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Full text of "A new dictionary of ancient geography, exhibiting the modern in addition to the ancient names of places"

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?©s<^^^3e<^^>9 ^ 


o 'Part of the . 

which was presented by 
Mebsrs. R. L, and a. Stuaiit. 


(Uise^ Division .— ^X_*.c^^. ^. i| 



Digitized by the Internet Archive 
in 2011 with funding from ^ 

Princeton Theological Seminary Library^ 















T. Davison, Priater, Whit?friars. 


In 'the time of Strabo, Mela, and other ancient 
writers, the science of Geography was in its infancy; 
and, therefore, it is not surprising that they should 
sometimes have assigned different boundaries to the 
same district, -whether of land or water. But we are 
also to consider, that the continued warfare which sub- 
sisted between contending nations frequently ex- 
tended the limits of one region, and of course con- 
tracted those of another. Hence, we may find a town 
represented by one person as situated in Macedonia, 
and by another as in Thessaly ; yet both may be right, 
according to the time in which they respectively wrote. 
The same remark is applicable to other districts, as is 
clearly demonstrated in the present times ; for \vhich 
reason, the boundaries are in general omitted in this 

To no other merit than that of industry does the 
Editor pretend to lay any claim. Being accustomed 
to peruse the transactions of former periods, he was 
frequently at a loss to know where any particular 
event took place; the name of an island, city, or river, 
being often mentioned, without any information being 


given respecting the part of the world in which it was 
situated. To obviate this difficulty— whenever he met 
with one pubhcation that elucidated another, or when 
in the same work he found one part explanatory of the 
other, he had recourse to his common-place book, from 
which the information was afterwards copied in 
alphabetical order, but without any view to publica- 
tion. In process of time, however, the manuscript be- 
came voluminous, and he then began to incorporate 
it with other alphabetical works on the same subject. 
That errors and omissions will unavoidably appear, 
in an attempt of this nature, must be presumed ; but 
such as shall be dete(5led by the Editor on a revision, 
or may be kindly corrected by any reader, and trans- 
mitted, under cover, to Messrs. Longman and Rees, 
shall be carefully attended to, whenever it may be 
necessary to reprint the work. 





Abbreviations: A.M. Anno Mu?iJi ; A.C. Anie Cbriftum\ AX>. Anno Domini, 


/\.A, a river of Fr.-ince, difembogues 
into the German Ocern. 

A A, a river of Wcfiphalia. 

Aa, a river of Courland, falls into 
the Bav of Riga. 

Aar, a river of Switzerland, dif- 
charges icfelf into the Rhine. 

Aarassus. a city of P.fidia, in Alia. 

Aasar, a city of Paleftine, between 
Azotus an<l Afcalon. 

Aba, a city of Phocis, in Greece Pro- 
per. See AbvE. 

Ab.\ {Aba:, Abas, Abm), a mountain 
of Armenia M ijor, from whence the 
rivers Araxes and Euphrates derive their 
I'ource, the former running to the "w, 
and the latter towards the E. 

Abacjena.) a city of Caria, in 

Abac EX A, 5" Ai'u. 

AbaCjEN'a, i a city of Sicily, near 

Abac.'envm, S Melfina. 

Abach {H^ellcnburg), a city of Ba- 
varia, on the Danube, noted for the me- 
dicinal propeities of iome mineral 
fprings. • 

AuADiACL'M. See Munich. 

Ab.t; (Abii), a city of Phocis, in 
Greece Proper, near Helicon, remark- 
able for an oracle of Apollo, of more 
ancient date than that at Delphi ; alfo 
for a magnificent temple that was 
plundered and demolilhed by the Per- 

Ab.^a- See Abka. 

Ab^ort.t., a people on the river 

Abai. A, a maritime city of Italy. 

Aba LA, a city of the Troglodytae, 

on the Red Sea. 

AbaLaba. > c ^ 
, \ See Applebv. 

Ab ALL A 6 A. ) 

Abalites. SccZeila. 
Abalus. SeeScnoNFN'- 
Aban'.\, a place near Capua. 

See Negropont. 


A B A N a {Amana,^ Chryforrhons'), a 
river of Phccnicia, runs by Damal- 

Abano {Aponus), a village near Pa- 
dua, in Italy, where are hot baths ; the 
birth-phice of Livy the hiftorian. 

Aba N'T A, a city of Phocis, near 
Mount Parnaffus, where was a temple 
dedicated to Apollo, 

Abantes {Cure/es), a people of Ne- 

Abantis. ) 
Abaraner, a city of Turcomania, 
in Afia. 

Aba RATH A, a city on the ifland of 
Taprobane. ' 

Abarbin.a., a city of Hyrcania, in 

Abar 1, a people on the banks of the 

Aba RIM, mountains in Paleftine. 
Abarimon, a diftri6t of Mcunt 
Imaiis, in Afia. 

AiiARi>fA,a province of Africa. 
Abarita.vum, a fituation in Africa 

Ab'arnus, a city on a promontory 
of the lame name, in Pariana, on the 

Abarraza, a citv of Syria, be- 
tween Cyrrha and Edcffa. 
Abas, a city of Thrace. 
Abas. See Aba. 
Abas A, an ifland in the Red Sea, 
near Ethiopia. 

Abascus, a river of Afiatic Sarma- 
tia, falls into the Euxinc Sea. 

Abasitis, a dillrift of Myfia, in 

Abasse. See Go.mbroon. 
Abassena. ^ 

Abassia. >■ Sec Abyssinia. 
Abassi.via. jl 


A B 

A B I 

Abassus, a city of Phrygia Magna, 
rn '.he confines of the Toliftobog.*, in 

Abathuba, a village of Marmorica, 
in Africa. 

Abaton, a building erefted at 
Rhodes for the prote6\ion and defence of 
a trophy of queen Artemifia, which the 
Rhodians made a point cf fhcir religion 
to deftroy ; it being erected to comme- 
morate her viftorv over them. 

Abatos, an illind in the Lake Mcc- 
ris, where Ofiris was buried. 

Abba, a city of Africa Proper, near 

Abbey Holm, a town in Cumber- 

Abbey Milton. See Milton. 

Abbington- See Abingdon. 


Abbots, or Apewood Castlk, 
is of very ancient dare, and fituate near 
Wolverhampton in Staffordlhire. 

Abbots Langley, a village near 
St. Aiban's, in Hertfordihire. 

Abdara.) seeAsPEROSA. 

A B D E R A . ) 

Abdera, a maritime town of 
Thrace, near the mouth of the river 
NefTus ; the birth-place of Protagoras 
and Anaxarchus, and the refidence of 
Democritus the laughing philofopher. 

Abderia, a city of Spain. 

Abderitje, } the people of Ab- 

Abderitani. 5 dera, in Thrace. 

Abderitks, a people of Pa;onia. 

Asdiabda, a city of Albania, on 
tlie Cafpian Sea. 

Abdon, a city of the Levitfs. 

Abdua. Ste Adda. 

Abea {Ataa, Abia, Irr), a city in 
the Bay of MefTcnia, in the Morea, one 
of the feven that were promifed to 
Achilles by Agamemnon. 

Abea, a city of Phoci-j, in Afia, de- 
flroyed by the army of Xerxes. 

AfiEATiT., :i people of Achnia. 

Abela. See Abel-.k tRAMiM. 

AB E L - B E T H • M .'V A C H A ( Ah'!- *.'?- 

im). a city in the N cf Canaar, towards 

Abelites. See Avehtes. 

Abcl-keramim {Atria Klneii- 
rum), a city or the Ammoriitcs, where 
thcv were defeated by Jtphiha. 


AbKLLINAS {Avtilibanus), moun- 
tains in Paleftiie, called in the Scrip- 
ture Lebanon. 


Abellisum Marsicvm. Sec 
Abelmshola, s dii^cift io the 

plains of Jordan, where the Midianites 
were defeated by Gideon ; the country 
cf the prophet Eliflia. 

Abel-mizraim, called the threlh- 
ing-ft<jor of Atad, fuppofed to be fituatc 
near the wells of Hebron. 

A BEL- s ATT I M ^ (Aiila), a city in 

Abel-sittim 5 fhe plains sfMoab, 
near the Dead Sea, where the Ifraelitcs 
committed fornication with the daugh- 
teis of Moab. 

Abenda, a city of Caria, whofe in- 
habitants were the firft who raifed tem- 
ples to the city of Rome. 

Abekow {Abnoba, Bacr), a moun- 
tain of Suabia, near Friburg, the fource 
of the Danube. 

Abensbee-G (Abu/ina), a city of 

Aberbrothw!CK (Ariroatb), a 
royal borough of Scotland, in the fliire 
of Angus. 

Aberconway. See Conway. 

Aberdeen,) a city of Scotland, 

Aberdene.) which gives name to 
a county, where an univerfity was 
erefted, A.D. 1480, by bilhop Elphin- 

Aberdour, a village of Scotland, 

Aberforp ) {Co/earia), a town 

Aberporth y in the weft riding 
of Yrrkfhire. 

Ab ERF RAW, a village of North 
Wales, in the Ifle of Anglefey, where 
the kings of North Wales had a palace. 

Aber-gavenni ) {Gorjenniy Go- 

Abergavenny ) bannium), a 
town in the county of Monmouth. 

Aberhendy. See Brecknock. 

Aberistvtith, a town of Cardi- 
ganfhire, in S -'Uth Wales. 

Abernetiiy, a town of Scotland, 
in the countv of Murray, on the river 
Spey, theVcfidence of the Pi<5tilh kings. 

Adf.rteivi. See Cardigan. 

Abeste. Sec Este. 

Abkx, a diftrift of Africa, on the 
Red Sea. 

Abfa. See Abea. 

Abiad, a town of Africa, .on the 
coaft of Abex, where ebony and aroma- 
tic plants are produced in great abund. 

Abida, a city of Coelefyria, near Da- 

Abiet.\. SeeAGRiA. 

Abii Scythe, the inhabitant* of 
European Sarmatia (a diftrift of Eu- 
rope on the confines of Thrace\ who 
were remarkable for their antipathy to 
worldly purfuits and pieafuics. 

"a^^M* J SeeABEL-K£RAMIM, 




See Abel-sattim. 
See Abyla. 

See Bellj- 




Abii A. 

Abila Lysani^ 


AbilunuivI, a city of Germany, on 
the Danube. 

Abingdon {Abbington), a town of 
Berklliire, on the Thames, founded 
about A.D. 516, and an abbey was 
ercfted in 958. 

Abinna, an inland city of Sufiana. 

Abiolica, a city of Franche Comt(5, 
in France, near Ambrun. 

AamA. {■'"'3' of Arabia Felix. 

Abisama, a city of the Adramitae, 
in Arabia Ftlix. 

Abisaris, a country beyond the 
Hydafpes, in India. 

A b J s o ( Eicrum, Elorusi He/or um , 
Jiccellaro), a river of Sicily, near Cape 
Abisontes, a people on the Alps- 
Ablata, a city of Polemonium, in 

Abletes, a people near Troy. 
Abliai.a, a city of Albania, between 
the rivers Albanus and Cyrus 
Abnedara ( Mrribriga , 
<"«^\ a village of Portugal. 
Abnoba. See Abenow 
Abo, a maritime town ir 
Finland, at the confluence of the Both- 
nic and Finland Gulfs. 

Abo B RICA, a city of Portugal. 
Abobrica ) (^AoLriga), a city of 
Abobriga J Galicia, in Spain, 
fuppofed to be Bayon. 

Aboccis {Abu7:eis), a city of Ethi- 

Abodiacl'm. See Fuessen. 
ABOFLOT,)a fortrtfs in Finland, 
Abohus, 3 on a peniniuia, near 
the river Aura. 

Abohibe. See Aboutige. 
Abolani, a people of Latium, near 

Abolla, a city of Sicily. 

Abolla. SeeAVELLA. 

Abolus, a river of Sicily. 



Abon. "^ 

Abona. > 
Abonis. j 

See Avon*. 

Aboni Mcenia. See Bolli. 

Aboniteichos, a city of Paphla- 
gonia, on the Euxine Sea. 

Aboniteichos, a town of Galatia. 

Aboniticl'S, a maritime city of 

Abor (Cbabor, Habor), a di drift of 
Affyria, on the confines of Mtda. 

AfioRACA, a city of Saroiatia. 

Aboras. See Aborras, 
Aborigines, the original inhabit- 
ants of Latium, in Italy. 

Aborraca, a city of Afiatic Sar- 
matia, on the Euxine Sea. 

Aborras (^Aboras, Abboras, Abu- 
ras, Gieulap), a river of Mefopfttamia, 
which running by Anthemufia falls in- 
to the Euphrates. 

Abor. See Aba. 

Abotis, a city of Egypt. 

Aboukir {Canopus), an ifland at the 
mouth of the Nile, to the E of Alexandria. 

Aboutige (^Abuiijh, Abohibe), a 
city of Upper Egypt, in Africa, where 
poppies grow in abundance, from which 
the inhabitants make opium. 

Abragana, a city of the Seres, in 

Abranitis. See Auranitis. 

Abravannus, a promontory and 
river of Galloway, in Scotland. 

Abreta ) {Myjia Major), a 

Abrettana ) province of Afia 

ABRETTENE,>a diftrift of Myfia, 

Abrettini, \ in Afia Proper. 

Abretteni, the people inhabiting 

Abrieta. SeeAcniA. 

Abhinca. See Obringa. 

Abrincat^. ) 

Abrincatarum OppiDUM.5 


Abrostola, a city of Phrygia 

Abrotonum (.4jadus)^ a city of 
Syrtis Parva, in Africa, on the Mediter- 
ranean Sea, one of the three cities that 
was encompaffed to form Tripoli. 

Abrus, a city of the Saflaei, in 

Abruzzo, a province of Naples. 

Abrystum. See Aprustum. 

Absarum, a maritime city of Cap- 
padocia, on the Euxine Sea, near the 
coi3fineb of Colchis. 

Absarus. See Arcan'I. 

Absinthii, a people of Pontus, on 
a mountaiti bearing the fame name. 

Absorus. n 

Absyrtides. f SeeCHERSoand 

Absyrtis. C Osero. 

Absyrtium. J 

Absyrtos, a river that difembogues 
into the Adriatic Sea, on whofe banks 
.^bfyrtus was murdered. 

Abudiacum. See Fuessen. 

Abu LA, a city of the BalUtani, in 

Abuncis. See Asoccis. 

Abunia, a city uf Scythia, near 
Mount Cor^x, 


A C A 

A C C 

^Aburas. See Aborras. 
Abus. See Hvmber. 
Abus, a mountain. See Aba. 
Abusina. See Abensberg. 
Abutich,"! a city of Egypt, bc- 
ABynos, J tween Ptolcmais and 
Diofpolis Parva, remarltable for a temple 
dedicated to Ofiris, and the palace of 

Abutish. See Aboutige. 
Ab'jyo. See Abyo. 
Abydo, a place on the Axius, in the 
diftrift of Paeonia, in Macedon. 

Abydos ) (Aveo), a town and cafile 
Abydos S of Lefler Aria,now the 
fonthern caftle of the DtrdaneUes, at 
the junction of the Archipeb^o and the 
Propontis : it appears to have been 
founded about A.M. 3240, and is fitu- 
ated over againlt Scftos, in Europe, from 
which it was feparated by the Hellef- 
pont, over which Xerxes erefled a 
bridge in his expedition to Greece : it is 
noted by hiltorians for the loves of Hero 
and Leander. 

Abyla. See Singes. 
Abylene, a city of Syria, 
Abylon, a city of Egypt. 
Abyo {Abujo), one of the Philippine 
Iflands, in the Eaft-Indics, between 
Mindanao and Luzon. 

Abyssinia (Mtbiopin., Ethiopia^ 
Hcfpcrii JFJhiopcSi Cbus, Chufch, Abaf- 
fia, Abnffencj, AbaJJinia), a region of 
Africa, from whence the river Nile de- 
rives its fource. 

Abyssiniaxs {Ccufcbi, Eihiopiam), 
the people of Abyfllnia. 

Abystrum. See Aprvstum. 
Aca. See AcRF. 
Acabf. a mounta-n of Egypt, near 
the Red Sea. 

Acabf, a fountain on the confines of 
Cyrcna'ica, in Africa Proper. 

ACABKN-E, a diftii(ft of Mcfopoianiia, 
nn the river Tipris. 

Ac ARTS, a city of Cyienaicn. 
AcAi'EsiuM, a city of Arcadia, 
founded by Acacus, Ton of Lycaon. 

.Acad (^Acbad. Aichal'), a city of Ba- 
bvlon, on the Tigris. 

AcadamAj a city of Syria, on the 

A c A D I. M I A ■) ( Cnamifhs), a 

Academia vetus) place near 
Athens, where Plato inltrudUd his pu- 
pils in philnfophy. 

Academia CiCERONis. ) <, 
Academia Villa. ji ^^ 


Ac ADT.RA.a city <if the Hither India. 
AcADKA {Acai.'a); *\\ illatiJ uf Sianri, 
;r, Al'u. 

AcADRA (Acatha), an ifland of 
Ar,ibia Felix. 

ACALANDR.^. See Calan'dra. 
AcALANDRVs. ) See Fiume di 


AcALE. a city of Arabia Felix. 
Ac _ . . 

See Cyprus. 



AcAMFSis, a river of Colchis. 

Acavn-;e {Accana), a flaple or mart 
on the Red Sea. 

AcANTHiNE, an ifland in the Ara- 
bian Gul.f. 

Ac.^N'THOS, a city of Egypt, near 

AcANTHOS, a city of Epirus. 

AcAKTHOs,) in Macedon. See 

Acanthuses Erisso. 

Acanthus Doridis. See Dulo- 


Acara, a city of Gallia Cifalpina, 
near P^eggio. 

Acara, a city of Pannonia. 

Acarassus, a city of Lycia. 

Acaria, a fountain near Corinth, 
where lolas cut off the head of Euryf- 

Ac ARM AN {Carman), a city of 
Arabia Felix. 



AcARNANiANS, a people near Epi- 

Ac ARN AS {Acarnan), a rock or 
mountain in Aaici. 

Ac A R f.) N ( At cm'on. Ebon), a city of 
Paleftine, the boundary of the Philif- 

AcATHANTUS, a bay in the Red 

AcATHARTOS, a bay in the Arabiaii 
Gulf, towards Egypt. 


AcATZiRi, a people ntar the Euxine 

AccABicus MuRUS, a cirv of the 
Carthaginians, near the Bay of Gibral- 

AccAN.€. See Acvnn.t:, 

ACCELLARO. See Abiso. 

Ac CI {A£it), a city of Tarracon, in 

AcciLA, a city of Sicily. 

AccipiTRUM. See Peter St. 

AcciTANi {GuaJiz), a city of Gra- 
nada, in Spain. , 


AccoMBA. See Accumba. 
AccuA, a ciiy of Apulia. 

A C H 

A C It 

AccuMBA {Accomba\ a city of the 
Morea, to tlie eaft of the river Diagon. 

accusiorum colonia. scc 

^CE. See Acre. 

Ace, a place of Arcadia, near Mega- 

AcEDOSA, a village of Judea. 

AcELLARO. See Abiso. 

AcELi-us. Ste Theodore, St, 

AcELUM. See Azolo. 

AcEMA. SccCema. 

Acer EN z A {Acberontiu), a diftrifl of 
Apulia, feared on a mountain called by 
Horace Ni^^us Acherontise, 

Ac ERIN A, a colony of the Brutii in 
Great Greece, taken by Alexander of 

AcERNO, "la city in the Principa. 

AcERNUM,/ to Citra of the king- 
dom of Niiples. 

AcERRA, ) a city of Campania, in 

Acerr;e,JI Italy, which often fuf- 

tains injury by the overflowing of the 

river Clanius. 

AcERRA.) c r-. ^ T 

A„ \ See GiROLA, La 

ACERR/ti.J ' 

AcERRiSA, a colony of Brutians, 
taken by Alexander of Epirus, in Great 

AcERRis. See Gkrry. 


AcEs,a river of Parthia, in Afia. 
AcEs.'E, a city of Macedonia, 
Aces A MIX A, a city of Macedonia. 
AcEsr A, part of the ifland of Lemnos. 


Aces IKES, } a river of Perfia, falls 

AcEsiNus, jl into the Indus. 

AcEsiNUb, a river of European Sar- 
matia, falls into the Euxine Sea. 

AcESTA. Sec Segesta. 

AcuABARORUM Petr A, 3 fituation 
in Ga'.ilee. 

Acii A BVTOs, a mountain of Rhodes, 
whtrc'in a temple was dedicated to Ju- 

AcH AD. See Acad. 

Ach,i-;a, a city on the ifland of 
Rhodes. See Ocjiyroma. 

AcH.EA, a diftrift of Afiatic Sarma- 
tia, r)n the Euxine Sea. 

AcHjEi (Acbi'v/), the people of 

AciLEiA, an eminence in Caryftus, 
a city of Ncgropnnt. 

AcHiCiij.M, a diftrift of Troas, oppo- 
fite to Tcnedos. 

Ach.? A, a diftrift of Perfia. 

AcHjEORum Littus, a harbour in 
('yprus — 'n Troas — in Moha — in the 
,'\Iorc2 — in the Euxine Sea. 

Ach;eori;.m Portv.s, See Porto 

AciL-EORUM PoRTUS, a bay near 
Sigium, which receives the rivers Xan- 
thus and Simo'is. 

Ach;eorum Statio, a place on the 
coaft of the Thracian Cherlonelus, over 
agiinft Sigxum, where Polyxena was 
facnficed to the fhades of Achilles, and 
where Hecuba killed Polymncftor, who 
had murdered her fon Polydorus. 

AcHAiA. ) Sec Romania 

AcHAiA Proper. ) Alta. 

AcHAi.\, a city of Aria, in Afia, 

AcHAlA,a city of Parthia. 

AdHAiA, a city of Syria, 

AcHAiA, See Thessalv. 

ACHAIACALA, a ftrong fonrefs of 
Mefoporaniia, encompafled by the Eu- 

Achats, a province of Lydia, 

AcHAM.^, a people of Libya Interior, 

Achara, a city of Lycaonia, on the 
confines of Galatia and Pifidia. 

Achara. See Carrano. 

Acharaca, a ciry of Lydia, be- 
tween Tralks and Nyla, wherein was a 
temple dedicated to Pluto, and the 
cave Charonium : thofe who were af- 
fl 6\ed with any difeafe were faid to re- 
ceive a cure by lleeping therein. 

Achar.^, a people of Attica. 

Acharenses, a people of Sicily, 
near Syracufe. 

ACHARNA, ) . f « . 

AcHARNiE, JacityofAttica. 

AcHASA, a diftrift of Scythia extra 

Achates. See Drillo. 

AcHATON (Ajihrodijium), a city of 

AcHAZiB {Acbzib, Chezib), the 
names of two cities in Paleftine ; one of 
them belonging to the tribe of Afher, 
the other to the tribe of Judah, 

Ache EN, a kingdom on the Ifle of 
Sumatra, in the Indian Ocean. 

AcHEEN, the metropolis nf a king- 
dom bearing the fame name. 

ACHELOOU, ) . r r • J- 

AcHET.ouM,r'''y°^L.vadja. . 
AcHELORiuM, a river of ThelTaly. 


AcHELOUS, a rivulet of Theffaly, 
running by the city Lamia. 

AcHELOUs {Thi^lU.'is), a river of Pe- 
loponnefus, near Dyma, in Achaia. See 

AcHERiMi, a people of Sicily. 

Acheron, in Epirus. See Veln 


Acheron (Acberos), in Italy. See 

AcHERONTiA, a city of the Brutiij 
in Calabr a, on the river Acheron. 

A C I 


AcHEROS See Savuto. 
AcHERUsiA Palus. SceCoLLU- 


AcHERUsiA- a lake of Epirus, form- 
ed by the river Acheron. 

AcHETus. Some authors fay it is a 
river : others fay it is not, but that it is a 
place in Sicily. 

Achillea, a peninfula near the 
mouth of the Boryfthenes. 

Achillea Leuce, a fountain of 
Milecus, whofe waters have a faline tafte 
at the f-Ting, but fweeten as they flow. 

AcjajiLLEOs Dromos {DroTiios 
AchiLlis'), a peninfula near the mouth 
Of the Boryfthenes, where Achilles inili- 
tuted games. 

AcHiLLEIENSES, a people near Ma- 

AcHiLLEUM, a city of Athens. 

AcHiLLEUM, a city of Troas, built 
by the Mitylenians, near the monument 
of Achilles. 

AcHiLLis Insula, an ifland at the 
mouth of the Boryfthenes, where a tem- 
ple was dedicated and a monument 
crefted to the memory of Achilles. 

AcHiNDANA, 3 river of Carmania, 
falls into the Perfian Gulf. 

AcHivi, the people of Argos and 
Sparta, who, being expelled their own 
territories, drove the Icnians from jEgi- 
aius, and, having feized their 12 cities, 
called the country Achaia, 

AcHivi {Acbset)^ the people of 

Ac H N «, a city of Theffaly. 

AcH N X., a city of Boeotia. 

AcHNE. See Casos. 

AcHOALi, a people of Arabia Felix. 

Achola, t{Opfidum Acolttanum, 

Ac HOLLA, j Acilla)y a city of Byza- 
cium in Africa. 

AcnoLLA, acity of Libya. 

AcHOR, a valley of Jericho, on the 
river Jordan, where Achan, the dif- 
turber of Ifrael, was ftoned to death, 

ACHORR A, a city of ThirfiTaly. 



AcHSAPn {Ca,Jhlui\ a ciry of Gali- 
lee, at the foot of Mount Tabor. 


Aci. See Acjs. 

AciDALus, a fountain in Orchome- 
nos, a city of Bceotia, , 

AciOAS ) {Jardanus), a river of 

AcjOASA 3 Arcadia ill the Morea. 

AciDAVA, a city of Dacia, near the 

AciDCN, a river of Tiiphalia, in the 

Ac TLA {Ocilay Ocelist Ziden), a 
maritime town of Arabia Feiix, from 
whence the Ihips fet fail for India. 

AciLiA Augusta. See Azel- 


AcXLiSENE, a diftrift of Armenia 
Major, between Mount Taurus and the 

AciLiuM. SeeAzoLo. 

ACIMJNCUM. See Salankemjen. 
AciNA, a c'ty of Arabia. 
AciNACiE, a people of Badtria. 
AciNASis, a liver of Coichis. 
AciNCUM. ) „ >-, 

AciNUM. \ SeeGRAV. 

AciNippo, a city on the confines of 
Granada and AnJalufia, whofe ruins are 
called Ronda la Viega. 

AciRis. See AcRi. 

AciKis, a city. See ToRRE d' 

Acis. See Siphanto. 

Ac IS {Aci, Anas, lari, Chi aci), a 
rapid river of Sicily on the woody and 
ihady fide of Mount ^^tna. 

AeiTHis. ) o /-. T 


AciTON, ;5n ifland near Candia. 

Acius. SeeAcis. 

Ac K LAM, a town in the vicinitv of 
York, where the ceremony of burning 
the corpfe of the empeior Sevetu. w j 
performed, his aflies being after war. s 
conveyed to Rome. 

AcLisENA, a city of yVrmenia Mi- 

AcMONiA. See Severing. 

AcMONiA {Agmoniu, Ci'vitas Ac- 
7noncn/ii\ a city of Phrygia Major. 

Aco. See Acre. 

AcoLA {Acolla), a city of Media, be- 
tween Amana and Mandagarfis. 

AcoLiTANUM Oppidum. See 


AcoLLA. See Acola. 

AcoN, in Germany, See Aauis- 

AcoN, in Egypt. See Acre. 

Acona,) a maritime town of Bi- 

AcoNE.) tlnnii), on the Eiixinc 
Sea ; the dock or arfenal of Heraclca. 

AcontisjMA, a narrow pafs of Ma- 
cedonia, on the confines of Thrace, be- 
tween Neapolis and Topiris, 

AcoNTiUM, a city of Arcadia, 
founded about A.TvI. 2179, 

AcoNTiuM, a city on the ifland of 

AcoN'Tius, a mountain of BoEotia., a place of Cappa- 
docia, under Hippolyte queen of the 

A C R 

A C R 

AcoR (Jcofium)^ a maritime city and 
a colony of Mauritania Caelarienlis. 

AcoRis, a city on the N Ic, in Up- 
per Egypt, towards the Red Sea. 

AcoTA, a city of Media. 

AcauACHE, a celebrated 
fountain in Calabria Citerioie, a pro- 
vince of Naples. 

AcaUAPENDEKTE {^Ariua 7':l!~ri), 
a city o; Italy, in Orvieto. 

AcQUES (A'/ua T'irbfl/a-. D.2.\; 
Aquenjh Civitast Aqua Aw^ujla:, Aquit 
TarbtUf\s')y a town of Gafcony, in 

Ac QUI {Aqua Siat'idla, or Satiellt- 
rum^, a town of Montfenat in Italy- 

AcRA, one of :he hills on which the 
ancient ciry of jerulaleni was buih. 

AcRA, a diltrift on the P.ilus Maeotis. 

ACKA, a city of Phoenicia. 

ACRA, a city of Italy — Eiihoei — 
Cyprus — Acarnania — -Sicily — Sarnia- 
tia, &c. 

AcRABA, a city of Mtfopotaniia, on 
the banks of the Chabor-is. 

AcRABATA,' "i a city rn the fouth- 

AcRABATENE, V weft of Samaria, in 

Acrabatt;e, )a country bearing 
the fame name. 


ACRACA^'US, a river of Babyion. 
ACRADINA {Acbradina), one (,f the 
four citie^ or d vifions of Syracufe, the 
moft beautiful of them all, having an 
exceeding large forum with elegant por- 
ticos, a fumptuous prytantum, an ex- 
tenfu'e fenate-houfe, and a fuperb tem- 
ple dedicated to Jupiter Olympus. 

Acr;e, a city of Sicily, founded by the 
Syrai-ulans, about 665 years A.C., upon 
an em'nence, near vo wiiich is now a mo- 
nafttry called Sania Maria d'Arcia. 

AcR.s:, a mountain in the IMorea. 

AcR.EPiriA -\(Acrit>bia), a city of 

AcRyEFHiN'A f Boeotia, in the terri- 

Acra:phion C lory of Tnebes/rom 

AcR.-EPHiUM ./ whence Apollo had 
the name Aciaepiiiui. 

AcRAG ALLID.E, 3 diljioncft people 
near A'hens, 

Acr. AG ANTHCM. See Fiume di 


A^„ ^ r bee Gergenti. 


AcRACAS, 1 river of Sicily. See 
FiuME Di Gergen ri. 

AcraJapvgia. ^S'^^Capodi 

Agra Salentina. 5 SanMaria 
Di Lvcca. 

AcRATH,a city of Mauritania Tin- 
gitana, in Africa, near the coniuits of 

Acre (Ara, Acf, Aco, Aeon, Ptolf- 
ntai's, Pko'niaa), a maritime city of 
Upper Egypt, on the McLlite.-raner.n. 

AcRi {Acirt, Acens), a river of 
Lucania, fal!s into the Bay of Tareu- 

ACRIA. ) o fy ^ 

, „ > See Ormoas. 

AcRlDOPHAGi, a people of Ethi- 
opia, whole chief food v\as locufts, with 
which the pans they inhabit were very 
much infeftcd at certain times. 

ACRIDUS, a city of Bulgaria. 

ACRILLA, ) a city of Sicily, near Sy- 

AcRi 1. 1.^, ^ racufe, between Acia 
and Hvbh. 


AcRisioNE, a city of the Morea, 
near Argns. 

ACRISTIA, a city in Sicily. 

ACRITA ) n r /-> A ^r,. 

j^, ,-,. ,> See II Capo AcRiA. 

Ac KIT AS ) 

AcKiiAS, in MelTcnia. See Capo 

DI Gali.o. 
AcROATHON ) ( AcrothouTf?, Acro- 
AcROATHOUM 5 tbooi), 3 city on 

the top of Mount Athos, remarkable 

for the longevity of the inhabitants. 

M E R A . 

Acrocorinthum \ {Epope)f 

AcROCORiNTHus S a mountain 
■wherenn was erected the citadel of Co- 
rinth, and on whole fummit v\ a a tem- 
p'e dedicated to Venus : from the fame 
mountain ifTued the fountain Pyrene; it 
was qot a posverfui, but a very clear 
(Irtam of water. 

AcROLissus, a hi(^h hill, on which 
was built the citadel of LiITus-, in Mace- 

AcRONicus Lacus, a fmall lake 
formed oy the Rhine n«ar the foot of the 

Acropolis (Polis, Upper Polis, 
Cfcropia), the citadel, and chief divi- 
ii'>n (^f Athens, eredted on an etninence, 
when the city was firlt founded, which 
ii: pricels of time was encom^mfTed with 
other bu'ldifigs, which werecaliej Lower 
Polis, as hein^ built in the piain, at the 
loot of tiie hill. To the north ic had a 
wall built by the Pcla!"i;i. and on the 
I'luth, Cymon ion of ^M'hiaiics erefted a 
wall by means of the fpoils which tie took 
fr. m the Perfians ; it hal ivnf. ga'es. and 
on that account was called Enncapvlon, 
the principal of which was built in a mag- 
nificent manner by Pericles, the entran-e 
to it being by a flight of Heps made of 
white marble. Tiiere utjs alio 2 tciTl- 
plc dedicated to Minerva. 


A D E 

AcROTAlDus, an ifland in the Per- 
fiaii Gulf. 

AcROTERi, a city on the ifland of 

AcROTHOUM. See Acroathoum. 

Acta {A^e), a countrv of Attica. 

Acta, a^ place near Mount Athos, 
on the ^^gean Sea. 

ACT.'EA.) c c 


AcTE. See Melos. 

AcTiUM. See Figalo. 

Acton Burnel, a village in Shrop- 
fiiire, near ShrewAury, where a parlia- 
ment was convened is the reign of Ed- 
ward the Firft. 

AcTUARii, a people of Germany. 

AcuBE, a fountain ©r lake in the 
territory of Syrtis. 

AcuMiNCUM. See Salanke- 


AcvRy a city of India intra Gangem, 
in Afia. 

Acusio CoLONi A. See Ancone. 

AcuTjE InsuLj?:, iflands on the 
coaft of Theffaly. 

AcuTiA, a city of Iberia, in Spain. 

Acylina, a city of lUyria. 

AcyPHAS, a city of Dorica Tetra- 
polis, in JE.xohz. 

Ac YTHFs, an ifland near Crete. 

Adacara {Idacara), a city of Ara- 
bia Deferta, on the Perfian Gulf. 

Adacha, a city of Palmyrene, in 

ADADA, ) ■ r TTT^ 

A ' > a city or Piliaia. 

Adadata,) -' 

Ad ADA, a city of Palmyrene, in Syria. 

Adadremon, a city in the valley of 
Samaria, near Jezreel. 

Adam {Adum), a city of Persa be- 
yond Jordan, over againft Jericho. 

Ad AM a {Admab), one of the towns 
that were involved in the deftru6tion of 

Adamas, a river of India that emp- 
ties itfelf into the Bay of Bengal. 

Adam's Pike, a mountam in the 
ifland of Ceylon, on whofe fummit fome 
people imagine the firftman was created. 

Ad AN A. See Aden a. 

Adana, a city of Natolia. 

Ad AN I, two iflands in the Arabian 

Ad Axsam {Ithancejidr), a town in 

Ad Aquas, acity of Mcefia Superior, 
nn the Danube, near the bridge built by 

Ad AauAS, 3 city of Dacla, a few 
miles from Zermizegcthufa. 

Adar. See Adraa. 

AdakistCs, a city of Macedonia. 

Adasa, a city of Paleftine, near je- 

Adaspii, a people at the foot of 
Mount Caucafns. 

Ad AT A {Germnnicia), a maritime 
town of Syria. 

Ad Caballos. See Bagnaca- 

V A L L o . 

Ad Calem. See Cagli. 

Ad Casas C jesarianas. See Cas- 


Ad Centenarium. SccCerve- 


Ad Centesimum, a place diflant 
from Rome towards Adria. 

Ad CentuRiones. See Cervera. 

Adda (Adis), a city of Africa, near 

Adda (Addrttj, ^Adua, Aidua, Adu- 
as), a river of Italy, that, having fepa rated 
the duchy of Milan from the territories 
of Venice, falls into the Po near Cre- 

Add.^a, a city of Mefopotimia. 

Ad Dianam, a city of Numidia. 

Ad DID A {Adida, Adinda), a city 
of Judca, on an eminence near Jerula- 

AxDDlDA, a city of Syria. 

Ad Dracones, a city of Maurita- 
nia Caefarienfis. 

Ad Dracones, a city of Armenia 

Addua. See AnoA. 

Ad duos Pontes, a chy of Spain, 
between Braga and Aftorga. 

Addyma, a city of Mauritania C<e- 

Adeba, a city of Spain. 

AoEor, a village of Arabia Felix, 
near the Red Sea. 

A del {Z'.'la), a province of Africa. 

Adelocum. See Littlfbo- 


Ademystrus, a fonrefs of Mefo- 

Aden, a maritime town of Arabia. 

Adena (^Adana), a city of Ciiicia, 
in Alia. (Sums), a river of Cd'cia, 
difemboguts into the M;;dittrrancan. 

A den BURG ( Aldtnbiirg, A hie - 
l>urg), a city of Wellphaha, near Co- 

Ad Ensem, a city of Umbria, in 

Ader. Sec Edfr. 

Adercos, a diflrit';^ of Iberia, bor- 
dcring on Armenia Minor. 

A 13 E R N o ( Adrannm, Hadrt^num ) , 
a city of Sicily, founded- by Dionyfius 
the elder, near the foot of Mount .^itna, 
A.C. dCQ. 



Adesa, a river of Lycia. 

Ai^KSA, See Com. 

AuEsis. Sec Adigk. 

Au Fines, a city of Switzerland, on 
the confines of Siiabia, where Cecinna 
with the auxiliary Rhetians defeated the 
Hclvecii: it was the extremity of the 
Roman pofTefTions in this quarter. 

Ad Fratrks, a city of Mauritania 

Ad Gallinas. See Veia.vta- 


Ad Herculem, a Roman camp in 
Lower Pannonia, on the Danube, be- 
tween Salva and Carpis. 

AdIABA, ) r A/r • 

rt f a river of Allyna. 

Adiabas,) ^ 

jXdiabene. SeeBoTAN. 

Adiabeni, a people of Mefopota- 

Adiada. See Addida. 

Adienum, a river of Colchis. 

Adige (Ad/i/is), a river of Italy that 
empties itfelf into the Gulf of Venice. 

Ad Intercisa (Litcrdfu Saxa), a 
city of Umbri', in Italy. 

Adis. See Adda. 

Adisathros, a mountain of India 
intra Gangem. 

Ad Labores {Labor xs), a city of 
Lower Pannonia, where a defperate bat- 
tle w^s fought between Conilantine and 

Ao Lapidem. See Stoneham. 

Adle {Burgodunum), a town in 

Ad Lippos,3 city of Spain, between 
Salamanca and Merida. 

Ad Lullia. See Argoulles. 

Ad Malum, a ciry of Liburnia. 

Ad Marcium, a place near Lavi- 
nium, in Italy. 

Ad Martis, the name cf two places 
in Ifa!y : one of them between Narnia 
and Mevania; the other between Se- 
gulium and Brigantio. 

Ad Mauros. SccMaurKirchev. 

Ad Med era {Amm^dara, Amme- 
de)d), a colony of Numidia, 

Ad Morl'M, a place in Spain, be- 
tween Acci and Carthagena. 

Ad Muros. See SuMEREiv. 

Ad Ml'rum. See Wall Towk. 

Ad Novas, a city of Mcrfu Superior, 
on the Dinube, 

Ado^lam {OMlanty AduHam), a 
ciry belonging to the trioe of Judah, to 
the ealtof Eleutheropolis, near to which 
David is faid to have fecrcted himfelf 
in a cave. 

Adokis, ) a river of Phoenicia, 

Adonius,5 whofe waters, in time 
of a flood, ars tinged of a blood colour. 

Adopissus, a city of Lycaonia. ' 

Adoreus, a mountain of Galatia, 
the fource of the river Sangarius. 

Adour {Aturis, Ati'.rus), z river of 
France, that falls into the Bay of Bifcay. 

Ad Palatium. See Palazzo. 

Ad Paludks {Arabias Palitdes), a 
place in Arabia. 

Ad Perusat, city of Africa Pro- 

Ad Pictas, a place on the Via La- 
tina, 2!; miles from Rome. 

Ad PiMUM, a place in Samnium. 

Ad Pon'tem. See Muraw. 

Ad Pontem. Sec Paunton. 

Ad Pontem, a place near Gadcs, in 

Ad Pontem Muri. See Pruck 
AM der Muer. 

Ad Publicanos, a place in Gallia 

Ad Quintanas. See Quinta- 


Adra. See Asperosa. 

Adra, a city of Liburnia. 

Adraa, a city of Ccekfyria. 

Adra A {yldur), a city of Arabia 

Adraba Campi, a diftrift of Lower 
Aurtria, between the Danube and Mo- 

Adr^. See Hatram. 

A d r A M E L E K ( ArnoK ), a river of Pa - 

AoRAMiTiE, a people of Arabia Fe- 
lix, near the Arabian Gulf. 

Adramitium. ") o a 
. f See Andra- 

Adramytteos. S 

• i M I T I . 

Adramyttium. ) 


Adrana, a river of Germany. See 

Adrane, a city of Thrace, near Be- 

Adrans. See Dragemel. 

Adran'um. See Aderno. 

Adranum, a river of Sicily. Sec 
Fiume dAderno. 

Adra PS A {Hadrapfa), a city of Bac- 


Adrapsa.) ,. -, 
« c See Darafsa. 

Adraspa. S 

Adrastea, 1 a ciry of 

Adrasteje Campus, > Mylia Mi- 
Adkastia, ) nor, in a 

didrift of the lame name, between Priapus 
and Parium, where was a temple, dedi- 
cated to Nemcfis, in which was an oracle 
Apollo. See Parium. 
AdrasTIA, 3 fountain of Sicyon. 
Adr.\stii Campi, a plain near the 
Granicus, where Alexander obtained the 
firft vi6l'>ry over Darius. 



Adkia, a city in the territory of 
Venice, from whence the Adriatic Sea 
derives its name. 

AnRiA, in Piccnum. See Atri. 

Adria. See Venice, Gulf of. 

Adriane {Adrtanopolis, Hidriano- 
poU\), a city of Cyiena'ica, between 
Teuchira and Berenice. 

Adriani Forum. See Voor- 

Adriano a Sierra, a mountain in 
the province of Bifcay. in Spjin. 

Adrianofle {Ena'ifm, Orejiia, 
VJauiania^ Ufcada). a city of Romania, 
in European Turkey, founded about 
A.M. 2782: it was repaired by the 
emperor Adrian, A. D. 122, and was 
taken Ly Amurath in 1362, who made 
it the place of his refidence, and hisi'uc- 
ceflbrs continued to refide there till they 
obtained poffcifion of Confiantinople. 

Adrianopolis. See AoRlAyE. 

Adrianothera, a city of Moelia, 
founded by Adrian, on the fpot where 
he had killed a bear. 

Aor.iANUM. ) See Venice, 

Adriatic Sea. 5 Gulf of. 

Adrimetum. See Mahometta. 

Adris, a river of India intra Gan- 

Adkis. See Hy.iROTis. 

Adrius (^Ardius, Ardu), a mountain 
of Dalmatra. 

Adrobicum. See Corunna. 

Ad, a city of Numidia, be- 
tween Lambefa and Ciria. 

Adroita, a maritime town of 

Adru, a city of Arabia Petra:a. 

Adrumetium- ) c -^^ „ 

> ( SeeMAHOMET- 

Adrumetum. V 

Adryme. ) ^^' 

Adrymachid;e {Adyrmachida), a 
maritime people of Africa, near 

Adryx, a town in the territory of 

Ad Sava, a city of Mauritania Cae- 

Adscensus ScoRPioNis(Arn3i.'w, 
Airnbiim, Acfubu^ani'), a dilkitl on the 
confines of Ednm and Benjamin, on the 
S fide : it was denominati.d Acrabattna, 
to diftinguifli it from a dii^rict on the 
borders of Ephi aim and Benjamin, on the 
N fide. 

Ad seftem Aras, a town of Lufi- 

Ad sex Insulas, a place in Mnu- 
ritania Tingitanj, between Mount Abyla 
and Rufadir. 

Ad Statuas, a place of Lower Pan- 
non.a, on the Daiiube. 

Ad Statuas Colossas, a place of 
Pannoni 1 Inferior. 

Ad Stoma, a place of Moefia Inferior, 
near that par' of the Danube where it 
diviJes into fever»l channels, before it 
difembogucs into the Euxine Sea. 

Ad 'i ropjea. Sec Trofjea. 

Adda. ) c \ 

Aduas.J See Adda. 

AdUAC.I. > e <T 

Aduataca.J SeeToNGEREN. 

Aduatici {ntuatici, Betafi, Befqfii\ 
s people of Germany, near the Rhine. 

Ad Victoriolas, a place near 
Modena, on the Via /Emilia. 

Auvla. See GoTHAP-D, St. 

Adule ) a city of Egypt, founded 

Adulis, 5 b^ fugitive flaves, near 
the Red Sea. 

Adulicus, \ a part of the 

Adulicus Sinus. 5 Red Sea. 

Adullam. See Adollam. 

Adum. See Adam. 

Aduna, a river of Perfia, which falls 
into the Tiritirl. 

Adurni Portus. See Edering- 


Aea. See .Eopolis. 

Aea, an ifland at the mouth of the 
river Phafis. 

Aea, a city of ThefiTaly. 

Aea, a fountain of Macedonia, near 

MACmm., the people of Epirus. 

■11T/\ S«0<,a. 

.Eanteium, > a city of Troas, near 

yEanteum, \ the Rhetian promon- 
tory, where a lomb was erefted over the 
corpfe of Ajax. 

^^antes, a tribe of the Atheni- 

^ANTEUK, an ifland near the Thra- 
cian Cherfonelus. 

iEAFOLis, a city of Colchis. 

tEas CAous), a river of Epirus, that 
falls into the Ionian Sea, on whofe banks 
Philip of Macedon was defeated by the 

JEas, a mountain of Egypt, near the 
Red Sta. 

JEnvDjE. See Hebrides. 

jEeura. See Talaveruela. 

^, > SlC 1 ROIA. 

yLCANA. ) 


JEdefsum) {^Edipfum), a city of 

..^DEPsus 5 Negro ont, where the 
hot fprings were termed the fprings of 

yEoESSA. See Vo DEN A. 

vEdes sacrx. Among the Romans, 

;e G E 


their temples, before confecration by the 
augurs, were fo termed. 

yEoiiKANS \( Htdui, Edui), a po\vc r- 

tica, who fuftained a long war againft 
Julius Caefar. 


.^DONIA, ) an ifland on the 

Adonis Insula, ) coaft of Marmo- 
rica, oppofiie Paliurus. 

iEcJA, an ifland in the ^gcan Sea, 
between Tenedos and Chios. 

^GADF.s {Mgates, JEgnfa:), three 
iflandi on the wcttern coaft of Sicily, 
where thft Romans, under Lutatius Ca- 
tukis, rtrmmated the lirft Punic war, by 
the de "eat of the Carthai^inian fleet. 

jX^ ' f aciry of .'Eolia, in AfuMi- 
^GEA, 5 ""^'^^^hcNofCyme. 

JE.g'^'e. [ ^ '"^'■'^'"'^^'^'fy of Cilicia. 

JEciE, a city of Negropont, from 
whenc- Neptune derived the name of 

'Eg^a \ '"M^-<^^on- SeeVoDENA. 

M,Gm, a city of Achaia Proper, fituate 
on the river Crarhis. 

^G^A. See Castel Rosso. a city of Mauritania Caefari- 

Mgmvu Mare. See Archipela- 

jEg^us, a river of Corcyra. 

j£.GX.vSy a plain in Phocis. 

jEgagees, a mountain in Afia. 

iECALKOS.'^a mountain of Attica, 

jEgaleum. ^oppofiteSjIamis.where- 

.fficALEUS, J )n Xerxes placed him- 
felf :o oblei ve the engagement between 
his fleet and that of Greece, in the ad- 
jacent fea. 

iEGALEi;M,>a mountain of Meflfe- 

.^CALEUS, ) nia. 

iEoAN. See Archii'elaco. 

J^GAilA, a city of Lydia. 

iEcAS, a place of Negropont. 

iEGAS, a place near Daunia, in 

jEgates. See.'EcADEs. 


-^c EL EON, a city of Macedonia, 
taken oy kmg Attalus. 

-■Egent.e, a p'.op!e near Syracufe. 
JEges, a city of Achaia Proper. 
jEgesta. See Barbara. 
/E.GZSTJE, ■^ the people of Barbara, 
^GEST.?:i, J- in the vale of Mazara, 
jEgestani, 3 '" Sicily. ' 
-^gestanje Aq.vj£. ( Pinciana 
'Jju(^), hot baths near Barbar.i, in 


Castel a Mar. 

-S.GETA, a city of Moefia Superior. 

jEgije, a diltrift of Laconia. 

iEoiALE. Sec SiCYON. 

j^ciALEA, the original name of the 

iEciALEA, an ifland in the Mo- 

.Egialea, an ifland in the Cretan 

.^gialeus (jEgaieos), a mountain 
of Attica. 

JEgiali. See Sicyon. 

^GiALOS (^Cchiabi), a diftrid of 
Paphlagonia, near the promontory Ca- 
rambis, on the Euxine Sea. 

j'Egialos, a traft of country on the 
coaft between Sicyou and BupraUum, ia 
the Morea. 

j^^gialus. See Ionia. 


-(Eg I ALUS, a fmall town of Pontu:, 
in Afin Minor. 

TEgialus, a city of Thrace, new 
the ris'cr Strvmon. 

iEciALUs, a city of Ethiopia. 

-/^GiALUS, a mountain in Galatia, 

.aEgida. See Cavo d'Istria. 

.Sgila, a place in Laconic, where 
Ariftomenes, being fo imprudent as to 
difpute with a number of religious wo- 
men, was by them taken and detained a 

jEgilia. See Cerigo. 

jEgilienses, a borough of Athen:. 

j^GILIPS, ) • r . ' 

— ' > a city of Acarnania. 

.^Egilops, 5 ^ 
JE.OIL1VS, a place in Epirus. 
.<Egilium. See Cabreria. 
yEGiLODES, a bay of Laconia. 


iEciMARA. \ 

iEGIMORI. f c»» r- ,, ^r..- V 

7c„, >■ bee Ljalett-v. 

>Egimorus. k 

jEgimurus. J 

JEgina. See Egina. 

j?*1ginetes, a river of Paphlagonia, 
on whole banks was a hamlet of the fame 

JEginium, a city of Theffaly. 

jEgira. See Xvlocastro. 

Mg\ka. See Lesbos. 

jEgiroessa, a city of .flEolk, in Afia 

^Egiroessa, a citv of iEtolia. 

iEciRUM, a city of Leftjus, butwcen 
Methvirna and Mitylene. 

iEciRUSA, > a city in the monn- 

>?iGisTHtNA, > tainous partof Mc- 
p;ari3, to the n e of Bccotia. 

.Eg IS, a city of Macedonia. 

See Cabreria. 

JEL 1 

^Gissos "^-^gj/'Jus, Mgyfus), a 

^Gissus >ftrong city of McEfia In- 

iEcisus j{tx\oT, recovered from 
the Thracians by the Romans. 

-/tGixHALLts. Sec Theodore, 

.^GiTiUM, a city of .^tolia. 

iEoiTUM, a city of if.olia. 

j?iGiuM. SeeBosTi/AN. 

.'^GON, a promontory of Lemnos. 

utcox. See Archipelago. 

.-Egos, a river of Thrace. 

--Egosag.e, an Afiatic nation, who 
under the command of Attalus conquer- 
ed Afia ; for which he rewarded them 
with a I't.-'ttlement near the Hellefpont. 

.Egos I'otamos, an illand in the 
Thracian Clieribnerus, wliere Lyfander 
overcame the Athenians A.C. 403. 

.^icosTiirKA. See Egistenia. 

^'Egusa. See Fovogn ana. 

JEgvsx, one of the iflands called 
yEgates, on the coaft of Africa Proper. 

^GY {Jh'gys), a city near Sparta, 
deflroyed by the Lacedaemonians becaufe 
they fufpei^ed the inhabitants to be in 
favour of the Arcadians. 

tEgyla. SeeCERiGO. 

u'Egy panes, a nation near the centre 
of Africa, whofe bodies are laid to re- 
prefent the human fpecies above the 
^vaift, and a goat below. 

..Egypsus. See tEgissos. 

iEGYPsus, a city of the Getae, near 
the Danube. 

jx, ;■ rhemhabitantsot Eeypt, 

tEgyptii, ) ^^^ 

iEcYPTiUM Mare, that part of the 
Mediterranean Sea that walhes the coaft 
of Egypt. 

yIi.GYPTUs. See Egypt. 

jEg YPTUs In ferior. See Delta. 

.^gyptus Superior. SccThe- 


^GYRA, a city of Achaia. 

yEGYS. See ^Egv. 

.■^iGYsus. See ,/Egissos. 

/Eg YTHALLUs. } See Theodore, 

/Egytharsus. \ St. 

.'Elana. See Ailah. 

yELANiTES, • ) the bay of 

yELANiTicus Sinus, ji Ailah, on 
the Red Sea. 

JElea, a city of Thrace. 

M1.IK Adrian a. ^ 

J- See Zamora. 

j^.ia Capitoi.ia. \ See Jeru- 


.-^Eii Pons. See Ponte St. An- 

yEi.iNUM Prjetorium, a place in 
Holland, btiween Leydtn and Dtlft. 

je.1.1a a o list a. 
tElia Zama. 

^ N T 

-EliusPons. See Ponte St. An- 
yEwATHiA. See Macedonia. 
-/Emathia, a city of Macedonia. 
xEmilia, the chief city of a countrr 
bearing the Came nam.e, near Lombard'y 
and- Liguria. 

-Emilia Fossa, a naviijable canal 
between P^rma and PUceniia, cut for 
the purpofe of draining the mardies. 

-Emilia Via, a public road of Italy, 
near Ariminum. 

--Emilian A Castr A,acity of Spain, 
near the fource of tiie Guadian^i. 

-Emiliani Tropjeuji, a trophy 
ertftcd by order of Fabius Maximus 
-Emilianus, with wiiite ftone, to com- 
memorate his defeating the Gauls, at the 
confluence of the Ifere and Rhone, near 
the Cevennes. 

.EMiLi'Js Pons (.S?//'//V/'?o), a bridge 
at Rome, over the Tyber, which was 
originally built with wood, but after- 
wards with marble, near jNTount Palatine. 

jEminit^'m, a city of Lufudnia, on the 
river Mondego. 

^ELmoda, a clufter of feven iflands on 
the N fide of Britain. 

-Emona. See La n bach. 

jEmosia. See Thessaly. 

jEmonia. Sec Macedonia. 

^Emus. See H,bml's. 

j^N A r I A . See I s c H I A . 

-'Enarium, a grove m Achaia, near 
Olenus, (acred to Jupiter, where the 
Achzeans ufed to afiemble in council. 

TEnea. See Moncastko. 

--Eneades, a city of Cherlbnefus, 
foLinHeti by jlineas, which was dcftroyed 
by C<.(r<nder, who fent the inhabitants 
to Theffalonica. 

.'Eneia. SecMoxTORio. 

jEneia (JEiijc;), a city of Troas. 

jEneia, a city of M^cedoniH. 

tEnesi pasta, ) an ifland inthc Me- 

jEnesippa, ji diierrapean, near 
the coaft of Marmorica. 

-■En ksiphyra, ) a maritime town 

^E.NLsisPH YR a, 5 on a promontory 
of Marmorica. 

A-In Ei'M. S'.e LvN. 

yEN(;iNA, an ifland in the Archipe- 

.'En I Insula, an ifland of Arabia 
Felix, in the Red Sea. 

.Eni Pons, a bridge between In- 
fpruck and Oetingen. 

.'En I Pons, a bridge over the Anio, 
a fl)ort diftancc from Rome. 

jEniA. ' See MONCASTRO. 

^En I A. Soe Ms K I .A . 

yE2MA, a city of the Perrbaebi, near 
the Ache! ous. 

JE au 

iE S T 

.liviADA. See Dracamkstro. 
AlNrAT)R, a cicy of Thrace, near 
MoUnt Oet3. 

•E.viAN'ES, a people of TliefTaly, on 
the river Sperchius. 

lEsiocHi, a' people of Afiatic Sar- 

TKnvum {Philolffi!, PIxloleru), a 
maritime town of Egvpt, on the Red 

-1'L>iOV, a city of Samaria, near tiic 
rivet" Johlan. 

.■Kx(>\- \. See Nov a. 

A\ V () s . 1 

.I'Intm. |- Sec Eno. 

/En us. S 

•En us. See Inn. 

-liNUM, ) a mountain in the iflind of 

jtNUs, S Ccrph.ilonia, on whole 
fummit a temple was dedicated to Ju- 
piter .l-^netius. 

/TInum, >a city of Candia, founded 

^l^sus, S by ^ne*s. 

vEo t. F.s, a people of /E )lia. 

.^-loi. lA, ^ a province of Alia Minor, 

/, S "£'*■■ ''■'^ iEjfean Sea, 
peopled bv Grecians, who emigrated and 
iett'ed there A.C. 1124. 

^^OLt D A, a city of Tenedos. 

/EoLiDA, a city near Tlicrmopy- 

.j:oLiDFS. J SeeLif'AK.. 

^'l-^OLIS. SceAVTON'. 

/EopoLis {JEa), a city of Culchis, on 
the river Phatis. 

/"ErKA {S>i/s), a cicy of Candia, 
erc6ted in honour of Solon. 

.d'KA {A-lfieiay Tburia, Cald/ndra). a 
citv of MciTenia, near Phcra;, one of the 
f.ven cities which Agamemnon promiled 
to Achilles. 

^EIpe.v, a city of L.iconi^. 

^^I'K A Sol 1, a city of Cyprus, on the 
fiver Claruis. 

-Ti". P K A . Sec ?0 M !• L ! O 1' O L I S. 

■ItU'V, a city of Elis, near riiryon, 
under the dominion of Ne!\or. 

.Epvium, a city of Triphaiia, in the 

/Eiiu A v A J u G A. See ?4 o n \ \ G s a 

or S O R R K N T O . 

.l-lacr, "^ 1 people of Italy, 

^•l:l<auicoT. I, y near Pileftrina, 

j^Q.uiLANi, J who having in- 
vaded the territory of Latium, various 
conterts arofe between them and the Rd, 
mans before they were fubjujjatcd •, after 
which time all the people of Latium 
were te'med Latins. 

.•Er^,-iMKi IVM ( Irrn JEfdvtflii)^ a 
(pace n\ Rome where Spurius Melius 
rehdcd, svh'Mc ambit'.uu was l"o great 

that he aimed at the lupremc power, 
and refuted to appear before the dic- 
tator Cincinnatus; on which account he 
was 11 lin bv Scrvilius Ahala, mailer of 
the horfe ; and his prcmifes being razed 
to the graund, the fite thereof was fo 

iEauTNOc riVM, a city of Upper 
Pannonia, between Vindobona and Car- 
nuntijm, near the confluence of the Vifch 
with the Danube. 

.'EauuM, a city and colony of Dal- 

Miiif,, a city of Macedonia. 

--^^R/E, a city of Ionia. 

Ms^iE, a city on the Hcilefpoiit. 

TEkka. See Candia. 

."EuiA. See Egypt. 

iHuiA. See MiiLos. 

jEria, a city of the Cavari, near A- 
vignon, in France. 

Aermon. See Hf.rmo.v. 

yEROi'us, a mountain of Chaonia. 

tErosa. See Cyprus. 

IEs\, a city of Thrace, near Pal- 

^'Esacus, a river near Mount fda. 

/EsAru> {JEj'ef'u;), a river of Mylia, 
in Alia, falls mro the Hcllefpont, 

tEs a r . "i 

yEsARAS. > 

-'Esakus. 3 

See Esako. 

See Serciiio. 

^'ESAR. \ 

-liSARIS. 5 

.''Escu i.APii Nemus, a place in Phoe- 
nicia, between Berytus and Sidon. 
^TisENUS. See Spiga. 
JEsEi'i's. See jEsapus. 

a^SKRNIA. See TsERNI/v. 

iEsiCA. See Netherby. 

/Esis. See Esino. 

.'Esis, a city of Umbria, in Italy, on a 
river of the fame name. 

TEsissiuM. See Asisi. 

JEsM' m- SceAusiTis. 

-'l-lsruM. See Iesi. 

/Esius, a river on the confines of Bi- 

TiLsoLA {JEfnla, JEfdum), a colony of 
Latium, in Italy, fettled on a mountain 
between Tyber and Prxncfte, about 
23 years arcer the firft Punic war began. 

yEsoN'A. See Iesona. 

yEsopus, a river of Pontus, in Afia. 

^SqUILINUS MoNS. See EsQ.ui- 

-•EsTii, an induftrious people of Ger- 
many, dwelling on the s e lide of the 

.^sTiv.E Iksul^e. See Bermu- 

iEsTR;EuM, ) •. f »/r J • 
T> ' > a citv of Macedonia. 

^ T N 


See Onoba. 
See ^soLA. 

^STRIA, an ifland in the Adriatic 

^SULUM. 5 

iEsYET^'E Tymbus, the tomb of 
.^fyetes, treited on an eminence near 
Troy, from whence Politcs, the foii of 
PrJam, took a iurvey of the Greeks. 
^SYMA, a city of Thrace. 

jEsyma, a city of Troas. 
^SYMNiUM, a monument erefted 
to the men;ory of the deceafed heroes, 
by ^fyninus of Megara, who, having 
confulted the cacle by what means the 
JVfegareans might be the moft happily 
governed, received for anfwer, If they 
held confultation ivith the more numtrou: ; 
which be:ng interpreted ' the dend,' he 
caufed the faid monument to be Diiih, 
and a fenate-houfe that enccmpafled ir, 
imagining that, if this method were adopt- 
ed, the deceafed heroes would alfift at 
their confukaticns. 

iExAE-A, a city of Numidia. 

j^Lthalia. SeeScio. 

jExHALiA. See Elba. 

^^THALiA. See Lemnos. 

^THALOSis ToRRENs, a brook in 
the s of Troas, near Hamaxitus. 

^THEA, a city of Laconia. 



-^TKERII, the people of Abyifinia. 

yExHicEs, a people of Epirub, be- 
tween Ath^mania and Tyrrphaea. 

jExhiope. See Lesbos. 

^'Ethiopia. See Abyssinia. 

^^xHiopiA Inferior. See Mo- 

^XHIOPIA above Egypx, the 
country to the s of Egypt. 

.^XKIOPICI Monxes, mountains 
extending ahmg the \v fide of the Nile. 

JExHiopicus Sinus {Sinus Indi- 
£us), the Arabic Gulf, and the fea tn 
the s of it, which bounds the e fide of 

i^lxHlOPIUM, a diftrift of Lydia on 
the Hvljus, frcm whence Diana derives 
the name Ethiopia. 

^THREA.j See Rhodes. 

.ffiXHRIA. See Melos. 

JEXHRIA. See Thasos. 

yEXHUSA {£g:ija), an iliand on the 
coaft of Africa, near Lilybaeum, one of 
the jEsates. 

uEtinITjm. SecExiNo. 

JEtna. See GiDEl.. 

.-EtKa (/wc/fe), 3 town of Sicily, on 
Ac 9 &de of the mountain bearing 

the fame name, whofe inhabitants offi- 
ciated as guides to thofe who were dc- 
firous of exploring the various parts ad- 

jtxoLi, > the people of Defpo- 
.^XOLIANS, J tato. 

j'ExoLiA. See Despoxaxo. 

.TixuLiA, a diftridt.of Armenia Mi- 

-'Ex, a rocky ifland in the -'Egean 
Sea, between Tenedos and Chios. 

iEx, a city of the Marfi, in Italy. 

iExoNE, a village of Attica, whofe 
inhabitants were remarkable for being 
of a malevolent difpofition. 

iEzANis, } a city of PhrygiaMag- 

jEzanus, 5 "3. 

^IziCA, a diftrift of Thrace. 

AfAMEA. See Hama. 

Affile, a city of Latium, in Italy, 
fituate among the mountains between. 
Sublaqueum and Anagnia. 

Afflianus Mons, a mountain on 
the eaftern fide of the Tyber. 

Africa {Uhva), one of the. four 
grand divifions of the habitable world, 
and the moft extenfive peninlula in the 
univerfe. The clmiate is fo exceifively 
hot that only the maritime parts are inha- 
bited ; the interior being barren, fandy 
deferts, which produce more beafts of 
p'ey than are to be found on all the 
ofher parts of the known world con- 

Africa Carxhaginiensis, ) 

Africa Propria, \ * 

diftrift of Africa, comprifing the pro- 
vinces of Zeu.^itana and Byzactum. 

Africa Inxerior. is generally 
known by the name of Libya Interior, 
and Ethiopia beyond Egypt. 

Africum Mare, that part of the 
Mediterranean Sea which is on the coaft 
of Africa. 

Africus, a particular v.ind that 
blows between the s and w. 

Agabeni (^Agiibcnij, a people in the 
s of Arabia Dcferta, near the mountains 
of Arabia Felix. 

Agagrian.i; PoRXiE, gates z.t Sy- 
racufe, near to which the dead were 

Agalasses, a nation of India fub- 
dued by Alexander. 

AGAMEA,>a maritime town, en a 

Agamia, 5 promontory cf the fame 
name near Troy. 

Agamede, a place near Pyrrha, on 
ihe ifland of Lefljos. 

AcAMEMNONis FoNXEs, fprings 
in Ionia, near Smyrna. 

Ac AMIS, a city on the ifland of Lef- 


A G R 

AcAMiuM. SccGheme. 

Agamu A, a city of Mefopotamia. 

Agamzua, a city of Media. 

Aganippe, a fountain of Bceotia, on 
the borders of Mount Helicon, lacred to 
the Mufts, which runs into the river 

Aganzaga, a city of Media. 

Agar, a city of Byiacium, in. Africa. 

AcaREN'I, the inhabitants of Aga- 
rum, m Arabia. 

Agaera, a city of Sufiana, near the 
river Eulaeus. 

Agarum, a city of Arabia, dcmolilh- 
cd by the order of Trajan. 

AgaRUS (S-igiVii, Hyf'iJfiis), a river 
of European Sarniatia, falls into the 
Palus Maeotis. 


Agass.^;, Vacityo 

f Macedonia. 

-See Marco, St. 

ACASSJE, a city of Theffaly. 

ACASUS (^Agfjits), a maritime town 
of Apulia, between the promontory Gar- 
ganus and the river Cerbalus. 

Agatha, bee Maguelone. 

A^^^"^} SeeAGCE. 
Agathe. 5 

AcATHOCLls Insul.*;, two idands 
in the Indian Ocean, to the s of the 
Fed Sea. 

Agathonis In'sula, an ifland in 
the Red Sea, on that fide next Egypt. 

Agathopolis. See MoNTPr;!.- 


ACathussa. See Telos, 

Agathyrna. "j 



Acathyrsum. J 

ACATHYRsr (^Hamaxobu), a people 
of Sarmatia. 

Agavi, an inoffcnlive people of Scy- 
thia, who obferved rht; s^rcateft fimpii- 
city of manners, and whofe chief Tub- 
fiftence wa-; rnilk. v 

AgazaCa, a city near Mount Paro« 

AGEATA^fA. See Casbiv. 

Agde (^Agaiha), a city of Gallia Nar- 

Agdekites, a people of Carmania, 
in Pcrfia. 

Af;DEST:s,>a mountain of Phry- 

Agdistis, 5 gia, near Pelfinu'^. 

Agelocum. See LiTTiEBo- 


Ace n* > ( Niticbrign, A^invum) , 

Acsy^yM ) a city of France, on 
the banks of the Garonne. 

Ac2sd;cum. See Sen's. 

AcE.N-:^;v.v. See Ao»N:it;.>t. 

Acsa CA>:PA>rys. See Cai'U'a. 

Acer PiCEUTiUM. ) See La 

Acer PiCENUs. 5^arca. 

Ages. See Agis. 

Ac:esin"ates, a people of Gaul, in 
the vicinity of the P ttones, 

Agessus. See Agasus. 

Aggieul-Fellanos (Pb//omeIi~ 
urn), a cuy of Phrygia Magna, fituaie 
between Silbium and Pelta;. 

Aggrin.^, a people near Mount 

Agid.e, the dcfcendants of Euryf- 
thcnes, wiio Ihared the throne of Sparta 
witii the Proclidae. 

Agidos, a city of Cyprus. 

AciNCOURT^a village in France, 
where Htnry V. king of England ob- 
tained a fignal victory over the French., a city of Iberia, on the 
confines of Colchis. 

Agixnum. SeeAGEN. 

Agirta, a city of Sicily. 

Agis {Ages), a city of Lacedaemonia, 
dcmoliihed about A.M. 3037. 

Agisymba, a diftrict of Libya Inte- 

Agla, a diftrift of Judea, between 
Eleutheropoiis and Gaza. 

Aglaon, a fountain in Aulis. 

Aglio {Algicius, Algidum), a city 
and a mountain in an cxtenfive country, 
bearing the fame name, in Latiuro. 

Agmonia. See Acmonia. 

Agna, a river of Mauritania Tingi. 

Agneda. See Edinburgh. 

Agnices, ) a river that fails into the 

Agnicis, \ Tigris. 

AGi^l CoRNU, a low fandy promon- 
tory of Egypt, between two mouths of 
the Nile, viz, Boibianum and Sebenny- 

Agnonia, a city of Thrace, b'jik 
by Agron, the Athenian genera], near 

Agon,\lia, ) feftivals celebrated a: 

Ago:;ia> ) Rorr.e three times a 
year, in honour of Janus, or Agonius. 

Agonax-is Circus. See La Piaz- 
za Navon'a. 

Agonensts Porta. SccColmxa. 

Agokes CAriTOLiKi, gamescele- 
brattd every fifth year, upon the Ciipi- 
toline Hill, at which prizes were con- 
tended frr by agility and ftrength, alfo 
by poetical and literary compofuions ; at 
one of which, Statins publicly recited 
his Thebaid, but did not meet witl» 
mvi:h applaufe. 

ACORa, a city of Cherfmefus. 

A-50RAN"I3, a river of India, fall* 
into the Ganges, 

Acra, a city of Sufiana. . 

A G U 

A I N 

Agra, a place of Boeotia, the fource 
of the IlilTus. 

Agra, a city of Arcadia. 

Agra, a city of Arabia. 

Agradatus. See Tisikdon. 

AgRjE, a place near Athens, on the 
far fide of the liiffus. 

Agr^i {Agrenfes), a people of Ara- 
bia Dcferta. 

Agr.ei, a people of ^-Etolia. 

Agragas. Ste FiuME di Ger- 


Agrani, a city of Babylonia. 

Agraul^, a tribe of Athens. 

Agravonit^e, a people of Illyria. 

Agre, a city of Lydia. 

Agreda {Gracchuris, Graccuris), a 
city of Old Caliile, near Arragon. 

Agrei, a people of Arabia Felix, on 
ihe Palus Mseotis. 

Agri, a people on the eaftern fide of 
the Palus Majoris. 

Agri A {Eger, Abieta, Abrieta), a 
city in Upper Hungary. 

Agriakes, a river of Thrace. 

Agriani, a people of Thrace, on 
the banks of the river Agrianes. 

Agri Decumates. See Decu- 


Agriasp^. See Ariaspe. 

Agrigenti Portus. ) See Fi- 

Agrigenti Emporium. 5 dme 
D] Gekgenti. 

Agrigentum. Sec Gkrgenti. 

Agriliu:j, a city of Biihynia, near 
Alnunt Olympus. 

Agkinium, a city of Acarnania. 

Agricmela {Sperchius'), a river that 
fepar<)tes Thefialy from Achaia. 

Agripoi.Ii a city of Calabria. 

Agrippensls. See Ubii. 

A G R I P p E u M ^ ( Anthedoh), a city of 

Agrippias 5 Juuea, near tl: I'ea, 
which being deltroyed was rebuilt by 
Herod Agrippa. 

Agrip.-ina. -^ s.^^<.^, 

AgRIFPINA LOLOMA '- , ^ _ . . „ 
_, II. OOf»E. 

Ubiorlm. 3 


on the Rhine, in the ifland of Batavia. 

Agris, a city of Carmania. 

Ac;rizai.a. a city of GalHCia. 

AGPvOEirv.^ {Aioena), a city of J£.o. 
lia, in Afia JMinor. 

Agromento (^Crurzoitum), a city in 
the Bafilicata cif Naples. 

Agrospi, a sity of Ethiopia, on the 
banks of the Nile. - SecAc.^BENi. 

AgUimo'rtes, a city of Germany. 

Agvnt>-'M-. SecDoBLACH. 

Agurium. See Agyrium. 

Aguyrqna, Sec AchvroNa. 

See CjERE. 

Agylla. > 


AGYRiKiE. "^apeopleofAgy- 

Agyrinenses, I ? 4^_ S/ 

Agyrinians, 3 

Agyrinus ) {Aguriurn, Argyrium, 

Agyrium ji yir^ jt^), a city of Si- 
cily, in the Val di Dcmona, the birth- 
place of Diodorus Siculus, the hiftorian. 

Ah A WAS, a city of Chufiftan, in Per- 

Aheloth. See Ailana. 

Ai ) {Ana, Gai, Hai), a city of 

AjAH 3 Paleftiiie, in Judea. 

AjA (Ailia), a river of Italy. 

AjACCio {Ajazzo), a maritime town 
of Corfica. 

Aj.vLON, a city of Paleftine, belong- 
ing to the tribe of Dan. 

AjALON, a city of Paleftine, fituated 
in a valley belonging to the tribe of Ben- 
jamin, wherein Jolhua commatided the 
moon to ftand fiill. 

AjASALOuc. See EpHESus. 

AjAZZO. See Ajaccio. 

AjAZZO (IJfus), a city of Cilicia, in 
Afia, where Alexander defeated LXarius, 
A.C. 331. The city was afterwards re- 
taken, and all the Macedonians were 
cruelly mafTacred, Cicero being encamp- 
ed on the fame fpot Alexander had be- 
fore chofen. 

AjAZZO, a maritime town of Natolia., 
in the province of Carmania. 

Ai DENE lei (Lycia, Cariti, Lyrdum, 
Caris, M.'lj'O!, TremiL), a kingdom 
of Ionia, in Afia Minor, founded about 
A M. 2697* and received the name 
of Caria from Cara, the king, who 
difcovcred the fkill of augury by the 
flying of birds. In this kingdom Dio- 
nyfius the tyrant was born, and in it 
Artemifia erected the coftly fcpulchrc to 
the memory of her hulband iVIaufolus, 
which was accounted one of the won- 
ders of the world. The inhabitants 
were originally Leleges, who invented 
plumes for their helmets, and badge? for 
their Shields. 

AiDOKEUS* a river near Troy. 

AiDUCAL. See Atlas. 

AlEA ^{JElana, Elana, E- 

A 1 1. AH I ^^^^^ Abtloth, Eloth), 

^'^■^^^ h city of Arabk Pe^ 

AlLANUM I ^ . T) J c 

, 1 traja, on the Red Sea, 

A 1 1. A T H J ' 

AiLANiTEs Sinus {/Elanita), a 
bay of the Red Sea. 

AiLSA, an infulatcd rock near the iUc 
of Arran, in Scotland. 

AiME {Axima,,E/}ne), a town of Sa- 
voy, on the river Ifere. 

AiNA. See Ai» - 



AiN Zarba. See Ascera. 

AtPOLls, a city of Babylon, near 
which were i'pringsof bitumen. 

AiSACUS {Atagis),^ river of Rhaetia, 
falls into the Athcfis. 

AiSNE {Ax9)ia)f a river of France, falls 
into the Seine. 

Aix, a town in Savoy, where people 
reforc to drink the- mineral waters. 

Ai X ( Aqutr Ld/od.-e, Aquie Selimtn- 
tue, Aq'.f,^ Stxli^r, Civiias A^ufi?yis), a' 
city ot Provence, in France, vvliere are 
hot bathb. 

Aix LA Chafelle, a town of Ger- 
many, where the emperor Charlemagne 
was buried. 

Aken (M''gar.i\ a city of Achaia. 

Akev. See AauisGR anum. 

Akrabbim. SclAdscensus Scor- 


Alaba, a city of Cclciberia, in 


Alab ASTRA, a city of Phrygia. 
Alabastrorum Urbs, a city of 
Egypt, to the weft of Cvnopolis. 

Alabastkum, a mountain in E- 


Alabater, 3 promontory of Cara- 
mania, in the bay of Paragon. 
AlaBis. "^ 
Alabo. >See Cantaro. 


Alabo, > . re- i 
Alabum,} » ^'ty 0, Sx.Iy. 

Alabons. > „ ^ 
Alabuntis.) SeeTALART. 

Aladuli i {Armenia Minor'); a 

Aladujlia S province of Allatic 
Turkey, near Muunt Taurus, between 
Amufia and tiie Mediterranean. 

Ala:a, Sec Alea. 

Aljesa. See Caronia. 

Al^sus. See Pittineo. 

Ala Flaviana. See Vienna. 

Al agon I A, a free city of Laconia. 

Alalcomen.'e, )a city of Bo^o- 
Alalcomenium, J tia, in a (!iftri£l 
bearing the fame name, between Hali^r- 
tiis had Coronea, where was a temple 
dedicated to iVlinerva, - 

Alalcome.vje, a city of I;h;iC4. 

Alalia. 'See Aleria. 

ALALis,a city ot PalmYrene,in Syria, 
ne^r the Euphrates. 

Alamanni {Alemanni. Alma-iu'),^ 
people of Germany, near thr Hercynian 
Foreft, from whom the inhabitants of 
Wirtembiirg derive their dcfcent. 

Almata, a city of Palmyrenc, in 
Syria, on the Euphrates . 

Alamus, a city of Albania. 

Alana, a city of Ethiof u. 

Aland, iflands at the entrance of ih* 
Gulf of Boilinia, in the Baltic Sea. 

Alan'der, a river of Phr/gia. 

Alani, \ a people of Lithuania, nenr 

Alans, 3 the Palus Mseoiis. 

Alania {Rhoxixlana), a diftrift on 
the banks of the Tanais, to the north ot 
the Palus Mseotis. 

Alaniticus Sinus. See ./Ela- 


Ala Nov a, '.a city of Upper Pan- 
non.a, between Vindobona and Carnun- 

Alantonis, a city of Spain, near 

Alanus, a river of Scyrhia. 

Alanus, a mountain of Sarmatia. 

Alai'Untis. See Talart. 

Alarchos, a city of Spain. 

Alares, a people of Pannonia. ' 

Alaria. See Aleria. 

Alarodii^ a nation near Pontus, ia 

Alas, a diRrift of Attica|, near the 
Saxa Caryftia, or marble quarries of Ca- 

Alasceb AR (Hv'/y«'/tf), a city of the 
Thebai's, to the weft of the Nile. 

Alasi, a city of Libya Interior, 

Alata, a city of Arabia Deferta. 

Alata, a cicy of Dalrhatia. 

Alata Castra. See Edin- 
burgh. , 


Alatro • ^Campama, m Italy. 

Alauna, a town near Dumbriton 
Frith, in Scotlar\d. 

Alauna. SeeALAUNiUM. 

Alauni, a per.ple of Stiria. 

ALAUNiUM(i^/««>7fl), a town of Nor- 

Alaunus, a river of Britain, falls 
into the Ocean near the Ifle of Wjght. 

Ala von A, a city of^the Vaicones, in 
Spain. -' . 
. Al-autA^' a river of European Tur- 
key, ducharges itfclf intothe Danube. 

Alazia, a city of Phrygia. 

Alazon, a river that ifTues from 
Mount Caucalus, and, 2.f:er feparating 
Alamia from Iberia, falls into the Cy- 

Alba (Allaba, Allava), a" river cf 
Sicily, falls into the African Sea at He- 

Alba, a river of Spain, falls into the 

Alba, a city of the IVTarfi, in Italy. 

Alba {A:ba Pompeia, Albenfis Pom- 
pe'iani), a city of Liguria, on the river 

Alba FucENTiA. Sec Alibi, 



Alba G^.tca, a city of Hungary. 
Alba HiELVioRUM. SeeViviERs. 
Alba Jvlia. See Weissem- 


Alba LoKGA. SccAlbe. 
Alba Pompeia. See Alba. 

AlbaRegalis, a city of Hungary. 
Alba Virgan^ksis. See Ari- 

Alba Urgaon (Urgcw), a city of 
Spain, near Cordova. 

Albana. See Bachu. 

Albani. See Albanopclis. 

Alb.\sia, a province of European 
Turkey, compreliending Epirus, and 
that part of Dalmacia fubjeft to the 

Albania, a province of Italy. 

Albanije Port.'e, defiles or ftraits 
on Mount Caucafus, which guard the 
entrance into Albania. , 

Albano, a city and a lake in the 
Campagna of Rome. 

Albanopolis {Aidant), a city, and 
the people who inhabit it, on the con- 
fines of Macedonia. 

Alean'um. See Caspiak Sea. 

Albanum Pompeii, a villa on the 
Via Appia, near the fpot where Alba 
Longa formerly flood. 

Albanus, a river of Albania, run- 
ning into the Cafpian Sea at Bachu. 
See Cohan. 

Albanus LaCus. See Lago Al- 

Albanus MoNs. See Mokte Al- 
ba n o . 

Albanus Mons {Albius), a moun- 
tain to the north of Jftria, at the ex- 
tremity of the Alps, which with the ad- 
jacent moun,tainb to the eaft were called 
Montes Bebii. 

Albany {Breadalbayie), a diftrift of 
Scotland, in the Ciire of Perth. 

Albarazin {Lobtium), a city of 
Arragon, in Spain, noted for producing 
fine wool. 

Albaugvsta. SceViviERS. 

Albe {Alba Longa, Laiifiium), a 
city of Italy, founded about A. M. 
2800, by Afcaniu?, who made it the 
feat of his government.— In tiiis city 
Tarquin the Proud erected a temple to 
Jupiter Latialis. - 

Aleegn A {_Alliima), a rirer of Italy, 
which runs into the TuCcan Sea near 

Albeng.\ > {AlbingauKum, Albi' 

A L BEN QUA 5 ''^ Ingaunum, Aibi- 
guinum), a feaport town of Jtaly, on the 
river Merula, built about A.C. 66. 
Crcat abundance of ^Mives arc produced 

ALBENars. See Viviers. 

Alber Cape {Catabatbmui), the 
eaftcrn limits of Cyrenaica, on the ex- 
treme confines of Africa. 

Alberton (Paratcfiiim, Portus Pa- 
rxtomv.i. Ammonia), a ftrong maritime 
town of Marmorica, on the confines of 

Albestaverati {Olbafay Obafa )^ 
a city in the fouth of Pifidia. 

Albia. See Alps. 

Albici, a people of Gallia Aquita- 
nia, near Riez. 

Albietje, a people of Latium. 


Albiga. > SeeALBY. 



Albigenses( Bonkomrries, Fuudois\ 
a people on the mountains of Dauphine. 

Albii, mountains. See Blanc, 


Albinia. See Albegna. 
Albintemelium.) See Vinti* 
Albintimilium. i 3 miglia. 
Albicece. See Riez. 

^ Albio. J See Britain Great. 

Albion. 5 

Albis. See Elbe. 

Albium Ingaunum. See Al- 
be ng a. 

Albium Intemelium. See ViN- 


Albums MoNs. See Monte Al- 
ba s o . 

Albix. See Alby. 

Albona (Alvafio), a city of Iftria, 
near the Gulf of Carnaro. 

Alborno ( Alburnui), a mountain of 

Aleufera {Amcenum), a lake in 
Spain, between Yalentia and the river 

Albula. See Tiber. 

.-^LBULA, > a rivet of Italy, which 

Albulates.J falls into the Adria- 

Albui.a, a/ivcr of Tivoli. 

Albulus. See SolfataRA. 

Album Littus, a place of Mar- 
morica, on the Mediterranean. . 

Aleunea S ylva, a wood in the vi- 
cinity of Tibur. 

Albuneus Pons, a fountain neat 
the city Tibur. 

ALBUQUERauE, a (Irong forircfs of 
Eftramadura, in Spain, 

Alrurnus. See Alborno. 

Alburnus Portus, a maritime 
town of Guliia Be.'gica. 

Albus Pagus, a place between Be- 
rytus and Sidw>, whtre Anthony with 

A L C 


his retinue waited for the arrival of 

Albus PoftTUs, a maritime town of 
Egypt, ©n the Red Sea. 

Albus Vicus, a maritime town of 
Arabia Felix, on the Red Sea. 

Alby {Albiga, Albix), a city of 
Languedoc, in France, whole inhabitants 
were the firft who difputed the authority 
of the Pope. 

Alcair, a city of Egypt, on the 
banl<s of the "Nile, founded by Elcain, a 
Saracen prince, A. C. 969, who made it 
the royal refidence, which it continued 
to be till the reign of Saladine. 

Alcala Dfc Guadaira, atown of 
Andalulia, in Spain. 

Alcala de Henarez (Complu- 
tum), a city of New Caftile, in Spain, 
where the firft polyglot Bible was com- 
piled and printed. 

Alcala del Rio {Italica Bceti- 
ca, Sevilla Fitja), a city of Spain, 
J built by Scipio Atricanus, for the ac- 
commodation of his wounded foldiers, 
after he had concluded the war with 
Spain. This city was the birth-place 
of Trajan, of Adrian, and of Silius Ita- 
^ Alcamer, a town of the United 
Provinces, in North Holland. 

ALCANTAR.A {Colonia 'Norbenjis, 
Norba Cafarea), a city of Eftramadura, 
in Spain, near to which is a bridge 
erefted by the emperor Trajan. 

Alcantara, a town of Andalufia, 
in Spain. 

Alcantara (^Acefmes), a river of 

Alcaraz, a town of La Mancha, in 
Spain, wherein is a very ancient aque- 

Alcathoe, in Achaia. See Me- 

Alcazar Leguer, a city of Afri- 
ca, in the kingdom of Fez. 

Alce, atown of Spain, which fur- 
rendered to Gracchus. 

Alces, a river of Bithynia. 

Alcester {Aulce/itr), a town in 

Alcharar ( Circe/ium, Circijfum, 
Ctrcefus, Cerctifium), a city of Mefopo- 

Alchabur. See Chabur. 

ALCHfONE, a mountain of Macedonia. 

Alcimedon, a plain of Arcadia. 

Alcimcennis (Samuloccenis), a city 
of Vindelicia, on the Danube. 

Alcmania (JieracUd), a city of 

Alcyone {HaUyone), a city of 

lLDUABIS, > (Dubis), a river of 
lLduasdubis, ) Gallia Ccltica. 

Alcyonium Stagnum, a remark- 
able deep lake in the vicinity of Corinth. 

Aldborough, a maritime town in 

Aldborough (I/urium Brit;antum), 
a town in the weft riding of Yorklhirc, 
fituate on the Oufe. 

AlDEBURG. ) c n 

A .,,r.^ > See Adenburg. 

Aldenard. See Oudenard. 

Alderholm, an ifland of Svveden, 
near Nordland. 

Alderney, an ifland in the Britifti 

Aldescus, a river of European Sar- 
maiia, falls into the North Sea. 

Aldbadina {Drjopes) a country 
near Mount Oeta and ParnalTus. 

Aldrume. See Mahometta. 



Ale, a city on the coaft of Syria, 
near Selinus. 

Ale a {FJaa), a city of Arcadia, 
where was a temple dedicated to Mi- 

Alebece. See RiEZ. 

Aleii Campi, \ a plain near 

Aleius Campus, 5 Mount Chi- 
maera, in Cilicia, where Bellerophon, be- 
ing thrown from Pegafus, wandered 
about till he perifhed. 

Alema, a city in the land of Gilcad. 

Alemania. See Germ.vny. 

Alemanni. ) o „ a 

Alemans. JSeeALAMANS. 

Alemusii, a people of Attica, in 
whole country there was a temple dedi- 
cated to Ceres, and another to Profcr- 

ALEN90N, atown of Normandy, in 

Alens, a place in the IQand of Cos. 

Aleok. See Alex. 

Aleppo ( Bercca, Hifrapolis, Cbalfp), 
a city of Syria, in Afia, where Mene» 
laus was fmothered with hot aflies. 

Aleppo {Chalilon, Cbalibor.itis), a 
province of Syria, extending from Ciele- 
lyria to the Euphrates. 

Aleria \ {Alalia, A~ 

Aleria dcstrutta \ laria),zc\f<f 
of Corfica, founded by the Phocseans, 
which was deftroyed by Scipio A. C. 
562 ; and afterwitrds rebuilt by Sylla. 

Ales (^AUoyi), a river of Ionia, in 

Ales. See Alex. 

Alesa.) c h 

&.rr-„ J See Archonidion. 

ALEit. 3 

Alesia. See Alise. 
jAlesini, a people on the Peri-an 





Alestum, a city of Peloponnefus, on 
a mountain bearing the fame name. 

Alesius,' a city of Elis. 

Alesius, a mountain of Arcadia, 
near Mantinea. 

> ■ Alessio {Lijpis),^ a city of Albania, 
- near the Gulf of Venice. 

Alestes. See Gretones. 

Alesus. See PiXTINEO. 

Aleta, a city of Illyria. 

Aleta. See Malo, St. 

Aletium. See Lecci. 

Aletrium. See Alatri. 

Aletvm. See Malo, St. 

Alex (Ha/ifA-, Alice, Ales), a river of 
Calabria Uira, falls into the Sicilian 

Alexandrea, a mountain of My fia, 
a part of Mount Ida, on the fea-coaft ; 
whereon Paris, or Alexander, is faid to 
have pronounced judgment on the three 

Alex ANDREA (Cff/rfrifrt), a city of 
Lombardy, in Italy ; was fortified by the 
confederates againft the emperor, A.D. 

AtEXANDREUM, a citadel on the 
northern borders of Judea. 

Alexandria {Scanderia, Rhacotos, 
Rbacotis), a city of Egypt, on the Me- 
diterranean Sea, founded by Alexander 
AC. 330; it was deftroyed by the 
Romans, and repaired by Trajan ; it 
was alfj beautified by Pompey, who 
erefted a pillar, confifiing of one entire 
piece of granite, 70 feet high, and 25 
feet in circumference. The city was a 
patriarchate, that had all thft provinces 
of Egypt under its fubje<SUon, and affifted 
at the firil general counci! of Nice, held 
A.D. 315; it was the refidence of the 
Egyptian kings before Cairo : it was 
■^efieged, and in part taken, by Peter 
kitig of Cyprus, in 1230. 

■Alexandria,' a city of Gedrofia, 
'buit by Leonatus, at the exprefs com- 
niaod of Alfxander. 

Alexandria Arachosia. See 


Alex ANDBf A Ariana. SeeHE- 

Alexandria Bactriana. See 

Alexandria CarmanIjC. See 


Alexandria Characen^e. See 



Alex AN" or. I. \, a city at the 
ccnfluence of the i^cefints and Indus. 
Alexandria Margiak. See 

Alexandria Sogdiana (AUX' 
andropolis), a city on the confines of 
Baftria, on the river Oxus. 

Alexandria Paropamisus, a 
city at the foot of Mount Caucafus. 

Alexandria, a city of Phrygia 

Alexandria Samaria. See Ca- 


Alexandria Troades. See 

Alexandria Ultima, a city on 
the river laxsrtes, at the extremity of 
Alexander's conquefts towards Scy- 

Alexandri Arje, the boundaries 
of Alexander's victories near the river 

Alexandri Castra, a city of 
Ammoniaca, on the confines of Marmo- 

Alexandri Columns, a place 
defcribed by Ptolemy, as being at the 
foot of Mount Hippic'js, in Afiatic Sar- 

Alexandri Insula. See Ara- 


Alexandri Portus, a maritime 
tov\n of Gedrofia. 

Alexandrina Regio, the coun- 
try between the Lake Mareotis, and the 
Canopic mouth of the Nile. 

Alexandrion, a fortrefs on the 
frontiers of Judea and Samaria. 

Alexandrium. See Scanda- 


Alexandropolis. See Canda- 


Alexandropolis. See Alex- 
andria Sogdiana. 

Alexia. See Alise. 

Alfaterna. See NOCERA. 

Alfidena (^Avjidam, Avfidena), a 
town in the kingdom of Naples, on the 
confines of Terra di Lavoro. 

Alg.e, a city of Negropont. 

ALGiE, a maritime town of Tufcany, 
between the rivers Minio and Centum- 

Algarb?;, ) a province of Portu- 

Algarva, ^ gal. 

Algesikas, \ a town of Andaltifia, 

Algez.ikre, >in Spain, fituate on 

Algezira, 3 the Stratti of Gibrsj. 

Algidum, a town of Latium, near 

Algidum. See Rocca delPaPa. 

Algidus. SeeAcLlo. 

Algiers (^Numidia, Cafarea, Mau- 
ritania), a country of Africa. 

Algiers, the metropolis of a country 
bearing the fame name in Africa. 


A L N 

Alhama {Artigi, Artigis), a city cf 
Granada, in Spain. 

A , , > See Pelecas. 

Ali.e. See Eli^. 

Aliartum, a city of Bosotia, taken 
by M. Lucretius. 

Aliartus. See Neocastro. 

Alibaca, a city of Cyrenaica, in 
- Africa. 

Alibi (Atba Fua'tuia), a town in 

Ai.icadra, a citv of Media. 

Alicant, a maritime town of Va- 
lencia, in Spain. 

Alicanum (^Halicanum, tielicanum, 
Hilicanum, Racliianum, Hcditatium), a 
city of Pannonia Superior, on the river 

Alichorda, a city of Baftria. 

Alices, a tribe of Athens. 

Alicis, a city of Lacenia. ' 

Alicur {Erio'fa, EricoJes), an 
ifl-.nd on the ccaft of Sicily, in the Tuf- 
can Sea. 

Aliduli (Anibemit^a), a province of 

Aliena, a city of Sicily. 

Alifa {Alipha, Allifa, AlHpha), a city 
of [taly, on the Vuiturnus. 

Alil^ei, a people of Arabia Felix. 

Alimela, a diltri(5i: of Lycia. 

Alemne, a city of Phrygia. 

Alinda, a city of Caria, near Mylafa 
and Stratonicea. 

Alindcea, a city of Macedonia. 

Alione. See Lancaster. 

Alipha. See Alifa. 

Alipharea, \ a city of Arcadia, de- 

Aliphera, ( fended by a ftrong 
foitrefs, in which was a brozen ftatue of 
Minerva, of exquifite workrnanlhip. 

Alisarna, a city of Troas. 

Alisca. See Almaz. 

Alise {AUJia, Altxid), a city of Bur- 
gundy, in France. 

Alisincum. See Bourbon Lan- 

Aliso. See Er.sF.MBUR'^. 
Aliso, a river of Germany. 

Alfsta. See Porto Vecchio. 
Aljsuntil'M, the river Elbe. 
Alisus. See Bardt. 
Allante, a city of Macedonia. 
Allante, a city of Arcadin. 
Allaria {Alioria), a city of Can- 

Alla Scheyh. See Philadel- 


Aliemannia. SeeGERM.ANY. 

See Alifa. 

Allia \(^Ajai Elaris, E/anris, Ela- 

Allier) ver), a river in Italy, on^ 
vvhofe banks the Gauls under Brennus 
deftroyed fuch a number of Romans, 
that the day the battle was fought was 
more regretted than that on which they 
were compelled to refign the city. 

Allieni Forum. See Forum 

Allifa. ) 

Allipha. ) 

Allington, South. See Maid- 

Allobroges,) a people of Savoy 

Allobryges, j( and Dauphir.6, 
commended for their fidelity, but blamed 
for being too fond of novelty. 

Allodium. See Franc Allceu. 

Allceira. See Agrceira. 

Allogium. See Franc Allceu. 

Allonesus. See Pelagnisi. 

Alloria. See Allaria. 

Allostgne, a confiderable trading 
town of India Intra Gangem. 

Allotriges, a people in the fouth- 
ern parts of Spain. 

Alma. See Arfatarro. 

Alma, a river. See Arbia. 

Alma SAN {Numantiay Almazafty 
Almazanum'), a city of Caftile, in 

Almath. See Almon. 

Almaz {AliJ'ca), a city of Hungary, 
on the Danube, nearBuda. 

Almeida, a town of Portugal. 

Almei ic, one of the canals from the 
Euphrates to the Tigris. 

Almene, a city on the Euxine Sea. 


Almia, a city of Afiatic Sarmatia, on 
iVIouni Co rax. 

Almo, a rivulet near Rome, wherein 
the image of Cybele, the mother of the 
gods, was wafticd annually on the i5th 
of March. 

Almcena, a city of Zengitana, in 

Almon, a city of TheiTaly. 

Almon, a city cf Bosotia. 

Almon (^Almatb), a city of Paleftine, 
bel'^nging to the tribe of Benjamin. 

Almon dsbury (^C^motodunmn), a 
villa;^e in Gloceftcrfhire, nearBriftol. 

Almopia, a ditlridt of Macedonia. 

Almopians, ) a people of Macedo- 

■Almopii, 3 "i^- 

Almum, a city of Moefia. 

Almus. See Arfatarro.- 

Almyre, a city of Egypt, between 
the Lake Mareotis and the Sea. 

Alnwick, a town in Nortliumber- 




Aloci;e Iksul^, three iflands near 
Cimbrica Cherfonerus- 

Alceira. See Agrceira. 

AiXESA, a city of S'ciiv. 

Aloium, a city of Theffaly, near 

Alon, a mnritime town of Theffaly. 

Alone, an lAand in the Sea of Mar. 

Alone, an ifland of JEolh, in Afia 

Alone. See Lancast-er. 

Alone (^Alona., Ahnis), a city of Va- 
lencia, in Spain, where fait of an excel- 
lent quality is made. 

Alonesus. See Pelagnisi. 

Alontium. See Filadelpho- 

Alope. See Efeso- 

Alope, a city of the Locri. 

AlopE) a city of TheflTaly. 

Alope, a city of Attica, near Cyno- 
rargus. • 

Alope, a city of Pontus, the birth- 
phce of the Amazon Penthefilia. 

Alopece. See Renards, Isle 


Alopece, an ifland of the Cimme- 
rian Bofphorus. 

Alopece, an ifland in the Archipe- 
lago, oppofire Smyrna. 

Alopeces, a village of Attica, the 
birrh-place of Socrates and Ariltides. 

Alopeconnesus, a city of Thra- 
cian Cherfonefus. 

Alopecos (Orchaiis)y an eminence 
in Bceotia, on the confines of Haliartus, 
towards Mount Helicon. 

Alorus. SeeDiANORO. 

Alorus, a city of Pasonia, in Mace- 

Alos, a city of Arcadia. 

Alos, a city of Argolis, in the Mnrea. 

Alos, a city of Phthiotis, in Thef- 

Alosanga, a city of India intra 

Alota {AIncn), a city of Corfica, 
near the bay of Ajaccio. 

Alons, a city of lUyria. 

Alpa Pompeia, \ a city in 

Alpenses Pompeiani, 5 Gallia 

Alpes. SeeALPs. 

Alpes Bastarnic^. See Caf^- 
pathian Mountains. 

Alpes Carnic.?:. See Zuglia. 

Alpes Cotti^. See Cents, 

Alpes Grai;e. See Bernard, 
Mount St, 

Alpes JuLir-E. See Zuglia. 

Alpes Leponti^. See Bernard, 
Mount St. 

Ali^.s Maritimje, in Provence, in 
Italy. See Montagne di Ten^a. 

Alpes NoriCjE. See Taurn, 

Alpes Pannonije. See Zuglia. 

Alpes Pennini. See Bernard, 
Mount St._Maggiore. 

Alpes Rheti^. See Braulio. 

Alpes Summ^. See Gothard, 
Mount St. 

Alpes Tridentinje. Sec BeRt 
NINA, Mount. 

Alpha BucELis. SeeAvEZZANQ. 

Alphee }{Alpb^us), a river of the 

Alfheus ) Morea, whofe llream is 
faid to have been turned out of its courfe 
by Hercules, to cleanfe the ftables of 

Alfionia. See Alps. 

Alpis, a rivulet running into the 

Alfium, a village of Laconia. 

Alps {Aipes, Alpioma, Albia), the 
higheft mountains in Europe ; the boun- 
daries between Italy, France, and Ger- 
many, over which Hannibal is faid to 
have marched his army by foftening 
and breaking the rocks with vine- 

Alpuxares {llipula, lUipula)^ moun- 
tains of Granada, in Spain. 

Alsa. SeeAusA. 

Alsace (E/jaiia), a province of 

Alsadamus, a mountain of theTra- 
chonitis, on the other fide Jordan. 

Alsfield, a town in Germany, 
whofe inhabitants were the firft that 
began the reformation in rehgion. 

Alsia Aqua, "^ an aqueduft 

Alsientina Aqua, > extending 

Alsientinus Pons, 3 from the Via 
Claudia to Rome. 

Alsin, an ifland on the Lefl*er Belt, 
in Denmark. 

Alsitz (AH/ontia, Alifuatia), a river 
of France. 

Alsium. See Palo. 

Alsius, a river of Lydia, in Afia. 

Alstone. SeeALVESTON. 

Alsus, a river of Achaia, in the 

Alta. SeeTRiziNA. 

Altaba, a city of Numidia. 

Alta Ripa, a city of P.innonia In- 

Altanum. See Sorrento. 

Alteioi-A (A!ti/ia), a city of Liguria. 

Alten a, a feaport town of Germany, 
feared on the Elbe. 

A L t E N B u R G ( Altenzdy Antiqva CfU 
la), a ftrong fortrefs in Upper Saxony, 
ereded A.D. 1155. 

A M A 

A M A 

Ai.TFNBrRG {Oldenburg), a town of 
HoKk-in, in Germany. 

Alten'burc {Owar, Fkxum), a for- 
trefs in Lower Hungary, on the Danube. 

Alth {Aluia, 0!t, Alt), a river of Da- 
cia, falls into the Danube. 

Altha, a city of Chaldea, in whofe 
vicinity the river Tigris is divioeil in«o 
two channels, which, with the Pcrfian 
Gulf, forms a triangular illand. 

At-th^a, a city of Spain, near Car- 

Altilia. See Altf.iola. 

Altin, a like of Ruffia, in Afia, the 
northern part of which freezes in win- 
ter, but the fouthern does nor. 

Altika. See Altinum, in Ve- 

Altinium. See Tolna. 

Altino ) (Altina), a city of Ve- 

Altixum ji nice. 

Altinum. See Tolna. 

Altobosco {Colophon), one of the 
twelve Ionian cities. 

Altoke. SeeALVESTON. 

Altorf, a town in Germany, in the 
circle of Bavaria, and in the territory of 
Nuremburg, wliere an univcrfity was 
founded A.D. 1581. 

Altus, a city of the Morea. 

Aluaca, a city of Media. 

Aluakis, a city of Mefopotamia, 

Aluca. See Alota. 

Aluuda. See Luday. 

Alveston ^ {Aljione, Altone, A- 

Alvington ) njone), a village in 
Glocefttrfhire, near Briftol. 

Aluntium. See Filadelfho. 

Alvona. SeeALBONA. 

Alus ■) (Haliis), a village of Arca- 

Aluus3 <^'3, called the Temple of 

Aluta. See Alta. 

Alyatta, ) a city of Bithynia, near 

Alvatti, ) the confines of Galatia. 

Alvba, a diftrift near Myfm. 

Alybe. See Abyla. 

Alyc^a, a city of Arcadia. 

Alydda. See Luday. 

Alymne, a city of Phrygia Major. 

Alysia,\ a city in the fouth of A- 

Alyzia, J caniania, about two miles 
diftant from the fea. 

Alyssus, a fountain of Arcadia, 
whofe waters were held in efteem for 
curing the bite of a mad dog. 

Al.zETTK {Azotus, Afd'jd. AJbdud), a 
city of Paleftine, that, wfter having Cur- 
tained a fiege of 29 years, was taken 
A.M. 3309, by Plamnctichus. In this 
citv the temple of Dagon was erefted. 

Amaad, a city of Galilee, belonging 
to the tribe of Afliur. 

Amacastis, a city of India intra 

Amadoca, a city of European Sar- 
matia. " 

Amadoca, a marfhy diftri£t in Li. 

AmjEa. See Portalegre. 


Am A GETOBRi a 1 {Mct^etokiga), 
Amagetrobriga J a place in 
Amak, an ifland of Denmark. 
Amakur. See Astorga. 
Amalchium. See Asorn, Sea 


Amalek, a city of Arabia. 

Amalekitje, ) 1 r A I •- 

\ ^ . a people or Arabia. 

Amai.ekites, ) ^ *^ 

Amalfi, a city of Italy, in the king- 
dom of Naples. An inhabitant of this 
city, named Flavio Gioia, is faid to have 
invented the mariner's compafs. 

Amalobrica, aciry of Spain, be- 
tween Salamanca and Alcala de Henarez. 

A.MALTHEUM, an apartment in the 
country- houfe of Atticus, which was 
provided with a variety of articles to 
furnifh entertainment and convey in- 
ftruftion to the public. 

Am AN {Ej>I/>/ja?!ia), a city of Syria, 
in Afia. 

Amana. See Scanderona. 

Amanda, a plain between the Indus 
and the Hydafpes. 

Amanic^e PoRTiX, I the ftraits of 

Amanipylje, 5 Scanderona. 

AMANfCiE Pyl;e, "^ ftraits, or de- 

Amanides PyL^, > files, on Mount 

Amani PoRTiE, 3 Amanus, thro' 
which Darius entered Cihcia : they are 
farther from the Tea than the Pyla: Cili- 
cis, or Syriae, through which Alexander 
pafled with his army. 

Amantia, a fea-port in Calabria. 

Am antes, ) ^ jg ^f Illyricum. 

Amantini,) '^ '^ ^ 

Amantia. See Porto Ragu- 


Amanus. See Scan'derona. 

Amanus {Monte Negro), a part of 
Mount Taurus, that feparates Syria frona 

Amara, a city of Arabia Felix. 

Amardi, a people near the Cafpian 

Amardus, a river of Media, falling 
into the Cafpian Sei. 

Amari Fontes, fprings near Arfi- 
nce, on the Red Sea. 

Amarinthus {Amorjnthus), a city 
of Negropont, whcr-c a temple was dedi- 
cated to Diana Amaryfia. 

Amarispii, a people of Baftria. 
C4 ■ 

A M A 

A M B 

AMARTUS,acity of Phocisjin Greece 

Amarusa, a city of Hyrcania. 
Amarynthus. See Amarin- 


Am AS, a mountain of Laccnia. 

Amasenus. See Topfia. 

Amasenus, a rivnle: of Sicily, in the 
VaJ di Demon;3. 

Amasia. See Marpurg. 

Amasia, a province of Afia Minor. 

Amasia, a city of Turkey, in Nato- 
lia, the birth-place of Strabo the Geo- 
grapher, and of Mithridates the Great. 

Amasia. ) c tt,,.. 
A } See Ems. 

-Amasius. ^ 

Amastra. "^ 


Amastretum. J 

Amastris. See Famastro. 

Amastus, a city of Pontu?, in Afia. 

Amath {Hamath, Hcmath), a. city of 

Amathia. SeeMACEDONiA. 

Amath IS, a city on the borders of 

Amathitis Regio. See He- 

Amathonte.Vc t ,-.,,o<.^ 
. } See Lemisso. 

Amathus. \ 

Amathus {PJ'.imathus, Pfammathm), 
a iT.aritime t(nvn of Laconia. 

Amathus, a city of Paleftine. 

Amatisi, a people of Epirus. 

Amaxampeus, a fountain of bitter 
water, in Scythia. 

Amaxia, ■)3eityofTroas, in 

Amaxita,^ Phrygia Minor. . 

Amaxito.j -^ 

Amazon {Orellana)^ a river of South 

Amazones. See Amazons, 

Amazonia, the country of the 
Amazons, near the Cafpian Sea. 

Amazonia, a country of South Ame- 

Amazonides) (A/nazonf:), the 

Amazons 5 country of, appears 
to have been peopled about A. M, 
1794, by the Scythians and Albanians. 
They were women who inliab^ted the 
country near the river Tanais, from 
whence they removed to the river Ther- 
modon, in Cappadocia; and in procefs 
of time conquered the i^reatelt parr of 
Afia. Their fir ft warlike queens were 
Msrrhifia and Lampedona, who built 
.Ephefus, Smyrna, and feveral other ci- 
ties. They afiTociated with the men only 
in the fpring of the year, and after they 
bad cohab'ted for a certain time fent 
them away. Their male children they 
deftroytd, and cut otf the ri^lit brcaft of 

the females, to prevent any injury thev 
might receive when ihooting with their 

Amazonium, a place in Attica, 
where Thefeus obtained a viitory over 
the Amazons. 

Amazonius MoNs, a mountain of 
Pontus, in Afi?, whofe bafe is wafhed by 
the river Thermodon. 

AjiiBANTiE, a people of Sableftan, in 

Ambarri, a people of Gallia Cel- 

Ambastus, a river of India. 

Ambasum, the metropolis of Phry- 

Amee, a town of Arabia Felix, 

Ambenus, a mountain of European 

Amber, a river of Bavaria, falls into 
the Iferj near Landfhut. 

Ambialites, a people of' Galiia 

Ambiavi {Ambiones), a people near 
Amien-, in France. 

Ambianum, a city of Belgium, 
whofe inhabitants cpnfpired againft Ju- 
lius Csfar, 

AmbiatinutiI. ■) See Ca- 


Ambiones. SeeAMBiA-vi. 


Ambitui, a people of Galatia, in Ana 

Amblada, a city of Pihdia, on the 
confines of Phrygia and Caria. 

Ambleside {A?nbogUuiii), a town in 

.'\m BOISE, a town of Fiance, at the 
confluence of the Loire and MalTtf. Tlie 
ciftle is fo co:iftru£leci, that ahhough 
there are no fieps, yet a perlbn may with 
eafe afcend to the top of it. 

Amboyn'a, an ifland of Afia, in the 
Eaft Indies. 

Ambrachius Sinus.) the golf of 

Ambracius Sinus, 5 L'Arta. 

Ambracia. "i 

Ambraciato. > See Art a. La. 


Ambracus. a fi.rtrcfs fituated in a 
niorais, near L'Ar:a. 

AmbPvEsbury, a town in V/iltihire, 
where a nunnery wss ere£led A. D. 975. 

Amsri, a naijxn of In.iia. 

Ambrodax, a city of P^rrh-a. 

Ambrones, a people near Eerne, in 

A m B R V N ( Ebrodunum, Ebredunum^ 
Caturigitm), a city of Dauphine, in 
France, on the confines of Provence. 

Ambrussus. See Pont de Lu- 
xe l. 

A M M 


Ambrysus, a river of Theflaly, at 
the toot of Mount Othrys. 

Ambrysus, )a cicy of Phocis, at 
, AiMBRYSSUS,) the "foot of Mount 

Amelas, a town of Lycia. 

Amelia {/Imerij), a city of Italy, 
feate^'^ on a aK.umaln betvvf;en the Tibec 
and Nira. 

Amen ANUS. Sec Judicello. 

Ameria. SccAme/lia. 

America, one of the four grand di- 
vifions of the world : it was unknown to 
Europeans till A.D. 1408, when it was 
difcoveied by Amcricus V'efpucius. 

AikiEF 10 LA, aci:y of the Sabines, in 

Amerytha, a city of Galilee, fcated 
on a ftcep emincrce. 

Ames trata. 7 c T\/r 


Ar.iiBU§, an ifland of Ethiopia. 

Amid {An'fus, Amifuni),' z city of 
Turkey in Mm, founded by the Mile- 
liars, and a^^'erwaids augmented bv a 
coljny of Athenians. 

Amida. See Caramft. 

Amiens ^Samarobrfja, Samara, Am- 
biani, Ajubume.ifii Ct', a city of 
Picardy, in Fr ince, on tne river Somme. 

Amilos {Ani'.li'.s), a river of Mrturi- 
tania, in which the elephants are faid to 
wafh themfclvcs by moonlight. 

Amilo";, a city of Arcadia. 

Amimone. See Amymone. 

Amines. See Ammine.t.. 

Aminius, a river of Arcadia. 

Amisena, a diftridl of Cappadocia. 

A.misia. See Embdek. 

Amisia, ) 
» > a riv( 

■ Amisius, J 

^l\\\t\ {SeeMARPURG. 
Amisius. S 

Amisum.) c a 

. > See Amid. 

Amisus. ) 

Amiturnum. SeeViroRiNO. 

Am.m^a. See 

AmMJEDARA.)c a A/r 

A ,-.- r-„ . > See Ad Medera. 
Ammeder a. 5 

Amman. S'-e Philadelphia. 

Ammaus. See NicoroLis. 

Ammia. See Portalegre. 

Ammine^ {Amined'), a difiirict of 
Campania, producinji excellent vines, 
from which the inhabirants made wines 
of a delicious flavour, that would keep 
for a long time. 

Ammochostum. Sec Famagos- 


Ammodes, a promontory of Cilicia, 
between the rivers Py ramus and Cyd- 

fer. See Ems. 

Am'MON (^Ammoniacus 'Nomos), a cltjr 
of Marmorica, wherein was a temple 
dedicated to Jupiter, from whence he 
was ttyled Ammon. 

Ammonia. See Alberton. 

Ammoniaca. See Cakcaron di 

Ammoniacus Nomos. See Am- 

Ammonii, a nation of Africa, de- 
fcended from the Egpytians and Ethio- 
pians, whi)fe l^ngua^e was a mixture of 
the two diakfts. 

Ammonis Oraculum. SeeCAN- 
caron di Mahoma. 

Ammonis Promon tor ium, a pro- 
montory between Syrtis Minor and 

Ammonites, a region in Arabia 

Ammonium, a promontory of Arabia 

Ammonus, a city of Syrtis, on the 
river Cinyphus. 

Amnias. See Amnius. 

Amnisus, a city uii tht north fide cf 
Crete, on a river of the fame name. 

Amnius {Amnias), a river of Bithy- 

Amo'lbus, a city of Theflaly. 

Am ON' A > (Armone, Anemo, Animo), a 

Amone) rivLT of Italy, falls into 
the Gulf of Venice. 

Amordaci A. > a marfny diftrift near 

AMORDOCtA,3 Babylon. 

Amorgo-. "i 

AmoTvCos. >See Morgo. 

Amorgus. } 

Aaioria ) {Amurium), a city of 

Amorium^ Phrygia, in Afia. 

AmorisAra.- See Ara Amoris. 

Amorrhitis, the country of the 
Amorrhites, on the moantains of Judah. 

Amour, a river of Afia, that falls 
into the bay of Corea. 

AMPffi, a city on rhs Red Sea. 

Ampe {Ampis), a city of Babylon, on 
the Pcrfian Gulf. 

-^mpcla {Av/yetos, Ampdui), a citv 
of Ca.idia, on a promontory of the fame 

Ampeliessa, a city of Judea, on the 
confines of Svria; 

LMPttLON, ) 

tory bf^ring the fame name. 

Amfelos, a city of Liguria. 

AriPELOs.) c i\ 

. ,„, > See Ampela. 

Amtelus. ) 

Ampelus, a promontory of Samos ; 
alfo a rid;je of mountains which run 
through Samos. 

A.MFELusiA. See Spartel, Cape. 

Ampelon, ) a city of Paraxia, in Ma- 
Ampelos, S ccdonia, on a promon- 



Amphafaita, a city ofCandia. 

AMPHAXia, a city of Macedonia, on 
the rivev Axius. 

Amphaxitis, a region of Macedo. 
nja, on both fiyes tlie river Axiui. 

Amphea, a city of Meffenia, taken 
by the Lacedaemonians. 

Amfhemalla. See Suda. ^ 

Amphiale, a promontory of Attica, 
Bear Salamis. 

Ampkiarai Balnea, a place in 

Amphiarai Pons, a fountain in 
JBorotia, near Oropu^. 

AMfiiiARAi FoKS, a fountain in 

Amphicjea )■ {Ofjhitea), a dity of 

Ami'H)CLEa5 Phocis, in Greece 
Proper, where a temple dedicated to 
Bacchusj and the city, were burnt by 

AMFHiDOii,a town of Triphalia, in 
the Morca. 

A^kphigenia, a city of Meffenia, in 
the iVIorea. 

AaiPHiLOCHi. ) See Anfilo 


Amfhilochia. See Orense. 

Amthilysus, a river of Samos. 

Amphimalis Sinus. See Golfo 
sella Suda. 

Amphimalla, ) a city on the 

Amfhimallium, j> ifland of Can- 

Amphimela, a river of Candia. 

Amphipagum, a promontory on the 
sw fide of Corfu. 

Amphipolis, in Macedonia. See 

Amphipolis, in Thrace. See Em- 

Amphipolis ( Turmeda, T'oapfacus, 
^vhricj.^, a city of Syna,on the Euphrates, 
buiitby Seleucus. 

Amphtscii, the inhabitants of the 
torrid zone, whofe fh-tdows proje(5V either 
lurth or fouth, as the fun happens to 

Amphissa. See Anfisa. 

Ampkissa, in Greece. See Ro- 


Amfhisseke, a diftrift of Armenia 


See Colosseum. 

A.VPnTTUS, a river of Meffenia, 
fijws into theBaiyra. 

AMPHr^YssL's, "if a river of Theffaly, 

Ampkr'ysus, 3 at '-he foot of Mount 

Amphrysv^, a city or Phocis, at the 
foot of Mount Parnaffus. 

Amfis. Sec Amp£. 


Amfsaga. See Sulgemar. 

Ampsalis, a city of Afiatic Sarma- 
tia, to the eaft of the Cimmerian Bof- 

Ampsancti Lacvs. \ 

Ampsancti Vallis. (, See 


Amsainte. J 

A M P L' R I A s ( "Emporia., Ernporeur;:^ 
Enipuli:as)y a city of Catalonia, in 

Amsivarii, a people of Germany. 

Amsterdam, the metropohs of the 
United Provinces. 

Amuca._ See SouRisxAN. 

Amccl.^:. See AMVCLiE. 

Amul, a city of Eftarabad, in Perfia. 

Amuncla, an inland town of Syrtis, 
in Africa. 

Amlxclx. See Amycl^. 

Amur, a nver of Great Tartary. 

» \ See Mo K GO. 

Amukgus. ) 

Amurium. See Amorium. 

Amyca. See Souristan. 

Amyci. See Lamia. 

Amyci Portus, a place of Pontus, 
in Afia, v. here Amycus, king of the 
Bebryces, was flain. 

Amyclje (Amyciee), a city near 
Sparta, towards the fea, where was a 
temple dedica'ed to Apollo. 

Amycl,?: {AmucLr, Amuncla), a city 
of Italy, on the Tufcan Sea, whole inha- 
bitants being Pythagoreans, the city was 
deftroyed by ferpents. 

Amycl^vm, a maritime town of 

Amyclee. SeeAwYCLJE. 

Amyci. I. See Lamia. 

Am YD on, a city of Paeonia, in Mace- 
don, whofe inhabitants fent auxiliaries 
to Priam duiing the fiege of Troy. 

Amylcas, a city of Lacedasmon, de- 
ftroyed about A.M. 3097. 

Amymni, a people of Epirus. 

Amymone (^Amimq>ie)y a fountain, 
and river of the Morea, falls into the Ler- 
nian lake. 

Amynt.?:, a people of Thefprotia, in 

AajYKTiE Regnum, adiftrift of Ga- 
latia, Lycaonia, and Pamphylia, granted 
bv Anthony to Amyntas, his fecrctary, 
who afterwards dtfcrted his patron, and 
joined Auguftus. 

Amyrgium, a plain of the Sacae, 
near the river Jaxartes. 

Amyeicvs Campus, > a plain in 

Amyrius Campus,^ \ Theffaly. 

Amyrus, a town of Theffaly^ on a 
river bearin" the fame name. 


A N C 

Amystis, a river of India, falls into 
the Ganges, 

AiMYTHAONiA, a diftrift of Ells, in 
the Morea. 

Amyzon. SeeMEso. 

Ana. SecGuADiANA. 

Anab, a city or mountain in Judea. 

Anabo.v. See NbUHKUsEL. 

Anabucis, a town of Syrtis, in 

Anabum. See Neuheusel. 

Ana BUM, a diftrift of Aria, in Afia. 

Anabura, a town of Phrygia. 

An'abura, a town of Pifidia. 

An ACE, a town of Achaia. 

Anacium, a mountain in Attica, 
whereon was a temple of the Diofcuri. 

Anacole, an ifland in the Archipe- 

Anactoria. See Miletus. 

An'actoria. ) c«^ \/«,r.^ . 

A > See VoNiZA. 


Anactorium, a temple of Ceres, at 
Eleufiiia, in Attica. 

Anadir, a river of Siberia, falls into 
the Eaftern Ocean. 

An^a, a town on the weft fide of 
Caria, oppofite Samos. 

Anagne, la city of Campania, in 

Anagni, Wtaly, where Anthony 

An A ONI a, j married Cleopatra, and 
divorced Octavia. 

Anagyris, ) a place in Attica, re- 

An'agyrus, 5 maikable for produc- 
ing a fetid plant, wh^ch had a tlronger 
fmell after being handled than before. 

A^f agyrontum, a fmall village of 

Anaharath, a city of the tribe of 

Anaitica Regio, a diftricl of Ar- 
menia Major. 

Analiba. a town of Armenia Minor. 

An'alitje, a people of Arabia Felix. 

Anamani, a people near Piacenza. 

Anamis {Anda>ii<, And:inius), a river 
of Caramunia, falls into the Perfian 
Gulf. . 

Ananes, a people of Piacenza. 

Anaon', a maritime town of Italy, 
between Monaco and Nice. 

Anap aromenos, a fountain of Do- 
dona, whi fc fprings fiiiled at nocri, and 
were repleniflied at midnight. 

An'aphe, hh illand that emerged cut 
of the Cretan Se?i, and received this 
name from tne Argon^uK, who in the 
midft of a ftorm perceived the new 

Anaphiistus. ) c . 

Akapus, a river of Epirus. 
Anafvs, a river of Sxily. 

Anariac^, 7 a people on the eaft 

Q '' 5 ' 


Anariaci, 5 *^"^^ of *^^c Cafpiaa 

Anarismunpi Promontorium- 
(^Andrafimnndi), a promontory on the 
ifland of Ceylon. 

An'arium, a town of Armenia Ma- 

AnaRTES,> , r T-» ■ 

Anarti, J a people of Daaa. 

Anarus, a town of Galatia. 

Anas. SccGuadiana. 

Anasso {Egnafin, G>iutia), a city of 
the Salentini, in Apulia. 

Anassus. See Piave. 

An ASTiEsiPOLis (Datas), a city of 

An ASUS. See Ens. 

Anatha. See Anathoth. 

Anathan,! a fort re fs of Mefopo- 

Anatho. J- tamia, on an ifland of 

Anathon, ) the fame name, encir- 
cled by the Euphrates. 

Anathoth {Anaihii), a city of Pa- 
leftine, the birthlplace of Jeremiah. 

Anatii.ia. See Giles, St. 

Anatilii, the people near La Ca- 
margue, in Provence. 

Anatis. See Zjlia. 

Anatolaidag. See Olympus, 

Anatolia. See Natolia. 

Anatorxa {Tanagia)f a city of 

Anava {Anava), a city of Phrygia 
Magna, between Celsnae and Coloflae. 

Akaudoma, a city in Upper Egypt. 

Anaurus. See Fiume di Deme- 


Anaxus. See Piave. 

Anazarbum, a city of Cilicia, iu 
Afia, the birth-place of Diofcnrides. 

An'azarbus. See Ascera. 

AnCe, a city of Apulia. 

Ancalites, the [people of Oxford- 

Anc ASTER (Crocoralaaum), a village 
in Lincolnshire. 

Anchesmus, a mountain of Attics, 
whereon was placed aa image of Jupiter 

Anchiala "^ (^Afichinlos), a mari- 

Anchiale >- time city of Cili- 

Anchiales j cia, founded by 
Sardanapalus, the laft-king of Affyria, 
on the fame day with Tarfus, another 
city in its vicinity. The founder of the 
city was buried there, and a ftatue was 
ere£ted, under wliich was an infcrip- 
tion, fetting forth the great intempe- 
rance and diflip3tion that diftinguiftied 
his whole life. 

Anchiale, a city of F.pirus. 

A N C 


Anchiale, a city of Cilicia, in 

Anchialo. See Anckiat-US. 

Anchialos. See Anchiale. 

Anchialus (^Anchialo), a city of 

Anchis^ Portus {Oncbffmus, On- 
c'mfiisus, Orcbido Port'), a port of Epirus, 
to the north of Buthrotum. 

Anchise, a city of Italy. 

Anchisxa,) a mountain of Arcadia, 

Anchisus, ) at whofc bafe a monu- 
ment was eref-ted to the memory of 

ANCHOAj^a place near the mouth 

Anchoe,5 of the Cephiffus, where 
there is a lake bearing the fame name. 

Anchoka, a fortrcfs in Galatia. 

Anciana {Antiana), a city of Up- 
per Pannonia. 

Ancoearites, 3 diftrift of Mefo- 
potamia, on the banks of the Euphrates. 

Ancon, a maritime town of Pontus, 
in Afia. 

An'Con, 7 a city of Italy, founded 

Ancon A, 5 about A. M. 2791; 
which having been deftroyed, was re- 
paired by the Sicilians fn 3558; who 
afterwards abandoned the place on ac- 
count of the tyrarny of Dionyfius. It is 
'feated on an eminence near the Adriatic 
Sea, and was built in the form of a cre- 
fcent : it was the rtfidence of the Piceni, 
Umbri, and Galli Stnoncs, and is re- 
markable for a n'ne. haven built by the 
emperor Trajan. In the time of Jufti- 
nian the city was deftroyed bv the Goths, 
and afterwards repaired by pope Scrgius. 
In the time of Lotharius it was again 
defaced by the Saracens, and rebuilt A. 
I D. 742, by Luitprand, king of the Lom- 
bards, who gave it to pope Zachary for 
the aJJiftance he rendered in the recovery 
of Spoletio. 

An CONE i^AcvJio Co'.onia), a city of 
Dauphine, in France, between Orange 
and Valence. 

Ancorarius, a motmiain of Mau- 
ritania, near the citadel of T-ing'er. 

Ancoharum Urbs, a city towards 
the Red Sea, wiicre anchors were fabri- 
cated of ftone befoie th^y were made of 

An core. See IsNic 

Ancrina. a city of Sicily. 

AncyliVm, a rirv of Sicily, 

Ancyra, m Piirygia. See An- 
• /iNCVRA,>the metropolis of Ga- 

Anc YKE, J laria. 

Axe YR.3i:, a city of Sicily, on the 
river Halycus, to the w of Agiiaentum. 

Ancvrion', a town of July. 

Ancyron, a town of Egypt. 

Anda, a city of Africa. 

Andabalis, a city of Cappadocia. 

Andaca {Andraca), a city of In- 
dia intra Gangcm, fubdued by Alexan- 

Afn ki^vsi x[Fandalv/ia,Baetica,Tur- 
ditania), a province of Spain, where the 
Elyfian Fie ds were fuppoied by Homer 
to be fituate. 

An DAN I a [Andan'-i). a city of Arca- 
dia, in the Morea. 

Andania, 3 city of Mefienia, 

Andants. > c a 
, \ See Anamis. 

And ANius. 5 

And><num, a city of Caria. 

Andanus. See Andania. 

An DEC AY I {Andeganji, Andes, And;, 
Ange'vim), the. people of Anjou, in 

Andecavia. See Anjou. 


Andegavus. SeeANGiERS. 

Andera, a city of Myfia. 

Anderedon ( Anderidum, Anderi^ 
turn), a city of Languedoc, in France. 

Anderica, a city of Sultana, in 

Anderidum. > c a ^^„r.^^., 
, \ See Anderedon. 

Anderitum. > 

Anderium. SeeCussA. 

Andernach {.-.ntonaami. Antenna- 
ntm, Anlunnacutn'), a city of Germany, 
near Coblentz. 

Andernopoli {Hadyianopolis, An- 
dnnojde), a titv of Thrace. 

Andero, St. {Andros St., Anteada, 
Ant/quill), a maritime town of Spain, 
in the province of Bi'cay, ertfted A. D. 
1345 by A'phonlus, king of Caftile. 

Andes (C'vrudUras), a ch-iin of moun- 
tains in South Ameiica. 

Andes, a pei-pie of Gaul. See Ak- 


Andes Vicus, a city near Mantua. 
See Petula. 

Andetrium. SccClissa. 

Andium, an ifland between Britain 
and France. 


Andomatis, a civer of India, fails 
into the Gaiis/es. 

Andomatunum. S?e I-angres. 

;\ N d R A c A . a city of Cappadocia, on 
the confine- of Galatia. 

Andraca, a cirv of India intra 
Gargem, beyond, thu Choafpes. 

A N d R A M I T I ( Adraihyitium, Adramyt- 
tCQSy Adr ami t iron. Fed -Jus), an Athenian 
colony on the coaft of Myfia, near the 
river Caicus, who gave their own name 
to a city. 

Andrapa {Ncoclaui/iofoHi), a city 

A N E 


of Paphlagonia, to the s E of Mount 

An DR A PAN A, a city of Indian intra 

Andrasimukdi. See Anaris. 


An'drea. See Glides. 

Andrfcu'M. SeeCLisSA. 

Andres {Androjia), a city of Gala- 
lia, on the river H.ilys. 

Andretium. SeeCLissA. 

Ai, DREWS, St., a town of Scotland, 
in the county of Fife, where an univer- 
fity was founded A. D. 1411 by bilhop 

Andria, a city of Phrvgia. 1 

And ri A, a city of Eiis, in theMorea. 

Andria, a city of Macedonia. 

Andriaca. SeeGATAPOLi. 

Andriaca, a city of Media. 

Andriaca. ) c o 
, , !■ See Gorante. 

Andriace. 5 

Andricius ■^ (^«^r.//j), a river of 

Andriclus > Troas, falls intothe 

Andricus ) Scamander. 

Andriclus, a mountain of Cilicia, 

Andrinople. Ste Anderno- 


Andrius. See Andricius, 

Andro {Ana'ropo'is), a city on the 
weftern branch of the Ni'e. 

Andro (^AnJros, Amlius, Cauros, 
Ijofia, Nonagria, Ehngris, Hjdrujia, 
Hydntjpi, AntanJros), one of the Cy- 
clade Ifles, and the inoft pleafant in the 
Archipelago, on which was a temple 
dedica;ed to Baccluis, in whofe vicinage 
was a fpring, whofe waters arc laid cj 
tafte like wine during the ides of Ja- 

Androcalis, a city of Ethiopia. 

Androgynje, a nation of Africa, 
beyond the Nal'amoncs, who are faid by 
Pliny to bear the charafttriftics of both 
male and female, one of tlieir brtafts rf- 
ferribling the mak-, and the othe^ that of 
the female. 

And RON A, a city cf Chaicidicene, in 

.Androphagi. ' See Anthropo- 

Anuropolis. See Andro. 

An'dros. See Andro 

AN'dros. SeeBARDSEY. 

Androsia. See Andres. 

AsDR'^. See Andro. 

Andwerp. See Antwerp. 

Andyjea, a city of Illyricuia. 

Aneianum. See Monte Agna- 


Anelon, a river near Colophon, in 
Ionia', whofe waters arc remarkably cold. 
An'mo. See A.mone. 

Anemolia. See 

Anemoria, a city of Phocis, in 
Greece Proper. 

Anfmosa, a hamlet of Arcadia. 

AnemuriuiM. See Scalemuro. 

Anethusa, a city of Libya. 

Anfilooha (^Amphilochia), a diftrift 
of Acarnania. 

Akfisa {AmpJyiJfa'), a city of Locris, 
whofe inhabitants plundered the temple 
of Minerva at Delphi. 

AnGaRIS, a mountain of Paleftine. 

AiNGE, ahamlerof Arabia Felix. 

Angell^e, a city of Spain, between 
Cordova and Seville. 

Angeria {Angbiera, A)igleria, C.if- 
trum), a towp of Italy, in the duchy of 
Milan, feared on the Lnkc Mag^iorr, 
was founded about A. M. 2787, and 
gave the title of earl to the duke of 

Angers, a city of Anjou, in France, 
which is divided into two parts by the 
river Maine. 

Angevins. SeeANDECAVi. 


Angiers {Afidrgavus, Juliomagus), 
a city of Anjou, in France. 

Angili. See Angli. 

Ascites, a river of Thrace, faLs 
into the Strymon. 

Angiti-e Luous. See Luco. 

AsGiTULiE. See RoccHA d'An- 


Anglea, See England. 

Angleria. S'.e Angeria. 

Anglesey, the Isle of {Mona, 
Land of Mon, Ynis Doioylh, Engli/b 
' I/iiind), the moil weftern county of 
North Wales, the ancient refidence of 
the Druids : the ifland bcir.g fubJued 
by the Itngliih under Edward the Firft, 
it obtained the name of Engliffi Ifland, 
or Angtefey. 

Angli {^Angili, Suevi),th.t inhabit- 
ants of Saxony. 

Angola, a kingdom of Africa. 

Angolos. See Angulum. 

Angora {Angoioi, Ancyra, An eyre), 
a city of PhrygM, in Afia, where are 
various remains of ant'qoity, and the 
fineft goaf; m the world, their 
hair being nearly as fine ?.% fiik. 

A N G O U L E S M E ( IcuHfrna, Icul'ifna ) , 
a town of Cliarcnto, in France. 

A.'iGOURi. See Angora. 

Angria. See ENGEa^?. 

Angrivarii, a people near Pao'er- 

•Angrus, a river of Illvricum, flow- 
ing in a northerly direftion. ' ' 

Angulum (Afigokj), ^ ziy of 
Veftin;, in Italy. 



Anhalt, a principality of Ger- 

An HALT, an ifland of Denmark, in 

North Jutland, fituate in the Cate- 

Antana, a city of Mefopotamia. 

AnIcium. See PuY. 

Anien. See Teverone. 

Aniger, J a river Qf Theffdiy. 

Anigrus, ) ■' 

Anigrus. See Minycius. 

AviMo. See Amone. 

An'imurium, a city of Cilicia, in 

An'in'a, acity of India intra Gangem. 

Anio. SccTeveron'. 

Anisus. See Ens. 

Anjou {Atuieca'via), a city of 
France, in a province of the fame name, 
where an univerfity was founded A. D. 


An'ITHA, a city of Arabia Petrasa. 

Anitium. SeePuY. 

Anitorgis, a city of Spain, in 
whofe vicinity a battle was fought be- 
tween the Scipios and Afdrubal. 

Annamatia, a city of Lower 

Annan, a river of Scotland, empties 
itfelf into the Solway Frith. 

Anne burg, a town of Germany, 
in the margravate of MeilTcn, and circle 
of Upper Saxony. 

Annibi, a people inhabiting a moun- 
tain of the fame name, to the fouch of 
the Anthropophagi. 

Ancegath, a city of Libya Inte- 

Anolus, a city of Lydia. 

AxoNiuM. See NoN. 

Anop^a, a mountain and hamlet, 
near the river Afopus, in Caria. 

Anofolis. See Araden. 

ANauiALUM, a city of Thrace. 

ANauiTERRA, a Moorilh city, in 

Ansactt. SeeMuFiTi. 

Anser. See Serchio. 

AxsiBARir (^Aitji'varii)^ a people of 
Italy, who were extirpated by the Ro- 

Ansidonia. See Cassano. 

Ansinarii (An/uarn), the people 
who were afterwards denominated 

Ansivarii. See Ansibarii. 

Ansuarii. See Ansinarii. 

Antachia. See Anthachia. 

Antacites, a river of Afiatic Sar- 
matia, flows into the Palus Maeotis,, a city of Theba'is, on 
*.he E fide of the Nile. 

Anxa»ndros. SeeANDRO. 

Antandros {Edonisy Cimmeut^ 
AJfoi, Apolhma)y a maritime town of 
Myfia, inhabited by the Leieges, at the 
foot of Alexandrea, where Paris is faid 
to have fat in judgment on th? three 
rival beauties ; and where ^ueas built 
his fleet after the deftruiflion of Troy, 

AxTARADUS {Ortbefia, Ortbo/ias)^ 
a city of Seleucis, in Syria, on the 
north fide of the river Eleutherus, op- 
pofite the ifland Aradus. 

Antecuia. SeeANDERo, St. 

A N T E D o K A {Antbedon), a maritime 
city in Boeotia. 

Antelia, a city of Armenia Minor. 

Antematunum. See Laxgres. 

Antemna, ) a city of the Sabines, 

Antemnje,> in Italy. 

Antemnates,. a people of Italy, 
near Rome. 

Antenorium. See Padua. 

Antequia. See Andero, St. 

Antes. See Venedi. , 

Anthachia^ {A?iiiochy Amiocha, 

Anthak-ia 5 Antiocbia ad Or on. 
teniy Antiocbia ad Tamum, Epipbane., 
Tbccj'olis, Rrblata, Ttjcbia, Seleucis), a 
city of Syria, in Afia, was founded about 
A. C. 303. St. Peter is faid to have been 
bifliop of this city fevcn years, and in 
it St. Luke wrote his gofpel : the firft 
council denominated Chriftian was held 
here; before that time they were term- 
ed Nazarenes. This city was fubjeft 
t(D earthquakes, and the calamities of 
war ; it was beueged A. D. 305 by 
the Huns ; in 540 it was taken by Cof- 
rhoes, the Perfian ; in 637 it was in 
pofieflion of the Saracens ; in 1088 it 
was governed by the Turks, who were 
difpoffefled of it in 1097 by 'he weftcrn 
princes; and in 1188 it was betrayed 
by the patriarch to Saladine. 

Anthea, a city of Achaia; alfo a 
city of Mefl"enia. 

Antkea. See Trizina. 

Anthedon ( Partus ArtbeKien^: ) , a 
maritime town of Argolis, on the Saro- 
nic Bay. 

Anthedon. See Agrippeum. 

Anthedon. SeeAxTEDONA. 

Anthedon, in Paleftine. See La- 


Antheia. See Tralles. 

Antheia, acity of MelT^nia, one of 
the feven promifed by Agamemnon to 

Anthela, a city of Theflaly, near 
the Straits of Thermopylae. 

Anthela, a city of Trachinia, near 
the Afopus, in whofc vicinity was a 
temple dedicated to-Ceres and Amphic- 

A N T 



An THE MIS. 3 

Ant HE MIS I A, a province of Pcrfia, 

in ACii Minor. 

Anthemuntis, ) a city of Mace- 
An'theml'S, y donia, in a di- 

ftridt of the fame name. 

Anthemus, ') a city in the 

An'themusia, > north of Me- 
Anthemusium, 5 fopotamia, on 

the confines of Armen'ra. 

An'themus, acityof Syria. 

A.NTHEMVS. >c^-C.,,^^ 

A > bee Samos. 



An'thena, a city of Cinuria, in Ar- 

Anthin,^, an ifland near Ep^efus. 

Anthium. See Sissopoli. 

AxTHii-iM, a city of Italy. 

An'thropophagi {Androphagi), the 
people termed Tartars. 

An'thylla {Anty'.la), a city of E- 
gypt, near Alexandria, whole rcvenu'^s 
were a kind of jointure to the queen of 
Perfia when Egypt was fubjeft to the 

Antia. SceNETTUNO. 

Antiana, \ a city of Pannonia In- 

AntiaNj?;,) ferior, betwesn the 

Drave and the Danube. 

>»AnTIATjE,, ) , 1 c A .• 

^ 'J- the people of Antium. 

Antiates, 5 ^ ^ 

AntibacchI'Insvla, an ifland in 
the Red Sea. 

Antibes {Antipolis), a city of Tranf- 
alpine Gaul. 

Antibole, one of the mouths of 
the Ganges. 

Anticasivs, a mountain of Syria, 
to the s of Antioch, at whofe bafc runs 
the river Orontes. 

Anti-Caucasus, a mountain of Se- 

An TIC ETA {Anticitus, Atticitus, Hypa' 
nis), a river to the eaft of the Cimme- 
rian Bofphorus, which forms an ifland, 
by taking two different courfes, one of 
which falls into the Palus Maeotis and 
the other into the Euxine Sea. 

A N' T I C H X H O .V E S. Sec A.V T I PO D ES. 

Anticimolis, ) a city of Paphla- 

Anticinolis, 5 gonia. 

Anticirrha. See SUOLA. 

Anticitus. See Anticei a. 

Anticragus. SeeGoRANXE. 

Anticyra. SeeSuoLA. 

Antic VRA {Cypartjfa), a city of 
Phocis, in Greece Proper, where was a 
temple dedicated to Neptune. 

Antifello {AntiphelUis, Uabrjfui) , 
a maritime town of Lycia, remarkable 
for producing fine fponge. 

Antigoca (^An..^onia), a city of 

Epiru?, to the north of the Ceraunian' 

Ant r GOO A {.intigonia), a city of 
Mygdonia, in Macedonia. 

Antigone A. Sec Is.vrc, 

ANfiGONiA, in Arcadia. See Go- 

Antigonia, in Bithynia. See Is- 

Antigonia, in Chaonia. See Ar- 
GiRo Castko. 

Antigonia, in Macedon. Sec 

Antigonia, in Syria. See Seleu- 

Antigonia, inTroas. SeeTROAS. 

Antigonia, a city of Cnalcidice, ic 

Antilibanus. See Abellinas. 

Antinopolis, a city of E^y^M, 
created in honour of Antinous. 


AiiT\ociiE.A.\{Lamotis), a diftrift 
Antiochia i of Ifaurica, in Alia 

Antiochene. ) c o 
Antiochia. J See Seleucis. 

Antiochetta ^ {Amiochia nd Py- 

Antiochia J ramum'), a city'ot 
Cararaania, in Afiatic Turkey, oppofite 
the ifland of Cyprus. 

Antiochia, acityof Cilicia Tra- 
chea, on Mount Cragus. 

An'tiochia, a c.ty of AlTyria, be- 
tween the rivers Tigris and Tornadotuj. 

Antiochia, in Caria. See Athym- 


Antiochia Characex.t;. Ses 


Antiochia SUPER Cragum. Sec 

Antjochia Epidaphne, the chief 
city of Syria. It was compoied of four 
diftinft cities, each of tliem enciofcd bjr 
its proper wall, and the whole was en- 
circled by another wail. 

Antiochia Lamotidis, a city of 
Cilicia, on the river Lamus. 

AntiochiaMargianje. Seelx- 


Antiochia My-gdonije {^Nlfibis), 
a city of Mefopotamia. 

Antiochia ad Orontem. See 
Anth achia. 

Antiochia Pisidi^e. See Ver- 

Antiochia ad Pyramum. See 

Antiochia ad Taurum. See 
Anth ACHiA. 

Antiochjana, a diftrift of Lycao- 
nia, in Afu Miner. 


A P A 

Antipachsu, an ifiand near Corfu. 

i'iNTiPAROS {O'caros, Oliares), one 
of the Cyclade Illes^ where Itones are 
faid to vegetate. 

Antipatria, a city of Daretis, in 

Antipatrtas> Cbabarfaha, Chahar- 

Antipatris \ zaSa, Capberjaba ) , 
a city of Paleftine. 

Anttphellus. See Antifel- 


Antiphilioppidum, a city of 
Egypt, to the fouth of the Lake Mare- 

Antiphxli-Portus, an harbour on 
the African fide of the Red Sea. 

Antiphra, > a hamlet of Marmo- 

Antiphr^,) rica, near the fea- 

Antipodes {Antichthones, Aniceci), 
the people on the dlreft cppofite part of 
the globe to that which we inhabit. 

Antipolis. See Antibes. 

Antifyrgos. See Luco. 

ANTiau^ Cell^. See Alten- 


Antiquiera, >a city of Spain. 
Antiquiria, 3 
Antirrhion. > c o 


Antirrhodus, an ifland near Pha- 
ros, in Egypt. 

AhfTiscii, a people on the ifland 

A.VTisioDORUM. See Autesio- 


Antissa, a ci'ty on the ifland of Lef- 
bos, uhich was deftroyed by the Ro- 
mans, who removtd the inhubi;anta to 

Antistiana, a cicy of Spain, ^be- 
tween Barcelona and Tarragona. 

Antitaurus. See Roham Thcu- 


Antivari, a city of Dalm^tia, in 
European Turkey. 

Antivest^um. > See Land's- 

Antivestum. 5 End. 

Antiom. See Nettuno. 

Antolci, See Antipodes. 

Antoine, St.. a town in , France, 
with an holpiial for perfons who are 
afHifted with the difurder called St. An- 
thony's fire. 

Antona. See Avo'k. ~* 

Antonacum. See Andernach, 

Antonia (Sflr/i),"a fortrefs of je- 
rufiiictr, fo named in honour of Mark 

An'ionina. See Utrecht. 

Antoninopolis, a city of Mefo- 
potamia, en the Tigris. 

Antoknacum, See Andernach. 

Antraveda (jCylUne), a maritime 
town of Elis, in the Morea. 

A.VTRO, ") ci-n- ir I 

Antron, pc'tyofTneffaly,on 

Antkonis,5 'heEunpus. 

Antros, a fmall ifland at the mouth 
of the Garonne. 

Antunnacum. See Ander- 

Antwerp (^Andwerp), a city in Bra- 
bant. The canal from this place to 
Bruffels was begun A. D. 1531, and 
completed in 1560; after which the city 
was fortified with a wall, in 1567. 

Antylla. See Anthylla. 

Anubixgara, a city on the ifland 
of Ceyiun, in the Indian Ocean. 

Anulus. See Amilos. 

Anc'nea. SeeHANUNEA. 

Anurogrammum, a city on the 
ifland of Ceylon. 

Anus. See Guadiana. 

Anxa. See Gallipoli. 

Anxantium, a city of the Marfi, in 


Anxius, a river of Armenia, falls 
into the Euphrates. 

Anxur. Sec Terracina. 

Anydros, a fmall iflgnd near Ephe- 

Anysis, a city of Egypt. 

Anzabas, a river in Affyria. 

A..NZETA, a city of Armenia Major. 

Anzitene. See Azetene. 

Aobriga. See Abobrica. 


AoNiA. See Negrofont. 

AoRN'is. See Aop.kos Petra. 

Aornos, a place in Epirus, where 
anfaerfj weje given by an oracle. 

Acrnos, a lake near TartefTus. 

Aov.Kos. SeeAvERNUS. 

A.0RN05 Petra, > a city on a lofty 

Aornus, 5 '"'^'^^ '" India, 

bcfieged and taken by Alexander. 
■ AoRsi, a people near the river Ta- 
nais, in A.fiatic Sarmatia. 

AoRUs. See Eleuthera. 

AosTA {Aoi'/roy Aug/'Jla PratQria)y a 
city of Piedmonr, in haly. 

Aoti, a people of Thrace. 

Aous. See Polina. 

AousTA. See Aosta. 

Apabartice {Apaijartice), a city of 

Apabarticene {Apavarticeni), a 
dilirict of Parthia. 

Apjesantcs. SeeAPESAS, 

ApiEsus {Par/ui), a city of Troas, be- 
tween Lampfacus and Pariiam. 

APAiTffi, a people -jf Afia Minor. 

Apamea, in Bithynia. SeeApAMi. 

Apamea CisiTOS. SeeAPAMiz. 

A ?H 

A P O 

>\PaMea Mesenes. SccMiana. 

Apamea Osroenes, a town in Me- 

Afamea Raphane. a town on the 
confines of Parthia and Media. 

Apamea, in Syria. See Hama. 

Apamea, beyond Jordan. See Pe- 


Apamene. See Hama. 

Apamenus Lacus, a lake near 
Apanica, in Syria. 

Apami 'i{A/>amea, MyrUa), a city 

Apamia 5 of Bithynia, on the Pro- 

Apamiz {Apamea Cidiios), a town in 
Phrygia. • 

Apan'omeria, a city on the vfland 
of Thera. 

Aparn'i, a nation of fhcpherds near 
the Cafpian Sea. 

Apate. See SiBr. 

Abat.^i, a people of Arabia Feiix. 

Apavartice. Ste Apabartice. 


Apeauros, a mountain in the Mo- 

Apeia, a city of Cyprus, 

Apelby. See Appleby. 

APEN'i'STiE. See Vieste. 

Apennin Es, ) a chain of mountains 

At'ENNiN'us, 3 extending through 
Italy, the fource of all the rivers in that 

Apera, a city of Galatia. 

Aperantia, a city of iEtolia, at the 
foot of Mount Pindus. 

Aperethes, a city of Arcadia. 

Aperopia, an ifland on the coaft of 

Aferr^ ('■Jpyrtr), a city of Lycia, 
between Patara and the mouth of the 
river Limyrus. 

Apesantus ^ (Apafattius), a moun- 

Apesas v\. y tain of the Morea, 

Apesl'S ) near the Lernian lake. 

Apetua, a city of Baetica, in Spain, 
near Cordova. 

Aphaca, a town of Coelefyria, 
wherein was a temple of Venus. 

Aph ann;e, an obfcure place in Sicily. 

Aphar {Sapbai; Sappbar), the chief 
city of Arabia Felix, near the Red Sea. 

Aphara, a city of Paleftine, belong- 
ing to the trioe of Benjamin. 

Apharema, a toparchy of Judea. 

Aphas, a river of Epirus, falls into 
the Bay of Ambracia. 

Aphek, the name of three cities in 

Aphesas, a mountain in the Morea. 

Aphet.4:, a maritime town of Mag- 

nefia, In Theflaly, from whence the Ar- 
gonauts fct fail on their expedition to 

ApHETERtoN, a maritime town of 
India, on the Ganges. 

Aphidna } {Apbvdna), a diftridl of 

APHiuNJEJi Attica. 

Aphne'jm, a city of Phrygia. 

Aphormium, a lake near Thefpia, 
in Bceotia, 

Aphphadana {Appbadana) ^ a city 
of Meloputamia. 

Aphrodisia, 1 

Aphkodisias, V a city of Cyprus. 


Aphrodisias. See Trizina. 

ApHRODISIAS "l.^r v e 

f (iHino/r), a city of 

HRODISIUM >^ r^ ■■'* ■> 


/\ P h IV. w ly i 3 1 u i*i /■ i^ 

. i Laria. 

Aphrodisius 3 

Aphrodisius, in Africa. S 


Aphrodisius, in Cillcia. SccThe- 


APHRODtsius, in Cyprus. See A- 


Aphrodisius, a city of Thrace. 

Aphrodisum, a promontory or. an 
ifland of the lame name on the coalt ot" 

Aphroditia, a fmall diftri6l; of La- 

ApHRODiTOPOLis, a city of Egypt, 
in the Delta. 

Aphroditopoljs, a city to the E 
of the ifland Heradea, towards Arabia. 

Aphydna. See Aphidna. 

Aph yte, ■) a city of Pallene, in Ma- 

Aphytis,) cedonia, where the in- 
habitants worfliipped Jupiter Ammon. 

Apia. See Morea. 

Apia (^Appia), a city of Phrygia 

ApIDAN'US. ) o t7 ^ . 


Apina, ) a city of Apulia, cither 

ApiNiE, 5 founded or demoliflied by 

Apiola, )a principal town of the 

API0L.E,) Latins, in Italy, fronj 
whofe fpoils Tarquin laid the foundatioa 
of the Capitol. 

Apis, a city of Marmorica, in Africa. 

ApisVicus, a city of Cyprus. 

Apobatana, the chief city of Me- 
dia, where the king's trcafures were 

Apobathra, a maritime place near 
Seftas, where the fliip which Xerxes was 
on board was detained by the ice. 

Apocopa, a maritime town, on a 
promontory bearing the lame namej ;a 
the Red Sea. 



APS • 

Apocopi, mountain* of India Intra 

Apollinares AoyJt, a place In 
Etruria, near Cnlhumnovum. 

Apollinates, a people ot Arcadia, 
in the Moica. 

Apollikea. See Vercelli. 

Apolunis, * promontory in Mau- 
titania Caelarienfis. 

Apollinis. See Nec5ro, Cape. 

ArOLLixis Aax, a place near the 
Sybil's cave, in Cvirtipania. 

Apollinis Lib vstiniTemplum, 
a proinoiUory near Pachynum, in Sicily, 
where Apollo was worftiippeti with great 

Apollinis Urds magna {Apello- 
tiopolis, Apollonls Superior), a city ol 
Egypt, in the Thebais, wliofe inhabit- 
ants took great delight in deltroying the 

Apollinis Urbs parva {Apollo- 
fws, Apollonii Inferior), a city ot ligypf» 
near the Red Sea. 

Apolloneatis, a people of Area- 
dia, in the Morea. 

Apollonia, a city of ^tolia. 

Apollonia, a city of Affyria, in 
Afia, beyond the river Gorgus. 

Apollonia, a city of Caria. 

Apollonia {Eleutheria, Satra), a 
city of Candia. 

Apollonia, a tnarltime town of 
Illyria, on the Adriatic Sea. 

Apollonia, a city of Paleftine, be- 
twfcn Cxfarea and Joppa. 

Apollonia (^MorJiaum), a city of 
Pifidia, to the N of Ambladu. 

Apollonia, a city of Cceiefyria. 

Apollonia, a city of Epims. 

Apollonia, in Argoiis. See Tri- 


Apollonia, iaCyretie. SteBoN- 

Apollonia, in Macsdonia. See 

Apollonia ad Mare. See Pi- 

Apolloni.^ in Myg.lonla. See 

Apollonia super Rhyndac. 

Apollonia, in Sicily. SccPollina. 

Apoi.loma, in Thrace. See Sis- 

Apollonias. See Bondarea. 

Apolloniatis, a province ol Af- 

Apolloniatis, a lake of Myfia. 

ApeLLONioEA, ) a city of Lydia, 

Apollonis, 3 bctweeR Pcrga- and Siiidis. 

Apollonis Inferior. Se« A- 
pOLLiNis Urbs parva, 
Apollonis Superior,) See A- 


Nis Urbs magna. 
Apollonium. See Necro, Cap£. 
ApoiLONOPOLis. See Apolli- 
nis Urbs magna. 

Apollonos. See Apollinis 
Urbs parva. 

Apollonos Hieron, a city of 
Lydia, where was a temple dedicated to 

Apollopolis {Apollonia), a city 
of Egypt, in Apollopolitis Nomos. 

Apollopolitis NOMCfs, adiftrift 
of Egypt. 

on the coalt of Sicily. 

Aponus. SeeABANO, 

Aporidis Come, a diftrifl of Phr]^. 

Appa, a city of Arabia Felix. 

