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3 1833 03034 5125 




For 191 6 pU. 

>,\ rr*ry' 

Containing classified lists of all Merchants 
Manufacturing, Financial and Professional 
interests in the States of .^ ^^s ^ 



Also a Gazetteer, giving concise informa- 
tion about each City, Town and Post 
Office, how reached, etc. State and 
County Officers and Courts. ^ Ji 


Price, $7.50 




246 SUMMER STREET. , . . - -, .' BOSTON, MASS. 

Digitized by tine Internet Arciiive 

in 2010 witii funding from 

Allen County Public Library Genealogy Center 

FiTZ, Dana & Co., no north street, boston 

.....M..OI<TKH.Sor.... ^ 

Swedish Iron, Tin Plates, Russia Iron, Pig Tin, /-^ i\ ^^\^ 
Antimony, Aluminum, Nickel, Etc. ^ \) C> ■ 


P/C ,<ff;r/ttS;-Inpiit Copper, Tin. I.fiicl, Spelter, Antii.i..iiv, Alun.lniiin H.Mfr H-ihbitl Vte ■ 
.S//ffr MKTAI.S:-i^.W„u\.,.l 0>,n,n.,n P,.n„,.<l. C„rruK:,„.,l l'h,„„h;-,l, (I,.,;,,,.,.- iiu.^Ma,' Tinplatea 

ail. I l:...,hliK riati-.-.. ( opper. /inc. I.ea.l, Monal Mi-tal. 
TOOLS A\D .W.'IC///.V£:S.— Niagara. I*. .S. >^: \V. und ollirrs,,. Jtrakes. 
TO\CA.\ .UArr.lA,.— Sl.eetfl nnil; Pro.lucts 

I'..imIu. i..r I'lp.-, I-.ave TroUKli. Wire, \ eiiiilutor.-, I{iv.-i», .^Iom. Units !,,.«, 1 Pipe, .SIi.>-t T.. ad, Ktc. 
IROy DEPARTMENT: -IKurden. Home nnd Kefmed Imn all -l.apM and sites, Sl.nftini; Tank J'lateai 

II. .op-.. Hat..!- Steel of ull Krudes and shape:.. 
UEAVr n A now A RE: -Horse Xail.s Slioe.s, Calks, Ha.=p., 

ember o< A»»ocl. 

Sampson & Murdock Company 

246 Summer Street, Boston, Mass. 
D^^Ln.L __^ 

Our A. T? \9v^ S 


Oursl The Chicago Public Library 

"t V V -: 

Oar Li Received ft— .B^.i*© ;; 

Ci.ri ! 

Will provide you \\'il 
pros[)ects for any 
opcrnto with yoi- 
>vill nddres.s anr' 




Tin Plate, A 

Tinsmiths' Tools nnd N.^'^^^J L^ .'oppor nnd Zinc. 

Galvanized and Copper Cou/^^=^ .>o nnd Eave Trough. , 
Baltimore Copper Smelting & RoUlrxg Company 


Telephones 6628—6629 


lt,;H .t*!!'"- -P 

/! v-' i 1/ . l; i ? I 


"T- Z f 

\ /,. >/7 

HIGH GRADE 10 6 ' 

Rubber Goods 

For All Mechanical Purposes 

;■ ^a Rubber Belting 

B--^ 1 for power transmission 

^' ^ i^P , ,^ and for conveying 

Strong — Durable 
-^^^^^ Economical 

Fire Hose - 

Cotton, rubber-lined 
Mill Hose 
Jacket Hose 

"American Underwriters" Fire Hose 

Cotton, rubber-lined Linen, unlined 

An approved brand of hose for out-door and in-door 
fire protection equipment 

Rubber- Covered Rollers 

For all Textile and Paper Mill Uses 
Of High Quality Of Correct Consistency 

Packings Gaskets Valves Springs 

Tubing Diaphragms Matting 


84 Linden Park St., Boston 


Cook-Vivian Company 







189 Congress Street 



'^KJ ri/O 



:'x^'^„ . American and Canadian Manufacturers 

j^oTn^lP'^ 74 WARREN ST.. NEW YORK 

ST. JOHN, N. B. 

Turned Wooden Boxes 


Plain, Polished and Enameled 


Dowels, Spindles, Toys, Toothpicks, 

Novelties, Indian Clubs 
Dumb Bells, Ten Pins, Bowling Balls 



Finished Hardwood Boxe 

I DRUG~3bf! 

N2 2:Dii!i 

Special Wood Turnings and Boxes of every 

description made to order. 

5enrf Samples for Estimate 





•■ '^ ./.-;»ir.j-:^5l .-'9., 

Important to All 
Selling the Shoe Trade 

To spread broadcast the knowledge of the merit-; of your 
merchandise, and create the buying desire, there is no 
journal in the great shoe and leather field which can 
>e more useful to you than 

The Boot and Shoe Recorder 

The Bool and Shoe Rec- 
order is the cnly retail 
shoe trade publication 
Imliling membership in 
(he Audil Bureau of Cir- 
cidalions. A publication 
tliat can show a clean 
hillitf circulation health, 
■;tara[)e<i with the approval of tLf- 
A'tdit Bureau of Circulations is a 
safe paper to do business with. The 
liecorder's subscription strength 
has been built up from the best 
retail establishments in the world, 
and mteil in buying units is ver\- 
jjoworful. Your announcement 
going regularly to more than SOOO 
readers will prove a great stimulus 
to siile?. 

An ounce of advertising 
beats p. poimd of dead- 
stock. Ask any man 
using "Printer's Ink" 
properly if that is not 
so. Ask also if .■sales are 
not made easier with, 
than without advertis- 
ing: ii one's hold on the trade is 
not strengthened; if distribution is 
not acquire! more rapidly, more 
economically, and if factt>r>- over- 
head and sales costs are not kept 
down thereby to lowest levek. 
That man's answer will make it 
clear that the greatest success and 
business security- lie^ in creating 
:tnd cultivating a market by con- 
sistent trade advert L-^iiig. 

The "Recorder" Makes Fift}--t\vo Trips Yearly — 
Subscribers, ( and they are Buyers) Welcome its Coming 

^Z^lA^ /if- /u U.Oi^<L 

Treasurer and General Manager 

The Boot and Shoe Recorder Pub. Co. 

Chicago Rochester— St. Louii— Cincinnati — Philadelphia 
New York 




FOR the non-technical man who would read, in simple language of practical science and 
invention; for the technical man who would hear the last word on scientific achievement; 
(or the business man who would leain what science can do (or him; for all those who seek 
to keep in broad touch with the world's material progress; and, finally, lor the larger public which 
is attracted by the fascinating interest which underlies all scientific and mechanical achievement. 
CI Its purpose is to record accurately, simply and interestingly the world's progress in scientific 
knowledge. Its editors ate trained men — trained in their respective lines. They are in touch 
with all the men working in different fields of work, who are best fitted to express in simple but 
in exact words the progress of each department of human endeavor The SCIENTIFIC 
AMERICAN is the authority; it is always up to the date; and gives its readers the first news 
as well as the most complete news of any new development. 

Regular Issues 10 Cents Per Copy 
Magazine Issues 15 Cents Per Copy 


MUNN & CO., Inc., - Publishers 

233 Broadway, New York City 


INVENTORS are invited to communicate with MUNN & CO., 
233 Broadway, New York, or 625 F St., Washington, D. C. 

in regard to securing valid patent protection for their Inventions. 
Trademarks and Copyrights registered. Design Patents and 
Foreign Patents secured. 

A Free Opinion :;s to tlie probalile iiatentabilit^- (if an invention will 
bo readily given to any inventor furnishing us witti a model or sketch 
and a brief description of the device in question. All communications- 
are strictly confidential. Our Hand Book on Patents will be sent free 
on request. Ours is the Oldest agency for securing intents: it was 
cstaljlished nearly seventy years ago. 



Washington Office, 62' F Street, Washington, D. C. 

.ri:J '.KIO 


1 -„■■'> rj. 










Average Adjusters and Insurance Brokers 

Marine, Fire, Liability, Automobile 


New York San Fr 

This May 
Just Meet 


* * * We find the Boston Business Directory a most 

valuable book to us in a number of ways. s * * 

The Business Directory which you publish enables us to keep an exact 
checkup. For example, if we find a salesman has called on a certain num- 
ber of stores in a certain section, we can check up his retail orders against 
the Directory and if we find he has missed calling on a number of storest 
we can send him right back to these stores and have him piesent his sales 
argument. We would stale on intensive retail constructive work, such as 
we have to do to perfect our distribution, we know of no other medium 
that has given us the information we wish,,io check up this matter satisfac- 
I toriiy and see that these sales instructions are followed up to the letter. 
lOUT T Checking up our retail sales with the list of stores in your Directory, 

which shows the exact location of each store, gives us the information we 
require to offset the argument of any salesman who states he is coveting his 
territory thoroughly. 

We take great pleasure in recommending the book and it is certainly 
well worth the money expended in purchasing it. 
Yours truly, 


Division Sales Manager 


'■\S.()(> l":i{ YEAR 

^^ y.'-;«hr,: 


What You Can Get Out of This Book 

"What you don't know won't holp you." If you do business 
n .\ew England, tliore ia information in tliis book of great vjd'ip 
to you, .fyou use it. U is for you to know what this book con- 
tains, and apply that knowledge in your own Ixisines... 
In buying Do you wait for the salesman to come to you, or do you .o 

after him ? You may buy well through luck or friendship but 
to be sure of buying to the best advantage you must know sonu- 
thmg about all who *•//. Here they are, over 300 000 of then, 
conveniently classified right in this book. More deCtiled in- 
formation is placed for your guidance by pro,irc.ssive houses in 
the reference advertising section. 

In selling "Intensive" selhng is based on accurate knowledge of the 

possible purchasers in each section. This book will help you 
locate customers. Whether you cover this territory by mail 
or by salesmen, the data you need is here, waiting to be used. 

Set "Quotas" for your salesmen to equal, based on past result.s 
and future possibilities as revealed by a careful study of the 
business in each man's territory as shown by this book. 

Make your Direct Advertising effective by cutting the dead 
wood out of your mailing list, and putting in the new live names 
this book will give you. (By the way, our List and Letter 
Department might help you in compiling lists or getting out 

In general Look over the Topical Index or Explanation of Arrangement 

on page 3, and the Synopsi.s uf Principal Ik-adings, giving 
number of names in each State, o.i iJMt:e 7. The book i.s yours, 
make the most of it. 

Aboat In Directory business seventy-one years. Publishers of this 

ourselves book since 1850, and have tried to improve it with each edition. 

We believe there is still chance to improve, however, and 

your co-operatiobv Any errors noted or suggestions as to how we 

can increase the scrVice of this hook, will be appreciated by 

'^%'ti^'^-^ Sampson? it Mi-udock Co. 

(nj .Q, J::^ -\(2? -"^ SUM.MKK St., 

.' BcjSTO.N, Ma88. 

March, 1916 


IK ronca on anO xttmu'ivlt I, 1909 

Sicnox 28 — That amy per«on who'iyirulV "d ■fbr irndf MiisH loTri&c* uijr M.p]rTf«hl ••cured 
by this Aet, or who shall knowingly updl Vilfurfy-«jJ.-of thii •licb Infrtc^aMaU tWtii b» tlwmed 
guilty of B misdemeanor, and upon conviction the'rwit •hall "be puniih^ by Ui-.[>n«oao)«ol for not 
ezceedinE one year or by a'£iie-t1 qot Un -tbaii oaa b\it><i[fd lio]}fr* ttot lO C * Ikaa om Ibouiand 
dollari, Br both, in tb* diicritiop t>f.\irf (joorj. • ' .' ; ' ;...;,''; 

'■ -ir '•* •••• ••• -•■ ': 

.I.(,.(f^, ..f <i n-< I '^ 

i\j }|jii('-)'j ''• •■'•"' -^f'T^'TiiTw:! ;7- i ay. 

!,'■ J' '■fo-]iuii-'i 


Index, or Explanation of Arrangement 

Classified Business Directory 

All coiiip;inio.s, firms, or individuals in business, financial, manufacturing or 
])rcjfi'ssiunal lines, are listed as far as possible each under the heading that best 
(li^scribes (hem. The arrangement is (I) by State, (2) by Business Classifi- 
cation, (3) by Post-Office, except for names "in Huston and" Providence, which 
are given dej)arlinents by themselves. 

To find (-ach Department Use thumb index on front edge 

Cross References 

And suggestions to aid in using book, see page opposite and Page 4 

Express Lists 

Offices of express companies in Boston " 1305 

Towns in New England, showing which express covers " 1300 


Giving concise information about every City, Town, R.R. Station, and Post- 
Oifice in New England, as follows: 

(1) County, (2) If city, town or county seat, (3) llailroad, trolley and stage 
connections, (4) Distance from nearest large town, (5) Population, (G) Post- 
oflices within town limits: 

Maine, page 43; New Hampshire, page G4; Vermont, page 74; 
Massachusetts, p. 83; Rhode Island, p. 103; Connecticut, p. 107 

Index to Advertisements 

An alphabetical list of progressive concerns, showing pages on which appear 
their detailed statements for (he convenience of people who may «lo bu.sine.-is 
with them " Page 10 

Manufacturing Companies 

A selected list of the larger manufacturing concerns in each State, giving 
capital stock, date of organization, present officers, natiu-e of product, and 
number of employees: 

Maine, p. 226; N. II., p. 345; Vt., p. 435; Mass., p. 770, 
Boston, p. IISI; It, I., p. 1305; Prov., p. 1441; Conn., p. 1020 


Six color atlas maps are located at the beginning of each State Department, 
showing counties, railroads, cities and towns, etc., very clearly 

Use thumb index on front edge 
Population Tables 

New England States, by Counties, Cities and Towns Pages 18-24 

United States, by Cities and Towns " 27-30 

United States, by States " 20 

Largest cities in U. S., in order of size " 25-20 

State and County Officers arid CdUrts' 

Gives names and addresses of all State and Coui^y Officials, Judges, Court 
Officers, Coroners, Sheriffs, etc. Pages 117-128 

Synopsis of Larger Headings 

Giving number of names under some of the principal classifications in each 
State Page 7 

Textile Industries 

In each State Department the textile industries are classified under "Tex- 
tile Mfrs" with the following sub-headings "Cotton Goods" (giving number of 
spindles and looms, and specialty); "Hosiery"; "Knit Goods"; "Linen Goods"; 
"Print Works"; "Silk Goods"; "Woolen & Worsted Goods" (giving specialty 
and number of cards and looms) and "Yarns, Wicks, Braids, etc." 

Maine, p. 279; N. II., p. 378; Vt., p. 401; Mass., 
p. 992; R. I., p. 1392; Prov., p. 1467; Conn., p. 1725 


>'r>!Tfs>i,":'.j8")"jA li 

<! •«•« ,Mrr- jiffiL iv. .,;,. 

fi'-'r fLll';jO-»r[ 

' .' ;^W; .f ,.1' / 




In order to condense the immense amount of information into the 
most compact and convenient form for use, it has been necessary to make 
most careful selection of headings used, and as a rule each name appears 
under the one heading which Ijest describes it. Patrons who appreciate 
the value to themselves and their customers of appearing under different 
headings, are inserted in bold-faced type by special contract. 

If a name or place is not readily found, a glance at the Gazetteer may 

show more than one post office in the town in question. Frequently a post 
office has an entirely different name from the town it is in; for instance, 
Bellows Falls is in the town of Rockingham, Vt. 

As it is often difficult to think off-hand of the exact heading where a 
certain name may be listed, we have tried to put cross-references where 
they may be looked for, to aid users of this l)ook. 

If the classification sought does not appear, think of the most general 
heading which would describe the business wanted. Numerous cross refer- 
ences throughout the book, the following Table, and a little thought will 
assist greatly in finding what you want. 

The publishers will be glad to answer any questions in their poweri 
and will appreciate any suggestions as to how the book may be made more 


Agate Ware 


Ale & Beer Pumps 





House Furniahing Goods 
Distillers & Rectifiers 
Pump Manufacturers 
Chemical Manufacturers 
Guns & Ammunition 
Theatres & Places of Amuse- 

Analytical Chemists Che 
Animal Dealers 
Architectural 1 

Artesian Wells 
Auier Mfrs 


Iron Work — Architectural 
Well Borers & Diggers 
Druggists' Sundries 
Accountants & Auditors 
Tool Manufacturers 

Baby Carriages 
Bail Commissioners 

Barw" Chairs 


Bath Tuba 

Bed Springs 

Beef Extract Mfrs 


Jielgian Hares 
Binders Boards 
Blower Mfrs 

Carriages — Children's 
Commissioners — Bail 

Furniture Manufacturers 
Instrument Makers 
Plumbers' Materials 
Spring Manufacturers 
Extract Manufacturers 
Wax Dealers or Honey & 

Bird & Animal Dealers 
Locksmiths & Bi-llhangcrs 
Bookbinders' Materials 
Bedding or Textile Mfrs 
Machinery Mfrs or Ventila- 
tor Mfrs 

Boiler & Pipe Cov- 

Boot & Shoe Black- 

Boot & Shoe Dealers 

Boot & Shoo Mak- 
ers & Bcpairers 

Boots & Shoes 

Brass Bands 
Brass Found 
IUk klc Mfrs 
Buffuig Whe 

Burfe'lar Alarms 

Calico Printers 
Camps — Hunting 
Can Makers 

Spool &■ Bobbin Manufac- 

Pipe &. Boiler Coverings 

Hat iScBonnet Frame Makers 
Blacking Makers, BlackiiiR 

i Stains 
Shoe Dealers 

Shoo Repairers 

For everything connected 

with this industry, see 

i';hemical Manufacturers 
Medicine Manufacturers 
TrimminRS or Yarns, Wicks, 

Braids, Etc or Textile Mfrs 
Bands & Orchi-stras 
Foundries— Brass 
Hardware Manufacturers 
('•r.iperago Stock 
Flags & Bunting 
Electric Appliances 

Restaurants or Liquors 

Hides & Skins 

Textile iNtfre— Print Works 

Hotels — Summer 

Tin Can Makers 



Card Index Systems Office Suppliet 



CeilinES — Metal 

Cement Blocks 
ChambiTS vi L\ 

Chamois Skins 
Children's Ca 

riages _ 
Civil Engl 

Clock Repairers 
Clothes Cleaners 
Clothes Dryers 
Clothes Pins 
Cop Tubes 
Consulting Engi- 

Corn Cake Mfrs 
Cotton Goods 
Cotton Yarn 
Cotton & Woolen 

Curled Hair 



Dining Rooms 



Drain Pipe 


Dress Trimmings 

Drop Forgings 

Eating Houses 
Edge Tool Mfrs 
Egg Dealers 

Electro Platers 
Essence Mfrs 


Fire Brick 

Foreign Exchange 
Fountain Pens 

Furniture Movers 

Gas Fitters 

Gas & Gas'.h-uc E 


Painters— Curriag 

Wood Carvers 

Metal Ceilings 

Foods — Prepared 

Concrete Blocks 

- Oni.imcicial Orga 

Engineers — Civil 
Washing & Cleansing Com- 
Watchmakers & Repairers 
Cleansers — Clothes 
House Furnishing Goods 
Wooden Ware 

Engineers — Consulting 
Pop Corn Dealers 
Emery & Emery Wheels 
Textile Manufacturers 
Yarns, Wicks, Braids. E^c 

Creameries or Milk Dealers 

Contractors' Supplies 


Sash. Blind & Door Mfrs 

Wood Workers 

Sewer & Drain Pipe 


Crockery, Potter 



Tool Manufacturers 

Butter, Cheese & Eggs or 

Platers — Electro 
Teachers — Elocution 
Extracts & Essence Mfrs 

Flour & Feed 


Guns & Ammunition or 
Sporting Goods 



Stone Dealers 

Coal Dealers, Gas Compa- 
nies or Wood Dealers 


Poultry & Game 
AutMm'ibili' Garages 
Elastic Goods 
Plumbers, Steam & Gas Fit- 

,- E^r"i^nes— C;as & Gasolene 

Gas )l"ne 

Gents' Furnishings 
Gimp Mfrs 
Glass Signs 
Glove Cleaners 
Gold Paint 
Gold Platers 
Gold Rehners 
Golf Goods 
Granite Ware 

Hairdressers' Sup- 
Hand Stamps 



Cleansers — Glove 

Paint Manufacturers 

Platers— Gold 

Smelters & Refiners 

Sporting Goods 


House Furnishing Goods 

Talking Machines 

Tallow & Grease 


Barbers' Supplies 
Rubber Stamps 
Shafting, Ktc 

Harness Dress 
Heating Engin 
Horse Power 


Hose Supporters 
House Movers 
House Painters 
Hubs, Spokes &c 
Hydraulic Machin- 

Ice Creepers 




Insulated Wire 

Insurance Ad- 

Interior Decorator; 


Ir.m Fn,.n,lri.3 


Leather Dressing 

Engineers — Heating 


Agricultural Implements or 

Ladies' Furnishing Goods 
Building Movers 
Painters — House 
Carriage Makers' Supplies 


Hardware Manufacturers 
Electric Goods or Lamps, 

St.-am Specialties 
Wire Manufacturers 

Bnjkers— Investment 
Foundries— Iron 

Jellies Preserve Manufacturers 

Kalsomiuers Whitewashers, Etc 

Kennels Animal Dealers, Bird & An- 
imal Dealers 

Kindling Wood Wood Dealers 
Kitchen Furnishing . . „ , 

Goods House Furnishing Goods 

Knit Goods Textile Manufacturers 

Knitting Machines Machinery 

Ladies' Tailors Tailors 

Lager Beer Liquors 

Lamp Wicks Yarns, Wicks. Braids, Etc 

Lnnilscape Garden- 
ers Gardeners — Landscape 
I.nsts Shoe Makers' .t Mfrs Goods 
Laundry Machinery Machinery Manufacturers 
Leather Belting Belting Manufacturers 
Letter Files Office Supplies 
Limestone Stone Dealers 

Cattle Dealers or' Horse 



Live Stock 

Livery Stables 
Looking Glasses 
Lunch Rooms 


Malleable Iron 


Marino Engineers 


Meat Markets 

Mechanical Engi- 

Merchant Tailors 

Merino Goods 

Metal Polish 
Mineral Water 
Mineral Wool 
Mining Engineers 
Mirror & Picture 

Frames t 
Mitre Boxes 
Model Makers 

Music Teachers 

Naval Architects 
Nickel Platers 
Notaries Public 
Note Brokers 

Office Cleaners 



Chemical Manufacturers 

Foundries — Iron 
Engineers — Marine 
Rugs & Mate 
Butchers, Pr 


Engineers— Mechanical 

Textile Manufacturers — 
Worsted & Merino Goods 
Polish Manufacturers 
Engineers — Mining 

Frame Makers 
Tool Manufacturers 
Pattern & Model Makers cr 

Teachers— Music 
Bands & Orchestras 

Architects- Naval 
Platers— Nickel 
Brokers — Note 
Fruit Dealers 

Building Cleaners 
Pump Manufacturers 
Bands and Orchestras 
• Physicians 
Lcggins A; Overgaiters 

i..i ( vn;.*e 


Paper Machii 


Patent Medicines 
Piano Movers 
Pie Plates 
Pilot Commis- 
Plane Mfrs 
Planing Mills 
Pool Rooms 
Printers' Ink 

Quilt Mfrs 

Railroad Ticket 

Riding Schools 

Rubber Belting 
Rubber Packing 
Russian Baths 


Wooden Ware 


Painters — House & Paper 

Paper Mfrs' Supplies 


Medicine Manufacturers 

Brokers— Pawn 

Artists— Pen 

Oil Dealers 

Talking Machines 

Engravers — (Photo) 


Bakers' Supplies or Crockery 



ing < 

Billiard & Pool Rooms 
Artists or Photographers 
Ink— Printers 
Shafting, Etc 
Stone Dealers 

Check & Ticket Punches or 


Ticket Agents 

Stoves &c 

Distillers & Rectifiers 

Smelters & Refiners 


Cordage & Rope 

Belting Manufacturers 


Paper Rulers 



Slot Machines 
Spar Makers 
Spring Water 
Staves & Shooks 
Steam Engines 
Steam Filters 

Wai Makers 
Contractors- Public Wt 
Hides & Skins or Ler 

Lumber Dealers or Sa 

& Planing Mills 
Brokers— Ship 
Blacking Makers, Blac 

A St:iLr,8 
Cooperage Stock 
Mast tt Spar Makers 

Cooperage Stock 
Plumbers, Steam & 

Metal Ceilings 






Awning & Tent Makers 


Instrument Makers 



Time Registers 

Registering Machines 

Tin,Copper& Sheet 

Iron Workers 

Sheet Metal Workers 


Tugs & Towboats 

Traveling Bags 

Trunks, ICtc 




Cordage & Rope 



Clothing Dealers or Regalii 

Vending Machines Machinery 

Harness Makers, Etc 


I,i<iuur Dealers 

Engineers — Sanitary 

Plumbers' Supplies 

Painters— Scenic 


Junk Dealers or Metal Deal- 

Wagon Materials 
I Washers 
I Water Filters 


Wui.low Blinds 


Carriage Makers' 

Bolts, Nuts, Etc 


Elastic Goods Mfrs 

Sash, Door & Blind Mfr 

Screen Manufaeturers 

,-u»i.-i:! i-o.ri 


In the following table is given the number of names under some of 
the larger headings, in each department. It will be understood that there 
are many hundreds of other headings in addition to these. These are 
simply given to save counting the number of names in the longer lists, 
for convenience in estimating cost of circularizing. In this connection 
would say that the publishers have a splendidly equipped department 
for service in any branch of direct advertising, as addressing, mailing, 
preparing letters, etc. If interested address List & Letter Service Dept. 
Sampson & Murdock Co., Boston, for prices, samples, etc. 

Accountiints & Auditors 8 

Advertising Agents 9 

Agricultural Stores 75 

Architects 53 

Artists 6S 

Auctioneers 100 

Automobiles, Mfrs and Dealers.. . . ISO 

Automobiles, Garages 197 

Automobiles, Repairers 56 

Automobiles, Supplies 30 

Bakers 19H 

Bands & Orchestras 152 

Banks, Savings Banks & Trust 
Go's giving Date of Inc., Capi- 
tal, OlTicers' names, and Dis- 
count Days 180 

Barbers 924 

Bee Keepers 157 

Bicycle Dealers & Repairers 102 

Hill Posters & Distributors 41 

Billiard & Pool Rooms 261 

Blacksmiths . 977 

Boards of Trrfde — See Commercial 

Boat Builders 191 

Bookbinders 12 

^iooksellcrs 7.'> • 

BotUurs 67 

Bowling Alleys 57 

Box Mfrs SI 

Brass Finishers and Founders — 
See Foundries 

Brick Mfrs 33 

Bridge & Wharf Builders 23 

Brokers 103 

Builders' Materials 14 

Butchers S90 

Butter, Cheese & Eggs 58 

Cabinet Makers 2S 

(Jarpcnters & Builders 1,059 

("arriage Dealers 102 

Carriage Makers 48 

Cattle Dealers 154 

Chemical Manufacturers 3 

Cider & Vinegar Manufacturers. . . lOti 

Cigar Manufacturers 53 

Cigar & Tobacco Dealers 171 

Clergymen 884 

Clothing Dealers 381 

Goal Dealers 208 


Commercial Organizations 78 

Commission Merchants 25 

Confectioners 398 

Contractors 80 

Coopers 88 

Cranberry Growers 23 

Crockerv, China A Class 4(. 





1 66 























































Maine N. H. Vt. Mass. Boston 11. I. Prov. Conn. Total 

Dentists 301 

Department Stores 24 

Dressmiikers Giio 

Druacisis 424 

Dry Goods 3S1 

Dyers &. Scourers 2.S 

Electric Goods & Appliances 40 

Electric Light & Power Compa- 

. nies i:" 

Electrical Contrfictors 145 

Enipk.yment Otlices 14 

Ensincera !•'" 

Engravers tj 

Fancy Goods 40 

Fish Dealers 284 

Five & Ten Cent Stores 31 

Florists 107 

Flour & Feed 143 

Foundries 4.5 

Fruit De.xlers 104 

Fur Dealers & Furriers 30 

Furniture Dealers 210 

Gas LiRht Companies 10 

General Stores 1.305 

Granite 1-2 

Grist Mills 1S3 

Grocers 1,374 

Hairdressers (Ladies') 22 

Hardware & Tools 2C.2 

Harness Makers & Dealers 1S5 

Hat Manufacturers 1 

Hatters 15 

Hay & Straw Dealers OS 

Horse Dealers 112 

Horse Shoers ji-' 

Hospitals 5'' 

Hotels S54 

House Furnishing Goods 1" 

Ice Cream Mfrs !■''> 

Ice Dealers I'^O 

Insurance Agents 0';'^; 

Insurance Companies Mi 

Iron & Steel Dealers 

Jewelry Manufacturers 7 

.lewelry Watches & Plate 247 

junk Dealers. . . ^7 

Ladies' Furnishings 3S 

Laundries ^~y 

Leather Dealers; '.'.'.'.'.'. 1 

Leather Mfrs '] 

liibraries 3L0 

Liquor Dealers ' 

Lumber Dealers -;".' 

Lumber Mfrs l'''J 

Machinery Mfrs & Dealers 37 

Machinists .■ ■ 1'*^ 

Mfg Companies, giving Capital 
Stock, when organized, ofRcers' 
names, product and number ol^ 
employees of a selected list of 
the larger manufacturing com- 

Maiile Sv'rup & Sugar ' l\ 

Marble Workers f'*' 

Ma.ons 431 

Medicine Manufacturers JU 

Men's Furnishing Goods 4J 

Milk Dealers f!\; 

■Milk Producers ' ■'- 

Mill Supplies.. , ,;,! 

Milliners & Millinery Goods 4li. 

Music & Musical Instruments t>l 

News Stands .,,.., , ?,5 

Newspapers & Periodicals l-J 

Novelties i,-' 







































































1 00 








•f' ; 


Maine N. H. 

Oil Dcolera 71 

Opticians 87 

Oyster Dealers 2 

Painters SOS 

Paints, Oils & Glass HO 

Paper Box Mfrs 15 

Paper Dealers r> 

Paper Hangings 41 

Paper Manufacturers 20 

PhotORraphers 102 

Physicians 1,14-4 

Piano Dealers 40 

Piano Tuners 20 

Picture & I'raine Dealers 30 

Plumbers, Steam & Gas Fitters.. . . 20S 

Poultry HreeJers 107 

Piintc.'s -. .. 1S2 

Pru.luce Dealers 103 

Pruvision Dealers 107 

Publishers 44 

RealKstate 301 

Restaurants 30o 


Rubber Goods 11 

Sash, Door & Blind Mfrs 35 

Saw Filers, Setters & Repairers.. . . 118 

Sawing & Planing Mills 443 

Schools & Academies S|7 

Sewing Machines tJS 

Sheet Metal Workers 27 

Shoe Dealers 207- 

Shoe Mfrs 43 

Shoe Mfrs Goods .11) 

Shoe li.ei)airerB 374 

Soap Manufacturers ; . . 5 

Stables 413 

Stationers 7li 

Steamship Agents & Lines ■1'^ 

Stenographers 31 

Stone Cutters & Dealers 1 

Storage 11 

Stoves, Ranges & Heaters 7o 

Tailors 204 

Tea & Coffee 47 

Teachers 009 

Teamsters & Truckmen 3o2 

Telephone & Telegraph Go's 310 

Textile Mfrs 101 

Theatres & Places of Amusement... 1S2 

Tool Manufacturers 10 

Type Writing ISfachincs and Sup- 
plies I'J 

Undertakers 140 

Upholsterers 50 

Variety Stores 140 

Veterinary Surgeons 113 

Wagon Makers 00 

Watchmakers <& Repairers 5S 

Wheelwrights 53 

Wood Dealers OS 

Wool Dealers 44 




























































4,4 30 



2 IS 
























































A B See Electric Elevator Co, Boston 1S19 

A P W Paper Co, Boston I'.llC. 

Ackroyd Jamea & Sons, Albany 19:57 

Acuslinct Saw Mills Co, New Bedford Mass 171)4 

Adams Edward H Co, Providence HI l'J.^)2 

Aihiiiis K & Co, Inc Boston 17.')7 

Adams & Ruxton Construction Co, Spring- 
field Mass 1784 

Adcll Mis! C,j, Orange Mass 1843 

Adl.ihuist IrMt, Cu, New Haven Conn 

Alhu l).,iiii.' cV Co Inn, Boston 1950 

Alli'ii MfK ('.■, Hartford Conn 1S90 

AH. 11 W 111 Sons Co. Worcester Mass ISGO 

AlliHii.-.- \V;11 Co. Providence HI 197:! 

Alliii-toii ,V Curiis Mfi! Co The, Boston. . . 17,-)4 

.\lliili-l'r.mi\ Co. Boston 1844 

Alli.ii Bros, Wutcrlnirv Conn 1790 

Aiii.Tican Arcliitcctiiral Iron Works, Boston 18.09 
AiiuTican Awninx & Tent Co, Boston. . , 1745 
American Can Co of Mass, Boston .... 

1774 and 1962B 
AiiHri.iin Collecting & Detective Agency, 

11.11 tford Conn 1778 

Aii..rn;ni i:iKunel Co, Providence H I... . 1819B 
Amen, an M.tal Hose Co, Waterbury Conn 1950 
.\mericau Miiluple Fabric Co, Providence 

K 1 19.5SB 

American Publicity Co, Worcester Mass. . . 1740 

American Tool & Klacliine Co, Boston 1878 

American Type Founders Co, Boston 

opp page 129 

Ames Iron Works, Boston 1954 

Anchor Post Iron Works, Boston 1857 

Anchor Post Iron Works, Hartford Conn.... 1S56 



on Cii, Portland Me 
n, Hartford Conn.. 
• Iron Co, Worceste 
:iieenruKl Mass. . . . 



R I 1970 
. . . . 1950 
. . .. 1903 

As(.l,:,lt Iv.-a.K- Kooiini; Co. Boston 1940 

A.s.,o,'iiit.-,l Kealiv rru.-,!. Springfield Mass. 1935 
As.soeiation of Americun Directory Pub- 

lisliers, Boston back colored 

Athol Mfg Co, Athol Mass 1867 

Atlantic Decorating Co Ine, Boston 1800 

Atlantic Works, Boston 175(i 

Atwood & McManus, Chelsea Mass. front cover 

Auld Francis L, Boston 1958 

Auto Metal Co, Springfield Mass 174 4 

Autoforce Ventilating System, Boston 1907 

Automatic Time Stamp Co, Boston 1907 

Bal.l.itl Steam Specialty Co, New Bedford . . 1954B 

Bal..-..ek-Davis Corp, Cambridge Mass. . . . 1980 

Baeuii-Tajilin Co, Springfield Mass 1740 

Ba.lucr ]•: B >\: Sons Co, Boston 1803 

Ba.lgcr K B & Sons Co, Boston 1774 

Ba.'der, Adamson & Co, Boston 1841 

Bastsliaw W H, Lowell Mass 1902 

Bailey Meter Co, Boston 1954 A 

■Bancroft Hotel Co, Worcester Mass 1H19 

Bam;or Cast Stone Products Co, Bangor Mc 1 7.H 1 

Banister A W Co, Bopton 1753 

Barbara & D'Aurio, Waterbury Conn 1790 

Barbour-Stockwell Co, Cambridge Mass. . . 1834 
Barker Artesian Well Co, Providence 11 I. . 1908 

Barnes Walter S & Son, Boston 1759 

Barrett Mfg Co, Boston 1938 

Bartletl I, B, Providence H 1 1900 


Balh .lolil 

C A Co, St Albans, Me 

C H & Co, Boston 

& Co Til.'. W,,reeater Ma 

BiThn Ma.-hine \V,,ik.. lioMon 
BcHin MdlsCo, I'ortlan.l M.- . 
Bernhard I.ouis, Bo>t,..i . 

Berrv Bro.s Ine,,1, 
Binner C S C..i|., H.mIoi, 
Bishop ,1 W C.I, H..s;..n 

Bishop La. 1.1.-. r... ||:,ill,,r.l C..l,l, 

Blake lliii.> .V .^..u. laM !'.|,|..i. 
Blake Puiiip .^ C.,ri.|. ns. i C... 


Blakeslev Novelty Co, Bristol Coi 
Bliss & Lavalle, Springfield Mass. 
Blodgett G S Co The, Burlington 
Blodgett & Orswell Co, Pawtur'kc 

Bond Harold L Co, Boston 

Boot & Shoe Recorder Pub Co, B. 


Boston I 




Boston Sand i Clravel ( o Inc, I' 
Boston Structural Steel Co Ine, 

Mass » 

Bostwick C G, HaHford Conn . 
Boulia-Gorell Lumber Co, Lakei 

Bowser S F & Co Inc, Boston 

Boyle John & Co, Boston ■ , 

Bradley Portable House Co, Randolj 



ible A D, Pall 
Brewer Cvrus & C. 
Bridj-'ci.ort Boiler 


Bricrly Lombard Co, Worceste. 
Brock A S Rubber Co, Boston, 
Brockton Heel Co, Brockton M 
Brockway-Smith Corp, Boston, 
Bror»e Weather Strip Co, Bust 



r. I 


„.,,... • tol 


nrown-Ho«landCo, nost' 

Brown L S Clmrcoal Co, SprinRfield Mass., 1774 

BrowncU Machinery Co, Providenoe HI... ISOO 

Brunnckow C G Co, Providence R 1 194R 

Bninswick-Balke-Collcnder Co, Boston 102IJ 

Buck E A & Co, Palmer Mas3 

front edge and 1900 
Bullock Mfg Associates, Springfield Mass. . 1904 

Burbank Thawing Machine Co, Boston 1922 

Burke P F, Boston ISOO 

Burke P J Detective Agency, Boston ISfLS 

Burlen Robert, Boston 

Burlingame A Co, Worcester Ma; 
Burlingamc S F, Worcester Mass 
Burns Detective Bureau, Bo.slon 

front edge and 1807 
Burroughs Adding Machine Co, Boston.. . . 1900 

Burrowes John W Co, Portland Me 1788 

Business Address Co, New York 1739 

Butter .Samuel & Co, Boston 1901 

C-A-C Lubricants Company, Worcester 

Mass 1908B 

Cabot Samuel Inc, Boston 1911 

Cabot & Higley, Boston 1841 

Cady George L & Sons, I-owcll Mass 1703 

Caffin Frank li & Son, Hyde Park Mass.. . 1841 

Cahill M F, Boston 1898A 

Cambridge Cement Stone Co, Cambridge 





C.'iiiil.riilt'c Iron Works, Cambridge Mass. . 

(•mil .1 L-. i' :..r Box Co, Cambridge Mass 17,'J9 

I' I . , ]■ . 11 B, Boston 1801 

<'■'.' •. The, Boston 1925 

'iqi! ! ' 1' I mi.her Co, Hartford Conn... 1869 

Car.v W \V Cu, Lowell Mass 1S88 

Carliale & Gale Co, Boston 1754 

Carlton Kngraving Co, Worcester Mass.. . . 1830 
Carlyle Johnson Machine Co, Manchester 

Conn 1884 

Carinieliael Henry. Boston 1775 

Carpenter L A Press Metal Co, Cambridge 



H Co ■ 

■^pringlicld Mii 


ill- M:,.ss. , . . 

,W E & .Sou, Hartford Conn.. 

Certified Audit Co of Ami 


Chadwick-Boston Lead Co, Bostc 


Chandler Alvin B, Providence R 

Chandler A & Co, Providence R I 

Chandler Co The, Springfield Mass 

Chandler h'dward D, Boston 

Chapiii in & Soden, Boston 

(•\ki,_- llaiv.-\- .< & Co, Boston 

Chilli Corp, PutnamConn 

City lidok Uinding Co, Waterbury Conn. 

Cit\- lirasa Foundry, Pawtucket R I 

(■h.rk lOarl S & Company, Providence R I 
Clark I ;corge P Co, Windsor Lock.s Conn 

ri.ul. .V Cl,...d,. Co, Boston 

ri ,,■ ., r..,,, t> . IM.1,.1 Conn 

'■'. .,';■, - ^U, bridge Mass., 
I - ' ■. i^ :..:.. ' -.:inv NY 

!•"'■■' .V hn,, ii, , ]'■.'.: .ouih Mass.! '! '.'.'. 

'■oil II,,, n I'.r--, Clii I-I-. .Mass 

Colrniiin WntM.n V.. Washington DC..., 


. 1795 

. 1735 
. 1923 
. 1972 
. 1950 
. 1952 
. 1945 
. 1937 



1 765A 







ticut Qu 

ii &ci. 

, Co, Boston. 
uriford Conn 
Co, New Haven 


inater Mass. 

Vivian Co, Boston front colored C 

and it Dodge Co, Springfield Mass. . . 1830 

Insert Company, Boston 1885A 

ah E P, Manchester N H 1886 

h-Fiukelstein Co, Boston 1898B 

Crane Company, Boston 1025 

Creditors National Clearing lIouHe Inc, 

Boston 1779 

Crocker-Wheeler Co, New Haven Conn.. . . 1815 

Crofoot Gear Works, Cand>ridge Mass lfc;.S2 

Crompton & Knowlcs Loom Works, Wor- 
cester Mass IHTCi 

Cronin D E, Waterbury Conn 1790 

Crosby Steam Gage & Valve Co, Boston. . . 1955 

Cross Mark Co, Bostim i ,sti7 

Grossman G A & Sons Co, Portland Me ]7li-' 

Crystal Springs Paste Co, Boston llilii 

Cumminga H P Construction Co, Ware 

Mass ]7s,5 

Cunningham C A, Boston 1844 

Curtis & Marble Machine Co, Worcester 



Gushing Daniel & Co, L, 

Gushing S G it Son lii. M ■;. .• Mass . , 19.S3 

Cutler H & Co, ( 1 i i ■ i M , . . 1740 

Cutler & i . ■ . , ' , ,- hmiii 

Cutler & BriekuKih, I I.I ;,~. ,, M.-.-s 1747 

Cutter Fletcher i i o, l;.-.,!,,.: I7:i;j 

Dadmun Co, Boston 1905 and 1920 

Dahlquist Mfg Co, Boston 1944A 

Danforth Leon E, Providence R 1 1935 

Davensim Marshall F, Hartfor<l Conn, . . . 1920 

Davioa. Turner & Co, Boston 183!< 

Davia Frank B, Boston 1738 

Davis I'rank E, Bo.ston 1S27 

Davis Kriink II, f ambridgc Mass ]S90 

Davit, K.'l. . Co Tn.' Ho-,,.,. i(,2:; 

Davison I'. 1 I I I w Co \i « ^^.rl; l;i,-,,s\ 

Day ci- I .' I , i , . i; , n Com. l^.:',7 

Dean ,loC : , n i 'onn. . . I'jiiii 

DeanWni' i i ^\ -n - - i .Mass I9,s(J 

DeLue George H. Mo.- c,n I9s4 

Dennis John Mailinir Co. I. o« .11 Mass.... 1S79A 

DePaoli Mosaic .\sM,, I'.osi on ii»(i2 

D'Este Jxilian Co, Ho^ 1954A 

Destrcmps Louis e: A: in,'. Fall River 

M.a3S 1791 

DeVito John A Co, Boston •. 1917 

Diehl Mfg Co, Boston 1H13 

Dixon Cnifil,!,. Co, Boston 1910 

Doane lo i. : 1', I- >n Iiioi 

Dodge 11:. ■ c , ■ ,1 • l,K()0 

Dodge .'^ .'. I I,,-; 11, ng Co, Boston,. . 1!-.S5.\ 

Dolben .\ ' , I. 1 1707 

DollofT C U .V Co, l„i^ion 1799 

Doubledav i:,luiu -. Springfield Mass 1737 

Douglas J" L & Co, Lowell Mass 1937 

Dow L H Inc, Boston 1S20 

Dowling * Hottoml, V Co The 17.H9 

Downing.T D A c,,, l;...,i n 1.S3.S 

Draper Compaiiv, I i :- : ' i-- 1.S79 

Drew George G 1 >. i ; ■ 
DrouveG Co, Urnh'. in 
Dudlcv Frank U. In. 1,1.., 
Dunbar |.' W & C.. In. , li 

Boston 18O0B 


Duial.l.- \\ ire U.i|.i' Co, Boston 1802A Binlg, wall r Brn'k Co, E Bridgewatcr 

Mass 1706 

Eastern Bridge & Structural Co, Worcester 

Mass l.'<53 

Eastern Clay Goods Co, Boston 1708 

Eastern Con.stni. C n C, W,, n^nrket R I. 1794 
Eastern .Mail, In. ■ , ' '^ ■ 1 1 .ven Conn. 1818 

Eastern Mfg C... !. '.: 1.S73 

Easthanipton .\. V, ' ,i i, .ton Muss 1928 

Eastman 11 T A c, ,, ml. •:!.■. .Mass 1799 

Economy Fuse .t Mfg Co. ( hi, ago 111 : . . . 1814 
Edmands Arthur B Co In,-, Pawtucket R 1 . 1901 

Edson Mfg C'o, Boston 1802 

Edwards Tr-inian G .t Son, Bo.ston 1730 

E,lwar,ls T J, Boston 195(1 

Ehrlnl, .V B it Co. Springfii'ld Mass 19110 

EUiiM,„l Sides Co, Host,,,! I,K13 

I'.lliol ,t H ,11, W,,rre3lcr Mass 1S79 

hliinisoi, L„l„,r„torv. Springfield Mass 1775 

Isnin.i 1 Cii.i- ,t Rose Co. Boston LSIIO 

iMniii.iii^ Loom Harness Co, Lawrence Mas,s 1902 

i:,iiir|.,,o 11 iting Co, Springfield Mass 1922 

iM-iks.m 1. 1, 111 Irw Co, Boston 1958 

Estea )•: H ,t Sons, New York front colored D 

Estes Mills, Fall River Mass 

Evans H D Steel Co, Boston 

Evers Henry A Co, Providence R I. 




Ewer Sc. Neal, Bostou 1736 

Evelet Tool Co, Boston 1965A 

Factory & Mill Supply Co, Boston 188SA 

Fnlk M & Co, Leonimstor Mass 19C.5A 

Falvey W H & Son, Springfield Mass 1794 

Farist Steel Co, Bridgeport Conn IS55 

Farrar Bros ,Troy N H 19S2 

Feiner Bernard S, Springfield Mass 1935 

Ferry Charles A, New Uaven Conn 182-1 

Field Walter W & Son Inc. Cambridge 

Mass 1827 

Field William H Co, Boston 1888B 

Filleul J B & Son, Manchester N H 1832 

Fischer Carl, Boston 1905 

Fish A E & Co, Keene N H 1943 

Fisher A C & Sons, Rochester N H 1874 

Fiskc-Carter Construction Co, Worcester 

Mass 1787 

Fiake & Co Inc, Boston 1766 

Fitthburg Sheet Metal & Blower Co, Fitch- 
burg Mass 1945 

Fitz, Dana ik Co, Boston inside front cover 

Fleischer Bros, Chelsea Mass 174G 

Fleming F J, Lowell Mass 1914 

l''lotcher-Thompson Inc, Bridgeport Conn. . 1822 
Flynt Bldg & Construction Co, Palmer 

Mass 1788 

Forbes & Myers, Worcester Mass 1815 

Ford Buck & Sheldon Inc, Hartford Conn.. . 1822 

Foster Rubber Co, Boston 1844B 

Fowler & Kennedy, Worcester Mass 1919 

Fox Thomas R & Son, Hartford Conn 1799 

Franklin Albert B Inc, Boston 1844 

Free Employment Bureau, Boston 1S19B 

Freeman Chas A Mfg Co, Boston 1943 

Freeman II C & Co. Boston 1885A 

French Hollis & Allen Hubbard, Boston .. . 1821 
French Richard Iron Works, Worcester 

Mass 1858 

Frost Veneer Seating Co Inc, New York. . . 1839 

Fuller Andrew D Co, Boston 1793 

Fuller Frank L, Boston 1821 

G &.V Engraving Co, Wollaston Mass 1829 

Galassi Mosaic & Tile Co, Boston 19G2A 

Galassi T V & Co, Providence R 1 1902 

Gale Geo W Lumi)er Co, Cambridge Mass. 1875 

Gallagher Robert Co, Boston 1920 

Gem Stamped Steel Co, Chelsea Mass 1S9SA 

General Fire Extingiiishcr Co, Providence 

RI , 1924 

General Manifold & Printing Co, Boston... 1929 

Gerstcin Bros & Cooper, Boston 1802B 

Gessner David, Worcester Mass 1.S.S0 

GilTord-Wood Co, Boston 18SSA 

Gillette Clipping Machine Co, New York. 1844B 

Gdman & Son Inc, Springfield Vt 1877 

Glennon George L Co, Boston 1747 

Globe Stamp Works, Boston 1951 

Glunts James D & Co, Boston 1733 

Golding Mfg Co, Franklin Mass 1930A 

Goodall Hammock Co, Wcstbrook Me 1842 

Gooding Charles S, Boston 1918 

Goodrich Mailing Co, Boston 1739A 

Goodspeed Machine Co, Winchendon Mass 1893 

Cordon & Gerber, Chelsea Mass 1900 

Goren's Bag Co, Chelsea Mass 1746 

Goulds Mfg Co, Boston 1974 

Gosule, Handel & Co, Boston 1948 

Grant Gear Works, Boston 1883 

Gray Arthur F, Boston 1822 

Gray Peter & Sons Inc, Cambridge Mass 1898A 

Green Samuel M Co, Springfield Mass 1823 

■ Greenfield Paper Box Co, Greenfield Mass. .1760 
Greenfield Tap & Die Corp, Greenfield Mass 1905 

Greenwood Mfg Co, Lawrence Mass 1740 

Greist Mfg Co, New Haven Conn 1943 

Griffin Charles, Lowell Mass 1820 

Guild Curtis & Co, Boston 1930B 

Guttcrson & Gould, La%vrence Mass 1899 

H & D Direct Advertising, Worcester 

Mass 1739A 

H & H Stamping Co, Worcester Mass 1897 

Haarmann G & Co, Holyoko Mass 1853 

Hadley Frank M, Lowell Mass 1905 

Hagen George, Portland Me 1927 

Hallbourg Frank & Son", Westfieid Mass. . . 1872 

Ham L M Co, Boston 1863 

Hammett J L Co, Boston 1942 

Hammond Process Co, Boston 1909 

Hansen H C Type Foundry, Boston 1930A 

Harley Company, Springfield Mass 1832B 

Harper Oriphone Co, Boston 1805 

Harrington, Robinson & Co, Boston 1801 

Harris A J & Co, Lowell Mars 1899 

Harris Company The, Easthampton Mass. 1743 
Harris-Corliss Engine & Machine Co, Provi- 
dence PI 1886 

Harrison Safety Boiler Works, Boston... . 1954A 
Hartford Engine Works, Hartford Conn. . . 1828 

Hartford Printing Co, Hartford Conn 1930 

Hartford Wrecking Co, Hartford Conn. . . . 1798 
Harvey Arthur C Co, Boston., .inside back cover 

Hastings A W *; Co, Boston 1875A 

Hawkridge Brothers Company, Boston. . . . 1851 

Heard, Smith & Tennant, Boston 1019 

Helms-Butler Co. Porlland Me 178S 

Hendee Mfg Co. .-<pi iimfn-KI Mass 1905 

Hendorson-Am.N Cm, l;-'.'" 1936 

Henderson John T. Ilndnr.! (■,,„„ 1824 

Hercules Irnn ,^ ^^y.'\^y ' '■ . I'.n-lun 1924 

Hcrrifk f...!ii>MM' I' inside back cover 

Herri. k'-. M-.- ' . ' liM.,iun 1778 

Herrin;- !' '! ' ! ' ' I'.Miton 1941 

Hersnrii 1 I •! .. ' I linrdMass 1903B 

Heublfin IImI,!, I!:,'!., .! ' ' m 1S50B 

Hewett Geo V •'■i, \\'..t ' u- .Mass 1975 

Highland Court II. .i. I, 1 1 ,; • I..1.I Conn 1851 

Highland Hotel, -;.!....'. II Ma-i 1850A 

Highland Marl, in. < ... I....1..M IS91 

Hill-Clarko& C'u In.. Ii.,,,l.,u 1895 

Hinde & Dauch Paper Co, Boston 1760 

Hodgkins J F Co, Gardiner Me 1815 

Hoglund G E Foundry Co, Gardner Mass 1832B 

Hollander & Johnson, Worcester Mass 190U 

Holyoke Charles, Boston ISOS 

Home Bleach & Dye Works, Pawtucket R I I960 

Home Realty Co, Hartford Conn 1935 

Hood John Co, Boston 18l)6A 

Hope John & Sons Engraving & Mfg Co 

Providence R I 1831 

Hopkins W I, Fall River Mass 1971 

Horn C E, Boston 1819B 

Hotel Bond, Hartford Conn 1850B 

Hotel Plaza, Boston 1S50A . 

Hotel Rockland, Rockland Me IMS 

Hotel Wortliy, Springfield Mass 1849 

Iloudletti- Fred A & Son Inc, Boston 1864 

Hnward E Clock Co, Boston 1777 

llowt! A FrcMcli. Boston 1774 

Ho\t Electrical Instrument Works, Con- 
cord N II 1814 

Hub Cvcle Co. Bott<m 1743 

Hub Wire Cloth ife Wire Work Co, Boston. 1978 

Hubbard Adin 8, Providence R 1 1730 

Huddleston J S F, Boston 1840 

Humphrey Machine Co, Keenc N H 

see opp pace 1007 
Humphrey Manufacturing Co, Keene N H. 

see page 1981 
Hunt Metal Corner Bead Co, Lowell Mii.-is. 1771 
Hunter James Machine Co, North Adams 

M;vs3 1878 

Hynes Construction Co Inc, Wales Mass.. . 1780 

Ideal Printing Co. Providence R 1 1032 

Ideal Vi Tilil;il..r Co, Providence R 1 1067 

Ingcr.H..!! -.,...:,, I IVill Co, Boston 1802A 

IvesC'-' ■ "■ , '1 Conn 1015 

Jiicol.-. I II !' I lanielson Conn 1002 

Tnrol.-, -.. . ,i,.i, Co, Boston 1953 

laL'cr Ch.'!. J J Cnniny, Boston lOtiO 

Jarvis Crawford A Co, Boston 1733 

Jarvis Engineering Co, Boston 1821 

Jenks H F Co, Pawtucket R 1 1860 

Jesson Wm & Sons Inc, Boston 18.j4 

Johns H W-Manville Co of Mass, Boston. . 1742 

Johnson Albert & Co Boston 1058 

Johnson A J, Pittslicid Mass 1070 

Johnston J G Co, Boston 1807 

Jones Dean S, Boston. l»'o 

Jones H H, Lancaster N II. . . . . . 1750 

Jones, McDuffee & Stratton Co, Boston. .. 1805- 
Jones & Lamson Machine Co. Sprmglicld Vt 1894 

Judson Freight Forwardilig Co, Boston 1838 

Kaplan-Spack Co, Chelsea Mass 1000 

Kavanagh Bros Co, Qumcy Mass. . . . . . 1904B 

Kearns W F Company, Cambridge Mass.... 178J 

Kclley T J & Co, Providence R 1 1S''1 

■n-n>/.:m-tH''r:r:s or 



Keuncdy P J & Co Inc, Holyoke Mass 1795 

Kidder R E, Worcester Mass 1S89 

Kilborn & Biahop Co 1 lie, New Haven 

Conn 19fi5A 

Kimball R D Co, Boston 1820 

Kinnear & Gager Mfg Co, Boston 1945 

Kirby George Jr Paint Co, New Bedford 

Mass 1911 

Kline Herman C, Hartford Conn 1753 

Knights A A & Son Corp, Boston 1912 

Knowlton Geo W Rubber Co, Boston 1940 

Knowlton Iron Works Co, Everett Ma.s. . . 1857 
Laliberte F X & Son, Southbridge Mass. . . 1798 

Lamson & Hubbard, Boston 1729 

Lane John S * Son Inc, Meriden Conn 1934 

Lawrence & WigKin, Charlestown Mass.. . . 1872 
Leake A G Erecting Co, Bridgeport Conn.. 1859 
LeBon Bleach & Dye Works, Pawtuckct 

R 1 1900 

Lee Wilson II Co The, New Haven Conn. . 1932 
Lewandos French Dyeing & Cleansing Co 

Boston 1812 

Lewis David W Co, Boston 1771 

Ley Fred T & Co Inc, SpringBeld Mass 1782 

Leyl.and Thomas & Co, Boston 1003A 

Lichteastein David, Boston 1917 

Lincoln L & Co, North Dighton Mass 191li 

Lines H Wales Co, Meriden Conn 1789 

Link-Belt Co, Boston 1885B 

Littlefield & Sloulton, Lynn Mass 17li3 

Livermore Homer F, Boston leaf opp 1832 

Loucks & Clarke Co, Wallingford Conn 1792 

Lovewcll-Hcnrici Co, Chelsea Mass 1S32B 

Lowell Insulated Wire Co, Lowell Mass... . 1978 

McCarty J J Co, Springfield Mass 1926 

McComb Powers & Swenson Inc, Worcester 

Mass 1913 

McCormick David & Son, Holyoke Mass. . 1772 

MacDonald & Joslin Co, Boston 1793 

MacGrcgor John Co The, Boston 1743 

Mcintosh Machine & Welding Co, Lowell 

Mass 1902 

Mack Oil Burning Equipment Co, Provi- 
dence R 1 1891 

Mack W A Co, Lowell Mass 1940 

McKennv & Waterbury Co, Boston 1813 

McKenzie Engraving Co, Boston 1829 

McKim R B Co Inc, Boston 1844 

Maclarv D B & Son Co, Boston 181(i 

McLauthlin Geo T Co, The Boston 

back cover and 1817 
McNally Construction Co, Fall River MaR.s 1791 
Mafreto Machine & Tool Co, Worcester 

Mass 1875B 

Main Charles T, Boston 1820 

Makepeace B L, Boston 1755 

Malleable Iron Fittings Co, Branford Conn 1833 

Manhattan Rubber Mfg Co, Boston 1941 

Manning H A Co, Springfield Mass 1933 

Manning, Maxwell & Moore Inc, Boston... 1894 
Manross F N & Sons, Foreslville Conn. . . . 1842 

Manson Lumber Co, Boston. . , 1875 

Marden, Orth & Hastings Co, Boston 190SA 

Market Forge Co, Chelsea Mass 18Hfi 

Mason Brush Works, Worcester Mass 

front cover 
Mason Machine Works, Taunton Mass. . . . 1878 

Mason Regulator Co, Boston 1950 

Massachusetts Cremation Society, Boston. 1804 
Massachusetts Machine Shop Inc, Worces- 
ter 1897 

Mather John L, Northampton Mass 1780 

Mather & Co, Boston front colored Ci 

Mead-Morrison Mfg Co, Boston 18S5R 

Meisel Press Mfg Co, Boston 1882 

Mercantile Clearing House, Worcester 

Merchant ]3ox & Cooperage Co, Gloucester 

Mass 1765A 

Mercier Adelard, Boston 1913 

Mershon & Klinefelter, Boston 1908 

Metallic Drawing Roll Co, Indian Orchard 

Mass 1888 

Midland Linseed Products Co, Boston 1908A 

Miles George W, Boston 1775 

Milford Iron Foundry, Milford Mass 1835 

Miller Joseph, Boston 1940 

Miller Lewis A, Meriden Conn 1789 

Miller Robert & Co, Boston 1745 


Miller Wire C'loth Co, Worcester Mass... 1978 
Mmott Printing & Binding Co, Greenfield 

Mass 1030 

Modern Machinery Exchange, New York.. 1887 
Monroe Calculating Machine Co, Boston. . 1908 

Moore Frank K Co, Boston 1888B 

Moore J W Machine Co (The), Boston. . . . 1890 

Morgan Spring Co, Worcester Mass 1970 

Moriarty Gilbert J Est, Boston 1925 

Morris-Ireland Safe Co, Boston 1941 

Morse A J & Son Inc, Boston .' .' 1750 

Morsp-Brackutt Box Co, Boston 1700 

Morse Chain Co, Boston 1752 

Morse, Tennoy & Co, Boston 1924 

Morse Twist Drill & Machine Co, New 

Bedford Mass 1905 

Morse & Company, Bangor Me 1874 

Mores & Whyte Co, Boston 1974 

Moslcr Safe Co (The), Boston 1755 

\r.«>< rh:vil.'?i E Co, Boston 1755 

.MiMilioii i:iii'inoering Corp, Portland Me.. 1820 

M""li.m rt.,, D, Boston 1842 

M',.. ,1 ,v 111 iL't:.s, Boston 1736 

Mniin ,V Co, .\'ew York front colored F 

Murdock-Rpcd Co, Boston 1902A 

Murphy Harold T, Springfield Mass 1824 

Murray Bros Co, Bangor Mc 1841 

Murray Henry Company, Boston 1904 

Mycr.son Joseph, Boston 1885 

Narragansett Engineering Works, Davie- 

ville RI 1793 

Narragansett Machine Co, Pawtuckct R I. 1983 

National Can Co, Boston 1963 

National Detective Agency, Providence R I 1811 

Nazareth Cement Co. Boston 1770A 

Neuberger Andrew J, Boston 1705B 

New American Hotel, Pittsficld Mass 1848 

New Bedford Cordage Co, New Bedford 

Mass 1804 

New Britain Hardware Mfg iCo, New 

Britain Conn 1843 

New Can Co, Boston 1962B 

New England Audit Co, Springfield Mass... 1734 
New England Baled Shavings Co, Albany 

NY 1944 

New England Box Co, Boston 1761 

New England Bung & Plug Mfg Co, Lowell 

Mass '1750 

New England Concrete Construction Com- 
pany, Boston 1784 

New England Confectionery Co, Boston. . . 1779 
New England Construction Co, Springfield 

Mass 1785 

New England Detective & Secret Service 

Bureau, Sprinxfield Mass 1806B 

New England Electric Floor Surfacing Co, 

Springfield Mass 1832A 

New England Iron Works Co, Boston 1860 

New England Machinery & Metal Co, 

Keenc N H 1899 

New England Metal Culvert Co, Palmer 

Mass 18C1 

New England Mirror & Beveling Works, 

Boston 1840 

New England Paint Supply Co, Springfield 

Mass 1911 

New England Paper Box Co, New Haven 

Conn 1759 

New England Screw Co, Boston 1803 

New England Stone Co, New Haven Conn. 1772 
New England Siructural Co, Everett Mass. 1802 
New Encland Tank & Tower Co, Boston... 1909 
Newficlds Iron Foundry, Newfields N H. . . 1835 
New Haven Fence & Fire Escape Co, New 

Haven Conn 1S5G 

Xiw Haven Trap Rock Co The, New Haven 

Conn 1934 

New Jersey Wire Cloth Co, Trenton N J . . . 1970 

New Park Hotel, Worcester Mass 1850 

New York Cordage Co, New York 1S04 

New York-New England Co, Holyoke 

Mass 1915 

New York & Boston Bag Co, Boston 1747 

Newton F H Company, Boston 1868 

Nickerson Detective Agency, Providence 

R I '. 1812 

Niles-Bement-Pond Co of Mass, Boston... . 1894 

Nock Fred S, E Greenwich R 1 1750A 

Nnnoturk Silk Co, Holyoke Mass 1847 





\orth ChelmsfDrd Machine & Supply Co 

N Chelmsfor.l Mftss 1«79 

N„rth Wiivnc Tool Co, HuUowcl! Me 1741 

N'orth Western Ki|)ttn(led Metal Co, Boston 1947 
Norwalk Iron \V<jrk3, S Norwulk Conn. . , . ISSG 

Xoveltv Turninn Co, Norway Mc 19M 

Xoves Waller D, Boston 1S72 

Oakes C S Co, Providence HI 1912 

( I'Connell's Daniel .Sons. Holyoke Mass.. . . 1790 
O'Malley M J Co The, Springfield Mass. . . 1928 

fisliornc Office iMirnitnre Co, Boston 1907 

I'-iKC Kdwin. Cambridge Mass 17li5A 

Pai;e CieorRC G Box Co, Cambridge Mass. . 1730 

Pni^e John C & Co, Boston back cover 

Palmer .lohn E, Boston 1793 

I'arker & Page Co, Cambridge Mass 1872 

Parks G M Co The, Fitchburg Mass 1S24 

Pawtucket Sash & Blind Co, Pawtucket 

II 1 1872 

Pav Charles & Co, Providence R 1 1975 

Pearson Gardner W, Lowell Masf. . 1919 

Peerless Handcuff Co. Springfield Mass. . . . 1843 

Peerless Rubber Mfg Co. Boston 1940A 

Perkins B F cS: Son Inc, Holyoke Mass 1/54 

I'erkins & Co, Boston 1800 

Perry, Buxton, Doane Co, Boston 1900 

Perry Print Shop, Cambridge Mass 1929 

Peters Mfg Co, Boston ...■■■ 1949.\ 

Pettts & Randall Clock & Phone Co, New 

York ^^^^ 

Puttingeil- Andrews Co, Boston 1813 

Ppvey Foundry Co, Lowell Mass 1834 

Phillips E & Sons, South Hanover Mass . 1949A , 

Pleasant, Worcester Mass •• 1850 

Pollard C A Co. Newfields N H . . ^ . . . . . . 1884 

Pond L W Machine & Foundry Co, Wor- 

cester Mass 183b 

Portland'Co The, Boston. 1819A 

Portland Stone Ware Co, Boston. 1709 

Potter .lames A & Co, Providence R 1 8,o 

Power J H & Co, Boston 1950 

Powers F E Co, Worcester Mass 17/0 

Pratt Amasa Company, Lowell Mass 1874 

Pritt Robert G. Worcester Mass 1903 

I'ratfs Daniel Son, Boston 1/77 

Pray .lohn H & Sons Co, Boston front cover 

Creble Walter H Co, Boston 1/81 

I'recision Tool Company, Canton . . . 9(i1 
Prentiss George W & Co, Holyoke Mass. . . 9/1 
Presbrcy Stove Lining Co, Taunton Mass. . 1/00 
Pressed Aluminum Co. Worcester Mass. . 189_s,A 

Price & Lee Co, New Haven Conn 1/39 

Prince George Hotel, New York. . .... 1840 

Providence Co-operative Sheet A.etal Co, 

Providence R I „ ■ r' xi ' ■ 

Providence Ornamental Iron Works, Provi- 

dence HI 185!. 

Quincy Market Cold Storage & Warehouse _ 

Radd'ing°EdwaVd,' .Springfield Mass 1792 

Ramsay John W. Boston uVrl 

Rand Co The, Boston J:!!'* 

Rand Waldron H & Co, Boston... ■■,■■■ l''^- 
Ranger Casper Construction Co, Holyoke 

;;^j^5g I/OO 

Ranger Casper Lumber Co, Holyoke Mass. 1873 
Hay Detective Agency & Merchants Secret 

Service. Inc. Boston ... ■••■,„ }°"° 

Record Publishing Co, Hartford Conn 1933 

Reed N C Company. Boston.^ 1 J^'j' 

Reed-Prentice Co, Worcester Mass. 1S91 

Reed & Prince Mfg Co, Worcester Mass. 1805 
U I Malleable Iron Works, HiUsgrove R I.. 1834 
Rhode Island Wire Works. Providence R I. 19/0 

Rice & Co Inc, Lowell Mass lO^S 

m^u^^A^^n RrrtQ "RnRtnn i/Jo 

Richardson Bros, Boston 

Richardson M T Co, New York 931 

Rickless A Co, Chelsea Mass. J-0 

Rider-Ericsson Engine Co, Boston IJ'iJ 

Robbina John Mfg Co, Boston^ . . . ... . - ■ 19-" 

Roberta E B Construction Co. Pittsfield ^__^^ 

Ro'binVon' Tool ' Works Inc.' Waterbnry ^^^^ 
Rook!land'& liockport Lime Co, Rockiand 


Rockwell J H & Son, Providence U I l'.'r,7A 

Rodney Hunt Macliine Co, Orange Muss. . 1X92 
Rowland NLuliine Co, New Haven Conn. . 1S2S 

Rov B S A Son. Worccater Mass 1870 

Huggles II I! Co Tlie, Boston 1875A 

Ruiter J H & Co, Boston 1929 

Russell Box Company, Chelsea Mass 1758 

Ryder-Guibert Corp, Hartfor/l Conn 1825 

S & I Company, S„rin«fi,.I.i Mas.. 1904 

Salem V.icvator Work.--. Sal.-.n .\ 1819A 

Shii,i.-..ii l: I .V l;r. ^ ■ ■ .. i.iim-h.ld Mass. 17S7 

.<;,.i,|-"n (,,-y.- !i ' 1802 

S iiiiii '11 ."v \lviiii . ' i I !i ..back colored 

Sarn^Mi, C.r.hiL'.- W.-r, ~, l-.--'-i. 1S04 

Sanborn V N, Laconui .N il 1935 

Sandgren cS: Ehnborg Co, Worcester Mass.. 1913 

Sanders Engineering Co. Portland Me 1820 

Saunders F B, Framingham ilass 1825 

Savoie Quarry & Construction Co, Fall 

River Mass 1791 

Sawyer Crystal Blue Co, Boston 1842 

Schupbaeh & Zeller. Boston 1913 

Scott T A Co Inc, New London Conn 1797 

Scovell Clinton H & Co. Boston 1737 

Scribner Artesian Well Co, Bangor Me 19/1 

ScuUv John T Foundation Co, Cambridge 

Miss 1"'J''' 

Self Holding Pruncr Co, Somersworth N H. 1741 

Setchell <fe Luther, Boston 1738 

Sexton Can Co, Boston. . . 190.3 

Shacklev W T & Son Co, Boston 1752 

Shambow Shuttle Co, Woonsocket R 1 1903 

Shawmut Iron .St Wire Works Inc, Everett 

Mass 1857 

Sherburne & Co. Boston. ... 1800 

Sherman Detective Agency, Boston 1809 

Sherman Envelope Co, Worcester Mass.. . . 1832 

Sherman's R A Sons Co, Westerly HI 1791 

Shuster F B Co, New Haven Conn 18'J.5 

Simmons Braid Co, Providence HI 1901 

Simpson Bros Corporation, Boston 

opp page 1/80 
Simpson, Campbell & Co Mgrs, Boston.. 

back cover 

Simpson Eugene A, Boston 18G2 

Simpson John A, Lowell Mass 1792 

Smilev Albert F, Pawtucket HI. . 1^9.' 

Smith Benjamin F Co, Pawtucket R 1 1_.99 

Smith-Green Co The, Worcester Mass.. . . 1 / / OB 

Smith Henry. Hartford Conn 1774 

Smith John P & Co, New Haven Conn. . . . lO.SO 

Smith J O Mfg Co, .MiJdlet.iwn Conn 1908 

Smith R H Mfg Co, Springfield Mass 1951 

Smith Samuel Machine Co, Lawrence 

Mass -■• 1' ,.., 

Smith & Townsend, Boston ^u_ 

Snow W A Iron Works Inc, Boston.. . . . lb.>o 
Southern New England Roofing Co, Hart- ^^^^, 

Somhgat°e"&'Southgate, Worcesterlviass... . 1917 

Southwest Cone Co, Chelsea Mass 18o4 

Sovrensky L, Cambridge Mass. . . . 189_SB 

Snaulding Construction Co, Hartford Conn 1^9/ 

Spaulding Print Paner Co^ Boston I..j5 

Spaulding & Tewks^ury Co, Boston 910 

Spear W F .& Son, Boston 182J 

Spencer S M Mfg Co, Boston. "ii^ 

.Spencer Wire Co, Worcester Mass.. ... .^ 19/9 

Sperry Engineering Co The, New Ha-v en ^_^^ 
Springfieid'FaciugCoSprinVfieW Mass 1837 

Springfield Iron Works, Springfield Mass 1S19A 
Springfield Rubber Co Springfield Mass. 1940A 
Standard Box Co. Che sea Mass. . .... .00 

Standard Machinery Co, Mystic Conn 1890 

Standard Mfg Co^ Bndgeport Couii . . 1892 

Standard Nut & Bolt ('o, Valley Falls R I 

Standard Plate Glass Co, Boston. 

Standard Plunger Elevator Co, Worcester ^^^_^ 

St^d^J Turniiig Works; Cambri^port^^^ « 
Standard Woven Fabric Co, Framingham 

M.1S3 ;; 

Standish The, Worcester ^luss 

Staniford J W & Co Boston. 

Stanley Vault Co The. Bangor Me 

Star Brass Mfg Co, Boston } 

) Star Detective Agency, Boston ■ 







Slfariis A T I,u..>ber Co, B..3t„n 1870 

Sl,"lr A II C.i, W,.rr,.Mrr M,,-» 1S0() 

Si, in, llir-l, ,^: I'.., Hm,i,,„ 1775 

Sl...]l...iL' A Cn iM-, U'orrrM,.r M:lS3 1913 

.<l,-.,li;,l.H \:ll A l'.,>lt iM, i':,v,lnrkc-t R I.. 1SG4 

Si, ' •. . !■.' - I M MlMi-a (.■..nn 1753 

<•,-', I ,. ■ 'A !■ .-I 1888A 

,-i, ' l-.j Mass 1949 

.M ... . -, ^ ; ■ !: rr Vt 1982 

Si.,'i. rii'!' ■ : M! II. : ii:iL- A Ventilating Co, 

H.istnn .■ 1844 

Stone & Forsyth Co, Boston 1915 

Ston^r & Rishop, lioaton 1732 

.Story O I, Scenic Co I no The, Somervillc 

M":i33 1902 

SulKeUl-Berlin Triip Rock Co, Hartford 

Conn 1933 

Sullivan Machinery Co, Claremont N H. . . 1801 

S.illivin W .1 Co, Boston 1807 

S>,., <■ .iMi.iM H..3ton 190SA 

-I ..1 ks, Leominster Mass 19S1 

: ■ 1790 

- . 1 ■ , IMi:urt.,wn Mass H.'-iG 

s "A I ( .. i.n.Mv. Boston 1770B 

s , - ' . r , Danvcrs Mass.... 18(il 

r . ; ' im-fiekl Mass.... lOHOA 

'{\,^ , , ,v . . ,' .1- N n I'.Mic 

T.u.u;..!, [■..;.■•■■ iA;>. f,,. Tannton Mass. ... 1759 
Turiiivual \\ liail c'^ Kailruad Warehouse Co 

Chsu Mass 1957 Selh Clock Co, Thomaston Conn.. 1777 

Thompson A T & Co. Boston 19.57 

Thompson Hardware Co, Lowell Mass 1843 

Thompson James A, Lowell Mass 17G3 

Thompson .Mfg Co, Lancaster N H 1893 

Tichnor Bros Inc. Boston )92li 

Tilion V. n. H.s'on 17n5A 

•r,„ia ThMM.aHi',,, i>„,3iM„ I'l-s 

\Va lir 


1 . i I I \ ( Mini.anN, Boston 1783 

r. . , . , I \ ;.,,i,,„ .' 1951 

r ..■'''. I l.e, Boston 19(i2A 

I ' , r... Boston 190SB 

I ■ ■ : .1 .hinery Co, Boston 1S02A 

In W ,'.■ M, tor Co. Worcester Mass. 19f>7A 

In I -I H. ~ ( ..lunui Co, CamhridKC Mass 1771 

r,,ii. .1 ,-i .i. ~ EIrctric W,-l,lirn;('o, Bo.><ton. I S(3G 
|- s ( ;.iii:i I'.T-lia I'aii.t Cm, I'rMNidence R I 1910 
I nivr-il l'i.i|l..\' Wlicrl (A., NA.rthampton 

\I.,j, 1893 

Usher" .Samuel. Boston 1928 

VanAmringe Company, Boston '2*?^ . 

VanXoorden E & Co, Boston ^ .. . 194S.\ 

Varnev Isaac & Sous Co, Full River Mass , . 1764 

Vaughn J D, Rock Ma."!3 1892 

Veneer Prod\icts Co, C.recnville Me 1765 

Vocational Sales Co, Boston 19.12 

Voelker Philip L, Providence R I. ... ■ ■ 1765B 
Waitc, Ranlet >t Co, Boston . mside front cover 

Waldo Bros Inc, Boston l"l'" 

Walker Lithograph & Pub Co. Boston . 

inside hack I'over 

Wtdls C W, Worcester Mas.s 1857 

Wal.-*h Daniel .1, Pittsficl.l Mass 1794 

Ward A H, R D, South Worcester .Mass. . . 1972 

Ward Edgar T & Sons, Boston 1854 

Ware C B Tool Co, North Attleboro Mass. 191)4 
Warner & Childs Co The, Medford Mass... 1914 

Warren Chemical it Mfg Co, Boston 1939 

Warren .1 K A W H Co, Worcester Mass.. . 1752 

Warren SI, am rump Co, Warren Mass 1954 

Watson L S .Ml- ( ... I..i, ester Muss 1903B 

Waymoth .\ li ^- (A,, I itchbiirg Muss 1.S8S 

Weake Frd .\, SprinKlieM Mass 1920 

Weaver F L >t Son, Lowell Mass 1937 

Webater Lumber & Supply Co, Webster 

AL-iss 1868 

Webster W.arren & Co, Bo,ston 1845 

Webster W F Cement Co, Cambridge Mass. 1707 

Wcldon Hotel The, Greenfield Mass 1847 

West F M Box Co, Springfield Mass 1704 

West Haven Mfg Co, New Haven Conn.. 1905A 

Westcott A A & Sons, Hopedale Mass 1901 

Westerly Granite Co, Boston 1904B 

Western Mercantile Corporation, Provi- 
dence R 1 1897 

Westfield Box & Shook Co, Westfield Mass 1805A 

Westlund Carl G Co, Worcester Mass 1,S85 

Wheeler Asahel Co, Boston 1910 

Wheeler IteHector Co, Boston 1958 

Whitcomb H C & Co, Boston 1830 

White A A Co. Providence R 1 1951 

White S S Dental Mfg Co, Boston I806.\ 

White & Leahv, Somcrville Mass 1944 

Whitin Machine Works, Whitinsville Mass. 1877 
Whilinsville Spinning King Co, \S hitinsville 

Mass 18"0 

Whiton D E Machine Co, New London 

Conn • 1890 

Whittemore Wright Co Inc, Boston 1911 

Wholey Boiler Works, Providence R 1 1800 

Wiggin Ernest 'W , New Haven Conn 1823 

Wilcox G B, Danbury Conn 1974 

Wild i: Stevens Inc, Boston 1930A 

Wiley i Fo5S, Fitchburg Mass 1780 

Wilkm>,.o r II '■ (■■-■ IT,.-i '.-'.cc R 1 1901 

Willoul I " • - ■ ' I- ' ■: 1797 


Windsor Print W„rk-,, N A, lams Mass 1901 

Winn William R, Springfield Mass -. 1908B 

Wires E Stanley Co, Boston 1902 

Wooa Frank, Boston 1929 

\\ ood L S, Springfield Mass 1 194 

Wood-Morgan Detective Agency Inc, Bos- 
ton l-'il" 

Wood Peter Dyeing Co, Worcester Mass.. . 19.19 

Wooiling C F Co, W allinpford Conn 1792 

Woods S A Machine Co, Boston 1889 

Woolston Lee W , Boston 1879B 

Woonsocket Shuttle Co, Woonsocket R I . . 1901 
Worcester Gear Works. Worcester Mass. . . 1884 

Worcester J R & Co. Boston 1821 

Worcester Ornamental Iron Works, Wor- 

cestcr Mass Ig^'' 

W orcester Pressed Steel Co, Worcester Mass 1898 
Wright Illustrating & Engraving Co, Bos- 

Wright- Wire Co,' Worcester Muss 1977 

Young Bros C:o, Springfield Mass 1982 

Young E C Co, Randolph Mass 192, 

Y,)ung II G W, Boston 1845 

Y n^ cVi^Co H,,-lon 194S 

Vounu's Hotel'. S„r,ngficld Mass 1.8.50A 

ZaiTM Cliil-sea .Mass 1740 

Ziskind David & Co, Lowell Mass 1899 




Addressed Circulars 
BUSINESS ADDRKSS CO (special trade: 
ftiiil inunufactiirLTS lir^ts compiU-il each list 
.■iirrcctod to date of sale, sue pane 17:)'.)) 2:) 
Haiclay New York 

Addressed Envelopes 
ni'SINESS ADDRESS CO (.special trade 
and manufacturiTs lists compiled each list 
corrected to <late of sale, see page 17311) 23 
Ha relay New York 

American Homes & Gardens 

MIINN & CO (see front col page F) 233 
lirnadway New York 

Awning & Tent Makers' Supplies 
BOYLK JOHN & CO Inc (see pa^e n^SI 

112 Duane Now York 

*Bags, Bagging & Burlaps 
Heaver New York 

*Baled Shavings 

ise.' page I'JM) Albany N Y 

Bell Founders 
MENEELY BELL CO Tmy N Y an.l 177 


Booksellers & Publishers 
SAMPSON & MURDOCH CO (directories 
of Albany Troy, New England . ete. see 
back colored page) Hoston Mass, Provi- 
dence R I, 78 Everson bldg .s>.aen.e and 
448 Broadway Albany N Y 

lOoSA) 407 Hroadway . New York 

Box Makers 
ESTES E B & SONS (turned wooden square 
locked corner screw top mailing etc. see 
front colored page D) 74 Warren New York 

Brick Manufacturers 

MAURER HENRY & SON (fire brick) 42(1 

East Twenty-thir<l New York 

Building Material 

Twenty-tliird New York 

*Charcoal Wholesale 
SMITH OSCAR & SON (see page 1944) 

Albany N Y 

STRUCTION CO 2r,l i'rankb]. Huslon 
and Henuelt bld^ New York 

Church Bells, Chimes & Peals 
MENEELY HELL CO Troy N Y and 177 

Broa<hvay New York 

Clipping Machine Repairing 

(see page 1844 H) llU-114 West 32d st 

New York 
Clock Mfrs 
1777) lo n lane New York 


3S1 Fourtli av New York 

Copyrights, Patents & Trade Marks 

MUNN & CO (.see front col pas?e F) 233 
Hroadway New York 

Cordage & Rope Mfrs 
page 1804) g.-neral olliees 1211 Hroadwav 
N Y ndlls New Bedford Mass 

page 1804) 83-8o) Wall New York 

Cotton Duck 
BOYLE JOHN & CO Inc (see paije 174.,) 

Cotton A: Woolen Waste 

Detective Agencies 

rk Ho« 

New York 

Directory Publishers 
SAMPSON & MURDOCH CO idireetorics 
of Albany Truy .'^vraeuM. X,w Endan.l 
&c, B.!e back colored Boston Mass. 
Providence R 1, Svra< u.-e N Y and 

Albany N Y 

Dog Clipping Machines 

(see pa^'e 1S44 lU, 1 UJ-1 14 West 32d st 

New York 

Electric Clipping & Grooming Machines 

Fire Brick Manufacturers 

Twent.\-tliird New York 

Fire Clay by (he Ton or Cargo 



Fire Sand by (he Ton or Cargo 

'I'wonty-tl.inl Now York 

Fireproof ISiiildInK Materials 
MAl'RER HENRY & SON (lioUow tile) 
■12U i;ast Tw.iUy-tl'ird New Yorli 

Flame Plates 

Twenty-third New York 

Flexible Shaft Maehlnes 

Fuses — Renewable Cartridge 
181-1) nil Sun.mrr Bostun and Kinzio 
and Hrl.ans stH Chleago HI 

Grate Fixtures (Barks & Cheeks) 

Grinding Clippers 

(of all kinds, see]. agf 18-14Hj 110-111 Wrst 
32d St New York 

Handle Manufarturers 
ESTES E B & SONS (sue front colorid 
pag.' D) 74 Warnn New York 

Hollow Itrk'k for Partitions and Fire-proof 


Twenty-third New York 

Hollow Tiles for Flat-bottom Arelies 
MAl'RER HENRY & SON 420 Ka^^t 

Twenty-third New York 

Horse Clipping Machines 

(sec pa^'e 1S44B) 110-114 We3t 32d st 

New York 
HOTEL McALPIN Broadway and Thirty- 
fourth St New York 
Newton nigr (see page 18411) Fifth Av and 
Twenty-eighth st New York 

Lath Yarn 

page 1804) 83-85 Wall New York 

Locked Corner Boxes 
ESTES E B & SONS (s.e front colore.I 
page D) 74 Warren New York 

Paper, Boards. tiUie 
HEWITT C B & BROS 48 BeeU.ian 

New York 
Patent Solicitor 
COLEMAN WATSON E (s.-e page 1(117) 
022-624 1 .-,1 X W Washington D C 

Patents, Copyrights & Trade Marks 

MUNN & CO (s.c front eol page K) 233 
Broadway New York 

SAMPSON & MURDOCK CO (see hack' 
colored page) Boston Mass, Providence 
R I, Syracuse N Y and 448 Broadway 

Albany N Y 
DAVISON I'l I!I.1M!I\(; ( (( iMilr 
Bin- I:. .' '1 , ■ ., .1 , , . [ ...,1- 

407 l!i.,.av,;,i New York 

M(»TOK VKIUCLE PLB CO (se. page 

r.i.Sl ) 71-7:t Murray 
MCNN & CO (.Scientific American, see 

front colored page F) 233 Broadway 
RICHARDSON M T CO (see page l.)31) 

Lumber Dealers 

Cliureh New York 

Maeliinery Mfrs & Dealers 

(see page l,s«7j 182 Centre New York 

Mailing Agents 
BUSINESS ADDRESS CO (special trade 
and manufacturers lists compiled, each 
list corrcct.d to ilat.: ..f sale, see page 
173')) 23 Barclay New York 


Rooting Contractors 

Scientlfie American 

Scientific & Technical Books 

MIINN & CO (see front colored page F) 233 
Broadway New York 

Street Car Advertising 
avenue New York 

Tailors (Wholesale) 
way New York 
Telephone Mfrs 
CO (see page 17761 150 st New York 

Tent &"Awnlng Materials 
BOYLE JOHN & CO Inc (see page 174V) 

112 Ouane New York 

Trade Marks, Patents, &c 

Ml'NN & CO (see front colored i)aKe V, 233 
Broadway New York 

Transmission Rope 

page 1S04) 83-85 Wall New York 

Twine Mfrs 

Veuecrs— Built-up Veneers 
S.I- pagi- 1S30) rA) rnioii S.|uare New York 

Watchman Clock Mfrs 

Wood Turners 
ESTES E B & SONS (s.-e front colored 
l.age D) 74 Warn-n New York 

Wooden Ware Manufacturers 
ESTES E It A; SONS (se,- front clore,! 
oage 1)1 71 Warren Nc« York 

:au ,., .M tur 

mmul'.i ■ .• :uU 

(•••. ;,,. i>'i)T ,.Mi,.J? 

>■ ' .^jn" rr...':'.li 
f ;«> ■'il J! !M rAiir 

r.i;i!M(t> rfi*' 





Androscoggin Co. 

kholm ITn 


Ic Plant'n 

Bancoek Co. 

Tolul 59,822 

Aroostook Co. 

Alh.Ka^h PI'n 2-15 

Amity :i7ri 

Ashland 2,17:i 

KniuToft 344 

UcncMliota 21»2 

Blaine 1,011! 

Bria^-rwater I,2:i8 

farili.ju. S,:"? 

Cumberland Co. 

Islaiul FalU 
hinucus. . . . 

1 ,080 





Gray 1,270 

Harpswell 9()7 

Harrison 009 

Naples 730 

New Gloucester.. . 1,228 

New Yarmouth.. . CSO 

Otislluld 032 

l>„rlland 58, .571 


Total 112,01- 

Avon ■>•■'>-' 

CarlhaBC 292 

Chesterville 027 

Coplin Pl'n 81 

Dallas Plant'n IGfa 

Euatis pOS 

Farmington 3,210 

Moio Plant'.! 215 

Nashville Pl'n.... 27 
NfW Canada Pl'n 590 
Ncwl.iiiuTick.. .. 4S1 
.New Sweden .... 905 

Oakfield 928 

f)rient 187 

Ox Bow Pl'n 181 

Pcrham 785 

Portase Lake Pl'n. .500 

Pre^que Isle 5,179 

Reed Plant'n .537 

St. Asalha 1,533 

St Francis Pl'n.... 918 

St John Pl'n 571 1,053 

Silver liidgc Pl'n.. 155 
,S„,vrna .. 411 



Lang Plant'n- 

Lowell Plant'n.... 


New Sharon 

New Vineyard. . 

Perkins Pl'n 


Rangeley.. ._ 

Kangcley PI n . . . 



Sandy River Pl'n 






Township Itange 



















. 888 









Winter Harbor. . 
Township Ranges, 

Total 35,57 

Kennebec Co. 

Albion 92 

Augusta. : 13,21 






Fayette off 

Gardiner ^■^il 

Hallowell 2,864 

Litchfield 964 

Manchester 601 

Monmouth 1,386 

,Mt Vernon. . . 







Unity Planta'i 
Vassalboro. . . 


Water ville.... 


W Gardiner.. 












Boothbay Harbor 








Monhegan Pl'n 









Oiford Co. 

Albany 41'J 

Andover 7.ii 

Batchelder'aGrant 49 

Bethel 1.930 

Brownfield 933 

Buckfield 1,0S7 

Byron 1*^/] 

Denmark ■5'"' 

Dixfield 1.050 

Fryeburg 1,2>;'- 

Gilead 2.i. 


Greenwood 01,1 

Hanover 19'' 

Hartford 592 

Hebron 0lt3 

Hiram 91. i 

Lincoln Pl'n 3ii. 

Lovell 01'^ 

Mason oil 

Mexico 2,0i>.i 

Milton Plant'n... 2ljl 

Newry 2, 

Norway 3,002 

Peru y 



Criehaven Pl'i 


Sumner. .. 
Sweden. .. 



I' 306 

\Va(fiford 9:?4 

Woo.lstock 81)8 

Towuship Ranges 17-! 

Total 30,250 

Penobscot Co. 



Hr.'wcr . 





l)roH- Planfn.... 
I'Jast Miliiuocket. 







Mt Cliase 




Piscataquis Co. 

Abbot 705 

Atkinson 528 

Barnard Pl'n 101 

Blanchard 175 

Bowerbank 70 



Kingsbury Pl'n. 
Lake View Pl'n 

Medford 202 

Mile 2,550 


Mt Kineo 






Squaw Mountain., 




Township Range 



Total 19,887 

Sagadahoc Co. 

Arrowsic 147 

Bath 9,39li 

Bowdoin 1,171 

Bowdoinham. ... 1,385 

Georgetown 712 

Perkins 39 

Phippsburg 1,079 

Richmond 1,858 

Topsham 2,010 

West Bath 230 

Woolwich 808 

Total 18,574 

Somerset Co. 

Anson 2,209 

Athena 911 

Bigelow Pl'n 54 



Waldo Co. 




Frankfort. . . . 






rut:d 23,3S3 

Washington Co. 




Belknap Co. 

Alton 1,348 

Barnatead l.tWl 

Belmont 1,390 

Crntre Harbor,... 420 

Gilford 714 

Gilmanton 90,S 

Laconia 10,183 

Meredith 1,638 

New Hampton 821 

Sanbornton S.JO 

Tilton :,8(Ui 


Carroll Co. 





Brookfield 247 

Chatham 209 

Conway 3,413 



Hart's Location... 85 

Jackson 452 

Madison 507 

Moultonboro 783 

dssipee I,3.i4 

Sandwich 928 

Tatnworth 993 

Tuftonboro t)I2 

Waketiuld l,.-.43 

Wolfeboro 2,224 



Cheshire Co. 

Alstead 711 

Chesterfield 770 

Dublin 571 

Fitzwilhani 1,148 

Gilsum 470 

Harrisville 623 

Hinsdale 1,673 

.laffrev 1,895 

Keene 10,068 

Marlboro 1,478 

Marlow 425 

Nelson 231 

Richmond 393 

Itindge 706 

Ho.xburv 66 

Stoddard 257 

Sullivan 266 



Walpole 2,668 

Westmoreland 758 

Winchester 2,282 

Coos Co. 






Dartmouth Col- 
lege grant 




Green's grant.. 





Northurab'l'nd... . 








Wentworth'B Lo- 



Grafton Co. 





Bethlehem. . . . 












































































" 1,457 



































East Kingston.. 







Hampton Falls. 









North Hampton 



Po'^r't^'snioutii'. '. '. '. 





. .".1- 
. 917 
. 5,125 




. 413 
. 1,640 
. 4,897 





. 622 
. 575 
. 790 
. 1,215 
. 552 



. 1,IM.-, 


. 1,533 





. 62 1 
. 503 
. 290 
. 3,348 



Mount Vernon... 




. 1,459 

. 007 

New Boston 

New Ipswich. . . . 

. 1,173 

. 1,203 

Peterborough.. .. 

. 1,014 
. 2,117 

. 380 





Merrimack i 





South Hampton 

Windham ■.'.::.■■. 


.Strafford i 





. 1,425 
. 279 
. 602 
. 050 



. 900 













.\'cw Durham... 










. 331 
. 291 
. 1,542 
. 523 
. 8,80S 
. 1,830 
. 6,704 
. 7S6 






New London. . . . 





. 1,491. 
. 7,529 
. 1,005 














. 340 



. 360 



. 19.337 

\^^.i\-'{lllA\ Vmv/r- 1:0 

'1.-n ■■i.-fTA.-; :■...■■■' 




... 796 


2 005 


... 789 


. . . 1,433 


... 404 

Mn.-,,rk. . 

... 287 

... 479 


. . . 9W; 


. . . 2,84^ 


... 724 

,w Ihiven . 

... 1,101 


... 1,00.5 


... 1,098 

. . . 83.5 


. . . 1,483 


. . . 202 

■|'.\ briilae . . . 

. . 494 


. . 348 


. 20,010 

Kfiiningtoii Co 

lumtoii 1,307 

Timi.j-.luii 8,098 


Wuudford 187 

Total 21 378 

Caledonia Co. 

HUIIK'I. . . . 

Ulirku. . . 



Chtttrndcn Co. 

Bolt.m 409 

iU,.V^C.„re 10 

. 20,408 
. 1,103 
. 0,450 
. 2,714 


Hinesburg.. . . 

. . . 1,042 


... 70C 

... 1,.307 


... 1,048 


... 1.419 


... 1.097 

So. BurUngton 

... 927 

St George.... 

... 109 

... 1.004 


... 854 


... 1,000 



Essex Co. 

Bloomfield. . 



... 2,013 

Brunswick. . . . 




... 1080 

East Haven... 



... 213 




. . . 445 

Lunenburg. . . . 


. . . 880 




. . . 479 


. . . 200 

Townships, Gc 



. 7,384 



Bakersfield . . 

.. 1,079 


.. 1,280 


.. 2,212 


.. 1,778 


.. 737 


.. 1.108 


. . 1,090 


.. 1,758 

Montgomery. . 

.. 1.721 


.. 2,907 

St Albans 


.. 3,628 



Grand Isle 



Grand Isle. . . . 

.. 1.311 

.. 839 

[sle La Motte. 

.. 510 

North Hero. . . 

. . 496 

South Hero.... 

.. 009 


. . 3,701 

Lamoille Co. | 


.. 429 


.. 1,696 



Hyde Park.... 

.. 1,453 

Morristown.. . 

.. 2,052 

. . 1,991 


.. 485 

Wo cott 

. . 1.049 

Orange Co. 





Corinth. . 
Fairlee. . . 
Orange . . . 


Thetford 1 

Topsham 918 

Tunbridge 918 

Versliire 448 

Washington 702 

West Fairlee 440 

WiUiamstown 1720 

Total 18,703 

Orleans Co 





Montpelier. . 
Moretown.. . 
Plainfield.. . 



Worcester. . 




Charleston.. . 
Coventry . ._ . 



Greensboro.. . 













Rutland Co. 

Benson 813 

Brandon 2.712 

Castleton 1,885 

Chittendon 503 

Clarendon 857 

Danbv 1,001 

Fair Haven 3,095 

Hubbardton 455 

Ira.; 280 

Mendon 321 

Middletown Sp'ga. 710 

Mount Holly 871 

Mount Tabor 289 

Pawlet 1,959 

Pitt.sfield 402 

Pittsford.^ 2,479 

Poultney 3,644 

Rutland 14,857 

Wallingford 1,719 

Wells 5i;9 

West Haven 303 

West Rutland.... 3,427 

Total 48,139 

Washington Co. 

Barre '...14,928 

Berlin 1,079 

Cobot 1,110 

>Vlndham C( 

Bel lows Fails'.'.;.; 









Londonderry. . . . 




Rockingham (it 
eluding BelloM 












Windsor Co. 















.Siockbridge. . . 


W Windsor.... 
Windsor. ....". 















Totnl, iu I'JIU, 3,:t(>6,ll«. 
' Cities designated by un asterisk. 

STATIC fi:XsI-S OF ]0I.-.. 
1. in 1915, 3,C9S,:tlO. 

Sliiru towns in hmall CAPiTALa. 



BarKstable 4,995 

Bourne 2,072 

Hrewiter 783 

Chatham 1,UG7 

D.niiis 1,S22 

ICaMhain 545 

I larloch .'.'.■ .■.■;■.;; 2;i79 

Mashpee 203 

Oihan.i 1,100 

rnjMiuctown 4,293 

Sandw.Lh l,.-iOO 

Trui.) C03 

Welllhet 930 

^arnluuth 1,415 



Adams 13,218 








Chilmark 288 

Edqahtown 1,270 

Ciay Head 175 

Gosnold 155 

Oali Bluffs 1,245 

Tisburv 1,324 

West Tisbury 441 



Amcabury 8,543 






ARftwani 4,555 

Blandford 023 

E Longmeadov 

Mlo]^„ko CO,SI(j 





lex. . . 



Mt. VVashinttoi 
New Ashford... 
New Marlboro. 
•Xonh Adams. 











West Htockbridgc. 







. 195 































►Haverhill. . . 




Lynufield 1,1 

Manchester 2,945 

Marblehead 7,000 

Merrimac 2,101 

Methuen 14,007 

Middleton 1,308 



North Andover.. 


Kockport 4,351 

Rowley 1,481 

*,Salem 37,200 

Salisbury 1,717 

Saugus 10,220 

Swampscatt 7,345 

Topsfield 1.173 

Wenham 1,008 

West Newbury. . . 1,529 


24,478 2i;398 

2,377 2,253 

1,879 1,74': 

49.450 44,11.^ 

0,272 5,777 

259 85,892 

803 89,330 

18.4 11 
1 1 .339 








202,944 231,309 








Amherst 5,5 

Belchertown 2,0 







Aeushnet. . . 
*.\ltleboro. . 



. . . . . 18,480 







1 ,003 



Manslield. ..... 

*New Bedkohd 

North Attlcboro... 9,398 

Norton 2,587 

Ravnnani 1,810 

Uehol.olh 2,228 

Seekonk 2,707 

Somerset 3..377 

Swansi-a 2,558 

*Tau.nton 30,101 

Westport 3,202 


Charlemont. . 












Montague. .. 

403,602 430,477 










South Hadley. . 


Westhampton. . 
Williamsburg. . , 


Ii9,.jl9 03,32 



Arlington. . 


AsUla'nd . . 


Bedford. .. 







Dunstable. . 
*Everett ... 


Holliston. . , 





340,904 318,573 



1 inoohi 1,310 

l.itlloton 1,228 

'L.jivKLL 107,978 

♦Maiden 48,907 

*Murlboro 15,250 

Mavnard 6,770 

'.Mcdford 30,r)(!9 

*Melrosc 16,880 

Natick 11,119 

►Newton 43,113 

N'jrth Reading. . . 1,292 

Peppcrell 2,839 

Reailins; 6,805 

Slicrborn 1,696 

Sl.irlev 2,251 



Townseud. . 
TynKaboro. , 
fWaltham. . 






Plainville 1,408 

*Quine\' 40,674 

RaudolpD 4,734 

Sliaron 2,4(18 

Stoughton 0,982 

Walpole 5,490 

Wellealey 0,439 

Westwood 1,448 

Weymouth 13,969 

Wrenthaiu 2,414 


Barre . 


3,470 2,957 

865 904 

5,689 5,648 

768 704 

783 714 

2,059 2,204 

2,213 2,032 

13,192 13,075 

712 736 

2,179 2,152 

4,373 4,267 

39.656 37,826 




733,624 669,915 


N.^NTUCKET 3.11 


Avon 2.164 

Bellinglmm 1,953 

Uraiiiiree 9,343 

Hrookline 33,490 

Can,.,,, 5,623 

C.lui^set 2,S0O 

l)i,Dii\M 11,043 

I),,ver 999 






East Bridgewatf 










Mattapoisett. . . 
Middluboro. . . . 





West Briiigewi 











New Braintree... 



North Brookfield. 




PhiUip-lon; '.'.'.'.'.'. 


Milton. . , 


Boston 745,439 

^Chelsea 43,42t) 

'Revere 25,178 

iVintlirop 12,758 

West BuyUton.. 
West Brookfield. 












1 ,957 

5,908 5,078 
102,697 145.986 




• Cities designated by an asterisk 




Warren. '.'.'.'.'.'.'.'. 


. 2,982 
. 7,241 


Jamestown 1,518 

Little Compton... 1,382 

Middletown 1,992 

*N'kwpobt 30,472 

Now .Shoreham. .. 1,414 

Portsmouth 2,078 

-riverton 4,409 

Coventry 5,669 

East GiiEENWicH. 3,601 

Warwick 29,08 1 

West Greeuwicli. . 509 

38. SCO 


BurriUville 8,086 

♦Central Falls. ...23,708 
-Cranston 20,910 


111 . 9,929 

idem-e. .18,584 




North Smithfield. 


♦Providence.. . .: 



*Woonsoekct. . . . 



opkintniV .'!:!'.! 2,' 



Falrnold Co. 


Hartford Co. 




Euliold , , . 


. 3,0(1 


Now Hartford.. 

. 2,14 

New .Milford , . 

. 0,01 


. 1..>1 

North Cunaan. . 

. 2,17 




. 1- 


. i:s.v.i 


Middlesex Co. 

Chatham li 


London Co. 

.sbou.. . 


, . 2,S04 

New 1,,„»1. 


N. .Slonin.' 


. 1,100 



. 3,0(17 




M'Indbani Co. 

Aahford,. . 





(Scotland. . 
Sterling. , . 

Thompson 4>o.l 

Windham 12,1101 


Total 48.3lil 

Population of the New England States for the past Sixty Years 
















New ll\.MPStIIRE.. 



















Rhode Island 





345. .-,00 





537.4 54 












:'r.' 1^' -i:;!! 



hundred und 





"c 1 






K 1 




liNew York, N. Y.. . , 

T7.' ■■ - . 

. .''"'J 

;;s. 7 

■SI .\kK.ii. Ohio 



01 1. 

L' Chicago, 111 

2S 7 

,S-', Va 


41 7 

:i|PhilaiI.l|,hi:,, I'a....^ 

[f, :'i 

S.. I.ll. , ]' , .."'.'.'.'.'.[ 


O.-^ir, 1 


^9 7 

19 i 

20 2 
10 ) 

dJO 7 

' IV ' l.:i: . ,' 1'.^ ... . ' / 

: _ 1 M ' 

IS ■_! 

.s^ 11, nil Inn;.. 1';",' '. 

1, 1! i ,si; 


27 9 

[1 1 1' :;-..i>,"Vi. !i ','.... 

' 1 , ■ w , ; , . l:,,|. , 1,,:, ■',;:■; 


41 7 

HI llMlf.ilo, N. Y 



-1 !', •■ ■ 1,';','' ,■',,"! 


10 8 
97 4 
20 > 

i ■ ' , ,..''[ 


is^ T 

',' .1 . , ,'■ , 1 :,i . 1 ,,, ,' 1'.) 



-: (':.' . 1:'- 1 




09 - 
51 4 
97 2 
49 1 
21 1 
3i 8 
jl 3 

.', ; , 1 ; 

, , i , , , 1;'. 1 . ^ ^ 






33 <) 

■ ' ^ V . '1' h.'. '.'.'.'. 



19 3 

Jn'riihiiubu'i, Ohio. . . . 

') - 1 " ■ ! ' 



( i 7 

1 ' i ' -' 

1' '1 ' 

"■' : 



39,047 22.2 
33,111 44.4 
41,4.0!)' 13.9 
38,2,03 22.7 
27,838' 05.8 

]. .,'.,' !■ :,■::<'■.■: 

:is,:?n7 !9,9 

:,', -L - ,'/i 'i/. 

1 ;',!' -. 

/,';',,•'■• '■■' ' 1 ;,■■!':; 

H',-'-'"!^ !.';; ;,' 

■ " ■■' ■ ' , 

' ' ' 1,1 : 1 ', ". 

'■"i ''s" .0'' 11 

■,' \ \ 

, ■■ \ ■:',,,, 1, j 1 1 i,i'i 

•(o',l,04 47.9 

<'■ ■ ' i 

'"■'-'. ' " 1 ,1 1' iii( 

33,004, 31.9 

' ' ' ' 

("I'l ■'!' 

■I'l -i ■ 

1 ■ - 

", , , '(,,'■. '1 1 1. ;'!,-. 

28,1.07 57.7 

■' - \ ■ ! 1 1 : : . i 1 . - 1 

1 '!'"■■'- 

!<■ . •' • 


37,175! 18.7 

■' ' ' ■'".'',' ■ , 

1 ' ' ' ' ' 

i ', ' 1 ,, ', ' 1 1 . '•:■' 

in,i.,.r 9.5 

1 ■ ' , ' .! 1 ■■•■■: .U 1' i 

' " ' ' 

":'■''' "1 ,,'',,'<,. ■, 1 • '•'.'■ 

., 'IMS 08.9 

. : ' ' ■ 


Ti •", ' ■ 


■ , . " , ' ' , ' ' ' ' ' ■ ." 

■ .., 21.5 

' '''.','' 1 

'.' .','1 

; ; 

, -s 30.0 


^pokMii.-, U1..-I1 


.Mbany, N. Y 





|,„. :>, i , ■ •, \S'. Va.... 


:;,,_■.< 22.1 
31,227 24.7 
3S,878. 7.1 
39,441] 4.1 
23,272' 74.7 
13,214 200.0 
31,0911 29.9 
33„0S7 18.5 
17,700 123.0 
24,4011 61.0 
15,900 140.9 


Hartford, Conn 




1 . , ! \ ! - ,- , ' : 1 

41,0 10 


Trenton, N.J 



32 . 1 ' 

1 :-■ ! ' ' ., 



New Uedford, Masa. 


02,4 12 

.-.1 s 

|- ; ■ ■ ■ ■ ' ;, ■;' 1 :,/'^j 






53.32 1 


2 1 .\ 

■'' -ViT, ".;,■.■ City, Utah 




i 1, AliiasV. !! 




1 : ■ ■ 1 , . , , ' ■■ : . . ■'■'•_■ 

30,470, 28.5 
13,103 194.2 
33,9S,S] 13.4 

, V, n, Del 


70, 50s 


1 1 ; ■, 1 , " ' , 1 ' 1 

,, 1 i, . ■M^, Iowa.. 
', 1 ., , M:isa 




II3 M'','ip'^:.l,'rAia::: 

3''-,,',' 25:7 
. .ni 35.2 
: ,1"-', 
■ 1 , il 1 "0 

,, ! , W ,l,h 


37,71 1 

1 _■■-' . 1 1 

1 t 1 \\ ■ .,' ' 1 '. i! 1 . . , 

,;- 1. ,,:^ .< I'v. Kan.. 


51,4 IS 

1 1 '■' l,':i' 1',' • ^^ ' ; 

{■,'■• W.nkvra. N. V 

GTlYouiiiistown, Ohio.. 


47,9:; 1 

:' : '■ ' , ■ '\' '.'.'.'.'.'. 



35,072i 4.2 

OSiloiiston, Tex 


44!i.:: . 

.■i7'789l *2:i 

OU nuhilh, Winn 



1 , ' ' ' ''"'■" 

jjil'-'V' 9 

71 ,151. Joseph, Mo 



' ■ ' '■ 


32',037 1K4 

.SomcTvillc. Mass.... 



■ ' ^ 


Troy, N. Y 


00,0,-1 1 

■ ' ■ ■ ■■ ■ ' ' ■ ' ' ' . , ■ ! ' ■ -, ,^, 

23'o9r 53.3 


Utica, N. Y 



,,',,, 1 ■ ,,.,!., ' _^ 

23'9h' 47.5 


Elizabetb, N. J 



23',207 51.3 

Fort Worth, Tex 


20, 0^- 

'1 inL'li.-l.l, .Mil 

2'o!301> 33 !l 
21,495 G2.2 


Waterbury, Conn... 



i.'.'-.: '.^'"^lU....'.i.'.'.'.'. 

l;^;vVul.iur,,,^N.Y ...... 


Schenectady. N. Y... 


31, li': 


29,353| IS.l 


llobokcn, N. J 




30,3-15i 14.2 

.Manchester, N. H. ,. 
KvaMsvillc. hid 

00,0 17 


L'l,.Otiill 59.8 

• denotes decrease 



"c 1 






















28 020 


•lotte, N.C 





Shreveport, La 








Poughkeepaie, N.Y . . 



11, Mill !, . \' 1 

.•;■:, 1 '.111 



1 98 

Norriatown, Pu 




11 : ' - ■ 

■i \s 




Danville, 111 




|,,, , 

.' ■ ,' . ,!-;.■ 

■ • ! 1 




Walthan., Mass 




h , 

..-',.. ij 




Newburgh, N. Y.... 




.-'■-■- , ... 

,j. ; :■_' 


*4 .s 

Rrookline, Mass.... 




lii'.i i', 

Ii \niln.\ ,.\.J.. . . 


17,099 M ., -•inl.Mciden, Conn 



]7ii r," 

'II III. .M:is.s. . . . 


21,70(i' 17 ii J'M \..-.v|.ort., IM 




171 .1-1 

II. \|.i 


26,0J:i- J,; J Jii. W ai.Ttown, N. V... 




If' "/' 

.III. i".ii. J':i 

., .Ml. Ii 


28,7.^^7 in s _'iir,IW;,icrloo, Iu«:, 

2.-,,lMi -1 s;:207| Warwick, R.l 




17: ' 

.Ml. .\. V. .. 


L'J.siij; :;o 7,1208 Waco, Tex 


]:, ' 

■■.■..\.^'. .. 


211, '.iji, .|',i i:i209 Sheboygan, Wis 

11..1S-. S'l l',210 Columbia, S.C 

''f "if. 



If- '■/ 

.|. \S .\ a... 


ll,;ij:i I'll 1 211 S. (Unaha, Neb 

20,7.-.l .-..1 11 2IL';l,..wiston, Me 

_ ■..71.1 



> 1 I..N.V... 


21,22X1 |-, 7 -l.;,.\:,^l,ua, N. H .... 
21,72:1' 111 1 _'l 1 |.;i,;,n. III 


1- • ',; 

I -..X.V. . . 


19,4.-.7 .V, '. Jl.'i 

Kii,E^<ton.N. V 

5 . () 

1 s ' ! . 

l.'S,\:i,-, ,-, ,; -10 

.Shenandoah, Pa 

2."i 7T4 

211 321 


IS' ■ . . 

. ' |., 

M ;ii| , 1 J17 

Bloomington, 111 




Is ; : ' 

, .. 

i.'.i 17 _'■; ■ ■■ 21s 

Wilmington, N. C. . . 

Oi-icn, r;.ah 




1 ^ . \ ■ ■ 

'. [ .• . 

22, ■_■'.-, :;i ■' 219 




1 . • 





1 . - , , 

, ■ 1 

. . Ill 


-'".". ;i 



1 s - ! 

■'. I'll 


50.1 L'J ■ ': . '.1 



1 ^' ' 

1 1 . .... 1 


13.5, _■- 

L , 




.1 , - i.i '.. - ( ul.j 

■"1 n7-s 


37.9 2_'i (;.!.. ....(. ..... .Mil-..- .. 

.'.. lul 


32., 5 

]•,' ~ . 

1, . 1 ■ ,1 



34.0 225 Muskoyeo, <ikla 

"5 'Vs 



,,, 1 



80.2 220 Battle Creek, Mich.. 




pi ■ , 

': . 1.. lli'.N.Y. . 



90. 1 227 Green nay, Wi3 




I'M 1 .- 

28, .523 


13 228 .Stamford, Conn 


1 5,997 


' denotes decrease 


I'MIEn ST-iVrES CENSUS OF 1900 and 1910. 
Total Populntion in 1!M«, 9:J,I03,15I; in 1900, 77,25e,«30. 








District of Columbia. 


















New Hampshire.... 

New Jersey 

New Mexico 

1910 1900 





■; 99,021 













742,3i I 








1,. 551. 270 






New York 

North Carolina 

Nonh Dakota 



Oregon ". 


Rhode Island 

South Carolina 

South Dakota 



\\ , -1 \ iri^iuia 


Total for States 




I'oiio Rico 

Persons in military and naval 
service btatioucd abroad . . . 

Tott.1 for Territories 









3 r.l, 140 




* 79(l,.'i91 



















1,14 1,91)0 















t 953,243 



. 1,429,885 


Inclndea Indian Territory. 

CensnBof 1R99. 

'i'iV' T^' ^ ' '-' ''' '^ '^ ^'^^ ' '" 



OF THE UNITED STATES.— United States Census ok 1910. 

5,UU0 aud upw 

rd. e.xoc 


*An iisteriak denotes 





, 10,.SC.'l 




. 7,01(5 


. li,G89 



. 7,011 



♦Montgomery. . 


New Decatur... 

. 0,118 


. 13,049 


. 5,854 


. 8,407 



. 3,541 



. 9,019 


. 0.437 





Fort Smith 



. 8,872 

Hot Springs 


♦Little Hock.. . . 



. 5,248 




. 5,055 

t of the population of all cities and towns in the 
ward, e.xocpt those in New York and Massachuac 

State Capitals. 

*Denver 213,381 

Durango 4,080 

Fort Collins 8,210 

Grand Junction.. . 7,754 

Greeley 8,179 

La Juuta 4,154 

LeadviUe 7,508 

Longinont 4,256 

Lovelaud 3,051 

Montrose 3,254 

Pueblo 44,395 

Rocky Ford 3,230 

Salida 4,425 

Sterling 3,044 

Trinidad 10,204 

Victor 3.102 


Alameda. . , 23,383 

Bakerslield 12,727 

Berkeley 40,434 

Eureka 11,845 

Fresno 24,892 

Long Beach 17,809 

Los Angeles 319,198 

Marysvillo 5.430 

Napa 5,791 

Oakland 150,174 

Pasadena 30,291 

PetaUima 5,880 

Pomona 10,207 

Redlands 10,449 

Richmond 6,802 

Riverside 15,212 

♦Sacr.imento 44.090 

San Bernardino. . . 12.779 

San Diego 39,578 

San Francisco. . .416,912 

San Jose 28,940 

San Luis Obispo. . 5,157 

San Rafael 5,934 

Santa Ana 8,429 

Santa Barbara.. . . 11,059 

Santa Cruz 11.146 

Santa Monica. . . . 7.847 

Santa Rosa 7,817 

Stockton 23.253 

Vallejo 11,340 


Alamosa 3.013 

Boulder 9,539 

Canyon 5,102 

Colorado Springs. 29,078 
Cripple Creek .... 0,200 


Ansonia 15,152 

Branford 0,047 

Bridgeport 102,054 

Bristol 13,502 

Danbury 23,502 

Derby 8,991 

East Hartford S,13S 

Enfield 9,719 

Fairfield 0,134 

Greenwich 10.403 

Grotou 6.495 

Hamden 5.850 

♦Hartford 98,915 

Huntington 0,545 

Killingly 0,564 

Manchester 13,641 

Meriden 32,0I>0 

Middlctown 20,749 

Naugatuck 12,722 

New Britain 43,916 

New Haven 133,005 

New London 19,059 

New Milford 5,010 

Norwalk 24,211 

Norwich 28,219 

Orange 11,272 

Plainficld 6,719 

Plymouth 5,021 

Putnam 7,280 

Southington 6,516 

Stafford 5,233 

Stamford 28,836 

Stonington 9,154 

Stratford 5,712 

Torrington 16.840 

Vernon 9,087 

Wallingtord 11,155 

Waterbury 73,141 

WilUmantic 11,230 

Winsted 7,754 


Wilmington 87.411 

DIst. of Columbia 

Washington 331. 0G9 


Gainesville 6.183 

Jacksonville 57.699 

Key West 19.945 

Lake City 5,032 

Miami 5,471 

Penaacola 22.982 

St. Augustine 5.494 

♦Tallahassee 5,018 

Tampa 37,782 

West Tampa 8,258 



. 8,190 







. 5,8S3 

. 5,324 



. 5,795 


. 5,925 


. 7,178 

La Grange 

. 5.5S7 


. 5,949 


. .5,548 




. 6,727 


. 7,650 











Bloomington. . . 

Blue Island 







Chicago 2, 

Chicago Heights. 



Colli nsville 




Dixon '. 

Duquoin . . 

East St. Louis. .. 
Edwardsville, , . 



Forest Park. . 


Galesburg.. . 



Harrisburg. . 




Kankakee.. . 

iited States having a populatio 
which States arc given in full 

La Grnnge 5,282 

Lasallc 11,537 

Lincoln 10,892 

Litchfield 5,971 

.Maromb 5,774 

.Madison 5,046 

Marion 7,093 

-Mattonn 11,450 

Mavwood 8,033 

Moline 24,199 

.Monmouth 9,128 

Mt. C'armel 0,934 

Mt. \ernon 8,007 

Murphvsboro 7,485 

Oak Park 19,444 

OIney 5,011 

Ottawa 9,535 

Pana 6,055 

Paris..., 7,664 

Pekin 9,897 

Peoria 66,950 

Peru 7,9.S4 

Poutiac 6,090 

(iuint-v 36,587 

Uorkford 45,401 

Kock IMand 24,335 

*Springfield 51,678 

Spring Valley 7,035 

Staunton 5,048 

Sterling 7,407 

Strcator 14,253 

TavlorviUe 5,446 

Urbana 8,245 

Waukcgan 16,069 


Alexandria 5,090 

Anderson 22,476 

Bedford 8,716 

nirx.mington 8,838 

r,- , il 9,340 

. n 0,229 

• '. . .'nis 8,813 

. ; ,. raville 7,738 

II . ,i..rdsville.... 9.371 

ICiist Chicago 19,098 

I'.lkhart 19,282 

Ehvood 11,028 

Evansville 69,047 

Fort Wayne 63,933 

Frankfort 8,634 

Garv City 10,802 

Goshen 8,514 

Greensburg 5,420 

Hammond 20.925 

Hartford City 0,187 

Huntington 10.272 

♦Indianapolis 233,650 

JencrsonviUe 10,412 

Ivokomo 17,010 

Lafayette 20,081 

T.iipnrte 10,525 

Tfl.:,non -. .. 5,474 

I I, I, I, 5,906 

! li^port 19,0.50 

• ' - ,ri 6.934 

■! ::o„ 19,359 

.Mi.hinan Citv.. . .19,027 

MLshawaka 11,8.86 

Mt. Vernon 5..563 

Miincie 24,005 

New Albany 20,629 

New Castle 9,446 

Noblesville 5,073 

Peru 10,910 

Portland 5.130 

Princeton 6,448 


, 6,107 

. 10,453 
. 5,411 
. 9,080 
. 12,421 
. 5,8S4 

. 8,102 


Richmond 22,324 

Seymour 6 

ShelbyviUe 9,500 

South Bend 53,684 

Terre Haute 58,157 

Valparaiso 6,987 

Vincennea 14,895 

Wabash 8,687 

Washington 7,854 

Whiting 6,5S7 


Boone 10,347 

Burlington 24,324 

Cedar Falls 5,012 

Cedar Rapids 32,811 

Centerville 6,936 

Charles City 5.892 

Clinton 25,577 

Council Bluffs 29,292 

Creston 6,924 

Davenport 43,028 

*De3 Moines 86,368 

Dubuque 38,494 

Fort Dodge 15,543 

Fort Madison 8,900 

Grinnell 5.036 

Iowa City 10,091 

Keokuk 14,008 

Mar8halltown...\. 13,374 

Mason City 11,230 

Muscatine 16,178 

Oelwein 6,028 

Oakaloosa 9,466 

Ottuniwa 22,012 

Sioux City 47.828 

Waterloo 26.693 

Webster City 5.208 


Arkansas City 7,508 

Atchison 16,429 

Chanute 9,272 

Coffevville 12,687 

Emporia 9,058 

Fort Scott 10,463 

Galena 6,096 

Hutchinson 16,364 

Independence 10,480 

lola 9,032 

Junction 5,598 

Kansas City 82,331 

Lawrence 12,374 

Leavenworth 19,363 

Manhattan 5,722 

Newton 7.862 

Ottawa 7,650 

Parsons 12,463 

Pittsburg 14,755 

Rosedale 5,960 

Salina 9,688 

*Topeka 43.684 

Wellinston 7.034 

Wichita 52.450 

Winfield 6.700 


Ashland 8,688 

Bellevue 6,683 

Bowling Green.... 9,173 

Covincton 53.270 

Danville 5.420 

Dayton 6.979 

♦Frankfort 10.465 

Henderson 11.452 

Hopkinsville 9.419 

Lexington 35.099 

Louisville 223,928 

Mavfield 5.916 

MavsWlIe 6,141 

Middlesboro 7,305 

Newport 30,309 

Owensboro 16.011 

Paducah 22.760 

Paris 5.859 

Richmond...'. 5.340 

Winchester 7,156 


Alexandria 11,213 

♦Baton Rouge 14,897 

Crowley 5,099 

Houma 5,024 

Lafayette 6,392 

Lake Cha^le3.^ ... 11,449 

Monroe 10,209 

Morgan City 5,477 

New Iberia 7,499 

New Orleans 339,075 

ShrevepoH 28,015 


Auburn 15,064 

♦Augusta 13,211 

Bangor 24,803 

Bath 9,396 

Biddeford 17,079 

Brewer 5,667 

Brunswick 6,621 

Calais 6,116 

Caribou 5.377 

Gardiner 5,311 

Houlton 5,845 

Lewiston 26,247 

Old Town 5, 


Rockland 8,174 

Rumford 6,777 

Saco 6,583 

Sanford 9,049 

South Portland 


Westbrook. . . . 




♦Annapolis 8,609 

Baltimore 558,485 

Cambridge 6,407 

Cumbcriand 21,839 

Frederick 10,411 

Frostburg 6,028 

Hagerstown 16,507 

Salisbury 6,690 


See Population in Index 
of Contents. 


Adrian 10,763 

Albion 5,833 

Alpena 12,706 

Ann Arbor 14,817 

Battle Creek 25,267 

Bay City 45,166 

Benton Harbor. . . 9,185 

Boyne City 5,218 

Cadillac 8,375 

Cheboygan 6,859 

Coldwater 5,945 

Detroit 465,766 

Dowagiac 5,088 

Escanaba 13,194 

Flint 38,550 

Grand Haven 5.856 

Grand Rapids. . .112.571 

Hancock 8.981 

Hillsdale 5.001 

Holland 10.490 

Houghton 5,113 

Ionia 5.030 

Iron Mountain... . 9.216 

Ironwood 12.821 

Ishpeming 12.448 

Jackson 31.433 

Kalamazoo 39.431 

♦Lansing 31.229 

Laurium 8,537 

Ludington 9,132 

Manistee 12,381 

Marquette 11,503 

Menominee 10,.507 

Monroe 0,893 

Mt. Clemens 7,707 

Muskegon 24,062 

Negaunee 8,460 

Niles 5,156 

Owosso 9,639 

Pontiac 14,532 

Port Huron 18,863 

Saginaw 50,510 

St. Joseph 5,930 

Sault Ste. Marie.. 12,"" 

Three Rivers 5, 

Traverse City 12, 

Wyandotte 8,287 

Ypsiianti 6,230 


Albert Lea 6,192 

Austin 6,960 

Bemidii 5,099 

Brainerd 8,520 

Chisholm 7,684 

Cloquet 7,031 

Crookston 7,5.59 

Duluth 78,446 

Mankato 10,365 

Minneapolis 301,408 

New Ulm 5,648 

Owatonna 5,658 

Red Wing 9,048 

Rochester 7,844 

St. Cloud 10,600 

♦St. Paul 214.744 

Stillwater 10.198 

Virginia 10.473 

Winona 18,583 


Biloxi 8,049 

Brookhaven 5,293 

Columbus 8,988 

Corinth 5.020 

Greenville 9.010 

Greenwood 5.836 

GuUport 6.3S6 

Hattiesburg 11.733 

♦Jackson 21.202 

Laurel 8,465 

McComb 6,237 

Meridian 23,2S5 

Natchei 11,791 

Vicksburg 20,814 

Yazoo City 6,796 



Cape Giradeau 

Carthage 9,483 

Chilhcothe 6,265 

Columbia 9,662 

Flat River 5,112 

Fulton 5,228 

Hannibal 18,341 

Independence 9.859 

♦Jefferson City.... 11. 850 

Joplin 32.073 

Kansas City 248.381 

KirksviUe 6,347 

Lexington 5,242 

Mexico 5,939 

Moberiy 10,923 

Poplar Bluff (•',916 

St. Charies 9,4?7 

St. Joseph 77,403 

St. Louis 687,029 

Sedalia 17,S22 

Springfield 35,201 

Trenton 5,656 

Webb City 11,817 

Webster Groves.... 7,080 
Wellston 7,312 


Anaconda 10,134 

Billings 10,031 

Bozeman 5,107 

Butte 39,165 

Great Falls 13,948 




. . . 5,549 


. . 5,359 


. . 12,869 



.. 9,356 


.. 6,014 


.. 5,294 


. . 8,718 

Grand Island... 

. . 10,326 


.. 9,338 


.. 6,202 



.. 5,488 


.. 6,025 

South Omaha... 



.. 6,235 

New Hampshire 

Berlin 11,780 

Claremont 7,529 

♦Concord 21.497 

Derry 5,123 

Dover 13,247 

FrankUn 6,132 

Keene 10,008 

Laconia 10,183 

Lebanon 5,718 

Manchester 70,063 

Nashua 26,005 

Portsmouth 11,269 

Rochester 8,868 

Somersworth 6,704 

New Jersey 

Asbury Park 10,150 

Atlantic City 46,150 

Bayonne 55.545 

Bloomfield 15.070 

Bridgeton 14.209 

Buriington 8.336 

Camden 94.538 

Dover 7,468 

East Orange 34,371 

Elizabeth 73,409 

Englewood 9,924 

Garfield 10,213 

Gloucester 9,462 

Guttenburg 5,647 

Hackensack 14,050 

Hammonton 5,088 

Harrison 14,498 

Hoboken 70,324 

Irvington 11,877 

Jersey City 267,779 

Kearney 18,6.i9 

Long Branch 13,298 

Millville 12.451 

Montclair 2I..550 

Morristo»'n 12, .507 

Newark 347.4r,0 

New Brunswick... 23, 3SS 
North Plainfield.. 6.117 

Nutley 6,009 

Orange 29.630 


Somerville 5,060 

South Amboy 7,007 

South Orange 6.014 

Summit 7,500 



Perth -imboy 
Phillipsburg. . 
Princeton. . . . 


Red Bank.... 
Ridgewood. . . 


Rutherford.. . 



♦Trenton 96,815 

Union 21,023 

Vineland 5,282 

Weat Hoboken.... 35,403 
West New York. . 13,560 
West Orange 10,980 

New Mexico 

Albuquerque 11.020 

Roswell 6,172 

♦Santa Fe 5.072 

North Carolina 

AshevlUe 18,763 

Charlotte 34,014 

Concord 8,715 

Durham 18,241 

Elizabeth City„ . . 8,412 

Fayetteville 7,045 

Gaetonia 5,759 

Goldsboro 6,107 

Greensboro 15,895 

High Point 9,525 

Kinston 6.995 

Newbern 9,961 

♦Raleigh 19,218 

Rocky Mount 8,051 

Salem 5.533 

Washington 6,211 

Wilmington 25,748 

Wilson 6,717 

Winston 17,167 

Nortb Dakota 

♦Bismarck 5,443 

Devils Lake 5,157 

Fargo.. 14,331 

Grand Forks 12,478 

Minot 6,188 


Akron 69.067 

Alliance 15,083 

Ashland 6.795 

Ashtubala 18,266 

Athens 5,463 

Barberton 9,410 

Bellaire 12,946 

Bellefontaine 8,238 

Bellevue 5,209 

Bowling Green.... 5,222 

Bucyrus 8,122 

Cambridge 11,327 

Canal Dover 6,621 

Canton 50,217 

Chiliicothe 14,508 

Cincinnati 363,591 

Circleville 6,744 

Cleveland 560,663 

♦Columbus 181,511 

Conneaut 8,319 

Coshocton 9,603 

Dayton 116,577 

Defiance 7,327 

Delaware. . .' 9,076 

Delphos 5.038 Cleveland.. 9.179 
East Liverpool.... 20,387 

Elyria 14,825 

Findlay 14,858 

Fostoria 9,597 

Fremont 9,939 

Galion 7,214 

Gallipolis 5,560 

Green vUle 6,237 

Hamilton 35,279 

Ironton 13,147 

Jackson 5,468 

Kenton 7,185 

Lakewood 15.181 

Lancaster 13,093 

Lima 30,508 

Loriiin.! 28,883 

Mansfield 20,768 

Marietta 12,923 

Marion 18,232 

Martina Ferry.... 9.133 

Massillon 13,879 

Middletown 13,152 

Mt. Vernon 9,087 

Nelsonville 6,082 

Newark 25,404 

Newburg 5,813 

-New Philadelphia. 8,542 

Niles^ 8,061 

Norwalk 7,858 

Norwood 16,185 

Painesville 5,501 

Piqua 13,388 

Portsmouth 23,481 

Ravenna 5,310 

St. Bernard 5,002 

St. Marys 5,732 

Salem 8,943 

Sandusky 19,989 

Sidney 6,607 

Springfield 46,921 

Steubenville 22,391 

Tiffin 11,894 

Toledo 168,497 

Troy 6,122 

Urbana 7,739 

Van Wert 7,157 

Wapakoneta 5,349 

Warren 11,081 

Washington C H. 7,277 

Wellston 6.875 

WellsviUe 7.769 

Wooster 6,136 

Zenia 8,706 

Youngstown 79,' 

Zanesville 28.026 


Ardmore 8,618 

Bartlesville 6, 

Chickasha 10,320 

Durant 5,330 

El Reno 7,872 

Enid 13,799 

Guthrie 11,654 

Lawton 7,788 

McAlester 12,954 

Muskogee 25,278 

♦Oklahoma City. .64,20.5 

Sapulpa 8.2S3 

Shawnee 12,474 

Tulsa 18,182 


Ashland 5,020 

Astoria 9,599 

Baker City 6,742 

Eugene 9,009 

Medford 8,840 

Portland 207,214 

♦.Salem 14,094 


Allentown 51,913 

Altoona 52,127 

Ambridge 5,205 

Archbald 7.194 

Ashland 6,855 

Ashlev 5,601 

Bangir 5,369 

Beiver Falls 12,191 

Bellevue 6,233 

Ber.vick 5,357 

Bethlehem 12,837 

Blakelv 5,345 

Bloomsberg 7,413 

Braddock 19,357 

Bradford 14,544 

Bristol 9,256 

Butler 20,728 

Carbondale 17.040 

Carlisle 10.303 

Carnegie 10,009 

Carrick 6 

Catasauqua 5, 

Chumbcrsburg.... 11.800 

Charleroi 9,615 

Chester 38,537 

Clearfield 6.851 

Coaldale 5,154 

Coatesville 11,084 

Columbia 11.454 

Connellsville 12,845 

Conshohocken 7,480 

Coraopolis 5,252 

Corry 5,991 

Danville 7,517 

Darby 6,305 

Dickson 9,331 

Donora 8,174 

Dubois 12,623 

Dunmore 17,015 

Duquesne 15,727 

Duryea 7,487 

E Conemaugh 5,046 

E Pittsburgh 5,615 

Easton 28,523 

Edwardsville 8,407 

Erie 06,525 

Etna 5,830 

Forest City 5,749 

Franklin 9,767 

Freeland 6,197 

Gilberton 5,401 

Glassport 5,540 

Greater Punxsu- 

tawney 9,058 

Greensburg 13,012 

Greenville 5,909 

HanDver 7,057 

♦Harrisburg 64,186 

Hazelton 25,452 

Homestead 18,713 

Huntingdon 6.861 

Indiana 5.749 

Jeannette 8.077 

Jersey Shore 5,381 

Johnstown 55,482 

Juniata 5,285 

Kane 6,626 

Kingston 0,449 

Knoxville 5,651 

Lancaster 47,227 

Lansford 8,321 

I.arksville 9,288 

Latrobe 8,777 

Lebanon 19,240 

Lehighton 5,316 

Lewistown 8,166 

Lock Haven 7,772 

Luzerne 5,426 

McKeesport 42,694 

McKees Rocks.. . . 14,702 
Mahanoy City.. .. 15,936 

Meadville 12,780 

Middletown 5,374 

Millvale 7.861 

Milton 7,460 

MinersvUle 7,240 

Monessen 11,755 

Monongahela 7,598 

Mt. Carmel 17,532 

Mt. Pleasant 5,812 

Munhall 5,lSi 

Nanticoke 18,877 

New Brighton 8,329 

Newcastle 30,280 

New Kensington.. 7,707 

Norristown 27,875 

NorthamptJn 8,729 

North Braddock.. 11.S24 

Oil City 15,.j.i7 

Old Forge 11.324 

Olyphant 8.505 

Philadelphia. ..1.549,008 

Phcenixville 10,743 

Pittsburg 533,905 

Pittston 16,207 

Plymouth 16,996 

Pottstown 15, 

Pottsville 20,236 

Rankin 6,042 

Reading 96,071 

Ridgway 5,408 

Rochester 5,903 

St. Clair 5,640 

St. Marya 6.346 

Sayre 6,426 

Scottdale 5,456 

Scranton 129,807 

Shamokiu. 19,588 

Sharon '. 15,270 

Sharpsburg 8,153 

Shenandoah 25,774 

South Bethlehem. 19,973 

South Sharon 10,190 

Steelton 14,246 

Sunbory 13,770 

Swoyersville 5,396 

Tamaqua 9,402 

Tarentum 7,414 

Tavlor 9,000 

Throop 5,133 

Titusville 8,533 

Tyrone 7,176 

Uniontown 13,344 

Warren 11,080 

Washington 18,778 

Waynesboro 7,199 

West Berwick.... 5.512 

West Chester 11,767 

West Pittston 6,848 

Wilkesbarre 67,105 

Wilkinsburg 18,924 

Williamsport; 31,800 

WUmerding 6,133 

Windber 8,013 

Winton 5.280 

York 44.750 

Rhode Island 

Bristol 8.565 

BurriUville 7.878 

Central Falls 22,754 

Coventry 5,848 

Cranston 21,107 

Cumberland 10,107 

East Providence. . 15,808 

Johnston 5,935 

Lincoln 9,825 

Newport 27,149 

N Providence 5.407 

Pawtucket 51.622 

♦Providence 224,326 

South Kingstown. 5,176 

Warren 6,585 

Warwick 26,629 

Westerly 8,696 

Woon.socket 38,125 

South Carolina 

Anderson 9,654 

Charleston 58,833 

♦Columbia 26,319 

Florence 7,057 

Georgetown 5,530 

Greenville 15,741 

Greenwood 6,614 

Newberry 5,028 

Orangeburg 5,906 

Rock Hill 7,216 

Spartanburg 17,517 

Sumter 8,109 

Union. ; 5,623 

South Dakota 

Aberdeen 10,753 

Huron 5,791 

Lead 8,392 

Mitchell 6,515 

Sioux Falls 14,094 

Watertown 7,010 


Bristol 7,148 

Chattanooga 44.604 

Clarksville 8,548 

Cleveland 5,549 

Columbia 5,754 

Jackson 15,779 

Johnson City 8,502 

Knoxville 36.346 

Memphis 131,105 

♦Nashville 110,304 



Abilene 9,204 

Amarillo 9,957 

*Au3tin 29,800 

Beaumont 20,040 

BrowusviUe 10,517 

DrownwooJ t),907 

Cleburne 10,304 

Corpus Christi.. . . 8.222 

Coraicana 9,749 

Dallas 92,104 

Deniaon 111,032 

El P.190 39,27') 

Rnni3 5,009 

Fort Worth 73,312 

Gainesville 7,024 

Galveston 30,9S1 

Greenville 8,S50 

Hillsboro (1,115 

Houston. . . .^ 7S,800 

Houston Heights.. .0,984 

Laredo 14,8.-.,') 

I-ongview r),l."i.'i 

Marshall 11,4.52 

Orange .'j,527 

Palestine 10,482 

Paris 11,200 

Port Arthur 7,003 

San AuKclo 10,321 

.San Antonio 90,014 

Sherman 12,412 

Sulphur Springs.... 5,1.51 

Taylor 5,314 

Temple 10,993 

Terrell 7,050 

Teiarkana 9,790 

Tyler 10,400 

Waco 20,425 


Waxahaehie 0,205 

Weatherford 5,074 

Wichita Falls 8,200 


Logan 7,522 

Ogden City 25,580 

ProvoCity 8,925 

*Salt Lake City... 92,777 


narre 10,734 

Bennington 8,098 

Brattleboro 7,541 

Burlington 20,403 

Colchester 0,450 

♦Montpelier 7,856 

Rockingham 6,207 

Rutland 13,546 

St. Albans 0,381 

St. Johnshury.. .. 8,098 


Alexandria 15,329 

Bristol 6,247 

Charlottsville 6,765 

Clifton Forge 5,748 

Danville 19,020 

Fredericksburg.. . . 5,874 

Hampton 5,.505 

Lynchburg 29,494 

Newport News.. . .20,205 

Norfolk 67,452 

Petersburg 24.127 

Portsmouth 33,130 

♦Richmond 127,628 

Roanoke 34,874 


Aberdeen 13,660 

BeUingham 24,298 

Centralia 7,311 

Everett 24,814 

Hoquiam 8,171 

North Yakima.... 14 ,082 

Spokane. . 

. . 6,990 
. 104,402 
. . 9,300 
. . 19,364 

West Virginia 

Blueeeld 11,188 

♦Charleston 22,996 

Clarksburg 9,201 

Elkins 5,200 

Fairmont 9,711 

Grafton 7,503 

Huntington 31,101 

Martinsburg 10,098 

Morgantown 9,150 

Moundsville 8,918 

Parkersburg 17,842 

Wheeling 41,011 


Chippewa Falls. . . 8,893 

Eau Claire 18,310 

Fond du Lac 18,797 

Gr. Grand Rapids 0,521 

Green Bay 25,236 

Janesville 13,894 

Kenosha 21,371 

La Crosse 30,417 

*Madi.3on 25,531 

Manitowoc 13,027 

Marinette 14,010 

Marshficld 6.783 

Menasha 6,081 

Menominee 5,036 

Merrill 8,089 

Milwaukee 373,857 

Neenah 5,734 

I Oconto 5,629 

Oshkosh 33,002 

Portage 5,440 

Racine 38,002 

Rhinelander 5,637 

Sheboygan 26,398 

South Milwaukee. 6,092 

Stevens Point 8.692 

Superior 40.384 

Watertown 8,829 

Waukesha 8,740 

Wausau 10.560 

West Allis 6,(i45 


Antigo 7,190 1 ♦Cheyenne 

Appleton 10,773 Laramie 

Ashland 11,591 Rock Springs 

Baraboo 6,324 I Sheridan 


New England Gazetteer 


Cities, Towns, County Seats, Villages and Post-oflices with their 
Location and Population as given by the latest Census 


Railroad Stations compiled from the most recent Official Reports and 

Copyright, 191G, Sampson & MunDOCK Co., Boston, Mass. 

The population given for a Town includes that of all the Villages witliin its limits. Under 

each Town the names of uU Post-offices in the town are given. All postal stations are 

money order offices. For Expresses running to these places, see Index 

Adbreviation"* — R, R B & L. Boston, Revere Beach & Lynn; B & A, Boston and Albany; 

B & M, Boston and Maine; Can Pac, Canadian Pacific; Co, Co\inty; D & II Co, Delaware and 

Hudson Co; E, East; F & M, Franklin and Megantic; G T, Grand Trunk; June, junction; m, 

miles; M C, Maine Central; M & M, Manchester and Milford; N, North; N W, Northwest; 

N Y, N II & H, New York, New Haven and Hartford; P O, Post Office; pop, population; R D, 

Rural Delivery; R R, railroad; S, South; St J & L C, St Johnsbury and Lake Champlain; S & M 

Sebasticook and Mooseluad; Sta, station; S W, southwest; W, N & P, Worcester, Nashua and 

r.irtlHnd; W, W ,fe F R R, Wiseasset, Waterville & Farmington Railroad 


POPtTLATIOW BT U. S. CBNgn» 101 () 

Abbot, Piscataquis Co town on Bangor & Aroc-jtook R U (station Monson Junction) 12 m 

N \V of Dover— pop 705— Post-office, Abbot Village 
Abbot Village, Piscataquis Co p o in town of Abbot on Bangor & Aroostook R R — pop 200 
Acadia, Aroostook Co p o in Connor plantation 

Acton, York Co town 14 m N W of Alfred stage to Sanbornville NHS ra— pop G03— Post- 
offices, Acton, South Acton 
Addison, Washington Co town 18J m S W of Machias stage to Columbia Falls— pop OSS- 
Post-offices, Addison, Indian River 
Agamenticus, Y9rk Co (South Berwick p o) station on Eastern div B & M R R in town of 

South Berwick 
Albany, Oxford Co, town 20 m W of Pari.s— pop 610— R D 3 Bethel 
Albion, Kennebec Co town and p o on W, & F R R 27 m N E of Augusta— pop 922 
Alowive, York Co in town of Lyman— R D Kennebunk Port 
Alexander, Washington Co town and p o 30 m north of Machias — pop 374 
Alfred, York Co town p o and county seat on W & N div Boston & Maine R R 32 m from 

Portland— pop 890 
AUegash, Aroostook Co p o and plantation 30 m from Fort Kent — pop 245 
Aliens Mills. Franklin Co in town of Industry — R D Farmington 
Alua, Lincoln Co town on W, W & F Ry 8 m N of Wiscasset— pop 457— Post-oflices, Alna 

Head Tide 
Alta, Androscoggin Co village in town of Greene — R D South Leeds 

Alton, Penobscot Co station on Bangor & Aroostook R R 18 m N of Bangor— pop 259— Post- 
offices, Gerry and R D Oldtown 
Tunheret, Hancock Co town and p o 22 m N E of Ellsworth stage to Bangor and Ellsworth- 
Amity, Aroostook Co town 14 m S of Houlton stage to Danfortfc 17 m — pop 375 — R D North 

Andover. Oxford Co town 30 m N W of Paris Hill stage to Rumford Falls 10 m— pop 757— 
Post-oltices, Andover, East Andover, S Andover ,, ,-, o u 

Annabessacook, Kennebec Co station (N Monmouth p o) in town of Monmouth on M C K K 

Anson, Somerset Co town on M C R R 10 m N W of Skowhegan— pop 2209— Post-offices, 
Anson, North Anson ^,^ ^ , „. 

Appleton, Knox Co town 16 m N W of Rockland stage to Union 6 m— pop 842— Post-offices, 
Appleton, North Appleton, W Appleton, Burkutlville „ t^ ^. w 

Argyle. Penobscot Co town 20 ra N E of Bangor stage to Alton 3 m— pop 233— R D Oldtown 

Arnold, Penobscot Co village in town of Newburg — R D Carjuel 

Arrowsic, Sagadahoc Co town and p o stage to Bath 4 m— pop 147 

Arundel, York Co station B & M R It in town of Kennebunk Port 

Ashdale, Sagadahoc Co p o in town of Phippsburg „,,., r. . n; a i i „,i. 

Ashland, Aroostook Co town on Bangor & Aroostook R R —pop 2173— Post-offices, Ashland 

Ashland Junction, Aroostook Co in town of Oakfield sta Bangor & Aroostook R R 
Ash Point, Knox Co p o in town of South Thomaston 
Ashvillo, Hancock Co p o in town of Sullivan 

Asticou. Hancock Co summer p o in town of Mt Desert ,, „ „ n , . ci,„„i ,.„.n 

Athens, Somerset Co town ,. .d p o 12 m N E of Skowhegan on M C R R stare tc .Skowhosan- 
pop 914 


■*• :--ur<-y I 

^ 1.1 .A (VI 


Al.kinson, PisciiliKiuis Co town (j uj K of Dovt-r st:igc_- to 8uutli Sibfc — ijop 52S — • R D SijLfu 

Station ^ 

Atliintic, Hancock Co p o in town of Swans Island 
Attean, Somerset Co cnmp in town of Jackman 

Auburn, Androscoguin Co city and county scat on M C R R, G T K R and P & R F R R 33. 
ni from Porthiiid stapc to Durham electric curs to Lcwiston and Turner — pop 15UGI — 
Post-olliL'es, Auburn. Danville 
Auburn Pliiins, Androsrot't'in Co village in cit.v of Auburn — R D Auburn 
Aiigu.sta, Ki nnibec Co city raiiital of State county seat and p o on i\I C R R electric car.s to 

Gardiner, To^us, Wintluop, Watcrville and Lewiston— pop 13211 
Aurora, Hancock Co town and p o 24 m N E of I'.llbwortli btage to Bangor — pop 114 
Avon, Franklin Co town (Phillips p o) on Sandy River R R 15 m N W of Farn.ington— pop 3S0 
A.vcra, Washington Co p o in town of Charlotte 
Aziscooa Falls, Oxford Co village in Lincoln Plantation nearest R R station Rcthel stage to 

Errol N H 
Back River, Lincoln Co in town of Boothbaj — R D Bootlibay 
Bailey Island, Cumberland Co p o in town of Harpswell 
Bailey ville, Washington Co town on M C R R 35 m N of Macliias^pop 1137— rost-ofTice 

Bald .\tount:dn, Franklin Co p o in town of Rangeley 
lial.lwiu Cuiuberland Co town 29 m N W of Portland on M C R U— pop 791— Post-ofTices. 

l';:,-t I'.iildwiu, North Baldwin, West Baldwin 
H:,„.i-fi -1 - 1 f"<) town on M C R R tO, ni S W of lloulton— pop 344— Post ofliccs, 

N- .-. South Bancroft, R D Wytopitlock . 

BaniJ • '■' •■ ity port of entry county seat and p o on the Penobscot river — on M C 

K l; ,1 i ,, ; ,v Aroostook R R— steamers from Boston electric cars to Oldtown 12 m 

an I '''■'. J . in- pop 24,803 

Ilan^.:., - II.. I ,tion on .M C R R in town of Ni.rridgewock 

li ,r II 111 ...i II n ', Co p o in town of Eden Mt Desirt Islaml frrry connects with Mt De- 

s, ,^ 111: [; ■ ,.,i, rs from Portland, R.-ckland ami Baniior in summer 
Bariiit-, \' I ! : ■ I ( o town and p o on M C R R, Princeton branch— pop 228 
Barlv. I ! ! :. ' II <> in town of Rangeley 

Bar Ml' ^ ■.■, i. m town of Buxton on B & M R R 

Jtari. ,1 I I o plantation on Atlantic div C P Rj — pop 101— R D Brownvdle 

Hiusin \'. I I M lu town of Addison— R D Addison 

Basin '. I "t Co station on Maine Central It R in town of Orono 

lias.sll.;' I P I 1, Co summer landing in town of Tremont 

Bath - i ' ' ity county seat and port of entry on M C R It cK-ctnc cars to Bruns- 
,'m, ; I , inii .steamer to Boston — pop 0390 — Post-offices, Bath, Winnegancc 

Hay I'l.niT ,~ Mil' Co p o in town of Georgetown 

Baysi.h', llaiiruek Co in city of Ellsworth 

Hayside, Waldo Co summer p o in town of Northport 

Bay View, York Co summer p o in city of Saco 

Bayville, Lincoln Co summer p o in town of Boothbay Harbor 

Beachwood, York Co summer p o in town of Kennebunk Port 

Heals, Washington Co p o in town of Joncsport ,.. ,, , ,-,u c 1 4 sa 

Beddington, Washington Co town and p o 44 m N W of Machias stage to Cherryfield-pop 58 

Bedell, York Co village in town of Kittery ,>, r, r. n .r,e T) -. ^iT.^r... 

Belfast, Waldo Co city county seat and port of entry on M C R R— pop 4G1.S— 1 osl-oliicfs. 

H,.|,-,'' i '' ' '' '""ro town°on M°C R R 10 m N W of Augusta— pop 1037— Post-ollices, 
i, l: ! !•■ Lakes, North Belgrade, Lakesiile 

lUdnl.M.i. \i ,.l.i- 'I'V.'l'own U m''w'of B"lfa°t stage to Belfast and Libertj — pop 335— Post- 

lk-M,i's'''l'ranklin Co'p'o'in''t^wn of Rangeley on M C R R steamer to Rangeley 
Itened'ieta, Aroostook Co town 44 m S W of lloulton stage to Sheroum 20 ,u-pop 292 
ilei;;:;;: \i::n^^^C^o:'^ci'^Ts E of Au«usta-pop ,194-Post.ofIiees, Ben- 

Benton Falls, Kennebec Co in town of Bentoii— R D P.enlon 
Benton Station, Kennebec Co p o in t^wn of Benton 
Bernard, Hancock Co p o in town of Iremont 

tlZ.'^^'dr^ro'inX.ZlTTl ^rfR'^lo m S W of Alfred-pop 2098 
ll;;C::JL'o'l?o?f cJrow^U"G"T"R'R'2^'n,''N W 'of Paris-pop 1030-Po,t-omces, Bethel, 

BiddSrl; ^o^lrb:^!^ ^tk M R R 13 -E of Alfred elecUic,^^Sac.(^O.W 
Kenne\,unk, Sanford, Portland, York and Portsmouth -iinp 1,08J 1 ost ome s, i>i<m 
ford, Biddeford Pool , . ,„.,,,. 

[ll^rrffiiilc^S'^m/^R^ry^ir?^^- Lakes R R-R D Stratton 

ill^^l^^'s^t^.i^.^r^o'^w^nd p o on M C R R 22^m N W of gkowhegan-pop 775 

Biiil'hnin Hi iirhls Somerset Co station in Bingham on M (■ it It 

B,i,!i 11 111. 1, li M '"ik Co p o in town of Gouldsboro 

Birrh 1 . I p o in town of nap.--well 

iiiS, :, : V : ;';;SSS'|'?i»^H^=l^t N of Houlton-pop 1013- 
B,„„!': : . : ;:,'i': CofownTn Bangor & Aroostook R R 20 m N W of Dover-pop 173 

,wn u' m's'w of EUsworth stage to Ellsworth steamers from Rock- 
It-oniees, Blue Hill, East Blue Hill, S I^ ue H. Is, Seav.lle 
i-n ot Blue Hill stage to Ellsworth 


Blue Hill Falls, Hancock Co p o in town ol Hue "' "'^f ;,'-"|,;^";r," 
Bodwell, Kennebec Co villag- in town of Hal owell-R D Hallowdl 
I'.olsters Mills, Cumberland Co p o in town of """So" 

Boothbay Harbor, Bayv .le t n i u 

Boston Itonch, Somerset Co t i m town ol HolcD 

ru N W of l!:ith stiify to Wrst Howdoin— |.o|, SfN-JVist- 

"I- Co in town of Rowa..m sta-. to liowJuiiiham — 1! D Bow.Ioinlmi« 
I'o town and p o on AI C U it lu in N ol liatli— po,, l.-j-,."; 
iw Co — pop 7l) 

r.d Co in town of Capo laiznbrtli— R D Portland 
o in town of Oinfvilli! on Bangor & Aroostook It R— R D Milo 
■u W, N i<i I' Div in town of llolli.s '20 m Irom Portland— I'ost-oilic.' 

I'- 20 m N of Bangor— pop 930 — 

I'l-^/ ■ i ' ■.: I . :■ ii •'' . "t Co p o in town .-! ';i ■ ' . : to Soutli Lagrange station 7 ni 

'''i''Y"' ''' ,'■'' '/''■" 1^'; 1" ^ 1\ ol_Wi.. I I ,1,., 1.) W;ddob(iro — pop 550 — poat-ollicus, 

''■■'■uiT, I' I ■ • . I ' • ! lit' R K opjiosite HanRor on tlif Ptnohs'-ot 

lii-'-w-r Jnii , .,:, I' I, ! . ' , :,,;,,,. i > of P.ri'wur sta M C; R R 

Bndgrwat' 1. A:.. I j,,L < j L.; ,i 1; i,u l;..i:^'.i ,v .\i. u Look R P.— pop 1 23S— rost-ollioc, Bridgi'- 

watrr C'l nil r 
nridg.watrr Crntor, Aroostook Co p o in town ol Uridgowati-r on liansor & Aroostook R R 
Uridgton, Cuinb. rland Co town on Bridgton & Saco Rivi-r R R 3S ni N W of Portland sti'am- 

bo:,t In sunoii r to Srbago Lake station— pop 2S0U— Post-ollics, Bridylon, North Briclg- 

I 11. - I'l I'.iidgton, Sandy Crock 
I'll ' ' I ! 1 11. Oxford Co (ICast Hiram p o) in town of Ilirai.i on M C R R and B & Sa.'O 

I'.i. .1 i . : -' t Co town and p o stiiT" to Mainstriaia— pop 274 

liu L..!, I.o, li. I'l lowii 1 ". >n -^ I' (I! W i..':iss.'t stage to N'rw Cu.itlr sti.'aiuboa t in sinmner to 
Poitl. iM i-M' :ll-. I.,!,, I,,. r.,.,tol, South Bristol. Chalnbrrlain, Cl.ri.^trnas, 

Heron I Linl, 1 :.i, ;. I'.uiaqiud, I'nnarjuid Beach, Pema.niid Hnrbor 

lo - ■■'. ' , ■, : . ■ii i; !,.,-l |;,...,>i, .M C R R12 iij NMVof Brllast— pop7Ul 

l;i I'l 1 iM .S W of IMUHurthstage to Bueksport 21 in— pop U7li — 

" • ' r I ■. lU BrookaviUe, tJouth BrooksviUe, West Brooksvillo, Capo 

I'.io,, 1,.:' \\ I ,,K.i.,,, ( ,. •., , ;:n,l p stag- to Forest 4r, m from Calais— pop 237 
liioun'.eld. iKi„r.l („ t>M^ n o„ .M C R R 37 ui S W of Paris ■] 1 in fioni I'urtland— pop 1133 — 

Post-ofliees, Brownfield, East Brownfield 
BrownviUe, Piscataquis Co p o and town 17 m N K of Dover on llanpor >t Aroustook R R— 

po|i I'^ns 
Pr.iv 11 -il! .'ii-fi n. Pi iralaquis Co town and p o on Bangor & Aroostook R R and C P R R 

Brill' '■ 1 < ,1. - 1 ( ■<, town on M R R 25 m N K of Portland— pop 0ti2I— Post-omec^s, 

111 1, , ■ 1 •ii^.dctric cars to Portland P.ath and I.ewiston 

Br;, ,-■ 1 , , ; 1 .,.., in lowuof Woodstock onCTR RKlinfrouiNorway 15 lufroui 

Bin 1 II M, iim..m1 Co town and p o on M R R 8 m E of Paris— ijop 10S7 

Bui-.s |l;,,li.,r, Washington Co p o in town of Maehias Port 

Bu.ks .Mlll^,; Co village in town of Bncksport .slage to S Bn-w.-r- P. D Buel. sport, II ■: ! f.. t,,wn and trrndnus M C Jl U IS in N W ot lUlsv. oMh— pop 221il— 

Post..:': ', -It. I'.ast Bucksi,ort, Millvid.'>orl 1 ■ ' I' ' ;. Co station in town of Biiekaport on M C R R ferry to Winler- 

porl ]■ ] ' ' . ;. : I 
fhuuMiHi. 1 ; 1 .. villagr in eitv of Brunswick -R IJ Bruiisuick 

Bum' . i: " ' ' 'ii Co I. o in toiM. .,f .1. IT. tmmv 
Biv ; ■ , , Co 11, 1,1, •! ol W. lliccto,, — R D Parklnan 

B.ii: 'ill ■',,■, [■ I , ,1 1 ',, 1, V II , ill |, o ;., in .\ 10 of Bangr.r stage to Knheld 9 in — pop 37(J 

Biirnhai.i >■ ■ - ' - l .\1 C )t » 30 m N \V of Bi'lf.isl- Jiop 7.33 

Bustins I ; . I ' I I i.rarr p o ill town of Kr-.-port st.anier to Portland 

BuNton. ^ . I 'A . ,v I' div I', .'c .M I! 1! II in .V Kof Ahrcd 13 111 iron, PorlliiiHl 

— pop |i , . ;' I,,. . r.ii.i Buxton Cent. r. W.St Buxton, Bar Mills 

Ci; I . . , I'linioir ...■.■ I.I.'..- I! n Wilson's Mills 

(';.! I , ■, :ii,.| p ., sl,.L' t.i .--1 ..a!,, ^'.,ll .V ni and Piltsli.dd— poi) S7-1 

Cii ii ,: 1 . • I, ,1, M C R ii JO ill X !■; ol Paris— pop 1013— Post-olliccs. Canton, 

. .... ,' ' ■ . ■.Mllr 

C:,,.- . . p o in tosvn of Canton Stage to CJilbe'-tvillc 

C i; . I ; I .! Co p o in town of Cajie l-'.lizabi'th cl.-ctric cars to Portland 

Cai,. ! Ii :. Ill ( iii,,li ilind Co town electric cars to Portland — pop 1857 — Post-ollice, Cepe 


Cape Neddiok, York Co p o in town of York 

Cape Porpoise, York Co p o in town ot Kenuebimk Port G ni froni Kcniicbuuk 

Cap- Rozi-r, Tran-ock Co p o in town of Rrooksvillc 

Cap 1. Pi-.-."i'.,.r.i . C, -ii-i. r p o .,n Il.-.-r Island, Mooschead Lake 

( 'ii.....,l I I...-..1.I c, ,.i |, ,, ii. . ,.. 11 ,,. .s,,uthi)orl 

(■.,,.■ . . I ..whcgan stage to Biughjni 25 in- pop 235 

('[.'.,, \. 1 ..; ('■,, ^,,.11 ,.:, i-\u I'.. V;'v' aVd Bangor & Aroostook K R 51 m -V V.' of 

IlonU.,n-p..p5377-Post-.,lh.-e, C ' 
Carm.l, Pc,„,l,scot Co town and p o oi 
Carrabass.-t, Vranklin Co in town of Je 
Carroll, Penobscot Co p o ..i.d town 75 . i N E of Bangor stage to \N inn— pop 4/ 

Cany ruutl, p o iii .Souieiset Cu 

Cursoii, Ai-uoaLook Co on Aroostook Valk-y R K— H D VVualiljiiiu 

Carthage, Franklin Co town 20 m S W of Farmiiigton stage to Dixfiilil 8 ni pop 2'J2 Pi'JV- 

officoa, Cartilage, Berry Mills 
Cary, Aroostook Co town and p o ITodgdou stage to Houlton— pop 340 
Carya Mills, Aroostook Co in town of Houlton station Bangor & Aroostook Jl U 
Casco, Cumberland Co town 30 m N \V of Portland stage to Poland — pop OSS— Po^lofficrM 

Casco, tioutli Casco, Webbs Mills 
Castine, Hancock Co town and port of entry 30 in S \V of Ellsworth ati auier to I5rlfuit stage to 

Bucksport— pop 933— Post-olfices, Castine, North Castine 
Castle Hill, Aroostook Co plantation 55 m N \V of Houlton— pop 532 — H D Maijleton 
Caswell, Aroostook Co plantation (Limeston.- p o) CO m N of Houlton ^^tRge to l,inestun( — 

pop 529 
Cathance, Sagadahoc Co p o in town of Topshain on M (' H K 
Cedar, Washington Co p o in town of Cooper 
Cedar Grove, Lincoln Co p o in town of Dresden 
Center, Hancock Co p o in town of T remont 

Center Belmont, Waldo Co p o in town of Belmont stage to Belfast and Liberty 
Center Lebanon, York Co in town of Lebanon stage to Eastwood — R D North Lebanon 
Center Lovell, Oxford Co p o in town of Lovell U ni from Bridgton 18 ni from Norway 
Center Montville, Waldo Co village in town of Montville — K D Freedom 
Center Sidney, Kennebec Co village in town of Sidney 
Ceutcrville, Washington Co p o and town 15 m N W of Machias — po|j 91 
Chain of Ponds, Franklin Co summer stage to Bigelow — li D Eustis 
Chamberlain, Lincoln Co p o in town of Bristol 

Cliandler, Piscataquis Co in town of Brownville stage to Milo— R D Lakeview 
Chapman, Oxford Co in town of Roxbury 

Charleston, Penobscot Co town and p o 25 m N W of Bangor electric cars to Bangor — pop 804 
Charlotte, Washington Co town (Ayers p o) on M C R R 35 ni N E o( Machias 13 ro S of 

Calais — pop 290 
Chase Mills, Androscoggin Co in town of Turner stage to Buckticld 4 ni 
(;;hebeague Island, Cumberland Co p o in town of Cumberland steamers to Portland 
Chelsea, Kennebec Co town on Kennebec Central H R 5 m S E of Augusta — pop 3210— R I) 

National Soldiers' Home 
Cherryfield, Washington Co p o and town on M C R R 30 m W of Machias— pop 1499 
Chester, Penobscot Co towp 50 m N E of Bangor — pop 349 — R D Lincoln Center 
Chesterville, Franklin Co town 10 m S of Farmington stage to Wilton 10 m — poj) (i27 — Post- 
offices, Cheaterville, North Chesterville, South Chesterville 
Chesuncook, p o in Piscataquis Co 

Chicks, York Co in town of Wells station B & M R R 
Chicopee, York Co village in town of Buxton 
China, Kennebec Co town on W, W & F H R 18 m N E of Augusta 8 m K of Waterville on 

stage line from Waterville to Albion— pop 1297— Post-offices, China, South China, Weeks 

China Lake, Kennebec Co in town of China sta on W, W & F Ry 
Chipmans, Hancock Co sta in town of Bucksport on ^^ C R R 
Chisholm, Franklin Co p o in town of Jay 

Christmas Cove, Lincoln Co p o in town of Bristol stcamiTs to Purthuul 
Citypoint, Waldo Co p o in city of Belfast on M C R R 
("lark Island, Knox Co p o in town of St George 
Clarks, Kennebec Co in town of Vassalboro sta on W, W & F Ry 
(.Jlarks Mill, York Co in town of Dayton 
Cleveland, Aroostook Co p o in town of Madawaska 

Cliff Island, Cumberland Co p o and island 8 m E of Portland steamers to Portland 
Cljfton, Penobscot Co town and p o 12 m E of Bangor stage to Bangor — pop 217 
Cl-nton, Kennebec Co town and p o on M C R R 90 m from Portland 28 m N K of Augusta— 

* pop 1208 
(';olumbia, Washington Co town and sta on M C R R— pop 504 — R 1) Columbia Fulls 
Columbia Falls, Washington Co town and p o on M C R R 10 ni W of Machias- pop 003 
(Concord, Somerset Co town 20 m N W of Skowhegan stage to North Anson — pop 256 — R D 

North Anson ^ ., 

Connor, Aroostook Co plantation (Acadia p o) 60 m N of Houlton stage tn Caribou— pop 609 
Convene, Cumberland Co p o in town of Sebago 
Cooks, Cumberland Co village in town of Brunswick 
Cooks, Cumberland Co in town of Casco 
Cooper, Washington Co town 24 m N of Machias stage to Ayers Junction — pop 190 — 1 nst- 

offices. Cooper, Cedar Grove 
Coopers Mills, Lincoln Co p o in town of Whiteficld on W, W & F R Ry 
Coplin, Franklin Co in Coplin Plantation stage to Dead River— pop 81 
Corea, Hancock Co p o in town of Gouldsboio 

Corinna, Penobscot Co town and p o on M C R R 30 m N W of Bangor— pop 1237 
Corinth, Penobscot Co town 18 m X W of electric cars to Bangor— pop 1034— Post- 

CornUh! YorrCo town 'and p o on M C R R 25 m N of Alfred stage to Baldwin 1^— poi) 9.54 
Cornville, Somerset Co town 5 m N of Skowhegan stage to Skowhegan- pop ,20— K I) 7 

Coatigan, Penobscot Co p o in town of Milford on M C R R 
Cousins laland, Cumberland Co p o in town of Yarmouth 
Cranberry Isles, Hancock Co town 30 in S of Ellsworth- pop 399— Post-oliic.-a, Cranberry 

Isles, Islesford, Sutton »,,.,,. , . „ ■ ■,< 

Crawford, Washington Co town and p o 24 in N of Machias stage to Baring- pop 114 
Crescent Surf, York Co in town of Kennebunk 

Criehaven, Knox Co island and p o steamers to Rockland 20 m— pop 4b „•,„„;■„ 

Cross Hill, Kennebec Co village in town of Vassalboro 12 m from Augusta stage to Riverside— 

R D Augusta 
Crouseville, Aroostook Co p o in town of Washburn \t n r> n 

Crowleys Junction, Androscoggin Co (South Lewistpn p o) in city of Lewatoi^ o" M C ^ '^ 
f:rvstal, Aroostook Co town on Bangor & Aroostook R R— pop 502— R D Island 'alls 
Cumberland Cumberland Co town on G T R R 10 m N E of Portland-pop 1403- Post- 
offices, Cumberland, Cumberland Center, Chebc-ague Island t,„„i„„,i „,„„» 
Cumberland Center, Cumberland Co p in town of Cumberland 14 in f>om Portland Rtsge 

to Cumberland Junction on M C R R ,t ,-. u t> 

Cumberland Junction, Cumb( rland Co in town of Cumberland on M C !«• 1^ ^ ,. 

