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The Newberry Family 


I 1634-1866 

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The Newberry Family 


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Ne\ybeiiry Family 













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Copyright 1398, 
Jambs Junius Goodwin. 

John Wilson and Son, Oambridgb, U.S.A. 

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T7OR this monograph on the Newberry Family 
a thorough examination has been made of the 
Colonial Records of Massachusetts and Connecticut, 
the various records of Suffolk County, Massachusetts, 
Windsor, Connecticut, and the Hartford Probate Dis- 
trict, beside family papers. For valuable assistance 
and courtesies I am indebted to Charles J. Hoadly, 
LL. D., State Librarian of Connecticut, the Library 
Committee and Albert C. Bates, Librarian of the 
Connecticut Historical Society, James G. Batterson 
of Hartford, Samuel P. Newberry and Miss Frances 
E. Newberry of South Windsor, Connecticut, to all of 
whom the subscriber returns his sincere thanks. 



June, 1898. 


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IN y* Year of our Lord 1629, Divers Godly Persons in 
Devonshire, Somersetshire, Dorcetshire & other places, 
Proposed a Remoue to New England, among whom were two 
Famous Ministers, viz. Mr. John Maverick (who I suppose 
was somewhat advanced in Age) and Mr. John Warham (I 
suppose a ^'ounger Man), then a Preacher in y* City of Ezon, 
or {Exeter, in 3*"* County of Devon. These good People met 
together at Plymouth, a Seaport Town in y* S* County of 
Devon, in order to Ship tbemsclues & Families for New Eng- 
land; and because they designed to Hue together after they 
should arriue here, they met tc^ether in the New Hospital in 
Plymouth and Associated into Church Fellowship, and Chose 
y* S' Mr. Mauerick and Mr. Warham to be their Ministers and 
Officers keeping y* Day as a Day of Solemn Fasting & Prayer, 
and y* S*^ Ministers accepted of y* Call & Expressed y* same ; 
the Revd. Mr. John White of Dorchester in Dorcet (who was an 
active Instrument to promote y* Settlement of New England, 
and I think a means of procuring y* Charter) being present & 
Preaching }-• fore part of y* Da}', and in y* latter part of y* Day, 
they performed y* work aforesaid. 

This People being too many in Number to come in one Vessel, 
they hired one Capt Squeb to bring them in a large Ship of 400 
Tons ; they set Sail from Plymouth y* 20*** of March 1629-30, 
and arriued at Nantasket (now Hull) y« 30^ of May 1630, . . . 
They had agreed with Capt. Squeb to bring them into Charles 

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River, but he was false to his bargain & would not come any 
further than Nantasket, where he turned them and their Goods 
Ashore on y* point, leaving them in a forlorn Wilderness desti- 
tute of any habitation & most other comforts of life. But it 
pleased God, they got a Boat of some that had staid in y* 
Country, . . . and put their goods in y* Boat, and Instead of 
Sailing up to Charles River in a Ship were forced (as I suppose) 
to Row up in a Boat, it being about 3 Leagues to y* Mouth of 
y* River. They went up y* River until it grew narrow & Shal- 
low, & then put ashore & built a hut to shelter their Goods, 
Intending there to set down, it being about y* place where 
Watertown now is. The Indians upon their arrival Mustered 
thick, they thought about 300, but having with them an Old 
Planter as they called him, one that had stayed in the Country 
& could speak something of the Indian Language, (I suppose 
they took him from Charlestown that now is, for they called 
there & saw several Wigwams & one English Man in an Hquse 
where the}' ate boiled Bass, but had no Bread to eat with it) 
they sent him to y"* Indians, who were persuaded to keep at 
a distance y* first night, and y* next morning when the Indians 
appeared, they otfered no violence but sent some of their 
number holding out a Bass; our people sent a man with a 
Bisquet, <& so they exchanged not only then but often after- 
wards, a bisquet for a Bass, and y* Indians were very friendly 
to them, which our people ascribed to God's watchful Provi- 
dence ouer them in their weak beginnings ; for all the Company 
were not gone up y* River, but about Ten men to seek y* way 
for y* Rest. . . . They had not sta3-ed here at Watertown but 
a few days but y* Rest of their Company below had found out 
a neck of Land Joyning to a place called by y* Indians Matta- 
pan, (now Dorchester) that was a fit place to turn their Cattle 
upon to prevent their straying ; so they sent to their friends to 
come away from Watertown, and settled at Mattapan, & tnrni»d 
their Cattle upon y^ S^ neck, then called Mattapannock now 
called Dorchester Neck. They began their Settlement here at 

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Mattapan y* beginniDg of June as I suppose, or thereabout, 
A. D. 1630, and changed y* name into Dorchester, calling it 
Dorchester Plantation. 

Why they called it Dorchester I have never heard, but there 
was some of Dorcet Shire, & some of y* Town of Dorchester 
that settled here ; and it is very likely it might be in Honour of 
y* aforesaid Revd. Mr. White of Dorchester. 

Our People were Settled here a month or two before Governor 
Winthrop & y* Ships that came with him arriued at Charles- 
town, so that Dorchester Plantation was settled next to y* Town 
of Salem in y* Massachusetts Colony, being before Charlestown 
or Boston : And y* Church of Dorchester y* oldest Church in 
y' Colony Except Salem ; and I suppose y* only Church that 
came over in ^Church Fellowship, the other Churches being 
gathered here. The Indians here at Dorchester were also kind 
to our People. 

The first Inhabitants of Dorchester came chiefly from y* S'' 
Countys of Devon, Dorcet & Somerset, and I think from some 
other places. They were a very Godly & Religious people; 
and many of them Persons of Note and figure, being dignified 
with y* Title of Master ; which but few in those days were.^ 

Unfortunately for the student of history, the first four 
pages of the earliest volume of Dorchester Town Records, 
covering the period down to January, 1632-8, as also the 
Church Records prior to August, 1686, are lost 

Governor Winthrop, in his History of New England, 
under date of June 24, 1688, says : — 

*'A ship arrived from Weymouth, with about eighty passen- 
gers, and twelve kine, who sate down at Dorchester." ' 

^ Annals of the Town of Dorchester, by James Blake, page 7. 
> History of New England, by John Winthrop, edited by James 
Savage, 1863, page 125. 

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Whether Thomas Nswbebby was one of the passengers, 
we do not know, but certainly he was a resident of Dor- 
chester on the 1st of September, 1684, at which date we 
find these entries on the Town Records : — 

'^ Item — It is ordered that M' Newberj shall have 80 acres for 
his accommodation in the Plantation." 

" Item It is ordered that M' Newbery is to have for his purchase 
that he bought of M' Pincheon the house M' Pincheon. built 40 
acres of upland ground to the house 40 of marsh 20 acres in 
Quantq necke." * 

On the 8d of September, 1634, he was admitted a free- 
man of the Colony of Massachusetts Bay,^ which shows he 
must have been a member of the Church at Dorchester, in 
accordance with the following vote passed by the General 
Court at a session held in Boston in May, 1631 : — 

^' & to the end the body of the comons may be preserved of hon- 
est & good men, it was likewise ordered and agreed that for time 
to come noe man shalbc admitted to the freedome of this body 
polliticke, but such as are members of some of the churches 
within the ly mitts of the same." ^ 

At a town meeting held October 28, 1634, he was one of 
the " Tenn men chosen to order all the afifayres of the Plan- 
tation, to continue for one yeere " ; and he was re-elected 
in November, 1635.* He was a Deputy to the General Court 
held " att Newe Towne," March 4, 1634-5, and May 6th 
following.^ At the latter session he was " chosen ouerseer 
of the worke att Castle Ileland, in the roome of Roger 

1 Boston Record CommissioDers Reports, Vol. 4, p. 7. 

^ Records of Massachusetts, Vol. 1, p. 369. 

» Ibid., p. 87. 

* Boston Record Commissioners Report, Vol. 4, pp. 7, 13. 

» Records of Massachusetts, Vol. 1, pp. 134, 145. 

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Ludlowe, Esq., & it is ordered that hee shall have the same 
power to presse men for the worke, that Mr Ludlowe hadd, 
as also to presse carts for such allowance as hee thinks 
meete." ^ At the session of July 8, 1635, it is recorded, 
" Mr Neweberry & Will" Phelpes are appoyncted to sett out 
the bounds betwixte Wessaguscus & Barecove." ^ 

At a session of the General Court, held March 4, 1634-6, 
there was ^^ a hundred acres of ypland ground & an hundred 
acres of meadowe ground graunted to M' Thomas Newberry, 
lyeing nexte to the lands of M' Israeli Stoughton, aboute 8 
or 9 myles vpp Naponsett Ryver, on the north side of the 
said ry v', to enjoy to him & his hieres for euer." ' And at a 
town meeting held November 2, 1635, " it is ordered that 
M' Nathaniell Duncan, Mr Demicke, Thomas Ford and 
Mathew Graunt, or any two of them shall have power to 
lay out an hundred and fifty acres of medow to M'' Israel 
Stoughton, in a medow lying six miles above his mill at 
Naponset river and was graunted him by order of Court. 
And likewise next there unto t • . • . out an hundred acres 
of medow unto M' Thomas Newbery as that was likewise 
graunted him by order of Court togeather with an hundred 
acres of Upland ground and likewise it is ordered and agreed 
up on whereas Mf Newbery hath relinquished a former graunt 
from the Plantation of 40 acres of Marish and 20 acres of 
Upland in squantum Necke he is now to take all the ground 
from his house to Wi Willsons farme, in consideration 

December 17, 1635, the town " ordered that M! Newbery 
shall measure out his hundred acres of the same marsh 

^ Records of Massachusetts, Vol. 1, p. 147. 

2 Ibid., p. 149. 

» Ibid., p. 141. 

^ Boston Record Commissioners Reports, Vol. 4, p. 12. 

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following on this side of the river, if so much their or elce 
to take it over the Water." * 

The date of Thomas Newberry's death does not appear on 
the Dorchester records as now preserved, but it must have 
occurred between December 12, 1635, and January 28, 1686, 
a period of thirteen months, as is proved by his will and 
inventory, which are number 1 of Suffolk County Probate 
Files, and are of a date prior to the entries in the first volume 
of the Probate Becords. 

The Last will & testament of M' Thomas Newberry of the Church 
of Christ of Dorchester who beeiuge iu pffect memory the 
12* of the 10*** Month Ann** Domin 1635 is as followeth . . . 

Imp'mis I give unto my wife Jane Newberry twoe hunderd 
poundes w^ all the hoasehould staffe w®^ she brought w^ her at 
her manage, 

Itt I give all the rest of my goods unto my Children to bee 
equally devided betwixt them vnlesse 3 of my younger daughters 
it is my will y^ these three shall have 50^ a peece lesse then the 

Itt it is my will if any of my Chlldem dye before they bee 
of the age of one & twenty y' then his or thyere portion thus 
deaceased, shalbe equally devided amongst the rest of my chil- 
dren y* are alliv. 

Itt it is my farther will if there doth fall out any controversy 
between my Children that then those my overseers shall end It 
or any such sd controversyes & they are to take advise by them 

Itt I doe further make my wife my whole execatriz, 

Lastly I doe make M' John Warham & William Gaylord my 
overseers of this my sd will * 

^ Boston Record Commissioners Reports, Vol. 4, p. 14. 
* The original wiU appears to have been mutilated, as the signatures 
of the testator and witnesses are missing. 

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An Inventory of the goodes of M' Thomas Nuberie made the 
28*'* of January An? 1636 .... Viz 

Imprimis 40 yds f of Kyd vallued at 
plus 10 yds of broade cloath at 
plus 9 3'ds of bajes at . . . 
plus 15 yds of Apron stuffe at . 
plus 31 yds of Irish cloath at . 
plus 4 yds ( of sarge at • . . 

Ite 15 Cowes and i5 heffers & Calves \ 
3 stearcs & the tfarme all vallued at/ 
plus 6 oxen & 1 steare 1 Cow at 
Conecticott 1 mare 15 swyne — 
2 weather kydds & one yewe goate & ) 
the Lott & howse & meddow at the 
fifrcsh marshes all vallued at — 
Ite the ffeshinge netts forr basse at 

i 8 d 

OiO - 05 - 06 
002 - i8 - 00 
000 - 19 - 00 
000 - i5 - 6 

693 - 00 - 00 

270 - iO - 00 


Item 81 3'ds dowlais & 28 3'ds canvas at . . 007 05 - .4 

plus 41 3'ds of hollande Roshczen & Laun at . 006 - 14 - 00 

plus 6 yds of ffustyan at 000 - .7 - . . 