Appeldour. See ApPLEDORt. 

Appha, a city of Parthia. ' 

Apphadana. See Aphphadana. 

Apphana, an illand in the Pcrfian 

Apphar, a city of Mauritania Caefa- 

Appia {Apia), a city of Phrygia 

Appia Aqua. See Claudia, 

Appia Porta. See Capena. 

Appia Via, a celebrated road made 
by Appiiis Claudius, from Rome to 
Capua, which was afterwards extended 
to Brindifi, a dilbnceof near 350 miles. 

Appiaria, a city of Moelia Inferior, 
on the Danube. 

Appii Forum, a village near Rome, 
built by the conful Appius. 

Appleby {Apelby, Abal!al>a),atowa 
of Well nicrland, on the river Eden. 

Appledore {Appeldour)f a town 
in Kent. 


Aprio, . 

Apros Colonia,) las, in Thrace. 

Aprositos, one of the Fortunate 

Aprusa. SeePLUSA. 

Aprustum {AhrjJluTfj, Abyjirum), 
a city of the Brutii, in Lncania. 

Apsalus, a city of Macedonia, or 
the rivtr Axius. 

Apsarus. SeeARCANi. 

Apsinthii, a people of Thrace* 

Apsorus. See Arcani. 

Apsorus. See Cherso and 03» 


"i a Roman colony 
;-on the river Me- 

A Q U 

A Q U 

Apsyrtides. ) See Cherso and 
Apsyrtis, 5^sero. 
Apt, "la town of Provence, 

Apta, I in France, on the Ca. 

AptaJuma, j laron, where are fome 
Apte, J Roman antiquities. 

Aptera. "^ 
After I A. > 
Apteron. J 

See Pajleo Castro. 

Aptuchi Fakum,) a city of Cy- 

Aptungis, j rcne, on the 


Apua. See Pon'TREMOLI. 

Apulknsis Coi.ONlA. SeeWEis- 

Apulia (La P/.-^//<7, Pediculi ) , the 
eaftern fide of the kingdom of Naples, 
on the Gulf of Venice : it is divided 
into three terriiories, whofe modern 
names are, the Capitanata, Terra di 
Barri, and Terra d'Otranto. 

ApufcUM. )SeeW£is- 

Apulum Augustum. J seMbubg. 

Apuscida.mus, a lake in Africa, 
wherein, Piiny fays, all bodies are buoy- 
ant, and that nothing will fink. 

Apyr-'E. See Aperr^. 

Aqua Clodia. See Claudia. 

Aqua Contradictioxis (Mni- 
tab), a rock in the wildernefs of Zin, 
which Mofes ftruck with his rod, and 
procured water for the children of Ifruel. 

AaUA Crabra. SeeCkABRA. 

Aqua Martia. See Martia. 

AauA Virgo. See Virgo. 

AquJE Apollinares, a place of 
Etruria, between Rome and Cofa. 

A<iVJE Augustje. See Acques. 


Aqu;e Calid;e. See Bath. 

AqvjE CxLiDjE. See Orense. 

AtiU^ Calidje, warm fprings in 

Aqvje CALiDiE, a colony between 
the rivers Scrbetes and Savus, in Mau- 
ritania Caefarienfis. 

Aou>£ Celenite. ) c ^ 


Aqu JE Ciceroni AN .E, warm fprings 
near Tritoli. 

Aqu.s; Convenarum. See Bag- 

AQ.UJE CuMAN.s:, baths near Cumae, 
in Italy. 

Aqu^ Cutili.5:. See Lago di 


Aqu« Flav T/T. See Chiaves. 

Aqu.*: Flumi.s^, SccSeleugia. 

AftUiE LABODiE. See Aix, in Pro- 

AciyjE MoesicjE (Ad Aquat), a city 
of Mcefia Superior, a«ar Trajan's Bridge. 


La. NOV. 
Aqu.t; Pannoni^. See Badek, 
AQ.U/E PATAViKiE. See Bagni 
Aql'.;e Qui.vtian^^. SeeCALDAs. 
Aqu.e Regi^, a bath near the cita- 
del of Chimera, in Acroceraunia of 

Aquje Regi;e, a city of Africa Pro- 
per, to the fouth-wcft of Adrumetum. 
Aqu« SELINUNTfiE.) Stc A IX, in 
Aquje Sexti-e. 5 P'"°^^"'^^- 

Aqu a; S I KUEss AX .;n, mineral fprings 
near Sinucfia, in Campania. 
Aquje So lis. See Bath. 



Aq^.se SxATiLLiE, a city of Ligu- 

Aql'.* Tarbeli..?e. ) See Ac- 


AciUiE Tauri. See AcauAPEX- 


AaujE Tibilitax;e, warm fprings 
in Numidia. 

Aqu.'E VocOni^. See Caldes 


AQU.E VoLATERRAX.ff:, hot fprings 
near VoUterrae. 

Aquensis Civitas. See AcQ.UES. 

Aquialum, a city of Thrace. 

Aq,uicaldenses. SeeOREXsE. . 

Aquiflaviensis. See Chiaves. 

AQ.UILARIA, a ciry of Zugitana, ia 

Aquilegia)( '-l^tiis Ligctta, Fcrum 

Aquileia 5 Jutii, Grada, Algar)^ 
a city of Italy, on the Friuli, founded 
about A. M. 2796 : it was a place of re- 
nown in the time of Julius Caefar; but 
the city being deftroyed by Attila, the 
Venetians obtained the trade, and it was 
inh.-ibited by a few fifhermen only: ia 
this city St. Mark wrote his gofpel, 
which mauufcript is faid to be preferved. 
with great care at Venice. 

AauiLOXiA. See Carboxara. 

Aq.ui.n'Cum. Sec Gran. 

Aquino, \ a city of Terra di La- 

Aa.uiNU.M,i vera, in the king- 
dom of Naples, the birth-place of Juve- 

Aquisgrane >(Acon, A ken, Ba^ 

Aqj;isgranum ) fana, Ba/arburg^ 
Augufia, Hybla, Mfgara, U'ufium), a 
city of Germany, which having been dc- 
molifhed, was rebuilt A. E^ izG, on ac- 
count of its baths : it was deflroyed by 
Attila, king of the Huns, and repaired 
by Charlemagne, who cou crted tlie in- 
habitants to the faith, and ordained ihat 
this ^ty fliould hi themctropolis of the 


A R iE 

empire on this fide the Alps ; alfo that 
the fucceediag emperor; :T;ould be 
crowned here v.iih an iron crown, at 
Milan with one of Hlver, and at Rome 
with a crown ;nade of gold : he alfo 
erefted a ftately palace, and a church — 
the former was burnt to the ground by 
the Normans in 88 » ; but they did not 
injure the church. 

Aquis LiGATA. See Aquileia. 

AauiTAiNE "y {Gallia 

Aquitania >■ Aqm- 

Aquit ANiA CjESARtAN A J tamca, 
Piovinc/a Aquitanica^y a province of 
France, comprifing Gulenne, &c, 

Ar {Areopolis, Rabbat Moab, Rabbatb 
Moab), the chief city of Moab, in Ara- 
bia Petraea, on the eaft fide of the river 

Ara Amoris {Palladis Ara), a pro- 
montory of Egypt, on the Arabian Gulf, 

Arab, a city belonging to the tribe 
of Judah. 

Arabela. See Arbela. 

Arabia, an extenfive country in 
Afia, forming a peninfula, which is di- 
vided into three parts, viz. Deferta, 
Felix, and Petrsa — noted for producing 
aromatic and medicinal plants in great 
"abundance. The country has frequently 
been invaded, but never fubdued, al- 
though Alexander had a great delire to 
fix the feat of his empire in that terri- 

Arabia Deserta {Arden), a coun- 
try of Afia, on the Euphrates. 

Arabia Felix iMamoito, Euda- 
TTi'jn^ Ayman, Jfmm), a dillrift of Afia, 
to the fouth of Arabia Diiferta, which 
gave birth to Mahomet, the founder of 
the Turkifh relieiori. 

Arabia Petrjea {Nabathaa, Na- 
bjtene, Rrgio N'ibiii/sorum), a country of 
Afia, of which the city Petra was the 

Arabia Philadelphensis, the 
weftern part of Arabia FttriEa. comprif- 
ing the country of rhs Moabites and 
Ammonites, on the eaft fide of the river 

Arabia Sce.vitarum, the fouth- 
crn part of Mefopotamia, to the north 
of the Euphrates. 

Ar abi;e NoMOS,a diftri£l of Egypt, 
without the Dcha, towards Arabia. 

Arabicus Sinus. See Mar di 

Arabies. . Sec ARBrT;E. 

A R A B I s If ( Arbis, Artabis, Artabiiis ) , 

Arabius) a river of Gedrofia, the 
weflern boundary of India. 

Arabit^e, a people of Campeftris, 
in the pliins of Mcab. 

ArabO- See Rabe. 

Arabriga, a town of Portugal, t9 
the SE of the Mondtgo. 

Ara BY z a, a town of the Caucones, 
a people of Bithyn'a, 

.•IRACJE, an inknd town of Syria. 

Aracak {Ruca»), a fertile country 
of Afia, but not well peopled, on account 
of the numerous favage beads with which 
it is infelkd. 

Aracca (Aracb, Aracha, Arrccn, 
Areccai Campi), a city of Sufiana, on 
the Tigris. 

Araceme. See Petra. 

Aracge LER AN (Mtliihir), a diftrift 
of Cappadocia, producing wine and oil 
of a fupcrior quality. 

Arach. ) c , 


Arachatos. See Arachosia. 

Arach-V.^um, a mountain in Argos. 

Arachne, a city of ThelTaly. 

Arachosia (Aracoalos), a river of 

Arachosia. See Candahar. 

Arach oThias {Aracbibus, AraSius^ 
Aiftbon), a river of Epirus, falls into the 
Sinus Ambracius. 

Ar ACHOTUs, a city of Perfia, feated 
on a lake of the fame name. 

Arachthus. See Aracho- 


Aracia {Alfxandri Ififula)y an ifland 
in the Perfian Gulf., a city of Parthia. 

Aracillum {Arracillum), a city of 
Hifpania Tarraconenfis. 

AracqvLis. See Ara^jlil. 

Aracosii, a people of India. 

Aractene (Artacc-ne), a difiriiSl of 
AlTyria, near Arbela, where Alexander 
defeated Darius. 

Aractus. See Arachthvs. 

Aracynthus, a mountain of -»51to« 
lia, and another in Acarnania. 

Arad, a city of the Amorites, near 
the wildernefs of Kades. 

Ara DEN {Anopolis), a city of Candia. 

Arauucta. See Traducta. 

Aradus, an ifland near Candia. 

Aradus, an illand near Phoenicia, 
where arc various remains of antiquity. 

Aradus, a city of Phoenicia. 

Ar^e, rocki in the midft of the Mcdi-. 
terrancan, between Africa and Sardinia, 
where the Romans and Africans ratified 
a treaty, and where ./Eneas loft the major 
pare cf his fleet. 

Ar.i: Alexandri. • See Alexan'- 

Ar^ Cjesaris, a place of European. 
Sarmatia, on the river Tanais, to the cJift 
of Alcxandri Arse. 

A R A 

A R B 

Ar:«: Flavin. SccAurach. 
Ar^ Flavianje. See Nord- 


Ara: Philemon, ^ a maritime 
ArvE Phileni, > city of A- 

Arx Philenorvm, ) frica, on 

the borders of Cyrene — the port of Sa- 


AtiJE SoGDiANJE, altars erected on 

the eallern extremity of Sogdiana, as 

monuments of viftories j which were 

confidercd more facred than trophies, and 
■ of courfe not fo liable to be violated. 
Arsthvrea, a city of Acliaia, in 

a c!ifin6t bearing tlic lame name. 
Araca, a city of Arabia Felix. 
Arago, ) a river of Iberia, in Afia, 
Aracus,S falls into the Cyrus. 
Ara Lugdunensis, a place near 

Lyons, in France, at the confluence of 

the Rhone and Saonne- 


Aram Betiikehob, that part of 
Syria, to the north of Paleftine, which 
was allotted to the tribe of Aflicr. 

Aram Dammesek. Sse Syria 

Aram Maacha, a diftrift of Syria, 
/ 'at the foot of Mount Hermon, on the 
other fide of Jordan, called the coaft of 

Ara.m Naharaim. See Meso- 


Aram SoBA. See Palmyra. 

Aramatha, a city beyond Jordan, 
belonging to the tribe of Gad. 

Ar.\na, a city of Drangiana, in the 
Farther Afia. 

Arancilis. See Egypt. 

Ara.ndis. See Torre Vedra. 

Arane, an inland town of Armenia 

Arangas, a mountain of Libya In- 

A R avium, a maritime town on ihe 
iEthiopicus Sinus, 

Ara Palladis, an ifland in the 
Arabian Gulf. 

Araphea, an ifland of Caria. 

Arapis, a river of Caramania, in 

Araquil {Aracalis), a town of Na- 
varre, near Pampeluna. 

Akar. See Saonke. 

Ararat '\^{Gorc{ia:i, Kardti, Car- 

Ararath \ diucbi^j, a mountain of 
Armenia, in Afia, whereon the arU relied 
after the deluge. 

Araris. Sec Saonne. 

Ararus, a river of Scythia, that 
flows through Armenia. 

ARAbS. ikcARAXts, 

Aratha, a city of Margiana, bejow 
Antiochia, on the river Margus. 

Arathos, an ifland in the Perfian 

Arathyrea. SeeAsoPHXs. 

Aratia, an idsnd oppofite to Per- 
fia, on which is a mountain facred to 

Ara Traducta. See Tra- 


Ara Tutelje, a place in Corfica, 
between Mariana pnd Aleria. \ 

Ara Ubiorum, an altar, fuppoltd 
to have been ereded by the Ubii in ho- 
nour of Auguftus when they removed 
on this fide the Rhine. 

Araunia {Aru>icia, Suffa, Sucjfa A- 
TUKca, Julia Felix Sufjfa), a city of Italy, 
the metropolis of the Volfci. 

Araura {Cijfero, Cttfiro), a city of 
Gallia Narbonenfis, on the river Araurii. 

ARAURIS. ) c t7 T 


Arausa {Auiuzona), an inland town 
of lUyricum. 


Arausio. J-See Orange. 

Arausium. 3 

Arauzona. See Arausa. 

Aka.x A, a city of Lycia, on the con- 
fines of Caria. 

Araxenus Campus, a diftrift in 
Armenia Major, through which the river 
Araxes runs. 

Araxes (Ara/s), a river in Armenia, 
difembogues into the Cafpian Sea. 

Ar.ivxes Persidis (Aro/fs, Arq/is"), 
a river of Perfia, falls into the Perfian 

Araxes (Saocoras), a river of Me- 
fopotamia, difcharges itfclf into the Eu- 

Araxus, fa promontory of Elis, to 
the s of the river Larifius. 

Area, a city on an ifland of the fame 
name in EUyria. SeeARBE. 

Area {Ari/ea, Hebron, Mumre), a city 
of Judca. 

Arbaca, a city of Candahar, in 

Arbace, a city of Celtiberia, in 

Arbanium, a city on the Euxinc 

Arbe {Arba, Rat), an ifland in the 
Gulf of Venice, on the coiift of Dal- 

Arbea. See Arba. 

Arbela {Arabcla), a city of Sicily. 

Arbela, in Aflyria. beeARBEL- 


Arbela, in Galilee. Sec ToR- 



A R D 

Arb elites) {Arbela), a city of Af- 

Arbelles 5 O'T'^j where Alexander 
defeated Darius, A. C. 330. 

Ar BE LITIS, a province of Affyria. 

Arbia {Ainu), a rivulet of Tufcany. 

Arbi&s, ^ mountains that extend 

Arbii, 3 through Gedrofia, from 
whence the rivers that fall into the In- 
dus derive their fource. 

Arbis. SccArabis. 

Akbis, a city of Gedrofia, in Perfia. 

Arbit^. See Arbies. 

Arbitje, a people of Perfia. 

Arbivs, a mountain of Candia. 

Arbocala, a city taken by Hanni- 
bal, when he marched towards Rome. 

Arbon, ) a city on the Lake 

Arbor FEiix,) of Conftance, in 

Areua, an inland town of Perfia. 

Arbl'RY, a village in Cambridge- 
fliire, where are the remains of a Roman 

Arc A ) {Arcena), a city of Phoeni- 

Arc^5 <^'3» ^o 'he north of Tri- 
poli, the birth.p'ace of Alexander Se- 

Arcade, ") - r /-. ■• 
s^^ ^r. fa c"V of C'ndia, to 

Arcades, V ^ ■ n. c r^ a- 
-^„ ' I the eaft of Cnoflu-;. 

Arcadia, 3 

Arcadia, a city of MefTenia, in the 
■Morea, between Haliartus and Me- 

Arcadia, a city of Cyprus. 

Arcadia. SeeTzACONiA. 

Arcadiopoms - {Berga, Bcr^as, 
B^rgula), a city of Thrace, on the river 

Arc A VI {Abfarus, Apfarus, Apforrus'), 
a river of Colchis, falls into the Euxine 

AkcakuMi7 a city of Naples, on the 

Arce, 5 confines of the Cam- 

pDgna di Roma, between Arpinitim and 
Aquinum, where Cicero had a villa. 

Arce. See Petra. 

Arcena. See Arca. 

Arch A bis, a river of Colchis, falls 
into the Eaxine Sea. 

Archad. See Acad. 

Arch.«:a, a city of uEolia. 

Arch^atidas, a didrift of the 

Archjeopolis. See Sipylus. 

Archandropolis, ) a city of E- 

Archandros, 5 gyp'- 

Archangel, a feaport of Ruffia, 
and capital ot the province of Dwina. 

Archelaidos, ) a city of Cappa- 

Archelais, 3 docia, wafheU by 
the river Halys. 

Akchelais, a city of Judca, to the 
north-wcfl of Jericho. 

Archidemia, ) a founra'-n 

Archidemius Pons, ) in Sicily, 
between the river Anaffus and the foun- 
tain Cyane. 

Archidium, a city of Candia. 

Archile, a city of Cyrene. 

Archipelago {JEgfum Mare, JE^ 
ga7i, Mgon), that part of the Mediter- 
ranean Sea which feparates Europe from 
Afia, extending on one fide to Greece 
and Macedon, and on the other to Caria, 
Ionia, and Phrygia. 

Archippe, a city of the Marfi, in 
Latium, deftroyed by an earthquake, 
where is now the Fucine Lake. 

Archoxidion {Ale/cy Alaja, Alefa^ 
Hale/a), a city of Sicily, founded about 
A. C. 403, on the fea-coaft, which was 
made independent by the Romans. 

Arcidava, a city of Dacia, on the 

Arcini, a people of Italy. 

Arcobriga, a city of Spain, to the 
weft of Bilbilis. 

Arcona, a city of Germany, the 
refidcnce of the Obotrit^e Vandals. 

Arconnesus, an ifland near Candia 
and Halicarnaffus. 

Arctacana ) {Arlacoana), a city 

ArctacoanaJ^ of Chorafan, iij 
Perfia, the royal refidence of the eattern 

Arcti Promontorium. See Ca- 
po DEL Orso. 

Akctonesus. See Chizico. 

Arctos, a mountain near the Sea of 

Arcus Triumphalis. SeeTRi- 

Ardama, a diftrift of Egypt. 

Ardanaxis, ~1 a promontory in 

Ardama, > Marmorica, with 

Ardamg, 3 a harbour called 
Menelai Portus. 

Ardaxanus, a rivulet in Illyricum. 

Ardea {Ardim), a city of Italy, 
founded about A. IVI. 2806 J it was the 
refidence of Turnus, king of the Ru- 
tuli, after whofe death the city was de- 
Itroycd by fire. Via, a road which 
branches from the Via Appia, towards 
the right, near the river Almo, a fliort 
di fiance from Rome, which i& carried on 
to Ardea. 

Ardebil, a town in Perfia, where 
fevcral of their kings were buried. 

Arden. See Arabia Deserta. 

Ardekne {Ardtienna)., an extenfive 
foreft in Gaul, which extends through 
the biflioprics of Liege, Treves, &c. 

Ardericca, a fmall town on the 
Euphrates, north of Babylon. 



Ardia, a city of Illyrla. 

^'^^"- I 
Ardius. ) 

Ardiscus, a river of Scythia. 

Ardoma, 7 (HerJonia, Erdottia), 

Ardonea, 5 a city of Apulia. 

Ardotium, an Inland town of Li- 

Ardres, a town of France, where 
Francis the Firft of that kin^jdom, aud 
Henry the Eighth of England, difplay- 
ed great magnificence. 

Ardua. See Ardea. 

Arduba, a city of Dalmatla. 

Arduenna. See Ardenne. 

Area jSc^imelii. See Mqvi- 


Areacid.i:, a nation of Numldia. 
Arebissus, a city of Cappadocia. 
Areca, a town of Comagene, in 


Areceme. See Petra. 

Arecomici. ) c^Vftir^ 
Ar^comii. } t'eeVOLC,^. 

Arecon. See Rakon. 

Areconium, See Kenchester. 

Arelas, "^ 

Arelate, > See Aries, 

Arelatum. 3 

Aremorica. See Bretacne. 

Arena (Arene), a city of Mcdenia, 
in the Morea. 

Arenacum. "i 

Arenaci;s. [- , See Arnheim. 

Are.matium. } 

Arfndj?;;, a city of Lycia, on the 
other fide of the Xanthus. 

Arene. See Arena. 

Arenosum Litus, a place in the 
S w of Corfica. 

Arenshard, a traft of Denmark, 
in the diichy of Slefwic, where a ram- 
part WIS built ill the 9th century to 
prevent the irruptions of ihe Saxons and 
the Sclavt. 

Areopagus, a mount in the vici- 
nity of Athens. 

Areopolis. See Ar. 

Areos Nesos, 3n ifland in the 
Euxine Sea, near Colchis. 

Ares, a people of Caramania, in 


Arest^, a people of India, con- 
quered by Alexander. 

Aretavjum. See Wurtzburg. 

Arethusa, a lake of Armenia Ma- 
jor, near the fource of the Tigris, 
wherein all ponderous bodies are faid to 

Arethusa, a fountain near Chalcis, 
in Negropont. 

Arethusa, a fountain in the Ifland 
of Oitygia, near Syracufe. 

Arethusa, a city in Boeotia. 
Arethusa, a city of Sicily. 
Arethusa, a city of Mygdonli, in 

Arethusa, a city of Syria, between 
Emefa and Epiphania. 

Areti N u M, a Roman colony in Tuf- 

Aretium. See Arezzo. 

Areva. See Eresma. 

Arevac^, ) a people near Segovia, 

Arevaci, 5 in Spain. 

A REUS, a river of Bithynia. 

Arezar {Rat tar ia, Ratiaria"), a 
city of Upper Moefia. 

Arezzo (Aretiunj> Arretum^ JuHia 
Fident), a city of Tufcany, founded by 
the Greeks about A. M. 2809: it was 
fo powerful in the time of the Romans, 
that Scipio, when at war with Carthage, 
received more forces and ammunition 
from this city than all others in Tufca- 
ny : it flouriflied for a long time, and 
produced feveral eminent men, both in 
literature and in arms. The city having 
been much oppreffed by the Goths, 
Lombards, and other tyrants, loft much 
of its original beauty and fplendor : it 
was furrounded with a wall by Guy the 

Arga, a hamlet of Arabia Felix, on 
the Arabic Gulf. 

Argadina, a city of Marglana, to 
the vv of the river Margus. 

AKGjKhiE UxAMA, a city of Spain, 
on the Douro. 

Arg^us (Argeus), a mountain of 
Cappadocia, covered with perpetual 
fnow, at whofe bafe is the capital of the 
country called Maxata. 

Argais, a fmall ifland near Canq- 
pus in Egypt. 

Argais, an ifland near Lycia, 

Arganta, a city of India. 

Arganthonius Mons, a moun- 
tain of Bithynia. 

Argantomagum. See Arcen- 

Argantomum. See Argentan, 

ArgaNum, a city in A'"!^"'^' 

Argaradauca, a city of Media. 

Argari, a city of India intra Gan- 

Aroaricus Sinus, a bay of India, 
on which Argari ftood. 

Arc AUS, a mountain of Cappadocia, 
from whofe fummlt, i'ome authors fay, 
a perfbn may perceive both the Euxins 
and the Mediterranean Seas. 
P4. ' 



Argea (Argolis), a kingdom of 
Greece, in the Slorea. 

Argea {Argei), a place at Rome 
where certain Argivcs were buried. 
Argeath^e, a hamlet of Arcadia. 
Argei. SeeARGEA. 
Argeia. See Romania. 
Argeii. SeeARGiVES. 

Argelia, a town of Germany. 

Argenis (^Argenui), acityon a river 
of the fame name, in Gallia Celtica. 

Argennos, an ifland of Ionia, near 
the promontory Trogilium. 

Argennu?^ {Argenutn), a promon- 
tory of Ionia. * '' 

Arc ENS {Argenteus, Argfntius), a 
river of France, fails into the Mediter- 

Argentan (A>ganloMum)y a town 
of Normandy, in France. 

Ap.gentanum. See Marco, St. 

Argentaria. See'CoLMAR. 

Argentarius {Argeiiteiti'), a moun- 
tain in the s of Tufcany. 

Argentaro. See H.^lmus. 

Akgentea. See Plata, La. 

Argenteola. See AviLES. 

Artentera {Tiliiim, TtUium), a 
city of Sardinia, to the sw of Tibula. 

Argenteus. See Argenta- 

Argenteus. SeeARGENS. 

Argentia. See Gorgonzol a. 

Argentiera, an ifland in the Ar- 

Argentiere. SeeGiNOPOH. 

Argentina. See Strasburg. 

Argentina. See Plata, La. 

Argentiolum. SeeAviLES. 

Argentius. See Argkks. 

Argentomagum ) {Argantoma- 

Argenton S S'^^O' ^ town 

of Btrrrv, in France. 

Arg'entora. -^ SeeSTRAS- 

Argentoratum. ;- „,,„^ 

AV ii L K G . 
rgentoratus. ) 

Argentuaria. See Colmar. 

Argenum. See Argenni-'M. 

Argenus. SccBayeux. 

Argenus. See Argenis. 

Argenuss, 7 fmall idands in the 

Argenuss.e, 5 Archipelago. 

Argeus. SeeARGSus. 

Argeus Sinus. See Argolicus. 

Argx. See Argos. 

Argia. See RoMANl.i. 

ARGiiE, a clufttr of twenty fmall 
iflands in Afia Minor, on the coaft of 

Argibceum. See Negrofont. 

Argidava. See Argisch. 

Argila, a town of Caria. 

ArgiletuM) a place at Rome, near 

the Palatium, where the tradcfmen cx- 
pofcd their goods to fale, efpecially book, 

Argilium, an inland town of Bi- 

Argillus, a mountain of Egypt, 
near the Nile. 

Argilus, a town of Thrace, near 
the Strymon, built by a colony of the 

Arginusje, ) three fmall iflands 
Ar ginuss^, y near the continent, 
between Mitylene and Methymna, where 
the Athenians defeated the Spartans : a 
battle was fought there A. C 404, and 
feveral officers were executed for not 
taking care that the dead were buried. 
Argippa. See Arpi. 
A..RGIPPEI, a nation among the Sau- 
romatians, born bald, and with flat nofes, 
who are faid to live upon trees. 

Argirus, atownof the Hither India. 
Argisch {Argidava), a hamlet of 
Moldavia, near the confines of Tranfyl- 

Argita, a river in the n of Ireland, 
Argithea, a city of Epirns, the 
capital of the Athamanes, towards the 
borders of TheflTaly. 

Argives ) (^r^w), the inhabitants 
Argivi I of Argos and the adja- 
cent country : but the term is indifcri- 
minately applied by the poets to all the 
inhabitants of Greece. 

Argivus Sinus. See Argolicus. 
Argo {Argolis, Argos Theffalta, Argos 
Pelafgia, Argos Pelafgicum, Hil^pim., Hip- 
pibo), a city of Greece, in a province of 
the fame name, founded about A. M. 

Argob, a diflrift on the other fide 
of Jordan. 

Argoda, a city of ChcrfonefusTau- 

Argolicus Sinus {Argivus Sinus), 
a bay that feparatcs Argolis from Laconia. 
Argolis. See Romania. 
Argolis. See Argo. 
Argon autje, ) a name i;iven to 
Argonauts. !> thofe ancient heroes 
who accompanied J.ifon on board the fliip 
Argo, to Colchis, about A. C. 1263. 

Argos {Pboronicum. Phoromum)^ the 
chief city of Argolis, in the Morea. 
Argos Amphilochia. See An - 


Argos HippiuM. See Arpi. 

Argos Pelasgicum. ) See 

Argos Peloponnesus. \ Argo. 

Argoulles {Ad L'.ilku), a city of 
Picardy, in France. 

Argous Po&tus. See Porto 



Arcuda, a city of Paropamifus- 

Argui.v {Cerne)y an ifland on the 
coalt of Africa. 

Argun, a river of Afia. 

Argyra, a city of Troas. 

Argyra, a city of Achaia. 

Argyra, a ciry of Sicily, the birth- 
place of Diodorus Siculus. 

Argyre, an ifland beyond the 
jnouth of the river Indus, abounding 
with metal. 

Argyripa. See Arpi. 

Argyrun'tUiM, a mariciine town of 

ARfA. See Chorasan', a province 
of Perf.a. 

Aria. SccHeri. 

Ariaca, a city of Margiana, near 
the Oxus. 

Ariaca, a people of Scythia, on 
the Jaxartes. 

Ariace, a maritime diftrift of the 
Sadini, a people of Hither India. 

Ariacos, a city of Myfia, or Troas. 

Arialbinum {Arta/binum), a city uf 
the Rauraci, near Switzerland. 

Arialdunum, a city of Spain. 

Ariamaz;e Petra {Arimafis, Oxi- 
petia, Peira Sogdian^), an extremely 
Iteep rock in the Sogdiana. 

Ariaxa. See Chorasan. 

Arian'i, the people of Chorafan. 

Ari arathera, > a city of Cappa- 

Ariarathia, 3 docia. 

Arias. See Heri. 

Ariasp.e Evergetje, the people 
of Arialpe, who joined Cyrus in his ex- 
pedition into Scythia. 

Ariasi'e, a city of Drangiana, near 
Mount Btclus, 

Ariaspe. See Callatia. 

Ariassus, a city of Pifidia. 

Arica, an ifland between Britain and 

Arica DA, a ciry of Drangiana. 

Aricenchester. SccKenciies- 


Ariccia, ) a cityof Latium, in Italy, 

Aricia, 5 tiear to which was a tem- 
ple dedicated to Diana Aricina. 

Abicovium. See Hereford. 

Akietis Frons. See Crio. 

Arietis Fron's {^Brixaba), a pro- 
montory in the Cherfonefus Taurica. 

Arig.eum, a city of India, which 
, was ftt on fire, and defcrted by the 
inhabitants, before Alexander entered 

Arii, the people of Chorafan. 

Ari. MA NT OS, a village in the interior 
of Cyrene. 

ARI.MA^fu.^f, a city oa the other fulc 
of Jordan. 

ArimaRa, a city of Syria, on thct 

Aramasis. See Ariamaz^ Pe- 

Arimaspi {Cacitlari), a people of 
Candahar, in Perfia, conquered by Alex- 

Arimaspias, a river of Scythia, 
whofe fands produce gold. 

Arimasth^?, a people near the 
Euxine Sea. 

Arimathea, a city of Judea. 

Ari. MI, a people of Syria, who inha- 
bit a mountain of the fame name. 

Ariminum. See Riiviini. 

Arimi.vus, a riverof Italy, falls into 
the Gulf of Venice. 

ARiMPHiEi,a peopleof Scythia, near 
the Riphaean mountains, who were re- 
markable for their innocence and n^ild- 

Arinacum. See Arnheim. 

Aringa. See Lucca. 

Ariola, a city of Gallia Belgica, 
fituate between Rheims and Toul. Sec OmBla. 

A r ion A (^All^ia Virgananfii), a city 
of Andalulia, in Spain. 

Aripa, a city of Mauritania Caefa- 

Aripfara, a city of the Hither In. 

Ari?;, a river of Meffenia. 

Arisauium, an inland town of the 
Hither India. 

Akisba, a city of Phrygia Minor, ia 
Afia Minor. 

Arisba, a city on the ifland of Lcf. 
bos, deftroyed by an earthquake. 

Arisbus, a river of Thrace. 

Ariseria, a city in the N of Cyr- 
rhus, in Syria. 

Aristjeum, a city of Thrace, at the 
foot of Mount Haemus. 

Arister;e, ) an ifland on the coaft 

Aristeri A, 5 of the Morea. 

Aristibus, a river of Paeonia, in 

ARiSTOBATHK.A,acity of the Hither 

Akistonaut.?:, the dock or arfenal 
or Pellene, in Achaia. 

ARisTOFHOLi,apeopleof Sableftan, 
in Perfia. 

Aritium. T See Be- 



Arius. See Polimelon. 

A R I u s A 1 (Ar-u^a), a di- 

Ariusius Campvs j» ftriftofthe 
ifland Chios, remarkable for producinir 
excellent wine. 


A R M 


Arla, atitade! of the Parthians. 


Arles (Arelas, Arelate, Ardatum^ 
'Julia Paierna), a city of Provence, in 
Francp, where arc a great variety of an- 

Arma. SeeHoRMAiT. 

ArmacaleS. See Naarmai,CH a. 

Armachan. See Armagh. 

Armactica {Harma£iica)y a city of 

Armagara, a city of the Hither 

Armach {Armacban), a city in Ire- 

Akmagnac, a province of Guienne, 
rn France. 

Armalchar. See Naarmal- 


A^MAMENTARit-'M, a public build- 
iing of the Romans, eredted on ihe banks 
of the Rhine, to the n of Leyden. 

Armathaim. See Ramah. 

Armaviara,) a city of Armenia 

Armauria, ji Major, between the 
fource of the Araxes and the lake Lich- 

Armaxa, a city of Cappadocia. 

ABJtENACHA. See Arm;kacha. 

Armene (^Armina), a hamlet of P«- 

Armenia, an cxtenfive country of 
Afia, divided into two parts, viz. Major 
and Minor. 

Armenia Major. See Turco- 
man i a. 

Armenia MiKOR. SeeALADULi. 

Armevita. See Fiore. 

Armemum, a city of Theflaly, be- 
tween Phera and Larifla. 

Armexius Mon^s. See Moschi- 


Ajimekna (Miic^ijMqa, MeMriga, 
Piumbarii), a city of Portugal, near 
Mount Herminius. 

Armera, a city of Armenia. 

Armiana, a city of Parthia. 

Armina. See Armene. 

A R M I N A c H A {Armetiacba, Comarta ) , 
a city of Cappadocia, wherein was a tem- 
ple confecrated to Bellona, whofc pritits 
and attendants amounied, in tiie time of 
Strabo, to hx thoufanJ. 

Arminno, a mountain of Portugal, 
which produces lead. 

A R M o N e . See A M o K E . 

Armoracea, a river rhat rwns from 
the mountains of Arabia to the Dead 

Armorica. SccBretagne. 

Ak*iorici, the people of Bretagnc, 
ariginally Britons, who emigrated to 
avoid the ciuelty of the Saxons. 

Armosata (Ar/amcfata), a city nf 
Armenia Major, between the Euphrates 
and the Tigris. 

Armoza. SeeORMUS. 

A r MO z a I, a people of Caramania, in 
Per ha. 

Armozon {Harmozof}), a promon- 
tory of Caramania. 

Armuza, ) a city of Caramania, in 

Armuzum,^ Perlla. 

A.RN'A, a city of Umbria, in Italy. 

Arne, a city of ThelTaly, near the 
Sinus Maliacus. 

Arne. See Cheronea. 

Arne, a fountain of Mantinea, in 

Arnheim {Aratacum, AieKocus, Are~ 
natium, Harenaciunj), a town of theUnii;- 
ed Provinces, in Guelderland. 

Arivi, a people of Italy deftroyed by 

Arm EN SIS, a tribe in Rome. 

Arnina, a river of Tufcany. 

Arkissa, a city of Paeonia, in Mace- 

Arno (Arnus), a rapid river of Tuf- 

Arnon. See Adramalek. 

ARKt^s. See Arno. 

Aroa. SeePATRjE. 

Aroakia, a mountain in Arcadia. 

Aroanius (0/dius), a river of Ar- 

Arocha. See Crocha. 

Ar'E. SeePATR^E. 

Arce Flavian^e. SeeNoRDLiN- 


Aroer, a city of Palefline. 

Aroer, a city of Damafcus. 

Arolus, a city of Bifahia, in Mace 

Aroma, a city of Caria. 

Aroma, a city of Cappadocia. 

Aromat A {Aromatum), a city of Ly- 
dia, remai-kable for producing generous 

Aromata, a trading town of Ethio- 
pia, on a promontory of the fame name. 

Aro.matophorus, the s part of 
Arabia Felix. 

Aromatum. See Aromata. 

Ar OS A PES, a river of Ariana, 

'J'^^''^^-} See Ar AXES 1*ersidis. 
Arosis. S 

Arotria. See Roche, La. 

A R p A I A {Caudium), a tow a of Satn- 
nium, in Italy. 

Arpani, a people of Italy. 

Arpatarro {A/mw, Alma), a moun- 
tain of Pannonia, planted with vines by 
the emperor Probus. 

Arpksus, a river of Thrace, fails 
into the Htbsus, 



Ar r r {Argipi^a, ArgosHippiutn, Lampe, 
Argyripa), a city of Apulia, built by 
Diomedes after the Trojaii war. 

ARi'iyAj a town of Elis, in the 

Akpi^-o ) (-^/<fZ/^i)5 a city of the 

Arpinum <» Volfci, in Italy, the 
birth-place of Cicero and Caius Marius. 

-^^^'^•^""' I a city of Great Greece. 

ARiPONUM, 5 •' 

Arques, a town of France, near 

Arrabo. IsceRABE. 

Arrabona. 5 

Arraceni {Sarraufti), a people of 

Arracillum. See Aracillum. 

Arrade, an inland town of Arabia 

Arrjei, a people of Thrace. 

Arragon, a province of Spain. 

Arran, an ifland of North Britain. 

Arrapa, a city of Ally ria. 

Arrapachitis, a diftrift of Affy- 
ria, bordering on Armenia. 

A r R AS ( Nemetaair:, N^fmelorenna, 
Atrebatif), a city of Artois, in France. 

Arretium. '\ 

Arretum. >-SeeAREZXO. 

Arrhetium. 3 

Arrhentias, an ifland of Pontus, 
in Afia. 

Arrx {Vagdad), a plain near Poic- 
tiers, in France. 

Arria. SeeKERi. 

Arribantium, a city of Moefia 

Arricht, a people on the Palus 

Arritbium (^Arubium), a city of 
Mocha Inferior. 

/uRsa {Arjia), a river on the borders 
of Auftria, that divides Italy from II- 

Arsa, a city of Bsetica, in !^pain. 

Arsace. See Europum. 

Arsaci {Arfacida), a nr^me given to 
fome of the nionarchi of Parthia, in ho- 
nour of Arfbces, the founder of the em- 
pire. Their power fublifted till A.D. 
229, when they were fubdued by Ar- 
laxerxes, king of Perfia. 

Arsacia, a city of Media, near 
Mons JaloniLs. See Casbin. 

Arsacid.'e. See Arsaci. 

Arsa.metes, a river of Afia, »ear 

Arsa.mia, a city of Germany. 

Arsamosata. See Armosata. 

Arsanias, a river of Armenia Ma- 
jor, falls into the Euphrates. 

Arschot, a river of Louvain, in 

ARSErf, a river of Arcadia. 

Arsena, a lake of Armenia Major^ 
which produces only one fort of fifli. 

Arsenaria. SeeAR/EV. 

Aksenil'M, a city of Germany. 

Arseta, a diftridt in the N of Ar- 
menia Major. 

Arj>ia. See Arsa. 

Arsia, a foreft in Tufcany, remark- 
able for a battle fought near it between 
the Romans and the Veientes. 

Arsiana. SccTariana. 

Arsicua. SeeBRiN. 

Arsinarium, a promontory of Ly- 
bya Interior. 

Arsinoe, a city of Cilicia, in Af»a. 

Arsinoe, in Cyprus. See Fama- 


Arsinoe, in Egypt. See C1.E0- 


Arsinoe, in Cyrene. See Tro- 

Arsinoe Alia. See Afdime. 

Arsinoites, a nonios of Egypt, to 
the w of the Nile, where this river di» 
vides its ftream, and forms an iiland 
called Nomos Heracleotis. 

Arsisaca, a city of Media. 

Arsitis, a diftrift of Hyrcania, n«ar 
Mons Coronus, whofe ridge feparates 
Hyrcania from Parthia. 

Arsonium, a city of Germany. 

Art A, La (AmbracJaio, Ambrnchta, 
Ambracius, Amhrocia., Ampracia, Nicopo- 
lis), a city of Thefprotia, in Epirus, the 
royal refidence of Pyrrhus, who, ^vitk 
the city, fell into the hands of the ^to- 

Artabis. ■) 
Artabius. 5 

See Arabius. 

Artabrorum Portus, a port t» 
the s of Cape Fmifterre. 

Art A BRi \ {Ariari), a people of 

Artabritje5 Lufitania. 

Artabrum. See Finisterre, 

Art AC A [.Artace), a hamlet of Bi- 

Artacabane, ) a city of Aria, in 

Artacabene, i' Afia. 

ArtaCvcna, a city of Afia, near 

Artacjeos, an ifland in the Sea of 
Marmora, whereon was a town bearing 
the fame name. 

Art AC ana } (Ar/acaotia, Artncoa- 

Artacanda5 «a), a city of Cho- 
rafan, in Pcrfia. 

Artacava {Articaudna), a city o£ 
Aria, in Afia. 

Artace. See Artaca. 

Artace, a city of Phrygia. 

Artacene. Sec AaAc^TENE. 

A R T 

A R Z 

ArtaciA) a fountain near Mola, in 

Artacina {Hyrtacos^y a «ity in the 
w of Candta. 
Artacoaka. SccArtacana. 
Artjei, a name by which the Per- 
fians were called by their neighbours. 

AKTJti MuRus, a city near the river 
.Khyndacus, in Myfia. 

Art^ri. See Artabri. 
Artagera, "la city of Armenia 
Artageras, J Major, where Caius 
Caifar, grandfon of Auguilu?, received a 
wound which caufed his death. 

Artagira, a city of Libya Interior, 
Artai.binum. See Ariai binum. 
Art AMES, a river of Badtna, falls 
inro the Zariafpis. 

Artamis, a hamlet of Cyrene. 
Artanes, a river of Bithynia. 
Artan'ES, a river of Thrace, falls 
into the Danube. 

Artanes, a river of Colchis. 
Artanissa, a city of Iberia, to the 
r of the Aragus. 

Artasia, a city near Antioch. 
Aftasigarta, a city of Armenia 

Artatus, a river of lilvria. 
Artaunl'M, a city of Germany. 
Artaxata. See Testis. 
Artaxata, a ci:y of Cappadocia, 
'between CaeTarea and Comana, 
Artemisia. Sec Gianuti. 
Artemisium in Eiiboea (Leo>i), a 
promontory, near to which the Grecian 
fleet defeated that of the PerfiRns. 

Artemisivm, a tity of CEnotria, in 
the Hither Calabria. 

Artemisius Mons, a mountain of 
Arcadia, on whole fummit was a temple 
dedic.ued to Diana, and in which arc the 
fpringi of the river Inachus. 
Artemita. See Gianuti. 
Artemita, a city to the e of Se- 

Artemita, an ifland oppofite the 
mouth of the Achelous. 

Artena, a city of Tufcany, deftroy- 
ed by the kings of Rome. 

Artena Volscorum, a city of 

Artesino. See Herjevs. 
Arthedon, an ifland in the Archi- 

Arthoys. SicArtots. 
Artiaca, a city of Gallia Celtica. 
Articautna. Sec Art AC AV A. 
Articekk, a dit\ri6l of Parthia. 
Artigi. } ^ . 


Artoakcxa, a city of Paropami- 

Art OB RIGA, a city of Vindelicia. 

Artogerassa, ailrong fortrefs in 

Artois (^Arthoys)i a province of 

Artolica, a city of the Salalfii, in 
Gallia Cifpadana. 

Artona, a city of the Latins, taken 
by the Alqui. 

Artynia, a lake of Myfia, in Afia 

Artza, a city of Media. 

Arva, ) ■. r T) • • c • 

Arvas ( ^ "^ Bstica, m Spam, 

Arvje, a people of Hyrcania, in 
vvhofe territory Alexander received th* 
chief officers of Daiius with kindnefs. 

Arvaltes, a mountain of Libya In- 
terior, near the eqoinoitial line. 
Arubium. SccArrubium. 
Aruboth, a city of Judea. 
Arucci, a city of Batica, in Spain. 
Aruci, ) a city in :hc N of 

Aruci Novum, \ Lufuania. 
Aruci Vetus, a city of the Turdi- 
tani, in Bstica. 

Arucia, a city of Illyria. 
Arudis, a city of Cyrthiftica, a di- 
Ari(5t of Syria. 

Arvern.?:, SeeARvERNi. 
Arverni, the people of Clermontr 
Arvernum. See Clermont. 
Arvisia. See Ariusa. 
Arv isiUM, ) a promontory of Chios, 
Arvisus, 5 famous for producing 
generous wine. 

A RUM A {Ruma), a city of Samaria. 
Aruncia. SeeARAUNiA. 
Arunda, a city of Baetica, in Spain. 
Arundel, a town in Sufiex. 
Arupinum, 2 city of Illyria. 
Arupinum ) (Ary/'/um), a maritime 
Arupinus 5 town of Iftria. 
A R u s I N I C a M p 1 ( Taurajini Canipi ), 
plains in Lucania, where Pyrrhus was 
totally defeated by the Romans. 
Aruzis, a citv of Media. 
Arxata, a city of Armenia Major, 
near the Ara\es. 

Arx Britannica, a citadel of Ba- 
tavia, near the old mouth of the Middle 

Arycanda, a city of Lycia. 
Arycandus, a river of Lycia, falls 
into the Limyrus. 

ARYMA(;nus, a river of Cilicia, ifr 
fuing from Mount Taurus. 

Arypium. See Arupinum. 
Arzacene, a province of Perfia. 
Arzanu.m, a province of Perfia. 
Arzen {Arftnaria), a colony of Mau- 
ritania C^farienfis. 
Arzlru.m {AJJyria), a country in 

A S Q 

Afia, comprehending the provinces of 
Diarbck, Curdiftan, and Irac. 

AR7ILA ) (Zf/rf, Zelia, Zelis, Zilis, 

AK/.il.\.\\AziguJ{i Julia Cvnjiantia), 
a maricime town of Morocco, on a river 
uf the fame name, 

Ar/ina, a river of Ruffian Lapland. 

Aitzos, a city of Thrace, near Mount 

Arzi's. See Cheaurlic. 

AsAAC, See Hyrcania. 

AsABORUM, a promontory of Arabia, 
in the Pcrfian Gulf. 

As.vcus, a river of Phthiotis, on the 
-confines of Thcffaly, falls into the Sinus 

As if;, a hamkt of Corinth. 

As-T, a hamlet of Thrace, 

As.tA {Afea, Afeatii), a city of Arca- 

AsAMA (Ajana), a river of Maurita- 
nia Tingitana, that rifts in Mount Atlas, 
and falls into the Atlantic. 

AsAMON, a mountain in Lower Ga- 

AsAV ^A/han), a hamlet of the tribe 
of Judah. 

AsANA. See AsAMA. 

Asa MUM, a city of Illyrium. 

Asaph \ (Agathod^mof:), a 

AsAFHiDAMA ji city of Chalcidiccne, 
in Syria. 

Asaph, St. a city of Flintfhire, in 
North Wales, where a monalury was 
founded A. D. 560, and the church was 
erefteJ into a bifhopric about 583. 

AsAPUs. SceEsAPO. 

AsAKAMEi,, a place in Judea. 

As A RATH (Ajfaratb), a river of Mau- 
ritania Caefarienlis. 

As B A ME A, a fountain of Cappadocia, 
facrcd to Jupiter. 

AsnKST^. See Asbyst^e. 

AsBoi OS, a city of Thcffaly. 

As li Y s T A, a city of Cyienaica, where 
a ttmpic was dedicated to Jupiter Am- 
nion, from which he is fometimes called 

AsDYSTiE (A/hz-Jia), the people of 

AscALiNGiUM, a city of Lower 

AscAi.oV. See Scai.ona. 

AscANDALis, a city of Lycia. 

AsCANiA, an ifland in the Archipe- 

AscAN'iA, a city of Troas. 

{Nicea), a lake 
of Bichynia, 
in Afia Mi- 

AscKLA, a city of Sicily. 

..'^scAN I A, a city or j 

AsCAN I A ^ 

AscANiA Palus > 

A S E 

Ascera (^Ana%arbuSy Anazarba, Aiit 
Zarbit), a city of Armenia, on the rivtr 
Py ramus, the birth-place of Diulcorides, 
and of the poet Oppian. 

Aschaffenburg'^ {U!/iburg), a 

AsciBURG > city iii Ger- 

AsciBURGlUM J many, on the 
Rhine, appears to have been founded 
about A. M. 267J. 

AsciBURGius Mohfs, a mountain 
on the confines of Poland. 

Ascii, a nation of India, fo fituated 
that at noon the fun docs not caufe any 

AsciT.'E, a people of Arabia Felix, at 
the extremity of the Pcrfian Gulf. 

AscLUs, a city of Italy. 

AscoLl {Afcuiumf Apulum'), a city of 
the Capitanata, in the kingdom of Na- 

AscoLi {Afculum Picemim), a city of 
Italy, on the Tronto, where Pyrrhus was 
defeated by Curius and Fabricius. 

AscoLi Di Satriano, a city of 
Italy, in the kingdom of Naples. 

AscoLi Portus. See Truek- 


AscoNis Fossa, a canal extending 
from Ravenna to the Po. 

AscKA, a village of Bteotia, at the 
foot of Mount Hehc n, the birth-place 
of Hefiod. 

AscRiviuM. See Cattaro. 

Asci'LUM Apulum. See Ascoli. 

AscuR A, a city of Armenia Major. 

AscuRis, a lake of Thcffaly. 

AscuRiJM, a city of Mauritania Tin- 
gitana, at the mouth of the Malva, on 
the Mediterranean. 

AscuRUM, ) a river of Colchis, falls 

AscuRus, 5 '"to the Euxine Sea. 

AsDAR A, a city of Cappadocia. 

AsDOD. See Alzette. 


AsECA, a city of Judea, near to which 
the Philiftines were encamped when 
DiVid flew Goliah. 

AsEDOTH Phasga, 2 citv of the 
Rcubcnitfcs, at the foot of Mount PhaffTi 
or Pifgah. 

As EL, a city on the ifland Meroe. 

A.sEM, a city of the tribe of Simeon, 

AsEMONA (Azmon), a city in t.hc 
Dcfert, to the fouth of the tribe of ju- 

As EN A, a city of the tribe of Judah. 

AsENA, a city of Spain, 

AsF.R, a city of Samaria. 

AsERiTis, the territory of the tribe 
of Afher, between Sidon auid Amount 




AsHAN. See Asan. 

AsHBORTOfi, a town in Devonfhire, 
on the river Dart. 

AsHDOD. See Alzette. 

AsHWELL {Magio'vinium), a vilhge 
in Herttordfliire, where are the remains 
of a Roman camp. 

Asia, one of the four quarters into 
which the habitable' globe is divided : it 
comprehends Tartary, China, Turkey, 
India, Perfia, and various other exten- 
five countries. 

Asia cis Taurum, VAfm on this 

Asia Hither, S- fide Mount 

Asia Minor, } Taurus. See 


Asia Propria, comprifed the two 
Armenias,Cappadocia,Pontus, Colchis, 
Iberia, great part of Lydia, &c. 

AsiACE, a city of Arachofia. 

AsiANA, a city of Elis, in the Mo- 

r, ' > a city of Mefopotamia. 


AsiBE, a city of Cappadocia, towards 
the Euphrates. 

AsiDA. See Medina SiDONiA. 

AsiN^us Sinus, a bay of Mcifenia, 
in the Morea. 

AsiNARA, an ifland in the Mediter- 
ranean, on the coaft of Sardinia. 

AsiNARiA Via, a road leading to 
the gardens about Rome. 

Asinarius, ^ (AJ/inarus)tZ river of 

AsiNARUS, 5 Sicily,on whole banks 
Nicias and Demollhenes, the Athenian 
generals, were taken prifoners. 

AsiNDA. ) See Medina Sido- 

ASINDUM. S nia. 

AsiNE. See Fancromini. 

AsiNE, a city of Argolis, on the Si- 
cus Hermionicus. 

AsiNE, a city of Mcflenia, on the Si- 
nus Afinxus. 

AsiNE, a city between Sparta and 
the promontory Tenaius. 

AsiNE, a city of Cyprus. 

AsiNE, a city of Citicia. 

AsiNE, a city of Laconia. 


Asiongaber } (E/iongeher, Ezion- 

AsiONGEBER \ geber), a city of 
Arabia Petraea, the Ration for the ftilps 
of Solomon and JehoCaphat. 

A SI SI (AJitio, Afijum, Axis AJJifium, 
AJJifiO, AJeffium), a city of Umbria, in 

AsisiA {AJJifia), a city of Liburnia, 
whofe ruins exhibit its former magnifi- 

AsisiuM. See Asisi, 

AsiUM PRATUM, ) a plain of "Ly. 
Asius Campus, ) dia, fituate on 
the Caifter. 

AsMURNA (Azmorna), a city of 
Hyrcania, near the confines of Media. 

AsNA, a city of the tribe of Judah. 

AsNAUS, a mountain of Macedonia, 
near the river Aous. 

AsocHis, a village of Galilee, in the 
plain of Samaria. 

AsoLiNDUA (Olimacum, NieJer 
Lymbach), a city of Hungary, on the 
confines of Stiria. 

AsoPA {Anaphlyjlus, AnaphliJJus), a 
diftrift of Athens, wherein was a tem- 
ple of Pan, and another of Venus Co- 

AsoPH {Tanais,) a city of Afia, be- 
tween the rivers Don and Cuban. 

AsoPH, SEA Oi^Palus Maotis, Mao- 
tka Palus, Maoticus Lacus, Amalchius, 
Scytkica Stagna, Zabach, Palus Sarma- 
tia, Cimmtrix Paludes), the fea that 
divides Europe from Alia. 

AsoPHis (Aratkyrea), a city of 
Achaia, in a province of the fame name. 

AsoPiA.a fmaildiftrift of the Morea. 

AsopiA. See Corinth. 

Asopxs. See Negropont. 

ASOPO. ) o T7 


Asopus, a river of Theflaly, fall* 
into the Bay of Malia. 

Asopus, a river of Boeotia, flow? 
into the Euripus. 

Asopus, a river of the Morea, pafs- 
ing by Sicyon. 

Asopus, a river of Macedonia, 
flowing near Heraclea. 

Asopus, a river of Phcenicia. 

Asopus, a city of Laconia. 

As OR {Hazor), a city of the tribe of 
Judah, near Afcalon. 

AsoR (Hazor), a city of Galilee, 
the chief city to the north of PalelUne. 

Asos (^Afum), an inland city of Can- 
dia, where Jupiter Afius was woifliip- 

AsPA, a city of Parthia. 

Asp AGAR A, a city of the Seres, or 
Chinefe, at the Monies Caffii. 

AsPALATHiA, a city of the Taphii, 
who at firit inhabited Acarnania, and 
afterwards removed to the illands Echi- 

AsPAtATHis, an ifland on the coaft 
of Lycia. 

AspALiA. See Cyprus. 

AspARACiUM, a fortrcfs near Dyr- 

AsPENDA, > (A/pindtis), a city of 

AspENDUS,5 Pampliylia, foundiyd 



by the Arglves, where fwlne were la- 
crificed to Venus. 

As PE ROSA {AbJera, Abdara, Adra, 
Almeria, Partus Magnus), a city of Bae- 
tica, in Spain, founded about A. M. 

Asp EROS A {Abdera, PolyftiU, Scap- 
tefyle), a city ot Thrace, founded about 
A. M. 3195: in the vicinity of this 
city are mines of gold and fdver, and in 
it Thucydides wrote the hiftory of the 
Peloponnefian war. 

AsphaltitesLacus.-^ See Sea, 


Asphaltus. 3 

AspiA, a river of Italy, runs near 

Aspii, a people of India. 
AspiONiA, a province of Baffrla. 
AsPis. -SeeQuiPPiA. 
Asp.sClupea. ) SeeMEis. 
Aspis Clypea. S 
Aspis SUB Syrte. See Lard. 
AsFisii M0NTE6, mountains in the 
rorth of Aliatic Scythia. 

AsPiTHRA, a city of the Siamefe, or 
Sinas, with a cognominal river, running 
from the Montes Semantliini. 

AsPLEDON, a city of Boeotia, whofe 
inhabitants went to the fict^e of Troy. 

Aspocastron, a fort on the Bof- 

AsPONA {A/puna), a city of Gala- 

AspORENUS, a mountain of Afia 
Minor, near Pergamus, where the mo- 
ther of the gods was worlhipped under 
ti)e title of Afporene. 

AspRA {Cafperia), a city of the Sa- 
bines, in Italy. 

AsPRO (dpfus), a river of Macedo- 
nia, falls into the Adriatic Sea. 

AsPROPOTAMO (Acheloiis, Thoas), 
a river of Acarnania, which ieparaics 
^tolia from Acarnania, and falls into 
the bay of Corinth. 

AsPRUDis, a river in Media. 
AspuNA. See Aspona. 
AspuNciTANi, a people on the 
Palus Maeotis. 

AspURGiA {Afgardia)y a city of 
AspuRGlANS, a people of Scythi^. 
Ass A, a city ot Macedonia, near 
Mount Athos. 

AssisiA. See AsisiA. 

AssiN (Ilji)t a rivulet in thecoutitij^ 

of Kofs, in Scotland. 

Assisio. > c l\ .,, 
. > See Asisi. 

AssisiuM. 5 


A^soRlUM,'^a city of Sicily, be- 

AssoRO, >-tween Eunaand Agy- 

AssoRUS, 3 '■'"'"• 

Assos. i c /^ 

AssuM. ; SeeQUARANTA. 

ASSURIA, ) . •. r»T -I- 

AssuRUS, 5''c.tyofNum;dia. 

Assus. See QuARANTA. 

Assyria. See Arzerum. 

AsTA. See Astk 

AsTA Nebrissa. See Lebrixa. 

AsTA Regia. See Xeres. 

AsTABENE, a diftrid of Hyrcania. 

Astabenx, a people of Hyrcania, la 

Astaboras, ) a river of Ethiopia, 

AsTABORRAS, \ falls into the Nile, 

AsTABRUM Celticum. See Fi- 
NisTERRE, Cape. 

AsTACENus Sinus, the Gulf of 
Comidia, in Bithynia. 

AsTACiLicis, a city of Mauritania 

AsTACO {Bo'ium), a city of Doris, in 
Greece Proper. 

AsTACctNi, a people of India, n«ar 
the river Indus. 


AbTACus, a city of Acarnania. 


AsTALEPHUM, a city of Colchis. 

AsTALEPHUs {^Ajlakpbas), a liver 
of Colchis. 

AsTAPA, a city ©f Baitica, in Spain. 

AsTAPES, ) a riverof Ethiopia, falls 

AsTAPUs, 5 into the Nile. 

AsTAROTH {Ogi Regia), a diftrift 
on the confines of Arabia. 

AsT ARTE, a city of Arabia Petr«a. 


AsTAVENi, a people ot Chorafan, ia 
AsTERiA. See Rhodes. 


AsTERiA (Afleris), a fmall iflani 
between Ccphalonia and Ithaca. 
AsTERiON (AjJerius), a river of the 

As SARA, a river of Mauritania C^- Morea, which flows through the country 



AssARUs, a mountain of Samos, the 
fourcc ot tlie river Amphilylus. 
AssERJNl, a people of Sicily. 
AssEssiu>4. See Asisi. 

of Argolis. 

AsTE*is. See Asteria. 

A?TERiUM,acity of Pxonia, in Ma. 

AsTERius. See Asterion. 

AsTEkusiuSj a mountain in the s 
of Caodia. 




i^STIGI. J-SecEcYA. 

AsTERusius, a city of Arabia Fe- 

AsTH/EA, an ifland in the Indian 
Ocean, to the s of Gedrofia, towards 

AsTi- See Lebrixa. 
^STi, a city of Montferrat, in Italy. 
AsTi {AJla), a city of Liguria. 
AsTiCA, a diflrift of Thrace, on the 
Euxine Sea. 

--^.'IGI. J- 
AsTIR. 3 
AsTOA, a hamiet of Arabia Felix. 
AsTORA {AJiura, Storas), a river of 
Italy, falls into the Tufcan Sea. 

Astokga( Aflioica Augvf^a, Augnflani, 
Amakur), a city of Spain, in the kingdom 
of Leon. 

AsTosABA {AJiafobasy Aflufapes\ a 
river of Ethiopia. 

AsTRABAD, a city of Perfia, in a 
province of the fame name, on the Caf- 
pian Sea. 

AstraCan, a city of Tartary, in 
Afia, the metropolis of a kingdom bear- 
ing the fame name. 

AsTR^us, a river of Macedonia, near 

AsTRAGON, a citadel of Carla. 
AsTRATE, an ifland in the Arabian 

AsTU, a Greek word which fignifies 
Cttj, generally applied to Athens, as Urbs 
is applied to Rome. 

AsTURA. See Astora. 
AsTURA, a village of Latium, where 
the foldiers of Anthony cut off the head 
of Cicero. 

AsTUREs, a people of Hifpania Tar- 
raconenfis, who were employed as miners, 
to procure ores. 

AsTUREs, "^ a province of Spain, 
AsTURiA, J- peopled about A. M. 
ASTURIAS,} 2770. 
AsTURicA Augusta. See As- 


AsTuRUM Lucus. See Oviedo. 

AsTUSAVEs. See Astosaba. 

AsTVPAL.'EA, an ifland near Candia. 

Astypal.ea, a city on the ifland of 

AsTYRA, a city of Myfia. 

AsTYRox, a city of the Argonauts, 
on the coaft of Illyria. 

AsuM. See Asos. 

Atabuli, a people of Ethiopia. 

Atabyria. See Rhodes. 

Ataeyris, a mountain on the ifland 
of Rhodes, where a temple was dedicated 
to Jupirer Atabyris. 

At ace, a city of Gaul. 

At A CIS. See Ac.JDt. 

See Pescara. 

Atagis. See AisACUS. 
Atalan'Ta, an ifland in the Gulf of 

Atalantes Neston. See Ca- 


Atarantes, a people of Africa, in 
whofe country there is faid to be a hill 
of fait, with a fountain of fweet water 
upon it. 

Atarbechis, a town on one of the 
iftands of the Delta, where a temple j.vas 
dedicated to Venus. 

Atargatis, the name of a temple 
in Carnion. 

Atarnea, a city of Myfia, in a di- 
ftndl bearing the fame name. 

Atax. See Aude. 

Ategua i^Attfgihj), a city of Spain. 

Ateia, a city of Palmyrene, in Syria. 

Atela, ) a city of Campania, in 

Atella, J Italy, where are there- 
mains of a fplendid amphitheatre. 

Atella. See Arpino. 

Ater Mons, a mountain beyond the 
deferts of Libya. 

Aterni, "la city of Lucania, on 

Aternu.m,/ the river Silarus. 



Ateste. See EsTE. 

Athach, a city of Judea. 

Athamanes {Aibemones')., a people 
on the confines of ThelTaly and Epirus. 

Athamama, a dillrift of Theffdly, 
near Mount Pindus. 

Athamantii Ca.mpi, plains in 

Athanagia, acity of the Illcrgctes,. 
in Spain. 

Athanaton. SceTnANF.T. 

At ha It, acity of the iribe of Simeon, 

At HA roth, a city of Samsria. 


Ath arkabis. See Athribis. 

Atheatic-e. See Tongres. 

Athelney {JEthelmgay), a river 
ifland of Somerfetfiiire, at the confluence 
of the Thone and Parret, where the 
illuftrirnis king Alfred took refuge, and 
from whence he made feveral attacks 
upon the Danes. 

Athejiakes. Sec ATHAMA>rtS. 

Athen^e. See Setines. 

Athen.e D jades. See DfA. 

Athene Mediolanenses. See 


Athen'jelm, a place in Athens,, de- 
dicated to Minerva, and fet apart for the 
profeflbrsof learning. 

Athex^um, a promontory of Italy, 
oppufuc Caprca. 



Athen.'eum, a promontory of Great 

Athenians (lones, lonians, Cratiaiy 
Erechtbuics), the people of Athens. 

Athen'opolis, a city of the Maf- 
fiiienfis, a people near Marfeilles. 

Athens* See Setines. 

Atbesis. See Etsch. 

Athis, a city of Syria, on the Eu- 

Athiso {Atifo, Ati/Js), a river of 
Cifalpine Gaul, falU into the Lake Mag- 

AthlIbis, a city of Arabia. 

Athlibis, a city of Egypt. 


Athmatha, a city belonging to the 
tribe of Judah. 

Atho. "^ 

Athos. > See Santo Mokte. 

Athosa. J 


Athribis {Atharrabis), a city of the 
Delta, in Egypt. 

ATHRTJtLA {Atblula), a city of Ara- 
bia Felix. 

Athurnus. See Vulturnus. 

Athymbra. SeeNissA. 


Atia, acityof Campania, in Italy, 
taken by the Sumnites. 

Atiliana. See Sadava. 

At IS A, a city of Campania, in Italy. 

Atinio. See Atinum. 

Atikxum, a city of Theffaly. 

At I NO. See Atinum. 

Atintanes, a people of Epirus. 

Atin^ania, a city of Illyricum. 

ATiNTANiA,3diftrift of Macedonia. 

Atinum {Atinio, Aiino), an inland 
town of Lucania. 

Atisis. ) c a 

Atiso. J See Athiso. 

Atlantes, a people refident on 
Mount Atlas. 

Atlantic Ocean. "^ This 

Atlanticum Mare. Sfea de- 

AtlaNticus Oceanus.) rives ins 
name from Mount Atlas : it is (ituate 
between the weftern coaft of the Old and 
the eaftern of the New World, and ex- 
tends northwards to the Hyperborean, 
and foiuhwards to the Southern Ocean. 

Atlantis {Novks Or its), one of the 
Canary Iflunds. 

Atlas {Aiducal, Dyrii), a mountain 
in Mauritania Tingitana, in Africa, 
from whence the Atlantic Ocean derives 
its name. 

Atlas, a river thatflow» from Mount 
Haemus into the Ifter. 

Atoa, a city of Mauritania Cxfa- 

Atr A, a city of Arabia. 

Atkaces, a people of /Etolia. 

Atracia (^Airax), a city of Thef- 

AtR;e. See HaTRAM. 

Atramitje, a people of Arabia 

Atrapum, a place near the flraits 
of Thermopylae, through which Xtrxea 
palled to attack the Lacedaemonians in 
the rear, 

Atras, ) a river of vEtolia, falls in ■• 

At RAX,) to the Ionian Sea. 

Atkax. See Atracia. 

Atrebat>e {/Urfbatn), the people 
of Oxfordfliire, Eerkfhirc, &c. 

Atrebat;e. See Arras. 

the people of Ar» 
tois, in France.' ' 

Atrebatii. See Atrebat^. 

Atreni, a people of Armenia. 

Atri ) {Adria), a city of Itdy, ia 

Atria 5 the kingdom of Naples. 

Atrianus, a river of Italy, falls 
into the Adriatic Sea. 

Atropatene. See Schirwan. 

Atrofatia, a province of Media, 

Atroth Soph an {Atbaroth Sophan), 
a city belonging to the tribe of Gad, be- 
yond Jordan. 

Atta, a hamlet of Arabia Felix, to- 
wards the Perfian Gulf. 

Attabyrium, a city of Galilee. 

Attacana, a city of Armenia 

Attacotti, a people of Scotland. 

Attacum, a city of Cekiberia, in 

Attagus. See Aude. 

Attalia. See Satalia. 

Attalia, a city of ^Eolia, in Alia 

Attalyda, a city of Lydia. 

Attanassus, a city of Pbrygia 

Attea, a hamlet of Afia Miner. 

Attegua. See Ategua. 

Attelebussa, a fmail idand oeac 

Attene, a diftrift of Arabia Fe!i«. 

Atterith (Trimontikfii), a town in 

Attev a {Autoba), a city of Ethiopia, 

Atthis. See Salamis. 

Atthuarti, a people near Clcvcs, 
in Germany. 

Attica. See Setines. 

Attica Tetrapolis. See T£- 
thapqx,is Attica. 

Attica {Aius Reg to, Ionia, Mopjopia), 
3, country of Achaia, of whick Athea* 
was the capital. 

A U D 


Atticita. >c A.,^,^^^. 
. . ^ See AVTICETA. 

Atttcitus. S 

AxriDfUM.^a city of Umbria, in 

Attigio, 5 Italy. 

AxTKiNY, ) a fmall city of 

ATTrNiACUM, > Champagne, in 

' AxxruM, a promontory on the Nw 
fide of Corfica. 

Attuarii, a people of Germany. 

Attubi {Julia Claritus), a city of 
BoBnca, in Spain. 

Attyda, a city of Phrygia. 

Atuaca. } c t 


Atuati, ) a people of Bilgie Gaul, 
Atuatici, if near Munlrer. 
.Atur« {A(nn£'}, a citv of Aquitain. 
At V Ri A \Ji}rIa;, a province of Af- 
At-urts-. See Adoub. 
Atur.wm. ) c t. 

ATURKt.S. r"^"^'^.^- 

Aturres. See Atur.e. • 

■ Attrus. SeeADouR. 
AxvRAi-. See Glvcynero. 
Atyrta. See Arzerum. 

■ A.TYS. See Carabi, II. 

AvA, a city of AlTyria. 

AvALiT^ffi. See Zeila. 

AvALiTES, the people of Zeila. 

AvAuiTEs SiKus (^Abalites), the 
Gulf of Zeila. 

AVALO.v, ^ an ifland in Somerfet- 

Av'ALOKiA,^ fhire, on which the 
abbey of Glaftonbury was erefted. 

AvANTicuM. See Avenges. 
" AvARA. See Avfra. 

AvARA, a city of Arabia Petraea. 

AvAREs, } a people on the banks' of 

AvARi, \ the Danube. 
- AvAKicuM. See BouRGEs. 

Av.aRu.m, a promontory of Spain. 

AvASis. See Eleochet. 
.AuASis. See Oasis. 

Au BERiviM, a place of Africa Proper. 

AuBiGNY, a lown of France, in the 
province of Berry. 

■ AuBiN Du Cormier, a town of 
Bretagne, in France. 

Aucn, a city yf France, the capital 
of Gaicony, on the river Gers. 

AucHis, a city of Afratic Sarmatia, 
on the river Pfathis. 

AtjcKLANo, Bishop's, a town in 
the county of Darham. 

Aud;eus, a city in Syria. 

AvDAXHA, a city of Arabia Deferta, 
on the Euphrates. 

AuDE (Auax, Ailagus), a river of 
Languedoc, in France. 
' AuDENA, a river of Cifpadana, in 

Audi A, a city of Arabia Petraea. 

Audi. MO {Curium'), a city on the s 
fide of Cyprus. 

AuDiRA, an inland town of Africa 


AuDUM, a promontory otMauritania 

AuDURA. See Eure. 

AuDus, a river of Mauritania Caefa- 

AuDUS, a mountain in the s of Nu- 

AvEiA. SeeAviA. 

AvEiRO (Lavare), a maritime town 
of Beira, in Portuj^al. 

AvELixEs See Avai.ites. 

AvELLA {Ahella, AbolUi), a city of 
C:inipania, in Italy, abounding; in niits. 

AvELLA {Abolla), a city of Sicily. 

AvELMNO {Abt'linum)^ a city in the 
kingdom of Naples, between Beneven. 
turn and Salcrnum. 

AvFNCEs }(Aviwtrcum), the prin- 

A\ ENCHEs 5 cipal city of Switzer- 

AvENDO, a city of Liburnia. 

AvENio. See Avignon. 

AvENS, a river of Italy. 

AvENTicuM. See Avenges. 

Av KNiiiVE, ) one of the feven hills 

AvENXiNUs, ) on which Rome wi'j 
built, and in which Remus was buried. 

AvEO. SeeABUXicn 

AvERA (Evtr, Avar a, Tevre), a ri- 
vulet of Gallia Celtica. 

A VERA, a city of Palmyrene, in 

AvERNi, a people of Campania, in 
Italy, who being defeated by the Ro- 
mans, their king Betuitus was treatei 
with great cruelty. 

AvERXO 7 {Aornus), a lake of Cam- 

AvER.VLs) pania, in Italy, whofe 
vatcrs were very noxious and pefti- 

AvEKzo, a chy of Italy, in the ter- 
ritory of Naples. 

AVEZZANO {Alpha Burdis), a city 
of the Marci, in the Farther Abruzzo, 
near the Lake Fucinus. 

Ai'FHiAAauA( M.trdus Aqua ) , wa te r 
of a fuperior quality conveyed to Rome 
by Ancus Marcius. 


AuFiDUS. See Offanxo. 


AuFo.VA. See Avon. 

Au G .ffi A, a city of Chalcidice, in Ma- 

AuGALA, an inland town of Mauri- 
tania Ccefarienfis. 


A U L 

i\uGEA, a city of ThefTaly. 
A ' f- a city of Laconia. 

AuGiLA, a city of Marmorica. 
• AuGiL^*: {Augxla), a ptuplu of Afri- 
ca, who vvorlhippcd the manes of ihe 
dead, whom they confulud as oracles. 

AuGiNUS, a monntHin of Ligiiria. 

AuGsnuKG {Aiijbuq';, Augufta Funle- 
licorum, Damofia ), -a city of Suabia, in 
Germany, on the river Lech. 

Augusta. Sec Exeter. 

Augusta {Xtf>bonia)y a city of Si- 
cily, to the N of Syracufe. 

Augusta, a city of MocHa. 

Augusta (^Augujlopolh), an inland 
town of Cilicia Trachea, near the river 

Augusta Acilia.' See Strau- 


Augusta Asturica. See As- 
Augusta AuscioRUM. SecAux. 
Augusta Brachara. See Bra- 


Augusta ColoniaApulum. See 

Augustada. See Augustopo- 
Lis, in Phrygia. 

Augusta Dacica, a colony of 
Trajan, at Sarmizegethyfa. 

Augusta Eburon'um. SeeLiEGE. 

Augusta Emerita. See Meri- 

Augusta Firma. See Ecva. 

Augusta Glmella. See Ge- 

Augusta Julia Gaditana, a 
city built by the Romans, on the ifland 
of Gades, at the mouth of the Bcetis. 

Augusta Megar A (Mr^garis, Hy- 
l/a, Geleatis), a city of Sicily, founded 
about A.M. 3235; the birth-place of 
Euclid, the mathematician. 

August AM NIC A | {A"guJlomce, 

AUGUSTANICE ^ T-iOT-VM), a con- 

fiderable city of the Delta, fituate be- 
tween the Athribitic and Bufiniic 
branches of the Nile. 


Augusta Nova, a city of Hilpania 

Augusta Pr^etoria. S<?eAosTA. 

Augusta Pr.etoria Daci.e, a 
city to the N of Apulum. 

Augusta Rauracorum (Raura- 
cum), a city near Bafil, in Switzerland. 

Augusta SuEssioNUM. SeeSois- 


Augusta Taurinoru.m. Sec Tu- 

Augusta TiBERir. See Ratis- 


Al'gusta See Trevi. 

Augusta Trevirorum, See 

AucusTA Tricastinorum, a 
city of Dauphin(^, in Fiance, near the 

Augusta Trinobamtina.'^ g^^ 

Augusta Troynovantis.^ 

August.-vVeromanduorum. See 

Augusta Vindelicorum. See 

Augusta UlpiaTraJaNa. See 

Auguste {Aitjia), an ifland in the 
Adriatic Sea. 

Augusti Julia Constantia. 
See Arzilla. 

August: Lucus. See Luc. 

Augustobona. Sl-c Troves. 

Algustobriga, a city of Portugal. 


Augustom AGUs. See Senljs. 

AuGusTONiCE. See Augusta- 

AuGusTOMANA. See Troves. 

AuGusTOPOLis. See August.*., 
in Cilicia. 

AuGUSTOPOLis, a city of Phrygia. 


AuGusTus-BURG. See Augs- 

AuGYL.ffi. SecAuGILJE.' 

A VI A {Aveia), a city of the Y«:ftini', 
in Italy. 

AviLA, a city of Old Caftile, in 

Aviles {Argeyiieola, Argaifiolum), a 
city of Spain. 

AviM, a city belonging to the tribe 
of Benjamin. 

Avisio, a port of Liguria, betweea 
Monaco and Nice. 

AviTTA, a city of Zeugitana, in 

Avium, a city of Phoenicia, near Sa- 
repca. See Or.>IIthon. 

Avium, a city of the Sidonians, be- 
tween Tyre and Sidon. 

Avium, an ifland of Ethiopia, in the 
Arabian Gulf. 

Avium, a promontory in the s of the 
ifland of Ceylon. 

AuLADis, a city of Mefopotamia, to 
the s of EdefTa. 

AuL.'E, a harbour of Cilicia, betweea 
Tarfus and Auchialu?. 

Au LiEi McENi A, a fortrefs of Thrace, 
to the SE of Apollonia. 

AuLCESTER. See Alcf.ster. 

AuLDBV (^DtTveni!o)t a village near 


A U R 


AviZKCi (DiaL'inta, Eiurovices), 
a I cjple in the province of Maine, in 

Aui.rDE,7a city of Ea;oiia, where 

AuLis, 5 'I'^ Greci,in chieftains 
laid their fchcmes for the deftruftion of 

AuioCRENJE, } a mountain of Phry- 
-AuLOCRENE, > gia; thc fourcc of 
lh« Maeandcr. 

Aui.CEi'M, a city of Thrace. 

Avzos, a city of Arabis PctriEa. 

AuLON, a monnrain of Calabria, 
■which, in the opinion of Horace, pro- 
duced wine of a fuperior quality to Fa- 

Aui.ON, a city of Candia. 


Aui.ON, a maritime town of Tllyrl- 
cum, on thc Adriatic Sea. See Vola- 


AoLON, a city on the lake Bolbc, in 
thc E of Macedonia. 

AuLON, an extenfive plain between 
Libanus and Antilibanus. 

AuLON, >a city of Elis, in thc 

AuLONA, I Morea, where was a 
temple dedicated to ^fculapius, from 
•which he derived thc name of Auionius. 

AuLONiA. See Castro Veteki. 

Ai'LUS, a city of Boeotia. 

At' NONA, a city of Galicia, in Spain. 

Avo {/l^'us"), a river of Gahcia, in 

Avon > (A»/c?:a, Aufona, Auvona, 

A VON A y Jleona, Abon, Ahma, Abo- 
nii), a river that rifts in Wiltlhire, and 
falls into thc Severn at Briftol : there is 
alfo another river of the larae name, 
whofe fource is in Lcictftcrfhirc, and 
empties itfelf into the Severn at Tewkcf- 

Avon More. See EROAnwATTR. 


AuRACH {Ara: Flavitr), a city of 

Ai'RADis, 3 city of Media. 

Auran a, a city of Arabia Defcrra. 

A V R A N c H E s ( Abnncouirum Oppi- 
(!:im, Ingaiu), a city of Normandy, in 
France, on thc confines of Brctagnc, 
near the Btitilli Channel. 

AuRANGE. Sec Orange. 


At;RAS, a river thr.t riles in !Mount 
Hseinus, ^nd fails into thc Danube. 

AcRASius, a mountain in the s of 

AuRE ACHERsoNEsrs. SccCher- 


AuREA Regio, a dillrift of India 
%»tra Gangem. 

AuRKtiA, 4 city of Bsetica, in Spain. 

AtTRELiA. See Orleans. 
AvreliaV'ta. See Via. 


K A. See Wells. 

Ai-'RKLi ANfi Urbs. See Orleans. 

AuRELir Forum. See Forum. 

Avreliofolis, a city of Lydia, in 
Afia Minor. 

Aureus. SeeMEXZEK. 

Aureus, a mountain in the ?J w of 

Aureus, a mountain of Moefia Su- 

Atrinia. See Sutr7. 

Alrinitis. See Ca van. 

Aurinx, a city of Spain. 

Auris. SeeAcRi. 

AuRiTlNA, a city in the s of Gy- 

AuRUNCE, a city of Latium, in Italy. 

AuRUNCi, the people of Terra di 

AusA (Al/ti), a river of Carniola, 
falls into the Adriatic : on the banks of 
this river Conftantine, fonof Conltantine 
the Great, loft his life in an engagement 
with his brother Conftans. 

AusA {Aufetania, Aujitan:a)i a city 
of Hifpania Tarraconenfis. 

AusA. See Ausona. 

Aus ARA, a city of Arabia Felix. 

AusARJANS {A.'/fa), a people of 

AuscH. See Aux. 

Ausci, the people of Armagnac in 

AusEG, a city of Bohemia. 

AusER, See Serchjo. 

AusES. See AusARiANS. 

AusETANva people of Spain, be- 
tween thc rivers Sambroca and Rubri- 


AusiDENA. See Alfidena. 

AusiGDA, a city of Cyreue. 

Aus/MUM. See OsiMO. 

AusiNZA, a city of Pcrfia. 

AusiRA, a city of Ifauria, in Afia 

AusiTAKiA. See AusA. 

Ausita; > (AE/i/a), a diftrift of Ara- 

AusiTis) bia Dcferta. 

AusoBA, a river in the N w of Ire- 

Ausona {An/a), the chief city of the 
Aufones, in Jtaly. 

AusONES, the ancient inhabitants of 

AusoNEUM Mare, a part of the 
Ionian Sea. 

AusoNiA. Sec Italy. 

Aus OKI A, a city a^itr BeneventO; la 

A U X 

A Y T 



en the confines of 


AusTA. See Auguste. 

AusTA>fjTis, a difiridt in the N w 
of Armenia Major. 

AusTRAXlA (^Gl/jffuria), aa ifland of 

AusTRASir. SeeRipUARir. 

Austria (•J/'V/'tf, Carmola, Can'mhia, 
Noricum), a circle of the Germanic Em- 

AusTRi Cor:^u, a bay of Libya 

AusTRi CoRNU, a promontory in 
Ethiopia, on the Red Sea. 

AusuGUM, a city of Rhxtia, between 
Ftltria and V^icentia. 

AusuM, a city of Mauritania 'C»fa- 
rienfis, between the rivers Gulus and 

AusuR. SeeSF.RCHio. 

AuTARltvsES, ^ a people of lilyria, 



AuTES{ODORUM {Alti/iodorunt, Ait- 
tifiodoruni), a city of Gallia Celtica. 


Autochthones, the original in- 
habitants of a country ; the Athenians 
were fo called, and boafted . that they 
were as oJd as the country they inha- 

AuTOLALA, a city of Libya In- 

AuTOLALA {JJunonls Soils Infula)^ 
aa ifland in the Atlantic, oppofite the 
city Autolala. 

AuTOLALJE, '^ a people of Mauri- 

AuTOLOi,^, J'tania, who were re- 

AuTOLOLES,3 markably fwift run- 




Automate. See Hiera. 
AuTOMOLi, a nation of Ethiopia. 
AuTOKOMi, a people of Thrace, 
between Mount Hamus and Mocfia. 


AuTRicuM. SccChartres. 

AuTRiGONEs, a pe«ple of Spain, 
near the B^y of Bifcay. 

A f T UN ( EibraSic, Augujiodumtn:^ 
tUrjia)^ a city of Burgundy> in Fr.ince. 

AuTUNOis, the people near the 
rivers Seine and Loire. 

Autura. -See Rure. , 

Auvos'A. See Avon. 

Avus, SeeAvo. 

Aux {ClimUrrum, Au^ujla Aufcioruniy 
Au/.ih)y the capital of GafconyJ 

AuxACiA, a city of Scythia^cxtra 

"^ a city of Cyrcne, 
:a, S-on the Sinus Syr- 
c, 3 ticus. 

AuXACtTIs, a diftri£t of Scythia 
extra Imaiim. 

Auxerre, a city of Burgundy, in 

Auxii Months, mountains thr^t 
terminate Sogdiana to the w. 

Auxi.Mis, an inland town of Mau- 
ritania Caelarienfis. 

AuxiMLM. See OsiMO. 

Auxiqua, acity of Syrtica, between 
Leptis and the Cinyphus. 

Au.\ORiANi, a pewple of Africa. 

Auxu ME, the metropolis of Ethiopia. 

Auxumites, the people of Auxume. 

Auza. Sec Avzea. 

AuzARA, a city of Arabia Deferta. 

AuZATE,") •. 1 I r -»/r 

' a citadel of Mauritania 
C;£ far lends. 


AxATi. See Lora. 

AxELonvNUM. See He.\ham. 

AxEN'us. Sec Sea, Black. 

AxiACJE, a people of European 
Sarmatia, remarkable for their honelt 

AxiACE. See Ocz-iKow, 

AxiACEs, a river of European Sar- 

AxiCA, a city of the Hither India. 

AxiLEs Villa. See Aziris. 

Ax IMA, a city of Pars, in Perfia, 
near Perfepolis. 

AxiMA. See AiME. 

AxiNiuM, a city of Celtiberia, in 

AxtOPOLT, > . c -o ^ 

• r a city of Bulgaria. 

AxiovoLis,3 '' " 

Axis. See Asfsi. 

AxiuM. See Vardari. 

A XI us, a river of Macedonia, that 
rifes in Mons Scardus, and falls into the 
Sinus Thermaicus. 

Axius. See Orontes. 

AxMiN'STER, a town in Devonfliirc. 

Axoija. See Aisne. 

AxoNEs, a people of Gallia Bclgica. 

AxUM, a city of AbvfTmia. 

Axus, a city of Candia. 

AxYLis. See AziRis. 

Ax Y LIS, a village of Marmovica, on 
the confines of Cyrena'ica. 

Aylesbury ( I'-^lr/brirg), a town of 
Buckinghamlhire, which was confidcred 
a place of great ftrength in the time of 
the Saxons. 

Avlesford( Ef-isfonlf SatJxngaLail), 
a town in Kent. 

Ayman. See Arabia Felix. 

^"^/j^^^^'l-a Moorifh city in Spain. 

Ayr, h maritime town in Scotland. 
Ayton (Ca/ydoK, ^.olis), a city of 
iEtolia, near the forcft in which Melea- 

A Z A 

A Z U 

ger flew the wild boar. In this c'liy 
Hercules married Dejanira,- who after- 
wards caufed his death by poifoning his 

AZA, a city of Armenia Minor. 

AzA. See Gaza. 

AzA,atown in Pontus Cappadocius. 

AzAGA, a province of Media, to- 
wards Armenia Major. 

AzAGARiuNf, a citv of European 
Sarmatia, on the Boryfthenes. 

AZAMA, a city of Numidia. 

AzAMOR, a maritime town of Mo- 
rocco, in Africa. 

AzAMORA, a citadel of Armenia 

Az AN, a mountain of Arcadia, facred 
to Cybele. 

AzANi, a rify of Phrygia. 

AzANiA, the weftern diftriftcf Ar- 

AzANiA, a diftrift cf Ethio^iia, at 
the Equator, towards the Red Sea. 

AzANiTis, a diftrift of Phrygia 
Epiftetis ; the fource of the river Rhyn- 

• AzANiuM Mare, that part of the 
Ethiopic Ocean bordering on Azania. 

AzANOTH Thabor, a city of Gali- 

AzANUs, a river in the ifland of Cey- 
lon, that dil'charges itfelf on the s fide of 
the ifland. 

AzAR, a mountain in Egypt. 

AzAR {Cotnma^ene), a province of 
Syria, in Egypt. 

AzARA, a city of Armenia Major. 

AzARA, a city on the E fide of the 
Palus Moeotis. 

AzARA, a rich temple of Minerva 
in the province of Elyniais. in Perfia, 
plundered by Antiochus the Great. 

AzARABA, a city of Afiatic Sarma- 


• A Z. IT HA, a city of Armenia Major. 

AzAZENE, a province of Perfia. 

AzECHA,^ a city in Paleftine, near 

AzEKA, \ to which David flevu Go- 
jiah : and alio in this neighbourhood the 
five kings of the Amorites, with their 
army, were defiroved by hailftones. 

AzELBURG {Acilta Aug"j}u), a city 
of Bavaria. 

AzEM, a city of Judea, belonging to 
the tribe of Simeon. 

AzEN'ENSES, a hamlet of Attica. 

AZENIA ) c T- ^^,-, 
. > See TzACOMA. 


AzETEN'E (^An-zitf.)ie')^ a diftri<51: of 
Armenia Major, between the Euphrates 
and the fprings of the Tigris. 

Azicis, an inland town of Marmo- 

AziLis, 3 pince in Libya. 

AziOTH {iiitbajlui, BubujUs'), a city of 
Lower Egypt. 

AziRi8, a city of Anr.enia Minor. 

AziRls {Axyli^-, AxiUs FiUa), a city 
in Libya, encompalTed by delightful 
hill?, covered with trees, and watered 
by a river, on whofe Battjs built 
a town. 

AziRUT ^Arfinot'), a city of Cyre- 
naica, in Afia. 

Aziu, a city on the w fide of the Syr- 
tis Major. 

AzMON. See Asemona. 


AzoLO {Aceluni, Acntum), a city of 

Azores (JVfflern Ifiands). a groupe of 
iflands in the Atlantic Ocean. 

AzoRiuM,)a town of Tripolis, ia 

AzoRUM, 5 ThclTaly. 

AzoRi's, a city of Mygdonia. 

AzoTUS. See Alzette. 

AzoTUS, a city of byria, on the 
borders of the Mediterranean. 

Azuis, a city to the E of the river 

Az u R I T A N V M , a ci ry cf Africa, 




¥) \ A L A {Kiriatb Baal, Kirialh Jearivi), 
a city of the tribe of Julah, (ituate 
betwcea the Dead Sea and ihe Mediter- 
ranean. Jn this city the ark remained 
for feme time after it was recovered 
from the I'liiliftines. 

Baalaxh {Ba.'eth), a city of the 
tribe of Dan, near Gazara. 

Baalgad, a city in the plains ef 

Baalhazor, a city of Benjamin, to 
the s of Ephraim. 

Baal Hermon, a part of Mount 

Baal Meon {Bed Meon), a village 
of the Reubenites, on the other fide Jor- 
dan, near Baaru, where are hot baths. 

Baal Perazim, a place in Palcf- 
tine, where David defeated the Philif- 

Baal Salissa {Sdijfa, Beta, Zoar), 
a city of Judah. 

Baal Thamar, a village near Gi- 

B A A L Z E p H o N ( B.?^/ 5/^/^ot), a place 
Bear the Red Sea. 

Baar. SeeABEXow. 

Baarsares. See MaarsaRES. 

Baarl', a mountain from whence 
isITus the hot fprings of Baal Meon. 

Bab A. {seeBENiTEUDi. 

Bab B A. 5 

Babba. Sec To MI. 

Babel. SeeB\uDET. 

Babelmavdfl (DioJoii), a ftrait 
between the coafts of Africa and Arabia, 
that unite the Red Sea witii the Ocean : 
near this ftrait there is an illand bearing 
the fame name. 

Baf, iBA, a city of Libya Interior, on 
the Aiiant'c. 

Babotz, a city of Hungary. 

Babylon, in Chaldea. See Bag- 


Babylon, a city of Egypt, Taear 

Babylonia {ChaUea), a province 
of Affyria, in Afia. 

* Babylonii, the inhabitants of Ba- 
bylon, famous for their knowledge of 

aftrology : they firft divided the vir 
into twelve months, and the zodiac mto 
twelve figns. 

Babylonii Montes, exceedintj 
high mountains betv\cen Chaldea and 
Arabia Deferta. 

Babyrsa, a citadel of Armenia Ma- 
jor, near Artaxata. 

Baby'senga. SccBesynga. 

Babytace, a city of Armenia, whofc 
inh.ibitants paid no refpeft to gold. 

Bacacum. See Bavay'. 

Bacalitis, a diftrift of Ethiopia. 

Bacalm (^Barigaza, Baragaza), a 
city of Ethiopia, on the Red Sea. 

Bacano, a village of Italv, where 
the Fabii were defeated in the year of 
Rome 277. 

Ba-car {Ittirea), a diftrift of Palef- 

B AC are, a maritime town of the 
Hither India. 

Bacasjs. SeeMANRESA. 

Baccan^, a village of Tufcany, near 
the fource of the Cremera. 

Baccarach, a town of Germany, 
in the Lower Palatinate. 

Bacchi, a mountain of Thrace, ntar 

Bacchi Insula, an ifland in the 
Arabian Gulf, oppolite to Troglodytice. 

Bacchia, a city of Albania. 

Bacchium, a fmall ifland in the 
Archipelago, oppofite Smyrna. 

Baccia, a city of Spain. 

B AC EN IS, an extenfive forcft in Ger- 

Bachas. SeeBoccHi. 

Bachina, rm ifland near Smyrna. 

Bachu^ {Albana), a maritime town 

B ACHY 3 of Albania, on the Cafpian 

Bactra. See Termend. 

Bactria, ) an extenfive fruitful 

BactrianAjJi country of 7\fia, 
conquered by Alexander. See Ch o ra- 
sa n. 

Bactri, 1 the inhabitants of 

Bactrii, > Bn6lriana, who fub- 

Bactxiam,) fift by plunder, and 
E 4 



are conftantly under arms : when any 
perfon dies of old age or difeafe, they 
are given to the dogs to be devoured, 
and their wives are compelled to fubmit 
to whatever liberties flaves andftrangcrs 
may think proper to take. 

Bactros, ^ a river on the borders of 

Bactkus,^ Afiatic Scythia, from 
which Badlriana derives its name. 

Bacuxtius. SecBosNA. 

Bad A (Buciiis), a river of Svria, on 
uhole banks Memnon was buried. 
_ Bad AC A, a city of Elymais, on the 
river Eulaeus. 

Badacum (Bidacum, Bidaium, Be- 
daium), a city of A'lftria. 

Badajox > {Pax Augufii), a city 

BADAjOii 3 of Eftramadura, in 

Badanatha, a city of Arabia Felix. 

Badara, a city of Caramania. 

Badas. See Bada. 

Badel. See BiDlL. 

Bad EL ON A {BiCtulo, Batullo, Betu- 
lo), a city of Catalonia, in Spain. 

Baden' {Aqua- Pannwtie), a town of 
Suabia, in Gcrniany, near the Rhine, 
fitaate between the mouotains : it was 
ere6^ed A. D. 226, by the emperor Se- 
verus, on account of the batlis : the wa- 
ter is faid to iffuc from the earth of a 
i"ufScicnt heat to cook an egg properly. 

Baden {Aqiuv HehetiCtC, Toerma 
BilvMUca), a town of Swirzcrland, re- 
markable for its baths. 

Badeos, a city of Arabia Felixj on 
t^e Red Sea. 


Baof.sley. Sec Bhadesley. 

Badia {Ba'.bca, BMbaa, Batbia), 
a city of Baitica, in Spain. 

Badiath, a city of Libya Interior, 
on the fBUth bank of the Gir. 

BADUHt NN'JE, a facred grove of the 
Frifii, in Lowtr Germany, where 900 
Remans were flain. 

Baea, a mountain of Cephalcnia. 

Baaca, a city of Chaonia. 

E-tBE, a city of Carta. 

B^^BRO, a city of Bactica, in Spain. 

B.tCuLA, a city towards the £ of 
Catatonia, in Spain. 

B.3:CYLA. See Becula. 

Ba:lo. SeeBKLONiA. 

Ba^nfs. SeeMivHO. 

B^siPPO. See Besippo. 

B.-xsA {Bitza)f a city of Andalufia, 
in Spain. 

B^soN. See Scythopolis. 

BcTANA, a city of Hither India, at 
one time the royal rclldcnce. 

B^TARRHUS, a city of Arabia Pe- 

B^terr;e. See Bezier;, 
B^ETiCA. See Andalusia. 


Ba;tius, a river of Arabia Felix, 
falls into the Arabian Gulf. 

B.BTOGABRA, a citv of Judea. 

B/ETULA {Beiula, Obi/cuia), a city on 
the borders of Bstica, in Spain. 

B.'ETULLO. > c -r, 

B^TURIA (TurJilofiia), a diftrift of 
Andalufia, in Spain. 

B^TUS, a river of Spain. 

B^ZA. See BjESa. 

Baffo (Papbui), a town on the ifland 
of Cyprus, where the ruins indicate its 
former magnificence. 

Baga. See Vacca. 

Bagacum. See Bavay. 

Bagadras. 3ee Megrada. 

BAGAiA,acity of Numidia, in .Africa. 

Bag AZi, a city of Libya Interior, on 
the Atlantic. 

Bagdad ) (Bafyion, v'ac Arabia, 

Bagdet S Cbulde({, Shinaar, Shi- 
nar), a ciftriA or Allyria, bounded on 
the E by that country, on the N by Ar- 
menia, on the w by Syria, and on the s 
by Arabia Deferta. 

Bagdet {Babylon, Babel), a city of 
Chaldea, which was repaired by Semi- 
ramis about A.M. 1829. She is faid 
to have employed 200,000 men to en- 
compafs it with a wall, which was in 
extent 365 furlongs, being equal to the 
number of days in rhe year, within 
wh:ch time fhe intended it (hou d he ac- 
complished, a iuperintendant being ap- 
pointed to each furlong, who was to fup* 
ply them with materials. In the midft 
of the city Ihe creeled a temple to Ju- 
piter Beius, wKich was afterwards 
adorned by Nebuchadnezzar with the 
fpoils that he took from Jerufalem and 
the temple of Solomon. When Cyius 
obraincf] pofTeflion of the city, he rcftor- 
ed them to the Jews, and Xerxes demo- 
lifhed the temple of Jupiter. Sen-ira- 
mis caufed a ftone to be cut cut of a 
mountain in Armenia that was in length 
J3 5 feet, and in breadth or thicknefs 25 
feet, which was ere^ed in the highway 
towards Babylon. 

Bagienni. SeeVAGENNI. 

Bagistame, a delightful country of 

Bagnacavallo {Ad Caballos), a 
city of Ferrara, in Italy. 

Bagneres {AifUuT CoKvenarum, Oiif- 
fia 77!tf)w^), a diflri£t of Gallia Aqui- 
lania, at the bafe of the Pyrenees. 

Bagxi d'Abano {Aqiuc Paiavhiay 
Fontis Aj'oni'), baths jiear Padua. 

B A L 


B AGRA DA, in Caramania. Sec Ti- 


Bagrada, ^ in Africa. Sec Me- 

B A C R A D A S, J C R a D A . 

Bagraoavenk, ) a diftriftof Ar- 

Bagkavanden E, J men ia Major, 
caftward of the fource of the Tigris. 

Bagrio, ) a river of ThelTaly, flows 

Bagrius,5 near Mount Oeta. 

Bahama (Lucaya), iflands that ex- 
tend along the coaft of Florida. 

Baheren, ) an ifland in the Gulf of 

Bahrein, 3 Perfia, noted for its 
pearl fifliery. 

Bahurim, a city belonging to the 
tribe of Benjamin. 

Baia, a town of Hungary, on the 

Baia } {JuUus Partus)^ a city of 

Bai^e 5 Jtaly, in the bay of Naples, 
where are ruins that dtmonftraie its 
former gaandcur. 

Baianus Sinus, theGulfof Naples. 

Bain brig } {Glanncbanta, Glano- 

Baintbkig \ 'venta, Giannil/anta, 
Clamov^uta), a place in the north riding 
of Yorkftiire, near Swaltfdale Foreff, 
where a ftatue of the emperor Aurciius 
Commodus was dug up. 

Baio Cassium CiviTAs. See 

Balacna (Paianta), a city in the 
N w of Corfica. 

i!fieis), a maritime 
on the confines of 
^ria and Phoenicia. 

Baianagra;, a city of Cyrcne. 

B alar I, a people towards the north 
of Sardinia. 

Balarides. Set Sanguinaire, 

Balaton (f^olc^ce Pa!:tdf.'), marflics 
ia Lower Hungary, between the Da- 
nube and the Drave, 

Balpkc {Hr.hc/>oiis, Cafarea Phl- 
kpfiii Pun*as^ Nero'i'uuk!, J^erortnUs, Ca- 
phar-Z.tmacb'), a city of Syria, in Afn, 
founded about A. D. 6, where are mag- 
nificent ruins, particularly of a temple 
dedicated to the Sun. 

Baliu'ra. bee Caraburum. 

BaI-J'I's, a mountain of Africa, re- 
markable for the retreat of Mafinifla 
after his engagement with Syphax. 

BAtEARES, ) the liles Majorca and 

Bale ARIDES. 5 Minorca. 

Balech, a c;ty founded by Solo, 

Baifsium. SeeVALETiUM. 

Baleth. SccBaalath. 

Balicha. SeeBiLECHA. 

Balipatn a, a majitimc town of liie 
Hit.aer India. 

w or k^oriica. 
BaLAN^a "^ {Bah 
Balan«« >■ town 
Balanea 3 Syria 

Balis, a city of Libya, 

Balista, a mountain of Ligurla. 

Balla, a city of Macedonia. 

I^VLiATHA, a city of Mcfopotamia, 
on the river Chaboras. 

Ballonoti, a people of European 

Balneis. See Balan^je. 

Balneoregiu.m, a city of Italy. 

Balneum. See Thermae. 

Balonga, a city of the Farther In- 
dia, on the Sinus Magnus. 

Balsa. SeeTAViRA. 

Balsara ( Teredos, Teredori), a city 
of Chaldea. 

Ralsio, a city of Hifpania Tarraco- 
ncnfis, on the Bilbilis. 

Balsora, a city of Aflyria, on tlic 

Baltia. See Schonen. 

Baltic ( Mare Suevicum, Codanm 
Sinus), a fea in the n of Europe, that 
neither ebbs or flows ; yet there is al- 
ways a current let^ through the Sound 
into the Ocean. See Sea, Baltiu. 

B \LYRA, a river of McflTcnia, in the 

Ba LYR AS, a river of Peloponnefus. 

Bamberg {Bumborougb, Beda»h' 
rcugb), a city of Franconia, in Gennanv. 

Bamboakkale. See Seides* 

Bamborough. See Bamberg. 

Bambyce. See Hierapolis. 

Bamotu Baaj*, a city belonging to 
the tribe of .Reuben. 

Eamuruje, a people of Libya.' 

B AK ABE {Banata), a city of Mefopo^ 
tamia, near the Chaboras.^ 

Banacha, a city of Arabia Defertj, 
towards the Perfian Gulf. 

Banaoedari Mansio, a place in 
Rcgio Syrtica, moft prubdbly a manfioo 
or inn. 

I^ANASA. ) c TT 


Banata. SccBanabe. 

BANDOBE.VA,adi llridt of the Hither 
India, on the Choafpes. 

Bangor, ) atowa 

Bangor MoNACHOp.UM, 5 cf 
Flintfliire, in North Wales. 

Bangor, )a city of Caer- 

BangorVaur,5 narvonfliire, in 
North Wales, where a temple was ereft. 
ed A. M. 3173: the firft biihop was con. 
fecrated A. D. 1109. 

Banina {Oeta), a mountain of Thef- 
faly, where Hercules laid himltlf oa the 
funeral pile, and was burnt. 

Banil-r.-e. Sec Biledulgerid. 

Bann A {Szcrum Provionionum), a pro- 
montory Ht Wcxfurd, in Ireland, 

fe A R 

B A^ 

Banvocksburn, ) a fown in North 

Baxnox B.VRXE, 5 Britain. 

BaxOS DE AlhaMa {Aq'ta Bilbt- 
Ltana)y baths to the w of Bilbilis, in 
Arragon . 

Bantia "i (Bitiia), a citj' in 

Bantije > the kingdom of Na- 

Bantiva S pies. 

BAFHYKt's, a river of Macedonia. 

Bar (f'-Jjantaronrium), a city of Po- 
doiia, in PolanJ, on the lii-er Bog. 

BaR-svr-At'BE, a town of Frarce. 

Bara, a fnnaii ifiand in the Gulf if 
Venice, oppofite to Bnndsii : the Pharos 
of Mela. 

Bara, a frith, or arm of the fea, in 
Korth Britain. 

Ba race, an iflandof theHitherlndia. 

Baracum, a City of Cyrene. 

'Baracura, a trading town on the 
fea-coaft of the Farther India. 

Bar.ti, a people of Colchis and Ibe- 
ria, who burn the bodies of their fi icnds 
who die by dilcafe, but thofe who fa'l in 
var they give to the fowls of the air. 

Baragaza. See Bacalm. 

Barangterlis (^Barathra, Sirbo, 
Sirbonis, Serlonis, Serbuws'), a lake in 
Ecvpt, on the confines of Paleftine. 

. Barata KeeBRATA. 

Barathia. ) 

Barathka. See Bar angverlis. 

Barathrum, a deep and obfcure 
gulf in Athens-, into which criminals 
were precipitated. 

Baraxmalca, a city of Afia, on 
the Euphrates. 

• Barbara {Mgejla, Acrjia), a ciry 
of Sicily, near Mount Eryx, demolifneci 
by Agathccles. 
" Barb ART A, a river of Macedonia. 

Barbaria. See Phrvgia. 

Barbarian A, a city of Baetica, in 
Spain, to the n of Gibraltar. 

Barbaricus Sinus, a bay of the 
Red Sea, near Phrygia. 

Barbabtssus, a city of Syria, on 
the Enphrate?. 

Bar BARIUM Promontorium, a 
promontory of Portugal. 

Barbaro (C',V'.rus\ a mountain of 
Campania, near the Lake Avernus. 

B A R B A R V ( Mauritania, Numidia, 
Africa Prol-cr, Libya), a country of 
Africa, luuTite bLt%Ncen the Atlantic 
Ocean, the Mediterranean Sea, and 
Eg^pt ; compreliLods the governments 
of Baica, Tripoli, Tunis, Algiers, Fez, 
and Morocco. 

Bahbastro, a city of Spain. 


Barbesui- VSee Makbella. 


Barbosthekes, a mountain, ten 
milts from Athens. 

Barbythace, a city of Perfia. 

Eauca {Cyrene, Cvrefiaica), a pro- 
vince of Africa, wherein was 
the famous temple dedicated to Jupiter 

Bakc;e, 73 people to the E of 

Barcani. 5 Hyrcania. 

Barc^i {Barrita), a warlike nation 
of Africa, near Carthage. 

Barca, ) a city of Africa, in a pro- 

Bakce, ) vince of the fame name. 

l^ARCE, a mountain and promontory 
of Cyrenaica, on the Mediterranean. 

Barce, a village of Baftrlana, where 
the prifoners taken by Darius, in Africa, 
were confined. 

Barce. See Ptolemai's. 

Barcellone "j {Julia Augyfla"), a 

Barcelona I city of Catalonia, 

Barcino f" in Spain, on the 

Barcinone J Mtditerranean 

Bard^i, a people of Illyricum, con. 
cerned in the faftions of Mariu";. 

Bardewic {Ficus Bardorum'), a 
city of Lower Saxony, in Germany, 
feated on the Ems : it was founded 
about A.M. 2962, and was made the 
fee of a bilhop by Charlemagne : it 
afterwards became of confiderable im- 
portance ; but it was dertroyed A. D. 
II iS, by Henry the Lion, duke of 
Saxony : the demolition of this place was 
the caufe of Lunenburg being erefted. 

Bardines, a river near Damafcus. 

BardseY {Andros, Hrdros, Edri"), 
an ifland m the Irifli Sea, near the coaft 
-of North Wales. 

Bardt ) {Bart, Alifus), a town of 

Bar DUN \ Suedifh Pomerania, in 
Germany, founded about A. D. 107S. 

Barea {B(iria), a city of Baetica, in 
Spain, on the Mediterranean. 

Barfleur, a town of Normandy, in 

Bargasa, ) a city of Caria, on the 

Bargaza, V Sinus Ceramicus, 

Bargusii. See Bergusii. 

Bargyla, ~i 

Bargylea, J a city of Caria. 

Bargylos, ) 

Bar I {Bariutn), a city of Naples, on 
the Gulf of Venice. 

Baria. See Barea. 

Bariana, a city of Mefopotaraia, 
between the rivers Saocoras and Tigris. 

Barigaza. See Bacalm. 

Baris, in Italy. See Vkretum. 

Baris. See Antonia. 

Baris, a city of Pifidia, nearBeudos. 

Baris, in Cappadocia. SccBeris. 

B A S 


* Barium. See Bart. 

B A u ici N G , a tow n i n Effex, 

Bakn'a. See Varna. 

Earn tT, a town which is fitiiate part 
in Middlefex, and the remainder in 

Baknk'Hivs (£>?//>/".'«), a river of 
Peloponncfus, falls into the Alpheus. 

Barnts, )a city of Macedonis, 

Barnuus, ) near Hcraclea. 

Barpan'a, an illand in the Tufcan 
Sea, near llua. 

Bar HA, } a city of the Cenotna- 

Barrian'0,5 ni, in Gallia Traiif- 

Barrow {Birgus), a river of Ire- 

Barsa, an ifland in the Eritilh Chan- 
nel, on rhe coaft of France. 

Barsheba. See Beersheba. 

Barjita, a c'ty of Chakiea. 

Barsub.'e. See Bkrsabe. 

Baruca, a city oi Albania, near Ga- 
gara, m Ada. 

Barut H ^ {BfrvlHs), a city of Phce- 

Barl'TI \ ni^ia, in Alia. 

Barwick. See Berwick. 

Barvgaza, a trading town of the 
Huher India. 

Barytus, a ci'v of Syria. 

Barzano {Z/.pbyrinm), a piomonrory 
of Great GiLcce, towards the Ionian 


Basan. See Batan.ea. 
Basan'a. ^ Sec Aquisgra- 


Basaka. See Besara. 

Basats (r''a/'alum), a city in Gaf- 

Bascath, a city of the tribe of Ju- 

Basel. See Basil. 

Basha.v. See BataN-iEA. 

Basi, a city of the Aufetani, in Spain. 

Basiasa {Biiffluna), a city of Pan- 
nonis Inferior. 

Basil ) (Baf,l, Bajle, Bale), the 

Basi LEA 5 niLtropolis of Switzer- 
land, is fituate on the rivers P.hinc and 
Virfus : it was founded about A. D. 
3S2, out of the ruins of AiiguRa Raura- 
corum : it is divided into the Greater 
and the Lefs, the former on the fide of 
France, and the Utter on the fide of 
Germany, both of them connected bv a 
bridge oyer the Rhine. In 1431 a 
council was he'd here, in which it was 
dfitermincd rhat a general council was 
iibove the Pope. The univerfitv was 
founded A. D. 1459, and the di,f\ri(5t 
VV3S made a canton in 1501. 

Basilia. Set SCHONEi^. 

Basilica {Sirvon), the cliief city in 
the kingdom of Sicyon. 

Basilicata > {Lucanim'), a difirii^ 

Basilic ATE \ of Italy, in the 
kint^dum of Naples. 

Basilicus Sinus, a bay of loniu, in 
Afia iVImor. 

Basilid^, a people of Euroi>eau 

Basilioi'OTa.mos. See Eurotas. 

BAbiLiPi'UM. See Cantilla- 

Basilis, a city of Arcadia, near tlic 
Alpheus, founded bv Cypfelus. 

Basilisskne, a diilridl on the n v/ 
of Armenia M^jr^r. 

B A s 1 1. 1 u M F L u M E N ^ ( Ri;p;ium F/u" 

Basilius ) mf>}), a river 

of Melopotamia, falls into the Euphrates. 

BASiLLUizo {llcii/i/is), one of the 
Lipari Iflts. 

Basium See Basy. 

Basoropeua, a canton of Media, 
adjoining ro Armenia Major. 

Bass, an infulaied rork, on the coall 
of Scotland, in the Britifh Ocean, where 
prodigious numbers of Solan geefe refort 
C'l breed. 

Bass«, a village of Arcadia, where 
a temple was dedicited to .Apoho. 

Bassan'IA, a city of Micedonia, on 
the confines of IllvncuiTi. 

Bassako, a town of Italy, in the' 
territory of Venice. 

B\ssiana. SeeBASiANA. 

Basta (•£?!?/?', H'j}a, f'^ujhi), a city 
of C.ilabria. 

BaSTARN.E,) „ I r-n rr 

n I- a people of Ruiiia. 

Bastern;e, ^ ^ ^ 

Bastarnic;e Alpes. See Car- 
pathian Mountains. 

Bastetani, See Bastitani. 

Basti. Sec Baza. 

Bast I A {^iantinorum Oppi^um), the 
chief city of Corfica. 

Bastitani, a people of Spain, on the 

Bastuli, the people of Granada, in 

Basy {B :Ji:;fn), a village of Brabain, 
the birth-place of Godfrey of Boulogne, 
kme of Jerufalem, 

Bat a, a maritime town on theEuxine 
Sea, oppofitc Sinope. 

]^ at an A. a citv of Media. 

Bat an 71-: A } {Bafan, Bi/han'), a 

B A t a n 1 a y region of Pdleliine, 
in Afia. 

Batau. _. Jsee Passau, 

Bai A V A Castra. \ 
Bat AVI, the pcopk of Holland, 
B.VTAVIA. See Hoi.laKo. 


Batavia, a city of Afia, on the 
ifland of Java. 

Batavoburum. See Duer- 


Batavorum Insula. See Hol- 


Bath ) {Caerbrand, A- 

B A THANCESTER) qua Cauda, A- 
qiKt Soils), a city in Somerfetfhire, found- 
ed about A.M. 30S6. 

Bathaven. See Bethel. 

Bathea. ^ 

Batheia. >See Badia- 

Bat HI A. 3 

Bathos, a river near the Alpheus. 

Bathyllus, a fountain of Arca- 

Bathynias ) (B//^!'»/>), a river of 

Bathynus ) Thrace. 

Bathyra, a village beyond Jordan. 

Bathys. Sec Iati. 

Batina. SeeBANTiA. 

Batn.e, a city of Syria, in a delight- 
ful lituation, near Berces. 

BatNjE, a city of Aliduli, in Afia, on 
the Euphrates. 

Batn JE, ) a city of Mefopotamia, to 

Batne, ) the s of EdeiTa, where 
3 great fair was Icept annually, which 
wa? reforted to by merchants from all 

Batracharta, a city of Chaldea, 
on the Tigris. 

BATRACHUS,>a pert of Marmo- 

Batracus, y rica. 

Batrii, a people of Sigillanj in 

Batsford, a village of Glocefter; 
(hire, where is an ancient intrench- 

BATTAVrA, the left part of the 
coaft of Gaul, was peopled A. C. 12S, 
by Bitto, fon to the king of the Catti, 
who vifithdrew from the fury of his 
fiepmother, and made his cafe known 
to Ivlenapius, king, of the Tungri, who 
allotted him this part of Gaul, where 
he erefted the caftle of Battohurg, and 
called the country Battavia. See Hot- 


B#iTTEL,) a town in Suflex, where 

Battle, 5 William duke of Nor- 
mandy defeated the Engli(h forces un- 
der Harold, in 1066 ; and, to comme- 
morate the event, he erefted an abbey 
on the fpot. 

BattiadF-S, the people of Cyrene. 

Battlefield, a village near 

Batoa. See Budoa. 

Batue, a city of Mefopotamia. 

Batulum, a ciry of Campania, 

B E A 

whofe inhabitants affiftedTurnu? agaluft 

Bavacia. See Cacar IIascen. 

Bavagna (Mtiia>iia), a city of 

Bavaria, a circle of the German 

Bay AY {Bacacum, Ba^acum), a city 
of Hainaalt, in France. 

Bauco {Bo'viltis), a city of Italy. 

Bauconica. See Boncoxica. 

Baucus, a city in the s of Can- 

Baudobrica \ ( Baulobricct, BauiO' 

BaudobrigaJi brice, Bodobriga)., 
a city of Treves, on the w fide of the 

Bauge, a town in France. 

BaU' I \ (_BoauIiu),-3. villa nf Cam- 

Baulli 5 pania, between Baiae and 
the Lucrine Lake. 

Baume le Nones, a town of France, 
near to which is a remarkable cavern, 
wherein is a grotto, with a vaulted roof, 
and a fmall brook, which is faid to freeze 
in fummer, but not in winter. 

Baume, St., a mountain in France, 
betwten Marfeilles and Toulon. 

Bavota, an inland town of Cala- 

Bautokrica.) See Baudobri- 

Bautobrice.5 ga. 

Bauxare. )c -r> 

r> J- See Bolzano. 


Baxala, a city of Mefopotamia, on 
the river Saocoras. 

Bayeux {BaiocaJJiiim Ci'viias, Argc- 
KTts), a city of Normamly, near the Bri- 
tilh Channel. 

Bayonn's, a city of Gafcony, in 
France, where the military weapon 
called a bayonet was firft invented. 

Baxa {Bajii), a city of Granada, In 

Bazacata, an ifland in the Sinus 

BAiARiA, a country of Afia. 

Bazas (Bazis, CoJ/io, FafaUs,Civiti7i 
Fnfiitium, Civhas Fajatica), a town ot 
Guienne, in France. 

Bazes, a city of Tyana, in Cappa- 

Baziothia, a city of the tribe of 

Bazira (^Bezira), a city of the Hi- 
ther India. 

Bazis. See Bazas. 

Ba/ium, a promontory of E^ypt, o^ 
the Arabian Gulf. 

Bazra. SeeBozRA. 

Br. alt. ) c !>.,.. .,^T. 



Beata Tn'sUla. See Candia. 

Beaufort, a town of Anjou, in 

Rr.AULiEU. See Bewi.ey. 

Bkaumaris, a town of Anglefcy> in 
North Waies, on the Strait of Mcnai. 

Beauve, a town of Biirgi;nd)', in 
France, where an holpital was founded 
A.D. 1443- 

B E A u V A I s ( B>a//tf^anli':tm, Cu-finO' 
magus), a city in tlic TOe of Fiance. 

B F.BEN HAUSK.v (>!a, PKvni- 
ana^ Fcbiana Cojlra), a town of Sua- 

Bebiaka Villa, a villa in Tuf- 

Bebii. mountains which extend from 
the se of Albanus, to the s of Fannonia, 
and N of Dalmatia. 

Bebriacum {Bedrianin:, Betria- 
cum), a villrge between Cremona and 
Verona, where Vitellius overcame 

Bebryces, a people of Bitliynia. 

Bebryci.v. See Becsaxgial. 

Bechis. See Raschit. 

Becius, a mountain of the Drangia- 
na, in Afia Proper. 

Becks.abat, a city of Sableftan, in 

Becsangial) ( BSrycia, Biibv':ia, 

Becsan-gil 5 Mvjia, MvgUonin, 
Mariandynia, Cronia, Thejldis, Thynia'), 
a province of Afia Minor. 

Becula {Baala), a C'ty of Spain, 
near the Pillars of UerculcG. 

Beda, a village of Gallia Be'gica. 

Bedaium. See Badacum. 

Bedanbokough. SccBa.mberg. 

Bed.\nford. See Bedford. 

Bederin'a, a city on the confines of 

Bedesa {Bade/a), a city of the Au- 
fctani, in Spaiq. 

Bedesis, a river of Gallia Cifpadana, 
falls into the Adriatic. 

Bedford {, LaHodorum, 
Lettidur), the county town of Bedford- 
lliire, where Offa, king of the Mercians, 
was buried. 

BediruM-, a city of Libva Interior. 

Bedriactjm. See Bebri acu.m. 

Bedriacum. See Brescia. 

Beelmeon, See Baalmeo>7. 

Beelsephon. See Baalzephon'. 

Beer-lahai-roi, a well between 
Kadcfti and Bercd, or Shur, where Hagar 
was found by the angci. 

Beer Ramath, a city of the tribe 
of Simeon. 

Beeroth, a village of Judea, on the 
road to Nicopolis. 

Beersheba {Berfahef Bar/beba, Fer- 

fabin'i Caflrum), a city on the fronrlfr;; of 
Judea, in Palefline, the fouthern boun- 
dary of the Ifraelitcs. 

Begascar (Juliopalis'), a city of Bi- 

Begf-Rri, SceBlGF-RRI. 

Bfia {PacenJJs Calonia, Pax Julia) , a 
city of Portugal. 

Bkidis. See Brois. 

Be 1,1 K {Bulla Regis , BuUaria), .a free 
citv of Numidia. 

Be IRA, a province of Portugal. 

Bela. Sec Baalsaltssa. 

Bel u a IS {Pclufim, Damieta), a city 
of Egypt, where Ponipey the Great was 

Belbtna. Sec Belemina;. 

Be LB IN A, a fmall iQand to the s of 

Belchite (Bella), a city of Arragon, 
in Spain. 

Belchrya {Mgyptm Inferior), that 
part of Egypt nearelt the fea. 

Belciana, a city of AiTyria, on the 
E bank of the Tigris. 

Belea. SceELEA of Lucania. 


Bel em IN A {Belbina, Blemitia), a city 
of Laconia. 

Belenas {Da)}, Jordan), a river of 

Belerides. See Sanguinaire. 

Belerium. See Land's End. 

Beleus. Sec Bf.lus. 

BelGjE, a people of Britain, who 
refided in Somerfetfliire, Wiltlhirc, and 

Eelgj-e, a people of Gaul, between 
the Rhine and the Loii-e. 

Belgialis, an illand in the Archi- 

Belcica Gallia. See Netijer- 


Belginum, a city in the eleftorate 
of Treves. 

Belgium, a diftrift of Gallia Be!- 
gica, which comprifed Beauvais, Amiens, 
and Artois. 

Belgium, the metropolis of Gallia 

Belia. See Belchite. 

Be lias, a river of Mefopotamia, falls 
into the Euphrates. 

Belici {Hv/fa), a river of Sicily, 
difcmbogucs into the African Sea, 

B e L I v A {Cafurea Paneas), a city near 
the fprings of Jordan. 

Belio. See Lim;ea. 

Belitje, a nation of Afia. 

BelitRa. See Velitra. 

Belle Isle, an ifland on the coaft 
of France. 

BeilinaS {Abita), a city of Coelc- 


fyria, between Heliopolis and Damaf- 
cus : the adjacent country was called 

Belli N AS (^Ahikne), a pruvince of 


Bellocasses. > Se 
Bellogassii. 3 s 

e Vellocas- 

Bellov ACi, the people of Beauvais, 
in France. 

BKLLUNA,)a city of Italy, amosig 

Belluno, \ the Alps. 

Belo > (Bit.'o), a maritime town 

Belonia 5 and river of Bajtica, in 

Belsensium, ) re- 

Belsin'um, '5 a city of Spain. 

Belt, a ftrait of Denmark, between 
ihe.ifies Ztaland and Funen. 

Beltin. a village of Egvpt, on the 
coriU of the Mediterraman Sea. 

Belvedere (B/ant/o', Elu), a city 
and province of the Morea, in Greece, 
where the Olympic games were cele- 

Belvoir Castle (Margcdunur^, 
Mariiihanim), a Roman ftation near 
Gtsnrham, in Lincolnfhire. 

Beluno ) {Bermium), a city in 

Belunum ) the territory of Ve- 

Belus (Bela/!), a river of Galilee, 
at the foot of Mount Cjrmel : from the 
fand of this river glafs is faid to iiave 
been fiifl difcovered. 

EeMBIN A. ) c rr^ 

X) i See Trisxjna. 


Bemmaris, a city of Syria, en the 

Ben a, a city of Candia, 

Benacus {Gara'a), a lake in the ter- 
ritorv of Verona, in Italy? from which 
the Mincio runs into the Po. 

Benawerium (Nd2nr!m), a hamKt 
of Arabia Petrsa, to the N of Zoar. 

Be.varon, a city of Pars, in Petfia. 

Eenavente {Aritium, Aritium P.-rr- 
toriimi), a city of Lufitania. 

Bendena {Benaina), a city of Afri- 
ca Proper, on the w bank of the Ba- 

Bender Abasse. Sec Gom- 

Bender Congo, a city of Pars, in 

Bexe-berak, a city belonging to 
the tribe of Dan. 

Bekeharnum, ) a city cf Aquitain, 

Beneharnus, ) at the bafe of the 

Bene-Jaukan, an encampment of 
the Ifraelites. 

Benesceuf ^ {HefniopoHi), a city of 

Bt.NESUAif 3 Egyp^' 

B E R 

Beki Teudi {Babba, Baba, Jtdia 
Carnfcjlris'), an inland town of Maurita- 
nia Tingitana. 

Ben EVEN TO ) {Malevftiium, 

Beneventvm 5 Julia Concor- 
dia), a city in the midft of the kingdorrv 
of Naples, near the river Sabatimrt : it 
appears to have been founded aboirt 
A. M. 277 ^, and was the metropolis of 
the Samiiitcs, Df whom 3000 were flaiii 
during the confiilfhip? of Snipicius and 
Petilius, A. D. 440. The city was de- 
firoyed by Totilns, king of the Goths, 
in 543, and was afterwards repaired by 
the Lombards, who retained polTeffion of 
it for the fpace of 300 years, when ^l; 
was taken from tliem by the Saracens, 
who totally dcmohlhed the city, before 
they were expelled by the emperor 
Lcuis-the Second, 'who gave it to Aide, 
gifus. In 891 it was taken by Leo the 
Sixth, who was driven from this fitua- 
rion in 896 by the marquis of Tufcany, 
in whofe family it continued 180 years, 
after which it was taken poffelfion of by 
the'king of Naples. 

Bex Hixnom {Geennorr, Hinnom, 
TopheAhy, a valley to the E of Jerufalem. 

Bexnavenna, I a town cf Britain, 

Ben NAVE NT A, S on the river Avons 

Bi:kxic.\ Regio, a dillrift of 
Thrace, near Mount Hsmus. 

Bexmkgxox, ) a town in Oxfori- 

Benson, 5 fhire. 

Benl'sia. SeeVxNusiA. 

Beokmco Ric. See Berwick. 

Ber ^ 

„ ' V See Irenopolis. 
Bera. 5 

Ber, ) Ml r T J 


Bereic^, a nation who deflroycd 
their relations when they arrived at a 
certain age. 

Bekchem {Bergem, Tiberiacum), a 
city of Juliers, on tne rivulet Erpe. 

Berecyxtes, a people of Phrygia, 
in Afia Minor. 

Berecynthus, a mountain of Can- 
dia, in the territory of Aptera, where 
the Idsi Daftyii are faid to have dif- 
covered the nature and ufe of brafs and 

Berecyxtius Tractts, a diftrift 
in Phrygia Major, rear the Ma;ander. 

B.'^jrecyntvs, a mountain of Phry- 
gia Major, facred to CybeJe, from 
whence flie received the furname Bere- 

Beregra, 7 3 city of the Pice- 

Beregranos, 5 "i> in Italy. 

Berenice {beroniu), a city of 

Berenice. See Bernich. 


;e E s 

. "Bejienice, a city of Arabia Pctrsea. 

Berekice, a city in Egypt. 

Berenmcis, a diflrid of Africa. 

BErethis, a city of Ethiopia, on the 
E fide of the Nile. 

Berg A, a city of Macedonia, on the 

Berga. Sec Arcadiopoms. 

Bergamo {Btrgomo, Bergomum), a 
city of Gallia Cifalpina, erefted about 
A.C. 33 : it was a place well fortified 
both by nature and art, yet it fuftjined 
confiderahle injuries from the S.'abians 
and Almains : the inhabitants, being of a 
peaceable difpofition, furreudered the 
city to the king of Bohemia, who ere6f- 
ed a ftrong caftle to keep them in awe. 
In procefs of time the duke of Milan 
obtained pofledion of the city ; and in 
1345 it was fortified with a wall, not- 
vvithflaiiding which it was fubdued by 
the Venetians. 

Berg AN, a city of Sufiana, in Perfia, 
near the Choafpcs. 

Bergas. See Arcadiopolis. 

Berge, a city of Syrtica, in Africa, 
between the Cinyphus and Leptis. 

Bergem. SeeBERCHEM. 

Berg EN',) a maritime town of Nor- 

BERGf, 5 ^'^^y- 

Bergidum, a city of Afturias, in 
Spain, towards the Pyrenees. 

Bergistaxi,7 a people of Spain, 

Bergitani, 5 betv\een the Iberus 
and the Pyrenees. 

Beroium. SeeVERGiuM. 


B E R G O aiU M . 

Bergl'la. ) 



See Bergamo. 

See Arcadiopolis. 

Bergusii (Brtrj-?//?/), a people of the 
Hither Spain. 

Beria, a city of Spain. 

Beris {Baris), a river of Cappadocla. 

Beris, a river of Pontus in Afia. 

Beris, a mountain in Armenia. 

Berkely, )a town in Gloceftcr- 

Berkley, ) (hire. 

Berkhamstead, a town in Hert- 
fordfhire, where William the Conqueror 
fwore to maintain the laws of his prede- 

Berlasina, a ciry of Italy. 

Bermazir, a city of Caramania, in 

BerMius, a mountain of Macedonia. 

Ber.mcdas {JF.J}i-va I>:Ju!(t), illands 
in the Atlantic Ocean. 

Be R.N' {Berne), the capital of a canton 
bearing the fame name in Switzerland, 
wa: f^oanded about A-D. 11 90, by Ber- 
tholdus, duke of Zering, and was made 
a free city by Frederic. During the 
troubles of the E.mpire this city became 

fubjeft to the duke of Savoy, who re« 
ftored the inhabitants to their liberty, 
for the afliftance they had given him 
againft the Burgundians. 

Bernard, St. {Alpes P/nnini, Sum~ 
m.e Alpes), a mountain in Switzerland, 
whofe fummit is always covered with 

Bernburg, ) a town of Upper 

Berne BURG, 5 Saxony, in Ger- 
many, on the river Sara. 

Berne. See Bern. 

Berne Casti. e, a town of Treves, 
in Germany, built about A. D icoi : 
it was the refort of a ereat number of 
thieves, who were e.xpciled by the arch- 
biihop Puppo ; after wliich he caufed 
the town to be deftroycd. Tt was re- 
built and fortitied by Frederic .-Enobar- 
bus, from whom it was recovered by 
Jiihii the archbifhop, who held it till 
11:7: it was afterwards repaired by 
Henry the Second ; and a caftle was 
built in 1277. 

Bernich {Berenice, Hefperidos, Hef- 
peris), a city of Cyrenaica, in Afia. 

Bernicia, a kingdom of Britain. 1 

Bernina {Alpes TriJentina), moun- 
tains to the N of Trent. 

1?^^°^' iacltyofTheflTaly. 
Beriha,) ' ^ 

Berge. See Bercea. 

Berle.'^, in Macedon. See Veria;- 

Bercea, in Syria. See Aleppo, 

BeR(J=:a {Berae, Irenopolis^, a city of 


Beron Es(T>r//), a people of Spain, 

in the n of Old Caftiie. 


Berotha, a city of Upper Galilee. 


Berrcea. See Haj.ep. 

Bersabe. See Beersheba. 

Bersabec, a village of Lower Ga- 
lilce, in the plain of Afochis. 

Bersabora {Pyrijuhuu-i), a city of 

Berta, a city of Bifaliia, in Mace- 

Bertha. See Perth. 

BertranD; St. ( l.ugdumrm Convex 
naruP!, Lagiidunum) , a ciry of Gafcony. 

Bertula, an ifland to the \v of 

Berunum. SeeBEi.UNO. 

Berwi(.;k {Bori.ovi£i,s, Be:rn!^o Kic, 
Borzvick, Bunuick), a town on the con- 
fines of EngLin.i and Scotland, without 
properly bel .n-^ing to either : it iS fituate 
on the river Tweed. 

Eerytus. SeeBAP.UTl. 

BesAi a fountain \:\ ThtlTaly. 

Besa, a city in Egypt. 

Besaciian'a, a dty cf Babylon, 



therein was a temple of the goddcfs 

Besaiu {Befeldunum, Befendunutn)^ a 
eitv of Catalonia, in Spain. 

Besak<;ok {BexaKt^on, Fefonlio, Ft- 
fattio, f^iContium, Civitas f^ffontienjium), a 
city of B'jrgundy, in France, where fe- 
▼er^l Roman antiquities may be feen : 
the univcrfity was founded A.D. 1540. 

Besara {Bafara)y a city of Galilee, 
aear Mount Carmel. 

Bf.sbicus, a fonall ifland in the Tea 
of Marmora. 

Bescia. See Vescia. 

Besek (Bezece, Zebece)^ a city of 


Beseldunum. ) <:„„ T,^, .„ 
T« J- See BesaLu. 


Beseth {Betb/ctba), a city of Syria, 
IB Afia. 

Besidi«. See Besignako. 

BEsrrPO {Ber/ippo), a maritime town 
of Bastica, iu Spain^ the birth-place of 

Besor, a river of Judea. 

Besora. See Bozrah. 

Bess A, ) a territory of Turkey 

Bessarabia, 5 in Europe. 

Bessai'ara, a city of Befllca, in 

Bessara, a city of Calachene, in 
A (Tyria. 

Bessi, the people of Adrianople. 

Bessica, a diftrift of Thrace, towards 
Mount Haemiis. 

Bessus, a city of Thrace. 

Besuchis, a city of Babylonia. 

Besynga (^Babyftnga), a trading 
town of the Farther India. 

BetaNIA, a city of Paleftinc, 

Betari, a city of Samarin, between 
Diofpolis and Csiarea. 

Betaron {Betboron), a city of Sa- 

Betasi. 7 s^^ Advatici. 


Betev, a city of Galilee, belonging 
to the tribe of After. 

Eetfrr^. SccBeziers. 

Bethabara, a paflage or ford over 
Jordan, where John is faid to have bap- 

Bethacla (^Betb-bagla), a city of 
the tribe of Benjamin. 

Bethania, ) a city of Paleftine, 

Bethany, 5 where Lazarus was 
raifcd from the dead. 

BethaR. See Bither. 

Betiiaraba, a city of the tribe of 

Betkaramphtha {Jklias), a city 
of Gitiilec. 

Betharan {Liii'as, Livias), a city 
of Peraa, on the other fide Jordan* 

Bethaven, a city of the tribe of 

Bethaun'a {Batbaulba), a city of 

Beth-Basi {Beth-Lagan), a city in 
the Defart of Jericho. 

Beth-Cherem, a village between 
Jerufaiem and Hebron. 

in Arabia Petraea. 

Beth-Eden, a valley between Li- 
banus and Antilibanus. 


Beth-Jesimoth. See Bethsi- 


Beth-Lagan. See Beth-Basi. 

Beth-Nopoli {Nob, l^rbo), a high 
mountain in the land of Moab, over 
againft Jericho. 

Beth-Peor, I a city of the Reu- 

Beth-Phogor,3 benitcs, on ihe 
other fide Jordan. 

Beth-Taphua, a city of the tribe 
of Judah. 

Beth-Zacharije, a city of the 
tribe of Judah. 

Bethel \(BeibaveK, Luz)^ a 

BETHEL-LtJZj city of Samaria. 

Beth ES da, a pool on the n fide of 

Bethlebaoth, a city of the tribe, 
of Simeon. 

Bethleemon--^ j,^ ^^ 

Bethlehem f^ ' c n 1 a- ^ 

Bethlemek hi^c.tyofPaleftme, 

Bethlemoon^ 'n'^'"- 
■ Bethleptephene, a toparchy of 

Bethmai, a village of Galilee. 

Bethmarcaboth, a city of the 
tribe of Simeon. 

B^thnimra, a city on the £ bank 
of Jordan. 

Bethome, a city of the Jews, whofe 
inhabitants revolted, and were carried 
captives to Jerufaiem. 

Bet HURON, a city in the vicinity of 

Bethphage, a village on Mount 
Olivet, near Jerufaiem. 

Bethsaida (Julias), a city of Ga- 
lilee, in which St. Peter, St. Andrew, 
and St. Philip, were born. 

Bethsan "i {Scythopolis), a city of 

Bethscan J- Samaria, on the bor« 

Bethschan) ders of Galilee. 

Bethsemes {H<Iiofolts), a city of the 
tribe of Judah. 

Bethsemes, of Egypt. See Hfi- 


Bethsetha. Sec Besetit. 
Bethsimoth^ {Bfibjf^fir7:otb), a dif- 
Bethsimuth 5 trift in the plains 
of Moab, oppofjte Jericho. 


B I L 

Bethsora) (Belbzur), a citjr of 

Bethsura) the tribe of Judah, 
near Hebron. 

Beththana, an inland town of 

Bethul, acityof the tribe of Simeon. 

Bethulia, a city of Alfyria. 

Bethzur. See Bethsora. 


Bi-;tonim {Botbnim), a city of the 
tribe of Gad, on the other fide Jordan. 

Betousa {Brtunu), a city of Mcfo- 
■ pofamia, oppofite Ninus. 

Betriacum. See Bebriacvm. 

Bkttigus, a mountain in the Hi- 
ther India, iiiar the river Indus. 

Bettona {Fettona), a city of Italy, 
between Perufia and Tuder. 

Betula i^B.-etuUx), a city on the 
confines of Bstica, in Spain. 

Betulo. See Badelona. 

Betun'a. See Betousa. 

BETURiA.a diftrift in Spain. 

Bevagna {M-enjania), a city of 
Italy, on the C'ltumnus. 

Beudi, a city of Pnrygia Major. 

Bevekley i^Peluarta), a town in 
Yorkfliire : the minfler was erefted 
A.D. 711. 

B E w c A s T I. E , a .V illige in C umber- 
land, on tilt river Levcn. 

Bewle Y {Beaulieuy, a river of Scot- 
land, near Invernefs. 

Bezabde {Pboenica), a citadel of 
Mefopotamia, on the Tigris. 

Bezan^on. See BESANqosr. 

Bezece. See Besek. 

Bezer. See BosoR. 

Bezetha, one of the which 
Jerufalem was -bijilt, oppofue the cita- 
del Antonia. 

Beziers {Baterrt^, Beierr^, Ba:t'i- 
to-), a city of Languedoc, in France, 
whole ruins evince its former magnifi- 

Bezira. SeeBAZiRA. 

Bianco (HeracUa), a promontory 
in Corfica. 

Biandika. See Rampano. 

BiAS.a river of Mefreniajdilembogues 
inro the lea, beyond Corone. 


BlBACTA, an ifbind of Gedrofia, op- 
pofire the part if Alexandria. 

BiBALi, a people of Spain. 

BlBALORl.'M F.ORUM. Scc Fo- 

BiBLiAS, ) ^ fouj^jain of Miletus. 

iilBLIS, y 

Bi B M N A, a dilirift of Thrace. 
BiBLOs,>a city of Phcenicia, on a 
BiBLus,5 river bearing the lame 

BiBO.VA. See Va-lencia. 



BiBRoci, the people of Bray, near 
Maidenhead, in Berkfliirc. 

Bice. See Buges. 

Bices, a marfh near tlie Palus Mcen. 

BiCHEJRi, ) (C.jnopus), a city of 

BicHiERi, 3 Lower Egypt, on 
the Mediterranean. 

BiDA, a colony of Mauritania Csfa* 
rien fii. 

BlD^CUM. ) „ T» 

BiDAsPKs, a of India, falls 
into the Indu=. 

BiDASsoA,a river of Spain, on the 
frontiers of France, rfes in the Pyre- 

BiDERis, a city of the Hither India. 

BiDiL {Badei), a municipal town of 
Mauritania Cafarienfis. 

BiDis {Bacii;, B Jos), a fmall city of 
Sicily^ near*"e. 

BjDius, a citadel of Tauroxninium> 
in Sicily. 

BiDos. See B1DJ5. 

BlDUCASSES.) c ^. 

BiauMi, a diftria of Afiatic Tur- 

8i:EDA (Bkra), a city of Tufcany. 

BiEn.vus, acity of Candia. 

BiENNus. See Vienne, in France. 

BaEROLIET, a town in Flanders. 

Bigerra, a c;ty of Spain. 

BiGERRi ) (Begern), a people 

BiGERRONEs I of Aquitain, tn- 
\y(irds the Pyrenees. 

Bigorra, ^ a diftrift of Gafcony, in 

BiGORRE, S France. 

Bii.B.\NA, a city of Arabia Felix, on 
thcPcrfMii Gulf. 

Bii-BAO. SeeBjLBOA. See Calat.i^jud. 

Bi LSI LIS (Sciio), a river in Spain. 

BiLBILtT AN'.S. See Acitj^. 

BiLBis. See CalatajUu. 

BiLBOA {Biibao, Flavio Gailica, Fla- 
•uiubn^a), the chief city of Bifcay, in 
Spam, was founded about A. D. 67. 
This place is much commended for its 
commodious haven, its delightful fitua- 
tion, the tertilitv of the adjacent coun- 
try, and its commerce : it was enUrgi-d 
in i?oo by Didacus Lopez dc Hayo. 

BiLECHA {Balicm)y a river of Me- 
fopotamia, falls into the Euphrates. 

ElLEDULGERID ( (Jatulia, Bar.iu- 
rai Da it'), a diftri£t of Barbary, in 

BiLiBUSCA {Heracleu), a city of Eu- 


BL A:; 

Topeaii Turkey, on the confints of Ko- 


BiLLjEUS, ) a river of Bithynia, dif- 
BiLLis, 5 embogues into the Eux- 

ine Sea. 

BiMARis. See Corinth. 


BiNCHF.STER ( P^inoviufn), a. village 
on the river Were, near the city of 

BiNDA, one of the three mouths of 
the Nanaguna, a river of the Hither 

BiNDON,atown in Dorfetfliire. 

Bin GEN > (Fingium), a city of 

BiNGiuM) Mentz, in Germany, 
at the confluence of the Nave and 

BicEA. See Porto BoTA. 

BiORA, an inland town of Sardinia. 

BroTTiA, a city of Macedonia. 

BiRGus. See Barrow. 

BiRrciA.VA, a city of Vindelicia, on 
the Danube. 

Birtiia (Firia), a city of Mefopo- 

Bjrviesca ( Firovefca, y'tniefca^ 
Vtr-veca), a city of Old Caftiie, in Spain, 
near Burgos. 

BiSA. See VizE. 

Bis A, a fountain of Greece, in the 

Bisai.ta {Acantkoi), a city of Egypt, 
near Memphis. 

Bisalt^, a people of Thrace. 

Bisaltia, a diftrift of Macedonia. 



BisCARGis, a city of Spain. 

Biscay (jCantabria), a province of 

Biscay, Bay of {Cantabricus Si- 
nus), a turbulent bay on the coaft of 

Biserta Vecchia {Hippo), a fea- 
port in the kingdom of Tunis, near the 
fpot where Uticaonce flouriftied, 

BISlG^fANo iBefidi<e), a city in the 
kingdom of Naples. 

Bistones, ) apeople of Thrace, on 

Bistonii, ) the rivers Hebrus and 

Bisto.vis, a lake of Thrt-ce, near 

BisuRGis. Sec Weser. 

Bit AX A, a city of Cborafan, in 

Bitkaba, a city of Affyria, on the 
confines of Armenia Major, 

Hither {Buur, Betbar), a city of 

Bit KiAS, an inland town of Mefopo- 
tartlia, ntat the mountains of Armoiia. 


BtTHiGA, a city of Mefopotamiai on 
the Saocoras, below Nifibis. 

BiTHVNiA. See Becsangial. 

Bithynia Promontorium, 4 
promontory of Bithynia, on the Euxine 

Bithynion. ) c /-i 


Bithynis. See Bathynias. 

Bit lis {Tigranocerta), a city of Ar- 
menia Major. 

Bitonto {Butofitos, Butuntum), a 
city in the kingdom of Naples. 

Bitter. See Bither. 

Biturex. See Bourges. 

BiTURicjE, the people of Bourges, in 

BiTURicuM, a city of Gaul, the me- 
tropolis of the Belgae. 

Bituriges, the people ofGuienne, 
in France, 

Bituriges Cubi, the people of 
Berry, in France. 

Bituriges Vibisci, a people of 

Bit Y LA, a city of Laconia, to the 
weft of Thorium. 

BiZACENUN {Byzacetttm), a city of 

BiziA. See Vize. 

BizoN, "^ 

BizoNE, ?-a city of Moefia Inferior. 

Bizos, J 

BizYA. See Vize. 

BLACHERN^ffi, a fortrcfs near Con- 

Black Epirus. See Cefalq- 


Black Forest {Marciana Silva), 
part of the Hercynian Foreft, in Ger- 

Black Sea (the Euxine Sea), lies 
between Europe and Afia. See Sea, 

Bljeandrus (^Bleandrus), a city of 
Phrygia Major near the Maeander. 

Bljena, a fruitful country of Pontus, 
in Afia, where the general of Mithri- 
dates Eupator deftroyed the forces of 
Nicomedes the Bithynian. 

Blanc, Mount (y//i/V), a mountain 
in SavOy, whole fummit is 15,662 feet 
above the level of the fea. 

BLANDA.^c B. .vr..e 

„ > ate IsLANES. 


5'-^''°''} See Belvedere, 

B L A N IJ jE . 5 

Blandenona. SeeBRONi. 


Blandusia, a fountain in the terri- 
tory of the Sabines, near Mandela, the 
villa of Horace. 

Blanes {BLuit/j, B/anJa), i mni- 

B O C 

B O I 

a people of Ethio- 

time town of Catalonia, in Spain, on the 
river Tordero. 

Blavon A.acity of Illyricum, on the 
confines of Dalmatia. 

Blasco, an ifland near Agde, in 
Gallia Narbonenfis. 

BLASTQPugtNiCEs, a people of Lu- 

Blatqbuloium. See Bulness. 

Blavja, "la city of Guienne, in 

Blavium, > France, on the river 

Blaye, J Gironde. 

Bleandrl's. See Bl.eandrus. 

Bleking, a principality of Den- 


Blemmyes, ) 
B L E N I N A, a city "of Arcadia^ 
Blera. See Biet>a. 
Blestium (Ble(ium), a town in the 
vicinity of Hereford. 


Bletium. See BtEajriuM. 

Blith, a town in Nottinghamfliire. 

Blois, acityof France, on the Loire. 

BLu,cruM, ) a forirtfs in Bithynia, 

Blutium,) where king Deioiarus 
<Jepo(ited his treafures. 

Bnezominje > (^Cttizomeites), a peo- 

BNIZOMIN.E C pie on the Arabic 

Boa ) (Bovo), an ifland on the roaft 

Bc-Ej of Illyricum, oppofite Tra- 

BoACTES, a river of Liguria, falls 
into the Macra. 

Bqje {Baa), a city of Laconia. 

BOAGRIA, ") r T • • 

r>^ fa river of Locns, in 

liOAGRIO, > r> 

B„ ^ \ oreece. 


BoARiA,) an ifland or rock on the 
BoARis, ^ fiii'.h of Sardinia. 
Bo A R N o ( Fobcrna), a city of Brefcia, 
in Lombarcly, on the Chicfe. 
BoAULFA. See Bavli. 


BoBio, a river of Chili, in South 

BoBRix. See Lampta. 

BoCALiAS, a river in the ifland of 

BocANUM Hemerum, a city of 
Mauritania Tingitana, to the (buth of 
Mount Atlas. 

BoCAT, a valley of Syria, in Afia, 
where are the ruins of Baibec. 

BoccHi (Bucbas), a people of Ar- 
menia Major. 

Bocchyris, a city of Marmorica, 
near the mouth of the river Paliurus,on 
the Mediterranean. 


BocHETTA, a chain of mountains in 
the territory of Genoa. 

Bo CO (Liljkrrtm}, a city on a pro- 
montory of the fame name, on the fouih- 
weft fide of Sicily- 

Bodecia, a city of Italy, between 
Pifa and Genoa. 

Bodena. See Ostrohus. 

BoijENzEE. Sec Constance. 

BonERiA. See Bodotria. 

Bo D I w com A GUM ) (fudf'Jin'a), a 

BoDiNCOMAGus } city of Liguria. 

BoDM.AN, ^ a town in Cornwall, 

Bodmin, ^ where the coinage of tin 
was eftabliflied : it was the fee of a bi- 
fliop A.D. 905, from whence it was re- 
moved to St. Germains, and afterwards 
to Exeter. 

Bodobriga. Sec Baudobriga. 

BoDOv (Bo/iotin), a city of Bulga- 
ria, in European Turkey. 

Bodotria 1 {Bode- 

BODOTRI.'E iEsTUARIA \-ria), the 

BoDOTB,!^ Sinus 3 frith of 

Edinburgh or Forth. 

Bo D w A R ( Faris), a village in Wales. 

BcEA, a city of Candia. 

Bcea. See Bo.'e. 

BoE.BE. See EssERO. 

BcEBE, a city of Gortyna, in Crete. 

BcEBEls } {Jfnifar, Xvnias), a lake 

BoEBiAS) on the confines of Mag- 
nefia, in Thcflaly. 

BcEOTiA. See Stramtjlipa. 

BcEOTiANS. See Thebans. 

Bckthautma. See Bethauna. 

Bog {Hy{>anis), a river of Poland, 
difembogues into the Black Sea. 

Bo OR AS {lyitr Amanl), the Straits 
of Scanderona. 

BoGuniANA, a diftrift of Maurita- 
nia Tingitana, 

Bohemia ( Boiemitm, Boia-mum, Bo' 
iohemurn). This country is fuppofed to 
have been peopled about A.M. 1789, 
by Bohemus, on his retreat from the 
building of Babel : having taken up his 
rrfidence on the banks of the Danube, 
he called the country after his own 
name, which has long been cpnfidcred as 
part of Germany. 

BoHEMiANs( Marcomanni ) , the peo- 
ple of Bohemia. 

BoHMO. See Necropont. 

BoiA, the terntoiy of the Boii, ia 
Galha Celrica. 

BoiANNO) {Bdi'iaH'im), a city in 

BuivvuMJ the kingdom of Na- 

Boiemum. See Bohemia. 

Bon, a people ne^r the river Po, bc« 
twcrn Ravenna and Bologna. 

Boil, a people of Gallia Celtica. 
F t 

B O L 


BojoBiNUM. See Prague. 

T > See Instadt. 


r: > See Bohemia. 

BorOHEIMUM. > ^ 

BoioRUM Deserta, a diftrift of 

BoiscHi, a people on the banks of 
the Danube. 

Bo IS LE Due (5oi le Due, Bufcum 
Ducum, Sylva Ducts, Hertzogenbufcb), a 
town of Dutch Brabant, built by the 
duke of Lorraine A. D. 1184: the wall 
was erected in 1I96. 

BoiuM. See Astaco. 

BoiUM, a city of Cyrenafca. 

Bokhara, a town of Ufbec Tar- 

BoLCHARiA {Bocharia, Bucbaria, 
Calhgi,r), a dil^rift of Ufbec Tartary. 

BoLA > {Voln^ Vula-), a city of La- 

BoLJE S t(um, in {taly, the country 
of the yEqui. 

BoLAGASus. See Vologesia. 

BoLAX, a city of Triphalia, in the 

BoLBE, a marfh near Mygdonia. 

BoLBENE, a diftriftinthe north-wefl. 
of Armenia Major. 


BoLBiTiNE. See Rosetta. 

B'.")LBItinum( Bolbiiicum ) , one of the 
mouths of the Nile, near Roletta, 

EoLBUL^, iflands near Ephefus. 

BoLEKTiuM. S?e Rackers- 

BoLERiuM. See Land's End. 

Bolt. See Bolli. " 

Bo LIN A,^ a city of Achaia, near 

BoLiNE, 5 Patrss. 

BoLiNiEUS, a river of Achaia. 

BoLissus, a city on an iiland of the 
fame name, near Chio':. 

BolitjE, a people of Sableftan, in 

BoLLi {^Aboni Mania, Bolt, Bullis), 
a city of Natolia. 

Bo I. LI {Paphlngonia), a diftrift of 
Afia Minor. 

Bologna {Ffl/ina, Bonown), a city 
of I^omandiola, in Italy, was founded 
about A. M. 3060. Pliny obferves, 
that it was the moll ancient city belong- 
ing to the Tulcans ; who being expelled 
by the Ronr.ans, thcv planted a coloiiy of 
30C0 men hv-rt, bv whole means it at- 
tained lo great a degree of fpicndour, 
that in the time of Auguftus it was re- 
puted one of the three chief cities of 
Italy. The city was deftroyed by the 
»-mperor Lothaire, about A. D. 844, 
btfcaufe the citizens had offended his fon 
Lewi-; but it was To fai rebuilt in 127 i, 

that it fuftained a war of three years* 
continuance againft the Venetians, who 
having fubdued it, impofed a tax upon 
the inhabitants, which they objefting 
to, were prshibired a free trade in the 
-A.driatic Sea. In 1365 a civil dilTen. 
fion arofe, and the city became fubjeit 
to the Pope, who furrounded it with a 

BoLSENA ) {Fol/inium), a town of 

Bolsenna5 Itsly, on 3 lake of the 
fame name. 

Bolus, a fortrefs near Theodofiopo- 

BoL7,ANO {Bauxnre, Bauzanum^ 
Endida), a city of Germany, in the 

BoMARZO {Poljmartium'), a city of 
Italy, between Vitcrbo and Orta. 

BoMBUs, a river of Cilicia. 

BoMi, mountains in J£,to\\z. 

BoMiENSEC, a people near ^^tolia. 

BoMiTJE, a city of Syria Antiochena, 
on Mount Amanus. 

BoMQ. See Negropont. 

Bona (Bonna), a fcaport of Africa, 
in the diftrift of Algiers. 

BoN^ Fo^TUNjE Insula, an ifland 
in the Bay of Bengal. 

BoN ANDREA ( Lepbyriutn), a city of 

BoNCONiCA {Baucofjicn), a city of 
the Vangiones, in Gallia Belgica. 

Bond A RE A {^ApoUoma, Apollonian), a 
ci;y of Cyrcne. 

BoNDENO {Padinum), a city of Fer- 
rara, in Italy. 


B o N D o N 1 2 A ( ^carphia , S carp bra), z 
city near the Straits of Thermopylae. 

BoNHOMiviEs. See Albigenses. 

BoNi PoRTUS, a harbour in the ealt 
of Canoia, near Salmone. 

BoNiANUM, a city of Samnium, in 

BoN MONSTER (Eofic'iia^ MilatiT), a 
city of Hungarv. 

Bonn, "la town of Gcr» 

Bonn A, I many, in the 

BonnaJuma, I eleftofate of 

BoNNF, j Cologne. 

Bononia. Sre Bologna. 


EoNONiA, a city of Pannonia Infe» 
rior. Si.e BonmonsteR. 
Bononia. See Bodon. 

Boon, ) a maritime town of 

BooNONis,) Pontus, on the Eux- 

ine Se;i. 