Cumberland Mills, Cumberland Co p o in city of Westbrook on M C R R ""^ 7'^,.*hrr,r 

B & M R R 4 m from Gorham 5 m from Portland electric cars to Windham, Wistbrook, 

Oorham, Portland 

M C R R 

to Cherr^-field- 
■n-R 1) 
•th-i„.p m:!-! 

-pop G9 
'ost OiRe 

2 Deer 

5rtli sleftii 
IMe, Xoi 

KT from Roekla 
■tl. Deer Isle, Si 


and stage 

to Hio 

wnfield .■. 

CiiiiiMiiiij;.-!, V.iik Co (South Uerwic'k p u) oa H i\: M li I; 

('uiuU^ llarliur, (.'uitiborlaiid C'u p o iu town of IlarpMu-ell 

Currier, Keuu.hee Co village iu town of Mt Vernon -U U Mt Vernon ^ 

Curtis Corner, Androseoggin Co p o in town or I.eeda on U C R R M ni from Lewiston 

CuHhing, Knox Co town 10 ni S \V of Roeldand stage to Thomaston G ni on M C R R — pop 

r,-65—\i D 2 Warren and R I) Thomaston to Fri.'ndsliip I'oat-ofTiees South Cushiiig, Pleas- 
Gushing Island, Cumberland Co summer p o in city of Portland 
Cutler, Washington Co town stage to East Machiaa 12 m on M C R R— pop 5S5— I'ost-of- 

fices, Cutler, North Cutler 
Cyr, Aroostook Co iilantation (Van Buren p o) 70 m from Houlton— pop 5:!1 
Daggett, Aroostook Co station in town of Presque Isle 
Daigle, Aroostook Co p o in New Canada Plantation 

Dallas, I'ranklin Co plantation and p o on Bridgton .t ,Saeo River R R— pop IGU 
Damariseotta, Lincoln Co town and p o on .M C R U IS m east of Hath — pop 771 
Damariseoila Mills. Lincoln Co p o in town of Nobleboro on M C R R 
Dain:,-i ii , l\ , . i,.r,,t C;oin town of Carmel on M C R It— R D Carmel 
DsiKi "'. I i-n Co town on M C R R 80 m N W of Machias— pop 120.5— Post-offiee 

Dam Ml-, M..,i.i -..-t'in Co p o in city of Auburn on M C R R and G T R R 

Daikliai Ijui, \\ .li.lo Co p o in town of Islesboro 

Davidson p o iu Penobscot Co 

Dayton, York Co town 11 in N E of Alfred 7 m from Riddeford— poi> ,'105— R D Hiddeford 

Dead River, Franklin Co in Dallas plantation 

Dead River, Somerset Co town and p o ■)!) m N W of Skc 

Deadwater, Somerset Co p o in town of Mo.scow on Portl 

Dcblois, Washington Co town and p o 42 ni N W of Maehi 

Debsconeag, Piscataquis Co in Township Number Two R 

Dedham, Hancock Co town on M C R R 22 m N W of 

R D East Iloldr n, Green Lake 
Decring Junction, Cumberland Co in city of Portland 
Deer Island, Piscataquis Co (Capens summer p o) 
Deer Isle, Hancock Co town in Penobscot Ray 35 m S W c 

—pop lO-Ui— Post-otPices, Deer Islo, Eggemoggin, Lit 

set. Sunshine 
Denmark, Oxford Co town 31 m S W of Paris and 40 m fro 

— pop .O'JG— Post-ofRces, Denmark, East Denmark 
DennysviUe, Washington Co town and p o on M C R R 22 m N E of Machias— pop 4:.0 
Derl.\ , T'i . la si . f',, p o in l.nvii .,f Mih. ..n I'.aimnr A Aroostook R R 
Drt,,,, ■ ' '-.I tuun :,,,.! p <i Mu M (• i; II Jl 11, 10 of Skowhegan— pop401 
D,-«. >, V. ' ■ :, r.. ^,ll:,^■.■ n, !.,„,, ,il 11 in. ,,,■(-.. 

De.xt. I 1. ,,,. ; I ,, luu.i ..11 .\1 (' l: K :;il n, .\ W Ml liangor R R to Moosehead Lake ai 

i)'.., I .1,.-. Lu lO.vUr and Cailaiul |io;, IIV;!) -Post-offices, Dexter, North Dexi. 

Silvers Mills 
Diamond, Cumberland Co in city of Portland 
Dickey, Aristook Co p o in Allegash plantation 
Diekvale, Oxford Co in town of Peru— R D We-st Peru 
Diiigo, Androscoggin Co village in city of Auburn— R D Auburn 
Dirigo Island, summer p o iu Hancock Co steamer to lioekland 
Dixfield, Oxford Co town 25 m N E of Paris on Rang, ley div M C R R— pop lO.'.G— Pu, 

offices, Dixtield, East Dixfield 
Dixfield Center, Oxford Co village in town of Dixfield— R D Dixfield 
Dixraont, Penobscot Co town 20 m S W of Rangor — pop 757— Post-olTices, Dixinont, Nor 

Dixmont Center, Penobscot Co village in town of Dixmont 2 m from East DiNiiioiit— R 

Dorman, Washington Co village in town of Harrington on M C R R 
Douglas Hill, Cumberland Co p o in town of Sebago 
Dover, Piscataquis Co town and county seat on M C R R and Bangor & Aroostook R R ' 

111 from Bangor stage to Foxcroft 12 m— jiop 2i«il— Post-ofiioes, Dover, East Dover 
Dover South Mills, Piscataquis Co vilhn^e i» t-wi, ..f I),,ver— R D Dover 
Dresden, Lincoln Co town 8 m N W ..i W i < , i : ■.-<■ to Richmond 5 in— pop 815— Po- 

offices, Dresden, Dresden Mills, S.>ni , i i- 1 ", ,i Dresden, Cedar Grove 

Dresden, Sagadahoc Costa M C R If Hi I ■! / i, .ml 

Dresden Mills, Lincoln Co p o in town ..i I ).■ -1. n -. .-■ to Richmond 6 m 

Drew, Penobscot Co p o in town of Kingman 

Dryden, Franklin Co p o in town of Wilton on iM C R R 

Dry Mills, Cumberland Co p o in town of Gray 21 m from Auburn on M C R R 

Dudley, Aroostook Co village in town of Smyrna on Bangor & Aroostook R R 

Durham, Androscoggin Co town 10 S E of Auburn 25 m from Portland— pop 1G25— R 

Dutch Neck, Lincoln Co-village in town of Waldoboro 

Dver Brook, Aroostook Co town and p o on Bangor A: Aroostook R R 20 m S \\ of Iloullon- 

opp 281 
Eagle p o in Hancock Co / 

Eagle Lake, Aroostook Co plantation and p o on Bangor & Aroostook R R 15 m .s of Fort K.i 

— pop 1421 
East Andover, Oxford Co p o i'ii town of Andover 

East Auburn, Androscoggin Co in city of Auburn— R D Auburn „ , „ , 

East Baldwin, Cumberland Co p o in town of Baldwin on M C R R 25 m from Portland 
East Bangor, Penobscot Co in city of Bangor— R D Bangor 
East Benton, Kenn.bec Co in town of Benton— R D Benton 
East Bethel, Oxford Co in town of Bethel 
East Blue Hill, Hancock Co p o in town of Blue Hill 

East Doothbay, Lincoln Co p o in town of Boothbay steamer to Portland 
East Bowdoinham, Sagadahoc Co in town of Bowdoinham on M C R R— R D Bowduinham 
Eastbrook, Hancock Co town 18 m N E of Ellsworth stage to Franklin— pop 213— R D 1 rani 

East Brownfield, Oxford Co p o in town of Brownficld on M C R R 49 ra from Portland 

East Bucksport, Hancock Co p o in town of Bucksport 

East Caribou, Aroostook Co in town of Caribou 

East Corinna, Penobscot Co in town of Corinna— R D Corinna 

East Corinth, Penobscot Co p o in town of Corinth electric cars to Bangor 10 m 

East Dedham, Hancock Co village in town od Dedham— R D Ellsworth 

Kast Denmark. Oxfor.l Cop o in town of D.nmark _ , 

lOast Dixfield, Oxford Co i. o in town o Dixfield stage to North Jay 4 in 


I0:i8t Uixinont, Puiiubscot Co vMna.- in town of Dixmunt 5 ni liuui Uixiiiuul— Ji U iJixiuoiit 
lOiist DoviT, l'isc,-;it:uiuis Co |j u in town of Dover on Hangoi- & Aioosloolc II H II ni fi.iV 

East Kditinyton, Pi-nob3cot Co p o in town of Eddiugton stage to Bangor 11 ni 

lOast I'M;. .^,„nh, 1 ,n.-„ln Co p o in town of Edge-comb 

iinM 1. t , I I > ,ot Co in town of Exotcr— R D Exeter 

EfiNt 1 . ,■,' I: I M ,„k Co 1) o in town of Franldin 

East I :;m\ Co p o in town of Friendship 

id Co in town of Fryeburg sta^e to Brownfield 

and Co p in town of Gray 

obscot Co p o in town of Hampden electric ears to Bangor 2 m 

East Harpswcll, Cumberland Co in town o( Ilarpswell 

Ea3t Hebron, Androscoggin Co on M C R R 10 m from Auburn— p o in Oxford Co 1 in from 
station in town of Hebron 

ICast Hiram, Oxford Co p o in town of Hiram 36 m from Portland on M C R K 

East Holden, Penobscot Co p o in town of Holden on M C R R 

East Jackson, Waldo Co in town of Jackson — R D lirooks 

East Jefferson. Lincoln Co village in town of Jefferson 

East KInox, Waldo Co in town of Knox — R D Knox Station 

East Lamoine, Hancock Co in town of Lamoine — R D lOUswortli 

East Lebanon, York Co p o in town of Lebanon on W, N & P Div B & M R R 

East Limington, York Co p o in town of Limington 

East Livermore, Androscoggin Co town on Nt C K R SO ra N of Auburn— pop 2C11— Post-oflices 
East Livermore, Livermore Falls, Strickland 

East Livermore Mills, Androscoggin Co village in town of East Livermon — R D Ea^.t Liver- 
East Lowell, Penobscot Co p o in town of Lowell 

East Lvndon, Aroostook Co station in town of Caribou 

East Macliias, Washington Co town on M C R R 4 m N E of Machiaa stage to Cutler 13 m 
stage and boat to Technology 4 m — pop 1392 — Post-oflices, East JIachias Jacksonville 

East Madison, Somerset Co in town of Madison— R D Skowhegan 

East Madrid, Franklin Co in town of Madrid on Sandy River & Rangelcy Lakes R R 

Easr Mererr, Somerset Co in town of Mercer— R D Mercer 

East Millinniket, Penobscot Co town and p o on branch of Bangor & Aroostook R R 90 m 
N ot Hangor- pop 923 

East Monmouth, Kennebec Co in town of Monmouth— R D Monmouth 

East ^rount Vernon, Kennebec Co in town of Mount Vernon— U D Mt Vernon 

East Newport, Penobscot Co p o in town of Newport on M C R R 17 m from Dexter 

East New Portland, Somerset Co p o in town of New Portland 

East New Sharon, Franklin Co in town of New Sharon — R D Ni-w Sharon 

East Northport, Waldo Co p o in town of Northport 

Easton, Aroostook Co town and p o on Bangor & Aroostook R R 37 m N of Houlton— pop 1300 

East Orland, Hancock Co p o in town of Orland 

East Orrington, Penobscot Co in town of Orrington — R D Orrington . 

East Otisfield, Cumberland Co p o in town of Otisfield 10 m from Norway stag.; from Otis- 
field 4 m 

East Palermo, Waldo Co in town of Palermo 

East Parsonsfield, York Co p o in town of Parsonsfield 20 m from Saco stage to Corm.-,h 

East Peru, Oxford Co p o in town of Peru on M C R R 

East Pittston, Kennebec Co in town of Pittston stage to Gardiner G m 

East Poland, Androscoggin Co p o in town of Poland on G T R R 7 ni from Auburn 

Eastport, Washington Co city p o and port of entry on M C R R 4 m N E of Macluas steam- 
ers from Boston, Portland, Calais, StJohn, Passamaquoddy District, Gr.and Manan and 
neighboring islands (Canadian) Ferry from Lubcc — pop o311 — centre of domestic sar- 
dine industry r^ in 

East Raymond, Cumberland Co in town of Raymond 21 m from Portland stare to Cray 11) in 
— R D llaymond 

East Rumford. Oxford Co in town of Rumford 

East Sangerville, Piscataquis Co in town of Sangorville 

East Searsmont Waldo Co in town of Searsmont 

lOast Seba^o, Cumberland Co p o in town of Sebago ^ 

East Sherman, Aroostook Co (Sherman Mills p o) in town of Sherman 

East Stoneham, Oxford Co p o in town of Stoneham 

East Sullivan, Hancock Co p o in town of Sullivan ^ ^ „ ,^ , -. ,, t, ,■ „„ , ,- ,„ 

East Sumner, Oxford Co p o in town of Sunuier on M C R K IS m from Soutli Pans and 1, m 
from Norway stage to Sumner and Redding 

East Surry, Hancock Co p o in town of Surry 

East Troy, Waldo Co in town of Troy— R D Troy i, ,i t„,„ . 

East Turner, Androscoggin Co in town of Turner stage to Auburn 10 m— R U 1 urn. r 

East Union, Knox Co p o in town of Union stage to Union 2 in 

East Vassalboro, Kennebec Co p o in town of Vassalboro electric cars from W uterv.ll. on M C 

E stVddoboro, Knox Co in town of Warren on Rockland branch M C R R-R D South 

East Wafes" Androscoggin Co in town of Wale9--R D Wales Portland 

East Waterboro, York Co p o in town of Waterboro on B & M T R 2o m from I ortlan-1 
East Waterford, Oxford Co p o in town of Waterford T,>r,r,inL'ton 

East Wilton, Franklin Co p o in town of Wilton on M C R R 5 m from larmington 
East Wiun, Penobscot Co p o in town of Winn stage to Winn Winthroi. 

East Winthrop, Kennebec Co p o in town of Winthrop stage- to Augusta li i.i and to ^^ intlirop 

Eastt "d, York Co (East Lebanon p o) sta B & MR R in town of Lebanon 
15d!i^;;g^r^^:^^°iw^Tf;^:^'t?Ba;:^!'n.-lS^l'>-Post-omees, East Eddington, 
Edei^NEi^r&o^^ifMt g;:!:';Usland n m V^ of EUsworth d.ctn,^a. t. Bar llarbor- 
pop 4441— Post-offices, Eden, Bar Harbor Hulls Cove, f "<»«"! "'"?u^*''?°"7 BHdgton 
Edes Falls, Cumberland Co village in town of Naples-R D Naple3-13 m from Uriagton 

Edgecomb*°Li'ncohf Co town 4 m S E of Wiscasset-pop 513-Post-ofrice», Edgecomb, East 
Edm^;l!ir°wth&^ci^trn'23 m N E of Machias-pop 0^6-K D 1 Dennysville 
Egervs Mills, Penobscot Co in town of Dedhain station M C R R 
EggemogKin, Hancock Co p o in town of Deer isle 
I':gypt, Hancock Co p o in town of 1-ranklin 


Eliot, York Co town on Eastern div B & M R R 25 m S of Alfred electric curs to Berwick' 
lottery and York, and Dover and Portsmouth N H— pop 1530 — Post-ollicea, EltW., South 

Ellinfiwoods Corner, Waldo Co village in town of Winterport stage to Bangor 12 m — R U 

lOlliiii, I'l > .1 .|n:.s Co on Atlantic Div Can Pac Ry in town of Elliottsvillc 

rill I iiiquis Co plantation (Onawa p o) on C^n Pac Ry — pop 120 

Kll i' ' "1^ Co city county seat and port of entry on M C U U— pop 3540 — Poat- 

1 1 h, Ellsworth Falls, Nicolin, LaliPwood 
i:i! ; llnu-ock Co p o iu city of Ellsworth on M C I! Jl 

I'Ar. I '> p o ill town of St George 

i:l! . , :. luwnof Wellaon B & M R R 

]:iiii ■ ■ ;, ■' -uKgin County in town of Poland sta M C 1! 1! 

Ehi. .,„...!, Ku.... t:o village in town of Union— R D Uniun 

Embden, Somer^ict Co town on M C R R 12 ni N W of Sl;r,wli,-..n— poji r.20— 1( I.) 2 North 

Embden Center, Sornerset Co in town of Embden 
vn oi Poland on Portland & Ruujford Falls R R— K D 

Empire Road, Androscoggin Co (East Poland p o) in town 
Enfirld, Penobscot Co town on M C R R 35 m N ol Ban".. 

i:|.l I'. •, \\ > iM I. in Co in town of Columbia— R D Columbia Falls 

IJ :. Ill town and p o on M C R R 17 m W of liangor — pop 523 

i:tii 1 I i Ii cot Co in town of Etna on M C R R 

r,u:, - , Co in town of Sidne,\ — R D Waterville 

En :, ; ■ ', ,! C'j town 45 m N of Farmington stage to Bigelow — pop 5(1S- 

eld Center, llinckle 


Falmouth Foreside, Cumberland Co village in town of Falmouth electric cars ami steamer to 

Portland— R D Portland 
Farmingdale, Kennebec Co town (Gardiner p o) -iu M C R R 57 m from Porllnud 5 m S of 

Augusta electric cars to Augusta and Gardiner — pop 823 
Farmington, Franklin Co town and county seat terminus of M C R R and .Sandv River R 1! 

95 m from Portland— pop 3210— Post-ofliees, Farmington, Farnungton Falls, West 

Fiir].iii'i,a<in'i"al!s. Franklin Co p o in town of Farminglun stage to Farmington 

Fa . •. . i:i m:i' . C. '.iv, P and po IS m W ..f \i,:n. < Mc to Ke.idlield 5 m— pup 5fi7 

K;.^, •-'■ ■:,-!,. - ' ■ Co in town of Favi ■•. !:!'' nullill 

F.r, ! ■ 'i I 11. City of Sacoon Or. I, ..: r. , i :.i rirh M C R R 

li^i. .: I. , i., .: > look Co in town 111 -■.-:.!:,, ill l;:ingor A Aroostook R R 

livi' I ; .i;'h-, ,■ -1^' J; hue Co p o in town of GcurgLinw u 

Fl.igstaff, .Soinersct Co plantation and p o 48 m N W of ."^kowhegan stage to liigelow 37 m — 

nop 140 
Fleming. Penobscot Co village in town of Chester on M C R R— R D Lincoln Center 
Five Point, Hancock Co p o in town of Brooklin on M C R R 
Fo'rest Citj", Washington Co town 57 m N W of Calais on M C R R— pop 79— Post-ofTices, 

Forest City. Forest .Station 
Forest Station, Washington Co p o in town of Forest City on M C R R 
Fort Faiilicld. Ar.i.istook Co town on Can Pac Ry and Bangor & Aroostook R R— pop 1381 — 

i'list-iiPi I- .•■», I'nri Fiiifield, Goodrich, Maplegrove 
Fort Ivcni, \i' -' ■' < ■ tnwn on Bangor & Aroostook R R — pop 3710— Post-offices, Fort 

Kent .1 '1 .' "s 

Fort Kent ' U Co p o in town of Fort Kent 

Fort Point, W iM^i i ■■ m tnwn of and p o Stockton Springs 

Fortune Rock, Vorl; Go in city of Biddeford sttige to Biddeford m— R D Hiddeford '"""' 
Foxcroft, PiscatiiquisCo town and p o on Bangor & Aroostook R R and M C R R— pop lSfi7 
Frankfort, Waldo Co town and p o on Bangor & Aroostook R R stage to Belfast 17 m and 

Bangor 15 ni — pop 1157 
Franklin, Hancock Co town on M C R R— pop 1101- Post-offices, Franklin, East Franklin, 

West Franklin, l'}gypt 

.1 Co t 

own and p o 20 m N W of Bango 

1 vii,,|,sco' 

t. Co in town of E.Nctc 

T— R D Ex< 


', ii 


in town of Farmingti 

,n on Sandy 



lerset Co 

town on M C R R 3 

m from M': 



e, Benton and Shawmut— Post 

-offices, Fair 


rtield ( 

- t Co p in town of 
.. .11 townof Weatfic 

■Id sta B & . 



' ' ■ 1 • !-( 

c , (own on Portland* Monlrea 

— I'"l 

;i 1 ; 

. ;- larsto Portland- 


iklin Road, Hancock Co station in town of Franklin ( 



icock p o) 

on^^Cl! 1 

;dom, Waldo Co town and p o stage to Belfast 18 m f 



on on M C 1 

( R — 

pop 4>-0 

■man, Franklin Co town on Sandy River & Rangclex 

• Lake 

■sRR lomfr, 

lioji 334 — R D Strong 

?port, Cumberland Co town on M C R R 21 m N E o 

f Port 


-pop 21 Ii 

(1— electric c 

ars — 

Post-offices, Freeport, South Frccjiort, Bustins fsla 


ichboro, Hancock Co p o in I.on;' !-!■ r-i 

vhville, Aroostook Co town 11(1 in \ W ,.i K .nli„n 


to V 

an Buren 

and Fort K 

ent — 

pop 1414— Post-offices, Frenchvil' t : 1 i,, In 


ndship, Knox Co town 14 m S W i 1 : . t 

o Wal 


iro 10 m a 

ndThomaston 12 

m— pop 77(j— Post-flices, Fricn.l ! li., i: i li:r,„l-l 

hip, 1. 

:i u ry 

. Martin 

e. Oxford Co p in town of Roxbi.ry on M C R R 

cluirg, Oxford Co town on M C R R 49 m N W of Pa 


! p„ 

p 1282—1 



burg, North Frjeburg 

iborg Center. Oxford Co in town of Frycburg on M 

C R 


ili-vr, |.; C,i ,■]•■■ nn M C Ii l{ i; in S nf \"' 



rctric cars 1 

1, All- 


(Gerard p o in Someraet Co 

Gerry, Penobscot Co p o in town of Alton ,^ 

Gilbertville, Oxford Co p o in town of Cnnton on Portland. Riunford Fulls & Oqiioasoc H R 

Gileud, Oxford Co town and p o on G T R H 35 m N W of Paris 35 m froi.i Norwa\ — nop SM 

(Oilman, Piscataquis Co in town of Sangerville— R D Dnxter 

Olenburn, Penobscot Co town on Bangor & Aroostook R R 8 m N \V of Bangor electric car, 

to RauRor — pop 457 — R D Bansor 
Glen Cove, Knox Co p o in town of Rockport 
Glendon, Lincoln Co p o in town of Nobleboro 
Glenmerc, Knox Co p o in town of St George 

Glenwood, Aroostook Co planatalion and p o stage to \\ ,\ topillock — jiop IL'S 
Globe, Knox Co station in town of Washington 
Goldenridge, Aroostook Co p o in town of Slu-rniuii 
Goodalea Con . -, I', i,, .'■,,.! C. in 'f,.vr . •■ <\r-.: - . n R D Suutli Hrcwer 

Goodrich, A r. ■ < < •■ , -I ■■ ! ,-■ '.! oi, Bnnfor & Aroostook R R 

(ioodrich t'r - , i :, I : 

Good Will V:.- '(,,!.:,. 1 !■ . . ;. M C R R 

Goodwin, Ar.-. -.,„,!-, l ,, si,,ii,,i, ,,,, l ■, n,.>'i .i, !':>. ,■.. \!y 

Goodwins Mills, V.irk Co in to« i. of Lvman— R 1) Hi.ideford 

Goose Cove, Han.ock Co in town of Trenton— R D lillMvorth 

Gore, York Co village in town of Alfred— R D Alfred 

Gorham, Cumberland Co town on W , N & P div B & \[ R R lU m W of I'orlland— pop 2f,L'— 

Post-offices, Gorham, North Gorham, Whiterock 
Gotts Island, Hancock Co p o in town of Tremont stage to South West Harbor 
Goiildsboro, Hancock Co town 2\ ni W E of Ellsworth stage to Bucksport liS m and to Ells- 
worth—pop 13in— Post-ofTico.s, Gouldsboro, .South GouldsDoro, West Gouldsboro, Birc li 

Harbor, Corca, Prospect Harbor 
Grafton, Oxford Co town and p o 45 m N W of Paris stage to Bethel 22 m — pop (;4 
Grand Beach, Cumberland Co on B & M R R (p o Pine Point) in town of Scarboro 
Grand Isle, Aroostook Co town on Bangor & Aroostook R R 90 m N W of Houlton stage to 

Van Buren 12 m— pop 1317— Post-offices, Griind Isle, I,ille 
Grand Lake Stream, Washington Co plantation and p o 57 m N W of Machias stage to Prince- 
ton 12 ra— pop 290 
Grange, Waldo Co in town of Liucolnville— R D Lincolnville 
Grant Farm in Piscataquis Co 
Gray, Cumberland Co town on M C R R IC m N of Portland electric cars to Portland — iioj) 

1270— Post-offices, Gray, East Gray, Dry Mills 
Great Chebeague, Cumberland Co island in town of Cumberland 
Great Diamond Island, Cumberland Co Caaco Bay and Harpswcll Line steamers 
Great Pond, Hancock Co p o in Planatation 33 stage to Ellsworth 
Great Works, Penobscot Co p o in city of Oldtown on M C R R 3 m from Orono 
Great Works, York Co in town of South Berwick sta on B & M R R 
Greenbush, Penobscot Co town on M C R R ?3 m N E of Bangor— pop 4S5— Post-offices, 

Cardville, Olamon 
Greenlake p o in tow n of Dedham 

Greene, Androscoggin Co town and p o on M C II II 7 m N E of Auburn- pop 773 
Greene Corner, Androscoggin Co village town of Greene — R D Greene 
Greenes Farm, Franklin Co station in Coplin Plantation 
Greenfield, Penobscot Co town 30 m N E of Bangor stage to Costigau — pop I'JS — Post-olhces 

Greenfield, Myra 
Greenlake, Hancock Co p o in town of Dedham on M C R R 
Greenville. Piscataquis Co town 33 m N W of Dover on Bangor & Aroostook R R and Can 

Pac Ry Coburn Steamboat Co— pop IfiOO— Post-offices, Greenville, Greenville Junction 
Greenville Junction, Piscataquis Co p o in town of Greenville on Bangor & Aroostook R R and 

Can Pac Rv 
Greenwood, Oxford Co town on G T R R 10 m W of Paris stage to Norway 10 m— poji 0(;4— 

Post-offices, R D West Paris, Locke Mills 
Grimes Mill, Aroostook Co sta in town of Caribou on Bangor & Aroostook R R 
Grindstone, Penobscot Co p o on Bangor & Aroostook R R 
Griswold, Aroostook Co p o on Ashland Br Bangor & Aroostook R R 
Grove, Washington Co p o in town of Cooper 

Grove Station, York Co sta in town of Meddybemps on B & M R R 
Groveville, York Co in town of Buxton 

Guerette, Aroostook Co p o in Township Sixteen, Range Five 
Guilford, Piscataquis Co town and p o on Bangor & Aroostook R R S m N ^^ of Dover— p>p 

Guiou, Aroostook Co sta on C P Ry 

Hacketts, Androscoggin Co in city of Auburn on M C R R 

Haines Landing, Franklin Co summer p o in town of Rangeley, steamer to Rangclcy 
Hale, Oxford Co p o in town of Mexico on M C R R , . » , 

Hallowell, Kennebec Co city and p o on M C R R 2 m S of Augusta elcclru- cars to Augusia, 

Gardiner and Lewiston — pop 2084 
Hall Quarry, Hancock Co p o in town of Mt Desert 
Halls Mills p o Washington Co in town of Whiting . 

Hamlin, Aroostook Co plantation snd p o 70 m N of Houlton stage Jo Liincstone— poi'tJO' 
Hampden, Penobscot Co town on Bangor & Aroostook R R 5 m S \V of Bangor electric cars to 

Bangor— pop 23'J,S— Post-offices, Hampden, Hampden Highlands, East liampclen 
Hampden Center, Penobscot Co in town of Hampden on Bangor 6, Aroostook R R— R D 

Hampderilighlands, Penobscot Co p o in town of Hampden on Bangor & Aroostook R R 

HancttHi^nJol" hTtTJnouM C R R m S E of Ellsworth s,e,uner to Rockland stage to 
Bucksport 27 m— pop 843— Post-offices, Hancock, Hancock Point, North Hancock, 
South Hancock, Marlboro, Mt Desert Ferry 

Hancock Point, Hancock Co p o in town of Hancock , , ,- u ,,Pr,i„, ii. 

Hanover, Oxford Co town and p o 25 m N W of Pans stage to Romford I alls ou I ortland A. 
Rumford Fall R R— pop VMi 

Harbor, Oxford Co in town of Fryeburg— It D Lovell 

Harborside, Hancock Co p o in town of Brooksville ^, ^ „ ^ 


Harp\'re??,Tunfl!er'hn'<r£? town 14 m N F^.of Portland by,wa,er and 40 by "-',',;:( -'fi J,'-- 
wick 11 m— pop I r.5n— Post-offices, South Harpswell, Bailey Island, (, uniK s llarl.or, 
Orrs Island, Birch Island summer) 

H..rr;n,.(,ii. Wi qliilictiin Co t >\ 11 snd n O , 11 M ( H K 21 111 »1 ol .Mill I.MS I'"p 11'-" 


Ilurri.-ion, Cimil.pi Linil fo town terminus B & S;ico ]i R -10 m N W of r..rtlnncl Mcunier t,, 
Sobai^o Lake station on M C U R 34 m and staae to WaterCord— pop '.Iil7— Il^irri^on, 

Ilurtdird, Oxford Co town and p o on M C R R 15 m iV E of Paris — pop .102 

llartluiid, SonierbC't Co town and p o on M C R R 19 in E of Skowhegan— I'op llVC. 

Harvey, Aroostook Co p in town of Monticello 

Harwards, SaRadalioc Co station (Bowdoinham p o) on M C R R in town of Howdoiuliuni 

Hastings, Oxford Co p o in Batchelders Grant 35 m W of Paris 

Haven, Hancock Co p o in town of Brookliii steamer to Brooklin 

Haymock, Piscataquis Co stage to Patten 

Haynesville, Aroostook Co town and p o 24 ra S W of Houlton stage to Wytopillock— pop 272 

Ilea, 1 Tide, Lincoln Co po in town of Alna no W, W & F Ry 

Hebron, Oxford Cp town m S E of Paris stage to West Minot— pop G03— Post-offires, Hel.ron 

Hebron .Station. East Hebron 
Hel>ron Station, Oxford Co p o in town of Hebron 

Ifermon, Penobscot Co town and p o on M C R R 7 m V,' of Bangor — -pop 1210 
Hernion Center, Penobscot Co in town of Herman sta on M C R R 
Hermon Pond, Penobscot Co in town of Hermon sta on M C R R 
Heron Island, Lincoln Co summer p o in town of Bristol steamer to Portland 
Herricks, Hancock Co summer p o in town of Brooksville stage to Bucknport 
Uersey, Aroostook Co town 25 m W of Houlton stage to Patten— pop IHG 
Highisle in Knox Co 

Higldand, Knox Co village in town of Warren — R D Thomaston 
Highland Lake, Cumberland Co p o in city of Westbrook 4 m from Deeriiig 
Hillnian, Aroostook Co in town of Smyrna, R D Smyrna Mills 
Hillside, Cumberland Co p in town of Sebago 

Hillside, Franklin Co in town of Freeman sta on Sandy River & Rangeley Lakes K U 
Ilincl,Ie\-, So!nerHi..t Co p o in town of Fairfield on M C R R 

Hiiil;^ T rm liiir. Hr.iirnok Co in town of Bucksport sta M C R R 12 m from Bangor 
IliiM"' ■■ : ' ! .'.vnon M C R R 36 m from Portland and 30 m S \V of Paris— pop 04.:— 

i- : II :, East Hiram, Soutli Hiram 

II. .rl, ) ,, I. Co on C P Ry 

lIii.lK.i'Mi, \ Co town and p o 5 m S of Houlton stage to Danforth 35 m — pop 1153 

HoI.Um, P.nobscH (^. town on Mt Desert Br & Frenclimans Bay M C R R m S E of Ban- 
gor— pop 000— R D Brewer, R D East Uolden 
Holeb, Somerset Co plantation and p o on Can Pac Ry 

Hollis, York Co town on B & M R R 14 m N E of Alfred— pop 1284— Post-ofTiee, Hollis Center 
H..lli3 C.nter, York Co p o in town of Hollis on B & M R R 

Holt Mills, IVnobseot Co in town of Garland stage to Dexter 10 m— R D Garland 
11. .p Ciiv, t)xford Co village in town of Byron 
II. .pe, Knox Co town 14 m E of Rockland stage to Camden m— pop 407— Post olTics, II. )p.-, 

South Hope 
Houghton, Oxford Co p o in town of Byrou on Maine Central 
Houghtonville, Aroostook Co in town of Fort FnirfieM 
Houlton, Aroostook Co town p o county seat and port of entry on Can Pac Ry and Bangor it 

Aroostook R R — pop 5867 
Houstona, Penobscot Co in town of Lincoln sta on M C R R 
Howe Brook, Aroostook Co station on Bangor & Aroostook R R 
Howes Corner, Androscoggin Co in town of Turner — R D Turner 
Howland, Penobscot Co town and p o 30 m N of Bangor stage to lOnfiel.l— pop 404 
Hudson, Penobscot Co town 15 m N of Bangor on Bangor & Aroostook R R — pop 40.1 — R 

D Kenduskeag 
Hidls Cove, Hancock Co p o in town of Eden 

Hurd, Aroostook Co sta on Canadian Pacific Ry 8 m from Fort Fairfield 
Hurricane Island, Knox Co town and p o 12 m E of Rockland steamer to Rockland- pop 250 
, Hutchins, Waldo Co village in town of Freedom 
leeboro, Sagadahoc Co village in town of Richmond on M C R R 
Indian, Penobscot Co town on B A: A R R (Norcross p o)— pop 44 
Indian Point, Hancock Co p o in town of Ed.n 
Indian River, Washington Co p o in town of Addison 23 m from Maehias stage to Columbia 

Indianrock, Franklin Co in town of Rangeley on Lake Mooselucraeguntic 

Industry, Franklin Co town 10 m N E of Farmington stage to Farmington — pop 405 — Post- 
office, West Mills 
Ingalls Road, Cumberland Co in town of Bridgton sta on Bridgton & Saco River R R 
Intervale, Cumberland Co p o in town of New Gloucester on G T R R 
Island Falls, Aroostook Co town and p o on Bangor & Aroostook R R 27 m S W of Hoult.jn — 

pop 1G86 
Isle au Haut, Knox Co town — pop 160 — Post-affices, Isle au Haut, Lookout 
Isle of Springs, Lincoln Co summer p o in town of Boolhbay Harbor 
Isleboro, Waldo Co town 6 m S E of Belfast steamer daily to Belfast— pop 877— Post-onic.'s, 

Islesboro, North Islesboro, Darkharbor 
Islesford, Hancock Co p o in town of Cranberry Isles 

Jaekman, Somerset Co plantation and p o on Can Pac Ry 09 m N W of Skowhegau— pop 067 
Jaekman Station, Somerset Co p o in Jaekman plantat^n „ ^ ,. 

Jackson Waldo Co town 15 m N W of Belfast stage to Brooks 5 m— pop 416— R D Brooks 
Jacks.m ville, Washington Co p o on M C R R in town of East Maehias 
Jav, Franklin Co town on M C R R 30 m N of Auburn el.-etric cars to Portland— pop 208,- 

Post-offices, Jay, North Jay, Chisholm. Riley 
Jay Bridge, Franklin Co (Jay p o) sta on M C R R in town of Jay 
JefTers on, Lincoln Co town 20 m N E of Wiscas.s't stage to Waldoboro 9 m and— i)oi) 

I 030— Post-offices, Jefferson, South JeflersoM. Buukerhill 
Jemtland, Aroostook Co p o in town of New Sw.'d.n on Bangor & Aroostook K Iv 
Jerusalem, Franklin Co township (Bigelow p o) pop 35 
Jewett, York Co sta on B & M R R in town of S.,uth Ik-iwick 
Joice, Lincoln Co in town of Whitefield— R D Gar.liner 

Jonesboro, Washington Co town and p o on M C K R 7 m W of Machms- pop olO 
.lonesport, Washington Co town 20 m S W of Maehias on P Mt D & Maehias Steamboat Lmr 

stage to Ellsworth 50 m — pop 2074 — Post-olfices, Jonesport, West Jom-sport. Heals 
Katahdin Iron \\'nrks, Piscataquis Co township aii.l p o on Bangor i- Aroostook K R l-I m 

N V ..f K..V. . .-(I m S W of MtKatahdin— pop 75 

Keen.. I \ • .1 1 M p o in town of Van Biiren 

Ke.ii, -: II- .,-ginCopointownof Turner 13 m from Auburn stag.' to TuiH.... Ill 

KcTi.ln-: ;,l ,>,t Co town and p o.Jeetries to Bangor- pn|, IM 

k-.nn. I.,i-, I. .. i:, 1 . iTiklin Co .m Mnine Central H R 


IviiimbuKO Lake, Franklin Co p o in town of Rangrley stage to Rangflcv 

Kennrbunk, York Co town anil port of entry on li & M H R 12 ni S 10 of Alfred and 24 m frfStu 

Portland— pop 30'.I9— electric cars— post-olliees, Keuu.-bimk, Keiiiiebunk lieueli, Wist 

Keni.. bunk M.acli. York Co sunnner p o iu town of Kcnni'bunk on Western div B & M R R 
Knui. bunk I'ui t, Vuik Co t-iwn c.n B & M R R l(j ni S K of Allri'd 23 ni from Portland— pop 

2i:!l)-(lretiie <ai> — r<«t-.ll,r,3, Kennebunk I'ort, Beaeliwood. Cape Porpoise 
KenlH Hdl. K.nn.lirc Co p o in town of liea.lfi. Id 10 in from Wintlirop atage to UeaUfield 4 m 
K.-telnundMnnl ( 'o—U D North B-ih-l 

Ki r 1 !' . \ I . I 'o p o in town ul P :; n, v M i >..,. to Cornish 
Km ■ [ : : .! . ( 'o p o on east ni.l^ - i |,:ike 

bn ' .: I' lii.rset Co (Rock«.. ' r, of Uoekwood M C R R 

Kin;_'li. 1.1. I ' '^ -Ini Co town and p u m, r- .n/ \:,\. r Branch M C R R 22 ni N of rarmiug- 

Kingnian, Penobscot Co town on M C R R and Can Pac Ry (11"' ni N E of BaniiOr U ni from 
Prentiss — pop (J47 — Post-oflices, ICiugman, Drew 

Kingsbury, Piscataquis Co plantation and p o on Bangor and Aroostook R R 23 ni X W of 
Dover stage to Abbot 10 ra — pop lo.s 

Kittery, York Co town on Eastern div B & M R R 50 m from Portland electric cars to Ports- 
mouth. N H — pop 3533 — Post-olHces, Kitt'Ty, Kittery Depot, Kittery Point 

Kittery Dejjot, York Co p o in town of Kitterv 

Kitt-ry .lumlion, York Co IKitter.\- Depot p o) in town of Kittery sta on B & M R U 

Kill' ^ :.,'■ \ ^ ..I'l. \ "i!, Co , Kui, ,, ,, o o. ,,,. r ol Kittery sta on B & M U R 

Ke 1 ■ \ o ' I , o li m 1 . v I ' !■ I o ' i !,• cars to Kittery 3 m 

bi^' ^' "'' I -,Mi on l;. li-i I ovo:r|, J I l; l; 1 2 m N W of Belfast— pop Til 1— Post- 

,,■ . M d,una.,.l H 1. iLunellke 

Imm i .,o:, w :.]o e:o village in town ol J^nox on Belfast branch M C R U—RDThorndike 

Kr,. w :Mo Co p o in town of Knox on Belfast branch M C 1! R 10 n. from P.rlfast 

Kol i;o I - suis Cop o in town of Frenehtown 

Kii- i r, ,oi- Coin town of Bowerbank 

I. it iiiiiiio , I', ,, oiioot Co town on Bangor & Aroostook R R 2S ni N of Bangor— pop 500 — 

i'o I olio ., I, iGrange, .South Lagrange 
Lake \ II tin, p o in Somerset Co 
I.rl-. I! i; o, , ,, o in town of ll.rmon 

l.i: •; ' - ■ - !>■ tCo poon MoxiePond in the ForksPhint:i(ionon M C li It 
I. ' I ', - r.-i't Co township (Jaekman p o) 

l.iiio :: i:. bee Coin town ol Sidnej — K D Oakland 

l.-il In ' ■ I- e Co p o in town of Belgrade on M C K R 

kV i '. . leiuis Co plantation and p o on M C R R singe to Milo— pop 24,") 

I.:,:o I II : <), Co p o in city of Ellsworth 

I- ii . ■ ' , V. :,,l.ington Co town and p o on Can Pac liv and M C R R— pop 104 
I..O,:', > ■■. '. nnrbec Co vilbige in town of Winslow — R D N Vassalboro 
I,;.r :, Co town 7 m fiom Ellsworth on M C R R— pop 4S2—R D Ellsworth 

l,;iii ; I Hancock Co in town of Lnmoine—R D lOllsworth 

h:ir. ■ ( o p o in town of Fairfidd 

l,;o! I \-. :,, .-ton Co p oin town of Machias Port 

l,a> ! . I .- . • o |, II in town of Friendship 
LLb.,ooi., \ ,ol, ( o town on W N & P U R 10 m S W of Alfred— pop 13Hi— Posl-ollices, East 

Li ballon, North Lebanon. West I.ebtinon 
Lee, Penobscot Co town and p o dO m N E of Bangor stage to Lincoln 12 m — pop 748 
Leeds, Androscoggin Co town on M C H 1; 15 m N E of Auburn— pop 000— Post-olhces, Leeds 

Xoith I,o,,U, SoiHl, I.e.. Is, Ci.i:.- Cornor 

T.-,l. .luo 1.. : .M,' o,...,n Co ,. o o, o ... n of Wales on M C R R 

1 , o. . , I . • W ol Bangor- pop 707 

I . ■. : \ ' ■ M C R li,G T 1! R and P & U F R R 1 m from 

> . ;. i: . ..lis to Auburn, Augu-ta, Sabattus, Brunswick, 

!.,,•.'■ o.'tjii'n'coin'citv'oT AuburnonG T K R—R D Auburn 

].,.-, , , ol , Illation 25 m N Wof .Skowhegan stage to North Anson— pop 237 — 

Lil, ii';'. w ,l.!o Co 1 -«n and p o IG ra S Wof Belfast stage to Waldoboro and Augusta— pop 

Libr-rty'villc, Waldo Co village in town of Libertj — R D Liberty 

Lille, Aroostook Co p o in town of Grand Isle 

l.ilvb.i.\ . Pi^ca.tanuis Co p o and unorganized town on Moosehead Lake 

Mm,. .;■ 1 . \<-'. Co town and p o 10 m N of Alfred stage to East Waterboro— pop 063 

1.1. I.' ' c. o,... KnoT Co village in city of Rockland 

I.,,: . , \ . ....,k Co town and p o terminus Bangor A Aroostook R R 50 m N of Iloul- 

1 ,0 i: . ■ ' 1 I o town 20 m N of Alfred stage to Steep Falls 5 m— pop 980— Post offices, 

I ' I r iiiaion. North Liinington. .South Limington 
J.,,,.. ! . i. . I . . n on M C R R45 m N E of Bangor— pop lOSS— Post-offices, Lin- 

I ,„, ,.|,. , .'m . I '.; I i''!!'p o'in'town of Lincoln 4G m N E of B.^ntor on M C R R 

I,,„r,.lMMr. . '.'. ■ ' Ii 12 m S of Belfast stage to Belfast— pop 1020— Post-ofhees. Lin- 

l.incolnviM c \, . Co p o in town of Lincolnville 

I.ineKin l,ii : ' t..wn of Boothbay 

linni us' ^( ■ < i and p o m S W of Houllon stage to Iloidt. .ii- pop .'<34 
Lisbon A. all . . i 1 ti.wn on M C R R 8 m E of Auburn— pop 11 ICi— post-olhces, Lis- 
bon. 1,1 ' . ' i i-l,onF.alls 
Lisbon C. lil I 111 Co p o in town of Lisbon 

l.i-bon Fall-. \i ii top o in town of Lisbon onM C R R , ■ , , „. . , 

I itchfi.ld Kenn. lia i . . IL . . ,> W of Augu-,ta electric cars to Augusta Leniston & W atcr- 

■' I .■ Mield 

i.iun of Litchfield stage to Richmond 12 m 

1 .. .. I : .r- in town of Litchfield— R D Litchfield 

,1.1 t .. 7 m from Portland 
., p o in town of Deer Isle 
: in eilv of Auburn sta on Lewiston branch G T Ry 

M of Humford — H D Rumford Center 

„d Co summer p o in town of Y'-armouth 


Livermore, AndroscopKin Co town on Portlund & Rumford Falls U K 20 in N of Auburn- 
pop 1100 — Po3t-ollicc3, Livcrmoro, North LiviTmorc 

Livermore- CV-nti-r, Androscoggin Co in town of Livcrmoro stage to East Livefthoro — U IJ 
Livormori.' Fulls 

Livermore Falls, Androscoggin Co p o in town of East Livermore on M C R R 17 m from 

Locke Mills, Oxford Co p o in town of Greenwoo.l orj T R U 20 m from Norway 

I,ong Beach, York Co in town of Wells 

Longeove, Knox Co p o in town of St George 

Lons r-' ,n\. '-■•:;ti1, H-.nd Co p o in nitv of Portland 

LonK M ■.:,!, 1! ■: ,, : Cm pi:,, It:, lion t\::ur\;\,.,r., p o) 40 111 S of Ellsu-orth--pnp m: 

LonK I' I - I - I- i"!:"'.,,, -I',. ,..!';.■.., Luni; IVnd, Mackatnp 

T,00l,oi:', ', ■ , ' . ,: nirr p o 11, Imui, ,,i I |.. au Jhuil 

Lou<K')i: , l.ii - ■!, I ■., p o iu tov, 1, ,.: Hn.twl 

Lovell. Oxford Co town 20 m S W uf Paris stage to Fryeljurg 10 m--pop Hij.S— Post-i,IHces, 
Lovidl, Center Lovell, North Lovll 

Lowell, Penobscot Co town 48 m N E of Bangor stage lo Olamon on M C R R— pop ■.'.V.t— 
Post-oflires, Lowell, E a-l Lnw.H 

Lowclltown. Fi ,,' !if: C, in t.v ,, , ; T ,,v,, !! r.,, c r, !' . V- ,,..], 17:!— R D .Skinner 

Low,") Bridge, I': •■ i^- ' '■ i,, ■ ■. .,• I .■ - " ■ I: ; ■ :: r 

Lubee, Washm ■ .,,,:, i ' I MM,,n, Portland and .--Jt.lohii 

NB2Sn, ■. i ,:!:!.■ ;^^ m '^ i.. ■ u ith M C R R at F.aM p,.M 

Ludluv'^"'\'n'.-',-' i ' 1 ,. r',',« n and p .'. cm I'.iniL'.'.r ^'Aroostook R U 7 m W of Houlton-poi. i 12 
Lyni:iT,, 1 I . ■. 11 (1 m from liiddeford stage to Biddeford — pop (31 J 

Maclfi.i \\ . ' !! I. M Co town county seat p o and port of entry on M C R R steamer lo 
Portland ^la;(e t,. Weslev, Roqne Blulfs, Bucks Harbor— pop 2080 

Machias Port, Washington Co town I m ."^ E of Mac bias on Af C R R steamer to Portland si aue 
to Lubec 26 nr- pop 121S— Post-offices, Maehias I'ort, Bucks Harbor, Larrabec, Slar- 

Mackanip, S.Hnerset Co p o in Sandwich Academy Grant 

Mr-Kiii'. i ! I, •>■'!. ( o p o in town of Treniont 

Mai .\i : .' oi- Co summer p o in town of Georgetown 

Mao^ , \: . ,:. Co plantation audp 0-15 m SEof Houllon C m Not KiuKmanonMC 

Maev' J unction, hranklin Co in town of Rangeley 

Mad'awaska, Aroostook Co (own on Bangor A Aroostook R R 100 m X W of jloulton— poii 

IS:il— Post-ofTices, Madawaska, .StDavid, Cleveland 
Madison Somcr.set Co town and P on M C R R 5 m N W of Skowliegan electric earn- pop 

Madison Centre, Somerset Co in town of Madison — R D Madison 
Madrid, Franklin Co town and p o 2.5 in N W of Farmington on Sandy River <t Rangeley 

Lakes R R— pop 2ti1 
Madrid.! unci I. ,n, 1 rank liu Co in town of Phillips on Sand v River & Rangeley Lakes R 1! 
Maii.Mn n, - ■ . !-ct Co p o in town of Harmony on M C R R 
Main- c, ■ , .lindCo in town of Wcslbrookslaon B A M R R 

M:i„. 1,, ,1 .Co town and p o 1 m W of Augusta electric cars to Atigusla, Lewis- 

Im:i . J, i v. ], I ,,p — pop (jOl 

.Mansri, 11., I,, ... k e .. 1) o in town of South West Harbor 

Mapl.\ Pi.-icalaquis Co in town of Atkinson— R D Sebee Station 

Marilcrove Aroostook Co p o in town of Fort Fairfield on Bangor i Aroostook R R 

Maplch.n. Aroostook Co town and p o 47 m N W of Houlton on Bangor & Aroostook R R— 

Map'lcu'" . " ^ . li. ( o p o in town of Newfield 

Mar:, I. I.. <■ Co p o in town of Rcadfield <in M C R R 

llTJr' II " ' "('" tnwn"/2'"''i"N'"E of Ellsworlh st.ige to Ellsworlh-j.op 171-rosl- 

,,!., ' 'I ■■■ ,vi!lc, PI. W.liham 

Marc'c, ■.' ' '■ .' ' ■.,,:■ i;'i; IS m N l^ofMachias-pop 114— RDDennysville 

M-ir'l,. : . ,,-,■,"jck 

.m"m-1i' . ' \'. . 1 i. I' ■- I ,, •, V, ■! , V : liiaspo) 2m N of M:ichias stage to Machias— opp 17S 
Mars llill,'Aro.;stook Co town and p o on Bangor i Aroostook R R 30 ni N of Iloulton— pop 

Marsliville, Washington Co vilLige in town of Harrington 

Martin, Knox Co p o in town of Friendship 

Martinsville, Knox Co p o in town of .'^tGc-.rge Ci m from renanls Harbor slapc to I loma^ton 

Masardis, Aroostook Co town and p o on Bangor & Aroostook L R ..0 m N W of HouKon— 

Mason,Vx"'ford Co town (West Bethel p o) 30 m W of Paris 3 m S W of WcM Bcthc' on V, T R 

R— pop CO 
Malagamon, p o in Penobscot Co ,,,„,, , • ,, i . ,, i i i 

. .Matinicus. Knox Co plantation and p o 20 m S E of Itockland scmi-wcekly packet (o Pocklan.l 

;\, ,,,,'; i' '',''',';'','"''''.' ., 1 ..i- ',■,,. ,, ;,.•.,. I, c li:,k!«inon M Cli R . 
m'.,\.'' . :• , • . ; . ■ ■• ■ • ■ :.: '' I-'- '■ ' '^" \- . " '■, \ '• ,_ ^^ ^ .,| 

Me'olow'urook! Peii.,1 - ■ ' < ~ I i ' ' ";':,. „ ,, 

M,,lv, i . ' Co town 70 

1 ! : -■ olliccs 

Mrr< . 1, ,-. ■ ■ • .1 c , town and ] 

p.:p -t II 

Mcdford stage to 
r on Penobscot River staye to Ma 

••!' lU M .. . J H. oM :«i. ,ii il 


Mexico Oxford Co town 30 n> N of Paris stnge to Rumford Falls 10 m— pop 2005— Post- 

officea, Mexico, Hale, Ridlouville " 

Michaud, Aroostook Co p o in Wallagrass Plantation ^ 

Middledam Oxford Co summer p o steamer to Parmarchenpu Lake 

MiUord Penobscot Co town on M C U K 13 m N E of ban^or— pop y07 Post-ofliccB Mil- 
ford, Costiyan 
Millbridge, Washington Co town and p o 30 m S W of Macliius stage to Ellsworth 33 m and 

Cherryfield 5 in — pop 1550 
Millinockct, Penobscot Co town and p o on Bangor & Aroostook R R SO m from Bancor— 

pop 330S 
Milltown, Washington Co p o in city of Calais on M C R R 
Millvale, Hancock Co p o in town of Bucksport 
Milo, Piscataquis Co town on Bangor & Aroostook R R 13 m N E of Dover— i.on L'55U— 

Post-oflicfS, Milo, Derby 
Milton Plantation, Oxford Co 18 m N W of Paris stage of Bryant Pouil on G 'J' Rv 5 m— nop 

204 — R D Bryant Pond 
Minot Androscoggin Co town 5 m W of Auburn — pop 7^6 — Post-illitc- Miiiot W Miuot 
Miutuni. H;,n>.oi.k Co p oin townof Swans l5land " ' ' 

V- • -r : .. Ar -■ , ;. ( , , in plantation oi Silver Ruiee 

■ --i-.Kn 5.r;>i p o IJ m S E 0! Pemsu-id P-jiiii f-\rLi— t .1. l-'j 

"■■-': ::'»non M C R R ■!Scjircn.Por:ls::d 16in> \\ o: A-:.,:v.ii;>— icf 

1 ■^' -;■ :: i ^. ^ionmclulh. Nonh Monniomh 
M'liun , NV i.uio c ,. iiiw li and p o 1> m S W of Bangor si ace to Brooks 7 ni — t.oi. '^7 ' 
Monroe Center, Waldo Co village in town of Monroe— R D Monroe 
Monsapec, Washington Co village in town of Joncsport 
Monaon, Piscataquis Co town and p o on Monson Narrow Gauge R R 20 ni N W of Dover 

— pop 1213 
Monson Junction, Piscataquis Co (Abbot Village p o) in town oi Abbot on Mouhjii H K 
Monticello, Aroostook Co town and p o on Bangor & Aroostook R R 12 m i\ of Iloullnn— 

pop 1297 
Montsweag, Sagadahoc Co village in town of Woolwich — R D Wiscassct 
Montvillc, Waldo Co town 10 m W of Belfast stage to Belfast and Augusta— poj, !5.-,0— Post- 

oflices Monticello, Harvey 
Moody, York Co p o in town of Wells 
Moody Mountain, Waldo Co p o in town of Searsmont 
Mooilys, Penoljacot Co village in town of Corinna 
Moosehead, Piscataquis Co p o on Can Pac Ry 
Moose River, Somerset Co plantation and p o SI m N of Skowhegan einf.^ to .Tackmaii— imp 

Moro, Aroostook Co plantation 24 m W of Houlton stage to Patten and Ashluiul— pop 215— 

R D Smyrna Mills 
Morrill, Waldo Co town and p o 7 m W of Belfast stage to Belfast— pop 35:i 
Morris, Aroostook Co in town of Limestone — R D Clinton 
Morrisons Corner, Kennebec Co in town at Clinton — R D Clinton 

Moscow, Somerset Co town 25 m N W of Skowhegan stsge to North Anson — pop 518 — Post- 
office, Deadwater 
Mosquito, Somerset Co p o in town of The Forks 

Mount Abram Junction, Franklin Co in town <if l-'reenian on S R & R Ij ft H 
Mountain, Cumberland Co in town of Raymond stage to Gray — R D Ua.N inonil 
Mountainview, Franklin Co summer p o in town of Rangelcy 
Mountainville, Hancock Co in town of Deer Isle— R D Deer Isle 
Mount Chase, Penobscot Co town 100 m N of Biingor stage to Patten on Bangor A Aroostook 

R R— pop 227— R D Patten 
Mount Desert, Hancock Co town 15 m S of Ellsworth stage to Tremont— pop 1509— Pust- 

oirices. Mount Desert, Asticou, Hall Quarry, Northeast Harbor, Seal Harbor 
Mount Desert Ferry, Hancock Co p o in town of Hancock on M C R R 
Mount Hope, Penobscot Co locality in city of Bangor 
Mount Kineo, Piscataquis Co town east side of Moosehead Lake steamer from tlreenville — 

pop 48 
Mount Vernon, Kennebec Co town and p o 20 m N W of Augusta stage to Rcadlield Depot 

Mouse Island, Lincoln Co summer p o in town of Southport 

Murray, Aroostook Co in Macwali<ic plantation 

Murray Hill, Lincoln Co in town of Boothbay 

Muscongus, Lincoln Co p in town of Bremen stage to Waldoboro 

Mvra, Penobscot Co p o in town of Greenfield 

Myriek, Penobscot Co in town of Mount Chase — R D Patten 

Naples, Cumberland Co town and p o 30 ni N W of Portland stage to Miittocks steamer to 

Sebago Lake sta 22 m — pop 730 
Na^keag, HancocK Co p o in town of Brooklin 
National Soldiers Home, Kennebec Co p o in town of Chelsea 
Nealevs Corner, Penobscot Co in town of Hampden- R 1) Hanipd. i, 
Nelson, Aroostook Co in town of New Sweden— R D Jenithmd 
- Nequassel, Sagadahoc Co in town of Woohviuh sla M C R R 
•Newagen, Lincoln Co n o in town of Southport ' 

Newburg, Penobscot Co town 15 ni S W of B.ingor stage to Bangor :.ih1 Clmia- i.o|' I'''1 — 

R D Hampden 
Newburg Center, Penobscot Co in town of Newburg — R D Hampden 
NewVnirg Village, Penobscot Co in tiwn of Newburg — R D Hampden 
New Canada, Aroostook Co plantation— pop 5yO—Post-ofhce, Daigle 
New Castle, Lincoln Co town on Rockland branch M C R R— pop llll,i>— i'oM-ullices, New 

Castle, North New Castle, Sheepscott 
Newells, Kennebec Co in town of Windsor sta on W, W A F Ry ,,,,■, 

Newfield, York Co town 10 m N W of Alfred stage to South W aterl.or.. Mm and lol'. W ake- 

field Depot, N H5m— pop 02n—Po8t-ofl)ces, Newficld, Wi-.-t Nc«licld 
New Gl Hicester, Cumberland Co town on M C R R and Ci T Ry 22 m N of Portland— pop 

122S— Post-oflices, New Gloucester, Upper Gloucester, Intervale, Snbbathday Lake 
Newhall, Cumberland Co in town of Windham on Mountain div M C R R 
New Harbor, Lincoln Cop o in town of Bristol 

New Limerick, Aroostook Co town and p o on Bangor & Aroostook R K— pop 
New Meadows, Cumberland Co on Rockland branch M C R R 
Newport, Penobscot Co town on M C 11 R 25 m N W of Bangor tern.inus of D,xt. r A \r»- 

port R R— pop 1747— Post-olliccs, Newport, East Newport ,, ,, „ „ 

Newport Junction, Penobscot Co ( Newport p o) in tow n of Newport sta M C R H 
New Portland, Somerset Co town 20 in N W of Skowhegan stage to iN Aii.m.u 1 1 in -aiui farin- 

inKtoul0in--popSJ*2 - Po.-I ..lli.e.. \',« '..rilMud, i:.iM \, w I'Miihnel, N.nili N." I -r<- 



Ncwry, Oxford Co (North Newry n o) town 30 m N W of Turis shigc to Bi'lhi-l G m — nop -^7] 
New Sharon, Franklin Co town and p o 9 m S K of Farminctnn stacc to FarniinRton— pop 050 
New Sweden, Aroostook Co town on Bangor & Aroostook K R 02 in N W of fl ndlVin and 8 m 
N W of Caribou electric cars to Sweden— pop 005— Post-oincee New Sweden Station Jemt- 
New Sweden Station, Aroostook Co p o in town of New .Sweden 

New Vineyard, Franklin Co town andp o 10 ni N of Farmington 3tage to FarminPton— nop ri43 
Nicolin, Hancock Co p o in city of Ellaworth 
Noblehoro, Lincoln Co town on Rockland branch M C R K 1 2 m N E of Wiscnsaet — nop 773— 

Post-offices, Noblehoro, Dan.ariacotta Mills, Olendon 
Norcross, Penobscot Co in p o town of Indian on B & A R R 73 ni N of R;in«or 
NorridRewock, Somerset Co town and p o on M C R R 5 ni S W of Skowheuon — pop lOOS 
North Amity, Aroostook Co p o in town of Amity - h h 

North Anson. Somerset Co p o in town of Anson on M C R R stape to North New Portland 
North Appleton, Knox Co p o in town of Applelon Htagc to T'nion 
North Auburn, Androscoggin Co in city of Auburn — R D Auburn 
North Baldwin, Cundjerland Co p o in town of Baldwin nn M C R R 2S m frojii Portland 

stage to Mattocks 
North Bancroft, Aroostook Co p o in town of Bancroft 
North Bangor, Penobscot Co in city of Bangor— R D Bangor 

North Belgr.ide, Kennebec Co p o in town of B.dgrado on M C R R 4 m from \\'e.-,t Watcrville 
North Berwick, York Co town and p o on B & M R R 34 m from Portland— pop 1777 
North Bethel, Oxford Co p in town of Bethel 
North Hlanchard, Piscataquis Co p o in town of Blauchard 
North Blue Hill, Hancock Co in town of Bluehill stage to Bucksport 11 m 
North Bradford, Penobscot Co p o in town of Bradford stage to South I-iigrangc' 
North Bridgton, Cumberland Co {> o in town of Bridgton on Bridgton & Saco Rivir R U 
North Brooklin, Hancock Co p o in town of Brooklin 
North Brooksville, Hancock Co p o in town of Brooksville 

North Buckfield, Oxford Co in town of Buckfiehi 20 in from Auburn— R 1) Buekfic Id 
North Bucksport, Hancock Co village in town of Bucksport — R D Bucksport 
North Carmel, Penobscot Co in town of Carincl— R D Carmi-1 
North Castine, Hancock Co p o in town of Castine stage to Bucksport 14 lu 
North Chesterville, Franklin Co p o in town of Chesterville stage to Wilton 7 iii 
North Cornville, Somerset Co in town of CoruvilU — U D Skowhegan 
North Cushing, Knox Co in town of Cushing — R D Warren 
North Cutler, Washington Co p o in town of Cutler 

North Deer Isle, Hancock Co p o in town of Deer Isle steamer to Rockland 311 in 
North Dexter, Penobscot Co p o in town of Dexter 

North Dixmont, Penobscot Co p o in town of Dixmout 3 m from Dixmont 25 m from Ban- 
gor stage to East Newport « m 
North E.ast Carry, Piscatariuis Co p o at head of Moosehead Lake 
Northeast Harbor, Hancock Co p o in town of Mount Desert 
North Edgeeomb, Lincoln C^o p o in town of Edgecomb stage to Wiscasset 2 m 
of lOllsworth— R D Ellsworth 
,vn r,l Il.r.non '-i M C R R and B A A K R 

Nortliii' M, W :.-iiii>-i- •, I .1 i.iu,, :,n.l ,. ., l^' n, \ \\ ^.; ■■ ! ■ ■ ■ M.:ig.- 
North Fre.-man, Franklin (.'o in tcvsi. of F... „,an ,-ia M C li It 
North Fryeburg, Oxford Co p o in town of Fryeburg 50 m from Portia; 
North Gorhani, Cundjerland Co p o in town of Gorham 15 m from Poi 

North Gray, Cumberland Coin town of Gray 15 m from Auburn — R D G 
North Greene, Androscoggin Co in town of Greene — R D Greene 
IVorth Guilford, Piscataquis Co in town of Guilford— R D Guilford 
North Hancock, Hancock Co P O in town of Hancock on M C R R 
North Harpswell, Cumberland Co in town of Harpswell— R D Brunsw; 
North Haven, Knox Co town island in Penobscot Bay 12 in K of Ho 

land — pop 53.5 — Post-offices, North Haven, Pulpit Harbor 
North IIollis, York Co in town of HoUis— R D West Buxton 
Js'orth Islcsboro, Waldo Co p o in town of Islesboro 
North ,Jav, Franklin Co p o in town of Jay on M C R R 11 m from Fa 
North Lamoine, Hancock Co in town of Lamoine — R D lOUsworth 
North Lebanon, York Co p o in town of Lebanon 11 m from Rochestei 
North Lee, Penobscot Co in town of Lee stage to Winn— 1! D Ea.^t Wi 
North Leeds, Androscoggin Co p o in town of Leeds on M C R R 14 n 
North Limington, York Co p o in town of Liniington 2.S m from Porthii 

3 m 
North Lincoln, Penobscot Co village in town of Lincoln on M C R R 
North T.iveririore, Androscoggin Co p o in town of Liverniore 24 m froi 
Nnilli T ..\ II, i''\f..r.l Co p o in town of Lovell 
\Tori!i '■:■■'. '■ ' iiiuton Co p o in town of Lubec, Passamaquodds 

(■.■ ■ ' ■ ' .u,\ N B t 

NoHi, 1 :,, ,took Co in town of Caribou— R D Caribou 

NoiUi M..';;.^ui.. .-.-.iirrset Co in town of Madison — R D Madison 
North .Nfariuville, Hancock Co p o in town of MariaviUe 
North Monmouth, Kennebec Co p o in town of Monmouth 4 m from ' 
North Monroe, Waldo Co in town of Monroe 20 m from B.lfast stnge 

North Newburg, Penobscot Co in town of Newburg 13 m fiuni Bangor 7 

station— R D Carrael 
North \. w Casth', Lincoln Co p o in town of New Castle 
North X.w IV.rlland. Somerset Co p o in town of New P.ntland 22 m f 

In Xorth \i,-.iii S m 
Norih \. « TV. < )\lc.i.l Co p o in town of Newry 

Vorth \,,l,l.:i)..r.) Co in town of Nobleboio— R D Wald..boro 
North .\'.,r»;,v. 1 ixlur.l Co in town of Norway— R D Norway 


North Perry, Washington Co in town of Perrj— R D Perry 

North Pittaton, Kennebec Co in town of Pittston—R D Gardinp^r . t- . 

Northport, WaMo Co town stage to Belfast 7 m— pop 518— Post oflicrj. Northport. r.:i?t 

North "Pownal, 'Cumberland Co in town of Pownnl 21 m from Porllanil 7 m from New Glouces- 
ter— R D West Pownal „ . 
North Raymond, Cumberland Co p o in town of Raymond 
North Rumford, Oxford Co p o in town of Rumford ^ ,„ , 
North Scarboro, Cumberland Co m town of Scarboro — R D W estbrook 
North Searsmont, Waldo Co p o in town of Searsniont stage to Belfust In ui 
North Searaport, Waldo Co in town of Searsport- R D Monroe 
North Scbago, Cumberland Co p o in town of Sebago 

North Sedgwick, Hancocit Co p o in town of Sedgwick stage to .Sedgwick 
North Shapleigh, Yor. Co p in town of Shapleigh 
North Sidney, Kennebec Co in town of Sidney— R D TV aterville 
North Sullivan. Hancock Co p o in town of Sullivan 

North Troy, Waldo Co in town of Troy— R D Troy .. , , , ■ . 

North Turner, Androscoggin Co p o in town of Turner 6 m froju N.irth L-rds sl:.lioii stage 

North Uni^oTKnox Co in town of Union 8 m from Waldoboro— R D Union 

North Vasaalboro, Kennebec Co p o in town of Vaasalboro electric cars to W inslou on M ( 1( K 

North Vienna, Kennebec Co in town of Vienna— R D \ienna 

North Waldoboro, Lincoln Co p o in town of Wakloboro 

North Warren, Knox Co in town of W arren— R D Warren 

North Waterboro. York Co p o in town of )\ aterboro 5 m from Limenck 

North Waterford, Oxford Co p o in town of Watertord 13 m from Bridgton stag.' to >ur«..> 

North Wayne, Kennebec Co p o in town of Wayne stage to Readfield Depot 8 m 

North Whitefield, Lincoln Co p o in town of Whitefield on V, ^\ & 1 I.y 

North Windham, Cumberland Co p o in town of Windham stage to u interock 

North Windsor, Kennebec Co in town of Windsor— R D Weeks Mills 

North Winterport, Waldo Co in town of Winterport— R D W interport 

North Woodstock, Oxford Co in town of W oodstock— R D HryantJ ond 

North Yarmouth, Cumberland Co town on G T R R 14 m N of Portland— pop (j86— Post 

offices. North Yarmouth, Walnut Hill „ t, /-^ -u i 

Norton plscataquis Co in town of WilUmantic stage to Abbott \ jllage-R D Guilfor.l 
Norway, Oxford Co town on G T Ry 1 m S W of South Pans .lectrie cars to Pans-pop 300J- 

Post-offices, Norway, Norway Lake 
Norway Lake, Oxford Co p o in town of Norway 
Notch, Franklin Co in town of Wdton— R D Dryden 

Numb° oTe A^^s^^ok ^o vilKn^?^ of '^oodland-R D New Sweden Station 
Oakfieid, Aroostook Co town anip o on Rangor & Aroostook R R 15 m S W of Houlton- 

Onk Vnll Cumberland Co ( p o Scarboro) in town of Scarboro „ ,, , . i^t , , 

oSland; Kennebec Co town and p o June M C R R and Somerset R R W n, N of August 

electric cars to Waterville- pop 2257 , ^ , „ , , „ „., ,, ,, 
Oakland Farm, York town of K.ttery eta York Harbor & Beach 1! R 
Oak Point, Hancock Co in town of Trenton-RD Ellsworth 
'^!^S^:^^^S^^^:n »'S;;?ar°d o^n'o^c'hard Beach branch B ^ M R R 

n Point, Lincoln Co summer p o in town of Boothbay 

iliononMCR K 


1221— Post- 


-pop 350 — 

irs to 

Rangor and 


t-oflices, Or- 

Ocean SiderYork Co in town of York station York Harbor & Beach R R-Post- 

Oce-iuvme Hancock Co p o in town of Stonington 31 m from Rockland 

Old Orchard, York Co town on W estern d.v B & M R R electric car, to Saco a, 

BangOT electric ears to Bangor— pop C317— Post-ofBcea, Oldtown, W ■ st Ol. 
Onawa,'pisc^ataquU Co p o in Elliottsville Plantation on Cin Pac Ry 
?,TcTJri^ll^nVo °Z^^ tt'n^TwIld Wo-R g\'i'':.Mo\oro 
8;";^ A?oos.'^ook Co fown an'd'-p o 23 m S of Houlton stage to Danforth st 
Orland,'H;neock^Co town 17 m W of Ellsworth stage to Bucksport 3 m- 

officcs, Orland. East Orland ,.„„,, ,i- T? n 1 n m V of I 

OrneviUe, Piscatariuis Co town on Bangor & Aroostook R II lo m L ot t 

(Jrono, Penobscot Co town and p o on M C R R 7 m N of Bangor electric c 

Grrin^g't'orPe^^o^bTco't'^Co town on M C R R 6 n. S of Bangor-pop/1219. 

^^^fS^r^i^z?Jvz:^^i^^ s=ick 1.1 

offices, Otisheld, East Otisfaeld , ^,- « , , t, n nil^n,-!.! 

misiirld Gore, Cumberland Co in tow-n of Otisfield— R D Oli.fu kl 
Otl. r Creek, Hancock Co in town of Mt Desert 
( Ui'lhtte, p o in Aroostook Co . 

pwls^/ep?'l?n°ogo^^^ towro] f o^ltS'^^^-f-Zj-i^Hon stage to Masa.rdis-pop 181 

Oxford', O^fo^d^c'^o^.^iiTn G T^y'lO m S of Paris-pop 1221-Post-oflices, Oxford, \N 
Palermo, Waldo Co town and p o on W, W & F R "V 33 "' [-m Wiscass.-f-pop 000 

^ South Paris. West Paris 

|'.-,rk, Waldo Co in town ef Sears,, .t 

f! n ■ ...18 !■ 


r;,,k. I 11.-,, I. S;i«,i,lal„.u Co |i o iu town o( Fhippsburg 

I'fiiil.'ir ' \- •..,;: '■,. in town of Ciiribou 8tii C P R 11 

r,!' ■ ! ; '' ^"wn r,n.l po 12 in W of Dov<-i-3U.«r to Gi.ilfor.l 3 II. ..11 Kht.^i- A 

I'aii^,' ■■ \ '' ■'. •• -.{(.'o 

Par-M. \ ,,rk I ,. in i, vi, of Kcnnebunk sta B & M R R 

Parsonsti. 1.1, York Co tou-n 22 m N W of Alfred on M C R R ntage to Cornish and East Wake- 
field, N H— pop 1057— Post-uHices, East Parsonsfiold, Kezar Falltf. Maplewood, RD Lim- 

Passaduinkcag, Penobscot Co town and p o on M C R R .31 iq N E of Bangor — pop 445 

Puttngumpua, Penobscot Co p o in town of Medway 

Patten, Penobscot Co town and p o on Patten & .Sherman branch Bangor & Aroostook R R 

•JO m N E Bangor — pop 1U4B 
Patton Junction. Aroostook Co in town of Sherman sta Bungor & Aroostook 
I'ea Cove, Penobscot Co village in city of Oldtown— R D Oldtown 
I'eak Mail.!. Ciuiilierland Co p o in harbor of Portland 
I'.-jcr..-^. ..t. .'-a^'iui.ilinc Co p o in town of Topsham on M C R R 
I'.riia.ini.l. l.ii,, ,,lii Co p o in town of Bristol 
riMia,|,;,,I I',,:,, li. liiieoln Co p o in town of Bristol 
I", :■; I . ' ! ' . ! 1 in , In Co p o in tDwn of Bristol 
r, li I I' ' ■ '( o summer p o in tawii of Bristol 

I', !' ■ V .' , ', I own on East port branch M C R R lOS m from Bangor — pop 13S7 

. i ..: I., l.e. West Pembroke 
r, I . I ... .oiMi 22 m S W of Ellsworth stage to Duiksport 14 m— pop 085— 

! ', ii..l,.-^eut. North Penobscot, South Penobscot 
l',r \ ,1. Co town 04 m N W of Houlton on Bangor ct Aroostook R R— pop 7.S5— 

I-,,; I.,. ,,'„ n, r.i'i.'bst^i'cli"'""^ 

Ptrlivs .Mills. Cumberland Co in town of Sebago sta Bridgton & Saco River Ry 

I'crrv. W ashington Co town and p o on M C R R 30 m N E of Machias— pop 1144 

Peru. Oxford Co town on M C R R 2U m N of Paris— pop 740— Post-offices, Peru, East Peru, 

Pliair, \r. ,i,^i..,,k Co p o in town of Presque I.sle 

I'll. II,,. I I I, iia CotownandpoonSandy River iRangeley Lakes R R 17 m N W of Furm- 

. . 1 1 23 
Pi.,,. MaliocCotownSmSof Bathstagetonalh— pop 1079— Post-onices.Phipps- 

I, I \ I 1,., Parker Head, Popham Beach. Seba.seo, Small Point, Small Point Beach 
I'l. in: ..- Coin townof Orrington slaon M C R R 

I'l, . . . i . .rland Co p o in townof Scarboro on Weslcrndiv B & M R R 

Tit . I, Co p o in town of Weslev stage to Machias 

I', I 1 , .., - .i ,. -. t Co town and p o on M C R R 20 m E of Skowhegan— pop 2s;U 
I'm ,;..ii, I.. i.i..L.a' Co town m S E of Augusta near C.ardiner on M C R R— pop '.l.'.4— Poat- 

ulliccs, Jiait Pittston, R D Gardiner 
Plaisted, Aroostook Co summer p o in Eagle Lake 
Plantation No 14, Washington Co adjoining town of Marion stage to Mari-in— R D Denny.=- 

Pl. Ill' I ■'. Ml 1 summer p o in Oxford Co 

ri. .:■ ; : I, uox Co p o in town of Cushing 

I! I . I I', a-shington Co in town of Perry sta M C U R 

PI... II . i N Co in town of Warren— R D Warren 

]■!> , i,, i , a..!., , ot Co town and p o 20 m W of Bangor slagc to East Newport 4 m and 

DiMuont-pop .MO 

Poland, Androscoggin Co town on M C R R 10 m S W of Auburn— pop 1382— I'ost-offircs, 
Poland, East Poland, South Poland, West Poland 

Pon.l Cov,-. Cumberland Co on B & M R R 

r i|.'i .11) I'.. , li, Sagadahoc Co p o in town of Fhippsburg 

I'. , ■ 1. Co plantation and p o m N W of Ashland— pop 500 

I'.,' ' . . ( 'o p o in town of St Cieorge 

i',,ii . : . . , 1 ., town and p o ."lO m S W of Paris stage to Cornish — pop h(i I 

l\,it,ii..l,l. i;.Mor,l Co in townof Porter— H D Kezur Palls 

I'orlhuid. Cumberland Co city county scat and port of entry terminus B & M R It, G T Ry 
and M C R R steamers to Antwerp, Bo.ston, Bangor, Glasgow, Liverpool, London, llaiii- 
burg. New York and StJohn N B electric cars to Yarmouth, Weslbrook, S Portland. 
Gorham, S Windham, Saco, Biddeford and Old Orchard— pop 5S, 571--Post-oflH c, 
•Portland: sub stations, South Portland, Ctishing Lsland. Peak Island, A\ est End, Wood- 

in of Medway _ 

N E of Portland on G T Hy— pop |-.25— Post-oflice West 

Prentiss, Penobscot Co town and p o 75 m N E of Bangor '.) m from Kingman stage to King- 

Presri'ue Islc.'Aro'oslook Co town on Bangor & Aroostook R R and Atlantic div Can Pae R 

K 42 m N W of Houlton electric cars— pop 5170— Post-ofTices, Presque Isle, I hair 
l>r. -I i.,].^ •. ( iiiibcrland Coin town of Falmouth R D Portland 
I'l., I • I II .ncock Co in town of MtUesert J „ . . 

I'm:, . , ., „,.ionCo townandpoon M C RR20mfrofnCalais— pop 1091 

I'r. -|., . I, iv . ( u town on Bangor & Aroostook R R 14 m N E of Belfast— pop 597— K I) 

Prospect Ferry^ivaldo Co in town of Prospect— R D Stockton Springs 

Prospect Harbor, Hancock Co p o in town of Gould.sboro 

Prouts Neck, Cumberland Co summer p o in town of Scarboro 

Pulpit Harbor, Knox Co p o in town of North Haven 

I'li-haw, Penobscot Co village in city of Oldtown— R D Oldtown 

(Miinbv, Aroostook Co p o in Winterville plantation 

llan:iolph>r'm;4!c?C^|; J^^CG^^^u^ Central R R 5 m S E of Atigus.a 5 

RanJL'lev I • '■ ' '■ " ■ v n 47 m N W of Farmington terminus Phillips & Rangclcy II R 
steam. I ' | .kes-pop 11.54— Post-olfices, Rangeley. Bald Mouul ain, Barker, , 

IJemi- II i ' ■ ■ ■ KcnnebagoLake, Mountainvicw, Oquossoc 

Rangelcv n,;!. ■ i r.i, l.ii Co (Bcmis p o) 30 m N W ot Farminglon.steamer in summer 

Itankins MilN. Oxford Co village in town nf Hiram 

Kapids, York Co in town of Limington— R D Limington 

Raymind"V''umbcrland *Co town 20 m N of Portland— pop 077— Post-oflices, Riiymoml. 
Norlii Raymond 

Raymond Cape, Cumberlaii i Co landing on Sebago Lake 


: drid on S:nKly Hiv. 
l; n Caribou 

: .' h C ; -iinillirr p o 111 tOWn 01 J(l 

town of Stiindish stutif.n M C I! R i 
itown or Mexico 

in t<,wn of Oorpetowu 
vnof Jay on M C R H 

^1 N E of Sl<owliocnnstMsi- to licxler ." 

wn of Vassi,ll> oro on M C R It s m fr. 
Ji (ildu.uu 

M", I, ;>tmI poSr. ni NEof Miichiiissti 
!, I '. .1, s S Co to Portland and Bo 

Tlookvillc, J\ iui\ I 'i. |. .) ill i.iu II ni lliH kport stage to Rockland b ni 
Hockwi.i.d, ^oiiMi.n C, p o W ol Moosclicad Liikcsteiimcrto Kinr 
Rome, KcnnchiT Co town 'JO in N W of Augusta btiice to liclcindc 'J i 

— H 1) Mercer 
Roquf HhilTs, Wasliington Co town and p o 7 m from Macliius— pui 
Ross Corners, York Co in town of Shuplpigh— K D Alfred 
Round Mountain, summer p o in Franklin Co 

Round I'ond, Lincoln Co p o in town of Bristol stage to New Casllc 
Rowe Pond, aunimcr p o in Somerset Co 
Rowcs, Cumberland Co in town of New Gl. 
Roxburv, Oxford Co town on M C R R 1 1 n 

Roxic, Aroostook Co p o in town of Weston , , . 

Runiford, Oxford Co town on M C R R ltd m N VV of Paris stage to Aiidover, Mexico 

over— pop (1777— Post-ofliees, Rumfonl, Itumford Center, Runifoid Poii.l, No 

Rumford Center, Oxford Co p o in town of Rumford 3(J m from Nurwu> 
Ruinford Corpcr, Oxford Co in town of Rumford — R D Bryant I'ood 
Rumford Junction, Androscoggin Co in town of Danville sla .M < H ): 
Rumford Point, Oxford Co p o in town of Uumford -0 m from Norway . 

Sabattus, Anaro-,cog,;ln Co p o in town of Wcbsier on M C R R o m I rom U'wisto 
Sabbatlidav Lake, ( ■uinberland Co p o in town of New Gloucester 
Saco York Co ciiy and port of entry on B & M R R el,-ctric cars to Biddcford, Old 

and I'orllaiid — i.or> (Jf-SS— Post-otticcs. Saco. Bay \'iew 
.St Agatl.a, Aroostook Co town IIU m N \V of Uoulton— pop 1533— Post-offices, S 

St Albans, Somerset Co town and p o 22 m N E of Skowhegiin stage to Ilarlland on 

SI Cr..i\"ill>i"^' l!r..,,k p 111 in Aroostook Co on Bangor & Aroostook R R 
SiCr,,; '',,:, Ml, w ^n. oineitvofCalaisstaMCHR 

St liM' I.I M I ■ . II, I,, wn of M'adawaska on Bangor* Aroostook R R 

StFr... , \ I li :ii:.lionandpoonBangorAAn)ostook R R l.^niN Wo 

•St Cc.rce l\n..\ t ,. l.iui, l.i 111 S of Rockland steamer from Portland and Rockland stage 
tn Tliomi.stou on Kocklaiul div M C R R-pop 2201— Post-ofTices, Saint George, Clark 
Island. lOlmcre, Glenniere, Longcove, Martinsville, I'ort Clydj; Tenants Harbor 

S( .Tolin, An. latook Co on Bangor & Aroostook R R 7 m S W Fort Ken#— Post-oflices, St John, 

St I,ucc?Aroo9lo.)k Co (Upper Frenehville p o) in town of Frenchville . , , ., . . „ 

Salem, Franklin Co town and p o on Sandy River & Rangeley Lake R R 1 m N of !■ armington 

Salisbury CoVc, Hancock Co p o in town of Eden stage to Bar Harbor 

.Sanders." Franklin Co in town of Madrid sta Sandy River & H»nge!ey L.-kcs R R 

Sandy Somerset Co in township of Bald Mountain station M C R K 

SaiidVCreek, Cumberland Co p o in town of Bridgton on Bridgton & Saco River R R 

Sandypoint, Waldo Co p o in town of Stockton Springs on ]iangnr & Aroostook K K stage 

Sanford, York Co town on B & M R R 5 ra S of Alfred— electric cars- pop ■)(l4n— Post-offices, 

Sangervme^pl''cat"fquia Co town and p o on Bangor & Aroostook R R 7 m W of Dover- 
pop 1310 

Santiago, Hancock Co village in town of Bucksport 

Sargents. Waldo Co village in town of Waldo , „ , , .>« „ 

Sargentville, Hancock Co p o in town of Sedgwick stage to Bucksport 28 m 

Saunders, Hancock Co in town of Surry— RD Surry 

Savage, Somerset Co in town of Cornville— R D Skowhegan 

Sawyers Island, Lincoln Co in town of Bootbba- ^ 

Si arljoro, Cumberland Co town an. I port of el. ry on Las ern e 
Portland- pop PI45— Post-ofl . es, Scarboro, West Scarboro, 

fi'i.":. '. 10'.' Vi ic;' o', h 


PraiDoio Ueaili, ( 'iiMiburlauJ Co (ScRrboro p o) in town of Cape JOIi/iilulli sta I; ,V M 

S<-liuocJic, I'iMcataqui.s Co town and p o on Bangor &. Aroostook H 1! 

i'euburv, York Co in town of York sta York Harbor JJeacli \l K 

Sealauu, p o Washington Co 

Seal Cove, Hanrock Co p o in town of Tremont stage to Soutli West Harbor 

Soal Harbor, Hancock Co p o in town of MtDesert 

Searsinont, Waldo Co town 10 S W of Belfast stage to Union, Belfast and I.ibcrty- 

S2S — Post-o(tlces, Searsmont, North Scarsmont, Moody Moontnin 
Searsport, Waldo Co town on Bangor & Aroostook R R ni N K i 

Uiv E S S Co to Belfast, Camden, Rockland and Bobtou-^pori 

port. Park ' 

Seaside, Washington Co in town of Addison — R D Addison 
Seaville, Hancock Co p o in town of Blue Hill 
Seawall, Hancock Co p o in town of South West Harbor 
Sebago, Cumberland Co town on Bridgton & Saco River R R 30 m N W of Portland stage to 

Mattocks — pop .13(5 — Post-ofliocs, Sebago, East Sebiigo, North Sebago, Convene, Douglas 

Hill, Hillside 
Sebago Lake, Cumberland Co town and p o of Standish on M C R R 24 m from Portland 
Sebasco, Sagadahoc Co in town of Phippsburg 
Sebec, Piscataquis Co town on Bangor & Aroostook R R 10 ra N E of Dover stage to South 

Scbec — pop 549 — Post-olficcs, Scbcc, Scbcc Station 
Sebeo Lake, p o in Piscataquis Co 
Sebec Station, Piscataquis Co p o in town of Sebec on Bangor & Aroostook R R 7 rn from 

Sebocis, Penobscot Co plantation and p o on Can Pac Ry — pop 80 
Seboomook in Somerset Co p o W of Moosehead Lake 
Sedgwick, Hancock Co town 24 m S W of Ellsworth stage to Bucksport 2') m — pop 9011 — 

Post-offices, Sedgwick, North Sedgwick, Sargentville 
Selden, Aroostook Co p o in town of Weston 
Shapleigh, York Co town 10 m N W of Alfred stage to Springvale 7 m— pop 001 — Post-offices, 

Shaplcigh, North Shapleigh, Emery Mills 
Shawmut, Somerset Co p o in town of Fairfield on M C R R electric cars to Fairfield 
Sheepscott, Lincoln Co p o in town of New Castle 

Sheridan, Aroostook Co p o in town of Ashland on Bangor & Aroostook R R 
Sherman, Aroostook Co town on Bangor & Aroostook R R 91 m from Bangor — pop lOo:? — 

Post-ofhces, Sherman, Sherman Mills, Goldenridgc 
Sherman Mills, Aroostook Co p o in town of Sherman stage to Sherman 
Sherman Station, Penobscot Co p o in town of Staceyville 
Shiloh, Androscoggin Co p o in town of Durham 
Shin Pond p o in Penobscot Co 
Shirley, Piscataquis Co town 25 m N W of Dover on Bangor & Aroostook R R — pop 324 — 

Post-office, Shirley Mills 
Shirley Mills, Piscataquis Co p o in town of Shirley 

Sidney, Kennebec Co town on Kennebec river 1 m N of Augusta — pop 927 — R D Augusta 
Silver Ridge. Aroostook Co plantation 40 m S W of Houlton 15 m N W of Kingman on M C 

R R— pop 155— Post-office, Monarda 
Silvers Mills, Penobscot Co p o in town of Dexter on M C R R 
Simpsons Corner, Penobscot Co village in town of Dixmont— R D Dixmont 
Sinclair, Aroostook Co p o in town of StAgatha 
.Six Mile Falls, Penobscot Co on Kenduskeag river 

Kkillings, Androscoggin Co in town of Turner stage to Auburn — R D Auburn 
Skinmr, Franklin Co p o in town of Lowelltown 

Skowhegan, Somerset Co town p o and county seat on M C R R 100 m from Portland elec- 
tric ears to Madison 12 m — pop 5341 
Small Point, Sagadahoc Co p o in town of Phippsburg 
Small Point Beach, Sagadahoc Co p o in town of Phippsburg 
Smithficid, Somerset Co town and p o stage to Norridgewock 6 m — pop 427 
Smithton, Waldo Co in town to Freedom — R D Freedom 
Sniithville, Washington Co in town of Steuben 

Smyrna, Aroostook Co town 11 m W of Houlton — pop 411 — Post-office, Smyrna Mills 
Smyrna Mills, Aroostook Co poiii town of Smyrna on Ashland brancli Bangor Ji Aroostook R R 
Snow Corner, Penobscot Co in town of Herman— R D Bangor 
Snow Falls, Oxford Co in town of Paris 8 m from Norway, R D West Paris 
Soldier Pond, Aroostook Co p o in Wallagrass Plantation 

Solon, Somerset Co town and p o on Somerset R R 15 m N W of Skowhegan — pop I0.'!4 
Somerset, Somerset Co p o in town of Lexington 

Somerset Junction, Somerset Co in town of Gore on M C & C P R R 
Somerville, Lincoln Co town 30 m N E of Wiseasset— pop 291— R D Coopers Mills 
Songo Lock, Cumberland Co in town of Casco steamer to Portland in summer 
Sorrento, Hancock Co town and p o in Fronchmans Baj — pop 147 
Sound, Hancock Co in town of Mount Desert — R D Mount Desert 
South Acton, York Co p o in town of Acton 

South Addison, Washington Co in town of Addison— R D Addison 
South Albion, Kennebec Co in town of Albion sta W, W & F Ry 
South Andover, Oxford Co p o in town of Andover 

South Atkinson, Piscata<iuis Co in town of Atkinson— R D S.^cc Station 
South Bancroft, Aroostook Co p o in town of Bancroft 

South Reddington, Washington Co in town of Beddington— R D Deblois ^ , , 

South Berwick, York Co town and p o on B & M H R 20 m S of Alfred 40 ui from Portland 

electric cars to Kittery, Eliot, York (Me) Dover and Portsmouth (N H)— pop 2n3j 
South Berwick Junction, York Co in town of South Berwick— R D South Berwick 
.South Blue Hill, Hancock Co p o in town of Blue Hill 
South Brewer, Penobscot Co p o in city of Brewer 

South Bridgton, Cumberland Co p o in town of Brighton on Bridgton & Saco River R R 
South Bristol, Lincoln Co p o in town of Bristol 18 m from Wiseasset steamers from I ortland 
South Brooks, Waldo Co in town of Brooks— R D Brooks 
South Brooksville, Hancock Co p o in town of Brookaville 
South Carthage, Franklin Co in town of Carthage— R D Dixfield 
South Casco, Cumberland Co p o in town of Casco 

South ChestcrviUe, Franklin Co p o in town of Chesterville stage to Last Livermore 
South China, Kennebec Co p o in town of Cliina . r> t^ r- '. 

South Corinth, Penobscot Co in town of Corinth electric cars to 'Bangor lo m— R D hast 

South Gushing, Knox Co p o in town of Gushing stage to Thomaston on M C R R 
South Danville, Androscoggin Go in city of Auburn — R D Auburn 
South Deer lale, Hancorl; Co in town -.f Stonington— R D Slonington 


Scjiitli IJuvrr, I'iscaluiiuid Cu in town of Dover 
South Uresdun, Lincoln Co p o in town of Dp'e 
South Duihain, Androscoggin Co in town of D 
3 m — It n I'-rcf port 

U D Dovir 

lium 7 rn from Hrunswick 
Ml I'ortHmouth N H 


th G 

own of 11 ;i 


M C K 11 


from Urunsw 

n M C U U 

South Han. ; !' < ,, p o in 

South Hnii. ' ' ;1 aid Co p 

South Hir;im, ' ' ; -! i ' - 1 1 i. in tow 

South Holh>, \uiK c. u 11, t„un of H 

South Hopi', Knox Co p o in town . 

South Hudson, Pi'nobscot Co in titv 

Soutli JefTi'i-son, Lincoln Co p o in t 

Soutli Lagrange, Pi-nobsc-ot Co p o i 

South Leeds, Androscoggin Co p o i 

Soutli Levant, Penobscot Co in town of Levant— U D CaruKl 

Soutli Lcwiston, Antlroscoggin Co in city of Lewiston— U D Lewiston 

South, AVald" Co in town of Liberty— K D Liberty 

S.nit|i > i :,l-,i t.ii, y^.r. c.i 110 in town ofLiniingtonoL'iiifroiiiPortland stage to Steep Falls 7 

S.iM' : . r fo in town of Litchli. Id— 11 D Litchfield 

S.r.r . I ji-in Co in town of Livrinor. — U D Liverniore 

ju Bangor & Aroostook II R 


■ Co 

Kennebec Co i 

South Onie,' • I' i ' 

South Pan., I 

South Par.--.; ;, : ,, \ . ; i ' 

South Penub.,L..i, li..uiuJ. 

South Polan.l, An.lroseoggi 

Southport, Lincoln Co tow 
Wiscasset all the year 
West Southport. 

South Pnlll ,nd, fn, I,--:,. 

M u i; ! 
South I'r. .,,, [ , \, 
South Kaer i ' ' - 

South Rol.l., 1'. , .1 

port- I: i I !: ' II. ' ii 
South Saiiii- I : ' . . il 
South Sell I , 
Soutli Sum I '■ ' ' - ! 


III ' ,-■ ■ ■ 

1 1 

II i.ekCopo: 


r, ,.,'-,. 

1. Kn 


ox Co t< 
1 Thoma 


,1th Tun 

UT. .\ 


coggin C 


.ith T'nio 

■ n. Ki 

aox Ci 

:, p o in 



o, K.I c C 


ath Waldoljor 

n, Lin 

eolu Co 

.South War 

r-n, 1 

"■'■ p n ir 

nth Wall 

-1 1 n p 


nth West 


1'. • 

. k ( 

■■ mil' 


uth Win- 


^. ,;iind^ 

l: II Monmouth 

l:, = t PI in— RD Liberty 

I ,M~R D R.-.adliiM 

II iiipden Highlands 
D iNoith Edg.'conib 

jn M C H R U m from Bang 
iris on G T Ity 

- , , ,, I , III ..n M C R R 

II, .. .'. Miiner to Bath in Sumnirr 17 m and (.. 

1 , r , 11 ii,.,r— p.ip 4119— Post-olhces, Soulhporl. 

II II Squirrel Island 

> , I iiliiiid Post-olhces, on Eastern div B & 

I I I I, li' , Ml — R D Presque Isle 

,,, I ..I i; I . . , -la M C R R sti-amer from Rangeli'y 

I to lii Li... u 1,1 Kui.uui.^ton Stage to Calais 13 m and to ICast- 

B in town of Sanford stage to Springvale 
. town of Sebec sta B & A R R (Sebec Station p o) 
in town of Smithfield stage to North Belfrade— R D Oakland 
jwn of Solon— R D Solon 
n town of Sonurvilh' 

o in town of Springfield stage to Lincoln 
'o ]) o in town of Standish 
a town of Stetson 

to\\ n of Strong sta Sandy River R R 
n town of Surry 

iwn 4 ni S of Rockland electric cars to Rockland— pop 1438— 
ston. Ash Point. Oul. Spruce Head 

Co town stage t.i ! " ' . i ■ >t.- 

West Harbor, .M ■ ' ' 

1 Co po in town ,11 Win 11 MCHROm 

in town of WindMir— R I) Windsorville 
in town of Woodstock— R D West Pans 
in town of Perhani on Bangor & Aroostook R R 

Sprague, Peimbseot «.lu II, Drew plantation 

Spragues Mill, Aroostook Co in town of ICaston 

Springfield, Penobscot Co town and p o O.S m N E of Bangor alufe to Lincoln 

14 m— pop 459 
Spring Lake p o in Somerset Co _ , „ , 

Springvale, York Co p o in town of Sanford on B & M R R 16 m from Rod 
Spruce Head, Knox Co p o in town of South Thomaston 
Sprue,' Point, landing Kennebec steamers in Lincoln Co 
Siiurwink in town of Capo Elizabeth 

S,iua-Pan, Aroostook Co in town of Masardis sta Bangor & Ai 
Square Lake p o in Aroostook Co , „ , ^ 

Squirrel Island, Lincoln Co summer p o in town of Southport 
Staeeyville, Penobscot Co on Bangor & Aroostook R R Ko m N 
StandilTbumrr^lInd C?tor stftYo'i^S,.^ Lak. on M C R R 16 m N W of Portland-pop 

1037— Post-oflicea, Standish, South Standish. Bo 
Stanley, Oxford Co in town of Port-r stage to Corius 

ilark^ S<^njy^'i5;?\^n arSllVo iTm §'w of ^owl^l^n stage to A*on on M C R R-pop 

ad Willi 
loster X II 

.stook R R 
m N E of Bangor— pop 577 — Post- 


Steep Palls, Cumberland Co p o in town of Standi.h on M C R R 2S m fron 
Stetson, Penobscot Co town and p o 20 m N W of Bangor stage tp.Ltna o ni-pop 4.M) 
Steuben, Washington Co town on M C R R 31 
S90— Post-olhces. Stiubi n, Sniitlivil! . Un 
Stevens Mill, Aroostook Co in town of I'oit I' a 

W of Ma 

Can Pac R> 


to Milll 


Sii"'ai ■}• Co-t, r, Ki..,x Co in town of W,i3hingtoii— It D XurU, \\';l I..l,.,rn 

Stillwater, Penobscot Co p o in city of Okllown 

Stockholm Aroostook Co town and p o on Bangor & Aroostook R R 70 ra N' W of Uoulton — 

pop 715 - 

Stockton, WaUlo Co station in town of Stockton Springs on li & A R R — R D Stockton Spring 
Stockton Sprinna, Waldo Co town 10 m N E of Bcllaat — pop 110.3 — Post-olliccs, Stockton 

Springs, Sandypoint 
Stouuliam, Oxfoid Co town 17 ni \V of Paris stage to South Paris on G T R R — pop 2.")3 — Post- 

Stoninj^t.Mi, Hinr.irl; C) town in Penobscot Bay 35 m from Ellsworth — pop i;03S — Post- 
Si..,, " '' . ; ..o30]n.S\Vof ParisstagctoFrytburgun M C R R— P"P 224 
Si I : ' in town of Eustis 

.-III ;, \ i-.M' o in town of East Livcrmoro on M C R R 

Slr.ju,;, 1 i^ii..;.:: Cu L„ .. u aud p o on Sandy River & Rangclc-y Lakes 11 R 11 ni N of Farrnini:- 

Sugar Island, Piscataquis Co summer p o on Sugar Island Moosehcad Lake 

•Sullivan. Hancuek Co town 13 m S E of Ellsworth on 11 C R R steamer to Portland— pop 1 1.iJ 

— I'u-t-Hir.s, .Sullivan, East Sullivan, North Sullivan, West Sullivan, AshviUe 
S,,i,:.:,ii. Fi I,:,;.. Co in town of Rangelcv on M C R R 
S>,.:: ]■ I. r'oin town of SalemstaS R & R I, R R 

.-.,: , I , ' . 113 Co village in town of OrneviUc—R D iMilo 

Su... ., I ... . I ,, town 10 m N E of Paris— pop 702— Post-offices, Suinn^.T, Ea.=t Sumner, 

W. ,; .--i.u....,!. Redding 
Suns.-t. llau..ock Co p o in town of Deer Isle 
Sunshine Ilaneoek Co p o in town of Deer Isle 
Surry, Ilaneoek Co towuj mS \V of Ellsworth stage to Rliie Hill and Ellsworth— pop 734 — 

Siiti .11 i', ( 1) p'oin town of' Cranberry Isles stage to Mount Desert Ferry 

S A ,. [ i ! ,,. ,,ek Co town 20 in S of Ellsworll. Cm S of Treniont— pop 7-19- Post-office.s 

i, Atlantic. Minturn 
S» ,• ,. .1 ., town and p o f. m N of Belfast stage to Belfast on M C R R— pop -Hm 

S'A. ' ' ... •..•■,n 20 m S W of Paris— pop 200— R 1) Harrison 

r .! ■■■. I . i..nn OVaitc p ol 30 m from Calais— pop 1110 

iv'' ',.. '' '■ I. . I ■•■'■ ^\ .,;-.un Co 

r.-ii ..:. . I , I ., ...AM imd p o 5 m W of Farmington stage to Farminglon— jiup -lO:! 

1. I, : n \S jido Co in town of Xorthiiort landing Penobscot river 

T. I. ■ ;i . Isnnx Co p o in town of St (ieurge stage to Thoniaslon 11 ni 

11.. ; i:, ,. ..n B ct M R Rintownof Wells 

Tli. ! - - :-.t Co town 50 m X W of Skowhegan— pop 1C9— Post-offiers, The Forks, 

'11..: 1. II. Hancoi-k Co 

■n...; . .. I, andpo on Rockland branch M C R R 3mS WufRn.Ulandelce- 

! ■ I .1 Hid Warren — pop 2205 

■n 1. I • , ~ : .. i-.-t Co in town of Palmjra on M C R R 

Tl,., 1-1 III.. W ;,M.. 1 .. i..v,ii ami p o on M C R R 10 in N W of Belfast— pop 52.-, 

Tl...r..: ,r.. ,, .. 11, 

Tirn lr:,Til:!in I'.. ], ., in l.jwn of Eustis 

Til 1. \r...,.i...: c. ,1, i.,vvuof XewT.imerick- R D Iloulton 

T.!; ■'' V."'i": . .'i ■''.":''.',',: 1 !',^'.' ,,„ c P Rv and M C R R 

T .; . ... 1,. N W of Maehias stage to Forest 11 m— pop 2S2 

T..1, I , ., : . i .; i 'I mX Wof Bath electric ears— pop 201ti—Posi- 

Trefe'i'hcns' I.i.nding in Cinnbe'rlnnd Co 

Tremont, Hancock Co town on Mt Desert I3land25 m S of Ellsworth stage to Ellsworth sl-am- 

cr to Portland— pop 1 1 Hi— Post-oirices, Tremont, West Tremont. Bernard, Center, Cotts 

Island, McKinlev, Seal Cove 
Trenton, Hancock Co town S in S E of Ellsworth--pop 351— R D I Ellsworth 
Trescott, Wadiington Co town (West Lubec p o) 22 m N E of Machms stage to Luhcc 10 m 

— pop 401 
Trevett, Lincoln Cn p o in town of Boothbay 

Trov. Widdo C'o l..«n an. I p o 22 m N W of Belfast stage to Unity m— poj) 7i,S 
Tl... I ■■■,:.. I, W .1.!.. I .. ;n • ■. : .i Tioy— RD Troy 
T.I., r...- ■'. ..'.'■.:(■ R R ■ 
Tir;, . i| • . . . ,., M of Auburn electric cars to Auburn — jiuplilLS — Pii.^t- 

ii. . I , I ! North Turner, Keens Mills 

Turn.r c . 1.: .' ., ,i in town of Turner stage to Turner 2.; m 

Tw.nLi.;..- I.. I : 1. ..I Indian- RD Norcr,.-s 

Cnion, Kll..^ ' \ .lley R R 13 m X W of Rockland— pop l23:i—Post-ofr.ees, 

Knuuivi'l';'."' '.'. - . ...,.■ ...un of Steuben on M C a R 

r,,,,. w I 1 . . ... 1 1. . . Ill .1,. ', M I l; i: I'.i m X W of Belfast— pop S09 

r,,., V I . ■, , , , ■ I ,, , ;. I . . , . . • . i; T-.-l.-v 

1|,';,. I , -, ., . ,,,.,., ,1 11 Hangor & Aroostook R R 

l',,|...r I .'. . . . . ■ . I . 1 I ,, |. .. II .... 1. ..'......,. . -ler 7 ni from Auburn 

L'pti.n c I.M.. I 11. 1 no oil in .\ U ol l'liM.1 .-l.i;-... L. lielhcl 25 ni— pop 300 

Van Hure.i, .\ . ; . ..v, n on Bangor iV Aro.,--looU U U 75 m X W of iloulton— pop .■!(m;5 

VancTboro, V. ' .1 , .' - ,,",',', wn'^mdp'o on Can Pac Hy and M C R R 12 m from Ci.lais 1 1 1 m 

Vassarn'or.,,' I - ' ' ' . ■. n .n M CR R 12 m K E of Augusta electric ears to l.ewiMon 

— p,,pi.i,, 1 .. . . .Ihoro, East Vassalboro, Xorth Vassalboro 

Veazie. Pe:.. ' i ' 1 < ' P. R 4 m N of Bangor electric cars to Bangor, Oldl..»n 

Verona! I'lam'-nek 't .i' t., .v n 2ii ni U "l"l':!Isworth— pop 220— R D Bucksport 

Victor, Kennebec Co village in town of Manchester- R D Augusta ,,,,,, , , „ 

Vienna, Kennebec Co town and p o 22 ni \ W of Augusta stage to Readfield Depot 1 J ni— 

Vinai'lTaven, Knox Co town island and p o in Penobscot Bay 15 m E of Rockland stcim. ir to 

Rockland- pop 2331 
Waite, Washington Co town and p o 30 m from Calais stage to I-orest 10 m--i>op It,. 
Waldo, Waldo Co town on M C R R m N of Belfast— pop 3Kli— Post-olh. c W aldo Sli.tion 

(Waldo R D from Belfast) 



B-llust l>ianih M C It 


'"'"^JISmS i^dt d rli^i^l:!""'"" '^ '■' « "' ''""' '^^"^-'^'"' ■'">■'- '•■-i-'.in,,.s M„,„ 

\S ulnut, llill, Cuniliprlnnd Co p o in town of N Yurnioiith on M C It It 

U alpole Lincoln Co p o in town of Bristol 

\\alth:ini Hani'ock Co town and poll in N K of ICIlsworth Ktat'e to Fll,wortli— noo IS' 

^^ ^''^i,^^ [;^^^^,',;:;:-^ ^;;!';: J:J,V;r',^^,^^ -^ « ^ - ^^' '^ '<■" i^^-" el;.; 
'''-''-^.Z' iV^P^tS^-:-' u :;!i;;:;;;: '^ ■;V:;'r::n:'^ " '^ ^^ ■■• ^ ^^- " •""""•■■ ^'■■'-i- 

Wasbington, Knox Co town l^li III i\ W (,i Kn,!,;,,,.: i, i,, \,,,,,, ,,•-,,„ I iberlv 9 ni— 

814 — PoMt-offic-es, Washington, \Vt>i W , | , , ' , ,"', ' 

Washington Junction, Hancock Co ( H.., , II mcork k!]i M C 1 

VVaterboro, York Co town on K & jM 1! 1; Js ,, ; , p ,j ; ,,, v „, iliro l^.mn 

--l',llices, Waterboro, Watcrl..,,,,! .,,. , I ., /: ! !,;/ Xurth M^m rl'oro 

„■''*'" ''■'<!. York Co p o in liii :. ''. n. J.iincnck 

'", , , ' .\''["°f*"d"N''"V\r ' ' - pop'j;«— Post-oflices,\Va 


«ta electri<' cars to Ai 

iJ.,klMi;.i :,i„l Fairfield — pop J 1,4:j.n 
WuukcaK, lluu.ock Co station (Hancock 
Wayne, Kennebec Co town Hi iii W of Ai) 

Post-oHices, Wayne, North V.avne ' ' 

Webb, Franklin Co in town of Welii— U D Weld 
Webbs Mills. Cumberland Co p o in town of Casco 
Webhannct, York Co eumnier p o in town of Wells 
Webster, Androscoggin Co town on M C R U 7 in E of Auburn— electric car.— pop 1L'13— 

Webster, i'ciiobscot Co in town bf Orono sta M C R R 

\\ ucksborri Aroo.slook Co on Ashland branch Bangor & Aroostook R R 

\\ ccks Mills. Kennebec Co p o in town of China on W, W & F Rv 

\W-.. hviUc, (IMord Co p o in town of Oxford 

Weld, Franklin Co town and p o 20 in W ol Farniingtou stage to Wilton IJ in and IJixllcld l.'j in 

— pop .'574 
' Wellington, Piscataquis Co town and p o 2.5 in W of Dover 15 ni from Guilford on Bangor .-aul 

Aroostook R R 20 m from Dexter and 5 m from Harmony on M C R li —pop 3'J3 
WelLs, \ork Co town on B & M R 11 28 ni S W of Portland— pop 1(108— Post-olhccs, Well.-, 

Wells Depot, Moody, Ogunquit, Webhanuet 
Wells Beach, York Co (Wells p o) in town of Wells station on B & M R R 
\\ ells Depot. York Co p o in town of Wells on Eastern div B & M R R 7 in from Kcnncbnnk 
Wes.-ntt, York Co ( Waterboro p o) in town of Waterburo station on B & M R R 
Wesley. Washint-ton Co town 20 m N E of Machias stage to Machias Port— i..,,, 172— Post- 

ullir.M, \\,.,l,.y, Pines 
\^ c 1 A |, I I, 1.11, Knox Co p o in town of Applet on stage to Belfa.'^t 
\^ ' -I -\;',i 11, ^ iiiMTsct Co in town of Athens — R D Athens 
^'' ' ' \ ii' i; p, \ niri.'Jcni.-gin Co in city of Auburn — R D Auburn 

\^' ' I' ' : .: ' . '-'I iid Co p o in town of Baldwin on M C R R ;« m from Portland 
^'' - I ' '•I in city of Bangor — R D Bangor 

\^ ■ , ' ,, town (Bath p o) on M C R R— pop 230 

^^ i .' ' • !• o in townof Bethel onG T R R 

"■ ! ■ i . ( . n, ,in- of Biddcinrd sia B >V iM R R 

W' !■■ 1^ ■' ■ 1 in,,,Ii, C, 11 o ill i-,»ii ut lioothbay Harbor 

\\- i ■ • ''..<■■ p o 1" i"»" "' !■.,.«. I. .in stage to Lisbon ,') m 

". !. , . 1 ' ■ n.l Cu Ui l.nM, Ml |.,M.!;.|..„— R I) Bridglon 

" . I . ' ..,il . i! im! r... uvon \S X >V r.lii I! A M R R and M C R R i'. m N W ol P..ri- 

lan.l cl..(tri,. cars to Windham. Gorham and I'ori land— pop S2M — Poni-olh. cs. Wcsi- 

hrook, Cumberland Mills, Highland Lake 
West Hrooklin, Hancock Co p o in town Brooklin 
West Uruoksvillc. Hancock Co p o in town of Brooksville 

Wcs, It,iM,,„ ^■,,rk Co po in town of Buxton stage to .Saco River station on B ,«.■ M R R 4 m 
\\i-t < li i. I. .i I'enobscot Co in town of Charleston— R I) Charlcsl on 
''^ . . , ■• - ington Co in town of Addi.son— R D Addison 

\\. . ' • - incrset Co in townof Cornville— RD Skowhegan 

\\ r^i < III. I' ,i:,l. Cumberland Co in town of Cumberland— R D Portland 
\S est Dover. Pisiataquis Co in town of Dover sta on M C R R DcMcr branch 
West Dresden. Lincoln Co p o in town of Dresden stage to Richmond I m 
West Durham, Androscoggin Co in town of Durham stage to North Yarn, out h — R D Lisbon 


West Knd p o station in city of Portland 

\\ est Entield, Penobscot Co p o in town o 

West Fi ■ - ' 

West Farmington, Franklin Co p o in town of Farmingtc 

R R 
Westfield, Aroostook Co town and p o on Bangor & Aroostook R R :(ri m from Houlton — pop 

West Forks, Somerset Co plantation (The Forks p o) — pop 138 
West Franklin, Hancock Co p o in town of Franklin 

West Freeman, Franklin Co in town of Freeman sta .Sandy River & Rangcley Lakes R K 
West Fryeburg, Oxford Co in town of Fryeburg— R D Fryeburg 
West Gardiner, Kennebec Co town m S of Augusta stage to Augusta — pup t')20 — R D Gnrili- 

West Garland, Penobscot Co in town of Garland — R D Dexter 

West Georgetown p o in Sagadahoc Co 

West Gorham, Cumberland Co in town of Gorham— R D Gorham 

\\cst Gouldsboro, p o in Hancock Co in town of Gouldsboro 11 ni frrmi Millbridge stage m 

Ellsworth 20 ni 
West Gray, Cumberland Co in town of Gray 21 m from Auburn— R D Gray 
West Hampden, Penobscot Co in town of Hampden— R D Hampden Highlands 
West Hancock. Hancock Co in town of Hancock— R D Ellsworth 
West Harpswcll, Cumberland Co in town . f Harpswell— !i D Brunswick 
West Harrington, Washingto Co in town .,f Harrington- R D Harrington 


\\\f,t Hull..", York Co Ml lunn of HuUis— II D West BiiM..., 

West Juncsport, Wnsliingtiin Co p o in town of Joncs|)oil 

Weat Kcunebiink, York Co p o in town of Kcnnolnink on rortl.-iiirl div H A iM I; K 

\\ eat lA'banon, York Co p o in town of LeI)nnou stare to Milton N M ■%• 

West Leeds, Androscoggin Co in town of Leeds— U D North Leeda 

West Levant, Penobscot Co in town of Levant— li D Banyor 

West Lubec, Wiishington Co p o in town of Lubec X m from Enstport 

West Madison, Somerset Co in town of Madison — U D Madison 

West Mills, Franklin Co p o in town of Industry 

West Minot, Androscogain Co p o in town of Alinot on M C R li 

West Mount Vernon in town of Mount Vernon 

West Newfield, York Co p o in town of NcwfieUl 8 m from Limerick L'S m from Paco 

West Oldtown, Penobscot Co p o in city of Oldlown 

Weston, Aroostook Co town 30 m S of Houlton stage to Danfortli 5 m — pop 300 — Post-offices, 
Weston, Roxie, Selden 

West Palmyra, Somerset Co in town of Palmyra on Sebasticook & Moosehead U R— R D 

West Paris, Oxford Co p o in town of Paris on C T R R 10 m from Norway 

West Pembroke, Washington Co p o in town of Pembroke state to Eastport 12 m 

West Penobscot, Hancock Co in town of Penobscot on Penobscot Rav & River Steamboat Co 
steamer daily from Bangor 

West Peru, Oxford Co p o in town of Peru 27 m from l-'urmington to Dixfield 1 m on M C R R 

West Piltalield, Somerset Co in town of Pittsfield— R I) Pittsfield 

West Poland, Androscoggin Co p o in town of Poland 1.5 ui from .Auburn stage to Poland 

Westport, Lincoln Co town (i m S of Wiscasset on M C R R steamer to Wiscaaset to Bath .1 m 
and Bradley 10 m— pop 2K4— R D Wiscasset 

West Pownal, Cumberland Co p o in town of Pownal on O T Rv 4 m from New Gloucester 111 
m from Auburn 

West Ripley, Somerset Co p o in town of Ripley 

West Rockport, Knox Co p o in town of Rockport stage to Rockland .') m 

West Scarboro, Cumberland Co in town of Scarboro on Eastern div B ,V M ]i R 4 m from Saco 

West vSearsmont, Waldo Co in town of Searsmont— R D North Scaramont 

West Sebago, Cumberland Co in town of Sebago on Bridgton & Saco River R R 

West Scboois, Penobscot Co in Long A township on Bangor it Aroostook R R — R 1) Norcroaa 

\\'c'al Slilncy, Kennebec Co in town of Sidney — R D .\ug03trt 

\\ (St S.iuiliport. Lincoln Co p o in town of Southport 

NS (St Sullivan, Hancock Co p o in town of Sullivan 

West SoioTier, Oxford Co p o in town of Sumner stage to Buckfield 7 m 

West ■IVeninnl, HaMco.k Co p o in town of Trenumt stage to Ellsworth 27 m 

West Trcninn. llan.'.M k Co in town of Trenton -R D Trenton 

Wcat T...y, Waldo Co lo town of Troy stage to Unity station 2 m— R D Trov 

U est Wal.loboro. Co village in town of Waldoboro- R U Waldoboro' 

West Warren, Knox Co in town of Warren on Georges Valley R R & M C R R 

Weat Washington, Knox Co p o in town of Washington 

West Windsor, Kennebec Co in town of Windsor— R D Weeks Mills 
Wos^ Wintrrport. Waldo Co in town of Winterport— R D Wintcrport 
\Vp.. w„„|,,,rl,, Saeadahoe Co in town of Woolwich— R D Woolwich 

N\ I ' ' ' -'iok Co p o in St John 

\\ ' ■ ! ii Cotownon W, W& FTlv 18 m NEof Wiscasset- pop lOoO — Post-olhccs, 

w ' • ' .-rih Whitcfleld, Coopers Mills 

W! :. : ' ■ .- rlnnd Co p o in town of Gorham on M C R R 
\\ I,; I . ' \', ;,ldo Co village in town of Winterport — R D Winterport 
W I. ■ \. .Ion Co town 17 m N E of Machias stage to Lubec 11 m— pop 3C.S— Post- 

.. ;, »■. Halls Mills 
\\ liii I,. . , I /^ , W ir.linigton Co town and p o on M C R R — pop 258 
W i!huiMsl,„.c, 1 1... ataquis Co town (Brownville p o) 17 m N E of Dover— pop 13H 
Williii.aiilic, I'isi ataciuis Co in town 12 m N of Dover and Foscroft 1.5 m from Guilford IJ iti 

to Abbot \ illagc on Bangor & Aroostook R R— pop 271— R D Guilfonl 
Wilsons Mills. Oxford Co p o in plantation of Lincoln 
Wilton. Franklin Co town on M C R R 8 m S W of Farmington— pop 2143— Poat-oflicea. 

Wilton, East Wilton, Drvden 
Winchell, Aroostook Co eta B & A R R Ashland Branch 
Windham, Cumberland Co town on M C R R 12 m N W of Portland electric cars— pop 17.51 

— Posl-ollicca, Norlli Windham, South Windham 
Windham C, ■•. - f '.in !. r':,nd Co sta in town of Windham electric cars lo Portland 12 n, 
Windsor, Iv ; ■ ' ' ' ■. n .)U Wiscasset, Watcrvillc fc Farmington Ry 24 m froiu \\ lacas-ct 

— pop 7i ; , Windsorville 

Windsorvii;. . > i ' ,, |i o in town of Windsor 

Winn, -. ... v, i, ,,o M C R R 55 m N E of Bangor— pop (15.5— Poat-officea, Wiiin, 

East Winn 
Winnccook, Waldo Co in town of Burnham— R D Bnrnham 
Winnegance, Sagadahoc Co p o in city of Bath 
Winslow, Kennebec Co town and p o on M C R R l.s m N E of Augusta elcctri.' cars to 

iston, Augusta, Waterville^pop 2711 
Winslow Mills, Lincoln Co p o in town of Waldoboro on Rockland branch M C R R 
Winter Harbor, Hancock Co town and p o stage to Ellsworth fij m— poi> 500 
Winterport, Waldo Co town and p o 28 m N E of Belfast on Bangor & Aroostook R 11 steamer 

to Bangor 13 m— pop 15S2 
Winterville. Aroostook Co plantation and p o on Bangor & Aroostook R R— pop 20- . 

Winthrop, Kennebec Co town on M C R R 10 m S W of Augusta electrics to At.gusta, Gardi- 
ner and Togus— pop 21 14— Post-oinces, Winthrop, Winthrop Center, East \\ uuhrop 
Winthrop Center, Kennebec Co p o in town of Winlhrop , ,, , , ,,.. ,,. 

Wiscasset, Lincoln Co town county seat p o and port of entry on M C R R and N\ .acasscl, W a- 

terville & Farmington Ry 10 m from Bath— pop 12s7 
Woodfords. Cumberland Co p o station in city of Portland ,, ,^ r^ •■ 

Woodland, Aroostook Co town GO m N W of Houlton electric cars— pop I lol — K 1) ( arjbou. 

Woodland'i Washington Co p o in town of Baileyville 12 m N of Calais sta on Wash Co R R 

Princeton Branch — pop 1500 .„ . , ■, , . r> r i t- n^ 

Woodstock, Oxford Co town on G T Ry joins town of Pans automobile stage to RumforJ 1 alia 

17 m— pop SO.S—Post-ofBce, Bryant Pond 
Wo, 1. ']■'■ r. 1, i.,~. ol Co town 59 m N E of Bangor— stage to LincSln Center— pop \2r, 
W ,„ . ; 1 !.:|„,c Co town and p o on Rockland Br M C R R ferry to Bath 2 m— j.op .^t.N 

\\ , . ., \. - ...on Co village in town of Millbridge— R D Millbridge 

\\\ :,i,. , ,atook Co p o in Reed plantation on M C R R . r, ., i 

Yn. . .„.' ( :.; l-rland Co town on G T R R 11 m N E of Portland electric cars to Portland 

'oop 2':i5.S--l'ust-onici Yarmouth Yarmouthville, Cousins Island, Litilejohn Islan.l 



Yarniouili J uuttiou, Cumberland Co (Yarmouthville p oj iu lowu ul Vsmionth sta ou G 1 

Ry and AI C It R 
Yarmouthville, Cumberland Co p o in town of Yarmuuth -S, 

York, York Co town and port of entry on York Harbor .t Boac). U H -ID m frojii r..rtlaiid 

electric care— pop 2802— Post-offices, York Beach, York Cornfr, V,,rk Harbor York Vil- 

laRe, Cape Neddick 
York Heach York Co p o in town of York on York Harbor .t liea, h It R 
Yorkcliffs. York Co in town of York— R 1) York ftca, li 
York Corner, York Co p o in town of York 
Y'ork Harbor. York Co p o in town of Y'ork 
York Vilbiiide, York Co p o in town of York 
Zircon, Oxford Co in town of Ru.uford 


Population ok U. S. Cknsds IDJO 

Acworth, Sullivan Co town 14 ni S W of Newport stage to Charlestown 8 in— pop 530— Post- 

oflicps, Acworth, South Acworth 
Albany, Carroll Co town 10 m from Conway on B & M R R— pop 289— Post-office, Paasacona- 

Alder Brook, Grafton Co in town of Bethlehem on White Mountain div B & M U R— It D 

Alexandria. Grafton Co town and p o 34 m N W of Concord 12 ni S W of Plvmouth stage to 
Bristol 4 ni — pop 571 

Allenstown, Merrimack Co town on Suncook \^alUy Br B & M It R— pop 14-.7— R D Pem- 

AUtead, Cheshire Co town 1(1 m N of Keene stage to Hancock and B. Hows Falls Vt— pop 711 
—, Alstead, Alstead Center, East Alstead 

Alstead Center, Cheshire Co p o in town of Alstead 

Alton, B.'lknap Co town on Dover & Lakeport Br B & M R R 20 m S ]■; of Laeonia— pop 134S 
— Post-ofhces, Alton, Alton Bay. West Alton 

Alton Bay. Bdknap Co in town of Alton on B & M R R 11 in from I^armirigl.m steamers to 
Wolfeboro, Center Harbor, and The Weirs in summer 

Amherst, Hillaboro Co town on M & M branch B iV: M It R 10 m X W of N'asluia 10 m R W 
of Manchester- pop inuO— Pobt-ofli . '. i,' ■ ' I'Mnemah 

Amoskeag, Hillsboro Co station in cil\ > 

Anderson, Rockingham Co (West Wini; 

Andover, Merrimack Co town on B & M ': 

Ashland, Grafton Co town on B & M R R b m I 

.\fl 11. ;i I' : -I kinghani Co p o in town of 

Ail:,r ,m Co in town of Scabrook St 

Aijb::', i: 11, Co town and p o on Portsii 

■ ■■'.':'- \ ..; lOxeter — pop G37 

Bal" : ' iiM.oro Coin town of Amherst on B & M R R 

BiiL-l ' : ( 'o in town of Warner sta on B & M R R, C & C branch 

Bailr' M, 1 i^-, ( ,, .!. tTerson p o) in town of .lelTerson sta M C R R 

Ball..,!.. Sulhvaii Cu in town of Claremont sta on B & M R R, C & P div 

Bank ViUag.-. lliUaboro Co in town of New Ipswich— mail to New Ipswich 

Bariist. ad, Belknap Co town on B & M R R IS m S E of Laeonia— pop lOSl— Po-t-onices. 
BariiHead. Ceiit.T Barnstead 

Barr. tt. Grafton Co sta on B & M R R in town of Lisbon 

Barrinjiton. Strafford Co town on W N & P ilivB & M R R 8 m Wof Dover— pop 900— Post- 
offices, East Barrington, West Barrington 

Bartlett, Carroll Co town on M C R R 45 ra N W of Ossipee— pop 1197— Post-offices, Bartlett 

Base Station, Coos Co sta on B & M R R foot of Mt Washington 

Bath, Grafton Co town and p o on White xMountain Div B & M U R 14 m X "f llaverlull— pop 

Bayside, Rockingham Co in town of Greenland sta on B & M R R, Portsmonlh branch 

Bear Island, Belknap Co summer p o in town of Meredith 

Beatties, Coos Co in town of Stratford sta G T R R 7 m from Groveton 

Bedford. Hillsboro Co town on B & M R R C ra S W of Manchester-ppop 1110— R D Man- 
chester ' 

Belknap Point, Belknap Co in town of Gilford sta on B & M R R 

'.elmont, Belknap Co town on Tilton & Belmont branch B & M R R 7 m N K of Tilton— pop 
1390— Post-offices, Belmont, Winnisquam 

Belmont Junction, Belknap Co in town of Tilton sta on B & M It It 

Bemis. Carroll Co p o in Harts Location on M C R R 

Bennetts Landing. Coos Co p o in town of .Jefferson .., , 

Bennington, Hillsboro Co town and p o on Peterboro & Hillsboro Br B & M R R 30 m W of 
Manchester— pop 690 ., , .„ 

Benton, Grafton Co town and p o 10 m E of Haverhill stage to W oodsville— pop 219 

Berlin, Coos Co city and o o on G T Ry and B i M R R— pop 1 1,780— Post-offices, Berlin, 
Berlin Mills 

Berlin Mills, Coos Co in town of Berlin on B & M R R , „ „ „. ^, „ , „ , •„ ■■ 

Bethlehem, Grafton Co town on Profile & F ranconia Notch R R 3o m N E of Haverlu rna.I 
stage to Littleton 5 m— pop 1201— Post-olfices, Bethlehem, Maplewood, Pierce Bridge 

Bethlehem Junction, Grafton Co (Pi.-rce Bridge p o) in town of Bethlehem summer sta B A: M 

Black mount, Grafton Co (North Haverhill p o) in town of Haverliill 

Blackwater, Merrimack Co in town of Salisbury— R D Warner 

Blair, Grafton Co in town of Campton on B & M R R— R D Plymouth 


1! .t M i: It 

M R It 

if Concord— pop 1201— Post 


; llilisbc 

iro branch B & M R R 34 m 

S W of 

B & M R R 

M It R 
of Plyr 

m Portsmouth in summer 

— R D Littleton 

noutli stage to lloldcrnessi i 

n— pop 

an Ashu 
,cord Itl 

clot branch B & M R R 
m S W of Fxeter— pop 44f 

1— R D 

laistow on B & M R It 
B & M R R 
outh branch B i M It It IS m S V, i 

of Con- 

ij-^e^^ V^AH \^ 

lo .7 •■»!«£ ,lmsK•^^o^r^ 

lilodgett Landing, MorrimacU Co summer p o in town of Nc-wburv stiiinicr to LaliP Sunui.ce 
}tlood, Hillsboro Co in city of Naslu.a sta H & M H li, Kcrnc- brun.l. ouna,,.e 

lioscawcn, Miiriniack Co town on Concord div B & M U li 10 m iV W of Concord— nop 12^0 

— Post-iiltic.'a, Boscuwcu (a station of Concord p o) GiMriali 
liow, Merrimack Co town 5 ni S of Concord stage to Concord and Dunbarton— pop 07C»R D 

Concord ^r 

Bow Junction, Merrimack Co in town of Bow sta B & M II R 
Bowman, Ci..,s Co in town of Randolpli sta B & M K R, W it J branch 
Bow Mills, M.rriiuack Co village in town of Bow— R D Concord 
Boy Mouolain. Coos Co in town of Randolph on B & M R R 
lirudlcril, Merrimack Co town and p o on Concord & Clareniont branch B & M R R •'>j ni W of 

Coindid pop (iOo 
Breezy Point, Grafton Co p o in town of Warren 

Brentwood, Rockingham Co town and pod in W of Exeter 4 m from Kpping 3 m from Fre- 
mont stage to Ivingston — pop 759 
Brentwood Corner, Rockingham Co village in town of Brentwood — R D Epping 
Bretton Woods, Coos Co summer p o in town of Carroll on M C R R and B & M R R 
Bridgewater, Grafton Co town and p o on B & M R R 4 m S W of Plymouth— pop 187 
Bristol, Grafton Co tow^n and p o on Bristol branch B & M R R 1(5 m S of Plymouth — nop 1478 
Brookfipld, Carroll Co town on B & M R R 12 m S E of Ossipee 1 m from Pike station 2 m from 

Wolfeboro— pop 247— R D SanbornviUe 
Brook hurst, Belknap Co in town of Alton on B & M R R 

Brookline, Ilillsboro Co town and p o on Milford branch B A M R R 8 m from Milford— nop 
501 ' ' 

Biirki-hu\'eii, Sullivan Co p o in town of Sunapee 

Hull .i",-, t in.ll Co (East Wakefield p o) in town of Wakefield on B & Nf R R 
I'.M'i ! i; .!.am Co village in town of Deerfield—R D Epsom 

' I I, ' Co town — pop 51 — R D Errol 

( :,i.,|.i .1,, I, , ,1.,!, Co town on Pern Valley Br B & M R R 8 ni N E of Plymouth— pop 845 

I'o.i i.iUi , .,, Canipton, West Campton 
Campion \ illage, Grafton Co in town of Campton on Pern Valley branch B & M R R 
Canaan, Grafton Co town on Concord div B & M R R ."il m from Concord — pop 140S — Post- 
offices, Canaan, Canaan Center, W Canaan 
(,'ana:iii Center, Gralton Co p o in town of Canaan 
( :,!:;i:i:i ,■ 1 1 , , ■ ( ; i 1 - .,, ( „ village in town of Canaan on B & M R R 
I ^i II , !; , : i town on Portsmouth branch B & M R R 29 m from Portsmouth 

i' ■ pnp 903- Post-offices, Candia, East Candia 

<aj,.,i< \il,^j_' 1 !i in Co in town of Candia 14 m from Manchester— R D Candia 

Cuie.Uie l.alv.-, IIm. , :, ,ii Cm ji o in town of Salem on Manchester it Lawrence branch B & 
M R R I'J n. !-. '■ \I — -..-v 

Canterbury, Men. , . ' B & M R R m N of Concord— pop 080- Post-offices 

Canterbury,'' ' • . I > |.m|,, East Canterbury 
Canterbury Dc'poi. M' m: . . i ( n p o in town Canterbury 
Cardigan, Grafton Co l(;r:ilt..n Center p o) in town of Grafton 
Carrigain, Carroll Co (MtCurrigain p o) in Ilarls Location 
CarioU, Coos Co town on M C R R and B & M R R 15 m S of Lancaster— pop 509— Post-offices 

Brettun Woods, Crawford House, Twin Mountains. Fabyan House 
Ci^riir!, , f',,.,- Co p o in town of Gorham 

( :,•. • ! i: <' '.,,10 Co in town of Hancock sta B & M R R, P & H branch 
' : 1 1 . I, . A. [lelknap Co p o in town of Barnstead on Hiincook Valley Branch H & M R R 
<:,:.■:' ,1 arroU Co p o in town of Conway on M C R R 13 m from Freedom 

Cri,;. 1 I ilihKirnn, Carroll Co p o in town of Effingham ti m from Freedom 
Center llarbur. B.lknap Co town and p o 12 in N W of Laeonin stage to Meredith steamer in 

summer to The Weirs, Wolfeboro and Alton Bay— pop 420 
Center Ossipee, Carroll Co p o in town of Ossipee on B & M R R 8 m from Wolfeboro 
Center Sandwich, Carroll Co p o in town of Sandwich stage to West Ossipee 
Center Strafford, Strafford Co p o in town of Strafford 

Center Tuftonboro, Carroll Co p o in town of Tuftonboro stage to Wolfeboro 6 m 
Chandler, Sullivan Co in town of Newport sta B & M R R, C & C branch 
Charlestown, Sullivan Co town on B & M R R 20 m S VV of N.'wport electric cars to Springfield 

Vt — pop 149B — Post-offices, Charli'Stown, North Clmrleslown 
Charniingfare, Rockingham Co in town of Candia— R D Manchester 

Chatham, Canoll Co town 40 m N E of Ossipee stage to Fryeburg Me 12 m— pop 209— Post- 
offices, Chatham, North Chatham, South Chatham 
Cheever. Grafton Co p o in town of Dorchester stage to West Rumney 
Cherry Mountain, Coos Co (Meadows p o) in town of Jefferson sta B & M R R 
CherrVvale, Sullivan Co in town of Washinton 

Ch(^l^aIll Cheshire Co p o in town of Harriaville on Keene branch B & M R R, Rockingham Co town and p o Hi m W of Exeter electric cars to Derrj — pop 818 
Chesterfield, Chesliire Co town 12 in S W of Keene stage to Ke.iie— pop 770— Post-offices, 

Chesterfielil, West Chesterfield, Spofford 
Chichester, Merrimack Co town on Suneook Valley branch B .t M R R 8 m E of Concord- 
pop GOG — Post-offices, Chicester, North Chichester 
Chocorua, Carroll Co p o in town of Tamworth 

Claremont Sullivan Co town on Concord & Claremont branch B & M R R 50 m N W of Con- 
cord—pop 7529— Post-offices, Claremont, Claremont Junction, West Claremont 
Claremont Junction Sullivan Co p o in .town of Claremont^n Conn & Passumpsic div and 

Claremont & Concord branch B & M R R electric cars to Claremont 
ClarksviUe, Coos Co town on M C R R 10 m N E of Colebrook— pop 271— R D Beecher Falls 

Clintongrove, Hillsboro Co p o in town of Weare 
Cocheco, Strafford Co in city of Dover ata B & M R R 
Colby, Merrimack Co in town of Henniker sta B & M R R, North We 
Cold River, Cheshire Co station in town of Walpolc - "«-»",.,„ 
Colebrook, Coos Co town p o and county r ' 

to Dixville Notch — pop 1905 
Columbia, Coos Co town on M C R R 23 m N of Lancaster— pop G19— R D Coos 
Columbia Bridge. Coos Co sta M CRR t. ^ »r n » i . ■ 

Concord, Merrimack Co city capital of state and county seat on B & M R R electri 
Manchester, West Concord and Penacook — pop 21,497 — Post-offices, Concord 
Concord p o Boscawen, Loudon, E Concord, VV Concord, Hopkmton, Penacook, 
ton. Mast Yard ., „ „ „ 

Cones, Coos Co in town of Columbia sta M C R R 

Connecticut Lake, Coos Co in town of Pittsburg— R ,, . ,,„„^ 

Contoocook, Merrimack Co p o in town of Hopkinton on U i M R R C m from Warner 

in ,■ 

nil .-ri- 


Converse, Merrimack Co (South Danbury p o) in town of Danbury 

Cnnnny, C:irroll Co town on Northern div B & M R R 28 m N of Oasipee— pop 3413— Pont 

(iftices, Conway, Center Conway, North Conway, Intervale, Kearsar^e, Ke,lstone ^ 
Coos, Coub Co change.! to North Stratford ^ 

Coos Junction Coos Co in town of Lancaster sta B & M R R and M C R 1{ 
Copperville, Coos Co sta G T R R in town of Milan, Sulli\:in Co town 10 ni from Clareniont stage to Windsor Vt — pop IDOo— I'ost-oHice 

Cornish C: 111. r. Sullivan Co station in town of Cornish staRe to Windsor Vt 

Cornish 1; hit, Sullivan C^ p o in town of Cornish 10 m from Claremont and 1 1 m from I.ebanoi 

Cotton Valley, Carroll Co (Last W olfboro p o) in town of Wolfeboro sta B A M R R Wolfe 

Crawford House, Coos Co p o in town of Carroll at Whit 
Croydon, Sullivan Co town 7 m N of Newport stage ■ 

Croydon. Crovdon Flat 
Croydon I hit, Sulluau Co p o in town of Croydon stage to Newport 4 in 
Cry.slal, < -.-^ ( -u |, ,, in town of .Stark on G T R R 
Cushiii-s St, ,!1m,-1 (■„ in city of Dover sta B & M R R, P & D Hr 

CushuiM, (• i-.. HI town of Dallon— R D Littleton 

Dultuii, I ■. I , vMi on B & M R R K m S of Lancaster— pop 475— R D Whitefield 
I^aii'"' ' ' Co town on B & M R R 30 ni N W of Concord— pop 502— Post-offices, 

I ) - I I lanbury 

Oaiiv I ]■ 1,1 Co town 12 m S W of Exeter stage to Plaistow ni— pop ,')17— Post- 

,,,' '. : \,„.,h Panvill,., South Danville 

DaM-. - , , :. V, 'I -.1 I' ,:i ,111, Ma B & .M R R, D & L Br 

Davi-,. , . Warner— R D Contoocook 

neeiii- ': 1, _ , N i; of Concord stai;.- to Caiidia and Ravniond It m each 

— i 'li":: I' ■ i'l' .. I'-'l,. M, DcerHeld Center, South Drerfield, Leavitts Hill 
Decrhr!,! (enter, KorkiiiKliaiii C.i j, .> lu town of Deerfield 19 ni from Manchester staste to 

C'andia 7 in 
Deering, llillsboro Co town on B A M R R 22 m S W of Concord — pop 3.'>3 — Post-offices, 

DeerinL', East Deering 
Derry, Ho, kin,diaiii Co town on B & M R R 11 m S E of Manchester electric cars to Chester 

an, I Man, l„M,r— pop .t123— Post-offices, Derry, Derrv Village, Kast Derrv 
Derrv \ illai... , l;,„ tungham Co p o in town of Derrv 
Diain,.ii,l llill. M, niniack Co in city of Concord 

Diaiiioiil I', imI, I .,,.> Co in town of Stewartstown auto to Colebrook 10 m — R D Colehrook 
Dun,. I, I ^' ■ : ,, Coin town of Warner sta B & M R R, C c& C Br 
Dixx.;' \ ■ ' ill Coos Co auto to Colebiook on M C R R steamer to ICrrol Dam 

Do,, 1. 1 1 : , ' . ( ■,, in town of Hinsdale sta B & M R R, Ashuelol Br 

Dor, I,. I I , ,, .,,.,, Co town 18 m S W of Plymouth stage to Canaan 9 m and West ]tumne\- 

:i n. j,.Mi J 11 Post-offices, Dorchester, North Dorchester, Cheever 
Dover, Stiatlurd Co city p o and county seat on Western div B & M R R 40 m E of Con- 
cord elcctiic cars to Portsmouth, Somersworth and Rochester, .South Berwick, Kittcrv, 

York, York Beach— pop 13,247 
Dover Point, SttalTord Co in city of Dover sta B & M R R, P & D Br 
Drewsville. Cheshire Co p o in town of Walpole stage to Bellows Falls Vt 4 ni 
Drurv. llillsboro Co in town of Peterboro sta B & M R R, Peterboro Br 
Dulilin, Cheshire Co town 13 m E of Keene stage to Peterboro 7 m Harrisville 3J m on B & 

M K R— pop 571— Post-offices, Dublin, Monadnock 
Duminer, (■,.n< Co town 8 m from West Milan 24 m N E of Lancaster— pop 292,,., M. .■.,,,;, ,k Co branch Concord p o town 10 m S of Concord stage to Concord 

ai 1 I ■'. ' - pop 513 

Durli - , ,, town and p o on B & M R R 5 m S W of Dover— pop 998 

Easi \ , ,,1 Co in town of Acworth stage to Newport 12 m R D Lempster 

East A ■ , I,- Co p o in town of Alstead 15 in N of Keene stage to Hancock 

East \, : :,:,,ack Co p o in town of Andover on Concord division B & M R R 8 m 

East 1; ■ ~ , iiTord Co p o in town of Barrington 

East 111 . ' i: ' -a-ham Co in town of Brentwood— R D Exeter 

East I I .: ■ . ' ■,. p o in townof Candiaon Ports; 

Easti :■ ,' : I 'o p o in town of Canterbury y 

East!,, I ! , . ,, ,,, ill townof Chester— R D Chester 

East I !,. . ; -!. : :,, I. I ., ip o sta Concord) in city of Concord on B & M R R 

East 1 I . : ■ ! I i ,1,, Co p o in town of Deering 

Eastli ! i: . -Iiaiu Co p o in town of Derrv 

East 111! < ,11 Co in town of Freedom— R D Freedom 

East t.,.,i, .,1, .,, ,.,wn Coin townof Grafton— R D Grafton 

East Uaiii|,:.tea,l, Rockingham Co p o in town of Haiiipstead 10 ni from West Derry stage 

to Plaistow i lii 
East Haverhill. Grafton Co p o in town of Haverhill on B & M R It 
East Hebron, Grafton Co p o in town of Hebron 

East Jaffrev, Cheshire Co p o in town of JafTrey on Peterboro branch B & M R R 
East Kincs'ton. 1!,., kinghain Co town and p o on B & M R R m from Exeter- pop 413 
East I , inpst, r, Siilhvnii Co p o in town of Lempster 12 ni from Newport 
East .Ma, lis, ,11. (at roll Co p o in town of Madison t 

East Man, h, st,r. llillsboro Co in citv of Manchester sta B & M R R 

East Milford. 1IiIMh,io Co in town of Milford sta B & M R R, M & M Br and Keene Br 
Easton. Grafton Co i(,wn and p o 7 in from Franconia stage to Littleton — pop 220 
East Pembroke. .Merrimai k Co in town of Pembroke — R D Suncook (R R sta .\llenstown) 
East Plainfield, Sullivan Co in town of Plainfield .stage to Lebanon 4 m 
East Riiulge, Cli,-l,ir,. Co n o in town of Rindge 
E.ast n... !,,-!, r, - I :,iT,,id Co p o in city of Rochester on W, N & P R electric cars to Rochee- 

t, I I i..\ . ; : Somersworth 
East S| ~ il;\an Co p o in town of Springfield 

Kast s,iji.x Ml, , ,,, iiire Co p o in town of Sullivan stage to Keeni' ti ui 
East Swauie,\ ( liisliire Co p o in town of Swanzey 3 m from Marlboro Depot stage to Keene 

7 m 
East Unity, Sullivan Co in town of Unity stage to Newport 5 ni 
Eastview, "Cheshire Co in town of Harrisville sta B & M R R 
East Wakefield, Carroll Co p o in town of Wakefield 

East Washington, Sullivan Co p o in town of Washington .stage to Hillsbrfro 9 m 
East Weare, Hillsboro Co p o in town of Weare on B & M R R 10 m from Manchester 
East Westmoreland, Cheshire Co in town of Westmoreland on Cheshire branch B & M R R 

10 in from Keene 
East Wolfboro, Carroll Co p o in town of Wolfeboro 


F.iiton, Carroll Co lown 20 ni N of Osaipep stage to Ci>inva\ 'i ni--|H.ii 3S0 — I' 

Iviluii Center, Snowvillc 
IChIom Center, Carroll Co p o in town of Eaton stage to Conwav ni ^ 

KclKcmont, .Murrinjaek Co (Mt Sunnpee p o) in town of Newbur\' station on H& M U U. C A C 

EffinKliani, Carroll Co town 8 ni N E Osaipce stage to East WakefieUl i:t ni— pop j.JS— Posl- 

oflices Effingham, Effingham Falls, Center Effingham, South Effingham 
Effingham Ealls, Carroll Co p o in town of Effingham stage to Center (»;.sipee .") m 
Elkins, Merriinaek Co p o in town of New London 
Ens«(]rth, Ciiafton Co town and p o 7 m from Runincv — pop 4r, 
Elinwood, lUllHl..,ru Co p o in town of Hancock on B & M R U 

Kmer«on. MerrnuM.k Co {West Henniker p o) in town of Henniker ^tation U & M R R 
Enfield, Grafton Co town on Concord division B & M U R li m from Lebanon^-pop 144S— 

Posl-ofBces, Enlield, Enfield Center, Montcalm 
Enfield Center, (irafton Co p o in town of Enfield 11 ni from Lebanon 
Epptng. Rockinghum Co t(,wn on Portsmouth branch B & M R R and W, N & P branch B & 

M R R f< m from Exeter and 10 m from New Market— pop 1010— Post-offices. Epping, 

North Epping, West Eppini^ Hedding 
Epsom, Merrimack Co town on Si 

72:>— Post-offices, Epsom, Go 
Errol, Coos Co town and p o 20 m from West Milan stage to Berlin— pop I'll 
Etna, Grafton Co p o in town of Hanover 

Everett, Hillsboro Co in town of Weare sta on B & M R R, N Weure Br 
Exeter, Rockingham Co town p o and county seat on Western div B & M R R 40 m S E of 

Concord electric cars to Hampton, Amesburv and Newburvport, Mass — pop 4S97 
Fabyan House. Coos Co in town of Carroll on B & M R R and M C R R 20 m from Littleton 
Fairview, Grafton Co p o in town of Woodstock on Pemigewa.sset Valley branch B & M R R 
Farmington, StraflTord Co town and p o on B & M R R IS m N W of Dover— pop 2li21 
Fernald, Carroll Co (Wolfboro Center p o) in town of Wolfeboro sta B & M R R, Wolfeboro 

FitzwiUiam, Cheshire Co town on Cheshire div B & M R R 15 ni S E of Kccne— pop 114S— 

Post-offices, FitzwiUiain, Fitzwilliam Depot, State Line 
FitzwilUam Depot, Cheshire Co p o in town of Fitzwilliam on Cheshire div H A M R R !) m 

from Wincliendon, Mass 
Flume House, Grafton Co p o in town of Lincoln stage to North Woodstock 
Forest Lake, Cheshire Co in town of Winchester sta B & M R R Ashuelot Br 
Francestown, Hillsboro Co town and p o 2.'> m S W of Concord stage to Greenfield 4 ne— pop 

Franconia, Grafton Co town 34 m N E of Haverhill stage to Littleton ,5 m— pop .'im— Post- 
offices, Franconia, Profile House 
Franklin, Merrimack Co citv and p o on Franklin branch B & M li R IS m N of Concord— pop 

Franklin (Main-st Sta), Merrimack Co p o in city of Franklin on Bristol Br li A M U H 
Franklin Junction, Merrimack Co in city of Franklin sta B & M " '" 
Freedom, Carroll Co town and p o 13 m from Baldwin Me station 

Center Ossipee X m — pop 542 
Fremont, Rockingham Co town and p o on Worcester, Nashua & Portland div B A M 1( H H 

m from h^xeter — pop 1)22 
Gale, Merrimack Co (West Andover p o) in town of .\ndover 
Gardners Grove. Belknap Co in town of Belmont sta B & M R R, T >1: H Hr 
Gaza, Belknap Co village in town of .Sanbornton— R D Tillon 
Georges, Coos Co in town of Columbia .sta M C R R 

Georges Mills Sullivan Co p o in town of Sunapec steamer to Lake Sunnpee (i m from Newport 
Gerrish, Merrimack Co p o in town of Boscawen on B & M R R „.,,,.„ 

Gillioa, Cheshire Co (East Westmoreland p o) in town of Westmoreland on B & M R R 
Gilford, Belkrtap Co town on B & M R R 31 m N E of Concord— pop 744— RD Laconir 
Gilmanton, Belknap Co town 18 m N E Concord stage to Belmont— pop Oli.S — Post-offices 

Gilmanton, Gilmanton Iron Works 
Gilmanton Iron Works, Belknap Co p o in town of Gilmahton 14 m from I armingion stage ti 

Alton 5 m 
Gilmore, Merrimack Co (Henniker p o) in town of Henniker 
Gilsum, Cheshire Co town and p o 9 m N of Keene stage to Reene— pop 1,0 
Glen, Carroll Co p o in town of Bartlett on M C R R 

Glencliff, Grafton Co p o in town of Warren on B & M R R White Mt div 
Glendale, Belknap Co in town of Gilford sta B & M R R, D & L Br „ , . 

Goffs Falls, Hillsboro Co p o in city of Manchester on B .t -M R R electric cars to Manchestei 

GofTs"town, Hiiu'boro Co town and p o on B & M R R m N W of Manchester ele.trie .ars tr 

Manchester— pop 2579— Post offices, GofTstown Gra.smere 
Gonic, Strafford Co p o in city of Rochester on Northern d,v B & M R R electric cars to Ro 

Gorham!'coos'co''u>wron' B & M R R ami G T 1! R 24 m S E of L.incnster-pop 21.^.5- 

Gos.?en!'s?,M^;, C^to:;\;?rs'l;} Newport on B & M R R-pop 3^0-Post-of,iees, Goshei 

Mill \illage ' 

Gossville. Merrimack Co p o in town of Epsom ,,, „ , 

Grafton. Grafton Co town on Concord div B & M R R 21 m from f.ehanon-pop (,41-Pos, 

offices, Grafton, Grafton Center ,,.„.,, „ „ o,, , i i 

Grafton Center, Grafton Co p o in town of Grafton on Concord div B & M R R 20 m from I.eb 

Grange, Coos Co village in town of Lancaster 

Granite, Carroll Co p o in town of Ossipee . ,t \ . „ij„ 

Grantham, Sullivan Co town and p o 10 m N of Newport stage to Newport and Lebanon 14 n 

— pop 354 ^ .^ - - 

Graamere, Hillsboro Co p o in town of GoiTsto 
Grasmere Junction in town of Goffstown static 

Gray, Rockingham Co village in town of Brentwood— R D Exeter 

Greenfield. Hillsboro Co town and p o on B & MR R— pop i'.4 

(ireenhill Carroll Co in town of Chatham— R D South C liatham , , , . 

Greenland, Rockmgham Co town and p o on B & M R R 5 m from Portsmouth elect, 

GreenrancTDepo'tTRo^kinghain Co in town of Greenland on Eastern div B & M R R- 
Greenland VilhiL-e, Rockingham Co (Grcenlan 1 p o) in town of Greenland sta on Weste 
B .t M R li 

<>\ lU m Mild 1(1 

■> Dopu 

1! & M I! 11 .H 

Ml (; 

T R R 

li & M U R 


(ln%sl„i,... H.11,„M|, Co HI lown ,,i sla 1! & M H R 
Crotf.ii, CrMi,,,, (■„ town 1 L' m W of Pl\ luoulh sl:i..c io I 

|.M,, :;i'i r.-M-ofliccs, Groton, Norll, Giolon 
Grnv.iMh ( ,„.. ( o po in town of NortliunilH-rliind jum- 

lla.ll.y, Clu-l.iru ('o in town of Jaffivy sta B & .M K U,' Rcierboro hnaic h 

lla.n|l^ll■lr Ro:,d. R.,. kin!.'l,ani 'f,. in lown of ^■■alL■nl'.st'a H 'a m' R R, M & 1. l.ran.-li 
nani|,si.:i.l. Ru. Kii,i:l,a n, f.., i,,wn on W,,i,,-|, r, XM.-luia A: Portland div H & M R R 3(1 m 
,, M'.ot ,,,. ^,1 I,..,:-. r ■ - 1^ , , II ,, , -,,:,d.I-:asi llan.pstead, 
II»"'pton I: : ;,(,'. I ■...'.]: \ M R R |(i j„ s of I'ortsinontli elcflrir 

'•■"> !■' I i' : i: ; ■, n, Jlan.iilon lipach 

Hanipt.,n I'.. - : 1,. • , .: . ^ ,, ,, ,, ,,:,.,,, !|, ,,,|,,,,„ 

llaniplon I ,! l:.. : ;. . :.: ,,, ( ., ,, ,, ::,„| ,, V.,. ,M, J.a.-frndiv R & M RR7 ni S E of Exeter 

elei'ln. ^ n- i-. I' il. .\u,r^\„„^, II avcrluU and Exeter— pop 552 

Hancock, llill I ( .. '.,«„ on H iV: M R R lU ni from Pelerboro— pop (i.12— Post-offices, 

11^ : ' i '■!■■ Co town on B & M R R 12 n, E of Keene— pop (123— Post-offices, Hnrris- 

Ilail-._J.' a' :, ( ■ irr.dl Cn r,n MP R R -in m N of Ossipcc 97 in N E of Concord— pop S5— 

Hastings, M ■; ' ■ I inlon aunimer landing Sunapee Lake 

Haverhill, I. ' it at Woodaville on B it M R R— pop 3498— Post- 

offices, II ;,. ill,, I'll -,. 1., i, \-.i!|, Haverhill, Pike Woodsville 

Hayes, Strati. .,d to ..North Ru.hcst.r i. „) lu town of Rochester sta B & M R R 

Hazen, Coos Co station in town of VVhitetield on Whitelield & Jefferson branch B & M R R 12 
m from Littleton 

Hebron, Grattnn Co town 11 m S W of Plymouth stage to Br'stol 8 ni— pop 213— Post-offices. 
Hebr..,. \-;<t IIM,r-.n 

Hedding, 1: - , n: -, id ( -• summer p o in town of E[>ping on B & W R R 

Henniker, .\ : . .;,.. i,,wn on B & M R R 15 m W of Concord— pop 1395— Post-offices. 