Item £for Lande in Englande 300-00-00 

Ite for sylke buttones & threod & glasse at . 002 - 03 - 4 
plus for boss old stuffe as bedding sheetes Ruggs ) 
Curtaynes aparell new & olde all vail at ' 049 - 17 - 4 

plus 96 pound pewter paunces & kettles\ 
spyttes & a closse stoole all vallued at/ ' * "" ~ 

plus 12 bookes & 2 bybles at 004-10-00 

plus 11 musketts 2 fowlinge peeces at . . . 008 -..-.. 
plus 1 Cosselit & 4 hed peeces & 46^ powder . 005 - . . 
plus 104 pound shott 30 Cod lynes & sounding lyn 005 - 2 - . . 
plus 32 bed Coardes weave ropes & traces . . 003 - 19 - 00 
plus 10 pound twyne 2 pes sackcloth 2 worn sheets 003 - 10 - 00 
plus 23 pound leather & a reale for a shallop . 002 - 08 - 00 

Digitized by 




Ite 13 hewes 6 63'thes 5 hachets vallued at . . 004 -00-00 
plus 7 doare lokes 4 poringe panns 106^ najles 004 - 13 - 00 
plus 1 hh of sea coales 1 pessell & morter at . 001 - 13 -^ 00 

Ite 2 sylver cuppes & 1 sylyer salt at ... 004 - 00 - 00 
i sylver wach 1 gold ringe 1 brass dyall . . . 004 - 04 - 00 
Ite in mony in Cashe 001 - 01 - 00 

Ite 60 bushelles Corne & 1 hop^ of byskey . . 009 - 00 - 00 

In fifrute & spyce & 2 hh & ^ of meate . . . 009-05-00 

plus i hh of pease 19 cheeses & 24 p butter . 003 - 08 - 6 

plus 3 gall aquavite 70^ porke & beefe . . . 001-18-6 

plus 40 p Candelles 6 hh of Malte at . . . . 013-00-00 

plus 1 hh of salte 3 bush oatemeale at ... 002 - 04 - 00 

plus 1 hh of vineg' and a skyffe at 005 - 00 - 00 

plus in hop* & t3^mber ware 002-10-00 

plus in a pare of weeles & wheelebarrow . . . 002 - 00 - 00 

plus 70 pound soape & 16 p hoppes .... 002 - 15 - 00 

Ite the deptes dew from severall men .... 033 - 19 - .3 

Sum : totalis is — 1520* - 04 - 07 

Israel Stoughton. | 

Of his wife Janb nothing is known earlier than the 
date of his will, and whether she was the mother of any 
or all his children is also unknown. Between March 18, 
1637-8, and May, 1639, she became the wife of Rev. John 
Wabham, formerly of Dorchester, but then pastor of the 
Church at Windsor in Connecticut.* She died at Nor walk, 
April 23, 1665.» 

On page 44 of Volume 1 of the Colonial Records of Con- 
necticut appears this entry : — 

* Hoop, a peck measure. 

* Boston Record Commissioners Report^ Vol. 4, p. 29, and American 
Antiquarian Society Transactions, Vol. 7, p. 124. 

* Matthew Grant, Church Record. 

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March tub 5**», 1639. A P'ticular Couet. 

Jno. Haynes Esqf Governo', 

Roger Ludlow EsqT Dep'ty. 

Mr Hopkins, Mr. Wells, Mr Webster, Mr Phelpes. 

This present day there was returned into the Court by Mr 
Gay lard, one of the overseers, a Coppy of the estate of the 
children of Thomas Newbery deceased, dated the 10*** of Febr. 

1639, subscribed by Mr. Ludlow, Mr. Phelpes, Mr. Huett, Mr. 
Hill, George Hull and Wm. Hosford. 

Unfortunately the " Coppy " has not been preserved, but 
on pages 2, 3, 4, 6, 6, and 7 of Volume 1 of the Windsor 
Land Records, lands are recorded under date of October 10, 

1640, to the seven children of Thomas Newberry by " grant 
from the Plantation." About September, 1645, there was 
presented the following petition : — 

To the honoured Governor deputy Governor Assistants & 
deputyes, the humble petition of the children executrix & 
overseers of the will of m' Thomas newbery late of Dor- 
chester deceassed 
Humbly sheweth 

That wheareas m' Thomas Newbery late of Dorchester, dyed, 
leaving an estate theare, out of w'** he gave certayne legac3'es 
to his wyfe, & all the residue of his goods equally to be divyded 
amongst al his children w^H are in number seaven, exceptlnge 
that three of his yongest daughters should have fyftye pound 
apeece til the rest, making his wyfe sole executrix & m' John 
Wareham & William Galer overseeres of his will, And wheeras 
foure of the eldest are now of full age, & the execatrix & over- 
seeres w"" the consent of the three yonger & for thire education 
& p ferment, have joyntly sould vnto John Glouver the farme 
at Dorchester purchased of m' Pincheon w*** y* appurtenances 
& also a sixtine acre lott in the great lots in dorchester w^^ a 
barne standinge theareon, & also fortye Rods of land lying on 

Digitized by 



the litle necke of land in dorchester, It is the jo3*nt desjre 

of them al that the Court would be pleassed to Batyfy & 

Confirme this grant of the sayd ffarme & lande vnto the sayd 

John Glouor 

Henry Woolcot 

Daniel Cleark 

Joseph Newberry 

Beniamin Newberry 

John Wareham 

William Galer in 

the behalfe of the three 


At a Session of the Geuerall Court, the First of the 8^ Month, 
1645. Upon y* petition of Henry Woolcote, Daniell Clarke, 
Joseph Neweberr}^ Beuia: Newberr}^ M' John Wareham, & 
Willi : Geler, on y* behalfe of y* three yongest daught", y* Co't 
granted y^ y* farme bought of M' Pinchin, w^ its appurtenances, 
y* 16 acre lot, w"* y* barne upon it, & j'* 40 rods in the little 
neck, should [be] ratified & confirmed to M' John Glover.' 

Among the Massachusetts State Archives ' we find this 
document : — 

To y* Hono"* Gen" Court now assembled at Boston this 7th of 

the 3"^ Month 1662 The humble petition of Beniamin 

Nubery Daniell Clarke and Sarah Woolcot the wife of 

Henry Woolcot now in England all of us of Windsor on 

Conecticut humbl}' sheweth. 

That yo' Petitioners the true and Lawful heires to M' Thomas 

Nubery once of Dorchester (as hath bin legally and fully Evinced 

at y* Last County Court held at Boston,^) haueing intelligence 

and of Late a full und'standing of a former Grant from the 

^ Massachusetts State Archives, Vol. 15 B., p. 144. 

^ Records of Massachusetts, Vol. 2, p. 139. 

• Vol. 15 B,, p. 166. 

^ Neither the record nor the papers relating to this case are in 


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Hono"^ Gren? Coort of The Massachnsets Colony held at New 
Towne unto M* Tho : Nubery of a certeine Tract of Land viz 
one handred Acres of Meadow, and one hundred Acres of Up- 
land 8 or 9 Miles fh)m Dorchester called then the ffresh Marshes 
at y* w^ place was Granted unto m' Israeli Stoughton a Tract 
of Meadow Land as y* Records doe declare, next unto wch 
Meadow of M' Stoughtons the Land of o' father Mr Thomas 
Nubery was to be, and we alsoe und'standing that those fore- 
mentioned Grants haue not as yet bene in an orderly way by the 
Courts appointment bounded and measured to y* Grantees; 
Though possession hath bene taken and improuement made by 
each partie both by M' Israeli Stoughton and M' Thomas 
Nuberie at y* said Marsh to w^'^ y* Grants aforesaid doe refer, 
And whereas nothing doth or as we know of did euer yet 
appeare to disable o' Title and intrest in y* said Lands granted 
unto o* ffather M* Thomas Nubery, either by vertue of any 
Court act in disposeing the said Lands to any other person or 
persons or by any Just and Legall conveiance made by the 
Grantee o' ffather or any other interested in y* said Lands O' 
humble request to this Hono*^ Court is that you would be pleased 
to take o' case into yo' prudent and pious consideration, That 
there may be some appointed by this Hono"^ Court to lay out 
and Bound according to y^ orders of this Colony That Land to 
us the Heires of M' Thomas Nubery according to y^ Grant fore 
cited, Be pleased we beseech you to consider o' father died long 
since before any his Children came to Age to act on their owne 
behalf and in their minority were Transported to Conecticut and 
in that respect in a great discapacity to acquaint o'selves w^ 
severall affaires respecting o' fathers Lands and other estate 
lying in this Colony of y* Massachusets, and perticulerly respect- 
ing this Land Granted to o' father til of late within ffew weeks 
some of us not knowing or being informed thereof Otherwise 
we should have more seasonably repaired w^ o' humble Address 
unto this Hono** Court whose Wisdom Piety and Justice (we 
doubt not) would have excited them to pitty and in a Just and 

Digitized by 




Righteous way to releive the Orphans of him who in his time 
and according to his measure and abillity was ready to doe good 
in his Generation as many yet suruiueing better know then 
o'selves, Wee beseech you let not the unseasonable presentation 
of o' Case in this o' petition be an impediment to o' acceptanc 
■ being hereunto directed by y* Wor" Magestrats at y* late County 
Court, which doth administer some hope to us of Audience and 
Acceptance and of y' answer of o' Petition by this Hono*^ As- 
sembly, The which will engage yo' Petition's to an humble and 
Thankfull acknowledgment of yo' Bounty to them who shall 
incessently pray, That y* wisdom of God may be in j'ou to 

Guide and direct you in all yo' AfEaires. 

Daniell Clark 

in behalf of y* 

rest nominated 
13:3^: 1662 

For Ansf to this petitioon there being only A recital 

of Grants & Courts proceedings And no Records 

wee Conceive it not Capable of resolucon 

Richard Russell. 

Joseph Hills: 

Edward Tyng 
15 : 3* mo : 1662 

Since the Above sayd of ours : the Grant hath 
been produced; the Case, Examined <& Evi- 
dence Considered, whereby wee find Some Tes- 
timonie of A Sale of the Sayd land & some 
probabilities of payments thereupon <& therefore 
Conceive not ground to Grant this peticon, for 
laying out the lands menconed but if Satisfac- 
con be not made According to Agreement the 
peticoners & whom els it may Conceme may 
recover Satisfaccou with iust damages 

Richard Russell 
Edward Tyng 
Joseph Hills 

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The Depat.s approve of the retarne of the Committee in 

answer to this pet w*^ refference to the Consent of o' Hon"* 

magists hereto 

William Toreey Cleric 

Consented : b}' the Magis^ 

Edw. Bawson Secret 

Children of Thomas Newberbt. 

2. 1. Sarah, b. m. Nov. 18, 1641, Henry Wolcott. 

3. II. Mary, '< 1626; m. June 18, 1644, Daniel Clark. 

4. III. Joseph, ** 

5. IV. Benjamin, *' m. June 11, 1646, Mary Allyn. 

6. V. John, " 

7. YI. Rebecca, «< 1632; m. John Russell. 

8. Vn. Hannah, b. m. Thomas Hanford. 


Sarah Newbebby was, according to all the evidence 
now obtainable, the oldest child of Thomas Newberry (1), 
and was undoubtedly born prior to his emigration to 
America. In the division of lands at Windsor, Connecti- 
cut, she received by " grant from the Plantation" 18 acres 
" Southwest from the Mill," 4 acres in the Great Meadow, 
and "over the Great River" a tract ten rods wide and 
three miles long, also 1 acre " towards Podunk." ^ 

She married, November 18, 1641, Henby Woixjott, 
born in England, 1610, son of Henry and Elizabeth 
(^Sanders) Wolcott of Windsor. Mr. Wolcott was a con- 
spicuous man in the town and colony, holding many 
positions of trust and responsibility. 

^ Windsor, Conn., Land Records, Vol. 1, p. 5. 

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Henrj Wolcott died July 12, 1680. In the volume enti- 
tled "Wolcott Ledgers & Genealogy," preserved in the 
Connecticut Historical Society, is this entry under the 
year 1684 : — 

^' June 16, my Dear Mother m's Sarah Wolcott was sudenly 
Seized w^ a palsie & sume convulsions, Continued till 16 

Children of Hexbt and Sarah (Newberrt) Wolcott. 

I. Henrt, b. Jan. 6, 1642.^ 

n. John, " Feb. 28, 1645. 

in. Samuel, <« Oct 8, 1647; d. May 10, 164a 

rV. Sarah, " July 5, 1649. 

V. Mary, " Deo. 6, 1651. 

VI. Hannah, '» Mar. 8, 1653. 

VII. Samuel, " Apr. 16, 1656. 
Vin. JosiAH, " July 22, 1658.« 

1 Among the Wolcott family papers in the poBsession of the Con- 
necticut Historical Society are several letters to this Henry Wolcott 
from John Newberry of Chardstock, Dorsetshire, England. One is 
dated " Chardstocke march the second 86,'' in which he says : — 

<< Loning^Cozing, — after diu respectxs thes lines may Cartifi you that 
yours of July the 20 1686 I recived whare by I vnder stand that you 
know that M' Hucker is ded sur. 1 writ to you the last yeare to Come 
oner but you did not Come these lines may informe you that the last 
yeare I recived a leter frome Coz John Woolloot of wethersfilde And 
Cozing Samuell Woollcote with a leter of Atomy for to send them ouer 
the rente In goods and A Cope of your fathers will : . . . AUso the last 
yeare I did desiere you for to geet it sartyfied vnder the seckatarys 
hand And the ministers hand that Cozin bengimen Newbery was still 
lifefing if hee ware so For granfather Newbry soldo a livenng by his 
life and the lord forsoth hime to prove the l^e Alive thare fore pray 
sartyft vs whether he be lifing or ded. . . . my granfather newbery 
is stil living and desieres to be remembered to you and All the rest of 
his relations thare pray remember mee to Cozen John wooUcot And 

> These dates are taken from *< Wolcott Ledgers & Genealogy." 

