WWfclMeDmmeil, to recover, to re.\{j ©eibftgcnftflfttmeeft r felf-fatisfaction; 
tofer ones felf, to come to one's felf felf-conientednela ; felf-fofficiency. 
igiin «t bar# won fl* Wbd, or au^ tal ^dbftg^fcboS ,, an air-gun; alfo a gun 
JWer ^megUR9 jcttan , ha did it of or fire-ann, which kUfs him that ton- 
J* awn accord, ©di felbj m4<Kf/ UOn che* it. 

Mr «rin a>ls!tl;i ^IaIiL.^^^ afohloquy, a diacourfeheldbyaperfon; 

bit GtibftWut , y- ®crbWcrrf4cr. 

bCr^elblM/ fa)f*hate, hating oneV{elf. 

Cie ^ffbdbtit, plurinuf, ©clbftfafcit. the 
exiIleWca, the bojng. ^®?clnc -©clbRJlCft/ 
" my ownl being , my exillence. 

ber 0cfbWcrW(*cr/ Pfmin, tie ©(rtWcrr# 

f<bfr{nn/ a title given to the Emperor 
of Rufiia ; alfo a title given 10 a fovereign^ 
who governs his fubjects himfelf and not 
t^y his miniller^. 

6i« ScibSW^fe/ pi'^r. bic -n, elflcnwdcbti* 

ge ^ItlfC/ the help, fuccour or alUfiancea 
which one procures himfelf. 

fiflbiUfl/ ad], own, felf; V. €|gct!. . 

0((b0f(Ug/ having a groundlels conceit of 

.^ • . ' ■ ..■..-. 

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one's o^n capacity, oij prudanco, pra- 
furaptuoiif, felf- conceited.., 
Mc ©ClbftflttfltCit, prenunpuon, foll- 
cooceit« . I ^. * 

©clMfautcn^/ <«''/• ^ndc/^v. founding >£ 
TitWf. «in ftttdfautcnber »u*»abc, a 

vowel, a letter, wbich roriDi a found, or 
may he uttered by ilfelF. 
Me ©ClbftUefcC, /'/-r. cor. pbi- 

i*"^y» »<,. *. ,/. 

tat ©eaWrt/ te«'-e<, /?/«^- '"'ST. fclf? 

. praife. , .a, 

tee ©clblhMorb.^ M*-t^, j^lur. W -c, 

l'elf-%nfuider, fuicide. . 

fing. a felf- murderer. Femin. Mc6cCoft# 
/..lttic^C^tlm^ a fdf-murderefc. ^ ^ 

nation. . , 

Me ^Clb(lra*e, lelf; revenge, p^«t^ re- 
venge , a vengeance one takes nimieU« 
dtt ^Clb<!rd*er / a felf- rev^enger. . 

Ut mihituW, feir-praifo. ibe prailing 
of one's own felf. . ^ .^ « 

SubftantLai, fubiianually. Wn fdWf 
fttfnDlftCi ^etinmort^ a noun fubftanlivo. 
a SelhfubGftent/fubniHng by iiWf. 
(Sott Ift ein frUdWnbiftcl SSeftn, God 
is a felf-fubfifting being; or God fub- 
filU by bimfelF. / ,. c t_. 

tlc^erBWdn^iflfdt, ibeqUahtyofa qimg 
fubmiing by itfelf; felf - fubfiftence. 

ter ©clbWrelt, * folf- conQict, a Ibife of 
tbe mind again^ tbe flelh and blood. 

©ClbtttWtid/^''/'*"^^^*'' ^®*^*^^®' P*"^ 
ducing alterations of one's own accord. 
©clb^tJltfdCr SDcffC/ of one'aownaccbrd. 

Wt ©tlbdVCrOCttung/ ibe defpifiog ofona'a 

• fcflf; 

mat, felf - renunciation. 
©clbtW0<Mftlb/ grouting of ilfelL «« 
[elbft»0*f«»bcr goun, a quiokfet-hedg«. 

ec(bftn)<:fc«b, V. ©crbWdnWg. 
ttr@clW»iTIe, felf-wiU. 
tk€fc(bWtlfrleb<nWt/ fUur.tnufi fel^ooaw 

6el<ric, V. C<ll<ric. 

©Cllgr 'tU 't^f «''/• •»<! «i/v. happy, buf- 
fed ; etensaliy happy. @e(ig mtmn, to 
befaved. ©cdgtcrbCtt, to depart hap- 
pily this life, !Dk Qtliftn im blmmtU 

the bleHJod , the bleffed in heaven » the 
happy fouls in heaven., ®ott (obc f^tT 
feUft! God blefft his Xoul! or God blefs 
him.* ©Ic fcrtjm aSart^rcr, the blif- 

led martyrs. «(tt fcHflC^ Jfbett,/ tho lifo 
, ofafaintj a.blelledlife. &tn^ma±tn, 

lo fave or beatify, to make, blerfed or 
' eternally happy. . Do^ fcIfflC illjfdjttllcn 

(^Otte^ the bcaiific or bleil'ed hghr, vi-. 

ilon of God; the intuitive vilion -of God, 
' la the moft exienlive icoTc/ fcdg^ 'alj^ 


mMfia^ i^mii '^i l»4lMr(Ci, Cent- 

fv lata, deceafed or dead , when ple- 
aded to*a name, {ftitin ftllgtr Sattr, 
and in popular language » mcUl 9)at(ft 
fdi^tt, my late father, ^^t tOObtRIUe 
(^af/ the late earl or count. X)Cf t5<^' 
fCltee Mbn\A, the Uie king; ©Jc W^ 
m^tbnlmn, the Ute queen o/blelled 
memory. (gcK^ ia ftlfo fometimos ufed 
by tbe pocta for iUdcfftUji^ happy, fo;r; 
tunate. ®<nn it, tin ©Dlt DSir# Jttf* 
unfrt 8(tiun im fclit^en ZdunplK fii^/ 
Rami, * ■ . . ' 

McAStl^Wt f/*/-. Mc -Cll# talvauon. oter-t 
nalbbfsandbappinels; blftfledpeCa ; bea- 
titude. T>ct <Stanb ber 6€(i(if<(t, tho 
rute of falration. 2)(e @e((gt^ (t^ 
lOOgcn^ to retain to falvatibn. 0^ M 

ttcUcbt KU fcbcn, aej^eecftofcir, <>. whai 

happineGi » what bills to feo one's leif 
loved or beloTdd, StaOtL 

SenomactCDb/ beatiiic, boaiificiL Ocr 
fcHgma*<n^< ©taUbC/ «he faving fauh, 
the faith, that gives falvatioo. 

^Cr SeUomacber / the Saviour, redeemesw 
the titU givan to^our bleHed l^rd Jelu^ 

Mc ©tltemOC^ung/ tho fa/mg, hoatifying 
or beatiBcation. 

Mc ©rifgfprc*ung# the beatification. In 
I the Romifh church, ^n acknowledgment, 
that a perfon is in heaven"; but not> al- 
lowed the hoppurs of iainu cortferred by 

Mc @ttlitit, Ohree fyllablts) pi^r. int^. 
ci^efy, in Botany, a fpec^ea of panl^* 
iifed in falads. x 

HV Belkrfcfttttat/ falad of celenr. 

©Cltctl/ -cr, -(fe/ tidj, and a^iv. feldom, 
rare, rarely, noi frequently or olteo, qoc 
common or ordinary ; fcarcely ^ alio |ex- 
traordihary, Angular, curious, excellent. 
4r hmmt nut ftttcn lu uitl, he docs 
bu( leldoni come to toe us.^ & glcbt 

irtfe imt bowoii# ab<e nur WteO/ he 

gives me of it; but onlv Teldom. SQag 
geffiU(^t fcltcni that happens rare^^ 
or but Ttfly feldom. 6dteit U^ mn 
U^n (a4)cn / one fetdom faw Vim laiigb. 

dint fcltcne tugenbr * ^v«. -m oatVaoc- 

dinary virtue. %ia ft\ttnti9u<if «'•!«< 

an eacellent book. Qn bCTO @#oitftc4 

®U(!e< ift Qo4 f(ft<n do Aand tfMgi 
morbeOf Z>Uf4. SubJlanUv^lY • Ml.ll 
n(*W ©dttnef, that is no rarity .,90 
extraordinary thio£, Qa^ ift mi? cUMI 
6e(tenc^ / tia|> fomething. veiy rat* t« 
roe ; that*s quite new to me. 

Itt ^tXttnft^^, a crols. morofe, fMenTfa 

Me ©eltcifteir* fltr. tAt-tn, nxmu&k 
rarity, %cmariiy« caripHty. 

bcr @t(t«iiiff4t<rn/ a fwiU-pot. tippter 

drunkard; V, Sdufcr. , * 

^Crtfaui/ -tr/ •ICj; Hf. and «ilv, JDU* 
ftrange; rarely, ftrangelj; 'iufir««|iieBT 
,li;atc«i» fXtraordilMiy* liimfint' wiooai 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 

BMV odi not common, act vfaftl, imi* Ut @>Cttff^ M.-Clf pluf.^nnf, miUlard* 

wonted, unexpected^ inaHurpriiiDffmaii* a plfli)t« which proch^ces a fmail and 

B«r. 6{<^ feW4m icemgcn/ to £eha?o warm feed, ^<^ j( ^"^ of fauce mado ^^ 

one*! fdf'ibrangely. Sin ftttfiiinel S(^ ^^ ^^^ Qo^ of rouitard-Teed mixed nith 

tMifll, a llraoge or odd behaviour, (gin . .water etc, £(neil {angCll 6etlf d6et eti 

Wmn, nunoeelf^xr (Kefifct/ an odd ma^ mod^en/ to m«ke a long tedious 

I'nd of man. tSfaie reUfomC SlgUf/ « fpeech' oi^ many ufelela wordt about « 

firtogd or odd figure. @|c pottt fi(f) thiAg. 

Wamilfflefbet, fhe wa» inao oddkind bU 6(nfSrd^/ a muiUrd-iauce. 

of drefi. Sine feUfame fXctcn^rt, an tft ®enfi»ik^fir , a mufi'ard-pq^ 

odd, (ir80|;e or'anuruai expreilion. Si« &a5 6mfforn, @eilffamtn/ muHnrd-f^d, 

B( fdtfOOlC @«<tc / a rare or ilrange af- feovy - feed. ^ , 

iiif, thing or matter. ba^ @cnf^ratrt/ fenvy, the mtiHimi- plant. 

Mcecftfdtnedr, /»/Ar. ^t-eti^ theibldom- bcr eenfPragf/ Genftopf, M Genftrflgi 

oe(s, ttncommonnefs , ilrangenefi , or (ffo / a muAard - poc 

DnfrfciueDCv of ajhing; rarity, iingala. b<l< Scnfme^I^ flour t>f muftard - Pbed; 

riiy; curiouty; oddneit ; fooli/h fa^cy. . Mc ^(nfmiibf^ * a rouftard - miU« a mill 

6(0^1$ , Ihamoy etc. V. 6tfmfr4^« to grind mollard- feed in. ^ 

We^CmmcCr A'/ttr. bff rn, a hiancher, bO< ©cnfpffoffer^^a finapifm. 
iMoeket. bread « or roll ^ alfo a ixmnel^bcr ©enffattrOI, muftatd - faed* tanvy* 
iiamel> bread made of wheaten flour, ^^^* 

irfiiie bread, -(guw i^errenfcmmcl , a ft«< ©enff^filWdfctt/ a i^uflard-ftucor. 
nnodiet-loaf. ^cffemmcU two round bUScnfte, a fedan , a chair; V. @(|||ft€* 
oAacbet- loaves joined toeether". . {(of . b<t €knftef 8 ; clll ^^TirOUmWag VOO^enf, 

^ruilb<<S<imnel, a roil, a Onnn, • cataplaikrt of muA^rd-feed; Jilfo f 

Rr6cimnc(lre9^ « PM^ of white biread. ^ finapifm. ^ 

\^^mm\m^\f^ ^ti -H, plur. car. Ctn^tn, veri^. reg. act. to linae, to 
wEeatea flour « the fineli meal of wheat. HncL^e^ to feorob or burn flightly or fu- 

6cimR((r(f}Ditte/ flicea of a fimnel, or £p- perEdally. dine grrupft^ Q^aM fcflgflt^ 
ptu of buns, ^eiacfme 6emillCffdlmit« JP ^ff » picked goofe, to iinge ottbp 
tt; 6emm(( in t^r %fWintf antic 9lity ^"^ ^'^ Aitkina upon it by paTsing It 
tft, friuert. .over a flame. ^tilT flc»cb{a4mc6 6cl)nwCtt 

N(6aDfr, i^/ar. bfC -Or rulh-grafs, reed- rengCtt/'to Icald a killed hog. (SiD@4if 
ffrab, ScirpuaL. It if ftlfo oaiiedfBtll# f^ndCH , to bream. a Ihip: 3|^ f^nqet 
fbgrM. . ' .,Clire jtleib^, you lioge your cfoacbi. 

(r^Hticf, M •tifpUir. bfe -t,^i 'C'cnficn niro mntten; to bum and firi^ 
6<llM4M;etbeQ, a Mifllva-lottarra Mif- ftveryyrh^re a« eufmies do, to deftroy 
iiT»» an Epifile. all vfith fire and (word. 

ltt6<llM# bci -4# plmn (but ooly of (05 ^tHtn/. bit ^Cnfluilfl ^ ^ng^g of 
Isferal fortr,) ut nom* Jlng. a kind of undging, fetching Or burning (lightly 
uffety, which ia very light, thin and of fuperficialhr. > 

tnm^rent, and iralfo caUod @cote(f .6etlaerfe^ V. ^anMft^ 
Met. metmitn^ tH 'tit pi9fr.bit-€,9> 

SOiffQ, ver^. irrfg, act. Imper/. I4 pl^met, plumb-line, a. founding line. 
fOaMc; pM^ttcip. gffanbt/ to. fend. bK @etlfC/ p/ur. tit 'n,from the verb 

Siflfm 9on dncm Crtc |um anb^^tn fcnfcir.* i. In fome provincea * lovy 

^bn, to fend gooda or waret 'from g[<»Qd, a deep .ground or pountrv' a. 
one place to another. QeOUinten Cinctt <&a5 ^nhatfl , a kind of fn^aU fiuiing« 
*»Wll, rincn 55ricf fctrticn^'to food net. ii%ilIo Called bU ettllr. % Arooof 
a aiefliing^, a letter to qpe. 9f{b h(kh€ Lockimiths and Smitha, a hollow form 

or mould , in-whith other thioga mm 
I ihaped. ^ 

* littGtnMf M 'i, plur, ut nom.Jl/fg. 

1. S^icmcir, bit ©d)nur, ber ©cbnArfcn* 

. W, a lace to kcc with 4 V.g^ftcl; *Mfo 

the tag of a la^e or iL-ap. i. Amqng 

» Minen, fmall iron -chips or hooks to 

' join the gtitt^t with. j. Any thiUg funk . 

for a cenain purpofe ia alCo xalled 


bQi (BtnftihUd^, a thin iron -plate, of which 

the V^B of Ucea ar^ made. 
ba5 @cn!((l)of|r among Minera, a peiile 
uTed in pouniding or bru^Utig ofe. 

bir &tnttlnQM, €4)nlirtNt)eI , (ginrdbna* 

btl, a point, a gagged point fattened 
fo # ftrisf u^ed in laciof. , 

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Uh end 6ai 

,€Mre(rc4t# V. 6<tifrf4t ^ cfnel VMMi, the Qam oii Ow nc 

for the plnmb- line ; V. ^e;(ot|». 6ciifia(6cH«/ ffimlg^ feiwUbt, fc|n(*i 

fter Scnfetdift/ the ug of a pqmc* ad/\ and 0<fv. teDdinout, Ugaroeatooi 

. etnttn. verk. r9$. net. (Infm mad^, fiiwy. nefrooa; iiUi of linem e 
^ jlo fink (om^thiDg , to lay or jet it down neHea*. 

to or inio the ground , to link a thing lit @cnnc/ Cthnt, 9Mft, a tendon, fibn 
lower^ I. In a proper fenb. (Sine 2t'td^ filament » Aring, liganieiu; alio a nem 
ill Hi ^tah fthttn, to buiy, to inter a fioew. JQU 6cnac tinH 99$aki, tb 
Orpfeinagrave, to pm it andet ground. ilripg of a bow. 
J>CD tinfer ili Da^ffioffer ftneai, to fink ©cnne., ie elfo a name for S!|nna*leair9i 
the iiochor into the water. 2)01 Sifd>^ V.^tot^imi^ eeocmdttcr. 
* jairi? <tt< tBafftr fenfcn, ^WCrfcilf to ^©OWCr, • nemeforaJborfe ofaftnc 
caft or fink a filhing.iiet. J)ai i^mi, or of a breeding of horfea. 

Sir Aaner fentt 9«/ the houfe* the efo 6cniKr^ngt/ • iUllioo. 
: wa)l fipka or lowers, a. Among Vine* tint 6€lin(rfltC/ o hrieMling-mare. 

drefieirs and Gavdeoeii. SXcbeil fttiUn, ^^ 6fnfa(/ hH -U, piur. bit •<, # ni 

to -proTine, .to lay a vine into ^e »e m fome pUcee for a biokor of th 
- fjtound, to propaga^ lihe Tine ; V. 6(11^ merchaati 5 V. AdHer. 

ter. 5. Among Miners, to fijik, to make Wc®cnfe, W«r. We -8, a fitho or fjthi 

<W ^r <^>CS>"f • Clnio 6(ba(bt fm^ii, Ait ter Genfe obvid^ct , to mow or cu 
•bfwecn, or {fRfai/ rtffneen, to fink a down with « fitbe. 2)ic ecnfc bmgcU 

, filaft or pit. m^tn , to whet a illhe. 

M'emftn, bit etntaHf the act of >«* *»(^ 

finking, bringing or letting down. 9ol ^ ?*S? I, •**!!.;''' ?*1? ^' ^^31*^^ 

IMI 6ent»«rn> a fiOiing.^t funk into the *%®^'^^ff.VJiij!i,-^i''^'i^ ""^^ 
water by means of fome piecea of lead -T^ft. wMwonotb, September, di 
being f^ed to it. "^ ^«^**» monih of tha year. . 

»{t 6cnegrttb<. among Vine - dreflere. a H^^l*' * Seraph, W-r. W< ^•pUm 
pit, hito which theprpriaea orfiBe^layera Seraphim,^ one ol the ordera of eogeU 
i^ |,ia. . -^ ■ fo iiamed fit>m tha ardour of their dc 

tn ecnft^mmcr/ a hammer with fiirrowt ^^^^^^^^ #1.1 r j 

o)i it ufed ^ blackfibiths incham&ing. ^»* ®«ctl«fe/ /^/ar. Mc .«, « /ortn^^h 

»er 6«i«oIb«i, bal ^eifen br^6*r6ffS, i"'**** ^' nocturnal mulie^ V. etM 
a kind of drill ufed by Uckfinitha in ^1* ' ^ „ ■ 

^ tfidcningoraoUrgingahole. bCf «ergeaill, a iergeant; V. Nt 6C^ 

iff 6en«er, a point or Uaa- maker, one ^^^Sl^^m^n iSi^^^u^m^^ ^^t^.^ 
who tags pointa and iacoe. ^J^^^^^t ®^«^«^Wll,. €*(?«M< 

»Cr ©fllWaW. ^ Tine, prop, to tfhich ' ffl^/ .^t ^fui^^V ^r^'' "^^^l 
the proVinea are tied/ when they budor ^J^L^^}!" *t£^ ^^•/•n>«t- _ 
burgeon bCT 6cnkllfinmanner/ a Xerpendna nrtl 

We eenteebcir ber 6eiif|»ef^. • leyer. a . ^: irt^lluY* ^""^ " •H 

Tine.twig put in the g^und. ^ aJ^J^JS? ""^.^^ ^Pr"""' ^. ^ J 

•enhe^t. .d}, and .^v. nerp«idicular, *^clS?V«aW^' '*' * 1 

IT'^ne'ft^J^irfA^/S t^^^^ ^r f^erfcbon^ IS -fn.f/-r. Wc -01,3 

*f\ ^y^^ ^i!?!*il ^iniV* Pf7?°^ iergeani, a petty offic^in the army. 3 
cnlarlHie, ©iel^ Waiter le^ ttlcft feoft Me ®er»cBawW^ cerrelaa , a kS . 
|re<br, this wall does not Itand perpen- fiiuSae w^tw.., « Ktaa 

dicular . it inclines or leana. \^^ 6eeiktte, W-^ We -H. a napUo, | 

We ©enfreure/ pl^* Me -n^ • bow-net SeHertoA. 

i.J^L'^tjL ^. ,. . ^ .^ ^ ^ ** ©emetrenHol, a pudding boUad 14 
tie eenff*t0^e , bO< 6enf»erf ^ a dam or napkin, 

dike made of fsfdnes, which are funk elo tjJtwM WB6ltter, a fee of filvar^pU 

liito the water. (Kn J^iceferwM i>c« VorielaOr- « P*^ 

tie .@eiirf4^nilr , a founding • Une^ a plumb* lain • fel of tea * difiiaa etc 

^.1' M\f.' ^ r r . , We.een^ltiir, f»i«r. bu -en, »» Uw, « 

We @enf|eft/ the feafon to lay layera or Titude, a righc, a fubjection impoj 

to fet youna tiyigs of vinea or treea in on a foundatitm, field, houfa etc 

-the ground for increafe. which theperfon, who poiTefTea it J 

We eetmobef/ on bem be»es(f(M KMt Mi§td to fiiffac caruin impoiMoiui 

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duigef f cirtain iocommodhttfi or in« 
coQVflnieocM* a duty* wherein a pi«ce 
ofgrtfojitl and the pofleflbr of it \$ Uable 
or Jabject to another. . 

mecfUlQ/ ^farofraut/ feUme^ thena* 
00 of a foreign oi> exotid plants Sala- 

\nWt\if ftfeli, fermoumauit Sefeli L. 
(1 plant}« 

hreilrl, 5e5 -t^ pUr* ur nom. /!ii^. 
i)r/iiiain. M ecffclCbCtl/ a feat, chair 
or AooL (Sin nie^rlgcr <Bcffe(, a low 
fiooli a cricket. Sin imitfhi, ^ arm- 
cbar. CiQ MHitfkl, £cN(tttM^ «n 
dbew- chair, a large chair with a back^ 
to leiD a^aiolL. gin ZfHffifti, tint 
%U{li, a fedan, ' a carrUgo' conreyed 
by meant of poles by two men ; a chair. 
fin So^rfcffci, a chaife. 

^ MclHffen , a chair - culhion** 

gfftafT/ <wV' »ttd fl<fv. flnffffig, dwel- 
ling, inhabiting, eftabUihed or. fettled 
in a plice« .^i^ on dDcm Drtc MMt 
tktttUtfltn, to fettle at a place «' 10 
eiUbliOi oae*» felf there. 

l«l6cMc^n« a conditional fief. 

i.Scfitn, verb, r eg. neuir. with bilBeff* 
I. To be put in motion with f iolence, 
nbere it is ufed for fprill0fa^ to leap^ 
jamp, fpnog or bound etc. S)al %ftt^ 
it^t or mod)! dncn QQB, the horfeIeapa« 

flcikr cintn ^rabcn fcscn , ^o leap over 
a ditch. Slit ^cm $fcrbe iiber ben ^0^ 

ken fc^m, to leap over a ditch with 
roar faor£& Ic is alio nfed of many other 
foru of noleut changes of plac^ <l)lit 

ban iNMc Abet ben flu6 ft$en/ fcbmimf 

Oro, ID pais or crols a rii^er, to fwim 
or« it with your horfe. CD||| ber 6((^<rf 

lo^ped^tcben d)teerbofen fc$ett# riibeni# 

to crofi the gulf , to row over it wiih 
a fb«Uop or boar. %n ben gelnb [tutn, 
10 anack the enemy. Hn eincn \t^tn, 

to prefi one. 3n bU JeJnbe fc^en , to 

cbuge the enemy* throw one*s.felf in 
the aidft of the enemy, ©ttr* bile Hxint 
befCfea, to break through the enemy. 
to root or diaperfe the enemy. <Biit 



cnltief or fcpiirreb abatut it; ft w<3m*t 
pais without fome quarrcA or contelt 
a With gewid &(b\d^t (t^tn , there will 
certainly be fome blowa or cuffs dealt 
or we are like ^o hare a fray, ^i bttt 

efnen fArd^terUcbtn 3an( gefe^r, it has 

produced or caufed a terrible quairel* 

• 2>a^ fe(t (ein %}xxtiSb\nt, or @ebldt / that 

will breed ill blood, ^i mirb f^eute Ste# 
jen/ ^<bnee fe$en. we may expect rain, 
(now to daj, thare will be rain. IhoW 
to day. or it will rain « fnow to day. 
a.^CSenr i»erb* reg. act, it lipifiea pro- 
perly .fl^Cn ma(ben^ to make one Or, 
but in a more extendve fenCe alfo fl(|^.n 
macbeil/ to miOto one Hand, a 
Aill more exteafire fenCs. to give a thipg 
a certain place. '. 

I. ei^n mwS)tXi, td make ono fit, .to 
let, lit down atc« (i) Iq a proper fanfe. 

Hin Ainbavf ben 6rub(/ auffen £{(4, 
(luf ben 64)0$ fe(en# to fet a child upon* 
the chair* upon the table, upon, tha 

Jap* ScmaQben auf bo^ ^Utb mtn , to 

fet one upo'n a horfe* to fee him.PO 
horfe •back. Likewile as a ver^ re^/^ ' 
frocaU ^\i^M%ttt tolitdowo, in0ead 
of which in the deoent manner of fpeak* 

« mg fi4 ni^cffl^ffcn is ufed. @e^en 6{t 

!i(b or laffcn 61 eft* nicber, pray fit ^pwo, 
it you down, fit down, ©i* aUf ben 
6tM((' ottf bic ftanf feten, to fit down 
oil a chair, on a bench. @t4^ \yi 9fer# 
be fefenr to moont a horfe. to get on 
horfe - back, to mount upon a horfe« 

@i(b 4tt 2{r*e'feQen/ to fit down to 

table* to fit do>rn to dinner or Diipper. 

6i*1n ben @(botteti \tuxi, to fit dow«i 
in the ihade. 61* nebeU/ ju eincm fea# 

lenv to fit down by or near one , to ta* 
. ke a feat near one or ciofe to one. 6i4 
Oben an fe^eU/ to ^ down in the lirlt 
or uppermoil plac^. to bo placed above* 
or in the firA place. 6t4) UnUn an fel^ 
gen 9 down beloW or iq the lowdt 
place* or. at the lower end. 6{cb bfni 
tec ben Cfot fejen^ to Ct down beluad ♦ 
the Hove. 2>er Qofief feBt \\^ ouf etnen 

^aum^ the bird pearchcs on a tree* ^ 

Hence the figurative phraXcs» 3«inani 

ben auf ben tprim f^$en* to fet one upon 

the throne . to make him king or em* 
'. peror. 6f* )>oni Vferbe auf ben Sftt ^ 

fe^en f to make one*s lUte or condatil^n 

. worfe* 6e0en 6fe (1* In bert SoO, gjt 
felne, on metne 6tettc, make the eafe 
yonrs. 6i(b auf ben jtopf fc^en or ftofien^ 

to ufe oneS utmoA endeavours/ to make 
the uttnofi efforts. UHb mrnn thr cttfb 
au* ouf ten Xo)»f fefitet , foRt 1^ f!e Xi\^t 
febeii * ^ef§e. Sid) il&cr anbcrc binmea 

fcften/ erbebett/ to raife himfelf above 
otners * or to prefer himfelf to others* 
er Q(oubt/ bai fdn %bel ibn ^^er \\%\t 
fPfiepe ^(nibe(|fe$e/ oiiwcftreje/ he thmks 
or befieres^ that his nobility lets him 
Mi[OVf hia 4nt]r, h« thiaka himlelf akart# # 

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tb^'Hiip runs Aground. (9) Or fluia 
bodieii. @i(^ fS|}cn/ to feale, to Jatl 
to th6 bottom. i^a$ ^er 1)01 ^4 n96> 
nf<^t 0CfC9t^ tbe bedr ii not jet fettled, 
or tbe* dregf or ledimenu are not yet 
fdllen to the botiort. (5) J)U ©cfiHWIlt 
t^t ftr))/ the fw^liing or tumour grow» 


degrees lower and leis. AndTome- 
tfmeseiro, ba* toflff^r fc$t jkb . thewa- 
^ ter grows lower. (41 To iettle, to fix 
, ln> any place or w^y of life. Cajud (at 

fid^ia^Min gcfcfitr mobn^ft niebcrdef 

' taffeil* Cajvs has fettled hi^nfelf > or 

ft has fettled his abode at Berlin , he has 

' tfftablifhed hirofeif there. (^4^ ooftf 

(flrb rcl}cn / to fettle one's abode in the 

country. &US) jUr SKuhC ffften, to retire 

firom buHnefs , to betake one*s felf to a 

aoiet life. To which feems to belong 
le phrafe, fjd) iiiit jemanben ff^en^ a6t/ 

|{<b/tKrDld(tHtn^ to agree with one in an 
amicable or friendly manner. (5) To 
- take a fafe or fecure poljtion^ polt, (U- 
tion or fituaiion. ©fe ^rwfe fc$t ft(ft 
•a dntm ^n^t , the army takes a Cafe 
or feci;tre portion, poii or llation on 
A mountain. Hence th^ participle %tf 
fe0t u(«d as an adjective U often lur| 
rnib bid/ ^ort and thick. (|fne ^(Xt^t, 
gtff^re ©eiMpirfon, « fhort, thick 
woman , inllead of which WUX^t^t is 
-atCo ufual. Pigurativefy. (£il| gefe^Ur 
^ ^ tO^atin/ afedate, feber man. 4Ein %U 
fefite^ ®andtt) ^ a compofed mind, (gfn 
1|Cfe?t<< ©CfeO/ a oompoRd air. Cin 
iCff^ter 3>€lff{QQ(, a lolid, a found 

^@tc!Ka tnd((en/ to make fomethiiig 
ftand^ to feiy put, lay, to place ^ thing 
fomewhere, etc. (1} m a proper fenfe. 

IDa^ ®to^/ ttn Seller auf 6<d £1^ fci# 

%tn , to put or fet the glafs , th^late 
upon the table. *10tir@ttlt^( Otitic ®an^ 

ben €^wf In Wt tdt feffni , to put br 

fet the chair againft the wail , the flick 
in the corner. Ben Sopf an M ScttCt 
f^tn, to Cet the pototi the fire. 2)en 
flfofr auf etma^ feienr tcr place or fet the 
fcot upon a thing. j)en tt^ttn Sa§ 
l^eran fr (fen / to place or let the right 

foot before: «R(c Will fcb nMcber efnen 
8ui aUt Wne ©c^wettt fcfien/ I will ne. 

Yer go again into his hou^. (SfTen Unb 

ErlntcR ouf ten Sifcb feftefi^ to place, 

put or (et meat and dtlnk uppn the 
ubie. 3cbe5 Dfn<| on felucn Drt feftW/ 
to fet or pat efery thing in its proper 

phce. 3femon^en efncn@r«M fe^frP' to 
reach one a chair. Sine Q^f(bMu(e atif 
f^r JuffiJefHfl feijcn , to fet or pface a 
Aacueupon its pedeUal. !J)ie®arben in 

fRanbcfn fet^en / to ih^ck, to place Ihea- 
Tet In Ihocks. :3eman(cn efne (gftren* 

ftfnle fe^en / to erect a Ilatue for one or 
- ttf ohe, to erect a Ilatiie to one's honour. 

% ^Cfneii^ (Bhfmffefn (^ttn^ <• Ct i»p 4 

bound --ffoiie. «dome fe^en^ PfMn, 

to plant or Cet trees. - Hence the figura- 
tive phrafes. (Ran mi ro eiK|> ' oattkocr 
inr weti fejen , y<>« will be called to 

an account for it. ^icl unt ^ai kUn, 
»orfd)re<b<n # .to limit, to prefcribe 
bbunds or limits, to fet bouod^ to. 

&(b put ®ebre feBcn or J^en , to arm 

and defend one's felf, to put one** lelf 
in a poAure of defence, to itand upon or 
in one*s defence, i^iva^ dil# ^en ^uacft 
feBen . t6 neglect or forget a thing , not 
^ to obferve it. ^tti^O^ ^(nt(filnK|CU# 
to flight or reject a thing , to neglect it, 
^to makfl^but little account of it* {^j Ol 
ieveral aniteials ixHv.f h as much a« tttd 
.fen, gebdbren. to bring forth young, and 
. then it is applied by Himtsmen particu- 
larly to deer and har^s. (3; To appointj 

fia. ■* eifie 9eft/ elncn Sag^m rtmai fe|i 

^' len , to appoint a time, to fix a day foi 

lomething. j^emanbcn ftnn Sormotibc 
§nm 9lfd)rer k. fe$en / to appoint one 
guardian, judge etc. 3etn«n^eo atCHt 
nee ontem^^refic fesen/ to appoint one 

in the room of another. jWn^Dd gHifl 

6drtner fegen, to give awolf the wethei 

. to keept ®elb out* ein<# Aopf ft^tn, to 

fet a price upon one*s head* to profcri- 

be him' Set) ^cii U^tn, bc^tmoieQi 
to fix the price, ^ar gcft$teii 0timbei 
at tbe appointed hour. See «lf6 ^^th% 
and ©o^un«, C4/ To take a thing foi 
true' or right, to taike for granted., tc 
grant or Tuppofe it to be io , to admii 
It for a truth. 2)en $?a0 fri^cn^ to rnp 
pofe tbe cafe, to put the caie. 6ef| 
ten 3a& f put the cafe (.admit or iii|ipo< 
fe) it were fo. {alt ^ni fe^, i»fr woL 
len r^^en, fuppofe the matter or die oefi 

* to be fo, we will fuppofe it to b« fo, 
9)orai^eifen / to prelhppofe. The P^r 
iiciple gef^t is alfo ufed as an mdt^tb 
©efe^t/ fuppofed, fnppoiing. let-as Tap- 
pofe, grant, admit it to be fo. ^cftftt 
H md^ flemlf/ io cafe it be certvm 
Qefe^tr el fe9 fo / foppofe the cafe to b4 

' fo, put the cafe it be fo. ^efefft, CT i( 
furcfctfom, fuppofe he is^tiitaid or fear 

fuJ. <9efe9t and) <^^ bat mdne ^boiC^v 
tMsX ree^t niic|) terOUbe nHhrt, ft Ifl fi 
(o(b rubid^ ^eff. 

3. To put a thing on, or bring it t( 
an appomted place, (i) In a p«<oi>« 

fenfe. !Den i^ut auf ben JS»^ k%tfou ti 
put on one*s hat. ^nem ben 2>N^ «« 
bfe^ruff fe^n, to put tbd point «£, 

poniard to one*s,breafL 8q efncf *Sft|] 

no((^ elmal (iniufe^en. to add (liU Amm 

. thina xa a number, ^emtnten tfHt^ M 
J^eiltRen feften / to rank on« amm^ th 
.number of rhe Saints. Sfemaoben ili ^ 
©efdnanrt feeett . often only Bmfkf^ f^ 
ff$en/ to imprifon one, to coaniaf" W^ 
in a pnfon. <^ma| iUnt ffaUbt ftfca 
to pawn oc pledge a tbin# » 19 ^Iwm mm 
thini^ as a ftcurity, $mmmm fcfct 

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6et ; 6fiKl^ 165 

topM«rIktogMb«. CfRCll toppiqitnif damige ^r iob to Q^^ «fc( Bf9 it# 
liiai 9if k$<ll*^ to out apateb on -a IBohtCB In.^nfl fcSfllA to ioiinuat« 
kfik, to corar a hole by j ow mg a patch one*s falf into one*s favour or good gra* 
oa. fnipfe-auf do Xld( fcseih,- to pat ca. Sinciv ^fangenen in ittpl^tk icii 
or (aw bouona on a fait of doatha. la ico ; to fat a prifonar at libar^,, to re-- 
fnociflg, kBtn ia'to eonpofe, to placa. laaro bim; (Stmae ini ^1^ fr$enV cjcb' 
^ JetMb or typoi in proper ordar. (a/; ^- ><i| , to perfi»fiB a thing « to efiFectuAte 
fvmiivfijr m fipfaral panicnJar Tortt' of it. (KftKn (n ^crnmndervng ftftcn r' to 
aprcfliooa. H^^ in ^ie £frtcr<( fr«cn, afbnifh, fiirpriCe or^amaae one. 3eina|i; 
orealf. fn Mr Cateerlf fe^air to lay out, Icn In 9tHf(DI fe«fQ, to put one into ' 
jeor money in aloneiy-tidkac, to buy fear. 

orparchafe a Joueiy* ticket, %uf tint Uf 6e(er/ hH -i, plur, ut horn. Jin^. 
lOctC ft^tO/ to haaard opon'a card. i) In MnOc»^a compofer, one that fett 
Da ^-llll@lMel( fCScn^ to pot down w6rdt to muHc. a) in Printing, a com- 
•oe*f Aaka. pdn Mn^om onf 00* 0ri(( poiitor, one that placaa letters or typea 
fCKOi to ril^ or haaard hia aalhori^. in proper order. 

to pat hit aathori^at Aaka. ^in i^Qtlf iU &tl^rbt, creen turves ufad in covering 
M 9tnn6itcn 6a?«n fc^, to lay his dams or dikes^ 

^If foriune at iiake, to veecnra or htt&tHHohn, in Prindng, the falary or 
basvd his whole fortufae. ttib unb tU vragas of the compolitor. 
km Daron ktftU, to venture* ftake or Mf &U^itimtn, « kind of linall filhing-oet.^ 
iiassrd one*s Ufa, to lay it at flake. 3e# Iff ®t1^\t, a doa-hare, the femaie of a 
nukn auf Me ^robc fc|en, Ibn probie^ hare. v 

ms to put one to the tell, or upon a ter @e(bebc(/ V. &CMrOg« ^ 

tnal CtHNii in* (^it rr^fcn, ei verfaa^ bo* €(M^C|r bcr er^ifn^r • fat. plant ^r 

((8« to turn a thing into money, cpfell flip of a tree; alto a planting ox fet* 

it for ready money. ^tftjiUnH J>ar# tiog-ftick. 

Mem aaleHlonbcr iti^tn^ to dadde a bttet^tOtpUi J^^'^i carpatolloraapond 

^iffeffonce between pirties , to make up with. 

• difference or quarral between two par- ber 6e<ff aftm , V, 6(brift(allfflf. 

ties. 3cffianbcn ttt»ai in ben jtopf fc|en, ber Ce«lfn4/ piar. ^it emUHU .doners, 

<)ft in unrobe Fe^cn /. to disiptiet one. young iifhe^ to ftora a pond with. 

ntka bim nnaaly. to tali him things, ble @e(|rele, a fet^, flip or twig of a vine , 

diat make him uneafy. |JBir niftflen ein '- Aock in the ground for increale. 

Mrrtoen in an* >cfbihfeeen, we mull ba* &titti$, bee 6e^|»etg, a fet; flip or 

ulpect or mistntft onrfelyte^ or we "^P^^^ of * tree fet in ihe ground for in- 
■aft have no confidence in ourfehres. oraale; alCo a graft » a fcion; V. yfropf^ 
6i<teiQem«dQ|ii<b9ertr(ioen, einvbSi^ eei*. ' 

MSertroaeo «0f <ba k^, tg have ber e<Mbiffttf a capuin or mailer oik 
w pot an intira confidence in one. &qU- flup* which is not hb own. 
stMonnA auf 0oU fe|en, to nUca bie @e«(Kitt/ @eQfM(te> 6ese« a vme- 
Ml hopes m God, to i^A in God. yard, a name for a place plantod «vith 
Snfa ic«r cr ble «bre? w^t doas he vines. 

pucabiahonoot in? what^oes ho think ber ^tt^ttl^, ,« flora -pood, a pond Uo« 
aaaoor coolifb in ? ^ red with young fiflies. 

4.Tbb>v«r^ isalfo niedin roaay>ar.ber (Se^frog, a trough in Dnelting-hoiifes, 
tisa/ar exprefliona* (Sfn fanb Onier inwhicfathetinlloneanddroisaremiaed 
m^r ftiett, to lay a country under wa- together. 

^ Semanben «»»er etonb febeii/ tu Me #e|tin«/ M Sejen, fettlng, putting, 

^ !• tbOtt / to put one out of coadl- laying, the fetting in ordar, dispoling. 

^ a:thiog ffrft^mlcb tfHrcb ZXe @eiung ber ^orte, ^a order of 
J*t i«r W imt epathmHit anttt words, the compofiiion. . , , , 

§liib jonaobett OKftflUeell lu erseigen/'bk ecfmagC/ 9mm(i%u « l«ve), plumb-^ 
M. Ctvoi'iii vMigen eunb^ febenr Knc. - 

tivaftoce or ra-4ftablilb a thing, to bie ^t^mUtt* a fet, twig or branch of a 
*^Sin9 it to ua foriDer condition. 3e# willow lluck in ^e ground or planted 
|>Met outer QMNgleit fesen , to ren- forincreafe. 

jVOMioactm. 3em<lttben in ben ^tonb bie ®e$aelr. ihe feafon. whef the females 
^Im, 10 p»€ one is a Aata or c^ndi" 01 hares ate bring £orth their young, 
^ flHlie ©fltbe in Vewegimg' (i|(en^ the fence-month. 

^ a thing a|oin§. ISi^inbeOtOlarfc^ Me 6e41(be, pit^^- bie -if, a contagious; 
MjUlf to begitt to mardi. Qftt Unrobe iufectiool, pellilential , catching or epi- 
MOI, m mafca one unaafy, to disi|uiet demical diseafe^ ditit anaeine(neii5(t](be# 
*"^ ©ilb in #ef(lbr febett/ to eapofa^ fOnbfCUCbe/ *n endemical or epidemical 
^•^ Mf to dasiger. ^ioen in Untodcn diseaff. t)te^ieb(end)e, the murrain, a 
H^h to pntona to chai^ or ejipen- rooriality among catlle. 2){r iUftf^uAt, 
<•»• CiMI ill"feb«bcn,(fcf«n^ to eautt th^t frcnch p^, theiVeoch diseafo.. 2)ic 

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QUctmben fcNbHcbe ScuciKii oiiftrei^cr# 
ten ocmfnbfi^t/ <»cSn. 
6tu<{'^^<' ' ^^- '^^ «4/v.^B obColMe word 
. lignifying tbtt is oOAtiaaally and uafM* 

loalf aSfajg qu«ftions. 

6€tlf)ien# *iferb, weg^ uukr. with fKllClly 

> to ijgh . fob • groao , to fetch figl^ » to 

UmeDr. SS^eon Nr (9ottCdfe (KrrfiiKt, 

ftuftft Mt< 9JoW/ when t)^e wicked b^ 

riH^ rule, the people moaro, Prov. 2^ 

ft. Sief (euflCQ^ tx> leteh deep fi^. g^ 

IJiott fOlflKn , fo pMy to God, to invo- 

ke God ilghing. ^^ fcufic (b»»^( Mer 

CQcr aj^ meio UiiAMtf/ 1 b«wail your 

^ mifery and.piy own. (fta^ t^nai ftuff 

|(n r t9 breathe • hanker or ^ape after a 

thing, toiong'for it, to wdh ardently 

tpgetit^ (fta4^ Hacr e^rcnfcfle ftdflHii/ 

' to aspire to pefermept. 

k^i ©CPftfn ; lirfiing, groaning, lameat- 

. tng, lobbing , lamentation^ ^r fOtlQtC 

»or ©fufacn oid)r rebea, he could not 

utter a word for fighing and groaning. 