Neiinil.i w ■ <• 

Henniker .hm, 1 1.:;, AI 

Higldands, ( 'ous Co ( . 
& JetTerson branch 

Hill, Merrimack Co town and p o on Bristol branch B it M R R 7 m from Franklin— pop 55G 

Hillsboro, Hillsboro Co town on Peterboro & Hill.sboro branch B & M R R 25 m S W of Con- 
cord— p.,p 21(l.s— Ilillsboro, Hillsboro f.ntcr, llillsbor.> Lower Village and 
Hillsboro Upper Village 

Hillsboro Center, Hillsboro Co p o in town of Hillsboro 

Hillsboro Lower Village, Hillsboro Co p o in town of Hillsboro on Peterboro & Hillsboro branch 
B & M R R 

Ihlll i.i.i III' I \ diage, Hillsboro Co p o in town of Hillsboro 

ll:i: . ' .n Co town and p o on Ashuelot branch B & M R R stage to Brattleboro Vt — 

jth stage to Ashland 4 ni — pop 052 
pop 910— Post-ofriccs, Hollis, Hollis Depot 
II.. I ' i I IM,oro Co p o in town of Hollis on W N & P div B & M R R 

II.' :; 1: ' Co in town of Dccring sta B & M R R, P it H branch 

1|. 1, .; I; "lo Co in town of Bedford station B & M R R 

II, H.!,-' 1 .M' ' iiMack Co town and p o on B & iM R R 9 m S E of Concord— pop 1528 
llopkinton, Merrimack Co town and p o sta of Concord on Peterboro & Hillsboro Br, B & M 

R R 7 m S W of Concord stage to Concord— pop 1578- Po^ t-offices, Hopkinton, West 

Hopkinton, Coiitoocook 
Horns Mills. Carroll Co in town of Wakefield— R D Sanbornvillc 

Horse Meadow, Grafton Co in town of Haverhill sta B it M R R, White Mountain div 
Hubbard. Rockingham Co in town of Derry on B & M R R 
Hudson, Hillsboro Co town and p o on W N i: P div B it M R R 3 m from Nashua electric cars 

to Nashua, Haverhill and Lowell Mass— pop 1344 
Hudson Center, Hillsboro Co in town of Hudson sta on B & M R R 
Intervale, Carroll Co p o in town of Conway on M C R R and B & M R R 
lona, Carroll Co in town of Albanj — R D Conway 

Isles Of Shoals, Rockingham Co (Portsmouth p o) steamer to Portsmouth 10 m 
.Jackson, Carroll Co town and p o on M C R R 40 m N of Ossipee— pop .->42 
JalTrey. Cheshire Co town 15 m S E of Keene— pop 1895- Post-offices JufTrey. East Jaffrey 
Jefferson, Coos Co town on B it M R R and M C R R— pop lOGl- Poat-olhces, Jefferson, 

Jefferson Highland, Bennetts Lauding, Meadows, Hiverton, .Starrking 
Jefferson Highland, Coos Co p o in town of Jefferson on B it MjR R 13 m from Lancaster 
Jefferson Junction. Coos Co in town of Jefferson stu B it M R K and M C R R 
Johnson. Grafton Co p o in town of Lincoln 

Keene, Cheshire Co city p o and county scat junction Cheshire div B & M R R 52 m S W of 

Concord electrics to Marlboro— pop lO.UiJS 
Keewaydin, Belknap Co in town of Alton sta B & M R R , n , ^r T? t) 

KelleyCille, Sullivan Co p o in town of Newport on Concord & CLiiemont branch B & MR R 
Kensington, Rockingham Co town 15 m S \V of Poitsmouth stage to Exeter 4 in— pop 41/ — 

R D Exeter and R D East Kingston , c- i -n . imr 

Kingston, Rockingham Co town and p o 2J m from East Kingston m S of Exeter--pop 101.. 
Laconia, Belknap Co citv and county seat on B & M R R 27 m N of Concord elecr.c ears to 

Lakeport and The Weirs— pop 10,183— Post-offices, Laconia, Lakeport, The Weirs 
Lakepoit, Belknap Co p o in city of Laconia on B & M R R electric curs to Laconia and the 

Lake .Shore Park, Belknap Co in the town of Gilford stu B 4 M R R, D & L branch 

Lakeside, Coos Co in town of Cambridge stage to Bethel Me— R D Lrrol 

Lake Sunapee, Merrimack Co in town of Newbury sta B it AI R R, C it C branch 

Lake View, Carroll Co in town of Moultonboro mail to Meredith 

Lakewood, Carroll Co (Ossipee Valley p o) in town of Oss-ipee , . , p „ ^ , „, ^ ^, .f Con- 

Lancaster, Coos Co town p o and county seat on B & M R R and M C R R U7 m N ol Con 

Lnnd'aff^'Gra'Jrofco town 20 .,. N E of Ha . crhill stage to Lisbon 3 m-pop 520- R D Lisbon 


Lang. Hillsboro Co in town of Lyndeboio sta B & M R ] 
Langdon, Sullivan Co town 22 in S \V of Newpoit 3 ni fr 

lows Falls Vt— pop 340— R D Alstead 
Laurel, Hillsboro Co in town of Milford 
Leavitts Hill, Rockingham Co p o in town of Deerfield 
Lebanon, Grafton Co town on Concord div B & M R R : 

Post-offices, Lebanon, West Lebanon, Mascoma 
Lee, .stralTord Co town on Worcestei, Nashua & Portlan 

juncticn Portsmouth & Concord R R U m fiom Ne\ 

47lt — Post-officos, Lee, South IjCC 
Lcighlons Coiners, CairoU Co p o in town of Ossipec 
Lempstei, Sullivan Co town 9 ni S of Newport stage to Newiioit — pop 383— Pi 

Lempster, East Lempster 
I^ily Pond, Belknap Co station (Lakeport p o) in town c 
Lincoln, Grafton Co town on Peniigewasset Valley bra 

offices, Lincoln Flume House, Johnson 
Lisbon, Grafton Co town on B A M R R 12 in N E of Haverhill— pop 2-IUO— Post-ofiices, 

Lisbon, Sugar Hill 
Litclitield, Hillsboro Co town (Thorntons Ferry p o) 30 m S of Concord 5 m N of Nashua- 
pop 255 
Little Boars Head, Rockingham Co p o in town of North Hampton 
Littlefields. Rockingham Co in town of Newfields sta B & M R R, Poitsinoutli branch 
Littleton, Grafton Co town and p o on B & M R R 30 in E of Haverhill— pop lOii!) 
Liveriiioie, Gr.umn fn town and p o 45 in N E of Haverhill— pop (14 

Livcrii, :^ r -''-, '';r:ifton Co in town of Campton sta B it M R R, Peniigewasset Valley Br 
Lo(!,i: ■ ■ .!■ ' o p o in town of Tilton on B &. M R R 3 m from Tilton 

Lock 1. Co village in town of Enfield— R D West Canaan 

Loiiil ,■ I' . i,. >i,-hani Co town and p o on Manchester >.t Lawrence Branch B & M R R 

-.'i 111 U .,; i,.--i. Lci (J m S of Manchester electiic cars to Manchester and Deny — pop 1533 
Long Island, Carroll Co p o in town of Moultonboro 

Loon Cove, Belknap Co in town of Alton sta B & M R R, D & L blanch 
Loudon, Merrimack Co town and p o sta of Concord S m N E of Concord — pop 83H 
I^oudon Center, Merrimack Co in town of Loudon— R D Pittsfield 
Loudon Ridge, Merrimack Co in town of Loudon— R D C'oucord 
Lower Bartlett, Carroll Co in town of Bartlett 3 m lioiii Glen station 
Lower Gilmanton, Belknap Co in town of GUmanton — R D PlttsHchl 
Lower Warner, Mnnimack Co in town of Warnei sta B it AI H R, C & C branch 
Lvmiiii, '-.r:,'!..,, C,, town 20 in N E of Haveihill 4} m from l.isb.m— pop 374 — R D Lislxin 
Lyme, I ;,,•., II ( '. . n.nn 17 ni S W of Haverhill stage to Thctlord \'t— pop 080- Post-ofiiccs, 

Lynn I i , . ■ 11 Co p o in town of Lyme ! I I Co town 10 ni S W of Manchester— |)o|) in;o— Post-olfice, S Lyndoboro 

Aiuil! : '■' ■■ , I ',, town and p o on B A M R R— pop 3.31 

Maih- ': ' ' ' tiiwn on B & M R R 20 m N of Ossipce—poj) 507— Post-offices, Madison 

I . . , .-liver Lake 

MtiU' ,, : 1 1 ' iM Co city on B & M R R 18 in S E of Concoid electric cars to Concord 
I , falls, Goffstown, Derry and Uncanoonue Mountains— pop 70,003 — 

r ■ : iinliester, GolTs Falls, Mnssabesic 

Mapl ' , ' I 11 < o summer po in town of Bethlehem on Profile & Fianeonia Notch R R 

M aril. 1,1.,, I li.^iii. Co town on Cheshire div B&MRRomSEof Keene electrics to Keene 

— pop 147S— Marlboro Marlboio Depot 
Marlboro Depot, Cheshire Co p o in town of Marlboro on Cheshiie div B & M R R 5 m from 

Marlow, Cheshire Co town and p o 15 ni N E of Keene stage to Keene— pop 425 
Maitin, Merrimack Co in town of Hookset sta B & M R R 5 m from Manchester 
Mascoma, Grafton Co p o in town of Lebanon 
Mason, Hillsboro Co town on Greenville branch B & M R R HI m W of Nashua— pop 32o 

—Post-offices, Mason, Pratts 
Masons, Coos Co in town of Stratford sta M C R R ., „ , 

Massabesic, Hillsboro Co (summer p o) in city of Mamhester on Portsmouth div H .t M R R 
Mast Yard, Merrimack Co p o in city of Concoid on B * M R R 
Mathews, Carroll Co (North Wakefield p o) on B & M R 1! in town of Wakefield 
Meadowbrook, Belknap Co sta on B & M R R in town of Gilford 

Meadows, Coos Co p o in town of .fefferson on B it M R R , „ , ,, 

Melvin Mills, Merrimack Co p o in town of Warner on Concord it Claremont branch B & M 

Melvin Village, CarioU Co p o in t6wn of Tuflonboro stage to Wolfeboro U) m 

Meieditli, Belknap Co town on B .t M R R m W of Laconia— pop 103S— Post-offices, More- 

ditli, M'>rciliUi Cciiler, Hear Island 
Mci-cdith Center, Hclkn.ip Co p o in town of Meredith , ,,.. , ,. ,„ 

Meridcn, Sulln i^n C, p „m town m I'lainfield stage to Lebanon 7 m and to Windsor \ t 12 m 
.Men ill, .stiiiffonl Co in town of Farnungton— R D Rochester 
Mcinii,:.. :. III!', .1.1 Co town on B & M R R 10 m S VV of Manchester— pop 1030— Post- 

.. ' - \l I .-, .South .\[-rrinK>ck, R'cds Ferry, Thornton s F-rry 

Mil :': ■ I I 11, town of Pitt.^buri- on Connecticut Lik.—R 1> l^it.-burg 

Mull!, I, -I : ,;,,!. I Co town 24 m N W of Dovei stage to Union \ilTape 3 in— pop 201 — R 

Mdaii, C.'.os'co town on G T R R 30 m N E of Lancaster stage to Berlin Falls 8 m— pup 024 — 

Post-offices, Milan, West Milan . . ,. ,,„.,,, 

Millonl, Hillsboro Co town and p o on B it M R R 11 m N W of Nashua lo m .S W of Man- 

of Dover- pop l512-Post-o(ficeH, Mil- 

Tord Co p o in town of Milton stage to Union 3 m 
ill Co p o in town of Tuftonboro stage to Wolfeboro 
in town of Colebrook- R D Colebrook 

!!■ Co p o in town of Dublin 

. town and p o 18 m N of Haverhill stage to Mdndue Falls \ t-pop 420 

lit. ,11. sua 


ti.n. Ml 

iltiin Mill 




S-i'«- I.„i 

i.don, Metiimaok 


t-offices, New I.or 

\'ew Mu 

rket, Rockinghan 


. Swllivan Co tow) 

X V 

\ ol Concord — p< 


l;-.k, Co 


- ,..,, ■H.i—P,,.,. 

V of Du 
r— pop 

iver — pop oLM 
5IW — PoHt-offices. 

B & M 

R R- 

-pop 821 — 

rn from 


iiouth— pop 

. Gteenvillo 3 
Potter Plm-e- 


Mount CurriKuin, Ciirroll Co p o in Hurts Location on M V n K 

•Mount Major, Belknnp Co in town of Alton staB&MRRD & I branr-l, -. 

Mount .Sunapee. Co p o in town of Newbury on Cone " iVciare^^ont brar^l. B i M 
Mount Washington summer p o in Coos Co 

Nashua, Hillsboro Co city p o an 1 co"n?v sea? on B & M RR-it^^^r"^P- ^ . 

oflieeS'on, MTnsonvllle ^ "' ''"'"" ''"•^^ '" '"■^'"' ""^ Chesha,n!lpop 231- Post- 

""'"'irr.: "rt'?Ia,^hrt:r-^oV9°8r ^'''"- '"''"'" "^""^ « -^ '' « « ^" "' ^^ ^' o< Nash- 
Newbury. Mertimaek Co town on Con.ord & Claremont blanch B & M R R 34 m N W of Con 
cord-pop -102-Post-officc.s. Newbury South Newbury, Blodgett I anding Mount Sun"! 
Newcastle, Rockingham Co town and p o 56 n, ,S K of Concord stage to Portsn.outh 3 .n-pop 
NVw Durliam, Strafford Co town and p o on B & M J? U 21 m N V 
-Ncvvhclds iocknighani Co town on B & M li i; -) „, \ „f Kxetc 

Niwhclils, Rockingham 
-New Ha.npion, Belknap Co town and p o on White Mountain <liv 

I ..>.t-offices. New Hampton, Winona 
.\c« 11,^.1 on Rockingham Co town on P & D branch B & M R R .5 i 
.".M, -K D Portsmoutli 

h, Hillsboro Co town and p o 25 m W of Nashua stage to Gr 

" >'" '• Co town 30 m N W of Concord stage 

don, Elkins, Soo Nipi Park 

Co town on B & MR R 10 m W of Portsmouth-pop 3348 
' *"'' ''."""ty f ' "" Concord & Claremont branch B & M R R 40 m 
P •^7Go— Post-offices Newport North Newport, Guild, Kelleyville 
o>vn on W Amesbury branch B & M R R efectric car, to Haverhill 
.. , ,, , . -otnces, Newton, Newton .Junction 

\;,?„'',"'-i"n""l"r ,'""'"'"; b" "• ° i" '"",;■ '^ ^'"^•.'"" on Western div B & M R R 

.NiI.|io, > i,,!1,,r.l f ,, HI f.wn of Barnngton— R D Barrington 

Auonc, 111., I : ' . ,;, ,,„„ of Peterboro sta B & M R R Peterboro Branch 

■\"lll' II"'" ' ,, ■ -'/'".jn town of Barnstead— R D Center Barnstcad 

North Br;, I, , i\ : ' M vdlage in town of Antrim— R D Ant. iin 

vl'r.^ rr"'i ■■ ' " ' ■ ' 'V" *'"':" °' Brookline sta B & M R R, .Milford Branch 

North C hat . I ...y,, >, ...wm Co p o in town of Charlestown on B & M R R 

North Chatham, Carioil Co p o in town of Chatham 

North C hichester. Merrimack Co p o in town of Chichester 4 m from Pittafield 

fron^ Fred Co p o in town of Conway junction B & M R R and M C R R IS m 

North Danville. Rockingham Co p o in town of Danville stage to Plaistow 
North Dorchester, Grafton Co p o in town of Dorchester 
North Dunbarton, Merrimack Co in town of Dunbarton— R D Concord 
North Epping, Rockingham Co p o in town of Epping 

NorthfieldMerrimack Co town on B & M R R l,i m N of Concord-pop 1475-R D Tilton 
-North Liroton, Grafton Co p o in town of Groton 
North Hampton, Rockingham 
. cars to Portsmouth and H 

Boars Head 

North Haverhill, Grafton Co p o in town of Haverhill on B & M R R 
North Holderness, Grafton Co in town of Holderness— R D PIvmouth 
North Littleton, Grafton Co in town of Littleton— R D Littleton 
North.Lyndeboro, Hillsboro Co in town of Lyndeboro— R D New Boston 
North Monroe, Grafton Co in town of Monroe — R D Monroe 
North Newport. .Sullivan Co p o in town of Newport on Concord & Claremont branch B i 

M R R 
North Nottingham Rockington Co in town of Nottingham — R D East Barrington 
North Richmond. Cheshire Co p o in town of Richmond U m from Keene 
North Rochester. .Strafford Co p o in city of Rochester on B & M R R 
North .Salem. Rockingham Co p o in town of Salem li m from Dcrry Depot 
North Sanbornton, Belknap Co in town of Sanbornton— R D Sanbornton 

North Sandwich. Carroll Co p o in town of .Sandwich stage to Meredith IH m and Center Har- 
bor 14 m 
North Strafforii, Strafford Co in town of Strnfford 

North Stratford, Coos Co p o in town of Stratford on G T R R and M C R R 
North Sutton, Merrimack Co p o in town of Sutton stage to Bradford S m 
Northumberland, Coos Co town on B & M R R 6 m N of Lancaster- pop 2184— Post-offices. 

Northumberland. Groveton 
Northville. Sullivan Co (North Newport p o) in town of Newport sta on B M R R, C & C Br 
North Wakefield, Carroll Co p o in town of Wakefield on B & M R R 12 m from Wolfeboro 
North Weare. Hillsboro Co p o in town of Wearo on N Weare branch B & M R R 
North Wolfboro. Carroll Co in town of Wolfeboro stage to Oasipce 3 in 
Northwood. Rockingham Co town 20 in N W of Exeter stage to Barrington — pop 1059 — 

Post-offices. Northwood. Northwood Center, Northwood Narrows, Northwood Ridge 
Northwood Center, Rockingham Co p o in town of Northwood 7 m from Piltsfield stage to 

Epsom fi m 
Northwood Narrows, Rockingham Co p o in town of Northwood 5 m from Pittsficld stage 

to Epsom 4 m 
Northwood Ridge, Rockingham Co p o in town of Northwood 10 m from Pitt86cld 
North Woodstock, Grafton Co p o in town of Woodstock on Pemigewasset Valley branch B & 

M R R 
Nottingham, Rockingham Co town 22 m W of Portsmouth stage to South Lee— pop 638— 

Post-offices, Nottingham, West Nottingham 
Oliverian. Grafton Co (East Haverhill p o) in town of Haverhill 
Onaway Lake. Rockingham Co in town of Ravmond on B & M R R 

Orange. Grafton Co town (Canaan p o) 25 m S W of Plymouth stage to Canaan— pop 176 
Orford, Grafton Co town 1!) m S of Woodsville stage to Fairlee Vt j m — pop 799 — Post-offices, 

Orford, Orfordvillo 
Orfordville, Graflon Co p o in town of Orford stage to Fairlee Vt 3 m 
Ossipee, Carroll Co town and county seat on B tfe M R R 9 m from Wolfeboro— pop 1354 — 

Post-offices. Ossipee, Os»i[iee Valley. West Ossipee. Granite. I.eiphtons Corners, Moulton- 

villc, Mountainview, Wa;cr Village 
Ossipee Valley, Carroll Co p n in town of Ossipee on B * M R R 


Parker, Hillsboro Co in town of GofTstown eta 13 & M R R, North Weiire Br 

Park Hill, Cheshire Co in town of Weatmoreland — R D Weatnjorc-liind Di;pcit ^ 

Passaconoway, Carroll Co p o in town of Albany 

Pattee, Grafton Co (West Canaan p o) in town of Canaan 

Pattenville, Grafton Co village in town of Littleton — R D Littleton 

Pelham, Hillsboro Co town and p o 9 m E of Nashua electric cars to Salem— pop 820 

Pembroke, Merrimack Co town on B & M R R G m S E of Concord electric cars to Concord 

and Manchester — ^pop 3062 — Post-olRces, Pembroke, Suncock 
Penacook, Merrimack Co p o in city of Concord on Concord div B <Sc M R R electiic cars to 

Concord and W Concord 
Pequaket, Carroll Co p o in town of Tamworth 
Percy, Coos Co p o in town of Stark on G T R R 
Peterboro, Hillsboro Co town on Peterboro branch B & M R R 31 m N \V of N:ishua stage 

to Dublin — pop 2277 — Post-ofRces, Peterboro, West Petcrhuro 
Pickering, Strafford Co in city of Rochester sta B & M I! U West div 
Pierce Bridge, Grafton Co p o in town of Bethlelcm on B & M H R 12 ni from Littleton 
Piermont, Giafton Co town and p o on Conn i\: PaNsuMipsic div B & M R R— pop liOli 
Pike, Grafton Co p o in town of Haverhill on B iV: M H li 111 in from Woodavillc 
Pine Cliff, Merrimack Co village in town of Newbury— mail to Newbury 
Pineriver, Carroll Co in town of Effingham 

Pine VhIIcv, Hillsboro Co in town of Milford sta B & M R R, Kcene Br 
Piper Hill, Coos Co in town of Stewartstown sta M C R R 

Pittsburg, Coos Co town and p o 17 m N of Colebrook stage to Beecher Palls \'l— pop tlL' I 
PittsfieUl, Merrimack Co town and p o on B & M R R 15 m E of Concord— pop 2222 
Place, Strafford Co in town of Farniington on B & M R R— R D Rochester 
Plainlicld, Sullivan Co town stage to Windsor Vt 6 m— pop 987— Post-offices, Plaiiili.-ld, Mrri- 

Plaistow, Rockingham Co town on B & M R R 14 m S of Exeter electric cars to Haverhill Mass 

—pop 1173— Post-offices, Plaistow, Wostville, Atkinson Depot 
Plymouth, Grafton Co town p o and county scat on B & M li R (i m from Ashland- pop 22UI) 
Ponemah, Hillsboro Co p o in town of Amherst on B & M R R stage to Aniln-rst 3 m 
Portsmouth, Rockingham Co city county scat p o and port of entry on B & M R R .IS m from 

Boston electric cars to Rye, Hampton Beach, Exeter, Dover, North Hamplon— pop ll,2ii9 
Potter Place, Merrimack Co p o in town of Andover on Concord div B & M R R 11 m from 

Powwow River, Rockingham Co in town of East Kingston sta B & M R R 
Pratts, Hillsboro Co p o in town of Mason on Greenville branch B & M R R 
Profile Falls, Grafton Co in town of Bristol sta B & M R R, Bristol Br Wist div 
Profile House, Grafton Co summer p o in town of Franconia terminus Prolilr & Framoiiia 

Notch R R 
Province Lake, Carroll Co p o in town of Wakefield 
Putnam, Cheshire Co in town of Fitzwilliani 
Quaker City, Sullivan Co p o in town of Unity 
Quebec Junction, Coos Co in town of Carroll sta M C' R R 
Quincy, Grafton Co p o in town of Rumnev on B & M R H 
Rand, Cheshire Co in town of Rindge sta B & M R R, Peterboro Br 

Randolph, Coos Co town and p o on Whitefi-ld & Jefferson branch B & ^^ R R— pop 137 
Raymond, Rockingham Co town and p o on Portsmouth Br B & M li li 11 in \V of Ex-tir— 

pop 1203 
Redstone, Carroll Co p o in town of Conway on M C R R 

Reeds Ferry, Hillsboro Co p o in town of Merrimack on B & M R R 8 m from Manchester 
Richardson, Hillsboro Co in town of Milford sta B & M R R Keene Br 
Richmond, Cheshire Co town (i m from Winchester 7 m from Fitzwilliani stage to Keene 13 ni 

— pop 393 — Post-offices, North Richmond — R D Winchester 
Idndge, Cheshire Co town on B c& M R R 4 m from East Jaffrey— pop 700— Post-offices, 

Rindge, East Rindge, West Rindge 
Riverdale, Hillsboro Co p o in town of Weare on North Weare branch B i M R R 
Riverton, Coos Co p o in town of Jefferson on M C R R 
Robinson, Merrimack Co in town of Bow sta B & M R R 
Robvs Corner, Merrimack Co p o in town of Warner on B & M R R 
Rochester, Strafford Co city on B & M R R and terminus of P & R R R and W, N & P R R 10 m 

N of Dover electric cars to Somersworlh, Dover and Gonic — pop 88(iS — Post-ofliccs, 

Rochester, East Rochester, North Roclu'ster, Gonie , ,, 

Rockingham, Rockingham Co p o in town of Newfields junction B & M and Concord iV Mon- 
treal R R . „ 
Rollins Farm, Rockingham Co in town of Newington sta B & M R R 

RoUinsford, Strafford Co town on B & M R R 4 m N of Dover— pop 1S30— Post-ollicc-s, .Sal- 
mon Falls 
Roxbury, Cheshire Co town (Keene p o) 5 m E of Keene— pop 60 
Rumney, Grafton Co town on B & M R R 15 m from Ashland— pop 850— Post-ofTiers, Ruiii- 

ney, Rumney Depot, West Rumney, Quincy, Stinson Lake . , , , 

Rumnev Depot, Grafton Co p o in town of Rumney on B & M R R 14 m from Aslilaiul 
Russeli; Hillsboro Co in town of Greenfield sta B & M R R, Keene Br 
Rye, Rockingham Co town 6 m from Portsmouth elect rfc -ars to Portsmoutli stam- to North 

Hampton 4 m and to Greenland 2 m— pop 1014— Post-offices, Rye, Hyc' Beach, lije 

North Beach, West Rye ,, ^, ^ 

Rye Beach, Rockingham Co p o in town of Rye electric cars to Hampton Beach 
Rve North Beach, Rockingham Co summer p o in town of Rye ^ , „ ,, „ „^ . „, , 
Salem, Rockingham Co town on Manchester & Lawrence branch B & MR H 20 in .s u ot 

Exeter electric cars to Haverhill -Mass-pop 2117 -Post-ofhces, .Salcin, ^al.■^■ Dvpol, 

North Salem, Canobie Lake .,.,„„., r ,,,, ^ i >v- . 

Salem Depot, Rockingham Co p o in town of Salem on \f & L Br B & M R R s in from W . ~t 

Salisbury, Merrimack Co town 10 m N W of Concajrd alagi- to Gerrish 4 in — pop .|,s— I om- 

offices, Salisbury, West Salisbury 
Salisbury Heights, Slerrimack Co in town of Salisbur.\ — R D Andover 
Salmon Falls, Strafford Co p o in town of RoUinsford on B & M R R elrctnc cars to Dover and 

Portsmouth ,„., , ^.„ _, . ,p 

Sanbornton, Belknap Co town 7 m W of Laconia stage to Iilton 4 in— pop S.,0— 1 ost-olhee 

Sanbornton— R D Franklin, Laeonia and Tilton 
Sanbornville, Carroll Co p o in town of Wakefield on B & M R R 

?i^;;^o;:n!Ssii^r^';;^'^;:;r;!,^irw::;^i^,'N^i:ri. ponai,,, d^. » * m r k .. 

Sanc^ifh:^^U <-::-^r2Tn, N W of Ossipec stage to Center Harl.or Mcredi.h and W.. 
Ossipee-pop V-'8-PoHt-offiees. .Saiuhvirh. Center Sandwich, North ^andwKh, White- 


•■"'""'I-' ■ """■ ' '"'" '■" 1" i""ii "I l>"l(iiii „ii H & M H I! ,uul M (; R 11— H D LancnsU-r 

Mr„l.,..M,, l'^':'^l'|"t' I" ';.'"","" '■"'''■'" :''^ " * •'^! H H II "' S of Purt.sinowtli i-k>ctric 

M.v.iMu.r, ll.llnl,,,,.. ( ., ,11 .-u.v ul M M 1 ir I ,. -.s 1 ,■ r s 111 11 A M J! 1{, P, ,r Is iiiou tH Br 
H.xMill, .\ ,iiiiu„rU ( „ ,„ ,-,l,v nf CiMi.Mr,! stii li & M J{ K, Whit,- Mountains div 

i'>!!lu " " '""'" ''' '" ^ "' *^''"'''""' '*'•''''■ '" t'ri'iivilli' 7 ni— pop 71— R D Potcr- 

Sh,.ll„,,no CooH Co town nncl p o on G T R R 30 in E of I.anPustcT— pop 305 
Miirliy I ill Hillsboro Co in town of Goflstown sta B & M ]{ R, N Wcnrn Rr 
Short I'all.s, Mi-rriinuck Co p o in town of Epsom on Suncook Vull. v branch B & M R R m 

from Pittsfiekl 
Silver Lake, Carroll Co p o in town of Madison 
Srnithtown, Rockingham Co p o in town of Soacook 
Smithville, Hillsboro Co in town of New Ipswich— R D New Ipswich 
Snowville, Carroll Co p o in town of Eaton 
Somcrsworth, Strafford Co city and p o on Wpstcrn divB & M R R 5 m N of Dover electric curs 

to Dover and Rochester — pop ()704 
Soo Nipi Park, Merrimack Co summer p o in town of New London steamer from I.-ike Sunance 

in summer 
South Acworth, Sullivan Co p o in town of Acworth stage to Bellows Falls Vt 
South Alexandria, Grafton Co in town of Alexandria — R D Bristol 

South Barnstead, Belknap Co in town of Barnstead stage to Rocliester — R D Center Barnstead 
South Banington, Strafford Co in town of Barrington— R D lOasl Barrington 
South Bennington, Hillsboro Co in town of Bennington sta B & M R R Kerne Br 
South Brookline, Hillsboro Co in town of Brookline sta B <t M R ]{, Milford branch 
South Charlestown, Sullivan Co in town of Charlestown on Conn & Passumpsic div B & .M R R 
South Chatham, Carroll Co p o in town of Cliatham 
South Columbia, Coos Co in town of Columbia — R D Coos 

South Cornish, Sullivan Co (Cornish Flat p o) in town of Cornish stage to Claremnnt (i m 
South Danbury, Merrimack Co p o in town of Danburv on Coneonl div B & M I! R 
South Danville, Rockingham Co p o in town of Danville 

South Deerfield, Rockingham Co p o in town of Deerfield stage to Candia 4 m and to Ray- 
mond 7 m 
South Kfiingliara, Carroll Co p o in town of Effingham 10 m from Freedom 
South Hampton, Rockingham Co town 9 m S of Exeter — pop 27y — R D Ami'sbury Mass 
South Kingston, Rockingham Co in town of Kingston — R D Newton 
South Lee, Strafford Co p o in town of Lee on B & M R R 

South Littleton, Grafton Co in town of Littleton sta B & M R R, White Mt Div 
South Lyndeboro, Hillsboro Co p o in town of Lvndeboro on Keene branch B it M R H 
South Merrimack Hillsboro Co p o in town of Merrimack on Keene branch B & M R R 4 in 

from Nashua 
South Milford, Hillsboro Co in town of Milford sta B & M R R, Milford Br 
South Nashua, Hillsboro Co in citv of Nashua sta B & M R R, South Div 
South Newburv, Merrimack Co p o in town of N.«l,urv 
South Pittsfield, Merrimack Co in town nf T'.'t ''-'.! I> D Pittsfic'ld 

South Seabrook, Rockingham Co in t..u.i t - i' ' on B & M R R— R D Seabrook 

South Stoddard, Cheshire Co in town -! - to Haiieork III tn — R D Stoddard 

South-Sutton, Merrimack Co p o in t.n, :,,, - n; ■ to Hia.lford 4 in 

South Tamworth, Carroll Co p o in t..u i, .i I ,; nv,,,,l, stage to W, st Ossipee 13 m 

South Wakefield. Carroll Co in town of \V;,kefi. 1.1— R D Sanbornville 

South Weare, Hillsboro Co p o in town of Wcare 7 m from Franeestown 

South Wolfboro, Carroll Co in town of Wolfeboro— R D Wolfeboro 

SpofTord, Cheshire Co p o in town of Chesterfield 

.Springfield, Sullivan Co town 1.5 m N E of Newport stage to West Andovcr 11 m — pop 422 — 

Post-offices, Springfield, East SpringfieUl, West Springfield 
Springfield Station, Sullivan Co in town of Charlestown sta on B & M R R, Conn River div 
Spring Haven, Belknap Co in town of Gilford sta B & M R R. D & L branch 
Stark, Coos Co town on G T R R 16 m N of Lancaster— pop 448— Post-ofTices, Stark, Crystal, 

Starrking. Coos p o in town of .TelTerson on M C R R 
State Line, Cheshire Co p o in town of Fitzwilliam on Cheshire branch B A M R R 21 m from 

Fitchburg Mass 
Stewartstown, Coos Co town 5 m N of Colebrook — pop 1128 — Post-olHces, R D Colebrook, 

West Stewartstown 
Stinson Lake, Grafton Co summer p o in town of Rumney 

Stoddard. Cheshire Co town and p o 15 m N E of Keeni> stage to Hancock 11 in — pop 257 
Stowell. Hillsboro Co in town of Merrimack on B & M R R. M & M Br 
Strafford. Strafford Co town 15 m N W of Dover 7 m from Pittsfield stage to Barrington— pop 

7,H(;— Post-offices, Strafford, Center Strafford 
Strafford Blue Hills, Strafford Co in town of Strafford— R D Cente* Barnstead 
Stratford. Coos Co town on G T R R 14 m N of Lancaster— pop S44— Post-offices. Stratford, 

North Stratford 
Stratford Hollow, Coos Co village (Stratford p o) in town of Stratford on G T R R 
Stratham, Rockingham Co town and p o on Portsmouth branch B & M R R 4 m E of Exeter 

electric cars to Haverhill Mass— pop U02 
Sugar Hill, Grafton Co p o in town of Lisbon on White Mountains <liv B & M R R 
Sullivan, Cheshire Co town 7 m N E of Keene stage to Keene — pop 2liG — Post-otfices, Sullivan. 

East Sullivan 
Sunapec, Sullivan Co town on Concord & Claremont branch B & M R R 5 m ]■: of Newport- 
pop 1071 — Postoffices, Sunapee, Burkehaven, George Mills, Wendell 
Suncook, Merrimack Co p o in towns of Pembroke and AUenstown on B & M R R i-lectric ears 

to (Concord and Manchester 
Surrv, Cheshire Co town and p o 7 m N of Keene stage to Keene — pop 2i;i 
Sutton, Merrimack Co town 23 m N W of Concord stage to Bradford— pop C9.S— Post-offices 

Sutton, North Sutton, South Sutton 
Swanzey, Cheshire Co town 5 m S of Keene on Ashuelot Br B & M R R— pop 1050— Post- 
offices, Swanzey, East Swanzey, West Swanzey 
Swiftwater, Grafton Co village in town of R D Woodsville 

Tamworth, Carroll Co town 13 m N of Ossipce stage to West Ossipee 4 m— pop 903- Post- 
offices. Tamworth, South Tamworth, Chocorua, Peiiuaket, Whittier, Wonalaneet 
Tarbell, Hillsboro Co in town of Peterboro sta t & M R R, Pelerboro & Hillsboro Br 
Temple, Hillsboro Co town and p o 22 m W of Nashua stage to Greenville— pop 2,S4 


The \V,.irs, HrlLna,, r., i, o in cityof I,,ieonia on L.ikc Winnipesuv.k.'i. on H .t Nl H U .I.-ctrie 

Thomas, C'li.>li.r. i o'ln mun of Rindgo stii B & M H H, Pi-torboro Br ^ 

Thornton, Cialn.,, C, t,,«n on PcniiRCwasset, V:ill.-y hranch B & M U U— pop 5?:i— Post- 

odics. UVm I l,,,rril>,i,. It D Campton 
ThnriitMT,, I', I I , llillsborn Co p o in town of M.-rriniack on B & M R R m from Nashua 
■fill' I \'y' ■ '" io«n on l< & M K R lOm S W of Luconia— pop ISOG— Post-offices, Tiltou 

Tin , ! I : : . no Co in town of GotTstown sta B & M R R, M & M Br 

Ti.iN ' ■ -iM I M town and p o on Cheshire Br B & M R R 10 ni S of Keenc— pop 1331 

Till till. l.oro, Carr.,11 Co town 5 m W of GssipL-e sta^e to Wolfi-boro 5 m— pop UI2— Post-offiecs, 

Tulionboro, Center Tnftonhoro. Melvin ViUaKC Mirror Lake 
Twin .Nfountain, Coos Co p o in town of Carroll on B & M R R and M C R R lU from Lit- 
Tvli I M rnin k Coin town of Hopkintonsta B & M R R, C & C Br 

Irii ' !' ' |. o in town of Wakefield on B & M R U 14 m from Rochester 

I ii!' - i, town u m S of Newport stages to Newport and Claremont — pop 50) — ■ 

1 I uity, Quaker City 

rpl 1 M 1. Co in town of Canterburj — R D Concord 

\\:,'ii ! :,. -1 1 i.lTord Coin town of Lee— RD New Market 

\V:>' Co town on B & iM R R 10 m S of Ossipee— pop 1543— Post-offices, Wake- 

• ' ' V, k, .field. North Wakefield, Province Laki-, Sanbornville, Union. Woodman 

\\' A , ( :, lutownonFil.lilnir-divClieshir.-l.i:..,.!, li i M RR IS ni N W of Keene 

sl:mr I- '.'. .:ii.i- \-' 1-1. J'-'- 1'.. i-, ,(';.,- W .',„,■, n,..„-ville 

Wares Ferr\ >■,..,(-,,■ , ■ W • ' ,! > : '. • V . ' :,,.! Depot 

Warner, M.:. .■ 1/ ' U It l,s n. N W of Con- 

1 14 m S of Newport stage to Uillsboro and Newport — pop 3i;0 — 
East Washington 
n town of W;,rner on Con-ord & Claremont braneli B A M R R 

. ' ■• , ( ,, 11, eitv of Fiai.klin sta B .\; M H R 

: - I. Costatibnin townof Pitt.sfieldoniSiineook Valley BrB& M R 1{ 

I ti town of Sunapee 

II . ..:- I ,-:Hi .n ( ,. n.«n and p o on B,& M R R 10 m N W of Plymouth— pop o9J 
It V. ..nil Location p o in Coos Co — pop ol 
I Alton, Belknap Co p o in town of Alton on B & M R R 

I A, I. lover, Merrimack Co p o in town of Andover on Concord div B & M R R 13 m from 

I llarrinffton, Strafford Co p o in town of Barrington 
t Ui.ntwood. Rockingham Co in town of Brentwood— R D Brentwood 
t Campton. Grafton Co p o in town of Campton stage to Campton Village 
I Canaan, Grafton Co p o in town of Canaan on Concord div B & M R R 5.-> m from Con- 

1 'ciM-.-terfleM C\. -1 1. f ill i..vni ..' CIi. -■. 'f,. M r. Ml from Brattleboro Vt 

, (•|.,r,.„„„,t -'„■ /i , .. , .,. ... 1 ■ : . , I I, ( .iiiiccticutRiverdivB& M RR 
1^ (■,,„,., ,,,1. M,.,, . I . :. .....rd on Concord & Claremont 

it'lJe'.'n'ii.- 'lii|i I .. .. ' ., \ i;,.. , 111 11.WI1 I.: 1 '. I !ii.^ .-1 1 .. i.jrboro & Hillsboro branch B & 

MRl;i.'; I' l.uro B.idge-T{ D llillsi.oio r, , ., „ „ 

it Di-rn I I ' I ,, in town of Dcrrv on Manchester* Lawrence div B A M R R 

,t Epp,, _ .; . Co p o in town ofEpping on Portsmouth branch B A M R R 12 m 

,1.. :: , , . ,.1 lIollisstaB & M R R, Milfordbranch 
:. inn, I. k t o o o in town of Hopkinion on Peterboro & Hillsboro branch 
Hon Co 1. o in town of Lebanon on Concord div B & M R R 1 m from White 

lillsboro Co in city of Manchester sta B & M R R, Nortli Weare brunch 
■i, n o in town of Milan on G T R R Ifl m from Gorhnm 
i, ', ( I, town on Cheshire branch B & M R R 12 m W of Keene— pop /08 
w ., Westmoreland Depo', Fast Westmoreland ,, ,,, 

' I . -Lire Co p o in town of Westmoreland on Cheshire branch B & M 

Ko. ; iiigham Co p o in town of Nottingham stage to Lee 7 m and New 

.11 Co p o in town of Ossipee on Nortliern div B & M R R 
llsboro Co p o in town of Peterboro ' 

.fton C-o ill town of Plymouth- R D Plymouth 

( .. Ill town of Swanzcv on ..\sliuelol branch B & M R R .5 m from W in- 

branchBi M R R 

n Grafton Co p o in town of Tliornton on Pemigewasse 
k'intham Co p o in town of Plaistow on B A M H R 
Hillsboro Co in town of Wilton— R D Wilton 
. liockinglmm Co p o in town .,f Windham on W, N & I 

11 Co p o in town od Sandwich 

( ,,lownandpoonMCRRandB& M RRlOm.S of 
. ,. .1, Coos Co in town of Whitefield sta B i M R R W 


oil Co p . in town of Famworth 

t Valle 

y B & M R R 

' div B 

A M R R m 

bite Ml 



I t »i of Easton stage Ici Woculsvilli- 

I r si I B & M H U, M & I, brHiicl, 

in p u) in Ilarta Location St.. M C H H '^ 

U f C iicord «tai;e to Wpst Andovor 2 ni— pop 

I I f Wilrnot lb m from Franklin stage to Potter PIh' 

ndondcvry on ^Tanchc9tcr & I.awrcni-e bra 

\nanlp n H ^ M ]{ R 1.1 

li st( r A lui 1 I 

Co town on W \ &V cliv B & M R R and Mancliester & Lawrence 
iln ^V\ ofix t r— p p()5(i—Post-offiees,We~tWindlian., Windham 

7 in from 
II II I li U I i(, to llill I r — I p _l 

V I f C St ti n ( n 1) & M R R in town of Bethlehc-iri 

V II Cj , n nil I o II to»i of Moultonhoro 

V I < f p o n town cf U In nt on B & M R R U9 m from Boston 
\' I in tcwn of New H i pton on B & M R R 

V lie o p c in tonn < f W Ifeboro on B .i: M R R 
\' II C p o in tow n of W olt .l.oro on B i M R R 

V w n I n I iki W ni i| s u kee and on B & M R R 10 m S of Ossipoe — pop 
Wolf I 1 Wolfl r C -nter, East Wolfboro, North Wolfi.oro, Woll- 

\N po in town (f Tan wrrth 

\\ p ) in to«n f Wak I lU 

\\ town n Pm i.r% v t Vidley branch B A M R R— pop Kisa—Post- 

1 Noitl W ol t k 1 iiview 
W c it\ I, t \ n ol Haverhill on B * M R R 1 m from WelU 


Population bt U. S. Census of 1010 

Adamant, Washington Co p o in town of Calais stage to Montpelier 

Adams. Grand U\e Co in town of Grand Isle 

Aildi-' n \dr!; .11 Co town 9 m N W of Middlebury 6 m from Vergennes — pop "fifi — Post- 

■ '' - l; ! ' \ . ■i-fiinea and Chimney Point 
All.i;. ■' . I , town and p o 7 m 8 W ol Irasburg stage to Orleans 2 m — pop fll'O 

Alliiii < I . 11 ns Co in town of -Albany — R D Irasburg 

All.,' . !■ (., town on Rutland R Rand Central VtTR 10 m N of North Hero— pop 

I i • .. .h. Albiirg, Alburg 

Allnr: . ( ,,„l Isle Co in town of Alburg— R D Alburg 

AII..1 . -. . : .,,,1 Isle Co in town of Alburn on Central Vt R R 

Alin I .., i North Clarendon p ol in town of Clarendon 

All.'... ' ,,t, .,.,-. -t:i!_'etoChesterr.m— pop 2,S4— Post-offices, Andover.Himonsville 

Ailii. !■ : : •'• «i, on Rut R R 8 mSW of Manchester— pop 1307— Post-offices, 

Am ,,. .,, \' I , . |. „ in town of Weathersfield 

All,,!,- W;.,.!:, . . ..A,; I- 111 N Eof NewfaneBtagetoSaxtonsRiver.5ni— pop201— R D 

Averili! i'vist'x'^Co'p o in town of Norton 

BaUerslield. Franklin Co town and p o 10 m E of St Albans stage to P^aat Fairfield 3 m — pop 

Barn: r'l' Wir,,!.,, f,, town and p o 1 1 in N W of Woodstock S m from Bethel stage to Woo.l- 

f ' .. i I ' ■ I .'I — pop 737 
Hi, r ... I ( ., town on B & M R R 10 in S of ,St Johnsburv — pop 17(17— Post-offices, 

!. , ; 1:, met. West Barnet, Mclndoe Falls. Passuinpsic,. r. l: I iin-ion Coin town of Manchester on Rutland R R 
Harrc. \V:,- hiia't on Co city on Cen Vt R R and Barre div Montpelie 

II ill .S I-: of Montpelier. West Topsliam, 12 m and Graniteville 4 
offices. Barre. East Barre. .South Barre, Graniteville. Wcbsterville 

Burton, (irlcaiis Co town on Conn & Pass div B & M R R (> m S E of Irasburg— pop 3316— 

Post-otficcs. Barton. Orleans, Willoughby 
Rartonsvillc, Windham Co p o in town of Rockingham on Rut R R 10 m from Bellows Falls 
Basin Harbor. Addison Co in town of Ferrisburg — R D Vergenncs 
Bcaxir, |.V:,nl<liii Co village in town of Fairfax— R D Fairfax 
Bcel... Plain, I iHcans Co p o in town of Derby 
Her. I;, r lall-, F.scx Co p o in town of Canaan on M C R R 
H,l,!. ,; , \.l.|,...i, ( ,, po in town of New Haven on Rutland R R t 
Hell. . IV s I :.|K WiiHlliamCopoin townof Rockingham junction oV B & M R R and Rutland 

U II ,1... in,. . ars to Saxtons River 5 m— pop 4883 
Belmont. Rutland Cop o in town of Mt Holly , ,„ 

Belvidere, Lamoille Co town 11 m from Cambridge .lunction 11 m from JefTersonvilIe— pop 

429 — Post-offices. R D Waterville, Belvidere. Center Belvidere Corners 
Belvidere Center. Lamoille Co p o in town of Belvidere 
Belvidere Corners, Lamoille Co p o in town of Belvidere 
Benjamin Falls, Washington Co sta M C R R Barre Div in town of Ber in 
Hcnnmeton, Bennington'Co town and county seat on Ben & Rut R R electric cars to North 

.V.laiiis 20 111 and North Bennington m— pop 8IJ98— Post-offices. Bennington, North 

Beiis.,n!'ri'a't^a'ml Co town 2(i m N W of Rutland 10 m from Fair Haven— pop 813— Post offices, 

Bens, ill l.aniling Riithiud C, p o in town of Benson „ , ,. 

U.rkslnre, Fraoklm Co tou n 20 m N E of St Albans— pop 1280— Post-offices, Berkshire, 

Berlin' 'w.^'ii'i.Vum'.'.Vi V'n 't,"« n'.'rn .^ W of Montpelier electric cars to Barre & Montpelier— pop 

lii-.i I', ,-!-,. III. .■ \S. .si II. inn U D Montpelier 
B,.ili, I \\,„,i ,,r 1 ,, i..«n ..n W Ini. River R R & Cent Vt R R l.S m N W of Woodstock stage 

,,,\\ u,,„i, -,„,,, nii:i r.,si-nlfices. Bethel. East Bethel 

Biofl, 1111, villi- Fianklin Co in lo.M, nl Fletch r— R I) Cambridge 
Bin. .mil. Id. l.;'ss.-\ Co I..WI1 ami ,. o l.S in fro,.i GuiUlhall— r".p 490 


MoU„n. ClHtt.-ml.-n Co ii,« n on (\n Vt Rv 211 ni S K „t HMrlniL-foii -,„.,, ic.'.i— T.i-t-.,fi;.-.- 

Bolton. We,t Bolion 
noltonville, Oranic Co p o in town of Niwhury 

Bomoseen. Rutland Co p o in town of Castlcton ^ 

Hondville. Bonninston Co p o in town of Winhall 4 mi from W inl.all 
Bradford. Oranire Co town and p o on Conn & <liv B &. M K H 22 ni from Chelsua— pop 

Braiatree, Orange Co town on Cen Vt R R 20 m W (,f Cli.-lsea— pop Till)— I'o-t-offi<e.s. Brain- 
tree, East Braintree 

Branch, Orleans Co p o in town of Craftsburj- 

Brandon, Rutland Co town on Rutland R R 10 ra X of Rutland— pop 2712— ro-^t-officc^.. 
Brandon. Forest Dale 

Brattleboro. Windham Co town on B i M R R. X L & N R K. B & W R It and Cen Vt R R 
13 m y E of Xewfane— pop 7.541— Post-offires, Brattleboro. West Braitleboro 

Bread Loaf, .-Vddison Cu p o in town of Ripton — pop Kill 

Bridgewaler, Windsor Co town 4r, m H of Montpeli.-r staae to Wood>toeU (. iii— i>op s74— 
Post-offire3, Bridgewater. Brid^rewater Corner.s. \\'est Bridgewater, Briggs 

Brideewatcr Corners. Wind-or Co p o in town of Bridj/ewater 

Bridport, Addiaon Co town and p o 41 m .S W of Montpelier stage to Middlebury .S in— pop S4S 

Briggs, Windsor Co p o in town of Bridgewater 

Brighton, Esaex Co town 27 in X W of Guildhall— pop 21113 — Post-office, I.sland Pond 

Bristol, Addison Co town and p o on Bristol R R 11 n. X of Middleburj — pop 2IM).") 

Brockways Mills, Windham Co ( Bartonsville p o) in tjwn of Rockingham 

Brookfield, Orange Co town and p o stage to Randolph 11) ni — pop lOOM 

Brookline, Windham Co town ti m N E of Xewfane— pop 137— R D Xewfane 

Brookside, Chittenden Co in town of Westford — R D E.sse.\ Junction 

Brownington, Orleans Co town 3 m E of Barton — pop 7i)0 — R D Orleans 

Brjwnington Center, Orleans Co in town of Brownington — R D Barton 

BrownavUle, Windsor Co p o in town of West Windsor 

Brunswick, Essex Co town (Xorth ritratford X H p o) 11 m X of Guildhall I m Xorth Strat- 
ford, N H on G T R R— pop S2 

Buck Hollow, Franklin Co in town of Fairfax— R D Fairfax 

Burke, Caledonia Co town 1(3 ni X of St .lohnsburv o m from Lvndonville— pop ll.'S3— 
offices, Burke, East Burke, West Burke 

Burlington, Chittenden Co citv port of entry p o and county seat on Rutland R R and Burl- 
ington Br and terminus ofBur& Lamoille Valley Br Cen Vt K R electri.- curs— pop 20,4liS 

Cabot, Washington Co town 20 m X E of Montpelier sta^e to Walden 4 m and Marshfield .■> in 
— pop 11113 — Post-offiees, Cabot, Lower Cabot 

Cadys Falls, Lamoille Co in town of Morristown stage fr.m Hvde Park 1 m— R D MorrisviUo 

Calais, Washington Co town— pop 1042— Post-offices, Calais. East Calais, Xorth Calai.s, 

Cambridge, Lamoille Co town on Central Vermont R R 17 m from Hyde Park — pop lO'Jii^ 
Post-offices, Cambridge. Cambridge Junction. Jeffersonville 

Cambridge Junction, Lamoille Co p o in town of Can^bridge on Central V.rmont Ry and 
B & M R R 

Cambridgeport, Windham Co p o in town of Grafton and Rockingham stag.- to .-^axtons Ri- 
ver 3 m electric cars to Bellows Falls 5 m 

Canaan. E.^sex Co town on M C R R 3tj m X of Guildhall stage to W St. wiirtstnwn X H — 
pop 8139 — Post-offices. Canaan, Beecher Falls, Wallispoud 

Castleton, Rutland Co town on Del & Hudson Co R R 1 1 m W of Rutland— pop 188.5— Post- 
offices, Casileton, Bomoseen, Hvdeville 

Cavendish, Windsor Co town on Rutland R R 23 m from Bellows Falls— [,op litis— P. --t- 
offices. Cavendish. Proctorsville 

Cedar Beac h, Chittenden Co summer p o in cown of Charlotte 

Center Rutland, Rutland Co p o in city of Rutland on Rutland R R 

Centerville, Caledonia Ct (St Johnsbury Center p o) in town of St John-'bury on B A- M R R 

Cenierville, Lamoille Co in town of Hyde Park— pop 41 

Central, Essex Co p o in town of Guildhall 

Central Park. Windham Co in town of Vernon on Central Vt R R 

Champlain, Chittenden Co in town of Colchester— R D Milton 

Charleston, Orleans Co town 10 m E of Xewport stage to Xewport— pop '.)93— Post-offices, 
East Charleston. West Charleston , „ _ 

Charlotte. Chittenden Co town on Rutland R R 12 m S of Burlington— pop 1 Ili3—«ices. 
Charlotte. Cedar Beach, Thompsons Point , 

Chelsea, Orange Co town p o and county seat 22 m S of -Montpelier stage to S Royalton M m 

Che3ter,°Wind3or Co town on Rutland R R 14 m from Bellows Falls— p.ip 17s4 — P..s(-otfices . 

Chester, Chester Depot, Gassetts , , „ 

Chester Depot, Windsor Co p o in town of Chester on Rutland R R 
Chimney Point, Addison Co p o in town of Addison ^ , , 

Chippeiihook, Rutland Co in town of Clarendon— R D West Rutland 
Chittenden, Rutland Co town stage to Rutland 15 m— pop .563— Post-offices, Chittenden, 

Clarendon, Rutland Co town on Rut R R 7 m S of Rutland— pop 857— Post-offices, Claren.lon 

East Clarendon, Xorth Clarendon , 

Clarendon Springs, Rutland Co in town of Clarendon— R D W est Rutland 
Clark, Calendonia Co p o in town of Sutton 

Cloverdale, Chittenden Co in town of Indcrhill sta Central \ ermont Ry ,,,„.. , 

Colchester, Chittenden Co town on Cen Vt R R— pop (34.50— Post-offices, Colchester, W inooski 
Cold River. Rutland Co in town of Shrewsburj — R D Xorth Clarendon 
Concord. Co town on M C R R 25 m S W of Guildhall 37 ni N E of Montpelier- pop 

1080— Post-offices. Concord. East Concord, Xorth Cor -ord. Miles I urn 
Conicut, Orange Co (South Newbury p ui in town of Xewtiury on B A -M R R 
Copperfield. Orange Co village in town of Vershire-mail to \V est lairUe 
Corinth. Orange Co town 10 m X W of Chelsea stage to Bradford 10 m —pop lOOo— I ost- 

offices, Corinth. East Corinth, Wc« Corinth t> .i i i, i, 

Cornwall, Addison Co town 4 m from Middlebury 3 m from fealiaburj- on Rutlan.l R K— 

pop 7S9 — R D Miildlcbury „ „ . ,. , , , 

Coventry-. Orieans Co town and p o on Conn & Pass div B & M R R o m X of Irasburg— pop 

Craftsbury. Orleans Co tovra 12 m S W of Irasburg 9 m from Hardwick stage to Greensboro 
11 ni— pop 1119— Post-offices. Craftsbury. East Crattsbury. Xorth Craftsbury. Branch 
CreamhUl. Addison Co in town of Bridport— R D ShDreham , „ „ 

Cuttingsville. Rutland Co p o in town of Shrewsbury on Rutland R H n„„K,. 

Danby! Rutland Co town on Rut R R 19 m S of Rutlan.l-pop 1001 -Post-office. Danby 
Danbv Four Corners, Kutland Co i town of Danby ^ ,, , ,-.■, „ . 

nanville. Caledonia C town on St .1 A L C R R 7 m W of St John.^burj— pop Io(.4-Posi- 
offices, Danville, V ost Danville 

T « ' i ■! ,(., 



Davis limine, V\-i^uaiiai.i Co in (own of \Vl,itint:l,um^H D \\liitinsl,„ni 

Dodges, \\ ..„ ( .. i„ ,,»vn of Hcrlin sta Montpelier & Wells H R, Rarre div 

Dii'iV'i .'■ ' -,',l;,ii"l);r'e '" '" ^' °' -Ma»<.-liestcr-pop M72-Po3t-offices. 

Dover Wiiiilh m. i ., ■.,-,. „ i- ,„ \\ ^f Xcwfane stage to Williamsville 10 m— pop 377 — Post 

Dummerslon, WmaUan'. Co town on Conn & Pass div B & M R R— pop 643— Post-offi«-3 

Dum.ners on, Dummerston Station, East Dunin.erston, West Dummerston 
Duninicrston .Station, W nulliani Co p o in town of Dummerston 

Duxbiiry, Wa.shinKton Co t,.wn 12 ni N W of Montpelier— pop CIS— R D Watorbiirv 
East A ban.., , m, ;,,,.. , ,, ,„ ,,,„„ „f All,,,n.v stuKc to Barton 7 m-R D Irasbiir^ ' 
EastAlbuiL' < ;! i . . I- " n. ii. All ,.1 Albiirj; on Central Vt R U 

East Arliii;'! . ; ' i r , < m [, o in n.w n uf Arlint^ton 

East Banni ! W : : . , < , ,i, t..«n ,.l liurnara'— U D .South Rovalton 

J-i«' '- Tii. ' ' ' . |. u in town of Harnct on B .4 .M li U 

i'l' '' ■! \'. II ' - 111 town of Harre 

jv ~; I ,^ ' ' ' / ' ' '" V> o in town of Berkshire on Mi5sis<iiioi Valley Br Cen Vt R R 

:;>iMiiton u; r 

1 inlonville 

n— R D Ran, 

-R U Canibri.lge ,1 

1 to llardwick 

It D Charloote 

' I I' : ■ ;;■ ■Ml ... I . I .. 11 I . :. ■■ I' ., ,1 nu Rutland U R 

■ ' ' ■ ''' I !' ■ I I .' ' . ■ h c.f Dummerston 

' :■ : • . I :. R D Wolcott 

.1.' I ! . l.ur'i—R D Enosburi? Falls 

' i I :.i, I ' I. .11 ..... : 1 .iiiti-l.i on St J A L C R R 

11. ..I I,: liM <;. |, . 11, r>,.,,„ ,., I 1.1, h. run St, I ct LC R It 

I...- ' I. iMiii'Vn'V'."ii"'. -w''.'i' (:.'',','l.| ,''',, Crn Vt R I{ 

t Ciiii,., ill... A.|,!i,.H C.. 1. ., Ill i.jiMi 1,1 Cm mill., on Cen Vt H R 
t llar.lwick, Caledonia Co p o in town of llardwii.k on St ,1 A: L C R R 
t Haven, Essex Co town and p o In in N W of Guildhall state to Lvndonville 
t HichRate, Franklin Co p o in town of Hiirh-ale on St .( it L C R R 

i::, ■ \; ,. ;. V. . I '..n Co town on Mont jii her and Wells Hiver R R in N E of Mont- 

I .1 I I ' 1 -nllices, lOast Montpelier, N'orfh .Moiiipilier 

I":.- ' :i town of Orange— H D Wasfiinnton 

E.iM 1. !..i, . r,, p in town of I'eaeham 

Ka^l In;., .1.:, i;u,:,.o.l to in town of Pittsford— R D Rutlan.l 

East Puultney, Rutiaiul Co in town of Poultncv 

East Putnev, Windham Co p o in town of Putnev on Conn & Puss div B Sc .M R R 

]':ast Rantlolph, Oranac Co p o in town of Randolph Hiehlnrd, Kriiiikln, (\. in town of liieliforil on Boston, Montreal Eine of Can Pac R R 

i;^.,! i:,,,I.,n. U, !:iii c, in tnwi, ,,t linU.iii-v — R D Northfield 

1.;:, I l; I .... !■ . . . . I .. 11, t.iMii ..1 Hi,,,. 1-1 K D Pawlet 

l,;. I I; , I , . I I . |, ,, 111 t,,«n ..f i;. ....'lie on Conn cSe Passdiv B ,4 M R R 

]..;,M ,~, ,i.,Mi ...n. . . .;..i..,n„ I-,, iSi ,l.,l,,elniiv E:iM p o) in town of St Jolinsl,ury sta St 
,1 .^ I, C i; i; 

iLast Sheldon, Franklin Co in town of Sheldon— R D Enosburg Falls 

East Shoreham, Addison Co p o in town of Shoreliam on Addison branch Rutland R R 

East Thetford, Orange Co p o on B & M R R in town of Thetford 

East Wallingford, Rutland Co in town of Wallingford on Rutland R R 

East Warren, Washington Co in town of Warren— R D Warren 

Eden, Lamoille Co town stage to Hyde Park lU m— pop 751— J'ost-olHccs, Eden, Eden Mills 

Eden Mills, Lamoille Co p o in town of Eden ' 

Elmore, Lamoille Co town and p o 7 m S of Hyde Pjrk 4 m to Wolcott stage to Mornstown 4 

Ely, Orange Co (South Fairlee p o) in town of Fairlee sta B & M R R 
Emerson, Windsor Co in town of Rochester sta White Hivcr R R 

Enosburg, Franklin Co town 20 m N E of St Albans— pop 2212 — Post-office, Enosburg Falls 
Enosburg Falls, Franklin Co p o in town of Enosburg of .Missis.iuoi div Cen Vt R R 
Essex, Chittenden Co town on Cen \'t R R 10 m N E of Burlington electric cars to Essex 
.lunction and Fort Ethan Allen— pop 2714— Post-offices, Es..*ex, Essex Junction, Fort 
Ethan Allen ,. . , 

Essex Center, Chittenden Co (Essex p o) in .town of Essex sta Cen Vt R R Burlington & La- 
Essex Junction, Chittenden Co p o in town of Essex on Cen Vt R R B & L div and Burling- 
ton Branch electric ears to Winosoki 
Evansville. Orleans Co village in town of Brownington— R D Barton 

Fairfax Iraiiklin Co t.jun and ii o 12 m S of .St Albans stage to C!co?gia 4 m— pop 1318 
Fairlic-'ld. I 1 ,11 In. < . I 11 on St J & L C R R 7 m E of St Albans— pop 177S— Post-offices, 

Fair li'Iv.'i; i:' .' I I ' ...wi and p o on Del & Hudson Co R R IS m W of Rutland electric 
Fuirl'eerUiLuKe <. o toua'-.u Conn & Pas.sump3ic div B & M R R 24 m S E of Chelsea— pop 
Fairmount, Washington Co 'East Montpelier p o) sta on Montpelier & Wells River R R 


Faystou, Washington Co town IS m W of Montpelicr stage to Middlesex ll> m— n m, 4-,'>— 

R D Moretown ^' ' 

Felchville, Windsor Co p o in town of Ui-adini; "^ 

Forrisburg. Addison Co town on Rutland K R -IS n. from Rullaiid— pip M:!3— |'.,sl-omci-s 

Fl'rri3bur^, North Ferrisburt; 
Fisk, Grand Isle Co siimnicr p o in town of Isle Motto 
Fiizdale, Essex Co n o in town of I.unenbnrc 
Fletcher, Franklin Co town on St J & L C R U 17 m 8 10 of St Alhans^pop 737— I'ost-olliees 

East I'leteher, R D Canibridi^e ' 

Florence, Rutland Co p o in town (,f Fittsford on Rutland R K 
Forest Dale, Rutland C > p o in town of Brandon 

Fort Ethan Allen, Chittenden Co p j in town of Essex on Central Vt Ry 
Franklin, Franklin Co town 15 m N E of St Albans stage to X Sheldon O'm— pop linS— I>,,vt 

offices, Franklin, East Franklin, Morses Line 
Gallup Mills, Essex Co p o in town of \i(tory 
Garfield, Lamoille Co village in town of 1I> .le Park 

Gassetts, Windsor Co p o in town of Chcst'-r on Rutland R R stage to SprinL-field 7' „, 
Gaysville, Windsor Co p o in town of Stockbridge on White River R R 
Georgia, Franklin Co town on Cen \t R R in S of StAlbans — pop 11)00— rusi-oniies l'„vt 

Georgia, R D StAlbans 'iims. i.aM 
Georgia Plain, Franklin Co in town of Georgia— R D, E Georgia 
Glen, Rutland Co in town of Rutland— R D Rutland 
Glover, Orleans Co town IS m S of Newport stage to Barton 3 in — pop 'I3'> p,,st niii... ■ 

Glover, West Glover I 1 >5- J u,t-olh. s 

Gordons, Grand Isle Co in town of Grand Isle Landing Lake Cliamplain 
Goshen, Addison Co town 14 ni S E of Middkbury U in from Brandon— pop il2— R I) Hr in- 

Grafton, Windham C« town 14 m N of Newfane stage to Bellows Falls 12 m and Chester S rn 

— pop TJ'i I'tut nf'V-, s, Grafton, Cambridgeport 

Granby, !■: -- <''• '■■-. i;-l p o 12 ni W of Guildliall stage to North Concord— oon Hi 

Grand I.I., . , ■ ' ' .^.wn and p o on Rutland R R 7 ni S of North Hero-pop 830 

Oranitevill. , w : ■ < o p o in town of Barre 

Granvillr, \>l,ii- ,1: i ., i ni n 24 ni W of Middlebury — jiop 4G4 — Post-offices, Granville, East 

Green River, Windham Co in town of Guilford stage to Brattleboro 10 ni — R D Grove 

Greensboro, Orleans Co town on St J & L C R R 28 m from .St JoIinsbur\ — non 0-fi P,,„f 

offices, Greensboro, Greensboro Bend " ^ ' ' '" 

Greensboro Bend, Orleans Co p o in town of Greensboro on StJ i L C R R 
Greensboro Mills, Orleans Co in town of Greensboro stage to Greensboro — R D Greensboro 

Greens Corners, Franklin Co in town of Swanton sta Cen Yt Rv, Missisouoi \'allev Br R D 

Griffith, Rutland Co in town of Mount Tabor— mail to Danbv 
Groton, Caledonia Co town on Mont & Wells River R R 31) m S \V of .St.Iohn-lnirv— pop 01 ">- 

Post-offices, Groton, Groton Pond, Ricker Mills 
Groton Pond, Caledonia Co p o in t..wn of Grotou 
Grout, WinMliiin, r,. ii, I..V.U "i \'.'r-tiiiinster 
Grove, Wii, ! • ' . ., : Ilalilax 

Guildhall. I ....,: IV seat on M C R 1( 71 m N K of Montpeli.T— pup II 

—Post-..:: . ■. ' , ' .. :..! 

Guilford, \\iu,'A.i,u^ r- t.,„i. 1,; i,. - E of Newfane stag.' to Brattleboro 3 ni— pup 7);') — Post- 
offices, K Ij Hrattlel).,io, K D Grove 
Guilford Center, Wi ndham Co in town of Guilford— R D Brattleboro 
Hale. Windham Co in town of Guilford— 1! D Brattleboro 
Halifax, Windham Co town 2U m H of Newfane stage to Brattleboro l.'i m and to Slirllmrne 

, Falls, Mass 12 m— pop G3,5— Post-offiei's. Halifax, West Halifax, Grove \all.v 
Hancock, Addison Co town and p o 20 ni S W of Middleburj' stage to Braintn-e 13 m and 

Rochester 4 m— pop 2S7 
Hanksville, Chittenden Co in town of Huntington— R D Stark.sboro 
llardwiek, Caledonia f,, i..„ „ ,,„ St.I & L C R R 22 ni W of StJohnsburv— pop .3201— 

olfic-i-s. Mardwiel 1 : 1 i . .■. .. k 
Hartford, Windsor ( i ., . ' n \t Rv and Woodstock Ry 12 m E of Woodstock— pop 

417!)- Post-olli. M : '.\ est Hartford, Qui'chec. White River .lunetion. Wilder 

Hartland. Windsor i v. n ... i ,„ Vt R R— pop 1310— Post-otTiees, Hartland, Ilartl.and 

Four Corners, Noith Haril:iii(l 
Hartland Four Corners, Windsor Co p o in town of Hartland 
Harvey, Caledonia Co in town of Danville, R D Danvilh- 
Healdville, Rutland Co p o in town of Mount Holly on Rutland R R 
Heartwellville, Bennington Co village in town of Readsboro stage to North .\danis Mass — 

R D Readsboro 
Heath, Orange Co in town of Corinth— R D Coiinth 
Herrick, Franklin Co village in town of Fairfield 
lUghgate, Franklin Co town on St .1 & 1. (■ K 1! 72 m N \\ <.f r— poi, 1 7.",S — I'ost-of- 

lllri-^l.urt-. Cliiu.lei.iit. o i,,ui, :,„.; ,.., ,_ o, .- .,i 1; .H 1 u.s; loll ,l.,g.' tojiurllli H, Rutland Co p o in lo«n oi Chut, iideii 

Iloll iiel Orleans Co town 20 m N of Irasburg — pop S3S — R D Derbv, B I 
llortornille, Rutland Co in town of Hubbardtoii stage to Castleton— R D I 
Ilouglitonville, Windham Co in town of Grafton— U D Cla-sti^r 
liul.bardton, Rutland Co town and p o l.S m N W of Rutland stage to d, 

Huntington, Chittenden Co town 20 m S E of Burlington stage to Uieliiiiom 

Post-offices, Huntington, Huntington Center 
Huntington Center, Chiti. iiden Co p o in town of Huntington 
Huntville, Franklin Co village in town of Fairfax 
Hyde Park. Lamoille Co town and county seal on Kt .1 & L C R K— |.op 1 

Hvdevlue, l('iUland"co' p .Vi'ii town of Castleton on D. 1 & Hudson Co K I! 

Inwood, Cah-donia Co i Kast Barnet p o) sta B & M R R in town of Barn, i 

Ira RutlamI Co town m S W of ,4eetrie cars to W Rutland and C. 

— R D West Hullan.l 

sburg, Orleans Co tO" n and p o • 

Island Pond, Essex Co ,. o in town ... Hiighton oi. 


''"'^ Moue 'fUI^'^''"'^ ' "''' ^° *"'"' '' "' ^ ^^' "' ^'""' H*-™— pop 510— Po^-otfic-s. UU- La 
Jacks^.nvme^,_ Wmdlmm^Co p o in town of Whitingham on Hoosac Tunnel & Wiin.ington K 

Jan.aica Wndham Co town on Bratt'leboro & S Londonderry div Cen Vt Ry-pop 710- 

Post-offices, Jamaifa, East Jamaica 
.[ay. Orleans Co town 15 in N W of Irasburg 4 m from Xorlh Troy— pop 513— R D North Troy 
Jeffersonville. Lamoille Co p o in town of Cambridge on Central Vermont Rv 
Jericho, Chittenden Co town on Burlington A Lamoille Vallev div Cen \t'R R 15 m E of 

Burlington— pop 1307— Post-offices. Jericho. Riv.r.,ide " v io m r. 

Jericho Center, Chittenden Co in town of Jericho— U D Jericho 

Johnson Lamoille Co town and p o on St J & L C R R 5 m .S \V of Hyde Park— pop l.-jl'O 
Jonesville. ChitUnden Co p o in town of Richmond on Cen Vt R R 
Heelers Bay, Grand Isle Co in town of South Hero — R D North Hero 
Kirby, Caledonia Co town (Lyndonville p o) 1(1 in N E of .-St Johnsburv 4 m from Lyndon 2 m 

from n est Concord — pop 2'J7 
Lagrange, Grand Isle Co in town of North Hero — R D North Hero 
Lake, Essex Co p o in town of Norton on Grand Trunk R R 
Lake Dunmore. Addison Co p o in town of Salisburj- 
Lakeside, Franklin Co in town of Georgia— R D .St Albans 
Lakeside, Caledonia Co (Groton Pond p o) in town of Groton 
Lake View House, Franklin Co p o in town of .St Albans 
Landgrove, Bennington Co town 14m N E of Manchester 9 m from Dorest— pop IGO- 

R D South Londonderry' 
Lanesboro, Washington Co p o in town of Marshfield on Montpelier A Wells River R R 
Larrabecs Point. Addison Co suminer p o in town of Shoreham 
L-icester. Addison Co town on Rutland R R 12 m S of Middhburv— pop 479- Post-ofBcs, 

Leicester Junction, R D Brandon, R D Salisbury ' • 

Leicester Junction, Addison Co p o in town of Leicester junc Addison Br and Rutland div 

Lemington, Essex Co town (Colebrook N H p o) 25 m N of Guildhall — pop 138 

I,eiwston, Windsor Co p o in town of Norwich 

Lilliesville, Windsor Co in town of Bethel 

Lincoln, Addison Co town 15 m N E of Middlcbur>- stage to Bristol 5 m — pop 9S0 — Post- 
offices, Lincoln, South Lincoln, West Lincoln 

Londonderr}-, Windham Co town on Brattleboro <t South Londonderry div Cin Vt R R — 
pop 9U2 — Post-offices, Londonderry, South Londonderry 

Longpoint, Addison Co in town of Ferrisburg — R D North Ferrisburg 

Lowell, Orleans. Co town and p o 9 m W of Irasburg stage to Hyde Park — pop lOSU 

Lower Cabot, Washington Co p o in town of Cabot 

Lower Rochester, Windsor Co sta White River R R in town of Rochester 

Lower Waterford, Caledonia Co p o in town of Waterford 

Ludlow, Windsor Co town and p o on Rutland R R 24 m S of Woodstock stage to Wood- 
stock — pop 2215 

Lunenburg, Essex Co town junction .St J 4 L C R R and M C R R — pop SSO — Post-uffii <■», 
Lunenburg, South Lunenbrug, Fitzdale 

Lj-ndon, Caledonia Co town on Conn A Passumpsic div B 4 M R R 7 ni N of St John.sburv— 
pop 3204 — Post-offices, Lvndon, Lyndon Center. Lvndonville 

Lyndon Center, Caledonia Co p o in town of I.yndo 

I Co p o in town of Lyndon on Conn 4 Passumpsic div B & M R R 
ionia Co p o in town of Barnet 
Co (p o Mclndoe Falls) sta B 4 M R R in town of Bar 

M C R R 7 m N of Guildhall— pop 175— R D Coos N H 

M, t 1 ' • ].ci. 11 Lo in town of Colchester — R D Burlington 

Maiich.-t - ' ..■■ II Co town and countv seat on Rui R R— pop 2044— Post-offices, 

.Man. J. - -t.r Center, Manchester Depot 

Manchjst r neton Co p o in town of Manchester 

.Manchesu r 1 ■■ i i innmlon Co p o in town of .ManrtiestiT 

Maples. Url-.u., I .^ u. i..iMi of Barton— R D West Glover 

Maquam, Fr;inklin Co sta in town of Swanton on St J 4 L C R R 

Marlboro, Windham Co town and p o 13 m S of Newfane stage to Brattleboro 10 m — pop 442 

Marshfield, Washington Co town on Montpelier 4 W.lls River R R 10 m N E of Montpelier- 
pop 1011 — Post-offices, Marshfield, Lan?sboro 

Mendon, Hutland Co town stage to Rutland 4 m — pop 321 — R D Rutland 

Middliburv, Addison Co town and countv seat on Rutland R R 33 m from Rutland — pop 
2S 4 ->— Post-offices, Middlebury, East Middlebury 

Middlesex Washingtop Co, town on Cen Vt R R li m N W of Montpelier— pop 883— Post- 
offices, Middlesex, Putnamville 

Middletown Springs, Rutland Co town and p o 15 m S W of Rutland stage to Poultney 8 m 

Miles Pond, Essex Co p o in town of Concord on M C R R 

Milton, Chittenden Co town and p o on Cen Vt R R 15 m N E of Burlington— pop 1G48 

Milt.inboro. Chittenden Co in town of Milton — R D Milton 

Missisfiuoi. Franklin Co (p o East Richford) sta Boston Montre^ Line of C P R R in town of 

Monkton, Addison Co town and p o 10 m N of Middlebury stage to North Ferrisburg m — 

MonktonVidge. Addison Co in town of Monkton— R D North Ferrisburc 

Montgomerv. Franklin Co town 2S m E of St Albans stage to East Berkshire 5 m— pop 1721 — 
Post-offices, Montgomerv, Montgomery Center 

Montgonierv Center, Franklin Co p o in town of Montgomery 

Montpelier.Washinetr.n Co citv capital of State p o and county seat on Cen Vt R R, Mont 
4 Wells River R R. Mont 4 WUUamstown R R— pop 7S5t) 

Montpelier Junction, Washington Co in city of Montpelier sta Cen Vt R R 

Moretown, Washington Co town and p o 13 ni W of Montpelier stage to Middlesex 7 m — 
pop SSO _ 

Morgan. Orleans Co town 10 m E of Newport stage to Island Pond 10 ra— pop 463— Post- 
offices. Morgan. Morgan Center 

Morgan Cent'-r, Orleans Co p o in town of Morgan „ ,= ,. 

MorrLstown. Lunioille Co town 3 m from Hyde Park — pop 2052— Post-offices, Mo 

Morrisvirie", La^moille Co p o in town of Morristown on St J 4 L C R H 
Morses Line, Franklin Co p o in town of Franklin 

Moscow, Lamoille Co p o in town of Stowe Tic 

Mountain Mills. Windham Co p o in town of \\ ilmington on Hoosac Tunnel 4 
R R 


Mount Holly, HutlaiKl Co town on Rutland R R 16 m S of Uutlunil— pop 871— I'osi-ofiicus 
Mount Holly, Belmont, HcuMvilli- ' '^ ' 

Mount Man^fioUl, Lamoille Co summer p o in town of Stowo -N. 

Mount Tabor, Uutlund Co town 18 m S of Rutland— pop 289— R D E Dorset, R D Danby 
Nashville, Chittenden Co in town of Jericho— R D Jerieho 

Newark, Caledonia Co town 20 m N of St Johnsbury — pop 750— U D West Burke 
Newbury, Orange Co town on Conn & Pass div B & M U R 22 ni N E of Chelsea— pop 2li:i.-| — 

Post-offices, Newbury, South Newbury, West Newbury, Boltonville, Wells River 
Newbury Center, Orange Co in town of Newbury — R D South Kyecate 
Newfane. Windham Co town and county seat on West River div C'en Vt H R— pup S20 — 

Post-offices, Newfane. South Newfane, Williamsville 
New Haven, Addison Co town on Bristol R R — pop 1 lU.'S — Post-offices, New Haven, Beldens 
New Haven Junction, Addison Co in town of New Haven sta Bristr.l R R and Rutland R R 
New Haven Mills, Addison Co in town of New Haven 

Newport, Orleans Co town county seat and port of entry on Memphremacog Lake and Conn & 
Pass div B & M R R and Canadian Pacific R R— pop 3684— Post-offices, Newport, New- 
port Center 
Newport Center, Orleans Co p o in town of Newport on Canadian Pacific R R 
North Barre, Washington Co in town of Barre sta Montpelier & Wells River R R 
North Bennington, Bennington Co p o in town of Bennington on Ben & Rut R R 
Northboro. Orange Co uNorth Thetford p o) in town of Thetford 
North Calais, Washington Co p o in town of Calais stage to Montpelier 
North Cambridge, Lamoille Co station on B & M R R in town of Cambridge— R D Jeffcr.^on- 

Norfh Clarendon, Rutland Co p o in town of Clarendon on Rutland R R 

North Concord, Essex Co p o in town of Concord on M C R R 

North Craftsburv. Orleans Co p o in town of Craftsbury 

North Danville, Caledonia Co in town of Danville— R D St Johnsbury 

North Derby. Orleans Co p o in town of Derby on B & M R R 

North Dorset, Bennington Co in town of Dorset on Rut R R — R D East Dorset 

North Duxbury, Washington Co in town of Duxburv on Cen Vt R R 

North Enosburg, Franklin Co in town of Enosburg on Missisquoi Valley div Cen Vt R R— 

R D Enosburg Falls 
North Fairfax, Franklin Co in town of Fairfax— R D Fairfax 
North Fayston, Washington Co in town of Favston — R D Moretown 
North Ferrisburg, Addison Co p o in town of Ferrisburg on Rutland R R 

Northfield, Washington Co town on Cen Vt R R 10 m S W of Montpelier- pop 322(;— Post- 
offices, Northfield, Northfield Falls 
Northfield Falls, Washington Co p o in town of Northfield 
North Hartland, Windsor Co p o in town of Hartland on Cen Vt R R 
North Hero, Grand Isle Co town county seat and p o on Rutland R R— pop 40ii 
North Hvde Park, Lamoille Co p o in town of Hyde Park 
North Montpelier, Washington Co p o in town of East Montpelier 
North Orwell, Addison Co p o in town of Orwell 

North Pomfrct, Windsor Co p o in town of Poudret stage to West Hartford 5 m 
North Pownal, Bennington Co p o in town of Pownal on B & M R R 
North Randolph, Orange Co in town of Randolph — R D Randolph Center 
North Rupert, Bennington Co in town of Rupert — R D Pawlet 
North Sheldon, Franklin Co p o p o in town of Sheldon on Cen Vt R R 
North Sherburne, Rutland Co p o in town of Sherburne 

North Shrewsburv, Rutland Co in town of Shrewsbury— R D North Clarendon 
North Springfield, Windsor Co p o in town of Springfield 

North Thetford, Orange Co p o in town of Thetford on Conn & Pass div B >t M R R 
North Troy, Orleans Co p o in town of Troy on Canadian Pacific R R 
North Tunbridge, Orange Co in town of Tunbridge— R D Tunbridgc 
North Underhill, Chittenden Co in town of Underbill on Burlington & Lamodle \ alley branch 

Cen Vt R R— R D Underhill 
North Walden, Caledonia Co in town of Waldcn— R D ICast llardwick 
North WilUston, Chittenden Co p o in town of Williston 
North Windham, Windham Co in town of Windham 
North Wolcott, Lamoille Co p o in town of Wolcott 
Norton, Essex Co town on G T R R 35 ni N of Guildhall- pop 470— Post-offices, Norton Mills 

Norton Mills, Essex Co p o in town of Norton on G T R R ^^ ^^ , „. , 

Norwich, Windsor Co town on Conn & Passunip^lc div B & M R R Hi m N E of W oodstock— 

pop 1252— Post-offices, Norwich, Lewiston, Pi>mpanoosuc 
Oakland, Frankland Co in town of Georgia sta Cen Vt R R 

Orange, Orange Co town and p o 13 m N of Chelsea stage to East Barre 2 m— pop 64 4 
Orleans, Orleans Co p o in town of Barton on Conn & Pass div B & M R R 
Orwell, Addison Co town on Addison branch Rutland R R 9 m from Leicester- pop lOlui— 

Post-offices, Orwell, North Orwell 
Panton, Addison Co town 16 m N W of Middlebury 5 m from \ ergennes- pop o4.)— R D 

Passumpsic, Caledonia Co p o in town of Barnet on B & M R R „ , . 

Pawlet, Rutland Co town 25 m S of Rutland— pop 1959— Post #)ffices, Pawlet, W est Pawle_t__ 
Peaehani, Caledonia Co town 7 m from Barnet 10 in from Groton u ni from DaiiMlle— pop , , . 

—Post-offices, Peacham, East Peacham, South Peacham 
Pearl, Grand Lsle Co in town of Grand Isle— R D Grand Isle 
Perkinsville, Windsor Co p o in town of Weathersfield ni from Gassctts 
Peru, Bennington Co town and p o 12 m N E of Manihcster — pop 242 
Piermont, Orange Co in town of Bradford sta B .t M R R 
Pioneer Mills, Washington Co in town of Montpelier sta Montpelier & \V eIN River R R Bane 

Pittsfield, Rutland Co town and p o 15 m N E of Ruth 
Pittsford, Rutland Co town on Rutland R R 9 ni N 

Pittsford, Pittsford Mills, Florence 
Pittsford Mills, Rutland Co p o in town of Pittsford ^ ,,. 

Plainfield, Washington Co town and p o on M & W R R 10 m E of Montpelier- por 
Pleasant Valley, Lamoille Co in town of Cambridge 
Plymouth, Windsor Co town 14 m W of Woodstock stage to Ludlow 12 ni— pop 4>.. 

offices, Plymouth, Plymouth Union. Tyson 
Plymouth Union, Windsor Co p o in town of Plymouth . 

Pomfret, Windsor Co town on Cen Vt R R 6 m N of W oodstock- pop ;UJ— Pos- 

Pomfret, North Pomfret, South Pomfrct 
Pompanoosuc, Windsor Co p o in town of Nor 
Post Mills, Orange Co p i. .n town of 'I letford 
Poultnev, Rutland Co town on Del & lluOso; 

3614— Post-offices, PL.ultn.'y, ICast Poultli 

>sic div D A M R R 


Pownal, BenninRtnn Co town on B & M R R elect 

nc cars — pop 

Proctor, Rutliind Co 1 

nd R n 6 m N of Rutland— pop 2S71 

„ . ,,,. ,^ ^, P'O" f" P o in 'o«n of Middlesex 

East VmneT '°"° "" ^°"" ^^ ^"'^ '^'' " * ^' ^' «-P°P TSS-Post-omces, Putney. 
Putney Falls Windham Co in town of Putnev-R D East Putney 

^""^.S^Ip^C^e":,^."" ^'•" '' « «--' 3.UI-Post-om;e'rrndo,p„. East Ran- 
Randolph Center Orange Co p o in town of Randolph 
Rawsonville, Windhiira Co in town of Jamaica— R ]J South Londonderry 

^^tf ^n^^:l=5^ ^:^;:j'^^:;!.:<{;:t^^l^^ •<• -'-<^-^ - - ^ayend,.. 7 n, and 
Bennin|,on-pop" ,?r2'""" """^ ^ ° °" "°°'" ''■"""'■' * ^''"'"'"S"'" H R 20 m S E of 
Readsboro Falls Bennington Co in town of Readsboro (Readsboro p o) 

Riehford, Frankhn C o town junction S E div Can Par R R and Cen \ t R R oS m N V „f «i 

Albans— pop 2(107- Post-ofBees, Richard. East Riehford StcyenvMillf -^ "" ^ ^ "' ^'■ 

Richn.ond, Chittenden Co town on Cen Vt R R 15 m S E of Biirlingion-pop HlB_P„s,- 

ofiices, Richmond, Jonesville jj^pi-JiJ J o. i 

Ricber Mills, Caledonia Co p oin town of Groton on Montrelier A- Wells River R R 

■^'Ripton BZcU.oTf" ""■' ^ °' M^ddleburj. stage to M.ddlcl.ury-,' op ,2;i?.JJ,..ffi. es. 
Riverside. Chittenden Co p o in town of Jericho 
Riverton. Washington Co (West Berlin p o) sta Central Vt R U 
Robinson, W onilsor Co p o in town of Rochester 

Rochester. Windsor Co town on White River R R 30 m N of Woodstoek-pop 1500— Post- 
offices, Rochester, Robinson, Talcville i"l loou imi 
Rockingham Windham Co town on Rutland R R 6 m from Bellows Falls— pop 1324— Post- 
offices, Bartonville, Bellows Falls, .Saxtons River P i'-1 iosi 
Roxbury, Washington Co town ,^nd p o on Cen Vt 1) R 17 in S W of Montpelier— pop lilj 

•" Rn?al, ^^''*^f p"'''T °" "^"^ ^'^ ^^^'^ "' ^'"' "' Woodstock-pop 1452-PoToffi<"s. 

Koyalton, isouth Royalton 
Rupert, Bennington Co town on Delaware & Hudson Company R R 15 m \ W of Manchester 

— pop S25 — Post-ofBces, Rupert, West Rupert 
Rutlana, Rutland Co city town and county seat on Bennington div Rutland R R Delaware A- 

Hudson Co RR ana Rutland R R 50 I ,S W of Montpelier srageTo PiUs?eld-poP .S^^t 

Post-ofiices, Rutland, Center Rutland 
Ryepate, Caledonia Co town on B & M R R IS m S of Stjohnsburj — pop 1194— Pos. -officer 

Ryegate, East Ryegate, South Rvegate 
St Albans, Franklin Co city town and county scat on Cen Vt U R 04 m N W of ^rontpelitr 

electric cars— pop 1G17— Post-offices, St Albans, St Albans Bav, Lake View Hou«e 
St Albans Bay, Franklin Co p o in town of St Albans 
St Albans Hill, Franklin Co in town of St Albans 
St Catherine, summer p o in Rutland Co 
S3t George, Chittenden Co town 6 m from Shelburne 4 m from Hinesburg stage to Burlin-ton 

10 m— pop 109— R D Shelburne 
St Johnsbury. Caledonia Co town and county seat on Conn & Pass div B & M R R and St J 

L C R R 3S m N E of Montpelier- pop ,S09S— Post-offices, St Johnsbury, St Johnsbur\ 

Center, St Johnsbury East 
^' '^°r'r'^"'^"^ Center. Caledonia Co p o in town of St Johnsbury on Conn & Pass div B * M 
St Johnsbury East, Caledoni: 
Salisbury, Addison Co town 

Salisbury, Lake Dunmor 
Sandgate, Bennington Co town 5 m W of Manchester stage to Arlington 7 m— pop 401— R D 

Saxtons River, Windham Co p o in town of Rockingham electric cars to Bellows Falls 5 m 
bearsburg, Bennington Co town ami p o 17 m E of Bennington stage to Wilmington 5 ni— pop 

Shaftsbury. Bennington Co town on Rutland R R 8 m N of Bennington— pop 1050— Post- 
offices, Shaftsbury, South Shaftsburv 

Sharon, Windsor Co town a 

Sheffield, Caledonia Co tow 
pop 691 

Shelburne, Chittenden Co town and j 

Sheldon, Franklin Co town on St J & 1, ^, jv i\ lu m ,\ r, oi ^^nioans — pop i_'4i 
Sheldon, North Sheldon, Sheldon Junction. Sheldon Springs, ,-;outh Frank.,.. 

Sheldon Junction. Franklin Co p o in town of Sheldon on Central \t R R & St J & L C H R 

Sheldon Springs, Franklin Co p o in town of Sheldon on Cen Vt R R 

Shepards, Washington Co in ciiy of Barre sta Monlpclii 

Sherburne, Rutland Co town 00 m S E of Mont|)elier, 
Post-offices, .Sherburne, North Sherburne 

Sherman, Windham Co in town of Withinghaiii on Hoosac Tunnel & Wilmington R R 

Shoreham, Addison Co town on Addison branch Rutland 1{ R, 70 m S W of Monlpelier- 
pop 109S — Post-offices, Shoreham. East Shoreham. Shoreham Center, l.arrabers Point 

Shoreham Center. Addison Co p o in town of Shoreham 

Shrewsbury Rutland Co town 10 m S W of Rutland stage to Cnttin-svillc on Rutland R R- 
pop 751— R D Cuttingsville 

Simonsville. Windsor Co p o in town of Andover 

Sodom, Washington Co in town of Calais 

Somerset. Windham Co town and p o 90 m S W of Montpelier stage to Wilmington 12 m— po 

South Albany, Orleans Co in town of Albany 
South Barre, Washington Co p o in citv of B 

R R 
South Burlington, Chittenden Co town 50 m N W of Montpelier stage tg Burlington 3 : 

pop 971— Post-offices. Queen Citv Park, R D Burlington 
South Cabot, Washington Co in town of Cabot— R D Marshfield 
South Corinth, Orange Co in town of Corinth— R D Bradford 
South Danville, Caledonia Co in town of Danville— R D Danville 
South Dorset, Bennington Co p o in town of Dorset 
South FaiHee, Orange Co p o in l.iwn of Fair' c 
South Franklin, Franklin Co p c :n town of Sneldon on Cen Vermont H H 


Co lEliiiBrovc Mass p o) in town of 

ci po nimfron. Mill,.,,. 
nvn of l.intoln 
oil! to«nof,.,! 

n Itt.tlan.l R ]{- 
y on RrattM.or, 

) A 



own of L.incnbui-g on M C It U :,n,l St J 

own of K,\vburv 

1 town of N,-« fane 
of Newport— R D North Troy 
town 01 Xorll,fi,.i,l-H D Xonhfiold 
, '•■v^u il IV-a, l.ani 
' I'^ljllrcl 


I. c 

R R 

: I'l.'iltn.j 


\ 1 K K 

Aii ,1 M'.il>-I,.,r,, K II 1! 

.wn of StralTurd 

in town of Vernon (West 

town of WaUen 

n town A Wallingford on 

!. lliiilaiKl V. H 


Xorthfield Mass 
Rutland R R 



South W:. v ill Co p o in town of WariUboro 

S,uiil> W ',-. • . , Co in town of Wlieeln-k - R D Lyndon 

Sjiiil, W 1 • . ' \\ ::, ini Co in nwn of \Vl,itin«hatii— R IJ WhitinBhain 

8ouit, \\u. , >\ - Co J) o in town of Winilliuni 

S-juiIi \\ '■ <u-: , \\ ! I II --Inn Co p o in to%vn of Woodbury 

South \Vo,.d>iotk, W iiidsjr Co p in town of VVoodato.k 

Springfield, Windsor Co town 25 ra S of Woodstock oleitric cars from Charlcslown N II fij i„ 

stage to Gassetts 8 m stage to Felohville— pop 4784 — Rost-olfices, Springfield, Xorth 

Stamford, Bennington Co town 12 m S E of Bennington R D, North Adams Mass o m — pop 

Stannard, Caledonia Co town 14 m X W of St Johnsbury stage to Greensboro— pop 206 

Starkeboro, Addison Co town and p o 15 m from Richmond stage to Bristol 8 m — pop 835 

Stevens, Essex Co in town of Maidstone station M C R R 

Stevens Mills, Franklin Co p o in town of Riihfoid 

Stockbridge, Windsor Co town on White River R R 23 m N W of Woodstock stage to Ritts- 

field — pop 737 — Post-offices, Stockbridge, Gaysville 
Stowe, Lamoille Co town 22 m N W of Montpelier electric cars to Waterbury 10 stage to Mor- 

risville 8 m— pop 1901— I'ost-oflices, Stowe, MoscoT " "' " ' ' 

Strafford, Orange Co town 31 ni S E of Montpelier stage 

pop 77l5— Post-ofiices, Strafford, South Strafford 
Stratton, Windham Co town 10 in from Arlington (West Wardsboro p o) stage to Wardsbor 

pop 52 
Sudbury, Rutland Co town and p o 5 m from Whiting stage to Brandon — pop 415 
Summit, Essex Co in town of Norton on G T R R 
Summit, Rutland Co in town of Mt Hollv on Rutland R R 

Sunderland, Bennington Co town on Rut R R o m from Manchester- pop 494— R O Arlingtoi 
Sutton, Caledonia Co town on B >t M R R 17 m N of St Johnsbury- pop 71 1— Post-ollicef 

Sutton, Clark 
Snanton, Franklin Co town and p o on Cen Vt R R and B .t M R R 9 m N of St Albans elc 

trie i-nrs to St Albans — p-jp 3G2S 
^want,,n .l>,r„ti,,n, Franklin Co in town of Swanton on Cen Vt R R— R D Swanton 
Till,,,: - 'A iJm. t „, Co in city of Barre sta Montpelier and Wells River R R Barre div 
T,,: .'. , .1 Co p in town of Woodstock on Woodstock R R 

I:;'-. ' . : :■ 11 Co in town of Williston— R U Williston 
Tah . ;l|, , W ;. i r Co p o in town of Rochester on White River R R 
Thetlord, < )rani:e ( 'o town on Conn & Pass div B Sc M R R 37 m S E of Montpelier— pop lis 

Posi-otKccs, Thetford, Thctford Center, ICast Thetford, Xorih Thetford, Post Mill 

fnion Village 
Thetford Center, Orange Co p o in town of Thetford 

Thompsons Point, Chittenden Ci on Rutland R R summer p o in town of Charlotte 
Ti,p, Orleans Co village in town of Holland— R D Derby 
Tinmouth, Rutland Co town and p o 13 m from Rutland 7 ra from Clarendon 5 m from Wal 

lini-'ford on Rutland R R— pop 411) 
Topsliam. Orange Co town 22 m S E of Montpelier— pop 918— Post-offices, Topshain, Wcs 

Topsham, Waits River 
Town Line, Addison Co in town of Bridport- R D Bridport 
Townshend, Windham Co town on West River div Cen \t R R 5 ii, X of Xcwfane— pop S17- 

Post-ofifiocs, Towshend, West Townshend 
Troy. Orleans Co town 10 m N W of Irasburg stage to N Troy on Can Pa,ific R R— pop lOSr,- 

Post-oflices, Troy, Nortli Troy . 

Tunbridgc, Orange Co town and p o 8 m S of Chelsea sfag'? to South RoyaltOQ 5 m— poi, 91; 
Tuppers, Windsor Co in town of Rochester station on White River R R 
Tvson, Windsor Co p o in town of Phiuouth 
r'nderhill, Chittenden Co town on Burlington .t Lamoille Val brancli C en \-t R R If, in X E o 

Burlington-pop 1004— Post-olfices, fn.lerhill, rnderhill Center 
rnd.rhill CnUr, Chittenden Co p o in town of Indcrhill 
Vniim \illagc, tirange Co p o in town of 'nietford 
N'alley Windhai,) C-.) p o in town of Halifax 

Vergennes, Addison Co city and p o on Uulland R R 12 m N of Middlcbur.\ — pop 1 IS3 
Vernon, Windham Co town and p o on Cen Vt 11 R 10 m S E of Newfanc— pop OOt, 
Vershirc, Orange Co town and p o 7 m of Chelsea stage to East Tl,etford--pop 44s 
Victory, Essex Co town on Victory Br St .1 & L C R R 22 in W of Guildhnll 3 m from Xortl 

Concord— pop 200— Post-offices, Victory, Gallup Mills 
Waitsfield, Washington Co town and p o 19 m S W of Montpelier stage to Middlesex 13 m- 

pop 709 
Waits River, Orange Co p o in town of Topsham , _ 

Walden, Caledonia Co town on St J .i L C R R 12 m W of St Jonhsb.ury— pop .39 -I .,st 

Wallin*gf,"d,''Ruu'^rCo'town'on Rut R R 9 m S W of Ruiland -pop 17.9-Post.o«-„.cs 

Wallingford, East Wallingford, South Wallingford 
Wallispond, Essex Co p o in tov •) of Canaan , „ , ,. „,,., „ rv \' 

Wahham, Addisor ; "o town 12 r.i N of Middlcbury 3 m from \ crgennes-pop 202— R D \ er 



Wardaboro Windham Co town— pop 550— Post-offioos, Wardsboro, South Wardshoro, West 

Wardsboro 'Ni 

Wardsboro, Windham Co (p o East Jamaica) station Central Vt R R 
Wardsb:)ro Center, Windham Co village in town of Wardsboro 
Warren, Washington Co town and p o 23 m S W of Montpeilier stage to Rosbury 7 m— pop 

Washington, Orange C-) town and p o 10 ni N of Chelsea stage to fiurre S m— pop 7(i' 
Waterbury, Washington Co town on Cen Vt R R 12 m N W of Montpelicr electric ears to 

Stowe — pop 3273 — Post-otfices, Waterbury, Waterbury Center 
Waterbury Center, Washington Co p o in town of Wntertjury 
Waterford, Caledonia Co town 5 m S E of St Johnsburv stage to St .Tohnsburv— pop 629 — 

Post-otliccs, Waterford, Lower Waterford . 
Waterville, Lamoille Co town and p o 12 m N W of Hyde Park stage to Cambridge Junction— 

pop 485 
Wcathersfield, Windsor Co town 20 m S E of Woodstock stage to Claremont Junolion N H 3 m 

—pop 1092— Post-offices, Weathersfield, Ascutnevville, Perkinsville 
Weathersfield Center, Windsor Co in town of Weathersfield— R D Springfiehl 
Websterville, Washington Co p o in city of Bnrre 

Wells, Rutland Co town and p o 22 m S W of Rutland stage to Granville N V 1 m— pop 5t)9 
Wells River, Orange Co in town of N'ewbury on B & M R R 
Wenlock, Essex Co in town of Ferdinand on G T R R 
West Addison, Addison Co in town of Addis.n— R D Vergennes 
West Alburg, Grand Isle Co in town of Alburg 

West Arlington, Bennington Co in town of Arlington^R D Arlington 
West Barnet, Caledonia Co p o in town of Barnet stage to Barnet 5 m 
West Berkshire, Franklin Co p o in town of Berkshire 
West Berlin, Washington Co m town of Berlin on Cen Vt R R 
West Bolton, Chittenden Co p o in town of Bolton 

West Brattleboro, Windham Co (sta Brattleboro p o) in town of Brattlcboro 
West Bridgewater, Windsor Co p o in town of Bridgewater 
West Brookfield, Orange Co ia town of Brookfield— R D Randolph Center 
West Burke, Caledonia Co p o in town of Burke on Conn & Passumpsic div B & M R R 
West Castleton, Rutland Co in town of Castleton — R D Fair Haven 
West Charleston, Orleans Co p o in town of Charleston stage to Newport 
West Corinth. Orange Co p o in town of Corinth 
West Cornwall, Addison Co in town of Cornwall— R D Middleburv 
West Danville, Caledonia Co p o in town of Danville on St J & L C R R 
West Derby, Orleans Co p o in town of Derby 

West Dover, Windham Co p o in town of Dover stage to Wilmington 6 rn and Williamsville 13 
West Dummerston, Windham Co p o in town of Dunimert-ton on Southern div Cen Vt R R 
West Enosburtg, Franklin Co town in Enosburg- R D Enosburg Falls 
Wrst Fairlee, Orange Co town and p o 12 m S E of Chelsea stage to Thetford 9 m and Ely 7 m 

-pop 410 
W.vMtfirld, Orleans Co town and p o 17 m N W of Irasburg stage to North Troy S m— pop 013 
UCm IMetoher, Franklin Co in town of Fletcher— R D East Fairfield 

Westford, Chittenden Co town anil p o 16 m N E of Burlington 10 jn from Essex Junction- 
pop 854 
West Georgia, Franklin Co in town of Georgia — R D East Georgia 
West Glover, Orleans Co p o in town of Glover 
West Halifax, Windham Co p o in town of Halifax 
West Hartford, Windsor Co p o in town of Hartford on Cen Vt R R 
West Haven, Rutland Co town 22 m W of Rutland stage to Fair Haven 6 in— pop 3ti3 
West Lincoln, Addison Co p o in town of Lincoln 

West Marlboro, Windham Co in (own of Marlboro stage to Marlboro 
West Milton, Chittenden Co in town of Milton— R D Milton 
Westminster. Windham Co town on B & M R R 20 m N E of Newfane— jiop 1327— Post-offices 

Westnjinster, Westminster Station, Westminster West 
Westminster Station, Windham Co p o in town of Westminster 

Westminster West. Windham Co p o in town of Westminster „ , „ 

Westmore, Orleans Co town and p o 14 ra S E of Irasburg 10 m from W est Burke S m from 

Barton — pop 331 
West Newburv, Orange Co p o in town of Newbury 
West Norwich, Windsor Co in town of Norwich— R D Sharon 
Weston, Windsor Co town and p o 35 m S W of Woodstock stage to Chester 12 m and .South 

Londonderry 8 m — pop 632 . ,, , ^ r. t> 

West Pawlet, Rutland Co p o in town of Pawlet on Delaware & Hudson Co R R 
West Rupert, Bennington Co p o in town of Rupert on Del & Hudson Co R R „ , , 

Wext Rutland, Rutland Co town and p o on Del & Hudson Co R R electric cars to Rutland 

West Swanton, Franklin Co in town of Swanton on Central Vermont R R 

West Topsham, Orange Co p o in town of Topsham 

West Townshend, Windham Co p o in town of Townshend on West River div Cen \ t H I! 

Westville, Caledonia Co in town of Groton— R D ( roton 

West Wardsboro, Windham Co p o in town of Wardsboro . 

West Waterford, Caledonia Co in town of Waterford— R D .St Johifibury 

West Windsor. Windsor Co town 1 1 m S of Woodstock stage to Proctorsville and Windsor — 

pop 569— Post-office, Brownsville 
West Woodstock, Windsor Co p o in town of Woodstock , .„ , , ,, 

Weybridge, Addison Co town 4 m from Middlebury 5 m from Brookville 7 m from \ ergcnnes 

— pop 494 — R D Middleburv t j n <- 

Wheelock, Caledonia Co town and p o 14 m N W of St Jolinsbury stage to Lyndonville b m 

WhitT^mEs!' Washington Co in town of Barre on Montpelicr A Weljs River RR, Barre Div 
White Creek, Bennington Co in town of Shaftsbury sta B & MR R and Ruthmd R R 
White River Junction, Windsor Co p o in town of Hartford on Central Vt R R , B & M R R 

Whiting, AddfsonCoU-n and p o on Addison div Rutland R R 11 m S of Middlebury-pop 

Whittngham, Windham Co town on Hoosac Tunnel & Wilmington R R 22 m S W of Newfane 

pop 969— Post-offices, Whifingham, Jacksonville 
Wilder. Windsor Co p o in town of Hartford on Conn & I assum 
Williamstown. Orange Co town and p o on Montpelier & \\ illiam 

N W of Chelsea— pop 1726 
Williamsville. Windham Co p o in town of Newfane on W est Kivc 
WiUiston, Chittenden Co town on Cen Vt R I? S m fe E of Burling' 

WUhston. North WilUston ,, , ., „ „ 

Willoughby, Orleans Co p o in ti > n of Barton on B A M 1! U 


uf Pitt 

Hfirld el. 


i i 11 


: U II 

-pop 4; 



:on 5 n 

1— pnp : 



Wilmington, Wimlhu].. Co town on Hoosiic Tunnel & WilniinBf.u 1{ I! Jll ,„ S W of Xew- 
func— pop 1229— Poat-otricca Wilmington, Mountiiin Mills ^ 

Windham, Windham Co town 17 m N Wof Newfane li in from West TownsheniJ .slHgcTo Ches- 
ter 10 m— pop 343— Post-otlicea, Windham, South Windham 

Windsor, Windsor Co town and p o on Cen Vt R R and Conn & Pass div li & M U R 14 m S )■: 
of Woodstoek — pop 190lj 

Winhall, Bennington Co town ou West River div Cen Vt R R 11 m E of .Mamli.sfer— nop IjiiiJ 
— Pcst-ofliee, Bondville 

Winhall, Windham Co in town of Londonderry sta on Central Vermont R R 

Winooski, Chittenden Co p o in town of Colchester on Cen Vt R R electric cars to liiirlingdiii 

Wolcott, Lamoille Co town on St J & L C R R 10 m S E of Hvde Park— pop 104'J— Posl-ofliocs 
Wolcott. North Wolcott 

Woodbury, Washington Co town 17 m N E of Montpelier stage to Hardwick .i m and Plain- 
field U m — pop 824 — Post-offices, Woodburv, South Woodbury 

Woodford, Bennington Co town and p o 5 m E of Bennington — pop 1S7 

Woodstock, Windsor Co town and county seat terminus Woodstock R R stage to Bethel, Lud- 
low 25 m Rutland .30 m and South Woodstock — pop 24.").') — Post-offices, Woodstock . 
South Woodstock, West Woodstock, Taflsville 

Worcester, Washington Co town and p o m N of .Montpelier stage to .Montpelier— poj) .jH4 



.\bington, Plymouth Co town on N Y, N H & H R R 19 m from Boston IS m from Plymoutli — 

pop ,)li4l') — electric cars to Brockton — Post-offices, Abington, North Abington 
.\ccord, Pb mouth Co p o in town of Hingham 
Acoaxet, Bristol Co summer p o in town of Westport 
Acton, Middlesex Co town on Taunton div N Y, N H & H R R and Acton branch B & M R R 

21) ni .\ W of Boston 12 m S W of Lowell- pop 21.')1— Post-omces, Acton, .North Acton 

South .\eton. West .\cton 
Acushnet, Bristol Co (New Bedford p o) sta N Y, N H & H R R- 
Adams, Berkshire Co town and p o on Boston & Albany R R U: 

cars to Pittsfield and North Adams — pop i:i,218 
Adamsdale, Bristol Co p o in town of North Attlcboro on N Y, N H i 
Agawani, Hampden Co town 100 m W S of Boston electric cars to " 

Post-offices, Agawam, Feeding Hills 
.\landar, Bergshire Co p o in town of Mount Washington 
Alford, Berkshire Co town 19 m S W of Pittsfield stage to Groat Ba 

R D State Line 

Allerton, Plymouth Co p o in town of Hull on Nantasket Beach branch N Y, N H & H R R 
Allston, SulTolk Co sta in city of Boston on Boston & Albany R R electric cars to Boston 
Almont, Middlesex Co in town of Tewksburv on B & M R R Lowell & Andover Br 
Amesburv, JCssex Co town terminus Salisbury branch B & M R R 44 m .V K of Boston electric 

cars to Haverhill II m Newburyport 5 m Exeter N II 9 m— pop .S543— Post-office, Ames- 

Ainherst, Hampsliire Co town on Cen Vt R R and Cential Mass div B & M R R 8 m N E of 
Northampton electric cars to .Sunderland and Northampton — pop .').5.")8 — Post-oflices, 

Ainin r t, N'.ril. Amherst, South Amherst, Cushman 
Au.!n\, . I ... , I ,, t.,«n on R & M R R 23 m N of Boston— pop 7978— P.)st-"ffiees, Andover 

H.i:i,,: i \ •!' 

Anii|.^qii:uii, l. - 'x Co station in city of Gloucester electric cars to Glouccsti-r 
Arlingioi,. .Muiaifsex Co town and p o (branch Boston p o) on Middlesex Cen Br B & M R 
.Ij m N W of Boston electric cars to Lexington, Winchester, .Medford and Bo.vton — pop 
Arlington Heights, Middlesex Co p o in town of Arlington on B & M R R 
Armory, Hampden C'o in city of Springfield sta N V, N H & H R R Sprinufield Br 
Asbury Grove, Essex Co p o in town of Hamilton 

Ashburnham, Worcester Co town tern.inus Ashhurnham branch B & M R R 30 m N of Wor- 
cester-pop 2().i9— Post-offices, Ashburnham, Nortli Ashburnham, South Ashburnham 
.\slib\- Co town and p o 33 m W of Low. II automobile to Fitchburg — pop 922 
Ashr.'.ifi, \-..' ■!. r-,,,,, iMV n ,,■• T). .!!.,. in .-n ^^.|!l-..l ,!iv N Y, N H & H H R — R D Iledhiim 
_\^lil,, ' ; ! ' : I • ,'--«''••'■'! ' L-'- to Conway and Sh.'lburne Falls (i m 

Ashl', ' : ^ . ' i .«:^.:: 1 ,. .7.i i - ! .v"\n"iny R Rand N Y, N H i H R R 

\sl,l,"!' ' \ v.' IMP' Co'p'o'in town '..fsiM-'ffi.'id'<.n'N''Y, N II i h'r li 
Aslnn :, - , ' ■ .1. city of Boston Sta N Y, N H & II R R 

Assii,., : ! , ( o p o in town of Hanover 3 in from W Hanover 

Ass,,,,, 1 I ;■ ; . ' . ,, ., in town of Freetown on X Y, N H & II R R 

\lh|.norr'Mi^'''^ ' ' ■ i ','.',;;,',' '',','"■■" '<'.'■■ "r,'h ,v M R R 

\ hoi Wor... ■ ' I . l: K«i.d Fitehburgdiv n& M 1! U 2N 

,,', N W ,,• \'. , , . .. , , H,,l,Iwinsville, ETempIeton,(oir,lii..r 

Orang, al. 1 r.iu;i: I :. i".|''',s; |', ,-i!,.. \ i l.ol, Sout h Atliol, and sub sta A t hoi 

Athol C'-nt.T, Worcester Co sub p o in town of Athol 

Athol .lunetion, Hampden Co in city of Springfield sta Ath,,l Br B & .\ U H 

.\thiiitie, Norfolk Co p o in city of Quincy on N V, N H it II H K 

Attleboro^Bmt.MKl'itv an'rto''«"n^on N Y, N H & H R R 12 m N W of Taunton el,-etrie cars 
to North Mll.bor,', an,l Pawtucket R I-pop 18,480 --I'ost-offiees, Attleboro, South 

Attl/boro'raTb.'^rns;;:! Co p oYn town of North Attleboro on N V. N H & H R R . 
Auburn Worcester Co towA on N Y, N H, & H R R 5 m S W of Worc.ster .■lectne cars to 
Worcester— pop 3281— Post-offices, Auburn, ^Vest .\uburn ,, o,,, 

Auburndale, Middlesex Co (branch Boston p o) in city of Newton on Boston & Albans R R lo 

Avon^Wolk^Co'lown and p o on N Y, N H & 11 R R eh-ctrieVars from Broek,„n -p„„ 

Aver" Middlesex Co town and p o on W, N & P <liv B & .M R R Fitehburg div a„d Gn-.nvilK- 
" branch Fitehburg division 17 m S Wof Lowell eleetru- ears to litchburg and Lowell ,,.,;. 

Ayers'villago, Essex C .ta in city o. Haverhill 


liui-k Day, Suffolk (■; sUi in r-iiv of Roiton 

20 m N \V of Wo 

^\ t 

1 r. A M u It 

11 A M K I! 

yoM.N V,N11&H U R7311. S K 
Unrnslabl.-, Cc'i.t Tvillo, Cotuit, 
rstons Mills. Ostrrvillf, Simtuil, 

R i w 
J r I! 

ail' Uiv 
■vr Plain 

rl r 

1 11 «. \ H K 

IB ^\ 1 



r brand 

U \. 


;ii H 

& A an 

1 ( 

\ 1 i( 

WulCrat.T Co 1 

!• .*; M R R 

''•"I ' ' ' ■ I ■ : . .— ...II on ,Swan,|.scott lir IS .V M H K 

,ti<'."l'' ' - ' - ! l: ■. !i. 1.1, & I.ynn K R 4 n, froM, Boston 

a ">' !■ ■ ^ ■ ' • ■ i i; >\; A K R 

Roar,.,, I ,, w ...... .,, ... ,■ ,t., ,v V, X H& U R R 

Roa,,., . , , , < -ti H & A R R 

Boar, , .:,, I.. ■ , .. ;i. .\ , i ; ;,.,,., -,,, X V, N H & II R R 

Roal. ,1. . .. X l„ .;. ,:l> ,,: W .. U ;.,,,„ sta B i M R R 

Bo, 1., > . ' ; ' ■' town on B & A R R IG ni S K of Riltshol.l— pop 973— Po»t-„Hifi's, Bookot 

B.-.k. , : -hire Co p o in town of Bock.-t 

Bo,ll.., !, ^ ! :^ ;: >, ( ■,. touii an, J p u on S,,i,thorn iliv B & M R R rj rii .S of L,.woll iloi-tric 

Hell..,' I -i.i.', • \-, l^'' . ."< ■■.■ '..-..' , ■,•,■ .lf,,i-dsta B & M 1{ R 

B,',.!. ' , . t ,>n South Slioro lino X Y. X II A H R R 

Belli,. ,, , ! . , : < ■ . 1 ., \ , .; ,; ,,,,,1 Con Mass div B & M R R Jii m K of Xortli- 

an.pi..., ^ - ' i ..;!:..:,, li. I l.,wn, Dwi-ht 

BelUvuo, bi.' . , . . .: lio.-,ton sta X V, N H & H R R 

Bollingham. .\ ; ' i , i N V, N H & H R R 10 m S W of Dodliain oloctric cars to 

Milfoiil. \ :! .' i>v,iy and Woonsockot R I~pop :'J33— I'ost-ollicos, Hollinnhani, 

Nortti lt..llii,L-l, ,,,.. I ',,,', villo 
Bellinghain ,lun,aiou, Xorfolk Co (BollinKliam p o) in town of Bollinyham sta on Woonsookot 

tUv N V. N H & H R R 
Boll Rock. Middlesex Co in citv of Maldon sta B A M R R 
Bolmont. Midill,-sex Co town and p o (liranoh Boston p o) on Fitehburg R R and Cou Mass 

div B & M R R 32 in S E of Lowull olociric cars to Boston m— pop SOSI 
Bi-mis. Middl.'scx Co in town of -VVatortown station on Fitidibtirg div B & M R R 
Bonnolt Hall. Middlosox Co in town of Billorica sta B & M R H 
Borkl.v. Bristol Co town on N Y, N' II & H R R— pop <I85— Post-omces, R D Tannton, R ]) 

Boikshir.-, Borkshiro Co p o in town of Lanesboro on Pittsfiold and North Adams branoh 15 & 

A H n C, m Iron, Pittsfiold 
B -rim, \V,,'ro. st.r ( ',, tow n on Con Mass div B & M R R and N Y, N 11 ct II R R 20 m from 

Ml, kino- ,1. (trio i;,rs to Clinton— i)op SCiS— Post-oflioos Boilin, .South ISorlin, West 

, ! ! . . I \ Co p o i'l <il\ of Bovorlv oji Ikistirn div Boston .t Maine R R 

,, . :.>.,i ..:,.-.,.■:!.. .ndiv Boston* MainoR RTmSof Lowell Hi.n X W 
..1 I. , . I , I , Ik n'obiirn. Lc-xingtou and Ri'ading— pop 3210— P,,st- 

..:k ! , , I I . ■. ,lh Bill,-rica 

>,... ,, ,^..' , , . ,i. . ..' !. '..n St., X Y, N H &1I R R 

...!!:.' .,,;,,..,... . , ■',■.». ^n.ld 

:,,.,:: , , , ■. >k Adams on Fitehburg div B .t M R R .■lectrie 

I, 1 ' : 1,, N Y, N H & II R U 

,.,.,, \'. .,,,.,,. ,. w .., .in .\ \ , X M & H R R 2.5 m S E of Woreistor eh'e- 

t,i,.. ,,, !.. \', ...... ...'.I l; 1 -p,.|, .-.Os'.i— I'o-it-ollices, Blackstouo, ^fillvill,■ 

,11,.,,!. II ,,,i|„l ,, c., i..un and p o 21 m N \V of SpiingfioM staf'-' t.i Uiiss.ll on Bosl.m <t 
An,.nx l; l: 1 ,,. . ||.' .-ars- pop (-.23 

I,. ,» ,M,.kil. -.X Co in ,itv of Lowell sta B & M R, R 

I, \C '1 .. Co 111 eiiy of Waltham sta B & M R R 

I! " Co in CUV of Waltham sta B .V: M U R. Ceii Nfass div 

M .. in town"of Milton 

.,., .'. , , lown and p o on Taunton div N Y, X II .V: II R R ir, m X !■: of Wor- 

Ivill,-, ll'lnipik n Co iJ o in town of Palmer on Athol branch Boston & Albany R R and 

C'en Ma-s iln B & M R R electric cars to Palmer 

.n. Siifr,,lk Co ciLv county seat port of entry and capita! of the 

.f Ma.. May t, rn.'inus of X.w York. N,-w Haven and Hartrf,r,l 

II '.^(T.iH MimliA 

HoUllP'cllllr, ItiH 

Hoxliur... Mi. 1.11. 
H..xf..r.|, 1 ■■ ( 

■n:,lablo C 

•^.■\ To t.. 

lioyl^i- , \\ -■ 

Bovl>i ... ' ■ 
Boyl.i... - . 
Bradf.M . i ■■ 
Br:ulsi,. ' il 

Bruintrfr. .\..,:. 

: ['S^^ 

ton — pu|i '' 
Bralcya, Brist..l 
Brant Rock. I'l 
Brattli', Mi. Ml 


p o in town of Hnurno on N V, \ II & H H K 

II on FitchburK iliv R & M I{ li J.", in S \V of I.,m,.ll- , iiLif, 

I'.-. t..n & M:dw- n U l:; ni S \V ,.f N'cwl.urv|,nrt -popNl^Posl- 
x!, West Boxford 
7 III N of Worwstcr eluctric cars to WorccstiT- pop 7K:i— I'ost- 

: < .1 IJ o in town of Bovlston 
. in ritv of Boston sta N Y, N H & II R R 

■ity of 'Haverhill on Boston & Maino R R 18 m \ W of Palcm 
p o in town of Hatfi.ld 

1) in lo«ii .,f ir..llLst,,u on >tilforcl hranrh B & A R K 
. ...I !.: II !. r . I'.-i I V V. N U & U R R 11 ni ficii lios- 

' : .'\' V, X 11 & II R U 

.•. ;: '■: a'.:.i':^:'.uV... 'i;'.!:'m'i;''i{ ' 
Hrnwsi ,, I', :: . Ml, X V, X 11 & 11 1( U- i.oi) 7s:i— Post-offices. Brewster, East 

It!... ! : - !■, I, S.juth Bivwst.r, West Bn-wsler 

Bii.k- A , i : ' All on N Y, N II & II R R L'7 ni from Boston electric cars to 

Ml . :.r,,n, I ;1[ !:;. , ,, \ » Bedford and Taunton—poii OUSI— I'ost-ofRees, Bridgewater, 

S.-ollan.l, .State l.:;iiii 
Brideewat-r Junction, I'lvniouth Co in town of Bridgewater sta N Y, X II & H R U 
Brier, Berkshire Co p o in town of Savov 

BriKL'sville, Berkshire Co (North Atlanis p o) in town of Clarksliing 

Hri(rlii.,n WniT,,!!; Cn <,ta in city of Boston on Boston & Albany R R elect rie cars to Boston 
Brieiiiv . 1, II !!,,,. 1. n Co p o sta in city of SjHinglield on B A M R R elect tie cars to Chico- 

Briiiil H 1 ■., town 23 m N E of Sprinpfield electric cars to Pi'liiier K in and Sontli- 

l.'i : ,. '— I'ost-offices. Britnlield, East BtiMifield 

Bro.,.[. ■ , . . ., I ,, ,,, , ..V ..f >raldeii sta B & M R R I . .I,. , . ,. X V. X 11 A II R R20 II. S E of B.iston— popli2,2S8— Posl- 

liro..!.';,. ii ' . ' .: ,...^ i.'.'.n l"!'.»'t.,n & Albany R It 22 m AV of VVorcster electric cars 

1. w I : ;,. .„.,, jii.v.i -Pust-ollices, Brookfiehl. East BrookPild 

Bn,..l,lr: , i ' ,. i„,wi and p u Onanch Boston p o) on Boston >V Allc.y 1! R :i m W of 

Bro.ik:'' 'i: 
Bro.,1 ~ 

Bro..l ^ : ■.;,,..■.., :,, I.,,;., ..;- \'>. - ^ .: > - . 1! ,V :\ I R Iv 

Bro.,|..v ■ . ' > .. - . : '^ ' ■ . ' ■ ■ ■ '^'1-sto Brockton :i n, 

Rro^M, M ... v. :, , V, ;. '.I ... . II ! R on Salem A I owcll Bra ncl, 

Rroxw.^ : . . i I ., ,.. I .V :■ ..: I, .-' I;: .i . ., ... , ■ . X Y, N H A 11 R R 

Brv:..:' ' ' ,■:(,.,).... I. i.,»u oi IVii.l.i..:., ..I....,' to South Hans., n depot 3 ni 

Bii.l. I ■ I .. lownaiid poonFitchbur-div B it; M R R in IN \V of Creeiifield-i in 

W - I alls electric cars — pop 1569 

Burl,;, .i . X Co town 3 rn W of Woburn l.'j m S E of Lowell eh^ctnc cars— pop ...1 

Burraee I'lvinouili'co p o in town of Hanson on N Y, X H & H R R 

Burtt, Miildlescx Co in town of Tewksbury sta Southern div B & M R R 

Buz7.ards Bay, Barnstable Co p o in town of Bourne on N \ , N H & II RR 

Byfield, Essex Co p o in town of Newbury on Western div Boston & Maine R R 3 m from 

Ca.nbl■idL^''^^d,llese^ (...,'- ' i n 1 H.. - n ,. ,.i „ o and county ^cal on B & M R R 3 m 

W of Boston elc. II ,...', r .1 . : H'S S22 
Cainbridt'c A. p o ill -Ml. i ( i. i ■ i ;. .-I on [i ol 

Oanibridt-e B. po in M. -I ' ' ' i i; .-I'n \< o 

Cam .I'm '-,,.. Ill" < ., -I III... ■ ..i ]-• ■ il I'l 1 l: i: -'i-ii -in X 'i . X 1! & H li R 

r.,n,,, M, •'• 11 p., ■■'-1 .,.(',, „ I.,, 1 1, ,. .11 .in oi 1 .;i I,. M 

.^ 11 R R lli ni S W ,.• lij.Mi.n electric cars 
loilghtoii— [I'M' ■"' 2;i — I'lot-oflH es. 

ran.'... ' .MlUCoin town of Canton— R D Canton 

Cam. • . I .,, i„!k Co in town of Canton-RD Canton 

Carl,-! II , ,, town ami p o 9 m S W of Lowell .", m X of Com 4tH 

Carl. '. ' - I I. (p Nashoba) station on Lowell & Taunton Bra.,, li. X \ , N II A H H 

Carl'.':' I ' . V-,';''n"^r.ity of Salemsia B & M R R ^ „ ^, ,. , 

M;,,,. . . I , ., town's m S W of Plymoulh-i.op IVUl-Post-ofbces. Carvr, Fast 

Carvv. \ ,M .'.,',?oVn'"to"vnof"Bcmn2hani on Woonsocket div K Y, X H A: 11 R R 4 ni 

Cat.iuni'c't ' iia'rn stable Co p o in town of Bourne on Pl\>ioulh div N Y, N II A II R R 
Cedar Grove Sliffolk Co iJJ?^^ , ,, .... ^. ,, , „ 

Center Marshti'-'ld. Plymouth Co po in town of Marshheld on South Shore line X A. X 11 \ 11 

Centerv!"', I'.ir-r-- ■' .'i d. ■> r, i„ .,„vn of B.arnstable 3 ;n from H 

N Y. N II & H R R 
B & M R R 
ti m from Fall Rive 

ri-;, ; ^^ v., ii.'.^'iwi'.VlblldinMa^.w'c'li'^r'i Gardner branch B it M R R 

fi!:',,,'i ", , -..r Cointown of Xortliboro— R I) Xorlhl.oro .,-„.(,. 

Cl,;,!:, : [ :., Co town on B & M R R 13 m W of Uieenlield— pop (I, , — Post-oHiccs, 

ft ', ' , . I'l (••„ n o in town of N'eedham on N Y, N H & H R R 

f.;:;!i^i ,.,' - I .1:, in city of Boston on BAM RRelectricearstoBoston 

(.|, ,1, , \\, ,,.,, i;; m .S W of Worcester— pop 2213— Post-otfices, ( harlioii. 

C-,,,;,:; ,„ . , ; ^ , , : i , . •:. pTin "»'IrChurl,on S .n fro,:, Oxford electric cars to South- 

ChIkon^nepot;Wo;.;^.^r Co p o in town of Charlton on Boston * Albany R R n m from 

Cha,'i;;;"'BnlioKV p".'J^^ow;:of Xonon on X Y, X II it H R R :M n> from A.tlcl 

-. .1 i; 
ft h 
11 « 


u in town of ClmUuini 
■ f Montaj;ue stii N Y. N II ><: II li 1! 

n r,.,w<-ll & TiHinton l>ran(li N Y, N II & II K H 3 ni \V of 
|iop 51b2— Post-ollicos, Cliclnisfor.l, North Chelmsford. 

astern d 

l^ H &. M IL n 4 

n> N of 

HR on 

M IS-, Ccn div 
Wuinst<r4 n. ai 

id Spcn- 

4 Alba. 

u li K n. N E 
'-piini.t 1 1 -[lur 

nf Pitts- 
1 i:}44 — 

Clu-lsca. Su !;>>:; 1 ., > , . ,, ,,, |, ,, ! :,,iich Boston p o) on Ei 

BosiDii irii,, :iii.l ,U^;k, ...1,^ t.. Doston — pop 4.'i,4L'0 
ClK-rry Hrook, Micldlfsi-x Co in town of Weston st.i B & M 
( h.rry \ ulluy, Worcester Co p o in town of Leicester electric 

''S'Mi' i; , I .1' (.. ,,>i, , , ,,, \ \\ . I ,.iM liMiiipton atase to Willianishiiri; 7 ni — 

P-|..-. - !■-. ; -.;::..„. LI,., ■.i.u,,:.!. U.m ri:> h ilield, Bisbces 
ClirMinui II, M, _M, ,1.11, ■sex Co (IjraiKli Boston p oi in city of Newton on B A A Circuit K K 
Chu., , ll:,i,,|„!, 1, Co city on Chicopee Kails branch B & M H R :i ni N of Sprinsfieia electric 

.i.^.. t,, S|,Mri-hcUl and Holyoke— pop 30,13S— Post-oHices, Cliicopee, Chicopee Falls, 

Clii,"i . ( ' . 1 1 I, p.l !, ( ',, I Li. >)|iee p o) in town of Ch 
C'lii. . ! : ! ' I , ity of Chicopee, terniii 

Cln, .,1. . ' ,, , ii ,. |, ,. , ( , ,, i,,wn of Chicopee sta B & M R I{ 

Chilu..,;:,,^ I)..,,.., (, „ ;.,,,,, „,,„ |, ,. 12 m W of EdKartown slnu'c to Vineyard IIc.vci, 

Chiltoin illc, riyniouth Co in town of Plymouth 

Citv Mills, Norfolk Co p o in town of Norfolk on Midland div X Y, N II & 11 1! I! 

Clarendon Hills, Norfolk Co on Prov div N Y, N H & II H K ele. Hi,- ,ais t,, Ihd.- P; 

Cla^ksl,ur^^ Berkshire Co town 23 m N of Pittsfield electric cars to Nnril, Adams 2 i 

1114— H D North Adams 
ClavliHi, Berkshire Co in town of New Marlboro— R I) Caiuiaii Conn 

C!..:i' I'iv.-, W. .•■,.-.,., C j .,„ of lv„,,.i:,ss sta N Y, N H & 11 I! 11 

Cli.-i"..' \..-'.,ii r,. ,, :,„,,,,, M, I',- - ,, N Y. N II A 11 R U 

fr„i.. 1,1 :, I, !. ,:■,,.,, I. I ,mi :,.u1 li.,,ston 
<-lintun, W,,i.i •,. ( ., |, ,, ,.,,! i,.iMi junc Worcester, Nashua * Porll.iiul div B A M 

and ■l\M,ni...i .lix N \ , .\ 1 1 ,V 11 H R 17 m N E of Worcesl.T cleitric cars t,, llnd 

Lancasiii, 1,. n,M,r. M :. ill ,,r., and Worcester— pop 13.192 

Clinton Junrucii. \\,,i.esiei Co n. town of Clinton sta on B & M R R 

Coehesett. PK ri.outh Co p o in town of West Bridpewater on N Y. N H & H R R r, ni 1 

Coehiluate. Middlesex Co p o (branch of Natick) in town of Wayland 3 m to Natick 
Coh.isset. Norfolk Co town on Plymouth div N Y, N H .t H R R 20 in F. of Dedha/ii 21 

E of Boston -pop 2S00— Post-offices, Cohasset. Nortli Cohasset. Beechwood 
Coldbrook. Wor.estcr Co (p o Coldbrook Springs) station on B A A R R and R A M H 

town of Oakham 
Cjldhrouk S|, ring's, Worcester Co p o on B & M R R and B & A R R in town of Oakluu 
C,il,l >:!r,:-, M ; , ! Il, ,, X Co p o in town of West ford 
C,,!, . ! ■ ■■■■<■„ town 9 m N W of Greenfield electric cars to Shellmriie Falls 7 ni- 

■- . I: I,",, Colerain, AdainsviUe, ElniKrove, Griswoldville, Line. Lyons' 

C,,ll,, , 11 Vi ; , . ( ,, iNorth Willirahaiu p o) in town of Ludlow sta B & A R H 

(v'||'..'Ih'|',-''|'. " '" " ',' " .",':"",'•'•'.'' , I'm" B A A R R 

C,,,i,,,r>l Mi I 1, . I ■■ ,.. ,1,-1 Southern 'livisions B i M R R 14 IN S ' 

C,,,,, ■ ! ' M„l,ll, .,,x Co p o in town of Concord on Fitchburu div B >\c M It I! m 

,: v. N 11 & H R R electric cars to Hudson and Concnl 

C I ! .,, Ill low n of Essex sta B & M K R Essex branch 

C,,,, ! I ( ,, i,,»nandpoouB&M R R and N Y, N 11 A H K R N ni S W ,,f Circe 

■ . p .], 1220 

(■,,.,, , ' ' i . Ill town of New Salem 14 m from Alhol 

C,,-,:, : . I ■!, I ., 11 o (branch Boston p o) 

C.,,,! ,1 w, , ... ,, ,, ,n town of Southboroon B & A li K 
C,,,. I , - I II, riiv of Boston sta B & A R U 

C,,ii I : ' , III town of Barnstable 10 m from Hyannis 

(III . , limner p o in town of Barnstable t 

Ci,,,, I, - , I 1,1 Norton sta N Y. N II & II 1! R 

Cr, . I \ - I ,, 1,1 citv of Boston sta N Y. N H A H R R 

C,,^, ,. I, 1 , • ■ I , II ,..v,ii ,,1 i;,v,i.- sta B, R B & L R R 

Cr,,. -. • , , .,,■,, ,, iii.ster sta B & M 1! H 

Cr,,,,. " ■ ' '■ ,v ' I ;• . ■ "11 of Hmghani 

Cr., -. I ?, . . I n 1... I) , : ., iiinrrsla B & M R R 

Cr.~, -.■ ^' , .1 I ,, .|. i,,un oi ln.,.|,,«ii sta N Y, N 11 A II R R 

Cii,,,, , i . I ,, I, o ill town of lianistal.le 

Cui ,1 . I ., town ir, m N W of Northampton stace to Williamsburc 11 

I , ' ( un.minKtun, W,s, CuinniinKton, Swift River 

Ci,,,. I ,,,,,,,1 ■ 1 i.ih Co in town of Hanover sta N Y, N H & H H R 

Cusluii" i:ssr\' Co'siiiiiii.c-r p o in town of Salisbury 

Cushman, Hampshire Co p o in town of Amherst on Central Vt R R 

Cullvhunk, Duk.-s Co p o in town of GosnoUl 

Cv rus, l.'ranklin Co p o in town of Heath , *. , „ , 

Dal. on. Berkshire Co town and p o on B * A R R 5 m E of Pittsfield 14t; m 1\- of Boston el 

Danal'won^t^cr'co t^own on B & A R R 25 m N W of Worcester— pop 712— Post-offic 

Danver ",'es^'"x"c'u town on B & M R R 5 ni N W of Salem— pop 1 1 , 177— Post-offices, Danve 

naiiversc'ent'er. Essex Coin town ..f Danvers- U P Oanvcrs 


itcrn div li A M It U 2 m from I'.-:.- 

' . iXorth Carver p o) in town of I'lvinouth 
Co in town of Milford sta N Y. N H A H R U 
• : Co town elcctno cuts to Westport — pop 5330— Pot-t-ofTirc-s. Dartmouth. 
mouth, .'■'outh Dartmouth, Non<|uitt 
Co p o in town of Rowe 

^Co in town of Holden sta on Worcester & Gardner Br B & M R R 

Midland and Providence divifiona X Y. 
rs to Hyde Park and East Walpole— pop 

Decrlie'.d. Franklin Co tow n on B A M R R and Northampton div X Y, N H A H R R 90 m 
N \V of Boston 4 ni S of Greenfield— pop 2739— Post-offices. DeerCeld. East Deerfield, 
South Deerfield 

Dell, Franklin Co in town of Heath— mail to Charlemont 

Dennis, Barnstable Co town 11 m S E of Barnstable — pop 1822 — Post-offices, Dennis, Dennis 
Port, East Dennis, .'^outh Dennis, West Dennis 

Dennis Port, Barnstable Co p o in town of Dennis sta^e to North Harwich iitation 1 m 

Dcvereux, Essex Co (Marblehead p o; in town of Murblehead sta B 4 M R R 

Dighton, Bristol Co town on Taunton div X Y, X H A H R R 4 m .S of Taunton electric cars 
to .Somerset, Fall River and Taunton— pop 2499- Post-offices, DiRhton. North Dighton. 

Dodge, Worcester Co p o in town of Charlton 

Dodgeville, Bristol Co p o in town of Attleboro on Providence div X V, N H * H R R electric 
cars to Attleboro and Pawtucket. R I 

Dorchester, Suffolk Co p o sta in city of Boston on N Y, X H A H R R electric cars to Boston 

Dorchester Center, Suffolk Co p o station in citv of Boston 

Douglass, Worcester Co town on X Y, X H A H R R 20 m S of Worcester — pop 2179 — Post- 
offices, Douglass, East Douglas.- 

Dover, Norfolk Co town and p o on X Y, X H A H R R G m W of Dedham— pop 999 

Dracut, Miditlesex Co town (branch I.owell p o) ileitric cars to Lowell 2 ni — pop 4022 — 
Post-offit es, Dracut, Collinsville 

Drury, p o in Berkshire Co 

Dudley, Worcester Co town IG m S of Worcester — pop 4373 — Post-offices, Dudley, West 

Dudley Street, Suffolk Co in city of Boston sta X Y, N H A H R R 

Dunstable, Middlesex Co town and p o on Acton branch B A M R R 10 m X W of I.owell 
33 m X W of Boston — pop 3t.2 

Duxbury, Plymouth Co town on Plymouth div X Y, X H A H R R 8 m N of Plymouth- 
pop lOlil— Post-offices, Duxbury, North Duxbury. South Duxbury-, Island Creek, Mill- 

Dwight, Hampshire Co p o in town of Belchcrtowi 

East Acton. Middlesex Co in town of Anon on Ta 
Concord— R D Concord Junction 

East Billerica, Middlesex Co p o in town of Billerica on Southern div B A M R R 

East Blackstone. Worcester Co in town of Blackslone on Midland div X Y. N H A H R R 3 
m from Woonsocket R I— R D Blackslone 

East Boston. Suffolk Co p o sta in city of Boston on Eastern div B A M R R and B. R B A 
I- R R ferries and electric cars "o Bo.ston 

East Boxford, Essex Co p o in town of Boxford 

East Braintree. Norfolk Co in town of Brainirce sta X Y. X UAH R R— Post-office Braintree 

East Brewster. Barnstable Co p o in town of Brewster on Plymouth div N Y. N H A H R R 
8 m from Harwich 

East Bridgewaler, Plvmouth Co town on N Y. N H A 11 R R 2IJ m S E of Boston l.S m X W 
of Plymouth — pop 3^89 — Post-offices. East Bridgewater, Elmwood, Wcstdale electric 
j-ars to Bridgewater and Rockland 

East Brimfield. Hampden Co p o in town of Brimfield 

East Brookfield, Worcester Co p o in town of Brookfield on B A A R R 3 m from Spencer 

East Cambridge, Middlesex Co in city of Cambridge on Southern div B A M R R electric 
cars to Boston 

East Carver. Plvmouth Co p o in town of Carver 

East Charlemont. Franklin Co in town of Charlemont (Shelburne Falls p o\ 

East Dedham. Norfolk Co station in town of Dedham on Providence div X Y. X H A H R R 
electric cars to Dedham and Hyde Park 

East Deerfield. Franklin Co p o in town of Deerfield on B A M R R 

East Dennis. Barnstable Co p o in town of Dennis G m from Harwich 

East Dougl.-iss. Worcester Co p o in town of Douglass on X Y. X H A H R R 4 m from I \- 

East Everett, Middlesex Co in riiy of Everett sta B A M R R 

East Falmouth. Barnstable Co p o in town of Falmouth 

East Foxboro. Norfolk Co p o in town of Foxboro ou Providence div N Y, N H A H R R 6 ni 

from Wrenthani 
East Freetown. Bristol Co p o in town of Freetown on X Y. X II A H R R Id m from Xew 

Bedford electric cars . 

East Gardner. Worcester Co in citv of Gardner sta B A M R R 
East Gloucester. Essex Co in city of Gloucester 

East Groton. Middlesex Co in town of Groton sta Xa-shua A Acton Br B A M R R 
East Hadlev. Hampshire Co in town of Hadley sta on Mass div B A M R R 
Eastham. Barnstable Co town on Plymouth div X Y. X H A H R R 24 m N E of Barnstable 

— pop 545 — Post-oflices. Eastham. Xorth Eastham , „ .„ , _ 

Easthampton. Hamnshir.- Co town on Xorthampton div X \ N H A H R R and Easthnnip- 
ton branch B A M R R electric ears to Northampton and llolyokc— p.ip n.s4o— Post- 
offices. Easthampton. Mt Tom 
East Harwich. Barnstable Co p o in town of Har«i. I, 
East Haverhill, Essex Co station in city of Haverhill „ , . „ „ 

East Holliston. Middlesex Co p o in town of Holliston on B A A R R 
East Hubbardston, Worcester Co in town of Hubbardston — R D Hubbardston 
East Junction, Bristol Co in town of Attleboro sta X Y. X H A H R R 
East Lee. Berkshire Co p o in town of 

East I.everett. Franklin Co in town of I.everett — R U l.everett . , 

East Lexington. Middlesex Co in town of Lexington on B A M R R 4 m from W oburn .Lex- 

East'ut'rietCn^'Mi.ldUsrx Co in town of Westford sta B A M R R , „. . , .... ,. .. 
East Long Meadow. Hampden Co town and p o on Springfield branch Highland div N -^ . 

X H A H R R el.-, tri- cars to Springfield 5 m stage to Hampden 6 m— pop 1939 
East L^ ni.. Essex Co p . .n city of L> .n on B A M R R 


lin,.lul Co p u in town of .Mansn.. 

til Coin 

N V. N II .t H It |{ 

N II & H n U 

Ik Co O.ranel, IWlou „ o) ,, „ m, Io« „ ol M,i...n„Y, I'lC;,,",,!!, ,1>( N V, 

iOast l'nn,cton, Woreestei- Cu |, u in town Snn.lwicl,, Karnstjlile Co p o in town 
'''■''^1 ~"-' '- i:-r\ Co (branch Lynn p o) i 

\ & I 


11 .v m' 

if to II a 
l: 1! 7 111 






.Mas,',,, to 



V V, 

X n 

* n K 

U 11 n, 



..n S 



1 H A .M 



ilin Co village in town of Sl,,-ll,uru,- U 1) fiardwcjlls Ferrv 
ll.'scx Co in city of yonuTMlh- sta Tl ^ M K j; I'lcitric car' 
■sex Co in town of bmllury sta H .li M H ]{ 

Co p o in city of Tannlon on N Y, .\ Jl A 11 H R 4 in K , 
ninton, Mi.iulcbor.. and N,« nc.lloni 
cpstcr Co p o in town of Tc-miilcton electric cars to Ourdni 

East \V;,!|,.,!,., Xurfulk Co p o in town of Walpole on Walnulc & \Vi 
„ il .t 11 li R electric cars to Walpole tnul lioston ' 

Co p o in town of Wareliani on N V, N II A- 1! R R 

lOast W 

Ka"t V\VI,Ml^"\\\;^!.i^',''.rf\, hi' '"'"^ WalenowirMa 1! & ^Ui'l! 

I'ias; WcM.i^.itli.'xorfnl'k C„"r 

i; R R 

i: ol Boston on I'l 

and, X V, N II A H R R 

■■ H. rl>l,i,,. C,, ,, ,, in t..v, ., ,,; W :! : mW-\<'. Da'lton 1 1 'ni ' '"" ' " '■""''' 
""■' ,."i ',"'"""''"■""''■"'' ' ■ ■ : "" "1 enliv- ,S5 in S E of Boston stenn 

In \\,,,„l.. I,,l,. IS 1,1 in,l t,, N. ,v !.. ,, I>i>p l-'Tli— auto luih-lo Oak BlulTs 

"illc .Mi<!'l ■-•■: ( ,, ^,M:,,-,. ,n M ' ,:, :; :. \l R R 

'"'■ ^■' ';v';" ' " '""" --J 1" ^ \'> ■'• !■ ' ■ 'Id-pop 5U0— Post-offices, North Ei;n 

■ I ! I ' n village in town of Eu'rcinont—R D Great Barrinirion 

. i ■ i ■ 1 'ownof Siituateon N V. X H & II R R 

^ ' ■! Xcwion stc R & A CircuitHranch 

' ■ '^ - ' \ V, N H & II H R i:j in from Boston 

I'll ! I'.iidKCwator on N Y, N U cfc II R R 

'■•'■■I' 'I I', il ■'". I n on N Y. N II & H R R 

tnwii on licjslc.n & Adiany R R 10 m E of Northaniplon— pop SCO— 

, i^nuths 

i-n on n & M R R 1 1 m N E of (Jrecnfield— pop lUiS— Rost-olticcs, 

n r, -r-i, -':■. l; A M R R i:! n. P E of Xewlniryport, 11 in X l" of 

' A M lAi Essex lirehclric cars 

I' i' - i/i :u. I. ;;.. iMc'p o) on Eastern div B & M R It li m N of 
I -V..1! electric .-ars to Mo-Ion— nnp :!7,71S 
MMi ;,nd p o on N Y, X II & 11 R 1< oi jii from clctric cars 

'M' l'L'77 
I. IM nf ridcoiice- R I! Uolv.d.c 

11. •;. '•!'•- 


,. i; L'JmK W 
1 -1 lalmom 

' of Bn 
h, Ml 


ins oil B 


ov.n''of Kalnuc 

M R R 
U & M R R 


I'li'i' V. . r,terCopoin town of C.raftonon X Y, N lUA H R R 101 m from Wor- 

- :irs to Worcester and Xorthbridirc 
Faull n. , \\,.[.\] ,.x Co villAKc in city of Maiden on Saii^us branch B & M R R 
layMlle, Worcester Co p o in town of Sonthboro on N Y, N H & U R R 3 m Iri.m Framini;. 

Feedinj; Hills, Hampden Co p in town of Agawam on Central New England R R electric 

cars to 8prinK(ield 5 in 
Fells. Middlesex Co villaire in town of Melrose on B & M R R (i ;ii from Boston— R D Mcl- 

Fcnway. .Suffolk Co p o station in citv of Bosti.n 

Ferncroft. Essex Co in town of Danv'era sla B & M R R 

Ferry Street, Bristol Co in citv of Fall River sta X Y, N H & H R R 

Fiehls Corner, Suffolk Co in city of Boston stii N Y, N H i- H R R 

Fisherville, Worcester Co p o in town of Grafton electric cars to Xorthbridce find Worcester 

Fiskdale, Worcester Co p o in town of Sturbridgo electric cars to Routhbridize 5 in and Palmer 

i;3 m 
Fit.M-iii:-, W.,,. , ., , r, .if ;, ,, n,I ...ij.iv seat on Fitehlnirg div V.& M R R and Icrmi- 

- ' ': \ -1 ■■■}':"]■< XofWorccsterelcclliccarstoAjer, l.comll.-ter 

Fine,'.' . ,!. ,...■. ,:' I' . v.atersta N Y, N H & H R R 

Fhni \ :! ;-. . |,:i-i..| I .. .: 'i. 1. :i . n' ..' I M River on N Y, N H & H R R 
rioreme, Hampshire Co v o -f.tion in citv ..f Xorl liamplon on Xorlliamptr.n div X Y, X I! 
.t H R R 


Fl<>ri.!:i. I'.irl,-lii[,. C'., town On B & M R R 25 m N E of I'illsf.rlil— pop 41;7— Posl-onUe, 

Foil -I ' in city of Chelsea sta 13 & M R R 

I'-T. - v-lk Coin city of Boston stii N V, N H & II H R 

1 "r. ' i i li' Co p o in town of Sandwicli staire to S:in(lwic-h (3 m 

F>'|'- : - Coin city of Boston sta N Y, N H & H R R 

I'M., 1 . . ^ Co (Murb!e!ien<l p o) in city of Salem sta B & M R R 

I'ni;-" '■ ': • . !■ .ii.-ex Co p o in town of Wc.Mford on Ktonybrook bran, li B .t M R H K m 

Fort An/hJusV'., in Plvmoiilli Co 

Fort War-cn p o in Suffolk Co 

Foxboro, Xorfolk Co town on X Y, N H & H R R 14 i,i S of DodlKun i-leclric cars to Munstid,!, 

Wrcnlhaiu. \V:dpulr', utid Xnrwood— pop 375o — Pusl-ofTlces. FoNhorn, East i'oxliuro 
Foxvale, Norfolk r„ in town of Foxboro on N Y. N II & H R R— R 1) .Mansfield 
FniniinKliani. Middlesex Co town on N Y, N II & 11 R R and H & A R R elctric ears to South 

FraMun!;han.— pop lo.SOO— Post-offices, Franunshani, Franiin-hani Center, Xobseol, 

Fniinin-iivT,, (-....(..r p o in town of FraniinKham on N Y, N 11 & H R R 

Fr:,rl ' - \,:,:,,l' ( ■., town on N Y. N II & II 11 R 17 ni S V,' of IJedhnm electric cars to Plain- 
■ -, .1 Dclhani and VVoonsocket R I— p(,n (1410— Post-ofTiees, Franklin, Ininn- 

Fr^ii.l.:! I i - X Cop oin town of Sauuus on Saunus brr.n.h B & M R R 

Fr,^ ■ ', i , - I ,, town on N Y, N H & II R R H m N W of New Bedford S in X of Fall 

I: I i : faiinton— pop 10(13— Post-olfici'S, Assorcl. F;ist Freetown 

Fi, -i I.I , . -rx Co in eitv of Cnmbridjre sta B & M R R 

F.iiii: ^ I. ; I Co p o in town of llardwiek on Boston & Albany R R and B & M R R 

Clai.h I >> ' I Co town and p o on Fitchbury div B & .M R R 2(1 tn X \V of Worcester 

c , - litchburg, Tenipleton, Atliol and (Jrang< — pop U;,:i7(3 

Cat - I A.,,.,ster Coin town of Leon.instirsta X Y, X 11 & II R R 

Oa\ 11 .1, I' , ^ Co town 10 m S \V of Edgartown stage to Vineyard Haven 10 ni— pop 
17. ,n-,MU III. Huns— R D Mcni'n.sha 

Geo,.... iMuii. I -,. X Co town and po (branch Haverhill p o) on R & M R R 9 iii K W of X.-w- 
Inii s |,nrt ii II. S K of Haverhill electric curs to Haverhill, Newbiirvport, Rowh-v and Ips- 

Gill.. :i- 111 W. -tr Co p o in town r/ H-.-.l -.i.' nn Ware River branch B & A R R aial 

< . -• i. n & M r, H t 111 Ir..... \' ■ .1. . 1. 1' r:irs to Ware 

Gill, I .1 . . . : ,11 7 I.I \ irof i;., . , ■ .. . \ ( R R—po|) 951— R D Turners Falls 
(;|.,.| .1 , ■ :. ;. ^..x (_■.. pu in loui, . - . r .V M R R 

Gl. M.I 1. . i.i il i.;i. Co p o 111 tuun n: ,-1... : i ■: .. . :: N Y, N II & H R R 19 m from Pitts- 

Glenwood, Middlesex Co part of the city of Medford sta B & M R R 

Glenwood, Worci'Ster Co in town of Webster sl.i B & A R R 

Gl-nwo.,.1 Avenue, Xurfolk Co in city of Boston sta N Y, K H & H R R 

GInl,. \::; ,; . , ^^'..l. t i C.. p o station in ton-u of SouthbridRc electric curs to SoulhbridRo 

CImii' ' I .1 . M andport of entry on Portland div B & M RR IG m X E of Sa- 

1 . I li and Bevi'rlv steamers to Boston — pop 24,478 

Gu~l, I'll ' ' I 12 111 X W of Northampton stu<;e to Williamsburg m— pop 2WI 

Gosncild! r>.i; I Xai'ishon Island III m N W of Edfjartown— pop 1,55— Post-ofTices, 

Gruflun, \\i.n.->. ; C, I. 
crsti-r~-pop ii2oiJ— I'l 

Grunby. Hampshire Co town and p o 9 in S E of Northampton stage to Holyolic ni— pop 

Graiiirrvilh', Mi.ldlrsix Co p o in town of Westford on Southern div B & M R R 7 in from 

I,,,wrll . |. . 111. r... I.. Lowell and Ayer 
CiraoMlli II... .; ' i .. I 1 m S W of Springfield stngi- to Westlield 9 in— pop 7.S4 — Post- 

ollir. ,, (. I . ., i!le Center 
Orunvill.. ( . . :! ■ I < o|' oin town of Granville 
Gre-it liarnii. I. c,, , , 1;, ,! ' ,,. .liv X Y, N H & H R R electric curs to 

Lee, v.; n • ■ C • ' -: nnington Vt and Canaan Conn s.u.e 

tn Xonii i . ' 'I ISarnngton, llousutonic 

Greenbush 1'! i '. .. .. . i. i ■ .i '■ M^uth Slioiv line N Y, X H & H R R 

(■.r,.,.n,|,i,. \\ ,,,, . . , i^., p^u .,ia 1,,^, a^,.^^-^-^^^ -.^^^ ^i^^^ ^^ ^^ ^^ ^^ ^^ ^^^ ^^^ ^^ ^^ Fitdiburg elec- 

I : ii lirld, Hatfield, Millers Fulls, Montague, Northampton and Turners Falls 

(In, , II .' - V i i;...iith Cn 1, o in t..» n of Maishfeld on N V, X II & H R R 

; Co p o station in town of W: 
oin city of Xorth Adamssia 

div B & M 

-pop 2C.C.I1 
B & M R 

on Athol br 


■h 1 


..n B & M 
I! H 



Hand div B 




,. M |.; i; r. 

ouill. Have 





:i n, N F of 





Hnnovcr, Plymouth Co town terminus Hanovc 

anJ Hi m N W of Plymouth — pop 2G00- 

llanover. South Hanover, West Hanover, Assinippi 
Hanover Center, Plymouth Co p o in town of Hanover 2 m from North Hanover 
Hanover Street, Suffolk Co p o sta in citv of Boston 
Hanson, Plymouth Co town on N Y, N H & H R R l.i m N W of Plymouth ele 

Brockton ami Plymouth— pop 170G— Post-offices, Hanson. North Hanson, So 

Harbor View. Sufifolk Co in city of Boston sta B, R B & L R R 
Harding. Norfolk Co p o in town of Medfielil 
Hardwick, Worcester Co town 22 m N W of Worcester electric ears to GilLertvill 

Post-offices, Hardwick, Furnace, Gilbertville, WlieeUvriRht 
Harrison S.iuare. Suffolk Co in city of Boston sta N Y, N H & H R H 
Hartsville, Berkshire Co p o in town of New Marlboro staEC to Great BarriiiKli>r 
Harvard. Worerstrr Co t.>wn on Worcester, Nashua & Portland div B & M 1! H : 

Worei-ster^pop 1 104— Post-offices, Harvard, Still River 
Harvard Stnet, Suffolk Co in city of Boston sta N Y, N II & H R R 
Harwich, Ba 

offices, Harwich, Harwich Port, East Ha 

Harwich, Pleasant Lake 
Harwich Center, Barnstable Co in town of Harwich sta N Y, N H & H R R Chatham Br 
Harwich Port, Barnstable Co p o in town of Harwich 
Hastings, Middlesex Co in town of Weston sta B & M R R 
Hatchville, Barnstable Co p o in town of Falmouth 
Hatfield, Hampshire Co town on Conn & Pass div B & M R R i 

ears to Amherst, Greenfield and Northampton— pop lili.'UJ 

Hatfield. West Hatfield, Bradstrcct 
Hatherly, Plymouth Co village in town of Rockland (Rockland p o) 
Hathoriie, Essex Co p o in town of Danvers on Lawrence branch B & M R R 
Haverhill, Essex Co city on Boston & Maine R R 33 m N of Boston IT. m S W of Newbiiry- 

port electric cars to Amesbury and Lawrence — pop 49,450 — Post-offices. Haverhill, Ward 

Hill, stations East Haverhill, Ayers Village, Bradford, Georgetown. Groveland, South 

Haverhill Bridge, Essex Co in citv of Haverhill sta B & M R R 

Hawlev, Franklin Co town 14 m S W of Greenfield stage to Cliarlemont a m— pop 427— Post- 

ofiiees. Hawlev, West Hawley 
Hayilen Row, Middlesex Co p o in town of Hopkinton on N Y, N H & H R R 
Haydenvillc, Hampshire Co p o in town of Williamsburg on Williamsburg branch N Y, N H & 

H R R 6 m from Northampton electric cars to Northampton, Easthampton and Williams- 

Hazehvood, Norfolk Co station in city of Boston on Prov div N Y, N H \- H R R electric cars 

to Hyde Park and Boston 
Heath, Franklin Co town 13 m N W of Greenfield stage to Sh.'lbunie Falls C, m— pop JS.i- 

Post-offices, Heath, North Heath, Cyrus 
Heath Street, Suffolk Co in city of Boston sta N Y, N H & H R H ,.,,,,,„„,, , 
Hebronville, Bristol Co p o in town of Attloboro on Prov div N \ , N 11 & 11 H R 11 m from 

Providence R I electric cars to Attleboro and Pawtuek.t K I 
Hemlock, Bristol Co in town of Westport sta N Y, N H & 11 li R 
Heywood. Worcester Co in town of Gardner sta B & M If R 
HicksviUe, Bristol Co in town of Dartmouth sta N Y, N H & H R R 
Highland, Hampden Co p o station in city of Springfield 
Highland Suffolk Co in city of Boston sta N Y. N H & H R R 
Highland Lake, Norfolk Co in town of Norfolk sta N 'l , N H & H R R 
Highlands, Suffolk Co in town of Winthrop sta B, R B & L R, It ^ „ 
Hill Crossing. Mi.Idlesex Co in town of Belmont station B & M R R 
HiUsboro. Franklin Co p o in town of Leverett 

Hillside, Bristol Co in town of North Attl.dioro sta N \. N U & HI! R „„,„„.r 

Hincham Plymouth Co town on N Y, N H & H R R 17 m S E of Boston st-am er in summer 

to "soston-pop o2r,4-Post-offices, Hingham, Hingham Center. South Hingham, Accord, 

Crow Point 
llij^^r;, S:rhir'e'-^r!!n^:nS I'o^T^yl'T^n R 8 m S E of Pittsfield electric cars 
Holbroo'ic'.'Norl'oir^Co'to'v^'on N Y, N H & H R R 12 m S E of Dedham electric cars to Brock- 

ton — pop 2948 — Post-offices, Holbrook. Brookville ,,.,,„„ vt „r r m- 

Holden Worcester Co town on Worcester & Gardner Br B & M R R 8 m N W of Worcester 

electric cars to Worcester-pop 2r,14-Post-offices, Holden. .Tefferson, Quinapoxet 
Holland, Hampden Co town 23 m S E of .Springfield stage to Palmer 12 m-pop 1.-.9— R D 

Hadley, Easthampton and Wrstfield— pop UO.Sie 
^^J''^::^^,'^^-' "- '■ ■ \V"r{\ l'i:r•^^uL^.^lt^c'\ars to Grafton, Milford, 

Milford— pop .'i::, !■ ■ 1 '■!"-. Hopkinton, Hayden Ron, Woo.ImIW 
Horseneck Beach, Bristol C aumm..r p o in the town of Westport 
Hortonville, Bristol Co in town of Swansea— R D Swansea 

Houghs Neck, Norfolk Co in city of Quincy . . , ,.. y s^ ,, . ,, ,{ |( 4 in frnn, 

Housatonic, BerkKhire Co p o in town of Great Barrington on N 1 , N 1! >V II I! 