BooNETA, the refidencc of king Po- 

lydoius, in Sparta. 


BoosccETE. See Germanicopo- 

BoosuRA, a town of Cyprus, where 
a temple w<*s dedicated to Venus. 

Bora, a mountain in Macedonia, to 
the louth of Mount Hiemus. 

BoRADES, a people near the Hercy* 
nian Foreft. 

BoRAMMA, an excavation in Mount 
Libanus, inhabited by tiiieves and rob' 

BoRAiVi, a people of Scythia. 

T>^„ , > See vvon.Ms. 


Bo R CHORUM, a town on the iiland 

of MijorcH. 

BoRCOLE, a city of Thrace. 

BOKCO Vicus, > c c ^, 

■n„ > See Berwick. 


Boreas, a mountain of Macedonia, 
near Dyrrachium. 

BoREOs roMA,one of the mouths of 
the Danube. 

BoREUM, a promontory of Cyre- 

BoREUM, a promontory on the ifland 
of Ceylon. 

BoRGi, a people of Chorafaa, in 

F'orrnita), a city of Italy in the duehy 
of Parma. 


BoRiSTHEXES, a town of Pontus, in 
Afid, at the confluence of the Dnieper 
and Bog : it was founded about A. M. 
3296. See OczACOW. 

BoRius, a port on the ifland Tene- 

BoRMANico, a city of Provence, in 

BoRMANUM, a town of Dacia, near 
.the river TioiHus, 

BoRMiscus, a diftri<5t of Macedo- 
nia, in which Euripides the poet was 
torn to death by dogs. 


BoRNOb, a place in Thrace. 

BoRNOU, the chief city of a king- 
dom, bcaiing the fame nam?, in Africa. 

BoROL'GHBRlDGE (Eurro-wbr I g^ , 
Ifurtum^ a town in Yorkfl»ire. 

BORSIPPA \(^Hipi)jiramrn), a city 

BoRbiPPUS 3 of Chaldea, facred to 
Diana and Apollo. 


BoRussA. See Prussia. 


BosA. See Buosa. 
Bosicus. See VoGEsus. 
BosihE (£/i/f//i), a diftrift of Ara- 
bia Deferta. 
Bos LE Due. See Bo is LsDuc. 


BosNA {Bacuntius), a river of BjI- 
nia, falls into the Save. 

Bosnia, a province of European 

BosoR {Bezer, Bazra, Bofia, Boz^ 
ra), a fortrefs in Arabia Petroea. 

BosoR, > a city in the land of 

IJ(DS0RRA»5 Gitead. 

BosPHORA>;i, a name given to the 
Tartars who refide near the Bofphoru";. 

BosFHORiuM, the harbour df Con- 

BosPHORUS (^BsJPdrus), a kingdom 
whofc territories weic part in Europe, 
but chieHy in Afia. 

BosPHORusCiMMERiJE,the Straits 
of Cafta. 

BosPHORUs, in Thrace, the Straits 
of Coiillantinople, that leparate Europe 
from Alia, and join the Propontis to the 
£uxine Sea. 

BosRA. See BosoR. 

BossA. See Buosa. 

BosTJZAN ( jEgium ) , a city of Aichaia 

BosTRA, a city of Arabia Petraea, 
confiderably augmented and beautified 
by Trajin. 

BoTAN {.Mabene"), the rooft fruit- 
ful province in AlTyria. 

BoTHNiM. See Betonim. 


BoTRODUs, a town and grove of 
Ccitiberia, in Spain, near Segobriga. 

BoTRUN ) (fls/r/j), a city of Phoe- 

BoTRYS ji nicia, on the Mediterra- 

BoTTiA, -J afmalldiftriftofMa- 

BOTTI^A.V ^^^^^i^^ 

BoTTiJEi, a people who emigrated 
from Athens, and fettled in Japygia, 
but afterwards removed to Macedonia. 

BoucoNiA, a city between Worms 
and Mentz. 

BovENNA. See Vacca. 

BoviASUM. See BoiANNO. 

BoviASMUM, the palace oFMarobc- 
duus, king of the Marcomanni, in B( - 

BoujEiAH {SjlJar), a city of Nu- 

Bovill;e. See Bauco. 

Bo VINES, a city ot Flanders. 


Bovis Aula, a place in Negropont. 


Boulogne {Bcmonia, Gejfjriacum, 
Bi.t'i".//'), a maritime town in France. 

Bovo. Sec Boa. 

BouM, a city of Ethiopia, on the 
weft fide of the Nile. 



BouM SoLis Stabula. See Mi- 


Bourbon, a city of Bourbonnois, in 
France, from whence the royal family 
were called Bourbons. 

Bourbon Lancv {A!iJincum,Aqua 
i^i/inca'), a city of Burgundy, in France. 

BouRDEAUX {Burdfgala, Burdeaux), 
a city of Guienne in France. 

BouRG Dalim) (Idalium), a city 

BouRG Deols ) of France. 

BouRGE ) {Ai-ariaim, Biturex), a 

BouRGEs) city of Berry in France, 
in which an univerfity was founded 
A. D. iziy. 

BouRGOs. See Burgos. 

Bourn, a town in Lincolnfliire. 

BouRTON on the Wat^r, a vil- 
lage in Glocefterfliire. 

Bout A, a city of Libya Interior, near 
the (ource of the Cinyphus. 

Bow {Straiford le Bou), a village 
near London, where report I'a^s the firft 
ilone bnd^c was built in England. 

Bowes (Z,«i'«/r/.f), a village of Stane- 
more, in Yorklhire. 

Box LEY, a village in Kent. 

BoYNE, a river in Ireland. 

BozBERG (JSc/2,(°«, Focetius Mom'), 
the roughell part of Mount Jura, to 
which the Swifs retreated when they 
were defeated by Cajcina. 

Boziata, an inland town of Albania. 

BoziCHiSTRAN (Pleuron), a city of 
j^itolia, near Calydon. 

BozRA ^ (Bezer, Be/or a, Bojlra), 

BozRAH \ the chief city of Idu- 
mca, in Arabia Petraea. 

BozRA. See BosoR. 

Br A AN, a river of Scotland, falls 
into the Tay. 

Brabant {Toxandria), an extcnfive 
province of the Netherlands. 

Brabasthenes, a mountain near 

Bracara. See Braga. 

Bracarii Callaici. SeeGALi- 


Sraccata. See Gallia. 

Brachea. S£e Sea Red. 

Brachmanes. See Brahmins. 

Brachmk, a City of the Brahmins, in 
the Hither Lidia. 

jbRADANO, ) a river of Great 

Bradanus, J Greece. 

Bradesley {Badejlej), a village in 

Brae Alein. See Albany. 

Braga {Byacara, Augi'Jia Bracara), 
a town of Portugal. 

P^j^aga (Bracara), the metropolis of 
ftalici^, in Spain. 

BnAGApA. See Megrada. 

Brahmins {Brachmana), Gymnofo' 
phitts), a feft of Indian philofophers, 
who devote themfelves to the worfiiip 
of the gods, and lead a very aufteie 
life, neither eating flcfti nor drinking 
wine till they arrive at a certain age, 
when, by their religious tenets, they are 
permitted to marry, and indulge them- 

Braine. Sec Brayne. 
Bramber, a town in Sullex. 
Bramma, a city of the Siamefe, irj 

Brampton (Bremertium), a town 
in Cumberland, near which there is, 
on the fummit of a high hill, an en- 
trenchment called the Moat. 

Brancaster ( B'lviodiDium, Bran' 
«o^//i//;>), a village in Norfolk. 

Branchid.-e, a people of Afia, near 
the river Oxus, who were put to the 
fword by Alexander. 

Brandeburg, ) a diftrlftof Ger- 
BRANnENBur.G, > many, which 
was firll peopled by ctlcnies of French, 
Germans, and Saxons, whole hrlt duke 
was Sunno, fecond fon of Richimer, 
who was ftaricncd there to prevent the 
incurfions of the eaftern and northern 
people : the city was built by Brando 
and Brennus A. D. 138 : it is divided 
into two parts by the river Hawcll, ono 
of which is termed the old, and the 
other the new town. 

Brandon, a town in SufFulk. 
Brangonium, See Worcester. 
Brannodium. ) See Brancas- 
Brannodunum. \ ter. 
Branogenium. ) See Worces- 
Branonium. \ ter. 
Bras de Bei.tin, a place in Lower 
Egypt, between Damieita and Rofetta. 
Brasia, a city of Attica. 

BrASIA, ) . r r 

r> > a city or Laconia. 

BRASI.ffi,3 ■' 

Brasil, a country in South Atne- 
rica, difcovered by the Poriuguefe A. D 

Br AT A (Baratbia, Barata), a city of 
Africa, on the coaft of Tripoli, between 
Ltbeda and the Gulf of Sidra. 

Brattia. See Brazza. 

Bratton Castle, is {ituate rear 
VVeftbury, in Wiltlhire. 

Bratuspantium. See Beau^ 
vais. {Alpes Rbetia), that part 
of the Alps near the Lake of Conftance, 
between the Tyrol and Switzerland. 

Brauron, ^ a city of Attica, 

BrauRONIA, S where was a tem- 
ple dedicated to Diana, in which was a 
l^atuc of the g'.'UtJci*; brought into 

B R £ 

B R r 

Greece by Iphigenia, which was con- 
veyed away by Xerxes when he invaded 

Bray n e (Brame,Biifax,Brennacum), 
a city of Soiflonois, in France. 

Brazza {Brajfay Bra/tia), a town 
on an iHand bearing the fame name, in 
the Gulf of Venice, on the coaft of Dal. 

Brea, a city of Thrace, colonized by 
the Athenians. 

Breadalbane. SeeALBANY. 

Brechin, a town of Angus, in Scot- 

Breckiniauc'^ {Aberhondy)y a town 

Brecknock > and county of S. 

Brecon 3 Wales. 

Breda, a town of Brabant. 

Bregantz) ( Brigantium, Brigan- 

Bregentz > tia), a town and coun- 
ty of Germany, on the Lal<e of Con- 

a town of Upper Pan- 
nonia, on the Danube. 

Breme, \ a city and principality of 

Bremen,) Germany, the metropo- 
lis of Dietmarfia j was founded by Le- 
chus A. D. 55 5, and is fituate in Eaft 
Friefland, on the river VVefer. 

Bremenium. See Brampton. 

Bremetonacum.^ SeeOvEKBUR. 


Brenci. See Breuni. 

Brenda. See Brindisi. 

Brendolum, a city of Savoy, on 
the river Etfch. 

Brennacum. SeeBRAVNE. 

Brenni. See Breuni. 

Brennus Mediolanum. See 

Brentha,) • r . ,. 

B> a city 01 Arcadia. 
renthe,) ■^ 

Brkntheates, a river of Arcadia, 
falls into the Alpheus. 

Breones. See Breum. 

BresCELlo (Bnxt-UuM, Brifcello), 
a city of Modena, in italy, on the river 

Brescia (^Brixia, Bcdriacum, Thra- 
cia), a city of Lombardy, on the river 
Garza; was founded about A. M. 1675, 
and was for a confiderable time the ca- 
pital of the Galli Cenomani. The 
greatcft part of the buildings were dc- 
ftroyed by the Milanefe A. D. 35, but 
were rebuilt by Brennus. Otho, em- 
peror of Germany, made it a free ftate j 
after which, Philip, duke of Milan, ob- 
tained polfelfion of it, whofe officers op- 
preffed the inhabitants to luch a degree, 
that they put themfelves under the pro- 
tcftton of ;hc Venetians, who, by the 

valour of Carmagnola, their general, and 
the authority of Peter, the advocate of 
the city, wrefted it out of their hands iu 

Breslv, a province of Poland. 

Brest {Brivatei), a fea-port of Bre- 
tagne, in France. 

Bretagne {Armor ica, Aremorica^ 
Brittany), a province of France. 

Bretannia. See Britain. 

Bretena. See Brignano. 

Bretina, a city in the territory of 
Milan, in Italy, where St. Peter fufFered 
martyrdem . 

Bretoljeum. See Bretulla. 

Brettania. See Britain. 

Brettia, a diftrift of Italy. 

Brettii, a people of Italy. 

'RB.ETVhi.A.^Bretolaum), a village of 

Breucomacus. See Brumt. 

Breviodurus, a city of GaUla 
Celtica, near the Britifli Channel. 

Breuni {Brenci, Brenni, Breones'), 
the people of Bavaria. 

Briados. See Brias. 

Br I an 90 N {Brigantiiwi), a town of 
Dauphine, in France. 

Briantica {Galaica), a diftrifik o£ 
Thrace, near the river Liffus. 

Brias {Briados), a city of Pifidia. 

Bricinnije, a citadel in the territory 
of ^tna. 

Bridgnorth, a town in Shrop- 

Briel, a maritime town of the United 

Brientz, a lake in the canton of 
Berne, in Switzerland. 

Brig^. See Brigantks. 

Brig^cum {Brigecum), a city of 
Spain, on the confines of Afturias. 

Brig ANTES {BrigaJ,thc inhabitants 
of Yorkfhire, Durham, Lancalhire.Wefl- 
morland, and Cumberland. 

Brigantia. See Galloway. 

Brigantia. See Bregantz. 

Brigantinus Lacus, the Lake of 

Brigantinus Portus. See Co- 


Brigantium. See Bregantz. 
Brigantium. SeeGALLOWAY. 
Brigantium. See Brian<jon. 
Brige. See Broughton. 
Brigecum. See Brig^eclm. 
Brightstow. See Bristol. 
Brignano {Brecena, Brintbum), % 
city in the territory of Venice. 

Brilessus, > . • r A »• 

BRIL£TTUS,r^^^^^ ^ "• 

Brimvsfield, a village in Glo* 
ceftcrfljire, on, the river Stroud. 

B R O 


Erin {Euburodunum, Arjicua), a city of 
Moravia, in Germany. 

Brikdici) '^Btundufiumy "hfundijium, 

Brindisi \ Brenda\ a fuy of Na- 
ples, on the Grulf of Venice, where the 
Via Appia terminated. At this port the 
Remans embarked for Greece, and in 
this city Virgil died. 

Brioude, a city of Auvcrgne, in 

BrIsa, a promontory of Lelbos. 

Brisach {Brijiacus), a town of the 
Brifgau, in Germany, on a mountain of 
the fame name. 

Briscei.lo. Sc« Brescello. 

Briscium, a city on the confines of 

Brisgau, a territory of Germany, in 
the circle of Suabia, 

BirisiACus. See BrisaCH. 

Brtsoana (Brizana), a river of 
Perfu, falls into the Perfian Gulf. 

Brit AIM Great) {Albion, Olbion., 

B R xr A N N I a 3 Engldond, Pry. 

tania, Infula Ceruli, Lifula Fhrum, Valen- 
iia, Angldond, Bretartma), the largeft 
ifland in Europe. 

Britaxni, the inhabitants of Bre- 
tagne, in France. 

Britain North. 7 SeeScor- 


Britannia Romana, England and 

B R I T is H C H A N N £ L {Frelum Bntan- 
ntc'.ivi), the arm of the fea that divides 
France from England. 

Britones, { the inhabitants ofGreac 

Britons, J Britain. 

Brittany. See Brf.tagne. 

Briva IsAR.t. See roNTHOis. 

BiiivATEs. See Brest. 

Briula, a city of Lydia, near th.c 

Brixaba. See AniETrs Froxs, 

Brj xellum. ) c -r, 

T. ; See Brescello. 

Brixellus. ) 

Brixek {Sahw, S:ihlnbic^ Sublavio"), a 
citv of Germany, in the Tyrol. 

Brixia- See Brescia. 
" BUiXTA, a river of Elymais, falls Into 
the Ptrfian Gulf. 

BuiXlANUM. ) c „ 

Brtz ACA, a city of Armenia Major. 
Bkizana. Sec Brisoana. 
Broad Albin. See Albany. 
Broad \vater( Dabrona, Avon More), 
a ri^er in Ireland. 

BkoCOM AGl:'S. SccBrUMT. 

Bromiscus, a city of Macedonia, on 
the lake Bol'ue, fituate above Ciialcidice. 
'• Brondolo {Brmid'.dii), a port of 

Brokgi's, a river that falls into the 
Danube. '^'' ' 

Bronx {Blandcnona), a fmall city of 

BROt;GH (Brc-JOKiacum), a town in 

Broughton {Brige), a town in 

Brovonaca. SeeKEKDAL. 

Bkovoniacum. See Brough. 

Bruchium, the citadel of Alexan- 

Brvcteri, ) the people of Eaft 

Bructeri ANS, J Frieiland. 

Bruges, a city of Flanders : the 
caftle was ereded A. D. 881. 

Brumt {Brocomngus, Brcucomagtis), a 
city of Alface. 

BrUNDISIUM. 7 c r> 

■0 [■ See Brindisi. 

Brundusium. i 

Brundulus. See Brondoi.o. 

Brunna. ) • r D 1 

„ f 3. city of Bohemia. 

Brunnum, \ ■' 

Brunonis Vicus, ) a city of Lower 

Brunswick, 5 Saxony, in a 

principality bearing the fame name in 

Brussells {Bnixch); the metropolis 
of Brabant. 

Brutia, a city of Calabria, in Italv. 

Brutii {Bruttii), the pe'-iple of Ca- 

Br u t I u m ( Bruttium, Pmta del Satita), 
a peninfula of Italy. 

Bruttia Sila. Slc SttA. 

Bruttii. See Brutii. 

Bruttium. See Brutium. 

Bryanium, a city of Psjnia, i.^ 

P ^ ' S a people or MLicedonia. 
xj R Y G 1 , 3 

Brygium, a city of Macedonia. 
Bkysea, a city of Laconia. 
P.rystacia. See Umbriatico, 
F.UA, ^n ifland in the Gulf of Venice*. 
BuBACENK, a difliift of Afia, fub- 
^\\"A bv Alexander. 


Bubastiacus, ^ the eaftern branch 
BuBASTicus, 3 of the Nile, in 
Lower E^vpt. 

BuBASTis, ) a city of Egypt, in the 
Bubastus, j[ eaftern part of the 
Delta, where cats were held in great ve- 
neration ■, and where Diana was worfnip- 
pcd under the appellation of Bubaftis. 

Bubastites Nomos, a diltridl of 
Egypt, to the E of the Bubaflic branch 
of the Nile. 

Bub ASUS {Bubofw, Byhnfftn^, a dif- 
tridt and peninfula of Cana, wiie:e:n was 
a temple dedicated to Di.«.ia. • ■ 



EuEir NUM. See Praguk. 
■ BuBiEKCA (Bobirrcii, Voberca^ Vu- 
beria), a town of Arragon, in Spain. 
I UBO, \ an inland city of Lycia. 


BOBULCORUM, a maritime town of 
Lower Galilgf) between Ptolcmais and 

•BuCA, a city of Samnium, at the 
mouth of the Tifernus, on the Adriatic 

BucciNA. See Levenzo. 

BucEPHALA, a promontory of Ar- 
golis, in the Morea. 

BUCKPHALA. 7 c T , „_ 

Bucephalus, a port of Argolis, to- 
wards the Jfthn)US of Corinth. 

Buch;eti'JiM, a city of Thefprotia, 
in Epirus, near the fea. 

Buchanness, the moft eaftern pro- 
montory of Scotland. 

BucHARiA. See Bokharia. 

BucHiARA {Mareotis), a lake in 
Egvpt, near Alexandria. 

BuciNA, I one of the iEgades 

BuciN.VA,) iilands, between Sicily 
and C'^rthagc. 

BfciNNA. See Vacca. 

BuCKiNGHA-M, the chief town in a 
county of the lame name, in England. 

Bucoi.icuM {Foolniuami'), one of 
the mouths of the Nile. 

Bl'Cra, a promontory on the s fide 
of. Sicilv. 

• Bud A {Sicatnbria, Ofm, Curta), the 
capital of Lower Hungary, on the Da- 
nube ; was founded about A. D. 25+, 
and vvss the rclidcnce of Attilla, king of 
the Huns, in 411; of wh'm it is report- 
ed that he flew iiis brother Bleda, for 
calling the city Buda inftead of Attilla, 
when he, at his brother's rcquelt, had 
enlari^td it. In 1526, the city was taken 
by Solyman, who delivered it, with the 
reft of the kin^don), to John bepucius, 
in 1530, and appointed him tributary 
king ttiereof. 

BuDALlA {Buhalia), a town of Sir- 
miuin, in Lower Pannonia. 

BtDAR-UM {Bu(Iofur;\ a citadel of 


BuDKNA. See Budina. 

BuDEON" (B&ir/«f«),acity of Magncfia, 
in Theflaly. 

BuDii, a nation of Media. 

BuDiNA {Biidcna), the metropolis of 

BuDiM, a people of Scythia, 

BuoiNus, a mouncjin of European 

Bl'doa {Balua, Buiua- But hoe, Bu- 

iboece), a city of DalmatJa,on the Adria- 
atic Sea. 

BunoRUM. SeeBuDARuM. 

BuDORUs, a river of Negropont. 

Budra.. ) c 1- 


BuDUA, a village of Eftramadura, on 
the confines of Portugal. 

BuGEs {Biu, Bvce, Sapra Palis), a 
lake in Cherfonefus Taurica. 

Bug I A {SaUh), a maritime town of 
Africa, in the territory of Algiers. 

BuiLTH {Bealt, Beahb, Bitelbt, Bui- 
leum Siluru>N)y a town of Brecon, m 
South Wales. 

Bui. AC, a town of Egypt, near Grand 

EuiGA. See Wo I, G A. 

Bulgaria {Moejia Inferior), a pro- 
vince of European Turkey, including 
the ancient Pontus. 

Bulgaria, a province of Bohemia. 

Bulia, ) a city of Phocis, in Greece 

Bulis, \ Proper. 

BuLL-iEUM. See Builth. 

Bullaminsa, an inland town of 
Zeugitana, in Africa. 

BuLLA-REGIA. ) c n 

Bullaria. { SeeBEijE. 
BuLF.F.N. See Boulogne. 
Bum eum Stlururi. Sec Builth. 
Bull IS {Hjltis), a maritime town of 

Bullis, a city of Macedonia. 


BuLL'iuM S/LURUM. See Caer.. 

F 1 L I. E Y . 

Bulk ESS {Blatobu'^iw/i), a village 
of Cumberland, where Antoninus began 
his Itinerary. 

Bumauus, ) a river of Aflytia, on 

BuMELLVS, ) whofe banks Dariui 
encamped before his laft battle with 
Alexander, at Gaugmela. 

Bu.N'GAY, a town in Suffolk. 

Bumva (Oc'ta), a mountain of 
Greece, between Theflaly and Achaia. 

BUNOMIA.) c T.- 

„ > See jE.NiiZAR. 

BU.NOMOS. ) ■' 

Bugs A {Bofu, B'ljfi)., a town on the 
w^ coait of Sardinia. 

BuPR ASiu.M, aciry, country, and rivet 
of Ells, in the Morc.i, 

BuRA, a city of Achaia Proper. 

BuRA, a city of Mefopotamia. 

BuRCA, a river of Afiatic Sarmatia. 

BuRCHAN'iA {Fdbaria), an illand in 
the Baltic Sea. 

Bl'kdegala. [• See Bourdeaux. 

Bui^DlGALA. 5 

BuKEVA,acit\ '.fNivarre. 

BvK (.h vroN S .1 .^ :>5 . Fotera, Fa- 


terisyz village of Cumberland, near Sol- 

Burg I AN {Alexandria), a city of 

BuRGiNACiuM. See Water- 



Burgos {Bourgos), a city of Caftile, 
in Spain. 

BuRGUNDiAXs, ) the people of 

BuRGUNDioKES, 5 Burgundy. 

Burgundy, the se part of France. 

BuRiA, a fountain on the ifland of 
Cos, in the Archipelago. 

BuRii,a people near the Hercynian 
Foreft, in Germany. 

-u > a CUV otlUyncum. 


BuRRiUM, a town of the Silures, be- 
tween Caerleon and Cowbridge. 

BuRROUGH-HiLL {Fernemetum, Ve- 
rometum), a town of the Coritani, in 


Bursa \ {Prufa, Pn//2?j), a town of 

BuRsiA ji Natolia, in Bithynia, built 
by Hannibal A.C. 187, and was after- 
wards the feat of the Turkifli govern- 
ment for a confiderable time. 

BuRSAVOLis, a city of Spain. 

BuRsiA, a city of Babylonia. 

BuRTiNA {Bortvia), a city of Hif- 
pania Tarraconenfis. 

BuRDNCV.M. See Wuringek. 

BcRUR {Qbyra), a city of Phrygia 

Bury St.Edmunds {ri/laFauJlhti), 
a town in SuSblk. 

Bus^, a nation of Media. 

Buscum Ducum. See Bois Lt 

Euseiris,") (5//AT/.s),acity of Egypt, 

BusiRls, J in the Delta, where was 
a grand temple dedicated to Ifis. 

BusiRiTiCus Fli vius, a branch of 
the Nile, runs ne^r Buliris. 

EusTRiTicus MoMos, a diftrift of 
Lower Egypt. 

EuslTis. See Bosire. 

Bust, a city of Sablc-ftan, in Pcrfia. 

Busus. See Scio. 

Busyris. See BusiRis. 

BuTA, a city of Achaia. 

BUTHOE. > c D 


B Y Z 




BuTHURUs, a city of Libya Interior^ 
near the fource of the Bagrada. 

BuTiLiANA, a city of Bulgaria. 

BuTis. See Peila. 

BuTO. See BuTUs. 

B#TOA, an irtand in the Mediterra- 
nean, near Candia. 

BuTos, See BuTUs. 

BuTRANTO (Buibroion, Butbrotum, 
Buthrotus), a city of Thefprotia in Epirus. 

BuTRiuM, a canal from Ravenna to 
the river Po. 

BuTROTUs, a river of Great Greece. 


BuTUNTOS. ) c r» 

T, \ See BiTONTO. 


But us {Buio, Butos), a city of Egypt, 
where there was a temple of Apollo, 
and another of Diana, alfo an oracle of 


:ntum. 5 


Buxton, a town in Derbyfliire, 
where are fine baths. 

BuzARA, a mountain of Numidia, 
beyond Mount Aurafius. 

Bybasia, "^ 

Byblasia,> adiftriftof Caria. 

Byblesia, J 


Byblii, a people of Syria. 

Byblos, ■) a city of Phcenicia, in 

Byblus, 5 Syria, where was a tem- 
ple facred to Adonis. 

Byce. See Buges. 

Bylliones, a people of lUyricum. 

Byllis iBuliis), a city of lUyricum. 

Byria, ) a river of France, that 

Byrra, y flows near Narbonnc. 

Byrsa, a citadel in the midft of Car- 
thage, wherein was a temple facred to 
j^lfculapius, which the wife of Afdrubil 
fee on fire when the city was taken. 

By^acene ^ (Emporia), a fruit- 

Byzacenum > ful province of A- 

Byzacium } frica. 

Byzacia, a city of Byzacium. 

By7..'\ntium. See Constanti- 

Byzeres, apeople of Afia, 
between Cappadocia and Colchis. 

^U} s«v.z.. 



CAANA, a town of Egypt, on the 

Cabala, a place in Sicily, where 
Dioiiyiius deftfaced the Carthaginians. 

Cabala, a city of Cilicia. 

Cabalaca (^Cabalka), the chief 
city of Albania. 

Cabalais, a diftri£t of Alia, near 
Mount Taurus. 

Cabales, a people of Africa. 

Cabali A, an inland diftriftof Lycia, 
>n Alia. 

Cabalica. See Cabalaca. 

Cab ALII, a people of Alia Minor. 

Cabalinus, a fountain on Mount 
Helicon, facred to the Mules. 

Cabalis, a city of Phrygia Magna, 
on the Majandcr. 

Caballinum. Sec Chalons sur 

Caballinus. See Cabalinus, 

Caballio. Sec Cavaillon. 

Cab allodunlm. See Chalons 
SUR Saon k. 

CabaNa, a city of Gedrofia, between 
the rivers Arbis. and Tomerus. 

Cabana, a city of Arabia Felix. 

Cabarnis. See Paros. 

Cab AS A, a city of Lovyer E^ypf. ' 

Cabasites Nomos, a ditlrift of 
Lower Egvj)t. 

Cabassus {Cub/'Jlui), a city of Ca- 
taonia, in Cappndncia. 

Cabassus, a village near Tarfus, in 
Cilicia Camptltris. 

CABECAs(G^/a), a city of Andalufia, 
in Spain. 

Cabllees, a people of Lydia. 

Cabellio. See Cavaillov. 

Cabekasa, a city of Media. 

Cabekok, a river of Afia. 

Cabessus. See Cabassus. 

Cabilonum. See Chalons sur 

Cabiosa {LaWicaa), a city of Syria, 
to the se of Damifcus. 

Cabira. See Sebaste. 

CaBIst.ia, a city of Cappadocia. 

Cabreria {Ca}r^a, Capraia, Ca- 
^raria, Cn^rofia, Capri, JEgUum, JEgi' 


I'lum^ Igilium, JEgiloi), an ifland in the 
Mediterranean, near Majorca, where 
Tiberius lived in great luxury. 

Cabseel, a city belonging to the 
tribe of Judah. 

Cabubathara, a mountain ia 
Arabia Felix. 

Cabul (Cbabuiy, a city of Upper 
Galilee, which Solomon gave to Hiram» 
king of Tyre. 

Cabura, a fountain of Mcfopota> 

Cabyle. SccCavalla. 

Cabvllinum. See Chalons sur 

Cacaca, a town of Fez, in Africa. 

Cacarractas, a river of Pamphy- 

Cacar Hascen (Bavaa'a, Bava- 
thiaj^ a city of Tripoli, in Africa. 

Cachales, a river of Phocis, in 
Greece Proper. 

Cac?1>ari. See Arimaspi. 

Cacob.e, a people in the north of 
the Farther India. 

Cacra. See Odysseum. 

Cacuthjs, a river of India, falls into 
the Ganges. 

Cacyparis. SeeCASiBiLi. 

Cacyrum. See Cassaro. 

Cadkmoth (^Keciemoth), a city be- 
longing to the tribe of Reuben. 

C A DEN a, a royal palace on the 
mountains of Lycaonia. 

Cades Barnea, a city in the wil- 
dernefs of Paran, on the confines of Ca- 

Cades Desertum, a city in the 
wildernefs of Zin, in Arabia Petraea. 

Cadi, a city on the confines of Phry- 
gia, Lydia, and Myfia. 

Cadistus, a mountain on the weft 
fide of Candia. 

Cadiz {Gades, Coniinujfa, Tartejfus, 
Erjtbiui), a city of Andaiulia, in Spain, 
appears to have been founded about A.M. 

Cadme. See Priens. 

CadmEa, a citadel of Thfbes : it is 
neto'lv ccnuj;red to be Thebes itfeif. 

C A E 


Cadmea, a city of Boeotia. 

Cadmeaks.J the people of Thrace. 

Cadmei, S 

Cadmeis. Sc:e Stramulipa. 

C A D M o x iE I ( K'jJmon/ri, HfV/ri), a 
people of Pdlcftine, at the bafe of Mount 

Cadmds, a mouTitain of Phrygia 
Magna, the f orce of the river Lycus. 

C ADORE, a CUV of Italy, the birth- 
place cf Titian the painter. 

Cadrema, a city of Lycia. 

Cadkucj, a psopie of Paropamifuf, 
rear Mount Caucafus. 

Cadrust, a city of Paropamifus, built 
by Alexander. 

Cads AND. ) an iflind on the coaft of 

Cadsa.\T,5 Flanders. 

Cadufi, a people near the great ca- 
taraft of the Nile, in Ethiopia. 

CAdurci {Eleitthcri), the people of 
Aquitain, in France. 

Cadurci. "^ 




durcum. k 
durcus. -^ 


C.'VDUSCI, "i a people of AfTyria, 

Cadusians, > near the Cafpian 

Cadusii, ) Sea. 

Cadusiorum Vallum, a diftrift 
on the fouth fide of the Cafpian Sea, be- 
tvveen the rivers Cyrus and Anr'ardus. 

CadVna, a city on the mountains of 

Cadyta. > See Jerusalem. 

Cadytis.) •" 

C^A. See Lango- 

CiEciLiA. See Cecilia. 

Cecilia Castra, ) a ciry of Por-, 5 t^'gal' between 

Salacia and Cetobriga. 

CjECINa, a river of Tufcanv. 

CiECORUM Opi'IDum. See Scu- 

CffiCUBUM, ) a diftrift of La- 

CiEdUBtrs Agf.R, ) tium, in Italy, 
noted for producintf generous wine. 

Cjedessa (iv^^/r'), a city or> the con- 
fines of Tyre and Gdiilte. 

CffiLEiTiNi, a people of Umbria, in 

CvELETica, a diftri<Sl: of Thrace, to- 
wards Macedonia and the .^gean Sea. 

C.tLiNA {Ci//>2a), a ciry of Venice. 

CjELiUM, a city in the kingdom of 

Cjelius Moxs. See Kelmuntz. 

CjELius MoNS. See Ccelius. 

Caen, a city of Normandy, in France, 
wtitre an univerfity was founded A.D. 
i4ii by Henry tne Fifth, king of Eng- 

C;ene, an ifland on the African fide of 

CjESt, a city on the coaft of Lacoiiia, 
from which Jupiter i? called Caenius. 

C^ne. SccNeapolis. 

C.ENEPOL1S ( Tartar urn, Tanarus) , 
a city of Laconia. 

CjENIca Regio, a diftrii^ of Thrace, 
towards Macedonia and the .^gean Sea. 

Cjenina. See Cenina. 

CiENiNENSES, a people of Italy, near 

C^NITES, a port of Achaia, on the 
ifthiTlus of Corinth. 

C.ENOMANi, a people between the 
rivers Seine and Loire. 

C^NOMANi, a people between the 
Alps and the Po. 

C^KOPOLls, a town on the E of 

C.BNOPHRURIUM, a city of Thrace, 
v/here Aurelian the emperor was mur- 
dered by the treachery of his flave Eu- 

CjEVYS, a promontory of Italy, op- 
pofi'e Pelvjrus of SiciiVi 


Cjeraca^es. See Caracates. 

C.tRTEoi, a people of Germany. 

CeratUs, a river of Candia. 

Caerbrand. See Bath. 

CaerbranKf. See York. 

Caercei. See Chichester. 

CaerdronocH (Moricnmbf.')^ a bay 
of Cumberland, on tne Irilh Sea. 

Ca:RE (A^yf/a, Arg\lia\ a city of 
Tufcany, focn'ded by the Pelafgi. 

C.ERESI, a people of Germany. 

C^RETANUS Amnis. See Cert- 


Caerfilly {BulLfum Si/uriwi}^ a 
town of Glamorganlhire, in South 

Caer Gunt. 

Cahr Gwent. 

CiERi.^NA. a city of Baetica in Spain, 
on the e bank, of the Guadiana. 

Caer IsK. SeeExEXER. 

CaekKf.lwyn. Sec Harlech. 

Caer Kyn. See Canterbu- 

Caer Lecion 

Caer Le( 

Caer Lhe] 
mouthlhire, founded by Belinus . A C 
370- Leir. See Leicester. 

Caer LiLE. See Carlisle. 

Caer Lud. See London. 

Caer Mardhin.') c-^r-.^,*.- 

r> ,.^.. f See CarmaR- 

V- A t r 


) See Winch 1 
> T E p . 

ECiON ") {Ifia Si/'unm, Le- 
-:oN > gio Se cumin), a 

[EI ON 3 town of Mon- 
founded by Belinus . A' 

iR. See Leicester. 

LE. See Carlisle- 
iR i^uD. See London. 
■R Mardhin.-^ See Carmai 

■RMARTHEN. > .^.Z 

•rVirdin. 3 ■^"^^' 


C A L 

Caer Secont. See Silces- 


Caer Went (^Fenta Silurum), a vil. 
lage of Moninouthfhirc. 

Caer Wis, ) a tnwn of Fiintfliire, 

CaerWvsk,) in Nonh Wales. 

CAtaWRANCON. See Worces- 

C^SADA {Ceefata, Cefada), a city of 
Spain, between Complutum and Bil- 



C^,SAR Augusta. See Sara- 


C.-ESAREA, a city of Armenia Minor. 


Cjesarea, a city in Bithynia. See 

C^sarea, in Cappadocia. See Ti- 


CjESAREA, a cirv cf Cilicia. 

C.'ESAREA, in Mauritania. Sec Fl- 
GALE Cafe. 

Cjesarea (^Turris Sivatonis, Cafa- 
rea Siniionis), a ciiy of Samaria, on the 
coaft of Pliccnicia, where Herod, at an 
amazing exj^ienfe, made a good harbour 
for fhipping, which before was very 

Casarea Augusta. See Saka- 


C.esarea Paneas. SccBelina. 
Ca:sarea Philippi. See Bal- 


GiESAREA» a city of Pifidia. 

CiESAREA, an ifland in the Britifh 
Channel, on the coaft of France. 

CiESAREA Stratonis. See Cje- 
SAHEA. in Sninaria. 


C.-esaromagus. See Beauvais. 

CiESAROMAGUs, a town of the Tri- 
nobantes, in Britain. See Brent- 


CjEsena. Ste Cesena. 

C.-EsiA Sylva, a part of the Hercy- 
nian Forcft. 

Cjesiro. SccAraura. 

C^STRIA, a city of Thcfprotia, in 

C JEST KIN A, adiftrift of Epirus, fe- 
pnrated from Thefprotia by the river 

Cje-ta, a cave in Lacedaemonia, ufed 
as a prilon. 

Ca,tobrix, a city of Portugal, near 
the m lurh of the Tagus. 

C A F F A ( Tkcoitq/ia , Tkeudofiu ) , a 
toA n of Crim Tartary, in Afia. 

Caffa; Strait of {Cimmerian 

Bo/pborus), the communication between 
the Black Sea and the Sea of Afoph. 

Cagaco, a fountain in Laconia. 

Cagli (/W Ca/nr/, Caliene), a city 
of Urbino, in Italy. 

Cagliari (Cura/es, Curohs), thp 
metropolis of Sardinia. 

Cahors, a town of France, where 
are the icmains of a Roman amphi- 

Cajazzo, ) (Cu/^//<3), a city of Na- 

Cajizzo, ) pie?, in Jtalv. 

CAiCiNUS, a river of Locris, in 

Caieta, ) c r- 
,>.,^,^^' J-SceGAIETA. 
V- AfETTA. } 

Cain A, a city of Ponrus, in Afia. 

Cainas, a river of India, falls into 
the Ganges. 

Caipha {Cajfa, Porphyreum, He! fa), 
a city of Phoenicia, at the foot of Mount 

Cairo {Grand Cairo, Mrtfia'), the 
mctr.-nolis cf Egypt, in Africa, near 
the Pyramids. 

Cairoan {Petitapolis, P!yrus), a 
city of Cyrtna'ica, od a promontory of 
the fame name. 

Caithness (Tra-vijium, Orcus), a. 
promontory \n Scotland. 

Cai.a, a city cf Alfyria. 

Calabria {Mtjfapia, Jiipygin, Sa- 
leruinin, Pcucetta), a fertile country of 
Great Greece, in Italy. 

Calabrus, a river of Calabria. 

Calach, a city of Affyria, 

CaLACHENA,") . c srr 

Calachenl P P™"'"" '^f ^'':y-, i na, on the Tigris. 

Calacta. SccMarco. 

Caladunum, a city of Spain, be- 
tween Aftor^a and Bracara. 

Calagorina, "I (.Nafcicn, Julia 

Calaguricum, I Nafcica), a city 

Cai.aguris, I of Caftilc, in 

Calahokra, J Spain. 

Calagurritani, a people of 
Spain, who, during the Sencrian war. 
devoured their wives and children, ra- 
ther than they fliould be taken by Pomi' 

Ca LAGUTis, a river of Spain. 

Calais, a maritime town of Picardy, 
in France. 

Calama, a maritime towi) of Cara- 

Calama, a citv of Numidia. 

Cal *M ACA ( Thuria), a citv of Mef- 
fenia, near Phcra, one of the faven 
cities which Agamemnon promifcd to 

CaiaM-T!:, a city of McffLnia, in the 

C A L 

C A L 

Calamata, a town of the Morea, 
in European Turkey. 

Calamianes, three fmall illands of 
Afia, between Borneo and the Philip- 

Calamisa, a place of Samos. 

Calamissus, a city of Locris, 

Calamo (C/arwi), a city of Ionia, 
famous for an oracle of Apollo. 

Calamos, a city at the bafe of 

Mount Libanus. 

Calamos, ) • , „. 

r^ » T * v.»,c f ^ "ty of Phoenicia. 

Calamus, y ■' 

Calandra (Acalandra, Salatidra), 
a city of Lucania, in Sicily. 

CalaoN) a river of Afia, near Color 

Calapis. See Culpe. 

Calaris (^/fl//a), a city of Corfica. 
See Aleria. 

C ALARis, a city of Sardinia. 

Calarnia Turris, a tower in 
Macedonia, fituate between the river 
Strymon and Mount Athos. 

Calash, acity of CaJachene, in Af- 

CalaTAJUD {Bi'bilisy Bilbii), a 
city of Arragon, in Spain, the birth- 
place of Martial. 

Calates, a town of Thrace, near 
Tom us. 

Calathama, a city of Theffaly. 

Calathaka, a city of Macedonia. 

Calathe, an ifland on the coaft of 
Numidia Propria. 

Calathion, a mountain of Laconia. 

Calathusa, a defert ifland between 
the Thracian Cherfonefus and Samo- 

Calathusa, a city of Arabia De- 

Calatia. SeeCAjAZZo. 

Calati^, a people of India, who 
are laid to eat the fiefli of their parents. 

Calatis (^Acervetis), a city of 

Calatis {Callatis, Cah'atia), a city 
of Moefia Inferior. 

Calatum (jGa!acuni\ a town of the 
Brjgantes, in Britain. 

Calavii, a people of Campania, in 

Calaura, a city of Thrace. 

Calaurea,)^ an ifland of Greece, 

Calauuia, 3I in the Saronic Bay, 
whereon was a temple facred to Nep- 
tune. On this ifland Demofthenes de- 
Itroyed himfeif by poifon, becaufe he was 
perfecuted by Antipater. 

Calbis, a river of Caria. 

Calce, a city of Campania, in Italy. 

CalcEdon. ) p r> 

?, ^ " ^., i See Ciialcedon. 


Calcua. See Wallingforr, 

Caldas {Aqua Cflenia, Aqva Cilir 
nit), a diftrift of Galicia, on the river 
Minho, near Barcelona. 

Caldes de Malavella {.AqufiC 
Voconia\ baths in Catalonia, near Cah'i. 

Cale. See Calvi. 

Cale Acta. See Marco. 

Caledonia, the highlands of Scot- 

Caledonia Sylva {Caledonius 
Saltus), an extenfiye foreft in North 

Caledonians, > a people in the 

Caleponii, 5 highlands of Scot- 

Caledonius Saltus. See Ca- 
ledonia Sylva- 

Calenburg (6V//w), afortrefsof 
Germany, neat Hanover. 

Calenum. SeeCALVi. 

Calenus Ager, plains near Calvi, 
in Italy. 

Caleos {_Cba!eort, Cbaleos),, a mari- 
time town of Locris, on the Bay of Co, 

Cales, a city of Bithynia, bn the 
Euxine $ea. 

Cales. See Calvi. 

Caletanus Acer {Caktranus 
Ager), a dirtriit of Tufcany, near Vola- 

CaI""?.;'.^ 3. Pi°Pl« °f Normandy, 

CALETiE, "^ g 
Caletes, >• j^' 

ca^eti, y 


Caletra, a city of Enuria, to thp 
E of th^ river Umbro. 

Caletum, a city of Normandy, in 

Caleva. See Wallingford. 

Calex, a river of Afia Minor, falls 
into the Euxine Sea. 

Calibia ( Curobis^ Cwrttbis) , a city of 
Zeugitana, in Africa. 

Caliceni, a people of Macedonia. 

Calicula. See Callicula. 

Calicut, a country in the peninfula 
of Hindooftan, difcovered by Vafques 
de Gama A.D. 1497. 

Califs. See Callifi. 

California {i^t-w Albion), a pen- 
infula of North America, difcovered by 
fir Francis Drake A.D. j=;78. 

Calinda. See Laculi. 

Calindici, mountains near Calin- 
da, in Caria. 

Calingje, a people of India, near 
the mouth of the Ganges. 

Calingii, a people of Arabia Felix. 

Calinicum. See Callinicopo- 


Calisia. SeeKALiscH. 
Calitekra, acity of Macedonia. 

C A L 

Callacia. "i 

Calljecia. > SccGamcia. 

Callaica. y 

Callaici, a people of Portugal. 

Callas, a river of Euboea. 

Callatebusj a city of Caria, near 
the Mxander. 

Callateria, a city of Campania, 
on the Via Appia. 

Callatia. > c /-• 


Callatia (^Ariajpe), a eity of Si- 
giftan, in Perfia. 

Calle. See Oporto, 

Callkm. SeeCAGLi. 

Calleni, a people of Campania, in 

Calleva. See Wallincford. 

Calli, a city on a promontory, bear- 
ing the lame name, in Marmorica. 

CaLLIA, } r A J- 

CALLi^,r^'^y°f Arcadia. 

Calliarus, a city of Locris. 

Callica, a city of Bithynia. 

Callichorus, a river of Paphla- 

Callichorus, a place of Phocis, 
where the orgies of Bacchus were cele- 
brated annually. 

Callicolona, an eminence near 
Troy, on the river Simois. 

Callicula (Calicula), a mountain 
in Campania. 

Callidromus, the higheft fummit 
of Mount Oeta. 

Callidromus, a mountain near 

Callif*, > (Call/a), a city of 

Callifi, ) Italy. 

Calligeris, a city of the Hither 

Calligicum Promontorium. 
See Cory. 

Callinecopolis > (Calinicum, 

Callinicus 5 Calwicus), a 

city of Mefopotamia, on the Euphrates. 

Callinusa, a promontory on the 
NW fide of Cyprus. 

Calliope, a city of Parthia. 

Calliopolis, ) . fc- M 
/-, ' > a citv of Sicily. 

Callipolis, 5 ' 

Calliopolis > (Callium), the me- 

Callipolis ) tropolis of Clier- 


C>N LLioPOLis, ) in Calabria. See 
Callipolis, ) Gallipoli. 
Calliopolis,) in Thrace. See 
Callipolis, 5 Gallipoli. 
Callipolis. an ifland. SccNaxia. 
Calli pus {Cba/yis), a river of Por* 

Cali.irrhoe iEnneacruno}), afoun- 

tain neai Athens. 

NE. ) 
-NO. 3 

See Ctesiphon. 


Callirrhoe, a fpring of hot water 
in Paleftinc, near the Dead Sea. 

Callirrhoe. See Edessa. 

Callista. SeeMELOs. 

Calliste. SccThera. 

Callistratia, a city of Paphla- 
gonia, on the Euxine Sea. 

Calliter;e, a city of Bifaltia, ia 

Callicum. See Callipolis. 

Calmar, a mariiim;; town of Sma- 
land, in Sweden. 

Calmaria, a town in Denmark. 

Calmucs. See Kalmucs. 



Calo, a town of Germany, between 
Vetera and Gelduba. 

Caloiero {Atalantes Nr/jon), a a 
ifland in the Euripus. See Talanta. 

Caloire {Xtonlum), a city of Si- 

Caloprini, a people of Venice. 

Calor, ) a river of Italy, falls into 

Calor£,5 the Sabatus, near Bene* 

Calpas. See Carrathassan. 

Calpe. See Gibraltar. 

Calpurniana, a city of BcBtica, in 

Calquechlani. See Cattieu- 

Calstidium, a city of Liguria. 

Calvary Mount {Golgstha), a 
hill near Jerufalem. 

Calvi {Cale, Caks, Caienum, CaU- 
Jium"), a city of Naples; the chief city 
of the Aufones, celebrated by Horace for 
producing generous wine. 

Calvi, a fortrefs in Cordca. 

Calusium, a city of Etruria^ 

Calybe. See Siciba^. 

Calycadnus. See Saleso. 

Calycadnus {Zepbyrium), a pro- 
montory of Cilicia, in Afia. 

Calydium, a city of Italy, on the 
Via Appia. 

Calydna. See Laguli. 

Calydnus. See Saleso. 

Caly^don. See Ayton. 

Calymn A ) (Calydna), an ifland 

Calymnia ji in the Mediterranean, 
near Candia, the birth-place of Hippo- 

Calymna. SeeLAGULi. 

Calynda, a city of Caria. 

C\L\rsvs{0^ ygia, Promontorium Cir. 
ceium), an iiland in the Ionian Sea, op- 
poHte Lacinium. 

Camalodunum, See Colches- 

Camantium, a city of Afia Minor, 
which Cyrus gave, with fix others, as 



princes at Conftantinople, from whom 
it was captured by the Genoefe; but the 
yenetian> 'afterwards retook it. 

CANdinvM. . See IMabra, Cape.' 

Candyba {Condyba), a city of Lycia. 

Cane, a mart and prorr.onrory of 
Arabian Felix, near the ifland Dio'fcnris. 

Cane, Grotta del, a ^narkable 
jrrot:o, Puzzoli, in the kingdom of 
Naples. • ■ ■ 

Cane A {Cydon, Cyddnia), a city on 
the ifland of Candia. 

Canentelus. See Chakente. 

CanetHcm, a mountain in Boeotia. 

Canetiil'm, a place of Negropont. 

CANGANi,>a people of Somerfef- 

Cangi, 5- fliire and Wiirfhire. 
' Cangaxorum, a promontory in 

C a N I N A , a city of Alban ia. 

Canina {Chaonia), a province of 
Epirus, near the Ceraunian mountains. 

Canina (^Ei'ymea, E!jma^, a city of 

Canina {Epirus"), a kingdom of 
Greece. ' ■ 

Caninefates {Cannanef ales') ^ a 
j copie near Ztaland. 

Canjni, a people of the Grifons. 

Canijs'i CaiNipi. SeeCAJWPi. 

CanxstR9 (J^allene), a city of Ar- 

Canna riESTRUTTA. ) SeeCANO- 

CannIb. $ sa. 

CannaVefates. See Canine- 
fates, '";'•. .. 

Cannaro (^Camkus), a river of Si- 
cily. ' ' ' ' 

C.'VNOPicuM Ostium {Sa'taoiicum 
Ofiium, H:'rackoticiiTn Oftiiim) one of the 
mouths of the Nile, near Aic.^.andria. 

Canopus. See,EiCH'iEBr. 

CaxopuS. See Aboukir. ' .. 

Cwi^o^A '(Ca7:na dtjirnua, Xlaniia, 
t^ Cam'Jiun!)','^. town ofi the kingaorh of 
Naples, where the K* mans were defeat- 
ed by Hani^.ibal, with the ICifs of not lefs 
than forty-.^ive thoufand men. 

Cantabr'a, a river of India, falls 
into the Indus. 

'Cantabri, a ferocious people of 
Bifcay, in Spain. 
• Cant APfMA. Sec Biscay. 
■ Cantabri jE Lacus, a lake in 
Spain. ■ \.^ 

Cantabricus Sinvs, the Bay of 

Bifcay,' on the coaft of Spain, 

. Cantara ) (yi'/«i'.v.s, Alabis, jUahCy 

"Cantar.oj Oaobuln, Tainofnenius), 

■\ river of Sicily, falls into the fea at 

Megaj-a. • ■ 

Canterbury (^Caer^entj Ciier kyn, 
lX'tie'>in,7/} Dari'ti^iuP!, . 'Dtircveymr^, 

Catit-wara-hy-rys), a city of Kent, 
founded about A. M. 3046. 

Canterius, a mountain of the Sa- 
bines, in Latium. 

Canthapis, a city of Caramania, 
between the promontory Carpella and 
the river Sarus. 

Canthele, a city of Zeugitana, in 

Canthi SiNrs, a bay at the mouth 
of the Indus. 

Cantije, ) , \ cv 

C\NTir, I people of Kent. 

C A N t 1 1, r. A" N a ( Bajilippum), a citadel 
of Andalufia. 

Cantin Cape, a promontory on the 
Atlantic Ocean, near Morocco, 

Cantium. See Kent. 

Cantium, the North Foreland, in 

Cantyre, a peninfula of Argyle- 
fhire, in Scotland. 

Cantyre, Mull of {Epidium, 
Yla), one of the weftern ifles of Scot- 

Canuccis. See Genugi. 

Canum Urbs. See Cynopolis- 

Canusium. See Canosa. 

Canzaron pi Mahoma. See 
Cancarok di Mahoma. 

Caorlo, an ifland in the Gulf of 

Capara {Cappara), a city of Por- 
tugal, between the Taio and Do'jro. 

Caparnaum. See Jefferkin. 

C AP A T I A N a ( Pbrygia Pacatiana ) , 
a diftrift of Phrygia. 

Cape deVerd. See Vekd, Cape 

Cafelle {Duronum), a town of 
Picardv, ia France. 

■ C a p E L I. E ( Ambiatinum , Avihiatimn 

Hcus, Ambilarinns), a town in the bi- 

^ fhopric of Treves, between Coblentz 

' and Boppart ; the birth-place of the 

emperor Caligula, and where are various 

Roman antiquities. 

Capena. See Canapina. 

Cafena Porta, one of the gates 
of Rome, on the way to Capena. 

Catenas, a nvulct of Italy. 

Capeni, a people of Etruria. 

Caper {Caprus), a river of Phrvgia 
Major, falls into the Msaiider at Lao- 

Capernaum, See Jefferkin. 

Caphje. See Caphv^k. 

Capharija, a city of Armenia. 

Caphareus. See Oro. 

Caphar Salama, a city near Jeru- 

Cafhar Zamach. Sec Balbec. 

Caphas, a moUntam in Libya la- 



terior, to the E of the Sinus Hefpe- 

Caphersaba. See Antipatkis. 

Caphtor, an ifland formed by the 
Nile, in Egypt. 

C a PHY A, ) a city of Arcadia, in the 

CAPHYffi,5 Morea. 

Capi {Caj'fa), a city of Byzacium, 
^n A'rica. 

Capillati Ligures, a people of 

Capixates, a people of Canapina, 
in Italy. 

CapiOnis Turris, a l^ind of pha- 
ros at the mouth of the rivLt Bscis, in 

Capissa, a city of Paropamifus. 

CAFlssENE,a dirtriftof Paropamifus. . 

Capitanata {^Diiunia, Apulia DiW- 
fiia, Apulia Plana), a pruvince of the 
kingdom of Naples. 

C'.r,,^,,,. JSeeCAPlzZl. 
Capitium. ) 

C^i'jTOLiAS, a town of Gaulanitis 

Superi')r, on the other fide Jordan. 

Capitoi-INUS Clivus. See Tar- 


Capitolium, a fiiperb temple at 
Home, dedicated to Jupiter, from whence 
he was termed Capitolinus and Tar- 
peius, the building being erecStcd on the 
Tarpeian rock, afcer a plan defigned by 
Tarquinius Piifcus., It was begun by 
Sefvius TiUius, and finiftied by Tar- 
■qumius Superbos, but was not conle- 
crated till the Tjrquias w£rc expelkd 
Rome ; after which, that ceremony 
was ptrformcd wliiift Horatius was 
conful. The building was fo extenfive 
that it covered four acres of ground: 
the front was adorned wi:h three rows 
of pillars, and the fides with two rows. 
From the ground to the floor of the 
temple there was an afccnt of loo lup?, 
and the infide of it was finiflied witU fo 
great magnificence as to fgrpafs all cre- 
dibility, it was cuftomary for the con- 
suls to make dunarions to th; Capitol ; • 
and ou that account Auguftos contribut- 
ed, at one time, 2coo p^^unds weight of 
gold. The threlholdb were made of 
irafs, and the roof was covered wiih 
gold : it was oriamented with veffels 
and fhields of folid filver, with golden 
chariots, &c. The tenriple was dellroy. 
ed by fire during the civil wars of 
Mariiis, and rebuilt by Sylla, who died 
before it was confecrated ; whiclicere- , 
mony was performed by CatuUui, It wSts 
deftroyed a fecond iim'; durmg the 
troubles under Vitellius, and Vcfpafujf 
endeavourod to repair it,; but it was ;a 

ruins again before his death. ^Dumlttan 
rcftortd it again, for the laft time, in a 
more magnificent ftyle than any of his 
predcccflbrs, having expended 12000 ta-"* 
Icnts in gilding it. In (inking the fhlin- . 
dation, the head of a man called Tolius ' 
was difcovered, found and entire, in the ; 
ground ; from which omen the future 
greatncl's of the R' man empire was 
proL'noflicated, and the hill, from that 
circumftance, was called Capitolium, a 
capiie Toll. The confuls arid magl- 
ftrates, when they firft entered upon 
their offices, offered lacrifices in this" 
temple ; and, on thtir return from an'y^ 
vittory they had obtained, were always ' 
condu6led to the Capitol, in grand pro- 

Capiz/i (Capitina, Cupilium), a fort- ' 
refs of Sicily, in the.Val di Demona. 

Capo Corso {Sacrum Prvmontorium^^ ■ 
the muft northern cape in Curfica. 

Capo di Gallo {.Acxitai), a prc^'-'* 
montorv of Meflenia. 

Capo dTstria, a city on the Gulf 
of Triefte, in Italy. 

Capo df.lla Minerva {Mineri^ 
Pron.ontAii.772f SurreTitiTium), a cape on 
the w coall of Naples. 

Capo del Orso {ArtHe Pjootow/o- 
r/«w, Urjt Pro77iontoriu7n), a cape to the _ 
tf E of Sardinia. , 

Capo di Licosa {Sireiiufarum), a 
promontory in Cajabria. 

Capo Ferrato {Ferrari, Ferraria)f 
a diftri<St of Sardinia abounding in iron- 

Capo P.ifanio (^F./ifanio, Acar7ias^,.f 
the wefterii. promontory of the if^and of ' 

Capo di San Maria de Leuca 
{Acra Japygia,.Salentina), a promontory 
of Naples. 

Cafotes, a mountain of Armenia 

Cappadocia. ,See Tocat. 

Cappadocia Magna. ) the ^ 

CaptadociaIae Taurum, 5 ^' 
cjdoman divifion of Cappadocia. ^' ' j 

Cappadocia, . )acityof 

CAPPADiJCiA PONTICA,) Pontijs,.^"^ 
in Alia. -, . '■,,.,. 

Cappadox, a river of Cappadocia,, * 

Capfara. Sec Capara. 

Capr^a. 1 

C A PRAIA. 1^^ /-<.„„»..,,. 

Capraria. I 
; Caprasia. J , 

Caprasia. ) o r^ _ , 

r> > See Tarsia. 


Caprasia, one of the tpourhs of i 
the Pa. 



Cxfxtju. See Capri. 

Cafre* Palus, a marfty place 
near Rome. 

Cafrt (CaJ»ea), an ifland in the 

Tufcan Sea, oppofite Sorento, where 

great numbers of quails refort twice, a 

year. On this ifland Tiberius lived in 

» great luxury. 

Capui Fori us, a feaport between 
tht Strymou and Mount Athos. 

Cafria, a lake of Famphylia. 

CAPRrAVl'S, a mountain of Sicily, 
Be«r Heraclea. 

Capri LI A, the land adjacent toCa- 
preae Palus. 

Caprima, a city of C&ria. 

Capriola, a city in the Venetian 

Caprus. See Cafer. 

Caprus, a river of AfTyria, falls 
into the Tigris, between Ninus and Sc- 

Caprus, a harbour near Mount 

Capsa. See CApr. 

Capsa, acityof Numidia, furrounded 
by vaft deierts, that produce innumera- 
ble quantities of fnakes : in this city 
Jugurtha depofited his treafure. 

Capsa, a ciry of Libya Interior, near 
the fource of the Bagrada. 

Cafsage, a city of Syria. 

Capua, a city of Campania Felice, 
in Italy, founded about A.M. 2988, 
upon the banks of the river Volturnus : 
in procefs of time ii became fo wealthy 
that it was accounted the next city to 
Home, and the fenators held feveral 
confultations about transferring the feat 
r>f their government from Rome to Ca- 
pua : but that not taking place, the Ro- 
mans deprived the city of its form of 
government, and afterwards of al! the 
erifigr.s and marks of a commonwealth. 
The city wjs deftroyed by Genfericus 
the Vandal, A.D. 457 : the ruins of the 
theatres, gates, templts, and other fu- 
perb buildings were to ht feen about 
two miles diftant from the new city, 
which fome authors fay was ereficd out 
of the ruins. In this city Hannibal ener- 
vated himfclf, and afterwards fubmittcd 
to the Romans: it was made the fee of 
an archbiiJtop by pope John the Four- 
trenih A.D. 96S. 

CAPifAMDs (Ager dampanus^, the 
diftrift round Capua. 

Carabactr.*, a place in India. 

CAHAB-r, Ir. (Acithu, Aatbius, Atj's), 
a rivsr of Sici.v, difcmbogues into the 
A f:ican S'-a. 

Ca»A3I?> a cii; of Spain. 

CaRabourok ) (Pii/^ara), a city 

C.\RABURUM \ of Turkey, in Na- 

Caracas (Caracas, St. John de Leon\ 
a city of South America. 

Caracates, a people of Germany. 

Cakacca, a city of Spain. 

Caraceki. See Samnites. 

Caracodes Portl's, the port of 
the Caracas, in South America. 

Caracos. See Caracas. 

Car^. certain places between Sufa 
and the Tigris, where Alexander en- 
camped his army. 

Caraites, a feft among the Jews, 
who acquired that name, or Scripturi(ls» 
to diftinguifh them from the Tradi- 

Caralis. See Cagliari. 

Caramania {Carmaiiia, Kbermayi), 
a province of Perfia, in Afia Minor. 

Caramama (Ciiicia), a province of 
Cappadccii, in Afia. 

Carambis, a promontory of Pa- 

Caramit {Ami da, Ammaa, Confiari' 
tla), a fortrefs in Mefopotamia, on the 
confines of Aflyria, where Sapor, king of 
Perfia, obtained a fignal viftory over the 

Caranitis, a diftrift on the confines 
of Armenia Major. 

Carantonus. See Charekte, 


Carakusca, a city of Gallia Belgi- 
ca. See Saarburg. 

Carasia, a province of Lydia. 

C A R asu \ (Cvdnns), a river of Nato^ 

Carasus ) lia, falls into the Medi- 

Carasu Mestro, a river of Ro- 
mania, falls into the Archipel'-^go. 

Carasui, a lake in Bulgaria, formed 
by the Danube, near the Black Sea. 

Carats, a people of Sogdiana, on 
the river Jaxartcs. 

Caravacca, a town of M^rcia, in 

Carbasia, an ifland on the coaft of 

Carbia {Coraccdfs Pcrtus), a mari- 
time town of Sardinia. 

Carbiana, a diftrif^ of ElymaVs. 

CARBItONUM. Sec Ch.alons sur 

Carbon (i?a/2j2w), a city of Algiers. 

Carbon'ara {Aq7tiicnia)t a city of 
Hirpinia, in Italy. 

Carbon ARIA (FojTa CarbcKaTici)^ 
one of the mouths of the Po. 

Carbrlsa, a defert i^acd in thr 
Thracian Cherfoncfus. 



Carcar (Kurior), a city of the tribe 

•f Gad, where Gideon quelled the Mi- 


Carcaso, "^ acity of Languedoc, 
Carcassone, >- in France, whue 
Carcasum, ) are prellrved ibmc 

records of the place, written un the birk. 

of trees. 

Carcathiocerta, a city of So- 

phene, in Armcnii Major. 

Carchebon.^c n r.-...^,- 
o > See Carthage. 

C A K C H E D O N . 3 

Carchemis. See Alchabar. 

Carchesia. See Morgo. 

Carghi, a people of Media. 

C ARC IN a, a town of European Bar- 

Carcinis, 3 river cif Italy. 

Carcinites, a gulf, which, with 
the Palus Moeotis, forms the ifthmCK of 

Carcikum, a city of Calabria. 

Carcinum, a promontory of Great 

Carcoma, a city of Mauritania Cx- 

Carcuvium, a city of Spain, be- 
tween Emerita and Caefar Augufta. 

Card ACES, a people of Afia Mi- 

Cardai-EXa, a diftrift of Arabia 

Cardameke, ) an ifland in the A- 

Cardamine, 3 rabian Gulf, oppo- 
hte Meroe. 

C.ARD.\MYLA, a city of Meflenia, 
fitnate nn a fteep rock near Pharae. 

Cardamyle, a city of Argos. 

Cardav A, an inland town of Arabia 

Card I A, a city in the Thracian 

Cardiff, a town of Glamorganfliire, 
in South Wales, where Robert, eldcft 
Ion of William the Conqueror, died, 
after having his eyes put out, antl fuffer- 
injj zS years' imprifonment. 

Cardigan {Cattlca, Aherlei'vi), the 
county town of Cardiganfliire, in Souih 

Cardinales Venti, the winds 
'olowing frr.m the cardinal points. 

Cardines MuNDi, the four cardi- 
nal points of the world — viz. north, 
f'jinh, eaft, and weft. 

Cardiuchi. See Ararat. 
C.\RUL'CHi, 5 a warlike nation 
Carduchian"s,5 of Media. 
Carduene, a province of Perfia. 
Carelia, the eallcrn part of Fin- 

Carentses, a people of Spain. 
Care.vtini, a people of Italy. 

Careorum Regio, a diftrift of 
India, on the Sinus Colchicus. 

Carepula, a city of Mauritania 
Cael'arienfis, betweeq Apollonis and Car- 

Cakes. SceREYNA. 

Cares (Le/rgrs), the aborigines of 
Ephcfus, who bcin;^ expelled their coun- 
try by Androclus, fon of Codrus, about 
A. M 2836, went into Caria, where 
they became fo powerful that the coun- 
try was Hvjc fufficiently extenfive for their 
fupport : on that account they feized 
upon the neighbourmg iflands in the 
-•Egean Sea. 

Cares a, an ifland in the .^gean Sea, 
oppofite Attica. 

CaresExSIa, a fmall mountainous 
diftritt of Myfia, adjoining to Dardania. 

Caressus, a river of Troas. 

CaREsus, a river of Myfia. 

Caresus, a city on the ifland Zia. 

CaretHa. See Naxia. 

.Car Gwent. See Winches- 

Cari.\. See Aidbnelli. 

Caria, a mantiire town of Thrace, 
on the Euxine : the adjacent country 
wa^ called Caria in Thrace. 

Caria Hydrela, a city of Phrygia 

Carias, a city in the Morea. 

Cariata, ) a city of Baftria, where 

Cariate,) Califthenes was feized 
and confined in chains by Alexander, 
who afterwards deftroyed the city. 

Cariath, a city belonging to the 
tribe of Benjamin. 

Cariath AIM {Kirialbaim), a city of 
the Reubenires. 

Cariath Area. See Hebron. 

Cariath Baal (Kiriath Baal, Kj' 
Tiaih-jearim), a city of the Gibeonitcs. 

Cariath Sepher. SccDebir. 

Caricini, a people of Samnium, in 

Carill/e {Ccrilli, Cirella), a city of 
Italy, near the river Laus. 

Carine, a city of Afia Minor, near 
the Cd'icus. 

Carini, the people near Branden- 

Carinthia, a province of Ger- 

Caris, an ifland. See Lango. 

Caris. See Aidenelli. 
Caris, a river. See Cher. 
CaRISbrook (IVhilgaraburgb), a 
fortrefs on the Ifle of Wight, where 
king Charles the Firft fuffered impri- 

Carisia^ a city of Spain, on the 


C A R 


i Sec Khehman. 

Carisiacum See Creesy. 

C.ARissA, a cit ■ of Gallo-Greccc, on 
the Halvs, ibove C audiopolis. 

Carissanum « pace of Italy, in 
whofe VK nity Milo vva-. killed. 

CaRISTO, ) r TvT 

• CAR,STUS.r^">'°f^^g^°P°"^- 

Caristum {CarvfluTn)^ a city of Li- 


Carlisle (Co^r/ilf, Caerluel, Lu- 
guialium, LugphaHum, LugvbaUa, Vo- 
reiia's, a city of Cumberland, founded 
by king Lear about A. M. 3022, and re- 
built by U'illiam tue Conqueror. 

Carlstadt, a town of Croatia, in 
Hun:;a V 

Carman. See Acarman. 



Carmaka. See Carminna. 

Carmania. See Caramania. 

Carmarthen {Carmardbin, Caer- 
martoen^ Saeyoirdm. M sidunur::, Mu- 
ridunum'), the county town of Carmar- 
tlienfliire, in South Wales. 

Car^iel, a city of the tribe of Judah, 
near the Dead Sea. 

Carmel, ) a mountain of Ga- 

Carmelus,5 y\\t.c- 

Carmelus {Esbalana), a citv of Sy- 
ria, wnere Cambvles king of PorGa'^ed. 

Carmentalis, one of the gites of 
Rorr.e, near the Capitol. 

Carminianensts Saltus. a foreft 
in Cal?b ia. 

Carminianum, a citv of Ca'abria. 

Carminna {Carmana), an iflaud in 
the Indian Ocean. 

Carmona, a town of Andalufia, in 

Carmvlessus, a town of Lvcia, 
in the valley between Cragus and Anti- 

Carnaim, a city in the land of Gi- 

Carnarvov {Sigontium, Sr.ozudon 
For.jiy„ the cour/.y town of Car»arvon- 
jhire, where king Edward the Second 
was born, who was the firft Englilh 
Prince of Wales. 

Carnasius, a village of Meflenia, 
in the Morea. 

Carne (Carnn::s, Camus), a city of 
Syria, on the confines of Phoenicia. 

CAR>rj, a people of Auftria. 

Carnia (Acamania, Curetis), a pro- 
vince of Greece Proper, fituate between 
^tolia and Epirus, which was fubdued 
by Pericles A. C. 4:3. 

Carkiola, a province of Germany. 
Carnion, a ciiy in the land of Gi- 

Carnton, a city of Laconia, 
Carnion, a river cf Arcadia. 
Carnorum. See Frtuli. 


Carkoten'js. 3 

Carnuntum, ) a citv near Prefturg, 

Carnus, > in Hungarv. 

Carnutes, ") , , 

r, ' / the people near 

CaRNUTI. > r^,..^^.. 



See Havre de 

G r A oe . 

Carolei, ) a village of Cahbria, in 

Caro lia, ) the territory of Naples. 

Carolsteyne, a city of Bohemia. 

Caronia {Alaid, AUj'a, Ha/aj'u), a 
city of Sicily, on the Tufcan Sea. found- 
ed about A. (y. 403 ; and. when fubjeft 
to the Romans, was exempt from tjx.s. 

CARPAOACiE, a people of Scythia. 

Carpasia, "i a martime town of 

Carpasium, > Cypru<;, founded by 

CaRPASSO, J Pygmalion. 

Carfaxes } {Alpes Baparnice), 

Carpathian j f^f^untains in Hun- 
gary, Poland, and Tranlvlvania. 

Carpathium Mare, the fea that 
cncomp-iffcs the illand Ciirpatlius. 

Carpat-hus. . See ScaRfakto. 

Car pel J, A, a promontory of Cara* 
mania, on tpt Sinus Perficus. 

Carfentani, a peope of Spain. 

Carpentoracte, } a city of 

Cabpentras, 3 Provence, 

in France. 

Cakpetani {Carl>entai:i)y a people 

of SptMl. 

Cakpetania,J ;^;j^^;^^^fg i„_ 

Cakpetari A, 3 ■* 

Carpi, a viliavjc of iVIoeria. . 

Carpi, a people "f Sarmatia. 

Carpi. Sec Carfis. 

Carpi {Carfaam), a people of the 
Carpathian mountain.. 

Carpia. SlcTariffa. 

Carpiani. See Carpi. 

Carfis, a river of Myfia. 

Car VIS, a city of Lower Pannonia, 
on the Danube. 

Carfis {Car^i, Shpi), a town of 
Africa Proper, to the N E of Tunis. 

Carpodacs:, a ^leople of Scythia. 

CarFvA, a river of ?vlefopotamia. 

Carraca, a city of Italy, near the 
Lake of Garda. 

CarR.^. SeeHEREN'. 

Carrano {Acari7), a city of Sicily, 
near Svracule. 

Carrathassan {Calhas), a river 
of Bithynia, dilembogues mto the Eux- 
ine Sea. ' 

Carrh.?;. See Heren. 

Carrick Fergus {Knock Fergus^ 


C A S 

P^i/ir/mra), a city of Antrim, in Ireland, 
on a b.iy of the lame nsme. 

Cakrodunum. See Cracow. 

Carruca. a city of Spain. 

Carseoli,) a city of the JEqui, in 

Carsom, 5 Italy. 

Carsula. "y 

Carsui..*;. ^ See Castigliano. 

Carsoli. j 

Carta (Zcndracartn), a city of 

Caht-AlLIAS, a city of Spain. 

Carteia. See Tariffa. 

Cartkmnides. See Gortyna, 
in Cicte. 

Cartenna, ) a city of IVrHuritania 

Cartenn.'e, 5 Caefarienfis. 

Cartennus, 3 river of Mauritania 

Carteria, an ifland near Smyrna. 

Cartha, a city belonging to the 
tribe of Zabulon. 

Carthada. Sec Carthage. 

Carth^ea, a city on the illand of 

Carthage {CartbaJa, C.mha^o, 
Catacn, Cbarcedon, Cbarcheboiy Qir- 
cbedon), a city of Africa, founded about 
A.M. 3046, by Dido, who is faid to 
have purchafed, cither from the natives 
or Hyarbus their king, as much ground 
as could be encfcmpalfed by the hide of 
an ox, which fhe cut into narrow things, 
and, laying out the 8;round, ereflcd a 
caftle and a village, which, in proceCs of 
time, became the chief city of Afric.i : 
it was fituate nearly oppofite to ftomc, 
and was a^moft environed bv the fjua : 
having withl^ood various aflaults, it was 
ar length I'ubdued bv Scipio, about A.M. 
3S04, after fuftaining a defjvetate fiege, 
during which 30,000 men and a^,oco 
women are reported to have perifhcd. 
The citizens afterword's rcvoired; which 
caufed the Romans to .dclVrov all the 
fortihcations and to raze the city to the 
ground. ■ It was afterwards rebuilt by 
Caefar, tvho planted a colony there. In 
procefs of time it was inhabited by 
Chriftians, and an archbirtiop prcfidcd 
over them, who was metropolitan of all 
Africa. Tunis is faid to have been 
bijilt with the riiin' of Carthage. 

Cartha gen A {Carthago Nuva, T'/f- 
fi, Noiia Civilas, Cenefopoln, Julia 
hova Curibago), a maritime town of 
Murcia, in Spain, built by AlUrubal, 
the Carthaginian general. This city 
was taken by Scipio, when Hnnno fur- 
rendered, after fuftaining a very feverc 

CARTHAGiNjENSESjthe inhabitants 
of Carthai;;e. 

Carthago. . See CaRthage. 

Carthago Nova. Sec Cari ha-" 

Carthago Vetus, a city of Spam, 
on thf E fide of the Ibcrus. 

Carthea, a city on the iQand of 

CARVE^fTANA, a fof-trefs of Latium, 
in It.dy. , 

Cai^ventum, a city of Italy., 

Caruo, a place of Gallia iielgica, on 
the Rhine., • ■ . 

Carvr.^, a city of Phrygia Magna, 
on the confines of Caria. . 

Carus. See Cher., ) a city of Paphlagonia, 

Carvssa, ji between Sin jpe and the 
river H.ilys. ' : • ' 

Gary A, a country of Arcadia.- 

Carya, >a city of Laconia, where 

Cary.'e, ^1 was a temple facred to 
Diana, from whence ftie was called Ca- 
ryatis, whofe annual feftival was cele- 
brated bv Spartan viri^ins, who joitied 
in a particular dance, which was fo faf- 
cnatinir, that, when Xerxes .invaded 
Greece, the Laconians did :'or ai'pear in 
the held ro oppofe the enemy, fit fear 
of difpleahiv^ the Goddefs by not cele- 
brating her teUival at th ■ ufua! time. 

CarYz-e, a platc in Arqadia, on the 
confines of Laconia. 

Caryanda, a city on an ifl.ind 
bearing' the fame name., in the Archi- 

CARYATJE,.a pople of Arcadia. 

Caryones, a peojile of Kumpean 
Sarmatia,.on the N. lide of the Danube. 

Caryste.) gee Caste'l Rosso. 
Carysto. J _^ 

Carystum. SeeCARisTUM. 

Car\'stus. See Castel Rosso. 

Car YUM, a place of Laconia, where 
Ariitomenes preferved fome virgins and 
other people. 

Cas^e {Villa Anecioru'^i')^ a villa of 
the Aiiicii, to the w of Sabrata, nv. the 
Regio Syrtica. 

Cas^ C a I. vent I, a city of Mauri- 
tania Caiiarienfis. 

,CaSv-e Nigrje, a city of Numidia. 

Casal, a city of Italy. 

CASALMACK^(fr/<), a river in Cap- 
padncia, falh nto the Enxine Sea. 

Casal Novo {Manduno), a city 
of Calabria. 

Casai^us. See Achsaph. 

Casbin (Cafzvin, Arfatia, Edataiia 
Jg^a/nna), a city of Parthia, where the 
kmgs of Pcrfia took up their rchdence. 

Cascante, > a citv of Old Caftile 

Cascantum, 3 >n Spain. 

Caserta, a city of Italy, on amoon« 
G 4 



tain of the fame name in the territory of 


Casibili {Cacyparis), a river of Si- 

Casilinum, a city of Campania, in 
Italy, near Capua. 

Casimirta, a city of Poland. 

CAsivn. i^J='\y of Campania, m 


INA, "^ 

Casiorum IKSUL.S, a clufter of 
fmall iflands in the Archipelago. 

Casiotis {Cqfflotts). a diftti6l of 
Lower Egypt, towards Paleftint. 

Casiotis (Cajiotis), a dilirift of Sc- 
leucis, in Syria. 

CasJUM {CaJJium\ a city cf Caffiotis, 
"in Egypt, where a monument was ereft- 
ed to Primpey. 

Casius, in Egypt. SccLarissa. 

Casius, in Syria. See Liza. 

Casius, a mountain in Scythia extra 

CaslonaVieja {Cajlulo), a city of 
Baetica, in Spain, of great importance in 
the Punic wars. 

Gasmen A, } a city of Sicily, built by 

Gasmen.5;, 5 the Syracufans about 
A.C. 645, or 90 years after Syracule. 

Casos {Acbne), an ifland near Can- 

Casperia. ) c . 


Casphin, a city of Paleftine. 

Casphor, a city in the land of Gi- 

Casptje Port^, the pafs of Ttftis, 
in Armenia. 

Caspian Sea {Cafptum Man; Alki. 
tiutTty Hyrcamtm, Hyrcaniunr), an inland 
fea, between the Cafpian and Hyrcanian 
mountains, in Afia. 

Caspiana, a country of Armenia. 

Caspii, a people of Media. 

Caspii, mountains, one near Arme- 
nia, the other near Parthia. 

Caspis (^Cafpbin), a city of Syria, in 

Caspium Mare. See Caspiak 

Caspius MoNS. See Caspii. 

Cassan {Europus), a city of Afia, on 
the Euphrates. 

CaSSANDREA, ) r Til ■ 

Cassandria, h"'y°f ^"y"^""'- 
C A s s A N' D R I A ( Potuia.1, JnHs Augvfla 
Ciijfandi ei,) . a city-of Pallene, \n Mace- 
donia. See ScHlATO. 

Cass AN o {Aiijidonia, Ad Ca/as, Ca- 
farianas Cojfa, Cajfa, Cola, Cofis), a city 
of Milan, in Italy, taken by Hannibal 
AC ZI4, 

Cassaro (CacyruTi), a city of.Sicily, 
near S.racufe. 

C A s s e L ( Ca/fr Uum, Menapmum Caf- 
tellum, Sterfonttiwrj, a town of Germany, 
on the E lide of the Rhine. 

Cassia Via. See Via. 

Cassii. See Cathicliidavi. 

Cassii FoauM. See Forum. 

Cassinum, a fortre's niar C-pua. 

Cassiopjeum, a promontory in the 
M "W of Corfu. 

Cassiope. See Cassofo. 

Cassiope, a city on the ifland of 

Cassiope Thesprotia. See Jo- 

A N K I N A 

Cassiort.'E, a people of Chorafan, in 

Cassiotis. See Casiotis. 

Cassiterides. ) See 

Cassiterilles. ji Islands. 

Cassivm. See Casium. 

Cassope ) {Cajfiopr. Qjrcyra), a city 

Cassofo ) of Epirus, in a province 
of the f^me name. 

Cassovia. a town in Hunj-ary. 

Castabala, a ci:y of Cappadicia, 
where Diana was worfljipped u.idcr the 
name of Perafia. 

Castab.ala. ) a city of Ci'ic'3, 

Castas ALUM, jt near iht rivur Pi- 

C.iSTABUS, a city of Cherfonefus. 

Castagna i^PangeuSi Fiingaus), a 
mountain in 

Ca.stai.ia, a citv near Plncis, in 
Greece Proper. 

Castalia, ) 3 fovintsin at r'ne foct 

Castalius, jf of r^Lunt Parnaffus, 
in Phocis facred to the Mufcs. ' 

Castamona, a city cf Annenia. 

Castan JEA I (C(j/?Aj"vfu), a city of 

CastaNEA ) Magnthd.inTheiTaly, 
near the nverPtneus. 

Castel a Mar } (S a^i-i, Suibiif, 

Castel a Mara ji J£^ F.m, 
porium, SegrJiau-yruTTj Kn:poriun^,, a mar- 
time town of t;ic rvrn£dom of Napic?, at 
the mouth of the Simi'is, where Pliny 
loft his life during .in enrthqu.^ke. 

Castel del Erucca {Fth.i, E/ni, 
Hyelt, BfUo, FkUii), i city of Lucania, 
in Italy, near ihe.Tufcan Sea. 

Castel Dvrant {Uri'i'ium Mr. 
laurenje'), a city of Italy, to tUe s of Ur- 

Castel, a city near the 
Lake Albano, in Italy. 

Castel Jvbileo {Viden^), a city 
of the Subine^, in Italy. 

Castel Leone, a city of Italy, 

Castel Nuovo {Nefa^um)t a town 
of Venetian Dalraatia. 



Castkl Rosso {Carv/lus, CaryJIe, 
C(,iryjh, CbifoHUi, Jt-^eu), a city of Ne- 
gr.pont, where afbtltos was coile£ted in 
ccnfxderablc quantities. 

Castellane, > a city of Provence, 

CastellaNUM, J in France. 

Castellani, a people of Catalonia, 
in Spsin. 

Casteile {Cotyorum, Conorus), a 
city of Puinus, in Afia. 

Castf.llum. Sec Cassel. 

Castkllum ad tEnum. See Pas- 



harbour for Uu\>s of Firmum, a town of 
Picenutr. in Italy. 

Castellum in Tauno, a citadel 
erefted by Drufiis, on Mount Taunus, 
cppofitc Mentz. 4 



Castellum Morinorum. See 


Casthan.'ea. See Castanjea. (Cat/ula, CarjuJa; 
Car full'), a city of Umbria, in Jtaly. 

Castile, a province of Spain. 

Castillon, a town of Guicnne, in 

Castitio {Decaftadium, Decaftl- 
Jiutn), a city of Calabria Ultra, to the w 
of Ztphyrium. 

Castle Comb, a town in Wilt- 

Castleford {Lageolium, Lagetium, 
Lagecium), a village in Yorklhirc. 

Castle Hecjngwam, a village in 

Castle Lambert {Ecd'tppa, Acb- 
zii>,Jchazi!^), a city of Paleftine. 

Castle Rising, a town in Norfolk. 

Castomena {^Claudiopolh, Bithy- 
nioriy Bithynjtm), a city of Bithynid, 
near the river Elatas. 

Castor (Garriannonum), a town in 

C ASTORIA, a forrrefs in Pclagoqia. 

Castoris Nemus, ) a place in the 

Castoru.m Nemus, 5 Tranfpada- 
na, near Crennona. 

Castra. Among the Ronnans this 
word implied encampments, or days, as 
the army came after fo many encamp- 
ments, or days, from one pljce to an- 

Castra Alata. See Edin- 


Castra Alexakdri, a place of 
Egypt, near Pelufium. 

Castra CiECiLiA, )a city of 

Castra C^ciliana, J Portugal, 
iietween Cetobriga and Salacia. 

Castra Cornelia, a maritime 

town of Africa, between Carthage and 

Castra Cvri, a country of Cilicia, 
whtre Cyrus encamped when he 
marched againft Crccfus. 

Castra Hannibalis, a maritime 
town of the Bruttii, in Italy, on the 
Sinus Scylaccus. 

Castra Herculis, a place of Gal- 
lia Bel^ica, on the Rhine, a little below 

Castra Jui.ia, a town in Spain. 

Castra Martis, a fortrefs near 

Castra Posthumiana, a place in 

Castra Regina. Sec Ratis- 


Castres, a town of Languedoc, ia 
Fiance, near to which are mines of Tur- 
quois ftones. 

Castri locus, the chief city of 
Hainault, in the Netherlands, 

Castrimenum, ) a city of Achaia, 

Castrium, 5 in the Morea. 

Castro. See Scaro. 

Castro {Minerva Cajlrum, Arx 
MnuY'va-, M.ner'uium)^ a city of Otran- 
to, in Naples, 

Castro Joanni {HeJina, Enna), 
a city of Sicily, wherein was a temple 
dedicated to Cere?, and a grove noted for 
the rape of Prolerpine. 

Castro Novum, a colony fettled in 
Picenum, on the Adriatic. 

CasthoVeteri (Caulon, Aidonia, 
Catdofiio), a city of the Bruttii, in Italy, 
deftroytd by the Campani, allies of the 
Romans, in the war with Pyrrhus. 

Castro Villare ) {Sypb^um), a 

Castro Villari \ city of the 
Bruttii, in Calabria Citra, on an emi- 
nence, near the river Sybaris. 

CastrUM, acityof Picenum, in Italy. 

Castrum Altum, a city of Spain, 
where Hamilcar loll his life. 

Castrum Ebredunense. Sec 

Castrum Ineu,"^ a city of Latium, 

Castrum Inui, S-in Italy, on the 

Castrum Inus, j Tufcin Sea, near 

Castkum Novum, a colony fituate 
on the coaft of Etruria. 

Castrum Rapanum. See Ram- 


Castrum Truentinum, a citadel 
on the coaft of Picenum. in Italy. 

Castrum Ucecense. SeeUzss. 

Castulo. See Casloma Vieja. 

Castulonensis Saltus, a foreft 
in Spain, near CaflonaVieja ; the fource 
of the river Baetis, 


C A U 

Casuentum, a city of Umbria, m 

Casus, a city fituate on an ifland of 
the fame name, in the Archipelago, near 

Casyrvs, a mountain of Elyma'i's. 

Casvste, a maritime town of Ionia, 
at the bafe of Mount Coricus, in Afia. 

CataBANIA, a riiftrift of Arabia 
Fehx, that produced frankincenfc : it 
extended to the Straits of the Arabian 

Catabathmus. See Alber, 

Catabathmus Magnus, the e:ift- ' 
ern boundaries cf Cyrenaica. 

Catabathmus Parvus, a diftrift ■■ 
of Egypt, towards Alexandria. 

Cat ACOMBS, excavations in the earth 
for the interment of the dead, called by 
fome authors Mummy-pits of Egvpt. 

Cat A DA, a river of Zeugitana, in 
Africa, falls into the Mediterranean Sea 
at Tunis. 

Catadhj ) {CaiaraHa Nili), two 

Catadupa) catarafts on the Nile; 
one in Ethiopia, and the other in Egypt, 
a little above the ifland Elephantine. The 
water that rulhes down thtfe catarafls 
makes fo great a noife, that people are for 
a time deprived of their hearing. 

Cat.^gis, a violent wind that infefts 

Catalaum. See Chaloks sur 

Cat ALAuni a} (^Cntelhgfii), a pro- 

Catalonia j( vince of Spain. 

Catana ) (Ca/i>ia), a city of Si- 

Catania > cily, at the foot of 
Mount ^tna, appears to have been 
founded about A.M. 3190. In this 
- city was a temple (acred to Ceres, where- 
in none but women were permitted to 

Cataonia, a diftrift of Afia, be- 
tween Taurus. Antitaurus, and Amanus. 

Cataracta, a city of the Samnites, 
in Italy. 

Cataracta Nili. See Cata- 


Cataracto. ) See Catta.- 


Catauractes, a rapid river of 
Pamphyha, that difembogues into the 

Catasyrtes, a place near Conftan- 

Categate, a gnlf between Sweden 

• and Dinmark, bv which the Baltic com- 

• mnnicatts with the ocean. 

CatellognI. See Catalonia.. 
CATfUNKEJ's, ■ ) a people near Stl- 
Caxennexses;) ^a, in Pilidia. 

CATHiEA. See Cathay. 

CatHjEI, the people of Cathay, in 

Cathay {Saka), a diftrift of In- 
dia near to, if not what is now called, 

Cathicludani. See Cattieu- 

Catigara (SinnrKm Slatio), a port 
or ftaticn of the Sinae, on the other fide 
the Equator. 

•Catilli, a people near the river 
Anio, in Italy. 

Ca'ttna, a city of Arca^iia. 

Catina. See Catana. 

Cativelani. See Cattieu- 


Catoriges. See Caturfges. 

Cattamo {Piritin, Phama). a. city 
of Sicily, between P;inormus and Petra. 

Cattarick {CataiaSlo, CntarnHa, 
CaturaSoniKw), fcrjnerly a city, now a 
village, near Richmond, in Yorkfhire. 

Cattaro, a diftrift of Venetian Dal- 

Cattaro {Afcriiium), a city of Dal- 

Catti {Chattr, Ccltuari, Chnjuari, 
Cbaffi), the people near Heffie, in Ger- 

Cattidudani > {Cathicludani y 

Catti euchlani \ Cativelani, 
Qitti'eliitni), the people of Bucking- 
liamfhire, Bedfordfhire, and Henford- 

Caturacto. "^ See Catta- 


Caturiges {Catorigts),<\)[it people 
near Ambrun, in France. 

Caturigum. See Ambrun. 
Catyeuchlani. See Cattieu- 


Cava Ev&aix, a diftrift of Negro- 

Cavaillon {CtiLalUo, Cabellio), a 
city of Provence, in France. 

Cavalla {Caby!r, QAjbc), a city of 
Thrace. • - 

Cavan {Auranitis, Auriniiis), a re- 
gion of Paleftinc, in Afia. 

Cavares, ■) a people of Gal'ia Nar- 

Cavari, 5 bontnfis, on the E fide 
of the Rhone. 

Cauca, a city of Spain. 

CAUCASi.ffiPoRT.ffi:( Tzur, Porhe AL 
hauia:, Py/a Albunue, Pylu Sarfnatira), 
a narrow pafs, or defile, on Mount Cau- 
cafi;?, near Dcrbent. 

Caucasus* See Cocas. 

Caucasus Paropamtsis {Alfxan- 
drio), a city at the foot of Mount Paro- 

C E C 

C E L 

Caucha-BENi, a peo5>le of Arabia 
Deferta, a t'ue s fide of the Euphrates. 

Cauc;ii,7 th2 pt-fiple of Eaft Frieii- 

Cauci, 5 liinJ, Bremen, &c. 


CauCoNFS, a p..'op.e of >' 

Caicowks, apeoole of Bithynia— 

Cauda Bovis, a [promontory on the 
E fi»lt- of Cyprus. 

Caudi, 7 c a 

r. \ SccARI'AIA. 

Caudium. 5 

Cauoin."E I'URCULJE, a place near 
Arpaia, in Italy, whore tlic Roman army 
was compelled to fuiTcnder to the Sam- 
nites and to pifs under the yoke with 
the grcarcU dii'grace. 

Cavernum, a city near Carthage. 

Cavii, a people .f lllyricum. 

Caui-OM. ) Sl^. Castro Vete- 

Caulonia.^ ri. 

Cauni, a peuple of Mauritania Tin- 

Caunus. See RossA, La. 

Cavo u'l stria'( Ijlna, Jufitnof>o!is, 
jEgiJd, Hijfria), a fortrefs ercdted on a 
peiiinfult of Italy., by Juftine, to prevent 
the incursions of the Barbarians, A. D. 

Cauria, a town of Sp^in. 

Cauros {Androi), an itiand in the 

Caus, a village of Arcadia. 

Caxton, II town in the countv of 

Cayci, a nation of Germany. 

Caycl's. SeeGiRMASTi. 

Cayfa. See Caipha. 

Cayrk. See Cairo. 

Cavster, a rapid river of Lvdia, 
falls into tlie Archipelago near Ephefus. 

Caystrus. See Ckiay. 

Cayth savs, a people of India fub- 
dued oy Al-xy.ndi r. 

Cea. See ZiA. 

C;-.KA. Sc« Ceva. 

Cebaren'SjEs, a people of Gaul. 

C E B E N \" A . See Ce V e N N £;s. 

CEBafcNE, d city of Troas. 

Cebkenia, a diftri^t of Troas. 

Cebhenus, a river of Troas. 

CEBRUAt, a city of Moefia Inferior, 
on the N bank of the Dinubc. 

Cebrus. See Morave. 

Cecilia \{Ccealia), a city of 

Ckcihan'A 5 Commagenc, in Syria, 
between Hierapolis and Zeugma, 

CECiNAj.a river, flows near Vola- 
terra, in Etruria. 

Cecropia. See Setixes. 

Cecropia. See Acropolis. 

Cecroi-id.e, an honourable name 
among the Athenians. 

Cecyphal.e, ^ place in Greece, 

where the Athenians defeated the fleet 
of the Peloponnefians. 

Cedar. See Kedar. 

Cedasa. "^ 

CiDEs. >SeeKEDEs. 


Cedoctus, a place near Conftanti- 

Cedrei, a people of Arabia, 

Cedron. See Kehron. 

Cedron. SecGEDUR. 


Cedrusii, a nation of India. 

Pefala. See SOFALA. 

C E F a L o N I A ^ ( C.-'pbcilonia, CefibaU' 

Cefalu S ^''^i Cephaloedium^ 

Samus. Black Epirus, Ebirus Mtdatm), an 
illmd in the Medircrranean, on the coaft 
of Greece, fubdued by the Athenians 
A.M. 3494 

Cefisso {Q'pbijfui), a river of 

Cei, the inhabitants of the ifland 

Ceila. See Kegila. 

Ceilan. See Ceylon. 

Cei. A. SeeCiLLEY. 

Celadon, ) a river of Arcadia, falls 

Cel\dus, 5 into the Alpheus : alfa 
an ifljnd in the Adri.u;e Sea. 

CF.L.*i;N.E, a city of Phrygia Magna, 
on the river Marfyas, vvhofe inhabiiants 
were removeti by A;itiochus Soter to 
people Apamea. 

CeLjENE, a mountain in Phrygia 
Mii^n 1, wh-ereon was a park tilled with 
wild beafts, where the younger Cyrus 
ufed to exercife hiinl'clf in hunting. Fhe 
fource of the Mae-.nder, near to whicii 
Xerxes ergfted a citadel after his defeat 
in Greece. 

Celano {Cliter>:um, Ciiiernia'), a 
city of the ^Equi, near the Apennines, 
in Italy. 

Celano, (Fucifim), a lake in the 
kingdom of Niples, which was begun to 
be drained by Julius Caefar, and com- 
pleted by Claudius. 

Celete, a city of Peloponnefus. 


Celelates, a people of Liguria. 
Celeman'ti.\. SeeKALMiNTZ. 
CELENDRiE. > See Palofoli. 

C E L E .M D R I S . 3 

Celentje Auuje, a city of the CaU 
laecs in Spain, on the s fide of the Minho. 

Celenna, ) a fortrefs of the Sani- 

Celennje, ^ nites, in Campania, 
where was a temple facred to Juno. 

Celeres, the body-guards of Ro- 
mulus, which amounted in number to 
three - hundred : they were feleftcd 

C E N 


^«n the nobleft and ftouteft yooths in 

Celestri A {ScUucia), a city of 

Celet^, a people on Mount Hae- 
mus, in Thrare. 

Celetrum, a city on 2 peninfula, in 

Celia, a city of Naples, near Eiri. 

Celnius. See Killtan'. 

Celo.v.'e, a place of Mefopocamia. 

Celsa. See Mvcone. 

Celsa. See Xelsa. 

Celtje ) {Gaili, GaUua'), the peo- 

Celtfs) pie of Gallia Celtica, fi- 
tuate between the Seine and Garonne. 

Cf.ltiberi, the people near Arra- 
gon, in Spain. 

ChLTiBERiA, the kingdom of Aria- 
gon, in Spain. 

Celtica Gallia comprehended 
Bretagne, Normandy, &c. 

Celtica, a diftrift of Portugal, be- 
tween the Guadiana and the Taio, or 

Celtici, a people of Spain. 

Celticum Promontorium. See 
Fjnistkrre, Cafe. 

Celto Galatia. See France. 

Celtorii, a people of Gaul, near 
the Senones. 

Celto-Scyth.^, a northern nation 
of Scythians. 

Celydnus. See Salkich. 

Cema (^Acema), a mountain, pare of 
the maritime Alps. 

Cemandrians, a people of lUyri- 

Cemelium, } a city of Gallia 

CexMEnelium, ^ Naibonenfis. 

Cemmenus. See Ckvennes. 

Cempsi, a people of Spain, at the 
fool of the Pyrenean mountains. 

Cenabum. See Orleans. 

Cenada {Cenela), a city of Trevi- 
fana, in Italy. 

Cenadium. See Chonad. 

Cen^-UM, a piomontiiry of Eubrea, 
where an altar was ere6ted 10 Jupiter 

CenchrEji;, a city of Pcloponnefus, 
on the Ifihmus of Connth. 

Cenchreje, ) one of the ports of 

Cenchres, ji Corinth, fituate on 
the S^ronic Bay. 

Cenchrivs, a river of Ionia, near 

Cenpevia, a marfli or lake, to the 
K of Mount Carmel, in Jud6a, the fource 
of the ri er Belus. 

Cenesopolis. See Cauthage- 


Ceneta. See Cenada. 

Cen'etium, a city in the Morea. 

Cenimagni {Cenomagni, Iceni), the 
people in the counties of Suffolk, Nor- 
folk. Cambridge, and Huntingdon. 

Cemna {Canina), a city of the Sa- 
biiirs, in Italy. 

Cenin^s, a people of Italy, near 

Ckxioxis OsTiA. See Falmouth. 

Ceni.s {Alpes Cottia, Alpes Co8ut)^ 
part of the Alpine mountains. 

Cenceum, a city of Negropont. 

Cf:KOMAGNi. Ste Ceximagki. 

CenOiMasi, the people near Cre- 
mona, in Italy. 

Cexox, a town of^Italv. 


Centobrica, a city of Celtibena, 
in Spain. 

Cento res, a people of Scythia. 

Centoripa > (Cf^/arz/ifl), a city of 

Centorvi 3 Sicily. 

Centrites. a river that feparates 
Armenia from Media. 

Centkones, a people of Gaul, fub- 
dued by Julius Caefar. 

Centumcellje. See Civita 

Centuripa. SccCentorvi. 

Cenus. See Inne. 

Ceos. See Zia. 

Ceparum Promontorium. Sec 


Cephalas, a promontory of Africa, 
near the Syrtis Major. 
Cephaledion. 1 


Cephaludiu.m. > 

Cephalenia. Sse Cefalosia. 

Cefhene, a dirtrift f'f Atmcnia 
Major, adjoining t(-» Aoiabene. 

Cephenes, an ancient name by 
which both the Perlians -and Ettiiopians 
were called, from Cepheus, one of their 

Cephisia, a fountain of Attica, in a 
diftri('^ of the fame name, through which 
the Cephilfus flows. 

Cephissjs. See C of a is. 

Ckphissus. Sec Cefisso. 

Cephissus, a river of Ba-otia, that 
rifts at Lilsea, in Phocis, and falls into 
the lake Copais. 

Cephissus, a river of Argo!i.s. 

Cepi, a city of Afiatic Sarmatia, on 
the Cimmerian Bofphorus. 

Cepiana {Cif/' ami), a city of Por- 
tugal, to the N' of Caetobrix. 

CEKACA,a city of Mjcedonia. 

Ceracates {Clu Mutes), a people of 
Gei many. 


C E R 

CE 9 

Ckramicus Sinus, a bay of Caria, 
near Halicarnaflus. 

Ceramium, a place in Rome where 
Cicero's houfe was built. 

Ceramus, a city in the ifland Ar- 

Ceramus, a city in the w of Afia 
Minor, on the Sinus Ceraniicu-;. 

Ceras, a people of Cyprus. 

Cfrastis. See Cyprus. 

Cerasus. See Farnase. 

Cerasus. See Chirisonda. 

Cerata, a place near Megara. 

CeraTUS. See Gnos^vs. 

Ceratus, a riVcr of Candia. 

Ceraunta. See Cerin'ks. 

Cerauntia, a city of Achaia. 

Ceraunia. ) See MovTi 

Ceraunii. ) Chimera. 

Ceraunti, a port of Mount Cauca- 
fus, in Albania. 

Ckrauki!, mountains in Afia, op- 
pofire the Cafpian Sea. 

Ceraunus, a river of Cappad"cia. 

Cerausius, a mountain of Arcadia. 

Cerbalus. SccCervaro. 

Cerberiok, a city of the Cimme- 
rian Bofphorus. 

Cerc,\re (Cncina^, an ifland in the 
Mediterranean, on the coall of Africa. 

Cerc.vsoR'JM, a city of Ei^ypt, 
where the N'le divides itfelf into the 
Pelufian and Canopic mouths. 

Cerceke, a country of Africa. 

Cercet;e. See Circassi. 

Cercii, a people of Italy. 

Cercin'a. See Cercare. 

Cercin'a (Cird):)ia), a mountain of 
Thrace, towards Macedonia. 

Cebci.vitis, a imall ifland, joined 
to Cercina by a bridge. 

Cercinitis, a lake of Macedonia. 

Cerciniu.m, a city of Mngnelia. 

Cercinium, a city of Macedonia. 

Cercopes, a people of Ephefus. 

Cercl'siuji, See Ar.CfiABAR, 

Ckrcyra. See Cojii-t'. 

CERDYLiUM,a place near Amphipoiis. 

Ceres {Cranon), a city of ThcfTalo- 
nica, on the cnntines of Macedonia, 
where Antipatcr and Craterus defeat- 
ed the Athenian---, after the death of 

Cer esis. See Metos. 

Ceressus, a place cf Boeotia. 

CereT/E, a people of Candia. 

Ceretani (Ctrrt'tcwt), a people in 
the y of Catalonia, between the Pyre- 
nees and the river Segro. 

Ceretica. See Cardioav. 

Cer F EM K I A, a city of the Maifi, 
ftttween Aloa and Cerfiniani, 

Cerigo (JE^i/ia, Porphvris, Porph^- 
rifa, yEgy/a, Cvthtra, Cytburra, Nijyr'a^ 
Nifyros), an ifland in the Archipelago, 
between CanJia and the iVIorea, where- 
on is a town of the fame name : the 
birth-place of Philoxcnus. 
Ckrii, a people of Etruria. 
Cerilli. See Carill*. 
CerI i,i.UM, a place of Lucania. 
Cerines > {Cer nun ia, Cerofua)^ a 
Cerinium^ city of Cyprus. 
Cerintkus, a city of Negrop«nt. 
Ceritis (Careieinus Amnis), a river 
of Tufcany. 

CerNE (Argnin), an ifland on the 
coaft of Africa. 

Cerme. See Madagascar. 
Cerneatis. See Corsica. 
Cern'EY, North, a village of Glo- 
ccllerfhire, rear Cricklade, in Wilts. 

Ci'.ron, a fountain of Elli^e jtis, in 
TiicfiT^ly, which is faid to turn all the 
flieep of a black colour that drink there. 
Ceron'IA. See Cerines. 
Cerossus, a place near the Ionium 
Cerretaki. See CERETAsr. 
CERRliiEi, a people of Greece, who 
profaned the temple of Delphi. 

Certima, a town of Celtibcria, in 
Certonicum, I a city of Afia Mi- 
Certonium, S n°""' 
Cervaria ) (//./ Cenletiarium, Ad 
Cer VERA 5 Oritur ionrs)^ a citadel 
in Catalonia, at the foot of the Pyrenees, 
on the confines of France. 

Cervaro {Cerhalus), a river of the 
Capitanata, in Naples. 

Cervetere {R'tfelL-e), a city of 

Cerycius, a mountain in Boeotia. 
Cerymica, a city of Cyprus. 
Cerynea, a mountain m Arcadia. 
Cerynea, a city of Achaia Proper. 
Cerynites, a river of Arcadia. 
Cesada {Cafaduy delhta), a city of 
Spain, between Complutum and Bil- 

CesaNO (S'-nn, Sifnn.i), a river of 
Italy, Hows into the Gulf of Venice. 
Cesen A, a city of Roman'a, in Italy. 
Cesimbra, a Moorifh city of Spam. 
Cesina (Saar Alons), a mountain 
ne^r Rome. 

Cessero. See Araura. 
Cestius Pons, a bridge at Rome, 
which joined the ifland Lycannia, in the 
Tiber, to the Rtgio Tranltiberina, an- 
fwcring to the Fabricius, which conneft- 
cd it with tlif city. 

C£&ifttVAr.a fmaildiftfldl of Epirus. 

C H A 

C H A 

CesTro, > a river of Pamphylia, 

Cestrus, 5 runs from n to s. 

Chtii, a people of Cilicia. 

Cetium. Sec Chite. 

Cetius. See Kaht enburg. 

Cetius, a river of Myfia. 

Cetraro {Ciampctiat Lampetia)., a 
city of Calabria. 

Ceva {Ceba)y a city of Liguria, on 
the Tana^u^. 

Cevennes {Cebenna, Cemmenus, Ge- 
henici Mons)^ mo -ntains in Languedoc. 

Ceuta {Saf'la), a feaport of Africa. 

Ceylon (Calan, Taprobor.e, Palo'Ji- 
mundi, Simundi Infula, Sulice), an exten- 
five ifland in the Indian Ocean, which 
products great variety of wild beafts, 
precious ftones, fpiccs, &c. 

Chabarzaba. See Antipatris. 

Ch a BIN us, a mountain in Arabia 

Chaeor. SccAbor. 

Chabora, a city of Mefopotamia. 

Chaboras. See Chabur. 

Chabria, a village of Egypt. 

Chabria, ^a river of Chalcinice, 

Chabrius, 5 in Macedonia. 

Chabul. See Capul. 

Chabulon. See Zabulon. 

Chabur {Chaboras, Akhabin), a river 
of Mefopotamia. 

Chacan, a city of Parthia. 

CHADEsiA,)a city of Cappadocia, 

Chadisia, 5 on a river bearing the 
fame name. 

Ch^anit^, a people at the foot of 
Mount Caucafas. 

Ch^ronea^ ( Chtnonea, Arne), a 

Chjeronia ) citv of Bceotia, on 
the Cephik s ; the birth-place of Plu- 
tarch ; celebrated for a defeat of the 
Athenians by the Boeotians A. C. 447; 
alio for the viftury wh^cli Philip of Ma- 
cedon obisined there, with 32,000 men, 
over the confederate army of the The- 
iSans and Athenians, conhftirg of a vrry 
fuperior number, A.C. 338. 

Chaiafa {Lepreuni), a city cf Try- 
phalia, in the Morea. 

Chaibonj, a tribe of the Goths. 

Chala. a city of Ally ria. 

Chalach ) {Calacb)y a city of 

Chalachene^ Affyiia. 

Chal^, an illand near Candia and 

Cha Lj^on, a city of Locris. 

Chal^on, a maritime town of Bce- 

Chalas '}{CbalfJ))a), a city of 

Chalastra) Macedonia, at the 
moi th of the river Axius. 

Chalca {Talca, Talge), a fertile 

ifland in the Cafpian Sea, where the in- 
habitants are fo fuperftitious that it is 
confidered impiety and facrilej.e to touch 
any of its produce, the whole being re- 
ferved for the ufe of the gods. 

CHALCiEA, a city of Caria. 

Chalc^a, a city of Phoenicia. 

Chalce } (Cbalcia), a city on an 

Chalcea 5 ifland of the fame name, 
near Rhodes. 

Chalcedon ") (Calcedon, Calche- 

ChalcedoniaJ don, Procerajiis, 
Colbu/h), a city of Bithynia, oppofite 
Conftintinople. Sec Scutari. 

CnALCiA. See Chai.ce. 

Chalcidene. See Chalcidi- 

Chalcidenses, a people near the 
river Phafis. 

Chalcidic A > (Sitbonia), a region of 

Chalcidice ) Macedonia. 

Chalcidica, 1 ^ 

Chalcidice, > a region of Syria. 


Chalcidicus. SeeRiTi. 

Chalcis, in iEtolia. See Jam- 


Chalcis, in Syria. See Chinse- 


Chalcis {Siymphilos, HaU(arna, Hy 
pochakn), the chief city of Negroponi. 

Chalcitis, a diftridt of Mefopota- 

Chalcitis, a diftrift of Ionia. 

Chalciiis, an ifland oppofite Scu-* 

^"■^^^-^^•{. See IRAC Arabia. 
Ckaldea. 5 

Chald^ei (Chaly^y^s, Ha/.'zonfs), the 
inhabitants of Ohaldea. 

Chaldaici Laoi's, .lakes formed 
by the Tigiis and Euphrates, before they 
difembogue into the PcrCan Gulf. 

Chaldia, a diftrift of .Armenia 
Minor. , , 

Chalek, a city of Sigiftan, in Ptrfia. 

C HAL EON. > f 

^ J- See Ca! EO:). 

Chaleos'. \, 

Chalep. SecALEPro. 

Chalesi^ra. See Chalastra. 

Chali acra {D:on;Jiufous), a city of 
Bulgaria, in European Turkey. 

Chalib. Sec Geksci. 

Chalieks. Sec Chald^i. 

Chali BON. See Aleppo. 

Chalonitis, a province of AlTyria. 

Chalonitis, a diftri6t rf Media. 

Chalons sur Marne iCa:alauni, 
DuracaialauHi), a city of Chami^agi.e, in 

Chalons sI'r Saone {Cabdonum, 
CabJlmum, Calalluiium^ C^vaUodutiutn), 

C H- A 

C H A. 

a city of Burgundy, in France, whsre 
are feveral rcliques of antiquity. 

Chalusuj. SeeTRAVE. ,, 

Chai.ybes. See Chald.=ei. 

Chalvbes, a people of Spain. 

Chalybon. SeeALKPPo. 

Chalybonitis, a diftrift of Syria, 
whole wines were in fuch high eftima- 
tion ;hat they were chiefly referved for 
the ufe of the kings of Pcrfia. 

Chalybs. See Calmpus., ..y 

Chamane, ^ a diftricl of Cappa- 

Chamanena, 5 docia, qn the con- 
fines of Galati.i. 

Chamani. See Chamavi. 

Chamath, hot fprings near Tibe- 
rias, in Galilee. 

Cha^iavi l^Cbamayii), a people 

Chamaviri3 near Mondcr. 

C H A M B j; R. R Y ( Lemincimi ) , a ci ty of 

Chanaan. See Palestine. 

Ca AN' AN. EI, the people in the land 
of Ciwiaaiiw 

Chandax, a city of Candla. 

Channel, St. George's (Jnjh 
S'a), the Tea that Teparates Ireland from 
England and Wale?. 

Chaon, a mountain in the Morea. 

Chaon, a city of Media. 

Chaones, a people of Epirus. 

Chaonia, a mountainous diftrJft of 

Chaonia, a city of Commagcne, in 
Syria, between Dolicha and Cyrrhus. 

Chaonitis, a diftri£l: of AfTyria. 

Cbae-aca, a fortrefs of Syria, in 

y ChaRACE. 


Characene. See Pasin.'e 
Characharta. See Chiaria- 
Chara Chisar. See Melam- 


Chak.'VDA, a city of Thefprotia, in 

Charades, a people of Caramania, 
in Perfia. 

Charadra, a city of Phocls, in 
Greece Pro|)er. 

Charadra, a city of Epirus. 

Charadros, a river of Phocis, falls 
into the CephiflTus. 

Chara DRUs, a citadel of Cilicia Af- 
pera. with a po t on the Mediterranean. 

Char. \ DRUS, a place in Argos, where 
military caufcs were tried. 

Charan, SccHeren. 

Charand.iei, a people near Pontus, 
in Afia. 

CriARAX, a city of Pirthia. 

Charax, a city of Armenia. 

^NE. 3 

See Camat a. 

CiiARAX. See Camat.\. 

Ciiarcedon. See Carthage. 

Charen'TE {Canentehts, Carantonus^, 
a river of Fruice, rifes in Limofin, and 
falls into the Bay of Bifcay. 

Charia {Mvceua), a city of Argolis, 
at one time the royal refidcnce. 

Charedemi Pro.MontoriuMj a 
promontory of Bsetica, in Spain. 

Charicjs.>o o 
Chariek. JSeeSAMASA. 

Charini, the people near Branden- 
burg. • _ . 

Chariphi, the fourth mouth of the- 
Indus, reckoning from the w . 

Charisia, a city of Arcadia, near 

Charistus. SeeSAMASA, 

Ch.\rlemont, a town in Flanders. 

Charmotas, a diftrift of Arabia. 

Charon (M^w, M^ridos, Myris), 
an extenfive lake in Egypt, formed to 
receive the waters of the Nile. 

Charonea, a place in Aha. 

Charone* ScROBES, ) apcrturcs 

Charoneum, 5 '" "^he 

earth near Ilierapolis, in Phrygia Magna, 
which difcharge a noxious vapour. 

Charonkum, one of the gates of. 
Athens, through which the malefaftors 
were led to execution. 

Charonium, a cave between Tralles 
and Nyfa, in Lydia, to which fick people 
rcforted, under an idea thit if tlicy fell 
aflccp therein it would efFcftually cure 

Charonium, a cave in Magnifia. 

Charomum, a cave at JMyus, in 

Ch A R p E I G N E ( Scnrpona, Zr.arhori- 
na)^ a fortrefs of Lorrain, on the AIu- 
• felle. 

Charr.(E, ) a city of Mcfopotamia, 

Ciiarrhje, 5 between the rivers 
Ch«ihurand Euphrates, 

Charracharta. See Ciirvr. 

Charran. See Keren. 


Charres. ^ 

Cuartesec. See Chertsey. 

Chartrain {Carnutes), the people 
neat Ch irtres. 

Chartres {A!tricitm,Car>iotina; Car- 
twtenus, Ci'vitas Carnolum), a city of 
Beauce, in France, 

ChaRybdis, the cap of Faro, a rock 
near a dangerous whirpool in rlie Str<iit 
of Alcdana, between Italy ."md Sicily, 

Charybdis, a place in Syria, be- 
tvvef n Ap.uiica and Antioch. 


Chas.mena, a city of Sicily. 

See Charrh^. 



ChastEau Landon {Vdlamodu- 
Htm), a tow n of France, near Nemours. 
ChasUari (C/Mjf:<are, ChaJJi). See 

Chateaudun, a town of Beaucc, 
in France, 

Chatellerault, a town of Poic- 
tou, in France. 

Chatti, > a people. See Cat- 

Chattuari, ) xr 
CHAUBi,^a people near Lunen- 
Chauci,) burg. 

Chaccis Majores, the duchy of 
Bremen and parr of Lunenburg 

Chaucis Minores, Eaft Fricfland 
and Oldenburg. 

Chaula, a village of Egypt. 
Chaum, a mountain of Argia, in the 
Morca, from which the river Erafinus 
certainly emerges, after having its 
fource on Mount Stymphalus, in Ar- 

Chaus, a river of Phrygia Magna, 
falls into the Maeander. 
Chazari, eaftern Turks. 
Chazene, a city of Affyria. 
Cue A, a city of the Morea. 
Cheaurlic {Chi aw lie, Chiorli, Ar- 
2w), a city of Thrace, on a river of the 
lame name. 

Cheear. See Choear. 
Chebron. See Ebron. 
Chedworth, a village in Glocef. 

Chelidoni^e, fmall iflands on the 
coaft of Lycia, oppofite Taurus, which 
are very dangeroub to approach. 
Chelidonium. See Selideni. 
Chelipfus, a mountain on the illarid 

Chelmivare. See Chilmtn-are. 
Chelmsford, a town m Effex. 
Chelonates, ) a promontory in the 
Chelonites, \ s w cf Eli:. * 
CHELONorHAGi, a people of Cara- 
mania, who feed upon turtle, and cover 
their habitations with the ihelU. 

Chelydorea, a mountain in Ar- 

Chelydoreus, a mountain in Bce- 

Chemmis. See Panopolis. 
Chena, a city of Lacon^a. 
Chenje, a village on Mount Buniva, 
Chenereth. See Gennes\- 


Chenion, a mountain in Afia Mi- 

Chenius, a mountain near Colchis. 

CiiENNis. See Panopolis. 

Chepstow (Strigulia), a town in 
Monmouthfhire, on the river VVye. 

CaER (Cans), a river of France. 

Cheramidi (Phera, P herns), i city 
of Achaia, in the Morea. 

Cherith. See Crith. 

Chermjah. See Pulchrum. 

CuERCNEA ) (Arnc), a city of 

Cherronea) Boeotia, where 
Philip defeated the Athenians and The- 

Cherronesus. See Chersone-^ 

Cherso & OsERO {Abjyrtidesy Ap- 
fyrtides, ApjyriiSy Ahfcrus, Apforu:. Ab' 
Jyrtis, Abfvrrium), iilands in the Adria- 
tic Sea, where Abfyrtus, brother to 
Medea, was flain. 

Cherson } {Hrradea Cberfo' 

Chersonesus ji nejus, HeracUa 
Pon(ica), a city of Taurica Cherfont- 

Chersonesus, a promontory of 
Attica, on the Saronic Bay. 

Chersonesus, a promontory on the 
E fide of Cand'a. 

Chersonesus Aurea. See Ma- 

Chersonesus Cimbrica. See 

Chersonesus Magna. See Ra- 


Chersonesus Taurica. Sec 
Tartary, Crim. 

Chersonesus Thraci^, the moft 
fouthern part of Thrace. 

Chersonesus Zenonis, a city of 
Cherfoaefus Taurica, to the s of the Pa- 
\u^ Ma;oti?. 

Chertsey {Chartejic'), a town in 

Cherusc vN',"! a people cf Gcr- 

Cherusci, J many, near BrunC- 

Chesel {Jaxaytf!, Sil/s), a river of 
Sogdiana, talli into the Cnfpian Sea. 

Chesia > {Hertidfo), a promontory 

Chesias ) on the llle of Samos. 

Chesinus-, a river of ?..ufria, falls 
into the lake Ladoga. 

Chesium, 3 promontory of Samos. 

Chestius, a nvcr of Samos. 

Chester {Dez'a, Diwta, Cambodu- 
nufn, Caerleon)^ a city in CheCiire, ap- 
pears ta have been repaired by king 
Lear about A. M. 3013 : in this city 
are faown the remains of Hugh Lupu:, 
\vh» being nephew to the Conqueror, 
was the firft earl of Che'\cr. 

Chester le Street {Condercuvi), 
a town in the county of Durham, where 
a large quantity of Roman coin was dif- 
covered A. D. 1056. 

Chetim. See Chite. 

Chett^i. See IiETH.KT. 

Cheviox Hills, a ridge of moun* 

C H I 

C H M 

tain* which run from N to s, through 
Cu'tiberland and Northumberland. 
Chezib. See Aciiazib. 
Chiaci. See Acis. 
Chiana (^GluHis, Clanius, C/anis^, a 
river of Campania, falls into the Tuican 

Chiangaue {Catfltia, Cuillo-Grfecr, 
Ciaflia G^/tca), a province cf Alia Minor, 
inhabited by the Gauls en their irruption 
into Greece. 

C n r a R I a c n A ii {Characbarta), z city 
of Ba(5lria. 

Chiasteg 10 ) (Cl(iJ}i(liin7i), a city of 
CuiASTKiO ) Liguria, at the coij- 
fl.tnce of rhe Iria wirh the Po, 

ChiavEN'I.'A {CJirjenna), a town of 
the fjwfjos, in Switzerland, near to 
which nurc is a rock of afbcUo?^, a fub- 
ftance cf a greyifh cuLair, that will ad- 
mit of bcii^g firjKirated into ver/ line 
filaments, and, when united wiih v^ry 
fine thread, m.iy be manufaftured into 
cloth : this, when the cuilom prevailed 
of burning the, was made ufe <-f to 
pn-ferve the alhcs ^f the dcceafed with- 
out being mixed with the fuel, the cluch 
being indeftrui^ibie by tire. 

Chiaves [.iim.^ Flaz'ia, Aqui Fla- 
venjis^, a city on the confines of Spain 
and Portugal, where are the rem.^.ins of 
a bridge, which demonftrates its former 

Chiaurlic. See Cheaurlic. 
Chiay {Ca\jir:is), a river of lon'a 
whereon was a ureat number of fwsns. 
Chichester {Cacrcei, djfiwcf af- 
ter), a city in SnfTex, ertfttd ab^iut 
A. D. 516 : the church was built about 

Chidn;ei, a people near Pontus, in 

Ckidorus. See Echedorus. 
Chidria, a place in the Tluacian 
Ciicrfjnefus whtre the Athenians took, 
refuge after their defeat at yEgoi'pota- 

Chielder {Pnryadrii^^ a mountain 
which fep.irates Armenia Major from 
Armenia Minor. 

Chilmikarr (Cbrlminare, Kilmn. 
nar, Pfrftl>'His), a city of PerTn which 
was fet on lire by order of A exander, 
to gratify the defire of Thaii ihe cour- 

Chi.mjera. SeePHAWANX. 
Chlmakus, a river of Argr.iis. 
Chimera, a fartrefs in tpiras, at 
the Ceraunian mountains. 

Chimera. Sec Monti della 

CiiiMERiuM, a prcmor:tory of Thef- 
proiiaj ill Koirus. 

Chime Rru.M, a mountain of Phthlo- 
tis, in ThelTaly. 

China ( Cat he: \; K ^fbay, Senat ) , a a 
cxtcnlive empire in Afia. 

CiirxESE (Shia), the people of 

Chinna. SceClNNA. 

Chinnereth. See GEifNESA- 


Chin'OK, a city of Touraine, in 

Chinssrin (Cbalcis), a city in 
Lower Syria. 

Chiori.i. See Cheaurlic. 

Chior.m {Nicopolis), a city of Arme- 
nia Minor. 

Cnio*). Sec Scio. 

Chios, the chief city on the ifland of 
Scio, whc-e fon, Theopom[>u , I htucri- 
tus, and Metrodorus, were born. 

Chirison'da {Crrafus), a city, gf 
Pontu?, ill AfiJ, remarkable ior pro- 
ducing fine cherries. 

Chfronia. Sec Castel Rosso. 

Chisi.mi (S'mois, Simio), a river of 
Sicily, fails into rlie Tufcan Sea, 

Chison {K-jon, K'Jfon), a river of 

Chisopoli. See Chrisopoli. 

Chitk {Citiun, Cuius, Ceiium), a city 
of Cyprus, the birth-place of Zeno the 
Sto'c; and in this city Cinion the Athe- 
nian died. 

Chitra {Citron, Pydnfly Chi/ro, Ci- 
tii/m), a city of Pitria, in Macedonia j 
where Olymptss. the mother of Alex- 
ander, Roxalana his wife, and Alexander 
his fon, were put to death by Caffander; 
and where Perfeus, iiing of Macedon, 
was defeated by the Romans. 

Chitri (Chyirus), an inland town of 
Cyprus, famous for its excellent honey. 

Chitro. See Chitra. 

Chitrum, a name given to part of 
the town of Clazomene. 

Chiusx {Ciufium, Camars), a city of 
Etruria, in Italy. 

Chiltaye, a town of Afiatic Tur- 
key, where the grand figniur refided 
before the Turks ooraintd pcffi-ifion of 

Chizico {Dindjmus, Do/iovn), a 
moiintam tn A'. a. 

Chizico {Cvzcbw, C^zicum, Antc- 
rtrjui), a city on the Propor.tis, in Afia, 
founded about A M. 3166. 

Chizico {Dindymii), an ifland of the 
Propontis, on the oaft of Myiia. 

Chlamydia. See Delos. 

Chlorus, a river of Cilic.a. 

Chmielnicke ( Kmit tnick ) , a city of 
Podolia, in, on the cgnfuie? gf 


C H R 

C-I B 

--Chna. See Phccxicia. 

Choanm, a people or Arabia Felix. 
i.:Cn'o ARIN A, a country near India, 
reiluced by Cr3teru<;, &c. 
'..CHOAsrES, in Pcrfia. SecvTiRi- 

Choasfes {Cooes, Coas. Hydaff'Ht'), 
a»«iver of:" India remarkable for good 
1 -Choatra, a mountain in Media. 

Chobar {Cor.ha'-). a canal thar j lins 
thfc Euphrates ro tlie Tigris. 

Chobus, a river of Colchis. 

CHOvARAnEs, '\_tlie i;1cs Maiorca 
-*:^h«£Radap! s, j and Minorca. 

Chiirades fx. Pharos, two iilands 
oppofite Alexandria, in Egypt. 
i'iGin:ERAUEs, two iflands in the Eux- 
wic Sea. 

Chcerades, an ifland in ihe Ionian 
Sea, near the Hcilc'pont. 

ClltXREA, a place of ]>crotia. 

Choes. Sre ChOASI'ES. 

-Cholcos. j^eeMl^GRELIA. 

Chot. f.A, a city of Africa. 
- Ciiot-OEETK.VE, a diftridt of Arme- 
nia Major. 

Cho.matrt, a people of Baftria. 

QHOSAD^Ccinadi'.r.'^Ccnadiri??;, Ge- 
AaJ'iiitri), a forrrt-fs in Upper Germany. 

C H-o N- A s \ ( Cfjhfi, Cd-j^a ) , a c i t y 

C'honosJ of Phry^ia, to whofe in- 
habitants St. PhiiI wrote the epiftle 
contained in the New Teltament. 

Chone, a city of the Bruttii, on the 
promontory Crimiia, in Italy. 
■ Chora {Tralle!, ATitheia, F.i-a>!lh/a, 
Liymna", Eumenia), a rich city of Lydia, 
leated on an eminence, well fortified by 
patnre. See Tralles. 

•Chorasan {Parihia, Ariaua, BaC' 
iria), a kingdom of Affyria. 

Chorasan (Hyrcania, Tab.xriftaiu 
Gorgian), the chief city of Choralkn, in 

Chorasmi, a people of Afi a, on the 
river Oxus. 

Chorax SrAsiy^. See Pasixje. 

Ohorazim,\ a city of Galilee, near 

CHORAZix,_f Capernamn. 
' CHORo.MiTHREKfi, adiftri(f)of Me- 

' Chorom.v.'ei, a people fubdued by 

Chorrath. See Crith. 

Clio Its A, a city of Armenia, on the 

Chorum,) , . _,, 

Chorvs, \ a place in Thrace. 

Chrkmetes, a river of Libya. 
-• Chrestoml's. Sec Cresto- 

Chrikdi, a people of Hyrcania, iri 

Christi. See Ratisbok. 

Christofoei > {CbifopoU, Am- 
■■ Christoi'OLIS V phi polls, No-vern 
V'uc^, a city of Alacedonia, on the river 

CHRONU's>a river of European 

Chronvs 5 S^rm?.tia. 

Chryofoi. is,a feaportof Chalcedon. 

CuKYSA, a fmall iAand near Candia, 
oppofite Hierapytna;. 

CHRYSA,)a city of Mvfia, where 

Chryse, S was a temple facred to 
Apollo SmTitheu'. 

Chuysaosis, ^ city of Cilicia. 

CiiRYSAs. See Viria. 

Chryse. See Strato. 

Chryse. See Meeos. 

Chryse, an ifland beyond the mouth 
of rlie Indus. 

Chrysoaxa, a city of India intra 

Chrysodiu.m, a city of ^Macedonia. 

Chrysopolks. See Scutari. 

Chrysopoeis. See Parma. 

Chrysorrhoas. SccAbanu. 

Chr ysorp.hoas, a river of Pelo- 
pmnelus. : 

Chrysus, the third mouth of the In- 
dus, reckoning from the w. See Veuia. 

Chthonia. See Caxdia. 

Chullu. See Cullu. 

CnuNr.v ) a people of European 

Chunxes, ji Sirmatia. 

ChuIvCO {Corycus), a city en the 
coalt of Cilicia. 

Ghus. ) 

CilUSCH. 5 

Chuschi. See Abyssinmans. 

Chusistax {S'.ijiana, Q/Jin), .a pro- 
vince of Pcrlia. 

Chybrus, a city of Cyprus. 

Chydas, a river of Sicily, falls into 
the Tufcan Sea. 

Chylemath. Sec IvIina. 

Chv.ueti.'e, Sec Cyreti.t,. 

Chytrium, a diftrid of Icnni. 

Chytkium. Sice Urea. 

Chyerus. See Ciiitri. 

CiA. See ZiA. 


C I .t N A . See C 1 N A . 

C I A X U S . 5 

CiARMAX, a city of Hyrcaniii, in 
Pc rJia. 

C I B A E A . ) c T) . , ,. V- , 

,, .- Sec Paeyn A. 


CiBARiTis, a diftrift of Afia, near 
the M sunder. 

Ci B V R A . Sec Cu R u R. 

See Abyssinia. 

See IMoR A VE. 

C I xM 

C I R 

CiBYRA Minor, a cityof Pamphy- 
Jici, near the river Melas. 

C I c A B o (Ciancus, Cianus, Cyaneui), 
a bav of Bithynia. 

CrcKRONis Villa, a place near 
Puteoli, in Campania. 

CicHYRis. KecCoiaxTH. 


CicoNEs, a people of Thrace, be- 
tween the rivers Hehrus and Melas. 

Cico.NiA, a diftiitt of Thrace. 

CrcYNETHL's, an ilhnd in the Sinus 

Cinissus. SccKedis, 

CiDNVs, a river of Cilicia, in A(^a, 
falls into the Mediterranean. 

CiFALU (Cepba/ciJirrm), a city of Si- 
cily, near the river Himera. 

Cn,BiAN'A JucA, a range of monn- 
ta'ns in Lydi.i, the fourcc of the Cay- 

CiLBiANis Cami'L-s, fruitful plains 
in Lydia. 

Cilicia. See Caramakia. 

CinciA, 3 difindt of Alia Minor, 
between .'Eolia and Troas. 

Cilicia AsptRA, ^ the moun- 

CiLlClA Trachka,) tainous pare 
of Caramania. 

Cilicia CAiMPKSTRis, the level or 
champaign part of Caramania, which 
produced excellent faffron. 

Cilicia HvrorLACiA, a dlftrifl of 

CiLtciJE PoRTJE'\(T:'firi Porta-), 

CiJACiJE PvLjE J the Straits of 

CiLiNA (Ca'lina)y a city of Venice. 

CiLiNJE Aqu«. See Caldas. 

CiLio, a city of Africa Pmper. 

CiLissA, a city of Phrygia. 

CiLLA, a city of Africa Proper. 

CiLLA, a city of .li jlia. 

CiLLA, a city of Tro.^s. 

CiLLA, a citv of Mvlia. 

CiLLEXuoA, a city of Phrygia, 

CiLLEY (Cf/a, Cciria), a city of Sti- 
ria, in Germany. 

CiLLUTA, an ifland at the mouth of 
the Indus. 

Cii.URXUM, 3 town of Britain. 

CiMARUS (Camof!), a promontory on 
the N w fide of Candia. 

CiMBALOXcuM, ) Straits of Thratc 

CiMBALONGu;), ^ and Bulgaria. 

CiMKRi } {Cmmirii), a tribe of 

CiMBRiANS 5 Goihs on (he Cim- 
brica Cherfonefus, from whom the Danes 
are defcended. 

CiMBRiCA CnnRso.VLSL's. See 

CiMKTRA, a citv nf Samnium, in 

CiMiNus, a mountain,, a forcft, and 
a Inke in Tufcany, near Viterbo. 

Cimmerians,) i^^Sj^jg 

Cl.MMERII, y ^ *^ ' 

Cl.MMERl.'E Paludes. SceAsopH, 
Sea of. 

CiMMERis {Ec/uins"), a city of Troas. 

CiMMEKiUM, a promontory in Sar- 

CiM.MERlUM, a c:ty of Afi:itic Bof- 

Ci.M.vERiv.M, a place near Bai.T, in 
Campania, where was the cave ot the 

Ci.MMERius BosPHoKi;s, Lcfftc 

CiMOLis. See Gi.N'OHOH. 

CiMOLis '^LJHoIis), a city of Papiila- 
gi9nia. See GiMoroi.i. 

CiN.*:i (^Kfuiidi), the inhabitants of 

CiKCA {Cinpa), a river of Spain, fails 
into t'le lb ru5. 

ClNCILL.*. iec ClVITA Vtc- 

CiNERETH. See Gennesareth. 

Ci.VETHli {Ci'Ulbii^. a people beyond 
the Syrtis Parva, in Afripa. 

ClNGA. See CiNCA. 

CiNGiLiA, a city of the Vcftini, in 

CiXGiLLA, a city of Commagene, on 
the Euphrates. 

CiNooLi, } a citv of the Picenum, 

CiXGULUM,) in Italy. 

,S'^''-^'^'^' K place of Galatia. 


CixiuM. a town in Majorca. 

CiNN A (Cbimta, Si/nm), a city of II- 

ClX.VAMOMIFERA, a diftrift of 
Ethiopia, beyond the Equator. 

Ci.vxERETii. See Gexnesareth. 

ClxxlANA, a city of Portus;aI. 


CiNTHo, ) a mountain. SeeCv.v- 


CiXYPirus, ■) a river of Africa, that 

CiXYps, ■- runs ihrouj^h a iniir- 

CiNYPL's, } ful diftridl b-.aring the 

fame :iamc. 

ClXYREA ') rn J- \ ■• r 

,, C (Oc7,v//;;(j7), a city o: 

f, \ Cyprus. 


Cios, a river of Thrace. 

Cjos, a city of Bitliynia, where Phi- 
li|> exercifed trreat crueltv. .. 

Circei'm', a city of Colchi?, on the 
river Ph:ifi;. , 

Ct r c^-evm Pr O M O N T O U I U .M I (J'l- 

( Moxs . ^ £.ur; 

l\ 2 - 

e I s 

C I V 

Circ/fum), a high mountain in Italy, tbc 
I'outhern boundary ot" the Latins^ 

CiRCASSi {('.ercette), a people on the 
ijorders of the Euxinc $ei. 

CiRCAssiA, a nation between the 
Black and the Cafpian Seas. 


See Felice. 

CiRGE. ") 

CiRCEir, > 











a mrunta'n of Campa- 
nia, in Icdlv. 

J See Alchabar. 

Ste F£ticE. 
Sec Alchabap. 

CiRcius, 3 pavt of M.iiuu Taurus. 

C I a C L' M P A D A N I C A M I' I , a li i ftiicl 
of Italy, on each {'uhn of tlie I'u. at 
the foot of the A!p?, occnp'cd by the 
Gauls when Rome was govtrntd by 

Circus, a magnificent building at 
Rome, eiedted by Tarquin the Proud, 
■\vhere pluyi and Ihows wfcre exhibited : 
It was fuuHted between the Avcntine and 
Palatine hills, and was fo con(tru6led as 
to contain (by report) jco,ocol"pc<?>ators. 
Julius C^iar introduced Ur^c canals into 
jr, which he caufed to be covered 
an infinite number of veiTtls, and repre- 
lented a fia tight. 

CiRELLA. See Carilt-.-e 

Cirencester {Corir.utm, Duro^i-" 
r.ovium, Corinium Do^yunorum^, a town m 
Gloceftcrfhire, where the Roman roads 
jntcrleft each other : it was the metro- 
polis of the D'jbuni< 

CiRHA, a mountain of Zcugitana, in 

CiRiACO {Ctimniiim), a promontory 
nnd mountain of Piceuum, above An- 
cona, in Italy. 

CiRiGNOi.A {Cirion, Cerionium, Ge- 
ru»ium). a city of Apulia. 

CiRPHis, a fteep lock of Phocis, to 
the s of Delphi. 

CiRPi. SeeCARPis. 

CiRRj^ATUM, a plice near Arpi- 
num, in Italy. 

CiRRHA {Cyrrta'', a city of Phocif, 
at the foot of Parnairus, where Apollo 
was worlhipped. 


CiRTESiA, a dilifiit of NumiJia, on 
!he Ampfaga. 


CiSALPiN A Galma. SeeSAVOY, 
Milan, &c. 

C1SAMU3, the port of Paleo Caftro, 
on the KW fide of Candia. 

CiSERUssA, an ifland on the coaft of 
Afia, near Cnidus. 

Cisif {Cifii)i the people of Sufa, In 

CrspAD^NA Gallia. See Ge- 
noa. Venice, &c. 

Cisrics. See Es^uii.ints. 

Cisrhenana. See Strasburg, 
RIentz, 2Lc. 

Cisrhenana Prima. See Spires, 

Cisrhevana Secl'Kda. See Co- 


Cissa. See Qlissa. 

CtssA, an illand near Iftria. 

Cissa, a river of Colchis. 

CissA (CUjfiitTi, Sc!jfu7?i)y a city of La- 
cctania, in Spain 


CjssEcri. Sce Cissa. 

Cissi, a people near Trapezus, in 

CrssiA. Sec Chusistan. 

Cissii. See Cisii. 

Cissoessa, a fountain in Boeotia. 

CissuM. See Cissa. 

CissVs, a mountain of Macedonia. 

CissUb, a city of Thrace. 

CrsTEN.*:, a city of j^olia. 

CisTENj?:, a city of Lycia. 

Cistern A (Tabuyace tres, Trfs Ta^ 
iinn^), a city of Campania, in Italy, tj) 
which place the Chriftians went to meet 
St. Paul. 

CibTiJFVA, a city of Myfia. 

CisTHENE, an illand on the coaft of 
Alia Minor. 

CiTH^RON, a mountain and a foreft 
of Bot-oria. 

CiTK ARISTA, a prcmcntO!-y near 

Cither A, '^ a city on the ifland of 

CiTHiKA, ^ Cyprus. 

CitiumCyiri, See Chite. 

CiTiuM MacedonivE. See Chi- 


CiTNA {Cvlbnus, Oplictjfa, Dryopis), 
one of the Cyclase illards, near Zia, 
noted f<.r producing line cheefe. 

CiTTA Df Caste LEA {Fa/crri, Ci- 
•vita CiJicUr.nn, Tiferuuni, Tifcrjium 7>- 
bnhium), a city of Italy, on the w fide 
of the Tiber. 

CiTTA Di Sole {Solofia), a city of 

CiTTA Nova iIIaMlta\ a city of 
pijntus, in Afia. 

CrTVHA. a city of Afia, 

CiviT A Castellana. See Cit- 

7 A U I C a S T E J, L a . 

CiviTA niLLAViGN A {Lanurjiutn), 
a city of Latium, in Italy, the birth- of Antoninus Pius. 

CiviTA Di CiiitTi. SeeTiETi. 

C L A 


CiviTA Vecchi A (Cf-w/wwr^Z/.r, Cin. 
<iUie, L'Ot>olis, Urbtventim, Oro(>ilurn, 
Trajanus Purlus), a city of lialv, He- 
ftroyed by the Saracens, and rebuilt by 
Leo the Fourth A. D. 853. 


CiviTAs Aai'EN'sis. See Aix. 


CiviTAS Carnotum. SceCnAR- 


CiviTAS Deensium. See Die. 
CiviTAS DoRciNrjE. Sce Dor- 
CiviTAS Lactohaticm. Sec 




CiviTAS Meldorum. Sce 


CiviTAS Namnetum. Sec 




CiviTAS Prasene. See Nona. 

CiviTAs Reiensu'm. See Rie7.. 

Civ IT AS RHEDONt.M, See Re.s- 

CiviTAS VAP?::.-ir,Ksiv.M. Sce 

CiviTAS Vasatium. Sre Bazas. 

CiviTAS Vencie.nsium. See 
V-E N c i: . 

CiviTAS Vesontiensu'M. Sce 



Cius, a city of ^lyfia. 

Cn;s. See Pkusias. 

CizicuM, )a ciry of Afia, on the 

Cizicus, 3 Proprontis. 

Cladevs, a city of Elis. 

Clagenfukt {Claudia), a town of 
Carinchia, in Germany. 

Clamici, a town of Nivernois, in 

Clampetia- Sce Cetraro. 

Clakes, a rivtr that falls into the 

Clanis. ) c n 

n, .x.T.c i Sec 

Ci,ftNius {Glanii), a river of Qam- 
paiiia, in Italy. 

Ci, A R E N K a. Sec Rain. 

Clare.n'za {Djr/.r), a city of Achaia, 
on the Ionian Sea. 

Clarii Apollon:s Fan'um {C/a- 
roj), a tempie and grove of Apollo, 
funate between Coiopnon and Lcbcdos, 
in ionia. 

Ci.aritas Julia {Attubi), a c»ty of 
Batica, in Spain. 

Claror. Sce Clarii. 

Claros, )an illand in the j^gcan 

ClARL's, \ Sea, between Tcnedos 
and Scios, ("acred to Apollo. 

Claros. ) c ^ 


Clarus. Sec Clermont. 


Classica, Sec Frejus. 

CiASTiDiuM. See Chi astexo. 

Clastidium, a village of Gaul. 

Claterna. See Campo Marin'o. 

C L Au D E [Clauiimn, CJatidus), an i.Oand 
in the Archinelat^i^, near Candia. 

Claude, St., a city of Franchc 
Comtc, in France. 

Claude, St. {Jura"), a mountain 
that feparatcs Switzerland from Bur. 

Claudia. See Clagenfurt. 

Claudia Aqua {Aqun A/'p'a), an 
aquedu6f at Rome, conllru6ted in tlit 
year of Rome 4+1 by Appius Claudius. 

Claudia Copia. See Lyoks. 

Clautjia Via [Clodia Fia), a roaJ 
leading from Rome to Lucca. 

Claudias, a city of Cappadocia, on 
the Euphrates. 

Claudii Forum. See Oriolo. 

Claudiopolis, in Bithynia. Sec 

Claud 10 polis, a city of Cappado- 

Claudiopolis, a city of Ifauria. 

Claudiopolis. See ClausEiV- 


Claudo.verivm, a city of Spain, 
»o rhe SE of Cape Finiftcrre. 

Claudus. 5 Sce Claude. 

Clavenna. See Chiavenna. 

Claveos (Cnjui), a city of Phocis, 
in Greece Proper. 

C L a u s E x B u R c ( Cohfzvar, Patrcvijfiy 
Zeugma, Cijiiid^cf'vhs), a tuwa of Tran- 

Clausentv:.:. Sce Southamp- 

Clazo.mene. SccUrla. 

Cleona. J c t ... t?""^''*'^^^^^^- 

CLEONE,a town of Phocis, in Greece 

Cleone, a city of Chalcidice, on 
Mount Athos. ' 

Cleopatris {Arfiniji, Qocodik[>oiis, 
C.yocodi'orum U\bs, Ptoiemcu's), a city of 
Egypt, on the Arabian Gulf. 

Clepidava. See Ka.minieck. 

Clep'jVDKa, a fountain in Meffeniai 

C L U 

C O C 

Clf.ri, a people of Attica. 

C L E K isi o N T {^Aitguflonrnifnini^, Ci'v'itns 
Jlfvenorum, Ariuirnum, Clams, Ncmojiis), 
the metropolis of Guienne, in France. 

Clesius. See Cllsius. 

Clf.torio {Cliior, Clitoriuni), a city 
of Arcadia. 

Clfvf.s {Colonia Vlpia, Cohni a 1'ra- 

jana, Tf.cefima), a city of Weftphalia, 

in Germany. 

Clevium. ) c r- 
Clcvum. JSeeGLocESTER. 

Cleybrook, ) a village near Lut- 

Clkvceste?., 5 terworth, in Lci- 

Ceezus, a mountain and river of 

Clibanl's, a mountain in Italy, near 

Glides (J2npe S'. J/iJrea, Antirrbior.y 
Jtitirrhiur:), a promontory in the B-iy of 
Corinth, uherc it feparates ^-Erolia from 
the Morea. 

Glides, ) two fmili iflands to the 

Clidium, ji E of Cyprus. 

Climax iPcJpJ Ji Cune), a mountain 
of Lycia. 

Climax Megaie, a narrow defile 
between Perlia and INIedia. 

Glimberrum. See Aux. 

CtirpiAcrM, a town of France. 

Clissa (A»dn'ium, Aniktrjuru, An- 
•dretiiim, Andecrium^ Andrecium), a fort re (s 
of Dalmatia, near balonse. 

C'LlTiE, a people of Cilicin. 

Clit;e, an inland town of Bithynia. 

Clitje, a place near Mount Athos. 

Clitarum, a people of Cilicia Af- 


Cliterkia. 1 e ^ 

^ V ^t^e Celano. 

Cliterkuji. j 

Clitor. ) c n 

^ > bee Cletorio. 

Clitorium. 3 

ClitumNo, if a fountain and river 

Clitvmni-'s, j) of Italy, whole wa- 
ters are (aid to change the colour of oxen 
that drink of it to a white. 

Cloac.??, the common feweri of 
l\omc, to convey the filth into tlic Ti- 

Cj.ocento {}JicaJ})0, N'ffij^ro, Nu- 
fTirJlro'), an inland town of Calabria. 

Ci.ooiA Fossa, a canal near Padua. 

CLonrAN'^E. See Egnatia Via. 

CL<^niAVX's. SeeFLUViA. 

Ci.odia Via. See Claudia Via. 

Clodii Forum. See Oriolo. 

Cl<>;lia. SeeCLUlLlA. 

Clostra HoMAXA,apier ereftcd 
at the moatli of ih« river Nymphaus, in 

Ci.UAN A, a maritime city of Picenum, 
oa tlij A.di'icitic. 

Clugny {Luna, Lunfia)f a city of 
Bu'j^undy, in France. 

Cluilia Fossa {Clalia Fojfu)^ a 
place near Rome. 

Cluxia. See Coruxxa. 

Cluxium, a town of Corlica, near 

Glupea. See Quippa. 

Ci.vsiNA Palus, a lake of Tuf- 

C'Lrsixi FoxTES, baths in Tufcany. 

Clusiolum, a city of Umbria, in 

Cll'sium. See ChiusI. 

Cli'sius {Clf/ius), a river of Lom- 

Cluvia, a city of Italy, taken from 
the S^mnites by the Romans A. C. 308. 

Clyde (CAoih), a river of Scotland, 
thnt fcrms Ibme grand catarafts. 

Clypea. See Quippa. 

CxAC ADIUM, a mountam of Laconia. 

Cn AC a lis, a mountain of Arcadiu, 
whereon fellivals were celebrated to 

Cnkmides. See Eretia. 

CxEMis, a range of mountains in Lo- 
cris, between Mount Octa and the Sea. 

CxiDE ) {Giiidus, Peguj'u)<, 

CxiDus CaRI-'e j a city and pre- 
montorv of ]3oris, in Caria, where was 
a temple dedicated to Venus, in which 
was a Itatue of the goddefs, executed by 
Praxiteles, which was the admiration of 
ail people. Near this city Ccnon de- 
feated the Lacedsemonians. 

r\ ;- See GixOoA. 

Cxosus. 5 

Co. See Laxgo. 

CoAMAXi, a people of Afia. 

CoACTR.i;, ^ a people between AlTy- 

CoASTB^, ) ria and Media. 

CoAS. See Choaspes. 

CfiBACQUE. See Gensui. 

Cobialos. See vEgialos. 

Coble XTZ {Conflutntes), a city of 
Treves, in Germany. 

Cocas (Guucafm, Mnrpefms'). a 
mountain that feparates Iberia from Sar- 

CocciUM., See Ribchester. 

CoccYGius (Thornax), a mountain 
of Peloponnefus, near Sparta. 

CoCHK, a city of Perfia, the citadel 
of Ctefiphon. 

CorHE. Sec Sei.eucia. 
CoCHiLK (^Sylnr/s), a river of Cala- 
bria Citra, whofe waters are faid to 
change the colour of oxen and fhcep 

CocHi.vo (Ild/'b^rJIias), a city on the 
iflmd of Lcmnos. 

CociNTCM, a promontory in Italy. 

U U L- 

C O L 

. pOipiNTUM, a city of" Italy. >' 
. CocTi.^. See Ckxis, Movn'T. 

Cocusv's. See Cucusis. ■ ■ 

Coc YTUS, a river of Epirus. 

CocYTUS, a river of Ciiiipania, falls 
into the Lucrine Lake. 

CoiJANONiA. See Zealand. 

CoDANus Sinus. See Baltic 

CoDETA, afmall diftrift on the b»hks 
of thcj Tiber. ,'; 

CoDRRo, a fortrefs in Macedonia. 

CoDROi', a town of lllyricum. 

C(KLA, a. plate in the Biy of Eubcca. 

CcELA, a diltrict of Attica. 

CazLJE, fmall iiiands on the coaft of 
r CcECAi.ETvE, a people of Thracc. 

CaiLESYKiA. See Soiristan.. 

CoiLiMONT AN'A PoRTA, oneof the 
gates of Rome, throuii;h which Agaric 
with ; his Goths is fi^id to liavc entered 
and plundered Rome. ; 

CaiLioBRiGA, a city of-Spain. 

CGii,, the fouihcrn part of 
Mount Cceliuji. 

C lE 1. 1 u b M o N s, (Q 'ifrquetulanus 
Mom), onciof the, feven hills whereon 
Rome was built. 

CtiiLOs PoRxus, 3 city of Thraaian 
Chcrfonefus, to -the s of Stllos, where 
the Athenians ereiSled a trophy to com- 
memorate a vi(^pry over the Lacedemo- 
nians. . , :. ^ : . , 

Copy^, a city of Media. 

Ciiius, a river of Meffenia. 
. CoGAMUs, a river of Lydia. 
_ ,CoGxi {If.o>iiuw)^ a city of Afiaric 
Turkey, in Caramania, where tlierc is 
a remarkable breed of Ihcep, whofetails 
■wcieh from twenty to thirty pou'vJs. 

Cohan {Alba?2u<\ a river of Alba- 
nia, dillmbogues into the Cafpian Sea at 

CoHiEUS, a. river of Afia, near Pon- 

Co 1MB R A {Conimbrka, Cmmilina'), 
a city of Portugal, where an univrrfu'v 
was founded by Dionyfms king of Por- 
tugal, A. D. 1^06. 

CoiRE {Coyra, Curia'), a town of 
Swirz,crland, the capital of Rhstia, ■■■v 
.theGrifonSi was founded abou- A. D. 

CoLAicuM Promontorium. See 


CoLAPis. See Cui-i'E. 


CoLBUSA. See Chalceuo.v. 


CoLCAS, a city of Spain. 
Colchester {Ciimnlotlunumy Cnmn- 
d'Aanutii), a town in ElIvX, fcundcd ubuut 

A. D. 127 r the caftle was erc£\ed by 
king Edward in 914. t 

■ Coi.CHi, a people near Mingrelia. 

CoLCHi, a city of India, on the coaQ: 
of Malabar. 

CoLCHicvsrSiNVs,- a bay that ex- 
tends from Cane Comafin up the w 
fide of Malabif. ; ..j-'\v 



■Coi.DiNGHAM.a diftrift in Scotland, 
near Berwick, where a nunnery wj* 
built in the beginning of the tyvelfih 
century, by Edgar, king of Scotland, 
Ebba, the abbefu oi which, who is re^ 
nowncd in hiftory for her challity, gave 
name to the. adjacejit promontory called 
St. Abb's head. ., . • 
, Coi,i;n.. ^ee .Cologne. 
CoLENDA, 9.cityof Spain. 

■ CoLENTUM, an ifland in the Adriatic, 

on the coall of JUyrjcum. 

CoLiAbuM. ) c nr.„.r 
f, \ Sec CoRY^ 


Col I AS. a promontory of A'tica, In. 
the form of a man's foot, where a temple 
was dedicated to Venus, and where thy 
women ijerfornied ficrcd rites to Certs. 
. . Coi.lCARiA a village of Cifpadana, in 
Italy, between Mutina and Hotulia. 

CoLici,.-- See CORAXI. 


C o lAOV K^iCai'.colil'ti iifu), a maritime 
town of RouHillon, in Prance, at the 
bale of the Pyrenees. 

Co LIRE {Eiyibive), one of the twelve 
cities ill Ionia. 

CoMs. See Cory. 

CoLiSANO (I'aio/'Ks), a city on the 
N fi'le of Sicily. 

Coliseum. J See Colosseum. 

CoLlSStUM..^ . ■- 

CoLLATiA, a city of the Sabines, in 

■ Italy, \vhere Tarquin otibvcd violence to 

CoLLATiA, a city of Apulia, near 
Mount Gnrganus. 

Co L LATIN A Porta {Pinciana Por- 
ta), a gate of Rome leading towards 

Co I. LATIN A Via, the road from 
Rome to Collnjia. . . 

CoLLK {Cullu, Cbiilli, Mioticipiutii, 
Gbullu, Collops Mjgnus), a city of Nu- 
mi lia. 
^ CoLLiNA. Sec Salara. 

CoLLiKi'O, a city of Lufitania, be- 
tween :ih * Miindego and the Tagus. 

CoLLOPS Magnus. See Colle. 

CoLLOPs Parvus. Sec Pago- 

Dl". ITE. ' 

'CoLLUCiA ( Acberiijia) , a lake nca-; 
th.e city of Heraclea, in Poncus. 
11 + 



Cot MAR (Argeman'a, Argeniusria), 
Z town of Alfacc, in France. branch of the Trogtlodytes, 
in Ethiopia, on the Arabian Gulf. 

CoLOBON, "1 a pro- 

CoLOBORUM Promon- > TOontOry 
TORIUM, ) ofEthi- 

op'ia, on the Arabian Gulf. 

Cologne {Colonia Jigripi>ina, Co.'f», 
Jgrippain, Uhipoln, Ubiorum Oppidum), a 
city of Germany, founded about A. M. 
2773 '• the Romans obtained poffefFi'^n 
of it, and were expelled from thence by 
the French, under the command of Chil- 
deric, AD. 462, The city was ttftortd 
to the empire in 949, and the great 
church was built in 1248. The city was 
enlarged with eigh'y-three tcwers and 
other buildings in 1280; and in 1391 
the fenate founded an univerfity, vvhofe 
archbilhop was one cf the electors, and 
arch-chancellor of Italy, being prefident 
at the diets. 