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Maby Nswbebby, daughter of Thomas Newberry (1), 
was born about 1626, because, m an affidavit dated Decem- 
ber 2, 1684, regardmg " my sister Mrs. Sarah Wolcott late 
deceased," her age is given as ^^ 58 or thereabout." ^ She 
was one of the persons to whom lands were allotted at 
the settlement of Windsor, Connecticut, receiving for her 
share 13 acres ^' Southwest from the Mill," 4 acres in the 
Great Meadow, and '^ over the Great River " a tract 10 rods 
wide and 8 miles long, also 1 acre ^^ near Podunk." 

all the rest of our relations thare and I shoald be glad to see you 
heare. . . . And haveing no more at present I rest your loveing frend 
to sarve John Newbexy." 

In another letter, dated September the 29th, 1687, he says : — 
**Louing Cozen, — after Cordiell love & respects these lines may 
Informe you that y" of June the 24^ I recived in 1687 whare by I 
vnderstand that yon receved no letter the last yeare from mee. . . . 
Allso now I desired you severall tymes to geect it Atested vnder the 
ministers hand or vnder the secketaryes of the Court that Coezen ben- 
gimen Newbery Is still liveing but you do not do it Acording to law 
for vs now it plesed god to tack Away my granfather the 12^ of 
August last past In one 1687 but All the rest of our relations heare 
are genarally well And desiere to be remembred to you so haveing no 
more At present 

I rest y' louing frende And kinsman to sarve 

John Newbery " 

Following these is a letter from Thomas Locke, dated ** Tolland 
febuary the 7^ 1692,'^ in which he says : — 

" Sir, — I reseved yo' letter & yo' orders to manage yo' busines 
which I shall by the Lords assistance do it chearf ully & faithfully as 
tho y* were my father or dearest relation I had in the world knowing 
y^ I may be called to give up my acount to god before I may to you : 
as you ord' me to go to the wdd* newbery to take y' goods & monys & 
take acount of her. ... 1 find your Rents hath been very well payd 
untill the yeare 91, which is the yeare M' nebery dyed in." 

^ Hartford, Conn., Probate Files, Miscellaneous, 1674-1770. 

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She married, June 13, 1644, Danieii CiiABX of Windsor, 
who became one of the prominent men of the Colony. He 
held many important offices in the gift of the people, 
both civil and military, in the latter rising to the rank 
of Captain. 

" Mary wife of Capt Daniel Clark dyed August 29, 1688." » 

He married a second wife, and "dyed August ye 12"* 
1710 in ye 88 year of his age or thereabout." ^ 

Children op Daihel and Mart (Newberry) Clark. 

I. Maky, 


III. Elizabeth, 

IV. Daniel, 

V. John, 

VI. Mary, 

VII. Samuel, 

VIII. Sarah, 

IX. Hannah, 

X. Nathaniel, 

b. April 24, 1645. 
" Jan. 21, 1648. 
" Oct. 28, 1651. 
" April 4, 1654. 
« April 10, 1656. 
« Sept. 22, 1658. 
" July 6, 1661. 
« Aug. 7, 1663. 
« Aug. 29, 1665. 
" Sept. 8, 1666.« 


Joseph Newbebbt, according to the evidence now 
attainable, was the eldest son of Thomas Newberry (1) of 
Dorchester, but the date of his birth is unknown. There 
is recorded to him on the land records of Windsor, Con- 
necticut, October 10, 1640, by grant from the Plantation, 
8 acres with meadow for a home lot, also 16 acres south- 

1 Windsor, Conn., Town Records. 

' The date of birth of the eldest child of Daniel and Mary Clark 
is taken from the Windsor, Conn., Town Records, and the others from 
the Matthew Grant Church Record. 

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west from the mill.^ January 12, 1641, he pui*chased from 
John Wareham, Henrj Woleott, and his brothers and sis- 
ters, Benjamin, John, Mary, Rebecca, and Hannah New- 
berry lOJ acres of meadow near Podunk.^ June 24, 1644, 
he sells to John Wareham 1| acres of land '^with the 
standing frame thereon." ^ On leaf 6 of the Henry Wol- 
cott ledger, preserved in the library of the Connecticut 
Historical Society, there is an account with Joseph New- 
berry. The last entry is dated April 23, 1648, and proves 
him to have been living at that time. He soon disappears 
from the town, and all further trace of him is lost. 

Benjamin Newbebby. second son of Thomas New- 
berry (1) of Dorchester, Massachusetts, was by far the 
most prominent of any of his children, all of whom before 
1640 became residents of Windsor, Connecticut In the 
first volume of Windsor Town Votes, we find it recorded, 

" The Townesmen mett Mrch the 9*** ^J and concluded 
That M^ Newbery shal take care for making and coppyng out 
the several rates y* are to be gathered and to gather the Towne 
rate and dispose of it accord to y" several occasions of the 
Towne and to be payd for his paynes herin." 


"The Townesmen being met on Munday the 13 Sept** 58. 
Lt Nubery is desired to get such sills for y^ meeting house as 
are wanting and to bringe them to y* water side." 

^ Windsor, Conn^ Land Records, Vol. 1, p. 2. 
« Ibid., Vol. 1, p. 8. 

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He was chosen one of the Townsmen in 1656, 57, 58, 59, 
60, 61, 67, 71, and 72, a Lister in 1663 and 1687. In 1677 
he was appointed one of the committee to seat the meeting- 
house, and 

'' At a Towne Meting, June 23, 1685," 

" It was voated y* y* Towne wold have a pattent according to 
Charter taken out from y' Governo' & company of y* Townshipp 
of Windsor Alsoe Capt Newbery Capt Clarke Henry Wolcot 
Thos Bissell Seni' & Georg Wriswald ware chosen to take out 
y afores"^ pattent in theire names from y* Gov' & company in 
behalfe of y* Towne." 

He was a Deputy from Windsor to the General Court of 
Connecticut for fifty sessions, from May, 1656, to October, 
1684, both inclusive, and at the Court of Election held in 
May, 1685, he was chosen one of the Assistants, which 
position he held (except during the usurpation of Andros, 
October, 1687, to May, 1689) for the rest of his life, being 
present at a session which opened eight days before his 
death. He was annually appointed a Commissioner for 
Windsor from May, 1669, to May, 1684, both inclusive, and 
chosen to this oflSce by his townsmen in May, 1688. Gov- 
ernor Andros appointed him Justice of the Peace for Hart- 
ford County in November, 1687.^ 

At a session of the Particular Court, held June 7, 1660, 
he was appointed Captain of the Train Band of Windsor.^ 
In July, 1666, the General Assembly appointed " Goucrn' 
Winthrop," "Capt Nubery" with his brothers in law, 
Henry Wolcott, and Capt. Daniel Clark, with seven others 
ns a committee, who, " in case of any apparent danger of 
invasion by the approach or motion of any cnemic towards 

^ Colonial Records of Connecticut^ Vol. 15, p. 514. 
2 Particular Court, Vol. 2, p. 138. 

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any of his Ma**** subjects in this Colony," were " to order 
the militia or any part thereof as they shall judge meet, to 
appoint and commissionate officers how and which way to 
act and proceed soe as in their best judgm^ may most 
aptly conduce to a present preuention of the enemies 
designe and the conseruation of the Colony and the peace 
of the Plantations and people inhabiting the same." ^ In 
June, 1672, various vacancies on the committee were filled. 
" And in case any forces should be drawn from one county 
into another, it is by this Court ordered that the cheife 
millitary officer of that county where the forces are shall 
command in cheife all the forces in that county that belong 
to their county or that com from other countyes to their 
releife. And it is hereby declared that till farther order 
be taken, Capt^ Nathan Gold shall be deemed cheife milli- 
tary officer of the county of Payrefield, and Capt** Wm. 
Curtice his second ; . . . and Capt° John Tallcott for the 
county of Hartford, and Capt" Benjamen Newbery his 
second." 2 In August, 1673, this committee was superseded 
by the " Grand Committee," of which he was a member, 
and was appointed Captain of any forces that might be 
sent out of the county.* 

In November of this year, the General Court at a special 
session passed an act establishing a ^' standing Councell of 
Warr in this Colony," which " shall haue full power to act 
as a Councill of Warr in establishing or commissionateing 
of millitary officers, in makeing of martiall lawes, in press- 
ing of men, horses, ships, barques or other vessells, armes, 
ammunition, prouissions, carriages, or whateuer they may 
judg to be needfuU," and appointed Newberry one of the 

^ Colonial Records of Connnecticat, Vol. 2, p. 44. 

a Ibid., Vol. 2, p. 183. 

' Ibid., Vol. 2, pp. 204, 205. 

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memberfl/ which position he held until after February 

At a meeting of the Council held August 6, 1675, it was 
ordered that a company of one hundred dragoons should 
be raised in Hartford County ^^ to be in readiness upon an 
bower's warning for a march, whoe are to haue their armes 
well fixed and fitted for seruice." ^ Twenty days later it 
was voted that " Capt. Newbery being of the Councill and 
his attendance being necessary is released from his at- 
tendance as Capt. of the dragoones that are to goe out 
of the county of Hartford, and L'^ Nicholas Olmsteed is 
appoynted their Captaine."^ 

May 20, 1676, he was appointed to the command of a 
body of eighty men from Hartford and the neighboring 
towns, which were " raysed to march to North Hampton, 
upon Munday next, there to continnue for the defence of 
those plantations, for the present" * 

The following letters from him while on this expedition, 
will give some idea of the trials to which the early settlers 
were subjected. 

Right worshipf^ according to orders received I hastned away 
for releif of y* vpper plantations oOeing to westfeild was earnestly 
solicited to accommodate them w^ some souldiers for y' releif 
they haueing received great loss by y* last expedition seaueu of 
y' men bing wounded & slayne vpon which motion y' being 
three of o' men willing I left y" y' At p'sent and hastned vp 
w* y* rest and came vp in very good season I finde y* people 
very desirous for motion against the enemy and according to 
best Jntelligence cannot but Judge it may be for great advan* 
tadge to be doeing assoone as may be they seem to be secure by 

1 Colonial Records of (Connecticut, Vol. 2, p. 219. 
« Ibid., Vol. 2, p. 346. • Ibid., Vol. 2, p. 356. 

* Ibid., Vol. 2, p. 442. 

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what retarne y^ scoats make and doabghUes are not yet nnmer- 

Z, oas its credibly affermd y' is a considorable party at Quabuag 

2 nigh three hundred by y* jntelligence y* is oome from thence 

'S last night so that we are apt to think / majo' Talcott would 

§' pleas to come y* way w^ his foeroes he might doe good service 

§* both hear and y': we onely p'sent y* case and leaue it to y* pru- 

I dent considoration of y* Councel or yf y* council see cause to 

g send about fifty or sixty more souldiers and giue y' consent and 

o advice to y* matter we would willingly march vp with w* oy' 

"^ souldiers may be raisd hear and doe what Spoile we can by gods 

E assistance on one side of y* river our souldiers are very willing 

t^ to be doeing something rather nor lie garrison little is like to be 

^. got by garrisoning w* ever may be saved : yf }** councill see not 

a y' way by all y* is before them to send any more men y* way 

!^ then we propound for yo' advice and councill whether we may 

S; not goe foerth w**" w^ is hear to be procured and make some try- 

S? alls suerly I cannot but think it will be disadvantadgiues to y^ 

2: publique jntorest to defer y' matter any long time, we further 

9 propound whey' it may not doe well y* Samuell Cross and those 

g dogs he hath may not be advantagious to y"" p'sent motion to be 

*< sent up yf you see cause to haue any thing donne : w*"* service 

B to y' Hono** gouemo' deputy govern' and the rest of y* councill 

o comitting you and all waighty ooncernes to y* guidance of the 

g most high desiring y* prayers of all for vs as we trust o's are for 

^ you we take leaue remaining 

i yo" to serue 

g* Northampton Beniamin Newbery 

g- May : 24^ — John Maudsly 

& 1676 — 

g ffor y* worship!" Cap*" 

o John Allyn Esq' to 

be comnnicated to the 


councill at Hartford 
thes : ^ 

1 Connecdcut State Archives, War, Vol. 1, Document 76. 

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Bight worehipf", 

Sir by post from Hatfeild we received jntelligeDce even now 
that y* jndians hane donne much spoile many howses burnt 
w^out the fortification sevoral men from Hadly went ouer for 
y' releif of which y' is fine kild and three wounded two of o' 
men kild Johanna Smith & Richard Hall : John Stoe wounded 
in the foott and Rodger Alvis is also wounded in y* foot : John 
Smith of Hadly kild and two of y' garrison souldiers y' was 
about a hundred & fifty jndians y* fought y" vp y* meadow all 
like to be kild & taken but y* men jssued out from towne for y' 
releif none slayne till almost come vp to y* towne many more 
jndians y' were at y* towne doeing spoyle at y* same time y* o' 
men were fought w*"* they drew off and ambusht y* way twixt 
Hampton and Hatfeild to lay waiett for o' foerces but fearing it 
before hand went not y* way but drew ouer to Hadly could not 
gett to Hatfeild by reason they lay so thick — about y^ landing 
place many cattle and horses slayne and taken away y" is y* 
substance of w* jntelligence we haue to jmpart the Lord sanc- 
tify his hand to vs for our good and be p!sent w"* you in all yo' 
waighty concernes vnder hand: jntelligence from Boston you 
haue already not elce but conliall respects to yo' selfe and all 
relations w^ you take leaue remaining 
yo' humble serv* 


May y« 30*^ 



flfor y* worshipf" Cap*" 

John Allyn att 

Hast post hast.^ 

^ Connecticut State Archives, War, Vol. 1, Document 84 a. 