Howarths. Wo^rccster Co station on B & A R R in town of Oxford 
Howes, Essex Co in town of Middletoii sta B & M « ^ 
Howlands, Plymouth Co in town of LakeviUe sta N \ N H & H R U 
Hubbardstoni Worcester Co town of Worcester branch B & M R R 2y i 

IHf^r ^^^:Tc^Z:;.!\:n:l'VTc^ m' rami'l'ltehburg div H 
""'■Z'ston'el!.etHe c'aVt^Clnto,', Concord and Marlboro-pop .75s 
Hull, Plymouth Co town terminus Nantasket Beach branch ^/^. -^ '.!., 

Plymouth steamer to Boston in sumnier H m eieitnc c .ir> p i -- 

Allerton. Kenbenna, Naiitasket H(;i li 
Humarock. p o in Plymouth Co 

N W of 


M li li 

! 2S Ml W 

11 R R : 
J -I'osl- 

Ul 1.1 N W 
nflices, Ih 


Huntington, Hampshire Co town and p o on Boston & Albany R R 12 ra S W of Norlluimpton 
electric ears — pop 1427 ,» 

Huntington Avenue, Suffolk Co in city of Boston sta B & A R R 

Hyanni3, Barnstable Co p o in town of Barnstable on branch N Y, N H & H R R 4 in S of 

Hyanni? Port, Barnstable Co p o in town of Barnstable stuee to Hvannis 2 m 

Hyde Park, Norfolk Co p o station in eitv of Boston on N Y, X H & H R R 3 m N E of Ded- 
ham electric cars to Boston, Dedham, Milton and Readville 

Indian Orchiinl, Hniiipdcn Co p o in city of SpringfieUl on main line and Athol branch Bos- 

hiRtr- ~ ' V town of W'inthrop sta B, R B & 1, R R 

Infill- I . !■ X Co in town of North Andover sta B & M R R 

Inu-!- : M Co in town of Hnlvoke sta B & M R R 

Int.'i!'.. ' ■ ■ ■ I ■.. |. IP in i-« 1, of StockljridKC 

lp.„;, < , , ; . • :,., B& M R R n m N 01 Sal-meleoriccars— popr,272 

I«1um1 ' ' .: ' . :- \;, ! ., ..' of Duxbiiry on N Y, N H & H R R 4 1 iM f mm Boston 

IsIm.- ; !' ,■ .1 . ' HI .o«u u: Cleveland sta B Jt M R R 

M,,,^. . ,, p o 1,1 tov.ii of Westwood on N Y, N H & H R R I.-? m from Boston , 1 - Ik Co.po Station in city of Boston on Provi.lencediv N Y,N H A II R R 

.huiirvx I;. , \\ ■ I '-r Co in town of Worcester 

.leffer^rin. Won- stfr Co p o in town of Holden on Worccstei 

div B & M R R m from Worcester 
Judson, Bristol Co village in town of Raynham 
.function, Berkshire Co in town of Pittsfield sta B & A R R 
Kenbcrma. Plvmo<ith Co p o in town of Hull 
Kendal Gre.n. Middlesex Co p o in town of Weston on Fitc 
Kingston, Ph mouth Co town on N Y, N H & H R R 33 m I 

Plvmouth and Brockton— pop 2,i8'l— Postoffices, Kinc-^ton, mjv.t i.aKe 
I akc Pleasant, Franklin Co p o in town of Montague on Piteliburg div B & M R R electric 

cars to Millers Falls, Montague and Turners Falls 
Lake Street. Middlesex Co in town of Arlington sta B & M R R . 

I.akcville, Plvmouth Co town and p o on N Y, N H & H R R IS m S 

cars to Taunton, East Taunton, New Bedford, Bndgewatcr, Br 

Lanca.ster, Worcester Co town on Worcester, Nashua & Portlind div B & M R R 10 i 
Worcester electric cars to Worcester and Fitchburg — pop 2.58 j — Post-olTices, I^ 

Lanesbon, Berkshire Co town on Pittsfield & North Adams branch B A A R R electric cars to 

Pittsfi'eld— pop 1089— Post-offices, I.anesboro, Berkshire 
Laneeville, Essex Co p o station in city of Glouoester 4 m from Rockp jrt electric cars to tjlou- 

Laurcfpa'rk, Hampshire Co summer p o and station on N Y, N H & U R H in city of North- 

Lawr*enc''e,''E3sex Co citv p o and county seat on B & Nf R R 20 m N W of Boston electric cars 
to Lowell and Haverhill— pop 90. 2.V.) ,„.,.,,, ,,v, 

Lcc. Berkshire Co town on N Y, N H & H R R 11 m S .,f Piltsfirld electric cars-pop 44S1 
— Post-offices,, E.ast " 

Leeds, Hampshire Co p o iii c 

Leicester, Worcester Co town 
Spencer 13 m — pop 332_' 

Lenox, Berkshire Co to« 

sfield electric 

cars to Pitisticid — pop 3Jt- r..;.i i,;.i< t-. l.^ii. v. '-'-.'■'■' '■,.!- v- \- li r. it d n o m 
Lenox Dale, Berkshire Co p o in town A Lenox <m Htrkshirc l.r;,n.h N \ , N H & H R R 2 ra 

I comins"er'''worcester Co town and p o on Taunton div N Y, N H & H R R 21 m N of Worccs- 

I'everethv'inkMrro town';";V:.n^Trv"lO 

I'exilgt^n ^Vi,h^n:L\ CoT^wn a^ufp'^o^n '^\?3dI?s?rc"en Br B ,. M R R 12 m N W of Boston 

":, m's .1 Lowell electric cars to Boston, Arlington Heights and Waltham--pop do38 

I.eyden. Franklin Co town stage ti Greenfield 9 m-p'.p 344-Post-ofhccs, Lcyden, \^ est Le> - 

I incoln" Middlesex Co town on Fitchburg div B & M R R 14 m S of Lowell 10} m W of Boston 
■ —pop 1310— Post-offices, Lincoln, South Lincoln ^ , ,, „ „ 
I incoln Snuare, Worcester Co in city of Worcester sta B A M R R 
I nden Middlesex Co sta on Saugus Br B A- M R R in city of Malde- 
rinden'wo.d, Middlesex Co in town of Stoneham : 
Linwood, Worcester Co p o in town of Uxbridge ( 

ter electric cars to WhitinsviUe 1} m 
[:![l^^J^"?I^!!i::e?'i^ ^ j^rl^lf ^i^M^R 13 m S W of Lowe.l-p.p 122S_Po,t-offices. 
1 ittle''tofcrm,ni'n,''^Mi?ld'fe°srCo p o in town of LittlAon 
"^^l^^i^S^T^^^o T^ofn S'w^ndell 10 m fr,m Amhei.t 
};;;;;^iSl^:^m^i^n?::^rrViJrN .?Th R R 4 m S of Sprm^held ..lecuie cars ,o 

and p Springfield— pop 1782 „ ti , i,„ , 

I,ong PlaTn, Bristol Co in town of Acushnet-R D Aci-shnet 
T.ongwood, Norfolk Co in town o Brookline sta B & A R R 

I oiidviUe HaniDshire Co village in town of Westhampton „ 

Lowe I Middles^ Co city p o .and county seat on B & M R R/nltf/-",';!-' , .''T' cimT^ d" 

ton branch 21) m N W of Boston electric cars to L: — 

Kl/^'Sp^^;!'!^"^ J^ AZrlSSj? r ^lb|n^ H nS „, N^of Springfield 
^■"^ ele;t"c?rrs ,o Springfield-p.p G251 -Post-offices, [-f , J-];';., ;:'; '^r'A , [ >« 

LvnnrK^^of C;::-i.y - KiS^'m^^B A ^."i^^ ■"' ""T" iF^^r M^JblZ-Jr^^^hm 'iC 
I 1{ 11 m N K of Boston ;, -n S of Salem ilectnc cars ij; Bosion, M i.l , 1.. ..; • i- m. 

Lvn!:'^L::;o^;i^=::^<'^^t^Hn/^;rs^^^^^^^ ^""" 



Lynnficld, Essex Co town on S Reading branch B i\: M ]{ U S m N W of Salem olpetrie enrs 
Machine Shop, Essex Co in town of North An.lf.vor <=(„ n .(, at n r. 

Machine Shop, Essex Co in town of North Andover 
Magnoha, Essex Co p o station in city of Glou: 


Malden,^IiddlcsM Co city and p o on B & M R H 23 m S E of Lowell electric cars to Boston 
Manchaug, Worcester Co p o in town of Sutton 2 m from East Douclass 

ManSmrt\''piymouth°Co p"o'\n''town o" pf^mout'l',"' " '^ '^' ^^ " ° " '^ '^^ °' Salem-pop2045 
Mansfield', Bristol Co town June Providenoi"nd Taunt.n div N Y, N H & H R R 12 m N W 

S77^'^prS''M^«?M, l':':':"vrr:': ^^t:'' ^^T':\!^"'""' '"'^ ^aunton-pop 
Maple Grove, Berkshire Co in ti" ;, ' ' ' * \ ;- [■ 

Maplewood Middlesex Co villv. :, ,; ,; , , ; ,' KranchB&MRR 
Marbehead F^ssex Co town ,,.., . : ,: , ; : ,,,.„. |,,,d ,„„„,h B A M R R -1 

Marblehcad Neck, Essex Co sumnur p u .„,;„;,; ufM,'rbiei;:'ul >•«'- f l'"'^" 

Marble Ridge, Essex Co in town of North Andover sta R & .\i R R 

MariDn, I'l.vmouth Co town and p o on N Y. N H & II R R is n, ,S W of Plynioulh electric 
AT ."i"" to New Bedford and Onset— pop 1-187 

Marlboro, Aliddlesex Co euy and p o on Fitcl^burg div B & M R R and N Y, N H ^- H R R 
2b m S W of Lowell electric cars to Hudson, Clinton, Worreyter, Westboro and FraniinL- 
ham — pop 15.250 
??'"'"ic'''; -,•'"£;'''''"■ '^yo"-<^''tPr C) in dty of ATarlbo.., sta N Y, N H & H R R 
Marshficld, Plymouth Co tiwn on K V, \ II ,v li It H 15 m \ of Plvraouth— n-,n 17-'-,— 
Post-offio,.s,Marshficld, Center .M„.i,:„M \, ,-,,„..ld Hills. N ,rth Marshficld, B^rnnt 
Rock. Green Harbor, Ocran HlulT. .- \ ~ , li-h 

Marshfieldinils, Plymouth Co p o ,n t^. i, . : , , M ,m N Y, N II & H R R 
AlarstiJiis A I ills, riurnstaoln ( o p o in i u .'. u . ,i ! , , i i -■ 1 1 Jr 
Marthas Vineyard, Dukes Co an island .s E „f Huz/:,rds Bay 21 m long comprising towns of 

Edgartown, Tisbury, West fisbury, Ciiilinark, tlav Head and Oak Bluffs 
Mashpee, Barnstable Co town and p o 6 m from .Sandwich stage to Sandwich— pop 2()3 
Matfield, Plymouth Co in town of West Biidgewater on N' Y, N H & H R R 12 in from South 

Mattapan, Suffolk Co p o sta in city of Boston on N Y, N H & H R R 

Mattapoisett, Plymouth Co town on N Y, N H & H R R 24 m S W ,.f Plynnuth (1 m from 
New Bedford electric cars to New Bedford and Ohset— pop 13:)2— Post-om,c, Matta- 
Mayflower Park, Norfolk Co in town of Braintree 
Maynaid, Middlesex Co town and p o on Marlboro branch B i M R R 7 m S W of Concord 

electric cars to Hudson — pop 6770 
Maywood, Worcester Co in town of Auburn sta N Y, N H & H R R 
Meadowbrook, Bristol Co in town of Norton sta on N Y, N H & II R R— R D Norton 
Meadowview, Middlesex Co in town of North Reading sta southern div B & M R R 
Medfiel.l, Norfolk Ct town on N Y, N II & H R R S m S W of De<lham electric cars— pop 3li-48 

— Post-officea, Medfield, Harding 
Medfield Junction, Norfolk Co (Harding p o) in town of Medfi.-ld on N Y, N H & H R R 
Medford, Middlesex Co city p o and (branch Boston p o) terminus Medford branch Boston 

& Maine R R 21 m S E of Lowell electric cars to Boston li in— pop 30.509 
Medford Hillside, Middlesex Co in citv of Medford .^ta B & M li R 
Medway, Norfolk Co town on N Y, N H & H R R 13 m .S W of Dedham electric cars to Milford 

and Franklin— pop 2840— Post-ofliccs, Medway, West Medway 
Megansett, Barnstable Co summer p o in town of Falmouth 

Melrose, Middlesex Co town (branch Boston p o) on Boston & Maine R R 7 m from Boston 
20 m S E of Lowell— pop 10.880- electric cars to Boston— Post-omccs., Melrose 
Melrose Highlands, Middlesex Co p o in town of Melrose on B i M 1! R 
Menauhant, Barnstable Co summer p o in town of Falmouth 
Mendon, Worcester Co town and p o IS m S E of Worcester electric cars to Uxbridge 5 in M il- 

ford 3 m— pop 933 
Menemsha, summer p o in Dukes Co 
Merrick, Hampden Co p o in town of West Springfield 
Merrimac, Essex Co town terminus West Amesbury branch B & M R R 8 m N W of New- 

buryport 27 m N W of Salem — pop 2101 — Post-offices, Merrimac, Mcrrimaeport, 
Merimacport, Essex Co p o in town of Merrimac electric cars to Merrirntic 1 m and to Ames- 
bury 4 m 
Metcalf, Middlesex Co p o in town of Holliston 
Methuen, Essex Co town anil p o (branch Lawr 

20 m N W of Salem— pop 14.007 

Middlcboro, Plymouth Co town on N Y, N H & H R R 35 ni S E of Bo.ston 14 in S W of Plv- 

mouth— pop 8(331- Post-om.cs. Middlcboro, North Middlcboro, South Middleboro, Rock 

Middlefield, Hampshire Co town on N Y C R R 25 m W of Nortlurfnplon— pop 325— Pjst- 

officcs, Middlefield. Bancroft 
Middlesex, Mi.l.llesex Co in city of Lowell on Southern div B A M H U 
Mid.i!, • II I . . ( ,, town on Portland div B & M H R .s ... \ U -t - ,1. ... im line of Salem & 

l.v .<,ric cars— pop 1308— Posl-oHiccs, M, : hMiddleton 

Mil.^: I ', in town of Hamilton sta B & M l; ]■ i I. 

Mill-r.l, W . •, , :. r I ,, town tn N Y, N H it H R R and i. i , , i ^ branch Bo.slon & 
Albanx l< K 1> m .-^ E of Worcester electric cars to Soiitl. .\liii...-.l. Aiilcboro, South Frain- 
im,'liani, Hopedale and Woonsocket R I— pop 13,(iSl — l\.,t-oflices, Milford, Siutli Mil-'ok. Plvmouth Co p o in town of Duxbury on N Y, N H & H R R 

Milll.urv. Worcester Co town on N Y, N II & H R R and Boston & Albany R R fi m S E of 

Worcester electric ears to Worcester and Whitinsville- pop 529.5— Post-offices, Millbury 

West Millbury 
Millbuiy .I.inclion, Worcester Co in town of Millbury sta B & A R R 
Millers Falls. Franklin Co p o in town of Afoncague iuuetiMi B A M R R anil Central Vt R R 

7 m from Greenfield, electric cars to Gnr,if„.M ,,. 1 Tumrr, Falls 
Milliugton, Franklin Co p o in town of N.« S.l, ,n . i , .... >•'...! 

N II .t II l; l; _ ■ . . .; 12 m from Dedham eh.e- 

is. Nor 

folk Co town on N Y, 

trie ca 

rs to Medfield and M, 


, Berkshire Co'po in t 

villi-. V 

Vuree.sterCop 'inl"" 

R 1 

1.1 .toT' 1o W 


Miljville HeiElUs \Vui-.est,r (\, (Millvilln ,, n) in town of HhLr-lotune stu N Y. N li & U R R 
Millwood, hs>rx c, 1,1! ,,,, ^ ,,,,„ ,, l,',,wl,.v — H n Ipswii-h 

Milton, Noil, Ik c. I,, :, : ,. ,, ,„ I. |.„„,„„ po, on N V, N H ,V H R \l r, m K oLPed- 
Mishawum, Ml " . i , , > ,rv i.i W oljurn sta H & A II R 

Mittine^Bue, 11 . : - , U.CT^und p o in towna of West Sprinsfield and Agawara on B & 
MonponseU, 11 : . ;;„,aer p o in town of Halifax on N Y, N H & H R R 

R D Ke-,''lslM,r„'vt"'" '" '" ^ ^' °' <-'''=''"'^'-''''— P-'l' ^00— Po3t-office3. Monroe Bridge- 
Monroe BridRe" Franklin C', 
Monson, Hampden Co town 

pop 5(104 
Montague, I'r.'il.l!,, r m, „n B & M R R and Cen Vt Ry 4 ir 

carstoC' -' '' " 'Irs Falls and Turners Falls—pop 792 

Montas;'!, ' 1 : . Icisant, Millers Falls, Turners Falls 

Montague Cit . , i i ;, : i < <i p o in town of Montague 
Montclair, X m ill, t , m ljuh of Milton sta N Y, N H & H R R 
Montello, Plymuudi Co p u station in city of Brorkton 
Monterey, Berkshire Co t iwn and p o 18 m S of Fittsfield stage to Great Harrington 8 m— 

pop 358 
Montgomery, Hampden Co town and p o 20 m N W of Springfield stage to Westfield 8 m — 

pop 230 
Montrose, Middlesex Co in town of Wakefield on B & M R R — R D Wakefield 
Montserrat, Essex Co in city of Beverly sta B & M R R 
Muntvnlp, Middlesex Co vilhiije in city of Woburn on H * M R R 
Mniiivill,., Il..rkshir,. Ho ,, ,, ,„ ,,,„n ..f s , n.| wti..|,i -(mj,. to Winsted Conn 17 m 

M'""^' ':'. Mi'l'll- ' -. < - n, !.,>>-. ,,' 1 , , i .,,n 1, ..h N V, N H &H K H 

^'"' ''' ': ' ' ; ■. ^ ' ■ . ..„ I'lyiiionllidiv N Y, N II & H RR 

M'""'- '■■■■■■ ' ' ■' ■■ ' ..■ > . . ,,,, (-■,.„ \i ..,p,i B & M R R 

II .t H R R 
M RR l.-)inf 
I Slielfi.'ld 32 : 

div B & M R R 

Nhi.i ^ 

: llMuoutl, Copointownof Hull 

1 on \iiiila>kct Hcaoli R R stei.iiu-r in siii 

Nam;,-',: 1 .1 

Nautuck.t, ■ 

to Woo(' 

' - ',.,, I'lymouthCointownnfHimrl 
\';mtu(Ket Co town counly seat and p 
Is Hole 30 in and New Bedford (iO m- 

uimstaN Y,NH All RR 

,ort of enivy 11'. m .'■' K of Boston steam 

-Iioi) 3100— Post-onices, Nantucket, Sia 

Nashob.n. Mi 

Nati<4:, M!.!< 

.Idh'sox Co p n in town of Wcslford 

J 17 iM s-' W .,f Boston electrie care to C 

Nun',.: , \> 

,':■■ '',^..;:;::;:,'„'iV,::,"i'A'^' ;■;,::- 

:: ' •,,..nB&MRR 

;j r'- ,,',,, \,.:il',am, Charles Rivi 

Norfolk Co p o in town of Ncedhani on N V, N II A: 11 R R 4 in fro 
r~ to Newton and Wc.tertoun 
Norfolk Co in towi: of Needham stn N Y, N 11 & II R R 

i. ,v, :„ ,.„,„ ,,f M,,|.,!,.|„,,.. -1-. N Y N H ,«• II R 11 

• ■ ,. ' ..,'< ■ ,1(1 stage to Pittsfield- 

. , ; ,.,,,s Taunton div NY 

, :' I , , , , ^ hi sieaiiuT toNcw Yc 

H >V M R R IS n. 
wburyport elcrtrie 

,d div B & M R R 

Middlesex ( 

.:<, in town of 

nox, Berkshi 



enox on Berkshire div N Y, N H & II R R 4 m from 

own 35 m W of Springfiokl 'uotor stage to Great Barriiigtnn 
CCS, New Marlboro, Harlsville, Mill River, Soulhf^ekl 
on Athol br:.n. )i B & A R R 17 ni S E of Greenfield- pop G25 
•ooleyville, Milfington— R 1) Orange 

"p oTwanrh Boston p o) on B & A R R 7 m S W of Boston 
^Mb^id^'e Wallham and Watertown— pop 43,113— Post-ofiices, 
Newton Ili^.hlaiuls, Newton Lower Falls, Newton Fpi.or 
\'ewtoi), Auburnd 
(liraneh Boston |: 

cwton on B A A R R 
B & M R R 

P o) in city of Newtc 


of Nowtui 

-R U 

istu N V, iN ][& H UX 

:k1 in liiwn of Cl.ilinark 

111 S W of D.HlliMin— i)op lL'OS-I'o»t-ofrici-.-. 

1 N y, N ]I i«; }| I{ ]{ in in from 

Nortli ^ ;. : : ^' in ton n uf Acton ou Acton lir B & M K R 

N'orM. \. ' >iiv on fi & M ]{ R nnd terminus I'iltslickl & North Ad«ni3 

I'li ' ! 0. ^ H U l.'l N of 1'itt.sficia electric cars to Aihinis. Clarksburg 2 m 

i'li'-' ' : i • ' ^\ ,!l i: .un.-.niii.ul Bennin>;lonVf20in—i)oi):.'2,U;jO — Po3t-o(Kces, Nortli 
Adaiii.s, Dhukiiiton 
North Amherst, Hampshire Co p o in town of Amherst on Central Vermont H K electric cars 
Northampton, Hampshire Co city and county scat on Northampton tliv N V, N H & H H R 
antl Conn & Pass .liv iiml Cen Mass div B & M R R 20 m N of ,Springfiel.l electric cars 
to Easthan,; ;. T, T!. :r i , , I , , ,'- 11 ,|, nville, WiUiumshurg and Amlierst— pop 21,(1.04 

PoSt-nlii N . . I ,. . , . I , I I,,,, ,,,.g 

North Anduv n I , . i , i : i, Lawrence p u) on B & M R H hotli Kastern 

and Won :,,,,, , j , , v, i ,,,, -pop 5956 
North Ashbiiii. ., \\. ' ■- I ( ., I ■...»„ of Ashburnhum on Cheshire div B & M R R 

North Hclhmihani. Norfolk Co p o in town of BelUngham on Woonsocket div N V, N H & II 

U R4 m from Fianklin 
North Bcverlv, Essex Co in city of Be 
North Billcrica, Middlesex Co n o in t 

North Blandford, Hampden Co village 
Northboro, Worcester Co town and p o on N Y, N H & H R R electric cais to Marlboro r, m 

East, Wcslboro 4 m South, .Shrewsbury 5 m West, Worcester 10 m 8 West — pop 1797 
North Brewster, Barnstable Co p o in town of Brewster 
Northbridge, Worcester Co town on Worcester div N V, N H & H R I{ Ki m S K of Worcester 

electric cars to Worcester— pop 9254— Post-ofhces, Northbridge, Northbridge Center, 

Northbridge Center, Worcester Co p o in town of Northbridge 
North Brookfield, Worcester Co town and p terminus North Brookfield branch Boston <t 

Albany R R 2.3 m W of Worcester electric cars to Warren and Spencer— pop 2947 
North Cambridi^e, Midalescx Co in city of Cambriilge on B li M R R electric cars to Boston 

4 m 
North Carver, Plymouth Co p o in town of Carver on N Y, N JI A H R R Plymouth ,t Mid- 

dlcboro div 
North Chatham. Barnstable Co p o in town of Chatham stage to Challiam 
North Chelmsford, Middlesex Co p o in town of Chelm.sford on B & M H 1! .'i m fr.mi Lowr^ll 

electric cars to Lowell 
North Chester, Hampden Co p o in town of Chester 

North Cohasset, Norfolk Co p o in town of Cohasset on N Y, N H & H R R 
North Dana, Worcester Co p o in town of Dana on Boston & Albany line N Y . C & II R R 
North Dartmouth, Bristol Co p o in town of Dartmouth on N Y, N H & H R R 5 in from 

New Bedford 
North Dighlon, Bristol Co p o in town of Dighton on N Y, N H & H R R 4 m from Taunton 

electric curs to Taunton and Fall River 
North Duxbury Co p o in town of Duxbury 

North Eastham, Barnstable Co p o in town of Easlhani 20 m from Harwich 
North Easton, lln..,.l C p „ in town of Easton on N Y, N H A H R R 22 m from Boston 

North Egreiii-' ' I ' '., p o in town of Egremont stage to Great Barrington 5 m 

North Falnu.uv I Co p o in town of Falmouth on N Y, N H & H R R 

Northtield, li, i ' - ' - i "n on Central Vt Ry 12 m N K of Grcenfiehl— pop 17S2— Post- 
offices, Nuiiliti, Id, .\,,rthheld Farms, East Northheld, West Northfield, Mt Hermon 
Northfield Farms. Franklin Co p o in town of Northheld on Cen Vt Ry .i m from Millers I'alls 
North Foxboro, Norfolk Co in town of Foxboro on N Y, N H & H R R— R D Foxboro 
North Grafton Worcester Co p o in town of Grafton on B & A R R electric cars to Worcester 

r. ,n r;raft..T, 1 iM W eMhoro F, m and Milford 
North lla.ll, . II -,:ii. lopointownof Hadley 

:.\\] ,, /. _ 

1 . ., ,,on. townof HansunonPlvmouthdivN Y.N H A- 11 I! R 

rt h ll:ii \i 1 

' H ■<■.-■ t :. Cm p o in town of Har« 

nh Hatl'cl 

,1 llanipshire Co p o in town ol Hatfield on Conn & Pass tliv B A M 1( R 

from Nor 


rth Heath 

Franklin Co p o in town of Heath i 
lie I'lyniottth Co in town of Lakeville sta N Y, N H .£ }I R R 

rth Lakcvi 

„ ,• 1-ss. V Co . Lawrence p o) in city of Lawrence sta B A M K H 

rth lVoiuu 

!-.;, \S „. , -i, ■ fo in town of I.eoininster on Fitchburg div B A .M R R ele 


] itehburg 
M i ., ; . ,, p ointownof LeverettonCen Vtand B & M R R 

rth LcMiif 

,, ,, \ , X Coin town of Lexington sta B A V R R 

Noriii iaTiT. toiiMhUil, -,x fo in town of Littleton sta B A .M R R 

North Mar.-hheld. I'lvii.ouih Co p o in town of Marshfield 15 m from Hingham 

North Middleboro I'lyiiiouth Co p o in town of Middlci>oro on N V. N H A Jl R R 

North Slonson. Hampdeu Co in town of Mon.son sta Cen VI R R 

North New Salem. Franklin Co in town of Now Salem stage to drange 5 ni 

North (ir iiiirc Franklin Co p o in town of Orange stage to Atliol 4 m 

North Oxford Worcester Co p o in town of Oxford on N Y, N H A H R R S ni from W orcesl. 

North Oxford Mills, Worcester Co (North Oxford p o) in town of Oxford 

North Pembroke. Plvmouth Co p o in town of Pembroke stage to Hanover 2 m 

North Pepnerill Middlesex Co in town of Pepperell sta B A M R R 

North Plymouth, Plvmouth Co p o in town of Plymouth on N Y, N H A H R R electric ca 

to Plymouth and Brockton 
North Postal Station, Suffolk Co station in city of Boston 
North Prcscott, Hampshire Co p o in town of Prescott stage to Greenwich S m and Oram 

North Reading, Middlesex Co town and p o on Southern div B A M H R 14 m S V. of I.owi 
electric cars — pop 1292 

n 1; ' H 


North lUliubotli, Briilol Co hi lown of Rebohotl.— R IJ Attlc-l.oro 

North UochestcT, Plymouth Co vilUigi- in town of RochcBler— H \) Ahuion 

North Rutland, Wurrester Co in town of Rutliind 

North Scitunte, Plymouth Co p o in t<jwn of S, ituRte on N Y, N H & 11 It J{ li lu fr,.in lAini;- 

ham ^' 

North Somerville, Middlesex Co in city of ISomerville sta B & M R K 
North Ktoughton, Norfolk Co p o in lown of Stoughton on N Y, N H & II R R 
North Street, Essex Co in citv of Salem sta B & M R R 

North Sudbury, Middlesex Co p o in town of Sudbury on Taunton riiv N Y, N H <fe H R R 
North Swansea, Bristol Co in town of Swansea electric cars to Fall River 10 m and Providence 

R I 8 m— R D Swansea 
North Tisbury, Dukes Co in town of West Tisbiiry stuce to \ imvard Haven 4 m 
North Truro, Barnstable Co p o in town of Truro on N Y, N H A"H R K i. m frnm Province- 
North Uxbridgc, Worcester Co p o in town of l^xbridfe 
North Walpole, Norfolk Co villsge in town of Walpole 

North Webster, Worcester Co in town of Webster sta N Y, N H & H R R 
North Westport, Bristol Co p o in town of Wcstport on N Y, N H & H R R 
North Weymouth, Norfolk Co p o in town of Wevmoutli electric cars to Quincv and E Wev- 

North Wilbraham, Hampden Ct 

J p o in t 


of Wi 

Ibraham on Boston 

, & Albany 

R R 10 m 

from Springfield 

North Wilmington, Middlesex C 
North''w"burn, Middlesex Co ii 

o p o in 


1 of W 

ilmington on B & . 

M ]i R 3 n 

1 from An- 

ti citv of 


in, Mm 

1 H A M R R 

North Woods, Worcester Co in tc 


,\.l. <: 


ner Br B & M R R 

North Worcester, Worcester Co 

-11 H & M R R 

Norton, Bristol Co town on N Y, 


i i; K 

.■1k, 11 

1- .Ills lo Taunton .S m— pop 2 

'.87— Post- 

offices, Norton, East Norton 

,. Barrow 


•. Clia 


Norwell, Plymouth Co town and 

p o 21) n: 


of Hut 

Hun 10 m N of Plyi 

noutli stagi 

Mo Grccn- 

bush 3 m— pop 1563 

Norwich, Hampshire Co in town 

of Hunt 

ington— K D Huntington 

Norwood, Norfolk Co town on N Y, N H & H R R 4 

mS Wof Dedham 

electric car 

s— pop 10- 

977— Post-offices, Nor 
Norwood Central, Norfolk Co in town of Norwood sta N Y, N H & H R R 
Oak BlufTs, Dukes Co town and p o steamer to New Bedford 32 m and to Woods Hole 8 m— 

pop 1245 
Oakdale, Worcester Co p o in town of West Bovlstnn junction Cen Mass div and Worcester, 

Nashua & Portland div B & M R R 10 m from Worcester 
Oak Grove, Middlesex Co in cit,- of Maiden sta B & M R R 

Oakham, Worcester Co town 15 m N W of Worcester stage to Coldbrook— jiop .-,27— Post- 
offices, Oakham, Cf>ldbrook Springs 
Oak Island, SiitTolk Co in town of Itcv.ic si:i 11, K B & I. R R 
Oakland. Middlesex Coin ciiv ..i \\.,i,,,r,i m:i H & M R K 

OaK Street. Hampden Co in ..1 >|.i hmjI:. I.! Ma at Indian Orchard B A A R R 
Ocean Bluff. Plvmouth Co p o in i,.«n ui Minslilield 
Ocean Grove, p" o Bristol Co sta N V, N 11 i; II R R 

Ocean Spray, Siiffolk Co vibage in town of Winthrop on B, R B & L R R 4 ni from Boston 
Old Furnace. Worcester Co (Furnace p o) in town of Hardwick sta B A A R R, War- River 

Oldtown, Bristol Co in town of Nortli Attlfl.un,— R D Nortli Attleboro 

Onset, Plvmouth Co p ,, in t..vM: -: W ,,. 1. ., \ Y. N 11 & H R R liSmfrom Middleboro 

Onset JuiictioTi. I'liM. mil, Cm M ". , >.,„ „ uf Wareham sta N Y, N H & H R R 

Orange, Franklin (■- toMM .11, I ' .'. M U H 19 m K of Greenfield electric cars to 

Athol— pop .-.:i7'J — r,,M-Ml, .ill iii:.i,r.-, Tiilly 

OrientHeights. Suffolk Co in. i:, ' ': : I I' I'. ,V I HH 

Orleans, Barnstable Co town ..I, r, I ■ 'i ■ M ^ H I: K 24 m N E of Barnstable— 

pop 116G— Post-offices, Oil. , ' . ' - :i- 

Osterville, Barnstable Cop oil! '.: I . ' ,, i miiis 

Otis, Berkshire Co town 22 ni S I ..; i r ; ■:. : ! -■ r ■-,( h. ■- p.. j. 442— Post-offices, Otis 

East Otis 
Otter River, Worcester Co p o in town of Templeton on Filchburg div B & M R R 4 in from 

Gardner ele.tric cars to Gardner and BaldwinsviUe 
Oxford.WorcesterCo townon N Y.X H& H R R 11 ni Sof Worcester electric cars— pop 347(1 

— Post-offices, Oxf..rl V .rt' (i-fnid 
Palmer, Hampden Co i.:.- t , ' Boston & Albany R R and Central Vt R R 15 m E of 

Springfield electn. - ! ■ llivers, Thorndike, Bondsville. Monson, Ware ami 

Springfield — pop'Jl.^ :' ! I •-. Palmer, Bondsville, Thorndike, Three Rivers 
Pansy Park. Hampshire i .. i ■ . n mi H.lchertown sta Cen Mass R R 
Park Street, Middlesex C, in r,i> M M. .ll..r.l Ma B & M K R, , „ „ „ 
Parker Mills, Plvmouth Co in l..^^n ..i W :,,, ham sta N Y, N H & H R R 

Basque Island, Dukes Co sunini.r i. •..^^n ,.f Gosnold 

Paugus, Middlesex Co in town ul !■• \.].' ■• T 1'. U East Pepperell 

Pttwtucketville, Middlesex Co p:,: • •'.-.v.-ll 

Paxton. Worcester Co town an, 1 I " ,,i W orcester stage to Worcester— pop 4 / 1 

Peabody, Essex Co town and j,,, i, :, : - i :, In- and .V,iithei-n div B & M R R 2 ni N \\ 

of Salem— pop 18,625— Pom . 1 ,, u,l.\ . West Pcabtfdy 

Pecowsic, Hampden Co in eity „t -, n„.,„ .1 i :, .\ Y, N H & II R R 
Pelham, Hampshire Co town 14 m S K uf Northampton stage to Amherst— pop 4!i9— R D 

Pembc°'ton? Plymouth Co (Hull p o) in town of Hull sta Nantaske^t Beach R H 
Pembroke, Plymouth Co town 12 m N W of Plymouth sragu to -south Hanson 5 m electric 
oars- pop 1337— Post offices. Pembroke, East Pembroke, North Pembroke, Brynntville 

PepL'l?eli,^i'ida\^sL''co°o\vronV^u';d,^^^^^^ div B & M R R and W, N & P div B & M R R 
36 m N E of Worcester— pop 2h39— Post-offices, Pepperell, East Pepperell 

.Pe^Ti?Lfkshi?i Co'townTnd p'^ri'? m E of Pittsfield stage to Hinsdale 4 rn-pop 195 
Petersham, Worcester Co town and p o 27 m N W of Worcester stage to Barre and Atliol H 

PhebsTuUs, Essex Co in town of Peabody sta B & M R R, S 4 L Br 

PViillina Bench F.^jsex Co in town of Swampscott sta B & M K K , 

Phllllpston Worcester Co town and p o on B A A R R 27 n, N W of Worcester electric cars 

PiercVs'Bndge, Middlesex Co in town of Lexington sta B & M R R 
Piireon Cove Essex Co p o in town of Rockport electric cars to Gloucester 
Pitie Ridge Jl.Tdlescx Co in town of -cstford sta B & M R R, Acton Br 

»l " h'. % if 


HncKl, lierkahir^Coril' 
K R 1 r. 1 m W of R(i»" 
L,;-, l.,.nux, North Ac 

to Cllrs 

1 Il<islni 
lire. D, 


1. Cn- 

IJKnnclNY.N 11*11 

.t li,irnnclon, Ilinsthilr, 
-(.Mi<-e3, I'UtslKSil. Cai„|, 

■J n, N W .,! N 



n stMKP lo 






N 11 it 11 K n (• 


cars l„ 

I'iPMSii.l II. 1 ., I I, ,], l.Aiii Of 8:niL'ns -il . H .V \l U 1!, Saiimis Br 

P1-;.-:h '. ■ii-iablr I'u po in iMV ,, m! II .,.,,, 1. ,,„ N Y, N II & II i; R 

I'l.iiii' '■ Ihl.llpsi'x Coin l<nvi. .t -'..;,. ; , : . I: & M K R. Hr 

Pl.a '--' ■ ^ "nils Co in lown ..I \\ ,: I - : I: 1!H*I.R1{ 

Plr;,--.i \ :. • -.,.1 c, ,„ town ol Am M. ,,,,-!: N V. N 11 & H R R|.lnni,l!. • ■ . : r,. I, iMV. ,1 ,.; \\:,l!,oK> sla N i Nll&llRR 

I'lxnionili, II I \ M'lit unci pori of entry ti-rniinii« Plymouth branch N Y, 

Sh.ncMi.l I ./ ,:' , ,: ..'; ,■,,,1'°'' '"' ~^~ """'""' "'"'' ■''"""" '' ■ "" ' ^""'"" '' 

Plyniplcii. l'!.w....ui]. (:» ;.,«.. „i..i p u on N Y, N H & H R R K m N -W of Plyiiiouth— roi. 

PocHssft, Barnstable Co p o In town of Bonnie on PlyniciiHi ,!.v K V, N II & II R R 

Point PU-:c«ant, Bristol Co in town of Kwunsea 

Point Pl.v.sant, Worcester Co in town of Webster stri N Y, X II & H R R 

Point of Pines, station on Boston, Revere Beach & l.ynn R K in t.,«n ..f Revere 7 m Iron. 

Pcnclvillc. Norfolk Co in town of Norfolk on WrcniliMM, l.r .N V, X II it H R R — R I) Wrcii- 

ni E of Northampton stage 
1 Preseott 
ncastcr p o^ in town of I.anci 

v B i M R R 
R loni N Wof Worcestei 
c'eton, Brooks Station, W( 
on B & M H R 

(),ii,n , ■ . \ V,X II i II H RS ni S K of Bos 

Q„,,i' ' " \ ' ,' 1 . Vil'city of Quincy sta N Y, N II <t II R I! 

QuI''-^.'m?'i;"'' . ' ' ' I ., ,.'. ': '.■"'"' i ''"' ■' '•':' ' '' ^• ..''.i^ llole 

H;|n!|!!|pl,' •, ,.';'■ (' ^/ 'i !,.,,, .n." I ' !',!.-. II 1, l; i:. n, S of Boston— pop 4734 

B & M K R 13 ni N of Bostc 

R,.:.,! , II u ,^rirt<llesexCointo«■nof ReadinustaB&MRR. „ , „ , 

K. „i , c u no sta in Boston on N Y. N H & II R R electric cars to HyJe Park 

jv'"::' ;,,"'. ,' ' /,;'!!", /;'''."'". 'i'';"-,V,.;nn,okline circuit Br 

{;;,;;, , ., i ' l ,. .. »> onF.asiemdivB a M R Rami 

Kft^,.n' "-!■''. ''■ ■■ ' . ' ■• ' ■ ■' '■ !■'■' ' ' •' :'l'.,'u~h'.t'l! R R ° 

K;;",!;;',!;;;,,;' '■//,■ '■' ' : ■, VlnanyRRSn, SWof PittsncUl-pop 5i;4— 

Hi,.i''"^' ' l' : ■^', 'hv<\l^L,v'c^!'i,'.j\u io!ui!if Rlclunond .,n Boston & Albany UR 10 n, 

][„ 1,1 - I :• , Berkshire Co in town of Richmond sta on B it A R R 

lini" !■ I iie Co p o in town of Worthinciton 

R.vr:;:,:' Vi :,.• l,., Co in town of Deertield sla B & M P. It *■ 

Rivcca .!.■ Wc.r. cstcT Co in town of Northori.lue sta N T, M II it II R R 

Rivernioo'r, Plymouth Co p o in town of Scituate 

Riverside, i-ranklin Co iu town of Gill on Connecticut Rn-er o|.p Turners lalls-R D Inrncrs 

Riv,^"''', I! ::: |"!rn Co in city of Holyoke sta B & M R R 
H,,,.- , ^i i :. <,x Co in citv of Newton sta B <fc A R R 
J : - , , • , ,1k Co in citv of Boston sta N Y, N II & H R R 
I, ■,:. -.xCoincilvof Walthamsta B& M R R 

1,' i;,:.,. \1 ,M . , X Co in citv of Waltham sta B it M R R , , 

Rochdale. \S i.r.csicr Co p o m town of Leicester on Boston & Albany R R 7 .n from \A orccs- 

Rochls'ter, Plymouth Co town and p o l^i m S W of stage to Marion 3 m electric 
Roek?Pl7t?outh Co p o in town of Middleboro on N Y, N H & H R R 10 m from Wareham ' 
Rock Da\e'klil[l, Be'rkihi're Co'in town of West Stockbrid.e m from^Great Barrington-R D 
Rock"aml,"pKmouth Co town and n n nn Tlanover branch N Y, N H it 11 R R 17 m 
of Plymouth— pop 7U74— cle< 

*!' ai«(£'IV}qc 


« n on Po 


id div 


ton & M 



E of Salens 



I. 1351 — 



3, R 



n Cov 

P in to 

of Mil 


un p o; ir 


of Hosto 




div N Y, N H & 11 R R 

>wn 26 m 


W of 




to Zo 


-pop 424— 




Rowley, lOssex Co town and p o on Portland div lioston & Maine H R IG m N W of Salem 

7 m S of N<'wl)iirvport electric cars — pop 14M 
Roxbury, Suffolk Co (sta Boston p o) in city of Boston on N Y, N H & II R R electric cars to 

Roxburv Crossing, Suflolk Co (sta Boston p o) in city of Boston 

Royalston, Worcester Co town on B & M R R 38 m N W of Worcester— pop SG2— Post-ofFices, 

Royalston, South Rovalstoti 
Ruglu. SutTolk (■„ jn citv'of Boston sta N Y, N H & H R R 
Rupsill. 1! ,iM|..|. 1, 1 ., lown on B & A R R IS m N W of Springfiela electric cars— pop 1104 

-I' : .,-..-ll, Wornnoco 

Rutl ui ■ \' I ,, ,,,wn on n & M R R 13 m N W of Worcester— pop 1895— Post-offices. 

lim : ' \' Kiitl-ind 

Sagain.i ■ , ' ' ' '• (.'o p o in town of Bourne on Plymouth div N Y, N H & H R R 25 m 


■-astern div B & M R R lU m N E 

I.I 1. ;7,JU0 

Saleiii i''i ■': II. >ox Co in townof Tewksbury sta B & M R R 

Salem W , I > ( (, in city of Salem cars from Salem, ' ^Mion B& M RR2 mEofNewburyportelectriccars-pop 1717— Post 

i.i:, - , ( 'ushing 

Salisl..!' I ' .-. Co in town of Salisbury sta on B & M R R |. Ml . y Co on Salisbury branch B & M R R electric cars to Amcsbury IJ m 
Sand. I '/ 1 Co station on N Y. N H & H R R in town of Southbridge electric cara 

Sandlii I- I' I . ill. C.j summer p o in town of Scituate 

Sandi.sli.l.l. Mcikshire Co town 27 m S E of Pittstield stage to Great Barrington 17 m and to 

Wmstod Conn 12 m— pop 504- Post-offices New Boston, South Sandisfield, Moutville 
Sandwich, Barnstable Co town on N Y, N H & H R R (53 m S E of lioston 11 m N W of Barns- 

tfdile — pop 150IJ — Post-offices, Sandwich, East Sandwich, South Sandwich, Forestdale, 

Santuit, Barnstable Co p o in town of Barnstable 
Saugus, Essex Co town on Saugus branch B & M R R ,S ni S W of Salem electric cars to Boston 

— pop 10,22t) 
Saugus Center. I'isscx Co p o (branch of Lynn p o) 
Sauii<l._-is II III, i:.-scx Co in city of Haverhill 
Sauud.i^Mil.-, W ..1. oier Co p o in town of Grafton on Worcester div N Y, N II & H R R 3 

11, Ir.MM M il II. ui\,.|ectric cars to Worcester U m and Whitinsvillc 
.Saviu lliil c. in city of Boston sta N Y, N II & H R R 
Savi.\. r. I :.'i'. ...«n 15 m N E of PittsHeld stage to Charlemont — pop 524 — Post-olhces, 

S... ~ 1 nicr. Brier 

Sav..\ 1 !! I '.lie Co p o in town of Savoy 

Sax'.ii\ V Co vilhiffe (sta Frainingham p o) in town of Franiingham terminus 

> . I i.ri .V Alhiiin- K U I l.ctric cars to South Franiington 

Sax.. 11 I ■.;:._. I I I I :i.,.i ; l,;iiii p o) in town of Franiinsiham terminus Sax- 

Scituate Center, Plymouth Co p o in town of Scituate 

Scotland, Plymouth Co in town of Bridgewater 

•Seaside, Plymouth Co (North Plymouth p o) sta N Y, N II & H li R 

Seaside Park p o in Barnstable Co 

Sea \iew, Plymouth Co p o in town of Marshfieid on N Y, N H & H R R 

Seekonk, Bristol Co town and p o 14 m S W of Taunton electric lar- to Providence R I 4 i 

Segrcganset, Bristol Co p o in town of Dighton 

Shady Hill, Middlesex Co in town of Bedford sta B & M R R 

Sharon, Norfolk Co town and p o on N Y, N H & H R R 14 m S of Dedham electric cars- 
pop 24( 8 

Sharon Heights, Norfolk Co in town of Sharon sta o 

ShatiiH-kviHe, Frnnklin Cn p ,. .n i..w.i of Colcrain elec 

.Shawn.'. 1 l',.,-...i I .. ,,., .. > is ... \. V, 1'... It, .1.1 

.Sha\M.. I ~ ■ , , . ■ ., i, N \ , N H &H RR 

Shell,, 1 I,/:, . .., I , ■, , I I, I :, i 11, .l,^ N Y, N II & II R R 29 m S E of Pittsfield 
,.|,,;,:, , ,..- ,,,., ..., ' p.. ! .:■,.. ^, Ashley I'alls 

Shi-lbiiiM.-, Fiaiillin C.i t..wn 7 ii, .\ U .it Urecnh.ld- pop 1 1S4— Post-otlicee, Sli.Iburnc lulls 

Shelburne Fails' Franklin Co p o in town of Shelburne on B & M R IVand Northampton div 

N Y, N II in RRelectriccarstoColerain7m ^ , ,. 

Sheldonville, Norfolk Co p o in town of Wrentham 4 m fron Franklin 

SherWn, Middlesex Co town and p o on Taunton div N Y, N H & H R R IS m S W of Bos- 
Shirley, M'icldlesex Co town on Fitchburg div B & M R R 22 ni S W of Lowell electric cars to 

Ayer and Fitchburg— pop 2251— Post-offices, Shirley, Shirley Center 
Shirlev Center, Middlesex Co p o in town of Shirley m from I.ancasrer 
Shrewsbury, Worcester Co town and p o 55 m N E of Worcester electric cars to A\ orccster, 

Northboro, Marlboro and W^estboro— pop 2794 .. , , „ ,, ^ , . , 

Shutesbury, Franklin Co town and p o 16 m S E of Greenfield 8 m N E of Amherst auto stage 

to Leverett m — pop 292 
Siasconset, Nantucket Co p o in town of Nantucket ^, ^ ^ ^. ^, 
Silver Hill, Middlesex Co in town of Weston sta B & M R R o n Fitchburg div 
Silver Lake, Middlesex Co in town of Wilmington sta B & M R R on Southern div 
Silver Lake, Plymouth Co p o in town of Kingston o n P .t M R R 
Sixteen Acres, Hampden Co in city of Springfield— R U Ludlow 

Smiths, Hampshire Co p o in town of Enfield ■„ , ^, -o t> i s c.i. 

Smiths Ferry, Hampshire Co p o in city of Holyoke on B & M R R 1 m from South 

Somerset! Bristol Co town on N Y. N H & H R R 44 m S E of Bo,ton 10 m S_W of Taunton 
electric cars to Dighton, Tau .ton and li 1 River— pop 33/ 7— 1 ost-olhccs, tomerset, 


Somerset Junction, Uristol Co in city of I'all ]tivcr sta N Y, N II & II It K 

Som-ivill,-, .Mi,l(llos,.x Co (l.nm.-h Bo.ston p o) city an.l p o on Kxslcrn. \\><.ir. n an, I in„il, 

.Uvs H A \I K R :i .„ X \V „f Boston <;lcciric cars to Boston — pop SC, 8.") I *>• 

Sonicrvillc I1.l-I,I:,,hN, Mi.l.ii.scx Co in city of Solricrvillc sla B& M K K 
^omcrvlllc.l .1, -1 ,n, M. 11 , xCoincityofSoMi.Tvillcsta Hit .M U 11 
Soulli Act,,,,, V '.,,,, in town of A.-l,,i, ,,i, Fil,hl,,iir ,liv a„.l .M:,i;i,.,r,> l.ran. 1 

AMU l; • ■ ' l.-!c,-nucar.sioCo.,c„ul:,n.lll,M,.,n 

.<oull, An,l„.r-, li : ,, --:, , ,,pointow„of An,l„.rst„nC.-„\t Uv 

■ Co town ami p o on Xori l,:,ii,pior, iliv \ V, N II .V II H U It 

B >*.• M 

& 11 K H 
rn div B .V M R U 

(h l;o-l...i..Su;IulliCo tslutiol, BoMui.i.u; nicitvol Boston on N Y, N 11 & 11 R R electric 
ca,> to Boston 
th Braintrce. Norfolk Co p o in town of Braintrcc on X Y, N 11 .t II 1{ I! li! rn froro 

il, I.' ■ - . : 1: .. ,■ ,1 ■, .,,,,,,,, ■„....: l;,.ustcrr;n, froinllarwicl, 
il' \' , , ; ., - > , X lUt 11 K li TOn. S Wof Boston clectiic 

■ ■>-',' ■! ■ : ; \\orcestcr:;Oni— pop I-t,217 

1'^ ' : ! ■' . . -: ' 'iv.i slat'c to Plvnipl/.n 

'1.1 , , :i . : Chatliani on N'Y. iX 11 & H K U 

tl.'i ■ : i ' ( ' ■ . : -I Chclnisford on Taunton ,iiv X Y, X H & II 

ih'p'-i-ii .-:■;,. I:;,.':,.: r' , ,; - ., ,, ,, -: ,, >, m ,\i Dartmouth 

111 l).r.l„.l,l, Iranklin Co |i o in town ul 1 )ccrlicl,l on X Y, X 11 & U I! R anj B i -M R 

Ij III from (Conway 
til DcniiU, Barnstable Cop o in town of Dennis on N Y,X II,V:1I R R G m from Yiirnioutli- 

th Uuxbury, Plymouth Co p o in town of Duxbury on iX Y, X 11 A II R K 7 ni from Ply- 

I N Y, N -11 & 11 R R U ni from Brockton 
town of E^remont electric cars to Great Harrington 


I Xcw iMarlboro sta-c to Canaan Conn II) m 

N ,.f I-itchburg sta N Y, X 11 .\: II R R 

• .« n ,.f I'raminftham clcctn,' .ars to ,M,lfor,l, llolliston, 

er branch X Y, N 11 & 

c'cster Co p o in town of Lancaster on Worcester, Xaslaia & P. 

Co p in town of Lee on N Y, N II i: H R R lo m from Pittsfi 

■s.x Co p o in town of Lincoln 

sex Co in city of Lowell sta li & M R R 

,niouth Co p o in town of MiikUeiioro on N Y, X II & II R R 7 i 

il lioril electric cars to Milford 
.,„ sta Cen Vt Ry 
-■a-e to Wellesljiy e'ectric cars to Xaticl 

-ia'V& M R R 
, ;, oi South Terminal Station 
„,!l,-K D Rehoboth 
-la B i M R R 
1 ol Conwav sta B & M R R 
,,f Ron alsto'n on B A M R R G m from Athol 
of Samhslield 
1 of Sandwich stage ' 
':. rborn on Taunton 

,M r sta on B & A R R 
,11 town o 
; ,-,i,ll,ury Ol 

11 R R 1 ,„ Iron, 1 

Sw aii^e a Bristol Co ri o in towti of Swansea on Worcrsler div N'Y, N II A II R R 
Tniro. il'ariistable Co p o in town of Truro on N Y, N II & H R R 1 1 m from Pr, 

r "brid-e, Worcester Co in town of Uxbridfic 8tn N Y, N H & H U R 
till ' vCr eslor Co p o in town of Southboro on B & A R R 4 m from \ cstboro 
Vvalnole, Norfolk Co i o in town , ' Walpole on Taunlou div X ^ . X II .V: II R 
ic cars to Walpole an Mansfield lu from Dedliam 


111 Willi:, 


III Willi, 


Ih Won. 


tl, W„rll 


Ih V:ir.,i 


IH-LT, \V. 






I Coin towiiot Warcliai,M,i, N ^•, N II A II U II 1 :! „ 

iistowii 7 11, from Noil 1, A, 
B ,t M li 1! 
.V M 1! H ;,ii<l N V. X II * 

:ate Kal 


N H & H R H 

ion Boslon & Albany H R with ils Alhol 

larlfor.l iliv liml Sprillfrfii'ld, N V 
, W .Sprin^tickl, Pal r. !■, l.oii;; Mi-aclo« . 

N Y, N H & H It R HI in froii, M 
orcestiT (liv N V, N 11 i\; 11 R R 
p 1 103 — I'ost-olfiii's. Sii rliiiL'. StiTl 

rooster Co p o in town of .Slfrling jiiiiilioii W, N & 1' div I) & M R 1! 
H R R 
u.wn of North An.lover sta B & M R R. I.awr.'iicp Hr 
c. r. M in town of Harvard on WorcfsUT, Nashua ^ Rorllan,! div R ,t 


■ 1 :'i ■ 1 . '< 

M iMi on Rerhshiro 

1 \ -i N 11 t 11 R R 17 n, from PiltsficUl- 

pop UK 

)l ! ' ", 


lalt Interlake 


M,,!,! . , X , ■., 1 

un and po ibran,- 

1 1 stonohani bran, 1, H A- M R R 

i;i 11, fi 

-on, Uo^l.Ti .-l,',' 

1 W 1 -pop 7-18'J 

Ston,- Ilav. 

■n, Norfolk Co i 

111 town'of I).dli:ilr 

N ^ \ 11 t 11 1! R 

Stoni-s Cro. 

isinK. Worccsh-i 

-Coin town ol All 

1 \ ^ \ 11 .V 11 R R 

Stonv H.a. 

h, I'lvn.onlh Ci 

, in town ..r Hull .■■ 

1 1 R R 

1 1 ,liv n & JI R R 

1 1 ovi,<Mliv N Y, N 11 & II 
1 iidCanlon-^ pop i;'lM'- 1',,m- 

Sn,lL> - ' ■ h ..n .\ V, N H * H R R (1 m from Framiniihani— i,op 12<l(i— 

I. . . , '.orlh iSudburv, Soiilh Siidlniry 

SuiMii: V.,, -I . ,M of Worr-ester st'i R it M R R 

Siind. .; :, I, 1 : ,1,, ,i ■ : v. n and p o 10 ni from (ii.-.i, field stat'e lo Sonth Dwrfii'ld L' ii, 

SuttoiiV\Vorc'vst,-r Co'toun i,n Prov A \\ -r .1,, \ V \ II & K R R i-lc.lric cars to \Vories- 
ter— pop 2S29— Post-offiecs, Man. 1, , \', , , , ;.mII,' 

.Swanipscott. Essex Co town and p 0(1.1 ■ I ;.. ,.u Ii & M R R 1 m from Lynn el,-,- 

tric cars to Lynn, Boston and Mar 1. 1. I.:,. I i !.;.:t:, 

•Swansea, Bristol Co town eleetric cars to I all Itiver - p .j, .'.-„-S— Post-olhees, Swa.,sr-a, Soiiih 
Swansea, Touisset 

Swansea Center, Bristol Co in town of Swansea — R D .Swaiiava 

Swift River, Hampshire Co p o in town of CumrninKton 

Tnll.ot \Vo;..,.-...r C. in t,.«n ..f Norlhhor,, sta N Y, N H & 11 R R 

Tap!. -.Ml'. I - V I . II i.v I. -I ,. .- - I I'. & M R H— R » Danvers 

Mvl!,','i I ! , . ' ■ . ! : '\ v' NH&II RRandtcrniinusofits Attleboro 

,,,,,; M,,i ;', . -,, I,, ,., 1 , ^ , I,, :, .. |-.,.„'Uloii, Norton. Mansliehl. Diirlilon, Sonier- 

s.I 1-; I'.nnlnn fail Kivir, ,\.-« I'..: '.: \ ! ' '■ ! - ., ... Middleljoro, Rayilhaln, I'rovid.'iu-c 
an,i Pawlmker'R 1— pop 3ij,UU-- I' ' ' ,, nton, Ivist Talinlon 

'IVn!p'lel^m.'*\\W^^^ ■ ■ l: i: ■'"'i KitehljiircdiviMon H A M 1! li 

4U8l-lClt-!!ll''l:'''lv;n"l.'n'''' K:'m 1 . . ,;!. l^M IVd', j«^'n-vdi,"ou''r Rn'! r" " 
Terrvs Bristol ('..,.] t..« li ol I n . I.." n -la N ^ . N 1 1 t*^ H R '■ 
T^wLbury, Mul.ll.-. .. (■ n „,. \\ in ,1,- R A M R R :. m from l.ow.-U electric car. ,o 

Lowell— pop .5-11.-. --l',.,,-. r.:» I. -l.ury. Wamcsil ,■ „,,,t>ti 

Tewkshury Center, Middlesex Co in town ot Jewkslniry sta ,>onthern div L & MR R 
Tewksbury Junction, Middlesex Co in town of Tew^k bury sta Southern div B & M R R 
Texas, Worcester Co in town of Oxford sta B & A R R x- , „ i- n « M n K 

Thayer, Worcester Co in town of Lancaster (South Lamnster p o) s a A\ N &I dn B .1 MRU 
Thorndike, Hampden Co p o in town of Palmer on Boston A: Albany R R elect. n ,ars .„ 

Thorn?on,''suffolk Co^in town of Winthrop sta B, R B & I. R R 

Three Rivers, Hampden Co p o in town of Palmer on Cclral \ ,.rniont Ry and Boston cV. Al- 
bany R R electric cars to Palmer ,,,,£,, .^1 ,,..„.,, „rsio\-,.w 

Tisbury," Dukes Co town on Marthas Vineyard I^^land .S m froni ^.dirarto« n sl,-.,i lers .. A v 
Bedford and Woods Hole electric cars— pop 1 JlM— Post-ofli. ,..s, \inc>aui itavcn, 

Titicut'Tlymoutli Co (Stale Farm p o) in town ot Bridtrewatcr 
■I'ollZd, lla.,,pd,'n C'o t.,wn and p o stage to AVcstneld 1(1 ii.-pnp 10!) 




, Ml 





on Ah,i 

, .\l„l,]lr 

rfolk Co 


'. c 


■I'l.psfi' '1. r> . X '■ ■ (■■wn and p o on Boston & Maine R R Newburyporl Brriri.Ii r> ni frnni 

;'/'>:' ' I' "in (own of Swansea on NY, Nil All R 1? 

,/'»" 1' ,.;i .: ' vf'nin town of WnylaiKlsta B& M RRCent Mass Rr 

'""",;' '■ -1' : - ' ..i"wiion(:r.-..n.,M,. i.nnohB& M RR4i;nifroni Boslon— pop 1!<12 

,p - l'o~,-olh.,, |,,,w, . .,,1 T,,u IM r, West Townseml 

Jownsni,! :,rlM,iM,.i,:!, ,, ,, r„wnsend on H & M R R 

liTinoni 1 ly.noMtl, I , w. w ,: , : " town of Wareliam St a N Y, N H & H R R 

Irinilj 1'I:h,., >„!!,„!, . ,, , ,1 .,,,, , , |, & A R R 

i.<-uv...Uy'\ (.-,.,,, r ilidiv N \. N ]1 & H R R9 m fron, Provincetown— 

Tuft- Y ■ y. |. .^ M,^ i> ,.l .M,',ll!M,i !,u H & M R R (branch Boston p o) 

Tuih. 1 I I ■ ' I " Co p o in town of Montague on Turners Falls branch B & M R R 

1 1 ; I i ■> 11 RR electric cars to Greenfield, Millers Falls and Montamie 

Tiinii :, J,:: . lointownofBillericastaB&MRR 

I.akevdle sta N Y, N H & H R R 

I II o ,.n S,,nthern div B & M R R 7 m from Lowell electric 

II - I,M|) 111,7 

I li 11 I'l'i lo T,cc 5 m — pop 3L'7 
«ii ot W ill, rtown sta B & M R R, Watertown Br 
y of .Sou.c, ville sta B & M R R 
of Franklin on N Y, N H it II R R electric cars to Frank- 

Uphams Corner, Suffolk Co p o sta Boston in city of Boston 

Upton, Worcester Co town on Grafton & Upton R R electric cars to Milford — pop 203i; — 

Post-offices, Upton, West Upton 
Uxbriilfc'e, Worcester Co town on Providence & Worcester div N Y, N H & H R R 18 m from 

Worcester electric cars — pop 4021 — Post-offices, Uxbridyc, North Uxbridge, I.inwood 
\'ineyard Haven, Dukes Co p o in town of Tisbury 7 ni from Kdgariown steamer to New 

Bedford 28 m and Woods Hole S ni electric ears to Oak Bluffs 
Waban, Middlesex Co (branch Boston p o) in city of Newton on B & A Circuit R R 10 m irum 

Wachusett, Worcester Co station on B & M R R in city of Fitchlniri; 
Wadsworth, Norfolk Co p o in town of Franklin 
Wakefield, Middlesex Co town and p o on Boston & Maine R R 10 m from Boston— pop 

Wakefield Center, Middlesex Co p o in town of Wakefield B & M R R 
W.-ikeficll Junction, Middlesex Co p o in town of Wakefield B & M R R 
Wall , n iM|..!. '1 'j, town and p o stage to Brimfield 3 m electric cars to Worcester and Spring- 

Walh'u ii ixCoineityof WoburnstaB&MRR 

\V:il|. , , ' " town on N Y, N H & H R R S m from Dedham electric cars to East and 

S., Ill, \\:,li,.,;, and Mansfield— pop 5490— Post-ofiices, Walpole, East Walpole, South 

Walpole Hciiihts, Norfolk Co in town of Walpole sta N Y, N H & II R R 
Walpole Junction, NorfoU Co in town of Walpole sta N Y, N II & H R R 
Wallhaiu, Middlesex Co city and p o (branch Boston p o) on Fitcliburi.' and Cen Mass divs 

B & M R R electric cars to Newton, Lexington, Waverly and Watertown 10 m from 

Boston — pop 30,154 
Waltham Highlands, Middlesex Co in city of Waltham sta B & M R R 
Wamesit, Middlesex Co p o in town of Tewksbury 
Wampum, K..rl,ill; C, in i.,wi, ,,f Wiciham sta N Y. N H & H R R 
Waquoit Baiii-i:,!,:,- ( 1, I, .1 111 i,,i I, I'l I :ii ,,ii;li 

Ward Hill, 1 I I II ' ■ ,,ii N Y, N H & H R R 

Ware, Hanip I 1 1 lliM-r branch B & A R Rand Cen Ma.ssdiv B & 

M R I! ]-' li. 1, I'; III,, 1 ,!,■,! I ai- lo liilbertyille. West Brookfield, Palmer and West 

Warren 4 m — pop 9340 
Wareham, Plymouth Co town on N Y, N H & H R R 49 m from Boston— electric cars to 

Middleboro — pop 5176 — Post-oifices, War^ham, East Wareham, South Wareham, West 

Wareham, Onset 
Warren, Worcester Co town on Boston & Albany R R 11 m from Palmer electric cars to W 

Brookfield— pop 426S— Post-offices, Warren, West Warren 
Warwick, Franklin Co town and p o stage to Orange 7 m— pop 477 
Washacum, Worcester Co in town of Sterling sta N Y, N H & H R R 
Washington, Berkshire Co town and p o on Boston & Albany R R 12 m from Pittsfield — pop 

Washington Square, p o sta Worcester in city of Worcester 

Washington Street, Plymouth Co in town of Whitman sta N Y, K H & H R R 
Water River, Essex Co in town of Peabody sta B & M R R 
Water Shops, Hampden Co in city of Springfield sta N Y, N H & II R R 
Watertown, Middlesex Co p o and (branch Boston p o) on B & M R R S m W of Boston electric, 

cars to Boston, Cambridge and Waltham — pop l(i,515 
Waterville, Worcester Co p o in town of Winchendon on Ware River Branch B & A R R 
Watson, Franklin Co p o in town of Ashfield 

Wa.iipp, 1,11-1, 1 <,. in city of Fall River sta NY, NH&HRR 

W,^, ■, ! I III Coin town of Hull sta Nantasket Beach Branch N Y, N H&H R R 

WaM . I , X Co (branch Boston p o) p o in town of Belmont on Fitchburg and Cen 

AL.-. ,11, 1, ,v M R R 3 m from Can.bnd.'c cliatric mrs to Boston 
Wayla.i.l, .\luldli-i-.x C:o town on Cen Ma- .'iv M ,':■ M H I: 7 „i t...iii Nati.-k ..Lalnc cars to 

Goclatuate and Natick bus to Wa'.' i- ' ■ : : !■ ' -■'■-■ " I - I, Cochituate 

Wayside Inn, Middlesex Co in town ol >- - : , :- 1; 

Webster, Worcester Co town and po 1,1, . ^ . n 111:1:1,: ■ ■ W ,, r-i.r and ter- 
minus Webster branch B & A R R .1. 1 - 1. , ,i-,\\,i,, 1,1 ii, 11, 1, ii>M M L'mPiitnam 

and Danielson Conn — pop 12,565 
Webster Mills, Worcester Co in town of Webster sta B & A R R, Webster Br 
Web.ster Square, Worcester Co in city of Worcester 

Wedgemere, Middlesex Co in town of Winchester stn B & M R R, Stoneham Br 
Weir Jiinction, Bristol Co in city of Taiir-'i- '•■■ V V. N H & H R R 

Weir River, Norfolk Co in town of Hmai - \ 1 M.ket Beach RR 

Weir Village, Bristol Co infeity of Tauii- 1 I ■ p u) sta N "i , N H & H R R 

VVellesley, Norfolk Co towi/on Boston .V \ I r 1 ,„ from Boston electric cars to Natnk 

—pop 0-139— Post-offices, Welleslcy, W , 11, -i, i I ums, Wellesley Hills 
Wel'lesley HilYs! NoilolU Co ° o "nlVwu 01' Well'cslcy 'on B & A R R electric cars to Wellesley 

and Newton Lower Falb ■ 


WeUflect, Barnstable Co town on N Y, N H A H R R 14 m fron; Pro\incetown— pop 936— 

Post-offices. Wellfleet. South Wellflect 
Wellington, Middlesex Co sta in city of Medford on B i M R R 
Wendell, Franklin Co town on B i M R R 5 m from Orance — pop .3S8 — Post-offices Wendell 

Wendell Depot. Locks Villnpe 
Wendell Depot, Franklin Co p c in town of Wendell on E A M R R 2 m from Oranee 
W enham, Essex Co town and p o on Portland div B i M R R 4 m from Beverlv electric car* 

—pop lOGS 
West Acton, Middlesex Co p o in town of Acton on FitchburL- div B A M R R 7 m from Con- 
West Andover, Essex Co in town of Andover sta B 4 M R R. L A L Br 
West Auburn. Worce.=ter Co p o on N Y C & H R R in town of Auburn 
West Barnstable, Barnstable Co p o in town of Barnstable on X Y, N H A H R R 7 m from 

Yarmouth Port 
West Becket, Berkshire Co in town of Beeket— R D Ea.-t Lie 
West Bedford. Middlesex Co station in town of Bedford on B A M R R 
West Berlin, Worcester Co p o in town of Berlin on Fiti hbur^', Mansfield div N Y, N H & H R R 

4 m from Clinton 
Westboro, Worcester Co town and p o on Boston & Albany R R 32 m S W of Boston electric 

cars to Worcester. Marlboro, Hopkinton and Grafton — pop .'>1>25 
West Boxford, Essex Co p o in town of Boxlonl stage to Georjretown 4 m 
West Boylston, Worcester Co town on Central Jfass and W NAP divs B A M R R S m froiri 

Worcester electric cars — pop 1318 — Post-offices, West Boylston. Oakdnle 
West Brewster. Barnstable Co p o in town of Brewster 5 m from Harwich 

West Bridgewater. Plymouth Co town on N Y. X H A H R R 3 m from Bridgewater electric- 
cars to Taunton and Brockton — pop 2.41 — Post-ofiiirs. \Ve«t Bridgewater. Cochesett 
West Brinifield, Hampden Co in town of Bnmfield sta B A A R R 
West Brookfield, Worcester Co town and p o on Boston A Alljany R R 9 m from Spencer 

electric cars — pop ICSS 
West Cambridge. Middlesex Co In city of Cambridge sta B A >t R R electric cars to Boston 
West Chatham, Barnstable Co p o in town of Chatham 
West Chelmsford. Middlesex Co p o in town of Chelmsford on Southern div B 4 M R R 

m from Lowell 
West Chesterfield, Hampshire Co p o in town of Chesterfield IG m from Northampton stage 

to Williamsburg 9 m 
West Chop, Dukes Co summer p o in tow n of Tisbury 
West Cummington. Hampshire Co p o in town of Cunimington 
Westdale, Plymouth Co p o in town of Fast Bridgewater on N Y. N H A H R R 
West DecrSeld. Franklin Co in town of Deerfield station B A M R R 
West Dennis, Barnstable Co p o in town of Dennis 8 in fiom Yarmouth Port 
West Dighton, Bristol Co village in town of Di<?hton — R D Dlghton 
West Dudley. Worcester Co p o in town of Dudley on N Y. N H A H R R 7 ni from Webster 

and 14 m from East Thompson Conn 
West Duxbury, Plymouth Co town and p o 13 m from Plymouth stase to Hanover 9 m 
West Everett, Middlesex Co in city of Everett station B A M R R. Saugus branch 
West Falmouth, Barnstable Co p o in town of Falmouth on Woods Hole branch N Y, N H 

A H R R 
Westfarms. Hampshire Co in town of Northampton 
Westficld. Hampden Co town junction Boston A Albany R R and Northampton div N Y, N li 

A H R R stage to C.ninville 10 m and to Montgomery- !S m electric car? to Springfield and 

Holyoke— pop 1S.411— Post-office Westficld 
West Fitchburg, Worcester Co in city of Fitchburg ou Fitthburg div B A M R R 
Westford. Middlesex Co town on Southern div B A M R R S m from Lowell— pop 2S43 — Post- 
offices. Westford. Cold-pring. Forge Village, Graniteville. Nashoba 
West Gloucester. i;sscx Co in city of Gloucester on Eastern div B A M R R electric cars to 

Gloucester and Essex 
West Graniteville. Middlesex Co (Graniteville p o) in town of Westford etauon B A M R R 

Acton branch 
West Granville, Hampden Co in town of Granville (Granville Center p o) stage to Weatfield 

14 m 
West Groton. Middlesex Co p o in town of Groton on Peterboro A Shirley branch B A M R R 

6 m from Tcwnsend 
Westhampton. Hampsl'ire Co town and p o stage to Northampton 8 m — pop 430 _, _, „ 

West Hanover. Plymouth Co p o in town of Hanover on Hanover branch N Y, N H A H R R 

3 m from North Abington 
West Harw-ich, Barnstable Co p o in town of Harwich 
West Hatfield, Hampshire Co p o in tow n of Hatfield 
West Hawley, Franklin p o in town of Hawley 14 m from Shelburne Falls stage to Charle- 

mont 5 m 
West Hingham, Plymouth Co in town of Hingham station N Y, N H A H R R 
West Leominster. Worcester Co vill-ige in tow-n of Leominster 

West Levden, Franklin Co p o in town of I.eyden , t, t, ,, Lynn, Essex Co sta Lynn p o in city of Lynn on Eastern div B A M R R and B. K 11 

A L R R — electric cars to Lynn 
West Manchester. Essex Co in town of Manchester station B A M R R ,. ^, „ , „ „ „ 
West Mansfield. Bristol Co p o in town of Mi.nsfield on Providence divN^.NHAHRK 

West Medford^ Middlesex Co p o in city of Medford on B A M R R electric cars to Boston. 

West Midway" Norfolk Co p o in town of Medw.ay on N Y, N H A H R R 4 m from Franklin 

electric cars to Medway 
West MiUbury. Worcester Co p o in town of Miltbury- stage tv, Mdlbury- 4 m ^. . . 

Westminster. Worcester Co town and p o on lildiburg div H A M R R 5 m from Fitchburg 

electric ears to Fiti-hburg and Gardner — p.ip l-"'94 ,,, „ , i-. ui 

Westminster Depot. Worcester Co in town of Westminster ou B A M R R 4 m from Fitcbbutg 

West Newbury, Essex Co town and p o electrics cars to Haverhill and Newburyport S ni— 

West Newton Middlesex Co (branch Boston p o) in city of Newton on Boston A Albany R R 
West Norlhfield. Franklin Co p o in town of Nortbfield on B A M R R and Cen Vt Ry 
Weston, Middlesex Co town ou Cen -Nfass and Fitchburg divs B A M R R J m from W altliam 

13 m from Boston — iioo 2342 — Post-offices. Weston. Kendal Green, .Stonybroot 
West Otis, Berkshire Co intown of Otis— R D Monterey 

West Oxford. Worcester Co in town of Oxford , „ u i d • At i. if 

West I'e-tbodv Essex C"i> p o in town of Peahodv on Western and Southern d!\s P « M 1. It 
West Pillsfield. Berkshire Co in city i. IMistield on H.,-^l..i, A Albany R R 


\rA,ssA.cHUsFi rs 

( \ZLlirLR 

No hr 


Ifrl nilnllH s 1 -, op 3 202- 
ll W 11 r So th Wobtiort \ Kot, 

. /'s, 


t t t n N -i N 11 A H R R 
r 1 fr 1 1 R r 
N ^ \ II A 11 R R 

» f I? 1 n \ ^ \ 11 <. 11 U I 7 n, 

f u 

1 V, r' 
1 \ 


1 B i M p R R 
P f s er 11 
flip) fr S n(.h 1 1 1 ctr r -ais 
1 1 - 1 11 ni-l t office Wosl 

' f J e t loO kdalc. 

( t 

I t fl 

H 1 1 

1 N ^ \ H 1. II R R 10 fro C -.•at 

i 1 1 

. U R 

t n of W tl N \ N H <<. H R R 

I f ^ 1 

\ ^ MI <.]i in< 

I 1 rp 1 d I com e 
1 1 \ ■i \ II I H R R J II 

^\ 1 I 1 E t u 1 I 1 

B V M 1 I 
k t lie 1 Rr \ -i N II <. H R 


n I ttei to 

ni tt ntoi 

Wiiliarnsiown. li.-rk. 
3(),S1— Post-offi.- 


Williamsville, Worcc-. 

tor C 

4 ni from Rarrr- 

Willim,nn«,..t. H-M,.,., 

-n r 

Willowv \!;.!.;! ■. ( 


l.Ml'. . ■ 1 , ■ ■ , 

Wiln,in,., ,„ J ,,,, ,: , 


R R 

Winclicndon, Worccs 

t-r Co 

Albany R R IS 

ni fro 


Win,"ll!-'"mlo,,' s,,v,'^". 

VVinrl,,.-,,: \|..M',^, 

> ( ', 


11 >. II R R 11 

N W of I li 

n outl - 


\ R R M Ifo Mr 
H % U R R 
\ \ N 11 A H R R 

t, M 


R R 

I fill 




t W 

1 I N ^ N 

H i H R R 


1 II 1 n— R n II 1 
I U \ ^ N 11 i II R R S I 
pton r 1 I s h , -1 , 

r n No 

lis— I 



\ 11 
1 1 

T fro 

1 Nort 

1 Adams electr 

c r - 


rl 1 n 

n War 

. River branch 

R d A R R 


,■ ,-:,rs 

.1 Spriiieficld r 

1 Ho! 



: : }k::': 

Ro Dn, 

» t M R R 
00s— P St 

and \\ 

arc River bran 

1 R M 
W 1 


Win. 1, I' ■ -.\ Co in town of Winchester station B & M R R 

Windrr,,,. ,. , 1 :. ,,,,,: ,h , ,, in T,,wu of Hnll station Nantasket Beach R R 

Windsor. BcTkshin- Co town 12 in from PittsHeld staKc to Dalton 7 ni- pop 37.J— Post-office-, 

Windsor, Kast Windsor 
Winslows, Norfolk Co in town of Norwood station N V, N H & H R R 
Winslows Crossing, Plvn.oiitl, Co in town of Hanover station N Y, N H & H R R 
Winter Hill. Middlr-^.-: C., (I.imrli Boston p o) p o in city of Homcrville on B & -M R R 
W i„th,-,,p, ,s,,iT,.|k Co t..u„ :,,.,! p o (branch Bo.ston n o) on Boston, Revere Beach A T.ynn 

K H :i „, 1,-.,,,, CI,.!-.;, i,..p 12,7.58 

W mil,,..,, M,.;,, I, s,,ir..ll; C town of and p o Wintlirop on B, R B A I. R R 

\\ii,tl,r,n, f.-nl,-, Si.HmII, ( ,, II, lown of Winthrop sta B. R B & I. R R 

«..l,„rn, Midalesev Co ,itv an,! p o on Soiiihcin ,!iv Boston & Maine R R 10 ni from BoMoi, 

electric ca'-s to .Slon.'harii pop 111.410 
\\oi,„rn Highlands. Mid,ll,.He> C, ,n ,iiv ,„ \V,,I„„„ Ma V, & M 1! R 


Wollaston, Norfolk Co p o in city of Quincy on X Y, N H & H R R 

Woodburys, Essex Co in town of Hamilton sta B A M R R. Es^r-x Br 

Wood Island, Suffolk Co in city of Boston st.i B, R B & I. R R 

Woodland. Middlesex Co in city of Newton ?ta B A- A R R. Brook'ine Cir.uit 

Woods Hole. Barnstable Co p o in town of Falmouth on N Y,N H & II R R ■it.amcr to Oak 

Bluffs 8 ra 
Woodville. Middlesex Co p o in town of Hopkinton 

Woonsocket Junction, Worcester Co in town of Blackstone sta N Y. N H A II R R 
Worcester. Worcester Co city p o and county se:'.t on Boston A Albany R R ni<>\ terminus 

of Worcester br.nnch N V. N II A H R R. Wor.-esier. Nasliua A Portli nd div BAM 

R R, Worcester branch B A M R R 44 m W of Boston— pop l(i2.C97 
Woronoco. Hampden Co p i> in town of Russell on B A A R R 
Worthington, Hampshire Co town stage lo Hinsdale HI m Hiinmi|:gton 14 in and Williaii^sburir 

13 in— pop (118—, Wonhinjjton..-oulh W.^rtl.inKton, Wc^t Wo-thington, Hin-.- 

Wrentham, Norfolk Co town on Walpolc A Wrenthar 
to Franklin and Foxboro 5 m each and Altlcboro: 
Wrentham, West Wrentham. t^heldonville 

Wyben, Hampton Co in town of Wcstficld 4 m from Westficld 

Yarmouth. Barnstable Co town on N Y. N H A H R R 7.". m from Boston— pop 1415— Post- 
offices. Yarmouth, .South Yarmouth. West Yaruiouih. Yarmouth Port 

Yarmouth Port. Barnstable Co p o in town of Yarmouth sta.-e to Dennis 1 m 

Zoar, Franklin Co p o in town of Charlemont on B A M R R H m from North Adams 

Zylonite, Berkshire Cr station on B A A R R in 'it\ of \ .nh A'! -!- 


Population bt Statk C'KNStJS of 1»15 

Abbottrun, Providence Co p o in town of Cumberland on N Y, N H A H R R 

Adamsville, Newport Co p o in town of Little Compton stage to New Bedford Mass 15 m and 

Fall Riv.-r Mass !2 m 
Adin, Washington Co village in town of Charlestown — R D Bradford 
Albion, Providence Co p o in town of Lincoln on Worcester div N Y, N H & H R R 3 m from 

Cumberland Hill electric cars to Pawturket and Woonsockf-i 
Alice Avenue, Providence Co in city of Woonsocket (Woonsocket p o) on N Y. N H A H R R 
Allendale. Providence Co in town of Johnson sta N Y, N H A H R R 
Allenton. Washington Co p o in town of North Kingston 2 ni from Wickford 
Alton, Washington Co p o in town of Richniond 
Anthony, Kent Co p o in town of Coventry on Worcester div N Y. N H A H R R electric 

cars to Hope 
Apponaug, Kent Co p o in town of Warwick on N Y, N H A H R R 10 m from Providence 

electric cars to Providence 
Arcadia, Washington Co p o in town of Richmond stage to Hope Yallev H m 
Arctic. Kent Co p o in town of West Warwick on Worcester div N Y, N U A II R R electric 

cars to Providence 11 ni 
Arkwright. Providence Co (Fiskevillc p o) village in city of Cranston on Pawtuxet Valley 

branch N Y, N H A H R R 
Arlington. Providence Co (Providence p o) in city of Cranston electric cars to Providence 
Arnold Mills. Providence Co p o in town of Cumberland 
Ash.awav. Washington Co p o in town of Hopkinton electric ears to Westerly 4 m and to 

Ashland, Providence Co p o in town of Scituate 
Ashton. Providence Co p o in town of Cumberland on Worcester div N Y, N H A H R R 3 

m from Cumberland Hill electric cars to Pawtucket 
Atwell Avenue. Providence Co in city of Providence sta N Y. N H A H R R 
Auburn. Pro\idence Co (Providence p o) in city of Cranston on N Y. N H A H R R electric 

cars to Providence 5 m 
Austin, Washington Co in town of Exeter — R D Washington 
.\vondale, Washington Co village in town of Westerly 
Barrington, Bristol Co town on Wor- ester div N Y. N H A H R R 2 m from Warren electric 

ears to Providence — pop 2.9.S2 — Post-offices. Barrington. W Barrington. Nriy-tt Point 
Beach, Kent Co p o in town of Warwick 
Belleville, Washincton Co in town of North Kingstown 
Berkeley, Providence Co vijlage in town of Cumberiand on Worcester div N Y. N H A H R K 

electric cars to Pawtucket and Woonsocket 
Block Island. Newport Co p o in town of New .'■'horeham steamers to Newport. Providen( e 

and New London Conn 
Boyden Heights. Providence Co in town of East Providence on N Y. N H A II R R electric 

cars to Providence 
Bradford. Washington Co p o in town of Westerly on N Y. N H A H R R 
Branch. Providence Co village in town of North SniithfieM electric cars to Woonsocket 2 m 
Bridgeton, Providence Co p o in town of Burrillville i ». ^- • 

Bristo' Bristol Co town county seat p o and port of entrv- terminus of Bnstol branch N i . 

n'h a H R R and on steamboat line fiom Bristol to Fall River electric cars to Provi- 
dence ferry to Portsmouth pop 1(1.302 ,.„,.„„ -r „ ,■ ■»- 

Bristol Ferrv. Newport Co p o in town of Portsmouth on N \ . N H A H R R m from New- 
port anil on steamboat line to Fall River .ler trie cart to Providcn.e ferry to Bristol ai d 

Bristol Higlilands. Bristol Co in town of Bristol 

Bullock- !■ ■ • !'r , . '.. n-e Co in town of Ea-t Providence on N "i . N R A H R R electric cars 

Burr!;: i I , • Co town on N Y. N H A H R R ele 

,SfiM -I ,•;.-. Bridgeton. Glendale. Hii 

P:>scoa.j. larKuu. Wallum Lake 
Buttonwoods. Kent Co p o in town of Warwick (>lectric carj to Provndence 
Canonchet, W.ashington Co p o in town of Hopkinton on Wood River Branch R R 
Canonieut Island, Newport Co in town of Jamestown ferrv to NcwDort and .Saunderstown 
Ca"?l?m" W.ashington C^ p o in town of Richmond on N Y. N H A H R R 11 m rom W estcrly 
Centerdalc Provi.tenre Co p o in town of North Providence m from I'rovidence on N ^ . 

Cent^vPl^ 'k^^Toiu^:^^'^^i'^r.i.^. on Worcester div N Y. N H A H R R 
.-li.ctric cirs from Hone 12 m from Piovidence 

CV-iUralFails Providcn.e Co city and r ■• on Worcester .Viv N Y. N H A H R R I m fro.i. Paw- 
tucket electric cars to \ltlcboro. 1 .iwtuckm and Providcnci; — pop 2.<..Ui> 


Charleslown Wnsliington Co town and p o stage to Kenyon 5 m— nor. 001 

'pro ^ i P';°^"'''°'-<^ Co p o in town of Gloucester stage to Oaklahd 1 m electric ears 
Cliepiwanoxet, Kent Co in town of Warwick sta N Y, N H & II U H 
ClayviHe. Providence Co village and p o in town of iScituate 
Clyde, Kent Co village in town of Coventry on Hope brantli N Y, N H & 11 R R electric ci 

to rrovidence 
Conanicut Island, Newport Co in town of Jamestown ferry at Newnort 
Conimicut, Kent Co p o in town of Warwick electric cars to Providence 
Coreys Lane, Newport Co in town of Portsmouth sta N Y N H & II R R 

ryZ-J):'"'\^,°i town on Worcester divN Y, N H & H R R-pop 5,6G9-Post-ofr,ce 

Coventry, Anthony, Greene, Summit, Washington 
Coventry Center, Kent Co village in town of Coventry on Central div N Y, N II & II R R 4 : 

from Anthony 
Cowesett, Kent Co p o in town of Warwick on N Y, N H & II R R 12 m from Providen, 
Cranston, Providence Co city on N Y, N H & H R R electric cars to Providence— non '^O '1-1 

— Post-offices, Fiskeville, Howard, Oak Lawn i i - ■■ 

Cranston Street, Providence Co in city of Providence sta N Y N H & H R R 
Crefeld, Providence Co in town of Lincoln sta Moshassuck ^'alley R R 
Crescent Park, Providence Co in town ol East Providence on N Y, N H & H R R electric ca 

to Providence 
Crompton, Kent Co p o in town of West Warwick electric cars to Hope 
Cumberland, Providence Co town on Worcester div N Y, N H & H R R— pop 0,929— Pos 

offices, AbbottTun, Arnold Mills, Ashton, Diamond Hill, Grants Mills, Valley Falls 
Cumberiand Hill, Providence Co in town of Cumberiand electric cars to Providence and Wooi 

Cumberiand Mills, Providence Co in town of Cumberland : 
Davisville, Washington Co p o in town of North Kingstown 

East Greenwich 

Diamond Hill, Providence Co p o in town of Cumberiand on N Y, N II & H R R 
Dike Street, Providence Co in city of Providence sta N Y, N H A: H R R 
Dyerville, Providence Co in town of Johnston sta N Y, N H Jc II R R electric ears to Providence 
Last Greenwich, Kent Co town p o and county seat on N Y, N H & II R R electric cars to 

Providence and Narragansett Pier — pop 3,1.04 
East Natick, Kent Co in town of Warwick sta N Y, N H & H R R 
East Providence, Providence Co town on Providence div and Worcester di' 

1 ni from Providence electric ears to Providence, Taunton, Fall Riv 

pop 1S,5S4 — Post-offices, East Providence, Riverside and Rumford 
East Side, Providence Co (sta Providence p o) in city of Providcnte 

Edgewood, Providence Co (sta Providence p o) in city of Cranston electric cars to Providence 
EIrawood, Providence Co Ista Providence p o) in city of Providence sta N Y, N H it H R R 
Escoheag, Washington Co p o in town of Exeter 10 m from Greene 
Esmond, Providence Co p o in town of Sniithfield electric cais to Providence 
Exeter, Washington Co town stage to Wiukford Junction 3 m — pop 904 — Post-offices, ENCter 

Austin, Escoheag, Liberty, Pinehill 
Fields Point, Providence Co in city of Providence 

Fields Station, Providence Co in town of North Smithfield sta N Y, N H & H R R 
Fiskeville, Providence Co p o in city of Cranston on N Y, N H & II R R 1 in from Phenix 

electric cars to Providence 
Forestdale, Providence Co p o in town of North Smithfield electric cars to Woonsocket 
Fort Adams, Newport Co in city of Newport sta N Y, N H & II R R 
Fort Greble, p o in Newport Co 
Foster, Providence Co town electiic ears to Providence 21 m and Danielson Conn 9 m — pop 

1,071) — Post-offices, Foster, Foster Center 
Foster Center, Providence Co p o in town of Foster 4 m from Rockland 
Fox Point, Providence Co in city of Providence sta N Y, N H & II R H 
Frenchtown, Kent Co in town of East Greenwich— R D East Greenwich 

Georgiaville, Providence Co p o in town of Smithfield on N Y, N H >t H R R 4 m from Green- 
Glendale, Providence Co p o in tow n of Rurrillville ele 
Glocestcr, Providence Co town — pop 1,491 — I'ost-offic( 
Gould, Washington Co p o in town of South Kingstow 
Graniteville, Providence Co village in towns of Rurrillville and Johnston 
Grants Mills, Providence Co p o in town of Cumberland 
Green Hill, Washington Co in town of South Kingston— R D Wakefield 
Greene, Kent Co p o in town of Coventry on N Y. N II & H R R 10 m from Anthony 
Greenville, Providence Co p o in town of Smithfield eh-itrir cars to Centerdale and Providence 
Greenwood, Kent Co in town of Warwick sta N Y. N H & H R R electric cars to Providence 
Greystone, Providence Co p o in town of North Providence on N Y, N H & H R R 7 m from 

Providence electric cars to Providence 
Hamilton, Washington Co p o in town of North Kingstown 2 m from Wickford 
Hamlet, Providence Co in citv of Woonsocket sta N Y, N H & H R R 
Hampden Meadows, Bristol Co in town of Harrington sta N Y, N H & H R R 
Harmony, Providence Co p o in town of Glocester electric cars to Lenterdalc and Providence 
Harris, Kent Co viU.nge in town of Coventry on Pawtuxct Valley branch N Y, N H & H R R 

electric cars to Providence 
Harrisville. Providence Co p o in town of Burrillville on N Y, N H & H R R electric cars to 

Haversham, Washington Co in town of Westerlv — R D Westerly 
Hillsgrove, Kent Co p o in town of Warwick on N Y, N H & H R R 9 m from Providence 

electric cars to Providence 
Hope, Providence Co p o in town of Seituate terminus Pawtuxet Valley branch N Y, N H 

& H ft, R 3 m from Phenix electric cars to Crompton and Washington 
Hope Valley, Washington Co p o in town of Hopkinton terminus Wood River branch R R 
Hopkinton, Washington Co town on Wood River Branih R R — pop 2,496 — Post-offices, 

Hopkinton, Ashaway, Canonchet, Hope Vallev, Rockville. Woodville 
Howard, Providence Cop o in city of Cranston on Pawtuxet Valley Branch N Y, N H <t II 

R R electric ears to Providence 
Hoxie, Kent Co p o in town of Warwick electric cars to Providence 
Hughesdale. Providence Co p o in town of Johnston 3 m from OIneyville Sq electric cars to 

India Point, Providence Co in city of Providence landing of New York ad Baltimore Steam- 
ship lines 
Island Park, summer p o in Newport Co electric cars to Falls River and Newport 
Jackson, Providence Co village in town of Seituate on N Y, N H & H R R electric cars to 

Jamestown, Newport Co town ai. I p o in Cai micut Island ferry to Newport 4 m — pop 1.51^ 


.loliuston, Providence Co town on N Y, N H & H R R electric ears to Providence— pop 6,003 

—Post-offices, Himhesdrde. Tliornton 
Kent, Providence Co in town of WciUuite .5 m from Phenix — R D Hope 
I-Cenyon, Washiucton Co p o in town of Richmond on N Y, N li & H R R 
Kettle Point, Providence Co in (own of East Providence electric cars to Providence 
Kingston, Washington Co p o and county seat in town of South Kinestown on N Y, N H & II 

R R and N:irragansetl Pier R R 
Knightsville, Providence Co in city of Cranston on N Y, N H & H R R electric cars to Provi- 
dence 5 m 
I.aFayette. Washinirton Co p o in town of North Kingstown onNY, NH&HRR7m from 

East Grecnw'. 1, 
r.akewoou, K. m i L ii. tuu n of Warwick electric cars to Providence — R D Providence 
Liberty, Wasliinri'in ( .. i' " i" town of Exeter 4 m from West Kingston 
T.imerocK. Provi.l. m .■ Co m town of Lincoln 5 ra from Cumberland Hill — R D Albion 
Lincoln, Providence Co town on Worcester div N Y, N H & H R R and Moshassuck Valley R R 
— pop 10,1.1',) — electric ears to Pawtucket and Woonsockct — Post-offices, Albion, Lons- 
dale. ManviUo 
Lincoln Park, Kent Co in town of Warwick sta N Y. N H & H R R 

i>ippitt. Kent Co villaRe in town of Warwick on NY, NH& H R R electric cars to Providence 
Little Coniptou, Newport Co town \5 m from Fall Rivei Mabs daily steamer to Providence 

and Tiverton — pop 1,.3S2 — Post-offices, Little Con^pton, Adamsville, Sakonnet 
Lock Pritlfrc, Providence Co in town of Lincoln sta Moshassuck Valley R R 
Ijongmeadow, Kent Co p o in town of Warwick electric cars to Providence 
Lonsdile. Providence Co p o in towns of Cumberland and Lincoln on Worcester div N Y, 

N H & H R R ."5 m from Pawtucket electric cars to Pawtucket and Woonsocket 
Lorraine, Providence Co in city of Pawtucket sta Moshassuck Valley R R 
Lvmansville, Providence Co in town of North Providence electric cars to Providence 
.\ianton. Providence Co (p o Providence) in town of North Providence on N Y, N H & H R R 

electric cars to Providence 5 ni 
Manville, Providence Co p o in towns of Lincoln and Cumberland on Worcester div N Y, 

N H & II R R 4 m from Woonsocket electric cars to Woonsocket and Pawtucket 
Mapleville, Providence Co p o in town of Burrillville 

Matunuck, Washington Co in town of South KiUL-stown 3S-m W of Wakefield— R D Wake6eld 
Melville p o in Newport Countv 
Meshanticut. Providence Co village in city of Cranston on N Y, N H & II R R— mail to 

Providence electric cars to Providence 
Middletown, Newport Co town (Newport p o) on Taunton div N Y. N H & H R R .5 m from 

Newport electric cars to Newport and Fall River Mass— pop 1,992 
Mohegan. Providence Co village in town of Burrillville Hi ni from Woonsocket stage to Black- 
stone Mass 7 m 
Moosup Valley, Providence Co in town of Foster — R D Greene 
Mosnuitoville! Providence Co village in town of Johnston 

Narragansett, Washington Co town near South Kingstown (Jamestown p o) pop 1,431 
Narragansctt Pier, Washington Co p o in town of Narragansett on Narragansett Pier R R 

cable to Block Island electric cars to Providence 
Nasonville, Providence Co p o in town of Burrillville electric cars to Woonsocket 
Nalick, Kent Co p o in town of West Warwick on Pawtuxet Valley branch N Y, N H & H 

R R 8 m from Pro- " - • - 

Nay.-itt Point, Bristol C 

Newport, Newport Co city county seat port of entry and p o on Newport AWickford R P. 
terminus Newport div N Y, N H & H R R steamers to New York and Providence elec- 
tric cars to Fall River and Providence— pop 30,472 

New Shore), am, Newport Co town tri-weeklv steamers to Newport 30 m cable to Narragan- 
sett Pier— pop 1,414— Post-office, Block Island 

Nooseneck Hill, Kent Co p o in town of West Greenwich 

North, Providence Co (sta Providence p o) in city of Providence ,,„,-,, j tj n 

North Kingstown, Washington Co town on N Y, N II & H R U and Newport & Wickford R R 
—pop 3,931— Post-offices, Allenton, Davisville, Hamilton, LaFayettc, Saunderstown, 

North "proWdence, Providence Co town on N Y, N H & H R R electric cars to Providence- 
pop H, 780— Post-offices, Centerdale, Greystone „ . , j T^ • i 
North Scituate, Providence Co p o in town of Scituate electric cars to Providence and Uaniel- 

North Smithfield, Providence Co town on WoonsocKCt & Pascoag R R electric cars to Provi- 
dence and Woonsocket— pop 2,80.5— Post-offices, Forestdale, Slatcrsville 
North Tiverton Newport Co village in town of Tiverton— mail to l<all River Mass 
Norwood Kent CoTSin town of Warwick on N Y, N H & H R R electric cars to Providence 

Oaklan'd, Providence Co in town of Burrillville on N Y, N H & H R R 20 m from Providence 
Oaicland Beach, Kent Co p o in town of Warwick electric "" '« f ly'*%»°'' P''"^'""""^'' 
Oakland Center. Providence Co in town of Burrillvil e sta N Y N H & II R.R 
( >ak Lawn, Providence Co p o in city of Cranston on N Y, N H & H R R electn. cars to Provi- 

Oak vTlley', Providence Co village in town of Burrillville x, ,, .. tt -R R electric cars to 

Olney ville. Providence Co p o in town of Piovidencc on N \ , N H & II R R electric cars to 

Omcra^Provldence Co village in town of East Providence elec-tric '^^"^^JP^l^^^Ji'^ ^^„ ,„ 
Pascoag, Providence Co p o in town of Burrillville on N \ , N H & H R R electric cars to 

Pawt^ucTeT°Providence Co city and p o on N Y, N H .t H R R electiic cars to Providence, 
Woonsocket At Ueboro,N\\^^^^ and East Providence-pop 55,- 

Pawt^ux^et, Providence Co (station Providence p o) in ,ity of Cranston m from Providence 

Peace Dat W^M^gt^on Co^ro in town of South Kingstown on Narragansett Pier R R elec- 

trie cars to Providence n ti -nr t j:„i i 

PerrvsviUe, Washington Co in town of South Kingstown— RR Wakefield 
Pett,\consett, Providence Co in town of Cranston station NY, ^ "&»«",,.„.„,, j, 
Phenix. Kent Co p o in town of Warwick on Pawtuxet \ alley branch N-i,NH&HKK 

electric cars to Providence 15 m . , „ ■Pr„,.;A^r,,p P T) Provi- 

Phillipsdale. Providence Co br.anch of Providence in town of East Provident e-K U 1 rovi 

PinehfirWashingtorCo p oTtown of Exeter 7 m from Hope Valley stage to Wickford Junc- 
tion 8 m 

Plainville, Providence Co 
Plainvillc, Washington Co 


pi,.„^:,Mi \'i.-„, \\:,.i,;„..t,... r„ siiiiuiier I 
l>„n.. .l:-,i,;^ W -1 ,, ,..■, , ,, Mt Wenf 

'■""■ ' ' ' , : " " "f Wan%i(k on Piiwtuxet Viillry brnmli N Y, N H & II R R 

P<'ii i ,11 COlDwiioiiTnuntondivN Y, N H & U R R S ni from Newport clcctrir 

,1 ! ':iMr and Newport— pc p 2,(i7R— I'osl-oftice.s, Portsmouth, PiisU.l Fciry, 

I''"t" I '■ '-nCopoin t.,wn ..f Weslerh 1 m from Ashaway plpctric curs to Wesl- 

]'/"•'• I' • !■...''.-,-" '■'■-., ,,t Si,„il,tirl,l on N Y, N 11 &}I RR 

' "'\ ' ' ■ ■' I' I'"' ' ' I ' iitiy p o and the L-apital of tlie State on 

■ ■ ; '■' ■ '■ I' l> " N'" ^'ill,, I ill Hiver, Newport and Kuropo— Posl- 

Pni/'^ ' ' ,,,,,; ,„'„,«'ti '.'f'l>ort''-"a' •^V"'' '''"'' ■'^''''■'' K'u'Woo''— P'>P -'47.(l(;ll 

Q""i' , ' ' , /" '""•" "f Coventry on N Y, N U & H R R 13 m from Providence 

(,'"•■' " : I. ' . M Vo in town of Charlcstown 

Hi' li ' ' '..<.. villaffc in town of Sfituate 

I!" I '^ '•" Co town on N Y, N H & H R R 9 m from Wcsterlx — pop l.'l.iS— 

I \r,,n, Arcadia, Carolina, Kenyon, I^hanroik, Ustiucpaugh, Wood River 

Hi'. ' • I ' '. 1 .. p'o in town of West Warwick on Pawtiixet Valley blanch N Y, N H & 

Hi:!:. ■' . . ,'- I', r.'.x'.lrm-e 11 m 
H)\' ! I ,,:,';,, :„ i,,wn of East Providence on Bristol branch N Y, N 11 A- 11 

I''' ■ ' I ' 'I'-'tu. cars to I'rovidem-e, Bristol and Pawtucket 

H'" i- I i' ' I' ' • ' ' ' " t"W" of .Seituate electric cars to Providence 

H'.ikM I,-, \\;,>;m,i:u,n Lop o .ji i.."n of Hopkinton 3 m to Hope Vallev 

Hu. ky Hum;, Kent (_o Hi lonn oi Warwick landing Providence .S .^ line electric cars to Provi- 

Ho-rcr Williams Park, Piovidence Co i 
Huiniurd, \'n,\ idrnce Co p o in town o 

^'-iil."' ' < 'o summer p in town of I.illle Compton steamers to Providence 

f^ari: '.' -iiinstonC p o in town of North Kinf;stown electric ears to Wickford 

^a,\ ! ' I ■ , < T' . ;r, !>'' 'i , I ^ In on Moshassuck \^nlley R R electric cars to 

Snti. ! . : , ' , , , I \ :. Hey branch N Y,NH & H R K electric cars 

'I . :• ' :".p 3,342— Post-offices, North Scitnatc, South 


, Washington Co p o ii 

I town of Rich] 


. Bead,, Kent Co p o ii 



I'.ri ..M Bristo 

N Y, N H & H R R 12] 

cars to P 
Y, N H . 

■e in town of Johnston 

imiil.Held electric cars to Woonsocket 

t'slown on N Y, N H & H R R 10 m from 

R R— pop 3,2S4— Post-ofF.ccs, Smithfield. 

i'. N H & II B 
: Y, X II A II 

N Y, N H i- 

-■«por(, Co in town of Port-imouth electric cars to Newport and 

dence Co p o ir. town of Scituate electric cars to Prcjvidcnce 

ton Co village in town of Westerly 

Co p o in town of Smithfiehl on N Y, N H & I! K R 

in town of Co\ enlrv on N Y, N H & H 1! R 

-. ,. .. in town of BtirriUville on N Y, N II & H R R 

I ', |i n in town of .Johnston and city of Cranston 5 m from Provid( 

ire to King.ston Depot 3 m 

iid on Worcester div N Y, N H & H 

ket, Pawtucket and Providence 

iwn on Narrngansett Pier R R electric 

v.n wu N Y, N H & H R R electric cars to Providence 10 m S of Prov.- 
]2 — Pusl-offices, Warwick, ApponauK. Beach, Biittonwoods, Commi- 
[llsgrove, Hoxsie, lyongmeadow, Norwood, Oakland Beach, Pontiac, 

p o in town of Coventry on N Y, N H & II R R electric cars to Provi- 

Westerly and boats to 

Block Island and New I.ondo 
e Co village in town of North rtmiinneia 
Ion Co summer p o in town of Westerly ele 

ty of Cr:,n.-ton station N Y, N H & II R R 


West, ■,,((, K.'.i' : ■■ , , ,, ., , , • W . , ■ , . r , ,,,,,, \ .,11,.,. 

West Grecnwicl!, Kent Co town 4 m from Greene :in.l \r, m from Anllj. 

ofKce, We.=t Greenwich Center 
West Greenwich Center, Kent Co p o in town of West Greenwich 3 m fr 


K 11 A- It H 1! 

ices. Westcrlv, 
rs to Nuiwi.l, 


-K n i\ 



:.p .^,09- 


cne l.-in 

1 fronc 

!ton Co p o in town of S Kincstown on N Y, N H & H R R 
vidence Co ' ' 

ears tc 

1 We: 

slerly «n, 

;1 Norwic 

own j\i 


[.n Ncwp 

ort & W 

H A 

ni from I 
11 H R : 

.ml Mosl 


1 (>n 

X -i , N 

H A- H H 

W<,od ]{iv. 
H R R elecl 
aiik'ni. Ml 

:r branch 
;ricst.. B 
Iford, PI: 

1 R R 


Westminster Street, Providence Co in rity of Providence station N Y, N H & 11 R R 
West Pontiae, Kent Co (Pontiac p o) in town of Warwick station N Y. N H & H R R 
West Warwick, Kent Co town on N Y, N II & H R R electric cars to Providence HI m S ( 

Providence— pop 1 5, 7S2— Post-offices, Arctic, Ccntcrville, Cronipton, Nalick, Pheni: 

River Point 
Whipple, Providence Co in town of Biirrillville station N Y, N H & H R R 
White Rock, Washington Co in town of Westerly electric 

— R D Westerly 
Wickford, Washinstoii Co p o in town of North Kini/stown junction Ncwiiort & Wickfor 

R R and N Y. N H A- 11 1! H .-h-ctric car- t< ■- 
WicKford .lunction, W',sl.u,!.'fi, ( ,, ,,. i.iv, n .if \. 

tlon Ncw|K,rt A W n klui.! I: I; :.,:,! \ ^ , \ 
Woodlawn. Provider!., ■ i ,,,,,,,, x >■! 1 'i v m 1.. i . 

\'mIN-V H U Clr, inr . ,!, 1., 1 ■,,,.,,,! , ,,,, , ,,.| 1 

Wo... I ]■.:•:. f ,1m ■ . ! \'. ■ ;. ,1 .,,.., .... 


Population by U. S. Cknsus of i!HO 

Abington, Windham Co p o in town of Pomfrct on N Y. N 11 A 11 1! R t. m from Putnam 

Adams, FairHeld Co in town of Easton— R T) Bridjieport 

Addison, Hartforo Co p o in town of Glastonhury 

MIerton Farms, New Haven Co in town of Middh-I.nrv sta N 'i', N 11 .t II li R 

Allinatown, New Haven Cn in town of OranKc— R D New Haven 

Allyns, New London Co p o in town of Lcdyard on N Y, N H & H R R 

Allyns Point, New London Co (Allvns p o) in town of Lcdvard sta N Y, N H A H R R 

Audover. T.illan.l Co to«ii an.l p J ..ii N Y. N H .t H R II !) m from Willimanli.— pop 371 

Amsl.-.n, T- " r;.! r-, . ;, ,-, :,, i,,,m, . : T!.'-. .• 

An-.,K: -^ ' 1' ,■:< . ,• ., 11 Xaugatuck div R R and terminus Ansonia 

Arru.l,; ' , ■ , ;. [i Sy.''W\T&HliR''" 

Ashl..i I, \s ,..!',.. ( , i..>M, V u. ii-.h. \l .1., 1.. 11— pop lit. S— Post-offices, AshforrI, Warren- 

Ashwill. 11. .\.« I ..n.l.jn Coin town of North Stonington— R D Norwich 

Aspclii, I;, I :urli. 1.1 Co in town of Easton— R D Westport 

Attawan-ii., Will. II, am Co in town of Killingh— R D Killinglv 

Atnooilville, Tolland Co in town of Mansfield— R I) .Maii.-^licld Cent.'r 

Avon, Hartford Co town and p o on Shore Line div N Y, N 11 A II R R uiii fi..m Collinsville 
— pop 1337 

BaUersville, Litchfield Co in town of New Hartford stage to Torrington— R D New Hanf,.r,l 

Baldwins, New Haven Co in town of Milfonl sta N Y, N H A II R R 

Ballouvillc, Windham Co p o in town of Killiiigly ' 

Baltic, New London Co p o in town of Hprague on N Y, N II A 11 R li cictric cars to Nor- 
wich and Willimantic .S m 

Bantam, Lilchr.,ld Co po in t„«n of Tit, I,r„I,l on Br N Y. N II A H R R 

Barkhamstca,!. 1 ■.''. '.i'- ,, - ., ',.;: V, i,,t..,! »t,-,tr,. t., \,.w llariford-pop .sr..-,— Post- 
offices, H;i-' ' ' - ' (" ....... ]■ ,,,,„ 

Bartlett, Nc« I . i > ■ '• I 

Reach Park. .\l .: . ' . : ■ . : :..n 

B.-'acon FaIN n i ' . .. i .. i.--. .. ■.: i . n .\aiigatiu k div N Y, N H A H R R 7 m from 

Beck!.'" m' ' v.. |!',, in town of Berlin on Middletown div N Y, N II A II R R 2 in from 

BelKiK.'ii^ I . , . i ( .. in'town .if Bolton— R D Bolton 

B.-rlin. ll;.ril,.rd Co t,i\w, on N Y, N 11 A H R R electric cars to New Britain 4 m— pop 3728 

Post-,.thc(.s, Berlin, East Berlin. Beckley, Kensington 
Bethanv, New Haven Co town 10 m from New Haven .', m from Beacon Falls— pop 49o— Post- 

Weslville „ , 

Bethel, Fairfield Co town and p o on N Y, N H A H R R electric cars to Dnnbury 3 m — pop 

Bethlehem, Litchfield Co town and p o S m from Litchfielo stage to Watertown 7 m— pop 1. 1. 
Black Hall, New London Co p o in town of Old Lyme on N Y, N H A II R K 
Bloomfield, Hartford Co town ana p o on Central N K Ry II m from Hartford elctri.. cars- 
pop 1821 
Boardman, Litchfield Co p o in town of New Milford , 

Boardinans Bridge. Litchfield Co station on N Y, N H A H R R in town of New Milford 
Bolton, Tolland Co town on N Y, N H & H R R— po|. 433— Post-ofhccs, Bolton. Bolton 

Bolton Notch, Tolland Co p o in town of Bolton ,.,.„.„„„ ^, „,, „ , 
Boston Neck, Hartford Co in town of Siitfiehl st» N Y, N II A II R R, Snffield Br.anch 
Bot,sford, Fairfield Co n o in town of Newton on N Y, N 1! A H 1( R 10 m from D«n'juf.v 
Bozrah, New London Co town sta?c to Yantic 3 m ami N..rwi, I, il in— pop .M.l— Post-ofiices, 

Bozrahville, Fitchville ,. . . , , ^, . , ^ 

Boziahvillc, New Lond. n Co p o in own of Bozrah slap.- to \ antic 4 m and to Norwicli s m 


Hian. IiviIIl-. I'.iirtirld t'o p o in town of RiclKC-fifld on N Y, N II &H R R 1 1 m from I^iiubury 
Mr:,iil .ni, N. i II , ,i Co town OP N Y, N H * II R R S m E of New Haven electric cars— pop 

i|"ir " • '-. Brnnfonl, 1 ineorcliard, Short Bench, Stony Creek 

Hi ill'. [. ; 1 1 I '.) town i-ily p o port of entry and county seat on N Y, N H & H R R 

il<' II i 'II' 1" New Haven, Derby, Norwiilt;, Sratford and Westport, steamboat daily 

to Kew 'lorK — pop lU2.(ir)4 
Bridgewater, Litchliuld Co town and p o stage to Roxbury 4 m and New Milford 5 m^ — pop 

Bristol, Hartford Co city on N Y, N H .<r H R R 9 m W of New Britain electric cars to Plain- 

ville. New Britain, Terryville and Hartford— pop 13,502- Post-oCices, Bristol. Forestville 
Broad Brook, Hartfora Co p o in town of East Windsor on N Y, N H & H R R 9 m from 

Brockway, Now London Co in town of Lyme— R D Hadlyme 
Brooklieia, Fairfield Co town on Berkslare div N Y. N H & H R R 8 m from Danburj — pop 

iiiii-r,,>i-,.frir...~, p.rr,,krn.|.i, i: 1,1.1.1 <■■ ,.■. , 

Brooklnl.l (•.■1,1. T. K;inliil.l Cm i <..>.: ' I: . . ■ M 7 m from Danburv 

Brookl.-l.! .luiiihn.i, I-, Ml,. I'l (n ;n 1, ,..,,, , l'- 'i . i - u. N Y , N II & H R R 

Brookb, li, W llnM ;-)i C.. l.iuli unci p ,. . : . . ;.. I ' ii 4 111 — pop 18.')K 

Bruok-N.Cr, \,i, ll:,\,n Lo lu tuv.n ul U...1.1,. .■; .\ V . N H & H R R—R D Cheshire 

Bu, kiir k •:.'.'. 1 '-rd Co viUa-c in town of Glaflonbnry 10 m from Hartford 

Bmkl : I !l I . Cop ointownof Manchester on N Y.N H &H RR7mfrom Hartford 

.1. i: . Manchester 2 ui and Hartford 7 m 

BulN I'.ii-L- , III .:. kl Co in town of Kent— R D South Kent 
Bur!in-t.,i,, Co town on N Y, N H A H R R 3 m from CoUinsviUe— pop 1319— R I) 

Bristol and H 1.) rnionviUe 
Burnhams, Ilariford Co m town of East Hartford sta N Y, N H & H R R, Springfield Branch 
Burnside, Hartford Co p o in town of East Hartford on N Y, N H & H R R 
Burrvillc, Litcldield Co p o in town of Torrington on Nanpatuck div N Y, N H A H R R 1 "j 

m S of Winsted 
Campbells Mills, New London Co in town of Voluntown — R D Vobmlown 
Campville, Litchfield Co p o in town of Harwinton on Naiigatiick div N Y, N H & II R R ,'■. 

ni from W iiisi.d electric cars 
Camun,. kjCl ,, ; ! (,, ji o in town of North Canaan on N Y, N H & H R R and Cen N E Ry 
Caiia;.,, I ;— Cm town on N Y, N II & H R R pop 702— Posi-ofiices, Falls Village 

Can Micld Copoiu townof Willonon Danbury div N Y, N H &H R R7 m 

Cam'':'. - ' \'. ,■ ': -i, r ,. „ ,.„ N ^- X II 


n from Daniclson 2 

n fron, I 


Hartford— pop 2732 


\ 1' 

N \ 

ntral N E Ry 
N H * 11 R R nai 
, N H & 11 1! K 

bu.y Br 


Y, N 11 & H R R n 

from Di 

Call,. 1... ■ ' . ■ • 11 

Cedai M :, , I, . . ! . ' ■. 

Cenn^k ■ • ■ ' i, 1,1 ■:, :•,. >^ I . .,.;..:, ( .. n ■■ '., 

Cenle.l...k llaiii,.,.. t ., i, .. ,„ !.,»,, „. ll„Mkii 
Central \ ilhiKc, W uulhaiu Co p o m tu« u of Pla 

son electrics to Moosup, Daniclson, Plainfiekl, Jewett City and Norwich 
Chapinville, Litchfield Co p o in town of Salisbury on Central New England Ry 
Chaplin, Windham Co town on N V. N 11 & 11 R R 9 m from Willimantic— pop 435— Post- 

oflices, Chaplin R D North Windham 
Charter Oak, Hartford Co in city of Hartford sta N Y, N H & H R R 
Chatham, Middlesex Co p o in town of E Hampton 9 m from Middletown 
Cherry, Hartford Co in town of Canton station Cen N E Ry 
Cheshire, New Haven Co town on Northampton div N Y, N H & H R R 15 m from New 

Haven— pop 19.SS— Post-offices, Cheshire, West Cheshire 
Cheshire Street, New Haven Co in town of Cheshire sta N Y, N H A- H R R 
Chester, Middlesex Co town and p o on Valley Branch N Y, N II & 11 K R 4 m from Deep 

River— pop 1419 ,, , , , 

Chesterfield, New London Co village in town of JMontviUe stage to New London k m — H D 

Chestnut ilill, New I-ondon Co p o in town of Lebanon on Air Line div N Y, N H & H R R 

Clarks Corner Windham Co p o in town of Hampton on N Y, N H & II R R 

Clarks Falls. N, 'a I ..i ■'.'■'< c,, „ o in town of North Stonington 7 ni from Westerly R I 

Clavton I(:ui', ! ■ . n ■ V I, of New Bri'tain sta N Y, N H & H R R 

Clinton, Mickk ' ,, .,n N Y, N H & H R R electric cars— pop 1274— Post-offices, 

Clint^nviUe,' -\ > « Ik' ■ , u ( .. p o in town of North Haven on N Y, N H & H R R S m Iron, 

Cobalt!'r,liddlesex Co sta on N Y. N H & H R R in town of East Han:iplon ^ ^, „ „ , , 
Colchester, New London Co town on Coh ester branch Air Line div N \ , N H & 11 R R 1 1 la 

from Willimantic— pop 2140— Post-offices, Colchester, North W estchcMer 
ColebrooK, Litchfield Co town— pop 557— Post-office, Cole-brook , /. . , v p » 

Collinsville, Hartford Co p o in town of Canton on N Y, N H & II R R and Central N E Ry 
Columoia, Tolland Co town 5 m from Willimantic— pop U40— Post-offices, Columbia. llo|i 

Conn^Iitfcut River Middlesex Co in town of CUI Sa% brook sta N Y, N H & H R R 
Cooper, Fairfield Co in town .,1 l:„l .■- .M -. N ^ , Ml & H R R Ridgefield Br 
Copper Hill, Hartford Coin i,v ,, . : i i ik , k H Granb;- 

Cornwall, Litchfield Co town on . , V ' . 1 1 . . " ' ' ' ■ •■ <— i.- 

oHucs. Coruw.Ml. C„ii,u;,k i'',M \'. ■ ' 
Cori.v,,ul Ikkk'., kk.kkCk < ' . 
C.,i:,:- " 'I ■' . , 1 ■ ■ ■ ■ ' ' • ....■: 


s Vniage— pop 1016— 



ire div 


\' Y, N H & H R R 


ii'.-Id 3 

11- poj) IGOO- 

-R D 


R Rin 

towu of East 


Cranbury, Fairfield Co villaRe in town of Norwalk ^ 

g™m^!il!^S5i:5^lS(^r?^^^^d P o'^^^.^i.e^i^v^N Y, N 11 . H R R 3 m from MuU.U- 

CrvsrarL;:r.?:'?-ollfnd Co in .own of Ellington stage to Stafford ^l'^^^^^^^^^^ 
Danbury, Fairfield Co city town and county seat on N \ . N H & H R R electru- nais to Bethel 

^iii^>pta^dii;;i^5:^uv;';^:^r^^=;j;^:;;:'a^d'\^^M^ r r^^^^is^'"- 


Darien Fairfield Co town on N Y, N H & H R R f, in fn„n Siunford elertric cars to N'orwilk 
and Stimiford — pop 39-16 — Post-irllM , , lir i, •-,,,',,,, \r,roton Hpicrlits 

Bnclgeport and New Haven— pop h9ia 
Derby Junction, New Haven Co in town of Derby sta N Y, N H & H R R 
Dividend, Hartford Co vilhiRe in town of Rockvhill 
Duni-an, Middlesex Co in town of Killingworth — R D HiEpariini 
Durham, Middlesex Co town stage to Mid.llefield 3 m and Middletown (5 m— pop O'lT— I'oM- 

offirea, Durham, Durham Center 
Durham Center, Middlesex Co p . 
KagleviUe, Tolland Co p o in low 


East Berlin, Hartford Co p o in town of Berlin on N Y, N H & H R R 5 m from Middletown 
hast Canaan, Litrhfield Co p o in town of North Canaan on Central N E Ry 5 m from Nor- 
East Cornwall, T.itchfield Co villa<re in town of Cornwall — R D Cornwsll 
East Danbury, Fairfield Co in town of D, :,!,,, , .i^, N Y, N H * H R R, Danbur^ Br 
East Farms, New Haven Co in city of W : ~ "i. N II A H R R, Jleriden lir 

Eastford, Windham Co town sta^e to i \\ illiininilic 15 m and North Windliuii 

12 m— pop 313— ro^t-..lfitcs, Fa--: 1-: ■,.il, < -I, ford 
KastGlaston'H!,, H u '.,.,1 Co po in to« n oi ( ;!a-touhiiry elcctrie ears to Hartford 14 n. 
Kast Cranio, I! •■ ' . lown and p o on .>pr:nirlH-M liramli Cun N E R% — pop C.Si 

East Had.l:M , - . . o town on N Y, N H & H R R steamer to Hartford— pop LM82— 

Post-ol': . 1 : 1. M4aiii, Moodus, North Plain 

East Hamptui;. M:,!diL- x to town on Air Line div N Y, N H & H R R 9 m from Middletown 

—pop 23',)()— l'ost-<jlti,os, East Hampton, Chatham, Middle Haddam 
East Hartford, Hartford Co town (station Hartford n o) on Highland div N Y, N H A- H R R 

2 m from Hartford electric cars — pop .SOOO — Post-offices, Burnside, Hocknnuni, Silver 

ICast Hartford Meadow, Hartford Co in town of East Hartford (Hartford p o) 
East Hartland, Hartford Co p o in town of Hartland stage from Granby on N Y, N H A H 

R R 9 m 
East Haven, New Haven Co town and po on N Y, N H & H R R electric cars to Fairhaver. 

and Branford — pop 170.5 
East Kent, Litchfield Co in town of Kent — R D New Preston 
East KiUingly, Windham Co p o in town of Killingly electric cars to Putnam, Daniclson ;ind 

Providence R I 
East LitchfiplH, Litchfield Co p o in town of Litclifield on Naugatuck div N Y, N H & 11 R R 
East Lyme, New London Co town on N Y, N H & H R R S m from New London electric cars 

" ' Beach, Niantic 

Meriden Junction, New Haven Co in city nf Meiiden sta N Y, N H & H R R 
East Morris, Litchfield Co p o in town of Morris stage to Thomastoii 7 in 
East New London, New London Co in town of Waterford 
East Norwalk, Fairfield Co in city of Norwalk sta N Y, N H & H R R 
Easton, Fairfield Co town stage to Bridgeport 10 m— pop 10.52— R D Fairfield and K V Hi i^lgc- 

East River, New Haven Co p o in town of Madison on N Y, N H & H R R 
East Side, Fairfield Co (statiim Bridgeport p o) in city of Bridgeport 
East Thompson, Windham Co p o in town of Thompson on N Y, N H & H R R S in from 

East Wallingford, New Haven Co in town of Wallingford sta N Y, N H & H R R 
East Willington, Tolland Co village in town of Willington— R D West Willineton 
JCast Windsor, Hartford Co town on N Y, N H ct H R R electric c.irs- pop 33152- Post-ofticcs , 

Windsorville, Broad Brook, Melrose, Warehouse Point 
East Windsor Hill, Hartford ( 'o p o in town of ,'<outh Windsor on N H, N H & 11 R R .S m 

from Hartford electric cars to Hartford and .Springfield 
[■;ast Woodstock, Windham Co p o in town of Woodstock stage to Putnam 9 m 
l-:konk, Windham Co in town of Sterling — R D Moo.-up 
ICIlington, Tolland Co town and p o on N Y, N H A H R R 4 m from Rockville electric cars 

—pop 1999 
Elliott, Windham Co p o in town of Pomfret on Midland div N Y, N H & H R R m from 

Kllithorpe, Tolland Co village in town of Stafford sta Cen Vt Ry 
Ellsworth, Litchfield Co in town of Sharon ti m from Amunia N Y stage to Cornwall Bridge 3 m 

— R D Sharon 
Eliiiwood, Hartford Co p o in town of West Hartford on N Y, N H & H R R 
Enfield, Hartford Co town on N Y, N H & H R R electric cars to Hartford, Somers and Spring- 
field, Mass— pop 9719— Post-offices, ICnficld, Hazardvillc, Scitico, Thompsonvillc- , 
luificld Bridge, Hartford Co (Enfield p o) in town of Enfield sta N Y, N H A H R R 
Essex, Middlesex Co town on Valley Branch N Y, N H * H R R 19 m from Middletown elec- 
tric cars to New Haven and New London — pop 2745 — Post-oflices, Essex, Centcrbrook, 

Fairfield,"Fairfie!d Co town on N Y, N H & H R R 5 m from Bridgeport electric cars to Bridge- 
port — pop (5134 — Post-offices, Fairfield, Soutliport 
Fair Ground, New London Co in city of Norwich elcttrii 
Fairhaven, New Haven Co p o in city of New Haven oi 

New Haven 2 m and East Haven , 

Falls Village, Litchfield Co p o in town of Canaan on N Y, N H A- H R R ^ 
Farmington, Hartford Co to%vn junction Northampt 

Hartford Branch fi m from Bristol electric car 

Farmington, Unionville „, , ^ , 

Fenwick, Middlesex Co (Saybrook Point p o) borough in town of Old Saybrook 

Fitchville, New London Co p o in town of Bozrah „ , „ „. , ^ , , „ 

Florida, Fairfield Co in town of Ridgefield sta N Y, N H & H R R , Ridgefield Br 

Flutevillc, Litchfield Co in town of Thomaston sta N Y. N H & H R E 

ForestviUe, Hartford Co p o in town of Bristol on N Y, N H & H R R electric cars to Bns 

and Plainville 
Fort Point, New London Co sta N Y, N H A H R R 
Franklin, New London Co town on Cen \i. Ry 7 m from Norwich electric cars to M lUiman 

— Don 527 — Post-offices, North Franklin, R D Yantic 
Gales F^rry^ New London Co p o in town of Ledyard on N Y, N H A H R R 9 m from N< 

Gardne'r Lake, New London Co in town of Salem— R D Colchester 


own of New Milford on N Y, N H & H K K 

\n of Wilton on Panbury div N Y, N H & }I K K 

own of Poitland ] m from Cromwell sleaml.oat to 


■■ to Jewetl City 7 n. 

1 li m— pop 4796— rost-oHices, Gluston- 

'y, N H a 11 K 1{_ 

' ■ ■■■-.! |, 

i:'if : 

1 . ' . '. -^ Wvst CI. ,»!„•., 

li .. i: ;. i: 1- . .i'.in SuHi.,Kl lir, 

n N Y. N 11 A- 11 ]{ H 

iij of Norwi.l, on N Y, N H & H H H 


oil C3 L 

C ro t ne I 
H D 1 r 

MMlU-llI ( ,.' 

t,rhliL-ld Co 

I..H,i .\ \ , A 11 
usi-uli, Glunville, 
in town of Plym. 

K 1 
utl on \ -^ 

m from Stamford— pop l(),4(i3— I'ost- 
;onnd Beach 
N II & H 11 R 5 n. from Waterbury— 

N 11 A II 
IlamlmrE, N. « 

from 11 Hi 
Hamden, N. u 

vilk— 1".; 

l; )! 1. ;,ir, 1. Inmi 11 

l.iT-l ''imi' \!\>\'.ii'k " 

W:, •.'■,. t .. |,.,M \, 

.".- i' }■ ' - l!,. ■ 11 

Ilamp.te.l. 1 
Hampton. \\ 
tic— i.-i 
Hancork, 1 

Hanover! N 
Hanover ]■ 

'...'■' II V' 'i . '■; 

Harrison.. \ 
Hartford, II 

elect ni 

ton, X. ' 

Hartland. 11 u. 

offices, E.r. 

^1 H-,rllV,uii N'..rl"l, 11 



Hawlfvville, F: 

:cl,f,eld Co town— po 

H D Thomaston 
nrfi,.'d Co p o in towi 

11 m from Norwich sImkc to Jowelt City 3 m— pop 4233 — Post- 
... Jewett City 

Co p o in town of Thompson on N Y, N H & II P. H 4 m from 
. Putnam and Webster 

« n on N Y, N H .fe H R R 1 m from New London electric cars to 
1 Wcst.-rly II 1— pop (.40.-1- Post-offices, Croton. Noank, Po.juo- 

i p o in town of We.=tbrook on N Y, N H & H R R 

u Ti on Shore Line div N Y, N H & H R K S m from Clinton— pop 

;i.,r,l, I,.;.l,- l.vL.n.l. Sa.lic, lie.-,,! 

' ■ : ■ ■''■ ■ I. NY. N H Ki II UR.'Sm from 

. ■, 1..1M, -.1 I : ■ ll,..|.|,.n H I > Kas'l H;,l,i|.ln]. 

P n ,„ t,,„„ .,1 1 >„!, ...niH, i..,i l.y l.-rry with Valley branch N Y. 
lloril and New York 
I of Lyme 3 m from Essex stage to Lyme 7 m steamers 

h.'.,.,,,i.ii, ,liv N Y, N H & H R R electric cars to West- 
.1 u \ Carmel, Whitnevvillc 
I ' i-.:iU to West Granl.y 

' , I ' ; I : .1 m from Brooklyn 1 1 m from Willimun- 

?n Rr 

1! 'r R, MeridiTi Br 

;i;i li. .'-..\'. M,!". .1.1 dm — pop .''i44 — Post- 

-offices, Campville, R D Torrinjrlon, R D 

1 on Litchfield Br N Y, N H & H R R 7 m 

ine in town of Greenwich 
vn of Wimlsor sta N Y, N 11 & H 1( P. 
in town of Enfield on N Y. N H ,^ II R R 

lli '.• ' , 1 

( o t..« n on Air Lino div N Y, N 11 .fc H R R 9 m fn.m 

ih.os, Hebron, Amstou 

111.' .■ , ■ • 

.'.sex Co p o in town of Haildam on Valley l.ran.h N Y, 

Hini.i'u.a. :!: 

'""v. in town of Middle!.." .. 

Highland r 

1' ■.■... 1 Co po in town of M .„. I..M ,r >. .,,.,■ to ,-^outh M 

Highridge. 1 

- . . •: t..wnof Stan.for.l- i: 1- -:. i,.i..r.l 

HighStr.-.i 1 

.... in to«n of Canton .^' . '.,.,' ,1 .\ 1- Ry 

HiKlnvou.l. ■. 

,11 ■ ' ., .Ma New llav.-n |. ... in ..u ..1 X.'W Haven 

iMi-'.-- 11, i: 

;. ; .,. 1, , 1 1 .-. Ih,jii..rd — 1! D S<,uth Mancheste 

11.. 1 

. , 1 1 Hartford slat'e to Harttord ; 

11. 1 

' 1 1 .1 village in town of Griswold 

N Y, N H & H R R : 

11,,; I . ,, ., M, 1..U.. ..I I ..lumi.ia on N Y, N H & H R R Highland div 5 1 

II.. II . i..«n of .Simsburv sta Cen N E Ry 

11..,, .. c, p o in town of Woodburv H) m from Waterbury 

11.. \: .\ . " 1,1 Coin town of Hampton— R D Hampton 

111 .: I 11, from Derby electric cars to Derl.\ and Bridgeport— pc 

11. r .'. :. ' V, M. ,Mn t'Cwn of Canaan— R n Falls Yillagc 

II ui, I ;<■,,,,. I,, wn ..f Wilton— R n Wilton 

lv.,rM..n M, ,.•.■... in I, ■,^^ r,! F-.-N , '.-.trie cars to New Haven 

JeweUCli ■• ■ I ■' ' ■ I • >,., ..fGriswoldonN Y.NH&HR R 10 : 

from .\ ... :' , ..iric cars to Norwich in m Plainfield 7 

Judib"l'.'i,! i , . ■.. I, ,1 l;,.xl,.iiy on X Y'.^N H .t H R R 

1^ ' I ,. . , NY, N H & H R R 15 m from New Milford- III. 

I., • I , ; S..uth Kent 

K, ,,, I ",;.,,... ,. I ,,, , ■ . ,,i I ., ,1. , M, ,.: K,i.i— R D Kent. R S South Kent 


Killin>:w«rtli, Mi.Mk-si-x C<> lown G m fron. flinton— pop «(jD— K 1) C'linloii 

Kitt. ■„.,,:;. \, ., l.<,n,l,M, f'., ;■, I. ,«„,,. 1 -•.iM.rdStaCc-n Vt liy 
•'I' 1/ :',','' ' ■ \ V, N 11 & H K Jt, Lililjnrl.l Br 

l-''l-'^ ' ' ..;,,. '. ,. . : - ,v on Ceiitiiil N K I!v 

!'•''■'''' ,1,1:-:.:' ,.■ ;.^. ; \\a>r.T ,ui<l Wasliinplon 

I.a.i' ■ I ' ' ■ M M ,„ n.v, I, ,,i N,,„ M,|i,,r,l fila N Y, N Jl & U K U 

I.Mu,. I ' , : . . ! ,,,i,l,,„ c. ,„ ,,,>,„ ,,f \,.,il, Sloni,u.toii— R IJ Korlli StoninKfon 

'•'■''""■' I : ,11 Co i>,un ,,M Cn \t l!>H m from Willimantic— pop 15L'S—rost-ol]i.CM, 

i -l- i:, '■■, 'not llill. I,ror.;.nl lirnko- 

Ledyanl. .\.-,v J..,iidon fu town— pop 1071)— Posl-ofiicos, Allyns, Galos Fcrrv, U D Mvslic, 

U D Norwicli 
I.eetc Ishind, Nr;w Haven Co p o in town of Guilford on Shore Line div N Y, N II i H R It 

13 ni from New Haven 
LeflinKwcll, New London Co in town of T! — 1? T> ^•.l.^^ir I, 
I.ponard Bridge, New London Co p o m i -n, i .] i ,i .,,,,,,,, \. ^ , \ 1 1 A- 1 1 1; K 

Liberty Hill, New London Coin town o! I ■ 1 ,, i , \', ,,,,,11, 1: I ) ( 1 , -iuut Hill 

Lime Rock, Litchfield Co po in town -:-.: '.,' 1 : , , , \ 1 1 ,^ I M. I: 
Lisbon, New London Co I 

■hficid, : 

Litchfield Co town and 


Post-offices, Litchfield, 

:lo Had, 

lam, MiddlespxCoin t 

inN Y, N 11 ,V 1! 1; 1; 7 ni n.-n, N,-mm,!,- j,. 


,nd county seat on Hhcpaug branch N Y, N 

■Id, lOast Litchfield, Bantam, Northficld 

n town of l^ast H.'uldam— R D East Ha.lda 

11 A H R R— po 

" ; , - ^V^ II & II R R7 n 

1 frr.ii, Hridt;.>],or 

- 1' '■-. 1 1 '■'' ' ■■ : Ha N Y, N H & H 

iuuccu-d b,\' ferry wiilj N Y, N H & 11 R R- 

R R 
-pop 740- Post 

fowTi of Old Lyme on N Y, N H & 11 R R 

«nof WVslon^R DAVcslport 

f^yme, Ne\ 
Lyons Plai 

Madi--,,ii. - 

Manchester Green, Hartford Co in town of .Maiuhc.M.r , Icctric .:irs to Soulh Manchester 

and Manchester 
Mansfield. Tolland Co town on Central \'t It U ;i ,,1 finn, Willin, antic— pop 1077— Post-offices 

Mansfield. Mansfield Center, Mi,i,-t-.M 1).,h.i, I ;,L'levdlc. Mcrrow 
Mansfield Center. Tolland Co p o in le, 1, ,,! a[ : • , !,| .iage to \\ illiir.antic 4 m 
Mansfi.-ld l)ep,.i.ToUaiulCo p(j in I..V, 1 •■ \! , 1 .,11 fentran'l Rv 7 mfrom WiUimanli.- 

MapK-ton, Hartford Co villaf-'e in to« 1. -1 ,-i:M:. ..! 
Marble Dale, Litchfield Co ji o in town 01 w ,, 1 iii;.,.,i, >iaee to New Preston and New Milford 

Marion, Hartford Co p o in town of Soutliington on Northampton div N Y, N H & H R R 

19 ra from New Haven 
Marlboro, Hartford Co town 13 m from Portlaiul— pop 302— R D East Hampton 
Marlboro Mills, Hartford Co in town of Marlboro— R 1) I'.ast Hampton 
Maromns, Middlesex Co in city of Middlelown sta N Y, N H & 11 Valley branch 
MashapauK, Tolland Co in town of Union stafc-e to Statlord Sprinj-s 10 m and to Houthbrid^je 

Mass 7 m— R U .StalTord Sprinps 
- lassapeag, New^London Co in town of Montvilje on Ccn Vt Ry 8 r '-■■ ^"— '' — "' '- 


s to Norwi 

h 1 N 

ille, Windl 


ctric cars 

to I t 

rtfor.l Co 


X Y, N II &H RR2i 

\'ermont Rv 10 m from Willimantic 

of Xew Milford si a N Y, N 11 & H R R 

,1 from .Stamford— K D Coscob 

[^ 10 Waterbury m — pop ^30 

, 1 1 & H H R electric cars to Middletown 

^i'oldlefield on N Y, N H & H R R ter- 

mpton on N Y, N H & H R R 7 m from 

Mr Line div and Valley div N Y. N H 
fr,iai New Haven electric cars to Mid- 
,:; . '.,v n. Little River 

i;,„ionstaN Y, N II & II R R 

^l,l' IH,,,,,' r.,..,,.i,| fopoin town of 1 lanburv on N Y, N 
Miiu. ., -^ , ,. I ,,,,,|on Co p in town of Waterford 
M,i,,,, 1 : 1 ■,, in town of Litchfield— R D Litchfield 

\!,i , , I ' ' .1.1 Co in town of Woodbury 

^:,,i„, .,,,, \, ,, I ..M.lon Co in town of Monlville on Central 
efeetrie ears to Norwich and New London— R D Norwi. 
Monroe, Fairfield Co town on N Y, N H & H R R— pop 101 

MonulweserN'ew Haven Co p o in town of Norih Haven on 
Montville, New London Co town o„ r.-nir..! \ 1 H v 1. i.. trom 
,wich and New London— p.-i' '■"-•" 1' ■•-''■ ' - .Lumj 
Moodus, Middlesex Co p o in ' 1 1 ' 1 ' 

Moose Meadow, Tolland Co 1 : ' ',;''; s'"v 

Moosup, Windham Co p o in ti: ,. 11 i-i r n !■ . > 1 n 1, •^ 
electric cars to Centra! VilliiL"' no. I I i:.n!. I-..11 

Vt R 

y 10 m 

f N 



)2— P( 


SI 1 



Ww I. 

N H & II R R 




N 11 

.^ 11 1; 

-, W 1 

111 li 7 




Morris, LitcliI.eld Co town on Litrlificld Br N Y, N H & II U li U ii, from 7 m to 
Thomaston auto stage from West Morris on L branch N Y, N II & II R R — pop (118 — 
Post-offices. Morris. East Morris, West Morris. Lakeside 

Mount Carmel. New Haven Co p o in town of Hamden on Northampton div R U S m from 
New Haven 

Mount Hope. Tolland Co in town of Mansfield stage to Willimantic 9 ni— R D Manslicld Cen- 

Naugatuck, New Haven Co town on X Y, N H .V II U R 5 m from Waterbury electric cars to 

Waterbnry— pop 12722- 1',--! . I!i. . - N n: : I,, I'nion City 

Naugatuck Junction, New }l:iN I < ■ > : : ^-..1 sta N Y, N H & H R H 

Navy Yard, New London Ci. I! ■ , i , , , V. N H & II R R 

Nayaug, Hartford Co in town i.i i , ■ i , . < > in. , ars to Hartford 5 m 

Nepaug, Litchfield Co in town ul i\.w liai i innl .M;i[i.- u, Collinsville ,5 m— R D New Hartford 

New Boston, Windham Co in town of Thompson t; m from Webster Mass 

New Britain, Hartford Co town city and p o junction N Y, N H & H R R with New Britain 

branch R R electric card to Berlin, Hartford and Plainvilk— pop 43,910 
New Canaan, Fairfield Co town and p o terminus New Canaan branch R R 10 ni from I'itts- 

field— pop 3(j(j7 
New Fairfield, Fairfield Co town stage to Danbury m— pop .551— R D Danbtiry 
Newfield, Middlesex Co in town of Middletown sta N Y, N H vt H R R 
New Hartford. Litchfield Co town on Central New F.npland Rv and terminus New Hartford 

branch R R m from Winsted— pop 2144— Post-offices. New Hartford. Pine Meadow 
New Haven. New Haven Co citv town county seat and port of entry on N Y. N H «& H R R 

— pop 133,605 — Post-office stations, New Haven. Fairhaven, Westville, West Haven 
Kewington, Hartford Co town Highland div N Y, N H & H R R .5 m from Hartford electric 

cars — pop 10S9 — Post-offices, Newington, Newington Junction 
Newington Junction, Hartford Co p o in town of Newington on N Y, N II & H R R 
New London, New London Co city town county seat p o and port of entry on N Y, N H & H 
R R terminus Central Vt Ry steamboat daily to New York electric cars to Mystic, Nor- 
wich. Stonington and Westerly — pop 19.().59 
New Milford. Litchfield Co town and county seat on Berkshire div N Y. N H & H R R 3.5 m 
from Bridgeport — pop .5010 — Post-offices, New Milford. Boardman. Gaylordsville. North- 
New Preston, Litchfield Co p o in town of Washington on Litchfield brnnch N Y, N H & H R H 
Newtown, Fairfield Co town on N Y, N H & H R R 9 rn from IJanlmry— pop ;«112— Po.-t- 

offices, Newtown, Botsford, Hawleyville, Sandy Hook 
Niantic, New London Co p o in town of East Lyme on N Y, N H & H R R 7 m from New 

Nichols, Fairfield Co in town of TrumbuU- 
Noank, New London Co p o in town of Or 

London and Westerly R I 
Norfolk, Litchfield Co town on Central New England Ry 7 m from North Can; 

—Post-offices, Norfolk, West Norfolk 
Norfolk Summit, Litchfield Co in town of Norfolk sta Cen N E Ry 
Noroton, Fairfield Co p o in town of Darien on N Y, N H & II R R 3 m from 
Noroton Heights, Fairfield Co p o in town of Darien 
North Ashford, Windham Co p o in town of Eastford stage to North Windhai 

14 m 
North Bloomfield, Hartford Co in town of Bio 
North Branford, New Haven Co town eleetrii 


North Bridgeport, Fairfield Co in city of Bridgeport .,„,„„„, , 

North Canaan, Litchfield Co town junction C M E Ry and N Y, N H & H R R 7 m from Nor- 
folk — pop 2171 — electric cars— Post-offices, Canaan. East Canaan 
North Canton. Hartford Co p o in town Canton „„.,,„„ 

North Cromwell. Middlesex Co in town of Cromwell sta N Y, N H & H R R 
Northfield, Litchfield Co p o in town of T-itchfield stage to Thom.nston 3 m 
Northford, New Haven Co p o in town of North Branford on Air Line div R R 3 ni fromNew 

North FrankUn, New London Co p o in town of Franklin 

North Granby, Hartford Co p o in town of Granby 9 m from Suffield _ 

North Grosvenor Dale, Windham Co p o in town of Thompson on N Y, N H & H K H ., in 
from Putnam elecrric cars to Putmam, Webster and Worcester Mass 

North Guilford, New Haven Co in town of Guilford— R D Guilford 

North Hartland, Hartford Co p o in town of Hartland , ,, „ , • 

North Haven. New Haven Co t6wn on N Y, N H & H R R 7 m from New Haven e'.c.tin- cars 
—pop 2254— Post-offices. North Haven. Clintonville. Montowese 

North Kent, Litchfield Co p o in town of Kent t, t, t, ji 

North Lvme, New London Co in town of Lyme 5 m from Essex— R D Hadlyme 

North ^iadison. New Haven Co in town of Madison— RDMad.son 

North Newtown, Fairfield Co in town of Newtown sta N \ , N H & H R R 

North Plain, Middlesex Co p o in town of East Haddani 

North Ridgefield, Fairfield Co in town of Ridgefield— R D Ridgeficld 

North Stamford, Fairfield Co in city of Stamford— R D Stanaford 

North Sterling, Windham Co in town of Slerling—R D Sterling „ „ ^, ., .,, 

North Stonington, New London Co town electric cars— pop 1100— Post-offices, North Ston- 
ington, Clarks Falls 

Northville, Litchfield Co p o in town of New Milford 

North Westchester. New London Co p o in town of Colchester 

North Wilton. Fairfield Co in town of WiIton--RD Wilton x, „.„„,, , ,,.„, 

North Windham, Windham Co p o in town of Windham on N Y, N H & H K Jl 1 m Irom 

North Woodbury, Litchfield Co p o in town of Woodbury. 

North Woodstock, Windham Co po in town of Woodstock stage to Putnam Dm 

Norwalk, Fairfield Co city and town on Danbury div N Y, N H & H R R 23 m Danbur 
electric cars to Bridgeport and Stamford— pop 24.211— Post-offices. Norwalk, South 
Norwalk, Rowavlon . „ , •,, r, j x' t- xt tj f 

Norwich. New London Co town city and county seat junction Central \ t Ry and ^ ^i . N H & 
H R R electric cars to each p o and to New London. >\ illim.anlic Jewet City and A\ est- 
erlv R I-pop 28,219— Post-offices, Norwich, Greenville, TaftviUe. /i antic 

Norwichtown, New London Co (Norwich p c) in town of Norwich electric cars to >.orwKii . m 
and to Yantic 2 m ,. , • 

Oakdale, New London Co I5 o in town^f Montville st^gejo Montvi 

from Waterbury 


Old Lyme. N>w I,oii<Ion Co town on V Y. X II 4 H R R 6 m from E.»5ei— pof !»«•!— Po^•.- 

offices, Lyme. .<outh Lvir.e, iiLark Ilri;!, .S<.ur<iv.f-« 
Old Myslic. Xiw London Co. p o in town o! .^ sj.-ise to Mvstic 2 m 
Old Saybrook. Middlesex Co towm junction X Y. X H A U R 11 with the Valley div .i m froru 

Es-iex electric turs to Xcw Haven — pop I.tH;— I'osi-oBires. i-»vbrook. .Savbrook Point 
Oncco, Windham Co p r, in town of Stcrline on X Y. X H A II R U 11 m froin Rrooklvn 
Orange, Xcw Haven Co town in Berkshire div X Y. N H 4 11 I{ R 6 u\ from Xe» Haven 

— pop 2.S2;1 — Post-offices. Orunpe. Tyler City, West Hi^ven 
Orcutts. Tolland Co villase in town of StaEord on Ceniriil \i Rv 2 m from Stafford Sprinf- 
Ore Hill, Litehfield Co p o in town of .-^alisbur^- on Cenir-jl Xew Etiglanil Ry 
Oronoque, Fairfield Co p o in town of Stratford 
Orton. Litchfield Co in town of Roibur>- — R D Roibar>- 
Ustord, Xew Haven Co town S m fron Ansonia 4 m from Seymour — pop 1020 — R D Se\ nsour 

and R D Soii-.hbury 
Oxford, Xew Haven Co 3ta on N Y, X H 4 H R R in town of .Soutkbuty 
Packer. Windham Co o o in town of Canterbury on X Y. X H 4 H R R 11 m from Danie!>.jn 
ParkvUle, Hartford Co in city of Hartford on N Y. X U & H R R 
Pawcatuck. Xew London Co %-illage in town of .Stoningtun •WtstcHy R I p oj 
Pendleton Hill. Xew London Co station in town of Xorth :^t«>nington 
Pequabiick, Litchfield Co p o in town of Plymouth 4 m from Bn^to! 
Pe.iuot Mills viUaffC in town of Montville 

Perrjs, Windham Co in town of Thompson sta X Y. X II 4 H R R 

PhoEnlxville. Windham Co iti town of Kastford 10 m from Putnam stage to WilHmantic 14 in 
Pine Meadow. Litchfield Co p o in town of Xew on Central New England Ry ar.I 

X Y. X H 4 H R R 
Pineorohard. Xew Haven Co .summer p o in town of Brar.fori on X Y. N H 4 H R R 
Plainfield. Windham Co town junction Shore J jne div and Providence div X X H 4 H R Ti 

9 m from Daniel=on — pop G719 — Post-oCices. PlainfieM, Central Village. McHjsup, Wau- 

Plain%-iUe, Hartford Co town and p o on X" Y, X H 4 II R R 4 m from Bristol electric cars t.j 

Bristol. Hartford and Southineton — pot> 2>>2 
Plantsville, Hartford Co p o in town of Southington on Xorthampton div X Y, X H 4 II R 

R electric car? to Meriden and PlainWIIe 
Platts Mills. Xew Haven Co in tozxn of Waterburj- sta X Y. X H 4 H R R 
Plattsville, Fairfield Co in town of Easton21 m from Xew Haven 
Pleasant Valley, Litchfield Co p o in town of Barkhamstead 4 m from Winsted stage to Xe« 

Hartford 3 m 
Plymouth. Litchfield Co town on X Y, X H 4 H R R— pop v;'21— Post-ofSces. PK-mouih. 

Pequabuck. Terrv-ville 
Pomfret. Windham Co town on Mid div X Y. X H 4 H R R 4 m from Putnam— pop IS^.7— 

Post-offices, Pomfret, Pomfret Center. AbiBgton, Elliott 
Ponu'ret Center, Windham Co p o in town of Pomfret 

Pomfret Landing. Windham Co in town of Pomfret— R D Pomfret Center 
Pomperaug Valley, Xew Haven Co in town of Southbury 
Ponsett, Middlesex Co in town of Hadd.-ini — R D Higganum 
Poquetanuck. Xew London Co in town of Preston stage to Xorwich 4 n. 
Poquonock, Hartford Co p o in town of Windsor electric c^.rs to Hartford 11m 
Poquonock Bridge, Xew London Co p o in town of Groton on X V. X H 4 H R R 
Portland, Middlesex Co town on Air Line div X Y.X H 4 H R R electric cars to Middlet-.wi, 

steamboats to Hartford and Xew York daily — pop 342" — Pos:-o5cea, P.jrtland, GilUer- 

sleeve . , . ».- - 

Preston, Xew London Co p o 'nira! sta Norwich) town on TLanies river electnc cars to X orwir 1, 

*> m — pop 1917 
Prospect, Xew Haven Co town on Meriden and Waterbur>" Line X"i.XH4HRR5m from 

Waterbury — pop 5-30 — R D Waterburv-. R D Xaugaturk . _ _ _ 

Putnam. Windham Co town city county seat and p o on X Y, X II 4 H R R 33 m from Xor- 

wich electric cars to Webster, Daniel'^on and Xorwi. h — por 7-SO 
Quaker Farms. Xew Haven Co in town of Oxford — R D .Sout! Lury 
Quaker Hill, Xew London Co p o in town of Wateriord e;e<.tri.: cars to Xorvnch and Xew 

Quinebauir. Windham Co p o in town of Thompson on X Y. X H 4 H R R 5 m from Web- 

QuinnipiacK. Xew Haven Co in town of Xorth Haven sta X Y. X H 4 H R R 

Rainbow. Hartford Co p o in town of Windsor 12 m from Hartford electric cars to Hartford 

and Windsor 
Rawson, Windham Co in town of Hampton — R D Han pton 
Redding. Fairfield Co town on Dant.urv- div R R S m from Uanbiiry — pop 101. — Post-offices. 

Reddin?, Redding Ridge, Wc-st Redding 
Redding Riiise, Fairfield Co p o in town to Reddinp 

Res-nolds Bridge, Litchfield Co in towTi of W_tertown ou X Y. X H 4 H R E 
Ridgeburv, Fairfield Co in town of Ridgefield stage to Danburv- m — R D Danbiiry 
Ridgefield, Fairfield Co town on Berksliire div X Y, X H 4 H R R 9 m from Dat^burj— pop 

31 !■=;— Post-offices, Ridsefield. BranchvHlle 
Riverbank, Frirfield Co in tow i. of Stamford— R D Coscob 

Riverside, Fairfeld Co p o in town of Greenwi. h on X Y, X H 4 H R R 3 m from Stamford 
Riverton. Litchfield Co p o in town of Barkhamstea stage to Xew Hartford 6 m and to W in- 

Rockf jJl. Xliddlesex Co p o in town of Middietield on X Y, X H 4 H R R 3 m from Middle- 
Rock Landing. Middlesex Co (Iladdam p o) in town of Haddam 

RoikvIUe, Tolland Co citv and p o in town on Vemoc terniinu'' RockviUe 4 Melrose branrh 
X Y. X H 4 H R R"lt". m from U.-irtford elc-tric cxrs to Manchester S m Talcottville 4 
m Hartford IC m Stafford Springs, and Springneld. M.iss „ , ^ , 

Rockyhill. Hartford Co town and p o on Conn Valley R R 7 m from Hartford electnc cars 

Romford. Litchfield Co'po in town of Washington on UtchreM Tr X Y. X H * H P. R 

Roton Point. Fairfield Co in town of Xorwalk ^ , , „ ^ ^ 

Round Hill, Fairfield Co in town of Greenwich 11 m from Mumford — R D Greenwich 

Rowayton. Fairfield Co p o in city of XorwalK electric c.-rs to Xorwslk 

Roxlurv. IJtchfield Co town on Litchfield br X Y. X H 4 II U R > m from. Xew Miliord— 

pop S37— Post-oCices. Ro?.bur}-, Koxlury Station .. „.„„^,. ^^,j„ 

Roxbuo Falls. Litchfield Co in town of Roxbur> sta X "i . N H 4 R R R T^.trhf eld Brsn. n 
Roxburo- Station, Lite!. field Co p o in tov.n of Roxbur>- on Litchfield BrX \.X H4HRR 

Rye Street. Hartford Co in town of South Windsor sta X Y. X H 4 H R R ---,„-„, 

Sachem Head Xew Haven Co summer pom town ot Guilford on shore kne div X ^ ,|X H & 


!i <■» Central New England Uy— pop 3522— Post-offious, Salis- 

. lil.', Lime Kook, Ore inil. Twin I.'ikcs 

i iu town of Newtown on N 'S'.N 1{ .t II 1{ R in „, from niinhury 
'^■ II .jf UctlilinR 

. .1. luwn „f \Vcslp.:rl on N V. N II A- II li 1( 
wn un Viillcy Branch N Y, N II A- II 1! It— pt.p I'.IOT— Post-ollice, 

o in town of Old Saybrook 

;.sex Co in town of Old SaybrooU sta N Y, N II & H 1! I{ 

; Co p o in (own of Old Saybrook on ^>lIoy div 1{ K 

loan of Knticld. on N Y,N H& II 1! H electric cnrs to Tliun.pson- 

ivn and p o on N Y. N H & H H K— p(,p 47f. 

town and p o on NauKiiluck div I! I( 1 jo Iron. An.-tunia electric 
y an.I Waterlnuv— p(.p 47Mi 
111 luwn of Haddam— R 1) HiublMin 
i 111 loHii of l-;nlield on N 'i'. N II & II P. I{ S n, from SpriiiRfield, 

to .^liaron Station N Y H ; 


: !; ■ ' I in, lion div Kv 15 ni from Hartford 

■ I V, < I..N, TnrilTville. \Vcatof.'ue 

I!-'-- II i:. ■'■■. \ \ . N 11 * 11 RK 
Ro.kxille elec trie ears to Hartford— pop 1G53— Post- 

■^omers 9 ni from Hoekville elect ric cars to llazardvillc Ini 
1 of Greenwich on N Y, N H & II R R 2 m from Stamford 
p o in town of Old I.vnie on N Y, N II & II K R 
I town of .Soiithluirv on \ Y, N 11 & II R R 13 m from 

' «i. on K Y, N H & H R R 12 in from Watcrbnrv— pop 1233— 

. i: . .-ootli Britain 

Id Co in town of Canaan— R D Falls ^'iIU^^;e 
idham Co p o in town of Canterbury on N Y, N 11 A II R R 
nd Co p o in town of C'oventry on .Southern div Ciiitra! \ t Ry 5 m 

Co in town of Southbuiy 10 m from Waterbury— R 1) Southbury 
rtford Co p o in town of Glastonbury electric ears to Harifoid 'J ni 
Co town on Northampton div R R 22 m from New Haven electric cars 
I'lainville— pop (i.'ilti- Post-ollices, 8outhington, Marion, Milldale, 

South .\l;nu'K-ier, Ihirtford Co p o in town of Mamliesler nrminu- South Manchester R R 

!l ni from Hartford electric ears to Ilartfonl '.> i.i Rockville G n. and Mamliester 2 in 
South Meri.ien, New Haven Co p o in town of Meridcn eh'ctric cars to Mcriden and Wi.lliug- 

Soulh'\-..rfolK litchford C-o in town of Norfolk— RD Norfolk 

Souil, \.H>'. .11 I iiiimMCo i> o ill town of Norwalk. junction N Y div and Daiibury 

,V I > \ ^ N II iV II If I; I •line curs to N'orwalk and Stamford 

<;„,,, 1, , ,,;. 1 ..I I 1 ,, ,, ,, 11, iMuii ,1 I iiili.lo on N Y. N H & H R R 
Souil, ,-,.'. 1 II,, I. III. . I Co iM luui, ol Sullu-1,1 -sta N Y, N 1\ & H R R, Suffield Br 
sonthvil'c I itchluhl Co villat'c in town of liridjiewnler 
South WcUiersheld; Hartford Co p o in town of Wethcrsiield on Valley div N Y, N H & II 

R R 
South WillinRton, Toll-am Co r o in towi 
South W ilton, Fairfield Co in town of V 

Norwalk— R I) Wilton 
Souih Windham, Windham Co p o in 1 

Y, N 11 & H R R .hTtnccaisto Wi 

South Windsor, llarlfonl Co town un N 

-l'o-t-ii|Ii..- South Windsor, lOas 

f W II 

1 1 

on Central div 
■ ury div N Y, 

\ R 

N H A 11 R ROm from 

f \S n 11 oi 
I R t 1 
^ N H V 11 R 11 tic 
W 1 W PI 
1 \S 1 t 1 
\ 1 el tr 

Cc tr 
I 1 


1 \ t R ai 1 Prov div 
^ r 1 12 1 

loll tl 1— pop 21 

1 1 -pop 2551 




1 \ 

w Cun 


I N ^ N H & 11 R 


!'• , : 


Nor tl thetric car.-, 
t fl rlvll 
So ll div Cent 


. |., StalTord .Spring's 4 in 
. II ,\ 11 R R and Southern terminus Ne 
, ,,n,i New York City— pop 2.s,h30— Pos 

1, from Stamford— R D Greenwich 

'n V, N H & H R R Valley branch 
jm Bridgeport- R D Stepney Depot 
,e on N Y, N H .^- H R R 11 m from Bridt; 


StorliiiK, WimllKiiii Cu town on N V. N il & 11 1; K '.i m ln,i,, UnnjIJ; ji - i,.,|. 4L'.S3 -Posl- 

S(f\rii..,M, I .)-' . m'c. p (, in town i)f .Monroe on N V, N II & H K K 

SiilMi:,.- ' ■ 1 Co |i oin town of Now Milfordon N V, N II & II i; K 

•^l'"""" ~ I n.l..n (;o town !u.d port or entry on N V, N II & 11 1! I( |.| mlron, .New 

I "^' ; : ' <ars to New London, Mystic and Westerly- pop '.i I M - I'osl-,,|ii. c-s, 

M..i.i.r,l .\i>st,e. Old Mvstie 

Stony Creek, Xeu l!:iven Co p o in town of Ilriinford on N Y, N H * II 1! K 1 I ni from New 

Storrs.'Tolhmd Co p o fsta Eapleville p o) in town of Mansfield— li I) KaL'leville 

Stralfor.l. I'lirKeld Co town on N Y .liv N V. N 11 & II U li ;i lo from Bndfreport ele.-trie 

e-t '.. l;!i :-. I .,-1 ir.ii :,. 'A il;.^M, ,M,|,., r.,-i > IV, , ,-, .-trallc.1,1, (In.iioiiue 

1! M. 

. \ Y, N II A II 1! 1! 

II & II R ]{ ehrin ■ 

Tal, ,' , I : ( - . . ,,r Vernon on N Y, N H & II K K 11 m from Harilord 

' !- " ■ ' ■; : - i ille and Hartford 

Tali.)^- 1! I 1 ,. ; Nev. CanaanstaN Y, N II A H I! H 

Tar:!( ■ ■ i! . . , , , : ,,-,,,- 1 .,, iv on C N K Uy 1 2 m fi om Hartford 

Terr- ' ' ,1 .MihunHighland ,liv N \, N II A H K li 4 n, 

TliaiVi' . I > . :.. : ., ;,li sta Cen VI liy 

Th ' I ^ ,, . , ; , ;, ,, ,.:, .\augatuck div H H !0 in from \\ ati-rbury clee- 

Tl ■ '■ ■ ' : - ! ', I'd div N Y, N H & H R R 24 m from Woreester Mass 

'•-'••■ :i , 1 ,, -on. East Thompson, Gro^venor Dale, Meelianiesvillu 

N ' .-. Wilsonvitle 

Tlioii I n i ' ■ . '.,vn of Enfield on N Y, N H & H R R .•lertrie ear.s to 

W ■ ' . '■ , ,,- -, , , ■ , ,; Mass 

'1'</U 111 ' I iimv .seat stage to Roek\ il'c — pcipll2('i 

Tolle-, I ' I I .:■,■, ■ ■ !■ .: ..111!, 

Toi.-ii. I I...I , : I. i . ,,|.n._'-;ia N Y, N II A: II R R Danburv Hr 

Toriii - ■ I . : . , I , ,, ;, ,,,: . ,: ,ii;, |. div N Y, N H it 11 R R 1(1 m from \\insie,l 
.: ■ V, I , ., - |i 1 . M-ofliecs, Torrington, Bnrrvill.' 