CoLOMBATZ {Tricornium, Trlcorria 
Cftjlra), a town of Scrvia, on the Da- 
nube, between Singidunum and Severi- 

CoLONJE, a city of Phrygia Minor. 

Colon. 5, a city of Lampfacus, iu 

CoLON.'E, a city of Troas, near the 
ifland Tcnedos. 

CoLONE. See Griso. 

CoLONfc, a city of Piiocis, in Greece 

CoLONE, a city of Erythraea. 

Co LONE, a city of Theflaly. 

CoLONE, a city of McfTenia. 

Co LONE, a rock of Afia, on the 
Thracian Bofphorus. 

CoLONiA. See Germa. 

CoLONi A. a town of the Tiinobantes, 
near Colchefier. 

Colonia i^Coluuia), a town of Scot- 
land, near Dambriton Frith. 

CoLONiA Agrippina. See Co- 

I. O G N E . 


CoLONi A Augusta, a city of Anu- 
ria, in Spain. 

CoLONi A Equestris. See Novos'. 

t> F.LIN. 


CoLONiA NoRBEN.sis. See Al- 



CoLONiA Secundanorum. See 

ColoniaTheodosipolis, a city 
of A: menia. 

jee Chonos. 


Colonia Valentia. See Va- 


Colonia Ubiorum. See Co- 

Colonia Ulpia. See Cleves. 

C o L o N N A ( Labtcurti , Lavicum), a city 
of Campania, in Italv. 

Cot.oNNE {Laciniuvi), a promontory 
cf Italy, on the Adriatic. 

Colo ^'os. an eminence near Athens, 
where CEd pus retired durmg his banifh- 

Colophon. See Altobosco. 

Colops. SeoCuLPE. 

TOLOSSA. ) i- 
Co .OSSy-E. 5 

C o L o s ? E u M ( CotiJP'um, Ampbitbea. 
irum Vefp ifi'ini, Cohffum), a theatre at 
Rome, built bv Vefpafian, and orna- 
jnented by his (on Domitian ; it was of 
an oval form, 221 Roman palms in 
height, and in length 820, being calcu- 
lated to contain 87,000 ('r edtators. 

CoLossis See Chonos. 

Colossus, a remarkable ftatue at 
Rhodes. See Rhodes. 

CoLoswAR. See Clausenburg. 

CoLous {GygiZui), a lake of Lydia, 

Colpas, a tiver of Bithynia. 


CoLPE, 3 city of Ionia. 

Colpitis, See PnoiNiciA. 

Columbara, \ a ftrong citadel on 

Columbaria,) the w of Sicily, 
cppofue Drepanum. 

Columbariu.m, a promontory on 
the NE lide of Sardinia, oppofite the 
iOand Ilermaia. 

CoLUMNA Bellica, a pillar creft- 
ed behind the Circus, &t Rome, from 
whence a herald threw a javelin when 
war was dt-clared. 

CoLUMNA Mknia, a pilar creftcd 
in the Forum, at Rome. 

Column A RnEGiA, )a promon- 

CoLUMNA Rhegina. 3 tory of 

Italy, on the F-ro of Melfina. 

Coll'IMNa Rostrata, a naval pil- 
lar at Rome adorned with the beaks of 

NA. a column, having twilve fides, to re- 
prefent the ancient twelve winds, with 
their names engraved ih-reoi;, at Cnjeta. 

Column'jE Herculis, the moun- 
tains of Gibraltar and Ahyla, the former 
in Spain, the latter in Africa, at the di- 
ftance of iS miles only. 

ColumnakumFketum, the Straits 
of Gibraltar. 

Columnenses, a people of Italy. 

CoLUNiA. Sec Colonia. 

C O M 

C O $^ 

CoLURl (SaJamin, SalamSy Cycbereu!, 
Pityiiff'a), an ifland in the Saronic Gulf, 
near yTi-gina, of which Ajax, fo much 
celebrated by Homer, was king. 

Coi,YTTi's,'a tribe in Athens. 

Com, a city of Parthia. 


Lake of. 

COMACHIA. ) c O^..^ 

,, , See CoMO. 


CoMACiN'A, an idand in the Lake of 

CoMACLUM, a city near Venice. 

CoMAGKNA^ {Comtnagene, Jir^-ar), 

CoMAGENF \ a province of Syria, 
which exrended to the Euphrates. 

Co.MAGENJE, a city of Auftria. 

CoMAN A, a city of Cappadocia, where 
was a temple facred to Bellona, with 
more than 6000 minifters of both fexes, 
the chief of whonrj was generally of the 
roy^l family. 

CoMAKA (^Tahackzau, Taiachzan), 
a city of I'ontus, on the river Iris. 

CoMANA ((7o^fl«c), a city of Pifidia, 
between Baris and Perga. 

CoMANA. See Famastro. 

CoMA.MA, a country of Aha. 

CoMAur, a people of Afia, on the 

COMAR, 1 , nr \ 

r> I the moll louthern cape 

COMARE. I ^f India, to the N w 
COMARIA, r ^f Ceylon 


CoMARO {Hnaclea), a ci'y of Thef. 
falv, near the Straits of Thermopylae. 

Co.MASTUS, a place in Perfia. 

CoMATA Gallia. See France, 
Netherlands, &c. 

CoMATi Ligures. SeeLlGDRIA. 

CoMBi {Ombi), a city of Egypt, on 
the Nie. 

Combrea, a city of Macedonia, near 

CoMBULTERiA, a city of Italy. 

CoMEOiE, a people to the N of Sog- 

Cometeau, a town of Bohemia, 
where the inhabitants, men, women, 
and children, were all put to the fword 
in 1421. 

Co MI, a people of Bac^ria. 

Co.MiD.wA.a city of Dacla. 


CoMiMUM,>a city of Italy, near 

Com 1 NO, 3 Aquilonia. 

Cominsine. Sec Camisenr. 

CoMTTit^M, a part of the fuuri Re 
tnanorum, appropriated for the u(e of the 
Cwiitia, or afiemblies of the peopic, 
wherein they ^'ave their fuffragcs nn any 
matter that was brought before them. 

COMMAgENE. SecAiAli. / 

CoMMOuis, a citadel of CiUcia, at 
the foot of iVIount Amanus. 

CoMo {Comum, Coviacbia, Comachio, 
Noiiocomum), a city of Lombardy, built 
by the Gauls, from whom it was taken 
by the Rotrans : it wa:. repaired by Pom- 
pey the Elder, who pUnted a colony 
there A. C. SS. Thii city gave birth 
to the two riinys, itnd PhuUis Jovius, 
and fi'om it the lak« (Lago di Como) 
derives it* name. 

CoMO, Lake of (Lar/us, Lago di 
Como, Comacenus Lacus), a lake in Lom- 

CoMORiNO Port us (C'jmnrus, Co- 
matui), a port in the bay of Ambracia, 
near Nicopulis. 

Compiecke, a town in the Ifle of 
France, where Joan of Arc, the maid of 
Orleans, was taken prifoncr in 1430. 

CoMPLUTU.M, a city of New CaftiJe, 
in Spain, where the firft Polyglott Bible 
was con;ipiled and printed. See Alca- 


CoMPOSTELLA (Flaviobriga, F/avio 
Gallira, Flavium brigan'um, Si. J,imes 
de Comfojhlla), the metropolis of Gali- 
cia, in Spain, was founded about A. D. 
69. In this city St. Janic-s is faid to have 
been buried. 

CoMPSA. See Comza. 

CoMPSATUS, a river of Thrace, falls 
into the lake Biftoni*. 

CoMPULTERiA. See Con put- 

CoMPUSA, a town of Bithynia. 

CoMuM. See CoMO. 


CONCANA. StC Santillan'a. 

CoNCANi, the people of Santillana. 

CoNCANGii. See Kendal. 

Concordia, a city of Venice, in 

Concordia, a city of Lufiiania, on 
the Tagus, to the N w of Trajan'* 

Concordia. See Drusenheim. 

Concordia Julia. SceNtRTo- 



Con DATE ^ (iStfl/'Ai Pons), a city 

Conde j of Hainault, in the 

Condercum. See Chester-le- 

CoNDiviciNUM. See Nantes. 

CoNDocATKs, >a river of India, 

Condochates, 5 flows into the 

CoNDRun. ) - ry, 

CONDRU.I. i^^'T^^^^^- 



CoNDYLiA, a city of Arcadia. 

Cone, a I'mall ifland near the mouth 
cf the Danube. 

GoNEjERA {Coiigliera, T'iquadya, 
^fi'iuadra), an ifland near Scio. 

CoNELLO {Cypa)}Jfus), z promontofy 
of Meffcnia. 

r^„.r^.i^„ c See COIMBRA. 


• CoNFLANS, a diftrift of RouffiUon, 
in France. 


• CONFLUENTIA.i^"^^^/'^^'"" 

CoNGEDUS. a river of Spain. 

Con Gx, ETON {ConcJate), a town cf 
•'-Go-NGo, a kingdom in Ethiopia. 

Congo, a country of Africa, ciifco- 
vcred bv the Portuguefe A.D. 1484. 

CoNi {honinm), a city of Lycaonia, 
where St. Paul preachedA. D. 41. 
. CoNiACi, a people of Spain, ncsr 
ihe-fource ofrhc Ilierus. 

■ CbNiCA, an inland town of Paphla- 
£onia, at Mount Olgafes. 


CoKii(C««f/),a peop'e of Spain, near 

ii- CoNiNGTON, a viihigc near Stilton, 
in Huntingdonfhire. 

CoNisci, a people cf Spiin. 
JIl-tcfNisTossis. See Cunistor- 

• CoKONirji. Ste Maldon. 
Con OPE, a city of iEtoiia, to the N 

of Mount Aracynthus.- 

CoNOPEius Lacus, a lake of Pon- 
tus, between the Halys and the Ami- 

CoNOViUM. See Conwav. 

CoNPL'LTERl {Cov:puJttTia), a city 
.of Sgmnium, in Italy. 

CoNSABRVM, a city of Spain, to the 
SK of Toledo, 
c CoNSENTiA, y a city of Calabria, in 

CoNSENZA, ) Italy. 

CoNSTLiNUM, a city of Italy. 

Constance ( Conjiantia , Cofiuifz., Fi- 
iodura, Gannodjirum), a city of Germany, 
in the circle of Suabia, fiiuate on a lake 
cf the fame name. 

CoxbTANCE (Foda;mnis, Bodenzge, 
Brignntiiius, Venetus Locus), a lake that 
ft-paratcs Switzerland from Germany. 

Constant 1 a, in Mefopotamia. Stc 

Constant: A {Gaza,Ava, Majuma), 
a city and latrapy of the Phililtincs, in 
Palefiinc, where arc numerous rtm^iins 
of antiquity. 

Constantia. See Constance. 



C'qnsta^'tIa ) {NtCfplorium)i a 

CbKSTANTXNA) city of Mcfopo-" 
tamia, on the Euphrates. . , ^ 

Constantia ^ {Ciria, Sluiano' 

CoifSTANTiNA ) rum Csionia), a 
city of Algiers, the metropolis of Nu- 

Constantinople ) {Bvzant'mmj 

C o N s T A N T I N o p o L I s ji Lygos, Lv- 
gus. New RojiiC, Stavibnlo), a city of 
Thrace, founded about A.M. 32^9 by 
a colony of the Mcgarenfes, after their 
countrymen liad ereifled Scutari. This 
city is very eligibly fituateJ, fo as to 
command different Teas : it is of great 
extent, and very populous. In the time i 
of Severus it was encompaffed by a 1 
fVrong wall, fo curioufty cemented- toge- i 
tiler that it might have been imagined all 
of one ftone. It has been fubjtdt to va- 
rious forms of government : for of a free 
city it was made tributary to the Athe- 
nians, by the aid of A'icibiades: it was 
afterwards demolifhcd by Severus, for 
aliifting Niger : ic was rebuilt by Con- 
fiantine, who confecrated it- A.D. 330, 
when he m^de it.the feat of the empire 
inftcad of Rome : it was enlarged by 
Juftinian ; and the French obtained poi- 
leHion in 1204; from whom it was re- 
cfivercd by the Greeks in 12.59: the 
Turks difpoirL-lTed them in 1433, and 
have retained poffeffion of it to the pre- 
Tent time. This city is generally under- 
fiood to have been rebuilt by Conftantine, 
whofe mother was Helena — the patri^t 
ajTch being Gregoiy (but this appcais to 
be erroneous, for his name was Alexan- 
der) : it was loft to the Turks by Con- 
llantine, whofe mother was named He- 
lena, in 1453. 

CoNSU ARA N I, a people of Aquitain, 
near the Pyrenees. 

CoNT.\Dr,SDus, a river of Thrace. 

CoNTARiNi {Phalafiirtia), a mari- 
time town on the w fide of Candia. 

CoNTKNEBKA, a City of Tufcany. 

CoNTESTANi, a people of Sjiain, 
towards the Mediterranean. 

CoNTiNENS \.{Partes), the Ro- 

CoNTiNENTES 5 Hia" name for the 
three grand divifions of the globe, viz. 
Alia, Africa, and Europe ; thnt part 
called America being ut^.known to them. 

CoNTiNUSSA. See Cadiz. 

Contra AciNCUM. See Pest. 

Contra Ombi, a city of Upper 
Egypt, on the \v iide of the Nile, oppo- 
fite Ombi. 

Contra. Syene, a city of Upper 
Egvpr, oppofite Syene. 
' CoNTREBiA, u city of Spain, be- 
fieged A. C. 141. 



Coi.'TRlB'UTA {Julia Contribula), a 
city of Uajtica, in Spain, between Me- 
licla and Ecva. 

Con TUB! A, a city of Spain. 

CoNVALLfs. See Nivakia. 

Co NUCHA (Cvlbe)'i)., an iftand of 
Cyprus, taken by the Athenians A. C. 


CovvevarumUrbs. SeeLyoN's, 

CoN'VhNNOS, an illand of Britain. 

Conway {Comrvium, AberCmtvav), 
a town of Carnarvonihire, in North 
AValcs, where an epitaph announces that 
^Nicholas Hookes, gent, was tlie one- 
and-forticth child of his father, bv Alice 
his wife ; and that he was father to 
twcnTy-fl'ven children, and died the 20th 
.of March, 1637. 

Conway {Tifobis, ToFrob':!), a river in 
North Wales. 

CoxZA {Compfa), a city of Naples, in 

Coos. See Lango. 

Coi'ACUM, a city near Ovicdo, in 

Cop^, a citv of Bceotia, in Greece, 
near the CephifTus. 

CoPAis {Cff>hiffis), a lake of Boeotia, 
formed by the CephilTus and other 

CoPF.yHAGF.N ) {Haffnia),t\\t ch'xti 

CoPKK HAVEN j^ city of Denmark; 
was founded A. D. 1165, by Ahfalon, 
bi.'hnp of Rofchild : the univerfuy was 
eretled hy John, their kinn;, in 1498 : it 
was enlarged in 15^9 by Chriltiern the 
Third, and afterwards, in 1569, by Fre- 
deric the Second. 

COPHEN'. ) c c ., 

^ ;■ Sec Sim. 


CopHONTES, a burning mt)untain of 

Copi.^. SeeSvBARis. 

CoPRATAS,) a river of Perfia, falls 

CopRATEs,^ into the PaUtigris, to 
the E of Sufa. 

CoPRiA {^lerquilinium), the fca- 
coaft of Taurominium, in Sicily, fo 
called from the wrecks of fhips that were 
loft in Ciiarybdis, and thrown on that 

CopTtrrs, a diftrift of Egypt, near 

CopTOs,)* a city of the Theba'is, in 

CopTL's, j Egypt, near the Red Sea. 

Cora. See Com. 


Cor AC f. See Coraxi. 

I ' o R A c o D E <;. See C A r B I A . 

"Cor Ac'oNASVS, a ciry of Arcadia, 

at the confluence of the Ladon and AI- 

GoRAr.ET^. a people of Scythia. 

CoRALU's. SeeCuARivs. 

CoRALLi, a lavage people of Pon- 

CoKAMBis, a city of Ethiopia. 

CORANTHO. ) c o 

Cor Asan", a hamlet of the tribe of 

CoRASlL'S, a mountain near Antioch, 

CoRASPHi, a people of Scythia, neav 
the I mails. 

CoRAssi.'E, iAands or rocks in tkc 
-i^LTcan Sea, oppofite fcaria. 


CoRAX, )a mountain of .^tolia, 

CoRAXA3,5 between Callipolis and 

CoRAx, a river of Afia, rifcs in 
Blount Caucufus, and falls into the 
Euxinc Sea. 

CoKAXi (Coraci, Colici), a people on 
the Mingrelia, near Colchis. 

CoRAXicr, ) mountains in Armenia 

CoRAXxi, ji MaJ3r, nearCaucafys; 
the lource of the Cvrv/s. 

CoRAZiN, a city of Paleftine. 

CoRBEius, )a city of Galatia, t>e- 

CoRBEus, 3 tvveen Ancyra and 

CoRBiANA, a diftricl: of Elvmais, in 
Perlia. " - : 

CoRBiLO, a town of France, oit tlie 

CoRBto, a citv of Latium, in Italy. 

CoRBio. See Solsona. ■ '• 

Con BRIDGE {Curia), a vaijagc to the 
vv of Ncwcaftle, in Northumberland. 

CoRBULo.vis Fo::sA, a canal in 
Germany, becv/ten the Meule and the 

fortrcfs of Germany, on the river Ems. 

CoRCAN {Hyrcania), a country of 
Afia, on the Cafpian Sea. 


CoRCUA > {Cony r a MAa:na')y a 

CoRCt,RA 5 city of Affyria, in 

CoRCYRA, an ifland. See Corfu. 

CoRCvKA. See Cassopo. 

CoRC'aRA Melana. See CoR- 
c u B .1. • ' 

Corcyka Nigra, an ifland in the 
Adriatic, on the coaft of Dalmatia. Sec 

Cordova "i {PairJda), a city of 

Cordovia > Spain, founded by 

Cop.DUEA ) Marctllus the conful, 
AC. 150: in procefs of time it became 
the refidence of the M-Joriih king'. 



where they continued till their cxpul- 
fion into Africa. This city gave birth 
to the two Senecas and Lucan ; and in 
its vicinity Catfar fought his laft battle 
in perfon againll the fons of Pompey. 

t^ ^ . i See GOrdene. 


CoRDYLA,) theportof Themifcyra, 

CoRDYLE> 5 on the Euxine Sea. 

CoREA, a diftrict of Sangada, in 

CoREA, a city on the frontiers of 
Judea and Samaria. 

CoRESsus, a hill near Ephefus. 

CoREssus, a city on the ifiand of 

CoRETUs, a bay of the Palus Mceo- 
tis, into which the river Bog difchar^cs 

CoRFiNiuM. See Pentin'a. 

Corfu {Corcyra, Cercyra, Di-epanfy 

Scberta, Pbo'acia, Karkar), a city on an 

iftand of the fame name, in the Medi- 

. terranean ; was founded about A. M. 


CoRi {Corn), acity of Latium, on the 
confines of the Volfci, built by a colony 
of the Dardanians before the foundation 
of Rome. 

CoRiA, a town of Scotland, near 
Dumbriton Frith. 

CoRiCA, a city of Afia Minor. 

CoRiNEUM, a city of Cyprus, be- 
tween Citium and Salamis. 

CoRiNiuM. Sec Cirencester. 

Corinth > (Corinlis, Ephyra, 

CoRl.VTHUS 5 Cichjris, CicbyruSy 
Corato, CorantlyD, Gframe^ Suyon, Helo- 
polis, Demetriai, Bimaris, Laus Jidia), 
a city of Greece, in Achaia Proper, 
v/hofe foundation \\ as laid about A. M. 
2430 : it is fnuate in the Morea, near 
the fountain Pyrenc, which rifes at the 
foot of the h\\\ Acrocoriuthus, on which 
there was a flrong caftle, that command- 
ed the Ionian and j^gean Seas, between 
which it is fituate, and was accounted 
the key of Greece. In this city was a 
fuperb temple, dedicated to Venus, 
which, with the city, was burnt by order 
of Lucius Mnmmius, A. C. 144, be- 
caufe the inhabitants had otfended the 
Roman ambifTadors. The people of this 
place were converted by St. Paul, but 
ihe city has been a long time fubjeft to 
the Turkift govermi enr. 

CoRiNTHiACUS Sifjus, the Bay of 

of the Volfci, in 

"^ ( ScipioHis 
> Fu/lum\ a 
J place near 


,, fa city 

CORIOLI, >- J i . 

CoRIOLU^f. J ^'^ 


Sec CuRioso- 

CoRisoPiTUM. See Cornwah. 

CoRissus, a city of Ionia. 

CoRiTANi, ) the people of North- 

CoRiTES, y amptonlhire, Leicef- 
terfliire, Rutlandftiire, Lincolnlhire, 
Nottinghamftiire, and Derbyfljire. 

CoRMASA, a city of Pamphylia. 

CoRMus, a nver near AlTyria. 

CoRNACUM, a city of F»naonia In- 
ferior, on the Danube. 

CoRNARn, ) the inhabitants in the 

CoRNAVir, 5 counties of Warwick, 
Worcefter, Stafford, Salop, and Chef- 



Utica, in Africa, where the eider Scjpio 
encamped in the fecond Punic war. 

Cornelii Forum. See ForvxM, 

CoRNETO }{Gravifa), a city of 

Cornetum J Tufcany. founded 
about A. M. 2331. 

CoRNiCHO ) (Corrals), a city on the 

CoRNico 5 ifiand of Cjndia. 

CoRNicuLANi iVIoNTES, mou-tains 
near Corniculum. 

CoR NICULUM, a city of the Sabines, 
in Italy, demolilhed by order of Tar- 
quin, but rebuilt after the expulfton of 
the kings. 

CoRNouArLLE. See Cornwall. 

CoRNu Gallia. See Cornwall. 

CoRNus, a city of Sardinia. 

Cornwall {Qjrnouailie, Corifopi' 
tvm, Cornu Gallln'), the tnoft weftern 
county in Great Britain, which, it is faid, 
was never conquered by the Romans : 
the inhabitants in fome parts ftill retain 
a language peculiar to themfelves. 

CoKOCONDAMA, a pcnmfula of Afi- 
atic Bofphorus. 

CoRocoNDAMETis Lacus, a lake 
near Corocondama. 


CoRON '){CorQ)u'), a city of Mef- 

CoKONA 3 fenia, in the Aiorca. 

Corona. SeeCRONSTAX. 

CoRONJEA {Corum^ea), a city of 
Boeotia, where, during the firfl; year of 
the Corinthian war, Agelilaus defeated 
the allied forces of Athens, ThcbeSj Co- 
rinth, and Argos. . . 

Co RON' AT A, a city of Italy. 

Co RONE. See Co ROW. 

Co RONE A, a city of ThciTaly. 

CoRONiA. See Landscroon. 

CoRONTA, a city of Acarnania. 

CoRONUS, a mountain in Afia, tliat 
feparates Media from Parthia. 

CoROPASsus, a village of Lycaonia, 
on the confines of Cappadocia. 

CoRRHAGlUM, a City of Macedonia. 



CoRsHAM {Cojbam), a town in Wilt- 
fliire, near Chippenham, where the 
Saxon king Ethclred had a palace. 

CoRsr, a people of Sardinij, origi- 
nally Corficans. 

Co RSI A, a city of Boeotia. 

Corsica {Cyffius, T'arracina, Tcr- 
racina, Cernealis), an ifland in the Me- 
diterranean Sea ; appears to have been 
originally inhabited by the Tyrrhenians, 
about A.M. J4§5, who were expelled 
by the Carthaginians, from whom the 
Romans obtained poffcflion of it, whc, 
in their turn, were driven away by the 
Saracens : the Genoefe obtained it from 
them J and afterwards it was in the pof- 
feifion of the Pifans, who rcfigned it to 
the Pope, and he returned it to the Ge- 

CoRsiN'iUM, a city of Italy. 

CoKiOTE, a city of Armenia. 


CoRSULA, a city of the Sabiues, in 

CoRsuRA, ) an ifland in the Bay of 
CoRSYRA, 5 Carthage. Sce Pan- 


CoRTE, ) acity of theThe- 

CoRTiA Prima, 5 bais, in Egypt. 

CoRTiCATA, a city of Bjeuci, in 

CoRTOM > (Cyrtonion), a city of 

CoRTO^fA) Tufcany, on the Lago 
di Perugia. 

CoRTUOSA, a city of Tufcany. 

CoRTYRA,afmalldiftri£t of Laconia. 

CoRUNNA {AdroLicum, Brigantjnus 
Partus, Ciunia, To^ Giqyne), a maritime 
town of Galicia, in Spain. 

CoRVORUM I.vsuLA, an ifland in 
Arcadia, formed by the Ladon and the 

GoRUPEDiON, a city of Phrygia. 

CoRtjs, a river of Arabia, falls into 
the Red Sea. 

CoRus. See Cyrus. 

CoRUSi.k, a town of Afiatic Sarmatia. 

Cory {Calii^icum Promontorium, Ca- 
Itiicvni, Coliacum, Co.'is), the moft fouth- 
ern point of Malacca. 

Cory, an ifland in the Indian Ocean, 
between the mouths of the rivers Indus 
and Ganges. 

CoRYBAMTES, a people of Mount 
Ida, whu removed from thence into 

Dac1}!i)y a city of Samuthracc, where- 
in was a temple facred to Cybele, in 
which various myfterious rites were ce- 

CoRVBASSA, a city of Myfia. 

Cjrybus, a promontory of Car ilia. 

CorYCEUm. See CoRYCas OP 

CoRYCiuM An"trum,) a cave and 

CoRVCiuM Nemus, ) grove m 
Phocis, near ParnalTus, 

CoRYCiuM Antrum,) a cave of 

CoKYCius Specus, 5 Cilicia, 
above Curycus. 

CoRvcuMLiTTUs,a maritime town 
of Lycia. 

CoRYCU.M,)a tosvn on the w fide 

CoRYCUs, ^ of Candia, on a pro- 
montory of tiie fame name. 

Cor Ycus, in Cilicia. See Churco. 

CoRYCUs {Coryceum'), a lofty moun- 
tain of Ionia. 

Corydalia, "^ 


a city of Lycia. 

Cor YD ALUS, i mountain of Attica, 

CoRYDHLA, an ifland or rock near 

CoRYLA, ^ an extenfive village of 

CoKYLEUM, 3 Paphlagonia. 

CoRY.MEiA. See Rhodes. 

CoiiYNA, a town of Jonia. 

CoRYNE, a town of Elea Propria, ia 
Pclop-innefus, on the river Pencus. 

CoRYPHASiON. See Pylos. 

Cor YPH ASiuM, a promontory of 
Mcflenia, between Pylus and Methane. 

Cor Ys, a river of Arabia Felix, falls 
into the Red Sea. 

Cor y THE Ns IS, a place of Tegea, in 

CoRVTUS, a city on a mountain bear- 
ing the fame name, in Tufcany. 

Cos. See Lango. 

Cos. See ZiA. 

Cos A. 7 o o 

^^ > See Cassano. 

CosA {Cojfa), a city of Tufcany. 
CosABET {Pbvjca), a city of Myg- 
donia, in Macedonia. 

CosciyiA,) a viil?.ge of Caria, near 
CosciNUs, \ 


the Maeander. 

'OSEDIA. 1 c i-. 

\ See CouTANCE. 

v-OSEDI.?:. 5 

Cosr.VTiA, > a city of Calabria, in. 

CosENZA, 5 Italy. 

CosETANi. \ See Cossetania 


Cossa. See Cassano. 

Cossacks, a people on the confines 
of Poland, Ruilia, Tarrary, and Turkey. 

Coss;ea ) {Cuffa:), a'diftrift in the 

Cossea ^ ntountainous part of 

Coss."E.\MS,> a people of Chuhftan, 

Coss^i, 5 '" Perfia. 

CossETANiA Regio (Cofetani^y a 
diflrift of Spain, between -he Ijjcrui a;id 

c o w 

C R A 

CossiNiTEs (Cttdi'tf''), a river of 
Thrace, falls into the Lake Biftonis. 

Cossio. Sec Bazas. 

Cossovo (Oj/b), a mountain in 

f, : See Paxtalarce. 

' Costa Bal^^ln^, a place in Ligu- 

CosTEGNA/., ) a mountain between 
CosTiNJTZ, 3 Thrace and Mace-' 

COSYRA. 7 c T) 

Cotes {Cottfs, Ampclu/Ia), a promon- 
tory of Maurirttuia 'I ingitana. See 
Spartel, Capk. 

CoTEZEi. u, a people, of whom 7000 
■•tie niafiacreri at Bcurges. 

C 0x11 ON, the na:t!e of the port at 

Cot I! ON, an ifland in the Laconiac 

CoTHOX, an ifland near Adrumetum, 
in Africa. 

CoTiXi?:, mountains near the river 
B?etis, iu Spain, which produce both 
gold and copper. 

CoTiNussA. See Cadiz. 

CoTiscoLi.^, cold medicinal fprings 
KcarRcate, in Latium. 

CoTONls, an ifland near Curzolari. 

CoTTA. See Tanc;iers. 

Corn, a people near the Rhine and 
the AVeCcr. 

Cgtti;e Aetes. See Cenis, 

CoxTii Rr.GXUM, a petty ftate on 
^Toimt Cenis. 


CoTYiEUM, a city of Galatia. 

CoTY-^UM. 7 . r ni 
,, - s a city or rhrycia. 

CoTYc\aiA,3 ^ ^ 

CoTYL.^UM, a mountain in Eubcca. 
COTYLE, SccCl'tieia. 
CoTYLjus, a mountain in Arcadia. 

Cotyora. ■^ 
Cot Y DRUM. > 

Co TY OK us. 3 

Sec Castelle. 

Couco {Tubiifuptus), a city of Mau- 
ritania Cafarienhs. 

CoveeiaC'E, a town of Vindelicia, 
ncnr the l"urce of the Ifer. 

Co\'KNTRY, a city in the county of 
"Warvvici;, wheie a monaftery of Car- 
ihulians was founded A.D. 1043. 

C(JUKTRAY {Cuivtrav), a town in 

Coi'S. Sec Lanco. 

CouTAXCE {(.ij'.ihd), a city of Nor- 
mandy, in Fr,:ncc. 

Co^^BRit)GE {Boiiium), a town of 
Gbni'jU'HnfliiiL, iu South \Va!ci. 

CowEY, a town in Kent, where 
Julius Caefar crclTcd the Thames. 

CovRA. See Coire. 

Cozo (Cutia), a city of Italy, be- 
tween Vercelli and Lomello. 

Ckacow A. \{Currodu!iuni), the me- 

Cracow 3 tropnlis of Lefl"er Po- 
land, was founded about A.D, 701 : it 
is fituate in a plain, on the banks of the 
A'iftula : in this city the kings of Poland 
were ckAcd and crowned : the univcr- 
ftty was founded in 1361, and enlarged 
in 1400. 

Ckagus, a tn.ount.-jin in Cilicla, part 
of INlouit Tauius. 

Ckagus, a city of Lycia, at the foot 
of a hill bearing the fame name. 

Crambusa. See Grambusia. 

Crambusa, a maritime town of 

C R A N .5: . See IT E L E X a . 

Craxai. See Athe.nians. 

Craxborxe, j^ a town of Dorfet- 

Craxbourx, 3 fliire, where a mo- 
nafiery was founded A.D. 930. 

Crane, a city of Arcadia, where fir 
trees grew in great abundance. 

Cranea, a fmall diftridl of Ambra- 

Craneum, ) a grove of cy^ 

Craxeum Lucus,) prefs trees,. 

r Corinth, 

ire he recci 

"ran I A. 7 

)R AN 1.12. 5 

near Corinth, the refort of Diogfenes, 
where he received a vifit from Alexan- 


Craxii, \ 

Cranium, ) 

ee Certs. 

See Tarsus. 
a city of Cefalonia., 

Craxnon. ) c 

Cranox. 5 

Cranon, a city of Cefalonia. 

Crai'athus. See Cartathus. 


Crastes, ) • r c- I 
r'„ r, ^ I ^ city of Sicily. 
Crastos,) •' 

Crat.^is, > a river of Calabria UL 

Cratais, J tra. 

Cratas, a range of mountains in 
Sicily, to the s of P^normus. 

Cratea. See Cratia. 

CratejK, ifiands in the Adriatic, on. 
the ccali of Dalmatia. 

Cr.ater. Sec Naples, Gulf of. 

Cratais, a river of Achaia, falls 
into the Bay of Corinth. 

Ckathis, a river of Great Greece, 
falls into the Adriatic. 

Cratia {Cratea , hlaviopolii), an in- 
land town of Bithynia, 

Crau, La {Campi Lop'uki), plaina 
between the mouths of the Rhone. 

Craugije, two iflands in the Morea, 
oppolue the j romontory Spirsum. 

C R E 

C R O 

, Crecy. See Crescv, 

Crlius, a mountain u( Aigia. 

Crkma {Forum Intur:iorum)y a city of 
Italy, in the territory ot Venice. 

CkemajTE. See Larissa. 

Cremkka. See Varca, La. 

Ckemiues, a place of Hitliyiiia. 

Crkmma, a city of Lycia. 

CilEMMIA. See GoRTYhf. 
Crf.mmyok (Crommyon), a city near 
Corinth, in whole vicinity I'helcus flew 
a fow of uncommon magnitude, that h:id 
inftflcd tlw adjacent country tor a con- 
lidcrahic time. 

. Ckemsja CoLONfA, a fortrefs in 

Cremni ) {Krytn), a place in Tau- 

Cremxos) rica Cherronclus. 

Cremona, a city of L'>mbar<ly, on 
(the Fo, founded about A.M. 2650: it 
was (temo'ilhcd by order of Auijullus, 
for receiving the garrilbn of Marc An- 
thony : being rebuilt, it w:is deftroyed 
by Vefpafian's army, upon tlie deieat of 
Vitellius, A. D. 69. in 596, Gilulphu?. 
king of the Lombards, repaired the ci'y, 
which was afterwards pillaged and dil- 
mantlcd by Frederic Karbiiroli'.j. l:i 
proccfs of time, after enduring; 
wars, the duke of Milan obtained pul- 
feliion. of it; and, during the :imc that 
Italy was dillradfed by contending fac- 
tions, the Guelphs e reded a remarkable 
high tower in this ciry. 

Ce.emo.vis Jur.'j.M, tha: part of the 
Alps over which it is fuppofcd Plannibal 
marciied his army into Italy. 

Crempev, a' town ofHolftein, in 
Germany, which was mide free A.D. 
1271, by Gerhard the earl, and fortified 
by Chriftian the Third in i ;?5. 

Cre.vides. See Fir.ippo. 

Ckeno.via, a city of Parthia. 

CRtot^iuM.J ^ mountain of Lcfbos, 

Cres. SeeCAXniA. 

Crksa {Crejfa), a city of Caria. 

Crescy {Cr^fy, Ctecy.CariJiacum), a 
village of Trance, wheie a remarkable 
battle was fought, and a lignal viftory 
obtained over the French, by king Ed- 
vvai-d the Third in 1346. > 

Cre^iU'-M, a city of Cypru'^. 

Cresius, a mounta'n of Arcadia. 

Cress A. Set/CRES.A. 

Cregsa. See Porto Malfet.vv, 

CressEa, a ddtriiit of Macedonia, 
adjr);ning Pallene. 

Creston, a city of Thrace. 
- Cres TON- 1 A {Cbrejhnius, Grtjhniu), 
a dillri6l of Macedonia. 

Crestonia. SecTiiRAcr. 

Crkta.) o ^ 

Cretans, the people of Candia, 
Cretea, a diftrift of Arcadia. 
Cretes, the inhabitants of Candls. 
CnETOfoLis, a city of Milyas, c* 
the confines of Lycia and PifiJia. 

CrE'JSA, "i -^ r ry 

fy fa imntime town or Uce- 

C R E U S I A , > 

,, 1 otia. 

Lkeusis, ) 

Crex.v, an ifland in the Adriatic, on 

.tlie couft of Illyricum. . 

Crim.t;.'5US. bee Crimisc'.. 

Crime.v ) {Tawf.u Cberfo- 

C R J M T A !' T A R y 5 ntj'uu Tau)C-Si V- 

tb.r'), a peninl\ila of Ati i, between the 

Luxine Sea, the Palus Ma", and tlie 

Cimmerian Boiphorus. See Tartar)', 

Cri.m. ' 

C R 1 iM r s s u s "i ( Crim.'tfi'.s ) , a ri vc r 'of 

Crimisus > Sicily, falls into the- 

Crin'isus 3 Hypfa, near whicii 

Timolt^un defeated the Carthaginians, 

and complied them to leave Sicily. 

. CRjNiTi {Sumrria Rupes), a rugged 

place in Sicily, near Syracufe. . , 

Crio {Gnu Metol>o>i, Ariciis Fro)ii)y i 

promontory on the sw of Candia. 

Crionero (^Mdas\ a river of Naj. 
toil?, in Alia. '' 

CRispiyus, a city of Sicily. 
Crissa. See Ci.av^EOS. 
Crissa, a city of Thrace. 
Criss/EL's Si.Nus, the Bay of Cot 

Cristinta. See Let^e. 
Critaea, a city of Cappadocia. 
C RITE A (^E/fus), a city of Cjierfo- 
ncfus, in Tnrucc. 

Crith (Caritt,'itb), a brook near 
Jericho, which falls into Jordan, on 
whofe banks Elias was fed by ravens. 

Cr. ithote, a city on the E fidi; 0^ 
rl)e Thracian Cherlonefos, built by the 
Athenians under Miltiades. 

Criu Metopo.y. See Crio. 
Croatia {Dalmatia, IHyrta, Illyris, 
IHyiicum, Liiurma), a diltfift of Panno- 
nia, a province of Hungary, on the ealt- 
ern fliore of the Gulf of Venice. 

Crobiaeum, )a city of Paphlago- 
Crobi A, ) nia. 
Crobyzi, a people of Thrace, be- 
twee-n Mount Haiinus and the Euxinc 

Croc A LA, an illand of Gedrofia, 
near the mouth at the Indus. 

Ckocete, a town of Laconia, near 

Crocha {Arncba), a river of Italy. 
Crociato.num, a port of Nor^ 

Crocius Ca-MTCS, a plain in Thef, 
faly, at the foot ut Moun: Cthrys^ 
ihrough wiiich tl.e river Ainltr;. [^■5. 

C R O 


Crccocalanum. See Avcas- 

TES. J, 

CuocoDiX-oroLis.* > See 

Crocodilorum Urbs. \ Cle- 


Crocodilus, a promontory of Ci- 
licia, near the Pyiae Syrise. 

Crocyleon", a city of j^tolia. 

CRocYLIU^:, a city of Acarnania. 

Cbodagh {Fuiua), a river in Ire- 

Croia, a city of Epirur. 

CROr.iER, ) • 1.T f II 

n. ^ r~^\ I ^ town in Norfo K. 
Cromera, ) 

Crommyi i^Crcimnyu Acra, Ceporin.m 

Pio7r:oniorium), a promontory in the K of 


Crommyi. ) c o 
/■^0^,,,,-,-^v, J See Cremmyon. 

C R O M M Y O S' . ) 

CROM.MYOJrEsus, an ifland near 

Crommyorum. See Crommyi. 

Crommyu Acra. Sec Crom- 

Cromka. 1 c f »- 
nr,r....... i-See Famastro. 

Cromnas. J 

Cromn- A, a ciry of Bithynia. 

Cromyon. See Cremmyon. 

CromyoN, a village near Corinth. 

CromyoK, a vi;idge of Megaris. 

Cronborg, ^a fortrefs of Den- 

CRONEBURG,i mark, on the ifland 
of Zealand, where a caftle was ere<Sed 
lo guard the paffage of the Sound A. D. 

Crokia. See Becsavgiel. 

CronioN, a city of Sici.y. 

CRONroN,)a city of Ells, in the 

Cronium, 5 Morea. 

Cronium Mare. See Satur- 


CronstaT {Corona, Pretoria Au- 
£ujia), a city of Tranfylvania. 

Crophi, a mountain in Egypt. 

Crosna, a province of Silefia. 

Cross High {F^miofi^e), a town in 

Crossea, a difiriit on the confines of 
Thrace and Macec'orJa. 

Crotalus, a river of Italy. 

Croton, i a city of Upper Cala- 

Crotona, > bria, in Italy; was, 3 one of the chief ci- 
ties in Greece, founded about A. M. 
3237 by a colony from Achaia : the in- 
habitants enjoy a fine falubrious air, and 
pleafant fituation ; it "'as the birth- 
place of Orpheus the peer, and Milo a 
man of uncommon ftren^th. In this city 
Pythagoras inftrucltd hi* difciples in the 
art of war, and in athletic cxercifes. 

Crotoniatis, a dittridt of Italy, 
^ear Ctotcna. 

Crovat.?, a people of Scythi*. 

Crowland, a town in Lincoln* 
(hire, where an abbey was erefted A. D. 

Croydon', a town in Surrey. 

Cruce, La {Xifjhiiiia), a promontory 
on the s e fide of Sicily. 

Cruch {Curcum), a city of Liburnia, 
on the Adriatic. 

Crumeri, ) a city of Pannonia 

Crumerum,) Inferior. 

Cruni. See Varna. 

Crum, )a city ia the RIorca, be- 

Crunos, ) twetn Pylos and Chal* 

Cruptoricis Villa, a manfiou 
near Baduhenna, in Germany. 

Crusa, an ifland in the Ceramicus 
Sinus, on the coaft of Alia Miner. 

Crusis, a diftiidt of Mytidonia. 

Crusis, a place near Olynthos, ia 

Cbustumexi, a people of Ital}\ 

Crustumerium. ) See Marci- 


Crustumin'um, a city of Etruria» 
near Vcii, noted for very fine pears. 

Crust UMiL'M, 1 a rapid river of 

Crustunus, > Italy, that runs 

Crusturnenius, ) by Ariminium, 
and falls into the Adriatic. 

Crusvicia, aci;yof Poland. 

Crynis, a liver of Bithynia. 

Crypta Neapolit.\na. See 
Grotta di Napoli. 

Cryptos. See Cyprus. 

Cryptos, a port of Arabia Felix. 

Cryptos, a port of the ifland jEgi- 

Cryssa, a river of Trcas. 

Ctemen.^. See Grisaxo. 

Ctenos, \ a harooar of Cherfonefus 

Cten'us,) Ta'Jiica. 

Ctesiphon {Calne, Cnlno, Canneb), 
a city of AtTyriH, on tiie banks of the 
Tigris, whtre the Parthiin monarchs 
refided during the winter, the climate 
being very nii.d. 

Ctypansa, a city of Triphalia, in 
the More;.. 

Cuarius {Ccralius), a river of Bce- 

CuBALLUM, a citadel of Galatia. 


Cucci, ) a town of Pannonia In- 
CucciUM, \ ferior. 

a city of Ncricum, be- 
w Vocarium. 
CucuLUM, a c;ty of Italy, near the 
Via Valeria. 

Cucusus (Coctifus), a city of C2ppa- 

CuENCA } {Valeria), a Mo'-rifli city 
CuENiA 3 cf Caftilf, in Spaio. 

CucuLLiE ) a ci 
Cucull;, ] lev 


C Y A 


CujAViA, 3 pro\'incc of Pnland. 
CuicuLj, a citv of Numidia. 

CuiNA. Stc QuiNA. 

CuiPAi. Sot Skrkth. 

^ } Sec Grf.noblk. 


CuLCU A Co I. ON I A, a city uf Numi- 
dia, betwecH the rivers Anipl"ag\ and 

Cui.lA'. See Co L I. K. 

Cui.PE {Co/a/>/s, Calal-is, Coh[>^), 
a river of Liburnia, at the foot of tlic 
Alps, runs through Croatia intu the 

Cui.Ross, "x town of Scotland, on the 
Friih of F')rrb. 

CvLUCiTAXiE, a city of Numidia. 

Cum A, a ciry of Ionia, in Afia Mi- 

Cum A. ) See Foia Nu- 

CuM.E /Eoli;e i ovo. 

CuMA, "y a city of 

CuM.^v, > Cnnipania, 

CuM.'E Ca.mpaNI.?:, 3 in Italy, in 
the Terra di L.avoro of Naples : it was 
at one time a fine city, but iias long 
been in rums, except the Cave of the 

CuMANIA, a citadel of Jberia, in 
Alia Proper. 

Cumanus Sinus, the Bay of Cuma. 

CUMKRIUM. ) c r« 

CuNAXA {Cvnaxa), a diftrift of Af- 
fyiia, where a furious battle was fought, 
between Artaxerxes and his brother 
Cyrus, A. C. 401 ; the former having 
900,000 men, and the latter 113,000. 

CuNF.i. See Cosii. 

Cu.N'KUM, a promontory in the s of 

CuN'fcus, an extenfive diftrift of Lu- 
fitania, between the river Anas and the 

CuN'i, a city of Gedrofia, at the foot 
of Mount Bccius. 

CuNiCALAR ijf;, iflands On the coaft 
of Sardinia. 

CuNici, ?. town on the ifland of Ma- 

CuNlON Charion. See Ff.r- 

CuNiSTORGis {Conijlcrjis), a city in 
the s of Lulita,nia. 

CvPHE, a ciry of Libya Interior, on 
the N lido (.f the Niger. 

Cupr.E, a viUak^e of Mntfia Supe- 

CuPRA MaRITima, a city of Pice- 
num, on the Adriatic. 

CupRA Montana, an inland town 
of Picenum. 

CuRABis, a city of Zcugitana, in 

CuRCUM. See Cruch. 

CuKDl {<iorj!fTif, Gordoie), a diftrift 
of Armenia Maj )r. 

CuRDisTAN, a province of AfT/ria, 
in A I'm. 

CuKUO {Sif'lMitn), a mountain in .Ar- 
menia Majjr, part of Mount Taurus. 

CuRis. See Vescovio. 


CuRETKS, a pct)plf of Candia. 
CuRKTi;s. See Aba.vtks. 


CuRKTis. See DtsporAJO. 


CuRGiA, a citv of Baeiica, in Spain. 

Curia. See CoiuE. 

Curia. Sec Corbk idge. 

Curias, a promontory on the s of 

CuR/CA, a city of Spain, between the 
Bitris and Emerita. 

CuRiCTA {Cyni/iica), an ifland on 
the coull v{ Illyricum. 

CuKiQSOLiT.'E, I a people in the 

CuRlobOHTf.b, J lower part of 
Breragne, in Nonnandv. 

CuKiUiM. See Audi MO. 


CuRopKDroN, a city of Phrvgia. 

CuRKUs Df.orum. See Dkorum. 

Curt A. See Bud a. 


CuKTius Fo.vs, an aquedut^ at 

CuRUBis. SccCalibia. 

CUK/.OLA 7 {P-i-'f^i'-i'tiiy F.cbinad', 

C u R z o r. A R I ^ Co) cvva Nigra , Oxr^), 
iflands in the Gulf of Venice, near the 
coaft o' Dahnatia. 

CusA, a river of Mauritania Tingi- 
tana, fails into the .'Atlantic. 

CusHAH, a citv of Afiyria. 

Cuss^si. See Coss.=EA, 

Cusus. See Waag. 

CutklETos, an dland near the Syr- 
tis Major, in Africa. 

CuTHiEl. SeeCoss;EA. 

Cu Ti.T':. See Co/.u. 
C u X 1 L I a ) {C fly ha, O'tjlf, KvmpLr 
CuTlLlUM \ Commoi,^), a city of 
the Sabines, in It.ilv. 

C'jTiy A, a tity of Picenum, in Italy. 
Ct'TYLlA. SeeCuTILlA. 

Cyamosorus, a river of Sicily. 
Cyamum. SeeCiMARUs. 
CY.VN'f., a fountain near byracufe, in 
CvANE, a city of Lvcfa. 
CYANt.t {ijinf^tfgaUes, SpulrOTna- 

C Y L 

C Y N 

dtSy Planets), two rugged iflands at the 
entrance into the Euxine Sea, one of 
them on the coaft of Afia, the other on 
that of Europe : the paffage between 
them is very d?ngerous, on account of 
the furf that is occafioned by the fea 
breaking upon them with great vio- 

Cyaneus. See Cicabo. 

Cyaneus, a river of Colchis, falls 
into the Enxine Sea. 

Cybei.a, a city of Phiygia. 

Cybele, ) a mountain of Phry- 

Cybelus, \ gia. 

Cybeles Fanum, a town of Gala- 
tia, on the confines of Phrygia, 

Cyeira, a city of Phrygia. 

Cybistf. A, a city of Cappadocia, 
near Mount Taurus. 

CvcEsivivi, a city of Elis, in the 
Morea, near Pila. 

Cychekeus. See CoLURi. 

Cyclases, iflands in the Archipe- 
lago, molt of which ate fituate to the 
s of Delos : the chief of them are, He- 
lena, Ceos, Cythnus, Seriphus, Melos, 
SiphnuF, Myconus, Tcnvis, Andros, Ci- 
molis, Prepefuithus, Oelaros,' Naxos, Pa- 
rus. Syrus, Gyarus. 

Cv'cLOBOROS, a noify torrent of 

Cyclopes, a gigantic people of Si- 


Cyddeses, ) a people of Bithynia, 

Cydxsses, 5 in Afia Minoj. 

Cyd^s-sus, a city of Phrygia, on the 
coniines of Biihynia. 

CvDNA, a city in the n of Lycia. 

Cyknus. See Carasus. 

C^d'Jj'us, a river of Ciiicia, near 
Tarfui, wherein Alexander bathed when 
lie was very hot ; which nearly proved 
lata! to him'. ' ' . ' ' ' 

^^°°^-: IseeCA^EA. 
Cydo.n'ia 3 ■ ■ 

Cydonia, an l.latid' oppofite Ltibos. 

Cydp.a'ra, a city oT Pftrygia. 

Cygneia TEMPE,"a place in Boeo- 
tia, near Mount TeujinelTas. 

Cylabus, a^lace near Argos, in the 

Cylices, a people among the Illy- 
rian?, in whofe territories there was a 
monument ereftcd to Cadmus. 

Cylipenus Sinus, fuppofed to be 

Cylla, a fciiyof .^olis, in AHa Mi- 

Cyllene. See Antraveda. 

CYLLtNE, ) a lefty mountain in 

CyilENO, 3 Arcadia, on whofe 

fummit there was a temple dedicated to 

CyM A. ■) 

Cyme, j 

See FoiA Nuovo. 

Cyme, m Campania. See CuM^. 

Cymin'es, a city of Theffaly. 

Cymolus. See Ginopoli. 

Cyntetha, >a city of Arcadia, 

Cyn.^thium,5 near Clitoris. 

Cyxafes, a river of Pontus, in Afia, 
falls into the Euxine Sea. 

Cynara, an ifland in the Archipe- 

Cynaxa. See Cunaxa. 

Cyn'esh, \z nation inhabiting the 

Cynetje, 5 nioft remote fliores of 
Europe, towards the Ocean. 

Cynethos. ) See Delos. 
Cynethussa. 5 

Cynia, a lake of Acarnania, near the 

Cynocephal^, "^ a ciiy of Thcf- 

Cynocefhalia, >-r£ly, where Pe- lopidas loft his 
life, and where Philip of Macedon wps 
defeated by Fiammius and the yEco- 

Cynon \{Canu}n Urks), a city 

Cynopolisj of Egypr, in the 
Delta. ' 

Cynoxnesus, an ifland on the ctjaft 
of Libya. 

Cv NOPOLis, a city on an ifland form- 
ed by the Nile to the s of the Delta. 

Cy'nortion, a mountain of Ptlo* 

Cynos, 3 city of Locris. 

Cy'NOS, a tity of Thefialy, where 
Pyrrha, the wife of Deucalion, was bu- 

Cy'Nosarges, a village near Athens. 

Cynoscephal.s:. See Cy'noce- 


Cynossema {Hecuba Tumulus, He- 
cuha Sipukrum'), a promontory of the 
Thracian Cherfonelas, where was the 
tomb cf Hecuba. 

Cynosura, 3 place in Laconia, 
where E.'culapius is faid to have been 

Cynosura, the promontory of Ma- 
rathon, in Attica. 

Cynthos. See Delos. 

Cynthus, an exceeding high moun- 
tain on the ifland of Delos, from which 
Apollo was called Cynthius and Diana 
Cvnthis, the mountain being facied to 

Cykurenses, a people cf Arcadia. 

Cyn-uria, "la diftrift of Laconia, 

Cynurius,/ on the confines of 

cy R 

C Y Z 

Cynus, the pore of the Opuntii, in 

Cyonksus, an ifland in the Nile, op- 
pofite to Cynopolis. 

"Cyp^ka, a city of Theflaly, to the 
S of the Peneus. 

Sec Anticyra. 







a city of the Mo- 
reai near MefTcnia. 

See Samos. 

Cyparissus, a town of Phocis, near 

Cyphanta, a port of Laconia, en 
the Arj!;oiic Biy. 


Cyphata, >a fortrefs in Theffaly. 

Cypher A, J 

CvvrIjE, three barren iflands, near 

Cypron, a citadel of Judea, to the 
N of Jericho. 

Cyprus (Acams^ Cerajiis, Afpa'ia, 
Ama'.kuji-iy Acamantn^ Acamas, Salamt- 
ftia, JEiofi'y Macivia, Crypios, Coloma^ 
Spbecia, Papkui)., an ifland in the Medi- 
terranea ) Sea, near the coaft of Syria. 

Cyprus, a fortrefs on the frontiers of 

CypseJ-j*) \ a city of Thrace, near 

Cypsella,5 the mouth of the He- 

Cyra (Cyre/chala), a mountain of 
Cyrenaica, near Cyrene. 

Cyractica. See Curicta. 

Cyra N IS, ^ an ifland of Libya, in 

Cyr.\usis,) Africa, abounding in 
vines and olives. 

Cyrba. See Hierapytna. 

Cyrbiana, a province of Elyma'is. 

Cyre, a fountain near Cyrene. 

Cyrekaica. SccBarca. 

Cyrene. See Cairoan. 

Cyrene, a city of Libya, in Africa, 
on the coaft of the Mediierranean Sea, 
was founded about A. M. 3334, and was 
bequeathed to fht Rom.ins by king Pto- 
hmy A. C. 97. It has produced ie- 
veral eminent philofophcrs, aifo Era- 
tofthenes the geographer ; and 
ed a long fiegc againft the Carthagi- 



) (Cbi 

Cybeti^ ) rhasbia, in Greece. 
Cyrne, a place in Negropont. 
Cyrne. ) c o « 

Cyrnus. See Cyrus. 
Cyropolis CAD^iSii. Sec Sam- 


See Cyra. 

Cyropolis Sogdian/e, a city de« 
ftroved by Alexander. 

Cyrra, a city of Phocis, in Greece 

CvRRiEi, a people of ^Ethiopia. 


Cykrhadje, a n.ition oF India. 

CvRRHES, a people of Macedonia, 
near Pilla. 

Cyrrhestica, a province of Syria, 
fituate between Scicucis, Comagenc, 
and the Euphrates. 

Cyrrhestis, the inland part of 

Emathia, in Macedonia. 

CyR.'.IHUM. ) c r\ , r. 
,, \ Sec QuARs. 

Lykrhus. ) ^ 

Cyrrhus, a city of Syria. 

CvK khcs, a river. Sec Cyrus. 

Cykta, a river of Languedoc, 

?^f"^^' ? a city of Africa. 
Cyrtha,) -' 

Cyrthaneus. See Scythra- 


Cyrtonion. See Cortoxa. 

Cyrus (Cymus, Cvtr^i/s), a river of 
Armenia, f;il!s into the Cafpian Sea. 

Cyrus, in Media. See Korr. 

Cyrus, in Pcrfia. See Tistkdon. 

Cyrus (Cyyopo/is), a city of Syria. 

Cy^sus, the port of Erythraj, in 

Cyta, a city of Colchis, on the river 
Cicabo; the birth-place of Medea, noted 
iov producing puifonous herbs. 

CytHveum. See SrxiA. 

Cvthera, in Cyprus. See Co- 


Cythera, ) in Laconia. See Ce- 


Cytherius, )a riv r of E!is, runs 

CythEkus, ) by Heraclca. 

CvTHEKON, a mountain of Phocis, 

in Greece Pioper. 

Cytherum, ) • - A • 
o . ;- a city ot Attica. 

Cytherus, 5 ^ 

C {HaacUa), a city of Elis, 

in the Morea. 

Cythnos. ) c /->. 

ry > See CiTNA. 


Cytinium, a city of Doris, in Greece 

Cytis, an ifland in the mouth of the 
Arabian Gulf, where topazes are found 
in abundance. 

CyTORUM,) ■ r T) LI 

Cytorus. } acityofPaphlagoma. 

Cy TORUS, a citv of Galatia, fcated 
on a mountain of the fame name, which 
produces very line box wood. 

CvzicyM, an ifund in the Sea of 


CYZItUM. ) c n 

f,— .^,. i See ChiZICO, 




"TNAJE (Daba, Dai), a people of Scy- 
•^-^ ibia, who dwelt on the fhor? ot the 
CH<^pian Sea. 

Da BAN A (Davartna), a city of Me- 

Dabereth, a city of the Levites, 
bel'ni;ing to the tribe of IlTachar. 

Dabir. See Debtr. 

Dabrova. See Broadwater. 

DACit, ^a peop'e of Germany, be- 

Daci, ji yond the Danube. 

Dacta, a country comprchend'ng 
Tranfylvania, Wallachia, and Moldavia. 

Dacia Cjsdanubia, that part of 
Dicia on this fide the Danube. 

Daci.\ Mediterrane./e. See 

Dacia Ripensis, the country be- 
tween ttie Danui:)e and Thciffe. 

Dacic^Aqu^. SqcAcivje. 

Dactvli, the pr'efts of Cybele, on 
the ifland of Candia. 

Dadastana, a city on the confines 
of Galatia and Bithynia. 

Da Die .3-:, a people of Aftatic Scythia. 

DiEDALA, a city of Lycia, on a 
mountain of the f.une n.une. 

D-iED Ai.iu.M, a fortrefs on Ecnomos, 
in Sicilv. 

Dy'EsiTiATES, a people of Dalmatia. 

Dah^. Sec DAiE 

Dah;e. a provnce of Afiatic Scythia. 

Dat. See Da^. 

Dai, a people cf Eftarabad, in Perfia, 
who fpeot iheir time in attending upon 
the'r Iheep. 

Daix, a river of Scythia, falls ifito 
the Cai'piin Sea. 

Dalcahia. See Tadcaster. 

DaLDES, ) . f r r 

^ J a city or Lyow. 

Dalmanutha. See Macdala. 

Dalmaiia. See Croatia. 

Dalmjnium, ) f T^ I •• 

DAt.MiL.M, 'jacuyofDalmatu. 

Da LRF.LUUNT, a people of Scotland. 
D.iMAscENW ) a province (jf Svrifi, 
Dam ascene, 3 ntar Mount Liba- 


Dam AS 1 (S'am. Syr')/>bc^fi:ii:7, 
D A .M A s cir S > Durmaf'i ) ," the chief 
Dam ASfc .k ) city of Jcwrv, or Syria 

the LlA ; appears tj have been founded 


about A. M. 1045, by the attendants 
upon Abraham, in a barren plain, wtll 
fupplied with water by the river Chiv» 
foras. This city^is noted fi'r the cjnver. 
fi-on and firft preaching of S: Paul : it 
was taken from the Romans, A. D. 613, 
by Cofrhoes the Perfian ; but, upon a 
pedcc being concluded in 628, it was rc- 
ftored by his fm Syroes. In 6^4 the citv 
wa"5 t;iken by Omar the Saracen, in whofg 
pofleifion it continued for a feries of 
years. In 114S the Cnriftian princes 
were near gaining p:'(Teffion of it. but, 
owing to their dilfenlioni, the fiege wa.s 
raifcd. In 1397 Tamerlane took the city 
from Bajazer, hut it was afterwards re- 
taken by the Turks. 

D A M ASIA. See Av GS BU R G . 

Damiano, Si., a city of Montferrat, 
in Jt^ly. 

D A M 1 r. T .\ ) ( Pelujtum, Tamiai bis ) , a 

Damietta ) city of Fgyf.r, m A- 
frica, taken by Nebuchadnezzar A. M. 

Damk-au, 3 city of Eftarabad, in 

Damme, a city of Flanders. 

Damn 11, a people near Dumbriton 
Frirh, in Scotland. 

Pamnqn|t. See Danmonit. 

Damnonicm. See Land s-End. 

Dami'Etia, a city of Italy. 

Damyrias, a rjv.rof Sifily, 

Dan'. See Bel EN AS. 

Das' (L)/f, Latfi, Leftm'), the north 
boundary of the Ifraehies, near the 
fource of the rivt r Jordan. 

Dana. SeeTvANA. 

Dan A A. Sec Mo RE A. 

Dan.' I, the people of Argos j and 
fi^rperiints the Greeks are fo called, fro^lJ 
D^in^iis their king. 

Danala, a citadtl of Galatia. 

Danapkls. > See Dnieper. 

D A V A S T E R . 3 

Dandari, 1 a people on the Fa. 
Dandakid.'e,^ lus Ma-Otis. 

D AND A R II, ) 

Daneon, a port on the Arabic Gulf, 
from which Scfollris propoftd making a 
canal to tiic Nile. 

D A N M o N II ( Vunmomi, Dnmnoniit 
Du-nuonii)., a people of Britain, between 

D A R 

D A V 

the riyci- Severn an' Sr. George's Chan- 
nel, coTip .):: g :hc couniics of Cornwall 
and Dcv )(.. 

Danovv. Sec Danube. 

DaNSK. ) e T^ 


D A'N T H h L K T a: ( DftlJcUtcV)., 3 pCOpIc 

of Pantalia. in Thrace. 

Daktzic \{Dii)iJky DiVi/kt-)i a city 
Dantzjg j of Pomerania, in Po- 


DANTZIC, Gut.F OF {J^i'tiedkUi Si- 

f*"s'), a part of tlic Baltic S«.a, at the 

iiKuth of the Viftijla. 

Danube "^(^Danozu Ijhr^ Ijf^tr), 

DaVl'biUs I the largtft river ill 
DanuburusJ Eiiroj)e j difem- 

bogues into the Bhi k Sea. 

Da.vum. Sjc DoNCAsrrR. 

Da r H N a } ( T.ij'Lvir). a city of Eaypt, 

DaphnkJ on ohc of the mouths of 

the Nile. 

DAPH.vA)a village near Antioch, 
Daphne 5 in Syria, with a large 

grove of bav-trees, la the niidll of 

which flood the temple of Apollo and 


Daphne, a fmall diftrift in the 

Higher Galilee. 

Daphnk. 1 ,. T 

DAPHNL'SA,h"'^°" • 

Daphsus, a river of Locrls, into 
which the body of Hcfiod was thrown 
after he had been murdered. 

DAPriNUS, a city of Phocis, in Greece 

DArHKii<;A, a fmall ifland in the 
Archipelago, near Scin. 

Dara, a river of Caramania, falls 
into the Perfian Gulf. 

IJAKABA, a city of Arabia. 

Dakabegekd {PiifagaJium), a city 
of Kirman, on the frontiers of Pcrfia. 


Dar.\nd.'E, a people of Sigiftan, in 


Da k aps.\ {Driipj.Ka, Ailmj^a), a city 
of Hadtria. 


Dardankli o ) (J')arilonum \ a city 

Dak DAN I A \ of Phrygia Minor. 

Dardavelles (^Hfllefpof:Uis^ Hd- 
Iffpont^, a llrait that feparatts Afia from 
Europe, and conne£ts the Archipelatio 
■" with the Sea of Marmora : it is confpi- 
cuouj in hillory for the ftory of Hero and 

DardaS'i.\, a Hiftrift of 9crvia, on 
t}i£ confines of Macedonia and illy- 

Darpania. Sec Samos. 
DARu.'..NfA. See Troy. 
Dardanium, ( a pr^ mon'ory of 
Dakda.vjum, ^ Troas, ncarAbydos. 
Dakdaris, a people near the Palus 

MCB ti:. 

Darkiu.m, avery fertile fpot in Par- 

Daremon'a, a city of Mefopotamia. 

Daketis, a diftrif.t of Macedonia. 

Darujuus, a rivet' of Ba£tria, falls 
into the Oxus. 

Dargomanes. See Oxus. 

Daria. a city of Mefopotamia. 

Darii Pons, a bridge built by Di- 
rius over that part of the Danube before 
it divides into feveral fticams. 

DaRiorIgum. SeeVAN>fES. 

Darit*, a people of Peifia. 

Daritis, a diiliict of Media, on the 
confines of AlVyria. 

Darmasek.. See Damascus. 

Darna, a city of, in 

Darn'IS, a maritime town of Cyre- 
naica, on the c:nfincs of Marmorica. 

Dakom A, a diftrift in the sof Judea. 

Daron, a city of Palcdinc. 

Darsa, a city of Piliilia. 

Dartford, a town in Kent. 

Dartha, a city of Allyria. 

Dartmouth, a fcaport town in 
Devonshire, was originally tlirec towns, 
viz. Clifton, D.irtmcuth, and Hard^cfs; 
and now returns two members to parlia- 
ment under that triple denomination. 

Darvernl'M. See Canterbury. 

Darwent {Derventm), a river of 
Yoikfhire, falls into the Oufe. 

Dascon, a citadel of Sicily, on a , 
bay of the fame name, to the s ot Syra- 
cul'e. . 

DaSCVLEUM.>c -Tk. . ^,...^ 

,^ > See Diaschilo, 

Dascy I, hjm. ) 

DASCVtrris, a province of Perfia. 

DascyLITIS, a lake of Bithynia. 

DasCYI-os. See DiASCHJtO. 

Dase.v, a city of Arcadiai 

Da ss ARE .VI, ^ a peoplc'of Macedo- 

Dassare r,T., 5 n^a- 

Dassaretia, ) a province of Ma- 

Dassaretis, ) ccdonia. 


DastacL'.m, a city of Cappadocia, 
where was a temple dedicated to Apollo. 

DaTHE.Ma, a fortrefs of Gilead. 

Dath, the people of Acques, in 

Daton'. *\ 

Datos. f c t- 

DATU.M. (S«r'^J"°- 

Davanna. Sec DABAyA. 



Davara, ahiil near Mount Taurus, 
\t. Alia Minor.. 

Daventria. See Deventer. 

Davernum. Set Canterbury. 

Pavfdis CrviTAS. See Sion. 

Davids, St., a ciry of Pembroke- 

':e, in South Wales. 

David's-head, St. (OSapitr^nim), 
i p'"omontory in Pcmbrol;e(hire. 

Davlia, )a city of Fhocis, in 

Daulis, ^- Greece Proper, where 

Daultum, ) was a temple, and an 
ancient ftatue of Mincrv;i. 

Dauni, a people on the eaftern pai^t 
of Itdiy. 


Dauphiky, a province of France, 
frora whence the heir-apparent to the 
crown of France derived the title of 

Dax. See ACQUES. 

Daximokitis, a plain of Pontus,. 
in Afia, through which flows the river 

Dea Vocontiorum. See Die. 

Dead Sea ( Laie Afpbulutes }, a 1 ake 
of Palefime, in Afia. 

Deal, a maritime town in Kent. 

Ded.e, a people of Arabia. 

Debaro {MiYoe, Saha)^ the metropo- 
lis of Ethiopia, on an ifland bearing the 
lame r?.me. 

Deeir, a city cf Paieftine, near He- 

Debir {KJriath T>an>ia, Kiriatb Se- 
' Z'^-'''')} 3 *^'^y b'^yond Jotdan, belony^ing to 
tlie tribe of Gad. 

Deblathaim (^Diblaibaim, Beth 
DJAaibiAiv}), a ciiy on the s E of Aloab, 
btynnd Jordan. 

Debon-. See Dieon:. 

Deborus. SceDiDRi. 

Decapolis, a province of Pakftine, 

in Afia. 

Decastadium. ).(; ^. 

T, > See Lastitio. 

Decastidi'jm. 5 

Decei.EA, Ta village of Attica, N 

Deceleum, > of Athens, taken by 

Deceda, 3 Alcibiades A.C. 41 1, 
which, when in the hands of the Spar- 
tans, proved a very tormenting, garrifon 
to the Athenians. 

Decem Pact. SeeDlEUZE. 

Decetia, a city of Gaul. 

Deciana, a city of Spain, near the 

Dectates, ) a people of G»Uia Nar- 

Deciath, 5 Loneniis, near the ecu- 
fines of Italy, on the Mediterranean. 

Decit Forum. Sec Forum. 

Decumates Agri, fields granted 
on a til he- to Ibmc refractory Gauls 
who fucccfidcd the Marcomanni, that, 

till then, proved a check to the Roman 
corquefts up the Rhine. ■ 

Dedan, a city of Idumca. 

Dee, a river of Nonh Wales. 

Dee (Dwa), a river of North Bri- 
tain, near Aberdeen. 

Deemouth {Sfte'^y, the mouth" of 
the river Dre, near Chcller. 

Deensium Civitas. See Die. 

Deerhurst, h village near Tewkef.- 
bury, ill Glocefterfhirc, where an ancient 
building was converted into a monaftery 
A. D. 71^. 

Dkgia, a city of A(Fv'ia. 

Dei F4CIES. See Theusopron-. 

Deira. a kingdom i.f Britain. 

Del AS {Stiai, Sel.'czs, S///as), the w 
branch or the Tigris, that runs through 

Delft, a town in H Hand, founded 
A. D. 1072, by Godfrey, duke of Lor- 
raine: in 1536 a fire ccnfumed 9300 
houfes, two churches, and I'everal mo-, 
nafteries, leaving only 3:0 houfes re- 

Delgovitia. See Godmund- 


Delion, I a hamlet of Bosotia, 

Delium, ) where Apollo was wor- 
fhipped : this place is noted for a batilc- 
between the Athenians and the Thcbans, 
which was fought A. C, 424. 

DeliuiM, a town of Laconia, on the 
Sinus Argolicus. 

DELMATi^. ) £, r>„^.n.,. 

T\ > See Croatia- 

Delm ATiA. 5 

Delminio ) (^Diilminium'), the 
Delminium j metropolis of Croa-. 

' Delos {Cyncthosy Cyftllxs, Afimay 
Ptlafgia, Cblamciias, Lagiu, PyrpHis, 
S€vibin5, Mycim, Ojiigia, Stiillcs, Dili^ 
Delits), one of the Cyclade iilcs, where- 
on were ere6ted three niHgniticint tem- 
ples ; one to Apollo, another to Diana, 
nnd a third toLatona; on which account 
this ifland was confidercd as facred, and 
not onlv made an emporium for com- 
merce, but was the general depoficary 
for the treafures of Greece. It was 
held in fuch veneration, that the Rtr- 
fi..ns, who had pil'aged and profaned a^^ 
the temples of Greece, never attempted 
to commit any violence here.. 

Delphi {Bytbu, Byibia, Delboor, Sa- 
lona)y an inland town of Phocis, at the 
foot of Mount Parnaffus, celebrated by 
hiftorians for a temple dedicated -to 
Af'oilo, v\ hofe cracies were held in high 
eftimation : thole who confulted ■ the 
Pythbnels hrft oftered a prefcnt of con- 
fider.:bU; value, and afterwards they 
facrificed : if that produced a favourable 



pmen, the clelty was confultcd ; but if it 
was unfavourable, the Pvthonefs was at 
liberty cither to conf'ult or rcfiife, at her 
option. On the firft inftitution of this 
oracle, one month in the year was ap- 
propriated to hold conri.ltation?, which 
was in the fpring ; but from the variety 
of ridiculous queftions propofed, it be- 
came cuftomary onca a inoiuh, and ge- 
nerally on the 7th day, which was the 
birth-day o? Apoilo. The Pythonefs 
was originally feleded from among the 
young virgins ; but one of them who 
had been fu felefted proving with child, 
it was afterwards concluded upon that 
no perfm fhould be chofen Pythonefs 
before they had attained the age of 
fifty, to avoid fuch difgrace in future. 
When the petitioner hrrd performed his 
part of the ceremony, the Pythonefs 
vvaflied herfcif in the Caftalian fpring, 
at the foot of Mount Parnaffus ; and 
taking fome leaves from the laurel-tree 
which grew on its banks, formed a 
wreath of them, and put it upon her 
head, at the fame time eating fome of 
the leaves, and then afcended the tripod, 
whereon fhc fented hcrfdf, and waited 
for the impu'fe of the heathen gpd_, 
whofe oracies were delivered in an am- 
biguous manner, which being frequent- 
ly mifintcrpretcd by the petitioners, they 
fufFtred in an eminent degree : for ex- 
ample, Croefus loft his kingdom, Epa- 
minondas, Cambyfes, and feveral others 
fuffcred death, bv not putting the right 
conftruftion upon the oracle. 

Delphi. See Salona. 

Deli'hini Portus. See Porto 


Delphin'ium, a port of Bocotii, op- 
pofuc Euboea. 

DELPt!iNlu:,i, a place in Athcn<;, 
dedicated to Apollo, where thofe who 
had been guilty of nianflaughter in a 
juft caufc were allowed to plead. Here 
Thefeus was acquitted for killing fome 
feditious ptrf )ns : before that time, ba- 
nifliment, or lexlaHonis, was the punilh- 

Delphos. See Deiph:. 

Delta, a diftriit of ErriflF, or Lower 
Egypt, formed by the mud and fand 
which has been depofued there by the 

Del'js. See Delos. 

Demazana {Pfof'hiSt Phcgea, Pbe- 
gia^y a city of Arcadia, near the Ery- 

Demetje {Dimeta), the people of 
Caermarthenfliire, Pembrokefliire, and 
Cardigaiilhire, in South Wales. 

Demeti.\, See Wales, Sovth, 


Demetrias. See Corinth. 

Demetrias. See Paros. 

Demetrias. See Sycio.v. 

Dcmetrium, a maritime town of 
Samothrace, on, a promontory of ih» 
fame name. 

De.metrium. See Pyrasus. 

Demetrius. See DiiMiTRiADA. 

Demi Attici, boroughs or larger 
villages of Attica. 

Dkmochi {Lam'm, Maliacbus, ZitoH, 
Phlbia), a city of Phthiotis, in Thciraly, 
where Antipater defeated the Athenians : 
the birth-place of Achilles. 

DcMONACiE (Pyrrl'ci), a city ou the 
iflc Lefbos. 

Demos, a place of Ithaca. 

Denbigh, the county town of Den- 
bighfhire, in North Wales. 

Dendermond (Tc)iaramof:d)f a city 
of Flanders. 

Den I A {Dianium), a town of Valen- 
cia, in Spain. 

Denmark ( Cimbrica Cherjonefus ) , 
a kingdom of Europe, bounded on the 
s lly Holftein and Germany, on the \t 
by the German Ocean, on the N by Nor- 
way and Sweden, and on the E by the 
Baltic Sea. The Danes. are defcendants 
of the Cimbri, a race of people who 
being expelled Scythii, came and Uttlcd 
in this northern part of the world, in the 
Cherfunefus, which from them obtain- 
ed the name of Cimbrica Chcrfonefus, 
About A. D. 77O the Dants fubdued 
the Saxons, and impoftd a tribute upon 
them of 100 white horfcs, upon the ac- 
ceffion of a new king to the throne of 
Denmark. In 7S4 they conquered the 
Frifons ; in 789 they invaded England ; 
in 8 10 a civil war broke out; and the 
next year a peace was concluded with 
Charlemagne, who had Hamburgh rc-» 
ftored to him. The civil differ. flons 
ftill continued, and about 8,i i the Danes 
turned pirates, and infefted the feas 
about Ireland, Scotland, and even the 
Mediterrantan Sea, to Conftantinople. 
About 837 the nation was converted to 
the faith, and ten years after they were 
defeated in England. In 8;:6 they in- 
vaded Holland, dcftroyed Dort, and tock 
pofilUion (.f Utrecht : in 875 they were 
e.-voelled Holhnd, and carr-.e to England, 
which in 877 they had nearly fubdued ; 
in 927 they deftroyed great part of 
Flanders : in 930 they were made tri- 
butary to tl^e emperor ; notwiihftanding 
which they invaded Ireland, and their 
king was (lain at the fiege of Dublirt. 
In 948 the emperor O:ho fobdued 
them ; in 979 they invaded Rullia, and 


D E R 

M promote valour in the men, tbey de. 
ftrnvc'l their tliips: ihev touk p'.irelfioa 
of Nova Zembii, deftroyed the male m- 
liabuants, aiut left a colniiv there to keep 
puircdion: in 977 civil diflTtnfions arole, 
during which thu king was taken pri- 
fontr, who paid tor h s ranfom hi.s weight 
in lioKl, and twice his weiglit in filver. 
In looi they invaded England, and in 
1014 C-.inure was eledted king of Kng- 
Jand, wh) in 1019 fubducd Norway; but 
the Nurm^ns. b-ing difcontenttd, an 
a'_;reement was m.idc in 1057 that the 
kiniicif^ms Oiould be united: in 10S9 the 
country was much impcverilhed by fa- 
mine, which continued for the fpace of 
(is years. In 1097 the king and queen 
went to the Crufades, where thev both 
died ; which circuinllance w^is unknown 
in Denmark' for the Ipace of iwo years : 
civil dilTenhons afterwards arofe, which 
continued fur feveral years, during which 
in 1 145 the Vandals over-ran and de- 
ftroved the country, which in 1156 was 
divided into three parts, viz. Zeaianii, 
Sclionen, and Jutland. In 117a they 
took Juliers, in Pomerania, where they 
malTdcrtd all the male inh;^bitants. and 
burnt the town: in 1199 they took (e- 
vcral towns in Holtlcin ; afterwards they 
obtained polTeHinn of Hamburgh and 
Lubec : the latter place was deftri-yed 
by fire in iicq. on which account the 
taxes were remitted, to enable the inha- 
bitants to rebuild it. Jn 1x19 thev fub- 
dued the Livonians, and built the towns 
of Revel, N iiva, ^nd Weilfcmhurg : in 
1140 their ancient laws were all burnt 
by content, and a new code enntltd ; 
after which great diflTenfmns prevailed 
for a number cf years, which were not 
trrminared till i;02, and not long after 
they wert; revived. In 1371; a pL-ltilence 
raged throughout the Cfiuntrv which 
cauicd great devatlation : in i^^t) Mar- 
garet was cjneen of Denmark, Nurway, 
and Sweden : ii»e formed an alliance 
with the duke of Steiin, the earls of 
Holrtein, and th.- duke of SkTwic: at 
her death a civil war entucd, which con- 
tinued for feveral vcars. In 142; it 
was enacted that no handicraftman 
fliould be a I'enator at Elfinore. Jn 1425 
the king, to encourage people to fettle 
there, ordered that whoever built a 
houlc of timber thouid bo fr<c fr<>m laxts 
fur ten veArb, and thofc who built wth 
llone for tv^etuy years. In 1433 the 
Swedes febelcd, and tlie king made his 
clcap- in diluuile ; after wh'ch, having 
C(j|le(5Ud his rreafure together, he went 
into Gothl'iid. Another knig being 
cholcii, the people of Jutldiid foUuvved 

the example of the Swedes ; but they 
being qotiied, the leaders of the fa£lion 
were executed. In 145^ the Danes 
fubiiued Hamburgh, but confirmed their 
former privileges. In 14^1 Sweden be- 
came a feparate government, and conti- 
nued lo for fcveral years; but in 1519 
Stockholm being taken, great cruelties 
were committed, and the city in great 
part deftroyed. This and other fimilar 
a^l> caufed the king to be expelled the 
kingdom. In 1543 the caftic of Land- 
fcroon was built. In 1565 an engage- 
ment tuok phxe betwien the Danes and 
Swfdesj uficr which the latter were con- 
fidered mafters of the Baltic Sea, and a 
peace was conc'uded in ifii?. 

Devsei. ET^ ) (Dnnthel/'/.r), a 

DENTHELEt^E i people of Thracc, 
on the w fide (if the Hcbrus. 

Denys, St., a town of France, near 
Paris, where the fwords of St. Lewis 
and the maid of Orleans were prelerv- 
cd, alio the fceptre of Charlemagne, and 
other curiotities. 

Deobriga, a city of Spain, on the 
.V fide of the Iberus. 

Deobrigvl.v, a city of Spain, to 
the e of Stgifamt). 

Deokkam. See Durham. 

D t o K u M C u R R u s ( Ofl-»- »i/i , T'heo)! ) , 
a h'gh mountain of Libya Interior. 

Dkorum Poktv'6 {Diviiii Poittn), 
a port of Mauritania C-tilarienfis. 

Dkoki'm Salvtaris Portus, a 
port of Egypt, on the Arabian Gulf. 

Deka, an mland town of Sufiana. 

Derje, a place of MclTenia. 


Dkubext, a (eaport and fortrcfs of 
Perfin, on the coalt of the Cal'pian Sea. 

DEKBict, ( a people of Eliari;bad, 

DEunicEs, i in Pcrfta. 

DiKBY, the chief town in a county 
of the lame name, in England, where 
Etheltledn, at the head <(f inc Mercian 
forces, completely defejued the Danes. 

DEKtE, a fountain in Spain, between 
Bilbilis and Segobrig.i, wliole waters are 
uncommonly cold. 

Dekk. Si.e DfRE. 

Deribia {D/tbr), a city of Lycaonia. 

Deris, a port of Marmorica, on the 

Deki'akk. See Drkvanum. 

Dekpi A, a city of Livonia. 

Der k I s, a promontory of Macedonia. 

Depris, a promontory of Marniori- 
ca, on the Mediterranean. 

De us ,K I , a |ie(xple of Thrace. 

Dertmon.),. -1- „ r„. 
,, ;■ Sec 1 OR ro.N A. 


D I A 

D I D 

Derventio. See Darwent. 

Df.RVENTIO. See AuLDBi"". 

DERusrAil, a petple of Perlia. 

Dekxenk. Set Xerxenk. ' 

DtsNA ([fv/>tiL,<)is, Pacjils), a river 
of European S.iriTiaria. 

Desi'otai o (yf-'/o/ia, Hxanibus, Cu- 
ritis, Luiile (htfce), a pnncipbl province 
and city of Grttt^e, where Meleager 
flew the wikl boar in tlie Caledonian 
wood, and NelTus carried Dejanira over 
the river Evcrus. 

Dkspotopolis. Scc Fi.avia 


Dessaret.?:, =» people of Macedonia. 

Dessau, a fortrcfs near Jtrufalcm. 

DtssOBRiCA, a city of Spain, be- 
tween Aflurica aad T..rraco. 

De STIC OS, a fmall illaiid near the 
Thracian CnerCoiiefus. 

Desuoaba, a city of Media. 

Detunua, a ticy of Ljctica, in 

Deva. See Chester. 

Deucaledonks J { Dual i dona), a 

Deucaleuomi ) people or Narth 

Deucaledonius OcEAN'ts, the 
fca on the :w w of Scotlanci. 

Devklte ^ (Drulium), a city of 

Develto > Romania, in Euro- 

De\' ELTON } ptan Turkey, on tiie 
river Panyllis. 

Devknter {Daventria), a town of 
OvcrvfTtl, in tlie Uiiiud' Provinces, was 
founded A. D. 729, near the cattle of one 
Davon, wlio hid built a churcfi rhere ; 
it was brrr^ivcd r.> the Spaniards in i5i>7 
by Tir William Stanley. 


Dev I/.ES {f^us, DivifcS, Divi/io, Di. 
"•Jijite, f^il'ir), a town in the county of 
Wilts, founded A. C. 414. 

Deultu.m. See Develto. See Chester. 

De u V a V . See D K V o .V >) H 1 r E. 

Devona. SeeQi^ERCY. 

Devonshire {Uf/uiri, Devffneym), 
a county in the w oF England. 

Deukiopi'S, a (iiiirict of Pjjonia 
Msiina, in Maccdoni i. 

Deuso.v. Scc Duyts. 

DiA. Sec Naxi A. 

Dja {Aihcn.e Dtadf), a city of Ne- 

DiA, a city of Thrace, of the Morea, 
of Lulitania, <jf Italy, near the Alps, of 
Scythia, near the Phalis, of Caria, of 
Biriivniu. atid "f Tin-lTdiy. 

Diabas {Zjiba'.y Lycui), a river of 

Diabatc. Sec Falvca. 


Diacopena, a diftri£t of Cappado- 
cia, on the nver Halys. 

Diades Athena;. See Dia. 

DiAGON', ^ a river of the Morca, that 

D I A G u M , 5 fcpa rates P ifa from Arca- 
dia, and falls into the Aiplieus. 

D 1 A N ;e V a N V M . See F A C E L I N ."E . 

DiAN^ J'anum. See Scutari. 

Diana; Portus, a port on tiie k 
fide of Corfica, i^etween Aieria and Ma- 

DiANit Tempi.i'M, the moft famous 
temple upon record, lituate at Ephefiis : 
it isfaid to have been 220 years in build- 
ing, by all the chief cities in Afia : it 
Wis burnt by E atoitratus, and after- 
wards rebuilt by the Afiatics with lupe- 
rior ma<i;niticenve. 


DiANiUM. See Demi A. 

DiANiUiM (^Hemf.rolcopium'), a pro- 
montory of Valencia, in Spain, with a 
watch-tower on its fummit. 

DiAN'ORo {jL'-jnu), a city of Botriaea, 
in Macedonia. 

Df ar H E K, ) the kingdom of Mc- 

Di A T< B E K a r, ) fopotamia j alfo a 
citv of Turkey, in Afia. 

DiARRHEusA, a fmall iflRnd near 
Epiicfus, on the coafl of Alia Minor. 

Di A RRua^A, a port of Cyrena'ica, be- 
tween Drepanuni and Boreum. 

DiASCHILO, > . rn- i_" • 


DiAscuRis. Sea Sebastopo- 


DiASl'OLis, a ciry of Paleftine. 
Die 10. Sec Dijo.v. 
DiBLiTHAiiM. See Deblatha- 


_DiKO.\ {Df/mn), a city of the tribe 
of Gad, beyond Jordan. 

D I ii O N a . Sec Qu E K C Y. 

DiBKi {Dobtt'ii, DeboTus), a city of 
Pafonia, in Maceciunia. 

Dic^a, a city of Thrace. 

Die a; A. > J. n 

D. , !- See ruzzoLi. 

IC,t;ARCHlA. 5 

DicAEiDONEs. See Deucaledo- 



DiCT.*:. ) ^ J 
DiCTAM.vo ~)(D-i7v««a), aciiyand 
DictaMN'U.M ?■ promontory in the s 
DiCTAMo jui Caiidia, between 
Cyiionia and Cifainus. 


DlCTlDiENsEs, certaiiV inhabitants 
of Mount .Athos. 


DiDATriu.M. S'.cLoi.i, 


D I O 

rv,,^^..., } See Salin'I. 

S'°^''''^- J a place of Miletus. . 

DiDYME, a dty of Sicily. 

DiDYM^, I'mall iflands on the coaft 
cf Troas. 

DiDYMJEUM, ) 3 temple at Mi- 

DiDYMOTHicUM, ) letus, dtdicated 
to Apollo. 

.DiDYMUM, a mountain of Afia Mi- 

Die {Dea Vccont'iorum^ Ci'-Jittis DecH- 
Jium'), a city of Dauphine, in France. 

Dieppe, a maritime town of Nor- 
mandy, in France. 

DiEST, a town of Brabant. 

DiEUZF. [Deccnif'CAgi^, a city of Lor- 
raine, in France, where there are fait 
fprings of a remarkable qualitv. 

DiGEjJTiA, a rivulet of Italy, falls 
into the Tiber. 


DiGMA, a part of the Piraeus, at 
Atht ns. 

DiGNE (^Dinla), a ciry of Provence, 
io France. 

Dii, a people on Mount Rhodope, in 

Dijon {Dlbio, Divio, Divioncnje Caf~ 
trum^ Di'vionum)y a city of Burgundy, in 

Dila, a port nf Gallia Narbonenfis. 

Dili. See Delos. 

DiLl.JNGEN, a town of Suabia, in 
Germanv, where an univerfity was found - 
cdA. D. 156.;. 

DiMAi.uM, a city of lUyricum. 

DiMASSUS, ) /I 1 r)L 1 

T^ ' > an illand near Rhodes. 


DiMASTUS, a mountain on the ifland 
Myconus, whole inhabitants in general 
^row bald. 

DlMAZANA {P/l/'his), a city of Arca- 
dia, in the Morca. 

Dimet^, the people of Carmar- 
thenfliiie, Pembrokefhiie, and Cardi- 

DiMETIA, the three counties cf 
Carmarthen, Pembroke, and Cardi- 

DiMITRlADA {Denictrias, Drtnetiiui, 
Sicjon), a city oft the lea coart of Thef- 
faly, at one time the rjyal refulence of 
the Mixedonian kin^s. 

DiMON' AttUARUM, a. place of the 
Moabites, in Paklline. 

Dl.VARETUM, a }.Tomontory at the E 
end of Cyprus. 

DiNOYMA, > a mountain on the con- 

DiWDYMUS,5 fines of Phrygia. See 

Dk.'cvmen^: TsMPiVM, the tem- 

ple of Cybele, on Mount DIndymus, 
built by the Argonauts. 

DiNDYMis. See Chizico. 

Dingle Bay (t>.<r), a maritime 
town of Derry, in Ireland. 

Dingolving a, a city of Bavaria. 

D/NiA. See DiGNE. 

DiNi^, a city of Phrygia, between 
Metropolis and Synnas. 

DioCjCs AREA, a city of Cappadocia, 
to the w of the Halys. 

DiocESAFvEA, in Phrygia. See 


Dioc/ESAREA {S(ppb'jris, Zifipori), 3 
city of G>.lilee. 

DiocLEA (Doclea.Dockalo'), a tow^i 
on the coaft of Dahnatia, the birth-place 
of Diocletian. 

DrocLETiANOPOLis, a city of 

Dion {Tiafum), a city of Dacia, to- 
wards the Danube. 

DiODORI. See Baeelmandel. 

DiOLCas, one of the lefler mouths cf 
the Nile. 

D I O M E D E ."E f N SU L iE ) ( [fole di T)r~ 

DiOMEDis Insul.'e 3 '^/■'/(), ifiands 
in the Adriitic Sea, oppofite Apulia. 

DiOMEBis CaiMFUS, a diltrift of 


Dionysia. } c >t 

r. ;- See Naxia. 


Dionysiadls, two illands to the E 
of Candia. 

Dion YSiON, a temple of Bacchus, ki 

Dion YSiOPOLis, a city of Thrace. 


i>i 1 bee \ ARNA. 

Dion vsiHOLis. S 

Dion Y'siPOLis. See Nerc. 

DiopoLis. See Icus. 

DiopoLis. See Sebaste. 

DioRYCTUS, ) a place of Acarna- 

DioRY'ETUS, j[ nia. 

DioscoRiAs. See Sebastopolis. 

DioscouiDis Insula, a defert 
ifi-;nd in the mouth of tiie Arabian Gulf, 

DioscoRON, an \(land oppofite the 
promoniory Lacinium. 

DioscuKiAS. See Sebastopolis. 

DiOb.'ii EP.ox, a temple of Lydia, to 
the E of Pliilddelphia. 

DiosPA^JE, a citv of Mefopotamia. 


DiospoLis {Thtbtc, Hecaior;/>yiof)f. a 
citv of the Delia, in Lower Egypt, bee 

DlOSPOLIS, a c'uj of Hcraclea, in 

DlOSPOLIS {LvJJa), a city of Sa- 

Diosroiis Ma GNA {Tdel/(£), a city 
of Upper Egypt. 

D B: 


"DiOsPOLis Parva, a ckyof upper 

DiosFOLiTEs : a diftrid of both Up- 
per and Lower Egypt was lb called. 

Dtrs:A, a city of Arcadia. 

TiipjE.'Z, a place of Peloponnefus, 
where a battle was fought between the 
Arcadians and Spartans, 
^ DiPNiAS, a city of Thcffaly, near 

Dii'ffiSA, ^a ciry of Tripclis, in 

DiPOiNffi, i Arciidia. 

DiPPO, a citv of Spain, between Cor- 
dova and Emerica. 

DiPSAS, a river of Cilicia. 

DiPYLON (P/A? 7 hirj,/i a) .rhe largrft 
gate of Athens, iciding towards the 
Academia, in the Campus Thriafius. 

DiRA. See Dire. 

DiRCE, a fountain in- the city .of 
Thebes, in Greece. 

DiRGENNA, a fountain of very cold 
water riear Bilbilis, in Spain. 

Dire (Dira), a city of Ethiopia, on 
a promontory of the fame name. 

DiRiDOTis, a village of Chaldea," 
near the mouth of the Euphrates. 

DiRPHYS, a mountam in Eubosa.. 

DiTTA.M, a people of Spain. 

Diva. See Dee. 

DiviNi Tortus. See Deorum 


Divio. ") „ 

7^ of Ste 

DiVIONENSE CaSTRUM. > "n, ,„., 

I \- T o N u :m . 3 


DiVlSl .T,. > 

Sec Devizes. 

Divisio. 3 

DruM. See Stadia. 

DiUM, a promontory on the N fide of 

DiuM, a citv of Euboes, on a pro- 
n-'.ontory of the fame name, where there 
are hot baths. 

DiUM,"a ci:y cf Picria, in Macedo- 

DiUM, a city of Palefiine^ beyond 

DIVIDURUM. J3^.^^^^^^ 



DiuR, a river of Mauritania Tingi- 

Dn'IEPER > {Br.ri/ihenes, Dannprls, 

DniepiekJ Tjras), a river of 
Ruffia, that difembagues into the Black 

J>KIESTER (Jjanaflfr, Tyra, T;ras), 
a river th:it riles in P .land, and, having 
run throuph part of Turkey, fails into 
the Black Sea. 

Dob p. res, a people of Pseonia, in 

Doberu^. Sec DiBRi. 

Doblac^h i^Agitrttum), ndiftrift of the 
Tyrol, at the foot of the Alps. 

DoBusi, the people of Glocefter- 
fliire and Oxforiiftiirc. 

DociMiA, '(a:'il!agcncarSynn,3, 
Doci.MivM.i '"PWg'a. 

DotLEA. > 

See DroCLEA. 

Docleat.^e. 5 

DocNA {E!(us), a city of Epiru^. 

DoDECASCHCENUs.adiftriftof Up-* 
per Egypt, to the s of Syene. 

Dodona, a city of Thcfprotia, iq 
Epirus, where Deucalion ere<5led a tem«- 
pie in the midll of a grove of oaks, and 
dedicated it to Jupiter ; from whence he 
was called Dodonaeus. 

DoDONE, a fountain in the grove of 

Doeantis Campus, a plain near 
the mouth of the Thermo'don, in Pon- 

DoEN A {Eueri.')t a diftrift of Epirus. 

DoESBURG (Tyuioiurgum), a town 
of Zutphen, in the United Provinces. 

Don, a people of Arabia Felix. 

DoLAP {Purihrniu;), a river of Bi- 
thynia, falls into the Euxine. 

DOLCIGNO {Dulcigno, Okbinium, OU 
ciKium, U/cinium), a city of Albania, on 
the Gulf of Venice. 

Dole {Didattium), a city of Franche 
Coir.te, in France. 

DoLiciiA, a citv in the w of Thef- 

DoLfCHE. See Techala. 


DoLiCHE, a city of Commagene, ii> 

DoLiCHE, a city of Macedonia. 

DoLic'HisTE, an ifland on the coaft 
of Cilicia, oppufue Chimaera. 

Doi-iONKS, a people of Bithynia, 

DoMoNis. bee Chizico. 



DoLONCi, a people of Thracian 


Doi.opcs, ) a people of Theflaly, 

DoLOPiANS, 5 near Mount Pindus. 

DoLOPiA, a diftriiS; on the confines 
of TheiTaly and Epirus. 

Dolorous, a mouniaiiji in Scot- 
land, on which the town of Stirling is 
built : thecaftle and bridge were erc£led 
A.D. 79- , .. ' 

Domazmze, a.tow^n of Bohemia, 
xvhere a baule was fcaghl between jhe 
Crufaders and the . Uulfitcs in; 1466, 
to thi- great difadvancHge of the Cnu 


O U 

roMlTIAKl, a villa on the Via Ap- 
pia, hear the fpot where /ilDa Longa 

DPMirr AKorOLls, a city of Ciiicia, 
in Alih. 

DoMiTil Forum. See For cm* 

JDOMNOMI. Sft Danmomii 
•I)oMO p'OscF.LA (Oi-CfOi a ^'"vn 
of, io Italy, on the Lake Ma^;. 

<jf IJiiiuiG, 111 France, near Ncufcnaitl, 
the birtli-plice of J.wn r^f A'c. 

DoMUS Zenodokj. b'ee Zeno- 

Dt>K ( T.'ficiis^, a 1 iver that I'cpara'-es 
Europe from Afi.', and fails into the bea 
of Afo|.h. 

DoyATO {Forum Appii)., a cty of the 
Voifci, in L.i.ium. 

Do.vCASTEK (Miulvicajlsi), a town 
in Yoiklhue, founccd about A. M. 

DoNESCIilNGEK, a town of Ger- 
many, 111 I hi; Black Koreft, liejr the 
luurce of tl>e DrtiiLibc, 

DoNUCA. a mountain of Tlirace. 

DoNUbA "I (/■^'i/i^/.'.i). an illand in the 

DoKYSAj ArchipeUgo, to tlie V 
of NdXi.s, wnere green marble isi for.nd. 

Dor \ (Nii;'>haib Doi), a city of 

DoR-A 3 Pd'eftinc. 

Dor A, a city of Mcf^potamia. 

DoRACTt, an liLind in ihc Perfian 

Dorchester ( Gn.'n/auri, Cviiiis 
Dornnia.'), foimerlv the fee of a bMhop, 
now a village in Oxfordlh'r*, the bilhop- 
ric being tranllated to Lincuin abi)Ut 
A. D. 1070. 

Dorchester (Dr/n.'um, D-moi-ntia, 
Dnrninrn), the chitt town in tlic county 
of Dorlct. 


DuRDOGNE {Dunoiii's), a river of 

Dordrecht. See Dort, 

DoREs, the inhabitants of Doris, in 

Dor I, ) a dlrtrift of A:haia, near 

Doric A, ) Athens. 

DoRIA {Darin), a river of Gallia 
Cif-ilpina^ falls into the Po. 

Dorians, h penpL of Candia. 

DORICA IlEXAt'ULlS, fix tuuns of 

the Di>, tour of which "ere on the 
illes of kh.des and Ci'os, and the other 
two, viz. Cnidu->and Halicarnalius, were 
■«n the continent uf Atia. 

DoR'CA Tf.Tii.M', four towns 
ef the Dorians, in /ttolia, viz. Krineus, 
Ko'uni, Pindiis, and Cvtiniuni. 

DUKIPIS. bee DlLOi-ULlb. 

DoRiEKSES, a people of Candia. 

DORlENsts, a people of Cvienc. 

DoRIo.v, a city of Peloponneiu!-. 

DoRib, a diOrifct of Caria, in Ah* 
M : ^1, near the lik Telos. 

Doris {T'■^r^1;^r<}, a countrv of 
Greecft. nar '^rf^^^lv, f n m which it 
i> fcparaced by Mount Oeta and other 

Doris, the chief city of Tctrapnlis, 
in Greceej 

DoRisci'M, ) a place in Thrace, be- 

DoRisCrs, ^ tvveeo Cv; !el!a and 
the niou'h of the Hcbriis, where Xcixe* 
reviewed his v;.li irmv. 

Dor JVM, a city of ]Mcffenia, in the 

DoRifs. See DOUKO. 

DoRius, a mountain of Afia Minor. 

PORNE, a riv»:r of Pcrigord, m 

DoROSTO, > n c'ry of Bulgaria, 

DoKObTORUM, i in t-uiopean Tur.^ 
kev. on the Danube, 

DoRosroioN {Dorofioron). Sec 


D0KOSTOI.V.M, a city of Hungarv^ 
DOROVERNUM. See Ca.vter- 

B 1,' R V . 

Doksetshire( Dour Tiii; }, a county 
of Knt'land. 

D f ) R s T R A D t ) ( DorJ^ricLi, Dor el' 

Dor 1' ( rech), a town of 

II'>iland. in the United Provinces; was 
deftrovcd bv the Danes A. D. H56 : it 
alfo lultained conliderable damage, and 
a great number of people loU their hves 
by mi inund-itiin), in 1446. 

Dortico.v, a fortrtfs of MaTia 
Superior, between Ad Aqjas and Bo- 

Dor YL^:uM,') a citv of Phryuia, 
con/incs of 

Dor YL^:uM,'^ a citv of 
DoRYi.^:t's, > i>n the ( 
DoRvtAUS, ) Bithvnii 

DoRYPHORl. the name of the guards 
attiiiilant upon tiie king <f Peilia. 

Dose I, a jieoplc on ine Palus Moeo- 

Dotha.v, a p!ace to the N of Scbaftc, 
wiicre Jofeph was fold by hi^ brethren. 

Douav {D'Jivm), a town of Flanders. 

DovK, a town of .Anjou, in France, 
where tiiere is an amphitheatre of pro- 
digious magnitude cut out of the folid 

Dover {Dubriiy Doafrr, Dofrh, Do- 
Sr/s, Dort!, Df^nbu, Dofru), a maritime 
town in Kent, where a priory was erect- 
ed A. D. iti?. 

]')ovi.Ro') {Durlus, Doriu.'), a river 

i)ovi'.A > f)f Spnin and Portugal, 

Dova.0 J falU into the Atlantic 

D K O 

D U L 

Dour Trig. Sec Dorsetshire. 

Down-FaTICK {IJumtni), a town in 


Drabescus EDO>fiCA, a plain of 
the Kdune-, in Mac-donia. 

Drabus. ScDrane. 

Drac ( {Draaii), a river of Dau- 

Draca ' phine, in France. 

Dra<:o>JT!A, an 'llind in -he Medi- 
!cr ancar.. O" the coal^ oF Africa. 

Draco NUM, a fmall town on ihc 
iflaiid Icctr s. 

Dragamesto {CE'find.r, F.rvjiibr), 
a c:ty ^if Acarnanb, near the mouth uf 
the Ach clous. 

Drag K MEL (Adrans), a city of Car- 
nioh, on the Sav'c 

Drago. Sec FiUME oi Gergen- 


DRANG^^fA. \ 

Drapsaca. Sec DaRaPSa. 
■Drave, ^ a river o'- Germany, falU 
Dravus,^ into the Danube. 
Draos, } 

Dren^theim. See Dronthlim. 
Drepane. See Corfu. 

Drepavu.m, in Sicily. See Tra- 


Drepanum {Der/>ane), a city of Bi. 

DREPA>fUM {Rbium), a promontory 
in Achaii. 

Drepanum, a promontory of Cyre- 
naica, on the Mediterranean. 

Dresda, ) the chief city of Saxony, 
Drksdes, ) in Germany ; was found- 
ed about A D. 807. 

Dreux (Droium, Driiida, DuTocaffs), 
a city cf Beauce, in France. 

Drii Lo M^tifl'i'i), a river of Si- 

Dhilo > c'lv from whence the 

Drilo>4 ) Itonc called ao;a'c is faid 

to derive its name, being firlt found 


Drilo, a river that divides D ilmatia 
frym Macedonia, and falls into the Adri- 
atic Sea at LifTu.^. 

Dr I .m a g o ( T'im.vnmion, Tftmnia- 
nitim), a city of Motfia Inferior, en the 

Dhin'O, ) a river that feparates Illy- 
Dri.**us, 5 ricuni fiom Muilu Su- 
perior, and falls into the Snve. 
Drios, a mountain in Arcadia. 
Droi, a people ^t' Tliracc. 
Droium. See Drkux. 
Dro.viiscus, an illand near Mi'e- 

Dromos AcjiiLMS. See AcHii- 


Dr N T H E I M (^Niil'i/ta, Dumbeim), a 

ritv of Dtnniark. 

Dron'ia {Druriri), a river of France, 
falli into the Rhone, belo-v Valentia. 
DkoPJCI, h people of Perlia, 
Drosica, a diltrift of Thrace, be- 
tween Mount Pdngeus and the Archipc- 

^ i See Durance. 

D R U E N' T 1 u s . \ 

DrUuERI, a people of Thrace. 

Druid-ie See Dreux. 

Dkuna. See Dronia. 

Druskn heim {ihncoyJiii), a town of 
AHactr, near the Rhine. 

DrusiaNa Fossa, a canal cut to 
join the IlHla to the Rhine; it extends 
from Duiiburg to Urdoort. 

Drusias, a city of Samaria, near 

D?t^;SirARA, )a city of Thrace, 

Di'.usiPARUM, ^ between Mount 
Rhodopc and tiie river Melas. 

Dr'jsomagus. Sec Mimmen- 


Dryi-.t'E, a village near Trapczus, in 

Drym;ea, acity of Phocis, in Greece 

Drymus, a city between Attica and 
Bot'tia, near Panactus. 

Drymus A, > an idandnear Ionia, in 
Drymussa,) Ada Minor. 
Dry ope {Div^ipis), a city of Mag. 
nefn, in Thilfaly. 

Dryopes, a people near Mount 
Oeta, in ThLlFaly. 

Dryopes. See ALDRAorNA. 
Dryopis. See C it n a. 
Dryopis. SeeDRYOPE. 
Dr Ys, a city of Thrace. 
Dryusa. See Samos. 
Djbis. Sfe Alduabis. 
T)u n LIS {FMann), the mctroprilis of 
Ireland, where an univerfity was founded 
A. D. ijig, which was enlarged, or an- 
other founded, in 1591. 
DuiiRVE. 1 

DuBRi. ['See Dover. 

Ducii<L'RG, a city of Germany. 
Dl'h:rsteue (^Bit^'jodirum), a town 
of Utrecht, in the United Provinces. 
DuiTSiUM. See DuYTS. 
Dui.cis Portus, a port of Thef» 
proria, in E^irus. 

Dun;ir>lNi, | apeopleoFGermany, 
Du I. Gum Nil, 5 on the Wefer. 
Dui.opoLis {Ac\inth:i5, Dondis), a 
city of Macedonia, tred>ed at the Ifthmus 
of tlie Cherrcnefu<; aboot A. M 3294. 


t) U Jl 

D U R 

Duma, a village of Paleftine, belong- 
ing to the tribe oF Judah. 

Dumbarton, } the chief town- in a 

Du MERIT ON, j( county of the fame 
name iu Scotland, 

DuMBRiTON Frith. See'Lo- 
MOND, Loch. 

D u M FRIES (^Dunfrifs ) , the . ch ief 
town in a county of the fame name 
in Scotland. 


DuNA, a mountain of Thrace. 
Dunbar, a fortrcfs of Eaft Lothian, 
in Scotland. 

Dundee, a maritime town of Angus, 
in Scotland. 

Dunfermline, a town of Fifefhirc, 
in Scotland, the birth-place of the Scot- 
tilh kings. 

DuNHOLM. bee Durham. ' 
DuNKERAN {IverKis), a town in the 
SW or Ireland. 

Dunkirk, acity of Flanders, found- 
ed about A.D. 1067. 

Dunmonii. See Danmonii. 
DuNMOW, a village in Effex, where 
a priory was erefted A.D. iiii. The 
tenure of this manor is held by the fol- 
lowing fingular cuftom : if any married 
couple will go to the priory, and fwear, 
kneeling upon two fliarp ftones placed in 
the church, that they have not quar- 
relled, or repented of their marriage, 
witliin one year and one day after it tock 
place, they ihall receive from the lord of 
the manor a flitch of bacon. The records 
of the plate mention feveral couple who 
have cld'intd and received the bacon. 

Dunstable {Mngtovinum), a town 
in Bedfordlbire, where the VV'atling 
Street and Icknild Street interfeft each 

DuNSTAFAGE \ {Eiocfunutn, Stg- 
DuNSTAFFNAGE 5 pcanodunum)^ 3. 
city of Scoiland, oppohte the Ifle of 

DuNSTER, a fortrcfs of Kincardine- 
fliire, in Scotland. 
DuNUM. See Down Patrick-. 
DuNWiCH, formerly a city, now a 
fmall town, in Suffolk. 

DuR. See Dingle Bay. 
Dura, a city of ApoUoniatis, in Af- 

Dura, a city of Mefopotamia, be- 
fieged by Antiochus A. C. 117. 

Durance (^Druemia, DruentJus"), a 
rapid river of France, falls into the 
Rhone between Aries and Avignon. 

Duras, a city of Greece, on the 
Adriatic Sea. 

. D u R A Z z o {Dyrrbaehhm, "Epidamftum), 
a city of Illyricum, on the confines of 
Macedonia, founded about A.M. 3325 : 
it was colonized by the Romans, and is 
noted as being the place where the ar- 
mies under Caefar and Pompey fought 
their firfl battle : it is fnuate in an un- 
whokfome atmofphere ; yet there is on 
the gate a fair brafs ftatue, either of 
Conltantine or Theodofius. The arch- 
bi(hop fhculd have five bilhops under his 
jurifdiftion ; but their biftioprics are all 
within the Turkilh dtjminions. 

DuREN, a term denoting a paffage or 
ford of a river. 

DuREN (^MarcoduruTrif Marcomagum^y 
a town oF Germany, on the Roer, 

Durham (^Diorhani, Dunbotn;'), a city 
and county of th.- fame name, in the Nof 
England, where a mcinallery was found- 
ed A. D. 1073, and the church in 1093. 

Duria. See DaRiA. 

Dlriacum, a city of France. 


DuRius. See DouRO. 

DuRNiuM. Set Dorchester. 

DuRNOMAGUM, ^ a city of Gallia 

DuRNOMAGUS, j Belgica, belov/ 

DuRNovARiA. See Dorchester. 

DuROBRiv^, the people of Hert- 

DuROBE.1 v^, a town of the Catycu- 
chlani, between Caller and Dornford, in 
Northamptonfhire, on the borders of 

DuROBRivjE {Durocobri'va), a town 
of the Trinobintes, between Flanlftcad 
and Redburn, in Hertfordlhire. 

DuROBRivis. See Rochester. 


Durocasses. • >SeeDREux. 


Durocatalauni. See Chalons 
SUR Marxe. 


DuROCoRNoviuM. See Ciren- 
DuRocosTORUM. See Rheims. 
DuROLENUM. See Lenham. 



DuROLiTUM. See Letton. 

DuKOMA, a city of the Samnites, in 

Duronum. See Capelle. 

Durosiponte. See Godman- 

Du roster UK ) {Doroflorm, Dorofio- 

Durosto > Ion, Doroftcna), a 

city of Lower Myfia. 

DuaoTRiGES, the people-of Dorfct- 

D Y M 

B Y S 




See Canter- 
See DuRAZ- 

DuYTS {Duit/ium, Deufon), a city of 
Germany, near Cologne. 

DuziACUM, a city of France. 

DwiNA (Rubo), a river of Ruflia, 
flows into the Baltic, near Riga. 

Dyardenses, a river at the extre- 
mity of India. 



<f or inaia. 
)yma, ■) 

)YME, i ^" 
)YMEiE, ) 

ty of Achaia Proper. 
See Clarenza. 

DymU, a city of Thrace between Plo- 
tinopolis and Trajanopolis. 

Dymjei, a people of iEtolia. 

Dyras, a river of Trachinia, falls 
into the Bay of Malia. 

Dyraspes, a river of European 

Dyris. See Atlas, Mount. 

Dyrrhachium. See Durazzo. 

DYRZELA,aQ inland town of P»m« 

Dysorum, a mountain in Thrace. 

Dyspontii, a people of Elis, in the 


E B U 

E C Y 

■p ARi.sTOK (KrjUicy.), a town of Scot- 
-^ land, in tlic couniy of Berwick. 

Easjum, a city of Achaia, in the 

Eastkrn Goths. Sec Ostro- 

East Se AX A {F.ajl Sexfcire). See 

Eause, a city of Gafcony, in France. 

Ebal (_GfVtii), a mountain in Sa- 

Eblana. Sec Dublin. 

Ebi.EBLANDA {Aluba7icia), a city of 
Caria, in Afia JVlinor, near the river Ms- 
ander, on whof'e banks are eminences 
relembling affes; with pyck-faddles on 
their backs, which proiiucc fcorpions in 
great abilndance. 

Ebora. SeeEvoRA. 

Eboracum. See York. 

Ebredunuivi. S 

Ebrepunense Castrum. See 


Ebro (^llberus, Iber.n), a river of Ca- 
talonia, flows into the Mediterranean. 

Ebrodunum. See Ambru.v. 


Ebron {Hd'ion, Cbdro)!, Cariatb 
Arha, Kinalb Arha), the metropolis of 
Jdumea, the royal refidtnce of David. 

EiiRovicuM. See EuRF.vx. 

Ehsfleet, a town in Kent, where 
Hen^ift and Horla efFe61ed their landing 
when they invaded England. 

Ebud.t:. ) 

Ebddes. > 

Ebi'Racum. See York. 

Eburobritivm, a town of Lufita- 
nia, between the Monda and the Tagus. 

EBi'RonusuM {Brill, Rjbodurium), 
a city of Moravia, in Germany. 

Epi'RODvnum. See YVERDU.V. 

Ebi'RODUNUM. See Ambuvk. 

Ebchonks, ) a people near Liegr, 

Eui'RO.Ni.'ii, 5 in Germany. See 

Eburovices. St.eAri.ERCi. 

Kburvm. SceOi-Mi'Tz. 

See Hebrides. 

Ebuseni,) c -o a • 

Eeusium, a city on the ifland of Scio. 
Ebusus. See Scio. 
Ebvsus. See Ivica. 
ECBATAN, 7 the metropolis of Me- 
Ec bat AN A, 5 dio, the refidcnce of 
the Median monarch^ : it was fituate on 
an eminence, and fiirrounded by feven 
d ftinft wa!l>, each of which was painted 
of a different colour. 

Ecbatan, ) a city of PerfTS. See 


EcE.\TANA, in Syria. See CaR- 



EcciA. See Hcya. 

EcnippA. See Castle Lambert. 

EcETFA {Eihetra), a city of the 
Volfci, in Jraly. 

EcHEDAMiA, a city of Phocis, in 
Greece Proper. 

EcHEDORUs. See Grasfa. 

EcHELiD.'E, a village of Attica. 

EcHETLA, ) a furtrefs of Sicily, 

EcHETLATA.) near Syracufc. 


Echidna. ) c /^ 



Echidorcs, a river of Thrace. 

EcHiNft). See Cvrzolari. 

Echin'on, a city ut llirace. 

EcHiNL's, a river of Phthiotis, in 

ThefTaly iflandon the.Tiijean Sea. 

Echinus, a city of Acarnania. 

Fchixl'sa. ) c r^ , ^ , 
T, > See Gi NO POLL 


EcNOMOK, ) a mountain in Sicily, 

ECNOMUS. \ where Phalaris placed 
the brazen bii'L and where the Romans 
defeated the Carthaginians. 

EcosiroLis, a diftritt of Arabia 

EcREGMA. the mouth of the Lake 
Sirhonis, in Paleftine. 

EcRON. See Ac.vRO.s-. 

EcYA {Ezija, Jijin, ylj?ign, Jjhgiy 
Eccia, F.i'ija, Ai/j;"Jia ■ Fnuja, Colonia 

E F E 

£ I R 

Jifligitnna'), a city of Andaiufia, in Spain, 
appears to have been toundcd about 
A. M. 2794. 

Ed A .VIA (fc^c/i/a, Icfdiia, Igadita), 
a city of Lofitania. 

Eden, or Paradise, is fuppofcd to 
have been in Chaldea. 

Eden (Luna), a river of Wcftmore- 
land, falls into the Solway Frith. 

Eder {Adrana), a river of Germany, 
falls into the Wefer, near Caflel. 

Ederin-gton ( Fortks Adurni), a v il. 
lagc, in Haroplhire. 

Edesa ) {Oifa, Raba, Rochais, 
Edessa \ Hicapoln, La/a, LafcJ, 
L'Cfcbu, Callirboe, Antiocbia), a city of 
Mcfopotamia, built by Seleucus A. C. 
195 : it was for fome time the refidence 
of queen Zcnobia : it was tsken by the 
weltern princes, and loll again A. D. 
ti ^o. 
Edessa. See Voden'a. 
Edessa, a citv of Syria. 
Edeta. Sec Leria. 
Edetakia. See Seditania. 
Edinburgh {Agneda, Caftra Alata, 
Pteroton Stratopedun), the metropolis of 
Scotland; was founded about A. C. 320, 
by the Pi6ts, who built the caftic, and 
called it the Maids, bccaufe it was in- 
tended for the refidence of the kings' 
daughters until they were married. 

Edinburgh Frith {Bodotria JEf- 
tuaria), the loch or hav adjacent to Edin- 
burgh, which has Ions b.en hlled up. 
Kdissa. SceVoDENA. 
Edom. See Idumea. 
Edomit^ ) {Horites, Idurmenns), 
EnoMixEsi the people of Idumea, 
in Paleftine. 

Kdon ('iu<), a mountain in Thrace. 
Edones, >a people of Thrace, be- 
Edoni, 5 tween the river Strymun 
and the city of Filippi. 

Edonia, a name lomctimes given to 
Edonia. See Macedonia. 
E00NI.S. See CiMMERis. 
Edonis. See Antandros. 
Edonus. See Edo.v. 
Edrei, a city of Paleftine, on the 
w fide of J 'rdan. 

E D R I . See B A R D s E Y . 
Edrinus Lacus. See Idro. 
Ed RON, a maritime town m the ter- 
ritory of Venice 

Edui. See yEDUi. 
Edulius, a mountain in Spain. 
Eeria. See Egypt. 
Eetionia, a promontory of the Pi- 
raeus, at Athens. 

Efeso {Ephejus, Ahifitlruc, Alope, 
0\t\gia, Morses, Sf.)!Hi>, Tracbta, 

^amornitn, Ptela), a city of Afiatie 
Turkey, in that part of Nittolia called 
Ionia : the time of its foundation is ndt 
mentiontd, but in it St. John dkd, and 
to it St. Paul addrcffed one of his Epiftles. 
There was a fuperh temple eredted i4 
this city by the Amazons, who dedicated 
it to Diana: it Was fo magniliccnt that 
Xerxes would not permit his follower^ 
to commit any depredations there ; but 
it was afterwards let on Hre ftven dif- 
ferent times, and at laft totalK dcftroyed 
by order of Eratoftratus the tyrant for 
no other reafon than to have it laid that 
he demoliftied the temple of Diana. 
This city was at one time the meirouolis 
of all Afia. 

Egara. SccTaraco. 
Egelesta. Sec Yni£sta< 
EctLiDUs, a river of Eiruria. 
EGER1./E FoNS, a fountain ia the 
grove of Arici», in Italy. 
EcESTA. See Segesta. 
Egila, a village in Laconia. 
Eg IN A {^Mgena, Mjimidoniai Omo^ 
ne, Oenopia), a city on a fmall ifland of 
the fame name near Athens. 

Egistenia (^JEgofthena), a city in 
the mountainous part of Megaris, on the 
confines of Bceotia. 

Eglon, a city of the tribe of Judah, 
to the e of Elcutheropolis. 
Egnatia. See Anasso. 
Ecnatia Via, apavcd road that ex- 
tended through Macedonia and Thratc 
to the Hebnis, a diftance of 535 miles. 
Egosa {Engofa), a city of Spain. 
F.GUBiuM. See GuElo. 
Egypt {jEgyptw, Ocam, Ofyrian, 
JEna, Eeria, Aratjcihs), a country of 
Africa, was divided ino three dilbifls, 
viz. Upper Egypt or Thebais, Middle 
Egypt or Hcptanomis, and Lower 
Egypt or the Delta. The land of this 
country is exceedingly fertile, owing to 
the overflowing of the Nile ; and on 
that account was denominated by Virgil 
the public granary of the world. Some 
authors obferve, that rain occafionally 
falls in the Delta, but that it is never 
known to fall in Thebais. 
Eilana. See AilaH. 
EiMiNAClUM, an inland town of 

EiKAGiOL {i^acolia), a city of Phry- 
gia, in Afia Minor. 

EiNALHisAR (^Eumenia), a city of 
Phrygia Magna. 

EiNATUS. See Inatus. 
Eio.v, a city of Thrace, near a mouth, 
of the Strymon. 

F.ioNEs, a village of the Morea. 
EiREiA. See Ereta. 


^ E L E 

EiRETJirA. See Roche, La. 

EistEBEN ) (^/3>')» the chief city 

ElstEBiA 5 in the country of Mans. 
feldt, in Germany, was foonded about 
A. M. 1148. The Saxon princes affem- 
bled here A. D. to8r, and, at the infti- 
gation of pope Gregory the Seventh, fet 
up Herman, duke of Lorraine, againft 
the emperor Rodolph. The birth-place 
of Luther. 

Ekron. See Acaron. 

Eljea. SeeAiEA. 

Eljea, a city of ^olia, in Alia Mi- 

Elxm. Portws, a maritime town 
of Epirus, near the mouth of the Ache- 

El^um, a promontory on the SE fide 
of Cyprus. 

El^i;s, in Epirus. See Doena. 

El^us, in Thrace. SccCritea. 
. El-seusa. SeeELEUSA. 

Elaites, a grove near Canopus, in 

Elaiticus Sinus, > the Bay of 

Elaitis, 5 Elza. 

Elaitis, a nomos of Egypt, near 
the Canopic mouth of the Nile. 

Elaius, a mountain of Arcadia. 

Elam. See Persia. 

Elam;ei, a people of Chufiftan, in 

ElamitjEi the people of Elymais. 

Elana. See Ailah. 

EiANiTlcus SiKUS, the Gulf of 

Elaphitis, a fmall idand near Scio. 

EtAPHONfNEsu's. See Procon- 

Elaphus, a river of Arcadia. 

ELAPHusA,a fmall idand near Corfu. 

Elaris. SccAllier. 

Elatas, a river of Bithynia, falls 
into the Euxine. 

Elatea,) a city of Phocis, in 

El ATI A, y Achaia, fubdutd by 
Philip of Macedon A. C. 3£7. 

Elatea, ) a city of Theflaly, near 

Elatia, y the defile that guards 
the entrance to Tempe. 

Elath. SeeAiLAVA. 

Elatria, a city of Epirus. 

Elatus, a mountain on the ifland of 

Elaver. J SccAllier. 

Elaurus. S 

Pt B A {flha, Ilva, Ilua, JE/balia), an 
ifiind on the coaft of Tufcany. 

Ex. BK {Alhis), a river of Germany, 
fills into rhc German Ocean., a city of Pruffia, near the 
Italtic Sea, was founded A.D. izjf,^ : the 
f ;iftlf was crcftcd two years before. 

Elbor. See Olympus. 

Elcethium, a city on the svi' fide 
of Sicily. 

Elche {Uliee, I/lici), a city of Va- 
lencia, in Spain. 

Elea. See Helta. 

Elea {HyeU, Felia, Bel^n, rrlea^ 
Heka), a city of Lucania, on the Tuf- 
can Sea; the birth-place of Parmenides, 
Zeno Eleatcs, and Cicero. 

Elea, intheMorea, See Elis. 

Eleale, a city of Paleftine, on the 
w fide of Jordan. 

Eleasa, a city near Mount Azotus, 
in Paleftine. 

Eleates Sinus, the Bay of Elis. 

Electra, a city of Meffenia, in the 
Morea, on a river of the fame name. 

Electro, a gate of Thebes. 

Electria. SeeSAMOS. 

Electrides, the ifles of Hcttand, 
Schetland, and Faro, in the Adriatic Sea. 

Electris, an ifland on the coaft of 

Elegia, a city of Armenia. 

Elegosine, a plain of Armenia 
Major, the fource of the Tigris. 

Elei, the inhabitants of Elis, in the 

Eleia {Hileia), a city of Mefopo- 

Elemais, a city and province of Sy- 
ria, was befieged A. C. 163. 

Eleochet {Oq/is,Ai:qfis)y a barren 
and inhofpitable place in Libya. 

Eleon, a villdge in Boeotia. 

Eleon, a village of Phocis, in Greece 

Eleovtum, acity of ThracianCher- 

ElephaNTIN'a, "^ an ifland formed 

Elephantine, >■ by the Nile, in 

Ele?haktis, j Theba is, where- 
on was a citv bearing the fame name. 

Elfphantophagi, a people of 

Elkporus, a river of Great Greece. 

Eletea, a city of Phocis, in Greece 

E L E T H y I .E ( Lucinee), a city of Thc- 
bar., whcrem was a temple dedicated to 

Er.Eus. SeeCniTEA. 

Eleus, a river of Media. 

Eleusa (Firffti), an ifland on the 
coaft of Cilicia, in Afia. 

Eleusa, an ifland on the coaft of 

Eleusa. SeeSrvESTA. 

Ei.f.vstn' ^[If^'''<^^f an iflari: near 

Ki.EL'SiNA > Athens, where the 

Elf, us IS } Elcufinian myftcries 
vcrc pfrformcJ, SccLepsina. 

Oe l s 


Eleueima, ^a village near Alexan- 

Elelsis, ) dria, in Egypt. ' 

E L E u T H E R ,<£ {Smths, Aorus ) , a city 
of Candia. 

Ei,f.l;ther;e, a phce on the confines 
of Bccotia and Attica, where Mardonius 
Was Jefeatcd with 300,000 men. 

F.LEUTHERI. See Cadvrcx. 

Eleutheria. See Apoi.lonia, 
in Cindia. 

Eleutherocilices, a p«ople cf 
Cilicia Crtmpeftiis, in Afia. 

Eleuthkrocilicia, a di!\rift of 
Cilicia Cainpeftris. 

Eleutheroi.acokes, a diftrift on 
the fea-coaft of Laconia. 

Eleutheropolis, a city of Idu- 
mea, in Afn. 

Eleutherus, a river that fcparates 
Seleutis fr m Phoenicia. 

Eleutherus, a river of Sicily, falls 
into til Tufcan Sea. 

Elgin, th« county town of Murray- 
Ihire. in Scoilmd, where the cathedral 
was founded A. D. 1224. 

Elia. See Helia. 

Elije {Ai:a^)y iflands in the Red Sea. 

Eliberes. ) c it 

Eliberi. 5 See Elvira. 

Eliberri. See Illiberis. 

Elimea {Eiyma), a city of Macedo- 

Elimiotis, a diftrift of Macedo- 

Elis, a maritime diftrift of the Mo- 
rea, to the w of Arcadia. 

Elis (^Elea, Elna), the chief city of 
Elis, was founded about A.C.469, on 
the banks of the Peueus, near Olympia. 

Elisphasii, a people of Pelopon- 

Elissus, a river of Elis. 

Ellopia. See Negropont. 

Ellopia, acity of Negropont, where 
were hot baths. 

Ellus. See III. 

Elmadia {Mahadia), a city of 
Africa, in the diftrift of Tunis. 

Elo.nje {Titarefius, Titarefus), a city 
of Theffaly, at the foot of Mount 

EloriaTempe.) See Helorius 

ElorinaVia. ) Ca.mpus. 

Elorona. See Oi.eron. 

Elorum. ) c a - 
u. ^» i See Abiso. 

ii-LORUS. \ 
Elos, a city of Achaia. 
Elos, a city ncsr Sparta. 
Elotx. See Helots. 
Eloth. See Ailana. 
Ex, Ross {RboJ.ii, Rbofos, Rhofus), a 
city on the confines of Cilicia and Syria. 
Elsapo {Afopu}). a river of Phrygla 

Major, flows into the Lycus, near Lao- 

Elsatia. See Alsace. 

Elsemburg) {Alifo), a city of 

Elsent ) Wtftphalia, near Pa- 


Elsinore, a maritime town of Den- 
mark, on the irte of Zealand. The caftlc 
was ere6led A.C. i, by the Helfingi, who 
came from Sweden. 

Eltaka,> . fp^l^^jj^^; 

Eltek, S 

Elva. See Elba. 

Elvas, a city of Ludtania, to v.'hich 
the water is conveyed by an aqaedu6t 
erefted at an enormous cxpence — the 
arches fupporting each other over the 
valleys, four or five heights, to make it 
level with the mountains : the rcfervoir 
is of fuch magnitude that it will contain 
a fufficient quantity of water to fupply 
the inhabitants for fix months. 

Elvira {Eliberes, Eliberi, liiberi), a 
city of Spain, near Granada. 

Eluro (i/uro), a city of the Lale- 
tani, in Spain. 

Elusa. See Eleusa. 

Elusa Galll-e. See EusE. 

Elusa Idumjeje, a city of Paleftine, 
to the E of Jordan. 

Ely, a city in the county of Cam- 
bridge, where the cathedral was erefteJ 
A D. 606, and rebuilt in 676. 

Elyma. See Canina. 

Elymais {PerfppoUs), z city of Pcr- 

Elvmaitis, a province of Perfia, oa 
the contines of Media and the Perfiaa 

Elvm.'vndrI, a people of Chorafan, 
in Perfia. 

Elvm-'ei, a people of Perfia. 

Ely.mjei ) {Elym)y a people of Si- 5 <^''y* 

Elymea. See Canina. 

Elymi. See Elyme. 

Elymiot^, a people of Macedonia* 

ElymioTis. See Plasani. 

Elyrus, a city in the mountainous 
part of Candia. 

Elysian Fl£Li>s,'^ delightful 

ElysiiCampi, > plains of Anda- 

Elysium, ) lufia, in Spain. 

Emathia. See MaCEDOn'Ia. 

Emaus. See NiCOPOLIS. 

Embatum, a place of Afi«, oppofitc 

Em B D E N ( Emdfn, Ami/ia^ EaJ} Frief- 
limd)y a city and county of Wcftphalia, 
in Germany. 

Emboli }(^Anrj>i)ipolis), a city of 

Emeoly I Thrace, on the con« 
fines of Mactdonia ; was built or «n- 

E N G 

E P H 

laiged by the Athenians A. C 435, 
and received its name from the river 
Strvmon running on each fide of jr. 

Embolima {Ecboltma), a town of 
India, near the rock Aornus. 

Embro {I--rii-us, Irr.broi, Lembro), one 
of the Cyclade IQe?. 

Em b ru n {Cojirum Ebrcdunenje\ a city 
of Diu^jhin^, in France. 

Emden. See Embdev. 

Emekdag. See OlyjMpus. 

Emerita. See Merida. 

Emesa. See Hamasa. 

Emesa WfiOTz/rt, Emrjfa), a city of 

Emessa 5 Phoenicia, in Afia, where 
are magnificent rtmains of antiquity. 
The birth-place of Heliogabujus. 

Emim. a people from whom the Mo- 
abites are faid to be defctnded. 

g^"^' I See Emesa. 

Emmaus. See Nicopotis. 

Emmaus, a city of Judea, near Jeru- 

Emmaus, a city near Tiberias, where 
are hot-baths. 

Emoda ) (HtoTJodui), a part of 

Emodus 3 Mount Taurus, that 
fepa rates India from Scythia. 

Emona. See Lanbach. 

Emperio (^Niirio), a city on the iHe 

Emporium. Sec Ampurias. 

Emporia. See Bvzacium. 

Emporia Punica, certain places 
• near the Syrtcs. 

Emporia. See Ampurtas. 

Emporium. See Ampurias. 

Emporium, a maritime town of Italy, 
on the Tulcan Sea. 

Emporium, a city of Italy, near Pi- 

Empullias. See Ampurias. 

Empulum, a city of Italy, 

Ems {Amifia, Ami/iu.', Amojia^ Ama- 
Jim, Umenan'), a river of Germany, falls 
into the German Ocean. 

En A, 3 rich temple in Med'a. 

Enchele.«, a city of Illyricum. 

Endera, a place of Ethiopia. 

Endero, ) a ciiy of Albania, on 

E.VDERUM, \ the contines of Scrvia. 

Endid*. SeeBoLZAN'o. 

Enuigetje, a city of Spain, near the 

En DOR, a city of Galilee, near 
Mount Tabor. 

Endrem. See Adki anople. 

En'ETI, a people near Paphlagonia. 

E.vgadi "^ {Huzc-'^o" 'Tamar, Ta- 

KuGAVVi> mar, 'Tbarr.a:-), a city 

Engeudij of PalciVir..' , i!?Rr the 

Ekgern {Angria), a diftrift of 
Weftphalia, between the Ems and the 

Engia ) (Sdronicus Sinus'), an 

En'GINA ) ifland on a gulf of 
the fame name between Attica and Pe- 

England. ) See Britain', 

Englelond. > Great. 

Engosa. See Egosa. 

Engyam. See Locnina. 

Enienses, a people of Greece. 

Enin'cia. See Finland. 

Enipeus. See Barnichius. 

Enipeus, a river of Macedonia, rifes 
near Mount Olympus. 

Enipeus, a river of Theffaly, rifes 
in Mount Othrys, and falls into the 

En ISP E, a citv of Arcadia. See Castro Joanni. 

En NE AC RUN OS. See Callirrhoe. 

Ennerness. See Inverness. 

Eno {JEnos, Mnus, JEnum), a free 
city of Thrace. 

Enomia. SeeTnEssALY. 

Enona. See Nona. 

En OPE, a city of Peloponnefus, near 

Ends, a maritime town of Thrace. 

Enosis, an ifland on the s of Sardinia. 

En Rimmon. See Rimon. 

Ens CAfiafus, Anifus), a river of Ger- 
many, falls into the Danube. 

Entella. SccLavagna. 

Entella, a city on the s w fide of 

EoRDjEA, a diftrift of Macedonia, 
towards Illyria. 

EoRD.^1, )a people of Maccdo- 

EoRXHANS,) nia. 

EoRTJE, a people of Candahar, in 


Epagri. 1 c 1 

■r- > See Andros. 

Epagris. J 

Epantelii, a people of Italy. 

EpAUNUM, a city of Burgundy, in 

Epei {Elei), a people of Peloponnefus. 

Epern.w, a city of Champagne, in 

Epetium, a city of Illyrcum. 

Epua, a diftrift of Arabia Petraea. 

Epher. Sec Hevher. 

Epri»5US. SeeEpEso. 

Ephialtium, a promontory on the 
ill:.nd Sea: punto, 

EpiroRi, a r^me given to the ma- 
gi itrates of Sparta. 

Efhra, a city of Paleftine. 

Ephbaim. See Gibei Ephra. 


E P I 

£ Rt. 

Ephrem, a city of Paleftine, near the 

Ephron, a city of Svria, in Afia, 

Ephvka. See Corinth. 

Efuyr A {(Enee^CEnoa), a city of Elis, 
Jn the Morea. 

EpHYRA, a city of Thefprotia, in 

Ephvra, ) an ifland near Melos, in 

Ephyre. \ the Archipelago, 

EriACUM. See Papcastle. 

EpiAKE. See Galloway. 

EpiCARlA, an inland town of Dal- 


EpjCNEMiDii. ) theBiut- 

tii, on the Ionian Sea. 

EPICRANE.) -r ■ en •;5 a fountain of Baotia. 
Epictetos {^Azariibia), a fountain 
jn Phrvgia. 

EricTETUS, the inland part of Phry. 

gia Minor. 

EPID AMNUM. ) r T-k 

Epidamnus. (SeeDuRAZZO. 

EpiDAPHNE, a city of Scleucis, near 
Antioch, in Svria. 

Epidaurum.) - J . 

Epidaurus. \ ^'' Lymara. 

Epidaurum,) a city of D^Imatia. 

Epidaurus, ) See Ragusa. 

Epidaurus, a city of Pcloponuefus. 
See Malvasia. 

Epidexo {Aj>iJanui, Apidaunus), a 
river of Thcffaly. 

Epidium. See Ca.vtyre, Mull 

Epifanio, See Capo Pipanio. 

EpiGON'l, the dcfcendants of the ve- 
teran Macedonians who fcrved under 
Alexander the Great, and begat ch Idrcn 
by cohabiting with Afiatic women. 

Epigoni, the dcfcendants of thofc 
heroes who fell in the firft Theban 

Epine, a city of Elis, in the Morea. 


Epiphanea, an inland town of Ci- 
licia Camptltris. 

Epiphanea ad Euphratem, a 
city of Seltucis, in Syria. 

Epiphania, a city of Ciiicia, in Afia, 
the birth place of George the noted 
Arian, bilhop of Alexandria. 

EpiPHANiA, a City of Syria. See 
Am AN. 

EpipOLjE, a rugged eminence to the 
V w of Syracufe, which, in proccfs of 
t;me, became one of the five divifions of 
that city. 

Epikotes, ) , ,<._,. 

EPiROTS, ; the people of Camna. 

EpxRus. See Canina. 

Epirus Nigra. ) See Cefai,o- 


Epitalium. SccThryo.v. 

Epium, a city of the Moica, on the 
frontiers of Arcadia. 

Epizephyrii. Sec Gisracc. 

Epoderia. See Ivxca. 

F.poissus. See Ivogts. 

Epomeus, a mountain on the iiland 


Epora. See iVIoNTORl. 

Eporeoia. See Jvrea. 

Epusus. Sec Ivois. 

EauA JUSTA, a city of Theflaly. 


Equi {Hipf'i)^ fmall iflands oppofite 
to Erythrae of Ionia. 

Eaui, a city, promontory, and lake, 
in Numidia. 

Equotuticum, ) a fmall town of 

EquusTuticus 5 Apulia, be- 
tween Bcnevcnto and Brindifi. 

Era, a river of Italy. 

Erac Agami {Parthio), a kingdom 
of Affyria. 

Er;e, a city of Ionia, in Afia Minor. 

Er^a, a city of Greece, dtftroycd in 
the time of Strabo. 

Erana, a large village on Mount 
Arranus, in Ciiicia. 

Erana, a city of Mtffcnia, in the 

F.RAi^iA. See Urania. 

Eranusa, a fmall ifland on the coaft 
of Calabria. 

Erasenus, 7 a river of Achaia, in 

Erasinus, ) the Morea. 

Erasinus, a river in Attica. 

Erault, Le {ArauTis, Araurius), x- 
river of Languedoc, falls into the Medi- 

Erbessa ) {Herlrejfui), an .inland 

Erbessus^ town of Sicily. Sec 

Erbita. See Herbita. 

Erchia, a hamlet of Attica, the 
birth-place of Xenophon and Diogfcnes 

Ereta (£;>Wfl), a fortrcfs of Sicily^ 
on a mountain of the fame name. 

Erdel {Dacia Ripe'ifii), a diftri£t of 
Upper Hungary and Tranfylvania. 

ErDONEA. )c A,>rv^v, . 

r- > See Ardon.\. 

Erdonia. ) 

ErebaNtium, a promontory on ths 

N w of Sardinia. 

^^11'^ JSceARACCA. 
Erech. ) 

Erecthia, a municipal place in 

ErechtHEIS, a faline fpring. v»ithit\ 
the temple of Neptune, at Alhtris, • 
K 3 

E R I 


Erechthides, a pfopl: of Greece. 

Erembi, a people of Arabia, who 
^welt in caves. 

Eremus, a country of Ethiopia. 

Erevea, a village of Megara. 

Eresma (Arfva), a river of Spain, 
falls into the Douro. 

Eressa, a city of .^olia. 

Eressus, )a city on the ifland of 

Eresus, > Lefbos, the birth-place 
cf Theophraftus, who was the pupil and 
fuccelTor of Ariftotle the peripatetic. 

Eretia (Cfiemides), a city of Locris. 

Eretria {Mdaneis, Arotiia, Etre- 
iria), a city of Euboea, on the Euripus. 

Eretria, in ThefTaly. See Va- 


Eretum. See Monte Rotondo. 

Erfort,) the chief city of Thurin- 

Erfurt,5 gia, in Germany. 

Ergavica, a city of the Celtibeii, 
ia Spain. 

Erg EL (Heracl/'a, Minoa, Mcicara), a 
city of Sicily, near Agrigentum. 

Ergetium. See Hergetium. 

Erginus, a river of Thrace, falls 
into the Propontis. 

Ergosthenia, a city of Phocis, in 
Greece Proper. 

Eri^, one of the gates of Athens, 
through which they carried the dead. 

Eribcea, a city of Bithynia. 

Ericjnium, a city of Macedonia. 

Ericodes. ) c \ 

Ericusa. JSeeALicuR. 

Ericusa, an ifland in the Ionian Sea, 
between Gorfu and Cefalonia. 

Eridanus. See Po. 

Eridanus, a river of Attica, falls 
into the lliffus. 

Erigon. ^"i 

Erigonivs. >See Vistrizza. 

Erigonus. } 

Erindes, a river nf Parthia. 

Erineus, a city of Doris, in Greece. 

Erineus, a maritime town of A- 

Erisana, a city cf Lulitania. 

Erissa {ApoHoma), a city of Chalci- 
dice, in Macedonia. 

Erisse (Rbizus, Rbizon), a city of 

Erisso (AcaHlbuj), a mnritime city 
of Macedonia, near Mount .'\tho.-, where 
Xerxes cut a cana! to convey his fiiips 
into the Singitic Bay, to avoid doubling 
the Cape of Athos. 

EritiI, a village in Cambridgcfhire. 

Ermhini Scopuli, rocks in rhe 
Euxine Sea, oppoiite the coaft of Bi- 

Erithrea, a city of Ionia, in A'-a 

Eriza, a city of Phrygia Magna, be. 
twten Tab^ and Cibyra. 

Erla {Arlape), a hamlet of Lower 
Auftria, on the Danube. 
Erma. See Hormah. 
Erminage, ) one of the four prin- 
Ermine, \ cipal ancient roads ia 
England, extending rrom St. David's in 
Wales to Southampton. 

Ern, a river of Connaught, in Ire- 

Er^.v/iGiuM, a city of Provence, in 
France, between Aries and Cavaillon. 
Ernoc. See Ternova. 
ERocHUS.acity of Phocis, in Greece 

Erpach, )a fortrcfs of Suabia, ia 
Erphtjrd,5 Germany. 
Erruc A, a city of the Volfci, in Italy, 
Eruca. See Eryce. 
Ervli, See Hervli. 
Erybium, a city of the Dorians, a; 
the foet of Mount ParnafiTus. 

Ervca ) (£ra<:a), a city on Mount 
Eryce 5 . CataTano, in Sicily. 
Eryce, a river of Sicily. 
Erycina Venus, a temple of Ve- 
nu', near the Porta Collina, at Rome. 

Eryci.v.'e Veneris Templum, a 
temple of Venuf, on Mount Eryx. 
Erydakum. See Turin. 
Erymanthus, a mountain, river, 
and city, of Arcadia, noted for the wild 
boar flain by Hercules. 

Erymx^e. See Chora. 
Erymn*, a city of Magnefia, io 

Erysiche. See Dragamesto. 
Erythea, ) an ifland on the coaft of 
Erythia, \ Spain. 
Erythim, a city of Paph'agonia. 
Erythr-e, a city of j'Etoiia, on the 
Corinthian Bay. 

Erythrs:, a city of Ba?oti^. 
Erythrje, in Ionia. Ste CotiRE. 
ERYTHRiEA, a city on the SE fide 
of Candia. 

EKYTHRiTiuM, a promontory of Can- 

Eryt*hrjei.m Mare, a part of the 
ocean that w^flies the coaft of Arabia and 
perfia. See Sea, Red. 

Erythros, a place at Latium. 
Eryx. SeeTRAP.^Ni. 
Eryx, a mountain of Sicily. 
Eryx, a port of Carthage. 
Erzerum, a city of Afiatic Turkey. 
Es A R O ■) {Mjarus,, j^/afas), % 
EsARVSJ river of Great Greece, 
fal'> into the fea near Crotona. 

^'^?^'^- ]SeeSABASANT. 

Es'~.'. DiA, a city of Spain, 



EscALtA, a city of Inly. 
Escam'js. See Okscuj. 
EscHOL, a brook that mm in a ral- 
ley of the fame name, near Hebron. 
Esco. 5ee ScHONCAW. 
Escos. SccOescus. 
EscREF, a city of Hvrcania, in Perfia. 

Escus. Sec Oescus. 
EsDRELON. Sec Magnus Cam- 
EsEBON. See Hestjon. 
EsERMA. See Isernia. 


EsiNO (A-l/is), a river of Italy, falls 
into the Adriatic Sea between Ancona 
and Scno^allia. 

EsK, a river that in part fcparates 
England from Scotland. 

EsKDALE {Sol-way Ffiib, Uuna Ef- 
tiiani'm), nn arm uf the fea in Scotland. 

EsKIHlssAR ( Laodicea, Dioj'po.'is, 
Rbcas, Diocajhrea, Ramiiba, Illacichie), 
a city of Phrygia, built A. C. 298 ; it 
was demolilhed by Mithridates, and re- 
paired by Hicro at the expence of two 
millions of talents : it was alfo repaired 
by Zeno the rhetorician and his Ion 
Polemon. There was a confiderable 
woollen manufaftory eftabliftied in this 
city, and the inhabitants were confidered 
the inrft wealthy people in Afia Minor. 
The city was deftroyed by an earth- 
quake A D. 66, yet there are four thea- 
tres remaining, all built of white mar- 

EsLlN.G "i^E/linguty Er.elinga), a 

EslingaJ city of Suabia, near 

EsME. See 

Es N E ( £^';a)?), a city of Egypt, where 
arc leveral remains of antiquity. 

ESQUILI.'E > {Cijpiui, Ex- 

qu'tlinus Mons), one of the (even hills 
whereon Rome was built. 

Ess A {Gera/u, Gerafii}, a city of Pa- 
Icftine, to the E of Jordan, 

EssECK (Murfa, Murgilum, Mur. 
fiuni)^ a city of Sclavonia, in Hungary, 
near the confluence of the Drave and tnc 

EssEHONES {Ifdonii), a people of 
Afi-itic Scyrhia. 

Esses I AN s. a (l-ct amon^ the Jews. 

EssERO {Bale), a ci;y of Thefl'-ily, 
near Pherx. 

Essex {Eaj} Seaxa, Eaft Sfx/cire, Ex- 
/rfu), a county of En<^land. 

Kssui, a people of Gaul. 

EsTARABAD {MMgiiina'), a province 
of Perfia, where the v.acs gcow tc an 
uuufu^l magnitude. 

EsTE {Atejie, Aheftc)^ a city of Ve# 
nice, near Padua. 

EsTHEMo, ^a city of Judah, oft 

EsthemoaH,5 the confines of Eleu- 

EsTi.ioTis, a diftrift of ThclTaljr. 

^^;'°/"'iapeopleof Suabia. 
itSTONES, ^ t^ t^ 

Est OR A {Ru/icat/e, KaJkcuLi^ Ru/it' 
cade), a city of Numidia, on the Medi- 

EsTRAMADVRA, » province of 

Esut A, a city of Italy, on the banks 
of the Tiber. 

EsuRis, a city of Lulitania, near the 
mouth of the Anas. 

Etam, a city belonging to the tribe 
of Simeon. 

EtEa, a city of Candia. 

Etelasta. See Yniesta. 

Etenna, a city of Pamphylia, to- 
wards Pifidia. 

Eteocretje, a very ancient people 
of Crete. 

Eteones, a city of Bceotia, on the 

Etham, a place in the wildernefs, on 
the Arabic Gulf. 

Etheleum, a river of Afia, the 
boundaries of Troas and Myfia. 

Ethioma. See AbYssjnia. 

Ethiopians (Ci;//a), a people who 
originally dwelt on the river Indus, and 
afterwarfJs removed to the country be- 
yond Egypt, to which they gave their 
own name, about A. M. 2335. 

Etino {jEtiftiKm, At&efiaum), a city 
of Macedonia, on the confines of Thcf- 

J^Tis, a city of the Morea. 

£t LING EN, a city of Suabia, in Oer< 

Etn'a. See GlBEL. 

Etocetum. ;^e<' U'Al.t. 

EtosCa. See Ileosca. 

Etruria. See Tuscasy. 

£TRUsCA^fs \ {Hcirufci, Tnjci, Thu/eis 

£tRusc1 ) lyTThcniamy, the peo- 
ple of Tufcanv. 

Etruscum FrETUM {TyTThenu7o)t 
the Itrsit between It-'l" and Mcilv, form- 
ed by the junftioa of the Tufc n aivd 
Ionian Seas. 

Etsch (^A:kfJ?5)y 3 river of CffJpjBC 
Gaul, near the Po , /alls into the Adri- 
atic Sea, 

Eu, a fea. port of Normandy, in 

Eva, a city of Arcadia, in the 


nthia. > c o . 



EvAKCHUS, a river on the confines of 
Cappaddcia, falls into the Euxine. 

EuBiiA. See Negrofont. 

liuBtEA. a city of Negropont, was 
befiqged by Memnon A.C. 331. 

EuBCEA a city of Sicily, near Hybla. 

l>UBuP>.ODUNUM See Brin. 

EuCARPiA, a fortrefs of Sicily. 


EuCHELANJE, a city of Macedonia. 

EucHRATiDiA, a city of Ba£lria. 

.I^uCTRESii, a people of the Morea. 

EuDVEMOv. See Arabia Felix. 

li/UDOXi Specula, a place in 

EuDOXlopotis {^S lombriay Sel^m- 
bria), a city of Thrace, on the Sea of 

EvELMOUTH {^Vex.ila)y an arm of 
the-fea, in Somerfetfliire. 

EvENUS. See Fidari. 

KvENus, a river of Myfi3, from which 
Adiumctum is fupplied with water by 
an sque !u<5l. 


EvERGETJE, a people of Candabar, 

EvERGET.« {Arimof^i), a people of 
Scythia. " ' 

Evesham, a town in Worcefter- 

EuFEMlA {Lametia, Lametus, I'erina, 
Ttirrin/i), a town of Calabria Ultra, near 
a ri^ev of the fame name. 

EuFRAT (Eu/'bra(e.'y Omira), a 
liver of Afia, falls into the Perfian 

EuGANET, a people of Italy, near the 
Adriatic, who being expelled their own 
country by the Trojans fettled on a part 
of the Alps. 

EuGUBlO. See UouBio. 

EuHiPPlA. See Thyattra. 

Et-'HYDRUM, a city of ThtfTaly. 

EviA, a city of Macedonia. 
]iv J s szs ■ {Pi ihtcu/a), an ifland in 
the Tufcan Sea, on the coaft of Cam- 

iLvi.JEV5. SecTlRITIRI. 

El'MENIA, a city of Thrace, 
EuMENiA, a City of Caiia. 
EuMENiA, 3 city of Hyrcania. 
J'-UMOLViAS. See FiLipporotr. 
EUNES (Sertcj), a part qf JVl.oont Vt- 
lorus, in Sicily. 

EUNVMOS. ) o Ti 

pyODUNUM. Sec Dl'.vstafage. 

EvORA (E^ora, Liber alii as Ju/ia), i 
citv of Alantejo, in Portogal.' 

EvoRAS.a grove in Laconia. 

EvoRvs. a river of ..-Etolia, 

Eup AGIUM, a city of the Morea. 

Et-'palia ) {E'//'olitwi'}, an inland 

EuPALiv.M 5 town of Locris. 

E'JPatoria {Mngriol>oit:), a city of 
Pontu-i, in Afia, at the confluence of the 
Iris and Lytus. 

EuPATORiA. See Pompeiopo- 


Et' PA TORI A, a city on the w fide of 
Cherfrnefus Taurica. 

EuPKOREiUM, a city of Phrygia 

EupHRANTA, ) a tower in the Re- 
EupHRANT.^s, 5 gio Syrtica, near 
to Charax. 

Euphrates. See Ei^frat. 
EuPHRATESiA, ) a province of 
Eufhratesiana, > Af\^. 
EupiLls, a lake of the Tranfpadana, 
in Italy- 

EuPLiEA, aftnall ifland on thecoaft of 

EuPOLiVM. See Eup Ai.Tt'M. 
EuPORIA, a city of Mygdonia, in 

EuPROSopoN. See Theusopron. 
EuRANJUM, a city of Caria, one of 
the fix allotted by Alexander to Halicar- 

Evre. See AvERA. 
E IJ R E U X ( Ebro'viaim, Medio 'auurn 
Julereoruw, Ebroicn, Civ/t,i< Ebro/corum\ 
a city of Normandy, in France. 

EuRiAXASSA, a city on the ifland of 

EuRfri's Fretps. See Negro- 
pont, St K A ITS OF. 

Et'ROMVS. a city of Ctrin. 
ErROPA,) one of the four grand di- 
EuROPE, ji villons into which the ha. 
bitable world is divided. 

¥.vr:orv7>^) (Arf.iCf, i?^?.^. Ragea, 
KuKOPUs ( Riiiftici, R:iji'),a dty of 
Mtdia, near the Cafpiae Portu;. 
EUROl'US. bc(; Cassan'. 
iii'ROPt's, a city of Mygdonia, on 
the eaft fide of the river Axius. 
EuRopvs. See Kukotas. 
EuKOFL's {Dun.), a city of Mefopo- 

EuROPU.s. a f irtrefs of Macedonia. 
F^UROPU.s } {Biiy/lof">iamos, B'Jilifo- 
El'rotas I tiiraof)^ a river of Euro- 
pean Turkey. 

liv wo X \f. {Uimeray Europm, Titare- 
Jii'.;, Tilarefui), a river of ThelTaly, runs 
near Mount Olympus. 

Ei'ROTAS, a river of ^taly, flows near 

E U X 

E Z I 

EuRYALUS {^Marropolis), a citadel 
rear Syracule, in Sicily. 

ETjRYANASSA,almallifland ncarScio. 

EURVMEDON. See Zacuth. 

EuRYTEJE, a city at Achaia. 

EusE {_Elufa Gallia), a city of Gaf- 
cony, in France. 

ExTSEBlA. See TisarIa. 

EusEBiA AD Taurum, See Ty- 
A N in s . 

EusTERiuM, a city of Lower Mcefia. 

EuT^/EA, a city of Arcadia, on the 
confine*; of Lacotiia. 

EuTA.vE, a city of Doris, in Afia 

EuTHENE, a city of Caria. 

EuTRESii, a people of Arcadia. 

EvTRESIs, a village of the Thef- 
pians, near Copa?, in Bceotia, where a 
temple was dedicated to Apollo. 

EuTYCHiA, a Imall iflbind on the 
coart of ThefTaly. 

EuT/.APOLls, a city of Bulgaria. 

EuxiNE. I See Sea, 


Ex {Ifca, Ifjca), a river of Devon- 
Ihirc, in Ent^ldnd, that falls into the 
Britilh Chunntl. 

Ex {Si-x, SfXi, Sfxti, Firmam Jnlmm, 
S.-xitanum), a city of B«tica, in Spain, 
towards the iea-coaft. 

Exarch : the governor of Lombaidv 
was at one time (o called. 

Exarch ATI?, a particular name 
given to the govcrntritnt of Loinbardy. 


ExcESTER \ ( Ijiii D.inTTionioriim, Jlu- 

ExETER i '^'i/'rt, Ilia, Carr Jjk, 
M'.iniiot, I'm Ciicr), z city ia the county 
of Devon. 

