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new england 
Historical and Genealogical 


Volume LXXIV 



• ASBBmrroM place, bobton 



Cotmntttet on Hj^ubUttttim 






NoTB. — ^Boman nomerAb refer to the fwces of the Supplement. 

I. Dotioe liii 

r. deeeendante of John, in 

Berroliition. letters 1777 384 

r, MftM.. and Salisbury. Mass.. his- 
torr. old families, vol. 8. supplement, by 
D.W.Hoyt nolieid 242 

iHJsllnttl. Mr%. Frank M. John DsTereuz of 
liarbldiead, Mass.. and some of his 
deseendanU 114 190 203 

r, Fairdiild, and Park fam^ies of Mass., 
Conn., and R. I. naUetd 240 

r. Rev. Stephen, notice 810 

r, Capi. Daniel, reeord of family 04 
John, reeord of family 04 

U Vt.. epitaphs 160 167 810 

Job Qenealogieal sketch of the 
Andrew Putnam family nUietd 82 

r. Rev. John, note on family 26 

Mrs. Louise Snow (Frosser), notice 

Bulletin, index, vols. 1-6, second series, 
101^1017 noiie$d 241; vol. 3, no. 1, 
series 3 ncHeed 241 

r, Hon. JamsM Pkinney A New England 
Temple of Honor 121; noticed 322 

BeUasA, Me., vital records to 1802. edited by 
Alfred Johnson, vol. 1, births notieod 
82; rcl. 2, marriaces and deaths no- 
Uo9d 162 

BsO, Dr. Alexander Oraham Who shall inherit 
kmc Ufer noti4itd 162 

BelKngham. Mass., history, 1710-1010. by 
O. F. Partridge noUeod 82 

BerwidE. Me., Second Church records, 1766- 
1867 211 246 

genealogy, descendants of Richard, 
in preparation 81 

Mmul Ludlow and / . M. Maihow The 
cent^mnial history of Illinois, vol. 6. 
The modem commonwealth. 1803- 
1018fM<uMd 241 
Bolt, Robert Apthorp. notice zliz 

Boston, Mass.. Oki South church, celebration 
of 260th anniversary, 1010 noHctd 
Sunday schools, early, by A. Matthews 

naticod 162 
Third church, ••• Old South church 

Bnelnniin Society, proceedings, 1020 noticed 

igsnealogy. descendants of Richard, by 
H. S. B. Dykes noticed 161 

• Farry C. Time telling through the 
noi^ced 342 

O ee eae riU««i John Browne, gentleman, 
of Pqrmottth (and one brandi of de- 
to the 12th generation) 

Brown cont'd 
Col. John, letters to Gen. Lincoln, Col. John- 
son, and Qen. Warner concerning the 
battles of Ticonderoga and Diamond 
Island, 1777 284 

Brown genealogy, descendants of John of 
Plymouth; by G. T. Brown fioliosd 161 

Bunker Hill affidavits, Swett CoUeetion, 
query 81 

Bart, Charlee Wellington, notice zl 

Carman, Samuel, record of family 70 

Gary genealogy, Virginia braneh noHeed 83 

Caudebeo eee Cuddeback 

Cearley notes on family 308 

Chandler, Horace Parker, notice liv 

Chase, /oAn CafToB Report of the Council ziii 

Chase Chronicle, vol. 10, nos, 1, 3, 3, and 4, 
lOlOfioeioMi 331 

Chaumbre, Thomas, bond, 1430 367 

Chickering genealogy, by F. C. Torrey noHood 

Church, Nathaniel, notice of family 18 

CLARK and ▼arlants 

Clark. Bdvwrd Q. Westfield and the World 
War noticed 162 

Clabk, James, will 1614 70 
James. wUl 1640 71 

Capt. William Butler Col. John Brown's 
expedition against Ticenderoga and 
Diamond IsUnd, 1777 284 

Cu»K, John, wiU 1481 68 
CiiKBKn, Thomas, will 1618 70 

Clarke, baptisms, marriages, and burials from 

parish registers of Wrotham, co. Kent. 

Eng. 71 
genealoidoal account of James of East Far- 

leigh, CO. Kent. Eng. 130 
genealogical account of John of Forde in the 

pcunsh of Wrotham. co. Kent, Eng. 73 

Cochrane, Alexander, notice li 

Colby genealogy, descendants of Anthony, in 
preparation 240 

Colrain, Mass., vital records 7 

Connecticut. General Assembly, centenary, 
1010. by W. H. Taylor noticed 322 
register and manual, 1020 noticed 241 
State Library, Department of War Records, 
notice 80 

CooUdge, Henry Dinpley and /. W. Kimbatt 
Manual for tne use of the General 
Court for 1020 notieed 322 

Cropley. Mrs. Sarah Delina (Lyle), notice 

Cuddeback, Dr. WiUiam Louie Caudebec in 
Amnica. A record of the descendants 
of Jacques Caudebeo, 1700 to 1030 
noHeed 341 

Index of Subjects 

Coddebftck famUy, descendants of Jaoques. 
by W. L. Cuddeback noHetd 241 

CiuiiiMr, Harry Wadley. notice xzxix 

Cnnniflriisin, Henry Winchester Henry Ernest 
Woods, A. M. 3 

CaBon fenealogy. by J. H. Pleasants noticed 

Denio, Herbert WiUiamM Inscriptions in the 
town cemetery at the village of Bakers- 
field. Vt. 160 167 310 

DeTereoz, John, will 1095 116 

DeTerenz genealogy, descendants of John 
114 100 203 

Diamond Island, N. Y.. eee George, Lake, 
N. Y., Diamond Island 

DiddiiMm, Rev. Austin and Rev. Baxter, 
biography, by A. B. Keep noticed 241 

DnnfliBC John Frederic, notice 108 

Dvimiiil genealogy, descendants of Andrew 
a Maine 97 

DykeSy HoMnah S. B. Bourne genealogy, de- 
scendants of Richard noticed 101 

England, genealogical research in 68 130 
231 267 

Kiio» Joel Neietm Connecticut oeoMtery in- 
scriptions 63 108 

Bnkine genealocr, descendants of Alexander of 

Bristol, Me. 10 87 
descendants of Ninon of Bristol. Me. 93 
family of Bristol, Me., by F. E. Woodward 

noticed 321 

Bstabrook, Arthur Frederick, notice lix 

Bnuis, Oeorge HiU The seven against the 
wilderness. A brief account of the 
settlement of Wobum. Mass.. and of its 
founder, Capt. Edward Johnson nUiced 

Exeter, R. I., epitaphs 13 

Falrcliild, Avery, and Park families of Mass., 
Conn., and R. I. noticed 240 

FalM» De Coureey The Fales family of Bristol, 
R. I., ancestry of Haliburton Fides of 
New York noticed 82 

fades genealogy, by D. Fales noticed 82 

Fiake, Andrew Report of the Committee to 
assist the Historian xvi 

F P to o m Family Association, eighth annual re- 
union. 1019 fMCMsd 321 

Foi Fkmily News, vol. 7, 1919 noHeed 321 

Ftmbuui, Mrs. Caroline Sumner (Case), 
notice Ixz 

FrMT* Charles Lang, notice Izv 

FrvMtoae genealogical notice of family of 
Richard 141 

FoUer, Wi&iam Hytiop Genealogy of some 
descendants of Thomas Fuller of 
Wobum noticed 101 

Falter genealogy, descendants of Thomas of 
wobum, Mass.. by W. H. Fuller 

OaD, Henry R. and IT. O. Jordan One hundred 
years of fire insurance, being a history of 
the Aetna Insurance Co., Hartford. 
Conn.. 1810-1919 noticed 242 

Gefford eee Gifford 

Georse. Lake. N. Y.. Diamond Island, battle 
1777. letters concerning 284 

GIMt» Robert, note 168 

OlffOSD mad ▼•rUuits 

Gilford, Francis, will 1626 277 
John. wiU 1672 272 
Margaret, ancestry. English, inquisitions 

and records concerning 231 
Nicholas, grant 1646 268 

GBrFonn. Nicholas, will 1646 270 
Thomas. wiU 1611 268 

GiFTAno. Amy. will 1618 276 

Sir George. wiU 1662 271 

Jane, wm 1632 277 

Thomas, release 1431 268 
GxTFAROB. Roger, will 1691 274 

Thomas. wOl 1661 270 

GiFVOBDB. Lady Philippa, wiU 1693 274 

Gtitabd, Thomas, suit against John and Isabel 
Stokes, for recovery of manor of Heliden, 
1416 267 

GrrroBD, Agnes, will 1684 272 

Gtffgbdb. John, will 1647 260 
Roger. wiU 1644 269 

GUman family, history in letters and doea- 
ments. 1667-1837. edited by Mrs. Charles 
P. Noyes, 2 vols, noticed 241 

Goodspeed, Chariee Bliot Report of the Com- 
mittee on Sale of Pubhoations xv 

Gould, Oeorge Latnbert Rqport of the Commit- 
t4>e on Finance xiv 
Report of the Treasurer 
William Edward, notice liii 

Green, Dr. Samuel Abbott, memoir with por- 
trait and autograph 243 

Greenlaw, WiUiam PreeeoU Report of the 
Librarian xx 
Report of the Special Committee o& En- 
dowment and Members xix 

Gyffard eee Gifford 

Gyfford eee GifFord 

Gyfforde eee Gifford 

Halle, Mrs. Amelia L. (Chapin), notice bdv 

Hampden, note on family 137 

Harris, Edward Doubleday, notice xhriii 

Hartford, Conn., Aetna Insurance Compaajr, 
history. 1810-1919. by H. R. Qadfaiid 

W. G. Jordan notieed 242 
Asylum Hill Congregational Churoh, man- 
ual, 1866-1920 noticed 822 

Harvard University. Class of 1663, memoirs, 
1918-1920 noiiosd 822 
Class of 1804. 26th anniversary report 
noticed 82; supplementary rsport fi«- 
ticed 322 

Henniker, N. H., Congregational church* 
celebration of 160ta anniversary 1010 
noticed 242 

Heraldry, coats of arms, reeording of 80 160 
240 321 

Hewins. Miee Clara Carroll Letters from 
James and Joanna Sampson in England, 
1711. 1730/1 146 

Hicks, Ree. Lewie WHder Memoirs of the 
New England Historic Genealogical 
Society xxxix 
RepOTt of the Historian xxxvi 
Hon. William Paine Sheffield. A. M. 88 

Higginson, Ma). Henry Lee. memoir with 
portrait and autograph 163 

Hnis, Mrs. Josephine (Drew), notioe xli 

Hilton, Mre. Marietta Francee (Stacy) Reoorda 
of the Second Churoh of Berwick. Me.. 
1766-1867 211 246 

Holman, Mre. Mary Leeerin§ The mother of 
Rev. John Whealwritfit 61 
TheSoott genealogy 

Index of Subjects 

O. Ths life of Leonaid Wood 

Ctayton Wood, ootiee hriii 

i»-MaiM»r mmm\otj, anoestrv of 
Andrew C^ BftuoMgr and Mary J. Marritt 
Hotjkina, parents of Frank A. Munaey. 
Iqr D. O. 8. Lowell notieml 161 

Mn. FUrenet E^vnddM Canant R«- 
of Um Conunitteo on Inonaae of 


WthtUr Additionaandoorreotions 
for tha old famiHaa of Saliabury and 
"V4aaa , aurotemental to 
ending on pace 1037, toL 3 

'p JmmM T. Poetie prodootiona of 
mtj okd mM» notie$d 241 

istar sanealofy. in- Poetie productiooa 
of my old age* by J. T. Holfmaater 

Georga Allan, notioa zliv 

deaoandanta of Daniel, in 

hielo^. 1M»-1918. by E. L. Bocart 
ad J. if. BCathewa nctietd 241 

, daacendanta of Jonathan. 

am IncarsoU 

NeweU Sin. notioe Izyi 

fir John, letter from Col. John Brown, 
1177 285 

Riehaid. note on family 22 

Wmiam Omrat mnd H. R. Oott One 
yeara of fire inanranoe; being 
a faietory of the Aetna Inauranoe Co., 
HartfotPd, Conn., 1819-1910 noticed 

iif>«d Rwhdpk Genealogical re- 
- in EngUuMi 68 130 

A nwtin BaxUr Centennial biographiea. 
Two Amberat Dieldnaona. Rer. Auatin 
Diddnaon, A. M., Rev. BasKter Dickin- 
ao«. D. D. nolMMl 241 

fond, report of tntateea for 1919 xzzi 

Jmmu If . and ff. D. CooUd^e Man- 
I for the uaa of the General Court, 
rino ealMad 322 

Alfred Beard, memoir notietd 162 

Brown, notioe hczi 

_, deaoandanta of Henry, in 
tioo 821 

Ahrmma, reeord of family 238 

Conn., epitapha 68 108 

Bdwiffd BhrwB, noUea Ixii 

BOle OB family 98 

Maj. Gkn. Benjamin, lettera from John 
an eonoeming batUaa of Tieooderoga 
Diamond Uand, 1777 284 

.._ , who ahaO inherit lone life, treatiae, 
by A. O. Bell natie^ l& 

Thamion KirUmnd, Jr. MaJ. Henry 
HiggiMon, A.M.. LL.D. 168 

Otro Sm iik A Munaey-Hop- 

„, — lalogy, being the anoeatry of 

A. C. Mnoeey and M. J. M. Hopkina 
" 161 

B of&r i TwaDty-fire year 
of Ninety Three, Sheffield 
Bol wttfcee 822 

McNear, Capt. John, notioe of famQy 93 

McNear, family notea 21 

Maiater, John, will 1559 279 

Manley» Henry, notioe bcviii 

Manley cenealogy, deaoendanta of Capt. 
Wimam, in preparation 82 

Maaon, Mary, letter fat>m her aiater, Joanna 

Sampeon, 1711 148 
Noah, letter fat>m Jamee and Joanna Samp- 

aon, 1731 149 
Noah and Mary, letter from Jamea Sampeon, 

1711 147 

Maaaadiuaetta Bay, Provinoe of, aota and re- 
aolvea, vol. 20. being vol. 15 of the 
appendix noHeed 82 

Maaaaohuaetta, Court, General, aota, general, 

1919 nolieed 241 

aota and reaolvea, apeeial, 19 19 noticed 242 

manual for the uae of, 1920, by H. D. 

CooUd«»andJ.W.iamballno<u:«d 322 

Houae of Repreaentativea, joumala, 1715- 

1717 noticed 162 
reoord oommiaaioner, report, 1919, by F. 

S. Perkina, noticed 242 
treea, hiatorio, by J. R. Simmona noticed 

Mathewa, John Mabrp and B. L. Booati 
The centennial hiatory of Illinoii, vol. 5. 
The modem eommonwealth, 1893- 

1918 noticed 241 

Matthewa, AUbert E!arly Sunday aohoola in 
Boaton viotiead 162 

Meana, Rev. Frederiek Howard, notioe hdv 

Merriam^ John Me Kinttry Report of the Com- 
mittee on Papera and Eaaaya xviii 

Miaeiaaippi Hiatorioal Society, publicationa. 
centenary aeriea, vol. 3 m^iced 242 

Moriarty, Oeorge Andrewe, Jr. Genealogioal 

reeearoh in England 231 267 
Report of the Committee on Engliah Re- 

aearch xvi 
Report of the Correaponding Secretary 

Hon. Samuel Abbott Green, A.M., M.D.. 

LL.D. 243 

Monaey-Hopkina genealogy, anoeativ of 
Andrew C. Munaey and Mary J. Merritt 
Hopkina. parenta of Frank A. Munaey. 
by D. O. S. Lowell noticed 161 

Nanaegloa, Robert, will 1465 279 
Willum, wiU 1477 279 

The National Cider of the KnighU of the 
Golden Horaeahoe. offioera, membera, 
conatitution. charter, etc. noticed 162 

Nelaon, Daniel, note on family 158 

Nelaon genealopy, deacendanta of Thomaa, in 
preparation 321 

New England, Temple of Honor, addreaa be- 
fore N. E. Hiat. Gen. Society. Mar. 18. 
1920. by J. P. Baxter 121; noitoad 322 
tummkea. hiatory. by F. J. Wood noticed 

New England Hiatoric Genealogical Society, 
addreea. Mar. 18. 1920. by J. P. Baxter 

Celebration of 75th anniveraary of ita in- 
corporation 1920. notice 159 

Charter and enabling acta Ixxiv 

Committee on Enguah Reeearoh. report for 

1919 xvi 

Committee on Epitapha. report for 1919 

Committee on Finance, report for 1919 xiv 
Committee on Heraldry, report for 1919 

Committee on Inoreaae of Memberahip, 

report for 1919 zv 

Index of Subjects 

New RtnUnd, ete. oont*d 
Committae on the Library, report for 1910 

Committee on Papers and Emayn, report for 

1919 xriii 
Committee on Publications, report for 1919 

Committee on Sale of Publications, report for 

1919 XV 
Committee on Ways and Means, report for 

1919 XV 
Committee to assist the Historian, report 

for 1919 xvi 
Corresponding Secretary, report for 1919 

Council, report for 1919 xiii 
Historian, report for 1919 xxxvi 
librarian, report for 1919 xx 
Memoirs, 1917, 1918. and 1919 xxxix 
Officers and committees for 1920 v 
Pilgrim tercentenary members 76 155 

237 xxi xxvi 
Proceedingi, 1919 76:1920 155 237 ix 
Special Committee on Endowment and Mem- 
bers, report for 1919 xix 
TVeasorer, report for 1919 xxxii 

Neiriiall* Charles Lsrman, notice Ix 

Newport Historical Society, bulletins, nos. 
27,28.29.and30iiotic«d 242 

Hofris, Dr. Albert Lane, notice Ixi 
Charles Sewall, notice U 

North Kingstown, R. I., epitaphs 13 
Oigoodjnnealogy. descendants of Isaac Smith 

Park, Avery, and Fairchild families of Mass.. 
Conn., and R. I. noHeed 240 

Parker, Rev. Henry Ainsworth. notice xlv 

Parmentei , Jamea Parker Report of the Com- 
mittee on Publications xvi 

Partridge, 0§orge PairbarUu History of the town 
of Bellmgham. Mass.. 1719-1919 no- 
ticed 82 

Perdval. Daniel, record of family of Campton, 
N. H. 239 

PerUiia, Frank 8. Thirty-second report of the 
commissioner of public records for the 
year 1919 noticed 242 

Pinchon, note on family 140 

Pleasants, Dr. </aco6 Hail The Curson family 
of New York Mid Baltimore and their 
English descent noHeed 82 

Polk, genealogical noUce 308 

Pntnam genealogy, descendants of Andrew, by 
J. Barnard noticed 82 

Saithbeck, genealogical notice of families of 
Thomas and William 143 

Rsndslj, Mre. Mary Stiekney Report of the 
Committee on the Library xvii 

Reynolds meeting of family, 1919 noticed 

Rboades, NUeon Osgood Foreign ancestry 

number, September, 1919. Vol. 1. 

no. 2. The Rhodes Family in America 

noticed 161 
June. 1919. Vol. 1, no. 1. The Rhodes 

Family in America noticed 161 
Progress number. February, 1920. Vol. 1. 

no. 3. The Rhodes Family in America 

noticed 222 

Rhodes Family in America, by N. O. Rhoades. 
vol. 1. nos. 1 and 2 noticed 161; vol. 1 
no. Saoiiosd 822 

Rice, FirankUa Pisroa. notioe xli 

Richardson, Edward Adams, notice slii 
WiUiam Streeter Report of the Committae OB 
Ways and Means xv 

Salisbury genealogy, in Salisburian, voL 1, 
no. 6 noticed 162 

Salisbury, Mass., and Amesbury, Mass., hi^ 
tory. old families, vol. 3, supplement, by 
D. W. Hoyt noticed 242 

Sampson, James, letter to Noah and Mary 

Mason, 1711 147 
James and Joanna, letter to Noah Mason, 

1731 149 
Joanna, letter to her sister, Mary Mason, 

1711 148 

Samson, family items 238 

Sargent, William, ancestry, English, tfaroogh 
his grandmother, Margaret Gifford 201 
William Story, notice Ixvii 

Sargent baptisms, marriages, and burials from 
English parish registen, 1569-1700 

SAZB7 and variants 

Saxby, Sir Edward, notice 130 

Saxilbt. Edward, will 1562 08 
Elisabeth, will 1564 69 

Scott genealogy, by M. L. Holman noticed 822 

Sewall, notes on family 203 

Shedd meeting of family, register, vol. 8, 
eighth annual meeting, 1919 noticed 

Sheffield, Hon. William Paine, memoir with 
portrait and autograph 83 

Shepard, ChaHee The Wildes family of Bur- 
lington Co., N. J. noticed 241 

Sherman, TKomae Townaend Sherman ceneal- 
ogy, including families of Essex, Suffolk, 
and Norfolk. Eng., some descendants 
of the immigrants Capt. John Sher- 
man, Rev. John Sherman, Edmund 
Sherman, and Samuel Sherman, and tha 
desoendants of Hon. Roger Sherman 
and Hon. Charles R. Sherman noticed 241 

Sherman genealogy, by T. T. Sherman no- 

Simmons, Jamee Raymond The historic tress 
of Massachusetts noticed 162 

Skinner, Joseph John, notice Ixix 

Smith genealogy, descendants of Justus, bom 
m 1778. died at Sandisfield. Mass.. in 
preparation 82 

Society of the Sons of the American Revolu- 
tion. Massachusetts, roll of membership, 
with ancestral records noticed 242 

Society of Sons of the Revolution, California, 
roster. 1920 noticed 162 

Somersworth. N. H.. records in diary of Joseph 
Tate 34 124 179 

Sons of the American Revolution tee Society of 
Sons of the American Revolution 

Sons of the Revolution eee Society of Sons of 
the Revolution 

Stackpole, Ree. Dr. Seerett Sehermerhom 
The Dunnings of Maine 97 

Standish, Dr. MUee Report of the Committee 
on Epitaphs xviii 

Stark, James Henry, notioe Ixii 

Stevens, Francis Herbert, notice liv 

Stiles, Cheeter D. A history of the town of 
Westfield noticed 82 

Stokes, John and Isabel, suit by Thomas 
Qytttd for recovery of manor of Heli- 
den, 1415 267 

Stooa, Daniel CUffotd, notioa Iv 

Index of SubjeeU 


, dtMondaati of JeremUh 
of Bunkv Hill ftfBdATitt. 

Adminl HHmam, notioe hrii 

Oria.Dolioe 1 

diaoy 84 IM 179 

Ha0Ti$om State of Conneoticut. 
lOOCh Muihronuy of the fint meet- 
JBg of the Generml Aeaembly noHeed 

N. T., battle 1777, aooounte by 
•ad Oen. Lincoln 284 

faialory. by H. C. Brearley 

C. One Iwanch of the Chiok- 

femily end the oomi^te anoeetry 

^iekering Niohols noHoed 161 

Ualcria. of BCaMMhaaettit by J. R. 


Uetory. by F. J. Wood noHud 

CViH— i. Chm of 1888, fiOth anniTenery 
■ " 182 

Bar. Wmiam, notice 138 

Society, proceedinfi. 
iMd 890 

1017-1918 naHetd 

Seth. letter from Col. John 
1777 287 

in, notice hoc 

Historical Society. coUeo- 
, no. 101. 1^ 

liaot. John Heniy. notice zliii 

Wettfield. Man., hietory. by E. G. Clark 
noHe^ 162 
history, by C. D. Stiles noficid 82 

Weston, Sir Jerome, will 1604 60 
Richard, coat of arms, note 136 
Richard. wiU 1572 69 
Bobtrt D%ek9on Report of the Committee 
on Heraldry xVii 

Weston genealogy, descendants of William 

Wheelwright, Rev. John, mother of 51 

WOcoz, Ethan, notice zliv 

Wildes genealogy, by C. Shepard noHeed 241 

WiUard, Ashton Rollins, notice zl 

Wing genealogy, in The Owl. vol. 20. nos. 1-4 
nofiMd 241 

Wobum. Mass.. history, by G. H. Evans 
iuMe^d 322 

Wood, Frtd^ric Jamu The tumpikee of New 
England and evolution of the same 
throiigh En^Uuid, Virginia and Mary- 
land nofiosd 242 
Gen. Leonard, life, by J. G. Holme noftcid 

Woodmen. Mrs. Jennie Stetson (Bsrtell), 
notice lis 

Woods, Henry Ernest, memoir with portrait 
and autograph 8 

Woodward, Frank Emnt The Erskine family 
of Bristol. Me. 16 87; noiietd 821 

Wrillit genealogy, descendants of Richard, 
in preparation 240 

Yale College. Sheffield Scientific School. Class 
of 1803. twenty-five year record, by 
F. B. McMullen noUeed 322 

Toosg genealo^. descendants of William, in 
prepsration 240 







JANUARY, 1920 

By HxNBT WiNCHBOTEB CoNNiNaHAM, A. B., of Milton, Mass. 

Heeibt Ebnbst Woods, so long an active member of this Society 
and for so many years a worker in the field of New England history 
and eeoealc^^, died suddenly of heart trouble at the Hotel Weldon 
at Greenfidd, Mass., 11 October 1919, while on the performance of 
Ub duties as State Conmiissioner of Public Records. 

Hie son of Henry Thayer and Ellen (Thayer) Woods, he was bom 
in Boston, at the home of his grandfather, EUjah Thayer, 181 Salem 
Street, 5 June 1857,* and was descended through both his father 
and mottier from a long line of New England ancestors. His father, 
a wbokgale dry-goods merchant of Boston, had come from the 
town of Groton, Mass., where he was bom in 1830, and descended 
from the wellrknown Woods family of that town through Hemy* 
(18Q2-1841) and his wife Hannah Maria Thayer of HolUs, N. H.. 
CoL Samson' (1760-1826), a Revolutionaiy soldier of Pepperell 
and Groton, and his wife Alice Tarbell, Brig. Gen. Henry^ (1733- 
1804) of Groton and Pepperell, an officer in the French and Indian 
Wan, the Revolution, and during Shays's Rebellion, and a general 
m the militia, and his wife Deborah Parker, Isaac' (1700-1775) of 
Groton and his wife Abigail Stevens, Nathaniel' (1668-1738) of 

Groton and his first wife Eleanor , and Samuel,^ the earliest 

ancestor in America, who was bom about 1636 and moved with his 
wife Alice Rushton to Groton in 1662, where he was an original 
proprietor. Mr. Woods's mother was of the well-known Thayer 
uunily, descending from the emigrant Thomas Thayer or Tayer, 
who was at Braintree, Mass., before 1639. 

Hany Woods, as he was familiarly known to all his friends, grew 
op in Boston, and was a student at Chauncy Hall School from 1865 
to 1875, going to the School when it was still located in Chauncy 
Street, and fitting for Harvard, where he would probably have been 
a member of the Class of 1881 ; but at the time he was not in robust 
health, and trouble with his eyes obliged him to give up all idea of 
ping to college. For a brief time he took a position in a wholesale 
boot and shoe house, starting at the bottom and expecting to make 

*Ai fint bt WM luanad Henry Elijah Woods, but the middle zuune was ohanged to Ernest in 

4 Henry Ernest Woods [Jan. 

business his life work; but in a few months his health obliged him to 
stot) work, and he crossed the Atlantic and spent a long time journey- 
ing through England, Scotland, and other parts of Europe. On his 
return home he began again in the same business in January 1877, 
and remained in it for several years. 

Previous to his European trip he had, in the winter of 1871-2, 
made a voyage to Cuba, and from there across the Gulf to New 
Orleans, thence to Florida, and up the Atlantic coast. In fact, as 
he wrote in 1880, he had for the previous ten years scarcely for a 
year missed a journey in some direction, even if it was only a vaca- 
tion trip, and for several years at this period he passed a part of each 
summer at Kennebimkport, Me., and took an active part in the 
sunmier life there, serving for a long time as honorary secretary of 
the little casino. 

These trips during his early life, most of them taken for the benefit 
of his health, interfered with the continuous progress of his school 
life. But he had many inborn talents and a natural inclination 
towards an artistic and literary life, and he gradually turned his 
attention to this work, at first as an amateur; then, as his interest 
and his ability developed, he became, perhaps before he fully reaUzed 
it, for he was ever modest as to his accomplishments, so well equipped 
that there were few in his lines so well fitted to pursue the work as 
a profession. 

To those who knew him only in his late years, when he was busy 
with New En^and records, it may be a surprise to know how clever 
he was with his pencdl, and that for several years he was a more or 
less regular contributor to Life; and this artistic touch continued in 
his neat and characteristic lumdwriting and in the clear and attrac- 
tive way in which he made a genealogical chart, and, quite likely, 
it iofluenced him in his study of herald^. 

He joined this Society 5 May 1880, tiien in his twenty-third year, 
becoming a life member in 1902; and he soon b^an to take an active 
interest in its work, contributing to the Register in 1883 an article 
on the English ancestry of the Thayers, his mother's family, at 
Thombury in Gloucestershire, and a few years later a review of an 
"Rnglifth genealogical book.* 

In 1888 he became a member of the C!ommittee on Heraldiy, and 
continued as such till 1910, serving many years as its chaunnan; 
and, in the annual report which he made in December 1898 and 
which was adopted by the Society at the following annual meeting, 
he took a strong position on the proper and improper use of coat 
armor by Americans, a position that received much conunendation 
at home and abroad. I^m a long study he became well-versed in 
heraldry, probably as much so as anyone in the conmiunity, and 
was often consulted and gave freely of his advice to those in search 
of the true interpretation of a coat of arms. He had little patience 
with professionals who were too ready to make up arms for anyone, 

*H« WM ftlao the author oi Some D««oendanta of Digory Sargent of Boat<»i and Woreeater. 
MaM., a brief genealogy which appeared in the Rboutkb of October 1904 Mid was afterwarda 
reprinted,' of The Woods Family of Qroton. Mass.. publiahed in the Rsonm in 1010 and re- 
printed, and of eereral other abort productions; but most of his literary woric waa it^*t^a1 or 
oonriated of reports, many of which are long and valuable. 

1920] Henry Ernest Woods 5 

or with those who insisted on using spurious anns. It did Aot 
seem to him honest, and anything dishonest was repugnant to 
his nature. In the Register for April 1895 he made a communica- 
tian on the arms of Anne Radcliffe, Lady Moulson, and was con- 
sulted by the authorities of Radcliffe College about these arms and 
as to a proper seal for the College. 

In addition to his work for the Society on heraldry, he soon became 
a member of the Committee on the Library, and in the early nineties, 
when the writer first began to take an interest in the Society, wh^re 
he made Mr. Woods's acquaintance, he was serving as secretary of 
that Committee and was active and alert in adding valuable books 
to the library. His knowledge of English parish registers was 
ertenaive, and it was largely through his advice that the Society 
began the systematic collection of this important addition to its 

For fifteen or twenty 3rears he had been a constant visitor at the 
liteaiy and a delver in the records of New England families, and 
had nuuie brief genealogies for himself and given help to all his 
friends who were searchmg in these fields unusual to them, so that 
in the winter of 1901, when the late John Ward Dean became ill and 
unable to continue his work as Editor of the Registeb, Mr. Woods 
was asked to edit the April, July, and October numb^; and after 
that he was chosen Editor and continued till 1907, when he was 
eaDed to other duties. 

President Baxter in his address at the annual meeting of the 
Society in 1902, in speaking of the great loss the Society had su£Fered 
in the death of Mr. Dean, said ibkt they were fortunate in having 
tried men in their service, and, continumg, said: ''One of these, I 
think, you will not object to have me particularly mention, and that 
is the present Editor of the Register, Mr. Woods. H^ services 
have been so valuable that I cannot refrain from congratulating you 
far having secured them." And in his annual address the following 
year Bfr. Baxter again called attention to Mr. Woods's work, 8a3dng: 
^ think you will all agree with me that imder the able editorship 
of Mr. Woods it [the Register] has grown better than ever." The 
late CSal^ B. Tlllinghast, for many years our Vice-President and 
CShaiiman of the Committee on Publications, had been thrown with 
maaj pubUc men and was a keen judge of human nature, and at first 
be baa some little doubt whether Mr. Woods would care to take 
op regular professional duties; but he soon found that he was not 
only accurate and skilful but conscientious and regular in the dis- 
charge at his duties, and the two men became the warmest of personal 
fiieods, often making Uttle summer trips together. 

In 1901 an active movement was made, mainly through the 
initiative of Edmund D. Barbour, in which he was strongly backed 
by Mr. Greenlaw and Mr. Woods, to have the State assist in the 
preservation of the vital records of the cities and towns of Massa- 
chusetts, by encouraging the printing each year of a fixed amount of 
socfa records in book form. This movement resulted in the Vital 
Records Act of June 1902, and Mr. Woods at once began the work 
tor this Sodety, publishing during the first year the records of six 

6 Henry Ernest Woods [Jan. 

small towns. In all he edited thirty-two volumes of these Vital 

In 1907 Robert T. Swan, the first Conmiissioner of Public Records 
for Massachusetts, died, and Mr. Woods was appointed to succeed 
him, receiving the appointment from his old schoolmate and lifelong 
friend, Curtis Guild, who was then Governor. This new position 
necessitated the withdrawal of Mr. Woods from active work for ^taa 
Society, though he still served on conmiittees and for three shears 
(1908-1910) as a member of the Council,* and again the President 
voiced in his annual address what must have been the feeling of aU, 
saying: ''The retirement of Mr. Woods from the editorship of publi- 
cations requires more than a passing notice. Since his connection 
with that department, Mr. Woods has not only rendered the most 
devoted service to the interests of the Society, but has sho?m himsdf 
to be possessed of editorial ability of a iugh character. In his 
association with the members of this Society and its officers, his 
unvarying courtesy and exuberant good will have endeared him to 
us iJl, and his vacant chair will remind us of a personal loss.'' 

Mr. Woods's work as Conmiissioner took him to all parts of the 
State for a personal examination of the condition and methods of 
preservation of the town records, and it was while on one of these 
trips that he died. When he made these trips in summer his friends 
Grenville H. Norcross and Francis Apthorp Foster and some- 
times others often went with him; and they dc^ght in telling of the 
tact with which he handled his business, for the average town clerk 
is not apt to look with pleasure upon the advent of a State official 
who may criticize his work or oblige him to do it in some new way; 
but most of them melted imder the hearty and smiling good nature 
with which Mr. Woods approached them, and it was sddom that he 
had to invoke his legal powers to accomplish his ends, though he did 
not hesitate to do this when necessary. He did a good work in 
encouraging the care and preservation of historic records, for his 
training had taught him their value, and he well knew how easily 
they might become lost or damaged in careless hands. 

His achievements were recognized by election to membership in 
the American Antiquarian Society in 1907 and in the Massachusetts 
Historical Society in 1908, and he was one of the founders of The 
Colonial Society of Massachusetts in 1892. He was made an honor- 
ary member of the Harvard Chapter of Phi Beta Kappa in 1901 and 
of many historical organizations at various times, and Bowdoin 
College gave him the honorary degree of Master of Arts in 1903. 

He was never married, and for many years made his home with 
his mother, to whom he was devoted through her years of acute 
suffering from rheumatic gout, and he did much also for the care of 
an invalid brother; but during recent years he had rooms on New- 
bury Street in Boston and really made his home at the near-by St. 
Botolph Club, where he enjoyed the companionship of friends with 
kindred tastes in art and literature. 

*Mr. Woods was one of the donors to the fund raised for the erection of the new Iniilding of 
the Society at 9 Ashburton Place. Boston, and he was a member of the Special Ezeoative, 
Finance, and Building Committee in 1011 and 1012. He was also a member of the Com- 
mittee on Consolidated Index during the years 1010, 1011, and 1012. 

1820] Early Vital Records of CoJrain, Mass. 7 

He had a large acquaintance, and knew much about the origin 
and careers of most Boston people, even though he was not personally 
acquainted with than. And be had a few warm, personal friends, 
perhaps quite as many as the average man. These intimates always 
r^nained his intimates, for they knew his sterling worth and lus 
steadfast friendship, and they luul penetrated through an outside 
manner perhaps due to shyness and knew what a loyal friend and 
genial companion he could be. It was always a pleasure to meet 
him, even for a passing word upon the street, and see his face light up 
*with a cheery smile. Those who wete but mere acquaintances have 
never really known Harry Woods. 

He has accomplished much in his career, although he had his full 
share of cares and sorrows and must have had many lonely moments, 
but he has left a happy memory with his friends. 

Prater f Ave atque Vale. 


Fbom a manxtscript in the possession of the New England Historic 

Genealogical Socibtt 

[Concluded from vol. 73, page 260] 

[Children of] Oren and Keziah Smith. 

Eunice, bom May 6, 1779. 

Sept. 7,1781. 
Dec. 31, 1783. 

Feb. 7, 1793. rp . 
Feb. 7,1793. T^^^- 


Walter B., 






[Children of] David and Martha Smith. 

Rachel, bom Feb. 1, 1782. 

John, " Feb. 22, 1784. 

Eunice, " Jan. 30, 1786. 

David, " May 4,1788. 

Sabrina, " Aug. 12, 1790. 

Clindia, " Nov. 24, 1792. 

Calvin, " June 5, 1795, d. Nov. 27, 1795. 

Calvin, " Oct. 22, 1796, d. Feb. 13, 1822. 

Clarissa, " Apr. 12, 1799, d. Apr. 18, 1820. 

Fanny, " Mar. 20, 1802. 

[Children of] Calvin and Ann Smith. 

Jenney, bom Oct. 11, 1788. 

Levina, " Dec. 28, 1789. 

Ann, " June 16, 1792, d. Feb. 6, 1795. 

SaUy, " Mar. 4,1794. 

Joseph, " Feb. 20, 1796, 

Ann, " Feb. 19, 1798. 

Betsey, " Dec, 24, 1799. 

8 Early Viial Beeord$ of Cobroin^ Mass. [Jan. 

[Child of] Hesekiah and Eunice Smith. 
Luther, bom Feb. 7, 1767. 

[CMdien of] HezekiAh and Sally Smith. He was bom Oct. 3, 1781. 
Sally Holland was bom Jan. 19, 1781. Married May 10, 1803. 
Esther E., bom Mar. 7, 1804. 
Mary, " Nov. 26, 1805. 

Martha H., '' Feb. 18, 1808. 
Hezekiah, " Feb. 16, 1810. 
Sarah C, " Oct. 19,1812. 
Rhoda, '' July 25, 1815. 

Nathaniel, '' Apr. 1,1819. 
Harriet L., " Feb. 5,1822. 

[Chfldren of] John and Fanny Smith. 

David Long, bom Aug. 24, 1812. 

John L., " Apr. 25, 1814, d. Jan. 21, 1819. 

Allen B^ *' June 17, 1816. 

Walter B., " July 12, 1818. 

Fanny C, " Aug. 21, 1821. 

[Children of] Rominer, Junior, and Sarah Snuth, married Nov. 27, 1824. 
Martha Ann, bom Dec. 6, 1825. 
Hannah D., '' Feb. 6,1828. 
EbenexerB., " Mar. 11, 1830. 

[Child of] William and Elisabeth Stevens. 
Robert, bom Apr. 14, 1786. 

[Chfldren of] Samuel and Alice Stewart. 
Mary, bom May 13, 1753. 
Alice, '' Mar. 26, 1754. 
Rebecca, '' July 26, 1756. 
James, " Jan. 5, 1759. 

[Children of] James and Agnes Stewart. She died Feb. 12, 1784. 
Martha, bom Jan. 14, 1756. 
Ephriam, " Sept. 22, 1757, d. Sept 17, 1761. 
James, ** Feb. 9,1759. 

Hugh, '* Aug. 19, 1761. 

Elisabeth, '* Aug. 29, 1763. 
Levi, " Aug. 10, 1765, d. Sept. 21»«1765. 

Simeon, " Sept 27, 1766. 

Walter, " Dec 18, 1768. 

Mary Ann, " Feb. 22, 1771. 
Daniel, " July 29, 1773. 

David, " July 1, 1776, d. Oct. 10, 1779. 

James Stewart, senior, died Sept. 20, 1773, m. 92. 
Jean '' died Sept. 6,1777. 

[Children of] James, Jun., and Esther Stewart 
Jesse, bom July 8, 1784. 

David, " July 8,1784. 

Clarissa, " June 2,1787. 

[Chfldren of] Wflliam and Elisabeth Stewart. 

Thankful, bom Dec. 24, 1758. 
David, " Feb. 24, 1761. 

Sarah. '' July 26, 1763. 

Jonathan, '' Nov. 30, 1765, d. Sept 10, 1767. 
Mary. " Nov. 5,1768. 

Jonatban, ** Apr. 10, 1771. 
Anna, " 1781. 

1920] Bariti ViUd Reeardi cf Cobrmn, Man. 9 

[Qiildzen of] WDliam and Mary Stewart. 
Ehmioe. bom Apr. 14, 1769. 
Lemuel, " June 28, 1772. 

[CSiDdren of) Hufi^ and Rhoda Stewart. 
Nanoy, bom Dec 30, 1785. 
Electa, " Dec. 11, 1787. 

Ephriam, " Dec 14, 1780. 
David, '' Jan. 80, 1792. 

Charlotte, '' Oct. 10,1794. 

[Children of] Enos and Lucretia Stewart. 
Lydia, bom Oct. 26, 1788. 
SaUy, '' Dec. 28, 1790. 

Enoe, '' May 20, 1794. 

Luther, ** May 5, 1796. 
William, '' Dec 10, 1798. 
Anna, '' Oct. 24, 1800. 
Matilda, " Nov. 12, 1805. 
PoUy, " Dec. 4,1807. 

[CUldren of] Amoe and Margaret Stewart. 
Amariah H., bom May 3, 1818. 
\rilliam, " Sept. 16, 1820. 

Silas S., '' Dec 23, 1822. 

Nancy S., '' May 10, 1825. 
David, " July 29, 1827. 

Amoe, " Dec 26, 1829. 

[Children of] Joeiah and Mary Stone 
Joeeph, bom July 13, 1772. 
Sarah, '' June 13, 1775. 
Huldah, " Sept. 16, 1778. 

[Children of] Eliaa and Sarah Stone. 

Elias, bom Sept. 17, 1791, d. Mar. 19, 1801. 
David, " July 19, 1793. 
Sarah, '' May 31, 1795. 
Sylvester, " Nov. 18, 1797. 

Mar. 15, 1800. 


Levi, '' Apr. 18, 1802. 

Betsey, '' lifor. 28, 1804. 

[Qiild of] Samuel and Anne Stone. 

Theophilus, bom Oct. 19, 1792. 

(Children of] Henry and Mary Strongman. 
William, bom Sq>t. 15, 1750. 
Richard, " June 4,1753. 

[CSiildren of] James and Susanna Taggart. 

Eunice, bom Aug. 17, 1792. 
James, " Nov. 20, 1795. rp- 
John, " Nov. 20, 1795. ^^"^^^^ 

Levi, " Mar. 7,1798. 

George, " Nov. 13, 1799. 
Anna, " Oct. 11,1801. 

Hiram, " June 23, 1805. 

[Children of] Rev. Samuel and Elizabeth Taggart. 

Daniel M., bom Oct. 29, 1779, d. Dec. 4, 1782. 
Samuel D., " May 21, 1781. n. . 
Robitj « May 21, 1781. ^^^™*- 

10 Early Vital Records of C6lrai% Man. [Jan. 

Daniel, " Apr. 25, 178«. 

Jean, " Apr. 21, 1785, d. July 16, 1786. 

Elizabeth, '< May 16, 1786. 

James, " Aug. 7, 1788. 

George, " Dec. 22, 1790, d. July 16, 1791. 

PoUy, " Mar. 28, 1792. 

Rufus, " July 24, 1793. 

Esther B., " Oct. 27, 1795. 

Lucy, " May 10, 1797. 

Moses, '' Aug. 21, 1799. 

[Children of] Rev. Samuel and Taggart. 

Catherine C, bom Feb. 19, 1817. 
Mary Ann, " Sept. 12, 1818. 
William A., " May 22, 1821. 

[Children of] David and Fanny Thomas. 
Maria, bom Apr. 9, 1798. 
Jenny, " Aug. 14, 1799. 

[Children of] Sebra and Polly Thomas. 

Sally, bom July 31, 1812, at Rowe. 

Bradford G., " Aug. 9, 1814, " " 
Miranda, " June 23, 1816. 

Emily, " " Mar. 23, 1818. 

Luranna, " Nov. 29, 1819. 

Mary Jane, '' Sept. 25, 1821. 
Aurilla, '< Sept. 5,1824. 

[Children of] Alexander and Margaret Thompson. 
Mary, bom Jan. 29, 1764. 

Ann, " Mar. 4,1766. 

Alexander, " Mar. 20, 1768. 

[Children of] Joseph and Jennet Thompson. 
Margaret, bom June 23, 1750. 
John, " May 12, 1752, d. May 14, 1783. 

Jane, " July 1,1754. 

[Children of] Joseph and Ann Thompson. 

Jenney, bom Deo. 30, 1787. 

Nancy, " Deo. 24, 1789. 

Joseph, " Sept. 30, 1791. 
Robert W., " June 12, 1793. 

Ann, " June 30, 1795. 

Margaret, " July 23, 1797. 

Calvm, " Mar. 22, 1799. 

Electa, " Nov. 10, 1800. 

[Children of] Hugh and Jean Thomson. 
John, bom Jan. 3, 1789. 

Robert, " Mar. 21, 1791. 
HughM., " May 21, 1793. 
Joseph, " Sept. 28, 1796. 

[Children of] Abraham and Elisabeth Tisdale. 
Lois, bom Mar. 31, 1800. 
Hope, " June 28, 1802. 
Sibel, " July 16, 1807. 
Isaac, " July 26, 1809. 
Teresta, " Mar. 6,1814. 

Joshua Totman, bom at Plymouth, Mass., Nov. 22, 1737, died Oct. 25, 

laaOii Early Vital Records of Colrain, Mass. 11 

Elizabeth Ward, bom at Plymouth Oct. 30, 1733, died May 18, 1818. 

[Children of] Jonathan and Jenney Totman. She died Jan. 23, 1831. 
Married June 14, 1810. 

Calvin S., bom Jan. 13, 1811. 

Joshua B., " Sept. 2, 1820. 

David Stoddard, '' May 13, 1823. 

[Children of] Stoddard and Rebecca Totman. He [was] bom Oct. 3, 
1756, married Mar. 16, 1780, Rebecca Cobb. She [was] bom Aug. 1, 
1759, died Aug. 7, 1825. 

Hannah, bom Apr. 25, 1781, d. Mar. 6, 1795. 







David A., 

Apr. 1, 1783, d. Jan. 1, 1815. 

Sept. 15, 1785. 

Sept. 15, 1787. 

Aug. 20, 1789, d. Dec. 2, 1814. 

Sept. 18, 1793. 

Sept. 16, 1795, d. June 23, 1817. 

Aug. 14, 1801, d. July 19, 1821. 

TTiinnAh Totman had a daughter bom Nov. 13, 1814, named Rebecca 
Totman Donelson. 

[Children of] Caleb and Mary Totman. He was bom Sept. 18, 1773, 
married Nov. 29, 1798, Mary Peterson, who was bom Apr. 5, 1776. 
Sylvanus P., bom July 26, 1800. 
Ruth W., " Mar. 7, 1803. 

Robert L., '* Jan. 21, 1805, d. June 27, 1807. 

Erastus E., " Dec. 20, 1806. 

Esther, " Dec. 16, 1808. 

Elizabeth Ward, " May 19, 1811. 
Levi B., " Sept. 13, 1813, d. Aug. 2, 1824. 

Dorcas W., " Mar. 29, 1818. 

[Children of] Arad and Tryphena Town. 

Cleora Augusta, bom Sept. 17, 1820, at Rowe. 
Maria Louisa, " Aug. 24, 1822. 
Nancy Streeter, " Apr. 25, 1825. 
DeWitt Clinton, " Jan. 3, 1828. 

[Child of] James and Mary Walles [sic, ? Wallace]. 
Seth, bom Dec. 1, 1761. 

[Child of] Elder Obed and Mary Warren. 
Lydia, bom Apr. 3, 1789. 

[Children of] Silas and Margaret White. 

Sarah, bom Oct. 12, 1762, at Uxbridge. 
Lydia, " Dec. 27, 1763, at Charlemont. 
Mary, " Feb. 25, 1765. 
John, " Feb. 23, 1767. 

[Child of] John and Hannah Whitney. 
Arad, bom Apr. 20, 1789. 

[Child of] James and Catherine Wilde. 
John, bom Nov. 8, 1768. 

[Children of] Daniel and Patty Willis. 

Asaph, bom Aug. 23, 1798, d. Sept. 4, 1803. 


Geor|e W., 

Dec. 9 1799. 

July 25, 1801,* d. Aug. 7, 1801. 

Nov. 28, 1802. 

Aug. 14, 1804. 

June 4,1806. 

12 Body Vi^ BMord$ cf Cobrain, Ma$$. [Jan. 

AniiDb, " July 2,1808. 

0&7B, "* Mar. 14, 1810. 

Louisa, '* Jan. 2,1812. 

Mary 8., " Dec. 22, 1813. 

John M., ** Mar. 24, 1816. 

Nancy, '' July 10, 1818, d. Fdi>. 6, 1819. 

[Child of] George and Ludnda ^therelL 

George Randall, bom Aug. 17, 1814. 

[Qiildren of] Lt. Jonathan and Ann ^^^Hkon. 

Ann, bom Apr. 4, 1769, d. Oct. 22, 1775. 

John, " iSbx. 21, 1771. 

Margaret, '' Feb. 1, 1773, d. Oct. 23, 1775. 

Robert, " Mar. 25, 1775, d. Oct. 17, 1775. 

Jonathan, ** Apr. 12, 1777. 

James, " Feb: 21, 1779. 

Samud, " Fd>. 14, 1781. 

Hu^ '' Apr. 14, 1783. 

Thomas, " Jan. 20,1785. 

Ann, " Feb. 19, 1787. 

William R., '' Feb. 17, 1790. 

Sarah, " June 20, 1792. 

[Children of] John and Ann ^Hlson. 

Robert, bom Aug. 21, 1795. 
Jdm, " Sept. 10, 1798. 

S is, « Feb. 23, 1801. 

[Children of] DaTid and Margaret liaison. She died Apr.' 3, 1796. 
Joseph, bom Oct. 7, 1773, d. July 27, 1777. 
James, " Jan. 14, 1776, d. July 22, 1777. 
David, " Mar. 11, 1778. 
Rachel, '< Apr. 5, 1780, d. Aug. 21, 1781. 
Margaret, '' July 26, 1782. 
Robert, '* May 29, 1785. 
John, '' Aug. 15, 1787. 

Jenney, ** Aug. 5, 1789. 

Miss Nabby Wood. Her chiM bom Aug. 17, 1808, named Losina Har- 

Henry Wallace of Colerain and Cebera Dodge of Sidbume wen pub as 
intending marriage, Dec. 1, 1784. 

[Children of] John and Fhebe Workman. 
Mury, bom Nor. 28, 1755. 
Jean, '' Feb. 20, 1758. 

Lois, '' Jan. 31,1756. 

Ann, " Mar. 12, 1762. 

Sarah, '' Mar. 14, 1765. 

ITilliam, " Feb. 23, 1766, d. Aug. 21, 1767. 
Martha, " Nov. 17, 1768. 
DanidS., " Dec. 5,1770. 
Elizabeth, " Feb. 8,1775. 
Dorothy, " Sept. 18, 1778. 

[Children of] Danid and Dorothy Worionan. 
\rilliam, bom Jan. 21, 1798. 
Mary, " July 11. 1799. 
Loran, '' Jan. 13,1801. 

Elisabeth Bolton died Sept 13, 1767^ 

1920] InKriptioM at North KinQdown and Exeier, R. J. 18 

Wm. Mdanethon Bolton died Sept 6, VfSI. 
Elinbeth, wife of Hu^ Boltcm, senior, died Jan. 30, 1755. 
Joseph, son of Hucdli and Elisabeth Bolton, died Dec. 20, 1757. 
Hannah, wife of Matthew Bolton, died Dec. 28, 1761.^ 


O^ned by Hxmbt Eabl PAmcaimB. Commander, U.S.K., Retired, 

of Boston, Ml 

Bklow 18 printed the genealogical information supplied by the 
iDBcriptions in several family burial counds at North Emgntown and 
Exeter, R. I., which were visited in September 1913. 

North Exngstowm 

Updixb Bubial GnouNDt 

nances Avrault. wife of Peter Ayrault, aged 66, d. Jan. 3, 1711/12. 
Susanna, dau. of Daniel ft Mary Ayrault of Newport, d. May 3, 1807, aged 

Mn. Abigail U. BuDoek, wife of Jabei Bullock, d. Oct. 17, 1832, in 31st year. 
AUred U., son ci David U. A Ludnda H. Hagan, d. Sept. 5, 1837, aged 

10 days. 
Sarah Hagan, dau. of Lodowick ft Abigail Updike, d. May 6, 1850, in 79th 

Mrs. Anstis Lee, dau. of Lodowick Updike, Esq., d. July 11, 1864, in 100th 

Mrs. Marv, widow of Capt. Nathaniel Munday ft dau. of Lodowick ft 

Abigail Updike, d. Aug. 26, 1842, aged 75. 
hMiUhj widow oi rhilip Tillinghast of E. Greenwich ft dau. of Daniel ft 

liary Ayrault of Newport, d. Nov. 25, 1806, aged 82. 
Mrs. Abigail, wife of Lodowick Updike, Esq., d. May 21, 1826, in 86th year. 
Captain Alfred Updike, son of Lodowick ft Abigail UpcUke, b. Sept. 13, 1779, 

d. Fd>. 25, 1869. 
Dorcae. wife of Gapt. Alfred Updike ft dau. of Gardner ft Elisabeth Rqr- 

jmAb, d. Aug. 9, 1822, in 36th year. 
H.U. 1807 
Gen. James Updike, son of Lodowick ft Abigail Updike, d. Dec. 8, 1855, 

Lodowick Updike, Esq., d. June 6, 1804, in 80th year. 

Bnoim Tablit at CocuMCussoct 

Bat were buried in one grave Fortv men who died in the Swamp Fight or on 
the return inarch to Richara Smith's Block House December 1675 
Ejected by the State of Rhode Island 1907 

"FW* other dmih rMordt mn omitted, ae they mvely repeat informetion pferiouely gireii ia 

t At CoeumeuMoe, on the Smith-Updike-Contdon-IUthbuni fnow the Babbitt) Farm. Beridea 
the inemptioiM giTen beloir, about f ortyeight other cr»Tea are marked by onout field atonea. 
lOBeboiiklerMarthehoiiaeontheBabblUFtem. ' 

14 Inscriptuma at North Kingstown and Exeter, B. L [Jan. 


Abby, wife of Jonathan Congdon of Exeter, d. Mar. 26, 1847, in 69th year. 
Abi^Eul, wife of John Congdon late of Exeter, d. Oct. 19, 1831, aged 84. 
'Benjamin Congdon, d. Apr. 6, 1815, in 52d year. 
Elizabeth, wife of Gideon G. Congdon, b. Apr. 12, 1789, d. Oct. 2, 1879. 
Elizabeth, dau. of Gideon G. & Elizabeth Congdon, b. Apr. 6, 1827, d. 

Mar. 9, 1896. 
Gideon G. Congdon, d. Mar. 10, 1849, aged 66. 
Gideon G. Congdon. d. July 19, 1868, aged 44. 
Hannah Congdon, a. Aug. 9, 1837, in 83d year. 
Henry, son of Benjamin & Sarah Congdon, d. Mar. 19, 1805, aged 17 years, 

8 months, 11 days. 
Jonathan Congdon, d. Feb. 3, 1836, in 75th year. 
Capt. Joseph Congdon, d. Mar. 19, 1838, in 73d year. 
Mary Reynolds, wife of Gideon G. Congdon, b. Sept. 15, 1820, d. Feb. 3, 1897. 
Phebe, widow of Benjamin & Joseph Oongdon, b. Jan. 31, 1780, d. Feb. 10, 


Hbtnolds Bubial GnouNDt 

Mary Allen, wife of Nathan Allen, d. July 4, 1825, in 64th year. 

Nathan Allen, d. July 27, 1828, in 75th year. 

Annie M., dau. of John V. & Mary E. Essex, b. Sept. 12, 1864, d. Feb. 16, 

Ann Sarah, wife of Cornelius C. Pierce & dau. of Bowen & Isabella D. Rey- 
nolds, d. Nov. 15, 1878, aged 36 years, 10 months, 1 day. 
Rev. Bowen Reynolds, b. Nov. 11, 1814, d. Dec. 7, 1897. 
Elizabeth Bowen, wife of William Reynolds, d. 1st mo., 14th, 1832, in 5l8t 

Emily G., dau. of Bowen & Isabella D. Reynolds, d. Oct. 19, 1865, aged 16 

years, 7 months, 5 days. 
Isabella B., dau. of Bowen & Isabella D. Reynolds, d. Oct. 20, 1865, aged 13 

years, 3 months, 23 days. 
Isabdla D., wife of Rev. Bowen Reynolds, b. Apr. 28, 1816, d. Mar. 31, 1888. 
Jabez, son of Jabez & Mary Reynolds, d. Aug. 28, 1732, aged 3 weeks, 2 days. 
Jabez Reynolds, b. 1695, d. June 3. 1759, a^ 64. 
Jabez R^olds, b. Oct. 30, 1735, d. Oct. 30, 1801.1 
James, son of Jabez & Mary Reynolds, d. May 20, 1732, aged 1 year, 10 

Lydia B. Reynolds, wife of James P. Reynolds, d. 10th mo., 15th, 1805, 

in 89th year. 
Mary, wife d Jabez Reyziolds, d. Jane 3, 1759, in 66th year. 
Mary Ann Gardner, wife of William K. Rejmolds, b. Dec. 10, 1813, d. Sept. 15, 

Phdbe Clapp, wife of T^liam Reynolds, d. 7th mo., 10th, 1887, in 93d year. 
Sibil K., dau. of Bowen & Isabella D. Reynolds, d. Mar. 1, 1851, aged 5 years, 

4 months, 18 days. 
Suzannah Reynolds, wife of Jabez Reynolds, d. May 24, 1778, in 38th year. 
Sybil Keese, wife of Jabez Rejmolds, d. 3d mo., 19tii day, 1822, in 78th year. 
Thomas A. Reynolds, b. 2d mo., 2, 1828, d. 11th mo., 9, 1828. 
Thomas A. Reynolds, b. 4th mo., 22, 1837, d. 12th mo., 28, 1841. 
Reynolds 1660 In Memory of William and Elizabeth Reynolds Their 

Ancestors and Descendaats Erected by Thomas A. Reynolds 1904$ 

*At CooomeuMoe. 

fNear Sand Hill, on the "Great Plam"-Reynolds (now the EMex) Farm. Besidea the in- 
■eriptiona i:tvea below, about seventy-one other graves are marked by uncut field stones. 
tAnother inscription to this Jabes Reynolds gives his age as 66. 
|0& a large granite monument. 

1920] InseripHoM ai North Kingstown and Exeter, R. I. 15 

WiDiam Reynolds, d. 5th mo., 26th, 1860, in 82d year. 

Jdm Spencer, d. Nov. 1809, a09d 88. 

Soaanna Reynolds, wife of John Spencer, d. Dec. 1812, aged 91. 

WiGHTiiAN Burial Ground* 

Fknny Greene, wife of John R. Greene & dau. of the late Capt. John Wight- 
man, d. Feb. 10, 1846, aged 33 years, 5 months, 6 days. 
3 Infants of John R. & Fanny Greene. 
Fanny W., d Mar. 28, 1846, aged 2 months, 2 days. 

Abby R., d. Apr. 5, 1846, aged 2 months, 10 days. 
Infant son, d. Nov. 20, 1834, aged 15 da3^. 
Marey, dau. of Stephen & Elisabeth Greene, d. Oct. 24, 1773, aged 1 year, 

6 months, 20 OBiyB. 
Mifls Alice Wightman, b. Mar. 28, 1760, d. Jan. 20, 1832. 
Comfort, wife of Holmes ^ghtman, d. Feb. 19, 1818, in 73d year. 
Mrs. Eliiabeth Wightman, wife of Col. George Wightman, d. Feb. 1796, 

George Wightman 

Georae, son of Holmes & Comfort Wightman, d. Nov. 8, 1773, aged 7 years, 

6 months, 18 davs. 
Geoige Wightman, d. Aug. 10, 1834, in 79th year. 
Hester Ann, youngest dau. of John & Mary Wightman, d. Oct. 31, 1836, 

aged 18 years, 6 months, 5 days. 
HofaneB ITHghtman, d. Jan. 18, 1817, aged 70. 
Honee, son of John A Mary Wightman, d. Aug. 4, 181 — , aged 2 years, 

9 montiis, 14 days. 
Capt John Wightman, d. July 21, 1830, aged 47. 
Jofcm IJ^Hi^tman,! d. July 24, 1830, aged 47 years, 9 months. 
John Wightman, b. Sept. 20, 1821, d. Feb. 13, 1902. 
Josiah B. Wightman, d. Ma^ 26, 1873, m 67th year. 
Mary, wife ofCapt. John Wightman, d. Oct. 27, 1860, aged 77. 
Sarah, dau. of Holmes A Contort Wightman, d. Feb. 15, 1780, in 7th year. 
Saiah B., dau. of John ft Mary Wi^tman, d. Aug. 14, 1818, aged 9 years, 

13 days. 
Mrs. Waity Wightman, wife of George Wightman, b. Aug. 29, 1758, d. 

Nov. 25, 1821. 

Card Burial Ground} 

Ayloe, wife of Peleg Card, d. May 24, 1826, in 74th year. 
Fdeg Card, d. Oct. 19, 1846, in 92d year.|| 

*At Quidnwttt, on tbe Wightman (now the Cedar Crest) Farm. Beeidea the inseriptiona 

M balow. about twdre grarea are marked by uncut field atonea. 

tTha name and datca are on a large granite boulder. 

tParhH* identical with the Capt. John Wightman of the preceding inacription. 

fOn the road eaat of Newcomb'a Station, on the electric street railway. 

miia grave ia markH alao by the Sona of the American Revolution. 

16 The Bnkhie Family ci BriML, M^ [JaiL 

FomBB BuBiAL QaoujsD^ 

Jeremiah Fones, d. Apr. 29, 1747, in 84th year. 

Martha, wife of Jeremiah FoneB, cL Dec 2, 1764, in 88th year. 


Fhebe, wife of William Dawley, d. Apr. 23, 1851, in 70th year. 
^Braiiam Dawley, <L May 25, 1836, aged 74 years, 8 mootiis, 25 days. 

Dawlkt-Spbagux Bubial GBouimt 

Beo^amin Dawfev, d. Jan. 29, 1861, in 74th year. 

Damd Dawley, d. June 15, 1826, aged 74 years, 4 mcmtha, 4 days. 

Hannah, wife of Danid Dawlqry d. Mar. 1, 1^0, aged 58 years, 2 mantha, 

Rnhama, wife of Benjamin Dawley, d. Fd>. 5, 1861, in 65Ui year. 
Solomon Sprague, d. F^. 19, 1884, aged 89 years, 11 months. 
Sosan, wife of Rolnmon ^[vagne, dL Mar. 26, 1861, aged 67 years, 8 months, 

28 days. 

By FkAXX Eamsr Woodwabd of Wdleiky HiDi^ 

Thb Ersldne families are nmneioas and wide-spmd in Scotland. 
According to Low^s '1>ictioiiary of the Flamity Names of the United 
Kngdom" the ancient and noble Scottidi &mily bearing tUsi aar- 
name doived it from the barony of Erskine on the CSyde, in Ben- 
frewdiire, and the name was first assumed as a surname by Henry 
<tf Erskine about the year 1220. The first of the name to attain 
historical importance was Robot Eedine, who became Earl of Mar 
in 1435, on the death of Alexander, the fonner Earl of Mar, without 
issue. This Robot was a grandson of TsaheBa> Countess of Mar. 
From that date until comparativety recent times this tamilj has 
been prominent in the mintary, political, and idigioaB annak of 
ScotlaixL AlftTander Fiaguaon^ bjogyapbg of Henry Etekine, Lord 
Adrocate of Scotland, states that *Hhere is scared a r iu Bs itu de 
that can be named whidi has come upon any Scotch familty that 
has not befallen the Ekskines, nor are thore many of the great events 
in the history of the land in whidi they lutTe not borne 

I >- 1 1 1 

s that settled in New E&gbnd in the eif^teenth 
he province of Ul^er in the north of Irdand, 
doubtless, woe among the Scots who settled 
James I of E^ii^aiKLi Four men of this name 

192(H Th$ ErMne FamOy cf BriM, Me. 17 

settled in MaasachuBetts prior to 1760, but only two of them had 
mnneroaB descendants. Christopher Erskine and his brother Robert 
came to Massachusetts in 1719, in the earliest immigration from 
Ireland, and settled in that part of the old town of Bridgewater 
which is now the town of East Bridgewater. Robert's line became 
extinct after the second generation, but there are many descendants 
of Christopher scattered over New England, New York, and the 
West. Alexander Erskine came to Boston in 1746, and a few years 
kter settled at Bristol in Maine, then a part of Massachusetts, his 
elder broUier Ninon joining him in Bristol a few years later. Of 
Erskine's posterity only a single family bearing the surname 
now be found,* but the descendants of Alexander are numerous 
and form the subject of this article. There is some evidence to 
su|>pari the theory that the Bridgewater and Bristol families were 
it&ted, altiiough the two migrations were more than twenty-five 

AcoOTding to the United States Census of 1790 there were several 
Kskine families in central New York, but they cannot be traced 
to New England ancestry. John Erskine, who was judge of the 
United States District Court in Georgia from 1868 to 1883, was 
bom in co. Tyrone, Ireland, in 1813, and came to America with his 
parents about 1820. 