To^'ii:' I I I ", nS . N H & H U R, Hiixldand div 

Trail • , :1 . , , : ,;:. \ , : \ 'i-vi!lestalion) on N V, N H A- H R I! 

,; •■ ■ ■■'-•: ■■ ■ W ■ .! Meriden 

Trim. I i I . ■. \ .h,. I l: - : ■ i.m Brideeport eleetrie ,ars to Bndte- 

Twin V : . ': , , III' u. ^uulii.o p u".i. :i.i ';,'i!! .-..:'.cl:urv on Cen N E Rv 

Tyl.i ■ . M i^en Co p o m town of tuunge, lierki-iiire div N Y, N II & H R li o m 

T\l.r-. ' X Co p o in town of Haddam 

Uiiiii- .mlun Co p in town of Montville 7 m from New I,ondon electric ears to 

N .1 ,1 London stage lo Monlvillc 1 m 

Vin.^'r I ■ ii.wn 9 m from .Southbridge Mass 8 n. from RtalTord- i.op 322— R 1) 

Um.i. 1 II,-. I n Co p o in town of Nangutuck on NatiKatuek div X Y, N H & H R R 

I, w . -i.i-r- electric cars to Waterburv and NaiiKatnek II i„ town of Farniimitonon Nortliampton div R R .5 m from Col- 
li: Hartford 

Verie - I I • N Y, N H & H R R II m from Hartford— pop nOS7— Rost- 

Vernon'ciMii-V, Tollaml'co'in to-i?n of'veruon on Rockvillc brand, N Y. N II & H R R 12 ,m 

from Hartford electric cars to Rockville 4 ni— R 1> Roekville 
Versailles New London Co p o in town of Sprague on N Y, N II & H R R .S m from X.,r- 

\-intoiI' Ml!" -, H T<'..ri| <-; in town of Soutli Windsor— R D Burnside 

\,i!iri -. I \ / 1. ! I I ., town and p o stage to Jewelt City 9 in — pop 77:i 

\V:iili,, . I- lown on Hartford div and Air Line div N Y, X H & II R R 

I I '.I :, Il m and New Haven 12 ni— pop 11,155— l'o.-t-oini-..s, Walliiif- 

\\-ai,i.'i,.-' 11 - . . ( I, p o in town of .^..i.ili \'. iim!,^--- 

W:,!-.. :- I li irtford Copoin 1.. ' -,>. i.iil-oron N Y, N II & II R Rele.-irie 

- '■ , Il . llar(foi-d and 'II . i i 

'L,,', '.. ,'.' ■ ,,..!' " . 'i . I : .-. 11 ■ I, • ■ iiirN'ew Milford — pop 1747 — 

,i'','' .'-. ,' I - ',- i' 1-1 ■ .' , III from NevvMilford" ' 

,..: - .1 , , \ ,||. il i; i; ,■- to New Haven. Waterville, 

V, , . , : - . . ill V. ii-ii.ury. Watervillc 

I,., . ■ , , 1 ,,., ,1 ' . , . i : .' i I I : I ■ ■ I i 11 \'t ity 3 m from New Lon- 

,1,,., ■■„,,, ■;iii. ' i-/,..i ,1-1,.. .■ ^^.,l.r-.-.l, ■.;,, ■ --.- . i-: -'.'■i' lUlI 
t.-rti.w,! I Ite'illeld ( otnwn ami p o o„ Wale, Lou,, i.i ' tluekdivN Y, N H & II R R. 

li ,11 lri,m Walerbliry cdeetrie ears to W'aterbury — pop 3>.-<U— I'ost-ofrices, Watertowli, 

tiTville' Xew Haven Co (sta Watcrburv p ol in town of Waterbury on Nangaluek div X \. 
\ II A-'ll R R eleelrie ears to Nangaliiek and Waterlmrv 

uin. II W :, il .; ( ,1 I. 11, ..."1. I 1 r :-.M ■ III ' I- N V, N H & H R R 5 n, fron, Daniel- 

..~"''.' ' II'. ' . ' ',' \ '. '■' i' ' - - '■ '.'..Mbli'mi'i'lon div R R 

■ 1 .' I ,,, I . . . , , - , \', • , N II .V 11 R R 

West Che 

ok, Gi 


Westchester, N-.v T]...i C\, in town of Colchester on N Y, N II & H R R 14 in 

mantic- - !; 1 ' ' . ' ' i. r 

West CorIl^^ ■' I : ' i p o in town of Cornwnll on Hurkshiie div N Y, X 1 

C m fi ' I ,„ from f'oinw.ll Urirlr.- 

West I'^nil, I ; .. ' ,, ,. i.aiun liri.lf,;..,, i ,, ,,i .,1 . iiy .,f Hridf/eport 

«'-': ^ i-i Co p o in tc.wn ..! \ ! : 1 r, \\ r-i \\illington 

W.'.,.. .,, MuldCopointo^.i . .: ■ ■, t,, T„rrington 

Wesihin-t, 1, W ,! .; . , !!, i.jwuof Canicrlnuy 10 111 from Daniclson stage to I'lidnlield 

W, I ,: i: 1 1 iiu intownof Morris onNY, NH& 11 RR(i m from I. ilehl 

We-i J, ■ '. -A |.',^• (op oin town of Grotonon N Y, N JI & H R R 

West .\.. Ill, II,, 1. ml, held Co p o in town of Norfolk on Cen N K Rv 

West Norwalk, Fairtield Co in city of Norwalk— R D Darien 

Weston, Fairlield Co town 4' ni from Westport — pop S31 — R D Wcstport 

Westport, Fairfield Co town on N Y, N H A H R I? cleetric cars to Bridpepoil-pop 4L'.l 

I',,.t-,.lt;,.,.., Westport, Green Fane-, S: r...ut 

WeM 1:. J-hn. I .,rr,eldCopoint<.«., ,! l;,,i.i;.,.. 

W, 1 - • :: rifurd Co p oin In,-' . - H :. mfrom CoUinsvillo 

We~' - ' :iid Cointownof - :: lo istafford Springs 3 ni eleeiii. car 

M: "-vi ,-;,,,,,;.. :,nd Roekville—i; I'-: - , ,,: - |,nncs 
West SuUielu, ll:,riford Co p o iu town u( Sidlield on C NT E Ry stace to .Suflicio 
West Thompson, Windham Co in town of Thompson on N Y, N H A: H R R 2 111 from Fu!i 

— R D I'utnan, 
West TorrinKton, Litchfield Co in town of Torrington— R D Torrington 
Westville, New Haven Co sta New Haven p o in city of New Haven electric cars to T 

West Willington, Tolland Co p o in town of Willington on Cen Vt Ry 4 m from Tolland 
West Winsted, Litchfield Co (p Winsted) in town of Wineliester sta Cen N V. Ry 
West Woodstock, Windliam Co p o in town of Wo.,dstock static to Putnam 10 m 

Wcther-ti.M, Il;ai| M i,,»i: ,,i, Willr., ,!i. N ^ , N II ,«, 11 It 1; eleetiic ears to H artford 

WhiL'Vl'l'l'.'-'.' rialH,.ld"c,,"llM'nV.,, Ml '|;i| ^-I'n",,' ' ]i \ , \ ^ ,\ : . .i ' 

WhiuiiK l;iver, 1 nrMirl.l Co Ml l,.„n ,,l \,.;il, ( M, .;,!■ -1,1 < .n N E Ry 

Whniievvdle, Ne« Jla\en Co .l.raiul. Neu ll.nei, i, .j, in I..UU of Hamden 3 m from ^ 

Willimantic, Windham Co citv and county seat and p o in town of Windham junction N 

N H & H R R and Cen Vt Rv stage to Windham 3 m electric cars to S Windham 

Baltic S m Taftsvillc and Norwich— pop 11,230 
WiUington, Tolland Co town on Central Vt Ry ('. in from Tolland— pop 1112— I>ost-ofli 

South Willington, West Willington 
Wilson, Hnrtford Co p o in town of Windsor 

Wilson Point, Fairfield Co in town of Norwalk sta N Y, N H & 11 R R 
Wilsonville, Windham Co p o in town of Thompson on N Y, N 11 A: 11 R R 3 111 from W 

stcr, Mass 
WUtoii, Fairlield Co town on N Y, N H & H R R G m from Norwalk— pop 1706— Post-offi 

Wilton, Cannon Station, Georgetown 
Winehester, Litchfield Co town on Naugatuck div R R— pop Stl79— Post-ofhccs, Winelie 

o tuwii on N Y. N H & 11 R P. .ir, m from llartfort, stage to W illiinin.iie 
pop — !■_' rn; p., 1 -..!'■ , ,- s, Windham, Nortt. \>."in>!li:ii.; S-ii' h •Wi'i,!|.-.n', \V .".,.:,,,..,. 

Win.lsor, lliii" ■!'... r ,,11 N y, N H & 11 I' 1; . '.■.■,:. . t-..>M ,1 -,.,,... 

field M::-- .■• : ' 1 1 7,S— Post-offices, \S ! - ■ - , I • ■ : ' " , „ : I ;,,,,,■, \'- ... __ 
Wiii.lsor T ..,;-,'■ : ' .. tnwnandpoonN ^ " . i i .>. 1 1! : i : ! ■ ' ■ : - • - i i '• l- 

Wi,,,ls,,r;i!'< M ■ ..■,' I o |, .. in town of East W le.- i .', r i:-!,: IN- ' m;.i- 1 m ! i .i;, i -l ..rn 
Winn:,.: ..1 I ,, , ! . 1 Co ( Xorwalk p o) in citv of N ,.r« alk on Dai.I .nry d. V N Y, N H All K 

\\ ,11' : ' ! Co borough p o and county seat in town of Wineliester on Naugaluek 

,in I: r I ( ' \ E Rv eleitrie ears to Torrington — pop 7754 

\Vi,,il,.. 1. -:,.: . . , 1-.. ^:I1 i;. ii. luwn of Saybrook— R D Deep River 
\V,.i. • , " < ,, :,i.3— R D Watcrbury 

\\ ,1 : . ,...p852—R D Westville 

W,,.. ' ,' ,,.,..: .::,,-ars to Waterbury 13 m— pop ISGO-Post-ofhees.Wood- 

W... ' . I i ■ ,.'n't'-o n o in town of^Iilford on N Y. N H & H R R 

\\.., [: : ( ., 1,1 townof Suffield sta N Y, N H & li R R, Suffield Br 

W : . I .■. ,: .11, Co town stage to Putnam f, m— pop 1S40— Post-offices, \\ oodstock, 

I ,,., w M.H-k, North Woodstock, South Woodstock, West ^V oodstock, Woodstock 

\\ oodstock Valley, Windham Co p o in town of Woodstock stage to Putnam 12 m 

WoodviUe. Litchfield Co in town of Washington— R D New Preston 

Yale, New Haven Co (p osta New Haven) in city of New Haven 

Yalcsville, New Haven Co p o in town of Wnllinglord 4 m from Meriden eleetiu ears to W al- 

Yantic, New London Co p o in town of Norwich on Central Vt Ry eleitrie cars to Norwieli I n. 



Governor, Oakley C. CurtU. Portland 
Secntory of State. John E. Bunker, Bar H-rbor 
Stati' Treasurer, Elm(>r E. N'ewbrrt. Augusta 
Attorney General, William R. Pattangall, Au- 

Aajutant General, George McL Prrsson, Farni- 

Chief Justice Supreme Judicial Court, Albert R. 
Savaee, Auburn 

Associate Justices, Leslie C. Cornish. Augusta: 
G. F. Hale. Saco; G. M. Hanson. Calais: Arno 
W. King, Ellsworth: George E. Bird, Portlaml: 
Albert M. Spiar, Gardiner; Warren C. Phil- 
brook, WatervUle 



ClirK of Courts, Francois X. Belleau. Lewiston 
Register of Deeds, George A. Murphv, Lewis-ton 
County Treasurer, L. T. Chabot. Lewiston 
County Commissioners, George Pottle, Lewiston; 
Harrj- E. Atwood. Lisbon Falls: Frank M. 
Coffey, Lewiston 
County Attorney, William H. Hines, Lewiston 
.\rcdical, William L. Haskell, Ge..rge 

B. O'Connell. Lewiston 
SherifT, Lewis E. Davis, Lewiston 
Deputy Sheriffs, Willard W. Tuttle, Lewiston 
(turnkey); Edgar A. Larrabee, Til.sphore H. 
Plante. Howard D. Strout. Auburn: Fred Al- 
liee, Ernest E. Bechatd, John R. Malia, Joseph 
A. Picard, Lewiston; Albert F. Dwellv. Liver- 
more Falls; Frank L. RacKley, Greene; W.ston 
11. Bishop, Leeds; H. Arthur Cluas.-, Turner; 
Paul J. Risska, Lisbon Falls; Leon R. Bowie, 
Durham; George F. Milhtt. Mechanic Falls; 
Harry N. Keene, Poland; August C. Frost, 
Wales; Eugene S. Gardiner, Sabbatus; Chark-s 
1*. Libby, West Minot 
Referee in Bankruptcy, Forest E. Ludil'-n, Au- 



Juilge of Probate, Nicholas Fessenden, Fort Fair- 
Register of Probate, Seth S. Thornton, Houlton 
Clerk of Couits, >fichafl M. Clark. Houlton 
Register of Deeds, James H. Kidder Isoutli- rn 
district), Houlton; Theodule Albert i.northern 
distriot), Fort Kent 
County Treasurer, Percy L. Rideout, Houlton 
County Commissioners, Samuel P. Archibald. 
Monticelli; Patrick Therriault. Lille; Frid A. 
Thurlough. Houlton 
Countv Attorney, Bernard Archibald, Houlton 
Medical F:xainiuers. Frank U. Jackson. Houlton; 
.Sherman W. Boone, Presijue Isle; I'red L. 
Gregory, Caribou 
Sheriff and Jail-r, Elmer G. Br>son, Houlton 
Diputv Sheriffs, George A. Barrett. Bridgewater: 
I.-vi" H. Garv-. H. B. Pratt. Caribou; Frank 
.-^irois, Connor Plantation: B. A. Morneault, 
Eaele Lake; George L. Stiiekland, Fort Fair- 
field: Honore Dumond. Asa M. Pinkham, Fort 
Kent; James Plourd, Frenchville; Harrj- A. 
Guiou, Stephen H. Hanson, Martin I.awlis, 
Ern'-st E. Lvons. A. B. Smart. II. D. Smart, 
Ralph H. Whitnev, Houlton; George H. Don- 
ham jr.. Island Falls: Aldred C. Leighton, 
Limestone: Foster E. Anus. Macwahoc; John 
H. Froot, Mars Hill: Lee C. Good MonticcIIo; 
William H. Hates. Moro: Charhs D. Ingra- 
ham. New Limerick; Charles H. Erickson. New- 
Sweden; A. L. Caswell. Harry Crandall, Oak- 
lield: Miles D. Arbo, Oxbow Plantation; 
Charles W. Wescolt. Patten; W. C. McLaugh- 
lin. Portage; Olie A. Jacobs, Charles H. Rich- 
ardson, Presque Isle; Leonard Dufour, St. 
Da-»-id; Xavier Cyr, St. Francis; Wesley Emer- 
son, Sheridan: Frame H. Curtis, Albeit N. In- 
grabam, Sherman Mills: John A. Brown, 
.-^rnvrna Mills: T. H. Me.Maim, F. A. Tl.erinult, 
Van Buren; O. K. Storv. Washburn: Arthur 
Moodv. Edwin W. Smart, Frank F. Smart, 
Weston; R. B. Springer, Wytopitlock - 
Rilerec in Bankruptcy, Edwin i.. VaU. Hou on 




Judge of Superior Court. .Toseph E. F. Connolly, 

Judge of Probate, Charles L. Donahue. Portland 
Regist-r of Probate, H. P. Frank. Portland 
Clerk of Courts. Llewellvn Barton, Portland 
Register of Deeds, Frank L. Clark, Gray 
County Treasurer. King S. Raymond, Westbrook 
County Commissioners, W. F. Pillsburi-, Gorham: 
Charles A. Maxwell, Portland; Jamra H. Mc- 
DonaUl. Portland 
County Attorn -y. Jacob H. Berman, Portland; 

Asst. John J. Devin-'. South Portland 
Medical Examiners. Thomas F. Conneen, George 
I. C.eer, Portland; Frank N. Whittier, Bruns- 
Sheriff, William M. Pennell, Brunswick 
D -puty Sheriffs, Churl-s R. Murch, West Bald- 
win; George A. Cabot, John W. Emery, Bridg- 
ton; Frank Mathurin, Brunswick: John F. 
P.-abbls. Cape Elizabeth: WilUam C. Ander- 
son. Ernest F. Morton, Frcport; George K. 
Strout, G.orpe W. McLellan, Gorham; Claude 
E. Caswell, Grav; Warm I!. Chute. Naples: 
Harry M. StunJ, East Otisfield; Florence F. 
Driscoll. John J. OXcil. Arthur M. Fiekeit. 
Edward F. McLaughlin, Walt, r B. Hall, Lewi, 
W. Moultoii. H.irrv B. Ilartiord, George T. 
D.laii.). Portland; Rob.rt D. Plummer. Rav- 
m..iia; L.onard P. Skillin. South Portland: 
Isaiah D. Lei;.'hton. Eug'-ne I. Cuinn.ings, 
Westbrook; Samuc! Larrabee. South Wind- 
ham; Ernest C. Libbv. Yarmouth 
Referee in B.ankruptey. C,..otg<- C. Wheeler. P..rl- 



Judge of Probate, Jofiah If. Thompson, Farni- 

Register of Probate, Daniel B. Belcher, Farm- 

ClerS of Courts. Byron M. Small. Farmington 
Register of Deeds. George B. Cr-igin, Farmington 
County Treasurer, James Russell, Farmington 
County Commissioners. H. W. Cobum, W.ld; 
H. H. Landers, Stratton; Charles T. Ga\ . 

County Attorney, Thomas D. Austin, Farming- 

Medical Examiner G org.; L. Pratt. Farmington 

Sheriff. W. B. Small. Farmington 

Deputy .Sheriffs, llarrj- E. Bel!. PhiUips; H. H. 
All.-n. Jav; Call H. Whittemore. Charles W. 
Robbins. Wilton; F. S. Sehofield. Weld; Charles 
A. Smith, New Sharon: George M. Esty. Range- 
lev; Da\-id Rich.irdson, Strong; R. Robbins. 
Industry; L. P. Hinds. Kingfield: A. E. Bhid- Ouuosoc; Arthur C. All.n. East Dixfield; 
George F. Gage. Farmington Falls 

R.'iiree in Baukruotcv, Fonst E. Ludaen. Au- 



Judge of Probate, B. E. Clark, Bar Harbor 
Register of Probate, Edward E. Chase, Ellsworth 
Clerk of Courts, Timothy F. Mahoney, Ellsworth 
K. sister of Deeds, William O. Emery, Ellsworth 
County Tr.'asur.-r, Boyd A. Biaisdell. Franklin 
Countv Commissioners. Win. H. Sherman, Eden; 
Iiow:<rd D. Moori-. Ellsworth Harbor; Melville 
L. Allen, Mount D.-sert 
Countv Attorney, Fred L. Mason, Ellsworth 
Medical E.xamiaers. E. J. Morrison. Eden: Lewis 

Hodgkin, Ellsworth 
Sheriff, Forrest O. Silsby, Ellsworth 
Deputy Sheriffs. Frank E. Weston. Winter Har- 
bor;'Chandler Wilson. Bucksport: G. E. Clark 
tp. o. Bar Harbor), Eden; Paul W. Scott. Deer 
NIe- Ern.-st L. Osgoo.l. Bluehill: Cecil W. 
Crosby, Amherst: H. Leroy Fernald, Frank- 
lin; George H. Harding. Sedgwick; Stinson 
Hooper (p. o. Minturn), Swan's Island. John 
C. Cart-r, Southwest Harbor; Horacv M. 
Pease. Brooklin; Xorris L. Grindle. South 
Penobscot: Sevmour F. Wardwell. Penobscot 
lUf-ne in Bankruptcy, William E. Wldting. 




iitv A.h.n.ey, AI1..-.I D.-livrau. Huinlonl 
liral IXiiiiiMers, 11. 1,. Hanl.-tl, X"i« 

' '" ^""^ "' ^ '■ ^' '■' '~'-^ 


ini;,ni ■ 

. l!ow,-, Hiiinfor.l 

nil, \\u 

. (). finllnnrlKiin, Snilli i'liri. 


•lllTs, .l.iliii A 'I'llii- liul.r' S.. 

Jii.lK.. of I'r..bat.s Hivn.ld E. Coolv, Gardiiur 


iiii^: ki' 

iMirl'll 1 , 1 i, :...,! ,1. 1 ■• !:• 

JlciliMter of I'robali-, Kalph W. Lcighto]., >fl. 
Clerk of C<.,irt-=, C. W, Jo,„-,s, Ai.custa 



Ii.ll-N 11 11 , '. ■ 


,''-',' "l' 

.l' l'.r..«'lili'l.I ' j'.Li. 1 1 '1...1 

Ue>!ist,, ..i l'...|., ,'-.], :i \r I-, I-, ,.,:, \,'vn-r.. 

.,.ge II. l!,,.or.l, llurkfi.l.l; l.iil 

-n, Uixlielil; iLwirelie C. Lilihv, ^ 

Couiux 1 . . ,.■...' -.,,.,', 


-1 S. Bennett, Wilson's Mill^.; D. 

OOIIOU . ..■: , ll. •,: ; I ,,, ,: ;;,.., 


■ I , \ 1 

.h-. Bryant's Pnial; Jacob L. Mas 

Malu'lr- .. ,1. L,. \.,:l>.:., \\.:al::,,'. M-:'- 



son I.ihln, Oaklan.i 


!(!■ ill 

Hankruptey, Waller I,. Gray, So 

^^oaical JO.xaininors. W, H. HiirrLs Augusta; E. 



I'. Fisl,, Wat.TVill.'; George W. Alexander, 


ShenlT^iO J: n. r, r,,!i,, r;,,>!,,II, Ai. ,-.,-,:, 

,,,,.,, , ^ , i ,,■.,., ,;. 

Depui,. - , . ' - 1 ; ■ ■■■■ ' '' " '"""- 


ge of I'r 

,1,, • w ' ■ 1 w ... • , i;,nmor 

B. li'i . 
H. .le 

1:, 1 



' i'..^.': 1 .' '■. 

1 .1. hnll. HicK.'y, Ola Town 
1. IS, Percy 1,. OaKes. New 
- 1 mrar, Corinth; Cliarles W 

Mil-. 1 

i.''i!'i '1 1 



;'\. ' 

M . II", 1 M 

. W ll lalil B. Peiree, Bant'or 
iierrv 1)., lOveret 
1 ,iohli W. Saw\er, I)i-Mer 

r \'. hilr. P,iiiit.,.r 

II. 1.1 

\. Fos 
f.ree 1 

,■'■',' Wint 
n Bank 


;., Fren 

, K. 


,1. C. l.iltle, 

ll'inr\ J.' ll. 
Ca.sw.ll, r, 1 

M. .^ .. I i l^ii- .. 'I.,.! 1,. X 1 

.Illdge of l'r..l.-il.., F.!.,vir.! C l'iiv-..n. I!o,-klant1 

Vinal Haven; Arthur B. j„i,„ jr MeCullmii'li. Oronp; Chaiies \V. \V. 

cott. Patten; William L. llow.s, Pl\ nii.nt 

V !.- Witliee, Roelqiort j.,,,,,,,^ y. ,Moriarlv, ^tetson; Berlrani I.. Kin 

Cr.i..';. •!, 'I'linivi, I, n V<-azie 

';;■■■ , ^ ];,.(, irr in Hankruptey, ,)uhu H. Mason, Han^' 

I:'.,,'-. i.,'.'m',' ,i'..1,i','- '-. '.'.I- PISCATAQI'IS COl'NTY 

U.'feree'"in""Bankru"pt"i-.\ , Rodney I. Thompson, ,hidt:e of Probate, Charles H Hayes, Foxcroft 
H„,Uland i;,.^.i~ter.>fProbat.., I'.ernard.U Warren, nover 

Cirri. o|- C.nrt.-, Friei W H-.l!. I>..v.r 

LINCOLN COUNTY r,. (_,,...,- ,,i 1 1 , .:- I I'..'. Ii..ver 

C',,,|... I ' . . ; I . . 1 - , ,, Dover 

COUNTY .SE.\T, WI.St.-.VSsKT p,,,,, , i \ I ■ ,.l..n, M 

Ju.lKc of Probate, Everett Farrin!:lon, Waldoboro n 

Reu-ister of Probate, I,. A. W. Clark, Nobhboro I'. 

Clerk of Courts, Wilbur F. Merrill, Wisca.s.set Cuu 

Register of Deeds, Bradford C. Uedonnett, Bris- .\I' . 

MeUicnl Examiner, George A. Gregorj, Bo 
bav Harbor 

Sheriff, C. B. M.-serve, New Harbor 

nep.iM- --i.'i;;. '■,,'',■;,'■ ^'',''"; '.'' .i^'"|'' sagadahoc county 

Iv,.., II':. 1. ■ - COUNTY SEAT, BATH 

'">-'•■"■' ■ ■ ■,■ ; ,, ' „ • l,„li:e of I'robate, S. Lowell, Bath 

1-. 1- I'm!. 1. V. M .l.'.ii, .!..■ 11 II II...', ^''i- i(!'t,t„r ..I r ili-.i. . '"■■Ml- W. I .iii._-|.-v, Bath 

R.'l''.n'e in Bankruptey, Wilham T. Hall, jr, ^,'',"\;!'. ^^"'n' . ' '' ' ' . '■ ■', 1 " 1', 'ropsh 

Ball, "ounu Ir' ' ■ . - ... 1- Hall, 

OXFORD COUNTY ^'r;i^;''c^:;t,:ih,w: Kn^hnion,!! A.' H.' 'l."'; 


,ludge of Probate, A. E. HerricK, Bethel . County Attorney, Echv. W. Bridgham Bath 

Iletrist.r of Probat-, Alb.rt D. P.irk. South Pai-,3 I .M.niiner Role rt H IJonnf II, »..ii, 

fl. rk ..1 !■ ..Ill-, I 11 1.1 1;- ...1.. .-...nil Paris SI,... i!T, Will ... r^ r J '■'■'"■ 'j'^';' ^ ^ ^ |:i,|,,i. 

^'I'a.l.' ! . . \ '[.' ..| I . . ■ . ' . , |,|',;' ■■, , "'■ '^ \, ' -, ." i-''. ' .' '^ 

'wI'lL i'aslilKuii' Sui,,ni-;'lion A. C 

STATK AND COUNTY OFFICERS I. I.iirc, Old (ircli:irfl 
-n, r.. A q. Mitcli.'ll.Nuwfickl; 
nn, l,j,,K,.i; .Idln. K. Al)lj<jtt, 

, lliraui Willanl, Piinford 

■r.<. Clonics F. Traynor, Kaii- 

L. Maybury, Saco; Kclwin D. 

Thomas A. AiuIitso 
s. \V. S. Stinchfi.ld 

1 K. Gar- 
l,i, I5an- 

(P O 

">hI; Ip 1 ' W . i I- ui)i-k: llollls H.Twick: Joseph H. ChirK (P O Ofuiwiuit ), 

1. Ja.'l. . i: >. I.. Maynara. Wrils; HraclfonI S. Woodwar.l. Yoil< 

luhii 1.. I 1. i: ^ \\ !l;,r.. .1. I.ashon. K,.f,.r.-.. in BanKniptcy. Gvoikp C. Wh<'plcr, York 

:. 'fo'sJ. "snl.,'r,';" WiUiain H. 'D'lll''y, Vuiiks; 

f;n^n-I5anKupto^D'nidLewi..Sko.h,.«an ^gW HAMPSHIRE 

WAI.DO COUNTY G..v.,nor, KoUand II. Spauldin.^, North Roch- 


..»,■ of Probate, James Ubby, Unity Sr 

ich. Belfart; 
Willard M. 
K. Howler, 

of .State, 

, ICdwir 

. ^\^•fle 


1 C. nean 
V I'hunn.i 
■■, Kobe.- 

, Belmont 
i-r, Concord 
t J. Merrill. 

tier- .-^iipr 

C-. w 

•.TIH- Cc 


Hirt. Fral 

ik N. 



i-Mrr; W'i 
-tiee Sill 

, John , 
, Cone, 
illiani A 

E. YounK. Kx.- 
jrd; Robert J. 
. Plu.nnu r. La 
'ourt, Robert 

ter; Reu- 





:,n.^ A 






.-■I.M IV 


J. 11^ 

i! .Mu 



ni; R:. 



1... M. 


n H. 






I.. Gi 

■neral. James P. Till tie, Mancheste 


Medieal l:vM.,M,,, >,.,.henK Webber. Ca 
John A. MelX.nalo. lOast MaehKU-. 

^heriir, M. K. Wo.Mliiian. Calais 

Di'Piity .Sheriffs. John MeCarl. P.aslport; S 
Kelsev. Calais (jaihrl; Geo. A. l.eiehlun. 
ehias;" P. O. Fn-noh. Jmiesport; Jid.ii 1,. 

Curdy, I.llbee; J. B. Sw:.nt..i,. .MilUjrultre; U. ChTu i.l < ' 's V.tli'n!: I^ 

E. Danlorth; H. K. H:u f.,,. t olumbia ,{ej;isi,, ,„ \y.< i . >: 1 I 
Falls; Frank K. Patt.M,, ( h. i ,.^ le 1, . G. K. ^.^- r, ,,,-„,. - ::,i : \ 

Coffin Machias; Iv W. f.cii/hl"ii. (oliimbia; Poiintv f '.inm-i i-i.. i . .I"i>! 
John b. TiK-ll. DennysviUe; Geoij;.; W. lioss. _; ^Vilbnr 1!. tiilman. ii 

Vaneeboro; J. E. Blaek. Bail, .s viUe; Jabez ^ Blanehard. MoiiUnnbori 

DaSKett. Brookton; G. K. CilinMaohias County Snlieitor. Walter D. 

Keterce in Bankruptey, Kuixrm- ( . Donworth 


.1.' V 

.. Arlhur C. S. Randlctt, 
( - : : ,n, Laconia; Stephen I.. 


, 1 ;'i, l,.r llale, I.aeonia 
i 1' Kududon, I.aK.-port 


' 1 ! ,,l.'.iis',"l'!!!n'isteao; J.ihn H. 

;,,,,, MS \. IMuiiini.'r. Tilt.. a; 

1 ( ..vrh M.'r.ililh: Alfr.d P. 
,, William li. PhUbnuk. I.aeonia 
!a.iMiipi.-y, R..b.rt I5n.-, n..ver 


.if Pr 


„bite S.-wall W. Ahb.itt, WoUcboro 
]. ,;,),.,',. ., ClKirl.sS. M.l.s. OssipeP 


lli.bbs. North Be 

Sheriff Arlhiir W. Chandler, IVortli Conway 

!.•' v 

1^0 si\ir AM) f()nM\ oiiiuKs 

( in sumi cuLM^ 


,(K t ,,rxTV 

r UNll MAT Kl FSC 

Clil . , 1 - 

: , ' "■.(■r.IlD 

JuIr f Prol t Ho) rt A R \ K ci 

.lu.lKC- of I'roli It . t . 

K t, t till \ W 1 1 1 o! Vt.A.r I 

' 1 ■ I lv",'|i'5' Ciim-orcl 

n 1 w 1 1 

Cl.-rli ol C.,,,.! , r.,..,., 

■' Al IM.h.r. i'c„„-ora 


tr. .. AI.Imih. I'.iKirook 

CUUUU |-u,n,r;-s,' ', . 

, A. II. Urit.t.iii .lolin G. 

11 IR 

Mt-Qiuli . .,, r. „,.■,„. I 

1, .1 \\ . .1. ^^(ll, \\:irner 

1 i V 1 I 1 M 

Coum- >. '■ : .,, l:. ' 

■ • ' ' M iiiihic, Concord 

N 1 

.Mf,lir:,l i' ..!..,, 

V ins. Concord 

C t ■- I I r I 1 1 1 11 1 11 r Jv I 

slicMii, 1 r -■ . 

' ' ■ ord 

M I 1 U 1 1 il M I) or K 1 

: i 1 ! isoott, Franklin; 

Ml r IT 1 1 1 11 I 11 

'j;:''lVr, ■ ' 1 . ■ 

:: 1 -..1 W. Sallmarsh, 

1) I 1 1 I 

' ■' ll-i.kinton; Wilfred 

11 1 1 

J!. "\ ■ V l' 

:, 1 1 'i 11. Bltmithard, 

f \ II 1 

I'cli. - -- , \ ,, 

1 ' ... Potter Place; 

C. Tl. 


Jailer, K 

1 lianknii.tey, llioiiias F. Clifford, 


Judge of Prob;! 
RcRistcr of Pre. 
Clerk of Court- 


Count "v I 
Berlu,; J. 

rd U. Gilh. It. jf, lierlil 
.loseph A. VtiiUaneourt 
■her, Groveton; Wheat 

County S..lieit..i. H II. lliiinian. Berlin 

Sh.'rill, CJeorsie W. Brown. B.Mlin 

Deputy Sheriffs, L. F. Follensby, Whit, li, Id; 
.lohn B. Casiy, Goihain; W. T. Allen, .'-ti-w- 
artstown; John B. Noye.s. Berlin; J. llan 
Welch, Groyeton; Buileisrh II. Kelsea, C.l.- 
brook: Ivtin W. Lancaster 

Jailer, Irving E. Bed.U, Slew;« n 

Kcfcrce in Bankruptcy, B. 11. Corniny, Littl.lun 


I: .,.:•., -r \ t. -IM, \V,.n,Uville 

<:■.■( 1 . 1.1.. \\,„„l,yillo 

1,. :.', . . ,.: I.. . ... U ; : ,.. i i : :, ...1 . -I, .1 ,, Woods- 

Coun'ty Trea»uier. II. ll^lh tt. I.i.-bon 
County Commissioners, Arthur C. Clough, Ilav. 

erhill; llenrv E. JMorrison, Oxford; Ora A. 

Brown, Ashland 
County Solicitor, Rtiymond U. Smith, Woods- 

Sheriff, Joseph P. Huckins, Plymouth 
Deputy Sh-riff.-i, Cl.iud.^ M. Murray, Canaan; 

Llewellyn >r. .Milhr, Hi'iiov. r: G. H. Stearns,; W.Mi. \N' I'l. -I.v, Lisbon; A. E. 



ch, Lyn.t 
E. Davi 




Judge of Probate, George A. AVagner, Manchi ..-t. 
Register of Probate, Ehlritlge J. Copp, Nashuti 

Cl..rk of C t. T! 1..^ T> T .tc. N„shua 

Rrgist.-r ... l.--.t, t M.M. l: W 1. ^■,^l,.,a 

Countv I .- :: ■ •''!, III. \'. I II. . .Mi.n.-hcstt 

I . ! .1, John U. Spring, Nashua 

1: . . Charles E. Congdon, Nashua 

i.. .111 .. ..1 ■ L. Stearns. Manchester 

). imly .-il.. .Ills. George F. I'l .n.l-r-. C.iffstown; 

Wm. H. Doonan, Gn- i.viM I , ,i,! I). Gay. 

Hillsboro; L. C. B. i : ' ..i.^y.rt. 

Thomas B. Donnelly. .\l ■' li.nkW. 


E. P..r;..., 
Jailer. G. ..r, 
Referee in 


G. W. Knowlte 

1 \\ 

I \ 1 rn O 

II 11 1 01 

1 U 
1 t 1) 11 « 
rg N Da\is Can 
llji It W 11 at 


W 11 B SI w lor n t! 
B 1 uilc rio 

ST \I K RD COl M\ 





of I rol 
t rof I 







•iff, Eli 

A. W C. ' 1 . III.; Fred 

E. Go.idwin.' Dover; 1'. 1- I, ■ :. : . Somers- 
worth; Chas. Coleman, l;...;...,i :. Willis Rey- 
nolds. Milton 
Jailer, Edward S. Young, Dover 
Referee in Bankruptcy, Robert Doe, Dover 



Judge of Probate, Jesse M. Barton, Newport 

1(1 gister of Probate, I'Uisha M. Kempton, New- 

Cli'iK ul Courts. John McCrillis, Newport 

It gister of D.'cds. Charles W. Rounsevel, New- 

Couiitv Treasurer, Guy S. Xeal, Acworth 
County Commissioners, Hoary C. Sanders, Clare- 

moii't; Fred W. Aiken, Newport; Albert I. 

Barton. Croydon 
County Solicitor. Henry N. Kurd, Clarcmont 
Medical Refer.-.', J. Lcavitt Cain, Newport 
Sheriff, E.lwanl H. King. Clarcmont 
Deputy Sh, riff. Roy B. Welch, Clarcmont 
Jaihr.'Ell.. .1 J- !> i.iing. Newport 
Ueler.-.- in Bankruptcy, Thomas F. Clifford, 


II V k' Darling. Che 


Essex June- 

V /.JA- /or I* HO 




<.nii) I M.^iiTs, Walter F. Scott, Bran- 

' ' ^l nil. Craltsbury 
•■ M'lH : ■ I ourt, Munsor 
Justu-.s, J. ,1,11 U. Watson, 
1, Cii-orge M. Powers, Willii 



Chief of Superior Judges, W illarrt W. Miles 
Superior Jurlges, Eleazer Watirnian, Zed Stan- 
ton. Fred M. Butler, F. I.. Fish, I.. IV Slack 



Asst. Judges County Court, H. iir\ E. Dav, Rip- 
ton; W. E. Hanks, Bristol 

Judges of Probate, C. 1. Mutton, Midalebury; 
(Addison District); Frank W. Tiittle, Ver- 
g, ni„s (New Haven District^ 

County Clerk, R. Wainwriglit, Middl, burv 

State's Atlorney. Allen R. Sturtivant, Sliddlc- 

Trea^ur.r, C. E. Phinney, MiddUbury 

Sheriff, O. A. Smith. \.rg.nn.s 

Deputy Sherilfs. I. i;. l!.,ttley. New Haven; G. 
S. Farr. Jiiislol; Steph, ii E. Ni.onan. Feni.s- 
burgh; Henry P. Fish. r. \'ergenn,s; llerry E. 
Sanford. Cornwall; Nol.1, ,1. Sai.loid, Middle- 
bury; Frank M. Hill, t^tarksljoro W , 11. Hireh- 
ard, .Shorehatii; T. \. Hook, r. Gosh.n: Allen 
C. Flue, Orwell; Pearl H. Eatui., Hancock; 
Edward Hifgin.N Sim, ou Mureh, Middl. hurv; 
Edward,b. Miinkton; George Garland, 

Referee in Bankruptcy, Albert W . Dickens, Mid- 



Asst. Judges. County Court. Cro^by A. Perry, 

Read.-l...i,.; ll.rb. 

Judges ol l',.,l,;.l. . 1 

ton (Iiei,i,M,ei.,i, .\l;,n 

N Shaw, Mi. 
«ardC. U, Benning- 
)i-lrietl; Kilwald Giifhth, 

.-irr Di-l,i,-ll 

Ii' [ I.;: ^!, n:;., M . 11 >:, ;il., I ■ i;. Ir !■,■.■■ : John 
Xa-h. P. H. Gaidn.r, 11, i.ninL't, i,: M. J. Cov. \ , 
Manchester; Frank Wilson. Pownal; Jus. D. 
Purdv, Manchester; Harvey S. Lincoln, Rupert ; 
Charles Norcross. Dor.s<t; H. K. Wilson, 
Readsboro; S. E. B. Stockwell, Shaftsbury 



Asst. Judges County Court. Nelson A. Dole, Dan- 
ville; Fred Hoffman, Wl„ , lock 
Judge of Probate. Walter P. Smith. StJolmsburv 
County Clerk, Albro F. Nichols. StJohnsbury 
State's Attorney, Nathan A. Norton, ].y iidonville 
Sheriff, Wilbur H. Worth, n, StJoliusbm.N 
D.puty SherilTs, C. R. King, Passump.-i,-; O. L. 
Leonard, West Burke; A. D. Gils.,n. ] ast 
Burke; H. M. Ofgood, Charl.s.W. Thuil„r. 
Danville; M. D. Coffiin. Groton; V. W. Raii.l. 
Earl It. Welch. Hanlwiik; W. P. Rus.';, II. 
Kirby; Cephas J. ii. Lyn.lonvill,-; Chail. s 
Kinerson, Peacham; J. D. McAUi.-i. r. James 
Craigio, South Ky.gate; D. H. Sn.ith. Stan- 
nard; William, Sheffield; Fr.d S. Harri- 
man, S. D. Atwoood, StJohnsbury; J. W. 
Thurston, Walden 
Referee in Bankruptcy, Edwin A. Cook, Lyn.Ion- 



Asst Judges, Countv Court. F. W. Hall.\; 

Henry W. Tracy, Shelburnc 
Judge of Probate, J. A. M;icomber, Burlington 
County Clerk. C. J. Russ.ll. Burlington 
Stat.'s Attorney, Theodore E. Hopkins, Burling- 
Sheriff, James II. All.n, Burlington 
High Bailiff. R. A. Norton. Huntington 
Deputy Sheriffs, Henry Todd. M. A. Stone. Bur- 
lington; R. D. Martin, Milton: V. A Baldwin, 
Hinesburg; J. T. Varn.v, J. lic; F. P. TilUson, 
Und.>rhill; F. E. Lord. South Burlington; M. 
Murphv. Richmond; C. E. Spai.l.ling. Colch.'.s- 
ter; O." H. Jackson, Westford;P. J. Russell, 
Burlington; J. B. Thompson. Culclnster 
Referee in Bankruptcy. Matthew G. Leary. Burl 



Asst. Ju.lgrs. 


D-inity Sl.r,i!T>, i; A. H.-,nis. Brighton; Edwin 
Gn-.n. Canaan; D. R. Sampson. Concord; H. 
h. Lund. E. C. Lund. Victory; Frank C. Cur- 
riei, Lun.nberg; Janus P. McClintock, Norton 



Asst. Ju 

, r„,,nty Court. Flli, 


Ju,lg. .y 

]■ ' ,' ■ '<,'■' 'i'"','' ■' ' __"" 

Coll.. I. 1 

'; , ^,,' , ,^ _' .., , 

Slat.''- ■■ 

Sli.-iilT. . 

.■.'.-. 't II.'!. -, ~I .\ ,' ■ 

High I', 


-.,'.■-. i \', ■ - ' !]■ '; 

Flai.... ,-. I I. I' 1, ■, I: I; (_: -. L. 1'. Martin, 
John II. Allrrd, St. Albans; Willian, I.add. St. 
Albans Bay; P. H. Phaneuf. W. J. Rierdon, 
Richfor.!; O. O. Reynolds. Berkshire; S. B. 
Th.,i,-a-. .'^l.eld.Hi: A. J. Cr,jlt, H H. Best. 

En.. Vi. u IV ::' \ -■! -I l; ■ , ;-r-l,l; C. C. 

Gill' I ' ' : ' ' -■ '■. • ■ I - ■ ' ;. orge H. 



Asst. Judges County Court. N. K. Martin. 

burgh: Juan l!.,binson. South Hero 
Ju.lge ol Prubat.-. John Tudhope. North Hei 
County CI. ik. C. IT. Tudhope, North Hero 
State's .■\tt.Tii. V, 11. W. Ke.-l,r. South Hero 

High Bailiff. Alti.-ii 

Di-puty Sheriff-. A. . 

T. Mott. Alburgh 

hope. North Hero: 

A. C. Fr. 



\sst Judg « C nt\ C urt Ht t r A Jack 
\ t Juli. -, Co II t> C urt J I tin b I( 
H d P k H 1 r A I c 



■•■ 1 




il re A 



1 Drox 


V ■ 1' 


1. 11 

M ^n 
M 11 I 



'; C* 

1 1 t 

w W 




c n B 

1 rk 




I't 1 


^ Rog.r 







'■F^T ruF 





1 B 1 

br Ig 



I , 

I T 

H lui 

il n !(, 

W ortl l< ^ 

W 1 

t I^airU. 

L W 




Asst. Judges County Court, F. M. Sc 


F. Millor. Dinw 

inun, GoorR 
s. Townsht-n 

Gale, GuiUt 



.1, Kdvvnrdll. 

State's Attorni-v, »<■ 
Slu-riff, .Iiiniis II Ki 
IMkI. Bailirr, lir' \ 

E. Cole, Wind.sor 


Asst. Judr, 

JudKei' '.'i'l ' 

\. n. Beeile," 
:t Sisco, L. K 
Cushman, N 
•or-e W. MiUe 
Biinkruptcy, F 

iikE. Miles, Nc 




Cuntv Court, Edniu Horton, Chit- 

,: 1 if. Hitehcock, \V,-st Haven 

■i..h;a-, li.niv L. Clark. Castleton 
-n l>i-tn,tl:'A. G. Cooli.lce, Rut- 


nor, .Sariui.l W. MrCall, Wiueliester 

lli^'li H 

alilY, J. 


lUuxton, Mi 






E. Belden, 



F. Nit 

hoU. Kra 

ndori; Carl A 

. Peaeh, 


...1 l;i..,.i 

I..ri, !■' Sinit 

li. D-M-id 

A. H:m 



I: >,■ 


1 r ■ 

1 ■ 1 

1 ■ !..' 


,..; . i 1, 

1 . ,■- h, 1 1. .! 

I 1 -■, -- 




-. P.iw.r.s. 



F. Ria 

, I'oultne 

y; William H 



r: Jol.n 

E. Davi.s 


Allen A. 

d. Wall 

n^ford; P 

itrick II. Patten, 

in Bankruptcy, Ernest H. O'Bri 



..bate and Insolvency, Raymond 

Judge, Frcde 

I'k C. Si 

■ift, Yi 

Second District Judge, Walter 

Register of Probate and Insolvency, C. A. Fr 

man, Barnstable 
Clerk of Courts, Alfred Crocker, Barnstable 


A. Hob 
ird I,. CI 

.av, Barnstable 
ase, Barnstable 
1 H. Tubman, 
Bourne; Joshua 



Asst. Judges County Court, Geo. H. Dale, Water- 


bury; Charles H. Dana, Woodbury 


Judge of Probate, FranK J. Martin, Barre 


County (krk. I.cxm.-, C .M.hhIv, Montpelier 


Sta^ ,\i. ..,;.. , 1 ..,! 1 .,! ,. M„„tp,li,.r 

High 1'.:,: • 

"^:^::/i-v,:: '.; ^.^■'i-V'^i^.iT 

Du'xhii ', ■'■ . 1 !■ ..^ . 1 

GeuiT- ' '..).: ■, 1 , . ■• , - !i 1 '■'■ . 

Mar-h-.M, lie! 'iv ..,,^ ( ■.,,,!.•- \ ~ , 


10. B. (idl.- ri, Moiitp. li.r; W. W. 11. .Id. ii. 


N.irtlili.l.l; M. 11. Robinson, Roxbury; O. (i. 

i:at..ii, \Sait-tield; E. K. Campbell, V. A. Dil- 

lingham. Walerbury; John A. Morse, II. S. 

Benjamin, Woodbury 

Referee in Bankruptcy, William X. Thenault. 







A.sst. Judges County Court, Fred B. Pier, Brattle- 


boro; ]•:. L. Hastings, Townshend 

Judges (.1 \ V '^.•iMv.-nk, Brattleboro; 

(M.,.li .... !i ..... /.... 11 Albee, Bellows 

Fall,, .\\ ■; ■ 


CountN . . : |. 1 «,-. Brattleboro 


Stated A ..... lirattUboro 




of Probate and Insolvency, I 

ISIi. lilT, Wui. \V .\. 

i< ""*■;; ::.■•:■;'.>.-:.■• I'A 

'*>! .l„l 



Deputy Sheriffs, Wm. O'Brien, Adams; Edgar H. 

County TrcasuHT, David I. Robinson, Gloucester 

Pierce, Dalton; R. M. Snvorv, Borket; Fred 

County Commissionnrs, Moody Kimball, Ncw- 

S. Truosdalc, Malcolm Doimhisa, Great Bar- 

buryport; .lames C Poor, North Andovcr: 

rington; Kn.rst X. W.hmI. ,lnl,n A, .Stevens, 

John.\r. Gru.-v,„„r, jr„,S„.;m,,scott, Til,,,.,',, r. I.,;,,, I, x:rrrdH. 

Distriit \ii 1 1. in District j, Louis S. Cox, 

("uttiii;' ;. .' '.>. ' . 1 . ' ', ,l!.-S L. 


Frink, , , ■ - Frank 

Shir.lT, ,- ., \ ■. ,,.„„, Salem 

M.\VI„! ,1 , II :■, . •■ . lunntliv 

Depiiu ~ M' w - ,11 A. Prnctor, AmeBbury; 

H. Sail. ■■>. l:. <.i: ■ ■ '.-■.: r :. ,1 \;. ( 

S;ivov, |;. Ill 1 (In., l..iin . - i , uli. 

v.-i,. ,1. ■! 1 ■ ■ 1 ,' 1 , , 1 ,, -1 o'. Rav- 

lield; W 111, S H, :,.'!. ,, N. u M , „ ; H. 

in. .in! .1 ■ ■ '.'. ' ■ 1 , , 1 1 : , ihiverhill; 

Alb.-rl N..l,|.', Mm 1.1, n,!.-. ; C!:,.,!. - II. llalr. 

I''. \'M '. ' 1 ■ I - \ - I 1 . , ,luhu F. 

■|-,vrinKl,:,i.,;.l..„.|,l, [[„}., ,:l-. ,-:,nM|. 1 IMarm-h. 
Wiiliamstown: 11, \\ar.l I.m.i, W ,,Mi-..r 

Km^.i. 1 ■ 1 . ■ . . 1 \i. . 11- i.peeial), 
Kl.'ii 1 l:. . , ■ 1 : ■, II. my .M. BrigKs, 

Ueferec in Bankrui.lrx , lal«H. Mrl'.a-k, 

.\i"i" ■ :.. Rowley; P. F. 

■ririn 1 1 ', li ' 1 Wheeler, .Salcm; 


Itcf.-i,..' i!' l':.;ii,;'n, ;.!.'>, \','alK,i,i Perry, Salem, 

JudKe of Probate aTid Insolveney, Artliur M. 

Alger, Taunton 


ReRister of Prnbatr. ami In.olveney, Guilford C. 


Hatliawnx . 1-':,1! I'ir.- 
Clerkolc ,~ „ i:.„,i,n i...|i iin.T 

"';^:;,Vi:";:- : ,.\'i r ' . .irala^ 

.hiflce of Probate and Insolvency, Francis N. 

Th.m.psoii, Greenfield 

Hr;;ist..r of Probate and Insolvency, John C. Fee, 

ford .- , :. ■ .1,.-- 1 .Mill.,, Fall 

CI. rk 01 Courts, Clinton L. Field. Greenfield 

HiviT '1 . 1; . ■ 1 " 1 M.'i) 

Register of Deed.s, ,)o)in D. Bouker, Greenfield 

Soiiniy;' : \ -k^^'T'^ij::-^ 

County Treasurer, Eugene A. Newcomb, Green- 

Coimty Cuii,iiii>sioncr.s, William B. Avery, Chark- 

moiii 1 i:-. : 1". I'.'.iki-, Greenfield; Allen C. 

A--- lit.. (■..r,.„a>sioner«, .lames H. Crowell, 


\"1 1 i-l.; Frederick A. Bartlett, North 

AssonM i.s Harry W. Fay, New 

A»J^'"ni', :' '['■'■ '"' Frank B..Fox, Taunton 

Kal. .1, 1 , 1 .~inith. Ashfield 
Distii.i \ 11 11. Schoonmaker (North- 

Shei'iri 11 . 1 ' : .1 . '.Millers Falls 

.Spci-ji.l - 1 11 iiridges, South Deerfield 

Herb. 1 

D. .^. 

Ray II 

Tail II 

S. Ni 



Mills, Charles S. 
s, Alfred J. W. 

Iut5li T. MeN.ill, 

1; Isaac Hall, 
North Swan- 
's J. Nichols, 
1. . .1 , Georpe 
. -i.iiierset 
I , iiKlin L. 




1 .. ... 


CI i1 

''( ''. 

Ri gist. 


K irto 




Count X 



isolvency, Beriah T. 

Davis, Edgarto« n 
1 C. Winpenny, Ed- 

Hinckley, Vineyard 

rrt-r L. Don.ildson, 
I ^iiiith, Tisbury; 

., . 'li.iild Mellen, Ed- 

Fewis H. .1 

Davis, Turn. 

J. B. Bridg. 

wood, Orang 
Jailer, Charles" 
Referee in Ball 

; M. W. Carroll, Millers Falls 
j. Richardson. Gnenfield 
^ruptcy, Harold H. Flower, Dee 






Assl. I 


v. Charles L. 
cy, Frank G. 

, Springfield 

, Springfield 
.. f-pringfield; 

I .1 A. H,:,r.,., Springfield 
1, Charles C. .Spellman, 
... H. Ensign, Westfield; 
I 1 1. opee 
1 .;,. IS, Arthur A. Sibley, West 
in II Siekman, Holyokc 
(Western District) Clarence P. 


Sherin, 1 i. . 1' 1 ■' 1 'Igar 
Eben n 1 ' 1 : Mi 

. in Ba.iki.i,...-. . ..'...,.1 1 


iviek- G..'irg.. B. '.Mill- r. Edward .1. Ia.\ 




■• !~1'"'""". 

Frnest \ Witt, .\bral,alH Colin, Spring 
William \V. Uosiaer, K. Arthur Dea 
Richard F. Lawton, Westfiehl; Fred L. 


Simon J. Griffin, West Springfi.ld 
Referee in Bankruptcy, Charl. s \S . Bosw 



,,f Pr..liat.. and Insolvenej 

.. Rollin E. 


i„.ii. Lynn: Harry R. Dow, Nc 




, Horace 11. 


','f"('''i""VtM-'~'l''\l«'.'rnl B. George, 


Judge of Probate and In.uh.iny, Willlal 



■rs of O.'mIs, Willard J. Hall 
; (f^oMll.en, Distri.t); Mo- 

1-. Newbury- 

s Maislial 

Bussett, Northampton 
H..gister of Probate and I„ 



Ck'ik of Cour 

ts, Ilnyncs ]i. Cliilsun, Nortluin,,,- 

llPKistcr of D 

< ds, Charles H. Cliaso, Nortl.anip- 

C.,m"y Tr.ii 

urtT, Kdwin H. Banister, Norlli- 

1, U. .1, ■ ' 

A -..":..!• ■ 

JlulRe'ol !., 

Assoc!:, i. ■ 

i.Moners, Frank M. Sibley, Ware; 
l.t,-l,oock, Easthampton; Clarence 
, W.rtlinnipton 

. r isMcners, Kupenc H. Lyman, 
11 .,'N M. Taylor, Easthampton 
' 1 ,,f Hampshire, John B. 

> ' ''I'.'w H. Edwarda, East- 
l:,M,n. Northampton 

' i < . r,.' nrS'Tn'Ha.Mpshire, 

A ••., ■ ,1- 

,. , ',..'. ■';!:,• D. Stoirs, Hubert M. 

Cirri,. .1 '(;:,r 
SI,. i-,lT, Mam 

Iner Lincoln, Ware 

re FiUgerald, Northampton 

Trial .lustiee, Reginald T. EitzRandolph 
Sheriff. Josiah F. Barrett 
Deputy SherilT. Georpe E. Mooers 
Jaihr, Arthur C. EhlritU-e 
Heleree in Bankruptcy, Clifford P. Shermi 


inrl Insolvency, J. Hai)h; 

\'. Nash, S. Weymoi 
\ Cook,South W. VUL 
Robert B. Worlliini 


irer, Henry D. Humphrey, Dedhani 
lissioners. .lohn F. Merrill. Quincy; 
•hartlson, Millis; Dr. Ev<Tett Bow- 

nmissioners, Addison E. BuUard, 
Wm. M. Quaid. Dedham 
aey iSoutheastern District), Albert 
Attorney, Frederick G. Kotznuinn, 

1 H. Capen. Dedham 




Judues of Brobato and Insolvency, Charl 
Mclntiro, Genrfie F. Lawton, Can, bridge 

R..Kister of ProbM.e and Insolvency, William E. 

Referee i 

1 Bankruptcy, Emery B. Gibbs, Brook- 

Ropers. \V„k,li.M 


Asst. U,ri-t,w ',..!.;,ii. In. 1, rick M. Esty, 


Frann,. ' ■ ■ ' M, Winchester; 


Clerk of < .r:M ;■ , , |, -.t-ham, Mal,l,-n 

.lu.V-e o 

l'r.,ln,te and Insolvency, Loy. d I). 

Assistant n.,1..- i :^ :. ■, ' ■-!('•, \,'ii •i; .. 

V. ■■■■■. , 

.,' : " I I " i,„'l Insolvency, Sumner A. 

nam. M,-'lr.,.' ', i : ,: \' ' '' 

\ ' ■' 1 

, • K. Bachelder. Plymouth 

ReRistPra of 1). . .1^ -. n . , ! ' ' : ' 1 : 

Leichton, jr., (•;,!, .l,:i,:^ . ;.\.:lLiii 1'; ■ii.l; 

CI ,■ .'' 

: ■ ,.'. K. Ib.liart, rlymoutli 

William C. Pureell, Low. II 

Asst < ' 

. ' , ■ ' ' . '■ 'V ' 1 ' .. . rhinouth 

A<.Ht. Register of Deeas, Albert T.Gutheim, Cam- 

' . ij . : ' . ■ . ,-v.',.ll 





1, Brock- 

County Treasurer. J. 0. Hayden, Pomervillc' 

Countv Commissioners, Levi P. Ooald, M-lrose 

,. I ^ 1 , ,• -il,,.,. :,|,,-T II , 

Alfred L. Cutting. Weston; Erson B. Barlow, 

1 : : ,- rs, William L. Spraguc 

Low. 11 . 

M:,, -1 

1 1! ■ r.'v, Hanover 

Associate Comniivpioners. Fredenck P. P.arnes, 

Dist,,. 1 

\|...,i, , s.„,iiieastern District) Albert 

Newton: ,1',l.r, I l',,tl.T, Wakefu'la 

District \tt,..- • ..tliern District), William J. 

Core... I 1 ' ' 
Asst. Ill ! ■■ .. Frank, p. O'Donnell, 

A~-i in 

iv'.t A'uo'n'.ey, Frederick G. Katzniann 



I.r,r\' S. Porter, Plvmouth 

Marll. .'l, '.\.!li.i., T. McCarthy, Some-. 

n.',!,' IV 


Sheriff. .John R Fairbairn, Can.bridae 

1 ' . 

' ."*'..'']' 1 1. .'-.' w ■-. ■ 

Speriai Sheriff. Chnrh^s A. Evehth. Lowell 

( -i" ■ ' 

1 1',' ;' , / ,',, ,, '[ ' \\ ■ ■ '■ 

Duutv Sheriffs, Oeoree F. Stiles. Fdwnrd W. 

Ml. 1.1! 

1 1 , i|.. \\ 1 1 11, |. \ \^ al. ' 111 

Clark. Bernard F. Gateb-, T...w,11- IM-irtiii Con- 

1' '( '.lin,"'\voc,d Jos, 1,1, l" Ci.lliiitiu. ..,1 

wiv, BiUeriea: F. C. 1'. . . \ n ' !•- H. Me- 


uth; Albion 1. 'Simmoiis. BiianewaH r 

K.ntia. C, -ori- F. T, . . '•> \lb,-rt J. 


■. Blake, (special) Brockton; John 1- 

A.lam^. Marlb.iro: Lm. : U 1 ..' . ^rarl- 
,1..,,; II, -ore I,. V.'-.ll . ' ■> ' ■' 1 -ML.rt A. 


R, f, r. .■ 

r, Seituate; J. Arthur Taylor, .State 

F,|M,, ,,,..„, \. , ., ^.. , . ! \' !.;,■,, ■.-. ^.,l..„; 

n Baidvruptcy, Georfri- W. Stetson, Mid 


Courts In Boston 



Henry E. W: 



JuiIkc of Probate and Insolvency, IT, r 
Register of Probate and Insolvi'ncy. Rr 
Town and County Treasurer, G. Hoti 

Clerk of Courts. Josiah F. Murphe> 
It. pister of Deeds, Lauriston Bunk, i- 

.'OR Tin; Fiiisi' ciKci n- 

<:> Post Office Biiil.ling 

;ice, U. S. Supreme Court, Oli 

for New Hair.p- 
Rh..,Ic Island: 
sM. Morton, jr. 




Franois ^ 
il T.Tni, ti 

I. l''o(,'arty 

rst Tuesday of October 

t>s f.,r IlrM 

iri!,K C'asr.s, fir.«t Tuesday of .1; 


.■ and Oct( 

.her and suconci Tuesday of Ai 




1 1 M 

12 Post Odice BiiildinK 


.1 .In. If.', 

James M. Morton, jr. 


<l AttMIll. 

•y, George W. Anderson 

CI. Ik, 

Wilhaln : 


l)..p„ty C 

l.'rl^'.'Fr-rl ff yV.,snn 


Ly C'l.rks, 

.1,1-. ! 1 .|i.-, n ir., Arlliur 


iwn; Mnr 

V \ • : . 1, ll.rbert 

ns, Artluii 

.- 1 1 1 , . . , : . , 


.Marsh:,! .. 

II' 1 ', 11.' .\las.s., 103 1' 


I'^ruest C. ].:a«aids, Tlionuis 

U. MeGrath, liernard R. Bradley, Jo.-sepl 

Conunissioner.s, William A. Hayes, 2d, Franlc 

Grinnell, Richard W. Hale, Doston; .lohi 

Rice, Sprim-'fii'ld; Frank F. Dresser, \\>nnM- 

Alex. McL. Good.specd, New Bedford; An 

II. Wood, Pittsfield 
Jury Commissioner, Bernard Rothwell 
Terms of the Court, March, third Tuesday; J 

fourth Tuesday; September, second Tuesi 

December, first Tuesday 

121 -12.'') Post Office Building 
Referees, James M. Olmstead and Charlei 
Darling, Boston, for SufTollv Co.; Ceo. W. ! 



Court House, Pemberton Square 
Ju.stic.-, John A. AiUeii 

iate Justie.s, FranKlin C. Fesspnden, John 
llardv .William U, Slev, n.*, Cl.r.rl.s V. Bell, 
- - \\ III, ,1,1 Cu.^sh- 

W I 



I-, ,•• ,' . - . III,. II 

I ' r ^, Francis A. Campbell. 

I I 'I I Term expires 1017. 

I I ! , , 'A ! I ill, Gilchrist, George E. 
1.11, ,Mi M H. ]'. arse, Steplwn Thachcr, 

11. ilulhdav, Flourencc J. Mahoncv, 
IS J. Hart, Francis P. Ewing, H. R. W. 
lie, I'^di,, ,1.1.1 S Pliinney, James F. McDer- 

ll.lirv I'. H.1I..W. 



■ ( .int. ( hurl s !■ . IJolan 

.III l.,r nv.l l,uMn,-ss first Mon- 

1, \|.iil, .liilv anil October at 

r, i,,,.] sniuirr 

:uK)ii C(i 



,- i,,^. ,,1, c p,.|lctier 
■ \-:., . - Ii,,.,.l V. Mclsaac, 
'. 1 D. Lavelle 

• ^ ^ \-. riieys, Henry P. 

'i':/i'' ■ 

' '•, .ialii. s G. Wolff 

!,M 11I...SS, John P. Manning. 
I. . Tern, expires the first 

,tai,i I ;. i,.~. .J. ,1,11 R. Campbell, Julian 


lation Officers, Richard Ixeofe, James F. 

ise, CMuuh'S M. Warren, Alice M. Power, 

itharin,. M. Reilly, Mrs. Frances McCorniiek 

,s of the Couit' for criminal business, first 



li.Ll'.' '\.., 



1 ,' ' \\',iii'!ii. 


1..W, r, 
1'. ir\. 




ii'.'.'i . . ■ ' ■ , '.IS 

.• w. .\i..i. 1 ..II. r.s 

Janes A. llattnn, 
Goldberg, Asst. U. 
•s, Special Asst. U. S. 

Post Office building. 
.Attorney; Dtiniel A. 

James S. Alh n, jr., 
S. Attorneys; Leo A. 


2.38 Court House, Pemberton Square 

Chief Ju.sti.-e, Arthur P. Rupg 

\ssoei-it,- Iii-ii. . - Wiir :i;. (■ I., ill..- M.iiry K. 
Bral. ^.ci, .1 \ !. ' . ... .' ' . I (',.isl,>, 

Edwai-i I' I • ! , ' :■ ' 

Report, T ..I 1 I. . i-i 11 ., li : 'I'l ...... 1 

Clerk of i!.. Cuiii.,: i;.. i. u::.. i- .... ..lili, Clar- 
ence H. C.jop.r 

Clerk for the County of Suffolk, John F. Cronm 

Asst, Clerk, John II. Flynn 

Deputy Sheriff an,l Messenger, Robert llerter 

Sittings of tl... ( ..111 I . lo: Suffolk county on Tucs- 

JurySiiiiiit'- 111 -I |i:.-^ilay of April and second 
Tuesii.iv ..I .--I.!. i..l"r 

Law Ti'nu lor Ui. Cunimonwcallh of Massachu- 
setts Monday aft.r first Wedmsday in January, 
first Tuesday in March and second Monday m 

225 State House 
Attorney General, Henry C. A twill 
Assistant Attorney Generals, Nelson P. Brown, 
H. Ware Barnum, William H. Hitchcock, 
Andrew Marshall, Henry M. Hutehins, Walter 
A. Power 


Court House, Pemberton Square 
Jiidgis of Probate and Insolvency, Robert Grant, 

l.;iiiah Gi'orge 
Ri.gister of Probate and Insolvency, Arthur W. 

.\sst. R<-gisters, John R. Nicho'.s, Clara L. Power 

OflicTS, Frederick J. Finnegan, Frank W. Brown 
S,ssions of thi- I'robate Cotiit on every Thursday 


s in August 


Court H 

ouse, Pemberton Squ 

r, Willian 

1 T. A. Fitzgerald 
■r, Sti'plien A. J,-nnin 




Peiiibertnn Building 

Charles 1 

Udge, Jos. 

ir, Clarer 
IS Hours, 

'. Davi.s 

iph J. Corbett 

lec C. Smith 

y A. M. to 1.15 p. M. 

Court House, Pemberton Square 

Chief .III- 1 ^^ 

illr.-.l Bolster 

A.sso,'! ii' 1 . 1 1. 

i.hi, H. Burke, Geo. L. Went- 

■ r.,rment,-r, Wm. Sullivan, 

Mi(.l,,, ' .' 

1 ri ,-, . John Duff, Michael J. 

Cr..' .1 1 

I Dowd. Special Justices. 

Ji.liii \ •■' ■ 

■ M.raham K. Cohen, Joseph 

A. .-!. 

Tl ' '. 

Cl,-rk ( 1, . i.i 

.1 i;. Brackett. Messenger, 

"willinm F. Donovan 

Clerk, LiiN.iii 

. .,. -., 1- C ln.-.IIs 

Officers, I'l t. 1 

1 • ■■ \,il II. Abbott, 

James F. ,M 

i I .... Spargo, 

George F. T a 

. ' '1 1 .iron, Wil- 

liam 11. Pii" 

, , 1' • I . . 1 ., 1 i.l . i.iii 

'I ">!( VO ■'.-■i. 



bu>.inr,s3, OVrlV S;.l- .\rr\'l( 

li'l', VVICST HdXmHY 

Court IIousi-, r.iiiliiTton Square 

Justice, Vacant 

Special Justices, Frank Levcroni, Philip Rube 

ClerK, Charles W. M. Winiams 

Probation Officers, Uov iM. Cushnian, John 

Clerk'8 office op.'n a. m. to 1 p. m. 

Municipal bldg., Broadway near G 
Justice, Edward I,. Logan 

Special Justii 
Clerks, Adrio 
Court Officers, Willi 

Smith, Ha 


William J. 
.'. Park 
an. Robe, 

Probation Officer, Chu ton H. Parnielee 

Asst. Probation Officers, Ellen MeGurty, James 
F. Gleason 

The Court sits for the transaction of criminal 
business every week day except the legal holi- 
days, commencing at 9 o'clock a.m. 

For the return ami entry of civil actions every 
Saturday 9 to 12 a.m. Trial of civil actions 
every Tuesday at 10 a.m. 

Arcadia Street corner Adams 
Justice, Joseph R. Churchill 

el J. Sullivan, Willi; 

E. Si 

Special Justices, Mid 

Clerks, Frank J. Tultl,- 
Court Officer. Jnln I- ; 
Probation Offir. r, !: - 
The Court sits i- 

business even ,. 

For the return an.i ini 
Saturday 9 a.m. to 12 
Saturdays at 9.;<0 a. 
September 15. For 
last Saturday of ever 



Cambridge Street corner Henshaw 

Justice, Thomas H. Connolly 

Special Justices, Robert W. Frost, Harry C. 

Clerk, Daniel F. Cunningham 

Court Officer, B. Franklin S:mborn 

Probation Officer, Edward J. Drummond 

The Court sits for the transaction of criminal 
business every week day except the legal holi- 
days, commencing at 9 o'clock a.m. 

For the return and entry of civil actions, every 
Saturciay at P a.m. 

For trial civil actions, every Wednesday at 9 a.m. 

For hearings on poor debtor and equitable eases 
every Saturday at 9 A.M. 


Iloxbury Street 
Justice, Albert F. Hayden 
Special Justices, Joseph N. Palmer, Timothy J. 

ClerKs, Maurice J. O'Connell, Fred E. Cruff, 

Heurv F. Ryder 
Court Officers, WilUam C. Moore, Timothy D. 

Probation Officers, Joseph H. Keen, Ulysses G. 

Probation Officer for Juveniles, Edward A. Fallon 
Female Probation Officer, Celia tf. Lappen 
The Court sits for the transaction of criminal 

business every week da.v except the legal holi- 
days, commencing at 9 a.m. 
For the return and entry of civil actions every 

Saturday at 10 a.m. 
For trial of civil actions every TuesUn / at 9. .SO A.u 



:. d..\ vxc 

X 'J A..V. 

ntry of ci 

iition of ci 
. pt the leg.. 

vil actions 
9 A.M. ur 


etions ev( 

9 untd 10 , 
■ry Wedn<'Si 


OhI City Hall, City Square 
ice, Charles S. 


Sp:'cial Justices, Willi 

Clerk, Mark E. Smith 
Court Officers, Henrv : 
Probation Officers, Jan 


The C( 
at 9 ( 




the transaction of crimii 
k day except legal holida 
Session for children, Sati 

L-turn and entry of civil actions, except eject- 
nt oases, every Saturday before 12 M.; eject- 
Dt eases 9 to 10 a.m. on Saturdays 

Meridian Street near Paris 
Justice, Joseph H. Barnes 
Special Justices, Charles J. Brown, Jos.'ph J. 

ClerK, William C. Maguire 
Court Officers, George E. Harrington, Edmund 

C. Grady 
Probation Officer, Dennis J. Kelleher 
.luvenile Probation Officer, Frederick L. O'Brien. 
The Court sits for the trans.-iction of criminal 

business every week d.ay except legal holidays, 

For the i 

Sheriff and . 

Deputy Slu 

.irt Iloxise, Pe;id 
lilor, John i!\in:: 
'(•rm expin !. I '. - 
ills, John 1. Ki 
;. Fennessi'N-, In 

1 A. Wh, 

rmaril (cl 

ii:, T 1 !■ rtrdby the 

s'^i;; -m' iM sheriff), 
n-, |.|, ]■ ^^iM.v, Peter 
on. Court Dr^puties, 
fi, Daniel A. Cronin, 
..\. Hussey, Frank H. 
, Thomas A. Murray, 
itrout, Robert Herter, 
„ Caleb D. Dunham, 
ik C. Pierce, William 
Thomas P. Hurley, 

i-nry E. Warner, Lin- 
Brookline; James M. 
s K. Darling, Concord 

f Probate and Insolvency, W 
, Worcester; F. H. Chan.berlu 

\ t a 

t, I r 

U nil 


n rk f 

( 1 is 

\i t ( 1 


11 k 1 


11 \ 

Co .t 


Dst I 


C 1 

larry H. NKWl'UR-J 

-''■■"■'■ ''■ CI, ik,.f.Siipmoi'Cou'it, 

rilV, Jarni'S Aiitliony, > 
• r, Frunlc P. Kin).' 
.uty Sli.-iilTs, Fn.iik 


n) ]):< 

Asst. District Attornpy (Afidclle 
ward T. Fsty, Worcester 

County C:omniissioner8, George W 
W;irren Goodnle, Clinton; Aitl. 

Associate Commissioners, Thomn 
Fitclibnrs; Albrrt II. H;nruii, G: 

Slieriflf, .Ml. -II I" W - 

Depiitv .<l,.'.,.i , 1 C V. I, 

W. \V. >-.!., \V \:, . 1 W ...M.i 
Depll.Mir , I ' ..I, I ■ W :r . :. I \ 
kins. \\..r- ■' : , M-i!.' i: - I ; 

Dani.l M 1: . , :;:•■ - \ 

p"H.;n'' ''/■:'''■'■ •' I' 

Nortlili : I . i; . ■.,-■.,. 
C. .-^.i'-. ■ '■■'•■ ^\ 
Hor:i.^ i .: . 1 ■- 



W I 

Frank H. Baldwin. W . i 1;... 

Hanff, Rutland; FieJ E. (k.h 
Keepers of Houses of C'ui rrriion 

ardson, Worcester; Benjiimii 

Referee in Bankruptcy, Charles 



.1.-^ .M. 

iberland; Arthur V 
er, G. W. Rhode 


olni R. \\ ilcox, Kingston 



the Rrri 1. I o! I). . .1- i. .1. r,.;\ bv Hie f-ity 
Couneil. R.^t'ister oi J),M..i3, I'ruvidenee, Ed- 
ward C. Juj ue 

Supreme Court, Chief Justice, Clarke H. Johnson 

Associate Justices, C. Frank Parkhurst, William 
H. Sweetland, Walter B. Vincc'nt, Darius Baker 

Clerk, Bertram S. Blaisdell 

Superior Court- Presiding Justice, Wilhird B. 

Associate Justices, George T. Brown, Cliiirhs F. 
Stearns, Elmer J. Rathbun, Chester \V. Bar- 
rows, John W. Sweeney, John Duran 

Clerk, Walter S. Reynolds 

Judge of United States District Couit, Artlmr T,. 

United States District Attorney, Harvey A. 



Deputy Clc 
United Sta 

im P. Cr 
rk, Thoni 


John J. Richards 
'rank E. Fitzsimnions 

Bankruptcy, Natha 




Assistant Clerk of Superior Court, Hei 

Thompson, Bristol 
Sheriff, Philo V. Cady, Bristol 
Jailer, Henry Scrbst, Bristol 



Clerk of Superior Court, Wm. M. Owei 

Sheriff, Michael B. Lynch, Apponaug 
Jailer, Michael B. Lynch, Appunnut; 

iipreme Court, John K. 
Albi-rto T. Roraback, Ca- 
lyer, Norwich; Geo. W. 

I . Milton A. Shumway, 

Guddard, H.-irtfiird 






T. Ha 

Asst. L'l'Tks, I'red vv. Tracy, M. J. Flanagan, 

Bridgeport; Samuel A. Davis, Danbury 
Clerk of Court of Common Meas, Sidney N. 

Lockwood, Bridgeport 
Commissioners, John Brophv, Ridgefield; Frank 
E. Ballard, Bridgeport; Henry P. Crawford, 

r S. Cummings, Stamford 
lerick M. Salmon, West- 

State s Attorney, 
County Treasure 

Coroner, John .1. 
Sherill, Mi: .-I I 


' , Ihiiham, James P. 
Hubert F. Nichols, 

I , I Bethel; Wil- 
li, lu, Harold W. Allen, 
l^t■•ad, Monroe; E. Mills 

Edgar H. Perrv, West- 
■, Stamford; Nelson W. 

Doulens, Norwalk; Wil- 
lury; George S. Banks, 

.X^': '^a-. 



W. Un 

V. Fn 



of Court of Common 1 le;,s, EawMiJ L. 
tl,. IhiitL.r.l 

Robert I'. But- 

C'lriK ol Cuuit of Common Pic 

1<T, }Iartford 
Commissionrvs, Robert A. Pottir, Bristol; Josc] 

Towns, New P.rituin; Andrew Steele, Ka 

.Iu.I(-'e"oV Probate Court, L. P. Waldo Marvi 

Cl.ik of Courts, GeorRC A. Conart, Hartford 
Stati 's Attornev, Hiit-li M. Alrorn, Snlli( kl 



dd s, Wateibury; Frederick L. Guylord, 
I of 'superior Court, Alfred N. Wheeler, New 

f'l.rka, John S. Fowler, ErroU Af. Auger, 
w Haven, Samuel J. Marsh, Watcrbury 
:'s Attornev, Arnon A. Ailing, New Haven 

State's Attorney, John P. Kellogg, Water- 

'K 'I',. I i:i I, !!;■ ,ri, Jacobs, East Haven 

' !■ • l> 'jon. Philip Coodhart, 

hulge of Co 

Woodruff, 1 

rierk of Coi 

M'ahM,"' .' ■ !■.- 1 M ■■ ■;■ \> 

i.,hn m: 

Charles P. 


\M. il M. 

\Vallui' ' ' ' 


N. Br:m!. -: '"'' . - — 

:,. Madi- 

( , litem • 


\, ,:,!.■ w! 

Sou'llil.-" ,...'.. • 1 , 


- ■:,! Illeld, 

Char!..- W. M ,i|., 11 ,:,„:■:,; M,.l,. 

! J. Cole- 

, llaitland; 

man, Chej-lin. 

Myron D. 

JailiT, Simon M. Hnpo, New Haven 

NV Britain; 

U..feree ,n lianluuptey, Carleton E. 

Hoadley, W. 

New Haven 

, Southing- 

Cliailes K. 
.Uh, Wind- 


Is s 

. Ye(,mans, 


ClerK of Courts, G. E. Parsons, Norwi 


County TreasunT, A. M. Brown, Norwich 

Countv Contmissioners, Charh'S H. Smi 

,h, Noank; 

Fncl J. Brown, Lebanon; Albert H. 


, James P. 

Stal"'l' Au'ornev, H. A. Hull, New Lo 


Eugene T. 

r-uron. r, I'ranWin H. Brown, Norwich 

Slirriff and Jail r. Sidmx- A. Brown, N 

•w London 


I), ,„,l\ •!,. m!'-, II r I1r T" r. '"!' "'"^ 

■ 11. Stan- 

V l...ntlon; 

ISL Shields, Nor 

y. Ply- 

\ heeler. 

lington; Asa H.Wilcox, 
Sanclift, New Hartford 
Carleton E. Hoadhj-, 

mouth; Grorse H. J: 
Arthur Harris, Sharo; 
Winstea; Walter P. Be, 
Kclsey, Salisbury; Isaa. 
Frank J. Hosford, Wasi 
Torrington; Howard J. 
Referee in BanKruptcy, 
New Haven 



Clerk of Courts, Charles G. R. Vinal, ^ 
Asst. Clerk of Courts, James R. Edli 

County TreasuriT, R. C. Markham, ^ 

F. Mill. I. 1 ■- .. , i; A' 


John A.Cnri^tens.nii 

o d'c 

■P Kiv 

Referee in BanKruptcy, 


f B. C 




Judges Court of Common I'leus, Earnest C. Sinjp- 

son, Isaac Woll.-, N.w Haven 
Clerk Court of Comn,on Pl.-as, Charh-s W . Birely, 

New Haven 
Asst. Clerk, Henry C. Higgin ', New Hav. ■ 



,„,ois,i.,, UufusH. Le 

r. Tingier, Rockville 
. F. Noone, Rockville 

T. Xewcomb, Tolland 

^' iinrd Springs 

\\ iikins, Rockville; 

^n,inL->; Albeit E. Har- 
iloraee S Backus, An- 
Somersville; William O. 

^aldo E. Hiee, Bolton 

Edward M. Yeomans, 



aissioners, E. H. Corttis (p. o. North Gros- 
venor Dale), Thompson; John A. Dady, Put- 
nam; Uri'ele Laf ranee, Plainfield 
Clerk of Courts, Edgar M .Warner, Putnam 
State's Attorney, 
Countv Treasur 

Coroner, A. G. Bill, Daniel.son 

Sheriff, Charles A. Gate-, 

puty Sheriffs, William N. Bates, Thompson; 

" tnani; Leonard Healy, 

:. R. Bliven. Central 

[ ' nipton; Charles E. 

. iiiiett, Brooklyn; 



Norll, W, 

iffor'd H. Starkweather, 


js, Windham 


J. Bowcn, Willi- 






Original Designers and Makers of Exclusive Styles 


Borders, Ornaments 
Printing Machinery 
all Kinds of Material 

Buy Job T\-pe in Weight Fonts at Body T\-pe Prices 








business. Additional and capitalized Itst.ngs r ^r business to make it easy 

llV^'lVSf^::::^'^"^^:^;^;!'^^^^^^^^^^ look at .he PinkSecfon 


in ^ 








Original Desipers and Makers of Exclusive Styles 


Borders, Ornaments 
Printing Machinery- 
all Kinds of Material 

Buy Job Type in Weight Fonts at Body Type Prices 













4MP90N & Ml'RDOOK Cn , RdslliN, M(S 

Arranged Alphabetically by Business and Post Offices. R D in connection with Post 
OflBce Address means Rural Delivery 

See Gazetteer Department for List oj Towns, Villages and Post Offices 

The ClaBBification of Headings ia made in accordance with a Standard List adopted by the Aosociation 
of American Directory Publishers, to secure uniformity in all Directories, and to promote con- 
venience of reference. The * denotes headings inserted by spacial contract or reference to genersl 
licailings, ** (iriva r exilu.-iive lioailiiiKs 

Abdominal Belts Agricultural Imp'emenl True J G New Portland 

IS & SPINDKI.L <-0 Manufacturers f 'uswell F B New Sharon 

Ovfr.i-.l I viin M»>i>i T. , , ,. .-^art'ent Andrew North Itcrwlek 

""f'"'' ''*"" '^"""^ Pcah„dy Mln ( „ (|,.,iat,, ,,„.- Cumn.ings C H & .Sous Norway 

veyora) Iloiilton Weeks .\ if Co Palermo 

*AcademieS Vamey George Keiiiieblink Getchell T E Pitt.sHeld 

,.K„,.i„ .,, A,.„, i.». „io„ Hu.ssey PlowCo North Uerwiok I.aueey Hardware Co 

I' rye J .1 sr>0 Ocean uv Portland 

* Agricultural Lime Kendall & Whitney Ine 213 

Accountants & Auditors ^Ti\\v^rn f'^^^^^^^^T. Be^n^l't Pre.sque Is'ie 

'■'*"■'"'" ■-'7.1' Edwards WH 

Parsons C F 

Allen W JI Princeton 

Hates U A & Son 

Isu General .Stores; „l.-o .Seed ,, .,„ , , Saugervllle 

^, , ,, ,, ,..., M Sfnrp-ii Duw Adelbert (niachmesi 

hg MurMl.all K l.,.f Ma- ^tore^) Piinec i: J (niaehinosl 

Sherman Station 

I, 1, , ., I ,..,-, , .ntral Trading Co 

It X ,., ,. ,..,-•• '*';"'''f >l"'-dwan- ' " -^ I'orter D A & W iO Skowhegan 

nde-b^tg'"'"' ' ^,:l^;;;ie. ,, K . Son .^:;t':' ^::!:^dT'zi^''l:^^:!r! ■■ 

CONANT <■ M t:0 (s.'e page farm) (cical. rs, 

I. ''■*•" ^^uTr^'^H "T''"'' ^''■I»'i>-'^ Fred E .South BerwK-k 

Ounnmg K H .V: C, .,4 .. ci.fford W K South Paris 

Kn«wle«, Uow A (o l.i hide- Uurd.SO South Thomaston 

penaent " ilanseom Charles 11 SprhiKflflU 

Sn„th Al- &Co4, Ilayn.arket Her..ey W A I'nlon 

*Acid MIrs ...--"J-are ■• Fan„er-s Union Unity 

(See Chenurais) ' ''"""JTk^ P' " *'"" " M^Plewood I,umber Co 

,,"'™!^' **^ ''■'^'7";^„-'l , ■• Morse CD Waterford 

, , ,. ,- , . lloiigKinH HeriM-ii N.I ""'■,,, I'arniers Union Grain & Sup- 

Addmg Machines ,,"'!'7;'', „",'}" piy Co waierviiu- 

L. ' 1)--....,! I, I! („,«.„.,, o. Sawyer A J West Buxton 

ItrdKewaferleiiter (;u,,p„,an L M West Mills 

'"■ " '"■'" '"■'' " '■ ' " A J West Pari; 



Oliver F D l(i8 Forest av Bangor Masonic; Temple ". . Koekland 
Hankers Audit Co -'Oli Masunic 

.'"'''^ ,. ,. ,.,,,,: ,'*,"':'.'.'""' Agricultural Stores 

' bldg' 

' dg 
llolman Ai 
Hi.e .John O Audil 

* Addressing >ii- Mailir 

Iru C WInterport 

SAMPSON & MUKUOCK Hn,„k-| barn.e,-, i n,.,i, «r" .ks u,.|,i^„ ., x WylopUloek 

CO (see baek eoloreil page, Soule liros "'">'"" 

2411 Summer Boston Mass Hnggs S E & S.m <:'';•!<>" ^,. „ „ 

I'arnsworth s M < hina * _\ir & Pressure Tanks 

Advertising "^^fr' "".'>exVe'; ^^l«^^ , artesian 

Bangor .Shepherd L C (implements) UKLL CO (see page 1071 , 

. bldg .. MaeomberAC Dryden Pe .rl bldg Bangor 

Belfast TopladyFO Kast Corinth 

Portland .lewett E E K.xeter Anfiniie Hnnrl'^ 

Maine Adv Co l.'>4 Free .. Whiteomb E H Farnilnefon Antique uooas 

National Purchasers Assn 547a Kamsay C A •■'ort Kent Kreneli's Autlnue Shop Camden 

Congress .. Mower W I, Greene WIUMKB FttEDKRICK T 

New England Trade-Travel Co Wiley D B ijewelry and silver) 31 West 

202 Press bldg •• Cummings A L Harrington Boston Mass 

Orr George G 225 J Middle ■■ Flagg A H Co lloulton 

Arenovsky Harold Westbrook Peaboily James S * Apiarists 

SAMPSON & MURDOCH Mansfield B B Jonesport ,^. ,f ,. 

CO (see back colored page) Haskell Implement & Seed Co '^'-C "ee Keepers) 

24B Summer Boston .Mass 20U Main Lewlston 

AMERICAN PUBLICITY Harper George H Co Maehlas * Anntlierarie<^ 

CO (see page 1740) l.s High Plourd .1 C" Monroe Apouiecaries 

Worcester MassStai.l v O A Moiilicello (See Druggists) 

(1 o-:;'>) 


1^ f>\-3 .i'.'jS '<r v'-'^RJi 

* WAO^iijl'lf. 



*Arch Support^: for the 
KNKMAKK CO The ' lV;i- 
tlierlito" urch suppurta -iol - 
4CHi Congress Portlund 

'Architect (Landscape) 


r'iili^lity bldg Portland 



WlK-eler Cliarles R 12 Slicridan ■■ 

Hunker William G 284 Water ■■ 

Crowell C Parker 44 Central ■■ 
Hodgins Vietor 39 HumnMind •■ 
I.iHliernesa E 110 Exchange 
Marisur W E 15 Cross 
Patterson Frederick A l(i Cen- 
Hodgkins Victor, R D S 
Savage F H Bar Harbor 

ilanaon Bant (marine) IIMI 

Commercial Bath 

Slater Forrest Berwick 

Hinckley Wallace R Blue Illll 
Adams P D Boothbay 

Blair J H Boothbay Harbor 

Fred L 
3 Carl C 
Cyrus P 


Moody Austin : 
Uitterbusli 8 Ci 


Artesian Wells 




l»LV CO (s,.,. paKc H)7(l) 

l.s:i Aiitlu.ny. Providence R I 

rtesian A- Driven Wells 



I'cail hklK Bangor 


CO (see pa^-r 111? I) .-,02 



R I 


Iiage IfiTiil 11 17 'I'lirk 
Head l.l.lg Provldcne< 

'Artificial Limbs 


liag.- MM'.i) St Albans 

Artificial Stone 


O'Neil Tliomas 
Clark Eben B 
Iw.x Kate IC 3!l 
Matl.cns Carol 
West August a ; 
numnicr ,1 () 
Forbes S H 
Newell Eva Mr 


South Portland 




Artists' Materials 


lorluun W H & Cc 
enudd D H So N 
luuld J F 549 Com 

iin Brewer 
s Portland 

Beirv W W & Co 103 Main 
Kelley II L, Main cor Temple •■ 


(See also ConnnisMon Meicliants) 
Li rant Bodwell J (Sanbornville 

N' 11) Acton 

Collins Fred, R D Appleton 

llolman .1 F .Athens 

K.tnball C A 4li .Main Auburn 
Small I iliver II i:< Cony Augusta 
Hounds Walter. R O 2 
Huii.Ts C F 7S Coluuibia Bangor 
Hvrries P .1 23 Hammond 
Dunn P H (real estate) 31 Cen- 

Kirstein L.mis & Sons.l2 Ham- " 

^'oung F M 
Sprat t A D 
Bogue (ieorge P 
Kimball li W 

Coombs H 
Coomlis & 
Cibb.s & P 

East Corinth 
East Machlas 
Fort Kalrlleld 
11 I^isbon 
t Ash 14 Lisbon 
Pulsifer 14 Lisbon 
Bovnton Charles E Limerick 

Moore .1 A LIvermore Falls 

(ietehell Fred, R D 2 N Anson 
Burnham Geo 120 Exchange 
Churchill F M 536a Congress .. 
Fassett E F 95 Exchange 
Higgins E Leander 120 Ex- 
Lancaster & Libby 11 Ex- 
Miller & Mayo 502 Fidelity 

Parker Carl Rust (landscape) 

910 Fidelity bldg 
Pease A W 710 Fidelity bldg ■■ 
Stevens John C 187 Middle 
Stevens John H 1S7 Middle 
Tonipson Frederick A 156 Free ■■ 
IClliott George Round Pond 

Bennett Arthur M 



Tibbetts Leonard O S Bristol ("'«"" 

Knapp H L 40 Main Watervllle '^'^h" 

Patterson Frederick 165 Main .. ^^"'^ 

Norton Wayne '"-V"- 

Merrill F B Yarmouthvllle ''"'"^ 


Hancock May E 

Call B L 

Parker Walter 

DuPaul La«renc 

Anderson Douga 

Clark M A Miss 

Stockbridge M A Miss 

Pratt Helen S FalrHeld 

Luce Leon A Farnilngton 

Blaisdell M F Mrs Franklin 

Morrel Edith W 53 Dresden 

■ av Gardiner 

Bartlett Jane E Harmony 

Kline A E Houlton 

Somerville Ella L Kingman 

Anderson Grace H Mrs Lewlslon 
Allen Harry LIvermore Falls 

Clark Beli; M Mllo 

\ Hroadway ■• 

l.\ man A II Bar Harbor 

PiiiiN, C H 

l-,t,,.,.r,,M .1 !•: 174 Front Bath 

liigti St Belfast 

ithbay Harbor 

M.. ^■.' :, M 1. ■<: Front 

s M:,iii Brewer 

.1 , ' , r 648 Middle .. 


\ Berwick 

\ llsoll si 

<■ !a,„ < II .ii!! Main BIddeford 


(Nt,,K.d Willis 11 Blue Hill 

mk Brunswick 

Spinney J S Boothbay 


Bracketl J W Boothbay Harbor 

Cape Cottage 

Dunton L A 


Fulton Lewis M Bowdolnhani 

Dunn Patrick H S3 Chamber- 


lain Brewer 


Webb Frank A Bridgton 

Jackson Alvah, R D Brunswick 

T nixfleid 

Bridgham Thomas S BuckHeld 

!• Eastport 

Ames A B Bucksport 


Higgins Willis F Calais 

m C F 
rdsoii Nelli 
rd S W 
r W B 
V N 
n F H Misi 

'Architectural Mill Work 


Monson Deane J W 

New Sharon Gordon Willis 

N Appleton Carswell E F 

Oldtown Loveitt U G 

l>hlllips Trask W L 

Tyler William 

Cummiiigs V K Camden 

I'oss S W Center Belmont 

Cnwaii (ieorge A Daniarlscotta 

Hams C T Detroit 

Marsh Andiew J 

Oaks Howard B 

Norton G W 

Wadsworth H H 

Hopkins E K Ellsworth 

Stuart George B 

Toothaker L P, R D 1 Etna 

Coolidge Dana O Farmlngton 

Spineer C E Fort Falrtlelds 






35 Center 

Art Goods 

Coombs Laura S7 Somers 
Gould George P Mrs 9 Pi 
Hanson M E Miss 57 Mai 

Bubier F, 1 

Fox C L 41 Gray Portland 

Ilsley Susan T 93 Pleasant 
Kahili Joseph B 562 Congress •■ 
Longfellow Mary K 116 State ■■ 
McConnell George 21 Quebec .. 
Moore A E (iiortrait) 57 Ex- 
Wish Harold H 102 Exchange •■ 
Burpee Wm P 43 Park Rockland 
Geyer Ralph Round Pond Googiii 

(Mtnby H C Mrs 294 Main Saco Morse I 


W J 






Hedman V. O Jemtland 

Fairtii-ld James A Kennebunk 

Stanley I M Kezar Falls 

Russell A P Leeds 

Chabot L (J I.S9 Lisbon Lewlstoii 

Googin M J 114 Hates 

Lisbon Falls 

Goodall Frank A 153 Main 
Burnham Alice Sherman 

Maddocks I T 

M. Neal F A Southport 

HK.TS Morgan .1 

Douglas William H, R D 1 
Eustis Geo O LIvermore Falls 
Means William G Machlas 

Gould I'^ ]■'. Madison 

Smith () P :\!eilc» 


— XKW 1' 





, .N J 


i« II;irl)<.r 


U M 


lJ;iy \ 


c'H Sliiiriin 


iniiri W .' 

V Norlli 

1 Applet. .11 


,.. I T 


i.rdi l..-.-,K 


lit!'- K S 




.1 11. H 1 

) :iii 


Hell U 

1 !•: 



• !■' C) Co 

411 Kx,-1 


■sliTliJ \Vm 

1 ]■ I'r 

VMn'i.- Kle 


,t A S, 1( 

I) -' 


JUS \Mlll:i 

1 M 




oil .1 W 

Sa halt lis 

\f;L.vNn nusixEss dikf.ct 

Hay \ii-w (Jaram- C. Caiiulcii, W II Castlnc 

U.u.lurll H W 

W l.itti, , A I. Chcslorvillc 

K.-. „, W M (llnlon 

(Ira', .1 !■; Corliiiia 

W.lsl. F II 

Ko>.« N .1 * C.i Coriilsli 

IIaiiK-\ i; Daiiiarlscotta 

Nash I-, \V fu 

( '..l.h \ 1' A (' r. Ofiiniark 

r.lais.l. II Am., f',. Drxtcr 

I I, ill, an. (• 1-: IHxtlfld 

I arn.r .1 K Kast (oriiilh 

C.l.iirii S !■: l)OV»T 



(I V 

oiith Paris 






Jucksoii H r, U I) .' Thoniilikc 

Gary S W TiiriiiT 

Me.saer H E Iiiii)!! 

IJubf Cluvis Vail Itiir.-ii 

Hradlfj- VV S Vassal Ixiro 

Vmuuh ShLTinan Uatcrhoro 

liesM. M Ci WayiK- 

I'aliiii-r I. .1 W<-sl llllM.ill 
C;.,od^viu Clmrlps H « l.chaiion 

farltun Jol.ii 1. West NVwHelil 

Monllo.i M K West Si'arlioro 

Smith lira.lburv West Sullivan 

I'rciiih K S Miiithrop 

& S. 


I'orl Fairtlelil 
Fort Kent 

& Griffin ;i2 Preble 

I) K StiiiH iV.i Preble 
I.I.I H l.-,Sfoinmerrial 

.M :,\u ell Motor Sales Corp 3M 

.Mailk'M'iles B Motor Car Co 9 

Morri.son George E .\uto Co r 

42 Preble 
Niekenson F A Co f.42 Con- 




York Harbor 

*.\iitomalic Fire Doors 

Mm < <> llulyuke Mas 

int'toi. vt Mallctt 
' o Foxcroft 


an P A 44 Main av 
C;c..r-e K (liandolpli 

I-renel, J E A Son (;ullford 

Uaiiipilen lll!;lilaii(ls 

Severance H K. H 1) 1 

Hrad-street Mot.,r C... Water st •. 
II ill Bert llarri.son 

FittH .luseph 
Herrv Ralph L llouKoii 

.11 Spring 

I :,.,■ ^ V> 1 1.1 H 244 Spring ■• 
\\,-„i„ K C.ld Con- 

He'm i. S Presque I.sle 

To,„pkin,.< W M 

I.yi.n^ lialph S Princeton 

Randall & Tuttle Richmond 

Bevis Harry A 462 Main 
Five's Garage 221 Main 
Britton C E & Co Buinford 

Stephen.s J K 

•Seavev A B & .Son 152 Main Saco 
Hudwell Vernon C 34 Wasli- 


*.\iit(, mobile Bodies 


,,.i;i,i George H _^ ■■ 

Thompson I.eland I ii Kimball •• 

AUTO MKT.VI, CO .>.■.■ pa-.- 

\\ . 

,.,„ls C F. Kittery 

Monroe Bert Searsport 

17Hi \S.,iil,ii,Ki.,n 


va^seur & Guiinond 41.1 I.i.s- 

Doritv Arthur Sedgwick 

SpriiiijIleUl Mass 

l„,n Lewislon 

Holt & Hight Showhegan 
Ath.irne George O South Eliot 
Fogg lV Wheeler South Parls 

Automobile Dealers 

1 . 

.. .-...1, M.....r..2:W Main 

, \Ki.,,r W -■12 Xrain 

(.See also Automobile Garai-'es) 


_ I; . ,.] A SS Hate.-j .. 

Marim A C 

Flint C A & Son Ashland 

,, : . , ,: ' \!., tor Car Co 

'Riple\ & Fleteher 

Town A A 

:;". :: I'.il, -ir.-.'i 

Walker A W & Son (tiucks) 

Darling Automobile Co 1.". 


,,,, . n ( i: Limestone 

Pratt Bros, R I) 

Turner Auburn 


i.uii W A Lincoln 

South Portland 

Edwards Jonas & Son (12 Fnioi, .. 

( K 

l.i.rn l.E 

Files Fred W 51 Angell av 



It. liiiiaiiii A C Liverniore Falls 

Messer Carroll B 

Aiigu.sta Motor Co Higgins -l •■ 


lapp J W 

Soule Arthur South Windham 

I.add Automobile Co :»'.> 


lilev R C Machlas 

M, Kennev Ora A Springfield 




Weiitworth Elmer E Sprlugvale 


l.soii F A 

Ran lev \ ,1 Tenants Harbor 

Central Motor Car 1111 llarl..« .. 


,ur.-toi, William 11 McKlnley 

Rawlev E 

Crosb\ S 1, Co Salem et 


lleii.r F W Madawaska 


Nash .lasper U 2(i;i Inion 


ase Fred 11 Madison 

MeCorrison Henry, R I) 2 

Puriiigtoii A H 2.-. Palm 


,rk .John i: Mars Hill 

Colby F A jr Topsham 

Snlilli S S 114 I.:xel,aiiK.' 


Whiteliouse Fred H I'lllty 

Swett I. P Hlf. llarh.w 


vmaii William M 

Haggerman Van Waldobiiro 

Treat Cliarles B 2'.l Palm 


isiM.rth W C Mechanic Falls 

Haglev & Cheney Hashbufii 

rilerbaik-Glea.son Co 44 


vant 11 .\ 

Staph-s C W 



.11 .\ !•■ 


Hath Aut,.m., & Ga.^ lOn- 


lage Frank Mlllluocket 

Morri.son Motor Co 24 Silver .. 

i_.i„.. . ■,. :.-. r,:,,,,.l Bath 


lis Charles F Milo 
ee.^,- W \ 
ill S E 

WaterviUe Motor Co .i College 

w'','- • ■ :': 1: 'i.'i Bedford •' 


Fsher E E W Baldwin 

ll.■lr^ ,v ^-, llinh St Belfast 


1,1th W C 

Flint A F W Buiton 

I'reslon C 1. Berwick 

Hid.h-ford .Motor Mart 2'.i7 

.Main lliddeford 
I. uirf i; r Koothbay Harbor 
Sherman C K 

Young A G Kradford 

M.'.seive Claude Itrldgl.iii 




Allen T S Brunswick 

Saintonge E T 4.i Main.- 

Chase A .M Co Bryant Pond 

Any C A Itiicksport 

Buck HA 

.ixf.jrd A I,, R D 2 Monroe 

.lai k-.,n C W & Son Monsoil 

Harris. .1, Fr.-d, li U 1 Moiiticello 

Km, a R a E N North Jay 
iikll,,«n Motor Car Co Oldtown 
Suali Claren.e H 
Whii.- F E 

I an. a-t.r R F. Orono 

ruikham H 1, Palermo 

Huston FG Patten 
Ui.har,l.s..n & Roberts 

l.avitt 1 C Perhaiii 

Week, l; P Pittstleld 


Blaek John E Woodland 


l.eighlon & Russell 

Hlais.lell R C York VlllaKe 

Automobile Garages 

Downs G i; Alfred 

Chandler Ed Anson 


Reo Service Station 23 Main 


City Hall Garage Co IS Cony .. 
M„.„l,.n Charles F SI Cony 
\,.« Capital Ciirage, Higginsst .. 
.si ,h,n Wm .1 >(-• Co -.Ul Water ,. 


Aiitoinohllf GaruKi's -( (II. s ,iili,.rii II s Kczar I'alls llyljiul o H Vlual Haven 

\im1i'i'sum ( i \ :ts| (ilii.i Kuiieor ■'"> •' ' ' Kiii:iiii;iii \\ ;iI.I..1m,i.. ( ;;.im(;c- U'aldohoni 

ll-,„L'..r M.. I.. V ■(■,,■'■'•■-> M-,i., II ..kir K IS S|,ui,-,. l,c«M..ll \Vh,.m|,mu \iI|,mi n ;islllllK(on 

ni.,,, \ w -s \,„iiri'Mi-k .. l<\.ivMuv .V (In ,„a 11.-. Watervlllc 

Works "... Kar llarbur )i .'',"'"■ J " '"^ -^■'* ^'"'» ■ \\atorville Mntur Co Main 5 

f-lio Giirage ■■ Hill ll:in-.\ Limerick Collego uv 

awrence A K t'o •■ \\ i-lisii-r \\ illiain H Liiiiesloiie I'anridge Cliarlcs 1'' Wcstbrook 

entr-il -Viito Co Cotimiorcial Ilnkmorc- & W'orstcr MiU'oln Westbrook (loorije A Machine 

J," Bath Aaalii.-, IluUis A; l.oland Lllllll'US Co 

•■ Spuar.i Caragc Lisbon Kails i),,|i,MS.I W Knfleirt 

Belfast t roHsnian J Liverniore Kalis 

Pn- Ovke li L 

L-me c'.rMaiM'Vt""" " ' •■ '-"'j'''^^ GaruKe Lllbec 

,^H (I.t'-i'l'c &'Mttol.ine Co liurbauk K M Madison 

,1,^1,;,,;.^, .. HuntingtunC \V Mars Hill 

,„h'iri liihn K Main St l.oniliarJ (' W jr Medilybrinps 

,.,,„.kKro, ■■ Betliol Mn.-.M, A Walhn-,. MIIIhridKC 

Blddeford ^^ ' ' V v , , 

links Utis 48 Washington •• li i-. • '■ ■ ,. Mllo 

aldeford Motor Mart 297 > :, '. .. 

y\.^\n \. ' .,-!■ New tastle 

lihHU Auto Co, Five Points ■■ lx<i,,'. M, Newport 

•irD.oa l'r[ii-^i I'l \v'i-,hiii"ton ■■ Si:inli-v T V, Norrldisewock 

,'.,t,.l J li ' Bine Hill i >rak.- Hraniar.l S Xlterwiek 

nrriv iL.MiiLan Boollihay H'' k Fiank II Norway 

, ll.nrvSM Helton M Brewer Blai:..UIl C U Oakland 


Boawell Frank H Old Orelia 

lal,'h\ lrv.iif,''c Frank Palt 

(ioodrich CharU 

s T >V Newfleltl 

Hnnip E C 


Ilildreth U II 

Winter Harbor 

Grindstone Gar: 

Page & Brjcr 


ll.>rn V II 


Mit.hell C S 

Hagu^ell Bros, Water st Wiseasset 

Automobile Repairers 

B art let t M C 


Banfror \iil,-ai 

izing Co 4',( 




Walker Harry F 

, Federal si 

Andrews & Cloiigh Bethel 

Sinith H J 2 Fi 

ion Brewer 


Saintonge K T 4 

i Maine 

Hall C K Bn.s 


i'inkhani Fn.ers 

,n Cherryfleld 


iberland Center 

I'lirinton F W, 

! I) 2 

Garage Co Calais I'ni.^d.i.l (.arage A: Ma.nin.' Towle 11 K Kast Corinth 

pv Charles E '■'"'I' " Howard & Fanionl KasI Hlrani 

iew (;.uage Co Canuleii All, n C H 49 Preble Portland tl.ioeli Orrel K Maehlas 

on E F I'.:. !. Ii 1' Oecrinc 12(lo Forest av •• Norton Arthur 1( FarnilnRton 

,-n Auto Co •• (■,,,,,, ,v AIniMx JJM',, rest av ■■ Drake C F Frankfort 

en Garage •■ I ..! ,: M ~ ^ ■ 1 ' ■, ■■ Freedom 

Ml A R ■• C, •.■.,,., I .■ I'Hie .. .la.iuith Perley W, l; !> -• 

Will •■ .1 ; , ! ' :< -, Brown E II Krlendshlp 

n Clarence " \! ,! 1 ( , . , . I,: I . :■ i av •■ Stewart K I, Garland 

;.» Plain .Mill, r li-,,,k II I'M'nl.l,. .. llatih & Forlin (iullford 

i,,|„ri \S ('anion \iik,.i~,,,ii i- \ <\,s:', I'r.lile .-^niart W H llowland 

,V Fox Caril.on l';,^ .-o„ F,hv ;,m1 :i7 I im.IohI, .. Waller Jemtlaud 

M.nFi.d l'..rilai,d C. fiaran. .-.s I or,. .. Fanlkinghain W F. Jonesport 

sSlOASoli " Poillaad Gara-e Co .-,1 .. Morse J I, 

ell CC •■ l!,,liiiond S II jr Id Custom LewlstOU 

l''rank I, ■■ House whf ■• Brown & Hoswort I, 4:, Park 

d 1. I) Corinna Sanborn Oliver T !1 Walker H.oneitFP Liberty 

,nald A: Kellf.v Cornish Sau ver Co (107 Con- |.„x I 1 lowell 


A Water 

nan Dover 

K Brownlleld 

B F 

K I«iniino<kel 

1 11 




A Wood 

I'l-wt Ma. lone 



.1 W 


M.k Gara 

-e Fort Fairlleld 

r >>c Kno 


ler 5 P. 
I'resqiie Isle 


VV,,u.lsun. Bn.s Meehanle Falls 

l.ainlersKtl Mllford 

K.ln.unds <; I., li n Morrill 

New .Sweden Station 

Norili New Portland 

Henderson i> W 

Paul Harrv North .Searsmont 

Kanirelev ^ "minings ji i. raris 

R,^. .^H„.d Smith Ed Pembroke 

11,11,,,;,.. W A !:■ .111... . . :i..i:.. C.. 2.S Park ■■ 

.l,41.son Henry M Franklin l;i.,.,l, ., 1, .\. Koekporl 

Readtleld ,, ... , ,, ,,, ,,,, 

KUhinond '^""'"^ * «^"" „"'.'""' 

..Itiiekl'iiwl Porlla-' 

■ llan.soi, J C Ili2 Wash av 

.\leCann D F Son.-. Ii:t Pr.ble 
Pleasant St Motor Car C, 11 


14 Main (iardiner 


tier Benjamin F 101 Main 
tier Blanehard W 24 Me- 

ri,' r.'sll T ,rnl,,nav Co ',).S4 Forest av " 

,, ,„ „ ,. . , ,r, . .-n ,-< . «"inr,.r<i Fossett P W Round Pond 

Seoit ( larage, iMain av ■■ naker .vrtlmr 1 I. > School hanlora r)..,,..,. ,, u.,„k„.„ o-j -ri...r.,., ,. 

Trask Arthur T FSU Main .. York County Garage 24 Me- I aimer A banborn „ 1 hornt.u^ 

Heed A W (ireenvllle Jet ehanic ■■ ^^ «. *r^^.?. 

Buzzell A Drew (Juilford Coburn Garage Skovvhej 

Hallowell Hackett & Withaiu 

Bradstreet Motor Co, Water st ■■ Pe.,ple'3 Garage ^„.^„„. 

Deering Morrill C Harmony Skowhegan Garage Co •■ ^ enauic 

Drisia, & Won ester Harrington M.-Clinto.k W Solon Cushman Josepli Sherman F 1. Hartland Foster X P Sorrento Joy Theodore Sherman Mills 

Gates 11 M & Son Hoiillcm England FrederiokSouthBerwiek MeGary George B Smyrna M1II.S 

Cl.anu.eau & Coleman ■• Maxim .Mvron W Soutli Paris Tarbell J E & Sons 

liiggins Harrv Island Falls •■ Cobb Arthur South Windham J \ " Jaekman South Portland Packard Robert I'lilon 

Ch iml.erlin Don Kennebnnk Messer Carroll B dU B at " \'an Burcn Garage C.. VaiiBuren 

iMuerv Frank ■• Wentworth Elmer IC Sprlnffvale Brown C L Mayiie 

Larralee G W Co •• Cleaves II I, Sullivan T.ineoln W C 

Heeeiit G arable •■ Thomaston llarnman W I, Meston I a « ^,.„,„.,,„,„, p„r, K-,„„ Ton ,lv Auto C., •. Kennedy Wali.T WhUetleld 

Fitllel'ielil II F iV: S..n Turner Garage Turner Joy Allie.l .\ Yar Illivllle 


Aulomobile Supplies He^-- * Rnbenstein 82 C.n-^^^ ^:::i^l^^ MnM....cKc. 

l^^-iilL^.:.. CO ^^"" J!:;!^^i!i;iSfl^^^:^.:: ^^YT'^ ^'"^" 

Water Aucusta j^^ea F L & Co (cracker) Oil J;<"^''"\ ,' ,.'\ • >■ Kprwlek 

Bangor pickcrins squ^.re •• H'»yi% " '''"'" ^ wJLv 

Bangor VulcaniiioK Co 49 Park •• Nauonal Bi..uit Co ., r::-U.T.) lo.e E.lwar.l I. ,^"'h ,r,l 

US Tire Co 112 Harbor 4.". l..,„n ■ \Mll,y-s Raker, "''' ,V'|^,';.-' 

Hlaisdell M H Brookllii New York CookiiiK S<l..i.,l .t Uoherty .1 C Ol.ltowii 

Tyler Albert N Chcrryftcld Bakery 14ii Main •• I-ubemie A 

Burnell M W K Baldwin Douplass Edward W Kar Harbor .siernberg s S 0,r.,r.l 

ClilesLRC. EBrownneld Mii^iell Bros „;^ ;'T^'"m^\^ PaUr 

Sylvester A I. K<n^ Conley J E 55 Cei...r Bath \M"<; 1" ^ .- . ,. p„^M''r, 

Emery J U Co Madison Keene & Greene 132 Kront ■■ ,^!''';*" ^'.'"'V ?.','" ;."""" ' 

Krosi [, W Palmyra Leonard Fred C 195 Kront. Blades Edith \l.l. I ui- 

I'lMllips Hardware Co Phillips M,.nu W.llia.n Sa C:ent.r •• j'.":"' »'■"^■'^;^.'> ''■"''";'',.,,.. . " 

'I'nir H \V Miller \ri liibald IS Ferrv t alderwiMid V N C o t'l 1 leas- 

Hoss W 1- Portage \s omens Kx.ban.'C i:57 Front ■■ ant an<l 545 Congress 

Hailev .laiii.sCo IS FreePortland Cnu>^ A H 49 Ch.irch Belfast Callin Bros KH '!" "7' . ,_^ . " 

Browns lire InHation Ma.n- ll„gan E.Uard til Main .■ f;"\'"''* ^^'^Vi'-JV. *•,,,; f 

Ciner Co 57 ExehanKc •• Coussoule George """"^ ■^''' m'"" I'^^.v, H 1,^^^^^^^^^^^ 

( 1, andb r Howard B (batteries) Biddcford Oiividson O 12 H 

19 1ore.iav , • Alb.rd .loseph J -Wl Main P V •^'u''"?i'^l. i .'.•,'• " 

Keatin- A: Shaw 97 Exehangc ■• Balkan Bakerv Co (Greek) 54 Kinbnsch Herman 2U W ash- 

'\''\T(<s^"*" ■'"''' ■'"■"•• 'i'"" ,..'. b h-n" E^lSTohn 247 Congress T. 

I>o,l,nd \mo Special! V Co "-'"^P'' „';''*"'"'' ^^''^'"" ' .. Ciagliano Mario S Deer •• 

M.Ul.>^ld^. ■ „ «^^:X;:i :m Main ..,nnros22..C..ntberland 

^*';"bileS.';„,rivV^.T55rak •• P"> '.« J « * Co ?28 Main •■ H^uU-d. Ca"ie Mrs 210 York .. 

?"'V^% StotHn^ton >e^Ua.ol. 1 .uH.^ ,^^^ ,n Xn^er... : 

1 renrh \S B luriur ,^,„,,,opk3 y K Boothbay Harbor i'^",r Carohnc Mrs 550 \Va»h- 


Mathews Byron 

M.\iatliews nyrou . ., intrta 

ain ,. t,„...„ T>..l-,.rv C,> \\ i\- . '"Sio 

West Paris "rewer Home Bakery G2 WU- j^^^-. „ C 77 Portknd 

yVlnthrop ,;:," Charles BriSgTon Linohan Timothy D 22 Pleas- 

ilathorno U 1' Wonhvich -^■^''i ^■'='"'-» Briinswl 

Awning & Tent Makers {?,?,?,'^'i?;:i',rno m''""' 

l.oosc-Wiles Bir 

1 ,-, Helle lo^eoh 14 Mill hyonsJames A 65 Newbury 

!;n wF n 'siw'nt MeCrea James 42 Mountjoy 

Bn.s 32 Pulsifer Auburn .J"',/ ' ," . -, Vl.ll Mahan John H 22 Seliool 

Boothbay Harbor T.^^l^'^.^^'^'p^ ' ' ^''" Button Morrill Mary J Mrs 158 O. 

Ounton Lewis A Br •' 

■ ".li-^"'"" CaraU '^."^"^V"'^",: ,,. Co '- ' " Ni'-sen "JoTinJ Baking Co 03 

■ VU <'-i^lliii> C :<Miden Baker, I o ve. „!.;„„,„„ 

'HJ2Lnion B/.^"^' BllrkoU Br.'r" Caii'idVn National Bise.iit_Co2S_ Pearly 

Dennett .1 M Castlne ;,'"'"„;', - Caribou WashinBt-_ 

look G A Harrington ^ ^ M^^'.'lUiamin Olson Louis O 945 Congress - 

Woodward Joshua S Jonc>port ,Va ^^Peter " ' Chisholtn Portland Italian Bakery 16 

Le«isl»n ,;'HdCF&Co "e'^er Hampshire 

■'■" r rlJn-lnbF DixHeld Sklar Jacob 59 FrankUn 

Portland Vn"„%^^|l=''•'^r. F-,st M; rhias Storev P J 45 Free 

Fickett J E Co 273 Middle Bellong'r I. P K MilHnocket Whitney Edgar A 291 Congres-s .. 

I eivitt F A^&Son3'.)Ex(lianiie ■• ?,^ i ,, , \v Kastnort Wilson Robert E 7S3 Congress .. 

iansoti Walter Rumford '"j^'^'^^,,, E'lswortb Wood Robert J 131 Forest av .. 

„„.::r::L„. mf^'^' -vs's^: .^:?fe.. ...^-^r 

Portland ^"!':V» m Foxeroft Flint Bros 276 Main 

Bast ia n Bros Co 5G2 Congress •• ^^ " , "^^ 339 ^Vater Gardiner Rising & A nderson 2s* -^'"^^ " 

Boss Story H 5I>2 Congress •■ tjniith C W 182 Water Fournier Emde Kumiorn 

nags, nagging & Burlaps '^"jy^^^J^ Gameau .Ran- ^JaT^.^^oulis (Albanian) 2fi'; 

11, r,,, , \ Hi I'l.rf Portland ~;ouiv F «;rand Isl? ''■^■'"" • ,>, oV, m ■ " 

'^^^-^^^^^^^^'^d^r ^a±^a;^?E „an,p^;;:'Vi:i:^ ^^^^^^^^^%.„ror. 

' - Wutb Boston Mass Uavenpon C^W Houl.on Ph-mp^^f-es ^^^Sanjord 

Bakers Walker^Emerson Co Island Fails -^V"'""* •{, I?,^,,„, s Berwirk 

" ""■■"' «iv2 psyf:T -iiH Hs:. , :i..o„ 

M in ,, . ■ 1 f i < n-tn Tisbon ■ Sweet H B Stockton Springs 

^nl;;;;^i'jfri"^^.riii^'="" : ^^^dt"^^^" •■ j^^r-i^''^^" '^^^^^ 

^.i,:;^Vo-irt;t^toad :; ^:^r-^i''''^"^^r^^^^^t'^ ,,na.Haven 

■td:^^;-d^^:z. ■ ^;^-'w^ ;-• i---- ^B7^rF''''''''^i^ 

rr!:: ^r^^:^ A„gnsU if:;:;;,:." ;i";;'" Vlvomtore Fans M„r,on AmoM "-Jjl^on 

■ iand A S;,uiis43Cony JV'TI'l 'r "v ( „ Malbi:!^ Bend.e J. d,n. Veteran ...nrl 
lelil l.dio. Ill 151) Water ( haleller ,1. > .. Al.„|isiill M ,i ri- I'. K <V4 T.-mide 
llli,, I A >..., J'VtCrove Bangor Home I aker> M.ulisoii ,';;;'/;, ^„..„,,„^ .„ Temple 

■ ■iekei't I'll 279 Main • 'V''','" u'w, Hobilaill.'" Sntoine 21 Gold 
I!:.-" -s H • Makery 109 ^J ;'•'':„ !^'V'7^, Me. „an.r Falls Stewarr W 1' 23:Silver | 

l:].J MAINE— MOW KNdLAND HL'SIXKSS DIlllOC !( )11Y— 1916 

llakors — C-uuliiiuo,l K»-iliH'l)iiiik W' nrclu-M tm IVayiic 

A,',.^l,.ir J & O. Westbrook ,.^^_^^ „,^„, „^^^, „^,,;^,^'-'^ ■•"" ,vi.iu..ieWl Curnot HhiUlj.m 

Hnyriton J,.lm West Poiiibroke H, 1 bs A.ncrua.. Rami "' '^ (J' - , ,, ,, ,,„, >vill..i. 

Slc<».l Wilton , J'?:" ,,_ ' Rri„.;,ic n ,n.l I'l;', li i , i ra Wiiitlirop 

Morton J Cjr Wliitlirop ,,'''.,,„, ,., Wiiilor llarbyr 

Mcl.nrni Ni'.l "''^'/''^r.V' v'^!!'i' >'•.'':'.■■ ^ "' l.[mv.U>nv M,„ tl,.,,,'. ( irrl„-.(.a 

Hlakc Bros YarnioiitbvHle .,',,, , Mncoln Wini.rpori I orin.a Ha.i.l and 

Cook S W York Vlllauc J'' , ii,,l,'sii. Hliitcrport 

Slrailh Charles C II ■■ 1 ;',i','I'',, - i'm . Ir. , ;, ■■ Vani,oulli Haiwl YiirniDillbvUlc 

liakers' Supplies 

WhCitvUU' iii.lrpundi-nt Order ..I lii'.l 

Keys Kibr,. C (pic pla..w, .. MonV RaM,l „ J! Has ^''■'■'•'" ■'"'"^' ^'" -"' !'-"."",""' " 

Ma.hiax Haiul ,l,aiim-' Portlaiiil 

Hands & Orchestras i^^'^Vwl-VBami ™ Ma<ii>»n i.'-. H'l^^--'"-"' * ''" 1^' •^'"'- „ 

TozRTs Hand Albion .M',,,liso'i'i''l!and ' • Wh/iV \V,I.I A Co 11 i:x.l,:inu.' ■• 

Alna Bitt.-» Band .,^'"1 Rnherts Onln'slra MinhriilK.; „„.,| M,,v„;,nl S ,^ C. 11 

Anhland Band Ashland .Mi|ii,„„.kii Band Millinoikcl ^,i„„,| Korklalld 

\lhena Cornet Band Athens Onvson's ()nlK-»lra MilKown 

A.iKusta Cadet JSand 2HU W a- ;^,ii., Military Band Milo 

r/" „ h. ,r 2« WaleT" ." H"Kho« Vr^''-^^^ I """"'" '("^ks, Sni'ings Hanks & 

Dennia Orchestra ^iiJ v\ ater Monson Cornet Band ' ,,, . . • ,^. 

BanKO' Band 50 Main Bangor • "" " Montlcclb. rritst ( nmpanies 

Hairs On-hestra 7(1 Congress ■■ Monticello Cornet Band ■ AnI.ur,, <>•:,.- !',,•! Im- 

Kjb:;?^r „^w f^]^::^^;^^..,^''''-'""" -;;: \ .v:.^ \ -^" ' 

Z^:J'^ZJX^,. «^^ ^e.«e■dBand ^ ^;^.;. . , ^ ^ , , ; ^^ , Anbnrn 

Bethel Band Kethel's Orchestra •■ rcihart.-n-d N..v 30 I.SIUJ 

!.\^^U^nf^^o Band Blaine ■ , c'*''XT'''' FajS^l'^lS. W^^! 

■'■— ?;:^^;:^:?^raB,uehiii i:;";;i:^:^^;!^i^''™"a.ay \^^i^u.n.^y^ and ■ 

Athertonfeuriorenestraniueiii.. .Noru, ..av ,.....>. v. r«av Tin 

iji..„ u;n n„nH ■■ St. ■.in- I'l:,, ni .Norway _ ' ' ' 

C,ark*'i]l,!^n.rehesua „ ■■ T^ :.'" : V: ' : ^V', ^,O.U^^^ ^^'^^^i^^^^ ^^ 

Harris Band Boothbay Harbor in . '.,.»• »•""! 1*^ iwus \t«ood Treas J W 

Bradford Brass Band Bradford ( m : - ■ . n.lV, I d Stttson 

»-'"-'' ^'^^«ater center S^^pB;;^d'"-^"; Pa.ern.o National S,.e and Lea..,er 

Kn^^-^nl^^n^Brldgton -"">- ^^^ 'i^;s at^l^a^ g|- ' >-,<■ I^/-^';!; 

Bristol Baml Bristol I'as.adu.nk,-ac; Brass Band |w , „ dailv 

Brooks Cornet Band Brooks ';'-"'""'' '//'''f™ p,,mi„s \v en 'ta Savings Inr 

Bennetts Oiohestra Brownfleld PL- 'md P'''" ''^ fs"s Assets ST.IKin.OOd 

Brownfield Cadet Band " H- ' — P.ttstleld r^;^ , ^.,,-;Vconnsh, Treas 

Brunswiek p,, 1 .-, 1 I . . 1 ■■ r hnVles' R Wh.tten Augusta 

West Hurpswell Band, R D ■■ Anieruan i, a.lei 1*=""^' |;.y , .i-oi'STA TUrST CO 

Bueksport Band Bucksport Mudle ^ Port and A\ ^e 1 ''U C^MMlal «100,(1(10 

Calais Citv Band < aJais Chandler's I'lrst R-Tnumt n ' ^ .^ ' ',.- M.„.„„,her, 

Bucklin'sbrehestra Camden „ B^n^ 4"«J fj-'f'-rd ,,, " Vreas ' nk K s'.i.K I).s- 

Canaan Band Canaan Portland Band 2411 Middle ■ ' r< a. 1 

Caribou Band Caribou Brown Orchestra Presque Isle --^,,, '„,,„:,„, ,sr, 1 

Carmel Cornet Band Carmel Presqvie Isle Baiid .„.,„.,.,, '(•"„, - .- CS 

Castine Band Castine Rangeley f ornct Band KaneUij „' ' ' , y .\ 

Cherry field Band Cherryfleld Ma.Uer's Orchestra Keadtleld ! " , , 

«- «-'' coo^l^n??;;' i!;"kia;!d"'i,„„a,-y ,.,.1 .:, ___, c.L, ;, J ; -^ 

«— — ^ialarlseotta M^^oBand K«f ^,^ ^ 1 HK: ^ ^ ' ' . ^^ "^ •■ 

Damariscotta Band Riimford lalN ..^ ];':"': . ' i,„. 

Danforth Brass Band Danforth If „..i-.. ! 1 ' I'.n.d ^^„f,,.,, ,s7ii '^^ - -,'i,,,2(;:i 

Cran.s Orchestra Dexter 1', -' Sanford n ■ ,, ^^^.^ 

Dixficld Brass Band Dixfleld .- I .',„, '.'..']■...■• 

Taylor's Band »over >,,,,!-( i ■ !,.- 

Bo'othbav Band East Boothbay Santei cm.- h;,i 
Merrifield Orchestra E Lebanon . 

East Mllllnoeket Searsport Nati 
East Millinocket Band • 

Eastpnrt Cornet Band Eastport ShcrTuan Mdls 

Ellsworth Band Ellsworth M-l,,,,,. w, 

Wheeler's Band Farnilnston M.'.r. 

Fort Falrlleld -i 

Fort Fairfield Citizens Band ■ 1 i I 

Batchelder's Orchestra Frankfort - 1 

Friendship Band Friendship - 

Morrills Band <•'»> ' ' 

(Jreenville \ 

CIrcenville Marine Band lin- 1 
Noye's Orchestra 
Guilford Military 

Sanger* llle Si 

, , S Urid'^l 

•^ l> I 

s riiorii i-t 




Clark's Harp 
Thonniston C 
Turner Baml 
VanBurcn B: 

Reed's Onhc 


nrews Orchc 
I'nll.'n's Orch 
WalcviU.' N 


' Sa\ 



nk. Inc 







1 Sec 


vercti I' 


>t & 


nkiuK Co 






,i< H 


ice I5is- 


al Ba 


,f BanKor "' 




li K s 


on. Cash- 





National Bank. 
Capital SlOn.OUIJ 
Pres Kdward H Blake, 
Cashier Frederic W Adams 
Discount daily Bangor 

Merrill Trust Co. Inc 1903 
Capital S200,000 Pres Hen- 
ry W Cushman, Treas Chaa 
H Gordon Discount daily .. 

Penobscot SavinKs Bank. Inc 
ISOn Assets S3.317.906 Pres 
.Arthur Chapin, Troas Geo 
H Hopkins 

Second National Bank. Inc 
lK(i3 Capital $1. '"id. 0(10 Pres 
F W Ayer, Cashier Geo A 
Crosby Discount .lailv 

Bar Harbor Banking & 
Co. Inc 18H7 Capital .?.")(!. 
000 Pnvs 1, B Dcasv. Dis- 
count Monilavs. . . Bar Ilarhur 



Brewer Savinn-s Bank. Inc 
IKliO Assets $440,892 Prea 
.Suniuel H Woodbury, Trcas 
and .Sec Howard N I'loyd 

Bridgton National Bank." Inc 
1908 Capital S."i0.000 Pres 
W .M Staples, C.ishuT W T 
.lohnson KrIdKtoii 

BridKton Savings Bank. Inc 
18lj9 Assets JK77,024 Pres 
Walker. Treas Mellon 





ich) I 

'res Geo 

D Bisbcc 


ier E 

L Stels 

mil Di.s- 



. . Dlxfli-ld 



Inc iiioi; 


:al S.- 

10.000 r 

'res I, P 


s, Cm: 

I, Arnohl 

I) 1.^0 t 




Savings Bank. 




8934, .'iO.S 



Treas W 




.astporl, Savings Bank. Inc 
1809 Assets $751,000 Pres 
John R Roche, Treas Charles 
I Ka.stpor( 

- ■ " • al Bank. Inc 



al SI 



if Ba 




Harbor Inc 
S.'iO.OOO Pres 

Cashier Thomas Searls 
Discoutit 2d and 4th Mon- 
Bath National Bank. Inc I8(i4 
Capital $12,'i.000 Pros W D 
Sewall. Cashier F D Hill 
Discount Thursdays . Bath 
Bath .Savings Institution. Inc 
1852 As.sets S4. 817.470 Pres 
W D Sewall. Treas Charles C 
Bath Trust Co. Org 1902 
Capital $100,000 Pres U H 
Baxter, Treas W B Mus.sen- 
den Discount Mondays 
First National Bank. Inc 1803 
Capital $400,000 Pres Oliver 
Mo-scs, Cashier W S Sho- 
rev Discount Mondays 
Belfast Savings Bank. Inc 
1808 Assets $2,035,000 Pres 
.1 II Howes, Trcas and Soc 

W J Dorman Belfast 

Org 1905 Capital $100,000 
Pres William B Swan, Cash- 
ier C W Westcott Di.scount 
Waldo Trust Co. Org 1904 
Capital $50,000 Pres Or- 
lando E Frost, Treas Wilson 
Ellis Discount Mondaj's - 
Bethel National Bank." Inc 
Capital $25,000 Pres 
Walker, Cashier 
Ellery C Park Discount 


Bethel Savings Bank. 

1872 Assets $577,094 Pres 
.lohn M Philbrook, Treas A 
E Herrick 

Bi.ldeford National Bank Inc 
1848 Capital $100,000 Pros 
.lore G Shaw, Cashier A R 
Goodwin Discount dailv 
Biddeford .S.avings Bank'. In.' 
1807 .\ssets $1,085,000 Pres 
(Carlos Heard. Treas and Sec 
L E Staples 
First National Bank. Inc 1805 
Capital $100,000 Pros Chas 




York County 

Savings Bi, 

Inc IstiO A 

ssets $1,308. 

Pres C H P. 

■escott, Trea; 

J Staples 

Boothbav Sav 

ings Bank. 

1872 Assets 

$5(i9„S91 1 

R G Hodgd. 

in, Treas Bv 

C Mathov.s. 

Bu(ithbay I 

First .Vational 

Hank nt li.K 

Topsham it Brunswick Twen- 
ty-live Cents Savings Bank 
Org 1875 Assets $071,027 
Pros H J Given, Treas Hor- 

Union National Bank. Inc 
1805 Capital $,50,000 Pres 
Barrett Potter, Cashier J W 
Fisher Discount Wedne.sclavs ■. 

Buckfiold Branch Paris Trust 
Co Mgr Solon W Purinton ■■ 

Bucksport F 

Biiekaport National Bank. Inc 
1854 re-organizoil 1805 
Capital 850,000 Pros P P 
tiilmore, Cashier H O Ihis- \ 

18S7 Capital $50,000 Pi 
Charles C Burrill, Cashi. 
Edward F Sniall, A^ 

Inc 1-: : vj'ii.iiiio 

Pres .N.iL'uM-,, I Monro 
Trcas Charles C Bn.rill 
UNION TRliST C:0. Inc 
1907 Capital $100,000 Pres 
.lohn A Peters. Treas Henry 
H Higgi, "■ 

Discount Mo 

H F Bii 


gs Bank. Inc 
$650,581) Pres 
Trcas A A Mer- 



Ralph A Mao 

W Morrill Di.scount Mon- 

First National Bank. Inc 1890 
Capital $.50,000 Pres Jo.sepU 
f: Holman, Cashier J H 
Thompson FannlnKtoii 

Franklin County Savings 
Bank. Inc 1808 Assets $841,- 
982 Prei George B Cragin, 
Troas ,! P Whorff 

Poorilo's National Bank. Inc 
ill $50,000 Pros 



■iirt Fairfielil National Bank. 
Inc 1892 Capital $50,000 
Pros H W Trafton, Cashier 
H B Kilburn Discount Tues- 
days Fort Fairfield 




,000 Pres Hor- 


rt T 


crs, Treas A R 





t Tru 

ist Co. Inc 1903 



$.50,000 Pres C H 



, Tr 

eas George R 



Fort Kent 


nh 1 

:,"ow is 

ton d. 


!;r R 

!•: Ra 

n.lall . . Freeport 



ngs Institution. 


• 1k: 

U .A. 

<sots $3,090,(111 

Banking Co 
10 Inc 1911 
, Troas S M 

I'ros.l S .Max.v.TreusHonrv 

s Wei. St, r Gardiner 

INt; CO. drc 1889 Caliilal 

S.-o I'i.ihort Perkins 
GARDINKR. Org 1909 
Capital $.50,000 Pros Edwin 
L Bussell. Cashier Herbert 






Banks, Ac — Contii 
iuilford Trust Co. Im 
Cii|)itu! .?l',(),ri(l(i Trc:i5 

.• 10(1(1 





Dudlex- , 
HMlloweil Tru, 
Inc I'.HO 
Pros Krank ! 
W H Perrv 

le, Tre:i3 
nt Tuea- 

Madison B) 

Co Cashi 
Mars Hill ' 

SafTnn'l, I 

larrnera' National Bank. Ori; 
ISOO Capital S.'iO.OOO Pr<'9 
F A Powers, Cashier W ].' 
'I'iteoiiil, Sal- 
'icilajs HouKoii 

Kirsl. National Rank. Inc 18S2 
Capital $.')(l,nn() Pros C 11 
Piprre, Ca.shier H ]■ Ward 
ni.sronnt Tuc.idav.s 

llo>dton Saving's Bank. Inc 
1.S72 Ass,-I.>< ?l,31l,27:f Prc3 
K I. Clev.lan.l, Treas I, () 

lloulton Trust Co. Inc 190(1 
Capital $!1(I,40U Pres Wm A 
Martin, Ca.sliicr E Murray 
Hurtt ■ „ 


Kennebunk Savings Bank. 
Inc 1871 Assets S'J7,a.i3 
Pres Clia-s W Goodnow, 
Treas .loseph Dane 

Ocean National Bank. Inc 
IN,"):i; re-ornanizcd 1S05 Cap- 
ital SaO.OUO Pres Robert 
W Lord, Cashier N V Eve- 
let h Discount Mondays 

Kozar Falls 

Keaar Falls National Bank. 
Inc ISIIO Capital $2."i,noi) 
Pres Geo W Towle, Cashier 
<> L Stanley Discount daily .. 

Kinglield Savings Bank. 1 n c 

i- Madison 


rrusi Co. .. 

Savings Bank Oru- 

Assets SUI,a2:i,n.Vj 

Jeremiah W Tabor, 

i reas F C CushinK Portland 

lercantde Trust Co. Ino 
1S<JS Capital $100,000 Pres 
Edward B Winslow, Trcaa 
Hutson B .Saunders Dis- 
count daily 

ortland National Bank. Ino 
Capital $300,000 Pres 

I«»V) Capital J300,00(l 
William W Mason C: 
Charles G Allen 
Mondays, Wedn. 

"d Savings Bank. Inc 
! A.ssets *1.T,0,S0,0()(I 
J P B.aMer, Treas 10 A 

.Safe Deiiosil and Irii^t 
Inc lSO:t Capital «2r,(),- 
Pres I'Vcd N Dow, Treas 

ncs W I'ai 
X Drew 

es O 

its Silt 


JI « Wing KhiRflpId 

. , Lewiston 

Androscoggin County Savincs 
Bank. Ine 1.S70 A.ssets «4 - 
!il2..i03 Pre 
Treas J Fn 


Inc IStil 

.Vorway National Bank. 
1M72 Capital S.">0.()()0 
C N Tubbs, Cashier 1 
Smith Discount Mon 
and Thursdays 

Norway Savings Bank. 
180(i Assets $1)16,000 
F a Noycs, Treas G L 


W M 
M A 

rowu Trust Co. Inc 1913 
liital $50,000 Pres Walter 
Hellenbrand, Treas li J 

nnuur Oldtown 

ch (lldfown Trust Co mgr 

an F Sawyer Orono 

ps .National Bank. Inc 
al .«.-)0,ono Pics 

Prcsipio isle 

.Merchants Trust & Bankini; 
Co. Inc l.siil Capital 
000 Pres F D .lordan, Treas 
A A ,)..y Discount daily 

Prcs.jue Isle National Bank ' 

Inc 1SS9 Capital $,i(),000 

Pres C F DacEett, Cashier 

«• .M Seely Di.scount daily .. 


Hanttcley Trust Co. Inc 190(i 
Capital $2.1,000 Pres 11 A 
I''urbish Treas H B McCard .. 

First Naticuial Bank Inc l,S(i4 
Capital S.'id.dOO I'rcs .N'ohic 
Maxwell. Cashier .loseph .M 
(irliorne Di.scunt .Mon- 

..'I'.vs Richmond 

.North National Bank Inc 




nrd. Cashier G W 
(ioss Discount Mondays 
and Thursdav s 

Lewiston Trust Co Inc 1897 
Capital $75,000 Pres Harry 
Stetson, Treas G W Lane jr 
Discount daily 

Manufa. turers National Bank. 
Ine 1875 Capital $200,000 
Pres W H Newell. Cashier 10 
10 Parker Discount 

John A 

11 II 



Discount dailv Phillips 
Savings Bank. In.' 
Assets .?3 12,000 Pres 
tyr(,n, Treas N P Noble - 
d National Bank. Inc 
Capita! .?.-> Pres 
Mason, Cashier II I' 

anil National Bank. Inc 1S2(1 
Nationalized .\pr 1, l,S(i."i 
Capital #i;(III.O(l(l Pres Will 
W Thomas. Cashier Edw D 
Noycs Discount daily Portland 


\\ Mm 

Se,. and Ti 


.nncr„k .\:,.„.M:d Bank. Inc S 

lss_' r;,p,i;,l .•<.-,o,0(iO Pres ■ 

Mrs Frames E Moulton, I 

Cashier Clias G .Moulton >' 

Discount Saturdays. LinuTick Ch; 
Lincoln i 

.lucoln Trust Co Inc 1913 
Capital $25,000 Pies E B 
Draper, Treas F R Lincoln •• 
Lisbon Falls 

isbon Falls Branch Lewiston 
Trust Co H 10 Coolidge mcr .. 
LIvcrinorc Falls 

.ivcrmore Falls Trust A Bank- 
ins Co Ine 1,S9,5 Capital 
$50,000 Pres S H Nik-s 
H Sturtevalit Di.s- 

i Call 
Roswell I 
T H Eato 
Fidelity Ti 
$400,000 : 
ner C,„.l 

Inc IS 

lonal Bank. O 
d .?10(I.0II(I Pi 
Doten. Cashi 


Banking Co 

G Bro> 

.rest r'il 

Capital $100,000 Pres Ell! 
S Bird, Cashier E F Berry 
Discount daily Rorkland 

Rockland National Bank. Inc 
1851; re-organzied 18U5 
Capital $150,000 Pres G 
Howe Wiggin, Cashier H E 
Robinson Discount daily .. 

Rockland Savings Bank Inc 
18ii8 -Vssets $2,352,917 

Pres John Lovejov, Treas 
E D Spear 

Rockland Trust Co Inc. 1889 
Capital $100,000 Pres E A 
Butler, Sec C M Kalloch 
Discount Tuesdays 

Security Trust Co. Inc 1903 
Capital $50,000 Pres M S 
Bird, Vice Pres H N Mc- 
Dougall, Treas Jarvis C 

Inc 1870 Assets $209,711 
Pres H L Shepherd, Treas 
C S Gardner Rockport 

Rumford Falls Trust Co Inc 
1.S95 Capital $100,00(1 
Pres George D Bisbee. Treas 
Elisha Pratt Runiford 

Rumford National Bank. Inc 
1902 Capital $75,000 Pres 
F () Eaton. Treas E S Ken- 
nard Discount daily 

Saco National Bank. Ine 181J5 
Capital $I0(:.0(I0 Pres Her- 
bert R Jordan, Cashier 
Charles L Batcheldcr Di.s- 
count .Mondays Saro 

Saco A Biddeford Savings In- 
stitution. Inc 1827 Assets 
$4,2.S9,(H)4 Pres Sumner C 
P.archer Treas W T (.;oodale .. 

Vork National Bank. Inc 1 ,S3 I 


1916— N'KW i:Nf;i,AK'i> iui.sin-kss niKKrioiiY— MAINE H? 

■(ailk>, .V<' (■,,i,iinu..i I\.mihI.,.. Tmim (■„ Jn.-I'llJ ( 'irri-ni I I "l N'l I 'v,!,,,, , . lU 

IVM, (■:,',, i'i!,'r$liin"(',nii |',',"s '-.,\\ \ l',.,ki„H, r,,.:,s'ci,,,ii,'s ( i:ul",.Hi'nu' '.lum-H'^P TM (Vn- 

llru.n l)i-.uunl U.dnM- nesclav. Ual.TVlIlc Coombs K B 31 Hunock 

'''^■' • Sanford j'^'/.'-/", , ' \ J„ ; ' ;! ,'"^' Cromwell Alfred 81 Pickering 

«l(ill,0li(i I'n-s 10 M (J.mhiJiI .lulu, N U,,,'„ , . i„,.r,IK Crowley H 230 Hammon<l " 

Nm- :ui.l lre;is Isaai- Siiiiih .. I i'i(iv..l I ),, ,i \l,,u,\ny».. Dearborn & Dillinglium 54 ' i'''>m<- Naii..n,il Hank. Ort; Main 

Searsporl, Nutiom.l Hank. Ine ISU In<> l,s(;,-, c'a|Mlal »l(l(l,- DciUe T H, IVnob.-.eot Kx- 

KSSl Cai)ital S")(l,ll{)() Pres '>*<" I'rcM (I K Hoiid^lle, ul.anKe 

B F Colror.l, Ca»lu.-r A II Ca«hi,T llo,,t,„ I) Bates Downes & Cole 71 Exehau^e .. 

^ Nichols ni.scoimt ruesday.s .. .,.' '''"■"''"' ^^'ir. i - Howard George W 48 VVa.sli- 

sport Savinus Bank. Ine "at.Txilh ~ . > ,! ( irg in^ton 

174 As.^eis S2'l(l,:i87 Pr,.s l^'i'-l A~ ■ ■ -1 'r.^s Howard Waller 107 Exch»nge 

.1 Pen.llrlon. Trea.s J 1' Cl.ns,,,,, I , i,, ,,a1.' I,aHama,e Peter 18 Water 


Nichols .. 1) 


INiabli-ilir,! is^.'-. Ine iMli.l Oru i.v.H) Capital S.'.O.OOO Lane Walter 53 York 

( apiial SI.. 11,11(1(1 Pr.s [rrs Lane. Treas Liinbris Bro.'i 120 Main 

U Cook. Caslocr B],n W W .llian, .M l.arob Uisconnt I.uHrell J W 105 .Stale 

lajic . . . SkowlieKan ""ril .Moh.I-m Westhrook by acli J J 31 Hancock 

Skowliegan .Savings Bank Bn.-clon ac.l Ib.lh.. .-^.n i„(rs AJcKav Frederick 200 lUm- 

Inc bSiill A.«3et3 $2,(i(i7.00O Bank In. I s(A \-„ i , ,<:iC,;i.- „,u„(i 

Prc» .S J Walton, Trea.s C P J;;*'-' Pi;- I II llannavcs McKinna William . I 3C Main .. 

Mcrnll n-eas C P llai,„u„ W Itu.xlon .\Iasun J) 11 2U Hammond 

Skovvliexan Trust Co. Inr 1011 V\ dton & Bankuit; C.. Millct.t llarrv V KS Stale $.-.0.0110 Pres John Ine 1012 Capital $2,-|.oiiil Noiihnip William 11 •>! (\-n- 

K .MeClellan. Trea.s H K At- Pres Prank A Kn.erv. I'rcas iral 

w.e.d Disco. ml Tuc3d.\.s .. K H .\IorM.son WiKon Drcc Frankhn 209 Broad . 

AnKosta I nisi ( „ ibraiK hi. Oree George H 04 Pickering sq .. 

.\Is;r .M \S W i,„,.ll Wlnthrop Packard John B & Son 10 Har- 

. apitai jKHMKiu rres ., I KIK.ST NATIONAL KANK. low " --^ ■" "-"^.^^ 

Veaton, Cashier C 11 Went- If' 1'<0.V Capital S.-.(l,(inO I'.,, lee MI.ert T f.l H ,n„, ,1 

worth South Berwick I''cs Willja,,, I) Paliei , 1 " I' - All., rt J_4,>J Hammond .. 

.South Berwick Savings Bank Cashier K W Se«all Di- l^ • ^; i- i :...., Exchange .. 

Ine bsOG Assets «l)90,.557 count daih . Wiseasset _ , , ,, ' ' , Vv"'?"'^ , 

Pies (.! C Yealon Treas H WISCASSIOT SAVIN(.S , ,, ,^ , , ^' ^^ ashington .. 

() Voung .. BANK. I„e;,; .\s„.,s ',',;, ,: ' ^v i?,,, u ri 

South Paris S.;.-.2.:tl4 H II T lav- u. ."','.'-/ ' .iT'"* " 

Paris Trust Co. Inc lOllS lor. Treas Win DPallersun .. "I'Olcs t .-,■ A l,o l',x- 

Capital $.iO,000 Pres ticorc-e Bran.h Inti i cat i,,nal Tt usi A- ,. ^ T,. ,, .. „ ," 

It Morton. Cashier Cieoree C Hankinic Co (Calais) l-ivs Conner W D Bar Harbor 

Fernald Discount Mondays .. H F Katon. Cashier H A , •"u''"', S'-" i *^ 

South Paris Savings Bank. Inc M:icDonald ^ Womlhind , j;.' ^'^'o, nlu.n \ 

1873 \ssets S47-'40] Pres York \ illage y>i> t<n I'cn .\ 

N ' D,X ifol^t;:! ' Trj;: Vork Coimty National H a,,, ;;' -;;;,; A ,. 

CeoMAtwood .. ,"/ .m' /.,\''","', ,.*'.'";""" Shea C F ." 

pringvale National Bank 

Cashier .\ .M Hr,aj.'d. 



L .J 

In. 1005 Capital $25,000 


Alfred Bar MIll.s 

Pres Hoy N Stiles, Cashier 


lliraiii B Rowe Discount 



K,Kvin W 1C,7 From .. 

Wednesdays . Sprlngvale 

(See also Hairdies 

i -crsl 

II,,,,.' ( ; 

.'i, „ \: 20 Centre 

Stockton Springs 

M ,'..-, Fr.uit 

toekington Springs Trust Co 

Sanborn .lohn 11 


Ine lOOli CapOal «25,tlOO 

Donahl Harry .M 


1 ,, ,' 

ll'li:i I'Vimt 

Pres H R Hichborn. Treas 

Tozier Itert N 


1 , , , : , ■ 

, :,!, M 7.'. 1 1 

I'erkins lOrnesl, 


II . , 


lla.skell CI' 


1 :. ,:,i 

[ , 1 .' ,r \'. , - ,i;,-l,,n 

eorges National Bank. Ine 

llop«ith - 

[\ "' '''" 

' ; ' ' '.'!''' ' """' 

1852 Nationalized lst,5 
Capital S55. 110(1 Pres W lO 

ullker k'iV* 


1- ''.I'pnmr'' "■ 

Vinal Cashier 1. S 

Michau.l iTcd li 

' ' l'l"l'l'-"> T.' 

ler Discount daily 

Might H A 



'■ , (' 1''7 F'ront 

homaston_ National Bank 

Hae.,„ 10 K 21 S Court 


,s,', ,,','.,,,, 

1 1 ;7si Washington .. 

Inc l.s 

Pres CH Washburn, Cashier Cu. I,,, I i I . I I C. „., t ., I ,,',!', „', ,' N u' I , Vm -n n Bo 

Frank 11 Jordan Di.scount F..~- I ( i jr 2 ( ■,.... t ., |,,,V .. ., i\,r' ;,i«, 

every other Monday .. K (.(;■ I. ' I ), ,., , I, i I ) l:; M,,in .. |l i''i'V, ,■, \''^_' ""-» »i- 

Thomaston Savings Bank. Inc b.r .' ■ ,. ..,. Hi„l, ct 

1870 Assets $007,000 Pres .M' : I , . liroad ., p , , ■ '"t-" "'' 

bevi Seavev, Treas J Walter Md' ' i ' I C.nirt .. :■,■' , . , . ,L 

«trout .. I'l:.,:.. T II '. I 1.1, ,1 . ^,;, ,,■ ,V., \ , s- \r.,ln 

Unity Branch Belfast Trust Sellers . I,, I,,, I-, i .-,ii Turner .. ■|i, , , .r \ I "i I l.'.l 

Co B A Fogg Mgr Unity Skinner VS () 130 Main .. ( ;recr Daniel I{ I) 

First National Inc 1014 Capi- ^^^ „ ., Aujinsta Crook ](ans..'iu Ber 

tal «27,.500 Pres Jo.seph f hadb.nirne A 11 210 Wat.r .. Proven, hui I'hdip 

.Martin, Cashier J A He- < .aeon l.....(s | .ij \\ ater .. Broun H II B, 

bert Van Buren •'■...- M .■ |^ ' -".is U ater ., Hall C W 

Van Buren Trust Co Or* 10O5 "';'"';';,' i'l,.VSal,-r .. Hall Fred B 

Capital .«50,000 Pres Peter ■'' ' ' '' " ^. ater .. Hall LA 

C Keegan, Treas llenrv K li' ," 'i' ,' , ' ' ' ', V„^-\v'''' " ""''" '"'•'" ■■' ^''''n '"''<'' 

Bra.lbury Di.scount d..d> .. i^ "":;,;',' "'^^ ^"'•'- '• D. - ■ ! ■ ■ M . . ,-. 1 Alfre.l 

Security Co (Branch of -M.w . . , 1 1 i . I , J..s V\ ater .. |,,, -'2 Water 

Rockland) Mgr Leon San- ^■,"\""' "' '''^^^ter .. (,,, .-luoner 

l)orn VInal Haven ,,!'!" i'lU '. 'r ' |'' ^^' ■'♦'''' " .1 .nn i- \(v,,,, 17 Alfred 

MEDOMAK NATIONAL Wari ,,1 , i'l'c^'nv " [■■"»■ ^V'i',". "■■'""' •^'"'» 

BANK. Inc ls(i5 C.ipiial willett Fr.'d Oij St te " '''-''"''"''^ Mederie 10 Washin, 

f'lshn'r h'h Kiihn Dislalun; ^•'.^'" "^ '-^'"''■^•" ^■' ^'"-^-^'n^ " Menard Napoleon 31 Water 

dady WaUlol.oro B all C T KO Fx, Icnce «•'"««■• Michel Charles A 284 Main 

Wari.ui Bran.di Sc.irilv Tr.M. < . ^ . ,1 ,^ ■ " Neelon Ja.Ties J 214 Main 

C.. Mgr C D Could.- Wa.rcn N ,| (' 'k ' rj iT^ri "" " Neyeux Albert 1 10 Elm 

M A I N p; 


tiliultriiA ll'.iiav.rt ■l'",\laiM 
ypwiakos AIck 47 Main ," 

Ttetrault Philip, Hotel Tl.a,l„.r .. 
Tremblay Jean 5o Elm 
Trudeau Noe 31 Foss 
Turcott Joseph 50 Bacon 1' 

Vilandry Alexander 21(1 Kirn 
Hurd Edwin A, R D I 

Oldenburg Ern.-.t Blaine 

Alotell James E 

p'iJrien Frank 

I-amb Irving Bolster Mills 

Webster Leonard Booth bay 

BukerSethL Booth bay Harbor 

<-ampbell B 

Poole J 

Sliaster R A 

W<Ewen Chas H Bowdolnhain 

Kf "Ki , Bradford 

■Strout Charles R 

Geagan James E 216 N M 'lin 
Hadley A D, Center st ' 

' ord Alfred, Oak st 

Scrihner Kugei 
.Spinney Frank 
Wass Fred M 
Rirhardson J 1 
Bowman En.-ig 
Blaiadell J W 
l.ane E C 
r-ock G H 
Knight Charle.> 
Tebeault VV M 

Howland Willia 
Crowley Wm t 

Stevens Walii-r 
Maker Harrv 
Mak.T I.e„-.;iH! 
Flint Fr.,T,L- >; 





Columbia Falls 


I D Coopers Mills 


'■ Cornish 

Cumberland C(r 

uniherland Mills 



Page Charles \, Center st 

Cookson A C Brldgewater Ctr 

Lemire Enbold 

Roberts Elmer 

Atkins William Bridgton 

.Staley Franeis S 

VVooley Fred ',[ 

Vatea Vincent 

•^P'^^'IK, Bristol 

Moore !• red Brooklln 

I lr,';''\r'p "''" Brooks 

r 1 \\ „ Brookton 

Johnson U W Brownfleld 

M.mltoVvT Bro«„vl|le 

AIcClainGeor^eT'"'^ •'""'■''»" 

Brann C A 192 Maine 
Cloiitier Edward 7I> Maine 
Culombe H 49 Maine 
Fangen J D 13H Maine 
'p""''>«'-d J R 117! Maine 
Pollard Charles L ItiJ Maine .. 
Str.awrent George H 52 M-iinp .. 
houle R 1, 1S8 Main,, 

ill p u'" '^' Buektield 

Brown E H Bueksport 

Harriman Frank ,. 

igg't'- Buruham 

Drinon William \ 

(jre-nlaw L E ' " 

llazlett C W 

Howe W alter 

Kerr W J 

McCrae M T 

.^t.lson Fred E Cambridge 

AjaugVesterl, *''"""- 

Hntler fi N ' " 

Ciisinato Cuv 

Dyer W F 

I'renrh Percy S 

Gray M V 

M.llerJII ;• 

Nelson Carl W Canaan 

ted'F;"^ ^''•"'"" 

Chaloux Joseph Caribou 

Dav G S 

Peterson Albert 

Roberts Ralph R 

Sarrah Charles 

.Smart John ,. 

Mol.aughlin D I. Carmel 

•^"' "^ I ' Charleston 

Harris Waltcf''"'-"'"'""' "'"■ 

Vork .S P 

Darling (Jscar Danforth 

\ ernon \\ illiam 

White Hudson H 

Haskell Edgar W Deer Isle 

i" i'. ,, Benmark 

Ha d,ng u alti-r Detroit 

M;^;nM;e'r;K"^'^ ""- 

RobLTtS S""""' ^' 

nSfA^'o ""'«^"' 

Holt Otto 

Freeze J W l>«v« 

Vork C B ' "*7 

McDonald Wm Dresden .Mills 
C »v^^"m" "*" "'•<"'>'• 

Martin Cvrir" ''''"''''" *''''"' 

H.adbury" Fre.l R K Browntleld 
,ll,a„„rKarlesA K Corinth 
Uhitten.ore U I. Ka>t DUfleld 
Moan I'-lbrwU-,,. Kast Maohlas 
MJS1.0P f C K Mllllnooket 

Kernald George 
Hooper Don 


.Mallett R VV ;.' 

MB"'- -- 

DeGrasse R W 

McDonald Grecorv 

Morrison A I 

Palmer Ira 

•Savage H 

■Smith I.eon 

Whalan J ;; 

c,rnLl;in ^■"^«-" 

Coughlin J W 

Donnell Carl 

Jordan A P 

-Moore E I. [[ 

Sargent Alton Ellsworth Falls 

•Sy vester John P Ku,„s 

Hill Byron Kxeler 

Birkmire Clarinton T Fairfield 

Delano Preston E 

Dniil Albert J ,', 

King Napoleon " 

I'elera Gilbert 

Wheeler N C 

ll.iart Victor H Farmlngton 

Matthieu J M .. 

Seavey John 

Delano Charles F Fort Falrlleld 

Del no George 1 

Goli.reau Ja.iie, 

Hossignoi .1 ;; 

1','f;''"*' -^ f'' , ^ Foioroft 

Mrlntyre A .Sehofield 
\\ ashliurn & Fee 
Wiles Thomas 

\l^L9'°n" Frankfort 

.Mchola George 

Donnell DC Franklin 

^.*"''w".F''"''' Freedom 

C-,tns'5:,"T *''^''''- 

Day C M 

Tuttle Charles H ]'. 

Hussey F R F>lendshlp 

^:?ns'^^",^^^:,, j;^;:- 

Darveau Eli 3ie Water 

&ec\A^,ter- : 

Preney John J 191 Water 

Taylor C E 8 Main av ' 

1 owle 4 Elwell 42() Water 

V\ illiams J H 285 Water 

delT" ^''"^ ^ (Randolph 
Garneau W M (Randolph del) '.' 
{powers Oscar A ( Randolph del) .. 
r ranee Joe Garland 

Harmon A F «orham 

Violetu"Abei Grand Isle 

McTr'lhur \ ^*"'' ''"''^ ■*<tream 

Carleton R B ", 

Voung P C 

Carillon HM ^'^^-llle June 

GihJ^anWilliLm ^"""""' 

Prey Robert 

A„M , , „ Halloweil 

Anderson & Laflin 132 Water .. 

Runnells A C 131 Water 

Trial Fred 108 Water 

Jasper CH Hall Mills 

Renard M Hampden 

Bagley E L Hampden Highlands 

Mann Will S, R D 4 '.'. 

Hummer E S. R D 4 

FI.'nt''G H " nartland 

Watson CE "^^"^ "^"i" 

s/'irrJ^f" Hebron 

r! ■: i;! .V Hiram 

Quint W H Hodgdon 

aT "^fj^ . . «"'"" t-'enter 

n f. ,°'5"\J'" Houlton 

Da ton & Feighton 

iJijbbina Thomas D 

Golding W W ;] 

Hewes George 

Kitchen A .S 

Mclntyre Stanley " 

Ronan John H 

.Skidgell FG 

Thomas H E Harry C Howland 

rr.burn N W '''=*"" *'=*"^ 

NlJohn Wilham 

Bates Hub.;n Islesboro 

William C M I 

Wintle Henry Jackman 
Blair George Jackman .Station 

Howes W H Jav 

Barilett Lysander W JetTerson 

wi'&JX.^.r ■""'^^•'"- 

Koger^H J<-.esport 
Whiting I. 


Uiisscll W 


Simpson . 
Aiii.Jil !■■] 

l-rod F, 
:uiU Kcntiobunk Tort 

Dm.ll 1, 
(;.,r.l..ii I 
liisl„.|. 1'. 


..■lan.l \' 
■In .1 

Ki-zar Kails 

.ll-ll>rll S 

i;os^ A c 





■:,T,k 1- 
,1m 11 229 


li,ik>.r 1-; 

T 211i M: 



) It V— MAINE 


U,-r,lc (l.^r:,r 1. 

liaiilr Kails 

l)<'l»>.si'lo Siinmrl 


lh,nliM, M W 

HoH.s .1 U 

(;,.U-1h'II .M:irk 


I'.T.ival W I, 
I'usl.or A H 


S,Kiuiaing H I- 
liulluv Arthur 
WMnI M I. 



Ahljutt Moses 229 Spring 
Aluiaii Vahan 5(1 Washingtun iiv •■ 
Habigian Carl 2151 Dantortli 
liall A K 18(5 Brackctt 
Rarnctt W B 1191 Forest av 
Hlac-kmore Austin 1175 Forest 

Ho'Lwurth F L 276 MicWU^ 
Hruwu George VV B lj38 Con- 

l^"""* , . .,r .■•,1'i-r Mlr.rr 1 1 Sprurc •■ Martin .1 L 

),,-...,,, (•',,.,.„.. ;5-i Midiii,' 

!■,,.,!, \'-! ■'' 1 i:!:i'. I.isliun •• Iti.-hardson StanlcM 

, ,,,.,. ,, I ,■, ,.- : !■- :,i-| 

1 , . ; \ ■ l:iver ■■ Wvers Milo 

. , ■ -1 Middle •• 

\r:'''-y-''B. ■■ t^^^^r 


I'arl.r A M 52 Tem|>le 

'■ ' V ' '■; ; ' , ;"" K, riTit^u- V v. 