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In March, 1662-3, the General Court appointed him and 
two others as a committee ^' to laj out all those lands that 
are yet vndevided at Mussaco,* to such inhabitants in Wind- 
sor as desire and need it";^ and in 1668 the committee 
were given further instructions regarding the division of 
lands, and the making of a settlement there. 

In October, 1664, he with four others was appointed " a 
Committee in the behalfe of this Colony to use their en- 
deauours to issue and setle the bownds of the Colony 
between the Bay and vs, and Road Island and vs, and 
o' Sowth bownds " ; * and in May, 1666, he was appointed 
one of a committee ^^ to settle the matter in difference be- 
twixt Stonington Inhab^ and the Indians at Coassatuck." 

He dealt very extensively in real estate. 

Oct. lO*** 1640 

Benjamin Nubery hath Granted from the Plantation, South- 
west from the Mill thirteen acres, in bredth thirteen rods more 
or Less, the Length from Arthcr Williams his Lott, back west, 
Eight Score rod. Bounded North by John Nubery, South bj- 
Joseph Nubery. 

In the Great Meadow, four acres, the bredth four rod, more 
or Less, in Length from the Rivulet, back to the Great River, 
Bounded North by John Warham, South by John Nubery. 

Over the Great River in bredth ten rod more or Less, the 
Length from y* Great River back East, three miles, Bounded, 
North by Thomas Dewey, South by John Nubery. 

Over the Great River toward Podunk, one acre of Meadow 
the bredth Two rod and half more or Less more or Zess^ the 
Length from the River back west to the Swamp, Seventy 
Two rod, Bounded South by John Nubery, North by Henry 

1 Muasaco, now Simsbury. 

« Colonial Records of Connecticut, Vol. 1, p. 897. 

» Ibid., Vol. 1, p. 435. 

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Of a later date are these entries : — 

He has also by vertue of the Death of John Nubery now 
Leagually possest of (by way of Legacy) one percell of Land 
Lying in the great meadow Containing three acres as it Lyes 
Bounded, by the Land of John Warham North, by the Land of 
Henry Wolcott, Junf South, West by Hannah Nubery, East by 
y* River. 

As Also one percell of upland, Containing thirteen acres, in 
bredth thirteen rods and three quarters, more or Less, in Length 
one Hundred & Sixty as it Lies Bounded North by Nathanael 
Cook, South bj' Richard Birdge West by Bray Rosseter, East by 
Daniel Clark. 

as Also over the Great River Ten rod in bredth, in Length, 
back from the Great River, East three miles, as it Lyes bounded 
North by y* Land of Benjamin Nubery, South by the Land of 
Dan*} Clark. 

He hath also purchised of John Russel Pastof of Wethers- 
field, one parcel of Land, Over the Great River in bredth 
thirty Eight rod three quarters more or Less, the Length from 
the River back to y^ East, thre miles, as it Lyes Bounded by 
the Land of Thomas Orton Noith, by the Land of Henry 
Wolcott, South.^ 

here is Entered for Record, the Grant of a Small plott of 
Land, to Cap! Nubery, to build a warehouse vpon, on the North- 
erly Side of the Rivulet, on the Top of the bank, against the 
River, next to the Cart way, down into the River, on the South- 
easterly Side of the way this Grant he had of the Town Some 
3*ears ago, but it was never Set out to him untill, the : 13*1* day 
of November, 1676: and then it was Measured, on the bank 
against the River, from the cart way down ward fourty four foot 
for the Length, and for bredth, Twenty two foot, from the top 
of of the bank, to the way going to the Great Meadow, and there 
was Left for Common Land Ten foot in bredth between the 

^ Windsor, Coqd., Land Records, Vol. 1, pp. 3 and 4. 

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End of his forty foot^ and George Griswolds plat Set out to 

The records show that he purchased numerous other 
tracts of land. 

In October, 1667, the General Assembly granted " Mr 
Thomas Stanton & Capt*^ Newbery the sume of Two Hun- 
dred & Fifty Acres of land a piece for a farme, whereof 
there may be thirty acres apiece of meadow if it may be 

Bbnjamin Nbweebby married, June 11, 1646, Maby 
AtiTiYN, daughter of Matthew Allyn of Hartford and 

The General Assembly, at a session which commenced 
September 3, 1689, still further honored him by promoting 
him to the position of Major of the Hartford County Regi- 
ment of militia.^ He was not destined to bear his new 
honors long, for on the Windsor records we find that 
" Major Benjamin Newbery dyed September 11, 1689." 

Mrs. Mary (Allyn) Newberry died July 29, 1689. 

On the Hartford Probate Records, under date of Novem- 
ber 11, 1689, appears this entry: — 

" An Inventory of the estate of Majo' Benjamin Newbery 
was exhibited in court & oath made that there was a True pre- • 
sentment of the estate of the deceased so far as at present is 
known <& If more comes to knowledg it shall be aded to the 
Inventory & there being no will the court Grants Administration 
on the estate to Benjamin Newbery his son & he being the eldest 
son & onely son of sayd Majo' Newbery & sayd Newbery 
haucing allso declared that he would grant & glue all his lands 
to sayd Benjamin his son & he being the right hcire this court 

^ Windsor, Conn., Land Records, Vol. 1, p. 02. 

• Colonial Records of Connecticut, Vol. 2, p. 77. 

• Ibid., Vol. 4, p. 4. 

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order liim all the lands his father stood posest at his decease to 
be to him & his heires & assignes for euer except the Two Miles 
in length of wood laud of Miles Humpheries land that was, which 
we alott to Thomas Newberys sons & order to the daughter of 
Majo' Newbery forty fower po¥mds apeice with what they haue 
allready receiued what is due to Ephraim Hayward wife is to 
be secured for his Two children when they come of age.*' * 

A List of Captin Benjamin Newberyes esteate taken 
Octo 8: 1689 
The hous and bam and homesteed with litle 

meadowe containing thirteen akers . . . 140 - 00 - 00 

tweell akers land in the greate meadow . . . 080 - 00 - 00 

fiue Akers land in plimoth meadow .... 030 - 00 - 00 

A lott up at cooks 010 - 00 - 00 

Sixtie akers of wood land 035 - 00 - 00 

the wood land that was miles umphres land to 

milelenth 006-00-00 

half the farm the west side of the great river . 010-00-00 

half the farme that was given by M' allin . . 010 - 00 - 00 

Mosakoland 100-00-00 

in the palor fether bed coverled paire sheetts j ^^^ ^^ ^^ 

> 006 - 00 - 00 
fether bolster bedsteed curtins and valions j 

the truckle bedsteed and fether bed and fether 

bolster one blanket and coverled .... 004 - 00 - 00 

A fether bolster blanket old coyerled . . . . 001-10-00 

one chest third partt of the still 002-02-00 

a rapiore belt and stafe 003 - 00 - 00 

in the hoale 

the coberd and coberd deaths table and cloath . 002 - 05 - 00 

thirteen chairs and joine stools 001 - 06 - 00 

seuen quishsions to stone juggs eight glas bottls 

paire andirons 001 - 05 - 00 

442 - 08 - 00 

* Hai'tford Probate Records, Vol. 5, p. 6. 

Digitized by 



in the chaimber oaer the hoale 
A bed and bedsteed curtins and valions one 

pair shetts coaerled and blankett too pillow 

bears 005-00-00 

too chest scalse and weights 001-03-00 

one paire sheetts paire blanketts too pillows 002 - 00 - 00 

Flock bed and old rugg 000-12-00 

three chest and an old trunk 000 - 13 - 00 

a persell wooll also by more wooU and twenty 

too napkins 002-18-00 

too table cloths and a hang towells 001-00-00 

too remnants of new cloth one pillow .... 000 - 10 - 00 

a paire pilow bears to smale table cloths . . . 000 - 10 - 00 

Fine paire sheetts 004-10-00 

in plate and mony 011-12-00 

haye in the barn and in staks 007-00-00 

inglish graine in the straw 004 - 00 - 00 

nine pater blatters and other old blatters . . 002 - 17 - 00 
to pater candell sticks and a brase candellstick 

and old bras 001-01-00 

too salt sailers and three puter basons one 

flagon 000-14-00 

to qaartt potts and a too smale caps three old 

chaimber potts and a nother old pot . . . 000 - 14 - 00 

too brase kitls two brase soiletts 002 - 13 - 00 

one wanning pann too brase pans 001 - 00 - 00 

one iron pott one iron kitle too spitts .... 001 - 18 - 00 

boxe and irons and a chafing dish 000 - 07 - 00 

fower paire trammells slice and fire tongs . . 001 - 04 - 00 
one paire andirons drying pann and driping 

pann 000-15-00 

one gann one paire of stillyards betle rings 

and fine wedgdes 001-12-00 


Digitized by 



Too axes one sickle one hooke 000 - 008 - 000 

cart and wheels with the irons and joak . . 002 - 010 - 000 

Too plows and irons 001-00-00 

too paire hors tackling and coUers .... 001 - 04 - 00 
Too chains lanthome three broad hose stabing 

hoe 001-14-00 

one broad axe one sadle to bridls .... 000 - 17 - 00 

nine old berells one meshing tubb .... 001 - 04 - 00 

one sheett one tenning dripping pann . . . 000 - 19 - 00 

His wareing aperell 009-00-00 

A mantell to pillow bers a flaske and longe 

toweU 001-17-00 

A paire hatchells tenn bushells rye .... 001 - 17 - 00 
A bushell halff wheat fiilenn bushells indion 

corn 001-16-00 

By a 3'oake of oxen fower couse one steere 

one yeareling 030-10-00 

Too calvs one mare 004-00-00 

Tenn swine sixs smale swine 010 - 10 - 00 

Fifllen sheep 004-10-00 

fower bushells pease fower akers of Indian 

come one the land 006 - 12 - 00 

In books one harrow and a spaide .... 004 - 08 - 00 

A smale desk three ciuse too meale oeiuse . 000 - 10 - 00 

To oagers and to chezells and three pailes . 000 - 10 - 00 

other lumber 001-04-00 

Flaxe in the barnn and feilde 001-00-00 

Seuen baggs fower corne basketts .... 000 - 17 - 00 

the press and halff the mill cartt rope . . . 001-08-00 

A grineing stone and irons and slead . . . 000 - 11 - 00 
halff the warehous half the boate half ware- 

hous book 002-00-00 

A paire of cards a drawing kniffe to 

forks 000-06-00 

Digitized by 



Too pease hooks fower berrells sammer sider 

without berrells 001 - 00 - 00 

By harr wareing aperell Oil - 10 - 00 

65- 12- 00 

Taken by us : John Moore 442 - 08 - 00 

John Loomys 55 - 18 - 00 

668- 18- 00 
paid to Return Stronge 

A dusen of napkins 0-18-0 

By three paire sheetts 2-15-0 

By to paire pillow bers 
By a fether bed & coverled 

and a bolster 5-00-0 

By a pott and scillet 
& pott hooks 0-16-0 

paid to Ephraham howard 9-09-0 

in land 010 - 0-0 

By too cows 10-0-0 

By a fether bed a bolster 

and three pillows 05-0-0 

a litle flock bed rugg & blanket 03-10-0 

By a dusen of naptkins 00-18-0 

to paire sheetts to paire pillobers 02-00-0 

Byaskillett 00-06-0 

By to poringers 00-01-6 

298-7 60-0-0 

197 9-9 

"96 129-9-0 

we vnderwriten doe testlfie that 
sum time last Spring we hard maior 
Newbery say that he wold giue his son 

Digitized by 




Bengamin all his Land and within a short time 

he wold make him a deed of it to be his After 

his and his wiues deseas 

Job Drake 

Josiah Clarke 

Anthony Hoskins-V 

Children op Benjamin and Mart (Alltn) Newberry. 


II. Sarah, 









b. Mar. 10, 1647 ;« m. Dec. 14, 1664, John 
Maudesley of Windsor, 
Conn., and Westfield, 
« June 14, 1650; m. June 4, 1668, Preserved 
Clapp of Northampton, 
" Dec. 22, 1652; d. Sept 21, 1663. 
'« May 2, 1656; m. June 22, 1675, Samuel 
Marshall of Windsor, 
Conn., and Northamp- 
ton, Mass. 
« Sept. 1, 1657 ; m. Mar. 12, 1676-7, Ann 

'' Mar. 14, 1659; m. Jan. 8, 1684, Ephraim 
Howard of Windsor, 

VII. Margaret, " Oct. 23, 1662 ; m. May 23, 1689, Return 


VIII. Benjamin, *' April 20, 1669; m. Mar. 3, 1691-2, Han- 

nah (Sackett) Dewey* 
and lived in Windsor. 