ExijA. See EcYA- 

EXILISSA, a city of Mauritania Tin- 

Exo.MATR.«, a people of Afiatic 

ExQUfLl.^. I Sec Esavi- 

Enqtjilinus Mo.vs. i li^e. ' 


K2:oK'c£ii£a. See Asjg:7GS- 



r A L 


•*• Fabaris. Sec Farfa. 

Fabia, a tribe at Rome. 

Fabji, a pc'uple of Italy, who waged 
war with the Veieutes ; and in an en- 
gage»>icnt near the Cremera, A. C. 477, 
the whok of thtm were flain, to the 
number of 306. One youth being de- 
tained at Rorre, on account of his tender 
age, was the progenitor of the noble 
Fabii of the following ages. 

Fabrateria. See Falvater- 


Pabricius Pons, a bridge built by 
Fabricius, over the Tiber, at Rome. 

Facelinje } ( Fa/cell ti^, Pbaielina, 

Facelinus) Diana Fanum)y a 
fmall place in the north of Sicily, at the 
mouth of the Melas. 

Facies Dei. See Thbusopron. 

Faenza {F^tvenza, Faven/ia), a city 
cf Romania, in Italy, founded about 
A.M. 2786: it was demolifhed by Tor- 
tilas, and, being rebuilt, was deftroyed 
by fire, by order of Frederic Barbarolla ; 
after which it belonged to rhc houfe of 
Manfredi, who furrounded it with a 
wall. The city is divided into two parts 
by the river A.T.ona. 


Faggiano {Fo(^fia/io, UJfuJum'), a 
city of Calabria Citra. 

Fagitana {Brtxianum, Bri.vinum), a 
place in the Trentin. 

Fair'd (^Rbobo^dium), a 
promontory of Ireland. 

Falaise, a town cf Normaody, in 
7rnncc, the biith-place of William tne 

FALARJA.^a city of Piccnum, in 

Falerja,5 Italv. 

FAI-ERlf. I See CiTTA DI CaS- 

FALEHiMiE, a tribe at Rome. 

Falernus )( yjcn: Maxell! ), 

Fai-EP VI'? Ager » a fiititcmounr 

tain and pbin of Campania, celebrated 

bv the poets fcr ihc gentryus wine it 




Faltsuues^) on the banks of>the 


F.vLKiRK ^Fa-u.-iirJt'}, a town in 

Falkland, a town of Fifefhirc, in 

Falmoi'TH {Voliba. Ccnionis QJlia), 
a maritime town of Cornwall, 

Falstria, a principality of Dw- 

Falvaterra {Fabrateria), a city 
of the Volfi-i, in Italy. 

Fa LUG A {Diabett)y a fmall iflacd on 
the w of Sardinia. 

Famagosta ) {Ar/iHM, Ammocbof- 

Famagusta > iium)y a city of 
Afiitic Turkey, on the ifland of Cyprus, 
was taken by the Turks in 1570, after 
it had fuftaincd a fiege of fix months; 
when they flayed the Venetian governor 
alive, and nialTacred the inhabitants in 
cold blood, although they furreadered 
on honourable terms. 

Fama Julia. See Seria. 

F A w A s T R o ( Amajhii, Sefamus, CroW' 
tin, Cromnos, Comfjuu'}, a city of Paphla- 
gonia, on the Euxinc Sc;". 

Fanagoria {TbemifcyTa), a city of 
Pontus, in Alia, Jituate in a very fertile 
plain, whitfh bears ttic fame name, through 
which the Thcrmod<,n flows. 

F a N c H o M I N 1 ( AJine), a city on the 
iilsnd of Cyprus. 

FANEbTRIA.>c f ..,^ 

1, V See Fa NO. 

Fanestris. 5 

Fakfaka {Baraga, Banfljpi}, an in- 
land town of Mauritania Tingiiana. 

F" A X \{ hanfjhia, Fa. 

Fanum Fortukje J fujhjs, Ju/ia 
Fanejhis Coionia), a maritime town of 
Urbino, in Italy, near the mouth of the 

FavumJcvis. See Jovis. 

Fanvm Vacvnje. See VaCuna. 



Fanum Uru Jovis. See Jov3« 

F E L 


Far A (^Pbara), a city of Laconia, in 
the Morea. 

Fa RAG LION I {Cyclo/>um Scof>uli, Sco- 
puli Tret Cyclof>um), three fmall conical 
rocks on the coaft of Sicily. 

Fa S AMI C A {Rhmofoluray Janyrus, 
J'tny/Ki), a city of Paleftine. 

Farfa } {hitbaus^y a river of 

Farfarus 5 Italy. 

FARMACUSA(i'A(W«3<7c«/I*),an ifland 
in the Archipelago, where juliuj Caefar 
wa« taken prifoner by pirates. 

FarnasE ) i^Pharnacia, Cera/us), a 

Farnasia) city of Pontus, on the 
Euxine Sea. 

Faro (^Pelorum., Nepiunius), a pr6- 
montory of Sicily, near the coa(t of 

Faro of Messina, the ftrait be- 
tween Italy and Sicily, where the tide 
ebbs and flows every fix hours. 

Farsalo (^Pbar/alui), plains in 

Farsistak, a province of Perfia. 

Fascelin^. See Facelinje. 

Faso (^Pbajis^y a river of Armenia, 
falls into the Pontus. 

Favektia, a city of Spain. 

Faventia. ) £, T- 

Favenza. jSeeFAE.vzA. 

Faveria, a city of Iflria. 

Favognana {jEgufu), an ifland of 
Italy, on the weftern lide of Sicily. 

Favonii Portus. See Porto 

Faustini Villa. See Bury St. 

Faustinopolis, a city of Cappa- 

Fajvkirk. See Falkirk. 

Fayrwar. See Weissemburg. 

Fazina, a city of Media, between 
the Carnbyles and the Cyrus. 

Febia.n'a Castra. See Beben'- 


Febra. See Sardo, Mouxt. 

Fechamp, a city of Normandy, in 

Felice (Cineium, Circeum, Circe: j), a 
city on the coaft of Latium, in Italy. 

Fello {Fbe/ii, Pbila). a ftrong fur- 
trefs on the borders of BcEotia, where 
were ftveral temples, partirularlv one to 
Diana Lucifera, which was ertdUd to 
commemorate th.e relief of Atncns from 
the tyranny of the thirty tyranu by 

Fell OS (Pbelhts), acityof Elis, near 

FELsi>f a. See Bologna. 

Feltre, "i a city in the territory 

Feltri, > of Venice, or the ri- 

Feltria, } ava. 

Feminarum Portus, a port on the 
Mare Erythrajum. 

Feneo iPbeneus), a city of Arcadia, 
near Nonacris. 

Fenestella, one of the gates of 

Fenicusa {Phenicufa, Phcxnicufdy 
Pbccnuodei), one of the iiiolian ilUnds 
to the N of Sicily. 

Fen ni ) 


Feno {Rbjum), a promontory in the 
w of Corfica. 

Fenon, See PauNOr;- 

Fekachio ( Cumeiros, Camirunit 
Carnirus), a city of Doris, in Afia Mi- 

Ferentanu.m (Feren/iim), a city of 

Ferentia 1 {Fiorento), a city 

Ferentino I of Italy, in the 

Ferentinum j Campaj^na of 

Ferentum J Rome. 

Ferenti.num, a city of Etruria. 

Ferentum. S_e Forenza. 

Ferentum. See Ferentanum, 

Ferh Abac, a city of Hyrcama, in 
Perlia, on the Cafpian Sea. 

Fermo {Firnium), a city of Piccnum, 
in Italy. 

Feroni.t. Fanum, a city of Etrutia, 
on the river '/Midia. 

Feronl-e Fanum, acityof Capena, 
in Tufcany. 

Feroni.e Fanum, acityof Latium, 
near Tarracina. 

Feroni.e Fanum. a cirv at the foot 
of Mount S.)ra6te, near rjie Tiber. 

Ferrara {Foriin: Al.'ieni), acityof 
Italy, in which an univcrlny v.'as found- 
ed by du'rvC Albert A. D. 1316. 

Fkrrari. ) See Capo Ferra- 

Ferkaria. 5 10. 

Ferrari a, a promontory of Spain, 
towards Majorca. 

Ferrato (Frr.';.777, Cunion, CbarioK), 
a promontory of Sardinia. 

Ferratus, a mounrain of Maurita- 
nia C?elaricnlis. 

I-E.'IKO {H/no), ope of the Canary 
Iflsnds, which is faid to bo fupplied 
with water by a fountain tree, frcAw 
whnfc leaves the water iffiies in funl 
abundance, that it anfwers all tre pui- 
porcR of the inhabitants, 

Fekkol, a maritime town of 'Jalicis, 

in Spain. 

Fescevnia. ) c o 

* } See Gallese. 

Festo {Ph.'Jlui, Phccjhs, Phajtuiv), 3 
city on the s fide of Candia. 
Fesul.t. >SeePHE3t.'L.v 


F I L 


Feurs {Forum Sfgu/ta»orum)t a city 
of Lyonois, in P'rancc. 

Fez (^Folubthi'), a country and city 
of Africa, the rretropolis of M')rocco. 

FlANON A ) (^Flanona), a city of Dal- 

FianoNE) matia. 

FiBUENUS, a river of Italy, falls into 
the Liris. 

FlCAN'A, a city of the Latins, in 

Ficabi, > a city on the sw part of 

FiCARiA,) Corfica. 

FiCARiA. See Serpf.ntera. 

FlCARIus, a river of Coifica. 

Ficulea, ) a city of the Sabines, 

FrcutNEA, S i" Italy. 

FicULNENsis Porta. See Porta 


FiCUtNiA, a city of the Latins, in 

FlDARl (^E-vevus, Lycormas), a river 
of .^tolia, fdlls into the Achclous. 

FiOENA, a city of Itilv, where the 
amphitheatre fell, A. D. 27. when there 
were 50,000 people in ir ; moft of whom 
were either killed or wounded. 


FiDENATES, the per'ple oFFidena. 



FiDicuL^E, a place of Italv. 

FiEsoLi (F^A/.<r), a city of Tufcany, 
at.thft foot of the Apennines. 

Fig ALE {Cafarca), a promontory in 

FlGALO (A^irm), a promontory in 
Acarnania, where was a temple dedi- 
cated to Apollo: it was alfo noted for 
the defeat ot Anthony and Cleopatra, by 
Auguflus, A.C. 31. 

FlGALO, a city of Carnia. 

FiGEAC, a town of Qucrci, in 

FiGENA {Pbjgcla, Pvgeii)), a fmall 
town of Ionia, near Neapolis, with a 
temple of Diana jMu: ychia. 

FiGUERE, a Moorifh city of Catalo- 
nia, in Spain. 

FiL.E (Phi/a), a city of Egypt, on 
an ifland bLaring the fame name, formed 
by the Nile. 

FiLADELTHiA {P'hiladilpbia, Rab- 
ia, Rabboih An.mcn), a city of Arabia 

FiLADELFHa (.ilun/ium, Aloniiuni, 
Jlaluntium^y a city of the Val di Deraona, 
in Sicily. 

FiLEK V {Filr.ek, Pbilicin), a town 

FiLEKiA S on the confines of Mo- 
ravia and SiJefia. 

FiLiPPO {Ph ///>/>:, Ph:/if>i>os, Cre ni- 
cest Datum), a city ou the coB,fin?s 

of Thrace, between Neapolis and the 
river Neftus, remarkable for the defeat 
of Brutbs and Caffius by Auguftus. and 

FiLirpopoLi {PhilippMis, Philip- 
polis, Eu//.olpias, PunnopoUs), a city of 
Thrace, on the Hebrus. 

Final {Pollupex), a city of jUaly. in 
the territory of Geno3k ,^' 

FiNiANA {Accetum)y a.«ity of Baetica, 
in Spain. 

FiMSTERRE,. Gape [Artabrum Cfl- 
licum, Promoniorium ^ruum, Ce/ticum), 
the moft Wefiern promontory of Europe. 
Finland )( Enlngia, F< nnrngiay, 
FiNNiNGiA) a province of Swe- 

FiOND.\ {Pba/ei'is), a city of Natoha» 
in Afia. 

FiONissi (LvJTu'), a city of Illyricum, 
on the confines of Macedonia. 

FioRE {ArminJa, ArmenitOy Arnina), 
a river of Italy. 

FiOREXZA (^Sena Julia) y a city of 

FioREKZA, St., a maritime town 
on the ifland of Corfica. 
FiRMUM. See Fermo. 
FiscELLUS, a part of the Apennines, 
in Umbiin. 

FiTELLio {Sperchia), a maritime 
town of Phthiotib, in Theffaly. 

FiUM, a city in Egypt, where are the 
remains of magnificent buildings. 

FiUME {V,tt St., Ftto St.), a mari- 
time town of Carniola, on the Gulf of 

Fi'JME d'Aderno {Achaniim), a 
river of Sicily. 

FiUME Di Canni (FfrgiHus), a 
rivulet in Apulia, over whicn Hannibal 
pafTtd by means of the dead bodies 
thrown into it after the battle of 

F:uME diDemetriada {_AKa!/rus)y 
a river of 1 heflaiy, falis into the Archi- 

FiuME Di Gergentt (Acragai, 
Acyagus, Acraganibum, Agrtgenti Porius, 
Agyigerili Emporium, Drago), a river of 

Fii;>xp: di Roseto (Aailancirus), a 
river of Sicily, falls into the Bay of Ta- 

FiLMiciNO (^JEcis), a river of Italy. 
Fi.AMiNiA Via. Sec Via. 
Flamima Porta. See Porto^ 


Fla:iixii Forum. See Forum. 

Flanaticvs Sinus, a bay of Li- 
burnia, in the Adriatic. 

Flavders, a dilliift of the Ne- 
thciiar'-ds, vsas divided into chvce parts - 



Auftrian Flanders,, fo called from the 
long time it had been fubjedt to tlie 
emperor : French Flanders obtained the 
appellation becaufc it was under the do- 
minion of France : Dutch Flanders was 
fo termed from the language of the 
country. Auftrian Flanders compriftd 
Aloft, bendermond, Hultl, Axel, and 
RulTelmond : French Flanders contained 
Lifle, Douay, Orchies, and Dort: Dutch 
Flanders included Ghent, Bruges, Ypres, 
Bergen op Zoom, Courtrav, Oudenard, 
NicUport, Fumes, SKwS, Damme, B;er- 
oliet, Dixmuyd, Cafifels, Dunkirk, and 

Flanders, Wesi;,. the^§ountry of 
Arras. ' ' *_ ' 

Flano.v. ) ' 

Flanon'a. >$ee Fi/VMon.v. 

Flanomicus. ) 

Flavia. Sec Al'TUM. 

Flavia C/ESAREa (iVVa/o/;j, Def- 
petopolts, Sichem), a city of Zeugit;ina, 
in Africa. 

Flavia C.^ESARE A. See Naples. 

Fl.wia Firma Sura. Sec Surk. 

Flavia Gallica, a city of Spainj 
on the river Cinea. 

Flavia Iria, a city of Spain, near 
Cape Fimftcrre. 

Flavia Lambris, a city of Spain, 
to the E of Flavia Iria. 

Flavia Pacifica. See De- 


Flavin Aqu.e. SccChiaves. 

Flavije AkjE, a town in the duchy 
of Wurtemburg. 

Flavianum {Flaviiiium), a city of 
Etruria, on the Tiber. 

Flavias {Fla-jiopolis)., a city of Cili- 
cia Afpera, at the foot of" Mount Taurus. 

Flaviesses. SeeAufuv. 

Flavina, a city of Etruria. 

Flavin I A, a city of Latium, which 
affifted Tui nu> againft ^iFLfieas. 

Flavinium. bee Flavianum. 

Flaviobriga. )c t>,.„ 

r r^ , „ \ See BiLBOA. 

Fl.wio Gallica. ) 

Flaviopolis. See Gratia. 

Flaviopolis. See Flavias. 

Flaviopolis {, a city of 
Tiirace, on the E bank of the Panyfus. 

FLAVit-M Brigantiu.m. Sec 


Flavium Brigan'tum. See 


Flavium Solve.vse. Sec Sol- 

Flavonavia, a city of Spain, on 

the Bay of Bifcay. 

Fledsburg, "^ a town of Slef- 
Flemdsbcrg, > wick, in Den- 
Flensburg, j mark, founded 

about A. D. 1200: it was enlarged, 
and obtained ieveral privileges from 
Waldemar, the duke, in 1248. The 
harbour is fo convenient, that fhipi 
come clofe to the town, whcic they arc 
loaded and difcharged by the fides of the 

Fletio, a city of Bclgica, near 

Flevo, a part of the Rhine, near its 
mouth J where it forms a 1 tke and an 
ifland, and afterwards contracts itfclf 
into one ftream. 

Flevum, ) the north branch of the 

Flevus, \ Rhine, which divides 
itfelf into lakes. 

Fleum, \ a citadel of the Frifii, on 

Flevus, ^ the Flevus. 

Flevus Lacus. Sec Zuvder- 

Flexum. Sec Altenburg. 

Flint, the county town of Flint- 
fliirc, in North Wales. 

Florence, |a city of Tufcanv, 

Florentia,5 founded about a. C. 
84, by Sylla: it is divided into two 
parts by the river Arno, over which 
there are four ftately bridges. On the 
w and X are fruitful and pleafant hills ; 
on the E, and part of the w, are de- 
lightful valleys -, and on the other parts 
it is Iheltered by the Apennines. It 
was taken from the Lombards by Char- 
lemagne, who ere<5ted a wall, and made 
it a free city ; in which ftate it continued 
till the time, of Charles the Firth, who, 
to gratify pope Clement the Seventh, 
gave, it to his coufin, Aiex-nidcr Medici, 
whom he created duke of the city in 
1530. In 1 569 Pius the Fifth altered 
the ftyle of Florence to grand-duke of 
Tufcany. The univerfity was founded 
A.D. 1438. 

Florenti.\. See Borgo di Sr. 

Flo RE N'T IN", "J a village of 

FlorEiV riNUM, > France, on the. 

Florentum, 3 '■'^''^'' ^^^• 

Florida {Terra F.'ori^iu), a country 
of North America, difcovcred by Sebaf- 
tian Cabot, A.D. 1467. 

Fl'jmen'tana Porta. See Por- 

Flument.vnus. See Ponte 


Flusor, a river of Picenum, in 

Fluvia (CloJiantis"), a river of Spain, 
falls into tlie Mediterranean. 

Fluvius Fa:DERATORU.M. See 

G U a D A L QU I V E R . 

FoccHiA Vecchia {Phoria, Pka- 
ca:a), a city of Ijnia, in Afia Minor. 



FdtDERATCM OpPlDCM, any city 
that bad its own laws, magiftrates, and 
civii conftitution, independent of any 
other ; as Capua was, before it revolted 
to Hiinnibal. 

FoGLiA {Ifaurus, Pijaurus), a river 
of Italy,, falls into the Gulf of Ve. 

FOGNANO. See Facgiako. 

For A NuovA {Cuma^ Cynia, Pbri- 
conii, Phricontti), a city of iEolis, in Afia 

FoLiGNl ) (Fu/gimum), a city of 

Folic NO \ Umbria, in Italy. 

FoLKSTONE {Lopii Populi), a town 
in Kent. 

Fond I {Fundanus'), a lake of Italy. 

FoNDi {Fundi), a city of Italy, on the 
l^ke Fundanus. 

FoNs Jovis. See Jovrs. 

FoNS boLTS, a fountain in Cyrene, 
whole waters are faid to be cool at neon, 
and warm at the rifing and fetting of the 

Fo N T A I N F. B L E A u ( Fountfjfiebeau) , 
k town in the Ifle of France. 


FoNTE Dl C Ail Ahi {Temenius Fof!s), 
a fountain near Syracufe. 

FoNTENOY, a village of Burgundy, 
in France, where a battle was fought 
between the Germans and the French, 
A. D. 841, in which the Germans were 
defeated : the lofs on both fides was com- 
puted at 100,000 men. 

FoNTKS Aponi. See Bagni 

FoNTEURAULT, > a town of An- 

FoNTEVRAUT, ) J'^"» '" France, 
where an abbey was founded, to confift 
of both fexcs, A. D. 1100, of which 
queen Bertrade, fo renowned in hiftory, 
was one of the firft nuns. , 

FoRCALQViER {Forum Neronis), a 
town of Provence, in France. 

FoREDOWN, a town of Kincardinc- 
fhire, in Scotland. 

FoREi.AND, North (^Ccnitiuni), a 
promontory in Kent. 

Foreland, South, a headland in 
Kent : between the North and South 
Foreland are the Downs, a place of 
great I'ecurity for ihips. 

FoRENTV'M ^ (F<'r/'n/:/w), a city in 

FoRENZo 5 *^^^ Bafilicata of 

FoRFLABiE {Forum Flar/iinii, Poite 
CcTilf/imu), a c'ty of Umbria, in Italy. 

FoRLi {Forum Lrjii), a city of Ro- 
m?nia, in Italy. 

FoRLlMPOLl > {Forum Popiiii). a 

FoRLi.MPOPOLl ) city ©f Ro^iania, 
in Italy. 

Formentara)( Ophiufa, Coluira- 

F0RMENTERA3 na), an iflind' in 
the Saronic Gulf. 

FoRMi.ffi. See MoLA. 

FoRMiANUM, a villa of Ciccre, near 

FoRMio. See Risano. 

For NOV A {Forum Novum), a city ©f 
Parma, in Italy. 

Ford Appii, a people of Italy. 

FoRODRUENTlNVM {Forum Druett' 
iinorum. Forum Truentinorum), a munici- 
pium of the Cifpadana, between Czfcna 
and Forlimpoli. 


FoRRES, a town of Murrayfhire, in 
Scotland, near which is a remarkable 
column, called Sweno's Stone, faid to 
have been ercfted to commemorate a 
vi6lory over the Danes. 

Forth, a river of Scotland. 

FoRTOKE {Fren/o), a river of Italy, 
falls into the Adriatic. 

FoRTUNATJE Issvhjz. See Ca- 

FoRULi, a city of the Sabinej, in 

Forum, a fpace appropriated for at 
market, nr a court of juftice. 

Forum Adrian;. See Voor- 


Forum Allxeni.- See Ferra- 


FoRUM Appir. See Donato. 

Forum Aukelii, a city of Tufcany, 
near Corneto. 

Forum Bibalorum, a city of 

Forum Cassii, a city of Tufcany, 
at the foot of Mount Ciminus. 

Forum Claudii. See Mous- 


Forum Claudii. SccOriolo. 
Forum Cornelii. See Imo- 


Forum Decii, a city of the Sabincs, 
in Iialy. 

Forum Domitii. See Frontig- 


Forum Druentinorum. See Fo- 
Forum Flaminii. See For- 


Forum Fulvii, a city of Liguria. 
See Valence. 

Forum Gallorum, a fmall town 
of Cifpadana, on the Via .Emilia, near 
Mutina -y where Anthony defeated 
Panfa, and was in his turn overcome by 

Forum Gallorum, a ci^y of the 
Vafcones, in Spain. 

? o s 

V R A 

See PuEN- 

FoRUM Hadriani, Sec Voor- 


Forum Jomi. Sec Friuli. 
Forum JuLii. Sec AquiLF.iA. 
Forum JuLii. S-c Frkius. 
Forum Jum, a city of Umbria, in 
Forum In-tuvtorvm.> See Cre- 


Forum Licinii. Sec Pieve d'In- 


Forum Limicorum 
TE DE Lima. 
Forum Livii. See Form. 
Forum Neronis. See Forcal- 


Forum Nerovis. SccLutevji. 
Forum Novum. See Fornovo. 
Forum Novum, a city of Picenum, 
in Italy. 

Forum Popimi. See Forlim- 


Forum Popilii, a city of Campa- 
nia, between Capua ^nd Trebula. 

Forum Romano rum {Laiium 
Forum), the moft ancient forum at 
Rome, fifuate at the foot of Mons Ca- 

Forum Secusi.worum. See 

Forum Sempronii. See Fossom- 


Forl'M TiBERii. See Kevser- 


Forum Trajaxi, a city of Sardi- 

Forum Trukk tinorum. See 

Forum Voconii, a city of Gallia 
Narboninfis, near the river Argt ntius. 

Forum Vulcani. See Solfa- 


Fosi. See Saxons. 
Fossa, the ftrait tliat feparatcs Cor- 
fica from S.'.rdinia. 

Fossa JEmih.k. See .Emii.ia. 
Fossa Carbonarja. See Car- 

B O N A R I A . 

Fossa Corbulonis 
p u L o N I s . 

Fossa Drusian'a. 
a s- A . 

Fossa Marian-a. See Gai.e- 

Fossa Recia. See Naarmal- 


Fossa Scauri. Sec Porto Is- 
c A u R o s . 

Fdss.t: PHfLisTiN.T,, on€ of the 
mourhs of the Po. 

Fo s s o ,M p, R o ^.• r. ( Fcr/n Sembrsnii') , a 
city of Urbino, in Italv. 

See CoR. 
See Drusi- 

Fossw AY, a road that extended from 
Totncfs, in Devon, to Caithnefs, in Scot- 

Foue, a city of Lower Egypt. 

Fouoeres {Fulgeria, Fihcsria), a 
city of Bretagne, in France. 

F o \' o G N A v A ( Cafirariay j^^ufa), one 
of the Lipari Iflci. 

Frag A, a city of Arragon, in Spain, 
where Alphonfo VIL king of Arragon, 
and firft of that name in CaUile, loft his 
life during the fiegc, in 1154. 

Fr AM LING ham, a town of Suffolk. 

Franc AlL(EU (////a/zW, Allogiutny 
Libfinm AtwJium)-, a dlftrift of Auvcrgnc, 
in France. 

France {^Skambrin, Franci, N^-w- 
tnaga, Gallia, Ga/nlia, Ctllogalatia)^ 
a country of Europe, upon the borders 
of Germany : on the firft foundation of 
this kingdom it was bounded on the 
e liy Vefara ; on the s by Saxony ; oa 
the w by Mentz and the Rhine ; and 
on the K by the German Ocean ; the 
inhabitants were originally Scythians, 
who ulantttl thcmfelvts at the mouth of 
the Danube, from whence they xvere 
expelled by th'" G'>th$ : a great colony 
of them came A.M. 3519 into Ger- 
many, and featcd themfclves in Weft 
Fnefland, Gueldres, and Holland ; in 
3510 M'jrcomir palfcd the Rhine; and, 
having obtained part of Gallia, appointed 
his brother Swine to govern there, after 
which the colony extended themfelve* 
over all Gaul. 

In 3346 they fubducd Phrifia (now 
FricflHiKl), and left none of the inhabi- 
tants alive but females ; and in 3691 
they conquered the country from the 
entrance of the Rhine to MentZ. 

A. C. 24, the name of Sicambri was, 
at the requeft of the people, changed to 
P'ranci, in compliment to their leader, 
Francus ; and whilft they v/tre en- 
deavouring to expel the Goths, the 
Gauls palfed the Maefe, and committed 
great depredations ; upon which an 
army confining of 300,000 men was le- 
vied, and they encountered the Gauls ; 
of whom 200,000 of all fixes and ages 
are faid to have been flain. 

The Romans being appiifed of this, 
fent an army into Germany, who were 
defeated by the Trench under Clogio, 
who made a perpetual kagiie with the 
German prinres ; and foon after the 
country of Frifin wa^ colonifed by the 
French, and ordered to pay an annual 
tribute of 260 ostn, la^ozz talents cf 
pure butter, and 3000 royal cheefe>. 

A. D loS the French, German-, and 

F R A 


Saxon's, cftabliflicd a colony at Bran. Mentz, Stralburg, Spire, Worms, and 

denburg, to prevent the incurfions of all places on the Rhine. In 4S0 the 

the eaftern and northern people : foon Saxons rook from them Angicrs, and 

after which a league was entered into feveral other cities. In 481 Clovis be- 

Rcrwccn the Romans and the Gauls, came the firft Chriftian king of France 

and the fortrefs of Odemarfheim was 
«re(^ed between the Saxons and the 
French. In 167, an ancient league 
being renewed with the Germans, the 
Romans and Gauls washed war with the 

he in 489 took Soifibns, Rheims, and 
other cities : in 493 he fubducd the 
Thuring-ans, and compelled them to 
pay tribute : in 498 he conquered the 
Afmains, and, with three thoufand of 

f'-ench, which continued, wi'h various his followers, was baptifed by Remigius, 

luccef-. for feveral years. In 214 the bifhop of Rheims. 

caftle of Heidelburg was ereftcd ; and In ko-t (op account of religion) he 

about 2z6 the French became civilifed, attacked Alaricus, near to Poi6liers, 

and becan to ereft better buildings ^^'hcre a great number of Goths were 

than they had been accuftomed to be- Aain : the next vear he took Languedoc 

fore. (the Land of Goths) from them ; but 

In 264 the French, affifted by the they (oon retaliated, and took feveral ci- 

Germaiis, entered Italy, and deftroyed tics from the French; who having loft, 

the country as far as Ravenna. during thefe troubles, 20,000 men, a 

The Almains and Thuringians being peace was concluded, 
eontinually at war, the French were On the death of Clovis, in 510, the 

permitted to fettle in that part of the kingdom was divided into four parts : — 

country n nv known by the name of Childebert had Paris, Maine, Anjou, 

IIollanG, Utrecht, Guelderland, Zealand, Toursine, Guyen, Champagne, and 

part of FrieOand, Weftphalia, and Bra- Auvergnc; Clothaire had Soiirons,Ver- 

bant : there were two thoufand fix hun- mandois, Picardy, Flanders, and Nor- 

dred and eighty- fix men, with their 
wives and children, who went to fettle 
there, under the command of Gentbal- 
dus, who governed as a duke. 

The French took Cambray from the 
Romans in 361 j and, palling into Gaul, 

mandy; Clodo.mire had Orleans, Bur- 
gundy, Lyons, Dauphinc, and Pro- 
vence; Theodoric (his natural fon) 
had Auftrafia (or Metz), Lorraine, all 
the country from Rheims to the Rhine, 
and beyond it — all Germany being at 

I'ubducd great part of it, which they that time fubjeft to the French. Clo 

added to iheir dominions. In 382 they thilda, his daughter, wife to Amalaric, 

dercated the Romans at Cologne, and had, for her dowry, Tholoufe, and the 

returned with great bootv. greateft part of Languedoc, which he 

. -^^ 3 93) their king being flain in battle, recnvered. 

the Romans ilFuLd their commands that In 531 Gafcony was taken from the 

there ihould be no more kings, only Goths; and the next year the Fiench 

dukes, and impofed a tribute upon them, kings divided Burgundy among them, 

Dagobert was the firft duke j and he and that ceal'ed to be a kingdom. In 

net only refufed to pay tiibutc, but in- 541 they entered Spain, and compelled 

vaded Gaul, and was defeated at Treves the people of Saragofla to receive the 

in 39;. faith, having takcci feveral cities there. 

Pharamond was chofen king in 420; In 547 Liyuria and the adjoining pro- 

and at Salheim, near the river Sala, vinces were taken. In 549 the em- 

made what are termed the Salique laws. 
In 431 the inhabitants were compelled 
to nourilh their hair and beards, to di- 
ftinguifli them from ;he Gauls. In 433 
they pulled the Rhine, and took Cam- 
br.iv, Tcurnay, and all the country to 
the river Soanne. In 455 they con- 
quered Treves, Strafburg, and the chief 
part of Gaul, which they called France. 
The two nations nov intermarried with 

pcror freely granted Gallia Narbonenfis 
to the French; who in 554 invaded 
Italy vvith 72,000 men, but were ex- 
pelled bv Narles, who in ';;5 took Ligu- 
ria ind Venice from the French. 

In ^5^ Clothayrc became lole king: 
he made Normandy a feparate govern- 
ment, n(Jt fubjcil to France. On his 
death, in 564, the kingdom was divided 
ai^ain, and civil diffenfions arofc, which 

each other, and began to Ipeak the fame continued till 614, when the kingdom 

language. was united under Clothayre the Second,. 

Jn 458 Paris was taken, and the who was lole monanh. 

kingdom fettled. In 475 thev took In 6iif Brunchild was arraigned, and 

from the empire the citi-ss of Cologne, found jjuilty of dcftroying ten kings; 

F R A 

F R A 

for which fhe was- tied by the hair «f 
her head, ami har arms, t6 a wild horfe, 
and torn in pieces : in 63 i, on the death 
of Clothayrc, the liingdom was divided 
again, and afterwards united under D4- 
gobert, who, by will, divided the ki;ig- 
dorti again; and iniertiJie broils were 
kept up till 679, when Thcodoric be- 
came fole monarch. 

In 701, the people of Norway 
{caJled Normans) n.ade their ftrft en- 
trance into France, and became fo for- 
midable, that the French, in their Li- 
tany, praved for their deliverance from 
the Normans : in 725 a prodigious 
number of Moors entered France, who 
obtained poffeffion of Bourdcaux, Ga- 
ronne, and feveral other places : in 
730, they took Avignon, and other 
cities: the next year Avignon was re-, 
taken, and nearly all the Moors de- 
flroyed ; this warfare continued till 
735, when Charles attacked the Goths, 
Nvho had introduced the Moors, and de- 
ftroyed feveral of their caites : in 73S 
they we^e expelled Fraijce, and the 
Saxons made tributary ; foon after civil 
diffenfions arofe, which continued tiii 
75i> when Pepin bei^an his reign, who 
in 737 fubdued the Saxons, and maie 
them pay tribute. 

In 758 the duke of Aquitaiti en- 
tered France, and waged war, which 
teiminated in 766, with the death (jf 
the duke, and the lofs of all his terri- 
tories : in 785 a complete conqueft 
was made of Saxony, and ten thoufand 
of the principal families were removed 
into Brabant and Flanders : m 791 the 
Hungarians were defeated, and the next 
year a bridge was built over the Rhine at 

In 800 Charles was crowned em. 
pevor of the Weft, who gave Ga'.lia 
Cifalpina the name of Lombardy, and 
in 804 removed 10,000 Saxons into 
France, to keep them in fubjcdion : 
in 837 the Normans entered France, 
and cominitted great depredations : in 
845 they proceeded to Paris, where 
they were routed ; fhe dukedom of 
Aquitain being conferred on Ralph, 
a Burgundian, for his fervices agdinli 
them: in 859, the grcatcft: part, of 
France was fubjeft to the emperor, who, 
the next year, concluded a peace with 

The inhabitants of Bretagne having 
revolted, and defeated the French, Ro- 
bert, prince of Saxony (from whom 
the Capets are dcfcended), was ap- 
pointe4 Juke of the country l?etwc«;i 

the Loire and the Seine, to prevent the 
incurfions of the Breragncs. 

In. S63 Thiery was created the firft 
earl of HoUatnd, Zealand, and Weft 
Friefland : in 867, Anjou, Poi6iiers, 
and Touraine, were depopulated hy 
the Normans, who in 874 took AnJQu, 
and deftroved the adjacent country : in 
8S1 they took Picardy, FLmders, and 
Lorraine, and in 883 they befiegcd 
Paris with 40,000 men ; ?nd the next 
ye-if a peace was concluded for fourteen 
years, the French paying the Normans pounds weight of filver. 

On the death of the French king, 
which happened foon after, the Nor- 
man*^, under pretence th?-t the peace 
expired with the king, entered France, 
and befieged Paris in 887 : application 
being made to the emperor, by his in- 
terference the Normans were pacified 
on being put into poffellion of N- uftria, 
(now Is'ormandy) : in Sqz a civil war 
began, which cuntmued till goi : in 906, 
RoUo, duke of Normandy, took Rouen, 
and feveral o'hcr places : in 909 the 
N.jrmans befieged Paris, and defeated 
the kind's forces: in q-.j a peace was 
concluded, R lUo was baptifed, and mac- 
ried tu the king of France's dauehter. 

The king being taken prifoner ia 
918, his noblity deferted hini, and 
chofe Robert, earl of Paris, to be their 
king; who beii g kUled the next year, 
Charks f u^bt refuge in England. He 
was afterwards re.calcd, ;ind imprifoned 
again before his death, which ha[;penei 
in 922. Frcm that time till 95^ a civil 
war raged throughout the kingdom j 
when peace being eftablifhed, the king 
fell from his horfe and was killed. 

The kingdom in an unfettled 
(late, when Hogh Capet was chofen 
ki'ig in 987; lie in 993 inftituted the 
twelve peers, and enacted that baftards 
ihould he excluded tlie inheritance of the 
crown and furname of France : from 
that time to inS there were almoft 
continual wars in one part or other of the 
kingdiin : at that time, Alice, the king's 
daughter, was married to Richard, 
eld-ll fon of the l^'ing of En^^Jand, and 
peice was el\ab!ifhcd, but it did not 
continue many years : after grtat dif- 
tuibances had taken place, an expedi- 
tion was fet on foot to rcfcue Jerufalem 
from the Saracer^s ; Aeon being taken, 
a difagreemenc arofe among the com- 
mandens, and they returned home with- 
out gaining any honour. 

In 1205, ?hilip recovered Normandy, 
of which the Fiench had been difpofo 

F R A 

F R A 

feffed 316 years, and peace was efta- 

In III I the pope gave England to 
Philip, whofe fon went to take poffef- 
lion, and continued there fome time, but 
was compelled to return home in 12 17 : 
after fome inteftine commotions, peace 
was reftored in 123 1. In 1246 the pope 
endeavoured to prevail on the king to 
invade England, but without fuccefs. 
In 1248 the king and his brethren went 
into Syria, from whence he returned 
in 1255. In 1269 he went into Africa, 
where he befieged Tunis ; but the plague 
•raging in his army, lu was forced to 

Upon the tyranny of the French go- 
vernment in Sicily, the people agreed 
to rife upon their governors when the 
evening bell rang, and murder them 
all ; which they carried into effeft ; and 
this adl was called the Sicilian Vef- 

In 1299 Flanders was annexed to the 
crown, and tne next year peace was made 
with England. 

In 1306 the Jews were expelled the 
kingdom. In 13 12 an infurreftion took 
place, on account of the rr.oney being 
coined below its nominal value. In 
3316 the Salique Law was confirmed; 
snd in 1319 there was a great rebel- 
lion, called the Rebellion of the Shep- 

In 1321 the proved of Paris was 
harged for executing an innocent poor 
man inftead of a guilty rich man. In 
1332 the king intended to join the cru- 
fades, but was prevented by the king of 
England, who declared war againft him 
in 1336, and laid claim to the kingdorn. 
In 1346 the battle of Crefcy took place, 
where the king of Bohemia, 11 princes, 
80 barons, 1200 knight^, and 30.000 
private foldiers, loft their lives. The 
*iext year Calais was taken by the Eng- 
lifli. In 1356 the battle was fought 
at Poifticrs, where the Englifh were 
viftors, taking the French king and his 
fon prifoncrs, whom rhev conveyed into 
England the next year. In 1359 a peace 
was concluded, and the king returned; 
but his fubjeds demurring about the 
ranfom, he returned into England, where 
he died. 

In 1374 the greateft part of Aquitam 
was recovered ; and the next year a truce 
was conchuled with Engl-ind. 

In 1386 an attempt was made to in- 
vade England, when 100 fh'ps were cap- 
tured by the Engliih. In 1389 the civil 
war commenced, which contiKucd fcveral 

years. In 14x4 the battle of Agineourt 
took place, where the French were fub- 
dued bv the Engliih, who, in 141 8, re- 
took Normandy, but were defeated at 
Tournay and other places. 

In 143 I the Englifh king was crown- 
ed at Paris ; which city, in 143 5, revolted 
to the French, after it had been in pof- 
feffion of the Englifli I'evcral years. In 
1440 the duke of Orleans was ranlbmed 
for 300,000 crowns i after which the 
Englifh were expelled France, and a 
truce was concluded. 

The French invaded England in 1457. 
and burnt Sandwich, FovNcy, and l"e- 
veral other places. In 1461 a civil war 
broke out, which continued feveral 
years. In i^oi the French, in conjunc- 
tion with the Spani.3rds, iook Naples, 
and other places ; upon a divifion, the 
French prifTelTed Naples, and the Spa- 
niards had Apulia, or Great Greece. 
In 1503 the French were expelled Na- 
ples, bv order of the king of Spain ; to 
recompenfe which they fubdued the Ge- 
noefe, and recovered feveral places from 
the Venetians, although they were aHift- 
ed by the pope, who was then at Bo- 
logna ; which place the French befieged, 
but, for want of provifions, were obiiged 
to decamp. 

In 1512 the Englifh invaded Nor- 
mandy ; which brought on what was 
termed the Battle of Spurs, and foon 
after a peace with England.' Jn 1515 
the war raged in Italy, and the French 
king was taken prifoncr, at Pavia, in 
1524; but, by the intercelfi'.n of the 
king of England, and paying a larg6 
ranfom, he obtained his liberty. In 
1526 he joined the pope, the Venetians, 
and the duke of Milan, againfl the em- 
peror, who, the next year, was alfilkd 
by the Englifh, witn whom, and Francs, 
a peace was concluded in 1:32; and in 
1538 the pope and the emperor con- 
cluded a truce for ten years. 

In 1544 the Englifh took Boulogne, 
and the French invided England, with- 
out doing any material damage : the next 
year produced S peace. 

In 1551 the king, in concert with 
fome German princes, waged war with 
the emperor, during which many places 
were taken on both fides ; when a civil 
war commenced, on account of religion, 
which continued fcveral years : and in 
1572 the proteftants were mafTacred at 

In 1 610 the king was afTalfinated by 
Ravaillac; in 1623 the free exerc.fe of 
religion was allowed ; and in 1629 pre^ 



parations were made for a war with 

France, New. See Canada. 
Francfort on the Maine) 
Frankfurt sur Manus 5 

(^Hrlenopolis), a town of Franconia, in 
Germany, which is divided into two 
parts by the river Maine — one of which 
bears the name of Francfort, and the 
other Saxenhaufen. In this city the 
eleftors of the empire affemblie and make 
choice of the emperor, who, after he is 
elefted, proceeds to the chapel, and is 
crowned by the eleftor of Mentz. Two 
great fairs are held annually at this 
place — one of them during Lent, the 
other in September. 

Francfort on the Oder) 

Francfurt sur Odkra j 

{Fiadntm), a city of Brandenburg, in 
Germany, founded A. D. 145, and en- 
larged in 1253. The univerfity was 
erefted in 1506. 

Franci. See Franks. 

Franckenburg, ) atown of He/Te, 

Frankenburg, \ in Germany, 
was built A. D. szo, by Thiery, king 
of France, on the fpot where the French 
pitched their tents to oppofe the Saxons ; 
it is feated on the river Edera, towards 
Weftphaiia, and was enlarged by Char- 
lemagne in S04. 

Francker, I atown of Weft Frief- 

FranKER, ) land, in the United 
Provinces, where an univerfity was 
founded A. D. 15S1. 

Franconia {Noricum, Norigoia), a 
diftrift of Germany. 

Franks {Frafici), a people of Ger- 
many and Gaul, the founders of the 
French monarchy. 

Frascati. SeeFRESCATi. 

Frasilone (Fru/iiw, Frufinum')^ a 
city of the Hcrnici, in Latium. 

Fr ASiOLARi (Ofl««/0' a river of Si- 
cily, falls into the African Sea. 

Fratricei.m, the name by which 
the poor people of Lvons are called, 

Frax.netum,)'^^; fLufuania. 
Fraxinus, 5 •' 

Freddo (jijines, Acefines), a river of 


Fregella. ) 
Fregell^. J 


Fregenje. See Macarese. 

Freisengen ( Frizingen/is, Frizin- 
gben), a city of Bavaria, in Germany. 

Frejus {Forum Julii, Clnjjfica^ Ofia- 
'Vanorum Colonia), a town of Provence, 
in France, the birth-place of Agricula. 

Frentani, the people near A- 

Frento. SeeFoRTORE. 
Fr esc ATI {Fiiifcati, Ti^jcuhtntf Tuf" 
clum), a city of Italy, in the Campag;na 
of Rome, the birth-place of the elder 

Fretum. See Ferrato. 
Fretum Britanicum,"^ the Bri- 
Fretum Gallicum, > tUh ' 
Fretum Oceani, j Channel. 

Fretum CoLUMNARUM,"^ the 
Fretum Gaditanum, >■ Strait 
Fretum Herculeum, j of Gib- 

Fretum Etruscum. See Etrus- 


Fretum Siculum, the Gulf of 

Friburg, a town of the Brifgau, in 
Germany, was built A. D. 1 loS, by Ber- 
thold, fon to Conrad the Firft, at the foot 
of a bill, towards Mifnia; where an 
univerfity was founded in 1460, by Al- 
bert, arcliduke of Auftria. 

Fricenti ) {JEculanum, Mdattum), 

Fricento ) a city of the Hirpini, 
in Italy, between Beneventum and Ta- 

Fridia. See Lucca. 

Friesland, East. SeeEMBDEN. 

Friesland, West {FnJIu), one of 
the United Provinces. 

Frigarola {Fariantjs), a village 
between Bologna and Padua. 

Frigidus, a river of Tufcany. 

Frisia. See Friesland, West. 

Frisiabonis. See Waterland. 




Friuli {Forum Julii, Car?iorum), a 
city of Italy. 

Frizingensis. ) See Freisen- 


Frontignan \ {Forum Domi/zi), a 
Fkontigniac5 city of Lan^ue- 
doe, in France. 

Frusino. Sec Frasilone. 

FUCINO. ) e /-> 

TT > See Celano. 

FuciNUs. 5 

F u e s s e N ( Abociiacum, A budiacum ) , 
a city of Suabia, in Germany, on the 
river Lech, near the confines of Ba- 

Fulda. See Vol. 

FuLDE, a town of Germany, on the 
Upper Rhme. 

FuLFUL^E. a city of Italy. 

FuLGERiiE. See Fougeres. 

Fulginates, a people of Umbria 
in Italy. 

FULGINIA. > c tr rv.v, fSceFoLiGNO. 

he people of 



F t'tH/Vwr a village of Midd'.eCex. FuRcrtdE Caudik^. See Ca«- 

FuLiGKO, } a citv of Spolctto, in Din'je. 

FuLLiNUM, i^ Italy. Furiv;e, a lake in Italy, near to 

FuLVii Fqrum. See Forum. which Caius Gracchus was (lain. 

FuNDAN'US.7 c T^.,^. FfRNES, » town of Flanders. 

Fundi ) Furstenburg, a dUuiciof Suabia, 

FuRCOKiA, a city of the Sabines, in in Germany. 

Italy. FuTirr* LACt's. Sec Cel^ng. 




1^ A AS, a mountain in Paleftine, where- 
^^ on Jofhua was buried. 

Gaua, a colony fettled near Mount 

Gabaa. See GxBEA. 

Gab;e, a royal pnlace of the Pcrfian 
kings, near the frontiers cf Caramania. 

Gabala, a ciry of Syria, between 
Laodicca and Paltus. 

Gabala, a ciry of Phoenicia, on the 
•onfines of Paleftine. 

Gabala, a mountain. See Gibel. 

Gabalene. See Gobalitis. 

Gabales, ) ^ , qJ. ^quitain, 

Gabali, 5 

G A b A L I c u s P A G u s . ) See G e- 

Gabalitana Civjtas. 5 vau- 


GabaOxV. See Gibeov. 

G.'VBara, a village m the s of Gali- 
lee, near Tiberias, 

Gabathon. SceGlBETHON. 

Gabaza, a diftrift of Sogdinna. 

Gabbatha {Liibos Throios), a tri- 
bunal, or feat of juftice, in JenUalem. 


Gabellus. SeeSFCCHIA. 

Gabene, ^a diririct of Elymais, on 

Gabiene,) the river Eilseus. 

Gabii. See Campo Gabio. 

GabinaVia. Sec Pr^nestin a. 

Gabreta^ [Gauhreta Svlva), a foreft 

Gabrita 5 in Thuringia, 

GabroiMagvs, a city of Noricum. 

Gabrosentum. See Gates- 

Gad, a diftrift of Paleftine. 

Gadanopydres, a pcopic of Cara- 
mania, in Perfia. 

Gadara {GadJi), a city of the Pe- 
raa, in Paleftine. 

Gadarenes {Gcrgttjc?ie:, G(rafines), 
the people of Gadara. 

GadareWorui.i Acer» thediftr;6t 
furrounding Gadara. 

Gadaris. SccGazara. 

Gades. 1 

Gadir. >See Cadiz. 

Gadis. 3 


Gadilon, a city of Pontm, between 
the rivers Halys and Amifus. 

Gadiyanum Fretum, the flraits 
of Gibraltar. 


GaerDauri. See Dorchester. 

G.'ESATiE ) hirel ne or dependent 

G^SATEs) Gauls, who affifted the 
Senones when they took pofTcffion of 
and plundered Rome under the com- 
mand of Brennus. 

Gaeta, a principality in Calabria. 

GvETTjLi, a people of Libya Interior. 

GiETULiA {Batiiur^e, Dara), a di. 
ftrift of Libya interior, 

G A GAME LA ( Gaugmela, Guagarr.ela) , 
a city of AiTyria. where Alexander de- 
feated Darius, h.Q. 3^0. 

Gagara, a city of Albania, on the 
Cifpian Sea. 

Gagliano {Gularia, Galeria), a city 
of Sicily, ina diftnft of the fame name. 

Gai. See Al. 

Gaia, an ifland near the Syrtis Ma- 

Gaieta (Cail^ Portus, Cuietta)y a 
city in the territory of Naples. 

Gaionatis {Galonatis Fundus), a 
fortified ciry of Africa, on the contines 
of Mauritania Tingic^na, 

Galaad, SeeGiLEAD» 

Galabrii, a nation near Thrace. 
Galactoph AGI, a people cf Afiatic 
Galacum. See Gala tl'm. 
(tal,s;sus. See Galesus. 
Galaica. See Briantica. 
Galaria. See Gagliano. 


Gal AT A, 9jk jlbuvd- on the coaft of 

Sicily. •, . * "■■ v- .' J- 

Gal^a, a city of Syria. 

Galata, a city of Sicily. 

Galata, a mountain of Phoci*, in 
Greece Proper, Sec Celt.*;. 

Gal.^t^-, a people near Chiangarc, 

Galatia. bee ChiangaRE, 



Galatia. See France. 

Galda. See Galloway. . 

Galegra, a tower on the wall of 
Tvcha, one of the divifions of Syra- 

Gai.e.ton {Poffa Mariana), a canal 
made hf M.^.rius, from the eaft branch 'of 
the Rhone to Marfeiiles. 

Galeotis. Sjc Hybla. 

Galepsus (^Galipfui), a city of 

Galesus, a river of Calabria, flows 
into the bay of Tarentum. 

G A L E T T A {yEgimim's, JEgimoru;'), an 
ifland in. the Gulf of Carthnte, between 
Sicily and Sardinia. 


G ALICIA {Galltcia, GaUac'ia, Galle- 
cia, Ca'laica, Callutia, CaHaici, Brac- 
caiii, Cantabria), a province of Spain, 
which appears to have been peopled by 
a tribe who emigrated frum tiie Tyrol 
ami the confines of Italy about A. D. 
39*^, and fettled here, where they efta- 
blilhcd a kingdom, which continued 
abo.,t one hundred and feventy-fix years; 
when Andoca, thtir king, was taken 
prifoner by Leovigildus (the Vifigoth), 
who, having forctd Andeca into a nio- 
naftery, united the kingdom to his own. 
Jt was afterwards given by Alphonfo the 
Third, king of Leon, to Ordogno, his 
feconJ fon. in 8>i6, who eftablifhed him- 
felf there as a king ; by whofe fuccefTors 
it was governed till io6r, when Garzia 
the king was dethroned by Sanftius king 
of Caltile ; and fince then it has been 
accounted a province, 

Galil^um Mare. See Genne- 


Galu. eA;") a province of Paleftine,, 5 nyw of Afiatic Tur- 

Galipsus. Se^ Galepsus. 

Gall, St. (^Gal/en, S/,), a town of 
Switzerland, founded A. D, 631 by a 
iJritilh hermit named GalluJ, who re. 
lotted there to convert or confirm the 
people of the adj.icent country. 

GaLLACJA. ) c r^ 

r^.,,^.,,. ? i>ee Galicia. 


Gallaici, the people of Galicia. 

Gallecia. See Galicia. 

Gallena Attrebatum. bee 
Walling FORD. 

Galles. Sec Galway. 

Gallese {bf/ininia, Ftjcennium)y a 
city of Italy, near the Tiber. \Cel'./v), the people of Gallia 

Galli, caftratcd pricfts among the 

Gallia. See France. 

Gallia AvTiauA, comprehended 
France, Germany, Holland, and part of 

Gallia Belgica, the Nether- 

GALLiABRACCATA.Narbonne and 

Gallia Celtica, Bretagne and 

Gallia Cisalpina, Savoy and 

Gallia Cispadana, Genoa and 

Gallia Comata, France and the 

Gallia Grjeca. See Chian- 


Gallia Lugdune.vsis, Lyons, 
Tours, ckc. 

Gallia Narbonensis, Langue- 
doc, Gafcony, Provence, and Dauphi- 

Gallia Togata. See Lom- 
bard y. 

Gallia Transpadana. See 

Galljca Flavia, a city of Spain, 
at the coBfluence of the Cinga and Si- 

Gallicanus, a mountain in Cam- 

Gallicanus, ) a diftrift of 

Gallicvs Ager, ) Maritime 

Umbria, between the Rubicon and j^fis, 
taken by the Romans from the Galli 

Gallkma. See Galicia. 

Gallicus Sinus {Saljus Sinus"), a 
bav of Gallia Narbonenfis. 

Gallinaria. See Isola d'Al- 

E E N G A . 

Gallinaria Pixus, ) a wood 

Gallx.v AK.I A S V Lv A, 5 neat Cu- 
nije, in Italy. 

Gallxpoli ) {CaliopoUsy Callipolisy 

GallipolisJi Anxj), a city of 
Calabria, in Italy. 

Gallipoli {Calliop'Ais), a city of 
European Turkey, on the Sea of Mar- 

Gallipoli (Caliivpoln), the ftrait 
that joins the Archipelago to the Pro- 

Gallit.'e, an Alpine people fubdued 
by Auguftus. 


Gallo Grjecia.) See Chiak- 


Gallorum Forum. See Fo- 

Gallorum Oppidu.m, a town 
ere6^ed by the Gauls, near Aquileia. 

Galloway ^Galda^ Epiaks^ Bri- 


gnKtiam, Brignntia), a town in Scot- 

Galloway, Mull of {Novantim 
Cberfunefus), an arm of the Irilh Sea, in 

Gallus Terias, a rivulet in Phry- 

Galombecz {Margus, Margum), a 
city ot" Servia. 

Galonatis Fundus. See Gaio- 


Galwav {Galks), a county in Ire- 

Gam A DIM, a people of Phoenicia. 

Gamala, a city of Samaria. 

Gam ALA, a city of Batania, in Pa- 

Gamala, a city of Galilee. 

Gamam'I'ica, the country adjacent 
to the lake of Gennefarcth. 

Gambia, a river of Africa, flows 
into the Atlantic Ocean. 

Gand. See Ghent. 

Gandarit/e, a nation of India. 

G AN GAM A, a place near the Palus 

Gangarid«, a people of Bengal, 
who were fo powerful that Alexander 
thought it molt prudent not to attack. 

Ganges, a river of India, the iargeft 
ill the known world. 

Gangeticus Sinus, the Bay of 

GanGRA,) II rn ui 

,-, J a citade oi raphup:onia. 

Gangre, 5 ^ ^ 

Gannodurvm. ) See Con- 


Gangs {Cam/s), a city of Thrace, on 
the PiopontJF. 

Gant. See Ghent. 

Ganthois, the people of Ghent. 

Ganus. See G.\nos. 

Gap {Fiipificum, C.'vifns y,il^{>in- 
<eiijiian'), a city of Dauphiue, in 

Gafhara, of Syrtica. See Gara- 


Gaphara, a city of Marmorica, 
near the Citabaihmus. 

Gar.^eticum, a city of Africa. 

Ci A R a ( ; L 1 A n o ( Mint f mum, Minter - 
p^, Mtniunia), a pity of Campania, in 

Garama {Fa'ilis Garamantica), a city 
of Libya Interior. 

Garamantes, a people in the in- 
terior of Africa, called the Deferts of 

GaraMas, a mountain in Afia Mi- 
nor, the f.mree of the river Phafis. 

Garapha {Gaphara), a maritime 
Xown near Tripoli, in Atnca, 


Garaphi, mountains in Mauritania 

Gar AS, a mountain in Mauritania 
Caerarienfxs, to the E of the Hefpcri- 

GARATiE, a people of Arcadia. 

GaRATAS,) „f 4,-^orlia 

^ > a river ot Arcaaia. 

Garates, ) 

Gakba. See Gerbi. 

Gard, an aquedu6t built by the Ro- 
mans, to convey water from Languedoc 
to Nifmes. 

Gard A (Benacus), a town feated on 
a lake bearing the fame name, near Ve- 
rona, in Italy. 

Gargano ) a lofty mountain in 

Garganus> the Capitanata of 

G A RGAFHJ A \(Garaphius), a foun- 

Gargaphie^ tain of Boeotia, near 

Gakgara, a city of My fia. 

Gargara, a city of Troas, near 
Mount Ida, fituate in a very fertile 

Gargettus, a hamlet of Attica, 
the birth-place of Epicurus. 

Gakianonum. See Yarmouth. 

Gakienis Ostium, Yarmouth- 

Garienus. See Yare. 

Garigliano (L/m), a river of 
Ititly, falls into the Tufcan Sea. 

Gariscus, a city of Orbelia, in Ma. 

Garites, a people of Aquitain, in 

Garizim {Geiizim, Gufmi), a moun- 
tain in Samaria. 

Garizim, a city of Samaria. 

Garna. See Rhodia. 

Gar N ace, a city of Armenia Mi- 

G-^ronne {Gatumna), a river of 
Fnnce, falls into the Bay of Bifcay. 

Garriannonum. See Castor. 

Gars a BORA, I aimail town of Cap- 

Garsavora, > padocia. 

Gaksauria, ) awellerndiftriftof 

Garsauritis, ^ Cappadocia, on 
the confines of Phrygia. 

Gakumna. See Garonne. 

Gascoigne,> j^^^^fP^ 

Gasconv, > ^ 

Gaser. Sec Gazara. 

Gasorus (G(320rKi), a city of Ma- 

Gatamantes, a people near Bor- 
nou, in Africa. 

Gatapoli {Amlriaca)., a city of 
Thrace, on the Euxine Sea. 

Gateshead {Gabrofentum)y a towa 
near Newcaftle, in Northumberland. 


G iri^ 

Gat» (Gttb, Giita), a city of Pa- 
leftine, the birth-pi^ce cf Goliah. 

Gath Hepher, a city belonging to 
tTie tribe of Zabuion ; the birth and bu- 
rial place of Jonali. 

Gath Kzmmov {Geth Remmony, a 
city bfligned to ciie Levires. 

G.^THEjE, a cirv of Arcadia. 

Gatheatas, a river of Arcadia. 

GAVAl-DAyus Pagvs. See Ge- 


Gaubreta. See Gabreta. 

Gai'dos, a frrall iflarid on ttic s E of 


Gaugamela. See Gagamela. 

Gaul See France. 

GAUiAvrxrs. See Gaulonitis. 

Gaux,eo.v.)£, ^ 
/-.„.,- c See Gozo. 

Gaulon {Golan'), a city of the Le- 

Gaui,on*itis {Gaulaniih')y a region 
of Paleftine, in Afia, divided into Supe- 
rior and [nrerior. 

/^ ,„r .,o I See Gozo. 

Gauls, a peop'e of France. 
Gau.vt. Ste Ghekt. 

GaURANI)^ -n 

r',.,^., J^ See Barbaro. 
Oaurus. 3 

G.'.UHUS, a mountain in Egypt, near 
t'ne Arabian Gulf. 

GAUsrr-. nn illand ne-ar Carthage. 

Gausanitis, a diftnft of Mefopo- 
timia, between tne liters Chaboras and 

Gaz.4. (Fbr-aalaf Praafpa., Minoa), 
a city of idurriea, in Palcftine, where 
Cambyfcs depcfited his riches when he 
went -nto Egypt. 

Gaza, a royal city of Media, be- 
tween Artaxata and Ecbatana. 

Gaza, a city of Sogdana. 

Gaza, New. See Majuma. 

Gazaca, the metropolis of Media. 

Gazacotis, ) c >T J- 

/-> „ > a city of Medss. 

Gazacum, 5 

Gazara. 'I 

Gazes.. ^SccGezer. 
Gazera. ) 

Gazorus. See Gasorl's. 
Gebal. See Ebal. 
Gebalene. See Gobalitis, 
GEnEN'NA, a town among the moun- 
tains of Cevennes. 

Gebenvic^ Montes. See Ce- 


Geoor. See Gedur. 

Gedrosia {Gadro/i, Cedfojia), a 
province of Perfia. 

Gedrus7 (Gffi'ir, Cedron), a city cf 

Gedur 5 the I^£'ta» between Diof« 
p&li: &ni Eleutheropolis, 

Geekkcs. See Ben HinnOM. 
Gegubia. See Segovia. 
Gela {Lindii), a city of Sicily, built 
bv cnionies from the ifles of Rhodes and 

Crete, atjout A. M. 3235. 
Gelas, > c c- M 

GELASA,r '"'"'" °^S'"^^ 

Gelbis. See Kyle. 

Gelboe ) {Giibca), mountains in 

Gelbue^ Samaria. 

Gelbits, a town on the mountains of 

Gel DA, a maritime town of Afia 
Minor, on the Cafpian Sea. 

Geldub, ) a town of Germany, on 

Gelduba. 3 the Rhine, near Co- 

Geleatis. SeeAuGUETA. 

Geleris. See Gueldres. 

Gelian!^, a people of Media. 

Geloi, the inhabitants of Gela. 

Geloi Campi, fruitful plains cf 
great extent on the banks of the river 

Geloves, 7 1 r c .u- 

geloni, rp^"°p'"°^^^y*^''- 

Gelos, a maritime town of Caria. 

GemslaCUM 7 {Gemini acurrj),ztowU 

Gemblours \ in the s cf Bra- 
bant, on the river Orne. 

Gemella \ {Angujia Qemella, 

G E M e L L E .V s E s 3 Tucci, Tuci), a 
city of Baetxa, in Spain. 

Gemini, an ifland near Venice. 

Geminiacum. See Gemblours. 

Gemoxi-£ Scal.«, the depofitcry 
for the dead bodies of criminals at Rome^ 
after they had been dragged through the 

Gemund (Laciacum), a city of Upper 
Autlria, on the like Traunzce. 

-- > See Orleans. 

Genabus J 

Genadium. See Chonad. 

Gen'auni, a people inhabiting the 
Rhastian Alps. 

Gendinar {Cifijrea), a city of Cy- 

Gene N A, a city of the Allobroges, in 

Gen'esar. ) See Genxesa- 


Genet,*:, a people of Pontu$, ia 

GenetjEum Promoktdrium, a 
promontory of Pontus, on the Euxine 

Geneva, a city on the confines of 
France and Switzerland. 

Geneva, Lake of (Lemanus La- 
cus, Lojanne Lacus, Laufonius Locus'), a 
lake in Switzerland. 


G E R 

6 E R 

Gennabum, See Orleans. 

Gennesareth ) (Cbeneretb, Cine- 

Gennezareth^ reih, Cbhmcrethy 
Cennejar, Genefantb, Galilaum Mare, 
Tibenadis Mare), a diftrift of Galilee, 
therein was the lea of Tiberias, or the 
lake of Gcnnefareth, otherwife the fea 
cf Galilee, vvhofe waters are fweet, and 
produce abundance of fifti. 

Genoa (Cfma), a city of Gallia Cif- 
padana, in Italy, feated on a gulf of the 
fame name : it appears to have been 
founded about A. iVI. 2420, and from its 
fuperb buildings obtained the name of 
Genoa the Proud. This city has expe- 
rienced the mutability of fortune in a 
great degree; it being deftroyed by Han- 
nibal, repaired by the Romans, ruined 
by Rotharius, king of the Lombards, A. 
D. 600, and afterwards rebuilt by Char- 

The citizens, being frequently at vari- 
ance with the Venetians, were ultimately 
difpoffeffed by them of the territories 
and i/lands under their fubjeftion. 

Genonia. SccCEnunia. 

Gf.nosa {Genu fa), a city on the con- 
fines of the Bafilicata of Naples. 

Gensi^i ) (^Melas, Cbalib, Co- 

Gensuixus 5 hacqtie), a river of 
Natolia, in Ana, flows into the Eu- 

Ge.vtiliacum, a city of France. 

Gentisci, a people of Gaul. 

Genua. See Genoa. 

Genua Ureanorum. See Ossu- 


Genusa. SeeGENOSA. 

Genusium, a city of Apulia. 

GENUSUs,a river of Macedonia, flows 
into the Adriatic Sea, between ApoUo- 
nia and Dyrrhachium. 

Geomori, the nobility of Samos. 

Georgi, a people of European Sar- 

Georgia {Iberia), a province of 

Georgio {Lydda), a city of Samaria, 
near Joppa. 

Gephyra, a city of Sekucis, in Sy- 
ria, to the NE of Antioch. 

Gephyr.s;i, a people of Phoenicia, 
who paffed with Cadmus into Eoeotia, 
aJid from thence to Attica. 




Gepidia, a city of the Goths, in 

Gerace. See Gikrace. 

Ger^eStum, a promontory oa the i 
fide of Euboea; oppofite Attica. 

Gerame. See Corinth. 

a Gothic nation /ettled 
in Dacia. 

GERANEA,)a mountain bctwten 
Gerania, J Megara and Corinth, 

GeRANEA, > „ c'vu 

Gerania, J »mountamof Thrace. 

Gerania \{Gerenia), a city on 

Geranium^ the confines of La- 
conia and Meflenia, where Neftor is faid 
by fome to have been educ.aed, and by 
others to have lived in exile. 

GERANTHR.E {Germtbra), a city of 

Geranthr AS, acity of LacedscmoiT, 
deftroyed about A. M. 3097. 

Geranthus. See Geranthrje. 

Gerar, ) the fouthern boundary of 

Gerara, 5 Canaan, near Bcerftieba- 

Geraritica, a diftrid of Paleftiiie. 

Gerasa. See Essa. 

Gerasa, a city of Arab!.-! Petrjea. 

Gerasa, a city on the e Udc of the 
Palus Mceotis. 

Gerasa, a city of Perea, on the t 
fide of the fea of Tiberias. 

Gerasa {Gilead, Galaad, Galaadids, 
Galadena), a diltridt on the other fide of 

Gerasum, a city of Afiatic Bofpho- 

Gerbi {Lotopbagis, Garba, Meninx, 
Zarii), an ifland in the MediterraneaD, 
on the coaft of Africa. 

Gerenia. See Gerania. 

Geresticus, a harbour of Teios, 10 

GeRESTO, 7 • c-NT 


Gergasenes, See Gadarenes. 

Gergenti {AgrigefUum, Aaaga^.,- 
Agragas), a city of Sicily, near the river 
Acraganthum, built by a colony from 
Rhodes A.C. 588. In this city Phalarls 
the tyrant caufed Perillus to make a 
brazen bull, for the purpofe of torturing 
men, and tried the force of it on th» 
perfon who made it. 

The fait of this place is faid to b» 
l'.:rdened by water, and diflblved by fire. 
The adjacent country produced wine and 
«il in fuch abundance, that the inhabit- 
ants fupplied the Carthaginians with 
ihoie articles. 

Gergesa, a city on the other fide of 

Gercetha, a city of Lampfacus, in 

Gergethium, a vineyard in the 
territory of Lampfacus. 

Gergithos, a city of Troas. 

Gergithum, a city near Cumae, itt 

Gergobia,"^ . 01 

Gfrgove. ^.^"y""'^^'"'n°nt' 

GkkgoviI,) ''^F"""' 

G E R 

G E R 

Gergobia. ) c „ A/r/,.,T .vTc 
^ } See IVlouLiNS. 

Gergovia. 5 

Gerion. {seeCiR^GNOtA. 

Gerionium. ) 

Gerizim. See GarizIiM. 

Germa (Hiera Germa), a city of 
Myfia, on the Proponcis, near Cyzi- 

GeRma^ a eity of Lydia, near Thy- 

Germ a (^Cobnia), a city of Galatia. 

GermaNes, a (eft of Indian philo- 
fophers, who led auftere lives. 

Germania. See Germany. 

Germanicia, a maritime town of 
Ccmagene, in Syria. 

Gekmanicopolis {Boofccete), a city 
of Afia, on the Hellefpont. 

German'ICOpolis {Germanopolis). a 
city of Paphlagcnia. 

Germanicum Mare, > the 

Germanicus Oceancs, 3 Ger- 
man Ocean. 

Germanicum,) a city of Bavaria, 

iNICUS, 5 

Germanicus, ) near the con- 
fluence of the lUer with the Danube. 

German II, a people of Perfia. 

Germanopolis. See Germani- 

Germany ( Cermania , Tranfrhe- 
notm, Tra7tfdanubinna)y an exttnfue 
empire in Europe, appears to have been 
inhabited about 130 years after the Flood, 
by a people who were called Tuifcones, 
from Tuifco, their leader : in procefs of 
time thole who inhabited the parts next 
the ocean, which are now denominated 
Friefland, Denmark, Ali'ace, Diethmar- 
(ia, Weri|'halia, and Saxony, were called 
Jngevones : thofe who had fixed their 
relidence in Gueldres, France, Holland, 
Brunfwick, and Cologne, were known 
by the name of IlUievones : thofe \M\q 
had taken up their abode in Thuringia, 
Mifnia, Bohemia, Lufatia, Silefia, Mo- 
ravia^ and part of Poland, were called 
Hermiones, or Hermanduri ; among 
whom ic was ordained that the women 
and children fiiould attend the wars, for 
the purpofe of providing the foldiers 
with victuals, to luck and heal their 
wounds, and during the time of aftion 
to animate the men by their outcries, 
they being confidcred entirely under 
their protection: thefe people were part 
of them trained to war, and the remain- 
der to the plough, both of whom were 
forbid indulging themfeivcs to excefs in 
any thing. 

About A.M. 2187, Ofyri? king of 
Egypt, came intoGcmany, and inftru£V- 
«d the people how to cu't. vate ih- land 
in a better manner than they had been 

accuftcmed to, and from the produce of 
it to make ale. 

About 2279, Suevus, of whom the 
people were called Sueves, came and 
fettled here. They, in procefs of time, 
divided themfelves into four tribes, viz. 
Lombards, Marcomanni, Sennones, and 
Alemanni, or Almains : the Vandals 
over-ran the country about 2326, and 
the Teutonics difpoffeficd them about 
2367 : in 2394, AlemanniK was governor 
of the country, who brought with him a 
lion in chains, which is the arms of Ba- 
varia : from him are defcended the Huns, 
the Swifs, and the Bohemians, the latter 
of whom fettled on the borders of the 
Hercynian foreft about 2458, and built 
the city of Prague. 

Liburnia, now known by the names 
of Carinthia and Carniola, upon the 
Adriatic Gulf, appears to have been firft 
pe.pled from thence : as the country be- 
came populous they extended themfelves 
to the river Aibit, and cultivated that 
part which is now termed Bohemia and 
Moravia ; afterwards they proceeded to 
Heffe, and in procefs of time to Alfacc 
and Lorraine : in the time of Aurelian 
a colony removed to the Rhaetian Alps, 
who foon after took poffellion of Wir- 
temburg, and eftablifhed themfelves in 
the Tyrol, and on the confines of Italy : 
from thence a colony emigrated and took 
up their abode in Galicia, where thry 
eftablifiied a kingdom, which continued 
for the fpace of 176 years, when they 
were expelled by the Vifigoths. 

The Franconians eftdblifhed them- 
felves m Germany about 2790, end con- 
tinued there till they were driven out by 
the Gauls and Illyrians in 2831. 

The Getae (Goths') inhabited the coun- 
try on the banks of the Ifther in 3858 : 
but being diflansfied with their fituation 
they^dividcd themfelves into three pa>» 
tics : one of which pafied the Alps, and 
fettled in Switzerland; another removed 
into Scotland, where they were called 
Vi£\s ; and the other took poffeflion of 
Poland and the adjacent country 

About A.D. 1 8 3, a colony of the Goths 
feated themfelves in Wefiphalia, and 
were become fo formidable in 236 that 
the Romans were afraid of thenn : ip 
256 they entered Afia, and, having over- 
run Macedon, proceeded to Ephefus, 
where they burnt the temple of Diana : 
the next year tV-:y went into Bithynia, 
where having dellroyed Chalcedcn,ls^ice, 
and Ilium, th^ returned !.;dcn with 
fpoils : in 261, .they were dcfuatrd in 
Thrace and Moefia ; but they returned 
in 163, and, having invaded Thraccand 

G E R 


Macedonia, befieged Thcflalonica : in 
Z78 they were expelled Thrace ; and in 
48S Dioclcfian crofted forts to prevent 
their future incurfions. 

The Qningentiani being troublefome 
to the Romans, they invited the Goths 
to 3(fift ill fupprelTing them ; which tbey 
accomplinied, but were afterwards flight- 
ed by the Romans. 

In 327 they invaded the empire, with- 
out fiicccfs : in 332 they invaded Thrace 
and Moefia; where being defeated, they 
planted themfelves beyond the Danube, 
and agreed to alfift Conftantine with 
40,000 men : the troops being trained 
for that purpofe, and unemployed, ex- 
pelled their leaders, and took pofleffion 
of Pannonia. 

In 373 the Goths fell into civil d'f- 
fenfions, which continued feveral years. 
In 400 they over- ran Pannonia and Dal- 
matia without oppofition : the next year 
they entered Italy, from whence they 
were expelled the year following:, and 
returned through Pannonia into Epirus. 
In 410 they obtained pofieflion of Rome, 
in which citv they made captive of Pla- 
cidia, fifter to the emperor; but on their 
return to Africa by fea, a lempeft ardfe, 
and all their fpoils were loft. 

In 411 they mEJ an irruption into 
France and Spain, and, having waged 
war with the Vandals, eftabliflied the 
kingdom of the Vifigoths at Thouloufe, 
and took the city of Valentia, in Gaul. 
In 414, they, in conjunftion with Attilla 
king of the Huns, attacked the emperor 
Conftantius who forced them into Spain ; 
after which, a peace being concluded, 
the emperor allorted Aquitain to be the 
refidence of the Goths. In 425 they in- 
vaded the empire, and, being expelled 
from thence, took pofrtdion of the coun- 
try tliat the Vandals had forfakcn when 
they went into Africa. 

Germkrsheim (Julius Vicui)y a 
town of Germany, on the Rnine. 

Gehmian, a province of Phrygia 

Geronium. See Geranium. 

Geronteum, a mountain in Ar- 

Geronthr;e. See Geranthr^. 

Gerontia, a fmall ifland on the 
coift of Thefialy. 

Gerra {Gtrrum'), a city of Lower 
Egypt, on the Mediterranean. 

Gerrjei, ) a people of Scythia, who 

Gerrh.€, \ inhabit about thefprings 
of the Boryfthenes. 

Gerrhus {Gaui), a river of Scythia, 
falls into the Euxine. 

Gerrhus, a river of Albania, flows 
into the Cafpian Sea- 

Gerrum. See Gerra. 

Gerry (Acerris), a city of Catalonia, 
in Spain. 

Gertruydenburg, a city of Bra- 

Geru (Opiris), an ifland in the Per- 
fian Gulf. 

Gerulata. See Kerlburg. 

Gerunda. SeeGiRONA. 

Gerunium. Sec Cirignola. 

Gerus. See Gerrhus. 

GeryoNis Oraculum, a place 
near Padua. 

Gesem. See Goshen. 

Geser. See Gezer. 

Geshur {GeJfurtGcJfuiia), a dlftridl 
of Paleftine. 

Gessat-t;, a people of Lombard y. 

Gessen. See Goshen. 

Gessoriacuw. See Boulogne. 

Gessorienses, a people of Spain, 
near the Pyrenees. 

Gessur. See Geshur. 

Gessurit^, a people to the s of 

Gessus {G.efus), a river of Ionia, 
flows into the Egean Sea. 

Getjie, ) Goths, near Mount Ha»- 

Getes, 5 mus. 

Getje, a people of European Scy- 

Gfth. See Gath. 

Gethone, an ifland in the Archipe- 

GethseMane, a fmall diftrifl of 

Getuli A (Libya Interior), a province 
of Africa. 

Gevaudan {Gahalicus Pagiij., Gaba- 
lltana CnitaSy Gavaldamis Pagus), a di- 
ftri,f> of Languedoc, in France. 

Gezar 1 (Ga-zara, Gazer, Gazera, 

Gezara > Gofer, GeCcr), a citv of 

Gfc/.ER ) Paleftine, between De" 
bir and Beerfheba. {Aga?ni'.i;?i), a city of Nova- 
ria, near the river Seifia. 

Ghent {Gand, Gaunt), a city of 
Flanders, The emperor Charles V. 
(alluding to this place) told the French 
king Francis 1. that he poflefTed a 
glove large enough to hold the city of 

GiANUTi (Artemijia, Art emit a, Di- 
anium), an ifland of Italy, in the Tufcan 

GiBBETHON, a city of Paleftine. 

Gibea \(Gahofl, Gaba), a city of 

GiBEAlT) Paleftine, near Jer'ufa- 

G 1 G 

GrBEL (Gaba'a, JEtna)y a mountain 
in Sicily, remarkable for its volcano, 
which» at intervals, has thrown out fire 
for upwards of three thoufand years. 
It is calculated that the fummit of this 
mountain is eight miles above the level 
ef the fea, and that its bafe is fixty 
miles in circumference. When an erup- 
tion takes place, fire and fnow are 
tfually feen at the fame time ; yet the 
fides and bale of the mountain are very 

GiBEL Efhra (Epbraim')^ a diftrift 
ef Paleftine. 

GiBELETO {Byblus), a city on the 
Ifle Profopitis, in Phcrnicia, where are 
fcveral remains of antiquity. 

GiBELTNEs, a people. 

GiBEON {Gal>aon)y a city of Palef- 

GiBETHON {Gabatbon), a city of the 

GiBETHON {Gabathay Gabea), a 
city belonging to the tribe of Benja- 

Gibraltar {CalpSy Judabeda), a 
town of Andalufia, in Spain, feated on 
a mountain Bearing the fame neiiTie, op- 
pofite to Abyla, on the coail of Africa, 
which places were termed the Pillars of 

GiERACE "i (^Geracf, Locri, Epi- 

GiERACi >- zef'hyrii), a city of 

GiERAZZo} Lower Calabria, built 
about A.M. 3267, and was for fome 
time the moft potent city of Great 
Greece. Report fays the rainbow is 
leen here every day, and that the air is 
fo naild and falubrious, the inhabitants 
are not in any danger of peftilence. 
The temple of Proferpine, in this city, 
was deftroyed by Pyrrhus and others, 
for the riches it contained. It has pro- 
duced fcveral eminent men ; among 
others, Timaeus, and Zaleucus the law- 
giver, who having made a law againft 
adultery, and his fon having tranfgreired 
againft it, in order to preferve the law, 
Zaleucus had one of his own eyes put 
out, to fave that of his fon, which he 
had forfeited. 

G I ESS EN, a town of Germany, in 
the hndgravate of Hcfle, where an 
univerfity was founded A. D. 1607, 
which was united to Marpurg in 

GiEULAP {Ahoras, AborraT, Abboras, 
Aburas), a river of Mefopotamia, flows 
into the Euphrates. 

GiG^us Lacus, a lake near Sardes, 
in Lydia. 


G I R 

fiGARTA, ■) . r -ML • . 

liGARTOs, y ^'^y °f Phcnicis, 
riGARTUM,f """^ Botrys. 



GiGtR {Igilgili), a city of Maurita- 
nia Caefarienlis. 

GiGius, a mountain in the Regio 
Syrtica, between the rivers Cinyphus 
and Triton. 

GiGLio {Igtlium), an ifland en the 
coaft of Italy. 

GiHO.v, the eaftern branch of the 
river Euphrates. 

GiHON. See Siloa. 

GiHUM {Oxus), the largeft river is 
Upper Afia, dilembogues into the Caf- 
pian Sea. 


Gild a (^Silda)^ an inland town of 
Mauritania Tinguana, to the nw of 

GiLEAD. See Gerasa. 

Giles, St. {Anaiilia), a town of 
Gallia Narboncnfis, between Aries and 

GiLGAL {Galgal), a plain near Je- 

GiLON, a city belonging to the tribe 
of Judah. 

GiNJEA, a village in the plain of Sa- 

Gin DANES, a people of Libya. 

GiNDARL'S, a citadel of Cyrrheftica, 
in Svria. 

GixDES, a river of Albania, flow» 
into the Cyrus. 

GiNDES, a river of Mefopotamia. 

GiNGUNVM, a mountain in Umbria. 

GiNOPOLi (fiimoltiy Ctmolus, Ecbi* 
»ufa, Echnwjfdy lonopdhy Argentiere\ 
one of the Cyclade ifles in the Archi* 

Gin OS A {Cnojfus, CnoJfuSy Cnofus, Ca- 
ratos), a city of Crete, appears to have 
been founded A. M. 2402, and was 
noted on account of a fepulchre erefted- 
for Jupiter, the famous labyrinth, and 
the palace of Minos, 

Gioia {Meiaurum), a city of Calabria 

GiovE. See Ida, Mount. 

GiPPESwicH. See Ipswich. 

GiR, a river of Libya Interior, fall* 
into the Niger. 

Gjra, the metropolis of Libya Intc* 
rior, on the s fide of the Gir. 


GiRBI. 5 

Gircona (^Mjrina, Myrrhina, Stali- 
mene,^ the chief city on the 
ifland of Stalimene, in the Archipelago 

GiRciRis, a mouatain in Libyi ley 


G O N 

t5iRMASTi {Cajcus), a river of 

GiROLA, La (Auera, Accera), a city 
of Italy, near Cremona. 

GiRON.v 7 (Gerunc/a)y a city of Ca- 

GiRONNA) talonia, in Spain. 

GiRU, a city of Hyrcania, in Perfia. 

GisCALA, >a city of Galilee, in 

GlSCHALA,5 Afia. 

GiTAN.<E, a city of Thcfprotia, in 

GiTTA. See Oath. 

GruLA, a city of Hungary. 

Gi-AGOviA, a province of Silefia. 

Glagovia, a city of Poland. 

Glamorganshire, a county in 
Bouth VVales. 

Glanis, See Chiava. 

Glanis, a river of Iberia. 

Glanish (See NiCOPOLls), in Ar- 

Glannibanta. "^ 

Glannobakta. >• See Bain brig. 

O I. A N O V E N T a . J 

Glanum. See Ri;my, St. 

Glasgow, a city of Lantrk, in Scot- 
land, where an univerfity was founded 
A.D. 1455. 

Glastonbury, a town of Somer- 
fetfhire, where was an abbey, faid to 
have been founded by Jofeph of Ari- 
mathea, which was demolilhed A. D. 
955 : near the ruins is a hawthorn tree 
that b'oflToms about Chriflmas. 

Glaucum Promontorium, a 
promontory on the eaft fide of Marino- 

GlaOCUs, a river of Colchis, flows 
into the Euxine. 

Glaucus, a bay of Curia, where are 
commodious harbours. 

Glaucus, a bay and river of Libya. 

Glaucus, a river of Ptloponnefus. 

Gleaucf.ster. Sec Glocf.ster. 

Glessaria. See Austrania. 

Gr.F.vuM. } See Gloces- 

OlISSA, > . r T> ^- «. 

GLT5SAS,r'='^y°f ^'^^^'^ 

Gloc ESTER ^ (G.'ea"ce/Ifr, Gle- 
Gloster > i<Hm, Glfwancef- 

GloucesteR 3 Ur, Caergluvj, Cle- 

•vum), a city in a county of the fame 

name in Enefand ; where an abbey was 

founded A. D. 701 ; and the cathedral 

was crefted in 1059. 
Gi.ota. See Clyde. 
Glot;e .tsTUARiuM. See Lo- 

MONo, Loch. 

Glycynero (.'i/r)rfl5, Atyr»i), a 

fiver of Thrace, falls into the Pro. 


Glympes, a t»\vn on the confines of 
Laconia and Argos. 

Gnatia. Sec Anasso. 
Gnekingen {GriHario), a city of 


GnES. > c t 

Gnesna, a city of Pi4and, founded 
A.D. 551, by Lcchus, who found the 
neft of an eagle there, and named the 
city from that circuiiillancc : he alll» 
fixed on that bird for thcenfignof the 
Poles. In this city Boleflaus was chofea 
the tirft king of Polind, and received 
his crown from Otho the Third, A D, 


Gmdus, a city and promontory c^ 

Doris, in Caria ; tlie birth-place of £u- 

doxiis. See Cnidus. 

Gnoson. ) c r^ 

r- .^ ., t See GiNOSA. 


GoBjEUM. See Mahe, Sr. 

Gob. E LITIS {Gahaltne, Gebalsne'), a 
mountainous diluift of Arabia Petrasa, 
occupied by the Amalekites. 

GOBANNIUM. See Abercavem- 

GoDM AN CHESTER (Duroli/vntF, 
Duyqfiponte), a town in the county of 
Huntingdon, which received its name 
from a caftle ered^ed there by Gormo, 
A.D. 8S4. 

GoDMUNDHAM (Delgoviiia'), a vil- 
lage in Yorklhire. 

GcesatjE, a people of Gaul, who, 
upon any • emergency, were ready 
to alfill any power that would pay 

GoGARENE, a fruitful diftrift of 
Armenia, near the Cyrus. 

Golan. See Gaulo?*. 

males Si/jus), a bay on the north fide of 

GoLFo Di Napoli, the bay of 

GoLGi, )a city of Cyprus, facred 

Goi.GiA,> to Venus. 

Golgotha. See C.vlvary. 

Goto {Tuvoia), the largeft river ia 
the ifland of Corfica. 

GoMAR A, a city of AlTyria, near Ar- 

Gombroon (^Bender , Ahojfe)., a city 
of Paris, in Perfia. 

Gomeri.vns, a people of Gael. 

Gomorrah, a city in the vale , of 
Siddim, in Judea. 

GoMPHi,>a city of Eftixotis, in 

GoNPi, 5 ThefTaly. 

GoNiMi, an idand in the fca of 


G R A 

:e AKAKAi . 

/ See JuLiOPO- 
't LIS. 

GoKNr 1 (Gom's), a city 

GoNNVS [■ of Perrhaebia, 

GoNOCONDYLDS ) in the Pelaf- 
gioti? of Theffaly, at the foot of Mount 

GoNOESSA, a city of Troas. 

GoNTTANA, an inland town of 
IVlauritania '^Inglura, towards Atlas 
Minor. » 

GoNus. See Gonni. 

GoNussA. a city of Sicyon. 

GopHNA {Gtifna, Gupbna, Ophni), a 
city of Judea. 

GoRANTE (^Andriace, Andriaca), a 
city of Lycia. 

G OR ANTE (An/icrdgus), a mountain 
in Lycia, oppofite Mount Ciagus. 

Go&cuM {Goricuni, Gorichom), a town 
of Holland, erefted by the earl of Arkel, 
A.D. 1223. 

GoRDENE. See Gordyene. 


GoRDiJEi. See Ararat. 


GoRDii Come. 


GoRDiUTiCHOs, a city of Phrvgia, 
on the confines of Pifidia, towards Pam- 

GORDUCOME. See Juliopolis. 

Gorduene. See Gordyene. 

GoRDUNi, a people of Gallia Bel- 

GoRDUS {Gordi), a city of Lydia. 

GoRDY-EA ) {Gordcne, Gorduene, 

Gordyene \ Cc/ri/wiJ^t), a province 
of Armenia Major. 

Gordynesia, a diftrift of Armenia 

Gordynia. See Gortvnia. 

GoRGADES. See Verd, Cape DE. 

GoRGiAN {Hyrcama, Tabarijian), a 
province of AlTyria. 

Gorgon iiUrgo, Orgon), an ifland 

Gorgona) in the gulf of Pifa, in 

Gorgonum Insul.*:. See Verd, 
Cape de. 

Gorgonzala {Argentia), a city of 
the Infubres, near Milan. 

Gorgus, a river of Aflyria, flows into 
the Tigris. 


Go K I CUM. 5 

Goridan (Pagu/a), a lake of Si- 

GoRiTiA {Con'tz, Norcia), a fortrefs 
in Carniola. 

G o E I z A ( Ma>:tinaa, Maniig na, 
Antigotiin)^ a city of Arcadia, where 
the ^Spartans dei'eaied the Athenians 
A. C. 416. 

GoRTHONEs, a people defcended 
from the Goths. 

G0RTU.E, a people of EubcEa, who 
affifted the Medes at the battle of Ar.. 

GoRTYN '\{ Cartemnide: , Cremonia, 

Gortyna > Gortys), a city of 

GoRTYNiA } Candia. 

Gortyna, )a city of Arcadia, in 

GoRTYNiA,5 the Morea. 

GoRTYNiA {Gordynia), a city of 
Emathia, in Macedonia. 

GoRTYS. See Gortvna. 

GoRYA, a city of India. 

GoRYiEA, a diftrift of India. 

GosEM ) {Gofon, Rafnefei), a di- 

GoshenJ ftri6l of Paleftine, in 
Lower Egypt. 

Goslaria, a city of Saxony, where 
are tnmes of gold and filvcr. 

GosoN. See Goshen. 

Goth A, a town of Thuringia, in 
Germany, founded A. D. 923. 

GoTHARD, St. (Adu/a), a mountain 
in the Rhaetian Alps, from whence the 
rivers Rhine, Rhone, Tcfin, Aar, and 
Rufs, derive their fource. 

Gothland. See Jutland. 

Got HI 1 (Gotkones, Gothini, Get a, 

GoTTHi > Gepida, Gutoires, Gut- 

Goths 3 tona^ Gytivnes ), a people 
of Scandinavia. 

Gouda (Ti/fgou), a town of Hoi- 
land, upon the river Yffell, was founded 
A. D, 1272. 

Goude, a town in Flanders. 

Gozi {Thera)y an ifland near 

Gozo (Gaules, Gaulos, Gaulus, Gau- 

leon), an ifland in the Mediterranean, 

near Malta. 

Gracchuris.) c „ A^. ^^ 
r^^ ^^ „. PSeeACREDA. 

Graccuris. y 

Grada. ) o . 

i^„ „^ i See Aquileia. 


Gra;a. See Tanagra. 

GrJEA. ) c r\ 

r^o -v^ ^ i See Oropus. 


Grxje Alpes. See Bernard, 

Gr^ca Via (Heradea), a road in 
Campania, near the Lucrine Lake. 

Gr^ci, the people of Greece. 

Gr^cia. See Greece. 

Gr^ecia Magna. See Calabria 
and Basilicate. 

Grjecia Propria. See Liva- 


Gr^i^ Alfes. See Bernard, 

Grambusia {Cranibuja), an ifland on 
the coafl of Cilicia. 

G R E 

G R O 

Grampian^ {Crafsbenn), a range 

GaAMPius ) of raountains that 
extend through Scotland, where Agri- 
cola flew tea thoufand of the Caledo- 
nian-;. ' 

Gran {, Acinuni, Aquin- 
cum, Stramonium), a city of Lower Hun- 

Gran (^Granna), a river of Lower 

Granada'^( l/i/'ul, J Mngna, Laus), 

Granado> ,a city of Spain, in a 

Gran'ataJ province of the fame 
name, fourdi d by the IVIoors about 
A. M. 224; ; aad although they were 
expelled the cjuntry A. D. 1492, the 
palace of their kin;;, is ftill remaining; 
the delightful orchirds, which abound 
with and pomegranates and 
other f.uits, make this fituation very 
agreeable, and give a refreftiing coolnels 
to the atmofphere, which without them 
would, during the heat of fummer, be 
almoft inijpportable. The univerfity 
was founded A. D. 1518. 

Granea {Ecbedorus)y a river of Thef- 
falonica, in Macedonia. 

Granes 1 (Genicus), a river 

Granic I of Natoliii, in Afia ; 

Granico r flows into the fca of 

Gr A MC us J Marmor;i. On the 
banks of this river Alexander de- 
feated Darius A- C. 334, when up- 
wards of 100,000 Perfians were flain ; 
alfoLucullus defeated the army of Mi- 
thridates, after railing the fiege of Cy- 

Graxicum, a city of Phrygia, 
where Alexiinder defeated the Per- 

Granis, a river of Perfia. 

Grantham, a town in Lincoln- 
shire ; appears to have been founded 
AC. 270. 

Granua. See Gran. 

Gratianopoljs. See Greno- 

Graveling, "j a town of Flan- 

Gravelines, > dcrs, founded by 

Gravelins, J Thierry, A. D. 
1 160. 

Gra VESAND, a city of Holland, for- 
merly the refiJence of the court. 

Graviaci. SeeGuRCK. 

Gra VII {Groyii), a people of 

Gravisca, ■) . . . . 

Gravisc^e, I' "^^'f'""' "^y "* 

Graviscium,/ Tufcany. 

Gre BEGIN {Itbomti), a fortrefs in 
the Morea. 

Grecians (^Acbai, Acbivi), the peo- 
ple of Greece. 

Greece {Grtecia), a country in 
Europe, which comprehended the cities 
of Sicyon, Argos, Attica, Boeotia, Arca- 
dia, Theiraly, Corinth, Sparta, and fe- 
veral others of lefs note. 

Greece, Great (jGracia Mag- 
na). See CALABR^A and Basili- 

Greece, Proper (Gr^cia Propria). 
See LivADiA. 

Greenland {Groin land, Sfiiiz- 
bergen), a country fitu.^te in the Hy- 
perborean Sea, which was difcovered 
A. D. 1380, by Nicholas Zeno, a Ve- 
netian ; and although the climate is ex- 
celfively cold, there is a fpring at the 
foot of a mountain, the water of which 
is fufficiently hot to cook an egg pro- 

Grentcus. See Granicus. 

Grenoble {Accujiorum Colonia), a 
city of Djuphinc, in France. 

Grestonia. See Crestonia. 

Gretonel et K.10 {^AUJlcs), a ri- 
vulet of Spain, flows into the Avus. 

Greuthongi, a people of Scythia. 

Griego {Pedalium, Idalium)^ a 
promontory on the eaft fide of Cy- 

Grinarto- See Gneringen. 

Grinnes, a people among the Bita- 

Grinnes, a town of the Batavi, near 

Gripswald {Grypfivald), a town of 
Pomerania, founded A. D. 1233 : the 
univerfity was begun in 1456, but not 
finifhed till 1547. 

Grisano (CVf^wfn/?), a city of Thef- 

Grisim. See Garizim. 

Griso {Colonel Gnjfo, Grifum), a city 
of MelTenia, in the Morea. 

Grisons, The Country of 
{Rbatia, Rbetia, Frentin), is leatcd part 
in Germany, and part m Italy : it was. 
peopled by Rhsetus A. C. 185, who left 
Tuicany to avoid the opprdfion of the 
Gauls, and planted a colony between the 
Tyrol and Helvetia, to which he gave 
the name of Rhsetia. 

Grisons {lii^etii, Cjtuantii), the peo- 
ple of the Grifons, or Rhetian Alps. 

Grisso. "I r-„ ,0^ 
^ > See Griso. 

Grisu.m. J 

Grius. See Latmus. 

Groenland. See Greenland. 

Gronia, a city of Phocis, in Greece 

Groning, ) the metropolis of 

Groningfn, 5 Fricflind, was 
founded A. C. 377 by Gruno, brother 
to Antenor, king of Sicanibria, who. 

G U E 



Iryneum,"^ a city of ^olia, in 
Irynia, >■ Afia Minor, where 
rRVVTUM, J Were a remple and 

riifagfesing with his brother, came and 
£xed bis refidence here. 

This city was taken from the duke 
«f Saxony, by the earl of Embden, in 
the time of Charles the Fifth, and re- 
ilored to the family by the duke of 
Gveldres in 1514, which caufed fre- 
quert and bloody wars. The univerfity 
was founded in 16 14. 

Grosseto (^yetuionium), a city of 

Grotta Di Napoli {Crypla l^ea- 
foiitana), a fubterranecus pafTtge under 
Mount Paufilypus, between Puieoii and 
' Gaovrx. Sec Gravii. 

Groyne. See Corunna. 

Grudii, a people of Gallia Bel- 

Grumentum. See Agromento. 

Grunium, a citadel of Phrygia. 

Gruthungi, ) a people' of Scy. 

Grutingi, \ 



an oracle of Apollo, in a facred grove, 
from whence he was ftyled Apollo Gry- 

Grypswald. See Gripswald. 

GuADAtAViAR {'tufias)., a river of 
Spain, on whofe banks Pompey defeated 

GuADALBAEBAR {Tufco), a rivet of 
Africa Proper, that feparates Numidia 
from Zeuguana, and falls into the Me- 

GuADAL QUIVER (Batls, TariiJ/uSy 
TTarteJJus, FIuvius hcedera'.orum), a 
river of Spain, falls into the bay of 

GuADiANA (_Afia, Anas), a river 
of Portugal, flows into the bay of 

Gv ADiz (^Ac£i/ani)t acityof Granada, 
in Spain. 

GvAGAMELA. See Gagamela. 

GuARDAMAR {Lo»guniica)y & city 
of Murcia, in Spain. 

GuARDASTAt, a city of Lom- 

G u A s T o (H^o«/««), a city of Abruzzo 
Citra, in Naples. 

G'jBERXi. See Sicambri. 

GuBio i^Egubium, Igwvium'), a city of 

GuELDERLAND ) ( G<?/<fr«?.f, Zut- 

GuELDRES \ pben\ a city 

of the Netherlands, in a province of the 
fdme name. 

GuELPHS, a people. 

GuERKSEY {Sarenia, Sarnid), an 
i/Iand on the coaft of {"Jormantiy. 


GuGERNi. Sec Sicambri. 

GuiENNE, a province of France. 

GujENNOis, the people of Gaienne, 
in France. 

Guildford) (^Guldefordf Neoma' 

Guilford y gus, No-viomagus), 
a town in Surry. 

Guinea {Guyntf), an extenfivc 
country on the coaft of Africa, dif- 
covered by the Portuguefe, A. D. 

GuispoA, a province of Spain. 

GuiTH. See Wight, Isle of. 

GuNsiuM, a city of Hungary. 

GuNTiA, > a town in Upper 

Guntzburg, ^ Suabia, at the con- 
fluence of the Guntz with the Da- 

GuNTZ, a river of Suabia. 

GuNUGS, )a colony of Auguftus, 

GuNUGUS,5 in Mauritania Caefa- 


GuRCK (^Corcoras)y a river of Ger- 
many., that feparates Carniola from 

Gi'RCK (Graviaci, Noviodunum),, a. 
city of Carinthia. 

GuPvGisTAN. See Spain. 


Gurtiana (Curiiana), a city, of 
Pannonia Inferior. 

GuT^, the ptople termed Goths. 
GuTHALUs. Sec Oder. 

GUTHONES.) c^„ f-„.^„„vTVc 
^ > bee UOTHONEb. 


Guttalus. See Oder. 

GuYNEE. See Guinea. 

Gi'ARA, "^ one of the Cycladc 

Gyaros, > Hlands the moft in- 

GvARUi, 3 hoipitable in the Ar- 
chipelago, where the Romans banilhcd 
their culprits. 

Gyas, a diflrlft near Syracufe, in 
Sicily J the property of Dioaylius the 

Gyg.«U8 {Colom), a lake of Lydia, 
near Sardis. 

Gvgas, a promontory of Troa?. 

Gymnasia, a city on the confines of 

Gymnasije, 7 the iflands of Majorca 

Gymnesi.*:, 5 and Minorca. 

Gymnetis, a people of Ethio- 



Gynjecopolis, a city m the 

Gynaes, a river of Affyria, flowS; 
into the Tigris. When Cyrus was 
on his march tp invade Babylon, his 

G Y R G Y 1' 

armv w.-.s fo mvirh rettrdd bv this Gvc, ton, ^ a city of Pclafgiotis, ia 

ri^'cr. that he coiumandcd the Ib'.dier'i Gyktonk,^ ThelTaly, near the 

to the ftrcain into three hundred confl.ience of the Ajiidanus and Km- 

and fixty channels ; hy \vh:rh means pens. 

thcv f'irdrd if wi-li <.a[<. and S'^fttv. Gyktone, a city of Oreftcs, in Ma- 

GViVECEA, ihc apascnients of the cedonia. ladies. Gyvheum, ) a miritime town of 

G VRls.'E.NiL'.M, a ci-'y of Spain. GyiHiuM, ^ Sparta, in the Motea. 





*^ Habor. See Abor. 
Hadadrimmon. See Maximi- 



Hadria. SeeADRiA. 

Hadriana. Sec Mopsos. 

Hadriani, a city of Bithynia, near 
Mount Olynrpus. 

Hadriani Forum. See Forum. 

Hadriani Mopsuatje. See 

Hadriani MuRtTS, ) a wall or 

Hadriani Vallum, 5 rampart, 
raifed between the mouths of the Tyne, 
and the £(k,'in Britain. 

Hadrianopolis, a city of Thrace, 
on the Hebrus. 

Hadrianopolis. See Strato- 


Hadrianopolis. See Palmyra. 

Hadrianopolis, in Pontus. See 

Hadrians, a people near Venice. 

HadrianuM. ) See Ve- 

HadriaticuM Mare. ) nice, 
Gulf of. 

Hadrumetum. See Mahomet, 

H^emodes, a mountain of Lycia. 

H^MON (Thertnodon), a river of Boe* 
otia, flows into the CephilTus. 

H^monia, a diilrift on the confines 
of Theffaly, near Mount Ha;mus. 

HvEMUS, a mountain that feparatcs 
Thrace from ThefTaly. 

Haerlem {Harlem), a town of the 
United Provinces in Holland, where 
the inhabitants on the town being be- 
fjeged in 1573, made a nob'e refiftance 
for ten months before they capitu- 
lated ; during which time thty fubfifted 
en the vilefl animals, and even aic leather 
and grafs. 

HiESTiiEA, a dty of Africa. 

Haffnia. See Copenhagen. 

Hag A REN I, the Saracens and Arabs 
"^trt fo called. 

HA9>ro, a fountain of Arcadia. 

Haguenau, a city of Germany. 

Hai. Sec Ai. 

H AIM BURG (Ha:fiburg)y a town of 
Auftria, on the Danube. 

Haikault, > a province of the Ne- 

HaiNHALT,) therlands. 

Hainburg. SeeHAIMBURG. 

Halala, a village at the foot of 
Mount Taurus. 

Halasa. SeeCARONIA. 

Halberstadt, a city of Lower 
Saxony, in Germany; was either found- 
ed or enlarged, and the wall built, A. !>. 
758, Jn the midft of the city is a large 
hill, on which two churches have been 

Halcyone. See Alcyone. 

Halekte > {Heles), a river of Lu- 

Hales \ cania, falls into the 
Tufcan Sea, near Velia. 

Halep {Berraea), a city of Cyr- 
rheftica, in Syria, built by Seleucus A.C 

Hales, a very cold river of Ionia. 

Hales, a city of Sicily. 

Halesa. SeeAL.5SA. 

Halesius. ) 

Halesus. ) 

Halesus, a river near Colophon, in 
Afia Minor. 

Halex. See Alex. 

Haliacmon. See Pelecas. 
' Haliarti, ) a city of BoEOtJa, 

HaliartUs, j deftroyed by Lu- 

Haliartus, a city of the Morea., 

Haliartus, a city of Meflenia. 

Halicaxl'm. See Aucanum. 

Halicarna. See Chalcis. 


Halicia, a principality of Poland. 

Halicyje, a city of Sicily. See Sa- 

Halicyrna, a city of j^^tolia. 

Halicis. SeeTiRYNS. 

Haljmusii, a hamlet of Attica. 

Halis (^Haiyi), a river of Cappa- 

Halizones. See Chaldjei. 

See PiTTiNEO. 



Halizo-Vks, a people of Paphla- 

Halland, a city of Denmark. 

Halmydessus ) {Salmydtfui, Sa/- 

Halmydissus 3 mydijfus), a ma- 
ritimc town on a bay of the lame name, 
in Thrace. 

Halone, a fmall iflandnear Ephelus. 

HalonEsus, an iilnnd in the Archi- 
pelago, M.ignefia, which was at 
one time inhabited only by uwmen, they 
having flain all the men. ifland between Chcr- 
fonel'ub and Samothracc. 

Ha LOS, a city of Phthiotii, in Thef- 
falv, at the foot of Mouat Oihrys. 

Halsius Campus. SeeTRAGs.ffi;. 

Haluntini. ) r ,,,, ^ 

HaLUS. See Aj-US. 
Halus, a city of Achaia. 
Halus, a city of Parthia. 
Halycarxassus. See Nesi. 
HalyCUs. bee I'lataNJ. 
Halys, the largeft river in Afia 
Minor, on whofe banks Crcefus, king 
of Lydia, was defeated, and loft his 

Haly.zia, a city of Epirus, near 
the Achslous, where the Athenians ob- 
tained a naval viftory over the Lacedae- 

Ham, Land OF. See Egypt. 
Hama {Apamene, Apamea), a city of 
Syria, built by Seleucus, in honour of 
his wife, A. C. 296 ; it was taken by the 
Saracens A. D. 666. 

Hamadan, a city of Parthia. 
Hamje, a city of Campinia, in Italy, 
near Cumae, where is now a wood called 
Silva di Hami. 

Hamasa ) {Emefa, Emfjfa), a city 
Hamath 5 of Syria, in a province 
of the fame name. 

Hamath, a city of NaphthiUi. 
Hamaxia, a city of Cilicia. 
HAMAXlTiA,afmalldiftri£^ of Troas. 
Hamaxitus, a town of Troas. 
Hamaxobii. See Ac ATHYRsr. 
Hamburg ) (^Marconn), a city of 
Ha.MBURGHJ Germany, on the 
Elbe, the metropolis of Steermarke, 
was either founded or enlarged A. D. 

HamersteiN, a fortrefs of Ger- 
many, upon the Rhine. 

Haminea. See Hanunea. 
HAMMONk See Ammon. 
Hamon, a city of Upper Galilee. 
Hamonia. See Macedonia. 
Hamoth Dor, a city of the Le- 
v"tes, belonging to thff tribe of Naph. 

Hampsnire, > the county of 

Hawptunshire, ) Southampton. 

Hampton (Tn/aato'^, a river of Bri- 
tain, at Southampton. 

Hamyarites. See Homerites. 

Hanks. See TAHPA^fHES. 

Hangulstad.) c u 


Han'.nibalis Castra, a mai'itime 
town in Calabria Ult; a. 

Han'nibalis Insula Parva, a 
fmall ifland to the fourh of Majorca. 

Ha.vunea {liuminea, Anunca), a 
city of Commat; cne, in Syria. 

Haran. Scc Heren. 

HarBEKic {Sjlambriaf Sflambria^ 
Sperchtui), a river of European Turkey. 

Harcynii. See HeFvCYNia. 

Karderwjcx, ) aciiy of the United 

Hardewick, ) Province;, in Gucl- 
derland, wai forcificd with a wu'l A.D. 
1229, and made a free city by Otho the 
Third, carl of Gutldrts. 

Harenacium. See ArnheIm. 

Ha res GAL > (^S'^ol, S'pa, Sigeum^ 

Harisgal S Sigaiha), a city of 
Mauritania Ca;tarit;nlii, on the rinr 

Harlebkk, a town of Flanders. 

Harlech {Can Kfiwyn), the chief 
town of Merionethftiire, in North 

Harlem. See Haeriem. 

Harma. See Hormah. 

Harma. See Ra.mula. 

Har.mactica. > c a ., « < 

Harmastis. iSeeARMACTfCA. 

Harm ate LI A, a city of the Brah- 
mins, in India, taken by Aiexatider. 

Harmatris, a city of yEolia. 

Harm EN E, a maritime town near Si- 
nope, in Pontus. 

Hakmozia. See Ormus. 

Harmozon. Armozon. 

Harpasa, a maritime town of 

Harpasus, a river of Caria. 

Hartland Point (Hura/Zis Pre- 
montonum') ^ a promontory in Devon- 

Haktz. See Hercynia, 

Haruues, a people of Germany, or^ 
the eaft fide of the Rhine. 

Harwich, a maritime town in Ef- 
fex, where the Saxons and Danes had an 
engagement at fea A. D. 884. 

Hasta. See Rasta. 

Hasta, a citv of Pajeftine. 

Hastings (O.hona'), a town in Suf- 
fex, where William the Conqueror 
landed his troops when he invaded 

KatraM {Adrte, Atra), a city o£ 

H E L 

H E L 

Mefcpotamia, in the rriidft of a defer;, 
between Nifibis and the Upper Ti- 

yAVELBURG, a City of Brandenburg, 
in 'Germany. 

H.\URAN', a mountain in Bafliati, on 
the other fide Jordan. 

Havre de Gkacz (Carocoiiniwi), 
a maritime town of Normandy, in 

Hav {Tregbd'i), a town of Brecon, 
in South Wales. 

Haza. "SecAzA. 

Ha z e z o n Ta mar. See Ex g a d n i. 

Hazor. Se*^ AsoR. 

Hebrides {Ebuda^, JEbudie, H^'u- 
ffcs), iflands on the w coaft of Scot- 

Hr.BROK. Sec Ebrov. 

Hebrus, a river of Thrace, difem- 
brtgues into the Ai^c»n Si;a 

Hkbudes. See Hebrides. 

Hecale, a city of Attica. 
. Hecat.e Antrum. See Zervn- 


\Hecat.?: Fanvm, p. temple of Ke- 
cace, at Stratunice, in Caria. 

IliJCATOMB.tuM, a pUce near Dy- 
mus, in Aduiia. 

Hec ATOMpEDUM, a city of Chdo- 
nia, in Epirus. 

HKCATOMrCMS. Sec Can'dia. 


i r r o A T o M p V L o s, the metropolis of 
P.irrhia. ■ 

Hecatqmpylos, See Thebks, 
in F.oypt. 

Hecatompyi.os. See Ispahan. 

HECATO.VNEbi, twenty frnall iflands, 
Jacred to Apollo, between Lefbos and 
Afia Minor. 

Heclitanum. Sec Alicanum. 
1^ Hecuba Sepclcrum. ) See Cv- 



HriDDrxGTOv, a viilag-: near Jjc- 

, vucSj^jn W'lklhire. 

ITedetani. ) c c 
J } See Sedetania. 


Kedipnus. See Hedypho.v. 
llEDONACUiVi, a village of Bu'otia. 

.. HeDROS. See llARDifcY. 

- Heuui. See ALavi, 

Hepvphon, {fW/'/>««5), a river of 
Perfia, flows into the Eula;us. 

HfinELBURG {Illdfburg), a ciry of 
Cermany, founded A.D. 214: it is the 
• capital of the Palatinate, where an uui- 
^ verfity was erefted in 1346. 

Heieukvn (.////.'rtw), a city of Sua- 
liin. Ijct^yeen Hcidelhiirg and SturgarJi 

n;:EFA." Scg ELtA. 


Helena (Macns, Magri, Cian.r, Ma- 
cronife), one of the Cyciade Ifles, where 
the Grecian beauty and Paris look up 
their reiidence. 

Helenopolis, a city of Paleftine. 

Helen'opolis, a city of Bichynia. 

Helenopolis. See Drepanum. 

Helenopolis. Sec Frankfort 
ON THP. Maine. 

HelErni Lucus, a e;rove near 
Rome, on the banks of the Tiber. 

Heles. SeeHALE.VTE. 

He LI A {Elecs, EHa, fr^lia, Ulia), a 
city of Apulia, in the vicinity of which 
the O'vmpic games were praiSlifcd. 

Helia, a fmall idand on the w of 
Sicily,-. . . 

He LICE, a city of Acliaia Proper, on 
the Bay of Corinth. 

Helicon, a inoontain of Bneotia, on 
the confines of Phocis, facred to the 
Mnfes, who had there a temple. 

Helicon, a river of Sicily, flows 
into the Tufcan Sta. 

Helicon, 7 • r tvt j • 

^J^, .^^.-\ t 3 river of Macedonia. 


Keliopolis (Oi: Beibfrmes), a city 
of Egypt, to the e of Memphis. 

Hfliopolis (SoUs UfM), a city of 
Coelcfyria, where was a temple dedicated 
to the Siin, whole ftately ruins are now 
called Ealbek. 

Helisson, a town of Arcadia, on a 
river of the lame name. 

Helium. SccMaese. 

Helixus, a river of Cos. 

Helkath, a city of the Levites, be- 
longing to the tribe of Afher. 

Hella. See Caipha. 

Hellas. Ste Helston. 

Hellas. SeeTHEssALY. 

Hellas, a city of Theflaly, between 
Phailalus and Melitaja, 

Hellenes, the people of Greece. 

Hellespont. } See Darda- 


Hellopia. See Negropont. 

Hellopia, a diftridt of Epirus. 

Helmantica {Hcimar;'.lca)t a city 
of the V,iccsi, in Spain, on the n fide 
of the river D^uro. 

Helmon DiBLATHMM, a place of 
Moab, in Arabia Petrst. 

Helmstadt Julia, a town of 
Bninfwick, in Germany, where an unr- 
verfity was erc6<cd A. 1). 1575. 

Helorina Via, a road which led 
from Heloiiis to Syracufe. 

H E I. o R I V s C A M p V s ( fhria T'mpe\ 
a delightful plain near Helorus, in Sicily. 

H-ELORVM.Js^^^g,^^; ; 

IIflorvs. S 

H E P 

H E R 

'r, Helorus, a river of Great Grfccc. 

Hex-OS, a maritime town of Achaia, 
dcHroy<'d by the Spartans A. M. 3150. 

Hklos, a city of I^acedaemon. 

HtLOs, a maritime town of Laconia. 

Hklos, a ciiy nf Mt.fil-niii. 

Hej.os, a city of Elis, in the Morea. 

He LOS, a city of Arcadia, in the Mo- 

Helot.'e ^ (E/o.'ar), a free people 

Hm.OTES V of Ikl IS, in Lacoui?, 

Hei.ois ) fubclued by tlic Spar- 
tans, and made public flavts at Laccdse- 

Helston {H/llas), a town of Corn- 
^vall, empowered to (iamp tin, 

Hel\ ETiA. See Switzerland, 

Helve riANs, ) the people of buit- 

Helvetii, 5 zerland. 

Hei VIA RiciNA, a city of Picenum, 
in Italy. 

He L V II, a people of GauJ. 

He l V I;m {Sutllum), a city of Um- 
bria, in Iialy, 

Helvin A, a fountain of Aquinum, in 
Italy, where Ceres liatl a temple. 

Helvivus. See Salinello. 

Helum, a river of Great Tartary. 

Hemath {^Amathilis Rtgio), a ditlrift 
in the s of Syria. 

Heme ROD ROMi, couriers or runners 
among the Greeks. 

Hemeroscofium. See Dianium. 
, Hemodus. See Emodus. 

Heneti, a people of Paphlagonia, in 
Afia Minor. 

Hen-iocht, a people of Afiatic Sar- 
matia, near Colchis, 

Henna. Sec Castro Joanni. 

He N N E B UR (;, a city of Holland. 

Henoch 1 1, a people on the confines 
of the Cafpian and Euxine Seas. 

HePH^STIA. ) e r> 

HtTH.-ESTFAs.} SeeCocHiNO. 
Hepha:stiades Insi^lje. See Lr- 


HicvH.iESTiAS. See Volcano. 

Kfph.^stii, mountains in Lycia, 
which are enfily ignited. 

Heph.estilm, a temple of- Vulcan, 
on Mount Cliimera, in Lyc:a. 

He F HER (£/.ifT, 0/.^;-), a city of 
Zabulon, in a diftri6t of the lame 

Hepta Comet.b, a warlike people 
who prefided over fcvcn imall diftrifts in 

Heptanomis {l-hpiap"Ui'), Middle 
I%gypr, between Thtbajs and the Delta, 
which contained fevcn cities, 

Heptapho\Q5, a portico in Olym- 
Pia, lo conHrudted as to rcfltdl the voice 
Uvcn times. 

Hept.vpoi IS. See Heptanojmis. 



Hekaclea, in Caria. See Aic- 


Her AC LEA {Hcraclio Pont tea, Hn\t» 
drum), a (.ity of Bithynia, in Afia Mi- 

Hekaclea, a city of Candia. 

Heraclea, a city of Great Greece, 
on the Sinus Tarcntinus. 

Heracl£.-\, a city of Elis. Sec Cy- 


Hekaclea (Laif/io.-), a city of Icnia, 
at the foot of Mount Laimos. 

Heracle.\, a city of Media, to the 
s E of Ecbatana. 
Heraclea, a city of Parthia. 
Hekaclea (Traihinia), a city of 
Phthioti-, in Theffaly, near the Sinos 
Maliacus, at the foot of Mount Oeta. 

Hekaclea {Cutfl I^ovi^)y a city of 

L'i.raclea, a maritime town of I*ary, 
iti the Terra di Lavoro, was founded 
A. C. 431. 

Heraclea, a city of Selcucis, in 

Heraclea Cyrkhestica, a di- 
ftricTi: of Syria. 

Heraclea Pontic.v. See Cher- 

Heraclea {M,»oay Macara\ a city 
of Sicily. See Ergel. 

Hej<ACu:A Sintioa, a city of 
Macedcaia on the w fic'.e of {t\e Stry- 

Heraclea {rvn/'ul^i, Puinjoits, 
Mygflo>!ica)y a city o.f Thrace, on the 

Heraclea, a maritiiiie town of 
European Turkey, founded A. D. 639, 
by the billiop of Opitcrgium, who 
named it in honour of the etnperor 
HevacU^s, after being deprived of his 
city by Rotharis. 

H E R A c L f. a ( Herculis hifula , Hera- 
cli'jt(s'), a fiTiall ifiand en the N of 

Heracleopolis Magna, a city 
of Egypt, on an iflaud formed by the 

Heracleovolis Parva, a town 
of Eo^pt. 

Heracleotes, ai\ ifland. See 
H e k a c l e a . 

Her a5;lkqtes, JsCkMOs, a diftri£t 
of the Delta, in Egypt. 

HeracleoticViM Ostium Nili 
{Canobicnm, Caiwpiium), one of <hc 
mouths of the Nile. 

Heraclsum, aproraontory of Cap- 
padocia, - ■. i ,,>»-< ** 

M 3 



Heracleum, a city of Egypt. 

Kekacleum, a city on the n fide of 

Heracleum, a city of Pontus, be- 
tween the rivers Iris and Thermndon. 

HekacLEUM, a city of Cherfone- 
fus Taurica, on the s fide of the Palus 

Heracleum, a city of Bithynia. 

Hekaclid^, the defcendants of 

Heraclius, a river of Greece. 

Her;ea, a city of Arcadia, on the n 
iide of the Alpheus, where was a temple 
dedicated to Pan. See Ravoli. 

Her.^a. See Ragusa. 

HKRiEUs (^ArtfJi)io), a mountain in the 
u of Sicily. 

Her^um {JunoKis Templuni), a tem- 
ple of Juno, on the ifland of Samcs. 

Herjeum {Juncnis Templum^, a tem- 
ple of Juno, in Greece, between Argo 
and Mycenae. 

HER,i:uM, a city of Thrace. 

Herjeum, a temple of Juno, on the 
jfland Melita. 

Herat. See Heri. 

Herbanum. See Orvieto. 


Hor...,- ^„ > See Erbessus. 
erbessus. 5 

Herbipoljs. See Wurtzburg. 

Herbita, a city of Sicily. 

Herculaneum, a city of the Sam- 
nites, in Italy. 

Herculaneum, a city of Campa- 
ria, in Italy ; deftroyed by an eruption 
of Mount Vcfuvius, A. D. 79, during 
the reign of Titus. The lava being 
removed in the eighteenth century, 
ftreets, and rows of houfes, were dif- 
covered quite perfefl ; from whence 
ftatues, bufts, paintings, manufcripts, 
houfchold utenfils, &c. have been taken, 
^yhich throw a greater light on the 
produftions of the ancients than any 
things heretofore brought to public 

Herculea. See Grveca Via. 

fifERCULEUM Fretum. See Fre- 


Herculeum, a promontory in Ca- 

Herculeus Lacus, a lake in 

Hercolis AR.ffi, a city of Sufiana, 
on the Tigris. 

Herculis Arenosi CuMut;f, a 
diftrift in Cyrenaica. 

Herculis Castra, a city on the 
^hine, near Arnheim. 

Herculis Columnje, the moun- 
tains Singes and Gibraltar ; the fQrnier 
in Africa, the latter in Europe. 

Herculis Delubrum, a temple of 
Hercules at Erythrae, in Ionia. 

Herculis Fanum, a village of 

Herculis Insula (Scon:braria), an 
ifland ntar Carthagena. 

Herculis Insulje, two iHands on 
the N w of Sardinia. 

Herculis Lucus, a grove facred to 
Hercules, in Weftphalia. 

Herculis MoNOECi PoRTUS. See 

Herculis Portus "j a maritime 
Bruttiorum, 1 town on 

Herculis Portus j the Tuf. 
Labronis, J can Sea. 

See Leghorn. 

Herculis Promontorium. See 
Hartland Point. 

Herculis Promontorium. See 
Spartivento, Cape. 

Herculis Promontorium, a 
promontory of Mauritania Tingitana, 
between the Greater and Lefier Atlas, 
on the Mediterranean. 

Hercynia ) ( Orcynius, 

Hercynia Sylva 5 Hariz)., an 
extenfive foreft in Germany, which con- 
tained the modern countries of Switzer- 
land, Bafil, Spires, and Tranfylvania, and 
extended into Ruffia. 

HERDONEA.) c„„ A„^^v,r. 

TT ^^..r. ^ bee Ardonea. 

Herdonia. 3 

Herekord ( EreinaCt Aricomum ) , 
a city in a county of the fame name in 
England : the cathedral was founded 
A. D. 1110. 

Heren (HfJian, Cbara>i, Chan an, 
Cnna, Carrka), a city of Mefopotamia, 
wherein Caracalla w.i;, flain ; and in its 
vicinity Crcefus was killed, and his army 

Heken, a mountain in Mauritania 

Hergetes, the people of Tarracoji, 
in Spain. 

Hergentum) {Ergftium, Sergfti- 

Hergetium 5 Hum), a city of Si- 
cily, on the s fide of the river Chryfas. 

Heri {Herat, Aria, Arias, Arria, 
AtexanJria), a city of Chorafan, in Per- 

Herm;ea. SeeTAVOLANA. 

Herm^a, a promontory on the b^y 
of Carthage. 

Herm.«:um, a city of Arcadia. 

HermandurI (Hermiones), the 
original name of the people who in- 
habit Thuringia, Mifnia, Lufatia, Sile- 
fia, Moravia, and part of Poland : they 
derived their name from Hermion, 
their leadef : who ordain«<i that ihe 



women fliould attend the men to the 
\v*rs, and provide them with vifluals ; 
fuck and heal th«ir wounds; and during 
the time of action they and their chil- 
dren were to keep up a continual howl- 
ing, for the purpofe of animating the 
foldiers. — Hermion lived in the time of 
the Druids, and trained up part of his 
people to war, and the remainder to cul- 
tivate the ground ; forbidding all de- 
fcriptions from running into exccTs. 

Hermanni, a people of Germany. 

Hermantica, See Helman- 


Hermenta. See RATISBO>f. 

HeRMINIUS, a mountain in Spain, 
on whofe fummit are two lakes of great 

Hermione ^Marea), a city of Argo- 
iis, %vhere a temple was dedicated to 

HERMIO>fES. See HermaKDuRI. 

Hermioki^, a city near the Rhi- 
phjean mountains. 

Hermionicus Sinu5, a bay on the 
x:oart of Argolis, near Hermione. 

Hermjsium. a city of Chcrfouefus 
Taurica, towajds the Cimmerian Bof- 

Hermon {JErmon, Sanior, Samr, 
Sariofty Scirion, Senir\ a mountain in 

HERM0NAS3A, a city of .^(iatic Bof- 

HermonassAi a city of Pontus, on 
the Euxinc. 

Hermonthis, a city of Upper 
Egypt, oppofite Thebes, where Jupiter 
and Apollo were worfliipped. 

Hermopolis, acity of LovvcrEgvpt, 
on an iflaad formed by the Nile, called 

HERMOPGLis Mag^ia {Mcrcurii 
Of>pidum), a city of Upper Egypt, nn the 
.w fide of the Nile. 

Hermopolis Parva, a town of 
Egypt, to the s of Schedea, and s E of 

Hermotum, a city of Troas. 

Hermunduri, a people of Ger- 
many, fubdued by Aurelius. 

HERMUPOtis, a city of Caramania. 

Hekmus. SeeSARAB\T. 

Hern'ici, a people of Campania, ia 
Italy, who were inveterate enemies to 
the ufurpation of the Romans. 

Herooia, a city of Judca, built by 
Herod to commemorate the viftory he 
obtained over Antigonus. 

Herodians, a faction among the 

Herodion, a city near Jerufalcm. 


Herodium, a citadel of Judca, near 


Heroopolis. See Suez. 

Heroopoliticum Promonto- 
RIUM, a promontory on the w fid« of 
the Arabian Gulf. 

Herp.\, a city of Cappadocia. 

Hertford ( Durocobri-vis, Duroco- 
biiva, Hertidford), the chief town in a 
county of the fame name, in England. 

Hertzogenbucsh. See Bois t£ 

Heruli (Oio/r//«? Gotbh), a people' 
in the northern parts of Europe, who 
attacked the Romans when they were^ 
on the decline, and afterwards overran 
great part of Afia. 

HES.XWUS, a mountain nearPxonia. 


See SaBasant. 

HE3B0N. 1 

See Spaix. 

Hesperia. See Italy. 

HesPERiA, an ifland of Africa, the 
refidence of the Amazons. 

Hesperia Magna. 

Hesperia Uj,tima 

Hesperi Cornv. \ See Verd, 

Hesperides. / Cape ds. 

Hesperides, "i a facred 

Hesperidum HoRTi, > grove to 

HesperIs, ) the £ of 

Berenice, in Cyrenaica- See Bernich. 


Cape de. 

Hesperii i^THiopEs. See Abys- 

HEsPERis. See Bernich. 

HesperitIS. a country of Africa. 

HtsTiiEA. See Oreos. 

Hesti.i:otis \ {EJilaotisy Doritt 

Hestiotides J HiJ}i<eoiis), z 
diftrift of Theflaly, near Mount Olym- 

Heterosx:ii, the inhabitants of the 
two temperate zones, whofe fliadows are 
thrown N or s, as they are fituatc towards 
the torrid zone. 

HetH-'ei {Htttai, Cbetttei), a peo- 
ple of Canaan, who reiidcd about He> 

HETRfCULUM. See Latoraco. 

Hetruria. See Tuscany. 

HetrvriaNS, the people of Tuf- 

HEViEI {Kidmonai), a people of 
Canaan, who dwelt at the foot of Mount 

He. X AMI LI {Ly/imachia), a city of 
iEtolia, to the N of Mount Aracynthus. 

Hexapylos, >a fortrefs at Syra- 

HexaPylu.M, 5 cufe in Sicily. 

Hexha.m > ( AxelodunuiDt 

Hextoldesham 5 Havguftaldi 
M 4 


H I P 

t'litiguljlad') y formerly a city, now a town, 
in Northumberlam] ; wiiere the York- 
ifts defeated the Lnncaftrians with great 
ffabghter, A. D. 146;;. 
"HnoRiTES, a people of Palefiine, 
HlARN-.^, J an ifland of Jutland. 

IItaxe (Hyaz), a city of China. 
' IIiPERNiA. See Irtlavd. 
.liiBr.Rrs. S'.e Ebro. 

KfCCAR A (Hvccara, Luaclvira'^, a ciry 
cf Sicily. 

HiCESTA, an ifland to the N of Sicily. 

H15.RA (^Aul07;:ate), oix.- of the Cy- 
clade Jflef, to the N of Candia. 

HiERA (Mantar?w), an ifland on the 
w of Si.cily, oppofue Lilybaeum. 

HiERA. Sec Volcano. 

HrERACiirvi. See Peter, St. 

HteRa:, a gate of Athens, towards 

H I E R A G E R M A , a city of My fia, near 

HiERA Petra. Sec Hierapyt- 


Htkrafolis, a rharititrie city cf 
Candia, where St. Philip was crucified. 

Hierapolis, in Phrygia. See 

' Hierapolis, in Syria. See Alep- 

* Hierapolis, in Mefopotamia. See 
Ed ess A. 

Hierapolis {Bambyce, Magog), 
the chief city of Euphratafiana, in 

Hierapolit^, a people of Phry- 
gia,'in Afia Minor. 

Hierapytna {Hierapetra, Cjrrba, 
Pytna, Camyroi, Cyrba, Camirui), a city 
of Candia. 

Hierasus. See Pruth. 

Hi £R AS Y cam IN OS {Sjcaminus Sa- 
cra), a city of Upper Egypt. 

HiERAX, a city of Lower Egypt, to 
the s w of Alexandria. 

HiERES {Ligyjlidesy Sioccbada), 
iflands on the coaft of Provence, in 

HiKRiCHUs. See Jericho. 

HiEROc.ESAREA, a ciry of Lydia, 
on the confines of ..'Eolia. 

RiEROCEPiA, an ifland nearPaphos, 
in Cyprtis. 

HjERODULUM, a city of Libva, 

IIiHROMiACE, a river of Paieftine, 
flowing hy C^adar.T. 


High Cross. See Cro<is, High. 
Iiic;ii-\V vcoMB. Sec Wycqmb. 
Hignatta Via, a wide ror.d ex- 
tending fr-'iii the Ionian Sea acrofs 

Macedonia, to the Hellefpont, about 530' 

Hilar A, a city of Sicily. 

Hildeborg. See Heidelblrg. 

Hileia. See Eleia. 

HiLTCANu.M. Ste Alicanum. 

HiLLVRicUM. See Illyricum, 

Himella, a river of Italy, falls into 
the Tiber. 

HiMERA, a city of Sicily. 

HrMEF.A, a river. See Ter Ju- 

HiMERA. See Eurotas. 

HiMERENSES Therm.iE, a citv of 
Sicily, on the E fide of the Himera, tliat 
flows towards the n. 


HiMpTTO {Hymctiits), a mountain 
near Athens. 

Hinnom, Valley of. See Be.v 


HtpiAS, a river of Bithvnia. 

HrppACRA. See Hippo. 

HipPAUEs, one of tlic gates of 

Hippagrita. See Hippo. 

HippANA, a city of Sicily, between 
Panormus and Mutiftratus. 

Hipparcum. See Borsjppa. 

HiPPARis,'a river of Sicily. 

Hip PI (^Efjui), four fmali iflands near 
Erythrae, in Ionia. 

Hippi Promontoril'm, a pro- 
montory in Numidia. 

Hippici Montes, mountains in 
Afiatic Sarmatia. 

HlFi'icys, one of the ninety towers 
on the outer wall of Jerufalem. 

Hippivs. See Kypics., 

Hippo (HiJ'/>acra, H-^pagrila, Hip- 
puacra, Atra'), a city of Zcugitana, in 
Africa, where the kng of Numidia rc- 

Hirro. See Vibo. 

Hippo. See Valencia. 

Hippo Diarrhytus, a maritime 
city v^ Africa, to the s w of Utica. 

Hippobotes, an extenfive plain 
near the Calpian Sea. 

HiFFoCRENE {Ag.'inippe) , a foun- 
t^'rn on Mount JJelicon, I'acred to the 

HipporiROMOS. See Hypodro- 

HiPFOL.v, a city of Laconia, in the 

HippoMOLGi, a people of Scythia, 
whofe chief food was ttie milk of 

PIippoN. See Hippos. 

HippoN,.a city of Africa. 

HippONEsus, an ifland 'j:^. the coaft 
of Car'ia, in Afia Minor, 

H O L 

H O L 

H I p p o N I A T I s Sinus ( N:ipitinui Si- 
nus), a bay in Calabria. 

HiPi'o.NiTis, a lake near Hippo Di- 

Hii'PONiuM. See Valencia. 

HippoMu.M. Sec Viijo. 

HiPPornAGi, a people of Scythia, 
whole chitf food was horrc-Hefh. 

HippoPHAGi, a people of Pars, in 

Hippos {}lil<l>on, Si^/Itba), a city of 
Palefline, on the other fuie Jordan. 

HiPPURi PoRTVS,'a port of the 
ifland of Ceylon. 

HiPPUKis, a fmall ifland near Can- 

Hippus, a riverof Colchis, flows into 
the Euxine. 

HiPPUs, a city of Ionia, at the mouth 
of rhe Mittander. 

Hi psus. See Ivsv^. 

HiRA, a maritime town in the IMu- 

HiRMiNius, a river of Sicily, flows 
into the African Sta. 

HiRPiNi, a people of Italy near the 

HiRPiNiA, a province of Italy. 

HispAHAN, bee Ispahan. 

HisPALis. Sec Seville. 

HisPANiA. See Spain. 

HispANiA Tarraconensis [■tur- 
raconcnjis Proi-uicm), a diltrirt of 

HispANiENSE Ostium, one of the 
two (mailer mouths of the Rhone. 


HisTi/EA {Talaniia), a city of Ne- 
gropont, near the prumontorv Ceiii- 

HiSTLTiOTis. See Hesti-'EOTts. 

HisTi -EOTis, a (mall diftrift of Ne- 

HrsTONiUM. SeeGuASTo. 

HisTRiA. See Ca vo d'Istria. 

HiTT^Ei. Sec Heth>'ei. 

Hiulca, a marlhy diltrift of Lower 
Pannonia. See Polina. 

HoDOMANTi, a people of Thrace. 

HcEMUS, a mountain in Bulijaria. 

IIoLDEUNEss {OctUum), 3 d-ftrift ia 
the county of York. 

Holland {Buinvia, Bafavn, Ba- 
tavoruni Infula, Pata-Jin), the chief of 
the Seven United Provinces, and the 
name by wiiich they are eenerally 
known : they were originally fubjtft 
to' Spain ; but the inhabitants beint; 
diflatisfied with rheir governors, a depu- 
tation met at Utrecht in 1572, when 
prince William of NafTau was appointed 
governor for the States, who rook pnf- 
(cliion of feveral town^ ; which cauf<.>i 

the Spanifh government to offer a gene- 
ral pardon, with the exception of the 
prince and a few others. 

In 1576 the States took the fort of 
Crimpcn, and applied to the queen of 
England for pecuniary aid ; wlui the 
next year accommodated thtm with the- 
lum of 20,000/. ; by which means they 
were enabled to take (Ihent, where 
the general union was formed. They 
afterwards took Utrecht, Breda, and 
Bovines; which induced the citizens of 
Amllerdum to join rhe confederates in 
157S ; after which they cook Binch and 
Deventer ; but an iniurro'Jtion taking 
place at Ghent, the prince of Orange 
repaired there ; and, having allayed the 
fedition, accepted the re^^ency of Flar, - 
ders from Muthias. 

In it;tic, the States having^ takea 
Mechlin, Dieft, Sichem, and other 
places ; the Spaniards, tu prevent their 
making further progrefs, declared the 
duke of Ai'jnu ibvereign lord of tiie 
Netherlands ; :ind the prince of Orange 
was prolcribed by the king of Spain, 
who retook Breda; at which time 'the 
Stares, having renounced theinbcdience, 
adumed the governmenr. 

The prince of Orange being (hot, in 
1582, the parties were taken and exe- 
cuted ; and the next year the States 
toi.k Dunkirk, and feveral other Itrong 

Nuys and feveral other forts be- 
inj taken by the States in is3;, rhey 
placed thcmi'elves under the proteiilion 
of the queen of Kngland, who had feve- 
ral towns delivered to her by w'hv of J'e- 
curity fur the money (he had advar.ced, 
rhe earl of Leicefter being appointed her 
lieu'enant-governor, who took polTcdion 
of Doefburg and Zutphcn, where fiv 
Philip Sydney loft his l.fe. 

The ear! of Leicefter bein^r recalled 
in 1587, the States took Mephen in 
W'eftphalia : rhe next year Uirecht and 
o her places became reconciled to rhem, 
and the Spaniards vver6 expelh-'d the 
iiland of Borne!. 

In 1590 Breda and Oudenburg were 
taken by the State?, j and the next' vew 
Blackenburg,. Coiltnburg, -IV'iiilegucn, 
/futphen, an'l Devcuter : in \i,c^l'0•^•^ 
verdcn and Steenwick were luodtied ; 
and the following year Gertruvdenbhrg 
wtis added to the number, and the liegd 
of Creveca^ur was railed. 

Count Snlmcs, the French genenl, 
ere,5ted feveral tons in Flanders ; which 
enabled him to raife the ficge of Cover- 
den, and to take Groiiingen. • ' 

The yvHini; prince of Orange, hivin.; 

H O L 


been conflned in Spain, was delivered 
from his imprifonmen: in 1596, when 
the Stares entered into an alliance with 
England and France : the next year 
they took pofTeflion of feveral ftrong 
places, and made preparations for trad- 
ing to the Eaft Indies, which they put 
in execution in 1598 : the next year, 
having taken Wachtendonk and feveral 
other ftrong places, they were prohibited 
from trading with Spain. 

In 1601 Cracou and Rhinberg were 
talcen, and Bois ie Due was btfieged, 
but in vain : the next year Grave was 
fubdued, and the States gave aiTiftance 
to the citizens of Embden, who revolted 
from their government. 

In 1604 Sluys was taken, in view of 
the archduke's army : the iile of Cad- 
fant, the fort of Jfenburg, and Arlon, in 
Luxemburg, were aHo fubdued the fame 

In 1606 the Spaniards bcfieged Sluys, 
where they were repulfed with great 
(laughter J and the people of Embden, 
by the mediation of England, were re« 
conciled to their governors. 

The Dutch obt«,ined a fignal viftory 
over the Spaniards in the Straits of Gib- 
raltar in 1607; and the next year the 
marquis of Spinola was difpatched to the 
Hague to treat for a peace, which ter- 
minated in a truce for twelve years ; but 
in 161 1, the Dutch admiral not lowering 
his flag to the Spaniards, an engagement 
took place off Cape St. Vincent's, in 
which the Spaniards loft three fhips, 
and the Dutch admiral was killed. 

In 1613 the Spanifh fleet, going to the 
Indies, was defeated by the Dutch, who 
took the caftle of Mina, in the South 
Sea, and erefted two forts to fecure the 
navigation of the Ems, having taken 
Emeric and Rees. 

In 1616 the States redeemed the 
towns in poffcftion of the Englifh, and 
overcame the I'ortuguefe at the Moluc- 

In 1627 they fortified Grave and Ni- 
meguen, and the next year deprived the 
Spaniards of great wealth in the Weft 
Indies. See Battavia. 

HOLMIA. } c c^, ^ -.. . 

Tj > See Seleucia. 


HoLMiA, ) a rivulet that rifes in 

HoLMius, j Mount Helicon, and 
flows into the Lake Copais, in Boeotia. 

HoLO, a city of Spain. 

HoLOCRON, a mountain in Mace- 

HoLopYXUs, an inland town of 

Homer EVM, a temple dedicated to 
Homer, at Smyrna, where the inhabit- 
ants confidered him a native. 

HoiwERiTJE )( Ham}'a riles), a people 

HoMERiTESj on the fcacoaft of 
Arabia Felix. 

HoMOLE, a lofty mountain in Thef- 

HoMOLEA, a mountain in Magnefia. 

HoMOLOiDEs,one of the feven gates 
of Thebes. 

HoMONA, ) a city of Pifidia, on 

HoMONADA,5 ^^c confines of 


HoMONADENSEs, ) a people of Ci- 


HoNOSCA, a maritime town of 
Spain, between Carthagcna and the 

HoR (5«V), a mountainous diftrift of 
Arabia Petraea. 

HoRACiT^, a people near lUyricum. 

HoREB {Oreb), a mountain in Arabia 

HoRESTi, a people near Sol way Frith 
(or Efkdale), in Scotland. 

HoRiTEs, the inhabitants of Mount 
Hor, in Palefline. 

HoRMA, a city of Almopia, in Ma- 

HoRMA \(^Harmah, Arnia), a city 

HoRMAH 5 of Paleftine, deftroyed 
by Jo/hua. 

HoRMi-'E. See Mola. 

HoRONAiM (Oroniiim), a city of 
Moab, on the other fide Jordan. 

HoRREA, )a city of Byza- 

HoRREA Ctelia, 5 cium, above 
Adrunietum, in Africa Proper. 

HoRREA ) (Orr.-rt), a city 

HorreaMargi S of Moefia Su- 
perior, on the river Margus. 

HoRREUM, a city of Moloffis, itt 

HORTA. ) c /> 

„ V See Orta. 


HoRTONA, a city of Italy, on the 
confines of the iEqui. 

HosTiA. See Ostia. 

HosTiENsis Via. See Via Osxif- 

HosTiLiA. See Ostiglia. 

Hoy. See Huv. 

HuELMA {Accatucci), a city of Bje- 
tica, in Spain. 

HuESCA {Ofca, FiBrix), a city of 
Arragon, in Spain. 

HuEscAR (Ofca, Efcua), a city of 
Granada, on the confines of Murcia and 
New Caftile. 

HuESDEN, a town of Holland. 

HuETTE, a city of Spaia. 

H U Y 


Hui-L (King/lewn upon Hill, Kingfion 
upon Hull), a maricime town in the Eaft 
Riding of Yorkfliire, founded by king 
Edward the Firft.— In the Trinity- 
houfc there is a Greenland fiftierman in 
his leather boat, who, after being taken, 
was fo perverfe that he would not take 
any nourifhmcnt; confcqucntly famiihcd 

HuMAGO, a town on an iP.and of the 
fame name, on the coaft of Iftria. 

HuMBER {Adus), a confiderable river 
in England, that, after (eparating the 
counties of York and Lincoln, dilem- 
bogues into the German Ocean. 


Hungary ) (^Pannonia), aking- 
HungavariaJ dom of Europe, 
appears to have been peopled by the 
Scythians, who originally inhabited ihc 
Rhiphaean mountains ; and having ex- 
pelled the Goths from thence, were not 
fatisfied with all Scythia, but fwam over 
the Danube, and entered Europe about 
A. D.373, under their leader Balambtr j 
who having taken poffeffion of Panno- 
nia, the Hunns and Avarres joined toge- 
ther, about the year 570, and from that 
time were called Hungarians. 

Attilla, king of the Hunns, ftyled 
himfelf fon of Mundizuchus, nephew to 
Ivimrod the Great, born at Engaddi, 
by divine goodnefs king of the Hunns, 
Medes, Goihs, and Danes, the terror of 
the world, and the fcourge of God : he 
fixed his refidence at Sicambria, above 
Buda, and affociated his brother iileda in 
the government. 

HoNGERFORD, a town of Berk- 
Ihire, that had certain privileges grant- 
ed by John of Gaunt, duke of Lancal'- 

HuNNf, ) a people who, after leading 
Hunns, J a wandering life on the 
confines of Europe and Alia, feated 
themfelves in Tranfylvania, near the 
borders of Hungary, about A. D. 743, 
notwithftanding they met with great 
oppofuion. They there divided them- 
felves into feven diitindt parties, eaeh 
of whom built a caftle ; and having de- 
ftroycd Sevathes, king of the country^ 
each party conhued itfelf within certain 

HuNTERSDOWN, ) the chief town 

lU.VTINGDON, 5 of Hi 

HoNTIDUNSCiRE, } a countv in 




Huntingdonshire, 5 England 
Hussites, a people of Germany. 
HuuM^ (Hoy), a town of Licgc, 
Huy ^ in Germany, founded 
A. C. 15. 

Hyala, a city at the mouth of the 

Hyampolis {Anemolia), a city of 
Phocis, on the Cephiffus, 

Hyampolis. See Iamboli. 

Hyaxthes, the inhabitants of Bcew 

Hyanthis. See Despotato. 

HYANTHIS. ) e r 

Kyantis. 5 See StkamuLIPa. 

Hvarotis {Hvihaotei), a river of 
India, flows into the Indus. 

Hybla {Hyifi/ri Col/f<), a mountain 
in Sicily, noted for producing dcliciou* 
honey, which the bees coliedted from the 
odoriferous flowers which grew there in 
great profufion. 

Hybla Major. See Paterno. 

Hybla Parva. See Augusta 

Hybla, in Germany. See Aftuis- 

Hybla Minor. See Ragusa- 

Hybla. a city of Attica. 

Hybl,€I CoLLts. See Hybla. 

Hybrianes, a people near Thrace, 

Hyccara {Imachara), a maritime 
town of Sicily, the birth-place of Lais. 

Hyda (^Hvde), a city of Lydia, at 
the foot of Mount Tmolus. 

Hydara. a city of Armenia. 

Hydaspes {Choafpei Ruwey), a rivcf 
of India, tiows into the Indus ; the 
boundaries of Ale-xander's conquefts ia 
the Eaft. 

Hydaspes, a river of Afia, flowing 
by Sufa. 

Hyde. See Sardis. 

Hyde. See Hyda. 

Hydissa, \a city of Caria, to the 

Hydissus, 3 NE of Haiicarnaffus. 

HydR-E, an ifland of Numidia, op* 
pofite the promontory Tretum. 

Hydraotes. See Hyarotis. 

Hydrela. See Caria. 

Hydriacus, a river of Caramacia, 
flows into Erythraum Mare. 

HyDRUNTUM. ) c^ r*..,., 

Hydkusa, a city of Attica. 

Hydrusia. See Tenos. 

Hydrusia. > c a 


Hyele. See Elex. 

Hyerosolyma. See Jerusa- 

Hyettus, a city of Boeotia. 

Hyetussa, a rroall ifland on the 
coai\ of Caria. 

Hygjana, a city of the Morea, 

Hyla, >a river of Myfia Minor, 

Hylas, 5 where Hylas, :hc favouiite 
of Hercuks, was drowned. 


H Y S 

T, ' J^ a fmall town of Bocotia. 

Hyle, ) 

Hyle, a cityof Cyprus, where Apollo 

was worfliipped. 

Hyleassa. SccParos. 

2^''^' } a river of Great Greece. 
Hylias, 5 

Hyllaicus, a diftrift of ihe Morea, 
near Mefftnia. 

Hyllus (Phrjx, Phrygiui), a river 
of Ionia, flows into the Hermu«. 

Hylophagi, a people of jEthiopia. 

Hymeria {Hirneria), a city of Oi- 
rhoene, in Afia. 

Hy JIETTL'S. a mountain near Athens, 
noted for its marble quarries, where a 
temple was dtdicaitd to Jupiter. 

Hypacarts. See Desna. 

Hyp A' a, one of the Hieres Ifles, near 
Marfeilles, ^ 

Hyp.?;pa. See Ipepa. 

HyPjESIA, a diilndt 9f Triphalia, in 
the Morea. 

Hyp AN A, ) a city of Triphalia, in 

Hypania,5 the Morea. 
. Hypanfs. See Agarus. 
- Hyfanis, SeeANTiCETA. 

Hypanis {Hspbajii), a rivtr cf India, 
falls into the Indus. 

Hyp AT a, ) the chief city of Thef- 

Hvpatha, \ faly, where Hercules 
is fa id to have been killed, by putting on 
a poifoned Ihirt. 

Hyp AXES, a river of Sicily, flows 
near Camarina. 

Hyperboreans, the people who 
inhabit very cold climates. 

Hyperborei, mountains in Scythia. 

Hyperdexios, a place on the Ifle 
of LelLos. 

Hyperea. SeeTRiziNA. 

Hyperesia. See Xylo-castro. 

Hyperia. SeeTRiziNA.' 

Hyperia, a city of Theffaly, where 
was a fountam of the fame name. 

Hyperia, a city of Melfenirf, in the 

Hyphjeus, a mountain cf Campania, 
in Italy. 

Hyphasis. See Hypanis. 

Hyphormus, a fmall port on the 
coaft of Attica, near Sunium. 

Hy'pia, a city of Bithynia, on the 
river Hypius, 

Hypius, a river of Bithynia, flows 
into the Euxine. See Lippo. 

Hypochalcis. See Jamboli. 

Hyfodromus {Hippodromiis), a race- 
courfe on the Sinus Hefperius ; the en- 
trance into Libya Interior. 

HYPOTHEBiE, a city on the coaft of 

Hyps A, a river of Sicily, falls into the 

Hyps A, a river of Sicily, falls into 
the Acragas. 

Hypsele. See Alascebar. 

Hypsipylea. See Stalimene. 

Hypsos, a city of Laconia, oh the 
confines of Arcadia. 

Hyrcania, an extcnfive country of 
Afia, to the N of Parthia, and the w of 
Media : it is very mountainous, and there 
are abundance of wild hearts, ferpents, 
and other noxious animals. 

Hyrcania ( Hrrcanuf Campus, Sv- 
rinx), a city of Lydia, near Thyatira. 

Hyrcania, a city of Perfia. 

Hyrcania. See Chorasan. 

Hyrcania. See Gorgian. 

Hyrcanion, a furtrefs in Judea. ' 

Hyrcanium Mare. > See Cak- 

Hy'rcanum Mare, j pian. 

Hyrcanus Campus. See Hyr- 

C A N' I A . 

Hyria, a diftrift of Bceotia, with a 
citv, river, and lake of the fame name. 

Hyria. See Oria. 

Hyria, a city of Ifauria, on the Ca- 

Hyrie. See Zacy'nthus. 

Hyrie. Sec Paros. 

Hykis, a promontory of Bithynia, 
rear Chalcedon. 

Hyrium, a maritime town of Apu- 
lia, Ijetv.'een Mount Garganus and the 

HvRMiNA, a city of Elis, in the 

Hyrkitkium, a plain of Argos pro- 
ducing fine olives. 

Hyrtacos, SeeARTAGINA. 

Hysia, a city of Boeotia. 

Hysia, a city of Arcadia. 

Hysia, a village of Argos. 

Hyspa, 3 river of Sicily. 

Hyssi, \ a river and port of Cappa- 

Hyssus, 5 docia, on the Euxine Sea, 



J A BAnn,ani{land in the Indian Ocean, 
to the s of the Sins auriferous. 

Tabes Gal A-AD, ) ,, . i- „f 

J ' f the metropolis or 

JABISSA, y n t A 

Jabisvs, ) 

Jabne. See 

Jabok, a river of the Perasa, the N 
boundary of the Annorrhitcs. 

Jabrud A {Jambruda), a city of Lao- 
dicea, in Syria. 

Jacca, 3 town of Arragon, in Spain, 
between Ofca and the Pyrenees. 

Jaccetani. See Lacetania. 

Jaccetania, a diftrift round Jacca, 
in Arragon. 

Jaci. See Acis. 

Iaco {Jaolco.', lolcos), a cityof Mag- 
nelia, in ThcfTaly, the birth-place of 

Jader, a river of Dalmatia, flows 
into the Adriatic. 

Jadera. > See Zara 

Jadera Coloni.\. \ Vecchia. 

Jaetje. See Jato. 

J^TAS, a mountain in Sicily. 

Jaffa {Japha, J^ppp.. 7"'PP'')> a '"•''- 
ritime town of Judca, on the Mediterra- 

Jag AT H, a cityof Mauritania Tin- 
g'.tana, near the river Taluda. 

Jagur, a city belonging to the tribe 
of Judah. 

J AHZA. See Jassa. 

JalysIa, a d:ltrift on the iiTand of 

Jalysus. See Ochyroma. 

J A M B o L I ( Hvampotis , Cb. i/cis, Mtolia, 
HjpocbiiUii), a city of Livadin. 

Jambrians, plundering Arabs, near 
Mcdaba. in Arabia Pctrsea. 

Jambruda. SeejABRUDA. 

James, St. de Co.mkostella. 
See Compostella. 

Jamn'Es 1 {Jemme,JcTr.'na'n, J.'jne), 

JamnT > a maritime town ot Afia, 

Jamnia^ between Joppa and Azo- 


Ja.mxia, a village in Upper Ga- 

Jam.vo, a fortress in Minorca. - 

J A S 

Jamphorina, a cityof Macdici. at 

the foot of Mount Panga;u«, in Thrace. 

Jan'icui.ensis Pons. See Ponte 



jANicuLUM. peeMoNTORio. 

jAN'iGEy;!':, the aborigines of the 
Tufcans, or Etrurians. 

Janna.) See Thessalia. 

J A N N I z A R I {Sigauni ) , a promontory 
of Phrygia. 

Janoe, a city belonging to the tribe 
of Ephraim. 

Ja.vus, a ftrcct in Rome frequented 
by ulurers. 

Janus Augustus, a town, or tem- 
ple, near Cordova, in Spain. 

Janyrus. ) c T- ~ 

\ c See Faramida. 

Jan'ysus. ) 

Jaolcos. See Iaco. 

Japha.)c t 

•i > See Jaffa. 

Japonese, a people of India. 

j APYDiA, a diltriil of Illyricum. 

jAPYGiE, the people of Calabria, 

J A p Y G I A . See Calabria. 

JapygiUiM {Salentin\m), a promon- 
tory of Calabria. 

Jaramoth. See JaRMUtii. 

Jarbel (^Rufucmium, Rufjiccurum^, % 
ci'y of Mauritania Caefir cnlis. 

Jardanvjs. SeeAciDAS. 

JaRDANUS, a river nf Caudia. 

Jarkphel, a city belonging to the 
tribe of ManaJTeh. 

Jar ETTA {Simatbus), the large ft 
river in Sicily. 

Jargan'U.M, a promontory in Phry- 

jAr>.GEAU, a town of Orleans, in 
France; capiured by the Englilh A. D. 
145*5, and re-taken tine next year by Joan 
of Arc. 

jAHiMUTir^ {Ja'amolh. Jrrimotb), a 

JaRMUTH \ city of Pileftnie. 

Jaskr. SccJazer. 

Jasius Si.vus, a bay in the Archi- 

Jason'IU.m, a city of Margiana, ia 
Alia, near the river Margu^. 



Jasoktum, a promontory of Pontus, 
CMi the Euxine Sea. 

Jasonius, a mountain lowards the s 
of Media. 

Jasouez, a city of Caramania, in 

Jassa (yaBza)t a place on the other 
fide Jordan, towards the Vildernefs. 
JassiI) a people of Dacia. 
Jassiorum Municipium. See 

jASStrs, > a city on an iflandof the 
Jasus, 3 fame name on the coaft 
«f Caria. 

Jassv {Jajfiorum Manidpium, Priro- 
Jama), a city of Moldavia, on the river 

Jathrippa (Jeiriba), a city of Ara- 
Jati. See Jato. 
Jatjna, a town of Majorca. 
Jattnum. SeeMEAux. 
Jato (Jatiy Jata^ J eta, Bathys), 
a river of Sicily, falls into the Tufcan 

Jato {Jata, Jeta)., a fortrefs of 
Sicily, on the w fide of the river Cri- 

J AT R us, a river of Moefia Inferior, 
falls into the Danube. 