1. Ai^EZANDEB^ Ebskinb, the first of this surname to settle in 
Maine, was of Scotch descent, his ancestors having crossed over 
from Scotland and settled in the north of Ireland after the expul- 
of the Roman Catholic inhabitants. He was bom at London- 
r, Iidand, about 1720,t and died at Bristol, Me., in 1784. Before 
mafpaitiMig to New England he married Euzabbth Butters, and 
it IB supposed that his two oldest children, Margaret and Sarah, 
bcmi in Londonderry. 

lander Erskine amved in Boston, Mass., in 1746, and a few 
later went with Shem Drowne to Bristol, to aid in making a 
d the claims of the Pemaquid Proprietors and to distribute 
among the inhabitants. He decided to settle there, and 
a tract of land of about 1000 acres. Through his influ- 
his dder brother, Ninon Erskine, came, not long afterwards, 
to BristoL As constable Alexander Erskine signed the warrant for 
the first town meeting in Bristol, in 1766. 
His land was situated on both sides of the Pemaquid River, the 
which he built being located just west of Biscay Pond and 
its outlet. In the inmiediate vicinity his six sons and three 
dani^ters settled, on land which probably formed a part of his orig- 
iosl grant, and the locality has ever since been known as the 
''EMdne neighborhood." At one time he was evidently a mill- 
wiiglit, utilising the water power at Pemaquid Falls. On 16 June 
1776 he sold to Richard Jones three-fourths of a gristmill called 
''Airidn's Mills.'' On 26 June 1776 he sold to Ebenezer Cox, a 
aoD-in-Iaw, 400 acres. On 9 Sept. 1777 he sold to his son William, 

its of Ninon Enkina will be given in the Addendum at the end of thie artiole. 
that in 1773 his ace was about 00. (Report of the Masaaohuaetta Coounis- 
tha Cauaea of the Diffioultiea in the County of Lincoln. 1811. p. 00.) 

18 The ErOcine FamHy.of Bridd, Me. [Jan. 

for £100, 400 acres of land on the west side of the Pemaquid River, 
and later he disposed of the rest of his land to his other sons. His 
youngest son, Robert Erskine, was appointed administrator of his 



i. Margaret,' b., probably in Londonderry, Ire., in 1743; d. in 1832f 

aged 89 years; m. (1) McMurpht, who deserted her and 

is said to have served in the Revolutionary War; supposing him 
to be dead, she m. (2) 14 Apr. 1777 Roger Handlt, b. in Ireland 
in 1739, d. in Bristol in 1831, aged 92, who with his brother Patrick, 
afterwsirds the husband of Margaret's sister Agnes (1, vi). had 
come from oo. Tipperary, Ire., a few years before. Child bv 
first husband: 1. BeUey, m. 2 Jan. 1803 Phillips Hatdi, Jr. Chit 
dren by second husband: 2. Eligabeihj b. 5 May 1778; m. John 
Hunter. 3. Margaret, b. 18 Mar. 1780; m. Heniy McGuire, 
4. Roffer, b. 11 Jan. 1782, m. Mary Fitsgerald. 5. Mary, b. 
22 i^r. 1784; d. unm. 6. John, b. 13 May 1786; m. 2 Oct. 1817 
Sally Handly*; four children.! 7. Philip, b. 18 June 1788; m. 
Sophia Fitsgerald. 8. Nancy, b. 20 Oct. 1790; m. 18 Nov. 1813 
Tliomas McGuire. 

iL Sarah, b., probably in Londonderry, Ire., about 1746; m. (1) in 1771 
Capt. John Dickbt, s. of John and Nan<nr (Patt^) of Warren, 
Me., b. in Scotland, lost at sea in 1773, Alexander Erskine being 
appointed administrator of his estate 27 Sept. 1773; m. (2) 25 
Dec. 1775, as his third wife, Ebenezbr Cox, who d. in July 1795; 
m. (3) Samuel Saunders of Bristol, an Englishman, whose two 
daughters by a former wife both married Erskines.t Child 
by Irst husband: 1. John, master mariner, b. 24 Aug. 1772; 
lost at sea; m. in 1794 Margaret Jones, dau. ci Richard; 
seven children.! Children by second husband: 2. Alexander^ 
b. in 1776; m. (1) 30 Sept. 1802 Ruth Howland; m. (2) 16 
Mar. 1813 Margaret Howland, sister of his first wife. 3. Kobertf 
b. in 1778 1 lost at sea; m. 27 May 1802 Jane Thompson, who 
survived hun and m. (2) 11 Nov. 1813 Reuben Djrer; two sons. 
4. Oeorge, b. in 1779; went to sea and was never hc^ird from. 5. 
John, master mariner, b. 1 May 1781 ; lost at sea in July 1835: 
m. (1) 14 July 1804 CSmthia Church, dau. of Nathamel* and 
Rebecca (Barstow): m. (2) 26 July 1812 Elneabeth Church, sister 
of his first wifejjl tnree children by first wife and seven childien 
by second wife.l 

* This Sally Handly and the Patriek Handly who married Bridget Handly (see bdow, 1, vi. 0)t 
daughter of Patrick and Agnes (Erskine). were distant relatives of the two brothers, Patrick and 
Roger Handly, who were among the early settlers of Bristol, Me. ; but they were of a later migration. 

t The children of John and Sally (Handly) Handly were: 1. Mary, m. George Starrett. 2. 
Margaret, m. William Fitsgerald. 3. Sarah, d. unm. 4. Dennis R., m. Anastasia Haaeltine. 

X VitU infra, 16 and 18. 

f The children of John and Margaret (Jones) Dickey were: 1. Sarah, b. 12 May 1795. 2. 
Elisabeth, b. 6 June 1797. 3. Thomas, b. 6 June 1799. 4. Margaret, b. 3 Mar. 1801; d. 25 Mar. 
1802. 5. John, b. 31 Dec. 1804. 6. Oeorge. b. 15 May 1807. 7. William, of Fort Kent, Me., b. 
26 June 1810. For Richard Jones and his family vide infra, p. 22, footnote. 

I Nathaniel* Church (Nathaniel,* Nathaniel.* Nathaniel.* Nathaniel,* Riohardl), bom at 
Scituate, Mass., 20 May 175A, died at Bristol, Me., whither he had removed soon after his nuirriage. 
He married, 4 Apr. 1782. Rebecca Barstow. born in 1759, daughter oi Thomas and Sarah (Stud- 
ley). He served in the Revolutionary War as a private in Capt. Galen Clapp's company of Minute- 
men, 19 Apr. 1775. and in Colonel Bailey's regiment in Dec. 1775. Children: 1. Rebecca, b. 12 
Jan. 1783; m. 14 Feb. 1808 Amos Goudy. Jr. 2. Nathaniel, b. 2 Mar. 1785; m. 1 Feb. 1814 Jemahft 
Bryant of Newcastle. Me. 3. Cynthia, b. 28 Feb. 1787; d. 5 Nov. 1811 ; m. 14 July 1804 John Cos. 
4. Joeeph. b. 5 Jan. 1789. 5. Jane. b. 21 July 1792; m. 6 Nov. 1808 Moses Kelley. 6. BlisAbeth, 
b. 23 Nov. 1794; m. 26 July 1812. as his second wife. John Coz. 7. Hirah, b. 24 Apr. 1797. 8. 
Marcia. b. 23 Feb. 1800. 9. Mary. b. 15 June 1803. 

^ The children of John <>>x by his first wife were: 1. John, b. 10 Apr. 1805; d. unm.. having 
been lost at sea with his father in July 1835. 2. Harriet, b. 21 Nov. 1808; m. Theodore Hanington. 
3. Cynthia, b. 23 Oct. 1811; d. 5 Nov. 1811. His children by his second wife were: 4. Edwin, b. 
23 Oct. 1813; d. 14 July 1815. 5. Hirah Church, b. 21 May 1817. 6. Elisabeth, b. 18 June 1820; 

1920] The Erskine Family 0/ Bristol, Me. 19 

2. iiL Alexandkr, b. at Salem, Mass., in 1749. 

3. iv. William, b. at Bristol 27 June 1752. 

4. ▼. John, b. at Brktol in 1754. 

vi. Agnss, b. at Bristol 30 Nov. 1757; d. 7 Sept. 1845, aged 88 yeais; 
m. 1 May 1777 Patrick Handlt, who, with his brother Hog^r, 
had come from po. T^iperary, Ire., a few years before. Patrick 
Handly d. at Bristol 9 Sept. 1812, aged 71 years. Children: 

1. Robert, b. 4 Nov. 1777; lost at sea; m. 25 May 1806 Ann Brown. 

2. Mary, b. 22 Nov. 1779; m. 20 Feb. 1800 Capt. John Fossett. 

3. Namey, b. 6 Nov. 1781: m. 8 July 1801 George Russell. 4. 
Jamn, b. 20 Mar. 1784; d. 23 Mar. 1784. 5. Sally y b. 27 Jan. 
1785; d. unm. 11 Nov. 1871. 6. Paitrick, b. 3 Mar. 1787; d. unm« 

10 Apr. 18fi8. 7. Michael, of Pittston, Me., b. 20 June 1789; 
d. at Pittston 31 Aug. 1877; m. (1) (intention recorded 3 Oct. 
1830) Sally Jones, who d. 9 Mar. 1833; m. (2) (intention recorded 
30 Mar. 1834) Mary Howard; two children by first wife and five 
children by second wife.* 8. Eluabeihf b. 5 July 1791; d. 21 Sept. 
1830; m. (intention recorded 10 Jan. 1822) Capt. Benjamin East- 
man of Pittston, Me., who d. 3 Sept. 1830. 9. Bridget, b. 24 Feb. 
1794; m. 29 Dec. — Patrick Handly.f 10. John, b. 28 Dec 

. 1796; m. Ruth Hatch. 11. Thomas, b. 2 June 1799; d. unm. 

11 Sept. 1868. 12. Margaret, b. 17 May 1803; d. unm. 5 Mar. 

5. vii. Gbobob. b. at Bristol about 1758. 

6. viiL David, d. at Bristol about 1759. 

7. is. RoBKBT, b. at Bristol about 1761. 

2. Caft. Alexandeb* Ebskine (Alexander'), of Bristol, Me., 
bom at Salem, Mass., in 1749, where his mother was living 
while her husband was preparing a home in Bristol, died at 
Bristol 20 Feb. 1826. He married first, in 1782, Elizabbth 
BoBLAND, of Scotch ancestry, bom in the north of Ireland, 
died in 1792, sister of Capt. John Borland; and secondly, in 
1793, Mart Poland, bom 22 Feb. 1769, died 2 Apr. 1832. 

When twenty-eight years of age he eoJisted as a private in 
Capt. Henry Himter's company. Colonel Jones's regiment, 
in the War of the Revolution. Later he joined the Continen- 
tal Army, and served throughout the War. At one time he 
served as General Washington's bodyguard. He was pen- 
sioned by the Government for his services, and his pension 
was continued to his widow. At the close of the War he 
returned to Bristol, and for a while followed the sea. as master 
of a vessel. On a voyage in 1784, with a cargo of lumber for 
Boston, his sloop encountered a severe storm and was driven 
ashore at Ipswich, Mass. Captain Ersldne was obliged to 
pay S150 to float the sloop, in addition to the cost of repairs, 
and lost much of his cargo. The last years of his life were 
spent on his farm at Bristol. 

m. UriiJk Woodward. 7. Augoita. b. 23 Apr. 1825; d. 24 May 1825. 8. Edwin Baratow, b. 11 
Deo. 1836; unm. 9. Laura Ann. b. 5 July 1829; d. 29 July 1909; m. (1) 12 Aug. 1866 Capt. John 
Woodwanl, who d. 16 Apr. 1863; m. (2) 19 June 1879 Capt. Moaaa Chaae. 10. Franoia Oioar» 
b. 80 Dws. 1834. 

* The children of Michael Handly by hia first wife were: 1. Patrick, b. 28 Aug. 1831. 2. Sarah 
AsBaa, b. 9 Feb. 1838; m. William L. Tibbetta of Briatol. Hia children by hia aeoond wife were: 
8. George Ruaaell. b. 26 Dec. 1834. 4. Alfred, b. 3 Jan. 1837. 5. John F.. b. 2 Sept. 1889. 6. 
Mary. b. 3 June 1842. 7. Nancy E.. b. 7 Aug. 1844. 

t See footnote to 1, i, 6. 

▼OL. LXZIY. 2 

20 The Erskine Family of Bristol, Me. [Jan. 

Chfldren by first wife, bom at Bristol: 

i. RoBEBT,* b. 6 Nov. 1782; living in 1825, when his father's win was 
made; lost at sea; m. at Bristol Tintention recorded 21 Oct. 1809) 
Nanct Poland. No record of children has been found. 

ii. Mart, b. 21 July 1784; m. 2 Feb. 1809 Mark Feutis of Bristol, 
who moved to Whitefield, Me., a few years after the marriage. 
Children: 1. Margarei. m. William Townsend of Abington, Mass. 
2. Sarah, m. George King of Whitefield. 3. A child. 

iii. Alexander, b. 21 Feb. 1785; d. young. 

8. iv. David, b. 1 Dec. 1788. 

9. V. Joseph, b. 2 Sept. 1789. 

vL Margaret Bryant, b. 6 Nov. 1791; d. young. 

Children by second wife, bom at Bristol: 

10. vii. WnjJAM, b. 3 Nov. 1793. 

viiL Betsey, b. 19 Mar. 1796; m. (intention recorded 4 June 1824) 
Rev. Charles Butters of Exeter, Me., s. of Charles and Mary 
(Gragg) of JafiFrey, N. H., and Union, Me. They settled in 
Exeter. Children:* 1. Alexander A., b. 5 Apr. 1826; m. 15 June 
1854 Caroline R. Hill. 2. Simeon, b. 18 Feb. 1829; d. 4 Mar. 
1830. 3. Mary Elizabeth, b. 4 Jan. 1831; m. (1) 1 Jan. 1850 
Moses Rogers; m. (2) in 1865 Reuben Butters. 4. CharUe, b. 
7 Oct. 1833; d. 4 Jan. 1852. 5. Nancy Evans, b. 25 Sept. 1841; 
m. 9 Feb. 1860 EUjah C. HiU. 

ix. Nancy, b. 6 June 1797; d. in Troy, N. H., at the home of her dau., 
Mrs. Abigail Carter, 27 Oct. 1869; m. (1) in 1818 Daniel Rich- 
ards, mariner, who d. at sea 10 Nov. 1821, s. of Lemuel and 
Sarah (Bailey); m. (2) 8 Aug. 1823^ as his second wife, Samxtel 
McCosb; m. (3) Benjamin Jones, from whom she separated and 
resumed the name of McCobb. Children by firat nusbuid: 1. 
Danid, b. 20 Feb. 1819: d. 5 Oct. 1826. 2. Mary, b. 14 Aug. 
1820; m. Rufus Kins of Whitefield, Me. . Children by second 
husband: 3. AhiQail, b. 22 Mar. 1824; m. in Bristol. 7 Dec. 1846, 
Nathaniel Carter. 4. Betsey, b. 11 Aug. 1825. 5. Alberi, d. unm. 

6. Ruth, m. David Beals. 7. Lydia, m. ^)ear. 8. Dana, 

m. . 

11. X. Thomas, b. 16 Sept. 1799. 

12. xi. Joshua Taylor, b. 18 Sept. 1801. 

13. xii. John, b. 16 Aug. 1803. 

14. xiii. Alexander, b. 5 June 1807. 

15. xiv. Simon Eluot, b. 20 July 1809. 

3. William^ Erskine {Alexander^), bom at Bristol, Me., 27 June 
1752, died 27 June 1800. He married at Bristol, in ' 1776, 
Ruth Cox, bom 21 July 1757, daughter of Ebeneser and 
Lydia (Woodbury). She married secondly, 29 June 1806, 
as his second wife, Christopher firskine of Alna (then New 
Milford), Me. He was a son of Christopher Erskine of 
Abington, Mass., and had settled in Alna (then a part of 
PowojsJborough) in 1766. He was doubtless distantly related 
to the Bristol family. For a while after marriage he and his 
second wife remained in Bristol, but later they went to White- 
field, Me., and lived with his son Christopher. Ruth (Cox) 
(Erddne) Erskine died there 9 Dec. 1825, and was buried 
in Bristol, beside her first husband. 

William Erskine bought of his father, 9 Sept. 1777, 400 
acres of land on the west side of the Pemaquid River, and 
built a house there. 

*B0r. CharlM and B«twj (Enkme) Butter* had abo an adoptad aon, namad Sath, b. ia 
Apr. J827, d. in 1802. 

1920] The Erakine Family of BriOol, Me. 21 


16. L AuEXANDKR,* b. at Bristol 1 Feb. 1777. 

u. Ltdia, b. in 1779; m. 24 Jan. 17d9 Jamxs McNbab. Jb., mariner, 
who was lost at sea in a storm, with his brother Jonn, husband of 
Lvdia's sister Betsey, 1 Oct. 1829, s. of James and Jane (Erskine) 
of Newcastle, Me.* Children: 1. Thonuu, d. at sea. 2. William, 
d. at the age of 15. 3. Robert, d. in Boston, Mass., aged 24. 
4. James, m. Catherine Sidelinger; seven children. 5. Damd, d. 

at Bristol; m. Hilton. 6. AUxander, served in the Civil 

War. 7. Jane, d. unm. 8. Ruth. 9. Almira. 10. Mary Ann. 

17. iiL John, b. at Bristol about 1780. 

iv. Betset, b. in 1783; m. 16 Nov. 1801 Capt. John McNeab of 
Newcastle, Me., b. 6 Mar. 1777, lost at sea in a storm, witii his 
brother James, husband of Betse3r's sister Lydia, 1 Oct. 1829. 
Capt. John McNear was in Dartmoor prison, Eng., for two years 
in the War of 1812. Children: 1. Sarah, b. 15 Jan. 1803; lived 
to old age; d. imm. at Wiscasset, Me. 2. James, of Wiscasset, 
Me., b. 26 Sept. 1804; d. 9 Aug. 1857: m. (1) Rebecca Baker, 
b. 5 Dec. 18C^ d. 29 Oct. 1836, aged 33, dau. of Capt. Daniel 
and Hannah (Hues) of Wiscasset (see Addendum to tnis article, 
1, vi, footnote); m. (2) Sarah (Trundy) Tinkham, b. 24 Sept. 
1803, d. 6 Mar. 1868, widow of Spencer W. Tinkham of Wiscasset. 
3. CapL John, of Wiscasset, Me., b. 22 Aug. 1806; d. 5 May 1875; 
m. (1) Sarah BaOey; m. (2) Susan Greenleaf; m. (3) Emeline 
Trevett; three children by first wife and one daughter by second 
wife.t 4. Capt. Baker, b. 30 Dec. 1808; d. at Winthrop, Mass., 
31 Aug. 1887; m. Mary Cook, b. in Boston, Mass., d. at Water- 
town, Mass., 29 Dec. 1899, aged 84 vears. 8 months, 9 days, 
dau. of Benjamin and Sarah (EEackett) ; four cnildren.J 5. William, 
of Wiscasset, Me., b. 23 Feb. 1811; d. of cholera at New Orleans, 
La.; bur. at Wiscasset; m. Sarah Ann Yoimg; five children. 
6. (Wge W., b. 18 Fsb. 1813; d. unm. 26 Mar. 1842; bur. at 

Wiscasset. 7. Christopher, b. 25 June 1815; m. Sarah ; 

resided in California; two children. 8. Thomas H., b. 22 Mar. 
1818; lost at sea; unm. 9. Robert, b. 26 Nov. 1820; d. 11 June 
1836; bur. at Wiscasset, Me. 10. Elizabeth, b. 12 Nov. 1822; m. 
Michael Henry Collins, who m. (2) Frances Boyd, dau. of Capt. 
Thomas Boyd of Wiscasset, Me.; one child. 11. Capt. Wilson, 
of Wiscasset, Me., b. 10 July 1824; m. Maiy Elisabetn Kennedy 
of Wiscasset; three children. 12. Hiram H., b. 12 Dec. 1826; resided 
in California. 
IS. ▼. E^ENBZER, b. at Bristol in 1784. 

▼L Thomas, b. in 1787; d. at sea, unm. ^ 

19. vii. Henrt, b. at Bristol 16 Dec. 1789. 
TiiL WnuAM, b. in 1792; d. at sea, unm. 

20. ix. RoBEBT, b. at Bristol 3 Jan. 1795. 

21. X. James (twin), b. at Bristol 27 June 1798. 

22. zL Jonas W. (twin), b. at Bristol 27 June 1798. 

4. John* Erskine (Alexander^), bom at Bristol, Me., in 1754, 
died probably soon after 26 Sept. 1800. He married (inten- 

MeNMT who maiTied Jane Enkine was a son of Capt. John and Mary (Shirley) 
(Neweaatle), Me., for whom aee Addendum to this article, 1, vi. footnote. Jane 
a 4^^^**^ ol Ninon Erakine of Bristol, brother of Alexander (1% See Addendum, 

of Capt. John McNear by his first wife: 1. John Augustus, of Petaluma, Cal., 

a prominent dealer in wheat. 2. George W., of San Francisco, Cal., now de- 

aa the Grain King of the Pacific Coast. 3. MaryJElisa, now deceased. Child by 

wife: 4. Josei^kine Greenleaf. living (1919) at Medford, Mass.; m. Capt. Alden C. Chaney, 

% now deoeaaed; three children. 

MoNear, master mariner and shipowner, held the controlling interest in many 

aailiac ahipa, several of which were built at Belfast, Me., in the late sixties and earb^ 

•ad hailed from Boeton, Mass. Capt£n MoNear in his later years resided at Water- 

22 The Enkifie Family cf Bristol, Me. [Jan. 

tion recorded 8 Dec. 1786) Elizabeth Jones, daughter of 
Richard of Bristol^ She married secondly, in 1806| Ezra 
Bowen of Union, Me., who on 11 June 1806 caused to be 
recorded a prenuptial document, in ^^ch he said that he 
did not desire any of Elizabeth's property, and, in case 
he died, she was to have one-third of his property. He died 
l4 Feb. 1832. Elizabeth, his widow, returned to Bristol, and 
passed the remainder of her days with her children by her 
first husband. 

It has been impossible to obtain a full record of John 
Eliskine's family. In the U. S. Census of 1790 he is credited 
with one son and one dau^ter. In the Direct Tax of 1798 
his name does not appear. He owned at one time 300 acres 
of land on the east side of the Pemaquid River, but in 1795 
sold it to his brother Robert. On 26 S<^t. 1800 he bought 
300 acres of land in the plantation of New Waterford, Me. 


L WnxiAM,* a soldier in the War ci 1812. 

iL PBiBCUJiA, said to haTe settled in QiicagD, m. 

ToL Mabgabbt, b. in 1789; d. 29 Biay ISSS^aged 46 jears; m. 80 Mar. 

1811 Wqjjam Pobtsbfield, b. in 1781, d. 19 Aug. 1858, aged 

77 years, probably s. of Robert. Childien: 1. Slua, b. in 1817; 

d. 29 Dee. 1825. 2. Margaret, b. in 1821; d. 25 Dec 1825. 3. 

Manarel Rlita, b. 6 July 1829; d. 21 May 1919. in her 90tli year; 

m. Jsmee Chandler Wilson, s. of Andrew and Maiy of Bowdoin, 

Me.; residence, Bristol; eight childTen, 

5. GsoBGE* EnsKiNifi (Alexander^), bom at Bristol, Me., about 1758, 
died 11 Dec. 1851, aged 94 years. He married first, 2 Nov. 
1788, Hannah Jones, who died about 1800, daughter oi 
IUchard;t and secondly, about 1802, Jane Richards, bom 
24 Aug. 1765, died 16 Feb. 1834, daughter of Erastus and 
Betty (Doty). 

On 15 Nov. 1782 George Erskine bou^t of his brother 
Robert 120 acres of land on the east side of the Pemaquid 
River. In 1798 he was taxed for 100 acres of land and a 
dwelling house. 

Children by first wife: 

L Hannah,* b. in 1789; m. 21 Oct. 1813 Jambs Jonkb. Child: 1. 
Mannah, b. 3 Nov. 1815; d. 3 Apr. 1876; m. fl) &iieon Jones: 
m. (2), aa his second wife, EHbridge Gerry Ri<uiards 6t BristoLi 

* Ridiwd JoDM. aon of William (the fint of the name to settle in Bristol) was born at BaQsr- 
moaejr. in the north of Irehmd, and was Tery young when his father oame to BristoL He married 
Betty Maloon. He owned the gristmill in the eentre of the town known as "Jones's MilL" Ss 
ehildren were: 1. Michael, m. Mary Braekett. 2. Elisabeth, m. (1) John Enkine (4); m. (8) Esra 
Bowen of Union. Me. 3. Richard, a soldier of the Renrolutaon, m. Ruth Brjrant. 4. Oatheiiae, 
m. Darid Erskine (0). 5. Ebeneser. d Farmington« Me., m. Mary Bannister. 6. Hannah, m. 
George Bnkine (5). 7. William, a soldier of the Revolution, m. Abigul Bennett. 8. Robert, a 
soUier of the Rerolution. m. Sally Richards. 0. Margaret, m. (1) in 1704 Capt. John DidMy. 
b. 24 Aug. 1772, k)st at sea. s. of Capt. John and Sarah (Erskine) (1, ii); m. (2) in Strong. Me.» 
Colyer. 10. John, d. unm. 11. Simeon, m. Mary Brsrant. 

tTbe namee of these ehikiren are giren in a rseord kept by Elijah Philip G^ookar of BristoL 

X Vid€ Mipra, footnote. 

fRoamnna Jones, daughter of Simeon and Hannah (Jones), married, as his second wife, Levi 
Bryant. Martha Washington Richardi, daughter of Elbridge (3«rry and Hannah (Joass) (Jones), 
married Samuel F. Enkine (31). q, t. 

1920] The Erskine Fandly of Bristol, Me. 23 

u. John, b. 31 Mar. 1791; left town when a young man, and was never 

lieardfrom again. 
in. RiCHABD, served in the War of 1812. Oeorge J, L. D. ErMne^ 

v^ d. at Portland, Me., 11 Nov. 1907, aged 72 yearsL 7 months. 

"son of Richard ana Hannah," was probably a son of this Richard 

28. IT. Gbobgx, b. at Bristol 20 Apr. 1794. 

24. T. Alkzamdkr, b. at Bristol in 1796. 

▼L RoGBB Handlt, m. Mabia McCobb; said to have settled in the 

interior of Maine. 
TiL Bbtbst, m. 5 July 1811 John Chapman, 4th, of Nobleboroui^, 

Me. Children: 1. John F,, m. Mary £. Campbell. 2. Mary, 

m. William Qiilds. 
▼iiL JoNABy m. ; settled somewhere in the interior of Maine. 

Child by seoond wife: 

ix. Mabgabet, b. in 1803; d. 10 June 1886; m. (intention recorded 
20 Nov. 1826) her first cousin, John Ebskinb* (13), q,v. Eleven 

6. Datid* Ebskine (Alexander^), of Bristol, Me., mariner, bom at 

Bristol about 1759, lived to a great age. He married Cath- 
KBiNB Jones, daughter of Bichard.* 

In middle life he was an extensive landowner. His resi- 
dence was on the east side of the Pemaquid Biver, on land 
orimially granted to his father. 

Children (order unknown) : 

25. L Jambs,' b. at Bristol. 

26. iL John, b. at Bristol in Jan. 1795. 
27.iiL DAvn>, b. at Bristol in 1798. 

iv. WniiiAM, served in the War of 1812; left town when a young man, 
and was never heard from a^dn. 

T. Mabqabbt, m. Nathaniel Webb, Jb.. of Newcastle, Me., b. 5 
July 1799, s. of Nathaniel and Lyoia (Tukey). Childien: 1. 
AWeri S, 2. George W. 3. Matthew C. 4. Jane O,, d. in 1850. 
5. Mary L., m. loEuah Chase of Harwich, Mass. 6. Johrit d. at 
the age of 24. 7. Nathaniel, 8. Addie, 

vL Sabah, m. (1) Ebastub Jones; m. (2) Robebt Hull, b. in Ireland. 
Child by first husband: 1. Robert, who took the surname Hull, 
m. (int^tion recorded 1 Nov. 1851) his second cousin, Mahala 
P.4 Erskine (23. vi), b. 19 Dec. 1832, d. 20 Feb. 1859, dau. of 
George and Sarah (Perkins) of Bristol. Children by second hus- 
band: 2. WiUiam. 3. John, 4. Samuel, 5. Jamee, 6. Nancy, 
7. Maria, 

▼it. EuNiCB, m. John Bates; settled in Avon, Me. 

▼iiL Bbtbbt, d. young. 

7. Capt. Robert' Erskine {Alexander^), bom at Bristol, Me., 

about 1761, died 5 Feb. 1827. He married, 21 Oct. 1800, 
Mabgabet Magxtire, who died 27 Dec. 1851, in her 79tli 
year, daughter of Patrick and Margaret (Tully), who settled 
first at Boothbay, Me., but some years later exchanged farms 
with Thomas Boyd of Bristol. 

Robert Erskine was both a soldier and a sailor in the 
Revolutionary War, and was in active service, for most of 
the time on the sea, from 1776 until the close of the War. 
The muster rolls at the State House in Boston show that he 
enlisted as a private in Capt. Caleb Turner's company on 

* YUtt 9wpra, p. 22, footaoto. 

24 The Erakine Family of Bristol, Me. [Jan. 

26 Mar. 1776 and again on 10 Sept. 1777; also as a lieutenant 
on the privateer Lincoln Galley, commanded by Capt. John 
Curtis, on 19 Mar. 1781, serving 4 months and 4 days, but 
tradition in his family says that he spent much of his time in 
sea service. After the War, according to docimients published 
by the Maine Historical Society, he evidently did some pri- 
vateering on his own accoimt. He became later a successful 
shipmaster and a large owner of real estate. 

In the Direct Tax of 1798 he is recorded as having a dwell- 
ing house valued at $120 and 300 acres of land, althou^ not 
then married. The dwelling house was probably the home- 
stead which he held in accordance with an agreement among 
the heirs of his father that he should care for and maintain 
his mother so long as she lived. Margaret, his widow, lived 
for a few years in Boston after Robert's death. 


28. i. Robert,* b. at Bristol 10 July 1801. 

iL Henrt, b. 30 Aug. 1803; d. 15 Oct. 1828. 

iiL Mabgaret, b. 25 Oct. 1804; d. 12 Nov. 1886; m. 5 Sept. 1825 
Thomas Kellet of New York City. Children: 1. Thonuu Henry, 
b. 8 Apr. 1829; d. at sea 19 Sept. 1846. 2. Mcargarti Anna, b. 
28 Jan. 1832; d. 17 June 1851. 3. Alexander, b. 16 Apr. 1834; 
lost at sea 25 Oct. 1853. 4. Robert John, b. 25 Feb. 1840; d. at 
Brooklyn^ N. Y., 9 Jan. 1908; m. late in life the widow of his 
first cousin, Henry* Erskine (28, ii), q,v., s. of Robert and Agatha 
(Hatch), but was divorced from her. 

iv. Elizabeth, b. 6 Dec. 1806; d. unm. 3 Apr. 1846. 

V. John F., b. 2 Oct. 1809; d. 13 Sept. 1849. 

8. David' Erskine (Alexander,* Alexander^), bom at Bristol, Me., 

1 Dec. 1788, died at Randolph, Me., 27 Apr. 1866. He married 
Betsey (Waltz) Groton, who died 14 Jan. 1885, aged 83 
years, 9 months, daughter of Benjamin Waltz of Noble- 
borough, Me., and widow of John Groton.^ 

David Erskine was a soldier in the War of 1812. He settled 
in that portion of Pittston, Me., which later was incorporated 
as Ruidolph. 


L WnxiAM Gboton,^ b. 27 Jan. 1825; d. unm. 23 Oct. 1878. 

ii. Alexander, of Whitefield, Me., b. 14 Aug. 1831; d. unm. 

iiL Andrew Jackson, of Randolph, b. 12 Oct. 1834; liying at Gardiner, 
Me^ in 1918; m. 12 Jan. 1862 Mabgaret M. Kino. Child: 
1. BUa Frances* b. 15 Nov. 1863; m. at Augusta, Me., 9 Nov. 
1880, Everett £. Brookings. 

9. Joseph* Erskine (Alexander,'^ Alexander^), bom at Bristol, Me., 

2 Sept. 1789, died at Wiscasset, Me., 15 July 1856. He 
married first (intention recorded 11 Dec. 1817) Rhoda Hoxtsb 
of Bristol, who died in 1828 or 1829; and secondly, in 1830, 
Mart Chanet, bom in 1801, died in 1870, daughter of Ralph 

^ of Wiscasset. At the time of his first marriage he was a 

* resident of Whitefield, Me., and was Uving there as late as 

1824; but the farm on which he spent the last years of his 

life was located on the line between Wiscasset and Alna, 

* Sbe h/A two ■ons by her fint hutbaiid, John Qroton, via., William and Benjamin. 

1920] The Erskine Family of Bristol, Me. 25 

Me.y a part bemg in each town. It came^with his second 

Joseph Erskine served on the Canadian border in the War 
of 1812, although his name does not appear in the published 
muster rolls. "Die writer has in his possession a letter written 
by Joseph Erskine to his father, while he was serving with 
hlis raiment at Sacket Harbor, N. Y. 

Children by first wife: 

L Thomas,* teamster, b. 7 Jan. 1820; d. at Everett, Mass., 17 Aug. 
1891; m. at Roxbiuyj^lass., 1 Jan. 1856, Ltdia M. Dunton, 
dau. of Benjamin. When a yoimg man he went to Boston, 
Mass., and settled in the suburb of Roxbury. Children: 1. WiUie,* 
b. 2 May 1858: d. 21 Mav 1868. 2. EvereU, b. 26 Aug. 1859. 

iL EuzABBTH, b. 16 Sept. 1821; d. at Maiden, Mass., 10 Apr. 1903; 
m. (1) in Dec. 1841 WnjJAM H. Achorn. who went to California 
in 1849 and d. at Sacramento, Cal., 23 Aug. 1852; m. (2) N. B. 
Hatnes of Lincoln, Mass. Children by first husband. 1. Mwra 
Woodward, b. 1 Sept. 1844; m. 21 June 1866 Alexander B. Weeks. 

2. Caroline Carleton. b. 6 Jan. 1846; m. 16 June 1869 Henry 
Sawyer. 3. Mary Eluabeik, b. 2 May 1848; m. 10 Sept. 1883 
Frank H. Converse of Newcastle, Me.; no children. 

iii. Datid, b. in 1823; m. 3 Sept. 1848 Angelina Downing, dau. of 
John and Jane of Roxbunr, Mass. He followed his brother to 
Roxbuiy. Children: 1. Adelaide,* b. 3 Apr. 1849; m. in Boston, 
Mass., 24 Oct. 1867, James Snow, Jr. 2. James T., b. 14 Jan. 
1851; d. 26 Apr. 1881; m. in Boston, Mass., 21 Jan. 1871, May 
Maude Wayne, who had been previoui^ married and who m. (S) 
in Boston, 3 Jime 1882, Charles H. Smith of Jacksonville, lU. 

3. Frederick AUmzo, b. 26 June 1852; d. 7 Dec. 1889; m. 29 Oct. 
1882 Julia P. Proctor of Boston, Mass.; three children. 4. Jenny, 
b. 11 Aug. 1861. 

iv. Abbie^ b. at Whitefield in 1826; d. in Boston, Mass., 19 Nov. 1884: 
m. m Bristol (intention recorded 4 Sept. 1847) Joseph B. Hall of 
Nobleborough^ Me., boat builder, who d. at Damariscotta, Me., in 
1912. Thev hved at Nobleborough until I860, when they moved 
to Quincy, Mass. Children: 1. Mary Frances, d. 13 Feb. 1850; m. 
at Quincy John Pierce. 2. WHliam Chase, b. 5 Feb. 1852. 3. John 
AUon, b. 5 Sept. 1855. 4. George Ansel, b. 5 Sept. 1857. 5. 
Edward Mdoin, b. at Quincy 21 Feb. 1865; d. 3 Feb. 1866. 

Children by second wife: 

V. Joseph, b. in 1831; a soldier in the Civil War; d. in libby Prison, 

Richmond, Va., m May 1864. 
vL Susan Cbooksr, b. 22 Sept. 1834; m. at Wiscasset, 25 Dec. 1855, 

Elbbidgb Blagdon. Children: 1. Florence, b. 28 Oct. 1856; 

d. 30 Aug. 1881. 2. Mary Elizabeth, b. 15 July 1860; Uving in 

Brookhne, Mass., in 1918. 
viL Jamxs, b. m 1837; a soldier in the Civil War; killed ih the Battle 

of Williamsburg (Va.) 6 May 1862. 
viiL SAMxnBL Blablin, of Wiscasset, hotd keeper, b. in Nov. 1844; 

d. in Boston, Mass.^ 15 May 1880; m. 19 Dec. 1871 Hattib M. 

FoTX, dau. of Phihp and Isabella K. (Quinnam) of Wiscasset. 

She m. (2) 8 Dec. 1881 Thomas Wiseman of Newcastle, Me., 

and was living in California in 1917. Children: 1. Joseph Seavey,* 

b. in 1872; dTin 1873. 2. Lilian BeHe, b. 1 June 1873. Z.Joseph 

Foster, b. 11 June 1874; living at Wiscasset in 1919. A. WiUard 

Everett, b. in 1878; d. in 1881. 

10. WiuJAM* Erskine {Alexander,* Alexander^), bom at Bristol, 
Me., 3 Nov. 1793, died there 31 Dec. 1843. He married at 

26 The Enkkie FamOif of Bristol, Me. [Jan. 

Bristol (intention recorded 13 Feb. 1818) Tambin Richards, 
bom 3 Apr. 1795, died 31 May 1865, daughter of L^nuel and 
Sarah (Bailey). 

In 1816 William Erskine bought 30 acres of land on the 
east side of Pemaquid Pond of Alexander* Erskine (16), 
which he sold in 1818. In 1820 he bought land in Whitefield, 
Me., which he sold in 1823. He probdi>ly lived there a few 
years. In 1830 he was liimig at Pittston, Me., but he prob- 
ably returned later to Bristol, as both he and his wife are 
buried there. 


L EicELiNB E..« b. in May 1819: d. t. p. 26 Sq>t. 1863; m. 12 Not. 

1850, as niB second wife, ner second cousin, Joseph Poland* 

Ebsxinx (23, ii), a. p., b. 4 Oct 1823, d. 23 Sept 1874. His fiist 

wife was her sister Tamsin (see below). 
iL Sarah Jams, b. in Nor. 1821; d. 24 Apr. 1842. 
iii Tamsin, b. in 1824; d.«. p. 19 May 1849; m. 11 Sept. 1846 her second 

cousin, Joseph roLANn* ESaanNS (23, ii), q. v., b. 4 Oct. 1823, 

d. ^Sept. 1874. 
29. br. SnioN, b. either at Whitefield or Pittston, Me., in Aug. 1827. 
y. Barbara, b. 16 Jan. 1830; d. 21 Sept. 1830. 
vL SisPHKN GniARD, b. in Jan. 1832; d. 24 Oct. 1851. 

11. Thomas' Erskine {Alexander,* Alexander^), bom at Bristol, 

Me., 16 Sept. 1799, died 12 Oct. 1826. He married, 25 Dec. 

1823, being then of Whitefield, Me., Barbara Richards, 

dau^ter of Lemuel and Sarah (Bailey) and sister of Tamsin 

Richards, who married his brother, William Erskine (10). 

Barbara (Richards) Erskine married secondly, 24 Dec. 1827, 

Rev. John Batchelder of Bristol, and had by him nine 



i. IiKinTEL R.,* b. 3 Oct. 1824; went to Australia. 

iL Thomas A. (twin), b. 26 May 1826. 

iiL Mabt p. (twin), b. 26 May 1826; d. young. 

12. Joshua Taylor^ Erskine {Alexander* Alexander^), bom at 

Bristol, Me., 18 Sept. 1801, died 31 Jan. 1882. He married, 
in 1830, Mart Place, bom 4 May 1801, died 4 June 1869. 

He Uved at Bremen, Me., mitil 1839, when he moved to 
Exeter, Me. 


i. Mabt Folgeb«' (twin), b. 17 July 1831; m. 12 Mar. 1852 William 

Flimt. Two sons, one daughter, 
ii. Mehitablb Place (twin), b. 17 July 1831 ; m. 31 Dec. 1857 Charles 

JoBSBLTN. No children. 
iiL Claba, b. 12 June 1834; m. 30 Mar. 1854 Sanborn French. 
iv. Adeline, b. 15 Mar. 1836; m. 9 Nov. 1861 Hiram Race. No 


*B0r. John Batchelder. who married Mrs. Barbara (Richards) Erakine. was a Methodiat 
wtthtXm^kmr in Bristol foT a Dumber of sreara. and waa aetUed over both the Bristol and the Round 
Pond ehurchea. His children were: 1. Ann B.. b. 28 Feb. 1829; m. 8. Apr. 1854 William Grant. 
S. John W., b. 28 Dec. 1830; settled in California. 3. Sarah J., b. 26 Apr. 1833; d. 8 Oct. 1857; 
m. 28 Apr. 1860 Capt. Melville C. Erskine (33. ii). q. t . 4. Benjamin F.. b. 27 Aug. 1834; d. youns. 
ft. hUrj E., b. 18 Apr. 1837; m. (1) 5 Sept. 1858 Abram Palmer; m. (2) Jamea Wood! 6. Susan 
H.. b. 26 Oet 1838. 7. Chaster W.. b. 28 Mar. 1840. 8. Enos R.. b. 3 Aug. 1844. 0. Daniel F.. 
b. 10 May 1847. 

VmSi The Enkine FamOy oj Bri^kl, Me. 27 

T. CHABuny b. 21 Feb. 1839; d. young. 

tL Ellbn, b. 13 Apr. 1841 ; m. 6 Apr. 1862 Aaron Wbslbt Stevens. 

TiL Chablxs a., b. 6 Apr. 1843; cL umn. 9 Sept. 1910. 

irvL JuLLA, b. 28 Dec. 1848; d. unm. 4 Apr. 1865. 

13. John* Ebbkinb {AUxander^^ Alexander^), of Bristol, Me., bom 

at Bristol 16 Aug. 1803, died in 1895. He married (intention 
leoorded 20 Nov. 1826) his first cousin, Marqabbt* Ebskine 
(5, iz), q.v., bom in 1803, died 10 June 1886. 

L Eluabbth J..* d. 26 June 1893; m. in Bristol ^tention recorded 
3 July 184S) her first cousin, SmoN^ Eb8kinb(29), q, v., of Bristol, 
b. in AuK. 1827, d. 17 Sept. 1892, s. of William and Tamsin 

iL EiOLT C, d. 6 Mar. 1913; m. 28 Nov. 1857 her second cousin, 
Solomon Trabk* Ebskinb (27, iii), q. v., of Bristol, b. 8 May 
1830, d. 3 Mar. 1900, s. of David and Maria (Trask). 

m. Mabgarbt, d. young. 

iT. Albxandeb, d. young. 

T. BoGBR, d. young. 

▼L A CHnj>, d. young. 

yriL John Habvkt, d. unm. 21 Jan. 1863. He served in the CHvil War 
as a private in Co. I, 2lBt Maine Infan^. 

▼iiL Mabt, unm. 

ix. Tamsin, m. 5 Dec. 1872 John Smith of Bath, Me. No children. 
904^ EiARiDGB Gebbt, b. at Bristol 4 Aug. 1844. 
81. JB. Samuel F., b. at Bristol 30 May 1846. 


14. Alxxande^ Ebskine (Alexander ^^ Alexander^) , of Bristol and 

I^am^uriscotta, Me., bom at Bristol 5 June 1807, died at 

Damariscotta about 1858. He married at Bristol, in 1833, 

Cathebinb Bbtant, who died in Boston, Mass., 19 Apr. 

1877, aged 67. 


L Clementina,^ b. 3 Dec. 1834; m. at Thomaston, Me., Robebt 
Robinson. Residence, Daniariscotta. Children: 1. Elimbelh, 

2. Charles. 3. Thomas C. 4. Minnie. 5. John. 

h. Margaret, b. 22 Feb. 1837; m. at Thomaston. Me., Jacob East- 
man. Residence, Belfast, Me. Children: 1. Adella, 2. Benjamin. 

3. Anne. 4. Ulysses. 

vL Charles, of Damariscotta, b. 2 Oct. 1838; living at Everett, Mass.. 
in 1919: m. 8 Julv 1865 Martha Hiboock, dau. of Joseph and 
Mary (Stetson) of Damariscotta. Children: 1. Josephine^* b. 25 
Sept. 1867. 2. Elizabeth, b. 12 June 1877. 

iw» William Taylor, of Damariscotta, b. 4 Mar. 1841; d. 18 Apr. 
1917; m. (1) in Boston, Mass., 18 June 1863, Zoa Barstow, b. 
*25 Oct. 1840, d. 5 July 1888, dau. of James and Mary (Flint); 
m. (2) in Boston, 29 Sept. 1890, Mrs. Elvina (Jones) Barring- 
ton, dau. of Emeiy and Nancy Jones. Children: 1. WiUiam 
Henry,* h. 29 Aug. 1865: m. Jennie Bumham. 2. Jessie Frances, 
b. 28 July 1868; m. 24 Dec. 1889 Theodore L. Clark; residence. 
East Hartford, Conn. 3. Mary Katherine, b. 11 Aug. 1871; m. 
Frank Leon Wheeler. 4. Elmyra Alice, b. 17 Nov. 1875; m. 
Homer D. Thrasher. 5. Wilder KimbaU, b. 11 Oct. 1879; d. 2 
Oct 1889. 

y. Josephine, b. 23 May 1843; m. in Boston, Mass., 5 Sept. 1871. 
Lnu>T N. Kimball, b. at Bradford, Mass., s. of William N. and 
Priscilla. Residence, Boston. No children. 

▼L Rttth Ann, b. 28 Apr. 1845; m. at Damariscotta, 23 Apr. 1863, 
Samuel F. Barstow. Residenoe, Damariscotta. Children: 1. 

28 The Erskine Family qf BrUiol, Me. [Jan. 

BeOa^ b. 18 Sept. 1865; m. 11 June 1887 Geom Tomlioflon. 

2. NewhaU, b. 28 Mar. 1870. 3. Effie, b. 1 Aug. 1873. 4. Jamea^ 
b. 8 Apr. 1878; m. Kate Hilton. 

viL Mabt Janb, b. 29 Dec. 1848: m. at Thomaston, Me., Oscab Glotd. 
Reddenoe, Thomaston. Children: 1. Carrie. 2. Lizme. 3. Oaoar. 

viii. Sarah Frances, b. 11 June 1851; d. at Thomaston, Me., at the 
home of her sister, Mrs. Gloyd: m. in Boston, Mass., Pobtbb 
Newhall. Residence, Boston. Cnild: 1. Leroy, of New York City. 

15. Simon Elliot' Erskine (Alexander,^ Alexander^), bom at 

Bristol, Me., 20 July 1809, died at Brockton, Mass., 20 Mar. 
1882. He married, 31 Dec. 1833, Irene McCk)BB, bom 14 
Jan. 1814, died in Boston, Mass., 19 Mar. 1885, daughter 
of Capt. Samuel and Abbie (Loud). 

Simon Elliot Erskine resided on the old homestead in 

Bristol until 1847, when the place was sold to Weeks, 

and he moved to Massachusetts. 


i. Mart LoniSA,^ b. 5 Feb. 1835; d. 30 May 1888; m. (intention 
recorded 19 Sept. 1854) Alden A. Dat of Daxnariscotta, Me.; 
removed to Hastings, Minn. Children: 1. Frances LiUianf b. 
22 Aug. 1855. 2. Everett Ledie, b. 9 Mar. 1857; d. 27 Aug. 1857. 

3. Gearffe Waekington, b. 7 May 1859: d. 5 Jan. 1865. 4. Mary 
Oraee, b. 28 Apr. 1860. 5. Abbie EUa, b. 12 Oct. 1862. 

iL Barbara Batchblder, b. 24 Sept. 1^7; m. at Abington, Mass., 
25 Nov. 1863, Isaiah Cushman, s. of Levi and Betsey of Sumner, 
Me. Children: 1. Charlotte A., b. 22 Aug. 1864; d. 22 Aug. 1865. 
2. Charles A., b. 16 Dec. 1865. 3. Owrge E,, b. 3 Jan. 1869. 

4. Horace C, b. 22 Feb. 1872. 

iii. Caroline Thater, b. 10 Dec. 1839; d. 23 Aug. 1842. 

iv. Sarah Frances, b. 30 Apr. 1842; living at Whitman, MasB., in 
1919; m. in Boston, Mass^ 2 Feb. 1887, John W. Pabk of Bath, 
Me., b. in En^and, d. at Bath 3 Sept. 1894. No children.* 

V. Lewis Washburn, of Newcastle. Me., b. 25 Sept. 1845: m. (1) at 
Winchester, Mass., 29 Mar. 1876, Marqarbt Fierce, from whom 
he was divorced, dau. of Sewall and Margaret; m. (2) at New- 
castle Jennie Haggett. Children by first wife: 1. Mary Lincoln^* 
b. 21 July 1877; d. 28 June 1879. 2. Cdia Thaxter, b. 29 Aug. 
1880; m. Maudant; residence, Cliftondale, Mass. 

vi. Nathan Carter, b. 3 Oct. 1847; m. at Winchester, Mass., 22 Jan. 
1878^ Mart E. Goodwin, dau. of Marchant and Isabella, formerly 
- of Nova Scotia. He lived at Winchester for several years, then 
moved to Qiftondale, Mass., and in 1906 removed to Hocjuiain. 
Wash. Children: 1. Adaline C.,* b. 22 Jan. 1879; m. 1 Aug. 1900 
Edward L. Lawrence. 2. Irene /., b. 22 Dec. 1882; d. 2 Feb. 
1887. 3. CAar2o(te C, b. 24 June 1891. 

viL AifBROBB Blunt, b. at Bremen, Me., 1 Aug. 1850; d. unm. at 
Winchester, Mass.. 27 Sept. 1875. 

viiL Caroline Estklla, d. 16 Sept. 1853; d. unm. 13 July 1874. 

16. Alexandeb* Erskine {WtUiarn,* Alexander^), of Bristol, Me., 

bom at Bristol 1 Feb. 1777, died 19 Sept. 1838. He married, 
18 Dec. 1800, Sarah Saunders, bom 5 July 1782, died 12 
Aug. 1838, daughter of Samuel and sister of the wife of Alex- 
ander's brother Ebenezer (18). 

His land was situated on both sides of the Pemaquid RiveTy 
but Us house was on the east side. 

*Mn. Pack has been of great aenrioe to Um compiler of thia artide in fumiahing informatioii 
ragarriing the early Erskine f anuHea. 

1920] The Erskine Family of Brisiol, Me. 29 


32. i. William/ b. at Bristol 17 Jan. 1804. 

iL Samuel, b. 28 May 1806; d. at Bristol 23 Feb. 1837: m. 23 Dec. 
1832 Mart Cushman, who m. (2) 25 Jan. 1843 Charles Jones 
and had three children by him. Child: 1. Wesley C./ a private 
in Co. G, 15th Maine Infantry. 

vL Jane, b. and d. 22 Oct. 1807. 

33. iv. WnaoN, b. at Bristol 27 Sept. 1808. 

▼. Clarissa, b. 4 July 1810: d. «. p. 11 Dec. 1833; m. 19 Mav 1831 
William Baker, s. of Andrew and Jerusha (Boynton) of Bristol. 
He m. (2) 17 Sept. 1834 Ahnira (Houdlette) StUphin of Dresden, 
Me., by whom he had several children. 

▼L Alexander, of Lewiston, Me., b. 20 May 1812; d. at Lewiston 
19 Dec. 1874; m. (1) in 1835 Adeline Cushman, b. 17 June 1899, 

d. 3 Dec. 1857; m. (2) 2 Nov. 1858 Mrs. (Cushman) 

GiLMORE, sister of his first wife. Child by first wife: 1. Mary 
Frances f* m. at Lewiston, 22 Oct. 1868, Edwin Morse; residence, 

viL Sarah, b. 6 July 1814; d. 6 Oct. 1839; m. 17 June 1836 Rev. Alonzo 
Barnard. Child: 1. Samuel, b. 1 Feb. 1837; d. 18 Sept. 1861. 

▼iiL Arthur, b. 20 Mar. 1817; d. unm. at Bristol 30 Sept. 1895. 

ix. Harriet, b. 2 Apr. 1819; d. 7 Nov. 1836. 

z. Mart Ann, b. 5 July 1823; d. 16 Jan. 1909; m. Norman Richards. 
b. 30 Aug. 1820, d. at South Pueblo, Colo.^ 27 Mar. 1895, s. of 
Archibala. In 1858 he went West and remamed for a year or two 
at La Crosse. Wis. In 1860 he moved to Denver, Colo., and in 
1880 to South Pueblo. Children: 1. AdeCbert E., of Pueblo, Colo., 

b. in Boston, Mass., 20 Apr. 1847; m. ; eight children. 2. 


17. John* Erskine {WiUiam,^ Alexander^), bom at Bristol, Me., 
about 1780, died at Jefferson, Me., 12 Nov. 1862, aged 83. 
He married, 2 Oct. 1806, Mabgarbt Bbtant, who died 11 
Dec. 1865, aged 77. 

In Jan. 1806 he bought one-third of a sawmill in Ballstown, 
afterwards Jefferson, on the west side of the west branch of 
the Sheepscot Biver. He also bought land and built a house, 
in which he lived for the remainder of his life. 


L AuBXANDER,^ b. 18 June 1808; enlisted in 1861, being then of George- 
town, Me. . in the Ist Maine Battery, senred for M>out a year, and 
d. in the South; m. 10 May 1834 Hannah Lull Dow of Jefferson, 
b. 27 Jan. 1818. He liyed at Pittston, Me., imtil 1844. Children : 
1. lAavd Quimby,* b. 3 Jan. 1835: m. at Wiscasset, Me. ^intention re- 
cordea 3 Feb. 1860), Sarah A. Savage; served in the Civil War as 
a private in Co. G, 28th Maine Infantnr. 2. Jtdia Maria, b. 
16 Mar. 1837. 3. Caroline Dow, b. 1 ^pt. 1839; m. 22 June 
1861 James Grover, Jr., of Wiscasset, Me. 4. Fairfield, b. 21 
Feb. 1841: served in the Civil War as a private in Co. G, 4th 
Maine Infantry. 5. Edward Alexander, b. 6 Sept. 1842; d. 4 
Sept. 1843. 6. Rebecca Abbie, b. 25 Dec. 1843; d. in Sept. 1844. 
7. John Franklin, b. 7 Mar. 1845; d. at Detroit. Mich. 8. Alex- 
ander EdtDord, b. 15 Nov. 1847: living at Towle, Cal., in 1918. 

9. Mary Ellen, b. 23 Apr. 1849; hving at Portland, Oreg., in 1918. 

10. Abbie Rebecca, b. 31 Mar. 1850; m. Simpson. 11. 

Cyrus Henry, b. 11 Mar. 1852. 12. Isaac Austin, b. 16 Feb. 
1855; d. at Towle, Cal. 13. Clara Belle, b. 30 Mar. 1857; living 
in Oregon in 1918. 14. Sewall Rogers, b. 31 July 1858. 

ii. Mart, b. in 1810: d. in 1893; m. (intention recorded in Deo. 1833) 
Ons Dob of Whitefield, Me. Residence, Windsor, Me. Child: 
1. Oeorge, killed in the Civil War. 

30 The Erakine Family of Bristol Me. [Jan. 

iiL Rttth, b. in 1812; d. in 1805; m. Miiaon Notes of Windsor, Me., 
and resided there. Children: 1. Rebecca, 2. Albie. 3. Jokn, 4. 
Fred, S.Mary. 6. Alien. 

iy. Ctrub, b. in 1814; removed to the West and d. unm. in California. 

V. A SON, b. in 1816; d. in infancy. 

vL Ltdia. b. 10 Sept. 1818; d. 18 Jan. 1903; m. (1) Isaac B. Dob, b. 
14 Oct. 1819, d. 1 Feb. 1852; m. (2) Nicholas Orff, b. 21 May 
1816, d. 31 Aug. 1907. Residence, Waldoborough. Me. Child by 
first husband: 1. Ella FranceB.b. 11 Feb. 1846; d. 26 Sept. 1847. 
Child by second husband: 2. EUa M,, b. 9 Aug. 1860; m. 10 Feb. 
1889 Edward M. Wight of Belfast, Me.; residence, Waldoborough, 

viL Chbistophxr, b. in 1820; m. at Pittston, Me. (intention recorded 
8 Nov. 1845). Mabt Bowdbn; served in the Civil War. Children: 
1. Leonora^ b. at Pittston 14 Jan. 1846. 2. Alfred. 3. George. 
4. Clara, rossibly others. 

yiii. John, b. in 1822; d. in the West; m. at Pittston, Me. (intention re- 
corded 13 Dec. 1845), Sarah Cole, who d. 30 Aug. 1846, aged 
23. After his wife's death he went west. 

ix. Maboabst, b. in 1826; d. in 1902; m. 25 Julv 1852 Samuel Evxbett 

Weeks of Jefferson. Thev resided a few years at Jefferson, 

and then moved to Walooborough, Me. Children: 1. LotHe. 

. 2. Frederick. 3. William. 4. Abfrie. 5. Edward. 6. Pauline, m. 

in 1892 Dr. S. C. Pieipont of Washington, Me. 

z. Abbib C» d. in Whiteneld, Me.; m. ^intc^tion recorded 3 May 
1857) Geobge W. Carlbton of Whitefield, where they resided 
for the greater part of their lives. Children: 1. John,h. in Feb. 
1858; went to Arisona and m. there. 2. Annie, b. 12 Aug. 1859; 
m. Ceorge M. Allen; one son. 

zL William Feks^ m. 9 Jan. 1850 Bbtbet Bowdbn; resided at White- 
field and Wmdsor, Me. Children: LAfovo,* enlisted in the 2d 
Maine Cavaliy, and d. at Pensacola, Fla. 2. WiUiam Henry, 
went West, and d. at Rumford, Oreg. 3. Herbert. 4. Cora, 

m. Simmons. 5. Nora, m. Stackhouse. 6. John 

Noyee, of Augusta, Me., b. 30 Nov. 1858. 7. Frank Bowden^ 
of JPiqua, Ohio. 

jdi. Paulinb, b. in 1840; d. <.p. at Washington, Me., at the home of her 
niece, Mrs. S. C. Pierpont, 18 May 1914 ^m. David Henbt 
PuiisiFEB of Pittston, Me. They lived at Whitefield, Me., for 
a few years, and then moved to Waldoborough, Me. 

18. Ebenbzeb' Erskine {William? Alexander^), of Bristol, Me., 

bom at Bristol in 1784, died 8 May 1835. He married, 15 

Dec. 1808, Jane Saundebs, who died 4 June 1853, aged 73 

years, 'daughter of Samuel and sister of the wife of Ebenezer's 

brother Alexander (16). 


i. Janb,« b. in 1809; d. 16 Aug. 1836. 

iL James, b. in 1811: d. young. 

iii Henbt, b. in 1813 : d. 13^b. 1839. 

iv. Ebenezer, b. in 1816: d. 25 Jan. 1839. 

V. Roth Ann (twin), b. m 1817: d. 25 Mar. 1846. 

vL WmJAM (twin), b. in 1817; a. unm. 9 Feb. 1896. 

viL Thaes, b. in Oct. 1819; m. (intention recorded 29 Sept. 1849) Gates 

H. Spboul. Children: 1. WiUiam Erskine, b. in Aug. 1850; d. 

in Dec. 1872. 2. EUa Jane, b. 30 Mar. 1852. 3. Henry A., h. in 

1855. 4. Albert C, b. in Jan. 1859. 
viii. Sarah Reed, b. 4 Oct. 1821; d. 5 Mar. 1900; m. in 1842 James W. 

Partridoe of Pemaguid, Me. Children: 1. Ebeneter Henry, 

b. 30 Jan. 1844; d. 22 Oct. 1846. 2. Jane Elixabelh, b. 19 Oct. 

1846; d. 10 June 1895. 3. Clara Frances, h. 7 Mar. 1852. 4. 

James Erskine, b. 1 Sept. 1854. 5. WiUtam Penn, b. 13 Nov. 

1920] The Erskine Family of Bridol, Me. 31 

1866. 6. Henry Clark, b. 21 Apr. 1859. 7. Fred Albert, b. 21 Apr. 
1862. 8./ii2itt«Ltneo<n,b.8Nov.l864;d.23Noy.lQ07. 

19. Hknbt* Ebskine (William* Alexander^), bom at Bristol, Me., 

16 Dec. 1789, died 16 Feb. 1857. He married, 26 Nov. 1813, 
Mary House, b. 18 Jan. 1794, died 16 Feb. 1870. 

L JosHuV b. 1 Sept. 1814; d. 17 Juhr 1841. 

iL Tbomas, school-teacher, b. 27 Nov. 1816; m. (intention recorded 
23 Mar. 1844) Chablottb McFarland. Children: 1. Thomaef 
lost at sea. 2. Eugene, non compos mentis. 

m. Mart, b. 21 June 1818; m. in 1838 Joseph Hn/roN of Bremen, Me. 
Children: 1. Mary A., b. 24 Feb. 1839. 2. Alby E., b. 5 Nov. 
1840. 3. WUHam H., b. 16 Apr. 1842. 4. Joseph E., b. 31 Deo. 
1844; killed in the Ciyil War, 18 Mar. 1865. 5. Clara E., b. 19 
Aug. 1847. 

hr. Abigail, b. 22 Apr. 1820; m. 15 Sept. 1861, as his third wife, Rxv. 
Nathan Wbbb of Georgetown, Me., who d. at Searsmont, Me. 
No children. 

T. Andrew, b. 18 Feb. 1824; d. 27 Apr. 1902; m. Adelaide Perrt 
of Roddand. Me., b. 18 Apr. 1838, d. 4 Feb. 1914, dau. of Capt. 
Job. Jr., and Maria (Butl^) of Rockland. He settled at Rodc- 
lana, and was a captain in the 21st Maine Infantry in the Civil 
War. Children: 1. Maria Farrand* b. 30 Oct. 1857; d. 17 Mar. 
1892. 2. Oeoar Perry, b. 23 Mar. 1860; d. 29 Dec. 1910. 3. 
Carolyn LUOe, b. 2 Dec. 1861. 4. Charles Mallard (twin), b. 
27 Mar. 1869; d. 1 Not. 1900. 5. Cdia Maynard (twm), b. 27 
Mar. 1869; d. 13 Jan. 1875. 6. LuOla Snow, b. 7 Aug. 1870; 
d. 2 June 1894. 7. AZics CAoc^b. 6 July 1872. 

tL Rufub, b. 22 Jan. 1825; went to California and d. there unm. 

TiL WiLUAM Henrt. b. 19 Apr. 1827; d. 28 Dec. 1896; m. (1) Mart. 
M. Pierce, who d. at South Thomaston, Me., 30 Jan. 1859, dau. 
of Capt. Jacob and Mary L.; m. (2) Margaret J. Robbinb, who 
d. 21 Jan. 1908. He went to California. Child by first wife: 1. 
Frederick,* b. in 1856; m. (1) at Chelsea, Mass., 8 Sept. 1880, 
lixxie E. Gerrish; m. (2) at Hopkinton, Mass.. 3 July 1888, Mrs. 
Lillie A. Brown; resides somewhere in the Middle West; five 
children. Children by second wife: 2. MaM (?., b. 1 May 1870; 
d. 3 Feb. 1880. 3. W. Raymond, of Rockland, Me., b. 9 May 
1872; m. Josephine Edna Ray. 

▼iiL LncRETiA, b. 14 Aug. 1832; d. at Everett, Mass., 5 Feb. 1898; m. 
at Bristol. 1 Mar. 1849, Joseph Reed PARTRiDcai, who d. in 
Boston, Mass., 24 Mar. 1899, s. of Jacob and EHixabeth (Bracket). 
They hved at Bristol until 1889, when they moved to Massa- 
chusetts. Children: 1. MaryE., b. 22 Feb. 1850. 2. Clara B., 
b. 6 Oct. 1852; m. ' Weston of Bremen, Me. 3. Frank. 

b. 22 Feb. 1855. 4u Albert R., b. 5 Feb. 1868. 

20. RoBEBT* Erskine {William^* Alexander^), bom at Bristol, Me., 

3 Jan. 1795, died 14 Feb. 1854. He married at Bristol, 11 
Aug. 1824, Judith Staples, bom at Poland, Me., 1 Mar. 
1804, died 11 Mar. 1889, daughter of Luke and Elizabeth 

Robert Erskine lived in Waldo, Me., until 1833, when he 
moved to Belmont, Me., to that section which was set off in 
1855 and incorporated as Morrill. He served in the War of 


L AvM Elizabeth/ b. 26 July 1826; d. at San Diego, Cal., 7 Feb. 
1914; m. 1 Jan. 1845 Samuel McCausbland. Children: 1. 

32 The Erskdne Family of Bristol, Me. [Jan. 

WiUiani, b. in Jan. 1847; d. in 1851. 2. Litgie, b. in F^. 1849; 
m. William Curtis. 

ii. Frank M^b. 29 Oct. 1827; d. 24 Nov. 1862. 

iiL Charles W., b. 18 June 1829; d. at Aspen. Colo. 

iv. Ltdia, b. 11 Nov. 1831; d. in Chicago, Ql., in 1897: m. at Natick, 
Mass., 1 Jan. 1851, Allen Philbrook, s. of Enocn of Hope, Me. 
Child: 1. AlbeH F,, b. at Hope, Me., 12 July 1851. 