IX. Hannah, '* July 1, 1673; nothing further is known 

regarding her. 

" Hartford Probate Files. 

^ The dates of the births of these children are taken from the Wind- 
sor Town Records, and also from the Matthew Grant Church Record. 

* On page 332 of Vol. 2 of the Land Records of Windsor, Conn., is 
a deed dated Feb. 23, 1703-4, from Samuel Sackett of Westfield, Mass., 
"to my brother Benjamin Newberry of Windsor." 

Digitized by 




John Newbebby, youngest son of Thomas Newberry (1) 
of Dorchester, Massachusetts, was probably born about 1680. 
With the rest of his father's children, he became a resident 
of Windsor, Connecticut, where it is recorded : — 

^^ Octob. 10, 1640 John Nuberry hath graunted from the plan- 
tation southwest from the mill thirteeue acres, the breadth 
thirteene rodd more or less the length fr6 Arthur Williams lott 
backe west eight schoore rodd bounded north by Henry Woolcott 
South by Benjamin Nuberrj'. 

" In the greate meade thre acre the breadth three rodd more or 
lesse the length from the rivulett back to the great river 
bounded North by Beniemin Nuberry South by Sarah Nnberr}^ 

^'Ouerthe greate river towards Podancke one acre three quar- 
ters of meade the breadth foure rodd more or lesse the length 
from the river backe to the swampe seventytwo rodd bounded 
North by Beniamin Nuberrj- South by Sarah Nuberry. 

^*- Over the greate river in breadth ten rodd more or lesse, the 
length from the greate riuer backe to the east three miles bounded 
north by Beniamin Nuberry South by Sarah Nuberry 

'* Purchased of John Wareham over the greate river in breadth 
next the same forty rodd in length three miles bounded north by 
the land of Baggatt Eggleston South by land of Thomas Staynes 
and W" Hosford 

'' John Nuberry by an exchange hath altered the form of his 
three acres in the greate meadow, the length is twenty three 
rodd, the breadth twenty one rodd with the ditch it bound north by 
Mr Wareham South by Henr}' Woolcott East by the greate river 
west by Hannah Nubury." * 

The records of the Particular Court of Connecticut show 
that he was living December 2, 1647.* It is inferred that 

* Windsor Land Records, Vol. 1, p. 4. 

' Colonial Records of Connecticut, Vol. 1, pp. 157, 159. 

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he died very soon after, as would appear from the following 

entry taken from leaf 16 of the Ledger of his brother in law, 

Henry Wolcott, now in the possession of the Connecticut 

Historical Society. 

John Newbery. 

January 6, 1647 the estate was deuided at m' 

Werehams which had ben sequestred for John 

Newbery which came to som 169 - 10 - 8 

besides what was in England 

which being deuided in 6 parts each part came to 26-11-7 

of which 1 was to receiue 11 rod and nine foot in 

breadth of the land on the other side of the riuer 10 - 0-0 

It I am to receiue in the bay of m' Glouer . . . 10 - 0-0 

It a quarter part of a cow in the bay 1-2-6 

It. I am to receiue of m' Hill 5-9-1 

The debts I payed of it 

Imp' to Thomas ffoard 1-1-3 

It to Joseph Parsons 1-10-0 


Rbhecca Newhebby, daughter of Thomas Newberry (1), 
was, according to her age at death, born about 1632. 
Like lier brothers and sisters, she is recorded, October 10, 
1640, as having at Windsor, Connecticut, " by grant from 
the Plantation '* 13 acres Northwest from the Mill, 4 acres 
in the Great Meadow, and " over the Great River " a tract 
10 rods wide and 8 miles long, also 1 acre near Podunk. 
Later she was also ^^ possessed by virtue of the death of 
John Nubery " of a tract over the Great River 20 rods wide 
and 8 miles long.^ 

* Windsor Land Records, Vol. 1, p. 6. 

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She became the second wife of JoHir Rtjbsesll, Pastor 
of the churches in Wethersfield, Conn., and Hadley, Mass. 
The date of her marriage is not on record, but in the Henry 
Wolcott Ledger before referred to is " a noate of the aples 
I sould 1651," and among the charges we find ^^ It. to brother 
Russell 6 bushel 1 - 4 - 0." This would seem to prove that 
the marriage took place before 1652. 

From " Bridgman's Epitaphs " we copy the following : — 
























ARD IN THE 66 ^ 



1692 O 



Digitized by 



Childben of John and Rebecca (Newbebbt) Russell. 

I. Jonathan, b. 1666 ; d. Feb. 21, 1710-11, aged 66.» 

II. Samuel, " Not. 4, 1660. 

III. Eliezkr, *• Nov. 8, 1668. 

IV. Daniel, •* Feb. 8> 1666; d. Dec. 19, 1667. 


Hannah Newbesby, daughter of Thomas Newberry (1) 
of Dorchester, Massachusetts, was but a young child at 
her father's death. With the widow aud other cliildren she 
soon became a resident of Windsor, Connecticut, where, 
October 10, 1640, there was recorded to her as a grant 
from the Plantation 13 acres Northwest from the Mill, 4 
acres in the Great Meadow, and " over the Great River " a 
tract 11 rods wide and 3 miles long, also one acre near 
Podunk. Later, she became " possessed by virtue of the 
death of John Nubery " of a tract over the Great River 20 
rods wide and 3 miles long, beside other lands bought of her 
sister Rebecca.^ 

She married, date unknown, Thouab Hanfobd, Pas- 
tor of the Church at Norwalk, Connecticut." The second 

1 From gravestone at Barnstable, Mass. John Talcott of Hartford 
was the father of the first wife of the Rev. John Rassell. Mr. Talcott, 
in his will made in August, 1659, gives property '* to my grandchild, 
John Rassell." Later in the will, he provides, that in case the said 
grandchild died before the age of 21, the property should go to Jona- 
than Rassell. It is very significant that, in the same clause where he 
refers to John Rassell as " my grand child," he mentions Jonathan 
Rassell without using any word to indicate relationship. 

* Windsor Land Records, Vol. 1, p. 7. 

' On page 92 of Vol. 1 of Windsor Land Records is an entry dated 
June 28, 1654, regarding the purchase of 4 acres in the Great Meadow 
by Benjamin Newberry from ** M' Thomas I Jan ford of Norwake which 
was purchassed by his wife Hannah Nubery of Uebekah Nubery." 

Digitized by 



entry in the first volume of Norwalk Town Votes is dated 
December 18, 1653, and relates to the building of ^^Mr 
Hanfords house." 

Hannah (Newberry) Hanford died some time prior to 
October 22^ 1661, when her husband married, second, Widow 
Mary Ince of New Haven. The date of Rev. Thomas Han- 
ford's death is not on record. On page 402 of Volume 1 of 
the Fairfield Probate Records is entered the inventory of 
the estate of Rev. Tliomas Hanford of Norwalk, ^Uate 
dec'd." The inventory is dated January 4, 1693, and shows 
property amounting to X681 Ts. 6d. The " Widow, her 
son Eliezer Hanford and her soninlaw John Edwards" 
were appointed Administrators. 

Rev. Thomas Hanford had several children, but none 
of them were the issue of his marriage with Hannah 


Thouab Nswhibbby (JBenjaminhi ThomaBl) was bom 
in Windsor, Connecticut, September 1, 1657. He married, 
March 12, 1676-7, Awn Fobd. Whether she was a rela- 
tive or not of Thomas Ford, one of the settlers of Windsor, 
and later a resident of Northampton, it has been impossible 
to determine. In anticipation of his marriage, Thomas re- 
ceived from his father a deed of four tracts of land on the 
East side of Connecticut River. We print the deed in full, 
as recorded on page 264 of Volume 1 of the Land Records 
of Windsor. 

To all Christian People, to wbome this present writing Shall 
come, I Benjamin Nnbery of Windsor, in the County of Hart- 
ford, in the Colony of Connecticatt Send Greeting Know yea 

Digitized by 



that I SI Benj^ Nubery for and in Consideration of a marriage 
Shortly to be had and Solomnized, between my well beloved Son 
Thomas Nubery, & Ann Foi-d, both of Windsor afores^ and my 
Naturail Effection and ffatherly Love, which I have and do bear 
unto my well beloved Son Thomas Nabery afores^, and also for 
Divers other good Causes and Considerations me at this present 
Espetially moving, Have Given, Granted, and by these presents 
do give Grant and Confirm unto the Said Thomas Nubery my 
well beloved Son, one parcell of Land, being meadow & vpland 
& swamp and is about thirty nine rod in bredth, and three miles 
in Length and butts, on Connecticntt River on the West on M^ 
Henry Wolcutt his Laud on the South, and John Porter his Land 
on the North, and the Wilderness on the East, — 

More one parcell of Land being meadow, & Swamp & upland 
Containing by Estimation about ten rod wide and three miles in 
Length, abutting on the Great River on the West, on Land of 
Samuel Grants on the North, on Sam^ Rockwell his Land on the 
South, and on the Wilderness on the East, these Two parcells 
of Land are Situate within the bounds of the Township of 

More one parcell of Land being the one half of that farm, 
Given me by my Honoured Father Mf Mathew Allyn, at a place 
called Catch. 

As also the one half of my farm, given me by the Honoured 
Gener^ Court, which half Containes, about one Hundred Twenty 
five acres, of Land, To Have, and to Hold the afores* 
parcells of Land, with all the Immunities, and priviledges, be- 
longing thereunto, unto the Said Thomas Nubery, his Heirs, 
and assignes, from the day of his marriage forever, to be at 
his and their own proper use & behoof freely and quietly, 
without any matter of Challenge, Claim or Demand of me the 
Said Benj* Nuber3% or of any other person or persons, what- 
soever, for me in my name, by my Cause, means, or procure- 
ment and without any mony or any thing therefor to be yielded, 
paid or done, unto me the Said Benjamin Nubery, my Executors 

Digitized by 



administrators, or assignes, and I the Said Benjamin Nuberj, 
all and Singuler the afores'l parcells of Land with their appur- 
tinances, to the Said Thomas Nubery his Heirs, Exeoators, 
adminis? or assignes to the use aforesf appointed, against all 
people do Warrant, & Defend for ever, by these presents forever, 
In Witness whereof I have hereunto Set mj hand and fixed mj^ 
Seal, this Eighth day of ffebf one Thousand Six Hundred and 
Seventy Six : 
Signed Sealed and Delivered 

in the presence of us, Benj? Nubery. 

Thomas AUyn 

Job Drake 
Cap! Benjamin Nubery personally appeared This Eighth day 
of ffebf one Thousand Six Hundred and Seventy Six and ac- 
knowledged the above written Deed, of Gifb to be his free and 

voUentary act & Deed, before me, 

John AUyn, Assis! 

Thomas is believed to have resided on the first piece 
described in the foregoing deed, part of which is still in 
the possession of his descendants. A very old house stood 
on the west side of the highway, a short distance north of 
the present South Windsor Congregational Church, and 
was torn down some time after the erection of this Church 
in 1845. There are good reasons for believing that Thomas 
Newberry resided in this house. 

At a town meeting held February 4, 1684, he was chosen 
fence viewer for that part of the town east of the " Great 
River '' ; and in January following was one of a committee 
appointed to perambulate the line between the towns of 
Hai*tford and Windsor on the east side of Connecticut 

He died April 80, 1688. From the Records of Births, 
Marriages, and Deaths, in the City Clerk's oflSce, Spring- 
field, Mass., we take the following entry: — 

Digitized by 



'^ Joseph Leonabd widower & An Nbwbert were married 
Jan 16 1689. An Leonard the wife of Joseph Leonard was 
sicke & died Jan 6. 1690." 

The Court records during the adniinistration of Sir 
Edmund Andros, from October 14, 1687, to May 20, 1689, 
are not now accessible, but from the files of the Hartford 
Probate Court we take the following: — 

An Inventory taken of the estate ojQT Thomas Newbery of 
Wyndso' who deseast this Life Aprill y"* thirtieth day : one 
thousand sixe hundred eighty eight : = taken : May : 28. 