Jaurinum, a city of Hungary. 
Jaxartes {Sills'),^ river of Tartary, 
difcmbogues into the Cafpian Sea. 

Jayza, the chief city of Bofnia, in 
European Turkey. 

Jazer (y^/if'jt a city of the Levites, 
beyond Jordan. 

Jazig^, > a people of Poland. 

Jazyg^, ) "^ '^ 

Jazvges ^ (Mf/rt'T'T/?^), a people 

Jazygians ji of European Sar- 

Iber. See Spain. 

Ibera, ^ a city of Catalonia, in 

Iberia, 3 Spain, founded about 
A.M. 1938. 

Iberia. See Spaiv. 

Iberia, in Afia. See Georgia. 

Iberian sj a people of Afia, fub- 
dued by Pompey. 

Iberijs. See Ebro. 

Iberus, a river of Iberia, in Afia, 
fifes in Mount Caucafus, and flows into 
the Cyrus. 

Ibettes, a river on the ifland of 

Ic^EDiTA. See Edania. 


IcARiUM Mare, a part of the Ar- 

ICARius, a mountain in Attica. 
Icarus. See Nicaria. 


Iccius. See Icius. 

IcEDiTA See Edania. 

Ictf AND (Tbiile), an iHand in the 
N of Europe, on which is a volcano 
called Mount Hecla. 

ICENi, the people in the counties of 
Suffolk, Norfolk, Cambridge, and Hunt- 

ICHAVA, a city of Sicily, near the 
promontory Pachynum. 

ICHN^, a city of Mefopotamia, built 
by the Macedonians, on the river Bi- 
lecha, where they had the firft engage- 
ment with the Parthians, and where the 
fon of Craffus loft his life. 

IcHNL'SA. See Sardinia. 

Ichthycessa. See Nicaria. 

ICHTHYOPHAGI, a people of Ethi- 
opia, who lived upon filh. 

ICHTHYS, a promontory of Eiis, in 

IcHus. See Sardinia. 

ICHWORTH, ) . • c a- 11 

IctANi, 'I a town in Suffolk. 

Icius {Iccius, Itius, Portus Iccius), a 
harbour in France, from whence Cje- 
far let fail on his expedition to invade 

IcoLMKiLL (loxa), one of the He- 
bride Ifles, on the coaft of Scotland, 
where feveral kings were burled in an- 
cient times. 

IcoNiuM. See CogT9I. 

IcoNiUM, a city of Cilicia, in Afia 

Icos, a fmall ifland near Negro- 

IcosiuM. See Acor. 

ICTCMULORUM Vicus, a place at 
the foot of the Alps, which abounds 
with gold mines. 


T^„r,,„. J See Angoulksme, 


Icus {Dipobs, Diopolis), a fmall ifland 
among the Cyclades. 

Icus. See Sardinia. 

Ida, a city of Pamphylia. 

Ida. See Psii.oriti. 

Ida, a chain of mountains in Myfia, 

Ida, a mountain in Phrygia. 

Ida, a mountain near Troy, where 
Paris adjudged the prize of beauty to 

iD^ffiA. See Candia. 

Idjei Dactyli. See CorybaN- 
tium OrriDUM. 

Idalium. See Griec.o. 

Ideessa {Pbrj'xum'), a city of Iberia< 
in Afia. 

Ideonni REGNt'M, a diftrift o 
Italy, near Mount St. Bernard. 

Idessa. See Ideess.\. 

Ip£x. Sec Idice. 

I E R 


LA, "i 

Idiccara,^ the Euphrates, near 
Arabia Defcrta- 

Id ICE (/Jf'.r), a river of Italy, be- 
tween Bologna and Quiiderna. 

Idicra, a city ot Numidia, to the 
W of Cirta. 

IdimuM, a city of Mcefia Superior, 
between Viminiacum and Honta 

iDOMEhf iE, ) a city of Cyrrheftica, in 

loOiMENE, 5 Macedonia J to the N 
of Cyrrhus. 

Idro {Edrinus Lacuj), a lake of Bref- 
cia, in Lombardy. 

Idubeda, a river and mountain in 

Idumania, a river of Britain that 
flows by Colchefter. 

Jdume, ^ the land of Egypt, ad- 

Idumea,5 joining to Judea ; a 
diftrift of Arabia Petraea. 

Idumeans, the people of Edom, from 
whom Herod derived his defcent. 

Idymus, a city of Caria, on the river 

Jebus. See Jerusalem. 

Jebus^i, a people of Canaan. 

Jebusalem. > c^» T,-^,.^ . , r.,» 

Jebusi. 5 -' 

Jebusites, a people of Canaan. 

Jefferkin {Capernaum, Caparneum, 
Kepbarnome\ a city of Galilee, on the 
confines of Zebulon. 

Jehud ijoiid), mountains in Afia, 
whofe inhabitants were fubdued by 

Jellia, a city of Liguria, between 
Genoa and Piacentia. 

Jelling, a ciry of Denmark. 


Jelysus. ) 

Jemin. See Arabia Felix. 

Jena. See Cray. 

Jena ) (Sa/a), a town of Thuringia, 
■ Jene 5 in Germany, where an uni- 
verfity was founded A. D. 154?. 

Jenifar {Beiai:), a lake ori the 
confines of Magnefia, in Theflaly. 

Jenisus, a City of Syria. 

Jenizar (^Pbera), a ciry of Bceo- 

Jenizzar (Pel/a, Bunomin, Bur.o- 
Kos, "Julia AuguJIa Pella"), the metropo- 
lis of Macedonia, the birth-place of 
Philip and of his fon Alexander. 

Jerahmulita, a people to the s 

Jericho)( HierichnSy Palmarum Ci- 

Jericus ) iii(as), a city of Jodea, 
iti Paledine. 

Jerimoth. See J4RI.MUTH. 

IeR.VE, Sec iKtLANO. 

Ibrkus. See Mai. 

Ierosolyma) {Jeii/s, Salem, So* 

Jekusalem \ lyvia, Jebuji, Je. 
bufaltm, Hyerofilyma, JElia CapitoUof 
jElia Capftolina), a city of Judea, in 
Afia } appears to have been founded 
about A. M. ao3 5 by Melchizedck : 
when the Jews entered the Land of 
Promife, the Jebufnes became poffeffed 
of it, which they retained 824. years ; 
but when David afcended the throne of 
Ifrael, he difpofleded them, and made it 
the metropolis of his kingdom. 

In Z974 the city was taken and 
plundered by Shclac, king of Egypt ; 
aifo by Jo)s, king of Ifrael, in 3117; 
by Nebuchadnezzar, king of B.ibylon, 
in 3360; and after the feventy years 
captivity, the people, on their return, 
rebuilt the temple, which had been de- 
ftroyed, and furrounded the city with a 

Upon the dilTenfions am6ng the high 
priefts, in 3591, Vagofcs, lieutenant to 
Artaxerxes, entered the city, and de- 
fpoiled it again : in 3638, Ptolemy 
Lagi, under pretence of facrificing, fur- 
prifcd the city : in 3780 Antiochu* 
Epiphanes gained poffelfion of it, and 
profaned the temple : afterwards, in 
3887, it was taken by Pompey, who 
made it tributary to Rome. 

The city was fubdued by Titut 
A. D. 70 J and, upon a rebellion of the 
Jews, in 132, the emperor Adrian or- 
dered it to be demolifhed ; but he after- 
wards repaired the damage that had been 
done, and prohibited the Jews from en- 
tering the city. 

In 636 the Chriftians were expelled 
the city by the Saracens under Omar, 
who retained pofleflion of it for the 
fpace of 504 years. In 1099 Godfrey 
of Boulogne, with the affiftance of the 
weftern princes, recovered the city from 
the Saracens : in 1187 the fultan Sala- 
dine expelled the Chriftians, and re- 
tained poffelfion of the city 329 years, 
when Selimas the Turkifh emperor 
fubdued them j and it has continued ia 
the poffeffion of the Turks ever fince 
that period. 

J ESI i^JEftum)^ a city of Ancona, ia 

Jksona ) {Mfona), a city of Cata- ) Ionia, in Spain, betwccQ 
Sicons and Nucaria. 

JesRAEL. )c T-i 

Jeta. See Juda. 
J6.T.E, a place of Sicily. 



I M O 

Jetriba. See Jatkrippa. 

Jezraei, {J^frael, Jffrtel)^ a city of 
Samaria, towards Mount Carmj:!. See 

Jezrael Vallis, a valley in Sa- 

Igadita. See Edania. 

Igeni, a people of Biitain. See 


loiLCiLi, a city of Mauritania Cie- 
farienfis, on the confines of Numidia. 

Igii.gitanum, a city of Mauritania 
Sitifenfis, in Africa. 

Igilium. Ste Cabreria. 

Igliaco {Pcntui), a river of Tlief- 

Ignetes iGnci, Cncies^^, the abori- 
gines of E.hodc£. 
. Jguvium. See Ugueio. 

Ikeneild Street, a road of Bri- 
tain, that extended fiom Southampion to 

Ilarcuris (Larcms), a city of the 
Carpetani, in Spain ; between Sifapo 
and Lam nium. 

Ilargus. SeeltLER. 

I LB a, an ifland near the coaRof Tuf- 
cany. See Elba. 

II Capo Acria {Acrita, Aa'iiaf), 
a promontory of Bithynia, near Chai- 

Ilchester (I/chaHs, Ifcalis, Ivel- 
cbffter), a town of Somerfctfhire. 

Ildum. Ste Salsadella. 

Ilea. See \\'isl&. , 

Ileosca {Eiofca), a city of Spain, 
near Lerida, where Sertorius was fluin 
by the treachery of PerpeunS. 

1 1, e R c A o K L N s E s ) {lU rgaofus), a 

Ilercaones y people ot Spain, 
near the Iberus. 

Ilerda. See Lerida. 

Ilergaokes. See Ilercaones. 

iLERGET^ffi, ) the people of Lerida, 

Ilergetes, 5 in Spain. 

Ilia. See Ilipa. 


Iliberis- > 
. Ilienses, a people of Sardinia. 

J^^^^'^} See Troy. 
Ilios. 5 

Ilipa (///a), a city of Spain to the \v 
, of Cordova. 

Ilipa {Ili:{>ula)j 2i city of BcKtic?., in 

l-LivvLJE. See Alpuxares. 

Ilipula Magna. See Gran aha. 

Ilissus, a river of Athens, flows, into 
the fea near the Piraus. 

ftluM. See Troy. 

Ilkely {Olicana), a town of Yoik- 

ItJL {IveUui^*EUnSf Htld'ua), a /tivcr 

of France, falls into the Rhine, ueir 

Illadchie. See Eskihissar. 

Iller {llargu;), a ri\er of Germany, 
fiows into the Danube at Uim. 

Xllergavonia. SeeToRTOSA. 

lLLEr..GETUM. See Lerida. 

Jlliberi, ) a town of Gallia Nar- 

Illiberis, 5 bonenfis. 

Illice.) „ T- 


Illipula- See Ilipa. 
Illipvla. SeeGRAK,\PA. 
Illiturgi, '} a city of Batica, I'n 
Illiturgis, 3 Spain, deltroyed by 

Scipio, becaufe the inhabitants revolted 

to the Carthaginians. 

Jllyria, "1 a country on the con- 
Illyricum, ^ fines of Macedonia 
Illyris, ) and Epirus. 
IlLYRIA. . 7 o f' 
iLLYRICUM.r''^"" '■"'■'• 

Illykicus Sinus, that part of the 
Adriatic Sea, which extends along the 
coaft of Illyricuni. 

Illyris, an ifland on the coafi yf 

Ilmexau. See Ems. 

Ilorci. See Loeca. . 

Il R[SANo(f(-jw/o), a river of Italy, 
flows into the Adriatic Sea. 

Jlva. See Elba. 

Jlueia, a city of Spain. 

Ilukgia. ) c t 

T, : See Llora. 

Ilurgis. J 

Iluro. SeeEmRo. 

Ilvro. See Oleron. 

Ilv'BIRRIs. See Illyberis. 

Ilyrgis. See Llora. 

Jmachara. SccTraina. 

Lmaus, an exrenfive mountain in 
Afia, part of Mount Taurus, which di- 
vides Scythia into two parts, they being 
cnlled Intra Imeum and Extra Iinaum. 

Imbarus, a part of Mount Taurus, 
in Armenia Major. 

I.mbrasus {Parthstiua), a river of 
Samos, on whofe banks Juno and Diana 
were worfliipped under the names of 

Imbri vii'M, a place of the Samnitcs, 
in Italy. 

I M BROS. 7c T- 

f \ See Embro. 

Lmbkus. 3 

Imbrus, a citadel in Caria, above 


I.MMA, ) f . • c -• 

• IMM^,^'"^°^^"''''"^^ .. 

Lmola {Forum Corn flit), a city of 
Romandioia, in Italy, founded about 
A. M. 2784 : it was dcftroytd by Nar- 
fes A. D. 550, and repaired by C'lc- 
phcs, kingjf the Lombards. • The city 

I N G 

I N V 

was a long time in the poffeflion of the 
Manfredi family ; but in 1473 Jerome 
Riarius was proprietor of it, whofc Tons 
being at variance uith each other, the 
duke of Milan took advantas^e of that 
circumftance, and, gaining poffeflion, bc- 
ftowcd it on his own rebtions. 

Inachi. SccArgives. 

Inachia. See Morf.a. 

Is ACHiL'M, a city of the Mnren, be- 
tween the, promontory Scylleum and the 
Irthmus of Corinth. 

Inachori, \a. maritime town 

In'achoriuai, 3 on the w fide of 

Ikachus, a river of Argos. 

Jnachus, a river of Epirus. 

In am AMES, a river in the eaft, to 
which Semiramis extended her empire. 

Inarime. SecIscHiA. 

Inarus, a city of Egypt. 

Inatus {Einaius), a city of Candia. 

Inchcolm, an idand of Scotland, in 
the Frith of Forth, where a monallery 
was erefled A. D. iizj. 

Incibili. See Mattheo, Sr. 

IhfDiA, an extenfive region of Afia, 
divided into two parts by the Ganges, 
viz. India intra Gangcm, and India extra 

iNDiBiLi. {see Mattheo, St. 


Indica, a city of Spain,, near the 

In'DIGETi, a people of Spain. 

Ik DION {Alexandria, Antiocbia), a 
city of Mirgiany, in Perfia ; where 
Orodes tranfported the Romans after lie 
had defeated Craffus. 

In'do. See Indus. 

I>fDOscYTHiA, the country on the 
w fide of the Indus. 

In'dus (Indo, Sindiis), a very large 
river of India. 

Indus, a river of Phrygia Magna. 

Industria. See B.odin"Coma- 


I.VESIA. ) c A/r ^ 

r ;■ Sec Mascari. 

In ESS A. 5 

Inferum Mare. See Tuscan 

Ingauni, the people of Albengs, in 

Ingelheim, ) a city of Germany, 

Ingelsheim, ^ on the Rhine, 
formerly the refidence of the emperors. 

Ingena, See Avranches. 

Ingevones, the aborigines of Frief- 
land, Denmark, Alface,Weftpha!ia, and 
Saxony, were fo called. 

Ingolstadt, a town of BavarJa, in 
Germany, where an univerfiry was 
founded A. D. 1472. 

Inn {JEneum, JEnus, CEmts), a river 
of Germany, falls into the Danube. 

Inores, a river of Delos. 

Insani Montes, mountains in the 
N E of Sardinia. 

Insfruc, a furtrcfs of the Tyrol^ in 
Germany, where the archdukes former- 
ly refided. 

I>)stad ) {Boiridimum, Boiodurum"), 

Instadt j» a city in the E of Bava- 
ria, at the confluence of the Inn with the 

Insueres, the people near Milan, 
in Italy. 

Insubria, 7 a province of Italy. 

IxsuKKiuM, 3 See Milan. 

Insula Parv.\ Hannibalis. 

Insula J uNONis SoLis. See Ju- 
no n i s . 

Insula Opkiodes. See Topa- 

Insula Sacra Tiberina. See 
Tib ERIN A. 

Insula Syracusarum. See Or- 

Insula Triumvirorum. See 
Tr i u m V I r o r u m . 

Insul.4: Fortunat/e. See Ca- 

Insul.^: Herculis. See,H£RCU- 


Intelene, a province of Perfia. 
Intemelium. I Sec Vin'timi- 


Interamna. SccTerni. 
Interamna Lirikas. Sec Liri- 


Interamna Pr.^tutianorum. 
See Teramq. 

Interamne. See Urbino. 

Interamnium, a city of Afturias, 
in Spain. 

Intercata, ^ a city of the Vac- 

Intercatia, 3 f=2'> in Spain i 
where Scipio TEmilianus flew a cham- 
pion of the Barbarians in fingle com- 

Intercisa Saxa. See Ad In- 

Internum TJare. See Medi- 

Inter Primum, > a city of the 

Inter pKOMiuM, 5 Marrucini on. 
the Via Valeria, between Corfinium and 

Intibili. See Mattheo, St. 

Inuca. SceUNUCA. 

InvEresk, a village on the Frith of 
Forth, in Scotland, where are the re- 
mains of a Roman hypocaft, or hot- 

Inverness {Enrurne/i), * town of 


Scotland, in a county of tht fame same, 
which appears to have been founded 
A.C 63. 

iNur Castrum. SeeCASTRUM. 


Ikycus, >a city in the s of Sicily. 

Inyx, 3 

JoANNj-KA {CaJ/iope)^ a city of Mxo- 

JOANNOPOLrs {V<rjlbalba, Perjlh- 
label), a city of Bulgaria, near Mount 

John de Lion, St. See Cara- 

JoL. See C^sarea, in Maurita- 

lOLCHOS.) c T 

T„, ^„ i SeelACO. 


, > a peon e of Athens. 

Ionians, ^ r i' 

Ionia (^JEgialus), a diftrift of Afia 
Minor ; appears to have been peopled 
about one hundred and forty years after 
the deftruftion of Troy, by Neleus ; 
v'ho, with a great number of followers, 
went in purfuit of a filiation to dwell in, 
and, after exploring Naxos, and other 
iflands in the Archipelago, paffed into 
that part of Afia Minor north of Caria, 
where they built feveral cities, as Mi- 
letum, Cfazomenes, and others ; calliHg 
the country Ionia; where their pofterity 
remained till they were fubdued by Cy- 

This expedition of Neleus is termed 
by hiftorians lonica migratio, or the 
Ionian expedition ; during which time 
Homer is faid to have been born. The 
following cities claimed the honour of 
his birth, viz. Cuma, Smyrna, Chios, 
Colophon, Pylos, Argos, and Athens: 
he was reprefented by Galaton the 
painter in the adt of vomiting, and the 
minor poets licking up what he had dif- 

Ionian Sea, ) the gulf between 

Ionium Mare, y Sicily and Greece. 

loNOPOLls ( Junopdis , Abort iticbos, 
Abonituihof), a city of Paphlagonia, on 
the Euxine Sea. 

lopis, a diltrift of Laconia. 

loPPA. ) e T ^- ■ 

r > See JAFFA. 

JoPrE.5 "^ 

Jordan, )a river of Judea, in 

Jordan E 8,5 Pieftine. 

JoRiA, a province of Macedonia. 

Jorum, a city of Joiia, in Macedonia. 

los. See Nro. 

JoTA. SeeJuDA. 

JOTAPA. an ilknd in the Red Sea. 

Jot A PAT A. a fc-rrnf. of Lower Ga- 
lilf e, taken with gre^t diffitulty by Vef- 


• ToTAPE, a raaritime town of Ciilcia 

JovANUS. Sec Salza. 

Jovis Fanum, a city of Lydia, near 
the Cayller, to the e of Philadelphia. 

Jovis Fons, a fountain near Dodo- 
na, in Epirus, whofe waters always failed 
at noon. 

Jovis Hammonis Pons, a foun- 
tain near the temple of Jupiter Ammon, 
in Marmorica, whofe waters always 
failed at noon. 

Jovis Indigetis Lucus, a grove 
near Laurentum, in Italy. 

Jovis Mons. See Montjui. 

Jovis Servatoris Portus, 2 
maritime town of Laconia, to the se of 
Epidaurus Lymara. 

Jovis Villa, a city on the ifland 

Jovis Urii Fanum, a city of 
Thrace, at the mouth of the Euxine 

Ipepa {Hypapn), a city of Lydia, fa- 
cred to Venus, fituate between Mount 
Tmolus and the river Cayfter. 

IpNUS, a place on the ifland of Samos, 
where a temple was dedicated to Juno 

Ipres. See Ypres. 

Ips {U/bium), a city of Auftria. 

Ipsus (Hip/us), a city of Phrygia, 
where Antigonus was defeated by Seleu- 
cus A.C. 301. 

Ipswich (Gipptfu'icb), a town of 

Ira, a fortrefs of Meflenia, promifed 
by A^:imemnon to Achilles, if he would 
refume his arms to fight againft the Tro- 
jans. It is alfo noted for fuftaining a 
fiege of eleven years againft the Laceda- 
monians ; after which it was fubdued, 
A. C. 671 ; which terminated the fecond 
Meflenian war. 

Irac Agemi {Perjianlrac'), a coun. 
try of Afia, compnfing the dirtrifts of 
Sableftan, Farfiftan, Laureftan, and Tur- 

Irac Arabia {Babylonian hac,. 
Chatdea)., a country of Afia, near the 
defeits of Arabia. 

Irasa, a city near CyrenaYca. 

Irassa, a city of the Regie Syriica, 
on the lake Tritonis. 

Irath, a city in the s of Mauritania 

lRCHENFIEi.D,a town in Hcreford- 

Ike. See Abea. 

Ireland (Hbania, fi'fniia, Ju- 
lernay krne^ Ffin), an ifland to the w 
of Great Britain. 

Irf.n, a Moorilh city in Spain. 

I S B 


fREVE. See Irine. 

Ire.vopolis {Bera, Bcrce), a city of 
Thrace, repaired and beautified A. D. 

Irenopolis {Nironias^t an inland 
town of Ciiicia Afpera, near the river 

Iresus, a delightful fpot in Libya, 
near Cyrene, where Battus took up his 

Iria, a river of Milan, in Italy. 

IfeiA. SeeVoGHERA. 

Iria Flavia. See Padron'. 

Irine {Irene)y an ifland of Greece, 
near Galauria. 

Iris. See C,^SALMACH. 

Irish SfeA. See Channel, St. 

Irrhesia, a fmall ifland in the 
Thermaeus Sinus. 

iKScni^iESH ^{Bethfeme^), a city 

Irsemes \ belonging to the 

tribe of Dan. 

Irus, a mountain of Gedrofia, near 
the mouth of the Indus. 

Is, a river of Sufiana, falls into the 

Is, a city of Sufijna, on a river of the 
lame name. 

Isaca. See Ex. 

IsAFLKNSES, a people of Africa. 

IsALA. See YssEL. 

IsAMNiuM. See St. John's FoRE- 


IsAMUs, a river of India. 
Is A PIS. See Savio. 

T > See IsERE. 


IsARA, in France. See OiSE. 
IsARCi, a people on the Alps, fub- 
ducd bv Auguftus. 

XSARCUS. * c T .., .. 

T„ . i See IsERE. 


IsARUS, a river of Italy, flows into 
the Athefis. 

IsAscHAR. See Issachar. 

IsATiCHiE, a people of Caramania, 
in Perfia. ' 

Is aura ([/aMn<s)y a city of Ifauria, 
near Mount Taurus. 

IsAURiA, la diftrift of Cappado- 

IsAURiTls,/ cia, in Afia Minor. 

/sAURiA.N's, a peoi)le of Cappado- 

IsAURiCA, a part of Lycaonia, near 
Mount Taurus. 

IsAURiTis, a prefedureof Cappado- 
cia, at Mount Taurus. 

IsAURUs. See Isaura. 

IsAURUS {Pifaurui), a river of Um- 
bris, flows into the Adriatic. 

IsAURUs, a river of G eat Greece. 

liBUREs, a river of Sicily. 

ISCA. > See ExE- 


ISCALIS. See Ilckester. 

IsCAK (Orfius), acity of theTriballi, 
in Moelia Inferior. 

IscaSilurum. See Caerleo.v. 

ISCHALIS. See Ilchester. 

IsCHiA {yEnaria, hiiirime, Ifcia, Pt- 
tkscufii, Erijfes), an ifland on the coaft of 
Naples, aboundinjg with cvprt-fs trees. 


IscHOPOLis {Ifopolis), a city of 
Pontus, in Afia. - 

IsciA. See IsChia. 
IscopoLis. See Ischopolis. 
Iscus. See Oescus. 


IsEo {Sebum, Sdvum), a city of Ga'lia 

IsER }{Ij'ara, If at, Iprais, Iprtis, 

IsERE S Ifrcus), a river of Germany, 
flows into the Danube. 

IsERNIA {JEfcrnia, Efernia), a city 
of the Samnites, in Italy, on tlie banks 
of the Voltumus. 

Ishmaelites (J.Jmadila'), a people 
of Arabia Dcferta. 

Ish ToB. SeeToB, 

IsiACORUM PoRTUs, a harbouF of 
Dacia, on the Euxine Sea. 

IsiDis Insula, an ifland near the 
mouth of the Arabian Gulf. 

Isis, a river of Colchis, flows into the 
Euxine Sea. 

Isis Pons, a city of Noricum. 

IsLEBY; See Eisleben. 

I s L E N o s (Seiifjus, TiaJanof>oIis)t a ma- 
ritime town of Ciiicia Afpera^ where the 
emperor Trajan died. 


ISMARIS, ") . 11, r . 

ISMAROS.f'^'^y^"^.^ 'f^°f'h^ 

IsMARUS,$ Cicones, m Thrace. 
Is.MARA, 7 a rugged mountain in 
IsMARUS, 3 Thrace, covered with 

olives and vines, which produce wine of 

an excellent flavour. 

IsMENiusl (L«r/o«), a rapid riv 
Is.MENo V of Boeotia, fluvvs in 
IsMKNUS 3 the Eui-ipus, 


IsMUC, a city of Numidia, in whof* 

vicinity no venomous ferpents will 


I s N I c ) ( Nice, Nicea, Anirgonia, An* 
IsNlCH ] core), a city of Bi-hynia, 

in Afia, buiit by Anti^onus A. C. 314 : 

it was ehlart^ed by Lyfimachu^, and 

\»as taken from the Turks by Godfrey 

of Boulogne ; but is now fubjedt to 


In the time of Leo tme Eighth it was 

2 metropolitan fee, under the patii* 



I S T 

I T U 

arch of Conftantinople ; and is noted on 
account of the firll general council of 
318 bilhops being held there, for the 
puqjofe of confuting Arias, A. D. 


IsoLA d'Albenga (Gallinaria), a 
rocky ifland in tl\e Sea of Liguria, op- 
pofite Albium Ingaunum. 

IsoLA Sacra {Infnln Sacra"), an 
ifland at the mouth of the Tiber. 

IsoLA Di Tremite (Diomedis), 
iflands in the Adriatic Sea, oppofite 

IsoMBREs. See Milan. 

IsoNZO (Sontius), a river of Italy, 
flows into the Gulf of Venice. 

Ispahan ( Hccatompylos, Hifpahan , 
S.paubawn), the metropolis of Perfia, in 
the province of Irac Agemi, in Afia. 

JspELLO ■) ,jT,^, n \ „ -^ c 

ISPELLUM \ l^'M^'^'), ^ c>ty of 

T i Umbna, in Italy. 

ISPELUM } ' ^ 

Issa, a city on an ifland of the fame 
name, on the coaft of Dalmatia. 

Issa, a city of Illyricum. 

Issachar {Ifafcbar), a diftriot of 

IssATis, a city of Parthia. 

ISSEDONES. See EssEdones. 

Issi. See Issus. 

Issicus Sinus. Sec Lajazzo Si- 

Issus OJfi), a city of Cilicia, on the 
confines of Syria, where Alexander de- 
feated Darius, AC. 333 t the city was 
afterwards retaken by Darius, who 
maffacred all the Macedonians that he 
difcovered there. Here Cicero encamp- 
ed on the fame fpot where Alexander 
had done before ; and near the fame 
place Severus defeated Niger A. D. 

IsTER. ) See Danube. 


IsTHEVONES, the aborigines of 
Gueldrcs, Holland, France, Worms, 
Brunfwick, &c. 

Isthmian, folemn games of the 

Isthmus, a fmall neck of land which 
joins a peninfula to the continent ; as 
the ifthmus of Corinth connf^ls the 
Morea to Greece ; which Nero attempt- 
ed to cut through, and by that means 
open a communication between the two 
feas : the fame projcft was attempted by 
others, but always without fuccefs. 

IsTlJEA. See Ori:os. 

IsTiJEOTis, a difiridt of Greece, nedf 

Istonium, a maritime town pf Sam- 
nium, in Italy. 
. ISTORIU.M, See Stectorium, 

IsTRA {Mgida), a promontory of 

IsTRiA. See Cavo d'Istria. 

JsTRiA {IJlropolii), a city of Moefia 

IsTRicl, a people of European Sar- 
matia, between the Danube and the 

JsTRXG {Sargetia), a river of Dacia. 
See Sereth. 

IsTROPOLis, ■) a city of Thrace, near 

IsTRus, 5 the mouth of the Da- 

nube. See Prostraviza. 

IsuRiuM. See Boroughbridoe. 

Isus, a city of Boeotia, on the -con- 
fines of Attica. 

Itabyr y {Tabor, Toabor), a 

Itabyrium \ mountain in Ga- 

Itagris, a river of Germany. 

Italia. See Italy. 

Italica {Corfinium), a city of Italy. 

Italica BjETICA {Hcraelea), acicy 
of Spain, the birth-place of Trajan. See 
Alcala del Rio. 

Italy {Italia, HfTperia, Saturtiia^ 
CEnotria, Aufonia^ Vetidama, Sicania, 
Albania, Latium, Carnejenc, Camijene), 
an extenfive country in Europe, was 
divided into three parts, viz. Gallia Cif- 
alpina, Italia Propria, and Magna 
Graecia ; which during the time of the 
Romans were all concentrated together 
under the name of Italy, by Auguftus 
Cajfar, who divided the country into 
eleven provinces. 

Itamnus, a port of Arabia Felix. 

Itanus, a city on the E fide of Can- 

Itechia {LeuBra'), a city of Bceo- 
tia, to the w of Thebes, where the La- 
cedamonians were defeated by Epami- 

Ithaca. SeeTnEACHi. 

Ithacesia, an iiland on the coafl of 
Calabria Ultra. 

Ithancester. SccAdAnsam. 

Jthoma, ) a fortrefs of Meffenia, in 

1th OWE, 5 the Morea, taken by the 
Lacedaemonians A.C. 724. 

liiiOMK, a city of Eftiaeotis, inThef- 

Ithoria, a city of ^tolia, on the E 
fide of the Achelous. 

Itius. See Icius. 

Itumna. See YoNNE. 

Ituna. See Eden. 

Itur^a, a province of Ccelefyria, 
adjoining Judca. 

Iturisa ) ( Tw//^), a city of Spain, 

It UR issa 5 between Pampeluna and 
the Pyrenees. 

ixuHUM, a city of Umbria, in Italy. 



Ityca. See Utica. 

Ityr/ei, a people of Paleftlne. 

Itys. See Assi.v. 

Itzehoa, > a town of Holftein, ia 

Itzoiioah,5 Germany; feared 
on the river Stora : was founded A. D. 
looo, by- Laderus Biling, duke of 
Sdxony :' it was fortified againft the 
Vandals in 1205, and demoliflied by 
"VValdemar, fecond king of Denmark, in 
iio6; but was afterwards rebuilt by the 
nobility of Holftein, 

Juan de Puerto Rrco, St. {Porto 
Rtco St. John), an ifland in the Weft- 
Indies, difcovered A. D. 1527 by John 
Ponce, a Spaniard. 

JucATAN {Y''catan), a peninfula of 
North America, difcovered by Ferdinand 
Cordova A. D. 1517. 

JuDA {Jutci, Jot,j, Jeta, Jclia), a city 
•of Paleftine. 

JuDABEDA. See Gibraltar. 

JuD^A,)a region of Syria, to the 

JuDEA, J fouth of Paltftine ; or it 
frequently-denotes all Paleftine. 

JuDiCELLO ) {Atnenanus, Amenis, 

JuDiCELLUS S Amafcnus), a river 
«f Sicily, nesr Mount jEcua ; ^ows into 
the Ionian Sea. • 


IvELLHus. See III. 
JUENNA, a city of Noricum. 
IvERNiA. See Ireland. 


Ives, St.( Vcs), a town of Hunting- 
donfliire, where a monaflery was founded 
A. D. 1016. 

Jugantes, a people of Britain. 



JuHONES, a people near Naffau, in 

JuiA. SeeJuviA. 

IviCA. See Scio. 

IviCA {Epoderia, Eburui), an ifland 
in the Mediterranean, on the coaft of 


Julia Augusta. 


Julia Augusta. See Tortona. 
Julia Augusta Cassandrea. 
See Cassandria. 

Julia Augusta Pella. See Je- 


Julia Augusta Philippi. See 

Julia Campestris. See Bene 

Julia Claritas. See Attubi. 

Julia Colonia. See Pisa. 

Julia Colonia. See Sutri. 

See Parma. 

Julia Concordia. See Nerto. 


Julia Concordi.\. See Bene- 


Julia Contributa. See CoN- 


Juliacum. See Juliers. 
Julia Fama. See Seria. 
Julia Fanestris Colonia. See 

Julia Felix Suessa. See Arau- 


Julia Fidens. See Arezzo. " 
Julia Illergavonia. See 

Julia JozA. SccTangiers. 
Julia Liberalitas. See Evo- 


Julia Libyca.) c t 

I, . , T . ; See LiviA. 

Julia Livia. S 

Julia Myrtilis. See Merto- 


Julia Nascic.*.. See Calagu- 


Julia Nova Carthago. See 

Julia Paterna. See Arles. 
Julia Paterna. See Nar- 


Julia Paterna Suburitan'a. 
Sec SiGEs. 

Julia Pietas. See Pola. 
Julia Restituta. See Segida. 

Julia RoMULA. J See Seville. 
Julia RoMULEA. 5 ^ 

Julias. See Bethsaida. 
Julias. See Bethak amphtha. 
Julia Segisama. See Segisa- 


Julia Sena. See Siexa. 

Julia Traducta. See Tan- 
gier s . 

Juliers {!^uiiacum), a city of Po- 

JuLii CiviTAS. See Paris. 

JuLii Forum. See Friuli. 

JuLii Forum. See Aquileia. 

JuLii Genius. See Vkrgentum. 

J ULiOBON A, a city of Gallia Celtica. 

Juliobrica, ) a city of the Canta- 

JuLiOBRlGA, j( bri, in Spain. 

JuLio-CiESAREA. See Tenes. 


JuLiOMAGUS, a city of Vindelicia. 

JuLiopoLis. See Tarsus. 

JuLiopoLis, a city of Bithynia. 

JuLiOPOLls {GorcJiupj, Gordian, Cor- 
dii Come), a city of Phrygia Magna, 
on the river Sangarius, wherein was a 
temple fdcred to Jupiter. 

This city is noted for the chariot, to 
which a knot was tied in fo curious a 
manner, that the ends of the cord could 

J U N 

I Z A 

no* be dircovertd ; and it was faid that 
whoever untied it would have the chief 
gov'ernmenr of the univerfe : on that ac- 
coint A\exor\Atr made an attempt; but 
beine unfuccffsful, he cut it with his 
fwod, A. C. 331. 

JuLis, a city on the ifland Zia, whxh 
gave birth to Simonides. 

JuLiuM Carnicum. See Pon- 


JuLiuM Forum. See Forum. 


Julius PoRTUs. SeePAi,^. 
Julius Vicus. See Germer- 


JuNCALAOX {Taccla), a city on the 
W fide of Cherfonefus Aurea, 

JuNCARiA, a city of Spain, near the 

JuNONiA Major, ) two of the Ca- 

JuNONlA Minor, \ nary Iflauds. 

JuNONis LACiKiyT Templum. See 
]Nao and Manna. 

JuiJONis Promon'torium, a pro- 
montory of the Mnrea, oppofite Sicycn. 

JuNONis Promontorium. See 
Trafalgar, Cape. 

JuNONis Solis Insula, an ifland 
near Cerne, on the African coaft. 

JuNONis Templum. See He- 



JuNxus, a river pf Mauritania Tin- 

Ivors {Epoijfu!, Epufus), a city of 
Luxemburg, on the confines of Cham- 

JuoNES, a people between the Maefe 
and the Rhine 

JuR'A, ) mountains that feparate 

JuRASSUS, \ Switzerland from Bur- 
gundy. See Claude. St. 

Ivrea {E{^orid:a, P'ltnciun:), a city 
of Piedmont, on the Doria. 

JusTiNOPOLis. See Cavo d'Is- 


JuTA. SeeJuDA. 

JuTEA. See Jutland. 

JuTHQNGi, a people of Germanv, 

Jut I A ^{Rudogol bland, Gothland^ 

Jutland 5 IVeJirogothm, Crmbricu 
Cberfoni'fus), the principal part of Den- 
mark (which fee). 

Jutland, North {Slefzuickland), a 
principality of Denmark. 

Jutuntorum Forum. See Fo- 

Juturna, a fountain in Italy, near 
Mons Albanus. 



JuvERNA. See Ireland. 

-! ' ? a river of Galicia, in Spain. 
JuviA,5 ^ 

IxiA, a village in the sw part of 

IxiBATJE, a people of Pontus. 
IzANNEsoPOLis, a city of Chrtldea* 

■^ See 

> Saltz- 
jtellum.) burg. 



TT ADMOSi-EI. See HeV.^I. 

■*^ Kahlenbukg (Qtiiis), a moun- 
tain near ViL-nna, in AuUrii. 

Kalisch (Cuhyia), a city of Poland, 
in a province of the lame name. 

K A L M I iJ T z {Celemantia, Kdemmitia), 
a town of Auftria, near the fource of 
the Teya, on. the confines of Moravia. 

K A M I N I E C K {Clfpida'va, Camtenieck'), 
the chief city of Podol a, in Poland. 


Kardu. See Ararat. 

Karkar.)c r«.«^.t, 
■u- > See CarcaR. 

Karkor. \ 

Karta. See Kerta. 

Kathay. See Chinese. 


Kedar {Cfdar), a diitnft in the N 
of Arabia Felix. 

Kedasa. See Kedes. 

Kedemoth, a city of the Reuben- 

Kedes \{Cedafa, Ce- 

Kedes Naphthali 5 dfjis, Cldif- 
fus Ktjion)^ a citv of the tribt of Naph- 
thali, on the confines of Tyre and Ga- 

Kedes, a ciry of the tribe of Iffachar. 

Kedron (Cedron), a city neat A20- 

Kedron (Cedyon), a valley through 
which runs a brook, between Jerui'dlem 
and Mount Oiivet. 

Kegila > (Ccila), a city of the tribe 

Keila 5 of Judah. 

Kelemantia Sec Kalmintz. 

Kelmuntz {C,t!iu5 Mo>2s), a town 
of Suabia, on the Ilier. 

Kelso, a town of RoxQurghlhire, in 
Scotland, where an abbey was founded 
A.D. 1128. 

Kemerland \ (^Ktnnnland^ Kene- 

Kempenland) merland), a. di- 
ftrift of Flanders. 

K e M F T E N ( Catribodunnm, Campodu- 
nuni, Knmptrn), a town in Suabia. 

Kems {Camlifs, Cambete), a town of 
B^fil, in Switzerldnd. 

K.E^'a:I, a people of Paleftinc. 


Kenchester (^Arecofiium, Ariconr- 
um, Arienchrjier, Arkenfiels), a village 
near Hereford, where antiquities have 
been frequently difcovered. 

KENDAt {Concagii, Brovonaca), a 
town in Weftmorland. 

Kenelworth) {Killin"Mortb), a 

Kenilworth ) town in VVarwick- 
ihire, noted for a ftrong caftle, where 
king Edward II. was confined. 

Kenis-i:!, a people of Paleftinc. 


Kenites, a people to the n of Ama- 
Ick, in Arabia. 

Kent {Cantium), a maritime county 
in England. 

Kepharnome. See Jefperkin. 

Kerlburg {Cerulata), a city of 
Upper Hungary, on the s fide of the 

Kerta {Karta)^ in the language of 
the Phoenicians and Parthians, denotes a 
town or city. 

Kesaria. SeeTrsARiA. 

Kessel {Cajlellum Menapiorum), a 
town of Brabant, on the Mevfe. 

Kets, a city of Sigeftan, in Perfia. 

Keyserstul ^Forum Tiberii), a 
city of Belgica, on the s fide of the 

Kherman {Carmana), a city of Ca- 
ramania, in Perfia, where excellent fcy- 
meters were manufactured. 

Khlynof. beeVlATKA. 

KiDRON. See Kedron. 

KiLDA, St., one of the Hcbride Iflos^ 
near the coaft of Scotland. 

KiLLlAN {Celnius), a river in the 
county of Rofs, in Scotland. 

KtLmanar. See Chilminare. 

Kin GCORN, ) a town of Scotland, on 

KiNGHORN,> the coaft of Fife. 

KlOF, "^ 

Kiou, >a di 

ftria of Ruffia. 

KioviA, a diftrift of Poland. 
Kiriathaim, a city of the Reuben, 

KiRlATH Arba. SeeEBRON. 


K I S 

K Y L 

'HIR. 5 

(Carialh Baal), 
a city of the 

Sep Debir. 

KiriathBaal ) 
KiRiATH Jearim) 

KiRiATH Sassa. 


Kirk A {Titius), a river of Illyricum, 
flows into the Adriatic, 

K.IRKLEES, )a village in the weft 
KiRKLEY, ) riding of Yorkflnre, 
rear Huddersfield, where is ftiil to be 
leen the monument of Robin Hood; but 
time has obliterated the infcription, which 
was as follows : 

** Here undernead dis lead flean 
Lais Robert earl of Huntingtun, 
Nea areir ver az hie fa geud, 
An pipl kauld im Robin Heud ; 
Sic utlawz hi an is men 
Vil England niver fi agen. 

Obiit 24 Kal, Decembris 1247. 
KiRKPATRiCK, a town of Scotland, 
near Dumbarton ; where are remains of 
the Roman wall built by Antoninus. 
KisioN. See Kedes. 
KiSON. ) c r> 

Kmielnick. See Chmielnicke. 
Kniphoff. See Koningsberg. 
Knockfergus. See Carrick- 


KoMARE, a city on the Ifle of Schut, 
in Hungary. 

Koningsberg ") {Kniphoff, Rey- 

KoNiNSBERG j moni, Mons Re- 
giu!, Lcbenichi), the metropolis of Pruf- 
fia, was erefted A. D. 1254, by Ortocar, 
king of Bohemia, during his war 
with the Pruflians. It has been fo fre- 
quently deftroyed, repaired, and aug- 
mented, that it may be faid to confift of 
three towns, viz. Koningfberg, Lebe- 
nicht, and Kniphoff. — The univerfity 
was founded A. D. 1544, by the mar- 
quis of Biandenburg. 

KoRR {Cyrus), a river in Media. 

KuHESTCK, a city of Caramania, in 

KuTTENBURG (Cutbfia), a city of 
Bohemia, near Prague. 

Kyle (Gelbii), a river of Germany, 
flows into the Mofelle. 



T A AS, a city of Laconia. 

•■-' La banjeAquje, medicinal fprings 

near the river Albula, to the E of 


LABDALOy, ") r ^ c r 

1 'fa tort near byraculc, 

r ' i m a CUV. 


La BE axes, a people of lilyricum. 

La BL AT IS, a lake of Dalmatia. See 
Lago di Scutari. 

Laberris, a city of Afturias, in 

Labfrus, a town of Ireland, to the 
s of Dublin. 

Labessitanum, a city of Africa. 

Labicana Via. See Via. 

LabicuiM. SeeCoLONNAi 

Labikni Castra. See Lobe. 

Labinius. See Lavino. 

Labisco. See Pont Beauvoi- 


Labores. See Ad Labores. 
Labori.e Campi. ) See Terra 


Labotas, a riverof Syria, flows into 
the plains of Antloch. 

Labrana, ^a village near Mylafa, 

Labranda,5 in Caria. 

Labro. 7 See Leg- 

Labron-is Portus. 3 horn. 

La BUS {Aibres), a nvcr of Crim 

Labyrinth, ) a building fo con - 

Labyrintuus, 5 ftrufted, that any 
perfon having proceeded far into it will 
experience great difficulty before he 
can find his way out again : hiltorians 
enumerate four that were very intri- 
cate ; one in Candia, near Gonvn-i ; 
another in Egypt, near the Lake Mcc- 
ris ; a third on the iftand of Lemiios, 
remarkable for its columns j and the 
fourth in Italy, built by Porfcnna. 

Laccius. See Portus Parvus. 

Laccobriga. See Lagos. 

Laced.'emon {Sparta, Laconia, Ln- 
conica, MiJItra, Mifatra, LeU^ui, CE^ui- 
iia, Hecaiompoli$, Mijilira), a city of the 
Morea, founded about A. IM. 2233 in a 
diftrift bearing the fame name. 

LACEDiEMOK, an inland town of 


Lacetania, a diftrift of Spain, « 
the foot of the Pyrenees. 

Lachis, I a city of Paleftine, on the 

Lachish, 3 frontiers of Judea. 

Lac I A, a diftrift of Attica. 

Laciacum. See Gkmund. 

Laciburgum. See Lauffex- 

Lacides, a village near Athens, 
where a temple was dedicated to Ceres 
and Proferpine. 

Lacixia, a city of Caria. 

Lac'i.vien'ses, a people of Liburnia. 

Lacinium, a promontory of Calabria 
Ultra, whereon was a temple facred to 
Juno Lacinia. 

L.\ciPEA, a city of Spain, to the n E 
of iVlerida. 

Lacippo, a city of Bstica, in 

Lacobricja. SeeLACOs. 

Lacobkig A,acityof Spain, between 
Viminiacum and Segirama, where Ser- 
torius was befieged by Metellus. 

Laco>jia ) {QL^jalia), a diftrift on 

Laconical the foutiiern part of 
the Morea. 

Lacter, a promontory on the ifland 
of Lango. 

Lactoduru:?!. See Bedford. 

Lactora. > c t ^ 

T i See Lectoure. 

Laotura. 5 

Lacuris, a city of the Orctani, in 

Lacus Benacus. Sec Benacus. 

Lacus CuTiLtENsis, See Lago 
di Contigliano. 

Lacus Felicis, a place in Lower 
Auftria, on the D.mube. 

Lacus Larius. See Coaio, Lake 

Lacus Nemore.n'sis. Sec Lago 


Lacus Pelsodis. See Peiso. 

Lacus Verbanus. See Mag- 

Lacydon, a port adjoining to Mar- 

Lad a) {Laie), an ifland in the Ar- 

Lade 5 chipelago, near Miletui, 
where a naval engagement took place 
between the Pcvfuui and L;nians. 


L A M 

Ladickia. See Latakia. 

Laoog (^Ritbricaiu'), a ri-er of Spain, 
flows into the Mediterranean. 

LADoy, a river of Arcadia, flows into 
the A'pheus, 

Ladon. See IsMENUS. 

L^A {rena-is Inf la), an ifland en 
the coaft of C^ lenaica, oppofite to Apol- 

Ljedus. See Loire. 

L^i. See L;evi. 

Ljelia, a city of B<£tica, in Spain, 
founded by Scipio. 

Ljeneus, a river of Candia. 

L^PA Magna.) slf^ 

L^PIA. 5 

Laerte, a city of Cilicit Afpera, 
towards Ptmphylia, the birch-place of 
Diogene"^^ L^ertius. 

Laertes, a fmall diftrift of Cilicia 


L^SA. ) c T- _ 

f ;■ See Ldessa. 

Laescha. ) 

L^STKYGONES, a people of Sicily. 


LiESTRYGOMi CaiMfi. See Len- 


L^ves ) (L-ff/, Levi), a people near 

LiEVi 5 J^'ovara, in Lombardy. 

Lagara 7 {Langana), a citadel of 

Lagarxa) Calabria Citra. 

Lagecixjm. ■^ 

Lagetium. ,' See Castleford. 

Lageolium. ) 

Lagia. See Delos. 

Lagnj. See Lanci. 

Lago Albano (Lflj-o di Gondolfo, 
Jibanus Laci's), a lake to the SE of 

Lago di Bracciano {Sabatinus 
Lacus), a lake in Tuicany. 

Lago di Castigltone {Prelius 
Lacus), a lake in Tufcany. 

LagodiComo. SeeCoMOjLAKE 


Lago di Co.vtigliano {^Aqua 
Ci/iilia, Lacus C:^ti lien/is), a lake of the 
Sabincs, near the centre of Italy, whofe 
waters are extremely cold. Near this 
place V'efpalian died. 

Lago di Lesina ( Panlames Lacus) , 
a lake in the te.r t:ry of Naples. 

Lago di Licola. See Lucrine 

Lago ni Nemi (^Twvia Lacus, 
Sl'7gnum D^ana, Lacus Nentriferjis), a 
lake in the Campagna of Rome. 

Lago di Scutari (^Labeatis), a 
lake of Dalmt-tin. 

Lagos (Lacobriga), a maritime town 
of Portugal. 

La gum {Cih'VDia, Cahdna), an 
ifland in the Mediterranean, 

lIS. ) 
Lis A. 3 

See Da. v. 

LagUsa, an ifland on the coaft of 
Pamphylia, oppofite the Carpathian 

Lagusste, iflands in the Archipe- 

Lagvra, a city of Cherfonefus Tau- 
rica, on the Euxine Sea. 

Lahor {Bucephale, Bucephalia), a 
city in India, founded by Alexander A. 
C. 321:, to commemorate his favourite 
horle Bucephalus, who was killed in the 
battle ag.iinlt Purus. 

It is reported of this horfe, that 
when he was caparifoned he would not 
permit any perfon except Alexander to 
rriount him ; but when divefted of his 
trappings, he was fo gtnilc that any 
perfon might approach him without 

Laj A7.ZO Sinus {IJJIcus Sinus), a bay ' 
on the coaft of Cilicia, near IfTus. 

Laini (Lcivi), a people of Paeonia, 
on the rivtr Strymon. 

Laino (Lam, Laos), a city of Cala- 
bria Citra, on a river of the fame 



Laish, a city on the confines of Pa- 

La LAND {Langland), an ifland of 

Lalassis, a river of Ifauria. 

Laletani, a people of Catalonia, 
in Spain. 

Laletania, a diftrift of Catalonia, 
in Spain. 

La Macarese {Fre^ena), a city 
of Tufcany. 

La MALM ON, a m.ountain in Ethi- 

La Ma RCA {PiccKum, Ager Pi^enus)^ 
a diftrift of Jtalv, on the Adriatic Sea. 

Lamasia. See Lamotis. 

Lamb.'esa ) (Z-fj/o a Ttrtia), 

Lambese > a city ot Numidia, to 
the SE of Cirta. 

Lambeth, ) a village of Surrey, 

Lambhith,) oppofite W'tftmin- 
fter ; from whence to Deptford there 
is the appearance of ancient fortihca- 
tions ; and fome authors afTert, thnt, iu 
the time of the Romans, the city of 
London was on the fouth fide of the 

Lambrani, a people of Iialy, near 
the Lambrus- 

La-MBRIs. See Flavia. 

MURO, > 


of Milan, flows into 

Lambro, ) a river in the duchy 

the Po. 

Lamego, a city of Ecira, in Por^ 



Lamentava ^ {Nomerttum^, a city 

LAMtXTAKl A ) of the Sabints, in 

Lametia. See Eufemia. 

Lameticus > (Tfrinaus, 

Lametinus Sinus \ Ftbonenj'ei)., 
a bay of Calabria. 

Lametus, a river of Calabria Ul- 

Lamia. Sec Demochi. 

Lamia, an ifland in the Archipe- 

Lamia, a river of Greece. 

Lamia {Af>7v(.i>, Ar^yci, Daphne), a 
maritime town of Bithynia, on the 
Thracian Bofjjhorus, to the north of 

L Ami AC us Six us (^Maliacus Situs, 
Mtiicus, Metis), a bay of Theflaly, in the 

Lamije, fmall iflands, or rocks, in 
the Archipelago, on the coaft of Troas. 

LAMiNJE.acity of thciEqui, in Italy, 
on the Anio. 

Lami.vivm. See Montiel. 

Lamo {LamtiSt LcJmos), a city of 
Cilicia Afpera, on a river of the fame 

Lamotis {Lamajia), a diftrift of Ci- 
Jicia Afpera. 

La Motte. See Motte, La. 

Lamp A {Lappa), an inland town of 

Lampe See Arpi. 
Lampe, a city of A-^cadia, on Mount 

Ly\MPEA {LampiUS, Lampia), a part 
of Mount Erymanthus, in Arcadia. 

L^MPEPOSA {Lopadufia, Lopac'ufa), 
an ifland on the coaft of Africa, oppofite 

Lampetej:, a promontory of Cala- 
bria, on the Bay of Vibo. 


Lampeus. See Lampea. 

Lampfaco {Myfia Miner), a di- 
ftrift of Afia Minor, about the river 

Lampia. See Lampea- 

Lamponea, "j 

Lamponia, laci 

Lampomum, J 

Lampo-.via, \an ifland on the coaft 

Lamponium,/ of Thrace. 

L A m p s A c o 1> ( Pityujh, Pi lyra , Lao. 

Lampsacum > mrilcnitia), a city of 

Lampsac'js 3 Mylia, on the Helle. 
fpont, to the n rth of Abydos j founded 
•bout A. M. 3296. 

Lampsemandus, a fmall ifland oi\ 
the coall of Caria. 

Lampta {Fobrix, Eobrix), an InUnU 
fov/o of Fez, in Africa. 

ity of Tro^s. 

Lamus. See Lamo. 

Lamus, a rivcr of Boeotla. 

Lamyra, a city of Lycia, on a river 
of the f«me name. 

'LA.waACiK {jEmova, Emona), a city 
on the confines of Pannonia and Nuri- 

Lancaster( Alone, Alione, l.oncaftet, 
Lo7igoiicufn), a town of Great Britain, in 
a county of the fame name. 

Lance"! (Art^'w/), a city of Spain, 

Lan'ci j near Laccbriga. 

Lancia. > See Vi- 

Lancia Oppidana. \ seum 

Lancia {Lanaaium), a ftrong city 
of Afturias, in Spam. 

Lanciano (^.iKxanum), a city of the 
Ferentani, in Italy. 

Lanciatum. See Lancia. 

Lancicia, a province of Poland. 

Lan daff, a city of Glamorganfhirc, 
in South Wales: the cathedral was eredt- 
ed A. D. 1 120. 

Landeshl't. See Landsjiut. 

Landiscrone. See Land- 


Landora, a citv of Denmark. 

l^.\iiXiKAUiTi{Adramn!um), a city of 
Troas, in Afia Mi-ior. 

Landscrona)( Landifcrone, Coro- 

L A N D s c R o o N \ ma, 'Srbia), a ma- 
ritinie town of Sweden, near to Ellmore; 
was made a city Ity Ericus, king of Den- 
niark, A. D. 1413. 

LandsEkd {BoUrium, Bdtrium., 
Dumnonnim, Ocrinum, Anii'UfJi^um)^ 
the moft wcftcrn point of land in Great 

Landshut (JLandcpjui), a^'town of 
Bavaria, in Germany, on the river Ifer ; 
was built A. D 1 1^5 by Lewis, fon of 
Otho, duke of Bavaria. 

Lang AN ICO {Qlympia, Pifu), a city 
of Elis, in the Morea. 

Langaria- Sec Lag.^ria. 

LanGI A {Nemea). a river of the Mo- 
rc3 ; flows into the Bay of Corinth. 

Langland. SccLaland. 

L A N G o ( Co, Cos, Coos, Cous, Cea, 
Cam, Nympha-a, Ajhpalaa, Merope, 
Meropis), an illand in the Archipelago, 
renowned as being the birth place df 
Hippncrates, Senius, Apelles, and Sife- 
phi4i ; the l.-ittcr of whom being fecre- 
tarv to Teucer, was in poffcincn of the 
records cdnctrning the Trojan war, from 
which Homer obtained his documents 
for the Iliad. 

La.vgo, a city of Elis, in fhe Morea. 

LangobaroI, a pcopls nejr Bran- 
denburg, m Germany. 

Langobriga, a pity of Lufitania. 

L A N c 11 £ s ( Atuloiiiudum^i, A^idcma • 

L x\ P 


ir/num, Antematutiurr., Cliiifas Lifi^onum), 
a city cf Champagne, in France, on the 
confines of Burgundy. 

Languedoc (^Occitauia), a province 
of France. 

Lanion, a town of Brctagne, in 
France, whofe inhabitants fpeak a lan- 
guage refembling the ancient Britons'. 

La NO, > ■ -p, . 

T ' } the nvcr K.hine. 

Lanus, 5 

^Lanuvium, a city of Italy, on the 
Via Appia, where was a temple dedi- 
cated to Juno Sofpita, whofe ftritue was 
covered with a goat's (kin. This city 
gave birth to Antoninus Pius. 

Laodicea. See Eskihissar. 

Laodicea. SeeLATAKiA. 

Laodicea, a city of Media Magna, 
in Upper Afia. 

Laodicea, a maritime town of Se- 
leucis, in Syria. 

Laodicea (Combujla), a city of Ly- 
caonia, in whofe vicinity the earth in a 
dark evening appears to be on fire. 

Laodicene, a diftrift of Syria. 

Laomedon'tia. See Lampsa- 

Laomedontiada, a name by 
which the Trojans were frequently 

Laon, a city of France. See Lau- 


Laos. See Laino. 
Laous, a river of Lacedaemon. 
Lapathus, a fortrefs on the Lake 
Afceris, near the confines of Epirus and 

Lapathios ") {Lapiihu:, Lepilhrts). a 

Lapathus ^ maritime town of Cy- 

Lapethus } prus, built by Belus, 
king of Tyre. 

Lafhystium, a mountain in Boe- 
otia, where a ttmple was ereftcd to 
Jupiter Laphyfliu<:. 

La Piazza Navona {Agonalis Cir- 
cus'), a fpacious and beautiful place near 
the centre c»f Rome, ornamented with 
feveral fountains and the obelilk of Ca- 

Lapidaria, a citv of Rhatia, on the 

Lapidei Campi. See Ckau, La. 

Lapides Atke, a city of Spain. 

Lapis denotes a mile-ftone, when 
fpeaking of the highways. 

Lapithje, a people of Theflaly. See 

Lapithjeon, a city of Laconia, on 
Mount Taygetus. 

Lapith^um, a city of Arcadia. 

Lapitho, a city of Cyprus. 

Lapithus. See Lapathus. 

Lappa. See Lampa. 

Lab., a city of Pars, in Perfia, 

Lar.^cha (Lixa, Lixus), a city of 
Fez, in Africa. 

Laranda, a city on the confines of 
Pifidia and Lycaonia. 

Larcuris. See Ilarcuris. 

Lard {Aff^is fub Cjrte), a village of 
Tripoli, in Africa. 

T > „ r. .- r a place towards Moefia. 
Lardea, j ^ 

Lares, a city of Numidia, to the s 
of Cirta. 

Larina (Larinum), a city of the 
Frentani, in Italy, in the territory of 

Larine, a fountain of Attica. 
Larikum. See Larina. 
Laris ) (Larizza, Larza), a city 
Larissa j> of Theffaly, the birth- 
place of Achilles. 

Larissa (Pbriconis, Pbrcconitis), a 
city of Alolis, in Afia Minor. 

Larissa, a fortrefs of Idumea, be- 
tween Egypt and Paleftine. 

Larissa, a city of Phrygia Minor. 
Larissa {Ant^edon), a city of Pa- 

Larissa, a citadel of Argos, built 
by Danaus. 

Larissa {Cremafle, Tenfdn, Pelaf- 
gia), a city of Phthiotis, in ThefTaly. 

Larissa {CaJIus), a mountain com- 
pofed of fand, in Egypt, where Pompey 
was buried, and whereon was a temple 
facred to Jupiter Cafius. 

Larisso, )a river of the Morea, 
Lartssus, 3 that flows between Elis 
and Achaia. 

Larius. See Lago di Como. 
Larizza. See Larissa. 
Larnassos. See ParnassUS. 
Larnos, a fmail defolate ifland ou 
the coaft of Thrace. 

La Rocca {Lupin)., a city of Cala- 
bria, between Brindifi and Otranto. 

La ro, ) • c n^ r 

T ' > a river of Tulcany. 

Larone,) ^ 

Lautoletani, a people of Spain. 

Larymna, a city of Boeotia, where 
a temple was dedicated to Bacchus. 

Larymna, a city of Caria. 

Larysium, a mountain in Laconia. 

Larza. See Laris. 

Las, a city on the Laconic Gulf, 
near Sparta. 

Lasa. See Edessa. 

Las^ea, a city on the SE fide of 

Lasia. SeeANDROs. 

Lasia. See Lesbos. 

Lasio, 7 a city of the Morea, on 

Lasion, j the confines of Elis and 

L A U 

L A Z 

Lassia. See Andros. 

Las SIT I {DiSie, DiSiaus, Didenaus, 
DiSinnteus), a mountain of Candia, fa- 
cred to j upiter. 

Latakia (^Laodicea, Ladkkin), a city 
of Ccelel'yria, on the Orontes, to the w 
of Mount Libanus. 

Laterium, a villa of Q^Cicero, at 

Lathon {Lethon), a river of Cyre- 

LatinaVia, See Via. 

Latini, ) the inhabitants of La- 

Latins,5 tium. 

Latium. See Rome, and IxAtY. 

Laxium Forum. See Forum 


Latmicus Sinus, a bay of Ionia, 
in Afia Minor. 

Latmus, a mountain on the confines 
of Ionia and Caria. 

Latmus {Heradea), a city on Mount 

Latmus, a river of Afia Minor, 
that feparates Cappadocia from Cilicia 

Lato (Latopolis), a city of Upper 
Egypt, on the w fide of t!ie Nile. 

Latobrigi, a people of Gallia Bel- 

Latomije) {Lilbotomia),, a noifome 

LatonIjeJ prifon near Syracufe, 
formed out of a ftone quarry. 

LATONiE Lucus. See Phys- 

Latonje Urbs. See Letuspo- 


Latopolis. See Lato. 

Latoraco {Hetriculum), a citadel 
of Calabria Citra, in the territory of 

Latos. See Camara. 

Latovici, a people of Pannonla 

Latris. See Livonia, Gulf 


Latymnus. See Monte di Cro- 

Lavagna (^Entella), a river near 
Genoa, in Italy. 

Lavare. SeeAvEiRO. 

Lavatris. See Bowes. 

Laubach {Nauportum), a city of 
Carniola, in Germany. 


Laubium. 5 

Laudun, a city of Langucdoc, in 

L a u D u N u M {Laon, Lugdunum Clava- 
tum), a city of Picardy, in France. 

Lauffenburg {Laciburgum) , a for- 
trefs of Suabia, in Germany, divided 
into two parts by the Rhine, 

Laviana, a province of Armenia 

LAVICA^?A Via. See Via Labi- 


Lavicum. See Colonna. 
Lavinasena, a diftri<a of Cappa- 

Lavinia. ) p - 

T > See Albe. 


'Lxwimvi'^^Labiniu:), a river of 

Lavino > Italy, flows between 

Lavinus ) Modena and Bologna. 

Laumellum, See Lumello. 

Launceston,) a town of Corn- 

Launston, 5 wall. 

Lavoro, Terra di, a diftrift of 

Italy, in the territory of Naples. 

Laura, a place near Alexandria, in 


Laureacum. See LoRCH. 

Laurence, St. See Madagas- 

Laurens Castrum. See Lau- 

Laurentina Via. See Via. 

LaurentinI; the inhabitants of 

Laurent um) ( Lanreium, Laurem 

Laurenzo ) Cnjlrum), a city of 

Italy, founded about A. M. 2655. 

Lauretta. > o r ^„ 

T > bee L.0RETT0. 

Lauretum. 5 

Lauretum. See Laurenzo. 

Lauria {Ulci, Fold), a city in the 
Bafilicata of Naples, near the Apen- 

LauriaCum. Sec Lorch. 

Laurion, ) a fmafU diftrift of Atti- 

Laurios, 5 ca, abounding in gold 

Laurium, a mountain of Attica. 

Lauriu.m. Sec Lokium. 

Lauro. 7 c t ,.,, 
T > See Liria. 

Lauron. ) 

Laus. See Laino. - 

Laus. See Granada. 

Lausanne {Lnufonius), a city of 
Switzerland, on the Lake of Geneva. 

LausJulia. SeeCoRiNTH. 

Lausonius. See Lausanne. 

Lausonius Lacus. See Geneva, 
Lake of. 

Laus Pompeia, a city of Italy, 
founded by a colony fent thither by 
Pompey. See Lodi Vecchia. 

Lautium, a city of Italy. 

Lautul^e, a place in Italy, between 
Tarracina and F«ndi., ^ 

Laza^i, S-a people of Mingrelia. 

Lazii, ) 

Lazi {Zaia)f a city of th« Morea, 
near Amafia. 


L E N 

Lazica, a csuntry on the confines of 
the Euxine and Cafpian Seas. 

Lazzaro {Grants), a river of Nato- 
lia, in Afia See Grakicus. 

Le^F-T. See La JN'i. 

Ledade. See Sipylus. 
■ Lebadea ) (M"^a), a city of Boe- 

Lebadia 5 °''3> "^^f Coronaea J 
where was the oracle nf Jupiter. 

Lebanon. See Libanus. 

Lebecii {^Libici, Libeai, Libri'),^ peo- 
ple near Milan. 

Lepeda "^ {Leptis Magna), one of 

Lebedos > the twelve Ionian ci- 

Lebedus ) ties, to the s of Smyr- 
na j it was demolillied by order of Lyfi- 
roachus, who removLti the inhabitants to 

Leben, } a commercial town of 

LEBENAji Candia, with a temple 
facred to i^^i'culapiuj. 

Lebenicht. See Koningsberg. 

Lebinxhos (^Lel/yntboi), an ifland in 
the Archipelaeo, near Patmos. 

Lebna. SeeLiBNA. 

Lebrixa (^Ncbr^JJli, Kihrijfa, AJli, 
Ajla l^cbriJJ'a), a town of Andalufia, in 
Spain, near the Guadalquiver, founded 
about A- M. 2610. 

Lebussa {Libjjfa, LibiJJa), a city of 
Bithynia, between ISicomedia and Chal- 
cedon ; the burial-place of Hannibal. 

Lebynthos. See Lebinxhos. 

Lecci ) (^AUtitim), a city of Italy, 

Leccie5 betwtcn Biindifi and 

Lech, a river of Holland, falls into 
the German Ocean. 

Lech ^Lechm, Licho, Lubus, Lici/s), 
a river of Germany that feparates Sua- 
bta from Bavaria, and falls into the Da- 

P^^^^"'>thew port of Corinth, 

LECHE.E, > fuuate in the bay. 

Lecheum, j ^ 

LECXON,)a promon'ory that fepa- 

Lecxum,5 rated j^tolia fron^ 

Lecxoure (Lailera, LaBuva, Ci- 
njitas Ladorutium), a city of Aquitain, in 

LecyxhUs, a city of Negropont. 

Leijeraxa. SeeLixERAXA. 

Lepesma {BL'tifa), a city of Leon, 
in Spam. 

Ledl'S. Sec Lez. 

Leeri>am, a city of Flanders. 

Leghorn \Lobro, Labtonis Porif!, 
Ad HtrruUm, Pcrtus ILrculis Labro^a, 
Libuyn:m, Li'voiuo), a maritin.i city of 

Leg 10. See Leon. 

LtGio, a city of Gdlilee. 

Legio Augusxa Tertia. See 
Legio Secunda. See Caerle- 


Legum. Sec Mocharxa. 

Lehi, a city of Paleftine, where 
Sampfon flew the Philiftines with the 
jaw-bone of an afs. 

Leicesxer {Rata, Rnga, Caerleir\ 
the county town of Lcicerterfhire, was 
founded about A. M. 3106. 

Leichin {S'.'fana), a city of Arragon, 
in Spain. 

Leipsic \{LipJin), a town of 

LEiPsiauE J Mifnia, in Germany ; 
was made a city about A. D. 1155 : the 
univerfity was founded in 1409. 

Leiria. See Leria. 

Leixon {DuroUtum), a village on the 
Ley, in EfTtx. 

Lelegeis. See Mjeexus. 

Le LEGES, the aborigines of Ephefus, 
^vhlJ were expelled by Androclus, fon of 
Codrus, about A. M. a886. 

Lelegia. See Laced^mon. 

Lellen {Lilaa), a city of Phocis, 
near the fource of the Ceph ffus. 

Lemanis. ) c t 

T cn.i VTK11C \ Sec Lyme. 


Lemano {Odyfiis, Ockp.s), a city 
of Moefia- Inferior, on the Euxine 

Lemannus Lacus. ) See Gene- 

Lemanus Lacus. ji VA, Lake 

Lemba, a city of Arabia Petraea. 

Lembro (Imbros, Imbrus, Embro), 
an ifland in the Archipelago, near the 
coaft of Romania. 

Lemicensis, a city of Galicia, in 

Leminoum. See Chamberry. 

Lemisso {Amatbus,^ Limejfo, Li- 
m'ljfo, Amnihonif, Amathunta), a 
city of Cyprus, where was a temple 
dedicated to Vtnus and Adonis ; 
which gave Venus the name of Ama- 

This city was taken by Alexander 
A. C. 97. 

Lemn^a. SeeLiMN^A. 

Lemno. See Gircona. 

I.EMNOS. ) c c 


LewoviCES, a people of Aqui- 

l-E.MOvrcuM. See Limo<;es. 

Lemovji, a people of Germany. 

Lempxa {Lepiii Minor, Monojierd), a 
city of Byzacium, in Africa. 

Len a, a river of Great Tartary. 

L e n ham ( Porius Ruifpia, Durole- 
Kkw), A town m Kent. 

L ^ 

L E f 

Lentia. See Lintz- 

Lentiensks, the people ufually 
termed Alcmans or Germans. 

Lentini {Leontini, Lceflrigcnii Cam- 
pi^, a city in the s E of Sicily. 

Lentul;e, a narrow pafs near the 
Pontine Mar(h, in Italy. 

LtNZA {Micia, Nigri'lu). a river of 
Italy, flows between Parma and Mo- 

Leodium. See Liege. 

Leon, a promontory of Candia. 

Leon. See Artfmisium. 

Leon, a town of Sicily, near Syra- 

Leon (Li'gio), a city in a province 
of the fame name, in Spain ; built by 
the Romans in the time of Galba ; 
where Chiiftianity was firft ellablilhed in 

Leonardo {T^rias), a river of Si- 

Leondari. SeeLEONTARi. 

Leonica, a city of the Editani, in 

Leonina, a city of Italy, built by 
Pope Leo the Fourth A. D. 847. 

Leontari {Leoruiari, Me^apolis, 
Megahpolis), a city of Arcadia, in the 

Leontini. See Lentini. 

Leontinus Sinus, a b.iy of the 
Ionian Sea. 

Leontium, one of the twelve cities 
of Ionia. 

Leontium. See Lentini. 

Leonton {Leontopolis), a city of 

Leontocephalus, a fortified city 
of Phrygia. 

Leontopolis, a cuy of Lo.ver 
Egypt, in the Delta. 

Leontos FLUVius,a river of PhcE- 

Leopolis. See Civita Vec- 


Leopolis {Louvoiv), a city of Black 

Lepanto {Naupa^um), a city of Li- 
vadia, in European Turkev, was given 
by the Athenians to the MefTenians, who 
were expelled the Morca by the Lace- 
daemonians A. M. 3494. 

Lepe {Lapa Magna, Lapia), a cita- 
del, of Andalufia, towards the Bay of 

Lepethis. See Lap,xtuis. 

Lephyrium, a city of Cilxia, in 

Lepinus, a rr.ountain in Iraly. 

Lfpxthus. See Lapathus. 

Le PONT II. a people die Lake 
M.=g^iore, in Italy. 

Lepreum, > a city of Triphalia, ia 

Leprium, ) the Morea. 

Lepria, a ("mall iihnd in the Archi- 
pelago, Ephefns. 

Lepsia, a fmill iftand on the coafl 
of Caria. 

Lepsina {EUit/is), a c'tv of Eleu- 
fini, near Arhens, founded about A.M. 
Z189, where the Athenians celebrated a 
fcaft to the h.jnour of Ccrcs. 

Lepte, a promontory of Egypt, on 
the Arabian Gulf. 

Leptis Magna {NcaioHs), a city of 
the Regio C^rtica, in Africa. 

Leptis Minok. See Lempta. 

Leria {Lciria, E^d.'a), a city of Ettra- 
madvira, in Portugal. 

Leria (Leio, Leros), an ifland in the 
Archipelago, near P.umos, that produced 
great quantities of aloes. 

Lerice. ) c t 


Ler I D A ( lierda, lllergeium), a city of 
Catalonia, in Spain. . 

Lerina > (^Planajiay Lirinus'), an 

Lerinus) illand in the Mediter- 
ranean, on the coall of Provence. 

Lerna, a lake of Lacedaemon, near 
to which Hercules flew the Hydra. 

Lernica, a city of Cyprus, where 
are magnificent ruins. 

}^^^°- } See Leria. 
Leros. 5 

Les. See Lez. 

Lesa, a city in the s w part of Sar- 

Lesbi, a city of Mauritania Caefari 

Lesbia "^ (Pf^/qfgia, M.uaria, Me- 

Lksbos >• tiiini:, Lafa, Mgha, 

Le5BUS j uEthiopf), an ifland of 
Greece, in the Archipelago, was peopled 
bv Neleus, Ton of Codrus, about A. M. 
2883. Tiiis city gave birth to Sappho 
the poetefs, and fcveral eminent men. 

Lesem. See Dan. 

Lesina. See Liesina. 

LEsteicort {Lechieu7!i), acityon the 
Biy of Corinth. 

Lestoru-'I Regio. See Pira- 
t A R u .Al . 

Lest.withiel {Uxdla\ a maritime 
town of Cornwall. 

Let,e \ '^Let/', Lctoia, Lftta, Cri- 

Letjea 5 y?'^tj), an .fland ncarCe- 

Lr.r ANi'M, a city of Propontis, built 
by the Atl-.cnians. 

Lete. See Let j«. 

LETH.iiUS, a river of Candia, flows 
through Gortyna. 

Leth/eus, a river of LviM?, flows by 
M-'gnefia, into the Maiandtr. 



Leth;eus, a river of Macedonia. 
Lethe. 7 „ t 


Lethon. SeeLATHON. 

Letoa, an ifiand en the s of Candia. 

Letoia (Lotoa), an iiland in the 
Ionian Sea, between Cefalonia and 

Letopolites Nomos. See Le- 


Lettidur. See Bedford. 

Letus, a mountain of Liguria, in 
the territory oF Lucca. 

Letusfolis {Latona Urbs, Letopo- 
lites Nomos), an inland town of the Delta, 
to the w of the Nile. 

Lkvaci, a people of Gallia Belgica. 

Levant. See Turkey in Asia. 

Leuca, a fmall town of Calabria 
Citra, near the promontory Japygium. 

Lel'ca, a city of Ionia, near Focchia 

Leuca, a city of the Salentines, in 

Leuca, a city of Candia. 

Leuca, a city of Argolis. 

Leucadia. See Santa Mau- 


Leucadia, a city of Phccnicia. 
Leuce, a city of Laconia. 
Leucania. See Sa.mos. 

LeUCAO. ) r c -r/t 

Leucas. 5^^'^^^'^^^^^^^- 

Leucarum. See Loghor. 

L E u c A s ( Nerilos, Neritus, Neritum ) , a 
city of Acarnania. 

Leucasia. See Samos. 

Leucasia. See Licosa. 

Leucasia, a river of Meflenia, in 
the Morea. 

Leucasion, a village of Arcadia. 

Leucata, ) (Li//^, Lupia), a pro- 

Leucate,5 montury of Santa 


Leucata,) a maritime town of 

Leucate, 5 Languedoc, on the 


Leuce, an ifland in the Euxine Sea, 
between the mouths of the Danube and' 
the Boryfthenes. 

Leuce Acte. See LEUCOCiEUs. 

Leucecome, a fortrefs in Pha-ni- 

Leuci, white mountains on the w 
fide of Candia. 

Leuci, a people of Gallia Belgica. 

Leucimma, j a promontory on the E 

Leucimna, ) fide of Corfu. 

Leucogjeus {Leuce Ail e), a place of 
Marmorica, on the Mediterranean. 

Leucogjeus, a fulphureous moun- 
tain between Puteoli and-Naples. 

Leucola, ) , -, 


Leucolla, a promontory of Pam- 

Leucocome, a city of Syria, on the 
Red Sea. 

Leucopetra, a promontory of Ca- 
labria Ultra. 

Leucopetra, a place on the Ifth- 
mus of Corinth, where the Achsans 
were defeated by the cnnful Mum- 
mius. . 

Leucophrus, a lake in Lydia, on 
whofe banks a temple was dedicated to 
Diana. - 

Leucophkys. SeeTENEDOs. 

Leucopolis, a maritime town of 

Leucos, a river of Macedonia, flows 

near Chitra. 

Leucosia. ) c t 

T r-..^^. T. J^ See Licosa. 

Leucossia. 3 

Leucosvri, ) ' the people of 

Leucosyrians, \ Cappadocia. 

Leucothxa, an ifland in the Tuf- 
can Sea, near Capri. 

Leucothea, a city of Egypt. 

Leucothea, a city of Arabia. 

Leucothea, a diftrift of Afia, 
which produces frankincenfe. 

Leuctra, a city of Boeotia, where 
the Thebans defeated the Spartans A. C. 
371; who, after this battle, loft their 
influence in Grecxe. 

Leuctra, > a city of Laconia, on 

Lel'ctrum, 5 the bay of Medina. 

Leuctrum, a city of Achaia, 

Leuctrum, a city of Arcadia. 

Leucyanias, a river of the Morea, 
flows into the Alpheus. 

Leven, Loch, a lake of Kinrofs- 
fliire, in Scotland, wherein are feveral 
fmall iflands, whofe buildings indicate 
their antiquity. 

Leven zo {Pborhofttiti, Buccina), one 
of the Lipari illands. 

Leverfoole. See Liverpool. 

Levi. See Ljevi. 

Lewarden, a city of the United 
Provinces, formerly the refidence of the 

Lewes, a town in SufiTex, where king 
Henry IIL and his fon, prince Edward, 
were taken prifoners by the earl of Lei- 
cefter in 1263. 

Lexobii, I a people nearLifieux, in 

Lexovii, S France. 

L E Y D e N {Lugdumim Batavontm) , a 
city of Holland, where a caftle was ereft- 
ed by Henry the Saxon A.D. 456 •, and 
the univerfity was founded in 157s- 
Levdkirk, ) . fB^^^,,^^, 

LfcYDKYRK,> ^ 


L I G 

Leyte, one of the Philippine Iflands, 
in Afia. 

Lkz (^Les, Leetus, Lie^us), a river of 
France, flows near Montpelier. 

Lhong Dinas. See London. 

Li BA, a city of Mcfopotamia, between 
Nifibis and the Tigris. 

Lib A, a city of Caramania, in Afia. 

LiBA Novo (Sla^/rn), a city on the 
confines of Macedonia, founded about 
A. M. 3194, which gave birth to Arifto- 
tle and Hippirihus. 

LiBANO ) {Lt barton), an extenfive 

Lib ANUS J mountain in Syria, noted 
for its lofty cedars. 

LiBARNA, > a citv of Italy, be- 

LiBARNUM,3 twten Genoa and 

LiBECii. See Lebecii. 

Libera. SeeMvLASA. 

LiBERALiTAs Julia. See Evo- 


LiBERNUM. See Lp:ohokn. 

LiBERUM Allodium. See Franc 

Libethr A, a fountain in Magncfin. 

LiBETHRA, a city on Mount 0!ym- 
pu-:, towards Macedonia. 

LiBETHRius, a mountain of Bccotia, 
where were the ftatues of the Mufes, 
and of the nymphs furnamcd Libe- 

LiBiAs. See Betharan. 

LiBICE. 7c T 

LiBicH.} See Lebecii. 

LiBisoCA, I a city of the Oretani, in 

LiBisosA, J Spain. 

LiBissA. See Lebussa. 

Libna {Lohtia), a city belonging to 
the tribe of Judah. 

Libnius, a river of Ireland. 

LiBocus. See Sligo, Bay of. 

LiBOPHCENiCEs, a ptople near Car- 

LiBORA. See Talaverpela. 

LiBRI. ) „ T 
LiBui. J See Lebecii. 

LiBURN A, a city of Daimatia. 


Liburnia. See Croatia. 
LiBURNiDES, a clufter of iflands in 
the Adriatic, on the coaft of Croatia. 

LinURNUM. ) c T 

LiBURNus, a mountain of Campania, 
in Italy. 

Libya {Libvais, Libyjiis), a king- 
dom of Africa, between Egypt and Tri- 

Libya Tripolitana, a diftrift of 
Africa, on the Mediterranean Sea, 

Liby^ NoMos,the moll eaftern part 
" Marmorica. 

LiBYCUM Mare, that part of the 
Mediterranean bordering on the coaft of 

LiBYCvs. } See Libya. 
Lybystis. ) 

Libyssa. See Lebussa. 
LiBYssus, a river of Bithynia. 
Lie axes; \ J of Vindelicia. 

LiCATII, \ ^ ^ 

Lie HA, a city near Lycia. 

LiCHADEs, three iflinds or rocks in 
the Archipelago, towards Negropont. 

LrcHiE, altars and columns in Ethi- 

Lichfield {Lilchfitld), a city in the 
county of Stafford : the catlicdral was 
cr<.aed A. D. 667. 

LuHO. ) c t , ., 

, \ See Lech. 


Lici Nil Forum. See Forum. 

Licola. Ste Lucrjne. 

Lie OS A {Leucdfin, Lfutojia, Leiicoflin, 
L\rnejf'j, Lyriiijftn'), an ifland in the Tuf- 
can Sea. 

LicoSTOMO (Tt'mpr), a valley in 
Thefialy, between Mounts Olympus and 
OflTa, through which the river Peneus 
flows into the Archipelago. 

Licus. See Lech. 

LiDE, a mountain in Caria. , 

LiDERus. See Loire. 

LiECE {LfoJ/i/m, Augvjla Eb:iromtm\ 
a city of Brabant, founded A. C. 53 : the 
univerfity has been of high repute, the 
fons of eight kings, and feveral fons of 
princes, having been ftudents there at 
one and the fame time. 

LlEsiNA {Lfjina., Pburia, Pharea), a 
city on an ifland of the fame name, in 
the Adriatic Sea. 

LiGA. SeeLiGON. 

LiGA SoTULAKiA, the boors in the 
diocefe of S^jire, who a-Tociated for the 
purpofe of deftroying monafteries, and 
to evade payment of tithes, A. D. 1502. 

Liganburgh. See Loughbo- 

LiGEA, an ifland in the Tufcan Sea. 

LiGER. ) c T 

T > See Loire. 


LiGii. See Lygii. 

LiCNY {YungMs), a village of Cham- 
pagne, in France. 

LiGox {Liga), a fmall ifland in the 
Iri/h Sea. 

Ligures, ) the people of Genoa 

LiGURiANS,^ and Leghorn. 

LiGURiA, adiflrift of Italy, comprif- 
ing Genoa, Leghorn, &c. 

LiGusTic*: Alpes. See MoN- 


LiGYEs, a people of Afia, between 
Caucafus and the river Phafis, who 



joined Xerxes in his expedition againft 

LiGYRGt'M,7 a mountain in Arca- 

LiGYRGVS, y dia. 

LiGYSTiDEs. See Hieres. 

LiL.EA, a city of Doris, in Greece, 
near the CephiffLis. 


LiLLiUM, a place of Bithynia, be- 
tween Heraclea and the river Hypius. 

Ltlyb^um {Lilibeum), a city on a 
promontory bearing the fame name, in 
Sicily ; oppofue the promontories of 

LiM^A '^ (Limius, Be/to, Oblivio- 

LiM^EAS > fits Leibe), a river of 

Lime ) Lufitania. 

Lime \ {Partus Lemanis, No- 

Lime Regis ) "jui Partus), a mari- 
time town in Dorfetfliire. 

LiMENlA, an inland town of Cy- 

LiMERA. See Lymara. 

Limerick {Magnata, Nagnata), a 
city of Ireland, in a county of the fame 
name : the metropolis of Munfter. 

- LiMESSO. ) c T 

T.,,,o,^ > See Lemisso. 
JLiMisso. y 

LiMiA. ■) See Pu- 

LiMicoRUM Forum. 3 ente de 

Liwigantes, a people near Sarma- 

LiMiNiUM. a city of Spain, between 
Merida and Saragofla. 

LiMius. See Limtea. 

LiMN'^, a place in the citadel of 
Athens, where a temple was dedicated 
to Bacchus. 

Limnje, a city of Thracian Cherfo- 
nefu=, near Seflos. 

LiMN^, a citv on the con.'ines of La- 
conia and MefTenia, where was a temple 
facred to Diana Limnatis. 

LiMNiEA, a village of Acarnania, to 
the N of An36lcrium. 

Limn ^ A, a city of Theflaly. 

LiMNJEA {Lemn(ea)y a place of 
Greece, on the Gulf of Ambracia. 

LiMNiEUM, a temple of Diana at 

LiMNOTHALASSA, an ifland near 
Denis, on the coaft of Spain. 

Limn us. See Ramsey. 

Limoges (L-movictim), a city of Li- 
mofin, in France. 

LiMoy, a phce of Campania, between 
Nnples and Puteoli. 

LiMONUM. See Poitiers. 

LiMOsiN, a province of France. 

LlMUSA, a city of Pannonia Inferior. 

LiMYRA,)a city of Lyci<f, where 

LiMYRE;,) Caius Cxfar, g^'and- 

fon of Auguftus, died of the wound he 
received in Armenia. 

LiMYRAS,)a river of Lycia, flows 

LiMYRUS, jj irto the Mediterranean. 

LiNCAO, a city of China, to the eaft 
of Pekin. 

LiNCASii, a people of Gallia Nar,. 

Linceo, > a province of Macedo- 

Lixcestis, 5 nia. 

Linceo {Uncus), a river of Mace- 

Lincollscyre. See Lincoln- 

Lincoln {Lhidcoit, Lindocolina Ci- 
vitas, LinJ'.im), a city in a county of 
the fanne name, in England ; where the 
cathedral was erefted A. D. 629, and a 
church in 1077. 

Lincolnshire ( LincoUfcyre^ Nicbol- 
JhWe), a county in England. 

LiNCus. See Linceo. 

Lindcoit. See Lincoln. 

LiNDii. See Gela. 

LiNDO. See Lindus. 



T \ See London. 


LiNDUM. See Lincoln. 

LiNDUM. See Aidinelli. 

Lindus {L'niJo), a city on the fouth- 
eaft (ide of the Ifland of Rhodes, where 
a ttmple was dedicated to Minerva. 

Ths city gave birth to Cleobulus, one 
of the Grecian (ages ; alio to Chares and 
Laches, who were employed in conftrudt, 
ing the ftatue of Coloffus. 

Leonidas was alio a native of this 
city, who gained more reputation for his 
countrymen by the arts of peace, than 
the greateft generals did by their moft 
fplendid viftories. 

Lingones {Longones), a people, on 
the confines of P^avcnna and Bologna. 

LiNGONUM Civ it AS. See Lan- 
g R r, s . 

Linlithgow, a town, in 3 county 
bearmg the fame name, in Scotland, 
where the kings of the country formerly 

LiNON, a fmall diftrift on »thc Plel- 

Linstock {Olenactim), a village in 

Linterna ) {Lilirna), a 

Linter:.-a Palus j| lake of Cam- 

LiNTERNUM {Liiermtm), a city of 
Campania, between Cumae and Voltor- 
no, where the elder Scipio retired in difr 
guft from the envy of his countrymen, 
and ended his days. 

L I S 


_ LiNTZ {Lmtia^ Lonciiiniy Lontium), a 
city of Upper Aulina. 

LlN'us, a fuuiitaiu in Arcadia. 

L J PARA "\ {^o!ir, 


Li PARE C JEoHav, 

LiPARI J JKoii^c 

hifuhr, I'lcitiv, Hrpbejiiades^ Lifaraoruni 
bifida, Fukania), a cluftcr of iflands in 
the Mediterranean : the city and the 
prinripal iflaiul bear the lame name ; 
It was built and colonilld about A.iVI. 
332 2, by the Cnidims, who were difpcf- 
fcfled by tlie Carthaginians, from whom 
the ifl.ind was taken bv the Romans the 
4th of the 96th Olympiad. The names 
of the other iflands are, Hicra, Stron- 
gyle, Didyme, Ericufa, Phcenicufa, and 

LiPARuE, a fmall ifland of the Pro- 

LiPARis, a river of Cilicia, flows by 

LiPAXUs, a city of Pallene, in Ma- 

LiPHLUM, a city of the jEqui, in 

Lip PA. a fortrefs of Hungary. 

LiPPE {Lupta, Lupins, Lui>pia), a river 
of Wcftphaiia, in Germany. 

Lippo {Hvhius), a river of Bithynia, 
flows into the Euxine Sea. 

LiPSjA. See Lf.ipsic. 

LitiUENTiA.'^a river of Italv. flows 

LlQUETlA, >• into the Adriatic 


LiRC.^us, a fountain near Nemaja, in 

LiRiA (^Lauron, Lawo), a city of 
Spain, where the fon of Pompey was 
defeated and (lain by tlie army of 

LiRiNAs Tnteramna, a city of the 
Voifci, in Italy, on the confines uf Sam- 

Lirinds. See Lerina. 

LiRioPE, a fountain in Eceotia. 

LiRis, a river of Italy, which fepa- 
ratcs Campania from Latium, and falls 
inro the Mediterranean Sea, 

LiKPoi-E. See LxvERPOOi.. 

Lisbon {Ulijfea, Olwfopu, Olijipo, 
Oh'fippo, Oh(/ipou), the metropolis of 
Portugal, was founded about A.M. 
2779» on the banks of the Tagus. 
This city was at one time feven miles 
in circumference ; it had twenty-two 
gates towards the fea and fixteen on 
the land fide, defended by feventy- 
feven towers, befidc the adjoining moun- 
tains. , There were feven remarkable 
ftrodures ; ift, the Temple of Mercy ; 
»d, the Hofpital of All Saints ; 3d, the 

Palace erefled by Peter, eldeft Ton of 
John I. king of Portugal, for the 
purpole of entertaining the amb-^fTa- 
dors ; 4th, the Granary built by Joha 
the Third ; 5th, the Judgment, or 
Guildhill j 6th, the India-houfe ; and 
7th, the Arfenal. 

LisiA {Liffia), a fmall ifland in the 
Britilh Channel. 

LisiEL'X {Ncovingus, Noviwnngus, 
Noauagns Lextiviorum), a city of Mor- 
mandy, in France. 

LisiNiAS, a city of Theffaiy. 

Lisi.E, a city of Flanders. 

LissA, a city of Catalonia, in Spain. 

LiSbA (Ifi), an iflAnd in the Adria- 
tic, on the coaft of Illyricum. 

LrssA {Lijpjs, Lijfi's), a city on the 
fouth fide of Candia. 

LissA, a city of Mauritania TingU 

LrssiA. See Lisia. 

LissoN, a rivLT of Sicily, flows by 

Lissus, a city on the confines of Illy* 
ria und Macedonia. See Alessio. 

Lissus. See LissA. 

Lissus, a river of Thrace, flows into 
the Archipelago. 

LisTA, a town of the Sabines, in La. 

LiTABRUM, a city of Hifpania Tar- 

Lit K.2Z, a city of Laconia, 

LiTAN A, a foreft in Lombard/, where 
the Romans were defeated with g'rcdt 
ilanghter by rhe Boii. 

LiTAR {CtJi^um), a promontory of 

LiTCHFiEr.D. Sec Lichfield. 

LiTERATA TuRRis (^LcdevatiC), a 
tower of Dacia, on the fouth fide of 
the Danube. 


LlTERNUM.Vr; T r.,^r.„ v,r-,* 

T > See LlNTERNtiM. 


LlTHOSTROTOS. See Gabb.\- 


LiTHOTOMi.?;. Sce LatomIjE. 

LiTHRUs, a city of Arm.enia iMinor, 

Lithuania, an exrenfive country in. 
Europe, adjoining Poland. 

LiTTAMur.i. See Luttach. 

LiTTLEBOROUGH {Agelocum'), a 
town of Nottinghamfliire. 

LiTUBiUM, a city of Liguria. 

LiTus Altum {Ripa Alta), a town 
in Kent. 

LiTUS Saxonicu.m, the coaft of 

LiVADTA {Acbaio, Greeci Proper), ^ 
province of European Turkey, 


L O N 

LiVADOSTA {Pag^, Pfgte'), a city 
on the hilly pait of Mtgaris, near 

Liverpool {Lt"-jerpoole, Lirpok), a 
maniime town in Jvancaihire. 

LiviAs. See Bethara.v. 

Livii Forum. See Forum. 

Livonia, an extenfive country in the 
north of Europe. 

Livonia, GuLPH of {Latris), the 
bay of Riga. 

LivoR.vo. See Leghorn. 

Lix, la city of Mauritania Tin- 

Lixos, > gitana, on a river of the 

Lixus,) lame name. See Lara- 

Liza (Qi/i/^s), a mountain in Syria, 
to the fouth of Seleucis. 

Lizard ( Danmonium, Ocrinum), 
the mod fouthern promontory of Eng- 

Llanvellin ) (Mi'dioltwum, Me- 

Llanvilling S dhlanum Ordwi- 
eum), a town of Mongomeryfliire, in 
North Wales. 

Llivia {Julia Libyca, Julia Livia), 
a city of Catalonia, in Spain, 

Llora {llurgia, Ili<rgis), a city of 
Granada, in Spain, on the confines of 

Lobe {Labien't Ciiflra, Lanbium, Lau- 
bacum), a city of Liege, in Germany, 

LoBETUM. See Albarazin. 

LoBNA. See Libna. 

LoBREGAT (^Ruhicatus), a river of 
Spain, flows into the Mediterranean. 

LoBKlNl, mountains in Phiygia. 

Locarno. SccMaggioke, 

LocHA, a city of Africa, taken and 
plundered by the army of Scipio. 

Loch Ern (i?av/;<.'), a lai<e in Ire- 

Lochias, a promontory of Egypt, 
near Alexandria. 

LocHis, a fortrefs of Touraine, in 

LocRi. See Gifrace. 

LoCRis, a diftridt of Greece, di- 
vided into two parts by Mount Par- 

LoD. Sec LVDD A. 

LoDi VE (Luifua, Ci'vitasLule'venfium, 
Forum Js'irofiii), a city of Languedoc^ in 

LoDi Vecchia {L'Jus Pom/^eia), a 
city of Italy, to the e of Milan, near 
the river. Adda. 

LoEvi, a people near Pavia, in Italy. 
LocHOR {Ltucaium), a town in South 

Logia, a river of Ireland. 

JLoGioNES.a people near the Hcr- 
ryniau ioreft, in Gtrmany. 

Lo G N' I ( Lycaonia), a province oF Afia 
Minor. (E'lgjitm), a city towards 
the north of Sicily ; freed from tyranny 
by Timoleon. 

Loire (Ligfr, Ligeris, Ladus, Lide- 
rus), a river of France, flows into the bay 
of Bifcay. 

Lombards (Longobardi), the people 
of Lombardy. 

LoMBARDY {Gallict Togata),zn ex- 
tenfive diftrict of Italy, was peopled 
about A. D. 3S0 by fome Danes, who 
emigrated from their native country 
and fettled here. In confequence of a 
famine that raged in Denmark, a law 
was enabled to deftroy both the aged 
and children, which was averted by a 
female poflefled of great humanity ; 
who propofed that, to avoid deftroying 
each other, the people fhould cafl lots 
for a certain number to depart out of 
the country with their families, and 
feek new habitations : from thcfe peo- 
ple the Lombards derive their dcfcent; 
for numerous people having left Scania 
under their leaders, Ibor and Aio, entered 
Rugia, and having expelled the Vandals 
fettled themfelves there, and were called 
Winili ; afterwards, on account of wear- 
ing long beards, they were called Longo- 
bardi, now Lombards. 

Lomond, Loch {^Glota MJiuarium^ 
DuTT.briton Fritb), a beautiful and exten- 
five lake in Scotland. 

LoN (/,//«<», Loy>!e), a river of Weft- 
morland, falls a)io the Irifli fea near Lan- 


LoscASTER. See Lancaster. 

LoxciuM. See Lixrz. 

oy.noijant, Au- 
Lttd, Lbofig 
Ditias, L'jiigidinium^ Lundayn, Lundinutn, 
Lundonia^ Lou done £']fler, Cruitas Londo- 
via), the metropolis of Great Britain, 
which IS fuppofed by fome ancient au- 
.thors to have been in the time of the 
Romans on the Surry lide of the Thames. 

LoN donceaster. See London, 

LoN<.ANUS, a river of Sicily, flows 
into rhe Tufcan Sea. 

Long AT IS, 3 dillri^l of Boeotia. 

LoNGiDiNiuM. See London. 

LoNGi MuRi, a long wall which 
conueded the port Piraeus to Athens. 

LoNGiMCo {0/ym/>i<i, Pi/a), a city 
of the Morea, in European Turkey, 
where the Olympic gan^es wene cele- 
brated, and in wliofe vicinity a temple 
was dedicated to Jupitci Ohmpus. 

LoNGOBARDi, the people of Lom- 

L.OXCIUM. see i^iNT 
L o N D I N J u M "y ( Troy 
LoNDivuM >■ grt/!a 
London j Caer 


t U C 

LoNGOvicuM. See Lancaster. 
LoNGULA, a city of Italy, on the 
confines of the Volfci. 


LoNiBARE, the leventh and lall 
mouth of the Indus, reckoning from 
the weft. 

LoNTiuM. See Lfntz. 

T 'fa principality in Holland. 

Loos,) ^ ^ 

LopADUSA. See Lampedosa. 

LopHis, a river of Boeotia. 

LoPsrcA. See Sk.lissa. 

LoPTUs, a river of Boeotia, flows by 

Lor A {Axati), a city of Andalufia, 
on the Guadalquiver. 

Lor BUS, a city of Tunis, in Africa j 
vvhofe ruins indicate its former magni- 

LoRCA ([lord), a city of Murcia, in 

LoRCH (Lauriaa/m, Laureacuni, Lori), 
a city of Aultria, on the Danube. 

LoRDi, a people of Illyricum. 

LoRETTO (Lattretum, Laurel ta), a 
town of Italy, denominated a city A. D. 

LoRii ) (Laurium), a city of 

LoRiUM 5 Tufcany. 

LoRK. See Lorch. 

LORRAIN ■) , r ,, ■ • V 

Lorraine i (^-;>'W''')» a pro- 
Lorreyne) vmce of France. 
Lory ma, a maritime town of Caria. 
Los, an ifland near Theffaly. 
Losanne Lacus. See Geneva, 
Lake of. 

Losdune, a city of Holland. 

LosiON, ) . , cr 

T ^ >• a rivu et of France. 

LosoN, 5 

LossE (Loxa), a river of Scotland, 

flows into the German Sea near Elgin. 


Lotoa. SteLETOiA. 

LoTOPH AGi, a people on the coaft of 

Africa, near the Syrtis. 



LOVAIN. 7 £, - 

LovENBURG, a city of Denmark. 

LovENTiNUM (Luenlinum), a town 
of the Demetae, in Britain, near the 
month of the Tivy. 

Loughborough (Liganburgb), a 
town in the county of Leicefter. 

Lous (Aous), a river of Macedonia, 
flows near ApoUonia. 

Lou VAIN (Lovaifi, Lovayne), a city 
of Brabant, where an univeriity was 
founded A. D. 916, which was enlarged 
ia 14x7. 

;is. ) 
;iTis. > 

See Gerbi. 

Louvow. SeeLEOPOLis. 

LoxA. See Losse. 

Loyne. See LoN. 

Lubec, a maritime city of Holftein, 
in Germany, formerly the chief of the 
Hanfeatic towns : it was founded A. D. 
1 141, and is fituate in Denmark, Swe- 
den, and Norway : it was made a free 
city in 1182. 

Lublin, a province of Poland. 

Luc {Augufli Lttaa, Lucus f/cotttiorum)t 
a: city of Dauphine, in France. 

LucA. See Lucca. 

LucANiA, a province of Italy. 

LucARiA. See Luzzara. 

Lucca {Luc a, Fridia, Aringa), a 
city of Tufcany, founded about A. M. 
3247, in a fertile plain, under the 
hiils of Luna. Narfcs, the eunuch, 
hai'ing expelled the Goths from his ter- 
ritories, they took poircllion of this 
place, which they fortified in fuch a 
manner, as enabled them to fuftain a 
fiege of feven months before they fur- 
rendered. It continued fubjeft to the 
empire till Rudolphus fold it to the 
citizens for 12,000 ducats, after which 
it continued a free ftate under the pro- 
teftion of the king of Spain j the bifliop 
being under the immediate jurifdiftioa 
of the pope, 

Lucelburg, a principality of Ger- 

Lucenses, a province of Spain See 

Lucenses. See Luco. 

Lucenti. ) c t 

T \ See LucHEN. 


LucEOLi, a city of Italy. 

LuCERA. ) c r ^, ., 
T ^^„,. > See LuzZARA. 

LucHEN (Lttcentum, Sufana), a city 
of Valencia, in Spain, founded A. M. 

LuciFERi Fanum, a city of Spain. 

LuciN^. SeeELETHYi^. 

Luco (Aniipyrgos, AnlipyrguSy Angiiiie 
Lucus, Lucenfes), a city of Naples, on the 
Lake Fucinus. 


LucRETiLis. See Monte Lr 


LucrineLake > {Licola, Lngo 

LuCKiNus Lacus) di Li cola), a 
lake of Campania, between Baiae and 
Puteoli ; noted for producing fine oy- 

LucRiNUM, a city of Apulia. 

LucuBi ( Ucubh)y a city of Spain. 

LucuLLi HoRTi, gardens near Na- 

Lucus Angitije. See Luco. 

L U N 



Lucus August!. 

See OviE- 


Lucus. See Stockholm, 

LuD. See Lydda. 

LuDAY {Aludda, Alydila), a city of 
Phrygia Major, on the confines of 

LuDGATE, in the city of London, ap- 
pears to hnve been eretled A. C. 68. 

LuDlAS {Lyciias), a river of Macedo- 
nia, flows by Pella. 


LuGAR], a diflnft on the illand of 

LuGDUNENsis Ara. See Ara 


LuGDUNENsis GALLrA, comprifcd 
Lyons, Tours, &c. 

LuGuuNUM. See Lyons. 

LucDUNUM Batavorum. See 

LugdunumClav ATUM. SeeLAU- 


Lugdunum Convenarum. See 
Bertrand, St. 

Lugeus Lacus, a lake of Japidla, 
in Illyricum. 

Lugit. See Lygii. 

Lugionum, a city of Pannonia In- 

Lugo {Lucus Augufli), a city of Gal- 
licia, in Spain, was the metropolis of 
the Suevi, where the water Iprings out 
of the earth fufRciently hoi for culinary 

Lugo. See Stockholm. 

Lugodinum Batavorum, See 

LUGUBALIA. ) c o „ , 

- > See Carlisle. 


LuGUDUNUM. See Bertrand, 

LuGUVALLUM. See Carlisle. 

LuiTH, a city of Arabia Petraja. 

Lumello (JLaumellum), a city of Mi- 
lan, in Italy. 

Lu.NA, a fore ft of Moravia, in Ger- 

Luna. See Lunigiana. 

Luna. See Clugny. 

LuNiE MoNS, the rock of Lifbon. 

LuN^ MoNS, a mountain in Ethio- 

LuN^ PoRTUS, a bay on the eaftern 
coaft of Genoa. 

Lunarium, a promontory of Spain, 
between Blanes and Badelona. 

Lundavn. See Lqndon. 

LuNDEN, a city of Denmark. 


T { bee London'. 

LUNDONIA. i ^"i^ww". 

LtJNE. See LoN. 

LuNEBURG, )a city of Germans, 

Lunenburg, > on the Ems, was 
founded A. D. 1189, out of the ruins of 

LuNiGiANA {Luna), a city of Itair, 
founded about A. M. 2789 : it is faid 
to have been demolifhed by order of an 
emperor, whofe name is not mentioned, 
on account of his eir.prefs falling in love 
with a young man of this city, whom llie 
was determined to enjoy ; and to ac- 
compliih her defires, feigned herfelf 
dead, fuffered her feet to be pierced, 
and was conveyed to the place of in- 
terment i from whence ihe was after- 
wards conveyed to the houfe of her par- 
amour, where (he enjoyed his com- 
pany ; the emperor being apprifcd of 
the circumt^ance, ordered the city to be 
burnt, and his wife llain ; fince then 
only a few filhermen liave inhabited the 

LuNNA. See Clugny, 

LuPADi {Apolloma), a city of My(ia, 
on a river of tiie farce name near the Lake 

LuPADi {Rhj'tidacus, Lycus), 3. river 
of Myfia, flows into the lea of Mar- 

LupiA. See Leucata. 

Lupi.-E. See RoccA, La. 

LupiA } {Sfatio Miliopa), a city of 

Lupi^j( Calabria, between Brindifi 
and Otranto. 


LuPiAS. [-See Lippe. 

LuppiA. 3 

LusATiA, a principality of Ger- 

Lusio. See Pax. 

LusiTANiA. See Portugal. 

LusoNEs, a people of Spain, near the 





Luteva. See Lodeve. 

LuTiA, a city of Spain. 

Luttach {Liitamum), a village of 
the Tyrol, on the rivulet Aich. 

Lutzemburg, ) a city of the Nc- 

Luxemburg, ) thcrlands, di- 
vided into two parts, called the Upper 
and the Lower, by the river Elbe. 
This city was founded about A, D. 

LuxEui L, a town of Franche Comte, 
in France ; deftroyed by Attilla A. D. 

LuxiA, a river of Bsetica, iii Spain. 


utlsia. "^ c 

UTETIA. > ^' 


See Pa. 

L Y C 

L Y R 

Luz. Sec Bethel. 
L D z A R A ) ( Luc erta, L 
Luzzara) NtiCffiia), 

a city of Man- 
tua, in Italy. 

Lybici, a people of Italy, near Ver- 

Lybissa, ) a village of Bithynia, 

Lybya, ^ where Hannibal was 

Lybitm, a city of Coelefyria, between 
Damafcus and Latakia. 

Lycabessus, ■) _ 

Lycabettus,,' \"r^^''^'^ ^'^' 

Lycabetus, S ^^'^''''- 

LyCy'ea, a city of Arcadia. 

Lyc.iEUM, a celebrated plice in At- 
tica, near the bmks of the river IlilVas, 
where Ariliotle taught philofophy ; and 
as he generally inllruftcd his pupils 
whilft walking, they were called Peri- 

Lyc;eus, a mountain in Arcadia, 
facred to Jupiter, from whence he was 
called Jupiter Lyc?eus. It was alfo fa- 
cred to Pan, whofe fcftivals called Lycaea 
were celebrated there. 

Lycaoxia, a dillrift of Afia Minor, 
bef.veen Pamphyha, Cappadocia, Pili- 
dia, and Phrygia. 

Lycaomia. See TzACON'rA. 

Lycaon'ia, an ifland in the Tiber, 
joined to Rome by a bridge. 

Lycaste, } a city ot' Candia, near 

Lycastus, j( Mons Didtaeus 

Lycastum, a city of Cappadocia. 

Lyces, a city of Macedonia. 

Lyceum. See Lyceum. 

Lychaoki.a. See Tz.\coni a. 


T „^, >SeeOcHRiDA. 


Lychnis. J 

Lycia (M<!yas, My/las, Tremile'), 
a province of Alia Minor. See Aide- 


Lycim.n'a, a city of the Morea; 

Lycoania. SeeTzACONiA. 

Lycone, a mountain of Argolis. 

Lycone, a city of Thrace. 

LvcopoLis, a city of Egypr, much 
infeded by wolves. 

Lycorea, > a city of Phocis, on 

Lycoria, 5 ^^^ fumaiit of Par- 

Lycormas. See Fidari. 

Lycosur a, acity on Mount LycrRus, 
in Arcadia. 

Lyctus ) (Lvtius), a city of Can- 

Lycus 5 dia, the birth-place of 

Lycus, a river of Armenia, falls into 
the Pontus. 

Lycus, a river of Affyria, flows into 
the Tigris near Nineveh. 

Lycus, a river of Bithynia, difem- 
bogues into t\\s Euxine"Sca. 

Lycus, a river of Phoenicia, dif- 
charges itfelf into the Mediterranean. 

Lycus, a river of Pontus, unites with 
the Iris at Eupatoria. 

Lycus, a river of Phrygia, joins the 
M.vander at Chonos. 

Lycus. SeeLuPADi. 

Lydje, a maritime town of Caria. 

Lydda {Loc/, Lud), a toparchy of 

Lvt)D^. See DiospoLis. 

Lydia {M.vonia, Meones), a province 
of Anatolia, in Afia Minor, to the n E of 

Lydias. SeeLuDiAS. 

Lygii, a people of Germany, near 
the Hercynian Foreft. 

YGOs.J See Co^fsTA^^TI^'OPLE. 
Lygus. ), a river of Bithynia. 
Lymara {Epidaurus, Limera'), a 
city of Argos, founded about A. M, 
2250, where a temple was dedicated tu 

Lymax, a river of Arcadia. 
Lyme (Lewu/iis, Lemjnnii), a mari- 
time town in DorfetOiire. 
Lymire, a city of Lycia. 
Lyncea. See Lyrcea. 
LyncesTjE, } a people of Mace- 
Lyncesti, ( donia. 
Lynces Tis, a dil\ri£t of Macedonia. 
Lyncestius, a river of Macedonia, 
whofe waters were of an intoxicating 

LYiVCus, a city of Lynceftis, in Ma- 

Lyndum. See Aidenelli. 
Lyndus, a ciry of Sicily. 
L\ NN Ehiscopi, ) a maritime town 
Lyn'x Regis, \ of Ni)rf.;lk. 
Lyxxama, a ciiv of Libya Inte- 

Lyoxs (^L'/^dwuf^, Cliv'dia Cop'to^ 
Coirji narum Urf'S), a city <f Lyonnoi^, 
in France; appt ars to have been de- 
ftroyed, and afterwards repaired by 
risncus, who was.prclidcnt there A. C. 
40. This city was the birth-place of 
the emperor Claudiu-, and the univcr- 
fity was founded by the Greeks' A. D. 

Lyppk. Seel-EUCATA. 
Lyrba, a city of Pilidia. 
Lyrct! a people of Scvrhia. 
Lyrceus. a mfjumain in Arcaoia. 
Lvrcea {Lyiaaj, a city of the 


L y T 

LYRNESSO. )c„„T._-,e. 

Lyrnessus. 3 

Lybnessus, a city of Cilicia, the 
birth-place of Brifeis. 

LvsANiiE DoMU^. See Zenodo- 


Lysiad, a fortrcfs in Syria. 

Lysias, a city of Phrygia, to the 
north of Eucarpia. 

Lysias, a city of Syria, beyond the 
Lake Apamea. 

Lysimachia, a city of iEtolia. 

Lysimaohia, a city of Thrace, 
f refted by Lyfimachus A. C. 30S : after 

his death it was demoliflied by the 
Thracians, and rebuilt by Antiochus 
the Great. Pliny fays it was erefted 
out of the roins of Paftis and Cardia, 
two cities en the Ifthmus of Thrace. 

Lysimelia, a marfli in Sicily, near 

LySINIA, ) ., r TiTJ- 


Lyssus, a city on the confines of Ma- 
cedonia and Illyricum. 

Lystra, a city of Lycaonia, in Afia 

Lyttus. See Lyctus. 


M A C 

TV /T A A R s A R ES ( Baarfar/;s,Marfes,Mnr- 
^^ /las, Nabarfaifs, Na^raga), a ca- 
nal cue from the Euphrates, to.convcy 
the water through Babylon. 

Makra {Apbrodijiuni), a city of 

Ma BRA Cape {Candidttm), a pro- 
montory of Africa, to the w of Car- 

Macacar. See Macassar. 

jNlACyX, a people of Arabia Felix. 

'M.ACM.i.A. {Macella), a city of Ca- 
labria Ciarior. 

Macaka- See Ergei.. 

Macarkse {Fngena), a city of 

Macaria. ~^ 

Macaris. > See Cakdia. 

Macaroxeson'. j 

Macassar {Mr.cacar, M,t>:cacnr), a 
knudom of India, on the iilc of Celebes. 

Macatut.'e (^AJhyJliV)y a people in 
the weftern pare of Barca, in Africa. 

Macazar. SeeMACUssAR. 

Macchida. See Maceda. 

Macclesfield, a town in Che- 

Maccocaling/e, a people n:ar the 
n'.outh of the Ganges. 

Maceda (J<>1akcda, Macchida), a 
city belonging to the tiibe of Judah. 


Macedon ) {^Hamonia, Ema- 

Macrdonia 3 '*'^» ■Arnfiiibia, 
JEniatbia, Amon'ia, Mygdinja, Po'onia, 
Edon'ui), a kingdom that comprifed 
Thcffaly, great part of Thrace, and alio 
of Greece ; it appears to have origi- 
Batcdabtjut A.M. 3125. 

Macedontcus Sinus. See Sa- 
LONiCHi Sinus. 

Macella. SccMacalla. 

Macella, a city of Sicilv. 

Maces lus, a rivulet of Myfu, runs 
into the Lupadi. 

Machjera, a river of Africa. 

Mach/ERON.) a fortress on the 

Machjerus, 3 frontiers of Arabiii, 
Vvhere John the Baptift was beheaded. 

MACHELON-Es,apeople jiithe fowtb.- 
ern pare ^)f Colchisi 

M A C ■ 

Machinleth '\ {Magona^ 

MaCHLENETH \ M.dyona), 

Machynelbkth > af^ f.of 
Monrgomeryfliire, in N 'th W:ies, 
eredted by the Romans, to prevent the 
incurfions of the Britcns. 

Machlyks, a pe -pie of Lybia,near 
the lake Tritohis. 

Machlyn. SeeMECHLi>j. 

Machmas. Sec Mict iMAS. 

Machmetha (^Machibotb), a city 
of Samaria. 

Machpelah, a cave and plain be~ 
fore Mamre, or Hebron wells. 

Machthoth. See Maciimetha. 

Maclenith {Maglaria), an illaud 
on the coaft of Britain. 

Macodama. See Macomades 


Macomada. See Macomades 

Macomades, a city of Numidia, 
near Conftantina. MiNOREs {Mocoda- 
77:a, Macumad'-s, Macros'), a city of i>y- 
zacium, in Africa. 

Macomades Syrtis (Macomada), 
a city of Africa, near the mouth of the 

MACONlTiE, a people of Mauritania 

Mactsa. See Negropont. 

Macra. See Mag r a. 

Macres {Clfivphus), a river of Afri- 
ca, that flows ihr lU^h a fruitful diftrift 
bearing the fame name. 

Macri Campi, a fmall town of 
Italy, on the river Secchid. 

Macri {Maoonlicon, Macronticboi), 
a citv of Thr.icc. 

MaCris. See Negropont. 
. Mackis. See Helena.. 

Mackis. See Scio. 

Macris. See Nicaria. 

Macrobii, a p< opie of Ethiopia. 

Macrceii, a people on the ifland 

MACuoCEPHALr, a peo|,le of Pon- 

Macrones, a people of Pontus. 



Macrones, a people of Iberia, on 
the river Arcani. 

Macronmse. See Helena. 

Macronteickos, "1 a city of 

M ACROSTiCHOs, J Thrace, on 
the lea of Marmora. 

Macropolis. See Euryalus. 

Macros. Sa Macomades Mi- 


M ACT AN. See Mat AN. 

Mactorium, a city of Sicily, to the 
w of the river Gelas. 

MacyiVia, 3 fmall town of jiEtolia, 
on mount TaphiafTus. 

Mad a r a \ ( Medaura), a citv on 

Mae AURA / the confines of Nu- 
midia and Getulia. 

Madeba, a city of Syria. 

Madeira,"! an ifland in the Atlan- 

Madera, J tic Ocean, difcovered 
by Henry, fon of John king of Portu- 
gal, A.D. 1420. 

jVIadena, a diftrift of Armenia 

Madestes, a city of Thrace. 

]M a D I A {Maggta), a city towards the 
s cf Colchis. 

Madian, a city of Arabia Petraea, 
near the river Adramakk. 

Madida Porta. See Canapina. 

Maori (Mc-eandrus, M^cmder), a 
r;ver of Phrygia in Ada Minor. 

IMadrid 1 {Manilla Car pet ana), 

Madritt > the chief city of 

Madritum J Spain, fuuate in 
New Caftile ; was feunded about A.M. 
3032 : the air about this city is fo falu- 
brious, that the plague never raged 
there ; on that account the court of Spain 
made it the royal refidcnce ; and it is the 
moft populous city in the kingdom. As 
an inducement for the king to remove 
his court from Valladojd, the citizens 
of Madrid erefttd the royal palace at 
their own expence, and agreed that the 
kcond ftorifts in their houfes Ihould be- 
long to the king ; and tliey were confi- 
dered as his property, if not compounded 

Madviacis. See AIaidstone. 

Mapvtos, a city of the Thracian 

Mjeakder. "I c i*/r 

T\/i ,.,.»,.„ * f See Madri. 


M^AivDRiA) a city of Thefprotia, 
in ripirus. 

MiE ANDRoi'OLis,\ a city of Mag- 

MyEANDRUs, J ntfia, cn the 


MiEATJE, a people of Scotland, near 
Scv<jrus's Wall (now I,au lerda'e). 

Ma.di, a people on the conijnes of 
Thrace and Mactdon. 

;OTiCA Palus. ^ p a 

T 1 See AsopH, 

fOTICVS Lacus. \ c c 

T, I Sea or. 

DOTIS Falus J 

M^DiCA Regio, a diftrift cf 
Thrace, at the foot of Mount PangDeus. 

M-'NALA, acity of Spain. 

M.^iNALA 1 {Menalomond), acity 

Ma:naluii > of Arcadia, on a 

M^NALL's J mountain of the fame 
nan.e, which was facred to Pan. 

M^NARiy-E, fmall idands in the Me- 
diterranean Sea, near Majorca. 

M^ffNOBA (MeKoia) a maritime of 
BcKtica, in Spain. 

M.^NUs. See Maike. 

MiEONES. "1 c T 

MiEONiA. / SeeLYDiA. 

M^ONiA, a city of Lydia,at the foot 
of Mount Tmolus. 

M^ffiOTJE, a people of Afiatic Sar- 

MiEOTiCA Palus 



Mjese 1 {Mufa,Mfure, Helium), % 

Maese / river cf the Netherlands, 
falls into the German Ocean. 

M^siA Silva, a foreft in Tufcany, 
near the mouth of the Tiber. 

Mjestricht {MoJ^-e Pons), a town 
of the Netherlands. 

Magaba, a mountain of Galatia, 
between Ancyra and the river Halys. 

Mag;e. See Radnor. 

Mag.ea, a fountain of Sicily, 
* Magalagaza, acity of Ro.mania, 
in Italy. 

Magara. See Megara. 

Magarsos, ^ a city of Cilicia, on 

Magarsus,3 an eminence near 

Ma goal a {Dalmanutbij), a fortrefs. 
on the E side of the Sea of Galilee. 

Magdalen's Ca ve, fubterraneous 
apartments formed bv nature in Carin- 
thia, ten miles E of Gortz, where the 
petrifafticns refemble marble pillars, 
fome entire, others broken. 

Magdeburg {PurihempoUs), a city 
of Saxony, in a diilricSt of the fame 
name, where is a maufoleum of Otho 
the Great. The city was deftroyed by 
the Vandals ; it was afterwards repaired 
A.D. 782, and fortified in 931 ; it is 
fcated on the Elbe, and had a temple 
dedicated to Venus. 

Magdolum, acity of Lower Egypt, 
to the s of Pelufium. 

Magdolum, a fortrefs near the 
Red Sea. 

MageapaH QJafais), an inland 
town of the Sabs^i, in Arabia Felix. 

AG EDO. 3 


Magellan, Straits of, wtre dilco- 


M A L 

vcred in South America, by Francis 
Magellan, a Portugucze, A. D. 1518. 

iVlAGELLiNO. Set Mag K I. LA. 

Magelopoi.IS, a ciry of Arcadia ; 
appc:iis to hive been founded A.C. 368. 

Maget^ a people of Africa. 

Magetobriga. Sec Amageto- 

Maggia. See Madia. 

Maggiore {Locarno, Lacus Firla- 
nus), a lake of Italy, that feparates the 
duchy of Milan from the G iibns. 

Magia. See Mkyenf^ldt. 

Magiovintum. ) See Dunsta- 

Magiovinum. 5 BLE. 

Magistus, a city of Elis, in the 

Magi.ana. See Maclenith. 

Magliano {Manliand), a maritime 
town of Tufcany. 

Magna Gr^cia. See Calabria. 

Magnata. See Limerick. 

Magnesia, a maritime diftrift on 
the e^ftcrn part of Theflaly. 

Magnesia. See Masissa. 

Magnesia au Meandrum, a 
city of Icnia, on the Meander, at the 
foot of Mount Sipylus, which was given 
by Artaxerxes to Themiftoclcs, where 
he refidcd and terminated his life. 

Magnesia au Sipylum {Tanta- 
lis, Sif>yliwi)y a city of Lydia, at the 
foot of Moant Sipylus, deftroyed by 

Magnesia, a city and a promontory 
of Magnefia, in Theflaly. 

Magnopolis {Eiipaioria). a city of 
Pontus, at the confluence of the Iris 
with the Lycus. 

Magnopolitis, the diftrift fur- 
rounding Magnopolis. , 

Magnum Forum. See Forum 

Magnus Campus {Efdrrlon), a 
diftrift of Galilee, towards Scythopolis, 

Magnus Portus. See Portfmouth, 

Magnus Sinus. See Sinus. 
Mago, See Port Mahon. 
Magog. Sec Hier apolis. 

Magon, a river of India, flows into 
the Gans^es. 

Magona. See Machinleth. 
Magontiacum. See Mentz. 
Magka {Macra), a river of Italy, 
that feparates Liguria from Tufcany, 
and falls into the Tufcan Sea. 
Maori. SeeHELENA. 
Maguelone (^Agntba), formerly an 
ifland in the Mediterranean, near the 
mouth of the Rhone ; now joined to the 
continent by a mole. 


Maguwtium. 5 See Mentz. 

Magydos, a city of Pamphylia, 
between the rivers Catarrhafles tnd 

Mahadia. See Elmadia, 

Mahanaim, a place between Mount 
Gilead and the river Jabbok, to the e 
of the river Jordan. 

MaheSt.Cape (Gol>.-e!/m),apro' 
montory of Bretagnc, in France. 

Maiimou.dker, a river of Perfia. 

M A H o M e T T a ( Adnimetun, Aldrume, 
Hadiumctum, Ad tmetum, Adrymr, Adru- 
metiuni), a citv of Byzacium, in Africa. 

Maidenhead ) {^Souih Allhig- 

Maidenhithe y ton)y a town 
in Berklhire. 

Maidstone (^Madviacis),\.ht chief 
town in Kent. 

Ma in A (Leuctnwi), a fortrefs o£ 
Greece, in the Morea. 

M AisE (^Manus, Manis'), a river of 
Germany, flows inta the Rhine at 
Mentz. ' 

Maine, a province of France. 

MAiNE(M't'^«i3«a),a river of France, 
falls into the Loire. 

Mainland (^Orkney, Pomona^, the 
chief of the Orkney Ifles, near the coaft. 
of Scotland. 

Majorca (Ba/eares, CL-earades), a 
city on an ifland of the fame name in the 

Majozimalca, a city of Aflyria. 

Mai RE {hernus, lernus), a river of 
Munfter, in Ireland. 

Majuma (^Ncw Gaza), a city of Pa- 

Maked, ~\ a city in the Land 

Makeua, > of Gilead. See Ma- 

Makkedah,J ceda. 

JVI A L A c A ) ( Cher [one fus Aurca) , a 

Malacca 5 kingdom on a large 
peninfula of the fame name in Afia. 

Malacasa {Mycukjfus), a village 
o\ Roe >tia, between Theocs and Chalcis, 
in Euboeu. 

Malaga, 1 a city of Granada, in 

Ma LACE, > Spain, founded about 

Malaga, J A.M. 310S, by a co- 
1 3r,y of Phoenicians, who came from the 
Red Sea. and plaining themfelves in 
Spain, ere6fed thi.s and feveral other 
cities ; it WHS taken from the M'iors, by- 
Ferdinand king of Caftilc, AD- 14^4- 

Malatia {Mcliia), an ifland near 

Malaxia. See Suur. 

Malden ) {Conomu?!i), a town in 

Maldon ) Eflcx, which was a 
Roman colony, burnt by order of Boa* 
dicea, and rebuilt by tiie Roruans 

Mai.ka. bee Malio. 


U X 



Maleus Sinus, abay of Laconia, 
in f^.e ]Morca. 

Malgon'a. See Machtkleth. 

Mali (Maili), a people of India in- 
tra Gangem, among whom Alexander 
was in great ddnger of i'lfiiii; his life. 

Malia, a promontory on the s fide 
of Ltlbos. 

Malia, a town of Spain. 

Malia, ) ;i city of Fhthiotis, in 

Malljea,5 Theffaly, near Ther- 
mopylaj, where were hot mineral fprings. 

Maliacus Sinus. See Lamia- 
cus Sinus. 

Malio (Maka), a promontory of 
Laconia, near to which the fea is very 

Malli. See Mali. 

Mall II, a people of Mefopotamia. 

Mallo. See Mallus. 

Mallcea, a city of Pcrrhcxbia, in 

!Mallos, ) a city of Cilicia, on the 

Mallus, y e fide of the Pyramus. 

Mebfefe, Mopfos), a city of Cilicia Cam- 
peftris, on the river Pyramus. 

Malm 1ST RE (Pjramus), a river of 
Cilicia Campeftris. 

Malmogia, a principal city of Sca- 
nia, founded A.D. 1322. 

iViALMsBURY {Melilune), a town in 
Wihfhire, founded A. C. 414, by Mul- 
inutius Dunwallo, who was the firft 
Britifli king that wore a crown of gold ; 
his predecelfors being accounted only as 
dukes, or governors : he built the Tem- 
ple of Peace, now Blackvvell-hall, in 
London, and caufed the four great roads 
to be made acrofs Britain, viz. the Fofle, 
W'atling-llrect. E.rmine-ftreet, and Ick- 
jield-ftrtet, ufually attribu'ed to the 
Romans ; he alfo ordained weights and 
rneafures to be ufed. The Abbey was 
founded AD. 642- 

Malo, St. i^Aletum, Aleta), a city of 
Bretagne, in France. 

M.VLPKi, a city of Apuha. 
Malta (Mtlile), an ifland in the 
Medirerranean Sea, between Sicily and 
Africa ; it was taken pcffcliion of by the 
Knights, A.D. 1531. 

Malth.\ce, a fmail ifiand near 

Malvasia (^Epiclaurus), a city in the 
Morea, where a ttiTiplc was dtdicaccd 
to -■^Iculapius. 

Malum, a city of Cyprus, whofe 
inhabitants were removed toPaphos, by 
Ptolemy the fon of Lagus. 

Mama LA, } a vilbge of Arabia 
Ma.maloc, 5 Petrsea, which pro- 
duces ciAiianiun, myrrh, and caflia. 


AMERTiNA,~j an inland town of 
AMERTiuM, > Campania, noted 
[.\MERTUM, J for its wines. 

Mam.\us, a river of the Morea. 

Mambre. See Mam^e. 

Mamertina. See Messina. 

Mamertin A, 



Mamertini, a people of Sicily. 

Mamertinum Fretum, the ftrait 
between Italy and Sicily. 

Mamortha. See Sichem, in Sa- 

Mamotta (Arabia Felix), a coun- 
try of Afia, where Mdiomet the foun- 
der of the Turkifh religion was born. 

Mampsarus, a mountain of Zeugi- 
tana, in Africa. 

Mamre {Mambre, Ogyta, "Terc- 
hinthus), a plain in the vicinity of Heb- 
ron. (See Area.) 

Man {Monaa:da,Monapia, Monabia)^ 
an ifland in the Irifh Sea. 

Manachia. SccManissa. 

Manarmanis, aportin Germany. 

Manassitis, a diftri<ft of Paleftine, 

Mancacar. See Macassar. 

Mancester ) {Caomancegttfd, 

Manceter 5 Ma7nluejfcdum), a 
place of importance in the time of the 
Romans, but now an obfcure village 
near Atherftone, in Warwickfhire. 

AIanch A La (^Spartarius Campus^, a 
province of New Caftile, in Spain. 

Manchester,^ a town in Lanca- 

M.incunivm, 3 fi^ire, where a 
college was founded A. D. 1421, by 
Thomas Weft, lord Eelawar, who was 
at that time reftor of the p.-.rilh, confe- 
quentiy enjoined to celibacy ; bat being 
the laft of the family, the Pope per- 
mitted him to marry, in confiJeratioti 
of his endowing the college. The free- 
fchool was founded in 1 5 1 9, by Dr. Old- 
ham, bifhop of Exeter. 

M.\.ndela, a village of the Sabines, 
in Italy. 

Mandria {Myrioi, Myrtus), a fmall 
ifland nearly oppofite Caftel RolTo, in 

Ma.ndubii, a people near Auxerre, 
in France. 

Maxduessedu.m. See MancE' 

MaNDUKIA, a ciry cf Calabria. 

Manes, a rivulet of Locris, in 

Manfredonia, a city of Naples. 

Manghisi {Tap/its, Thapfus). a pe- 
ninfula of Sicily, to the N of Syra- 

Manimi, a people of Germany. 
Manissa {Magncfiat Manachia), a 
city of Caria, in Afia Minor. 

Manhana, See MAGLIA^^.a- 

■]\I A R 


Ma\"n ARiciuM, -a city of Gallia 

Man RES A {Bacafis), a city (rf Cata- 
lonia, 111 Spain. 

Mans {Sumilinum, Findin:i7n), a city 
of Or.taiinnis, -n France. 

Mansfeldt, a town of Saxony, in 
a dill lit I'f the fame name. 

Mantegna 1 

Mantigna > SeeGoRiZA. 


Mantinorum Oppidum. See 

Mantua, the chief city of a dnchy 
bearing the fame name,in Italvi is felted 
on an illard, in themidftofa lai<e farm- 
ed by the Mincio j it was founded about 
A.M. 2834, and hiving been dtftrcyed, 
was repaired A.C. 334, by Mintus, fon 
of Tyrefia the propht'cls. The city lias 
frequently fuftaincd great injuries, and 
been as often repaired ; particularly by 
Attila, A.D. 452, by Agilulphus, the 
Lombard, in 592, and various other 
times. It was fevered from the empire 
about 1092, by Matildis, who enlar;;td 
it confiderably, and gave it to the P< , e; 
after which it was governed by the fa- 
miiy of Ripa, the Pdledrunii, and the 
Paffcrini, the latter of whom were ex- 
pelled by Goiizaga, in 1308. The em- 
peror Sigifmund created Lewis (fon of 
f rancis) Gnnz :ga, the fi-ft marquif, in 
1437 ; and Charles the Fifth railed it to 
a dukedom .n i;24. About two miles 
from this citv, at a place called Petula 
(formerly i^ndes Vicus), the poet Virgil 
was Isntn. 

Mantua Carpetana. SccMa- 


MANTZECHiiniT A, acity of Media. 

Maov, a city of Paleftine, i4ar tiie 
Dead Sea. 

Maracanda. See Samaracan- 

Maradel, a city of Spain, taken 
from the Moors. 

Maradunum. See Market 

Marandeans, a people of Media. 

Maranitte, a people on the conr 
fines ef Armenia. 


Makat (Muromasy Maronea, Ma- 
rogna), a city of Ciconta, in Thrace, 
near the lake ifmaris, where Philip cx- 
ercifed great cruelty. 

Maratacupris, a village ne3r 

Maratha, avillage of Arcadia. 

Mak ATHE, a fmallifland near Corfu. 

Maz^-Athesiuji. See Marazu, 

Marathon, 1 a city of Attica, 
Marathona. ( taken by Pilillra- 
Marathro, j tus the tyrant," 
Maratono, J A.M. 3407. Near 
this city the Athenians (lew 700,000 
Perfians in 3459, and in the adja ent 
plains Thcfeus fltw the buH thar had 
done To much injury in tlie country. 
Maraihos.) c t\a ^^.r^r, 
Mara THUS. J See Margath. 

Marazu (^Mara/mm, Maralhffium)y 
a ciry of Lydia, in Afia. 

Ma?vBELA ) [Barhefola, Barl/t' 

MaRBElla ) fitly Barbtfula), a 
city of G'a i^da, in Spain. 

Mar BURGH {M.i:t.u7n, Maiium), a 
citv on the N fide of Cindia 

Marc A, a city on an ifland of the 
fame name, in the gulf of Venice. 

Marc A d'Ancona (^PmiopjUs), a 
diftridt of Italy, compriling Rimini, Pe- 
faro, Fano, Senegaglia, Ancona, Ur- 
bino, &c. 

Marcelling {Mylas, Myla), ariver 
of Sicilv. 

Marche d'Ancona. See Ma r- 
ca d'Ancona. 

Marchena, a city of Andalufia, ia 

Marcia. Sec Rkodes. 

Marcia AqjjA, water conveyed by 
Anciis Marcius, from the Fucine Lake 
to Mount Aventine, in Rome, adftance 
exceeding 'hirty miles ; it is the moil 
pure water that was conveyed to the city. 

Marciana Silva. See Black. 

Marcianopolis. See Martia- 


Marcigliano( Crujlumerhim , Cruf- 
tumiuv,^, Piciiy of the S.ibines, in Italy. 

Marcina, a city of Campania, ia 

Marcius Saltus, a place in Li- 

Marco St. (^Agnthyryia, Agathyrfa, 
Argentanum, CalaSia, Gale Ada), a city 
of Sicily, founded By Agathyrnus, foil 
of .iEoius, about the fame time that Troy 
was founded. 

Marcodava. See Marcosek, 

Marcodurum. I 

Marcomagu.m. J 

Marco.manni (Mora-jiy Moravi- 
t7>is), a people of Germany, who on 
being expelled their country, A.D. 5, 
took up their abode in Bohemia. 

Marcopolis. See VVurtzburg. 

Marcosek (^Marcodaiia), a city of 

MAB.DE,acityof Calachcne, in Affy- 



MaPvDI (Marotrit^, MaraniL-p), a 
people ou fhe confines of Armenia. 

Mardia, a place in Thrace, noted 
for an ent^ahcment between Conftantine 
and Licinius. A D. 315. 

Mar di-Mecca {Ambicus Si- 
Kus), a (ca between Egypt and Arabia; 
coniidered by lome .uthors as the Red 
Sea, and bv o'hers, as o.ilv a pare of it. 

Mardus, :) iiver of Media, flows 
jnt • the C ('1.1 an Sea. 

Mare In? ERvuM. See Sea. Tus- 


Maf. sKiBRLM. Se-: Sea, Red. 

Mare 3a lis. Se- .-iea. Dead. 

Mare suferum. bee Venice, 
Gulf of. 

Mare A. a city of Egypt, on the 
Lake Mareotis. 

MareaLacus > (Mr>7.f), a lake 

M.'VREOxrs ) to the s "f Alex- 

andria, in Egypt, bee Charon'. 

Maresa ) {Murijfa), a fortrefs 

Maresia 3 near Eleuiheropolis, in 

Mare TAMO (H:cra), one of the Li- 
pari 'fie s. 

Marga, a city in Upper Mcesia. 

Marga iaks, a } eople of Media. 

MaRGAsis, a city of Media, 

Margath {Mar at bus, Maralhoi'), a 
city or Phceu'cis, oppofue the ifland 

Margedukum. ) See Belvoir 

Margidunum. J Castle. 

Margana. "I 

Margiama. ISee Estarabad. 

Marginia. J 

Margis. See Marcus. 

Mar~um. See Galombuz. 

Marcus {Margis)^ a river of Servia ; 
flows into tlie Dan be. 

Margus, a river of Margiana ; falls 
into the Oxus. 

MARGVET.E,a people of, 
in Perfia. 

Maria (Hnmio>!p), a cityof Argoli?, 
where was a Temple iacred to Neprune. 

Maria {Punditaria), an ifland in 
the Tiilcan Sea. 

Mariaba {Meriaba), a city of Ara- 
bia F lix, near rhe Red Sea. 

Mariame, "] 

Mariamme, I a city of Phoenicia. 

Mariammia, J 

Mariamne, rhe name of a tower 
built b) Herod on the walls of Jcrufa- 

Mariana ) {hlcxa), a 

Mariana Colonia \ maritime 
-town of Corfica. 

Mariana Fossa. SccGalejon. 

MARiANDYNi,ape ipieof Bithynia. 

Mariandyni Sinus, > a bay nejr 

Mariandynum, S Bithynia. 

Mabiani See Sierra Morena. 

Marianum, a city o'^^Coifica, on a 
pn min^orv of he fame name. 

Mxrica, a city of Campania, ia 

Marica SiLVA, ) aforeftonthe 

MariCjE Lucus, j contines of 
Camp <nia. 

Maridunum. See Carmarthen. 

Marieburc, ) a cilUe tiefted in 

Marienb7:rg,5 PrulTi , bv the 
T.uron c Knights, A D. 1281, t) which 
a town wa -djoined in 1^02. 

Marinat {Scardusy Scordus. Scodrus), 
a range of mountains that l"epar-i"e Dar« 
dania and Moefia from Ilivricum. 

Marionis. See Hamburgh. 

Marios. A city of Laconia. 

Maris, a river of Scythia. 

Marisch, "1 

IVlARisius, > a river of Dacia. 

Marisus, J 

Marissa SccMareisa. 

Marii AMD. See .Hiera. See Martesue. 

MaritimjE Alpes. See MoN- 


Marium. See Famagusta. 

Mariza (Hfdrus), ar'ver ofThrace; 
flows into the Archipelago. 

Marxelhaz ) ( Maradu- 

Market Overton \ wtm), a vil- 
lage in the cnuntv of Rutland. 

Marmarenses, a people of Lycia. 

Marmarexsiuivi Rupes, a reck 
in the eaftern extremity of Lycia. 

Marmarica. See Marmorica. 

Marmarid^, a pcoule of Lybia, 
between Cyrcne and Egypt. 

Marmarion, I a town of Negro- 

Marmarium, ) pont. 

Marmora, an iiland of Greece. 
See Proconnesus. 

Marmora, Sea of {Proponlis, 
the li''hi!e Sfa), is fuuate between 
Europe and Aha, and has a commuai- 
cation with the Archipelago, and the 
Black Sea. 

Marmorica (Marmarica), ^ diftriA 
cf Africa. 

Marne {Matrona),z riverof France, 
unites with the Seine a little above 

Mab abodui, a people f>f Germany. 

Marobudum. See Prague. 

Marocz {MariJiuSyMiiriJus, Kbaio)j 
a. river of Sarmatia. 

Marodubus. See Prague. . 



M.VROGXA, > a city of Thrace, 

Maron'Ea, y where Philip exer- 
cifed great cruelty. 

Maron'ea, a city of Italy. 

Maroxias. See Marat. 

Maron'itje. See Mardi. 

Marosch, a city of AliaticTur- 

Marosini {M/vrrudm), a people 
near Pifcai a, in Italy. 

Marpesius. See Cocas. 

Marpessa, I a mountain on the 

Marpessus, S '''s Paros, which 

abounds with white marble. 

Marpessus,) • c-\n.,a-. 
■., J- a city or Mylia. 

Marpesus, ^ -' •' 

Marpurg (^tVIiirnJj>yrgnm, Mattia- 
cvm, Mauii/m, AmaJ/.^, A',?ii/ia, Ami/hts), 
a city of Helfe, in Germany, appears 
to have been either founded or rebuilt 
about A. D. 146; the caftle was ereftcd 
bv the bifliop of Cologne, in 1434 ; the 
new ha.l, by William the land;;rave, 
in 1409; and the univcrfity, by Philip 
the landgrave, in 1526. At a place 
called Gieflen, within two miles of this 
city, Lewis the landgrave erciled an 
Univerfity fur Lutherans, in 1607, be- 
tween whom and the Calvinift Divines 
of Mirpurg, there were continual dif- 

Marriche, a citv of Parthia. 

Marro [Metnurus), a river of Ca- 
labria, flows into the Tufcan Sea. 

MaRRUBIUM,> c„„'VT^t,t^. 

.. , > bee MoREA. 

Marruvium. ) 

Marrucini (Marucini), a people 
near Pefcara, m Italy. 

Marsa (Maxu/lii, Mazula), a city 
of Africa proper. 

Marsacii, a people of Gallia Bei- 

]\Jarsala (Li/jd^um), a city of 

Marsalquiver, ) a fortrefs on 

Marsaquiver, 5 the coaft of 
Barbary, in Africa. 

Marsch (Miirus), a river of Ger- 
mnny, that feparates Auftria from Hun- 
gary, and flows between Vienna and 
Prefburg into the Danube. 

Marseilles (^M^ijp/ia), a maritime 
city of Provence, in France, appears to 
have been founded by a colony of the 
Phocians (who abandoned their own 
country to avoid the tyranny of the Per- 
fians), about A.M. 3351. In this city 
was a temple dedicated to AvjoIIo, and 
an univerfity remarkable for the fru- 
gality and civil behaviour of the flu- 
dents, to which the Romans fent t'neir 
children to be educiteil, it being llvUd 
hy Cicero the Athens of Gaul j and Pliny 

was accuftomcd to term it the miflrcfs of 
education. It poflefl'cs an cxcciltnt 
l>.irbourfur fliippiiig of any diim-nfloDi ; 
and vjaa one of the firft ci'ics thai were 
converted to tlie faith, by La7.arus, who 
was appointed their firft bilhop: he, 
with Mary Magdalen and Martha (his 
fillers) fled from the ptrl'cculion where- 
in St. Stephen luffcrcd. 

MaRSES. ) c A/r 

• ^^ „ , ^ > See Maarsares. 
Marsias. ) 

Marsi, a people near the river 
Lippc, in Germany. 

Ma RSI CO {At'cllinum Marfiaini), a 
citv of Italy, in the torritory of Naples. 

Marsigni, a people of Moravia 
and Bor.emia. 

Marsyaba, a city of Arabia. 

Marsya, ) a river of Phrygia ; 

Maisyas, \ flows into the Me- 

Maksyas (Sfyrgtis), a river of Syria; 
unites with the Euphrates. 

Marsyas, the valley between Liba- 
nus and Antihbanus, in Syria. 

Marta, a river of Traly. 

Martaignac ipRodi'.rui, Marti- 
jiach), a city of the Lower Valair, ia 

Martegue {Maritima), a city of 
Provence, in France. 

Marthama, a city of Africa. 

MartiaAq^ua. SccMarcia. 

Martian a Silva. See Mar- 


M a R T r A NO p o L I s ( MarciatKipoUi ), 
the metropolis of Lower Mctfin, was 
founded by Trajan, AD. J03, during 
his war with Decebaius. 


Martinc;!, a people near the Her- 
cynian foreft, in Germany. 

Martispup.gum. See Marpurg. 

MARTYROPOLis,acity on the fron« 
tiers of Pcrha. 

Marubio, ■) . r L P 

Marubium, \ t^'^y ^^'^f Sa. 

Maruvium, i '^'""' '"^'^'y- 

Marucini. See Marrucini. 

Marus. Sec Marsch. 

jNIarvc^t, a people of Baftria, in 

Marza Sirocco, a fmall gulf near 
the irte of Malta, where the Turks 
landed in 1365, and befiegcd Valetta ; 
on that account the Grand Maftcr or- 
dered three forts to be cre(Mc.'i,two at 
the entrance of the gulf, ind 01% -n a 
p^int of land that projects towartls the 
middle of ir. ) {Mcijfiila), aiity of 

Marzilla y Navarre, in Spain, 
founded A. Ivi, 3329. 


M A U 

Masada. SeeMASSADA. 

^''ASiEsiLll, a people of Lvbia. 

Mascari (I'lrfa, Inefia, JEt!!a\ a 
city oi-Sic'lv,on thcs fide of mount Ginel. 

Mascon {Matifco, M(Uifton'), a city 
of France, on the river Saonne, was 
fortified with a wall, AT). 1221. 

Mascloth. Ste Massada. 

Masices, a people of Mauritania 

Masitholt's, a river of Libya In- 
terior flows into the Atlantic. 

Masius, a mountain of Armenia 

RIasphaGalaad( Mr: pah Gikaif), 
the upper part of GileaJ annexed to the 
mounts Herman and Libaaus. 

Maspha {M!z,pab), a city beioni^ing 
to the tribe of Judah, fiiuate to the NEof 

Maspha (Mizfah), a city of the 
Hivirrs, at the foot cf Mount Hermon. 

IVIassa, } acity in 

MASSA^'ETER^•E^:SIG, I the \v 
of T . cany, rear the fe,, ; the birth- 
place of Gallus Csefar, brother of the 
eii'P-ror Ju ian. 

Maesabatica( Mejfabatica, Mefa-^ 
balene), a diftrift of Elynnais, near 
jVi ••'1 Zaerus. 

Massabitica. SeeSAVAS. 

Massada ) {MafLloth,M.tfada), 

Massadoth 5 a city of Gaiilce. 

Mass^esyli, a peopie of Nunnidia 
propei . 

Massaga, a city of India, fubdued 
by Alexander. 

Mas SAGE T^, a people of Scythia, 
to the E of ti'e Cafpian Sea. 

MASSAGETJE,a people of Eftarab^d, 
in Pcifta. 

Massalioticum. the moft cnpa- 
cious mcu h of ihe Rhone. 

Massas'a. SeeMESSANA. 

Massaki, a peop.e near the mouth 
of the Indu?. 

Massicus. See Moxdragone. 

Massilia. See Map>.seilles. 


Massovia {iMazovia, Pioctnjii), a 
province of Po'and. 

Massy LA, aninland J iflricl: of Mau- 

Massyli, apef^p'e of Numidia. 

Mast AUK A. a city of Lydia, en the 
norr^> fide of the Mcjanuer. 

Mastericht. See Maestricftt. 

Mastramela, a lake near Mar- 

Mastrtga {Herir.onnjfa'), a city of 

AflHtic B: fph" U-. 

Mastusia {Mivjla), a protnonory 
of I aracian Cherloudus. 

Mastva, a city of Fjsphlagonia, 
towards the c^aft of the Euxine Sea. 

Matan {MaSinn), one of the Phi- 
lippine Ides in Afia, where Magellan 
was flain in 152 i. 

Mat A PAN Cafe {T'enarium, I'd- 
ttarus), the mod fouthern pjint of 

Matelica, a city of Ancona, in 

Matiana,> a diftrift o*^ Media, on 

Matiena,) the confines of Ar- 

Matiem, a people of Media, on the 
frnrtif^rs of Armenia. 


Matixus, a mountdin of Apulia, 
abc'nnding in yew-trees. 

MaTISCO. ) c tvt 

•i\T..^r.„^.. t See Mascon. 
Matiscon. J 

Matium, a City on the north fide of 

Matray, ) a citadel in the 

Matreium, 5 Tyroi, near la- 
fpruc, at the foot of the Alps. 

Matrenus.) £, T> 

Matrinus. } SeePioMPA. • 


Mattheo, St. (/«<:, i///,' Indlhili, 
IndiHlis), a city of Arragon. in Sp.i'n. 
Mattiac.i; Aau^. > Se^ Wis- 


Mattiaci, a people between the 
Rhine and the Wefer, in Germany. 
Mattiacum. ) c ^,1 
Mattium. \ SeeMARPURG. 

Maura, St. an ifland in the Medi- 
terranean, ne^rthe coaft of Albania. 

Maure, St. a city of Touraine, in 

Maure, St. See San'ta Maura. 


MauPvI {Maurujii)^ the inhabitants 
of Mririrania. 

Maurienke, a valley of Savoy, be- 
tween Mount Cenis and Piedmont. 

Mauritania {Maurvfia)., an ex- 
tenfive country in A;rica, comprifing 
Fez and Morocc". 

P/Iauritania Cjesariensis, the 
eaflern part of Mauritania. 

Mauritania Sitifensis, a dif- 
trift of Maurirnn'a Casfarienfis.. 

Mauritania Tingjtana, the 
\v; ftern part of Mauritania. See Tan- 

Maur Kirchen {Ad Mawos'), a 
village t;f Auftria. 

Maurusia. See Mauritania. 

Maurusii. See Mauri. 


tomo of Maufulus, king of Caria,ereft- 
ed by his queen Artcnaha, (See Nesi.) 

M E C 

M E D 

Maxala, a city of Africa. 

Maxera, a river of Hyrcania, flows 
into the Cafpian Sea. 

Maxer.^, a people of Hyrcania. 
Maxi {Lorjma), a maritime town of 

Maximianopo.lis ) {Hada- 

Maximimanopolis ) drui.jnon), 
a city of Samaria. 

Maxula; SccMarsa. 

Maxyes, a people of Libya, to the 
fi of the Triton. 
•Mayence. See Men tz. 

May, ) one ot the C;ipe de Verd 

Mayo, ) Id. ids, in the Atlantic 
Ocean, on the coart of Africa. 

Mazaca. SeeTisARiA. 

INIaz^i, a people of Pannonia Infe- 

Mazagan', a fortrefs of Morocco,^ 
eredled by the Pornigucfe, which the 
emperor of Motoccx befieged with 
200,000 men, in 1562, but without 

Mazara, a maritime city of Sicily, 
in a valley of the fime name. 

Mazarino, SeeMEGARA. 

MazERAS, a river of Hyrcania, flows 
into the Cafpian Sea. 

Mazices ) (Macr^'^j), a pcnpleof 

Mazichi 5 Libya, who were very 
fwift runntrs, and expert at throwing 
iniflile weapons. 

Mazor. See Mizraim. 

Mazovia. See Massovia. 

Mazula. See Marne. 

Mazusia. See Mastusia. 

Mazyges. See Mazices. 

Meaux (^latiniiTTi, Cfvitas Meldoriim, 
Melaa, Moldi, Mr:!di Libert), a city of 
Brie, in the Ifle of France, which fuf- 
tained a fiege three months, in 1421. 

Mebsese. See Malrhstra. 

Mecca, ) a town of Arabia Felix, 

Mecha, 5 where great numbers of 
pilgrims refort. 

Mechia Cape {Drrpanum), a pro- 
montory in Candia. 

Mechleneurg, a principality cf 
Lower Saxony, in Germany. 

Mechlin ) {Macblyn), a city of 

Mechlyn ji ]3ribanr, where a par- 
liament was eftabliflied A.D. 1473. In 
the univerfity of this city there were the 
fonsof nine kings, twenty-four princes, 
and nine earls, all purfuing their ftuilies 
at the fame time. In the year 1547, 
800 barrels of gunpowder were deftroycd 
in the magazine by lightning. 

Mechmas. See Michmas. 

Mecon. > 

Mecone. 3 

See SyciON, 

Mecyberna, a city of Macedonia, 
between Olynthus and Torone. 

Mkdaba {Mcdwja'), a city of Ara- 
bia i eirsea. 

Medama {Mt'dma), a river of Ca- 
labrii Ultra. 

Medama. See Rossano. 

Medamne. See Mesopotamia. 


Medaura. SeeMADAURA. 

Medelin {Colon a M'lallina), a 
town 01 Eltramadura, in Spain, on th« 

Medeo>?, a city of Phocis, near 
An icyra. 

Medeon, a City of Boeoti.i, 

Medhamstead. See Peterbo- 
ROIl,' gh. 

Media, a kingdom of Upper Afia, 
See ScHiRWAN. 

Media Atrap.'Vtene, ) a dirtrift 

Media Atrapatia, 5 '^f Media, 
towards thf Calpinn Sea. 

Media MAGNA,a diftrift of Media, 
w-hfife capital was Ecbatana. 

Mediae" A, a city of Dacia, near 

Medina Celi, a city of Old Caf- 
tilc, in Spam. 

Medina dE las Torres, a city 
of El^r.imadiira, in Spain, on the con-, 
fine- of Andalufia. 

Medina del Campo, a city of 
Leon, in Spain. 

Medina del Rio Secco, a citycf 
Leon, .n Spain. 

Medina Sidoni.^ {Afida, Afinda., 
AJindum'), a fortrefs of Andalufia, in 

Medina Talnari, a town fituate 
between Arabia Deferta and Arabia Fe- 
lix, remarkitble as being the burial-place 
of Mahoinet ; it is called the city of the 
prophet, on account of tJic inhabitants 
granting him proteflion when he was 
cfimpelled to leave Mecca ; and in this 
place he was firft invefted with regal 
power: he died in the year 637, hut 
the Mahometan epoch takes date in 622, 
the time of his leaving Mecca. 

Mediolanium. SccSaintes. 

Mediolanum. See Milan. 

Mrdiolanum. SccMeivod, in 
North Wales. 

Mediolanum AuLERcoRUM.See 


Mediolanum Gugernorum. 
See Movland. 

Mediolanum Ordovicum. See 

Mediol.\num Santonum. See 



Mediomatrices, ) a people be- 

Mediomatrici, 5 tween the 
Rhine and ihe Mofelle. 

Mediomatricorum Oppidum. 
See iVlETZ. 

Mediterranean Sea ) (^In- 

Mediterraneum Mare ) ter- 
num Mivd), a fea which divides Europe 
and Afia Minor from Africa; it has 
acommunication with the Atlantic Ocean 
by the Straits of Gibraltar and with the 
Black Sea by the D.irdatielles, the Sea 
of Marmora, and the Strait of Conllan- 

Medma. See Rossano. 

Medmassa, a city of Caria. 

Medoacus {Meduacui), a river of 
Italy, flows into the gulf of Venice. 

MEDOBiTHYNija people of Thrace. 


Medobkiga. > 

Medolo ^Miitilum), a fortrefs at the 
foot of the Apennines, beyond Mutina . 

Medon ) (^^-f/cw), a riverof the 

Medcxe 5 Morea. 

Meduacus. See Medoacus. 

Meduana. See Maine. 

MEDU.LiA,acity of Albania, in Italy. 

Medus, a river of Media, falls into 
the Araxes. 

Med WAY, a river of England, that 
divides into two branches, one of which 
falls into the Thames, at the Nore, the 
other difembogues into the German 
Ocean, near Fcverlham, in Kent. 