V. Thomas C. b. 15 Oct. 1833; d. unm. 18 Feb. 1871. 

vi. SiHON S., b. 27 Sept. 1837; living in 1918; m. at Fairfield, Me., 
4 July 1859,* Hannah L. Bates. He settled at La Grange, Me. 
He served in the Civil War as a private in Co G, 28th Maine 
Infantry. Children: 1. Robert L,f b. 24 Apr. I860; d. at Twin 
Lakes, Colo., 6 Apr. 1882. 2. Lincoln Af., b. 22 Jan. 1864; d. 
4 June 1872. 3. Uvrcm F,, b. 23 Jan. 1866; m. at Brookville, Me., 
in July 1887, Carrie Green; four children. 4. Orant, b. 30 Mar. 
1868; d. 19 June 1872. 5. Thomas S,^. 2 Apr. 1870: m. at 
Belfast, Me., 21 June 1889, Myrtle L. Whitcomb; two children. 
6. Hannah L., b. 30 May 1872; m. (1) Ralph Jackson; m. (2) 
Charles Banks; two chilcuen by first nusband and four children 
by second husband. 

viL Kate, b. 17 Sept. 1839; d. at Oldtown, Me., in Apr. 1899; m. at 
La Grange. Me., in Nov. 1857, John Hancock. 

viiL George H., d. 16 Nov. 1841 ; living in 1918: m. (1) at Morrill, Me., 
in July 1862, EluzA J. Daggett; m. (2) Stlvia Sheldon. Chil- 
dren by first wife: 1. Oscars* b. 2 Jan. 1865; m. Carrie Brier of 
Belfast, Me.; one son. 2. Robert Edwin^ b. 9 Apr. 1873. 

21. Col. James' Erskine {WiUiam,^ Alexander^), bom at Bristol, 
Me., 27 June 1798, died in 1878. He married Caboline 
Little, who died 7 May 1871, daughter of Caprt. Alexander 
and Frances (Nickels) of Newcastle, Me. 

Colonel Erskine was prominent and active in town affairs 
in Bristol, political, military, and civil. In the militia he 
attained the rank of colonel, and was long familiarly designated 
by that title by his fellow citizens. He held at different times 
nearly every town office, served also as county conmiissioner 
and as commisdoner of State valuation, and was elected to both 
branches of the State Legislature. In 1872 he was chosen a 
presidental elector and cast his vote for Ulysses S. Grant. 


L Chables Fredbbic/ d. at the age of 17. 

ii. Albeht, b. 27 June 1832; d. very suddei^ at his desk 22 Nov. 
1875; m. in Chicago, HI., 29 June 1869, Cecuajl DeWolf, living 
at Buffalo, N. Y., in 1919, dau. of William Frederick and Marmiret 
P. (Arnold) of Providence, R. I. He served in the Civil War, 
rose to the rank of colonel of the 134th lUinoiB Cavalrv, and was 
mustered out in 1865 as brigadier general. After tne War he 
was emplo3red in the U. S. District Court in Chicago. Children: 
1. James,* b. and d. 8 June 1870. 2. Margaret Carolyn^ b. 15 
July 187i: m. in Chicago, 15 June 1895, James Carey iSvans of 
Buffalo, N. Y.; two chiklren. 3. Albert DeWolf, b. 3 Nov. 1871; 
m. in Chicago, 2 Jan. 1902, Marion Brower; three children. 
4. James Drvmmand, of Locust Ferry, Long Island, N. Y., b. 
30 Oct. 1874; m. at Pelham Manor, N. Y., 14 Nov. 1914, Marion 
Rogers of Long Island: two childreai. 

iii. CiiAaa., b. at Bristol; d. there unm. 

iv. Deua, d. at the age of 19. 

V. James Drummond, b. in 1841; d. at Bristol 7 Jan. 1863, aged 22 
years. He enlisted early in uie Civil War, and was commissioned 
first lieutenant in Co. E, 4th Maine Infantry. He served eighteen 
months, when he contracted the disease wnich caused his deaUi. 

1920] The Erskdne Family of Bristol, Me. 33 

22. JoNAB W.' Erskins (TTtBtam,^ Alexander^), bom at Bristol, Me., 

27 June 1798, died 2 Dec. 1832. He married, 16 Feb. 1827, 
Mabgabet Jones, bom 28 Oct. 1806, died at Gloucester, 
Mass., whither she moved late in life, 4 Mar. 1888, daughter 
of Simeon and Mary (Bryant).* She married secondly, in 
1847, Harvey Knowlton, Sr., of Bremen, Me. 

L Laxtba J.,« b. 29 June 1828; d. 26 Apr. 1890; m. in Boston, Mass., 
24 Juhr 1856, Gsorge B. Elkins of Boston. Cluld: 1. Emma, 
d. in Chicago, 111., 14 Sept 1915; m. twice. 

iL Mabt Ann, b. 17 Nov. 1829; d. at Bath, Me., in Jan. 1897; m. (1) 
1 Sept. 1849 Isaac Hodges of Damariscotta, Me.: m. (2) her 
second cousin. James W.* Ebskinb (25, ii), g. v.. b. 22 Jan. 1825, 
d. at Bath, Me.. 29 Nov. 1909, s. of James and Margaret (Jones) 
of Bristol Child by first husband; 1. Ida EUen, b. 25 Jan. 1851; 
d. 2 Mar. 1916; m. 24 Dec. 1876 her second cousin once removed, 
Elbridge Gerry^ Erskine (30), ship carpenter, b. at Bristol 4 Aug. 
1844, d. at Bath 6 Oct. 1914, s. of John and Margaret (Erskine); 
settled at Bath; one son {vide infra, 30, i). Three children by 
second husband (vide infra, 25, ii). 

in. Ellen, b. 14 Jan. 1832; m. Habvet KNOWim>N, Jb. 

23. GxoBGs' Erskine (George,* Alexander^), farmer, bom at Bristol, 

Me., 20 Apr. 1794, died 24 Aug. 1874. He married Sarah 
^ Perkins, bom 4 Oct. 1798, died 31 Oct. 1876, daughter of 

On 10 Dec. 1821 he bought 46 acres of land in Bristol adjoin- 
ing that of his father-in-law. 


L Sarah Jane,^ b. 24 Dec 1821 ; d. 30 Nov. 1876; m. Joseph Richards 
of Tliomaston, Me. 

iL Jobxph Poland, b. 4 Oct. 1823; d. 23 Sept. 1874; m. (1) 11 Sept. 
1846 his second cousin, Tamsin^ Ebskinb (10, iii), b. in 1824, 
d. «. V. 19 May 1849, dau. of William and Tamsin (BichardB); 
m. (2) 12 Nov. 1850 his second cousin, Emelinb E.^ Ebskine 
(10, i), b. in May 1819, d. «. p. 26 Sept. 1863, an older sister of 
Tamsin; m. (3) 6 Oct. 1864 his second cousin, Mabt D.^ Ebskinb 

(2d, vi), b. 2 Mar. 1836, d. , dau. of Col. John and Nancy 

(Huston). She m. (2) 20 Aug. 1880 Steams L. Graves. Chil- 
area by third wife: 1. Minnie,^ d. young. 2. Frank, d. aged 
3 years. 3. IdcL, m. Everett Frsiicis of Winthrop, Mass. 

iii. John, b. 8 Dec. 1825: d. 16 Apr. 1841. 

iv. Alexandbh, b. 21 July 1828; d. 26 Mar. 1849. 

v. Patrick Handlt, b. 2S Jan. 1831 ; d. 28 Feb. 1831. 

▼L Mahala p., b. 19 Dec. 1832; d. 20 Feb. 1859: m. (intention recorded 
1 Nov. 1851) her second cousin, Robbbt Hxtll (6, vi, 1), q, v., s. 
of Erastus and Sarah (Erskine) Jones. 

TiL Mblisba, b. 3 Aug. 1835; m. Josbph Lane of Rockland, Me. 
34. viiL LoBENZO D., b. at Bristol 10 Mar. 1838. 

iz. EuzA Ann, b. 16 June 1841; d. 2 Jan. 1888; m. 8 May 1866 
Thomas C. Milleb. 

2i Alxzander' Ebskine (George,^ Alexander^), of Bristol, Me., was 
bom at Bristol in 1796. He married Pamela Pebkins, bom 
24 July 1802, daughter of Samuel and sister of the Sarah 
Perkins who married Alexander Erskine's brother George (23). 

•FtfbMpr*. p. 22. footnote. 

U Matter Tat^9 Dimw [Jan. 


L Emcxd Mkah,« b. 8 ScnL 1830; d. 6 Jba. 1805; m. in liar. 1857 

ILunr Jab C^ifvoi of OUIovb, Mcl, h. 10 lirij 1830^ d. 7 Jui. 

1007. Heaerv«d«aiidTmteiBGo.LlfltMaBeHeaTTAitfllerf. 

GbildRn: L ^irvrf Ew^mtf b. 25 FAl 1800; d. 11 Itec 1912. 

2. ^Jfe iiMflbi, b. 15 My 1861; m. Eoeen of StiOwmler, 

He.; wm\tnw, Oldtovii. 
85. fi. &srAS ¥^ b. at Bdrtol 10 Un. 1832L 
liL JovAfl, b. in 1834; d. 23 Apr. 1835. 
iw. Ujoct, b. 17 Apr. 1835;T^21 Jane 1911; m. 17 Nofr. 1800 Frkr 

HxKAiA of Bremen, Ife^ b. 12 Ai%. 1825; d. 13 Feb. 1900. 

GbildRn: L &adf IF., b. NofT. 1851. 2. TTboMOt J^.,b.42 Aug. 

1805. 3. CkaHet G., b. 25 Dec 1809. 4. M^ Jf ., b. 15 May 

▼. TBOMiis C b. in 1830; d. in tlie miiiteiy aerfiee of the UDited 

States; m. Boas Gnfrar, flbteoftlia Maiy Jane Griffin who 

m. his brother^ Edmund Mgara l^iline Oi, i). He aeivwl in the 

Chril War aa a private in Go. Q lOdi Mame Infantiy. ChOd: 

1. Mvmt9* 
tL Haxmah J., m. 23 June 1874 Amaxw O. Hascb of BriatoL Child: 

1. A daughter, m. ; loidenoe, Avtland, Me. 

TiL MikBOABsr. b. 24 Oct. 1847; d. 8 Jan. 1800; m. at Damariaootta. 
Me.. 20 May 18^ Tbomab ComiiBUB LiBBim of Damariacotta, 
8. dl Beair and Elisabeth. Cadldren: 1. ifary, b. 14 Feb. 1800. 

2. Fnmk 6^ b. 25 Fd>. 1872. 





[Continiied from toL 73, page 315] 

Mr. Genhom Flummer's iidio Married Judith Roberta 
Reuben Flummer Bom March [worn] 
Sarah Aug. 4. 1705. 

Abigail Bom May 27 1708 

Enoch Bom on Thursday [worn] 

Mr. James Naylor's by his 1st Wife Martha [worn] 2nd Wo. Mary 

Martha Naylor Bom. 


Wo. Ruth Philpot's. 

Cap. James Philpot Bom Jan. 27. 1740 0. &. 


MoUy. Aug. 24. 1742 

Benja. April 27th 1747 

Ann Perkins March 1st 1753 

[worn] Perkins Sep. 1. 1754 

1B20] Master Tate'8 Diary . 35 

Wo. Mercy Philpot's * 

Betty Fhilpot Bom Jan. 26. 1745 
Ruth Feb. 2. 1747. 

Bichard Aug. 15th 1754. 

John Feb. 1. 1767. 

Moees. June 15. 1759. 

ICr Jonathan Wentworth's who Married Betty Fhilpot. 
Bichard Wentworth Bom April 29. 1766. 
Thomas Bom June ye 4th 1768 

Luke Bom Sunday night Feb. 2nd 1772 

aivanus Bom Sat. Oct. 14. 1775 

Louis Bom Friday Sep. 10 1777 

Mr. Saml Roberts Juniors who Married Judith Randal. 
Ruth Roberts Bom June 3rd 1754 
Sarah Sep 14th 1755 


Ljrdia Jan 

Judith « June 7. 1767 

Deborah Jan. 15. 1770 

Moses July 8. 1777 

Mr. Nathan Roberts's who Married Olive Mason 
Esther Roberts Bom Aug. 7th 1754 
Hatevil Oct. 28th. 1755. 

John Jan. 26. 1757 

Nathan. Dec. 26. 1758 

Simon July 14 1760 

Benja Dec. 20. 1761 

Danl. Feb. 15. 1765 

Eunice Feb. 17. 1767 

Joseph Jan. 7. 1769 

Mr. Wm. Stiles's by Lydia Hanson his second Wife 
Tryphena Stiles Bom Sep. 11. 1739 
Lydia Aug. 24. 1741 

Mercy Feb. 22. 1743 

Sarah Dec. 29. 1744 

Wlliam Dec. 9. 1747 

Mary. Oct. 3. 1750 Old Stile 

Deborah May 26. 1755 N. S. qv,. „ 

Elizabeth May 26. 1755 ^^'^^ 

John Oct. 19. 1756 

Abigail May 23. 1761 

Mrs Tryphena Stiles's 2 Children 1st ye Girl by [erasedl 2nd ye Son 
by [erased\ 

MoUy Bom Oct. 25th. 1757. 

Mrs Lydia Stiless by Jacob Quinby. 

Jacob Quinbey Bom May 21st 1766 

Wo. Eli2. Husseys Whose 1st Husbands name was Henry Tebbets* 
2nd Jos Hussey. 

Hepzibah Tebbets Bom Feb. 8, 1736 

Danl Hussey Bom Sep. 15. 1738 

VOL. Lzxrr. 3 

36 MaOer TaU^s Diary [Jan. 

*Elix. October 31. 1740. 

Saml Oct 23. 1742. 

Fhebe Nov. 23, 1744 

Anne Mar. 16. 1747 

Susannah Feb. 8. 1751 

Hannah March 1st 1753 

Susannah Tebbets Daughter of Peter Tebbets Deed Bom 
December 21. 1761. 

Wo James's 

Eleanor James Wo Berry Bom 
TTRnnAh James 

Wo Mary Clements's Jnos Wo 
Sarah Clements Bom 

Serjt. Jno Mason's by Esther Weymouth his Wife. 
Olive Mason Bom 

Lieut. Benjamin Wentworth's who Married Deb(»ah Stunson 
Sarah Wentworth Bom [immti] 
Benja May 31. 1732 

Bartholomew Nov. 28 {wom\ 

Deborah Jan. 19. 1740 

Phebe. July 27. 1742 

Tamesin Dec 22. 1744 

Lydia. Oct. 17 1748 

Dorothy. June 18. 1751. 

Wo Mary Roberts's 

James Roberts Bom 

Aaron Roberts Bom 



Ichabod Bom Sep. 17. 1748 


Jeremiah Nov. 17. 1753. 

Mr Joseph Vame3r's who Married Temperance Smith. 
Hannah Vamey Bom Feb. 20th. 1750. 
Abigail Dec 20th 1754. 

Joseph May 20th 1756. 

Samuel Sep. 4. 1758. 

Temperance May 27. 1760 

Mr. James Roberts's who Married Elisabeth Roberts. 
Joseph Roberts Bom 

Mr. Jonathan MerroVs Junr whose Ist Wife was Fhebe Heard. 2dc3 
Hannah Wentworth. 

Thomas Merrow Bom 




820] Master TaU's Diary 37 


Isaac Bom Sep. 15th 1768 



Cap. Maurice Hobbs who Married Sarah Plumer 
Rebecca Hobbs Bom Oct. 22. 1762 
Huldah Dec. 11th 1767. 

Joanna Sep. ye 9th 1769. 

Maurice April 4, 1772 lyd on Saturday Night 

Oct. ye 2nd 1773 
Sally Bom Jan. 27. 1776 

Mr. Eliphalet Cromwels. 1st Wife name Esther Nock. 2nd Eezia Watt- 

Dorothy Cromwd Bom 



Eliphalet Bom July ye 12. 1752. N. Stile 


Hannah November ye 19th 1760 

Elizabeth December ye 19 1762 

Samuel Aug. 6. 1764 

Mrs Dorothy Cromwel one by Nathl Garland 
Nathaniel Garland ]Bom Jime 7. 1765 

Mr. Danl. Smith's who Married Eliz. Chadboum. 
William Smith Bom Thur Oct. 25th. 1764 
Moses. Friday Feb. 27. 1767 

Danl January 7th 1770 

Reuben Bom May 17. 1772 Sunday 

Betty June 15. 1776 

Mr Bichd Gooding Juniors' who Married Kesia Tebbets. 
John Gooding Bom. 

Mr. Ebenezer Garland's who Married Abigail Powel. 
Abigail Garland Bom 

Wo Abigail Millers. 

Sarah Miller Bom 

Mr. Ebenezer Roberts's who Married Sarah Miller. 
Joanna Roberts Bom Jan. 1. 1761 
Ddxnrah Aug. 10 1762 

Lydia April 1767 

John. Aug. 5th 1770. 

Issues of Capt. Thos. Miller Deed, who Marryd Deborah Roberts. 

Miller Bom Oct. ye 29. 1752 
June 22nd 1754. 

38 Master TcU^a Diary [Jan. 

Jane Mimmy 1 by Willm Chadwick 

Sarah Chadwick Bom May 20, 1764 

James & Mary Roberts Bom Aug. 1. 1761 Swore on James 

Mr. Aaron Stacpole by his Wife Deborah Roberts. 

Samuel Roberts Benja Roberts Deeds, son Bom Sep 17. 1763. 

CoUo. Thos. Wallingford by his 3rd Wife Madam Elizabeth Prime. 
Saml. Wallingford Bom Wed. Feb. 4 175[iM>m] 
Olive. May ye 29 1768. 

Mr. Joshua Stacpole by his 2nd Wife Lucy Baker ft by his 3rd Abig. 

Samuel Stacpole Bom 








Mercy Bom Sunday May 18. 




Capt. Joshua Stacpole Junr who Married Lydia Flumer. 
Elisha Stacpole Bom Aug. 5, 1752 
Leonard. Feb. 28. 1766. 

Aaron. October 25. 1768. 

Sarah. Mar. 27th 1771. 

Polly Stacpole Bom Monday April ye 13. 1778. 

Mr. T^lliam Stacpole who Married Ann Gray. 

Mr. Philip Stacpole who Married Elizabeth Tebbets. 

Mr. Charles Stacpole who Married Rachel Pray. 
Edmund Stacpole Bom. 
Ruth. Bom Feb. 15, 1769. 

Wo. Abra Chadwick's 

Sarah Chadwick Bom Dec. 12. 1743 
William Sep. 25. 1745 

Elizabeth Aug. 29. 1747. 

Edmund Sep. 30. 1752. 

Jacob. Oct. 1756 

Mr. Joseph Roberts's who Married Joanna Gooding 
Thos. Roberts Bom May 6. 1749 
Susannah May 7. 1750. 

Lydia Sep. 26. 1752 

AbigaU April 19. 1755 

Rachel April 10. 1758 

Joseph ' May 30. 1760 

[worn] May 24. 1762 

Mary Roberts Bom Oct. 5. 1768 
Elizabeth Bom February 1767. 

Wo. Judith Layer's 

Mary Layer Bom 

120] MaOer Taie's Diary 39 


Ifr. John Drew who Married Hannah Tebbets May 25. 1767. 
Jno. Drew Bom July ye 17th. 1767. * 
Francis Drew bom May 24. 1770 
Abigail Drew Bom Mar. 31. 1773. 
Edmund Bom Sunday May 14. 1775 
Joanna Bom Oct. 14. 1776. 

Mr. John Kenny's who Married Eliz. Brock. 
Moses E^my Bom Dec. 26th 1754. 

Blr. James Kenny who Married Mary Tuttle. 
James Kenny Bom 

Kir. Robert Tate who Married Margaret Wallingford. 

David Tate Bom Sunday June 24 1767 1769 \f)oih dotes giten 

in anginal record] 
William Tate BomFriday Sep. 14. 1770 
Sophia Tate Bom Saturday Aprl 17. 1773. 
Margaret Tate Bom Oct. 19. 1775. 
Peulthai Bom Monday Moming March ye 6th 1778. 

Betsey Bom Monday Aprl 23. 1781. 

Eunice Bom Oct. 1783. 

Sabra Bom July 29. 1786. 

Capt. Jno. Rollings's who Married Molly Carr. 

Hiram Rollings Bom Monday July ye 6th 1767. 
Molly Rollins Bom Feb. 21. 1769. 
John Rollins Bom Saturday Jan. 26. 1771 
EUsabetlf Rollins Bom Sat. April 3rd 1773 
George Rollins Bom Saturday Nov. 5th 1774. 
James Bom Thurs. Night July 4. 1776. 

Betsy Rollins Bom October 20 1778. 

Sarah Tebbets's by Saml. Nock. 

Saml. Nock Friday July ye 17th. 1767. 

Mr. Joshua Roberts's who Married Sarah Wallingford. 
Hannah Roberts Bom 1735 
Elizabeth. Apri 18 1737 

Thomas Nov. 1740 

Lydia July 31 1743 

Joshua. July 13. 1746 

Mr. Thoe. Roberts who Married Eliz. Fall. 
Molly Roberts Bom I>ec[wam] 1766 
Jonathan Bom Nov. 16. 1767 

Mr. Joshua Roberts' who Married Mrs Joanna Wentworth Daughter 
of Mr Mark Wentworth Deed. 

Elis. Roberts Bom April 5th 1768 
Sarah Deo. 26. 1770 

40 MaOer TaJte's Diary [Jan. 

Thomas Bom Thur Sep. 14. 1773 
Molly Sunday morng Jan. 8th 1775. Molly Dyd 

on Sunday Ttix>ni] 

Mr. Moses Paul's whose 1st Wife was Abigail Mason. 2nd Wo. Damm, 
Saml Widow. 3rd Patience Mason. Serjt Jno Mason's Daughter. 
1st Wife. 

Benja. Mason Paul Bom Sep. 26. 1755 

Josiah Nov. 26. 1757. 

Daniel Feb. 1760 


Isaac July 6th 1765. 

Edmund April 14. 1767. 

Moses. July 30. 1768. 

Samuel k David January ye 29. 1771 

Abigail Paul Bom Thur. morng Sep. the 2nd 1773. 

Mr. Ichabod RoUins's Junr who Married Ruth Philpot July ye 4th 1768. 
Son Andrew Bom Oct. 29 1770 
Daughter Lydia Bom on Sunday Mom Dec. 20th 1772 
Sabra Bom Wed. Mom. Jan. Uth 1775 

Jeremiah Bom Sundav June 29th. 1777. 

Ruth Bom Saturday Night Aug. ye 7. 1779. 

Mr. Jno. Brown's who Married Hannah Wallingford. 
Jno Bom Apr. 27. 1752 
Paul Aug. 24th 1754« 

Josiah Mar. 23. 1756. 

Charles Sep. 13. 1761. 

Mr. NathL Wentworth's who Married Patience Abbott. 
Moses Bom April 6th. 1766. 
Mary April 10th 1768. 

Wo. Mary Wentworth's Thos Wentworth's widow. . 

Martha Bom Jan. 17th 1738 [or 1739] N. S. 

Moses Nov. 8th 1740 

Mary April 11th 1742 

Nathaniel Oct. 21st 1743. 

Richd. May 16th 1746. 

Jedidiah Nov. 2. 1748 

James Mar 1st 1752 

Caleb Nov 21st. 1753 

Love May 16. 1756 

Widow Abigail Downs's Jno. Downs's widow 
Phmeahas Downs Bom 

Wo. Abigail Ricker Paul Picker's Wo. 
Gershom Rldnr Bom 

Mr. Jacob Quinbey who Married Tamesin Wentworth. 

Benjamin Wentworth Quinbey bom December 5. 1768 
Eunice Quinby Bom on Saturday Feb. 15th 1771. 

920] MaOer Tate's Diary 41 

Rebecca Bom Friday Mom July 17. 1772. 

Son John Bom Wed. Mar. ye 6. 1777 

Mr. Israel Pierce Who Married Mary Curtice of [illegible] 
Thomas Pierce Bom Nov. 1st 1748 N. S. 

Mr. Gershom Wentworth's who Married Hannah [illegible] 

Nabby Wentworth Bom May 7 [illegible] New Stile 

Jonathan Young Bom Jan. 2 [illegible] 

William March ye 16th 1768 

Andrew Bom 

Elijah Bom Sep. 21. 1775 

Hannah ^ Bom 

Mr. Nathal Bicker who Married Marcv Nock Gone to [illegible] 
Lydia Nock Bom Sep. ye 24tj^ 1747. 
Benja. May May. 6th 1755 

Nathl Nov. 13. 1757 

Paul October 11. 1765. 

Mr. Daniel Wentworths who Married Dorcas Merrow. 

Bom July ye 25. 1768 

Miss Deborah Carpenters [word gone] by Otis Stacpole. 

Girl by Zebulon Davis named Susannah 6om Feb. 13. 1768 

Mr. Danl. Hussey's who Married Bethiah Vamey. 
Joseph Hussey Bom Sep. 3rd 1765 
Sarah Nov. 13th 1766 

John Sep. 13. 1768. 

Patience Hussey Bom on June ye 4. 1774 
Content Bom May 22. 1780. 

Wo. Sarah Philpot Jnos. Wo. 

Nabby Bom March 25. 1753 
Rachel July 1st 1755. 

Mrs. Hannah Pappoon By John Drew. 
AbigaU Drew Bom Oct. 4. 1767 
Wm. Stacpole Bom Sep. 3. [blotted, probably 1777.] 

Mrs. Hannah Plaistead Pr Amos Ricked 

A Girl Named Sarah Ricker Dec. 24. 1768. 

Mr. Hatevil Roberts Deed, by his Wife Mary Roberts Deed. 
Saml. Roberts Bom April 12. 1751 0. S. 
OUve Dec. 29. 1752 [poseibly 1758] 

. Mrs. Sarah Wentworth Daugtr of Ensn. Samuel Wentworth of Sommers- 

One by Capt. Ebenr. Ricker Bom Jan. 17th 1769 Boy Named 

Blr. Richard Whitehouse who Married Hannah Goodwin 
Andrew Whitehouse Bom March 31. 1768 
Elisha February 27. 1770 

Elizabeth Whitehouse Bom Saturday about one oth ye Clock 
July ye 23rd 1772. July ye 25th 1772 [evidenUy a correction 
of July 23rd. J\dy 26, 177$, was Saturday.] 

44 Master TcAe's Diary [Jai 

Abigail Bom May 7th 1772 

Mr. Wm. Whitehouse who Married Lucy Turner. 
John Whitehouse Bom 
Charles Tracy. 

Mr. Wm. Whitehouse Junr. who Married Eleanor Ash. 
Aaron Whitehouse Bom Oct. 10 176[taorn] 
Elizabeth. April 9th 1765 

Rebecca. Sep. 2nd 1766. 

Judith. April 20. 1768 

AbigaO Dec. 18th 1769. 

Mr. Benja. Wentworth who Married Rebecca Hodsdon. 
Samuel Shackf ord Wentworth Bom 

Mr. William Kenny who Married Rose Tebbets. 
Lydia Kenny Bom Aprl. 8. 1757 
Phebe Bom April 9. 1759 


June 24. 1761 


Dec. 29. 1763 


Mar. 23. 1766 


Jan. 23rd 1768 


Mar 26. 1770 


Aug. 16. 1772 


Dec. 22. 1774. 


April 20. 1777. 
Nov. 24. 1779 



Nov. 28. 1781 

Mr. Danl. Kimbal who Mamed Martha Wentworth 

Lydia Kimbal Bom 




Mr. Wm. Hom who Mamed Phebe Heard. N. S. 

Jethro Hom Bom Sep. 27. 1750 


Sep. 4. 1752. 


Jan. 28. 1754. 


Dec. 22. 1756. 


Oct. 14. 1758. 


Mar. 1. 1760 aut. 1761 


Feb. 7th 1763. 


Mar. 26. 1765 


Mar. 30. 1767. 

1820] Mader Taie's Diary 45 

Dorcas Jan. 30. 1769. 

Joseph Bom Jan. 27th 1771. 

Enoch Bom Dec. 18th 1772. 

James How Horn 

Mr. WnL Wentworth who Married Hannah Hayes. 
Ichabod Wentworth Bom 

Mr. Ebenzer Wentworth who Married Sarah Roberts. 
Sarah Wentworth Bom Feb. 6. 1729 
Benja. July 30 1731 

Ebenezer Aug. 14th 1735 

Deborah April 1738 


Aaron July 13. 1745 

Nicholas Sep. 7 1748 

Elihu Nov. 7th 1751 

Mr. Ebenezr. Wentworth Junr. who Married Dorothy Harford. 
Dorothy Wentworth Bom Dec. 30 1761 
Joanna Feb. 17. 1764. 

Ebenezer . Feb. 8th 1770. 

Mr. John Cole who Married with Sarah Cater. 
Judith Cole Bom 
2nd Woman Mary Hammock 

Patience Bom October Ist 1771. 
Thos. Feb. 8. 1773 

Nathan March 18. 1776 

Betty & Ebenezer Nov. 11. 1780 

Mr. Joseph Cook who Married Susannah Kni^t N. S. 
Joseph Cook Bom Aug. 15. 1754 
Robert Jan. 7th 1757 

Abi^ April 1. 1761 

Eezia Jan. 13. 1764 

William Jan. 7. 1766 

Mr. NathL Cook who Married Jno. Rollins's wo. Elii. 
Mercy Cook Bom 

Mr. Joshua Roberts Junrs. 

Son Tuesday Aprl. 7. 1778. 

Mr. John James who Married Anne Lord. N. S. 
Mary James Bom Dec. 6. 1742. 
Patience Dec. 23. 1745. 

Eleanor Feb. 23. 1748 

John January 19. 175[ti'om] 

Eiisha June 30. 1756 

46 Master Tate's Diary [Jan. 

Sarah July 24. 1768 

Hannah Jan 26. 1763 

Catharine Jan 23. 1765 

Ann Aug. 23. 1766 

Lydia May 19. 1769. 

Mr. Mark Wentworih who Married Margaret Roberts 

Mr. Evans Wentworths who Married Mrs. Dorcas Wentworth on Mar. 
19. 1772. 

Molly Wentworth Bom May 18th 1772 
Tapping Bom Saturday Aprl 16. 1774. 

Mr. Danl. Hanson who Married Mary Bickford. N. S. 
Aaron Hanson Bom Oct. 17. 1738 
Moses. Mar. 23. 1741. 

Danl. Oct. 26. 1745 

Phinehas. Aug. 17. 1748 

Elijah. Oct. 8. 1750. 

Nathan Jan. 29. 1756 

David June 11. 1757. 

Dorothy Mar. 15. 1759. 

Mr. Andrew Hom who Married Elizabeth Land aut Willand. 
Hannah Hom Bom Mar. 19. 1753 
Andrew April 9. 1755. 

Benja. Aug. 16. 1758 

[worn] July 9. 1760 

Ephraim June 10. 1762. 

Richd. Sep. 15. 1764 

[wom]om Oct. 16. 1766. 

Mr. Joseph Wentworth who Married Eunice Shorey 
Rachel Wentworth Bom Aug. 17. 1756 
Danl. Sep. 5. 1758 

Saml. July 1760 

William April 7. 1762 

Joseph Nov. 1765 

Ichabod Oct. 16. 1767 

Mr. Benja. Wentworth who Married Rachel Wentworth. 
Silas Wentworth Bom Mar. 1. 1756 
Sarah Feb. 28. 1758 

Benja. Feb. 19. 1762 

Deborah April 19. 1764 

Stimson Sep. 25. 1767. 

Mr. Saml. Randal who Married Martha Roberts. ^ 
EUzabeth Randal Bom 27 Sep. 1752 
Mary. Jan. 27. 1756 

Saml. Dec 17. 1757. 


Huth&) rr* i Bom on Sunday April 
Lydia J Twms |ye20thl766. 
Reuben Bom Jan. 11th 1773 

Mr. Robert Hussey who Married John Hanson's Widow Merqr who was 
the Daughter of Wm. Hom. 

Mi^beth Hussey Bom AprL 26. 1758 
Job. May 31. 1760. 

Benja. July 10. 1762. 

Rachel Dec & 1764. 

1920] MaOer ToUfa Diary 47 

Mr. Edward EDis who Married Sarah Hobbs 
Abig. EUia Bom 

Mrs Abigail ElHs one by No-Body. 

Joseph Nobody aut Ellis Bom 

Mr. Ebeneser Cole who Married Mary Wentworth Daughter of Mr. 
Ebeneser Wentworth. 
Phebe Cole Bom. 

Mr. Maurice Ellis who Married Kesia Courson. 
Thomas EDis Bom 
Elizabeth. , 

Mr. Reuben Cook who Married Lucy Whitehouse. 
Elisabeth Cook Bom 

Mr. Peter Cook who Married Abigail Rollins. 
Bethanah Cook Bom March 28. 1751 
Nathl. January 4. 1753. 

Abigafl. February 2nd 1755. 

Ichabod June 1. 1757. 

Jonathan Dec. 9th 1759. 

Peter. August 29th 1761 

Deborah May ye 1st. 1764. 

Mr. Wm. ^^^^ey who Married Ma[tM7m] Whitehouse. 
John WHley Bom 

Mr. Timothy Hanson who Married Anne Mckleroy. 
Miury Hanson Bom Dec. 21. 1748 
Martha. January 11 1750 

Lydia Jan. 3. 1753 

Joshua Feb. 7. 1756 

Timothy Dec 17. 1759 

Benja. Mar. 13. 1761 

Tobias Aug. 26 1765 

Betty. Oct. 21. 1768 

Mr. Wm. Chadwicks who Married Eliz Goodwin Daughtr of Elisha 
Goodwin of Berwick Deed. 

Molly & Sarah Chadwick Bom on Thursday Nov 23rd. 1769. 
Olive Bom Saturday Dec. 8. 1771 
Daniel Bom Nov. 2. 1773.* 

Bom July 7. 1776 Sunday night. 

Mr. Jno. Roberts's Junr. who Married Betty Hodsdon of Berwick 

48 Master Taie'a Diary [Ji 

Reuben Roberts Jan. 7. 1770. 
[loom] Bom Dec. 11. 1771. Wednesday. 

Son Stephen Bom Friday Momg July 21st 1775 
Molly Bom Friday Feb. 1. 1782. 

Mr. Reuben Tebbets's who Married Mrs Betty Carr on July 23. 1770 
Sally Tebbets Saturday Feb. 9th 1771 Sally. 
Son Isaac Bom Jan. 1. 1773 

Mr. John Tebbets's who Married Mrs. Betty Gooddel of Wdls on Feb. 
8. 1770. Mrs. Betty Gooddel Bom April 16th. 1742 
Son John Bom Oct. 28. 1770 John. 

Mr. Benja. Warren Juniors who Married Abigail Philpot on Monday 
November ye 26th 1770. 

Eunice Warren Bom Sunday May 19th 1771. 

John Philpot Warren Bom Nov. 6. 1773. 
Benja. King Warren Bom Mar. 3 1775 
Valentine Warren Bom Jan. 16 1777. 

Mr. Bartholomew Wentworth who Married Ruth Hall on Wednesday 
Nov. 22nd 1769. 

Benjamin Wentworth Bom Feb. 21st. 1771. 
Sarah Wentworth Bom Thur. Jan. 9. 1772 
John Bom Jan. 30. 1773 

Nahum Bom April 7th 1774. 

PhiUp Bom Wed. Oct. 11. 1775 

A Dead Son Bom Jan. 23. 1777 

Samuel Hussey's who Married Mercy Evans on May 3rd. 1769 
Peter Hussey Bom Oct. 29. 1769 
Elizabeth Mar. 1. 1771. 

Mary Bom Sep. 26. 1772. 

Susannah Bom June ye 3rd. 1774. 
Saml. Bom Saturday Feb. 17 1776 

Abi^ Bom Sep. 1779 

Mercy Bom October ye 19th 1783. 

Mr. David Lyford's who Married Wo. Sarah Wentworth. Ezekiel Went- 
worth's Wo. 

David Lyford Bom April 15th. 1768. 

Mr. Danl. Pikes who Married Anne Carr on 
James Bom on March 10th 1757 
Betty Bom on Oct 1759 
Samuel Pike Bom on Dec. 24. 1766 
John Pike Bom June 8th 1773 

Mr. John Pikes who Married Mrs. Martha Trevett of Old Yoric on 
Monday Sep. 17th 1770. 

Nathaniel Pike Bom Sep. 16. 1771 Dy'd on Sunday night 

Sep. 29th 1771. 
Sarah Bom July 11. 1773. 
Hannah Bom Jan. 4th. 1775. 
James Bom March 26. 1777. 
Nicholas Bom Octr. 4th. 1779 (Nicolas) 
Nathaniel bom Jany 13th 1783. 
[vHjm, possibly Joseph bom] November 22 1785 

Mr. Josiah Richardson's who Married Mrs. ISktj Philpot on Monday 
Aug. 6th 1770. 

Anne Richardson Bom Wed IAay 1st 1771 
Lydia Bom Sunday Sep. 5th. 1773. 

1920] Master TaU'a Diary 49 

Mr. Ebenezer Roberts who Married Mrs. Rachel Philpot on Tuesday 
March 12. 1771 

Tuesday May 21. 1771. She Miscarried off 2 Girls. 

Mr. Benja. Jones's who Married Mrs. Elizabeth White of Berwick. 
Samuel Jones Bom 
Sarah Bom 

Joanna Bom 

Enoch Bom 

Dorcas Bom 

David Bom Wednesday Jan. 19th 1771 

John Bom Feb. 19th 1776. 

Mr. Aaron Roberts's who Married with Mary Hanson. Wed. May 4th. 
, 1768. 

Aaron Roberts Bom on Tuesday June ve 18th [worn] 
Mary Roberts bom which was omitted [worn] Idth 1769. 

Cap. James Garvin Junrs. who Married Yn[vH>m] Mrs. Dorothy Went- 
warth Dec. 19. 1770 

Sarah Garvin Bom on Sep. 1771 
Ebenezr. Bom Mar. 17. 1773. 

Mr. Wm. Plaistead's Junrs. Who Married Mrs. Ann Ford on Tuesday 
Nig^t Aug 1st. 1769 

Daniel Flaistead Bom on 1773 [? 1770] 

Naomi Bom Thursday Night Sep. 26. 1771 

Capt. Ebenezer Bicker's who Married Mrs. Elizabeth Wallingford on 
Sunday Sep. 22nd. 1771. 

Thomas Ricker Bom Friday Mom. June 26th. 1772. 

Ebenezer Bom July 9. 1774. 

Betsey Bom Nov. 6. 1776. 

Lucy Bom Sunday Jan. 31. 1779. 

Mr. Benja. Evans's who Married with Eliz. Ricker on Monday Dec. 

16th. 1771. niegal Begotten by Ephraim Ricker Junr. She was 

Dau^ter of Elizabeth Mardin. 

Elizabeth Evans Bom Feb. 15th 1772 on Saturday 
Joseph Bom Sunday Night Mar. 6th. 1774. 

[Mr.] Ephraim Ricker Junr Who Married Hannah Leig^ton of Berwick. 
Eleanor Ricker Bom 

Mr. Samuel Downs who Married wth Anne Kenny. Bom 1721 [Bom 
1721 wriUen with different ink.] 
Dorothy Downs Bom 

Mr. William Grants who Married Mary Stevens. 
Judith Grant Bom 

50 Master Tate'8 Diary [Jan. 







Abijah & Paul 

Mr. William Grant Junrs. who Married Mary Wentworth. 

Mr. Amos Howards whose 1st Wifes Name was Charity Downs Own 
Aunt to ye 2nd whose Name was Sarah Danun. None by ye 1st YHie. 

Amos Howard Bom May ye 5th 1752. 

Judith. ^ 





Mr. Jose^ Tate Jimrs. who Marri^ with Mrs. Esther Cole. 
Enoch Tate Bom Sunday April ye 5th 1772 
Daniel Tate Bom Thurs. Sep. 1 1774 
Sarah Bom Sep. 2nd. 1777. 

Mr. Jethro Horns Who Married Mrs. Mary Stiles 6d. Thurs. Nov. 19th 

Mr. Moses Tebbets's who Married Mrs. Mary Key of Berwick. 
Kezia Tebbets Bom Sep. 22nd 1725 0. Stile 
Joanna Bom April 9th 1728 

Ebeneser Bom Mar. 16th 1739 
Reuben Bom Sep. 5th 1743 

Mr. Wm. Hall's who Married Mrs. Lydia Wentworth Dec. 7th 1769 
Son Bom Saturday Oct. 18. 1774. 

Ebeneser Nock Junrs. who Married with Elizabeth Garland on 
Elizabeth Nock Bom Oct. 6th 1771 
Issachar Bom June 3d. 1773 

Henry Nock Bom Dec. 17. 1775 

Mr. Saml. Frosts who Married with Mrs. Esther Mason on Monday 
July 13th 1772. 

Esther Frost Bom Oct. 19: 1772. 
Isaac Bom Dec 5. 1775. 

Mr. Lemuel Bickers who Married Mrs. Dorothy Nock on Tues. Dee. 
31. 1771. 

Jedidiah Bicker Bom Mar 2nd 1773. 

Mrs. Deborah Vickers 

Son Bom Mar 29. 1773 Nam'd Aaron Wentworth. 

Mr. Wm. Brock's who Married Vith ye Wo. Eliz. Mason on Monday 
June 15th. 1772. 

Eliz. Brock Bom on Sunday May 23. 1773. 
Martha Bom on Monday July 8th. 1776 
William Brock Bom Tuesday March 19th. 1782. 

Stephen Austin who Married with Abigail Saunders on Sunday June 
ye 28. 1772 

Bom April 2. 1773 

[To be continued] 

1920] The Mother of Rev. John Whedwright 51 


By Mis. Mabt Lovxbinq Holman of Watertown, Maes. 

In the Wheelwright pedigree given in the valuable article entitled 
The Lincolnshire Origin of Some Exeter Settlers/' published in 
the Registeb for January, 1914 (vol. 68, pages 64-80), the imter 
of the article, Victor Channing Sanborn, Esq., states that Robert 
Wheelwright, who was the father of Rev. John Wheelimght of 
New England and was buried at Saleby, co. Lincoln, England, 

23 Feb. 1612/13, married first Alice , who was buried at 

Cmnberworth, co. Lincoln, in 1692; secondly Catherine , who 

was buried at Saleby 8 July 1605; and tUrdly, at Saleby, 17 Nov. 
1606, Catherine Money, widow of John. Mr. Sanborn assigns to 
Bobert Wheelwright a daughter and a son by his first wife, Alice 

, and three daughters by his second wife, Catherine . 

The daughter by the first wife is said to have married Thomas 
Eingerby of Wainfleet, co. Lincoln, and to have died before 13 
Oct. 1611, as she is not mentioned in her father's wiU of that date. 
The son was the Rev. John Wheelwright, who, Mr. Sanborn states, 
was bom about 1592, "since he was a minor in 1611, when his father 
made his will, but was of age 7 Mar. 1612/13, when the will was 
proved." It is the purpose of the present article to prove that in 

an probability Catherine , who appears in Mr. Sanborn's 

article as the second wife of Robert Wheelwright, was a daughter 
of Thomas Mawer, that she had been the wife of Richard Eongerby 
befive her marriage with Robert Wheelwright, and that she was 
the mother of Rev. John Wheelwright. 

An examination of the records which precede the pedigree given 
by Bdr. Sanborn shows that, although an AUce Wheelwright was 
buried at Cumberworth in 1592, there is no evidence that she was 
the wife of Robert Wheelimght. It is just as Ukely that she was 
Robert's sister or mother or even a more distant connection. The 
existenoe of a daughter who married Thomas Kingerby is inferred 
from the passage in Robert Wheelwright's will in which he appoints 
as one of the two supervisors ''Thomas Kingerbye of Wamflett 
my Sonne in lawe," but the evidence now to be presented msJces 
it very probable that Thomas Kingerbye was not the husband of 
Bobert Wheelwright's daughter but was his stepson, the son of 
his wife Catherine by a former husband named Kingerby.* 

In ''Lincolnshire Pedigrees," vol. 2, page 567 {Publications of the 
Harieian Society, vol. 51), there is printed a pedigree of Kingerby 
of Wainfleet, according to which William [sic, ? Richard] Kingerby 
of Wainfleet, son of William Kingerby of co. Lincoln, married 

*JcbM WiMidwricfat of Mombj, eo. linooln, unde of Rer. John Wheelwri^t, in hia will dated 
S F«b. 1610/11. mcntioM "Peter Rylay my aone in lawe" end "Robert Ryli^ my tone in lawe.** 
■id from tide Mr. Sanborn drawe the oonolusion that Peter and Robert Rylay were the huebaads 
d dMfktan ol the tcetator. But here aleo "tone in lawe" may mean "etepton," eepedally as 
lebwi Wlieiiiaiitlit, eoo of John Wheelwri^t of Momby and oouain of Rer. John Wheelwri^t, 
ieUi viB dated 34 Jan. ltt21/8, mentkne "Robert Bjlaj ol Mumby, my brother, Jane hk wii^ 

TOIto 111 I !▼. 4 

S2 Tke MaOker cf Ret. J 61m WhedwrigU {Jul 

Katberine, daa^ter of Thomas Mawer of WiUcHighliy, and had by 
her two floos, vu., Robert Eingierby of Wainfleet, who died without 
jflBue, and Thonias Kmgerby of Croft, 1634, who married FaitfL 
dandier of William ClarkscMi of WainfleeL Directly north of 
Sal^T is the parufa of Stnibby , and in the paririi registerB of StnAbj 
with Woodtfaorpe aze reovded the marriaees of Bidiaid Kingsbie 
and Katherine Mawer, 2 Apr. 1581, and Tliomas Kyn ggabye and 
Faith Cawthcvn, 12 Blar. 1610 [1610 11].^ According to the Index 
of WiDs in the Consistory Court of linoofai the will of Ridiaid 
Kingerby of Wainfleet was proved in 1591 and the will of Robert 
Eingierby of Wainfleet wa s pro ved in 1613. 

Tne paiidi re^sters of WiUou^by contain the leeoids of four 
marriages to which a Thomas Maws' was a party, the llioinas 
Mawer mentioned last being possiUy a scm of the first-mentioaed 
Thomas. These marriages are as foDowsit 

1541 ThcMDas Mawer and Joan Dawson 25 Angosi. 

1557 Thomas Mawer and Joan Tieming 17 Augost. 

1560 Thooias Mawer and Margaret l&son 3 AngOBi. 

1571 Thooias Mawer and Agnes Goodwin 13 November. 

The win of a Thomas Blawer of WiUoughby, pobab^y the father 
of the Katherine who married Richard Kingerby on 2 Apr. 1581, 
was proved in the Consistory Court of LinocSn in 1597. Katherine 
was bom probably about 1560, and may have been the dan^t^r of 
Joan (Leming) Mawer or of Margaret (Mason) Mawv. As die 
did not give etUier ot these names (Joan or Margaret) to her dau^ten 
by her second husband (if it be assumed that she did beocxne die 
infe of R<d)ert Whedwri^t), the name of htf mother caimot be 
determined without an examination of the unpublished portions of 
the registers of lif^ou^bby. 

It seems Hkdyy therefore^ from the foregoing evidence, that, whether 
or not the Alice Wheelwright who was buned at Cumborvrorth in 

1502 was the wife of Robert Wheelwri^t, the Cathmne who 

is given in Mr. Sanborn's pedigree as the seccmd wife of Robert was 
the dau^ter of Thomas Mawer of Willou^by and married first, 
2 Apr. 1581, Richard Kingerby of Wainfleet, who died about 1591, 
by whom she had two sons, Robert, who died without issue, and 
lliomas, who married Faith Clarkson or Cawthom — periiaps Faith 
(Clarkson) Cawthom, this Thomas Kingerby being the ''soime in 
lawe," i.e., stepson, mentioned in Robert Wheelwright's will. Since 
he was made supervisor of the will and guardian ot one of Robert 
Wheelwright's daughters, he was of age at that time and was older 
than any of the chUdren of Robert. 

If Catherine (Mawer) Kingerby married secondly Robert Wheel- 
wright, she was the mother of the three daughters of Robert Wheel- 
wright, Elizabeth, Katherine, and Ellen or Elynor, who appear in 
the records given in Mr. Sanborn's article. She was also, it is prob- 
able, the mother of Rev. John Wheelwright, for he seems to have 
been bom about 1594, some two years later than the date assigned 
by Mr. Sanbom for his birth. This is inferred from the statement 

•Lincolnahire Pwiah Resistors. Mamaces, toL 7. pi>. 129. 131. 
t/6.. vol. 9, pp. 118, 121. 122. 

1920] Connecticut Cemetery InecrvptionB 53 

in the inquisition post mortem of Robert Wheelwright, cousin of 
Bev. John Wheelwright, taken 29 August 1622, that John Wheel- 
wright, derk, next heir to the deceased, was aged twenty-seven 
ywiB and more. If he had been thirty years old, it would have been 
fl>.fltftted in the inquisition. He was therefore under age not only 
vbea his father appointed him executor of his will, 13 Oct. 1611,* 
but also on 7 Mar. 1612/13, when the will was proved and admin- 
■faatioD was granted to the executor. It is probable that a com- 
plete copy of &e probate act would show that administration was 
grw>*^ to the executor in the person of his guardian. The fact 
thai Rev. John Wheelwright named his second daughter Katherine 
and hki second son Thomas increases the probability that his 
mother was Katherine, daughter of Thomas Mawer. 

When Rev. John Wheelwright returned to Eagland in 1658, he 
Sved at WiQou^by, and was the plaintiff in a fioal concord made 
in that year in regard to land and biuldings in that parish (ReoisteBi 
voL 68, page 74). Some writers have stated that he went to WU- 
kmghby because it was the home of Sir Henry Vane, his patron, but 
ft seems more likely that he went there because it was the home of 
ksB kindred. In his will he disposed of property at Croft, the home 
rf Thomas Kingerby in 1634. 

An examination of tiie Eingerby and Mawer wills proved in the 
GoDOfltoiy CJourt of Lincoln and of Lincolnshire parish registers 
would probably throw .more light on the family connections of 
Bar. John Wheelwright. 


Copied by Joel Nelson Eno, A. M., of Brooklyn, N. Y. 

[Contmued from vol. 73, page 43] 



sry of Mr. Caleb Abel who died May 26th A. D. 1814 in his 83d 

li moDory of Mrs. Elizabeth Abel who died Augst 2d, A. D. 1811 in her 

85lh year of life, 
b Memory of William son of Mr. Caleb & Mrs. Jerusha Abel who died 

December 10, 1773 in ye 3d year ef his age. 
Hmon Abell, 9ee inscription to Simon Lathrop.] 
Tbdie memory of Mrs. Elizabeth Alden late Consort of Mr. John Alden. . • 

She died March 26th 1789 Aged 64 years. 
Hone lies the Body of Mr. John Alden ... he died May 2d 1764 [tic] in 

ye 45th year of his age. 

It «M DOi *t all unoommon in the north of England for minors to be named a* ezeoutor* 

fTMi MOMtery ia ntuated one mile north of Lebanon Centre, on the State road to Sprague, 
Mv Us ianetion with the road to South Windham. 
U metal marker at the grare reada: **A Patriot's grare 1775-1783." 

54 Connecticut Cemetery Ineeriptiana ^ [Jan. 

To the memory of Mr. John Alden son of Mr. John & Mrs. Elizabeth Alden: 

he died August 12th 1784 Aged 34 years.* 
Here lies the Body of the twin sons of Mr. John Alden & Mrs. Elisabeth 

Alden his wife. Bom the 17 Aug. 1765 [sic]. The eldest died in- 
stantly; the other next morning. 
In Memory of Will & PoUv Antram ye CMdren of Mr. Francis & Eunice 

Antram. William died June ye 23d 1794 Aged 18 years & Polly died 

July 27, 1794 Aged 3 years. 
Here lityB Intered the Body of Elisebath Arnold, Relict of Mr. Joaiah 

Arnold Late of Washington, & Daughter of Mr. Moses daric of Leb- 
anon . . . fell on Sleep Deer 22d A. D. 1783 in the 61st Year of her Ag^ 
In Memory of Mrs. Lydia Wife of Mr. Ebeneser Bacon who Died Jan'r 

2d 1791 in ye 77th year of her Age. 
In Memory of Mrs. Lydia Bailey wife of Mr. Samuel Bailey who died April 

6, 1830 In the 67th year of her age. 
Mrs. Mabel P. wife of Asahel Bailey Died March 9, 1830. Aged 56. 
In Memory of Samuel Bafley who died July 25th 1835 aged 71 yeais. 
Sacred to the memory of Mr. James Baily . . . who departed this life • • • 

July 6, A. D. 1812 in the 77th year of his age. 
Sacred to the memory of Mrs< RutJi wife of Mr. Timothy Baily who died 

May 4th A. D. 1810 in the 31st year of her age. 
Timothy Baily died July 4, 1833 a^ 62 years. 
Here lies ye Body of Josiah Baker m Lebanon ye Son of Mr. Samuel Baker 

of Marshfield He died Novemb. A. D. 1726 aged 23 Years. 
Hie jacet Carolus Barker . . . Obiit 11 June 1772 Anno JStatis 27. 
In Memory of Mr. Elii^ialet Barker who Died Novr 26th 1785 in ye 4dth 

year of his Age. 
In Memory of Mrs. Jemima Barker wife to Mr. [iUegibie] Barker who died 

on ye 23d day of February 1742 in ye 41st year of her age. 
In memory of Mr. Joseph Barker Who Died June 18th, 1818 ^. 55. 
This Stone is erected in Memory of Capt. Joshua Barker & Mrs. Mary 

his wife. He Died Febr 23a 1784 aged 69 years. She Died January 

17th 1801 aged 78 years. 
Oct. 1752 Departed this life Nehemiah son to Capt. Joshua Barker & 

Mary his wife in ye 2d year of his Age. 
In memory of Miss Priscilla Barker daughter of Mr. Eliphalet & Mrs. 

PrisciUa Barker who died May 19th 1808 in the 36th year of her age. 
Here lies ye Body of Mr. Joseph Bass ye Son of Mr. Nathaniel A taiB. 

Mary Bass Who Died by ye Blow of a Tree on his Head 1730 in ye 

26 Year of his A«e. 
In memory of Mrs. Betty relict of Mr. Robert Bennett who died Sept. 2, 

1816 Aged 73 years. 
Deoem. ye 13th 1766 Departed this life Miriam Wife of Mr. Elieier Bing- 
ham in ye 49th year of her Age. 
Here lies ye Body of Miss Rebecca Bingham Daugihter of Mr. flamuel & 

Mrs. Rebecca Bingham who died Noyr ye 8 A. D. 1738 in ye 18 year 

of her age. 
Here lies ye Body of Mr. John Birchard Husband of Mrs. Hannah Orchard 

Who Died June ye 30 1735 in ye 64th Year of his Age. 
In Memory of Mrs. Ann Bissel Relict of Mr. Benjamin Bissel, who Died 

Noyr 5th 1778 in ye 53d year of her Age. 
Sacred to the Memory of Mr. Amos Bliss . . . who departed this life Oct. 

23d A. D. 1794 In the 55th year of his age. 
In memory of Mrs. Anna Bliss relict of Mr. Amos Bliss ^o died Feb'y 6 

1827 iE. 72. 

•A bmUI mariur at tlM p»^ mmIk "A FMriolfb p»T« 177^1788.** 

1920] CcnMtUcui Cemetery Irucripiuma 55 

In memory of Bets^ Brainaid daughter of Mr. Enoch & Mrs. Esther Brain- 
aid who died June 25th 1801 aeed 8 vears. 

In menx>i7 of Miss Rebecca Brainera daughter of Mr. Enoch & Mrs. Esther 
Brainerd ^o was bom at East Haddam May 8th 1794 & died June 
eth 1811 aged 17. 

Here lies the Body of Mr. Benjamin Brewster who died . . . July 31, 1755 
in ye 83d year of his age. 

Here Ilea the Body of Mr. Comfort Brewster who . . . was suddenly called 
sway by Death ye 30th day of Novr ye 30 1777 in the 60th Year of his 

In.Memonr of Mr. Comfort Brewster, Jr. who died Jany 11, 1815 in the 

44th Year of his a^. 
Li moBOffy of Comfort Brewster who died May 27, 1822 aged 77 years. 
Here Ilea the Body of Mr. Daniel Brewster who . . . dieid . . . May 7th 

1749 in the 35th year of his age. 
In Memory of Mrs. Elizabeth Daughter of Mr. Comfort and Mrs. Eliza- 
beth Brewster idio hopefully fdl asleep in Jesus . . . April 27, 1811 

In her 39th year. 
In memoiy of Mrs. Elizabeth, relict of Mr. Comfort Brewster who died 

Fdl>. 1, 1829 aged 82 years. 
Here lies ye Body of Mr. John Brewster he Departed this life Augt 28th 

1774 in ye 74th vear of his Age. 
Here lies the Body of Mrs. Mary Brewster wife of Mr. Benjamin Brewster 

^riio . • . died • . • March 27, A. D. 1746 in the 74th year of her 

Here nes ye Body of Mrs. Rosamond & her Child, wife & Child of Mr. 

Danid Brewster. She . . . died July 24, 1778 Aged 26 years. 
In memoiy of Samuel M. Buckingham son of Capt. Samuel & Mrs. Joanna 

Bodnngham who died Nov. 26th 1810 aged 1 year & 4 months. 
In memory of Mr. Abel Buel who died Jan. 28th, 1798 in the 84th year of 

his age. 
In memoiy of Mrs. Clarissa wife of Capt. Josiah Buel who died Oct. 2d 

1818 in the 54th year of her age. 
Here lies ye Body of Mrs. Elisabem Buel wife of Mr. Wm. Buel, Daughter 

of Mr. Joseph Collier of Hartford . . . fell asleep in Jesus Dec. 7, 

1729 Aged 54 years. 
In memory of Josiah Buel who died Jan. 6, 1834 Aged 85. 
lira. Liicretia Buel Consort of Capt. Josiah Buel . . . closed this mortal 

seene . . . Feb. 13th 1809 in the 56 year of her age. 
Here lies ye Body of Miss Mehitable Daughter of Mr. \^^lliam & Mrs. 

Elisabeth Bud Died August 14, 1726 in ye 6 year of her age. 
Here lies the Body of Mr. William Buel, one of the Fathers of the Town 

. • . who was Gathered to his Fathers April ye 7th 1763 in the 87th 

Tear of his age. 
Bscred to the memory of Mr. William Buel who died August 8th A. D. 

1809 in the 73d year of his age. 
In memory of Delia C. Buell Dautr of James & Trithena Buell who died 

My 18, 1818 in the 16 year of her age. 
In me mo ry of 1^. James Buell who departed this life May 1, 1830 aged 

56 years, 
hi me mo ry of Mrs. Mahetabel Buell Consort of Mr. Abel Buell who • • . 

went to rest July 31st A. D. 1796 in the 86th year of her age. 
Here Lies ye Body of Mrs. Martha Buell wife of William Budl who De- 
parted tiiis Life . . . May ye 6th A. D. 1751 in the 65th year of her age. 
In m emo ry of Mrs. Tryphena wife of Mr. James Buell who departed thia 

life April 13, 1830 Aged 55 years. 

56 CannecHctd Cemetery IneeripUonB [Jan. 

Elisabeth the wife of Eben'r Bushnel A daughter of Isaiah ft Elisabeth 

Tiffany, was bom at Woodstock June 29th 1736 ft IHed at Lebanon 

March 26th 1790 in the 54th Year of her age. 
In memory of Mr. Ebenezer Bushnell who died June 5th A. D. 1807 in 

the 77th year of his age. 
Here liee the Body of Mr. Nathan Bushnell, who . • . died . . . October 

6th 1770 in ye 85th year of his age. 
Trsrphena wife of Ebe'r Bushnell Jun'r Daughter of John ft JGTuaha Clark 

Died Octr'12th 1783 in ye 24th year of her Age. 
Solo Calkin died AprU 13, 1802 Aged 78. 
In memory of Clanssa R. Champion daughter of Mr. John ft Mrs. Rhoda 

Champion who died Feb. 13th 1809 a^ 1 year ft 3 days. 
Died Jan. 14, 1825 Pierce, son of Silas ft Cynthia Champion aged 7 years. 
In Memory of Mrs. Eliza wife of Mr. Thomas Champlin who IMed A|»il 

6th 1814 Aged 24 Years. 
Elijah their son Died Octr 24 1813 aged 3 Years ft 6 Months 
Henry B. son of Joel ft Mary L. Chappel Died August 18, 1830 Aged 1 

year ft 9 months. 
Mrs. Lydia Church relict of Mr. Lemuel Church Died August 22, 1829 

Mi. 62. 
Sacred to the memoiy of Mrs. Abigail Clark . . . Consort of Mr. Kliphaa 

Clark who died Octr 20th 1814 in the 41st year of her age. 
Sacred to the memory of Mrs. Anna L. Clark relict of Mr. James CSaik, 

Junr. who died June 12th, 1811 in the 54th year of her age. 
Sacred to the Memory of Miss Anne Clark dau^ter of Col. Jame&ft Mrs. 

Kisiah Clark ... fell asleep in Jesus Sept. 18th 1791 in the 25lli 

Year of her Age. 
Sacred to the memonr of Mrs. Anne Clark, wife of Mr. James Claik, junr. 

ft daughter of Mr. Salmon ft Mrs. Mary Champion who died luy 15, 

1812 in the 27th year of her age. 
Here lies the Body of Mrs. Elisabeth Clark wife of Mr. Moses dark • . . 

who was Suddenly called to a better hope Deer 27 1761 in ye 73d year 

of her age. 
Here lies t^e Body of Gershom Clark, Esq. . . . called to ye Reward • . . 

Aug. 18, 1747 in ye 50 year of his age. 
Sacred to the Memory of Mr. James Clark Junr. Son of Col. James ft Mrs. 

Anne Clark ... he departed this life on Aug. 2d 1790 In the 34th 

Year of his Age. 
To the memory of Col. James Clark who died on the 29th of Dec. 1826 

ased 96 years ft 5 Moe. He was a Soldier of the Revolution. 
Sacrea to Uie memory of Mrs. Kesiah the beloved Consort of Col. James 

Clark . . . She was called to depart this* life Jan. 23d A. D. 1799 in 

tiie 63d year of her age. 
Here Lyes Intered the Remains of Moses Clark who . . . departed this 

Life . . . Sept. the 18th 1749 in ye 67th year of his age. 
Here lies the Body of Mrs. Priscilla Clark . . . wife of Mr. Phinehas Clark 

who died Decemr ye 13th A. D. 1750 in the 29 3rear of her age. 
Sacred to the memorv of Mr. Samuel Clark who died Sept. 27th 1807 in 

the 78th 3rear of his age. 
In memoiy of Mrs. Sarah Clark . . . Consort of Mr. Samuel Qazk who 

died April 8th 1812 in tiie 76th year of her age. 
Ako in memory of Sally Clark her daughter lying at her left aide, 
who died Augst 2nd 1802 in the 42nd year of her age. 
Sacred to the Memory of Wealthy Clark dau^ter of Col. James ft Mrs. 

Kisiah Clark . . . who died Augst 19th 1790 in ye 13th Year of her 


1920] ConnmHad Cemetery InscripHana 67 

In m anar y of Capt. William CSark • . . departed . • • Augpt 28, 1755 In 

the 69tli year of his 'age. 
Here lies ye Body of Mr. Jonathan Clarice who . . . Departed this life 

on the 12th of January A. D. 1743-4 • . . in 3re 56th year of his a^. 
Here lies the Body of Leu. Timothy Clarke ... He Departed this life . . . 

Jufy 18th 1752 in the 57th year of his age. 
Ofiver H. son of Dr. Joseph & Mrs. S. R. Comstock died Oct. 8, 1826 aged 

2years 1 mo. & 16 days. 
Here LieB ye Body of lieut. Jonathan Crane Husband of Mrs. Deborah 

Crane who . . . Left ye Earth for Heaven March ye 12th Ano 1735 

in ^ 77 Year of his Age. 
Here lies the Body of Mr. Jonathan Crane who was Bom Feb. 2d A. D. 

1684 and departed this Ufe augst the 27th A. D. 1757 in the 74th Year 

In memiC M r y of Mrs. Esther, wife of Mr. Simon Crocker who died Dec. 27th 

1805 m the 78th year of her age. 
In Memory of Mr. Simon Crocker who Died Jan'r 1st 1799 in ye 70th year 

of his Age. 
Here lies int^red ye Body of Mrs. Sarah Curtis the . . . Consort of Mr. 

Samuel Curtis who Died april the [illegible] 1741 in the 80 year of har 

of Mr. Ambrose Cushman, who died July 22nd 1819 in the 71st 
Ifn. Caroline rdict of Mr. Ambrose Cushman ft formerly wife of Mr. George 

Sima Died October 7, 1827 M. 70. 
Here Lies the Body of Mrs. Sarah Cushman late Wife of Mr. Thomas Cush- 
man Who Died December 15 1726 Aged 52. . . . 
Here lies ye Body of Mr. Thomas Cushman, late husband of Mrs. Sarah 

Cudmian, Who Died Jenowary 9, 1727, Aged 57 Years. . • . 
Here lies the Bodv of Mr. Jan^es Danielson who was [illegible]. 
Here lies the Bodv of Mrs. Mary Danielson wife of Mr. James Danielson 

wlio Departea this life august 6, 1748 in the 67th year of her age. 
In Memory of Mr. Bezaleel .Dewey who Departed this Life . . . Oct. 24, 

1792 in ye 80th year of his age 
Also a son named Abel who Died Dec'm 1790 Aged 4 months. 
la Mem<vy of Six Children of Mr. John Dewey A Mrs. Rhoda his wife. 
Ebeneser died March 20, 1760 JStat. one month. 
Ebenexer 2d died Jan. 9, 1770 in the 4th year of his age. * 
Other four still bom. 
Flavd [ilUffibU] son of Flavel & Betsey F. Dewey died Dec. 11, 1829 aged 

2 months. 
Here liee the Body of . . . Mrs. Hephzibah ye Wife of Den Josiah Dewey. 