In p mis : Two oxen valewed at : 07-00-00 

Two oowes valewed at 05-10-00 

One Heifer valewed at 02-00-00 

one yong Bull valewed 01-00-00 

one Horse valewed at 02-10-00 

ffowre small Swyne at 01-10-00 

A olde Cart & plowe w*^ irons be- 
longing to y : 02-00-00 

Horss tackling valewed 00-10-00 

Axes Hoe & oh' Small tooles at . . 00-10-00 

A olde Saddle & pillion at . . . . 00-10-00 
A ffeather Bed w^ Bolester pillowes 

Aftimiture 04-00-00 

By another Bedd and fhmiture . . 02-00-00 

Cradle & w' appertaines to it . . . 00-05-00 

Sheets and Rllowbeers at . . . . 03-00-00 

Table Lynnen at 03-10-00 

Towels valewed 00-05-00 

Apparell valewed 04-00-00 

Trunck chest & Boxes 00-10-00 

Kettle warming panne & skillets at . 01-00-00 
iron pott Box & irons & utensals 

about y* ffler 01-10-00 

Digitized by 



Pewter tinne & earthen ware : . . . 01-00-00 
Dishes Boles cheesfates & o&' Small 

things : 00-06-00 

Table and chayres olde Barrils tabs 

payles & oh' iQber 01-04-00 

Two Bags spinniDg wheels & Bookes 

at: 00-18-^00 

fflaz Drest & Vndrest w*** some jarne 

at 00-10-00 

glass Bottles & a pa3^re of Tutors at : 00-04-00 

Come and porke @ 01-00-00 

pistols Holesters & sword . . . . 01-05-00 

Apprised by vs : Totall:— 49 - 07 -00 

Leftenan Allyn 74-0-6 

Retume Strong. This is a third part aded 

to the Inuentory 49-07 

Jane 19 : 88 

The Children age. Hannah ye eldest : 8 yeares of age 
Thomas y* second 6 y* Last march 
Joseph 4 years old Last octob' 
Benj : — a yeare Last feb*^ 

A County Court held at Hartford, March 6, 1690-1 : — 

'^Tho Newbery his estate being distribated formerly, this 
Court now came to a consideration of the same and find the 
personal estate with a third advance comes to seventy fower 
pownd six pence, when forty five pownds five shillings and two 
pence debts are payd, the womans 3*^ is nine pownds tliirteen 
and sixpence, there remaynes £289 - 1 - 10. of personall estate.^ 
the other three children fifty seven pownds sixteen and fower 
pence apeioe. the Conrt grants administration on the estate to 

1 Should read, *<real and penonal." The Recorder also omits all 
mention of a double share to the eldest son, £115 - 12 - 8. 

Digitized by 




retarn stxong & appoynt Mr John Woolcott with Col AUyn to 
be overseers.'' ^ 

An Inventory of Thomas Newberys Estate of Land In 
Windsor taken march 4*^ 16|f 
To his Lower Lot on the east side the great ) 

River w*^ the house and barue upon it — f 
To the upper Lot on the East side the gt River . 

To halfe farme at Catch 10^ halfe y"* farme at the ) 



050 - 00 - 00 
020 - 00 - 00 

end of the Lotts granted to his father 10^ 

Taken by us John Moore Seii 
Returne Strong 

An account w^ Thomas newberys estate was indebted to 
several! persons after his deth 

To M" Gilbert . .1-6-00 
To M' Jos Whiting 1-08-07 
To M" Way in 

money . . . .0-10-00 
To Jef Alvard . .1-03-00 
To M' Nath" Stanly 0-16-00 
To John Moore Se» 0-04-00 
Zachariah Sandford 0-10-08 

5-18- 5 
35-07- 9 

To his ferry Rate . 




To John Elmo' . . 



To M' Atherton 

Mathers: . . . 




To John Poi-ter . . 



To Ephraim french 




To Tho Cadwell . 




ToM'Allin . . . 



To Cor* Re* Strong 




ToM'Buckly . . 



ToM»Way. . . 



To M' Edwards . . 



ToM'WUlson . . 



To M' Gibbens . . 




To John Grant . . 







ToMattAllyn . . 



To Tahan Grant . 


To Michall Taintor 



To Antho hoskins . 



To Sam" Cross . 



To Symon Drake 



This Day more Debts 

GOOfootof Boords 

for y* Bam : . . 
for Naills and Lay- 
ing - 18 - 

for M' Blaklige . . - 00 - 
for Deaoon Wilson - 6 - 
Mist' Lord . . . 1 - 8 - 



1 Hartford Probate Records, Vol. 5, p. 25. 
« Hartford Probate Files. 

Digitized by 



To Mic" Taintor 

ColeS . . . , 




To M' John fEyler . 

, 0- 



To Sam" Grant sen 



To M' Josi Wolcnt 




To Nathii BisseU . 

. 1- 

-06 - 


To M' Wolcate 

estat . . . . 



ToWidMadsely . 

. 4- 



To John Burnham . 

. 4- 





On page 62 of Vol. 6 of the Hartford Probate Records, 
under date of September 1, 1698, we find this entry : — 

<' Whereas it appears to the Court that there is no person 
appointed to administer on the estate of Tho' : Newbcrrie late 
of Windsor Deceased, they therefore grant power of adminis- 
tration unto Ensigne Benj* Newberie and Leiut Mathew Allyn 
uppon the said estate and order them to take an accompt thereof 
and circumstances and make retorne thereof at the adjoornment 
of this Court" 

Also on page 124 of the same volume, under date of 
March 9, 1699-1700, is the following: — 

^' Ensigne Benj^ Newberrie Adm' on the Estate of his deced 
Brother (Mr Thomas Newberrie) presenting to the court an 
Inventory of his real estate to be aded to the Inventory 
that was formerlj* exhibited, the issue deferred until the 

Among the files we find the following : — 

An Inventory of the Reall Estate of Thomas Newberry dec*? 
the personale estate being form'ly presented 

t ■ d 
To his house and home lott .... 200 - - 
To his upper lott 060-0-0 

Digitized by 



To i of a farme on the W- Side ^^® ) ^ ^ rv 

great river ) 

To i the farme given to his father ) 

• I TUrr All [OIO-O-O 

given by M^ Allj-n ) 

£280 - - 
Returned p^ me 

Benjamin Newlierj' 


The settlement of the estate seems to have been delayed 
until 1705, when we find this entry on page 67 of Vol. 7, 
under date of April 26 : — 

^' Joseph Leonard of Springfield, Administrator on the Estate 
of Thomas Newberry formerly of Windsor dec^, presented to 
this Court an acoompt of his administration of the said Estate, 
upon examination whereof, this Court do not See cause to Allow 
the Same, but do order that the Said Joseph Leonard Shall 
again appear, & render a plain & true acco' of his Said adminis- 
tration to this Court, in September next, and that he now give 
bond with Surety So to do, And the S"^ Joseph Leonard and 
Mathew Allyn of Windsor before this Court, acknowledged 
themselves to Stand bound to the Treasury of this Count}^ in a 
Recognizance of £100. The Condition whereof is, that the S^ 
Joseph Leonard Shall appear and render a true acco^ to this 
Court as is above ordered. And This Court do Order & appoint 
Benjamin Newberry of Windsor, the present Administrator on 
the Estate of the Said Thomas Newberry to render acco' of his 
administration in September next." 

According to adjournment, Leonard appeared before 
the Court in September, and presented his administration 
account, " which is not sutably prepared & methodized." 
The Court therefore again postponed the case until 
November. The final issue is not a matter of record, and 
we therefore copy from the files. 

Digitized by 











Joseph Leonard of Springfield who married to Ann"] 
Newberry Late of Windsor Widdow, Relict of Tho : 
Newberry dec^ & administratrix on his Estate, is D'. 
in pay 

September. 4^ To Bent recf^ for the S^ New- 1 i 

berrys Lower Lott, for 4. (flue) years j 50 . 

To part of rent reef for the Upper Lott 7. years 04 

To paid him by Joshua Wills for a horse . . 03 

To rent paid him by Joshaa Wills ^ . . . 06 < 
To part of the Inventoried Estate of the S'' Thd : 
Newberry which he took into his hands. Viz! 

Two Cows 05 .. 10 .. 

4 Swine 80? plow & Irons lOf horse tack- 
ling. 10- 02.. 10.. 

A Sadie & pillion. 10? A bed & furniture. 4^ 04 .. 10 .. 

Another bed & fhmiture. 40* 02 .. 00 .. 

Sheets, pillowbeers, Table Lifiin & ToweUs . 06 .. 15 .. 

Trunck, Chest and boxes, at 00 .. 10 .. 

A kettle, warming pan and 2. Skillets ... 01 .. .. 
Iron pott & Utensills about the fyer, box & | 

Irons and Gridiron all at ) 01 .. 10 .. 

Pewter, Tinn and Earthen Ware at ... . 01 .. .. 

Dishes, bowls, Trenchers, Cheesefatts & a Cann 00 .. 6 .. 

2 bags and 2 Spinning Wheels 00 .. 10 .. 

Books 8? Glass bottles & Tutans 4* . . . . 00 .. 12 .. 

Axes, hoe & other tooles. 10* 00 .. 10 .. 

itt by a case of pistoralls and a 1 1 «. d. 
Simitor prised at . . . )1:10:0} 
an olde carte and irons at . . 1 ; 10 ; 1 — 008 ..00 .. 

8: 00: £ = 87 .. 11 ..0 

^ This line erased in the original. 

Digitized by 


60 .. 12 .. 10 

04 .. 00 


1705. Pr Contra is Cr. pay — 
September. 4*^ By paid Sundry Debts diie'v 

from tlie Estate of S* Thomas New- f 

berr}^ as by his perticular Acco*. thereof | 

appeas ... is j 

By his wiues third part of the Inventoried ( ^ 

Estate in Moueable goods ... is . . / 
By his third of the Bent of Land one year, ; 

Viz? that year his S* wife Lined .... 
By paid to Hannah Newberry one of the ) op qO 

Children Rent rec* of Joshua Wills 1 . j 
By paid to S^ Hannah in Moueable goods of. \ 

the Inventoried Estate at Inventory price, >• 21 .. 10 .. 

as by his p'ticular Acco*- thereof appears ) 
By keeping and Maintaining the S^ Thomas \ 

Newberrys, 4 Children 1 year & 8. quar->- 40 .. .. 

ters. with Victuals, Cloaths &c — well worth ) 
By his care and trouble in Administring ^i^ ) Qo 

the Estate, & looking after it ... at . > 
p* to Joseph Newbery 

By a Case of pistorols and simeter at . . . . 001 .. 10 .. 00 
itt by Carte irons &c . . . at 001 .. 10 .. 00 

140 .. 12 .. 10 

A true Acco^ 

Pr Joseph Leonard 

1 This line stricken out or erased in the original. 

Digitized by 




September. 4^ 1705. An Account of Sundry Debts due from 
the Estate of Thomas Newberry dec* that were paid by 
Joseph Leonard of Springfield. 

That is to Say. 







To a Ferry rate 




To John Fylar 

: 4: 


To John Elmer 



To Sam: Grant 


: 4: 

To Atberton Mather 




To Thomas Burnham 4 


To John Porter 



To M» Gilbert 



To Ephraim French 




To M' Sydenham 




To M' Allex: Allyn 



To Joseph Loomis 



To Doctor Bulkley 



To Ditto 


To MT Way 



To paid for fenceing 

To Richard Edwards 



the Land 




To M» Wilson 






To M' Gibbon 




To John Bissell 

: 3: 


To John Grant 




To Mathew Grant 

: 8: 


To Mathew Allyn 



To Ditto for takeing 

To Tahan Grant 



the boy 


: 0: 

To Michael Taintor 




To Eben: Millar^ 

To Anthony Hoskins 


for tokeing & > 

To Samuell Cross 



Clothing a boy ) 



To Symon Drake 


To p? Collectors of « 




Rates on the S<*| 

To m' John Filer 



Estate in 5 years. 3 



: 12: 



This is a trae Acco^ Pr me Joseph Leonard. 

Memorand. the s* Joseph Leonard giues further acco! & Infor- 
mation, concerning the s' Estate as follows — 

Viz^ That all the rest of the Inventoried Moueable Estate that 
is not contained in the Aoco! of what he rec? as aboue, was 
Lost & Wasted, or Sold and Spent by the Widdow & admin- 
istratrix (before he married to her) for the keeping her Self 
and Children — 

There remains of Rent due to the Estate of Thomas Newberry, 
in Joshua Willis his hands the Sum of Sixteen pounds & 
twelue Shillings in pay — 

Digitized by 



Att a Court of Probates holden att Hartford, Noyember, 7^ 


The Aboue Named Joseph Leonard appeared before this 
Court, and presented the Aboue Aoeo! of his Management of tlie 
Estate of Tho : Newberry derf (Cap* Benjamin Newbeny Ad- 
ministrator on the S"* Estate being also present) and Offered, that 
for the Sum of four pounds to be paid him by the S*^ Adminis- 
trator by the Order of this Court, he S*^ Leonard would wholly 
release and discharge the S^ Administrator and the heirs of the 
S*^ Thomas Newberry from all debts, dues, Claimes & demands 
whatsoeuer upon the aboue Aceo^^ or for any matter or thing there 
in Contained or mentioned, And thereupon this Court Ac- 
cepted the Same, And do order the Said Administrator to pay 
the S*^ four pounds to the Said Leonard accordingly, and do also 
declare the S*^ Joseph Leonard to be hereby fully acquitted and 
discharged from all concernment in & about the Said Estate 

Test Caleb Stanly Clerk. 
And this Court Orders the S"^ Administrator to ' 
pay a debt of 28! due from S<^ Estate to Mr Rich"^ 
Lord, that the S*^ Leonard had promised to pay 
to him S* Lord 

Action regarding the final settlement of the estate was 
delayed until March 7, 1708-9, when on page 123 of Vol- 
ume 7 appears this entry : — 

'* A writing or agreement made for the Settlement and Distribu- 
tion of the Estate of Thomas Newberry late of Windsor deceased, 
under the hands and Seals of his two Sonns Joseph and Benja- 
min Newberry, and John Woolcott Jun% who married his daugh- 
ter, being all of Age Sufficient, was now exhibited in this Court, 
and acknowledged by the Subscribers. This Court do allow and 
approve the Same to be a full division and Settlement of the 
Said Estate, and Order that it be kept upon file." 