Client; adj, and mdv. iighing, groan- 
ing, lamenting, 

Itt ©euftcr, tc» -«i pl»r. VLtmom.Jlng. 
DimiuuiiVf , whidi is moll commonlv 
ufed <>nly in jelt. bo^ ^ufilCr^CII, * ©tuf* 
lerdtn^, a ligh or lighiog, a jjroan or 

.^ groaning. Cr dotmortcte mit etnrai tfe< 

T<fn ^Ufiier/ he anfwered or replied 

with a groan, dititn Utftn 6cttf|(r (^ 

ftp, to letch a deep H^ or groan. 6cU 

« neo @ct»iiicr| in eeafiernaulUffm,. to 

vent one*s grief by fighing or groaning. 
Cin ^ci^Mf or CRaactifeafkcr, a belch, 
(gfn j^of(oreuf|<r# « fan. 
^ ber ^maNtHHv V. eibtnhaum. 

C<9n / t^er^. irr^^. jseni/b to be i to exift ; 
indie, pre/, id) pin, lam. bifHf « thou 
arirer {|i, he is; »fr fifib/ ibr fctb^ fte 

finb/ we; ye, they are. imperf. i(^ 

loar / i ^aii bti iMrcH/ tbUHi wall; er 
mat, he was; mif loarfti, l|r iDor<r, {te 

NNirca, we, ye, they were. Per/aO.. 
tjtfi h\n if 9CKQ tt. * 1 hate bWn etc. 
Plmsquamperf. f((^ HMU geWCfOI tf . I had 
f . been etc. 'FutUr, t) idb MKCbc fron / I 
Ihall bis; ba fAti fc^H 2C. thou wilt be 
etc. Suiur. %) icb l»6rlc fr9fi K» Cort^ 

/jiitci. pref. i(b feo / ba fe9#/ ir ffP ; «Hr 
fe9n/ i(^r ffob^ (ii fein ic Ir thou, he; 
we, ye, thev be etc. Imperat, fcobU/ 
be thou; fcpO tbr, ha ye; Mftt ml^, 
Ibn, fk^ C^v un^ feon, let me, hire, 
ber, it, us be. Imfinit, fc^n, to be, 
%tt»tkn feDII# to ha?e been. Panicip. 
gemtto^ been. It it ufed in a doable 

I. As a ^erh Jklfjl, t. In a proper 
fente, where the predicate may be of 
feveral or different Torta. (i) An adverh^- 
or an ad/tctive and paritcipie in an 
abfolote or adveibial fprm. n(ii bin fC^ 
fonb, I am^healthv 6r healthlul« X am 
hi good he«hh. jgn ii$ $rf (, ib^ art 


tidl. ' JfU fli ttaoril # Pi9 t^ Cbrronfoh 
tBir narcn lufKg / we wern merry. Qtf 
bttdlie fllfriCbtO^ be content with iu 
94^ bin t^ utifdrbni bamit, I am con* 
tent or ratis6ed w^fh it. ^ bin OltiQC^ 
@a(pe gcnufr Iga upon fare grounds^ 
X jm cock* fin^ @e9n fie vtflfomnieqJ 
iMn i^f welcome Sir! LikewiCs m 
great niapy particular phrafee ; for ew 

ample, ^r i# bobin, tabt, onelAcHi 
ho is dtd» ho is Undone or nimp< 
9hk nnf ienonbcn ftti/ tp bo 

with or at one. (iw, bOA m^tt ftlO 
that were line indeed 1 migbty fine to 
fore! nothing beats it! ironiicaUy. 
bin f4H>H IDtcbcr gut, I am already recon 
died, appeaCed or pacified. Z>atf iftoilf 
rfCbt/^ I M^ee to "it. faft bOl fc9n, !•« 
that alone* don^t touch it , don*t mtd* 
" dl« with it* 

(a) Afmhjhaniive, which then, )ik4 
the fubject, ilanda in the nofislanti)^ 
fo that the verb fcon/in this cafe, has two 
nomimmthm, ' 6a(omo Mr cfn 46ata( 
Solomon was a kin}. iDdn CSlVlcr tf 
(in CbrliAcr fDlanRf thy .brother is an 
honeft man. i^<t> bin fcin frtttttb nid^t^ 
I am not his fri^d. 3<t ^io i(r Siti 
• ncr / 1 Am your fervant. Where iton 
is alfo often uled imperfonally » fo thai 
Ci fuppliea tbe place of the fubject. CI 
M (Ktirc flJtfl tSettcr, it is good or £ni 
weather to dav. tt< ift (^tK S(H, it b 
high uraa. Ci l# f<ban ^Iff Sag, it 
is day light or bro>id day alroady. fH 
fH bie tSobtbCi^ it >^ the tmtir. SI i( 
ni bfe gicbe nkbt bOVOn; where ti ia aire 
left out, bic 0Ube Ifl niibt baaofi, bovoi 

ft Nc IMt nitbtr that*s not the que- 
Aion. In a ^reat many calee the predl 
cate is put m thegesrM«e» iofiead o 
the nomiMBiiv^, Qc^ gntci Vlutb^ 

Idiick up a good bean, pluck up yotr 
pirits« dt it mcfttcr tRdnnof , he t 

of my oriinion. ^d bin OnbfCr Did 
nnng # 1 am of another opkrion. (^ 
m^t «u(( btr 9leinttaa, he waa aHb o 
opinion, eu finb bcfbc diaH <S€(<bkcb 
Ul, (Eintl etaaime^, Cincr fittfUnfi 

they am both of one houCe pr Eanily etc 

84^ Un M tobcl, Ub aM bc# ttU 
fcon, wcna i<b ti mit, let om die, if 
know it. fflifml fn>n^ to be willing 
to deflgn, purpofe oc:iQtend, to have a 
intention or mind. Q6f bin nkbt fBi 
fcnl biilWKi^ / I •» not witiing or 
have no mind to gfi ihtther. ^c fir 
Cinel 6iane4 , tb<^ an of one orof tl 
famo mind. ^atetMimii frails f^mai 
gifC ftan , to bo with c^ild. Cf l# fr«< 
bttbca 9crMnb<l, iBcite. 

(5)Witfa^re^o>2tiOM. Moll of the 
cafes are elliptical or ^^trattvo ; for e 
ample, anf U9n # to be up, to b« irift 
or got up , to be oat of bed. 9Bab( 
(con, to be wall or in good boaltli. ( 

tft an mUf bit Rt(|a if an vk, tti 

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ml^ , irU mf tatiL. Mui ftm, %U 9tAt 
I tt99, CO he finiflMdf ended, out or orer. 

#» fief «a mir lit f fo viii m mtinta 

JMftcfl ift, ef lo^cb at in ne liet» or 

■s math as lies IB ni^ power, di i^. an 

I tal, %Dtlie8 t) it If tnie, and a) one 

I it ^ac to do (lomethin/(>. (1$ M ni^ti 

ia ^ dtdH • there is no fnch aRatter 

or things it ia npc true. ^ {ft ni^ti 

'W i(n/ be is not, a. fit, proper or ufe- 

fal neo. Ab|e<t)t bOfOO fC^fl/.to be in 

bad or tU drcttrnJiancea^ to be in a bad 

cooditioQ. e^t%wt oiltdnctB b^ran fcto, 

til Qlr cIlKtn ffcbm , to keep a good cor- 

Mfpofldeiico with one , io be well with 

bim. 2>ii Ml rcd>t tatw, ba l^ai redbt, 

ibov art right, or thou art io |he right, ^le > 

6fl«c il ni«r f Ar mfcb, f«ltfr M ni«e Mr 

■iibr it ia not fit for me, it does not beco* 
me nie» it is not meet for me. ftul %tt 
fllobe fttO , to be ont of falUion, i^illf 
icr iclMflbca bcr i<eit, to porTue or perw 
lecnto one; to obferve or wJitch him, 
to havo or keep a llrict ejre upon him« 
to uko notibv o| his behaWoor. flici It 
9ibcf l9n# wm thing is. againll him or 
oppofoe him', fe it notTf^br W(ni«®0r« 
ttUf he is a ma»ol few words* hedt^es 
not like to fipoak ortalk much, iti it 
illt, ti IMt MHam rCMI# 'm well, be 
tt lb, let it be lb. well aad jgood. 301 
%an9it fctir/ to be in nfe, in ?^ue or 
m £ilbsQn. 0(ac ffrcttllb ft^O/ to be 
widioBt a friend, to hare no friend. 
WvmtW elne Cktt fe9B, to be never 

widMWit money. 2>«l tf vfit mlr, rtb« 
ffcC 900 mir ber/ that proceeds or cornea 
from BO, or that is owin^ to me. 
(4) W^ith vef i«, where it can be uLed 
if m Ibme ealas» sO With the lafi-^ 
niii99, 4fer It «tlt fC9D# it is good 
being hepe. 2>eii IMiitttn it tut pre« 
MfCQ, it is aood pmadiiiig to the lear- 
Bod ; a word is enough tor the wife. 

iWcF ft atibt tat loobnoi^ ge^cn, rtitem 

it is not geiod dwelling, gomg, ridii^g 
hor«. ^ Mcftmiinbc Mr tam«bl^ Abel 
fcMdl , U waabad traeelling in this couno 



tvhat ytoa are told, let this be a want* 
log to you, bpJioTf me that eicl 

2. Plg^ratively. . (f) To be found 
or eaifi,. to be prefebt, Jo discover his 
ttifect in a place » fo that the place is 
ospre0ed eicher hyAn'advfri, or by. a 
pr^poJUion* (St it bfcr, cr mar ba, te 
fUlb e^eil , mttn U. h& U here, he was 
then^f they are above, below etc. ijcb 

mar anf bem 9Ubt, cr i$ in fciner @tus 
be * fir finO nocb in ber .f tr<|^e , I was ;n 

the field, he is in his room, theV are 
Hill in the church (at church.^ ^i Hn 
iNc in i^rr iStabt getDcfcR^ lbsveoe>cer ^ 
been in the'city. J^cb bin Qu6> im^cp fitf 
^■>cfeil/ X have alio been prefeot. 9c9 
^ bCf Sifel (eon / to be at table, at dinner 
etc. Qcc SHnb ft bfnter un^, the ene- 
imr is behind us. ^Q Mt DU flevcf«a? 
where haft thou been? (Br it tdglub 
HOI ttnl/ he is daily about us. (DTOratn 
wOi 14. bco aimcn fcoo , tomorrow I'll 
ho with you. ,3<^ bfn fgk{4 i^icber bjto 
3[bnfill / i Ibsll be with you sgsia imme- 
diawly or directly, dr lofrb im Xtt$<n 
teller ^Icr fepn, he will be here agsin 
fhortly. In mfnv cafes we rather ufo 
the verlf ffcb btnnbcn / than /<on^ ^ , 

bar OXitte bc^ 6<9lffel mar elnc XajAttc, 
better befonb ficb / there was a cabbb in 
4he middle of the Ibip. 

(^) In many cales u is alio ufed of tbo ' 
fenfaiions« of the Hate er dispol^tion of 
the mind. It Hands then imperfonallj, 
or at lesft in the third perfoa , and ta« 
kee the dative of the perfon. (a) In the 
molt eatenlive fenfe. (ttir it ban0C, I 
fear or^ead, it i^ives me lineallnels. 
3^m it aftOtr be IS anxious, fearfij* 

troubled, di loor ibm an^t unb bange# 
he was in great anguifii and fear, ^it 
it mobI# l<ft bftnbc mfcb wobl/ I am well 
or 1 am in good health, tfiit It Abff^ 

M betnbe mi^flbd, I am iU or lick. 
SBM It bit ? mai fcblet b(r? riaimpflti^ 
^(H bn? wh«t aileth thee? Hi it mlr [fib 
Om bl(bf ^ P*ty ihee, I am foriy for thee. 

9$ foOte mft left Mn , I Ibould be Ibr- 
ry for it. & it tnir \M^ bQi it ttilr m, 
I am glad of it. 3(b mclf , n>le n|lr ift, 
I know. wbataDs me, or where my fore 
lies. The perfonsl ufe in this llaniEca- 
tion is unulual in the elegant Ayle. 34 

bin r<it etli<bcn Xu^n nicbt tar lu n^m 
gevcfen/ Sabcn; better mlr it tc. Xb)In 

a more limited fenle for fcbclncn^ to ap- 
pear , £sam , look or Ihew. (Si it m\tf 
aU mnn kb «m cinmal %tftbvf\^bdtu, it 

appears or feems to me as il I had on^e 
feen him. dS Ut mit ^ aU t&dttn nit 
qUc, bit 01(4 Men/ mjin JBmthtn 

^9t, il feema/to me» as if all who lee 
me reproached or upbraided me with 
my fault, di It nii» abtr bo4 / <tlt 
glaiibic 14 Sktrm mibr oW bcm jtow^ 
SdfTf. sat fDtH It wlr.dn ©<Wng# 
HH, the worldsypeara or feeme afriTon 

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to mtf. \11i«r« the 4afire of Hid t!^^ 
. mar be idfia omined or left out. iSCBlL 
i^ lurAct fe^ , ^nn Wi,M Wtti i^ 
nUr einm (ati$en 9HI(ffii« (itU6V^#efn. 
(I) ©tIJren, to belong to. iDcm i(t 
bai Oat? whom doet thie eBato boloog 
tof ©« ®t(b id DeUl, the money it 
thioe or belongs to thee. Whero it el- 
. To t«iet the prepofidoo fAc, when it - 
iiuidi for htflknmt iV^Ut to be defigned 
or deftined. 2>al Iff ni9t fAt mld^, ^c 
!• not for me. 

(4) Sefd^afTen f^tl^ to beoFlMi ana- 
ture, ^altty, condidon etCk SBfC illlb 
feint' ^mMtlDC? how are his circumltaiw 
ces^ m what date or conditioii are. his 
cifcumflances? M mdl/ micbttblt/nMl 
fffr cine &miviHtt bn ^ff, 1 know, 

what a temper or humour thon haift , I 
Iroow thy temper or humq^r. ffi^AQ OKfl/ 

mie jtin^cr finb/ ^<fl^ W^nn kb itk 

. tJU lOdre, fo tbrftC iA c<, if I were or * 
was you r I would do i^. A panioufer 
manner of fpeaking is, ^cm fe9 Sttn niO . 
ihtn tOoUtf however it be; be it as it 

win. @o If t$ mit bent ®c(!nl(e, fd ma4t 

' ti bdi ^eflnbC/ it is fo ^ih fSsrvanU, 

they do ro« - ' * . . •' 

(5) }t ie often u fed in fixing the time, 
* Vrhen a thing has h^ppened-or has been 

done. Hi mat im ^tthtt, ta ki) i^ 

S\t, it was in autumn, when I Ctwhim. 
»or am florgen/ ba W^mP^t ben 
fnhtm Jtrani ouf Hw ^Utn {tctCit it 

was in the momiiig, wlien the nymph 
placed theparty<«coloured garland on her 
Forehead. Q^i ftnb tiunincpr |t^n HaWf 
hot Id) {(^tt timt flefeffcn bole^ it is now 

ten yeati, dace 1 have leea hixn. JAnf 

Sime fitiM nun « .f^ er ttn4 U^ht mif fci# 
, nm ^cb^oSe ))l<(t, nvlbto^m, 4$efn. 

(6) (^ft^en/ 10 bo^to happen, to 
be done etc. ®enn Hii Stng.fevn 

Toll/ fo^Mlft ni*H boffll^, jjf a tbiflg is 

to happen,* why then there is no^oid- 

' hig it. Of one oaiinot avoid it.' fl^^i^' 

nm ithmi. unb CtfroeM mitten^ it is. 

' done bfecauCsi onB doea not know, how 
long one lives or "w lien c^e dies, it is 
done on accouitt of the wiceiitaimy.of 
life. ^a£ ntui* nic^ ittmp that mu^ 
not be. Oa« Wnn tli^t^ftt^ that canr 
]6ot:be. ,3>a» lomi »dM f(9tl^ ba4 l# 
mtoHcb' that may be, that ts.poQihle. 

' pii tetnn n{(|)t Hptt , that k impoUlble. 

K^OQ ffe e^ ^ menn %% femflonn # do ii, 

ifitispoOible. €< faUR f<(>ll^ b«ftl{f^i^m 
fltmogeo, bln^ it mv7 be, that I am af- 
fect ionSte or well afiecied to him.. <£i 

fflimfevn/ bo» bit SUbi vff{e:llmiebm^ 

^ (7) OiitilrfO<bt feim/ to iie-ihe caufe, 
but orfly in Ibme cafes. 9Bemi tr nltjt 

fba) lenjtfm wtfec/fn ^^dru (d> nH* 
' raM tfoi^fbrn n^eOen , but ^ him ihad 

looked well enoogh to mytelL. ^S^t 

14 el Mmr t|im mBmV bat for ym I 

had done ir. ' Where it is alfe foonti- 
mes ufed to expreCi a ciinditioii or pro- 

vilo. SBenn boi ift # fo babcit^ir ni^U 
|Q tefftr^^tCOir if ebat is Co « we hJire no- 
ting to fear. Qq^ mkiiQ Dol^t/ «liS# 
bOifbOIr Mf. ' . 

(8)To eaift, tobe, tobeteal. %S^x\t 
tin ffinnfc^ # ben meto l»w vcrticlb / ten 
bQ ni(bt-erf^ttft, ^§n. Pani<:ulai4y 
^bfolntely, the real or actual oaiftence, 
the being of a thmg, %k\% dll ^^K, 
there it a God.- 4&ett it tfOn glolgtcit 
\Vt ftlbefeO/ Ood has been liwn ail 
eternity, ^tfi Icb ic|t Hn , \% tIBOf rf 
Mcnte SBobltJ^t m ^(bi|»fev«, that I 
am now, is an unmerited favour of ihe 
Creator, A€f. tDai QcflOtlgCII n«<t^ 
^(fltf vcrldfc tttH mir In 5rm aittgffi# 
VMttt ta ivir QOfbfrren iu fii^tu the de- 
Ike oiF good fortune leaves na only in 
the moment , when we ceafe to be. 

(9) To vfhtdi belong- Aill fevaaai foru 
of expreiliotts , in which the vocb has a 
more limited or figutatir^ fi^ificaiiett. 
Z)Ol miff el Arangei , vJi^ in pc^iular 
language to expreXs ^ooe*s admitati^ or 

fnrpriie. %a% fe^n^ ^ er Mk^ ift , |c^ 

fe$tr fuppoCar grant; or let os fimpoCe, 
that he is rich. ^SM fol b«4 fet^n^ wai 
foil tol bf^etttm? what is the sooaning 
of that ? what doeS: tt mean I or wbai 
does itii^ify? JBOi foBf |eO»? Ml 
mirb WflOOit? what it daUrea orde^ 
manded7 WM tt fdr^f^lf flftfl^? ^Oxki 
fofl filr aftMK ®A^ fe9»« ' «a# \^ 44 
far 3|M^e SlAli fa beialrten? what havs 

1 to pay «for ^four tsouble?. Bte »M 

cl , I0enn n>ir bfe 4)dtfte h¥^m ? io4n 

ei ni«t t^(ICb?>^«»>«id itnoftbelea^ 
fible; if we bid the baltf *bm.\m befl 
ganaep Sag Me 4efbe 4erbe feon, 8Uf ; 
bu beMmoMrt ^id).bcti ^»#ai Sag id^j 
nm Me 'ipetbe/ thou doift not concin) 

thyfelf tbe whole day .ab#nt «ho herd 
Xflock). 'Sal i# el tettot min «ebr1 
bol \k ia. M^e ^Mk von af<|tf^ 

why that is an affair erf no imponand 
Or of no oonfciiBeiico. fBOal it el bCQI 
ntnir ob niidrbi(fcriK«mi Ket ober nfc^l 

' whit natters it, or of^ what 1i«i|>ottancj 
or'*cion£B(|Uenoe is it, whothor ot^ ^ 
feo ^tt tfor ! God forbid I #ott (e9 m\ 

CO<b ! G^ be with you 1 ' Si ftf- beoil 
tOSf unlets that. 01 m4g i«m» M*^ ^ 
fro Otfo, be itfo, wc^l letk ba to« ,< 

V lI.'Ais-an aiUiUimr^ V0rk 9 by whic] 
the jH-0t^rit times of Oottain isenia 
ver^i -are formed* 

^cb iprtm, par/i\ ono% Mf^^lumfc^ 
herfelf, itfeiC, the^fiielvea. SU^ ftfft 
Ikbcn/ to love one*s feif. ttikhUti 
ftfbtf he loves himfetr. ®ie bofn f 

/ frtbt, ibe^atee herCeff. ^2 befl^ fl 
<ben ^ CO make one*a Cslf lp|Blovad» 
Wil^^mt, to hurt one'o fi»lt ;4Bo t 

#ac0eiiiMt Wgtieir i£M.«pp#itnnij 

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•ffmitUf. 0I(|» ctMl Mnom Wror; 

CiUlttCi#f t9 reai«0b«r a tbing.' €H(I^ 
«^ (tVDtf crhlOMiCII, to inquire thtut 
or aftar m thiag, 0H^ ail rtiOfli %cmtf^ 
MB. to aocuiiom ooe** 111 F to a tbtag. 



Ma|kb fe(M; thai^ fallows otcovrfe or 
natnraliy. iOiitft |U ff* f ommc« ^ = to 
Mtcprer. to recoFer oriet*» felf, to^cotne 
lb one's leif again. To expr«lA actions, 
that are ^mainally fetumec^ bftiwixt two 
14 Ae6ranilt# behad^umt'^^ or hiori perCoiis, Hn$ntxv may-alfo b^ 

buD(ol^ ^« due e«dx Sttd^< 

flrn, to appni>ilriata'4\diiiig to oneTs 

U^ Dlcr«(d^afBiffNlrrfl» Wmtr 
fd» H<^ rrfB(i((r ^t)M>itKh lie was p<k>r, 
fee ho always ktvt himftlf felaan and 
mafU^ , in or of itfalt {r fe^l 

iiftd inftead of it. 6U Ircben ft<t ioie 
*fll^r/-<^rdnOTibCO they love one ano- 
ther or cftfch oiber like children, ^(c 

finb |l(( aOc 9fdA/ «r fii finO dSe fin# 
anter-jSld^^/ they are all like oil« 
_, .^ . anoftier. 
fhl«4Pt lOfattr he does not- mmd it'^dr Me€t#tO ip/vr-.tlc -tlr a fickle, a rtfapiog- 
evoforic ^iC 6a(^ an ft d> fdM/ the fickle, reaping-hook. 
tluDA the matter in ttfel£. ^int on M @i4dfkmf0 ^ 0«(/. and «^t;. haying tbi 
fMonfttti^e i^nKoili/ m action inoi^ Aape of a fickle, formed like a fickle; . 
bmt in itfalf* tUp^ fkbtll^ to at* ^er 6i^i!tlttf W -«, p/«r. inMf. a 4cind 
tract. CfH an f^b vnf^^fi^cl ffllittll^ of foaiUuefoil, Medicago falcata L. 
i remedy innocent ra itlelf. Ctn>a< an W f^ifdomdhttt , a Vood^eoker;. V, 

K(«^ diKn fftongef taSeo/ to have eamngHflc. 
BO defect or fiaoit. ^ ^t tli^^ti &4^€tf ^tt, •#€/ odj\ and e<i/iy. ^. Pr^ed 

iOf 0lt# 'tis no matter, .'tis of no coa^ 
fMJaeBce. ^ |^ft nki)t vfd oof fitl^/ *tis 
90 groat mattery *tis of no mat confe- 
f|ii«ice. 9^ iKlf iMtt oof P((^/ 'tU a 
wmglity or an important matter, it is 
•r frail oeoleqiieaee. (gtntA aof-Jidk 
•mNkB/ td take a thing upon one's 
lelf or upon hittlMf. Cr^lMir a«n|'4Q^ 
fer 9A m$, ht was befida himfel^ 
«nc of hb wits'; in a great fuiyt Q$t9 
(1^ widione, about one. ®dnetlf){cr 
•Cf kf #6 ht^hm, to have one's fervsot 
wiiii^ or about oni. Mt^tftHu <^t6 
kf^fhft^ he had no- money about htm. 
9tm m^ hi9 Mf h& is befide hinn 
UAi^ out of his wits; alfo in a great 
paffioo or iuiy. fdr jM HM foWHf 
to take care of one's jelf« to provtda 
Ssr oiie*a felf. Cr Ubt fAr M, he leads 
« private life. 2)lc Sngenii ft ^r fi(f» 
IkmMAfMftf virtue is amiable in itfalf. 

9d Mloficti, ftfftOf btgrdfen, to con- 

tain* copqvtehend, impoitv ^nM gW 
tal, to recollect ooe*s ielf. 9o (iUb a{<' 
fCSf to ^aUow or fuck up, to abtorb; 

oUb to fbdi in. ef<|^ In efnc ntlHUn, 

€0 Cdl in love with a woman, ^t fio^ 

^mcn # to ealry or uke ^long 

IDIe€oMt (a^ i^ee(#, 

I0l(t1i## vmne is attended by 

•award. 9{«# MlKt^en^ to draw after 
k; alfo JSgmrmth^Xf to hare coVffe- 
^•ailcaa. Ool i«irb vHC fMti na4^ f[<<^ 
Ifctw, that will W attended with many 
tfood eonfa^ueneas. ©tefe 8fe|nti^ lomt 
ocrfi^. imier1M>/ this remedy opc^a* 
tea- upwards, d owus N ud s.. gr1>it me 
Hmi HtMrHIA , he faaa manr^D«ci an* 
dar hinr, nnjhii'fiiii coamtfi^Of ^e (^Q^ ^ 

ioi^tai Mno^ ofirerJ^vgVttdUf they* 
havo dividoA^he 9pt$k or boo^ smeng 
^wrieUias. 9»i ^ tf^. to fpeek' 01^ 
talk of oa^ME. ^ Mir felf. d( hlm^ 

ttf.' em «« iBttr.^ *ie:s twf, v ' 

Arom the danger oi falb'ng and fft>m' 
every other danger; where it is tifed 
in a dpuble manned (t) Of the thing, 
which is out of danger, is fr^ed (Irom 
danger, (a) In a proper fenle* where 
it ia.o'nly uled et -an advefh, ' ^or bent 

gotten fld)er fcpn , to be fafe or (ecure 
om foiling. fiOir (inb Wt vor bemdhs 

Wi^^^tt, we are here fafe,' fecu're^or 
Ineltered from the rain, igtne ^ac(^e 
j*er (fctten/ to put or fet a thing in a 
afe 'or fecure place. 3cb 6cbe Wt fc(fr 
fid^er, I fiand here very fafely or fecu- 
rely. 5)a< ^Jfeirb {kthtt U}^t ttier, the 
horfe goes *^very fafely, he is fure* 
footed. 6(c|Kr . n>ot)nen / to live or 
dwell frtfely or fecurely. ^[v^tnH \\^tt 
feon/ to be fafe or fecure no where or 

in no place. Sor 6eni feintftvhcn ®e« 

WiV^e (|<ber fet^tt/ to" be fecure frO(n'tha 
enemy ^s fire, or to be oUt of the ritSfcft 
of the^enemy's guns, (b^ PUgutath^i/ 
or in a more limited ienle fld)(r is» 
^freed from^ the fear of daoaer iff frovA, 
an ill , where it is aHb ufea as an o40 
jec$ive. 6Wer fcfcfafttt / to IWp fecu- 
r«ly% ©fe ffctcre ®dt, the fecure, ca^- 
relels or feariefs world. 2)U fot^nff M(t 
mir nun ii^ aeiflen , thou maylt a^em 

thyfelf to ttie now fafely or fecoreiy. , 
(2) Of thefe things , wnich one 'may 
make ofe of without danger, both ixt 
the form of an adverb and adjectivei - 

Scr 5Beg *(l |l4er/' the road is fafe. 
In fid)erer 3Beg ^ a && roa<i. ff» % 

ti(;r nKIlt ft^er, it is not fafe here. 
Sine (r<oere®elegen()cft/ a fure, 4 l^fe 
opportunity. gInWbereldyeldt, a fafe 
conrtoct. 6fd>erif arinepmltw . fsf« re- 

medi^ Or medicines, a. Freed £rom Ihe*. 
dang^ df the contrary, for gew{8^ tei* 
tain, true, &re, indubitsble , not to be 
d^tn)t^; dn^efttonahle. <tSx^t |td)crc 
Wrdrricjit/ * ftire or canam account, an 

ihteliig'enco or 

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•^ to ho'doul^ed. 

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im^ptafiioluble or pofitiva prooF. ^| <|u«lic3r, wbick Modeft a thiiif viliUe* s 

tf %(UilM^t, thai U quit* Ibr* or c«r> Gl(ttbarll<l# 4ii/v.'m a fiUbla nianiier* vi- 

tain. (tint ^(krt ^aj^rfecitr • cwtain, fiUy. Cr oar |i4t1»0r(tc|^ bttfefcn^ At$ 

fora and undoubted tnicli. (Hn (Icftetel - Cr mi^ PfhHitU, he waa rifibljr (mu^ 

OHttd^ a Tura or certain ramady, a ro- prtM at faaing dm. X^ h9^^t€ ttR 

medy^ wliicii proditces^ iu effect; alio « fAtb(^tUd» aal tlcfafflli8# tb*t pni Ima 

l^re meant.* i meant* which won*i (ail. viiibl]r out of coontananco. 

Smr€Ulv0lj. (tin (I4<r(r Sreitnb ^t ONbtCtt^ 'vri. re^; ma. in po^nlar Jan* 

gefagt tC. « certain friend haa told g^H^ for MtU, So Qk, to bolt»« to 

sne, etc. &n ^tfCtM fof 04> fc^r dean by a Wa. '^eolaoM M met 

le^ft ium .fricae tiften, « certain ' *begc|m/ Mf tr ctt<( ai6<bte |[<|>un/ tmt 

tourt ete. ,rnlle#d of which, in the de. bcil SBciUtt* Satan hath defirad to have 
€ant manner of fpaiiking* gcvif ii nmro ' you , that ho may fift yon a* Trboat* 
nfuai. Luke 99, Si. 

tk &id^€t1^t, pimr. hU'tn, reeurity, fa. bct &d^ttt, a Hftar. 
lity, fureneCi, fafecy, alTuranoe, cullo- htii, &datmM^ , &4UW^f * bo)t«r of 
^jr* 3n @t(()crbcir f<9ll a to be in fecu- a bolting ^bag« , 

ntyorfafety. itmaiin&id^nitltifin0 hoi &6^Htib,. mQney paid for boking 
n^, to.brtnf a thing into £tcurity'or meal; V, (BcutCtocfO* 
ufety. afn @(4)erb<it fc6ni or mo)^ntn> Si^tlg/ td^'. and ath>. vifibla; V. ei4r# 

to live or dwell in fecurity or Mety^ or hat and @(|^arffi(i^A. 

out of danger. 3ntu(i^(ofer ®l(t>frte(t eid^tlkb, -ee, -Je^ adj. uid adv. Cove* 

bat^^n (cben^ to live in a cameled fecnrity, timet for |i<HNr/ confpieuout* nlilble 

or in a per? erfe aflurance of Oilvation. etc. plaip or dearly to he feen. Ck^t 

^ mH 6((bcr(dt IHttn. Id^ mte Mr^ (icte ^ithmmtnlfm, ^ifibU or coofpi- 
gfn fttitn r ttnb imar fcl^Ofte (&Arg<li/ I cuopt perfection. In familiar kngoa^e. 
will put in bail« furoty or fecuriiy^ yea Sttit fid|^tli(|Ki^ fOicn (tfifa0 to foe wnh 
^on city -fecurity. v ona^a own eyet* to be an ocnUr.-^ 

ter*«Iid) r adv. certainly, affnredly, fu- . . eg-wiineCi to fomathiiig. 

^,ely, really, truly; (Ef fommr fl*<rtW)/ >U @Je,.f /«r. t) e •■«, -D/«iln«. bol 6i(i 
he cometi^cerMinly. ' *««^/ "> P/>P"^J ^V*' «<> ^"^ ?■ 

^, - ^ ^ , ' ^. »^ .m-1 r^..r« animal of the fenMOe fw, a Iho or fo- 

6i*ern, verL reg, aei. to allhre fecure. , ^ ^1^4 ,^, m i he or m«le* 

gC^*crt/I hate not (acuntyanough for Sllfand iSe female. 

my n^on^. ^<, iha, the n^r/onnf^fononit, third 

*H.®i4^PA*> ^* :5i' f/'^^/ZS?'** F*^>^»' f«ninUie-ge«<iw, hft in tho go- 

V. mpiaifl ^ama^l AflWpfaM. Si^ve f^rcr, of her, in tl^dauro ^ 

Icr eicberftelllf a large ffuare ftone, upon to her, imd in the aceufattvo fc, h«i 

. which the tih - ore , which it lo be . alfo oF all the three gendert in ih« pKi- 

waflied and allayed, ia pounded or ral, iVom.9<^ they,,G#«* fbreff of ' 

hruifed. Dot. VftWH, to them , jica^f, fkt, 

tcr &d^tHf ^ 1^'.^ .trouah nfed in It u njad in a double manner. , 

. '#afluog tho ore» which it to beefli^ad. i. At a psrfomai .mronoun ia diin 

ei^^erung, V. &^ttWt ^^ 9lc|)cni« llricted fanfe, . and* (1) In ^e iing«lnr 

Ux @i4(er, V. ei^MViWtt. fifr ^t. ^hich itAifed for thouor jmi. 

%{t 9\Mf ;i/«^« bU-^D/ fight,^ at light when we fpeaic to a famaU porCbo-oT 

(Applied to bilU of excban^o). «Qf the lower dA. 9)atKS^/ b«t {k uMti 

' 6(4)t beiai^lnif to pay at fight, tuf geii^rct? girl, bat fiiofhAveyon) hoord 

br?0tag< @l*t, at three dayt^ligfit. noihtojr? i^r0em€ltK^A(^a«C^ra(fef ? 

Clibt^ar,. •er^ ^tt, adj-.^nd adv. viuble> hat ihe (have you) brbught dby booha? 

to be perceired by the aye, vifibly; alfo • Y. a gr. (a) In the plural ©U# «boy. 

vlGiaU dicttbar Tcon, to be vjGble. which it alfo nfed lor thou or yoa. J^ 

'@l<btbar UXrben^ to becoma vifible. way of ceremony, even when wo «^ 

efne fid^tfare ^onmnflRaernlfir a vilible dreft a ibgle pcrlon. h U ufed in tkir 

ecripre of the fun. T^i ^ ckl fU^t^Oftt fenia of both fexea in the fin^ular, aa«fU 

' ^?^^! ^*^ ** * ISi;*'^' ^Vi^K^' atpluraL e\t ^KilUll/ mtiuSkft, A«p 

Yiiible impofture. The advt^rtf fkbr^ar Cr>u) weep. Sir. Stcifl . fltiTi^^ tf^sa 

l^gnifiet alfo fomettmat, in a vifibte bui 0(e (I Ilf4»t, no, PbiMia, don't (•- 

nianner, like 6i<btbttclK|). We,llrfa*c heua iu Gcbfttlig, mdnc 9rcitiibf|-4» 
11 iicbttpr,. blfft If tho canCi or rea- they (yoo^ fta my friendi? Ak (n^ 
Ton etc. it. manjifefi or fvi^eot. S— alfo bolcil 6le TkMA gefctlKt? how^ Uii« 

Uanit Girai 

y Google 

.-•.^ . • ^*> ? fn4«it. Saa alfo balm 6le O^utf* gefctiKt? hom^ !^o§ 
ei<&ligand^0tt<(« , have they X70ii}liM(tGtr9iiB. llS 

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^ ImSb^ iito ihoo^ht too eoaunoa fbr CMttMfltfn, TMBfylvMta.. 

Mrfoss of great dilbnccioffi, the <leiBoa- ttr ®if bcitbftrflcr / a iVanfjlvantan.' 

Ibatif e Z>fffclto) M oftao ulad inAaad bal 6iebeilf(f ^ a heptagon, a figure hating 

of it. [even tide* or angUj, 

a. 4 per/onal irtiath^, which refeit Gff^cnccfiay ^aff. eitd ii<^. heptagooal* . 

lo the Iiiif[olar to an afore- meniiofied feptangular. Sttnt fTcbcnctfifiC iSidlir/ '« 

iierfon or thing of the feminine gender, feptangular figure, 

but in the plural to perfooa or things CfeDfUCVkP/ ftebnerle9» ^dL in^tcUn, and 

of all Renders, ^e vH y])ttIM? — @le ^dv, in or after foven divers lyays, fa- 

ft W% where is PhiiJit? — ihe is here. ' Aiions or manners. 9]if flcbcflicrley ilrt> 

llnfcre grcunDe. Unb no4^ nld^t ba, 14 ©^* «' ^nsfeven difterent ways, oCTeve^ 

I0€Q al$r» ID» fie hitiUtif oor friends different forts, ^^tb ficbenerU9 Utt^ of 

are not yet here, ( don*t know.^Yvh^re fovea forts. 

they Hay, 2>lc tufrAl^rfr mciiicrtcn f(4, 61ebcnfa<b/ ficbcnfdfHg/ «''/'• and ntfir. 

949rfam iU fa>A/ CIU<(> toeOteil ^e Me fevenlbid, feven times as mach, fofen 

fttW^Wa nit^t beiilMeO » the mutineers for one, repeated or folded feveO tioice* 

refufed to be obedient, alfo they would ®lebenfa(|^ |af^mmenj|C(egt, folded fe* 

not pay what was their due, or ^would Ten times together. 6ejne Arbeit (ft fbtif 

Boc ^mf the cuAome, eicife etc. 3)ic« (iebetifdUlg beiobft WOrben^ his work haa 

M \$ tint fct^oe ^inht, |ie if MkSftft ^^^^ (^'*^ feveofold, or he has received 

Ml, this is a fine roons, it is very li|^- fevefi times the vahie for his work. 

fome. 2>ie {ttfrl delft in note «ti j^er eiebenfdrtig trogen, Sead)t Magen, to 

0anb# fWe^t fte ein HMlg Hnnkg/ hrin« forth or weld fruit fevonfold. 

the table is too near the wall, rerobve tOg ^Icbehff ngemaill / V. bof @tebenbfOtt 

if a little. 3d^'fHtife ble Seimngen noil and {ormentiS. 

akbt getefen, tdb mCI (i< ober gUid) lef<cn^ boi ^ebengeftlni , big • el« pUr^ inmf. 

1 have not yec read the news •' papers, . thoPlejades, Hyades or the feven l^liu, 

hot 1 (hall read them by and by or im- c^alled liy fome bcr 6fcb<ll(lcrn. 

mediately. ^Ol @tebenge|e<tr the canoiiidil hours. , 

ttl^ifb, bfg-el/ p/ar. bN-€r a lieve ^iebenlunbert, adj. aod adv, fevaahQii* 

or riddle. Cfn i^aoriieb, draN^ffeb^ dred. , 

iKoro(ieb tC* • hair-fieve, wire-lieva. bcr, bfe^ bag 6<eien6uilbeft|e# ihefeyea^ 

corn-lieve etc. flft titiem 6febe fie* hundredth, v 

tal, to lift, to feparate by a fieve. debenid|rfg, adj. and adv, of fevea 
Me ^Marbeff/ work done by a rime. i^^t^j Taven years old. (E(n ^%tUvM^$ 

bA# 6tebbein/ the cribriform bono or rigel Alnb/ a child of feven. years old. 

fie¥o-li)^e bone. 6tebeDmQ(f, better (ifbetl nQ^if^ady.tb* 
ber 6febbobtf|/ the bottom of a [jeve. . van times. 

^^€n, '»erh. reff. act. to Aft, to. bolt or Giebeiima|If A , feven tiroes repeated, oc 

teairre, to feparate by a iieve, to part, reiterated feven times; V. 6iebeilfa<fr* 

•o pafs through a fleve. gjttbU <5anb/ ble ^iebenfa^teiif meitie CitUnia^ta, nj 

dlfTCbm, to lift meal, fand, ore. ^ bag and baggage. 
. ffebt<< artir, /Ifted or boUed abur. ein ^iebeilfdXdfer. i) One of the feves 

Ut&thtn, ble eiebong, lifting, bolting, fleepers in the empeiror Oecins*s time* 

winnowing. - 2) A (log- a- bed, fluggard, a perlbo to# 

eklCD, feven. ^%tn £oge, Peben etun* w^ch given to fleep. 

bcn^ nor fieben 9Bedl»eii^ feven days, fe. eiebenfAwaoi/ V. 6efbenr<toani, 

veohooffis, feven weeks ago. Cg i(lfie« bft 6iebenf|rO|(, a fea-itar vftth feveB 
Vtn U^t, it is feveo o* dock. Cg pot facos or lides. 

febm geMlagfO/ it has flruck feven. (Kg eiebenfdllbtg, adj. and adv. of fovea- 
it noitDfc^fleben, it is not yet foven. hours. . <.*.«' 

S^fam ytrfieben nld>t femmen» I can- eiebentdgfg/ adj. and adv. of feven days. 

HOC Gomo before £siten« Utittv flebett ©febeUtOtt^lib/ ^dj. and a4v^ feven thou- 
mb «<bten «agne((etl , gii^ « portion to land. r « t. 

Caven, end alfo to eight, Ecclef. ii, a. bCC @ie(entMU(mb(h# the feven th<iulandth. 

^' 'he ci. ©iebente, aiA-feveniib. ©er (lebente ta^p 

eieben the fevenih day. X>it flebCOte @ttttlbe# 

{ft eine the feventh hour. 3am fkbeiiteii(a|a^ref 
gNfteg Ibr the fevel^th time. 2)ic (iebcnte3a^(# 
atf, a the fepteoanr. , ^ • ^ ^ 

UkfiJ ber. We, bad ©lebente, the feventh. ftart 

ber ffgbenre, Charles the feventh. ©le< 
roy (a benteag* gum ©lebeoten, m the f^vemh 

place, fevently. _ 

^i ©iebentef, beg - i, plur. ut n om. fing. 
t TOf* ©lebeiSefl, • fatenth. a fevenih part 

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eitUntUMfii ^^ •^^ oiit^. of >mHM 6(AAikte/ A(kltp«<ttr-koiiI«, « pUct, 

pATts , ccmJiiliiig o£ fevMi ^trtt. . wkese (jJtpeter U fQ«de* • boU«ry» 

tmttiit^, feventeeo ; V. eUbieiKII«^ bt9 &UMtthl « b<HUr> « Uige kcitle, m 
.t<r, bU/ ha$ i&itbtn^tl^inttr th* ftfefl- which any thing is boiUa« 

@{€bcn}C^lllaM^ revcnteen timea. £r«e fanny ?rlach parforoif no huMmdlj 

©Icbenilg; leventy; V. gfeblM. lervice* . 

(BHbtnfi%mabl, fi^himM^ »dv. .foveii^ IgicbcR/ verk. irr^g. f4Lfubc; btt (bbcl, 

timw. , , . , r . ,. (tM^/) crficbct (♦frnbct); imp^^/: 

tor, ^fc, bof ^fcBenMeSe. the Dpvfuttath/ t9 foU; Panic//', gcf^tren; im/?<rr. 
©<fbf6rmf(5 «^/. •nd <i</i^. foripied like * fiebc (•fWlb). 