She was the Daughter of Mr. Richard Lyman of Hartford . . . A 

Slept in Jesus June ye 4, 1732 In ye 89th Year of her Age. 
In memoiy of Mrs. Jerusha wife of Mr. Israel Dewey who died May 19, 

1806 in the 67th year of her age. 
In Memory of Mr. John Dewey who Died Sept. 14th 1773 in the 73d Year 

of his Age. 
In memory of Mr. John Dewey who died June 11, 1830 aged 95 3^ears. 
Here lies the Bodf of Dn Josiah Dewey. He was Bom in Windsor 1640 

.... Slept in Jesus Septemr 7, 1732 In ye 92 Year of his Age. 
In memory of Miss Phylona Dewey who died Sept. 10th 1818 agea 52 years. 
In memory of Mrs. lUioda, wife of Mr. John Dewey who died Augt 30, 

1820 aged 85 years. 
In memory of Mrs. Susanna, wife to Mr. Eliphalet Dewey who died May 

20, 1702 [7 1782] in the 28 Year of her age. 

58 CofmecUcut Cemekry Inscriptians [Jan. 

In Memoiy of Susanna dau^ter to Mr. Eliphalet A Mrs. Susanna Dewey 

who died July 4th 1780 in her 2d Year. 
Here lies Interred the Body of Experience Doggett the Dau|^ter of Mr. 

Thomas Doggett of Marshfield who Died November the 11th, 1736 In 

the 23d year of her age. 
Mr. Chauncy Dutton Di^ July 25, 1814 Aged 35 vears. 
In memory of Mrs. Hannah wife of Mr. John Edgecomb who died April 

2nd 1809 aged 59 years. 
In memory of Mr. John Edgecomb who died Deer 5th, 1813 aged 64 jrean. 
In memory of Mr. Leonard Elmore who died Oct. 4th 1799 in the 18th year of 

his age. 

• • . Sarah Apame Mills who became the wife of the Rev. Zebulon Ely . . . 

She remained a widow indeed untill on the 13 oi Dec. A. D. 1842 at the 

age of 80 she departed. 
Bev. Zebulon Ely died Nov. 28, 1824 in the 66 year of his ans and the 43. of 

his ministry. He was bom in Lyme. Graduated at Yale College on 

Nov. 13, 1782; ordained Pastor of the first Church in Lebanon. • . . 
His cUiughter Abby Eliza Ely died in Clinton, Georgia Sept. 28, 
1822 ^t 21 
Abraham Fitch Bom* Janv 22, 1737 O. S. Died April 1, 1821. 

Betsey Fitch his wife Bom May 1, 1737 O. S. Died Aug. 7, 1830. 
Almira Fitdi daughter of Abraham & Betsey Fitch Bom Dec. 1, 1767 died 

Jan. 6, 1842. 
In Memorv of Capt. Andrew Fitch who died Aug. 22, 1811 Aged 63. 
And Abigail Fitch his wife who died March 11, 1842 Aged 87. 
Here lies ye Body of Mrs. Ane Fitch ye Wife of Captain Nathaniel Iltch 

and Daughter of Mr. Joshua Abel of Norwich Who Died July 3, 17^ 

Aged 48 Years. 
Benj'n Bissell Fitch Bom Sept. 21, 1761, Died March 7, 1836. 
In memory of Mrs. Betsy the second . . . wife of Mr. Ebenezer Rtch • « • 

She fell asleep in Jesus March 7th 1813 Aged 26. 
Mrs. Esther Fitch, wife of Benjamin B. Fitch and daughter of Elijah and 

Mary Hyde Bom June 8, 1764 Died Oct. 13, 1804. 
Here lyes interred the Body of Mrs. Hannidi Fitch the Well Beloved Consort 

of Mr. Nathaniel Fitch who died February the [iUegibU] 1738 In the 

34th year of her Age. 

• . • In hoc sepulcro depositae sunt reliquae • • . Beverendi D. laoobi 

Fitch. Natus fuit apud Bocking ixi comitatu Essexiae Ang^ Ano 
Domini 1622 December [sic] 24 . . . Quis [sic] in Novangliam venit 
aetat 16 et deinde vitam de^t Hartfordiae per septennium . . . apiMl 
Saybrook per annos 14 iUmc cum ecclesiae majore parte Norvicum 
mi^vit . . . ab opere publico tandemque recessit libens apud LdMuion 
ubi semianno fere exacto obdormivit in lesu Anno 1702 Novembri A 
aetatis 80 . . . 

Here lies the Body of Mr. Joseph the son to the Reverend Mr. Jeames 
Fitch who . . . Departed this life May 9th . • . 1741 in the 60 year of 
his Age. 

Hear lies the Body of Capt. Joseph Fitch who . . . Departed this Life . . . 
June 14, 1773 in the 63d year of his Aee. 

Here Lyes ye Body of Mr. Mason Fitch Son of Mr. Joseph Htch • . • 
Died March ye 10, 1734 In ye 25th Year of his Age. 

Here lies the Body of Mrs. Mindwell Fitch Relict of Capt. Nathaniel litch. 
She Departed this Life the 1st day of Septemr A. D. 1769 Aged 77 yean 
A 4 mos. 

Sacred to the memory of Mrs. Nancy Fitch the amiable wife of Mr. Ebeneier 
Fitch who died Oct. 17th 1816 in the 31st year of her age. 

1920) CarnieeUeid Cemetery InaoriptUme 59 

Here fies tbe Body of Mr. Nathan litch 2nd Son to Capt. Nathaniel Fitch. 

Bom March the 29th 1705 And Departed this life June the 12th A. D. 

1751 AflBd 46 yean. 
Here Liea the Body of Captn Nathaniel Fitch who • . • Departed May 

14, 1759 in the 80th Year of his Age. 
Here lieB the Bodies of Boger ft Qmon Sons of Mr. Nathan & Mrs. Dinah 

Fitdi. Boger Bom May 29, 1757 died Febry 27 1765. Omon Bom 

Septr 6, 1763 died March 1st 1765. 
&re lies the Body of Mrs. Silence Fitch wife of Mr. Joseph Fitch who died 

Aii0rt 9th 1766 in the d5th year of Her age. 
HereliestheBodyof Mrs. Zerviah Fitch wife of Capt. Joseph Fitch who . • . 

died 9th of Anril 1773 in the 52 year of her age. 
Here Uelh y% Boay of Mr. Ezekiel son of Mr. Jacob & Mrs. Mary Foster 

^riio died Octob ye 20 1727 ft in ye 23 year of his age. 
Jwtua Gay Died Sent. 16, 1S29 iBt. 33. 
In memoxy of Mr. Isaac Gillet, Died at Lebanon February 21 1840 In the 

9l8t year of his age. 
Aiyoining lie buried Isaac, Hosea ft Bebekah, sons ft daughter of 
iBaac ft Buth Gillet. 
In menKvy of Mrs. Buth Gillet wife of Mr. Isaac Gillet who died July 20, 

1824 Aged 72 years. 
IGn ButhGillet Died May 10, 1849 M. 70. 
In memofy of Mr. Ebenezer Gillit who died April 8th 1786 in the 35th year 

Ben lies the Body of Azel Son of Mr. Jonathan ft Mrs. Sarah Goodwin who 

died July ye 6 1764 in the 3d year of his age. 
Estjier wife (tf Samuel Goodwin died Feb. 29, 1864 aged 86 yrs. 
Here lies the Body of Mr. Jonathan Goodwin who died Janiy ye 12th 1786 in 

the 65th Year of his Age. 
Sernnel Goodwin died Aug. 27, 1822 aged 44 years. 
Here lies the Bodv of Mr. Timothy Goodwin, a Deacon of the Church in 

Wmington, who lived many years in this town ... he died October 7, 

1758 in the 72d year of his age. 
Here lies the Body of Eliphalet son of Mr. Simeon ft Mrs. Mary Gray who 

died January 17, 1763 inged one month. 
Here lies the Body of . . . Mrs. Mary Gray Wife of Ebenezer Gray ft 

DiMig^ter of Mr. John Gardiner . . . Died July 22d 1726 In ye 25 

Year of her Age. 
Here lies the Body of Mary Daughter of Mr. Simeon ft Mrs. Mary Gray 

who died March 25th 1762 aged 14 months ft 10 days. 
la Memory of Mr. Simeon Gray the . . . Consort of Mrs. Ane Gray who 

Departed this life November the 10th 1742 in the 33d year of his age. 
Here Hai the Body of Simeon son of Mr. Simeon ft Mrs. Mary Gray who 

died July the 25th 1758 Aged 7 months. 
Here lies the Body of Simeon son of Mr. Simeon ft Mrs. Mary Gray who 

died Jannr 29th 1763 in the 4th Year of his age. 
In Memory of Mr. Simeon Gray of Lebanon who died of ye Small pox Feb. 

22, 1777 in ye 44th Year of hb Age. 
Abo Anne his daugihter died 2 aays after, In ye 12th Year of her Age. 
In memory of Capt Simon Gross who died Feby 23d 1796 in ye 87th Year 

(rf his Age.* 
In memoiy of Mrs. Betsev wife of Mr. Jonathan Hatch who died May 22d 

A. D. 1820 in the 38th year of her age. 
Mr. Jonathan Hatch died October 5, 1833 Aged 56 years. 
In memory of Mrs. Naomi Hatch relict of Mr. Samuel Hatch who died March 

5, 1835 Aged 92 years ft 9 months. 

*A nwtal ouirker at tbe g»Te reada: "A Patriot'a grare 177&-1783.** 

60 Cmneciicut Cemetery Inecriptions [Jan. 

In memory of Naomi Elisa daughter of Mr. Jonathan ft Betsey Hatoh who 

was lolled by lightning June 12, 1825. M. 13. 
In memory of Mr. Samuel ^tch who died April 3l8t [tie] 1815 aged 

Miss Tryphena Hatch died October 13, 1831 Ased 59 years. 
Sacred to the Memory of Mr. Caleb Hayward who IKed Nov. 22d, 1796 

in ye 81st year of his Age. 
In Memory of Elisha, son to Mr. John Hayward & EHmioe his wife Died 

Feb. 9, 1795 aged 10 weeks. 
In memory of Mrs. Eunice Hayward the amiable Consort of Dea. Mm 

Hayward who Died April 16, 1815 aged 43 years. 
In memory of Eunice Hayward who died Sept. 9, 1836 aged 24 years. 

Also of Hutchinson, twin to Eunice, who died Nov. 17, 1812 aged 16 

In m^ory of Dea. John Hayward who died Sept. 11, 1826 in the 60 jfear of 

his age. 
Beneath this Monument is Buried the wife of Mr. Caleb Haywaid who 

Died Nov. 15, 1770 in ye 36th year of her Age. 
Here lies the Body of Mrs. Abigail Hide Relict of Capt. Daniel Hide . • • 

who died July ye 8. 1772 in ye 70th year of her age. 
Here lies buried ye Booy of Caleb ye son of Mr. Caleb & Mrs. Maiy Hide 

who died April 12 1730 in ye 6th year of his Age. 
. . . Capt. Daniel Hide . . . Departed this lif e . • . Deer 25th 1770 in 

ye 77th year of his age. 
In memonr of Mason son of Mr. Samuel Hide Junr. & Mary his wife who 

died June 24, 1769 in ye 3 year of his age. 
Here lies the Body of Mrs. Naomi wife of Mr. Eliphalet Hide who • • . }eft 

this world . . . March 2, 1768 in ye 23 year of her age. 
In Memory of Mr. Samuel Hide the . . . Consort of Mrs. Elisabeth Hyde 

who died Novr ye 6th 1742 in the 78th year of His Age. 
Here lies the Body of Mrs. Sarah Hide wife of Mr. Walt^ Hide. She . . • 

Departed this lif e . . . Octor 1st 1758 in ye 54 year of her age. 
In Memory of Susanna daughter of Mr. Timotiiy & Mrs. Hannah Holbrook 

who died Novr 4th 1767 aged one month. 
In Memoiy of Timothy, Son of Mr. Timothy & Mrs. Hannah Holbrook . • • 

who cued Jany 8ui 1771 in ye 14th year of his age. 
In memory of Mr. Timothy Holbrook who died November 5, 1826 Aged 

96 years. 
Also of his two wives Hannah & Lucy. 
In memory of Mr. Gideon Hunt who Departed this life June 20, 1786 in 

the 83d year of his Age. 
Here Lyes ye Body of Mr. Thomas Hunt, Junr Husband to Mrs. Ruth Hunt 

& Son to Mr. Thomas Hunt Senr . . . Dyed April ye 24, 1735 In ye 

39 Year of his Age. 
Sacred to the memory of Capt. Andrew Huntington who died July 16, 1811 

in the 65Ui year of his age. 
Sacred to the memory of Mrs. Anna Huntington relict of Mr. Oliver Hunting- 
ton who died March 23d 1811 aged 80. 
In memory of Cordelia Louisa Huntington Daughter of Mr. Elifdialet A 

Mrs. Nancy Huntington who died Oct. 20th 1812 aged 3 years. 
Sacred to the Memory of Mr. Ebenezer Huntington who died . . • 20th 

August l777 Aged 34. 
In memory of Mr. Eleazar Huntington who died Nov. 16th 1799 in the 

24th year of his age. 
In memory of Mrs. Eliza wife of Simeon Himtington who died July 24, 
' 1823. Aged 28 years. 

18BQ Cofitieeftctrf Cemeiery Inscripiums 61 

Ib Ifflmory of Bfn. Hannah, Relict of Deacn Samuel Huntington . . . who 

Aepaiied this life Octr 14th 1 791 in the 90th Year of her age. 
In Mennry of Lucy A Hannah, daughters of Mr. Oliver a Mrs. Anna 

Huntington. I^cy died Deer 4th 1775 in the 2d year of her Age. 

Hannah died July 28th 1783 As^ 8. 
In memory of Nancy wife of Elipludet Huntington who died June 4, 1827 in 

the 45 year of her age. 
SMnd to the memory of Mr. Oliver Huntington who departed this life 

Jo^ 27th 1803 in the 75th year of his age. 
Td the memonr of Mrs. Ruth Huntington consort of Capt. Andrew Hunting- 
ton who died Sept 20, 1827 aged 81 years. 
To the memory of Miss Sabeth Huntington daughter pf Mr. Oliver & Mrs. 

Anna Huntington who died June 2d 1811 in tiie 42d year of her age. 
In Memory of Deacn Samuel Huntington; he Departed this life July 3, 

1765 in ye 94th Year of his age. 
In memory of Mr. Samuel Huntington son to Mr. Oliver & Mrs. Anna 

Huntmgton who died March 3d 1813 aged 40. 
In memoiy ol Mr. Simon Huntington who died Oct. 3d 1819 aged 50 years. 
In Memxiry of Doct. Daniel Hutchinson who died Oct. 11, 1827 aged 60 years. 
In memoiy of Mr. Elisha Hutchinson who died May 11, 1824 in the 78 year 

of hisage. 
In m emo fy of Mrs. Eunice Hutchinson wife of Elisha Hutchinson who Died 

May 1. 1833 in the 86th year of her age. 
. . • Sama to the memory of Mr. Joseph Hutchinson who died Nov. 21, 

1804 in ye 85th year of his age. ' 

In memo t y of Mrs. Mary, relict of Mr. Joseph Hutchinson who died July , 

12, 1821 aged 88 years. 
In memory of Mrs. Olive, wife to Mr. Ebenezer Hutchinson. She died 

Oct. 7, 1784 in ye 36 year of her Age. 
Hem liee the Body of Mrs. Ruth Hutcninson the Amiable Consort to Mr. 

Joseph Hutchinson who departed this life April 24th 1782 in ye 69th 

year of her age. 
Bonanah Hutchinson Bom March 12, 1768 Died Oct. 30, 1857 In the 90 

yesx of her age. 
Misi Atrigafl Hy% died December 20, 1830 In the 86th year of her age. 
SMred to the Memory of Mrs. Chloe Wife of Mr. Abel Hyde Jur. who Died 

¥€br 18th 1799 in ye 26th year of her Age. 
Sured to the monory of Capt. Daniel Hyde who Died June 27th 179S in 

ye 68th year of fajs Age. 
Hem Lies the Body of Mr. Elijah Hyde who Departed thb life August ye 

9th 1783 in the 77th Year of his Age. 
8Mmd to the memory of Maj. Elijah Hyde . . . who . . . closed this 

mortal scene Dec. Slst 1800 aged 66 vears.* 
8icnd to the memory of Miss Lucy Hyoe who died June 22d A. D. 1811 

afsd 39 3rears; dsMig^ter of Mr. Eliiah & Mrs. Mary Hyde. 
Hsm See the Body of Mrs. Mary 2d wife of Mr. Elijah Hyde who Departed 

this life August ye 3d 1783 in the 76th Year of her Age. 
Saoed to the memory of Mrs. Mary Hyde relict of Maj. Elijah Hyde who 

died April 30th 1813 aged 76. 
Stoed to the memory of Mrs. Mary Hyde wife of Col. Zabdiel Hyde who 

died Aug. 30th 1815 aged 53. 
Hoe lies the Body of Mrs. Melinda Daughter of Maj. Elijah & Mrs. Mary 

Hyde. She Departed this life Oct. ye 3d 1785 m the 20th year of her Age. 
Ib memory bf Mehnda I^ug^ter of Mr. Daniel & Mrs. Mary Hyde who 

Died Octr 17th 1787 Aged 1 Year & 3 Months. 

'A aaUl OMrkOT at th* p»Te mkIs: "A Patriot'i snre 1776-1783." 

62 ConnecUcut Cemdery InseripHona [Jan. 

Here liee the Body of Mrs. Ruth Hyde wife of Mr. Elijah Hyde who Departed 

this life Octr 15th 1773 in the 62d Year of her Age. 
Sacred to ye Memory of Mrs. Sarah Consort of Mr. Zina Hyde who Departed 

this Life Augst 4th 1783 in ye 35th year of her Age. 
In memory of Mrs. Sarah Hyde relict of Ca^t. I^niel Hyde. Bbe died 

June 26th 1800 in the 69th year of her age. 
Sacred to the memory of Mrs. Sarah Hyde the amiable Consort of Mr. 

Elijah Hyde who died May 22d 1801 in the 41st vear of her age. 
... In memory of Capt. Walter Hyde . . . raised & took Command of 

an Independent Company & with them proceeded to the neif^boifaood 

of New York A. D. 1776 . . . was taken sick & died at Greenwiofa on 

the 18 day of Sept. 1776 Aged 41 years. 
Sacred to the memory of Miss Wealthy Hyde daughter of Mr. Sna ft Mrs. 

Lois Hyde who ... fell asleep in Jesus July 12th 1809 aged 23 yean 

ft 7 months. 
Sacred to the Memory of Mr. Zina Hyde who Departed this life Janr 18th 

1796 in ye 55th year of his age. 
In Memory of Mrs. Abigail B. Johnson Dautr to Mr. John ft Bits. Sanh 

Johnson who Died Oct. 21, 1818 Aged 35 years. 
Here Lyes the Body of Mrs. Ann Johnson ye ^^e of Mr. Seth Johnaon 

Daughter of Mr. Thomas and Mrs. Lydia Eaton . . . Departed this 

life April ye 13th 1735 In ye 23d Year of her Age. 
This monument is erected in memory of Mr. John Johnson who died Sepir 

26th 1807 in the 83d year of his age. 
This monument is erected in memory of Mary wife of John Johnson who 

died Jan'ry 2d 1815 aged 90. 
Sally wife of John Johnson, died Oct. 21, 1828. Aged 70. 
Here lies ye Body of Sarah Johnson wife to Mr. John Johnson . . • Departed 

this fif e . . . Nov. 27, 1757 in the 63d year of her age. 
[SUme broken and top\ wife of I. Jones died Sept. 28, 1825. M. 78. 

Sarah the daughter died April 10, 1807. M. 17. 
In memory of Mr. Mdad Kingsley who departed this life Janry 19th 1787 

Aged 80 Years. 
Mrs. ^sxdh H. Lamb relict of Rufus Lamb, Esq. ft daughter of Abraham ft 

Betsey Fitch Bom March 14, 1759 died Dec. 31, 1845. 
In memory of Mr. David Lathrop who departed tins life July ISth, 1785 

in ye 5l8t year of his age. 
In Memory of Mrs. Rachel Lathrop wife of Mr. James Lathrop ft Datic^ter 

of Capt. Dan ft Rachel Throop who Departed this life Novr 30, 1786 

in ye 24th year of her age. 
In Memory of Simon Son of Mr. James ft Rachel Lathrop ft ye Adopted 

son of Mr. Cherub ft Mrs. Lydia Abell; he Died Novr 10th 1790 Aged 

3 years. 
In memory of Mr. Abraham Leech who died Feb'y 23d A. D. 1809 in the 

60th year of his age. 
Sacred to the memory of Mr. Amos Leech son of Capt. Joseph Leech ft 

Mrs. Bethiah his wife who died Feb'y 13th 1809 in the 32d year of his 

Sacred to the memory of Mrs. Bethiah Leech the consort of Capt. Jbe^di 

Leech, who depiurted this life Jan. 7th, 1808 in the 67th year of her age. 
Edward, son of Isaac ft Clarissa Leech di^ Nov. 13, 1810 in the 32 year of 

his age. 
In Memory of Isaac son of Mr. Joseph ft Mrs. Bethiah Leech iriio died april 

4th 1773 a0Ki 11 months. 
In memory of Mr. Jonathan Lyman Leech, who died on the 12th Day of 

January 1790 in the 22d Year of his Age. . . • 

VUOi Cannecticui Cemetery IneeripUane 63 

h memoiy of CSapt. Joseph Leech . . . who died Feb'y 25th A. D. 1809 in 

the 09th year of his age.* 
hi memory of Joseph Leech who cahnly fell asleep in Jesus the 25th of July 

1825 in the 56th year of his age. 
Mn. Maiy Leech died Jan. 30th 1807 in the 89th year of her age. 
hi mMBBOory of Mrs. Rebecca S. Leech Who . . . was kindly conducted to 

her Father's house on the 15th of September 1834 after a painful absence 

of more than 75 jrears. 
itend to the memory of Eliphalet Little, who departed this Life on the 

26 day of June 1817 aged 15 years, 
h memoiy of Dr. Nathaniel Little . . . Died August 5th 1773 in the 39th 

year of his age. 
la moDory of Mis. Elizabeth W. wife of Ariel Loomis who died Sept. 18, 

1821 aged 42 years. 
Also of Eliziabeth W. their Daughter who died Aug. 2, 1822 aged 14 
h me mo ry of Mrs. Lucy Loomis, wife of Capt. Amos Loomis who died 

Ally 16th 1807 aged 33 years, 
la mem ory of Simon son of Simon & Lydia Loomis died Oct. 25, aged 10 

Bse asts the remains of Miss Sallv Lord a native of Norwich but Ions 

resident in this town • . . rested with her Savior Sept. 10th 1799 aged 

43 3rearB. 
Capt. Ahran Lyman died Aus. 7, 1853 aged 82 Yrs. 

Joanna S. his wife died Feb. 26, 1826 aged 39 years. 
Amanda M. their infant daughter JE. 15 Mos. 
h Memory of Asa Son of Mr. Jonathan A Mrs. Bethiah Lyman who died 

June the 14th 1771 in the 14th year of his age. 
Mb. Bethiah • . • wife of Mr. Jon n Lyman who . . . fell asleep in Jesus 

Jan. 29th 1803 In the 91st year of her age. 
Hoe lies the Body of Lent. Jonathan Lyman who slept . . . august the 

11th 1753 in the 70th year of his age. 
Ii Memory of Mr. Jonathan Lyman. He went to rest July 28 A. D. 1792 

m the uoca Year of his .^e. 
Hoe lies the Body of Lydia I&ughter of Mr. Jonathan & Jerusha Lyman 

Died February 28th 1730 in ye 7tii year of her age. 
Hoe Lies Buried ye Last Remains of Mrs. Lydia Lyman, Relict of ye Late 

worthjT lieut. Jonathan Lyman of Lebanon Deceased who Dieparted 

this Ijie ye 10th day oi July A. D. 1775 in*ye 89th year of her Age. 
b Memory of Mrs. Mary ye worthy Consort of Mr. Wm. Lyman Departed 

this Life June 8th A. D. 1792 in ye 50th year of her age. 
Li Memory of Sarah Lyman Daughter of Mr. Wm. & Mrs. Mary Lyman 

• • . Sbe calmly departed . . . Jan'r ye Ist 1791 Li ye 25th year of her 

h m emonr of Mrs. Theodah Lyman wife of Mr. William Lyman who di^ 

Oet. 2, 1821 in the 77th year of her age. 
Beneath this Stone are deposited the remains of Mr. William Lyman who 

departed this Ufe April 2, 1827 in his 89th year.* 
hi Memory of Dea. John Manning who died December 20, 1828 In the 76th 

year <n his age. 
Siered to the Memory of Mrs. Mary ye aniiable Consort of Mr. John Manning 

who Died May 28th 1794 in ye 41st y^ of her Age. 
In Memory of Mr. Anderson Martin who died Dec. 8, 1821. ^t. 68. 
In memory of Mr. Anderson Martin who died December 24, 1826 Aged 


•I te wmn fMdi: "A FMiioi'i pat« 177ft-1788.* 

64 Connecticut Cemetery Inecriptiana [Jan. 

• • • Damans Stanton wife of Anderson Martin, Jr. Bom Aug. 29, 1784 

died Mar. 11, 1848. 
In monory of Mrs. Elisabeth Martin Consort of Mr. Anderson Martin wbo 

Died June 7th 1817 Aged 65 years. Who was the Mother of 15 Oiil- 

dren 9 . . . buried by ner side. 
In memory of Mr. Daniel Mason who died March 26, 1828 aged 57 years. 
Eunice Huntington, wife of Daniel Mason died March 22. 1859 aged 88 yean. 
In memory of John G. H. only son of Daniel & Eunice Mason. 
Hiue lies the Body of Capt. Peleg Sanford Mason . . . CiJled from this 

world 16 Feb. 1761 in ye 41st year of his age. 
In Memory of Mr. Peleg Sanford Mason Junr. who Departed this life Maidi 

23d, 1787 in ye 41st Year of his Age. 
In memonr of Mrs. Esther Maxwell Consort to Mr. Samud BiaxweU'iriio 

died June ye 10th 1782 in the 69th year of her Age. 
John Maxwell Died March 13, 1827 Mt. 71. 
In Memory of Mr. Samuel Maxwell Consort to Mrs. Esther Maxwell wiio 

died Sept. ye 9th 1728 [? 1782] in the 67th year of his Age. 
Solomon MaxweU Died July 22, 1828 Mi. 29. 

Bfrs. Anna Metcalf relict of Mr. David Metcalf died Oct. 13, 1834 aged 79. 
Daniel Metcalf Died February 28, 1831 Aged 83 years. 

Elisabeth wife of Daniel Metcalf Died March 29, 1824 Aged 78 jetaoL 
Mary the first wife of Daniel Metcalf bom in East Haitiam ft Died 

January 15, 1809 Aged 61 3rears. 
George Metcalf son of Daniel & Mary Metcalf bom October 29, 
1786 A Died November 17, 1817 in the city of New York. 
In memory of Mr. David Met(»lf who died Sept. 7, 1823 aged 65 vears. 
George Cook, son of David A Anna Metcalf Died Aug. 19, 1830 M. 28. 
Here lies the Body of Mrs. Hannah Metcalf wife of Mr. Ebenezer Metcalf 

dismissed in hope of a happy immortality June 17th 1756 in ye ISOk 

year of her age. 
In memory of Mr. Jabez Metcalf who died Novr 15th 1794 in the 76th year 

of his age.* 
In memory of John Thomas Metcalf who died June 14th 1791 in fak 9d 

year . . . 
Also in memory of Maria ndio died May 24th, 1791 aged 1 mmitli. 
Son & daughter to Mr. Joseph A Mrs. Qarissa Metcalf. 
Here lies the Body of Mr. Joseph Metcalf Son of Mr. Ebeneier Metcalf 

who died Decemr 8th 1758 in the 48th year of his age. . . . 
In memory of Mrs. Sibbel, wife to Mr. Jabes Metcalf, who died Novr Sth 

1790 in ye 60th Year of her age. 
Here lies int^red the Body of Sirs. Jerusha Mory . . . Consort of Mr. 

John Mory who dyed April the 24th 1736-7 In the 26th year ci her 

In Memory of Mrs. Mary Murdock who died Janry 16, 1774 in ye 34th Year 

* of her age. 
Here lies the Body of Deborah Daughter of Mr. Simon ft Mrs. Jerusha 

Newcomb who died March 9, 1751 in ye 6th yc^ of her age. 
Here lies the Body of Mrs. Deborah Newcomb wife of Mr. Simon New- 
comb . . . Died . . . June 17, 1756 in the 92 year of her age. 
Here lies the Body of Mr. Hezekiah Newcomb who ... fell asleep in Jesus 

aug. 15, 1772 in ye 79th Year of his age. 
In memory of hope Newcomb the Dau^ter of Mr. Simon & Mrs. Jerusha 

Newcomb Died October 9th 1748 in ye 1st year of her ase. 
Here lies the Body of Mr. Silas Newcomb who . . . died . . . May 24, 

1773 in ye 56th year of his age. 

*A metal marker at the graTe reads: **A Patriot's grara 1776-1788.** 

1920] Cannedtcut Cemdery Inscriptions 65 

Ift uiBPiar y of Mr. Simon Newcomb who . . . Departed this Life Oct. 

24y 1744 in ye 78th year of his a^. 
Here lies the Body of Mrs. Submit rehct of Mr. Silas Newcomb who departed 

this life Feb. 12th 1804 in the 87th year of her age. 
faeph son of Mr. Joseph Osbom died Majrch6th 18(^ in the 5th year of his 


the Body of Mr. Benjamin Pain who . . . was released by Death 

. • . January 14, 1755 In ye 55th year of his Age. 
hk woEDorj of WiBB Rachel Pain who died Oct. 27, 1816 aged 72 3rears. 
h memory of Miss Bridget Paine daughter of Capt. Stephen k Mrs. Martha 

bk wtfe who died July 24, 1807 aged 31 years. 
In Memory of Thomas Son of Mr. Seth k Mrs. Jerusha Payn who died Mar. 

19, 1774 in ye 5 year of his age. 
In memory of Chester Payne son of Capt. Stephen & Martha Payne who 

died Feb. 25th 1813 in the 21st year of his age. 
Baniee Flayne died April 25, 1825 ^t. 47. 
hk memory of Lester, son to Mr. Stephen Pa3me & Martha his wife. He 

died June 1st 1798 in ye 4th year of his Age. 
Tlui mnnnment is erected to the memory of Mrs. Martha Payne wife of Capt. ' 

Stephen Pajme who died Sept. 24Ui 1804 in the 56th year of her age. 
Bse L^ the Body of Mrs. Mary wife to Mr. Benjamin Payne She Depsited 

th» Life Febry 27th 1777 in ye 73d year of her Age. 
Li memory of Capt. Stephen Payne who died Augst 28th 1815 in the 70th 

yeer of his ace. 
AU^ Jane Daui^ter of Simeon k Lucy T. Peckham Died March 3, 1831 

Afged 4 years k 5 months. 
Joseph Wells, twin brother of Mary Wells k son of Simeon k Lucy T. Peck- 

liam Died May 5, 1836 Aged 2 years 3 months k 15 days. 
8Bah Elisabeth Dau^ter of Simeon k Lucy T. Peckham Died March 6, 

1831 Aged 2 years k 7 months. 
Turn A Infant mate to Lucy Ann, — son of Simeon k Lucy T. Peckham 

Died Nov. 8, 1827 Aged 20 davs. 
Is Ifemoiy of Mr. Caleb Peirce who . . . yeilded up his Soul to God Deer 

22, 1769 in ye 80th year of his age. 
" ~ hPe 

the Body of Mrs. Hannah JPeirce wife of Mr. Caleb Peirce. She 

. . . died . . . May 3l8t 1768 in ye 72nd year of her age. 
bmemory of Mrs. Elizabeth Perrv wife of Mr. William Perry who departed 

this life January 1, 1819 Aged 46 years. 
Is memory of William Perry who departed this life December 5, 1834 Aged 

75 years. 
The Grave of Mr. James Pettes son to Mr. James k Mrs. Temperance 

Fettes, who died June 12, 1815. Aged 28 years. 
In Monory of Mr. David Phelps son to Mr. Joseph k Mrs. Abigail Phelps 

his wife who died May the [illegible] 177 — 
In memory of Mr. Elijah Phelps who died May 5th 1823 aged 77 years. 
In Memory of Mrs. Elizabeth the Wife of Mr. Elijah Phelps. She Died 

Deoemr ye 14th 1774 in the 23d year of her Age. 
Here Lies ye Body of Esther Daughter of Mr. Joseph Phelps k Mrs. Sarah 

Phelps Who Dyed March 22, 1734 In ye 9 Year of her Aw. 
In Memory of Mrs. Hannah Wife of Mr. Silas Phelps Who Died Oct. 24, 

1785 in the 65th year of her Age. 
Here Ljres ye Body of Mr. Joseph Phelps . . . Who Dyed May ye 13th 

Anno 1735 In ye 49 Year of his Age. 
In Memory of Mr. Joseph Phelps Son of Mr. Joseph k Mrs. Sarah Phelps 

and . . . Consort of Mrs. Naomi Phelps Who . . . Died July the 1 

A. D. 1747 in the 58 Year of his Age. 

66 Cannedicul Cemetery Ivscrvjptions [Jan. 

In Memory of Josiah C. Phelps Son of Mr. Elijah & Lydia Phelps; he Died 

Mar. 9th 1790 in ye 3d year of his age. 
In memory of Mrs. Judith Phelps wife of Mr. Elijah Phelps who died April 

18th 1790 in ye 52d Year of her Age. 
In Memory of Mrs. Keziah Phelps the Daughter of Mr. Joseph and Mrs. 

Sarah Phelps who died March the 25 1748 in the 21 year of her age. 
In memory of Mrs. Lydia wife of Mr. Elijah Phdps who died Augst &, 1816 

aged 59. 
Here Lies Interred ye Body of Submit Phelps ye Daughter of Mr. Josepli 
Phelps & Sarah his Wife Who Died July ye 17th 1739 in ye 6ih Year of 
her Age. 
[IlkQiUe\ Daughter of Mr. Joseph & Mrs. Abig^ Phelps. Kie died 7/k [tt 

legible] 1740 in the 26th year of her age. 
In memory of Dr. John L. Pierce son of Mr. Timothy A Mrs. TT«tmMih Fieroe 

of Plainfield who died May 13th, 1803 age 32 years. 
In Memory of Mrs. Naomi Rdict of Mr. Dtmiel Pomroy (late of Cov e ntfy 

deceased) who died Septr ye 10th 1793 In ye 78th Year of her Age. 
In Memory of Mrs. Lucretia the amiable wife of Mr. Samuel Porter wiio 

departed this lif e . . . Aug. 25th 1805 in the 30th year of her a|^ 
In memory of Mr. Saml Porter who . . . entered into the joy d his Lord 

Apr'l 1809 in the 33d year of his age. 
In memory of Anne relict of Samuel Potter, Esq. who died Jan. 29, 1827 

aged 61. 
In memory of Mr. Samuel H. Potter who died Novr 29, 1821 Aged 70 years. 
Mrs. Louisa Raymond widow of Mr. Nathaniel L. Raymond died April 

8, 1849 Aged 89 years. 
Mr. Nathaniel L. Raymond died July 15, 1829 aged 73. A Soldier of the 
Mulford Raymond died in Maryland Sept. 13, 1819 Aged 23. 
Elisabeth Smith, daughter of Isaiah k Anna Tiffany, Relict of Rev. John 

Robidson. Bom July 11, 1769 Died Sept. 1, 1871. 
Here lies the Body of the Revd Mr. John Robinson late Pastor of the Church 
. . . inDuxbury . . . for the space of 39 years; he removed to Lebanon 
where he changed this life for a better Nov. 14th A. D. 1745 JEt, 74. 
Rev. John Robinson Died Nov. 14th 1745 A^ 74. 

Ichabod Son of Rev. John Robinson Died Jan. 5th 1809 Aged 88 Years. 
Mary, Wife of Ichabod Robinson Died July 1st, 1750 A^ 19 Years. 
Rev. John Robinson Son of Ichabod Bom April 26th 1760 Died May 

2d 1832. 
Mary Wife of Rev. John Robinson Bom June 2d 1774 Died Dee. 29ih 

Laurinda Daughter of Rev. John Robinson Bom Oct. 3Dth 1799 

Died June 3d 1823. 
Lydia Wife of Ichabod Robinson Died Aug. 23d 1778, Aped 51 Years. 
Joseph Son of Ichabod Robinson Bom Nov. 4th 1752 Died Aug. 27th 

Mary Daughter of Ichabod Robinson Bom Dec 22nd 1755 Died 

Oct. nth 1780. 
Lydia Daughter of Ichabod Robinson Bom Oct. 20th 1757 Died 

April 23d 1825. 
Emest Son of Ichabod Robinson Bom Oct. 11th 1763 Died Jan. 13lh 
In Memory of Mrs. Nabby Robinson wife of the Rev. John Robinson who 

died Dec. 29, 1846. M. 42. 
. . . Sacred to the Memory of Mr. Josiah Rockwell who departed this life 
Augst 20th A. D. 1795 in ye 79th year of his Age. 

1820] CowMtiiod Cemetery InscripUone 07 

In memory of Mr. Josiah Rockwell who departed this life Nov. 26, 1812 
in the 69th year of his age. 
Also of Mr. Asel Rockwell son of Mr. Josiah Rockwell idio died at 
Qiarleston South Carolina in August 1796 in the 25th year of his 

h memory of Mrs. Lucy Rockwell wife of Mr. Josiah Rockwell who departed 

this life Nov. 7th 1800 in the 82d year of her age. 
Id memory of Mrs. Lydia Rockwell consort of Mr. Josiah Rockwell who 

departed this life Nov. 4, 1814 aged 64 years. 
Rdkna Daoi^ter of Joseph & Sarah Rockwell died May 26, 1817 JE. 14. 
Ifiv Abigail Seabury died June 12th 1802 in the 88th Year of her age. 
Ifrs^ Ann Seabury Departed this life Febr 13th 1792 in ye 76th year of her 

Ifr. Benjamin Seabury died April 9th 1787 in ye 98th year of his Age. 

Iq Monory of Mr. Elisha Seabury he Departed this life Novr dd 1776 in 

ye SMk Year of his Age. 
bliemoiy of Mrs. Elizabeui wife to Mr. Elisha Seabury who Died May 5th 

1787 in ye 68th year of her Age. 
la Memory of Mrs. Margret wife to Mr. Benjamin Seabury. She Died 

May dd 1774 in ye 84th year of her Age. 
8Mred to the Memory of Mr. Samuel Seabury Who Died March the 16th 

A. D. 1800 in the 83d year of his Age. 
Ban lies the Body of Sudhai daughter to Mr. Elisha and Mrs. Hephzibah 

Seabury who died Decemr ye 10th 1751 in ye 3 year of her age. 
la memory of Anson Sherman who died March 21, 1824 JE, 16. 
hi memory of Mrs. Eunice wife of Mr. Daniel Sherman who died Deer 3d 

1815 in the 52d year of her age. 
b Monoiy ol Mrs. Sarah Ann Simons Wife to Mr. Thister Simons [remainder 

e§ tnecription iOegible,] 
h. memory of Mr. George Sims who died Sept. 17, 1800 in the 49th year of 

his age. 
li memory of Mr. Beriah Southworth who was bom 1729 & departed this 

life Oct. 8th 1811 aged 82. 
Li Memory of Miss Deborah ye 4th Daughter of Mr. Beriah & Mrs. Rebeckah 

Southworth who Died March 20th A. D. 1788 in ye 25th year of her 

h Memory of Mrs. Elisabeth Southworth Consort of Capt. Edward Soutb- 
wortti Late of little Compton deceased, who departed this life October 
the 13th A. D. 1784 In the 93d Year of her Age. 

IGm EHsabeth Southworth daughter of Mr. Beriah & Mrs. Rebecca South- 
worth . . . released ... on the 8th of June 1828 in the 67th year of 

her age- 
In memorv of Mrs. Rebecca Southworth wife of Mr. Beriah Southworth 

who <fied May 24th 1809 in the 77th year of her age. 
Here hee the Bodv of Mrs. Abigail Sprague wife of Mr. Benjamin Sprague 

. . . departed this life July 29 1760 in the 63rd year of Her age. 
Hse Lyes ye Body of Barnabas ye Son of Mr. Beniamin & Mrs. Mary 

Sbrague Who Dyed April ye 10 17 8 [tic] Aged 1 Mt. 
Here Lyes ye Body of Beniamin Son of Mr. Beniamin & Mrs. Mary Sprague 

Who Dyed June 27 1723 Aged 3 Months. 
Hoe Lyes ye Body of Daughter of Mr. Benjamin & Mrs. Mary 

Sprague Who Dyed October 6, 1722 Aged 3 Months. 
hHy ye 16 1767 D^Mrted this life Hannah ye wife of Mr. Silas Sprague in 

ye Xih yeei 6f her Age. 

[To be continued] 



^ zrxL T^ 73. «-— *^' 

RrzyrLTH Jrancx of ArteoRs. Fi^ ud 
bj the Cooiminee oq Fagliih 

The f olkmiDg records, vith those gnnen or let e u e J to m tiie 
mtcompmtxjing pedigree, estaUisfa the Fjigfah aneesHy and fMaaSj 
eoBDfttdaoB of Jeremiah Clarke, who was prominent among tw 
cailjr aettlers of Newport, R. L« and was the progpnitor of BBVual 
of distinction in W MMfcf TiiljfciMl •¥w>^w 

Tlie Wm of Jobs Cube. Senior. Gent^ of the paiidi of SL OemeBft 
Dnei, without the bar of the New Temple, dated 21 March 1479/80. I! 
I dm widm the parisfa of St. Clement Danes, I desire to he buried in the 
dnreh of the Friars Minor. To and order in London £4. To the 
dHDch of WrofCeham for tithes foccotten 13^ 4d. To be dirtribui e d 
the poor of Wroteham, on the daj of mr death, ICK For the same uu r no s^ 
a month after said daj, 13s. 4d. To godsons. Sister Beatnee, and ottai% 
small sams. To the H^ Ahar of Adyngtoo, for tithes f ocntten, d^ 41 
To the fshrie of said dunch 3s. 4d. To the church of TroptBdere 6b. 81 
To the brothers of Ailerford IQb. To the fMbtic of Rodiester Oattndnl 
2tk. To a diaplain, to edebrate for my sool in Wrot^am dmrdi for ons 
jnsar, a smn aeeonhng to the discretiDn of my executors. To wife Afios the 
lefpeis and utensils of my hoose, with remainder to son John. The r en to 
of my 0oods to said Alice and John, who are appointed esecutosa. 

Codieil, dated 10 December, 20 Edward IV [1480]. Tenement 'V tfas 
Fofde" to wife Aliee whilst she remains unmuried. Feoffees to enfeoff 
said Aliee f or hf e of all lands in MiddletcMi and Wade bou|^t hj me from 
John Cliffofd, Esq., whidi lands are to pass to son John Cferk on AfioeTs 
death. Feoffees to make estate to said John of all my lands in Wvolehain. 
Stansted, Thittisdif . Adjmgton, Reyersshe, and Guldying» and to enfeon 
wife Alice in a mershe in C$pre csDed the Sidiere, and in my manor edsd 
Fawnes, Alice to hold for life with remainder to said son John Qerk. To 
mad John all annuities and lands for lade of payments and vs-entties in 
Kent and dsewhere. 

Proved at Knon 10 Mardi 14S0/1. (P.C.a, Loffls, 2. Translatod from 
the Latin.) 

Inquisition Post Mortem of Geobgs Clerk, Esq., hdd at East Green- 
wich, 16 October, 1 Elisabeth [1559]. The jury found that he was the son 
and heir of James Cleric, who died at Wrotham 20 Septend)er, 1 and 2 
Philip and Mary [1554], that his will was made 16 August 1558, that he 
died 6 May last [1559], that William, son and heir of George, was aged 
23 years, and that he had other children, vix., George, Reginald, Thomas^ 
Robert, Richard, James, and Elizabeth, wife oi Thomas Goodman. (The 
Genealogul, New Series, voL 13, p. 66.) 

The Will of Eowabd Saxilbt alias Saxbt, one of the Barons of the 
Queue's Maiesties Court in the Exchequire, dated 4 January 1560/1. To 
wife Elizabeth a house called Grobbions in Essex and all lands in Rit'gfff^j^, 
CO. Leicester, with remainder to daughter Mary. My lands in Skeriington, 
CO. York, to be sold, and from the proceeds £100 each to be paid to my 

1920] Oenealogical Research in England 

wife and dau^ter. Residue to cousin Harry Marwood. Executrix: wife 
EGiabetii. &ipervisors: brother Peter OsbomCi son-in-law John Purvey 
[n4 and brother Robert Multon. Proved 24 August 1562. (P. C. C, 

Tlie Will of EuzABBTH Saxilbt, wife of Edward Saxilby, Baron of the 
Enheqiier, dated 19 September 1562. To be buried in the church of 
Wormdeyy near my late husband. Lands to be sold, and money bestowed 
on daoi^ter Mary and my cousin Harry Marwood and his children. 
Dui^ter Angelet Tooke. Cousin ElizabeUi Bannister and her daughters 
Mary and Grace. Son-in-law John Purevey and his sons Robert and Wmitun. 
l|y Dfother Peter Osborne and my sister his wife. My brother Robert 
IfBtton and my sister his wife. Executors: Cousin Thomas Walshe, 
mmok Hany Marwood, brother Tuck and wife, and daughters Mary Saxilby 
and Angelet Tuck. Proved 2 March 1563/4. (P. C. C, Stevenson, 9.) 

The Will of Richard Weston, one of the Queen's Maiesties Justices of 
<fe Ckunmon Pleas at Westminster, dated 4 July 1572. To be buried in 
fte paxUi church of Writtle in £^x, where my late well-beloved wife 
MaifMet was interred. A monument to us both to be set up there, with 
9m aima jcnned together. My executors to receive the rents of my lands 
m Ke tt es wd l, Great and Little Pamdon, Harlow, and Latton in Essex, 
vlil nxy eon Nicholas be twenty-one and until my daughters Wynef ride 
ad Hargaiet be eighteen or married. My said daughters to be brought 
ID and educated by my wife. My manor of NettesweU to my said son 
WMtffi^* at twenty-one, with remainder to my son and heir Jerome Weston* 
After the death of Elizabeth my wife, my executor is to receive the rents 
rf nnr lands in East and West Tilbury for seven years, to pay my debts 
wtiiag^ydeB. The residue of all my manors and laiids to my said son and 
Ur Jerome Weston. To my wife, all such goods, plate, lands, and jewels, 
ai biiiain[ird to her late husbands, AnUiony Cave ana John Newdifl»te, 
facia nrid To each of my own daught^^, Wynifrede and Margaret, £500 
9i her mairiage, or at age of eighteen. To Mary Slade, Joan Mylbome's 
mkr, £40. Executor: son Jerome. Overseers: John Pyncheon of Writtle, 
Aa^ and John Glascock of Roxwell, Gent. Proved 29 July 1572 (P. C. C, 
^ r, 26.) 

Hie win of Sm JsBOMB Weston of Roxwell, co. Essex, Knight, dated 
n December 1603. To "V^^lliam Weston, my sonne, one annuitie or yereUe 
icot of £50 of my mannor of Barwick Hall, co. Essex, duringe his life. To 
ny dau^ter Winifrede Weston £800 at her daie of marriage or her age of 
jriit^CT^ft yeres, which shall first happen. To my daughter Margaret 
IhsUxk £8^ at her day of marriage or at her age of eightene yeres, whidi 
Aall fint happen. I forgive imto my sonne in lawe Jolm Williams all such 
dAtea as he oweth unto me. To every one of my servauntes which now 
m in my service for yerelie wages, except John Crush, my servaunt, who 
hilh -btn a smale time in my service, one whole yeres wages. To Emme 
Ckike, mv maide servaunt, 4 markes, over and above my former legacie. 
Per that there are divers unp'fect reckoninges betwene my sonne Sr. Edward 
Fiadieon and myself, the p^ectin^ whereof might unhappily be a cause 
of brea4i^ of love and Concorde, which 1 most of all other thinges desire to 
p'serve betwene my sonne Sr Richard and him, I have therefore by this 
wj win declared what course shall be taken herein for the better pre- 
Mnracon of peace betwene them and of the rest of my children. My wfll 
tf a ttf ore is &at Henry Glascock, gentleman, William Loveday, gentleman, 
aid William Courtman, gentleman, or two of them, shall, if soe it please 
St Edward Fincheon, h^ the saide accompt betwene me and the saide 

70 Oenedlogiedl Buearth in England [Jan. 

Sir Edward, and wfaatsoever they shall iudge upon the aaide aooompt to 
be due from me to the saide Sir Edwara, my will is shall be dudie paide 
to him, for I have received his promise, the performance whereof I doubt 
nott; that in like manner if any thinge upon the saide accompt shall remaine 
due to me shall be duelye paied towardes the p'formance of this my wilL 
Executors: Sir tUchard Weston, my sonne, and Sur Edwarde Pincheon, my 
Sonne in lawe. [Signed] Jerome Weston, ^tnesses: William Peaila» 
Richard Martin, Henry Glascock, William Gourtman, Thomas Ckush, 
William Fitch. 

Memorandum. That Sir Jerome Weston after the making of hia wOI 
did further devise imto Anne WiUiames, his daughter, the wife of J<dm 
Williiunes, Esquier, one annuitie of £10 yerely, to be paied out of one 
annuitie of twelve score poundes which lie receved yerely of Sir William 
Lee of Newman Regis, co. Warwick, during the life of the said Sir Yraiiam 
Lee, and further wiUed that Sir Richard Weston, his executor, slK>uld keepe 
his house with all manner of provision for that companie which ware m 
his house at the time of his sicnes, concerning diet by the space of two 
monethes next following after his decease. Richard Weston, Edward 

Proved by the two executors 21 November 1604. (P. C. C, Harte, 84.)* 

The Will of James Clarkb of East Farleigh, Kent, Gent., dated 13 July 
1614. Daughter Grace Clarke. To Abraham Preble, my servant, £5 and 
to Anne Joye [7 Joyce], my moid, 408., to be paid to every of them within 
two years liter my decease. I give to every of my servants which sotw me 
without wages 5s. apiece. And to every one that serveth me for wages 
2s. 6d. apiece, in token of remembrance. Payment made to Margery Barar, 
and she is to have a dwelling in my house as before. For the reparations of 
the church and the poor of the parish. To Mr. Basden, minister. Son 
Edward. WUe Mary. My two sisters [not named]. To Griffin Roches 
and Jane his wife my house and orchard lying at Court wood eate in the 
parish of Lynton, to have and to hold during the life of the said Jane. And 
after her death I give them to Weston Qarke and to his heirs for ever. 
To Dolor Davis, my servant, my house and land lying in the parish of 
Marden, the which is in the occupation of one Terrye. And after the 
death of my wife Mary Clarke I give unto Weston Clarke all my lands, 
tenements, and hereditaments lying in the parish of Lynton, he payiog to 
his brethren to every one of them £100 according to my last will, tor other- 
wise I know not how they shall be paid. Proved 1 November 1614. (P. CO., 
Lawe, 118.)t 

The nuncupative Will of Thomas Clerks, made the last of May or 
beginning of June 1618. "Having ben at his parishe churche of Wrotham, 
aforesay^ at Morning Prayers and fynding hymselfe something sicke, or 
otherwyse greived in bod^e, sajrd and declared his mynde to his man nUdi 
then attended hym. 'I mtend not to goe to Comp, to my Coein HoweDs 
any more but will ride to Forde to my neiphue Gierke's house,' sisnifying 
and declaring his Nephue Mr. John Clerk of Ford; 'for there I had my 
begynning,' saied he, 'and there and with hym I will end my life or mv 
Dayes.' And as he was riding from Churche to the sayed Mr. Clarke^ 
houseward, declared his mynde concerning his disposing his goodes and 

*A briefer «betr»ct of this will wm eontribnted bj the Ut« Henry FitiQilbert Waters to the 
BaoBmi. ToL 48, pace 350. 

tAn abstract of this will was eontribated by the late Henry FltsQUbert Water* to the 
RaownB. toI. 50. p. 118. Mr. Water* called attention to the New ii'.«gU.»#i naoM* in thte wiU, 
Ti*., Abraham Preble. Weaton Clarice, and Dolor Daria, and referred alao to the Clerk pedigree 
in the Visitation of London, which will be deaeribed below. The pariah named "Lynton" ie printed 
in Mr. Waters's abstract a* "Hynton," but there i* no pariah called Hynton in Kent. 

1920] Oenedlogiedl ReBearA in England 71 

debteB saying his sayed 'Neiphue Qerke' should have all his goodes what- 
soew after his deathe, And so came to Ford and dyned there with his 
«yd Neip^ue and signified and declared to his sayed Neiphue that his 
unmmmg to hyjn was and is of purpose to end his dayes and life with hym 
ijid that all his goodes and debtes whatsoever he had or left at his deathe 
WIS and should* be his, the sayd John Gierke's, whensoever he dyed, and* 
to that end he sayed he was come to hym. And soe contynewed with his 
Ajred Neif^ue at his house called Ford in the sayed parishe of Wrotham, 
from that ^rme by the space of a f ortnighte after or theraboutes and untill 
ik deathe auring whidi tyme he shewed his love to be suche and so perfect 
towards his sajred Neiphue and Elizabeth his wife that tenne pounds beyins 
hafoAie to hun from Mr George Byng Esquire for debt due by the sayd 
Mr George Byng to hym the sayd Thomas Gierke, he the saied Thomas 
tlMD gave the same tenne pounds to the sayd Elisabeth saying: 'Here Gosin 
trios this as yowr husbanaes owne and when as more of my debtes come 
k he shall have y^ all,' or used wordes to the like effect that tyme and at 
otiiar ^jrmesiJlsOfSome tymes to them selves and some tymes before other 
witnesses." Administration granted to John Gierke 20 August 1618. 
CP. C. C, Meade, 82.) 

Hie Win of Jamxs Glarki, Gitisen and Grocer of London, dated 6 
Deesmber 1647. To wife Helen a one-third part of all my goods, another 
cas-thnd purt to my children, James, Mary, and Anne Glurke, and the 
imsniiiig one-third part to my brother Richard Glarke, and, if he die, to 
hh duldien. To my son James the lease of my house where I now live. 
Tb wife Hden the lease of the house where Joe Nutt, the drugster, dweUs, 
$ad after her death, to my daughters, Msjry and Anne. Ejcecutnx: wife 
Ptoved 10 September 1649. (P. G. G., Fairfax, 137.) 

From thb Pabukh Rboibtbbs of Wrotham, co. Kbmt^ 


1561 Elisabeth daughter of William Gierke, Esq., 8 January [1561/2]. 

1564 Anne daughter of William Gierke, Esq., 9 July. 

1566 IVances daughter of William Gierke, Esq., 23 Mav. 

1567 Elisabeth daughter of James Gierke, Gent., 29 July. 

1567 Catherine daughter of William Gierke, Esq., 29 October. 

1568 James son of Mr. William Gierke 23 November. 
1571 Jane dau^ter of William Gierke, Esq., 2 September. 

1573 Elisabeth daughter of George Gierke, Gent., 13 December. 

1574 William son of George Gierke, Gent., 19 December. 
1576 Mary daughter of William Gierke, Esq., 13 May. 
1580 Katherine daughter of William Gierke, Gent., 10 April. 
1582 Dorothy daughter of William Glerk, Gent., 2 September. 
1585 William son of William Gierke, Esq., 21 June. 

MM mUiam son of John Gierke, Gent., 3 March [1624/5]. 


1572 George Gierke, Esq., and Mrs. Winefride Peekham 11 August. 
1584 F^ter Parris and Elizabeth Gierke 26 May. 
1806 Edii^ud Thedam and Frances Gierke 4 November. 
1820 Bey. Robert Gheek, D.D., and Mary Gierke, gentlewoman, at Adding- 
ton Ghurch, 8 February [1620/1]. 

1568 Geoi^e Gierke, Eaq., 8 March [1558/9]. 

Clarkt rteords from tlM pariah ragisten of Wrotham hmr% bean printad alao in Ar- 
CmmHtnM, toL 4, p. MS. 

72 Genealogical Reeearch in England [Jan* 

1568 Elisabeth dau^ter (A Mr. James Gierke 10 April. 

1576 Catherine dau^ter of William Gierke, Esq., 5 October. 

1598 Jane wife of William Gierke, Esq., 28 April. 
1612 William Gierke, Esq., 25 March. 

1618 Thomas Gierke, Gent., 21 June. 

From thb Pabish Reoistebs of East Fableigh, co. Kent 


1599 Weston son of William Qerk, Gent., 24 February [1599/1600]. 

1601 William son of William Glerk, Gent., 5 July. 

1602 James son of William Glerk, Gent., 31 October. 

1603 Essex son of William Glerk, Gent., 4 December. 

1604 George son of William Glerk, Gent., 2 December. 

1605 Jeram [sic] son of William Glerk, Gent., 1 December. 

1607 Richard son of William Qerk, Gent., 12 April. 

1608 John son of William Glerk, Gent., 10 April. 

1610 Mary daughter of William Glerk, Gent., deceased, 16 September. 

Fbom Mabriage Licences Granted by the Bishop of London 

1598 William Gierke of St. Botolph, Ald^te, London, Gent., and Mazy 
Weston of St. Andrew's, Holbom, Spr, daughter of Jerome Weston 
of the same, Esq., at St. Andrew's, Holbom, 10 February [1508/9]*^ 


Hitherto nothing conclusive has been published about the Eng- 
lish antecedents of Jeremiah Clarke of Rhode Island. The fact 
that one of his sons was named Weston, and that this name was 
borne by some of Jeremiah Clarke's grandsons and more remote 
descendants, pointed to a connection with a Weston family. There 
was a tradition, also, that his wife Frances, who was known to 
have had three husbands, William Dungan, Jeremiah Clarke^ and 
Rev. William Vaughan, had been marri^ frst to a Lord Weston. 
Barbara Dungan, a daughter of Jeremiah Clarke's wife by her 
former husband, married James Barker of Rhode Island, and their 
descendant, James Barker, wrote: ''Frances, the wife of William 
Vaugn, di^ September, 1677, in the 67th year of her age. fflie 
was the daughter of Lewis Latham. She was some time the wife 
of Lord Weston, then wife to William Dimgan, by whom she had 
one son and three daughters. . . . After William Dungan died. 
she married Mr. Jeremiah Clarke and came over to New l«^gl<^nH 
with her foiu- children above mentioned. She had by her husband 
Clarke five sons. After he died she married to a Mr. Vaugn.''t 
No record, however, of a marriage between a Lord Weston and 
Frances liitham could be found, and Morrison, in his ''Clarke 
Families of Rhode Island," suggested that Jeremiah Clarke mig^t 
have been connected with the Clarkes of Willoughby, co. Warwick, 
who at one time owned the manor of Weston, and that one of 
Frances Latham's husbands, perhaps Jeremiah Clarke himself, 
might have been a lord of the manor of Weston. 

It was in the will of James Clarke of Elast Farleigh, co. Kent, 
Gent., dated 13 July 1614 {vide supra, page 70), an abstract of whidti 

'Printed in Marriage Licences granted by the Bishop of London, rol. 1, p. 8S0 (PtMietlioms 
tf kt HarUi«m SocUty, voL 2fi). 

tQuoted in Morriaon's The Clarke Families of Rhode Island, pp. 31(HI11. 

1920] Oenedlogical Research in England 73 

was published in the Registeb in Jan. 1896, and in the Clerk 

pedigree in the Visitation of London, 1633, 1634, and 1635, vol. 1, 

page 172 {Pvblicaiians of the Harleian Society, vol. 15), that the 

ehies Iciading to the discovery of the parentage and ancestry of 

Jeremiah Clarke were found. James Clarke in his will mentions a 

Weston Clarke and the latter's ''brethren," a word which indicates 

that Weston Clarke had more than one brother. The pedigree 

of Clerk of Allgate Ward, printed in the Visitafion of London, 

begins with James Clerke in co. Kent, who married Merie Saxby, 

daughter of Baron Saxby, gives James Clerke's son, William Clerke 

in CO. Kent, who married Mary Weston, daughter of Sir EQerom 

Weston, and names also two sons of this William Clerke, viz., 

Weston Clerke of London, eldest son and heir, now (1633) dead, 

w1k> married Dorcas, daughter of .... Norfolke,* and James 

Ckake ci London, grocer, 1633, ^o married Sarah Harvey and 

had a daughter, Mary Clerke, who was one year old in 1633. This 

pedigree is signed by James Clerk (the grocer of London), and at 

the top are the words: 'This descent not to be entred. refuseth to 

pay fee nephew to the Lo. Treasurer." An editorial note states 

thiit this pedigree has been erased in the original Visitation. It is 

prabttUe that the refusal of James Clerk to pay the required fee 

wae the reason for not entering the pedigree and for erasing it in 

tiie original manuscript of the Visitation. It was easily ascertained 

that the Lord Treasurer of fkigland in 1633 was Richard Weston, 

of Portland, son of Sir Jerome Weston, and in the marriage 

granted by the Bishop of London was found the licence 

for the marriage of WiUiam Clerke, Gent., and Mary Weston, 

of Sir Jerome Weston. It then remained to search the 

registers of East Farleigh, co. Kent, and there were found 

the baptisms of nine children of William Clerk, Gent., 

beginning with Weston, the eldest child, and ending with a post- 

famnoas daughter, Mary. Among them was a son Jeram {sic), 

who was the Jeremiah Clarke who emigrated to Rhode Island. 

By 'means of a pedigree printed in the Visitation of Kent, 1619, 
peoBS 2-3 (Publications of the Harleian Society, vol. 42), it is pos- 
wSbie to trace the ancestry of James Clerke of East Farleigh, who 
Merie (Mary) Saxby and was the grandfather of Jeremiah 
of Rhode Island, back for five generations, to John Clerk 
ot Forde in the parish of Wrotham, co. Kent, Esq. 

Vrom the preceding records, from the pedigrees in the Visitations 
of Kcoit and of London, and from other records and authorities 
cited bdow, the following genealogy showing the English ancestry 
of Jeraniah Clarke of Rhode Island has been compiled. 

1. John Clebk, of Forde in the parish of Wrotham, co. Kent, 
J., lived probably in the first half of the fifteenth century. 
According to Hasted (History of Kent), who wrote about 1782, 
Hall, formerly the seat of this family, lay about a mile and 
a half eastward from Wrotham church, near Addington Common, 

*11m BMTiase lietnee ■howi that aha wm Dotom Smith, daughter of Matthaw of King's 
L^BB, CO. Norfolk, nacohaat. Vidg infra, 7, L 

74 Oenealogioal Research in England [Jan. 

and derived its name from the ford which crossed the brook that 
ran close by the Hall to Leyboume and thence to the Medway. 
In Hasted's time the house was occupied by a farmer. It is stfll 
standing, and contains a curious and beautiful carved staircase.* 
2. L John. 

2. John Clerke, of Forde, the testator of 1480, died between 
10 Dec. 1480 and 10 Mar. 1480/1. He married about 1445 
Alice Tatesham, living 10 Dec. 1480, daughter and coheir 

of Tatesham of Tatesham, Esq. John Gierke was a 

baron of the Exchequer from 10 Oct. 1468 until 1470, and 
is mentioned as such in the Visitation of Kent, 1619. 

L IsoDiA, m. Thomas Sklbt of East Mailing, oo. Kent, Qoni. 
3. jL John. 

iii Alicb, m. about 1465 Robkbt Watton of Addington, eo. Kent, 
Esa.^ho d. 19 Nov. 1470 and was bur. in Adoin^iQn ohureh, 
8. 01 William and Benedieta (Towne) of Towne Plaoe in Throwlej, 
00. Kent. Tibey had ismie. (Cf . Viaitotion of Kent» 1619, p. 9, 
Watton pedigree.) 

3. John Clerk, of Forde, Esq., son and heir of John (2), married, 

about 1470, Lucia Motle, daughter of Sir Walter Moyle, 
Knight, and his wife Margaret. 

Margaret Moyle, relict of Walter Moyle, Knight, in her 
will dated 20 Jan. 1491 [? 1491/2] and proved at Canterbury 
1 June 1493, directs tHat her body shall be buried in the 
quire of the blessed Mary of Estewell, close to the sepulture 
of the said Walter Moyle, bequeaths 40s. to the fabrick of 
the steeple of Charyng, and mentions Richard and John 
Moyle, her sons, and Lucia Gierke, her daughter. (Nicolas's 
Testamenta Vetusta, vol. 2, p. 402.) 


4. L Jaiiss. 

4. Jambs Clebk, of Forde, Esq., son and heir of John (3), died at 

Wrotham 20 Sept. 1554. He married, about 1508, E^jzabeth 
Febrers, dau^ter of Sir Henry, Knight, and Margaret 
(Heckstall) and sister of Sir Edward Ferrers of Baddesley 
Clinton, co. Warwick, and Peckham, co. Kent, Knight 
(Visitation of Warwiclsshire, 1619, page 5).t The Visitation 
of Kent, 1619, erroneously states that Elizabeth, wife of 
James Clerk, was a daughter of Sir Edward Ferrers; but 
Sir Edward Ferrers in his will, dated 10 July 1535 (P. C. C, 
Hogen, 29), mentions his daughter Elizabeth as the wife of 
Jolm Hampden and also leaves a legacy to his nephew George 

^Anna of Clerke. aeoordinc to the Viaitation of Kent. 1010: Quarterly. 1. Or, on a 
engrailed aiure a omquefoil of the field. 2. Arcent. on a eherron fulee between three nolomWnee 
asure as many oreeoente or. 8. Aeure, a oroM between fire billets in aaltire argent in eaeh quarter. 
4. Or, on a croee sable five oreecente argent. Greet: A greyhound*! head oouped or, eharged oa 
the neok with a einquefoil aiure. 

tSir Henry Ferrart wae eighth in deaoent from King Edward I of Kngland. 

ISIO] Oenmbgiedl Research in England 75 


6. L GsoBQB, b. about 1510. 

iL Henbt. 

iiL Walteb. 

TV. John. 

5. George Clerk, of Forde, Esq., son and heir of James (4), 

bom about 1510, was buried at Wrotham 8 MsLr. 1558/9.* 

He nmrried, about 1533, Elizabeth Wilsforde, dau^ter of 

Tboinas, Esq., and EHizabeth (Culpepper) of Hartridge, 

parish of Crajibrook, co. Kent (dP. Visitation of Kent, 1619, 

pages 53, 62). 