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This agreement was as follows : — 

Winds' March 8"» 170f . 

We Joseph Nabur}', Benjamine Nubuiy and Hannah Nubur}' 
(or our Legal Bepi*esentati7es) being heyres to the Estate of 
M' Thomas Nubury Late of Winds' Deceased, for the Ending, 
or preventing of all Differences that maj arise betwixt as, doc 
mutually agree that Said Estate be distributed, and divided as 

Impf Joseph Nubury his Heyres, and assigns for Ever are 
quietly and peaceably to Enjoy, the South half of a Lot on the 
East Side the Great River, with the dwelling House there on 
standing the whole of Said Lot is fourty Rod in breadth, and 
three miles in length, and it is bounded Easterly ^ on Connecti- 
cutt River, Westerly^ vpon Said Windsore Commons Southerly 
upon MT John Wolcott, and Northerly vpon Hezekiah and Joseph 
Porters Land, or land in there improvement. 

And Benjamin Nubury is to have the other half of the 
above Said Lot, and to Enjoy it his Heyres and assigns for 

and Joseph Nubury, and benjamine Nubury there Heyres 
and assigns, are to have an Equall Proportion of the Righte 
theire Honoured father had, in the Two farms lying on the 
East Side of the Great River, the one lying at a place knowne 
by the Name of Ketch, the other at the End of above named 

and Hannah Nubury now wife to Mr John Wolcott Junf is to 
have her heyres, and assigns for Ever, the upper Lot that be- 
longs to Said Estate, as it runs from the River three miles in 

And the abovesaid Joseph Nubury, and Benjamine Nubury 
theire Heyres, and assigns, are to have all the Rents now due to 
Said Estate, they pa3'ing unto Hannah her Heyres or assigns the 

^ These boundaries are transposed. 

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Sum of ten Founds out of Said Bents and they doe hereby Cleare 
her her heyres and assigns from all Debts due from Said Estate, 
and our Said Sister her Heyres and assigns is quietly and peace- 
ably to Enjoy all the moveables and all the Rents allready re- 
ceived — and for as much as Benjamin Nubury is under age, 
and So not Capable to act, his Guardian Capt" Preserved Clap : 
not being present, I Benjamin Nubury Sen! doc bind my Self in 
a Bond, that Said Benjamin Nubury when he comes of age Shall 
Stand to the above Said agreement, and John Wolcott, doth fully 
consent to the above Said Distribution to Joseph Nubury Benja- 
mine Nubury and Hannah his now wife for the ratifying 

and Confirming of the agreement above and on the other Side 
Written we doe Each of us Sett our hands and Seals the day 
and yeare above written 

In presence of us — Joseph Ne^bery (seal) 

Benjamin Newbery (seal) 
John Wolcott Junf (seal) 

The S* Joseph and Benjamin Newbery and John Woolcott 
appeared before the Court of Probates at Hartford, March. 7^ 
170|. and owned this agreement or Distribution to be their act 
and deed, and prayd that it may be allowed and approved ac- 
cordingly and the Same is allowed by the Said Court, 

Test Caleb Stanly Clerk. 

Children of Thomas and Ann (Ford) Newberry. 

I. Thomas, b. Jan. 20, 1677; d. Feb. 10, 1680, Colony 


II. Hannah, ** Feb. 10, 1679; m. Dec. 14, 1703, John 


III. Thomas, ** Mar. 22, 1681, Town record; d. Feb. 23, 

•* Mar. 28, 1681, Colony record. 1697-8. 
10. IV. Joseph, ** Oct. 24, 1684; m. Mar. 2, 1708-9, Sarah 


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v. Benjamin, b. Feb. 18, 1686; " dyed at the Camp at Woodcrik > 

September ye 24th, 1709.*' 
His will withoat date was 
presented to the Hartford 
Probate Court, Nov. 7, 1709. 
In it he mentions himself as 
"being about to undertake 
a journey towards Canada." 
He gives to ^'sister Hannah 
Woloott" £40 in country pay, 
to ** little cousin Hannah 
Wolcott " £20 when 18 yrs. 
old, and the rest of his prop- 
erty to his brother Joseph, 
whom he appoints Executor.' 


Joseph. Newbebby {Thomas 9, Benjamin 5, Thomas 1), 
born in Windsor, October 24, 1684, married, March 2, 
1708-9, Sarah Loomis, born September 13, 1689,' daugh- 
ter of Jonathan and ( ) Loomis of Windsor. In the 
distribution of his father's estate, Joseph received the south 
half of the lot on the east side of the Great River, together 
with the dwelling-house. The whole lot fronting forty rods 
wide on the river, and running east three miles. By the 
will of his brother Benjamin, which was probated in 1709, 
he became the owner of the north half also. 

The Windsor Town records show that he took the Free- 
man's oath, April 30, 1717. In 1718 he was chosen Fence- 
viewer, in 1729 Grand Juror, and in 1731 and 1732 Sur- 
veyor of Highways. In the list of taxable property on the 

1 A creek in Washington Connty, N. Y. 
a Hartford Probate Records, Vol. 7, p. 133, and Vol. 8, p. 16. 
» This date of birth is taken from the I.,oomis Genealogy, the 
authority for which is unknown to the compiler of this pamphlet. 

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east side of the Connecticut River in Windsor in 1720, we 
find him rated at £71. 5s. In the report of the committee 
appointed to seat the meeting-house in February, 1722-3, 
we find that he was to sit in '^ the pew by the great 

On the Records of the Hartford County Court for No- 
vember, 1736, there appears this entry : " This Court do 
Establish and Confirm MF Jo? Newberry, Mf Thomas Grant, 
Mr Joseph Rockwell and M! Gershom Loomiss to be Ser- 
jeants of the South Company or Trainband on the East Side 
Connecticutt River in the Town of Windsor." 

Joseph Newberry died August 30, 1751, in the sixty- 
eighth year of his age. The gravestone erected to his 
memory is still to be seen in the old graveyard in South 
Windsor, and is the oldest to any of the name in that town. 
There was no probate action on his estate. In 1764 the 
two sons divided the real estate between them^ Benjamin 
taking the north half and Joseph the south half of the 
home lot. In the deeds of partition no mention was made 
of his widow or daughter Sarah. 

His widow Sarah (Loomis) Newberry was buried July 
31, 1771. 

Children of Joseph and Sarah (Loomis) Newberry. 

11. I. Joseph, b. Jan. 11, 1709-10; m. July 6, 1749, Sybil Stough- 


II. Thomas, " Nov. 7, 1714; d. May 24, 1735. 

III. Sarah, ** Aug. 14, 1716; she is supposed to have died 

before her father, as she is 
not mentioned in the divis- 
ion of his real astate. 

IV. Benjamin, " May 20, 1721 ; m. Feb. 18, 1745-6, Jerusha 

1 " Windsor Farmes," Stoughton, p. 100. 

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JosEiFH NswBiSBBY (Joseph 10, Thomas 9, Benjamin 6, 
Thomas 1) was born January 11, 1709-10. He was nearly 
foi-ty years old when he married July 6, 1749, SYHEEi 
Stouohton, born June 9, 1730, daughter of William and 
Elizabeth (^Strickland') Stoughton. He was elected fence- 
viewer in 1740 and '43 ; Surveyor of Highways in 1744 ; 
Tithingman in 1745 and '66 ; Lister in 1746 and '47 ; and 
brander of horses from 1748 to 1772, inclusive. Joseph 
" Nuberry " is mentioned in " An acct. of ye Men that went 
upon an Expedition into y* frontiers," December 19, 1745, 
in the company commanded by Captain Ebenezer Grant.' 
He is believed to have been this Joseph, who was still un- 
married, rather than his father, who was then sixty-one 
years old, and the head of a family. 

February 22, 1754, Joseph and his brother Benjamin 
divided between them the real estate left by their father 
Joseph at his death, which was situated in the towns of 
Windsor, Barkhamsted, and Torrington. Joseph deeded to 
Benjamin " the North half of the lot where my father lived, 
and both of us now live," lying partly east and partly west 
of the country road, and bounded north by lands of Na- 
thaniel and Hezekiah Porter and Richard Skinner, south on 
land of John Wolcott, and west on Connecticut River. 
The whole lot being forty rods wide and three miles long. 
Benjamin deeded to Joseph the south half of this lot, in- 
cluded in the before mentioned boundaries.^ 

In 1760, the inhabitants of the Second Society in Windsor 
petitioned the General Assembly to appoint a committee to 
locate the site for a new meeting-house to be erected in the 

1 « Windsor Farmes," Stoughton, p. 106. 

* Windsor I^nd Records, Vol. 9, p. 247, and Vol. 10, p. 38. 

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said society. The committee reported in May, 1761, " that 
they repair'd to said society, view'd the parts and heard 
the parties, and affixed a stake on the west side of the street 
near the course of the line between the lands of Mr. Benja- 
min Newberry and Mr. Joseph Newberry on which their 
dwelling houses stand, which stake is to be included within 
the sills of said meeting house." ^ The General Assembly 
accepted this report, and the meeting-house was accordingly 
built on this site. 

Joseph Newberry died January 28 or 29, 1797, at the 
advanced age of 87, having outlived his wife Sybil (Stough- 
ton) Newberry, who died May 6, 1794. 

Joseph left a will, which was dated April 9, 1784. In it 
he gave his wife Sybil one third of the personal estate abso- 
lutely, and the life use of one third of the real estate. To 
John, "the eldest son now living," £20 in one year. To 
daughter Ann, wife of Warham Moore, <£60 in one year 
after death of testator, and the remainder of the estate to 
three sons, John, Joseph, and Dyer.^ We are unable to 
learn the value of the estate, as there was no inventory- 
The sons by mutual agreement made a division of the real 
estate, by which Dyer took the north part of the home lot 
on the west side of the road, bounding west on the Connect- 
icut River, and east on the street. John the middle divis- 
ion, and Joseph the south part of the home lot with the 
buildings, each division being six and two thirds rods in 
width. To John were set thirty -five acres of the lot on the 
east side of the road, with the house and barn thereon, 
bounded south and west on the highway. To Joseph the 
middle division of the thirty-five acres, and to Dyer the 
north division of thirty-five acres.^ 

1 Colonial Records of Connecticut, Vol. 11, pp. 460, 559. 
» East Windsor Probate Records, Vol. 2, pp. 122. 318. 

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Children of Joseph and Sybil (Stoughton) Newberbt. 

I. Ann, b. Oct. 17, 1750; m. Warham Moore. 

II. Sarah, •' Mar. 7, 1751-2; d. Aug. 17, 1759. 

III. Georgk, " NoF. 5,1753; d. before April 9, 1784. A man 

of this name served in the 
company of Captain John 
Simons at the siege of Bos- 
ton in 1776.1 
12. IV. John, " Ang. 6, 1756; m. Feb. 5, 1784, Elizabeth Ells- 

V. Joseph, •• July 17, 1758; died young. 

VI. Joseph, ** Jan. 25, 1760; bap. Nov. 22, 1761 ; m. Ann 

(Bancroft ?). 

VII. Dyer, " June 18, 1765; bap. June 23, 1765; m. 1. Dec. 

12, 1790, Ruth Burgh; 2. Nov. 29, 1827, 
Lacy Terry.* 


John Nswbbbby {Joseph 11, Joseph 10, Thomas 9, Ben- 
jamin 5j Thomas 1) was born in what is now the town of 
South Windsor, August 6, 1766. He is believed to have 
been the John Newberry of East Windsor who served in 
the regiment commanded by Lieut.-Golonel Samuel Can- 
field, and which was stationed at West Point in September, 
1781.^ He married February 5, 1784, Euzabeth Eixa- 
WOBTH, bom January 16, 1765, daughter of Solomon and 
Mary (Moseley) Ellsworth, of East Windsor. 

At the division of his father's estate in 1798, John was 
assigned as part of his portion thirty-five acres of land on 

1 Record of Connecticut Men in the War of the Revolution, p. 884. 

* The date of this second marriage is taken from Stiles' Ancient 
Windsor, Vol. 2, p. 523. 

* Record of Connecticut Men in the War of the Revolution, p. 581 . 

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the east side of the road, bounded west and south on high- 
way, with the dwelling-house thereon. 

John Newberry died April 28, 1825, aged 68. Elizabeth 
(Ellsworth) Newberry, his wife, died March 18, 1816, 
aged 51. 

Childhobn of John and Elizabeth (Ellsworth) Newberby. 

I. John, 

II. Elizabeth, 

b. Apr. 29, 1785 ; m. Eliza- 

beth Wadsworth. 
»• Aug. 11,1786; m. June 25, 1812, 
Ezekiel Wadsworth. 
•* Mar. 31, 1788; m. Oct. 28, 1812, 
Curtis Skinner. 
*' Oct. 15, 1789; m. Eunice 

»* Apr. 26, 1791; d. June 12, 1836, 

" June 27, 1798 ; m. Dec. 26, 1818, 
Roderick King. 
" Sept. 30, 1795; d. March 27 or 
28, 1797. 
" Oct. 1, 1795; m. June 23, 1816, 
Samuel Fhelps. 
" Jan. 1, 1800; m. June 7, 1826, 
Jonathan Goodwin. 