' Ofive. cribriformed. LA v^rb nemer with bttbcil, to* boil, 

ItX ^<txa(k<^it, one who makes and MU to. fceUi> to bubble up- 2)ai ffiaffcr 

fieves. , V . ||fl|<tbot8CfottCIl, the water boiU, bt» 

>af <5fielmt^(/ a middle fort of meaU boiled. ©Itbcnbb^ff # ^^^^"'S^^*^^- 2^C 

hit v^iebfe^r, ooe Who.fifci pounded dre. . SifdK fieb^n ^fdboit / the fiihes beiif alrea* 

We @ifbft)reu. V. ©iebjuiub. ^ dy. *D(U SUlf* pot tt»cb «iW>t gcfAttcn, 

^9 StebSottb^ tbe Uftinga, garbUngt* the mea» has not yet boiled, i&cr Zopf/ 

{i«i mtHn^, a bolting- cjotb.. bettefftl ficbct/ the pot^^ihe kettle boils. 

Mc @l(bn>4K^ . the walking of or« by ^14 fttfottcne Cotrr potched eggs, (gi 

^ means of a iieve. WtfSnMt cbCfl ^C^t |U fubeq/ now it iiai- 

Ci«mbrtl» ^itbi|<hQ. fey^teen. pers, juft now Ubf)gios ta bubble up. 

^Cr @ieb|Ante# the (even teemh. ^. . II. K V0ri active, to boil, to Teeth, 

f^r^Sia adf. indaciin. ieven^V thire$ .. .;fo make boil. ${if(b^ .(iebCII/ to feeth of 

fcore and ten. ^r if! (leb&ig Sobr all^ boil fiihes. SHMVCfO ffebCO/ lo potch 

h^ is feveaty vea^s^old. £Hc Mflf eggs. 6df( Pebtffi^ to boiL foap. tflowi, 

S)oIni<tf(t(|r, the Septuaginu, i^e fe^ €a(pcter , @ali (lebcil / to make or boil 

venty interpreters , of the Bible. - ^ alKam, (aUpeter* fait. In maiiy cafes 

ttt ^^^^laW/ be^ - */ pW. ut, ntfm^fiaf. : focfjCH is more ufual. i(a|ft|t f»(pcn »• 

t Aerfoo, who is f«rireoty yea^s old* u inoBe uiiial thut Mt^ f^cUUt ^ bojl 

ceiled (fo ^ieb|ig(r» and in the Femin^ coffee.. 

'HfiRe@kbif0edtiii.- kar6iebefl# Me eiebiiag, feetking, boU- 

tet« t^e^ ba^ @Ub|l(t(!e# the Xsv^ntieth. . ing, bubbling up. 

2>er {iebjlfgffe 2:aa. the fevemiedi day. r @irbCQb/ fiebcnbpclt^ ^A <n^ ^^v* 

IgifCfV -eff, *i:tf< odf/. and ^^i;. dck, in- boiling, feetking, ,boinng or fcaldiog^ 

dispofed > UoguiAiing or pining ^ fickly, hot. ' « . 

infirm, eraxy, weAkly. @ic HiacbtCfl Me @feb(pfanne^ a larg« pan« in which £sll 

)^(clt (Sfccbi* ^:fu.n^^ they anointed many, . b boiled pr made; a (alt- pan. 

' that were lick, and healed them,.AI|iH^ .^r @icbcr# a boiler, «ne who boils. XHC 

6, 13. ' ®al|0eber^ « fait -maker. 4>ce 0«<IMi 

*« Cfeibett/ be^ -<!/ p^. in^j/: the , tfrfiCber, a (altpeier- maker, A Csljpei 

bed of a ficK and languilhing peiion« ter«.nfan« a b<»lw of ijiltpeter.- . t^\ 

®Cd)eH/ verb. reg. neutr, with bobCO, 6e(fen(icb€»/ a £oap- boiler. 

to be Gckly, to ianguilh or nine away. biC^Sifbem/ plttr. b\t't%s aboilary, i 

* Sfmmcr flcJb'H, imititt MDf(f<b feiJII/ to place, where faltpeter, fah or Ibap '\\ 

be Gc)^ of a chronical diseafe , to pine made. !Die @a(pe(trficbcre9^ a faltpemi 

or Ianguilh away. houfe. 2>le <S<lfHlfitb<f<9# ^ Toap-hou 

%tt^H^tt, a fickly, inGtm, craay, weakly -. fc. KlOUIlpiebereb, a place. wWe aUum i 

p^rfbn. boiled or ihade» an-allum-work. 

'bod ©Ucj^bjiti^/ btf -c#, •>»/««•. blc-|khifet, btt&t%f be* -c«, p/«r. We -e, victor^; 

a fpiul, hofpital, infirmary, lazaretto. conqueft, fuccefs in any contall. X)tl 

'^blc ©k^^bdtr pit^r: ble-en, 4Sal 6fe<(# @lcg erbalteo, bovea tcageo, to ge 

tbum, a long Ikknels', a chronic^ the victory, to get the upperhand^ t< 
diseafe. " ^ get the better , to carry the day, ip wi] 

"let ©feAdng, tH^^ti, i^^ Me-^e# 'a the battle, ipbethe conaueror, to cai 

Gck, a Unguifhifig perfoi. ly the belU to get the nonourof i)i 

'We6>d)t««e ^g. i/tw/ the time, which day. (Bin noUommeiier ©icft^ « 

a perfon is lick or ill , the lick -days., plete vtctory^ !Dea Sie^ Aber fClaaB^el 
@tetc Siecbro^e bobeil/ to be contii^ally fcfeAtefly .to get the victoiy oi^or on< 
fick or indispofed. i Sin bill tiger @Kgr a. blood) vici^ory. 

tk (P^Uhz , pii^r. inmf. the food for cattte^ btti €Ue(te( / >be< ^*# W**"- "^ nom^jln^ 
trhfch is lUeped in fcaldinghot water. DlnUntU* fiia* @kg«(dkn , a fetsik i . A 

bH'i *@lebefillf, a large tub, in which ihtt. inftrumeoi.ofed in/a^eaing l«$t«r», ad 
food for cattle is flawed in fcalding affixed to writings as a teltimoay. S'n^ 

' hor'^arer. ' ' .5 ebmenifll ek|Cl>(a6ren^ tD'li^r o« hi 

taK^«^'<b<iu4f A^*lK*houfe,fait^er-b#ure/ "TVe a lion Ia one'a l«gl» <• 6<to dgCD! 

' alGo a hoUfe/4it which foap w oad/e. / . ®icgc( |w4M# 'to. llgti /AjI^ • jOWO. Je^ 

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Dai gtefe 6feie(/ HifflKWe 3ftffeg4; ' danqtietor: ' H^r fdne^diiMibgeit, t^ 

the great feal. iDol'ffeftlC f^fintC tbt- triumph over hit enemtet. ^Bkf f^Qt 8(^ 

nigM^ 6ieflr( r ot M f^irigrkbe i^anb# . iicgtt ? who faa< §oc the luctory? 

$tf^l, tb^licii^, * real^pecoliarly ap- gfcaenb; otif^ trnd^^dp* triumphiuic» 

pUed to the leal maoual ot alun«. ®Cfn mumphiac. 

eit^H otif et»al tructf n, to {eal, to fet ^r ©icget /r W -^ # pi»r. ut nom. >«•#. 

or pat ooaTs £eal upon fomething. din ' Femin. Me Okflcrlntl / t ranqoiXhev^ |ri- 

6I<M SU^^, to enftrave a Teal.- a. The ^ uiopher, «fictor or cooqueror. 

inifkfeflioii of a feal in wax, or on a ter ©fe^e^bogen/ ZrtUinpi^bMai # a tliam*^ 

wafer etc. 2)«^ 9>it%il rind 9ricfcl rr« .phal arch. • 

lre<M/ to take off thi leal, to break (c^ @il(flrdfiilrii# a victoriout prince^ 4 

open a letter. , 'Qai <0ft^c( fft ttltlrcrfrb* triumphant prince. 

letf the feal ik unhurt , intire, whole, 5al ^tt^tW^tXitf a iroph^r, a coIlecti<9a 

not broken., ^d^ toN 9tief unb Ci<« of arms, weapons etc. railed and dispo* 

Wd tarAbcr^ I hare it under Ugki and fed with art, to ferte as a motyumeat 

mi. Oaret j^nb tmb &titl, untet# of a victory. 

Mnf^lmib M^^lt, under himd and ta| ^iCflClgcprifnde / a^trhimpb, 'limilka- 

tUL 3. The hiifia or foundation of the lypOmp, a triumphal entry after a victoty. 

alDiraDce of a thing, t^i ^i^in ^tt lai @lrf Clgcf(6re9 / • cry^ofvtctoiy or 

be? Vcfctfidhifig cmpUm er |om eiml '' triumph. 

kr fktccbtlnWr bd (BlQUbcnl^ and he.b«r ©IcgelWb / V. 6feger. ^ 

leceived the /ign bf drcuactfion, a feal ^ Qfcgclfraill/ bit 6it0CJfron€ ^ the laiN 
of the ri^teousnela of the faith. Bom, rels of victory, a triumphal crown. ^ ^* 

4* >'• ^c'fBuQbcr bcr yropMen ma# bo< @{c0eMi<^/ & eriumpbal fong. 
rm^kgel ber g6nij<(cn Obfina(bt (cr et(0e^(e^n/ the pnce or the beU^au^ 

kr iefcgcfbewctrh, bC« -« , Wur. ut «om. / ricd by conquerors. ^ 

/U^. the keeper of the fed. ©ef ^tof # t^« ©ledC^potelCn , the laurels of nctoiy. 

icgclbciDflJtcr iinb forb ©roHonifet ¥on ber etege^moBen/ « triumphant chariot^ « 

Cn^Umb* the keeper of the great feal ^ pageant. _ 

and lord high chancellor ofTSngland. Nl^ ©fege<|ef<penr a Oophy, a monaitiens 

Set ftcWmc 6fegclbeiM>ret, the lord of victory. , 

privy feal. ©leflboft / - <r , - ef f, adj. and n^vl victo^ 

ber.6fe0eler, or ©learef, bel -«., /»/»r. rious; victoriously, ©kgbaft einaielico, 
, at novufing. a fealer, a perfon> who to priumpb. to enter a town in triumph. 

^^' ' ~ . b(c 6iegmaDn<niuM/ ©tegmarmiitiV ^r 

Ice6kdef<rbe, p/^^. (bni only offeveral ba# ©ieamontf^froit/ 6ieginarfraiir> 

fofU,) bic-n. Terra flgillau, a kind f/iw. iim/ Terpentine o^ (bakes. gsriiek 5 

of «anli or bole, dug'in th6 Isle of X^ra- ^t is alfo a name for thepiant nian^rake; - 

bos; V.«aeiriiianh5arnlf(biArrQ a plant, which 

bet ©kftelfilKft^r r * falfifier offeaki refeoiblet the common mallows. 

bt(6ie|cUrt^r, ^ai @(cge(adb, the fee ^kgretd)/ -er/ ^fe, adf, tndadv Ticto« 

for Ceaiiog , money paid for the^feal puc rious » having obtained the advantago 

to any writing , writ or decree. or got the victory. 2)ie fiegrddlien ZtW^ 

ber ©ieflelgrtfber/ $ltf:^(erfe^er/ a UmI- ptn, the victorious troops.' X)«< flegi 

gra^r. '^ rei<t^e S^ttt , the viaorious army. 

b^eieftejUrf , M -H, pi«r. (but daly of gj|ebe! fee! lo! behold! ©lebc btf! looJa 

feveral forts.) bfe -t, feaUng wax. * jfaere! V. @e>en. , 
6le|e(D/ t»<^^. re/f. tfcr. to fi^I, Alfo to ^a^ €?lcbf / ber ^\tl, in mar/hy counkrias; 

*£et, apply or put a feal to or upon fb- a name for a Qutce; V."^ ©(j|)lettf^. 

BM»thing. tintn ®rfef (legeln/ to feal Me ©fehle, traces tW hories, or a teaca " 

A letter. 9in patent, Xtftamtnt it fiO for draught horfes. 

HtlM, to (eal a writing, will etc. @<(>itOri fMe @fe!e . pifr. Me -n, in (K>pidar laa^ 

(bteln, to feal with black wax. In guage, a female'aoimal, particulariy a 

laoft cafes the compounds befregtln/ veri female bird ; V. 6ie. 

fieielO, mftegeln are ufed inHeadof It. gfefeni/ veri^, reg, nemir, toleak, to 
111 SiegelBr bfe ©tcgelung/ feallog, the drop or trickle, to* drop or run throu|k' 

potting orfetting a feal to or upon fo- drop by drop. 

nwihing. , ' ' , eieletl/ ve/-^. ^i^gf. iieo^r. to welter*, V. 

lie ©legciwire , the feal • prefo. ffidliefl. 

Ier6fcgelrfllg, k feal -ring. ©fften/ var6. reg. kct. to fift or feafoi; 

in ©iegdmfl**, ht% ef, p/nK l/iij/; V. ©leben. 

wax to feal wi'ih. fealing-wax. Me ©Iftflftte, V. CoifHWe. 

©ieicii, ^er6. reg, nemir, with 1)aUn, m ©iflnoC , be< -e«, piu*: bfe -e.aGg.^ 

lea ©leg bauou trafien, to jet the vicio- naU notice given by fome token. ^'* 
ly. theopperhand orth^Wtcr tocat.. <eignal/.ejn 3cl*eil geleil/ t« tfive « 
tf the day, lo come off flctoriouv or lignal. , % . ^ 

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• 174, *i«* •** 

we m^Mwt, pinr. Me -m^ bfe ttottry \inex»tt^mtt,Ui •if.pi^r. vt mjiu 

^ |eic|)mlll| eine^^Hefc^, efnt? Urton^e U. fing. one ^rbo has tb« liUer-plate or CK 
a i^natnre,' a flgp- manual;^ the Ogaing' Ver-veffels of a prince or great lord in 
df a letter; one^ hand to a letter^ ^ill^ hit keebing, the jreomanof the fcul^ary. 
eonuactetc. Ambng Printers « c Hgna-^ (^tn @ilbce(^(coer ^m Cnglffc^m J&ofc^ 
, tare, a letter of the alphabdc. or oiher the gentiemaQ of the tmry, or elTjp • j^o^ 
nark , jnade \ife of particularly at the man of the fcuilfirf. 
bottom of tfae.Brft page, fo diAlngui(h Ut @x{btlhtaht t niver-wire. &\itf^t9Xft 

' different iheeta. llcbcO/ to draw liUer in|o wire. 

gt 6fdnct/ a feal, a fiamp ; V, ekWh Ut 6l»erOrO(^tafC^cr, a filw-wire- ^wm- 
lAnjrcn/ ver^. r<^ ««*. to fign, to fub* ^'^^r^^. iilver-ore. 
' d'ti^.\S^^\%Mt O^r^iWn.iilver.threaa, 

Ui eUbCT/ be# •</ ^/«"'r (but only in ^\^^ colour of liUer, fiWef-white. 
Mining of fejreral fortt or quantitiei) uc gd^crfarben. «^y. and t^dv. in poonler 
fipm. fing. iiWer, « white hard metal, language alfo filbcrfort(«, iilver- colour- 

. bmngthefin«a, moft ductile, and moll «d, of a filler - colour, filver- wlute, 

. preciona of all mecalt except gold. !• Mitmti% 
i k a proper lenfe. ®emAn|tc5 ^}}}^' \\i 6(rifr<l0rte, the flota,,' flotilla or fleet 
coined filfer. ®tt (ftefdl UOtt ® ber, employed by the fpaniarda in h^u^nm^ 

. etteffdoffilrer, afilver-vefleU mitt gold . filver etc. froi America. 

KnuUcn, to melt mver. 8ctoC«@Uber,^{c 6t(b<raObre, the aflinaga, fming or r«- 
eOlver. ®eM<ftCn«< ©ilbcr/ mallive, Hning of iiW. ' 

miire or native filw. flBIt ©fiber b;# ber ©ifbcrganA , •>€!» of filter in amine. 
' f<ttoden> einfaffert, to gahiiOi, to np ^^j^ ^^ bcr ©llbtrflcbolt/' that which mj 
^lthiUver,.toplateorenchaIewtlihl- oliier met^l or ore containa of lilver. 

. Y«r. ©efponnene/ ©fiber/ fpun hlver, ^^| ©((b^fgdi,^ ter-e<, plur. inuf, filrer^ 
filter- wire. ®cf*fQflenc< ©liber/ bea- money, filter. coin. 

ten filter; filter in leavet. a. Ftgarat. j^^ @|(Ber§ertftb^ filter -teireU,'pUte, fil-. 
(l) 3ilver-uienCl« or reflela, aa a coUecti* ter- plate. 

>e|ioun. «af ©flbafrefftp, toeatpn j^^ ©ftbcrgcfcjjfrr, filter -teflela, lilveiw 
filterp late. ©<ln ©fiber (n ©Ic^er^efl pUte. ^ ^ ' 

' Wnflcn, to bring ot^t'% filter.plaie into j^j ©Itbergrani, the bflgbtnela of filler. 
lecurity. (i) In the poetical ftylc, the Me©HbergWtte, ^/irr, l/uiA fiW*r- It ther- 
filter- wbtte colour la eftea oalled only -a , filter • foam ; alfo the filter - eaccfa, 
©((bet fimply- «ttf Ibrem (ber fWgel §,e mercurial earth of the chymifta. 

te« ©d^metrerfingeO gldnienben ©ilber ©ubergrau, filter- gray. 

tebeti fleine porMrrtc Sfctfen, ®efn. bet ©Mergrof^rn, a filter- g^ofa. 

0> Several minerak, which hate fome b(c6«bergril6e, a filter- mine. 

refembUnce wih filw, are ther^re f^^ ©flbergrunb/ the filter-ground of 

called aoeeffllber, quick-filver, So^^ou Hoffi 9tc. 
'^fberte. cat -filter etc ©fJberbOlHg, ndj. and adv. comAiniog 

Me ©tfberaber/ i< vein of filter in a mine. filven ©flberbiUHgei ^petl, leed-oTe 
Me^il^rarbeft/ pl«te, filter-piate; any conuimng filter. 

work mad# of filter. ber ©fiberfalf / calcined filter. 

bir ©ilberarbeitery ' one who worka in bfe ©Uberf ammer / t^/mt. bfe ^n. ^t. Thm 

filter. place , where the filver • plate is kef»Ca 

Me ©ilberartf the filter -faibion, the the ewry. a. At conrta. a board ofahaf^ 

falhion of lUter • plate, (in ifaneniel perfona , who are appointed to keeqp 

« «af ©flbetart gcorftire^el (S^df . a pew- and clean the filter - teilela or lliv«r- 

• ter- telTel made after a .filter^falhion. plate. 

©UbertrCig/ 04//. and fUlv. containing fil- ber ©ilbcrfdmmerer/ an officer, who hmm 

t€t» ' under him the yeoman of the fcuUery^ 

MedfOerborre/ or ber©ilberi«rren/ fil- tb^ clerk and walbera of the filteiwpU^ 

' Ter in bars; alfo an ingot ol* filter. or filver -velTeU? 

ber ©Qbcrbauitt/ ■) The filter- tre^,' Pro- ber &lhttHti , the white arlenical pyrita^ 
/ tea L. (a plant), a) lA Cfaynii(lfy» the gravel containing filter. 
. Iphilofopbic tree, the tree of Diana. ber @fCt(r(lanAf a filter -found, acinar 
bdit ©flberbcrgraert/ a filver- mine. found like that of filter. 

Mil ©ftberbUtt ©flberbldttcben, a leaf of ber ©flberf rutnptn r a raaCa of filter, m 

beaten filter , filter in leatea. wedge or ingot of filter. 

ta$ ©flberbUdl), filver in (thin) platea« ber ©flbnf6nf0 , a filter ^regulus (in <^mw 
4k OMf^l^tetlbe/ V. VtenbC. miiiry), Hoe filver jgot by iepar4ting mil 

in ©{(berbfCimef / a finer or refiner of foreign meuU from ic 

Bivtr. , baf ©Itbcrfotn/ ©flberfbrnd^en, a gnuoL of 

Mc 6f(ber(i0e# th* ^hlu Beech-traew filter, a fmalj piece of tfif tf. In clay* 

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f^ ©Imp I7S 

wObj, Um |r«io or IbaU piM* of IHvtr^ liriSKkfRWminef/ * whitilh frty-boxlifc 

t^t re«iaiai u ibe bottom Of the cop- i\t &tbttkbUdt, ihtf ()ro£i ofiilrer* < 
el in (he form of A grain. ' ICT €Ulbcrfd^inib# Aiilvek'-fmiib. 

eil^rfraot, iUver- weed, Poteatilla ^ ^ii^ffct^xf/ «. mark of Hirer, litiy 

•afaina^ fm piai^> grob. 

lir^ybcrfronc/ A crown or crown • pi«cc^ ^ (SH^rfAronl, « box or cheft to kovp 

fife flulUogi fierlii^. filter- plate in. 

kr^ilbcrfraftoScii, £lTer*cryilala; ort^e Ut ^iih'ir^tiUt , hU •$, pUr^utnom.' 

ayftalt of filver. /^g' *^ courts , a clerk , who keepa tlio 

kr^lklla<^, a nia(a or lump of&lver. accoent of the lilrer- plate. 
\tt €i(bfrla|n » £1? er in tbin )>latei or Mc ^((t^<rfc^lrtfrlle / black filter • ore, A 

plne-lilfer. - black dull containing OJver. t 

li(6Kbcriafor^ the asnre-ftone withfil- tM @f(^rrcr9fcf, a fetof liWer-pIete, A 

T(r-Yi^te fpou. ) fet of iiWer diOies and platea. 

te«=Ilh«UDa ^*i -clf pi»r. tie -f# « tcr ©flbtrfpfdl^ ©ilNfrmiftrf, an infiiu. 

iUfcrliiig, wliicb wai of the lame falue ment ufed in taking refined filter out of 
at 4 lhrkel» a )ewiih coin e(|^ual to four the coppel. 

nack druai, tdued at two fiuliioga ^cr &mrpfikxntt^ a filter <- wire* drairtrj 
lad ilk pence fteriiog.. a filter -wire- fpioner. 

Ht^erv&Qic, piur. bic -0/ filter-mo- ber eubcrfcin/ btc 6i(beygMm/ rUtoM 
Bcyor filter>cotD. iitherge, filter -foam. Jie(Cttbcr @f(bCf« 

ftKra. ad/, end m^. i. Of filter, gdn^ the iofemal-AoDe. 
ceafiaing of filter, made of filter, fil- ^CT <^tlb(rtoff, filter -fiufF;"* Auff, whoCt 
^' 6«lbCfOC ^fiU # ^^«f - tefiela. . ground confifia of filter. \ 
tni fHbfracr ^OC^tcr^ a film ^ candle- ^ @t(b<»(h)(f , brocade; a Huff or clodk 
^ Ml fflbmiir ttUvc, ibffti it. e of filter; alio a mala or piece of un- 
iil*er< plate, fooon etc> s Offeteyal wrought filter. 
tkiap, of which only a pan is of filter, tie @Ubcrfllfc, e piece of filter -ore. 
eut^pi^rnc Ufrf/ a filter .watch. 5. bctSMbmalf/ fllbctfrrbencr Jolf , filter- 
Silvered oter; likewife xefembling or talc, white inDglafs. 
like the bright colour of fiWer; in the Me ©KbtrtOnnC/ ^ilttautit, tEe whil« 
pefncalOyle, filter; @Ubeta iMr Mn fir-tree. 

im aof fdocr 6c^citcl/ (dcln. i>Qi Ut @l(berfcfar water -filter or pai^aer*o 

Mat fVMftn fpielt ^Cr fm fllbenieil filter, ufed ingoing a thing over wilh 

Sle, ®^tffit. 4. Aefem.bling or like [Hver; filter - paHe, to filver velTela Of 
dear agreeable found ol Glrtr^ a fil- any other thing with. ' - 

tstbued^ alfo only in the poetical itj- ber <^i(bcriba(ee, a filter- dollar. 
*«• Cfae fibcrflC ethnine / • filter toi-, ber ©Hbertlfcb ^ a filter- cup -boards all. 
n* 6ie tuft b<C €Me berett^ mil flU de- board -table f<v filten- plates, cope 
kncretimgie i« bcm Idnbfi^oi^lK^/ etc. 

^i^. S' 'The poets ditide the dura- bet GlrbMOD # a filter » found , a dear 
tioB of the ^orld mto four agea* called Ibund like that of filter* 
iW golden, fiker, brasen and iron age. btr 6l(ber9irriaL V. eUhttfttU. 
t(d ifbenie fBdtalta, bie fflberoegdL b€r eilbariklfcbcr/ M -i, pi^^- ot nojH. 

oefilter age. when' luxe or luaury and Jlng. Fetnin. bit 9l(berm4f<beriQn » at 
^ crept into the worid. . conrta » the ItaQier and (courer of tho 

Mt0A(tffi9PC(# ^ whke Poplar** two. . filter -eeflela ot filter -plate. 

NcQifberMfte, • filter- plate, eitbcrr (BUbenodl/ adf. and adv. white aa fiK* 
ft^tldQ lumQtittm, fpangle of filter tef, filter •whke^ of a filter- colonr; 

JireBbfoidety. V. «(berfi(irb«n, 

}S^Wtt$\4tUt, One who flattens filter^ Mc 6Hb(meife/ pi»r, i9U{f. the white «»« 

i«6ftla|Hr«be> the touch of filter for a lottr of filter; V. eUkrfOfbe. 

j[«»ef or trial oC it. b«^ ©ttbeiwerf / eilbcf leoft , phito * Ol?«P- 

Wm^j 'tti -fb/ a^'i and adv. plate; wron^t filter. 
22^ in filtet, containing much filter, bet @Ubcr|«(n# among. Miners «' an ingof 
vBdClerrdlM 9<riiKtr/ a mine rich of filter, a filter- bar. 
»fi^. bic <?5|lete; the filene (a plant). 

J^^Blflemif , a mineral rich in filyr. bfc 6flge^ naarfi) • parfley C^ herb). 

*^ffOCf{|||, ber eilbetvitfiot, titriol tie 6(monfo fimony, the crime of boybif 

^■■tar. or felling Utinjt, or other church pran 

^ Wctfuib , (mall land oled is (boor- femkenta. 

Jli^-veaela. 6i»IKl/ fbnpCfr^ ^mpcIlN/ adj. and adif. 

ufS^'^^^' * fiindy filter- ore. in popular tangnage. i. Simple^, plain* 

•>^WCrfli>attlll/-b<^ -efr Wnr. iim^ artlefs v ttithout ornament, em fiinpfcl 
^Ae AMm, that arilea in the trying or Sldb ^ . a plain fuit of clothea. a. Sini« 
*%•■§ of filter, n. ,Tho tery Mn fil* .pie, filly, not wife or cunning. ^0 
v«-tarti« ^pll, g)|€Df(»# « !«"]»*• o' fiUj Wlow. 


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that ha$ IklU m Uinples t>r herbs. - mnUcal pitca, ynkUii it fang, am air* 

Jh(r etoi«, Ui'tA, >V. t{< -^^ ®tflm# bar 6lng<ton# bieCilogcMfc, ^e'tune^ « 

- t$ mor^ ufual, a imouldiiiff in Architecui* . "way of liQgiii^ 
re, * cornice or cornUH; V. <&((im^* bOT @(ngCtf0gC(/ a^giog*btrd. 

: SAt^eitni <nroent>id am fttiitt, the M ©in^rdti, #e« -cl, pitu:. .cmr. mm- 
leaning or elbow - place of .a. window. winlde; y. 3n§l^&ll* 
iDcjr ^imi oben an Unaif a Ihelf or bic &inU, a Cni in akitchen« 

6io(eni v^r^. irr*^. Jmper/^ fib faof, 
dn popular iaaguage.icb fane >) Caiy, i4> 
fdnUf (An poptHar language ftnfO; 

La twr^ HMUtfr with K9a, to fink^ 
to d^fcond in any Ouid » to go or link to 
the bottom* i. Ina proper fenlV: ^o 

' ettin, mtt^t m tfai ilBafer dca^ocfca 
loIrO^ (iQft oufbcii 9ob(ii^ or (jtilt tui^ 

Ut f • iiooe ^ Which ta throws into the 
water, jiaka to the bott^, or iinkfl 
under. Sal 6(b(ff tjl gcftinettt/ Ae flup 

is lunk. ©<n fypf ^nfcn loffen, to Hoop, 

to bow one's head, to fink one's head. 

dn bea GOHitt, in ben ^Bmaft ftuttn, 

to link into the (bow, into the moraUs 

or' mire.. OoDbninocbt fmtm, toiwooa 

. away, to i'aint, to tsli ipto a Iwooo. 

Qn dncn fAtai CcbUif finfcn/no fall 

alleep. s. To be abafed. brought down 
or iMimbled- to a cercam degree ^ with 
fomo' prepofitions and adforbs. 34^ m€t$ 

be ni(bt |tt bUfiem ttmoftrbigco Sctrttgen 
binuntcrflnfen, mttb lUcb^fo fcbrcmcs 
brigen # X IhaU not ftoop to this nawor- 
thy behavioor. 2)cr Uont^mtc eiOQb 

feift btfUp tiefcr bcrab, it mcbt cr bic 
mit In fbwi (Smartnngen b<Rtcy»^Kt# 

fDdlc. 3* To decresfe % degr«oa, on- 
ly in fone caDet. ^tn WlUt^ pofcll 
lalfai., to lofe courage 4 to be or grow 
discouraged or dishefirtened.' 2>fi foftf 
bcr Sets OCT roterfiittteB Mmr^ BmiL 
t>ai matti fl<b it r» fombl taut bcv ttri 
ttititlHnbniefcbc^ oU bet (hiletibeo ®cti 
fi<rtfcluiid/ ^tfl. , 
-^ II, A verb active , among Minnm^ to 
dig, to trench git>Qnd , to iuik, tO'OMki 
d%> by digging. «tt)CD.e(b««t filtfai« 

•bfinfen/ or mtn, to bfe SIrfc Mr«tai^ 
^ to unk a ihaft or pit. Aifo in the cooa- 

pounds ®iir(bflnfen, «id er^frti; . 
bOl einftn , <biC @illhui9 ^ the ankiogi 

lall , tumble , the inclining r bowtug 1oi 

bending downward, the weighing » iIm 
' pr^fsiogHdowR* 
btr <^in((rv a linker, thai finkar alfik a 

miner, that dig*, or trenches thenrovjid, 

that links or digs a pit or Ainu inl«> a 

•nine ; V. getter. 

bee ©Intoge^njomt^ ;€f»Ker^ « fwow 

infpector o£ a miae.' 

We -t^ bet ©inn^ bel -ci^>/«r, We -t. i.Thi 

a, poe-- fenle, the faculty or powev, by w1h<^ w« 
perceive external, objecu. f^f flNuM 
par fAnf ©iunt/ man has five ImTm 

pit e<mi.bel «ej!(bte^/- b«4 eol^nir tii< 

liBnCe of fight, feeiog. S>er CH«| M 

«ebbre#/ b<i «f riuN/ M •cMmrMc^ 

.^ a 


, ^ber ©im^bobet, « joiner's plane ufed in 

^ -msking leems , cornices etc. 

WC @f,'n5factJCr/ « pi«ce of poueiy, which 

makes the cornice of a furnace or Qore* 

ber @iill^ Wn ^ 4 ft/>ne cut to lerve for a 

, cornice, a cornice- ftone. 

Iq^ &mimtU ©efctftf, the entablatuwl^ 

a moulding in Architecture. 
lot leinau ,. lady . mantle (an herb) ; V. 
. @innau. * , ^ 

©InftCby^ rer/ --Be/ tf<i5f- •ndnrfv. that 

which may b^ lung, thst which one 
. may/ fing. 

bfll @lrffl<cboe/ the fmging- choir or quire 
. of a church , the chorus , Lev^ral fingers 

'linjgfing together ; thoDs th)kt tho 

bic ©ind^bi^PfRf/ ^6 ^ong « throlh, the 

finging thrum. . / 

bft@in^cfunft, pif^r. car. theact of fing* 

ioe mufically , mufic 
Wt @f na<ftic<fter , a finging- mailer. 
6in0en/ vtrb,, irreg. tf cc. and nenrn in 
< the latter cafe with bflben. 3cb ^HU 
' bu finfted or flnftd, er Hmtt or jtngt; 

Impeif. {(b fang; C0117. fdngc; I'flr^/- 

c/;y. gefltngen; /m;rer. fingef to fing, 
.to chant. ©Ingm (emeu , to leam to 

/ fifeig. @d)5n , i^Mbt i(. {ingen , to fing 

• lonely, ill etc. Sfla(^ ^oteo fingett^ u>\ 

fing by. note , to fing the notes, ^r 

^aore; ittm Sfavfere, In bfe Satire, in 
Hi CCawfer ftngen/ to fing to the lute, 
to the fpinet. Sutcb bit 92afe ^Dgen, 

to fine through the nofe. Alfo acUvehr, 

< €in mb, tfntn JJfoCmcii , efne trie' fnis 

gen, to fing a'foog, apCalm* an air. 

£(e tWcffe ftngen, to fing or fay mafs. 

- 1Den aU/ ben iX^canr/ ben »rt jlngeiv 

to fine the couii^c • tenor', the pneble, 
the bals or bafe./ 

baf efnaen, fingioV.,. ,. 

ber ©ingepUtr, afinginf.'ddk, Dickon- 

bet. Sfn^ciT, ©linger/ « finger, a chanter, 

• a^ fingmg->man^ - 
ber ©Ingerdm/ a poem to befung. 

j^ie @^r.<Kfd)tire,. a ungifig-fchool, a Cchool,. 

^ere people atie tiught tho art of fing« 


brr t3tngefcbflfet, a finging-boy. 

bad @{n^tWlf M -f«, plur. 
dne CMJcra or Oper , an opera ^ ^ 

• tical dramatic fale*or frction, performed 
' with vocal and injlrumeatal mufic, 

bft <.^in|eft{nime, a finging Toice, a tu- 
nable voice r aifo that part of a -concord 
tviiich-it fimg,; ' " . 

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©iwi ' ^ ^ ehrn 


M 9tmMt die fear* of ^Mtiog, of M 6fmiMb«ki -fif f^iur. Ut -tt/ an 
linelliiig, ci'taile, of feolki^ et»a^lf|{t emblem, an li!ero£;ljrphic|J or emblemt- 
frtBCH 6cttnfll rcarcifco, to pereehre To- ticai defice or picture. 2)cr VOdnaiDda 

ncthjug bj the (epfef. Die 6<niie, beo M <fn einnbilb bef^rfften^, :the branch 

fMrau4 bcr 6fiute VCr«emi. to lofe o£ « Palm-tree is fen vmblem of peace. 

Aeufoofona'treiifet. pa$fMtinbU einnhmiA , adj. and adv. emblemiticJ 

emnc, that ankeft the ftnTes. 1. The emblematicid » conveying fome Uuth or 

faculty of comprohendinp things and of moral uni|er an hieroglyp^cal or piciu-' 

ndgiiBg of chem according to rijhi rea- ral defcription, and at an adverh, em- 

fori. X>n InntrMcfec ©fnn , tbe internal blemadcally, in a figurative or alie£ort. 

tad common fenfe. 9e9 ©inilCII rC90, cal manner. .^ ^ 

ttoo Afl« i« nir niTiiTiaiMM ^*>mm* w every body. MeDer ctiDiia fufncn/ na<(# 

Biiidof a fw-T 6iA ,V««4 f» «vl«,^!.! ^'■'""f ftifenntn (o»(ii, you ought to h«- 
KrtL ft*I!5; «iS:.-"1'*."^'*"y** »• premedhMedk, it i,u your part to 

£i^?««fcri^ftw\Tl.-*'l""t "• ft« <ln««» » machk.... con"** plot! 

S^afd^^l- 2Lf«r*J*K*5'- .***•?*" li«S. or derifa, to profcct.foii Ul 
SO Ul defign, to tiave no nad mtendoo. ^^f:«. e^A, ^-^JL ..i^l J r » •• . 

r'eSLrL^i2S;af!'*'^'^'^W -orldty'minl^^^^^ tS''itn^'% 
SL2!?o^eVi^^^^^ , -i:^- ia natured/iU-lruy^^^^^ 

8. ficklMolf. indikreuon etc. JNft* *<^* &mtnfpki, an illolion of tW feitfcK 
«, lukewarmileCi, lUoknefa, indiffe- Mc 6<nneMll5crUt)^. the altering or chan* 
tcoce, JaCuifibiliLy etc. 9Md)fU)tt/ uni^ fpog o^ oneU. mind or thoufib'ts; aiu> 
ty or confonnity of fcotimenct, aocerd» ihe converHcin. the acknovru^dgbg-' of 
noeninity etc. Cr ^ fdOfO ^tUU ge# ^oe*s faujts with amendment. 

Mut. ttitanltm 6ltioe^ gcmofbeo/ h^ einmttl^t, M -U,' pi»r. iu -t, 

he haa taken another refolution > he haa - an epigram. 

chttigrdor aliped hit mind, deiign or M&inn%vtin, a pUnt; V. eingrAo. 
Mteotion. iuf ffHtem einne Mhtn, ©inillg, «^/. and Wv. having a fenfe. 
to peifift in one's opinion, to be wedded baidnMraUt, M.-tii plur.inuf. ,V* , 

to eM*s own opinion. @{< finb oOe t{# 6(pnpfan|e. 

Id Aonci they are all 6f one mind Gfunlicp/ "Cr, *flC/ aa/. and aJi;. fen* 
Of of Ae fiuie mind, ^j^ ^ (Ictl bd/ ^^^^e* perceptible » that tea/ be perc^ir « 
^fdkll (SInild , I em of the Ume mind, ved; alfo fenfitive» fenDsial. 0<nnUd[)e 
feoi i mem or opinion. 3f| cttO^^ Ili4)t 2)iYtf C ^ feofihle things, things pe/ceived 
MbnNtni@fn»c? is dbere anything, that hy the fenCes. h\t finnlic^rn ^dUC/ the 
is not to yoor mind? 4Rncm bnr4^ t*CI? fenfoai , Ilelhly or carnal pleaiur($s. 2)if ' 
6«r.a fdbrcD, to uik feriously to one, ftnnUd^e Jtrafr the (etiiitive faculty. 

Mc©iDnIid>f dt f>/«r. cle -en/ fenfation; 
^ alfo fenfibility, fenfuslity. ^ 

Sinnlt^. -^r-^Sl ^i ^^ ^^'i'* ^en« 

felefs, foolifli, mad. phrentic, deJiri- 
zous* out of one*s wits or fenfes , that 
has IoH the fenfes. ^fn pnhtor<r Slenfd^/ * 
a fenfaleU or fooiiQi man. 0tnnlol 

kor^lu/ to4ici fooiifiiy. (gfn ftnnlorer 

9lll^5rtKJPf afoolifli exprefliod. 

tie @(lllt(Q(t4fe!t pUr. ^k' -CO/ fenfelefs. 
nefs, (blly, maHners, iury, r>ige. in- 
f«n[ibiliiy» inconiide^ation. 

\kt 6innpf!anH' plur.\ m -n, the fenfi- 
tive pLant, thus called, hecaofe when 
to|i€hed but Pighily its ieavee turn ii^ or 
£9(4 a§aiii^ M imota I^ 

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einnvil^f. tt, 'fit, adj. and adv. r«ii- 

iible » full of good Tenia , ' judicious , in* 

' ffeniout. wiity; conlid^ring, inventive*, 

%inorcf4 f<t»n, tobeingeniou*, witty 

" '^or full of good (enf^. itln fimirdd)(r 

@prU(b# ao ingenioot or witty faying or 

fentence. ^{n flniirelcbeir mb$ptt, m^s 

^rucf/ a witty, a judicioua idea, ex- 
prellion. ' 

Itv ©Cnnfprti*, M -c</ piur. We -fprflf 

4^, a fentence, faying, apophthe^^m, 

a nfaxiiB, which inelgdes ot coniprefaeo4a 

a great fenfe, a Bne morality. 
ttt^lnoTfitl, M -i, pinr. (but only of 

Xeveral forts,) at nom. Jin£. a jatpi« <;on- 
. staining iron, found of diverle coli^urf. 
^ @<nt/ a panicU^ which is t|aite obfo- 

lete in good German, (ince; V. @clt. 
♦ @fntentat^I / con}, an obfolete word for 

mil, Wttm, whereas, iince, bein^, 

feeing » becaufe . being thus » iince it is 

foetc. V. xotii, ixiUxA, dtcmcU/ m^t 
ten, nocbtem, ongefetKtt 2c. 
I. ter ©Inter/ M '^, pi^r. (but only of 

fbveral forts,) ut nbmljing* 4ie fcales, 
which fly from iron, when beaten or for* 

ted r^d-hoL on an anvil, and they alfo 
^ar this naitie, when they are grown 
. cold. It is alio ufed as a coUectivo 
noun without a piural, 

> €ltt 

is the cttftom of this eoii«try. 9k H 
@ftte {^^ •• ^t ^* ^^ mode, eniiOBi, 
fafhion, ufe or practice, according te 
the accustomed manner. ^ ft itt 
©•(t ©ftte fo , fo the world goet. 3e« 

M ^abrbun^ert bat fefne 6ftteQ# c«eiy 

century has its cuiloma. 2)en 6(ttftt 

feifter SBorfobren M^tn, to follow ths 

culioms of hts ancellors, fore -fathers 
or predeceilors. @((b Ottf bti ftlllbrl 
©ftten verftibcO/ <<>• uoderfiaod tbi 
culioms of the country, a. Mannersi 
morals etc ®lltC @itten , good man- 
ners , good bre^diuE or edacatioo. Ci 
bot b6fe mnttitkn jtcb^ er if AM 0cfitf 
tct/ he has no manners, he has til man< 
ners , he is of bad breeding or educa< 
tion, he is ill-bred, iU-mannerod, uii' 
civil or home^^fpun. 6dlie Glttcn, fcii 

ne ^ebcndart dnberi? , to aher or chang< 

,one*s manners, ^ai dttittt WibCT W 
gUteD ©Uten , that is againft good man 
ners, decorum or morality^ f&bfc %t 
fettfcboft oerberbt gute @lttni , evil c«m 
municatioo corrupts good manners 
S^hfUdOi &ittcn, coartefy, civility, gentle 
nets. In the moA limiced fenle Hf iO 
ten CUren are called only bfc tMta 
Amply. !Dt( 9)ertran(i<t^felt If M CN0I 
ber €Httfn unb bet itttinb^U OciCf t 

A. ber ®(ntcr/ M -i, piur. jClike^ife bad ^ittcnbacb, i&itmimltiti, abool 

containing the precepts or nilea 'of civi 
lity . manners or poIiteoeOi. 

M @ittenaefe<^, M -ti* fiar, bit -e 

the moral law, the law of morala. 
bfc6fttenfebre, p/«r. bU -0/ ethic* o 
moral philofophy, morala, 
the doctrine of manners. 


only of Eeveral forts or quantities,) ut 

nom,fing, Ut '©inter, €r<tnfinter/ the 

©intern, ^crb,' res. neutr. with feott/ to. 
drop, trickle, drop down, run out, 
^eat', exfude; alfo to harden, to co* 

^ agiilatcu Cd fintert fl(b/ gcrinnet. it 

coagulates) hardens or grows hard. ftC' bcr ^ttcnlebrclT, M 'if pfar. at 

berflnterit/ to incrulUte, to be inerufVed. finf^. Femtn. ble ©ittenli^rerUin , a mo 
(a< ©intern , .bie ©intCtOnd/ the incrulla- rahfl , a perfon, who teachoa mond fhA 

tion. lofophy. 

tdl ©intcrwflffcr/ water impregnated iVkh ©fttenM/ •et, -cBc# adj. and mdv. di 
^ a foflile fubliance, which coagulates or prived of good maikners or of the bbab 

congeals. ners, pot cooformable to one*8 daty. 