Megabarenses, a branch of the 
Troglodyta;, in Upper Egypt. 

Megabari, } a people of E- 

Megabaradi, \ thiopia. 

Megali A, a fmall ifland nearNapIes. 

Megale Polis "^ {Mnur), a city of 

Megalopolis ^ Arcadia, in the 

Meg A POLIS ) Morea. 

Megalopolis,) a city of Achaia, 

Megapolis, 5 near Argos. 

Megalopolis > {Zela), a city of 

Megapolis 5 fontus, in Afia. 

Megara (Alcalhoe), a city of Acha- 
ia, founded A-C. 1131, whoie ruins de- 
monftrate its formi;r grandeur. 

MiiGARA (AJcatbo!, Mazarino), a 
city of Livadia, on the bdronic gulf ; at 
war with the Athenians, A.M. 3350. 

Megara ) {Magaria), that part 

Megaria 5 <^f 'he city of Car- 
thage which encompaffcd the citadel. 

Megara. ) See Augusta Me- 

MEGARIS.5 gar a. 

Megaris, a diftrift of Achaia. 

MegaRIS, a fmall ifland in the Tuf- 
can Sea. 

Megarsus. See Magarsus. 

Megarsus, a city of Sicily. 


Megarsus, a riverof India. 

Megattchos (Myrfen), a city ow 
an eminence, between Egypt and Ethi- 

Megeste, an ifland on the coaftof 

Megiddo (Magedo, Mageddo), a 
city of Galilee. 

Megisba, a lake oa the ifland of 

Megista, an ifland on the coaft of 

Megores, a people of Pars, in Perfia. 

Megra. See Megara. 

Megrada (fiflgraf/a, Bagadras), a 
river of Africa. 


Me is (ylfps Clupta, Qiappa), a city 
of Africa. 

Meissen {Mifaia,- Mifaa, Meypn), 
a city of Germany, in the eledorate of 
Saxony, feated on the Elbe ; it was 
founded A.D. 931, to prevent the in- 
curfions of the Hungariansand Vandals. 

Meivod {Mediolanum), once a city, 
now a village, in Montgomerylhire, in 
North Wales. 

Mela (Mella), a river of Lombardy. 

IMela {Mdevis, Milevium), a city of 

Mel.?: {Mcles), a city of Samnium, in 

Mel;en;e, a village of Attica.' 

MEL^NiE {Mekuaa), a city af Ar- 

Melamphillus. ) c c 

M^, , > See Samos. 


Melampyrgus {Chara Chijar), a 
city of Phrygia. 

Melanagetuli (NigrilO'), a peo- 
ple of Getulia, in Africa. 

MELANCHLiENi, a people neat the 
Cimmerian Bofphorus. 

Melane. See Samos, in the Ar- 

Melaneis. See Roche, La. 

Melanek, a city of Arcadia. 

Me lanes {Nigri Monies), mountains 
of Arabia Petraea. 

Melanes, mountains in Arabia Fe- 
lix, towards the Pel fian Gulf. 

Melania, a city of Cilicia, 

Melanippea, a fmall ifland or rock 
near Cyprus. 

Melano, an ifland in the bay of 

Melanogjetuli. See Melana- 

Melanosyri, a people of Syria» 
between the Euphrates and the Medi- 

Melanta. See Melencius. 

Melanthii. SeeMELANTii.. 



Melanthhs, a river of European 
Sarmati -, flows into the Boryfthent;s. 

Melavtiana ) (MZ/V/.-Js), a vil- 

MELA.VTfAS ) Uge of rhract.-. 

Melanfii (^Md.a/iib::), neks near 
the liliind of" S imos. 

Mel AS, a riviir of Cappadocia. 

Me LAS, a river of Achaia, in the 

Me LAS, a river of Bccotia, flows 
into the lake Copais. 

Me LAS. a river of Pamphylia, 

Me LAS, a river of Thrace. 

Melas {Facelinui), a river of Sicily. 

Me LAS. a river of Thtfif^ly. 

Mel AS, .1 river o*" I inia. 

Melasso. Sec Melazzo. 

Melatie {M'-.'iiint), the metropo- 
lis of Armen: . Min.)r. 

Melaz/.o {Mcdjjb, Mde:ui\ a city 
of Ndtulia, 111 Afiaiic Turkey, whofe 
ruins evince itsfoimer grandeur. 

Melck, {Naniaie), a fortrcfs of 
Lower -^ullria. 

JJ^^^*- > SeeMEAUX. 

Meldi L1BER1.5 

Meldita, a cicy of Africa, to ihe s 
of Uuca, 

Meldorp, a town of Holftein, in 
Germ .ny. 

Meldune. Sec Malmsbury. 

Melen^.b. See Mkl^n^. 

I\'I E L E .< c I u s \ ( Mclanta, M- Ionia"), 

Melentius 5 a city of Dalmatia, 
on the g'llfcf Venice. 

Meles, 7 a nver of Ionia, near 

Meletis, 5 whofe fource Homer is 
fupf'Med ro have compofed the Iliad. 


Melfa ) {Mr- 1 phi, Mtipb'u Mel- 

Melfe» 5 /"-). a river of Italy, 
flows into the Liris. 

Melfi, \ a city of Italy, in the 

MelfIA,) territory of Naples. 

Mel I Bocus, a mountain inGcrmany. 

Me lib(EA, a city of Theflaly, at the 
foot of M '.'lit Oeta. 

Meljbcea. an idand of Syri?, at the 
mouth vi tne Orontes, nhofe inhabitants 
were noted tor dying purple. 

Melichie. SeePlSMOTTA. 

Me ticus. See Lamiacus. 

Me LI DA, an iiland of Daimatia, in 
the gult or Venice. 

Melieis. See Melos. 

Meligunis, one of the Lipari 
iHands, near Sicily. 

Mklilla, a town of Fez, in Africa, 
taken by the Spaniards, A. D. 1496. 

Me LIN A, 3 city of Argos. 

Melis. See La^iiacus. 

Melis A. 3 city of Great Greece. 

Melissa, a village of Phrygia, 
where Aicibiades was buried. 

Memta. See Malta. 

Melita, a himlet of Attica. 

Melita (^M^liunt), a province of 

M .^ LI T ;e A ( M'J'ttia) , a city of P iithi- 
otis, in rh^ffdly. 

Me LIT A R\, acityof Phrygia, on the 
connnes of Ga.atia. 

Me LITE. See Malta. 

Melite, a city of loaia. 

Melite. See Samos. 

Melitena. See Melita. 

Mklitenk, a province of Anneniii. 

Mel I T EN B, a province of Cappa- 



Meliti-.s. See Samos. 

Meiitia. See Mtf.iTyEA. 

Melitias. See Melaniias. 

Melitta, a city ercdlsd by Hanno» 
on tnecoaftof the Atlantic. 

Mella. See Mela. 

Mellaria, a city of Bcecica, in 

Mellisdrgis, acity 'if Macedonia, 
between TnelTalonica and ApoUonia. 

Melodunum. SeeMELUN. 

MELOEbSA, a fmall iiland on the 
coaft of Calabria. 

Melonta. See Melencius. 

AlbLORiA {Minarin), z^a iiland in 
the Tufcan Sea, near L'-^/ho'-n. 

Melos (Mr/w, M:t:.:!lis, P.ipbus, 
Tba/h, T,\tfos, To^fus, Toa{[us, Mlicny 
OJjn.i, ^iViiii, JEna, JEibrta, ^Vile, 
CerefiS, Cbrvfe), one of tne Cyolade 
ill.inds, on wtiich a citv appears to have 
been fouaded about A. M. a 5 22. 

M^-LPES. See Melfes. 

Melpia, a vi!].it.e of Arcadia. 

Meli'is. See Melfes. 

Melrose, a town tf R oxburgh- 
fliire, in Scotland ; where an abbey was 
founded A. D. Iij6, wherein Ja.nes, 
earl of Douglas, who was Hiin at the 
battle of Octciburn in I?8S, and who is 
recorded in Cbevior-chafe, lies buried.— 
This town is feated near the Tweed; 
and on the adjacent hills there are traces 
of a Roman camp. 

Melus so r Seine {Mdudunum), % 
citv in the iile of France. 

M.'-.MACENi, a powerful nation of 

a city of Africa 


Memim {Mtmem), a people of Gal- 
lia iNarboncnfis. 

Mem.minge.v (^RoJrum Nd/.wvi^}, 
a to vn 'if Sjabia. 

Memnov, a part of the city of 
Thebes, in Egypt, 

Membresa, "^ 
Mem Bu ESS A, > 
Membrissa, j 



Meimnones, a people of Ethiopia, 

Memnonevm, the citadel of Sufa. 

Memnonia. See Susa. 

Memnonium. See Memnon. 

Memphis {M/fer, Mopk, Noph), a 
city of-' Egypt, appears to have been 
founded on the weftern banks of the 
IVile about A.M. 2209 ; near (his city 
are the Pyramids, which are ruppoftd 
to have been ereifted as fepvilchres for 
the kings of Egypt ; one of them is 
about 4S1 feet in perpendicular height, 
and covers, at its bate, about eleven Eng- 
lifh acres of ground ; as it gradually di- 
minithes to the funnmit, each ftone forms 
a ilep, which are fnd to be 208 in num- 
ber; but in this refpeft there are various 

MENiE, ■) V re- -1 
UTr,,, - (■ a city of Sicily. 
Men^nos,3 ^ ^ 

MeNALOMONO.) c -it 

Menapii, a people of Germany, 
near the Rhine. 

Me.napiorvm Castellum. See 

Menaria. See Meloria. 
Mende, a city of Pailene, in Mace- 

Mendeli. See ^E^fr)ELI. 
Mendes, a city of Egypt, on the 
Mendefian mouth of the Nile, where the 
inhabitants worlhipped Pan, under the 
form of a goat. 

Mendicjno {Pa>:dq/ia), a city of 
Calabria, on the river Acheron. 

BIenehould, St. a town of Cham- 
pagne, in France. 

Menee.\i Portus, an harbour of 
Marmorica, near the promontory Ar- 

Menelaites {Menelaus), a city of 
Egypt, to the bE of Alexandria. 
Menelaium, a citadel of Sparta. 
Menelaius, a rugged mountain 
rear Sparta. 

Menelat's, a maritime city of Mar- 
morica, on the iVIediterranean. 

Menelaus. See Menelaites. 
Menena ■) (Mr;7<^, Mineo), a city 
2^Ieneo 3 of Sicily. 
Menesthei PortuS) a maritime 
town of Boetica, in Spain. 
Meninx. See Gerbi. 
Menius, a river of the Morea, flows 
through Elis, into the Ionian Sea. 
Mknlaria. SeeMuRCiA. 
Mennis, a city of AfTyria, where 
bitumen abounds. 

Mexnith (Mi>in/fh}, a city of 
Ecoilpolis, near Heihbon, in Arabia 

Menoba. SceM^EKOBA, 

Mekoeardi, a people of Armenia 

Menobi a, a city of Spain. 

Menocatem, a people who refided 
on the Alps. 

Menois, a fortrefs of Paleftinc, neat 

Menosca, a city of Spain, on the 
frontiers of France, 

Mentesa. See Mentissa. 

MentEsE (Mym/us), a city of Caria, 
near Haiicarcaffus. 

Mentesja"^ {Mcntfja), a city of 

Mentisa > Spain, to the e of 

Mentissa 3 Caflona-vieja. 

•Mentz (Mayence, Magit72tiacum, Mo- 
foritta(nm\ a city of Germany, en the 
Rhine ; appears to have been founded 
by Trebcta,A.M. 1950; the univerfity 
was. founded by Dia'herus, A. D. 1482. 

Menus. See Maine. 

Menuthias, an ifland in the Red 
Sea, near the promontory Prafum. 

Meones. See Lvdia. 


Mephaath, a city of Palelline, 
beyono. Jordan. 

MEauiNENZA {O^ogeja), a city 
of Arragun, m Spain 

Merapxa. See Siphanto. 

MerCone {Mnygantia, Morgcntia, 
Morgentiuvi), a city of iicily. 

Mercurialis Pacus, a village of 
Zeugitana, in Africa. 

Mercurii Insula. See Tavq- 


Mercurii Oppidum. See Hep- 


Mercurii Promontoriujt, a 
promontory of Zevigitana, on the Medi- 
terranean. (See PuLCHKUM.) 

Mergana. SeeMoRGYKA. 

Mercian (PamJa), a city ofSogdi- 
ana, near Alexandria. 

Meriaba. SeeMARiABA. 

Meribah. See Aqua Contra- 
dict I onis. 

Merieriga. See Abnedara, " 

Me R I D A {Aicgujla, Augujia Emerita), 
a city ofEfiramadura, in Spain ; erefted 
by Auguftus, A. C. 25, for a colony of 
his veteran foldiers, called Emeriti j 
there are ftill remaining a triumphal 
arch, and other ruins, that denote its 
former grandeur. 

MerInum, SeeViESTE. 

Merobriga. See Santiago de 

Merge. See Debaro. 

Merom. See Samachonites. 

Mergpe. See Lan-go, 

Merope. ) c c,„,,v 

T./r > See SiPHNUS. 


M E S 


Meropis. Sec Lango. 
Meros {Nvfay Mm«), a mountain 
in India, facrtd to Jupirer. 

Merovingi, a people of France. 
Mekoz, a city of Galilee. 
Mersey, a river of EnglanJ, that 
feparates Chefliire from Lancalliire, and 
flows into the Irifli Sea, near Liverpool. 
Mersola, a citv of Spain. 
MtRTOLA {Julia MyriiLs, Mir/y/is, 
Myrtilis), a town of Alcnttjo, in Portu- 
gal, taken from the iVloors, A. D. 

Merton, a village in Surrey, where 
an abbey was founded by Htnry the 
Firft, A.D. 1 1 17, vvherein fcveral of 
the moft ancient Englifh laws were 

MtRTON, a village in Oxfordlhire, 
near to which are entrenchments thrown 
up in the time of the Danes, A. D. 87 i. 
Mervs. See Meros. 
Merus, a city of Phrygia Magna. 
Mes.iBat.^, a people of Pars, in 

MfisABETEKE, a diftrift of Elymais, 
near Mount Zagrus. 

Mesabius, a moimtain of Bceotia, 
which projeds over the Euripus. 

Mesa de Ast a, a city of Andalufia, 
in Spain, where the Arabs conquered 
Rodcric, the laft king of the Goths, and 
by that viftory became maftersof Spain, 
A.D. 713- 

Mesapia. See Stramulipa. 
Mese. See Porteckoz. 
Mesech. See MoscHicus. 
Mesember, ) a maritmie city of 
Mesembria,5 Thrace, at the foot 
»f Mount Haemus. 

Mesene, an ifland in the Tigris. 
Meser. See Memphis. 
Meseus. See Mos^us. 
Mesiates, a people of Rhxtia. 
Mesine, a city of Cyprus. 
Meso (Amyzon), a city of Caria, in 
Afia Minor. 

Mesobatene. .See Savas. 
Mesogis {Mrjfogh), a mountain on 
the confines of Lydia, towards Phrygia. 
Mesopia. See Milan. 
Mesopotamia {Aram Naharaim, 
Medamne, Padan Aram, Syria of the Ri- 
mers), a diftriit of the farther Afia, be- 
tween the Euphrates and the Tigris. 
(See DiARBEK.) 

Mesotimolvs. SccTmolus. 
Messa i^M^ffe), a maritime town of 

Messabatica. See Massaba- 


Messala, a city of Sicily. 

Messania, a diftrift of the Morea. 

Messa pe.«, a fmall diftrirtof Laco- 
nia, where JupiterMelHipcus was v?or- 


Messapia. See Stramulipa- 
MessaPii, a people of C dabria. 
Messatis, a city of Achaia. 
Messe, a town on the iflaud of Co- 
Messe. SeeMEssoA. 
Messe is, a fountain of TheffJy, 
near Ph^rfalus. 

Messe N A,) the metropolis of Mef- 
Messene.JI f^nia, in the Murea. 
(See MosEMiGA.) 

Messene, an ifland formed by the 
river Tigris. 

Messexe, a city of Acbaia. 
Messen'ia, a diftri.^-t of the Morea. 
Messeniacus Sin'us {M/irj.rus, 
Thurijxtes, Cyro/urus). a bay of the Mo- 
rea, to the s of Mcffenia. 

Messina {Mrjfuna, Zancla, Ma- 
mertina, Mycena), the principal city of 
Sicily, eredtcd about A.M. 2192, by 
fome pirates, who reforttd to the haven, 
and built a ftrong wall, but after fuf- 
taining a long fiege, they were expelled 
the country by the Lacedaemonians who 
took polfeffion of the place, and called it 
MelTana ; it was afterwards in potfciiioo 
of the Mamertines, who changed its 
name to Marnsrtina. 

Messoa {M(Jf), a place of Laconio, 
Messogis. See Mesogis. 
Mestleta, a city of Iberia, io 

Mestus. See Nestus. 
Mesula, a city of the SabineSj ia 

Metachceum, a fortrefs of BcEotia. 

M E T a c o M p s o ^ ( Txbcmf:, T'a- 

Metacompsus $ cb'jf.yo, Tachan//:- 

fo), an iiland on the confines of E^ypt 

and Ethiopia. 

Met ago NIT. "E, a people of Mauri- 
tania Tineitana. 

Metagoxitis. ^.oe Numi.oia. 
METAGOXins, ) a promontory of 
Met agon ruM, 5 Mauritania Tia- 
gitana, on ttie Mediterranean, oppolite 

Metal la, a city on the sw fide of 
Metallixa Castra. 
Metallixexsis C( 

Metallofekon. See PHUNO.y- 
Metallum, the port of Gortyna, 
in Candia 

Metallum. See TitlTirM. 
Mex A.V.iucvm, a city of Venice. 

RA. ) 

Iolonia. y 





Metania. See Metina, 

Metafan {J].-t>ian/m, ^I\.'r;iarivm\ z 
promontory of Laconia, whtreon was a 
temple facrtd to Neptune. 

Metafinum, one of the mouths of 
the Rhoiif. 

Metapontis. See Syme. 

MetafoNTIUM, ) a city in the Ba- 

Metapontum, 5 fiHcata of Maples. 

Metaris. See Washes. 

TvIetaro. See Metro. 

Metaurense, a ciry of Italyv 

Metaurum. See GioiA. 

Metaurus. See Metro. 

Metaurus. See Marro. 


Metelin'e. See Lesbos. 
Metelis. SeeRASCHiT. 
Metelliburgum. Sec Middle- 
Metellinum. See Medelin. 
Methana, a ftrialldiftridt ufArgolis. 

JjE'^""^^- I See Moitune. 
Methoxe. 3 

Methone, a city of Magnefia, in 

Methone. See Modon. 

Methuriades, iflands in the bay 
of Engia. 

MethydriuMj a city of the Morea, 
near Megalopolis. 

Methymna ) {Mitbyn?77ia), a ciry 

Methymnia^ on the ifland of 
Lefbos, the birth-place uf Hermias. 

Metina {Metama), an illand at the 
mouth of the Rhone. 

Metiosedum, a town of France, on 
the Seine, near Paris. 

Metita, a city of Cappadocia, on 
the Euphrates. 

Metopes, a river of Arcadia. 

Metro (Metaro, MeUivrus), a rapid 
river of Italy, on whofe banks Afdrubal 
was defeated. 

Metropolis, a city of Efliotis, in 

Metropolis, a city of Phrygia, on 
the INIsander. 

Metropolis, a city of Arcarnania. 

Metropolis, a city of Lydia, near 
the Cayfter. 

Metroum, a city of Bithynia. 

Mettis. Sec Metz. 

Metubarris, an ifland of Pan- 
nonia Inferior, formed by the river 

Metulvm, a city of Liburnia, where 
Odavius Czefar was wounded. 

Metz {Aujhaiiay Di'vodunwi, Met- 
/is), a city of Lorrain, in France. 

Metzek {Aureus), a mountain in 

Mevania, a city of Italy, on the 

Meuse. See Maese. 

Mexico, the capital of New Spain, 
was taken pofTeffion of by Fernando 
Cortez, A. D. 1521. 

Meyenfeldt (Magia), a town in 
the Grilons. 

Meyssen. See Meissen. 

Mezuna {Opj'idum Noijum)., a city 
of Mturirania Caefarienfis. 

Mezzo NO {Pmdus), a mountain be- 
tween Epiius and Theffaly. 

Miana {^Apameu)y a town on the 
ifland Mefene. 

Mich A, a cape of Dalmatia, in the 
gulf of Venice. 

MiCHMAS {MecbTnas, Maibmas), a 
city of Judea, to the NE of Jerufa- 

MiD^iuM, ■> a city of Phrygia, 

MiDAiUM, 5 where Sextus Pom- 
peius, fon of Pompey, was flain by order 
of Antony, after he had been defeated 
and taken prifoner bv Oftavjanus. 

MiDDLEBUUG {MfUllibtaouTfi), the 
chief cay of Zealand, was founded about 
A. C. 67, and fortified with a wall 
A. D. 1 129 ; the new haven was begun 
in T532, andfinilhed in the fpace of two 

MiDD-LESEX, a county in England. 

MiDDLETON. See Milton. 

MiDEA {Midi a, Perfepi,lis), a city of 

MiDEA. See Lebadia. 


MiDiA. See MiDEA. 

MiDlAN (Madiun), a city in the s 
of Arabia Pttraia. 

MiDiANiTEs, a people on the N of 
Amalek, in Arabia. 

MiEZA {Stry7?m!nin2), a city of Mace- 
donia, where the ftone feats and fhady 
walks of Ariilotle were ufed to be 
Jh e w n . 

MiGDOL {Magdol), a place towards 
the extremity of Lower Egypt, near the 
Red Sea. 

Miguel, St. one of the Azores, or 
WfiKrn Iflands. 

Milan {Suhvia., Mufopia, Pucen/ia, 
I'liubria, Infi'brnm.', I [ombres, Olanun:, 
Midioianum, Brcmnis Mediolanum, Noi',r 
Aihtrue, Atbiti^ Msdiolanenfes'), the 
largeft city in Lombardy, appears to 
have been founded abom A. M. 2488 : 
this city has experienced leveral revolu- 
tions, and been frequt-Utly <^e0.royedj 
it v.'as burnt in the time of the Ifraelites, 
and in the poffilfion of Pallas before the 
dcftruftion of Troy. 

By the valour of Marcus Claudius 

M I L 

M I M 

Marcellus, the Romans obtainecl poffef- 
fion of tli>: city, A. C. 220, ft.mi Vii ido- 
mare, king of the Infubrcs, by reafon of 
the citizens revolting, at the inftigaiion 
of Amilcar, but after lofing 36,000 of 
their number they returned to their obe- 
dience. The city continued to flourilh 
for a confiderablc time, till St. Ambrofe 
was appointed their bilhop, when the 
Arrians berame troublcfome, and the city 
wab demoliflieJ by Attilla ; it was after- 
wards repaued and continued to flou- 
riflj, till the citizens were annoyed by 
the Lombards ; after the diffolution of 
whofe monarchy, the city continued in 
a profpeious Hate under kings and 
dukes for the fpace of 360 years. 

In 1 161 Frederic BarbarofTa razed the 
city to the ground, becaufe fome of the 
inhabitants had infulted his princefs ; 
but the city recovered its prilline beauty 
in a few years, and in 1395, Winccf- 
laus, the emperor, created John Galeazo 
the firft duke, whofe fon Philip dying 
without legitimate ilTue, he left it by 
will to the king of Arragon : Blanch, 
his natural daughter, being married to 
f rancis Sforza, who was in great favour 
with the people, took pofleffion of the 
city : the king of Arragon laid claim to 
it by will ; the emperor cbimed it by ef- 
cheat, for want of heirs male ; and 
Lewis XI r. King of France, demand- 
ing it in right of his mother, who was 
/ daughter to the firft duke, took pofiTef- 
fion m the year 1500, but in 1512, the 
inhabitanrs revolted in favour of Sforza, 
and expelled the French. — In 1515, 
Francis the French king recovered it j 
i)Ut being taken prifoner ar the battle of 
Pavia, he was compelled to refign this 
city to the emperor Charles, before he 
could obtain his liberty. During the go- 
vernment of Sforza, the haven was made, 
and the caftle, which was at that time 
thought to be impregnable, was built. 


MiLAZzo (My!^, Boum, So/is Sta- 
bula'), a maritime city of Sicily, remark- 
able for its rich and fertile pallures. 

AIiLEsii, the people of Miletus, in 

MiLETENE,acity ofArmeniaMinor. 

MiLETiUM.a city of Calabria. 

MiLETO, a city of Naples, near 

MiLETOPOLis, a city of Myfia, on 
the lake Artynia. 

MiLETOPOLis. See Oczacow. 

Miletus, J a c.ty of Candia. 
MiLETUM > {AnaSiorin, Ldegeis, 
Miletus ) ?.lb)uU^^\\lz cmcfcity 

01 Ionia, in Afia Minor; was founded 
about A. M. 19071 wherein was a niag- 
nlficcnt temple dedicated to Apollo Di- 
dyma^us, which being burnt by order of 
Xerxes, was afterwards rebuilt on a 
more m:ignificcnt fcalc ; but it fell a fa- 
crihce 10 the fury of the Peiiians, when 
they demolifhcd the city. Thalcs, one 
of the fcven wife men of Greece, the 
fiift perfon who prcdiftcd an eclipfe of 
the fun 5 Anaximander, his pupil and 
fucceiror, who invented fun-dials and 
geographical maps ; Diogenes Lacrtius, 
the firft natural philofopher j Anaxi- 
menes ;■ Timotheus, a celebrated mufi- 
cian ; Stephanus ; and feveral other emi- 
nent men, were natives of this city, 
which was noted for producing wool of 
an exceeding fine quality. The inhabit- 
ants becomingopulent, abandoned them- 
felves to their pleafures, and in procefs 
of time, loft both their riches and their 

Mileum, \ a city cf Numidia, re- 

MiLEV'UM,)" markable for a coun- 
cil held there. 

MiLFORD Haven, an inlet of the 
Irilh Sea, on the coaft of Pembrokefliire, 
in South Wales ; the moft extenfive and 
fecure port on the whole coaft of Bri- 
tain : at this place the Earl of Rich- 
mond, afterwar«ls Henry Vil. made 
good his landing on his cnterprife againft 
king Richard 111. 

Mjlia {Milya), a city of Lyeia. 

MiLiANE, a city of Tremefen, in 

Mi LI AS (Milyas, My.'ias), a diftrift 
of Lycia. 

MiLiCHiE. See Pismotta. 

MiLioxiA {Mtlonia), a city of the 
Samnitts, in Italy. 

MiLLiARiuM AtTREUM, a giltpillar 
erected in the forum at Rome, from 
which the diftancqs were reckoned to all 
parts of Italy. 

MiLLO,a part of Mount Zion. 

MiLO. See Melos. 

MiLOLiTUM, a city of Thrace, at 
the foot of Mount Roles. 

MiLOMA. See Milionia. 

M 1 1. T o N ( MiMeton , M It on Abbey ) , 
a town in Dorfetfnire, where an abbey 
w/as ere(51ed A.D. 926. 

MiLTus, a town on the iftand Sag- 
diana, in the Perfian Gulf. 

MiLvius Pons. See Ponte 

MiLYAS. Sec Aidenelli. 

]MiMACi, a people of Libya Interior. 

MiMALLis. See Melos. 

Mimas, a loftv mountiin in Ionia, 
i.nhab::scl by wild LeiHs. 


M I T 

MrMENr. SeeMEMisr. 

MIMME^■GHE^f {Drujomagus'), a city 
of Suabia, in Gei many. 

"NLiti \ (Chyitmatb), a river of Mau- 
ritania Caelarienfis. 

MlN'.EA, a diftrift of Arabia Felix. 

MiNCio, ) a river of Italy, flows 

MiNCius, 5 through the duchy of 
Mantua into the Po. 

MiNEO. See Meneo. 

MiNERv.B Castrum. See Cas- 

Minerva Promontorium. See 
Capo Della IMinerva. 

Minervil'm. See Castro. 

Mtkgkelia {Colchis, Colcbos), a 
province of Afia, on the e fide of the 
Euxine Sea, remarkable in hiftory for 
the fable of the golden fleece ; alio for 
tile Argonautic expedition on that ac- 
count; and as giving birth to the enchan- 
trefs Medea. 

MiNHO (Mh:io, Minius, Bams), a 
river that feparates Galicia from Portu- 
gal, and flows into the Atlantic Ocean 
near Caminha. 

Minica. SeeMiNViZA. 

Mixio, a river of Tufcany. 

MlNIO. ) c T\.T 

-./r \ See MiXHQ. 

MiNius 5 

MiNizus {M>iifus, Mnizu;, Mny- 
Tus, Regemfiezus), a city of Galatia, to 
the \v of Ancyra, where the emperor 
Arcadius publifhed a code of laws. 

MxKN.JEX.a people of Arabia Felix. 

Mjnnidunum. See Moudon. 

MixNiTH. See Mexxith. 

MiKNiZA, a city of Cyrrhiftica, in 

MxxoA, acity of Sicily. See Ergel. 

MixOA, a maritime town of Candia. 

MixoA, a maritime town of the 
Morea, on the Argolic Gulf. 

MiNOA, a promontory of Mei^aris. 

MiNOA. See Gaza, in Pales- 

MiNOA. ) c -n „ 

M1X01A.5 SeePASos. 

MiNoiA. See Caxdia. 

Mjnolo, a villsge on the ifie of 

Minor. See Olympus. 

Minorca {Cbaarades'), one of the 
Balearic Iflands in the Mediterranean 

MlNTERKi^;. ) c /-. 

MiNTHE, a mountain in Arcadia. 
MiXTURN.^. See Gauagliano. 
MiNYCus. Sec OrcHomenus. 
MixYEius (^jhiigYus), a riY^r of 
E.lis; flows into ihp Ionian Sea. 

Minyia, an ifland in the Archi* 
pelago, to the w of Miletus, in Ionia. 

MiNY^, {^Mynia') a name by which 
the Argonauts were known. 

M1R.A.M AR {Oieajirum), a fortrefs on 
the coaft of Catalonia, in Spain. 

MiROBRiGA. See Santiago de 

MiROERiGA, in Spain. See ViLLA- 
r»E Capilla. 

MiRcEUM, a city of Africa. 

MiRTYLIS. ) c TVT^x, ,«, . ■ 

T\/r > See Mertola. 


MisAEL, a city of the Levites. 
MiSDiA, a diftnft of Perfia. 
MisATRA. See Lacedaemon. 

MiSENO, ") fT I 

MiSENUM,? ^P'^^O^'-yofl^al}' 
MiSENUS, 5 ""-^^^Pl"' 

MisEO {Mifius), a river of Italy,- 

flows into the Gulf of Venice. 

INIisiA, an inland town of Albania. 

Misius. See Miseo. 

MiSITIRA. ) c T ^^ . - 

T\/rxo,^„ . t See Lacedjemcx-. 


MisiTRA, the chief city in the Mo- 

MisNA {Wfua), a city of Zeugitana, 
in Africa. 

MiSXA. ) c T\/r 

MiSNiA. J See Meissen. 
MisRAiM. See Mizraim. 
Mjsrephoth Maim, a place near 

MiSTHEIA.) V rr 

•»T '> a City of Lycaonia. 

MiSTHiA, 3 

Misthium, a city of Pifidia. 

INIiSTRETTA {Amajlrttu?r;, Amaflra- 
ta, Amejiratos, Amajira, MuUiJhatos, 
Muiijlratum), a city of the Val di De- 
mona, in Sicily. 

MisuA. See Nubia. 

MisuLAMi {Mufulam), a people of 

Misus. See Nir.oLA. 

MisYNUS, an ifland in the bay of 
the Syrtis Major. 

MiTHRiDATiUiM, a citadcl of Ga- 
latia, towards the river Halys. 

MiTriYMNiA, a city on the iflc 
Lefbos, the birch- place of Hermias. 

MiTYLEN.E, ) the chief city on the 

MiTYl.CNE, 5 iiland of Ltfboj, was 
founded about A.M. 2454; it is fituate 
in the Archipelago, and has two excel- 
lent harbours for fliipping : in procefs 
of time this city became fubjeft to the 
Perfians, afterwards to the Macedonians, 
then to the Romans, and upon the refti- 
tution of Calo John to the empire, A.D. 
1384, the whole ifland was given by 
way of recompence to Francis Gatelu- 
f)as, a nobieman cf ^cr.oaj fgr the af- 


M O L 

fiftance rendered by him at that time : 
his fucccflbrb retained polTtfnon ti'l 146 i, 
when it vvns tais.en from thtm by Ma- 
homet the Great, who tranlporred the 
native inhabitants into Upper Alia. 

This city has produced Icvcral emi- 
nent perfons of both fexcs, particularly 
Snppho, ths poeTefs, Pittacus, one of 
the feven (ages, Aiceus, the poet, and 
many others. 

MlZAATi, a mountain near Zoar, to 
the s of tlic Dead Sea. 

MiZJizu a people of Elymais. 

Mi/iAGus. See MiNizus. 

MlZPAH. See Maspha. 

MiiVE, a city of Moab. 

]\lizt'K, of Juiiea. See Maspha. 

Mii^PE. a diiuiit of Palertme, be- 
yond Jordan. 

MizPF.H Gil. fad. See Maspha. 

MiZRAlM {Mijraini), the name by 
which Upper and Lower Egypt were 
both of them known. 

Mnasvrium. a village on the ifland 
of Rhodes near Lindus. 

Mnemkum, a promontory of Upper 
Egypr, on the Red Sea. 

Mniara, a town of Mauritania 

Mni^us. 1 

M.vizus. ^ See MiNlZUS. 


MoaB, a diftrift of Arabia Petraea. 

Moca. See MocnA. 

Moccadelis, ^ a people of Phry- 

MoccAiJiNi, 5 iiia. in AfiaMinor. 

Mocha {Mo(a, Mokba), a maritime 
town of Arabia Felx, on the Red Sea ; 
rcm,5tkable for producing fine coffee. 

Mocharta {Legum), a city on the 
sw fide of Sicily. 

MocovTiACUM. See Mentz. 

Modf.N'a (Muiina), a city of Italy. 

MoDlACUs {Magaha), a mountain 
of Galatia, between Ancyra and the 
river Halys. . 

Modjca ) (Mu/yca, Mot yea, Mu- 

Mo Die o ^liif, Mutyce, Mi/tuca), a 
city of Sitiiv. s of Syracu^'e. 

MoDiM, ) a city of Palcflinc, near 

MoDiN, J Diofpolis, in Alia Minor. 

MouoMAsTiCJE, a diftridt of Cara- 

Mo DON {Mctho'te, Mothone), a city 
of ilie Morea, where Philip loll one of 
hi.=i eyes by a dart. 


MoDRA, a place in Phrygia, the 
lource of the river Gallus. 

MCENEHU.M CastRum. See Ml- 

,, } Sec r^lAINE. 


MliOXIA. Sc; l.YDIA. 

McEOTi, ) a people on the Palus 
MCEOTICI,) Mceotis. 
MCERIDOS.) c r> 

McERis. } Sec Charon. 
McEsiA (M'.J/a), an extenfive coun- 
try in Europe, divided into two parts by 
the river Morave. 

MoEsiA Inferior. See Bulga- 
McEsiA Superior. See Servia. 
Moffat, the hij^heft mountains iu 
the s'of Scotland, from whence iHuc, 
in different direftiuns, the rivers Tweed, 
Clyde, and Anan. 

JNXoGEXTlAN.'E, ) 3 city of Panno- 
MoGETiANA, ) nia Inferior, 
between Scrvar and Simach. 
MoGONTlA. > o T»/r , 

AIoGRUS, a nver of Colchis, flows 
ir.t.> the Euxine Sea. 

MOGUNTIA. ) o T»/r . 

Moguls, the Mufcovites and Tar- 
tars were originally fo called. 

MoHATZ, a city cf Hungary, where 
the king of Bohemia was killed. A. D. 

MoiTUNE (Mi^thori, Metbona, Mr- 
thont}, a city of Macedonia, where king 
Philip cbtamcd his firft battle againit 
the Athenians, A. C 360. 
Mo LA {Formtec, HorniitC, Lafirvgo- 
nla)^ a city of Italy, en the Guff of 

MoLaOa, a city oti the confines of 
Judah and Simeon. 

McL/E FoRMlANJE, a place in 
Italy, near Formae. 
^ MolarEs {Seripho), a city of An- 
dalulia, in Spa !n. 

Moldavia, a province of Euro- 
pean Turkey, between tne Pruth and 
the Danube 

Moldi. See Meaux. 
Moles Drusi, a dyke conflru.'^cd 
by order of DiuluSj for the purpofe of 
making the middle Rhine navigau.e, to 
convey provifions to the Rotnans ; to 
fruftrate which, the dyke was afterwards 
deftroyed by order of Civilis. 

MOLIN'A (^Otir.a), a town in the X 
of Galicin, ill Spain. 

MoLIV.ffi, a people of Ethiopia. 
MoLOCHATH, {Myljchalh), a city 
of Africa, on a river of the fame name, 
that feparates Mauritania Cselarienfis 
froTft the Tingitana, and flows into the 
Mediterranean at the promontory Me- 

McLOEis, a river of Bceoti^H flow* 
rear PUt«a, 

M O N 

M O N 

MoLOssr, a people tf Epirus. 

MOLOSSIA. > c„„ p . .-r^r^c, . 


MOLOSSUS, ) • c \ J- 

-, I- a river of Arcadia. 


jMoLTE, a ciiy of PJirygia. 


MoLYCRiA, a city of jiJLtolia, near 
elides, on the bay of Corinth. 

MoLYCRiON', a city of iEolia, be- 
tween the Evenus aud Lepantd. 

Mo:-'EMPHiK, a city of Egypt, on 
the w Tide of the Nile. 

MoNA, SecAyciESEY. 


Mo NAB I A. 5 

MoxACHiUM. See Mumch. 
Mo N AC HO > (Pol /US Uerculis Mo- 
MoN'ACO \ naci^ Munaci P'^rlus, 
Mon/rc!:s), a c'ny of Italy, ia a diRr.<£t 
ofthe fame name. 
MoxALU!5. See Pollina. 
IvIoKACEDA J See Man, Isle OF. 


- McNCASTRO (^Ema), a city of 
TVToldavi?., in European Tuikuy. 

MoNDA > {Mumld), a river 

MoNDEGO j of Portugal; difcui- 
bogues into the Atlantic Ocean. 

MoxDl, a town of Etl.iopid, on an 
ilb.nd of lilt; fame name, in the guif of 

Mo \ D R \ c, ONE ( M.iJJrciiS^. , d nioun- 
•I'n of Campania, Garagliano. 

MoNF.i IL'M, a town of JupyJia. 

Mo.v v.ciT 1 A, } a place in the tern- 

AToKii.iA, S "'''v of Genoa. 

MoNK'lON". See ExETKK. 

M o X M o u r ! I s. : 1 1 R E ( 6V zent., U\ >: - 
'ct, l'/e>itjUiid) , a ..ounty of England. 

^3o.vocA>nvL":.!. a city of Lower 
Egypt, to the \v of the Like Mareo- 

]V Jo ,v o n A c 1 V 1. 1 *^» ''• mount ai n of 
the Troglodytict , in Egvpt. 

?»IoN"a:ci r^ORTUij. ^ See Moxa- 


MoNOGLOSSVM, a icwn of the 
hither India, on tlie Canthi Sinus, 

MoNOLKUb, a lake in Kthiopia. 

MoxoMOTAFA ) {Ethiopin infc- 

MovoTAFA. jiW)), a kingdom 
of Ethiopia. 

AToNs AvnEt s. Sec Montorio. 

Mnxs Br IS I A CITS. See Brisac." 

l^T O X S C A R A IV! TN U S.SeeP A N G /K (I S . 

jVfoN'; Christ I, an ifland in the 
Tiifcan Sea, to the s of Pianofa. 


Moxs Jovis. See MoxTjvi. 
' Mors Makianus. See Sierra 
More X A. 

Moxs Massicus. See Faler- 


Moxs Ottorocorrhas, See Se- 


Moxs Regius. See Koninos- 


Moxs Sacer ( Tfjoli), a mountain 
ntar Roine, where the populace aflem- 
bled during a tumult, to eleft their 
tribunes, who were the caufe of greater 
difordtri in the ftate, than thofe they 
pretended to redrefs. 

Moxs Seleucvjs, a place of Gallia 

Moxs Severus, a mountain near 

Moxs SiLicis. See Montse- 

Moxtagxa di Sorrexto {JE- 
qiaaia 'Juga)i mountains of Picenum, in 

Moi^TAGXA Neros. See Moxte 

MoxTAGXE DI TEXDA.the mari- 
time Alps. 

MoxTALTO (^Uffugium), a city ef 
Ancona, in Italy. 

jMoxtaxea (^Nico/zolis, Albius Mons, 
.ilban::s Mutis, Monu Jl/iano), a moun- 
tain near Alba Longa, in Italy. 

Monte A c n a n o {Ancianum') , a 
ciiy of Italy, between Padua and Mo- 

Moxte Cavai.i.o ((^:<!iiKali!, Q.v;- 
un-s), one of the Icvcn hills on which 
Rome was built. 

Moxte Ciiristo (Mons ChriJ}!, 
O^/ijfa), an ifland in the Tufcan Sea, to 
the s of Pianola. 

Monte di Crotoxe ( Latymncs^ 
Lc,t\mnus'), a mountain in Calabria. 

Moxte Libretti {Lucrt tills), a 
mountain in luiy, near to which Ho- 
r<icc had a villa. 

Montelimar, a fortrefs of Dau- 
phmc, in France, whofe inhabitants 
were amorig the firll who embraced tht. 
rtlormed religion. 

Moxte Negro [Montagntf No as, 
Anrnmts), a parr of mount Taurus, that 
lisparates Syria from Cilicia. 

MoxTEXSis {Monltmii), a city cf 

]Monte Rotoxdo {Ereium),3. city 
rf the Sabines, in Italy, whofe inhabi- 
tants fupported the lonians againft the 

Monte "Santo {Moimt A/bos), a 
mountain in European Turkey, on the 
gulf of CL-ntclfa. 

Moxte Severo, a mountain on the 
frontiers of the kingdom of Naples. 

Moxtes iilTii. Sec Monti Fo- 

M O P 

M O R 


MoNTEs LEOiNjE. See Sierra 

MoNTES Serici. See Serici. 

MoN'TFORT DE Lemos, a city of 
Galicia, in Spain. 

Montgomery {Trevahovn), the 
chief town of Montgoitieryfhire. 

Montgomeryshire, a county of 
Norrh Wales. 

Monte della Chimera (jiow<?- 
ran>:ia, Aciucirautiii Chimera, Ceraunii), 
mountains of Lycia, that fcparate the 
Ionian from the Adriatic Sea. 

Montiel {Lar7unium)y a fortrefs of 
new Cadile, in Spain. 

MoNTJUI {Jovis Mons), a mountain 
in Catalonia, near Bircelona. 

MoNTOU I ( E/'Ora), a city of Spain, 
near Cordova. 

MoNTORIO ^ {Janicidiim, Jani- 

MoNTORius ) cuturis, Ancia, Mms 
Aureii;), a hill near Rome, the burial 
place of Numa ; from whence is the 
moft extenfive profpcfSt over the 

MoNTORO {R'pi'pora, E/'orn'), a 
town of AndaluliH, in Spain. 

Montpeller, ) acicy of Langue- 

MontpellIER, 5 doc, in France; 
where an univerficy was founded A. D. 
1196; the oii^inril inftirurion of which 
was for ftudents of the law ; but it has 
been changed for that of phyfic, 

Mont Richard, a fortrefs of 
BlaCnis, in France ; eret'led A. D. loio. 

Montrose {Mount R'lffe), a town 
♦»f Angusfhire, in Scorland, near the 
eftuary of ihe river South Elk. 

Mo.VT St. Michael, a fortrefs of 
Norm,indv, in France, that gave name 
to the miliiary order of St. Michael, iu- 
llituted by Louis XI. A. D. 1479. 

Montsalkon {Sdeucus Mons), a 
parr of the Alps, in Daupliine. 

Montselicf (Mons Si lias), 3. town 
in the territory of Padua. 

Montuoga Chersonesus, an 
ifland near the coaft of Troglodytice, in 

Moors, a people of Spain, who were 
expelled into Africa. 

Mohh. See Memphis. 

Mops.\CRENE, a city on the bor- 
ders of CiLiciA. 

Mopsi FoNo. See Mopsucrene. 

MopsiUM, a city of ThefTaly, on a 
mountain of the fame name, bstwten 
Tempe and Lariffa. 

Mopsopia. Sec Pa.mpiiilia, 

Mopsopia. . See Attica. 

Mopsos. See Malmistra. 

Mopsucrene) {Mopji Fons), 3 

Mopsucrene 3 city at the footof 
mount Taurus, between Cappadocia and 

Mopsuestia. \ See Malmis- 

Mopsuestum. ) tra. 

MoRANO {Mwano, Muranitm), a 
city of Calabria Citra, near the fourcc 
of the Sybaris. 

Morasthi. See Moreschet. 

MoRASSUS {Ri/j'conia, Riifgtinia), a 
city of Mauritania Csefarienfis. 

MoRAT, a town of Switzerland, 
where an obftinate battle was fought on 
the 22d. June, 1476, wherein the Duke 
of Burgundy was routed, and his army 
alir.ort toc.dly dcftroyed. 

MoRAVA "^ {Cebrus, CtabruSyCiam- 

MoRAVE >hrus, Pincus, Pingiis), a 

MoRAW 3 '"'V'-''' ^f Germany, that 
fcparatts McL-lia Superior from the In- 
ferior, and flows into the Danube. 

MoRBiuM. Sec Moresby. 

MoRC ONE {Morgetitia, Murgentiiwi, 
Mbrgantruni, Murgantia), a city on the 
E fide of Sicily. 

MoRDi.EUM- See AvoLLONiA in 


MoRui PoRTUS, a port on the e 
fide of Ctvlon. 

jMorea {Mgialea, Danaa, Achaidy 
Inncbia, Lycbaonia, Apia. Sj'cionin, Pe- 
lofgia, Pt-lopis Ncfiis, Peloponjujhs), a 
ptninfula and province of Greece, to 
which it is joined by the ifthmus of 
Corinth. This kingdom appears to have 
been founded ab ^ut A.M. 1850, and to 
have borne thele different names; in 
procefs of time it becrtme fubjefl to the 
Athenians, from them it pafled to the 
Latins, afterwards to the Romans, and 
finally to the Turks ; Corinth is the 

Sycionia was originally a fmall diftrift 
in Achaia, which afterwards became 
very potent,, and their kings extended 
their dominions over all Achaia, and 
made Sycion the capital, at which time 
the country was called Apia, from Apis 
the king; and at length Peloponnefus, 
or the peninfula of Pelopis, 

More A {Marru/jiuw, Manuvium), a 
fortrefs of Abruzzo Ultra, in the terri- 
tory of Naples. 

Moreh, a plain in Samaria. 

MoRENA, a tiiftrift of Myfia, in 
Afia Minor. ' . . ■ 

Moresby {Morbiuni), a harboui: 
near Whittiiaven,in Cumberland, where 
are fevera! caverns, called Pifts'-holes, 
wherein various remains of antiquity 
have frequently been difcovered. 

M O R 


MOREscHET {Morajlbi), a city of 
Judea, to the E of Eleutht ropolis. 

MoRGAB {Margus)^ a river of M±- 
fia Superior ; fl-ws into the Danube. 




MORGENTIA ) {Murgatilin), a 

MoRGENTiuM 5 '^icy of the Sam- 
nitcs, ill It.ily. 

MoRGES. See Efeso. 

MoRGO {Amorgo!, Amurgin, Carcbf- 
Jia, PJychia, Panca.'e, Patage,, 
an iiland in the Archipelago, near Nax- 
os ; the birthplace of Simonides, the 
iambic poet. 

MoRGUs. See Orco. 

MoKGYNA, a place near Syracufc, in 

MoRlAH (Morius Mois), a mountain 
near Jerufalem. M»hereon Solomon ereft- 
ed the Temple. 

MORICAMBE. See Caerdro- 


Morimexa, a province of Cappa- 

MoRiNi, a people near Picardy, in 

Mount Cassel. 

MoRiNORM CrviTAS. See Te- 


MoRiSENi, a people of Thrace, on 
the Euxine Sea. 

MoRius, a river of Boeotia. 

MoRius MoKS. See Moriah. 

Morocco, an empire of Africa, 
part of the ancient Mauritania. 

Morpeth {Corjlor^iium, Morjlorpe- 
turn). a town of Northumberland. 

MoRTHULA, a city of Colchis, be- 
tween the Phafu and Trapezus. 

MoRTLICk, a village of Banff-hire, 
in Scotland, where Malculm II. founded 
a bilhopric, A. D. 1004, to commemo- 
rate a fi^nal viftory he obtained over 
the Danes. 

The fee W3$ afterwards removed to 
Aberdeen, by David 1. 

MoRU, a city of Ethiopia, on the 
\v fide of the Nile. 

(Sagnniumf Sa- 
jiinttts), a city of 
Valencia, in Spain, 
founded about A.M. 1784, and taken 
by Hannibal A. C 115: durinj» the 
fjege the inhabitants preytd upon each 
ctl^er; and to avoid failing into th* 
hands of the enemy, they let fire to th9 
•jty, andileftioyed thcmfeive*.- 

nae or rne iMie. 

MoRYLll {Morillii), a people in the 
w of Macedonia. 

MosA. See Maese. 

Mos-ePons. See MaesTRICHT. 

MoSjEUS {Mefeuf), a river of Su- 
fiana ; faJIs into the Perfian Gulf. 

Moasmbicjue, an ifland of Africa, 
difcovt-red by Vafquez de Gama, a Por- 
tugijtfe, A.t). 1497. 

Mor.CHA, a maritime town of the 
Adramitae, in Arabia Felix. 

Moschi, a people of Afiatic Sar- 

MoscHiCA, a difirift of Afia, to the 
w of the Cafpian Sea. 

MoscHicus {Armdfihts, Mffecb), a 
range of mountains between Iberia 
and Armenia, the fource of the river 

MoscHius. See Margus. 

MoseHO, j> a city of Fulfia, in a 

Moscow, 5 province of the fame 
name ; was the chief city of the em- 
pire before the building of Peteri- 

Moscoka {RuJtUas Ruff lite, Cefw- 
fen), a city of Italy, on the-lake Caf- 

Mosega, a city of Albania, at the 
foot of mount Caucafus. 

M o s E L L A ) ( Mo/il/a, Mo/ula, Pftit 

Moselle ) iWo/u), a river of France, 
falls into the Rhine at Coblentz. 

MosENiGA {Mejfcnu, Mfftne), the 
metropolis of Meflenia, in the Morea. 

MosERA, > an encampment of 

MosEROTH,5 the Ifraclites nejr 
the Red Sea. 

MosoMB, a city of Lorrain, in 

MosoN, an inland town of paphla- 
gonia, to the w of mount Olgafli';. 

MossYLic^s PoRTUs. See Ojn- 


MossYN'.ffici {Mofynaci, Mojyni), a 
people of Pontus, on the Euxine. 

MosTENA, ") a city of Lydia, on 

Mosth£ne,5 tbe river Her- 

MjOSUL {Nimts, Moujul), a city of 
Diarbek, in Afiatic Turkey, whrre the 
inhabitants fay the prophet Jonah was 

Mosvchlos, ) a mountain on the 

MosYCHLUs. ) ifland of Lemnos. 

Mosylon'. SeeOMGAULr.. 

MosyjfA, a city of Phrygia Mag- 


MosYNl. ) 

MosYNOPOLK, a ciry of Thrace. 

MoTEJ*E {Ouneli a diftriit of Ar- 

See MossYSvECi, 

U V L 

M U R 

mcnia Major, between the riven Cyrus 
and Araxcs. 

MoTHO, a village of Arabia, where 
Antigonus, the Macedonian, was flain. 

MoTHONE. See MonoN, 

MoTUCA. See Modica. 

MoTYA, 7 a Phoanicinn colony, near 

MoTyr.,3 mount Eryx, in Sicily, 
taken by Di jnyfius, tyrant of Syracufe, 

MoTvcA. See Modica. 

MoTYLJE, a fortrefs near Motya, 
in Sicily. 

MoTYUM, a citadel of the Agrlgen- 
tines. in Sicily. 

MouDON, the chief town of the 
Pays de Vaud, in Switzerland. 

Mou LIN'S {Cergohin, Crfygcrjia), a 
city of Bourbonnois, in France, 

MouLTOK So"TH, a town of Df- 
vonftiire, which, with North Moulton, 
was a royal dem^fnc, and lent members 
to parliament m the reipn of Edward I. 

rvToxTNT Cassel ( Ccijielium Mori no - 
rum)y a town in Fiandc s. 

Mount P.vllador. Sec Shafts- 


Mount RossE. See Montrose, 

Mqurzook, the capital of Fez, in 
Africa, where are various remains of 
ancient edifices. 

Mot;sTlERS {Darantajia, Forum 
Claudit), a town in Savoy. 

MousuL. SeeMosuT., 

MouzoN, a town of Champagne, In 

MoxiANi, a people of Phrygia, in 
Afi^ Mmor. 

MoYLAND {Meiiiolanum Giigerno- 
rum), a village near Cologne, in Gerr 

MucHLi {I'egfia^ Ti-getfA), a city of 
Arcadia, near the Eurotas, where was a 
temple dedicated to Pan. 

MucRj?;, a village of the §amnites, 
near the Caudinc forks. 

MuFITl {Ampjan^i Lacu:, Ampfdnfli 
Val'is, Anftifiiti), a cave or lake in the 
Principato Uki i, near Tricento, whoib 
waters emit a very difagreeable ftench. 

iVTuMiRACHi, ) a town of Ger- 

Mu(.}3RUN, 3 many, in the dufhy 
of Julicrs. 

MuLDA, ) a river of. Bohemia ; 

MuLDAW,5 flows into the Elbe, 
near Melmick. 

MuLHAUSEN,") one of the Han fc- 

MuLHOusE, >atic towns, fuuKtc 

MULHUSE, 3 '" T'l"['"g'^» 

MuLi., one of the weftern iflands of 
Scotland, vvherc are the rert\uin$ of fe- 
vcral ancient caOles. 

Mui.oi.ETUM, a ciry of Thra<?e. 


MuLVCHA, tJ river of Africa, thai 
feparates Numidia from Mauritania. 

MuLUCHlA, a fortrefs in Africa. 

Mo L I.E. 

MuNAZluM, a citv of Hungary. 



MuNDA, a city (*f Granada, in 
Spain, where Csfar flew the fun of 
Pompey, A. C. 45 ; and by this battle 
put an end ro the Roman republic, 

Mu.viA {Ljccrjolis), a city of E^ypt, 
in AfricH. 

Mu.NlCH {Monackium, Aba.liaam, 
A7iincbf::), a city of Germany, capital of 
the duchv of Bavaria, feated on the ritcr 
Ifcr, was founded A. D. 961. 

MuviCHiA, a maritime town of 
Athens, very Itrorg by nature, but made 
much more fo by the art of Thrafybulu^-. 

MuNlCIPIUM, 3 city of Mcefia Su- 


MuNiMENTUM Trajani, a for* 
trefs on the Rhine, oppolitc Mcntz. 

MuNSTER, a city of Wcftphalia, in 
Germany, where an uni-erfiry was 
foundecl, A. D. 1491.— ^A tailor, named 
John of Leyden, having, by ftratagem, 
made himfelf maftcr of the city in j 533, 
and driven away the bifliop, togettier 
wih all the magiftrates ; he retained 
poffelFion, till i;36- when, after fuf- 
taining a fiege. of 14 rponths, the city 
being taken, he was tortured to death 
by red-hot pincers. 

MuNSTERBURG, a principality of 

MuNYCHiA, "^a port of 

MunychijE, ^ Athen?, 

MCKYCHIUS PoRTUS, 3 between 

the Piraeus, and the promontory of Sa* 

nium, at the mouth cf the llilTas. 

"";^;:«-M.| S"M...... 


MuRAW {.iil Pontcm), a city of Sti- 
rla, in GermHny. 

MuRBOcn, a pncple of Bifcay, in 

MuRCiA {Mur?:ia. M'^nWia), a city 
of Spain, in a province of the fame 
name, where the ftcple of the Cathe- 
dral is fo contrived, that a perfon may 
y.fcend to the top e\thcr on horfeback, 
or in a carriage ; and defccnd in the 
fame manner. 






MURGI. ) c XT . ^ 

MVECis.1 SeeMuXAl^A, 



MuRiDUNUM. See Carmarthen'. 

MuROCiNATA,^ a city of Panno- 

Mu R o c I N E T A , 3 nia In ferior. 

MuRCELA, a city of Upper Panno- 

MuRos. See Sumerein. 
. MuRSA. See Esseck. 

Mursa MINOR,) a city of Panno • 

IvIuRSELLA, 5 nui/ia Inferior. 


- MoRsiuM >• See Esseck. 


MuRUls, a city of Africa Proper, 
near to Byzacia. 

MuRus, a river of Stiria, flows into 
the Dravc. 

• MuRUS, a fortrefs of Rhetia, at the 
foot of the Alps. 

MuRus Megalesius, a place near 
Peffinus, in Galatia, froni whence the 
image of the great goddefs was conveyed 
to Rome. 

MusA (Muza), a maritime town on 
the Arabian Gulf. 

MusjEUM, a place of refort for 
learned men, near the Library at Alex- 

Musagores, three fmall iflands on 
the sw of Candia. 

MusARNA, a city of Caramania, on 
the Erythrseum Mare. 

Mu'sARNA, a city of Gedrnfia, at the 
foot of mount Becius. 

MusDORANT, a people of Chorafan, 
in Perfia. 

MusiCANi {SuJIcana), a people to- 
wards the mouth of the Indus. 

Musis, a river of Armenia Major; 
flows into the Araxes. 


MusTTHKA. See Lacedjemok. 

MussE, a city of Zeugitana, in 

Musta, an inland town in the s of 
the Regio Syrtica. 

Must I, a city of Africa Proper, on 
the river Megrada. 


MuTATiONES, places on the roads, 
at proper diftances, for procuring frefh 
horfes and carriages. 

MuTiNUM, a city of Pannonia Su- 
.perior, on the sw of the lake Peifo. 

MuTHUL, \ 3 riverof Numi- 


MuTiGLiANA,) acity of Iftria. 


Mt'TiLUM. See Medolo. 



M Y L 


MuTYCE. > SeeMoDiCA. 


MuXARA (il/w_g-/, Miirgis), a mari- 
time town of Granada, in Spam, on the 

Muz A. Sec MusA. 
-MuziRis,a maritime town of India, 
on the- Indian Ocean. 

MuzucANUM, a city of Africa. 

Mya, a fmali ifland m the bay of 
Caria, oppofite Halicarnaffus. 

MvCAl.E.a city cf Caria, on a moun- 
tain of the fame name. 

Mycale, a promontory of Ionia, on 
the continent of Afia, where the^Gretks 
obtained a vittory over the Perfians, 
AC. 479. 

Mycalessus. See Malacasa. 

Mycena, ) a city of Argolis, in 

Mycen.'e, 5 the Morca, the royal 
refidence of Agamemnon. 

MYCEK^E.^'the chief cityof Mefic- 
nia in Greece, was founded AM. 2633. 

Mycen.'e. SeeMESsiKA. 

Myckus, a maritime town of Pho- 
cis, on the bay of Corinth. 

Myciberna, a town on the Hellc- 

MycoNE, ) (HufTfi/is, Celfa), one 

Myconus, 5 of the Cyclade illes in 
the Archipelago. 

Mydia See Delos. 

MyEXUS, a mounram of iEtolia. 

Myethoris, a town of Egypt, on 
a fmall ifland near Buhafti^^^. 

Mygdonia. Sec Macedonia. 

Mygdcma, a difirift of Macedo- 
nia, near Thrace, between the rivers 
Axiusand Strymcn. 

Mygdonia, a diftrift of Mefopo- 


Mygconia. See Becsakgial. 

Mygdonica. See Heraclea, 
in Thrace. 

Mygdoniits,) a river ofMcio- 

Mygdonus, 5 P"fa"n'3-. 

Mycdus, acity of Phrygia. 

My LA. See My 1. AS. 

My LACES, a people of Epirus. 

Myl^, two rocks on the vv fide of 

Myl^tE. See Milazzo. 

■Mylaktia, a promontory on the 
ifland of Rhodes. 

Mylas (MvIc^), a rivulet in Sicily. 

My l ASA ■) (Lii^efY*), a city of Ca- 

Mylassa > ria, fuuate 111 a de- 
lightful pUin. where was a temple de- 
dicated to Jupiter Carius. 

Mylassenil'M Navale. ^ See 

Mylassensium Navale.5 Pas- 


Mylias. See Aidexelli. 

M Y R 

MY \J 


Myndus, a maritime town of Caria, 
in the vicinity of Halicarnaffus. 

Myndus {Pal^mjnJus), a ciry of 

Myn'I^. See MiNYX. 

My ON. S-eMvoNiA. 

Myonesias, ■) ■ r T • 

Myonesus, [ ac>tyofIon,a, m 

Myosnesvs, a fraall iflandoppofire 
to LarifTn. 

Myonkesus, an ifland on the coafl 
of Ionia, near Rphelbs. 

Myoma (Mi^.v), a city of Phocis. 

Myoshokmus. Sec Tortus Ve- 


Myra, a cityof Lycia, from whence 
St. Paul let fail op lii> vovage to Rome. 

Myrianhrus, a city of Selcucis, 
in Syria. 

Myrica. See Amphipolis. 

Myricus, a city of Troas, oppofitc 

Myrina. SeeGiRCONA. 

Myrina ^ {Sdbajlopoiiy), a cityof 

MyrINE ) ^liolia, in Afia Minor. 

Myrini Camvi, plains near My- 
rina, in j'Eolia. 
Myrice. See Megalopolis. 

Myris. See Charon'. 

Myrlea. See Apami. 

Myrmecion, a city of Cherfonefus 

Myrmex, an ifland on the coall of 
Cyrenaica, oppollte Aeon. 

Myrmidones, the people of Egina. 

Myrmidon Es, ) a people of Phth- 

Myrmidons, ji iotis, in Thcflaly. 

Myrmidonia. See Egina. 

Myrmidokium CiviTAS. See 

Myrmissus, a city of Myfia, near 

Myromis Insula, an ifland in 
the Arabian gulf. 

Myrrhikera, a diftrlft of Ethio- 
pia on this lidc the equator. 


Myrson. See l\T*r,ATiCHos. 

Myrtilis. See Mertola. 

Myrtoum Mare, a part of the 
Archipelago, between the Morea, Ne- 
gropont, and Serines. 

Myrtuntiu.m, that part of the fe.* 
b.tweeu the bay of Ambracia and Lvu- 

Myrtus, an idand near Caftei 
RuflTo, in Negropont. 

Myrtusa, I a mountain of Ly- 

Myrtussa, ) bia. 

Mysaris, a promontory on the ead 
fxie of the Ifthmiis of Taurica Cherfu- 

MvsiA, in Europe. See Miesia. 

Mysia Major. SecABaEXTA- 


Mysia Minor. See Lampfaco. 

Mvsil, a people of Myfia. 

Mvsius {My/us), a river of Myfia, 
flows into the C.iycus. 

Mysocaras, a port of Mriurivania 
Tingitana, on the Atlantic. 

Mysomacedcnes, a people of 

Mystia, acity of Italy, between 
Caftro Vctcri and Cocintum. 

Mythepolis, ) a place of Bithv- 

Mythopolis, 5 nia, at the lake 

Mytilene. See Mityline. 

MvuNTis, ) one of the twelve ci- 

Myus, ji ties of Ionia, fituate 

on the confines of Caria. This city was 
given by Artaxerxes to ThemiftocJes, 
for the piirpofe of fupplying his table 
with provifiuns, 




XTaagrammum, the metropolis of 
-'■ the ifland of Ceylon. 

Naalol, a city belonging to the 
tribe of Zabulon. 

Naama, a citv of Arabia Deferra. 

Naaratha, a city of Samaria, near 

Naarda {Nenrdiiy Neerda^ Nehar- 
dea), a city on the confines of Mefopo- 
tamia and Bjbylonia. 

I*>'aarmalcha (A>'ft!t2ca/fs, Arpial- 
char, Niirmarba, ^armalacbesy FoJJa- 
regia), a. canal in AflTvrja, cut for the 
purpofe of uniting the Tigris to the 

^"abalia- See SwoL. 

Nabata, a diftrict of Samaria. 

Nabatene, ) See Arabia 


I^ABATHIANS, a people On the con- 
fines of Arabia Petrasa and Arabia De- 

NabathR.^, a people of^Lybia In- 

Nabo. See Nebo. 


l^ABRUS, a river of Gedrofia. 

Nabus, a river of Bavaria, flows into 
the Danube. 

Nacolea.) c r- 


Nacrasa, a city of Lydia. 

Nacri Campi, a plain near Mo- 

Nadagara (Karagara, Ktrgara, 
Ifa'vnggara), a city of Numidia, where 
IJannibal and Scipio licld a conference. 

Nadin, ) a city of Dalmatia, 

Nadinum, 5 near the gulf of Ve- 

NjEBis. See Nebis. 

KiEvi^, a gate of Rome, between 
the Elquiline hill and Tibertina Via. 

Nagaka {Dionvjiopola), a city of 
India,' nesr the confluence of the Co- 
phen and Choalpes. 

Nacgata. SeeNAPATA. 

Nagidus, a city on the coart of Ci- 
licia, near Ancmurium. 

Nagnata, See Limerick. 

vs. ) 


Nahaliel, an encampment of the 
Ifraelites, on the other tide Jordan. 

Nahar. See Nasabath. 

Naharsares. See Maarsapes. 

Naharvali, a' people of Ger- 

Naim. ) a city of Galilee, where 

Nain, j> the widow's fon was re- 
ftr-.redto life by Jefus Chrift. 

Nais, a village of Samaria. 

Kaissus, ) a city of Dardania, in 

Natsus, 5 ^Josfia Superior. (See 
NiSSA ) 

Namadus, a river of India, beyond 
the Indus. 

Namare. See Melck. 

Namnetica Civitas. 

Namnetum Civitas. 
Naktes. ' • 

Namptwich, a town in Cheihire. 

Namup., a; city of the Netherland'^. 

NanacuNa, a river of India, be- 
tween the Indus and Ganges. 

Nakct, a city of Lorrain, in France. 

Nanfio, an ifland in the Archipe- 
lago, where was a temple dedicated to 

Nantes ( Condificinum, Civitas 
Namnetum, Civitas Namrretica), a city 
of Bretagne, in France, where Henry 
IV. iffutd an edift A.D. 159S, which 
was revoked by L'^uis XIV. in 1685. 

Nantua, a town of Brefle, in 

Nantuat/e, . } a people of 

Nantuates, 3 France. 

Nao ;ind Manva {Junnnis Lacinia 
Tenipiuni), a place in Calabria Citra. 

Nap AT A {Tcnapf, h'nggata), the 
metropolis of Ethiopia, was plundered, 
and afterwards demolifhed, by Petro- 
nius, the Roman general. 

Naphilus, a river of the Morea, 
flows inro the Alphcus. 

Napkoth Dor. See Dor. 

Naphthaj.i {Nffbtbali), one of the 
tribes of Ifrael. 

Napitia, acity cf Calabria. 

is'APrTiNUS Sinus. See ilippo- 


N A R 

N A S 

Naples (Paribenope, Na/>ol:, Nan- 
///'rt, Nuuplum, Neapolis, Flavia Cafarea), 
a city of Italy, founded about A.M. 
2725; fht' buildings having been de- 
ftroycd bv war, were repaired by Pha- 
iaris the tyrant of Sicily, or by rht Cu- 
mani ; it was afterwards fubdued by 
the Romans, from whom it was taken 
by the Goths, who being expelled by 
the Normans, they made it the feat of 
their government. 

In procefs of time it came to the 
. Swedes, in right of Conftance their 
queen, wife to the emperor Henry VI. 
Ad. 1191. In 1265, the city wtis in 
the poffcliion of the French ; in 1344, 
it wa- fubjeft to the Hungarians j and 
in 1397 the king of Arragon held it 
in right of queen Joan, from whom it 
defcended to the king of Spain. It is 
delightfully fuuated between the feaand 
the hills, where the air is very falu- 
brious; it is fortified with walls, and 
four caftles, viz. ^he new caftle, built 
by Alphunlo the Firft ; the caftle of Ca- 
pua, which is the guillh^ll; the Egg 
caftle, it being bml in that fhrm ; and 
the caftle Sante Merenfc, which com- 
mands the city. The univerfity was 
founded in ij i6. 

Naplks, Gulf of {Argolicus Sinus, 
Argivus SinitifBaianus Sinui, Port us Bai- 
arum. Crater, Sinus Nenpolitanus, Puteo- 
lanus Sinus), a bay of Campania, and 
part of the Tufcan fea, between the 
promontories Mifenus and Minerva. 

Naplouze {Sicbem^ Sid ma. Si char ^ 
Sycbiir, Nfapolis Samaria), a city of 
Samaria, deftroyed by Abimelech. 

Napolf. See Naples, 

Napoca, ) a city of Dacia, to the 

Napuca, i eaft of Ulplanum. 

Nar. See Nera. 

Nab A, an inland town of Byzacium, 
in Africa Proper. 

' Naracustoma, one of the mouths 
of the Danube. 


Narbata, a diftri6t of Paleftine, 
between Caefarea and Samaria. 

Narbo "1 {Julia Pa- 

NaRBO Maktius > /d7v;rt),acity 
Narbosne 3 "f Langue- 

<!oc, in France, the capital of Gallia 
NarbonenfiSjand the birth-place of Mar. 
cusAurelius; the canal from the river 
Aude to the Mediterranean, which is 
conveyed through the city, was cut by 
the Romans. 

Nahbon ENSis Galli a, comprifed 
Langoedoc, Provence, Dauphine, and 

Narce, a city of Africa. 

Nardo {Knetim), Neritum), a cityia 
the territory of Naples. 

Narena. See Narenza. 

Narf.n ta, a city of Dalmatia, in 
European Turkey. 

Narentines, a people of Dal- 

Narenza {Nirena, Narona), a ma- 
ritime town of Dalmatia, on the gulf of 

Narcara. See NaoagaR.\. 

NARiNTA^A'rt/o), a river of Dalma- 
tia ; flows into the Adriatic, 

Narisci, 1 the people near Nu- 

Narjstje, ) remburg. 

Narmacha. ) See NaaE- 


N A R N a -J ( N^quinum, Nequium^, 

Narne la city of the Sabinej, Vin Italy, on the riVcr 

Nar:nJI.\ I Nora, whofe buildings 

Narni^a Jdemonftrate its forraer 

Naro. SeeNARlNTA. 

Narona, a city of Dalmatia, on the 
Narinta. (See Narenza.) 

Narrag.^. See Maarsarks. 

Nartes. 'Sec Terni. 

Narthacium, an inland town »f 
Thelialy, near Farfalo, 

Narthecis, a fmall ifland near 

Narthecusa, an ifland in the Ar- 

Narva {Nnva), a town of Livonia, 
crefted A.D. 1219, by Valdemare, kin^ 
of Denmark. 

Narycia, -j a city of great 

Narycium, ^ Greece, buiLt by 

Nary CUM, j a colony of the 

Naryx, J Locrians, after 

the fall of Troy. 

Nasabath {Nahar),i river of Mau- 
ritania Cailarienlis, fiows into the Mc- 

Nasabutes {Natabudes), a people 
of Numidia. 

Nasamones, \ a people near 

Nasa-MONIans, ) Gyrene, in A- 

Nagcic.\. See CAL.\GURin. 

Nascus. See MagearaH; 

Nasibis. S-e Nisibis. 

Nasidiu.M, a promontory of Sa- 

Nasium, a city of Gallia Belgica. 

Nasos Sec Orty'gia. 

Nasos {Nnjtt!, Ni^fus), a city of Acar- 
nania, near the mouth of the Ache- 

Nassau, a principality in Germanj. 

Nassos, SteOaxYCiA. 

N A X 


See Nasos, 

Nassus. ) 

Nasus. > 

Natabudes. See Nasaeutes. 

Natiso, ) a river of Italy; 

Natisoi*e, 5 flows into the gulf 
©f Venice, 

Natolia {Annatolia), a province of 
Afia ?.Iinor. 

Nava, a river of Germany ; flows 
ilito the Rhine. 

Navathus. See Nejethus. 

Navaggara. See Nadagara. 

Navalia. SecSwoL. 

NAVARfNO {Pylus)y a city of the 

Navarre, a kingdom of Europe, 
on the frontiers of France and Spain. 

NaubaruM, a city of European 
Sarmatia, on the Palus Maeotis. 

Naucraticum Ostium. See 

Naucratis, a city of the Delta, 
oo the left lide the Canopic mouth of 
the Nile. 

Naucratites NoMos, a diftrift 
of the Delta. 

Naulibis, a city of Sableftan, in 

Naolocha, ") a maritime town of 

Naulochi, > Sicily, near Pelo- 

Naulochus, ^ rum. 

Naulochus, a city of Thrace, on 
the Euxine Sea. 

Nauloctius, a promontory on the 
i-iland Embro. 

Naulochus {Tetranaulocbns), a 
town near iVIerembria, at the foot of 
Mount ilajmus. 

Naumachia,) an ifland Ticar Can- 

N^UMACHOS, ) dia. 

Naumburg {Nimibcrg), a town of 

Germany, in Upper Saxony, fituate on 

the river Sala, was founded A.D. 80S. 

Naupactum. > c r r.^ 

TkT e Sec Lepanto. 

Naupactus. 5 

Nauplia. a maritime city of the 

Morea, the naval flation of the Arglves. 

Nauplia. ) SeeNAPLi-.s. 

Naoplixjm. ) 

Nauportum. ) c t 

^T c Sec Laubach. 

Nauportus. ) 

Naur A, a diftrift of Scythia, in 

Naustathmus, a maritime city of 

NAUSTATHMtrs, a maritime town 
of Pontu^, on the Euxine Sea. 

• Naustathmus, a maritime town 
*>f Sicily, to the s of Syracufu. 

Naut.-^ca, a city of Sogdiana, on 
the N fide of the Ochus. 

Naxia ^ ■{Tauromhiium, S/rongyle, 

Naxos ;- Did, Dio>ivs!<is,C,jIiipo//.', 

Naxus 3 -iVtv'/y Mhior, Caretba), 

one of the Cyclade iflands, the moft 
fruitful of the whole group-j the wine 
made here is in high eftimation.. 

Naxo", a city on the iiland Naxia, 
was founded about A.M. 31'? 9. 

Naxos, a city on the eaftern fide of 
Sicily, founded A.C. 7 59. 

Naxus, a city of Candia, where 
hones are in great plenty. 

N.-iZARETH, a chy of Palcftine, 
near Mount Tabor. 
'Nazianzum, ^ a city of Cappado- 

Nazianzus, \ cia, near Cafaria. 

Ne A, ) a fmall ifland in the Archi- 

Ne^e, S pelago, ntar Stnlimene. 

Nkathus (Nii'vaiJMs'jy a river of 

Calabria, flows near Crotona. 

Neandrea, > •. r T- 

•vr .a city or i roas. 

Neandria, ) ^ 

Nea Paphos, a city on the \v fide 
of Cyprui, where St. Paul ftruck the 
forcerer Elymas blind. 

Neapoli, )■■' a ritv on the' s w fule 

Neapolis, 3 ■■ of Sirdinia. 

Neapolis. See Naplhs. 

Neapolis, in Zeugitana. SceFiA- 
via Cjesari a. 

Neapolis, in Africa. See Lep- 
Tis Magna. 

Neapolis, a city of Thrace. 
• Neapolis {Nebo), a city of Sicily. 

Neapolis Samarije: Sec Na- 


Neapolis (C^w), a city of Upper 
Egypt, on the E fide of the Nile. 

Neapolis, a city of Babylonia, on 
the s frde of the Euphrates. 

Neapolts, a city of Caria, near the 

Neapolis, an inland town of Cy- 

Neapolis, a city of Ionia. 

Neapolis, a city of Macedonia. 

Neapolis. a city of Pifidia, on the 
confines of G^latia. » 

Neapolis, adiftriftof Syracufe. 

Neapolitana Crypta. See 
Grotta di Na^oli. 

Neapolitanus Sikus, See Na- 
ples (Gulf ok). 

Nearda. See Naakda. 

Neb {Nebo, Nabe), a city of Palef- 
tine, at the foot of a mountain bear- 
ing the fame name, in the Land of 
Mcab, oppofite Jericho. 

Nebbio,^ a city on the ifland of 

Neb 10, 3 Corhca. 

Nebo, in Paleftine. See Neb. 

Nkbo, in Sicily. See Neapolis. 

Nebrio. See Emperio. 

Nebrissa, See Lebrixa. 

Nebrodes, mountains in Sicily, 
that iibound in deer ; fnm whenc* the 
two Hinieras derive their fourcc. 

N E lNk 

N E P 

Nebs AN {Nibfan), a city belonging 
to the tribe of Judah, ncaf the Dead 

Necaus, a town of Algiers, in 

Neckar {Sicer')f a ri%-er of Ger- 
many, flows into the Rhine at Man- 

Necropolis, atiiflri<^of Alexan- 
dria, in which it is (aid Cleopatra rcfidcd 
when flie applied the Aip to her bread, 
to avoid being led in triumph by Au- 

Nectiberes, a people of Mauri- 
tania Tin^itana. 

Nedo, a river of McfTcnia. 

Nkdroma, a town of Tremefen, 
in Africa. 

Neerda. Sec Naarda. 

Neetum. Sec Noto. 

NefattiUiM, a city of Iftria- 

Neeta, a city in the delarts of Nu- 

NEFUSA,a mountain In Africa, part 
of Mount Atlas. 

Neg.v, a city on the confines of Al- 

Negeta, a city of Africa, to the s 
of Carthage. 

Negro Cape (Apollinisy Apolloni' 
um), a pron)ontory near Utica, in 

Negropont (Eubo'a, Chalets Eu- 
boca, Ellopia, Hellopia, Aon^a, Aba>ilia, 
ALa)2tias, Abauiis, Argibocum, Afopis 
Macro, Macrii, Oche, Bomo, Nigre- 
pont'), an ifland in the Archipelago, on 
which a city was founded A. M. 2401 j 
this ifland is fituate oppofite to Achaia, 
from which it is fuppuled to liave been 
feparated by an earthquake, the arm of 
the fca being fo narrow that Mahomet 
the fecond erected abridge A.D. 146-5, 
to conntft the ifiaiid wiih the Conti- 
nent, in fo fubltantial a manner, that it 
refifted the ebbing and flowing of the 
tide fcven times ea h day. Ariflotle en- 
deavoured to account for this extraordi- 
rary fiux and reflux, but not being able 
toaccomplifli his deiires, he threw iiim- 
lelf into the fea, and was drowned. 

Negropont, Straits of {Euripus 
Frrlus), the arm of the fea tTiat feparates 
Negropont from Achaia. 

Neharda ) See Naarda. 

Nehardka 3 

Nehavand, a city of Perfia. 

Neissa {Naijfui), a 'city of Upper 

NELCYN'DA.a dillrift of Cararnania, 
on the Indian Ocean. 

Nemjea, a city of Argolis, in the 
Morea, near to \Nhicli Hercules, in the 

fixteenth year of his age, killed the Kc- 
mjean lion, and afterwards renewed the 
Nem3e?.n games. 

I^^EMASIA, a town of France, near 

Nema'jsum.> e T-T, .„ 

Nemausus. \ S" ^''^'^'- 

Nemea. See Tristena. 

Nemeii;m, a place in Greece, where 
Hefiod was (lain. 

Nemesa. See 

Nf.mesium, a city of Marmorica. 

Nemetacum. See Arras. 

Nemetje, ) a people near Spire 

Nemetes, 5 ^r>d Worms., a people of Spain. 

Nemetobriga, a city of Spain, on 
the N fide of the Minho. 

Nemetocenna. See Arras. 

Nemf.tum. See Spire. 

Nemi {Numicus, P^rirmcii/s), a rivutct 
of Italy, in which it is faid ^^neas was 

Nr.MORENsis Lacus. See Lago 
VI Nemi. 

Nemossus, See Clermont. 

Nemours (Cjy.v), a town in the 
ifle of France. 

Nemra, a city belonging to the tribe 
of Gad. 

Nemrim. See Bekamerium. 

Neniid.wa. See Nosenstadt. 

Neoc.ssarea {Tvcato, Hadriant- 
po.'.'s), a city of Pontus, in Afia. 

Nkocastro ) {Gci:ich!cbarf Ali- 

Ne ocastrum J arlus), a fortrefs 
of European Turkey, on the Bofphorus. 

Neoclaudiopolis. See An- 

Neodukum. Sec Nogent le 


Neomagus. See Woodcote. 

Neomagus. See Nimeguen. 

Ne "MAGUS. See LisiEux. 

Neomagus. See Spire. 

Neomagus. See Nyons. 

Neon. See Tithorea. 

Neontichos {J^ofa Mt-enea), k 
city of European Sarmatia. 

Neontichos > (Novus Murui), a 

Neontichus 5 city of yEolia, near 
the river Hermus. 

Neoris, an extenfivc country of 
Afia, near Gedrofia, which was nearly 
deftitute of water. 

Neoris, aciry of Iberia. 

Neot's St. a town in Huntingdon- 
fhire, where a priory was founded A.D. 

Nepe "I 

Nepet > (T/f/O'^cityofTurcany. 

Nefete J 



Nephelis, 3 city of Cilicia Afpera, 
on 3 jjroiiioncory of the fame name. 

Nepheris, a city of Zeugitana, in 

Nephth ALIM, a di drift of GaliTee. 

NhPKTHALiT^, a branch of the 
Hunrs, in Pcrlia. 

Nepi. See Nepet. 

Neptuni Arjz, a place of Zcugi- 
tara, in Africa. 

Neptuni Fanum, a temple on fhe 
ifland of dlauria. 

Neptuni Fanum, a temple near 

Neptuni A. a citv of Great Greece. 

Neptuni*. ) o -n 

i, ^ SeeTRiziNA. 

Neptunium. > 

Neptunium, a promontory of 

Neptukius, a fountain in Laly, 
near Tarracina. 

Neptunius rvIoNS. See Fap.o. 

NeqUJNUM ) c^„ -NT. r.v,T . 

-, / beejNARNiA. 


Nera {Nar), a river of Italy. 

Nerac, acity of Guienne, in France, 
where Henry IV. received pan of hii 

Neressus, a city on the ifland Zia. 

Neretum. Sec Neritum. 

Nerg (DionyfopoUs, DiOnyJipolii), a 
city of the further lodia. 


Nericia {tkritoi., Neriius), a moun- 
tain in Ithaca. 

Kericia, a province of Sweden. 

Nericum. See FinisterreCape. 

Nerigos. See Norway. 

Neriphus, a defarc iiland ne:ir the 
Thracian Cherfonefus. 

Ner]tis. ) See Santa Maura. 
Nekitos. 5 

Nerjtos, a mountain in Ithaca. 
Neritum. SeeNARco. 
Neuitus- See Leucas. 
Nerium. See Finisterrje Cape. 
Neroassus. See Nura. 


Neroniades. See Balbkv;. 
Neronianje. THERMiB, baths at 
l^ome, built by Nero. 

Neronias. SeelREKOPOLIS. 

Neronis Forum. See Forum. 

N E R T o B R I G A ) ( Hergobrigoy Ju- 

Nertobkigia^ It'* Loncort/iu), a 
eirv of Baetica, in Spain. 

Nehva. See Narva. 

NER^'^, a people near Cambray, in 

Neruli, ). a fortified town of 

Nerulum, ji Lucania.. 

Kervst, > a people of Provence, 

Neuusii, ) in France. 

Neri'tus {Santa Maura), an ifland 
near Zant. 

Nesactium.) See Castel Nu- 

Nesactu.m- ) ovo. 

Nes.i;a, a difnift of Hyrcania, 
through which the Ochus flows into the 
Calpian Sea. 

Nesi {Halicarnajfui), a city of Caria, 
in Alia Minor ; where queen Artcmifia 
ertft-d a maufoltum, which was fo 
magnificent that it was accounted one of 
the feven wondf rs of the world. — This 
city gave birth to Herodotus andDiony- 
fius, the hiftorians. • 

Nesibis. See NisiBIS. 

Nesis. See NisiTA. 

Nesium. SeeN'ESOS. 

Nesonis, 3 lake of Theflaiy, near 

Nesos {NfJIuTn), a city in the nw of 

Nesos. See Nasqs. 

Nessava- See NissA. 

Nes?um. See Naissus. 

g^""^ ] {M.Jlus), a river of 
PJESTO I -J- h race, flows into the 
^^^^^'^ I Archipelago. 

NESUS J r ty 

Netherjy {Mfica)t a hamlet in 

NetherlaNDs( Gallia Belgicti, the 
Lo'UJ-countriei), a confiderable diftrift 
of Europe, comprehending Holland, 
Weft Friefland, Giieldtrland, Utrecht, 
OvrryfTcl, and Groningen. 

Nettuno {Antium, Antia), a mari- 
time city of the Volfci, in Italy, which 
after fuftaining a againft the Ro- 
mans for the fpace of too years, was at 
length taken by Camillus, who con- 
veyed the beaks of their fliips to Rome, 
which were placed in the forurn to 
adorn the pulpit, and from that cir- 
cumlUnce it obtained the name of the 

Netum. SeeNoTO. 

Neva, a city of Coelcfyria. 

Nevers (Ne-JiTnitm, NovioJunuvi) , i 
city of Nivernois, in France. 

NE'JHEUSEL {Auabum, Aitabon), a 
city of Upper Hungary, on the Danube^ 

Nevil's Cross, a place near 
Durham, where David, King of Scots, 
was taken prifontr by the Englifli, 
A. D. iu6. 

Nevirnum. See Nevers. 

Neuri, a people of European Sar- 

Neuris, a diftrift of European Sa;-. 

N I C 

N i c 

Neuris. See Procon'nesus. 

Neus. See NuYs. 

NeustadT, a to^vn of Germany, in 
Lower Auftria. 

Neustria. See 

Neut, a diftria of the Delta, be- 
tween the Bufiritic and rhe liubaltic 
branches of the Nile. 

Neuve Suxi (Baranion, Noviodu- 
num). a village between Bourges and 

Newark, a town in the county of 
Nottingham, where kin.: J«hn ended 
his iroublefome reign ; and where the 
unfortunate kin^ Charles 1, after ills 
defeat at Nafeby, put himfelf under tlie 
proteflion of the Scotch army, who were 
at that time befieglng the town of 
Newark, by whom hfe was delivered to 
his moft inveterate enemies. 

Newburv, a town in rhe county of 

Newcastle, a tuwn in Carmar- 

Newcastle under Line, a town 
in the county of Stafford. 

Newcastle upon Tyne {Gabro- 
ffTtlum, Monk Cbejler), a town in Nor- 
thumbtrland, where the Picts' wall ter- 

Newmaga. See France. 

Newport, a town of Pembrokc- 
ihire, in South Wales. 

NEWSH.A.M, a village in the county 
of Durham, fuuate on the river Tecs, 
in which river the biftiop of Durham, 
en his firft commg to the fee, is met b/ 
the lord of the manor of Stockbourne 
(accompanied by the neighbouring gen- 
try), who prefents the bifhop wirli a 
truncheon, which being returned, the 
biftjop is conducted by tl em to his pa- 
lace, amid the acclamations of the po- 

Nia, a river of Lybia Interior. 

NiACURRA, a city of Commagcne, 
in Syria. 

NiARA, a city in the N of Cyrrhlf^ 
tic3, in Syria. 

Nibarus {Imbarui), the eaftern 
part of mount Taurus, towards the 
Cafp'.an Sea. 


NlCJEA, in Liguria, See NiCE. 

NlCiE.\, 1.1 Bythinia. See IsNiC. 

l^ic.iEA, in Corfica, See Mari- 

Nic.$A, in India. See NiCEA. 

NiCEA, a city of Locris, near Ther- 
mopylae, on tne Sinus JVIa'.iacus. 

NiCaRIa {Uuriu, Diiliche, Macriiy 
Icbibyippa), an ifland in ii*« Archipelago, 
near Sim}«9, 

NrcASiA, a fmall ifland neir Naxos* 
NiCASTRO.' See Clocento. 
NicATORiUS, a mountam of Af- 
fyrij, neir Arbela. 

Nice, ) n^, 

NiCEA. \ ac'tvofThracc. 

Nicea ('"Bithynia. See IsNiC. 

Nice ) (iV/f^-'/, iV^izKfl), a city oa 

Nicea ) the confines of France find 
Italv, aj'pears to base been founded 
A.M. 2897. 

Nice ) {Nicact, Nvg^ea), a c\ty o( 

Nicea y Afia Minor, buiit by 
Alexander, on the fpot where he had 
defeated Porus, 

Nicea (Afcania, Afcania Pains, ATc-i- 
ni'is Lacus), a lake of Uithynia, in Afii 

Nicea. See Mariana. 

Nicephorium. S-c Constan- 


Nicephokius, a r ver oF A menia 
Major, flows by Triganocerta. 

Nicer. S-cNeckar. 

NiclA. See Lenza. 

NiciiE, a citv of Lower Egypt. 

NiciJE PoRTUS, a maritime town 
to the w of Alexandria, in Egypt. 

NicoLiA, a city of Pnry^ia. 

NicoMEDlA {iji'tus, Nicor, Olbig, 
Comidia, Ifchmil, Schrii,), a city of Bi- 
thynia, in Afia Minor, founded about 
A.M. 3227 ; it was at one time the 
metropolis of the country ; and in the 
time of the emperor L"o, it was the 
feat of a mttropolirap, — In this citr 
Cor.ftantine the G eat rcfided whilft 
Conftantinople wab building. 

NicoNiA, ) a city of Europeao 

NrcoNiuM, \ Sirmatia. 

NicopoLi \ {Ef/hvis, Emmaus, 

NiCOPOLIS \ A- ■■'.'luus), g city of 
Bulg.Hria, in Turkey; was 
founded by Trajan A.D. 10; ; he alfo 
built a bridge ovtr thn Danube, confilt- 
ing of twenty arches, and the fa'-ne num- 
ber of columns, all of a beautiful co- 
loured ftone. — Near this city the firft 
battle between theTuiks and Chriftiana 
was fought in 139". in whicii the em- 
peror Sigifmund was defeated with the 
iofs of 20C00 men killed on the fpot, 

NiCOPOLIS {G.'uni/h), A city of Ar- 
menia Muior, built by Pompey the 

NiCOPOLIS, a city of Bithynii, on 
the Euxine bea. 

NiCOPOLIS, a city of Ciijcia. 

NiCOPOLIS, a city of EpTUS, built 
by Auguftus to cimnemoratc the bai» 
tic of Aftium. (See Artola.) 

N1COP01.IS AO H.^MUM, a city of 




NiCOPOLIS AD Nestum, a city 
of Thrace. 

NiCOPOLIS {Emaui), a city near 
Jerufalem, founded by the emperor 

NicoR. See Nicomedia. 

Nicosia (^Hcrbtia), a city on the 
ifland of Cyprus. 

NiDosiA. See Drontheim. 

Niedek LvMB.'i.CH. See Aso- 



NiERSE {Naiaiia), a river of Ger- 

NiEUFOKT, a maritime town of 


NiGBEM, a people of ilie Regie 

NiGELLA. See Lenza. 

Niger (^Nigir, Nigris), a river of 
Africa, flows into the Atlantic Ocean. 

NiGiDiA {Nagidus), a city on the 
coaft of Ciiicia, near Ancmurium. 

NiGiRA, ac'ty of Africa. 

NxGOLA (MrjhSf Mijo), a river of 
Umbria, in Italy. 


NiGRi Mo-NTES. See Melanes. 

Nigris. See Niger. 

NiGRiT.B, a people of Africa, near 
the river Niger. 

NiGROPOLi ( CarceKitcs ) , a gu !f on 
the Chevlbnefus. 

Nigrum, a promontory of Eithynia. 

Nile {Ndus, ^gyptus, JS\\n;, N»)'n, 
Nus), a river whole fource is in Abyf- 
finia, from whence it flows through 
Ethiopia and Egypt into the Mediter- 

Nilopoli, } a city of Lower 

Nilopolis. ji Egypt, on an ifland of 
the fame name, formed by the Nile. 

NiMEGUEN (A'vwf^ff.T, No-vrofTia- 
gus), a town oF the Netherlands, in the 
province of Gueldres; founded A.C. 
3S2 : it is fnuate on the river Wahal, 
at the mouth of the Rhine, and was an 
imperial citv, fubjett to no other tribute 
than a purle containing one pound of 

Nina. "^ 

NiNEVE. S- See Nisebe.v. 

Nineveh, j 

NiNGUM, a city of Iftria. 

NiNiA,aciry of Dalmatia, burnt by 
order of Auguftus. 

NiNOE. See Aphrodisias, in Ca- 

NiNUS. See NisEptu. 

NiNUS, a city of Mefopotamia. 

h'lo {lo.'), an ifland in the Arclji- 

pelago, to the s of Naxia, where Homer 
is faid to have been buried. 

Nigra (Hr^Iice), a city of Achaia 
Proper, on the bay of Corinth. 

Niossum, a city of European Sar- 
matia, near ihe bend of the Boryfthenes. 

NiPHANUA, acity of Paropamifus. 

Niphates, .a mountain in Afia, 
which feparates Armenia from AlTyria ; 
the Iburce of the Tigris. 

NiPHATEs, a river of Armenia j, 
fliiws into the Tigris. 

NtquETA {Pkrnicis), a city of Boeo- 
tia, near the lake Copais. 

NisA, a city of Greece. 

NisA, a city of Lycia, near the fource 
of the Xanthus. 

NiSA {Nifaus Campui), a celebrated 
plain in iVItdia, near the Calpian Sea ; 
noted for its breed of fine horles. 

NiSA. See Nysa. 

Nis.«;a {h'lgau), a city of the Mar- 
giana, ntar the fource of the Margus. 

N;s-«A (^Sauloc), adifirift of Media. 

Nis>iiA, a naval ftation on the Saro- 
nic bay, to the s of Alegara. 

Nisxi, a people of Chorafan, ir. 

Nisxus Campus. See Nisa. 

NisBEN ^ (Nma, Njfi^ve, Ni':f- 

NistKEN f^-veh, Ninus, Najilis, Nf- 

NiSiBEN i/ii'!!). a city of AfTyria, 

Tv/siBis Jon the Tigris, was 
founded by Ninus, about A.M. I'dc'j, 
on his retrcjt from Babylon : fome au. 
thors fiy lie only enlarged it, the ciiv 
having been built by Nimrod, and called 

Diodorus relates that this city was 
4?o furlongs in circutnferencej; the 
walls of whicli were 100 feet high, and 
fo broad that three chariots might go 
abreaft upon them ; being ornamented 
and fortified with 150 towers, each of 
them 203 feet in height. 

Nisi. SeeNissA. 

Nisi B IN ) {jScJibis, Aniiocb'a Mvg- 

NlsiBis ) clonia), a city of Myg- 
donia, in Mtlbpotamia, near the Tigris. 

NisiNCJE AfeiUj?. See Bourbo.v 

NisiTA {Nejii), an ifland on the coaft 
of Naples. 

NiSMKS {Nemar/frfs), a cityofL^n- 
guedoc, in France ; where are the re- 
mains of an Amphitheatre, and fcvt,rrt! 
other veft-ges of its former magnificence. 
NissA I^NyjJa, Ncja-va, JS'i/i, J^':,us, 
Atbj;r,bya), a town of berviri, in Eu- 
ropean Turkey. 

^^z-v A.tjTkvamis)t a promontory cf 
Thefprotia, in Epirus. 

NrsuA. See Nubia. . , . 

NisuA, SeeMisNA. 

N O N 


JS'isiJS. See Nissa. 

NisvRA. ) {Pijrphyiis,NjJifoi'), zi\ 

NisYROS ji ifland in the Arcliipe- 
i«go, near Lungo. (Sec Cerh;o.) 

Nit ion RICES {Agen), a city of 
Aqu'.tain, ia France, on the banks of the 

NiTioBRiGES, a people of Aqulcain. 

NrrRARiA, > a diftiidt of I'-gypc 

NjraiA, \ abov£ Memphis; in 
which are two excavations chat produce 
N rre. 

NiVARiA (CQ>rja!!is\ one of the 
Canary Ifl.uids. 

Nivern'ois, a province of France. 

NivERSUM ' See NoYON. 

NivoRz (Jhvioibinum).,. a city of 
'B^lTirabia, in European Turkey. 

Ni/.ZA. See Nice, in Liguria. 

No, ) • fi- 

■ci » ;- a city of hi'vpt. 

-No Ammon', ) ^ ^-"^ 

a citv of Sicllv- 

No .7., 
N >.) A R A , 

NoAS {l^oes), a river of Thiace, flows 
info the D:)nubc. 

^."^ "? (iV^wi.,), a city of Palef- 

NOKE 5 ^""'^- 

Nob AH (jCanach), a city of Pa'.eQ'ne, 
bevoni-l Jordan. 

•NoctRA {Nucn'ia Alf<>tnr:a, A!f - 
t'}/ui), a city of Campama, in ithiy, 
bevond M' unt Vefuvivs. 

NoCERA {Nuctriu Cumeilauu), a c'ty 
«f Italy, in the duchy of Spr.'li-t'o. 

NoEGA, > a city of Auu- 

NoKGA UcESiA, S rias, in Spim. 



city of iii. 



No LA, a citv of Campania, in Ita!v, 
where H<iniiibal vvds defeattd by iviar- 
cell'js, AC. 2J4. — Bcils were ijrft in- 
vented in this City, in the btginninj^ of 
he fifth century. 

NoLASESf E, a city of Cappadoci.'. 

NoMADES, a nsme given to thofe 
people who had no fixed abode, but 
wandered from one place to another 
ivith their canle. 

No.MADiA. See NUMIblA. 

NOMJE, a town of Siciiy. 

NoMBA. See Nob. 

NoMENTANA Via. See Vja. 

jS'oMEKTUM. See Lamentaria. 

KoMIl, mountains in Arcadia. 

iN^ON {Nun, /iiiu/iium), a hamlet in the 
diichy of Mikn. 

Mona {^Miwna, Civitas Pia/ii:i, 
Enona), a city of Liburiiic^ en the ^ulf 
pf Venice. 

No>J ACRis, a city of Arcadia, n« u * 
mountain of the fame nauie. 



No N YMN A, a city of Sicily- 
No ph. See Memphis. 
No?i.A (Cnopia), a city of Bti^otia, 

uhere was a temple lacred to Ainphi- 


Nora. See Nura. 


NoRBA C^SARiA. Sec Alcan- 

NoRCiA {liiirfia,' FiJgidu)^ a city of 
Italy, in the duchy of Spoletto, 

NoRDHAUSEN, a town of Saxony. 

NoRDLiNGEX {Norliugeu, Nero- 
/.higc>!, Ay^e Fluvini^c), a town of Sus- 
bia. fituate in that part of the countrv 
called Rifa beyond Danube ; it wa* 
a free imperial city, founded A.C. i6. 

N o R E I A. See Go R i r z . 

NoREiA, an inland town of Nori- 

Norfolk, a county of England. 

Nor.T. See Nura. 

NoKicuM, a Roman province that 
comprifed Auftria, Stiria, Carintliia, &c. 


Norma (AVrii»),a city of ciie Voltci, 
in Italy. 

Noa.MAKDY {Nei'Jiria), oae af the 
tnoi^ fjttpk provinces in France. 

Th™ Normans having niade 
conqueft-s in France, rney received 
12000 p'uuids weiijht of filver to con- 
clude a peace, AcD. tJ84 ; the French 
king dymg loon afterward'^, rhcy, un- 
der pretence that .the peace expire*! 
with the king, bcfigcd Paris in 887, and 
the emperor, to pacify them, refigned 
this diilrift into thcii* polTeliion ; at 
wdich time it cbramed the name ot 

NoROssus, a mountain of Afiatic 

NoaTG.iW, "^ the high palatinate 

NoKTGOiA, >-of the Rhinf, the pa- 

NoRTGOW, J latinate of Buaria, 2. 
diftridt of Germany. 

Northampton ( Bft:navenr.rif Bc- 
tii-'veniii), the chief town in a county 
bearing the fame name in England. 

North Cape {Rubuf), the moA 
liorthcrn part of Norway. 

Northausen". See Northvse. 

Northpleet, a vilUgc in Xtnr, 
near Gravtfend ; in the piriili churcfi 
of this place there arc mcnumcius of the 
14th century. 

North Foreland. See Fore- 

I A K D 


N U M 

KoRTHUMBERtAKD, the moft 
Borthern county in England, it being 
feparated from Scotland by the river 
Tweed. » 

NoRTHUSfi (Northaufen), a city of 

North Wales.' See Wales. 

North-way. See Norv/ay. 

NoiLTHWiCH, a town in Chefliire, 
where great quantities of fait arc pro- 

Norway (Kor(b-7vny, Ntrigos), an 
extenfive country in Europe, which was 
m former rimes governed by kings, and 
frcm thence the Normans derive their 
their name ; but it has been a long 
lime part of the Danift dominions. 

Norwich, a city of Norfolk ; the 
eiiurch and monaftery were both of 
them founded A.D- 1096. 

NoscoPlUM, a city of Lycia. 

Nosenstadx {Ncn'.idava), a city of 

NosTANA, a city of Drangiana. 

NoTi CoRNU, a promontory in 

NoTiUM, a city of Ionia, in Afia 

NoTiuM, a city of iEolia, near the 

No TO {Neeiiiniy Ntium), a city of 

Nottingham {T'lii-ogo-bauc, Snot- 
tengab), the cliief town in a county of 
the fame name, in England. 

NovA-ARA. See Novara. 

Nova Augxjsta {Novaugujia}, a 
city of Spain, to the nw of Calatajud. 

Nova Civitas. See Cartha- 

Nov^ {Nove}2/Is Urbs, No'vomont), 
a city of Mcetla Inferior. 

NovANA, a city cf Picenum, in 

NovANTUM Chersonesus. See 
Galloway, Mull of. 


Noavar ) (JScvaara), a city of 

Novaria) Lombardy, was origi- 
nally built upon a fm.ill eminence near 
the river Ticinura, about A.M. 2683 ; 
the inhabitants, after encountering many 
difficulties and dangcis, erccicd an altar 
lliere, and facrmccd to the gods. — The 
buililirgs vveie afterwards extended by 
the Gauh, and it w^s a place of import- 
ance in the rime of Pliny. 

N0VAK15:, a city of Afiatic Sarmi- 
tia. on the Tanais. 

NovAUt^usTA. Sec Nov.'V. Av- 


Nov EM Pact, a -liftriftof Tufcar.y, 
ntar the louKe.ot U;e Minio. 

NovemVije. See Chrisopoli. 
NovENSis Urbs. See NovJE. 
NovisiuM. See Nuys. 
NoviODUKUM, a city in Leffer 

Noviodunum. See Noyon, 
NovioDUNUM. See Nogent le 


Noviodunum. See Nevers. 
NovroDUNUM. See Neuve sua 

Noviodunum. See Nivorz. 
NovioDUNLM. See GuRCK. 
Noviodunum SuEssioNUM. See 



NovioMAGus. \ See Spire. 
NOVIOMAGUS. See Nimeguen. 
NoviUM, SeeNoYA. 
NoVOCOMUM. > c e^ . ^ 

■M , J- See CoMO. 


NovoGOROD,) a city of Li= 

NovoGRADE, 5 thuania. 

Novo.mont. See Novje. 

NouPACTUM, a city of .Stolia. 

Novum, a fortrefs near Cabira, in 
Pontus, where Mithridates depofited 
his treafure, and other valuable articles. 

Novum Forum. See Forum. 

Novus Murus. See Neonti- 


Novus Okbis. See Atlantis. 
Novus Portus. See Lime. 
NoYA {Novium), a city of Galicia, 
in Spain. 

NOYM.) c -NT 

NoYN. } See Nile. 

Nov ON (N<rj!C{/u>ium, Colonia Eqxtef.^ 
tris, h^ivernr/m), a city in the ]ile or 
France, the birth-place of Calvin. 

Nuba, ) a river of Lybia Interior, 

Nubia, 5 which forms a lake, bear- 
ing the fame name, to the w of the Nile. 

ISX'BIA (il7//?/fl), a kingdom of Africa. 

NuBiUM, a village in the N of Iberia. 

NucARiA {PaUiarenJis, Ri^a Cur- 
tia), a river of Catalonia, in Spain. 

NucERi {TeriKa, Tereina), a city of 

NucERiA Camellana. See No- 


NuCERiA Alphaterna. SecNo- 


Nuceria Apulorum. Sec Luz- 


NuD.^E. See Ph;enomerides. 

Nuiti-iones, a people of Germany, 
near Mcchlenburg. 

Nuius, a river of Libya Interior, 
fl'jMs into the Atlantic. 

NuMANA,a city of Picenum, in Italy. 

NuMANTiA, a tity of Old Caftiie, in. 
Spaiji, that witiiAood a fic£e of 14 years 

N U Y 


continuance, againfl 40000 Roman";, dur- 
ing which, the inhabitants being dil- 
trefled for want of provifions, the men 
killed their wives and children, and 
after having burnt every thin^ that was 
valuable, deftroyed themfelvcs ; after 
Avhich Scipio Africanus dcmolilhed the 
city, A.C. 131. 

NuMBERG. See Naltmberg. 

NuMENTANA Via, a load at Rome 
which led to mount Saccr, through the 
gate Viminalis. 

Nnl'!J.^r'1 SeeCtoCENTO. 


NuMiciA Via, a road leading from 
Rome to Brindifi. 


NuMico. > See Nemi. 


NuMiDiA {Nomadia, Metagonili}), 
a diftri€l of Africa, which comprifes 
Algiers and Bileduigerid. 

NuMiDicus Sinus, a bay in the 
Mediterranean, at the mouth of the 

NuMisTRO. See Clocento. 

Nun. See Nox. 

Nuneaton, a town in Warwick- 

NuNvv'iCH, a village of Northum- 
berland, where various antiquities have 
been difcovered. 

NuRA {Norat Nori, Neroapts), a for- 
irels on the confines of Lycaonia and 

NuRKMBURG "^ {Norimberg, North- 

NuRENBKRG Qgow), a city of Ger- 

NuRNBERG J many, the capital 
of Franconia, featcd on the river Pig- 
nitz, which divides the city inro two 
parts, and within the walls drives 63 
mills. — This city was enlarged and 
ftrengthened by a wallA.D. 87S; the 
c;iftle was built by Tiberius, and was 
for fome time fubjeft to the duke of 
Franconia, at whole death it came to 
the emperor Lewis III. j it was fortified 
in a very ftrong manner by Charles 
IV.; and in 1538 further additions 
were made to the fortitications. — It has 
for a long time been confidered as one 
of the firft cities in Germany. 

Nurses, a city of Italy. 


Nus. See Nile. 

Nutria, a city on the coaft of lUy- 

Nuys (Jfcvejtum, Neus), a city of 

Germany, near Cologne, on the w fide 
of the Rhine. 

Nybourg, a town of Denmark, on 
the ille of Funen, where Chriftian If. 
was born ; who is faid to have been car- 
ried, whilll an infant, to the roof of the 
palace, and brought down again in 
fafety, by a monkey. 

Nycpii, a people of the Regio Syr- 

Nyg^a. SeeNlCEA. 

NYGBENIT.E, a people of Ethiopia. 

NvMB-i:UM, a lake of Laconia, in the 


Nymphjea, an illand between Cor- 
fica and Sardinia. 
Nymph^-a Commotje. See Cu- 


Nymph^ea, ) a city of Cherfo- 

Nymph^eum, 5 nefus Taurica. 

Nymph.s;um, a maritime town of 

Nymi'H JEUM, a promontory of Epi- 
rus, on the Ionian Sea. 

Nymphjeum, a promontory of I Ily- 
ricum, near Liffus. 

NvMPHiEUS, a river of Italy, flows 
into the Tufcan Sea. 

NYMTHiEUs PoRTUs, a maritime 
town on the w fide of Sardinia. 

Nymph.^us Sfecus, a facred cave 
in Syria, near the mouth of the Orontes. 

Nymph^eus, ^ a river of Mefopo- 

Nymphius, 5 tamia, flows into the 
Tigris, near Caramit. 

Nyms i^Nemefa), a river of Luxem- 

Nyon, a city of Switzerland. 

Nyoks {Neomagui), a city of Dau- 
phine, in France, where is a curious 
bridge of one arch built by the Romans. 

NYSA,a city of Negropont. 

Nysa, a city of Arabia Felix. 

Nysa, a city of Cappadoeia. (See 

Nysa {PjthopoUs, A^mbra). See 

Nysa, a mountain. (See Meros.) 

Nvsa, \ a village of Helicon, in 

Nyssa, 5 Boeotij. 

Nysas, a river of Africa. 

Nysi/e Pori'^e, an ifland of Af.. 

Nysiros. See NisYROs. 

Nyssa \ {N}fu), z city of C3p' 

Nyssenus 3 padocia. 

N yus, a cuy of Germany. » 



o c c 

OANi, a people on the iflandofCey- 

Oanus, a city of Lvdia. 

Oanus, a river of Sicily. 

Oaracta, an ifland in the Perfian 

Oarus, a river of European Sarma- 
tia, flows into the Palus Moeotis. 

Oasis. See Eleochet. 

Oasis (^Auafis), a city of Egypt. 

OAXbs, a river of Candia. 

Oaxis. See Candia. 

Oaxius.) . c n A- 
^ . ' > a city of Candia, 

Oaxus, 5 

Obareni, a people of Armenia Ma- 
jor, near the river Cyrus. 

Ob ARES, a people of Chorafan, in 

Ob ASA (0/bafa), a city in the fouth 
of Pifidia. 

Obengir (^Ocbus), a river of Bac- 
triana, flows into the Oxus. 

Ob I Di AC EN I, a people on the Palus 

Oblivionis Flumen. See Li- 


Oboca, a river of Treland. 

Obglcula, a city of Spain. 

ObotritjE Vandals, a people of 
Germany, near Mechlenburg. 

Obrima, a river of Phrygia Magna, 
runs by Apamea, into the Meander. 

Obringa (^^n'wfl), ariverof Gallia 
Belgica. -^ 

Obris. See Orbe. 

Obroatis {Oioi>aiis)y a city of 

Obsci. See Osci. 

Obucula. See Bjetula. 

ObULCO. ) s.ePoRCUNA. 

Obulcum. 5 

Oca {Occy Taoce, 'faocene), a palace 
of the kings of Perfia, near Gabae. 


OcAi.EE, fa city of Bceotia, " near 
OcALEO, C mount Helicon. 


OcCARA, a city of Chalcidice, in 


O C Z 

OcE. See Oca. 

Oceana. Sec Egypt. 

Ocean us Fretalis. Sec Bri- 
TisH Channel. 

OcELis, a maritime town of Arabia 

OcELLUM, a city of Lufitania. 

OcELLUM. See Holdfrnesse. 

OcELLUM,)a village near mount 

OcELt'M, 3 Cenis. 

OcETis, one of the Orkney iflands. 

OcHA, a city of Negropont, on a 
mountain of the fame name. 

OCHA. ) c M 

OcHE.J See Negropont. 
OcHEMA TheoN. See DEdRT;^T 


Oc H R I D A ( Lychnidei, Lycbnidia, 
Lycbnidits, Acbris), a city of Macedonia, 
on a lake of the fame name. 

OcHus. See Obengir. 

OcHYROMA {Jalyfus, Jelyfus, Je- 
lyfjiii, Acbaa), a fortrefs on the ifle of 

OCILA. ) c '/r^r-v. 

Oc.Lis.) SeeZiDEN. 
OClNARUs. See Savuto. 
OcRA, a part of the Alps, near 

OCRICULI. > c r\^r.-,^^,. -' 

^„ \ See Otricoli, 


OcRiNUM. See Lands End. 

OcTAPiTARUM. See David's 
Head, St. 

OcTAPOLis, a city of Lycia, on the 
confines ot Caria. 



OcTAViLOCA, a city of Spain. 
OCTODORUS. \ See Martaig- 

Octodurum. See ToRO. 


OcTOLOPHUM, a place oF Greece. 

OczAKOFF > (y^^r/fltrc/, Savia, Olbia, 

OczAKOW ) Oihwt>o!'i5, Olibaniis^ 
Miiiioliolis, BoryJlbeJiis), a fortrefs of 
European Turkey, at the confluence of 
\\\c Dnieper and Bog, was founded 
about A. M. 3196. 


O E S 

Odagana, a city of Arabia De- 

Odemarsheim. See Odern'- 


Odensee, a city of Denmark, on 
the i(lc of Funcn. 

Odeon {Odium), the theatre of mii- 
fic at Athens. 

Oder .? {Sutrvuss Guthahs, Gutta- 

Odera \ lus, Fiudriis, r^iaJus),z ri- 
ver of Germany, dilembogaes into the 
Baltic Sea. 

■ Odernheim (Odemar/beim), a city 
of Germany, erefted A. D. 117, to af- 
certain the boundaries between the 
Saxons and the French. 

Oderzo {0^'iiergium), a city of Ve- 

Odessus {Od)iftts)t a river, a moun- 
tain, and a city, ot Moefia Inferior, on 
the Euxine Sea. 

Odessus. See Ordesus. 

Odeum. See Odeon. 

Odiham, a town of Hampfhire, 
where David king of Sects was detain- 
ed a prifoner. 

Odiupoi-Is, a diftrift of Heraclea, 
on the Euxine Sea. 

Odollam. SecAooLLAM. 

^°°"^^^"^^-^'} a people of Thrace. 
Odomanti, S 

OnoMANTiCE, a dillrift of Mace- 

Odoxes, a people of Thrace. 

Odoms. See Melos. 

Odrys-E, a people of Thrace. 

Odrysarum Regio '^Odiijia Td- 
ius), a diftrift of Thrace, on the Euxine 

Odysseum (Ciicra, t7.'i^«OT), a pro- 
montory of Sicily, near Pachynum. 

Odyssus. See Odessus. 

Ofa, a place on the ifland of ^gina. 

Oea {Ocenfis Civil as, Oct a Cohnia), 
one of the three towns that were united 
together to form Tripoli. 

Oeanthe ) {Peniagioi), a city 

Oe AN the a 5 on the bay ot Corinth, 
where a temple was facrcd to Venus. 

^-^"50. ) g^^ OlARSO. 
CivASUM. 3 

CEbalia. See Laceda;mon'. 
CEbalia. See Tarentum. 
QiuALiA. See Laconia. 
CEbalia, a diftrift of Italy. See 

CEcATH. See Thicath. 

CECALlA, > r VI 


Q'-CHALiA, a city of IVIt (Tenia. 
CECHALIA, a city of Arcadin. 
CEcHALiAi a dil\ri£t of Laconia, in 
the Morea. 

D I 

CPcHARDA. J Sec Tartar. 



CEdipodia, a fountain near Thebes, 
in Boeotia. 

CEland, a Swedifli iiland ia the 
gulf of Fmland. 

OiNA, a eity oF Etruria. 

CEnanthia, a city of Afiatic Sar- 

CEne, a fmall town of Argolis. 

CEnea, a river of Affyria. 

CEneanda {Oinoanda, Oroattda)^ 
an inland town of Lycia. 

(En EON, a maritime town of Locris. 

CEneus. See Inn. 

CEniad^. See Dragamesto. 

CEnium Nemus, a grove near Can- 
dyba, in Lycia. 



CENOE {CEnoa), a iity on the confines 
of Bccoiia. 

CEnoe (CEnoa). See SiciNUS. 

CENOE {OLnoa), a fmall town on the 
ifland Nicaria. 

GENOE (jCEnoa) a city of Laconia, to 
the eaft of Sparta* 

CEnoe (OB«oa). See Ephyra. 

(ENON, a city of Judea. 

CEN'ON, a diftrift of Locris, on the 
bav of Corinth, 

OiNONA. See Egina. 

ffiNON.ii, two villages of Attica; 
one near Eleutheri, the other near Ma- 

^■^^°^^- J SeeEciNA. 

QiN'OPIA. ) 

QSNOTRi, a people of Lucania, in 

(ENfOTRiA, a diftrift of Italy, cora- 
prihng Lucania, &c. 


OfiNOTRiDES, the iflands Ponza and 
Ifchia, on the coaft of Naples. 

QiNUNiA {Genonia, Simoda), a city 
in the NW of Parthia. 

GENUS. See Inn. 

GiNus. See CENOE, in Laconia, 

CEnusa, a fmail iiland near Scio. 

CENUS^, fmall iflands on the coaft of 
the Morea, near Meffenia. 

(EROE, ) an iiland of Boeotia, form- 

CEkya, ji ed by the Afopus. 

Oescos, ^ {EjcamuSy Efais, Ifcus^ 

Oescus, S' Uifcos)y a city of the Tri- 
balli, in Mcefia Inferior, on a river of 
the fame name. 

Oesel, an ifland at the entrance of 
the gulf of P.iga. 

Oescma, ) -^ c T-. 

OESYMA,l*"'y°f ^^^"^- 

Oesporis, a village of the Regio 

O L B 


Oeta. SeeBuNivA. 

Oet € V CC'''^^^''')* ^ *""^I' ^o^" n^^f 

OEtis" 5'^'^^''"°P>'*- 

(ETVl.os (7^/<?i), a city on the bay of 
McUcnia, near the promontory Tenarus. 


OfantO. See OffaNTO. 

Ofen'. See Btr&A. 

Ofena {^Ahfina^ Aufinuwi), a city of 
the Veftini, in Italy. 

Of FANTo {Ofamo, /lufdus), a river 
of Naple', falls into the gulf cf Venice ; 
on the banks of this river Hannibal de- 
feated the Rotnans at Cannz. 

Offa''^ Dike, an entrenchment caft 
up by Offa, a Saxon king, to defend 
England againi^ the incuifions of the 
Welch ; It extends thrat.'gh the counties 
of Hereford, Salop, Montgomery, Den- 
bigh, and Flint. 

Ofi, a people of Germany. 

Ogdolapis, a river of Germany, 
flows into the Save. 

Ogi RegiA. Si;e Astaroth. 

Oglamus, a mountain in Marmo- 

Oglasa. See Monte Christo. 

OcLio {OUius). a river of Italy, flows 
into the Po. 

Ogygia. See Stramulipa. 

Ogygia. See Melos. 

Ogygia. See Calyvsus. 

Qgylus, an ifland between Candia 
and the Morea. 

OGYRLt., an ifland in the Perdan 

Ogyta. SeeJ^lAMRE. 

OiARSO {Gafoy CEaJun;, 0!nrf(^), a 
pillage of Spam, near Fontarabia. 

OiRA, a city of Naples, a: the foot 
of the jAppcnines. 

Oiscos. See Oescos. 

OiSE (I/ara), a river of France, 
fiows into the Seine, near Ponthois. 

Olabits, an ifland forrtud by the ri- 
ver Euphrates, where the Farthians dc- 
pofited their treaiure. 

-. } See volan A. 


Olane, a fortrcfs on a mountain in 
-Armenia Major. 

Olakum. See Milan. 

Olanus, a city of Leftos. 

Olariox. Sec Oi.i^aoN. 

Olarso. SeeOiABbO. 

Oi.BA ) (0/^.vi), a city of Cili- 

Oebasa ^ cia Afpera, where was a 
temple dedicated to Jupiter. 

Olbasa. SccObasa. 

Oleia, a city of Sardinia. See 


CtBr A, a city of Gallia Narbonenfo, 
bee HiEREs. 

Olbia (^Oltbanus), a city of Bithy> 
nia, re?r Kicomedia- 

Olbia, a maritime town of Patn-- 


Oii BIANUS PoRTUs, a f.ort of Sar- 
dinra, between O ba Columbarium. 

Olbianus Sinus, a part of the 
Propo^ is. 


OlbiuS. See AroaNIUS. 

Olcackites Sinus, a bay of Nu^ 
midia Proper 

Olcades, a people of Spain. 


Oldenburg, a city of Weftphalia, 
in a prcvince of the fartte name. 

Oldus, a rvei of Aquitain. 

Olearos^ {0/iarei, Anii/yaros, Olia- 

Olearus 5 r//i, Oitros), an ifland in 
the Atchipelago, near Paros. 

Oleaster Lucus.agrove in Spain, 
near Gibraltar. 

Oleastrum, a city of Baetica, in 
Spain, between Callicula and Urbona. 

Oleastrum. See Miramar. 

Oleastrum, a promontory in the 
kingdom of Fez, in Africa. 

Oleatrum, a city of Spain, near 

Olenacvm. See Linstock., ) a city of Achaia, in the 

Olenum, l^^J,^, 

Olenus, 3 

OLENUs.acity of ^tolia,on the rircr 

Olenus, a city of Galatia. 

Olekon (liurc, Elorona, UHaruSy 
Olarion), an ifland on the coali of Fiance, 
formerly in the poffclfion of the Eng. 
iifli ; where king Richard 1. compiled 
the code of mar:time laws, termed the 
laws of Okron, which are acknow- 
ledged by all EviropeiiO nations as the 
foundation of ail their marine conftiiu- 

Oi,tRt;5, a city of Candia, near Hie- 

Olgassis, a very deep mountain in 
Paphlagonia, the Iburce of the livers 
Halys and Parthtnius. In its vicinity 
there were numerous temples. 

OiGAsvs, a mountain of Galatia. 


Oliaros. > See O 
Oliba. Sec Oliva. 


Olibanus. See Pausilippo. 

O L Y 

O M P 

©trCANA. See Ilkeiy. 
Oligy rtis, a city of the Morca. 
Olimacum. See Asolindua. 
OiiNA. See ORNt. 
Oi.iN'A, See Molina. 
OLI^fIA. a promontoi V near Megara. 

Olinthus. 3 

OtiNTlcI, a town of Lulitania, be- 
tween the mouth of tlie Bstis and Anas. 

Oliosopo. Sec Lisbon. 

Oliros. SeeOLEARos. 
. Olism'o. See Lisbon. 

Olite, a city of Navarre, in Spain, 
formerly the rclidence of the kings. 

Olitingi, a city of Lufitania- 

Olivarum, \ the mount of Olives, 

Olivet, ) on the e fide of Jciu- 
I'alem, from whence it is conjedlured 
Chrift afctndcd to heaven. 

Olivola, ) a fmall ifland, pnrt 

Olivolum, 3 "f the city of Vi nice, 

Oljvula, a maritime town of Li- 
guria, between Nice and Monaco. 

OtizaN, a fmall .o .nof Magnefia, 
ifn Thcffaly, 

Ollius. SceOcLio. 

Olmutz {Ed. rum), a city of Mo- 
ravia, in Germany. 

Olmuzum, { a city of Bohemia. 

Oi.otssA. See Rhodes. 

GLON'DiE, a people of Scythia. 
'' Oloosson, a city of Magnefia, in 
ThelTaly, near the river Eurotas. 

OLornYxus, a city of Macedonia, 
near Mount Athos. 

Olostr-'E, a people of India, near 
the illand Patala. 

Olp^e, a fortrefs in Epirus, which 
was ufed as the halt of juftice. 

Olulis. Ste Olds. 

Olukus, a citadel of Achaia, in the 

Otus {Olulis), a city on the t fide of 

Olympena,') a diftrift near mount 

Olympenk, j Olympui. 

OLYMi'EUM.a place in Delos. 

Olympeum, a place in Syracufe. 

Olympja. See Longinico. 

OlyM}'Ia {New Aibrns), a city on 
the I lie of Delos, founded by Adrian, 
AD I3S. 

Olympia Salmon e, a city of 

Eiis, in the Morea 

OiVMPic, folemn games nf the 
Greeks, to which females were admitted. 

Olvmpieum, > the fjuth'rn fub- 

Olympium, 5 "f^ of Syracufe. 

Olympus {Elbor, Kmtrdag, Anato- 
lai'iits;), a mountain of Natolia, in 
Af.atic Turkey, 

Olsmpus, a mountain of Cyprus^ 
where was a temp.e facred to Venus,' 
which temales wen; not permitted t» 
enter. (See Troode.) 

Olympus, a mouiain of Gaiatia. 

Olympus {Poanan), a city of 
Lycia, en i m3untaiii of toe fame name, 

Olympus {Olympena Minor), a lofty 
mountain in Myfu. 

O' YMVUS, a mountain on the con- 
fines of Theffaly and Macedonia. 


Olyniho, ?• a city of Macedonia. 
. Olynthus, 3 a river near Thermopylae. 

Oly^ippo. See Lisbon, 

Olysse, a city of Cand'a. 

Olyzon. a city of ThelTaly. 

Om {Lai), a river of Arabia, falls 
into the Peifian Gulf 

Omams, a river of India, flows into 
the Ganiics. 

Cm AN" A {Omani, Omaniia, Oma>ta)\ 
a city of Arabia, on.thc Periun Gulf. 

Oman A, > a bay on the s fide of 

O.MANUM, 3 Arabia Felix. 

Omani. > t ^ 

Omanit;e.5 ^"Omana. 

Ombi, a city of Upper Egypt, on 
the e fiJe of the Nile. 

Ombla {Ariona), a river of lUy- 

Ombrea, a city of M'efopotamia, to 
the s of EdcfTa. 

Omhrice. SeeUMBRlA. 

Ombrios, one of the Canary 

Ombrone {Umbrc, Ombrui), a river 
of Iraly, flows into the Tufcan Sea. 

Ombrus, a city of Caria, at the foot 
of mount Taibelus. 

Ombrus. See Ombrone. 

Omer, St. {Aiulomatopoiis, Sitbieu), 
an ancient town of France, was encom- 
pafled with a wall by Baldv.'in earl of 
Flanders, A.D. 902. 

Omgauli {Mofy/on), a city of Ethi- 
opia, on a promontory of the fame name, 
in the ,i4i.ilf of Zjila. 


Omisc, a city of Datmatia, on the 
gulf f Venice. 

Omiza. a city of Gedrofia, to the s 
X)f moui't B' cius, 

Tmnjeus, an ifland in the Perfian 

OMNriM, a people tsf Paleftine, be- 
yond Jordan. 

Omolk {Homole), a mountain in 

Omphace, a city of Sicily. 

O.MPHAtxuM, a city of Epirus, 

O P H 

Omphalium, "y a place 

Cmphalius Campus, >inCandia, 

Omphalus, jn^^rCnof- 

fus, fdcred to Jupiter. 

Os {HeliopoUi), a city of Egypt, to- 
wards Arabia ; where was a temple dt- 
dicated to the fun. 

0>7.5r:.i {Oaneum^y a city of Dal- 
n-fetia, on a promontory of the fame 

On.^um, a city of Illyricum, near 

Onasada. SeeVASADA. 

Onchesmus. See Anchisje 

Onchestus, a city of Haliartus, in 

Onchismus. See Anchis^ Por- 


Onchobrice, an ifland on the 
coaft of Arabia Felix. 

Oncium, a fmall dirtrift of Ar- 

Oneglia, a maritime town in Italy. 

Oneion, a place in Arcadia. 

OxVEsiiE Therms, See Bag- 


Oni^ Oppidum, a city of Egypt. 

Oni Gnathos, a promontory of 

Oni Gnathos, a promontory of 
Caria, near Loryma. 

Oningis [Orifices), a city of Batica, 
in Spain. 

Onisia, a fmall ifland near Candia. 

Onium, a place near Corinth. 

Onne, a city of Arabia Felix, on the 
Arabian Gulf. 

Ono, a city of Samaria, near Diofpo- 

Onoba {JEJluaria, Mfiuarinvi), a 
city of Spain near Gibraltar. 


Onochonus, a river of Theflaly, 
flows into the Peneus. 

Ontiar {Umia), a rivulet of Cata- 
lonia, in Spain; flows near Girona. 

Onuphis, a city of the Dtka, in 

Ophel. SeeOpHLA. 

OpKENSis,a city of Africa. 

Ofher. See Hepher. 

Ophiodes. See Topazus. 

OpHiODES,a river of Libya Interior, 
flows into the Atlantic. 

OpHioEoA, an ifland in the Sea cf 

OpHiopHAGi (Crt«^'^/,}, a people of 
Troglodytis, on the Arabian Gulf. 

Ophiousa. See Citna. 

Oph]R, is fuppofed to be India. 

Ophis, a rivulet of Arcadia, flows 
into the A'f heus. 

O R A 

Ophis, a river of Cappadocia, falh 
into the Euxine Sea. 

Ophitea. See ^mphiclea. 

Ophites. See Orontes. 

OpHiusA. SeeRHODEs. 

OpHiusA. See FormentERA* 

Ophiusa. SeeTvRA. 

OpHiusA. SeeTENOS. 

OpHiusA, a fmall town of Sarma- 

OpHLA {Ophel), a mount near Jeru- 

Ophni. See Gophna. 

OpHRA, a place on the w fide of 

Ophrynion, a city near Lampfa- 
cus. in Afia. 

OpHRYNiuM, a place of Troas, 
near Dardanum. 

Opici. See Oscr. 

OpiNORUM OppiDUM, I a city of 

OpiNUM, \ Corfica, 

near Aleria. 

OpiNUM {Oppinum), a city of Mauri- 
tania Tingitan-a. 

Opis, a maritime town of Chaldea, 
on the Tigris. 

Ofisana, a city of-Thrace, at the 
foot of mount Haemus. 

OpisTHODOMOS, the public trea- 
fury of Atliens, which was burnt by the 
treafurers, who had embezzled the 
money, to avoid detection, 

Opitergium. Sec Oderzo. 

OpiTERGiNi, the people ot Oderzo. 

OpoEs. See Opus. 

OpoNE, a maritime town on the e 
fide of Ethiopia. 

Oporto (Por/o, CMr, Tortus CaUfy 
Portus, Portus Aiigvjh, Porta Augujia, 
Toyquetnada)^ a city of Portugal. 

OppiDiuM, a city of JVIauritania 

Oppidum Acolitanum. See 


Oppidum Garianorum. See 

Of pinuM Novum, a city of Mau- 
ritania Cffifarienfis. 

Oppinum. See Opinum. 

OPFOLIUM, a province of Silefis. 

OpuNTir "^ {Opots), a city of 

OpuNTius > Achaia. (See Ta- 

Opus JLANDI.) 

Or A, an inland town towards the E 
of Cara'.r.ania. 

Or A, a city of India, taken by Alex- 

Orabia, a city of Negropont. 

Or^a, a fmall diftriftof the Morea, 

Or an , ) {^Xt Kit ana, Quiza), a 

Or ANUM ) city of Algiers, in Africa, 
ojipofite Carthagena, in Spain." 


O R I 

Orakgf. (Aurange, Aurq/to, Aura- 
Jium, Ci'viias Araujienjis, Colonia Secun- 
danorum), a city of Dauphine, in France, 
where are various vcftiges of antiquity, 

Orasca, an inland town in the E 
of Gcdrofia. 

Orassus, a maritime town of Syria. 

Oratha, a city on the ifland Me- 

Orb a {Urbis, Uiis), a river of Pied- 

Orbad ARU, a city of Ethiopia. 

Or ban ASS A, a. city in the s of Pi- 
■ fidia. 

Or BE {Obris, Orobis, Orbi:), a river 
of Languedoc, flows into the Mediter- 

Orbe {Urba), a city of the Pays de 
Vaud, in Switzerland, on a river 'of the 
fame name. 

Orbelia, a province of Macedonia. 

Orbelus, a mountain on the con- 
fines of Thrace and Macedonia, 

Orbis. SeeORBE. 

Orbitana, acityofAfia. 

Orbitanil'm, ) a city of the Sam- 

Orbitano, ji nites, in Italy. 

Orbitum, a city of Italy. 

Orcades. Sec Orkneys. 

Orcas. See Caithness. 

Orcems, a city of the Conteftani, 
in Spain. 

Orchalis. See Aloplcos. 

Or CHE. See Ur. 

Orchem, a people of Chaldea, on 
the banks of the Euphrates. 

Orchido Port. See Anchisje 


Orchien) {Origiacum), a city of 

Orchies 5 Flanders. 

Orchistena, a diftrift of Armenia 
•Major, famous for a breed of horfes. 

Orchoe, a city of Chaldea. (See 

Orchomenov, a city of Arcadia. 

ORCHOMEN9S "^ iMinyeia, Mi. 

Orchome.vum >-«ive«i), a city of 

Orchomenvs 3 Bceotia,where was 
a wealthy temple dedicated to the three 
Graces: this city is alfo noted for an 
engagement between Sylla and Arche- 

Orchomevus {Minjcus)y z river 
of Theffaly, flows into the fea near 

Okchus. See Caithness, 

Orco (^Moigui), a river of Italy, 
flows near Aofta. 

Orco {O.ia'.m, Oricw.), a city of 
Epirus, in Africa. 

Orcvs. See Caithness. 

Orcv.via, a place in Cappadocia, 

where Eumenes was defeated by An- 

Orcynium, a mountain in Lefljos. 

Orcynius. See Hercynia. 

Ordessus,") a river of Scythia, 

Ordesus, 5 flo^^s into the Danube. 

Ordovices, the people of North 

Oreb. SeeHoREB. 

Oreges, a particular eminence en 
mount Imaus. 

Oreine, an ifland in the Arabian 

Orense) (Amphi/ocbia, Aqu^e Ca- 

Orenso 5 lido:, AquicaUen/is) , a city 
of Galicia, in Spain ; built by Teucer," 
and noted for its hot baths ; the ruins 
here are fufficient teftimonies of the 
Roman grandeur. 

Oreo \ {Oreum^ Oreus, Hejiiaay 

Or eos^J ////>«), a city of Negro- 

Orest^, a people of Epirus. 

Orestes, a provTnce of Macedonia. 

Oresteum, a city of Arcadia, 

Orestia. See Adrianople. 

Orestia, a city of Epirus, on the 
Ionian Sea. 

Orestias, a city of Thrace. 

ORESTis,a dirtrift of Epirus, on the 
coaft of the Ionian Sea. 

Orestis Portus, a maritime town 
in Calabria Ultra. 

Oret.e, a people of Afiatic Sar- 
matia, ou the Euxine Sea. 

Oretani, a people of Spain. 

ORETANiAi a diltrift of Spain, near 
the Iburce of the Guadiana. 

Orethus, a river of Sicily, flows 
into the Tufcan Sea. 

Oretum {Oiia, Orijia), a city of 
New Caftile, in Spain ; near Calatrava. 


Oreus. J 

Orexis, a mountain in Arcadia. 

Or FA, See Edessa. 

Orford, a town of Suffolk, that^ 
formerly had twelve churches, but now 
confifts of an inconfiderable number of 

Orga, 7 a river of Phrygia, flows 

Orcas, 3 into the Msander. 

Orgasi, a people of Scythia. ' 

Orgessvm, a city of Macedonia. 


Orgomenes. 5 

Orgok (Urgenum), a city of Pro- 
vcnce, in France. 

Orgus, a river of Italy, flows into 
the Po. 

Ori. See Orit«. 

Oria. Sec OaExuM. 

6 R O 

O R V 

ORf A ( Ufia, Jijria), a city of Otran- 
to, in Iraly. 

Orichia, a city of Spain. 
Orioum, a city of Syria, in Afia. 
ORICUM.j s^^O^ ^^ 

Oricus. J 

Oriens, under this nsme is included 
Parchia, India, Affyria, &:c. 

Origiacum. See Orckies. 

Orine, an ifland in the Arabian 

Oringis. See Oningis. 

Orinus, a river of Siciiy. 

Oriolo {Clodii Forum, C/aitJii Fo- 
rum), a city of Etruria. 

Orippa, ) a city of Bstica, in 

Orippo, 5 Spain , near Seville. 

Orisia. See Oretum. 

Oristagni (ti/^/i), a city on the 
ifle of Sardinia. 

Orit^, a city of Greece. 

Orit^ (Ori), a people of Gedrofia. 

Oriundus, a river of lllyricum. 

OKiZA.a city of Palmyrene, in Syria; 
towards the Euphrates. 

Orkneys (Orcades), a clufter of 
iflands to the n of Scotland. 

Orla (Uria), a city in the territory 
of Naples. 

ORLtAN'Ois, a province of France. 

Orleans (^Gennabun, Genabm,Ce' 
nabum^ Aurtla, Aiaeltam Urbs), a city 
of Fratjce, on the river Loi;e ; where an 
iiniverfity was ere£Ved A.M. 1312. 

Orma, a city of Orbelia, in Mace- 

Ormenium (Orminium), a town 
near mount Pelius, in TheiTaly. 

Ormoas {Acria), a maritime town 
of Sparta, near the rtiouth of the Eu- 

Ormus (Armoza, Armuza, Harmc- 
xia), a city on an ifland of the fame 
name in the Perfian Gulf. 

Orne {Olaiii), a river of France, 
ftows into the Bntilh Channel, near 

Ornea, ) a town of Argolis, be- 
t Orne.e, ) twcea Corinth and Si- 

Orn'ithcn {Avium ■Ofihid-im'), a 
town of Phtsnicia, between Tyre and 

Oiio {Cifibarcvs, C^pbareus), a pro- 
montory of Negroponc. 


Org AN o a {Oronda, Oroiidwi), a 
city of Pifidia, on the river Ccflrus. 

Oroakdes, a part of raountTau- 
TU>, in Alia. 

Oroatis {Pajiti^rh), a river that 
fep.;rates Elym=.i' from Perfia, and falls 
into :ht Perfian Gulf. 

Orobatis. See Obroatis. 

Or OBI a, a city of Negropont. 

Or OB 11, a people of Italy, near 

Orobis. See Orbe. 

Oroma, that part of the river Eu- 
phrates before it paffes mount Taurus. 

Oromedon, a mountain on the. 
ifland of Zia. 

Oronaim. SeeHoRONAiM. 

Oronas, a city of Arabia Petraea. 

OrONDA. } e r\ 

OrondiciJ SeeOROANDA. 

Oroktes (T;/Z!ov, Ophites t Axius., 
Lru/on), a river of Syria, difembogucs 
into the Mediterranean below Antioch. 

Orontes, a mountain in the h of 

Oropus, a city on the confines of 
Attica and Boeotia. 

Oropus, a city of Macedonia. 

Oropus (Gritca, Graa), a city of 

Oroscopa, a city of Africa. 

Orospeda {Ortofpeda), a mountain 
cf Murcia, in Spain. 

Orrea. SeeHoRREA. 

Orso. See OssuNA. 

Orso {Urjcntum, Urfig), a city of 
Calabria Citra. 

Orta {Hortanum, Orti), a city of 
the Sabines, in Italy. 

Ortacea, a river of Elymais, flows 
into tiie Persian Gulf. 

Ortegal, Cape {Tri Leuci), a 
promonrory on the ccaft of Galicia, in 

Orthe, a city of Magnefia. 

Op.thosia. See Tortosa. 


Orthosias. 5 

Orthosia, ) a city of Caria, near 

Orthosias, 5 the Meander. 

Orthosius, a mountain in La- 

OrtoNj ) a maritime town of 

Orton.a., 3 Abruzzo, in Italy. 

Ortok A, a city of Italy. 

a city of Croatia, 
• on the^ulf of Vc- 

Ortospanum, a, city of Sableflan, 
in Perfia. 

Ortospeda. See OROSt'EDA. 

Ortvcia. See Efeso. 

Ortygia {Irj/u/a Syracufantm, Na/os, 
NtJjfos, Nifos), an ifland joined to Syra- 
cufe by a bridge. 

Ortygia. See Delos. 

Crvieto {Herbanjim, Vrbs Feins'), 
a city of 'I'ufcany, where is a remark- 
ably deep well, into which mules de- 
fend by one pair of ftairs to fetch- up 

URTOfc A, a City or 
Ortopla, 1 2 
Ortopola, ior 
Ortopula, j ni 

O S T 


water, and afccnd by another pair of 

Orvinium, a city of the Sabines, 
in Italy. 

Orvx, a place of Arcadia on the 

OsA (Virefis). a rivulet in Italy, 
flows into the Anio. 

Os/EA. See OsEo. 

OsBERiUM, a City of Germany. 

OscA. Sec iluEsCA. 

OscA. See HuEsCAR. 

CscELA. ) See DoMO d'Oscf, L- 


Osci (^Ul'ichOl/fciy Aufofies), a peo- 
pie of Campania, in italy. 

Oscius, a mountain and a rjver of 
the Came name, in Thrace. 

OSDKOEN'E. See Csroent. 

OsEO {Ojita')^ a town on the \v fide 
of Sardinia. 

OsERiATE3 {OJftriaies), a people of 
Pannonia Superior. 

OsERO {Oforo), a city on an idand of 
the fame name in the gulf of Venice. 

Osi, 3 people in the forefts of Gcr- 

OsiCERDA,") . re ■ 

n^,^^ f 3 city or Spain. 

OsiGERDA,J ^ '^ 

Osi MO {Auximum, Aiixiimuni, Aujt- 
mum'), a city of Ancona, in Italy. 

OsiSMii, a people of Gallia Ccltica. 

OsMA, a city of Caftilc, in SpHin. 

OsNABURGH.a city of Wtftphalia. 

OsPHAGVS, a river of Macedonia. 

OsRA.VA {Ofruna), a city of Sog- 
diana, in Afia. {Ofdrofne), z di'AnfX 

OsROENE 5 cf Mcfopotamia. 

OssA, a city of Macedonia. 

OssA, a lofty mountain in TheiTaly, 
near Olympus. 


OssK^I {Civitas OJJigitama), a city 
of AnLJalufia, in Spain, near the Gua- 

OssoNABA. \ a city of Cuncus, in 

OssoNOBA. ^ Lufitania. 

OssuN-A {UrfaoK, Vrj'c, Orfo, Gaiua 
UrbancTum), a city of Andaiufia, in 

OsTALRie, a city of Catalonia, in 

OsTAPHos, a city of Thrace, at 
mcvint Rhoiiopc. 

OsTEND, a maritime city in Flan- 

OsiEODES, an ifland in the Tufcan 

OsTiA {Hojlin, Porte, Partus Au- 
gujh, Imius Ojfio', Partus OJiunfis, Par- 
tus Pbari, Pofiiis Ror!a>!u.', Cravana 
Pcrtricnji >'), a city of Italy, at the mnuth 
cf the i ibcr J founded abOut AJtl, 

3323, and was enlarged confidcraWjr 
by Ancus Martius ; it had at one time 
a fpacious haven, but that was dedroycd 
for the purpofe of fecuring the city 
againft a maritime force. — The ruin* 
flill vifihle denote its former magnifi- 
cence i and though it has long been » 
very poor place, yet the bilhop retains 
his privilege of confccrating the pope. 

OsTiGj-lA (J-iojUlia), a city of the 
duchy of Mantua, in Italy. 

OsTlPPO, a city of Spain, between 
Cadii and Cordova. 

Ostium Garienis. See Yar- 
mouth ROAUS- 

Ostium Sacrum, ^ee Peuce. 

OsTFA, a city of Umbria, in Italy, 
rear the river Nigola. 

GstraCike, ) a city of Egypt, 

OsTKAGiONl, 5 on the confines of 

OsTROBUM Stagnum) (Bod-ua\ 

OsTROBUs ^ H fortrcfs 

in Macedonia. 

OsTROGOTHI 7 {.^ajiern Goibs, 

Ostrogoths 3 Greuthongi), a 
people ill the caftern part of Gotliiaiid, 
in Sweden. 

OSTUDIZUM, a city of Thrace. 

OSTYGIA. See Delos. 

Oswald, St. a village in Northum- 
berland, near Hexham, where Olwald 
having defeated Cedwall, a Britiili 
ufurper, fet up the firft crofs in North- 
umberland, and was afterwards honour- 
ed as a faint. 

Oswestry, a town in the county of 

OsvMii, a people of Trequier, in 

OsYRiAN. See Egypt. 

OsYTii, St. a village of Effex, where 
a mooaflery was erected A.D- \ i iS. 

OsYUT, a mountain in Enypt. 

Otadeni. See Ottadin'i. 

Otene. SeeMoTENE. 

Otesia, a ciiy of Italy, to tjie N of 

Othona. See Hastings. 

Otho's Island, an ifiand of Den- 

Othronus, an ifland in the Ionian 
Sea, on the coaft of Epirus. 

Othrys, a chain of mountains in 

OtrantO {Ifydfunlum), a city of 
Calabria, at the entrance of the Venetian 

Otranto. See Terra d'O- 

OtkicolE )^ Oaku/ij Oericulum ) , 

OtriculumJ a city of Ital", m 
the duchy of Spolttto. 

O X F 

O Z O 

. Otrof-da, a fmall town on the con- 
fines of Bithynia. 
Ottadene, •%, I ^^^ p^^pj^ ^f 

OTTALiM, > Northumberland. 

Ottatines, I 

Ottatini, J 

Ottorocorrhas. See Serici. 

Otypansa, a city of Triphalia, in 
the Morea. 

OuDENARD (A/daiard), a city of 

OuDWATER, a city of Flanders. 

OvERBURROUGH (^Brc.miionacufn, 
Bremeturacum'), a village in Lancafhire. 

OvERvssEL, one of the Seven 
United Provinces. 


OviEDO {AJiurum Lucus')y a city of 
Afturias, in Spain. 

OGporum, an inland town of Li- 

OuRiQUE, a town of Alantejo, in 
Portugal, where the Portuguefe defeated 
live Moorifli kings, A.D. ii39> and 
adopted their heads for the arms of 

OusE (Urus, Youre), a river of Eng- 
land, flows by York, into the Humber. 

OusE (,Ui~a), a river of Bedfordfliire, 
flows into the German Ocean, at Lynn. 

OxE^. See CuRZOLA. 

OxENFORD ) {RjYiycheti, Oxonia), 

Oxford \ a city in a county of 
the fame name in Endand; where an 

univcrfuy appears to have been founded 
by king Alfred, about A.D. 891. 

OxiANA, a maritime town of Sogdi- 
ana, on the river Oxus. 

OxiANA, a lake formed by the river 
Oxus, in Sogdiana. 

OxiMES, a people of European Sar. 

Oxiok.t;, a people of Germany. 

Oxi Petra. See Ariamaz^. 

OxiT. See Uxil. 

OxiNA, a river of Bithynia. 

OxoNiA. See Oxford. 

OxuBji, a people on the confines of 
France and Italy. 

Oxus {Orgomenes, Dargomenes)., a 
large river of Ba6tria, difembogues into 
the Cafpian Sea. 

Oxus, a river in Scythia. 

Oxydrace, a people of India, 
fubdued by Alexander. 

OxYRiNCHus. a city of Thcbais, on 
the w fide of the Nile. 

OzENE, an inland town of the hither 

Ozi AS {Gaza), a city of Media Mag- 

OzoDiANS, a people on the bay of 

Ozogardana) {Znragardifi), a 

Ozogardene) place in Mefopo- 
tamia, where a high tribunal was eredted 
by Trajan. 

Ozola, a town of Arachofia. 

OzoLjE,) a people in the eaftern 

OzoLi, ji parts of j^Etolia j after-* 
wards called .{Etolians. 



pACENsis CoLONiA. See Beia. 
■*• Pach^um, a promontory on the 
Sw fide of Sardinia. 

Pachanum. Sec Passero. 

Pachicolmo (^Achelous), a river of 

the Morea. 

Pachi.vum.) c^-d.^,.^.,^ 
•D „ > See Passero. 

Pachinus. 5 

Pachnamvnis, a city of the Delta. 

Pachni Portus, a maritime town 
of Sicily. 

Pachsu {Paxiy Pax^r), an ifland in 
the Mediterranean, near Corfu. 

Pachynum.-I p ^^^^^ 

Pachynus. J 

Pacific Ocean. See Sea, South. 

Paconia, an ifland on the N fide of 

Pacora, a fortrcfs of Mefopotamia. 

Pacr.-e. See Pagr^. 

Pactia. See Faros. 

Pactius {Paji!us),a river of Cala- 

Pactolus {Chrylonhoas), a river of 
Lydia, flows mto the Hermus. 

Pactyas, a mountain in Ionia, near 

Pactye, ) a city of the Thracian 

Pactyes,) Cherfonefus. 

Pacyris. See Desna. 

Padjei, a people in the eaftern part 
ef India. 

Padajj Aram. See Mesopota- 

Paderborn, a city of WeOphaiia, 
in Germany ; where an univerfuy was 
founded A. D. 1616. 

Padinum. See BONDENO. 

Pad RON {Iria Flavia), a city of Ga- 
licia, in Spiin. 

Padv'A (Anifnorium, Pat avium, Pa- 
ia'vid), a city of Italy, founded about 
A.M. 2788, by Antcnor the Trojan, 
whofe tomb is faid to be ftill in exift- 
ence; the city was deftroyed by Attilia, 
and repaired by the citizens of Ravenna j 
about a century after, the Lombards de- 
mislifhed the city, and CaarL';magne re- 
built it ; after which, Ecceline the ty- 
rant defaced it, at whole death the city 


came into the poffeflion of the Carrarii, 
who fortified it with, a triple wall. The 
emperor Frederic erefted an univerfity, 
A. D. IZ2I, and being at variance with 
Honorius, he removed the fchool froiii 
Bologna to this city, which in 1405 be* 
longed to the Venetians. Livy the hif- 
torian was born and died in this city. 

Padus. See Po. 

Padusa, the moft fouthern mouth 
of the river Po. 

PiEANiuM, a city of .^tolia, on the 
Achelous, deftroyed by Philip of Mace- 

PiEMANi, a people on the banks of 
the Meul'e. 

P*NA, an ifland in the Atlantic 
Ocean, between Atlas Major and Minor. 

P^ONiA. See Macedonia. 

Pjeonia, a diftridl of Macedonia. 

PiEOS, a fmall town of Arcadia. 

P.EPIA, a city of Mauritania Caefa* 

Pjesici, a people of Spain. 

PiESOS. See Apjesus. 

P^flssTANus Sinus, a bay of Luca- 
nia, on the Tufcan Sea. 

P^STOs. See J'arium. 

P.ffi:sTUM. SeeTRlilNA. 

P.esures, ) a poplc of Portugal, 
P.?:suRi, 5 ■ "- 

the Monda. 

P.?:suRi, 5 'between the Tagus and 

P.?:sus. See Ap.^sus. 

PiETALlA, ) a uiftrift of Thrace, 

P^TiCA, 5 through which Xerxes 
marched his army. 

PjETOViUM, a citv of Pannonia. 

Pag.?; ( ^egar), a city of Megaris, on 
he confines of Boe (tia. 

Pagasa. 1 

Pagaza. \ See Vollo. 

Pagazje. J 

Paglia {Pallia), a river of Tuf- 

Pa'^osi. See Corinth. 

Pag s. See Pagus. 

Pagr.« (P 'crit), a citv r)f Picria, in 
Syria ; on the c mfines of Cil cii. 

Pagus (.P^goi), a mouncain of 



Paiacia, ) a city of Bstics, in 

PalaCios, 5 Spain. 

Palaciu?! (Paiaiium}, a city of 
Thracian Cnerfonefus. 

Palacium (I'aIaS:um)y a village on 
the Palatine lull, before the building of 

PaL-E {Pall:2), a town fifjate on the 
ftrait that feparates Corfica from Sar- 

PaL-«e, } a city of Cefalonia. (See 

Pal^a, 5 Pelandre.) 

Pal^A, a city of Cyprus. 

Paljeapolis, a fmali ifljud on the 
coaft of Spain. 

, Paljebyblos, an inland town of 

Pal^.MARIA, a village of Lower 
E^ypr, ne..r the laiie Marectis. 

PALiHWYKPUS, a city of Caria, 
near Myndjs. 

Palteopharsalus. See Pal^e- 


P.aLj'Epapkos, a city of Cyprus, 
where wai a temple dedicated to Venus. 

Pa LTKPH AKSA LVS ( Piil^ophavfalus), 
6 city of Phihiotis, in Thefialy. 

Pal.^kfolis. See Paleapoli. 

Pal^erus {Palierus, Fafiiuius), an 
inland town of Acarnania. 

Pal.escepsis, a city of Myfia, on 
piount Ida. 

Palasimundi. Sec Ceylon. 

Paljeste, a village in Epirus. 

Pala:stina. See Palestine. 

Pal^estinus. SccStrymon. 

Paljetyrus. See Tyre. 

Palaiopolis. See Paleapoli. 

Palais, St. a town and diftridt of 

Palania. SccBalagna. 

PaLANTEUM.) c„ r....^,,.,. 

Ti t See Palatilm. 

Palan'itum j 

Palantia. See Palencia. 

Palantium, a city of Arcadia. 

Palapoli. SeePALOPOLi. 

Pal ATI A (Heraclea, Palaifcbia'), a 
city of Naiolia. in Afiatic Turkey. 

Palatinus MoNS, ) one of the 

Palatium, ^ feven hills on 

which Rome was built. 

Palatium {Paiantium), a city of the 
Sabinev, in Italy. 

P A L a T I f M ( Palazzo), a city of Italy, 
between Verona and Trent. 

Paiatium DiocLEsiANi^. See 


Palatium LucuLLi. See PisCi- 


Palatschia. See Palatia. 
PALAZ'iio. bee Palatium. 
PALAZit'OLO (tibtjfm, Hcrbrjfji\ 
an inhiid town of Sicily. 

Paleapoli {Palapoli s, Palaiopolis^ , 
a city near Naples. 

Paleas, a cicy of Paleftine, near the 
foui ce of the river Jordan. 

Paleis. See Pelandre. 

Pales A {Pklt'gra), a city of Parax- 
is, in Miccdonia. 

Palencia"^ {Palantia), a city of 

Palentia vL^on, in Spain ; v here 

Pai enza J an univerficy was found- 
ed by Alphonfoof Cauile, A.D. 1209. 

Pa LEOC ASTRO {A: leva, ApuroNf 
AptiY.a), an inland city of Candia. 

Paleopolis, an epifcopa! city of 
AHa Proper, fubdued by the Romans, 
A.C. 3:.;. 

Palepoletani, a people cf Greece. 

Palermo {Panhormui), a city of 
Sicily, was probably founded about 
A.M. 1076, though fome authors fay 
this city was in exifteuce during the 
time of Noah, and to confirm their 
opin' )n, refer to certain letters engraven 
upon fome ftoDei, faid to be the remains 
of the ancient gates. 

Palesoli {PcKpeiopolis Soli, Solr, 
Solot), a .city of Cihcia, deftroyed by 
Tigrasies, and rebuilt by Pompcy. 

Palestine {Caraar, Julca, PhfiS' 
nicta, Pol^fiina, Philijlaa, The Holy 
Land), a diftridl of Afiatic Turkey, be- 
tween Coclefyria and Egypr. 