George Clarke is mentioned by Procter among those who, 

at the time of Wyatt's Rebellion, march^ from Mailing, 

CO. Kent, with Lord Abergavenny and Sir Robert SouthweU, 

Sheriff, to intercept Sir Henry Isley and the two Enevetts, 

who were marching from Sevenoaks, and prevent them from 

joimn^ Wyatt at Rochester. They effected their object by 

defeatmg the rebels at Blackesol Field, Wrotham, 10 Feb. 

1S53/4. {Archasolagia CanHana, vol. 3, p. 180, footnote.) 

, Children .*t 

i. WiLUAM, of Forde, Ebq., b. and heir of George (0), b. about 1586; 
d. 23 Mar. 1611/12, ti/nd 76; bur. in Wrotham church 25 Mar. 
1612;} m. (1) Anna Cabtwbight, dau. of Edmund, Esq., and 
A|(nes (Cranmer) of Oasington, oo. Nottingjham, A^nes Cranmer 
bemg a sister of Thomas Cranmer, Archbishop of Canterbury, 
who was burned at the stake at Oxford 21 Mar. 1555/6 (df. 
Visitation of Nottinghamshire, pp. 71, 109); m. (2) Janb Saiiobr, 
who was bur. at Wrotham 28 Apr. 15^; m. (3) Elizabxth 
(Aubrey) Nobton of Northwood, dau. of Wuliam Aubrey, 
Esq., D.C.L., and widow of Thomas Norton of NorUiwood^Esq. 
(cf. Berry's Pedigrees of the Families in the County of Kent, 
p. 158). Administration on his estate was granted to his son, 
sir John Clerk of Forde, Knight. Children by first wife: 1. 
BHtabeth, bapt. at Wrotham 8 Jan. 1561/2; m. there, 26 May 
1584, Peter Parris of East Mailing, co. Kent. 2. Anne, bapt. at 
Wrotham 9 July 1564: m. Richiura Lee of Lee Magna, Esq. 3. 
Frances, bapt. at Wrotham 23 May 1566; m. there, 4 Nov. 1606, 
Edwara Thedam of co. Essex. 4. Catherine, bapt. at Wrotham 
29 Oct. 1567; bur. there 5 Oct. 1576. 5. Jamee, bapt. at Wrotham 
23 Not. 1568; d. a. p. in France. 6. Jane, bapt. at Wrotham 2 
Sept. 1571; m. Sir John Howell of Compe in Wrotham, Knight. 

7. Mary, bapt. at Wrotham 13 May 1576; perhaps the Mary 
Qerke, gentlewoman, who m. at Addington church, 8 Feb. 1620/1, 
Rev. Robert Cheek, D. D. 8. KaU^ne, bapt. at Wrotham 
10 Apr. 1580: m. George Chaimcy of Hartford. 9. Dorothy, 
htipt, at Wrotham 2 Sept. 1582. 10. WiUiam, bapt. at Wrotham 
21 June 1585; probably d. young. 11. Sir John, of Forde, Knight, 

8. and heir, d. 22 Aug. 1644; m. ^marria^ settlement dated 1 
June 1608) EHixabeth Steed, dau. of ^ William of Harrieteham, 
CO. Kent, Knight; three children g^ven in the Visitation of Kent, 
1619. i 

*AMOtdiiis io Uk« inqnirition post nuH^m of George Clerk, he died on "0 May Uet." that ia, 
ICajr 15M; but May ia probably an error — either in the original inquisition or in the printed 
bslvaet of it — for S Mat. 

tCf. tlM iagnjaltion poat mortem of George Clerk, given abore. and the Visitation of Kent, 

lit. PP- <• 8. 

|Cff. AwtkmdotU C^miana, rol. 4. pp. 240. 247. 

|Of Tkt Oenaioiisi, New Series, rol. 13. p. 66. and Archaologia Cantiana, vol. 4. p. 247. The 
bos of flfar John among his brothers and sisters is uncertain, since the record of his baptism has 

76 Proceedings of the N. E. Hut. Gen. Society [Jen. 

6. ii. James, of East Farleigh, co. Kent, Gent., b. about 1540. 

iii. Geobge, Gent., m. at Wrotham, 11 Aug. 1572, Mas. Winifred 
PscKHAM, dau. of Roger Peckham. Administration on ^e estate 
of Roeer Peckham of Wrotham was granted 4 Feb. 1620 to his 
relict Marmret. Either he was very aged, or the record refers 
to his son Roger. Perhaps he was related to the Peckhams who 
came to New England, one of whom, John Peckham, was an 
original member of the First Baptist Church of Newport, R. I.» 
and some of whom intermarried with the Clarke family in New 
England. Children, bapt. at Wrotham: 1. Elizabethf bapt. 13 
Dec. 1573. 2. WiUiam, bapt. 19 Dec. 1574. 

iv. EuzABETH, m. Thomas Goulden or Godden of Leyboume^ co. 
Kent, Gent., who was bur. there 10 Sept. 1584. In the inquisition 
post mortem on George Clerk, Esq., father of Elisabeth, her 
husband is called Thomas Goodman (vide tupra), but Godden 
is probably the correct form oi the surname.* 

y. Thomas, of Wrotham and Canterbury, Gent., d. unm., and was 
bur. at Wrotham 21 June 1618. His nuncupative will (vide 
supra) was made the last of May or beginning of June 1618, 
and administration was granted 20 Aug. 1618 to John Gierke 
(5.i, 11). 

▼i. Reginald. 

vii. Robert. 


[The rest of the Clarke pedigree, with a brief account of the Weston family, 
will be published in the Register of April 1020. — EnnoR.] 

[To be continued] 



By Henrt Edwards Scott, A.B., Recording Secretary 

Boston, MaesachueeUe, 6 November 1919. A stated meeting of the Society 
was held in Wilder Hall, 9 Ashburton Place, at 2.30 P. M., President Baxter 

The minutes of the October meeting were approved, and the reports of tbs 
Corresponding Secretary, librarian. Historian, and Council were accepted, 
Uie Council reporting that since the October meeting membcors of the Society 
had been elected as follows: 

Pilgrim Tercentenary Members 

Marjr R. Cunmiings of Lisbon, N. H. 

Lewis Emery, Jr., of Bradford^ Pa. 

Walter Hamer Langshaw of New Bedford, Mass. 

Frederick K. Rupprecht of Greenwich. Conn. 

Frederick Stiu'divant Vaill of Portland, Me. 

Charles Healy Ditson of New York City 

not been found. The Vbitation of Kent, however, gives James as the eldest son, mnd Sr Jdkat 
M tlie son and heir of his father. His brother William is not given in the Viaitatkyn. If 
was older than Sir John, he must have died before his father. The three children of flir 
who are given in the Visitation are William, eldest son, aged 9 years and more in 1619, 
and John, aged 5 years and more in 1619. William, then Sir William derke of Fordo. 
Rtqrnliot in the Civil War, raised a regiment for the King at his own expense, and was IdUad fat i 
■Idrm iah at Cropredy Bridge, 29 June 1644, aged 36 years, crying out as he fdl: "Look to 
HWftm Boteler, for I see he is wounded." (Arckmalogia Caniiaua, roL 16, pp. 59, TO) 
Artkmdweim Cai Ukm a, toL 4. p. M7. 

a2q Proceedings of the N. E. Hist. Oen. Society 77 

H. Wales Lines of Meriden, Conn. 
Daniel F. Emery, Jr., of Portland, Me. 
George E. Matttues of Sej^mour, Conn. 
Andrew Squire of Cleveland, Ohio 
Heri)ert Greer French of Cincinnati, Ohio 

Q. Brown of Dobbs Ferry, N. Y. 

William L. Barrell of Lawrence, Mass. 
lirs. Freeman B. Shedd of Lowell, Mass. 
Loins Hollingsworth of Pittsfield, Mass. 
Henry Devereiix Whiton of New York City 
Esther Hinckley Baker of Providence, R. 1. 
Lucius Erskine Whiton of New London, Conn. 
Louis R. Cheney of Hartford. Conn. 
Mis, Robert Ives Gammell oi Providence, R. I. 
George Waldo Emerson of Danvers, Mass. 

lAfe Member 

Arthur White Tedcastle of Milton, Mass. 

ReeiderU Members 

Mrs. Nettie Hall Norman of Fort Riley, Kans. 

Lillian Maude Saunders of Hyde Park. Mass. 

Lieut. Col. Marshall William Wood, U. S. A., of Boise, Idaho 

Laurence Harper Nortcm of Cleveland, Ohio 

The Council also reported that since thj^ October meetin^^ Helen Frances 

■nhall, a Life Member of the Society, had become a Pilgnm Tercentenary 


The Council also reported that invitations to become Honorary Members of 

e Society had been extended in its name and had been accepted bv His Majesty 

beri, lUng of the Belgians, and His Excellency Calvin Coolidge, Governor 

the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. 

The Council also reported the names of thirty-five candidates for Pilgrim 

leentenary Membersnip. one candidate for Life Membership, and fo^r can- 

lates for Resident Membership, stating that action b^r the Uoimcil on these 

nes would be in order after they had b^n posted for thirty days, in accordance 

di the By-Laws. 

Oil motion it was 

W§itd, That the Society proceed to the election of a Ckmnetllor, vice Charles Sherburne Pen- 
and to the election of the Nominating Committee, agreeable to the provisions 

three teDers be appointed by the Ch^r. and that said tellers shall distribate. receive. 
U mmd eoant the ballots, and make a npott at this meeting. 

nbat the polls be now opened, and stand open until every member present has had oppor- 
itr to voCa. 

Hie Reoordinff Secretary annoimced that Matt Bushnell Jones of Newton, 
MB^ who had been nominated in accordance with the By-Laws as a candidate 
CoanciUor, vice Charles Sherburne Penhallow, resigned, and whose name 
i printed on the ballot, had found that it would be impossible for him to 
jrat this position, if elected, and had withdrawn his name. 
rne Chair called for nominations for Councillor, and Vice-President Chase 
luiiated Myles Standish, M.D., of Boston, Mass. This nomination was 
ooded, the Chair appointed as tellers Messrs. W. O. Comstock, Arthur W. 
irae^ and Hosea Starr Ballou, and the election by ballot of a Councillor and 
fhm Nominating Committee took place. 

ftwdent Baxter then presented, as the speaker of the afternoon, James Ray- 
nd fiunmons, A.B., B.S.^ of Syracuse, N^ Y., Secretury-Forester of the New 
ik State Forestry Association, who in an instructive lecture, entitled Three 
liuriee of Historic Trees in MaeeachuseUe^ impressed upon his audience 
I Ywhat of trees as memorials, said that they are the oldest living witnoaws 

78 Proceedings of the N. E. Hist. Oen. Society [JaiL 

of the history of mankind, and declared that the strength of any nation mi^ 
be measured largely bv tne extent and quality of its forests. Mr. SimmoM 
iUustrated his lecture by a series of beautiful lantern slides, showing some ol 
the most famous trees connected with historic events in ^Massachusetts. 

Vice-President Chase, to whom President Baxter had resi^ied the diair, 
then called for the report of the tellers, and, when this had been pre e eot e d , 
declared that Myles Standish, M. D., of Boston, Mass., had been elected Coun* 
oillor for the term ending in February 1922, vice Charles Sherburne Fenhalkrirp 
resigned, and that Georse Walter Chamberlain of Maiden, Mrs. Ida Toniis 
Farr Miller of Wakefield, William Streeter Richardson of Canton, Myim 
Standish, M. D., of Boston, and Mrs. Louie Dean White of BrookUne had been 
elected members of the Nominating Committee. 

At 4.40 P. M. the Chair dedarea the meeting dissolved, and the membeia of 
the Society, with their guests, enjoyed a social hour in the tea room. 

5 December, A staied meeting of the Society was held in Wilder Hall, 9 Adi- 
burton Place, at 2.30 P. M., President Baxter presiding. 

The minutes of the November meeting were approved, and the r ep o rt s of 
the Corresponding Secretary, Librarian, Historian, and Council were acoepled, 
the Council repoiting that since the November meeting memben of the S oei el y 
had been elected as foUows: 

Honorary Membere 

His Majesty Albert, King of the Belgians 

His Excellency Calvin Coc^dge, Governor of the Commonwealth of 

PUgrim Tercentenary Membere 

Euflene G. Grace of Bethlehem, Pa. 
Carl Stoeckel of NorfoD^Conn. 
George Stevens Page of Pittsburg^, Pa. 
Mrs. William Lodge of Cincinnati, Ohi6 
Francis Laird Snowden of Pittsburgh, Pa. 
Marvin A. Dean of Chicago, 111. 
Albro Blodgett of Toledo, Ohio 
James N. Jarvie of Montclair, N. J. 
Samuel D. Stevens of Boston, Mass. 
Warren Delano of New York City 
WiUard M. Clapp of Cleveland, Ohio 
J. Lewis Wyckon of Holyoke, Mass. 
George Armsby of New York City 
Alfred L. Shapleigh of St. Louis, Mo. 
Lincoln E. Moses of Kansas City. Mo. 
Georro H. Simonds of North Anaover, Mass. 
Fred F. Proctor of New York City 
Mrs. Joseph A. Baker of Fall River, Mass. 

Frederick Carleton Austin of Chicago, 111. 
John Vacher Bacot of Utica, N. Y. 
Harry Taft Hayward of Franklin^ Mass. 
Mrs. Elmer B. Adams of St. Louis, Mo. 
Mrs. Isaac Stephenson of Milwaukee. Wis. 
Wheeler H. Peckham of New Rochelle, N. Y. 
Mrs. George W. Avery of Pasadena, Cal. 

Life Member 

Mrs. Elisha Turner of New London, Conn. 

Resident Membere 

Rebecca Dodd of Dorchester, Mass. 
AUce S. Dexter of Providence, R. I. 
John W. Arnold of New York aty 
Mrs. William F. Warden of Boston, Mass. 

The Coimoil also reported that since the Novembtf meeting the fol- 

1920] Notes 70 

life Members of the* Society had become Pilgrim Tercentenary 

Eliflibeth Musb^ Eustis Henry Dutton Eustis 

Mary St. Barbe Euetis 

Ihm Cmmal alio reported the names of thirty-fiye candidates for _ ^ 
Membermip (in addition to the names of &^t caildidates re- 
si this Norember meeting) and four candidates for Resident Membership, 
that aetkHi by the Council on these names would be in order after th^ 

posted for thirty days, in accordance with the By-Laws. 
Beeoiding Secretary stated that he had been informed that the number 
I fHio had accepted Pilgrim Tercentenary Membership in the Society 
this form €i membership was established in February, 1919, was now 

handled, indudins nineteen Resident and Life Members, who had been 

tesoflfeRed to this new form of membership. 

Hie report of the Nominating Committee was read and accepted, and on 
Bolian it was ^ 

Waitim Tbmt the Nomiiuitinc Committae. baTing performed its duties, be diiohftrged. 

The Resident unpointed. Messrs. William Streeter Richardson and William 
Stone as aumton to audit the accounts of the Treasurer for the current 

President Baxter then introduced, as the speaker of the afternoon, Walter 
ve Femald, M.D., of Waverley, Mass., Superintendent of the Massachu- 
8ebo6L for the Feeble-Minded, who, in a scholarly and instructive paper, 
cntitied The Bugenies of Genea2o^, ' discussed the transmission by inheritance 
of flood and bad traits and tendencies, physical, mental, and moral, with es- 
peeal reference to cases of hereditary teeble-mindedness. After the address 
Dr. Femald answered seyeral questions that were asked by some of his hearers, 
and the Society voted to extend to him its thanks. 

At 4.20 P. M. the Chair declared the meeting di8solved| and the members ol 
the Society, with their guests, enjoyed the hospitality of the tea room. 


It having come to tihe attentioDi of this Society that certain geneal- 
o^sts and publishers hare used flie name of the Society in con- 
nectkm witii their own enterpriseSi the Society again desires to 
ttato that it has NO genealogical representatives in this country 
or fat England, nor is it in any way connected with any publications 
odier tfian those tiiat it issues over its own name at 9 Ashburton 
Placet Boston. 

Cabmaic . — ^The following records are written on the flyleaves of a book en- 
tilled "Cognitiones Christianismi: or. Religious Instructions^ Expressive in 
■onie Strietores of Christianity, conducing to Holiness & Happmess, from Holy 
Church B^ Writings. . . . mdccxui." 

Samuel Carman EQs Book * 

Semnd Carman was Bom in January y 15 In the year of our lord 1751 
Lott Carman was bom in April 14* In the year of our Lord 1753 
Benjamin Carman was bom in February 28 In the year of our lord 1755 
Jc^ Carman was Bom in February 26 In the year of our lord 1757 
Jemary th 18 in the vear of our Lord one thousand Seven hundred and 
ei|^^ fore Departed this life Samuel Carman Sei^^ Aged 65 years 

80 Notes [Jan. 

Samuel Cumn and Sanb Wright wtts roariod the 7 Dayof Juljrin the jew 

of our lord 1773 
Prudenoe Cftmum wa« bom ooarch the 1 in the year of our lord 1776 
Poby Carman was Bom August the 14 in the year d our Lord 1776 
CsleD Carman waa bom in February the 8 in me year of our Lord 1780 
Zipporah Carman was Bom April the 12 in tiie year of our lord 1787 
Sarah Wri^t was bom Ootr the 16tl> 1755 
Elisabeth Carman was bom Oct^ the 9t>> 1790 
Samuel Carman Derarted this Life the first of June 1799 Age^ 48 yeua 

4 Months and 16 Days 
Pmdence Carman Departed this Life the 28^ May 1793 Age<) IS yean 2 

Mon^ and 28 Days 
Eliabeth Carman Departed this Life the Bfii of June 1793 Age4 2 yeua 8 

Months and 6 Days [«icl 
Woroetter, iiata. Clabbkcc SATmsiBs BBumAM. 

HmoBicAi. Intelugkncz 

HnLALDBT.— The Committee on Eenldiy of the New En^and ffiitotto 
Genealogical Society strongly recommends that all coats of arms which ean ba 
proved to be authentic be offered for raeoid 
with this Society. The arrangements for tfaa 
making and preeerrBtion <rf luch reeonk m» 
cmnplete, and the ▼ohune (tf raowded ann hM 
been begun by the entiy therein of a nnmbar 4f 
wdl-autbenticated coaU. Printed fonaa aaiil 
directions for the "»'""£ of applieatioDa may 
be obtained from the Ctmuuittee, and all eon* 
munications ob this subject should be aJiiB—d 
to the Committee on Henddry, New Entfaad 
Historic Genealogical Society, 9 AshbnrtW 
Place, Boston. 

Without taking any position with refeceaoe to 
the Nopriety of wsmimmg anna, the Cotninittaa 
will be glad to gT^miw arms or heraldio der i ew 

which any person or orKaoisation deaina to ■»• 
■ome, and pre advice aa to whether the same are bentlmcally oorrect or «' " 
they violate a light of exduaiTe use heretofore acquired by othma. 

of the new duties placed upon the State library by the Connecticut Gomal 
Assembly in 1919. 

1. A Department of War Records was eetablished, to continue the work 
done by the Committee upon Historical Records established under tiw Ona* 
nectieut State Council of Defense. The work of this Committee and DmafU 
ment, of which the State Librarian was chairman and is director, is "To oo&eeti 
classify, index and install in the library all available material relating to Ga»- 
nectieut participation, public or private, in the world war, and thus to eataUUi 
a permanent and accessible record of ita ext«nt and character, such reoMd to 
be as complete and compr^iensive as possible and to cover not only the aeti^ 
ities of the stale, its subdivisionB and agencies, but also of Connecticut agaiMaea 
of the federal government, organisatirms of private persons, and of tboee ind^ 
viduals who were direct participants in the great straggle, whether aa aoldien, 
■ailoTS, aviatora or otherwise." 

2. Identifying and Marking of Graves of Soldisia, Sailors, and Mm^wt, 
The act reads: "The state Ubrarian mav cause to be located and perroaoen^ 
identified the graves of all soldiers, sailors and marines, veterans of any war 
in which the colony of Connecticut or the United States of America has been or 
may be engaged, who are buried within the limits of this state. The sum of ten 
thousand ooUars is appropriated toward carrying out the purposes of thia aoL" 

1920] Notes 81 

3b Hie work of arrancpng, repairiiig^ indexingi and making acoesmble the 
Cof inft c ti cut archives, original probate mes, and public records not in current 
use, deposited from various parts of the State, and special collections presented 
to the library, is being conunued as heretofore. 

4. The spcKoal work in connection with the Connecticut State Military 
CeDflUBy State Agricultural Survey, and State Industrial Surve^r has been merged 
with the work of the Department of War Records, with an increased force of 

Tbk Swett Collection op Bunker Hill Affidavits. — Mr. Artemas Ward 
of 50 Union Square, New York City, wishes to locate the collection of afBdavits. 
etc (nearly 200 items, including muster rolls, letters, certificates, etc.), gathered 
iQ 1818 by Col. Samuel Swett when he was weparing his ''Historical and Topo- 
graphical Sketch of Bunker Hill Battle." The history of this ooUection, down 
to 1883, 18, briefly, as follows: 

In 1818, on the publication of his "Sketch of Bunker Hill Battle," Colonel 
Oweit deposited his "documents and proofs" with the Boston Athenseum, in 
order that, in the words of the author's preface, "the pubhc may Judge for 
tiMDMelves." These "documents and proofs" constitute the Swett Collection 
mnA t by Mr. Ward. It is entirely separate from the collection of Bunker 
BQT affidavits or depositions taken by WiUiam Sullivan and others in 1825 and 
~ in the Proeeedinga of the Massackuaetta Historical Society , First Series, 
% pp. 230-232. The two collections are clearly differentiated in Swett's 
to the Sketch of Bunker Hill Battle," printed in the second edition of 
book^ 1825 (cf. pp. 3, note, and 10), and also in Frothingham's "Siege of 

jbl" first edition (p. 380, paragraphs 3 and 8) and later editions. 

In 1825. in his "Notes to the l^etch of Bunker Hill Battle," Colonel Swett 
id that ne copied statements from the Boston CerUinel because the originals 
of the Swett Collection now sought) "had been lost from the Boston 
They were, however, subsequently found, as is noted in manu- 
on many copies of the "Notes." 
In 1849 FVothingham made use of the Collection in the preparation of his 
_ of Boston." (See first edition, 1849, p. 121, note, and also later editions.) 
In 1883 the Collection was offered for sale for $200 in the catalogue pub- 
1 in May of that year by the late C. L. Woodward, then of 78 Nassau Street, 
Yoric Cit^; but Mr. Ward has not been able to find out when the Colleo- 
was sokl from the Woodward stock or who bought it. An annotated set of 
Woodward catalogues is in the possession of the American Antiquarian 
Society, Worcester, Mass., and the manuscript notes in the catalogue for May 
1883 name the bu3rers of a majority of the titles but, unfortunately, not the 
bimr of the Swett Collection. 

Mr. Ward has foimd no trace of the Collection after 1883. An^ information 
abooi it or any due to its whereabouts will be gratefully appreciated by him. 

QBmiiXKSiBs IN Preparation. — Persons of the several names are advised 
to fomisli the compilers of these genealogies with records of their own families 
I odier information which they think may be useful. We would suggest that 
laetB ol interest illustrating family history or character be communicated, 
ofialh' service under the U. S. Government, the holding of other offices, grad- 
5oa nom college or professional schools, occupation, with places and dates 
flf birth, marria^ resioence, and death. All names should be given in fitU if 
No mitials should be used when the full name is known. 

AlbrML — ^John, bom in England (probably in Buckinghamshire or Bedford- 
ore) about 1745, by Rev. Manley ¥, Allbright, 31 Quint Ave., Allston, Mass. 

BfadHsfirfc.— Richard, bom in 1653, died at Stratford, Conn:, 4 Nov. 1731, 
bf Ber. Blanley F. Allbright, 31 Quint Avenue, Allston, Mass. 

Hwfd, — ^Daniel, bom probably at Woodstock. Conn., died probably at Saudis- 
idd. Mass., married, probably at Sandisfieki, 5 Feb. 1771, Rebecca Smith, 
by Aer. Manley F. Allbright, 31 Quint Avenue, Allston, Mass. 

/wftrsofl ^ngeraon). — Jonathan, bom at Poundridge, N. Y., or Long Ridge, 
Conn., 24 Feb. 1733, died at Greenfield or Milton, N. Y., 24 Jan. 1819, 
by Rer. Bianley F. Allbright, 31 Quint Avenue, AUston, Mass. 

82 Recent Books [Jan.] 

Mmiley, — Ci^t. Wi]liAm« bom at Char]e8town2_Mafl8.y 30 Jan. 1703, died ai 
Windaor, Conn., 11 Nor. 1788, by Rer. Manley F. AUbrifl^t, 31 Quint ATeiiiie» 
AUston, Maas. 

Smith, — Justus, bom in 1778, died at Sandis6eld, Mass., 16 Mar. 1812, bf 
Bev. Manley F. Allbright, 31 Quint Avenue, AUston, Mass. 


(The Editor partieulaiiy requests penons ■ending books for listins in the Raonm to steto* 
for the information of readers, the price of eaoh book, with the amount to be added for rirrttat 
when sent by mail, and from whom it may be ordered. For the January iHue, books shouki hm 
reeehred by Nor. 1; for April, by Feb. 1 ; for Jvly, by May 1; and for Oeiotm', by July 1.] 


Gary genealogy. The Virginia Carys. an essay in genealogy. New York^ 
The Ue Vinne Press, 1919. 29 + 194 p. f csm. gen^. tab. map pi. por. 8^ 

Curzon genealoo* The Curson family of New York and Baltimore and thei 
En#Bh descent. By J[aoob] Hall Pleasants, M. D. [Privately printed.] Balti- 
more, 1919. 9 + 75 p. fcsm. geneal. tab. il. pi. por. F^ 

Fales genealogy. The Fales family of Bristol^ R. I., ancestry of Halibturtoii 
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Massachosetta Bay, Province of, acts and resolves. The acts and resolvea, 
public and private, of the Province of the Massachusetts Bay: to which are 
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and an appendix. Vol. 20^being vol. 15 of the appendix. Containing reeolvea, 
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(6) Local 

Belfast, Me., vital records. (Vital records of Belfast, Maine, to the year 
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Published under authority of the Maine Historical Society, 1917. 218 p. 8* 

Bellingham, Mass., history. History of the town of Bellingjham, Mam^ 
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Hampden County and other sources. By Chester D. Stiles. WestfiekL Biaas., 
J. D. Cadle & Co., 1919. 50 p. 8* 

Mj^c.^ /^ ^^^.^C^^ 





APRIL, 1920 


By Rev. Lewis Wilder Hicks, M.A., of Wellesley, Mass. 

WiLUAif Paine Sheffield, of Newport, R. I., elected a resident 
memb e r of the New England Historic Genealogical Society in 1912, 
mde a life member 27 January 1919, and from 5 February 1913 
imtil bda death Vice-President of the Society for Rhode Island, died 
nddenly at his summer residence, the old Wells farmhouse near 
Mialria^Fiiii Camp in Exeter, R. I., 19 October 1919. He was bom 
it Newport 1 June 1857, the son of William Paine and Lilias White 
(Sanfmd) Sheffield. 

From the early days of the English settlement in Rhode Island 
tbe Sheffiidid family has held a worthy and prominent place in its 
•Dnab. Edmund^ Sheffield, of Sudbury, co. Suffolk, England, was the 
filber of Ichabod^ Sheffield, who was baptized in the parish of 
8t Peter, Sudbury, 23 Dec. 1630, was of Portsmouth and Newport, 
R. Ly in 1648, and married, in 1660, Mary, daughter of George and 
FVinoes Parker. Ichabod Sheffield served as a deputy in the Colo- 
nial Aaeembly in 1690, and died 4 February 1712. 

His son, Joseph' Sheffield, of Portsmouth, the eldest of five children 
(four BODS and a daughter), was bom 22 August 1661, married, 12 
Febniaiy 1685 [1684/5], Mary Shrieve, daughter of Thomas Shrieve 
of Plymouth and Portsmouth, and died in 1706, his wife dying in the 
aune year. He was deputy in 1696, and assistant from 1696 to 
1705, except in 1697. He was appointed agent of the Colony in 
Eodaiid in 1700 and 1703, and was attomey general in 1704, 1705, 
and 1706. He had four sons and three daughters. 

His son, Edmund^ Sheffield, of North Kingstown, Exeter, and 
Block Idaiid, was bom 5 April 1694, and married, 5 April 1719, 
Sarah, daughter of Nicholas Gardiner of Kingstown. He was a large 
hndholder on Block Island, and a deputy in the Colonial Assembly. 

Capt. Josiah* Sheffield, son of Edmund,^ was admitted a freeman 
at New Shoreham (Block Island) in 1760, and married, 8 January 
1761, Sarah, daughter of George Gardiner of South Kingstown. 
He also was a deputy in the Assembly. The births of two sons and 
two daughters are entered in the records of New Shoreham. 

Edmund* Sheffield, third child and second son of Josiah,* was 
bom 7 December 1765, and married, 28 January 1790, Mercy, daugh- 



84 WtUiam Paine Shejfidd [April 

ter of Caleb Littlefield, Esq., a member of the New Shoreham Com- 
mittee of Correspondence and a descendant of EJdmond littiefield, 
one of the early settlers at Wells, Me.* The births of three sons 
and three dau^ters of Edmimd and Mercy Sheffield are recorded 
at New Shoreham. 

George Gardiner^ Sheffield, second son and second child of 
E(hnimd,* was bom 24 February 1792, and married, 4 January 1816, 
Eliza, daughter of William L. (a farmer of New Shoreham) and Mary 
(Clark) Paine. In early life Mr. Sheffield was a Jeffersonian Demo- 
crat, but in 1856 he associated himself with the newly-formed Repub- 
lican Party. He was active in town affairs and in politics, and held 
various offices of trust and honor, serving for several terms as 
representative of his town in the General Assembly of Rhode 
Island. He died in 1871 at South L3rme, Conn., which had been 
his home for the few years immediately preceding his death. 

William Paine* Sheffield, of Newport, son of George Ganliner' 
and father of the subject of this memoir, was bom in tlie town of New 
Shoreham (Block Island) 29 August 1819, and died at his home in 
Newport 2 June 1907. He was educated at the Kingstown (R. I.) 
Academy and by private tutors, and then entered upon the study 
of law. While still a very young man he began his political career, 
serving in 1841 as a delegate to the ''Landholders' Convention," 
which met for the purpose of preparing a new constitution for the 
State, and being in 1842 a member of the General Assembly, where 
he took a firm stand for law and order as opposed to ''Dorrism/' In 
1843 and 1844, while he was pursuing his studies in law, he was 
again a member of the General Assembly from New Shoreham. He 
was a student at the Harvard Law School for a part of the 3rear 
1844, and in the same year was admitted to the Rhode Island bar. 
He began the practice of his profession at Tiverton, R. I., and repre- 
sented that town in the lower branch of the Rhode Island Legislature 
in 1849, 1851, and 1852. Removing soon afterwards to Newport, he 
was elected to the General Assembly from that city, serving from 
1857 to 1861, when he took his seat as a member of the House of 
Representatives in the Thirtynseventh Congress (4 July 1861- 
3 March 1863), to which he had been elected, as a Unionist, in 1860. 
After the expiration of his congressional term he was again elected, 
in 1863, to represent Newport in the General Assembly of Rhode 
Island, and, with the exception of the years 1873 and 1874, was re- 
elected annually to the Assembly, until 1884. Governor Bourn then 
appointed him to the seat in the United States Senate made vacant 
by the death of Henry Bowen Anthony, and he took his seat 2 
December 1884 and served until 20 January 1885, when a senator 
was elected by the Legislature. In the Rhode Island General 
Assembly Mr. Sheffield was an able member of the standing commit- 
tee of the House on the Judiciary, and in 1869 he served on a select 
committee to revise the laws of the State. He was a ready speaker 
and wrote many important monographs on legal and historical 
subjects. He was prominent in the affairs of his home city, and 
was a leader in finance, the oldest member of the corporation of the 

• Cf. Reqisteb, vol. 67, pp. 346-348. 

1920] William Paine Sheffield 85 

Sedwood library, president and director of the People's Free 
lihraiy, vice-president of the Newport Historical Society, a member 
of the Society of the Cincinnati, and chairman of the committee 
appointed to receive in Rhode Island the French delegates who 
came to the United States to take part in the celebration of the one 
hmidredth anniversary of the surrender of Comwallis at Yorktown. 
From Brown University he received the honorary degrees of Master 
of Arts and of Doctor of Laws. In 1847 he married Lilias White 
Sanford, daughter of Samuel and Susan (Bodge) Sanford of Boston 
and a descendant of John Sanford, who was one of the earliest 
of Rhode Island and president of Portsmouth and Newport 
May 1653 to May 1654. 

W illiam Paine* Sheffield, the subject of this memoir, only son of 
Wniiam Paine^ and Lilias White (Sanford), received his early educa- 
tkm in private schools in his native city, entered PhiUips Andover 
Academy, where he was graduated with honor in 1873, and then 
was admitted to Brown University, where he won the degree of Bach- 
dor of Arts in 1877, graduating with the highest honors. In 1880 
his alma maier conferred on him the degree of Master of Arts. He 
studied dvil and Boman law at the University of Paris, and, on his 
vetam from abroad, continued his law studies at the Harvard Law 
Sdiooly where he was enrolled as a student in 1878-9, and in the 
office of his father. He was admitted to the Rhode Island bar 1 
March 1880, and continued in the active practice of his profession 
until a abort time before his death. Since the death of his father, 
IB 1007, he had been the head of the law firm of Sheffield and Harvey, 
of Newport. 

In 1S80 Mr. Sheffield began a long career of faithful public service 
hf acc^ting an appointment to the office of State commissioner on 
tihe affairs of the Narragansett Indians. He held this position until 
1884, and in the performance of its duties gained a thorough knowl- 
edge of this Indian tribe. In 1885-1887, 1889-90, and 1894-1896 
he was a member of the lower house of the General Assembly of 
Bliode Island, where his work on the Judiciary Conmiittee was 
o^iedaUy valuable. In 1885-1887 he was also aide-de-camp, with 
the rank of colonel, on the staff of Gov. George Peabody Wetmore. 
In ISra he was elected city solicitor of Newport, and held this office 
for several years. In 1897 he served on the commission to revise 
the constitution of the State. In 1906, when the new city charter 
of Newport went into effect. Colonel Sheffield was elected a member 
of the Representative Council from Ward Three of Newport, for the 
one-year term, and was reelected to the Council in 1907 for the 
tenn of three years. At the beginning of his first term in the Coimcil 
he was diosen imanimously to be its presiding officer, and continued 
to inneside over the Council during the two years in which he retained 
his membership in that body. In 1908 he was elected, as a Repub- 
hean, to represent the First Congressional District of Rhode Island 
in the United States House of Representatives, in the Sixty-first 
Congress, taking his seat in December 1909 and serving imtil the end 
of this Congress in March 1911. But in the congressional elections 
of 1910 he was defeated as a candidate for reelection, and he was 

86 WtUiam Paine Sheffield [April 

again defeated in 1912, when the defection of the Progressives insured 
in so many districts the election of the Democratic candidates. The 
confidence which his party reposed in him was shown, however, by 
his selection in 1911 to be a member of the Republican National 
Conmiittee, and he continued to hold this position imtil his death. 
He was also a member of the committee to revise the constitution 
of the State. 

In educational matters Mr. Sheffield early showed a lively 
interest. From 1885 to 1894 he was a member of the Newport 
School Committee, being its chairman for part of this time. He 
reaUzed the importance of manual training in the public schools, 
and, with others, established and maintained at Newport a system 
of private instruction for boys in wood-working. From 1886 on he 
was a director of the Redwood Library and its secretary for several 
years, and he was also president of the People's Library. He was an 
authority on the early history of Newport, and an interesting speaker 
on topics relating to it. 

He was connected with many charitable and financial institutions, 
was one of the alumni trustees of Brown University, a member of the 
American Bar Association, a member and secretary of the Rhode 
Island Society of the Cincinnati, in which he succeeded his father, 
and a vestryman of Emmanuel Church. 

Mr. Sheffield married, 16 October 1889, Mary Stevens Burdick, 
who survives him, daughter of Jonathan Truman and Emily (Sher- 
man) Burdick. All of their eight children survived their father, but 
the eldest, Margaret Burdick, died in Boston, after a brief illness, 
26 January 1920. The other children are William Paine, a graduate 
of Brown University and a lawyer associated with his father's- law 
firm, Mary Morse, Samuel Sanford, a graduate of Brown University 
in the Claiss of 1919, now in business in New York, Lilias Sanford, 
Katherine Ray, Frances, and Elizabeth. His two sons were lieu- 
tenants in the United States Army in the World War, the elder son 
serving for several months in France. Mr. Sheffield's sister, Mrs. 
Mary (Sheffield) Moriarty, widow of the late George Andrews 
Moriarty, Esq., also survives him. 

The conmiunity in which Mr. Sheffield lived appreciated at its true 
value his well-spent life and realized the loss that it had sustained in 
his death. His personal characteristics are thus described in a 
biographical sketch published in the local newspaper: 

''Mr. Sheffield was of an unusually genial and happy disposition, and his 
hospitality knew no bounds. His home life was ideal, and to his children he 
was always a friend and companion who shared with them their pleasures 
and activities. In his home and at the camps in which he entertained his 
many friends he was a charming host, always considerate, ever solicitous of 
their enjoyment of the many things he shared with them. In every gathering 
in which he participated for business puiposes, he was ever an agreeable 
entertainer as well as an associate to whom his fellow directors or trustees 
looked for advice on a wide range of topics. . To the various public 

offices which he had held he brought wide experience in affairs to the success- 
ful performance of the manifold and arduous duties which he was called upon 
to discharge. In the legal profession, not only of Newport but of the state, 
he was recognized as a leader and his success at the bar for many years was 

1020] The Erakine Family of Bristol, Me, 87 

due not only to his extensive legal knowledge but also to the thoroughness 
of detail and the technical skill which were manifest in every case in which 
he was engaged. ... In everything in which he engaged he was to a 
malted degree a dependable, earnest, efficient and valuable worker . . . . 
He waa above all a man who did all he could for his fellow-man, in whatever 
eondition he found him."* 

And the same paper^ in an editorial article, says of Mr. Sheffield: 

'^ew men have a wider range of reading and study, few a more varied 
knoiHedge of men and experience of life in all its aspects. Few possess so 
jmigft a fond of reminiscence and anecdote, ready at a moment's call, and few 
enjoy more ^nuinely the telling of a good story or the cracking of an inno- 
eent lofce. This made him an unusuafiy charmmg companion and conversa- 
tkmalint, and in any company where he might be found he was fairly certain 
to be al or near the centre of interest. Withal he was serious-minded, 
•eholaily, thoughtful, and deeply rehgious — a well-rounded, well-balanced 

Tbosihly both the manner and the place of his death would have been of 
Us own efaoioe. A man of affairs, full of the zest of life, whenever his work 
riKMild be done he would not have cared to linger idle on the stage. A lover 
of natore and of nature's sweet solitude and tender intimacies, he had found 
neat delist and comfort in recent years in his summer camp in Exeter. 
what more fitting, perhaf^ in his own thought, than that ms last wsJk 
dwahi be tiirou^ the familiar woods, that his last moments should be spent 
the lake which he had come so to love?" 


By Frank Ebmest Woodwabd of Welleeley Hills, Mass. 

[Concluded from page 34] 

25. James' Ebskine (Damd,^ Alexander^), bom at Bristol, Me., 
was drowned in Biscay Pond, Bristol, in an endeavor to save 
Us son Edmund, who also lost his life. He married, 11 Mar. 
1813, Maboabet Jones. 

L DbztbBj^ m. three times. No children now livine. 

n. Jambs W., b. 22 Jan. 1825; d. at Bath, Me^, 29 Nov. 1909; m. his 
second cousin, Mart Ann (Ebskine) Hodges (22, ii), q,v,, b. 
17 Nov. 1829, d. at Bath in Jan. 1897^ dau^ of Jonas W. and 
Margaret (Jones) Erskine and widow of Isaac Hodges. Children: 
1. BrM9tf b. 19 Jan. 1858; living unm. at Bath. 2. Origen M.^ 
b. 27 Oct. 1863; living unm. at Bath. 3. Charlea E., b. 12 Oct. 
1869; d. unm. 4 June 1901. 

tiL Edmund, drowned in Biscay Pond, Bristol. 

hr. Mabgabbt, m. 3 Jan. 1859 Danbt ELlll of Bath, Me., and settled 

25. Col. John* Erskine {David,^ Alexander^), bom at Bristol, Me., 
in Jan. 1795, died 13 June 1888, aged 93 years, 5 months. He 
married, 18 July 1825, Nancy Huston, who died 13 Sept. 

* Wtmpmi Jmrnnti and WtMw ^Tmm, 34 October 1910. 

88 The Erskine Family of Bristol, Me. [April 

1857, aged 56, daughter of Robert and Margaret (Fletcher). 

i. Ctprian,« b. 31 July 1826; d. 15 Jan. 1915; m. 8 Feb. 1856 Sarah 
MoHTON Bbtant, who d. 18 June 1911. .Children: 1. Nancy,* 
b. 13 Mar. 1857; m. Marshall Weeks. 2. Sanfard Brown,!). 
12 Sept. 1859; d. unm. 27 Dec. 1908. 3. John B,, b. 5 Noy« 
1861 ; m. 25 Feb. 1901 Octavia E. little. No children. 

ii. Eunice B., b. 10 Sept. 1828; d. 18 Aug. 1851. 

iii. Esther B., b. 6 Sept. 1830; d. 13 Apr. 1853. 

iv. Margaret C, b. 22 Jan. 1833; m. 13 May 1855 John M. Bryant. 
Children: 1. Mary B., b. 27 June 1856. 2. Charies W., b. 15 
Apr. 1858. 3. Annie Jf., b. 27 Feb. 1860. 4. Jennie B., b. 25 
Nov. 1861. 5. Cyprian H. E,, b. 9 Apr. 1865. 

y. Elizabeth P. (twin), b. 2 Mar. 1836; living at Damariscotta, Me., 
in 1919; m. 8 July 1857 her second cousin, Zenas F.^ Erskinx 
(35), q. p.. b. at Bristol 10 Jan. 1832, d. at Damariscotta 3 June 
1906, s. of Alexander and Pamela (Perkins). 

vL Mart D. (twin)j b. 2 Mar. 1836; d. ; m. (1) 6 Oct. 1864, 

as his third wife, her second cousin, Joseph Poland* ESbskinb 
(23, ii), q. v,, b. 4 Oct. 1823, d. 23 Sept. 1874, s. of George and 
Sutdi (Perkins) ; m. (2) 20 Aug. 1880 Stearns L. Graves. 

27. David' Erskine {Damd,* Alexander^), mariner, bom at Bristol, 
Me., in 1798, died 26 Apr. 1880, aged 81 years, 10 months. 
He married, 30 Dec. 1823, Maria Trask, who died 21 Jmie 
1861, aged 62, daughter of Solomon of Jefferson, Me. 

i. Mart Jane,^ b. 2 Apr. 1826; m. (intention recorded 12 Nov. 1845) 
Lewis Lambert of North Yarmouth. Me., and settled at Bangor, 
Me. Children: 1. Marion J, 2. Deborah. 3. WUliam. 

ii. James Harvet, b. 20 June 1828; d. of smallpox 8 Feb. 1864; m. 
intention recorded 22 July 1848) Euzabeth Davis of Bristcd. 
He settled at Banf^r, Me., but probably returned to Brist^ 
He served in the Civil War as a private in Co. C, 2d Maine In- 
fantry, and died in the service. Children: 1. Charles A.,* b. 
26 Mar. 1854; d. at Maiden. Mass., 14 Dec. 1893. 2. WiUiam 
H., b. in Oct. 1855; d. 22 Feb. 1861. 3. Mary Jane, 4. SamwL 

m. Solomon Trask. of Bristol, b. 8 May 1830; d. 3 Mar. 1900; m. 
28 Nov. 1857 nis second cousin, Emilt C.^ Ebskine (13^). lAiO 
d. 6 Mar. 1913, dau. of John and Margaret (Erskine). Children: 
1. Esther,* b. 11 Nov. 1858; m. 7 June 1877 Samuel O. Packard of 
Quincy, Mass.; residence, Bristol; one daughter. * 2. Helen, b. 
20 Mar. 1861; d. 22 July 1862. 3. WiUiam J., of Farmlngton, 
Me., b. 25 May 1863; m. (1) 3 Dec. 1884 Nellie A. Palmer ot 
Bristol, who d. 19 Apr. 1907; m. (2) 26 Dec. 1908 Esther Hardy; 
three children by first wife.* 

iv. WiLUAM, b. 23 Mar. 1832; living at Rockland, Me., in 1919; m. 
24 Dec. 1861 Ann Larabee of Rockland, b. 10 Dec. 1832, d. 
10 July 1906. Children: 1. WiUiam,* b. 14 Jan. 1866. 2. Arnold, 
b. 10 Aug. 1868. 3. RtUh, b. 7 July 1870; d. 8 May 1886. 4. 
Jennie B., b. 26 Nov. 1872; d. 27 Nov. 1918. 5. Josiah, b. 28 
Feb. 1877; d. 8 Sept. 1883. 6. Roeie B., b. 14 Aug. 1878. Two 
others, who d. at birth. 

V. Arnold Blanet. b. 20 July 1835; d. at St. Augustine, Fla.; m. at 
Charlestown, Mass., 23 Nov. 1870, Emma T. Wriqhtington, 
who d. in Boston, Mass., 27 Mar. 1878, dau .of Albert and Mary 
of New York Citv. He served in the Civil War as a corporal 
in the 2d Maine Infantry. He was later an officer at the State 
prison at Charlestown. Children: 1. Helen Maria,* b. 3 Sept. 

•Children by first wife: 1. Merle Chester, b. 15 Oct. 1886. 2. Flora ImOmI. b. 29 I>ec 1887; 
d. 20 Feb. 1919. 3. Verna Marion, b. 1 Mar. 1899. 

1920] The Erskine Family of Bristol, Me. 89 

1871; d. in infancy. 2. Bertha LouiBo, b. 24 Oct. 1873; m. ; 

residence, Portland, Me. 3. Chester Arthur, b. 31 Jan. 1877; 
d. 18 Dec. 1877. 

IS. RoBXRT* Ebsone (Robert,* Alexander^) was bom at Bristol, 
Me., 10 July 1801. He married (intention recorded 3 Oct. 
1826) Agatha Hatch. He removed to Bath, Me., where at 
least one of his children was bom, and later, it is said, to New 
York aty. 

L RoBKBT,^ b. at Bath, Me., in 1833; m. at Taunton, Mass., 15 June 
1859, Sarah A. BxTBrr. 

iL Hknbt, said to have lived in New York City, m. •. who 

sur^ved him and m. (2) Robert John Kelley (7, iii, 4) of New 
Yoric City, b. 25 Feb. 1840, d. at Brooklyn, N. Y., 9 Jan. 1908, 
8. of Thomas and Margaret (Erridne) and first cousin of her 
first husband. Her second husband was divorced from h^ and 
she lived afterwards at New Haven, Conn. Children: 1. CAora,* 
who became an actress. 2. Jeesie. 3. Cora, 4. Robert, 5. 
Shirley. 6. A ehOd, 

29. SmoN^ Ebskine {William* Alexander,* Alexander^), of Bristol, 
Me., bom either at Whitefield or Pi^tston, Me., in Aug. 1827, 
died 17 Sept. 1892. He married at Bristol (intention recorded 
3 July 1848) his first cousin, Euzabeth J.^ Erskinb (13, i), 
who died 2(3 June 1893, daughter of John and Margaret 

L WnjJAif Alfhsxtb,* of Manchester, N. H., b. 5 Dec. 1849; m. (1 ) 
at Bristol. 3 Aug. 1869, Sarah J. Clark, who d. at Newcastle' 
Me., '4 July 1898, dau. of John and Sarah of Bremen, Me.; m. (2) 
at Manchester, 27 Jime 1900, Ada Rsbbcca Frost^ dau. of 
Thomas P. and Hannah (Hammet). Children by nrst wife: 
1. Prank WiUiam* b. 3 Aug. 1872. 2. Cora F., b. 28 Sept. 1874. 
3. Bdle A., b. 30 Mar. 1877. 4. Hden W,, b. 9 Dec. 1880. 5. 
Stephen A,, b. 3 Sept. 1882; d. young. 6. Maud, b. in 1884; 
d. m infancy. 7. AUon, b. 20 Sept. 1888. 8. Fred H,, b. 20 Mar. 

ii. SixPHBN GiRARD, b. 15 Mar. 1852; d. 11 Aug. 1874. 

iiL Margaret Ellen, b. 14 June 1854; m. 27 May 1873 Fraioc H. 
Lailbr, s. of Thomas S. and Manr Ann. Residence, South 
Portland, Me. Children: 1. Thomas S,, b. 3 June 1874. 2. Af ory 
Afm. b. 1 July 1876. 3. George Charles, b. 6 Apr. 1880. 4. Arthur 
Ctark (twin), b. 17 Nov. 1885. 5. AUon Vesper (twin), b. 17 Nov. 

iv. EifBLiNE E., b. 10 Apr. 1857; m. William H. Clark of Bremen, Me. 

T. Tamsin, b. 10 Nov. 1859: m. in Boston, Mass., 5 Apr. 1885. Thomas 
Goods of Boston, s. of Ignatius and Maria (Madden) ol Galway, 
Ire. Children: 1. IgnaHus Francis, b. 7 Mar. 1886. 2. WiUiam 
Patriekjh, 29 June 1888. 3. John Thomas, b. 3 Jan. 1891. 4. 
James Edward, b. 11 Oct. 1896. 5. Mary Lalian, b. 20 Mar. 1898. 

vi. Mart W., b. 10 Oct. 1861 ; d. in Jan. 1863. 

yiL Eliiabeth D^. b. 28 June 1864; d. 10 May 1911; m. 23 July 1884 
ELIORE8T KOBiNBON, s. of George W. and Susan (Hutchins). 
Residence, Bristol. C^iUdren: 1. Maud, b. 22 May 1887; m. 13 
June 1909 Parker W. Rice. 2. Jennie, b. 12 Dec. 1889; m. 4 July 
1909 Osro M. Benner. 

TDL John Harvet, of Manchester, N. H., b. 6 Nov. 1868; m. 24 Dec. 
1891 Jennie Frances Glass, dau. of Samuel G. and Sarah J. 
of Bath, Me. Children: l.Leroy(?.,« b. 29 Dec 1892. 2. If Ocired 

90 The Erakine Family of Bristol, Me. [April 

B,, h. 15 July 1894. 3. Ouy H., b. 8 Mav 1896. 4. Edith T., 
b. 22 June 1897. 5. Thdma F., b. 10 Mar. 1905. 
ix. Simon, b. 8 Mar. 1870; d. 6 Mar. 1895. 

30. Elbridqe Gerbt^ Ebskinb {John,^ Alexander,^ Alexander^), bom 

at Bristol, Me., 4 Aug. 1844, died at Bath, Me., 6 Oct. 1914. 
He married, 24 Dec. 1876, his second cousin once removed, 
Ida Ellen Hodges (22, ii, 1), bom 25 Jan. 1851, died 2 Mar. 
1916, daughter of Isaac and Mary Ann (Erskine) of Bremen, 
Me. He was a ship carpenter and resided for many years at 

• i. Habybt Enowi/ton,' b. 15 July 1878; d. at Brest, France, 23 Oct. 
1918; m. at Bath, Me., 18 Sept. 1905, Florencb Irene Fbench. 
b. 18 Sept. 1883. He was a letter carrier, and, when the Unitea 
States entered the war against Germany) he enlisted at once and 
was conunissioned as captain, being assigned to the 48th U. S. 
Infantry. He sailed for France in Oct. 1918, was attacked by 
influenza on the voyage^ and died two days after landing on 
French soil. Child: 1. Jamea EWridge,^ b. 29 June 1906. 

31. Samuel F.^ Erskixe (John,* Alexander,^ Alexander^), bom at 

Bristol, Me., 30 May 1846, was living at Bremen, Me., in 1919. 

He married first, 30 Nov. 1871, Mabtha Washington 

Richards, who died in Boston, Mass., in childbirth, 7 Jan. 

1875, aged 22 years, 3 months, daughter of Elbridge Gerry 

and Hannah (Jones) (Jones) of Bristol;* and secondly, at 

Bremen, 29 May 1880, Lydia J. Bryant, daughter of Levi 

and Margaret of Round Pond, Me. He resided in Boston for 

several years, then at Portland, Me., and later at Bremen. 

Children by second wife : 

i. Flora B.,* b. 2 Mar. 1881; d. 5 Oct. 1881. 

ii. Herbert Bryant, b. 30 Sept. 1882; d. 10 Sept. 1884. 

iiL Gracib Margaret, b. 4 Apr. 1884. 

iv. Martha Vernon, m. 12 June 1915 Julian R. Tibbettb. 

V. Guy S., m. Ruy Wilcox WiiisoN of Portland, Me. 

vi. Warren O. 

vii. RoxANA J., m. Fred J. Waltz. 

viiL Bryant. 

32. WiLUAM^ Erskine {Alexander,* WiUiam,'* Alexander^), bom at 

Bristol, Me., 17 Jan. 1804, died 2 Oct. 1830. He married, 
29 Nov. 1827, Betsey Baker, bom at Wiscasset, Me., 4 June 
1806, died 12 Oct. 1834, daughter of Andrew and Jerusha 
(Boynton) of Bristol.f William was stud3dng to be a Methodist 
minister when he caught a severe cold, that developed into 
pneumonia, from which he died. His widow married secondly, 
in June 1833, William Blunt of Wiscasset, by whom she had a 
daughter, who died a few days before the motlier. ^ William 
Blunt married secondly, in Oct. 1842, Hannah Dickinson, by 
whom he had three daughters. 

i. Jerusha Baker,* b. 21 Nov. 1828; d. in Washington, D. C, at tha 
home of her dau., Mrs. John H. Oloott, 8 June 1914; m. 20 Jan. 

*Vid§ •upra. 5. i, 1, with footnote. 
fFteto infra, p. 04, footnote. 

1920] The Erskine Family of Bristol, Me. 91 

1848, Samuel Woodwabd, who d. at CheLsea, Mass., 18 May 
1875, 8. of James and Lavinia (Wadsworth) of Bristol. After 
the death of her mother, Jerusha Baker Erskine was brought up by 
her grandmother Baker, for whom she was named. After her 
marriage she lived in Damariscotta, Me., until 1866, when the 
family moved to Chelsea. Children: 1. Samuel Walier, b. 13 
Dec. 1848. 2. Frederic Eugene, b. 22 July 1850. 3. Julia Hueeey, 
b. 16 Sept. 1851; d. 4 Feb. 1852. 4. Frank Ernest, b. 2 Jan. 
1853. 5. Maria Isabel, b. 30 Nov. 1854; m. John H. Olcott. 
6. NeSUe CliSUm, b. 30 Dec. 1857; d. 30 Apr. 1864. 

33. Wilson* Erskine {Alexander,^ Wiliiam,^ Alexander^), bom at 

Bristol, Me., 27 Sept. 1808, died 19 May 1895. He married, 

25 Dec. 1832, Elizabeth Richards, bom 25 July 1807, died 

6 Dec. 1892, daughter of Lemuel and Sarah (Bailey) of Bristol. 


L Wilson,* b. in Nov. 1833; d. 9 May 1838. 

iL Capt. Melvillb Cox, b. 4 Oct. 1835; d. at San Francisco, Cal., 
in July 1909; m. (1) 28 Apr. 1856 his first cousin, Sarah J. 
Batcheldeb, b. 26 Apr. 1833, d. 8 Oct. 1857, dau. of Rev. John 
and Mrs. Barbara (Richards) (Erskine) ;* m. (2) about 1 Jan. 1862 
Mart A. McCartt of Bremen, Me., who d. in Feb. 1904, dau. of 
Jerry and Helen. Th^ moved to San Francisco, yrhere he had 
been located since 185o. Children by second wife: 1. WiUiam 
Wilson,* of San Francisco, b. 6 Oct. 1862; m. Caro Morse. 2. 

MebriUe Cox, of Los Angeles, Cal., b. 16 Aug. 1880; m. Myra . 

3. Richard Gird, of El Paso, Tex., b. in May 1883; m. Gladys Shaw. 

liL Harriet Janb, d. 17 Sept. 1837; d. 13 May 1910; m. at Bristol, 
19 Sept. 1855, Capt. Solomon Dockendorf MuNRO^ho was 
living at Round Pond, Me., in 1919. Children: 1. Wilson S., 
b. 6 Oct. 1856; d. 20 Oct. 1856. 2. Melville B., b. 8 Oct. 1857; 
living in Boston, Mass. 3. Liasie E., b. 20 Feb. 1862; d. 31 May 
1881. 4. Frederick K., b. 6 Feb. 1867. 5. Edmund D,, b. 20 Dec. 
1874; d. 30 Dec. 1874. 6. Edmund D,, b. 7 May 1879. 

iv. Edfth S., b. 21 Aug. 1839; m. 11 May 1861 Samuel T. Hinds of 
Round Pond, Me.; both were lost at sea in Nov. 1870. Three 
children, all of whom d. yoimg. 

V. WiLBON T., b. 27 Feb. 1841; living at Roslindale, Mass., in 1918; 
m. 13 Aug. 1865 Helen M. Foxtntain of Bristol. He served in 
the Civil War as a private in Co. I, 2d Maine Infantry. He has 

vi. Emeline C, b. 14 June 1842; m. 30 Nov. 1876 Samttbl N. Smfth, 
s. of Charles and Hannah (Nash) of Gray, Me. Residence, 
Roimd Pond, Me. No children. 

vii. Lbmxtel Richards, b. 27 Oct. 1844; served in the Civil War; d. at 
Pensacola, Fla., 23 Nov. 1862. 

viii. Wilbxtr F., b. 26 Oct. 1845; d. at Chino, Cal., 9 Nov. 1894; m. 
25 Dec. 1877 Maria Julia Ctttler, dau. of Capt. Abner and 
Maria P. (Farr). He moved to San Francisco, Cal., in 1878. 
Children: 1. Wilbur Julian,* b. at San Francisco 24 Aug. 1880; 
m. Nellie Morse Erskine. 2. Abnn Crawford, b. at (Oakland, 
Cal., 6 Jan. 1883; m. 27 Aus. 1913 Emily Hildred Davies. 3. 
Erlon Elmer, b. at Chino 29 Nov. 1891 ; m. in Sept. 1916 Hazel 

iz. Mart A., b. 25 Aug. 1846; m. 26 Nov. 1866 Augustus Marias 
Sproul, who d. 27 Oct. 1903, s. of Marias H. and Nanc^ D. 
(Seiders) of Bristol. Children: 1. Wilbur Lionel, b. 8 Oct. 1867; 
d. 1 Dec. 1917. 2. Grace Emma (twin), b. 1 Jan. 1871. 3. Charles 
Dwinal (twin), b. 1 Jan. 1871; d. in Sept. 1871. 4. Augushis 
Charles, b. 24 Sept. 1874. 5. Norman Richards^ b. 20 Jan. 1881. 

X. Wintisld Scott, b. 28 June 1848; d. 30 Mar. 1849. 

*Vida tupra, p. 26. footnote. 

92 The Erskine Family of Bristol, Me. [April 

zL CLABI88A M., b. 17 Feb. 1861: m. (1) 12 JazL 1876 Moses M. 
Rhoadbs of Bristol, who d. 26 Nov. 1882, s. of Cornelius and 
Welthea (Wellman); m. (2) 14 May 1889 Rby. Gustayus B. 
Chadwick of China, Me., who d. 4 Mar. 1900, s. of Jason. Resi- 
dence, Damarisootta, Me. Children by first husband: 1. Harriet 
Af ., b. 18 Oct. 1876. 2. Lincoln, b. 19 July 1878. 3. Henry W., 
b. 26 June 1880. Child by second husband: 4. Wattace W., 
b. 10 July 1892. 

34. LoBENzo D.* Ebskine (George,* George,* Alexander^), bom at 

Bristol, Me., 10 Mar. 1838, was living on his farm at Bristol 
in 1919. He married first, at Damariscotta, Me., 3 Nov. 
1862, Nancy Weeks, who died 17 July 1863, aged 28 years, 
3 months, formerly wife of Robert Hull of Bristol, from wh<»n 
she had been divorced; secondly, in Boston, Mass., 22 July 
1865, RoxANA Packard of Quincy, Mass., who died 24 June 
1883, aged 39, daughter of George W. and Lucy A.; thirdly, 
17 Apr. 1884, Olhte Collamore of Bremen, Me.; and fourthly, 
21 Feb. 1893, Mrs. Francis M. Foster, who died 20 Aug. 

Child by first wife: 
L Alya £.,> b. in May 1863; d. 14 Feb. 1864. 

Children by second wife: 

ii. Nanct Janb, m. A B. Crbaicsr. 

liL Gbobob, m. Ernestinb Hatch. 

iy. Sabah, m. R. H. Hanlt. 

T. Frank, m. Siblbt. 

vL Mart, m. Joseph Poland. 

35. Zena8 F.^ Erskine (Alexander,* George,* Alexander^), bom at 

Bristol, Me., 10 Jan. 1832, died at Damariscotta, Me., 3 June 
1906. He married, 8 July 1857, his second cousin, EIlisabeth 
P.^ Erbkine (26, v), bom 2 Mar. 1836, living at Damariscotta 
in 1919, daughter of Col. John and Nancy (Huston). 

i. Waivfer Edwin,* b. 9 Apr. 1858; m. Nblub Ouveb of Bath, Me. 

One child, 
li. Cabbus Mat, b. 20 Mar. 1860; d. 24 Feb. 1895; m. 7 Biay 1888 

HniAM R. OsiEB of Damariscotta, s. of Hiram and Hester (Lang). 

Child: 1. Margaret E,, b. 7 July 1886. 
iii. Eunice Cathebinb, b. 25 Sept. 1862; m. 16 Nov. 1886 Thsodobb 

Hbbbbbt Thomas of Roduand, Me., s. of Benjamin sod Sarmh 

Jane (Allen) of Northport, Me. Cnildren: 1. Herbert JPrdbtiM, 

b. 5 May 1888. 2. Alden Bradford, b. 25 Jan. 189a 3. Clan 

Allen, b. 27 Apr. 1891. 
iv. MmnB Eva, b. 26 July 1865; unm. 
V. Sabah Elizabbth, b. 30 Oct. 1868: m. 1 Nov. 1893 Fbxd W. 

Huston of Damariscotta, s. of Elbrids^ and Edna (Huston). 

Residence, Woodford's, Me. Child: 1. Edna Nellie, b. 16 Biar. 

vi. Mabietta, b. 11 July 1871; living with her mother at Damariscotta 

in 1919.* 
vii. Susan Jane, b. 19 Apr. 1874; imm. 
viii. WiLBUB Abmstbong, b. 22 July 1876. 
ix. A child, b. 31 Mav 1879; d. 2 June 1879. 
X. Habold Lesteb, b. 31 Jan. 1883; m. 17 Jan. 1912 Floba Abbd 

* From Marietta Erskine of Damariaootta the compiler of this genealogy has cbtaizied miMdi 
raluable information relating to the descendants of George Erskine (5) and David Ri-alrfgyif (0). 

1920] ' The Erskine Family of BriHol, Me. 93 

PRBBIA of WiBcasset, Me., dau. of Archie and Susetta (Hilton). 
Qiild: 1. EHtabeth Frances^ b. 1 Apr. 1913; living at Mystic, 
Conn., in 1919. 



1. NiNON^ Erskine of Bristol; Me., elder brother of Alexander 
Erekme of Bristol {vide supra, 1), was bom, probably at Londonderry, 
Iidandy in 1705, came to Bristol a few years after his brother, and 
died 15 June 1795, aged 90. He married, in 1750, before coming to 
Bmfa^ Ann Hamilton.* His mother's name was Barbara Wier, 
and die was married to his father in 1703. He settled in Bristol on 
a fann located on the Damariscotta River, next below the Thomas 
HutehixiB place. 

Children :t 

2. i JoHN,*-b. at Bristol 24 Mar. 1752. 

3. iL WhiUam, b. at Bristol about 1754. 

4. iiL AiBZANDBB^ b. at Bristol in July 1757. 

!▼. James, manner, b. in 1759; supposed to have been lost at sea. He 
served in the Revolution in Capt. Benjamin Plummer's company 
in the Penobscot expedition, 6 July to 24 Sept. 1779. He witnessed 
a deed in Bristol 22 June 1794. On 12 Sept. 1786 he bought of 
Joseph McNear a small tract of land at Wiscasset Point in Pownal- 
borough (now Wiscasset},' Me. 

T. Janb, m. (1) 8 Feb. 1776 James McNbar of Newcastle, Me., lost 
at sea in 1779, s. of Capt. John and Mary (Shirley) ;t m. (2) 

* An old faadif reoord in poMMrion of hii great-granddaughter, Mrs. Farley Hopldiui of New- 
Me., is aathori^ for Ninon Eraldne's birth and marriage. 

t Ift the Briatol reeocde is entered the marriage of Jamee Skinner of Pownalborough and Janet 
ao Jan. 1770. Janet Aakine was not a daughter of Alexanderi Enkine. If ihe was a 
dH^btar of Ninon Erddne, the eeeme to have been unknown to hie later deecendante. 