C'hase H.I 11 ;J Center 

Conlen Hi. hard 12IIG Forest av •■ 

11-^ ' ! 1 " ■ ' '■ '■ ' '" """ ■■ cui'-n.i 11 


Cmnmings .bdin H lOo Con- 

ii:' ' ^■'' '"n"''S>.-,. :: li^'J/Elw 


Dav J F 22 Washington av 


Dearing H M 217 F,.deral 

I' '■ " '•'^'""' " Viirb-inks A A 

Ml Vonioii 

l),ll Ivlgar 11 22s:. Middle 

1" ■ ' ■ ,' ■ '''i''" ""]', l,„n " I'VllowsCharU^sO 

I),l„„:, .V- 1,,- 7l' IWrhange 

j - ' ' V' ," '.. Kingsbury Cliarl,- 


Dndl.^v i; ,'•■ !■ 1-1 Fr-e 

1 ( 1 1 ' 1 1 ■ ■ ■ 11 •■ Moore Henry 


hJaslliine 1':"- ''' ' 1 "!''■ 

\ 1 J V ., . .. I'ohmd ^^ 

New Harbor 

Kern-!' Kn'u.rH'k""\""l5t 'I'ore '■'. 


Fish 1) H 2114 Commen-ial 
Fitzgerald P K 2S7 St.lohn 

M^lxnltru^".' ''.■'■' 1 i^-.-n.l Kvereti 

; M 

Francis Bene.liet 12:j Cim- 

^l;;?::!;.^„'ii,;;:,r.n-M;: r:,;--,::;au:rh 

Now Sharon 

New Vineyard 

f ;-.'-n',ii I'' ,1 'U 1 f'.oigress 

\lorin Inscpli N'l'w H'-Wiit Siili-Unger Ira 


I ,.,, : ,,,,1 1 ^ ; , .'■' , -' yhn ^ •' 

• ,, ,.l ' .. [..■avilt Horace C 
m!,!! Walter ,S5 Lisbon ■• ^'i';:,.:;,^ w 1 

N llerwlek 

.',' ■ '. ^ , - ' 'ongress ■• 

Murphy J F 2:i() Lnu-oln ■. l;/ ''A' "n-'^f j "^ 
Newton Carl II 1 1 1 .Mnl.lle , •■ v''Vev George W 
I>elletier & Clout ier 177 l..n- ^^Xn Awarcl 

Griir'im Dana w'liiH Portland ■ 


Guevin F H a Portland 

N Brooksvlllc 

Hanagan Harry W 309 Con- 

'■"'» ,, " isrown Elmer V. 

N Haven 

Hateh Newell F 12 MouUon ■ 

Roberts V M KM Man, ■• "'^"" " '^"' jjorth Now Portland 

^''•'^'•'- , , , >->"liri<K ,i„oper Gi'orge S 

(rth Sliapleigli 
N Sullivan 

Herh.Tt lohi, )7} V''',''';',,, ] 
Irvmi; llni'l ■'• \\a^l,ll,gton av ■ 
lohn.^.o 1! A Jiio Mra.-kett 
Johnson .^; Good, Pr,-ble House 

:c,;.e;ri;:;N -■',.o H^^^f'- '^^^:i\.^'ti-{[:!:- 


Kallock & Feldman 574 A Con- 

chnLTie'tru^ ^ i.iiuinstoii ',,';;",';,;''v^V 

Keenan J F 512 S Congress 

l(H.l,a,,l>yn .1:,.,,... C ,_„„.„,„ H ij^'^l'^^j;" '' " 

Kelley & Mitehell 7SU Con- 

Vi :,'',."■. " Allen I C 


Keiie?son A H 945a Congress 

M ,1 ,, I: ^ :nl G l.iniieus l.ougee J S 

Knowlea George M 412; Con- 

(., „■„ 1 -m'. I.ishon Kails Sprague H P 
Hill lol.n 11 ■ Striekland M I. 

ornbard Henrys •■ Wilson George W 
YurksJohn •■ Hams B 11 
'\dki,ll At'ioo;.' uUnioreFulis Batehelor Charle. 


Old Orehard 

Laflanmie Alphonse J 17 Port- 
Leavitt Ellis 113 Congress 
Legault Josi-ph D 2 Portland 

11.-,-,.; 111. •■ ^;';-:;-;;;J'.","::;:;,'. 


I,<.s,''urd James W 152 Free 
l.itroeapis James 54 Portland 

I'.', ,^.-11 \\ (■ I.ovi'll Gifiin John 
li„wn l.l.M, l."l><-c Gifun U M 


I.uearillo Vineent OIUI Con- 

,.,.,„.,„ \,,,„n ■■ l.elilane Thomas 
Morgan .lol.n A •■ Cyr George 11 



Liuli'bard A R 38 Fore 

M, flee Jarnes I. 1 Danforth 

WincI, ester I.L.vd ■■ Harris !• 
Bridgham 1. W Maclllas Harris Samuel J 
Davis William A Xahra S .1 

McGintv Chailes F 513 Fore 
Maloney Miidiael 5701 Con- 

iarnsworth !•: B ■■ IV'rkins Charles 1 
lohnson I'", " Therrien George 


Manougian Horan 57 Chestnut 

\l irk-ir Tokohon (ill Wilmot 


Slarrone John 201 Middle 
\la,7a \n-elo 5ii Mid, He 

.Montpelier Eusebe 40 Ander- 

Foster & Pratt Madison Shaw & Gonyer 


Mu"rm Frederick H 1 1 Bishop 

.lewell George ■ Davis I'''«,'n 
Mors,' Herbi-rt A •■ ;''"'t'=*™ \ [\ 

V. ,1, r;,.,,ii... '1' •■ I'.llsworth J H 

iTlvvvar 1 (".:'■..', 1! Mapleton lleslop Walter 
lu'ltterhehl F ii M:irs Hill lienner August,,. 
\I :.,„> V,,,i,,an W 



Murphv Artemus 11 Free 
M„,ph^ .h,n,.s A l.W Vork 
M,„',i..|l.. Ii, //.!■, 15 India 
n;. 1,,, \if,i„,,, |s2 Middle 


Karbcrs -CiniiiiM, ,1 

\RW F.NfiLAN'n BV: 

120 Antonio 243 Con- 

1,-i George II 343 Fore 
Jolin J 273 Middle 
lij .Juiiies 27 Temple 
Cliiiries 194 Middle 
UH Bernard 489 Fore 
v T 11 225 Congresa 
iiziiin George 77 Comnier- 

\ Ciias 457i Congress 
riuan Hyman 104 Middle 
1 Flnier A 3 Myrtle 
lion M 1 1 J Washington av 

,re P A 235 Yoi 
V R (>43 Fore 
.. Tl.os H 473 ( 

Knbbms Frne^t B 
Ki.libins Leon A 
Mus^.-v Dani.-l B 
Dairey W C 
Agnew George 
Aguew II B 
Griffin James 
Grondin Charles A 


St Albans I'irnc i,, 

S( FraiK-ls I ■■■•IT.- W 

Saiiford Si„,u .1 !■ 

.. li.MHUT 1 

Main ■• Fhnt W 1 

Girouard Hun 
I.etourneau 11 
Matthews Rnl 





Red ISeach 

■nt C I> 

itv Willi: 
Ireault ,I.i 
A A 

•3 A 

IV .1 M 4S 
arlaud CI 




Scliago Lake 



horiiiaii >Illls 

rnian Slaliim 

Sliirley Mills 


Smyrna Mills 



S HerwUk 

South Brewer 

.nth Main 
s S Bristol 

South Paris 


A Si, 

Heal Fred S S Penobscot 

S Portland 

Bartlett Harry C 112 Sawyer .. 
HoUKhty Ralph H 50 Sawyer .. 
Gordon Harvey W, Cash's cor .. 
Hutchinson Lewis H 33 A st - 
K..lierts V.UKcne 344 Summer .. 

r Rich 

larrv 1 


liuth Herbert K, R I) 
aglev Amos M Wash 

oah.Klv Gyrene Waslilii 
ibby iO E Watci 

udet Felix J 49 Main Wad- 
ustin F H Ulli Main 
egin Joseph 120 Main 
retou & Laverdiere «8 Ma 
Innvood barber .Shop, Kb 
wood Hotel 

(,n-iix \.L,,M 1-: IS Alden 
I ML'lr r II s7 Water 
K^.nrv D.v.d 14 I.ockwood 
Lessard Thomas 90 Water 
Fibby Harry opp Maine C 

tral depot 
I'onierleau O, Clinton av 
Fnmerleau Vilbon 80 Main 
l{.,l.ichau,l Victor 3 Man, 
Spra^'ue A H oi Map!.- 
I.iii,(.l.i N K V 

li„l,crtson David 'l' 
Bussell llarrv Weill 


Buckley James > 
Peterson N C 
Fee Harold 
Roberts George 

Albee N 1 
Black Fes 

W Jonesport 

West Paris 

est Pembroke 

W SullUan 





South Windham 1\ 

Sprlnj^tield 1 

ck Spriiisvale C 

Charles 359 Ma 


Watts & Derrv 3S0 Mai 
Welt S E 362 Main 
Ganthier Eugene 
Merrill E S 
Bourassa & Sampson 
Bvers A C 
^icMinnamin B 
Patnaude Arthur J 
Stl'ierre George 
Therien Joseph 
Howatt Frank 
Niles II W 

Barnes C D 234 Main 
Brown Fred C 258 Mail 
Stowe John B 184 Mail 
Wormwood A A HI.") M 
Miclmnd Romaiu J 

M B 


Stoekton Springs 

imigion C W 
Joyce E B 
Sullivan L F 

Hanscom William Stratton 

Porter Allen 

Feathers Fred H Strong 

McKeen William B 
Eaton M A Swans IsTand 

Boyles Flovd Tenants Harbor 
Sheerer W'E 

Bucklin A Thomastoii 

Gilchrist William W 
Hodgkins F C 

Orey Ralph Thomdlke 

Colby F A jr Topsham 

Cook Geori:,' Troy 

Merrv F R 
Kines Henry (; 
Rines N 
Davis P W 
Rosebush M .1 
Springer C W 
Poor Alfred C 
Libby E C 
Moxcev Claren 
Avery R L 
Monsoure E 
Morgan H A 

Davis W T 
Farara Mi(di 
Adams C A 
Thompson I. 



Fellows A S ^ork Village 

Barbers' Supplies 


Baker F E & Co SGJ Bates 
Atlaya George N 573 i Con- 
gress Portland 

*I}arn & Stable Equip- 

CONANT C M CO (see page 
174 1) 182-190 Broad. ,. Bangor 

Barrel Dealers 

(See also Coopers) 
Holland John. South Park Bangor 



Barrel Dealers — C'on 
Ktlceronib K S (apple barrel 

tiifr) K- 2 Bowdolnbam 

I'aiK-c W H A; Son Easton 
Sicpliciui U G <k CV> (applf bar- 
rel ni(rs) Kasl Sumner 

Kurbush 1" M (apple, (Jreene 

Howe M C (apple) 

Bcarce H W (apple) Hebron 

New Vineyard 

Ha< kctt I. J (iiifrs) 
CornLsh B L 21 George Portland 
f-uiun.irigs James 140 Wash av - 
l"inn Bros 152 Commercial 
Knowles A A 41 VeraD<la •• 

I'lrmers Machine Barrel Co 
I'ikc Bros ini(rs) Searsport 

W clih Knoch (mfr) Sorrento 

Hracklev Orren A Son (infrs) 

1> D." Strong 

Crockett A W (apple barrel 

,„fr) Sumner 

Weeks MUls 
Tliursion G F jr (apple) 
I.eighton i; C (mfr) WInthrop 

Basket Manufacturers 

(See also Wooden Ware) 
r.ittcc Jl I. A Sons Easton 

Wing Reuben ■• 

Scavev T R & Son i Randolph 

del)" Gardiner 

1 1 olden J I, Oxford 

irrass basket.' ami Indian 
curios) 473-477 Fore Portland 


Cluff V J 21.-. Inion Bangor 

I.aflamme Peter 20 Water 

l.cavitt S 106 Harlow 

llavrs John P S Center Balll 

V .\I C A l^ti Front 

Maroons Turkish Bail.> 7i;() 

ConuTpss Portland 

I'aladino I. -'VJl Main Rockland 

'Bedstead Makers 

(See Cabinet Makers: also Furni- 
ture Mtrsi 

Bee Keepers 

Sanborn Frank Arton 


Tracv E W 

Campbell J C Ashland 

Coffin N S . ; 

make F K. R » 7 Augusta 

Craffam Roy S 22 State Bangor 
McE.l'iier Ernest , 1{ D 1 
Moore V t;. KOI 
Perkins Samuel. H U 1 
Hacheldcr H (>. R D 2 Belfast 
HilliiiKS Oscar I, Bluehill 

Sherman Roland Boothhay 

lluliou W F Boothhay Harbor 
Cunningham Fred Bradford 

Chapman Fpank Bristol 

Match E I. 

Hunter J W 

CeiithnerJB Broad Cove 

Hilton W L Brooklin 

Kane E I 

l.ittlefield J Brooks 

Curtis A C. U n__ 

W arren W E. It D 

(lliiver I^if"ri->i Buckfield 

llrown A V Canton 

Sampson i; T - 

Mclntire Jefferson Caribou 

Hunnells Albion 

Spaulding C I i Son, R D •• 

( lark WiUiam tasllne 

E O Somerby Chester 

It Wvman 

Cumberland Center 

\ auulin Elnaihan 

Robinson Janice R I) 2 
Carter W. R D Detroit 

Bodge A R lleiter 

T.rrev Hortensc- B. R U riixlleld 
Preble Bros »:ast Corintli 

DodKc Frank M E Edgeeomb 
Burnell W R East Hiram 

I let c her L H 

Phillips Horace t:ast Holden 

Pinkham Lewis 

Cummings B B tist Machias 
Wiswell M 

>roore Harvey. R D 2 Ellsworth 
Champion Frank Exeter 

W hitnev C W Farnilngton 

Daughty Dan Fort Fairfield 

Curtis Clarence Fraakfiirt 

Haum Thoma.- 
Walker George 

Free port 
Svlvesler Harold M, R T) 1 
Jones Siorv (iarland 

Pillsbury A J 

Stormann Lewis E Gerry 

Moulton A B (.reeue 

Wright L E 

Bates A L. R D 2 Guilford 

lonsfellow Bros Hallotvell 

Dore Ira Harmony 

Small R H Harrin!:t<in 

I'lint George Harrison 

Palmer „oiin A Head Tide 

Bvron Andrew Island Falls 

Drew Dvkc 

Alexander D W Jay 

Allen H H 
Thompson Carl 

Whitnev Josiah Jonesboro 

Boothbv Charles I.inierit k 

Knight Howard Limesloiie 

Wimmer Frank Lisbon Falls 

Bruwn Carl W. R D 2 
Miller Oscar F A. 1! D 2 
Ward W H. R D 2 

Jordan Horace N. R D 1^ 
Ho.r W H Livermore Falls 

Morlev C W Ludlow 

Thaxtir WiUiam A Marhias 

Belvea J W Mapleton 

Pulcifer C 
Tarr S Mrs 

Cowan A 1. MasardPs 

Rafford H I. 

Ma.s<.n J B Mechanics Falls 

Fenton W F Mercer 

Farquhar Margaret Mrs 
Hoskins Robert H Mil.l 

Liniken WiMiam Morrill 

Genthner Roy Xtibleboro 

Oliver O G 

De<kcr K. R D 1 Norridgenork 
Dickev Harrv. R 1> I N Anson 
Di.dge Frank F N Edgeeomb 
Do.lge Lincoln 
(ireenough Carl 

H:irkcr C W North Leeds 

Christ v George North Sedgwick 
Friend P B 

Holden J H OakHeld 

Tlmoney R E. R O 1 
Sugden A E Orrington 

Perkins Lester Palermo E M Palmyra 

Le-slielE Patten 

Knights J F Plymouth 

Br,,wn Don Prcs<|iic Isle 

H.mphiU Joe 
Tavlor J F. R D 

J.rdan 1. H Raymond 

Dignard Levina Mrs SaballUs 
Hurd A F St Albans 

H.Avard L D Sangerville 

Pervear W H Sedgwii k 

Pirrv Daniel Sherman 

>i.vensWij Miulli Paris 

Ward Charlra S Thomastoii 

Nugent Joe South Windham 
\ urn.v E M 

Whiney B B Staiidlsh 

Grcv Angier M Starks 

Comforth Edwin Tliorndike 

Ciijnlon George 
Gordon Nelson 

Grav W L Troy 

Carroll Weston Union 

Merriheld I^vi 
St Clair B E 
New ben W M. li 1) 
Cvr R F Van Buren 

S-'udIps I. M Washington 

Druitimond A F. H D 3'1 
Dill H Weld 

Mal.M.n W L West Bnndolfi 

lleulh George 11 West Button 
Jewell Eugene Weslfleld 

1 avh.r J Frank 

Eaton Charles W interport 

Black A W WInthrop 

Hawthorne H H Woolwich C D 
(^lammon Edward S Yarmouth 

Bee Keepers' Supplies 

Tarr Edward. R D Mapleton 

Irue W P. 1> D 1 Norridgewock 

Beef, n'holesale 

•c also Provision Dealer") 

Merrow Bros .V- Co :<S First 

Peulex E W :I7 Knight 

Sutton John P A: Co 4S First - 

— vift i Co k2 Wster Augusta 

Aiiuour & Co 2 Fnion Bangor 

Bean W A 11)7 Pickering sq 

S. hw-..ricl.ild & Subberger Co 

14.1 Broad 
Swill i Co 172 Broad 

Armour A Co o Thornton 
Swift A Co 1 1 Thornton 
Vines J Carrol Bowdolnhani 

Ar.uour A Co 141 Water 
Swift Bros 9o Lincoln Lewlston 
Armour & Co 204 Com'l Portland 
Cudahy Packing Co 2;i() ComM - 
Cummings Bros 241 Com'l 
Morris A Co 2.-.0 Coml 
Swif: A Co 33f. Comm.rcial 
Sheperd S E A H 1. C" Rockport 
Wvliic T B Thomastoii 

Houghton Harry TopsBeld 

Armour A Co 1 in Pleas;int 
SuUbereer A Sons Co of .\mer- 

*Belt Fasteners 

JOXI~S H U .h....ks. s... ,.:,:;.■ 

17.-.ti Lancaster N H 





. . . Bangor 

Diekev H H A Son (leather) 

r 13S Main i^ewlston 


jmfrs. see front n.lored page 

1) I S4 Linden Park st 

Boston Mass 

see page 1!<!noi 274-27S Com- 

Bicycle Dealers & 

Small Cla.Mon rci.ainr) Addlson 

is Fr 



( linfoti 
(oopers Mills 
Clidden Warren. R 1> J 
McDaniel William. R D 2 

r. rrv i.erov 

linkhamS (! 



\dams J (1 


ll.mUevFC. R 
Kenn Melviii 1. 

n 7 

Smyrna Mills 

Hart left M C 
C,rA S:.v..i.- 

I2!l Wa( 

ler Augusta 

Mo. well Turner 

Soloi, S L< 



It, ,>denC B. 1 1 

) Soiilli Breixer 

Holt A Kei.d 

all 4^ Ce 

.lumbia - 


nicyrlo Dealers— Con fh.rk II M 

liar llurbor \'->''^''<' *' ) 
Hrew.T Kretl (ri-paircr) 
Cl.niicnl C E 

I'ish .1 !■: 217 Wilier Ua(h 

IlarriMi!lonCCS5CoiuMKT.i„l ■■ 
I' (■ K Borwkk 

DuVpIi't'h (rppMinr) Bethel 

I.yon Eclwiir.l I' 

CurtiM Joseph K 1 Pine BIdUeford 
TreworKv I,:irnnui Blllchlll 

Boollibuy Harbor 
I'lnkhiini Henry 

Cas .1 r \V;»ld<.l)<iri> 

1 li \ .1 111 



ll[ne^, !•: M Wa^libiirii 

1) 11 

l)\ l{ iloh 1 

■' T.'i 1 

lith Belfast 

Morton l.iiwren.e WasliiiiRliiii 


■onu'S l.oui 

s. Ill-, 

Watcrvillc Biey.le Co Tu T.-i,.- 


,h A- Will,- 

\- 1 .". " 

iiain ■■ 

ple Waterville 


rliell (■ M 


Bradford F H (repairer) Wayne 


it on C !■; 

Bern irk 

Woodman Bonj .1 West brook 



lo Ma 

in Biddeford 

lownsend W C W BiiMoii 


M:ill Henry 1. Winterporl 


I'.re'"^' i 

,,^,,,1 1 |;| 

(jnmt C A VarmoiiOi 


Bradford Bill Posters & Dis- 

Brewer trihutors 

rewerBicyeleCoOOCenl.r MeGowan Bradford Ashland 

J & Co 

Brldgewater Center 

MoNineh William (repairer) 
I.arrabec H G BrldRton 

Libby H W 123 Maine Brunswiek 
Allen Mark C Bryant Pond 

Gardner I. B & Son Bueksport 
IMnnnev Cliarlea E Calais 

GupdllE A Cherrytleld I, 11 Colnnibla Kails 

Walsoii lOrskin I. Cornish 

Bnuvn Warren Daniarlseotta 

Tnrner II 

llHskell W C (r.-pairer) Deer Isle 
Howard Frank M Dexter 

lloM Wilham 

Adv Co 27 Colun 
Hatliorn H A :t22 

Kninlils j'.rni'tit G K Waterboro 

Donnrllx D H Falrtleld 

M..rro« K A FarniliiKlon 

Holi I, i; Fort Falrtleld 

lloxie ( Icorce H Foxeroft 

Hiiridiani Henry F'ryeburR 

scpiare (iardliier 

I >anjon Samuel Ilartland 

Calef 11 M & Son lloiilton 

Hit!gina Harrv Island Falls 

Williams C .\i Islesboro ^^ ^,i„, , 

Seliopper F H .lonesboro ivikl'a p^uri' ' Milo 

l.iltlefield Archie Kennebunk p^,,,, w.-sUy New Sharon 

... , u „ Kennebunk Port i,-,.rnandeE O B Oldtown 

\\heelwriKht Wallace ■- Monies Billpostinc Co Plttstleld 

Dav,. F B Kezar Falls i>„rtU^j, Poster Adv Co 47>si 

... I ,, n r- ,j \i '-''"''*"'" Contcress Portland 

\\o.,dworth 15 t H Ma n Perry Oscar J Presqne Isle 

( .lie Edmond Limestone '' Boeklaiid 

SpnHins; E A Lisbon Falls R„pUia„a Theatre Co 1 _' l':,rk .. 

I ripp A C " M„rtnn W I> Si.ll ( li f aris 

nniona lOdwin L 

21) Walkei- • 

■Ifast Bill I'ostin 

K C(. Belfast 

Lirell T H 


Boothbay Harbor 

nkham Henry 

iller Georce W 


Mincc Harrv 


irden Arthur A 


ince H W 


ITord (o-oriie 


.erburne W P 


;.m W R 

K .Mlllinoekel 

uldo..n .lames A 


iinpbell Bros 


,HS I're.l M 


hil lier ,Iiis|)er 
■11 George O 

Fort Falrtleld 

lenex KImer R 



ill Robert H 72(J 

I Wati-r 

*tes Robert 11 


ans,.n Alfr.-d 


orrill S P lis Asl 


ussey H () 


ridsban, Geor^re 

D Maehias 

rowley Walton i 


liapin Frank 


Pollard H M 


J.dmston E S 



Port in ,(t Charo 

in 2li Main,- 

Labbel EuKene 

32 Main,- 

'l'oHnsen<l (• E 

ISIl Main- 

I'liiMnr> !■: I, 


Ci'llex- 11 A ' "' 


Driseoil David 



:ok Wdhu,l I Cherrylleld 


ills Frank ChrMmas Cove 


as, Fred M Colunibia Falls 


nt Frank Damariseol la 


it,-h Warren 


de.l W Damariseolla Mills 


,-r!i Henry Danforlli 


.ws E G & Gu,\ P 


-er E,lvvard Dexter 


.yt F S 


iws,.n Bros Dover 


aiE E K Millinoeket 

Gonya Simeon 


ishoe Joseph 


own Oscar 11 Kaslport 


ard John T 


iinrh.ui Davi.l Kllsworlli 

Stuart W A Co 

Llvermore Falls 

Sli'sser R Ronahl I iiioii 

\!o:,li,,in Abd.. Fort FalrHeld W A 

(repairer) Lubee 


Ai,r:ih:,iii William 

Sudth Edpir H 


MeCiee Bill P,.»t,n« ^ Co - 
Hall I.awr,-nc,- West Buxton 

Ussie Bi-os M B 


P,-aks William Koxerofl 

Prime M C B 

Meehanie Falls 

Bean F li & Son Wlseassel 

Patterson L T Free|>orl 

Woodson, A A ( 


S.nith H E 

• New Sharon 

Billiard Room Supplies 

Harriman Warren 2.(2 W„i,r .- 
Mantropelias & Co 2:ili W at,-r .. 

Taylor W B (re 


Rinj," H H 223 Water 

Pressey F H (r. 


.pailer) R D 1 - 

Delano W A .">H75 Conttress 
Portland Billiard Ball C. 

Moraiis; A W (liamhdph d.-l) .. 
Pi-rrv Lester E i Ramlolph ihd) •■ 

Dnr^in A J 


Deerinn juni-tion 

Thibodean \' R dirand Isle 

Paradv .i Luro 
Park F C 

Billiard & Pool Rooms 

Hamilton C B (ireenvllle 
Braeburn Pool Rooms tiiillford 

Hamlin W W 




l-rost E W 


Phmtc Telesphore 11 '.) Thir.l - 

Cipriano Joseph 1 13 Wati-r 

Worthlcy II W 


Vouna B,-rt G (iJ Cotiit 

Goodwin John 113 Wat,-r 



Perrizo I H Ilodedon 

Woodman l-dme 

•r (r,-pair,-r) 

Bonncau Albert loll Water 

Avery George R lloiillon 


GeorgBklis Charl.s G M2(l 

1.,-iKhton Dalton L 

Chihl E W ll:iP 

J-'orest av 



HaKBCtt E,lwar. 

,T C; iJ Cas,-o 

I.evine Louis 111! Wat,-r 

Hilev William 

Ka,-. 1 l.:(l In. 

Tarrio J,>hn J 172 Wal.T 

Auvazian Asa, lour Island Falls 

.M.,l,,r C\,-le 

s'hoi> Co :i.5.S 

White Bear Pool Room l(i2 

.M,-.Mann .^ Bliss 

Cumberland : 


Davis !■• 1! Kezar Falls 

Belvcu T H & 

Co Pres<iue Isle 

Bomlreau <) 1) 211 Bi'oad Bangor 

D,),.Khty James Limestone 

xNadeau B 

Davis & Friedman 119 Ex- 


Twon.bly W E 



Baker FE&Co8(i5 Bat,-s 

Duncan O S 15 

2 Mum Roekland 

Konlos Alex 171) Exehanse 

Bouldes Georue 1011 Main 

l.awrenc,. J G (1 

Powers Frank 77t lCx<-hanK.> 

Bournak,-! Clo.rl, s !):, M:,ii, 

S,.av,-x A B 1.-.: 


Siiivlh I-'n-.h-rii-k G 7 Ham- 

l)nW H K 



Gajinoli .1 A :i.'.o l.isb,.ii 


Vo„nK(!„s A 11)0 llarlo.v 

K,-Hari> Hr... s: 1.i-1mo, 



llit'f;ins Clinton S Bar Harbor 

l.,-«ar,lSiin,.i,>V,-..i, J,-,.-, Lisbon .. 

Pl„ll,n,-k C S 

Conilos \ (:■; l-Vont italli 

.M,-ni,.-r„n l-Mw A i:!2 Lisbon - 

Ilurk,-ll F E 


Howard 1) 1, liiii l-Voiii 

l!ij„s lle.Tis 121) Lui,„In 



Billiard Booms— Ct 

Clav Charlr. 
Corro Paul 
Uegany Am; 

Hanson Waller Kuniford 

Lombard Frank P Sabatdls 

Dccrini.' Charles 153 Main Saoo 
Zcsscnides George 145 >Liin ■■ 
Brook VVilliain Sanford 

Johnson Leonard 
Pappas James 
Pellctier William 

Sanborn Lorpn M SkowheRan 
I'lshor llarrv Smyrna Mills 



Sawyer !•' N McKlnley 

Boyntun Mahlon Madison 

Crooker Perry A Moihanlc Falls 
Shorey A A 




ie\ IJ A 
.py G.-or^f 

Pennv William 
Chaplin Daniel A 
Jarvia Kro.i 
Howard Frank 
Rosenthal Bros 
Torncr Clautle H 
Robertson H 
Foster S C 






N Berwick 

North Sullivan 



Thomas L Old Orchard 






Morin Bros 
GouKin Patriek 
Marshall P W 
Depoaito Samuel 
Hnllev Arthur 
Ward" H L 
\ndrew Bros 1 1 Temple Portia 
Arsenault R N 418 C.mgress 
Bates Howard 2 Water 
Roland W J 559 J Congress 
Brown Charles 4:Wi Congress 
Cartonio Raffaelc 40 India 
Caselli Joseph 04 Middle 
Chase R J 113 Center 
Coombs Jame3 E 121 Centre 
Dabrosky Michael 03 Salem 
Dugan James OSS Congress 
Epstein Abraham 12 Forest av 
Freedman Jacob 57 Commer- 
Cieisinzer Harrv 7 Commercial 
Ciitlin Sam'l 471 Com'l 
Hayes C L 1204 Forest av 
Johnson Elisha 18 Commercial 


I.ibby Oscar V 272 For 
Lovctte James A L 

McCallum A E 15 Bishop 
Marcos John 7 Portland 
Moshonev M 4 20 Congress 
Mnnson Fred S 2a Silver 
Peverada Peter 110 Middle 
I'io G OS Middle 
Rosenberg & Epstein 937 Con- 


South Berwick 

South Brewer 

South Paris 

Abbott Charles V 
Drake L Weslev 
Philbrook W 
Brown Frederick 
Henderson Walte 
Clark W G 
Litllefield Guv 
Br.iwn N A & So 
Jewell Alva N 
Bunker A C 
Keller V (I 
McKay W S 
Stewart C E 
Drake F E 

South Portland 

Werner Richard E 127 Sawyer •■ 
Putnam Judson S Thomaston 

Runnclls George Sprlngvale Goodwin C A .iiueiis 

McGrath Eliza Mrs Stacyvllle Smith A W ■■ 

Tracy James C •■ Torrey A N Atlantic 

Wc-din P Stockton Springs Blaisdcll Sam'l 30 Hazel Auburn 

Davis John B Stonlngton Brown Frank 5 Stevens Mills •• 

Joyce E B ■• Deschenes G A 40 Miller 

lUiss C N ■• (ictchell Ira W 20 Miller 

Bridges C U & F K Swans Island Getehell & Morse 22 Miller 

Wall Everett Tenants Harbor Grierson Peter S 73 Minot av •■ 

Wheeler C E 
Adams C A 
Toizer F L 
Charette F 
Keefe Arthur 
Babbidge R G 
Colburn S \' 
Davidson H A 
Dutch Alvali M 
Vinal A N 
Simmons C A G 
Ballard Bros 
Libbev E E 

Inlty Mi 

Van Burcn 


Vlnal Haven 


Edison James 37 Lock»o, 
Ezhayo Joseph Commoi 
Larkin & Dignain S7 Mai 
Miller C F 104 Main 
Nader N J 33 Temple 
Rodrigue John B 41 Mail 
Spear Raymond 2 Maple 
Davis John M 
Roberts Geoi 
Hill F H 
Baglev Hurai 
Stroui Tvler 


Lewis Millard 
Kines Henry 
Foggia M C 
Guilfovie J P 
Quint C A 
Libbev E C 
Thoils Mauri 
Ols.mC (I 

nird & Animal Dealers '^l 

on M lU Wash av 
e Vincenzo 09 Middle 
1 Edwin 12S Middle 
A A 109 Congress •• 

I Bros Presque Isle 




in Kocklund 

Egan G F Ashland 
King A \' Bradford Center 
Clordi.n l",veii-ii China 
Hitch Will Kast Sebaeo 
Sylvester A 1, Etna 
Mann W S. R D 4 Harrison 
Powers Lew Houlton 
Hanson Charles N N Bradford 
Portland Bird Store 11 Port- 
land Portland 
Hanson C J Presgue Isle 
Ciishman John Sherman 
Carroll <) W Inlon 

* Blackboards 

HAMMETT J L CO ^ee page 

1942) CanibrldRe Mass 

'Blacking Makers 

Morse & Jenkins 95 Turner • •• 

Stevens D B 147 Turner 

Currier AV F 12 Willow Augusta 

Delano L J 5 Bowman ' •■ 

Dostie Philias 70 Mt Vernon av ■• 

llislerC M 7 Arsenal 

Jones B F 77 Cony 

Penney O M, R D 4 

Stewart Warren S 134 Bangor .. 

Vigneault Etienne J 10 Mt 

Whitten Frank D, Western av ■■ 
Wright Ernest 10 Dickman 
Clough M O, R D 
Rice Robert, R D Ayers 

Bragdon C M, Harlow st Bangor 
Cassidv T F & Son 32 Front .. 
Ellis Rov A 208 Grove 
Fessenden C P 77 Webster av ■• 
r;,-n h.Il A W. Six Mile Falls •■ 
Ir^L-I.tun, Lcland & Grant, 

M. Kennev &. Carr 95 French •• 
NK Neil R D 37 Otis 
Murphy C A 500 Main 
Shannon A Carver 51 Still- 

nisi-ssrv Well h Charles E 010 Main 
«-w>,iI,.wl Wliite & Winchester 34 French •• 
Woodland \^.i,ii^„,3 H J. ^t Co 130 Hay- 

Yarn,outh '"^■^'""< ^0 
irmouthvllle Bryant G M. R D 3 

.. Miller Roseoe. R D 2 
York Harbor Salisbury G N, Hammond st 
R D 2 

rout Albert A, R D 1 
innors Frank M Bar Harbor 
It hie & Wilson 
rhards Mark V 



vs C F 



(See :i 

Bowie H E 243 W:,ter 
Cahill A R & G A 9 School 
Coombs Fred'k W 210 Waler •■ 
Mason H P A: Son 232 Waler •• 
Williams Charles H. High 
Yonland E A Summer 
Burgess Hiram, Cross st Belfast 
Havener Charles G. City Point •■ 
Mathews & Tyler Washington ■• 
Pierre Warren B Beaver st 
Staples & Estes, Washington 

St rout & Rogers, Beaver st 

Wilson Lester A, Poors Mills ■• 

Briggs Fred. R D 

(iradv Frank, R D 

I.arra'bee D, R D 

Morrill Bert. R D 3 

Webb Charles. R D 1 

Bunker Frank V. Belgrade 


Kellev R F Benton 

I.iblA 1. s Berry .Mills 




Continued Briggs John 


1 Chase C N Kast Limlngton 

Benoit L 

Bcrnick Reynolds Henry 


Gaddis Bros East Maehlas 

Chiek Charles 

„ Denton Robert 

Carl bo n 

1 Gar.lner Elmer K 

Cordon Charles 

., Knox li C 

Hoyt Francis 

Bartlett V U 

Bethel SpoonerWE 


McGrath M J - K Mllllnoekel 

Frost A C 

„ Straight S M 

Jordan S R E New Portland 

Hastings H D 

Thompson George 

Dearborn Chaa A E Parsonstleld 

Holt F C 

„ Skidgel E L, R D 


Benn Harold Easton 

Tyler F J 

„ Hall Clyde R 


Bridges W J 

BIddoford .I.awrencH Chester 

Cass Wilham 

Cote Adelard 12(i Alfre.l .. l^ Kllis 


l.ibby & Ross 

Gi.wen E S 43 Alfre 

a .. StevcisH K ASo: 


McNaughton C A 

Nault Joseph 100 Al 
Paquin & Farenteaii 

|f,.,.,l .. I'lckett I P 


Millbury J H 

1 ■>■) Gooch .. Staples Allanl 


Boone J Easlport 

Watson F C 30 Frui 

iMin (enter Lliuolnville 

Diffin J C 

Hill Albert R, K U 

„ Rankin Frank 

Higgins Daniel 

Hill Willie 

Bingham Horr Henry 

Center Lovcil 

Ilarriman Ira H K .Stoneham 

Steward E M 

„ Burgess C S 


McAllister Frank 

Wclta & Wilcox 

Blainc Ho--".'-'^ Charles 

Orcutt Rolan.l .\t K Snlilvan 

Bedel James li 

Bliiehill Lovejoy H \\ 

Preble Eben G 

Weseolt Charles F j 

. Neal A D, R D 

Preble & Clark 

Mills Walker B Bolslors Mills Farnsworth A Sekl 

en Cherrytieid 

East Sumner 

Dodge Arthur 

«""""'"'' ^lu^::^]^;:,^^? 

Ripley Henry F, R D I 

iMirr.ifT IlHrr\- 

Turner Oscar E. U D 1 

DMvisCI! Bootlibaj- Ifarhor Clu-.lev Howard 


FoUette Warren A E Watcrboro 

n.hmo H I. 

< .ill Arthur S 


Dixon Melville C Eliot 

iTicralKiin 11 I, 

.. C(,n,r,bs E li 


Walker Reuben 

Hra«ii .hu.ii'a \V Bowdoillhnm K..buis(,ii CMrr.ilI 


Anderson J E Ellsworth 

llisirr J 

■■ Sherman R R 

Blaisdell William 

(•u,.nil).s tJeorge I-, K D .. Dun- VAd M V 

oinmbia Kalis 

Brown C J r.eorge A 

Bradford Dorr Luther F 

Clements M H & Son 

W luting C M 

.. Downing .1 

Doyle E E « 

Cli^is.. Sidney T Bradfurd Coiitor T.-.hl.eti fharlr. || 


L.'rand John H « 

Weston Arun.di 

Bremen C"oi„b. K 

Coopers Mill 

tiber George 

Brewer 11. -wen M 10 

Blaisdell William K, R D 1 

Brewer Carriage Co, 

Betlon .. Plac.' l-'rauk 

Mitchell Roscoe, U D 1 

lOalon & I.aiie 21 S Main ■• Hraiin (IS, K 1) J 

Sargent A E, R D L' 

Marden A .\ M Stat 

e .. Allanl .1 S 

tori una 

Smith George. R D 2 

Perkins J F, R D G 

Barker G K 

Giles Martin V Ellsworth Kails 

Brldcewater Coiid-r Hanson H 11 

Sargent Augustus J 

Davison George K " 

.. -Mieue Hert 

Smith Charles W 

Douglass Irving U 

Bridgton Small I M 


Treadwell L E 

rhonies Charles 

Chaplin Daniel G 


Rrown Frank Etna 

Adams Herbert 

BriRlilon Newell John L 

McCarron Fran.-is Enstis 

Sproul I E 

Bristol Adams Fre.l T, Cu 

mberland Ctr 

Buxton E E Eieter 

Hkisdoll .Mainard A 

Brooklin Shaw Charles 1„ 1{ 

Leavitt F E, R D 1 

Cunninsh.iT,, Hcnrv 

Cord.,,, Hugh (; ■ 

Hvder .^; Moore 

Brooks Howe W 11 Cnmberland Mills 

Ackley Ernest C Kalrfleld 

.. (iilson Ai P 


Horn A A 
Matthieu Peter 

Siinipson Frank B 

.. Bouchard Joseph 


Nvc S A 

Curtis A, H D 

.. Daigle Denis L 

Sullivan & Dale 

Davis Nathan, K D : 

i .. Dodge W..o<lhury 


Green Frank Karmlngton 

Davis Saniucl, 1{ D 

.. Tuttle George 

Hill Harry C 

l.ittlefield Charles, K 

J' - Damariseotta Mill.. 

Littlefield Otis 

I.ittlefield Jesse, R D 

•■ Williams Frank 


Smith William M Fayette 

Morse Clifton, R D 1 

■ Jenkins Ewen 

Dan forth 

Burbank J E KlagstalT 

I'ase E, R D 

• Mason Cvren s 

Callahan W F Fort Fairfield 

Rogers Henry, K D : 

'■ • Black W B 


Huntress Robert 

Holmes F 

Brookton Carkmder John i: 

Deer Isle 

Paul James G 

W.Mitw.jrth l'„I-ar A 

Brounfleld H.ovar.l Frank 


Shaw Henrv 

l\e,l,U.S,,n W 

BrownMlle M,Ca„lev W,ll,a,r, 


Wilcox 1 A' 

To.kcr (1 1. 

■ Skill„,Rs G i; 

Marquis Oliver Fort Kent 

H. rnicr C, rni..,, st 

Briinswi.k Hn.wn George A 



M.Kenn.-v W S H Vr 

"'!-'"■ •■ Sn,ith Charles A 

Morin M 

Parent Ao^ii-liiv, r„ 

"■■'-1 ■• Warren Chnrlew S 


Xadeau Theodule 

Pratt CHot.,,, l; _■! A 

I'-MI'- •• Basfor.l William 


Dovone CHari.-s ,\I Foieroft 

R.,berts W C 1 :> 'r,,« 

1, Hall pi .. Sewell E B 

l.anpher O ,1 

Alexander .1 ]•'„ H D : 

- ■■ Trask I.aforest 

Lanpher & Stowe 

Allen George N, R D 

2 ■■ i;ilis M A 


Merrill E A 

Dufresne Alexis, R D 

■• l.'ernal.l W J 

Neal D B 

Record K A Bryant I'ond Tewk.-sborv A !■'. 

Batchelder Freemnn Frankfort 

Clouiicr A F 

BiK-ktleld Siilliogs Alf.jn R D 

Grant B Freeman 

Mitchell A A 

■ Hruce II I, 


Fickett John W Franklin 

(■o\ircv Daniel 

Blicksport lOdmunds J P 

Rankin R E 

McAllister !■■ W 

•■ Smith 11 N 


Kingman H H, R D 

Wasson Geor-,' 

■■ Twitrhell C H 

(^verlock W A Freedom 

Webster H 11 

•■ Clark llarrv U 1) 

Sparrow WiUard 

Weeks Otis ] 

itunker Hill White Amos R D 


Rogers Melvin R, R D 2 

Harris George 

Burlington McCoubrv W J Uresden Mills 

Brett Gorge L Freeport 

Gaucther Fred 

Biirnham Albert T 

Eagle Lake 

Dunphy B L 

Knapp E E 

Byron Collins J., soph 

\oyes Herbert W 

Beek H F 

Ciiais Pelkev V 

•Simmons J C Friendship 

Dalv M A 

■■ IlovtJ W 

K Baldwin 

Abbott Charles A Fryeburg 

Gibson William B«» 

•• McLucas E 

K Rrownlield 

Johnson James J .t Son 


,, ^ ,_, ■■ Rounds Eben E 

Brown E G 4li Main av (Jardlner 

Page O L 

Cambridge Annis Rus.scll 

East Corinth 

Di.k T W 371 Water 

Sawyer Harold 
Blood F J 

•• MeKiimon John 
Camdtn Sally 11 T 

G.,odrich Geo B & Co 129 Cen- 

Bucklin Charles 

•• Shaw Albert 


lluntington O E 25 Church 

Davis S 

•• Rowe C T 

E Kddlngton 

Dunton Marcellus (Randolph 

Gurnev W F 

• Lombard R W 

Kast II Irani 


Kirk W A 

■■ Wells F W 

Morang Alden A, R D 10 

Spear Allen 

•■ Kingsbury Everett 

K Holden 

Morang George K. R D Ci 

Walker J F 

•■ Hawkes Josiah, R D 1 

Trainor Roger, R D 10 

Harris William C 

Canaan Hanscnm Alpheus S 

E Lebanon 

Hanson Henrv H (iarland 

Locke F J 

•• Merrifield . rthur 1 

Stillings Alton 



Blai-ksmltli.s— Contiinicl 
Moore Georgetown 

yanyer Tlioiuas (iorham 

Whippy A Rirhards 
Winship Chiirles 1' 
Martin Owen, R I) 
Spinnev C U, 1{ I) 
Dyer A I, (iouldsboro 

Picard Vital Grand Isle 

Soucy Michael ■' 

Barrows Georpc Gray 

Skillinga Benjamin F 
Charter Walter Greenville 

Greenville June 
Hedmond Perlev W 
Harrington Harry S (Juilford 

Hatch A E 

IvHiK S, Water st Ilallonell 

StalTcril i:dwanl. Sci-.,nd st 
Walker Cushinan s;j Water 
Wallace J Hanipdon Uitjhlands 
Johnaon Henry W llanco.k 

Wight Arthnr C Hanover 

Staffoid F C Harmony 

Wilcox R J 
nrisko & Worces 
Pitts Fred 
Earrell William 
Richards Will 
Ctledman Arthur 

Irish S Haynesvllle 

Brown H W Hebron 

Biinipus .1 T, 

Verrill C W Hebron Station 

Philbrook Clarence Hernion 

Merrill H W Hiram 

McDonald Thomas W HodRdon 
Murchie Pa ' 

Bates >t RiRRS 70 Park Lew 
Beaudette Pierre 221 Lineolr 
fiau'nnn Ben 430 Lisbon 
GooKin M .1 & Co 114 Bates 
Hahnell M A 7 Canal 
Ireland A M 53 Bates 
Jordan George W 86 Bates 
Morin l.azare 81 Cedar 
Murra\ .1 M R S02 Main 
Randall W G 49 Bates 
Miller H X M 

Holt Robert Lini 

W adleitfh Rose, 
lirinklnan A W 
Jordan Joseph 



Lisbon I'alls 

I.ougee Kllswort 
Carson Harrv J 
Gradv Ira C 
Rowo Baker 
Kurbnsh Wm E 
Kennedy Frank 
Turner H L 
Barstow G N 
Si.lelinL-er A \' 

Blaisdcll Alber 
Witherell L A 

I', R I) 2 - Morrill 
arl I' Mount Desert 

Llvaro Mount Vernon 

c Hiran, A, K 1 ) ■( 1 
ieorge W Naples 

■oa-'e D New Castle 

uncs E Newfleld 

Bros New Gloueester 
(ros New Harbor 

w Llmerieli 

( ndham 
Merrill I 


n North Amity 

Thomas, R D N Anson 
Fred, R D 2 
F .t C, R n 
Nathaniel C N Berwh'k 



Hollls Center 



Parent E J, R D 17 
Huntington Fred, R I) 
,lordaD V W, R D 18 
Spencer S W I 

Clark G W LIverii 

M R 

N Kradford 

W N Brooksvllle 

N Kdgeconib 

Northeast Harbor 


Fluent C I' 
Bartlett W F 
Marriner J 1! 
Callaghan Oani 
Clark C C 
Corey Walter K 
tndlagher R J 
Gei-ow & Farrar 
Gilbert Robert C! 
Hawkins K A 
McDonald W W 
Monahan Fred 11 
.Savov George B 
Taber A P W 
Whenman George 
Whitney P V, 
Cierow S W, It 1) 2 

Austin Charles, R D 3 

Eldridge A A Hovvland 

HanseomAR Hulls Cove 

Ayer Dana Intervale 

Springer Eugene C Island Falls 

Clenienta Perev Islesboro 

Bolduc Alfred Jarknian Station 

Page A L ,Iefrerson 

Skidgell W It Jemtland 

F'ish George G Jonesboro 

Varney B H 

Varnev Edwin 

Ginn Harrv K Jonesport 

Salley E F) Kenduskeac 

■Spratt A L 

Bobbins E M, R D I 

Ryder Charles, R D I 

Strout Leonard, R D 1 

Goodwin Charles Kennebunk 

King Eugene 

Benson E A Kennebunk Port 

Hoff Charles 

Morrison D A 

MeGraw D D Kezar Falls 

Wentworth l",verclt 

Wentworth L W 

Withani & Strickland KlngHeld 

Beatham O W Kingman 

Crooker A K 
Knight Florence i) 

Paul Fred H 
Doble Chauney A 
Howard II W 
Mulherin James A 
Pickering F.arl M 
Collins John T 
Saffoid Roy I., U D 1 
Turner II F 
Wiggin George. U D 

; Eugene 
ks.,n S B 

W S, R 

X J W 




irs Hill 

cihanlc Falls 

\ E North Haven 

Brvant D J North .lay 

Ricker Frank North Lebanon 
Frost Henry M N Marlavllle 

Hutchins Bert N New Portland 
Bennett C C North Newry 

Kilgoie R W 
Knapp E B, R D 
Powers W \. R D 
Wentworth Xelsoii Nortli Sebago 

Trainor Roger 
Cook F ,1 
Haggett Elmer H 
Hurd F II 
Judkins n W H, R 

Habrnrk W A 


Lewis Ernest W, It D 31; 
Trask 11 E, R D 3i; 
Thnrlow E L 
Tait Sannicl M 

Mercer Hatch A J 


.Soper t l> 
McLean Thomas 
Mansfield E cS: C- 
Young L W 
Land) Edwin 
Lond>ard Chester 
Howe Charles H 


n,,lde W L 
Hall James B 
Strout R R 
Hall W W, R 
Hoxie F A, R 
Hutchins Alph 
Yeafon R P 

Soule Perlev 
Worthing CI 
Hubbard H 





s A A Paris 

James M Parson^tlold 







■son Charles W 


I' \v 

Cl,a«c (;ill„., 
C'ran.hill Ih, 
Dp.-rinc Coa 

Saiifiir.l Carria, 
An.c-s I'errv Jolin 
Jordan E C 

'" 1 (; H 

.St David 

iSoal Harbor 

Hunker Br 


W V 


10 637 Forest av .. 
ri.s H 2r, Cotton .. 
& Woo.l Co ^'KS 

lioEers r, H .k Sun 
Burgess W K 
HardinK A H. H ]) 
Burgess T S, H D Svhvc 
Kider Frank, I{ D 
Allen J W 
Twombley Ge 

l« Fo 

Hansen Jol„ 

inesC KKi Wasli- 

.lol.nston & Smith 396 Fore 
Jorlherg Frederick J 8 Franklin .. 
MeVVillian.s Richard S 350 

Mann Oliver A 331 Allen av .. 
Milliken H I, 40 Portland 
Parker C D 417 Commercial 
Uogers S W 8 I'Vanklin 
Talbot & Moulton 73 Portland ■■ 
Whitten J B 18 Union 
\V hitten J G 7 Dana 
Bagley Jacob Prentis 

Gerald John 11 Pri>s(|ue Isle 

Margison (leorKc 

Mooney John 

Price h D 

Sherrard John H 

Willett Alex 

HorsiTian Bros Priiieetoii 

Noonan Lewis Prospect Harbor 

Joyce 1. A Pulpit Harbor 

Bndgham A'Trac.N- Itaiigcley 

th John 

Davis Lewis Sliernian 

.Martin C harles 

Daggett George .Sliurniaii Mills 
Perry Temple 

Davis Charles Slioriiian Station 
Beree Hiram R .Skowhoean 

Cayford Ben F 
Delano John W 
Frost Leonard G 
Haskell L B 
Tuskin Fred 
Aniazoon J W, R D ;; 
Flewellyn George F, R D 7 
Warren George, R I) :; 
Groves Hi 
Bartlett Arthur W Siiiyrna Mllli 

Gelchell . 

Rose Jle, 

N .Swanvllle 

[> Temple 

Tenants Harbor 

John K- 



1 renioiit 



R 1) L' 

.^'■nhiier Oiarles Turner Center 
Mrl-arlan.l A Sim.noris llnlon 
.Simmons John. R D 
Sprowl L M, R D 
Guptill Edward L'nionvllle 

D H Unity 

.South Berniek 

S Brewer 


Readfleld . 

Readtleld Depot Howard R 

■■ Hewey W T 
Red Beaeh 

latch Hi 

Morton Irving I 

Spiller.S D 

Henry J G 

Chesley Oscar 

Mallet t X X 

Lane Fred G 

Pottle Robert D 

-Mexander Noah 

Baker Charles 

Dougla.i Harrv 

Hilton M L ' 

Page E H 

Wade J H 

McPheters Orville 

Robinson Charhs 
Stanhope Warren E 

Weeks Dudlev 
Folletl \' T 4(11 Mai 
Jones F E 10 Lindsey 
Simmons C Fred 24 Sea 
Tolman C P 277 Rankin 
Copeland F W Roekport 

.Simmons Len,> Round Pond 

Belanger Joseph Runiford 

Rosa George 

Boynton Frank 

Cunningham Georgi 

Towne Thomas 

Brown F C 

Hanson Frank 

.Maelnt.xre George P 

Newbegin E G & Son 

Chapman C E, R D 

.\llen C W South China 

Davis Isaac O South Cnshlni; 

Kelleran Herman 

Carlton Fred P S Dresden 

Hammond John i: S Klllot 

Libby H 1. South Gorhani 

Moi ' 

Gerrish William A 
(iraffam C Y 

Segur J A Upper OInueester 
Dumnc J B Van Buren 

1- ...O.J Ouelette Joseph J 
Sinlthfleld Violette L 

Hanson Thomas W Vanccboro 

• Coombs A G Vassalboro 

«-.i,;„ ^"'-? ^^^i" Vienna 

Solon Lenfest M F VInal Haven 

■ ?;'^,'"°P.^y'^ •' Waldo Station 

Miller Edward Waldoboro 

Slmman John 

White Ephr 
Smith Geori 
True W J 




Kerr W D 


.Soule & Stovt 


Dolloff Alton 

Runiford Center 

Hodgdon Fra 

ik (1 Sabattus 

Webster Walt 

cr i:, R D 


Berrv David 

•;. liuxton 1 

1 Saeo 

Bragg John ( 

7 Pleasant 

Koran Fred Water 

Lihbv Evans 

C. Grant rd 


)li 1 Mill 

Milliken S W 

V: .Son \'.U Beail, ,. 

Palmer ,(; .Sa 

born 22 T 


Huston .Limes 

.M, R D3 

Franek Thom 
r.,.r..<.;= ii„...: 

IS St 


South Hope 
S OrrlngtoR 
Aveiy George F, R D 
». .. ■ J Barrows F I] South Paris 

Rlrhniond Hemenwav Charles 
.. McKeen N C 
.. Millet t H P 

Pater.son Robert 
Penley G H 

Mitchell Fred B S Penobscot 
Ripley Fullam James A S Portland 

:obblnston Harris William, Cash's .iir 
„ McLean Allan D 01 M; in 
Robinsons •''liilling George E 
Roekland J,"™'^'' ^' I- 

Libby Freeilom, ]{ D s 

Stanton Frank S Thoinaston 

Jordan William C S Windham 

Rogers Linwood A ". 

Cole Lawreme H Springfield 

McKennev George 
Whiting W T, R D 1 
Day Samuel R Sprlngvale 

Fernald Andrew J ., 

Thompson S A Sprure Head 

Whitney B B Standlsh 

Bartlett D H Starks 

Demeritt G C, R D 1 Stetson 
Cu.shtnan S K Steuben 

Light 1 

ling H , 


Boothbv O C 
Knights G W 
Bagley M W Waterboro Ctr 

Sanborn C B Waterford 

Byrnes Bros 24 Charles WatervlIIc 
Day Bros 24 Charles 
Mahoney J L 20 Toward 

Stockton Springs 

S, 1( 1) 1' 

House Sumner 
Swift C P 
Brown W l' 
Davis Cvrus A 
Hallowell Elijah 
Trask Anthonv C 
Wheeler Evnrt" 

Weeks Mll'is 

Paterson S .M 
Brown M W 
Slorer Dan II 


\ining H E 

Bussell Ethan A 
Potter Albert F 
Scribner Charles 

Dav'iTc; S "'" 


Xeubert I.ura S 
Dow fJeorge 
Mills W D 
Howe William II 

W Appleton 
W Baldwin 

West Bethel 



Sands ,1 V 

West Buxton 

W Dresden 


W 1 ran kiln 


St tiouldsboro 

)• aaol 

<T.. < ' 1 

■;-l *< I . ■ ,1. ' ■ 

f ■• ; »■ I u„j« .1. ■ 'T*- _ .1.1 .I'll 



I! a !.»■■' 


llllS -C.lhliill.L-d 

.loyr,- r, V Adaiilir 

H.s( Mills 

SpraKiie Frank 
Staples Morluii 

\V<st Mliiot 


W \\ NcHdeld 

Ripley Bout. Co;il li..w:,nl 


Cel.liell William, K 1) 

Tuiitier Br„H, H U :i 


.l.,lu,.sn,i Frank Bailey Island 

M.,rriH B N (canvas eances) 

1 I) Wfsl Paris 

If n 7 Baiittor 



-l)iiiik i'orl 

Hayes Fred Bar Harbor Am.slOd Mnci.lin llle 

M .. Hall, Marine C.instn.etioM C, Col.s,,,, li-dpl, IaiUv, 

West I'l-mbroke Washineti.n cor Harwanl Balli llall.ti I ,.„k, K D I 

in HAS..,, Hlaisdell N ik Sons 2N!» Front ■• Si.i;,rtl)J Macliias I'orl 

West Pom Minot Alfred M lUliO WasI, i;..,... IM McKliiley 

,M West Searboro I'inson Kdwin E 120 WasI, .. M. I.;,ii, ( irr.i, Medoiiiak 

j1, ■■ Brown George Beals M.I.n,. I( I. ,>. s..n 

cary Coombs L A, Water si Belfast M.i. h.-ll .1,.-. pi, MillbrlilKe 

West Sullivan International GavuKe & En- \\ li,i,iiv W ilha,,. MMo 

West Sumner gine Co Main st •■ Bra\ 1' W Moiivon 

WhlteHeld Macoinber \V A. Water st, I )a\ is G A (canoes) 

WhltinK Cummings Everett Belerade I'ray I, K M ( Desert 

Whitneyville Sola V GravOC NaskeaK 

Wilsons Mills Rich Clifton M Bernard ■ra,„iiT G A A Wilton Ho.Ik.Ioi, Bros Bootlibay (;i;,vt:|, Newa^'en 

Rice lli..«n B.ii Newport 

,e W Wlndsorvllle DolofT S Boothbay Harbor Mil, sill, 

/ M Lewis A (o-nthn.T !•' I. Nobleboro 

Winn Reed Irving W Cole Allen Nortb Brooklin 

n, V Brawn H F Bradley Nordieast Harbor 

•: Cobb Bros, Sherman st Bre«er Seavev Richnion.l 

I Wlnslow Jameson M S (canoes) l.i \\',1- Brown JO North Ha>en 

r 2S Railroail .. son 

'. "■'"'" "arbor Durgan P A. R O 2 Brunswlek llo3,ner 1! II (and .•ai,„..., 

Wlnterport Hodgkins E K, R D 2 •• Stephenson Georg,. R 

.... ,. " Merriman n D, R D 2 Folsom E A Olanion 

Hlnthrop Purington Fred, R D •• Carleton Cane Co Oldtown 

■ H Hall John J Bueksport Ol.l Town Canoe Co 

■' Page H C .. While K M & C. 


I Calvin S Calais Wilson l[,.,lHrl i: Orrs Island 

^ •> ,.. _,, ■■. Whalen Bros P.Tkins IVrcv Penobsrol 

,n lames Woodland BHggs G A Camden P. rr\ Ko^.nr C PbippsburK 

rhW Hoolwleh Dailey.IohnE .M,.rs,. All.,..,, 1 Pleasant Point 

elhomasL ... Harville Willis A Morse Will, „r I 

,n Harry WylopHloek Maker H L \V„o,l,„;,„ i:i,i„.r Plvnioutli 

•Paul larmoutli Range & Maker M, Xallv F A Porlaue 

r A,iKh( Yarmouthville Raynes J V ■• Ja.-..l.s N \ S.,ms .isn ( ,,i,,- 

'■;",',-*■ ^ J"^"* "'■'"■'• Young Addison G in. r, ,a! Portland 

";\^^ 1^"''M.!m"'''" Webster William Castlne .M:,ll,-i C B s} I'.n^ wharf 

Ti'l'- lork Milage Braey ChaHes Cranberry Isles Whii ni,,re U A Pnlpil Harbor 

Bunker John M •• An, burg Arthur S Kangeley 

'Blank Book MfrS Rosebiook Gilbert ., Barr.-lt C W 

(S,.e H.,.,kl„ml.T.| Spur ing Arthur M .. vVatts John Kogue Bluffs 

(S,, n.,.,ki„ spuring Leonard J •■ Krancis Manu.l Round Pond 

^PU':1'"# '^'P,'"''' ■• Vinton W H & Co It Wharf Sa.-o 

Bleachers Steele Fred E ■ SarRentville 

,„ , W ,1, „, -,,,,1 (•„„ R'">''"?* '^ '- , t-""" Hanling F H (canoes) 

,n J W i|,.,il .,10j t ..,,- Huntley M J ■• M,,r,h H'lrrv Seh-iiro I ■ 

IS Port and i>.,.,,.„/^i ,... .muhj iiarrj >eDaKo ■„ 


IJa.N E J Sedgwl< 

■t,ouscM, « ..uxion ^,,^,, T_^,^^^ Damarlseotta pT,,;,,,,„,. _ shermAn Mm" 

Block Makers H^'tch A F Dark Harbor M^'VarlaiurFra'i.k SouVlV nr/'lol 

,,>..< -1 I no. I. l'i'«"ff H M Denmark M , !■ ,,rl.,,„l w 

i,nJol,nS&.--on,, Arch_Bath Pushee Bros, R D 1 DennyM llle <,,.:'„i,'„| n SoiitbKliol 


Co (brush) ingalisCha 

,' 'n""' •• Baltzer & S, 

.ons (print Gr.enlawG 

Richardson A (la 
Irish Br 

■•-•sii'oii II, , ,!.,,„ .1 r S Portland 

Si.x.ns M 1- Steuben 

^. , ^ ■■ \', H S 

h SebaKO |.:||i, p.ij,,,,, b Stoeklon Springs 

Bi.Kk Georg,- A KgU'eniogKln Wali'.'bli^n |''' Tenan'ls"Ha';h'.','r 

Snowman Georg,. E •■ Cpdaml E G Thomastoii 

Kllsworth Morse Charhs A 

"Rms'(,iri>,t) 'wiVitbTon Boynton Chester, R D 2 •■ Cash Walt.r S Topsham 

..„„„.,., r>,o» ,pr,ni; .fii.iiiro|i Stevens Charles Kayette Burgess Walter Ciiion 

Packard H M Foxeroft Newbcrt C F, H I) 

*Blowers .\ll,v Ilcrhirt Frankfort Cooper Bros Vinal Haven 

coNNKCTici-T BLowKR [?;;^;;;.!';;";^:;iu.r m *'■■'■"'■•""•';" ^^^h 

VJ*i!r""""="iij;^l^i"^';nn ^::;^:;^y^'*"<- ^^-i^'-'p ,^rr""^" 

' ' *- ' Gardiner Kenni'bei- H.iat A Cj,,...- C. 

Hooker O E 22 Church ■! Chaplin Waterillle 

Boat Builders Juvlinain AI .rine C?<;V7l*'nvm" B"relf'ir.M "'{VVl'd 

(Sec also Ship Buililers) Cai^l'l,.n"A A '' ' Hallowell I'-iHii, W K 

Coffin II. .lines W Addison |.\.si,r Shirhv, R 11 S Blak,- Hiram IV Brooksvllle 

Tal.butt i:,,g, II.- ■■ l)iirg,n C\,' li 1) I Harrison Smith Iwank West .loiiesporl 

War.l II I. I.ailv 10 i; liarlland lian.l B J WSoiKhporl 

'lilns II \ Applelon Turner C O Isle an Hant Ashl.y 11 h, WeslSiillhaii 

Uorman lln.s Ashland Tl,.,mps,,n F 11 .lay n inter Harbor 

If I •»!ia»(".;'. .4 


lt(i»l Itullilprs^i nil (iardiiirr Kriiiisuirk 

Lewis .Sunfor.l G Wlscilssot H'jssell Korrest I 271 WhI.t .. Calaiiclia (.•|,ri-<t..s llKi Mninr. .. 

ronilloton F I" Ailunis H I' i>arlaiin (ieorwo I'lnlip ( aiixlcii 

Pendleton 11 I) .. , , ,. ^ , ,., Hallowoll M,mtrop,Hias K & <-'';, -'i'' 

Hodgdon Wo.Rlbiirv, II 1) -1 ■• '^P"!''''"'^ ^ '- ILM W jter .. Water (.anilner 

Knight Bert R D 4 ■• Sunhorn A R Island I'alls I,cwis(oii 

CuritHenrv'N Yarnioutli ^''''^^ ';-. >, „ Kenncbunk Houhlea George 100 .\Iain 

Drinkwater Bros ■• Bates ColleKe Bookstore Idl Bournakel ( harlc" !)o Main 

Uayuea Ronald .. ,, '^^■'.'O'^'- •■ ^, ••,■• ,,''.''"■'''•''" K'^saris Bros S7 l.isl,on ■. 

Kmpire News Co 141 Main ■■ Pordaiiil 

*n LI.- DO I »,r Sacr6Ennle27S Lisbon .. Anuitrnda Alfonso 1S2 Middle . ■ 

UoObXn & Spool M Irs Wliiie & Westall 29 Lisbon .. Ananostopolos John (iOl Con- 

(See Spool Manufacturers) ''"■'"'■^j W,'- . .H""^*i"r.*^ n '^'''"'V. , ....,/- 

Atw.iod 11 E Lisbon Falls Brown Charles 4HS! Congress .. 

Waite r, L Livermi>rp Kails .lones E L 12:! Lisbon 

Boiler Makers W'aAu Ella Mrs MllUown l.ountzis Nieholas ,v Co 03(iA 

. ,,,..., Burnham H M <»ld<.)«n Congress 

(.se,. also Machinists^ Eraser A ■■ Moshonev M 421) Congress 

IniMn Iron Works 15 Oak Bangor Sellers Martha Penobscot Rogera Michael (102 Congress .. 

Hath Iron Works 4 I nion Bath Fillmore R B Pleasant Point Slathopoulos A A iOliA Con- 

HI:uM(lcll Loenian & Co UN Portland greas 

Coimiier.ial .. Barber Charles T 428 Congress ■■ Toniarua Bros 544; Congress 

Bri.lgton Machine Co Rrideton Bible Society of Maine 15fi Rofkland 

l'.u.k F A Co Kastport Free •■ Econainn Thomas 3 to Main 

Strout W W Gouldsboro Bovle J M (secondhand) 145 Vodica Tonis H 4(iU Main 

lloulton Foundry & Machine Commereial •• Pappas James Sanford 

Co Uoulton Donham G M (Maine Register Papolas John 13 Main Watervillc 

Eslte & O'Brien Boiler Co 11 and subscription) 3'.)0 Con- Pomerleau \ilbon S5 Main 

Commercial Portland gress) .. Uodrigue J 1) 41 Main 

Cousens John R 44 Tillson's Eastern News Co (whol) U7 Saver Jacob 1 Silver 

wharf Rorkland Union •• Kourapis Louis Westbrook 

Haskell & Armstrong Co 

*RnnH>! i« hob 5(i Exchange ■■ 

""""^ Huston \lmer J 92 Exchange ■• *Boots & ShoeS 

LKE. HI(;C;l\S()N & CO LOKING, SHORT & HAR- ,n.„r evcrvthin,, conneclcl whi, 

1S4 Middle Portland MON 474 Congress opp this iiidustrv see Shoes! 

Preble House ■• . ■ 

„ ... , Maine Tract Society 75 Grant •• 

liookbuulers National Supply Co 536a Con- Bottle Dealers 

Merrill <fe Webber Co 'I') ^iain ■■ StLconard's Book Store (Cath- Horowich I) 10 York Portland 

Maine StateBook Binding Co olic) 172 Cumberland a v " Klaman Eli 1 1 .Moultoii 

327 Water , Augusta ^"""8 K J (( atholic) 1/2 boavey & Boxstem 424 lore 

Bangor Cumberl md av 

Dillingham E F 13 Hammond •• Mansir Herbert Rlehniond 

Shorey W S 112 Front Rath C-irver J F 3i. 4 Main Rockland Bottlers 

WilUams .RDDamarlscotta "-'^-Tut.le Book Co 40o ,, 

, , ^, , . , . , I'«'»''*to" '^^"'^ saco Broa.l ... . Auburn 

ie;rVE°Mal;lfoid' O, ,3 ■■ KendriekHB&Co254Ma;n.. Vince.a Bottling Co 15 S 

Custom House wharf Portland ^.''■<Tte'']^L 195 Main ■ •^i'"" Baniror 

B 1! B Bin.lery 45 Exchange .. Crediford Joseph ShaPU- gh ^^ Front "" 

'"Con'gres"'' "" "^"""" ''' .. Wa^S Jl'lU H Stockton Springs RossSottling Works 359 .Main ., 

Seavev Co •'4 Exchange FiSeld S W Mrs Stoningtou I elfast Candy Co Belfast 

Star lL?aU Pub Co Presaue I.sle Ri-'hardson C B SIrong Gardiner Bottling Co 3 Hig^^- 

Mars Hill View Office Robinsons «^,?^^',C^,S^ g Waldoboro land av Le^lsto.i 

insow.. Watervllle Highland Spring Thorne Hill •■ 

Booksellers Berry W W & Co 103 Main - Maine Bottling Co 21N 

(See also \ews Sia.uls- also Sta- Bryant H H (school) 173 Main ■• -, ™'° . , v^,^"^ 

' ti^nerM Kelley H L & Co 130 Main ■• Nevers A J Norway 

H,.,voa H W WIseasset Presqilc Isle 

Bridgham W P Mrs Ashland s ' -third I H »*'scas.set p^^ jg,„ „„,„„,„, •„ 

Foss George L .55 Court Auburn ■^o""''"^" ' " Havener C E liiS Main Rockland 

Pollister S A 80 Court Boom Companies Hewett Nottling W orks 247 

IV IP i.<..,w. '*"'»'Usta- B., noom Co 194 Ex- Main 

Pierce J Frank 224 Water ■■ change Bangor 

Quiniby G W 258 Water ■■ Penob.seot Boom Corp, Colum- .minehal 4 siiiiNO watek 

Bangor News Co 22 Hammond^""", ""* '"'^^ ... " Addison Mineral Spring Water 

Bean () Cn,sb\ li; Stat.- .. Bootblocks Co Addison 

Dillii.ti,:!!,, 11 1 ; ll.:,,,<,n.l .. .4ugUSta Glenwood Spring Co Ine 23(i 

llic! ! A . m1 .. B.mneay Albert 159 Water .. State Augusta 

.1 1 I ' ; Itath Georgaklis Chas G 318 Water .. Mt Kebo Springs Bottling 

.^l,;i,v - i; ,,~i..(..,i Bangor Works Bar Harbor 

Su.itl. V. 11 ,v .-..i. ,1 1 ,.,i'.: ■■ Bangor News Co 22 Hammond •• Diamond Spring Water Co 27 

Carl & Jones. .Main .St Belfast Cantos A D 31 Hammond " Western av BaMi 

Mixer FG, Main St .. Davis & Friedman 119 Ex- Wyman S J BIgelow 

Woodcock M P & Son 29 Main .. change - DoWitt M L Blaine 

BIddeford Economv & Christy 16 Ham- Bluchlll 

Kendall N W, 258 Main .. mond' •• P.luehill Mineral Spring Co 

Siamman C G lti5 .Main ■■ Givren George F 10 Harlow ■■ Lewis Leslie 'I' Boothbay 

Boothbay Harbor Kontos Alex 12 State •• Hodgdon D W Boothbay Harbor 

Porter E L & Co .. Li mberis Bros 120 Main ■■ Drillen T H 55 Center Brewer 

dickering F E Bradford Center McCluskev James F 271 Main .. Pine Spring Water Co, Dun- 

Brunsnick Shoe PoUshing Parlor 22 Ham- lap st Brunswick 

ChandlerF W&Son LSOMaine .. mond " Buckfield 

Davis J E A Co 62 Maine ■• Vardamia Vasil 11 York ■■ MtOxford Spring & Fruit Co 

Rvan Bros Calais Comlos N 128 Front Bath Caribou Bottling Co Caribou 

\ illag.- Sli..p Camden Naska Spiros 134 Front ■• Curtis Leslie Dexter 

Gaoiiuou CC Caribou Tinncv George A 63 Front Day W H i H J, Warren Dover 

liio«niill Kastport Darlev Ralph F 75 High Belfast Race ("o Kast Boothbay 

Thoiiipsou J \ Kllswortli " BIddeford Eastport Bottling Co Kastport 

Neal V H Falrlleld Christopher George 2 Bacon •• Parker ABA- .Son Greene 

Mhite H P A Co Farnilngton Civika Peter 2'M Main Davenport S 1 Hallonell 

Marren George () Kryeburg Di'ggitia D i. 1 1 > Main ■■ Hanover Spring Co Hanover 

Aiiii.slook .S|.nni£ Wali-r ( u .. <!i>Mily I, A 548 Deeri 

I'.ilriiur VVilliaii. jr .. Mcfalhiiii A lO l.l Ri.-liop .. ( •oliinil,,;. I'.i.UIm" fu I.iibcc 

Wakelv C !■" Lisbon Kails -Mi:<-'HU3hin<l Herbert W 311 Tiift diaries 

Thaxter W A & L Maclilas „.l'-'"i ,„ „ " < 'l.anmar, & Co Marhlas 

Ohcu W S Mllo P)^" ^'.'"„*1^'5^ Congress .. ESTES E 8 & SONS fsec 

Milllnorket ^,"'^yX.K. ^^^ Congress .. front rolored page D) Madrid 

Milliuoeket Bottling Co .. •^''->"> Williain Richmond American Thread Cu Milo 

MoiMui. Spring Water C.iMonson '^cnneJy W A315Main Kookland lOdwards* Krnest Newlleld 

\\ii,H|„wClKi-. A New <;ioiiifN(*'r luMnson Leonard Saiiford Newport 

Craiii \\ IJ North Wliidhani ^^uiljorn Loren M SkoHlu-gaii \ewport Box & Novelty Co 

higalls Ifios :ii, I'iur.i I'ortland Hatmlton Edwiu S IIari).-,«fll New' Portland 


I«o((l<r.s C..i,tii,iird rorlland • I,,.„ls(oii .m- 

lIouKoti Moland WiM.l MOJ Congn-.-s .. ■ri,.„„p,s,,„ .1 W r,x- .M:„i. 2 



nariuiton r.dwm n iiari).-,«fii New I'ortland •*• 

iiutlhng Co (J-' riiompson Howard B Southport New Portland Mfg Co .. W 

Cross I ardigan John h Sprlngvale Thompson C A New Sharon ■_. 

Rieker Hiram & Sons 511 Fi- Hieliards K H Squirrel Island NORTH BERWICK BOX |T| 

delity bidg .. Adams J A Unity CO (see page 1 7C.4) N Berwick mam 

TTnderwood Spring Corp -105 Viulette Joseph L VanBuren VARNEY ISAAC & SONS CO JfJ 

Congress .. Davidson H A Vlnal Haven (see page 17G4) .. ^ 

Underwood Spring Co, R D 4 .. Clark E O Waldoboro Brown Harry North Waterford ^ 

Knniford Bottling Co Rumford „ , „ Walervllle Cummings C B & Sons Norway ^Z 

Virginia Spring Water Co .. Povler Charles A 25 Silver .. Hates B & Co (packing) Oakland ^ 

Waldo Bottling House Feeny Lio M Westbrook Oldtown ^^ 

Rieker Hiram & Son S Poland }lu"W F West Soiit hport JORDAN LUMBER CO Cj 

MtZircon Spring Co S Rumford Holland D E York Beach Unismore Oa.n Co Palernu) " 

Hc.ggs U A Waldoboro „ ., , Wi„i,.r F AV .T 

liubbar.i J & Son Wells Box Manufacturers ESTEs e b & sons (s,h '^ 

n.iWitt .vr I-, H D WestUeld (See also Paper Box Mlrs) 'root colured page l)j Phillips 

SDUA & TONIC Horn Charles (Sanborn ville iMitRVU' it v «. kirtf"!'/'!' 

1.; E Bottling Co,JFren,-h St Bangor „ N H ) ._.__ . A_ctoii '^'^,?, ""1 " ;^„| b,f "-..i- -I 

:ig<' 7.;'-' I 7;i Bell 

Bath Jewett"cT Athens '*'-^'';l-^;;" •' >• d'-'-^'king) It Han- <> 

Spratt J L 1 lii Kenduskeug av •• True Amos Aliens MIUi 

llartl.l, & Cheltra Cu 50 Com- Rand Bros An.son 

Portland TT\ 
IN ('(I *'» 



Bottling Co 421 CONANT F R CO (see 

Blddeford 1762) 54 Washington Auburn ,.., v .i„ ,,L. t, i,,, i ,, ^ 

lig Works (i2 EIm, .. Hutehins H Wesley Co rear 5(J ,' *' "'"^ "''""r-,w> ^i •'" ft 

[■„ Jl WMshir,„(,,„ i"r, ,-i-e page ,(..) .Morrill 3 \^ 

Haekett Shook Co R< 

nu|j.,n( E 1 SelKi 


"a 3G Mt Vernon " ^l^"^ '^"Ic"\j^^s\ 

South >Miidti 


I'on-st Citv Bottling Co 41 Washingt. 

Cross Portland Page N L & Son Co 1 10 Wasl, 

Mat.ion j.oiiis Ccj (hop beer) inglon 

4 20 Fore .. Union Box k Lumber Co 'J 

.Muidoik & Freeman Co 7 __ Washington 

Franklin ■■ Shaw Joseph A oo ivil vernon jjr....i;« w i- n "^ " w w .* -r - i 

Wolman Bros 228 Fore .. avenue Augusta J! ' ", J*, '^ '^ 2^ll{i \V?m.h 

SilverSpriiig S„da Co Skowhegan PAGE GEORGE G BOX CO v. "^„; t ' ' """' " '"<"'•"" | 

Plummer Howard L Sprlngvale (packing, see p 1730) Bar .Mills l',:,-,- , ,, „ , , " rt 

(iroudui (,• 2 North Watervllle Bath ',."'' "snrin^v-.lo ii 

lIu.lmau.Mo.^.s KiTicouie .. Bath Box Co 509 Washington •■ kJtfs V u t woCS '^ O 

Belfast r.:^ I r.:> r. » a. :m#a> (.<(■<• ^^ 

'Hoilling Alley Candle Durharn J C Co Pleasant st '■■ starbi'rVcv"'' '''""' "' "^'s^ron!! /^ 

^,„, Borne Jesse R ^ Berwick ^J^I^'.^^pV, wooden, fjp » 

Biddetord Box Co 432 Main ■,.■,. n , ,, ?i V- " ^^ 

,0.1,0,1,1 ,f„ Boothbay Harbor WH Trtlorr'p w'"Ba Idwin ^ 

|,ag.- lli.Mj y(il) Tifth .. Brown William E ■■ "' ™ ■ P r ■ Iv A^ rt 

BouUng Alleys .S'^o^"^ ^'" "'llf.'JlSi; '^^^^il^i> Btir*''!?"" ^ 

Augusta Calais Box & Lumber Co Cala " 

Shook Co Cherrydeld 


M 1 . .w. ^' ^^'"^''r •• wTlarnsTro,^cCo''''"cherry"(leld S..u,h l.hlg ... Boston Mass ^ 

S:'f.,::^" BarS^?g;:j Hichardsom, bcr c?^^''-"'"- llo. Skoo.S S: Box = 

■epperKdwar.l 225 Front Bath Wa.le F A Curds Corner Lumber CO 

l),.t.h 1. .\1 4.! .Main „B«-'f''>' Putnam H H Danfortli Savag,- I. \ '.,,;; I'^'hange Bangor ^ 

At„ie Am„.s,.,ii,-,il Co Bt'lsrade Dennysville Stewart T.I Co :i7 Park 

Cii-lr-n 1, A o.-, M '''''''^"''" '?S^^y?^'i!<'i,'"T'^"Ai! PENOBSCOT LUMBER & TO 

C.ur.erlho.nas A 202 .Mam .. ESTES E B & SONS (s,.-e BOX CO Brewer *** 

' , Brunswick .w!rV?;5ld^t'"^^isi Baldwin Tr,.«orgv Clia,.,.'^;'^"""" '^""^ 2 

(.amlrua,! Hector .i.i Maine .. Eastport Whitcoiiib llavncs & Co ? 

lown.Mend C K los .Maine „ Blanchanl Mfg & Canning Co ■• " "" Greenville Q 

c!?H,nFO Bucksport .Seacoast Canning Co ^, . „ ;• VENEER PRODUCTS CO «) 

..',,,! E '' ■■ Fairfield (veneer s.'c nage 17(i-'(l '' 

ZtrJlM^ A-^^,\l".\ JeweU Albert A- Son (crates) •■ NORTH BEK WICK BOX CO 

letersonAE Caribou Earnilngton 1-,,,,," 17il \ Berwick 

(.ouldRay Cedar Grove ESTES E B & SONS ,sce VAKNEV ISAAC i SO.NS CO 7 

uyer J'.clwarrt Dexter front colored page U) •• (s,.,. ir.L'i- 17,.n 

(•'■"IK E J E .Mllllnocket Russell Bros & E.stes Co .. Jord in 1 umb-r Co OIillowii 

Curt, a fiporire K»w«nn C!..„ i„u„ r- !.'„.. r* ."^'■'" ';'^""' ^>" „ UIUIOWII \J 

Curtis George Easton Sawyer John G " Foxcroft 

'abbyAP I'tl'alrneld Freedom Lumber Co Freedom 

iig & Engel Box Co 

linker WG 14 Mainav Gardiner .skillingaTs ^" FreepoVt ANDREW B F & SON^Ct"'"' f 

( aslner >, W la.j WatiT Frvelnirg Lumber Co Fryeburg (s.-c n iL'e 17C.>) 73 Hdl 0) 

ansh House Assn Guilford Gardiner CROSMAN g" A & SONS n PI 

Rogers ().scar Jonesport GUdden Bros ( Ramlulph d.-l) •• ,sce i,.age 1702) Morrill's n« 

( <mtral Bowhng Alleys i:i2 Wood Charles L (;arland C,^rri,>r .. 11 I 

Lisbon Lewlston Coburn .\ I) & Son (Jrecne > > 

Park at Bowling Alleys 143 VENEER PRODUCTS CO *Bras>^ FounderU o> 

l^"k ■• (packing, see paije iS.i' Foundries) ■ fl > 

Walker n F 110 Middle .. 1705) . . Greenville _- 

Sawyer Harohl Llttlejohn Island Guilford Mfg Co Guilford Brazing -4 fk 

Curtis George R Mars Hill Si'ribner Bros Harrison Fairfield Brazing C.i ' Fairfield SL 

LePage Frank Mllllnocket Whit, icy C S * X 

Crawford T Monsoii Ourriii F s Co Hartland 'Bread * Kitchen Knife ' 

Barton Llewell> n Naples Hiram Lumber Co Ulram /ifrrv 

Cleaves Thooias L Old Orchard li,adhurvLL Hollls Center ' 9 

Fiehl.s James I j.^rk L J„ R D •• (See also Cutlery Mlrs) 3 

White William L Lawrence Lumber Co Jonesboro NORTH WAYNE TOOL CO ni 

Skinner Willian, Orrs Island Sok..kis Ln „ C, Ke/.ar Falls (see pa,,e 1 74 I 1. , . Hallowell ." 


l.-.O MAINE— N 


sirvni. \\'i,iii.|,l. i; 1)1 lliirrlsoii 

MmIsoi, l.oins (|„,|, lM-,rl ILMI 
I'liir Portlaiiil 

Brick Manufacturers 

Caret Aiigiistiti & Son, Uujal 

p:irk Augusta 

Piirington Huracc Co, N Hel- 

Hiingor Brick & Construction 
Co Inc, Fourth st Itangor 

Head Niclioib Co m Coninicr- 
cial Badi 

Rrook.t Brick Co Mapleat Brewer 

ClcldiL-ll Bros 101 Wilson 

McDonaUl John, Chuniberlain 

II acker C K Itrunswlrk 

Hanson J H Calais 

Clark Samuel eslalc lOlilX 
King. I. 


.1.11m. r^ 





hanle Kalis 

■chanic KalU Hll 




■\u-\ II M 

Old town 

• ll 

llouu Su|.|.l\ (■< 


III! Kllcry, K I) 



Dcnsmorc Samuel. 


rk av 

mblet Brick Co 


l) .. 

cas W 7(1.5 Bri,;! 






•o Brick Co .sj 1 

j: Saeo 


omaston Brick ( 



rinlon H.,racc ( 

Bridge £: WItarf Builders 

Ciptchell W 

SpcUinan Ji 




.n K W 72 Front Bath 

Carlisle C K Rootlihay Harbor 
iiceves Charles Bradford 

Croniii .lohn Bueksport 



Dark Harbor 


Kast Sullivan 

1) I Kllsworth 


M achias 


IS ( : 

II (.(ollateral) 7S Ci 

n M 2.1 Broad 

\V (loan) 4-1 Centr 

■y & Co (ship) 7 


Crahaiu F U ll.on.l) |-,(I2 |.'i- 

delity hldg 
Masten N W Co (note) 1(12 

Havdeii, Stone & Co (stoi-k 

and l.ond) lilS Middle 
Hornblower A Weeks (invest- 


n Third 
S|,ear C T Eastern Trust Bldg 
Stewart T .1 Co (.ship) ;i7 Park 
Wilson .lohn C (ship) 70 Ex- 



lliii.klev 1.- ,1 (ship) a-.i Front ■• 

H.d.lclord Loan Co (loan) Ma- 
M.n.c l.ld« Biddeford 

(■..llater.-d Loan Co 21X1 Main •■ 

Hurrill Charles C & .Son 


Barstow G B Ks3 Water 


Ben.son C C & Co 16.5 Main 

Boston Loan Co (pawn) ill 

Browustein M (pawn) .SO,') Lis- 

Casco Security Co (loan) ItiH 



ierce (pawn) 302 
rurity Co 124 Lis- 


Nevens George D (collateral) 
124 Lksbon 

New York Loan Co (pawn) !."> 

Penlcy H E (loan.s) 228 Lisbon ■• 

Twin Citv Loan Co (pawn) ,S7 

American Securities Co 84 Ex- 
change Portland 

Anaconda Loan Co 38.5 Con- 

Baker Ayling & Co (invest- 
ment) 8fi Exchange 

Bernian Uavid (pawn) 30.5 

Hunt, Ellis & Co 21 (i Middle 

Mercantile Loan Co .515a Con- 

Morris John S ,5 Exchange 

Noyea Sidney W (bond) 85 

Oakley F A (loan) 53()A Con- 

Payson H M & Co (stock) !) ' 

Pease Chester H (investments) 
120 Exchange 

Peoples' Loan Co 120 Exchange 

Phillips F F (<liscounl) .SO Kx- 

Pierce F H (grain) 31! Ex- . 

Plumnier Clifford A (bond) 
H7 Exchange 

Plumnier F^dward C &. Co 
(loans) 97 Exchange 

Portland Sccuritv Co 203 Fi- 
delity bidg 

Realty Exchange of N V SO 

Ki.-h M .\ & Co (customs) 
Custom House 

Ross J G (grain) 1 1 Exchange 

Rozinsky Morris J (pawn) 43.5 

Small Harold S (investment) 
85 Exchange 

Smart Walter E (bond) 403 
Firleliiv bIdg 

Spiccr M M & Co ( 1()(J 

Sulkowitch M A Co (pawn) 307 

Talbot Frederick F (bond) 187 

Timbcrlake F E (investment) 

187 Mirldle 
Wengren E L (bond) 57 Ex- 

jh & Son (11 

Bernstein J S (pawn) 


mnell () A Northeast Harbor 


■iiuett Contracliiig Corp 211 

Boston Brokerage Co (note) 

CoijiMierc.ial. . Portland 

53(iA Daniel 11 Seilgniek 

Boxstein Hyiiian (pawn) 300 

>iiiiie.\ ADri.l South Kllot 


Brown M S (investment) 41 

•■inrhard ( I'l'inondal ' Stratton 


niMg .lohii Winleriiort 

Brown & Josselyn (gram) 57 

ene Cliiiil..^' I{ 1) 1 Wlscasset 


.rlion 1 W \>oohvi('h 

Butler Israel P (loan) 4SJ Ex- 


Casco Collateral Loan Co IOC, 



Augusta, I.eavitt&Co (ship) 170 

illateral Loan Co 210 Water .. 


u.llev Edwin C (bond) 207 

Cohen Eli (pawn) 304 Fore 


Cram George () K (sugar) 20 

ildberg Nathan (iiawn) 15s 



CiirrierGE (pawn) 221 Middle 

■Itingill C S (bond) 207 

Duman G F (bomi) 30 Ex- 

nients) 120 F^x 

Winalow J S & Co (ship) 137 

Wrenn Bros & Co (investment) 
405 Congress 

Robinson George E (merchan- 
dise) Presque Isle 


Butler E A (ship) 417 Main 

Coaklev W J (mileage) 30S 

Levy A (pawn) 205 Main 


Workingmen's Loan Assn 

ment) .Skowhegan 

Abbott W H K (investment) 
120 Main Watervllle 





err Theodo 

e (corn 


Broom Makers 

Bangor Broom Co 104 Ham- 
mond Bangor 

Cotton Chesley Brownlleld 

Ward A H Madison 

Babino Frank Merhanle Falls 
Rhoda Henry Medford Center 
Kronholni Bros Monson 

Bowdeii Austin, It D 1 Penobscot 
Maine Inst for the Bliml 201 

Park av Portland 

Gray Robert .S Brooksvllle 

Carll 1.; S Waterlioro 


-sr'\f iiv,„. .V, 


Kriislt Mantifnctitrvi 

Hnisli & M. 


WitliinRttm C & Sons Buck!lel<[ 
True Brothers ;i94 Fore Portlaiul 

^Tain.'"^ . """"worccsliT M»ss 


(See also Carpenters; also Masons) 

(see page 17SK) \\2 Preble •• 

page 17SS) S Cioul.l 

* Builders' Finish 


lluikling & Loan At 

\u\nnu L.ian & UuiiainK' 
K W SlMitt. see SI Mail 

AiiRUSta Loan Jk BuiUliHK 
S H I,( "^' " 

l,eary see -■>■* 
H C ( 





*Builders' Hardirare 


Builders' Materials 

Eastern Cement Co 140 Ex- 
change Bangor 

Taplev G A OiM Tellowa bM^ ■■ 
ReadNiehols Co OH Co..,ua-r- 

rial Bath 


Water Belfast 

Acme Mfg Co (roof flanges) ■■ 

Eagle Lake 
Collins Joseph (house finish) ■■ 

Old Orchard 
Old Orchard Cement Co 
Athey Metal Weather Strip 

Co 93 Exchange Portland 

Penn Metal Co 93 Exchange 
Portland Building Supply Co 

418 Commercial 
Viekerson Frank M (hardwood 
floors) 93 Exchange •■ 

Crie H H & Co 45ti Main •■ 

(iarvin Winium Sanford 

Russell Uan'el E Sprlngvale 

"Builders' Sheathing 
Paper Mfrs 
BERLIN MILLS < <) s, < pace 
l'.U4) 404 C.niLiii.r. lal Portland 

Building Cleaners 

.\merioari Wm.h.w Cleaning 
(',, .-,7 I CuiiLTc,- Portland 

<KS Main urunswiCK 


Dexter Loan & Building Assn 

A A Springall treas and see - 
Ellsworth Loan & Bui ding 

Assn O W Tapley sec Ellsworth 
Piscataquis Loan & Building 

\ssn G I- Arnold sec Foxcroft 
Gardiner, F A Danforth sec 1 S3 

Wiicr Gardiner 


[alU.well.C H Shepherd ■■ 

mv- MAINE 1.-.1 

*Burlaps X- Jli'irlop lliins 
<;llnnon (;e<»k<;e i. < «> 

(see pat!.- 1717) .'.s i;il.Tv 

SonCh Boston Mass 

"Business Exchanges 

"Business Letters Com- 
posed &■ Mailed 

CO (see back colored page) 
24(i Summer Boston Mass 


(See also Provisions Dealers) 
5anborn J B (Sanbornville \ 
H) Acton 


Morris Harry 
Pluminer Harry 
Branch Harry 
Flood Frank E 
Barron Charles 
Brooks Daniel 
(ircult C T 
I light F G 





Davis Harry 
Parker Melk 
Bacon Jan.c! 

A. R 1 

a. R D 


W A 107 Pickering sq 
' P 310 Grove 
eld S A Co, Valley av 
David 8 Hazel 

Building & I oan Striar E 290 Hancock 
North Berwick Cressy George SR D 

Oldtown. C L W 


erhouse sec ■• 

Building Assn 
104 Exchange ■■ 
m A BuiMing 

Building Movers 

Wellman L L 9r. .Sewall Augusta 
O'Connell Daniel 334 French •• 
Stevens Bros, River av Belfast 
Adams Chas H 7 Greenleaf 

"Building Reports 

DODGE E W CO 114 Federal 

"Building Trimmings 

MORSE & (<»MPANV (sc 

J F Chute s 
Cumberland 1 

Assn 57 Exchange 
Deering Building & Loan Assn 

552 Deering av 
Falmouth, E F Thompson sec 

187 Middle 
Federal Loan & Building Assn 

50S Fidchtv bldg 
Forest City Loan & Building 

Assn ns Exchange 
Homestead Loan & Building 

Assn 57 Exchange 
Maine Loan & Building Assn 

415 Congress 
Portland Loan & Building 

Assn 104 Exchange 
Rockland, II O Gurdy 407 
Main Rockland 

■ Sanford Loan & Building Assn .. 

Skow began 
Somerset, Elmer Nolin sec •■ 

.South Portland Loan & Build- 
ing Assn, A E Thurrell treas 
141 Sawver S Portland 

Waldoboro, P E Storer sec 
WaterviUe Loan & Building 
Assn M F Bartlett sec 1/0 

Main Watervllle 

Wiaeasset, W D Patterson sei' ■■ 

Fred, R D 7 
HoUis F L, Stillwater av, R D 7 ■■ 
Sanford A G, S M F rd, R D 1 ■• 
Walker Freeman, R D 4 •■ 

Sawver George Bar Mills 

Perkins A S 253 Center Bath 

Sanford Geo A & Co 247 Center .. 

Arnold William 
Dyer George 
Gordon I'erley, R D 
Tibbetts F L 
Clark Charles 
alliy A P 



Hill W. 


"Bung Mfrs 

Burial Cases 


"Burial Vaults 


Cc'i'i'i'ral ' """ '" Bangor 

Smitli Chas S, R D 

4 Blddeford 

Monteith David A 


Smith Hora.c 
Curtis Joseph 


I. each Al 


Weiton"\^v""" Bolsters Mills 



Lewis G N 


Dcnhani Edwin, R 

1) 1 

hISso." William 



Woodbury Frank A 

2.H3 Wilson " 

Hart Walter 1„ R D 5 

I'oster Edward 


Knight Bros 


Morrison John A 
Chapman E A 


Sproul E F 
Honick F A 


(iibbs Charles E 


Knights Will, R D 

Banlelt Herbert 


Johnson W L 
Johnston E S 



Merriman Charles 

R D 2 

Miller C K, R D - 

Titus I.erov W 

Bryant Pond 

Gerrish Benjamin 

E BuckHcId 

Sawyer Arthur 


C-oftin W I 


\Ii-Allister Clareni 

.. E 

Cha.lbourt.e I'. IC 




ECTORV— 1916 


•■"""""ca T, 1.1... 11- A 11 

ri„>l,,|,S,,„ G j;. 


t'ailtoil l.''ifl,i.,„ 11,, race 

boniiK L.lwar.l T 


JnllllMOII lir.w 

Carlboii S'';i' '"-ter 

.Mr,l,:,, iOhsha S 

Cmi-.Iuit 1 C 

Cherryflold Whiiecirn. 

Ki.l.l.r W H 


Cnin,,, K A 

Clu'sterville Sroul, ! raid. Kiiiduskcai; 

Alkms Calvin 

Pittstleld A M 

China ■-^'■■■tl' William 

Hr,,.,ks r S G 

McKennc.y llurrj 

(■Hilton '■■a.\ C C, K I) 

Johoiuiett 1, 

l.uii.u>t,r Si-ili 

Corinna ' hapman i:ii,„-r E Kczar Falls 

Xl. h..|s 11 R 

rn.clur 'I'oiM 

.. 1 ea.h s L Kinsman 

Spaulduig VV S 

■rn.„,„h 1, 

Ma, sou R 1' 

lira, k. It li R, R D 

Thur-luii .li-sso 

<'ornlsh Irime C M KlUory 

lOm.Tv E (_;, R D 2 

• IsguuJ I', 1) < '11 III 

Crousevillf Chalmers George (East l!o,-l,- 
(crland Center t»ter Nil) Lehanon 

Howes W 1, 
Russ.Jl S O 


.SWL-.-«tLT F H 

)iry;iiJt W W 

,. Ilauseom George A 
Cutler I-ovett Luther 

Hunt David 101 Ri 



.•iteveus Guy 1* 

Libliv E 1308 Co 

liaskell John H 

Deer Isle Jennings Bros Leeds 
.. Clements S F Levant 

Heaulieu Max 
Higgins Rufus 

Presque Isle 

Siiiitli Henrv 

Dennysvillc Lewlstuii 

M.Kay & Barker 


.SMiith UenrV A. I! D 1 ,. Barker James L, Upper Main st •■ 

Dwellv John 


Haglcy Fred' 

Detroit Crowley Wm, Lisb.u. road 

Robbi'ns C \ 

)lrackeu H l{ 
Krawn Jan„>, 

„ Wyinau Harry Liberty 
.. Hurd H Limestone 

Colhn Benjamin M 
Hall G H 


lOsles Clar.-iUf 

., Kiehanlson J (■ Llnilnj;ton 

S\'mom|3 f; F 

•I'uttle ]. I( 

,. l.'iihanlson M V ,. 

Welch tieorge 


DuMieritt I <) 

Dexter V" "li'u"', Lin.olnviUe 

Br.iHli Charles 


Kan.lfll M A 

I.Mi.ll Walter Llnneus 


l..u.v,it (• 1) 

Dixtleld ' ',''''\V,, '''^''"" '-'"^ 

( 'iirter George A, Lake av .. 1 

Wan,n W C 

K BroH-nHeld l"'"'^"" If " 

Tli.,indike& Hixln 

■.Wharf St .. 

UroHU I'rank A 

Last Corinth •^^'">" K^'NibM, K D-' 


Kcuzur A A 



I'uor C \V 
Stuart Clialli-s 

Last Illrani Alhnd William V. li I) is 

Millay Samuel 


Mad.l.-.ks \Vall.-r 

K llolden Moore C W HvefMiore f'alls 

■I'li'on'i'as I .\ 


< irant KiUsiii J 

K Lebanon retling.ll K W 

Hr.'ucr Ch.irlis 1| 


llalison I'ra.ik 1;: 

.. Al.iri. k N.'ls.m Lov\ell 

\\ ,„„|.|,l..- (!; K. It 1> 

K Maehias Fleming' Charl,-s li n -J Lnbec 


Vv'il'lit'rr'l'll'n'ry ■"" 

., Hudson Kdwanl iVlacliias 

Huston .y Meserve. 

Jvstahr.iok Artluir 

G Kaston Clough W E Madison 

St' Agatha 
St Vlbaus 

I.OTMinn (■ A 

„ liallard Tlieodor,. Mancliesler 

|-:i'hs' Clri'rh's' ' 

llolma.. A S 

East Peru Huglu's H;,rri M Maplelon 

Small, -x Adi-lbert M 

St George 

llealy Martin 

Eastport S>i,l,irs \ 1, Mars Hill 

Cainlir...|l 11 11 

Sanborn George K 

E SebatfO S>iiliers 1) W 

Mower C W K 

*st Vassaiboro Thibodeau K 1> 

lin.nii Charl.-s Q 


King Charles 

Eden Cainey C 1' Masardis 


Corson CS, K D 
liuawell C K 

Ellsworth Meehanic Falls 

Eveter Thayer A 1), 1{ 1) 

Ilassi.ll ( ' S R D 

Sebec Daniel 

Eairtlelil Stiuiit J,,s, p|, ( • Mlllbridce 

A1I.-11 J P ' ■ 


Milli-tte \eriie 

FarminKlon l;isl,.,p 1 1{ Millinocket 

Sn.,w J W' 

Hell (Jsin.e 

Fort Fairlleld Hall Ib.llis J Milo 

•I'liviiK Pri' \ 


Hopkins liros 

S,-iipturc Charles W 

Chirk Wald.i 

( )sborne F W 

I'ulsiler A S,vai, MInot 

Ja.kman W 11 

Smith B S 

Walker Charles I., 1! I) 1 Monro 

P.rry Dam.J 

Hourgoin I H 
Ashe E ir 

Fort Kent Melver Frank Moiison 
Franklin I'orler W J MoiiHiello 

CI aik l..,w Smyrna Mills 1 

Nash W L, It n 2 

Freedom lio»e J S Morrill 

!:>.,» T J 

I'ennv Isrncst, H I 

) 2 .. \Vo,,dbury A J 


Martin K F 

Frenehvllle Hall ( A Mount Vernon 

|io,v,l..ll 1' 'l'. li 1) 

S Brewer 

Mes.Tvo Harold FryehurK Tyler Laniont 

Hrookins \V,nn, K I) 11) Gardiner I.ailer A 11 New (^asllo 

Sniilli A W, 1! 1) 

l^'.'u'l,-,', 'li W, l; I) 

S Orrlngton 

-Mill. 'It Charl.s 1. 
Milh-tt 1. A 

<;arland l.ailer F W 

.. Ja.kson Almon New Portland 

South Paris 
S Portland 

Stoniialin W all.i. e 

!■: tierry Thing I'nme !■: New Sharon 

V"'i"'''^ ■'"'"' '!, 

HIa.k K A 
K.ndiall W 1' 

(iorham New Sweden Station 

.. J.jhnson John C 

■||'alV('i,arl',''ri, ■ 

S Windham 

Ilannaford Charles 

li ■■ Sidelinger B Nobleboro 

I'alrirk David 

,. Vannah K A 

Drak,- Charl,-s 


Tracy VV I, 

Couldsboro lilais.lel! G H Norrldgewoek 

Ma'^ea'n' A 'c'l 
(^limby John 


Young Ifenry G 

Dunbar S P. R D 1 North Anson 

Voung T T 

Hans., n Charles North Bradford 

Morneault J C 
Colby Charles 
Hill Charles 
H. al I'Mdriiliie W 
( lark \V '1' 
T.i l.r Freeijian 

''"'"'\!r^ i?;e:|l,;!::f5.W North E.I«eeon.b 

Greene l-ampson fieorge 
Greenville l rm, M U North Islesboro 

Stockton Springs 

laliby Edward W 

M.iore A W 

Small William Stonlngton 

Kimjsl.-y E_S & Son^ Strong 

., ■■ Pulsifer Wuifield North Turner 

I'lebli- liosi,,e 

(Juiirord Tibbetts E D N nhitelleld 

Jom's' ikhvard 


Lewis C W North Yarmouth 

W.Jlman George. R 
W.aver S V, R D 1 


\iey Will Hainpi 

en Highlands Brooks O P Norway 

Hh in J 1''. 
CotJin A M 
I'hininier Guy H 

Harmony Gilbert L I 
Harrington (Jould Ransom D 

Marshall Albert R, R D 2 

\> ard John Tliorndlke 1 

■• Pledge James 

Clemant Frank, R D 

Kan. lid! Ira 1. 

•■ Richardson Charles A 

I'ov ].; A R D ■' 

KahisduU Fred, U 

D „ .•• Adams F H OakHeld 

Fov W N, R D 2 

I'itln M II 

Harrison Oakland 

H.,ward Charles K D 

2 ' "■ 

stone James 
Learned W L, R D 

■• Goodhue Martin L, K D ::r, 
2 ■■ Murphy Bisbee Olamon 

Mallett J Frank 
Ward Fred H 


Pike & Holden, R n 4 .. ,\„ hols Fred Oldtown 
Saunders C A, U I) 4 .. Ham James A, R D 1 

Durgin Clarence A 
Can oil O W 


Whitten E J 

Hartland lilson \V L. R D 3 Oxford 

Fuller S 10 

Chaloner H C 
Starkev C W 

Houlton ClKi.Uviek Harry Palermo 
.. ll..e Frank A W (), R D 
Paul J M. R D 
C.ilhn Claren.-e 
Haiidin Charles 

llussev Arthur 
Shur Rubin 

Island Falls WorthniK G.-orge A 

, •• leach Guy Penobseot 


C.uay & Dou^al 
Clark Henrv A 

Jaekman H it.-hins Lew i, R D 1 
Jay W anlwell S I'. U 1) 1 

Cvr Fred S 
Helsly J.,seph 

Van Buren 


Butchers— Continued North Turner Bai !' ' " BruiiNwUk 

a ,1 r„ w I.' VIpnna North Turner Cheese Co •■ l'■l^■ M ' ■ I . 

^:^^r^^,-H n^ ^^ A^^s^S^K 3.7, 5.0 an.^H.J, ^^ S.ew.n A . . Son, <.U..e.^,^ 

l^-ir ■ wavne A^^sK 202 Main ,,„:^ ^^^j:frii^i:^i:":::-, : 

l^^f^^G. weeks Mins {i^-L^'^y-U, :: "'l^llr '""- ''^'■'""i'oMnn^ 

M?^^"i';^j;;r°" ^;^'' f ■ »' „.„„,,. ,„„ ,^,;„, ; ,,„:„.„„ ,^;-r'^" 

larnham Lew.8 ^ Brook>v lie ^^ Sherman Deiiinark 

\Vaterhou9eS H """^ "' H1:„m l,;,r,l li K <iu,Uer) Strattoii Bu, nhan, & Mornll (ror,,, 

Pu'^°''n^ I, We^t Mliiot \\„ ,.;,,.^Mrs Thoriiclike HMves !' H l»eJ(er 

■ ibby Ralph •■ l ,,,,.7,1,, ( ■,.nrrr,. UlsllillLMoil l>,,rtUiiirll''inkillL' Co (corn) 

Mrrnhil.l l.vT.Kiu ■ Hurnh:.!!. & Mornll Co IHxHeld 

Hnwes Sidnrv W Brooksvlll.' Kast Machlas 

llillf:U " Uliiterport (;:,,lili3 Bros Co (Iducborripsi •• 

,, ., . , X, n .. Cromwell M A (lyss) HIscasset Kast Suiniu-r 

MeAUster 11 w .^,„^, ».„,„,__ Seaburv Joseph Yarmouth Mmol I'ackiiia Co i.-.,riii 

Bunker A.Uu.r , West '>'>"''^a" Q^.^n w W (eggs) Yarmouthvllle Kast WaterforM. 

''^l?i"l'.? ,.•■,,„. '''"'*"'"'■' ".!*■ ra6me( Makers "' '' ■"" " ''"' i'a.rnel.l 

Brac'kett V I' Weston 

Putnam V W ■■ 

Bryant W E West Paris 

( 'urtis C H 

rminRton Kails 

wnson'c j""'"' Wilsons Mills (See also Furniture Mfrs) 

I'inkhani William A Wlndsorvllle f, iba C B 253 Front Bath 

Wilcox John W ■• SMnborn Eben M 415 Main Belfast 

Keep Richard Wilton Saunders Fred Brldntoii 

Sawyer E W " Googins James Center Bclniont ', '"^'1","^ ii'",^',I','f,=V' Fri^nrtshln 

Whittomore Carl U » GuptiU E A (h.-rr,, held ,»yy K I Iclauis) friendship 

Davis James R Winn Clill A H Chesterville 1 1' '?„>, r.nnin- Co r-?rdlneV 

Ellis F II Wlnslow B.hber & Flaps; Kastport ,V"" ""'^?X^ <-^"rl "^ 

Shaw Arthur W Wlntcrport IVrri. J A & Son Boolhby & r>., knr '""V , "' 

Collins F C Wlnthrop Austin Harrv C & Co Kllsworth lorhan II 1, frVene 

Kilbreth A L ■■ Hod^'ki^s Isaac I. •■ „ ., , ,, „, ,„,,., r- , (,.,r„, 

YeatonFA •■ Stewart T L Farmlngton rwtrholl-Chan,„l,n Co , n , _ • 

Hathorne Samuel Woolwlrh Clark H A Jay ,«,„.;,,■„„„,„(■, 

Lowell LL ■■ Bucknam E M Maehlas V;"/,;\7'!^\;'"'''''';,. '',,,„,,,,, 

Hire Ralph F " llanscom I, n * Sons •■ /-^ ' ,'' ^'/ 5,",Hn (', H JrK 

Carter George E Yarmouth Herlihy William "'"i^'f^*;,';,''^ ^u!^!^ Chalnpl,,, vl: Hira... 

ANDKRSON & CO (antique ^.■"■'; y"j'''>,,<-' ■'""'"*-' [.'" , ^z'"*' 

Butler, Cheese & Eggs ''''^'"0 H'^Tunlon"""'" " and beans)"!'"'' '" "jeWersoii 

(See also Creameries) N,'°rEnKland Cabinet Works Webb U K .t Co uorn. , ,\;«;«;^; 

Driseo Earn, (butter and t^ ■. H.^-4.nd Planing M,H Co ;U 3 .-ald^ Keene & P oe .^n, ^^^ 

^^c^uTb^p"' ^^'isSralTd' Pe h"f "^^^ ^n Flake C,...,.e.l 

ernald. Keene & 

Ittle Deei 
ing Co l,« 

'^m^^^p-(?\^t\ Auburn c|db;'l4,aS ^ ''Zi^::^ WB^^ilifco Meulnley 

'"(™uUe?rM?;o?:7'°'^"".. WduHoland Wa'ldol'mro ,. ,, ^. Mcehanle Kails 

■4d^P;^^^-'^"^^«or \^::^::^:^JL^.^'Vti^ ^X.^^H{-^MCoMedomak 

aples Roger (butte'rine) 30 l.ovejoy H W S Wlntlirop j,^^^^^,^^^^^^ ^ ^,, 


« w ISO Nf ;„ iiirtdornp<i Calkers & Graiers ' Monmouth 

& K 189 Mam Blddeioril ,. ,,, ,•. ,^,_,> \t„..,...,iitli f.i 

i»,...*i.K.... (See also Ship Biuloers) Airjuui'iuin i^a 

■i.>r>»iih»v ^ee also ^nip nmiocrs; .mniiiiim..iii v^aniinB ^'' __ 

Boothbay ,„_,,,„ ^, „„J_ ,„,,. I.ak,. Hebron Packing Co Moiison 

_h Packing Co Naskeag 
u'r d" " ■■" TiiDbettVAibe'rtntiiW:, 

Bristol Williams John II, Dumii 

Faddoul Monson (chues.-) ■• Clark John E. Bowery Bath 

Fitzpatrick I. J Bradford Oliver Charles H 8 Mec' 

Mavo A 11 




Poole H G •■ Patterson Roland, High si 

Tolman F M (butter) Carroll Buchanan H P Camden 

Cornish Auspland J M Searsport 

rwilchell-Cha.nplin C<, (.■•.n, 
N A I 

^•^ll^l^^lS-enter ^^si^.C-o Hock.and ^^>"^ ^^ ^^^ * ^'^ i^i;^;yr sedgwlek 

Blanchard Harvey C 

Tibbet's Fred (cheese) Deiter 

■dgwick C: 

VII ..^V.i. 4. .;„ „ r „ f, Inhee Webb H F Co Norway 

Kllsnortli American t an ( o l>une< ,, ,. ■ d 1 ; /■• t\^vi-tntt 

Gilley Joseph (eggs). R 1) I •■ COLONIAL CAN CO (see .v''1"m\<;;;;,, .^ T ' e C^^t^^^^^^^ 

llaynes Ralph, I! 1 ) 1 page 19(13) 120 Milk \nw; G VC '^^ J'^" <^ " •»^f'''" 

Moore George A, K D 1 Boston Mass J'Hson G ( t o. 1< p,,,^„^,,, 

Staples George Frankfort j /^ j v , >, f P'»'>"<''»' 

Gardiner Cn-uiierv Co 44 Mp- C anned (rOOds Northern Maine ( aniimg C o ■■ 

■ liani. ■ Gardiner Albion Burnham & Mornll Co (h-l. 

Knowltou P H (eggs) (;nilford P,.ril,nd Packing Co u-orn) and clams , . Port Clyde 

Harrison Burnham & Mo-rill Co f. on, 1 Bloc Diamond Canning C o 

.Seavey N H & Son leggs) ■■ 74 Lake Aulmrn av Auburn (brown brca.l, ^"■^^i,J\> 

Plummer Arpha Mrs (eggs) Faho Fan, C'aiuiu,^ ( C, Il:..„- Bishop st Portland 

R04 ' ,. mond St . Baneor Bunihan, iV Mornll Co 1 

Thompson Carl C Jay Sa,„ Valley Caonoig Co Belfast Waic, •■ 

Vmes S K •'!■, I isb.oi I.ewlstoii W ,1,1, I i I' Cu (...nil Itetlie! 1 criial.l, Ke,„,- & Inn- fo 

Tull'le W W (eggs) l.lmerl.-k Bolsters Mill (.-oi ,,1 21 7 < ■o.,>o,c,,-,al 

I.inneus P,,t ,la.,.l Pa. k,„c C. ■'.','^'''"' ', 'c--''^,^ ','"■,'-, , >-•. ' 

Gore Herbert (l.ull..ra.„l eggs, .. BridstoM la l.hv . M. N.-llI A labby 2.... 

Moore C W i.ivermore Kails B,in,l,ai,, M.,n ill C,, icn, 1 t oi,,i„,M-.ial ■■ 



■110 Korc. 

t'aiiiH-(l Goods— C'un 
w Gloucester Packing Co 


.ing Co (corn 
-V, York 
:iinK Co (corn, 
;. ~) Press l>kl« ■■ 

i\ RiK'klaiid 

Rumrurd Outer 


ill (^ 

S Paris 

I'rc.nt si South Portland 

l',iiil I'a.-kinf! Co S Waterford 
Du.ll.v \V H (apples) .Starks 

.\ortli I,ii1h-c MfK & Cannini! 

Co Stonlngton 

Bracklcy & Strong (apples) 
Huriiham & Morrill Co (corn) ■■ 
Hhnk & r,.,y Thoinaston 

Turner Center 


E & Ci 
C W 

Greenleaf E M 28 Miller 
Kcene V \V 45 Fourth av 
Lane Eugene F 2(51 Main 
Marquis W S 153 Wliitnev 
Oliver G F 50 Ganiage av 
Robinson Charloa E 35 James 
Seavcv Henry B 28 Davis av 
Warren A F & .Son 211 Turner 
Young Moses L H Mechanics 

Flrtch.r & Uobbins, Mt \Vr- 

l.ihbv E W So Gage 
Tracv & Mclcalf Hi Oak 
VVi-llinan I'Vaiik It ,S3 Western 

Collier Augustus, K D -J 
Markhani William, l{ U 2 
Tcnnev ,1 S, R D 
Thomas Charles ,S Bailey Island 

Bean .1 L 
Cates Carl O 
Cates Earl 
Chase M 
Collins Henrv 
Cummings Joh) 
Foss Charles 
Foss T H 
MeCollar John 
Moore Howard 
Br.als W 
Hawkeslev C..l( 
Holler George \ 
Ilm.klev Walla 
Leach Irving 
Mas.ui Frank I 
Mayo >fe Towns 

Kluehiil . 

W E Boothhay Harbor 


I'crnald. Kcene 
Monmouth Canning Co Union 
Portland Packing Co Unity 

(iranl J C, R D 1 
Carl Bros Waterboro 

N'ovcs F F(corn) Weeks Mills 
Fernald, Keenc & True Co 

West Brooksviile 
Farnham John M & Co 

West Karinlngton 
Dingley E S Co (corn) 
Pratt .1 W (apples) W Mills 

Burnham & Morrdl West Paris 
West Poland 
Kcrnald, Kcene A True Co 

Portland Packing Co (corn) 

Royal River Packing Co 
Forhan H L (corn) Yarmouthville 

Cant- Dogs 

Cassidy T F & .Son 32 to 42 

Front Bangor 

MansHcld E A- Co 75 French ■• 
Snow A Neallev Co 11)1 Bniad ■■ 
Wcl,-li Charles E 
I'eavev Mfg Co 

Nelson Otto Co 

D I 

Gowcll A J Bowdolnhani 

White Clifton Bradford 

White George 

Poole C E Bremen 

Abbott A D 70 Brimmer Brewer . 

Carter John T 57 N Main 

CIcwIev L E 202 Penobscot 

Gcl.'hell & Wiklcs 

Gott P J, Wilson St 

\ii-kerson & .\Iavo, Parker st .. 

Wiswell Joseph, R D 5 

Grant G W R D f. 

larrett J D Bridgewater Center 



FC 14 Freemont 
■r Ernest, R D 7 
•r George F. R D 1 
>nald C H, R D 1 
kins C A Bar Harbor. 

ins ,Seth 
?nee A E Co 

R H 

Harmon P : 
Proctor John 
.Saunders Fred 
Smith Otis 
Holden S 
Lawler A F 
Sproul E W 
Brow F 
Weston D S 
Allen F L 
Bent R E 


Broad Cove 

E K 

es F 

Purington Clia 

Reed Frank G 






•:iui Bath Foster L T. R D 2 

pring St ■■ Larrabee E, R D 

ligh •■ Larabec J, R D 

I St .. Morton Harold, R D 

er .. Taylor Fred, R D 

ine ■• Havdcn M A Browr 

W 83 Mid- Lewis Andrew 

. ,■• Bruns 

. oiiimercial •• Kames David C 3 Belmont 

V"" •■ Booker C 11, Everett st 

,"""";, .r ", ColbvFrankA&.Son22 Midd 


es W, 

Carpenters & Builders 

(Sec alsn Ship CMrpcnlcrsi Casev A F 

ord R E Abbot Village liualey Ch 

,i\.ll W O Brown Da 

Addison Wyman G 

■isco I R 
,ves Ho« 
aVd H I. 


Hanaall Frank 
Kicker Ray 
Waterhouse Ge, 
Clark Fred I 
Sidelingcr T H 
Swan John N 
. Tuell Gilbert 

Hrenn;in Thom: 


Benton Station 


Pliilbrook Joseph, P;ige 
Merriman R D, R O 2 
UandMll W, R n 2 
Kicker E C. R D 2 
B.acon H Alton Brya 

Cooper C W f 

Phinnev- E L 
Allen Charles Bi 

Cohoon Charles V 
Cn.nker John 
Smith E W 

Ko.kwoo.i J 
Siiekncv Ch:i 
,ScotlJll ' 
Thurston Ma 
Brown C P 
iMsh J C 


ihn P 

i..i'!I m.W. .-.« 




tiirpciitcrs & Itiillders— Con 

Tirrcll A I, 


TirrcU H T 


(ape Cottage 

Murray Fred P ai 

d ALunjo S .. 

Atherton O L ' 


Urwinx V W 

[\,^v SdiuyK-r C' 

Warri'ii Allrcd 10 


U^ C W 


»,nv,h» Vv^uk W 


\ ..-cil & M,.T,-y 

f.ill.v K A 

Cedar Grove 

}!rown I- W 

Center Lovell 

Sproul Joseph 


Strout John W 


Wass W 11 

Slarlicy A G 


Wiishbiirii W C 

lMMiri,i,-r J.i.-r,,h 

( hisliolin 

Nlrk.Ta.M. C I'. 


FlcwnlUn« B A 

lOasl.... (Ircsan Jainca 

• (Jreenvllle 

Wine A I, 

.. Ccrri.h W I 

Greenville Jet 

Dnnhar llcnrv 

»i»st Orland l.cK V„inr 

\Vardwell GeorRc 

.. Ward I) M 

Clark Willuril H 

Kasl| Krwl 


T V 
rk Walter A 

liorite Kiist Sebafco 

raid Wnsley E Vassalboro 
\n (liorgc Kdceeoinb 


11, H 

iiljar I'l 

Ilk, H 

Columbia Kails 
t Coopers Mills 

Bnrrill George 
I'imIi Fred 
Griiy C A 

Bradley Bion Cornish 

Lord Alvin C 
Norton Wilhs 

Bulger Geo W Cranberry Isle 
Cumberland Center 
Farwell Gorhain I, 
Wilson George N, H D 
Frank L A Cumberland Mills 
Lowell Elmer 

Cc.lidt;.- Harry, K D 2 

Hanaii Coleman, R D 2 

Hodiikins Coleman, R D 2 

l.inscoit Henry, R D 2 

MoD.inald Roswell, R D 2 

Young Edward F, R D 2 

Brown W II Kllsworlh Kails 

Lvnian D J 

Chick Andrew Emery Mills 

I.eavitt Carre;!! Euslls 

Burns Harrison T Kalrtleld 

Smith A D 
Thompson Jame; 
Stewart Oliver I 
Stevens Charles 
Vilea William M 
Beckwith S D 
Cheney J G 

Karmlngton ' 



Kort Kalrfleld . 

l,owell Newell B 


Davis Maurice I' 


Matthews N T 

Matthews Willie 


Roy Thomas 


Crocker Chas W 


Erskine W T 

Perkins C F 


Wilson Bros 

Hatch W E 

Dark Harbor 

Leighton W B 


Joyce H F 

Deer Isle- 

Saunders J K 

Smith B C 


Osgood Charles E 


Andrews Willis 


l.eighton Willis 
Brown B (), R D ! 
Carter A M, R U 1 
Andrews W E, R D 2 
Harris C T 
Willis Fn-d 
Ward L J, R n 
Dexter Henry P 
Nutter Adelberl 

Palmer A 
Palmer E E 
Depres Alex 
Atwood S F 
Brown W L 
Dexter L C 
Howard Harry 
Levensalor Vincent 
Oakes W D 
Sands Thomas 
Swallow C l> 
Thompson C H 

■ Washburn Philip 
Clark W W 
Francis W A 
Abbott Fred 
I.owrie W H 
Sprague Charl.'s H 
Hutchins C P 
Plummer J W 
Bennett E E, R D 2 
Stevenson C V. R D 1 
Taskcr ICdwurd. R D 
Wentworth Mil I on > 

■ Porter Irvine I. 
Mitchell John D 
Oliver C M 


Bean G 


ith H J 
M W W 


Hampden HIds 


tills Center 

Gilbert. R G 
Hagerman Brock 
Haggartl Bros 

Smart A B 
Stairs J D 
Wakerield Fred 
Webber R J 
Wright Ambrose 
Twombly M N 
Titcomb Frank W 
Baldwin Henry 
Hunt B W 
Peters M A 




I! V 

en Ha 
W I! 


Dresden Mills 


Dyer Brook 

East Corinth 

Paul Langdon G 440 Wa 
Wells C H 35 Church 
Harriman John F (Rar 

Mitchell Newton (Rai 

Scott Herman, RDM 
Cole Arthur. R D 14 
Clough G II, R D i:. 
Horn Harry, R D l". 
Smith William, R D lo 
Butters F W 
Morton M P 
l.ane W H 




stand Kails 

Isle au Ilaiit 



uiobunk Port 


re CI 



Casev D 
Casi'V G 

E Mllllnocket 



4 „. ' 




Carpeneers & Builders— Con 
McLaughlin Fred Levant 


Ames A D 121 Sabattus rd 
liean Herbert I 70 High 
Bilodeau F X 120 Howe 
Davis W L, Cross st 
Day C J 56 Oak 
Dionne E 116 Pierce 
Earle H M S. W Blake 
Haskell John W 40 Whipple 
Kennedy Jas J L'.f Lo«p11 ct 

Lewis L A 264 Maiii 
McKenzie Medrick 08 Oak 
Mitchell A A 30 Montcllo 
.'Saucier S 199 Park 
.Saurier 504 Lisbon 
.1 E 147 Middle 

CralTte A A 
Henderson W J 
Steward Charles 
\A'il3on James H 
Brown E 
Pearson S W 
Parker G S 
Fairbanks G B 
Foster H H 
Healey H II 
Cannell Bort 
Meserve John 
Bojd L P 
Higgins P L 
Perkins Jolnj M 

isc River Buniiius C II 

■• French P C 

■• French W S 

■ Campbell W B 

Morrill Dunn Charles 
Jordan F W 

t Desert Bowe E C 

Vernon Getchell William 

:: McYai^WA »'—"""'<-« 

Naples Crommett H A 
Palmer Joseph 1 
V Caslle Steves L V 





urd>- Tr 

tport Appleby L 




I':iKec W A 
Sharp E 10 

Hoothliy C Y I 

McKenney H H 
Ayer Nathan W 
Ayer W U 
McKinnon W F 
Staples Clarence H 
Heal Herbert LI 

Brewster Edward, K D 
Brewster Fred, R D 1 
Stanley Cliarles A 
Stewart William B 
Beals George W Lis 

Blethen W D 
Chase Howard 
Philbrook Fred 
Philbrook Joseph & Son 
Roberts Pearl M 

LImerIrk Go 

■• W, 
Mmeslone Ba 


: '1 New Portland 

New Sweden .Sta 

New Vineyard 


Mums M 
Dyer E 
Moulton Herbert 
MouUon J H 

Bowman C D, U D 
.Scott Herman 
Colib A B 
Huston WilHam 
Barker G P 06 Veranda 
Bean Thomas C 38 I- 


■d A S, R D 18 

Kimball F H, U D 1 

Howes L E, R 1) i North Anson 

Bragdon George E North Berwick 

(ioodwin & Geary 

Kimball Leon 

Hodgdon E A Northeast Harbor 

Lurvey R F 

Peckham Wrn S 

Ralph I E 

Wilson I. A 

Greenougli F (J North KdRceomb 

llaggelt I'Varik 

Russell Benjamin 
Gillis M W 
Simpson Hugh 
Trecartin C S 
Trecartin Isaac 
Gilson Andrew R 
Longfellow L J 
Mallar Arthur 
Palmer E N 
Phinney G S 
Wallace G M 
Holden Joseph 
Lane George 
Maxim Edward F 
Snell Ross 
Moores Harrison 
Libby P S 
Libby Richard 
tirendell E L, R D 2 
I'elky Herbert, R D 2 
Pelky William, R D 2 
(iilman B 

Estes John E Meel 
Hall W F 
Keene J L 
K'empton Chester 
Leach W E 
Millett George F 

W 1 

sk F 



O D 

N Haven 
N Lebanon 

St Henry .M North Marlavllle 

...<.....«> . MouIton S N New Portland 

•■ Drmkwater Oscar Northport 

-, , . " Sliaw Osborn B N Sebairo 

Maehlas Port Webber Parker North Shapleigh 

». ..-. ." (■'"!''™ '^ '■ North WhlteHeld 

'*'<'»Jn'<'y Jordan Albert North WIndhaii 

lams Charles H 
Andrews Gene 
FOvirs Charles W 
Frost Charles A 
Herrick G W 
Kimball Horace 
H E 




■ift Georg 
len L R 
len M W 



Daniels WiUiam 
Clark George 
Tozier William 
Strout James 
Wallace Harvev 
Hackctt CharlJs 
Morrill \ W 
Rush Charles J 

R D 2 



Smith Angus 
Atwood Frank 
Cookson W O 
Gray H O 
Hoskins Frank 
Kittredge F M 
Ross Walter 
.Stanley W S 
l'"oKg I'' M 







Pressey John 
Carney George 
Dennis G A 
Fowler L I 
Robinson Richard .S 
Webber J E 
Worcester W F 
Bradeen O II 
Hartwell E T 
McNaughton J A 
Norton D C 
Randall C 
■ Roundv Charles A 
Taylor Flank 
Wilbur George H & 
Cass Albert. R D 1 
Facteaux Rufus P 
W„,„lbridg,. Ralph 


Berry N W 107 Clark 
Bradford Bros 1 1 Custom 

House whf 
Brown & Berry 151 KenmJicc 
Bryant Charles W & Co 025 

Forest avenue 

(see page 1788) 112 Preble 
Burrnwes William 151 Keune- 

Cobh & Webster 105 Preble 

Conll,roth W H IS Center 

STRUCTION CO (see pa.'.- 
178.-.) 405 Congress " , 

Goodrich J B 75 Gray 

Googins Fred T 23 Cotton 

Hanson C A 191 Grant 

Harmon J Emery 214 Federal . 

Hayden & Dingwcll 109 Clark . 

page 1788) 3 Gould 

HobsonCH 59 Union 
Howatt C B & Son 192 Brack- 
Hunt E W 103 Clark '. 
Jackson J H 4 Abbott 
Johnson lO G Co .50 Cross 
Johnson Edward H, Joy pi 
Jose C F 438 St John 
Leigh ton C C 32 Portland 
Libby E A 04 Federal V. D & Son 10 Scwali 
Lincoln Samuel D Adams pi .. 
Litflcj,,hn W E 79 Atlantic 
Livint-sfone P 147 Kennebec 
Low liolicrt B 94 Allen av 
M.fMush.nd W B34 Union 
Marston C;eorgp L 205 Allen 


10 Vi 


Co 85 Ke 

Rines S M 25 Cotton 
Robbins & Osgood 55 Alba 
Roberts A T 10 Alder 
Rogers Spencer Son r 94 Ex- 

Rowe G W 418 Cumberland av 
Russell Ernest E 75 Upland av 
Shortill Janies II 
Tibbetts Charles S 1402 Wash- 
ington av 
True A T 14 True 
Vail G II 313 St John 
Wallace Fred E 47 Munjov 



Otlsllel<l Dionne Wi 



< arpviiliTs A, KulldPrN — ( '<in 
AikiiiM r<' Prlnr4>toii 

UolibiiM I''n-<l 
Toiirr Alberl 
Voofivi N D 
Duffy Alix 
Harrimrtn John F 
Mit.bell Newton 

folliM Saul Raneeley 

Hour A M 
Wright L A 
[larriiiian M J Readtteld 

Caatner M S KIcbiiiund. 

Lewbf F C 

Merrini:in George W 
Keed Aithur 
Sedglcy John H 

Rockland . 
BiekneU Chas E 465 Main 
Farnham J N 32 Cedar 
Frost John A I OS Park 
(J lover W H Co 4.i3 Main 
Cioulding C E 54 Pacitic 
Koke-i William L S rihaw av 
Sherman U A A- Co 239 Main - 
Stanley F A 045 Main 
Dillingham Winslow F Rockport . 
Hvler George 
Spear E W 

Abbott C R Rumford . 

I.innell V A 
Tuiverson N 

Currie WUliain Sabattus 

Jones R C. R D 

ChelUs A L 2S Cutts av Saco . 
Davi.- Frank L 4 Son 70 Hill 
HillJPl2S North 
Perham J T. Camp Ellia 
Plante Henry 39 Scammon 
Towne John B C 8 Park av 
Smith Herbert i Sou. R D 
Cyr Donat St Agatba . 

Cyr Joseph J 
Ouellette Louis 
Rossignol Gilbert 
Milton Charles St Albans 

Dufour Cyprien St David 

Mi.huud Leonard 
Boucher C E Sanford 

Butler WiUanl - ' 

C.,bb James 
Crenner Lester 
Dfiiier^' Telesphore 
C;ou<Iwin Gilbert 
Johuson A Gootlwin 
Normandeau Napoleon 
Pare F'retierick 
Quint Everett 
Young Abiahaui 

Burtou Eben SangrrvlUe 

Spooner B F 

lljardWylieK Sarseutvllle 

l.yinbumer S A II 
Durgiu Eugene Srarboro, 

Googins A J 
JaiieUe F X 
Miller Fred A 
PilUburv Guy H 

Candage U W & Son Seal Harbor 
Potter A E 
Sniallidge W S 

Creig 1) L Searsniont 

Ileal Samuel 
\\o.h1 W G 

Blamhard John Searsport 

Mosman A L 
Park F H 
Irundy A E 

S«-bcc Station 
Washburn D B. R D 
Byard E J Sedgwick 

Bradford Ir\ing Shapleigh 

Cushraan Wallace Sherniau 

Sleeper Charles 

Goodwin H B Skow began. 

McQuillan A Pooler 
^latson C H 
Oliver John C 
Phillips John F 
Plummer C A 
Amaieen J W. R D 2 
Hawkslev Joe Smyrna Mills 

Smith Arthur 

Merrill A C Solon 

W illiams M I. 

Wilson II M >oIou 

B.«.tl. TI...i„:l, S Rorwirk 

MclQtireJnhu A li-c.t.- 

Murphv Churl. ■> 

Neal J h 

Thomps.jn Edwin 

Freeman Charlf's M S Rrewer 

Rogers F IJ 

Carnage Warren Soutb Bristol 

Geyer B S s Cu>hing 

Maloney Eli 

Rivers T J 

Junkins Victor P S Ellot 

Paul Bros 

Hoiie Fred E S Orrtngton 

Stubbs Charles 

Baker M G. R D 

Freeman CM.RD 

Harriman F I, R D 

Bumham George I South Paris 

Mason P S 

Pratt William 

York D S 

Grindle Herman 

Wight Fred 

Clifford Everett M 

Colby William M 

South Portland. 
Benner Enoe T 2S Ocean 
Newell Hubbard C 5ti7 Sawyer - 
Paige 4 Conary 141 Sawyer 
Thomas Fred I fil Angell av 
Clarke W S S Thoniaston. 

Graved Charles 
Morgan IN 

Strout H South Windham 

Willey H 

Budge Eugene C SpringHeid 

Chamberlin Frank J Sprlngvale 
Garvin Alva 
Philpot Ernest J 

Thompson S A Spruce Head 

F.lwell W H C Standish 

Trask Fred Starks 

Haskell George Steuben 

Merrithew J R Stockton Springs 
Thompson E E 


S Penobscot 

Stonington . 






R D 2 
Seekings Ralph 
Smith H B 
Cox Chestei 
Cox Maunce 
Taylor Earnest I. 
Turner Charles 
Perrv A E 
Ga.»par Manuel 
Rich WUli.-* c; 
Swett E E 
Young J M 
Smith ManforJ 
Stimson Raymond 

Tenants Harbor 
Kalloch H F A C. 
Beverage J T 
Copeland E G 
H»thome F D 
Montgomery E L 
Oliver Charles 
Spear John 
\-ose E S 
Young Isaac 
Mar^cia Ferd 
Davis Nathan. R D 
Mahar Bros 
Uradbuiy Lynus E 
Cash Walter S 
Colby F A A Son 
Hall Bros 
WiUiams Lowell 
Rich Charies H 
Uodsdon Earl B 
Lee <k Judkins 
Roberts Chsries G 
Howes J C 
Wentworth West B 
Wineapaw V S 
Wi!!ev F A 
Jackson A D 
Whitten G L 
Gagnon Charles 
Thibodeau Ed 
Violette A 
Clendenin N 
Finley John 
Russell Warren 
Cr ~hv Fred 


l":ii'..'. a H 

Siiwy.-r M 
Keuer L 

Hatch Cg" Walnut Hill 

HiMlsdou A E 

Long James 

Hyler Silas E, R D Warren 

Kelleran Andrew. R D 

Stevens George E, R D 2 

Carter C O Washburn 

Humphrey Spencer 

McCkiakev Samuel 

Sukeforth R.jbert Washington 

Durgin D S Water boro 

Kimball Frank 

Moore C D Waterford 

Stone E L 

Brann S F 20 Charles Watervilie 

Col.jny Jt Carey 7 Charles 

Cross O O 15 Pleasant 

Day A Smiley Co 37 Front 

KtJder A A A C B 4S Benton ■- 

Marcia Edward C 23 Charles - 

Winters Henrj- T A Son 27 

Boutetle av 
Rhoades Charles, R D 39 
Maxim C D Wayne 

Norton C L 
W ing L B 

Marr George E Weeks Mills 

Runnells Arthur 

White J H r. 

Wilson F L WelchvUle 

Coburn H A Weld 

Pratt E W 
Robertson L C 
SchofielJ F S 
Swett Charles 
Tainter A I. 
Witham Walter 

Hutchins D A Wellington 

Hatch A H Well> Depot 

■Gray A Houston Westbruok - 

Robinson u (IK 

Tapley u W BrooksTille 

Coombs Jaii\es W Rliitun 

Jordan W C 
Ridlon E F 

Clark Calvin Westfleld 

Piles WiUie 
Winship Alonao 

W Lebanon 

Chamberlain Henry W 

Cole F J. R D 2 West Paris 

Blackw.^xl I W West Pembroke 

Burgess Burt West Peru 

beuuett George P W Scarboru 

I.ibbv T A 

Pillsbury H L 

PiUsbury A Leary 

Thurston George B 

Thurston Jaim-s B 

Urne A F W Southport 

Ashley H E West SuUivaii 

Buckman F A Whitine 

(i.lliatrick Earl 

ll.~.[..-rTha.lius WhItnervlUe 

Bennett H C, Wilsons Mills 

Olson Lewis 

John.s.)n W S Wilton 

Kjngsbury Howard WInterport 

Bishop Frank I Wlnthrup 

Thomas F M 

Farnham Elie WIscasset 

Farrdiani E V 

Jackson Benjaoiiu F 

Johnson Augustus 

Le%->a T H 

Lewis Sanford , 

Pierce Charles 

Porter Luther F 

Pottle William B 

Sherman S D 

Sidelinger Henrv D 

Smith Edward 

Colby C E. R D 4 

Knight Herbert, R D 4 

Lynn Charles M Woodland 

Oshorn U E 



<';ir|K'ii(iT>, A; Hull (■ K 

linker Al],h.-us 

l.iiaan C W YaniiouHivIHe 

SluruT li h 

U.itT il (Iriiut York Beach 

l,:iBuut:i Joseph 

Mc-Kuwen Austin V 

Sliuttuck Jlerbert L 

Tupley A J 

VVurtlien C W 

Lirant llost-coi; York CorntT 

Ooudwiii E E York llitrhor 

I.angille DougU.s 

I!al(.-ntine Elijah York Villas*' 

Roberta C A 

Tower Warren 

Carpet Cleaners 

Bangor Carpet Duster 4.') 
Columbia Bangor 

Bangor Window & Sign Clean- 
ing Co 45 Columbia (vac ii- 

Wllalen F H 231 Front Bath 


T.ittle E A 127 Lanrastcr 


(See also Oil Cloth Mfrs) 
Chandler's 84 Hammond Bangor C A & Co 58 Main 
Percy D T & Sons 88 Front Balh 
Stetson Alfred D & Son 41) 


Johnson T M & Co 34 Preble ■■ 
Johnston, Bailey Co 1!)0 Mid- 
Kilborn W T Co (and whole- 
sale) 24-26 Free 
Novelty Rvig Co 38 Kim 
Phelps & Pinkham (rugs) (17 

Carriage Dealers 

Donald Harry M Addison 

Adams J G Ashland 

Cluugh M O, H D 2 Augu.sta 

Brown & White Co 186 I'.x- 

chunge Bangor 

CON ANT C M CO (see pagi- 

1741) 1S2-19U Broad 
Utterback-Cleason Co 44 Broad .. 
Tower G E Bar Harbor 

Mason C H 232 Water Bath 

Norton B O Water st Belfast 

Bartlett F R Bethel 

Tyler F J 

Jlersom W J Blaine 

Lewis Gardner Boo Ih bay 

Smith H I Bootlibay Harbor 

Young A G Bradford 

MeDauiels J D Brldglon 

Wilson Frank L 

Staples I S cSc Son Brooks 

Larrabee J, R D 

Towusend Chas E Brunswirk 
Warren A F & Son Bnektleld 

tiardmr D M A Co Calais 

Moore tieorge W Canton 

nines A Smith Caribou 

Shaw & Milton 
Wight A !•: 
Chase ]{ F Cornish 

Bark.i 1. (■ Fast Vassalboro A I' Port Kalrtleld 

Me Keel, ni.- E C Koxerofl 
Monroe !•; T 

('ampbi'll John T (Jarland 

Osgooil E T, (iray 

French J E & Son Guilford 

PUimmer Bros Harrington 

Tarbox C D Harrison 

Hall G A Co Houlton 
Smart A M 
Weih-r J S 

l.innekin I" B Jefferson 

l.oid John W Kennebunk 

Chase II A A Son IJnieslone 

rdo], b i: Lincoln 

nnison L E Lisbon Falls 

ilev D W LIverniore Falls 

-rv V (■ Maehlas 

-rv George D 

leiier F V\ Madawaska 

rk C N Mars Hill 

rk J E 

ble Irank A Mllo 

Mird J C Monroe 

si,.r B S MonlUello 

•hols li R 

rmett P 1, Newport 

ith ■ ■■ 

es A 

Hall It R Damarlsrolta 

Bartlett J L Damarlscotta Mills 
Beau J R Detroit 

Bigelow J F Dexter 

J'iah H W 

Waterman Frank E Dover 

Narrows C Flast Corinth 

Buxton C M Fast port 

Clardner C () 
MeMahon L W 

J A Noblcboro 

l.ovej.n- G F N Chestervllle 

Mitehell Gi-.irge H N Yarmouth 
labbv II I. Norway 

Cleinent W B Penobseot 

llurkett N J Phillips 

Wells N !•; 

Weeks i: P PIttsHeld 

Fernald E W Prcsque Isle 

Hanson C J 
Mooers D W 

Simmons Geo M 23 Tillsou av •• 
Ames & Morse Eumford 

Bailey F O Carriage Co 15 Wa- 
ter Saco 
Sands Orrin H 445 Main 
Gilkey W R Searsport 
Curtis Frank Sherman 
Lewis W H Sherman Mills 
Lam asler J H Skowhegan 
Whipple A 1-: Solon 
Milhit I", () South Paris 
Smith N A Standlsh 
Bartlett 1) 1! Starks 
Cleaves H I, Sulllvan 
Sirt>is J M Van Buren 
Vigue Harness .V- Carriage Cc, 

15 Silver Waterville 

Newman L M Weld 

Chase R F W Baldwin 

Phinnev V. H West Buxton 

Sprague G !• West Pembroke 
WMoan Charles 11 Winn 

White Ira G Wlnterport 

Stanley (» I, Wlnlhrop 

Carriage Makers 

(See also Wheelwrights) 
Auburn Carriage Co 39 Sec- 
ond Auburn 

Auburn Wagon Woiks 17 

Cierrish F A 3 N River rd 
Chandler J H 10 Bangor Augusta 
Delano L J 5 Bowman 
Ferran J P & Son 72 Gage 
Marson E E Estate 32 State 
Heal Lewis G 184 Essex Bangor 
Kelley Andrew Carriage Co 

SO Walter 
Mason John & Sons 103 French .. 
Shannon & Carver 51 Still- 
Thomas n B, Howard lane 
Gerrish Fred C, R D Bath 
Townsend Bros G2 Jefferson 
Brewer Carriage Co 94 Bet- 
ton Brewer 

Tliompson Volney, R D 2 Brooks 

Holmes F Brookton 


Kirk W A 

T.'wksbur^ Aan.n C llexter 

lio»e EInicr E Kllsworlh 

Gilson J T 145 Main av (;ardlner 

Libby J B 23 Church 

Ross G W Harrison 

Wade & Duntoti Carriage Co 

29-35 Park Lewlston 

Thompsim Volncv Montvllle 

Picott I'- A " N Berwick 

Kilgore W H N Waterford 

Gould J \V Oldtown 

Crandall Harris H 23 Cotton ■■ 
Derry J B 21 Cross 
Locke & York 91 Preble 
Lond)ard W A 15 Alder 
McCann D E Sons 113 Preble •■ 
Soiih-Smith Co 984 Forest av .. 
Talbot & Moulton 75 Portland •■ 
Small Fred E Richmond 

Spaulding I L 

Kellar F E 1 10 Park RocMand 
Manson & Nye 515 Main 

Towie Ivory H Co 1 1 Scammon •• 
Sanford Carriage Co Sanford 
Jov Daniel B S Berwick 

Glenn 1 R, 174 Ocean S Portland 
Clement D V 22 Krout Waterville 
Dav Bros 21 Charles 
Saw\er G II Westbrook 

Carriage Makers' Supplies 

STEVKNS A K & CO (wheels) 

9-15 Union. Portland 

Crie H H & Co 45<i Main 
West Falmoutli Mfg Co 
(wheels) West Falmouth 

*Carriage Painters 

(.See Painters, Carriage) 

Carriage Smiths 

(See also Blacksmiths) 

Mason John & Sons 1U3 French •■ 
Bean C A 234 Water Bath 

Bowie H E 243 Water 
Cahill A R A G A 9 School 
Vonland E A li Summer 
Fulton J(jsiah M Bowdolnhani 
Moulton A B Greene 

Davis W F Old Orchard 

Kimball & Winslow 777 Forest 

av Portland 

McCann D E Sons li3 Preble •■ 
Kellar F E 111) Park Rockland 
Smith C 11, R D Waldo Station 

Carriage Trimmers 
Siblev C H 39 Main Auburn 
Cove! N & W C 772 Washing- 
ton Bath 

Bailey George W 42 Hanover .. 

Cash Registers 

National Cash Register Co 13 
State Bangor 

National Cash Register Co 14 
Lisbon Lewlston 

National Cash Register Co 53 
Exchange Portland 


Jordan T'J 141 Grovo Bangor 
Lufkin George E 92 Main 
Cahill Charles 11 73 Front Bath 

Pooler Clifton C 184 Clark .. 

Cattle Dealers 

(See also Horse Dealers) 
Plummer E K Addison 

Norton Ruel Anson 

Brooks D Ashland 

Barthn E D, R D 1 

.;.; W. ,vi>.mi5 ) 


Catllc Dealers— C 


on li.;,nc K LlKTiiiori- Kails 

At lions 


Staikpole Merttiri Ci, U D 1 .. 
Dondero C G, K D -J Augusta' 
Hean W A 107 Pickering sg 
Weiler Geo W, KeuduskeaK av .. 
Verplast V G, R D 2 
I.ittiefield E H, R D 1 Belfast 
Edwards F L Bethel 

Philbrook J M 

FilzHiimiioiis J W Bingham 
llersoiu W J Blaine 
Scribner J B Bolsters Mills 
Tibbetta L Boolhhay 
Dewolf H (i Boothbay Harbor 
Woudbury Frank A L's;i Wil- 
son Brewer 

I'.ii.ery Fred F Bridgton 


I'ease Mark S, U D ' 
Merrinian C, H D 2 Brunswirk 
I.ibby F I- Burnhani 

Bean 1G& Son / Canaan 

Rich AG / Canton 

Waite M A / 

Husaey Charles, R D 2 Caribou 
Watkins Henry Caseo 

Xilaiin Kiigene Clinton 

Coopers Mills 
iMarr Parker E. R D 2 
Turner John M, R D 2 
Burgess Henry Corlnna 

hanU' i'alls 
M( ViriioM 


Norrldgcwof k 

N Mhltelleld 

i\ Yarmouth 







"Cliain Drhi'i 


Boston Mas 
Chair Manufacturers 

(Sci- also Furniture Manu- 


■i-'in .1 M .t Son (reed and 

-k J D 



C .1 


Cole Charles 
Hanson Charle.- 
Gilnian Harry 
Greenwood J F 
Black Herbert 
Candage I 8 


(See also Coal Dealers) 
Prymouth f "rt Fred, R D 1 Bangor 

.. Megquire O L, R D 1 

McGcorKe Thomas E Maehlas 
\ A C F Hollls Center 


Presque Isle 





5 Sabattus 



H n 

I'Mlon . 



Lewis Howa 
.Stanley A \V, 
Piper Charle 
Brav Edward 


es C Cornish 

1- 8 

■ Jacob C 

Cumberland Center 

Deer Isle 

Itayner \V K 
Smith W 8 

Demerritt L O Dexter 

Suell William H 

Blanchard C F Dryden 

Farrington C H, R D 1 
Duran George H E Corinth 

Hobbs Leroy E E Lebanon 

Knapp H L East Liverniore 

Adams Charles Easton 

Brooks Justin W Eliot 

Phillips H B Ellsworth •,''.'! 

Ellsworth Falls '-'I 
Dunham George P .. Ha 


George E (Guernseys) 
.iieiriu E N (Holsteins) 
Trafton L G (Jerseys) 
Weston Cieorge H & Son 

-Merrow George Smithfleld 

Bowden Fred T, I{ D 1 S Brewer 
Gould R D South Paris 

Fukett R n South Portland 
Beyer H C. . 1! D S 
Duley \V 11 Starks 

Irask li F Strlekland 

Wortldey 1. A Strong 

^ Thomdlke 

Thompson Charles, R 1) :i 
Houghton Harry Topsfleld 

Martin D S, R D Union 

rhernaidt J F Van Buren 

I.evanseller Bros Waldo Station 
SkilUn G F Walnut Hill 

Peabody Arthur C Warren 

Johnston A K Washington 


Nudlehill E I 
Eaton H A 
Hill Francis W 
Jilanchard F N 
I.ibby Ernest 
I.owell George S 
I.ibby A P 
Gilman Bros 
Weston George 
Ward Charles 


Foy E R, R D 1 1 
Campbell John T 
Millett C 1. 
Tuck F C 
Wiley D B 
Wilhams W L 
I'rebble & Herring 
Hanson C E 
llerriek 8 W 
Holden Jesse 
Ivneeland A S 
Weston A W 
Thompson K O 
J.amaster P J, R D 
Starkey C W 
Dougherty George W 
Hawkes Lester A 
Kelley Horace C 1 

Ma • -- 

W, R D : 

*Cheese Manufacturers 

(See Butter, Cheese and l^ggs) 


Hastings Chemical Co Hastings 
Lnion Carbide Sales Co 2lJ2 

,„C""iniercial Portland 

PluMips George E Wells Depot 


Andrews A B 14 Lisbon Lewlston 
„ , , Portlanil 

Bache-Wig Carl 120 EMliu.igc ■■ 

■Mi Brown '' '"" " """^' .. 

China Decorators 

Knight Mary Bridgton 

Hayes M G Mrs Clinton 

lotman Mary F Falrlleld 

Philbrook G F Mrs Lisbon Kails 
Meehaule Falls 

Etna ^^ewman , .M Held 

Exeter H:»w<>s Sidney W Brooksvllie 

Lord J Fred West Lebanon 

Farmington ^'ason Alfred 

., Moulton Alvin F W Searboro 
Rogers J D Varmonth 

Fort Falrlleld 

Foxtroft Cement 


(Randolph (««■ also Lime) 

. Gardiner Eastern Cement Co 141) E\- 

''•"oKe Bangor 

Wingat,- F S 222 Water Haiiowell 

>Vayne ^±::}-'i?^\\" 

Burse A 


CO Wi 

Mrs Norway 




I Carrie E (\7 West 

E Mrs Waterford 

*China Ware 

See Crockery A,-) 



y I, 11 
Gilky L N 
Shannon John 
Clark Eugene 



*Cement Blocks 

(See Concrete Blocks) 

Cement Burial Vaults 


"Cement Construction 

STONE CO J W (iailey 

Briggs Lottie ,M OS Pleasant 

Calvin P A 7(> Main 

Webber Mary J Mrs S05 Court ■• 


.Moore Gertrude E 243 Water .. 
N.Ison Sarah S 239 Water 
Shannon Kate 3 Hartford sq 
Sheehan Mary IC .VJ Court 
Burpee Jessie P 100 .Main Bangor 
Gallagher Ro.te M 70 Pearl 
Hill Mary E Mrs 1 1 Otis 
Hunt .M A Mrs sr, Main 
Lovering Frank M 52 Main 
Lynch Mary Mrs 4(1) Main 
Lowell Emma F 12 Western 

av Bath 

Manning Clara C 735 Front .. 

Holmes Eva L Mrs 1 13 High .. 
llaynes Mary, Main st Brewer 
Lynch T J Mrs 2!l Parker 








Waliluu CleiiiLToi Camden 

Uailey Aliic 31 Spring (iarilliiiT 
Hersey C H Mrd 119 Lisbcin 
l.eniiux Leona 228 Lisbon 
Murray Margarc-t M 17S faabon ■• 
Parks Lena M Mrs 4U I.ishun .. 
Jleed Kthel W 145 Lisbon 
Cjreene I) l> Old Orchard 

Ayers & VViUard 633 Congress .. 
Bucknamdeorgia T1224Covle " 
Cannoy Laura E 573 i Con- 
Emery George M 53(iA Con- 
Fanning K J Miss 515a Con- 
Groves Elizabeth Mrs 385 Con- 

Moociy Arthur W 542 S Congress ■• 
Thoinpaon Orra F Mrs (■]33 

Will Minnie 30 Preble 

Erskine J E Mrs 299 Main ■■ 
Hhodes Helen C 330 Main 
Dennett. (iriuc, Main i-.>r 

.School Saco 

Green O P Nortli st 
Pierce C H Mrs 22 Elm 
Toolan Sarah 2:.,^ Main 
Valloly Bridg<'l T Sanford 

Krutzky N lUO Main Watervllle 


Winckler Oscar II 812 Con- 
gress . . Portland 


Gibson Anna E 54 Willow Bath 
(iilnian Lottie D Mrs 902 High .. 
McTeer Elizabeth Mrs 24' 

Haskell S lOlizabeth Mtm Ji,:, 

Haskins Ruth H Mrs State; st 
Hunt Florence A Mrs r,r,5 Con- 

Stillinga Hattie A Mrs 1025 

Woodbury Myrtle F 1 2 Aniler- 

Burpee Lizzie I Mrs Rockland 
Richardson Frank A 
Dyer E Maurice Mrs Skowliegan 
Small R C Mrs Stonlngton 

Whitney M Fannie Watervllle 
Knapp Viola E Mrs Wilton 

*Churn Manufacturers 

(See Wooden Warel 

Cider & Vinegar Mfrs 
Brown C W Abbot Village 

Brown Hov (vineg;,r) 
Morse W F Albion 

Bailey Jasper AlfXaiidiT 

Carlow Aaron 
Dundcr.i C G, R D 2 
Fifi.-l.l John, li D 5 
l.i-iKhton Elbridce, K D 
l.cijrlltnn Ross, R IJ 

Christian Science Practi- 


Buck Uctavia Mrs 250 Coun .. 
Davis Emma E Hi4 tiamage av ■■ 
Gordon Ruel F 117 Winter 
Burns Martha I'. Mrs 21 K 

Chestnut Augusta 

Ellis Mary K Mrs 21 E ChH^t- 

lOarnes Cieorge (', li State Bangor 
i:anies Mary L Mrs 47 Main ■■ 
Lord Ellen Holt Mrs 135 

Parkview av 
J'erkins Ivsther Mrs (i9 High- 
land av 
Stewart G B Mr 

Woodcock Ga 
Robb Alexani 
Decker Frank 
Warren Bert 
Ingallg Leon J 
Eaton W O 
Brown A P 



1 Itaiigor 

Bar Mills 








[ Denmark 


Kast Corlntli 

KasI lliraiii 

es, R D 2 K lloldeii 

Kast I.ebaiioii 

KasI Otislleld 

Kast Waferboro 



Lowell Frai 
Plaisted R 
Derry D C 


Brewer (inrney F E 
Calais ■ - . ■ 


Noves Caroline D Mrs Gardiner 

Smith Edith I, Mrs 

Viall Kate I, Mrs Hancock Point 

Remick Carrie E Kennebunk 

Gilbert Anna D Mrs 30 Mont- 
tello Lcwiston 

Libby Rachel A Mrs Mfrs 
Nat Bank bidg 


Barrett Frank C 655 Congress .. 

Barrett Mary T Mrs 655 Con- 

Churchill Jennie J Mrs 398 

Davis Sarah A Mrs 703 'I're- 
lawnv bIdg 

FosH Alice G Mrs 199 Spring 

{■■osier George W 120 Ncal 

I'osler Ida F W Mrs 12.1 Neal . 

KCTORV— 19.16 

i'licsi George S N Vassallioro 
Hla.k Leian 11, R D 3i; Oaklan.l 
Mors.; W F Palermo 

Kavis Fred R, R D 1 Plttslleirt 
Hol.b Alexander 
ClilTor.l !■: E & Co (vinegar) 

212 Commercial Portland 

Mayhew Robert J 572 Old 

County rd Rockland 

Shepherd S E & H L Co 
Mitchell J G Sabbatus 

l''landers Enoch A Sangerville 
Inland S 11 Sebec 

Sebec Station 
Clerk George E, R D 
lOaton John G Sedgwlek 

Cushman William Slierniaii 

May berry E 
Perry J^eroy 

Neal George W, R D 2 
Kclley S A. R D 7 
Kerr Robert South Paris 

Coljb i: C South Windham 

Sianle.N- George Sprlngvale 

VVcsiott A C Standish 

DhverFred Starks 

Dukey Charles M Strong 

Penney Bert Th<)riylike 


Knight T O 

ell Thomas 
u M 

, J. R 1) 1 
n Milling C. 


R O I 

Doe Alden Washington 

Wat Is I- J Weld 

Swilt Uusscll West Paris 

Adams W l' Wilton 

iripp & Co Wlnterport 

Bishop & Towle Produce Co 
Soper F M 
Barbour A G Yarniouthvllle 

Cigar Manufacturers 

Emerton J F 94 Main Auburn 
Miller ct Robinson 5ii Coun 


iUiam Vi (iarland 

rank M, R D 3 Gorham 
I' M (Jreene 

iipson R W (vinegar) R D 

1 Hampden Highlands 

■ker G A Harmony 

inders O 1' (vinegar) It 1) 

1, Balh 

Tce Ralph HeI)roii Station 

Wentworth Fred W Leeds 

Goss Rov Levant 

Davis l,ee W, R D 2 Lewiston 
Knowlton W J (vinegar) Liberty 
Larrabee J W (vinegar) 
PiUsburv J F (vinegar) 
Pettengill Geo I,lverniore Fails 
Walker John Madison 

Bray A S Mechanic Kails 

Dickey Pearl (vinegar) R D 2 .. 
Hemenway Charles G. R D 2 .. 
Foss Eugene Mt Vernon 

Robinson Jesse 

Hatch Edbury W New Castle 
Sidelinger Lowell H 
Chick John A New Portland 

Day Clvde New Sharon 

Hackett F E New Vineyard 

Hatch C M. R D N Berwick 

Friend 1 B North Sedgwick 

Brown RG North Turner 

W S Bowdolnliam 

jr S5 N Main Brewer 
gar Mfg Co Camden 
rge B .S: Co 213 Wa- 


Conway 28 Ash 




132 Lisbon 
Prax A Small 204 Main 

I'ardif A 1, 232 Lisbon 

Walker Harold O HIS Chestnut ■• 

Wills Arthur A 182 Lisbon 

Clark George F 339 Woodford .. 
Conrov Mhhael P 3 Danforth .. 
Hadzor J A 223i Middle 
Kronberg William 23-)J Middle •■ 

rk H 


v., I,. kV^ .t,..?/ 

'\:'\ V> 


s r.„,t,„„n,l _ |i„l,l,.f.,r,i • l;,„.kh,n,l 

Av,ry i'-r,.,! Skowlifgaii 


I'r„vf.„al J R 

.Staples IC 

Stot'kton SpriiiKS 

Traver.s J 

I'ine Tree Cigar Co 

Ulais .I„ 7.j Watir Watcrvllle 

Duiui Wi 

Huuir D,.T„ii.ic 77 Water 

l.ark.i, & DiKnai.i ,s7 Main 

Morton ( 

Maine Cinar Co ir,0 Main 


K(.r-i-t Ze|,l,ii- tt«'stbro<»k 


Cigar & Tobacco 

IJod^M■ (i 

I.e,. T 10 


Sndtl, it 

f:'haseJ U 12 Court Auburn 

Allen 1m. T 

Coodrieh J U 2iili Water Augusta 

Dela.l., 1' 

Hopkins F !, 127 Water 

M, Chnl. 

l,evine Louis 11 :i Water 

M.,r,,- ( 



Alperowitz laaae lio"! Main 

Bantior News Co 22 Hamn.ond .. 