Palestrina {Pramjli), a city of 
Campania, in Italy, where was a temple 
dedicated to Fortune. 

Palestrina, one of the I.agun& 
Iflands, rear Venice. 

Palibothra {Palimbolbrn), a city 

of India, at the confluence of the Ganges 

with another river. 

Palica, ) •. f c- I 

T, > a cuy of Siciiy. 

Palicerna, 5 •' ^ 

Palicia, ) • cc- 1 
r, ? a citv of Sicily. 

Palicon, 5 • •' 

Palicorum Stagnum. See Pa- 


Palierus. See Pal^rus. 



Palinuro, >, • 
Ti i Lucania. 

Palinurus, j 

Palirus. See Pal^erus. 

Paliscorum ( Palicorum Slagnum ) , 
a fulphurcous pool in Sicily. 

Palisiri Palus, a lake of Cyre- 
naica, from whence ilTucs a river bear- 
ing the fame name. 

Paliurus, a town of Marmorica, 
near the mouth of the river Paliuri. 

Palla. See Palje. 

PallaCOPA, a canal from the Eu- 
phrates, through Babylon, to tiie lakes 
ou the confineii of Arabia. 

( a promontory of 



Palladis Ara. See Ara. 
Pallan'teum. See Palantium. 


Pallantilm. Ste Paiantium. 

Pallas, a lake formed by the river 
Triton, in the Regie Syrcica. {Pblegra), a peninfula of 
Macedonia, in the Archipelago. 

Pallexe, a village of Attica, where 
was a temple facred to Minerva. 
' Pallknr, a city of Arcadia. 

Pallene ( Peliene), a fortrel's on the 
fi fide of Achaia Proper. 

Pallenr, a city of Laconia, 

Pall I {Satala), a city of Armenia 

Pallia. See Paglia. 

Palliarknsis. See Nucaria. 

Palm A, > a city of Ma- 

Palma-Nuova, jk jorca. 

Pal MA, ) a city of Italy, 

PalmaNuova,5 erected by the 
Venetians, A.D. 159^, to prevent the 
inciirfions of the Auftrians and Turks. 

PaLmaria, ) a fmall ifland in 

Palmarola, \ the Tufcan Sea. 

Palmarum Civitas. See Jeri- 

Palmela, a Moorifii city of Eftra- 
madura, in Portugal. 

pALMiRiA. Sec Palmyra. 

PaLMOSA {Patbmos. Pat7nos, Patino), 
an ifland in the Archipelago, where 
St. John wrote his Revelation-;. 

Palmosa. See Selinvs. 

Palmy R A{Palmirin, Tedmor,7acimor, 
Toadamora, Ailrianofolis, ZayJ, Arum 
Soba, Zoba), a magniticent city of Syria, 
in Arabia Deferta, ncdr the Euphrates; 
of which Zepobia was queen, wlio 
being beficged by the Romans, (he held 
out for a confiderable time, but was at 
Icngtii compelled to furrender, when 
Ihe was taken captive, and led in tri- 
umph through the ftreets of Rome, 

Palmyrene, a province of Syria. 

Palo (^Al/iun), a city of Tufcany. 


Paloes. 5 

Palopoli {CeUnderis, Celendns), a 
maritime city of Cilicia Afpera, a colony 
of Samians, fituatc on the Mediter- 

Palormi, a city on the Propos » 
in Afhu 

Palos, a fea-port of Andalufia, in 
Spain ; from whence Columbus fct faiJ 
in I49Z, on his voyage of difcovcries. 

Palos, a promontory of Murcia, in 

Paltus, a town on the coaft of Syria, 
between Gabala and Balanaea. 

Paluda, a city of Erzc^u^1^ in At'a, 

where u is fuppofed the Armenian 
characters were invented. 

Palumbinum, a city of the Sam- 
nites, in Italy. 

Palus Mjeotis. ISeeAsoPH, 
Palus Sarmatije. ) Sea of, 
Paluzo {Pautalui), an inland town 
of Thrace, ornamented by Trajan. 

Palyna {CiAqlis, Cibala), a city of 
Pannonia Inferior, near the lake Hiuica, 
where the emperor Gratian learned the 
art of making ropes ; and where Licin- 
ius was furprifed and defeated by Con- 

Pamisos) {Panifus), a river of 
Pamisus> Theflaly. (See Spir- 

NAZZA.) . 

Pami'a, a village near Tcntyra, in 


Pampanis {Rif>nmpane), a village 
near Tentyra, in Upper Egypt. 

P A M P e L o N E ) ( P'jtnpeiopolis^ Pf!m~. 

Pa.mpeluna 5 /^/o«), the metropo- 
lis of the kingdom of Navarre, was 
crefttd by Pompey, A.C. 73. 

Pamphilia \ {Mojifopia), ^ ■pro- 

Pamphylia 5 vinceofAfia Minor. 

Pamphylium Mare, that part of 
the Mediterranean which waflies Pana- 
pliylia on the s. 


Panachaicus, a mountain near 
Patrse, in Achaia Proper. 

Panacr>e, mountains in Candia, or 
parts of mount Ida. 

Panacttjm, a citadel of Athens, de- 
nioliflicd by the Boeotians. 

Pan.«tohum, a lofty mountain ir 

Panaisa, a city of lllyricum. 

Panari, one of the Lipari Iflandi, 
in the Mediterraoear^ 

Pan ay, one of the Philippine Iflands, 
in AfiH. 

Pancale. See MoRco. 

Panch^EA > {Pancbca), a diftrift of 

Panchaia > Arabia Felix, abound- 
ing in myrrh, trankincenfe, and other 

Panchariava, a ft:^ion in Africa, 
in the vicinity of SitiH. 

pA>fDA. See Mergia.v. 

PandaKa {ScUurniityi one of the 
gates of Rome. 

Pan'daria, > a fmall ifiand in 

Pakdataria, ) the Tufcan Sca, 
(Sce Sakta Maria.) 

Pakdionis Regio, a diftri^.of 


Pakdosia {^MoloJ]ia, Molojfn), 1 
city of Kpirus, on the river Acficcpn, 
famous fur the oracle <ii DoUora. ' 



PANEMiTiCHOS,acity ofPamphylia. 

Panei'husus, ) a city of the Delta, 

Panephysis, 5 between the Bu- 
firitic and Bubaftic branches of the 

Panexjm {Panium), a mountain in 
Syria, from whence the river Jordan is 
faid to derive its fource. 

pANGiEA ) {Mons Caraminus), a 

Pang^us 5 mountain in Thrace. 

1', NHELLENES, a name fynonimous 
to the Greeks. 

PANHORMUS,a city of Cherfonefus. 

PaNHORMUS. See Palermo. 

Pania. SeeTzACONiA. 

Panjab, a country of Hindooftan 
Proper, the utmoft extent of Alex- 
ander's conqutfts. 

Paniardis, a city of Afiatic Bof- 

Panias. See Tzaconia. 

Panionium, a facred place at the 
foot of mount Mycale, near Ephefus, 
where the deputies of the twelve Ionian 
cities ufed to affembie, and offer facri- 
iices to Neptune. 

Panissa. See Panysus. 

Panisus. See Pamisus. 

Pa MUM. See Paneum. 

Paniurus. See Pal^kus. 

Panius, a place of Coelel'yria, where 
Antiochus defeated Scopas. 

Pannona, an inland town of Can- 

Pannonia, an extenfive country in 
Europe, comprifing Carniola, Croatia, 
Sclavonia, Bofnia, part of Auftria, Ser- 
via, and Hungary ; it was divided into 
Superior and Inferior, but their exa£t 
limits are unknown. 


Panofeus- 3 

Panofolis {Ccemmis, Chennis), an 
ifland in a deep lake in Upper tgypt, 
■where was a temple facred to Pan. 

Panormus, a city of Achaia, in the 

Panormits, a city on the N fide cf 

Panormus, a city of Macedonia, 
near mount Athos, 

Panormus, a city of Samos. 

Panormus, a city of the Thracian 

Panormus*. See Palermo. 

Panormus, a capacious port at 

Panormus, a large harbour at Epi- 

Panprmus, an extenfive port near 

? A R 

Pavtactas, "^ a rivulet on the 
Pantagies, >-eaftern coaft c^ Si- 
Pantagyas, Jciiy. (See Por- 


Pantalarec) {Cor/ura, Corcyrot 

Pantalaria 5 Cojfuroy Cojfyra, Co- 
fiira, Cofyra), an ifland in the Mediter- 
ranean, between Sicily and the continent 
of Africa. 

Pa NT A LI A, a city of Thrace. 

Pantanus Lacus. See Lago d* 

Panthel^i, a people of Persia, 

Pantica, "^ acityofTau- 

Panticap.s;a, >-ricaCherfonefus, 

Panticapjeum, jon the Cimme- 
rian Bofphorus. 

Pa NT ic APES, a river of Europeaa 
Scythia, flows into the Borifthenes. 

Pantiro {Heraclea), a city of 

Pantomatrion. 7 c c w 

Pantomatrium. J^"»Ut)A. 

Panyasus, a river of Macedonia. 

Panysus {P.mtjfa), a river of Mce- 
fia Inferior, flows into the Euxine Sea. 

Papcastle {Epiacum), a village in 
Cumberland, on the Irifli Sea. 

Paphara, a city of Cyrrheftica, in 

Paphia. See Cyprus. 

Paphlagonia {Pj'iamenia), a pro- 
vince of Afla Mmor, on the w fide of 
the river Halys. 

Paphos, a city on the ifland of Cy- 
prus, where Venus was worfliipped. 

Paphus. See Melus. 

Papia. See Pavia. 

Papiriana, ) a city oF 

PAPiRiAKiE Foss^, ji Tufcany. 

Papirii, a people of Italy. 

Pap PA, a city of the Orondici, in the 
N of Pifidia. 

Pappenheim, a city in a county of 
the lame name, in the circle of Franco- 
nia, in Germany ; whofe count is here- 
ditary marfhal of the empire, and per- 
forms his office at the coronation of the 

Papremis,) a city of the Delta, in 

Paprimis, \ Egypt. 

Papyra, a fortrefs in Cilicia. 

Papyrix'm, 5 

Parachoatr^, mountains on the 
confines of Media and Perfia. 

Pakada, a city of Africa Proper, 
betv een Thapfus and Utica. 

Paradise, ) is fuppofed to have 

Paradisus, 5 been at Aden, in 

Paradiso. See Pario, 

PAPyRiON,f ,r.^.„efsinlfauria. 



PaRadisus, a city of Syria, in the 

Parjecopolis, a city of Sintica, in 

Parjetac^, > a diftrift on the 

Parjetacen'E,) confines of Media 
and Pcrfia, where Antigonus was de- 
feated by Eumenes. 

Par.^tonium, a city of Egypt, to 
the w of Alexandria. 

Paragon, a bay of the Indian 
Ocean, beyond the mouth of the Perfian 
, Gulf. 

Paralais (Parlais), a city of Ly- 

Par a Li SUM {ParoHJfum), a city in 
the N of Dacia. 

Paran. See Phara. 

Parapa.misus. See Paropami- 

Parapiani, a people near the In- 

Parapotamia {Melitene), a diftri£l 
of Suliana, on the Tigris. 

Para,potamii, a city of Phocis, 
through which the Cephiffus flows. 

Par \sia, a diftridt of Afia, to the E 
of Media. 

Parasopii, a people on the banks 
of rhe Afopus. 

Par A V. EI, a people of Thefprotia, 
on the river Avus. 

Paraxia,) a province of Macc- 

Paraxfs, 5 donia. 

Parembole, an encampment on the 
peninfula Syene, in Upper Egypt. 

Parrntiom,) a maritime town in 

Parenzo, 5 f^^s f^3'^ of Venice. 

Par I AN a, a diftrift on the Hclief- 

Pariet^., a people of Sableftan, in 

Parietin.i:, a city of Spain, abf . 

Pario. Sec Parium. 

Pa RIO ) {Parium, Paradijd), a 

Paris \ fmall city of Natnlia, in 
Afi^tic Turkey. 

Paris ) {Lutetia, 

Parisiorum Civitas 5 Luiicia 
Parijiorurn, Lucoiotia^ Lucoioca, Julii Ci- 
Viias), the metropolis of France. 

Parisus, a river of Pannonia, flows 
into the Danube. 

Pa:<iu.m {Adrajiiay Pa^ftos, Pario), z. 
city of Myfia Minor, on the Propontis ; 
where was a ftatue of Cupid, of exquifite 

Parlais. See Paralais. 

Parma {Cbrylopolis, 'Julia, Julia An- 
gufni), a city of Lombardy, founded 
about A.M. i6i6 ; it is fcated on the 
river Parma, which divides the city 

from the fuburbs. — This city has fuf- 
tained various calamities from the ani- 
mofities that fubfifted among four po- 
tent families : viz, the Corrigiani, Rof- 
fii, Palavicini, and iSTetalenfes. 

ParNasso ) {Larnnjfos, Parnt' 
Parnassus \ fus), a mountain of 
Phocis, in Greece Proper, whereoa 
Deucalion and Pyrrha arc fuppofed to 
have been preferved from the deluge 
that happened during the reign of Deu- 
caHon.— The oracle of Delphi was fitu- 
ated on this mountain, which was facrcd 
to the Mufes. 

Parnes, a mountain in Attica, pro- 
duces vines in abundance ; among which 
bears and wild boars were very nume- 

Parnessus, a mountain near Bac. 
triana, in Afia. 

Parnesus. See Parnassus. 
Parni, a people of Efterabad, in 

Parnovia, a city "of Sweden. 
Parjetacene, a province of Affy- 

Par.=etonium. See Alberton. 
Parolissum. See Paralisi'M. 
Paropamisi's (Piirapamifus), a 
mountain in B.i(5tria, part of mount Tau- 
rus, from whence the rivers Badtrus and 
Indus derive their fource. 

Paropamisus. See Sablestan'.. 
Paropus. See Colisano, 
PAROR.ffiA, a diftr;ft on the confine* 
of Macedonia and Epirus. 

Paror.5:i, a people between Mace- 
donia and Epirus. 

Parorxia, a city in a mountainous 
diftrift of the fame name in Thrace. 
P.\ROR^lA, a city of the Morea. 
Parokeion,| a mountainous di- 
Paroreios, 5 ftrift of Phrygia 

P A r o r T A , a city of Arcad ia. 
Varcs (Paiiia, PaRye, Mima, Mi- 
noia, Demetrins, Zacynthus, ' Hir/a, it;- 
I'ajfu, Cabarti.s, Pur:o, Pants), one of 
the Cvclade ifles, in the ArchipeU,;o; 
from whence tiie beft ftatuary marble is 
procured. — The lots ofthisifiand caufed 
Miltiadcs to be fined in fo large a fum, 
that he died in prifon unable to pay it. 

Paros, one of the largeft and moil 
wealthy cirics in the Archipelago, fitu- 
ate on an ifland of the "fame name. 

?.\rosta, a ciry of Cherfonefus 

Parpar, ) a river of Syria, flows 
Parphar, ji through Damafcus. 
Parparon {Perinr, Paf>t:rena\ % 
diflrift of JEolis, iA' Afia Mii.or, vr.ieie 
Thucydidcs died. 



Parrbt (Pedredus), a river in So. 
merfetfhir . 

Parrhasi.i, Sec Tzaconia. 

Parrhasia, a city of Arcadia. 

Pars (Pban, Forjii, Perj7s, Futd), a 
province of Perfia. 

Parsix, a people of Sableflan, in 

Parsir^ Masarn^i, a people of 
Peril a. 

Parsis. See Pars. 

Partenico {Parthenicuni), a city on 
the w fide of Sicily. 

Partenico {Partbenws, Pjribe' 
nitim), a promontory on che sw fide of 
' Cherfonefus Taurica. 

ParthaNUM, a city of Vindelicia. 

Parthea See Chorasan. 

Partheni, a people of Dyrrha- 


ti . ^ See Samos. 


Parthenia, > a river of the 

Parthenias, \ Morea, flows near 

pARl-HENIATffi (Partben::), the il- 
legitimate children of the Spartans^ who, 
when grown to maturity, emigrated and 
fettled at Taientum. (To which re- 

Parthentcum. See ParteNico. . 

Parthenii. See Partkeniat.'f.. 

Parthenion, a mountain in the 
Morea, to the N of Tegca. 

Parthenion, the temple of Mi- 
nerva, at Athens. 

Parthenium. See Partenico. 

Parthenium, a city to the s of the 
Palus Mceotis. 

Parthenivm, a city of Arcadia, 
near mount Parthenius. 

Parthenius, a river. (See Do- 


Parthenius, a promontory. (See 

Parthenius, a mountain in Arca- 
dia, on tlie confines of Argoiis. 

Parthenoarusa. Ste Samos. 

Parthenope. See Naples. 

Parthenopot'lis. See Magde- 

Parthenopolis, a city cf Mcefia 

Parthia. See Chorasan. 

Parthians, exiled Scythians, who 
ftceded from the Macedonians, A.C. 

Parthmeticu.m. See Phatni- 


PaRTHUS, a city of Illyricum. 
pARTHVAiA, } a province of Cho- 
PARTHyENE,5 rafan, in Perfia. 

Pahus. See Paros. 
PARYADRiE, mountains in Armenia, 
Pas AC ART A, a city of Parthia. 
Pasargada > {Pafagarda, Pajfaf' 
Pasargad;e> gadis), a city of 
Perfia, founded by Cyrus, on the fpot 
wherp he had fubdued Alyagcs. 

Pasargad^e, a people of Cara- 
mania, in Perfia. 

Pasarn^/e,^ a city of Cappadocia, 
Pasarne, \ rear th> Eup'-«rates. 
Pasc^, a people of Sogdiana. 
Pasin« {Cbornx, Cbarox, Cbaracene, 
Spdjina, AUximdrta, Antiochia), a pro- 
vince of Sufiana, in Perfia. 

Pasika, a maritime town on the 
coaft of Gedrofia. 

Pasis, a city of Gedrofia, in Perfia. 
Pasitjgris. See Okoatis. 
Pasitigris, a canal by which the 
river Tigris is connefted with the Tiri- 

Pass ALA {Mylajfenfium Na^/ale), a 
fmall ifiand on the coaft of Caria. 

Passalon, a'cityof Upper Egypt, 
on the w fide of the Nile. 

Pass AN DA, a fmall diftrift of Troas. 
Passaro. See Passero. 
Passaron, a city of Moloflis, in 

Pass a u {Baiava Cnflra, Bat an ^ 
•Bajfau, Bovicdunum, Bovioduvuniy Cajiei- 
hem ad, Injiadi), a city of Bava- 
ria, at the confluence of the rivers Inn 
and Danube. 

Passero {PaJJ'aro, Pacbanum, Pacbi- 
nuTK, PiicbiKUs), a promontory of Sicily. 
Passo di Cane (C//wfl.f), a moun- 
tain in Lycia. 

Pastius. See Pactius. 
pASTO. See Trizina. 
P..\ta:ta, a city of Ethiopia, on the 

Patage. See Morgo. 
Patale, "j an ifland formed by 
Pat ALE NE, >the mouths of the ri- 
Patalia, J ver Indus. 
Patalus, an illand on the coaft of 

Patau A {Sat arcs, Patera, Ar/inoe), 
a maritime city of Lycia, on the caftern 
fide of the mouth of the river Xanthus ; 
where was a temple dedicated to Apollo. 

PaTAREIS, ) • /• 1 rr • 

Patareum, {apen.nfulaofLyca. 

Pat.'vrve, a^ty of Afiatic Sarma- 
tia ; on the Palus Mceotis. 

Patavia. See Holland. 

Patavium. See Padua. 

PataviUiM, a city of Bithynia. 

Pateria, an ifland in the Arthi- 
pelago, near Lcmnos. 

P A U 

F E I 

Paterno {Hybla Major), a city of 
Sicily, between mount ^tna and the 
river Symcthus. 

Pathiscus.) CeeTiBiscus. 
Pathissus. > 

Pathmeticum. SeeBucoLicuM. 
Pathmos. See Palmosa. 
Pathurf.s. Sec Patros. 
Pathyssus. SeeTEissK. 
Patigrax, a city of Media. 

Pativo. \ Sec Palmosa. 
Patmos. S 

Patr.^ ^ (Aroa, Aroe), a city of 

Patras 5 Acliaia, in the Morea ; 
where was a temple ficred to Diana, and 
where Sf. Andrew was crucified. 

Patric'v. See Cordova. 

Patrington {Prafidium, Pr^to. 
riNtn), a town in the eaft riding of York- 
Ihire, where the Roman road from the 
Pifi^s* wall terminated. 

Patrocli, a fmall ifland on the 
coall of Athens. 

Patros (.Palbures), a di(lrl<^ of 

Patrovissa. Sec Clause NBu KG. 

Patumos. See Pithom. 

PatzinaCjE. See Pazinac^. 

Pau {Pbau), a city of Idumjea, in 
Arabia Petraea. 

Pau, a fortrcfs of Beam, in France ; 
where Henry IV. king of France was 

Pauca. SeePoLA. 

Pa VI A {Papia, Tlchirm), a city of 
Lombardy, on the river Ticinum, found- 
ed about A.C, 457 ; it was for fome 
time the feat of the Oftrogoths and 
Lombards, and conrended with Milan 
for magnificence; to which city it was 
united by Jofeph Galeas, the firft duke 
of Milan. 

A monaftery was founded here by 
Luitpiand, king of the Lombards, to 
which he conveyed the bones of St. Au- 
guftin from Sardinia. 

Charlemagne founded an univeifity 
here, A.D. 792, which was rebuilt by 
Charles IV, in 1361. — Near this city 
an engagement took place between 
Charles V. and Francis, the French 
king, in 1524, when the latter was 
taken prifoner. 

Pavium, a city of Thrace. 

Paulon, a rivulet on the confines 
of Ligcria, flnvs into the Mediter- 
ranean at Nice. 

Paunton (Arl Poniem), a village in 
Lincolnfliire, on the Wuham. 
• Pausilippo ) {Olibnuu.'), a moun- 

Pausilypus ) tain in Italy, near 
Piizzoli, under which is a fubterraneous 
paffage, near a mile in length, through 

which people of fafliioo are driven In 
their carriages by torch-light. 

On the fummit is the tomb of the 
celebrated Virgil, which is overgrown 
with ivy, and fhaded by an ancient 
bay. tree, and Ihrubs of different forts. 

PAUSULiE, a city of Picenum, in 

Pautalia. SeePALUZO. 

Pax (L/z/fo, LufoniKnif Luffunmm) , a 
city of Lower Hungary, on the Da- 

Pax Al'Gusta. See Badajoz. 

Pax Julia. SccBeia. 

PAx.Ti.j SeePACHsu. 

Paxi. ) 

Paxos, a fmall ifland in the Ionian 
Sea, near Ithaca. 

Pazinac^ } {Patzinnca), a people 

PaZINAZ.^E S who on being expelled 
Scythia, fettled in Bulgaria. 

Pazzi {Paiija), a city of Cherfone- 

Pechts. See Picrs. 

Peua. See Pkdum. 

Pedjeus, a city of Cyprus, flows 
into the fea near Salamis. 

Pedalium. SeeGRiEGO. 

Pedani, apeople of Italy. 

Pedasa, ) • en • 
T,^ ' > acityofCana. 

Pedasum,) ■' 

Pedasus. See AxDRAMrTi. 

Pedasus, a city of Meffenia, in the 

Pedena, a city of Iftria, in Italy. 

Pediadis, a diftrift of Bafitriana. 

Pepiculi.- See Apulia. 

Pedili, a people at -the too: of th» 

Pednelissus. See Pf.tnelissus. 

Pedo.via, an ifland on the coafl: of 

Pedum {Pcda), a city of Latium, in 

Peebles, the chief town in a county 
of the fame name in ScDvl.indj wliere' 
feveral of their kings* refidv.d. 

Peg^. See Pag^. 

PeGjE, plains near Conftantinople. 

Pegaseum Stagnu.m, a lake near 
Ephefus, in Ionia. 

Peguntium {PiguntJa-), a fortrefs 
of Dalmatia, on the gulf of Venice. 

Pegusa. See Cnidus. 

Peila {Ptl/a, Aj-amea, Butii), a city 
of European Turkey, on the orlier Tide 
Jordan, built by Seleucus, A.C. 293; 
the Chriftians retired into this city when 
Jerufalem was befieged by Titus, and 
the Patriarchs of Jerufalem refidcd here 
feveral years. 

Peine, a towi of Branfwick, in 
Swonv, where INIaurice, tlictoi of Sax- 



ony, and the Margrave of Branden- 
burg, were killed in battle, A.D. 1553. 


Pf.iso {Pe'fo, Lacus Pelfodis), a lake 
of Upper Hungdry. 

Peiom, a fortrefs of Galicia, in Spain. 

Pela, a fmali ifland on the coaft of 
Ionia, near Ephefus. 

Pelagia. See Rhodes. 

Pe LAG NISI (^Alonefus, AUonefui'), an 
ifland in the Archipelago, on the coaft of 

Pelagonia (Tripoli/is), a city of 
Macedonia, in a diftritl of the fame 
name, near moant Haemus. 

Pelanbre (^Pa!a^, FJtv, Paleis), 
a city of Cefalonia. 

Peias. See PiLOs. 

Pllasgi, a people of ThcfTaly. 

Pelasgia. See Argos. 

Pelasgia. See Delos. 

Pelasgia. SccJanna. 

Pelasgia. See Larissa. 

Pelasgia. See Lesbos. 

Pelasgia. See Morea. 

Pelasgians, a people of Candia. 

Pelasgicum, the north wall of 

PtLASGicus Sinus, abay of Thef- 

Pelasgiotje, a people of ThefTaly. 

PELASGioTis,adirtri£t of Theffaly. 

Pele, a city of Theffaly. 

Pel EC AS {Aliacmon, llaliacmoti), a 
river that feparates Macedonia from 
Thefialy, and flows into the Archipe- 

Pelegrivo, apromontory of Sicily, 
rear Palermo ; from whcfe fumniit, on a 
clear day, may be difcovered nearly the 
whole of the Lipari Iflands, and a great 
portion of mount jEtna, though fituate 
«n the fartheft extremity of the iHand. 

PtLENDONES (^PciieKdones), a peo- 
ple of Old CafHle, in Spain. 

pELETHRONli {La/>itl/i), a people 
•n mount Pelion, in Theffaly ; who hrft 
invented the bit, for the management of 
their horfes. 

Pelethkonium (Cfr.tauri), 3 city 
f4 T.heffaly, near mount Pelion. 

P£LiALA,a city of Mefopotamia, on 
the Saocoras. 

Pklign'i, a people of Abruzzo Citra, 
in Naples. — Ovid was of this people, 

Pf.LiN {Pafieas), a diftridt of Syria. 

Felin^us, a mountain of Chios, 
iacrcd to Jupiter. 

Pelinna. ) SecTA- 


PKLINNJEUM, a city of Macedonia. 

Pelium, a city of Macedonia. 

Pelius. See Petras, 

Pella. See Jenizzar. 

Pella. See Peila. 

Pella, a city of Arabia Petraea. 

Pellaconta, a river of Mcfopota- 
mia, flows into the Euphrates. 

Pellaxe, a city of Laconia. 

Pellendones. See Pelendo- 

Pellene, a city of Achaia Proper. 
(See Pallene.) 

Pelli>:.5:a. i j. t , ^ . 


Pelliti Sardi, a people of Sar- 

Pelodes (Palodes, Palogs), a mari- 
time town of Epirus. 

Pelopia. See Thvatira. 

Peloponnesus. Sec Morea. 

Pelorias. "I 

Peloris. I c-,« Tr.„rs 
T, > bee rARO. 

Pelorum. r 

Pei.orus. J 

Pelorus, a river of Iberia, in Spain, 
on whofe banks Pcmpey defeated the 
natives; who to procure peace, prefcnted 
him with a bed, a table, and a throne, ali 
made of nuffy,gold. 

Pelso. See Peiso. 

Pelt*, a city of Phrygia Magna.*! 

Peltini, a people of Phrygia Mag- 

Peltuinum, a city of the Veftini, 
in Italy. 

Pelusiacum Ostium, the msft 
eaftern mouth of the Nile. 

Pelusium. See Belbais. 

Pelusium. See Damieta. 

Pembroke, the chief town of Petn- 
brnkefhire, a county in South Wales, 
near Milford haven. 

PenCaer. See Exeter. 

Pendalium, a promontory of Cy- 

Pendelt (Pe>tie/a, Mendelt), a city 
nor mount Pentelicus, in Attica. 

Penderachi > {HeracUa 

Pexderachium 5 Pome),i.Qkj 
of Narolia, in Afiaric Turkey. 

PiNEius, a river of Elis, in the 

Penestia, a didritt of Illyricum. 

Penestica {Pcienifca), a town ia, 

Peneus, a river of Theffaly, Hows 
through the plains of Tempc. (Sec 


Pennini ALPES.5 Mount St'. 
Penintha. See HeraCLEa. 
Pknkridge, ) a town in Sta£» 

!> E R 


Penrith (Voredy Perith), a town in 

Pensance. See Penzance. 
Pensilis. See Larissa. 
Pentagioi. See Oeanthe. 


Pentapolis, a diftrii^ of Paleftine. 

Pentapolis, a diftrift of Cyrenaica, 
comprifing Berenice, Arfinoe, Pcolemais, 
Cyrene, and Apollonia. 

Pentapolis, five cities of Doris, in 
Afia Minor : viz. Camirus, Cnidus, Cos, 
lalyfus, and Lindus. 

Pen'tapolis, a city of India. 

Pentapylum, a gate of Syracufe. 

Pentaschoenos, a city of Egypt, 
between Daniieta and Cafium. 

Pentedactyi-us, a mountain in 
Esdvpt, on the Arabian Gulf. 

Penteea. See Pendeli. 

Pentelicus, a mountain in Attica, 
where (everal grottoes have been made 
by get' in g marble, 

PENTELON.a city of Achaia. 

Penttna {Confirium), a city of 
Italy, the capital of the Peligni. 

Pentri. See Samnites. 

Penzance {Peyifinct:), a town in 
Cornwal, where a mint is eftablilhed for 
coining of tin. — This town was burnt by 
»he Spaniards A.D. 1593. 

Peonia, a diftnft of Macedonia, 

Peok, a part of the mountain Aba- 

Peparethus, one of the Cyclade 
Ifles, between Scyathus and Scyrus. 

Peperina, an ifland in the Indian 

Pephnos, a city of Laconia. 

PEPUSA,) r Tiu 

T, r a city of Phryeia. 

Pepuza,) ' '^ 

PEauiGNY, a town of Picardy, in 
France; where Edward IV. of En- 
gland, and Louis XI. of France, held a 
conference on a bridge, ertdted for the 
purpofe, over the rivcr Somme. 

Pera, a city adjacent to Conftan- 

Per;ea, a diftrift of Paleftine. 

PeRjEA, a diftrift of Caria, oppofite 
the ifland of Rhodes. 

Per^a, a city of JE-oYn, in Afia 

PER.EA Gaditanorum, a diftrift 
of Baetica, in Spain. 

Per,«a Rhodiorum. See Pe- 
RJEA, in Caria. 

Perabia, a city of Theffaly, near 
the river Epideno, 

PER.a;us, the port of Athens ; it was 
begun A.C, 494, \yhcft TJieiftift;^l«$ 

W33 archon, and 17 years afterwards, 
when the Pcrfians h^id been cxpelleci 
Greece, it was completed by Thcmif- 

Perce. Sec 

pERCnE, a province of France. 

Pkrckop. SccPrecop. 

Per COPE.) a city of Troas, which 

Percote, j[ affifted Priam during 
the Trojin war. 

Percote, a city of Phrygia, in Afia 

Percote, a city on the Hellefpont, 
between Abydos and Lampfacus> which 
was given by Arta.xerxes to Themif- 
toclesj for the purpofe of lupplying his 

Per DICES, a place in Mauritania 

Perekop. See Precop, 

Perga {'Toronne, Torofu), a city of 
Ciialcidice, in Macedonia. 

Perga. See Pergi. 

Perga, a city of Syria. 

Pergama (PergafTius), the citadel 
of Troy , 

Pergamia, ■\ a city of Natolia, ill 

Perga MO, (^Afia Minor j which, 

Pergamum, i was originally a for- 

Pergamus, / trefs, but was ejc- 
tended to a city by Attalus, A.C. 183, 
■who, having no children, appointed the 
Romans for his heirs. 

In this city Galen is faid to have been 
born, and Efculapius to have prac^ifed 
phyfic : parchment and tapeftry are faid 
to have been invented here. 

Pergamia, J 3. city of Candia. 

Pergamus, $ ■' 

Perge ) (J'ergei)y a city of Pam^ 

Pergi ) phylia, in Afia Minor> 
where St. Paul preached, A.D, 40. 

Pergus, > a lake of Sicily, near 

Pergusa, 5 Enna. 

Perier-Bidi, a people of Afiatic 

PERlGORD.a province of France. 

Perigueux {Petrocorii, Civitas fe- 
trocoriorun?, Vtjunna, VefonncC)-, a city^f 
Perigord, in France ; %vhere are the 
ruins of a temple dedicated to Venui, 
and alfo of an amphitheatre. 

Per I ME le, a pieafant ifland in the 
gulf of Venice. 

Perimula, a city of Aurlca Cherfo- 
nefus, in Indiav 

Perine. See ParparoN. 

Perinthia.) See Heraclea, 

Perinthus. ) in Tiirace, 

Peripatus, a part of the Lyceum, at 
Athens ; where A; iftotk inftrufted hi« 



PERIPOLIS, ) a city of Calabria, 

Peripoliu:.!, 5 where it is faid 
Praxiteles was born. 

Perirrheusa, a town of Afia Mi- 
nor, near Ephelus. 

Pekisades, a people of Illyricum, 

Peristerides, a cLufler of iflands 
in tl^e Archipelago, near Smyrna. 

Peritovium, a city cf Egypt, on 
the weltern lide of the Nile ; where 
Anthony was defeated by C. Gallus, the 
lieutenant of Auguftus. 

Permessis \ (TgrmfJJiis), a rivulet 

Permessus 5 of Bocotia, flows 
round mount Helicon. 

Perne, a maritime town of Thrace, 
cppofite the ifland Thafos. 

Pernicxacum. See Pervis. 

Peroe, a river of Boeotia. 

Peronne, a city of Picardy, in 

Peronticum, a city of Thrace, on 
the Euxine. (See Verdiso.) 

Perorsi, a people of Libya Interior. 

Perperena. > r. -n 


Perperene, a place in Phrygia, 
where Paris is fuppofcd to have ad- 
judged the prize of beauty to Venus. 

Perphosius Portus, a maritime 
town of Libya Interior ; on the Atlan- 

Perranthes, an eminence in Epi- 
rus, near Ambracia. 

Perre {Peni), a city of Syria, be- 
tween Samolataand mount Taurus. 

Perrhjebi, a people of Epirus. 

PERRH^^iBlA, a diftrift in the w of 

Perrhjebia, a city on the confines 
iff Theffaly and Macedor.ia. 
< Persa, a city of Mefupotamia, near 
the Euphrates. 

Perste, the inhabitants of Per.fia. 

Persagadium. See Darabe- 


Persarmenia, a province of Ar- 

Persea,^ a fountain hear Myce- 

Persee, ^ nae, in Argolis. 

Persees, a fe£t of PerHa, who wor- 
fhip fire. 

PersepoLis. See Chilminare. 

Perseus, a maritime town of 

Persia, a region' of Greater Afia, the provinces' cf Perfis or 
Pars, Parthia, Media, AfiTyria, Mefopo- 
tamia, Sufiana, Hyrcania, Paropamifus, 
Ba6lria, Margiana, Gedrofia, Aria, Ca- 
ramania, and Drangiana ; it was named 
Perfia, after Perfeus, gfandfon to Acri- 

fius, who built Perfepolis, the chief cKy 
of the empire. 

Persicum Mare, ^ a part of the 
Persicus Sinus, ) Indian Ocean 
on the coaft of Perfia and Arabia. 
Persides PvLiE. SeePvLiE. 
Persis. See Pars. 
Persthlaba, a city of Bulgaria, 
near mount Haemus. 

Pert a, ) a city of Lycaonia, near 
Perte, 5 Iconium. 
i^ERTH, a town in Scotland, whjere 
a temple was erefted A.M. 3172. 

Perticianeksis AauiE, a foun- 
tain in Sicily, between Trapani and 

Pertusa (Ad PcrUifa), a city of 
Africa Proper. 

Peru, a diftrift of South America, 
difcovered by Francis Pizarro, a Spaniard. 
A.D. 1532. 

Perugia {Thrajimenui)., a city of 
Italy, on a lake of the^fame name. 
Perugino. a province of Italy. 
Perviciacum) {Peiniciacum'), a 
Pervis ) village of Brabant. 

Perusia, a city of Italy, near 
mount Ciminus, on the banks of the 

Peiiusium, a city of Italy, founded 
about A.M. 1913, near the Appenines, 
by which it is fortified ; the citizens re- 
volted from the pope, A.D. 1 139. upon 
his imp.jfing a tax upon them, but, after 
a long contefl, tliey returned to their 
obedience ; upon which he appointed 
the billiop of Cafal to be their governor, 
wiio eredfed a caftle, by which the in- 
habitants were kept in fubje£tion.— 
The univerfity was founded A.D. 

Pesaro {Pifaiirum), a city of Urbino, 
on the gulf of Venice. 

Vebcaka {Atinma), a river of Italy, 
flowb into the gulf of Venice. 

Pescara {Attrniwi, Aiernm), a city 
of Naples, on the gulf of Venice. 

PfcSFNAS, a city of Langucdoc, in 

pESENDARiE, a people of Ethiopia. 
Pesinus. See PossENE. 
Pesside, a city of Libya Interior, on 
the Niger. 

Pr.ssiNUS. Sec PossENE. 
Prssium, a city of Dacia. 
Pest ^ {Centra Acincum, "Tranfa' 
PestH 5 c''^'"''i)i a city of Hungary, 
oh the s fide of the Danube. 
Pesto. SeeTRiziNA. 
Pktalia, a city of Ncgropont. 
Petali^,. four if.auds in the gulf of 


P H A 

Petau "I {Petobio, Peiovia, Pct- 

Petavio I /rtw), a city of Auftria, 

Petavium fin Stiiia, on the river 

Petaw j Drave. 

Petelia {Pttilid), a city of Cala- 

Petelfnus Lacus, alake near one 
of the gates of Rome. 

Petelinus Lucus, a grove near 
the Porta Flumenta, at Rome. 

Petevisca. See Penestica. 

Peteon, a city of Boeotia, between 
Thebes and Anrcdona. 

PtxER, St. {Huracum., Accipitrum), 
an ifland near Sardinia. 

Peterborough {Medhamjlead), a 
city in NiTthamptonlhirc, founded by 
Peada, AD. 6,6; the monaftery was 
founded in 659. 

Pethom. See Sues. 

Pethor, a city of Mefopotanriia. 

Petilia. See Peteiia. 

Petiliana, a city of Sicily, on the 
W lide of the Himera. 

Petnelissus {Pednelijfus, Pktefiif- 
fus), a city of Pifidia, on the confines of 

Petobio.J See Petaw. 


•Petra (^Avcfy Araceme, Lazicn, Re. 
ceiTi, RrketJi, Sela), the metropolis of 
Arabia Petraea. 

Petra, a city of Sicily. (See Pn- 


Petra, , of Elis. 

Petra, a city of Greece, on the coaft 
of IllyricuiD. 

Petra, a citv on the confines of 
Thrace and IVIacedonia. 

Petr;ea ) {Petra, Petrina), a 

Petraglia 5 city in the interior of 

Petra Jectaee, a city of the 
Ainalekites. in the s of Judea. 

Petr.\ Pertusa, a paffige cut 
through a rock, near the Metaurus, on 
the Via Flaminia. 

Petra Recem. Ste Petra, in 
Arabia Petraea. 

Petra SocDiANy-E. ,Sce Aria- 


Petr.e Ph^uriades. See Phj:- 


Petr;ea. See P.etra, in Sicily. 

Petras {Ptlius), a mountain in 

Petrensia, an encampment in 
Vindelicia, on ihe Danube. 

Petrina. Sec Petra, in Sicily, 

Petrinum, a city on the confines 
of Campania. 

Petrocorii. See Perigueux. 

Petrodava. See Jassy. 

Petrosaca, a fmall diftrift of Ar- 

Petrossa, an ifland on the coaft of 
Cilicia. ' 

Pettaw. See Petaw. 

Petu.vria. See Beverley. 

Petula {Andes F:cus, Pietola), a 
city near Mantua, the birth-place- of 

Peuc.e,) a fmall ifland at the 

Peuce, 5 mouth of the Danube. 

Peuce {Peucini), mountains in Eu- 
ropean Sarm^tia. 

Peuce {Ofiium Sacnmi), the mofl: 
fouthern branch of the Danube. 

Peucela ^ {PeMolaeiis,Peu. 

Peucelaotis ) colaitis), a city in 
a diftridt of rhe lame name, in Indiaj 
between the rivers Indus and Sim. 

Peucetia. See Calabria. 

Peucetia, a diftritt of Calabria. 

Peucini. See Peuce'. 


T) „ > See Peucela. 

Pf.ucolaitis. S 


Phacelinus. SeeMELAS. 

P{f ACiuM, a fmall town of TheflTaly, 
near the river Epideno. 

Phaccusa,"^ a city of Egypt, on the 

Phacusa, >■ moft caftern branch 

Phacussa, j of the Nile, 

Ph AD IS AN a, a fortrefs in the Regie 
Pontica, near the river Thermodon. 

Ph.^acia. SeeCoRFU. 

Phjeacum, the chief city on the 
ifland of Corfu. 

PHy-EBE, an ifland in the Sea of Mar- 

Ph.€Bia\a. See Bebenhausen. 

Ph;£Casia, a fmall ifland in the 

Ph^edria, a village of Arcadia. 

Ph ^. D R I A ( Peua^ Ph^dyiada), rocks 
on mount ParnalTus, ne.a Delphi. 

Phjencox, a city of Aehaia. 

Ph/eniaka. See Babenhausen. 

Ph.tdxo. See Phunon. 

Ph iE X o M E R I D E s {Nuda), the young 
women of Sparra, 

PhvEREa". SeeLiEsiNA. 

PHiESANA, a city of Arcadia, on the 

PiM:sTUM. ) a city on the s fide of 

Ph.s;stus. 5 Candia, 

Ph;ESTUM, ) r n/r 1 • 

PAiESTUs, 5 ^ c.ty of Macedonia. 

Ph-^stus, a city of Theflaly, near 

PH.tus, a city of the Morea. 

Pii ACRES, a city of Thrace. 

rHAGRop.ioPOLls, ) an irvland 

PHAGKoi'.iuM, 5 town of ike 
Delta, in Egypt, 

P H A 


Phalachthia, a city of Thcffaly, 
an the river Sperchius, 

Phalacra, an inland town of 

Phalacr;e, a promontory of Phry- 
g'lt Minor, near mount Icja. 

Phalacrine, ) a village of the 

Phalacrinum, ^ Sabines, m Italy. 

Phalacrjum, a promontory of Si- 

Phalacrum. See Zasiculmo. 

Phal^sia, a city of Arcadia. 

Ph ALAN CIS, a mountain in Ethio- 

Pha'lanna, a city of Perrhcbia, in 

Phalan>?a, a city of Candia. 

Phal anthus, a city of Arcadia, on 
a mountain of the fame name. 

pHALARA, a city of ThelTaly. 

Phalareus. See Pir;eus. 

Phalarium, a fortrefs in Sicily, 
wherein Phalaris placed his brazen bull. 

Phalarus, a river of BcEotia, flows 
into the Cephiffus. 

Phalasarna, a city on the w fide 
pf Candia. 

PHALASIA, a promontory on the irw 
lid of Neijropont. 

Phalcidon, a city of ThelTaly. 

^H^LERE^s )^ Seaport Of Athens. 

THALEREUS, {^ between Peraeus 

Phaleron, k A \J ]■ 

t, 1 and Halimus. 

Phalerum, y 

Phaleria ) ( Phalore, Pbaloria), 

Phalerum 5 a place of ThefTaly. 

Phalisci. See Falisques. 

Phalore. ) o -d,, 

T>r,. „T t See Phaleria. 
Phaloria. ) 

Phamizon, a village of Cappadocla, 
on the i^mifus. 

Phamizon lUM, a city of Cappacio- 
cia, on the Iris. 

Phana See Phunon. 

Phan.e, a maritime town on the 
jfland of Scio. 




Phanagoria, a city of Afiatic Sar- 
matia, on a peninfula called Corocon- 
dama, where was a tem.ple facred to 
Venus Av)aturiae. 

Phanar^A, a city of Pontus, in 

PhanenA) a diftria of Armenia Ma- 

Phanote 1 (Panopf, Panopeus)^ 
Phanotea S-a city of Phocis, on 
Phanoteus 3 the confines pf Le- 

Thar A. See Far a. 


mountain on 
fland of Scio. 


Phara, ) a village on the con» 

Pharan, $ fines of Egypt and Ara- 
bia Petraea. 

Pharje {PheTa)y a city of Achaia, 
in the JVIorea. 

PhaR-S, a city of Candia. 

Phar,b (Pbene, phnrh), a city of 
MefTenia, on the river Nedo. 

Pharangeum, a city of Armenia. 

Pharan X {Chtmara), a valley of 
Lycia, at the foot of mount Chimera. 

Pharatho ) {Pirbathon),zaty 

Pharathus j[ of Galilee. 

Ph arax, a village of the Regio Syr- 

Pharb;ethu6, a city of Egypt, be- 
tween the Bufiritic and Bubaftic mouths 
of the Nile. 

Pharea. See Liesina. 

Pharenses, a people of Afia Minor, 

Pharga, a city of Arabia Defciiaj 
on the Euphrates. 

Pharia. SeeLiEsiNA. 

Phario, a river of Armenia Major, 
flows into the Tigris. 

Pharis, a city of Laconia. 

Pharis, a citv of Romania Alta. 

Pharis. See PHARiE, of Meffenia. 

Pharisees, a powerful fedt among 
the Jews, who believed in a future ftate. 

Pharmacusa. See Farmacusa, 

Pharnacea. ) 

Pharnasia. 5 

Pharos, an ifland in the Mediter- 
ranean Sea, oppofice Alexandria, m 
Egypt; whereon was creited a light- 
houfe for the direction of fhips (called 

Pharos (Pharus), an ifland on the 
coaft of Illyricum, oppofite Brindifi. 

Pharphar. See Parpar. 

Phargalja "x (Pbarza), z ary 

Pharsalium (^ of Phthiotis, in 

Pharsalius i ThelTaly; near 

Pharsalus ^ to which Julius 
Caefar and Pompey fought a defperate 
battle, A.C. 48. which gave rife to Lu- 
can's poem on the civil wars between 
thofe two rivals, which he called Phar-" 

Pharus. See Pharos. 

PHAKUSil (Pbam li/ii), a people of 
Libya Interior. 

Pkaryge (Tarpbe), a city of Locri<;, 

Pharvcadon, atity of Eftiajotis, in 

Pharza. See PhaRSALIA- 

Phas^ljs (Pba/f/u), a city on the 
conhnes of Lycia and Pamphylia, found- 
ed about A.M. 3135. 

Phas^lis, a city of Judea, built by 
JJerod, in a valley 0f the lame name. 

See Farnase. 

P H E 

P H I 

Prasjelos, one of the towers of Je- 
rufalem, built by Herod. 

Phasania, a city in the interior of 

Phaselis. SccPhas-elis. 

PnASGA {Ptfgab), a mountain of 
Palelline. on the other fulc Jordan. 

Phasiava. a diRri<fl: of Coichis, 
in Afia ; on the river Phnfis. 

Phasianum Mark, the eaftern 
part of the Euxine Sea. 

Phasida, a city where tiie 

Perfians were detiared A.D. 555. 

Phasis. Sec Faso. 

Phasis, a city of Colchis, on a river 
of the fame name, where the Argonauts 
landed, when in purfuit of the goitiea 

Phaterukesus, a fmall ifland in 
the Archipelago, near the Thracian 

Phatmicum. "^ 

Phatmcum. >SeeBucoLiCLiM. 


Phatures. See Patros. 

Phau. See Pau. 

Ph AUDA,a city of Pontus. 

P.haura, a fmall ifland on the coaft 
of Attica, oppofitc Sunium. 

Pkaurusm. See Pharusii. 

Phea. SccPheia. 

Phecadum, an inland town of Ma- 
cedonia, on the confines of Theffaly. 


Pheia {PUa, Phia), a city of Elis, 
•n a promontory of the fame name. 

Phelleus, a cugged mountain in 

Phellia, a river of Laconia. 

Phelloe, a village of Achaia, near 

Phellus, a city of Elis, nearOlyra- 

Phellus, a city of Lycia. 

Phellus, a place of Attica. 

Phen'aus, } a city ficuace on a lake 

Pheneus, ji in Arcadia, the fource 
of the river Styx. 

Phenicia. See pHOiNiciA. 

Phemcia. See Ache. 

Phera. ) g^^ Cheramidi. 

Fher^e. 5 

Pherje, a city of Theffaly. 

Pher^. a city of Atttra. 

?HSR-B, a city of Melfenia, in the 

PkervE, a city of Boeotia. 

Pheras. See Cheramidi. 

Pherinum, a city of ThtlTaiy. 

Phernacia. SccFar.vase. 

Phesulje (^Fefulana, Fcjula), one of 
tbe twelve famous cities of Tufcany, 

founded about A.M. i4iSj it was not 
far diftant from Florence, to which 
place the inhabitants removed, and, in 
procefs of time, it became of no confe- 
quence, although the inhabitants were 
at one time fo numerous, that rhey de- 
feated an army of Goths, confiding of 
100.000 men. 

Phesulje, mountains in Italy. 

Phia. See Pheia. 

Phi ALA, a fpnng at the fource of 
the river Jordan. 

Phialeia) ( Phigalia ) , a city of 

Ph I A L I A 5 Arcadia, near Lycofura. 

Phicefon,) a mountain in Boe- 

Phicion, 5 o^ia- 

Phic.ores, a people near the Palus 

Phigalea. See Phialeia. 

Phigalei, a people near McflTcnia, 
in the Morea, 

Phigalia. See Phialeia. 

Phihahiroth, an encampment of 
the Ifraelites, on the Red Sea. 

Phi la, a city of Macedonia, on the 
s fide of the Enipeui. 

Phil A, an ifland on the coaft of Pro- 

Phil a {Phla), an ifland in the lake 
Tritonis, in the Regio Syrtica. 

Philadelf HEN'E,a diftri£l of Ara- 
bia Petrasa. 

Philadelphea ^ (Ammaft, Rail- 

Philadelphia ) ba, Rab'jotb Am- 
max, Alfa Scbeyr), a city of Natolia, in 
Afiatic Turkey ; whofe ruins evince its 
former magnificence. 

Philadelphia, a city of Cilicia, 
in Afia. 

Philadelphia, a city of Lydia, ii» 

Philadelvhia (Se/ge), a city of 
Syria, in Alia. 

Phil;e. SeepELLO. 

PHlLyE. See Fila;. 

Philafd-e, a vilhige in Attica, the 
birth-place ut Pififtratus the Tyrant. 

PHIL.TiXORU.M ARiE. See Ar.e. 

Phi lea, ^ a mari- 

Philea Phrygia, Vtimecityof 

Phile^e, 3 Thrace, on 

the Euxine. 

Phileatika Palus, a lake in 

PhiLECMA. SeeFlLEK., a city of Attica, between 
Athens and Tanagra. 

PiriLExoRiUM, a city of Arnea, in 

Phileros, a city of Macedonia, 
near the river Axius. 

Phi LI A, a promontory in Thrace. 

Philippi. See Filippo. 

p II I 

p H an 

Philippi. See Thebes. 

Philippi {Datum, CreniJes, Julia 
Augujla Philippi), a city on the confines 
of Macedonia j in whofe vicinity Brutus 
and Calfiuf , two of Cajfar's affaffinators, 
were defeated by Mark Anthcmy and 
Aaeuftus, A.C. 42. — -The amphirheatre 
and other buildings demonftrate its for- 
mer grandeur. 

Philippine Isles, are fituate in 
Afia, and were difcovered by Magellan, 
A.D. 1519. 

Philippoli "^ (Tb:bf<, Theb^, 

Philippoljs V P/.il/jioi!s), a city 

Philivfopolis) on the frontiers 
of Magnefia and ThefTaly, was founded 
about A.D. 249. 

Philippoi.13 I {Eumolpias, Po- 

Philippopolis 5 MropoHs, Tumon- 
lium), a city of Thrace, towards mount 

Philippos. See Filippo. 

Phii.ipsburg, a town of Germany, 
on the Upper Rhine. 

Philipville, a city of Flanders, 
founded A.D. 1554. 

Philiscxjm, a city of the Parthians, 
on the Euphrates, near Damafcus. 

Philistjea. See Palfstine. 


Philistixes (Curetesy Cretans, Ce- 
rethiic:, Cretbites), a people of Canaan, 
who are reprefented by the author of the 
Univerfal Hiftory, as being the original 
cf the Pelafgi and Etrufcans. 

Phillis {Phyllis), a diftrift of 
Thrace, near mount Pangsus. 

Phil LYRA, a river of Arcadia, in 
the Morea. 

Philobceotus, a mountain in Bcc- 

PHiLOCALEA,a fortrcfs in Themif- 

Philocrene, a fmall city cf Bi- 

Philomelium, I a city of Phrygia 

Philomelum, ) Magna, between 
Silbium and Peltai. 

Philonii Tortus. See Porto 

Philoxis Oppidum, a ciry of 

Philoxis Vicus, a village of Cy- 
renaica, to the s of Thinti?. " 

Philonus, a village of Egypt. 

Phi LOS, an ifland m the Ptrfian Gulf. 

Philotera. ) c 37 


Philoteria, a city of Ccclefyria, 
on the lake Tiiierias. 

Philvres, a people of Pontus, on 
the Euxine Sea. 

Phin'opoli, ) a city cf Thrace, 

Phinopolis, ) on the Euxine Sea. 

Phixtia, ) a city of Sici'y, be- 

Phixtias, 5 tweeh Gela and Agri- 

^HiNToxis, a fmall ifland to the x 
of Sardinia. 

Phla. See Phila. 

Phlegra. Sec Pallexe, 

Phlegr^si Campi, burning plains 
in Campania, between Baise and Puteoli. 

Phlius, a city of Sicyon, in the 

Phlius. a maritime town of Argolis, 
near Nauplia. 

Phlius, a city of Elis. 

Phlopyia, a z'l'.j of Mauritania 

PnoCiE, fmall iflands near the pro- 
montory Sammrjiiium, in C&ndia. 

PHOCiEA. See FoccHiA Vec- 

Phoce, a fmall ifland near Candia. 

Phocexses, the inhabitants of '. 
Phocis, in Greece. 

Phocia. bee Focchia Vecchia. 

Phocia, a province of Livndia. 

Phociaxs, a people between Ttief- 
faly and Corinth. 

Piiocis, a province of Greece. 

Phoclis, a town of Arachofia, in 

Phocra, a mountain in Mauritania 

Phocus.':; {Phycujfa), two iflands, 
near rhe coalt of Marmonca. 

Phcebe, an ifland in the Propontis, 

Pucebeum, a place near Sparta. 

Phcebi, a promontory in Africa, near 

Phcenica. SeeBEZABDE. 

Pmcexice, a fmai! ifland on the 
coaft of Provence, cppofne Antibes. 

Phcexice, a citv of Chaonia, in 
Epirus ; near Panhormus. 

Pkcenice I {Chr.a, Rhabbolhin, 

Phgenicta \ Colpitis), a province 
of Syri;), celebrated for the invention of 
letters, and of navieati'^n. — The people 
of this country are the firft upon record 
who traded with r.igland for tin. 

Phcemcia. See Bezabde. 

Phcexicis ) (P('a?;?/m), a city of 

Phckxicius ^^ccQUa., on a moun- 
tain of the fame name. 

Phcexico, a city of Upper Egypt, 
to the s of Coptos. 

PHa:NicoDEs. See Fexicusa. 

Phcexicus. See Phgexicius. 

Phcenicus, in Candia. See Phce- 
N I X . 

Phcexicus; a port •n the SE fide pf 

P H R 


Phtnicus, a port of Marmorica, 
en the Mediterranean. 

Ph(enicus, in Lycia. See Oi.ym- 


Phqojicusa. See Fenicusa. 

PiniiNix {Pbanicus), a maritime 
town of Candia. 

Phiknix, a lofty mountain on the 
coaft cf Caria. 

Phct.nix, a river of Theflaly, .flows 
into the Epideno. 

PnoiREA, a city of Theftily. 

PHdTEyE, ) a city of .^toiia, near 

Phceteum, J the river Archclous. 

Pholegandros, an ifland in the 
Archipelago, near Melos. 

Pholoe, a city of Arcadia, on a 
mountain of the fame name. 

Pholoe, a mountain in Theflaly, 
near Othrys. (See Xeria ) 

Pholous, a city of Arcadia. 

Phomothis, a city of Egypt, near 
the lake Mareotis. 

Phorbantia. See Levekzo. 

Phorbantium, a mountain in Ar- 

PnoRNACis, a city of Baetica, in 

PhORONICUM. ) c^^ A„^^c 

T. . i see Argos. 

Phoronium. 5 

Phorontis, a city of Afia Minor, 
on the cenfines of C:iria and Ionia. 

Phorum, a port of Attica, oppofite 

the ifland Plyttalia. 

Phraala.) o f^ 

■n t See Gaza. 

Phraata. ) 

Phragamd.e, a people of Thrace. 

Phrateria, a city of Dacia, near 
the Danube. 

Phreisii. SeepRisii. 

Phricius, a mountain in Locris, 
near Thermopylae. 

Phritonis. '^ See LARissA,in 

Phriconitis. \ /Eolis. 

Phriconis. ) c t?-. tv- 

„ ; bcc FoiA rsuovA. 

Phbtco.vtis. S 

Phrisii. See Frisii. 

Phrixa, acity of Triphalia. 

Phrixi Oppidum. See Idees- 


Phrixi Templum, fituate on the 
river Phafis, in Colchis. 

Phrixus, a river of Argolis, in the 

Phrixus, a town of Elis, in the 

Phrudis. See Somme. 

Phruri, a people of Scythia. 

Phrurium, a promontory on the 
S fide of Cyprus. 

Phryges (^Bvyges, B>j2i),.a. people 
of Thrace. 

Phryges, a fiver of Afia Minor, 

that feparates Phrygia from Caria, and 
falls into the Hcrmus. 

Phrygia {Uarbaria')., a. province of 
Afia, extending on each fide the equator, 
towards the Red Sea. 

Phrygia Minor (Sara/m, Troas), 
a diltrift between the two Myfis, on 
the river Caycus. 

Phrygia Phile A. See Philea. 

P„avo,us.j s„ „,,,„,. 

Phryxa, a city of Triphalia, in the 

Phryxum. See Ideessa. 

Phtheir {Pbibir, Phtbira), a moun- 
tain in Caria. 

Phtheirophagi. See Phthiro- 

Phthembuthi, > a diftrift of 

Phthemp^h Nomos,5 the Delta, 
between the Athribitic and Thermutic 
branches of the Nile. 

Phthenotes Nomos (Plenethu No' 
mos), a diftrift of the Delta. 

Phthia. See Demochi. 

Phthia, a diltrift of Marmorica, 
on the Mediterranean. 

Phthiotis, a diftrift of Theflfaly, 
near the pafs of Thermopylae. 

Phth.r. J See Phtheir. 

Phthira. ) 

Phthirophagi (Phtbeiropbagi), a 
people of Afiatic Sarmatia. 

Phthuris, a city of Ethiopia, on 
the w fide of the Nile. 

Phthuth, a river of Mauritania 
T^ngitana, flnvs into the Atlantic. 

Phunon {Pb^no, Pbnna, Feriofi), a 
city of the Ifraelites, in Edom. 

Phusca. Sec Physcus. 

Phycus. SeeCAiROAN. 

Phycl'ss*. See Phocus^. 

Phygela. See Pygela. 

Phyla, a fortrefs of Attica, near 

PHYL.'iC'EUM, acity of Phrygia Ma- 
jor, on the confines of Lycia. 

Phylace, a city of MoloITis, in 

Phylace, a city of Macedonia. 

Phylace, a city of Theflaly. 

Phylace, a city of Arcadia, near 
the fource of the Alpheus. 

Phylace.vses, a people of Phrygia. 

Phyle, a ftrong fortreG near Athens. 

Phyllalia, a diftrift of Arcadia. 

Phyllalia, a place in Thefl"dly. 

Phylleius, a city on a mountain of 
the fame name, in Macedonia. 

Phyllis. SccPhillis. 

Phyllis, a city of Egypt. 

Phyllis, a river of Bithynia. 

Phvllos, a diftrift of Arcadia. 


P I M 

Phyllos, ^ a city of Theffaly, 

Phyllus, S near Lariffa ; where 
was a temple facred to Apollo. 

Phyrites, a river of Ionia, flows 
into the Caylter. 

Physca. See Cosabet. 

Physca. See Physcus. 

PHYSCELLA.a city ot" Macedonia. 

Physcion, a rock in Boeotia. 

Ph yscos > (Pov/ta, Phufca), a city of 

Physcus 5 Cana, oppolue Rhodes. 

Physcus {Laton^e Luacs), a grove of 
Latona, in Caria, oppofite Rhodes. 

Physcus, a mountain in Calabria, 
near Crotona. 

Physcus, a river of Afia, flows into 
the Tigris, — io,oco Greeks crolTed this 
river on their return froni Cunaxa. 

Physia, an illand in the Sea of 

Phyteum,7 a city of Eiis, in the 

Phytia, 5 Morea. 

Phytonia. See Ventotiene. 

Phyxium, a city of Elis, in the Mo- 

PiACExzA. See Placenza. 

PiACENZA (Plawjitia), a city of 
Eftramadura, in Spain. 

PiA LE, a city of Pontus, 

Pi AN OS A {Pianaria, PlanaJIa), an 
ifland in the Mediterranean, near the 
coall of Italy. 

PiAVA ) {fTelanienlnm^lpgUamentOy 

PiAVE 5 Tajamento., Anajfus, Anaxus, 
Flavis). a river of Italy, flows into the 
gulf of Venice. 

PiBESET, a city of Lower Egypt. 

PiCARDY {Galb Belgia), a province 
of France. 


PicExsii, a people of Moefia Supe- 
rior, on the Morave. 

PiCENTES (Piceni), the inhabitants 
of Piccnum. 


PicEN'TiM, a people near Salerno, 
in Italy. 


PicENUM. See La Marca. 

Picigithone, a city of Milan, in 
Italy ; where Francis I. king of France, 
was imprifoned. 

Pickering, a town in the North 
Riding of Ycrkfhire, appears to have 
been built about A.C. 240. 

Pico, the iargeft and moft populous 
of the Azores, or Wefttrn Iflands, in the 
Atlantic Ocean, 

PiCRA, a lake in Marmorics, which 
was croh'ed by Alexander when he went 
to confult the oracle of Jupiter Ammon, 

PicT^. See PiCTs. 


PiCTi. See PtCTS. 
PiCTLAND. See Scotland- 
Pi CT ONES {Pificivi), the people of 
Poiftiers, in France. 

PiCTS {Pechls, Pi£!^, Pi^i), war- 
riors, or freebooters, in uncivilifed coun. 
tries, who ornamented their naked bo- 
dies to terrify thofe they intended to at- 
tack :. they are faid to be originally 
Scythians, who emigrated into the 
northern psrts of Britain ; from whence 
they annoyed the Englife for a long fa- 
nes of time. 

PiCTs Wall, was ere<Sted by Adri- 
an, A.D. 123, to prevent the incurfions 
of the Pifts into Britain ; it extended 
from Eden, in Cumberland, to the 
Tyne in Northumberland. 


Pi DA, a city of Pontus. 

PiDNA. See Chitr A. 

PinoRu?, a city of Chalcidice, in 
Macedonia, near mount Athos, 

PiDOs, a city near mount Athos. 

PiDosus, an ifland on the coaft of 
Ca.ia, near Halicarnaffus. 

P I E D M o N' T ( Gallia IrafiJ^adana)^ a 
diflrift of Italy at the foot of the Alps. 

PiENZA, a city of Italy. 

PiERA, a fountain in the Morea, be- 
tween Elis and Olympia. 

PiERES, a people who were expelled 
Maccdon, and fettled in Tiirace. 

P I E R G o (Ahollonia ad Mart ), a ci ty 
of Albania, on a river of the fame name, 
which flows into the gulf of Venice. 

Pier I A, a difl;ri6f of Macedonia, the 
fancied region of the Mufes. 

Pier I A, a diftrift on the confines of 
Cilicia and Syria. 

PiERis, ) a mountain in Mace- 

PiERius, S donia. 

PiERius, a mountain in Syria, to the 
N of Amanus, 

PiERius Sinus, the Sea of Thrace, 
near mount Pangzeus. 
'i PiERus, a mountain in Theflaly. 

PiERUs {Ptiros), a river of Achaia, 
in the Morea. 

PiETOLA, See Petula. 

PiEVE d'Incixo {Forum Licinii), a 
city of Italy. 

PiGNEROL, a town of Piedmont, in 

PiGRUM Mare, the North Sea. 
(See Saturnium.) 

PiGUNTiiE, See Peguntium. 

Pi J, OS. SeePYLUs. 

PiMOLisiE, a fortrefs in Pontus, 
near Pompciopolis. 

PiMOLisENE, a difirift of Pontus, 
on each fide the Halys. 




mountain on the 
_ confines of Macedonia 
and Theffaly. 

PiMPRANA, a city of India, on the 

PfNARA, a city of Pieria, in Syria. 


PiNARE, an ifland in the Archipe- 

PiVARlA {PJnara), a city of Lycia, 
at the foot 6i mount Cragus. 

PlNARlus,^ a river of Afia, fl'ws 

PiNARO, > between Ciiicia and 

PiN'ARUs, 3 Syria, and falls into 
the Mediterranean, to the w of Iflus. 

PiNCiANA Porta. See Col la- 
tin a, 

PiNCiANJE Aquje. See ^gesta- 


Pi V CUM, a city of Moefia Superior, 
on the Morave. 

Pin D ASUS, a mountain of Troas. ' 

PiNDEXissuM, ) a city of Ciiicia, 

PiNDENlssus, J) (jn the confines of 

PiNDUS ( MifO'-zono'), a chain of 
mountains in Macedonia, Epirus, ^nd 

PiNDVS, a province of Epirus. 

PiNDLS, a city of Doris, in Greece ; 
on a river of the lame name, which flows 
into the Ccpliiffus. 

PiNEPTiMi, one of the artificial 
mouths of the Nile. 

PiNETUS, a city of Spain, between 
^raga and Aftor^a. 

PiMAK.'E, a city of RhzBtia. 

Pixna Vestin?a, } a city of 

Pinna Vestinorum, ) Abruzzo 
Ultra, in the territory of Naples. 

PiNQUEN'TO {Ptcuentitm, Pifjuentum), 
a fortrels of Iftria, on the contincs of 

PiNTiA, a city on the sw iidt of 

PiNTiA. See Valladolid. 

PiOLO (Pitit/uri), a city of Italy. 

Piomba {Mairenus,Matrifius)i a river 
of Italy, flows into the gulf of Venice. 

PiCMBiNO, a principality of Tufcany. 

PlONiA, a city uf Myfia, on the river 

Piorum Fratrum Campus. See 

Pi peri {PeparetbKs), an ifland in the 
Archipelago. •' 

Pi PER NO {^rivernum), a city of the 
Volfci, in Jtaly. 


P I R -"E E u s ) (Pi reus, Porto Liotift 
PiRiEUS S Pbalareus)y a celebrated 

harbour at Athens, fuuate at the mouth 

ft the Cephiffus. 

PiRJEUS, a port in the territory of 

PiRAic/E PvL.E, gates of Athen?, 
leading to the Piraeus. 


Pi RAT A RUM {Lejhr-um Regio), a 
diftr'tt of the farther India. 

PiRENE, a fountain on Acroco- 
rinthus, a mountain near Corinth. 

i'lRESiA {AJtcrioii), a city of Thef- 


PiRUS, a river of Achaia, in the 
Morea, flows into the Ionian Sea. 
PiKusTj^, a people of Albania. 

Pisa ^ ( J:it: a Colo ma, P!jatis\ a ci t jr 

Pisffi ) of Tufcany, on the river 
Arno ; was founded about A.M. 2S01, 
and was governed by a commonwealth, 
for a confiderable tune. 

After the frtll of the Roman mo- 
narchy, and the deftruftion of Luna, 
this city grew fo potent, that it waged 
war with the Venetians and the Genucfe 
nt the fame time : during which time, 
they obfiiined the Baleares, Corlka, and 
Sardinia; but the Geroefe iifterwards be- 
came too powerful for the Pifans, who 
placed themlelves under the proteftion 
of Charles IV. 

This city was taken by Jcfcph Ga- 
leas, duke of Milan, who fold it to the 
Florentines, but they were unable to 
keep the Pifans in iubje6lion, who ob- 
tained their fitedom by force of arms; 
wiiich they refained till the Floren- 
tines were affilkd by the Englifli, under 
the command of fir John ilawkwood, 
who loft his life in attempting to reduce 
tlic Pifans to obedience, during the reign 
of Henry IV.; to whofe menic-y rhc 
citizen* erefted a fuperb monument. 

The univerfity was founded in 1^59, 
enlarged by Lorenzo de Medici in 1487^ 
and ftill further augmented by Cofmo d» 
Medici, in 1543. 

Pisa, a city of EUs, in the Morea. 

Pis^i, ) the inhabitants of 

Pisates, 5 Loni^inico. 

PisATis. Sec Pisa. 

PiSAURUM. See Pesaro. 

PiSAURUS (Tfdutuj), a river of Italy, 
flows into the gulf of Venice. 

Piscina Mirabil-'e (^Palntium 
Lucutli, FHta Luculli'), a Palace of Lu- 
cullus between Baisand Mifenijs. 

PiscuRi, a people of the farther 

PiSELLf), a promontory of Natolia, 
in Afiatic yurkey. 

P I T 

P L A 

PiSGA. ■) 5^^ PhaSGA. . 
PiSGAH. 5 

PisiDiA, a province of Afia Minor, 
between J'hrygia, Paniphylia, Galatia, 
and Ilauria. 

PisiDON, a port of the Regio Syrti- 
ca, on the ?vlediterranean. 

PlsiLis, a city of Caria. 

PisiNATES, a people of Umbria in 

PisisTRATi In"sul;e, three fmall 
iilands in Afia, near the coaft of F.phefus. 

PisMOTTA (Melicbie, MUuhn;), a 
fountain of excellent water, near Syra- 
cufe, in Sicily- 

PlsoNis Villa, a place near Baiae, 
in Campania, much frequented by the 
emperor Nero. 
< PissjE. See Pisa. 

PissANTAKi, a people of Mace- 

PissiRUS, a city of Thrace, near the 
river Neilus. 

PlSTOIA, 'i 

PiSTORiA, > a city of Tufcany, 


PiSYE {Pitje), a city of Caria. 
"PiTAME, a city of JEolis, in Afia 

PiTANE, a city of Laconia, on the 
Eu otas, near Sparta. 

PiTANE, a city of Myfia Major, near 
the Caicus. 

PiTANUs, a river of Cor fica. 


PiTHISCUS {Pitbljfas). SeeTEISSK. 

PiTHlusA (Ph/jyufa, Pitmfa, Pityiis, 
' Piiyodgs), an iHand near Yvica, on the 
coaft of Africa. 

PiTHOM. Sea Sues. 


Pithy us A. See Miletus. 

PiTiNUM, a city of Umbria, in Italy, 
on the north fide of the Pifaurus. 

PiTiNUM, a city of Picenum in 


PiTORNivs, a river of Italy, flows 
thrnuj;h the Fucine lake. 

Pitthea, a city of the Morea, near 

Pittineo {Ala/us, AUfm, Halfjui), 
a river of Sicily, that feparates Cephala;- 
dium from Caronia, and falls into the 
Xufcan hta. 

Pitulani, the people of Piolo, in 

PiTULUM. See Piolo. 

PriYJEA, a city of Alia Minor. 

PiTYASSUS, a city of Pifidia. 

PiTYE. See Pifye. 

Pityea, a city of Myfia, between 

Parium and Priapus. See Lampsa- 

Pityodes. See Pithiufa. 

PiTYONESus, an ifland of the Mo- 
rea, near Epidaurus. 

PiTYUS, a city of Afidtic Saimatia, 
on the confines of Colchis. 

PiTYUS. See Pithiufa. 

PiTYUSA. Sec Scio. 

PiTYUSJS, two iflands in the Medi- 
terranean, viz. Ebufus and Ophiul'a. 

PiTYUssA. See Coluri. 

PlXENDORF {Pm;m loriuni), a viU" 
lage of Lower Aullria^ on the Danube. 

Placani {Eljniioiis), a city of Ma- 

Place. Sse Placia. 

Placentia. See Piacenza. 

Placentia ) {Plnyfar.ce, Piaceiiza)^ 

Placekxa ^ acity of Lonibardy,on 
the Po, it was founded about A.M. 2645. 
and was enlarged during the captivity of 
the Jews; afterwards itbecame a colony 
to the Romans, who fortiiied it in fuch a 
manner that Hannibal, by all his fti-ata- 
gems, could not fubduc it. 

The city was fubjcit to the Pallavi- 
ceni, A.D. 1149; 3"'^ after being in 
the polTeifioii of fevc-ral others, it came 
to Galeas duke or Milan ; after whole 
death civil diffenfions arofe among the. 
inhabitants, whicii occafioned the city to 
be laid wafte eight times during the 
fpacc of two years, and at length to be 
totally abandoned. 

After a lapfe of fome time, the build- 
ings being repaired, the Venetians ob- 
tained poffefiion of it, from whom it was 
taken and deinoiiflied by the Milanefe. 

In 1557, Philip 11. king of Spain, 
confirmed it to Offavian the pope's ne- 
phew, ftjr four deltentb only. 

Placia, a city of Bithynia, on the 
Hellelpont, near Cyzicum, 

Placus, a mountain of Troas, 

Placia, a maritirac town of Li- 

Plagiaria, a city of Lufitania. 

Pla.n'aria, one- of the Canary 

Plan'aria.) c t, 


Plan ASIA, a city on the Rhone. 
Plan'asia. SeeLERiNA. 


Planesia. See Lerina. 

Plani/za {Inat.bus~), a river of the 
Miirea, flows into the gulph of Naples. 

Plata h.\ {xhgeKtea, Argentina), a 
citv of South America. 

Platjea, 9, city of Boeotia, near 
mount Citheron \ where the Grecian* 

V L 1 


defeatetl the Pcrfiars with great flaugh- 
ttr, A.C. 479 ; and from that t me the 
Pcrfians never dared to pafs. the Hellc- 

The ciry was befitecd and taken by 
the Thebans at the beginning of the 
Peloponncfinn war, ami demoiillied by 
the Spartans, A.C. 427 ; after which, it 
was rebuilt by Alexander. 


Plat.vge. Sec Morgo. 

Plat.vm (flahr'ts), a river of Sicily. 

Plat.vkistas, a fmall fpot near 
Sparta, where the yoUth pra6lifed their 

Platanius, a river of Bceotia, 

Platan'U.s, a city of Phcenicia. 

Plate, an ifland in the Arciiipelajro. 

T L AT E \ (P/auea), an iflsnd in the 
Mediterranean, on the coill of Libya. 

Platone, a fmatl town of Sidonia. 

Plavis. See Piavk. 

Plavsance. Sec Placentia. 

PlegeriuM', a city of India, on the 

PLE.MMiRtUNt, ) a fortrefs of Si- 

Plemmyrium, j» cily, eretted on 
an ifland-of the fame iiame near Sy- 

Pler>>ei, a people of Illyricum. 

PlESCOVIA,) ■ r 11 /T- 

■p. r-c-^r. ( a citv of Ruflj.i. 

I'Ltscovv, y 

Pleshe V, a village near Chelmsford, 
in kflex ; it was the feu of the lord 
hii^h coiUlable of England from the car- 
lieft inftitiition of that office, to rbe year 
1400; and from this place Thomas of 
Woodftock, duke of Glocefter, was in- 
veigled away in 1397, by his nephew 
king Richard II. to go to Lond;-n ; but 
when he arrived at Eppint;; Fortlf, he 
was waylaid by certain people, who con- 
duced him to a vefiel in the Thames, 
which coiivcved him to Calais, where he 
was privately murdered. 

The remains of the fortifications are 
dill vifible. 

Plessis le Tours, a palace 
of Touraine, in France, credited by Louis 
XI. who died there in 11S3. 

Plei ENfssu.s. See Petn'emssus. 

Px-EU.MOSli, a ptople of France, near 

Pleurox, See BozrcHiSTRAN. 

Plin'thtve, a mariiime town of 
Egvpt, on rhe MediterraneaUk 

Pliscoea, a city near mount Hae- 
xnu<. < 

Plisti^, a city of Italy. 

Plist^'S, a river of Phocis, flows into 
the bn- of Corinth. 

PLiTANr.^, two fmall iflands in the 
Archipelago, ntar Trwas. 

Vlotjz. Tte LiPARi. ■ 

Plocksk^, > a city of Poland, in 

Plotchzko, 5 a province ot the 
fame name. 

i'LO riNoroLis, a city of Dae a, 

Plotinopolis,\ a city of T.iracc, 

Ploupkn, J on tiie Hebrus. 

PLurrAi.iA. See Pll-'vialia. 

Pm'MBARIA, a i"m«ll i/land in the 
Mediterranean, on the eaftern caft of 

Plumb ARIA, an ifland near Sar- 

Plumbarii. See Armcnka. 

Plusa {Apiufu , a river of Italy, 
flows into the guiph of Venice, near Ari- 

Plutia, a city of Sicily. 

Plutonium, a place in Phrygii. 

Plutonium, a temple at Aciiaraca, 
in Lvdia. 

Pluvialia (P/uilalia), one of the 
Canary Iflands. 

Plymouth (S/'Hon, Snah To-^un), a 
maritime town in the county of Devon. 

Plympton, a town in Devnnlhirc, 
where a mo.ialtcry was ercttcd, A.D. 

Pf.vNos, a port of Marmorica, on 
the Mediterranean. 

Pnige'js, a village of Egypt. 

Pnyx, the hall or room, in which 
the publi; alkinblies were held at 

Po {Eridifius, Pai.hs\z. river of Italy, 
flows into thi gulf of Venice. 

PocucE, Ti province of Poland. 

PoDALEA, i a city in the .mod 

Podama, > nortUern part of Ly- 

PoDALLiA, ) cia, near the fou'rce ot* 
the Xanthus. 


Podium. SeePuY. 

PoDOLiA, the country between the 
Borifthenes and the D.>.nube. 

PonoNA, a town of Gerjmany. 

PuiAN THE, an idand in the Euxine 
Sea, at the mouth of the Phafii. 

PtT.ciLE, the place at Athens, where 
Zeno inftrudted his dii'ciples. 

PrECiLE, a place in Eiis, that re.leA- 
ed the voice feven times. 

PcECiLE Petra, a rock on the 
coalt of Cilicia. 

P(I:diculi. See Apulia. 

PoiEssA. See Rhodes. 

Pceessa, a city on the illand of Zia. 


P (j; M A N" I u M , ) a m:.) u n t ai n i n Ma- 

PoEMANUM, S pedonia. 
, PiEXi, a name by which both the 
Phoenicians and Carthaginians were- 



PcEOKTA, a di(lri6t of Macedonia, 

PoEssA. See Rhodes. 

PcETOvio- See Pet AW. 

PcEUS, a part of mount Pmdus- 

PoGGiBOKzr, a city cf Tulcany. 

PoGGiORCATE (^Piil^polis), a city 
Bear Naples. 

PoGLisi (JSiympbalus), a mountain in 

PoGON, > a port of Traezen, in 

PoGONUS, 5 the Morea. 

PoiCTlKRs) {Pov tiers, Limonum, 

PoiTlEKS 5 Augujlautum), ■Si City oi 
Poitou, inj France, where Edward the 
Black. Prince of England obtained a com- 
plete viftory over the French, in 1356, 
taking the French king and his fon both 
ef them pritoners, wtiom he brought 
into England. 

Near this city are feveral Roman anti- 
quities. The univerfity was founded by 
Charles VII. in 1430. 

PoissY, a citv in the ifle of France, 
near St. Germain's, 

PoiTOU, a province of France. 

Pol A {Pohtoritim, J^Jia Pietas), a 
chy of the Latins, in Italy, in the ter- 
ritory of Venice, on the peninfula of 

PoLA {Pauca, Paula), a city on the 
•wtft fide of Corfica. 

P01.ACHIA, a province of Poland. 

Poi.AKD IPolonia), an extenfive 
country in Europe, divided into the 
greater and the Itfs. containing variaiLs 
j^rovinces, viz. Livonia, Lithuania, \o- 
imia, Samogitia, Podolia, Ruflia Nigra, 
Mazovia, Prulfia, Podlaifii, Orwitz, and 
Poland. The people were defcended 
from the Sclavi and Sarmati, and were 
termed P^lachs. 

Lechus and Czechus, two brothers, de- 
parted from Croatia to kt.k dwellings in 
a dillant country; Lechvis fixed his rtli- 
dence in Polonia, and Czechus took up 
kis abode in Bohemia. 

Lechus built Gnefna, where he refid- 
ed, and fubdued Silcfia, Brandenburg, 
Pruffia, Mecklenburg, Pomcrania, Hoi- 
ilein, and Saxony ; he was killed in a 
duel, and his poftenty continued about 
1 50 yeirs, when his line failing in Vif- 
xner, the people elefted twelve palatines 
or wayvods to govern them ; and under 
that form of government they continued 
a ccniidf^rable time, till the people be- 
came diffatisfied ; and about A.D. 700, 
clefted a fingle prince named Cracus, who 
expelled the Eaft Franks out of his ter- 
ritories, and built a city which he called 
Cracow, where he eflablilhed his go- 
vernmcct; at his death he left two -oas^ 

Cracus and Lechus, and one daughts?' 
named Venda ; Cracus fucceeded his fa- 
ther, but he being killed by his brother', 
the people baniflied Lechus, and Vendi 
fucceeded to the government. 

Rittogarus a German prince folicited 
her in marriage, whom (he refufedj.on 
that account he invaded Poland, and 
being defeated, f«X)n after put an end to 
his exirtence ; Venda afterwards taking 
a religious turn made feveral facrihcesi 
and at length drowned hcrfelf in the 
river Viltula. 

After her death the people elefted 
palatines a^ain, and the country was in- 
vaded about 758 by the Moravians and 
Pannonians, who were defeated and 
driven out of the country by Primiflaus, 
who was elefted prince under the af- 
lumed name of Lefchus ; at his death a 
controverfy arofe about the fucceffion, 
and the perlbn nxed upon having ufed 
unfair means to obtain the fuuation, his 
rival was ele£ted, and ca;led Lefchus 
IL ; he being killed in an engagement 
with the French, was fucceeded by Po- 
pielus, a perfonof a dailardly fpirit, and 
unfit to govern ; he removed the feat of 
government from Cracow to Gnefna, 
and from thence to Crulvicia, where he 
ereded a caftle ; at his death, PopieJus 
IL wa"; choftn, and his uncles were ap- 
pointed guardians during his minority ; 
he being of a vicious habit, they were in 
hopes to reclaim him by marriage, and 
accordingly fixed upon a German prin- 
cefi, whom he married •, but (he, by her 
covetoufnefs and cruelty, made him 
worfe J and taking the government upon 
herfelf, fhe behaved with great cruelty 
to her family; after her deceafe there 
was an interregnum for feveral years. 

Piaftus Rufticus being elected prince, 
he removed the feat of government to 
Gnefna, and was beloved by the people 
for his mild behaviour, and other excel- 
lent qualities ; his poftcrity continued for 
a feries of years, when Meciflaus being 
chofen,he married Damhrouca, daughter 
of Bolcllaus duke of Bohemia, and was 
afterwards baptized ; the kingdom being 
converted to the faith, he built feveral 
churches, and made Gnefna and Cracow 
two bishopries ; after thefe proceedings, 
he applied to the pope to be inveftcd 
with the title of king, but was unfuc- 

He was fucceeded by Boleflaus, who 
being in friendlhip with the emperor, 
was created king, A.D. 1000; a war 
breaking out with the Bohemians, they 
took Cracow, and the Poles took Prague 



and Viccgradc, with the king and his 
Ion Jaroniire ; the eyas of the king were 
put out, and Moravia being fubJued, 
Boleflaus waged war with the duke of 
Prulfia, and took Kiovia from him ; he 
afterwards took Brandenburg from the 
Saxons, and invaded Pomerania, where 
being defeated by the emperor, his nobles 
became dilfatufied, but were ioon re- 
duced to their allegiance; when he at- 
tacked the Ruffians, and being luc- 
cefsful, demanded tribute from them, 
which they would not I'ubmit to; on 
■ which account, he with an army entered 
the country, and took feverai of their 
nobility, whom he imprifoned. 

Boleflaus dying, was iucceeded by 
Miefco II, who was attacked by the Bo- 
hemians ; and Moravia being taken po<- 
leihon of by them, he retaliated by 
feizingupon Pomerania, foon after which 
he died ; and the people being diffatisfied 
with the queen, Ihc took her fon, with 
all the treafure flie could collecl, toge- 
ther with the two crowns of the king- 
dom to the emperor, who gave her Mag- 
deburg and Brunfwick, and fent her fon 
to a monaittry. 

Maflaus, the cup-bearer, having taken 
poffeffion of Mazovia, caufed great con- 
fufion , the nobility agreed to recal their 
prince Cafimir, but he being ordained a 
deacon, rejefted their petition till the 
pope granted him abfolutlon, which be- 
ing obtained, he returned, and the em- 
peror reftored the two crowns to him : 
the rebellion continued for fome time, 
but was at length fupprefled ; when the 
prince font for Ibmc monks of his own 
order, and giving them large polTclfions, 
exalted Cracow to an archbifhopric ; 
after this king's death, the nation ap- 
pears to have been in an unfettled ilate, 
and was at one time for the Ipace of 215 
years without any king. 

Primiflaus havmgthe crown conferred 
upon him, was foon after murdered, and 
civil diffenfions arofe, which caufed a fa- 
mine and peftilence that carried off great 
numbers of the inhabitants ; and the go- 
vernment continued in an unfettled fiate 
till 1553, when Sigifm\:nd, having caufed 
the lav.s of the land to be regiltered in 
fix books, compelled the matter of the 
Teutonics to fwear fealty to him, and 
on his fubmiflion created him duke of 
Courland ; after which, he formed a 
league with Denmark, and attacked the 
Swedes, which caufed the Alufcovites to 
invade Livonia, where thcv were de- 
feated with the lofs cf 5000 loaded wag- 
gons, and grca( numbecs 9f ;li«U arm/ 

The people of Dantzic being trouble- 
fome, he deprived them of many privi- 
leges they had been accuftomed to, foon 
after which he died, and Henry duke o£ 
Bouibuu, brother to the French king, 
being cleiled to luccced him, took pol- 
felJion of the kingdom ; but being in- 
formed of his brother's deatn, he left 
Cracow in the ni^hi, which caufed the 
chancellor and his friends to fix upoa 
Maximilian the emperor ; the Turks in- 
terfering at this time, caufed Stcphea 
prince of Tranfylvaniri to be elc<5teJ 
Ring ; foon after which a peace was 
concluded with the Muicovitts, upoa 
their furrendering Kiga and adi Livonia. 
The people of Dantzic being foon after 
reconciled, the nation wa^ at peace with- 
in itlclf when the king died. 

There being two competitors for the 
crown, Miximilun duke of Acllria and 
Sigifmund fon of the king of Suevia, 
Maximilian was taken prifoncr, and after 
continuing fo the fpace of two years, 
was rcleaied, when the queen of Eng- 
land procured a peace between this coun- 
try and the Turks. 

At the inlligation of the iefuits, the 
nobility met at Lublyn, where the king 
came unexpcftedly, and caufed fcvcral 
of them to be (lain, which occafioned a 
tumuk in the kingdom for the fpace of 
two years, when the nobles became re- 
conciled, and the Poles took Smolenlko 
from the Mufcovites. 

in i6n, the king confirmed the duke- 
dom of PruHia on the cledor of Bran- 
denburg, and his heirs male ; ihe next 
year the Poles being defeated by the 
Turks in Waiachia, and by the Mufco- 
vites in K.ullia, caufed a liedition, and 
Gnefna fell a prey to the difaffefbed; 
Sniolenfko was recovered by the Mufco- 
vites, and a civil war raged in Poland, 
of Vv-hich the Coil'acks took advantage, 
and the Tartars invaded Podolia, where 
they deftroyed four cities, and 400 vil- 
lages, taking at the fame time immenfe 

W^alachia being the feat of war, the 
chancellor and 900 Poles loft their lives 
there, when a truce being concluded 
with the Turks, it terminated in a peace 
both with them and the Swedes. 

PoLEMOKlUM, a city of Pontus, in 
Afia, on the Euxinc Sea. 

PoL£NDAS, a fmall ifland in the 
Archipelago, near the Thracian Cher- 


PoLENzo. ) Liguria. 
PoLicANDKO, one <ji the Cyckde 



PoLiCASTRo {Buxenium, Buxen- 
iium, Pyxus). a city of Naples. 

POLICHNA, a city of Troas, in Afia 
Minor, on the I'ummit of mount Ida. 

PoLiEUM. See SiRis, a city. 

PoLlMELON {Ariu5)y a river of 

Pol IN A (^Aom), a river of Mace- 
donia, flows near Apollonja. 

PoLiNA {Hhdca), a marfhy diftrift 
of Lower Pannonia. 

PoLiK A, a city of Albania.' 

POLINI, ) a city of Latium, 

PoLJTORiUM, ) whofe inhabitants 
were removed by Ancus Martius, to the 
Mons Aventinus, at Rome. 

Pol LENT! A, a city of Majorca. 

PoLLENTiA, a city of Picenum, in 

PoLEKT i /. ) {Polait'ia, Polenzo, Po- 

PoLENZA ) /enlia), a city of Ligu- 
ria. (See SoLENZA.) 

PoLLiNA {ApoUoiiia), a city of Si- 
cily, near Halus and Cala6\a. 

PoLLrN'A {Mur.ahts), a rivulet of Si- 
cily, flows into the Tufcan Sea. 

PcxLUPEx. See Final. 

PoLONiA. See Poland. 

Polotxa, a city of Livonia. 

PoLUscA (Pol)fca), a city of the 
Volfci, in Italy. 

PoLYJSGOS, an ifland in the Archi- 
pelago, en the coaft of Thrace, where 
are abundance of goats. 

Poly ANUS, a mountain ia Macedo- 
nia, near Pindus. 

PoLYDEUCFA, a fountain of Laco- 
»ia, near Therapne. 

PoLYDOKA, > an ifland in the Sea 

POLYDORi, ) of Marmora, oppofne 


PoLYMEDiA, ) a village of Troas, 

PoLYMEDluM, } near the pio- 
rhontory Ledlum. 

PoLYFODUS/i, an ifland near Cnidus. 

PoLYREN, "^ n city on thcw 

'POLYRRHENIA, ^ fide of Candia, 

PoLYRRHENiUiM,3 where there are 
numerous flocks of (heep. 


PoLYTiMETUS, a river of Sogdiana, 
flows into the Cafpian Sea. 


roMERANlA(t//OT^'j7(^/a). a province 
©f Germany, in the circle of Upper Sax- 

PoMERELLA, a diftrift of Poland. 

PoMERiE'JX,) a town of Anjou, 

PoMERIUM, ) in France. 

PoMETiA ) {Por7iml/a,Pon. 

PoMETiA SuEssA 5 lia), a' city of 
the Volfci, in Italy. 

PoMiGLi.\xo {Pc/mpcianum)f a city 
of Campania, in Italy. 

Pomona. See Mainland. 
PoMosuM. SeeTivoLi. 

g°=^'^^'' \ acityofMoefia. 
Pompeii, $ ^ 

PoMPEiANUM, a port of Gallia Nar-^ 

Pompeii, "I a city of Campania, 

PoMPEiUM,/ in Italv, which was 
nearly deftroyed by an earthquake A.D. 
63, but was foon rebuilt; and j6 years 
afterwards was totally fwaliowed up by 
another earthquake, which accompanied 
an eruption of mount Vefuvius. 

PoMPEioroLis {Eupcuoria), a city 
of Paphlagonia. 

PoMPEiopoLis. See Pampelvna. 

PoMPEloPOLis {Soli, Solea, JEpea), 
acity of Cilicia. (See Palesoli) 

PoMPELON. See Pampeluna. 



PoMPTiNUs Campus. See Pon- 


PoNEROFOLis. See Philippo- 


Pons, a city of Saintonge, in France. 
Pons ^lius. See Ponte St. An- 


Pons --'Emilius. SeeiEMiLius. 

Pons Aurelius. See Ponte Rot- 

Pons Campanus, a bridge over the 
river Saone, near Capua. 

Pons Cestius. See Cestius. 

Pons Darii, a bridge built by Da- 
rius, over the Danube, to the w of the 

Pons Milvius. See Ponte 


Pons Tagi, a bridge built by Tra- 
jan over tl^e Tagus, near Alcantara. 

Pons Trajani, a bridge erefted 
by Trajan, over the Danube : this was 
accounted the moft magnificent of all his 
proje<Sts, and was demolifiied by his 
hicctffor, Adrian, whofe proceedings in 
this cafe are varioufly accounted for. 

PoNTAFELLA {jjulium CarmcuTn), a 
city of Zuglia, en the frontiers of Auf- 
tria and Italy. 

PoNT Arlier, a fortrcfs between 
France and Switzerland. 

PoNp Beauvoisin {Lcibifco), a city 
of Dauphine, in France, on tUe confines 
of Savoy. 

Pont ue l'Arche, a fortrefs of 
Normandy, in France- 

Pont'de Lunel (^Ambritffui)^ a 
place in Langutdoc, between Moutpelitt 
and Nifiiies. 

p oisr 


1*0 KTE CoRVo {Fre^eUa"), a city 
cf the Volfci, in Italy; colonized A.C. 
J26, and afterwards deftroyed by the 
Romans, becaufc the inhabitants re» 

PoiVTF.FA, I a fortrefs on the 

PoXTEFELLA) j frontiers of Auftria 
and Venice. 

PoN'TEFRACT, a town in the Weft 
Riding of Yorkfh re ; where was a caftic, 
in which numeious tragical events oc- 
Cured, particularly the murder of King 
Richard II. 


PONTE MOLLE {Ml/vilts, MlilvrnS, 
Muhkus Pofts'), a bridge over the Tiber, 
on the Via Flaminia. 

PoNTE RoTTO (Pons Aureliui\ a 
bridge over the Tiber, at Rome. 

Pontes, a city of the Ambiani, in 

Pontes, a town of the Catticuchlani, 
between Wailingford and London. 

PoNTE St. Angelo {^!i:ts Pons), 
a bridge over the Tiber, ac Rome, which 
is the road from the city to the Vatican. 

PoNTE SistO {JcmiciiltttJIs Po7iSf 
Flumfntanus"), a marble bridge over the 
Tiber, at Rome. 

PoNTHois. See Pontoise. 


Pontia, an ifland in the bay of the 
Syr.-is Msjor. 

Po.vtia ) (Pofiza, (Enotria), an 

PontIjE ) ifland in the Tufcan Sea, 
on the coaft of Naples. 

Pontica Provincia (PontJ Pro- 
vincia, Bltbynia Provincia), a country 
on the coaft of the Euxine Sea, which 
included a large traft befides Bithynia. 

PoNxrcuM. Sea Terouenne. 

PoNTicuM Mare. ) „ 

PovTi EuxiNJ Mater. Ji' ^^ 
AsopH, Sea of. 

Pontificense. SeePoRCuNA. 

ponticon. > 

Pontigonensis Villa. 3 


PoNTiN a {Itulia H<-raelea), a city of 
Spain, the birch-place of Trajan. 

PoNTiNA ■^ {Pomptnia Pahides, 

P O N T I N le. J- Pnlus Pomplina, S.tiu. 

PoNTINI ^ ra. Satura Pnlus) ^ ^n marfliy diftriti in Italy, called 
the Pontine marlhes, 

PoNTiuM. See Terouenne. 

Pontremoli {Af-mi), a city of Li- 
guria, on the confines of Tufcany. 

PoNTUS, a diftrift of Moefia Inferior. 
See Bulgaria. 

PoNTUS (Ri'^io Ponttca), an cxtcnfive 
country in Afi^ Minor, on the coaft of 
xhe Euxine Sea. 


PoNTUS EuxFNUs. See Ska» 

Pont YON (Pontego, Poniigon, Po'itU 
gonfnjls Fitla), a village of Champagne, 
in France. 

Ponza. See Pontia. 

Poole, a town in Dorletfhire. 

Pope, the title was firft conferred en 
Piub, A.D. 154. 

PopiLii Forum. See Forvm. 

PoPLONIUM, 1 a maritime town 

PopulonIA, >of Tuicany, de- 

PopuLONiuM, 3 ^roysd during the 
civil wars of Scylla. 

PoraTA. beePRUTH. • 

Porcari (Pan/cuias, Pantagyas), a 
rivulet in Sicily. 

Porch ester (Porfpcras)^ a village 
in Hnmpfhire, which was beficged by 
the Romans, .-^.D. 44. 

Porcxfera, a river of Italy, Raws 
near Genoa. 

PoRCUNA {Obuko, Ohulamy Pontiff 
ccnfr), a town of Andalufia, in Spain. 


PoRiNA, > a rivulet of Arcadia, in 

PORJNAS, 5 the Morea. 

PoRMON {PoUmonium), a cityof Pon- 
tus, in Alia. 

PoRwoN (Thermodony, a river of 
Pontus, in Afia. 

PoROSELENE {PordoJilene\ a city on 
an ifland of the fame name, near Lefbos. 

PORPHYREON. > ., r> 


PoRPHYRioNE, a fmall iflandin the 
Sea of Marmora, oppofice Cyzicum, 

See Cerigo. 


PoRsicA, a city of Mefopotamia, on 
the Euphrates ; oppofue Eaeifa. 

Porta Augusta. See Oporto. 

Porta PiA (Fieulnenjis Porta) ^ one 
of the gates of Rome, on the Mons 

Port^kAlb ANiiE SeeCAUCASi^E. 

PortjE AMANiCffi. See Amanicje. 

Port.e 'Jaspi-b. See CaspijE 


PoRT-n MEDI.E, defiles at mount 
Zigrus, tiirougU which there is a paf- 
la^e from Media to Paithia. 

PoRT^ff Persides, defiles between 
Sulia and Perfia, v^hich are called both 
Perfides and Sufirie«. 

PoRT-E Romance, the gates of 
Rome, which, in the time of R<jmulo;, 
weit only three : when the city was at i.s 
utmoft extent, they anwunied to 37- 
Portalegri i^Ano'ti, Amr.'Hii}, a 
city nf Lullunu. 

V O R 

P O R 

PoRTATORi {Ufeiis), ^ river of 
Italv, flows into rfic Tufcan Sea. 

FoRTECRoz {Mif/i), an ifland on the 
coaft of France. 

PoRTELAND (^/.'V Pons). See 
PoNTE St. Angelo. 

PoRTES (^T'aygsiuSf'To'gflus'), amoun- 
tain on 'the confines of Meffenia and 

PoRTHMiA, ) a city at the 

PoKTHMiuM, 5 mouth of the Pa- 
lus Moeotis. 


PoRTiCANi Regio, a difti i6t on 
the E fide of the Indus, near iis mouth. 

PoRTici, a palace of the king of 

PoRTiMO } (Por/bmus), a mari- 

PoRTiMOS 5 time town of Negro- 
pont, near Eretria. 

Portland {^rndflis) a peninfula 
in the county of Durfet. 
. Porto. See Ostia. 

Porto. See Oporto. 

Porto Bota (Bia:a), a maritime 
town in the s of Sardinia. 

Porto Buok (/kha-orum Partus), a 
harbour in Taurica Cherfonc-fus. 

Porto Farrajo {Argons Portus), 
a fortrefs on the ifle of Elba. 

Porto Favono {Fanjouii Pur/us, 
Pbilonii Porlus), a port on the E fide of 

Porto Fiko {D^lpbini Portia, Dcl- 
pbn.os), a psMt of Liguria, near Genoa. 

Porto Gallo {Mo:j;a), a city of 

Porto Iscauros {Foffa Scauri, 
Scauri FunJus), a place in Italy, between 
Gaietta and Trajetta. 

Porto Lioke. See 

Porto Lognin.\ {Vhffis Portus), a 
port of Sicily, at the foot of mount .^tna. 

Porto LuK-a, a ciiy of Liguria. 

Porto Malfetan {Crefa, Cijfa), 
a city of Thrace. 

Porto Maggiore (Porfus Magnus, 
Partus Major, SyraatPtnus Suiu.<, S^'-n'rs 
Suanius, Portus Arcibufte), a port of Sy- 

Porto Raguseo {Amantiu) a ma- 
ritime town of lilyria. 

PoKTO Vecchio (Alijfa), a dillrifV 
•f Coifica, on the se part of the ifland. 

Porto Vknere {Portus J^'encm), a 
port on tni'. Gulf of Genoa, to the s of 

PoRTOSPAN A, a city of Caramania. 

PoRTS.MOUTH {Mcignits Purtus), a. 
maritime town of Hampihire. 

Portugal {iMfiUm'm), the moft, 
weftern country in Europe. 

Portus. See Oporto. 

Portus Albus, a tnaritime towm 
in Spain, near Gibraltar. 

Portus Artabrorum. See Ar- 


Portus Augusti. See Oporto. 

Portus Augusti. See Ostia. 

Portus Augusti, a maritime town 
of Fiance, near the mouth of the Rhone. 

Portus Calles. See Oporto. 

Portus Cyrenes, a maritime 
town of Cyrenaica. 

Portus Delpiuni. See Porto 


Portus Deorum, a port of Mauri- 
tania Caefarienfis, on the Mediterranean. 

Portus DEORUiM Soter {Partus 
Saluiaris Deorum), a port of Egypt, on 
the Arabian Gulf. 

Portus DuBKis. See Dover. 

Portus Dulcis, a port of Epirus, 
at the mouth of the Acheron. 

Portus Gessioriagus. SeeBou- 
L o c; N E . 

Portus Hannibalis. See Han'- 

NiBALis Insula. 

Portus Herculis.") « t ^^ 
„ T, f bee L.EC- 

Portus Herculis > „ 

T l horn. 

Labroxis. ) 

PoKTUs Jccius. See Icius. 

Portus Illicitanus. See Vj* 
KRTo DE Alicante. 

Portus Itius. See Icius. 

Portus Laccius. See Portus 

Portus Lemanis. See Limf. 

PoRius LunjE. See Lun.«. 

Portus Macedon'JU.M; a port of. 
Caramania, in the Peitian Gulf. 

Portus Magnus, in Spain. See 


Portus Magnus, in England. See 

Portus Magnus, in Syracufe. See 
Porto Mag(;iore. 

Portus Magnus, a maritime town 
of Mauritan'a Cajfaritnfis. 

PortusMajor. See PortoMag- 

Portus Marmoreus. See Por- 
tus Parvus. 

Portus Mknelai. See Mene- 

Portus Minor. See Portus 

PoRTUsMoNi-ECi. See Monacho. 

Portus Mossylicus, a maritime 
town of Ethiopia, on the gijlf of Zeila ; 
from whence cinnamon was brought t« 

Portus Ostia:. > See Ostia. 

Portus Ostiensis. ^ 

Portus Par.(ETOnius. See Al. 



P R A 

PoRTUs Parvus {Pottus Laccna^ 
Partus Marmoreusy Partus Minor), the 
dock or arfenal of Syracufe, which was 
Vi.ry capacious ; but the entrance to it 
was fo narrow, that only one veffel could 
pais at a tinfie. 

PORTUS PhARI. } c r\ 


PoRTUS Secor, a port of Aqaitain, 
fn France. 

PoRTus Salutakis Df.orum. See 
PoRTus Deorum Sotek. 

PoRix's SiGANius. See Porto 

PoRTUs Velinus, a port of Lu- 
cania, hear Veiia, 

PoRTUs Veneris (^Myo/bor7»ui), a 
port «f Upper Egypt, on the Arabian 

PoRTus Veneris. See Porto 


PoRTus Veneris ad Pyre- 
s' .1:0x1, a port of Rouinilon, on the 
Mediterranean. ' 

Posega, a country of Germany, be- 
tween the rivers Save and Drave. 

PosEN. See Pos>rANlA. 

PosiDVEUM, a citv of Bithynia, be- 
tween He raclea and Pfyllion. 

PosiDFUM, a city of Ionia, on a 
prnmontury of the fame name on the 
confines of Caria. 

Pos)DEUM,a city on the frontiers of 
Ciiicia and Syria. 

PosiDiUM, a town on the ifland Scar- 

Posxdoxia. SeeTRiziNA. 

PosiDONiA, a city of Lucania, in 

PosiDOKiUM. a village of Calabria, 
ne^r a ttniplc facred to Neptune. 
PosN'A, a province ot Poland. 
PosXA.viA {P'jfcn), a city of Poland. 
PosoNiVM, a city of Hungary. (See 


Posse XE {Pej/inus), a city of Galatia, 
on the cmnnes of Phrygia Magna, 
where was a temple facred to Cybele. 

Posso.MUM. See Presburg. 


PosTUMiA Via. See Via. 

PoTAiMiA, a diflriit of Pdphlagonia, 
on the FroQtiers of Bithynia, 

PoTA.MOs, a village of Attica, near 
the promontory Suniuin. 


PoTE.VTiA, ) a city of Naples, near 
PoTE.vzA, 5 the gulf of Venice. 
PoxXDy-EA. See Schiato. 
PoTlD^A. See Cassandria. 
Potidania, a city of jEtolia. 
PoTN'i-K, a city of Boeotia, where 
vas a temple dedicated to Bacchus, 

PoTNi.'Ej a city of Magnefia, in 


Practjum, a city of Afia Minor, on 
the Heliefpont. 

Practius, a river of Myfia, flows 
between Abydos and Lampfacus.. 

PracIAni. a people of Aquitain. 


Pr.i:essa, a city on the ill^nd of Zia. 
Pr^SEste "^ {Pohjitpbanos), a 
Prjeneston /-city on mount Are- 
Pr^NESTOS 3 ''"<^> in Itaiv; found* 
ed about A.M. 2655; where was a 
temple dedicated to Fortune, whofe 
pavement was all mofaic work 
Pr^nkstj>?a Via. See Via. 
Pr^esidium. See Warwick. 
PfiiESiDiUM, a city of Corfica. 
Pr.jesidium. Sec Patringtoj?, 
Pr.^lsidium Julium. See San- 


Pr^esSs]} afmallcityofCandia. 
Pr;esti, a people of India. 
Prjetoria Augusta. SccCron- 


Pretoria Augusta. See Aosta, 

Pr.btok.ium. See Patrington:* 

Pr.^torium Latovicorum, a 
city of Pannonia Superior, on liie river 

PRiETUTiANUs Ager, a diftrift of 
Picenum, in Italy. 

PRiETUTiUM, a city of Picenum, in 

Prague {Bubienjtm,Bojobinum, Ma^ 
robudiis, Marobuduni), the chief city of 
Bohemia, wa> founded about A.M. 
2458 J it is firuaied near the centre of 
B )hemia, and is divided into three parts, 
independent of the diflridl occupied by 
the Jews ; viz. the upper, or old town ; 
the new town, built by the emperor 
Charles IV. A.D. 1349 ; and the fmall 
town, whicli is ieparated from the others 
by the river Muldaw. The univerfity 
was founded in 1360. 

Pramn'ia Petra, a rock on the 
idand Nicaria. 

Pr AS, a city of Pcrrliaebia, in Thef- 

pRAsiA ) {Brq/ia), a maritime 

Prasi^3 town of Laconia. 

Prasite, a village in Attica., an iiland formed by the 
mouth of the Indus. 

Prasiate, ) a people of India, o!T 

Prasii, 5 ^he banks of the 

Prasodks Sinus, a bay on the w 
fide of the ifland of Cevk)n. 




PratiTjE, a people on the confines 
of Media a:i.j Panhia. 

Precop {Peukop, T'aphra^ Taphras), 
a fonrefs in Crim Tartars'. 

Prelius Lacus. See Lago di 

Premis. See Primis. 

Premislia, a prinapality of PufTia- 

Premnis.) c -d^...., 
T)„ r See Primis, 

Premuis. j 

Pr^setus {Prone Hos, Pr^nelus), a 
citv of Bithynia 

the Cy lides. 

Presburg (Pofmium), the chief 
citv of Lower Hungary, where the re- 
galia of their firft king is depofued^ and 
where the fucceeding tnonarchs have 
been crowned. 

Pri.senzan© (Rufr^), a fortrcfs of 
the Samnites, in Campania. 

Presteign, a town of Radnorfliire^ 
in South Wales. 

¥ REV t.s A{Nicopolh),a city of Albania. 

Priaponesus, an ifland in the Si- 
nui Ceramicus, on the coaft of Caria. 

Priavus, afmall ifland near EpheTiis. 

Priapus, a maritime town of Mylla 
Minor, near Parium. 

Priene (^Cadme), a city of Ionia, 
the birth-place of Bias, one of the 
Grecian fagcs. 

Primis {Premis^ Prenim:, Premvis), 
a fonrefs in Ethiopia. 

Primislavia, a principality of Po- 

Prinassus, a city of Caiia. 

Principato Citr^a, a diftrift in 
the territory of Naples. 

Principato Jttra, a diftriift in 
the terrirory uf Naples. 

Prinda, a city of Hungary. 

Prion, a rnoimrain on the Ifland 

Prion, a river of Arabia Felix. 

Prion, a place at Carthage. 

Prionotus, a mountain in Upper 
Egypt, near the Arabian Gulf. 

Prisciana, a city uf Mauritania 
Tingitana, to the e of Sallee. 

Prisren {Vlpiannm), acity of Servia, 
on the Drino. 

Pkivernates, the inhabitants of 

Privernlm, a city of the Volfci, 
In Cainpauia. 

Proa f< n a ( Proirna), a city of Fhthi- 
otis, in Thcffily. 

Pkobalint;;us, a village of Te- 
trapolis, in Attica. 

Prooatia, a liver of Boejtia, iJows 
near Lebades. 

Prockrastis. See ChalcedOn'. 

Prochv."a,"^ a c ty on an ifland 
Proch /TE, > "if the fame name, in 
P?OCITA. ^thegnK of Nanles. 
Procobera See Procifera. 
PrOcon N tSV^iPfi^c fvr'- Einpbort' 
fidfu'., Ae';<r.'5), an illand o*' G' eece, in ihe 
Sea of Marmora, on the cnaft of Afia, 
opp'fire Qvzicus. (See Marmor.\.) 
Proconsulares, a province of 


Pr.icofiana Villa, "^ a citv of 

Procopi.e, > Servi3,ia 

PROCuPi-f:, y Europcaa 


Proeketus. See Prokectus. 

Proerna. See Proarna. 

Prola(^UEUM, a city of Picenuni, 
in Italv. 

Promethei Jugum et An- 
trum, a place on the fummit cf mount 
Cciucafus, in Albania, 

Promona, a city of Liburnia. 

Promontorium, a mountain that 
projefts into the Sea : a cape or head- 



Promoktoril'.m Tauri. See Se- 


Prone, a citv of Cefalonia. 

Pronea, a river of Germany, in the 
eleftorate of Treves. 

Pro.vcctus. See Prenetvs. 

Proni, a city on the ifland Cefalonia. 

Prophtuasia, a city of Sigiftan, in 

Propontis. See Marmora. 

Prosactius, a nver that flows 
from mount Ida into the fca between 
the Hellefpont and the Euxine. 


Proschium Scopulc 
city of yEtolia, on the Cormthian Bay 

Proseleni, the people of Arcadia. 

Prosopis, \ an ifland in Lower 

Prosopitis. 3 Egypt, formed by the 
Nile, which Mcgabazus, the Perfian, 
joined to the continent. 

Prosovum, a fmall ifland in the 
Mediterranean, near Cartilage. 

Prospatta, a village in Attica. 

Prostama, a city of Pifidia, to the 
s of Seleucia. 

Prostraviza {Ifivopolh, Wus), a 
city of Thrace, near the mouth of the 

Prosymna, a dift;rift of Argolis, 
where Juno was worfliippcd. 

Prote, ail ifland on the coaft of Pro- 
vence, in Frdncc- 

Prote, an ifland in the Ionian Sea, 
on the coaft of MtlTcnia. 

.OSA 5 ^/"'lOi * 

P S E 

P T O 

Protf.i Columv-'E, a place In the 
jnoft remote part of Egypt. 

ProtoMaCRA, a ciry of Bithynia. 

Provence, a province of France. 

Provida, an ifland on the coaft of 

Provivcia AauiTANiCA. See 


Provins, a town in the J flu of 
France, celebrated for its mineral waters. 

Pruck-an-df.r Muer (.iV/ Pou- 
tem Mri)^ a tliftria in the N of Stiii.i. 

Prvckham, a citv of Germany. 

PuusA. See Bursa. 

Prusias (Cios, C/us), a city of Bi- 
thynia, on a river of the lame name. 

Prvssia (BoirtJ/lu riuul.Jia), a coun- 
try of Europe, that belonged to the 
knights of the teutonic order; their 
grand m;ifter, Albert of Brandenburg, 
having become a convert to the doctrines 
of Luther, in 1525, he took advantage 
of the confufion that raged in the em- 
pire ; and betraying the intereft of his 
fraternity, concluded a neaty with Si- 
gifmund, king ©f Poland, by which 
eartern PruHia was ercfted into an he- 
reditary duchy, and given to him as a 
Polifh fief. 

Pruth (Hifra-fia), a river of Ruffia, 
flows into the Danube. 

PryMNESIA, a city of Caria. 

Prytaneum, the hall of jiiflice at 

Prytan'is, a river of Colchis, flows 
into the Kuxinc Sea. 

PsACUM, a promontory on the s\v 
fide of Candia. 

PsAMATHE, a city of Boeotia, near 


D } Sec Amathtjs. 


PsAFHis, a city on the confines of 

Attica dnu Boeotia. 

PLATES, > a river of European 
PsATHis,) Sarmatia, flows into the 

Sea of Afoph 

PsELCHA, 1 a city or r.tniopia, on 
PsEi.CHis, i- the w t'lde of the 


PsEpniNUS, an odtagonal tower of 

PsEssi, a people on the coaft of the 
Palus Moertis. 

PsEiJDOc ORASIVM, an extenfive 
coaft between Corycus and Seleucta 
Jlauri a. 

PsEUBOPENi.^s, a promontory of 

PsEUDOSTOMA, onc of the mouths 
cf thi Danube. 

PsEUDOSTo.MATA NiLi, artlfitial 

mouths of the Nile, by which the Ath- 
ribitic branch is difcharged. 

PsiiE, an ifland near Ephcfus. 

PsiLLIs, a river of Bithynia, flows 
into the F.uxine Sea. 

Psii.LORlTl > (fi/a, Ka:/fe/oc), a 

PsiLOi-iTl 5 niountain on the 
ifland of Candia, celebrated by the poets ; 
from whofe fnmmit arc extenfive and 
delightful profpedts ; the forefts On this 
mounra'n, being fet on tire by lightning, 
burnt with fuch fury as to difl'Jve the 
mii.crais contained in the earth, which 
circuniftance is faid to have given tlie 
idea of melting iron. 

PsiLOS, one of the three fmall iflands 
near Samos. 

PsiMADA, a fmall diftrift of Ifauria. 

PsoPHrs. See Demazana. 

PsoPHis, a city of Eiib, on a river of 
the fame name. 

PsoPHis, a city of Acarnania. 

PsoPHls, a city of L bya. 

Psychia. See Morgo- 

PsYCHlUM, a city on the s fide of 

PsYCHRUS, a river on the confines of 
Thr ce and Macedonia. 

PsYLLI, a people of Libya, near the 

PsYLLloN, a maritime town of Bi- 
thynia, on the Euxii;e Sea. 

PsvRA, ) a fmall ifland on the 

PsYRiA, t coaft of Caria. 

PsYTTALlA, a dtfert ifland between 
Africa and the ifland Sslimis. 

Ptarenus, a river of India, flows 
into the Indus. 

PtEI.A. > c t7 

Ptelea.J SeeEFEso. 

Pteleon, a city of Elis, in the 

PrEi.EON, a city of Ionia, in Afia 
Muior, near mount Mimus. 

Pteleo.v, ) a city of Phthiotis, in 

Pteleum.I Tiieilaly. 

Ptemythis, .t city of Echif pia, on 
the w lide of tilt- Nile, 

Ptenethu NoMOS. See Phthi- 


defeated Croefus. 

Pteroton Stratopedon. See 

Ptgemi'H ANEs, a people of Ethiopia. 

PxoLtt'ERM.A., a city of Arcadia. 

PtoleMvEI i'ossA {Piokniirorum 
Fluviiis). a canal extending from the 
caft-rn branches of the Nile to the Ara- 
bian Gulf. 

Ptoi.em.'eum, a place at Athens de» 
dicHted to exercife and ftudy. 

Ptolemais. Sec Acre. 

.-\iopn. ri ENETHU i>tu.-vios. aee rniHi- 

=".LCHA, "^ a city of Ethiopia, on NOTES. 

K.i.CHis, ?- the w fide of the Pteria, 7 a fortified city of Cap- 

•:lcis, j Nile. Ptei-ium, j p-id^jcia, where Cyrus 


p y L 

Ptolemais. See Cleovatris. 

Pi OLEMAis, a city of G;iiilee. 

Ptolemais (Barce), a city of Cy» 

Ptolemais Ferrarum {Trogla- 
dytica), a city of Egypt, on the Arabian 

Ptolemais. a city of Pamphylia, 
on the confines of Cilici^ Afpera. 

PTors,a mountam in Boeoiia, where 
was a temple fscitd to Apollo. 

Ptychia, an iilcind to the E of 

PuANI, a city of Arabia Felix, on the 
Arabian Gulf. 

PucENTTiA. See Milan. 

PuciNUM, a foitrcfs on the gulf of 

PuDNi, a city of Arabia Felix, on the 
Arabian Gulf. 

Pudput. See PuTPUT. 

PuENTE DE Lima {Forvm Limi- 
corum'), a city in the nw of Portugal. 

Puerto de Alicante {Partus 
JUicitamn'), the bay of Alicant, in the 

PuGLiA. bee Apulia.. 

PuLCHRUM [Pyomontoriitm Meraaii, 
Cbermjah'^jy a piomontory of Africa, to 
the N of Carthage. 

PuLLO {Cn77iadaria), an ifland on 
the coaft of Sardinia. 

PuMENTUM, a city of Lucania. 

PuNDA. See Spunda. 

PuNTCUM, a city of M-oefia Superior. 

PuNicuM Mare, the African Sea. 

PuNON, an encampment of the If- 
raelites, in the s of Moab. 

PuNTA DELL Saetta. See Bru- 


Punt a Martella (iV/.u-'), a pro- 
montory on the NW (ide of Corfica. 

PupEA, a city of Lomhardy. 

Pupiniensis, ) a barren diftrift 

PuPiNius Ager, ) ftf Italy, near 

PucpuT. See Putput. 

PupuLUM, a city on the s fide of 

PuRA. See Pars. 

Purbeck, Isle of, an healthy 
tradV in Dorfetfiiire, where Edward, the 
Martyr, was ftabbed at the inftigation of 
his mother-in-law, Elfrida, A.D. 979. 

Purgano (Tec Pyrgi), a city on 
the coaft of Tufcany. 

Pusio {7oj'iru.', T'operuSf I'opiris), a 
city of Thrace. 

PuTgOLAN.'E Moles, a mole near 
Baiss, to which Caligula mnde a com- 
m.inication by means of z bridge of 
bo,.rs; over wh'ch he continued paffing 
did re[;afiiog for two rv]Cjcefliv& days. 

PLES, Gulf of. 

PUTEOLI. Ste PuZ7,0Lr. 

Puticulje, ) a f] ot of ground 

PuTicuLi, 3 without the -Wqui- 
lian gate at Rome, which was at one 
time a buria' ground, but sfterwads con- 
verted by Mecaenas into fine gardens. 

Pur PUT {Pudpxi, P.pput), a city of 
Africa Proper, between Adrunietum 
and Clapea, 

FuY {Anitium, Anicium, Podium), A 
city of V'eiiy, in France. 

PuzzoLi "^ {Dicisarch'o^ EiicaPt 

PuzzoLO >■ Put f oil, Po%znoio), a 

PuzzuoLOj city on the bay of 
Naples, founded by the Saminns abovit 
A.C. 511 — This city was htld in fuch 
high cllimatii^n at. one time, as to be 
ftyled a fccond Rome: it is remarkable 
for the bridge built by Culigu'.a, in the 
fea, to join rhis city to Baiae ; the tem- 
ples of Hercules Venus, and fevers! 
others that are long fince. gone to decay, 
but their vefti^es demonftrate their for- 
mer grandeur and ma^niiiLence. 

Pycnus, a rivulet of Candia, flows 
into the Cretan Sea. 

Pydes, a city of Pifidia, on a river 
of the fame name. 

Pydna. SeeCHITRA. 

Pyenis, a city of the Colciii, in 

Pygela (Pbyge/a), a fmalltovvn of 
Ionia, near Neapolis. 

Pygm«i (CiUizi), a. fabulous nation 
of dwarfs. 

PylaCjEUM, a city of Phrygia. 

Pyl^. See Thermopyl^. 

Vylje, a city of Afia, between Cap. 
padocia and Cilicia. 

PYL.ffi Albanije. See Caucasia.. 


Pyl.«: Persides, defiles between 
Suiia and Perfia ; fometimes called Per- 
fides, at others, SufKies. 

PyLjs; Sarmatic«. See Cau- 

Pyl^ Susides. Sce PyljE Per- 

Pyl^e Syri.^. See Amanicje. 

PYL^ffiA, a city of Trachinia, at 
mount Oeta, near Thermopylae. 

PyljEMEnia. See Paphlago- 


PYL.ffius, a lofty mountain of Lef' 
bos, near Mytelene. 

Pylene' See Proschium. 

Pylleon, a town of TnefTaly. 

Pylon, a city on the confines of 
Macedonia and IllvricuiT). 

PyloRa, an ifidiid in the Pcrfian 


P Y R 


PvLORus, an inland town of Candia. 
PvLOS {Carypbafion)^ a city of Mef- 
fenia, on the weftern coaft of the Morea. 
Pylos, "^ a city of Elis, in 

Pylum, 'the 

Pylus, i riverPtneus,forti 

Pylus^leus^^ li< 

Morca, on the 
tied A.C. 423- 

PvLOS ) (7"r/- 

PvlusTriphyi.iachus ) pbylta- 
eha), a city of Triphatn, in the Morea. 

PvRA, a part of mount Octa. 

PvRjE, a city of Italy, near Garag- 

Pyr^i, a people of Dalrwatia. 

Pyrama. See Cattamo. 

Pyramids, certain ftrudtures of an 
aftonifliing magnitude, near Memphis, 
in Egypt, generally fuppofed to have 
been eredied as tombs for the kings of 
Jlgypt ; but there is no author extant at 
this time prefumes to lay at what period 
they were built, 

Pyramus. a river of Cilicia Cam- 
peftris, flows into the Mediterranean. 

Pyraxthus, a village of Candia, 
near Gortyna. 

Pyrasus (Pvrrhajhs)y a city of 
Phthiotis in ThefiTaly. 

PYRENiEA, a city of Locris. 

Pyren'^ea Venus, a city in the 
Pyrenees, on the confines of France and 
Spain, where was a temple dedicated to 

Pyren^i MoNTEs, \ a range 

Pyren^us Mons, I of mo\in- 

Pyrenean, i tains that 

Pyrenees, ^ feparate 

France frora Spain; they were fo named 

from the fliepherds' fetting the flirubs on 

fire, A. M, 2234; which continued burn- 

i ng for a long time. 

PyrEum, > the celebrated port of 

Pyreus, 5 Athens, which was pil- 
laged, A.C. 386. 

Pyrgenses, a people of Achaia. 

Pyrgi, a maritime town of Tufcany, 
where was a rich temple dedicated to 
Lucina, which was plundered by Dio- 
nyfius the elder, to the amount uf one 
thoufand t^ilenis. 

Pyrgi. SeePYRCUs. 

Pyrgit.«, the people of Candia. 

Pyrgos, a city on the ifland of 

Pyrgos ) (Pyigi), a city of Tri- 

Pyrgus j> phalia, in the Morea. 

Pyrgus, a fortrels of Elis, in the 

Pyrgus Euphranta, a maritime 
town of Africa, on the Syriis Ma^a. 

Pyrmont, a town of Weftplv>lia, in 
Germany ; noted on account of its mine- 
ral waters, 

PvRNUS, a city of Caria. 
i Pyrpili!>. Set Delos. 
. Pyrrha. Sec Demo.n age. 

Pyrrha, a city of Ionia, near the 
mouth of the Mscinder. 

Pyrrha, a city of Negrpont. 

Pyrrha, a proiriontory of Phthiotis^ 
in Theflfaiy. 


Pyrrhassus. See Pyrasus. 

PvRRHE, a fmall ifland on the coaft 
of Caria. 

Pyrrhei, a people of Libya In- 

PvRRHEUM, the fuburbs of Ambra- 
cia, in Epirus. 

Pyrri Vallum, ) a free city of 

Pyrrichus, 5 Laconia, 

Pyrrhus Campus, an extenfive 
plain in Libya Interior, in the midft of 
which is a burning mountain, called 
Dcorum Currus. 

Pvstira, a fmnU ifland on the coaft 
of Ionia, oppofite Smyrna. 

Pystus, a city of Caria, on the river 

Pytheum (Pythium), a city of Pelaf- 
giotis, in ThelTaly, 

Pythia. See Delphi. 

Pythian, celebrated games of the 

Pythias, a road in Macedonia, 
leading from Theflalonica to Tcmpe, in 

Pythion {Pyihium), a place facred 
to Apollo, in the ifland of Candia, 

Pythion, a city of Theffaly, where 
the Pythian games were inftituted in 
honour of Apollo, for his killing the 
ferpent Python. 

Pythis, a promontory of Marmorica, 
on the Mediterranean. 

Pythium. See Pytheum. 

Pythium. See Pythion. 

Pytho, See Delphi. 

Pythopolis. Sec Nissa. 

Pythopolis, a city of Bithynia. 

Pytna, a part of mount Ida, in- 

Pytus, a city on the Bofphorus. 

Pyx A, a city on the ifland of Langb, 

Pyxites, a river of Colchis, flows 
into the Euxme Sea. 

Pyxurates, a part of the river 
Euphrates, before it penetrates mount 

Pyxus. See Policastro. 



/^UADERNA {C/aterna), a cityof Italy, 
^^ near Bologna. 

QuADi, ) a people of Ger- 

QuADlAKS, ) many, who inhabited 
thofe parts now called Moravia, Bohe- 
mia, aad Hungary. 

Qu ADIN, a city of Upper Egypt. 

QuADRATA, a name given to Rome, 
from the form in which it was built by 

QUADRAIUM. See Wiseibdrc. 

Q-eADRATUM, a town of Carniola, 
on the contines of Stiria. 

QuADRiBURGiuM, a town of Gal- 
lia BcJgica. 


■us. > 

See QuiETO. 


QuARANTA (Afus, AfwTr, AJfon, Af- 
l»i\ a city on the coaft of Myfia. 

Quart, a people of France. 

QuARius, a river of Boeotia. 

Qu a R QU E R N I ( Quer^uerni), a people 
of Spain. 

QuARS (Cjrihum, Cyrrhus), the chief 
cityof Cyrrheftica, in Afia. 

QuEDLiNGBERG (^Quidlingherg), a 
town 1 Saxony, erefted A.D. 924.. 

QuEENBOROUGH, a town on the ifle 
of Sheepy, in Kent. 

QuENTiN, St. a town of Verman- 
dois, in France. 

QuERCi ) (Cidurci, CaeJituiSf Ca- 

QuekcyJ dtocum, Caduraa, Ca- 
dtax, Divofta, Di^jo'iuy a town of France, 
ia a province of the fame name, where 
an univerfiry was founded, A.D. 1320. 

QuEKCOM a city of Chalcedon- 


of the gates of Rome, next the Vimi- 




QuJETis JEdes, ) a temple withr 

QuiETis Fanum, ) out the walls 
of Rome, dedicated to the goddefs of 
reft; near the CoUine gate. 

QuiETO {quaerus, Q,uaetui\ a river 
of Il^ria. 

QuiXA {Cuina\ a city of Zcugitana, 
in Africa ; on the river Ampfagus, to 
the fouth of Carthage. 

QuiVDA, a ftrong fortrefs of Cilicia, 
above Anchiale- 

QuiNGtNTiAKi, a people of Africa. 

QuiNauE EccLEsi^, a city of 
Hungary, er^^ed A.D. 1046. 

Qui.VTANA Castra (Q.-iintiana'), a 
town of Vindelicia, on the fouth fide of 
the Danube. 

Qvit^TAt^fE (Ad QuifiiaTi^s), a place 
on the Via Lavicana, a few miles from 

Quintiana. See Quintan-a. 


QuiKTiA PRATA,a place on the banks 

of the Tiber, near Rome. 

QurpPA > {Clupea, Chpia, Afpis), 
QuiPPiA) a city of Zeugitana, in 


QuiRiNALis. See Monte Ca- 


QujRiNALis Porta, one of the 
gates of R'^me. 
QuiRiNus. See Monte Cavajl- 


Qui rites, the citizens of Rome ob- 
tained that name by admitting the Sa- 
bines into the city, 

Quissa {Cffa), acity of Cherfonefus. 

QuizA. See Oran'. 

Quiza, a maritime town of Carama- 
nia in FcrHa. 



RAAS^Rabab), a name given to Lower 
Ee;ypr. on account of the pride and 
ijjfolencc of ch;; inhabitants. 

Raaj!, a fortrcfs (m the confines of 
Lower Hungiry, trcfted to prevent the 
incurlions of the Turks, 

Raaq. SeeRABE. 

Rab See Arbe. 

Rabasteen's, a towti of Languc- 
<!oc, in France. 

Rabba. "I SeeFiLA- 

Rabbath Ammon'. Jdelphia. 

RabbatMoab. ) s^^^ 

RabbathMoab. S 

Rabbith, a city belonging to the 
<ribe of Iflachar. 

Rabe (Aiado, Arrabuna, Raab"), a 
river of Pannonia Inferior, fiows into the 

Rab I A (Sittacrne), a city of Affyria, 
in a province of the lame name. 

Rachel, a city in the fouth of Ju- 

{B'jlentiiim, Ali- 
canum, Hahca- 
num, Ililicutiirm, 
Hccl'.ianuTij), a fortrefs of Auftria, on 
the river Murus. 

Radkor {Magi, Maga"), a town of 
South Wales, in a county of the fame 

Raemses. See GosHEt/. 
R^TiA. See Grisons. 
R;etiaria. See Arezar. 
Rag.\ ) (Rupea, Ragria), a city of 
Race \ Media. (Ste Europus.) 

■D.^^ i Sec Leicester. 

l\ A C E. y 

Ragau, the Hame of the plain where 
Nebuchadnezzar defeated Phraorces. 
RaGEA. I c -n 

Rageia. 5 See Europus. 
Ragiana, a diftrict of Media, near 
the CafpiHn Sea. 

Raglius {Ricina, Ricnea), ati ifland 
on the coHlt <>t Ire'ani. 

Ragokdo, a place in Pannonia Su- 

( E/>idaurus, Ej>idnuturr:}, 
Aout A.M. 2i;2 : it was delboyed by 
the Goihi, and fepaired AD. 457. 
Raovsa {Hfrafif Hybla Minor), a city 


Ragousa "^ {E/iidaurus, Epidauru. 

Racusa >■ a city of lllyria, on 

Ragusi J gulf of Venice, fjurc 



cf Sicily, between the rivers Oanus ajij 

Raha. See Edessa. 

Rahab. See Raab. 

Rain (jClarenna), a city of Bavaria, 
near LXjnaVcrt. 

Rakka, a city of Diarbekar, in Afia, 

Rakkath, a city of Upper Galilee. 

Rakon {.irgcon), a city belonging t« 
tiic tribe of Dan. ^ 

Rama. See Ramvla. 

Ramat ■) , , , . , 

Ramath f (-W^^.-«;) a 

Ramatha\ Parchyofjudea. 

Ramat H-MizpE {Ramot'o ■Maf[>hf^ 
Ramotk m Gilecul, Remmath Galaad), « 
city of Mafpha or Mizpe, in Gilead. 

RamatHaI.M ZOPHIM. > See Ra- 

RaiMathon. 5 ^^-'^H. 

Rambouillet, a city in the ifle oF 

Rameses. See Goshen. 

Rameses, a city of Egypt, near the 
Arabian gulf. 

Ram Hormus, a city of Chufiflan, 
in Perlia. 

Ramitha, See Eskihissar. 

Ramoth Masphe. \ See Ra- 

Ramotk IN Gilead. ) math 

Rampano {Blatidina, Cajirum RapO' 
num, Rapatii, Rapini^ Afapits), a fortrefs 
in the Morta. 

Ramsey. See Rumsey. 

Ramsey {Limnus), a I'mall ifland ra 
the coaft of South Wales. 

Rams-head {rcnnicnium\ a pro- 
montnrv in Ireland. 

Ramula (iJ/<wa, /fjrwTrt), a town of 

Ran DA, a villa;.-e ofPerfia. 

Rapani. Set; Rampano. 

Rapava, ) a iriantime town cf 

Ra p au r a , \ Gedrofia, on the fron- 
tieri of C^ramania. 

Raphadim, a place in the wilder- 
nefs, near Horeb. 

Raphatm (R'/>baim), a race of very 
t.Tli people in Bafan, on the other fide 
Jord in.'HAiM (Rfpbaim), a valley near 

Raphane.b, a city of Cafictis, in 

K A V 

E E G 

Kaphf.a. SeeRArHiA. 

Raphei (^Panbormui), a city of the 
Thfacian Cherlcneius. 

Raphia {Rapbea), a city of Judea, 
to the I'uth of Gaz.a, whtre Pompey 
vas (lain. 

Rap HON, a city of Syria. 

Rapjni. See Ram pa no. 

Rapo {Orofius), a citv of Bcieotia, 

Rapsii, a people of Pars, in Perlia. 

Rapta \ a city of Azania,in Ethio 

Rapt. ^,5 pia. 

Raptum, a promontory of Ethiopia. 

Raptus, a liver of Ethidpia. 

Rarassa, an inbnd town of Afia 

Rasaotin (^CbeTfonffus, Koxatin), a 
promontory of Barca, in Baibary. 

Raschit {Melelts, Becbis), a city in 
the Dei:a, to the eaft of Alexandria. 

Rascia, a diftrift of Strvia. 

Ra SCI BURG, a city on the confines 
of Auftria and Hungary. 

Rast (i?.'^<:^). SeeEuROPUS. 

Rastap {Refapha), a city of Syria, 
on the Euphrates. 

Rastia, a city of G^iatia, on the 
rivtr Halys, below Claudiopolis. 

Rat^. See Leicestkr. 

Ratiaria {Rceiiuria). See Ake- 


Ratiastum, a city of Aqmtain, in 

Ratisbon ( Tiber irm, Augnjla Tiberiiy 
Rfgimim, Cajira Rgma, Kegenjbmg^ Co- 
lon:a ^artanorum, Rfgmoberg!<m, Rhato- 
bona, Chrijliy Hrrwenia), a city of Ba- 
varia, ert-flcd about A.M. 2519: it is 
featcd on the Danube, over which Henry 
V. built a ftone bridge, AD. 11 15; it 
was anciently the refidence of the Bava- 
rian kings", and the metropolis of the 
kingdom, beijig converted to the faithiby 

Ratisboria, a province of S'lefia. 

Ratostathybius. See Taaf e. 

Ratzeburgh, ^ a t5wn on an iflancj 

Ratzenburg, 5 of the fame name, 
in Saxony. 

Rava, a town in a province of the 
fame name, in Poland. 

Raucus, an inland town of Candia, 
Hear Cnodus. 

Rauda, a city of the Vaccsi, in 
Spam , on the river Douro. 

Raudii Cami'I. SeeCAMri. 

Ravenna {E.omagnia\Ac\t\; of Ro- 
mania, in It^ly, founded abuut AM. 32 15; 
it was originally a maritime city, where 
Am/uflus kept a fleet of fhips, and was 
t\\c rcl'.dcnce of Honorius and other em- 
;.:cn)rs, by whom it was fort-liud. During 
& d:licntion in the eivpire, Thwodorif, 

king of the Goths, gained pofCefHon of 
the city, A.D. 493, and made it the 
royal refidence, till the Goths were ex- 
pelled by Belifarius in 531); after which 
it was made an exarchate, or fovereign 
government, by the emperor Juftine, in 
569. under a vicegerent of Italy. 

The cities of Ravenna, Sarcina, 
Claffi, Forli, and Foilimpoli, were fub- 
je6t to this government, and formed oae 
entire eftate, under the name of Penta- 
poli ; the cities of Bologna, Rhegyium, 
IVIodena, Parma, and Piacent'a, were 
alio under the fame government. It was 
an exarchate till Aiitolphus king of the 
Lombard- obtained poilelRon of the city 
in 752, and it was held by them till 774, 
when thty were difpoffeircd by Char- 
lemagne, who gave the city to the church 
of Rome. 

Ravenstein, a town of Brabant. 

Ravius. See Loch Erk. 

Ravoli (Heivea), a citv of Arcadia. 

Rauraci. ) See Augusta Rat.'- 


a people of Switzer- 

Rauraci, "^ 
Rauriaci, > 


Rax, an ifland on the coaft of Lycia. 

Reading, the county tov.'n of P.erk- 
Ihire, wherg an abbey was founded 
by Henry I. This town gave birth t«. 
archbi/bop Laud. 

Reate. SeeRlETi. 

Rebla- } c T> . 

T) f See Ribla. 


RecEiM- See Petra, in Arabia. 

Reculver {Regulbium, Rfgu/viun:}, 
a Village in Kent, near the iflc of 

RedjE, a city of France, at the foot of 
the Pyrenees. 

Redburn, a village in Hertford- 
Ihire, that once belonged to the nicna- 
(feiy of St. Albans. 

Redhead, a promontory of Angus- 
Ihire. in Scotland. 

Redone. See Rennes. 

Redones, a people of Bretagne, in- 

Red Sea. See Sea, Red. 

R KG aba, a fortrefs near the river 

Regeeeum, a city of the Sabines, in 

RegemnetZus. See Minizus. 


Regensburg, a town"of Zurich, in 
Swirzeriand, where was a well 216 feet 
dc.p, by which the garrifon was f<^p~ 
piifcd with water during a long fiege, 
before the invention of gunpowder. 

Regensis CiViTAS, Sec RiEZ, 



Rkggio {Rrgium Lff-idi, Regiutn 
Lfp'duni), a city ot Italy, in the duchy 
of Modcna. 

Reggio (^Rbfj^io, Rheguim, Regium 
Jiiiit), a city of Calabria, on the conlines 
of Italy ; over againft Sicily (which fonne 
people imagine was once joined to the 
continent), was foundi;d about AM. 
32S0, and was for a long time j^ovcrned 
as a commonvvealrh ; it is noted as being 
the rcfidence of Andredamus the law- 
giver. The city was dellroved by Dio- 
.nylius the tyrant, and repaired by Ju- 
lius L'aefar ; it was afterwards much in- 
jured tiy SarbarofTa. *• 

Reg I A, a citv of Ireland. 

Regia Fossa. See Naarmal- 


Reg I AN' A (Rfgina), a city of Baeti» 
ca, in Spam. 

Regias, a town of Commagene, in 

Regill^, ^ 

Regilli, ( a city of the Sa- 

Rkgillum, Chines, in Italyj 

Regillus, -' 

Regillus, a lake near Frefcati, in 

Regixa. See Regiana. 

Reginoberglm. ) See Ratis- 


Regio NabatjEoruiM. SeeARA- 


Regium, a city of Thrace, near 

Regium Flvmen. SccBasilium 
. Regium Jut.ii, See Reggio. 

Regium. See Riez, 


Regium Lepidi. ,- 

T) -T i gio. 

Regium Lepidu.m. ) 

Regn'i, the people of Surry, SuflTcx, 

and part of Hampfliire. 

Regkum. See Ringwood. 

Regulbium. See Reculver. 

Reguli. h people of Spain. 

Regulvium. See Reculver. 

Rehob. See RooB. 

RjiHOBOTH, a city of Affyria. 

Reiensium Givitas. ) c t> 

T) , t SeeRiEz. 

Reii Apollinares. 5 

Rekem. See Petra, in Arabia. 

Rekem, a ciry belonging to the tribe 
of Benjamin. 

Remedodia, a city of Moefia Su~ 

Remessiana. See Remisiana. 

Remi. See Rhemi. 

Remisiana (^RemejUiana, Romfjianay 
Romatiana, Ro/nanjiana), 2l city of Moe- 
fia Superior. 

Remmatk. SeeRA.MATH Mizpe. 

I See Reg- 

Remmov. See Rimon". 

Remy, St. {Glaiium, G/anum Livii'), 
a city of Provence, in France. 

Renards, isle de (A!o/>ecf, Ta- 
naii), an illandat the mouth of the river 

Renfrew, a town of Scotland, in a 
fhire of the fame name ; it is feated on 
the Clyde, and was the refidence of 
king Rcbtrt II. 

Re.vnes, a city of Brctagne, in 

Re.vunciata, an ifiand in the fca 
of Ethiopia. 

REPAii,i-E,a townof S:u 
voy, noted as thcretreatof Amadeusduke 
of Savoy, where he retired to enjoy the 
pleafures of a country life, in 1440. 

Rephaim. See Raphaim. 

Rf.phidim, a part of mount Horen, 
which being (iruck by Moles with his 
rod, there iiTued from thence copious 
ftreams of water, to the great joy of the 

Repta, a fortrefs in Arabia Pctraea. 

Res^ena, } a city of Mefopotamia, 

Resaina, ji whtreGordian defeated' 
Sapor kin<J- of PL-rlia. 

Resapha {Rtjapba, Rbadza{>ha, Rf. 
fiph\ a city of Palmyrene, in Syria; on 
the Euphrates. 

REsciPHA,a city of Mefopotamia, at 
the confluence of the Saocoras, and the 

Resen, a city ofCalachene, in Af- 
fyria, on the Tigris. 

Resinum. See Rising. 

Resiph, See Resapha. 

Resistos, a city of Thrace. 

Restituta Julia. See Seci- 


Resus. a rivulet of Afia Minor, flows 
into the Maeander. 

Retiarium, acity of Upper Moella, 
on the Danube. 

Retimo (Ruhymna), a city of Can- 

Retina, a villa of Campania, to- 
wards mo'jot Vcfuvius. 

Reval, ) one of the Hans Towns, 

Revalia, J fituatc in Livonia. (See 

RtuBEK. See Ruben. 

Reudigni, a people of Germany. 

Revel {Rcut/, R.valia). a m iritimc 
town of Livonia, on the Baltic Sea; was 
founded by Valdemarc, king of Den. 
mark, A.D. i2i!>. 

Reverins (R//>ttmiti»}'), a people on 
the Rhine, near Cologne. 

Reymont. See Koningsburg, 

Reyna {Cur£s)y a city of Andalufia^ 
in Spain. 



Retav, a town of Ruflia, in a pro- 
vince of the fame name. 

Rha. See Volga. 

Shaabexi, a people on the moun- 
tains of Arabia Felix. 

Rhabbotuin^ See Phcenicia. 

Rkabo. See Marocz- 

Rhacia, a promontory which pro- 
jefts'from ihe Pyrenees into the Medi- 

Rhacotes^ See Alexandria, 

Rhacotis. 5 i" Egypt. 

Rh/Ecestus. SceRoDOSTO. 

Rheteum, a^ity of Phrygia. 

RHiETi (Ran), the people of the 

Rhjetia. SeeGRisoNs. 

RhjetiaRIA, a city of Moefia Supe- 
lior, on the Danube. 

Rhagjea, a c'.ty of Parthja. 

Rhagia, a city of Chaldea. 

Rhamn^, a people of Gedrofia, in 

Rhamnevses,) the firft of the 

Rhamnes, jl three tribes into 

which the people were divided by Ro- 

Rhamnus, a city ofNegropont. 

Rhamnus, a city of Attica, where 
u'as a temple dedicated to Ampiiia- 

PjfiARii Campi, > a plain in At- 

Rharos, ) tica, where corn 

was firft Town by Triptolemus, whofe 
firft produce was conlecrated to facred 

Rhe, an ifland in the bay of Bifcay. 

Rkeas. See Eskihissar. 

Rhebas) {Rbefus), a river of B'thy- 

Rhebus 5 nid, flows into theEuxine 

Rhedones, a people near Rennes, 
in Bretagne. 

RhkdoNu'M Civitas. See Ren- 

Rhegama (Rbfgma), a city of Ara- 
bia Felix, near the mouth of the Pcrfian 

Rhe CAN ma, a city of Arabia De. 

RHEGum. ) SeeREGGio. 


Rhecma. See Rhegama., a marfhy diftnft in Ci- 

RhEGUSCi, a people of the Alp«. 

Rhe IMS > '^Durocortoium, Aihe>i(f 

RhemES ) R(;nwr:i?7,\ a city of 
Chanipagnt, in France, where is a 
ehurch which was trtfttd before the 
year 406 ;. in which the kings of France 
have been fucccffively cr^vned, fince 
Clo\is, the tirft founder of the French 

Rhene, 1 1 
Rhenia, J 

monarchy ; he being converted from Pa» 
gamfm, was baptiled in mis church, 
A D. 49«. The univerfity waseretted 
in 114;, and enlarged by Charles Guife, 
cardin.i! of Lorraine, in 1560. 

Rhemi {ReTni).tUs people of Rhcims, 

Rha:nah See Scutari. 

one of the Cyclade 
Iflands, near Delos. 

Rhenus. See Rhine. 

Rhessa. See Thressa. 

Rhesus. SeeRHEUAs. 

Rhexi, ftreams of brackifh water 
tha: run from the Earipus towards the 

Rhetia. SeeGuisoNS. 

Rketico. See Sei'TIMontium. 

PvHETii, the people ''.i' the Grifons. 

Rhetum, a city of Phrygia Minor. 

Rheunus, a place in Arcadia. 

Rhid ago, a river of Hyrcania. 

RhijAGL's, a river of Parthia. 

Rhigodunum. SeeRirpoN. 

Rhine (Rooms, Lcuw, L(ifiui),i noble 
river of Germany. 

Rhine {Rbtwts), a river of Italy, 
flows ill to ihe Po, near B.ilo^na. 

Rhinocolura. 7 See Farami- 

Rhinocorvra. 3 OA. 

Rhipe, "> 

Rhipha, J- a city of Arcadia. 

Rhiphe, } 

Rhiph^i, lefty mountains in the 
north of Scy^.hia. 

Rkipes, a city of Achaia, towards 
E!is, in the Moiea. 

Rhisinum. See Risino. 

Rhispia, a city of Upper Pannonia. 

Rhithymna. See iIetimo. 

Rhitium {R181, J?.'/'.')> a city of 
Lowtr Pcinnonia, on the Danube. 

Rhii UM, a place in the vicmity of 

Rhium. Sec Rio. 

RhiUM, in Corfica. See Fexo. 

Rhizinium. See Risikq. 

Rhizius, a river of Colchis, {Rhizns^, a maritime town 
of Cappidocia, on the Euxine Sea- 

Rhizius, a city of Magnefia, in 

Rhi<!:ola, a port on the caft fiiic of 
the i(l?nd cf Ceylon. 

Rhizon'. See Rising. 

P.HizoNicus Sinus, a bay of Li- 

Rhizophagt, a people of Ethiopia, 
on theriver ArtiboK^s. 

R.Hiz:us. Sie Rhizius. 

Riiizus. Set Eri^sk. 

Rhoas, a river of Colchis^ flows inta 
the Euxine Sea. 


n ic 

■Rhoas. See Eskihissar. 
Rhobogdii, a pei pie of Ireland. 
Rhobocdium. See Fair Fore- 


JiHODA. See Roses. 

Rhoda, a city of Gallia Narbonenfis. 
Rhodanus, See Rhone. 

Rhodakusia, a city ijf Gaul. 

Rhode, a rivulet of European Sar- 

Rhodes ( Rhodus, Opbiufa. Stadia^ 
TdcbiKia. Fflagia, Olofffa, AJleria, JEtb- 
. rea, Trinacria, Ctrvmbia, Fotffci^ Ataby- 
ria, Maraa), aa ifland in Alia, about 
120 miles in circumference, where the 
air is mild and Icrcnc, and :he fun fliines 
with great fplenJf ur. A remarkable 
ttatue made of brafs was cre6ltd on this 
ifland by one Chares, who called it Co- 
JofiTu^;; the height of this ftatue was So 
cubits; the little finger was as larg;e as 
a man, and the feet were fo far afunder 
that fhips paflTed between the leas, into 
ihe haven. This Coloffus w^s thrown 
down by an earthquake, A.C. 2ii, and 
lay in heaps till A.D. 653, when the 
Greeks being expelled the ifland by the 
Saracens, they demoliflicd the city ; and 
having broken the Cololfus into fmallcr 
pieces, fold it to a juw, who loaded 900 
camels with the fpoiis ; each load weigh- 
ing 8co pounds; 10 that the weight of 
the whole llatue was 720000 pounds. 
The iflanJ one time much infeft- 
ed by ferpe ;ts, which Phorbas king of 
Argos caufed to be deftroycd. The city 
was founded about AM. 2214: the 
knights of St. John of Jerulaiem being 
baniftied tho continent of Aha, they 
feized upon this ifland A.D. 130S, and 
retained polTeliion till i!;2i, when the 
Turks under Solyman the Magnificent 
compelled them to leave it, at which 
time they removed to Malta. 

Rhooia {Gurna), a town in the ca- 
piranata of Naples, on the Adriatic Sea. 

Reiodia, "^ a city 

Rhodiapoli", ^in the 

RhodiorumCastellum, ) moun- 
tainou- f>arrs of Lycia. 

Rhouiorum Jnsul.'e, a clufter of 
iflands in the Archipelago. 

Rhodius, a river of Mylia, or 

Rhodope. See Roses. 

Rhoduntia, a diflrift of ThelTaly, 
near mount Octa. 

Rhodus. See Rhodes. 

Rhodussa {RhofphijUuJa), an ifland 
in the Carcinites Sinus. 

Rhcesvs. SeeRiiEBAS. 

Rhceteum (RSau-iis), a pro.Tion- 
tory of Troas. (See /EaiVTEUM.) 

Rhcetinum, a city of Dalmatla. 

Rhcetius. See Rosso. 

RHOiTOBONA. See Ratisbon'. 

Rhcetus. See Rhceteum. 

Rhcexus, a maritime town of Ci- 

Rhogomanes. SeeSiRT. 

Rhombites Major,) two rivers 

Rhombites Minor, 5 of Afiatic 
Sarma:ia, which both of them flow iato 
the PhKis Mccotis. 

Rhone ) (Rhodmtts), a rip\d river 

Rhosne) of Europe, which runs 
through the lake of Geneva, and difcm- 
bogues by feveral mouths into the Medi- 
terranean Sea. 

Rhosphodusa. See Rhodussa. 

Rhosos. ^ 

Rhossus. > See El Ross. 

Rhosus. 3 

Rhotala, a city of Upper Galilee. 

Rhotanus. Sc^Tavignano. 

Rhotomagus. See Rouen. 

Rhoxalani. } c a 

•n } See Alania. 


Rhucantii, a branch of the Rhaeti. 

RHUDiAN.ffi, a people of Carama- 

nia, in Perlia. 

Rhus, a village near Mcgara. 

Rhuspina. SeeSousE. 

Rhuteni, 1 - 


Rh YMMici, mountains in Scythia, to 
the north of the Cafpian Sea. 

Rhymmus, a river of Scythia, flows 
into the Cafpian Sea. 

Rhynche; a Imall dlflriiS of Ne- 

Rhyndacus. See Lupadi. 

Rhyp.e } {Ry(>^), a cityof Achaii, 

RhypeSJi to the wed of Helice. 

Rhytium, a city of Candja. 

Riai.bujo (Hfrgetium, Sf;rgetium, 
S'^rgentiiim)^ a city of Sicily, on the river 

RiBAUDON {Siuriuni)y an ifland on 
the coaft of Provence. 

Ribble, a river of Lancafhire, flowi 
into the Irifli Sea. 

Ribch ester ( Cocci ur?)), on ce a ci t v, 
now a village, near Prcllon, in Laa- 

Ribla ) (Rfbla, Reblaih),ic\ty 

Pv.ibi.ath ) of Hcrmath, in thenorik 
of Palelline. 

Rielata. See Anthaki.v. 

R?cciACUM, a city of the Trcviri, 
in Gallia Beigica. 

P.ICHBOKOuoh {Trntelcnfis JPvrtuf, 
Ruih^a^ Ruiup'u'c)^ a mantuTie town ia 
Kent. See Sandwich. 

Richen.\u, an ifland in the lake of 
Zell, i.i Geur.any, where Ch^fies It 

R I N 


Gro6, who was emperor and king of 
France (but who was depofed ia S87), 
died in extreme want and niilery. 

Richmond {Sheen, Skene), a village 
in Surry, where was a royal palace, la 
which king Edward III. Henry VII. 
and queen Elizabeth, quitted this tran- 
fitory life. 

RiCiNA, a city ©n the coaft of Ligu- 
ria ; to the fouth of Genoa. 

RiCiNA, a city of the Picenum, in 

RrCINA. ) p r> 

■n > See KAGLrNS. 

RiCNtA. 3 

RrcoFOLis {Ripol), a city of Spain. 

RicTi. See Rhittilm. 

RiDUNA, an ifland between Britain 
and France. 

RiEii {Reaie), a city of Spoletto, in 

RlEZ {Alb:d, AU'iercc^ Alchece, R'ii 
ApoUmares, dvitas Kcunfum:, Regium, 
Rry^cijjs Civitas), a ciiy of Provence, 
in France. 

Riga, the capital of Livonia, on the 
river i>una ; where the nvilier vi tt.e 
Teutonic knights anciently h?;ed his rc- 
fidence : it was enlarged and beautified 
by Aloert the bilhcp, A.D. 1198. 

Rigodulum See Ricol. 


RlGoL {Rjgoduluni'), a villag