IfOl ©ipmof/ M -ti, P^*"*- Me *e, in bcr ©lttenrW>ter, a cenfor in anacnc V 

fonie parts, a dry meafore containing mes at Rome, a magillrate employ^ t 

^e fourth part, of a @<^el; V. this 
.word. ' 

♦We ©fOPfctaftf^ plur. Iii^/ relations, 

infpect and correct the people. 

We ©^ttenfc^uU/ a fchooi of 1 


kinsfolks, confanguinity, kindred by ber@Utenf^04^f bed •ed, /'/■w* Hc» A^r^ 

blood, cognation. It is obfolete in good 

ber @tlM>r((aftbaom , the tree of conlan- 

bfe ©frene , a Cren or mermaid, 

ber^irenengefanfl, a firen-fong. 

ber ©irop/ ^frup, linip or Orop. 

We ©ftte, piur. We -n. i. Tho oiilom, 

' ufage, falhion, mode, practice ,. order, 
vfe, the manner or way, that is in vogue. 

di it feine @{tte nan fo , fefne flrt unb 

SScife f that's his. way , method , man< 

(be / a maxim of morals , a moral fei 

. tence , the moral. 

*€Jtttig> -«r, -ffe, adj. and adv. yfweA 
mannered, moded, (ober, diacreec* «»< 
derate, gentle; an obfolete iigmfic«ti» 
inilead of which ^ttfdm is now lafoi 
®n fittfgec (Dtenrcb, a modea, ^«ve] 
bred or well-mannered man, & laia 
of good morals or manners , a dia cac < 
fober man; adv. moderately, g^aatl 
modeAly, peaceably, foberly, discr^a^d 

. . ber ©Ittfg, V. 9apageo. 

ner or'cnflom. Still oftner of whole ©ittitcb^ -er, -fte, ai^. and adv* x« BS 
companies or focietifes. ^({^ it be9 ttn<. ral, morally. 3n efnemiittrfc^n ^ 
flC4^t©itte/ iris not nractifed among iQnU et»a betiren# to take fotn^i^ 

vff 9$ it cine ©itte ma tanbei/ is m a moraiianre. Sittifrnt^ 

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liefer f aML tlio ffiortl Cenfa of tliit 
fiibl*. s. Gfil, poUie, Mout)^ w#ll- 
hni; adv. cinlly, poliuTj. S« Accor^ 
£mg tV> cuAon; whit la lued, pracdfed 
•r comiDQiiiy done in a certam place, 
mku it the acculloiiied way or maopar 
Aara- finMicf^, pttU(^, every couaiiy 
hii ica cui^nia, ^*X* '^d ^anncraj 
d» faibion of jour country la the bed 
Elbtoa there; in aoy place b ule the 
teacher of morality. 
Ik eMf^Mt, piMT. inuf. the mondlty 
cf a thing* action or deed/ the quality 
•fa thing with refpect to th^ fifee beha* 
vioor of M. man. ^ \ 

SSflin* -tt, -fC/ adj. and adv^ geflt« 
tst, modeft, moderate, fedate, Xlayed, 
mtXf well -mannered, well-breci, of 
faod morals, decent, gctV0> compofed ; 
•iv. modeftly • moderately, foberly, or- 
My, discreetly; mildly, gently. 

kOMtoMf / /'/«r. inuf. modeHy. mo- 
Caution, fobemefs. iedatenefa, Aayed- 
aali^ morality, decracy, gra?ity; a good 
(■ondact, good manners* 

I(r6t(« M -C^/ Pif^r. lit -t, from the 
favb PICO, f . The ftayt or condition 
af fictiof, but. only in fome figurative 
fignficauona; haa no plural, (ft ^at 

&M mxkh 6djnme ouf tern g(d(^eaae/ 

be haa « feat and vpte at the diet of the 

Eapirt. Cin i^crr^ Ut 6(| ant ®tima 
ar i« yoffamciitc ^t, a Ic^d, that haa 
a (eat and voice or vote in parliament. 

We Uj Mo, H%n t\)^{a in eltinn ©i^e 

teifjHcICII, to lofeten dollars by gaming 
•I one ikting. %, fihe place, where 
aae lita, whereon one uta, of fuch 
bodies • which ferve Jor iittiog on. 2)<r 
€i| Cfne^ BtnbVti, the £eat of a chair, 
die furfiaco, on which oneliu. In a mo^ 
Tt ateolive fenfe, a feat, a cbairi bench, 
tr any thing, which fupports a perfon, 
whan fitting, ©fc 6i^ in hit $iit^t, 
tbe pewa , the i'eata in a church. 2)U 

«ec^, dn ®kln mar mclii &%, 
urd earth , a (lone was my feat* 

Set tiitf(^( «uf dner jtuffcbe, thf 

€oacb-box« the feat, on which the perCon 
fits to drive a coach. Particularly a feat, 
HMenco or abode, gfn fdrfUACt 61$, 
a pnnce*a reGdence , or the reAdence of 

a prince, ©dneii ©l6 Oil dnem Orti 

Mti^ to have his refideoce tit a place, 
la lefide there. !Dtr ^SSot^nfifi, hahita* 
tiftn« dwelling, relidence, feat.: 2)(r 
UWffa^C ef0/ the fee^or feat of a 
Whop, a bi(hop*a fee, gln Slrterflf, 
a na b l em an'a feat, houfe or caAle. (rftl 
IMfll/ a.connrry-ieat, a iinbleman*a 
av^ |entJenuMi*s dwellings houfe in the 
«Wry, (gin 9BfltnJfrttt«, a dweiling- 
ha«fi or feat appointed for a widow to 
wtp m ^bmt her husband*s dearbi .We 
ff aKa, ba« «cMro ill Oft @ie ^e&^^cri 
1/ th« brtuo ia iha feat of rtafoa* ' , 



MC WlOf (dt/ pUr. lit 'tn, fedentarf 
' work » a work, that one does fitting; ' 
GI|Ctl/ vtrb. irrtg. neutr. wiih bobeO/ 
r*wilhfeoni) im/^er/. (<( foj; Co/i/* 
ra§e; Pnrt/c/ya. itfcfRn ; /wi;>rr. (jeo 
fi(/ to fit, to reu upon the breech, to 
be feated. 1. In ,a prbper fenfe. SBlr 

5e<n fd>OQ, we fit already. %(eibC(l 6fe 
^/ keep vour feat, 'do«not itir. fltlf 

dncm emtte, QufM^bant, auf ban 
Octte, auf ^er tttt fi^tn, to fit on a 

chair, on' the bench, on the bed, on the 
ground, luf ditcm Sftriie (tOd) # to fie 
on horfe-back, ta be mounted on a 
horfe. (Attt lU SJffrbc jl<fcn , to fit a 
horfa well. ®r (t(|r got |U |Jfcrl)C/ cr 
rdret gut/ he fiu well oh horfe-back, 

he rides well SBfr l^abco bm danicn 

Sag icfeffea, we have fat all the day or 

the vrfaole day. 9d) i 

tf*e ftl' 
fup. t 

CO/ to fi^ 

at table, to dine, to fup. fln dnem 
ZifCtC Pecn, to fit at a table, df fo§ tco 
mir or ocben tnU/ he lat by me,' next 
me or next to me , he fat next to my * 
fide.' @i(( mfttt fi^tn, to^e weary 
with fitting, ijier m (idfi aut^ flbcb 

one iits here well , ilf. 2. In feme cafes 
this verb is uled of fuch occupations or 

Eerformancet , as ^re done or jperformed 
uiog. 2)eiu g)tQ^(cr fi|en^ to fit for 
one*a picture. QSd<bt< fl$cn# to Ihrire 
people , to fit hearing their confeilions. 
mir Im StOtbe fi6<n , to be a member of 
the fenate. SAlt im ^UtlumtnU fi^ttif to 
be a member of parliament , to have a 
ifeat in parliament. Jj[m ©crlAtC (l^CfV 
to fit in council, to judge. or hear cau- 
fes, to fit as a judge in a court of jildi- 
oature. ©tr P^^irtc ^flrgcrmdlcr/ bet 
(tgicrentC/ the mayor of a town, one 
of the burso-roafiers, that is regent this 
year. 3. TO be in a fort of ftate united 
with reft , with want of motion, ^nif 

tncr KQ i^otirc figen/ not to Air out of 

the houfe, to Ilay conltantly ax home.^: 

Smtncr ABer bta 9i)(bcrn fi(cn, ta 

buckle or apply one*a (elf continually to 
one'a fiudy. ^m %otb< (i$f n bUiktu^ to 
Itick or link m the mud or mire, ^m 
lluttt (i$tt)/ to have an ofiice, employ- 
ment or place. , jgr ft^t toarlH , he is a 
warm man, he is in good ci^cumfian* 
ce^, he ia rich. 6dle ftgCQ/ to fit ftili, 
to be ealy or quiet. Q^efangcn ^tUf (lO 
iSkfdnijniirc fifcn or flft<n fintplyt to ba 
in prilon. Sr fiSt/ ne is in prifoa. 
@(9U|bin megen 9$tn, to be arreiled for 
d«j)t. ^uf bfn^2:ob 0g(n, to be impri* 
fooed for a capital crime , or for a cri« 
me, that defervcs death. 9}icl (^db ftfl 
&pkU (ififn (alTciJ^ to lofe much money 
by gamine. QU HkldgtHt t^aUn t>Uk 

^annfcboft figcn (affenr the befiegers 

have loft many men. ^tib unb JSilltCt 
^$€tl Uffttif to abandon wife and ^hil* 

<lien. Afo mfO er mefne Sixttcr fjQtn 
(gfTcn? 0(8* «oi nunjr har aoioraiy to^ 

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ortgainftVupromirB. eU mM flQCQ 
bldten, ^ wul remain Uncle br unhiar- 
md againll h^r will , IheTl get no hu»» 
band. '4. Uled of inaDimate fhings , it 
pfted DgnUiet^ partly to be in a durable 
inaniier on or in a place, and partly on- 
ly in general, to be on or in a place. 2)(r 

$Ut n|t niO't itft, the b^t is n6t falL 
^0^ %rct jtet fc#, fife l^crr iheboar<r 

J)o^ ?arct jtet fc#, fife \tdttr ihe board 
/it Faft. is loofe. fi fl^t ^ar |li fcfL 
it liicks too fail, (ginein aof ^em j^alfc 

C9tri# to importune, incommode or 
efet one» to be' troubleK>m^ to ooe^ 

dc iplll b<n @<MmDf ni4)t ^ur9<( flfeii 

lOlfCO / he will not put up ib^t ajQEroQt. 

etn gtotf . bcr fitiem mcM ouf frem fdbe 
' jlfirt. a coat, that Hu cMe to the .body, 
. a cUfe coat. T>^cki .tidb ({(t ea0 ^tir, 

this fuit of cloaths fits well. 
Ni ^ffcn ^ fitting ; the being feaied. ' 
6<$€ni) , fitting , that fits, 
tet ®lSff^ a littf^r, a perfoo wlfo fits, th)it 

is feated , a fedentary man. 2)cr .9eO! 

06fr# an afleflor. 
^^ @lBf clfd) . tt< -<l , pitr. ear. a word 

onlyuled in familiar jeft. (frbatfdn€i6« 

feitd), he is no (over of long fitting or 
* of a fecfentary life, his ihoet are ^ade 

of running leather, 
' M ©IfacfO , M -el> piMr. (but only of 

feversl fums,, Mc -Ct, th» carcclage, 

prifon-fees or gamilh , the jailok'V fee. 

6l$lmfr, V. (gcWoft. / 

ftar^fffiffhl/ a cuAlion to fit on. 
ttt @I^Ore / ' among Miners , the place, 
wh^ the OHners are at work.; alto the 
' end of the gallery of a mine. 
(C( € 9Pfabt a little feat, ftoolior block, 
on which the miner fits, iQrho works or 
cuts down the ore fitting. 
' Jer ©lUttfg (better ^IgungnOfl^ , the W- 
fion or mteting day of the cobncili the 
Mc 6ffttQai piur. He -€11/ the fitting or 
, .fellion of a court, the meeting. Die 
,6t9ttllg M ^n^eri^r^/ the general 
mlHaes, the quarter -feilions. 2)ie OlM 
lund Ui fmamtnti, the fitting or fef* 
> fion of the parliament. 
iai &'tittt, tti'-ti, plmr. Me •€, a flee- 
ieton, an aflemblage of all the bones 
of a dead body. 
• . tie ^filie , piur. Me • II, a fketch , a rough 

^ draught, the firft drstigfat of a fancy. . 

Cfhihcii. elBe ^flMe enttoerfetl/ to Iketch,' 

10 make the firff draught. 

Sriave . Y. @clfttfe. 

©maue. V.6d>marte. 

ter @maroa^ / W - U, plur. Me -e, an 

emerald , a very^ green and transparent 
pi^Bciotts done, and as to hardnefs, neat 
to the ruby. 
©mora«)5en, adj, and adu, of emerald, 
resembling an emerald, or being like an 

enierald (H (acbt Me donje fmarogbtne 
^ tint, m. 
htremtnti, emaiy; V. e*inertel.' 

tee ^metlCng/ a nerlio, aktodorfinaU 
, hawk; V. bcr6d»inerl/ ©itmerUng. 

Co . Apanitie nfed~in a three -fold lonn. 
"^ I. h is ufed -in/lead of the pron. reiat, 

wclcber^ ncicbe meld>e», which, that, 
who. 2>(rfDlonn. fo QDl brgcflnctf; the 
inan, who or that met vs. y^ Unut bit 
9ttm, fo rmdcbe) c^ eud) ^(Jp^t tNSt, I 
know the perfoo, that told it you. S(( 
i&Ad)er, fo i(^r mir uti^Un babr# tha 
4||books, which or that yon fetit me. 

11. As %n adverb, fo» .in like manner, 
in- (uch a degree or manner ; thus , ia 
this manner; fucfa;, the fame. Ht in«i((< 
Utt it, he made it lo. Unlkre moi^et] 
HM^Ui others make it hkewite fo) 
or do the fame. @o foflie t6 t^i^t Um 
it fhould not be lb. @c OlUt <^ Jeon , ii 
inuA be fo or thus., @o lKr^dU fi(t M< 

trage/ that is the ftate of the cfueiiion 
^0 M rni^^r IS)ii( , iuch i$ our will 4nd 
jfleafure. 00/ e^ 1(1 fD, y«». it is Co.. (Ve 
\M nun, e^ Wdre ft, Tuppofe it wete fo 
orfuppofe it to be fo. tEBean betn f0# 01 
Olfo f f , if it be fo, or if fo be. ^m fo 10 H 
ortbUt €i tMt mtUt (io 1*0 bo more. 

llL As a eon/unciioa. ©0 <f0W0(C 
•e Ul^ M gelt vertrfd)/ patience ai 
well as time pafle^ away , i^ageb. 61 

ifffvm mththat loflcn ictbtt, iiwhei 

J9 be buffeted for yoor faulu,. t. Pete 

3, 20. @o ®ort Win unb »ir Uxtn, i 

. it pl^fet God and we live. 69 er Oil 

fid) felW einel ift, n he agreea with him 
elf. $^t Htit nur t/ffMcn, fo nM t 
f^lti(b f|> Cc^e(^/ you need but comoiaod 
. and it will be done immediately. SIq& 
i(t treofig barinnen, fo lolll id» Itnci 

nid^t^ tiKin, I will not do it. if i fin* 
thirty there. Gen. ig. 50. ©if flcftl 

fc^ft iMr fottin 900 etaonber gcgoMCfl 

fO'fadb id) €i, fcarce was the cooapen 
irokeup, but I found it. fBeHII iC^ i^ 

gejfeb>n litter fo btfm id i^m gcfa0t/b» 

1 feen him, or if 1 had feen him, I hm 

told him. ©cnti tr ruft fo f D«mi 

when he gives a call, then coa»e« O 

U iUid) f4n)er », ft nfB i^ e# ^ 

»er{ad)en , although it ia difficult • jcH 
will try or attempt it . or 1 will eeid«| 
vour to do it. eo alt Kb QU^ Wtt # I 

loill l(b f^n -becb nod) ein^olep , old ^ 

' I am , I fiiall yet overtake him or fell 
htm up. eo arm fit ouct» 0tib , fo tc 
len fie fld^ bod) nid^ brmAtbHieti , jm 

as they are, yet they will not yield, lt«| 

or lubmit. ®€nn fie nfd>t fo fejM«i 
QH tu, fo lilfie5o<b,ebeii fo tofl, tkot 
file is not fo handfome as thou • yet 
is as proud, gr {ft fp gut dW ftc , hi 
as good as ihe. So Ibeir, IW« fe( 
Unnt, as much or aa far es I knoipr fa 
6(e {ft fo fcb^fi , bo« fie oft atthtrt 
etbhnbtit Abertrilft Ihe is fo hamdfoi 
that ihe furpafies all others in beetitf 
The parHqle, it, i» likewif* f^t |»^ 
^ an adj.vr^^ mdV0rk, to £tv# tm 

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^ ©0 

«mr to a plmfe. tt il f0 lorttlOy Ut 
a 13, ft(b# Bi<(t tenqet* b^ U iD.Cuch 

t p^aQioa, that he does not knoWj, wbti 
le 11 about, per SMnb mt^t fo Mt<0^ . 
M IC. ibe wind blows fO/TioIentlyor 
koilbreuftly, that eta €r ift fo ft^r 
rcfat/ N| c iclbfl nictt ncff . mic »lr( cr 

^, be lA fo veiT rich, tfaeibf^ does 
aoc know himreif^ how rich he U or how 
mcb he faaa. 3d) ba(K fo »ii( titt>t Itt 
Citfti 1 bear (o mnch tote to you. Tho 
fvUcU, fo, it alfo Joioed to ie/ftnl 
^iux fonicUMt at: @0 bdlb/ m foote 

«* folate it mid) (ia^o fflnntc cr f^\^, 

u toon M he fihv kne/ he knew, ^e; 
NllnKe^ f0 M6 1^ (6nil(t. comeaa' 
iboe aa joit can , make what halle you 
can to come; yX%x folt t% ^\tXi , ib ba(b 
it C^ mfdKf bct^nune/ ^ou Ihail hafe > 
k» as (oon as. I ^et it agaid. Co lanil/ 
lb dien, then. @0^5eQn« lhen» there* 
^; fo ftC^Ct ^nilf^ fo go then; fo M# 
taoct bfOtI / M -^# 'confels then nr 
oim then , diat — ; Ufib fO ^Ctlll ? and ' 
iWf and what then? and what after 
sraeit? Co 5ai# fo that,, in a man- 
ite diat, in fo niich that; fo tat H 
•iOBan^ 1iif/# etfafrre , in a nannor fo 
tkat oobpdy may know of it. @o 5e(b# 
Nl — -vet fo that — . @o fl»en , jufl 
B0W, tnif iiift#nt» thb veiy moment, 
km jitft; f]D ibcn b*W Icb/ bof it. i hear 
diis miontt tr this very moment, that 
••^ Sk ebcn iff <r onae^Mmtidb he is jnft ' 
«ow, or but juA now arrived. 6o ferilf ^ 
In ff 9ett , fo £sr as . as far a^, proifi* " 
M that, in cale that« on condiuon 

ibat; fo feme M^ mlt ibm efnllminig 
felQ laQS^ aa far as 1 can agvee with 
bim; fo fcnu |ft*^ gut lo Csr it b well ; 
lilftat bm i4f mitibm dnlHiiimig/ fo 
fvldo a§rMwithhim; i(( bdtti QlCitl 
■nt fos mir gcgrben, fgfern (bt nttl(ui# 
k| itfO iDftrbCt^ I had engaged myfelf, 
er I had given my word on condition, 
ibti you were or would be of tb^ p*fty. 
€tfert# fogldd), fo forth, directly, im- 
nsdiacdy , inftaotly , incontinently, ibis 
Aiimte, oo the Ipot. iSoggt, even,. 

^ v^ors ^(v iBtraufmcC (otn fo gar 
ii(b #I(CR vtrbauiii/ the oftrioh will 
•vea digeft iro? ; f0 ggr dttd) btr name . 
H ocrbAt • the very name or «ven the 
MB* of it is odiona; fg gat aiMb bi<^nl' 
im^ eventhofej er lilbf jebcrilMOII » fO 
fir fm^ fdlK Sdobf , be l^ves every 
body,' eveo hit eoemiel. So^tdcb^ >n- 
Mrtfy. profently* direcdy, in a minu- 
ta; i4» •crte lo gf(i(b fMRtten, llh«U 
conur diroctiy or preCmtly. C^gnt atl# 
«agreat aa. as Urge as, as b% aa. 00 
W/ fo^OtOtf, ac good* as good as, 
at well as,"^ d tf Cbcn fo iai; it ia •• 

««fii diK^ H fb «iir flU bo^ <rab^€^ 

a«ais^ good ti the other; i^gttt a(i^ 
lt*t4i«4Hilb<*' <4 wCiHft^i faiiti . ^o* well 
aOf^or as much at bdt iQne£i will ot can 



. / 

permit; fe^Utir ft odtlfl ftOlli to be fo 
good, lo kind, to have the goodneCi 
or kindiiels; feob fo gilt unb rfbct bOs 
yoil/ bf pleated to fpoak of it,, be fo 
kind or fo food 9l% to [peak of it ; ^ £• 

loerben fo dikig \i%Xi, unb tUftr iBaaten 
fflr ttii< oerflcbrefbcii roffcn / ^« ^o &a«><l 
as to procofe the infbrance of thele goods 
for us. @o b'«/ 10 trrrdnHd), fo, fo, 
indtfferetat, indifferently, 'tolerably, paf* 
(ably, pretty well; fem^ <«^clabrtbdt id 
fo bvfi f he ^8 but flenderiy lettered,, he 
is not fo mighty learned; mit \tif^XX%U 
f<tHtf({(bfe(t gClNl e^ no<b »*0 bin, his ca- 
pacity is-but iodifEerent, he has btit an 
indifferent knowledge. ^ langC^ ^o 
long, while; V. fanq; fb lange ber ^ leg 
X^ttt, as long ai die war latts or while 
the war laAs; fo lanoc fr i^elb b<>t, (ft 
cr lirutblg / while he has money , or at 
^long^as he has money, he is of good 
cheer; fo longf i<b Xt^t, «• long as 1 Ti- 
▼e, all my life long; bi^ fo lOngC, *till 
then , *till that time. @0 oft, m often, 
fo often ; fo.oft er mfcb P«b<t/ «« often 
aa he fees me; fo oft aU, as often 9%\ 

fo oft 0(1 f(b baron ac^enfr »« often aa 

I think of it. ©0 redbt ! y«ry well ! well 
done I that*s right fo ! right fo ! juft fo \ 
thus! 6o fcbfr lo much, as myich, fe 
very much ; ivcnn cr e^ Qucb nocb ^ fcbe 

Vcrlftngt, ihould he dellre it nover fo 

mnchi rr fkjKt niAt fo febr auf b^f 
^elb, aU anf ble ebie* be does not 

mind money fo much ^s honour; fofebr 
(lebt iucb mcin Prober ^ fo much my 

brother loves you ; fb ffOr ©IC gQdi be# 
' munbcrn tc fi^'qiuoh as yon admire etc. 
00, ^o! fo, fo! pretty well! indiffe- 
rent, iodiffereotlY; <| if nur fo, fb# *tia 
but fo fo« @o Vief , fo much, fo many* 
aa much, as many; fo Vfc( a(^/ as much 
as ; l<b bo^c fo oitl Srennbr , 1 have fo 

many friends; er bot br<9 6Sbn< Jinb 
e^en fo Mi £b<btrr/ he has three font 
aifcd as many daughters; icb bobr nictt 
{it vid Pe(b beo lllfr, I have not fo much 
money about me; el Id nl(|)t fo vfcl , it 
is not fo* much; nebmt fo oM oU cucb 
bellebt / take as much M you pleafis ; et 

. bat fo tflele Scinbe , m ^aart auf bep 

Sopfr » he has as mJiny enemies as bo 
has hairs on his head ; fo tfiel i(b b0«>&tt, 
bearcife, ^ much « 1 compr^end; ImH 
It fo olel af« nl*t^ that's ^t good as 
nothing; nod) eUimat fo oiel , as mnch 
again; fo m. tWu fb »le( 6ittne. fo 
many men; f-) many minds; fo oicl K6^ 
fonn^ all I can , aa mu<^HU lies in my , 
way oi^>ower; fo »tf( fd> MMif ^ l»Crflebr 
or cInfdK/ f'O' ought I know, imder- 
Aaifd or fee; Moebl nid)^ fo vlel SMon^ ! 
^oa*t make fo much ado ; MriHn ma# 
<ben eicfo yiclSofen^T why do yoa 
make (bch or To mueh ado? rebtn &A 
obne fo Hel «c(ieoJ, fpeak without fo 
much %^f^\ fo oiet III boron gi:kicn# ^ 

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is <^f fo macb imporunce. To inodidQet M 60MtCIIIICtl ^ th* ttrcneft* flurpaela 
itnuuter; ottl fo Did tcjb (Icfier/ To - or acritbony of tbe Aomach. 
much the more. @o toa|e fd^ (cb</ at tie Gtht, a turf, areen turf » fed, a lump 
I life, as (are as I am alife; fo ma^r of ear^fa ; Y. Stofdl. * 

snir ®ott f^lUi fo help me God! fo htt 6ob0iiilt/ ht$ -en, p/at. Mt •en, 

mtif^V i^tf^tl\(b^inl upon nj boooar! /Vmln. hU&oh^mUlnn, a fodomite or 

as lure as 1 am an hooeft man h 60 buMerer. 

next, iofar, as far, thurfar, till the- (le ethomiUtt^i pi*^* Me rtn, fodomy 

re; mU »Clt? how far? (d|) fof( ft totlt or bugaery. 

aeM/ M 16 (annv FU go aa for as 6o^»mirr<<|^/ ii^. and o^v. fodomitical, 

Icaa; 16 tabe oi6t oefttattbt/ bat Me ba^doenoli, v. Soba. 

6a6e fo lotlt |(6en follre. I did not 6ofcrn; better fo fem: V. Jernand e«. 

think* tbat the ailair would be carried oi» terSofT/ M'tif ptur. inuf. from the 
fo far; fo mdtmon feben fontl, aafar verb fattfen# but only in lowjanguage. 

as phe can fee • at far as the li^ht rca* 
ches; ftl fo weft/ in fo far, as far as* 
«$ mfuch as, as to that. ^0 tocnig^ fo ' 
little; fo toenlg M, as little as; er fO ' 
. toenlg oil 0<f ^e at little as Ihe; toentl 

fbr au6 no6 fo locnfg feMctf if you fail 

never fo little, go »oM , as well; tie 

for ttunt, a draught, a gulp, '^ncil 
6off tbun/ to drink a draught. (Ein 

%M ffietn (n tincm 6offc au^rrfnlcn, 

to fwallow a glafs of wine at one eulp 
or at one go - down. (Rn f^lf^ter Soft 
efa f6(e6tel ^tUM, bad drink, a bad 
_-- ^ ^, ^ _, , ^. liquor, bad beer etc. 

9ld6cn ^oioobl aU Me trmeo^ the rich 9ofortf V. 60. 

>s well as the poor, or both die rich Gefl/ftge/ fuck; V. 6aageil.^ 
and the poor; fo ivoM euer 9}atfr oil ber6o9, amongSailors, the (arrow, the 
meilter, both your father and mine ; fo trace a (hip makes in its C^er^ courfe 
IDOM in gefSlicpen oil meltll^en 9tk%$ on the furface of the water. 
f6afee0, in bodies fpiritual as well aa GOAOr/ V. go and (ftar. 
civil; id) babe fomoM aearbeCtet ad Ibr, Gogen/ 'verh, re<. nemcr. xp drop, to 
1 have worked or wrought aa well as you; trickle down; V. ZtHftXi, £ropfen. We 

er ti)ut el nidbt f^tooM am eie^/ allfl6 f«y 'l^^r Hi @aC| fo«et,^ Ibmet fi^ 

febtn lU (affin » he does it not fo much the fait cryllalliaea, tuma into graiiu« 

out of chanty, as out of oitentition. Gogleift), V. go. 

60 ID fageri / f^^ it were, u one would Me goblbecre /the bUck curranu. 

fay. 60 # alfp, folAerdetalt, ouf fo(6e Me Codle^ //«»'• bie^-n. i)Sah -water, 

Velft/ fo, thus, after this manner, in 

this wife; n>le ber ijert/ fo ber jtne^^t/ 

fb dcMI fa ber 

rid , luch ia 1 

like mailer , like man . . . _ 

« 18)e(t# fo goes the world, fuch ia the 

\ poius of the age; fo ift*i, fo it is, fo 

^ u it, it is fo; fo it 00^ fa(f6 9 H^ K. 

alfo is fatfe, that etc. Qtib fo Mnf6 006 

feln Jtflc6t nl6tr neither am I his drud- 

§e; iinb fo 19*1 au6 bamft bemanbt/ and 
lis is the very cafe , and thus it is' the 
fame, or the verv fame cafe. 

ter gorffifaner/ aSocinian. ^(e foeiniaai^ 

fcbeSc^re/ focidianism. , 

Me ©ode/ piur. tie -ti, a fock. fefne# 
ne go(!eti , linen focks. SBoflene Gocten/ 

woolen' focks. 
G^cten t V* ®cfO(fen # among the falt-ma* 
kers ; Hi 6a(J fotft (16 # the (alt fo^ms, 

ber ©orferfalf , V. ©ohrfott 
i.ber<Bob# hti'ti, pinrMt -e/ i}Me9rA# 

' %tt broth, the water, ia which fome« 
^ thingisfod orfodden. geifenfob^ foa)H 

fud« 2\ 3>er 60b ^ bai SlofmaSeiif a 

-* walm , ihe bubbling op of a water or li- 
quor , that fimpers or feeths* 
«• ber 60b / plur, cnr. the gall in the Ao- 

mach. S)er gob breimet ml6/ I •"> 

troubled with the gall in my A^mach» 
I have' a bittemefs in my iloroach. 
> ber goba , a fixed alcaline fait » as pot«^ 
alhes etc SalfoU Soda Linn. 

Gobaon, V. 6t. 

brine, a Ipring of (alt- water. 2)ie@obU 
§ebt |U gall / the brine or falt-watei 
turns intp grains or cryfUiliset. In thij 
iignification the pimrai is only afed o 
feveral forts or quvititics. a) A fea^fifb 
a fole , Pleuronectes Solea Linn. ; V 
g6ofle. 5} Among the (urveyers of land 
the horiaonui balls of a rectangolir tri 
angle. 4) Among Garpenten , any beam 
that lies horiaontatly on the ground, ii 
cafe it is the foundation tor timber 
work. 5) Among Joiners, the fmootl 
flatnefs below a plane, die fole of i 
plane, which is alfo called the 9o^Q 

6) Among Miners , the horiaontal ball 
of a trench or ilream • work (@C9lkn] 

7) !Dal goMftdcf cinelStnffetl, the pro] 

or ftay of a window, the fole- piece 
a window, g) ©ic gobU dner £ofetr< 
the bottom of a carriage or Hock for 
cannon, o) 2)le goble 001 9f UgC f th 
bottom of a plough. 10) Among 6ni 
aeons, a concave machine apphed i 
length to the fracture of aa arm , le 
etc. to keep it in fuch a condition, tha 
the bones may clofe or unite ageiti. 1 1 
IDie goMt/ SttftfobCef the fole, the fol 
of the foot, thr bottom of the foot, 2)1 

goble einel gtrompfel , bie ^tronr 

foMCi the (ble of a ItQcktng, tbe'HocI 

mg-fole. x><e geble etnci 66abet 
Me g6uMoM(# ^^ t^^^ ^^ • Aim* tli 

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faHUnp ^^r^* rtg, mcti to folfl, to put 
sew folet on iboes, boots, ilockines etc. 

6«(Cira , vtrb, r0g. neutr. among Miners^ 
to mtz or nuDgle; aifo to run out, to 
tiiop; V. efntern. , 

Nr 6o((cnr{i among Minen » ^er 6rttn^^ 

lif , an ichnograpnical plan, a draught 
of agroua<l-plot. 
W&9^t^^td<. Tmall foia-tackfl or naila, 
pen or pina for Ihoe- Folea. 

Nl69(U9» «n egg boiled in fait -water. 

W 6o^faf, a tubwith eai;^ to carry falu 
w«ier in. . - 

tctSftf^mmer^ a hammer oled by Ihoe^ 
makers in beating foJe- leather. 

&b{l^r tf^/* aod adv^ among Miners, 

horisontal, horizontaliy. 
W 6o((fuilfty a machine or engine for 

draifing bnne or fait - water out of a 

(alt -well or fah-fpring. 
te^edlactC/ a flough or raire, Vrhefein a 

wild -boar wallows. 
W 6»i^0cber , M -i, pit^r. (but only of 

Itreral forU), ut irom. Jing, fofe-Iea* 

ther- ^ 

tic ^^WinU, tho horixbntal lioa (among 

lrr6oMOfdiler^ a deputy or clerk , who 

kas die infpectioa orer the men work- 

ioc in k Ult-boufe; ^ilfo the mailer, 

iffho has the infpectton over the brine or 

lilt- water. 
^ Co^lrfniKS , « channel orpipe, by whifh 

tbe brine or fait- water is conveyed into 

the pan or boiler. 
Mc ^tiizhl^rt / • pipe » by which brine or 

fait-w^ter is conveyed into the pan or 

kr @o^(|((a^t/ the fait- fpring or falt- 

pit; a (haft above the fait tWoII or falt- 

ipriiig , where the madiine ' or engine 

um&, which draws up the brine or fait- 

water. . 
^kSot^RMcoe/ a long iron clout or band, 

wfaicb covers the fole of the plouhg-head; 
Hi&^lt&df «ny piece, that makes the^ 

bafe or balls, on which a body relta. 
He 6»Mi00gC^ 6ol|r»Og?, an bydroftati- 

cal nachine ufed in weighing (alt -water 

or brine. 
He CekCiDAtinc, a £slt-wa%er rob, a tub, 

out of which fait -water is fcooped into 

! .^ 6oW . 183 

C(n 9rtfbcN or @<(n)effer ©0(1114 a 

nephew. CitI $|!cgefobh^\a foUer-fon. 

ein^tieffl^n/ aftep-ibn. ^iti(B<bn>ict 

' i^tthiti, a ion -in -law. When older 

perfoha fpeak to a boy. it isufual to call 

him indn @obn/ my Ion. tffitlne nictt/ 

mdtl 6obn C@&i^nc(cil) / l^eep not my . 
fon , my child. - 

M 666nopfer, M -i, plur. nt nom. 
ling, a rin-o£Fering, a faerifice or oBFer*. 
I mg for a fin committed, therefore it ie 
called alfo ba< SAnbopfcr. 

We @Dbnf(*Qftr A''*"'- c<tr. the. fonlhip, . 
the itate and relation of a fyn with re* 
fnect to his father ; alfo ^lie filiation, the 
decent. * ' 

bit @oi<, pltir. Qbut only of feveral forts,) 
bit * / a kind ,of iiuff made of carded 
wool, being better than ferge (in Irench 

6o((bcr,-fDf4e, folcfr^ff Tuch, like or of 
the fame kino , a pronoun, which refers 
either to a foregoing or to a following 
fubject. It is again, i. (ron/Mnccia;e with- 
iu fuh/lantiv0, Mt folcbc ©(trifteii, 
(bnncQ mlroldt fttfaHen, all fuch wri- 

tiogs, works or treatifes. cannot pleafe 

me. 3tb fanti e^ folc^er &t9aH nfc^t , 

t^un, flUf folcbc Urt/ Icanpot do it in 
fuch a manner. WJieo another adjectt' 
ve Aands betwieen fo(d)etf and its Ju6^ 
Jiantive, the -c« in the firft may be 
omitted in the familiar manner of fpeak- 

ing; met! fplcb f(1)6nc^ aOBetter id, foj . 

glcfaci f*bnc* SBcttet/ fuch fine.WfeAther^ 
iefolcb gutcdDcut/^ Rbrdbetiy ©ottfcb. 

Tins pronoun admits of the indefinite 
article tin , Ukewife of the ddjective 

lein before it. & iH aucb tin fcl4)(r 

fO^amt , he is alfo fuch a man. 0r if( 
(cin fold)er ^Onil/ he il not fuch a roao. 

(Sine \mt £e(bentbat mm i<b li^m 

nf<(t iu / I ovd not believe liim (to be) 
capable of fuch an heroick action. IBeif 

folttc timn folcben ^u^gana i^crmuti^et 

l^abet)/ who Ihould have fuppofed or 
expected fuch an iHue or end. InHead 
of which , in popular and lainihar ]ai»- 
guage, one likes to fi^y fo <itt. @f tint \ 

^elbcntbar traute id> IN nkbt »u. t&Ber 
foflh fo cinen Su^gang uermut()et ^abcn* 

The indefinite article , in thefe cafes, 
may alfo Hand after the^rononis, but 
then, like totl6>, it takes the form of 
an adverb^ and lofes its lall fyllable« 

6o(cb doe i&elbent|)at muit id) iW 
ni<tt 8U. 3Ber foSte fotci) einen Hu^ong 
oerniutbet ^aben. @oT(f» eln Wiann. 

a, Abfoittte, fo thsl the /uhjian five H 
omitted, ^fb ti foWf H/ tottd^t ti mf 
blenen, give ii to fuch as deferve it. 

, (Rebmet laoter felcbe/ bfe tud^ onftet^etif 

take all fiich as you pleafe. lD<ll feo 

feme i>on mfr, foWe* lu tbutt, God 

forbid, tharl fliould do fo. Gen, 44a < 7*^ 

e^l^ti mufte ei^ritalJeibctof ought 

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not Cli^ ^ hife fdfimd d^fb Uiiflgt* cukr aaifom, by tvbkh om nfjimem, \k 

Luke a4 a6. CMtf Ift M i&laimeU difliacmaitd from aooiher. » ^ 

td<^/ fuch it tbe kingdom ol liMTeiv Ud 6oibatcn[tcbei# a military or warf«rio| 

Matdi. i9» 14. UkewOi withtkv iii4<#- life; iJio li& of a foidier.^ 

finUt aniel^,uiA with Idift CtlliilC^cr/ kr e^Ibatetunarftt/ cKe folditft-marck. 

fuai a one. Sr l# au4^ da f6((bev; he bol ^I^alcnflHcl, « gatoe at oarda^ £» 

it alfo Tuchv a ona. Ctoeo foft^tl (Mlftc called. 

fd^ noil^ td^t geftbcQ^ 1 Haye act yet btr 6of bOtmHoab / rddtery, foldieffflup; 

' feen inch a onei Cf t# Mxi itM^tt, M the cooditioii or ftate^of a Ibldier. 

. VU glauM/ he it not fuch a one. at yoo b«^ 6»{^reonM( / a Toldier*! wife, 
believe. 3d) 6fn Icin fo((^, al6 l^r Mc SoCbate^fC/ bo^ IrfcglvoK, bfeOoU 

mctnct'/ yon ratsuke your man. bitten # theioldiery, (bldicM. ' 

6o(d)eiifia^, better fold^eil 3081, an«Jv. i^(b<eif(b/ ^h *°^ «^«* Toidier-like^ 
ttfed io po]^ular langnace for in fo|4eill military, martial, warlike; militarily; 
SjOI , in L'uch cafe; alfo on (iich ac- ' 

like a foldier/ warrior or warfarioc-roan, 
foldierly. (Eln folbarifct^ 9}crbalttn, 
a foldier-lika carriage. Coltttild^ get 
fftibet reon / to be drefled like a fotdier, 
to wear the regimeMala or nnifomi of a 
• foldier. 

Mc 66(^er in fome parte, a cotiage».«mi* 
lerable houfe in die ^uotry. 
forts. 'eftI<^rlC9 SBMrC/ fuch ber6M0er/ the proprietor of a (alt -houCi. 
forte of goods. htt ®(Cblier , hii ^i, pi^-. ut nom. Jing. 

bar ^o(^/ Ui •tif pi»r* car, pay, wa- a mercenary, ahii«iog, one retainMl 

fes, a [oldien pay. Qtt Tob ift bet or fenring for pay. It if feldom nfed 
oAnben @o(b/ the .wages of fin is deiilb, now, except in the poetical Hylo. 
Rom. 6, aS. Utn ©olb Mcncti, to uke bll GotC/ a lole; V. eo((e- 
pay, to ferve for pay or wages, {rtip* Golen , vtr^. reg, n^mir. i(b f^I* bi (Mi 

pen in 6o(b «(bnien, to take troops 

count. I 

Co((t)(r9C({aU/ n^t^* in fuch a manner (b 
that, in fo much that ; after fuch a way» 
wife or manner; fo; on that footing; 
thus; accordingly; upon the fame ac- 
count, with the lame reafcm. "^ 

6^^^r((0# adj^indecUruih, (iiah, like, 
fich " 

' into pay. ^cM {Mti^pen i^rrn @olb otil^ 
|at>(tn> to pay the troops, to eive them 
their pay. Only in in elegant fiyl^SoCb 
is itill fonKetimes ufed for iCefOtbUOS and 
tobn in general. 

bcr ©ofbot, be* -eri/ plur. ble •eii/ « 

foldier, a warrior ^in ilUter^ eft 

* f(ble4rcr &tVbati a good; a bad foldier. 
<t^ e>«(bat8U8u|e/ a (bot foldier. ^iO 
6o(baeiiU flferbe, eKi9letter, a trooper, 

^ a horfeman. Ccf battn in 8n|t/ SU 9fer# 
bty infantry, cavalry dr horfe. Sin 
GcefplbOt/ a marine. Sin alter, iKrfo<b^ 

\ f er (^olbat / a veteran , an old experien* 
te^ foldier. SktVL dngemorbene@olbaten/ 
recruiu; new raifed foldiers.' (Sin At- 

, mdner ®0lb'0t^ a comncm foldie^ who 
is often called only gofbot fimpty. ' 

bfe iP»olbatenr^fri<a«lente, the foldiery, 
foidiers. Ofe ^oftaten mnflern/ to mu- 

Rbt thf foidiers. 

ber @oIbatenbr<iutb/ eofbotenmonier/ af- 
ter the foidiers way, the manner or way 
of foidiers, foldier-Hke. 

(al Got^atenlrot^ Contmlfbret^ ammuni- 
tion - brsad. 

ba< 6olbaten0e(b/ bet Gervfl, animpoft 
or tax p^d bv citisens for quartering or 

- maintaming the foidiers or militia. 

btfi <!^(batenbanbi»er(, the trade or pro- 
leflion of a foldier. 

*bfe Oolbatenbttre/ a quean, drab or b^g* 
gage, a proftltute or whor^ diat foUowe 
the camp. 

Me 6d(bafen(atfe# a barrack, a fo1dier*e 

• but. 