I Gbpt. John MeNear was bom in 1701 and died injl798. Aooording to Cuahman'i Hiatory 
if Bkeipennt he married Mary Shirley of Chester. N. H.. bom in 1719. died in 1819. He settled at 

flba^EMOoC (Nsweaetle). Me., about 1747. His sister married Anderson, who was killed by 

the ladiaas. Chiklren of Capt. John and Mary (Shirley) MoNear: 1. John, lost at sea in 1779, 
mA his brother James; m. his first cousin. Agnes Shirley of Chester, who d. at Chester in F^. 
ISB, atfsd 80, ^r^t^*rr of James. 2. James, lost at sea in 1779, with his brother John; m. 8 Feb. 
1771 Jaas Erskine, daughter of Ninon and Ann (Hamilton) of Bristol; two sons. 3. Joseph, m. 
S liar. 1786 Hannah Lai ten. 4. Thomas, lost at sea; imm. 5. An^, m. Eseldel Laiten of 
Asqiseot. 0. Sarah, m. Saul Seayey of Wiscasset, Me. 7. Eleanor, m. George Erskine of Alna, 
Ms. 8. Elisabeth, b. in 1757; d. 1 June 1836, aged 79; m. Capt. Alexander Erskine (nds infra, 4). 
ft. ham, bar. in the Sheepsoot cemetery; m. Jonathan Sterens of Wiscasset. 10. Margaret, d. 
17 Ifaar 1844, aged 82 years; bur. in the Sheepsoot cemetery; m. 20 Oct. 1785 Patrick Lennox, 
h. si Ptet Pntiiek, Scotland, in Apr, 1750, d. 19 Apr. 1831. 

ThfS ehildren ci Jonathan and Jane (McNear) Stevens were: 1. A son, m. Rhoda Gownie, who 

b»s to him two children (Margaret, m. McCoy, a Methodist Episcopal minister, and 

d. mun.) and who m. (2) Patrick Lennox, s. of Patrick and Margaret (McNear). Perhaps 

Ths diildren of Patrick and Margaret (McNear) Lennox were: 1. Robert, b. 13 Mar. 1786; d. 
14 Mar. 1867; m. Sophia Cunningham; six children. 2. Thomas, b. 1 Nov. 1788; d. 10 Mar. 1864; 
■t 90 Apr. 1820 his first cousin, Mary Erskine (nd« injra, 4, v). 3. Patrick, of Wiscasset, Me.. 
k 15 May 1794; d. 28 July 1861; m. (1) 15 Jan. 1826 Rhoda (Gownie) Stevens; m. (2) 23 Dee. 
W7 Naaey Hathom; m. (3) 2 Apr. 1839 Elisa Waldron; one child by first wife and four children 
by sscond wife. 

Ths sn ehildren of Robert and Sophia (Cunningham) Lennox were: 1. Helen, now deceassd; 
Boyd; rendence, California. 2. Nancy Jane, now deceased; m. Jefferson Fogg, now 
residence. Maiden, Mass.; three children. 3. Henry, now deceased; m. Ann Cutts; 
Cshfomia. 4. Harriet, m. Alfred Campbell; residence, California. 5. Robert, now 

m. ; residence, California. 6. Charles, of California; d. unm. 

ThfS ehildrsn of Patrick Lennox, son of Patrick and Margaret (McNear), were: Child by first 
i: 1. William Patiiek, a merchant of Wiscasset, Me., d. «. p. 2 May 1900; m. about 1870 Luoretia 
(Hm) Sliason, now deoeassd, dau. of Ruf us Page and widow of Samuel Stinson. Children by 
wife: 2. Jdu Erskine. 3. Alfred, a merchant of Wiscasset, Me., now deceased; m. Sarah 

94 The Eraktne Family of Bristol, Me. * [April 

(intention recorded 30 Dec. 1785) John Bakbb of Pownalboroug^ 
(now Wiscasset). Me., widower, who d. 23 Nov. 1810.* Children 
by first husbana: 1. Capt, John, b. 6 Mar. 1777; lost at sea in a 
storm, with his brother James^ 1 Oct. 1829; m. 16 Nov. 1801 
Betsey* Erskine (vide supra. 3, iv), dau. of William* (Alexander^) 
and Kuth (Cox); twelve cnildren (vide supra, 3, iv). 2. James, 
b. in 1779; lost at sea in a storm, with his brother John, 1 Oct. 
1829; m. 24 Jan. 1799 Lvdia* Erskine (vide swj^a, 3, ii), dau. of 
William* (Alexander^ and Ruth (Cox) ; ten children (vide supra, 
3, ii). 

vi. Henrt, b. in 1762; d. unm. 18 Dec. 1787, aged 25 years. 

vii. Ann, m. David Grier of Bristol. He served in the Revolution in 
Capt. Henry Hunter's company of Bristol, in Sept. 1777. In the 
Direct Tax of 1798 he was taxed for a dwelling house and 90 acres 
of land, and this land Ninon Erskine had sold to him 15 Mav 1793. 
Children: 1. Mary, 2. Susan, 3. Levi, 4. WiUiam. 5. Jane. 

2. Capt. John* Erskine {Ninon}), mariner, bom at Bristol 24 Mar. 
1752, was lost at sea in 1787. He married (intention recorded 
at Boothbay, Me., 8 Aug. 1778) Sarah Rebd of Boothbay, 
who died 5 Jan. 1823, aet. 63, probably daughter of John' 
(Andrew^) of Boothbay. According to the probate records 
"Mary Askins" of Bristol, widow, was appointed administra- 
trix of the estate of her late husband, 23 Oct. 1787; but "Mary" 
must be a mistake for "Sarah," for on 15 July 1794 Sarah 
"Asians" of Boothbay, widow, administratrix of the estate of 
John "Erskine," late of Bristol, deceased, conveyed to Thomas 
McClure, for £70, 60 acres of land on the "Damascoty river in 
Bristol" (Lincoln County Deeds), and her gravestone in the 
Ancient Cemetery at Wiscasset, Me., reads: "Sacred to the 
memory of Mrs. Sarah, consort of Capt. John Erskine, who 
died Jan. 6, 1823, iEt. 63." The family moved to Pownal- 
borough (now Wiscasset) about 1800.t 

i. Sarah,' b. in 1779; m. Seavbt. 

ii. Anna, b. in 1781; m. (intention recorded 2 July 1796) Samusl 
Young of Pownalborough. 

Toang. dau. of Joshua of Wiacaaset; two children. 4. Annie, d. unm. 5. Frances, now d c ceaaed. 
m. Capt. Joseph Tucker, master mariner, of Wiscasset, Me., now deceased, s. of Capt. Ridiard 
Hawley and Mary (Melius) ; several children. 

* John Baker married (1) 3 Feb. 17|US Elisabeth Pottle, by whom he had the following ehxRIren: 
1. Capt. Daniel, of Wiscasset, b. 6 Feb. 1767; d. 7 July 1827; m. 26 Nov. 1705 Hannah Hoes. b. 16 
July 1771, d. at Wiscasset 23 Oct. 1823. daughter of Maj. John and Elisabeth (Kingsbury) of 
Pownalborough (now Wiscasset). 2. John, of Wiscasset. 3. Asariah, of Edgeoomb. Me. 4. 
Andrew, m. Jerusha Boynton; settled in Bristol; their daughter Betsey m. (1) William Erskine 
(viiU nipra, 32) and (2) WilliMn Blunt. 5. Abner, m. Jane Erskine (pidt infra, 2, iii); mored to 
New York. 6. A daughter, m. Young. 

The children of Capt. Daniel and Hannah (Hues) Baker were. 1. Betsey, b. 30 Aug. 1796; d. 
14 Dec. 1796. 2.'Hannah, b. 4 July 1708; d. 25 Oct. 1831; m. Thomas Slomin. 3. John. b. 85 
July 1800; m. (1) 25 Oct. 1827 Lydia LoweU, who d. 23 Apr. 1845, in her 44th year; m. (2) 6 Nov. 
1840 Susan E. Plummer. 4. Rebecca, l>. 5 Dec. 1802; d. 20 Oct. 1836; m. James MeNear. s. of 
Capt. John and Betsey (Erskine) (vide tupra, 3. iv. 2). 5. Daniel, b. 18 Feb. 1805; d. 7 Jan. 1870. 

m. (1) Elisa A. , who d. 6 Jan. 1860. aged 52 years; m. (2) Sarah J. . b. 4 June 1820. 

d. 11 Apr. 1007. 6. Abner, b. 20 May 1807. 7. Betsey, b. 31 Aug. 1800; lived to be a oentanaxian; 
m. 17 Oct. 1833 Joseph Decker, b. 2 Apr. 1805, d. 1 Apr. 1878. 8. Andrew, b. 14 Feb. 1812; d. 
2 Aug. 1812. (Family Bible of Capt. Daniel Baker, in the possession (1007) of his grandson. 
Anson M. Baker of Wiscasset. s. of Abner; Bible in the po ssess ion (1007) of Mrs. Betsey (Baker) 
Decker, then of Dresden. Me., dau. of Capt. Daniel; gravestone inscriptions in family burial lot 
of Daniel Baker of Wiscasset. s. of Capt. Daniel.) 

t On 17 June 1706 Capt. Joseph Reed's intention of marriage to Sarah Asians was published in 
Boothbajr — ^his second marriage. This Sarah Askins was probably the widow of Capt. John 
(2), but on her gravestone the name of her second husband does not appear. 

920] The Erskine Family of Bristol, Me. 95 

iiL Janb, b. in 1783; d. 3 July 1865, aet. 82;* m. (1) (intention recorded 
17 Nov. 1805) Capt. Abnbr Baker of Wiscasset, who moved to 
New York, and d. there 29 Aug. 1816, aged 35,* s. of John and 
Elizabeth (Pottle) ;t m. (2) 16 Feb. 1834 Capt. James Cabnet, 
widower. Children by first husband: 1. John E,, d. 28 Nov. 1816, 
aged 8 years.* 2. Michael S,, d. at New Orleans, La., in 1858, 
aet. 44.* 
5. iv. John, b. at Bristol 4 Mar. 1785. 
▼. Catherinb, b. about 1787; d. 6 Feb. 1873, aet. 86;* m. (intention 
recorded 11 Jan. 1807) John Church Felksr, who d. 6 May 1821, 
aet. 41.* Children (order uncertain): 1. John Churchy b. about 
1809; d. at sea 17 Sept. 1835, aet. 26.* 2. Catharine, d. 28 Mav 
1877: m., as his second wife, Abial Wood, Jr., of Wiscasset. 3. 
Sarah E,, d. 19 June 1897; m. Capt. Thomas Saunders of Wiscasset, 
who d. at Matansas, Cuba, 22 June 1858, aet. 56;* had issue. 4. 
WiUiam C, d. at Matanzas, Cuba, 19 May 1852, aet. 35.* 5. 
Mary Ann, 6. Maria, 

3. WnuAM* Ebskine (Ninon}), of Bristol, Me., was bom at Bristol 

flJbout 1754. He married (intention recorded 15 June 1788) 
Sarah Beard of Bristol. 

Williajn Erskine lived on the paternal estate until 1808. On 
19 Apr. 1791 his father sold to him 70 acres of land on both 
sides of the Damariscotta River, which he, in turn, sold 14 
Dec. 1804 to Thomas McClure. On 28 Aug. 1808 William 
Engine disposed of 60 acres and 48 acres more to Thomas 
McClure & Co., land which he probably inherited, as he 
occupied the homestead after his father's death. 

Children :t 

L Levi.' 

iL Nanct, m. in 1807 Samuel Blaisdell. 

iiL William. 

iy. Mabt. 

4. Capt. Alexander* Erskine {NimmPj, mariner, bom at Bristol, 

Me., in July 1757, was lost at sea about 1803. He married at 
Newcastle, Me. (intention recorded at Newcastle 1 Dec. 1781), 
Elizabeth McNear, bom in 1757, died 1 June 1836, aged 79, 
buried in the cemetery at Sheepscot Bridge (Newcastle) Me., 
daughter of Capt. John and Mary (Shirley) of Newcastle.§ 

He settled at Pownalborough (now Wiscasset), Me., as 
early as 1785. In 1798 he is called an iimholder. He also 
built ships at Wiscasset, in company with Abial Wood, Jr., 
and was lost at sea while in command of one of the ships which 
he had built. 


L Jameb^* b. 25 Sept. 1782; d. «. p. at Augusta. Me.; m. 25 Auff. 1816 
his nrst cousin, Mart Seavet, dau. of Saul and Sarah (McNear) § 
of Wiscasset. 

iL ALEXA2n>ER, b. 4 Sept. 1784; d. unm. in the West Indies. 

iiL Thomas, b. 18 July 1786; d. unm. in the West Indies. 

vr, BsTBET. b. 11 June 1789; d. 5 Sept. 1793; bur. at Wiscasset. 

T. Mart, b. 14 Feb. 1793; d. 26 Mar. 1878: m. 20 Apr. 1820 her first 
coonn, Capt. Thomas Lennox, b. 1 Nov. 1788, d. 10 Mar. 1864, 

'GnvwtoiM in tho Aneient Cemetery. .WiacftaMt, Me. 
t VHm myro, p. M, footnote. 

X Trcm ft reeord kqyt by Elijfth Philip Crooker of Bristol. 
I Ftff«^r«.p.08. fooCnoU. 

96 The Erskine Family of Bristol, Me. [April 

8. of Patrick and Margaret (McNear).* Children; 1. CavL 
Thomas Parkman, b. 10 Dec. 1821; m. 27 Oct. 1848 Harriet 
Gorham of Nobleborough, Me.; two children. 2. Alexander 
Erskine, b. 11 July 1824; d. unm. in California 31 May 1857. 3. 
Frances Georgianna Trott, b. 29 Apr. 1826; m. 12 Oct. 1843 Capt: 
Farley Hopkins of Newcastle; four children: Frances Georgianna, 
Henry Clay, Thomas Lennox, Mary. 4. George Erastue^ b. 14 
May 1828; d. unm. in Australia 14 Mar. 1856. 5. Dr. Edwin 
SewaU, of Worcester, Mass.. b. 19 Feb. 1830; d. 8 Jan. 1895: m. 7 
Mar. 1855 Sarah E. Stanfield of Brunswick. Me.; one daughter.! 
6. Mary Eliza, b. 28 Nov. 1832; d. at Maiden, Mass., 10 Mar. 
1920: m. 5 Apr. 1860 Rev. Horace L. Bray, now deceased; one 
son, who d. m infancy. 7. Ludnda Holmes, b. 23 June 1835; 
d. unm. 18 May 1859. 
yi. Elizabeth, b. 12 Aug. 1797; d. 17 Not. 1883; m. 8 July 1823 Horacb 
OsoQOD of Leominster, Mass., who d. 28 Mar. 18i54. Children: 
1. Capt. Horace AT., b. 13 Mar. 1825; d. 8 May 1893, aged 64 (sic); 
m. Pauline Austin; three children. 2. Mary Elizabeth, b. 18 Oct. 

1827; d. 30 Apr. 1900; m. (1) Herbert; m. (2) Ephraim 

Taylor. 3. James Erskine, b. 2 May 1833; m. Lucy Chase: no 
children. 4. ArleUa Holmes, b. 8 Jan. 1835; m. (1) Rod- 
man; m. (2) Osgood. 5. Thomas L., b. 3 Jxily 1836; d. 16 

Oct. 1849. 6. Anna F., h. 13 Mar. 1841; m. Hatch; 

residence, California; had issue. 

6. Col. John* Erskine (Capt John,^ Ninon^), of Wiscasset, Me., 
bom at Bristol, Me., 4 Mar. 1785, died 4 Mar. 1855. He 
married first (intention recorded 14 May 1820) Ann Maria 
McKowN of Bristol, who died at Wiscasset 17 June 1827,t 
aged 30; and secondly, 9 May 1830, Rebecca Davis Parker, 
who died at Wiscasset 26 Jan. 1890, aged 85, daughter of 
Rev. Freeman and Rebecca (Rice) of Wiscasset. 

John Erskine removed to Pownalborough (later Wiscasset), 
with other members of his family, about 1800. He interestei 
himself in militaiy affairs, and was commissioned as captain 
of a company in the War of 1812. His title of colonel was 
acquired at the close of the War. 
Children by first wife: 

i. Sarah Jane/ b. at Wiscasset 5 Apr. 1821; d. at Waukegan, 111., 23 
Nov. 1857; m. at Wiscasset, 11 Aug. 1846, Rsv. Benjamin Fbank- 
UN Parsons of Edgecomb, Me., a Congregational minister, b. 21 
Juhe 1820, d. at Deny. N. H., 3 Feb. 1896. She remoyed at onoe 
to Waukegan, where ner husband was settled. Childimi, b. at 
Waukegan: 1. Sarah Frances, b. 28 Mav 1848; unm. 2. Maria 
McKown, b. 11 Oct. 1851; d. unm. in Feb. IdOO. 

ii. John, b. in 1823; d. young. 

iii. Maria, b. at Wiscasset in 1824 or 1825; d. at Aurora, m., 6 Aug. 
1885; m. at Waukegan, 111., Judge Benjamin Franklin Parks 
of Aurora, s. of Camn Chapin Parks. ResidenecL Aurwa. 

Children, b. at Aurora: 1. John Calvin, m. ; no diildrai. 2. 

Fridley, d. youn^. 

iv. Helen S., b. at Wiscasset 5 Apr. 1826; d. at Aurora, lU., 4 A|v. 1878; 
m. (1) at Wiscasset, 22 June 1851, Charles W. Coftin; m. (2) 
Samuel Ruste of Aurora, 111. Children by first hosbaiid, b. at 
Wiscasset: 1. Charles W., d. unm. at Aurora. 2. NMe^ d. unm. 
at Aurora. 

* Vide tuprot p. 93. footnote. 

t This daughter, May H. Lennox, married Hopper Striker Mott of New Yoric Ci^, and *»^ 

X Oraveetone reada 18 June 1827. Cf. Rkqibtbb, voL 72, p. 243. 

19214 The Dunnings of Maine 97 

Children by second wife: 

Y. laABKL Bbecheb, b. 29 Apr. 1836: m. at Aurora, HI., 2 Sept. 1857, 
RoBEBT Hall Parks, s. of Calvin Chapin Parks and younger 
brother of Judge Benjamin Franklin Parks, husband of her hail 
sister Maria (5, iii). Residence, New York City. Child: 1. 
l9aM Erskine, b. 1 Apr. 1860; m. 19 Apr. 1893 Samuel Dwight 
Brewster of New York City, b. at Bowung Green. Ohio, 6 Aug. 
1851, s. of Sidney Lsrman and Catherine (Evers) Brewster and a 
descendant of Elder William Brewster of the Plymouth Colony; 
two sons, Sidney Erskine, b. 8 May 1897, and Warren Dwight, D. 
12 Apr. 1901. 
6. vi. Fbxbman Parker, b. 16 Aug. 1837. 

▼ii. Mart Frances, b. in July 1838; d. 5 Apr. 1845. 

▼iiL WnxARD McKowN, b. in Apr. 1839; d. 12 Nov. 1846. 


6. Fbeeican Parker* Erskine (Col. John* Capt Johny* Ninon^), 
bom 16 Aug. 1837, died at Wiscasset, Me., 28 May 1887. He 
married at Davenport, Iowa, 2 Jan. 1863, Frances Louise 
Stlyester, who died at Wiscasset 28 Aug. 1913, daughter of 
Samuel and Charlotte of Bangor, Me. 

L E^orrH Mat,* b. at Davenport, Iowa, 25 Feb. 1865; m. at Camdcni, 
Me., 29 Aug. 1885, Martin Andrews of Chicago, HI. Residencee, 
Wiscasset and Chicago. Children: 1. Ersktnejdrownod when a 
lad. 2. MarHnf m. -. . 3. Barbara. 4. tVolcoU, 

iL Albsrt Stlvxster, b. at Evanston. HI., 6 July 1872; m. in Chicago, 
m., 30 June 1903^ Gborgettb Ernestine JLton, dau. of Geor^ 
P. and Marie Louise (Campion)* of Chicago. Th^ have lived in 
Chicago, at Seattle, Wash., and (since 1918) at Wiscasset. Chil- 
dren: 1. Parker Sylvester* b. 29 May 1904. 2. John Lyon, b. 6 
Aug. 1906. 3. Frances Louise, b. 14 Oct. 1910. 4. Frederick 
Benjamin, b. 18 Dec. 1912. 5. Albert Sylvester, b. 7 Feb. 1914. 


Bj Rev. Everett Schermerhorn Stackpolb, A.M., D.D., of Bath, Me. 

Thb following genealogy makes various additions to accounts pre- 
Tioiisly published of Andrew Dunning of Brunswick, Me., and his 
descendants, and corrects many erroneous statements about this 
famfly iJtiat have appeared in print. 

Dunning is an old, Anglo-Saxon clan name. Dunnington, a hamlet 
of Warwickshire, England, was probably the home of the clan in that 
eoimty, and is mentioned in records of the twelfth century. In 
York^ure, about the same time, a place called Dunningsley is found. 
In Scotlfl^d, not far from Inverness, is the town of Dunning. The 
surname Dunning was common in Dorset in the sixteenth century, 
and a little later it is foimd in Devonshire. The Scottish records 
mention persons named Dunning very frequently in the fifteenth 
and sixteenth centuries. Robert Dunning was a member of the 
Scottish Parliament in 1472, 1475, and 1482. James, son of the 

* Marie LouIm C«mpion wm bom in Fnnoe. 

98 The Dunninga of Maine [April 

late John Dunning, was apprenticed to David Dunning, saddler, of 
Edinburgh in 1597. 

Many Scotch families passed over to the northern part of Ireland 
about the year 1600. Andrew Dimning was buried at Lough Deny 
22 May 1662. His daughter Mary was buried 6 June 16^, as the 
register of Deny Cathedral, parish of Templemore, .Londonderry, 
L^land, declares. 

Some have tried to connect the Dimnings of Maine with the family 
of Lord Ashburton, but all evidence is against the claim. John 
Dunning of Ashburton, lawyer, was bom in 1700 'and died in 1780. 
His son John was bom 18 Oct. 1731, was admitted to the "Rngligh 
bar in 1756, was elected member of Parliament in 1768, married 
Elizabeth Baring in 1780, was elevated to the peerage in 1782, and 
died at Exmouth, England, 18 Aug. 1783. He was celebrated for 
his eloquence and legal abilities. His lands and titles were inherited 
by his only surviving son, Richard Barr Dimning, who was bom 20 
Sept. 1782, married 17 Sept. 1805 Anna, daughter of William 
Cimningham, and died without issue 15 Feb. 1823. He bequeathed 
the portions of his estate which had long been in the Dunning family 
to the nearest collateral male heir, if such heir could be found within 
three months of the testator's death. John Dimning of London, 
retailer of beer, proved his claim to the estate, and his descendants 
were living upon it in 1852, as is learned from a letter of George F. 
Dunning of Farmington, Conn., who visited Ekigland in that year 
and searched in vain for his ancestors. The Dunning family of 
Maine sent over a representative to investigate their right to the 
above-named estate, which imagination claimed to be worth fifty 
miUions of dollars. No Dunning in America had any claim.whatever 
to the estate and no connection whatever with the Dunning family 
of Ashburton, except through the ancient clan. 

There were Dunnings in New England at an early date. George 
Dunning was a settler at New Haven, Ck)nn., as early as 1644, owning 
a part of the present campus of Yale University. His descendants 
are numerous. Benjamin Dimning, dealer in leather, had a son 
Benjamin, who was bom in Boston, 'Mass., 3 Mar. 1679. He 
probably went to Stratford, Conn., and to Long Island. His brother, 
John Dimning, settled at Newtown, Conn. A younger brother, 
Michael Dunning, is said to have married Margaret Foster at Jamaica, 
Long Island, in 1710, and to have settled at Goshen, Orange Co., 
N. Y., in 1714, where he had sons, Jacob, Samuel, James, and MichaeL 
Hick Dunning married at Hingham, Mass., 7 Dec. 1669, Sarah Joy, 
daughter of Thomas and Joan (Gallop), and had a son, Edmund, who 
was bom at Hingham 31 Mar. 1672.* Jonathan Dunning was a 
soldier in King PhiUp's War in 1676. 

It is quite clear that the Dunning family of Bmnswickf came over 
with the so-called Scotch-Irish immigrants of 1717-18 from London- 
derry, Ireland. The military enrolment of Andrew Dunning and 
his sons in 1723 declares that they came from Ireland. But, although 

* History of Hinchsm vol. 2, p. 206. 

t All pUoes mentioned in thia article are situated within the present limits of the State of 
Maine, unless another State or region is indicated in the text or may be easily inferred from the 

1820] The Dunninga of Maine 99 

sometimes called Irish, they were all Scotch, who had Uved for one 
or two generations in Ireland. 

1. Andrew* Dunning, bom about 1664, died at Brunswick 18 
Jan. 1736 [71736/7], aged 72 years. He married, according to tradi- 
tion, Susan Bond, who perished in the burning of her house a year 
after her husband's death. A negro slave narrowly escaped death 
at the same time. 

Andrew Dunning came to New England in 1717, and in that year 
bmif^t lots in the town of Brunswick, as the records of the Pejepscot 
Company declare. The following year, as it seems, his family came 
over with the immigrants from the north of Ireland. His son, David 
Donning, aged 86 in 1793, testified that he had Uved in Brunswick 
"ever ainpe I was a boy of twelve years of age." On 8 Oct. 1767 the 
flune David Dunning deposed "that on or about the year 1718 I 
eame first to Boston and in the same vessel with Mr. Andrew Mc- 
Fa^en and his wife (who is now a widow) and that soon after we 
cttne to Boston we came down together in the same vessel to the 
eastern country; that the said McFadden and his wife went to live at 
i fdaoe in merry meeting bay called Somersett. — ^The deponent adds 
that he has lived in the town of Brunswick constantly ever since the 
year one thousand seven himdred and eighteen and within ten or 
fifteen miles of Somersett aforesaid."* 

The ship MaceuUum, James Law, master, arrived at Boston from 
Londonderry, Ireland, 1 Sept. 1718. The same ship sailed from 
Boston to Meiry Meeting Bay on 8 Sept. 1718. Rev. James Wood- 
ade in 1723 said in a petition that ''he with 40 families, consisting of 
ibove 160 persons did in the year 1718 embarque on a ship at Derry 
Louf^ in Ireland in order to erect a colony at Casco Bay, in your 
Majestys Province of Main in New England. That being arrived 
they made a settlement at a place called by the Indians Pegipscot, 
but by them Brunswick, within 4 miles from Fort George, where he 
had a garrison house." 

Tliat garrison house was built by the Pejepscot Company at 
Maonoit, on Middle Bay, in the southerly part of Brunswick. Near 
by Andrew Dunning bought his lots and built his house, on the farm 
occupied in 1878 by Patrick McManus. Here he Uved as a black- 
smith and farmer, '' much respected for his integrity and uprightness 
of Character." He was buried in the old cemetery near the first 
meeting house, on Main Street, a mile or so south of Bowdoin College, 
uui lus gravestone is said to be the oldest one in Brunswick and to 
have been made by his son James. The inscription reads as follows: 

Here lyeth the Body of Mr Andrew Diming who departed this life 
lanawary the 18th Anno Dom 1736 aged 72 Yrs. 


2. L James,* b. in 1691. 

3. iL WnxiAif , b. about 1700. 

% iii. Robert, kiUed bv Indians in 1724. 

iv. Andrew, killed by Indians in 1724, aged 20. William Dunning of 
York was appointed administrator ofhis estate, 4 Oct. 1726. 

4. ▼. David, b. in 1706. 

* Cf. Bmi§m' BiaUricai Maqannt, rol. 6. pp. 38-39. 

TOIm ucuv. 

100 The Dunninga of Maine [April 

2. Lieut. James' Dunning (Andrew^) , of Brunswick, bom in 1691, 

died 8 June 1752. He married Martha LiTHaow, daughter 
of Capt. Robert, as tradition, supported by the McKeen 
Manuscripts, says. He lived on the homeste^ at Maquoit. 
He was selectman in 1739, 1743, and 1746. He was com- 
missioner to the General Court in 1747, a soldier in Captain 
Giles's company in 1723-24, and afterwards a lieutenant in the 
militia. It was, perhaps, his widow whose intention of mar- 
riage to Wait Herrick of Nobletown was published 5 Apr. 1759. 
Childr^i, recorded at Brunswick: 

5. i. RoBBBT,* b. 10 Jan. 1731. 

ii. Mabt, d. is Apr. 1733; m. (intention recorded in Sept. 1754) Wil- 
liam Read, Jr. 

iii. Susanna, b. 17 Mar. 1736; m. (intention recorded 20 DcL 1754) 
Mathxw Patten of Biddeford. Eeddenoe, Surry. 

6. iv. James, b. 31 July 1738. 

v. Margabbt, b. 15 Nov. 1740; d. in Sept. 1814; m. (intention reoc»ded 
21 Aug. 1759) Thomas CamfbIbll of North Yarmouth. Readence, 

7. vL William, b. 4 Mar. 1743. 

8. vii. Andrew, b. 18 Apr. 1745. 

9. viii. David, b. 16 Dec. 1749. 

10. ix. John, d 8 Mar. 1753. 

3. William' Dxtnninq (Andrew^), of York, fanner and oordwainer, 

bom about 1700, died at York 13 June 1783. He married at 
York, 26 Nov. 1724, Deborah Donnell, daughter of Benjamin 
and Mary (Harmon)* of York and granddaughter of Thomas 
Donnell. Deborah (Donnell) Dunning died in 1771, in the 
67th year of her age, ^'deserving," as her gravestone saySf 
''the best character as a wife, a mother, a neighbor and a 
Christian, and will be remembered with great affection and 
esteem by all who knew her." William Dunmng came to 
Brunswick in 1718, but the attacks of the Indians in 1724 
induced him to settle at York. 
Children, recorded at York: 

i. Benjamin * b. 14 Aug. 1725; d. 27 Oct. 1730. 

11. iL Andrew, d. 11 July 1727. 

iii. Mabt, b. 11 Jan. 1729; d. young. 

iv. Deborah, b. 9 May 1732; d. 2 Sept. 1820; m. 27 Dec 1750 Jona- 
than Fabnum. 
y. Mebct, b. 7 Nov. 1734; m. 27 Dec. 1757 John Mftchbll id Eitteiy. 

12. vi. Benjamin, b. 17 Jan. 1736/7. 

viL Mabt, b. 4 Apr. 1739; m. 18 Dec. 1760 Dummeb Sbwali^ 

viii. James, b. 17 Mar. 1741; d. before 9 July 1775; m. 24 Deo. 1771 
Mabt Bbagdon, dau. of Joseph. She m. (2) 24 Feb. 1778 John 
Emery. Children: 1. Josephj* b. 18 Apr. 1773: m. (intentkNi 
recorded 18 Jan. 1799) Olive Knight. 2. Jameif b. 6 July 1776. 
(York records.) 

ix. Jennt, b. 8 June 1743; m. 9 June 1781 Thomas Baker. 

X. William, b. 4 Jan. 1745/6; m. at PortsmouUi, N. H., 23 Mmr. 1773. 
Jane Setmobe, who survived him and m. (2) 1 Feb. 1784 
Arthur Briggs. Child: 1. Deborah,* b. in 1776. 

4. Caft. David* Dunninq (Andrew^) , of Brunswick, bom in 1706, 

died at Brunswick 16 Aug. 1793, aged 87, and was buried 

* Mary Hannon waa danghtw of John Hannon. 

1920] The Dunninga of Maine 101 

with his father, first wife, brother James, and several children 
in the old cemetery, a mile or so south of Bowdoin Ck>llege. 
The inscriptions on their slate gravestones are still legible. He 
married first, in Boston, Mass., 5 Dec. 1735 (Rev. John 
Moorhead, pastor of the Presbyterian Church, where the 
marriage is recorded, officiating). Mart Todd, who died 16 
Aug. 1784, aged 74, probably daughter of John and Rachel 
(Nelson) and sister of Andrew Todd of Londonderry, N. H., 
and of Capt. Alexander Todd of Boston; and secondly, 29 
Jan. 1788, Mrs. Mary (Lithgow) Hunter, daughter of Capt. 
Robert Lithgow and widow of Capt. Adam Hunter of Topsham. 
She was a sister of the wife of David Dimning's brother James 
(2). David Dimning and his second wife were both over 
eighty years of age at the time of their marriage. 

David Dimning came to Brunswick in 1718. He was a 
soldier in Captain Giles's company in 1723-4, when seventeen 
years of age. He owned a large part of the land where the 
village of Brunswick now stands, having bought, 25 Sept. 
1730, of Rowling Norton of Salisbury, Mass., 97 acres "border- 
ing on Amos cogen river," as the deed says. This Norton had 
served with him in Captain Giles's company. On 10 Oct. 
1735 David Dunning sold land in Londonderry, N. H., and 
this indicates, perhaps, a short residence in that place. (Cf . 
deed at Concord, N. H.) 

He built a garrison house in Brunswick, near the spot where 
the town hall now (1920) stands, and the site has been marked 
with an appropriate historical tablet. "It was two stories 
high, forty feet long, and twenty-two feet wide. The second 
story projected about three or four feet over the first, and the 
walls had loop-holes for the purpose of enabling the inmates 
to fire upon the Indians when necessity required. There was 
a tower on the top, from which the teams could be watched on 
their way to and from the Merriconeag Marshes." (History 
of Brunswick, p. 634.) 

In this garrison all his children were bom. In 1772 he 
built a house near his garrison, on Main Street, and here he 
died. Here also his son John kept a tavern, calling it "Wash- 
ington Hall." It was burned in 1856. When Fort George 
was dismantled in 1761, David Dunning and Jeremiah Moulton 
bright the site for £133. 6s. 8d. They owned the water 
power on both sides of the river and built the first dam and 
sawmill. Fort George stood where the big cotton mill now 
stands, at the lower end of Main Street. 

An old record says that David Dunning "was one of the most 
active, enterprising and respected men of his time." He was 
a deacon in the Congregational Church, the first representative 
of Brunswick in the General Court of Massachusetts, in 1742-3, 
a member of the first Board of Selectmen in 1739, a selectman 
again in 1741 and 1749, and town clerk in 1762. He appears 
as lieutenant in the mihtia in 1746 and was commissioned 
captain by Governor Shirley about 1748. Later in life he 

102 The Dunnings of Maine [Apti 

was captain of an ''Alarm Company." In Jan. 1755 h 
served twenty-one days in helping to transport stores for th 
soldiers at Forts Western and Halifax, in Augusta and Winslo^ 
hauling these stores by handsleds on the ice from Arrowsic. L 
lumbenng and military expeditions he learned the value c 
the surrounding country, and, when the town of Royalsborougli 
now Durham, was planned in 1762, he bought one-sixteentl 
of the township. In the division of lots he drew, among othen 
Lot 91, in the northern part of the town, and in 1783 he gav 
a deed of it, 75 acres, to his daughter, EUzabeth Stackpole. 

A pewter platter, inscribed with the initials D. D., is in th 
possession, of the Stack{>ole family, and Mrs. EUzabeth (Duo 
ning) Alexander of Harpswell had, in 1900, a silver spoon witi 
the initisJs A. D., which Andrew Dimning brought with hii 
m 1717. 

Children by first wife, bom at Brunswick: 

13. i. Andrew,' b. 9 Nov. 1736. 

14. ii. John, b. 19 Sept. 1738. 

iii. Mart, b. 22 Oct. 1740; d. 22 June 1818; m. 15 Nov. 1754 Wn.UA] 
Owen, cabinet maker, b. at Falmouth (now Portland) 23 Api 
1739. d. 3 July 1799, aeed 61, s. of John and Marmiret (Mustard] 
His house, which stood on the site of the post office in PorUanc 
was burned by the British in 1775. Soon afterwards he move 
to Brunswick and lived on the comer of Main and O'Brien Streeti 
He and his wife were members of the Congregational Churd 
Brunswick. He was deputy to the General Court in 1785. Bot 
are buried in the oldest cemetery of Brunswick. Qiildrei 
recorded by William Owen in his account book: 1. Mary, b. 2 
Aug. 1765; d. unm. 22 Oct. 1789. 2. David, b. 19 May 1767; i 
15 Oct. 1857; m. Lettie Wilson; lived in or near Wayne; cdeve 
children. 3. John, b. 27 Aug. 1769: d. at Brunswidc 13 Noi 
1831; m. 17 Aug. 1806 Susanna Nichols df Ck)haaBet, Mass 
their only child, Susan Bowne, b. 11 Sept. 1809. m. Rev. Jam< 
Budd Britton. 4. Elizabeth, b. 27 May 1771; d. 15 May 183< 
m. before 1799 John Woodside. 5. Samuel, b. 22 June 1772: < 
unm. 27 Dec. 1792. 6. Peggy, b. 3 Mar. 1774; d. unm. 12 No^ 
1818. 7. Jenny, b. 9 Apr. 1776; d. unm. 28 Jan. 1806. 8. Luq 

b. 3 June 1779; d. 20 Apr. 1871; m. Moody, a sea captaii 

9. Rachel, b. 9 May 1781; d. unm., at the old (Jwen homesteat 
20 Aug. 1851. 10. William, b. 3 Jan. 1784; d. at Baltimore, Md 
where ne lived, 12 Sept. 1851; four sons and two daughters. 

iv. Elizabeth, b. 29 Nqy. 1742; d. 8 June 1747. 

V. Margaret, b. 11 Feb. 1745; m. 19 Oct. 1765 Robert SimxBRLAN 
of Portland. The name Sutherland does not appear in the Revc 
lutionary rolls nor in the U. S. Census of 1790 anywhere in Main 
Children, bapt. in the First Parish, Portland: 1. Jamet, bapt. 2 
Sept. 1766; a. yoimg. 2. Mary, bapt. 19 June 1768; m. Thomi 
Noyes (?). 3. Jane, bapt. 17 Dec. 1769- 4. WHUam^ bapt. 2 
May 1773. 5. Pegay, bapt. 12 Mar. 1775; d. 7 Sept. 1861; m. (1 
^tention recorded at Newbury, Mass., 20 Aug. 1803) Josep 
Coffin of Newbury; she was then of Brunswick But had been i 
St. John, N. B.; m. (2) 27 Nov. 1806 Thomas Emery of Newburj 
three children by second husband. 6. James, bapt. 13 Oct. 1771 

vi. David, b. 29 Sept. 1747; d. 18 Oct. 1747. 

vii. Jennet, b. 29 Jan. 1748/9; d. 11 Mar. 1786; m. 1 Jan. 1774 Joffl 
DxjNLAP, b. 19 Jime 1738, s. of Rev. Robert and Jane (Alltsoo) 
who survived her and m. (2) Mary Tappan.* He was represen 

* John and Mary (Tappan) Dunlap had three children: 1. Richard T.. b. 28 June 1780; d 
26 Oet. 1863; a general in the militia. 2. Robert Pinckney. A. B. (Bowdoin CoOete, 1816). AM, (A 

120] The Dunnings of Maine 103 

tative to the General Ck>urt, 1799-1805. In 1803 he was esteemed 
the richest man in Maine, worth £200,000. (See History of 
Brunswick, p. 730.) He built the house on Main Street where Dr. 
Lincoln liyedi which has now been moved back on O'Brien Street, 
and here he entertained TaUeyrand for a day. Children: 1. 
Robert, b. 16 Nov. 1774; d. young. 2. Johri. b. 7 Mar. 1776; d. 
14 July 1842; m. 22 Sept. 1821 Mrs. Lois (Cushins) Porter, who 
d. at Mollis m Oct. 1882, aged 91 years; six children, of whom 
Frances H. m. 6 Sept. 1857, as his second wife, James Russell 
LowelL the poet, and d. in London, Eng., 19 Feb. 1885. 3. Davids 
b. 21 June 1778; d. 5 Feb. 1843; m. in 1821 Nancy McKeen, dau. 
of Rev. Joseph, the first president of Bowdoin College; he was 
representative for ten years in the Legislature of Massachusetts 
and Maine, an overseer of Bowdoin Coflege, and a member of the 
American Board of Commissioners for Foreign Missions. 4. 
Samuelj b. 6 May 1780; d. young. 5. Mary, b. 29 Mar. 1783; d. 
viii. EuzABETH, b. 9 Sept. 1751; d. 29 Feb. 1836; m. at Harpswell, 4 July 
1775, John Stackpole of Harpswell, later of Durham, b. at 
Somersworth, N. H., 4 Aug. 1749, d. 26 June 1829, s. of James and 
Elizabeth f Pierce). Nine children. (Cf. History and Genealogy 
of the Stackpole Family, pp. 132 et seq,) 

L Robebt' Dunning (James,* Andrew^), of Brunswick, bom at 
Brunswick 10 Jan. 1731, died 7 Oct. 1804. He married 
(intention recorded 14 Feb. 1757) Sarah Spear, bom 26 Feb. 
1737, probably daughter of William and Elizabeth. 

He was a lieutenant in the Revolution and later a captain 
in the militia. He built, it is said, the first vessel on Middle 
Bay, Brunswick. He was on the Committee of Correspon- 
dence, Inspection, and Safety in 1778. He and his wife Sarah 
were members of the Congregational Church in 1772. 

Children, recorded at Brunswick: 

L Jamxb/ b. 4 Feb. 1757; probably lost on the privateer Sea Flower 
in 1778. (See History of Brunswick, p. 686.) 

ii. Robert, b. 13 Aug. 1758; d. 6 Sept. 1758. 

m. WnjJLAM, b. 1 Sept. 1759; m. Hannah Stanwood. 

IT. RoBEBT. b. 3 Sept. 1762; m. in 1794 Elizabeth Bucxlin of Thomas- 
ton (?). 

▼. Andrew, b. 14 Apr. 1765 ; d. 15 Sept. 1800. 

▼L Elizabeth, b. 2 Aug. 1767; m., probably, 12 Jan. 1792, Arthur 


▼ii. David, b. 10 Aug. 1769; m. Betbet Farrin, dau. of John (7). 

Children: 1. James,* 2. John Jefferson, 
nil. Martha, b. 7 Jan. 1772; m. (1) 9 Aug. 1792 Ebbnbzer Stanwood; 

m. (2) in 1796 Joseph Dustin. 
iz. John, b. 2 Oct. 1774; m. in Boston, Mass., 22 July 1793, Elizabeth 

Hammon (7). 
z. Mart, b. 3 Mar. 1777 ; m. in 1806 Nathan Bucklin of Thomaston (7) . 
zL Susannah, b. 15 Mar. 1781. 

(. Jamks* Dxtnning (James,* Andrew^), of Brunswick and Bangor, 
bom at Brunswick 31 July 1738, was buried at Bangor 30 
Mar. 1792. He married (intention recorded 29 Nov. 1764) 
Jane Woodside, bom 14 May 1742, daughter of William and 
Ann (Vincent). He moved to Bangor in 1772. (See Bangor 
Hislorical Magazine, vol. 6.) 

iD.k at Brmwwiok 17 Aug. 1794{ d. there 20 Oct. 1869; m. LydU Chapman; Governor of 
am, 1834-1837. 3. Mareia Soott, b. 12 July 1799; m. in 1820 Dr. Iiaao Lincoln of Brunswick. 

IM The Dunnings cf Maine [April 


L jAME8,*in. 8 Oct 1786 Akka Troxb, wiio d. si CbarieatoD 30 Oct 
1825, aced 58. Chfldien: 1. Solamam^ b. at Levant in 1800: d 
at ChaiteBton in 18n. 2.CkrulapkerT. 3. Ciil. /ute of ChaiW 
Um. 4. WHtiam, Also othefs. 

iL WiLUAM, m. 25 Mar. 1792 Abikl Swktt. 

iiL Eloa, m. 30 June 1789 Abchibau> McPflsnuB^ Jk. 

br. Akna, m. 13 Oct. 1791 Eluah Smttb of Bangor. 

T. RoBEBT. d. at Bangor 13 May 1840, aiged 68. 

jfL JoHH, d. at Banoor, aged 77; m. TkmoDoeiA Sahbcmdt, dan. d 
Ridiaid and Bdbeoea (BlaisdeD) of Haamden. CSiildren: 1. /db».« 
2. Jane. 3. Jamet (twin), b. 3 Apr. 18L3. 4. AUmmHtr (twin), 
b. 3 Apr. 1813. 5.i5icaoii. ^.CarMMi, 7.Rob€rL ^ChaHmH, 
9. Nanqf. Jkbmb^ Alerandw and Robert were merehanta in 

TiL Andrew, b. at Bangor in 1787. 

7. Whxiam' Dunning (JameSy* Andreu^)^ of Bmnswick, was born 

at Brunswick 4 Mar. 1743. He mairied, 8 Jan. 1774, Jean- 
NXTTE Stanwood, bom 26 July 1757, dau^ter ci Danid. He 
was a sergeant in the Revolution. 
Chfldr^ recorded at«Brunswick: 

L Thoma&« b. 6 Blay 1779; m. 19 July 1804 Rxbbcca ^takbibd. 
iL DATm. D. 28 Aug. 1780; m. 5 Dec. 1804 BIabtha Scanwoqo. 
iiL Jams, b. 20 Nor. 1788. 

iv. Mart, b. 2 June 1790; m. 1 Feb. 1800 William Jambs (T). 
T. JoHK, b. 5 Sept. 1796; m. 20 Biar. 1820 Mabt Woodsiiml 

8. Andbew* Dunning (James,* Anireuf)^ bc»n 18 Apr. 1745, died 

23 May 1804. He married Qntention recorded 9 Ju^ 1768] 
Mbs. Margaret (Miller) Ransom, who died 24 May 1837 
aged 96 jrears, 2 months, dau^ter of John (the ta^Dr) anc 
Jane (Oaige) Miller, granddau^ter of* John and Jane MiHei 
of Falmouth (Qtpe EHuabeth), and widow of Thcmias Ransom 
wlK>m she married in Boston, 23 Dec. 1761. 
Children (from private records of a descendant): 

L Jamb8,« b. in 1769; d. 18 Feb. 1837; m. 0) 3 Oct. 1803 Aucb Skok. 
FIELD, b. 15 NoY. 1782, d. 30 May 1819, dau. of Qemmt and Alio 
(Means); m. (2) 23 Sc^ 1822 fiLOABBhi T. EkjOBS. QiildrBi 
(the last diikl certainly by second wife): 1. Samntdf d. unm. 2 

Jomet, m.— 3 Dunl^>. 3. CloBrina, b. 24 Nor. 1829; in 

Ghaiies Lewis Tlioinpeon. ^^ 

iL BIabtha Ltthgow, b. 22 Nov. 1771; d. 5 July 1858; m. 31 Jan. 179 
William Rogbbs, s. of J<^m, b. 2 June 1773, d. 10 Jn^ 1857. 

iiL Janb, m. 18 AfMr. 1795 William Ridbout of Bowdoinham. 

hr. Maboabbt, b. about 1776; d. in 1800; m. 28 Dec 1797 Josiab Qo 
John) MBi/rmnt. 

▼. Datid, b. 4 Apt, 1778; m. 15 F^. 1813 Mabt Linboot. 

▼L Andrbw, b. 13 Nov. 1779; d. 17 S^t. 1861; m. (1) 20 Nov. !¥> 
Susanna Dunlap; m. (2) Eluabbth Ransom, who d. 16 Oct 
1835, aged 50; m. (3) in 1841 (7) Sophia Ransom. 

▼iL Mart, b. in 1781; d. 19 Mar. 1813, ased 32; m. 21 June 1804 ber 
second cousin, Samuel^ Dunning (12^ yi), g^ p., of Harpswdl, b. 21 
June 1774, d. 21 Jan. 1811, s. of Benjamin and Elisabeth (Ewin^ 

▼iiL RoBEBT, b. 21 Oct 1782; m. 4 Mar. 1810 Sallt Stanwood. 

ix. John, d. unm. when a young man. 

z. Susan, d. unm. 3 Jan. 1861, aged 83 (7). 

9. David* Dunning {James,* Andrew^), bom 16 Dec. 1749, died 

10 Apr. 1823. He married, 17 Dec. 1783, Eluabbth Hunt, 

1920] The Dunnings of Maine 105 

who died 23 June 1846, aged 87. He was a soldier in the 
Children, recorded at Brunswick: 

L John/ b. 19 Oct. 1784; d. 11 July 1839; m. Rbbbcca Stanwood, 

who d. 3 Jan. 1809, aged 46 years, 9 months, 
ii. Jamss, b. 3 May 1786; d. 8 Apr. 1862; m. Janb Chase. 
iiL EuzABETH, b. 12 May 1788; d.!l5 Oct. 1855; m. 20 Jan. 1812 Tdiotht 

nr. Hannah, b. 1 June 1790^ m. Jambs Ross. 
T. Joanna, b. 10 Mar. 1795; d. 1 Apr. 1850: m. Jambs Stanwood. 
tL Susannah, b. 30 Sept. 1797; m. in 1821 (?) Gbobgb WooDsms. 

Q. John* Dunning (Jamea,* Andrew^), bom 8 Mar. 1753, died 11 
July 1839. He married, 18 Jan. 1783, Rebecca Speab, who 
died 3 Jan. 1809. 
Children, recorded at Freeport: 

L James,^ b. 14 Aug. 1785; m. (intention recorded in Mar. 1819) 

Deborah Rogbrs, dau. of Jeremiah. 
iL Robert, b. 29 Jan. 1789; m. about 15 Dec. 1815 Mart Roobrs, 

sister of Deborah. 
ToL Bbtbet, b. 28 May 1791; m. about 1811 Qborqe R. Anderson (?). 

11. Andbew* Dunning {William^* Andreijfi)^ bom at York 11 July 
1727, died 27 Mar. 1808. He married, 9 May 1751, Hannah 
Shepherd, daughter of Mark and Hannah (Hilton) (Cole), 
b(»ii at York 6 Apr. 1726, died 28 Dec. 1811. (See Old 
Kttery and Her Families, p. 715.) He moved to Harpewell 
in 1757 and settled at "EUgh Head," east from the Academy. 
He was town clerk twenty-five years, a deacon in the Ck)ngre- 
gational Church, and one of the selectmen. 
Children, recorded at Harpswell: 

L Hannah,« b. 22 Feb. 1752; d. at Chesterville 8 Jan. 1846; m. (1) 29 

Sept. 1788 Hugh Alexander; m. (2) Josbph Foster. Child 

(iUe«itimate) : Acaron Dunning, b. 4 Nov. 1779 (Haipewell records). 

Chiid by first husband: 1. Benjamin, b. 12 Apr. 1790. 
iL Deborah, b. 16 Sept. 1753; m. 26 Aug. 17^ Josiah RAms of 

ill. Anna, b. 17 Sept. 1756; d. 20 Dec 1792; m. 6 June 1785 Jambs 

iv. Dorcas, b. 29 Sept. 1758; d. at Chesterville, aged 83 years, 10 

months; m. 30 Jan. 1776 Samuel Linscott. 
▼. Mart, b. 3 July 1760; m. 6 Apr. 1780 Davu) Woson. 
▼L Andrew, b. 19 Oct. 1761; d. young. 
vii. Jennt, b. 19 Mar. 1763 :m. 29 Oct. 1782 Dummer Sbwall, Jr., who 

d. at Chesterville 11 Feb. 1846, aged 87. 
viii. Mercy, b. 17 Aug. 1764: d. 17 Apr. 1836. 
ix. Andrew, of Harpswell, b. 2 Nov. 1765; d. 3 May 1851; m. 29 Mar. 

1798 his first cousin, Euzabeth* Dttnnino (12, vii). b. 10 Oct. 

1777, d. 5 Sept. 1846, aeed 68 years, 10 months, 26 days, dau.of 

Brajamin and Elizabeth (Ewing). Children: 1. Samuel,* b. 20 

Dec. 1799; d. 7 Sept. 1854. 2. Hannah, b. 22 Mar. 1802: d. 27 

July 1873. 3. David S,, b. 6 Sept. 1808; d. 19 Sept. 1888. 4. 

Andrew J., b. 7 Dec. 1810; d. 27 Dec. 1810. 5. Mary, b. 9 Apr. 

1813. 6. Elizabeth, b. 27 Jan. 1816; m. 1 Nov. 1835 William 
.Alexander; from her were received, in July 1898, these genealogical 

notes of the descendants of William Dunning of York. 
X. Ltdia, b. 31 May 1767; d. 22 Apr. 1774. 
xi. William, b. 28 Sept. 1769; d. 20 Mar. 1840; m. Abigail , who 

d. 21 June 1847, aged 70. 

106 The DunningM cf Maine [ApA 

xiL £Urah^. 11 Bifar. 1771; d. at Harpswell 14 Sept. 1836; m. 18 Aug. 
1791 David Alexander, Jr. 

12. Benjamin* Dunning (TTiHiam,* Andreu^), of Harpswell, fanner, 

bom at York 17 Jan. 1736/7, died at Harpewell 8 Jan. 1808. 
He married, 18 Jan. 1763, Elizabeth Ewing, who died 16 Nov. 
1815, aged 76, daughter of Dea. Joseph of Harpswell. 

He was town clerk of Harpswell, representative to the 
General Ck)urt of Massachusetts in 1785, 1791, 1793, 1797, 
and 1800-1806, a lieutenant in the Revolution, and an over- 
seer of Bowdoin College, 1800-1808. He is said to have done 
more than any other to secure the location of the Collie at 

Children, recorded at Harpswell: 

i. Merct,« b. 21 Mar. 1764; d. 13 Jan. 1766. 

iL Benjamin (twia), b. 3 June 1766; d. 29 July 1855; m. (1) 14 Apr. 
1791 Ann Alkander, who d. 2 July 1805, dau. of David: m. 
(2) 2 June 1806 Agnes Dunning, who d. 11 Dec. 1856, perhaps 
the widow of Joeeph (12, v). Children by first wife: 1. JoTte,* b. 8 
Feb. 1792; d. 10 June 1871. 2. James (twin), b. 16 Dec. 1793; 
d. 15 Aug. 1874; m. 26 Feb. 1824 Abigail Mernrman. ' 3. 
Francis (twin), b. 16 Dec. 1793; d. young. 4. Dairid, b. 8 
Jan. 1796; d. 13 Sept. 1799. 5. Ahiexer, b. 4 Mar. 1798; d. 
11 Oct. 1871. having lived in the house built by John Stack- 
pole at High Head. 6. lUhtcca, b. 23 May 1800; d. 4 Oct. 
1844. 7. Isaac, b. 3 Sept. 1802; d. 24 Nov. 1890. 8. Charles, 
b. 25 Oct. 1804; d. 24 Apr. 1884. Children by second wife: 9. 
Ann, b. 17 June 1807. 10. Alice, b. 28 Dec. 1809; d. 5 Mar. 
1890. 11. Margatet Penndl,h, 20 Sept. 1813. 

iii. Elizabbth (twin), b. 3 June 1766; d. young. 

iv. WnJJAM, of Harpswell, b. 26 Nov. 1768; d. 20 Jan. 1827; m. 25 Mar. 
1794 Ajwe Skolfieu). who d. 1 Feb. 1833, dau. of Clement and 
Mary (Adams). Children: 1. Mercy,* b. 31 Oct. 1794. 2. Clemeni 
S., b. 19 Jan. 1797; d. 13 Oct. 1832. 3. Robert, b. 29 Sept. 1799. 
4. Alice, b. 18 Mar. 1802; d. 1 Jan. 1805. 5. Rufus, b. 12 Mar. 
1806; d. 13 Aug. 1859. 6. Elizabeth Ewing, b. 28 Feb. 1809. 7. 
Alice Mains, b. 14 Sept. 1811: d. at Bangor in 1850. 8. George, 
b. 16 Feb. 1815. 9. Mary SkMeld, b. 11 July 1818. 

V. Joseph, b. 20 May 1771; m. 11 Dec. 1792 Agnes Pennell, dau. of 
Thomas. Children: 1. Elizabeth,* b. 2 Nov. 1793. 2. Joseph, 
b. 11 July 1796. 

vi. Samxtel, b. 21 Jime 1774; d. 21 Jan. 1811; m. 21 June 1804 his 
second cousin, Mart^ Dunning (8, vii), b. in 1781, d. 19 Mar. 
1813, s^gsd 32, dau. of Andrew and Margaret (Miller) (Ran- 
som) of Brunswick. Children: 1. Benjamin^ b. 6 Dec. 1805. 2. 
Margaret, b. 28 Mtu*. 1806; m. Alfred McLdlan. 3. Mary, b. 9 
May 1809; m. Rev. Joseph W. Sessions. 

vii. Elizabeth, b. 10 Oct. 1777; d. 5 Sept. 1846, aged 68 years, 10 
months, 26 days; m. 29 Mar. 1798 her first cousin, Andrew^ 
Dunning (11, ix), q. v., b. 2 Nov. 1765, d. 3 May 1851, s. of Andrew 
and Hannah (Shepnerd). 

viii. Deborah, b. 13 Apr. 1780; d. 17 Jan. 1861; m. Jacob Pennell. 

ix. James, b. 9 Sept. 1783; d. at the age of 4 years. 

13. Andrew* Dunning {David,^ Andrew^), of Brunswick, bom at 

Brunswick 9 Nov. 1736, died 3 July 18(K). He married, 29 
Dec. 1768, Elizabeth Dunlap, who died 4 Mar. 1801, aged 64 
years, daughter of Rev. Robert and Jane (Allison). He was 
a deacon in the Congregational Church in 1772, was on the 
Committee of Correspondence, Inspection, and Safety in 

1S20] The Dunnings of Maine 107 

1776-77, and was Brunswick's first postmaster in 1793. He 
was one of the selectmen in 1779, 1780, 1781, 1786, 1787, 1789, 
and 1790. 
Children, recorded at Bnmswick: 

i. Jean/ b. 4 May 1771; m. 15 July 1804 Robert DuiOJLP. 

ii. Mart, b. 19 June 1772; d. 25 Feb. 1798. 

iii. Elizabeth, b. 24 Jan. 1774; m. 15 Jan. 1801 Aabon Melcher. 

iy. Margaret, b. 17 Deo. 1775; m. Dea. Caleb Marsh of Bath. 

v. Susanna^. 15 July 1776; d. unm. in Jan. 1861. 

▼i. Robert Dunlap, of Brunswick, civil engineer, b. at Brunswick 8 
Aug. 1780: d. 20 Feb. 1839; m. Mart O'Brien, who d. 29 Oct. 
1853, aged 71. He lived nearly opposite the Congregational 
Church, in the house, remodelled and set back from the street, 
which was lately occupied by Professor Robinson. He was a 
captain in the War of 1812, a selectman in 1811 and in 1814-1816, 
representative to the General Court in 1808-1812, 1814, and 1816. 
a member of the Maine Constitutional Convention in 1819, ana 
an overseer of Bowdoin College, 1805-1839. Children: 1. Elizo' 
beth DufOapf b. 22 June 1804. 2. Howard O'Brien, b. 5. Sept. 1805. 
3. Mary, b. 14 July 1807. 4. Robert DurUap, b. 3 Sept. 1809. 5. 
Marcia ScoU, b. 10 Nov. 1810; m. Rev. William W. Rand. 6. 
John O'Brien, b. 23 Aug. 1813. 7. Rev. Andrew, A.B. (Bowdoin 
College, 1837), b. at Bnmswick 11 July 1815: d. at Thompson, 
Conn., 26 Mar. 1872. 8. George Freeman, of Farmington, Conn., 
A.M. (Bowdoin College. 1861), b. at Brunswick 25 May 1817; 
d. at Briar Cliff, N. Y., 26 June 1910; secretary of the Trustees 
and ez-^fficio overseer of Bowdoin College, 1849-50. 9. 
Maurice O'Brien, b. 25 Oct. 1819. 10. PFtSiam O'Brien, b. 
at Brunswick 9 July 1823; d. 4 Feb. 1855; a merchant at Ma- 
tanzas, Cuba. 11. Richard, b. 4 July 1825. 

viL Lois, b. 30 Sept. 1783; m. 26 May 1803 Samuel Melcher, 3d. 
Fourteen children. 

viii. Rebecca, b. 19 Oct. 1785; d. young. 

It John* Dunning {David,* Andreiv^), bom at Brunswick 19 Sept. 

1738, died 10 Feb. 1831. He married Lois Hinklet, who died 

21 Oct. 1811, aged 58, daughter of Judge Aaron. He was a 

lieutenant in the Revolution, and served on the Committee of 

Correspondence, Inspection, and Safety in 1778. He was a 

selectman in 1791 and 1792. 


i. Rachel « b. 5 Apr. 1773; d. 18 Dec. 1786. 

ii. David, d. 7 Nov. 1774; d. unm. Resided in New Hampshire. 

iii. Mart, b. 23 Oct. 1777; d. 13 Nov. 1808; m. 19 Nov. 1801 Caleb 


iv. Rebecca, b. 20 Feb. 1780; d. 3 Jan. 1850; m. 11 Mar. 1823 John 


V. Aaron, b. 26 Dec. 1782; d. 31 Jan. 1854; m. 4 Mar. 1804 Sallt 
KiLOORE, who d. 19 Mar. 1855, aged 69. Children: 1. Horace.* 

2. Orlando. 3. Harriet. 4. Esther, 5. Lois. 6. Rufue. 7. Samuel. 
vi. Samxtel, b. 31 Jan. 1786; d. at sea in Oct. 1811. 

vii. Rachel, b. 6 Apr. 1788; d. 30 Mar. 1816; m. in 1815 John Goburn. 

viii. CoL. John Andrew, of Brunswick, b. 9 May 1790; m. 30 Aug. 1823 
Hannah Stanwood Owen, b. 2 Sept.. 1796, d. 2 Oct. 1841, dau. 
of Philip. He was chairman of the Board of Selectmen, 1827- 
1830, captain of the Brunswick Light Infantry, which took part 
in the reception of Lafayette at Portland in 1824, and afterwards 
colonel of the Second Regiment of Militia. Later he removed to 
Williamsburg. Children: 1. Rachel Cobum.* 2. Charles Lir^coln. 

3. Francis Edward. 4. Capt. John Frederic, b. at Brunswick 
1 Aug. 1832; killed in the Battle of Gaines's Mill, Va., 27 June 1862; 

108 Conneclictd Cemetery Inscriptions . [April 

m. 1 Jan. 1861 Maria Merrill, b. at Barnard, dau. of Adams H. 
and Persis H. of Williamsburg.* 5. PhiUp Owen. 

ix. Joseph Nte. of Burlington, Vt., b. 2 Jan. 1793; d. a. p. 

X. Elizabeth, b. 27 Feb. 1796; d. 1 Mar. 1796. 

zi. Nathaniel, b. 12 Mar. 1799; d. at Durham 22 July 1880: m. (1) 
Isabella M. Gross; m. (2) in Dec. 1858 Sarah E. Mbrriu^ 
Children by first wife: 1. DdiaAnn.* 2. Joseph, 3. NathameL 
4. Mary Eliza, 5. Orville, From his private records, made in 
1831, has been taken much of the information here given. 


Copied by Joel Nelson Eno, A. M., of Brookljm, N. Y. 

[Continued from page 67] 


Old Cemetery (concluded) 

Here Lyes ye Body of Mrs. Mary Spraeue ye Wife of Mr. John Spragae junr 

& Dau^ter to Mr. Jonathan Badcodc of "V^dham who ayedBCardi 

ye 10th 1721. 
Here Ijres in gravened ye name of Mrs. Prudence Sprague wife of Mr. 

Benjamin Sprague, who died in Stonington. Formerly wife to Mr. 

Joseph Denison & Dau^ter to Mr. Joseph Minor liveing in Stonington 

& Departed this life May 18, 1726 Aged 38 years. 
In Memory of Mr. David Starkweather Who Died Septr 5th 1794 in ye 

23d year of his Age. 
In memory of Mrs. Mary Daughter of Mr. Nathan Starkweather A Daikess 

his wife. She Died Janr 7th 1784 in ye 32d Year of her Age. 
In memory of Dea. Daniel Strong who died July 5, 1826 aged 74 yean. 
Jerusha ndict of Dea. Daniel Strong Died Jan. 16, 1833 A^ 64. 
Tlie Grave of Mr. Thomas B. Sweet son to Dr. Benoni & Mrs. Sanh Sweet 

who died April 27th 1813 in the 19th year of his ase. 
Here lies the Body of Mrs. Deborah Terry the wife of Mr. Ephraim Terry 

. . . died Augt 8th, 1759 in the 52d year of her age. 
Here lies the Body of Deacon Ephraim Terry . • . died • . . Decemr ye 

7th 1760 in the 90th year of his age. 
In Memory of Ephraim Son to Mr. Dan Terry & Rachel his wife. He died 

Deer 4th 1774 in ye 2d year of his Age. 
In Memory of Mr. Ephraim Terry who Departed this life AugBt 24, 1797 

in ye 24th year of his Age. 
In Memory of Mrs. Hannah Terry Daughter to Deac. Ephr. & lira. Hfrniiiili 

Terry. She Died Sept. ye 17, 1768 Aged 71 years. 

* John Frederic Dunning lived for a while at Williamsburg, Piacataquia Co., Me., wfaitber 
father had moved, but on 3 May 1853 he left Williamaburg for Boston, Maae. There he foUoved 
the occupation of a master carpenter, first on Harrison Avenue and afterwards on Tremont Street. 
He left Boston for the front on 17 Apr. 1861. being a lieutenant in Co. K., Sixth Maasadkusetts 
Regiment. At the expiration of .his term of service he returned to Boston, recruited the Everett 
Guards, who formed Co. D, Twenty-second Massachusetts Volunteers, and as ciaptain of thia 
oompany started again for the seat of war on 8 Oct. 1861. In the Battle of Oainea'a Mill, 27 June 
1862, he fell pierced with two balla, one through the head and the other throu^ the breaat. He 
waa elected a resident member of the New England Historic Genealogical Society on 5 Biay 
1868, and was the second member of the Society who lost his life and the first member who fell is 
battle in the struggle for the preservation of the Union. Cf . RsaiSfiVB, vol. 17, p. 188, and Me- 
morial Biographies of the New-England Historic Genealogical Society, vol. 5, pp. 6a-5Q. 