Haniev llenrv 227 Broad 

Stm'ev C 

Jiouilreau () 1) 2U7 liroad 


Bread. Ml Thoinas A KI'J F.x- 


Brennan .1 W ;i3 Hanuoeli 

Biirke .lolin T 22r. Broad 


Hurne.s .1 A KSl Exehange 


Cox Krank C 1(, Hodudon 



K.'sti-hini John 9(1 Ti 

John 2:)2 Main •■ Itosenbloom I, 352 Main 

Brewer MKenney C L Rorkpurt 

lliain J jr, Main st ■■ Hanson Harry E 127 Main Saeo 

Brunswick I >iroMK> Alderic Sanford 

ieorpe U 2118 Maine .. Perry W L Shonnaii Station 

CiKar Mff Co Canidcn Litllelield C; C Sliirley Mills 

James !•; Avery Fred Skowliegun 

1 James !>extcr Bioyeneal J H 

lortie A KllsworUi KoM-nllial Meyer 

.. SM„und=, J I.)' 

I Huvi.l Ma-iiire Edward South Brewer 

n ■• M OH ill 1> \V 49 1 S Main 

•est 1, I'alrlleUI K-..|el,uni William Sloekholiii 
( 'oil. ijrn .Sidney Vliial Haven 

C W 


Dailev & Abbott 41 Hammond 
Daley D J 28 HadKin 
Daley J E lOS Pickering sq 
Doneette Emniii 150 Washing 

E.stabrooks O C Sons .S Ham^ 

FleminK John E 117 Piekermg 

(lallagher P F, Oak st 

<-..rKe B 0. < .. ..12 ' ..te. lames 1(19 Wagter Watcrvllle 

tiiir.lifier Km- A Paganucei 28 Main 

Rallowell l.arkin & Dignam ,S7J JMain 

Bros Ids Water .Maine Cigar Co 150 Main 

C W Kennehunk .Maine Tobacco Co (who!) 5 , 

I I, J I(i9 .Main I.ewistoii S Main 

F W I 17 Main .Mdler Charles F 1C4 Main 

ugh J T 12 Ash .. Punlin John P 150 Water 

.n lOdward A 1.12 l.i.s- Salien, Louis (whol) I« Temple ■• 

.. Field Leon Wostbrook 

Jo.seph J 7 Sabattus .. Pratt W Seott .. ' 

. Thomas J 27 Knox ■■ Rosebush .M J WytopUloek 

Wills Arthur A 1S2 Lisb..n .. Sprin>^er C \V 

Carr k A Maewahoe 

TalCenhlV' ""•"="'" *Cinl Engineers 

Aeion H H Old Town (See Kngineer.s— Civil) 

fX"^""' Claim Agents 

■■ Chapman Harry J 49 Ham- 

1 ndia .. mond Bangor 

Harding A H 23 Hammond 
Wingate A A 19 Oak BIddeford 
Cood C M 85 .Market Portland 
llosMier C .\1 U 25 Creseent 
Cilh.y J P 4 17 Main Koekland 

Andrew Osear R 25 Tc 
Canavan \' M 14 India 
Cederstrom Rudolph lb A 141 For 


I Hard F 51 Fi 
vvardC Est 31 
.hen A 5115 F, 
II Co 4(;:i C 

'Clapboard Mills 

(See .Saw Mills) 

Lunbeiis Bros 1211 .Main 
.\I.AIo.,., T P 24 Harlow 
.M.A.ilev P J 17 Franklin 
.MeCann James J 87 Piekering 

Harrigan J E 51 V,,rk 
II,\ Marr' Mrs 207 
Holhu.iod John 11 1- 


MeCluire James 1.54 Main 
M.'Cuire William 92 Piekering 

IC-.h-'r 1) A '97 (VuKt' 
Kirvan W 11 & Bruie 1 

.M.d'.ellon Daniel 127 '■ 
.MeXamara P H 73 Exchange ■ 
.Maine Vending Co 37 Park 
Milan Charles II 34 Wa.shing- 

M.CarthN .los,.ph P .■ 
M. M,.na,„in L:,l«ar,l 

Mal'l'.y John \\' 54 \\ 

( I't'onnor Samuel 85 Exchange '■ 
Patterson Charles 2.5 Hcidgdon ■ 
khh Joseph 2.30J Ham-o,.k 
Ri.hard.son John I, 44 Wash- 

Marr A S 20 Cust,.,, 

» hart 
.Matson Harris- 430 I'oi 
Ma\berrvCh;..-h- 1.55 

I, w 



Scully Peter 203 Broad 
Shannon .John J 133 Hroad -. 
.Skontis John 134 Main 
Smith William 80 Washington ■■ 
Sullivun W K 91 Central 
Th.Tien E D 19 Hodgdon 
Willi. u,,M Jam.M A 154 .Main 
Youm^'S t; A mil llarlow 
lM.,,i,-r J..M j.h (■ i^-.J C.-nter Bath 
Ham t: 1 122 Water 
Howard Cigar Co lljli Front 
Ja.^kson G F 79 Commercial 
I.evdon T 70 Commercial 
McAuliffe 10 Front 
Smith .N J 144 Front 
\arncr D II 158 Water 


Morrison .Arthur H Beaver st .. 

Thompson C; F & Co 57 Main .. 

Biigbee & Hutchinson 149 

.Main . BIddeford 

Kusb George W Co 115 Middle 
Rubin & Gaffin o5.\ Free 
Rush George E 4t>9 Commer- 

Shilling Michael 202 Federal 

lav Henrv 287 .Mail 
in.'V J O'B 71 Ex.1 
T-Parsons Co 18 Cr 
ehead A Whalei 


\V:,Kh ..I, ii,i, ,1 ;..!) Fore 
While .-^an.u.-l J 19. Fore 
Smith ,M 1! RIehniond 

AlperinA McAllister till! .Main ■• 
U.r.l John (.-o (wholesale) Bird 

block, Sea st 
Erskine Rav K 30(3 Main 

Handy Cleaning & Repairing 
Co US Main BIddeford 

St Marie Louis 114 Main 


Kellev William H 101 Wilson .. 

Malo R J 31 .Maine Brunswick 

R..sen D Cleveland 

Langman David Camden 

lies Edward Dexter 

I ruui.l Dayid Ellsworth 

Gardiner Dry Cleansing Co 50 
.Main av Gardiner 

J.mcs Fred 17 Bri.lge 



in Janu'S 1.59 Water 


.nt A S 18 Forest avenue .. 
,• Williar.. P 506 Congress .. 


Cleansers— Conliniied Scolt Al\ n H (< ' I i > UmiKni- llniiis 

Porllind >""iitli Aslili'> A il \) ■. Ackcrrmm fi<'or(jc F, (M i:) 

Foster's Dye House 80 OiiU •• !^,""''' ',''"/"' ''^ ' V. ','1* -, ■^>'<^'' ^ O Ui) 

KrunuT Joseph no 1 Coimress ■• '^■'■'' '";'\"-;';'','; , ' " '' ■ jOodnrh (Imimccy \V U 1) 

I.ewuiulos 0:i2 Congress .. ^'"^"'Vv ,i- .. .. . " ""J"''''' ",.'^,^' 

MLCoiiricU George A U 

Lamed A C (10) ISar Harbor 

H (•) 

N V (-leiiuing Co 385 CooKtess .. ^'',/'"'"^'j'' ^^, i\' 'V '''' " \\-"*f"' .',.',"" '"*, !F\* ,„ ^, 

W-itkiuM ]■" I & Co 1 ISl I'\irest CJ linen J D (1{ (') .. Uernv 1 lie.j|)liilp .F (R C 

Hvem^ .. I'urinKton Henry M (R) .. Kenniston W R (C T) K O ■• 

Korkland freeze 1' K (R) Bar Mills Bryant Pond 

Rorlnu/i^ki HerniMn 444 M-,ii. .. Rrown R 1' Badi Stover Eugene A (R) 

Berlowaski Herman 444 Main j^_.^^^_^ ^,^^^|^, , ^^^.^^,l ,^^^^^^ ,^^^J^^^ ^^ ^ ^^ |,^ Bnoktl.-I,! 

Chappelle Cliarlcs R IR) l,„n,l> Frank M (H) 

Corey Howard A (M Kl For>vil, William iCTl Bncksport 

Dum-klee Malinee.l (C T) Me Alli,-,ter Ambrose R ( M K) .■ 

EvuQsSAdi) .. (rC,,ni,.,iMortii.ier IR C) 

Folaom (Imar W (C Tl ■■ W ..hl, 1 1 U < C T i 

^,, __,, ,_,,,,^ .. Ciilles .MV (Pent) .. S,,i...,,'Sl ic,,,i-i Button 

Deiiley' Charles Skowliogan ]'.'"'V 'VJ ' '^ '-''. ,,, ,. " '!"'"'" I< ' ' ' ""if) « " 

Emerv Thorn 13 .. Kewley 1 N (M L) .. I a, I... Sn ,,!,,,, - \Mvi Byron 

lanevVVl MeGay Cui l.bert ( F.i .. i 1 a „. I .11 , ■ I . i Calais 

""'"'' " ■' Willis Sidney .1 (I'yl ■• M, ( lam 1) i; ,M V.) 




Co li! 


Wilson Da 


Belfast MeDonald R A (C T) 

Pearl H .S (C T) Petiu tii-.Tge,! (R r 

ABBREVIATION.S:-AC, Advent Chris- Sellers Hora. ,■ H ( M E) Rams.lell T J (R ) 

tian; AM K, Atrieun Metiiodiet Episeo- si urtc\ -.i.t Wnlier V i Rl ^\'itor«j H 1^ 

pal iB, Baptist ;CB,UalviiiistlcBapliiit; \- , \.ii ,/• riV u i H-i-ir'ti, 

C A, Catl.olic Apostolic jClLChriAiua; ),■'"*?''■"; \\'lli;' V l'.' '.<) - Rrooks W E(C R) 

Cong, ConKrogation.l 1 C T, Congrt- Wilson Artl.ur 1. iC I ) .. lOyans L D (C T) 

KBtiaiml ■I'^lnTtarian; C V. Cuii-r.- Cull,, 1 1 W J (li ( '.l Benedk'ta Frohock S E (R) 

^oti..n.u Iluiisr,,,,,: c oi c cinm-h ..f Hr,,«n 11 11 lA.U) Berry Mills Jones Henry (E) 

„,",;'■, ir ';;■"-, i "■'■-""■ Il,,|„,, - W ill.ur ( M lOi Berniek Smiili CMiarles F ( M 


M H, MutliuUl.t Episcpal, -N J, New >."",'"";..'„' ^ , . ' 

JiTUsaltm; Pent, Pi-nli.-c08lal; Pro, Pros- ^ nrlls niUlam ( i 

liytrriaiJi P M, Primitive MelliodiBt; LillleJ 11 il yl 

K C, Roman Catholic; S A, Secnnd Ad. Rert;iron l.mus (R Cl Bi<l(l<-r(ir(l 

vent; Swed. Swedeiiborgiao ; Uv, Unl- r'ut.,,,.! V , IV f'\ 

verealist; \V M, Wealeyan Mctiiodi-st ; n"", , i i , i, f, 

P B. Sli Principle Baptist; 7tti D U, 'rolet Josi-pli ( R ( l 

Seventli Day Baptist DuponI Pieiic 1-, I R Cl 

Sl,.y,.|is (■ I, (C Tl 
la, ks,,ii F J (("111 Canaan 

-Murray A G IR) Canton 

Bethel (uiialmr Frank H Catie Nedrtiek 

Wood — — (Hi Abbot VIIIaKe 

Southwiek (F R) (Milton Nhlls 

N H) Aeton 

W H (M 10) Addison 


Beebe C, \ (Ch) ' \lblon ^ewtMi.i, ll,n<;inl H) .. I'lsher C H (Ch) tenter I.ovell 

Beeueo A n ID AIDlon „ ■ ,,„ M .-..n,. ( ; . R C) ,. Emery Clareiiee (F B) Charleston 

~ il ' Il Chebeagiie Island 

■ i: ' Merrill W P (M 10) 

"|.>edenek",R7 "' "■■■" \^ '• '' ' •■ l-oKK Clarence (B) Cherryfleld 


L H (C 
Georne W (Cong) AIna 


R D 

IB) Appleton ■ ly'-l' ■!' ' -;^-^' '- n i.aom, _..onKie> . . , i n 

EisnorMNIME) Arrowsie '^ " " lo.k.rlllMM 

Bull W I (C T) Ashland 
Lewis A L (!• 

R) China 

Glidden 11 (■ iM 10) BInchain l.eGiieni.e Geo ( R C) Chlsholm 
rimmas H (C Tl Halliauay H H (B) Clinton 

Fletcher (R) Athens 

Rickford liar,, I, I (F Hi Blaine l.ow.'ll C W ( M E) 

Gibberd (M E) — ..^.- Clark C C Mi.s (( I, i Coluinhia Falls 

Johnson F N (Adv) Atlantie „'","'"";,•',, 'f-'-.' i,i,„.,.rn <':rss Walter H (M E) 

Bardin Vincent (E) Auburn Barker Ral|.h (( I Bluehlll Coopers Mills 

Clark William A (F B) uT ?-'\ i u^ h,> .thh-.'.. ■'"'"''' Thomas P (,S A) R D 2 .. 

Clothey J F (A C) M' ,' r'\v , ^ i-, Boothbaj Arnold Henry (Ch) Corlnna 

Crosby J True (B) ■■ M^^rtm C \\ I M ■■,) ■■ , ;ii:„.rt C.odfrey (Adv) 

Cuminings C S (M E) .. Boothbay Harbor J,.iiki„s I.eliaron 

Curtis W Paul (M E) .. Post \V Stanley (C T) Hamsi,T Frial.Tiek (C T) Cornish 

French Nathaniel G (R) .'. Wall W A (ME) Lea,!, Artlmr 1, (M E) 

Gauthier E (R C) •• Pinkeitmi J L ( M) Bowdolnhani Crousevllle 

Johonnot R F (Uv) ■■ PixIeyAR(R) Woodworth J A (Adv) 

Kinney George E (C T) ■■ (irattan William R ( B) Bradford Cumberland Center 

Leslie William R (M E) ■• BeattvBR(R) Brewer Townsend A C (C T) 

Paul A D (F B) .. Cousins E M (C T) Cumberland Mills 

Preble Fred M (B) .. Grenley .1 H (C T) .. Christensen Chr (Ev Lvitli) 

Rubin Hyman (J) - •■ Griffin Henry 1. (C T) ■■ Jackson L J (Ch of God) 

Stray Arthur T (E) •■ Weed J A (M 10) ■. Keedj- 10 E (C T) 

Woodin H P (C T) •■ McBride W H, R D :. .. Curtis Corner 

Boothby C D (C T) Augusta Rromley C E (M 10) R D t) .. Pettingill W R (C B) 

Burgess Thomas (E) Brldgewater Center Sparks George P (M E) Cutler 

Decary Z B (R C) .. Sanderson Elisha (F B) ■■ Laventure A (R C) Dalele 

Dunnack H E (M E) ■■ Cnllaghan A A (M E) Brldfiton Daniarlseoita 

Livingston W F (E) ■• Ham Flora F (adv) .. ^IcGro^v J W (M E) 

Mosher Cliarles G (F B) ■• Livingston Stejilien T (C T) .. Perkins H W (E) 

Nelligan Thomas J (RC) .. McKenney L F (Ev) .. Peterson O W (C T) 

Phalen Paul S (C Ui •• MeLucas J F (adv) ■• Wyman J M (B) 

Smith Albert N (F) •• Libby L D (F B) Brighton - Uamarlseotta Mills 

Brown Edwin (Cong) Bangor Tenney L B (C T) Bristol McGraw D E (M E) 

Collier C W (C T) ■• West Lewis W Brooklln Bubar B C (B) Danforth 

Gamble F K (M E) ■• .Martin Thomas (M E) Brooks Jones Thomas F (M E) 

Ciarritv Patrick J (R C) ■■ Rideout Carrie L (C T) Brookton Ferguson James A (B) Daytou 

Hyde A B (F R) ■■ McDonald L E (C T) Brownfleld Thompson Augustus B (Adv) .. 

Kia.liko M (J) ■■ McDonald L T (C T) Brownvllle Dead River 

Robinson W (C T) ■■ Gilpatrick Howard (C T) 

Scott A E (E) ■. Guptill O W (C T) Deer Isle 

Brownvllle Junetlon Dennysvllle 

Carleton Carles R ( M E) .. Churchill John E (M E) 

ReillvMW(RC) .. llauken Roland E R (C T) 


ngstoii B T (B) 

t Leonard W (E 


'arlhy Jeremiah 


,re Ciiarles A (C 


•r (ie„rg,.C IB) 

1916— NKW EXflLANn HUSINKSS DIIiE( ■']'< )i;v— MAINE HV.] 

I — ( '(HlhTHIOll I'i.iL L...,, tl,,\,,.rl < l\t\ r' I 

; W (K) (-.aniii,,., l.iiCJraiiKc 

u'l'^iutnllir] : ;i;S;;;'i^i''iiif '' '"''='"''1':;;: 


(Ijlk.-y Jfans.,,,, i: (f T) Dixflclcl < T.-y < : H ^|,' H) (JeorKclown 1).-.,M 1 \inci 

I'emllefon I, C IM 10) DKiiioiit Hi"n)i-r S ( M 1 :> <;c>rli;mi I, ' i , ', I i i , \i I'l 

Al..iilt;or,KM-y J i; (M K) Uover '-il'-ky Hailcv I, ■,, ;. , , /., 

H:imkTd J 1, iF Hj II 1) ,. Si„„i„s ThojUMs ff 'I', -; i . i-,' 

Dresden >J ills "d^el Hoy (M Ej (ioiildsboro i.! ,. I ,>■ . ,,, - iiKPi 

MrGraw J D (M K) .. Jai.i.son M (H C) (Jruiul Isle H ii,,:, i.-^J I • V 

Drydeii Cr'-iikliilo C L (li) (;r;,y llulni..^ G i) i \r i.- 

f'rockett Henry (F B) R 1) 1 ,. I'"">be3 Kl.ninor U (Uv) .. ^' 

CMnnelle N (U C) KiiRle Lake j>l>.HMrry S (H) Greene 

Marcoiix .losepli (K C) l.avidicie John (li C) Greenville 

Hwoczey N S (M E) K Itiieksport ^>"ouuln Harry C (C Ti 
Harris K V. (H) Kast ( orindi CJreeiiville Jim 

Kust Deuinark '>'yaia <" H (M Im 

CallaKlian A A (M K; Daniels H M ( Uv, (aiilford 

iTi-nch C V (F B) K Divlleld '"'ver A I (.M F 

(H f. 

« Deuinark ;iOanl r II (MK) U'lisun IliranVc" " ' 

' ' " - - - j^ ^, j||j^_ 


Uv) K Hiram ,, , Ilallowell Han.fcjnl Frcjcri.' .- 
Kast Holdeii l^rookcnshire W H ( M Ki Bra-don iC T 


K LebaiK.n .s;V,?,'lf1"v ,i.-, !„!,!';', ■ u, , , . , UmlnKton 

Staples F m"(m"k) E Mvermoro ■;*""il, \Vj !„■ i Hi FanvlTj \V '('f B) "'"" 

i™,'i; !', V.''f 'S" " '"' "■■""<•>''"« '•'•"'■' A I', , 'Ti Hampdon Kirkpatri.^k Frank (>r F.) Mneoln 

li't^htlvSiV; '<^. 'f ) :: .o„o„eu J 5VV5T;^)" "'^"'="'!'^ ^r,',^ .^; iUilMi V, ''"""V^.iJi!,^ 

Kast New Portland '.'"'fe CF (MF) Harrington Thomas ,lnl,n \V (F, 
Hutchins I.r-onard i I'' ];, .. -ML-DonuUl J C (B) N'nii.-v- W H ( .\r F) 

March \,C I .\ k) .. i-oy .1 B (F B) \ ,,,i Tuh,.! f H (iji ij i) , y Co-or,.- ,B, K Odstleld ""^'i^ C; ^' fC T, . t e Deer Is'le 

WhHtcnA i; ,M K) KPittslon Jpnea Charles (M K) Ilartland Snnth Ci. ..rr- (C T) " "^ ' " 

Ah,-rnJos,-ph.nRC) Kastport .^. (","? S',™ i'^' |^\V '« " ... ■' ""y.-r U-ilhan, ( Llvermore 

Berne A C Oi) I ihkn Hurbert (B) Hebron Llvermore Kails 

Butterfield C F (M K) .. Jiartlett Kufus (r'h) Herman Kolhn- Williani \ (IV) 

Lyudon I'erc-y C! if l) ,. 'Iverlock (Adv) .. I.ayton V U ( m' R) [. 

Norwood Joseph U iI':) .. HoytHHdv) Hiram .Mc-Proadv H F (Bi 

Packard C J. If Ti .. Carter A (MFi lloditdon Haliz.-r M O ff Ti Lovell 

FJliopoulos Constantine W (C ^'.''-"■/"i,^'' ^\,' ''' '*' Anrl.^ I) M ( M Ki Liibee 

. T) Kast Stoneham \-}"^ LKM\ K l!"Ul(»n Hod„K,n F J iCh) 

Atwood J N (C Ti K Sumner '^avi, U !• i .M El lUissahaiK'-r (Disc) 

Longley !■: S (B) K Winthrop {j ""'"-)'■," '^'' Farh-yJAIRC) 

Corey J A ( M Fi Kliot '/'^ ■' '- •';''>^' ■ Hrown H T (Dise) R D 2 

Kldndge Wilhan. B (M K) .. 'V'l''"'-\ " '■ *f^' •■ n>'»son G \ (M E , 1( 1) 2 

J.apham Frank (M K) .. -M'^Donald T honuw (B) Hielcr J M (C T) Maehlas 

MeAllister Milton V (CT) .. ■■'•' rs George Dana (f F , .. (rs.dlivan C ( R G) 

Flanagan P F (R G) Kllsworlh •'^ill'. j' M i )t G) Taylor II P ( M E) 

Killani P AA (H) >i...lh (i D - lo Maehlas Port 

Mathews l; B (GT) .. \ ilha.,,-, T P , G T) .. Worthlev H O (G Ti 

UossTS \V,ll:an, (.\r i;i Honland Gurn,nNlE(RG Madison 

autton H W (G L-) .. >'--■'" ll„.,,anl K (G Tl Hard,,,,. Jnh,, A (Bt 

Tickle John W (0 W) Island Kails Mr,,,,- F II i( ■ Ti 

-Marble Rodaer B (B) J{ D I .. IVal ton Fus.-,j,c .^l i F Ii , \V,„„I W ,11,,,,,, i M K) 

Hiee Wilhan, H (B), R D J <"' I V^ -\' '' "' '* ". llawKc- I w ,F, Manehester 

Jone3GM(F) Ktna ;.",';",,,. Isle au llaut Wad.h II J,,),,, i Fv) Mapleton 

Dngree Alexander (R G) Kalrlleld ,."'■'■■;■/'?/"',,-. Isl<"-I»)r<> Klliott A G i M E) Mars Hill 

ilolman F M iB) .. Knnjht Albert K iGnrit) Isleslord KoehGG(FBi 

Osborne P B (S A) 1- orrcst Jor<cpl, ( It G) Jackman Mattanamkeag 

Perrv G O (M lO) ., Joi,csRA(Gr) f Hidden I, W (M E) 

Brook G (ME) Karmlncton ,, ,, .laeksonvtlle Rich R A (M E) Meehanic Falls 

Doreinas Robert P (G I •) Uarrass llinrs ( M E) Snow \V Merton (Ailvl 

Pendleton J M (B) ;'"'" " ,, \ ,•'' '.'^* Jefferson KiiiK George Medford 

McLaughlin Thomas (R G) ., ' 'V"-' ' •',"''" '"' Mann W G (C T) Mexleo 

Maedonald J Charles Forest City '■'".but; l.lder il. D Si Jonesport Porter W P (B) 

Bowles S M (MF) Fort Kalrlleld ■'■'"-'";', An' ■■"■^e F I Gone, . Suain^onSd -CT) MlllbrldKe 

Kirkpatriek \V E ,F ID .. DrcwE.siBi kendnskeaR Voinm S () ( M F) . 

Pettit Cieor-e J iR G, a i' v' '^/''J ^J. 'i.' "^f ""<'•>""'< >'"«"" ( R G) Mllllnoeket 

Hich.nond A W (G T) .. •),'r^ ' -'t/,,",.'*^ " Natino Arnaldo (G T( 

Sullivan John J (R G) .. ,',;!,'""''' l'', ''' ^,. 'I l.urston John F ( Bl 

Deeorey A M (R G) Kort Kent ^^ '^'""' "'•""•■' ^ "^ "- ' , „ " <''"''"■•* '^ ^^' '■'' A' Mllltov^n 

HayesPAiRCj Koxeroft ,, , .j.. Kennebnnk Port Corliss M W is A) 

Wilkins J H (G T) .. IV'!<^-r Thomas P (M i: I Richardson George O (M E) .. 

Dunham Wm H (M E) Franklin L"'" T'""",''-V^,V. T, ■ ■^"•■■I'nK G (B) 

Mayo(;(B) .. ^:'>^'»H'"'''^'''"f 21 " f'h'irehill E W (B) Mllo 

Smith U B, R D ,. Kennedy Michael (R C) .. George W Quinton ( ^r E) 

Freedom Rents Hill HavesPA(RG) 

)'entecost T 11 (M ]■.) rT) " ^'o" Valkenburgh W B (M E) .. Sc-oVt A Edward (E) 

Aiehison William (C T) I'reeport „ , ^ u • wat ^''^'"' ''"''"'' Crosby J True (Ind) MInot 

UaspeOtto (Fv) .. ,",HK'":^Cymbnd (M F) Banghart G 1, (M K| Mon month 

SnowFW(Bj .. ]' nlbriek W J (Adv) ■■ _ Day Thomas (G T) 

„ . ^ ^. Wentworth L A Adv .. 'Green Louis (C T) 

Taylor Austin W (S vV""""'*'"'' ,,, . ,. „ ,, KinKHoId Monson 

W^^bb^FK ,-,1 i^mV, ■' ^■"Ic'y Anna P Mrs (Uv) .. Liljgren M R (Swcd M El 

W ebber Edwaul J ( M F) .. Longley Glar.'nee (F B) .. Carter A B i M F) Monfleello 

AeheubackS r(Gri FryeburB Taylor G H (Evangelieal) „ Hunt N'a.han Morrin 

Mi" ^^'ivi'l^) ''"■■' ,;ardiner ]^Z^:Za'^^^ •*""^'""" ^^'"'k" J X ^r T) Mtt^^l 

Hayes A (ME) Klllerv 

V ^,„;a,is Gla.el.. (Gh) 


1 (i4 MAINE 

Clergy iiion 


;.M i:i NapU'S 

l;)N»'W Castlo 

iMi:)Ne« Ill-Id 
« (iloiKi'stcr 
' T) 
Ni'W Harbor 



w Sliaron 



fin'wsl.rl'. U (M ) 

1 I'art.n 


Fill, I.I US (H) 

Orel man 

w^asii (' !■; ((■ Ti 

rial I \V 

Trull. ill Udx Hi) 


\ IT.. 1.1 K 

•I'urn.r K H lH) 


Wil.U 11 

TIk.,,,.. Joliii (C T) 



Ci.nvll Bessie (M 

E) Phillips 

I'll, lull 1 

Uuu-liii.s M.'lvin S 

(I- B) 


SUi.U- .\r A (CT) 



K..r.l 11 N (F H) 





W'li.'lit A E (Kv) 


W.irt^.strr K E iM 

■) Plymouth 

\Vo<,.l W 


Portai;e Lake 




:) Round Pond 

T; K(i\bury 


CC T) 

(K H 


HiissliT Henry (C T) 

Welch Tiank H (M E) ■• Ca^i 

New Sweden S(a C'h .^^. 

DiihlberKA A(I.i.tlionui) ■■ Ch. „. 

W..etliii () C (B) ■■ Clai.. 

New Vineyard Clai > 

Hitler Thomas n (C T) ■• f'l'R' 

Cir.engruss H G (Bl Nobleboro D.m 

Norridgewock I'unl 

SlK-afl Robert (C T; jvll"' 

'I'l-ites W I. (B) ■■ l-'l« = 

flarU .1 S (Bi N ISernick l-"!-' 

Ill R (F B) 

i.'ste(RC) StAgalba 

:i...i1 (R C) 

R C) St David 

, R A (R C) St Kranels 
ont Albirt E (CT) 
on Vietor O (E) Sanford 
111 Walter (NiE) 
o.k !l<-nrvS(CT) 
iiis.lohuJ (RC) 
..,1, KuKCUf S (B) 




) Searsport 



ll.s ,I„ 

A iB) 

N Kridsdm 
s N (C T) 

North Itrooksvllle 
, (M I)) 

Nordieasl Harbor 



D.-rbyahir.' Edward (B) N Havon 
Clifford .1 R (M E) North .lay 
Niev...-n S M (I'v) ■: 

ll.-ralil .losepli iF B) NI,t)i:n«.n 
•I'li.Hi. 1 A iM \:> N 
■I'ralieli.'inulilaj-Mle .l,.s.,.l, 

il{ f) North l-ynilon 

Ravmoml L W i li i North laris 
Davis Albert (M E) N Penobsi ot 
D.mijhtv E F (M E) N Sebaco 
North SedgwUk 
Treworgy H W Mrs (H) 
Movie H 'M E) North Sullivan 
Cliii.' A C. (B) North Vassalboro 
N.-whallC. A (Bi !( ]) 

North Waterford 

i C N <C T, 

us G F 

N Whitelleld 

iro.iks H W IM F;i N Yarmouth 

Siii',' ■''i'-' (■ ' 1 • ■.•.'!- 1 Bi R./nert .1 i < ' T) Norway 

Uiller C C. (1\* 
s' 11 T, iM K) 

\\ ;; '1 ^ 1: < '1 (Bishop) •■ 

l.i.lM.r C (11) Oakfleld 


•russ il'v) Oakland 

W; . .,,-,. : 1 M Fl 

Wl,i>.- li.i- r ,\] Ki 
WLitTLi'iii 11 S i Fvl 

Muithll M(FB) 

Iruiiuiii H S (M K) 

Old Orehard 

W.-nlMian Charh. M iF) 
Fa'lim'r (ieorjje'w, !{ 1)4 ■■ 

;liase Ib-zekiall (M El 
laiiiilluu AlexHii.l.r (M K) 

VVhiliiu.ii .lar.-.l A iS Ai 

Pris(|ne Isle 

;„ll...i'e' (1 iF:i tUdlovvn 

GreRory James C (C Ti 

..111.- Aib.M !■; l^^ 1:1 

ITaves Fr (R C) 

(i>l„>rne M E (M K) 

^Umi'Ml r. (Hi 

I'L.llll.T W P (B) 

JMi.l.l F X lU C1 

Uaiijtei J B IF B) 

I'uiL.-rson Al.xan.ler (M E) 

Mnitii C I. ( 

H,!rri?.Kl..n Join. M iR Ci Orono, .L.seijh B (C T) 

Tripp Jan..-s W (E) 

Xutt.r Claude E (B) Princeton 

St,<eter WiUard E (C T) 

While Albert (I'x I 

Pulpit Harbor 

Whilesi.le ThoniHS (M ]'.) 

neibyshire Edward (B) 

]-orsvlhe N F (M E) Orrlngton 

Gordon MA (ME) Kandolpli 

)'.,weilan<l W n (M El ■■ 

Childs He, man A (F B) Ranseley 

Cro.-k.-tt E E (B) Orrs Island 

Berry James A (C T) llayiuond 

Jolti.soii William (B) 

W.stonC (Fv) Readtteld 

I.aite W W (M E) Otlsdeld 

Brown J n (C T) Red Keaeh 

Otter Creek 

;,'„..„ S W iBi ^ Richmond 

McDonald A M (C T) 


Marl'.n'niM n! :■ , l^S ( C T ) 

FaulkinKhani UHrol.l ( 

Ma.Ki.y Malcolm (C T) 

(il. laker S .1 (H) Palermo 

\Vl„.!.l.nic iM I'l Robblnslon (■ ( iF B) Robinsons 
AU-ii Pliiiv A (Uv) Rockland 

Hill r, W F (H) Pari 

Kiii.'k.ibo.-ker C A (Vv) 

Fifi.1.1 H V 

Flynn Jam.aA{RC) 

White 11 E (H) Passadninkoat, 

Giav Jani.-a H (M E) 

Sebee Station 

II Malcolm (M iO) It D ■■ 
n W (H) Sedewlek 

red (H) Shaplelgli 

Alfnd (R C) Sheridan 
Sherman Mills 
(C T) Sherman Station 
G. . . ., W Shiloh 

1 I I Shirley Mills 

!' li CM Skowhegan 

:■ ,, l!-,ia.T G (M K) .. 
, G,.,„^-e(H) 

Smyrna Mills 

P.-rcv J (M E) 
II (' (M E) Solon 

II Jim- i: fE) Sorrento 
I ! South Acton 

\ I S Berwick 

, !| ^ I ..i;:~ 1. IM E) 

I. \ -- - ( It (■) S Krewer 

■bl.' M S ( M E) R i:i 1 
aham John (C T) S Rridgton 
S Itrlstol 

„,H.v..n (■„..,-.. >r (CTi 

■ . s !■,,,, i. S China 
11) S Kllot 

r A T 

:m E) 

H) S Penobscot 
South Pordand 

Banuliarl Cl.arh s I, i M III 
Fisher Jam.sG ((■ Tl 
Jefferson Albert W (C T) 
Powell FeUx (M E) 
Smith Frank W (C T) 
Townsend Harrv U (Uv) 
Waterworth J A (C T) 

South Somervllle 
Jones Thomas P (S A) 

South Thomaston 
Grimshaw G Harold (M E) 

South West Harbor 
Doran Henry (M E) 
Mordecai T P (C T) 
Hoffman O J H (F) S Windham 
Stevens Alonzo (B) 
Aikins Jas E (C T) R D 1 

Casavant Joseph O (R C) 
Gage E (C T) 

Coleman Will S (F B) Sprlngvale 
Huse Henry F (B) 
Collins W H (C T) Slandlsh 

> ;....•., .,,.►> 

r l:i >■,;< r 


Clergymen— Continued Hudson Dorr A (C T) Wesibrook Aulmni 

Harrison K E (M E) Starks Haley Gecirf?e R (B) ,. Hiiskell & HopkiriB 57 Court •■ 

Tibbftta Luther D (B) Steep Falls Jii"e Adrian T (B) .. Robiu Fred W 30 Court 

French Howard D (Cong) Steuben Nichols James A (Adv) .. Augusta 

Westin John A (B) Stockholm Ouellette L>idger (R C) .. Baikcr H O Co 205 Water 

BUike John E (C T) Stonington Townsend Harry E (Uv) .. Bcane >t Cross 238 Water 

C.uptillUJ (CT) .. ^^'".dwnrd Edward P (Advi l'..|..dc:,u C F L'i;2 \yat(-r 

Knowlton George (I. D S) .. Ue-,1 B^lmk^vil:<■ I > . ^ IC i: & ( '(• L' ID Water 

Hovt llarvcN- (I V) StoH Aikin- CIumI. , r ( Ti I ..■■ Ii.uin Oscar 47 Coiiv 

Stratton -'^■'*'' ''"'H* ^^ '' '■' "' Kuxtoii (i,,l,lbcrR Robert 117 Water 

Gilpatrick Howard (C T) .. ^ ",,„- Clia- 1. , F Bi W Knflold Mabrr J J 73 Water 

Bitler Thomas B (C T) Strong Bk,k. I.luii, I:. AV Fahiiotilli m,,-.t Chester A & Co 237 

DunstanJohn(M E) .. Jor.lai, Isra.l i C T) .. Water 

Saunderson H H (C U) Sullivan „ W Fannlngton Fierce Clothing Co 207 Water - 

Gahan E S (M E) Surry Barrett J P (F B) .. Slosherg Max 17 Conj- 

Swans Island J^,P""ey Aaron (B) Westfleld Babbain J J 81 Exchange Bangor 

Johnson Fred N (Adv) .. Thompson S M (F B) .. Benoit-Muitv Co 191 Ex- 

-Mackinnon Donald A (B) .. Sniith D B (F B) W Franklin change 

Heatherington W D (F B) Temple Pmkham Isaiah (B) W Lebanon Bergcr Louis 72 Exchange 

Sawyer J L (B) Tenants Harbor West Lubci- Hc-,c-A3hworth Co 27 Main 

Allen E V (M K) Thoniaston Oawson George H (M El •■ Hradv David 14 Hammond 

Hutchins Herbert R (B) .. West Ncwllelil Clark Charles E (children's) 

Kinuev C L (M E) .. Cosseboom Raymond (C T) - i;3 Main 

Newcoirdie \V A (B) .. Ba" D A (Uv) West Paris r-,.^^,. ,„. „ -,, t- C,> F»cl,on,-p 

Sargent S H (C T) .. Kobinson Sarah (B) .. ^ Y> g Exchange 

Thorndlkc ).oung C H (M E) .. Cohen Harrv 131 Broid 

BaUey VVUIiam R (F B) R D 2 .. K.">hall R K , M E) W;^Se:.rboro '^c^tn Jacol' 155 Broa ^ 

Gord^ ^Narren ,C h of God,. p„,,„_ ^. j, ,^-f — '-"-^ ^:!;Z^ll ^^ 5:^'^^, ^ 

Bate Francis H (1st B) „,^. ,^ Whitelieid ^'l'/ , 'r"/' '^ ^' "" «''>""''■''«' 

]'o«ers Marshal! G (M E) ■• Whitten Albert E (M E) ■• Cnrr-.n * Griffin 'iS Central 

TetleyEB(FB) .. Albee Ira S (C T) Whitneyviile b "''" c c 14^^ 

Dunbar Maurice (B) Turner Clifford J R (ME) «iUon !^ ^^^J.^^I & Son'l29 Exeh"ange .. 

Newport Frederick W C T) .. I aimer \\ H (C D Kri.ilmin i. R IIH EvdnniriT 

Turner Center O'Brien J II (R C) W"'" ■w";nNEo4te . 

Van Vlarcum G L (Uv) .. Conant Fred K (C T) Winsiow ■ e".'" & Monaehm Cloth 

Jackson William H (C T) Union Miner M C (B) Winter Harbor 'If-V'" r7 llunm^^^^^^ . 

Plumcr Charles (M El .. I-"<'khart A J (^I E) Winterport f;i"XrL^ M 17 rem h 

Russell B W (M El .. O'Connell M F (R C) .. Vo 'son Wm a 7sem^^^ 

Snow William (M E, Unity Henry EB(RC) Winfhrop J" ' i^"" ^^ rn A (.ccondhaml) 

Upper Frenehville J^^.^t Harry F (C T, ,^| j^ |J"J^° 7^ y^^],^,,„^ 

Bergeron Thoma.diC, .. Wriston John (M E) ; Ko^mifky i Chij 4TSvasl,. 

iirop ^ If ington <■ 

.. -.,-., G'w'Ki'Tm'E) Wiseasset Ivurson S 99 Exchange 

Vaneeboro Nash H V B (E) ■■ l.»rguy W J Co 1 1(3 Exchange •■ 

Vassalboro Pcardon J H (C T) l.cwsen N (ladies ) 29 Ham- 

„ Jameson C P (M E) R D t •• "'f'"> 

inal Haven Bradley Asa M (Uv) Woodford I-jbrrman & Rich 5() Wash 

Kl .. Bennett J W (Ally) R D 3 .. MacGrcgor A W (i7 Exchange ■• 

Waldoboro Stevens A (B) R D 3 .. ^frs Exchange (ladies') 29 

F) .. Woodland , 'lammond .. 

,. Gorwood George (M E) •• MiHer & \\ abater Clothing Co 

Pratt F II (B) .. Shea C F (R C) .. IS Broad 

w«ii..„-, -- Smith E H fM E) Woodviile Morris Edward I 27 Central 

Pit,.,n U.Hn.n (T» f^ "^ *' Allen PMnette (B) Woolwieli N Y Syndicate IIS Main ■• 

Pihan Isadora (R () .. Calder W R (C T) .. I'uritau Clothing Co 40 Central .. 

Walnut Ulll o,„:.i. At T At i;', Rich lacoh -'S French 

S;j;^r?^!fr^yST' warren N-Vi^^?.f' n^topitloek K^Z^r-^ * ^" ^ „ 

Fos^f b\b)'' ^"'washburn Cushing Leonard (C wV""""'" Rudman Lewis (secondhand) 

M;rrHHf\pFl Washburn B„one Ilsley (B) Yarmouthville , -'25 I ar!„w 

.MarrHH(Mt) ... . . „ ,■' Wentworth B C (M E) ■■ Sn.v,:, , I 1, . 1! _' I , Broad 

I incoln Georee (\dv! ^ ^'"''° ^lex (C T) York Bearh ,^' ' ' '■- H Main •■ 

iCsell Bion f M F) " Parsons C V (Ch) York Corner ;i^"' ' ' ^' , 

liv^'I'Tpi' "" ''"^ Waterbo^o ^!:;;^;!,'l^ 1! f8 Ti York Village H.;;'::,: n' ,1 V.,,': ' Ki^rU^rhor 

Si'asG w'( Union) Waterford <^'o'lrtard A C (M Fi K..r-,.m lulms^ 

Charland M (R C) Waterviile \\' lU I' !■• 

Coolbroth T J (S A) .. Clocks Clothing Co 110 

Davis Willis M (F^B) .. ^j,^^ Jewelrv. Wat.hcs, A.-l Kront Bath 


Fabev (RC) .. Purdie Alexandi 

Marcel F 

^{^.;\^i£:.^m' :: ^SeeJewehy, 

, '""'>'■''- (I^ C) .. *^, ., n n.-^mnml John J Co 50 Center 

LaFlour Isaac (B .. *Cloth DresSers Mikelsky Louis (secondhand) 

Martin D.-nis J (R CJ 

Nicholson George B (K) .. ' ^^« "•°°' ^ •-•"-' SoFovi;,; Jos'eph 1 29 Front 

(See Wool Carders; ,, -"' ? a'er 

.dps A S (B) 

Bros GO Front 

T r .1 r- \ if ^ ' " *Clothes Cleaners ' 1 'rk H w & Co S3 Main Belfast 

\VT hl-Vn, " ,S,.,. Cle rsers Pi,.! ^ < latk W A. High St 

\\ Lsnn Joseph K I B) .. i.^ee Cleansers -Clothes) Paris Bert 74 Main 

.b.lins.m B H ( B) Mayne ( i„on Charles E 77 Main 

"m"';'V ,;i " «. ., i».,i; *Clothes-pins s,.„thworth R D 12 Main 

''■'', V^^^.V' , Weeks Mills ' Amen, an Clothing Co 

W akcli.-M M F (Bl Farniinglon 1 -,i Main Kl'ddeforil 

\\eeks(lcorgeE(SA, .. KSTKS E B & SONS isee Benotc" 131 Main """'*^'^"'." 

larrWlMME. Welehville Iront colored page D) .. Henoit-Dunn Co ''50 Main 

Woodworth C L (C T) Weld Bienvenue \ \ 140 ^Iain 

Potter George Wellington Clothing Dealers L.-ten, 1 Co 95 Main 

llussey A f ( B) Weils Hepot " I „i, . ; 1 1' ;s , .\[ ,,n 

Dinslow E A llii W Appieton (See also Tailors) ^ :, V • , Nl ,in 

Knowl.-s A W (M 10) W Baldwin Daniels E F Asiiland ■ 1',/ 1 ■ , :• \lfred 

N'.-welli! 1) (F P.l W Bowdoln M,-Cormack P E 1 '..I n, ,v n li I h , ,n 11 Alfred .. 

Westbrook Smargonskv M i'ul.ik. ,1 1, i, ,1.„. 1,1, l.M Main 

l-:nns«,.iil, lA.ictt L IM !■:) .. (■.,l,l,-MorrisC.,.-.l Cmrl Auburn I',, lakc« i,l, Lewis 1211 Main 

i;i!;iiciTe Anne \ (U Ci I nidcrs I. IC A ( 'n 02 C.ui 1 ■■ Savage Mark A Co Bingham 

ll-""cl \rtliiir A lU C) .. 11. mill.. n & Ilouaid 71 .Mam .. llndecb.i, s G * Son Bluehlll 




A .s.,„ 


r VV 




1 c 



A > 


oluink Port 




. A 


57 M,i 

n Lcwisloii 

1()G MAINE — NEW ENtlLANI) liUSINKSS 1)1 liKCJOKY — 1916 

Clothing Dealers (on 
lludt'.lon li (1 Boothbay Harbor 

Murr f J A C, 

NiMlcy r C Bowdoliiliaiii 

Brldgenater Center 

Adelinan & Kiali 

BardsleyJT nrldgton Ho-«„\ l^amliy 2()(i,, .. .\IonuM,.-„t s.i 

Libby J Frank .. f "riell-Markson Co Inr. 117 C.-iMxnitiv.- Clothin;.' C, L'l; 

Abram Max Brookllii , I.i-l".n .. Ml, UN,. (la.lirM') 

Sanborn G M Mrs Urowntleld t ,, -v l;.,..i ! Hi l,isb.)n I);.vis Israel :i:ii) l-„rf 

Cohen S H Broniivllle <:r ■^' i! Im,, n.-M,,..n.l-II„w.. C, 47n Con 

Rrunswick '"'' ■" l-'-'^bon ■■ niess 

Hodwell E S & Son 00 Maine •. • ■','" ' ' "' ' ' " ''"- I-'"''"" " i:in«iteh Samuel 117 Eon. 

I.eblane E Co 4(i Maine .. Kl; n, .1:,, ,,l, ji lu l.,,l„,n ,. I'einl.erK Harry M :i-l 1 Fore 

IVnnell J W & O K 72 Maine ■• •'I'l;'"'. l-/^ < '" -'-"• l.i-l"'ii ■■ 1 iiil>s Cluthinj! Co 231 Middl. 

Allen W C Kiirkneld -'■" is N II I(i2 [.isl„,„ .. llalarly A Coynef).-.;! Conirr.vs; 

M<,oncy F M Kueksport I.'»'-to„ f ( ■„ L':!«i l,i.- ■■ l-.-Mrr, Aver> & Co ol.i Con. 

Crierson Hros Calais , '"'" , ■ i-'n >s 

LvfordC.I .. l.ii I I ■ I' . :i- l.i-l..,„ 1 p. ili.uni Abran. 4(1-) Fore 

.sfCn.ix Clothing Co .. '■ ^ ' ' ; : l.,~l,M,, C.ldh.r^' Abram (s.^eond- 

Clark E H Cailldcn ■■'•':' - - i-' IJ I.i-Im,,, ■■ l^md) ijljll Fore 

Haskell SB .. ^^' ' . I l-I,o„ ,. ( loldlHT^- Max .S!l Mi.ldle 

Hodgman A Co •■ '-I" ' ' ^-' '"•" " CoMLlatt .Samuel E .•ir,.s F..n 

Sawyer Bros .. ^'Ji '• !- Lisbon •■ C.odjear Raincoat Co rM 

Bieknell A S Canton >> ' ', ' ■• I'O'.l Mam ■■ Congress 

Bishop Bros t'arlboil "/ M l.isljon •■ Creenst. in Elias i:t2 Middle 

Combination Clothing Co ■• .'l^ '' ■'■,';.,' ^ '!' ,. ■, Haimson I. Wrseeondhan.l) I! 

Green Bros .. lown^.n.ll 11 Limerick 1','arl 

I'iersonOT .. Oahriel Bros Llineston Haskell & Jon.-s Co 4711 C..n 

VVakem Georce .. I'mkham U 1, Mneiilii yress 

McCluskey C E Castlne Stevens II B . lli.^leu, .I,,.>|,h 1 12b Middl.- 

HarrimanJohn CliorryHeld ^.V:!;." *-"*'""« '^." •>i^'>«n ^all^ II ' . ; C i a C, ]s] M.ddl. 

Ward T H Clinton W ilhams & Higgins I ' ' - ~ ^:,7 Fore 

Merg'a Clothing Co Corinna Llvernmre !"alN '~ ' ■ ' "T'' 

(iarland Ira Cornish l.ivernujre Falls ClolhiuK C, ' .-;. Middle 

Dodge W W& Son Uainarlseotta Tweeclie & Goodwin ■■ I ■ i- I: A' : mI,. s' i 4'.i\ Con 

I'V'llu*,::';-.. "="•"'" LrFMAO,,27s^Mi,M,e 

Vars Hill 

Me( hanie Falls 
3 S.,ns Mexieo 
n Millinoeket 

Davis Hyman 


Goldman & Lait 

(!recnBS& Bros 


Stinchficid A l> 

Gates W W 


Hale Harry E 

Meigs N E 


Stern Samuel 

Buek W h 


Dow & Boyle 

Kaglc Lake 

Eagle Lake Clothing 


Klein E N 


Eevinson N 

Hush Bros t 


I'age H V 


Bueknam & Cohvell 


Greenlaw James A 


Holmes F A 

Uumery Bros 

I'riend David 


Morang C L 

Parker W H Clothing Co 

Smith & Head 


Byrns J C 


Crawford W M 

Learned & Pooler 

Dill Charles H 


McLeary & Voter 

Ayoob Moses J Fort FalrHold 

Fort Fairfield Cloth 

ng Co 

Gellison R C 

r,owery Clothing Co 

CUcvenson H 


Paine C D & Son 

Ritchie Sanford 

Bean T, L 


Gould Henry 


Barker H C. Co 22o 


Partridge B \V & Co 

237 Water .. 

Tusker Bros I'.lll W 

Croeketi () D & Co 


(.iuilford Clothing t 


Andrews Bros 129 Water 

Stecves David G 15G Water 

Braithwaite Arthur 

W Hampden 

Southworth A W 


ICrvin & Ervin 


Fox Bros 

Green B S & Bros 

Purrington 1, S 

Taggett & Gartley 

Island Falls 

Island Falls Clot hin 

g Co 

Thorn George 1'' Co 


man station 

Hartley T W & S,,n 

Colewell Co 




SI, ,11, V,,lli:,l,, ItlclMIKIIld 

Dai-s \ i: Kidloinllle 

,, fatten 


l',l..,-kint.,n 1, E.-illl Main 

) :> 

Hurp,,- A l,an,b -.W, Main 


(•:,sp:ir.Ios,pli !s,,-,,n,lhaml) 7."i 


Tills, ,ii iiv 

,".,,11, III 1, 

( Inal. ■lilt •■!■ CI,. tiling A Sho, Co 


;i(lll Mi, ill 

I.,-vy A 20-, Main 


Mavo G K A S,,n 421 Main 2|lo C A Co iwl„,l,s:;l,.) .113 


Mi.l.lle (aiKl 

S.'gal H 1. 371 .Main 

Slep,.ra S ]■: A 11 1. Co Roekport 

- Co l'.-..-. ■ 

Gonxo., Hr,,~ Itlllllford 



Clothing Dealers— CoQ 

Cook Abraham Sanford 

Holinan Alvan C 

Sanford Bargain Store 

Farr Clothing Co Sangervlllc 

Parse W M Searsport 

Maine Clot hing Co SkowheRaii 

Norton Ira A 

Ponlin & Lanev 

Smith Geo L 9S Water 

Ward Charles F Co 

Andrews M H Solon 

Flynn W H South Berwick 

Taskcr R P & Co S Brewer 

\iekery 4 Smith Co 
Eastman * Andrews S Paris 

No\e3 F H Co 

Thompson & Richardson 
Peterson & Anderson Stockliolm 
Sanborn B B Stockton Springs 
Combination Cluthinp Co 
Crorkfit P 

Tenants Harbor 
Whit^-bouse L R A 
Seavcy Levi Thoniaston 

Klein J A Co Van Buren 

Pelletier Joseph A 
Bodwcll Granite Co VInal Ha\en 
I'reedman Samuel 
Smith L R A f o 

Austin N C Waldoboro 

Walker L W Warren 

American Clothing Co 30 Main 
Dunham H R Co The ti4 M;)in •• 
Ervine Clothing Co inn Main •• 
Giguere O J 30 Main 
Jackson J E Co 62 Main 
T-evine William 10 Main 
Peavy Clothing Co 31 Main 
Simpson i LaChanre 20 Com- 
Walker ClothiuK Co 40 Main •• 
Lincoln E L Wayne 

Arenovsky S Wotbrook 

Bcnoit Clothing Co 
Roeheleau H G 

Sumner M M Winter Harbor 
Treat & Lowe Wlnterport 

Southard J H WIsrassct 

Parent E & Co Woodland 

Floyd Charles W W} topltlook 
Kaufman Peter 

Clothing Manufacturers 

I See al.-o Tailors) 
Emerson Mfg Co (ladies' I 12j 

Franklin Bangor 

Emplc A (pants* 128 Exchange •• 
Maine Dry Goods Co 112 Ex- 
Maine Knitting Co 128 Ei- 

Maine Pants Mfg Co 178 Ex- 
Maine Woolen Co 60 State 
Titus & Smith (ladies') 125 

Clark William A. High st Belfast 
Thompson Mfg Co (working- 
men's clothing* 56 Chureh " 
Hall Eisner O. High st 
Jellison M S. Bridge st 
Pierre, Billings Co foot Main st •• 
Gurilon John H (pants) Brooks 
Staples S J & F R Brownfield 
Downs James H Corn!>h 
NEMO COMPANY' (chels' 
and barbers' coats and ap- 
rons) KalrBeld 

IlUdreth & Moseley i shirts 

and overalls) 75 Park Lewlston 
Casco Mfg Co (ladies') 5-i:i 

Plum Portland 

Clark-Eddv Co (overalls) 24 

Fidelity Mfg Co (ovcr.ills) 29 

Frost Mfg Co (dnsses aud 

aprons) 40 Preble 
Watkins E L i Co 1 17y Forest av - 


Osborn George T (ladies') 
Pearson J B Co (canvas coats 
and pants) Thoinaston 

Coal Dealers 

(See also Wood O. jl. rs) 
Plummer V C Addison 

Ridley L D Alfred 

Thompson Fred E 
Hilton Walter Anson 

Craig P E 4 Co A-hland 

Sharp William 

Spurling K R Atlantic 

Bearee & Edwards Nfinot :iv - 
Morse W I, 12ft Turner 
Pulsifer & Young 5(1 Railroad •• 
Wood J N Co 212 Court 
Voung H M91 Min. t av 

Lalibirte A Bros 87 Water 
Puiinton Bros Co 333 Water - 
Stone A Cooper Co;d Co 7 Oak ■■ 

Angley J F A Co 222 Bn.a.l 
Bacon A Robinson Co 13 St.-te .. 
Bragg N H 4 Sons (black- 
smiths' coal) 7>^ Broad 
Connor Coal A Wood Co 30 

Crossmao W B 90 Harlow 
Hincks Coal Co 104 Broad 
Stickney A Eabeo.k Co:,l Co 

m State 
Wilson John C CUto coke) 70 

Wowlman J F A Co Ham- 
Meg"! u'i.r Charles X. R I) 1 
Bar Harbor Coal Co Bar Harbor 


Gibbons Coal Co (15 Front Bath 
Howard Coal Co 05 Commi r- 

I.arrabee E W 307 Front 

Sewall M W A Ci, 250 Front ■■ 

Belfast Fuel A IL.v Co. WaUr 

street Belfast 

Consumers Fuel C. :;u Wnter •■ 
Frost Chester Berwick 

Home Albert 

Davis C I. Bethel 

Biddeford A Saeo Coal Co O'l 

Water Biddeford 

Pelletier F A Co 450 Main 
Greene Charles E Bluehlll 

Vrtnnah A Jcn-s Bonthbay 

Boothbay Harbor 
Pierce A Hattung 
Given W S Co Bowdolnhani 

Brewer Coal Co 17 Wil-on Brewer 
Conner* Bros 

Gibbs Benjamin Bridgton 

Hamblen A Ingalls 

Brunswick Coal Co 136 Maine - 
Chanev J F 126 Maine 
Knight A Stanwood Coa! Co 

130 ^L•\inc 
Ciiitis J A. R D 2 
Cole Eugene Bryant Pond 

Lunt T H Btiektleld 

Nicholson Thomas M Bucksport 
Boardman Coal Co Calais 

Horton Ralph T 

Camden Lumb. r C. Camden 
Camden Yacht Building A 

Railwax Co 
Willey PGA Co 
Fove John N Canton 

F.irbs Fred Caribou 

Glenn James H 

lUown H B Co Castlne 

Castme Coal Co 

Gordon E S Clinton 

Merrill E E 

Grav J E Corinna 

Bracket! I N Co Cornish 

Dunn J;aiies 1. Cumberland ( tr 
C.olT E W Cumberland Mills 
Greene E A l»e<r Isle 

Curtis W V. I)eiter 

Kevte A ' 
Jutlkins Bros Dlxfleld 

Edxerly Geo V F^ast Corinth 

Lindsav nros E Machiao 

Casey H.nry E Milllnocket 

Mack James H 

Clark Andrew Eastport 

Hume S B A Son 

Milliken F S 

Grindal C W Ellsworth 

f:,irfi. Id Grain Co Falrtleld 

K-ll-y E A Co 

Titeomb Hiram Coal Co 
Wtiittier O P 

Ames A Hacker Fort FalrHeld 
Gushing W A Co Foxcroft 

Dover A Foxcroft Fufl Co 
Bovd Arthtir A Co Frankfort 
Soule W H Frecport 

Murphy B A Friendship 

Eastman T L Fryeburg 

Gardinnr Coal A Co 

145 Water Gardiner 

Harrington W D 11 Maine »• • 
Haves A R A Co 132 Water 
HavesARACo(Ran<lolphdel) - 
riickford Willis I Gorham 

Laroehelle Bros 

Merrill Harry Gray 

Greenville Junction 
Gerrish A W 

Douglass H A Co fJulIford 

Hamilton A Co Hallowell 

Wingate Frank S 222 Water 

Hampden Highlands 
Nason Charles A. R D 2 
Caswell A Chapman Harrison 
Pushar J H Hartland 

Gates F A A Co Houlton 

McCluskev C H 
Wiggin George H 

island Falls 
Islaml Falls Clothing Co 
Pendleton W S Estate Islesborn 
Sawver D J A E M Jonesport 
Bean Melvin R. R D 

Kcnnebunk Port 
Perkins Coal Co 

Kezar Falls 
Kezar Falb Woolen Co 
Boyd L E Kingman 

Boulter George Kittery 

Frisbee Bros Kittery Point 

Wentworth Dana (E Rochester 

X H) . Lebanon 

Boies Alfred A Co 14 Oxford •• 
Callahan James D 3 CoUege 
Cloutier W E A Co 77 Cedar - 
Deachenes J O 2S0 Park 
Harper A Googin Co 13S Bates ■• 
King T P 12 Bates 
Lavoie P. Lincoln st 
Lewis L A 2(V4 Main 
Bobbins I L 131 Bates 
Skinner H B A Co 14 Lisbon •■ 
Williams D 127 Bates 
Wood J X Co 25 Middle 
Ward W B jr Limestone 

Drew Henry W Lincoln 

Haskell J H 
Harding Frank Lisbon Falls 

French EX Livermore Falls 

Columbian Packing Co Lubec 
Staples S A Son 
Stuart S B A Co 
Averv Bros. R D 
Lonpiellow J W Machlas 

McMullin Frank McKlnley 

Gilman Frank Madison 

Nutter \ O Mars Hill 

Weston A J Co Mechanic Falls 
Daisev Frank O Milllnocket 

Deana Israel F Mllo 

Monmouth Coal Co Monmouth 
Thomas L A Monson 

Gav P Henry New Castle 

Ga"v Thomas E A Son 
Fossett E "W New Harbor 

Juds.)n A Gilman Co Newport 
Knight Chandler 

New Sweden Station 
Tibbetis F S 

Brarkett A Russell Norridgewock 
1 arrand C W 


Coal Dealers— Continu.-d Tiioiiiaston Commercial OrQanlzations 

M .. H ■ I r 1 r^^ •'""'''''' I Jmm'&rilioU Co *''' "• Auburn Hoard of Trade, Ruol 
North Bcrw.rklMipl Co •■ ^, " ' ''S', { Turner W Smith sec 103 Main Auburn 
BransromJ H NortI.east Harbor ^( ^ ,^''';, ;, •\. ..^. if"uy Augusta Board -f Trade Bur- 
Aver & Greclei' <taklaii(l " i>iitiii> I'-e iV L.r.inl iumy lp,„i, Mnrtin spc Auiriista 
Oavis R M <>l<llo«ii GaKii.,11 il A Van IJuren „ '<"«" ^^s"^"" '^^ , ,• • •■*"8"*^* 
iJavisK.M t»i<iionn -vi,.,, ,.. ^ „ Bangor Chamber of Comniurce 

SDen^rr Orono ib'.lb, "ok e'a Vaneeboro ^ A He.messy sec City 

ijP J X T- /V.f. 2,7 KrIloL'.' II .. li"" Bangor 

Husfo^KG "a en Su'h ?C H Wal.Ioboro Maine State Board of Trade, 

iS^^S '^■"^- ^^:-liJ^r^^ ^^^^ «^ f^^'S^^ Of Trade" 

?S^^Z^-<!^^Co ^.tsHeld Carl, Bn. Wajerboro F L Sav^e^c^ Ba^^Harbor 

. , ». , no w^^^'V""" W-Uervnie I< Purington sec Bath 

Brun3& Johnson 109 Wilmot ■• p,: ,'' ^ ; .; V n ■>-,, xi;,,,, Bath Chamber of Commerce 

Cashl-uelCo 12IJn> .. ^! '.", ■ 1v,p ^ H,. s Harry C Webber sec 

Chisholm .lohn 59 Lancaster.. |\'^ ,\ ■,'.' if ' «,-■,( brook Belfast Board of Trade Orrin 

Deermg Coal &. Wood Co 221 p,,?" h, ,;,, I ,.,,, >1 ^ *«'»■<">'' j ^i^^gy Belfast 

I.ore.stav .. W' ,,!' ,. Bethel Board of Trade Bethel 

Kconomv Fuel Co 80 Alder .. '"'"'•>■ iv..,.! l...iP^ Blddeford 

Kureka Fuel Co 79 Paris .. (•„„,„,,„„ i. \ ,.,, n Biddeford Board of Trad., 

i'indli.y William 15.5 Washinn- |',.„i, . ."pill „ Ue>(!'-irls Ciorham N Weymouth sec 

Ion av .. M,i, |,',,|M.'- , i\ U( si Sii!li'van Business Men's Assn, Daniel 1) 

l.'itzsinimona 1' E 90 Cumber- Wilki.i- l- i.d ' Wilton Lovelace sec 234 Main 

land av .. ' ' ~ Winter liarbor Board of Trade Dr N R Cook 

Curney Coal it W ood Co 2.i Winter Harbor Co .. sec Brooks 

1'"'" " Chandl.r Bros Winterport Board of Trade, Ralph W Ciiles 

.lenkins Coal Co 1503 Masonic I'crr\ A S Wlntlirop .sec Brownflejd 

bidg .. W(.h'l. V KviTotl .. Brunswick Board of Trade 

.lohnston Fred I, 174 Congress .. Southard F I) WLseasset Joseph McKeen .sec Brunswick 

Lehigh Coal & Navigation Co Cli;.|,ni:in C H Woodland Board of Trade John Matt- 

240 Commercial .. CircclcN- U 1' Yarniontli hews sec Camden 

Mounifort J H :U.5 Park av .. (^utirv K.,ben Yarnn.iilhvUle Ci-naan Board of Trade H B 

I'oraluiniM.s (..;.! Co Long uhf .. \ I r(.ino[[t Yorli Harbor Harris sec Canaan 

T'r, Ml- l-url ( ■,, 07 I'rebic .■ .\I,.irsl,;,ll ( 1 A York \i!latte Caribou Board of Trade Caribou 

li:,iid ,11 A Air \lliM,.r,s4 Com'l .. Clinton Board of Trade Ralph 

Sarp.n., li.moson Co 174 Cnffin ^^- Cn^kct Makers ^ B Runnells sec ClIntoH 

CuuHiicnial .. ,^ ,^, i„,i,.,...,i ,,.,, Connna Board of Trade Corlnna 

Stcvcn.son H & Co44 India .. 1, ...,,. i no. 1 , ..k, is, Danforth Board of Trade M I, 

U S Fuel Co (peat coal) .IIJS ,, Bangor Porter sec Danforth 

Kich.htvbldg .. Haskell Arthur B SO KMl.jnL^.. .. n,.^,er Board of Trade C C 

Wright A U Co 350 Commcrci^d .. „ „. „ , ,, ,.„.,. "^'"^'»**' I' sec Dexter 

All. n Edward A Presque Isle Bcliast Cask.l ( ., (.0 ^ am .. Dover 

CarcvE.S .. Hay .;• [',-,l,n,ly C :.skct C., Jlover & Foxcroft Board of 

(;..r.l.,n \ n Co Readtleld Depot Ki. W .....ll..r,l Portland Trade D E Dinsmore sec 

I;"y'^"\V'^M ,- K»l'""<"><l ^,,„, „,•,,,,., f, ,""''''*" East Machias Board of Trade 

W dson W L ■■ .,.,,';',",, 7; V,:, ,•''■■' ' sonlh Tnion Frederick Bogue sec E Machlas 

Rockland m T ' " J' " « Rvo^.ksv He K".'-tP"rt Board of Trade W S 

Perrv M B .^ C O .-Vtlantic whf .. '*I'"'b''" '^ " " BiooksUIle A4„nde. sec Eastport 

Spear Fred R .•; Bark ■• *f„ll..^i;„,. <„„.,,..„o Ellswortli Board of Trade O W 

Thorndike & Hix Inc. Limr-st ^ ollectmff Agencies T.,p,p,. ^g„ Ellsworth 

place .. CREDITOUS NATIONAL .Merchants Association Roy C 

Rockport Ice Co Koekport CI-EAKINt; HOCSEINC Haines sec 

Shepherd S E & H L Co .. THE (s..,. p.g,. 1 7 7')/ i.x...ii- Fairfield Board of Trader E B Kuniford tivc ofTniB lioNt.,n Mass J.^rncst H Holnian sec Falrtleld 

.lores OR Saballns ]),sin, 1 oil., ,. Portland Earmlngton 

Sweeney 1 ,1 „,,,,' ,,,,,. . . Farmington Board of Trade .. 

Blddeford & Saco C<,al C ., 5 Collecting Agent:i Freeport Board of Trade E K 

Island wharf Saeo c 11 1 Pinkhan sec Freeport 

IVnn All Rail Coal C. 5 Pep- %';,",''^;?!;,, '/"""'"'" Xuvii^fl Fryeburg Board' ' o'f' ' Trade 

peri'ii a.| ■• xil)b,.tls(; \:tic,„iil [$;uii;or George O Warner sec Fryeburg 

)-"i'; , "l S ■' .^ r "i I ..ulst. n Gardiner Board of Trade Fr.'d 

lalMra,d<L .Sanford „,.„|,.,„| ,,.,„,,, i,.,,,,, I*'"*"" M Bo.ston sec Gardiner 

l,,.ayitt In.nk C .. , ,.,.,;:,,. p ,.,., »,'.,- ' ,. Gorham Board of Trade C E 

sargon, V G Co Sargentvllle , •■ ; ',',; J^Va C,> 104 L,s- Cobb sec Gorhan. 

Scarsport^ Co heiirsport ' i'|';';^| "■"■O .NAioiUiM.s Hallowell Board of Trade J 

Chy'^.VM.inin """ Seb-ilo Lake I^""' ''"'' J'- 187Middle Portland , Warren Jones sec. . Hallowell 

L .^uV .[ seoago Lake (...ii,,,,,,,.,. ■n, ,,,,,., „,,.... )....,.,, .. Hoidton Board of Trade 

.^ Brothers Sedcwiek , i •' I , .bVr I S' Exch'n „e Frank Dunne sec Houlton 

Ross C A hko« began I, V,,, ^ , v^ ' j. m ,v^^^^ Kennebunk Board of Trade C^ 

hrnith bewail W ., M ■ ...Id 1 r, d II l.ih B.,n H Cole sec Kenncbunk 

S.' CharL :: M— .Merchants' Asisn 57 LEWISTON CHAMBER OF 

French A- He. I, I Solon Exchi.nge COMMERCE John L Readc 

.SoperWII Portland Collo.tion Agen.y sec 124 Lisbon, - . Lewlston 

Cuniniir)gs David Co S Berwick ,, "'" i',';''''',';,.''''''^ . ,'.. Lincoln Board of Trade G W 

G'.gn..n P J ''"'" -\l'i''l ^^ Sanford Thoinbs sec Lincoln 

II., .1ml, ,11 I' P .< Co .. Li.sbon Board of Trade Charles 

ll,,M, II .1, ri I S Orrington *CoUc(jes W Whitehouse sec Lisbon Falls 

Mr, I. I l,,'il,-l Soutli Paris ,c < . . ... Lubec Board of Trade C H 

U„lk,r \ \\ .<'s,,n ''""""^•'7'' (^ec Schools an. Acad,. -s; o|„rk sec LubeC 

C„n„r,,n William Soutliport " ^" '"■""'''^' Madison Board of 'I'radc . I !•' 

South Portland Tnlnnlnl (nhinir - Withee sec Madison 

Atlantic Grain Co 51 Main i Olonial l Olnmr,.. Board of Trade S 1, llawlcy 

•Morse Clem V Kcls..y St SAC<li !\f ANCFACTI RlNti sec Mechanic Falls 

Spear William Co 215 Front .. Ctli 3.M l,in,-.,ln , ,Sai-o Mexico Board of Trade Mexico 

l->:.iii,.Is N E South I'nion Milo Board of Trade A A Clark 

Hro«n cihy 11 s windiiam *( oliintns [Concrete sec Mllo 

W,.ntw,,ril. Kl,,:..r K Si.riii-v»le v;il,„l, Newport Board of Trade W H 11 I. Stockton Sprints r niLii ) - Mitchell sec Newport 

lOaiou 1; \V Slonlnglon l!N!TKD STATES COLl'M N Northeast Harbor 

Ilamhiin 1. CO (lafrs l„lt, I'ju.,; Col- Northeast Harbor Board of 

Dunbar Bros Sullivan .11. ins, s. .. k,-v 1771 i Lji.- Tra.le Alvah L Reed sp.. F 1." Swans Island an.l All.:... , sis Norway Board of Trade Frank 

Rawley G W Tenants Harbor <'anibrl'lge Mass Ki.nball pres Norway 


Cominorrlal OrKunUalions - l),.„„i. |0 ,r,:i 0.,„m,.T,ial S.ANDKUS ICN<;IN1^:RING 

HMi.'v so. Oakland '■>"l'-'- C-I.ail,.s K 2M (•„,„- '-"'" ' "'"'""^ 

(H.Mir.harciiWrdofTrmleW m.-., ,,.! „.„n„-,i ^^ocis) .. H'oncrete Filled Columns 

01.1 Town Board of Tni.le C W L' i ^ ,| „ MIJ M»K» lUON FOUN- 

Hubbin, .s,.<. Old Town " ••■'■■ I .Ir.nKe .. V. '•; T*^* »n ^' i^iiL „ 

Orono Board of Tr.ulc- A J I"'- , I 1 1 a ' 'u (,-anned ol Gramte st. . . Mllford Mass 

Durg.nsec.. Onmo P - -^' - ' .M.inH-r. lal .. 'Concrete MacMneni 

I'lltsheld Board of Trad .^ I, u Jordan liaiilv 1; LMri ( uin 1 ■' 

IfaMkHll soc Piltsni-ld iinnlassPH) .. CAMl'WEM, ROBKRT K 

ritfsfield Coimnercial \ssn Jordan S W 1 I lOxcl.aiigc rni 8 (•^en pagL- I SO I ) C. Riatoii 

C A Stevens 3PC ' .. ((rraiiii „ Uostoii Mass 

Ketail Merclmnta Aasn W M T.,v>,.il, ,t Rounds 11 Excliange .. /^„.,,;, „Jiifii »«/• 

I'arrington sec •• M^"" C 11 & Co 193 Coin'l Corulented Milk Mfrs 

Poland Board of Trade Poland n aimed goo<ls) ,. Newport 

CHAMBKROFCOMMERC'E MerrdI K P 55 Bramhall .. Borden'.- ( ondensed Milk Co .. 

OF PORTLAND ME The Millikcn Frank B (canned 

Geo f. Crosnian pres Walter t-'n-idM) 243 Commercial .. Confectioners 

B Moore exec sec 34 Ex- Pcrknis David Page 122 Com- 

change Portland n,cr,ial ., manupacturkhs 

[{etail Merchants Assn H K Pi-nc K If 3 U Exchange " „, , t /, A n nr- *"'"'"' 

Kastinan see Shurt!<tT W H Co 2' Union whf llu.'^ton 1 A « Co 2o Main •• 

Presquelsle O.'-.'u.) '' „ Millburn R W 160 Main .. 

I'resque Isle Board of Trade .. Sun],- W O (molasses and su- ,, ,• ■ r • ■ tt u . «»"K<"' 

Chamber of Commerce 1 \V >'ar) 'DS Commercial ■• Bernardim Luigi, Webster av .. 

Thomas sec 7 Spring Rockland Whltmore John W I'Ki r,„n'l .. \''^''J'^''%9'''''^\K^\}^'^"'- 

Kn.nfurd Board of Trade John WilUa.ns R A C, (srain) a llx- !,■"""« %''"^^S. ^rV""," 

r-onglevsec Rumford change .. |;;;vai-'e T R Co 20 Broad .. 

Saco Board of Trade W W I hurston h Kingsbury 04 

Mclntyresec Saco Commissioners l roait n.ii-..!!.* 

Sanford Board of Trade L G „.,, ,,,, /^ t.-. , ^ c, 

Gcrrv sec Sanford ' ''""'Pson C F & Co 07 Main » 

South Berwick Board o^l"^"e"■.'' N-IC DanielW SOHamnHW*'"' p',"".;'A T" """""" 

South Paris Board of Trade A Patch Willis Y n' Columbia .. -i I ■ , l" n i,...o>:i>«r.. 

SoI?t^^Cd Board rl-ra.^"' R^ld O^aii^I^r ^^l^lm^^ond ■■ Pi:a;::!;;.r i II, ""^S^ 

.z^^r'^^^a .r'^^r' ^"^^^^^l^^^s " 1':;' '"".•■ M,;if;;s 

Howard Frost sec. SprlnKvale Woodbury Henry DS 120 Ex- jiatl.dd H H Oakland 

Tho.naston Board of Trade IC change Bangor 1".' •'^"''^ ^"^ °°"»„,?i°,..h 

S Stearns sec Thomaston ..■niteu st.^tes „ fJ" l' o"-?; • ; , • Portland 

Van Buren Board of Trade G Augusta ^o 7 P !• (cocoanut cakes) 

V Hammond sec. Van Buren Farrington Frank Ci 101 Water .. ^'•"'o^^ , ■,, , ■. " 

Vinal Haven Board of Tra.le Reid Charles H jr Banftor Greeley Lrank H (popcorn) 

M P Smith sec VInal Uaven Portland ,, ,Vl. /r . r^ k- r- .„ 

Waldoboro Board of 'I'rade G Bradley Wm M I SS Middle ■■ Ha 1 & II & Co 6/ Center .. Waldoboro Hrjlmes Confectionery Co 30 

Retail Merchants Assn J E Concrete lilocks r «,,m,i L A w "aq Mi mu " 

Nelson sec Watervllle Portland M„nf '''S,,„^„„^!^ Jf-,n ^nl " 

Waterville Board of Trade Delia Torre O A 847 Forest av Wyfr GeoTge E^405^°Con- '' 

Louis G Whipple " Goss William P 045 Forest av ■■ ^"".^''^ George L 4 Jo Con- 

Westbrook Board of Trade ^ ""'^^ f i t f (C f " 

Wi'iftlfro "Board of Tr!ui?M7"'' Concrete Bridge Const ruc- ■"';"". '; '. ^ " ^"-" "» ^ 

GageTec.'.'!"^'..".. "win thro p Hon ^- ■. ■-. I i:...nd Mfg Co 

WIscassct nVNES CONSTRl't'TfON ' , , „ , , ' 

Wis,.asset Board of Trade COMPANY inc (.-ee pa.-e TivKVTli,"rn 'rKVTIIKv" " 

Frederick W Sewall sec .. 17801 IImiJ/aVJv'^ ^ v/-Jn 

Wiscasset Business Men's Assn Springfield SlasN and Wales >^\}'',*?^*-^^,f^ V n,; 

F S Perkins sec ■■ Mass >ff" t<> (Z »rand) 397 

Yarmouth Board of Trade F L ,,"'"' w >; !.,„..„.. ,. i i„ 

Wellcome see Yarmouth *Concrete Burial Vaults '""'-'> w n iiflckiand 

STANLEY VAIXT COM- SU 'lair & Allen 50 TilUon av •• 

*Commercial PllOtog- lm; CentraL" ";':''""'"' .'ii'aii'gor Blake'Bros' '^ ^'YaMiioUtllvme 

raphers , ^, , cw wholesale 

DADMUN CO ( page 1920) Concrete Cast stone Auburn 

1 Washington (Ilaymarket CHOZZO GEORGE CAST Stevens .IM & Co l^furn^^^ 

^'1) Boston Mass STONE PRODUCTS CO Bernardini Lewis, R D 1 Bangor 

(.see page 1781) 39 Ham- Jackson G F 79 Com'l Bath 

„ ■•,-,, '"""'' Bangor Belfast 

( OnimtSSlOn Merchants Belfast Candy Co Pleasant at - 

(See also Produce Dealers also *Concrete C^Onstruction Blddcford 

(Shipping Merchants) ■ - Portland ^''''''^^"""^ ", .9 -v1i^''''lT .." 

I, i.,>.„^ f n «, n„ ,,.. „i {TMMINGS II P CON- Reed Walter s Boothbay Harbor 

n.rTur'ne"..'V':".!'""A'.;burn '^TUrtlTION ^, TO (.see ^f^l\}^ Dan.arlscolta 

Lord Henry & f^o 79 Exch"":":"" ""^^t^^^X^"' ^"'" " C^^^U^^ " ^n\wr"Z 

''''^'itrvlL^.^^l''^''''' H<';Y':u:"''^''^*A^i'tiF.ciAL" GiTw'vr ^^^ i^:^!i 

3- Park I U Box 7-4 ^^^^^^^^ ^NE CO J W Gailey prop _^,^^,,^ .''A'u'.lf "" 

Ben tley Geo W 179 Com'l ■■ ' ' ""i'd ■• !^ ,;";;;^ ,' "^"j' ,, ,,^. " ' "" " ! 

Boothby V M 5 Exchange •■ ^Concrete Enainepr-< ^" i , ^ Sanford 

Brown & Josselvn 57 Ex<hange •■ i-oncreie angineei s ^1 , 

Cousens L M i Co 120 Kx- MOULTON ENGINEERING i;,,v. i -, '- i' ' Snrlncvale 

.■hange (cotton war|, grain CORP The (see page l.S2r,i Watervllle 

''•'»;"' " l-'O lOxchange Portland King & Patr.anneci 2S Main ■• 

(Si I- '■ Ml. r 



Conrpctloiiprs - C.ii 


Corey K A U3 Court Auburn 

Fowled E L 1)8 Court 

Buggies F L 114 Main 

Sbuw Geo F 7 Spring-st extn 


Clioate Rosa Mrs 92 State 

Dutil Frank T 50 Mill 

Folson N T & Sou L>73 Water ■• 

Hurv6 Jennie Mrs 37 Water 

Johnson John (■; 179 Water 

Levine Michael 31 Cons' 

Miller Robert 1 97 Water 

Winslow E L 3U4 Water 

Nolan Hannah, R D 2 

Armstrong G W & Co Union 
Depot Bangor 

Bigelow C F Mrs 184 Ohio 

Brounlas G N 68 Main 

Cushnmn & North b2 State 

Fifield & Co 2U7 Main 

Floros N T 20 State 

Goodman H 210 Hammond 

Leavitt Solomon 196 Harlow ■• 

Lufkin George E 92 i\Iain 

McNamara Patrick H 73 Ex- 

Martini Paul G, Harlow cor 

Richardson Jclin I, 44 Wash- 

Rudman L 225 Harlow 

Schiro Samuel 273 Main 

Skonfis John i:i4 Main 

Smith H 210 Hammond 

Snow J H & Co l.i liroad 

Vardanas L 149 Hammond 

Zoidis Bros 24 Hammond 

Lufkin Mrs Bar Harbor 

Marshall W P 

Clary J F 170 I'ront Bath 

Stevens Paul l.".il 1- r..nt 

Perkins C r: Bayslde 


^::r^' :-■ -t"'^'-'..- 

llnil. ■ \' ■ • , II ..|, St ; W".:; ■.; \ Main st 
Mar.-aiiu U H. Main it 
Mixer !• G 91 Main 
Morrison Arthur H Co Chunli 


Shiro L S.High 
Stephenson D F, High 
Thr)mpson C F & Co, Main 

Bilodeau Jeanie 49 Alfred 
Bilodeau Pierre 28 Water 
Bugbee & Hutchinson 149 



M.-gu..ii,-„uk liuit 

C. Camden 

Clapp \V A ■ 



Claj, s 


Siuiill Im'-'-.'i K 

Lisbon Kalis 

Stephcn.-ion A M 

Wakr Iv (■ 1' 

Cor. ^- Ur. s 


lialang.T G K 


Soda" Shop 


Frost H f 


Burr Aan.r, 


Guv I'reil 


Larrabee C K Cun 

herland Mills 

Goodwin Charles 

W N Herwlik 



Bain A G Co Northeast Harbor 

Hultz Charl,-s 


Brav & Mills 

North Haven 

iiask. 11 i: W 

Deer Isle 

N'ealey W H 


Smith C 1 


Bovnton Mildred 


liradlora O W 
Ir.laud V T 


Hatfi..l,l II A 

Old Orchard 

Kerby J 1- 



Mountain Janicb 



Hughes '1' 


I-.ighton Marion 


Wentworlh J K 


Bernier William 

]3.)dp.- Cleorgc- A 


Boutin Frank X 

lliggins T J 

Oana George C 


J.-llis..n ¥ i; 

Francis Joseph N 


I.elan.l C H 


Goldsmith Hairy 


South HerbiTi 
Barnev B S 
Bush il M 
Judkiiis K W 
Lowrie W h 
Mitchell A \V 
Feyler R IC 
Pottle A G 

Moore Fiank 

Smith W M (Rn 
TowleS C (Han 


Swanson C M 


Tear William A . •• 

Forest City 

Gee Annie Orono 

Davis Founiain Otier Creek 

ort Falrflpid 



Howes William Mrs, R D 3 

Baker Charl.s r PltlsHeltl 


I.aKorio Bros 


Palmer F A 


Whittier Fred 


Bulh'v A Portaite 


ter (iardlnir 

Cohen Herman 1117 Midde 

)epot s., 

Connors Margaret Mrs 19 

,'ter " 

Deraney Samuel M 219 Con- " 

llolllh drli .. 

Donahue E A Mrs 70 Pine 


Kvag.-los P.M.r 47 Portlaml 

riskelt Frank OOS Forest av .. 

Iph di 1 1 

Ful, y Maiy 201 Fore 

Il d( I) 

love Ella P 1.-,.-, St John 

(irand Isle 

Gillin Samuel 471 Commercial ■■ 


CarU'ton H 
Ward D M 
Eldredge A ! 
Hobhs C B 
Randall A II 
Allen R A 



land Kails 

IS Charles E 37 Pearl 
I Fred A 8 Portland pie 
Mosis 430 Congress 
Ernest I. 90 Washing 

l.egrpw George L .') Brentwood 
Lord I F & Son 480 Congress 
Ma.-ris n K 337 Congress 


W 149 
.1 74 M 

Kennebunk Port Robir 




115 Main ■• 

.'>02 Congress 
' A 227 Forest a^ 
Abraham 95 Co 

Dew.-y Sainu.-l 47 W il.son Brewer 
Perkins William \\' 3 Slate 
Howe B \ 91 Center 
Beaton A B .-, State 
Sargvnt J P Brldgewater Center 
Gordon Frank Bridgton 

M.r-luskv C A Mis Brookton 
C oh.n S H Brownviiie 

Minsk v Mver 

Hrunswick'Fruit & 
er\ Co 194 Maine Brnnswlek 



Frank & Son 372 
J 27 Knox 

Robinson Thoma 
Hoiix L A 70 Lincoln 
Simard P I 498 Lisbon 
Sti wart Samuel 288 Lisbon 
Teague Elmer C 52 Ash 
Walker Herbert F 23fs Main 

Rosenberg Ben 307 St John 
Howe Daniel M Custom House 

Sawyer George E 495 Congress 
SrTafino George 500 Washing- 

Soule George F 379 Congress 
Stetson George O 40 Portland 
Siow.ll Charles H 40 Preble 

:< 39 Preble 

I harles 103 Oxford 
i - ' hn J 410 Congress 
\'. ■■.; Clarence K (iO Porl- 

/.ak' John 03 Center 


Smith M B 


t rs, K, 


"rest a\ I'ordaiKl 
H !..■ I'r.ilii.i, 
l.n!j ICncIuuk;.' .. 
J B !<.■:, ti ML' 

& C„u- 


I.N, C; Veivena vice-roii^iil '■ "r«i'iiii- iV HuMiano Co (gpni-r- 

;.-. Mi.l.llr , ■'!) «n Kidolitv hUlf 

ivv..y P.ny K K.MtiMKvir,- *^'''*." '? '' * f^"»< (pav.-r.s) 

uurV-hli.iK'!'y''H,u',''*"'\i,v- " G'^lliver j'oli'n"\''(j.on,.raI) 120 " 
iKmly, J i: Mainlf 31.; K.v- " -"'•'''Ms"B'uTLKa CO (con- 
''■'">-"■ •■ 'I'vs.Si'^^j'rv "^I'l''"" ""^^ ''""^'^ 

■ '^eoal.oC-„p..,n,.,.s;:,lso .Mason.) "s'k.' W ^'''' '" .. 

"" " Hm,;l<.s Cl.atlr.-, \ l.uil.liiM' ■"<■< HidluM N K To ,SI» I'nion 

Stat,- Vi.-oMs.-.- ''^""'■■•.v !■• A Co :j Center 

l,..„." " Iloxi,- C ]■: A (•„■ (K, ,M ,al' Vl ^Vurstci- & Wilson 192 Stevens 

,[.,l„ ;; NOvVs C.AMIMIKLI, CO ' r,''"'' ■' Jt i'»''''''.V?.' Raiige.ley 

.ann.rd ^';;','-;;'"'^ r,..,Mn„,,.,n Co " i,,,,,,^.,^, Bert .l.uil.'intr^"*'""""' 

; ^^^:j'^\^,ir>^}^!^^ J'^^-VA^ son 4,;?*^?:^;!:"' • 
■ "'■^^^■^- '^^' '-■ st:;" ^^.■?,l<^,^r!,^;;n^ „.hf :; K L A Co tiI3 Main 

I^irr ,1 11 Rilinrorri - 

lil.l)ett.v 1, (J South Bristol 

.Mason I' S (buikliMK) S Paris 
Noves M I, (l,„il,lMi«) 
Walker A W ,V Son lst.>ne ami 

eal Ilarl.or ,"'^" "•'■»i"- W 

vrr I'nd 


.lolin & Ron 2ti Cent 

■ •rt\- .I,,lin 


III Iterv 

l.'.'k ll.M-lilk 

ns !■; C & Son HO H: 

lon'M ,\ 


le.s U .\ 


I'.r,,, Co I7-''I |.-, 

t K M 


>\ DTK) ((» Mn ,„ 

S Portland 

I'M I ,,, , lloyen i- H Co r 40CottaKe 

South Itreiter i;"l'iii-.,i, \ ,1 ( o "(I Iniini on . Small <i !•■ Uiuililing) StoiilnKfon 

iir(«<r s,,„ii„,,,„ .1 1. ,t So",w ',n . r I " ''""" ^ ''" '■"'"•■'■"') Sullivan 

lir. l:Ml,anL'e ■ Watervllle 

.; Slanl,,v Arlhnr C (K<n.tal; IT, h;,';;,,,'; '^ * *^' " "''''»"'' ^'^ 

oiith Portland WUh,','r";',.or,-,. 11 * Son -1 " I'n'in'JJn" II Co 4(1 Pleasant "■ 

^SauN.r Central ■ ' ., N.iyes W 1, W Jonpsport 

"■■" "' Winter Harbor 

HI- ■ ., x"V'''i'i)' p i ,", " ' *Contractors for Labor 

ir"^'"^ Tlioinas.on „„1 H, r,o, !l,n,l,„n - """'""^'^ '''cli^^^^!^''^!^, '{^: 

',;\. • P'oirni ■V(';"llV,'l\y'sm'.r('st'on,' " .Vs .\Ii,l,||e Portland 

>"''.'S, ,, TiiorndiUe ""' '■"""•" '''i'lV,',';!,'!! Cooperage Stock <X.- 

I'l '^i'V ■' van Kuren "'"' ' '' "■■■''- l--r "" . . ^''PP''*^" 

tport (See also Saw .Mills) 

V A Son VInal Haven ■"""^'^ -« »'»>-no''" (Inoldnn.; . Swett & Co 94 Broa.l Bangor 

■y Urawn H ..\ (eonerete^ori""'''" Hi<-.l"^"lson (I W Bueksport 

I-: Waldolioro i'.'iv)."tT /^ Vi"?''''"'' 'y'"'''', " "'! '■ '■l'''- ^,■,^ .u-s K Maehlas 

^ St. r C D (eement work- i ,, ,, ,; , ,, j Kll.sworth Falls 

; .S '" ^^k■ndslllp \<, ... , i,.| ...--j & Co 

Watervilir Siaekpole C P i Co ^t^mite;"':'' \„,::: V 1 .;V... wl i^ld"''*' 

'.V.n,'.,tron'K'4'7 M.dn ". ri'!'::' ^' ']",'' ^"''^\, """'t"" .')",' ''"'.■""'..'Morrill 

.sLMIMain .. m! :,: , : ■■,",'"",, ■■ I' uller B F (.staves and hea.l- 

\ A ( '., iPi Main \\ 1 . »'"iu; .. j„j,) Searsiiiont 

:^.rion Mr- r>- M.un . \\ ' \ l' ' ' .'"i i" ^ -'".y ■ I-eN <-nseller .lohn (staves and 

om'n'el,-!*!',',"''"'' ""^''''"^ •"'^ 1' l^'"ve.s and ' 

■ ''*Mi'i*r'""i '-"ilelnld l.iTo.\ O Soarsport 
le (eon,-r, !!■?"" '''"''^'' '^ '' Soniervllle 

...son K 1. ■ •• wesfir^ook w;;,:;;..//r;''i>;.'r-^:;'^?']^iS "ZVZ..... a^m^- 

.- .. tonnors lol.n nl iV "^ '•"■'< ' " (staves) S OrrhiRton 

''.-'■'■^ ^-''/'[i!-;, , . •■ (-olo 'i 'b''& sons «. nn., ".';;/ ' '•"'«'■'- ^'^ ^^ Wlnthrop 

Ba'd'T'lM^' ^ "iv,7,!"" '^' •"■••'■" I' 1' '■"-"■ -n.i -• Coopers 

C'l-Tnt HI wi.iiM ''"'•!',''' ,. "."•"," Phillips (See also Barrel Dealer.s) 

C'..Mar,l,-, ^^'"""•^""^' Su.s,eUM(radroud, Piltsl.eld Ed«eeomb F E Applofon 

Cha^e F m''""'' niseassH ' InZn -^y'"'""''"' v^ll:,,,,^ "^^'i!' 1 ^r'^'^^^^ •^"«'" 

K''rv'''v'I Sons W l-.nd "•'K«""'K^.-'""N "^ iti u'lo,''.. 'wHHan, H I)' Belfa'st 

m..k,. Bros YarmondiUMc (^nT .\onna,' Vl l.o n.'"r ,l')' l''i- " lV.7iT ',',!«■' I ■;'.,';,,'' im! , 

1. n 

an,, ■; 

'•0,1, ran.. Mill 

L.-vasseur & G 

eal) 41,-, Lish 



Mel,,o,l & II,-s, 
Oar... tt !■; P (I 
U. .tl, TiM,.,lh\ 
Mit.-lnll .\: .l.di 



Coopers c i„M,,l 'Coidane X- Hope M fin Crtnrrit 

l.iiu n-iiic .1 II lt<Tii:iril , <„. ..i„.. i',, ,,,.. \ii,-i i< i„,. u,,ii.,,. i 

ltoo(lil.;i> llarl)or 

M..S|,|.T.1,,I,M I' 

Cuitia I' S ISroukliii 

(aipa.rick Chester (apple 'a,- mUU .t . . .Now Ho-lford. Mass s,y,, ,.„,„., P,,., lUnu'or 

n-W Urowiifielil ^^, ,, , „ ,. ... ;-,!.. \\;,Nr >i Hcll:isC 

M..rr,ii & ciuiuie. i5u<'kiii-i<i *torn Hook ^ Ktiile whiiu,- i> .^. >..„s „ , , ■■ 

KurkrttvUle Manufacturers Turuer Center Cr.u,'''.'' 

' ' NORTH WAYNK TOOI, CO lluoil'.-i Cie:iincr'v " '' '" ' I't'rooks 

Cente;"Bolmo.U ^-« 1-*^'= ' '" ' Hallowell \Vl,i,,ng D & S„„s 

\MHttier.\L ClK'.st.TVille „ ■ ., , , \Mutiiig IJ A fc.ui.b Cuiitoi. 

Coopers Mills Cornice Manufacturers ^ , n < armcl 

Burker John F. U I) L' .. Lewlston Turner Center Crejimcry C ,. •■ 

French Frank. R U - .. Korneffel F & Son o.i M af. Maine Creamery Co Charleston 

Hialer iMills, li n 2 .. '^'"^"^Hel * A bon ol, .Mam Creamery Dexter 

"'■"'"'"■'* Corporations Organized "^'°° 'Kas°t New Portland 


M. (Jowan A J (appl 

AMienLeuu Kast Friendship - "'J-"' «.•■"'--' y""--" r.asi «en-^ro 

Uovil I, K;is(n..i( .Vniiusia Carrabasset Creamery Co 

Kast Troy 

Kiislport .Vnuusit 

J A KasI Slonehain 

.M !•: 

Tumor Cnnter C, 

M.llIM (>,.;,„, .TV \-M, K\e((T 

W 1,1-n,- IJ A- -.,,,- Kovcrori 

W ',;'nr' II A -,.,,- (.nlirord 

.<<.!,.„ (■.,..,„,.., ^ C, llarin.Mij 


P. I! I) I K(na 

li .iniin \ Fort Fairiteld "Corrugated Iron 

/■■'"nil!? 0.\LI,.\(;HI:K I> F & CO i? Il„ult.„. Ciiv Creamerv lloulton 

:;s C.i,,!,,, 1, i,.| ul.ari .s, , I, uTset I>air\ ins; As-^ti Madison 

Itostun, .Mass i'.,pi ( S Munehestt^ 

Wlaung I) & Sun PitlsHeld 

Hampden * Corrugated Paper Pro- Plymontli 

Hampden HIds ductS & Corrugated Fibre ■'''"■"" f'<'iter Uairyins^A^ssu^^^^^ 

'lV.l' Harrison Shipping Cases Maine Dairy Co 17:i Fore '.■ 

■lafi.-CoHoulton PAGE V.V.O (i BO.V CO (.see ''""''"r,,^?""''' "■"''^' 



pagel7.iUi Cam !>rld!;c. Mass '^40 1 1 

WAKNKK Al CIllbDS CO „ „ . . HIehniond 

Liberty The (.see pa^e IHIIi 1.". Win- Turner Center DairyniB .. 

.'^ ,l„.i..r. .Medlord, Mass ,„ ^ , Rumford 

I.ineolnvllle ^, ^ I nrner Center Da.ry.nK.W 



ftikowheKan Jersey Crcainery 
I'hillips I'i F ....e. ......I .lohnson \V A li:i HicK.d Bangor _ South Paris 

slnllair il'Tl"'" ^ Maplelon ''Vh.ine. . ."'\ ""' Btddeford "'^"'"'" '^" ""^ ""^"^ ""^ Strong 

UauL'iii A \1 M.irFill Portland North FrankUn Creamery A?isn •• 

MernamH Morrill Brown Geo F .". 125 Contrress •• Troy Creamery Co Troy 

Vickerv J F Turner Center 

Mchureu W.S Rl) I *Cotton Goods M frs Turner Center Ilairyim; ■■ 

-Nlorse John R I) ■> .. (Se,. TeM ile Mfrsi Hood II P A .Sons Waldohoro 

i'alinei- MniVr li D 1 " • . s Hamlin W K Haterford 

u, . ,. , Mount Vernon "Cotton Machinery Palter.son Bros 3l) Charges"'""''" 


31) Cha 

(Sop .Machinery .Manula. Inr.rsl Shreuslniry Farm Dairy Co .^4 

Cotton Waste H..o lil P & Sons WInthroi 

Haines John W lierwlek ,|,^_^.^^^ _. ,-.^ ^^^^.^ Cvanu-r"''*'""'*'''" 

*Cotton Yarns Cremation of the Dead 

'"hhV^^- l^^^'-iu't MASSACmSKTTS CltK- 

Stone Provldenee R I ,^,,,, ... ,, ,,.„ ^, 

*Counting Machines 

Koston Mass 

a^e Co 2,(, N.VFIONAL SCALK CO Crockery, China & Glass 

Ileadfleid '*"''^"- ♦'"""'«•« "^^"^ "="'^ An.lre« SAC Ashland 

"""^^nume Cranberry Grouers ,,,„, ^ .„,,,„„ <,, ,,, ^^^^^'^ 

Searsinont (iusliee J L Mrs .\ppleton Bangor 

.. Parker Set h H, R 1> 1 Anhnrn Vose P H Co .OS .*i .".(I Main 

Itrooklin Allen J Milton Bar Harbor 

D Brooks Perey D T ilc Sons 90 Front Batli 

i Cranberry Isles Carl & Jonen, Muiti ^t Belfast;!,! i: P Skowhegaii Stanley Hiram Atkinson H P ^V Sons Im- 227 

.MeGo«nA.I Damarlsrolta Mills Main Blddeford 

lirown .<; Wheeler South Paris Smithwiek J s .Mrs Dudley Will P Boothbay Harbor 

l.ibby W I. l.ash John Frieiulship \ill:i-e Shop Camden 

Hapgood A Willaril S Waterford Il.,rt(,nll Harrison ('M,\Hros Caribou 

Hand J E Standlsh .Mav>i,.„ni, Joiiesl.oro -linuar.lCo 

Hall J H Sloekton Sprints .Mill.i i 11 L. li I) 1 Leeds >,,< ,,. ,r II () 

Wood F R SloniOKton 

.Men ill ).' F Turner 

Staples tie..ri;e M 

Wl.ntier Arthur Vienna 

Spear Irvin R D Warren 

Spear Nelson, H D 

Danforth (ieorfe Washington 

I.ei-ht.m I', C Winlhrop 


(See .Sheet Metal Workers) 

P IS North Se(lu»i( k 

li,i~'in Ceorue .\ 


n C X North Waterfor.l 

.-i ,v-\ Prank 

E Boothbay 

.p J W 


W 1,11.- 11 P & Co 


M & SOU.S 


Uri n-lein I.ouis 

Fort FairHeld 

M E Mrs 


i:,HKlhue A F 


; N, R D 7 

Skow began 

VVealherbee Guy 


r Henry 

South Paris 


ns Helen E 


Preble & Keene 1 

;l Water 

M M 

Gates F A & Co 


ieor^e A 

Wells Depot 

Hamilton .t Wi,-.- 


n H.ra.M E 

W Buxton 

Smiih Bros 

Ge.irt-, W 

WesI Paris 

Na.son Prr.l \S 


If 1* I 111 I I A W 1 .'nil I. 

t .',.''.0 

. ,,t;.:. '-..■ H i>i«i:niry </■/. 



crockery. *«-^ -■-;'' Bartlett WiUian, A Xm VuZ'n'' ■■ MC.efl.n W E 

,„l,„rn IKnry N M-'.-'hi/i; Chilco" I S 1 1 >' •■ P.yson WilliaiMS S ^,_tJ_asUno 

It A.VS„„ :N.-wp«rt Collins M J 31 

■'' ''^'■■'> , „......;, FarnhamMonl.na25.MH 

St H H ■ 

ubba (; W iM>rwa} Q^rdnor G C 

■ ' Gordon F H > 

Gray W.llia.n ^ ^ ^, ^^^^ •• HiBBin3RS;!l 


Cuiiilicrland Mills 

sbee M Damarlscotta 

W H 
adv Robert H Daiifortli 

Jolmson Wm F. Exchange bid- ■■ S|.rin.;.-r S D Dexter 

Jordan Elton E 41 Central •■ lla.ncs 11 Uoxter 

.l,„ld Stanley 

Wadilc'll A I 

Day 10 K C. 


Habbitt W .S 


JOn.erv S B Co 

dak .1 1' 


Solon Creamery t 

J Solon 

nillinchai.. K I. 


W'alMh R \V 


mball John H 20 Hammond 
King C H 47 Main 
MrCiinn Harold J ExchanKO 

Marshall WS 122 Main 
Maxfield D W 50 Jefferson 
Maxfield F E 31 Central 
Mead Frank H 4 Broad 
MitihellF 1L47 Main 
Mongoyan H E S Harlow 
Oviatt Harry F 77 Central 
Parker & Kowe iil Central 
„ ,, , Phillips George A 31 Central 

*( rushed Stone & Gravel sawyer C E 57 Main 

Dealers Stanhope Charles H Exchange 

CONSOI.IDATKI) BROKKV Womfcock Ernest M 14 State .. 

STONK & (illAVKI, CO j,^,,, j g Har Harbor 

8113 Fidelity bids Portland jiiggins H P 

Hindi John T ■■ 

Curriers FroIt'HenVs, R D 1 ■■ 

(Sec also Tanners) Bates H A 4 Center Uath 

Maxneld S A Co Valley av BanRor -J'^t Ma^wcu'7-)TVront "■■ 

Ragon H E lO'l Front 
Cutlery . Rowe W E 73; Front 

(See also Hardware & Tools) ^mlTc W 'Mam"?' Belfast 

McrrilM P (shoe knives* Kreeport 'i,ii,by W c'92 Main 
Ulmcr A Cutlery Co 2J.-> Mid- l.onibard G P 37 Church 

die, . . I'ortland j.^throp A M, Hiiih st 

Stoddard A O, Mi'^h st 
Webber E S, High St 
Cleise I L Berwick 

ll;„.nF T. Bethel 

Dairi/ Supplies 

Moore V C. (cream separators) Brown 1] T. 

H n 1 Bangor .puell F B ,„^^ , • . 


Damp Prool Burial ^'''^'^"VVoq.VMain '''' ^''''" '■■ 

Vaults dt^La^BuercLB'llO Main 

Bangor n^„gon W I" 147 Main 

STANLKY VAULT CO The i,„.:,, r-;,; v. ■-.SMain 

(sec page 1773) 26 Central •' i,|,i,. II ! ■ , ■ I V , sonic bldg •• 

;,. ^ , Main " ( assidv J 1' 

Decorators I' , I'Vl u-" ■' ■ li M7 Main •■ ClitTord G 1- 

Cireely Haryaid 


HaKcrthy Ooi-e 


I.aflin F B 

Knowlton F A 


Miller W S 

Hackett E 


Kittridge J R 

Merrill E C 

Whitehouse F M 

Fort Fairfield 

Young L D 

Clayton J F 

Fort Kent 

Cyr W H 

Noonan 11 J 


Whitredge E A 

Laffin F P 


Smith K W 


Tavlor A W 


Harris C E 


Thurlow N C 

Avcrill E 11 1S3 

\ aler Gardiner 

P,ragd..n C J2,sl 


Cliurrl, H .M 177 


HuI'Ih',:- i: \ - 

.7 Water 

J:p'! f ■ ■ -■' 

r'i Water '' 

\\''llli::li;,- 1. ,\ ■-'• 

i Water\'.l 1> 11 




T.ui-c C b 

(iranville Jet 

Cnshing r.cwis T 


Cousins F A 


Chase James T & Son Hallowell 

F^irnham M Hampden HIds 

Cowan C F. R D 


beirrhtun R P 


\nn rdss r V. 


i^-un C B 


Metropolitan Decorating Traync 

lughes L P 


Bangor Wheaton F B 319 Main •• Nickeraon 

Wheaton G E 319 Mam 

Wood Philip A Bliighain 

Delicatessen „.rrrett Edward C Bl.lehill Tra.y (. H 

Baker O W Boothbay Harbor Preseol,t Simon 

.. * T? .. l)oylc liert ' 

uid Falls 

Tyler Roberts. 88 Cong^^"-"" ^Z 1^^ C ^.^ :< ^iT^" ^^^'fll'^^' ' K^-e^?^ 
SianlA'calen Mrs, k I) .'. - Merriman A C 

Dentists ilaskcil W I> BiidKton Small n M 

E ( ; Kezar Falls 


,on Lewlston 

Cnodrich I. M H' C"oiirt Auburn ,, ,, 

I r.h.n \relier -)3 Court •■ Browne \V V, Town Hall 

Mecl^lis^lohnt'tisMain •■ Haskell AW, n.wu Hall 

Mann B F 72 Main •• bombard J H 9. Main 

Robinson J W 27 Turner ■• Plutzci John 7.S M^"' ' 

Augusta Raeinc Adelard 84 Ma""" . 

Anderson John A 254 Water ■• Staples Albert HI Uij Mai 

Itrann () H 2015 Water •■ Stetson Joseph S 9S M '■ 

Arthur E 

2091 Water ■■ Gould 11 E 

.)av FW 283 Water •■ ( irant Charles W 

IJoiliver I-L317 Water ■. Moore I' H 

Foster Ileman N- 157 Water ■• Murphy A B ^ 

McTlayi.l William 17S Water •■ Murphy Charles . 

I'al ten G.-orge \ 212 Water - Baron W IJ 

Kolnnt,- i: J 242 Wat.T ■• jl^"''.'^); , 

Smith W-irien L 243 Water •■ boiig Millard 

Thomas W G 317 Water ■■ ,M iller & Bisbee 

Titcomh A C 181 Water .• Tibl>etts Satiuu 

W ilder Julian 284 Water ■■ Sw .sey B A 


o'SuUnan Wm C 194 Lisbon .• 


Pendleton I E 54 Pine 

Uivard Geo A 240 Lisbon 

S.;,„lev .1 P 145 Li-sbon 

winte-K 11 •■,i.i'j-'";';^,^ ;; 


ri,"in'.;!n rnn/i'l':"'"'" Minerlek 

Ku'l'l.T 11 1. I.lntoln 


Southard F 

''' y. Itfiy 




Deiillsts — 
Cushing V: n Mshoii Falls 

Greene W U 
Woodworth C L 

Mverniore Falls 



■l.'ii) ConnTcx 
L'.-i.'i; Mi.ldl, 

li W 



Perkins M I, 
Walling Geort'c H 
Danforth H E 
Derbyshire H A 

Mitchell Thomas II 
Lane C W Mars HIM 

McLeod W C 

Hutler A W Moclianic Falls 

Taylor W D 

l.ciEhfon Arnold MlllbrldRe 

tiilpatrirk Ora 1. Mlllliioi-kol 

MarKay (ieorge W 
Barrett Charles H Milo 

Chaae H H Mt Vernon 

Croxford B G NCH|>or( 

Clark Arthur H NewPordand 
Brown W F NorrldRfwo. k 

Northeast Harbor 









Vork Mil: 



Spear W !■' i-i 1 1 ! i j [ ,„|ia 
Stevens (' T .Sd?! ( 'onure 
Strout J M 4.57} Congress 
Taggart Deane P 414 Fide 

Talbot C M 15i; Fr.e 



Dentists' Materials 

Bangor Denial Liil.oratory 
(1. .) Russell, 100 Alain KunRor 

Dvnnrtnivnl Stt 

store :>:( Bruad Allli 

lams n \VCo211 Water 
issell .V Weston Co \'.)2 W,,' 


d N. 



Drake V V. 

Jones H P 

.ludkins W J 

llussey F L 

Mason H C 

Merrill E A 

Whitcomb F E 

Kogera J N 

Carter W J 

Cargill W L 

Coffin Carl S 

Damon M L 

Anderson Earl A 301 Fidelit\ 

bldg Portland 

Anderson G J 711 Congress 
Blanchard Ellerv P ISfi Free 
Bohnson John C 53iiA Cun- 

Brackett Philip C 273 Middle " 

Brown Ceeil P 653a Congress .. 

Chipman Frank M 43(1 Con- 

Chipman F J 53liA Congress .. 

Cobb F O r)53J Congress 

Coleman Walter S tl.-)5 Con- 

Corthell L F loH Free 

Ciishing Louis T ,'514 Fidelity 

Doughty Joseph C 4: 

Dow G E 655 Congrcs 

Fellows D W li.-,-, Cone 

Pirkett 1! C '.:>., i', , 


Kiekford Ralph W 421 
DiLinon J H 302 Main 
Fullett F E 420 UAu 
N.eholas G L 100 M, 
liirhan J A 375 Main 
Ruhards H L343 Mti Tyler 343 Main 
Til, bets T E 3.->n M:, 
Kill, urn llarrv I- 

■s F P 3 Pepperel 
en R n l<.);i .Mai 
om Alpheus C 
J S !• 


Kiil.ards C V 
Sawyer F () 
Viles C R 
Wilbur C II 
Tarbell I.eon 
Rallisdell Cha 



I'oster V 

Grant Giles C 655 Congress 
Greeley T F 573J Congress 
Hayden F A K04 Congress 
Ililborn S B 633 Congress 
Hilborn W E 633 Congress 
Hill George E L56 Free 
llowland John F 465 Congress 
Kelley Henry A 727 Congress 
Kelley .1 F 536a Congress 
King Thoma.i J 463 Congress 
I.i'ighton A Leslie 652 Con- 
Leighton Carlton U 465 Con- 
I.eTourneau E D 54)S; Con- 



Storklon .Springs 


ille I' 

VInal llavt'ii 



teolls .Mtlehell ,V Hrann Co 

'XlOU-CoVtl! CO :i.iii 
lam. Ki.eklaiid 

ett W () :!,St M:,,,i 

lain" '" '"' ' '"" ' „ 

..n Depanmerit .st,.,-, 
[;l^^|\^l^^.^ ^._^^ SkoulHTan 

am Wa'tcrvllle 

Detective Agencies 

II r F 240 J>ine KanKor 

■ly .lames F 34 Sixth 

ilieu Maxime Ili3 Lisbon .. 
",t L O 1!)3 Lisbon 
ler R F 171 Lisbon 



i: 11 

^ 1 


Lougee CI 

Lovejoy li 

,- . 

r-owell Wi 



, , 1 .■ 

1 (, ■. 


Mae Vane 

Wm I 


12 C 


Monson H 

oilis G 




Murray T 



.54 S 

! (•• 


N orris F 




24 Mt 
73 Ma 

SKKVICK file (sr,- • 

w<»«)i»-MOR<;\N i)i;. 


nKTrkc'rivK .\tii';N('v"r n 

Calie/,.;,, It) Coll,.;:.. 

Provlilonec R 
AGENCY A K Niekei.s,,,, 

To Weybo.s.set"' ''"''^^ "' .. 




C.I (all [)ublisheil, sc-o liaok 
colorofl page) 24G Suiimicr 

Bostun Mass 

Disinfectant Mfrs 

I'oih Centnrv Clu-iuir;,! f.. 27 
Forest av PorllaiKl 

* Display Limbs 


page lyi'.i) St Albans 


Gonlon Nathaniel K -.7 Ex- 

*Doors, Sash & Blinds 

(Sec .Sash, Door & liliiul Mfrs) 

War.l Ciaec 70 Main 
Parks .lohn F Mrs, R D 1 
Hosiun Dressmakers Bar 1 



^.IuImI n 44 Court 
lliam Mrs Granite 
li Helen 12 North 
an 735 Middle 
Helen M Mrs 

iangor Spearing Minnie 

.. Webber Gertn.d, 

arbor Clark Nellie D 

.. Adaina Bertha .V 

Cole Jaim'S Mrs 

Drake Grace A 

Hopkins Graee A 

Moore E H Mrs 

Parsons Mae Mr 





••red Mr 



■ Fred Mrs 1141 Wash 
y H F Mrs 19 Bedford 
■wksbury Hattie Mrs Ray- 
mond eourt 
West. Marparet 639 Waahitii;- 

KelleV Georgia 


Young Ann 
Harris R "" 
Ellis Mau 
Higgins T 
Johnson 1) E Mrs 
Johnson F Mrs 
Ward H E xMrs 
Baysldc Edwards Anna Emery I,ucy 
i .. Grant Abbie 

.. Willcv Emma 
.. Sanborn Inez B Mi 


* Dowels 

> Wood Worke 

T I' R N I N <; 

* Drain & Sewer Pipe 

(See also Sewer & Drain Pipe) 


WARE CO, Winslow & Co 

props (see page 1769) rear 

253 Forest av Portland 

CO (see page 176S) 141 
Milk . Boston Mass 

D.iven P H Co South Portland 

Eastern Dredging Co ."lO ICx- 

3 F H Mrs, Court st 

Ira 23 Cedar 

bille Mrs, Congress st 


3 Chestervlllp 

Coopers MIII.S 

Burchill Belle 169 Ma 
Crochiere Melle 121 Eln 
Guilbeaidt Maude C 

l.acroix Marie D Mrs 2-,. 
Paquin F Miss 335 Ma 

Winn Stella Mrs 

Leighton Luke Mr 

Huey Mrs 

Knowles Eflie 

Knowles C C 

Nickcrson Abbie 

Davis C H Mrs CopnIsh 

Lincoln Fannie 

Storer Lillian 

Maker Lenadell Mrs Cutler 

Barker Vennie Daniarlscotta 

Clark La\ira 

Cushman Clara 

McDonald Bertha Mrs 


ipson Fi 

F 411 EuK 




(See also Millmers 
Sanborn Eva Mrs 
Hinkley Carrie 
Lcahan Alice 
Seribner Lela 
Flinter Georgie 
McDonald Abbie 
Frost M J Mrs 
McLain Annie 
Carter C A Mrs 
Hopper E M Mrs 



Hight JohnT Mrs 
Bird M S 67 High 
Haseall Alice Mrs 1 Manlev 
Hiltz C M Mrs 93 Broad 
Brooks Mary J, R D 2 

Bean E M Mrs 52 Bangor 
Dixon Ora D 259 Water 
Fairfield C E Mrs 19 Chapel 
Rayncs Mildred C Mrs 122 

Smith'B F Mrs 89 Grove " 

Smith Georgie Mrs 23 Gannett •■ 
Tetu Agnes Mrs 1 1 1 Water 
Williams Katherinc B 292 

AmesFloreneeMrs, RD2 
Chase Samuel E Mrs, R D 2 ■• 
(Jetehell Florence Mrs, R D 2 .. 
Ames Eva S 21 Maple Bangor 
Calinan Norah 91 Fifth 
Cannon Misses 57 Main 
Clendenning Lottie M Mrs 42 

Ellingwood Flora 116 Center 
Foster H G Mrs 26 Boutelle rd ■• 
HuHey Mary 239 Pine 
Kelleher A B 
Laughlin Mabel Mrs 49 

Patterson Rose Mrs lOti For- 

Savage A E Main st 
Shea M F Park View av 
Spencer M E 156 Main 
Sweenev Agnes 14S Mam 

Straight Judson Mrs Blaine 

Cotton Mabel Mrs Bluebill 

■''^' Fullerton Florence Mrs 

Afton llerriek A M Mrs 
Addison Corv Hatt.e M Uoolhbay 

Alexander Lewis Delia 

Luck Came Boothbay Harbor 
AIna Williams Mary 

Andover Ferguson George A Mrs 
Applelon Denham Emnui, R D 1 
Ashland Fletcher Susan Bradford 

.. Gray Nellie 
Athens Ober Gersla Bradford Center 
Barstow Lena A 9S I'nion Brewer 
Auburn Bradbury L B Mrs 175 Center .. 
27 I 

r C K Mrs 
Abbie Mrs 
idge Maggii 

M A M 



Pratt Anna 
Rogers Ida 
Sawyer H C Mrs 
Tucker M S 
Williams H Mrs 

Houdlette Harriet Dresden Mills 
PiTkina Lydia E Corinth 

Willard Abbie Mrs K Denmark 
a EdKceonib 



l-o'ss' ( iKrrles''E Mr. 

73 Parker .. 

Dwelley Erna 
Hathawav Nina 
Files B Mrs 

E Maehias 

Laughlin Eugene M 

rs Prospect 


T.leomb L W Mrs: 

94 N Mam ■' 

\asnn Bert Mrs 


Cabot Fdlia Mrs 
Dodre Misses 


To\issaint Mrs 
Bridges Eflie Mrs 


Ingalls Addie 

I).|,.r>g C N Mrs 

Haskell M Mrs 


Whe, Irr Mary A 


Wvman H 1. Mrs 

Kane Kate 


C(ile Lizzie J Mrs 


Newman Mrs 


Curtis C H Mrs 


Hall Cora Mrs 


Stanlial Hattie Mrs 

Gil. ''•.': \\i - 


Gould Abbie, R D 


1 1 . ■ ■ ' ■ ■ M 


C.rindell Bently Mr 


1' ■ \ Mi-s 



■[ '<'■■■ Mr 

Grcnier M S Mrs 89 Main 

Hi.- 1 .:''., 1 : ] 1 2 


Mallett Carrie B 

Mrs in 

Fiisworcn fans 


Jordan Emma Mrs 

Mi.haud J Elis^e 1 

14 Main " 

Smith C P Mrs 


Cloutier A F Mrs 



Re.crd C A Mrs 

ll.-menwav Georgia M ' ■■ 

Ball Alire 


Burke M Miss 

Fort Eairncid 

Frankhn FT Mrs 

Iw.icht Alice 

Gr.tfin M A 

M^^.,„^al Ella 


Jones L.Miise Mrs 

I-.. . M. -^ M.-. 

Fort Kent 

K..nt Alice 


Ai . . .. ( : ■ Mr 

L.-ach L G Mrs 

}.' ' , A 

Kobbins Mabel Mr. 

SM.,wman A D Mrs 


l;..^-i:-l'M.I 1 !:-■ Ml 


Armstrong Graee 


Pratt Maria 


Hill Mi- es 

Reed Nellie Mra 

I.owlher Mrs 

Coehrai.e Walter Mrs Frankfort 

Wressniakcrs— Colli inueil 

Swan I' L Mis Franlilin 


Iliitchina Altii M Freedom 


l(....^..y Hnl.i:,),, K u 2 


'ra.u -M.uL, Kroeport 


n:vM- (■ .S Mrs 


iMn.i.,.,, H !• .\rr3 


l)nii|.l,. X J I' Mv 


l'jlt< 1 l,,r.•Mc■.• 


|■,„l,l,l ,1 li Mrn 


■|'c.«i,srn,l Kvjc (■ 


Hrn„„ Charl.s I, M,> H 1) :i ., 




Kickfonl Orin Mrs 20 I'liiir 


Burr M Carrie Mrs 01 CiiUral 



liill g"'x MissSr, Cenlral av " 


Stoiu- l.izzi, A Mrs 7:, iinins- 


wirk av 


W,,fMl«al(l l:i,iMia U 11;-. 1(1^1.- 


Cc.iilath'A I, Mrs «i!'.rlan'cl 


dak.s M ,1 M,., 


II..I>inM,M i:ila (;..rham 

Wniship C !■ Mrs 


llavd.-n Clara Gray 


Slil.-S ICthrl 


])avis-i:si.s N i; GreenviMe 

Van,-,: A M^s «;r„ve 


H..nnry 1-; 11 Mr.- (;iiilfor(l 



^j^^ •,.„•, f ishol^""''''*"" 'Aw',', {■'''■'5''','>''-'' "^'""1' H,Twi,;k 

lara 2.S0 l.Ubo.i .. \V, hi" MaiaiVi'M'.-s'" "■ 

li.iy .Mrs Liberly Northoas( Ilarlxir 

"11.. III. I.iineriik lloiliikius Mrs 

a LiiiHstop.e Ueid Kiithfriiie 

' ■■ .Stanley H Kdwaril Mus 

li-n-asMis ,. MVbbi.r Alvali Mrs 

" ^I'-^ Coombs Nell!.- U North l>lr>b<>r.> 

I '> Mrs Jtydir Hel.-n K 

■ 11 • Mrs LImiiictoii Ayir f[ T. Mis North Llvermore 
All's Linroln Konta'ii.- Katlierim- It N l.ovell 

"■'" .M'^- lla>s.,„ I.izHo Norlhporl 

I. Ml- M. . "lion \V F Mrs N Walerford 
W^li.rMis l.iiiiieus N Whifetleld 

is Mrs Lisbon I- all Chisaiii Abbir- K Mrs 

; ^Hs rian I) \V Afrs 

' •^'i;'' llaMiiiiaii Alum Norway 

1 ' ^^rs .. .Small & Davis 

Ml- •■ Smiley Tl.oiiias 

■ ^! Mrs .. \\i.i;,,.| G,.oi-^,;i. 

ina;i;.i.Kn. :: ;l^;;ii;:v'K;f '" ••"''"'•!•' 

. Mrs K „';^'""^'" ^:;!XJ^':^^'" ,„ 

,. I- i: I, IS .: navis I.inira 

[.iMTHMire Fa-Is l''lt- Samu, I Mrs 

!,, K.jnoMs C R Mrs, H ]) ;!i; 

! A Mrs Smart Ibl, n V OlaMIOII 

„ , -, . „ - W W Mrs LoeUi- Mills f'-'H Kll,.. Old OiM'hard 

Hand .) A Mrs ., Crui I . 1 1 A\- 11 Mr- (iiiiUoril ^"(■lli,■ 
\\ oodbury Cieor-e Mrs .. \,.uiiL. l; M,. Con.' Olive Mrs Oldtown 

llallowell navis < Mis l.ovel! ^'arlinAiny 

Gould Kiiiiiia Mis. Mapl.' St .• Kin;!., !1 A. Mi .\;rs .. Monn Anpi.- 

.lones Hatriel Mrs L'il Muidle .. T-id M.,,„l,. Mrs L.iwell ""llins M >rrH 

I.illlefi.ld.l.niiie Mrs47 Acad- C.,;;t,ii,, s 1 1 Mrs l.nltee 'iray Frank Nfrs Orland 

,-ii,y „ H.iUHttCora K I.„di<nv ■J/"''!^'" /■■■"■ri.' Mrs 

Tiirn-.r Aliee M 158 Seeoiid .. .Sl, :« I.i.b, M rs .. DeRoeher .Tennie V tiroiio 

I..-nnun C F Mrs Hampden ^^llil^^sM .. Frost Mary. I 

Tolman A L Mrs, 11 D .. r'r.„ !., r ( I, , rl.s Mrs Marhlas I' "ster Saral, M rs tXisl/eld 

Hampden HiBhlaiids ll,,li I', ,;, I .Sauyer Sarali Mr, 

Heed May K .. Ta.irii, lli.n A M Mrs .. Hran Frank Mrs tlvfcrd 

tjuimby Kdna Harmony l.iuy Mis MeKinley f 'ash G. ori-i. Mrs 

Taylor Alta ,. H.aiiii. u F Miss M:if)ii«asl.a Hanseom I.ibbii- Mrs 

Aline Franees, R I) HarrlnKton M'n'. .s' Madi-on |;:'\'Vy V''"' ^''"^ 

Dawes Kllu Harrison .S;.va-.. I.i,„la I'iok l.ain I. A Mrs Palermo 

Ward Ernest Mrs .. .Sii. II .1. m.. II..|| Ahl.x- Palmyra 

Warren & Bennett .. Kanim.m.i M..„,l Maiiletoii • r"":'"' it M.-ib.-i Patten 

FUlulb.rt Mis. R D 4 .. Heir!.,,!, i a, ,,. Mars Hill s, ..,„,,,,. „ I, ,|. i],, Pciioh-eol 

Wlii.l.r W I) .Mrs Hartland Hn lis I., „., Mart ii^s, jfie K'M-vMSM,. Phillips 

Smith A 1, Mrs HoWis Cent.r < '1 tV. M:,m|. I' M, s >!i: -ardis ; ■■Hm -\ I : Miss PKIsrieid 

Biirnham Heh-n Mrs. K I) Pul-ii' r A ' i ^^,s Meehaiiie Falls Hav.-v lli.rnl.l .Mrs 

Anderson Frank A .Mrs Hoiilfon Saw^ .Ans M.uisur F IC Mrs 

CottleMMiss ,. f^'..!- A Mrs Mexieo Ifuiii M<-rti... I( 11 L' 

Geraw James Mrs .. Tlarh.v. X. ttie Mrs .. Hopkins Liira .Mrs Pl.vnionlh 

Malonev M ,\ Mrs Di.i:,i|.v Fiimiki >:, s Mllford Hnme Charhs Mrs Poland 

Woodburv Nellie Mrs Intervale .la.-ks.,n I; I, .-r-i Mrs .. Allen FI H.'j Hi^li Portland 

Adams L Miss Island Falls la iL'hL.n .M , ry F MMIhrldee Allen I.uura M ISO Clark 

Hall B.assie Mrs .. Wad,- .l.s. ,,l,i ,„. .. Barnes Rerniee I M,g lilCJ Con- 

Mulh^n 11 Mrs .lay ]V"st .1 It Mis Millinofla-l „ '^'''".'^ , 

.Stou- Georgia .Mrs ■• St.b.hl, \\'ill,.,ni Mis .. Beat lie .lennie ;!!IS Ciinilxrland .. 

Andrews Mrs Juni-xboro I'"l^ Sarah Mrs Mlllto«n 'Jrrr.T Kufmia I, 0,S HIkIi 

I'arr James Mrs .. Smith Frank Mis Bishop Maud- G7;) Conjjnss 

.Muitii- Mllo ""'""A I. H7i) Cumberland MV .. 

Kcnnchimk Hobbs Ida - Bumell A K .t Co (il7 

Nason Charh's D Mis Moo,.rs -n,, r. s-, . av 

(barter A Mrs Kennebnnk Port I'"i'' 
Chisholii, Ad.Mi Ah. \,„i,. 

Goodwin W ill .Airs ' 
M.-s-rve All,.- 
■ruri.ali Ilnwar.l M|. 
Wil.les Frank Mrs 
]:>iiri5ii. Alie.- 
T.ord Be.ssie 

I'hilbrick Susi,. 

Kozar Falls 

Ahvanl .hidson Mrs 
Coolev Forri'sl Mrs 
Merchant FO Mrs 


Clark Sar'ai. Mrs 
(>'H..ak Ada I. 


Burns Mary Z Miss ;i.S.-, C 

I,"' '' 


I '^ 


Davis Catherine' [, Mrs r,' 

■.■ .A!l^ 

K D -J Morrin 
M( Desert 

Dunham Inez ^^ 547.\ C 

Gilehrist Klla W .'jn^ Park a 
llarriman Atla K IT, Fre.- 

it Vernon 

Meponout'h .AI A & N V. ■.',~'.\', 

», ,'■ Martin Nellie Mrs I).-) 

N"Pl<^« DliverB-ssie M.-,.a:ii 

castle "'•.^;!" T. ^^ ■^•^' Ci 

Newflold p,^rk,.r M„rv j. 

Cnbb l-'ii.ti..i ( : I /.«. r S.I- Ik- -•-"•■'■" I'arker .Mary ]'. Ml India 

laneoln H W Mrs, R D 1 Leed^ Wn'^M s'mis ^'V'^^'^t J;^'" '^ ^'rf'";/^M'T'^'" ^ 

Sherron Joseph Mrs, R D 1 .. Hi„4 F P ATrs '^'" ''"" .stroiil A M Afrs 2,W Hi^d, .. 

Le«iston Curtis .l.nm,. .. ^VrownxTMr, ''"•^•"""^"' 
Bonney Rose Mrs 70 Hich ■■ Aronn. laiie .. n-i lboisVMatt'h■ 
r^,.„*l. AT * nr' o^ .1- -, 1/ i,.i:.. \ w-ilinols' Atattie 


• il Airs 
W Airs 

m;,.i Airs 

T.essard G O Mrs L'4() Lisbon .. Carr Tall.i Norridcowoek 11. wins F .\ Mrs 

Miehaud Kmnia Mrs 270 Lis- Clark Fr. . Mrs North Uerwlck ll.d.v Knierv Mr- 

l>"" ■■ Davis Wilbur Mis .. McCard i: P Mrs 


Dressmakers— (-..ntuiued fom, ry ii.irvcy Mrs Thoiiiasioii Dressmakers' Supplies, Nilli.' ^[^^ Itiiyiiiuiid Kinilkm-r Jcffi;r»oi. .Mrs ( -LurM,;!! Mf„ C. r,,I ,;tl,„r t,.i 

!^:;r;::«.^^M:^/;„:^[:\r?!"""""" 1' '!'R,^!rMrs ;: ^"ol'^'^^/i^.^:' <"'■"' :k;^t.a,..i 

Iloiuikcr 1 \ Mr- ■■ I'Onfesi l-'.iliili 

l'iish:ir.l ThomasMr.s ■• ^X''*'," ''','" i-', ,, * Driven WcUs 

'I'nPP I'iM RIplcy \\o<Kl,-„,-k CasiK.r Mrs (S,... \V,-I1 li„r,r. ,„.! Di—rrsl 

RoHler K H Mrs :(l H;,i,i.m ■■ Cross A.ldie K, It t) 2 

Uricklcv M.irv I, :is Spring ■■ f'loiiiili Aiigustii Mrs Topshain Druggists 


Will.s l-r:,nk Mrs 

H llo[.i.;,s.\LK 

MaiUlocks M 11 Mrs 4 Kliu 

l'ra\ Is:. lie K Mrs Treinont 


FA-r-relt A Penn.-ll Ml 

Mrrrifi.lii r H Mrs 'Mr, ^rilin " 

l!iei. Marv .M 


lie Portland 

Nash Klvic M Mrs 2ilO Main ■• 

Cilberi .Mr- Turner 


,! E ir Co 2111 Federal ■■ 

I'arinrl-c Ilattic' I, 41 I.iiiM- 

.l..i,ns,,n Ada Mrs 

llav 1 

H & S.ins 2112 Middle .. 


I'eaisuu li .1 Mrs 


s .lohn W Co '.U Corn'l ■• 

I'hilbrnnk 1, Ktta oOL' Main 

Hol.l.ins Ceorue Mrs Tiilon J.nni.- \V .",4 Iri-.n 

.M:;rsh (irae,- 1). I{ I) 1 


Oar.lin. r \nni.- Mrs Rookport 

Br\,,iii .\nnie liilty 


iiT Merrill Adrllson 

Mason F Mrs Ruilild Pond 

llollis I.ettie 


, y \ Anson 

U.rrv W H Mrs lOiniford 

Uolhns Idu 


-lie Ashland 

Carun Abbic Mrs 

I \r llavie ^an Uiiren 


- 1 C Athens 

Lav.Ttu Mnb. 1 


I'.. imp 

1- A- (ieiehell, C..iirt 

Trrniblv E Mrs 

Aehorn Fri.nees K Mr- 


11 .Vnbiirn 

Fostor A H Mrs. Stcrcr st SiK-o 

Cumerev lsaa( .Mrs 


III Ralph F HI Br.jail 

Ma.-Doimld E M 2,0S Main 

.Miller Fr;,nk .Mrs 

Mrlntvre W W Mrs 22 Wr.u.n .. 

Slnnnan .Nellie Mrs 

IM. 1 -1 

,1 ( 1 "',,1, 1' 4') Conn 

Williams H.hvin Mrs 1)4 Pleas- 

.M:.i,in Llla .Mrs Walt ham 


It \\ ITS i'nrner 


liruxM, F^inne F .Mrs Uarron 

IMm 111 

.losepl. .\ .Mill eor 

FrMn.-k I.uura .StAgatha 

<;. ,-.;.,!, M. ri,i. M 

linssi^-nol Gilbert Mrs 



I'hilip J 111.) Water 
B\ron E LSD Waler 

H..«(i -n C S Salisbury Cove 

,h.iH .;, 1 . !:■ Ml., u n 


Hrunelle Arlene Sanford 

N^ ■ ' ; ■;. ' v!r.~. H D 


Cluucb E V 

sr , ,. i 1 ■ 1, Ml-, i; I) 


leh, Wehsl,.r .t Co 220 

Davis H.len M 

Yonn^ i-arri,' .Mrs. K 1) 


Dillnont So|ihia 

Rreuer Nellie Washblim 


In, .lohn 177 Waler "■ 

l.unt I. la (; 

.Mrfla.n .hiliu Mrs 


c & Clia.lli.iurne 24(1 Wa- 

llanling Cora Mrs Sargentvllle 

\. horn .1 H Mrs Washington 

Nolaml Minnie Mrs 

( iverloek Clara 

1 , 1 i'. ''l 1 

ll p, ,.,, ,,,| |.-_ ,,;w; Water " 

Salisbury T. It Mrs Sparsmount 
I'.rown A i: Mrs Searsport 

( lark Sarah ,1 
I'ike Franeis Mrs 


ClarkinJiunesC; Mrs 11 Center .. 

(,-, ..1 

M Ml _M,-. Water 
■, 11 'i; Wat.'r 

Cliim .Martha, R D 40 

l\i IIP 

■ i aur, 1- r ,")i| 

Flaherty M 1' 2n7 .Main 

,i (11 1.'.7 Water 

Smltz Mrs 


lee Frank K 2,s7 Water .. .Station 

M'enee Jam.- .Mis si siImm 


Ice Willis H 20(1 Water ■• 

Whidden Fr.d Mrs, U D 


.It Arthur SI Water 

BaleheldorElla Shaplelgh 

Maerjnilier ,V ( o 7 1 . elilon 



N, clean I-. ,\ Ml-.- _' Mi\ ir 


Chas M 1!IS Hammond .. 

Woodard A S Mrs .Sherman |';,i,. \!,,r\ M i - ,;., W ai.r I'.nMJ.s Drue Co 27 Hani- 
Sherman Mills SI,, pli.r,; "\ I \]M, M Mlver jiioiid 
Gallison Annie Mis •■ >p:, uLlin. M .Mr- ;il W ml . r liai Lr B H 14,- .Main 
Abbey I, ilia Mrs Skowhegan Snill. r \ M Mrs 17:i Main ■• < i.'il l"iarmar- 7s Harlow ■• 

CoodVieh R S Mrs .. ,S|,nn..'held E E .Miss 1,S7 .Main ■• ' • ' ' • " M ■ aaion-l ■• 

KniRhls Mrs ■• Tai lor Inez .Mrs, K D lis ..I' ' ' M ■ 

l.iwis James Mr- .. .Smith Anna .M Wells I ' ' . .siate.. 

I'erkins .M.s ■• Coodwin Eti a IC Wells Depot 1 I'ai.l ,', i ■...'..,; M n, 

How. 11 Herman Mrs •• Abbott ( Mara Mrs West Bethel Fo«l.r!)ni-C I .Main 

Kuss.ll T M Mrs ■■ Ma-,.,, Nellie 1- rau lev John 1> 7:1 Main 

Smith M R Mrs ■• Hall .\ A .Mrs Weslbrook llamm 1. H Is Hammond 

Vi-,i., Fbzabrih Mrs ,..,„;, I, IMIa .M West Buxton Tri,-, 11 K 21.", HaHow 

So„|,- ICrna Smyrna Mills w i,, i ,,,,., r' i' Mi- IliM- i ■ r- - Mmi; C„ I Main •• 

Whipple Allerta it ■■ I,,, !M, '. \i,s Weslllelil \\ . m , , \ ', lla„7m.',nd 

(■has., Si,-i,' C .South Kerwiek |, , ,, w i, a \. |7| Exehaime „ 

Clark .Minn,.' M ],,, ,.,,,,-. Weston m,;,.!-..! liar Harbor 

Gibson i;„, ma Mr- •■ \ ,.„ man Tli, ,nia- M rs iMiali.Tl'V 

'•lelleltr liiam. 1 ,-li, r M rs W Pembroke W , -i Fn.l Dm- C,, 

BaV.r Anna, li 1) SOrrlngton i ;. r,l,„ r F l> Mrs Balli 

llacR.'lt 1-: H M,s South Paris \\ ,|,i,,r \ i,,la M Mr- \ ,i.l.,r-.,n Pharma.\ I 2n l r.,nl .. 

Holmes A I, Mrs 1 ).la „.. J M rs West Peru Hi.|..„ l'harn,ae\ 7S2 W ashin;;- 

c , ,.., ^i^O""' •'<""''^<"< Ran.lCBMrs WSouthport ton 

Staples Ella Mrs ■■ R.,l,eris Snni.- C Mi s 1 JontrlnTl v I) T 27 Center 

Thomp.son 1. Mrs Soulhporl \|bn,. M-ir* .Mr ' ~ 

South Portland \||,.„ ]\ ', ' 

B.nn. r Jnlia |,: Mr.s „ (-..ombsMary I 

ii^'l£:h£\u. " : ^''!?;:,Vle'i 

Miill.r 1. R Mis S Waterford I inl. i„.|,| 1. 1|,,,, 

lliiss,y .Inlia South Windham ],■,„,., y \„r,'„. 1 

I'r,,., rabiiha I' Mrs Springlleld ]<,.,,,,;. il,l,,r , I' 

D.iN Georgia U Sprlngvale I'lnklnm \,l a f 

Br.L.ks l-:milv Standish si|.,„. Flm,, I ) 

Parsons Ethel Mrs Starks s, .'„ | ,,,'if. N,.,,,, 

fiuptill H E -Mrs Steuben w ,.s,,!n H atli.- 

Guptill Mary (> ■ I ,■ 

Stoekfon SpriuRs p 

Merrithew Ida M n. 

Grant Elvrna, R D 2 \|, 

.Slonliigton Pa 

Brimigioii .luseph Mrs \', . 

Cousins R W Mrs ■■ Si, 

Hood Annie Strieklaiid .s„ 

WanI Susie Mrs Sulii>aii Br 

Albee V .M .Mrs .Swans Island W . 

Whitneyvllie Hallr 

tt A & C 

, 7 

IMKoii l..on 

,r.l & Mi 

Winrtsor\llle Sw.'i 

1, B C., 
.le W .\l 


Wlnslow Web 

,er's Dr„L- S 

Winter Harbor IM-i 



AMiitcrport 11 « 

■s .\ .\ A 

>Vln(lirop I'll 

',,rii.r I ) 


s \\ ill'i, 

m Mrs Wiseasset 



arne.u, . 

< P I.J!l Main 

e Ann 

E Wool«leh 


l,o„ 11 

12. Main 

,11 I're, 
„i- A 1 

1. Mrs Varmoulb 



•row T 
(l,\ J.'r 
..„ I, A- ( 

' 70 Elm 

•„,iah :H4 Main - 

•.. 2:', Main 

.s'.'.n Co 

ra York Harbor 


,,, l:,n,li 
x,n Han 

.\ 1,1 Alfred 
el K 42 W ash 

l',',n I'-'l' 

m"| York Village 


lr\ Will 

.,.1 li.i Hi-aeon 



J)ruggMs, Ketall -C„ 





* Cm 


\V C 
Drug Co 
n-orRC I[ 

Hanipdrii Highlands 



Bdothbay Harbor 

& C. 

nil I rank VV Bon-dolnliain 

Ion 1. A .•ill N Miiin Brewer 
If.v \ iclor IU3 Center 
II Hrug Co 204 Penubscot 

'■ Willi,,,,, 10 

i.iin W M 
evens F E 
lley A li 
liase M C 

■r Center C 

Broadway l'har„.a 
Cochrane Drug Cu 

Hatliawav Dru!4 C 

Leighton & Feelcv 

-Munroe Drug Co 

"■ btree Samuel 



Old Orchard 



luel R Island Falls 

K Co Jac'knian 

Ueu A & Co Jonesport 

11, . „ Brunswick 

Aliens Drug More 148 Maine • 
Drapeau ticorge GO Maine 
'' ii Maine 




Bryant Pond 

.Stewart Fred 
Uowdoin John W 
Fiske V Gilman 
Mcserve A \V 

Miller Edw C Kennebunk Port 
R..ll,,n M H Kezar Falls 

,"'i »' 'u'„ KIneflcId 

< lark Ralph E KKtery 

. , , „ Le«lston 

Allien Hari-y R i; l.i.sbnn 
Babuock Percy W 71 I,isb„n 
Heaudette V 275 I,i..*bon 
Beliveau F X 77 Uneoln 
Boucher Artlinr .ill Lisbon 

r'l ,-: i; w :-,s m^.im 

I''- '■ ' Ji;s I.i^ljon 

• W l.JU Lisbon 
George 311 Lisbon 
it Freeliette .if,.-. ] 

iirdner Gi 
iugsley A 


R.ker W E 2U.S Li^bo 
Si, mil S R 24,3 Main 
league \V H 40 Ash 

^rd >\: Washburn 211. 

Coonibs V D ^ 8on 53U Wash- 
ington av 
Deering Drug Co 117.5 Forest 

Dennison Drug Co 803 Con- 
Donovan J H 251 Danforth 
Dudley-Weed Drug Co 202 

Flaherty William A 90 Middle 
Hanigan W J 107 Portland 
Foley Thomas A ir 47 India 
I'oss Edward L G53 Congress . 
Fowler L C lOS Congress 
Franklin Drug Co 244 Fore 
Frye George C 110 Free 
Gallagher Frank J 111)8 Con- 
Gainage S B 507 Wash av 
Guppy C H Co 4li3 Congress . 
Han,el J 11 1 Portland 
Hammond Drug Co U40 Con- 

gre'is „ 

Harvey Fred D BS Oxford 
Ilaukins C E 14 Monument so .. 
Hay H H Sons 256 Middle 
Mealy * .Seully Co 54 Free 
Ib-eltiue i Tuttle Co 387 

IHxfleld Oill'is d'a & C', 

Kast Machia 






n :Mars Mill 

Mechanic Falls 

.Merrill & Den 
I'ul.sifer Widlr 
Walling .( A 

'•"HI I'en-y 1, MlIKoun 

I,*"'"" ^^ ,5 . '■*'""> 

1 reacott C \\ Monmouth 

Hes.oek Roy M ■ Monson 

( ram A & P Son Mount Vernon 
Barrows George M Newporl 

Jones & McKenney 

Spaulding Frank W 
Huid R H North Berwick 

.s.uall C H Northeast Harbor 
.Maples Edniunil 

Hilton Therea 129 Congress 
Holland Francis J 167 Fore 
Holland W A 7(1 Wash av 
Hurlburt Bros 940 Congress 
Keefe J D 205 .Middle 
.McCarthy Frank D 212 Dan- 
.MeDonough E C 235 Congress 
Maguirc L J 377 Fore 
Malone T E 30 Wash av 
Merrill George W 271 .Middle 
Murphy Bros Co 214a Con- 

Mi.rren Januvs H High cor 

J'Bricn John J 30 India 
His John C 789 C ongress 
• xford Drug Co 58 Chestnut 
'ark Drug Store Inc 325 Con- 

'ower F H 221 '. 

'ride O J & F R 336 Allen av . 
iankin George W 107 Con- 

i3 Congress 
Broe 489 Congress 

lliiirO Drug Store II 

1 C H 

■ Chas . 
' H 221 


WrUBglsts. Ko(all-C„n White S T West Paris Nnl„.|, ,'. Co U., \ liuia, r„r,l 

I'ortlamI Hascombe H R Mlltnii l'..l.,l,. « „ ), I, i •<! '.Mnin 

Winsliip V L 474 Slivens :,v .. I'aDin K I' Su, ,r„-kv Minnio ixt M ■■in 

\\. .11 William S 3i;i I'.iru .. .Sherrard F D Winn ."^tiplrs io W KU .Main 

( iirran H I, Presque Isic AUvood F C Wlnterport Wi'imiiaii I.miis ''o \I ,in 

Dowc W K A Co .. Hanaford C P & Son Winthrop Youlami W K Co"'i(i M-,in 

1-arrabee CIcorEe 1' ., Ja(-ks..n F S .. Savat-e Mark i«: fo ' Itlnirliain 

TI.,„„pson W S & Co .. Keirstead A W WIsoasset Ahran. Max H u 'h 

Wliitney 11 X „ Pusl.or K H .. MorlellJ h Mr- '"'"I"" 

Johnson Fnd A Princeton u^^""li^S^' Woodland Hussiv N 11 Boodil.ay Harbor 

Kiddie H C Raneeley ]r"'^/^„" „ larmoulli .Nukerion Rose- 

MantcrGW ReadVld ^^ 1, ' ?i. Yarmouthville Mail.y I.K Bradford Center 

BihborWA RIehn.ond h„m h ^ k "'T'"^' ^ •" •* «''^<" i;'b<> is„n l^lwood J Brewer 

(laiduTt I ouis Holland John J \ irkory ^ic Sinith Co 

F..l.y T j'tlO.l Main Roekland il^T'^^f I^K^r"'^ v""""! V.?'m'""" 'f;'^''-v J " Bridgewater c'tr 

H ill Drug Co 370 Main .. t-anford John F 1 ork Village Abbott A A Bridglon 

Kittredge W JI 3110 Main .. BMrnhan, P P 

La.-han«- F J 422 Main .. Druggists' Sundries ur!!l'/ u"/'"'''" ., . .;' 

Monre C H & Co 322 Mam .. ,.„,,-, rxr n- . n . - H C Krooklin 

Xorrro.-,.. \V F 397 Main .. ^^ernsh J M W inter Harbor Cha- .V: Variu^ Brooks 

Shel.lon Charles W 304 Main .. n r^ ^ I)o« Marcr-llus J 

Bo«(rsi:i{ Rumford VryGoods >ta.,lud B F 

{•SdVh.:rTolT; :: .,^ „ "^'-^''f'-V ,„ AI.How Louis 54 Mdn"'""^"";" 

Umnford Drug Co „ ^%'"J^ ^'^' ^"^"'^ ^^ «!' ""•« J E * Co ';2 m" ,nc l 

Coombs C\V A Co Sabattus ClaJk SlaV n2Exchange ''"' J'>"er WilbttrF 124 Maine ., 

'^^Zl^'^^'^rZ ^-o Maj^Dr,. Goods Co lis. E.- ^^^^^^i^^^l^ ,,.^.. I 

Dennett HR lUS. Main .. Siegel-Sanders Co 40 Columbia ii v"l"'l " ^A^l';%t ""''•'''POrt 

lawyer CH15N Main .. Bates, Butler. Littlefield Co s, ni 'h'f M \^' ■^'" 

W eymouth JI A 14!, Ma.n .. 231 Middle Portland w ,' ''L'" ^V^" 

tontureLphram J .Sanford Clark-Eddy Co 24 Preble .. f>lJJ^," *t ,, „ . " 

KaXor^urCo I. I'-k" & Thorn,. Co 144 Mid- [JSf'h'co ^-"'".'^ 

^;'^l?a^'wl.^ :: . , «--■• " 'Jo^ljfi'^^^''^ :: 

Marsh A F Sangervllle '^^^ also General Store-s; also Murray J & A 

Staples E M Seal Harbor ^^""^>' Ooodsialso Depart- Xoill C S 

Holmes HC Searsport^^, rnent btorel Achurn Dry Goods Co Camden 

SpoonerAMrs Sherman Mills Godfrey A G Addison Fol]ansl„o",t Wood *•"""«'" 

Sko« began McAllister E M Andover HrouuIhiNN'I Carlhoii 

KearceLAMrs Ashland Patt.c Co < arlboii 

Macilrov D M ., Slu-rwood 1 I C„ 

Lord W G ., McQuarrie Charles Mrs .. SmiKv & Mnm n 

Sampson & Avore .. Littlefield B A Mrs Athens .Solomon Bros 

Mclntire 1 W Solon Auburn Xoyes Ethel Castliie 

Davis BF South Berwiek i?,"".*" F^So" ■*« Court .. VokpII H X 

Fifield Frederifk T ,S Co 251 '''^''1'"° ■> ^ & Bro 63 Broad ■■ Bmler Joseph Mrs Chlsholm 

Main South Brewer .,. ^, ^ ,,, n oi, wr .•*"«"**" ■Unlkin-. II i; Clinton 

Seymour TG .. ■^''■'^'"' B w*^,, "", ^ '''" " A""^" Horm,,- K C.lnmhia Kalis 

GamageRP&E.M S Bristol B^''^ HW M '■* (remnants) Cumberland Mills 

Howard Charles „ c!^""''' '""'^ B,;;::e|^^^ton Co 202 Wa- " \u:^'lL^ ^ iV: I 

ShurtlelT A E Co .. „^^'' , „ „„„ „ ■ Adan.s Co Haniarlseol ta 

Devine Thomas F 11-' Ocean Chernowsky Hy man 228 Water .. Hu-sev A A Sot, 

South Portland ?,°/*'''J''Pr,Vi'o'w'^' ''*'''■ • ^i""'^'- '* Deer Isle 

Thurrell A E n.i Sawyer .. Mernck H J 1S,S Water .. Tdrs I'.ios l>ex(er 

Wilson Albion I) 41', Sawver •■ „ , ., . . "*"B<"" Morrison George 1. 

J;^L.sS sprlngvale 5^W35^^iJr- I ^ii£Sr^ ^''^ 

^n^n^l^il^pW -""--" ^l|^l|T:.tral l ^^:^^:^l/^.^'i^ . .. ^^^^ 

Nichols E t Dry Goods Co 35 MeDougall I. M C 


K Booth hay 
Thoma^t^^ K^K.^^ili^ " ^" "" : EE!^^''^^^^ «-♦'-' 

"t^itney >v iira(keti .. Siegel-Sandera Co 49 Main 

Kuhl.iiis 11 . Union Star Store 123 Maiu 

,M "'•"■' I ^"'^>"- „ l'"">' Franklin Max Bar Harbor 

lindlin M T Van Buren Loring George J Mrs 

WK . f , ,,. ^T'""' ""'•■" MorangCL 

White Frank^M i- Co • .. Perlinsky M 

W aldoboro Drug Co Waldoboro Bath Department Store 2(, 

Xewman Herbert Warren Center Bath 

SeatcsjiCo Washburn Conley Seneca H 25 Center 

Burns J L Washington Gordon S 28 Center 

Downs \\ J Waterboro Percy D T & Sons S(> Front 

,, ^, Watervllle Robinson W W (i Center 

laviau Gcirue A , I \\aler .. Standard Cloak and Drv 

) Orsay J H ,0 Mmn .. Goods Store 96 Front ' .. 

I) II 11 IS Mait, „ Carle & Jones. Main st Belfast 

rr laud .loscpl, S3 W ater .. Coombs H H Co, -High st 

lorticr Pierre Estate 3o Main .. Curtis Allen L. Main st 

Hagarty & Kelleher 54 College Ferguson J W & Co, Main st .. 

avenue „ Howes James li Main st 

Hawker VV C& Co 55 Main .. Qualey C M Mrs' Benedlcfa 

.lone, WR 4S Main .. Ayer H W 257 Main BIddeford 

LarkiM DrugCo 121 Main .. Cantara Jennie ]■ Mrs (rcn,- 

DumiMert(. Weld iiants) 12,S Maiu 

liaymoiid A- Marr Westbrook Chagnon Anna 25 Water 

\ allee ( harli-s A .. Choquette R Mrs 141 Maiu 

\\ est Lnd Drug Co .. Fosdick Department Store 150 

Fellows I. M West Buxton Main 

Buck L L West EnQold Murphy Ju.ia & Co 2S'J Main .. 



rt Drv CJo 

<ds Store 



L M" & < 

B " " 



M L 



n C 11 Mr 



A K 




ns Silas M 

rs Enlleld 


- K 



"red G 



t G !■: A C 

o Kort Fairdeld 



iirfi.-Id Di 

Goods Co .. 


• ri 

e J !■: M,s" 



Kort Keiit 



K .V Bros 



1. J 





ult Philip 

Mrs '.'. 





MA- liio 



1. A Mi-s 



r A 





1 1 



1 t 

T Mr. 




I)rj Goods, Uetail— Con Ridley & Flande 

M\ Hios 279 Wat.T Gardiner C^o^i^^")'® ^ '^ 
;,nHI> F S & Co 280 Water " \ ^Vm''^ i'\lr, 

UnkmEM.Mrs Gorhain ^-,^^1° i^,f''^ 

Tripp C.I-. Co ^_^Gray ^^ry^^iL ,1 

Gray & Co 


Sleeves H Noel 128 Wa 
Wnruer Benj F 151 Water 
Kowe Ella E Hampden 

I'ratt Bernioe Bartlctt Harmony 
Mradbury Konnctl. Hollis Ctr 

Hirry F P Houlton 

Hrowne J A & Co 
l.ane & Pierce 
M.'Loud Bros 
Uii'hards George W A Co 
Estes M U Island Falls 

Frost & Fro^t 

Grenbcrg A A 

Carletou L J Kennchlink 

liaitio P 

Wtlch A M Ki'niu'bunk Port 
Stanley O L Kozar Falls 

Wvman S J Klngtlt'ld 

Abbott Bros Co 88 Lisbon 
Bates Remnant Store 221 Lis- 
Ehrenfriod G Co Or, Lisbon 
Klatskv Koplc 171 Lincoln 
Mansoiir S l(i Lincoln 
Memlelson Max 24S Lisbon 
Novelty Cloak Co 12(1 Lisbon ■■ 
Paul E S & Co 174 Lisbon 
Puritan Clothing Co 33 Lisbon ■■ 
Ueny .1 H 26 Chestnut 
Rpny J H & Co 290 Lisbon 
Soolnik Bros 300 Lisbon 
Singer Abraham 201 Lisbon 
Wiseman Isabella F 23 Cedar .. 
Chase Harold Limestone 

Weymouth F L 
Baker Susan 
Edwards E W 
Naimey Michael 
Huston L B 
Leslie I E Co 
Westcott C VV Ml 
Hoyt C U 
Sedgeley G B 
Craig Asa 
Gray William 
Eaton S S Mrs 
Cohen David 18 

Patten Free 




av Portland 

Eastman Bros & Bancroft ISS 

Congress # 

Emanuel Isaac 83 Wash av 
Farris Bros 249 Congress 
Feldman Bernard 11 U Middle ■■ 
Flavliel Julia Mrs 98 Middle ■• 
Ganem A R & Co 47 Middle 
Gar6nk A 25 Pearl 
Libby J R Co 560 Congress 
Melzar Elik 5225 Fore 
Oldham Walter N (remnants) 

383 Congress 
Owen, Moore & Co 507 Con- 
Porteous, Mitchell it Brauu 

Co 522 Consruss 
Ring Edward M 305 Wash av ■• 
Rinea Bros C, 529 Congress 
Watkins Forest D 3 Bishop 
Daylight Store Presque Islo 

Howe L S 

Meclan Said 
Clark Fred 
Coffin Jennie 
Knceland R A M rs 
Solomon S P 

\ I wood II E Lisbon Falls 

McHugh F E & Co 
Rosenberg William & Co 
Coolidgc J Guy Llvermore Falls 
Clark C II & Co I.ubco 

Dodge W B 

New York Store 
Pipes AV R & Son 
-Incoin ;V'''y-''°'"\, ,> 

Ircns M B Mr 





Mfthaiile Falls 


1 MillhrldKe 


14 Limi 
lav E K Co 
lias George 
ozek A J 
:eath M C Mr 
I antis Anthony 
horpe Mina 



196 Main Saeo 
111 Main 


1 & Clark 
Farris N 
F I) Co 


]■: V & 

N Berwirk 

M.lntire's ^ 

Dyer Drv Goods Co !• 
Ordway W P 
Steward W B 
Vallier John. North st 
Clark F C Co 
Mclntire L W 
Guilmet C W 
Provencal F & D 
Stacv D H & Son 
Willkrd Henrv C 
Aver Maiv F 
Wcntworth C W 
Condon B S 

S Berwick 

\ E 11 
Twombly Sad 
Waltz Sisters 

Chase E F N Bradford 

Northeast Harbor 
Graves L V Mrs 

Brag" J P North IsU'>boro 

Kilgore W D North Nenry 

Hooper Allen North Sullivan 
Merchant Z 1, & C. Norway 

Sinilev Thomas 
Martin N C Mrs Oakflcld 

S Brewer 

S Orrlngton 

S Penobscot 

S Portland 

■3 17 Dver •■ 




Van Bureii 

VInal Haven 


•shall 1' T 143 Wat 
er L II Co 56 Main 
■dwell Dry Goods 

Favor Edward P Mrs Richmond 
Slom William 

Raymond Stanley Ripley 


Fuller Cobb Co 330 Main 
Hastings E B & Co 316 Main .. 
Simonton F J Co 410 Main 

Harcourt Effie D Mi 
Johnson J G 
Allen Harmon G 
Bower Walter E 
Ferris Annie Mrs 
Trafton George W 
Lambert J G Stockton Springs 
Trundy Walter F 

( ondon E H Stonlngton 

Crockett Philip 
Freedman S 

McClearv & ' eighton Strong 

Sweet Diah 

Lafond & Co 
O'Hcrron i L\ 
BeMori Dry O^ 


f o W Button 

«' Fnlleld 

>V Jonesport 

West Mills 

W SulliVf 


Wilson G F 

Bcmis George H .fe Co 

Hawes H W 

MacDonald Misses Woodland 

Rosen & Hablow 

Pratt Sisters Yarmouth 

Bernstein R Yarmouthville 

Proctor E E 

Bean LS Mrs York Beach 

Austin G F 

York Village 

'Dust Cnllfclors 

(seepage 175:5) r.n :i„ysl,..p 
Hartford C 


Augusta S 


Boston Dye II 


99 Central nangor 

Fellows Nellie L 18 CUnton 
Hillside Dye House 66 State 
Poolers West Side Dye House 

271 Main 
Porter-Parsons Co 18 Cross 
Whitehead Whalen Co 3S1 

Walsh C W & Co 185 Front Bath 
Biddeford Cleaning & Dye- 
ing Co 128 Main Biddeford 
Boston Dvo House Co 201 Pe- 
nobscot Brewer 

Leonard & Woodbury 
Martvn Clifford Kastport 

Holt E E Fort Falrlield 

Dover Dye House Foxcroft 

Augusta Steam Dye House 31 1 

Water Gardiner 

Lewiston Bleuchcry & Dye 

Works, Lisbon st . Lewiston 
Lewiston Steam Dye House Co 
139 Main 


l>,ors (■,.„. inu.-.l Electric Light 6i- I'oncr ][";'][";; ^^'.'", *'■.',;'"' " "'">""" 

Pw- llou.o .-.u; C.ii- Companies i:,','!' ,'l,','!, i.m'iur'r,. IsIini.I Kiills 

■ l*'>rtl:"«<l Dwelley Oliv.r Ali-iaiidor Koiin.hiink 

" "-" '^-."•''^ ■■ Mooers G H Aslilaiul .M.mi.-ipiil I 

,,y.,l ( nnmc^s ■■ Central Maine Power Co 311 KpiiiK'biiiik Porl 

'■■■ ll"""" ':^ Inilii- " Water Augusta York County I'r,w,r Co 

- 1. I, ,\: ( .. loSl'ree .. Bangor Railway & Electric Co Cornish & Kfzai K;.IIs Lisilit 

l;>c lluu.-.e Presque Isle <,o Harlow. . Bangor & I'nw.r C. K.-ziir Kails 

Bur Harl>or & Union Hi 



iavnps Bros l.liwoln Conic 
I.ishoii Kail 

Lisbon Falls Elrciri.- Co ■ 

I'erryEphraim r.7S Main .. Power Co Bar Harbor Ilus,- Spool A Bobbin C.. 

Ifumford Dye House Kiiniford ,, ,, ^ Hnmswii-k \Aaht & AiulrosciKnin Ivl.-.ini- C. !it. 

(.■OonncU K M Sal.attus '^Y4r Co " *" Ball. Main, I,.-«U(» 

^';::;4:n'io;;n';;'M;rwater;me ^^'^!!;;t^''«'^' -^ '''''■'' '■- .. ""uUt"'''" '■"""■' ''^ " . 

Penobscot Bay Electric Co 90 1,1 merle 

]ligl, .. Limerick Water & Electric Co . 