^bM^tlbiltentfcib, regimaptals, tWparti- 

rp, reg, is#a 

.(not Mr), er fai le. imf^f.\i^{Att'^ 

* PmrUeif. gefeSt/ to be obliged, ought 
or molt, to owe, to be bound. Ic u- 
kes the auxiliary t^er^ b^ben. *• To be 
or to become bound to do iomething by 
a dnty or obligation. Sfu fafitfi f$ bili 
(i| tbnn/ thou ooght*lt to do it. ^ 
route mob( fcbr^fben # I oucht to wrueu 
9o((be Sente folte man trafettf fa^ peo- 
ple ought to be punifiied. ^Bkt (bircn 
)i<b fcbtfrnen^. they Ihould be or oughi 
to be afiumed. ^ fbStC H X^UU, I 

(booid do it. ^br btfttet H t^nn Meni 
ibr fofim ti getban b«ben# you ought v 

have done it. 2>U ^MtJk Mbcr mffc 
ben foflen# thou .ooghtett to havo goi 
up or rifen eifrlier. ^^ nnbCTtr target 
bn er ni^t.Mt there ia that wkhhol^ 
deth more than is meet* Prov. ti, 04 
a. To be or to become bouud by ao ex 
pre(^ command of another. 2)0 foQ 

(follK) feine anbete Obiter bnbeii, thoi 

ihalt ha«e qo odier goda, Exod. 00, S 
eie UM^t boranf , i<t fol bfutc »kbc 
iincb ^aufe^ Iha iftlifts upon it (that 
t fhall go home 'again to • day» c 
Ihe iniim upon my, going homo agai 
(o day, ^g. ftcnn el bom in k« 

\t^, if it mufl noeds be fo. iQog fo 

l(b b<(r? i. e. tbbn, nn4Kn# ^^^^ ^ 

1 do here? ®||| fol id>? "what IhuU 
do? >SBo# fol l(b tn bet 6tobt? i. < 
madden , tbun # ^Mrhat fiudl I do ia tl 
city? 3d>»eilnUbt, wngmlrMcti, 
don't know^ what wo ihall do or ore 1 
do. er fol binnm, be Qiall go on 
out of this plaoo.or out froni bene 
Cf fM fOftf bo ihatt bo tmaod atra 

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IwlktUgo away or ^^fMltt.' S. To ba^ 
iKMrod or oblifted by ibe iletieniiined will 
of Anotbor.' ^4 fott iii>ct; ^lite gef^eVcn/ 
itlball be dotio to day. @fe foDcn ti 
f(|!0n Moonmn^ )fO« Aialiget, acquire 
or obcaio it, jrouDetd not fear. ®a< fol 
M fagcnl what ihaU 1 (ty ? ®cm foO 
M d «ovmrQuen? to wbom ibali 1 

iocnift or commit it? 9S^ttn foB man HUH 
llOttbeB? irvhom (ball we now belteve? 
M kb uofrrc Vcrdnfgund mir @9rdea 
fkNe^ttfnvft anfanAen? AiaU I beiin 
ear vrnon witb uneaiiDefs about the 
Imore? etc fl»uftcn «i(tr . x»{c^tfid) 
9nt«ftCII Mteil^ they did not kno^ 
bow tdbef ihoold bebat e (b^RiCel? ea , or 
diey did not know, bow to behe?e tbeai« 
idvee. J)ai fefl cr n>ott bUibtn lofTcn^ 
bedar^ oot do tbat, likewife that is 
impoflible tor bim. . ibtt mit foU mon 
{^ Mfcn ? but bow. ihali one help, aid 
or alfift bim? a)l«0 mdfi ml<b rufCD, 
imn Cift hmmtn fol i one or they mu& 

S' e me a call, when I am to cone. 
U fofcn b(c Peben 8Jmmer? what 

mean dieCe Cefen eW-lambs? Gen« at t SQ- 
g^NO fM bUfc (ErnkfiiHAimg? namelj 
bbaCB/ to what purpofe is tbia bumip 
fifOioo or fubniiffion ? or to what fenret 
ibia humiliation' or (ubn^illion? ^Qi 
MDalAtfl^lodt? to what purpole is, 
or to what fervet this pratmg? tUH 
t¥pt, wq€ fefen Mete irdniie? ^tn. 
Ibe panon , for whom any ihioa ia de- 
li^oed, or who ie to make ufe of it, ta- 
kes the pi^pofiiion fir C^r)» but ilili 
oauer tha dativv. ^ foRen cMt ftt 

veto ^ami, 0c finb fib ineln A^ni bit 
(Knilllt; tbey are ail for my hou(e. fBtm 
fsl born Mcfer etrani ?' fAr men It er 
Miflmt? for whom is this nofe- gay? 
9Ui9U mif M 9o(5? namely na$cn, 

what [hall I pro6t by the gold? what 
9BBd have I' of it? or of what ufe will 
it be to ane? Mo. 4- It is often ufed, 
when we admit or grant a thing to be 
Hue or riabt for a while, widbo/Ut being 
coaviacad of th^ troth ol iL 6{e Men 


18 J 

fhould but come to koow, lioW much 
it has 4*oa, mp?^ SBcon @ic nur hit Q^e# 
roatt kMtif feM f^^^^ / ^it fi^ ^^^^P^ 
i^erscn aUtt^ati for, gefeben iAtttn, if 
you hsd but fe^n the violence, which 
Ibe did her hearty <|^eQ. ^DtdU 'CQc 0iau# 
ten /id foUtc ^Cttfcn k. often expreHes 
a bi^ degree c^f probability, g r fofltC 

Kglautcn/ Oa§ — lihouldalmoll be- 
e ot thij^k, tbat — sotao feflte ben# 
(en , meinen / one would think, ^on 
foDte tcnfen / e< mdrc ni^^t in6gHd^, one 
would think it impoflible. &on iDilte 
' i)eb(ld)t 9a^ / one wotild have thought. 

ffl«n folte barauf f(bw6ren# c^ fci; otte^ 
wabt, toQi fie fagt/ fSefie. 7-It is alfo 

fometimes ufed foriofrben, to form the 
future of another verb, ^(b foil e^ I9U# 

ber bef tmoien , r fhall get u ^ain. nn# 
fere£rf9nuno fcfl n(<bt ia t>ftm«|iroaucrn/ 

* our feparation will not cominue much 
longer. 8* In fome 6afes it alfo a<*coHi* 
paoies an event only founded in con- 
jecture orreport. (g« fbO mfbt feo^c^ 

• roirb fflr eine fPabrbeft girebtt. they Tav 

it is true, .*tis faid to be true, *tis told 

for a truth. 2>er <!9enerol (oQ tobt leon/ 
the general ia (aid to be dead. 2)ie Xiirv 

f<n ToSen geWagen tepn^ or c^ roHen 
bieltArfen ge^ctladen {txtw, there is new9» 
that the Turks are beaten, the Tutka 
are (aid |o be*besten. gr foD .tnMCt.'m' 
men fe^n , he is faid to be arrived, they 
fay he is arrived. €5 foO ficb e<n^S)?ani| 
erfdttft baben , • man is laid to have 
drowned himfelf; or they lay a man has 
drowned himfelf. 

♦ ber 6bBer, be* •!/ plur. ut nom.flng^ 
in good German an obfolete word for 

• 9eben / a garret, the top part of a hou- 
J'e, the loft. 

bie ©eUnlfaHon/ in Mulic, thefinfing of 
the fiptes with the- fyllables beionging 
to them. 

Golmlfif etf » ifvrb, reg. act. in irocal Mu- 
flc, to fing the notes with the fyiiabldi 
belonging to them. ^ 

6omit u^. confequently; V. JDi0(^(b. 

btr Gommer, b0 -d , piur- ut /rom. fing. 

the fummer. r« The feafon , when the 
fun arrives at the higher foUUce, and 
ita heat is mofi predominant, the fum* 
mer. ggir bobtn Qottimet^ we hewe 
fummer^ jDen @ammer an einem Drte 

ftlbria§ett^/ to fummer or to pa(s the 
lunomer at a place. (S(o naffer / tftblct 
@Otnmer/ a wet, cool fummer. a. @onM 
mer, bte eammerfdben, ber im J^erb^e 
ffeflenbe Gimimer/ 3tfngferngarn fle# 

nannt/ thofe foft white filements flying 
about in autumn ; they are alfo called 

ber aire ffielber ®tmmtt, 6pmmenoc# 

ben/ flirarlenftfben. 
bcr Commeraben^f a fummer- evening .or 

a uittuiier*a evening. 
He Qommerarbek^ ittainitr*woik> work 

donq in iiktigim% 

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MC ^ommcrbcrgamottC^ Ae furaiiier*b«i^ mer-cabbace or colenort. 

gampt-pear. Mr @emmttmtl f , M - ti , plmn imtf. 

M ^trnmahltt, 9Atlhkt, Untxhitt, i. in tho moll extenfiva hm^e, MQ$m* 

^arch-be«r, a Aroog beer htentd in mergctreilc / Ce« Kbit word, likemfe 

naroh • boar that win kaep. i^Oril. 2* In a morai limiiad feola, h€t 

' Wf ^rnm€thitnt, a [utDmar*pear« ^ommttttf^^tl, f«« tbit word. 

Mc Gommerblttme/ a rummar-Qow^r. He ^ommcrfrefFc^ rummaf-crelfet. 

tic @LlIlinercal9fOC/ tba rod Jummor^eal- Mc 6<Nlimcifol), a cow, wfaidi givei milk 

vUie, a daliciout appla. {hiring tba fomaiar. 

Me @\nmtfdbtn, tba whita filamaatt ^t&OtnmttUttt^pUnW'nf tba young 

flying about in auiumn. AiooU of treaty that crow again in rum* 

^^i ommerfcf^/ M -ti, piur, bfe •er^ a in«r« after tba iraaa.liava baan ioppad; 

field ,fown witb fummer - corn , at bar* alio tendraU or young fprigt of traat. 

lay, oau etc. or a field for ifummar- Mc Qcmmctlatiht, plur.J^U -n^ an ar- 

feada or grain. bour, a vina*arbour» a green aiboar or 

>cf ^ommtrflcd / M ^H, ptur. Me - ciii bower. 

freckles « fpou raifed in the ikin by tbe ^|e ^omttlCrfcbllC/ the declining fide of a 

beat of iherun^t raya.; Gommerfipr0ffcn# hill towards tbe foutb, or fouthwards. 

* ^^mmttnnUt. W ©prnmerlorfoiC/ a (ummer-giUy-flawer, 

Qemimrtctfig, ^-Cr, -tC/ adj. and adv. an annual- giliy- flower, a giliy-flowari 

freckly, freckled, ha^ng Ipou on the that lalU only the fummer. 

lkin» occaljoned by the heat of the fun ; 6oinmertl(( / V. ^omiDcHKlft. 

fommerf>rorit0. ' . , ^r @oinnifKo(4^^ darnel, cockle -watd; 

tie @ommer|lur, piur. Me -eiif « fleld v. thi^. 

iown with furomer-com, afield of Me 6ot11lllfrfttf^/ famniar- air. 

barley, oats, peafe etc Me 6oininer(tl^# i^ fu miner -pleafura, a 

Me^omiiifrfracbt a^/i^- Me - frftcMe. t. In fummer* diverfion. 

fome parts, the friiitfutnefs^r fertility ^i ©enitHef OlOlK ^ afrockle^ V. geonOCf* 

of the ground or loil in fum'mer, the (^(f. 

'humidity or moisture, which the aartli ter 6ottltnertlia}orail# fummer -marjoram. 

has and receives in fummer; has no ^er 6otnniertnei;iOt/ bctf •€<# /^^r. Me -C/ 

plural. 2)f< QBfntejrftUCbt gi^t ben ^tt the lummer. month, one of the three 

l04ibfe|}mt|)r9{abrUD^/ OU Me0omtner# months, of which the fummer, in the 

if^^W i. e. ^eildl)t{gfcll, the humidity moil limited fanfe, confiAs. 

in wif^ter or the winter- humidi^ gives (er GotltinetlllorgCII/ a fummar*a monuo^ 

the plants more nourifhmant, rthan the* a fummer- morning. 
^ fummer -humidity., a. Summer - fruit, Goilliiiern, ^>0rb. imperf. nemtr.^ mth 

fummer -corn; com fown in fpfiog. ^ObCfl , to grow fummer. SI foOllllttt 

ftft ^ommerAerflfe/ piur. car. fummer- ^per frik^g the fummer baginf early 

barley, a kind of iMirley fown in fpring Uiis year^ 

#nd reaped in autumn. f • @6int1iern , f er^. reg. ntutr. with 6A^ 

t^ ^ommerfKtreibe, bel-l/ plar. (but Un, €^ateeti aeben / to five • ihode, 

only' of feveral forts,) ut nom. Jtng. to make a fha^a. J^it tlUbt fhomttt 

fumi^ar-com, any corn fown in fpring. dttl Mttttn, the lindoi-trae gives the 

•tOl^ommetgerodcftl, M-el/ plMr, Me.-e/ greateft Ihade. 

a fummer- plant, a fummer -growth ^ a s. €5intnert1, verb, reg* act. i. To fmi, 

plant, that lafls only dqring the fummer. ro fet, put or lav in the fun, to ^P^I<9 

tal ^mmerboar, bel - elf piitr. inuf, to the fun, to air in the fun. 2>l(i&et^ 
f>T w &tmmtx\^att f fing, inuf. fum* ten fbmmernf to fun the beds. T^f>pl^ 

mer-bair; hair, which bfafls get to- net fbmmern fl(b / the fowU haik thfem- 

wards fummer. ^ felves in ' the fun. a. Of plants or am* 

Cpttimetboft adj, and adv. fummer-like, mats, to keep, preferre or maisuia 

at in fummer, eitiVal. @ommerb<lfte^ them alb fummer or during the famnar 
' defter, weather like DMnmar-waathfr;* is alfo called f6mmem; ^o fammar; in 

fummer -weather. which fenfe Otilfbminem 'mI MefftlD^ 

(Ol domnterbOtll^ a fummer -boufa; a mem tee more ufual. 5. In Hushaadrj. 

houfe for Ahe fummer. (jfn 6omaier^ SDfe Vtacbe (Immem , to plow a fallow 

bda^cben^ an arbour or a bower. neM «nd fow it with fummer -com, 

Me GemmevMSe/ the fummer*s heat, the Me @ommernacbt# a fummar- night. 

heat of the fummer. bal®ommerobfl^ lummer -fruit, 

^r ^^cmm^rblMliaf fummer- hooey, hon^ ber ^omnjerpunet / tho ecliptic poiat o( 

gathered in fummer -time. the fummer. 

ter ^•mmevf^Ot # . a wOman*s hat to keep btr Sommerrcoen/ a fummer -rain. 

offthe furl in fummer ; a. fummer- hat., ber Gooiioerf Roggett/ fummer -ije* fy« 
lOl ^Otnmtrffelb/ b(l-el« plar. bie-lf/ fown in fpring, and tttp^ m fiw- 

A fuimnar-fhit, fiunihar^clothiil. . ner. 

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6omni / 

krCiMniCfritfltlDCtl/ r«po«ffta fowa in 

Me 6eBimafaat/ the Towing of^fainnier* 
com, tbd grain or com fovrn in fpring » 

KeOomnerfeile/ the routh-fidd, the 

kr6iOim<rfi^» t fudamer-reat, • feat, 

ufave ooe relides'^r lives in rummer, 
kr (BenUBerfpiaat/ fummer • fploage or 

lieeMURorf^rofif, plitr, ^t -n/ V.^om^ 


ltt6omiIICliJ«nb, in Hnntiag , a iheher 
iifommer, the place, where wild beefts 
mke their ahpde in fammer. 

MClamKtffopiKl/ the Hubble of fummer* 
con* * 

teOomOKrtai/ A fummer -day. 

^&mmitK^n%, 6al05minern, 5icVttl# 
|(Qfl9 0D bfc€imne^ inCoUtlon, the ex- 
p«Iiog to the (km. 



Genlier gr»f< AAI^, ! without great 


Gonberbor^ -'er^ -ffe, ni//. and odv. par- 
ticular, lingular, peculipr, fp^ecial, rare, 
uncommon, exceUent, fignai, remai^- 

' kable, extraordinary ; liranae. £)a^ ff 
efn fonbcrbarcr' 8p8, that ta an extre- 
ordinary cafe, ^r ftot eln« ron^erl»are 
%Xt }U UIrn/ he leada a fmgular life, 
he has a peculiar way of living, gfnc 
fenberbarc ®Obe# e particular, peci^iar, 
fingnlar, fpecial gift, fin fwibtrbarcr 
9)tetlf<b^ A lingular roan. Suifflantfvefy\ 

!&a^ i# etwa^eSotibcrbaretf^ihat is fome*. 

^iog very extraordinary. Aa an itdverb, 
particulariy, extraordinarily, fingularly, 
peculiarly, in a fpecial or finguiar man- 
ner; apart, ©a* 1ft fbnbftbar, thai'a 
lingular, that*a /ftranM. , 

Me ©ottberbarWt/ pl»r. Mi -<n, ilngala- 

• riiy, particularity. , ^ 

eonbcrbCit, (nfonber^lt adv. efpecially. 

6onb<rQefH{(tf «^* namely, particularly, 
fpecially, expreftly. 

a better •%, a papilio^ a beautiful in- QonbcrUcb/ adj, arid adv. i^anicular, (pe^ 

f«; V. 6*mctt€rlf»g. 

iktmmtno^ht, a fummer- pafture, A 
ptfture, vvhere cattle feed in iu^mer. 

kt (Rmmttmiktnt M-i, pit^r. imuf. a 

^mi of wheat, which ia fown in fpring , 
ttd reaped in fummer. 
te CMTMiietioaibe, pi^r. hit -n, the fum-v 
ner-folRice, the longaft day; V. 6on^ 


^^mmtmttttf, fummer- weather. 
^ 6mmtmlttttun9 , the weather in 

lomnier , fumroer - weaiber. 
Ht SentmenBoSe , piur, ear. fommer« 

wool, the wool of iheep, which has 

pown ia fumroer. 

Mt fomtnemnri/ ©omtcnwun, choke- 
^wn, broom-rape, choke-t etch, ilrangle* 


^mtnatmtbnii, V. eir^dbn^en. ' 

^ 6emm<r|efd)en/ the fummer -figna, 
|be diree /igna, in which the fun abidea 
i» fommer. 

Nte«UDtff|efly the eftival feafon, fom- 
Bicr-ilMfoa, uimmer-time, the fummer. 

^(SmmtfltlOip a fammer- fluff, alight 

^off fit for uimmer- cloaks. 

ciat, fifoal, remarkable^ notable. iDfl^ 
mirb Nine fonberH<tKn8ol0en babenr that 

will be of no particular confe'quence. 

34) Mib€ fcfne fpnberUc^e tuft Oa)U/ i 

have no great mind to it. 9{i<bt fon# 
bcrtk^/ not very much. Cr {ft nicbt (en# . 
bcrlid) ecl<t/ gelebrT/ he is not veiy nch, 

learned. t$(e fft nf(bf fonbcrdcb f^frn^ 

(he is not exceedingly fair. Suhfianii^ 

vely, ttnai @enb<tU(b<4 |U v(rrf<btcD 
babcOr to have feme particulal- bufinel!ii. 

bhi ift nlpjti eetiberff<be</ iWa no- 

thing particular, or uncommon , that*a 
no gi^at thing, there ia nothing parti- 
cular in that. Ad an adverb c particu* 
larly, in particular, principally. IDailt 
\^\dt i<^ m\^ nicbt fonbjtrficf^/ 1 bave^ 
ae great talents for that; 1 am not 
much fit for that. 

Mc @onb<>tl4^Mt/ particularity; alfo fin- 

bcr 6onbrr(lTi|/ be#*e4/ flat, M€-e, cf# 
net/ ler mo^ €onber«(9e< feyn ttVit.Jf^ 

fingularill, a Cngularman, a humorift, 
one that affecu, fingularity or Angular 


Am4# adv^ thus, if fo, if fo be, in ^onbeni/ t^er^* reg% ata, to feparate, 

imi cale. * — ' '* * " *''' **""■ 

Me CdObc, a ^robe , a flender inftrument 

™ by furgeoua in fearching the depth 

eP wounds. 
*%nkttf ad/, and adv, an obfolete 

^fd m good German, inAead of 

^bich the [compound word befotlbeif i* 

^■•Bd, pardcular, fingular, peculiar, 

"Adry, (eparate, fpecial, fpecific, di- 


Setber^ a prepoJUiont e|ftlC/ without, 
jmler SvdfeL without doubt, doubt* 
KM* undoubtedly. Cenbtr 0(1^1/ with- 
*«t jeft or joke, Cariously, in good ear- 

^ tk^ r^a ea4^ ab« bofidea yon. 

Cever, divide, disjoin or put afun- 

Wio bti bie Sremmen febeeft/ (id 
fwibeni ifon bbfeti ttuttn, to take forth 

the precioua fron^ the vile, Jer. 15, 19. 

Sol Jtnii Mti ber epttu fonbcrn , to 
parate die com from the chaff ; Y* 
tllfonbetQ/ which is more ufual. 

6oiibem# con/V but. cRk^ttinl/ i^crr^ 
fonbem belnem 9}iiNen glcb t^tt, not 

nnto us, O Lord» not unto ua, but unto 
thy name give glory, PC ti5, i. ^(b 

»erbe nid^ fteiben, foobem (ebem i ftiaU 

not die, but live, PI. tig* i?* 3w 9wt 

a nfdt onr gefebcn t fonbern (iu(6 «eb6« 
ttt, 1 bive not only £i6a^ but hafe aU* 

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188 • ^ ©on* ' eMu 

b««rd it 6ie II tMbt nor ffb^ im( kr <SMntMki<rf fM-^i, piut. ^ mm. 
f A5ii , ibttbern «a<b ebr(f(& itnb ftigctitf ySitg. « nn. 

fam, Ibe it not only rich aad fair, bal Hc ^fincilfcfllf # ^/«r. bfc-ll/ in Afiro«- 

alfo faoneft^and viituottt. SSlifbt oUcIll' ncmjt the aphtdion, that point of a 

(er dregni / fenNrtl aa(b bf( Oottcn VCr^ plmet't orbit, intthichxit i» at iu 

> nc^rifn 0cb» not only the rain, but tho greatest diilanca from tfaa hm; oppoied 

c;louda weto incrcaled. GeQ^etQ may to 5cr Qonfitnn^, Pefiheliimi. that 

be alfo fomatimet oniittad. 2)11 bat H p<rt of a planat*a oibit* trheiaiii it i« 

, Il<d)r<l8ein detbat)/ Cf^nberftX ttt 9«t d n—nR the Tun. 

aucb nocb ter th(i^t MliHMt^ Mc €onnct>fintcffiifi/> pimr. Mc • ffe, a« 

€en^cr4/ ^dv. fdmmt unb fonberi, all ecjipfe of the fno, a ioUr eolipfe 

and erery one of ibem i in geikeral and bCT 6oiUICO|Ucftll # - « 4>ot or dark t>art in 

( alfo every one In particular; all^ at the fun; alio the freckles in a perfon*a 

many fs there are. face/ 

Me/0on^erUllA^ a reparation; V. ^hfPUf bic ^^MUMnfriKf^^ the Heliotrope, an Amo* 

b^f nng. lican plant ; Hetiocarpaa L. • 

bcr'<Sh>nnob<nb, M -ti, j»lmt: Me -c^ &• bcr @Dnacn««^wr# ^e Monk-vultnra (Vul- 

. turday^ the laA day of tbe week; > tur Jd<>nachus,. 

W ^onhe, pinr, Mcrn# die Din; 2>f( ber ®onneng(an|, the fptendouf or bri^c 

SMitnt finb fo vkU Scnaen, bcren \tht nefi of th? fun, the light of the fun. 

\t QMtlt be^ £fd)f^ tln^ bcr ®tfrtne fAr ba# @M)iictttfa^, « Heliolcope^. a kind o£ 

i^H ^{anttta id the fixed Aars i^re fo Telefcope for looking at the body of 
many funi , each of which it the fonn* the (un without injuring the eye/. 
taiD of light and heat. for. Ihetr plan^. bfc SooOCOgM/^ the heat of the fun. 
In a more ufua( fenfe. we uodeHknd ba^ @Oflnen§ur, V. ^etmCflUf^eil. 
^ by the fun Omply the luminous cele/Ual W brmnenbc QoRIUBbilC/ the Ardnnt, 
body, which coromuoicatea light and burning, fcorching or parching he«t of 
hdat to our terreArial globe, pie 0OII« the fun. 

Iieaebtaufr gcbt unterr the urn rifet. ber 6onilCllbctf/ the halo» a ntet0or in 
lets. 2>tr Hufiiana ber@Otiner the riling form of a luo^inoua rinf^ or cirale round 
ofthelun^ fun' -rife, fun*riling. Z)u th< fun.* ^ 

^f ' r fctdnt. ibenn er aefeben mirb, the bie Sennenb^PC/ in Aftronomy^ the beig^ 
fiui ihinee^ when he (it) u feen. H of the fun abov^ the horiaon. 

Jirfdx'eber Ri<bU netted anter ber (^onnen. ber 65oneii^ttr/ a hat to keep off tbo (un, 
or (er ^onne^ there it no new thing ^ai 6MiO(t)|abt/ bej^ ^ti, pimr. hit -t^ « 
under the fun; EccleC i» 9.' Qor^^Dtlf folaryear, confkiing of 365 daya; five 
lieil VnfualKI, before the riling of the houra and 49 minutes. * 
fun, before fun -rife or fun- riling, ber @OlinenMfer/ the hemifpherio fcarabac, 
9{ad> ^nUen Uotergang^ After fun* feu the fun*chafe/^ Coccinellla linn. 
Very often the rays of the fun are un* Conneitflar , adj, and adv. as cleAr aa 
derKood by * the word @pfltie. !Die the At^y, or aa the fun ; alfo evident^ 

^nne (Htbt breonet^ the fun burns, is undoubted. H, if eti|e foiuiet»llAre 

exceOiyely hot. ^on kr @onrie 9er« S^^bcb^^' ^' i* an . eirideiit . or an- 

brannt, Uin- burnt, tanne^ by^the fnn. doubted truth* « or it is a trudi aa clear 

- Cttfoai on t>it @onoe, in hit Son^e lU as the day, or as the lun. 

ftXif to fun a thing, to put ^^ list or lay btr (Sonnen roller/ @ftnn(ftfd>a(, d>e Cbry 

It iu the fun. ^n bie @oniie ae^en / to or madnefs of a horfe, with which be is 

walk in the fun, oppofed to the fometimes fetaed, vi^hen kept too long in 

Ihade/ the fun. 

^Onn^n. V0rk. reg. a€t. to fun , to put, bOl 0onneafrilllt# a name for the Cicboiy 

fet or lay in the fun, to air in the fun, or Succory; V. Ci<bor{e. 

fo war^ by expoiing to the fuu , to ber 6oonenrrei## the great foiar^rb. 

' balk in the tun; 2)te^trn fonnen ' to bit @onneu(rone/ V. eonnenbdmie. 

/ fun the beds, to warm them by eapofing bCT (SantienlMlf« the way> the couHo ol 

' them to the fun 2>ie IbAbner fcTttnen tba fun. 

K, the fowls baflc themMves in the ba^ <$onnen(ebenr a ^ree fief, a &ee oatate. 

, warm themfelves to the fun. ba^ @onnenli^t/ the haht of thefiHi; alfe 

ber @onnfnoufaang / the' fun- riling, the die ftui. @o Uor oU bol €oniienfi(bt 

rifiiig of the fun. @{<b iKgett 6onnefU M bk bele '9l4lt0gM0Re> as cdoar aj 

iinf(KI|l<i ^ gC(Ka Dfen mettben, to bright fun^- light at midday or «t noon, 

turn to the Mft' or to the levant. bie etnnnWttif. the «M>>Like fluid bod) 

ber 6onnenblt<f ' M^ti pitw. bk-t* « rooad about the fun. 

Ihort fight of the fun throtigh the be? 6onncnii»nae# ^i-HtPlm< bb-e^ 

clouds. V a folar month* coiifilling <n 30 daya* to 

bie ®onneiib(ome/ pl^v. ble-O, thafun* boors, a9«iiootes and ^ feconda. 

flower, Uditmhoa amtttot and owkiflo* ba fonnen Aiebn<Nlii^ •' ttura^^ni^ th^ 
tut Liiui. • "'ba-lal wtlM^Hng^ih* fim. ffyt 

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dtf mfomt. d. Alio the tropics tro 
called by fonie e$ntunmnib(n, but by 
oibera ®en^<|lrf<C. 5. A B«ine for ibe 
ei(t^rU or Wfitman, fuccory or ci- 
<^ory , whkb >* alTo called @enoetltoe^ 
M, ^^tinaimltHU 4* Akind^ofaolnrer« 
Hauotr9pe, Heliouropiaiii Linn. 


gfli tcr Ceimfii WetergMi/ towthU 

^ Occident, Welleriy» weAwarda. 

Ne6wmcapftltf/ in MyiboUgy. ibe bor- 
ffltef tbe fuo, tbe borfei* irkicb draw 
the car or cbariot' of ^be fun. 

W 6oim(oMan|e, tbe crotalaria of Ben- 
gal a plaot), ' . 

Uxe^^ntn^uabrtint, tbe^folar (fuadraot. bk Mbtn etmtnwtnbthitUl or SvtlftM 
iii^U^tUr^Utb^M'^, P^'*'^* (bat only SttWiunbettModi, tbelwotropicke 

«f ^eral /orta,^ Hc *t, a flr^ foe; es- of caocer and capricom. 

bilatioat In tbe dry Aiiiimer - daya, Uf 6enil<nn)lrbc(» i- V. 0eiinei^6(ttinc« 

tdneh are not £9 wet or laoiil aa in a. In Ajftronoiny, tbe fpLar-fyileni. 

aotunitt. Me @onhain)ur§# aplenty wbicb grow» 

kt BvnntnttHtn / * *aia . accompanied wild on dry fielda and meadowa ; dioko- 

wk^ funlbii|e , * rain witli fniiArine. weed , Orobancbe Linn.' ^ 
6wnKnre|*f -tr, -ftc, ntif* and adv. Ut @eRnen^dfier, M'i, fiar,uinQwu 

lunsc oiudi fun or funfliiBe. ilin fon^ fit^* tbe dial*plate. Likewife tbe Ikn* 

mm^ i^OHd / a boufe very mucb ex- dial Itfelf. 

pofeH to tbe fon. Zro{fne5 nth fonncfif hit 6omien|lrfcCf ihe cycle of the fan. 

tivO^ ^ttttt, dry, rlisar and '(erene Dfr 6onnefl§opf ^ tbe ftriaka on tbe firma-. 

wmhar, tdiero tbe fun ibines conti- meiity wben tbe fon» aa it ia faid, 

maNy. drawa water. 

kt6«llinirf!HI/ an afbonomical ring, m ^i^XkMtt, M 'ti, plar, Nc-C^ i foa* 

foo-dial in tbe £Drni of a ring, a ri|ig* net, a (bort poem contained in fonrteea 

ditL ferfea. 

W@ontmf^ifbtr piur. Hi*llA tbediik 6onn(<tt/ 'tf, -ft/ 0i^'* and «ifo. on^ 

of die fuo. ib poptdar language ior fttWtntti^f 

UtC^nntnfCbtin, W •<!, piur. ear. tbe funny. 

ranlhiiw .SBI; (fabfQ 6oillltllft|^f|Q/ ^^^e ((f.^OtUltOg, M-tit pi»r> hit-X, tnn* 

luTe fuolbine. (^fo {og, meOll @eil1ICa# ^9iy t tbe firft day of tbe week. 2)ec 

^ M , • a fun -Ibiny day. Vgllllfenfllloa , pain • fui|day. fffogf^ 

Nr 6»oiieiif<t)irm / M-ei^, ^/«^. Me-e# fenittaA/ wbit*f^nday. 
aa umbrella or parafol , a Ikreen . to 9onnf4gig , tidf> and adv. wbat ia or 
keep off tbe fon. tiappena on a funday. 

ttr *^MIO(nf(ttlfir V. OdnneilfeffCf.-. 60lintdglt((^ , adj, and adv. wbat ia or 

kr ^nneofdub/ M - ti, piur, ear. BU bappena every fundtey, belonging to fnn- 
iRiaef. U^ ^•ln|enf4olc^(a. ^Ottmcm^ day, but oftcyi «lCb like tbe preceding. 
lUoMdn , Ian atom , a mote, tbe froall 2>fr fonittdgCidX Qolte^tictli/ fundAy> 
or 6ne dnft we fee flvingin the air, in divine lenrice, tbe divine lervice every 
tke ran or beema of tbe fun ; alfo any fnnday. / 

tbiBg extremely minute, or Dnail. Mc 6omitaglanba<|t lundav^a devotion. 

Itr C^DCOteffl , tbe girafol^ a precioua bit Goitntig^iirbeil, work bt to be dona . 
ftoae , ,a kind of opaL 00^ funday'a. ^ . 

toSiBfieiilrabt p^*^* M< -cn^ a r«y of * 

tbs fim» a ten -beam. 
W ^MtmtNltC/ in AAron9my, tbe 

, Ig6/bel-fm W«»'N<-«n/ 

tbe demmioal letter ; in Cnronology, ia 
tbat wbicb denotes tbe funday in Alma* 
naca or Calendara tbrougbout tbe year. 

btr ^fttntntOg , tbe folar day, coniiAing tat @0lttlta()^(tct/ a prayer for funday 

of 14 boort. or on a funday. 

kr6aofliciitbte/ M -H, ptur. inmf, die M @onoeagiHnN te< -el. p!mr. He -er^ 

lbo-daw« Drofera Linn, (a plant). a child bom on a funday. fucb perfona 

Mr 69mietlllbr# pi/a-. He -en, a fun •dial, are laid notonly to fee gboila, fpiriu 
Mc 6oMeil«9tfatl| » Gnomonica or dial- or apparitions, but alfo to be very for- 

ItBg, tbe fcience, wbicb teacbea tbe tonate or lucky. 

mtrine of ihadowt for tbe con^a(;tion bg| f^enneaa^^fleib , funday -doatba, tba 

of aU ibrta of fon-diala/ bell or fineft doatba. 

^ 6tlineBi90geil^ in Mythology, die e|ir ber Comitaa^^rtb^ger, a funday -preacher, 

or diario^ of tbe fun. a ^ergyman, who preaches on Tnndayt; 

McCenBeil0drmer the warmtb or lieat of Me @onnitn|/ funning; V. Sfimmerting. 

t^eftin. 6otltr ^^. llHOrfpenfatl. elCa, alias, 

CegaeiUHbef, V. SBegemilt. otherwife; in other. refpectt. j^f(fet 

^MKMei, V. efnnen(!tofe. tnfr fond bin M t»erreren# belp'(allift) 

str etanenmetfer, Gannenielger, a fmi- me or elfe l am loft, ^rrein! frnl 

Mc €femieni9en^f . ptmr. Me - n. k In 

Afifooomy, die lotAice, tbe titfie, vfben 
tk« fuA ia at die greateft diAance £ro«ii 

mod)' 16 Me SbAriU/ come in! or elle 

ril fliut the door. iSNcber frrt/ fonft re> 

make bafte or olTe etc @onft / OttSer' 

bem , beCdea. Cr {# \m tin tW^^ 






QRatni/ beCdet that; he it «tt liotaell MC &t^t, piur. bie -IL t^ Cate» ap« 

man. (tt Ht f(ton fonft ^11 U^n/ b« 
can live b^iidea or without tjiat. 6onft • 
fAc(nr Cl^ tai K. it loolu beiidet, that 
etc. @M)(I dbcroflr etery where beiidea, 
or e^^ery where elfe. @esi<i tititp, fome 
other. Tome, body elfo. ^onf tlfcmaiH)# 
no man elfe »^ no - body eife. €^l# |c^ 
man^V fome-body eUe. 6aAf ok^U 
aU, pothing elfe but; pC NMircn fenft 

ottf n(d)r< bcDod)t^ o(l lok (ie mi((» lo 

8a0f htlMtn m6d>t€ll , they meant no- 
thing eUe but mv ruin ; mcnil f(t fooft 

ni<bt^ iu rbun (^abe, fo mift 1$ k. ^hen 

I am at teaCure, I will etc. or when I 
have nothing eira* to do, I will etc. 

eonfi ftbriftcnft/ im Uebrioen, aa for the 
reU{ fonH ftnt mir no(b aUc d(fonb# for 

the rhik we ere all Vrell yet. 6onfi tOT/ 
ellew^ere, fomewhere el(e, in fome 
other place; mfcb biu^t, bat fcb 1(^0 
fond leo dCfcbcn t^aU, me thinks , I have 
ieen him elfewhere. @on(l lllr^eilb^ 0(1 
feie?/ no-where but here, ^m ^robc Ift 

trrft fAe trrtcb, font n^frflenbl/ »« the 

grave ia confolatibn forme, no-whers 
elfe.' @ond iVD^ln , fome whither elfe. 
to fome other - place. @onft Wtf^ttf 
from fome other place. 6en^ }U Clncr 
onbcrtl ^tit, tin Wbttmai, another time. 
^^ft, »or biefctn , M former tiroes, \ at 
other times I feilft IINir e^ oi<tt fO, in 

Slicatioii*' diligence in doing a tbini 
Ar jemanb Gprgc trageti/ to take cat 

of one • to provide for htm. Srogttfei 
%t fdr cure ^tfmibffdt, uke care 
your health. 3<|> tDetbe-ofc oiHl 
@or0e bafir troMit, I Ihall take all poi 
£blecare. ' a) Oire» carkmg-caro, loli 
ciinde, anguiflfof mind* loUcitooaneft^| 
trouble, forrow, aiudety. O^nt &9tf0 
or o^tie @orgeO IcbCtlf to live without 

care. Serpen bcr tta^nmg, iorrowJ 

care or folidtude to get one*s livin|;J 
SkU 6ergeil i^htn , to.have great for^ 
rows, vexations, griefs. 2)i€f$ @a4i 

macbt <(m vfeU @orgcn^ this affair ^* 

ves him great pain , uouble or anguilh 

of mind. 2)ol iff i^ctnc gf f(ii0ffe ©erge^ 

I take but little heed or care of thai^ or 
lam not in the leslt anxious about that. 

6Ub aler @orgcn cotfictUgeti. to cail 

away aU cares , to rid or deliver one*t 
felf from Corrowa. ^emtftbCP fcliic 6or* 
gC bene^men, to abate one*a forrowt, 
to deprive him of them. ^ ^{<^ vfcfC 9it$ 

gebUcbc^Ofgeii ma<^, to make or caih- 
fe one's felf many unneceflary orneedlele 
forrows. ^erfnagcobe ®orgCllr greats 
grievous or carking carea, great Ibrrows. 
3n ^orgcn H^, to be in pain , to be 
uneafy, to be uoubled about fomethieg, 
to disquiet one*s felf» 

former times it waa not fo » it waa GorgCn. I. A verb reft, neuter with ^e 

otberwife. Send CtlWll/ fomething 
elfe, Ibme other thing; e^ f fl font Ctf 

leal/ bai mid) 1Mrbfn^en^ it is fome- 

J thing elfe, that hinders or prevents he ; 
HtvS^ font cem04? is there any thing 
elfe yet? &pnft mit gem^(l^k|)# 'a 
ufualj as it ofed to be. 0Kc(r M fouft, 
more than ordinarily, more than uAmI, 
more than at other timet. 

€ond!fl# «<//. and adv, other. Gdne 
fOfldfgttl , better AbHg^ll gulcn SlgCIU 
fd^afttUf hia'o^her good cpialities. 

t(,t @00t/ a burning bittemela in die 
jhroet; V. ®ob. 

Cop^fa / Sophia , a woman's name. ' 

>tr6epWt# M -CHf piur. bit -CH/ alb- 

£hUi or fophiller , a cunning and caviU 
ng disputer, one who deceives by faU 
fe argumenta. 
tit ^cpbifitttp , fophiAry, fallacious rea- 


6Pp|f*dif<t# ^/. and adv» fophiilic» fo* 

^phiAical, partaking of the nature of a 

ipphifm; fallaciously fabtle; logically 

r deceitful. 

Ur &9thapM, epomftl, forb, forbi, 

(orb- apple; V. iQogdbcere. 
OCr 6orbet , flierbet » the juice of lemons 
or oranses mixed with water and logar; 
rem^onade. i 

ben , to caie, to uke care, to hare a 
care, to care for, to take* care of a' 
thing, to look after it, to bs careful 
about it, to provide for, to be concern- 
ed for. Prov.i 9pmn toad^t ^ergcn^ 

he that goes borrowing, goes forrow* 
ing* SAr Ctma^ forgCQ , to take cere of 
or for a thing, to provide for it, to 
mind it. 2)gfflr M mii) fofgtn , let me 

alone for that, gflr flelo S^aniwtftn, far 
feftu famiCfe forgCD/r to take care of 
one*s family , to provide for one*a fami« 

h' Gergct nnr , bA| fbr nfemonbi beld^ 

big(t# do but take heed vou offend no- 
body. M (obc ftlr mld>'ft(bft goiiM |o 
forgCO/ 1 have concerna enough ot my 
own. .6orA(t ni<tt bufflrr jdoq\ con- 
cern yourfelf abou^ it. Sofur faffe id^ 
Onbete r»raf n , I leave or cdamit the 
care of it. to others. 2>atlim ferge i^ 
nitbttinmabU that does bet little grieve, 
trouble or concern me* I don^t. concern 
myfelf with or about that. a. ^efotgcn, 
bcfdrd^tOI/ to fear, to be afraid, to ap- 
prehend, ^ai {$ forgctf, bot mi^ 
betroffm^ for the thing which I greatle 
feared ia come upon me , Job 5, 25. ^<9 
forge/ er mcrbe lu fiHit Ummtn, I fear 

or I am afraid he will come too late. ^(^ 
forge, cr (emmf tMt, I doubt of hie 
coming, I fear he won*t come. 

We i^JorWne, thefordine, a little pipe put Qorgenffeo, •er, •tff, adf. endad^'ftf 
\ into the mouth of a trumpet to make it from forrow and care, without cax» oe 
Ibundl^w. ' ift^uietudc; fbrgenfo^. 

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©on ©iwi ,t9t, 

' T ■ 

e»f§aifnM , mi(» nd adv. ferrowftil ^otHctO, wi^* reg. oca from 6erte/ 

•oeafy * d^qui^. ^ Hb fori , feparale or match^ to ^uc feve* 

^90ftttuii, M 'd/ f/«r. MC -fiMt/ ral thinga of tbe fame kind and goodn^fa 

fcMhll^/ •« «»« ^ elbow-chair, a toucher. 2)U fSaorcn fOPtlrCtt/ tolort 

large cbatr. ^ the goods. 

He wrgfalt, fAw. c«r. care, canfiilnefa, tIC gortirtmg/ bd^ ©orMren, the forting 

findy, thoDghta, application, alEdi^icy, or matching things together.. 

dili^c*, ejiactitude, warineis, circtun- Mc 6ofc^ Wa^* tie -n« a faoce.. 

(jpeoioa, raiodfuloels^ end. in a more li* @6t6otl/' \0tiQnfi, ^aj* and ni/v./fach j 

med (enfe, hit 6dr|fdrH^(dt. CfflNil V. i0o((b, ^DcrgcAair. 
■if oUI<r ^0rafa(r bma<t)Uii, unrcr^ e^tt, ehtttf V. 6ietcn. 

fo^tUf to conGder, to examine a thing M @ott((/ m fome psrts, a fmall pi^c« 

yruh much €«t^ or circiuofpectign. of laod df about fwo or three polea is 

Ctrgfalt aniMQtCII/ to employ care or breadth ^ be its length what it will, 

cirenoifpection. GotttfCrdHf 0^'« *nd adv^ lovereign, fa* 

6ir<lfdtti§/ -cr# -Ie# odf. end nrfv. ca^ preme. 
ftfnl, mtndfal, heedful, ihougthful, af- hU SoavCrdoUdt/ fovereignty* fiipienM 

iidaotta, exact, attentive, conuderaiive, power.. 

csations, wary, circttmlpect S<lU for9# 00190^1/ better fo 100(1/ ^' SBo^ 

ttTHge l|lKCrftl(^Qg# ^ fcmpuloua or Gpi^ati V.,@p(igat. . » 

ttrict feerch, exemination or pen]aiiition. htt GptttCII f <^ fpsde or dibble; V. 6pA^ 

CtiMl ferofdltlg verrf d>tcn/ to do a thing ten. 

carefaliy, heedfnlly, diligently, wariiy, 6{c 6pat(]lc> the fpaditle, at, ombre and 
caatiQusly or cireumfpectly, to do it qoadrille, the ace of fpadiss. 
with a peet deal of circnmfpection. > bCf &pQ^Qt, e ;word only ufed in fom* 
Mc 6«rgfaltl9fdtf piur. itmf. care. alE- parts mitead of O^bfaDcti, pack-thread« 
deity, exactitude, diligence , warined, McCpd^^ the ^t of watching or Ijpying^ 
drcamfpection. the being on^the watch. 