1920] . Connecticut Cemetery Inscriptiana 109 

In Memoiy of Mindwell Terry wife to Mr. Ephraim Terry who Died March 

27th 1782 in ye 79th year of her age. 
Id memory of Mr. RoeweU Terry son of Mr. Dan & Mrs. Rachel Terry who 

died Octr 20th 1795 in ye 27th Year of his Age. 
In Memory of Apame Thomas wife of Doct. James Thomas; Dau^ter of 

Joseph Blackleach, Esq. of Stratford, who died Nov. 20th 1771 in ye 

28 year of her age. 
Stcred to the memory of Mrs. Hannah Thomas relict of Doct. James Thomas 

who died June 28th, 1807, aged 57. 
Sacred to the memory of Doct. James Thomas who died June 22. 1794 aged 57. 
In memory of Betty Daughter of Mrs. Zerviah Throop who died Deer 8tii 

1771 aged 4 months. 
In memory of Betty daughter of Mr. Joseph & Mrs. Zerviah Throop who 

died April 15th 1774 Aged 16 months. 
In memory of Ebenezer son to Mr. Benjamin & Mrs. Rachel Throop Died 

April 23, 1776 Aged 3 months. 
Here LyBB ye Body of Elisabeth Daughter to Lent. Dan Throop & Rachel 

his Wife. She died Octr. 8th 1776 in ye 2d year of her Age. 
In memory of Hannah Daughter to Leut. Dan Throop & Mis. Rachel his 

Wde. She Died Deer 15th 1775 in ye 3d year of her age. 
In MeoAory of Horatio Son to Mr. Joseph Throop & Zerviah his wife Died 

June 21, 1791 Aged 15 months. 
In memonr of John Son of Mr. Dan Throop Junr Sc Mrs. Rachel Us wife 

who died Feby 8, 1770 in ye 5th year of his age. 
It memoiy of Mr. Joseph Throop who died April 12, 1836 In the 88th year 

of his age. 
Beoeath this Monument lies Sarah Throop amiable Consort of Capt. Da. 

Throop Died Nov. 3, 1791 ^tat. 73. 
Hn. Zerviah Throop wife of Mr. Joseph Throop died August 3, 1829 Aged 

82 years. 
Here lies jb Body of Benjamin son of Capt. Dan Throope & Mrs. Susanna 

his wife who died April ye 5th A. D. 1750 in the 5th year of his age. 
Here lies interred the Remains of Chloe & Issabella twin dau^ters of the 

Bevd Mr. Benja Throope of New Concord in Norwich & Sibyl his wife. 

The first died December the 25th 1736 Aged 3 months. The other died 

October 25th 1737 after about 12 months continuance in life. 
Here lies the Body of Mr. Dan Throope Who . . . Departed this life • •' . 

December 9 1737 In ye 67th Year of his Age. 
In memory of Mrs. Deborah Throope Consort of Mr. Dan Throope who 

died . . . June the 8th 1752 in the 70th Year of her age. 
Here lies the Body of Mr. Macy Throope who died [?] April 21, 1756 in the 

dOth year of his a^. 
Here lies Interr'd the Remains of Martha ye wife of William Throope Esq. 

nibo Died Febry ye 13th 1736 in ye 63d Year of her age. 
Hm lies the Body of Mr. Samuel Throope who . . . Died [7] October the 

2Dtii A. D. 1753 aged 29 years. 
lies the Body of Kirs. Susannah Throope wife of Capt. Dan Throope 

who died Novr ye 20th 1754 in the 38th year of her age. 
to the Memory of William Throope, Esq. who . . . Departed this 

life on Febry ye 3d A. D. 1737 in Ye 59th year of his age. 
Here li» the Body of . . . John [?] Tickner the husband of Mary Tickner 

[ilfsgibU] 17 A. D. 1751 in ye 52 year of his age. 
lies the Body of David son of Mr. John & Mrs. Mary Ticknor who 

died July ye 27th 1751 in the 7 month of his age. 

Mrs. RuUi Ticknor wife of Mr. Elisha Ticknor who died June 2l8t 

1771 in the 36th year of her age. 

110 Commitfimf Cewmkrg In§mfiiam§ [April 

Hm liei tlK Bodj of Mn. EfiaOKdi Tifbigr . . . lAo depvted Ikii Lie 
in Aumaiy je l^ttfa 1751-2 Mgcd 47 3«n. 

In m e m or y ol Mr. Imiili TlflEuiy who Sed Mnrdi 3, 1806 M. 83. 
Aim of Mn. Anna liiB wife who died Aptil 24, 1823 i£. 92. 

Chloe TDden died Aug. 26, 1856 aeed 70. 

In memory of Mr. Ebeneier TDden who died Man!li24, 1823 aged 65 yean.* 

MiM Elizabeth TUden 2d Died Sept. 1, 1845 Aged 52. 

Elixabetli wife of Ebeneser TOden died Aug. 9, 1860 iB. 95 y^rs A 6 mo's. 

In memory of Mr, Joeeph TUden wbo . . . Departed this life . . . Mardi 
ye 13th 1773 in ye 52d year of his Age. 
In memory of Mrs. Elisabeth TUden wife ol Mr. Joeeph TDden. She 
. . . died . . . ^farch ye 10th 1773 in ye 53d Tear of her age. 

In memory of Mrs. Sahnda wife c4 Augustas Tilden who died Oct. 16, 1826 
aged 24 years. 

Here lies the Body of Mr. Stephen TUd^ . . . who Died October 5th 
1727 in the 63 year of his age. 

Mr. Stephen TUden died Novr 27, 1770 ann iBtat. 81. 

Here lieth interred the Body oi Mrs. Abigafl Tlsdale y late wife of Mr. 
James Tisdale of L^umon & Dau^ter to Mr. John CcJman of Nan- 
tucket who died y« 18 of NoYembo- 1726 & 45 year of bar age . . . 

Sacred to the memory of Mrs. Abigail Tisdale wife of Elkanah Tiedale, 
Esqr who died Feb. 20, A. D. 1825 aged 83 years. 

Sacred to tiie memory of Capt. Elijah Tisdale . . . died the 19th day of 
November A. D. 1795 ag^ 73 years and 10 mcmths. He was bom at 
Mrs. Eunice Tisdale . . . wife to Capt. Elijah Tisdale died the 22d 
day of Septonber A. D. 1795 aged 73 years. 

In memory of Eliphalet Tisdale, who Died March ye 1st 1795 in ye 51st 
year of his Age.* 

Sacred to the memory of Elkanah Tisdale, Esqr who died 28Ui of April 
1809 aeed 64 years. 

Here lies the Body of Mr. James Tisdale of Lebanon, the Husband of Mrs. 
Mindwell Tisdale, He died May 3, 1727. Aged 48 Years ... 

Reader, as thou passest, drop a tear to the memory of the once oninent 
Academic Instructor, Nathan- Tisdale, a lover of Science. He marked 
the road to useful knowledge. A friend. to his country, he insinred the 
flame of Patriotism. Having devoted his whole life from the 18^ yw 
of his age, to the duties of his profession, which he followed with dis- 
tinguished usefulness to Society, he died Jan'y 5^ 1787, in the 56 year 
of his age. 

In Memory of THlliam son of Mr. Elkanah Tisdale And Mrs. Abigail 1^ 
Wife bom the 8th of August A. D. 1774 Died the 4th of March 1776. 

Here Lies ye Body of Elkanah Son of Mr. Elkanah & Mrs. Abigail Tlsdeal 
of Taunton Who Dyed March ye 10 1731 Aged 10 Years . . . 

In memory of Miss Clarissa Torrey Daughter of Mr. William Torrey & 
Mrs. Mary his wife, who departed this life Feb. 25th 1797 in the 21st 
year of her age. 

In Memory of Mrs. Mary, wife of Mr. Wm. Torrey who died Sept. 30, 
1825 aged 78. 

In Memory of Olive, Daughter to IMr. William Torrey, Junr & Mrs. Mary 
his wife; she Died Jan. 1777 in her 4th year. 

In Memory of Simon, Son to Mr. William Torrey & Mary his wife; he Died 
Augst 19th, 1783 Aged 17 Months. 

In Memory of Mr. Willmm Torrey who Died at ye Hispaniola in ye West- 
indias Oct. 11, 1783 in ye 37th year of his Age. 

•A metal marker at the grave reads: "A Patriot's grave 1775-1783." 

1920] CannecUcut Cemeiery Inacripiiana 111 

Inaeribed to the memory of Mr. William Torrey who died June 3d, 1805. 

Aged 26 years A 24 days. 
Here lies the body of Capt. Joseph Trumble one of the Fathers of ye town 
and just Friend to it, of a compassionate kind disposition who after a 
short illness departed this life in the hope of a better June 16. 1755 in the 
77th year of his age 
Here are deposited the remains of Mrs. Hannah Trumbull, late wife 
of Capt. Joseph TrumbuU, Dau^ter of John Higley of Simsbury 
Esqur. who came from Fnmley in ye County of Surrey by Mrs. 
TTftTiTifth Drake his first wife. She was bom at Windsor 22<i April 
1683, Died at Lebanon 8^ Nov. 1768, aged 85 years. 6 mo. & 15 
In memory of David Trumbull who died Jan. 17, 1822 aged 71. 
Mrs. Sarah Trumbull his wife died June 21, 1846 aged 85. 
Sarah T. Williams their daughter died Oct. 3, 1839 aged 60. 
Wm. T. Williams, her husband died Dec. 16, 1839 aged 60. 
Wm. T. W. Lanman their adopted son died Dec. 7, 1823 aged 10. 
In Memory of Jonathan Son of Mr. Jonathan & Mrs. Eunice Trumbull 
Bom Deer 24, 1767 died 13 Janry following. 

pViarble Monument on the Trumbull Tomb] 
Sacred to the memory of Jonathan Trumbull, Esq., who, unaided by birth 
• or powerfid connections, but blessed with a noble and virtuous mind, 
arrived to the highest station in government. His patriotimn ana 
firmness during 50 years employment in public life, and particularly 
in the very important part he acted in the American Revolution, as 
Governor of Connecticut, the faithful page of History will record. Full 
of years and honors, rich in benevolence, and firm in the faith and hopes 
of Christianity, he died Aug. 9th, 1785, ^Etatis 75. 
Sacred to the memonr of Madam Faith TrumbuU, the amiable 
lady of Gov. Trumbull, bom at Duxbury, Mass., A.D. 1718. Happy 
and beloved in her connubial state, she lived a virtuous, charitable 
and Christian life at Lebanon in Connecticut, 'And died lamented 
by nimierous friends, A.D. 1780, aged 62 years. 
Sacred to the memory of Joseph Trumbull, eldest son of Gov. Trum- 
bull, and first Commissary Genl. of the United States of America. 
A service to whose perpetual cares and fatigues he fell a sacrifice, 
A.D. 1778, iEt. 42. 
To the memory of Jonathan Trumbull, Esq., late Govemor of the 
State of Connecticut. He was bom March 26*^, 1740, and died 
August 7^, 1809, aged 69 years. ELis remains were deposited with 
those of his father. 

Here lies ye Body of Mr. John Tuttle son of Mr. Daniel Tuttle & Sarah his 

wife . . . who died Febry 17, 1756 in ye 20 first year. 
Here Lies Inter'd the Body of Mr. John Vaughan the . . . Consort of Mrs. 

Mary Vaughan. He departed this life Augt ye 31st 1756 in ye 82d 

year of his a^e. 
In memory of Eliza Daughter of Capt. Denison & Mrs. Elizabeth Wattles 

Died April 21st A. D. 1810 aged 17 years. 
In memory of Elizabeth late consort of Capt. Denison Wattles & youngest 

Daugj^ter of the late Mr. John & Mizabeth Alden. She died Feb'y 

11th A. D. 1797 aged 34 years. 
In Memory of Mr. George Webster . . . who died October the 30 1740 in 

the 23 year of his Age. 
Here lies Interred the Body of Capt. John Webster senr . . . Died Novr 

the 2d 1736 Aged 63 years. 

112 ConnecHcut CemeUry Inscriptions [April 

Here lies inteired the Body of C^pt. Joseph* Webeter Sen V ^o WB8 the krving 
Consort of Mrs. Elisabeth Webster dec^ised, his first wife A of Mis. 
Grace Webster his 2d, who survived him: he died Novemb the 2d 
1736 aged 63 years. 

The Body of Mr. Pelatiah Webster lies Buried here. He married Mrs. 
Joanna Smith by her had Eight Children . • . Bom 17th Novr 1702 
Died 15th Feb. 1756. 

Mr. Ebathan C. Wells Son of Mr. Thomas & Mrs. Fhebe Wells Died Sept 
19, 1828 In the 29th year of his age. 

Mrs. Fhebe Wells relict of Mr. Thomas Wells Died Nov. 25, 1890 In tiie 
72nd year of her age. 

In Memory of Capt. Jonth White of Lebanon who departed this life March 
2d A D. 1788 in the 86th Year of his Age. 

Here Lies the Remains of Mrs. Alice Williams . . . Consort of Doei. John 
Williams Who Departed this Life ... Oct 22d A. D. 1740 in the 29Ui 
Year of her A^. 

In memory of two Children of Mr, Nathaniel & Mrs. Lois Williams. Bariah 
died May 4 1788 in the 2d year of his age. Benjamin died Fdbgr 5tfi 
1788 Aged 5 years. 

Sacred to the memory of Mr. George T^lliams who departed this life Angst 
5th A. D. 1814 in the 80th year of his age. 

In memory of Mr. George Williams who diea Sept. 6, 1826 Aged 48 srears. 

Died June 5, 1824 Hamet Cornelia Williams only daughter of Hemy k 
Harriet Williams M. 6 years. 

In Memory of Lois Daughter to Mr. Nathall Williams k Lois his wife who 
Died May 20th 1789 Aged 7 weeks k 3 days. 

Sacred to the memory of Mr. Nathaniel Wilhams who departed this life 
Febry 5th A. D. 1814 in the 72nd year of his age. 

Here lies the Body of Mr. Park Williams, who . • . deceased October 31st 
1757 In ye 8l8t year of his age. ^^ 

In Memory of Mrs. Priscilla Williams Dautr to Mr. Samuel Williams k 
Deborah his wife She Died April 19th, 1790 in ye 64th year of her Age. 

In Memory of Mrs. Priscilla Williams . . . Consort of Mr. Paric Williams 
who Departed this Life [iUeqibU], 

Here lies the Body of Mr. Samuel Williams Junr . . . died . . . Aug. 21 
1768 in ye 22d vear of his age. ^^ 

Here Lyes interred the Earthly Remains of Mr. Samuel Williams • . . 
fell asleep in Jesus on the 30th of Sept. 1775. 

[Sarah T. Williams, «ee inscription to David Trumbull.] 

Here lies the body of Mr. Solomon Williams son of the Revd Solomon k 
Mrs. Mary Williams [illegihle] ye 24 1743 in ye 19th year of his age. 

This stonet covers the remains of that eminent Servant of God, the Rev<i 
Solomon Williams, D.D. late Pastor at Lebanon. Adorned with un- 
common gifts of nature, learning, k Grace, he shone bright as the Gentle- 
man, Scholar, Christian k divine, conspicuous for wisdom, warm in 
devotion, bold in the cause of Christ, excelling as a preadier, most 
agreeable in conversation, clear k Judicious in counsel, an ardent lovor 
of peace k the rights of mankind, 'firm in friendship, Angularly 
hospitable & in all relations exemplary; having faithfully served tli^ 
interest of Christ, of Religeon k L^urning at his Masters call, he 
calmly fell asleep in Jesus Feb. 28^ 1776 in the 76^ year of his age k 54 
of his ministry. . . 
On the east side of this table passingone grave lies the body of Mrs. 
Mary Williams, widow of Doct. Willuuns, with him she lived 53 

*Sie, T John. This inscription and the one immediately preoedinc it art in mamofT of aoa 
man, Capt. John Webster, Sr. 

tA table of sandstone, supported horisontaUy above the graTe. 

1920] Connectictd Cemetery Inscriptions 113 

years in the conjugal relation ... & fell asleep ... on the 30th 
Sept. 1787 in the 84th year of her age. 

Hie Jaeet Thomas TMiams . . . Natus 12th Nov. O. S. 1735: Obit 11th 
Feb. 1819. 

Here lieB ye Body of William Son to Mr. Nathaniel Williams & Lois his 
wife he died Octbr 15th 1775 Ag^ 10 months. 

Tbe remains of the Hono. William mlliams are deposited in this Tomb: 
bom AiMil 8tb 1731, died Aug. 2<i, 1811, in the 81*t year of his age, a 
man eminent for his virtues and i>iety, — ^for more than 50 years he was 
eonstantly employed in Public Life, and served in many of the most 
im]x>rtant offices in the gift of his fellow citizens. Dunng the whole 
period of the Revolutionary war, he was a firm, steady, and ardent friend 
of his country, and in the darkest times risked his life and wealth in her 
defence. In 1776 and 1777 he was a member of t^e American Congress, 
and as such^gned the Declaration of Independence.* 
Solomon Williams, Esq. his son by Muy Trumbull his wife died of 

the fever in the City of N. York Oct. 10, 1810 in the 38 year of his age. 

Eim. T. Williams, see inscription to David Trumbull.] 
re lies the Body of Mr. John Woodward Wlio Died October 5 1724 In 
ye Seventy Seventii Year of his Age. 

Addendum to iNSCBipnoNS m thb Old Cemetbbt 

[In the Rboisteb, vol. 12, pages 55--63 (January 1858), there was published an 
tide on the (M Cemetery at Lebanon, Conn., in which about thirty of the more 
notable inscriptions in the oemeteiy were printed, in some cases with biographical 
or ipeneaLndcal notes. The following inscriptions have been copied from tiiat 
aitide. Tney are not fldven in Mr. £no's copy, probably because they have dis- 
^ipeaied in the interval of more than sixty years since 1858. — ^Editob.] 

y body of that most Ingenous & worthy Gentleman Mr. Isaac 
Bayky y« husband of Mrs Mercy Bayley. He was a Member of y« 
Vmverdty in Cambrid in New England & Slept in Jesus August 23 A. 
Domin 1711 in y« 30 year of his age 

In memory of Mrs. Mary Huntington the wife of Lieutenant Samuel Hunting- 
ton who died Oct. 5 1743 in the 77^ year of her age 

Here lyes y« Body of Lieut Samuel Huntington GenUeman who died May y« 
19 1717 in 3^^ 52 year of his age 

Here Lieth the Body of Mr. Abel Janes y Husband of Mrs. Mary Janes, 
who Died December y 18 1718 in y« 73 year of his age 

Leet Heavens Blessings rest upon 
y Derling of my youthful dayes 
& also one my cnudren yong 
To keep them all in wisdom* wais 

» hres y« Body of yt worthy virtuous & pious Mother in Israel wife to 
Mr. Abel Janes Mrs Mary Janes by Name when she had lieved Long a 
bdy and Patient life Dyed April 24 1735 in y« 80 year of Har age 

Farewell my Loving Children . . . 
Here lies the body of Mr. Jonathan Metcalf a virtuous, charitable & generous 
Merchant and Benefactor to the Church & First Society in Lebanon, 
iHio having been long and Solicitously Trading for the pearl of gxeai 
price exchanging [sic] this life in the hope of a better & enduring Sub- 
stance Manm y 5, 1738 in the 65 year of his age. 

(In a few of the inscriptions from this cemetery, as printed in the Rbgibtbr of 
January 1920 (vide tupray pp. 53-67), corrections have been found necessary, and 
they are therefore reprinted, with corrections, on the following page. — ^Editor.] 

Thi* inMription !■ on » nutfble ilab itonding in front of the Trumbull tomb. 

114 ft III ■<■!#■ ^ JAi Dntrmg [Apd 

Tt chi( OMBidrj 'tf CoL Junes Chik v&o Ad on. Tim 29^ dsr cf Dec 
L^2A aiQeft 3^ Tiaa lad 5 aicft. fls T>ag a. Sofcfer qf me Bgwiimwi, aiJ 
'iiuKfi «o ioii 9!WR ^w duffd % DoOb^ T!ie Btfda of BoniDBr s ffli, 
H^jnok H^at^vok ami Wiise Panw -mLneamd hm ^yf^H»I faEKVBj, 4 
M 4«9«rjcina ci> cfae caiiae cf ioi Ccimcrj. He oae in de«tk luiu irai 
ditt ki^^mn. For '"chere jsi ao disdukr^e on dua vmr."* 

£e7. ZftlMirA EIj Died Xo7. 28. L«24. iiiuie*M?«rot his Jfleadt]tt43€l 
iusi minifitrj. fie vaa bora, m LTme: Gfad. as Yale CnUfgr; aad ob 
?)>/T, IZ. 17%2, ornbuned P&itor of die fir>t duBciL in. Trhnnnn 

Ia hfA iiitigniehro dispMOae smi: FMignw^ ^jri Tcce Bevoendi D. lacohi 
fritA^ oMXim^ f lilt apod Bokxnf, in Gjmititn Fiyw iiiMj in Anj^ifc, Anoo 

f>.ifiuDi 1^^, Decern. 24. Qni poet qaam LingoB Htcraf 
irmtinctiiit f i n ni M i ty in Sot Aagfiam venit J^tate 16; etdondeYxtundegift, 
ibatir^iiMej per aepCenniozn, Sob InstraetioiK Viroruoi eefebeEnraomm 
D. Brjtfjk/KT k D. Stooe. Poster Mimere paistonii ftmctiai cbI spad 
.%7fccrx>k (Kr AasM I-l. mine com Ecdesiae nuijoci IVrte Xuriieum 
m]0;nkvit; et ibi eaeccrw Vaae Annos traneegit in Opere EvingpHro 
fa Seneetatft, vero piae eorporia infinnitate neeesBuie ceaedbit mb opera 
piibii<»; tandemque reeeaeit Liberis, apud Lebanon: nbi Sffnianf> fee 
^mitto obdormivit in Jesa, Anno 1702. Xovembris ISy Jitnt SO. 

Thiit mcninDent is erected in Memory of Walto- Hyde who via of 
Appr/snbd integrity, a useful member of Society, a Idnd hoahand, an affee- 
UfTj^ULtik parent, a loTer of hi" country A a firm Sopporter of the ng^ts of 
Mankind Elxempt from ^lilitary duty by former mtmnand, he nobly 
fttept forth, raieed and took the coinnmnH oi an Independent Cooqa^y 
k with tbem proceeded to the neighbourhood of N. York A. D. 1776 in 
d^enee of the invaded rights of the United American States when be 
died at Greenwich on the 18^ day of Sept. 1776 aged 41 years k was there 
\AUitA k hia grave undistinguishible from tho^ of many other strangefs. 
Hia death waA greatly lamented by all to whom he was known. 

In memory of Mr Nathaniel Little an happy and Successful Physician k 
Horgeon who departed this life Aprfl 5, 1753 in the 39 year <^ his age . . .^ 

(Mni, Jeniaha Mory {vide tupra^ p. 64) died ''Ai^il the 24^1' 1736 & m the 26 
year of her age."] 

[To be continued.] 


By Mrs. Frank M. Anoellotti of San Rafael, Cal. 

Thih article docs not claim to be a record of all the descendants d 
.Jrihn Dovercux of Salem and Marblehead,t or even of all of those 
who Htill Ijear the Devereux name. Many gaps in the family history 
v.<}\i\(l not be filled, as connecting links were missing in public records 
anrl private records were not always available. It is hoped that 
(IcHcendants of John Devereux who do not find their names in the 
following pages will communicate with the compiler of this genealogy. 

*Arrorrling to Rbomtcr, vol. 12, p. 57, Nath&niel Little's daughter Faith, who died Dei. 27, 
17A;<, agad 8 month*, liea buried on hia left. 

t All plaeeN fiientioned in thia article are tituated within the preeent limits of the CcHnmoik- 
wealUi of Massaehusetts, unless another State or region is indicated in the text or t»my be easily 
Infrrred from ths context. 

1920] Descendants of John Devereux 115 

1. JoHN^ Devereux, of Salem and Marblehead, fanner, was 
bcnm probably about 1615,* came to New England about 1630, per- 
haps m the fleet with Winthrop, and died between 24 Dec. 1694, 
wiien he deposed in court, and 20 May 1695, when his will was 

proved. He married Ann , bom about 1620, who survived 

mm and died at Marblehead 26 Apr. 1708, in her 88th year.f 

John Devereux of Marblehead, a^ed about 80 years, deposed on 
21 Dec; 1694 "yt about ye yeare of Our Lord One thousand and six 
hundred and thirty I came over from old England to New England, 
k ye place of my abode and residence has since been Salem & Marble- 
head.'' (Essex C!ourt Files.) The first grant of land to him was in 
Salem, in 1636. In 1637 a half acre was granted to ^rn for a dwelling 
hoiSBe. He was at Marblehead in 1637. He first rented and &ially 
purchased, in 1659, the land in Marblehead which had belonged to 
Bev. Hugh Peters and which was afterwards known as the ''Devereux 
iann.'' Tlie old house there is commemorated by Longfellow in 
Us poem called "Driftwood." After John Devereux's death this 
iann was claimed by Elizabeth Barker of Deptf ord, England, daugh- 
ter and heir of Rev. Hugh Peters, as is set forth below in the records 
idating to the estate of John Devereux; and Robert Devereux, son 
of John, was at last compelled to buy again, for £350 sjberling, the 
land for which his father had already paid. John Devereux's name 
wpears fnHn time to time in the records and files of the coiurts of 
EfiBex County, Mass., sometimes as a witness and sometimes as 
plaintiflF or defendant in cases coming before these courts.^ He 
was admitted as freeman 16 May 1683. 

Hie will of John Devereux, omitting the customary religious 
phrases and certain legal expressions, is as follows :§ 

'In the Namb of God Amen the fourth day of September in y« yeare of 
oar lord 1693 ... I John Devereux of marblehead in the County 
of Essex in New ei^land Yeoman . . . Doe make . . . And Declare, 
this my last Will and testament ... I give and bequeath unto my Sonn 
Bobert Devereux two thirdes of all my land within the Stonnwall now Iving 
in Marblehead being three hundred Acres more or less with my now dwd^ing 
house and Bame, only I giv unto my Son Roberts Son Joseph twenty Acres 
(tf iMid within y« Stonn wall which is out of the two thirds of my Son Kob^ts 
land before meDtioned which land l3dng next to marblehead comon Jynin^ 
to my land without the Stonn wall, when he shall be: 21 yeares of a^, to 
them and there heires (All the land abovementioned) in way of mtale 
forever and ever. And to remaine in the family and name of the Devereuxes 
from generation to generation in way of intale fforever and ever Item I 

Sive and bequeath unto the three sonns of my Sonn Humphiy Devereux 
eceasd that is to say John Humphry and Ralph Devereux one third imrt of 
my land; and meddow that is now before my, now, dwelhng hous, within the 

*See deposition of 1094, given below. His age is given also as 45 in 1666 and as 55 in 1672; 
and at the March Term, 1669, and the November Term, 1670, he deposed, aged 50 years (Vital 
Reeoffda of Marblehead, vol. 3, p. 34). It seems, therefore, impossible to determine the exact 
Tear of his birth from the records thus far discovered. 

t She deposed in June 1664, aged about 43 years, in Sept. 1666, aged 46 srears. and in June 
1667, aged about 46 srears. (Vital Records of Marblehead, vol. 8, p. 84.) 

X See Records and Files of the Quarterly Courts of Essex County, Massachusetts, from 1636 
on, posstm, published by the Essex Institute, Salem, Mass. 

I Jcdm Devereux's will and the other records given below relating to his estate have been 
copied from Essex Probate Files, 7614. 

VOL. LZXIV. 8 * 

118 Dewefubmto of John Devereux [Apd 

Stonn wan, my grandsonn John Devereux to have one halfe of the third aal 
the other halfe to Humphry and Ralph to be equally devided betweaM 
them, two, when they or eyther of them come to y age of one and twenty 
yetaee or to y« longer liver of them But if any of them before th^ oome to 
age, and in want ofan heire male in them or any of them dye bet Qre, tiMB 
to the next male heire of my f amilye to be houlden and continue and lemiini 
in the family and name of the Devereuxes from generation to generation ii 
way of intale forever and ever And it is my will that Elisabeth Deveram 
mother to tiieee three Sonns Jhon Humphry and Ralph that She Shall bam 
nothing to doe with the housing or lands to come upon it to dwell with then 
or eyther of Uiem at any time or times whatsoever Item I give unto nqf 
Son Humphr3re8 two daughter Elizabeth and Ann five pounds apeec After 
mine and my wives decease: Item I give unto my Son John deoeaad, Ui 
three dau^ters Sarah Susanah and Ann fourty pounds in monyee toencacf 
them after my decease and my wives, or twelve Acres of land to eaeh d 
them wiUiout the Stonn Wall, And it is my will that my exeeutriz aal 
executor shall have y disposing this land untill they ar of age Item I 
give unto my daughter Hannah Swett twenty pounds in currant pay to hm 
and her children that She had by Knott After mine and my wives deoeaB 
Item I giv unto my daughter Ann Nichalls twenty poundls in currant pay to 
her ana her children After mine and my wives decease I give untonqr 
Granddiilde John Boason, the house his mother now lives in and y« bad 
halfe an Apre be it more or less beloinging to y< sd house in marbleliead 
together with one cowes common in sd Towne after his mothers deoeaMy and 
his mother to hold it dureing her naturall life, and then to him and hisheinB 
forever I give unto my daughter Bethia twenty pounds in cunant paj 
to her and her chyldren I give unto my daughter Bethia Bartlet the land 
that her house stands upon and that part of the house which belonip to me^ 
with the garden and land to her and her chyldren for ever I give unto 
my daun^ter Em Peach sixtty pound in monyes or twentie Acree of laad 
Without the Stonn wall to her and her children. After mine and my wivw 
decease Item I give unto my deaie and loveing wife Ann Devereux d 
my lands housin or houses during her naturall life and ihea to my chiUnn 
as in my will exprest After her decease Lastly I Apoynte ... my 
deare and loveing wife Ann Devereux executrix And my Sonn Robert Dev- 
ereux executor. And whatsoever, I have not in this my last will And Testa- 
ment disposed of my Estate, I give to her my executrix. All my houadiouU 
gcKKls which in my dwelling house and all my catUe sheep hcKsea or hone 
Einde whatsoever that is mine to be at her dispose: Alsoe I leave all my 
land that is without the Stone wall in marblehead Ana all my land that is at 
Dunstable to pay debpts and Legasyes as in this my will is enireeed: Hub 
bmg now my last Will and testament given under my hand ad Seide 
"Sighned Seald in y presence of us 

of John 
Simum The mark x Devereux 

John X Waldren: Sen': S^ir (seal) 

Robart Bartlett Sener 

Jn** Blany: Sen»: 

Jn** Blany Jun': 

''And it is my will that my Execu- 
trix or Executor Shall have the desposing of all the estate of lands that I 
have gave unto my Sonn Humphrye Devereux his three Sonne untiU th^ or 
eyther of them shall bee at y Age of twenty one yeares 
"Jn^ Waldron Sen' 

Jn**. Blany Sen' 

Jn**. Blany Jun' Jurati May. 20. 95 before CoU**. Gedney. 
"proved approved & allowed." 

UKHq DeseendantB of John Devereux 117 

As has been stated above, the'Devereux farm, which John Dever- 
eoK had lawfully purchased, as he believed, in 1659, was claimed after 
hii death lyy Miabeth Barker of Deptford, England, dau^ter and 
hoff of Rev. Hugh Peters, and the recognition of this claim by Robert 
D a f yem: and his mother led to the drawing up of the following 
pBtitiops, which are imdated, but must have been presented not 
kfar then 30 Mar. 1704. 

of Anne Devorix of Marblehead widow of John Devorix late of 
and of Robert Devorix only surviving son of sd. John Devorix 
ta tbe Hon. John Appleton, Esq., Jud^ of Probate: sheweth that whereas 
}• Hid John Devorix was possessed of a considerable JParm being ye prindide 

rt of jfB estate left by said deceased, which farm was formeny purchased 
3P« deceased of Charles Gott as agent to Hugh Peters, deceased, who 
fMtanded to have full power to sell ye same but on the contrary it appearing 
Hit his ■nthori^ for sdling was not sufficient in ye least degree and Elisabeth 
BailDor alias Peters sending ample attumiship f uUy impowering her attumm 
to aril her father's lands which were lawfully desoBnded to her, as only 
to sd. Hush Peters & whereas your petitioners took ye best advice 
veoold of sucn as were skilled in ye law, who having perused ye papers 
fjgjnal grant to Mr. Hudi Peters infomied us that his heir would cer- 
trintsTieeover it, idiereupon I ye sd Robert Devorix was forced to nurehase 
' fimi again whereby ye chic^ part of sd. Estate left as aforesaia Is gone 
~ je surviving children wherefore pray that one of your petitioners, vii. 
Devorix might have power of administration granted him that so an 
may be taken ana what further may be needful done as near as 
be tothe wiD. 

Ami (her A mark) Devereux 
Robart Devoreux" 

f 'Vobert Devorix upon consideration that the joreater part of his father's 

* ^~"' hath been taken away by the heir of Mr. Hugh Peters who was prior 

Kt of that part taken, whereby it is impossible to fully discharge tibe 

in the will renounces his executorship of said will and prays for the 

consideration of the within petition. Witness: George Locker. 

The Court, having considered these petitions, appointed Robert 
Ik^Dsvoiiz" of Marblehead as administrator cum iedamento annexo 
Mi tiM estate of his father, Mr. John '^Devorix," late of Marblehead, 
[!'«id he gave a bond, dated 30 Mar. 1704, for £500, Jeremiah Neale and 
'hmfik Neale, both of Salem, being sureties. He was directed to 
Iriiig in an inventory of the estate at or before the first Monday of 
December, 1704, and to render an account of his administration at 
or before the first Monday of July, 1705. 
A statement filed by him on 26 July 1708, after his mother's death, 

''An aooo^ of y* Estate of John Deuourex Late of Marblehead deed Is as 
ioDoweth Vist- 

: to his farms in Marblehead yr^ he bought of M' Charles Oott a 
id agent to M^ Hugh Fetters & in Some considerable tyme after his 
the heires of the Said M' Hugh Fetters Came to my mother Mn 
An Deuourex A demanded possesion of y« aboues<^ farms Upon which 
demand my Said Mother aduised with all y rest of her Children then liueinc 
4 with many other f reinds whether she had better contest with v« Said 
Fstten heirs or deliuer them possesion who gaue her theire aduise that she 


118 Descendants of John Devereux [April 

should by noe means Contest the same with them at Law Soe my Hon- 
nored Mother Considering her own Unability & the aduise giuen her, Saw 
Cause to Lett the s^ heires of M^ Hugh Fetters take possesion 

«2diy To a Considerable Quantity of Land at Dunstable being all vacant 
And my Honnored Mother not being dead aboue three months iimo had the 
whole disposall & Improuement of it dureing her Life as may apeaie by my 
fathers wdl & the Said Land Lying out of tms County & a frontteere towne 
aganst the Enemy I am not Capeable at present to miJce any Just Valluation 
of it 

(i3diy Xo a Small house & Land Giuen in Said will with one Cowes Comon 
to John Bossen w^ was left in possesion with Said Bossens molJier who was 
to haue it Dureing her NaturaU Life as S<i will appeares & as I Conceiue I 
haue noe other acco^^ to giue of it 

«4thiy To a Small parceU of Land Giuen to Bethia Barttlett w^ her house 
Stands Upon & part of a house as p^ will appeares as I Conoeiues needs no 

"5^^ To my fathers personall Estate It was wholy Giuen to my Mother 
dureing her L^fe & at or before her death had full power to Dispose of it ft 
She haueing before her death disposed of it So I Conceiue that I as adniini»- 
strator Cum testamento annexe haue noe further to doe with it but to Giue 
your Honnor an acco^^ of It 

"to seuerall debts deue from the Estate of said Deuerex yett unknowne. 

Robart Deuereuz 

"Left upon file pr. Adm^ July 26. 1708 

attest Dani Rogers BeffJ 

On 25 Mar. 1712 the land of Mr. John "Deuerecks," St., m Dun- 
stable, was described as "a therty acer grante where as part is lakl 
out and the remainder may be laid out at the sucksers desier" ami 
was appraised at £25. It appears from the Dimstable records that 
John Devereux, Sr., was one of the proprietors of the town of Dun* 
stable, and that he and his son John had each a lot of land there. 
Children (in the order in which their names occur in tiifiir 
father's wUl) : 

2. i. ROBSBT.' 

ii. HuMPHBET, d. 31 Jan. 1689/90; m. Euiabbth . In his will, 

dated 31 Jan. 1689/90 and proved 24 June 1690, he meotionsinft 
Elisabeth and children Etizabelhf* John, Ann, Hwmtkny, and 
Ralph, the last-mentioned under fourteen 3rear8 of •«. and 
appoints his wife executrix. The witnesses were JohnWoodib 
Jonn Devereux, and Joseph Devereux. Hie inventonr of Ids 
estate, taken by John Blaney. Sr., and Robert BarUett aod 
returned 24 June 1690 by Elizabeth, widow and exscutriz, 
amounted to £53. 17s. 4d. 
3. iii. John. 

iv. Hannah, m. (1) Peteb Gbbenfocld, b. in 1633; m. (2) Richabd 
Knott, surgeon, who d. in 1684; m. (3) at MaiUehead, 8 May 
1708, John Swett. Children, all by second husband and all 
bapt. at Marblehead: 1. Richard, bapt. 19 June 1687. 2. Ha$mak^ 
bapt. 19 June 1687. 3. Elizabeth, bapt. 18 Sept. 1687. 4. 
Eleanor, b. in 1683; bapt. 19 June 1687; m. at Baaibldieiid, 38 
Apr. 1701, Thomas Martin, b. about 1675, d. before 22 Jan. itto.t 

*Se6 Hutorioal CcXUetioM of 0m J7«tex InttituU, vol. 4. p. 238. 

fHannah Martin, bapt. at Marblehead 8 July 1710, aeoond ohild of TbonuM and Fltanaff 
(Knott), m. at Marblehead, 20 Sept. 1710, Job Bumham; and their dau^tv, Sarah Bonlufli, 
bapi. 24 Aug. 1740, m. John Kimball and had many deeoendanta. Of. Hbtory of ilka Kimhall 

0] Descendants of John Devereux 119 

T. Ann, m. (1) Boasum; m. Nichols. Child by first 

husbAnd: 1. John, mentioned in the will of his grandfather, John 
Bnthia, m. about 1680 John Babtleit. Children: 1. Betina, b. 
about 1681; m. at Marblehead, 15 Oct. 1700. Robert Martin 2. 
FaUhful, b. about 1683; d. 10 Jan. 1748/9, in his 66th year; m. 
at Marblehead, 31 Oct. 1706, his first cousin, Ann' Derereuz (3, iii), 
q. v., dau. of John and Susannah (Hartshorn); four children 
Iride infra, 3. iii). 3. WtUiam, b. about 1685; m. at Marblehead, 

9 May 1709, Mary Andrews; had William, b. at Marblehead 26 
Mar. 1710, bapt. there 26 Oct. 1712, and Mary, bi^t. at Marble- 
head 14 Dec. 1712. 

Eifiix, b. about 1657; d. at Marblehead 17, 4 mo. 1737, aged 80; m. 
before 1680 William Pkach of Marbleh^, d. 10 June 1713; md 
63 years, 2 months. 8 days, s. of John. Jr., and Alice of Marble- 
head. Children, all bapt. at Marblenead 19 June 1687, when 
their mother was admitted to the church: 1. John, m. at Marble- 
head, 30 Nov. 1700. Sarah Stacey of Salem, b. 17 Jan. 1683, dau. 
of William and Pnscilla. 2. Thomas, d. 9 Sept. 1731, anid 50; 
m. at Marblehead. 14 Dec. 1704, Mary Coes. 3. Wimam. d. 

10 May 1735, aged 51 years, 7 months, 20 dajrs; m. at Marble- 
head, 4 Jan. 1710/11, Sarah Elkins of Lvnn, who d. 13 Oct. 1752, 
aged 65 years, 7 months, 13 days. 4. Hannah, m. (1) at Marble- 
head, 9 Jan. 1710/11. John CaUey, who was bur. 1 Mar. 1727/8; 
m. (2) at Marblehead, 19 Feb. 1728/9, Samuel Waters.* 

• BoBSBT* Deyebextx (Johu^), of Marblehead, died before 22 Dec. 
1740, when he was mentioned as deceased in a deed between 
his son Humphrey and his other children. He married 
Hannah Blanet of Lyim, bom 11 Nov. 1667, daughter of 
Mm, who was bom in England in 1627, settled at Lynn in 
1659, and married, 11 July 1660, Hannah King, daughter of 

Robert Devereux retained possession of the Devereux farm, 
which he had been obliged to purchase again from the heir of 
Rev. Hugh Peters (vide supra), until 1 Apr. 1729, when, "for 
the amicable settlement of this estate," and in consideration 
of security given to him by his sons for a pa3rment of £80 
annually to him and his wife during their lifetime, he conveyed 
tiie land to his sons John, Robert, Humphrey, and Ralph, and 
to his daughters Sarah, Enmie, and Hannah. 

L JpfiBPH,' mentioned in the wiU of his grandfather, John DeTereux, 
who aave him ''twenty Acres of land within y Stonn wall, 
probably d. before 1 Apr. 1729, as he is not mentioned in the deed 
of that date from his father, Robert Devereux, to the latter's 
other children. 

4 iL John. 

fluin. RoBXBT. 


7. T. Ralph. 

▼L Sarah, living 22 Dec. 1740; m. William Wallis. who d. before 17 
Sept. 1725. Child: 1. Emma. bapt. at Marblehead 2 May 1731. 

▼iL Emms, m. at Marblehead, 8 Feb. 1713/14, William Davis. Chil- 
dren, both bapt. at Marblehead 26 Nov. 1727: 1. Hannah, 2. 
Joseph, who joined in a deed to his uncle, Humphrey Devereux 
(6), 21 Dec. 1741, and signed his name ''Joseph Davies." 

▼iiL Hahnah, m. at Marbleh^, 9 May 1723, Stephsn Chafman; both 

CL BaMRBB. voL M, pp. 278-270. 

120 De9eendanU of John Devereux [ApA 

were liying 22 Dec. 1740. ChildreiL bapt. at Marblehead: 1. 
Hannah, bapt. 19 Nov. 1727; probaoly d. young. 2. Stepkmif 
bNH>t. 19 Nov. 1727; m. at Marblehead, 24 Nov. 1748, Sanh 
Staoey. 3. John, bapt. 31 Dec. 1727; m. at Marblehea(L7 June 
1750. Elisabeth Brown. 4. Hannah, bapt. 9 Aug. 1790. & 
Damd, bapt. 24 Sept. 1732. 6. Bmma, bapt. 23 F^b. 1734/5; 
m. at Marblehead, 18 Dec. 1766, Joseph Rhoada. 

3. John* Dbysbbux (Johny) is mentioned as deceased in the wiD of 
his father, dated 4 Sept. 1693. He married Susannah Hasoi- • 
HOBN, bom at Reading 2 Mar. 1659/60, died at Watertown 5 ! 
May 1718, daughter of Thomas and Susannah of Beadinif. } 
She married secondly, at Marblehead, 10 Jan. 1694/5, Stepliaa f 
Parker of Andover. In the records of the First Qmm df I 
Marblehead is the entry: ''Susanna Devereux, a child of ikB f 
Church of Reading, was admitted to full Communion in Um f^ 
Church, 2 Feb. 1689." ? 

Children, mentioned in the will of thdr grandf ather, Jolrn ^^ 
Devereux: ^^ 

i. Sasah/ m. about 1700 JoBBPH Abbott. ChildreiL bMit. at MiililH ^ 
head: 1. Susanna, bapt. 10 Aug. 1701. 2. John, bapt. 81 Oot :l^ 
1703. 3. Sarah, bapt. 30 Mar. 1707. 4. Mary, bapt. 2i Am. % 
1709. 5. Ann, bapt. 11 Feb. 1710/11. 6. Joseph, ba|it. 15 Mif ij 
1713. 7. Hannah, bapt. 24 Apr. 1715. ^ 

ii. Susannah, m. at Marblehead, 29 Oct. 1706, Jonas DmaoB, 

was the esreoutrix of his will in 1751. Childreii, bapt aft Ito _ , 
head: 1. James, b. 7 Feb. 1708. 2. Susanna, bapt. 23 Apr. ITIi. \ 
3. Sarah, bapt. 11 May 1712. 4. Jonas, bapt. 26 S^ 1714. IL^ 
Desereuz, bapt. 30 June 1717; m. at Marblehead, 2i Aac. 1911^ ^ 
Sarah Bowden. 6. John, hvpt. 19 Apr. 1719. 7. Hatmak^het^rZ 
9 Apr. 1721. 8. JffZuotM^. bapt. 3 Mar. 1722/3. h 

iiL Ann, bapt. at Marblehead 24 Aug. 1690; m. at Marhlehead ttifi 
Oct. 1706, her first cousin, Fatthful BABTLmrr (1. vif 2)| 1>. tmm^%l 
1683, d. 10 Jan. 1748/9, in his 66th year, s. of John and Bdhhl 
(Deirereux). ChUdren: 1. Belhia (twin), b. at MarMwhsad ^^■ 
Sept. 170—; d. 21 June 1748 (sic, 7 1742), in her 85th jmt; W^ 
at Marblehead, 4 Oct. 1726, Robert Hooper. 2. BHapheA (limbjhi 
b. at Marblehead 3 Sept. 170—; m. at B&arfolehead, 4 Anf. IMi^ 
Henry Hooper. 3. Humphrey, b. at Marblehead 8 Jan. 1710: mJ^ 
at Beverly, 20 July 1731. Lydia Woodbmv of Beveriy. 4. AsmJ(^ 
.b. about 1718; m. at MarbleheadL 20 Feb. 1738. Qeom MiBMa 
march, b. at Marblehead 19 July 1709, s. of Joaepii and SaHMHH^^ 
(Fowle). • 

(To be continued] ^ 



liKiO] A New England Temple of Honor 121 


By Hon. Jambb Phinnet Baxter, A.M.. Litt. D., 
Pkwdent of the New England Historic Genealogical Society 

OF THB New England Histobic Genealogical So- 
oxTT, Ladies and Gentlebcen: 

We have assembled to celebrate the seventy-fifth anniversary of 
Society in this Pilgrim year, so fraught with precious memories 
€f an event the most important in the annals of New England save 
tihe hiwHng of Winthrop, and which will prove to be an aclmowledged 
iMIJmlion to the world if we are able to live up to the ideals of our 
iwefathpfs; hence I may be pardoned for repeating the trite saying 
ttat history is but the record of God's providence, as its repetition 
flannot fail to be useful until it takes its place among the self-evident 
tratlw of the human mind. 

In the history of nations there is none in which this truth is more 

appaient than in our own, since never before has there been a like 

epportunity afforded to develop a form of government in which the 

aspiiations of men could find free play. In the Old World 

governments, devised for the aggrandizement of a privi- 

daas, have been instrumental in submerging many of their 

task aobjectSi which checked their growth and impaired their stability. 

James Stuart succeeded EUzabeth Tudor in the royal govem- 

of England, he brought with him ill-conceived theories of govern- 

which contributed largely toward precipitating the great revo- 

fataon m which his son was brought to the block and England made a 

nffukXic. Elisabeth had been autocratic enough, but she had been 

w e lj f restrained by that greatest of English statesmen, William Cecil, 

! vlile her successor came under the influence of lesser men, who 

rijgred upon the weak points which he so conspicuously displayed. 

ffii CBKearBioiis into the fields of theological controversy, bnngmg him 

ixmtact with sectarians of extreme views, stimulated his zeal to 

his own opinions, and, as dissent from the more rigid and 

artifidal forms of doctrine was increasing, he adopted the unwise 

poiiQr of expatriation, which resulted in the ever memorable landing 

on rljrmoutn Rock, the Winthrop colony, and the founding of New 


Never in the history of any country has so remarkable a body 
of men as the Pilgrims and the Puritans been so providentially 
brought together to build a nation; for, whatever may be said to the 
OQQtnuy, history makes evident the fact that the spirit of New 
England is the true Americanism which is to-day the spirit of the 
Natkm, for it has been aptly said of these pioneers that God sifted the 
belt seed of Old England for planting New Eng^d. 

In this hearing it hardly seems proper to eulogize these men; they 
need no'etUogy here. For some time, and especially during the 
put year, there has been a persistent attempt to defame and belittle 

ddhrwtd in Focd Hall. Aahbnrton PUoe, Boston. 18 Mar. 1990. at the oelebratioii of 
aanlfiiMiy of tho iaeorporation of tho Now EnglanH Hklorio Gonoalocieal 

122 . A New England Temple of Honor [April 

the Pilgrim and the Puritan, who together rightly earned the title of 
New England's Founders. Certainly their descendants do not desiie 
to exaggerate the virtues of their ancestors. They would, however, 
shield them from misrepresentation. 

That they wrought faithfully under hardships and privatioiiB to 
lay the f oimdation of a great conmionwealth we have the evideaoBi 
about us after nearly three centuries. If they sometimes made mis- 
takes, their accomplishments cast their errors into the shade, and 
these should not be dragged forth by carping critics to obscure their 

The institutions of learning, in which we class not only our schooky 
our colleges, and churches, but our antiquarian, historical, and gaoBBr 
logical societies, wiU see to the preservation of the true historv of 
the b^nningR of our national history, and none other more faithndjljr 
n this 

than this Society, whose foimders had this single object in 

study and preservation of the memories of &08e whose spirit has 

stamped itself ineffaceably upon the consciousness of New Wn|^nd> 

The memory 6{ these men, whose ideal was the creation of a eom- 
monwealth in which all men loyal to God and the brotheriiood of maa 
should enjoy imder His providence civil Uberty and the e x e r cM e of 
the rights of private conscience, is especially precious to this Sode^. 
Three years ago, as you know, I advocated the erection of a memorial 
building or Temple of Honor, to commemorate them on this tat* 
centenary of the landing at Plymouth. Several meetings were hdd to 
' discuss the subject, but the great World War broke upon us, and ft 
was found impossible to carry out the project at this time. 

Though it is evident that a memorial building in honor of the 
Fathers of New England cannot be erected for some time to come, ft is 
certain that it will be at a future day, and I am calling the attentioo 
of this Society to the subject on this, as it seems to me, most fittiiig 
occasion, that it may be recorded and serve as a reminder of its 
importance to those who wQl succeed us. 

This Society, I know, will of necessity lead in this great work, and 
its accomplishment will be of incalculable importance to the pec^ib 
of New England, and, reflectively, to the Nation, many of whon 
ideals derived from the Fathers of New England have inqxred it in 
achieving its present position among the nations of the wtxUL Tbe 
men who in the early part of the seventeenth century landed oo our 
North American shores were men of vision, animated by a great 
purpose* the founding of conmionwealths, and their desoendantB, 
inheriting the virtues of their fathers, biased a path throof^ tiie vast 
wilderness which barred their way to the West, until tbej readied 
the golden gates of the Pacific, and made it possible to exdaim: 

"No f^nt-up Utica contimct? our poffreffs. 
For tbe whole hoimdlMS contizietit is cun^'* 

Thetse men. with hearts throbbing with the blood of the Flalhen 
of New En^and. and insf^ned by their ideals, have given to the Nation 
many of its noblest characteristics, which must be cheris h e d and pte- 
j^erred if it is tq lead as the ejcemplar of liberty. Justice, and Brother- 
hood among the nations of the world. But to accompliah this these 
d<tM^endants of New England fathers must be imited m the purpose 

1820] A New England Temple of Honor 123 

niuoh three centuries ago animated the men in the Uttle cabin of the 
MmgfUnweTf when they signed their names to that remarkable declarar 
tkm of principles which gave vitality to our national constitution. 
We have reached a period when without the cooperation of the 
milliniiB who bear the blood of the Founders of New England our 
U^ hopes for the future welfare of this country may fail of fruition. 
Tlie pdh<7 of this Society should be to encourage this union. 

Let us r^ect upon what has happened since the day when we 
adueved our independence, and threw wide our gates wil^ an aU too 
g me i ou s impulse of hospitality. Actuated by a laudable ambition to 
better their condition, vast niunbers of the people of all parts of the 
WQtld, who had been oppressed by too exacting laws, flocked to our 
dKmSy many of them valuable additions to our population. Among 
tfasm, however, were many who, unfit to avail themselves of the bless- 
iiB of feeegovemment, have proved to be a menace to the Nation's 
welfare. These advocates and supporters of theories attractive to 
latniiiyd minds, if not checked, may be the cause of a destructive 
levolution. ^ How can this be met successfully? The only answer is, 
fagr instruction in the principles which actuated the men and women 
1^ laid the foundations of these free commonwealths, whose prin- 
cqiks have been wrought into our national constitution, which 
marchiflts and their aUies would destroy and substitute in its place a 
dung of their own, in which License would take the place of Liberty, 
Ghas Favoritism the place of Equality, and the Nullification of 
Property Sights the place of Justice. During the past few years we 
have been receiving a larger percentage thim ever before of imde- 
naUe immigrants, and now that the war ha23 closed, the nations 
in it will hold back their able men and burden us with the 
and feeble unless Congress puts up sufficient barriers against 
tiMOiy which it is imlikely to do. « 

To the men whom dangerous theorists are daily making their dupes 
the history of the Founders of our Nation is a closed book, and I 
believe that the most effective way to deprive the dangerous advo- 
cates of false theories of government of an audience is to instruct the 
minformed in the principles of those who created the early history of 
our country. Our churches, our schools, all our philanthropic 
are doing good work in this field, but they cannot sufficiently 
the uninstructed masses of our varied population. They 
mnBt be reached by readier means; and few will deny that a building 
ndi as I have advocated would not only be a pious tribute to our 
forefathers but a most effective method of instruction to the masses 
iriio would throng its pictorial halls, which would visualize to them 
not only those who devoted their Uves to making here a refuge for the 
o pprc B Qcd of all lands, but the striking events of our history. Such a 
temple would exert an educational influence upon the uninstructed of 
incalculable worth. 

Of course you will agree that sucli a structure should be of imposing 
diaiBcter, emphasizing the worthiest expression of strength, dignity, 
and simidicity ; that it should be built of material from New Eli^land 
quarries, wrought by the hands of New England people, and adorned 
hj the skill of New England artists; and that upon its walls should be 

124 Master Taie'a Diary [April 

pictorially recorded the chief events of New England history — the 
hnding at Plymouth, at Cape Ann, at Salem, at Boston, the geDesb 
ot Rhode Island, Vermont, New Hwipshire, Connecticut, and Maine. 
In fact, this building should not only be a memorial of New England's 
benefactors and a credit to its builders, but it should also be a mcmu- 
ment to the skill and art of New England in the twentieth century. 
^ I submit this to you, my friends, and to our successors, who in due 
time, I have full faith, will carry out this plan with such modification 
as they may deem wise. 


Fbom a manuscript in the possession of the New England Hibiobic 

Genealogical Societt 

[Continued from page 50] 

Mbmorandums of Sundry TmNOs. 
Viz. Dbaths, Mabriaobs, Disasters Ac. 

Wo. Hannah Seates of Berwick IVd Mar 1769. 

Saturday ni^t Mar. 25. 1769 The Revd. Mr. Jonathan Cushion of Dover. 

Dftvid Vamey's House at Tufton Town Burnt March ye 10th 1769 
Wed. Mar. 15th. Collo. Jonathan Moulton of Hampton Falls House Burnt 
Mar. 25th 1769. Ebenezer Husseys Rome Burnt a Doubtas Falls. 
Mar. 25th 1769. Mr. Joseph Cutt's house of Kitter^ Burnt aut Spmee Cieek. 
Biar. 1769. The \'^dow Harford Mother of Nicholas Harford of Dover 

Tuesday April 4. 1769 Otes Vamey of Somersworth Dy'd Suddenly. 
Saturday April 7. 1769 Mr. James Kennv of Somersworth Dy'd. 
Monday Ami 3. 1769. Mr. Thos. Goodwin of the Lower End of Berwick 

Dy'd (Henry Goodwins Father.) 
Saturday Nif^t April 8. 1769 Mr. John Hodsdon of Berwick Dy'd. Suddeoly. 
Thursday April 13. 1769 Eiekiel Vamey of Dover Dy'd Sudden^ being TUcen 

Hmd, bpeechlefls and Deaf in his Shop. 
Saturday April ye 29 1769 Silvanus Nock Dy'd. 
Wednesday May 3rd 1769 Mr. Samuel Hussey of Somersworth Married to 

Mercnr Evans Dauf^ter of Joseph Evans of Dover. 
Tuesday May 16 1769 A Bloody FJngagment fou^dit between Koulican 4^ 

ye Grand Seignior, aut Israel Pierce & Richa. Boyce ye Victory not 

Tuesday May 16 1769 A Deuel Between 2 Brothers Vis. Francis ft Bidid. 

Wednesday Bilay 17th. 1769 A Combat between a Gaul ft a Molatto Vis. 

Tbo&. Noble ft Richd. Boyce ye former Gaind ye Victory. 
Friday May 19. 1769 Mrs. Charity Shorey wife of Mr. Jos. Shorey of Kt- 

tery E^d Suddenly. She was Solomon Hoopers Dau^ter of Berwick. 

Iflaq Master Taie'a Diary 125 

Mom about 7 o ih Clock May 21. 1769. Capt. James Hobbs of 

Sdmenworth Dy'd. Buried on Wednefiday 24. 
Tamiaj Mom about 6 o the Clock May 30. 1769. Elisha Stacpole son 

ofMr. Joshua Stacpole Junr. Dv'd. Buried on Wed. 31. 
Mmj 29th 1769 A Molatto fellow called Dick Boyce wajr Laid larael Pieroa, 

Patched him hy ye throat & would have lolled hun had he not been 

nreivented by Wm. Brock & others. 
SoiMU^ Jmie ye 4th. 1769 Mr. Robert Archibald's wife of Berwick Dy'd. 

Buried on Monday 5th. 
Monday June ye 12. 1769 John Stevens Son of David & Sarah Stevens 

Sonday Mom June ye 18. 1769. Mr. Peter Key of Berwick Dy'd 
Wednesday Jime ye 21st. 1769 Mr. Paul Wentworth of Somersworth Married 

to Mrs. Mary Higgins of Berwick. 
Wed. June ye 2l8t. 1769 Mr. Jdbeoh Kicker's Joseph Split one of his thumbs 

and <Mie John Wh[i0oml of Lebanon Broke his Leg, & one Elis. Stillians 

her arm out ci Jomt. 
Saturday June ye 24. 1769 One Pat Murphy at Somersworth was up for 

Stealing a Bag of Sugar from James Gamn Junior taken pr. [loom] Moses 

Teaton Sherm. He was bom in Ireland. 
Monday June ye 26. 1769. Charles Grant Sat up for himself in ye Shop that 

was his Masters. (Otes Vamey of Somersworth Deed.) 
Thnr. June ye 29. 1769 Mr. Tssachar Damm Married to Judith Nook. 
Novendwr 22. 1769. Mr. Samuel Henderson Married to Mrs. Dorothy 

FridaT June ye 30th. 1769. Mr. George Ricker of Somersworth Djr'd. 
MoDoay June ye 26. 1769. Mrs. Downing Woodmans Son ft Mrs. Sheep- 
leys Negro of Eittery were Drownd. 
Monday June ye 26. 1769 Mrs. Dorcas Bradford of Portsmouth Djr'd. 

AjBBd75 3rrs. 
flatarwr July ye Ist. 1769. Mrs. Patience Ham wife of Benja. Ham of Dover 

Satamy Jul;r ye Sih. 1769. Mr. Saml. [iM>m]ord 3ds Schooner Belonging 
to Berwick was Seizd at PortsmouUi in ye Kings Behalf by Robert 
TVsill. Informers a Grecian [warn] Coffin. Two Rogues. — ^Tieheam 

Monday July 17. 1769 Mr. Thomas Roberts son of Mr. Joshua Roberts of 
Somenworth DVd. Buried on Tuesday 18. 

July 4. 1769 Caleb Lord's time of Apprentiship out with his Master Lieut 
SamL Roberts of Somersworth. 

IbsMky July ye 25. 1769 Job Roberts Son of Job Roberts Deed, of Somers- 
worth Pyd. Buried of [nc] Thursday 27. 

Souby Niajit July 30th 1769 Mr. James Hobbs had a number of thin^i 
Stcdn by some Infernal person or persons as, Sheets Shirts Shifts m. 
and Sundry things of Betty Chadwick's. 

TWsday Nidit Agust ye 1st. 1769 Mr. Wm. Plaistead Junr. of Somersworth 
Married to Anne Ford Dauditer of Mr. Jno. Ford of Berwick • . • 

TVnadaj niglit Aug. 1st. 1769 Mr. William C^wick of SomerswcMrth Mar- 
ried to Mrs. Eliiabeth Goodwin of Berwick Dau^ter of Elisha and 
Sarah Goodwin Deed. 

Wad. Aug. 2. 1769. Mr. David Moore of Berwick Launched a Shm whioh 
he Built f(ff Supnly C3ap of Portsmouth ye 1st. Ship built up Newidi- 
wanniok river, fiuflt by Joeeph Field of Eittery Shipwri^t. Ist. Ship 
Built up ye River Since mv being in Somersworth. 

Wad. AuEi 9. 1769 BenJa MoUoy an Irishman Man Belonging to Portt* 
moutliy was PiOoryd and Whipd for a Rape . . . 

Nor. S. 178S. Jno. Gair Py'd. 

126 Master TcU^a Diary [April 

Friday Aug. 4. 1769 Edmund Roberts Saild in ye Brig lAurel for Barnstable 

bis Brother Josiah went wiUi him ye 1st. Voyage of Josiah's Going. 
Thursday Aug. 10 1769 Mrs. Ann Amey wife of Mr. Abram Amey of Somen" 

worth Dy'd. 
Aug. 22. 1769. Mr. Giles Seawards at Somersworth Dy'd. 
Aug. 23. 1769 Margaret Hanson wife of Mr. Ephraim Hanscm of Dotv 

DVd. She was ye only Daughter of Cap. Abraham Lord of Berwiek. 
Wed. Sep 12. 1769 One Danl. Jacobs of Durluun had his Leg Broke [wnti 

wheel run over it between Mr. Charles Bakers & Mr. B^a. VameyB. 
Sunday Sep. 17. 1769 Lydia Hill Dy'd Wife of Isaac Hill & Sister (d Ensign 

Joseph Roberts of Dover. 
Sep. 20 1769 Saml. Twombly [another entry, crossed out, reads of Rochester] 

Tuesday Night Oct. ye 3rd. 1769. The Lower Mill at Sahnon Falls Somen- 

worth Sde Burnt Mr. Isaac Wentworth & Enoch Wentworth Sawd part 

of ye night & Left her. 
October ye 19 1769 Mr. Jno. Twombly of Dover Married to Mrs. Sarah 

Twombly of Somersworth Daughter of Ensn. Benja. Twomldy of 

Somersworth Deed. 
Thursday Oct. ye 26. 1769 The Lower Mills Sahnon Falls Somerswmth 

Side Raised again. Framd pr. Mr. James Roberts. 
Saturday Oct. 28. 1769 Theodore Atkinson Junr. Esq. Dyd. Interred on 

Nov. 1st. His Widow's Maiden Name was Fanny Wentworth Dau^^ 

of Mr. Saml. Wentworth of Boston & own Cousin to Theodore Atldnson 
^ Deed. & own Cousin to this present Governor Jno. Wentworth Ebq. 
Tbis present Governor Jno. Wentworth Esq. was Married to his Cousin 

Atkinson widow of Theodore Atkinson Junr. Esq. on Saturday Novem- 
ber ye 11th 1769. 
Mr. John Tucker Married to Mrd. Molly Wentworth Daughter of Mr. Mark 

Wentworth of Somersworth Deed, on Monday Night November ye 

13th. 1769. 
Thursday Nov. 23rd. 1769. Wm. Chadwick's wife Delivered of 2 Daug^ten. 

Viz. MoUy & Betty. 
Mr. Bartholomew Wentworth & Mrs. Ruth Hall were Married on Wednes- 
day Nov. 22nd. 1769. 
Mr. William Grant & Mrs. Mary Wentworth Married on Thursday Novem- 
ber 23. 1769. 
Mr. Paul Ford & Mrs. Abigail Ricker Married on Thursday November ye 

23. 1769 
Mr. Nicholas Wentworth & Mrs. Abigail Hammock Married on Thursday 

Nov. ye 23rd. 1769. [This entry is crossed out with a different vnk and 

marked Rong.] 
Mr. Jethro Heara ft Mrs. Sarah [iUegihle] Married on Thursday Nov. 23ld. 

Mr. William Hall & Mrs. Lydia Wentworth Married on Thursday Dee. 7th. 

Wed. Dec. 13. 1769 Mr. George Walton of Newington Dy'd. 
Mr. Spencer Wentwortii Junr. and Mrs. Sarah Stiles Married on Tlmnday 

December ye 14th. 1769. 
Madam Hannah Atkinson Consort to the Honble Theodore Atkinson Esq. 

Dyd on Dec. ye 1769. 
Sunday Dec. 24. 1769 Mr. Benja. Abbott Married to Mrs. Sarah Chadwick 

of Somersworth. 
Mondav Dec. 25. 1769 Mr. Stephen Hardison of Berwick Dy'd. 
Mr. John Tebbets of Somersworth Married to Betty Gooddle of Wdls cm 

Thursday Feb. 8th. 1770. 

1920] Master Tate'a Diary 127 

Febu 10. 1770 Sarah Wentworth wife of Ebenezer Wentworth of Somersworth 

Jan. 17th 1770 The Revd. Saml. Drown of Portsmouth Dy'd. 

Ffb. 72. 1770 John Eni^t Esquire of Newington D/d. 

lU). 28. 1770. Mrs. Abigail Garland ^V^e of Ebenezer Garland of Somers- 

FA. 28. 1770 Gap. Dudley Watson of Dover Dy'd. 
Monday March 26. 1770. Mr. Rlchd. Kenny of Dover Dy'd. 
niday March 30. 1770. Mr. Danl Drowns of Berwicks Leg Broke. 
FMday April ye 6th. 1770. Mr. John Tebbets's Shop Burnt. 
[IFom] ye 7th 1770. Mrs. AbigaU Miller Dy'd. 
Wed. April ve 11th. 1770. Mr. Jos. Tate Junr. Married to Mrs. Esther Cole. 