X. Solomon Ellsworth, ** Nov. 10, 1801; d. Nov. 3, 1819. 

XI. Joseph Moseley, " Dec. 12, 1804; m. Nov. 22, 1826, 

Jane E. Mills. 

in. Ann, 

IV. George, 

V. Sophia, 

VI. Sally, 

VII. Edward, 

VIII. Emily, 
13. IX. Clarinda, 


CiiABiNDA Nbwbebby {John 12, Joseph 11, Joseph 10, 
Thomas 9, Benjamin 6, Tliomas 1) was born in the town of 
East Windsor, January 1, 1800. She was married June 7, 
1826, by the Rev. Tliomas Robbins, Pastor of the First 

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Church of East Windsor, to Jonathan Q-oodwin. He 
was born on the Goodwin place, Albany Road, in Hartford, 
December 28, 1799, and was the eldest son of James and 
Eunice (Roberts) Goodwin. He resided on tlie Albany 
Avenue farm which he inherited from his father. He 
became early interested in military affairs, and held the 
positions of Captain and Major in the First Company Gov- 
ernor's Foot Guard. Mr. Goodwin was prominent in both 
civic and business affairs, being elected a Representative to 
the General Assembly in 1836. He was Assessor in 1838, 
and from 1846 to 1862 ; member of the Board of Belief in 
1840, '43, '44, and '46 ; one of the Selectmen for ten years 
from 1842 ; and a member of the High School Committee in 
1849. He was one of the Incorporators of the Hartford 
Hospital in 1854, and from August, 1859, until his death, 
a Director of tlie Farmers and Mechanics Bank. He was 
a man of commanding presence, and throughout his life 
enjoyed the entire confidence and respect of all who knew 

Mrs. Goodwin's married life was uneventful, but charac- 
terized by an earnest loving devotion to her family and 
home. In the old farmhouse (nearly opposite to her hus- 
band's birthplace) which was provided by her father in 
law at the time of her marriage, there her children were 
bom, there her peaceful life was spent, and there she died. 
A pure minded Christian woman, true to her New England 
ancestry, of simple habits which were traditional she left a 
very pleasant memory. 

Jonathan Goodwin died in Hartford, October 8, 1877. 

Mrs. Clarinda (Newberry) Goodwin died in Hartford, 
May 6, 1866. 

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Children of Jonathan and Clarinda (Newberry) Goodwin. 

L Eunice Elizabeth, b. April 6, 1827; m. June 2, 1851, James 

G. Batterson. 

U. James Newberry, *« Sept. 29, 1833; m. Oct. 21, 1857, Fannie 

R. Batterson. 

III. Jonathan, '' Mar. 11, 1840; m. Aug. 23, 1865, Mary 


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Yettof Page 

Allin 80,44 

AUyn 48,44 

** Alexander 49 

'* John 26, 26, 41 

•• Mary 17,29 

*• Matthew 29,40,44,45,46,49 

" Thomas 41 

Alyis, Roger 26 

Alyord, Jer 44 

Androe, Edmund 22, 42 

Bancroft, Ann 57 

Batterson, Fannie R 60 

*' James G 60 

Birdge, Richard 28 

Bissell, John 49 

** Nathaniel 45 

*• Thomas 22 

Blake, James 7 

Blaklige 44 

Bridgman 87 

Backly 44 

Bulkley 49 

Burgh, Ruth 57 

Bnmham, John 45 

*» Thomas 49 

Cadwell, Thomas 44 

Canfield, Samuel 57 

Clapp 49 

** Preserved 84,52 

Clark, Daniel 14,16,17,20,22,28 

1654 «* « 20 

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64 INDEX, 

Tear of Pajm 

Birth ^ 

1651 Clark, Elizabeth 20 

1665 " Hannah 20 

1666 ** John 20 

** Josiah 34 

1648 ** ** 20 

1645 *' Mary 20 

1658 *' « 20 

" ** (Newberry) 20 

1666 '" Nathaniel .20 

1661 ** Samuel 20 

1663 *' Sarah 20 

Cook, Nathaniel 28 

*♦ Thomas 44 

Cross, Samuel 25, 44, 49 

Curtice, William 23 

Demicke 9 

Dewey, Hannah (Sackett) 34 

*• Thomas 27 

Drake, Job 34, 41 

*» Simon 44, 49 

Duncan, Nathaniel 9 

Edwards 44 

** John 89 

" Richard 49 

Eggleston, Baggatt 35 

1765 Ellsworth, Elizabeth 57 

** Mary (Moseley) 57 

" Solomon 57 

— '- Elmor, John 44, 49 

Evans, Eunice 58 

Ford, Ann 34, 39 

** Thomas 9,86,39 

French, Ephraim 44, 49 

Fyler, John 45,49 

Galer, William 13, 14 

Gaylord, WUliam 10, 13 

Gibbons 44,49 

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INDEX. 65 

Twof Pi«e 

GUbert 44,49 

Glover 36 

•' John 13,14 

Gold, Nathan 23 

1800 Goodwin, Clarinda (Newberry) 59 

1837 *' Eunice Elizabeth ^a^/€r«on 60 

*» " (Roberts) 59 

** James 59 

1833 " *' Newberry 60 

1799 •* Jonathan 58,59 

1810 •' " 60 

Grant, Ebenezer 55 

«* John 44, 49 

•' Matthew 9,12,20,34,49 

** Samuel 40, 45, 49 

*« Tahan 44,49 

" Thomas 54 

Griswold, George 29 

Hall, Richard 26 

Hauford, Eliezer 39 

** Hannah (Newberry) 39 

" Thomas 17,38 

Haynes, John 13 

Hayward, Ephraim 80 

Hill 13,36 

Hills, Joseph 16 

Hopkins 13 

Hosford, WiUiam 13,35 

Hoskins, Anthony 34, 44, 49 

Howard, Ephraim 33, 34 

Hucker 18 

Huett 13 

HuU, George 13 

Humphrey, Miles 30 

Ince, Mary 39 

King, Roderick 58 

Leonard, Ann 42 

•« Joseph 42,46,47,48,49,50 


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66 INDEX. 

Tewof Pi«e 

Locke, Thomas 19 

Loomis, Gershom 54 

" John 33 

** Jonathan 53 

** Joseph 49 

»« Sarah 52,53 

Lord 44 

** Richard 50 

Ludlow, Roger 9, 13 

Marshall, Samuel 34 

Mather, Atherton 44, 49 

Maudsley 45 

** John 26,34 

Maverick, John 5 

MUler, Eben . . 49 

. Mills, Jane E 58 

1750 Moore, Ann (Newberry) 56 

*' John 33,44 

** Warham 56, 67 

Moseley, Mary 57 

1669 Newberry, Abigail Howard 34 

1750 *» Ann Moore 57 

1788 " ** Skinner 58 

" " (Ford) 42,47 

16— ** Benjamin . . . 14,17.19,21,35,88,39,40,41 

1669 ** " 29, 84, 45, 46, 50, 52 

1686 '* ** 48,50,51,52,53 

1721 *« ** 54, 55, 56 

1800 " Clarinda (xoorftwn 58 

1765 " Dyer 56,57 

1795 " Edward 58 

1786 •• Elizabeth Wadtworth 68 

1766 *• ** (Ellsworth) 58 

1796 " ExDiljPhdps 58 

1758 " George 57 

1789 «* «* 58 

16— *< Hannah ^an/ord 17,21,28,36,38 

1662 " ** 34 

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Newberry, Hannah 34 

*' ** WoLcott 43, 48, 51, 52 

•' Jane 10, 12 

'* John of £ngland 18, 19 



** ** 56,57 

" ** 58 

Joseph 14,17,20,27 

" 43,48,50,51,52,53 

*• 54.55 

** 57 

" 56,57 

'» «• Moseley 68 

*' Blargaret Strong 84 

Mary CterA: 17,19,21 

" Maudesley 84 

" (AUyn) 29,34 

*< Rebecca Russell 17, 21, 36, 38 

*• *' Marshall 34 

" Sally iSr% 58 

** Sarah Wolcott 17, 35 

" Cl€q)p 34 

** ** 54 

" 57 

*• «« (Loomis) 54 

*^ Solomon EUsworth 68 

«< Sophia 58 

** Sybil (Stoughton) 55,66,57 

Thomas . . . 8,9,10,11,12,13,14,15,16,17 

** " 30,34,39 

** ** 52 


" 54 

Olmsted, Nicholas 24 

Orton, Thomas 28 

Parsons, Joseph 36 

Phelps 13 

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68 INDEX. 

Ymrof Pun 

Birth ^ 

Phelps, Samuel 68 

" William 9 

PincheoD 8, 14 

Porter, Hezekiah 61, 65 

'* John 40,44,49 

'* Joseph 51 

*• Nathaniel 65 

Rawson, Edward 17 

Ripley, Mary 60 

Robhins, Thomas 58 

Rockwell, Joseph 54 

*' Samuel 40 

Rosseter, Bray 28 

1665 Russell, Daniel 38 

1663 *» Eliezer 38 

1627 '* John 17,28,37 

16— '* ** 38 

1655 '* Jonathan 38 

*» Richard 16 

1660 »* Samuel 38 

Sackett, Hannah 34 

-** Samuel 34 

Sanders, Elizabeth Wolcott 17 

Sanford, Zachariah 44 

Savage, James 7 

Simons. John 57 

Skinner, Curtis 58 

" Richard 55 

Smith, Johanna 26 

'* John 26 

Squeb 5 

Stanley, Caleb 50,50 

** Nathaniel 44 

Stanton, Thomas 29 

Staynes, Thomas 35 

Stiles , 57 

Stoughton 54^55 

" Elizabeth (Strickland) 55 

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Tew of Pain 

Stooghton, Israel 9, 12, 15 

** Jerusha 64 

1730 *' Sybil Newberry 51,56 

** William 65 

Stow, John 26 

Strickland, Elizabeth 55 

Strong, Return 33, 84, 43, 44 

Sydenham 49 

Tain tor, Michael 44,46,49 

Talcott 25 

** John 23,88 

Terry, Lucy 57 

Torrey, William 17 

Tyng, Edward 16 

Wadsworth, Elizabeth 68 

** Ezekiel 58 

Warham,John 5,10,12,13,14,21,27,28,35 

Way 44,49 

Webster 13 

Wells 13 

White, John 6. 7 

Whiting, Jos 44 

Williams, Arthur 27, 35 

Willis, Joshua ... 49 

Wills, Joshua 47,48 

Wilson 9,44,49 

Winthrop 22 

•* John 7 

Wolcott , . . , 45 

*» Elizabeth (Sanders) 17 

1658 " Hannah 18 

** ** 53 

1679 ** *» (Newberry) 53 

15— «« Henry 17 

1610 ** " 14, 17, 21, 22, 36, 37 

1642 '* ** 13 

** " 22,27,28,35,40 

1645 " John 18 

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Tear of 


Wolcott, John 44,60,51,62,66 

1658 *• Josiah 18 

'• ** 45 

1G51 '* Mary 18 

1047 '' Samuel 18 

1G06 *» '* 18 

10J9 »* Sarah 18 

»* *' (Newberry) 14, 19 

Wriswald, George 22 

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^~K^-»*. Wfc^- .i^ 

■AA^vrtBT^wir;! .r^ ^ - ^^ *^'/'h/'?.. 

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5890696 17496a 

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■ ^. .£..:» ^££. 

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2 1 3 1 4 1 

Sarah Newberry, Mary Newberry, Joseph Newberry, 

married Nov. 18, 1641, bom , 1626 ; married a resident of Windsoi 

Henry Wolcott, and lived June 18, 1644, Dani«^l Conn., in 1648, and aooi 

in Windsor, Conn. Clark, and lived in Wind- after disappears. 

Bor, Coon. 

Mary Newberry, Sarah Newberry. Hannah Newberry, Rebecc 

born March 10, 1647; mar- born June 14, 1600; bom Dec. 22, 1652; died bora May 

ried Dec. 14, 1604, John married June 4, 1668, Sept. 21, 1668. ried June ! 

Maudesley, of Windsor, Preserved Clapp of Marshall, o 

Conn., and Wettfletd, Mass. Nortliampton, Mass. and Northa 

• Thomas Newberry, 
bora Jan. 20, 1677; died born 
Feb. 10, 1680. Dec. 

and ] 

born Jan. 11, 170( 
was a soldier in tl 
July 6, 1740; die* 

Ann Newberry, Sarah Newberry, 

bora Oct 17, 17fi0; married born March 7, 1751-2; b 

Warham Moore, and died Aug. 17, 1759. b 

lived in East Windsor, Conn. 

John Newberry, Klitabeth Newlierry, Ann Newberry, George Newlierr 

bora April 20, 1785; bom Ang. 11, 1786; mar- born March 81.1788; bom Oct. 15, 1789; 

married Eliasa- ried June 25. 1812, Eze- married Oct. 28, 1812, ried Eunice £^ 

beth Wadswortli. kiel Wadswortli. Curtis Skinner. 

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