6tntt<^/ forgfdltlgf f<f(f(r(f({^y ^dj. and 6l»%tl./ I'tfr^r re/f. a««. and nen^r. un 
»dv. cUngeroua, difficult, fcmpuloua, . the latter cafe with b^bcn^' to fpy, to 
hard ; elfo carefal. CtllC d^rgUc^ @a4Cr obfenre fecretly and Exactly, to find or 
adaneerous, haaardous, perilous a fihir^ fearch out, to reconnoitre, to watch 
C9rgll(^ 'Sl^ttUf hard times, (gr 1^ one^s actions, to enc^tiire after, to watch^ 
M/t ((»r§(iji/ he is Teiy careful, he is to wait for, do dog) V. alfo $laifp(|# 
much in fear or greasy appreheniive. (en , 9Q4(onbf4)aft(Q. 

6tf|M, -cr^ -tfliC/ n^'. and mdv, c^tt- ^r@p(Ufcr/ a fpy, one who wasches ano* 
lels, miodleie, negligent, Dipine, with* ther*s actions, 1 fcout. 
out any disquiet; carelefsl]^. 6orA# fral @pdbfc|^iff/ an ad Wee boat, a fpy boat; 
Col bt^ Uben / to li?e careielsly . negli- a briggntine. ' 
gently or fupinely, to be infenlible of (Cr @pai)tfO0tr^ figurmtivefyf a faultfinder., 
tbrrow. Ca# ^t»<^ler/ hti 'ti, piur. blc -C/ a« 

tfe 6»tg(i0g(dt/ p/nr. inn/I carelelsnels, efpalier, a hedge - row of fruit-trees; 
negUg^ce, neglectfulnels , fupinity; al- fruit- trees fet clofe together againll m 
Sobecunty, nnconoemednefs. wall etc. V. (BcMntCT. 

€»cifiiii, -cr, -tc/ Mdf. ui6 adv. ca- ber ©poWerMuiii ^ M -W/ ;»/«''. Me 
retul, foltcitoos, heedful, wary, vigi« -btfllinc# a tree in a hedge of fruit* treer 
Uat, peofive, attentive, watchful, fcru* etc. "* « 

polous. ; SpaQiCtCD/ verA, reg. /te/« to lin^ a wall ' 

lie Gerfffamfdf / piur. inuf, carefninels,, with efpaliers. 
heedfafaiefs, thoughtfulnefs , coniidera- htt ^pdlmr in fome Cea* port* (owns, Ur, 
teoela , cautiousdf*fs , cii cumlpection, . ^*P** '^* ' 

waxinels, exactitude; V. @er9fa(t bCf ®pa(t/ tcl -ti, piur. tit ^C#/or Me 

M 6«ttao, a certain rope on the top* &palttg piur, bCc'-H/ from the v»rtf 
maftof a l^ip. ftOltCII. i.Afplit* flit, cteft, riit, ere- 

Hi B99U, piur. lie -Q/ a fort, kind, (pe* vice, chink, chap, chop, gap, gaping, 

<^' ^Qoarcn nen bcr htfttn ^oitt, crack ^ fifl'ure. !Dur<bl)CD@pa(t or^urcb 

wareaor^oods of the belt fort. Mttf bit @pa(t< Ciner £bAr itf^tn, to look 

tOSb f@»rteil ven ^Mttn, ail foru or through the chink of a'do6r. 2>ii4$or| 

kinds of merchandifes, or i^oods of all bclommt dnOI @paftf the wOod gets a 

^<>^'' ^(bfertca / fpe^iet of coins, forts cleft, chink, crack or chop. (Ooact 

of 0ooey. " 6pa(ten it^n f to be full of chinks. T^tt 

^ &$tttmtntf bc< 'ti, piur. ble -<f a 6po[t or bit @parte etncr Scber, the flic 

foftUBOvt, aflbrtment. a let or completae or cleft of a pen. {Inc SpaltC jn Cincs 

Caii of any thing ; a parcel forted ; in 8)?aQf r# a gap, crack or chink in a wall. 

Trade, a ftock of goods of varioutTprts; 2)ce @paU/ 9ltf Oil Cincm ®M<, a 

aKo ihtt futrnture, Aock or provifion •£ crack in a glaiCi. Cfne Spalfc M €rb^ 


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the Hock , iQ tb« flu. 3. XHt &pa\Xtf 

Watch yon, that dure be no dmfiow 
_ _ imong you, f. Con, r* lo. & pnb 

mnong Pnoten. the colnnm m a book Gpolrangen UQtcrcOCb^ Ihear, tkai tbfcp 
«r of A page; V. £p(uif|K. ' . be diviilont amoag yoii^ Chap, it; i^. 

gotten/ 'verB, feg. except that it hat in Mc Spa(r|t9krcl/ a wioter-onion. . 
d^e participle ohriet ^<^^\Xta , l\k9Xi ^it @f^htt piur, Me-n^ a ibrt of bni^ 
pcfpaUet. I. A verb active, to cleave, lo ifine pant ©jKlje. 
flit, to fplit arander. jS^lj f|lOltcn# to boi ©fta(|mi(>C, in (bme partis tht fineil 
cleave Yfood. ©CO 0<tlcfer fpoltCtl, to wheat- meal. 

cleave the flaie. gfttr RcHet fpafttii/ to tcr i&pan, 5e# -e<, ^/lU'. M< eikh»f <D*- 
flu a pen. eiqcm Uft) tfopf fpalttn r to mimu.Ui ©pdncjen, •ep4ttUiii# « 

cleave or fplit ooe*i head in two^ ($fn< 
^dXt In imco (Tolumnen rpoUetir <<> <u- 
Tide a page into two columns. 11. A 
^erh neuter t to crack, fplit, chap, 
chink, gap^, open, rive, break afuq- 
der, catt or warp, ^efe^ i&d(| fpoitft 
Icid)t# this wood cleaves or fpliu ealllv, 
i>\< erbefPUttct »on ftcr iH(f<t the earth 
chaps by thsp parching heat. 6I(|^ f(^e# 
f^Cff< fpaltCO/ to exfotiate, as a bone 
does. i^(|^ ta^ ficb n^alter r wood, that 

fliu, xafts or warps. ©Irldrfe fwKtet 

ffy , cfae card fplita afhnder. ^c> fta/^ 
^ eetltfrift itaittn, to grow forked, to fplit 
' (fsid of the branches of trees). I^gmra- 

uveiy. ©cipaltdK. .tt(o«cn talcn/ lo 

iif ve cloven clawt or feet. 9lft jefpid^ 

tencn Stoucn, cloven -footed, ©n g^f 
fl»altcnc#/ ttppdrel Iton / a forked, a 
double chin. iWnc gcfpaftenc 8efie / a 
hare- lip. ZXf |cfpo(t<nen SungeaNr 
6(t^(engf n ^ the forked or foricy tongues 
of ferpents. 2>er gfitf fbairtt fl^ in 
gwtp tIritIC, the river dividee i^ett inra 
^vro bi'anchtfs or arms; V. t^MtUr 
which is better. 

chip , ^Linter or fplint etc J^Uf|>4tie^ 

chips, chips of wood. @pdne iwm ginii 

mttf^tlkt, chips of timber/ carpenter**- 
chips. $ob€(fp4nc\ fliaviogs of wood. 
^kiplCffpdney Inreds of paper. iytubitU 
rP<NlC^ tum^s-dttit JitQiitfpdtU, faw- 
diift £)^)bclfp4ne/ railings ol wood. 

gilfpdne r £ie • dua. V ^tucj^rfpane , mat- 
es. 6pan f is alfo aiphn^ or fpHnter 
for^a broken bone;^ V. ^^troe. Among^ 
Miners^ bU^dMU^to, (hinglee. aro 

called epdne. Wt Qiid^nK, folioto 

laid .lender the tiies of a roof, ^p^n^ 
(ignifi^.alfo, a ihin or flat pieco of 
wood, a little piece of a bovd laid ttl|^ 
. dee A beam , table etc. to make it level. 
JM ep^n^n, ^pdACcin, a little flii^ 
ver or fpiinter of wood ; V, alio 6#H|» 
tcr. PrfyiK ^Se man i^E§ baiut, to 
f0lkn.@p4M.^ iaon o^>M^a come ^pe* 
Slfinb Kmii Hi grDbcD ^pdne no4^ nlc&e 
a(9e|{i^ieD ^ he ia fiill green ^ r ^ , 
f)r unpolilhed, he is i^ yet 

M ^panUtt, M -el, pimr. Ue 

bed^ftead withoift a.teliem. 


Fal ©paftetif/ cleaving, dividing; V.epOtf >cr«panbrlef, an ejecujtor^ bywIiK^ 


»tr @P«l|tfr, ^UfpoCttr/^ a cleaver, a 
wood -cleaver* - 

hai epoK^U/ ^cnoliod, fin- 
wood to be cleft and burnt. 


a perJbn is put in pofleflion of hie deb* 
* tot's eftate. 
Ql^dnen^ 'iferh. reg, act. t6 wean. 

Sfn^ fpdneff , to wem a diild. * 
dal @pdtien/ the weaning of a rhUd. 

Me 6ponfar(e/ V. saim^\% and feiMfli^ 


QpiUtifl / ^dj* and ^1;. i) Eafy to be cleft, 

Swepi ot«rl«tefWt«if^w^t'obeflit^in ttarmnhm, M •<, |fA«^. nt m 

two or three parts, a) Having clefts, ^ /J^^Taiucfchig-pig. ' '^ 
chinks , chaps , crevices, j) ®p(iM^ ^y JS P rjn 

UnefnlA/ divided, draunited, disagreeing 

or discrepant. Cpaltigr andm^ mcrt 
ben / to Tall out. . in fome dialects 


a wedge ufed in cleaving 
a wedge uJed rin cleaving any 

wood , 

/thing; alfo amoi^ Miners, an ax ot 
h«t(ihet uled in cleaving wood. 
Me @pa(tflinge/ a cooper^ cleaving toot. 

bol v^paiemcffer/ yftopfmeffer, among 
Gardeners , a knife ufed in graftings a 
grafting > knife. %^ ^ ^ 

6cr@pairtot)f, among Gardeners, a flowerw oer®pflngenma*eif 

pot divided in two. 


blC Sponge; p/«(r. bfe -tt/ a dafp, tac^ 

hook or bttckle: &n ^aar ^AnftiMtt* 

oen or@d>nat(n/ apairoffhoe-bttcklM. 

tM Spangen or ^ticfem' an dntm 0o4h^ 

the clafps of a book. SQol mft Cttta 

@ponge bef(b(06en or beftftigee fff/ nlM 

is clafped or buckled, ^{nt f^flrtelTf^ 

2t, the buckle of a girdle; ffrmfp 
racelets, lockets about ladie^s 
(Sine bM^QLX\%t a carknet. Z^x^pm 
^tVLt pendente, ear-bobs or ear-nd^ik. 
Gtirnfpangrn i a frontlet and templic*. 

a bodde-maker; 

Me ©paltun^/ ;»/««r. Mt -en, Seennung, bet ©pdnftlerr ®pdoge(er> JttttipttH*.^ 

a diviHon. disunion, ^rupture, diflen- tm.-man; @panglerr u alfo a n9mmSm 
- lion, ditcord; alio afchifm, a cHmi- a buckle- maker* a fpangle-maken 
nal feparation or divifion in the d^rch. btt^ igpoBgffltl ^ bH^t^, ptur. inmf. 'a^ 
U9^ Oftt^ 6p«tmi0 «mcr |tll4) ftm , l The green rvtt of bxtia or copper. ^pJL. 

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coloor reTembKiif this grtetf copper* 
nift» verdi/^ife, verdagrMe. ' 
Ur&p^nf^tli ©pann^Qimer/ V. under 

©KM. : 

^rr 6pawii^tUi , * large llrong plane. 
6Nn<^B f Spain , a coniiderabie kingdom 

of Eafx>pe. f 
kt 6(Hiaier, a Spaniard. 
BwWf A^/* *ntl a</v. rpanifb, of Spain/ 

belonging lo Spain, gin ipunii^tfAef^t, 

a canp to TNralk with. 4lne fpantft^f 
©anb/^ folding fcreen. ©ponlfttc jfCIC* 
not/ cMitharides, fpaniih flies, ffln 
(pan/t'4kr d(COter^ a oar ^ith iron fpi. 
ket, a cfaeval de Frife, a Machine iled 
iowar. @pan{fc(C< iDeit / fpaniOi white. 

9i»4 bmmr mir. fpanlfd) (frfln^) vocf 

1 Ibanae at it, that looks^ilrange to me. 

' t^i pll^ Ibn ^n(rd)e Z)6rfer, that'* - 

Gieek or Hebrew to fhioi , thafa what 
be doer not underAand » he knows, not 
what to nak^ of it. &panl(6)t ®d)titte 
ttoil , to make large itrides, to count 
one's Aeps. Cr tbot fo fwinWif^t dU 
Ctn ft»ortif(te^i^an^<betl^he fpanieliaes, he 
fawns like a Spaniei. 

6wwi, id) fpttiw/ 1 fpan; V. 6pfnnai. 

5cr6pano, the inftep. 

M €^ann > a team ,. a nnmber of oxen or 

h<^es drawing the Oanie carriage of on* 

«; V. ^cfpann. 
hk 6iK(naob<( , e pin ; V. 6t<cf nobcl^ 
DU 6iraDoaber^ piar. ble -n, a tendon, 


kr ep^tmUmm, Vrofttoiin bet ^tti, 

the breall- b«am of -the weavers. 

M epannbctt ^ V.^ 6panUtt 

Nr @9aQQb{enff, bc4 •€</ A^/wr. bfc -c, 
husbandly fervices done or performed 
with a team of horles. 

bit 60<lRn<, piur. ^it -11/ a fpan, the 
fpace from the end of the thtimb'to the 
end of the little finger extended. 

«. ^POnilCf) / ver6. reg. neUtn with ^a# 
Ua , to bear with attention , to pnck 
op one*a ears , to liHen or hearken at- 
tentively. It lignifies alfo , to watch, to 
':!vait for, to dog, to intend or drive at, 
to &x cio€i'% eyes on a thing , to long to 

be at it. ^af ctBMi^ fpoiincn/ (aucrn^ to 



more axjOnfive (enfis, to faften'with fin 
^idaiiicity, elailic £ojt;ja or fpring. Sa< 

fWO/wnait, Mc ®(bv%t fuanneA mf*^ 

thefe clothes, the ihoes (it too dole, 
they pinch roe. gfucii Jdifr fpiinncn or 
AUffpQlinen^ to ftop the running of a ri- ' 
ver, and thereby caufe it to Iwell or rile. 
In many cafes it is uDed for binding, fa« 
ftening, fettering in general. JSU i^fciix 

ft>am)m/ feffeln; rAD<rn, to ihsckie ^ 

liorfe, to nut locks, Ibackles etc. on 
,h^ leas. It is moil u&ial of the fallen- 
ing of^raufhi- oxen or horles to a wsg^ 

fon, plough etc. 2Xc JJfirtc vor unj 
en Sagen n^aonett , tq put the horfee 

to or before^ a waggon or coach. ;^ie . 
D(|)feQ WM 3o(^ fl^anrieo , to yoke the * 
oxen-. !Dfc %{txbt hiWtt hit. >li;o»im 

before thenorfes, to go thetvv[[ong Tvar 
t(^ work, to begin a thing, wiiere it 
Ihould be ended. ^\t cfncni HUx' tCtt 
%n% gCfpannt feon / to be fallen out with 
one,, to be at variance with bim., to ha-^ 
ve a qnarrel with him. 
a. Hy extenHon. (i> in all dire<;tioii9. 

Sinen ficfpanaten M\> baocn, to havei^ 

tenfebody. a) Lengthwife, of phablo 
Ind elailical bodies. . (gfncn Olff bt< gof/ 
ter fpannen/ to pnt one to theirack. 
Sin @fi( flpannctl/ to extend a rope, to 
ilretch it. aie ^IteJi f^onncn^ to iiraln 
the ilrings. Soften Quf diK Pautc fpan^ 
ncn, to Aring a luie. t>it ©altcn |U 
9p<9 n»anncn , ro ilrain the firings too 
high, to demand or aflc too inucn, t« 
make top great claims or pretenfions, 
to exact in ^is demands. Zkd^tt ifi beO 
Ra^meti fpaonen, to Ibetch doth on 
the tenters. (3) To fpan, to moafur^ 
by the hand extended. gtH)05 mit lit 
i&an^ tponricn or meffen. to fpan a thing 
over, to me^ute it by the. fpan , to fe^ 
how many fpans it has. (4) To lifa 
One^s utmoil endeavours. Men fcmcn 
SrrHaoO on €tiD$^ fptftinni \ to ilrain ot 
fcrew up ail oneV ikill to the hieheft 
pitch in order* to compafs fometntngw 

aille kinc Xrdfec ^t^ti foontifn . to aram 

or fcrew up all one*a faculties to tho 
higheil pitch. Likewife according to m 
more exteniive 6gure, ettl }a. |)c(()<ges 
fpanntcj ^ ftbcrerlcl»enc^ £ob » an ^xagge- 
I rated praife, a praife beyond merit. 
' W @panntnf the act of bending, Aretch- 
I ing, ikaining, extending etc. V. aUd 

bcr €^nner, M -i, pi»r, ut nom.Jing^ 
I) dfr @j>ODR<r on dncm Jeucf bit, 

the fpanner , the key of an arquebafe ; 
aiCo the fpaniier of a .crofs- bow. 2) iDtC 
€»|Hinti(r an cinem Kocprai^nKn^ a ten- 
^k 3) 2)cr ©panncf , ©pdnncr^ amongf 

Salt -makers, a copartner or coparceneir 
. of a Gdt-houfe or ialtpit. 4; iDcrfBtl^^ 
fcnrpaOtKr/ « ^og*a or prinoe*s gun- 

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|a< ^MQflNfrtC# MBoog HMottniflli, ^gt 
mtU ill <iig><ln§ or pitckin§ tb« MU 

tir eiMMilalai/ • book to b«i4 « thing 

^Id or Iiiv«r*(fliitE» m l^iMdiog or 
fl^tdung |ol4 <^r JUtct* 

|al 6fi>rm93||r tli« littariiig« di« liltle 
fiicktidiai kMpt tlM tr«b AvCcbtd on a 
««»«T«r't loofiw 

•|l«DRft/ «-V.^*nd iM^. nK9# *W# 
•lerflMrmifg. * wtgnop «od twt>. dife« 
•t iofOf lioffoH 4 waggon draws by two, 
likn^ Off four korftt. ^^d |iO<|fptfimii 
#Cl 9fCt > A bad fiir two ^arfoas to lia 
la. cm cte>>dnBtgCr JtamO/ a cart 
draWtt br a ungU boffa. 

Ml ^PdnMfttt / itmmhttt. O A trig|er, 
« eatbh to bald fk0 wbaal of a carhaga 
•n fiaep groond. a) A chain, by wbidi 
tha tradu or Uddart of a wagaon ara 
kapt at a f ropar diftaoca. S) A cbaui to 
1 kneajfiire tha thickneft of a troaia a fo- 

Mr^^tnnttoft, tba alafiidty. tha tlaftic 

forcas V. «(^|ifMr4lfr. 
tt^&patmna^tif Ui *i, pl^^ Me •irfgetf 

* ftropc rooftd fuU , or rathar a bolt 
whli a kaad , Itka a nail » whicb^ jolna 
^ kind- waggon to tha fora • wa^on ; 

M% e<bl0laaflil, the pola-bolt. Dcr 
Qpanimaget am {ii(|rt^nen, a tantaxw 

let lapmrnPtM^ «^^» V. lOfo epflim^ 
|g< eptiwraD In Aoffalmi/ tha flopping 

wkaal in a w«t«k. 
ter 6tamirabmep» a Crama in watar-miUf 
lor llaitaiini tba wacap{ V* atfo Cotttt^ 

ItoJiHMlittlitlier anamagi^bynatara^ 
Hik t« catat •filkra diat, liva togttkar 
in focitqr* 

tit 9$tLWxktM» M '§, pimf. at noM. 
Jimgi, nmoa^ Carpantart» a baam, ikat 
Mpa to fiipport tho whola timbof » a 
boim raaebiaa ^m oiia wall to aoo* 

lev dH^INffraKftr a Ihoa-makar't fb'rmp. 

Set i99t«iirleiiieii «n tlMO ftMHn, 
adioaga ofawallat 
Ut CHMiriM ^ o risg ofad in k^inf a 

thii^a cigkc or doCs^ 
Me-6Ai««(c^nirfanSrfmiiic&i^ tkafiringa 

ttfad in bradtt| a druou 
k«i6f«iimeir, bet ^MumfrM, dwrofM 

ofad in tying a harfa'a laga* WkaH ha ia 

iAkpaft^ ^^ 

tnepinmHim. epomtfefllf/ onaaf^a 

Hnat of a fbwlai^i not. 
kr 0Nirafk<fy V. eponn^oCi. 
berepoDiiAfftf, V. 9|Kinnfeft. 
Me CpaanimA' ^^ @panntn, bao<Bng« 

Bratching* caakiog ate. alfo a tonfion, 

kracf, asLtaafioa. , 2)iC ^pomiMlg M 


/ th^ contractian afdia aiffToa. 

iHbkiag ofaha aefvea. CllU @MiaiM|Oi 
bet tMi<^er iabtn, to hava a tenlioa o\ 
tha ner^a. XHt dpannttiii lej $HfH^i 
' V. JifiieO^aiiQ. a* e)Mf epoaniuiA 
in mAtmh\X k%n» to batet en th« 
tefttert. 2>ie (cufe in ^er Q»o«miiii «> 
UngcmiKKit WttUt to kaap paopli 
upon tba taotara. 
0|e 00inn|an#c . a pair of toap nfad bj 

fiold-baaterf fof holdioa tha back of th< 
Orfp on the table together. 

Me 6o4»Nfi4eii, 6parbifuta# a (iparo-^i» 


bil* 0|Kli^t|i^et« a fquara board, on wkicb 
mafoni and brick- layan pat anortar u 
hold in their nanda. 

Me ^arbA<t)fe« ^/«r« Me -Br a boa, ia 
wtiicb the monejr ia kept, ^t one ^a« 
raa or Citea from tinia to time; a chnft- 
maa-boJi for a 4iikL 

%PQnn, V9rk rjg, ucu %. To Umb^ 
keep , to lay ap or retarva aaaipft foma 
fiitare time ado i^r another ufaw to (pa- 
ra. (Bparc Mae VM^i M« |or gQ< 
bem Sett, 6<r. ii, ^ 3miDtf ItNurrii/ 
beift itmu borbm, arer fpara* evaf 
bare. (Eioeq Vfrnnlg aitf* i(tec fimtn, 

to lay up a penny lor old age. Wl tb 

er aHe feme ^icbrfanMc fir Mefm «ti« 
aeni^ritf ouf«efpan^erM?r) |dm , aa if 

' he had referred all hit laaraing to that 
moment* s. To htiabaod or aaaaga 
frugally, to rpare,. to ba laving:, to-aia 
a thing with economy, to be thrifty or 
frugal. «r md( ni<lr w fNreit ho haa 
nol learned to htiaoand or to wiaoage 
£rugally » be ta not a frugal man. Soil 
9ivl ^oaren. lu SXatbe Mtco, to bo fpar* 
ing of one*a money, or to boaband it 
wall, to be a good baaband. Cr fJNiret 
l|{<M^ ^Otao , ha Iparaa lor noMiing. 

Siac QMbe n»area, to %ara no paina. 
eft* 4Mie Hont fir nut fborcti , yoa 
ID ay fpara or fare fhit trouble or labour. 
iteincn flftdl ant (eiAe Sofcu ibtrcn , to 
n>af# no paina and no expaaco, or to 
. fpara naitber paina nor fxpeaco. Qan 
. lot on Meff f ^rft^e Da^ eob bitlf %t$ 

fporel / they have not fpartd tha iait in 
Uiia faoce. $. To pat off, to tielay, 
to defer to anofhar tune. 2Me C5liie (H# 
reti Ml aof^ traofcnlefte . to mean or 
beliere it ia tima enough Cour^enit whan 
oaa Mh lick. 9Ba« i^r beoie tlQtt MiM 

. mi, ba# taoref nkbi ouf mergen, don't 
put off till tomorrow what yon can do 
to day; delay braeda danger; V. Ser^ 

M^l^iirni, fating, ()paMng, haabaadinf, 
refenring, deferring, delaying. 

Iff @porer, M -i pimr. nt itMM. Jimfh 
a fparar, a fparing man, afeviaa. ihriK 
ty or good huabaod , o|m who lavaa or, 
laya up money, (fin Spatfr IDif dOCft 
Verrhuer babuls whaiaMlteM, lim 

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Nr#m0fl, M'i, piKr. /All/: th« &•- 6Nrf)rai# -tr^-fe/ «<(r. tod «<^. i. 

tte of a plant. a(par«flift» tlfo Ipirafrafa, Spariiii:^ Aivnc* fMnfimOdioaa, frugal, 

Afoaragoa Linii. \ diriftj. SparjoiH feimr to ^ favin^. 

Ke^Miridff^fc, f/irr. Me -n^ • kiiid of . fparing. ft^agal or tbrifaf. to be a gooi 

Miif, which are eaten with fparamCH hiubaod etc. fin ftMtfUlltr 3|t€ll% « 

Uace; Lotua tetragooolohua Linn« §par« good hvabaad, a gobd nMttiger, a fry- 

gtfK^etfO. , gal Bian. Qparfam mit ettroS imi^tctu . 

¥x 6Hr|€((tce, M •<, //«^. Iwi}^ In- to make good yfe «f a tlliag, to ufe * 

ccni» fpainlh trefoiT^. Medicago UtiHa TpaAogly or wifti etono^iy. ^ip9ir(pm 

Um. ftt(Cip€. ^ Icbcn/ to live frugallj or fp«|f&|1v. ^n( 

kteiar^ftsN/ brotolj. a kind ofcole^ fparTame fKabffett, »fn^al repair. 

wort, ^ofe Aalka are drefled and eatea a more ektenSre fenCe , \t ig often iiMl 

Rka fparacrab. for UUtXi, likewife for mcni^ / Teldpn^ 

\H%99f§tmaat , any fUiit, whale Aalka i^re, rarely; alfo thin fown, Ain, r€:Br<^ 

mar be drefted and eaten likn fpara- ce', few. ' 2)tr t^oni IOft( (n mfttn 

, F'u- fOMtbcrn ttor ^atfam gefetiM/ niif ftU 

h(694rgetrtinttC/(l>«<4>'"fi^o'fp^- ten, Mn u"!^ f^^^^ ctn eairai^ the * 

(inli- plant. thaple •tree ia'but feldom found br our 

WBHrnMoU/y^ ^Spat^dtthH. foreOa. h^re and there a tree, ft b<# 

Ne6Mr8el|ett» the fparagrafii - feaTon. fu(t»l fdne Sr<un5e febr fparfam, ft^r 

kre^artalf, 5t#'*-el,//»r. Ina/ (BvP^f Wttn, lie goei to fee hia fnendt Ini 

.M> parget -Hme, lime made of parget* Tetj foldom or bat rerr rai^riyii 2)Cr 

ftonf , pfaifter. <Srtfl wn Icfo^ , flttf Wfm bdtre Wm 

Vttimmtf (avtngnefa, good liatbandiy; bal filter fi^rfome Runsrrn feircocr 

pufimony, the an of (aTing or of being jj^ epflrfamldt^ p/«^- i«i!/. tho quality 

a jeod hovband. ^ . . . of being fparing. V Oie-firft IkHmcaOoa 

•^H'.:^' ••*• •*?• •y^ f/'^* 5^' ofthe4iflf/Vfc/<i;#, fparingnefi, Tavinantfa, 

««' »nfty» meager, fmaU, thin; fru- «arOmony. frugality, Sriftinela , gojod. 

Arifiiiy, foberly, tjmpwaiely, t«.bandry, good management ; Jfo 

mt Mdl«C pmfit, * fr"««l ""eal nearnefo/ Cr (at 5Uf« (tine 6lHllf^^ 

j>f repalt ©WrllA le^etl, to five fpar- |^|t gj{de< rrworbfn, he haa acanired 

H«lr. e^ »lrb l^drdA lUrrfc^eil, it nuch money, he haa treafured Or laid 

wOffcerce or hardly be enough. „p ^ach money by hia papHiiiony of 

•Ct OHcpfeilDigi money kept m referve, frugality. ' 

''l5K'r&tr;'.Jr^S;;:^^ J- «^^' '^^'^ - »" ««2d of 

:f't2:tni5^S;ie.\t^^^^^^^^ ^^i±f&Karor&e^^^ 
twe rtrt^fToZo houfe joine/togethe* fcJS^t; "l^^oT^ foii^'i.r Uv 

pot to be m on. a right wit., to bn \^^ ^ ^ ^^^ ^ ^aCli waa an 

imaoeent (port gf M ll nttr mm 
•p«(tor im OMegillgt^ he }»»• £iid 
it only m )e/l« CI i^ nfir Cg^pofi, :ti* 
onW a Jeft, jU » Uln ^fat , that*# m 
vA. m fell ill dnoi •ttigeti em 
UUtii ^*^ y<^ *"^" !•• • P^^ttjr Cport. 
mm mQtti ont dltpolt. 3Mmv.^#afci 
by tray of paadn^. 6Mf IfC^n, to 
l^rt Of plat (ho foiL .^f^ti m^f 
lor fport*a fake, p^e @p(|f ^ ferioualt, 
widbont fefiiof' ^ t^ fo«R«it ) -V. 

#p«f«l, <*e/*. /^- idfiW^ Ifkh f^iwXi 
fd^pfm, to fptfrtv pjay^ jeer^ iqke, 
drolf^ ieft or banter» lo play the (V»ol. 

Hi «tfl«en, HUng# ^f«*i««g. banUiTing, 
pleihtHrf^ Miliary, foppery » foolery. 

6p<»tHtf ■'tr . :f(te. fl«V. •rid i<rftr. like 
fiterjpift, toftimilltr tanguii|;e„ faceu* 

' oua, jocofe/ pleafant, diverting, eiTter> 
taining, mffif^ I^H/ ^•«>^^«»|[« 

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epag ' , . . €p4 

ecn^^af^et Sr^nfcb/ cin 6|Hifv»<ieI^ a.ber @pat(/bel •<«# F/«r. Cbut 011I5 

a jeiter, b«nterer, jeerer,' a jeeriiig, of feverai TorU«) Me -< , a ipaad, fpat, 

bmtering, facettoui* marry, diverting Ijpalt or fpar, a kicd of leafj Hoae, 

nijtn, a droll, a merry* ma ker.^ 0^u6lNC|)^ fuftble lj>at or Tpar. 

He topaPl)afti»ldf , Wiir. //ui/ jocofeiHjf*, ©parN'^tifi , ^t^^/ *«a <»<^v being of the 

fportiveoert, bu0'oonery, pleafantry* naiura of fpaad , fpat or fpar or boiag 

jocuiariiy. ' ^ like it. 

lit ©pa§mO(^r/ «ioerry-makar. * bie ©potbafcte , ^aHief of fpaad. 

Ut @pa*uoicl^ M -i/ pl^r. bU -v&fiel, tie ©potWruft, pi^r. tie -n^ fpa«d, fpai 

V. @pa(ib(lft . 6t Tpar dyBallized. 

tCr ©pot* V. ©pdU^. ' JtO^ f^aeWu, the aftier-matb, after«gr«fa, 

"Spilt/ 'VC , 'ifttt adj. and adv, oppofed or Cecond mows of grafa, cut in autumn, 
to frii&f and figtiifies in general, afier i. @pat()i0/ adj. and adv. Itift tcmi^lKIJ 
the ufual, after the prpper, after the . tte bet<>ftct, fpavincd. (j^a fpaXfrigei 
appointed time, late. i. After the ufual ^(rt/ a Tpavined horlew 
.time. ®p^ iU ®ette geten , to go late t. ©pathlg , adj. ^nAadv. from a 6|Kltf^^ 
to bed. 1@pdt auffteten,' to rife or "get like of.refefflbling ipaad, fpat or fpar; 
up iatc. Stil^tt Mk aW Hie, better late fpatbortfg. 

than never. 6p4t fIU0 WcrtfD , to grow tie ©pottrpg , fpaad cryilallised io rbfei 
wife late, to leaxn wit late. After the or in the Ihape of a cpck*a crell. 
proper , after the convenient or fit time, tal ©patt^faii i, felenttous (alt, fpaad - £ak. 

. €p4t foinmeo, to come late. (Jr. it t<»< ©pJtiatr tei -<if pif^r. tic -e^ in 
iintner tcr fp4tefle , he ia always the la- fome paru , tcr j^erbf?, autumn, 
tolt Sein ^tkf fommtjtt hto, thy t<r ©pdtUnil^ a backward lamb* foal, 
letter comet too late. %Dlr ^QmcH Um cdfetc. that comes after or later than 
eine StUufe ^U fpdtr we came about an the others; a late or backward fruU. 

* hour too late. 2)ie Utr Id^ft fpdter dl4 ta» ©poro^ft, tU -ti, pi»r. cifr. back- 
ti ifi, V ift nc(b fo fpdt nictt M tie ptr ward firuits, late-Hpe Irnits; Buiia not 
leioct f the clock ^oes too fail. Like- ripe before autumn. 

wife after an appointed tiihe. 9r !om ter ^pitr^flril / rain in harved-ttme, or late 
' fpdtcr oU i^f ^e came later than I. 2)ie in autumn; alfo rain in the eveoUiK. 
f^dicten ^act^ommcn <Ma6^mt\t;, the ter ©pa$ ^e^ -m,plur. \^ic -en, m fa- 
i^motell polierity. SBentt fpdt tia^^ JTlir miliar language ,' eiO ©pcrling/ a fpar- 
^ ^iib fd'^ft tc* ^ininief fortert, Komf. row. 

long alter roe. a. Of the time of the gpoileren, verb. reg. 'nfutr. witb f<on, 

• J;y. towards the end of the day. ^i (ha|tacn Wteif, tS go a walking, to 
Ift f^on IPift, It 1. fl^'dy late, g^ t^*!, . ^.♦gj^; ^ ^^,«. ^^,, ^, ^^,; f^, 

. ft>(^e g?o«t jhMrrn . to ftudy till Ute at „,. fMiiereii aeken , let us go a walking 
ni^t. 3. Of^«^^t°! JIV fi! ^^''^^^- «Wteuref*6ncMBetur, fpoS 

CTd of fummer, ©pdte< DtR, fpdte Uercn Jtt fleben, it is fine weather to 

grdctte, late fruiU. J>«ckward fruitt, day for walking or to uke a walk, 3* 

fate ripe fruiu. e^^iUi ©etreite. back- »ii ^ft rtJiUrcn, \^ itiO mft CO* cft 

ward com • Jfte -npe com. j^^ ^ TU ^ ,1^ ^^h you. 8Nlf liii» 

nSer ©pQtel, tef -p plur. ot nem.,Jl^g. ^i^j^e^ ^^ jemant fparieren, to walk up 

the fpatula or fpatile, an inlirument ^j Jown with one. ©faftiereR rciteni 

nfed by apothecaries , and furgeons m ^o take the air on horfetback , to uk« 

fpreading plaifters and ftUrmg meifici. ^ j^ije for ejtercile or pleafurt. ^epcuM 

c "^^l* V > * *. r^ **n fabreit/ to take the air in « coach. 

ter©Wfn' W.ij.pArr* ut nom.^. ©elietctt ©ie tioein )o OHHieren, b« 

dn «ratf*Cit, • fpado, a tool ufad m pi^f^d to walk in. .Figuraiiveiy fpafiei 

d»Rg»"5- . • i_ wn aeten is mi1fi« gepert. to go idU 

©poten, fpades. m gaming, the nime or idling, lo faimter, loiter or uUli 

of dne of the fuiu of cards. about 

tie ^piXtihU, the late or backward pea. -^. ctM^u#.#» • wlv «^iv;«. .li.- - 
tie ©POtfdtrte, piut. tie -n, aimng '^J ©J^^^W' a walk., walking, takin| 

Huntanlen, the old ttacos ot a fiaa or ,.1: , ^ 

deer. W< ©pOJiefffltrt/ ;>/«r. tic •Cll/ taking 

ter ©pae^Otlg, ©p4ti<ing, among Humt- the air either in a coach or upon tha 

men. the driving back into the lair water in a boat. 

towards daybreak. ter©paskrgang . tcl -el/ piar. tie -UtfrKJ 

tet ©pdCganfl-r among Miners, % vein of ge. i. A walk, the act, of hioa wfa ' 

metal towards the weA^, or from well walks for exercife or amufement. .Sine, 

to eaft. > ©pOlfergAng t^nn, to take a walk or ( 

I, ter ©pottf M •ti, plur. (but only of lurn.-^ a. Awalk, the place, where on 

feveral foru,) tie -C^ tht /pafin, (« walks, ©pojtergdnit in CiOCm fkUtC 

Ii«t£s*f diftftfe.) walks in a garden. 

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Iff 6Wtea4hfier. an idle Mpw; that rfowCpfdPW^/ aJ;. and «t/i>. fefff fttf/ Viery 

nolhiog bat vralk ibout. . ' jFat. ©ftc fpccffCttt ®ani, a very fn 

RK 6oa4icrrcife^ « journey for |pl)etfur« goole. 

or dhrerfion. bcr @pc<ffreirtr/ ikbacoo eater, a lover of 

dB6)M|fcrr!re/ taking the air on borfe- bacon: ; 

bick, a ride on IiorTe-back. hH^ptd^^^mUlt, plur. ^it •)^t!btifii, 

(19 6|Mtf(rmc0 9 a fbon and pleafant way ^i ©pecfflcifdc^l/ a iieatoma. 

otwafk. ' bcr ^pcdn!)fl(^ , tc^ -el. ^/i«r. Me -hdlfe^ 

CmkriDCtter^ fine walking, weatber. an ^xcrcmety £it neck, a horTe witH 4 

Iic6rc(rre9/ V. ^pcjcrCO. thick neck and fbouJd«r». 

NtrftfC^t^ W -<</ A'/^''- tit -e/ a^©pc<fl0t, fl</A and a^^i;, fat. ©(c iMit 

wood -pecker/ fpeigbi, a peak » JpP * dmn if Ijr fpcrfl<|>tcn JfraW , fhe baa a vc- 

CM L. . ly fat neck. 

H(6»C(!^tindft, Utt ^^haitt , the nut- ber 6|>ccf hic^ea, a c#ke with bacon on it 

baidi, nttt- jobber A nut .pecker. or» on the top of it. • 

Me^pcAtviiri/ ©ptdjtwundr the ditia- Wc ©perflUle W«^^ Me -^n, a kiad of U- 

e;, the garden ginger. ^7* wbofe flowers lie one upon aqoth^f ' 

Kt©pcnf«. I) 2)fc Virr ©pedfl In bcr hk#.the tilea ofaroof; Lonieer* Peri- 

S(4K^00ff / the four Gril rules in arith- clymenum Linn. ; V, (^clSblatt. 

neitc. s) Among Apothecariet, funptea, b(C @p/(tuiau</ plur*. W'^^^ ^^ttti 

fimple drugs, ^fpecies. J) (^dOfortcn^ mOUl, a bat. 

ih« Cererai fpeciea or foru of money, ba^ @pe<tili;fftr; 4 cook*a lar^ knife ; al- 

JresibC ©pecic^/ foreign fpeciea or coibt. fo a large knife ufed in cutting the blub- 

6fCCki(5k*b* money In [peciea. ber of a whale. in pieces, 

(fo ^pccfclglilbCII > a florininJ'peciea» a bie ©pcd(lt>nftte* ^all flicea of bacop^ 

0<nia*piece» alfo lardona, Uti,le long and ^ IJoiall cu^ 

(D@|(drltb^Ur/ a fpeeies- dollar. Qices of bacon to lard with* 

^« 6pCt(9calioil , a fpeciBcation. ' bic @p<rffct)»artf , f /«w. biC^ -41/ the fwar^ 

fDemeraie or parriSjlariae thiVvarioua bOi^Ccf^cbnJCjD, bcd -Cj, /^/«r bU -C/. 
Ibiu or kinds of things. ,, Wc epcrffau, a bacon-hog, a fat hog. 

mg of the vanoos fofU. kinds or num- r ^^ ; ^ hook well loll to get a faloion. ^ 
bmofaiings. . bet ©pecfftcin . b«tf -C>, ;^/«r, (but only 

W6pcrf^ bcl -el# /^/ii'e car. bacon. of feveral forU He -e, the aeat^te, a 
Wubcr©pcef* fH>rk. ©efafuner ©pcrf^ clayey ftone, which is fomewhat trans.; 
powdered pork, (altad pork. ^ Jdftbcr parent, but of fev^ial colours ; V. alio, 

6^cf iiim epWen, lard. fr*ih bacon teeirteitt, lopf^ EauetWo axrd ©e^ipen^ 
forlihding. (Sfne©clte©pctf, afideof Hn(jcfn. ; 

jacoB. (gHi«efoiaeocr,8erdu(beirtfr©pf^, bet ©perf tben # -clay, potter's ci^th. 
Wt or pickled bacon, fmooked bacon. ^^ ©prtftbrait/ bc* -til plur, inuf. iraiii- 
SMefd ©iH'eln bat »fer Sinfler b9<t^ oil, the oil made of the blubber of a 
6p«f , the lard of tbia hog is four fin- whaIe^ ' ' .^ 

.fiera thick, ©et ?H>allfl[^<bfj>etf/ the blub- be^ ©pccfwurm/ .a worm found m bacon, 
brr of a whale, that part of a whale, (g^ ©p'ctQfel, bc5 -6/ plur. ut nom> 
which contains the oil., (f incitl ©perf y*/f^.'. from tlie Lat. Spectaculum , a 
MfWeg«llt If am, to wheedle or allur^ fpeciacle, » IhoW, any ibing , that at-' 
oje, uif 4raw him in by fair words. t)<r tracu the fight hy-lts b^iog remarkable; 
ftm M 6P«< to ber £Qf4en/ be ia alfo a disagreeable or ternbU^ ooife/ a 
«• tumnlt, uproar, (gin obfcbculfcbe* ©pectus 

SimaiBf/ a large Bench , oo which the (et r a hidfe6us ihow; alfo a terrib^ 

(ivb&er of wfaaTea is cut. ^ . noife.. 

Iet©petfbail<t; the paunch or b«lly. 6j»CCt<lfe(n/ to caale a disagreeable noifa 

te ©pecfbeOtC ^ a greafy wea. eiyc. . ' 

fo^PftfbfriK, pound-paarsj great pears, b(e ©penl(QHon, a fpectilatioa/ 

■whim feart. i ©Pf CUUren , i>tfr^. r*^. n^utr. wiih bftbCll/ 

Hr^CfbelNlc, a kind pf kidney -^befins ' to peculate, to try, itnd out or (py. . 