VyesliilTs Belfast .. ... ,. I-l"'<'>'tont 

Sawyer .St Ho\ le Dover Penobscot Bay Electric Co- 

Cushing W A Co Koxcroft Central Maine Power Co Benton 

Merrill Springer Co Bethel 

York County Power Co 23:5 

*Eartl,enware Mai" ^r?1\\1\» ' " Co ' Mvorn.oro Kail . 

fSce Crock.Ty, I'tc; also P„tteries) Central Maine Power Co .. '""'"' ^',. C „ « '! .Ti' 

Boothbay Electric Liglit A ., , , • , t.-i ,,,• i ; ,i,. f' 

Power Co Boothbay Harbor -;t-" '."■■'"',-," '" „> , m..,,i .;.. 

'Ed(,e Tool Mfrs Brldgewaler Ctr >r^"l-'" '•I""" ^^ '"'' «"^,f 'l 

,v f ,1 M, I -p l^rr ^ Briilgewatet Electric Co ■■ v,„„,^,„„ t,-, .,.,h,. I iXt ( • . 

(Sec ( uilcry Mfrs; also luol Mfrs) "^ Bridgton ^f''''''^Y"M < ri '-'k! »■ < o •■ 

Bridglon Waler & Electric Co .. ^fy:;;,,!''^ *'. ."o, Mar^HIn' 

'Elastic Stockings iK: l',,wer Co Brownvllle ^i'^;!'"" ,,,., .[,:,') ri!,,!^ 

Bandages Batli & Hruo.swick Light & u.,„'.- ,. I>,,u, r ci ' MllforM 

Power Co y3 Maine Brunswick l, i I, ( I'V 

CUKTIS & SPINDKLL CO Buckfield Water Power & Elec- i >•.■...,■ a 1o„,, 

L'do Oxlonl Lynn Mass trie Light Co BuckHeld 

Penobscot Bay Electric Light 

„,..,, , o Co Bucksport -""""iiuui la. i ».„..,'' 

^/ec/riO Goods & Calais street Hy Calais ,, . „^. ,. . , , ,_, , ,, ,,,. "?"^*"' 

Appliances Uockland, Thomaston 4 Cam- '" M,.nM In 

Pullman F \ ^udover den Street Ry Co. ... Camden \i,,,,,,,, n,. IM^-.tii,- 1 ill, t Co 

Dole Co (11 '.Man, ■ Bangor Caribou Water. L.ght & Power i^^,,,_,,^ ,, ,, -^^ y^„, 

;■' 'm ,,V, I ( -ir r,!„.,in " Central Maine Power Co CheLsea 



& Pow, 

CherryHeld :^l'"''""^ '^f';' « v, „ «i.:;'„.„ 
Cherryfield Electric Light Co .. rhon.pson C A _ Ne« Sharon 

Central Maine Power Co Clinton 
Central Maine Powc 
Portland Powe 

it Co Oamarlscotta 


,-r.u,Br . .> . ......... New vineyard 

1 ... I ,..-■. .. I. Ti,., ),.!-;.... L entrai i\iaine rower i^o ^ III iiiii* v,.ppi.i.r,iM ..,.l- 
.Mnbu^Il. r i Uodgkins " i>„..,i„„,i p„„..r A iv.vel.m- .... .. NorrKlgew o< K 

< oMlurth K W Co in Front Bath 

l.o.,^. H D Bethel '"^"^ ^° '""n^'„';iV;rW N'"-"' Cheslerllel.l 

Dodge William C Bluchlll ^ , r-, . • i ■ v,^^ -N^'tiIi Clcst rvill,. KI.tim,- 

Moor Electric Co .. Oenmark Electric Light Co •• |.,..jht & Po« .-,■ Co 

Boothbay Harbor Detroit h ,r Harbor & I'nion Riv.r 

Dolloft & Dunton ■. Newport Light & Power Co - P,,w r Co . Northeast Harbor 

I.ewia I'^leclric Co ■• Central Maine Power Co Dexter \„,«a\- A- P.m is Si n-el Itail- 

Brldgewater Ctr Dixfield Light & Improvement ,va\ , Norway 

Siai-kpolf A M jr .. Co Dixfield Oakland 

Stiles i; . I Brldgton K Brown field (-■,.|.i,al M un- l'..w.r C 

Wales A llaniblcu (■„ Hill Lumber Mfg Co ■■ Old Orchard 

I'liuiiun Cliarlcs 10 Calais Eaaton Electric Light & Power 'I'mk Coiiai \ l>..«rr{'.. 

Tnild Hri.s .. Co Kasfon Oldlowii 

Hou.l.-n .\iil,iir Caribou Kast Orland Han-oi lifiil u.av & i:i ci nr c, 

Small I'n-a (■ Cornish Pcmibsc.,t Ba\ El-ct ii.- ( \, liaiigor Kailwav & l-'.loitri.' 

Ulais.lmll i: D Dexter Ka.-,li>ort r., , . . Orono 

lOaslport ICIectric Co Eastport Ea.stport Eb'ctric Lislil C. Braml. Mills Palermo 

Knights Ernest O E Waterboro EaslWlnlhrop M,ri ill Mill C. Patten 

Ciishman Albert .M Ellsworth Central Maine Power Co Pembroke 

Sawyer J Kalrtleld Bar Harbor & llii.m liivc-r l',nii..iua.|iiaii Powei Co 

Stiirtevant C O Farnilngton Power Co Ellsworth I'hillii.s i;|., f ic I.ifht & Po« ,t 

Gardiner Karniingdale ( ,, Phillips 

.lennessBerton (Randolph dell .. Central .Main. I'ow iiC'o ■• Pltt^lleld 

Witham Louis E 31.S Water FarmlnKlon Central .Main- Pow. r Co 

StGermain Marine Co Greenville Farmington Light i I'ou .iC. ■• Portland 

Witham F U it (',, (Jullford F..rt Fairli.ld Kh it i ii' Light .V Baili & Brunswic-k Light A 

H.,nli.,n Kle.-tric C.i Houllon l>„w.r Co. . . Fort Kairtield I'„w.r Co Fidelit v bldg 

\..iti.n .V Harden Keiuiebnilk I' K'.i.t Fhctiic Co Kort Kent Ciindi.-rlanil County Power * 

liail..\- I' !■: Lislion Kails l),,vir * F.ixcrolt Light .V Light Co 

l>.,dg,-AI': .. II. .at Co Koxcroft Huinford Falls Power Co Fill 

.Maxw.-U .1 W I.lvermore Kails Ci.-.iivill.- Light .V IN.u. r Co ■■ lA. haiiL-e 

Baili.\ I! C Machlas l'r....|„M t FL.tiu- Light, 11, at ^ ,,rk (.bounty I>ower Co 40:i 

Crane !•' 11 Monsoii * r..« i C.i .Kreeport Coiignss 

.lacol.sCM Mt Vernon Kryebnre 

Sniitl. C E Newport FrMbiirg IClctiic l.igjit C. • 

Habh J Frank .->;; Union Portland C.iiiral .Main.. Ih.wer C. UdO 

Cli-veland L W Co 441 Con- Wat, r , Gardiner 

gie s .. Green\ille 

Fox John M & Co CU Union •■ Creenville Light & Pow.-r Co .. 

.Maine Electric Co 35 Cominer- r,,-,ataquies Wnnhi, Co Guilford 

rial Hallowell 

UaniUette Jo.seph W Richmond C.-niial .Maine P..wi-i C.. 

Hockland I'iits Harrison 

Thurston A T Main cor Winter .. Ib.itlan.l i:i-ctii, Ligl.t A 
Dexter P X jr S Berwick I'ow. i C.. HartlantI 

SawverA.I Uest Buxton Honltoii 

BeiT\ II II Varnioiilli 11 .nlfui lOle.tii. Light C. 



k New 


nswick Elec- 


,11 i-;i. 

dPres«|ue 1 

c Light Co 




ni' & Colb 

V Kange 






hi Ligl 

t A 







wer C.. 











'A i, i-'.W Jofiiirtki 


Kl«'«lrlc' l,lKht Cos f 

V..iK C.u.iM l'..w. r Co Sill 
^■.lrk CoiilitV r..>vii C. ,S:i 




n' Sollill 

< KiMVlck 

II (h Paris 
S riiioii 


I.i^lit Co 

,ij;ht Co Tiirnor 


Van Biirpii 

.t P„vv.-. Co .. 

iW(-r Co 

Ml), I . 

CO W" H lira-.loii K.-n intM 

Hrown Wilson 
lluylics Hu«l, 
Vosr r, G 
Cu.hi.uu, All,. 
Barker .1 W 
Fonsi .folii, I' 
Sl.vins II 1) 





iornlsh .->:i 




Fort KairlUId 

Hillirit;s M r Fort Kent 

i:i;i l'rr-<l Fryohnrn 

VVitham Louis K SIS Wat.r 
Rirrv Charh's W (Jrav 

Galusha Louis M (ireoiulllc 

Ooviglass C S (iulllord 

Kortin i:.l 
Mahar C 

nanipiten Highlands 
Whitney Harry 


West Knlloid P. rrv L, st. 

Wilton Whilti-nior 

r Co Win slow Cole E W 

'' .Wi'ntlirop Welch Alb. 



WoodlaiKl Lixht & Wat.'r Co .• 

\armoulh Mfp Co Yarmouth 

York llarhor 

V,.rk C„„l,l> [■ou.r C-., 

^Electric Motors, Genera- 
tors iS: Transformers 


I-..- |,ai_'.' ISlol 2(11 r).-\.,M- 
shir.- Ml. J-',-. lioston Mass 

* Electric Railway Supplies Sa',!;!;!,:^ h ,'.', 

Gardiner y G 

F CO (see Barker A C 
LS Bridge 

A.iao.s Mollis 
]''r.n.h lialph 
Fr.wt A G 
.Strout T C 
Ta\ l..r A W 
Harriman W A 
Parkir r' C 
A.lams E W 


K«-zar Falls 

sh Lewiston 



* Electric Signs 


rrs- \\' G 
ipiuan CI 
11h W S 

San ford 

S Orringlon 

S I'nrtlaiid 

I Mion 

Vail Itincn 


I Watirvillo 



W Appleton 

West brook 

W Buxton 



I Varnioiilh\ille 

York Harbor 

*Electrical Engineers 

KIMItAM. K I) to s.. tJai;. 

Boston Mass 



.iiiB * En- 
at.r Alicnsta 



Otis El..val..r Co 1' 


.-, F.,r.- 

Embroidery & 


.tint & Branil Co 1 
Hini'kl.y J S 2:n \\ 
SalTor.l L.itti.- S 17 
Hanson .M IMitl 

'nrson^' & Chan. lie 
McLin W H 


8!) Water .. 



M:. Main.' .. 

Old Orchard 


Electrical Contractors 

142 Turner 
J L'lUi Min 
•tK -i-urniT 

C So Bans, 
inch lU Oa 
l.r. R I) 2 
til Main 
i;o_ Exehangi 










Bangs & M.'H. 
Cnrv .1 H Flc 

Hay CharU-s 

M Pi 


Ml Vernon 


rtheast Harbor 

North Leeds 



Old Orchard 




38 Portlan.l .. 

eal Works ol 

:.t Co 12 " 

Lowell & Sears 2205 Middle 
MeKenney William W 576i 

Nolan E T il Washington av 
York & Boothbay Co 222 

Austin C O Presque Isle 

Smith W B 
St. wart R V 

Employment OfTices 


agg William A 1 17 Exchang.- ■■ 


hureiri.uther P 

1)0 Main 


onnor Timotln 

E 12.S Ex- 


o'wilig's 77! Exi 

hnnge " 

Golden & Larga> 

41) Wasliing- 


■nney Margnre 

C 1.-.0 Main " 


nart & Baitlett 

22 Water 



iiith Harnv W 

03 Main 


win City "Employment Bu- 

reau laO Main 



•rnette A F 131 



ristol Teaehers 

Agen.'y of 

N E r.loA Conp 

ress Portland 


ill Ci L & Co 3N 


rue Susan R Mrs -11) 

»%»»HkVr.\ Wi);(\-,' 

^fal/ . )«...1 

I!: ' -I',,,! N" 

1916 — NEW KNGLANn nusiNKss DiRKC'i'ouY— MAINE ]s:\ 

KlK/inccis SAM»»;ks KNfllNKKKINIi ■ ll.THlik 

,,,,, •■() IS,-.- p:,^., IM't;) idi; Kx- linu-k,-ii SliMvv & l.nni ( ■„ 

,. , , ,,,,.„,,,„ . . , iliaMKi-. . . ..I'.irlliiii.l rmvu-ry Itlaliic 

Hill 11 !■ J.S.i \\:,t,.r .- ():,k,-sAI. IMncHcy Brii..s,vl,-k 

Norcro.sH Arcliic G ( itv ll;tll .. Kix-kliiiKl S-tintonL-r- 1-' T -I'l \t-,n, 

Trusk Waru-n D 2. Ca,.i,ol .. Tripp O 11 .0 r„„r, H,""' IW d'l-n^k ',l,!„-'-' """ Caribou 

Hangcir Nc-l^m IK-nr> Ituinforil I'l.rcnt I, .1 

Coombs P H Co 31 Contial .- French H V Ci'iitcr M uniw,-ll 1{ W Casdiie 

II, ilnit-s L ir. State -• Slraton R H .. Wvnuii. JL Chester 

.l,Mi,-3 .Sidii,-v M Ifi .Stare -'by K V\' 200 Main Saco W,-nt H„rth Bros Cornish 

l.i.slieriiess K lit; Kxcliange .. C„l,-onl 1, 1! Searsport Id,-,- Ur.,s Co (iiifrs) E Boothbay 

Luuil Warren C lo State .. nunoan .i 11 I i.i::, lis Charles Kast IVIachlas 

.\Iullan,-y Ko.leric-k (hydrau- Greenwood E ]■: Skowhoijaii li.., k K A C,, Kaslport 

lie) l.s'i l-:xchaii(;e .. .lenne U 11 S I'arl-, l).-ile\' .1 .1 

I'ressev Frank, Ciiv Hall .. Siuart.lH Kiniin K 1, 

Hill 1-: \V " Itar Ilarbur Clark Eben B Treiiioiit I...rint; I-Vank C 

Lord K 1 HnileiKh J H ',i;i Main WatiTVllle K,jbbina Geurye II Fort Fairfield 

Corliss Chas A UW Fr,,nt Itath G r,-en A Wilson 132 Mam .. Deeker A A Foxerolt 

Farrow H P, lliiih si Belfast ( iet, l.ell 1 E, U 1) 3(1 .. Hanson F K 

Hayes A D l.K,-, ili-h .. Mihham Joseph Wolls Steward & Buck 

Carter J W Bethel \\ W I-: W Falmuilth Emerson W ^\' Hain|)(leii 

Clark IrviDK .. ll,>slorilCK M'oodlaiid Adams J N lIoiiHoii 

Blddoford ^'""" '■ " Yarniouthvllle Peabody J .S 

Allen William T 14 Mt Vernon - I'judkinKhani W h Jonesport 

KeuneyCiny Blaine coNsri/riNo Mors,- ,1 I.Maehme C,> 

Uamsev Faj Augusta ""wniii- liiehard Limestone 

Blair J'H ' Boothbay Harbor Bal.b ( ■> r,Ls ( ' 2-s3 W ater If eed \lvah 1. Northeast Hiirl.or 

Chaplin D Ene,-,,,. BrUlU'ton <" .I)s & Ash 1 -I I.,sh„n "7",'-', ' North Haven 

Bent H E Brooklin MOl'LTON KNtilNEKRINtJ »' ■ l> I " , Norway 

Felker Everett Brooks COUP .s,-e pa^e 1-S20i 120 Gray A- Prmr Maehu,,- t^, 1 1 7 

Bowker Charles I. Briinsnick Kx, hauae Portland , / "" '^•'■'l Portland 

Litehfipld Stephen (17 Main.- SANHF.KS KNtilNKERING .M,.t..r Supply Co Pi Ciisi..,,, 

PrayCP Calais CO (s,.e pate 1-S20) 102 l-:x- „ '"""■,"'''-,„ „ , , ' 

Ring .ID CanibrldKe el,anj;e -. 1 alm,-r Bros ,i'.l Porljaml pi,-r - 

Crawford M T Camden klkcthic u. --^mi h .V:,l o C eniral 

Hiiterbush Steph.-ii G -. Bangor .,,,"''1,., ^ , „" 

Hardison t;i„ver \I Caribou Hobin.son A J Co 20 Founlain - Hiorndike G 1) Maehine Co 

.l,-«ell 11 11 Thomas Winthrop Blue Hill „. V,""'"'i;l pn'v 

Deverenx Rosman Castlne Hohl Georue Eastport W ilhams Brothers ( o 21 C us- 

Farrow H P Center Belmont Ward Erm-si Harrison i,,iii M,,us,. „ hail 

Foster llenrv Cumberland Mills Pnnee Charles i; Kittery , , ,, Presque Isle 

Smith E. I Dover Haker .1 II Maehias /"lernal Harv,-si,.r ( „ 

Merrill Earl C E Eddinglon '""'1''^"'%^^ ^' .. ^„ " , 

PopeWF East Maehii.s hkating 4 ventilatin.i .','T'", ',.-",, Kound Pound 

l,'"-^' ^l K yr ^--Tl/'^iirlleld KIMBALL R D CO .see pa,,- W'!,' L',':;' ' W * Son 

Eln'.rH U^^vnuZ 1^^") '> H,-a,-on n„ 50S ' H u 'd S n Sonih Tho.r -" 

iFRIIampden Hl;;hla 

Boston Mass ,[,,hnsoii .less,. A ( '.. Sanfor 

byerVVima"in"\ "■H'arrinKloVi „v„t,.,.i„ llarm,,,i.l C StonliiKjoii 

BnfkeM^-'' """""" -n'-'-VM' ^^^^^^^^^ , ,, ^ TJ'."'!?.^'.?.". 

Bangor natervllle 

Cbatjdler mzen .'. SAW^^R Wa1.TEr""h' 1 1 " ^'Toi"^[ I 

Steuo^fc E K :: Morr^..^ ^^,:,^v,\^^^^"" ^''■'•'■1'-' » " '" ^ 

.Marsh W S Kennebunk < ()r'| 


M(M LTtIN EN(;iNEERIN<J 'y/ Falmouth 

Portland >vest Pembroke 

Thompson I R A- S.,n 
BarronCH AG 11 IC, Usii.Vn""." mkc-hank-ai, Chves A Coffin W .Sullivan 

Thompson E P I.imington Howe GeovKc F 15 State Bangor -b'vAV Varmouth 

Tavlor H R Maehias Thmston II T Boothbay Harbor Yarmoulhvlile 

Humphrevs C S Madison Hold George Eastport l-'ighion * Russell 

Ilunneweil Carl ,. Morse Al 

Chapman J I, Mllo .^mitli A li, R 1) 1 Ellsworth Fnnrnrpr<i 

Harvey Walter Thompson K K. I! 1) I nnf/raiers 

Buck Ravmoml Mondeello Reaiher l.'n'd Island Falls Cr... :..r I'ImI,, In-ravii,); Co 

Allen Clifton I. M( Vernon I'ri.-e D S .. .'■ ' ' '. . Portland 

Chandler Roh,.rt New <;iouees(er Hull.-y Freil Mondeello I" ', , i '..nsjress 

Wenlworlh 1) G N Appleton \o"lesWl.; Olamon i><:< \ :i i I '..nj^r.-ss -- 

Keiihl.S N Cheslervllle l.ea,-hll\ Cnion i.hMki ti,-: -.■,.- (\> -I.'. V.x- 

Biissell Sieplon .1 Oldlown -Ma,l,l,.x C h' U'est Buxton ehantie 

Hilliard H,-,hll,. U. .1,1. ins 11 11 Lowell A W GOS Congress 

Keiih Allied . I ,. G,,i,l,,n Ge,,ige C West .Sullivan Shaylor EiiKravinj; C. (phot,.),.r ll,.u-,r,l .. 249 Miilille 

Sewall,! W jr 

sugden E o Oriand Engines Excelsior Manufacturers 

Cobb Charles Pal ten 

Robinson H G oas am, ,;a.s, k Abbol Village 

Ecaeh John F Phippsburg Ware C' E Alna Abbot I-.x, -els,,, i Mills 

l.ibbyOE Pittsfleld Prebh- >t Clarke Ashvllie Boston Ex,-elsi„r ( ■„ Mllo 

Cuininings Edward B .'.7 Ex- ''il"'ltl "i-'is Co Imfrs) 337 

ehaiige Portland „ ^M' '■''".• > Augusta Pmrtxiir^e 

Freeman George L 120 V.y.- fONANT C M CO ^see page Expresses 

change .. 1741) 1S2-PI1) Bangor (See Teamsters and Truckmen) 

Hicks iNeweomb 11 Exchange .. k"';' V'.s 'i''''i'.','\';.' f'" 'Vi''"! , , " 

llsley Fred J 57 Exchange .. V^l.te, 1. , t ' Extract & Essence Mfrs 

JordanEC&Co31i Exchange .. 

Merrill George B 713 Fidelity Ji'^^MV". V 


yes Fred Bar Harbor Corliss B W \- Co Mllltovvn 

igsley Ralph .. Portland 

MOCLTON ENGINEERINt; Harrington C F 8.5 ComnVereial*'" DoUn & Furniv^l'co 2n^S clilu- " 

Ct)RP (se,- p 1,S2U) 120 I-N- Torrey Roller Bushing Works inerclal 

i-haiiw .. 3,s ComiiH.ri.ial .. ,-rbeck & Foss 3C Brown .. 

Ru-harason Pere> 1! ,09 li- Ri,-h Frank P Bernard Smith .luhn T 1 1 Exchange 

'''■loy l.ldg .. T|i,ii-s|,,„ .Mauri,, S .. W,„„| Nathan & Son 42s l.'ore .. 


/ (ioods rnl.T„;.li..„:,l A i;,i,„lf .M:, I I 



Wij;j;i„ w II KM-Me (io Main ■ *File & Rasp Makera 

Augusta ,^ ,.. I ,,f 

I.iim & Hranri Co ISO Walpr .. "^ ' ' " ■" 

Bangor ^„. „ . , 

Boston Kiitton Store 30 Main •• *Fire Bltck 

I'Vll^^i" M'^rli!^, K f Hi h PORTLAND STO\K-WARK 

Cnrl'is Alli'n !.'■' ' "^'Belfast JI" !^'.''!';'"77, 


\ olitm Cror^'f- \ 'IS I'liM 


llni,n,.«rll KS " ' ItlllU'bal.l 


Kntirr \Y:Atrr l{ KIlK'lllll 

""lo- " 

Il'utrlnusCrunville Boothbay 

.\I:,.|.l.„.k-< Packing Co (sar- 


in.M Boothbay Harbor 


N.-l'tOTi.-PackinBColsardini-H) .. 


l'l„n,„N H .) 


Sa«yiT H L & Sou fsarcJines) .. 


I'lliot Charles Bradford 

Dv.r 1) A A Son Brldgtou 


How,l,.n Albert Brookllii 


Cultin W William 71 Main,- 

Colbalh F W o Mason 

Bryant Pond 


PurrinRlon Charlos A, R D 1 .. 


I Ina K Mrs 2{\r, Main 
V E & Co 200 Wat IT 

I. M Miss A Co L'li:i \Va 


■ .. Fire Cement 

KcliMcbuiik Morsp & C„ (,liiniiii-> li 

"""■-' i;i;„„ ., Ho«l,y W II Corlnna 

'^■^ ■- Bansor s,,,:,!! \lb.ri I. Cornish 

Siarjli> Win 1) Cranberry Isl»~, 

*Fire Escape Mfrs llajn, a j Cundy's Harbor 

Poller Hlan.lie K 

H H Clove Store ! 
Chabot & Hieli 


Hopkins (, S Miss 70 I. isb, in WORKS The (see pa^e 

Jaiielle A & Co Jlili Lisbon .. IS.-.M .,(1 Honlen 

Smith Cora H 127 Lisbon Proi l.lonce : 

Abisalili S..I,,io,.n Old Orehard 

Storey Ma.l:. 

Yazgi Namb 

Cray M W Mrs Plttstlold Bangor \"'" V ,, " 

Altman Isaac Uace) o!!.', C,,n- Mas.,n W S idealer) SO Inicn ■ ;. . , V n \. t.„„ ,,,„,:„,. 

„n«^^ u...«i.....i V I. Ilk I. ij tv r^on isaruinc 

Fire Extinguisliers 

Kress Portland 

lie- M C Co 

rke K M (luce) .")(i2 Con^iess .. * h'lronmrtf nnr>r>t II,. I,,, ... p' ,,.1 ;..„ r'.. /<. r,i; 

Duddy & McPhee Misse.s firepiOOl UOOrs IUImi s 1 acKi, k C o (s.rcj 

Congress PKNN l^IKTAL CO 2UI Dev- M',-Khol I a. km- Co ( 

"■ zGeruld H F 536 Congress ■■ .mshiiv Boston Ma: ' " " 


Fish Dealers & Carers Ji 

Ginsberg B & Son (53 M 
Hammond Helen M 


Reynolds Silk Store 502 Con- (.See also Lobster Healers; also ■^'/■' 

gress ■■ Oyster Dealers) L;,jj 

Kidle.v ArcHe F 931 Congress .. j David'lC Addison Vie 

Rnies Bros Co o29 Congress .. ^J„], j, h ., p^, 

,, ,..,,,,,, .>,v; w"' Harriman Fred Alexander Ga 

Crockett h !■ Mrs .iO.i Maui ■■ Hutler L W Appleton (Jr: 

^i'T n ]*■ ,*.V" ''.'oM^Vl'" ^ ■' Brooks D Ashland lla 

Haskell & iMtton lOU Main Saco Orcutt C T ■■ M, 

Hodgkins E H Ashville Mi 

17 Ma 

n M G & Co Skowhegan Auburn 

J M 

Soutli Penobseot suirphv .lerr"vTo4 Main"" Young": 

■■ ■■"■ rket 12 .lohusor 





„ , , Sinnett E K Balloy Island 

Feldspar Bangor 

inunings .1 W Cathanoe Eureka Market 36 Central .. Higniiis l-'reil Kreeport 

Topsliani Foster F F (^vholesale) 08 ICx- Parker C.nv (buy. r) Frenehhoro 

aine Felilspar Co, lOln, st .. change „ Segal .Taeoi. (buyer) 

.luiies' Alfred Sous (wholesale) Lash John Friendship 

141) Hn.uil .. Weutworil, Z (1 Fryeburg 

Felt Manufacturers .bmes S.miiary Market Co 40 .\ll,.„ .1 \V (;ra> 

10X Woolen Co Camden "■ ' - 

abrighl W oven Felt Co 


;ortli 11 E Cii Harlow ■, lire.k E H & Son Greenville 

Joseiih Bar Harbor Hallowell 

ins ,1 I' ,t Son .. Paine W E & Son 117 Water ., 

Harlan A . Shea A A 141 Water 

iel.l 11 1) Hiooki-r Rliu Harmony 

ANCHOR POST IRON Emerv \ P .". IVrrv Bath .-Mauley RS Harrington 

WOKKS (see page 18.57) 70 Jack William A C.:'. Cenier ■■ S|,.yer" Walter 1. R D 4 Harrison 

Milk Boston Mass Real C 11 Bcals Riley liroa Houlton 

WRI(;HT WIRE COMPANY Heal John A ■■ GMbert .lo.seph Jackman 

(see page 10, , ) Belfast Jonesboro 

High St .. Fish E E (smoke,! herring I 

n ■• Look H M & J S 

Fertilizer Manufacturers Frenehboro Laud & Fisheries ,^ c , r. , •»oneM>ort 

Co (wholesale salt) ■■ Andn-ws D S & Co (smoked) •■ 

M,.ris,,ii Bros 25 Broad Bangor Lubec Sardine Factor\- .. Hiiikhy A- St,'V,'ns 

( ■..,., .Mortimer Co Belfast Thomas A High .st ■' .. Mausti'. 1,1 Packing Co (sar- 

.Ln kson I'ri'd S (dealer) loot Parker Guy 11 Bernard dims) 

Spragiie Charles Berwick Rowe i:v,r, ti Kennebunk 

Kezar Falls 

npragiie Lnaries ner«ic 

Bowdolnhani sfoan Frank Itedit 

Stanley H S L,-aih S 1, KIngma 



Fish Dealers & Curers— Con 
Mauler A W Leeds 
Ihirvcv A \V -jr, Biitos Li'wiston 
Juilgc B y 2(11 Lisbon 
Lc-vcsqup I'a\il 15!t Lincoln 
Sullivan John F 3U7 Lisbon 
Walkor A K ji 268 Main 
Thorne H E Liniiiigton 
Giav Nutliani.-l Lisbon Falls 
Grren Joseph B, R D 2 
Ilurlhurt B G Llvermore Falls 
Columbian Canning Co (sar- 
dines) liUbec 

Ciilunibiaii I'acking Co (pick- 

lerl and smoked herring) 
Davis ct Pike (pickled and 

Crooker M 
Haskdl Ra 

lokcd her 




smoked herring) 
Lnbec Sardine Co 
MeBride R G (pickled and 

smoked herring) 
Mawhinney & Ramsdc 11 (sar- 

dinea pie.kled and smoked 

Miller Michael (smoked) 
Mewry G A (pickled an. I 

smoked herring) 
Mowry \V B (pickled an. I 

smoked herring) 
Mulholland C (pickled an.' 

snioki'd herring) 
Pike & Peacock (pickled an< 

smok.'d herring! 
Seacoa.t Canning Co (sar- 

•flicker Bros (pickled am 

smoked herring) 
Tucker J A (pickled and smok 

ed herring) 
I'nion Sardine Co 
AU.n Hillnian (pickl.-d an. 

smoked heriing). R D 2 
Creath John (pickled am 

smoked herring). R D 2 
G.idfrev W I (pickl.-d am 

smoked herring), K D 2 
Kellv S J \V (pickled an( 

smoked herring), R D 2 
l.vneh John (pickled aii( 

smoked ieiring), R D 2 
MeFadden Horace (piekl.M 

and smoked h.rringl, K T> : 

smoked he 
mith Wait 
sn.oke.l he 

D 2 
!), U D 

H n 1 

. R n 2 

Peniaiiiiid Itciicli 

,ain G.'orge 

'hin^ I.'rank Penobscot 

iv(i<orge Pine Point 

I'll A Josselvn Piltslield 

Port Clyde 
iliam & Mciiiil Co 
• C P 19 Com'l whf Portland 
vn-Bishop Co 237 C.m- 

I J: S Pordauil 
lest S niKerford 

ird Co 

;e D W M)b St J< 
ihtv Eben sn Coi 
■E.lwinC (clams) 


IS 22,! Cunil 

OS (1H3 Forest i 
D Co n Gust 
mas W 100 P. 

-.1.111-) .V.I Cel 
I lsl'.,rtlaml 1 

■rklns Roseoi- S 

West Sul 




York Beai h 

1. York Harboi 

Fish Hatcheries 

Uoofhbay Harbor 

Fisherman Out filters 


Is) 131 Main .. 

Fishing Tackle 

OS 117 Co 
II UK) P.r 
:,k H 20 C'. 


.1 .\ 


Jew,-1t Edwal.l 
Mi's.rve C M 
i-ernald it Wh. 
Ui.h H IT 
W hit.- 1, H 

McEachern & : 
Mills C E 
Globe Mfg Co 

R T) 2 

i ckled 

li n 2 


Mars HIM 

•clianic I alls 




New Harbor 


B B 

■a Job 
ns H 

i.kid) 22.S 
Presciue Isle 
Pro-pcc-t Harbor 

. Itobblnsion 

,.k Rockland 

nek land 

Fire &■ Ten Cent Stores 

:d Fish Co (pi.kl.'d 

NorMi Whulli; 

Kiel. 1 

T. Sant'crville 


m SarRcntvllle 


\ & I Seal ;. arbor 


■\\' F Searsporl 

F Se.ltMvl.k 


Sherman Mills 



L L S n 


n's Bay Packin- C, 

s) S «;<Mib!sboro 

C 11 Soiilh I'arls 

A V Sonlbpori 

( ;..■.■ 


{' S 

^.- ( 

., 6.j .Main •■ 

F M 

143 I 

,t Bath 


1' w 


, 17 From •■ 

L .1 




1' w 


112 Main ■• 


].■ w- 



I'' S 


P J 

Charleston n 

1 Fiv 

& -1 

en Slori' ■ 



1' \\ 


IN!) Wat.-r " 

V vv 



^s s 

r,2 I, 


n Lewlsloii 

vorlh 1.' \V 



l"..M.'! .If.^'f 











•; i.-,4 


44 M 




n 'w 









Five & Ten font Stores— Con Dirwanger Joseph N Gl Mon- Kwnc \V M CIliiloii 

New York 333 Main Rockland troal Portland Merrill K K 

Woiilwortli I' V,' Co 45S Main •■ Harmon K ,1 Co 493 and Go" I'eudoxtcr Bros Cornish 

Killv 1' l.ld Main Saco Congress ■• Wt-ntworth Bros 

Woo'lwc.rth 1" \V Co Sanford 'lowe Charles L G31 Congress .. Gould O O DUHpld 

Gn.n Bros Co Skowlu-nan M'C;imii;le M E Misa 47 Oak ■• Clellerson P T & Co Dover 

Xash Elizahfth K Waltlohoro Mi'iot .1 W 615 Congress ■• WeUh J H Kast Boothbay 

Water\llle -M "i I' y John A 104 Pleasant •• \N alker E D East Bronntteld 

Green Bros Co 92 Main ■• Niilson H J 65 Brentwood ■■ Chamt>erlain Ernest E Lebanon 

W'oolworth F W Co 1G7 Main ■• Kmus, y \V A 1055 Fore?!, av •■ Gaddis Bros Co East Maohals 

Woolworth F W Co Wcstbrook Sawyer William C 1 1 2 Coyle •■ Hume S B & Son Eastport 

Talbot Philip H 1-.73 Congress ■■ Freese C W Exeter 

Xukery James H 2ill Sprim; .. Boyd Arthur & Co Frankfort 

*Flannel Manufacturers W;ilh,<e AleM.ndcr 4I Emiry .. Grant B F 

Bros. U I) I Franklin Grain Co Franklin 

IS 1) A Mrs I'reh(|ue Isle Creckv C M Freedom 

Billions I" I. Rlclnnond Clark ()L Freeport 

!';«,. •„*„ Rockland l'.,x Charles E FryeburR 

florists Mather A C Mrs 35 Purchase .. Leavitt William 

aho NuisiTvi, eir also S,c,l Silaby Harriet 253 Camden .. 11. ...per William (ilenmere 

StoV.s) ' Spear ChasT 150 Middle .. I.eavitt J Samuel & Son Gorliam 

„ ^r ,.,, tr 1 i..K..,.. (ihientzelCn-or^-e Ilockport Winf-ateFS Hallo«-ell 

f ™r-^ •>, , --"^ ^"^"'" Davis EB Runiford Staples Harrv E Hanover 

Jey t, 1-, .iPl lurner •■ j,,rdan C C Mrs ■■ Casuell i Chapman Co Harrison 

sta Hower Shop 221 V\a- Brani(.'aii Bros 2l>5 Bea. h Saro Wl,,.,.|or I, B Hartland 

■ . T,WV-; ■ -^"S"'"* Hill Alonz,,, Buxton rd -• fl,i„„ns Seth C Hiram 

on SI 1«3 S'"t<' Hammond S E Sanford Cash Grain Co Hollls Center 

ins iTank A 12- \\ in- Huff George W _ FogK A H Co Houlton 

Houlton Grange Store 
Houlton Mills & Light Co " 

Island Falls 
Island Falls Grange Store 

Kennebunk Port 
Perkins James D Estate 
Heal R J LaGranee 

Beaureganl N A C. 17'.) 
. ..In l^ewiston 

Belfast :vv;i::"i;:';-yr;\"";r.j.:'; ,.. !'.:!>'--"'\co2.uMain :: 

.•ux H 3ob Lisbon 

Blddeford" r,''';\ V M ,„i v'.JmnMM; 1"" . r G H 7G0 Main 

Mrs.W.sist.. 1-<;'k1;'ou Man,,.,. 1 arnioul h ,.„,„„,„ (j^.„rge A LImcrIek 

sl'^j^ltCs'n-'lm^d'""' ■■ '-k ".'"■" Yarmontbvllle Vlut/c^ M^nnSl^ 

Boothbay Harbor fwilleMb^rt'''^ York Harbor (.,,,11,.^ PL Lovell 

cVolfk'^B™s''Fas'tern iv Brewer MoultonV (i A Son York Village M'^MmL W J Lubee 

K.ll.y Thos H (I Maple Flour&Feed S..,itJC Matt^awamkeae 

MorHll May E Mrs 2iil Cham- ^, riuur o^ r vca Meehanle Falls 

b^Tlain ' ■ •• '^«'* •»''*° General Stores; als.. Cummings C B & Son 

Brunswlek (Grain Dealers) Davison & Hammond Monson 

Muthr William 31S Maine Thompson F E Alfred Good L C Monfleello 

Bueklev A M Bueksport Holway Osear Co (wholesale) Lord Hiram C Naples 

GiUisJi.hnCo Calais 10 Sehool Auburn Get.hell C W Newport 

Grant Charhs W ■• Parsons Cirain Co Minot av • Judkiii A Gilman 

\'ouiig G & Co Prout Bros 32 Pulsifer ■■ Mnehell William New Portland 

Glaenlz.J Georg.' Camden Tibbetts J E & Co 1G3 Turner .. Johnson Bros N Berwick 

Hutehin.son M I. C. Caribou Viekery J P & Co, R D 3 .. Stover William H N Brooksvllle 

l.oder C P Clinton Fisher A W, R D Ayers Xealey W R Northport 

Cumberland CIr Eaton W D. Valley av Banifor Oinsmore Grain Co Palermo 

Blanehard Howard (■ ■■ Hopkins A R Co 140 Exehamre .. Go..drioh H L Palmyra 

Chase \ni.i S •■ .l.-lmls.,ii W \ 71 1 I'lrl, .ri i,.. ^, , H ill ■ l.iiis C O Pcnobscot 

Ch;-.' Frank H - M illik.M, .I, m. - i .s 1 •,,!,,.;.., , W Ml'. II ,t Emerson PitfsHeld;lilon Urns .MIKRAV illtOS ( (I -.- i; .I'V Valentine M 5 Ex- 

Ji'iikins Charles H. it D 1 .. pat;!' IM 1 > 1 7- 21 I i .ini I.:.!,-.' Portland 

l!av G.M.iKe H Eastport Swett ^Vi Co 04 Broa.l HKOWN & JOSSELYN 57 

Clark M .\ Ellsworth Thaxter A H * C. .s.-S Kx- Lx. l.ange 

I...,l. 1 Charl.s P Fairfield ehange lOasiern Grain Co 202 Com'l .. 

Hipl. V & C.. FarnilnKton Hah'v I.erov. H D 1 I H A 1 1 Exelnngc 

Dioekway Josel L Fo\eroft " Bar Harbor J J ^^ C.i I'eaH corner 

Burr P S" Freeport Niekerson, .'^pratl & (ireclev I'..i.' 

Gardiner Bath Grain Co Sehool st Kalh Filial. iir\ Flour Mills Co GOG 
Uragdon C J Mis !,>< \in.- ■■ Kimball Bros Co 7 Broad I ■'t v bldi; 

LaiiderkinC W 200 Lincoln av ■• Tebbetts J A & Son Berwick SI..M David Flour .Mills 322 

Wviiuin E F 39 Pleasant .. Andrews & Horrigan Co, Mam Coinmer.ial 

CliadHiek II 1. Houlton ,or Itailroad av Biddeford \arnev C R Co 1 15 Com'l 

N.w. II CC •■ Sa.a. Crain & Milling Co G3 \>.inht Milling Co 5 Exchange ■• 

i:iw.|| .1 (1 Kennebunk .lefferson Walls Irving S (flour) 213 

i; ons W .\ .. Stott David Milling Co 370 t ■,,mni.>reial 

.Vlliui T J 175 Pin.' l,ewi«ton Main Allen K \ Presque Isle 

S.niiiders F 23 Lisb..ii Braekett & Andrews Bingham I f D..iini-ll .1 II 

HI. ihen Harrv W Lisbon FalK Bates Clarence P Bowdoinbam Su.,ii. ,vi; 1 Roxbury 

lull, r (ie.inr.' H Livermore Falls Kendall W B & E P l!urg,.s-.\S Rumford 

Ames Irank S Maehias Hainbler A Ingalls Bri.lcion .\I.,r.,e .1 S 

II..0 E H Madison Brooks Fann.«rs l-m.,ii Brooks Hi^vL.w W .V St Albans 

CmuiI.I Nettie Milo Garland Albro BrownfieUI W em w.,rih &, d Sanford 

Hammond Sumner G N Berwick Dudhs Ansel Bryant Pond W ils„i, Austin A 

Xial C I-; Bueksport (In .V: .Martm SebaRO Lake 

Cha,ll...urne Charles N Bridston Bii.-kspori Corp..r.,t i..n ( '.. llers.,ui I lOsiau- S Berwick 

W..r,-,ster W F Old Orchard Ginn .Vndrew Buxton I.Mi.h J F 

Sli.all B.iiiamiii F Oidto«n Souh- Bi.>n .. Ve..l..ii-s \I.lls 

Billim-'s G \V 25 A Portland H..rloii U T Calais Hrasi..« F 1 1 ,\: S..n S Brewer 

Clark Charh's !■: 1 Ashmont. I'hclanSll llamlmW Ix S nalerford 

Dennett S J Mrs G2(i Congress .. WiiernGra Camden Slocklon Springs 

Dirwanger Albert 52 'I'duple •■ Ga .Mli Ciisco ll,,.,!,,. W ilham. K 1 1 2 


Flour & Feed— CoiiUnucd llouUoii KrimswUk 

«<n..lnfr«nn Hoiilton Foundry & M:i<-h C. •■ KuniiH.c.c Fruit (V It.' Maine ■■ 
^'^"L"^„°" P»li„er George A LIh.Tty \ us.. 10 W IHi.kfl.-l<I 

Uuh I, D 
Lewis E 1 
Smith J 
Ham J B 

Hnrkclt ! 

Euf;l.-v II 


Llveniiore Falls Hill W 1 Biicksport 

frnv international Paper Co •■ lu.narusv i-. ■■ 

.""i Dinsmore W S 4 Co Maohias HunKir,lini 1, Calais 


Mechanic Falls 

& Sons Co 


»,■ Supply 
WvuKui'l' A Weld 

I.itiU.field John G Wells 

Brown E C West Buxton 

Sawver A ,T 

Brown A II & Son W Pembroke 
Arnold Bros West Peru 

iitiKv I cnncv .1 n <« rions i o ■■ .^ii-no, i uinii ii- iv >. o 

(•,. . Ward William H Mllford Camd.-n Fruil Co Caind' 

ket Foundry A Ma 

chine Co MlUlnocket M,-Kuni.Pook Fruit Co 

ikland Foundry & .Machiu.' llussiv C 1' Caribou 

Co Oakland l'ars..iis 1! 1' 

Portland Cast im- Fruit Co Castinc 

ibbitt Charles E 442 Fore Davis .1 B Clinton 

irtland Co 'jK Fore •• Sliaw F B Corlnna 

Rockland Tilirault William Cornish 

■imden Anchor-Koc-kland Ma- HranlsL.v .1 W .Sous Cutler 


^^r;fl;^?^ro. Wl^^t^:;^^ Hiu'keuNv'i^ ""^""^ s;;X;iU..A »f . .e 

rhandlor Bros ninicrpori i^r,,„,| Foundr\- & Ma- Tossa I'raiik Dexter 

llankin I 

.lones & Co Wlnthrop 

Knight C 10 Wiscasset 

'l\n lor Bros Woodland 

C S South llnlon \ ...hlte F C Mrs Kaule I-ake 

ille Iron Works. I'ront Flnllips B .) Fast Corinth 

*Floiiring Mills .|„niV,„ r k W.^sVbrdl.'k iV,' k!'!t' a'\s" ' Eastport 

(See Grist Mills) Cunli \ 

Fruit Dealers HiKtiins K M Farmlngton 

*Fly Killers {Wire) wh,m.i=»ai.i: Sm.ih Herbert Fort Falrlleld 

M VKRIFIKI II f'OMPANY Auburn W obl>y Josiph Fort Kent 

^'^f !^^!;'"'" . '^^In^iJ^ale Ne«.uan A L . Co 40 Man, _^^^^ _^^_^,^^, ^^ ,, ,, ^^,,, ^.„,^/=-0'"" 

Foresters ^'^"""' '"""' ^' "' ^'"njudeford w'l ! ■ ' mV' i;'^-' w-a.-r 

Hin.'kley F C l-> Stale KanKor 'n.roumoulos Louis 77 Main- W , n- . mi ■ !, ' ( -',... Waler •• 

SavaKe Ernest T 1.-) State ■• Gardiner Si , ,,i, 1 .. u ;- I . (.erry 

Stetson I G *Cu ISO Exchange .. Shapiro Mark 171 Water ■. Mm -.■ K A (apple buyer) Greene 

Gardiner Forestry Co 1«3 Boothby Charles E Co il!) I'.u.ldeii II I' Greenville 

Water Gardiner Main Lewlston Hall C M 

Milliken riiilbrook Co l.i Ex- Lamoiitagne J B 249 Main- Bajinnzi G Guilford 

.l.auKe Portland Portland Aral i S 1 17 Water Hallowell 

Morrill Bros Co 121) Com'l l.inulOA Uartland 

*FormS (Wooden) Portland Fruit Co isr, Com'l ■■ iKio.d Bears Fruit Giowini- 

BATCHFXDER C A CO (see Hookland Produee Co 4^' J. -IJ;^,,,, ^, A-- ^ ^^^^on 

V^i^elW.)) htAlbans ,,^;^rd FH i 38 Water Watervllle Palmer J K 

Foruarding Agents „^,,^^ j„ j, ^,,,^,^^^^ ^ «';»'"« 

M.-LaiiBhlin Henry & Co Bueknan F A (blueberry grow- 

Front cor May .. - Bangor ^r) ■■ l.omilellow ticnry (.; 

Dinsmore Clarence (blueberry Abelli Bros Ul.i Main Lewlston 

*FounderS grower) ■■ l.oiti ICva lUj Main ■■ 

Estev B J (blueberry grower) .. Getcliell S Limestone 

(iardner Hollis (blueberry Meelan Joseph •; 

grower) ■• Kcnmliec I'Vuil Co Lisbon Jails 

Foundries tWIpatriek Charles (blueberry Caprom ,1 Llvermore Falls 

grower) " t-als^ecomn J'^ ■ 

all Emery (bUieberr\- grower) •• Adams C L ct Co Lubcc 

KETAiL '^•■t-^''' Weston W 

Watson, Frye A: Co Ml Broad •■ i)„ri.n C E Ashland beiKhton Charl.s 

Bndcton Machine Co Brldgton V, " ^p j k ., McGregor \S E •■ 

Camden Anchor-Hockland Ma- Maguire J f Augusta Farris James Maehlas 

iHinc Co Camden Augusta Fruit Co 218 Water •■ '';'"'"'',, 

KiL.wlton Bros •• Calzolari Amicare 294 Water ■■ Mu-iiai ■-nic-.i ■■ 

I'uller'a George Sons Hallowell ni„n Joseph H22 Water •■ < hnsioidirr A .Madison 

Sargent HC Maehlas [^;°;i"„'^j?,';,,;„ 4^^^^^ ,, Puree T J Mars llill 

Mechanic Falls f^inp «"„ ,"7 Cony W hiic K H Mis. ■■ 

Penney J W & Sons Co •■ c^^^-Z t\ V31 K^.h.r..-,- BanRor <;"l.' C: W Mechanic Falls 

',\"i?''^^" V I , '^'"f""* FlorisGTAC'ol.-.dMaiu ■■ ^'''-''^.'V",-) ,„ Milo 

Millinoi'ket Foundry &. Ma- i.'loros \' T ''It Si ilc ■■ I .i--sa A: C ai b.m.' .MIlo 

,i,ine Co MlUlnocket J J. ^viu's l<)r, Harlow ■■ Gnldman I.,rarl 

Clark Foundry Co Rumford Ichiro Sam" 27:( Mam ■■ '.''^■'-'' ,' ',. ',' , f , ■ 

inoN Skoufis John 134 Main ■■ Mauchli, M i . 1, v,.,,„„r( 

Androscoggin Foundry Co 41 Snow J_H & Co__ir, Brc-' ( o|. man n 11 .><'!- 




, ,..„.. Auburn Zordis Bros 24 Hammond •■ * 'J"f""' " ""' " 

on Iron Works 15 Oak Bangor Green Bros Bar Harbor ■ losnc i: . . ,„..,,, 

,d & Bishop Co 40 and 42 .^ ., ,. B;><h I'.etii.r, A Northeast Harl 

roul " Kennebec Fruit Co 57 l-roni ( .,ioii..s \ 1. ,,1,;- Old On lia 

le Co 2 Federal Bath Marotto Mike 54 Centei Mn-larj; l.i a .\1 1 - 

rcy Rolli'r Bu.shing Works Narsiff William 180 Front - ( .amaii ,lnhi, Ona' ■• ParriUo M 45 Center ■■ Kmg ( o-.m ,:,• A „„ V^"!' 

fast Foundry .'ii Machine Puha Tony A 1 25 Front ■ l,og,,rio lln.s .m,..h„i, 

■„ Belfast. Marsano G B 99 Main Belfast Inn 

Igton Machine Co Brldgton Hobbins & Arey, High si urcss 

CiiUough .* Tait -Calais Shiro R S, High 31 „.,,■, lloiitilli.. P 1 'i 

lulen Anchor-Roekland Ma- Biddcford U..tta l!.,.ro li 

liinc Co ..Camden Baker Bros Fruit Co is Altrd ■■ 1 )'.\i; uio I , 

,„li„nBros •• Holt Etta BUiKhani 1 )allou Aaron : 

,.hcll-J S A Son <'arlboU BiMings Oscar Uluehlll Dalion llarrv . 

A .Scoii Dexter Ibrrick Horac- •■ F.rhck Ja...!. I 

I- Bros Co Fast Boothbay Boot libay Harbor Peraci 

l.l.lli,„,W„Ji" ' ' ' ' 




Fruit Dealers, Retail -Con 

Jiirobson & Brownstein 432 
Congress Portland 

I.pbarfS Bros Fruit Co 935 

Miu-k Henjainin 1 Exchange 

.Ma.ris 1) K 337 Congress 

Masris Vinnenzo 70 Exchange .. 

Xickiiopoulos Xickles 599 

.Noble Antonio 33 Eree 

Park Krviit Store 3119 Congress .. 
Penages George (ifio Congress 
Peverada B 70 Middle 
Potenzo Antonio 44 .\fiddle 
Russo Bernardo 88 Middle 
Serunian John 175 Oxford 
Shi.r Harry 422 Congress 
Stolkncr Isidor 41 Eranklin 
SI rumple Anna Mrs 77 Vom- 


Canadian Fur Co 647 Congress .. 
Schlosberg L H 591 Congress •• 
Carson Paul Presqiic Isle 

Ervin T H .. 

Mooers D W 

Tapley Aminon Rohinsons 

Stevens Clara 125 Main Saco 

„ , Sherman 

<-ushman John & Joseph 

Hanscom Willia 
Wright Fred 
Leach Arthur 
Edward R E 
Townsend W P 



Wells Depot 


W lliixton 

Morgan G M A Co 
Whitney H II 
Harriman John 
Cain Mareellus 
Winchester S H 
Watson J B & Sons 
Joyce M D & Co 
Hutchinson & Gates 
Bebber & Flagg 
Ferris J A & Son 
McLain George E 
Austin H C <t Co 
Jordan L W 
Donnellv D 1! 
Lawry Bros Co 


Deer Isle 



Allen A 


F L 

rtland •■ 
esque Isle 




Seal Uarbor 

Sears port 


S Paris 

^,"„ Chandle 
Strong Farrar F 

440 Mair 
<armi Luigi 338 M 
Haskell C A 404 Mai 
Rumford Fruit Co 
Freebury Guss 
Searsport Fruit Co WUliam 
Owen & Owen 
Porter W A 
Twitchell Wellington 
TwitchellE E. R D 
Twitchell W W, ]{ L 
Leathers Fred H 
Martin F S 
Watson Frank 

Ross G W Vancelioro 

Carver H Y & Son Vlnal Haven 
Hall S S 
Tolman M E 
Williams L E 

Munsey J C Warren 

Robinson O H 

Bagley A Cheney Washburn 

King it Paganucri 28 Main 
Maehetti E 209 Main 
Herbert William Westbrook 

Kourapis Louis 
Parella Pasquale 

Lee Harold Westfleld 

Roberts George 

Donnella A Wilton 

Hill C R Wlnteroort 

Winthrop Fr 
York Fruit 

Furnace Manufacturers 

(Sec also Heating Apparatus: also 

Stoves, (fee) 
Noyca & Nutter ^Hg Co 112 

Rrnad Kaneor 

Wood & Bishop Co 40 and 42 

Furniture Dealers 

(See also Cabinet Makers) 
hec Furniture Co Appleton 
rews A G Ashland 

Furniture Co 109 


W ard P 
Fish \V ' 


Roy F Furniture C^o .. 

Co Fort Fairfield 

Fort Ken( 

W Fox.rofl 


Fre 'porl 

Co 372 

Water Gardiner 

Preble & Kecne 1B4 Water 
Wakefield. McNaughton Co 
292 Water 
!ge Spe 
Wood F B Est 135 W: 



Roberts J G & J B 
Martin Clyde 
M P (antinuel •^^•3'"~ Rurton A R & Son 
„ Dunn Furniture Co 
ium Co Houlton Furniture Co 

„ Estes M D Island Falls 

Bangor ■'^'oore W S Jaeknian 

„,„n,.,„,i .. Mansfield C H .lonesport 

Rogers Arthur Mrs 

Kennehuuk Port 
Tuck F B (antique) 
Stanley O L Kezar Falls 
McConnick J J Kingman 
Atherton Furniture Co 220 Lis- 
bon Lewiston 

Ballard-Chandler Co 155 Lis- 

Bradford', Conant & Co 199 

Jaek-Hartlev Co 181 Main 
Kenyon* Way32Main 
Marcotte F X Bro & Co 132 

Co 84 Hi 

ture Co 92 Broad .. 
(iilman & Emerson, Franklin st .. 
Harrigan M (antique) 240 

Hammond ., 

Hodgkins & Fiske Co 190 Ex- 

Hocan & Cullan 115 Main " 

M.'Avey C E Furniture Co 325 

.Velsun F A 24 Hodgdon 
Nickerson J E & Co 113 Pick- 

ering sq 
Valentine & Co 53 Columbia .. 
Brown H A Bar Harbor 

I'ovich \ '.', 

Fitzgerald Bros 174 Fn.nt Bath 
Hartnett Furnishing Co I Is 

Preble Gordon F (antique) 98 


re Enule 289 Lisbon 
-.«ltnn W ,1 Llborlv 

smnn F E LIsbonFalls 

ic R A Llvermore Falls 

rk C 11 & Co Lubec 

York Milage 

Fur Dealers <fr Furriers 

(See also Halt 

Egan (; F Ashland 

Morin M 

Bangor Tallow Co fraw) 14li 

Rroad Bangor 

Lyford-Woodward Co 10 Stale .. 
Doyle John J, R D 1 
Franklin Max Bar Harbor 

l.yford & Woodward 

Miller I V90Mm 
Young filnier H 
Baker K A 
Shap.n. M 

Winthrop Stetson Alfred D & S.m 40 
'""""' Center 

Coombs W H (antique)Main st •■ 
Oirkey Almarine 33 Main 
Home Furnishing Co 47 Main ■■ 
Lower G C (antique) 22 Main .. 
McDonald H E 70 Main 
Smith Ervin A Bethel 

Aronowich Harry 46 Elm 
Atkinson HP&Sons227 Main .. 
Bilodeaii Pierre 12 Water 
Chute & Severance 39 Alfred .. 
Cote F X & Co 24 Washington .. 
Dennis & .Sansoucv 320 Main .. 
Lamothe P 276 Main 
Strout G L (secondhand) 34 

Kennebec Furniture Co Bingham Ell^ 
Stanley I E Bluehlll Cli; 

Boothbay Harbor Ma 

McKenzie Re 
Madison Furnit 
Fitch A L & Co 
Campbell W L 
Fogg it ClitTonl 
Fuller C B 
Rush Charles J 

■: Machlas 

ire Co Madison 

Mars Hill 

Meehanic Falls 






Co Calais 



Fort Kent 







M niton n 



& Co Brewer Co 90 !• 

Bridgwater Center Carlton Fi 

t^hirk Arthur A Mllo 

Davi^^on Josf,4, Monson 

Harrington Fi.d New Castle 

liradbury A C Newport 

Hilton E H Norrldgewock 

Brown S B Northeast Harbor 
Ciimmings C H & Sons Norway 
Home F H 

Wheeler W H & .Son Oakland 

Murphy Thomas Estate Oldtown 

Durgin -X J Orono 


Patten Furniture .t Harness Co .. 

^ it .■<on Penia<iuid 

C 1 it Son Phillips 

hu .\ Pittsfleld 

.\lcAl..iiov Furuituro 



Bradstreet A H & Son 
Bridgton Furniture Co Bridgton 
.lones W S Brooks 

Barton E H Brownvllle 



34 .Mil 

l.s Mail,,. .. 


Co iaials 


1916 — NEW E 

Furniture Dealers- Tum 

l,:iu(;u U 11 (iiiiliiiHc) .iS Union •• 
Mack .loaeph & Sou 7'J iMiildlc- ■■ 
New Portland Antique Furni- 
ture Co 111 Center 
N V Furniture Co 75 Middle .. 
Tortlaud Antique Shop 27 Han- 

Hiploy S C <fc Co 222 Newbury ■■ 
Sarota Samuel (antique) (135 

Tibbets Frank P & Co 4 Free ■• 
Toliiian, Bradford Furniture 

Co 327 Cumberland av 
Winalow W il & Co 47 Free 
York & Jackson Co 1 1 Preble - 
Sudtli K J & Co PresQUe Isle 
Wi^ht H W 

(^liiiiby W D RauKCloy 

Uoborts Leon C Readlleld 

I'Magg Cliarlea & Son Bicliinoiid 
Hurpee N A & S II Furniture 

('d 3ljl Main Rockland 

Kallo,-h I'urnitun- Co4U2 Main .. 
Smith C K 473 Main 
Studley V F 273 Main 
Gauthier & Voter Co Rlimford 
Howe E W 

Atkinson }I P & Sons 209 Main .. 
Heatty H W (antique) 57 High - 
Shapcro Harry 'J Water 
Avoob S .1 StAKatha 

lOinery S B Co Sanford 

Uendron N J 

Nye F A Searsport 

Bragg & Varney Skowliegan 

(•ole R B 
Oak J P 

Watson J F South Berwick 

Webster F A & Son 
Thaver F A Co South Paris 

Leaoh Nora M South Penobscot 
Nichols John C South Windham 
Folsom Bros Sprlngvale 

Spear M S Standlsli 

(loodhue & Co Stockton Springs 
Maniis L Stoulngton 

Small F S 

Chandli-r Charles F & Son Strons 
David A D Thomaston 

Stackpole Furniture Co 
Deymour K L Waldoboro 

Durepo Ciuy J Washburn 

Atherton Furniture Co21 Main •• 
Redington & Co 1 1 Silver 
Whituomb A Stanhope S Com- 

Fortin O J Westbrook 

\Vel( h W H West Pembroke 

I'urnel J D A Co Wilton 

llalov F W Wlnterport 

Day B D Yarmouth 

Ytnk Fuiniture Co York Harbor 


mall O H 45 Con 

■iske W H 221 11: 


r.erman (J .-)0!) Fore l'..iil; 



Salvation Arnn [r 

Home 21 Silver 
Schilling Mic-liael3C,(i Fore 
Standard Furniture Co 35 

Boucher Bros Rumford 

Hall Harrie P 

Shapiro Abram 119 Main Saco 
Sotmer Bros 9 Pepperell sq 
Dustin Fred A Westbrook 

Furniture Manufacturers 

(See also Cabinet Makers; also 
(Uiair Manufacturers) 

Ideal Desk Co 190 Turner 
Fairfield Furniture Co Fairfield 
Holt J Frank rear 12 Bridge 
Bailey F O Co (store and 

office) 4(3 Exchange. Portland 
Heals Thomas P Furniture Co 

foot Morrill 
Corey Walter Co 2S Free 
Gray William H (repairer) 10 


c ]•: 


(tos Light Companies 

Cenlral Maine Power Co 311 

Water Augusta 

H:inL'or Ciis Light Co 18 Cen- 
tral Bangor 

York County Power Co Blddeford 
Pintsi-h Compressing Co (mfrs) 

Spring street Brewer 

StCroix tlas Light Co Calais 

Castin,.(;asCo Casthie 

Deer Isle Gas Co Deer Isle 


Lr'wiston Gas Light Co 42 Ash .. 

Lisbon Falls 

Lisbon Falls Gas & Elntiic Co ■■ 
Millinock.l Light Co (..c-.-iy- 

hu. ) Mlllinocket 

Bath & Brunswick Light • & 

Power Co Fidelity bldg 
Eastern Blaugas Co S2 St 

md G; 

,ight Co 5 Te 

Co (r 



N E Cabinet Works 

Ripley S C & Co 222 Newbury •■ 
Paris Mfg Co (desks and 

tables) South Paris 

Paris Mfg Co (desks and 

tables) West Paris 

Chesley Ralph M (rcpairingi 

*Fuses {Renewable Cart- 


CO (see page 1S14) liil 
Summer Boston Mass and 

\\'aler st Bath 

* Garages 

(See also Automobiles — Garagesi 

Bay View Camden 


Lune Ruck 

HAGEN <;E0RGE (fireproof) 

Ho.klan.l Thonuiston &. Cam- 
den Co Rockland 

Municipal Light & Plow.r Co 
s Cottage . South Portland 

Sloniugton Heat & Light Co .. 
Vinal Ilaven 

Vinal Haven Lighting Co 

Kennebec Gas & Fuel Co 17 
Silver Watervllle 

W, KtbrooK Gas Co Westbrook 

* Gas &■ Gasolene Engines 

(See Engines— Gas & Gasolene) 


•iars & Gear Cutting 


(see page 1,><,S2) 944-948 
Dorchester av. . .Boston Mass 

General Stores 

I'him Portland i; 


I'aik cor I'nion. Rockland i, 

H A (i G E T T'S GARAGE n 

Water ^t Wiscasset ; 

Small C H 
TracN E W 
Ciosbv E J 
Lihin Bros 
Brown Char! 

iJE& Co 113 Picker- 
Rice W^IOIJ Center 

Aranovitch Harry 44 Elm 
Strout George L 34 Washing- 
Treworgv W T Bucksport 

Gallagher J P Calais 

Dyer Joseph & Son Fairfield 

Gould Charles 375 Water 
Antoine A F 27(j Main Lewlston 
Bartlett Furniture Co 25 Main ■■ 
Beaudry F & Co 343 Lisbon 
Marsh E M 25 Main 
Williams E S 118 Main ' 

Bailey F O Co 4(5 Exchange 
Ilelfront Louis 3(; Preble 
Kron^.bergMax 13 Washington 



t'ilope ■' 

Hannaford Albert H (vege- 
table) Cottage rd Cape Cottage 

Powers Patrick (landscape) 

S Portland 

Dvke Charles (vegetable) 
Higgina R & H B (vegetable) 
Johnson John H (vegetable) 

* Gas Fitters 

(See Plumbers, Steam & Gas Fit- 

* Gas Fixtures & Fittings ,,' 

(See Plumbers', St -am & Gas fit- D' 
ters' Sui-.plies) Hi 

Dunham J C. 
Dnrdiam W 1 
G rover H J 
Smniicr Mvri 
Barn.s Wa'lte 

WilUs A li 
Brown M } 
(iu.-hce Hel 
Xess B .1 


Abbot Village 







H D 

•lis Mills 



Ash Poll 

-^■^',V ^ j'.iA'.i )A-'»»'»^\ : 



General Stores 


Clui.s.- A V. Co 


Bal.s 1 .M Corlniia 

]uuciii<l .1 C 

A 1 hens 

P;.\soli A B 
Bu'kl.M,! I„ R 1) 

Stevens Levi. R D 


Gr.iv J I-) 
Smi'l h ( '.. 

SanchrsA l•■|M.Hl.•l^ 
■I'.iylor nc 
Smith A (• 
SpiirliiiK K K 
Ynt.'M Anson li I'JO 
VVi.rdll A. RD 1 

Bia.k. It 1 N C.. Coriil-li 

At Ian tie 

Woo.lbuiv Oirin, R 1) L' 

Billin.'s F 11 Brooksvllle 

.lameson John F Co 
Snuill Bros Co 

Lak.' Anl>urn 

Lyn. burner (1 P 
Dakiu A K P 
DuilleN- 1, (1 

Brook Ion 

Burr H C Costlgan 
Spurlini.' Chas E Cranberry Isles 

Slanh-v lOva A Mis 

\V:iirc-ii Gi'uiKi- !■:. 
iMill.r [•: I*, li IM 
Kosaett 11 U. K D 
.luli.'s <'li;iil.s A, U 
Marbl.' \\illl:ili. 1', 

i I) 1 

Blake Alb. rt 

Brown Held 

Sianlev Nettie A Mrs 


Chase "l': 1^, '""""' 


Hall.- I.aura 10 Mis Crawford 
(lie 10 N\ Crlehavcn 

1( D .i ■■ 

f;ran,ilem.r.' ,1 P 

Dunn Jaims 1. Cumberland Ctr 

Di.ii^htN- A W, R D 

lircwli A C. U U (i 

Crnsby lluward 


.\'l.'(' la.n 1! H 
Webb 1' (■ ■20 Mai 

.' Briinsniik 

P.ars.ii" W 11 & Co R D 
Ib.lbrook 10 Cundy's Harbor 

MllOc l{ll^^l•ll 

Kisli.-r lOehvin E. ]{ D Ayers 
(milk'ttu .Idsrpli BaiiiToll 
Mcgquii-r Kmest, H D 1 Kiliii;i»r 

Cii.tis.l A, H 1)2 
Ui.nn Brns, l{ 1) 
DunniuK Cillb.Tl .-^ 
Mel MlnaiL P ( • l: 

' li 1) 2 

Grant 11 1. Curtis <'orner 

Gar.lin. r Gef.rge Culler 
Thurb.w R.'on M 
\\ ild.r I'' H 

Moore V Ci, If H 1 
frowlcy Mrs, U I) 


Mien .\t:nk ( '' 
nu.llev (• C .\I. R 1 
,M..,r,ll & (■.,!.■ 

Bryant Pond 

Daijrl,' Isai.- C Oalgle 

Vafiadfs Vasscr, K 

D 2 


La^.assc Wilham ■; 

Bishop F A. U D^3 

1, R n :! 


(ram. r C I' Damarlscot la Mills 

\annah A K 

ti'ii'ini'ti A 11. K 1) 

Spauhlin^. B^A So 

Danl..rtli Gr..i-.Tv Co Hanforlli 

iineks Harbor 

Ijtililii 111 C \V 

lllnkt'l'l' l-- ,\ 


s'liUivai'i'M. li 1) 7 
K. uisuni A J, K 1) 

s ." 

Mill.r G A 
l,,„,l G W & Son 
Sibley Ayn. s Mts 
(;hule& Mileh, 11 


Row'.'' Bros 

Williams Bros Dark Harbor 

iMiKav D W Mr> 
liH-h G N 

Bar Harbor 


Haines W T A F E Deadwater 
C.lhn W A. R D Oelibds 


l",.'^' ti l' "." ' 


B.,,..1I11P Dedhani 

M.-sr'lv s'& Pioi. 

Bar IMills 

HMUson S & Co Buxton (eiiler 

r,.l.,,;n- S cV- S,.n Deer Isle 

•SftwycT Gci.vf;.' 

Rei'il A O 

it> ron 

1',. rn A- .la.k Denmark 

Alb.-.. F B 


I's Co ciibils 

)l.,llal,.l .V Bark.T 

MuslKT l'-, 11 

.s^til'on'V' K '" * ' 


Allan 11 11 Dennysiille 

Smith 11 V 

Whil ne\ I) B 

Gi.r.lii.r A L R C.. 

M,-ars .Un..-s 


Harris jl It 


Kilbv 1 11 

BarktT F C 

Be Ml is 

Cox Will, am 10, li D 1 

]{ush Joseph P 


Xasiin A 

M.Kuai.k A A Derby 

Davis J H 


Williams F II & S 


Michaud Joseph 

Davis & Boston 

FIlis S j^ 
llandv V C 


Sullivan Thomas 

Benton Station 

Butler G G Detroit 

lievnolds H C 

Wiight PerleN A 

Gould O O Dlxfleld 

Pillsbury & Jakin C 
Billint'.M G.-or^.. W -r \v,, Willis 


Woodward F B 
Carl. lames 

Carat unk 


Ga'.num .loseph G 


Bumpus B 1. Dlxniont 

Buthr Kalph I. 
Hutch. nsou I.uthc-i Marv A Mr 
CurvVr Irving L 

Berry Mills 

Haskell W C 


Buss.'V I, I 


Ma'sonA C^tehell 
Wlutten .^ Friend 

Smilh Jesp.'r. R D 
ToothakerWH&.Sons, UD .. 

1' ox C K 

Bailev P H 


Ma\e,s .lohn 11 Dresden 

.Ionian Ira C 

llolden & Gav 


Biekb.rd H A Dresden Mills 

Row.- Cc\loa& S( 


Winslow Clarence 

G.,.jd«ii, FC 

Wooilburv & Purri 

ml on 

Clark A W 


Ranker Asa W Dryden 

Bean H I, H D :', 

Flood Arthur 


Stanl.'V B F 


S.,n Blneliani 

Moody George H 

Cedar (irove 

Foster & GotT Dry Mills 

I'r.ble ii Hobin.-un 

Harper M A 


Bouchard I.esin.e Kau'le Lake 

Aunis A B 


Marriner F A V 

enter Belmont 

Fish River Lumber Co 

IHcll I G & Co 

True, Walker & I 

eaUl Ctr l.ovell 

Martin Cyt,l 

Blanchard E P 


Chapman Charles 


Michaud J .\ 

Merrill & Hinc kl.-\ 


DorilvJ F 

Michaud Saul 

Twining X F 

I'armer W 1. 

Pluurde Josei.h 

f•onra^ A 

Bluehill Kalis 

Lovejov F 1. 

Chadbourne E H E Baldwin 

Sc'avrv I'runk 

P.'aks 11 W 

Richardson L S 

Carjish- Geurfie Bo 

olIiba> Harbor 

. llalniUon S F Ch 

[■beague Island 

Mitchell J E Mrs Kast Bethel 

Marr W T 

l,itlleli.-hl A 1! 

MeDouKall A 1) K Boothbay 

Port.r E L 

Campbell C It 


Clement J 10 Kast Brow iitleld 

Cornish J E 


Che, , Ah. Id l.umb 

■r Co 

fliles L R C. 

Dh^kinsou R A 

Davis A W.-bb 

•Clark A D Kast Corinth 

Hideout W E 

Ganln.r f G 


Duran H C 

-l-empl,. .lo.seph T, 

Matthew.s Alb.Tt 


Farrar J K 

Acklv A C, 1! D 


Sanford W 11 

Nelbon H R, R 1) 

Sj.Uth P.'t-L 


Marsh G W K EddinKlon 

Chase C: 10 


S])roul James G 

Simpson D J 

Burnham 10 Kast Edgeeomb 

Trimm L A & Co 

St.-«art A ].& S( 


Lassell A L Br 

adford Center 

Tvler Allj.rt X 


Blaisdell T M Kast Franklin 

Barton F C 


Ward C: M 


Cirne B T East Friendship 

Rich .1 A 


Ward O C 


Hunting 11 H Kast Hampton 
.^nell L L Kast Hebron 


Wyman J L 


Farringlon Arthur 

H, R D -, ■■ 

Con,s(..<k \V C 


lOvans James & Son Kast Hlrani 

Warn 1. \V T. R D 

R.,w. GeofKC F 


Milliken C S 


Brewer William K 
B.irttG 11 
Collins A G 
Kimball l{ .1 

ewater (enter 

Ward W R 
Deck.T 1/s Sons 
AU.'n R M f 
Bail.v W E 
II. all Frank 

olunibia Falls 

Chute W F E Holden 
Muddocks Willis 
Pinkham Lewis 



Colbath William E East Lebanon 

Snow F \V 


Tibb.tts B B 


Pierce Fred L 

Farrin F T 
Coombs I I' 


Wilson Charles F 
Morton W M 


Wentworth Tristram R 

Chick A S .t Bro E Llmlngtou 

Ilanly Robert 
llav.'ns \V S 

Abbott J R 

Coopers Mills 

Webber I H E Llvermore Mills 

Broad Cove 

Achorn Bios 

Gardner 11 P Kast Machlan 

Mcl.ain A T 

Brown Charles F 

RD2 " 

Hall FA 

Turner F W 


J.. n.s Thomas P, 

K D 2 

Sanborn T M 

Brid-es.l„hn .1 


bay llatvey 


Small 10 L 

••ii*w (.>»«»<» ;'.»iiij 


Geiioral Stores— Continiii-il 

Kast Mllllnorkot 

Kimball J F Tniding Co 

VVeyiMuuth A II V<> 

r.ittlcficld A W Cn Kast Newport 

Muiniy C; I, 

Oil-key C O East N<irth)ii>rl 

Oiirgin F G Kaslon 

Lundera F H 

Sawyer W J & Co 

S|)ear C W 

Snow Hurvev Kast Orlantl 

Scribner K L Kast Otistlehl 

Stone K H 

L.ine C S 

l{c,-ed A E 

Murtin E S & Sc 

FiU-h M P 

Sanborn ly M 

Burtlett J Melvir 

Hanna E C 

Husaell G V & Cu 

Jiusaell L M 

Stephens R G & Co 

Chatto M D 

I'nyson & Robbins 

Canaan A H 
Cunliffe'9 W H Sons 
Dumond U 
Duprev J M 
h'ort Kent Mill Co 
Jacob & Nadeau 
Nadeau Henry W 
I'age George H 
Ramsay & Daigle 
Itaymond E 
Roy P A 
Savage W L 
McCambridge S .1 
Rosen E H 
Tait Jan>e3 
Blaisdell H P 
Blaisdell W H A Co 
Bragdon I- C 
Bragdou W E 
C;otl F P 
Bunker A P, R I) 
Wiggins J B 
Williams Phillips 
Clement & Cushman, 
Mitchell Stephen 
]-unt A F * Co, R D 
Gilman Franklin 
Ijunt Joseph W 
Segal Jacob 
Bourgoin J L 
Gagnon M A 
Martin Denis B 
Miehaud E R 
Michaud M 
Oueletic Israel > 

S;,niucl O. R D 
Bros. R I) 
r 1 1 F, R D ;l 
A Hannah Mrs, 
\ K, R U \2 
i 1), R 1) 14 

Bros, R I) 1.^1 

Kast Peru 
East Plttston 
Co East port 
East Sebago 

K Stonehain 

K Sullivan 

East Sumner 

•J I, Mr 
t D v. 
Mark W 
A K 1" 

Kast Surry 

Kast Union 

K Vassalboro 

E Waterboro 

Roberts Judson 

Pinkham Eugene E Waterford 

Johnson H H East Wilton 

Whibley Charles A 

Grant B \' Eden 

Sloue F C EdKeeonib 

Eaton H W KKgeinoeKiii 


King Elwood M. R D 2 

Smith IIovl. R D 2 

Dalton & Rowcll Emery Mills 

I-aing Roscoc G Entlcld 

Shorey F 

Manson A H & Co Etna 

Sylvester A h 

Wheeler H II 

Taylor A I, Eustis 

Chase A i; Exeter 

Colbath & Hill 

Smith C R, R D 1 

Butler F I, Farniln!;ton 

Small W W Co 

Adams W E Farmlnglon Kalis 

Croswell Bros 

Smith Elmer 1. Fayette 

Savage Carl W Flagstatf 

Foster Fred O Forest City 

l.ydic J M Mrs 

Boyd Bros Fort Falrlleld 





<;rand Isle 

Hampden Highlands 

Fort Kent 



R D 2 "■ 


I'.imola Grange S 
Walker & Crabtr. 
Young C B & Soi 
Russell () P lOsta 
Gould R E 
Reed R H & Co 


W A 

!•: V 


iier V 

V H 

cy N S 
ev Clarenc 
ox Daniel 

Tt ]•: & 
imcr Tl 

Jaeknian Station 

Willi:, in I 
.1 .V: I-: M 
, Kalahdl 

on Works 
•ens Mills 

Goodwin B B, 1 

Clough George 1 

idlou Bru: 
tuulej (• I 
errv A G 

I! n 1 
iiiebiink Port 



Kittcry Groi 
Prince C M 
Shiblcs Ansc 

M Knox Station 
ton W Irving Kokadjo 

G O La (i range 

: c: w 

Allen H A 

Hubl.ard E V 

Lanccv G M 

Randlett Carl 

Hastings D R A S 

Rollins Fred H 

Jewett J Allen 

Bearce Vivian W 

Melcher H L " John Joseph 

Barker P C Hebron Station Whitten Charles & 

Hunt Thurston Hermon Lane S W 

S|jnii(;ur II I 









. li. 



Averill W H 


Head Tide 

Hebron Ha?kell & Riggs 


Cotton Lemuel & Son 
Sadler A W 
Vail Frank H 
Brown W J Hoi 

LittleHeld J D 
SmilhC D 


Jameson A Wol 

(".eorgc A Friendship C 

; F E 
■ L P 

w y.^ 
go p V 

Hiram Waite E S & Co 

.. Bemis L N Levant 

odgdon Fernald C W. R D 
Center Plude D B 373 SabattusLewlston 
Leaman Percy Mrs Liberty 

.. Sandford W D 
Skidmore A J 
Sukcforth R 
Hope Bernard L N Llllc 

loulton Cvr Fred M 

.. Levasseur Alexis 
.. ThcrriauU 1' 






(>ciirral Stores— Continued 
iiihi'ii, d'ori/r W I.imcrick 

.Mter CiL-orm' 
lighton Harr 

,iiir Cu 
niiht C . 
ii.imock CI) 






int; ( ■.. 


Dcurboni C !■ 
.Matlhe«» VV 

MiKolii tenter Br; 

kelt M G Co 
Cutter Henry Co 
M.iyo C W 
l'f;iks C H 


B I 

IJiirolnvllte Center Thou 

.. West 

.. Aniiii 

A LIniieiis Cliur 

.. Rum,; 

Msbon Fiills Ak. 

Menill Howur.l ,!, It I) 2 
Ward Willian. II. I{ 1) J 
\duins F N IJtrhneld 

Coi.dun C R. H I) 17 
I'uutlmkcr I'M, R D 17 
CHiiipbell Cluirles, H D 18 
SnmllHS. UDIX " 

Kuton U (1 I.lttle Deer Isle 

Day Wallace 10 Liverinore 

IJverinore Falls 


L-r Li A 
n A L 
rt A C 
er Henr 
)on Kd 

"isoii H A 
i.rd .1 A 
d W B 

veil C E & Sn 
e. Walker .V I 
ion C I- 
J 1' A 
iniiioii F L 

Staples S & Su„ 


Sdiart S B * C„ 

Warren H 


Case Harry, R 1) 


Kcyuolds Bros, 1 

n 1 

Saunders (ieorge 

R D 1 

Stanliupe K R M 

rs, R I> 1 

Kitzhenrv Harry 

R 1) 2 

Clodfrev VV I, R 

Stevens () A 


Inglee A B 


Macl.ias I.uinl.or 


(lates W S 

Machlas Port 

Small Bros 


Stuart .1 W & Su 


Richardson l> W 

\: Sun MrKinler 

Sawyer K N 

Ames S H Mrs 



Albert Rayjuunc 


I>eeinan A T 
.. Bull George W 

? Mills Ji'^l^'T ^'r^ 
Good G 

Lovell H=ifJy Ge";-p 

Jackson I'j H 
I ..well McLeod R W 
' Wiley WilUan. .1 

Berry L R. R I) 1 
Crosby A Howard . R 
McFarlaiid A I' 
Warren Eugene 
Hulden Minnie 1 

Hatch A B 
Vickery J V 
Meurs .lames, R D 2 
Fernald A C 
Fernald R 11 1! 
Smith B R 
Allen Bros 
Crain A V & S.,n 
Tracy .^: Tyler 
Kdes George 
Flood Elvin 
Bowden F A K G North Cutler 

Wce.l F B North l»cor Isle 

llnrns C R North Dlxniont 


North Kast Carry 
Penobscot Hotel & Trading Co ■■ 
Ciraves T N Northeast Harbor 
Kimball E H 
Ober O M 

Clifford W H North Edgeeoinl) 
Hasgett C E 

Hopkins W S North Haven 

Staples C S & Sun 
Burgess I M North Islesboro 
Grange Store North Jay 

.. Nilcs S H 

I'urrington H E 

Wentnorth Bros N Lebanon 

.. Parker John H North Leeds 

Rose & Pratt 

Haskell Fred North LIvermore 

Mlnot Lawrence Packing Co N Lubee 

Flanders C O NMonnuuth 

Monarda Hallowell Harry ■■ 

M.inhetfiiu Hodgkhis Tihien S N New tastle 

loninoiitb North New I'ortlaiid 

Knowles Freil 

.. Elwell E Burke Northport 

.. Sherman Orra E N Scarboro 

.. Poland Waltei A N Sears mont 

Monroe McKenney Erwia L N .Sebago 

Monson Allen G M & Son N Sedgwick 

.. Ham Charles N Sbapleigh 

" Crabuee & Havey N Sullivan 
.. Hooper, Havey & Co 
Montleello Robertson Harvey E ■■ 

Lord W A North Vassalboro 

Marriuer W A 

North Waterboro 

('arpenter Richard B 
•■ Chase John H 
■ .lackson C E North Waterford 

Perkins W S 

Cash Grain Co N Whltefleld 

Duuglass F K 

Hilton Ed 

Boody H H Co N Windham 



North Yarmoutli 

Ml Vernon 

Hulden A O 
.Martin N C 
Oliver A H 
Atwood J \ Esta 
Harris B H 
Goldberg Louis 
Nadeau Alexis 


Libbv C E & Son 
Mouiton J Hams 
Sprague Will, R D 
Atwood Chas R New Gloueester 
Fossett A & Son New Harbor 
New Llnierlrk 

Chester Hoar & Svilherland 

Hanson & P 
udkins & ( 
kitts J A & 
loyt Charh 

Porter F J, R O 
Burns Co 
llussev S 11 A Sur 
Mars "Hill Direct 

Pierre T .1 
Pitcher G V. 
Small C A 

Taph'.v .i'f 

C.ding E 

Greenlaw Fred A 

Smith N J 

Stimaon R A. 

Young Henry & ( 

Hobbs V W Mattawamkeag 

Dudley George E Meddybenips 

Olson N. 
Youngren P< 
Carsley C 11 
Luce Fred C 
Hall C D 

Co Newport 


New Portland 

New Sharon 

New Sweden Station 

n .\ 


neson M T & 
rrier William 
i-d & Starbird 
rner George B 


Orrs Island 


Olter Creek 

Co (»wls Head 




cr L 

New Vineyard 


Noreross Tr 
Farrar .\bni 
Knapp Broj 

Noreross Frost L W 
.naportation Co ■■ Andrews & Johnson 

Spaulding George •• 

loveiov F G Medford 

bought-rty A G Medford Center 
Simmons M A 

Doe Frank A 
Kitchin & Clark 

Moody EM „ . " 



North Amity Duley WiUard H Parker Head 

Harrington Fred 

„„,,.„.„ North Appleton Buzzell S A Parkman 

•• Eaton C H N Bethel Downs A H Parson 

Matlnleus Thurston J A •■ 1 ease Samuel G, R D 

Humphrey W F North Bradford Renison A H, R D 

Witham Joseph N Bridgton Hathaway L C Pi 

Cole F L N Brookllu Lancaster Annie S 

Connor I North Brooksvllle Page Alfreda M •• 

Cousins Brooks G •• Gardner Ira B & Son Patten 

Lymburner H " Patten Grange Sto--" 





>fc Ru 


N Cliestervllle Bragg William, R D 


1916 — NEW I'^NriiAXi) ju' DiUKrTOHV— MAINE 1.9:5 

Cifiieral .Stores-CnniuMinl .l...,.-.s c'l,:c,l.s i: si Kr:.ii.-is l'.uii.rli,;l,l i'lnuU- .1 Sprlii^fflold 

IlioU S I' l-einaquld TlnTlr.uIl Il.nry Talincr 1! Mrs 

lil.lh;y Jol.n I'eillbrukc l^nlt S 1-. Mrs S( Jollll i;,-e,l A Burr 

:..l);irt-l'attangall Co .. .^in.lryl) .. 'liaskr, \V 

auKlilin (■ .. "I" y W K Salein CraiitWM Sprilpp Head 

„rt,-r C Ci .Snnil, l.i-oii I, Salisbury fiive Maker 'IM,! 

iiiiili lOiniiKi .. Ahum c;r..iaTy To Saiidypoliit W llcv 'I' !■; 

l>r:iKue K H & Son .. <iraiitSM .. I'.m trrlicl,! A II Slaiidlsli 

" ' rs lirus & (\) SaiiKiTvlIle Doll.ifl K VV 

at, J N Sarsciitville lltz Jolin E Starks 

at W C: C„ .. W.thaiu la-., a 

11 C Seal Harbor Cousens & Tur-kor Stoep Falls 

llutrhina Frank Prnobscot 

Sellers VV M 

IVrhiiin l,iiiiiber Co Perhani 

Speur C E &. Co 

Cove .IF& Sou Perry wi;';',','';;;.' v'v I'l " MiVw'ii'^T 1 

Mnrchie William Todd .. (•, ,,;.,.,, ;,, s,.-,r.n..>Mt ir r«" r- «. .. 

Kidder Bros Peru 

mrge C Phippsburgh j^. 

F F * Son Deuii-rritt G C, 
Mrs Scbaso liuzzell Bros 

Blu.k Ccnr-c- 1; Scba.sco Dutton S R C 


ski'll Charles II 

Uidli-y Frank .. Wliitten I, & C 

'l',ai,7.e"joVph jr pValsted Annis it Chase SebfC ].>.vejoy Frank A Stillwater 

Flinton F 1) Pleasant Point ^Vvinan Th.'odore & S.,n V'".' r. ^.- .. ." 

Hopkins EI> Plymouth 'has.- A.I .V- S„n Sehec Station An,krs..n John Slo.kholni 

lid W G 

.lordan E C & Co Poland ■'^arumt A F, U ]> .. Hoy < 1 

Howe Charles .. ^^awyer Enos jr Sebofcis |t"nJ'>'-d Veneer Co 

Staeey & Stevens Pophani Beach Smart W O .. btoekliolm J.umber L 

Coffin H E Portage H"'kminstir 1! M Sedgwick Stockton Springs 

I'ortage Fake Mill Co ■■ '■■"■!>< .1 W •■ Ames Grocery Cu 

lloss W E .. Smilh .. Grant CF 

Triissell F Port Clyde I'ratl On.Uev Selden Grant SM 

L)ow & llodsdon, R D4 Portland Pat.-h I, S ShapleiKh llask.ll W C Mrs 

Grange Store Presquelsle I. fi^hton Arthur U SIicc'Dscol t l.alMirley M R 

LeVaaseiir D .. Curtis W I' Siierniun I'atterson L G 

I'orter F .. Lewis \V II Sherman Mills DowLC, RD2 

Fnrljjsh I M Princeton Sravv I K .. Avery li C & Co, R D ;! 

MiKechnie W E •• Sherman Station Gott J A Stonlngton 

Mercier W W .. FarnhaiuFA Shirley Mills Noyes D J 

Morrison & Ilorsman .. \'nnu- F A .. Webb Bros 

Rolfe Charles A .. Skowliegan ^^^<-'-^ * Eishernoss Stratton 

Swan James .. i,,,t,,s c.eov^e W, R I) 7 .. l^"""^]] VY}"^ 

BlaneheChas Prospect Harbor Dyer B T, R I) 7 

^'"l«''I' ■ Small Point 

uav 1> S .. S\'lvester William Mrs 

Beverage IE Pnlpit Harbor ij^wnesJE ' Smithfl.-ld 

Crockett IIT .. i)„wnes J 10 Smithvllle ]), 

telle N )£ 
Bates 11 J 
DatiKelt A Wil 
Starbird C V 

H :: , V, " ,_. ;;■■■.'■" i^iniuitir uros Sulllvaii 

" ...._^ .. Ur>« I. R Smyrna Mills R. ,|,li„,j: i' \ Sumner 

iOai-ii I' J Sunset 

•; • ■ 1 .. .■ waiKie .1 r iv .-s')n :^oi(iut roiiu Curtis 1) J A Son Snrrv 

& Badger Rangeley Mi,.l,.,„,n"r ., McKay Danhj " 

Solon Morse N f Swans Island 

Gray -HihTreth Co Randolph 'rarbeil .b.scph 1, 

o'^l'! '.' " . ■• "-- 1' ''^'''- -^ 1'" '^ •'^"i> Soldier Pond 

Coh' b' 


iTson it Danini Swansvllle 

, r "eaoneu. H,.jve,,ES Somerset llodgkins C T & Co Temple 

'' ■ Hall A. G uin Sorrento Tenants Ilarbr- 

Kerwlck Kalhuh II F A- ( '., 

G W 
Gordon N D Co Keadtleld Depot Svlvcst.r B K S Itluehil 

Bonney E D Ked Iteacli 

Wenlworth Verne M .. Hnruk S S A ( o ., l|..|ni\VVI The Forks 

Howe II E Redding Smith N I', li I) .. Tliomaston 

'I'cmple B R Richmond Knapp & Sanborn S Itrlduton (, i:kt,,nC \ A C W 

Ah-xamlerDW Riley ■rh<,iups,,n M h) South firislol I iillu, /In, n, i; I. 

Hamsdell Lester R Ripley Chatt.. Al S llroo!,s\ llle I ,|. , A ,^ A S.,n 

Woochajck Newland .. llaucsl-'W SoiiHi China IM-. ma ,1 ( ' J 

Ch-lan.l Robert Robblnstoil Gey ir B S Soudi Cusliini; Far w. 11 Urns Thorndike 

Gox S 1-; .. A R .. Hariii.,11 I'.ti r A S01, 

McDonaUl Thomas B .. Staph-s T F A Co South Kliot \ ut t,r I'.ia.s I; 1) L' 

D'Bnen Wilhaju .. Jon,-s A Huston South Freeport l.anrDC, Topstteld 

l(os.s James .. Bunker J W South «;ouldsboro Tavh.rdiisH 

Rideout L M Robinsons Hammond John V. .. Tuii,,rr 11 C 

Sanborn B S .. Sai-ent I ., Kitti. ,1^. 1 1 M Ttcmont 

Rockp,.rt Ice Rockport I'inkhtim Frank L S Harpswell ("son 11], Trevett 

Shepherd S E & H L Co .. French M South llir;!m ''"•nu-.,,, W B Troy 

Watts II E Roque BlulFs Ib.pkius — S<iulli!!<>pe lb. plains W L 

Loud W G Hound Pond I'aticc E J Soutli l.iminclon !''. 'hsuB 

Munroe J P .. S.anlan W Soulli l.incoin ^ I'l'i-'mLJ 

Nichols J E .. Hrtn-ctt Charles E S New Caslle ''■-"" ^ '-■ '* " 

Taylor RE Ro\bury Perkins A Mitchell S Orrington IHubu.lWB Turner 

Thomas John H .. Bolster N D Co South Paris I'r.iichWB 

HaHow J M Rumrord Wright F N & Co .. Ro.,.- lO, R D 

Poor J Harold .. Leach N M & Co S Penobscot Ion s Millani F Turner Center 

Burgess 1 II Rumford Center Hodgkins Abbie South Poland Lawrmce Walter 

Knight RoscoeE Rumford Point Rickcr Hiram A Sons .. lM,ss,.tt Jarn.^s A Son I'nlon 

Slattery W J .. AL-KoAt, H C Southport Ha-.k. II W lO C, 

Dudley A E, R D Sabattus Harden F H South Surry Win-at.> Simmons Co 

Webster WilUam R, R D 1 .. Hanlev L O South Thomaston I. mhton Mvin I'nionvllle 

Dugal J S St Agatha ILirrincton E F .. I'iiteelli; 

Guerrette Jean .. R.,l.bii,s A P South I'nlon V/ilkv C A 

Michaud Michel .. Clrange Store S Waterford A, lams J A I'nity 

Ouellette Edouard .. Young C \ Mrs ,. M,,-|irr T H Mrs 

Hanson C C St Albans Bickford W H A Co S Ulndham Mvrirk \ R 

Watson W H .. Foster Bros .. F-t.. Chas 11 rnnor Gloucester 

UeauUeuVL St David Hawk, s F S .. Sh.,p\W , 

CyrEd .. Peabo.iy A C, A Son .. 1 i.n.las I n r„(„u 

^.'ournier Frank .. Astle Bros Spauldlng Jn.iiinsCA 

iiy/_-(5.' 'vi't^ ^ . 

11 Hif 

.' 1/ '-'I'' 

/I i) vi....)i iuit-'iWi >*, 


•*,1il'..^ a.-, .i-M A ,,„.,(. 

194 MAINE- 

Gcncral Stores -('.>niiui 

I'ariulis W !■ 

I'lounl.- .]'.] 

Watsuii Willi,.. 

Hoi brook K A 


Hunter .1 B 

Kellogg IIoFiice 


Nash W \- 


Dowst. L 


Tuttlc Kre.l I. 

Hodwell Granite C 

o Vinal Havon 

Carver H Y & Son 

I,a.»-I,ibby Fislie, 

ie8 Co '.'. 

Mills D F & Co 

Bean B E 

Walt'e D P 

Littlefield F E 

tValdu Statiuii 

Hhoroy Albert. K 


■'1 Hunl, :,„,(■ !• nes( Paris 

Br.w„ V HA s.;:, ,VP...nbroko ( ;,:,v-ll ,|,ln.,h . ■„ ;„M w"?:;""" 

'r'!"" ':'•; , , W'o.Jil \V -M & S„„ Hi.i Water .. 

WibiiM- F V s ;■"'' Wi-.t-Mte FranK S llallowell 

kT \ « , "'■"' ^"" ^'°""-"" Cira.iite & Marble Co .. 

W .''.r'rM V ■" ■■ ■^^."■"T-t \\liittemore Mliu,( 

Wilson Cliarl..- „ liragdon D W NorUi RerHi.-k 

.S orer Clarenie l: \\ Poland CnM-lev il W C„ Oaklaii.l 

No'^^'sTlu/;" ,.,)'[-•••-"•■" K-UTM Grain Co O^t^t^^H 

KnlThl'V'^' " ^^ W<->^t S<-arboro Jlii, HUik Por»!aiirt 

Kn frht Geort-e W .. I,,,,,,,,,, .1 J & Co Pearl eor Fore .. 

K !■. W Soulliport Pans Flouring Co W)G Fidel- 

.1 S West Sii „ 

r 11^' ,}^'":KJr"'""''' Tliaxter S W & Co 37 Com 

Winchenbach Sandlor.l E, R l.unt F \V Ues( Tr 

'^ -i Waldoboro Websi.-r S C , \\ ;||,.,„„ u .. r 

.. ..ic-henbacli Cliffonl. li D 4 ■■ Albcc^ l',lv II Wliiletlolrf (•,,,,'. ii v „, \r 

Dunn J L WaliuK Hill Chnne'lv,!' """*"'''' ("'V II RIehmoiid 

).'°''''.'Mi, , ■• Oinsniore E II H'llitillK I ,l tl, l,il,- 1 V Gr.,in C, s> " 

Goog.ns V,ls„n A Sullivan C nhKneyvlII? Par RoUrand 

'^-'"''Vv i ■■ «""'y" W E * Co Wilton Siuver H H & Co :i" l"?, 

Hanl^ L^^.. H warren ^l^i^^.rv S "''"" ^-^^^^^f^^"'- ^'' ^^'T 

«"-llHL ., KidleyFrali Winne^a,.::^- .-.'""''''V'";",. ....:;__.. ^»'-'> 

A & P I) 

& Eatol, Wili-IOH Sirwur.l & 

A W !■: SkoH began 

,;'■ ?<'>,, ,, , ■• Erskine George Winsloii s M ills 

Smm, ller^; E, U r. : G m ner ^:';;': U ""'^'""'' ^""^ " — " '>"' I' ^li' ^l^'^ «"«" 

PhairTF Wasl.bnrn Winter ll-,rl»ir \,l„.t„(rl, , ■^""•''/"'■"»"" 

Woodman 10 <) .. Hooper C T A- --'c n ]' ' i , -p Vr" ' •"'"" 

Kaler H B W'ashlnffton .loy P W ' I ) ,',f, <. t.''ii["7< • .i-';" "■' ." 

CarllES Waterlioro Whitelmuse A 1* ' I"'.!'*,!:""'"" J'"'."l?^»«° 

l)own» W J .. Hodt'do.i P \\ 

Lnngley L E .. Jewetl C. Ci 1 

Warren AC .. Ea»te'n Soppl 

Coffin M F Waterboro Center Taylor II p , „ v ,j -, , , , 

Fillebrown W W & Co W'atcrford Hawtl,,,,,,,- II p Woolwieh I. l« r>.„s„r,' .I,;i,n 'weslbrook 

Hounds ERA Co .. Thwi,,^- A P, .. HueknM.a.lW W'lls, ,,' Mnis 

Ben.sou T S. H IJ :)s W'afervllle f'io«.ll .1 ll Wytopltloik VV.Mass, i Cr;u„ C„ Wls,as",'t 

, ,. ., , Haven 

MIscasset (.ay 1. 1 J, Waldoboro 

Kukii (; r 

Woodland Watervlile 

A- -Mnvo Co 

Stevens A D, H 

I.ineoln Bros Wayne 

York Vlllace 

inclifield A II .. >voo(1iii:im Isalali .. /v«;.^ K'J^..^/, 

^.-ane Edgar Weeks Mills ('"ok I. K Yarn.ontbville , (^rain hleiator.1 

Brown P G .. Grovc-r Cbarl s I-: Vork Corner ' reiKlil.,!, .1 A A C.. Tboniaslon 

Slaplea R F Co Welehvllle Plaist..d G F 

Dumnier C G Weld York Harbor firanitv J S .. Putnam C.roe, r\C,. 

I.ibby .Max V WellhlKlon Grant II I. York Vlllaee ,, ' i n ms 

Whit.dunis,. lOrnest G .. Marshall (;,.„rj... A Burgess L W AddlsOM 

Hatch .lu.lsuu Wells Depot ''''I",' Alb'Tt 

Hilton C A A II P „, „. . liendall h A Hil Turner Auburn 

Day A .1 Wesley ('lass Stainers Ame, it a, H D i' AuKusIa 

t&fiii;,;. ; K.,„, ,. „ . <■„ ,:„;s-- B-BBS.:::''^^^ 

Bartleit C R West Appleton ■"''"'^ ■ ' '"""l'~"" f" " J, i, M„l- s, „.,„.,. i.-r,.,| Kerwiek 

Miles Henry A West Baldwin P.rkiuH A S Blaine 

Douglas W .1 West Bethel ^, ., CI:, v G W, llan.l Bluehill 

H,.ad H N .. Glove Manufacturers •'^enhiar l v.,! a Bradford 

Purinton Alonzo WBowdoln >•„ i,, i. , , .;<7ui ha,.ls All,.. Bradford Cenler 

Gowen James, R D Westbrook L'.f^', ,"./,',, ,, ui" !!"r ' ''''■'"' «t- Hui.erliehl Brewer 

'l'apl(.y O I, W Brooksville i.'i, iH,, /'. , , •*'"«'<'"* ,, , Bryant Pund 

Brown Edward C West Bu.\ton '''''■'' ""^ " "«"''.yi',"n ^="''<"-'' \'l;"„ P.rh-.x II. I( I) i; 

WhitehouseER .. f .„,„,,, H c, T"!'/*'""'"''"* '"'^"H'os Calais 

llou.ll.-tt,. .1 F W Dresden ^ ''"^"" " '^ '""' v^^l '.."Mm ..,. '.'"""P-,"" I'' ^' Camden 

Fogg L W West F.nlleld t,„,„, ,p, /^ •"•'"""tbvllle ( .,|.p Al, xand.r P Cornlsl, 

Hanson Charl-.s „ B™dle., .1 E ( e„H,,„ I .. ( '..pp c;,.„rge P 

Lord lierbirl \V Cumberland i'enler 

P,.lkey Joseph „ Grain Dealers "^^^ ^'■?;''"' ^'' " " '^^^„ 

Ln-Zd'^.l^rRT/^""'""'.'^ (See also Flour . Feed, ^^^^^ Farm.„."t'.!?.7a^'/.: 

I ow,.1m.- H "' '•^''^•"'"Kt''" Wilson & Co 144 Main Auburn Thomas A Brawn Co Foieroft 

Noble Oiho Westtieid Brown Albert M. Bangor'^sV'""'*'.'' ^^Zle"^'"'""" ''^'""''"'' 

R T 

Hojway Co 9.S Water .. Bradbury C W * Co Franklin 
' ' " " Bunker Bros 

5°cP ... .„ " f^pringer Grain and Grocery Co „., 

Seanimon S S West Franklin 156 Water . ., C.ra\ H W .t Cn 

TowleBros West Gardiner Bangor Caswell K S* Gray 

,.• u , ,,. West Georgetown Eastern Grain Co 88 Broad Lawrence Henrv 

Richardson \,etor „ Hopkins A R Co 140 Exchange .. Olsen & Goon rich Hallowell 

NoTs F f. '' ^^ <JouIdsboro TIjaxter AJ Co (wholesale) 88 ^^_ ^^^^ Hampden IHghfands 

C'owell K West Lebanon To»Ie J N & Co SO Broad " 

Calkms J S West Lubee Bath Grain Co Xi-ii Commer- 

Chapman L M West Mills cial Bath 

Demeritt W E West Newtleld Jackson & Hall ft .Nlainst Belfast 

Hannaford A Co .. Shah's A F,.|leit ii4 Main 

liiaikrlt Julia l: Weston S„a„-Whitl. ; Hiikf,.r,l Co 33 

I'rall Du.U.y A .. \V;,ter 

Vatts W H 


ones F H 


:cency .Simon 


VA I'M-,-,.! 

,u,n ..y M I,. 

1916-m:w loxr.LAXi) ni'siNiOfss iMiaoiT-iuv- MAIJ^E lOo 

<;riiiii«- riiUcrs-Con Sa, .. (;,■isl^^ilh 

Hr.MM, si: l.iiln-i- Cili-luist ll.,il,s S TIi<)iiiiis((.ii l''"'"n I I Alc\iiiid<T 

Hull.rCnlvn. I, Ma.-liias <i'V" <;'■'>■:;■ ;':,""'l''-l ,,,, Ashvlll.- 

Fi iu:iM I'lc.i \ Nl'«|'<ir( I'ltrMin Jolm I ni.wnrl hy II !■. AtlU'Il.s 

Afayo I C i S„n North .Jay SLmI" r W I' .. . Auburn 

JVrtCli NorUi .So.!R«i»k Bliuk ,1 S Vliial lluvt-ii iiyr^uiis (..r-^m Co 2 },Umn av ■■ 

LombaRl K M NorHi Yarmouth «OI)« KM, (iUANITK <(> 1 ib betts J ]. & Co : 3 Kmglii .. 

liowdcn Bro^ Orland 1 : ilh.iilL.r .1 \I \Vatcrh<»ro J inkh|ini & Philbnck. Coombs 

i^a^e^;;;:'^" "V;:;;! «,.„..,., s,.^l:";r^,. a .. M.v^r*" 

K.vUiii, ,. M r.,u.Mr'""" 1^-^ '^"" . """"■'"■■'' ''-■' i N * cosuVn^V""' :: 

i\I, i.ix Hm-<si II-„H,v,.r Doumai W .Ihan, ]■. Ka^t Ij, m m„„,.,., ,. jj Belgrade 

mot .. i>,hu,d,,i| II |. Franklin ^'.^^'d'.'.'l^-^'^,'^:';"":'"."? 

M( rriaiii C 1' Presquo I'^It- Hlais.l 

Co Main 

South Portland 

Mori., l:.>7 Main .. 

H .. Bra(;.li,,i I. (■ .. Q„, r-T . m' ir"'' ' ^' 

HurriJan. lsk-Q,>«rri.sroJ27 Grcan Kn-.l Freeport jeffe;'"'* M.llmg ( o .m 

Main Rockland Usi;,„„i .l,,ln, Frycliurc -"-"tr.un .. 

Uo(-klaiul Granilc Co Booil, Hm. Hall Qiiurry „ , „ „. Boothbay Harbor 

I'hilbrook William Kockrort IIALLOHKLI. (JRAMTK Bishop H U i- C„ 

CraiiKliwill Join. Sanford WORKS Cio E Maicnib.r 1 ajskpr Many Bradford Center 

B<llWilliaM, Sidguick \»vs Ilallowell ,. ,„ BridRewater Center 

Closson Chail.H Burgess 1. W Harrinstoii ;,-.»",^^ "" William I' . .. 

Houlton t-'ljljs Benjamin Bridgton 

ulton Granite & Marble r„ .. Hunter VV. J Bristol 

^outn ,-orii-,„,, M,.„n,n ,,1,1 Hurricane Isle N-auMmj; C F Brooks 

\V ik (■ ' Hurrieane Isle Quarrii'S Co ■■ K.mUtI'A Bro»nvllIe 

Sanx",, •<■ I '""" K(-i.wlisi. HodHell Graniie Co Jonesboro ,, ,, , Brunswick 

Slocktoi'rsnr'nJ' «"<l«''ll OnmUe Co Lincolnvllic """; J » ('o V Cuml„Tlan,l .. 

\Var,l I' I I' I) ■' ■ 1 ■ ft Booth Bros Longcovc ■'",";!'''"';'r ^', * * '■ ('" - Maine •• 

.,'.''..'■;'',.'-,, llurrieane Isle (iranite C,, All, n Mark C Bryant Pond 

i.,.v,.L:,i,:rn,,,' ■ Waldobo^o «"'ler A Berry Machlas j J!;;'.':,', * ,^i'\. ^„„ ""','*",*■'," 

Si,,-,,i \ II iiic ,,i U'lterviiii. Minturii I -iiiM,!, .1 11 cV. Son t alals 

w' ■ v,ll, (' , t M ,11 Baird MatthewContraoiin^C, .. <'a.M.len (Irist Mill Co Camden 

fV, h',,,„. .M.NOK- Allen tiranite Co Mount Desert Ciim<leM Lumber C,, 

Barker 1-^ V XorridKCWock I albot (irain Co 

Go.llrey Kin,,, Wayne B'laisdell Albert ■ Carson Ge,,rt.i- \V Canton 

Gordon J !■ .. Cn.y,., !■■ K C,,.x Ceorjie Caribou 

Ames C 'l" Wesfhrook i a\vt,,n F -^ Damon Sumner Carniel 

■Soniesi^; Cooii,b> W Franklin Ta\ lor D F & Son (liTal.l Br,js Clinton 

I'rcdtrieks .lam..- Wh!tncy»ille M^ii,,,, & ' Vew llainn^hire Fasti-rn ( irai.i Co Corlnna 

llilli?rove H tlraniieCo North Jay Ham .1 B Co IJamarlscotta Mills 

Mill''!- II )' Winlhron i|,.,,,i, li ,\,, ' Norway I'umam H 11 Danrorlh 

F'Tt, 1 I i: Yarinoudi Bed Beach Bla, k .1 I' Dedham 

lied Granite C,, Sanborn iMeil Oenmark 

iiKAi in- ^,,11111; C I. ■'^oiall S I. Dexter 

(S,-e alM, (111 iniiv .,U,i St,.i,,. Rockland Kast Brow'iitleld 

Ci'lll.lsi SlGeMrueGranit,'Co4-7 Mam .. Hra.lbniy la.onard A 

„, , , .,1,11 ,„. Sveiison Peter Round I'ond Horn,- ,V llamili,,n Kast Dover 

?,.,;•„ r s, , l!.?.,„,.i •^^''•«'-"' W t; (•,. Sanientvillo < in,y M illin^- C„ K Gray 

; 1,, J ,if fi 1 r^^ >^^^ Blaek ll.-rbert .■scarsporl l'-r,e Fie.l 1, Fast Lebanon 

lleiel,., A: Biiti.ifi.l.l („ .,, SmohBros Scd:;Hi.-k « ak,-li, 1,1 1 1 II Fast Lowell 

fi,!.'.'.l, Vs., r-, , i, f s,.,,i MeCon, hieGeortieSTlK.Miaslon Easfport 

S-1...I., r'i.Vi I '\i 'ii HI ' ■■ Ho,l«,'ll Granite Co Spruce Head lilanel,a.,l MlV .^- Canning C„ •■ 

Sh.pli'y ( l.a.l. > I Marbl. Wl.v Stoiiinirlon Crindl.-CW Fllswortli 

^•''- '^'"'" •■ Ci-.,ieh Islan.l (ir.nit,- C,, beatheis 1 N, H IJ I ' Fieter 

KinmonsGowen ACo 17Gran- (loss John I. I'aii field Grain Co F'alrtleld 

ite Riddeford l!,„i|rprs I (' lioKers Arthur F'laRstatT 

Griflin G.-oiKi', Five Points Dunbar Bros Sullivan Fort Falrtleld & Stiuirl. l'.,.,l lal .. Tenants Harbor NiilhtinBale S & Son 

Worn,u,„„IIiar*S„n.Klui>t •■ St Geor^a- Granite C,, Fort Kent MUl Co Fort Kent 

Vat, s (;,.,„{.., 11 iKi Hill .. |i,„lw,-Il Crmite Co Vlnal Haven C,„tral Maine C„-„p,ratiM 

Fag,' M II U-H.lhbav J.'arhor l.,-<,p,,ld J .iv Co (uavin- , IradinK Co. Foxcroft 

Henwoial J \ Fasliorl 

Uoberls ll:,rl„,r ijuairi, . C.,! .. 

MiinhCJ Franklin 

Ganli.a r t!r. nil- A MmI.I, 

H,„,lh Hi.,s ,V lliirri,;,.,,. Isle 

Clark () I, Frecport 

Woiks lib liii,!i;,- (ianliitcr 

lir^.m;,' (',, Waldoboru 



I..,r,l (1 W Wdis Depot 
Fnile James 11, U D Westbrook 

Wood W M A Sons Ki.i W at.r •■ 

WORKS G, o K Ma,, •ml,, 1 

<irav Hildreih Co , lian.h.lph 

Sullivan nevelopment (-.rpo- 


la.rd G,-„rj.- h. Wat.T si 

ration West Sullivan 

Washburn E Garland lillsMll 

Jewell Eugene C Esi Whitelleld 

Bouchard Hilarie (Jrand Isle 

IJverniore Falls 

Folsom-Prenliss Co (ireenvllle 

WUIiams T Robert 

Ilusev A GoldthH-aite Guilford 

Decker H S Mechanic Falls 
Barker K K Nurridgewock 

* Grass Hook Mirs 

S.iiith G.orne W Hampden 
Staples Harrv A Hanover 

Blaisdcll A H 


(;,,.il,l U K Harmony 

Worthlcy Charles L 

(s,.,- pag,.' 174 1) Hallowell 


Maine & New Hampshire 

Houlton Mills ><.- I.i./ht C,. 

Granite Corp North .lav 

Sa«\.-r C K Jay 

Crabtree & llavev N Siilli\aii 

Grate Bar Mfrs 

Ilarv,-vDM Kenduskeas 

Hooper, Havev & Co 

Hamliu Ho, ki..f' < ;rat.. ( ',, 4 111 

Biinlett William Kennebunk 

Itobertson Harvex E 

Fo.iv Portland 

Fit lli'lii-M W 11 

Hunt Georte 11 Red Beach 

Kennebunk Port 

Minso Bail,-v & Co 

Perkins J D Est 


^II7 Mai,. Rockland 


(isK.iod B s Kingman 
Steviu.s Fre.l K (Ea-I H.,.l,.s- 

M 1 i,-,l S 711 I'ark 


tir N IF. Lebanon .X F S 

( ie,-I,-y ,V C,., llol.v.,k,. »l,:,ri .. 

lla-'k,ll .V l(i--~ i.ce 


(irUt Mills- 



l.anr. * 

lliini 10 !■. (;i':,nil I'liiiik vMi'.l .. 


Il.'iin J 11 (•„, W UmIcs Ml ■ 

Carll li 

Hinnctl 1' 1' Mhorly 

Cilxraoi, l'i>.,l I.iiiiosloiu- 


Ailains 1'''n MIclilleld 


Kank.-i K K, H n 17 


(■lii.Ti.llci (ii^j Mvcrnuirf Kalis 

l.iuni,,, 11 A 


•I'.-bbci.s (' li Locke .Mills 

Dow (■ 

C-tchill I) (• & C, Ala<-liius 


\Ve.sf„n N A Madison 

Hiirtsill Hiiiiiuii MapleCoii 

l.ail.M-r Williiuii iMars Mill 


McruUistcr 1. 11 Mechanic Kails 


Mcclford Cciitor 

Man- 11 

Sawyer l.iiwri-iicc 

I'nrt.T . 

Went worth C W Milo 


.\hirk« K M Monmouth 

.\o> cs t 

I'alni.-rJ li Monro H, urv R D 2 Morrill 

K.(ir,-,is;.- I'rnrsi 1{ Mt Desert 

( ;.rs,,i, 11 i: Sfoiint Vernon, .L.lui HiiirN Naples 

Wood I'lai.k Newlleld 

Cross 1' 




ny I'.uKene Z 

Mayo Co A:, I'rool ■■ 


bii.soii MertonW 375 Court •■ 

Joseph Weeks Mills 


^s Fred 11 lUO Main 

11 Stinson Weld 


Ijin Hose Mrs 17 Mill 

Vusliii |{ Wells 


■niman C K 14 Mill 

1 John Westhrook 


'l.van O 1) 140 Seventh 

llll-S W 


llivaa n .1 \2 S Main 

i.s 1, West ToHiial 


i.ent Oils Main 

It A Co Wlllon 


illon Ambrose 35 Second 

Winsloiv Mills 


aw Silas A, U D 4 



11 Wintlirop 


arce & Jones 87 Sewall 

C rain Co Wiseasset 

ry (1. 1! 1) 1 



own A M 1 Bangor 

uce W H Concern 57 Cony .. 

V Yarmouth 


meron V E & Sous 64 Guue .. 

i; r Yarmoiitlnllle 


savant & Cluiitier Co 3(i 

Hayinon.l York lleaeli 


Water » 
uir i, lUlia W 217 Water 



. 1 ' ' "■"■ -'iMiii ". 




Dunlap K O New Portland 

Siiiitli 1-' (> New Vineyard 

irusk K W Noblelioro 

Brackett & Unssell 
Morrill D P North Herwiek 

Keith I- S N Chesterville 

Allen FA N Dixmont 

Cash Grain Co North Whitell.-ld 
Lorini; F W North Yarmoiiih 
CurnniinBs C II >V Sons Norway 

K W Co Mii Main Auliurn 

Fuller, Holway Co ilH Water .. 

Cassidy John Co IIH Broad ArlhurC, 1(10 Broa.l ■■ 
(;all:,Kl.,r C 1- 107 llroad 
lla\u aid Chas A Co 73 Broad .. 
Ml UKAY miOS CO (sr 

Gibson 11 K 
Bailey D W 


lOastern Grain Co 


Ohltown Supply Ci 

llutehintjs Seth U 


Robinson Gram Co 


Uiusinoie Grain Cc 

Inc Palermo 

Kitchin A Clark 

Weeks Ilollis 


Turner Howard 


Gould C E 


lOastern Grain Co 



Clark E A & Co 22 

1 KennchcT .. 

Eastern Grain Co 

202 Com- 


G 1 & Son 82 I'icke 


l.appin J J & Co 4 Union whf ■■ 
Ihaxter S W & Co 37 Com'l .. 
Waldron F A A: Son 294 Com'l .. 

Pres((ue Isle 
Aroostook Co-operative Co 
I'ernald 10 W 

Gordou N D CoReadfieid Depot 
Deasey & Jones Red Ueaeh 

Gurtis B F Kiehniond 

Reed C 11 

Felker Uoscoe Ripley 

I'hair Thomas Robinsons 

lianas Judsoii Co Sahattus 

Saro Grain i M.llintc Go, Mill 


St Agatha 

Corri^veau i; St Francis 

Welitworlh A I'laisled Sauford 
Kiiowlion K 1' Sangersvlile 

Marden F A Searsniont 

Clay & Whitney Sebaco Lake 
Athertou E A Sherman Station 
Porter D A & W E Skowhegan 
Steward & Smiley 
Warman W W Smyrna Mills 
Cariveau Etienne Soldier Pond 
Baker & Priest Solon 

Yeatons Mills S Berwick 

South Rrewer 
Bra.stow Fred H m Mill 
Atlanfie Grain Co S Portland 
Scott Fred South Windham 

WUion Austin A Spriiigvale 

Greaton W H Slarks 

Creighton J A & Co Tlioniaston 
Bryant Joseph, R D 2TlH.rndike 

Kimball Bros Co 7 Broad Bath 
Swan-Whitten-Bickford Co 33 

Water Belfast 

Hannaway's Market 30!t Main •• 
Hc-kett & Co Calais 

Davis F G it Co 1.^ T,iTi,-oln .. 

22'J Coiiiin.T.aal Pordand 

Jordan W S & Co 102 Com'l .. 

McLaUfihliu Charles Co 111 

Melcher H S Co 159 Com'l 

Milliken Tomlinsou Co 295- 
307 Commercial 

Patrons Co-operative Corpor- 
ation 122-124 Commercial 

Steadnian Hawkes Co 221 

Thompson-Hall Co 245 Com'l .. 

True U W & Co 217 Com'l 

Twitchell-Chaniphn Co The 
252 Commercial 

Weston C A Co 317 Com'l 


Bird John Co Bird block. Sea st .. 

Cobb, Francis Co 409 Main 

Thorndyke & Hix Inc 44 Park ■■ 


Kennison G A Co IS Main 


(See also General Stores) 
Bochvell Fred K Aeton 

Mills I E Andover 

Booth George W Alison 

DrcuttCT Ashland 

Beaucage Ainie 71 Broad Auburn 
Bernard Albert 73 S Main 
Bickford E A 54 Union 
Brooks Edgar H 23 Ganiage av ■• 
liurleigh C F 49 Hampshire 
Damon & Cole Sti Main 
DeRosay G A 41 Broad 

I)'.inn W M 70 Midn""^ ''. 

i: .ton J F 1S4J Main 

Homer H H 14 Child 

Howard Fred A 18 Gamtiietl - 

Locke Edson 270 Water 

Merrill Bros 227 Water 

Per. aval Harry W 38 Bridge 

Pnikham 6c Philbrick. Coombs 

Mill road 
Pomcrleau & Huard 35 Water " 
Turner J F 173 Water 
Turner W F 85 Capitol 
Wadlcigh G W liiS Water 
Webber A. Hewett 2S5 Water .. 
Whitten L W 1 Locke 
Worthing & Parmeiiter 98 

Young L S 312 Water 
Ellis George P, R D 7 
llammoiid Arthur, U D 7 
Anderson A F I'.i'J LHiio Bangor 
Bernstein M Mrs H, Fren. h .. 
Blake William II r.O Market 
Brennan J H 1 Birch 
Burke M H 133 Third 
Burrill H G 277 Main 
Cassidy T F & Sun 32 Front 
Chapman George A 220 Har- 

Cheney John 71 Water 

Condon Teresa Mrs 57 Larkin .. 

Dow William H 84 Stillwater 

Drummond FH 281 Hammond "■ 
Duke Stanley llio Hancock 
Dunning H A 220 Webster av .. 



Fox Elmer H 23'; Harlow 
Frank F L & Co 115 State 
Gallagher Bros 271 State 
Gallaghei T F 10 Uni<.ii 
Goldberg Louis Mrs 39 Web- 
Gould David L .t Co 31 Mi- 
ll ope av 
Haley Eugene A 703 Main 
Hall Fred T & Co 202 Ex- 
Hickson Robert & Son 29 Pine 
.lames J G & Co 181 Center 
J-nesFS & Co 210 Hammoml 
Jordan Ralph C 45 Mt Hope 

Kane A II 186 Ohio 
Kariim Frank 258 Hancock 
Lord Bros 204 Hammond 
Matheaon D & .Son 340 Essex 
McCosker Geo H 339 B'wav 
McDonald Harry E 201 State 
McGrath David J 102 Garland 
Peterson C H 208 Garland 
Piper E F 477 Main 
Ray & Stevenson 341 Ohio 
Robinson S H & Son 321 Main 
liollins 1, A 40 Bowdoin 
Kudmaii Samuel 10 ] r.'J Han- 



Grocers, Retail— Continued 

Hhepard Wilbur E, Grant st ■■ 
Smith A F & Co 47 Haymarket 

square •• 

Snow J H & Co 15 Broad 
Speed Clareiue C 143 Warren ■■ 
Spcnrer Kdwin F I'Sfl Broad- 
Staples & Griffin 59 Pickering 

Stuart J A i:i9 Elm st 

Townsend George E 1 1 Water .. 

White T (fanov) 1 Ilaniniond " 

Whitman N W' 4(1(1 Harl.jw 

AViklo Karl W IK) firmer 

Willia Charles V KiS Onter 

Winchester C V 183 Park 

Haley I,croy, K I) 1 

Gilman A H, R D 7 

Segce Samuel, R D 7 

Sullivan M. R D 7 

Cough Ezra R Bar Harbor 

Daney J V 

Emery H C & Son 

Fifield & Joy 

}liggins R S 

Higgins Thomas C 

Jordan E F 

Jordan & Ronald 

Kelley Percy 

Kittredge R H 

I^eyland K Y 

Preseott J H 

Sproul's Market 

Tracy H S 

Walters Harry Itarliig 

Winslow George F 

Allen E F 55 Willow Bath 

Annable Eugene E 982 Middle ■■ 

Armstrong William A 1312 

Bath Co-operative Assn 740 

Breton Octave 552 Wash 
Brewster James 151 Front 
Cash Market Co 188 Front 
Chase W E Co 80 Center 
CiosmanH W472 Washing(ou ■■ 
Farrer Edgar A 39 Chestnut 
Hagan W M 304 Front 
Ham C T 122 Water 
Hill John M 780 Wash 
Hill Scott C 7 Crescent 
Hodgdon M B & F A 1087 

Hodgkins Herbert 89 Corn'l 
Kingsbury Walter Co 40 Rich- 
Larrabee A F 160 Center 
Lowell WAS Ferry 
McDonald W A 170 Wash 
Melrose W R 63S Washington ■■ 
Mitchell R C 524 Wash 
Morse Alcmzo A 49 Vine 
MouHon It D 1242 Wash 
Norton W H 74 Dummer 
Parker James H 152 Water 

Perry S C 188 Washington 
Rullmann O F U29 Washington 
Sanfoid G A .V: Co 14 IJm 

Small W H .isl w .-].,,„■<'■„ 

Cunningham Bros. R D 4 Belfast 
Woods Frank, R D 4 
Albee F B BelBfade 

I.awler B A lloiu'dlcta 

Kearns J A Iterwlek 

Robmson Verne N 

NiaK I H, li 1) 
I'radmiin H 10, Main st 
Hutch liru.s 51 Main 
I'ield Brn O C.d Church 
Howes A \ ,^- Co Main 
KnuwH.m C M, Fast sid 
M.Aulilic J II. Main st 
Mas,.], W r, .-^w:,n Lake 



Bragg W A 
Brvant W C 
Hutchins J S 
Lucas Charles A 

Adem Louman 92 Smith 

& Horrigan Co 2(;9 





& Son 

Heaudette Vic 
Bcllerose J B Co 59 Beacon 
Bibeau Bros 3 Alfred 
Boucher Arthur 49 Pool 
Hrunelle Anaclet 317 Main 
Cadorette Michel 113 Alfred 
Carrier Joseph 16 Washington 
Carter George W 383 Main 
Clark Harry, end Elm st 
Clark H J, Five Points 
Desrosiers & Parenteau 152 

Fortin Jean B IS Water 
Fournier Joseph A 73 Elm 
Fuat Mustafa SO Smith 
Gagnon Henry 55 Main 
Gartland John P 60 Alfred 
Griney D 241 Elm 
Hannawav Market 300 Main 
Higginbotham B 82 Birch 
Kentron Grocery Co_73 ^Llin 
Kersloski Joseph 30 


• Antor 

in N 03 Eln. 


• \ r,:^ Bacon 
'.■'1 llm 

. c ' 1) w'a 


1 \'i,', 

.1 •■ (il High 


1 J..M , 

■ 18 Alfred 



Grocery Co 



ur John 

57 Green 



.58 Elm 



62 Centre 

St Ma 

rie Will 

an, 3t;i Main 


; Mver 

81 Alfred 


John 9 

1 Summer 



& Co 310 Ma 


L A 29 Water 

Troubh Aaror 

98 Alfred 

Valliere Albert S3 Pool 


& Ba 

llargeon 59 C 



Moore Arthur C 41 Center 
Perkins M II S'.i Cenlei 
Kooney Daniel 150 S Mail, 
Wilson J C, S Main 
Farrington Arthur H, R 1) 5 .. 
Webber G W, R D 6 

BrldRewater Center 





:)eau Alphonse J 1 L'ni 


sman A J 33 Elm 


A W, Harpswell st 



an Barton R & Co 1 



e'li'xC A 4 2 Maine 



ad.l.'l, W K IMI Maine 

,, i; H 1.-, Mill 



h 1' A IS Mill 
, 1! '1' -■'- Miiino 

.-.:. Maine 



. . :..- , ,, ,-..,,99 Ma 



Li. 1 

..i.l.,..i, (_l,u.!c.. 77 Pie 


Snow A I 224 Maine 
Snow Larkin D 113 Maine 
Tondreau Bros Co X7 Maine ■• 
Webb F C & Co 20 Maine 
Bibber A H, R D 2 
Curtis .1 A, R D 2 
Dunn Bros R D 2 
Dunning G S, R D 2 
•Merriman P C, R D 2 

Bryant Pond 
Ackley J H Mrs, R D 1 
Haines Eugene, R D 1 
I.Mvnrgna & Roberts BliekHeld 



Delano C M 

Gaidner E B & Son 

Marks H L 

Marks J E 

Sheehan Thomas 

Barrett J H Cala 

Beane Charles I''. 

Chadwick Stephen \' 

Curran T H 

Doon A C 

Flood Bros 

Floyd W E 

Gove Justin S 

Greenlaw E B 

Hanson J II 


Yates E H Mrs 141 Hill 

Blddeford Pool 

GoldthwaiteFD, Main 

Hunnewell F S BIiiKliam 

Temple F E & Son 

Macaulev Bros Boodibay 

Dunton M F Boothbay Harbor 

Hodgdon W H 

Perkins M A 

Perkins A: McKown 

Genso C Bradley 

Danforth Bros 99 Wilson Brewer 

Dovle & Carter 200 Wilson 

Hail N H, Center 

Harlow Bros S5 Center 

Kennev & McMahon 1 State ■■ 

Leeman J W 

Lord George W 

McGrath T 

McGregor H B 

McLauflin E 

M.aher J F 

Miller Charles 

Moore George 

Phelan Leo 

.Smitli A I' 

Smith John A 

Smith W H 

Veazie Ci H 

Ames Grocery Co Camdcil 

Carletcm, Pascal & Co 


& Son 

C {ape Cottacc 

G \\ Cape 


lis Nelson 

■ F 



t ct'DanicMs' ' 



K 1( 

i; Millcli 


BrIdKloii Si'. .I,. Ml 

■ i: Case< 
l;,..-. Ca>tlii« 


1 < liKliolii 

!■: II 


iiiti. ti.'i. 

Br.MMilleld >..ik 1 1 

X N:,|...|. ..1, 

.1 !> ( larkv Mill 

«: S. 



Clrocers, Retail -Cuiitinu. -a Clnircliill W !■ Fort K;iirtk'l(l Siiirk.>( W 

lican H M niiiton iv;';.",''.';.*','; \v,"i'.'!',','r"i").,','.i''i" ' 

ViUu'v. 1' ]r«i 

WiUiam Ir:. > n.iir.iir i ii.mi 

I.anciist.T A Hro..k^. <'orinna \,"",'' '"I i-V 

.Shaw .1 A ■■ j^j;;;',';;"^' '' '• 

('iiinherlaiid Mills i;„,„.,|,„us H I 

u''T'i^, f ^""■f"'" ■■ H.Miill & Barn,- 

. ohnson & Uyv ■■ i.-„„ii,,.„ D )■; 

I'lki' Ihirry I. •• ii.,,., \y y. 

l|r.san. Artl.urll <ullor ., .MKins K W 

Guy Ocorcf K Daiiiariscot la McNaiijtlilcjii A 

JullPfl C' M Mnrcli C .1 

Shaw A I. ■• Xv.-rill m' K 

laiiiarist'olta Mills i)|.r,,lir \ \ , v i '>^iV r ;. , ,,l,, li'iiKlmi 

,. _ M-,r„n n..,n..- ,■,, „ , , ■ „„ |„r -17 V.l, ' 

Ilaskfll & ("ariiian ^,., f -l. ,,,....', f'l I .t- ('.. -^sl I ;vl„,ii .. ' 

CUikev' Hros ' 
Dpxicr Grangr 

I'.r.nin I- V XU Wal 
.. l!,:niM W K ;ns \Va 
Kisii \"m ■• ""'^'' ^^ •'^•"' ^\ ■■»'<■'" 

Cioulctte Phillip •■ j;-"''"" ""^fT, .,^, ... 

,. Clark Frpfina 
„ ^r"^'sl,lan Albert H. H 
I)i\flolj| f'lMiningham A W & 
l)(ivor ^Vat(■^ 

n;n C M 158 Water 


1 I'lJM 

M.vw, (.. Ja.knian 

Fort Kent 


si,.« II ( c, Jai'knian Station 


liri Cliarl.- Ki-nnchnnk 
as G.-i.rg.- i: 

A Hoh.-rls 
fl. 1.1 JOv.-i. tl S 
Ii. 1,1 & W.lib.r 


Keiini'bnnk Port 


r .1 K & S,.,i 


\\illiaTn Ii & C. 
II !■, 1! 1) -T, Kenis Hill 


IIS iVi H,.a,-rt Mli: Ci 



)r,l L !■' Kilter.v 



rv Or,n-i-r\ ('" 
■Clar, II,-," M 


A ,1 s"„.,ln I.eulston 
1.- N l.-ai l.,i„-.,l,i 


i''t i'.-'iit-'. Fi-'rllTAMi 




i.-r C 11 & <•„ 2.S1 l.isl„)li - 
,v .l.,..-pli ,1 L'L' Bat,s 
,11 A S 1N7 Mail. 
(ha ills & S„n -Jlo l.iii- 

I) mi 

".1 .1 ■.'0 l.iMia.l.l 



i .Mill, r '.!.-. l-;liu 

\\al.r .. 
{iv. r r,l ■■ 


r,,n Uros s.! 

1,1,- ('„-,,ri-',- H Jli ll,,llali,l .- 

Kaulo Kakr 

,hn 1.- 

;,ll„-rl .»c IV 


Fast Itrountlcld "' 

1),,« M.-niaiiiin <; F Hovor ]■' 

Wak, -11,1,1 () II Fast Loncll I--' 

farv T H Fast Marhias ^^ 

Mvick I. C - ^ 

Hclonva 1. P K Mlllluorket ^ 

l.'ernai.l Georfc ■• ^J 

Prii-,- William Fast Northport 

i'oti-i ' 1 , !:■-. : --I 

l,.-V(S,im' * Cassavai.t aS A 
1.11,-,- Bros 7l-',s Main 
.Mari-ott,' Col,- i- Co 1'.I7 I. 

AlW.KMl 1. C 

Hisliop A W 

Fas! port 

Sle';'l!^-n'i 'r V,;;;,!'',M-! W,.st ■■ 

Bishiip M W 
Carni-v M C 
Low W G 
M.-Cart .1 D 
McGregor .1 B 


'w'hUi'am"E,-'nw'i,k 7!) Spring ■- 

.Milli-r Summ.l l.-)2 Miildh- 
Milh-t .lohn R -S.'iT Main 

W,.o,l Wm M iS: Son lli:i Water .. 

.Mohiean Company 217 .\Ia 

Gray-IIihlreth Co (Ranclolph 

Monnev Floriila Mr.- .al I 

Pike & Kilhy Co 
Whalen .1 W 


Meany & White 1 Randolph 

.Morse & Davis 7;(S.-ibattlls 

Drew &. Bodlish 
Alley G W 
Carter 11 P 
Clark W J 


Moody Willis L (Randolph ,1,11 - 
Perrv Lester A (Ramlolph ,1,1) -• 

Mollssette D.^ Hro7L' Line 
Naihaii & .Mi,-ha\i,l :(41 I.isl 
(j„,.|. tl:- L,-„t„-,- 210 Line, 


Marr William F <;oorcelo«ii 
Teriio Fr, ,1 Goldonridcf 

|'a|„„i i: U ,V; C,, ISI Mail 

Cottle C S & Son 

.. .t I'..i-\-. i 1 .'i."i ( ',-,!: 

CunninKhani Ualpl. 
Dovle V T 


Blaek 1-; A (iorhani 
Libbv William '1' 


Grin.Ue C W 
llaynes J A 

Slmekf,,r,l S W 

Cuniiin..liam K (;reentield 

Hutehins P S 
,)ov Austin 11 
Kearns P K 
Means E S Estate 
Moore W F 
Pratt & Smith 


Lamb .1 C 

Bm-k !•; 11 it S,,M <;reen'i!Ic 


Bni,-, W H 111- Walei Hallow ell 

u,-ii\ A 'r ^ soi, iiiii i.iii,-, 

Bu,-l,.,.:-,i.^<M-I.M- X IL':iWat,-r 
(■:,.), M ,,i - 1 < ■-. 11"! Wati-r 

C|,-1M- if III- 1 III "':it,-r 

Roeiii- 1-: .1 .-.2 \i, hol- 
Si'inanl r'.rsotis .-liVLi'sbo 

Hoval S T 
Smith E 1. 

C,,l.- < A IJM W .1. r 

D.-^m..n.i ,1 11 :;:il Wal-r 

Smith 11 A 12 Bat,- 
Sp,-ar & W , b-1 r 272 .Main 

Torrenee O P 

Pain.- W 1-; ly S.,n 117 Wat, r 
Sk'illm D C 1117 w!il,-r' 

ralb,,t A: Ciigu, 1-,- i:t."i 1.111, . 

Whitinc S i< 

\',-rvill.- Bros nil 1 im-,,lii 

Woosl, r C II 

Walk, r A I-: 20(1 .Main 

Salisborx A W Fl 

sworlh Falls 

W, bb, r iV ll,-w, u ID'.I Wal-r ■- 

W ill- Fr, ,1 1 2l:'. Park 

Clark Ent!,-.i,- 


Hampden Higlilands 

■ria.mas 11 11 Ml 

C-lark \- Varn,-> 

I'l-rk^lis llarr\. K D 

\\ al-oll 1, nil, -111 

nost.i,- Bros 

C;r.-,-n Fi,-,1 C Harrison 

(ireuory Neil A G Ha)nfs»illo 

Bull.-rli. 1,1 Hr.,- 

llammon,l V K 
Haves W 

V,lam's W K Ml- IlodKdon 

K. 1-1,1- i: A 
l.ihl.x- Frank 

Kinu' Albert 1) 

Fanj,.y Cliarl, s 

MllMIl G. ,,lU■,- 

King David 

Olivi-r William 

C,,.,lnl,s H 1) l.isb" 

LniiilM,-!! Gilhi-rl & 


Pollaril .losliiia 

N\e W W A Co 

B,-ll 'riioriia- 1, lloiiKon 

11. i-l,-rlii:iii l-'l. .1 

Ouellette William 

Carr W E 

Ki-/..liak l,.iili.- 

Perrv Mar-hall 

Gill,-n I-: A & Co 

I.i-b.m 1-alls C,,-.„i Slon- 

SavaKe G A 

llan,-lt-Mi-K,-,-M Co 

\F,i,lial. A l!i.-i,ri.-l 

Seltzer W 

ll.illlloll M, :,1 SlippK (',. 

\\ liili- A ( 1 

Biithr K 1. 


Kii.ix Hi..- 

Hn.w 11 < ;l.-ii 

L,.well E II 

L-iv.-iil,.. CI, ail- - l; 

Ciiliib.-rl.iml Cliail. s 

O.lell I-; A 

M,-i;„,\ iii..,- 

Pratt W M 

M.-NalK It r 

M..»i> W H 



Grocers, Retail— C'l 


llarpur C H Old Orchard 

riko J M jr A L\< 


Knox Ida 

.Si'( lev Anii I) 

I.iii-f A- Millik.-ii 

tii.v.'s C^asli St.jrc, 1( D 

1 ■' 

Allrcd I, (H«lti>HII 

Ucvnolds. H D I 


Hialilini lir..> 

(ic.lfny W 1, K 1) :; 

lioutoM I'm Ilk X 

Gardner M 


Hri.-scttc I.iniis A: Co 

Gcarx V G 

I)lll);i> f ' ,) 

I^cnKfiMow I. \V 

Wiiu'liot.r M 

Fi>li S A 

Grocnn Cliiirks W 


I. lint (' ]■; 

M.i.JiM.ii Ci>-.,p<r;ftivr 

Mills Cliarlr> A 



lliiiKl.v !•; H C 
I'i.r.-.- T ,1 
Tapliv .) 1' 

Mars Hill 

Slrv.lK- {■ M 
St.-V. M.- (' <J 

Davis M.,n mill.- ( 

M(<r (rook 

Gi.diiiS! Kduarc 
SkillinEs A I-: 
W'vinaii W 1! 



Walls lOd-ai N 
Aril., Mil.s ]) 
Marshall I' W 



r.iffinC; W c\c ( 


<liaiii< Kails 

niiisn.uri r.n,\n C. 


Dwiiial !■■ I 

Dim- Irani, A 

Nrcdliam Goor 
UciiukK (' 1' 

.■ !•■ 

\v,r i; II 

H. 11 f;r,,rrr\ C. 

Par km an 
Pat (on 

Small A T 

Tozifr II .\I 

Dean \V A 

Mod ford 

Peak Island 

U ..rks A K 
I).,rr K H 

Hrai-ki-tt Fred L & ( 
Hn-wir W S & C. 

Ilcpkilis Cliall. 



liridiris Austin. H IJ 1 


Sawyrr F W 

lliilcliins— U U I 

Si rout .1 V A G 


Frcs, Haiiirl \V 


Juilfs Bn.M 


T.M.tliaki-r F, 1! 


M,-M,.y C A 
IVtiTs • nd 


Pine Point 

Alw. 11 A .loss. 1mi 


Clark Portland 
117 India 

Mrl.ind .\ornian Montleello 

.\nii-s S K H2<1 Gongress 

Was^alt \V (• Monnt Desert 

.\nL'. Im^mmIo Albirto :^2l) Giini- 

Gram H S Mt Desert Ferry 

h.iland av 

(iav 1' 11 New Castlo 

Arrhihald Alexander F "Mill 

Gav Thus K & Sun 

Wood AUii rt .1 

Av. I ll-il.' n '■ :^ Gas.a, 

Gook F P Newport 

H:i;1' . \-. - 1,'".; I'or. St av 

Groxford A U 

1', ,■ ;•■ 1 ■ 1 .:- . 1 ,.,, St .-iv 

I'Vrnald & Wlir.lir 

M;iriifi 'T, I'M,., i Ml Washini;- 

Rich 11 II 

toli av 

Hall H A Nobleboro 

Uarbalo NapolitanoA Son 2M 

Si,l,-lin-.r W 


Hra.kiti & Riissill NorrldKOHoek 

llnnloon W W 

Barh-r G F & Go 2211 Golinrrss 
p,l-,l:, \\' n .jii- >■, -1 

I.orkwo,,d ,V Smitli 

Wl„t,- I. 11 

I'li' ■ ' 1 1' ' ' "l ' ' ■ ','1.. 

Haslon G 1. North Berwlek 

■'l! . 1 . . ' |. ' ■ .. ■ 1 .'.''".'sH 

Ho\lc Bros 

Hn-i .,11 l'i,,,i.i,,, 1 ,, ,n \l i.ldli- 

Ncal .1 W 

Bowk.r G M GolWT Fon st av 

Sno« Kd»anl IC 

Bran?, .lennie Mrs l.-iS N.-w- 

Snow Wilfrial O 


W<ll3 John G N BrldKton 

Br.nnaii Donald r,(l Oxford 

Withani Jo.scph 

Bi.,v, ,; I'-' ,,|. <• .-J-;'! f, .-,._. r.-ss 

Hall D G Go Northeast Harbor 

]>.' M . . . !,, 1 1-,.,-, 

Lawrence Bros North Luhoc 

North New Portland 

(',.:,:. : - ',', ;.. . 1 " : • ' 1 li 

Quint Everett 

House Hi. hard North Turner 

Garl.rA B Sr, Stl.awrvnce 

BiiknMI F. F Norway 

Caterino Franee.sro 515 Fore 

Drakr A Hrook.s 

Chapman N B 2 Emerson 

I'oss Walter 

Charles ,Iohn H 04 Portland 

Gilla-rt 1. 1 

Chipman Lyman B 574 Gon- 


■riihbs .1 \ 

Ghristensen C P 77 Wash av 

A, lams F H Oaktleld 

Cinnamon Israel 275 Fore 

I,..« 1. r 11 C 

Clancy M C Danforth st 

Bhikr Bros Oakland 

f obb N H & Son 637 Forest av 

(Joodwin W A .V: Son 

Cognate Charles 00 Middle 

l.ihhv Morri.son 

Cohen Abraham 57 Franklin 


Cohen Barnet 101 Newbury 

Bail.v I) W Olanion 

Cohen Samuel 445 Fore 

Mrl'lirtrrs .M V 

Collins .1 G 07 Pleasant 

Sanl.orn 10 F 

Collins Nellie G 87 Imlia 

GUnniu lios.o,- ]■ Old tlrehard 

GoUir.i Domenico 01 Newbury 

Connolly .lames J 8 Pleasant 

lOninnins l!a\ nd 1. 

Conwav John M 04 

Curtis A J & Co 505 Washinj;- 

ton av I'orllai 

OcSarno Giuseppe 53 Middle 
Diunion Abrain K 32 Market 
Dil.uca A P 7'J Fore 
Dingley E H 1U:U Forest av 
DiPitro Antonio R 07 Fore 
Dodd Oscar .'» Poi Hand 
Donaghey Mary Mrs 18 Lan- 
Dougherty J T 6 Washington 

Downs Archie H 329 StJolin 
Dulitskv Samuel 77 Gray 
Dyro Stanley 48 Clark 
Edwards James M .t Son 3 

Park avenue 
Epstein Robert 88 Oxford 
Estes Fred B 544 Deering av 
F^agone Aguippino 87 Middle 
FVrnald Fred L 255 Danforth 
Fitts John A 34 Oxford 
Flaherty M J 1117 Congress 
Forman Fannie Mrs 112a Mid- 
Freese F H 473 Stevens av 
Fuller V B & Son 22 North 
Giaso Angelo 30 Middle 
Ginsberg Carl 20 Summer 
GitUn Jacob 71 Salem 
Gladstone Morris 108 New- 
Coding C W T 40 St Lawrence 
Cray E A 248 Lancaster 
Greene & Barrett 131 Dan- 
Ilaggett W C & Son 227 

Hasson Patrick 57 York 
Hatzkelson Charles 81 Middle 
Hefler Scott 04 Lancaster 
Ilillman E F 149 Oxford 
Hinckley Adelbert E 385 Ste- 
vens av 
Hoffman J F 4i) Wash av 
Horn Bros 102 Middle 
Horner G F 29 Portland 
Horton G W 71 Congress 
Howe William T 1107 Congress 
Israelson Annie Mrs 74 India 
Jacobson Fannie Mrs 02 New- 
Jenson M W 38 Anderson 
John.son B L 144 York 
Johnson Clement S 25 Smith 
Johnson John D 24 Wilmot 
Johnson Krikor 208 Oxford 
Johnson Solomon 11 Ham- 
Johnson WAS Adams 
Josselson David 150 Newbury 
Kaplan Lotiis 43 Lafavette 
Karhn & Fox Co 50 Wash- 
ington avenue 
Katz Henry 71 Middle 
I\cllev Charles K 2:i,-. Spring 
King Ralph M 1124 Forest av 
Koharian Michael 207 Con- 
Krikorian Ohannes 155 Forest 

Landry Ernest L 122 Wash- 
ington av 
Leighton E M 243 Oxford 
Leighton Harlan 177 Oxford 
Leo RafTaele 41 Middle 
Lilibv F H 309 St John 
Libby James E 410 Congress 
Lindorberg Jacob 87 Lancaster 
Littletield & Co 109 Com'l 
Littleiohn Lindsay F 77 Atlan- 

Lougee M B 198 Grant 
Lovell Albert D 120 Oxford 
Lucas W J 2 Veranda 
McCartney Jas J 94 Wash av 
Mack C E 181 Brackott 
Maloney Charles 84 Cumber- 
land av 
Manhattan Market 267 Con- 
Mann Arthur C 194 Park av 
Mansfield C K 258 Brackett 
Mastralucca Con.stantino 41 

Miles Maurice B .-,7 



4J '...«'. TitllY 

jluf/»-^'>M rt'.M./ 



Grocers, Retail— Cuntinued 
Mooers W II 8 Winslow Porthinit 
Moran Tboiuas G 244 Dun- 
Moreshead Jolin A 131 Lan- 

Morrill & Ross Co 071 Con- 
Mulhern J M 40 Oxford 
Mulkern Bridget Mrs 53 India ■• 
Murray George D 34 Casco 
Napolitano B J(.15 Fore 
Nappy Joseph ',11 Adams 
Orlandello Filomona 277 Fore .. 
Owen llenrv F 184 Brai-kett " 
Parker Charles V. 143 York 
Parker G W & Co 70 India 
Perkins Clifford L 3SR Cum- 
berland nv " 
Perlmau Samuel 32 Hamp- 
shire " 
Pcrverada Augustine J Co 243 

Congress •• 

Philbrook G H 74 Veranda 
Phillips & Clarke tiO Portland 
Pierce F M & Son 70 Oxford 
Pio Giuseppe .18 Middle " 

Portland Cash Market Co 1 

Pride Bros 344 Allen av 
Punsky Jennie Mrs 37 Franklin " 
(Juinn John 140 Washington av " 
Ueardon Catherine 83 Adams ■■ 
Kecd Roscoe 11 21 Pleasant 
Regan Timothy 111 Monu- 

Ridlon Elmer F 478 Stevens av ■■ 
Rogers Bros 102 Portland 
Ropoport Morris 152 New- 
Rounds Charles A 128 Park av .. 
. Rowe & Meserve 48 Boyd 
RubinofI Daniel O') Middle 
Russman Wolf 70 Mountjoy 
Russo Gaetana Mrs 57 Mount- 
Sanborn Howard A 139 Pearl .. 
Sounders J & Son 59 Lafayette .. 
Sehwartzman Isaac 82 Center .. 
Senter L P & Co 042 Forest av .. 
Serafino George 205 Fore 
-Serunian Amergian Co 199 
Congress ■' 

Serunian Aram 100 Oxford 
Serunian Browne 101 Congress •• 
Shaw George C Co 585 Con- 
gress and 7-9 Preble 
Sigal Nathan 155 Congress 
Six Links Market Inc 1192 

Forest av 
Star Max 124 Forest av 
Starbird Henry L 1122 Con- 

Stow^eil C H 29 Chestnut " 

Sulkowitch Bernard 72 Middle " 
Sullivan & Osgood Co 2 Park 

Swett C T Co 132 Com'l " 

Tabachnick Pacach 72 India •■ 
Tabanken Harrv 30 Adams ■■ 
Tellan Annie Mrs 15 Vine 
Thompson J H 27 Portlaml 
Todd Adain G 1 Waldo 
Tracio Nunzio 38 India 
Tucker F N 223 York 
Tuttle Bros 922 Congress 
Valante Mary Mrs 110 Ver- 
Vorrill F H 952 Congress 
Vinella Angelo 49 Center 
Waite J L 94 Middle 
Watson Fred H 019 Forest av ■• 
Webber Arthur F 34 Mountjoy ■■ 
Webber AutfiiMus G 45 Moody " 
Wehh Hrl.l|_'.'l Mr.- :>! Pleasant ■• 
WhitlK-y i: A 291 r.mgress 
Wil.i.m W I, ('(. 1.51 Congress •• 
Wisn.f^,- ,, M Salem 
York A <■..:■! I <■..: :.i,..s 
Zak;iii,.^ V M: . -. ' .r.tcr 
ZinK-l,i:, I -!' -1 1-.'. Wash av .. 

ZOIUV S IMU. ; :: I'.rarh 

Judkiiis S 1) Prcndss 

Barker ii M Pr<'s<ni(' Isle 

McDonald R H I'resque Isle 

McEacheron A Tribuu 

McKay & Barker 

Raymond John B 

Rose Hiram 

Mi-adv & While Haiidolph 

Hcrri.k H H lliingeley 

Hinckley E C 

Wing George S 

Cook E M Mrs Red Reach 

Curtis B F Rlclimond 

Jordan John M 

Rogers Fred L 

Sherburne O S & Co 

Slant. al U J 

Thurlow & Willia.T.s 

Umbcrl.ine I F 

While K II 

Temple B R Richmond Corners 

Crommctt W S Ridlon.illc 

Kinnear Bros 

Ayer W 1 072 Main Rockland 

Babbidge R R 105 Main 

Bird A D Cn 4 ChihcIcm 

Bird A J 01 I'Vniil 

Blethen George W 127 Main 

Ciaravolo FVank 5S2 Main 

Cobb Francis Co 4I19 .M;,ii, 

Cohen Joseph 1 (s Itiion 

Cohen Tony 4S TUI-nn av 

Duncan O S 15i; Main 

Flint Herbert H 117 Park 

Flint J H & Son 2i-,2 Main 

French F G 574 Main 

French Will C 434 Main 

Fuller A M 08 Crescent 

Graves E D 279 Main 

Hahn Albert C 450 Main 

Hall A W 500 Main 

Hall Hirh-ir.l (• A- Co 235 Main •• 

Hall A \^ ' !P iM'i Park 

Hart ... II . , Maverick ■■ 

Kiff J W & Son 50 Old Coun- 
ty road 

Larrabee & Dodge 738 Main 

McGrath John H 80 Tillson av .. 

Martin A H 340 Main 

Packard Frank P. Bay View 

Peterson Louis 71 Tillson av 

Pollock Bertha Mrs 01 Tillson 

Richards & Perry Bros 105 
Tillson av 

Snow I L & Co 79 Mechanic 

Spear E B 5S0 Main 

Studley FT050Main 

Rockport Ice Co Rockport 

Shcperd S E & H L Co 

Spear R T 

Gorham F E Round Pond 

Burilett H O & Son Rllinford 

Garncau Joseph A & Co 

Gauthier Arthur & Son 

Roderick E J & Co 

Hucn William F SabatlUS 

Sheridan Henry 

Carrier Henry 1 88 Lincoln Saco 

Casselboom & Thompson 179 

Emcrv Willian. 232 Main 
Fav E W 208 Main 
Fcndcr.son E E 103 Elm 
Libbv John A 2 Comnion 
Lord H F 41 Elm 
Martin Peter J 1 Market 
Merrow R H 237 Mm in 
Mullen H F 70 Conn,,.,!, 
Sanborn Harold W .'i:i; 'rniipli' .. 
Sarehuos K 117 M.MM 
Saw>e, r I J- -V-nm 

Broggi F Estate Sanford 

Clov.rdale Co 

Davis William E 

Dubois Joseph A 

Duval Amos 

Ford Louis J 

Frigon James 

Gauthier Arthur 

Johnson D & Sons 

Lamy Ovide 

Lasante Wilfred 

Libbev Carl D 

Lihby OrviUe V 

Lizzotte, Carron & Co 

McCartv J M 

Pike John W 

Rankin Robert 

Riiussin Joseph W 

Sanford Co-op Assn 

Drake & Carr !Sangcrvlllc 

Newcomb Fred M Scarboro 

Graffam W H 

Knight George 

Shaw V T 

Sherman Ora i:, R D 

Colson A E 

Kneeland J H 

Murphy John 

Searsport Cirain & Grocery Co •■ 

Stockbridge L W 

Stinson F E, R D 

Clark S M, R D 1 

Owen & Owen Sherman 

Perrv Temple 

Davis Charles Sherman Station 


Cloutier George Skowhegan 

Currier J F 

Dav Charles W 

Hubbard H S & Co 

Jewftt A R 

Jewett L B 

Lessard Frank. North 

Parker & Nay 

Pooler Joseph 

Rouillard Norris 

Simpson Ai 


Farmer's Union 
can J T 
U. 1! D Smyrna Mills 

(■Ii;ise S F. It !) 
Lawrence John M Solon 

Patt.Tson L 1. 
Paul E I. 

Bedell W A Est South Berwick 
Clement F G 
Dube Bros 
Flynn Daniel F 
FIvnn John A 
I,auzon E J 
Lvneh John F 
^iaddox J A & Son 
Maddox N N 
Rideout Rural B 

Herrick S S & Co South Brewer 
King J & Son 
Kyer F W 

WentworthF W 479 S Main ■• 
Bowden V D, R D 
Bowden J A , R D 
Knapp & Sanborn S Brlghlon 
Thompson M E South Bristol 
Eliot Trading Co South Klllot 
Spinney Harris E 
Crossman Alfred B S (Jardlncr 
Mclntire E K 
Potter James E 
Preble Waldo G 

llovt C H, R D S Urrlngton 

Allen P P S Paris 

r'olc, Wiggin Co 
-- y 

r W M St John 

(ills 1. S Sandy Creek 

senault John F Sanford 

chand Alfrc.l 

lard Louis 

II, -lie A Allan.' 

Thompson Ralph Soulhport 

s .. Blake A W, High st S Portland 

'„.llcv ■■ Camijbell John J 101 Sawyer .. 

.. Cash A J Co 

vlain .. Cash Clifford 

St Francis Cash George W & Co 

.. Chenev Lillian Mrs 530 Sum- 

Cobb Daniel P Co 427 : 

Cole Albert A 08 Sawy. 
Dyer J A S 85 O.-can 
Over William E 
rull,.r M I! A Son S5 ; 

1916— NEW 

«;rui'er^, Reliill -(•..nin.u.Ml 

lLCt Ai'i'liuTc; 71 PrpMf 
Kiui.iull O II 270 Hrua.lway 
Itkliarilaon F W 
SkilliD & Kniglit 02 Oceun 
South Portland Co-oijiTativi; 

Tarling Bros 
Tlioiiipson B K 87 Sd 
VV.-iidlinK C K 427 I 
Willaril SC; HOOceai 
UodKC 1'" 

Brooks N O & So7i 
llauson Samuel 1) 
Jolinsoi) Oaiufl II 
Lord I.illa H 
Pelletier Bros 
Keuwirk Walter C 
Kowe & Bartlett 
Scferlis Meniekoa 
Therien Alfred .1 
Weber Horace P 
y\iilta Frank 
Traeey J 

;ncland bustnf. 


& Hnns.dl 
m Ci A Co 

-U Main 


11 Maple 

a Hide 




StacyvUle }V 

" f: 

Stockton Springs (; 

unlngtun n 

Cash Grocery C 
Dean Fred O 
ICatou C F & Co 
Long Honu-r 
Treener .1 T 
West J F 

Judkina Lewis, U D 1 
Bickford Frank 1> Ntow 

Seavev C E 

Landers & Taylor Stratton 

Wall U H Tenants Harbor 

\ndrews Thomas S Tlioniaston 
(■lark William 
Creighton C: A & C W 
Ctdlen M W 
Dillingham E L 
Dunn & Elliott Co 
Jones L S 
Lineken A J 
Hpear W J & Co 
Starrett E P 
Cornish James W 
McMillin John W 

Pearson'll j' 
Adams J A 
C;onnor C O 
(iallison H J 
Allen I O 

Babbidge R G 

Bodwell Granite C 

Carver E G 

Dxer T A 

Mahoney A A 

Mills D F & Co 

Shields C A 

Smith C B & Sons 

Smith H W 

Tolman Thad 

Eugley H T 
Gav J T 
Kaler A S 
Kuhn George J 
Leinont Charles 
Nash Aaron 
Teagne E C H A 
Slcrv J M & Co 
l.uee W (> 

i,,s.,n Willhi 
,k. Mii-hae 
,1, Thomas 

Weeks Mills 

West Bethel 







?e S, II D 1 

; i{ I) 1 


KaKle Lake 


•V Corp 

W Brooksville 

nest ISuxton 

West lubee 

West Mliiot 




: & Co 



VInal Haven 


ost II 


- Charle. 

,,„ J, Jaekman Sta 
Katahdin Iron Works 

Alic-n !■ W 

: Hryer 
'u i'i'm 


WInslows Mills 


sorviUe Hutchinsp 

Ml' Donald 11 A 
., N'agcl Charles 
- .abody Bert 
vasie Till 

sC^ A 



Washburn ^, 


Armstrong A F 60 Temple 
Barakah Salim Iti Loekwood 
Baron Philip, 35 Tieonic 
Beau, hesne Joseph jrPJlWater .. 
Belhvau Harry "1 Water 
HizuT Joseph 12 Temple 
(.-hamp'ne Charles ii Seavev 
Chikey E I. 4S Western av 
C<iheu James 

Collins Henry J 17 Tieonic 
Cook Annie Mrs 30 High 
Cote E F 1 5 Lockwood 
Craig E L 58 Temple 
Daviau Arthur 81 Water •• 

Evangelos Michael 33 Lock- 
Francisco Joseph 43 M ater 
Gamache Jules, head of Falls •■ 
Gove I'.riiesl L 5li College av 

ci.iiiv 1' i( 


M, (;,,«:: 

M. Null-. 

Sulli. i!:m 

K','„«V,r'("harles E 


I.innox A II 
Perkins Foster S 



Trussrll II H 

Durrell 1 

llmmns Archie, R D 4 


Gile Ben 

llod.-aon Percy W. R D 4 


Gile Phd 

J, wilt G G, R 1) 4 

Haines U 

Sievvart Bros WoodI 


Haley CI 

\\ oodland Grocery Co 

Halev Fr 

Won, Hand Public Market 

Haley J 

Be il W N & Son Woolwieh 

Halev Li 

Bishop Manley E Yarnu) 


llarilen .- 

Sl.-iw C M 


Barbour M I. Yarmoulli 



,(>se River 



York Beach 
York Corner 

E B 
rank A 

D E 


Grocers' Sundries yulwl 

Graffaiu Roy S (wholesale Porte 

honey) "»"«'!'' ' *"""^' 

MeMannJ H (wholsugar) Calais Snow 

Warren George L tlOimhsh wal- Sou e 

nul.s) 273 Middle.. . .Portland s.jule 

'^Mll'in.l 330 Main .ftoekland Tibb. 

1 ,. 




ini; IIm 


)KY— 1916 

s -.,.' l,,.s- 

Hardware & Tools 

i.vs r<.rtl:iii(l 


• liitr, Main .. 



911 Mam 




ilir V A Anson H H & Co Ashland 

m^~CU:,\,m-TH Co 1U2 

urinr Auburn 

-.M.-)- Hardwari. Co N 

W J 

21 Coil 

Hairdressers (Ladies') "'^^'^^^"^'"'"/'^A,:^;^... 

(.See also Fishint; Tarkle 
Sportiug Goods) 

Gum (Chewina) ""*■>' -•^'''''•^ ^' -'^I" "^ Colui,.- CoKan .1 11 & Co i«, u a 

•^""^ iL