^1^ a jrery fl^y huflc. ©ptbkten , -verA, res. act, obfcnbCtt/ iSCtf 

IkQpei^ri^be/ a fence of lard c(r bacon. fenbei)/ to forward, to dispatch* - 

ifieptdHdlm. a dried f4t herring Cut bcr©p€er, M-ti, piur*W -C. a Ijpear br 

^•pfefl on the bick. * lance. 3)le ©oij^c uttb ber ©tiWf e(llt« 

te©pf<r^mm, a canfey, ^ank or'dike ©peerl^ the ipear-haaci and the fpear* 

& a narCky groimd or country. ' ftaff. 

f«e©RW«fTJter a v^ ftit wild duck. We ©oeerWdef, a thiflle with loaves re- 

irtSpcdfeigt/ i'JreatBg. , ^ fombUng a lance. 

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ba^Specrftout, ipiM-worr. 

itit ^pccfrcUa, ^ laji€ier,^or Inee^aitiW 

a liorfetiiMii* tluit bftiri a Uac^ or rpaar. 
Pkpmt, liuf. Mi -n, a fpoke. Cfii 

Stab iliU M«i^CO HtM^p lefuniifli 

AwJiMi mtbipok^t. 

Iff AteUtef. M -1^ ^A»^ iiM^ fpiitl^ 
the moiilare. of ibo nKmUi. OfCi^ct 

" - aiMMrfittt, ta^ or Tptwl. 9iAd^rcr» 

A«r 6«M#tr, tko ipiitio oFoao faiiiBC, 
or of oae who h«» oot yet oac or drmik 

ftfuraiivfljr , to ooop and crooch. lo 
cnngo.Moro oa«» ro lawn ufion htm* 
lie eM^^rtriir . tho falnracioii* ih« bcro- 
U4n of ^ttde ptovokad hy fbmo so- 

Mc a»eU|e»ra^. tho tpMrn-^ndulm, 

.the DilivaiT gUnda. 
to ^t(^el|l4 f tho Bos of tho mtouik, 

t||0 Mvattoa. 
bcr @pcfci>cl<)aftg, the ralivanr coodiiit. ' 
Hi9ptl^ltmi^f tha large UiidHDg iieuW. 
Ic^9))d<^fte({ct, 4iiad«lator^ one who 
, creep*, cre«ch«e and eringft before 

♦He, or fiftiwiia Hpoa him. 

M @pc(0clinaur/ v. iBelfcrma«(. 

^ISpcltNIO^'ve/^. JTtff. Jieiiir. with |a(fll. 

6»d<9c{ Otl^mfrfert , to be under « fiili* 

Ration * till 4ir;0w or caff om Ipittle , to 

fpit. . 
Me ii^fiMmnn, b«ftra«B*won;, the root 

of the pdhtory of Spain. 
Icr ^pdocnitog . the fpoke. ling. 
>fr 6lM(9rr, Del -</ p/«r. uinom./Mg. 

agr^Hdrj, a ntfasine. ^iii Xomfpcii 

Aer / Ji gfAOAi'y • T eOm-magAsio*. eio 

WcramilvifMa'^ a warthou(W 4 ftore* 

houfi^ of gbodi. 
^IkicE, «*rl. Irrey. erC^ftid nevfr. to 

ipk, l^i^w* &i^, toca^fpittle; V. 

hr ©prtttr, bri -1/ //#m-. at ffom.nfig. 

• pointed flick; alR> a little HicjE cat 

with a point at one end. 
I. bklSpctft, ifimr. M(*ft» i.MonriAiioant 
to xi^pair tire waoM of iiatvrttt 

wher« the fiUral it iiCmI only of fevcrai 
lorta; food, meat, yictnall^ alinieot 
2J«- SpcttcglA fc^nft meat and diink. 
So^ Vrot (| Me itefotibeite 6pcM'o bro»d 
M iho moft wholeCoiiie C|M>d. Cl^to 
|lnb fine bWbenbe \?pdfe, jpeafe aro^a 
flatulent food* e^k ||l fy H^mnfk^ 
'to take i»od or nourwrnex^ Sim fot 
^tfc tbfict, what fervea £or food. JU 
thtt worj haa a very general iij^olficfcion, 
it ii nf t often tifed of f^ticular Cmti 
of paoviliona or nktiiaU. eRorpt in tban 
woft neneral fenfe^ n. The preoared or 
4mfie4 fauawui nowthmeM^ 6f U^ of 
one fort ; .in popular language ttd Cfr 
kn.^ ?itftiialf« areata* ▼iaaila eao. 2)at 
Xi*V( ntft ten ao^iefo^^fi^ca $P#«^ Icf 

|(M|, to imnifli la uhlo jvi<h tb^ choW 
oett or nibfi exquiilte noau. 'Qit Gpci^ 
'kn anrUbiet), aoftrttgen, to (erve op or 

bring in the meats. Sle ^peifeo dMra# 

gen , WnisrAnel^men/ to um away, to 

clear the table. Ifleif^ft^eifie/ meat, riv 

. and«.flefli» butchers neat, (ajfcofptir 

fe, lent- proviliont« meagre diet. tECidri 

n^ epeiien , warm meats. SM/it &^^ 

Jtn, cold meau. CRebWeifieo , iBcirU 

. meats* s dilh n^adQ of meal. OliUtf 

fpflfc f white -meat or milk - meat. It 

ts alfo often ufed for 9<rf(|^t , a dilh, ^ 

mels, the moat placed hi a dilh. St 

OVf fetter iofef, he ha# e?^ da/ iia 
' mefles. cbarfes or lernces of meat upon 

his ublo. (gin ^ang yan fitkn, ;»•« 

Heun Gpcitrn, a courfe of fereo» of nine 

4ilbes. (iiM 64)nfpfenM(etc it dne 

SUte &^, a Dupe-pie h a good dilh. 
}on efner e$t\!(t vorUgeO/ to help to 
fomething of a dilh. 
a. Me @|ieire/ pi"*'* (bnt onty of foversl 
^ rprts.) bit *ll, awprd olbd m many ca* 
fes in popular language , and lipcnis to 
have, the predominaat idea of mixing or 
mixture, i. Among Miners , it is a very 
ambiguous or dubious word , becanfe 
fereral mixed minerals pr ores and me- 
tallic products are caUed bv thorn 6|Kis 
ft; for excmple, t>er 9?{(fcC» an arfcoi* 
^al ore or mineral; tcr jtO^lt, cobalt; 
ber ®f(tnaK tc. bismuth etc. 2. Among 
Effsyers • Dfe ^PfKt !• a regolus or co- 
nical meullic mals, confiAine of drfenic 
and irim-. 3. ib Smelting -houtss. Me 
^PfifC is a mixture of*ar(enic, cobf|t» 
iron t cofiper and fome filver. 4. Among 
Beli^fbanders, Me VSpeife, or ^focto^ 
fl^ifC, bell- meuU is tho mrtsi , out of 
which betis are made, conCtiiAg ot 
pewter* \\n aod copper. 5* A^oag 
Ulaaiers, tie £c{BeKf|Wfe ^ fodcr, which 
they ofe isi fod^ring, is a mixture of tin- 
aAles > tallow ^9mA tiq. 6. A««ng Ka- 
fons or Bricktajfers , ^er OMrffi t wor^ 
tar, u e. lime mixed with land* ia haMwn 
ta many plaeet by the name of ^fc{fe# 
ii»herB*it ia lometimef called alfiBi'{ia 

Me Spt\$ihtt^tti4 th^ nieferaic yeioa. 
W 6l>e<feMer/be{ -a^pUr. (but odj 

of feToral forts,) Me -e# (nUft-^hoe^ 


name for the rroaller ediUo fi&aa. 
€#cUr^B<i&r Moiiel^, pale-yatlowu 
Hi $peifcdeio5lbe , a battery^ # ^pUaf; 
. where butt#r, ^^h#et# or oiker ] 

are kept. . 

te^ ®9dfebatt^ . ®lrtMM$/ fm 

|koui^. aA<ordinaiy« , 
Me SDelfcMunec r pAir. t^U r^tk mL 

larder, tp^ace or paptjry, ikm 

where provilioas art. ko^i^ 

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kr 9pf»khfl, « bafluf fdK fMMt, jSia tUilt nt<^# ?• ndrntniilelP tbe bdtt* 
■elt-ba&e^*^ ni«at to thf commuiuc«dti. SidCO 

»fT6|K|ftfillllltief, M -I, pimr. inmf. %t$ ^ JtrCKtfdl fWftH# to gi^* aUck pttrloA or 
■dlK f Amilief/ eummiil, &e pUoc tad p«ti«DC meAt. ^ ^ 

reea;CafiiiQ Lina. . bf6 6fcire01»fer, |d •!, p/irK tiC liom. 

»(r 6wifcmar!t, • mir^et- plw. trhew J,.A2£* * «€it-dfcri^, la ih# Bibl*'. 
iHkindrofprofifioni, meats or yieluili Mc ®pctfwrtnaO| , diet , « r^ul^r c^orTl 
^ foij, « fctod or rvfimeii. ^ 

/«r^ipttfT*y#r, ihefn^U/.cook, •!. J^ou* b of lb? ftom.^b i tb# ibhTit. ftfe 
fo *• caterer in t monaaery. f^fCffcrt^tC e|nc* 9o§C(«, Ibe giiatrd o£ 

VPfHti, 'Perb. reg. L k vrb neiUer « bird, 
widijiktt. f , effeHf to eet. diet or tike ^|e epHfOfO^t, tba lienteiy, e l^nd rf 
bod, loiiiekA a meal, to be at uble» ioorenefi. wber^in tb« fodd paffee 
n imaer or Tuaper. fBCf totibttt bait tbrougb iba body, ^tb little aiteratioo: 
jWfal, we fliall fpoiicat, d^ne or luD. ^^^ ©pcircfOtC, W -Cl, pikr. ^U 'fttt,- 
tk DKifrn nt4f , tbey eat Ilill , tbey a>e tbe dining ,. rboia. 
m at ibeir ^iiwery , foppere etc. go Icf eSpeiftrdtraUri »e» -fl. /^Air. bic - f*j4n# 
^tt4§c, m 9?fl4rfDdfen, to dmo, to (e« a cnpboard. « elaee dtted i^itb Ibel* 
liip, to eat one'* dinner etc. 9M\u ' vee *nd a dod*, iil^bitb victual* die. 
MnlMI fft\kfBk, to eat, dine or fiitt ~^re placed. ^ 

wiiheee. fytbZHtimtJgxnVkMms We 6pcifcittbe, admiag^rdom. 
hi, to eat but once a ^ay. ^AUU ^r •p«(r<»eill , ' tcl •«. /'Z*"^. (bat only 
Ba(ftni(tt acflKiftt/ 1 bare not yet dined. of fcveral Ibru or oaanutiM,) Me t, 
I«Dped, I hate not yet had my dinner. {ffc^nefn / table-wihe , a I&aU iriHo 
liJunnie, to eat or diet uruaHy at a pla- nfually dnmk at meaU or at table. 

ceofwitbono.- .^ ef ncm 0aMtt((. {»er 6p(fft»trtb > Oc^ -ti, pUiK %\t -t^ 
M^, to board witb an innkeeper, ^m "^ /emiif. bic epdfcwIrtWttn. A cook 
Vfrfe^birafc fpelfcn , to eat or board at * or ^no who keeps ao ordinary or eatings 
an ordibaiy. ^. To nourifhi to faliaFy ; houfe, a tictualler: a) He wiii t^bola 
bet ooly in fomo provinces, ^i fd^Wdr' oi^e boards. 

ie«rst fpdFct befpt/ af< Ui m\U- ^^ M gWWfmmetil b^ -1/ ^'^k tit noifi. 

bread or brown bread noiiriibes better Jl„g, « dining* roottu 

•r more, tban white. f(p<W# adj. ^hd adV' ttthong UineH, 

n. A ^«r^ active, s. To take m neuUic, being of a tnetdlic mixture. 
Cood, elfo for tbe more common effCR, bic 6pt(fung « tbe repaft Or enter taidmeut 
Cinrofpeifen/ to give one meat, to diet, one gives. Die ftpcifttnfl ber K^jftt^/ 
treat, entertain or feafi one, to give to the noiiriAitng of the poor, nourilbaienr^ 
cat; alia to koep an ordinary or cook* or food given to the podr. the feeding 
D»op. tta# welen ©!e bfUte ftKU or dieting of the poor. '' ^ 

fcn? wbatwUiyou eattodavt 9btattn, Ut t^ell/ ^^ *<^f P^''^' ^'''ih CPtttf 
Sfi*< 2C. fpdfjU/ io eat roajl - meat, tpeit, a kmd of wheat, very coAiaiOB 
ub etc 3. T% iornifti whb food or in Gvrmai^T Triticum Spelts LInii. 
caufe to be fumilbed ^itb food by ano- Ht @p((|€ r ^^«^* bU •Of CPtCQ / cba£F. 
tber. M In a proper fenfe. ^d) bobc pU @pe(|Cfl ^n bm Jtomd^rcO/ tbe 
^0(r fi((b^ ^erfoneniu fprffi^ni I have bsArJof an ear of com. 
fixperfoas to treat, entertain, fealtor Gpef^ig^ a<//. and d^v. cbatfy. .0pefit((e< 
fanfilb with food to day. 2)rr J^fpcf^ ^tot, cluffy bread, breed full Of cfaafp, 

hungry broWn bread. . ♦ ' 

MC dptnbt/ pinr. bit •ft, * disrribution 
of alms or pro\'ifibn8 Among the poor 
out of charity, ^penbebror/ 6pCDb(#^ 
Welti/ bread, w^ne orcharity. 
ber @Pfttbeberr, an armorier or almner^ 
one eijuployed to distribute alf^s^ an dd* 
miniftrator of tbe a(ms. 
CpenbeH / v^rb* teg. act* Grpm tbe JL^u 
dispendere , OO^ftbCt! / . au^ft^effcn 9 t6 
give out. to distribute, dfsp^nfe, ad- 
miniEer^ bellow, deliver, give, on* 
pnhr in popular language, particularly 
in (oqse psru. 
b<f @Pcnber/ d dispenfer. « distribuier. 
Ut CH^enbcfoJbtC/ Calt- water, the produce, 

of which is defined for tbe poor. 
6ycnbiVtQ# verify reg. aei. which 11 only 


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itied in popular langai^ ^UitMltXi, bargo- apon ihipa . or ttpoii lluppiii|(. 
frt'Odcbid mut^eilcn. f^eofeti^ to Wtow, 2)ic iDaroaneOtn f)»erren Me Sai^rt Iq ^a§ 

givef or distribute liberally. (UntmttWdi , fct«iar|C ffllCriV ^ Dacdinelis Aop, bar 

[pcu^lren/ to gi?e one fome^ing, to / or lock up the paHage into the black* 

hellow it upon him. €r bot W &Ptn0 lea. ^ ftfn WOb fpemn , to trig or Arid 

birbofco ari/ he it free or Uberal to day. a ^nrheel. iDcO'^on^et fpcrreQr to forbid 

Cpenei)/ V. €|ltfnen. and Hop all traifick, to prohibit all 

ik @pttht r V. @pcrb<rbaitm. uade or commerce. (m gef|»(rrtt6 

(cr @pcrber/ M •ifj'iur.ut^nom.Jingi S^anbWtxt, * trade or profelliofl, that is 

a nam^ for all the Unaller kinds of fal- exercifed in fome towoi.oiHy; ^. ®i<Si 

cons, to which belong btr £€r(bcnfott, fp^rrm, fM) bcfrti Mbttfu^n, to »cfift, 
b<r4lfn!cnfa(f< ba^ ©cbmtcrlcia and bar ' oppofe. & (pttttt ^cb dnc ^dtrang, 

« Slauerfalf ^ fee thefe Words. . cnbUcb 00b cr flib / he rc^G/led or oppo* 

ia^ftrUthaum, bc^ -rt, p/»r. bCc-btfM* fed a good whde, but yielded at Uft. 

in? , the fervice - tree or [orb apple-tree> 9perre bid) ivfber iptt ^aobc nid)U Sir. 

Sorbus domeitica Linn. 6^ a6, Likewife in popular language, 

bar @pabcrfraut, bit SGB(eftn|Kmpta<Bf> fi4^fpttr«i/forjl<b»elgerii/torefufe, deny 

pimpernel or burnet. or reject, @pttttn&t9^iii^tj9f dotk't 

6perb»:rii. verS. reg, act. to fpeckle* but refule fo. @f«b f|perren# Cftpa^'iO t^Xt, 

of which only the pariicipU gcff^Ctbirt/ fo than bod) fdl>tt(blg li , -to refufe to 

fpeckled. fpotted, is ufed. comply with, one's duty. 

6p<raeU V. ©pargcl ba*®P<rr€nf blcSpcrraog^ ftiutdng, Itop- 

bcr ^Bpcrgdbaum , V. Jaulbaum. .. ping, barricading, a barricado. 2l|c 

hH ^pccgcrfraut , V. (?porgc(frairt. @p<rrting bcr Sborc, the Ibuiting of the 

bcrSpernitJ, bcl -U^piur. tie -Cr Aipaf* gates or of the town -gates, 
row, Fringilla don^eiUta Linn. Paffer ^a^ gperrgclb/ iU-ti, plur, (b«t only 
Klein. ' of feveral £ums,) ble • e^, money paid 

fipcrr^ adj.' and adv. V. JtUlniQ/ iiiW ateptering a town after the gates are fliut. 
meriicb. - ba^ ©pertgiia^ or @;crg(a^# iangUfs or 

b^r ©perrbaomr ©cblogbaum, t bar to icingUCi, the fclenue; V. ^rauciuitf. 

' ihut up a paHage, a turn -pike, * bar^ bU@P<trdlO(f</.f'/«''- bic •^n/ the bell ning 

rier. ^o give notice^ that the town'-gatea are 

, bfe ©pcrrC/ /'/«^« bl< -n, from the Wr^ ^o be Ihut. 

ftcrtfll, I. The act of doling, Ibutting, ^ @perrba(Ctl# hti -i, P^f^r^ tit nom. 

Aopping, barricading the pailage, the JlnC' i) Properly*, t hook to Jliur, 

fliutting of the town -gates. Sfe Qbtf clofe, oar or Itop' any thing^ with. 

trefbcfl)CrrC , tba. prohibition of the free . a) The hook of a .trigger bears this 

' ekportacion of com. 5JBir tOCrtcn nO(b name. 3) A hook oy means, of whifh 

Wt Ut&ptttt antoramcn, we (hall ar- the wing of a window' is kept open, 

rive before the gates are Ihut. 2. An 4) Among Goldfmiths and Tome other 

inArument for Hopping, but only in fo- Ariifans, an<aifvil^ih^two hooks; fee 

me cofiipounds. ^e ^la^fPetre, a uig- alfo IboToambo^. 

ger, a' catch to hold the wheel of a car- tp^ ©pcrrbollf M -C5 , pf*^. bU -i^hUtti 

^ riage on Ileep ground. ^ bcr^tie6cl# « g<g; alfo the wooden bai 
Cpttttttf verh. reg. act. 1. To open wT* full of hooks, on which. A butchei 
de with violence, die %efne au$ eitl^ hangs his meat. 

f anbcr fperrcri/ to liraddle, to go, itradd- to^ ©pcerborn^ ^c< -c^^ pi*^- We - W^ner; 
ling- !0a< Waul fpf rrcn , better ottf* V. ©ptrtbafcn. 

fptrntl/ to gape, to opep'the niouth @perHg or gpcrHcbt/ -it, -^C, adj. an<3 
wide, to ftand gaping. 2)lc JhAtC auf*» adv. aU^Clnanbcr gcfperrct, Ilretcheci 
fpctrcn , to fet the door wide open. out, fpread, opened. 
Likewife in a figurative fenfe. siBju bCt^PCftfcOjl/ bc6-^^ f'/'w-. ut »oi«^^*^ 
^ f<!?ra«'pcrrtc3clfm,/ lines, which ftand a reil or Ray, a pin to (lop the. notioi 
too far or at too a great diliance from of any kind ef wheeK Jn order to keej 
one another, a 'To Ihut, Itop, bar, or hinder it from going ^op faft. 
block up, bolt, clofe -etc StC iborC bfC ©uerrtelUi pi^r, tfc-n. 1) A chsii 
f|>(rren# to Ihut the gates. 2)ie iDdfTCf to Oop the motion of a wheel, a) > 
W irAf J- fpcrrf n , to bar or flop the chain at the corner of a ftreet to ba 
pailagcs, to barricade tbe ftreets. (gt^ or barricade the ftreet wit^ ; V..J^enini 
' flft] ffa§ fpctrtn, tp,ilop the courfe of fcttC. , 

m river by turning it another way;^ alfo tlc 6pcrrlc((!c, a ftrait piece of wood tifei 
to Itop or hinrlf^r tbe navigation of it. in extending or fpreading any thins am 
2Hc @tatt fperr^n^ ;o block up the in Aeeping it afunder or at a dmanc 
town. Sic ©affcn tnft ^ilUn fp<rrcn, from anoihe*- thing, 
to d»ain the ftreets. ^fntn &afcn fpcci boi ©pcrrtab^ M -e*, plmr.W -tdbcr^ 
tCtlr to bar, chain, fhut up or ftop a wheel to ftop another thing vrilh, or t 
haven or hareour; alfo to lay jui em« retard iia motion » the baltnco^^cel. 

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krefCttffffrf/ • bfOs for • door MlTo loji vomhiog. X)a$ iSltX^tf^tn f tbo 

a bar. fputing o/ bloocf. 

Iir6»mnit6e^ pi»r. bk-n/tho Iktering, 6|>€9er(i0. fpetJl^aff/ adj\ «od «<fi'. roady 

tktlitde ibdL. that k«ep« the web ilret* or lUHng to fomic. 

ckcd oo « TfMver^t loom; V. @p(mni bcr 6^9<tlfllg/ Ofd -C^r W'^^' ^it -C/ io 

Wl^etMttndetf/eperrffocf^epffrftaK mo) paru: t. die fttfe^icerr n / (gffcf , 
W6icr?»«ittt/ theftopplo oi buog of Utttn, or jajmcn «i>dtlb<crcn, the fer^ 

IB organ/ ' rr o vic6«l)erric», Craiaegua tormnMlia Linn, 

e^mat, a4h\ and '«i<v* quit© open, ?• ©It SWrtlbfCrcn, meajy berriea, diq 

wia* open. ©«c I^rfr fttU ^pttxmit ^"^ ^^ «^« njeaJy-berry or feixice. 

iAb, the door ftanda wide open or tree, Xkalaegoi Aria Unn. 3. Z>kha\)i 

l5e open. *<» ©pocbecftii, @porb»mcn or 0i»or^ 

W eterriabn. the tootW of a balance- Mti, which are alfo called ®pf<rWnW/ 

eW, a tooth of any wheel. &pttthimn, and are the fruit of the 

UrAM*.i«l«. -/«* M# #tt tliAaifn.! fervice- tree or forV- apple -tree (gptr# 

ti2f^!^L.Sirii?i^ ;*!?/ «F ! tnwn ^t^aum) , Sorbua domeAica Lini. 

toe for (hatting the gates oi a town ^^^ eptf^fii^t, ^ei -<, W«''- (but onlv of 

huaJlms^A %m^ 0i «/-*.. K<# # «mi>n« fcTcral forts,) i|t ftom. fing. a Vind of 

X^r^l^' *^K ^^'^Ir i.!?V/'*!^!"5 ^•▼•r, in whiclra patient cSnftanily cafls 

IecUiDrth«9 a bunch of hooka to open ^. r«:.i!--. - rJL:.*:.*^ r^— »» v-k^^. 

Jodu wiih / a bunch of pitklocka. ^ fp J £]! ^ ^ " 

teftwriiiei># » vomit, M, vomitive phy. « ^^ 6p«oflott, bed -ed, W«r. bfe *e, f. 

. "**• , ^ . ^ ' » Among Sailors , the Icop^er • holes, 

NJ6|e9betfeO/ M -i, //«r. ut nom. f mall Vies on the deck ^f a Ihip, 

>£. afpittin([-box orfpitting-pot, a through which water la carried into 

TdWtofpitin. the lea. a. In Paper-mills, a gutter, 

Spffcn, vewb. irrsg. act, and neat/r. io through which the water ifiues outj^ 

tbt Ittier cafe with bO^etl/ Imperf, i(^ that runs out o( the tub. ~ 

Mc; PmrUcip. AeQHCO, to fpit, Ipew, ber ^pt^\aiVCi, Ui "6, pUr, m nom. 

fpiwl, caft fpime. It is uledwith the fing* a (pitting • box r V;. ©pct)bccfen. 

MUmfaU'^^ as a verb active t bnt with- ber 6peOf>^Be(, a fpewing-pail. 

O0t it alio as a iterb neuter, i. To ble &ptX(Xitfit, nucea vomicae; vomiting or 

caA out of the niouth and with the , vomitive nuts. 

moolh with violence, where it is ufed ^\t ^^th^tt, pint, bie -n^ the fpout of 

oeWin popular language. 2)eir i^Unb a juuer. 

fm »ieber, mi ec gefiKlt Ucftrfeo) ble eUnWan^t, V. Sprief^fonge. 

fit, the dog is turned to his own vo- bO< @pe9t6pfc()en/ a f)>itting-.pot. 

mit again, 9 Peter a, aa. ©ie gpeifen ber 6|»eOUO0e(, be* -if pint, ble -x^bul a 

■fCbtr OU* bemCDIUnbe fpeieilf to fpH derider, railer; V. &polt¥OgeI. 

the meat out of the mouth again. SJUt ber Spepmurill/ a fpewing-worm ; V. 

{PC9C0, to fpit blood, a. To fpit, fpit GdKltttolfoarttt. 

ott, fpawl, as fk verb neater, but aUo hU^PtHtt9, plur. (but only of feveral 

oaly in popular language. Semonbeilin forts,; We r eQ / Ipice ; alfo grocery* 

^ ®f(td>t fpeoen / to fpu in one's face, as wares* , 

a fi|pa of the greateft contempt. ' 3- To bCr @peft<reobdnb(er/ a grocer, (pioex^ on« 

vomit, to fpew, to call up what is in who foils u>iqesor groceries. 

ose*t ftomach. ^oOe fpcften, to fpew ber ®|K^r<9laben/ a grocer*s (hop. 

or vomit gall or bile. Cr D)le Wie eine biC @P^|ereo»aaren, grocery-ware. 

C^lerfao, hefpewed» csft up or vo- biC 6pbd,re^ plar^ bte-O/ from the Or. 

nted out all he hkd [wallowed. Like- and Lat. Sphaera. i.. The fphere, a 

wile without an acct{faitve t^u a verb globe » a body contained under one 

ridfracal, fi<b fpepeS/ (icb brect^en, to iJtigte (urface, having a point in the 

u> fpew; V. Vefpcpen. 4« Fi- middle, from w|ienoe all lines drawn 

fietativefy, 2>er ^rg fpeO^t S^UCr# tho to the circumference will be equal, a 

vtkano^ TCMniis Qames, throws ont or round b^y. a. The extent or compala 

^flames. Sill, f^nevrpeoenber (Berft/ of a perfon's knowledge, talent or ge- 

a brnning mountain , amouotainv that tiiys. 2)aM<i Abcr tcltie @pb<fre # ftber 

ciAi or throws up fire, or yomiis fire. bcInC ^W9fH\tf thafs out of thy fphere. 

hptt anb ^lamme fpeoen/ to fpit 6re @pb(frffmf adj. and ac/i^. fpherical, round, 

sad dames, to Bret and fume, to breathe globular, orbicular; as an adv* fpheri«^ 

aa^ittig but vengpance. «©affvr Qtt^s caUv. ®C *Wrlf<bci^ Irlfltlget/ a fphe- 

bdes, to fpew or call up water, (gelb rical triangle. JMt fipbdrlfcbe ^Hgcno^ 

ratO ItAff^O e to4>e obliged to give or tnetrie, the (pherical triaonometry.. 

uyeut rnone^^ againft one*s will. %\\i ber^Pb^Qr^ * iphinx, a fabulous monder; 

int <0aHe fpepen^ to belch out injurious aUb among Sculptors , a figure with th» 

liwds. . >- head of a womati, and the reft df tht 

M^ReMA/ VOI^VtO/ fpiuing or Ufvnl- body pi a lion^ 

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^fnf/ xink or rpelter. ao alnKyfi Uftd- 0affa1iNC§ef , ika fnrfaee ort}iew«#»r« 
€*kMif«i fafei- aieul. s. A mwd or 4. ki nuMfy ftm ttmf evea or lltt fur* 
fiictitioot ineul made of titt «flil broCi. Mce. AUMOg Jdiaert, |er @9Md« M^ 

^pi^' ia^oafklKr CHcoiuirli uiiBaa rpi# ffilvi^, UM 8Mb rincr nirc; Umjim^ 
konarcl (« mc). ImI of a door, t fifoaro place m a tfo^. 

M ^Picont, waU*fimi> fpUea-woiti V* 3cf ^gpifgd tluti mcmmti,, mi arch •# 
9lif|frdltt v^ult ^th an avan (oHaca i« thf »m141« 

(at Coirflrcl, 6|rt<Mfet/ t bnliiig- of it; V. enkitlicoUk. Scr #f«€tll 
boatd. 09 Hnm f^^HiT/ tba fnootti flat buid- 

6ri(fch , t^i:^. r#f. «cf.^ 1. To IM, to part or Aani of a fiiip. la Goimcvr, 
Auff with bacoa^ (Rtncn Vrotrn f|H<^' t^ woodao pUctar, on whkk tko bobil* 
to Urd roaH- meat. Cin §(f)NcftcrQrOt . grnuuio U linadL 

tm, Ur^d roaft-meau (KinCM Jt^afoi bU &9i(«<idOU, pimr. M(-ll/ in fotto 
fpl^cri/ to lard 4 bare. 2)er §c^pitftC part*, a name for tbe oomni^ rr'M 
piiU Akind of tonnre. %. FlfMraUvtiy duck, Ana« iyUeiiria vari| Klein. Co cni- 
i# faid m popular lan||;«a|a • pd> nsU C(# ' led on account of iu fhioing feaibera. 
IMI A>i<feQ, re <^H(D VCiK^n, ^o fWrmih W Apf€(utMl|l. * barber> bafon, Qi# . 
or praeido one*a fcif wplf with a little polilhed braia bafona are fo catlod, 
tbiaf.. CiO dCf^Mtcr QI^CMtCl to Mit wbich barbers put op l»e|bre ibeir ha»* 
!9ft{\>t anatfAHet 1<(/ a purfe filled or Cm, as a fign of ibeir proteHioo or bn* 
AuSed witk noney. Die SMIt «U %a$ fiaela. 

iie:*rniV4en. rdcblia^ Kc«co, to ftir* Q»f<BflMim# ^d/. and'o^ t ImmI of 
ni& or plant the #aniparu ampler or brcrvm coloor, trbich refemblea ftat ai 
well witji cannon. / ^Ule-inirron or looking - glauea , and 

tel l&m (ten/ the act of larding, the ieraiog u between black -brown and copper* 
of^n^at etc, brown, a bri^t dappled bay. Frcndi 

bfc@P'(f))a5eU p/vr. Mc -He « Urdiog-pia. bai k miroir. 

»cr 6Hrffp/A bacon for larding with. ^Ic e^^tititdt, fUf. Me -d* tho c^fiag 

(er @rit0f(/ M-if pi^- ^t Mm.fimg. of a room with one fioglo^ fquaro 
/)/m//t»r. N4@|»i(^iCtKll» '6fM(iti9* panaeL 

I. A mirror, ^cniuoi, looking-glala ^a^n (fr epicgellfOfr, a pieoe of o>e witli many 
Sin 0(atUr, tr^ 6^nei^/ bclHer «^Ug<( Ihining fc|oar« cryHaU on iu fer&ce. 
Of i^blftffrglt/ a pUi^ ^convex, coo- M^ricgcfrra. a kind of iron-c^ro oon* 
cave mirror, gm f onifcbcr • (fi^rUftf I / a fiffiog of fhiniog facets, « fpocillar 
coaical. mirror. ^IniluactMciCi/ a fpho* iron -ore. 

ricsl mirror, (^fn Vrmiifpicgel, a Mc ftpfeacUoer/ to* 6pi(tttfo4TO / ♦«• 
I burning. gU£i, a bnming •mirror, la. £ry*d in butter. , v 

popular Unroaae, bj @plcgci Umply ^ @pffae(fe(bl(Q , ^e# - I, f/«r, Im/! 
is iinder^qod the mirror or commoa diafinHilatiott , disf^mbKng, dlsfaSci, 
looking- glafs, a glafs, which reprefenta feint, a grimace; alfo fwaggering, oAte- 
ihe 6gttre or form of a porloa by ro» tation, rodomonudo, a fagned fig&finc. 
iectioo. (^ctNilll^fk| lofco (ie ciii %9M 2>ol til en bfnfc^ W^tXmXv^ , tWa 
6citai, Unb befapcn fi4 ^arauf do OK^ aiera dSsfintuUdon. a mere gnmace. 
ala. ifll ©Hfgrt/ they nfnally read a tol Spf egef feOter . a fine gUfs- window, 
page, and then gaaed at themfelvaa in ^ @r{e(|effi(fe. tin- foil, loaf-ttn, Ac &il 
the glals or looking -glafs. @fci> rrr of a looking- gla(s. 
bem (s^riegil 4nlje^», to dse(# one's |a« ^pfc^ctfutrer. ^pfegirfbtteitfl, tho oafn 
islf beCare a glafs. a. F^ur^ilv^fy, 4 fpr a looking- gtafs. 
QMsror, a patuim or eaampie. @le (0|||« epfrgefgarn, among Hnntamett, a aoc 
ain SpfeflCl Ur tliaeiib/ bcr 9ebll(b, with large fnaare maiQies. 
fte is a mirror, a pattern . an example (t^ epkaclafmblbe, be< - i, flur. ot ir^»« 
.of ^ftur, of patience. €afit et»(b lol - jftnaf. m Jtrchicecture, an arch or Tattle 
lUm ^X^^ U<]ktXk r tak^ exaaMiie by m'nh an even furfaca in tho miildlo 
ihaf* 5. Any /hin'mg furface. Among of k. 

Minera, f <fci*t<j^e^ fpffgfliiblei; eifen* Ui «pCei<f«r(H, »e« -H^piar. Ke «|f|ftr# 
Mn, a fort of iron -ore coofiftjog of 4 looking • glafs platte. 
Ibimn| ihalls lying one above anocher. SpffaefDlatt; «d^*. and mdv. poRlhoJ l&o 

^ Tkfi Joining fpots on many birds and a looking • glafs , very fmooth, or an 

f»#drwp«ds ase known by the name of fmooth aa « looking -alafs. 
ritdct. X^r yfati bat elner. id^hntn ler €>l>l€g((Miib(er. oao who lelfo loi^tlot^ 
pkgef/ tWo nes<9rk*s uU has Aoe niafses. 

ihimng. Ifkou; Imnce this tail iifelf U MefieAcrhOfV^ hard loCa, eoiopho«y. 
^m^meacalkidtMf@i|»(<(«e(. "Dfte^kt ep\mlWi mi^. niid ddv. aa hitAt #hI 
gH cifer KMte# anvma qo»f«etson*rs, deta aa a hyokbg- glala. 
tho ibinipf oow of die fiufice of ^ Me 6|ilwrWtr«f * gl«a-hou«», wlWr« 
tart , %vbich ts alfo i<mt^mm% caiM ^ loo4iiirg. glafo. pktae are bloWtf or mft. 

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^^MlMoAct, a lookiog-itafiMiiaker. 

k(6pk(Kllll<ilf, tha iMT§^ buck litmoMlfo. 


A v#i^ MstUef 

ikm mic|c( itolM, vtffsiblmf c of WrfioruO bk-<« ^fu^lMuf 
Mui|-fI|Jf» fipfcnUr, epl<|C(i(M(r , tkffiilaiMie, icia-^la^ alj^K^Ur fto««, 
flfmldt* IfMuW ifoa-IUaa, or iron- Xajpin [p^miMs; V. SianHfeM. 
«»; dftciOktU SifIC/ Mt« vkh Ufga M ^fk><I|Ctt»/ ui UmUMift/ a imi with , 
■ibat. \ hfaa Iqiuira maOiaf. . 

kiMttlronrttof « c«rp ^^ (f^» bot NiCMii<rf)tmmir . M "h pl^' Ht ao^. 

Imbi (cale«. 9 carp wkh laifa gold- Jaig. a room, wbofe itjOU on tbe ^- 

ydbw ihioiiil (Spataa. 4u)a ata a^Uuroad with looking -glaiaes 

Id $fk$i(lHim, a GinMfa*C^coptri9a, ^ frovi ihi top to tlia botiaio, 

aB«pivk-bo]uia idiichthip|i are mol- bfe &pUUi pi^ (m^JT, fpika^ard o^ (a* 

ttpU« niagiiifiad or rqurelaotad at a vandar-tpike, a kM»4 oiUnB^ifir of a 

dubaci by appljtog Cataial mirrort or ' wwy Aropf (mali. 

gUhff. tfr ^pMlV/ a Urga o>il. 

^ifiMta^UU, Ijpocolar cobalt.opa. a ^ ^fUtW^ oil oTIayapdfr or of ffO^e- 

brt afcobalt fnta * fluning [iirfaca. aard. 

tir 6|ic|cltii^n^ eg|i fr/d io bunar. Nf ^tktr M *c## F^- IU*c, /^lai<a#r. 

mbfivaf t))aiii A iDiiiiiig (UffiKa* which b oofy iifad in. (ono iigniti- 

NtM^lfttaf, catoptri«ki; alfo tbo art cations, hdi iifkUbtM.t f^^^n thav«r^ 

(NeU9. a pUy, divarfiop* paAiioa, ^laa- ^ 
uiFt, racraaiion, anutatnant. fpofit; alfo 
a. gama. 1. Tha h«nnoiitout (oyodi 
prodiicad by maans of a ciuiftcal inAm- 
•lam; oidy in fomo aalat of aartain 
mtiitoil inArmnenU! for axamplor iMIl 
HhUdntSvUl, chimaa, a nmfic or chi- 
ning of hallt, a moficjil order of bails. 
Among Soldiatf tha drum i» fre^antly 
c<Uad only b^ epM. X)«l fipief vM^^ 
m, Metrtmrntf. ^ boat the drumt. 
Ait WtMnikM ^It (joliiclrii/ to 
m^rchoff with daoma ba«tiikg. ^. Freo 
ttioth>o, any d^cafioHiad motiaii iii ga- 
naral; baa no mUralt axcept of fatar^ 

<oru. 2M epid bcl Vcvpm^ttitl cinct^ 
Ul^r^ b€f eiamirftr hi eUirr Ccamtf^ 

mbU K. tha play, iho motion of tha 
• pendolom of a ctookf .of tha ftampar* 
m a iUmpiag • niti ate. 2Xli 6»ill Ut 
JMllH f(a€# 0<(iMlfpiircrl, tba motion 
<^ action of the handa of a comadiao 
or pUyer, and ihwi bia geflura ob 
actiob ia aifo fomaiimaa calM in ga» 
neral hH 6pM. 3* Amovaable or mo- 
ving thinjl; but only i» iom% aaCea. 
Among miotaman, tha mot aabia tail of 
the mipgoia ia called tai @p(f (. Among 
GmBiJiu&. M 6pi(I >• * ^■vali or nar- 
row movafUo piaca of final to thf nut 
or (pxtng (9hti) of tha lock of «m. 
Among Huncaman. bonah of faathcra 
9lod to frig^tan daar and birda ia eallad 
li^ %t^tW^ or ba# ^«lcr fimply, Al- 
fo in Falconry* tha hui^ oiad lo real#im 
or cnU back a hawk, ia^^lad bOiePkl 
argdetfplfU 4. AmottonandaMl^y 
' jnont aaarcty for amufianitant o? ploature. 
ein Sm ia fchwtn «|>Wt tftr cu,to diatgiih 
ov ifltarrupt t cfaiU in hia phy. Ste 
^StMc dlK^ Wmt^ IdtM,«ii«cc 
So pUfa of a child, ^ol eottilin^ 
f|»U(/ wa roldiara-jMw» a caftajui ga^ 
ma at carda. 1D«< %inWf\At «ba fpo- 
fia- play, a sama fo adied. Ponicular- 
k certain pTaalorai daianniaad ^r fUad 
byrtdaa* !Da« ®ik( Wf «aH«H0( iMff 
|«l, tt> look npomginii4i at iioUwfub 

fparkla or iUttar/ to ba bright, 
to lUfter, to pi99 hght. ^i fakgClt OlCl 
in Itcftm J^gllfCr in thia honfa all thti^ 
art 6at , neat r cltf an. or prc^par , avcry 
tbiaa in thia honfa ia bright or yialda a 
Vofbcor clear Inflrt, , Cfil ScaiOgf/ bff 
mkkuXt, a diamond, that fpai^tlaa 
orgifaa a bright luAfa . Alfo of mirrora 
•riaoUng^^glaloea. fBilii lUl «Ul^ nM»t 
Mfoffrabc t$, fo Megcltd fllM/ if tho 
^uag-^ra plata ha not fe efan or 
friti^t M% Ending waur, k will yield 
hlfo rcprefentetinna^ 

It A V9rh active; aa^a V0r^ reH^ 
f^ M tm @plc|ci MelKti^ to look 
orgtoa in a glali, to admire ooe*a Calf. 
W tefBaitr Mcgcfg, to gaae at 
fu'$ Mr or 10 £aa one'a face in a 
{nag or in dear water. &4> ht timm 
mk Mcgf id^, h^ead of which we 
fafiibooK|aaR|riy|#f)M(i<Hi# to look 
nia e looking-glafil, to meka nie of 
«. m gaae oc on^ ialf in it. ^^ 
^'^^i #* 40 KOMHibai Of oa itnal 

ui^ ^ *^ *'' asimple hf one. of 

Ijiffcidicf. V. epfcgttlOfil., 
jcriiiifffwiimii tbo firmo of g loolwig- 

hMM|rf^ olt 

tvjMldPMNP. dm ihMMbatk^ oAo- 
*» a f«r a wi fc fhiwin g ljpoti«. 
^ mmMti, fioa gW4-mii«dlgr g 

jAohi yii4r pap Ip 4n«y 901 roiNadi 

fe * 'AkofiMi^d horfi, a>aY^ 
iMvhoio wiwin nioMd-hattoaro to 

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Sdi e^tUtfOh to lute gaiBOif. ^m 
plHt ftiMli(l> ft9n 9 to be /ortnoate or 
lucky in faming. 2>cm ^pkU crgCbCH 
ftOft/ to DO adctictBd to gainiBg. 0M 
d(Ortmipft(. a game at cardi., carding; 
playing at cards. !D«i^ ^retft^id; draughts, 
a game played on a chequered table with 
yound pieces of box and* ebony. 2)a^ 
%&^Ci^mH, chefs, a game at chc&. 
J)a< (©Wflfpfclf dicing, playing at di- 
ce, ^i legdfpUl, nine -pins, play- 
ing at nine- pins. J)(j^ i)tmbtt^it\t 
ombre/ a game at cards played by three. 
2)a» JJlrfirfPicIf piquet or picket, a ga. 
me at cards played by two perlons. 
. ft^n ©pkl fpklcii, to plav a game. 
Likewife, at every game ot one h>rt. 
3(0^9 6piclc ^dliar^ (pfden, to play 

^two games at billiards. 4Hn @pf <I mac^ni 
t>TfpMif|, to play a game, fet, party 
«r match. fBfc ultl mcg<n iffr OoWfepW 

!(t(cn? what (haH we Aake? @» trfet 
c^e tdj n: : t anH ^M, 1 do nor lo?e 
to play fo high. ®cfn 0an§e« (MIdcf (tc« 

Jet iJUf tern ®pfdc^ figuratively, fl 

^ lommt bab€« ouf mefn fian4<5 Q^tftcf an^ 
my whole luck« or fortune lies at ilake. 

Itmere t^xc 9cf)t uuf ccm ^pick . rd (e# 

ttifft anferr C^re , our honour lies at 
Aake. Hence the figurative phrhfee, 
where ®pt<i (ignifies every liulineu or 
affair. x>i( i^anb mit tm tSpieit l)a^en/ 
to have a finger tn the pie. ^r (^at \\t 
fi^nu mir in ^em ^^fefl @pj<It gfba^t/ 
he has had a fiqger in the pie. ^icb mU 

in %Q^ <^fc( mtngen # In etnr ©octK^ to 

xnU of intrude into an afi^ir, to inter- ^ 
meddle in or with it, to have a finger 
in the pie. SiiKNi gfivoniKnei ^pfcl ge# 
^D , to give up the game or the caufe 
to one. 9{iin bobe Kb g<it>otinriicl @pie(r 
^ BOW I am fure of the game, I am now 
out of fear or danger. ^tniilnbCII m^t 
In baf 6pfc( mifctKn, to entangle, en- 
gage or involve one in an affair. Ifafftll 

eie ta< unfct^ulbige ^(blcffat ot^ bent 
©plffe^ M. 

M< ^pfdflrt. pUr. bff -en. 1. The way or 
teanner of playing or gaming, infeveral 

^ liimfication of the verb, 21. In natural 
Uiffory, variety, diverfity« 

bO^ i?»o((lbrct, tXiniciibrct, a draught- 
board ; a chefa -or checker -board, tab- 
les, a pair of tables* 

^{elen r verb, reg, act, and neutr, in the 
latter cafe with bobnt. «• To produce 
harmonious founds on a roufical inltru- 

'' mtnt. 5luf tcr ®fclfnr , ouf bet Crgcf, 
ouf bem eraviere tc. fpiekn , to pl^ on 

the violin , on the organ . on the fpioet 
etc. When the muiical tnilcument is 
ufed in the aQcufative vvith this verb, 
'* tUHutt, tit ^ioline, bit ilbtt, bai 
Clavier K. fttCten , it Ogmfies not only, 
fo produce isrefent harmonious lounds 
on ihefe innnimeots, but alCb in gene- 
ral 1 to have the hnbitude or dexieriiv/ 

epit ' 

fo produce harmoniotti founds on thefe 

iofbruments. fBlTt, fcl^lecbt, »ocltfffl«|^ 

'fPiclen# to play well, ill. admirably. 

(Sin ftcb/ efne ^noct to fpielen; to 

play a tune , a minuet acc« %. To ^o- 
duce ceruiii light and freembtioaa. 4[)aJ 

JIferb fpteft mIt ber 3unfie« mh beip^e^ 
fife f the horfe pla^i with hia tongue, 

with his bit. 2>te Sabne fpfelco (anen, 

flieset)^ to let the colours fly. Oanfl 

fpieir ein Ield)ter iBfnb ouf beni 9ergo(b# 

ten tMf, SS^Oom. In Mechanicka, this 
verb is very frequently ttfed of ^e£ree 
uno(>flructed motion of a body in a cer« 

tain fpacb. Sle gapfefi M g(cibe< ober 
ber fBe0e fpieCen in Ibrer ilfanne/ plar 

or turn Ireely about therein. To which 
probably-^ belong alfo the figurative ex- 

preOions, ^fenfonbcii et«q^ in b(e ibonb 

fpteleU/ to fhift fomething into one*s 
hands, to act in order to make him 

poffefl'ed of it. Sfentonben etma^ an^ber 

i^nb ^iefen, to juggle fomething out 
of|One*a^faand, to make him (ole ic. 
3nl meite Selb ^fnou^ fptele n / -etma^ in 
Ne Mn^e ^ie(en , lojpia out • buGnefs, 
to protract it. St futttt <i taffin in fpte# 
fen / ba§ it. ti babin h\t brf noen , be en- 
deavoured to bring it fcboot or to ef- 
fectuate it, that etc. (?ir^melneB6trftcb/ 
eine M, efnen ,Uoffen fpicleii/ to pUy 

or (erve one a trick, to put a trick lipon 

him. ^anferott fptefen / nia<ben . to 

tern biinkrupt. 3. To undertake an em- 
)l(^ment for amufement or for plea« 

iire.>3Hjt ben ght^ern # mic efnem eMf 
cben (bielen/'mif einein i^nbe f9ie# 

frn# to pl«y with the fiftgera, with 
a Aick, with a dog. ^i Minb fpfclt 
mlr ber ynppe* the child playa with her 

doll. Mni ber Zattt fpielen , to juggle, 
to play leger-demain, to play pocus- 

Jiocus , to fhow fuggler*s - tricks, ^it 
emanben unter bem j^Atlefn fpiefen, to 
lave underhand dealing , fecret ifitelU* 
gence or hidden intrigues with one. to 
collude or have a ^Uufion with him. 
'It is alio freouently ufed for I'd^er^ei^- to 
fport, jell, jokeeto. (Dtit eineOl (ftbe 
lilit ficb nicbt'fpielen , an oaih ia not to 
be played with. (Rft ben (9eflr|Ktt mtifl 
man n(4>t fo fplefen ; one mufl oot fport 

thus with the laws. ®2<t ber dlerNit>n 
D>f elen < to make rpoft with religion » to 
abufe or profane it , /to ha^e no eltcem 
for it. According to another fig|ure we 
fay. Me 9latur ftrteCe, whenfhe ot> p'o- 
duces accidental changea among the 
creatures; V. ©pieUrf and. 9hltUrfplcL 

2)0* ©rarf fpfftet th wunterlkb, forto* 

ne produces manifold -or diverfe chaqgea, 
many a Ilrange viciflitude of fortone may 
happen. 4* To undertake certain actiona 
of diis kind determined or fiaec^ hy rules, 
in order ta obtain or get a certain prefe* 
rence, prize or advantage from another. 
1k^ aonul af the game is always ia the 


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©pic , esplt ' 1 tto5 

Me^fijtiv0. Cln Mi^tti epfcl fbieicil^ Im t9ffm / ta Xpring a mine, to let a £re.. 
to pj»y an eafjr game.gtocp (g|lfeU fpff# work play. \ ©k SSaffcrWnfte fpkUll or 
Icn^ to ptty two games. '2*hom^t, ^\h fpriogcir lilfpen , to play the water- engi- 
hi, &d^Ot^, ^utiOrD 2C« fptdm# to nes, to fet them agoiug. 
play *t ombre, piijuet. cheti, billiards k<,^ 6p<efcn. pl«yiog, gtming, fportin^ 
«u. Tha inUrument or expedient ol ^^^ y @i>^r »• * ^ 

« die. to raffle. iwlMd of which wi S'.'*^X,»k«%VJS,/„f t Z^^-fif 

or to ptUy for mach money. ^qI(^ fpitt ^« V ! a # a 

|»; to cheat at play, to pUy fouTplay. tW 6pWer/ bC^-/^^ pUr, uinom, fmg^ 
to bobble , adU . bite , to play tba Ihar- P^rnin. Me ©pIcUMnn. i) One engaged 
per. eMid> fpieieo, to play lair, Co i"?*'"'^*, f P^'^^rJ* * 8™«^*«^' ^«f» 
play iKweilly. ei« rri* , fl* Ortti »l>le# ^^^^^^^ ^»'«^^«?' * ^^P?*^- ^.^^^ «' chaau 
kn, to enrich one*s felf, to empoverifh a)Onetvho touches miiitcal inAnimenU^ 
one's ItMhy gaming. In a more limi- • pwy«r. a mafician. 
ted Tenfo, in ma&y, particularfyxn fo- Mc ©PtClCreo^ P^^^r. tit -tllf play, fport; • 
mo games atcarda, fpiekll # to piay^ is toying, wantonnels; foppery, foolern ' 
oppoCeii to paffeO/ to pad. Jjfct) fplcfc lilly-Uuff, irvanton-Uicks, vtaggKhnaU. 
ttt^r f foobem poffe. 5. To imuac»<hu- 6pieref if<b / fPielMt# a^i^'* and a'dv^ 
man actions accordiq^ to certain Tilles gamefome, Iportfu] , given or addicted 
lor the pleafore or diverfion of others. . to playing, gamrna or fportinga 
ethe lomitie, tint £roe5Mc fpUIm, to Itt ©piclgebrauct) . the rules of playing a 
act a comedy, a tragedy. j^utC lOirD gan^o* the conditions of a game, or oi 
nid)t Ocfpltlct / they do not act to day. a play. ' 

Skr %txtvit ft Iranf unb fann t^i^t fpic» Itt @pidgeliif a bias for gaming, {r (at 

Iro or mflfpiflcn/Nthe player, actor or . bcn @p(fff)ffff^ he is pallionately ad- 
comrdiao is ill, and cannot act. @fftie dieted to gamipg. 

SMc 0Ut/ fcMfitr fpU'etl/ to act his l^i i^pi<faer5. O Money to play wjtlvor^ 
part well, ill, alfo figuratively of the . deilined for p^y» money woo at gam^ 
manner of proc/^eding in an affair or ing; alio the Rakei. a > Pocket-money*^ 
bulinefs .'undercalcen. In a n^ore limi- money deilined for fomeplisalures, IportV 
led fenfe^. icnIonDrn fpfe/CII/ to render or amufemenu; alfo pin-money, mo-., 
or make one ndiculous in a play. Fi^u- ney allowed a wife for her private ex* 
raitveiy^ where it is ufed tor to repre- pences, without arcoutating for it. 
fent, to be willing to be, and Tometimes bCr @pie(^fifl , a piay- fellow. 
for to be really. 5)cn f^tXXti , 0<n 3»Ci# Wc ©piclftercttfctaft, an affenibly for paf* 
a««ftrt.f«« •^ .vh.» .1,^ »...A^. /B^ ;a ling away^or Ipending the time in playv 

ing or gaming, a drum. Sfne.UOrtlCbttie 

or grofc 6picl0<'eflr<t<lft, a drum major. 

^0^ ^picIglA^i the chance or haaard o£ 

t)er jSplctgrof , V. grWpicrarof. 
tcr ©ptelbatn, V. g>irfbtfbn.- 
bo^ @pi^bau<, a gaming -houfe, or gam* 

ing- ordinary, • 

b<e ©pfelfartcn/, cards to play with. Sill 

@p{€l Garten, a padc of cardi. 

bfc ®f\t\{tmffmg, ifiuf. V. @p{c(maii8. 
ber ©plcTmonn, Ui -ti, piur. bie -ituttf 

a minfirel, a fiddler, one who plays on 
the Bddle or violin. 

ber6pie(raum, bel -el, ;»/«/-. bf< ^rtfuf 

mt/ in Mechantcks, the room or fpa- 
ce, in which a body moves free, with 
eafo and wirbout any hindrance, the 
piay, room for motion, ©cr $trp<n^ 

Uitl tim u(r ma§ In beo UtrdeMiifc 
^n. i^l^i^rtgen @pfilraam Mui^ iho 

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»o6 6|4e XSjHc 

per room in th^ cab. to |^ or mo^ over tlie l«lt uouMer* abaft, die .wrong 
ve ID , ^r mft have iu pinoper play in msy, aa peaiDmtt cany th« fpear or bai- 
tbecafe. Ottm m^UtZMtav^mt^t berd* 

'@|Kt(ra«ill fwftB, Ofionivft gire ibe M< epfcMcff the arterial Tetii» the gven 
■t hiDffe of the ooor more pia^» or one arteiy. 

m«& gife mdroflAy to the hinge of th« (^r ©piettwf . »ei -eli; f/«r. Me -bhfc 

**5?'; .. ^. ' w ^^ . . ^^ .d»^ . ^Ottwf * «n endiron* irona ac each 

We ernklfiKbCQ/ li^e^MlVtrf, Wtlmg, end of a grate, io wht^ii a fpit tnma. 

play-tbinga, toys, bawblea, thsliga ^) fe Hunting, e brocket, a bncfc of 

given to childftB to play with. tb^ fecond year. 

We fdWf^ttlD, « play-debt. ^ e»i[HbAr«». Ic« -*. mimr. ut mom. 

Die @pW««llN/ an hour of recioation or •%^!7p^^ 

lie ©pteUaf^e, a juggler't boi. pocket or ^ ^V^^"!*,"! P^* looking li- 


ke needier; V. MaNfbraft. 

lit epitltOif, « pUto for die ilUkoa at h^ ^SlllhllS"' ** Ip®*"^^ lro« of • pike 

Ut%{t\mf Del -el, pi*w. Me -e, « ««««««. ver^- ry^ -ci. » empate one. 
^aftihfg.tXU, piiftMUriY a card-iable. ""O .ww tbron|b with a pwotoii iron, 

W @pic(tt6e , pl'ir. We . en , « clock, «• ^'V!1^^\^}^JL'J^ "*' ^'' 

trhich pbyi -ronfical tunet. , ^- tHWI eWfetMta fp^r t<> «»»• 

8er 6pfeW«r^er6er, a forry gamefte^ or P*,*.?"*'"^: «• ^y.S**'? "* ^*V.*^ 

^ piiy^r, a bnnaler at play; alfo fiEura^ by driving a paie or Aick diaough hie 

tivBiy, a troabie-feaa/ a fpoU-ixade; J^- «i«en^!N}* (Wc#«f to pw a 

hfpwlerofiliverfiona. ^«^*'i * Ei***^.^ ^'V^^ ?^ 

M^ epfcfwerf, M -ii, W«^- Me -e, V. *^t*JKf. Jftc*******^' ** ^"^ *•*• 
€plerffl*en. , , . empaled himfetf. 

h»i&piclm^, M 'tit^. V. tOl ©pMen/ the act of ronning one 

' (Bp<dfa4en* • tbroagh with a fword, lance, Ipcer or 

^r @pfering or SpicrUng^ e Imeic, (a pike, alfo tfmparmt. 

Bfii.) Me 6p{e|eote/ a kind ofwilddncke with 

He 9pfef^toi|{^e/ a avardet, a land mar- a head as red aa fire and a pointed uiL 
dn . a ftvift. (er ®pfe^, M 'i, pl»r, nt ironr: fing. a 

^r Spfff / M 'ti, pimr. Mt *C/ Dtmi' brocket, a led deer two years old; ^cr 

. ivn#. hm @p{ct(0ei|/ ^ epftfifefll/ any OpfelMrfll^. 

long (lender bo^fumtlhed wtdi apomt. Ml Cpiefderte^ pft^r^ tfe - n, a fwiccfa. 
par|icularly in cafe it ia deOgned for ter ©pielgefpi , ttf -eiT, pi^» bfC -^ en« a 
piercing any thing widi. i . In the moft jfeUow- companion or comrade; elfo a 
exteniive fenPe , only in fome particular complice or accomplice, one Who ie 
cafes, (i) 3er 2€t^tV^k%, almaii fpit accelTary to a crime. 

• to t^^R larks on. gto epfef ftKjeil, M ©Pie8gUliJ# M -ti, Pf»r. cor. anii* 

a foil- ftil of larks, (a) Off Wrat»>ftfc mony. (^bftgenel/ fteM(^feael6pfttofa|» 

alpit • /a broach, a long piece of iron/ native andmony. 

on which meat ia fixed to be roalted. (fc CjMfMWXl^t , flowen ef an^naonv^ 

2)<n @pkt brelen / to turn die fpit. cryftailiaed. andmony, (Fioree Anu* 

(])X)er£i<bef)Hffi/ a fmall wooden broach, monii). 

upon which the wicks are put in mak- Me $Pit^(a^t?ef r hi Chymiftty, ha|ter 

ing camllei. (4) ®p{e(e / among flnnts* of antimony, (iBomum Andmooii). 
' men , the firft head of a brocket, which ^i 6pteft)fO«er| , ftnated ere of antinio* 

does not come befbre the fecond year, ny. 9e^erii<^ &pixttMitlf ^H-e ofeo* 
' itie Mk horns of a deer. a. In a more timeny in mdiers. 
Jimiced fenfe^ a kind of weapon , Con- Nr 6Pfe(^<efflg, viny r of a n tiw owy^ 

Bftlijg of a Iharp point on a long p6le hni iBplmlaWOi, glali of anthnoity. 

orvftaff, and formerly wa9 much ofed btf &$\<!6^laMnH > R«g<i'o» Antimonii. 

By fo4diere, but aecordii^ to the i|ttali- Me ^jMefrgfotfeter* in ChymiiUy, Hver of 

eyitf the cifentaflaeciM was aU'o ealted antimony, (Hepar Antimonit;, 

Wfcr, li>«ar, HnHf *•"«•' Jefebarbe/ b9ii ©ptetglo^W, oil of antimont. 

halberd etc. (gi (daft iidcb mit bm ttf tit dPttftgftf^rtiMn , Me mftfnftirMgt ($p{ef # 
t fen @p(e(er ^ ^^ *^ « T^og *>^^# Ma^leber, the ruby of indmbny. 

who fbrwaet of eidierience acta Ititl in. hvt j@pfef gfa^fafron / Crocet Aoiiaoni], 
««eriUaMMly ev hiiprudaedy. j^toffr Iwim 4sf amlmoay. 

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€W^ ©Pitt aof 

u?;.Si?*'y'^f^'*'yv . aea. are called epIffcnT ®p{ffe. ' 


UeMMmii, AaplMMiitic a^umoiit ftead of m^bQUm , the- axFd- twie of H 

lMai^^«m 4aaplil»f^ CDralA water - mill - wheel. A»<i itt fe##ral 

JrSSTf\i c It *^ otijer cafea, where in g^oH Gern^aA 

W WrfgJaf |«nil»bcr , cinaober of mti. and in the more decent manner oC ii)eak • 

bMMolllr ■ eock, tli«c tt^iher crowa P«< f ?:Wi**k^^'* ^* ^^' Wndlea. 
NciiSt&>rhft«diiik. Dcr e^cnfctnelOrr, amoag Pm-m^kenu 

m»i «fttt, biftite Iroo, ^f Wl^^^S^f'J wheat-plum-tree. 

^%. akiiMl «f Mko bi^ oo « fpk. .^'^2!f?J Smijftcia Liwi. (a pot . harb.) 
y^MlMHf » W«l of talk, thu bttOd^ •«« ***1^ '..V^:^^ ^^r* '^^^•^'.''^ '^- 

Kiaallhimeadowiu ?*E!?^'?* WtCrinbt, p/irr. tie -n^ 

l«W<h(l9«t «i<iall«aai*W infalUo- , fore<|wWll, • cheftetc. 

nHU (oaU fide iiMa to a ijpit. to jSpIIIM, W«<r. Me • n. DimiH. m 

Kr eMiei^ in »fr Aft(k, te mk far 6l»{ifHC4KII. i) A fpindfe . a pin iifed 
JMi n a kkc\imu ' b fDionifl| and m twiaing thread $ y« 

•KffWfotbe, p/«/. Me -a, AfwiicK 6pw. tti tar ©pinbet orepiffe folni 

•Wired. f>0f(>5kepi(ffttt|miiiQf IKW. «o jlpia on the (piDdle. a) The 

In. to nm the fMitlopo ot santtoi, £• pointed hme . twigi of the (bwlera or 
„™««IT piiBilhaMiil> bird - citcbert are likewife ^kliown bf * 

%Welfciite, ^€pl<W»«ft/ <ke IjpMf^ ^« oaoje of epfnbcliu j) iMe6pinber, 
.^.i . >cc ©cttbaqm,, Heektfefo dnerJJiflJ 

v^WcfMlier , • ^alb#rdeer . a laotien MHUj the axle « tree of a machine. 4) ' 

•««••• fpear.iMD , a pike -mo. JW< 6Wn6el ail ber Itlter •&er an finer 

'^.^tMmikf, ttfOlcsweiibcr, • um- aMcin m^tmt, the Wee or fpindle 
JWi • jaOu. of a prefa or of a (crew, c) ©jc epine 

^ MiiHiiHt, pi*^ Vk -fk, OaotN be( in eliKr Kafcbciiubr^ tbelnfee of a 

wtti^rfad %tvM^, the wp-Toot. tratch. d) ste «<j(nbcC an uncr ffietu 

«• duaf toot of * tree, which growi bcltrepiK, the fplodle or noet of awind^ 

PjpeadiailaHT into the earth. JOK ftalr-cafe. 7) 2>U inrpfipinber, « 

^•?!r*WB/ be* *•<#, Wiw. bfe -|4bn(» "» to turn bltttont on. 8 ©fe epitl^ 

mNHbll^ « pointed tooth » # dof*a bel CinCrffiiflbmabU/ the pillar or pell, 

••^ on which a wina-mVl relit, 9) ft(c 

« V. eHcf. Himfpinbel , the bigger arm-bone* 

\ r phr. bfe^ - n, pimimmt. bal m. t . A &Nndle in the form of a tree* 

Sir • ^.V^t^P^ff"^*' Uttgnage L e. a large long aod Orong fpindle.' 

fiifiiffi' '-^/"^i^f lir ^?f«5f»- ^ '^« (jpjodle.tree or pn'k-wood. 

LuTiT'P^^^^^^^** P*«VP*f;» «l>«nbflf*nnia, leA, end Wi#v. formed, 
^ « Wlemof t)ie net 10 c«ct oiiaiU ' ma4« or Oiaped like a foindle or Ipaol. 

2f!?''t*^t ••T^^'^?^ «^,f M ©^^^ epikaeofb. •baftet 

2*L^ ibe leng^tb and loUndnela tie with l^dlee. 

SJrtwLx'* "^L"*^ ^?/ ^^"* i^^ ba< ^piObelfratlt, tke tNUUrd-^faOoA (a 
S*/^^w tBofte (a roliec or cyhn- plaatj. ^ 

r»« r •.^^'*'* '^'•.'*fi^^"l^''i- •^ CMnMllKWr/ a fpmdle.maki^r. 
kiS. u "!i?.?**3?^l*^ ©iiWatirt. ber «pfnbrlmntfei^ in Aaatomj. the ra- 
■»»^; the f|p«fr ib ike capAao, a dial mntcte. ^ 

r^. Il b Ijketnfo Hied to toer a witk a foiadle. 

ZlSi^.7'^i^ •»**r»- *» •«»• Mr e0llbtfi»il«rff the fpaofUo (a rtKUe). 
2^«^ bir dt«efl are ibe |[a?ea on ^ ^^^i^il, die fpioiWe- pan. wkat 
■ll^J *^"' .**^^ '^ ^'S* ■■*• » tkedati^tet'e owa by ankeritage. 
STtJ?^ fljr #f/play. Ameof Kiierf. ber "-plnbel rfinel , tr* -I. p/ar. at nom. 
miroa-bam* fttv^ud^Oia p^ ipr ^^^ * tWc^^af AkteMd la ika\^d. 

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208 ©pill ^ 6p» 

le of « rptoDiog wlufsi; « Whifl pat en may cAtdi fm^ll flies, Imt I01 wil|M cai 

• rpiactie. horbeu break tlifoug^. 

tCt ^Dtuftt, • ii»m« for a pile-red nAy, ttr tg|>ffincr# IK* ^i, piur.vt nom.fuig. 

the rpinel or fptnel-ruby. a fpinner, t per(iMi,.^o fpint. Femim, 

^q^ @p!nrtt/ a rpioet or virgiixaia» a mu- Mc ^pfnner{n> a fpiDoer, a fpiailer, a 

liral tniiruineot. . won^an, wEfo Ipioa. 

bie @plnfie, p^ur. Me -n, Vimin. bol He ©irtnatrcu, /^z*"-. *i< en, '*. The 

^pinti<i>tti . ' l^l^cnnlCtn ^ a fpider^aa manner of fpjnning; bat^no^/iira/. a. 

ammal,wbore eyes are placed m cUijUrs Spinning, conlidered at a dexterity or 
. on its back» who fpins a web and preys (kill, as a profellJon or buiiDefsf Uke- 

on flies ; Aranea Linn. Some large forts wife without a pii^raL 2)ie SPftlO<CC| 

ire known by the name of j^anfcr- Vtrfti'tcn to underiiand fprnoing, to 

Opinticfeinb/ adj, and adv. dncm f))in/ hatre Qcill in it.- Z' ^ uititaeon or 

ncftinb fC9n , to hate one like a toad« place, where much is fpnn. 
' to be a fwom enemy to him. \ftt ^tnner(o|)n , money. p4id for fpi»- 

©Mnnen, ^erb. irreg, act, and neUtr. ^, «»»"|- * , wx. v k * 

Imperf, |(b fponil, fin popular langua- Mt ^pfnttWtbe. plur \M -nV V. ba# 

ge i(b fponn), CoiM-. i(» fp4nnc, (in po- ^®g^nw»?<«^^ a Ip.der s web. cobweb. 

puhr lasgoage iA fp6nne) : Particlp. %tf btt €pfnilb<rfen, • fpwomg.hook. 

fponnetii /mper. fpfnnc. U U ufed ab- baj ©pinnjau*. M -f*. Wi-r. Me -Mo* 

iolutely and in the form oU verA neu^ ftr , Su4tt»«n<, « bridewell, workhou- 

itr with babtll / as well as acUvfi with f« or houfe of correction^ where vagcants 

the accufative, and fignifies; i. To and OnMnpetf are obliged to fpin. 

fpin, tiP form into threads by drawing bfe ©pftlttWttC, « hm for aik-worms to 

it out and twifiing it. fn Ut Splnbcl, . JP?j^- , .^ ^ ^ ^^- , 

an cinem STobe fpfnnen/ to fpin on the JK®?^n<*t«' V. Spmtifribe. 

fpindle. on a wheel, gi* ffilt ®pinf.^«< ©P^nnWH/ a fpmper, a fmall fpider* 

net! ntfbrcn, to live or fubfift by fpin- blefptnnwflble/ /'w- ble-n, •ipinutag- 

ning, to get one's livelihood .by fpin- ' "**""_ . ^ ^ . . , , 

nbg. ©rob, flor, fdn fpfnncri/ to fpin W^ ©Dfnnrdb, a fpinning-wheeL 

coa?fe, fine. If it it a verA acifve, Ihe We ©plrmrttuptrV. -^ponnrattpf. 
threads fpun. as well as the«iamir, out ber epmnrocfcn/ be5 -^, piur. nt^om, 
oT which they have been fpun, may ftand /^"B- » "^^Vck or diHaff , the Half on tbd 
in the ^accuj alive, gjncn rro^en, eftttn ;*A''*"'"3:' ^]. ?^*»\^^ *^i.^-?^^"*L'* 
^ flrobcn gaben fplnnen, to fpin a fine, a ^^^^^ J?Jf te'"^* .®" ®^««^" 

coarfe thread. ®arn fpf linen, to fpin ^,wB.*.«»^ r A if ^ 

yarn or threads. BolTc, Slacbtf, ®er# ble 6plttnfdbc , a loit of cfyftaUinegr^ 

^ rifl, @c«Dc ftXnnen, to fpin wool, flax, ^.^^Pf-?'!' ^- «^««^l- , - - • ^ 
tqw, filk. 2Ur ^eitenrourm fpfnnt ff* We 6pin«(lube, P^^^-f^^ -"/ • 9»!^*l^ 

\tm f<fn ®rab, the filk-worm fpins iu ?^?"'. • '^™ f^'' fpimier. or fpwjilers, 
• own grave. Fi^umttvely: Ht mlvb Uls ^^ "«?*?«•. ""^^ a ccrropany jof fpmneia 

ne ^IbeJabcp mnvtn, he will get no ^ ^' * fP*"";°6 •^"*^/ ^tJSfkamU^ 

\ profit by it, he will make nothing on»t >« ®pCnnm<fr<l> V. ffiMfteC. , . 

At lall. Zi fft nkbt^ id Nefn gefponnen, bO^ Sptnt. O In fome paru, a meafora 
ei tbmtnt enblfcb an ber ©oanen, (an of land confifirog of ten fquare verges or 

> ble @onne)/ there is nothing To fecret, ' poles, a) A certain coro-meafare, 6i 
but it is discovered at lad, or even "which 640 make a Jsfi. Sin t^ptntll^^ 
the moll hidden things will God.ditco- f^r, a peck of bats. S) That |>aLrt o£ 
ver and make mani£efl. a. With the bread, which is' not baked enon|^. 4)I<^ 
predominaiit idea of twilling, winding fome parts, a nam^ for fat, greate. 5) 
and tufning. ithcf fptnnen# to' fpin or Alfo a namti for the fap or white part 
twill tobacco. ^Ofb fpfnoen/ to wire- ^ of a tree, betwixt the bark and^iha 

draw gold, gin ©ell fplnneii / lubrebcm wood. 

to make or twill a rope or cord. ^Q Splntlflren # fer^. reg. n^ufr, to d^^*^ 
n^lnnen ^ to bottle hay, to, make it into . plot , contrive ; merdiiate ; r6 be%c* op^^t 
bottles or bundies^ br;iins ajbout a tbing, td Araiii ^Be!s 

tO«©p(nnen, the act of fpinning^, the fl^«» "pon h ; V. ©tflbeW / iRa*b«ai, 
fpimiing. baj ©pfnttfiten, fpeculadop; ddiginA^ 

Cplnnenfdnb, V. gplnnefelttb. ' thinking upon with earxiea appiicauM. 

ho^ ©pinnengewebe, be< -«, piuF.utnom. ^ee epion.^bef -e^. W-r bfe -e. »Jw« 

Jing. A^ cobweb, the web of a fpider; » P*'fC<i« {»« to wa^ich the coodMfc «i 
in popular language ble ©Pinnemebe* vniptions of another, 

' Figurative//, b(e (^efe^e gnb ©pinnen* ©pionlren, ^rl. reg. n0utr. with ^9Sm$ 
aemebe, nelcbe^bte grofen Wt^tn bunb^ ^ ip;* to b^ a Ipyv to«o Inrkiog^iiMiii 
lb(beni# UAb m»rhi fii1> nur bit ffelnern in order to oblti:?* :mat 4? doaaf «f 
faageil# laws are likrcoftweba^ n^Ich ioin|,{(^ard. -^ 'o...-^' 

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Ml CtHtiffrftifr M rpiral-Opriac. 


kr ^irftu^ . fpuriit« tke rpicitt oF Arong 
Kqaors, lO^r ^i^eiii/ ipiriu of win«« 
SpiriiuA Vini. 

Mf^irtrftfemaU?/ T. 6pierf((ii)a((e# Bt^iti^ 

»al@0iiulr b«l-cl/ jfJur^lit ©Wtfler, 
4 fpittal . an borpital , a place built ?ot 
iko reception of me lick, or the fnpport 
of the poor. 
KeSpttaitlrAr, the (pittal-chnrch« 
krentQimtlftttf M 'i, pi»r> utnoMi. 
jSo^. the bofpitaler or hofpiuUer, one 
{vrho haa the iolpection over an holpi- 
tal, who ia alio fonetimea eaJled (er 

6fmlp(lc0fr/ 69ita(iKmo(ta. 
kr etilalprfMitr Of Vfamr, an hefpitiJ^ 
p8f{biror diaplam • one who officiatet 
^ a ohaplaia at hofpitab. 

MeSplia(r«99<. a liputal.or hofpitalpfoop; 
• {figtmSy a bad or vieager* foop. 

6M^# -er, •tt, adh 9itA mdv, -a word 
•M only utpopnliir language for fpliig, 
pointed, Ihat eoda hi a point, that 
baapoint. up* ttdt Uu M^6l ^llt 

mcpcn, J%«r«^liie(r» I ^ii*t anderaand 
itfighify, 1 cannot ovike any thing of it. ' 
ItrOPif* f « A pottieraaiaB dog. a. 2)cr 
Wf aad ta the DimnmUv^ MM 6pf6i 
toy a httie ialiiqeor or fuddled; V. 

kr epinamhoti ^ Hling aii?U^ V. alfo 



Mf 6|rfMrf^C 4n tppi^ which haa di'eiha* 
pe ef a top. 

kxepl^n, M -el, pliu^. tk -ttttt, 

^pMoted heard, a goat*e beardv 
Mr CMatattlf ioMUb, a bolter ehher 

Of ^rire or coarfe cloth, nfed whea 

^tbeat u grated or the poiAt taken o&. 
ikeifi^ntt, piar. Me -n, a kind of 

fOMted fiaftall.pox, which are alfo cat- M @pl?eifeil, V 

knafilUy; ¥iUaBoit«ly; like a vtUHia, U- 
ke a rogne.. 
Mc^ife/ pimr. Me «ii, Dimintu. bai 

. eptMKfl' * @pi<f(efn. I. The point, 
the tip, the Iharp end of a thing. 2>(e 
^Mfie efiter SStaM, efne< fRtAVr^/ efnel 

• 2>Men^/ the point of a needle , knife, 

fword, See eptnt tinci Sl?iirmc« / the 

rpire, the pyramid of a tower or ftee- 
pp»; the point of a tower or Heepte. ^(e 
fSpiii einel iSaomel/ the top of a tree. 

mt epint tinti Verged, ihtf ndge. 

Seek, kneil. ^p or (harp ;op of a hiU. 
Me epf^t 6er«afc, btv gutme, M 
9in$W, the tiD of the aofe, .of the ton- 
gue, of the finger, ffn? ^tffitfplH 
, ^8 / ^a knife • jioint full. 2tnQ$ auf l^e 
6l>fte letfQ/ Jigurativeijr ,, to expofo 
ft thmg t^ the greateft danger. JNe 

®9ite eCner tirmee , the he^d bf an a^ 
niy. 6(4^ 0(1 tie @pi6e SeBdl^ to place 
or put one*0 fetf at the head. f|n hit 
Bpll^ feon , fte^cn , to be at .tie head .• 
aifo to have the firft place or rank. In 
ouier cafes the point of thA (word it 
underAood. Scmanben ucr bit &pi%t 
fOfbeni/ to challeilge one to fiaht. 3fe# 

dianben Me epi^t bintn, CA^^r.) to 

make head on bear up a^ainfi one; to 
oppofe QT rdiil him. This word is al- 
fo fometimes ufed for the highell de- 
$[99^. ©fe @M^e ^er *^ee . the height, 
Uie pinnacle, the bigheft pitchr of honour 
or giory'; in/lead of wich (^ipfef ia more 
ufual. a. In a more limited fenfe. It 
is ufed h^re ia the /^/itrn/ coUectifely 
andabfo1utel]r; defn5ppcire epi$tn^ la-^ 
ce, bone- lace; ^fObiinr!fd>e 6|»$cil, " 
BrulTels • (Brabant.) lace. tOtit @pl(en 
MintelD/ to. deal in Jace. fin Sim mit 
6»ifetl hcinm, to lace a hahit. t^ 
adorn it with lace. Alfo ^ alibough tei* 
domer, in the Jlngu/ar^ dnc Mm, fS)5ne " 
^»9i(ef a fine, haadfome lace. ^Dttt 
pibtnb^tiMn,fyuraUV€/y, to faty. 
riae, cenfure or reproach. 

@pf$mert(rf. ^ 

acu I. @of(f0 mat^tn. 

to point, fpike or £hsrp«|n fomething, 
make it Qiarp at the end, to iharpen 
the point of it. J){e ^oM fpjjjcn, to 
point or Aiarpen a needle or pin. 2)le 
ithtt fpffetl/ to (harpen the nib of a pen. 

©fe Sebfr »r(l)fr rrimiot^n ^pi^tn, to 

write bitterly againfi one. ©fii ^unb 
|Um Vf^ifen fplecn, to prick np oneV 
mouth in order to whillle. *2)ic DbrfQ 
fMBen # to prick up the ears ; to liAed 
or hearken* attentively. ^,t1> auf ttmot 
Wb^tl 9 figff'fiive/y , to hanker after a 
thing, to l6ng or wi/h to be at it, to 
expect it with an agreeable anticipation ; 
alto to depend or rely on a (hmg, to 
hope for it. 9. In an oppoGte feof^ fp||« 
letl tain fome cafes to, deprive of the 
poiota. The hat-maker^s '«)<$v. the hair 
«f Ahare*alkiii, nhen ihey cut off the 

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2IO epi$ ®1H| 

poiott of thr cowfo hair* t?iA ttwrt. tcr W^immit, m fomtad kiomicr c 

to talje off tbe poih w oC & wheat. Me ©pifcjarft / f/i**'. >j< - i # « ««« «^ 

5af ^»llMtt« ih^ «« of Iburpeniof^ or with bfAfi - itno|i. , . ,. . 

inf.poiotMig.* "^ . . ;.. -HrepiiM.-p^-^f-if ^••f- , 

MTep^^CUr^cft/ embroidoiyV . pointed ^i^. -tr , .fc^ ni^ thd .rfi^. f. I] 
needle •^ork. ^ , , , * pro|Mjr fanfe. bAviog a point* pouiUd 

M ^i$inn^p the fiUetf of tbe^book- A,^ at. the. end, Ibarp pointed, Jharp 
..bindert, ufed in makicig figorea on the xUrp acihotop.eadbi inafharp poin« 
' backA of hooka in tbo Ibrm or Ihapa of acute, (Kin fH^i^H OKfff^/ • P«>n»l« 

laco. \ ^ c . kmie.«aeftK«fg€64iiforittc|^fm^ 

iff epiMfiUtttinn f^ mwider of pointa » pyramid , as obadk , a tapmig fl<j 

.orlaca. ., . .. * . »^. n^ €mc fMBftC «(*/ « poiotwi noft 

\^iica or pointt. „ the trodiingt. (Ho frif Uct WttfcL ai 

^ep\u^%MVXi{, alaco-cravat; mlloa acute angle, that wbicU ia iela thai 
. laco-hmwlkerchief. ^, ,- ninety dweet- a. i^^iirjiiv*^. Ihar p 

JcrCpfltntanfeCl, bel-l/P^'-«^'w/. daaU cutting, nipping, bitimj, raiyriod. keen 

tug in (ace or poinU» the trade of A poignant » bitter, aboBtet Pttngeaj 

lace- man. • ^ . epf^fec fBortC, cuttiilg, fatyncd wordl 

tti e#l|niW»M» f • l«ce-in$n, a dealer g|„^ fp|^^e «»t»Wrt, an offeofife, i 

in lace* , cottin« repartee, i«pty or aafwor ^ 

fine eiK««rfttPPterftm , a lace -maker, a ^^xtt Cfnc (pi^ldC Jtiff , be baa ajbeefl 

woman, tvho makes bone- lace., ' Cityrical or pvngest %le. . . \ 

bcr 6pl$enfrom, a l«^-jhop- ^^ jfe epfalaMt. 6*dtfe ctmr ^»I9, tbi 

ial epHcniBobCt or ©tlBee^ a pattern or ^%SS or flSpnrfa of a p^ST 

model of fo^w lace tjr point. ^^ ©pleHce, the white mpunada. trofoU. 

M «pi»«niwrf , pomta, lace, , laced ^ §Jj||j^'e ^/nr. i/ai^. th^ Utito ebi 

fhii^a, needle, work refembling bona- '^ ^S^ KrdMu ^^^ ^ 

W epWWe, the fpihdle.pipe of an or-, f Sd^. - ^^' tnkj pm£on 

.©MBfllnWarer^ -le, nd,. a^d ^^fv. CpHttppfl; **• and «A». Aat baa i 
Uihtle. flv, cuiuiini. crafty, iosenioua, pointed head or a luch c'oWji. 
Iharp, kewi, nice, critical^ fityrical, ^ai@pi6bin, a finall Ibarppomt or top 
oertfoftona, cutting. Hinging; in aiubtle, ' alfo a little lacfc. _. . . * ^ . 

crafty, latyrical. cntical, cutting, ftbg- tal CptflmadL a mouA, which eiNla m j 
ing manner, tin W«faoM«cr «opf, « point; alfo a name for a fort of tay (^ 
JTubtle, quick or Iharp wit , a conlkLef Eih). . 

Ug cap, a fljarp bla<ie, a critick. CfOC WejBplWairt^.pAw^f Me -WtaO^, ^ftfW 
mMntiu 9rntl9arlr * wittidfan, a quick moule. ^ .. ' .. 

SXHttTreply* an impromptu an in- »cr epi^mciget, bOl 6lM|dfeilf. V^'!^ 
ceniotta anfwer ; alfo a ^tting or fting- cornered fliarp pointed chifel nbd bi 
Sig anfwer. •Of. |tt ^ifAnWA, too mafont and fculptora In rough- hatting 
'ptiactiliottt, too critical, too cenloriout. their ftonet. 

(lio fpiefAaMaar g^tner or ©Wputlrcr, Mc ©pfsmor^cC, t^l^r. Mi -t, a fwt « 
afophtOerv a cunning and cavilling dia- mulhroom, a mq^rilt the imalitie an 
puter. mOll dainty kind of mulhropms. 

>U 6p«|fAllbit»flt# pi«r. Me -enr fl^^rp- W€«P<0miiltl|e/ Z'^- 'mA ^Mwnint c« 
vnefa Tof wit, witticifm, lubtilty, aoute^ herb). • -*. t i 

Mfa, criticifm, fophifm, fophiftiyj aU Wc ^pf $mtl W«I ^ a kind of foa-«oaaIeo| 
e ^. #.n:kklM «fe%Affiv thmlu with A oomt OB a 

to puna , quibblet. many Oielli with ^ pomt on pne end, 

hU ©plWWogc , V. ^pi^rottef. btt emnamtfM • nir p4mr. Me - b» ecpi 

bie «PiMcrte, V. ©pielgerte- patmera mck-name. 

to «IHW^ «>$*-<*/ P^"^' i^ -•W<r. M«f^|W<^?' • ^*^>* tipped.;^.. 

a Salli wiUi a foot. bfe ^pi«nuj . fflafff rrwift, tbe a^atie nwl 

M eplsarol, be/ -e* , fi^. Me -grdf bet 6pl$p«afet a pendi with ^ f»»?"j 

ferTSiretgral^ fedge. Meepffipptfe, /r/«r. Mc-U/ V^epllMirti 

a kind of pick - aae. M Spf (rat , a wheel of the pm • wakffl 

ta Cpt|^r# be< -i# plmr^inuf. oau by means, of which tb^ point their pnH 

With two red poiati* on a |;riod-ltone. 

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6iMi 9f^ aii 

kt9»HitHf\rii^n»n9 of dM f» bff. «* (bm ^pflttet te >m9iii9Cf 
4ukan^ on whicbihe ptiii«MpoiBtta.^ ififleil (mn, to hate cot « IflliiMtt 

tfe§0lt«^, V.6Ncfrl^ ^ Jbio oalj't fiiittr. * ^ 

tkjMwale/ ;»/^* bU'U, ABtiMilk, te«KiltCrtni«, «rplinter.rmc«are. 
dte apyrttvitd.. 6l»timrf|# -«/ -frt/ «i(f. aad «rfv. fhi* 

Iar6pi«f^f«aill/ inTonia partt, a iuum yttj, fcilj. 6lrtincritetf i^(|, flii?«fy 
for tlM ClHffeilter wbich (m. . wood, tvood, Wbich Tplitt ot Oik/wai 

Mt ONffoncf/ Mtf ep^HMHt, « loBg which b ape to fplinter. C{n fplimi^ 
pwco of field or groitnd, that eoda in c jier &t)kltt, • fealjr or IhivefjIIaca. 
foiat, or |!iat is ritoaUar oiliuimiwor ai CpHttcm^ v«r^.>tf. t« hv^rk iMoiap 
OM end thao at dio otbvr. with ^oilni/ to ^c« firivar or b^vak ia 

Nr€M|ffa^/ « pointod chifel orilMHiffb piocat. to dnve or crack. %. A verk 

active, to ^it, fplinc or fplbler. 

kf 6Mifehi , « round griadiag-iloo« of 6|iCltl€fnjiclai» or epUlterooAV «i^. aiii 
u» |»tBf-niakef«, on which thajr poUih aM. ftark^aakod, qiiitt ** aakod. M 

*«rpim. i^'^tfSaBoOjriWliitenuMmbv