Mazrya by Jno. Plumer Esq. at Rochester. 
Kiday April ye 13th. 1770 Mr. Ichabod Rollins Junr. of Somersworth 

RaiBQ a New House Fram'd by James Roberts. 
Monday April ye 16. 1770 Mr. Robert Archibald Married to ve Wo. Lord 

of Benrick. Thos. Lord Deceasd's Widow. The same Night ye Middle 

ySSi on Salmon Falls Berwick side Catch'd fire k had like to have burnt 

Monday Ni^t April ye 16. 1770 Garlands Mill at Lebanon Burnt. 
Tapin Wentworth Son of Cap William Wentworth of Somersworth dy'd on 

April ye 9. 1768 
Mrs Patience Wentworth Wife of Ensn. Saml. Wentworth of Somersworth ft 

my Wife whose Maiden Name was Eliz. Saunders was Bom on April ye 

2/L N. S. 1721. 
April ye. 16. 1770 Mrs. AbigaU Treadwell Dy'd ^is 58. yrs. 
Apri. 17. 1770 Mr. Jacob Treadwell Husband of ye aforsaid Abigail Treadwell 

Dy'd JE^ 62 years. 
May 7. 1770. Mr. Etherington Heart of Berwick Dy'd. 
May 1770 Thos. Wentworth Son of Moses Wentworth Lost in the woods 

at Tufton Town wherein after being out in the woods k in bad weathr. 

with heavy Thundr. & lightneg & Living only on Berrys was Taken up 

ye 17. day 
Mav 1770. Friend Joseph Estes of Dover Dy'd. 
Eriday April 13th. 1770 Mr. William Hall Rais'd a house Frame at a place 

Oall'd ye Beech Ridge [worn] Berwick Side. 
Saturday June ye 2. 1770 Mrs. Willey wife of Saml. WiUey Junr. Tufton 

Tufton ^pTwMy irUendedfor Tufton Town] was Delivered of a Daughter 

Nam'd Lydia at her Fathers. Mr. Willm. Stiles's of Somersworth 
Tuesday June ye 12th. 1770 Esq Benja. Chadboum of Berwick Rais'd a New 

House A Bam. 
Simday June ye 24. 1770 I was abus'd & Smitten by that Notorious Wlain 

Dick Turpin Alias Benja. Evans . . . 
Tuesday June ye 26 1770 1 was Violently Smitten & abused by that Eminent 

Tmef Patrick Miu*phy ye Thief yt Stole James Garvm Juniors bag 

of Sugar also abus'a my wife in a Barbarous Manner, abus'd me worse. 
Friday June 29 1770 James Garvin Junior Sail'd Master of ye Brig Grey- 
hound for ye West Indies. ' 
Wednesday July 4th. 1770 A Woman named of Hang'd herself. 
Monday July 9th 1770 An Honourable present made to ye Town of Somers- 
worth by ye Worshipful Thos. Wallingford Esq. Collo. Wallingford 

(A Town Bell. 
Tlniisday July 12. 1770 The Wo. Sarah Wentworth of Somersworth dy'd 

JEstiB 91 years. She was Mother to Capt. William Wentworth of 

Wednesday July 11th. 1770 Sarah Tebbets Daughter of Mr. Wm. & Mrs. 

128 Master Taie's Diary [April 

Maiy Tebbets of Somersworth Dy^d* Aged 4 vtb 3 MontliB A 9 Dagn. 

Thuraday July 19. 1770 a Fast call'd at Somersworai on Aoct. of ye pwint 
Dtouc^t & Judgment of the numberless worms ye Lord has Sent amoiip 
us for our t^ckeckiess. Toward Evening came on Heavy Thunder « 
li^tning witii Violent Wmds with heavy but blessed Refreshing Rain 
which continued ye chief of ye Night ye Tiightning kUl'd 13 Sheep 
belonging to Jos. Tebbets of Rochester. 

Wed. July 18th. 1770 Mr. Aaron Stacpole Rais'd a New Bam Fram'd pr. 
Mr. Daniel Goodwin. 

Wed. July 18. 1770 Elijah Bunker Rais'd a New house near Ebenenr. Clem- 

Monday July ye 23. 1770 Mr. Reuben Tebbets Married to Mis. Betty 
Carr Da^c^ter of Dr. Moses Can* of Somersworth. 

The Year 1770 Remarkable for Vast Quantities of Worms ResemUing 
Caterpillars which came out of ye Ground Destroying ye Grass. Eataig 
up ye Grass as Close as if Mown & Leaving nothing but ye Stalk ol ye 

Hamj^n Sunday July 22. 1770 We hear yt on Said day as pr above Meo- 
tion yt Just as Meeting on ye other side Broke up came on heavy 
Thundr. A T.ight.ning which Strook ye Steeple & Shatter'd it mndL 

Monday A^. 6th. 1770 Mr. Josiah Richardson of Dover Married to Ifa. 
Mary Fhilpot of Somersworth. 

Saturday Auff. 11th. 1770 Friend William Horn of Dover Dy^d- 

Portsmouth Sep. 4. 1770. Mr. Joshua Wentworths Store broke open. A Loet 
out of the same in money A Goods to the Value of 200£ Lawfull Monqr. 
The Thieves Na[u)om] are as follows Viz. from Portsmouth Gaiette 
Sep. 14. 1770. Mention yt Wed. Last was brou|^t to Town bom 
Boston ye 2 Two thieves vis. Cotterel and Badger, who were TaktB 
up by ye Watch Last Sunday Ni|^t. 

Friday Sep. 7. 1770 Mr. Nathaniel Wentworth's House of Middletown Bamt 

Tliursday afternoon Sep. 13. 1770 One of Lieut. Moses Yeaton's Bams part 
full of h^ was Burnt down, Supposed to be set on fire by bis Ncpo 
Wench; (Violet.) 

Thursday Sep. 13th. 1770 Mr. James Clements Married to Mrs. Saimh Ridwr 
Daujditer of Mr. Ephraim Ricker of Somersworth. 

MondaySep. 17th. 1770 Mr. John Pike of Sommersworth Married to Ifias 
Martha Trevett of Old York. 

Monday Sep. 17. 1770 Mr. James Foye Junr. of Berwick Married to Wm 
Mary Lord pr. ye Revd. James Pike of Somersworth. 

From the New Hamps. Gazette Friday Sep. 28. 1770. Salem Sm. 35. Wm 
Naamah Leech of Beverly, who was in this Town a few daye nee, 
excited ye curiosity of numbers to see her as a very RemaricablelnBtanee 
of Dwarfish stature being only about 25 inches m Hei|^th. She is £2 
years of age. 

The Revd. Georoe Whitefield Dy'd Suddenly of a Fit of the asthma at tbs 
Revd. Jonathan Parsons's at Newbury on Sunday Sep. 30. 1770 and wae 
Decently Interrd on Tuesday Oct. 2nd Under ye Pulpit of ye Revd. 
Jonathan Parsons's Meeting house. Funeral Sermon preadiVl 1^ ye 
Revd. Temple of Boston. Text 

Benning Wentworth Esq. former Govemour of the Province of New TT^»npf 
IVd on Sunday about 6 o Clock Evening Oct. 14. 1770 in ye 7Mi. 
Year of his age. his Rems. were Interred on Friday Oct. 10. 

Oct. 22. 1770. Dn. Hubbard Stevens of Durham Dy^d. 

Saturday Nig^t Oct. 20. 1770 Caleb Wakeham of Durham periah'd m ye 
Storm Supposed to be much in Liquor. 

Oct. ye 1770 Capt. [toom] Demerit of Durham Dy'd. 

lUiq Master Tate's Diary 139 

Oet aoth. 1770. Mrs. MoUy Hovey WUe of Dr. Ivory Hovmr of 

News to ye Printer. Looking; over some Old papers, I found ye 
foDowiDg, which I suppose had Laid by me thi6 fifty Years. I am, At. 

Frt>. 10. 1650, all the persons named in ye following strange Genealocr 
wwe then living at Feversham in Kent excepting only ye former wSe 
ol Old Cashick. — Old Hawood had 2 Daughters by his first wife, of 
wbkik ye Eldest was Married to Jno. Cashick ye Son, & ye Yomunst 
was Married to John Cashick ye Father. This Cashick the Fath^had 
a Daughter by his First wife, whom Old Hawood Married, & by her had 
a floUy therefore Cashick ye fathers Second wife could say as follows. 
Father is my son, & I mv Mother's Mother, 
Sister is my Daughter, I m Grandmother to Brother. 
Wednesday Nov. 14. 1770 Mr. Samuel Ham Married to Mrs. Sarah Garvin 
of Somonworth Daughter of Capt. James A Sarah Garvin of Somem- 

Nbv. 15. 1770 Mr. Ebenezer Nock Married to Mrs. Elisabeth Garland of 

8e|i. 27. 1770 Mr. Ezra Hacket of Canterbury Married to Mrs. Hannah 
Haistead of Somersworth. 

BodieBler John Roberts strayd from his Family on Tuesday Mom Nov. 
20. 1770 was found Dead on Saturday Dec. 1st 1770 found on ye Lot 
ol Land Belonging to Job Clements. 

Mr. Be^ia. Warren Junr. & Mrs. Abigail Philpot Married on Monday Nov. 

Mr. JaaMB Garvin Married to Mrs. Dorothy Wentworth on Wed. Dec. 19. 

Mr. Ekduaim Wentworth Married to Mrs. Deborah Merrow on Thursday 
Dec. 20. 1770 

Monday Dee. dlst. 1770 one James Davis a Child about 5 Years of Afe 
8cm of James Davis of Kittery was burnt by Powder so yt he d^rd 
about 12. o ye dock yt Ni^t. 

Simday Nii^t Jan. ye 20. 1770 Elizabeth Roberts Daughter of Mr. Love 
Roberts of Somersworth Deliverd of a Son which she swore on DanL 
Pierce Son of Jno. Pierce of Berwick . . . 

Aaday Nig^t Jan. 18th. Saml. Alley Junrs. wife Dy'd whose Maiden Name 
was Judith Kenny. 

teday Nidit Jan. 20. 1771. Joshua Ham of Dover Dy'd Suddenly. 

Kb. 4. OkTStile 1760. Mr. Eliphalet Cromwel Married to his Second wife 
wfaoee Maiden Name was Kezia Watson off [sic] Dover aut Cochedio. 

Ttamimy January ye 29th. 1771. Major John Titcomb of Dover Dy'd. 

Tiiesdav Jan. 20th. 1771 Patience Paul. Wife of Moses Paul of Somersworth 
Debverd of 2 Sons. 

Mflmorandum of 4 Sermons preachd at Somersworth by ye Revd. Geme 
Whitefield. Vis 2 On March ye 8th. 1745. Morning Text 9 Chap. O;. 
Mm part of 35th Verse. Dost thou Believe on ye Son of God. After- 
noon Text 12 Chap, of St. Luke 32 V. Fear Not Little Flock 2Sermon0 
on Sundav Mar. 17. 1745 Morning Text 6th of St. Jno. 35. Verse. And 
Jesoa said unto them. I am the Bread of life he that cometh to me 
ShaU never Hunger, & he that Believeth on me shall never Thirst. 
Evening Text 1 Chap. St. Jno. 36 Verse. Behold the Lamb of God. 

Jolin Deane who Sail'd from England on the Nott{iiH7m]ham Gall^ for 
Boston in New England on ye 25th. of Sep. 1710. Burden 120 Tun, 10 
Guna, & 14 Men was cast away on Boone Island on ye 11th. of Decem- 
ber following, ft was Taken off sd. Island on Jan. 4. l7l[wom] in a 

130 Genealogical Research in England [April 

Shallop by 2 Masters of Vessels. Viz. Wm. Long of Old. Eng^Uuid, ft 
Jethro Furber of New England. 

Sarah Simpson a widow Woman about 27 Years [worn] in ye Parish of Oyster 
River New Eng^d and Penelope Kenny a Servant Girl about 20 Years 
of Aro [ivam] in or near limerick in Ireland, was executed in Ports- 
mouui for ye Murder of their Bastard Children. The Hevd. Mr. 
Wm. ShurUiff preach'd Sarah Simpson's Farewel Sermon, A ye Revd. 
Mr. Arthur Brown pr'd Penelope Kenny's. Mr. Shurtlefib Text St 
Luke Chap. 23. V. 42 Lord Rememb^ me when thou comest into thy 
ISngdom. Mr. Browns Text. Proverbs Chap. 22. Verse 6th. Train up 
a ChQd in ye way he should go and when he is Old he will not Depart 
from it. Ebcecuted on December ye 27. 1739. 

Monday Feb. 25. 1771 Widow Mary Tebbets of Somersworth Dyd Suddenly 
JE&8 81 Years 9 months & 7 Days. She was Mother of Living 

Saturday Feb. 9. 1771 A very Heavy Storm of Snow, Wind, Rain, ft Hail 
Blew Down aut oversat a Bam Belonging to Jno Lord of Berwick 
without Hurting one Creature, Except one Turicey. 

Saturday Feb. 9. 1771 Mr. Daniel Furbush of Berwick Dy'd Suddenly. 

Wednesday February ye 27. 1771 Anne Perkins Dy'd Dau^ter of Mr. Wm. 
Ptekins & Mistress Rachel Perkins Deed, whose Maidai Name was 
Rachel Philpot. 

Sunday Mar. 3. 1771. Early in ye Morning a Shock of an Earthquake 
Ittao Mason Ihr'd in the Evening. Snowy day. 

Tuesday March 12th. 1771 Town Meeting at Scmieraworth. a Tempestuous 
day, a Moderator Chosen, Vis. Mr. Danl. Goodwin, ye Majority oi 
of ye Pteple Bl Dispos'd ye Meeting Adioum'd till Monday Maidi 
18 & on Monday March ye 18th. Heki their Meeting. Select Men. 
Edsoi. Ichabod Rollins, Ens. Saml. Roberts, & Mr. Jonathan WentwortL 

Tuesday Evening March 12ih. 1771. Mr. Ebeneier Roberts of ScmierBwcnth 
Married to Mrs. Rachel Philpot Dau^ter of Mr. Jno. Philpot of Somers- 
worth Deed. A Daughter of Mrs. Bmh Stevens. 2nd. Wife of Deacon 
Moses Stevens of Somersworth. 

[To be continued] 


C omnmnicated bj the Commitlae on Rn i jish R e s ea r ch 

Contributed by Aussd RuDULra Jvtmcm of Ardmoie^ Fa. 

[Conehided from page 76] 

& ^AMES Clerks or Cuuuus, of East Faild^ oo. Eent^ Gentj 
the testator of 16H, son of Georige (5), bona about 1540» diea 
between 13 July and 1 Nov. 1614. He mairied, about 156& 
Mabt Saxbt, dau^t<s^ and heir of Sir Edward, Kiii|^t» and 
Eliaabeth (Fisher) (Woodlifl).* 

•Sir E^hnod Saxby or S^sObr. KuWbC «te dM bctvwm 4 Jam. 1560/1 Mid M A^. liCI, 
RMd a>. bT tioMw dOKl ft J^ 1MT« Ana Borkad. vidov, hj wham ki k^ ■• kam; MV- 

00] Genealogical Research in England 131 

Hie arms of James Gierke, as given in the Visitations of 
SosseXy p. 210 {Publicatiana of the Harleian Society^ vol. 53), 
were: Or, a bend engrailed azure, impaling Gules, a bend 
vaire between six escallops argent. 


L Wai/tbr. 

iL Elizabeth, bapt. at Wrotham, oo. E«nt, 29 July 1667: bur. there 10 
Apr. 1668. 
7. ffi. WnuAM. 

!▼. Pbtbb, m. EuzABBTH Warrbn. 

T. Anna, m. Hxtmphrbt Browns of London. 

ifL Grace, living 13 July 1614, when she is mentioned in her father's 
win. She 18 not mentioned in the Visitation of Kent, 1619. 

tH. Edward, of East Farleigh and of Minster in Sheppy, co. Kcnit, m. at 
Huddng, oo. Kent, by licence dated 24 Dec. 1616. Judith (Eliobs- 
ton) Garden of Minster in Sheppy, dau. of Ricnard Elmeston of 

Renham [Le.. Rainham], co. Kent, and widow of Garden. 

Edward Gierke is mentioned in tiie Visitation of Kent, 1619, and 
ako in his father's will, of which he was probably the scnbe. Uhild, 
given in the Visitation of Kent: 1. Anna, 

thL Barbara, m. Nicholas Grxtmp^ s. of William of Kent, whoee arms 
are given in the Visitations of Sussex, p. 210. as Gules, a chevron 
between three auatrefoils or. Ghild: 1. John, "of Stonesinke in 
y parish of Fartev in Susex" [9ic\ m. (2) Joane, dau. of Sir Martin 
and Elizabeth (Smith) Galthorp of Hickling, oo. Norfolk: four 
sons and four daughters, the eldest daughter being his child "by 
a former wife." (to,) 

7. William Clebks, of East Farleigh, co. Kent, and St. Botolph, 
. AldgatC; London, Gent., son of James (6), was buried at Ekust 
Far&igh 12 June 1610. He married at St. Andrew's, Holbom, 
London, by licence dated 10 Feb. 1598/9, Mary Wbston, 
spinster, baptized at Roxwell, co. Essex, 26 Apr. 1579, probably 
(£ed before 13 July 1614, daughter of Sir Jerome, Knight, and 
Mary (Cave).* 

In a calendar of Feet of Fines for Essex is found the following 
record, dated Michaelmas, 6 James I [1608]: "Sir Edward 
Pynchon, knt. James Gierke, Esq., William Gierke and Tho. 
Clynton, als Fynes, Esq., and Mary his wife, a messuage and 
land in Little Warley als Est Warley als Warley Semelts and 

Children^ baptized at East Farleigh: 

L WssTON, of St. Alban's, Wood Street, London, merchant, bapt. 
24 Feb. 1599/1600; d., probably «.p., at St. Alban's, Wood Street, 
in 1626; m. at St. Michael's, Queenhithe, London, by licence 
dated 18 Mar. 1621/2, Dorcas Smtth, of St. Alban's, Wood 
Street, spinster, who survived him, dau. of Matthew of King[s 
Lynn, co. Norfolk, merchant, deceased, t He was the chief heir 

M (D EfiMbetb (Fubar) Woodliff. who di«d between 19 Sept. 1662 and 2 Mar. 1603/4. daughter of 
— — Ikbcr d Loncworth, eo. York, Esq., and widow of William Woodliff. lord of the manor 
fWi wmdey . eo. Herta, and by her he had one daughter, Mary, who married Jamea Gierke. He 
liadWtted to the Inner Temple 30 Not. 1637. and was a baron of the Exchequer. For the wills 
' OrBdwd Sazby and hie wife. Elisabeth, md* tvpni, pp. 68-69. By her first husband. William 
MHffvBUaabeth had two daughters. Anne, who married William [tie. ? John] Punrey. and Ange- 
11. «he nanied Walter Tooke. (Cf. VisiUtions of Hertfoidshixe, pp. 161. 167. 99. in P^MieoMont 
t» HmUkm 8^c%^. toL 22.) 

*ff^ tba Weston family vide infra, p. 134. Addendum. 
try Jfosf it<i0l<an« New Series, vol. 10. p. 61. 

maffiacs Lieenees granted by the Bishop of London, vol. 2, p. 110 (P%MioaHon» d M« fforlMaa 


182 Qmmiovieal Re9eareh in BngUmi [Apd 

of hk mndfathcr, James GMke of Eui FhMi^wIio m bk «1 
dinoli Urn to pay £100 to eaofa of his btothon. On t Mnr lOB 
■ntenoe was promulgated annnHingthe will of Weatoii QkAb, 
late of the pyyh of St Alban's, Wood St, Londoiiy de e ce i B d , 
produced by William Clarice as executor, and confinniiig the gmift 
of administration made in the PrerogatiTe Court of Canteibuiyto 
Dorcas Clarke, relict of said deceased. (P.C.C^ Hele, 7ft.) No 
trace of the wul can be found. 

tL WiiXL4M,bapt.5Julvl601; probablyd. t .p. prior to 1038. HewM 
executor of the will of his brother Weston, which was ^"^wiM is 

m. Jambs, of Aldnte Ward, L(mdim. grocer, the testator of 1047, faspt 
81 Oct 16^; d. between Dec 1047 and 10 Ssp^. 1040; m. 

(l) about 1030 Sarah Habvst; m. (2) Hblen ^ who mi 

living Dec 1047. His name is,attached to the pedigree of Oak 
of '^Allgate Ward" which is printed in the Yisitation of LondoB, 
▼oLl,p8in 172, and has been described above (page 78). GUUns, 
Hying o Dec 1047, the first one certainly by first wife: 1. Jf«fi 
one year old in 1033. 2. James. 3. iifuie. 

!▼. Ray. Essex, bept. 4 Dec. 1003: B.C.L. aJniversity of Qifbni, 
wherehewasot8t.EdmundHall), 17Apr. 1030: canon of Cheitar, 
1034; rector of Pulford, co. Chester, 1048. (Cf. Foster's AhnDB 

T. Gbobgb, he^ 2 Dec 1004. 
& yL jBunoAH or JmusifT, bapt. 1 Dec. 1006. 

yiL RiGHABD, \MfiL 12 Apr. 1007; livinfs Dec 1047, when ha farotfaer 
James m hu will bequeathed to lum, or, if he die, to his ehfldnn, 
one-third of his (James's) estate 

viiL John, bapt. 10 kga. 1008. 

ix. BiABT (a posthumous child), bapt. 10 S^t. 1010. 

8. JsBXifiAH or JsREMT (Dlabke, of Newport, R. I., son of WiDiam 
(7), baptised at East Farleigh, oo. Kent, En^and, 1 Dec 1006, 
died at Newport, and was buried there in Jan. VKX/2. Tbe 
Friends' records contain the following entry. 

Jeremiah Clarke, one of the fmst English Ilantera of Rhode Idand, 
he died at Newport in said Island and was buried in the tomb 
that stands by the street by the water side in Newport^ upoa 
the — day of tiie 11 mo., 1051. 

He married, perhaps secondly, in England, about 16S7, 
Frances (Latham) Dunqan, who was baptised at J^mpston, 
00. Bedford, 15 Feb. 1009/10,^ died in the first week in Sept. 
1677, in her 67th {9ic\ year, and was buried at Newporty Mr 
^vestone in the Newport cemetery bearing the loUmriiig 

Here Lyeth ye Body of Mrs. Frances Vauajhan, Alios C3aiiDB»ye 
mother of ye only children of Capt'n Jerenuah CSaike/ais 
died ye 1 week in Sept., 1077, in y% 07th 3rear of her age. 

She was daughter of Lewis Latham, Gent., Sergeant Pal oone r to 
King Charles I, by his wife Elizabeth, and widow of WiDiani 
Dungan, Gent., perfumer, who was son of Thomas DungNiy 
Gent., of Lincoln's Inn, and nephew of Sir Walter Dunan, 
Bart., of Castletown, Kildrought, and Possecktown, oo. K3£i^ 
Ireland, ancestor of the earls of Limerick and of rpyal dfiaeent. 
Frances (Latham) (Dungan) Clarke married thirdly^ oo or 

*Blaydai't GenMdoci* BedfonlieDn*, p. 16G. 

nay OeneaHogicdl Research in England 133 

before 18 Jan. 1656 [71656/6]/ Rev. William Vaughan, who 
died on or before 2 Sept. 1677, a letter of that date from 
Samuel Hubbard of Newport to his children at Westerly, R. I., 
stating that ''Mr. Vahan is gone to his long home and Ms wife 
k like to follow him if not dead."t 

About the year 1637 Jeremiah Clarke, accompanied bv his 
wife and her four children by her finst husband, William 
Dungan,t and also probably by his wife's widowed sister, 
EDen Sherringham, emigrated to New England, and in 1638 
was admitted an inhabitant of the island of Aquidneck. On 
28 Apr. 1639 he and eight others signed the well-known com- 
pact at Pocasset (later Portsmouth), R. I., preparatory to the 
settlement of Newpbrt. On 25 Nov. 1639 he was chosen 
eonstable, and was rejected in the following spring, and 
on 29 Jan. 1639/40 he was selected to supply the treasurer's 
place "till his retume from the Dutch/' On 10 Mar. 1639/40 
be had land reoordecf to the amoimt of 116 acres, and a few 
dajTS later he and two others were chosen to lay out the re- 
mainder of the lands at Newport. On 16 Mar. 1640/1 
his name appears in the court roll of freemen. On 17 Mar. 
1641/2 he was elected lieutenant of the militia for Newport, 
and on 13 Mar. 1643/4 he was chosen captain for Newport, 
tiien the highest miUtary rank attainable. On the same date 
he was elected treasurer of Newport, and held this office for three 
years, and in May 1647 he was elected general treasurer of the 
Ckdcmy, and served in this capacity until 22 May 1649. On 
16 May 1648 he was chosen an assistant, and in the same year, 
pending the clearance of President William Coddington of 
certain accusations, he was authorized to act, and did act, as 

i Got. Waiasb, of Newport, b. about 1638; d. 23 May 1714, in his 

^Qb thfe date J«reini«h Clarke's widow, than the wife of Rev. ^^lliam Vaushan, entered into 
•apwHMBt with her eon Walter Clarke through his guardians John Cranston and James Barker, 
ih» m% mOf&d his bRytheK»4n-law (James Barker haying married Walter Clarke's half sister, 
taicaD), by whidi Walter Clarice was to have the dwelling house where his mother lived. 
iidan. offehaid, and eertain lands, whioh were his inheritance, but his mother was to have 
ttVtfl 90 Bspt, or until tobaooo was cured. The house in which Capt. John Cranston 
to bo US( am aiipeared by deed. Mrs. Vaughan was to pay all debts, etc.. and for that 
I ImmI half of a house whieh she was to sell, and she also had certain lands, household goods, 
■ hmmU and for the children of Jeremiah Clarke other than Walter. (Cf . Austin, Qenea- 
Diotibnary of Rhode Island, p. 44.) 
Iftur. WUBam Vanghan was one of the original members of the First Baptist Church of Newport, 
osianised about the year 1644. He is said to have been ordained in 1648. He was 
Bian in lOftS, and in 1666 organised, with others, the Second Baptist Church of New- 
he was the fint minister. On 4 Apr. 1676 the Rhode Island Assembly voted: "That 
lesoms times and straits in Hub Cc^ny, this Assembly desiring to have the advice and 
of the nost jodieioas inhabitants il it may be had for the good of the whole, do desire 
ti Mttiag the ocmipany and counsd of sixteen persons, among whom was William 
(Of. Attrtin, ep. eU., pp. 211-212.) 

tf eUldrsn were Thomas Dungan, who afterwards married and settled in Pennsylvania, 
itlviBrtBaiytiit minister there, Barbara Dungan, who afterwards married James Barker of 
and two other daughten. 

of the Colony of Rhode Island, vol. 1. pp. 87. 03. 08. 110. 121. 127. 148. 200. 210, 
I's Gensalogical Dictionary of Rhode Island, p. 44; Morrison's The "Clarke" 
b Island, pp. 214-216. 
detailed Snfotmation about the diildren of Jeremiah Clarice than is given in this 

for tiM names ol hia grandchildren see Austin, Qenealogical Dictionary of Rhode Island, 

ppu 4M-40k Md MoffiaoB. Tha "Clarfca" FMniUei of Rhode Island, pp. 216 s< st«. 

134 Oenedogical. Research in England [April 

77th year; biir. in the Clifton Burial' Ground, Newport; m* (1) 
in 16o0 Content Grbenman, b. about 1636, d. 27 Mar. 1600; 
affed 30, dau. of John; m. (2) in Feb. 1666/7 Hannah Soott. b. 
about 1642, d. 24 July 1681, aged 39, dau. of Richard and Catiift- 
rine (Marbury); m. (3) 6 Mar. 1682/3 Frzbbobn (Wiluamb) 
Hart, b. in Oct. 1635, d. 10 Dec. 1700, aged 73 [nc], dau. <tf Ro0Br 
and Mary Williams and widow of Thomas Hart; m. (4) at Neip* 
port, 31 Aug. 1711. Sabah (Pbiob) Gouij>. b. in Oct. 1661. d. in 
/ 1714, dau. of Mattnew and Mary Prior and. widow of John Goold. 

He held various high offices in the Colony, and was Goyemor in 
1676-77, 1686, and 1695/6-1698. Three children by first wife 
and six children by second wife. 

ii. Mart, b. in 1641; d. 7 Apr. 1711; m. (1) in 1658 John Csambiov, 
Governor of Rhode Island, 1678-1680, b. in 1626, d., while mriiiK 
as Governor, 12 Mar. 1679/80, s. of Rev. James (chaplain to Kiw 
Charles I); m. (2) John Stanton, widower, b. in Aug. 1645» d. 8 
Oct. 1713, s. of Robert and Avis of Newport. Ten ehildmi faff 
first husband and one child by second husfaimd. 

iii. Jeremiah, b. in 1643; d. 16 Jan. 1728/9; m. Ann Ain>iAiTy iriio d 
15 Dec. 1732, probably dau. of John and Margaret of Boston 
Mass. Nine children. 

iv. Latham, b. in 1645: d. 1 Aug. 1719; m. <1) Hannah Wilbub, dao. 
of Samuel and Hannah (Porter); m. (2) 20 Sept 1696 Am 
(Collins) Newberry, b. about 1651, a. 19 Feb. 1731A •jpd 
80 years, 6 months, widow of Walter Newberry. Nine duksran 
by first wife. 

V. Weston, b. 5 Apr. (or 2 July) 1648; d. in 1728; m. (1) at the Bhodi 
Island Monthly Meeting of Friends, 25 Dec. 1668, Makt Eabkou 
b. 25 Sept. 1648, d. at Newport 16 Nov. 1690. dau. of Bskr ^ 
Ann (CoKgeshall); m. (2) at the Rhode Island Monthly MeeCiog 
of Friends, 21 Nov. 1691, Rebecca (Thubston) Easion. b. in 
Apr. 1662, d. 16 Sept. 1737, dau. of Edward and Elisabeth (MoM 
Tnurston and widow of Peter Easton, Jr. Weston Qarios hii 
several high offices in the Colony, serving in various yetfi 
attorney general, ^neral treasurer, and g^eral rQoorder. 
children by first wife and four children bjr second wife. 

vi. Rev. James, of Newport, b. in 1649, d. at Newport 1 Dee. 1796; ■• 
HoPESTiLL Powi». b. in 1650, d. 27 Feb. 1718, dau. of Nkhshi ' 
and Jane of Providence, R. I. In 1701 he was ordainad partor d 
the Second Baptist Church of NewixMrt^ and hdd thk oDoe onti 
his death. He and his wife are buried in the Newport tnm/kff* 
Four or more children. 

viL Sarah, b. in 1651; d. about 1706; m. (1) John PonmL who d, 
probablv «.p., in 1674; m. (2) Caleb Carr, widower,* CbveMV 
of Rhode Idand in 1695^ b. in 1624, d., ^diile serving as Gofemor, 
17 Dec. 1695. Four children by second husband. 

Addendum: The Weston Familt 

Through his mother, Mary Weston, Jeremiah Clarke of Rhode 
Island was related to the Weston family, an Essex family of great 
prominence in the reigns of the later Tudors and early Stuarts. 
Richard Weston, uncle of Jeremiah Clarke, was lord hi|^ treasurer 
of England, and was created by King Charles I Earl of Portland. 
He and several other members of the family were Roman Catholics, 
either secretly or openly, and in the Civil War most <rf them lyere 
stanch Royalists. Much information about the family may be 
foimd in English books, especially in Morant's "History and Anth 
quities of the County of Essex," Waters's "GenealogiGBd Memoiit 
of the Extinct Family of Chester of Chicheley," "The ^^sitatioDi of 

*Hit fixrt wife, Mercy . wm bora in 1031 and died 21 Se^ 1075. 

1920] Qenedlogicdl Research in England 135 

:" (Publications of the HarUian Society, vols. 13 and 14), and 
die "Dictionary of National Biography/' and it is chiefly from these 
luihorities that the following Weston pedigree has been compiled, 
!ar the purt)06e of presenting to the readers of the Register an 
leooimt of some of the noteworthy English connections of the 
Sliode Island settler. 

According to-Morant (op. cU,, vol. 2, pp. 70-71, 171, reprint of 
1816) tiie family to which Mary Weston and her brother, the Earl 
ol Portiand, belonged was descended from Michael de Weston, 
ivbo settled in Essex about 14 Edward I [1286]. The claim that he 
qpnng from an ancient family of Westons in Staffordshire must be 
rejected. Humfret de Weston, one of Michael's sons, established 
himself at Prested Hall, in Feering, co. Essex, where he was Uving 
in 1360 and where his descendants flourished until the beginning of 
the seventeenth century. In the early years of the sixteenth cen- 
tmy Prested Hall was held by WiUiam Weston (1), with whom 
the following pedigree begins. 

1. William Weston, of Prested Hall, Feering, co. Essex, and 
of London, mercer, died between 20 June 1514, the date of his will, 
lad 6 Feb. 1514/15, when his will was proved: He married Mabgaret 

• , who was living 20 June 1514, but from his will it is appar- 

ontly to be inferred that she was not his first wife. 

In his will he directs that if he dies in the parish of All Hallows, 
Soa^ Lane, London, he is to be buried in the churchyard ''between 
mj father's seller window and the bordyd dore of my parlor, as 
nigh unto the Church wall as may be." He bequeaths to the 
^'Masyndewe" [Maison Dieu] at Dover, on condition that the Master 
lad Brethren pray for the souls of Sir Harry Overe, John Chapman, 
Robert Basey, and Agnes Sislington. He bequeaths to his cousin 
Foan with his sister at Keldon [Kelvedon, co. Essex] 6s. 8d., and to 
bis aieter 10s. One third part of his estate is to be divided between 
ids five children, viz., to Master Weston in the New College at 
[>xford £5, to Richard Weston £10, to Thomas and John Weston 
£20 each, and the residue to Mary Weston on her marriage. One 
>ther third part of his estate is given to Margaret, his wife, and 
ilso Us manor of Prested Hall in Essex in the parishes of Feering 
md Messing, for her Ufe, with remainder to his children. Executors: 
iiis said wife Margaret, Master William Weston, her eldest son^ and 
rhomas Weston, her son. (P. C. C, Fettiplace, 31.) 
Child, probably by first wife: 

i. Richard, of Prested Hall and Colchester, co. Essex, mentioned in 
his father's will, and said by Morant {op. cit.) to be the eldest 
son; d. in 1641; m. Eliza3Bth . Child: 1. John.* 

Children by second wife, living 20 Jime 1514: 
ii. WnjjAM. 

^Sobert W«ston, of Prested Hall, Baq., son and heir of this John, died 6 June 1601. He 

BStried Dorothy . who turvived him and married (2) Thomas Fuller, Gent. Robert 

RTcston left two daughters, coheirs, Anne, aged 9 srears and 3 months, and Mary, aged 6 ymxn 
lad 10 Tirr"*>^ Mary probably died young. Her sister Anne married Dean Tindall ol Qreat 
itfaiJMleeil oo. Essex. Esq., and the estate of Prested Hall was brought by this marriage into the 
rindsU family, and thenoe passed by sale into other hands. (Morant. op. eif.. voL 2, p. 171.) 

136 Genedlogieal Researdi in England [April 

in. Thomab. 

2. TV. John. 

▼. Mabt, unin. 20 June 1514.* 

2. John Weston (WtUiam), fourth son of his father, was inrob- 

ably the father of 

3. i. Richard, b. in 1510. 

ii. A DAUGHTEB, m. John Slads of Coventry, oo. Wanrick. Obildren: 
1. Mary, unm. in 1572,^dien8hei8menti^iedinh6rimeleRiofaaid'i 
will. 2. Jo(m, living in 1572, when she is mentioned in her undB 
Richard's will; m. (maniBfle settlement dated 1 Apr., 12 KKiahetfi 
[1570]) John Milborne of Marks HaU in Donmow, oo. Vmmw^ 
€lent., whose inquisition poet mortem was taken in 1594; had 

3. Richard Weston (? John, WHUam), of Writtle and Roxwdl, 

CO. Essex, the testator of 1572, is said by Morant (pp. dL) to 
have been a son of John Weston (2), and Morant's statement 
' is probably correct.t He was bom in 1510, and died 6 July 
1572. He married first, about 1549, Wibubga (Catbbt) 
Jenour, who died in 1553, daughter of Anthony Gatest^ of 
Whiston, CO. Northampton, Esq., by his wife Wiburga (Pigott), 
and widow of Richanl Jenour of Great Dunmow, oo. Bbbic* 
Esq. ;t secondly, before 1558, Margaret Burnabt, whose burial 
on 10 Apr. 1565 is recorded at Roxwell, but who, acooiding to 
her husband's will, was buried in the parish church of Writtte, 
daughter of Eustace of Watford, co. Northampton, Esq.; 
and thirdly, at Chicheley, co. Bucks, 7 July 1566, Elbabkib 
(Lovett) (Cave) Newdigate, who was buried at CShichelegr 
21 Aug. 1577, daughter of Thomas Loyell (^ AstweQ, oo. 
Northampton, Gent., by his wife Anne (Danvers), and mdom 
of Anthony Cave of Clucheley, Esq. (who died 9 SepL 1558), 
and of John Newdigate of Harefield, oo. MiddlenK, Ek}., 
M. P. (who died in 1565). 

Richard Weston was educated for the profession of law, 
and was called to the bar at the Middle T&aofiB, I/mdoo, 
where he was reader in the autumn of 1554. He became emi- 
nent in his profession, and with the proceeds <rf his laeor 
iive practice purchased in 1554 the manor of Skroeiui in 
Roxwell, which became the family seat. On 10 Oct. 1655 he 
was returned to Parliament for Maldon, oo. Eebcx, on 90 
Nov. 1557 he was appointed solicitor general, on 13 Feb. 
1558/9 he was made Queen's sergeant, and on 16 Oct ISN 

*M(mait (op. eU.) ixiMrts before Mary a daui^ter Biaisuei. 

IThe arms of Riehard Wetton were: Ermine, on a oldef aaoie five h— inti, with a awrtM 
far differenoe. These anna are found on the tomb of hia daughter. Lady Ttehboma, in WiaflhirtV . 
Cathedral, and were allowed to hie grandson. Sir Riehard Weeton, aftenraidb Bad of PUjitl ii i . 
inthe Visitation of Eeaez in 1613. Themark of oadBneyin theeearmaprorea tbii IttehaidWMMi . 
or hie father was a fourth son. (Waters's The Cheslers of Chieheley. voL !• p. Mw) . 

tCf. Jenour and Weston pedigrees in Visitation of Esses, 1613 (PvUittfUmt ^ As HmMm\ 
Society, yoI. 13. pp. 233, 319). and Gateeby pedigree in Metoalfe's VlaitstioM of Wui IhiB^li^ 
shire, p. 174. According to the Dictionary of National Biography Wibvirsa, fink wife eC ' 

Weston, was "daughter of Thomas Cateeby of Seaton. Northamptonahire*' {ri^ Aa 
Visitotion of Rutland, p. 33 (PuMwoKofu of tho HarUian Socml^, toI. 8). aba w« 
M i c hael Catesby of Seaton in oo. Rutland, and similar statemeiits may be foMmd ih 
Oiesters of Chieheley. pp. 06, 106, and in Morant (op. eiL), esespt thai Monaft i^ 
in Northamptonshire. Hie Jenour pedigree in the Visitatkxi of Fsiw, leiS. dtvi t» 
and Wibarga (Catesby) Jenour Ats sooa and two danghtwa. 

iUO] Oenealogieal Research in England 137 

he was appointed justice of the Couit of Common Pleas, 
holding this office until his death. He died possessed of a 
large estate, which included, besides the manor of Skreens, 
the manor of Netteswell, kmds in Netteswell, Great and little 
Pamdon, Harlow, and Latton in Essex, the manor of St. 
Lawrence Hall, lands in East and West Tilbury, co. Essex, 
and other manors and lands. On 21 Julv 1558 Queen Mary 
granted to him and to his wife Margaret the manor of Gamett 
and Marks and the manor of Long Barnes, including Fraies 
in Beauch^p-Boding, Essex, with appurtenances. 
Children by first wife: 

4. L JxBOME, son and heir, b. probably in 1560. 
ii. AMpmLLis, m. Snt Benjamin Tichbornb, of Tiohbome, oo. Hants, 
Bart. Th^ had issue. 

Children by second wife: 

iiL Nicholas, under twenty-one on 4 Julv 1572. 

hr. Winifbbd, under eii^teen on 4 July 1572; d. unm.; bur. at Roxwell 

3 Mar. 1590/1. 
▼. BIabgabbt, bapt. at Roxwell 3 May 1564; m. (1) John Lotbdat, 

Esq.; m. (2) Andrew Glascock of Eltham Park, Kent, Esq. 

i BoL Jebomb Weston (Richard, ? John, WtUiam), of Skreens in 
RcncweDy oo. Essex, Knight, the testator of 1603, bom prob- 
My in 1550 (be was twenty-two years old at his father's 
death), died 31 Dec. 1603, and was buried at Roxwell 17 
Jan. 1603/4. He married first, at Chicheley, co. Bucks, 
25 Nov. 1572, Maby Cave,* bom 1 Nov. 1556, buried at 
Roxwell 6 Oct. 1593, youngest daughter and coheir of Anthony 
of Chicheley, co. Bucks, Esq., by his wife Elizabeth (Lovett), 
who became the third wife of j^chard Weston (3) and there- 
fore stepmother of Sir Jerome Weston; and secondly Mabt 
osBT (Pebt) Thwaites, daughter of George Pert of Mount- 
neasing, co. Essex, and of London, Esq., by his wife Alice, 
and widow of William Thwaites of the manor of Newland 
Hall, CO. Essex, an alderman of London. Sir Jerome Weston's 
second wife is not mentioned in his will, and therefore prob- 
ably died before 28 Dec. 1603, when the will was made. 

Sir Jerome Weston was high sheriff of Essex in 1599, and 
was knighted by King James I at the Charterhouse 11 May 
1603. At his death he held, besides other estates formerly 
hdd by his father, the manor of Neyland, co. Suffolk, and 
1^ manor of Berwick Hall in White Colne, co. Essex. 

His Christian name is spelled in various ways, such as 
"Gerrom," "Hierome," "Jeromye,*' etc. Two of ms daughters 
had sons named Jeremy, viz., Ann Williams and Maiy Clarke, 
and Us daughter Elisabeth Cotton had a son named Jerome; 
and all three of these children were probably named for their 
grandfather, Sir Jerome Weston. 

G»T«, Moond d«ii«hter oi Anthony and Eliiabeth (LoYttt), married QrilBth Hampden 
w.^tpiU«i, 00. Bueks. Baq. Their eon and heir. William Hampden, married EHiabeth 

daochter ot Sir Henry Cromwell. Kni«ht. and aunt of OliTar Cromwell, the Proteetor. 

Ml Blinbeth (Cromwell) Hampden were the parenta oi the atatenoaa and patriot. 

pdtB. John Haa^den and Jeremiah Cbrke oi Rhode Uand ware, therefore, leeood 
ICt Wa*«t'a The Cheaten oi Chieheley, toI. 1. pp. 80-M.) 

OMMoIoirual fiowanA tn Eitgbaid [A|iril 

ChQdim by fitst wife: 
i AmcK, b. about 1574; IhriDs 2 U>r 1629; m. kt Roxwril, B Dec 1590. 
Jomt WnUAiB of BRntwood, eo. hiii. &q. John WUtiuDa 
wu A bMiisler of the Middle Tcnqile, bat wu a " ' - 
1612, durged with b^u m popkb teenauL Li 1611 
airerted on •vpiaoD o( bcuu « Catbobe p " ' ' 
■cwcbed m puipUet entitled ''BdMua'a Am," < 

was fonod m faia [ii iiiii, aod te Admitted tliftt fas waa tb« 

author of it. He was anaicDed for hi^ tre—on. hanng pn- 
dieted in hia pamphlet (hat the Eh^ wooU die in Uie year I«21, 
eonneted 3 Mar 1619. uxl oa tbe Mondar foOowme **■ 
jed, drawiL and quartered ow a^inat the Hewa at Cwing 

Ooea. _ _ 

Rcbtrt, wa* b^tt. at Koxwdl 12 Mar. 1500/1600^ and anotlMr, 
Jvwmt, was roeotioatd in tbe wiD of Sir Edward Pinchoo, ha»- 
band of his annt DomthT (4, ni), dedand 5 Mar. 1626/7. 
Sn RicHAXD, first EaH of Portlaiid, heir of his bther, b. »t bii 
snndmother's houM in Chiebeler, eo. Backs; bapL at Chidwkr 
1 Mar. 1576/7; d. at WaDiiwfanl Hoom, WotmiMto-, 13 H*r. 
1631/5; m. (1) EuiABrTH Puxacm, who ma bur. at BancO 
12 Feb. 1602/-3, dan. of WiDiani of Writtfe, CO. "Ema, Bxh 
hj his wife Rose (Beadince), and aater of Sir WHUam Pindnn, 
Kni^t, wbo m. Sir Ricfaard'a sirter, Dorotbr Worttm (4, t£); 
m. (2) btfoR Mar. 1605 Fuxcn Wauwgutk, who d. m 16iS 
(her win, dated 24 Feb. 1M3/4 and pnmd 6 Apr. 1645, bek« 
reeocded b P. C. C, Rinsa, 61), dan. and coheir U Mdxdas d 
Bofkr, 00. Ebbcx, Esq., by hia wife Catherine (Browne). So 
Richanl Weston was educated tor the le^ pntfeviaa at tbe 
Middle Temple, was returned to Parliament 28 Btfit. 1001 for 
hie gnUMththcr'a old onstitueDeT, Mahlon, eo. bsex. wM 
knitted by Eiog James I at Whitehall on 23 Jtdy 1603, m 
relanied to ParhameDt for Midhunt, eo. Samj, at a t^-eleetim, 
29 Mar. 16M (not having been returned for Maldon at the gen- 
enl dectioB in FM. 16Ca74), held nriooa (Acm under tltt Oom 

tnasuier of the Exchequer 29 Jan. 1620/1, ' 

of the Ptiry Councii about th« aante tune, entered hitiament 
again as member for .Arundd, eo. Soaaex, 22 Not. 1631, waa lent 
to the Continent a^in in Qm iliplomatic aerrice tbe foOowinc 
ycnr, was returned to someediux Parikmotta tot variena boroogbs, 
was laiaed to tbe pettafe as Baron Western of N«^and oo 13 
Apr. 1628, and on 23 July 1628 waa appointed lord high trcM- 
urer. He had great influHMe with King Charlea I, cqiedaDy in 
finawaaJ matten and in foreign rdatjone, cm 9 Anr. 1630 be 
waa OMde a kni^t of the Garter, and on 17 FA. 1632/3 tk 
Ejam created him Eari of Portland. At henrt be had kxag ben 
a Roomn Cathotie, having doubtless been inBuaced by w 
bet that his wife and some of hie nstcra w«i« aealous sdbencb 
of the Cknreh of Rome. On the Snnd^ before hia death Eiog 
Onilea vwited hhn, and the Eari aeknovtedged that be wm a 
Catbobe and begged Hia Majesty to take back the tnaRKr'f 
ttaSf whidi he cousdoed himoetf dMqaa&fied to retain on seeooiil 
of ha religion and hia iDneas. Th« ^ngusured biffl of hiteoD- 
tinaed bvor. "Only get better," be said, "and 
reficion shall mot prevent ymr Tetuung ttv slal 
Triaaaf EoDawing, howerer, 13 l^M^rat'i, he 
KoerndtbelutaammHitafrtKa. tt«\«n4;3»Ci 
He waa boned m Wtnebeater C^tt-j-i 5. ««. 
win, which i. wrt to be found ii» -^^^^tj^fci^ 
bS^. i. d<.e.a»d in tb. »««-5^^^ l! „ 

20] Oenealagical Research in England 139 

It was made on the Monday before his death, 9 Mar. 1634/5. 
His estate in land was rated at £6000 per annum, subject to 
debts and legacies of nearly £30,000. He left his family seat, 
Skreens in Roxwell, to his second son, Thomas, and gave to his 
two younger sons annuities of £300 per annum, to his wife £1500 
joinUire and his house at Roehamjpton. to his unmarried daughter, 
Lady Mary Weston. £4000, and to his dau^ter White £1000. 
His eldest son was nis sole executor and prmcipal heir.* Chil- 
dren by first wife: 1. Richard, d. on or before 1 May 1034; insane. 
2. Elizabeth^ bur. at St. Giles in the Fields, London, 16 Sept. 
1654; m. in 1623 Sir John NetterviUe, second Viscoimt Netter- 
viUe, a Catholic peer and a Royalist, who was bur. at St. Giles 
in the Fields, London. 3 Sept. 1659, s. of Nicholas, first Viscount 
NetterviUe, of Dowtn, co. Meath, Ire., bv his wife Eleanor, 
dau. of Sir John Bathe of Drumcouragh and Athcame, co. Meath; 
several children. 3. Mary, bapt. at Roxwell 8 Jan. 1602/3; 
m. in 1629 Walter, second Baron Aston of Forfar, b. 6 Apr. 1609, 
d. at Tixall, CO. Stafford, 23 Apr. 1678, bur. at St. Mary's, Staf- 
ford. & of Walter, Baron Aston of Forfar, by his wife Gertrude 
(Saalier): had issue. Children by second wife: 4. Sir Jerome, 
second Earl of Portland, a Royalist but not a Roman Catholic, 
b. 16 Dec. 1605; d. at Ashley House, Walton on Tluunes, 17 
Mar. 1662/3; m. m his father's chapel at Roehampton, in Putnev, 
CO. Surrev, Archbishop Laud officiating, 25 June 1632, Lady 
Frances Stuart, b. 19 Mar. 1617, bur. in Westminster Abbey 24 
Mar. 1693/4, youiigest dau. of Enne, third Duke of Lennox, 
by his wife Catherine (Clifton), and a relative of the King: one 
son and four daughters; the oaughters became nuns, ana the 
son, Charles, bapt. at St. Margaret's, Westminster, 19 May 
1639, succeeaed his father as thirdf Earl of Portland and d. unm., 
being killed in the txaybI battle with the Dutch off the Texel, 
3 June 1665, the earldom devolving upon his uncle, Thomas Wes- 
ton.! 5. Catherine, bapt. at Roxwell 8 June 1607; d. in Rome 
22 Oct. 1645; m. Ricnard White of Hutton, co. Essex, Esq., 
widower (his first wife having been Anne Gray), who also d. 
in Rome, s. of Richard, Esq., oy his wife Maiy (Plowden): had 
issue. 6. Thomas, foui^h Earl of Portland, a Roman Catnolic, 
bapt. at Roxwell 9 Oct. 1609; d. a.p, at ix)uvain in 1688; m. 
in 1667 Anne (Boteler) Blount, who d. in 1669, dau. and coheir 
of John, Lord Boteler, and widow of Mountioy Blount, Earl 
of Newport; succeeded his nephew, Charles Weston, third Earl 
of Portland, in 1665, being the last of the Weston familjr to hold 
this earldom, which in 1689 was conferred by King William III 
on William Bentinck.! 7. NiehoUu, bapt. at Roxwell 10 May 
1611; d. in 1656; m. Margaret ; ne was M.P. for Ports- 
mouth in the Long Pyliament, voted, with his brother Benjamin, 
against the attainder T)f the £arl of Strafford, 21 Apr. 1641, ana 
was expelled from the House of Commons 16 Aug. 1642 for his 
part in surrendering Portsmouth to the King; two daughters, 
Margaret and Dorothv. 8. Frances, bapt. at Koxwell 29 Mar. 
1612; m. about 1629 Philip Draycote of Paynesley, co. Stafford, 
Esq., who d. 7 Mar. 1659, s. of John, Esq., bv his wife Anne 
(Fowler); their son Richard was b. 5 Nov. 1630. 9. Benjamin, 
bapt. at Roxwell 4 Aug. 1614; livins in 1676; d. before his brother 
Thomas; m. Elizabeth (Sheldon) Vuliers, who was bur. at Walton 
on Thames 18 Apr. 1662, dau. of Thomas Sheldon of Howby. 
00. Leicester, Esq., and widow of Christopher Villiers, Earl of 
Anglesey, who d. o Apr. 1630 and was brother of George Villiers, 

Iba «HMr of Rielutrd Wetton, first Earl of PortUnd. is given in the Dictionary of National 
npby and in Waten's The Chesters of Chiobeley. vol. 1. pp. 07-00. 

'at the eareers of Jerome, second Earl of Portland, and Charles, third Earl of Portland, see 
otwry of National Biography and Waters's The Chesters of Chicheley, vol. 1, pp. lOS-lOS. 
koBUM Wcaton was the owner of the estate of Skreens in Roxwell, which had come to him 
Ub fatlMT. but he sold it in 1630 for £8000. 

140 QenMbgiotd Beseardi in England [Afxii 

Duke of Buddndbam; he was M.P. for Dover in the Lone Ftefi^ 
ment; two daugbtere, Anne, who d. in infancy, and Knwihtitiii 
who m. Sir Charles Shelley of Michelproye, oo. Siuw^ Bail, 
and d. in 1695. 10. Annet d. in Venice 10 Mar. 1684/5; m.. 
beins the first of his four wives, Basil Feflding, seoond Bail of 
Denbidb, b. about 1608, d. «.p. 28 Nov. 1675, s. of WiUia^ fink 
Earl ci Denbigh, by his wife Susan rViUiers), sister of Geom 
Villiera, Duke of Buckingham. 11. Mary, hipt, 11 Mar. 1619; 
living at the Endish Augustinian o(mvent of St. Mookm at 
Louvain in 1658; a. unm. 

iii. WiLLUM. b. about 1578; living 28 Dec. 1603, when he Is m e nt ione d 
in his father's will. 

iv. Mabt, bapt. at Roxwell 26 Apr. 1579; m. at St. Andiew^Si Hol- 
bom, London, by licence dated 10 Feb. 1598/0, Wtuaam Cimmeb 
of St. Botolph, Aldgate, London, Gent., wiio was bur. at Eei( 
Fariei^, oo. Kent, 12 June 1610, s. of James ci East FmAa^ 
Gent., by his wife Mary (Saxby). Nine children. (Vida m/n, 
p. 131.) 

V. John, bapt. at Roxwell 27 Sept. 1581; bur. there 27 May 158S. 

vi. Eloabsth, b. about 1582; m. about 1598 Nicholas Oottov of 
Romford and Homchurch, co. Essex, Esq. Children: 1. Bkimi, 

bapt. at Roxwell 30 Sept. 1599; m. (1) ; m. (2), by liseooe 

dated 20 Aug. 1634, Susan Quarles oi Romford, oo. Essex, spin- 
ster, aged 2^ yeaiBj dau. ol Sir Robert Quarles of Ronifoid, 
Kmdht, and niece of Francis Quarles, the poet. 2. Jerome^ bapt 
at SoxweD 11 Mar. 1607/8; living in 1^, being a pewteier, of 
St. Gabriel, Fenchurch, London, at the time of nis brouer 
Richard's second marriage. 

vii. DoBOTHT, b. about 1584; m. Sib Edwabd Pinchon of Wri tUe, 
CO. Essex, Eni^t, b. in 1581, d. 6 May 1625 [ne], s. of ^Hlfiim, 
Esq.. by his wife Rose (Readinge), William Pinchon and Rose 
Reaoinge having been married 19 Oct. 1575. In his nuncupative 
will, declared 5 Mar. 1626 [1626/7] and proved 8 Maj 1627, 
Sir Cklward Pinchon, among other beouests, leaves £2000 to hie 
daughters^ who are not named, to Laav Weston a ring or p ieee 
of plate of the value of £5, to Jeremy Williams £10, and to WifliaDi 
Pinchon of Springfield a piece of plate of the value of £10. He 

who d. 10 May 1675; had issue. 2. Jcary, m. Walter 

Overbury, Esq. 3. Elizabeth, 4. Anne. 
viii. Jeromb, bapt. at Roxwell 12 Dec. 1585; bur. there 2 Jan. 1586/6. 
ix. WiNiFRBD, bapt. at Roxwell 3 Mar. 1589/90: m. at Rozw^ 27 

Aug. 1607, HicHARD Gabdinbb of Leathernead, oo. Surrey, s. 

of Richard. Esq., by his wife Anne (Dethick). 
X. Mabgabst, bapt. at Roxwell 5 Aug. 1593; m. Edward Lbwh- 

thorpb of CO. Herts, Esq. 


Contributed by G. Andrbws Moriabtt, Jr., A.M., LL.B.,* of Newport, R.I. 

[Concluded from vol. 72, page 63] 

In the Register of January 1918 abstracts of sundry Tgngliah wills 
and also various entries found in the parish registers of Homcastle, 

*For abstract of Sir Edward Pinchon's will see Rbgistkb. vol. 48. p. 262, or Watara's 
alogical Gleanings in England, vol. 2. p. 856. William Pinohon of Springfield, oo. Fmbk, who 
mentioned in Sir Edward Pinchon's will, was a son* of John and Frances (Brett) Pinohon and fint 
cousin of Sir Edward Pinchon. He is well known as the founder of Springfield. BiaM. AbstiMite 
of many wills of members of the Pinohon or Pynchon families and those eonneeted with Umbi« 
together with a Pinohon pedigree, may be found in Rnoxam. vol. 48, pp. 241-968, or fn Wntoti'a 
Genealogical Gleanings in England, vol. 2, pp. 846-867. 

mO| Oenealogieal Research in England 141 

eoL linodiiy were printed, which confinned and supplemented what 
hid jvevknidy been published about the English ancestry and con- 
metioiM of the three Freestone sisters, IVances, Ann, and £3izabeth| 
vho emigrated to Boston, Mass., in the first decade of its existence 
IS an Englifih settlement. From those records, from the pedigrees 
of FrooBt on, Hutchinson, and Rathbecke published in ''lincolnshire 
BBdigrees" (PiMiaUians of the Harleian Society, vols. 50-^2), and 
ban other authorities referred to below, the two following pedigrees 
hiVB been compiled. 


L RiCKABD Fbeston, of Ashby Puerorum, co. Lincoln, the testa- 
tor of 1533/4 (vide Reoisteb, vol. 72, page 51), died between 16 Feb. 

Un/4 and 4 May 1634. He married Aqnes [7 Beke], who, 

mOk J<dm Beke, ''my brother," and Elnsabeth Beke, was mentioned 
m Ua win, dated 16 Feb. 1533/4. His children, not named in his 
iJB but under fourteen years of age when the will was made, probably 



iL MAopAfJBWB, m. before 16 Jan. 1570/1, when she is named in the 
will of hear b/other Richard, Jonsonnb. 

iiL Agnxs. m. before 16 Jan. 1570/1, when she is named in the will of 
her brother Richard, Rtb. 

IT. Jmtmwm, m. before 16 Jan. 1570/1, when she is named in the will 
of her brother Richard, Wrightb. 

▼. Thomas, named in the will of his brother Richard, 16 Jan. 1570/1, 
according to which he was to occupy "my farm called Darbie 
House . . . , paying but ISs. 4d. rent yearly and doing lUl 
manner of reparations." 

2. RicHABD Fbbstonne (? Richord), of Brinkhill, oo. Lincoln, 
3recmian, the testator of 1570/1 (vide Reoisteb, vol. 72, page 
64), died between 16 Jan. 1570/1 and 15 May 1571. He 

married first ; and secondly Anne Thbw, who was 

living 15 May 1571, probably daughter of Simon of Salmonby, 
CO. Lincoln,* who was a son of John Thewe of Sahnonby, 
jreoman, the testator of 1537 (vide Reoisteb, vol. ^2, page 58). 

In his will, dated 16 Jan. 1570/1, he l^t money for the repair 
of the parish churches at Ashby Puerorum and Somersby, 
and among the many beneficiaries names Henry Frestonne. 
He appointed his wife Anne and his son George executors, and 
Thomas Frestonne was one of the witnesses. 

Children by first wife: 

L AifMB^ liying 16 Jan. 1570/1; m. Richard Ddcon of Alford, oo. 
Lincoln, who was also living at that time. Children, all named in 
theirgnuidfather's will, 16 Jan. 1670/1, and all then under age: 
1. Hdene. 2. Margarti. 3. Doretu. 4. Arme, 

8. vL Gbobob, under 21 at the date of his father's will, 16 Jan. 1570/1. 

4. iiL RoBBBT, under 15 at the date of his father's will, 16 Jan. 1570/1. 

S« Gbobox Fbestonne (Richard, ? Richard), of Alford, co. Lincoln, 
under twenty-one at the date of his father's will, 16 Jan. 1570/1, 
was buried at Alford 22 Nov. 1588. He married in the pansh 
of St. Peter at Gowts, in the city of Lincoln, 13 Sept. 1578, 

142 Oenedlogicdl Research in England [April 

Mabt HutchinsoNi daughter of John of Tinooln,* She 

married secondly Cuthbert, and was liying 10 July 

1611, when she and her sons, Richard Freeston and N'aihanid 
Cuthbert, were mentioned in the will of Margery Neale, of 
Homcastle, co. Lincoln, widow, who calls Mary Cuthbert hex 
Children, baptized at'Alford: 

5. i. Richard, bapt. 19 Dec. 1579. 

ii. RoBEBT, bapt. 18 Mar. 1581/2; bur. at Alford 91 Mar. 1583/4. 

iiL John, bapt. 7 Apr. 1584; bur. at Alford 14 Feb. 1585/6. 

iv. Margkrt, bapt. 11 Sept. 1586. 

4. RoBEBT Frestonne {Rtckord, 7 Richard)^ of Btinkfaill and 

Homcastle, co. Lincoln, was under fifteen at the date of his 
father's will, 16 Jan. 1570/1. He married Frances Raithi>- 
BECKE, who was buried at Homcastle 17 May 1598, daughter 
of Robert of Homcastle. (Vide infra^ Raithbeck pedigree, 

Children, baptized at Homcastle: 

L RoBEBT, of Thimbleby, 00. Lincoln. M.D. (1684), bapt. 31 Mar. 

1586; d. between 24 Sept. 1638, the date of hia will, and 12 Nor. 

1638, when his will was pfovedrf m. Mabt Spiceb, who was lirinis 

at Thimbleby, a widow, in Oct. 16404 aau. of Thomas of Mantoiiy 

CO. Bedford. Children: 1. Frances, aged 16 jrears in 1634« 

2. £o&er<. aged 11 years in 1634. 3. TAofiuu, aged 8 yean in 1634 ; 

bur. at Homcastle 24 Dec. 1685; m. Grace >, who was bur. 

at Homcastle 15 Sept. 1677; six children.} 4. IfotfAmf, aged B 

years in 1634. 
ii. Mabobbt. bapt. 18 June 1587; bur. at Homcastle 23 June 1625. 

m. her nrst cousin, Richabd Fbbeston (5), q. v., s. of Geofge ano. 

Mary (Hutchinson), 
iii. Anne, bapt. 22 Feb. 1589/90; m. John Bbozhouoi of Nether 

Toynton, co. Lincoln, 
iv. Tboth, bapt. 9 Sept. 1592;- bur. at Homcastle 17 Apr. 1506. 
V. Fatth, bapt. 2 Sept. 1594; bur. at Homcastle 14 Apr. 1506. 
vi. Mabt, bapt. 23 Jan. 1596/7. 
vii. Tboth, bapt. 5 Mar. 1597/8; bur. at Homcastle 26 Dec 1508. 

5. Richard Freeston (George, Richard, ? Richard), of Homcastle^ 

CO. Lincoln, woolen draper, baptised at Alford, co. lincola, 
19 Dec. 1579, was buried at Homcastle 4 Jan. 1627/9. He 
married his first cousin, Margery Frestonne (4, ii), baptiied 
at Homcastle 18 June 1587, buried at Homcastle 23 June 
1626, daughter of Robert and Frances (Raithebecke) of Hom- 
castle. Evidence of the marriage of Richard Freeston is found 
in the letter of attorney given by his daudiiter, EHisabetb 
Freestone (Lechford's Note-Book, pp. 327-328), for which 
see Register, vol. 72, p. 51. 
Children, baptised at Homcastle: 

i. George, bapt. 24 Aug. 1606. 

iL Frances, bapt. 3 Apr. IQOS; bur. at Homcastle 12 Sept. 1606. 

iii. Susanna, bapt. 19 Mar. 1608/9. 

*Ct. RBOwrBB, Tol. 90. p. 358, and Linoolnahire PedigrMt, loe. cU. 
fin hia will he directed that he thbuld be buried in HoracftBtle d&iirdh. 

ILttter of attorney in Lechford'a Note-Book. pp. 327-328, reptodnewl in BaoHCHi, toL TI, 
p. 61. 

I For theee children see Linoolnahire Pedicreee, toL 1, p. 875. 

.920] Oenealogicdl Research in England 143 

iy. Frances, bapt. 13 Oct. 1610; emitted to New England, where 
the was acunitted to the church in Boston 28 Dec. 1634; d. in 
Boston 17 Feb. 1645/6: m. Valbntinb Hill of Boston, who d. in 
1662.* Children: 1. Hannah, bapt. 17 Mar. 1638/9; m. 24 Jan. 
1659/60 Antipas Boyce. 2. John, b. 1 Sept. 1640; d. young. 
3. ElizabeOt, b. 12 Dec 1641; d. 9 Apr. 1643. 4. Joseph (twin), 
b. 19 June 1644; d. young. 5. Benjamin (twin), b. 19 June 1644; 
d. young. 

y. RoBSBT, bapt. 27 Oct. 1612. 

yi. Mabt, bapt. 25 Apr. 1614; d. before 26 Oct. 1640. 

yii. Ann, bapt. 12 Noy. 1615; emigrated to New England, where she was 
admitted to the church in Boston 9 Noy. 1634. 

yiii. Gamaliel, bapt. ^'8ept. 1617; m. Susan . Child: 1. 

Susanna, bapt. at Grimsby, co. Lincoln, 27 Jan. 1641/2. 

ix. EuzABBTH, bapt. 17 Oct. 1619; emigrated to New England, where 
she gaye the letter of attorney which has been preseryed in Lech- 
ford^ Note-Book and is reproduced in Rboistbb, yol. 72, p. 51; 
m. about 1642 Robert Turneb of Boston, who came in the 
Blessinf from London in 1635, aged 24, and d. between 14 Auk. 
1651, the date of his will, and 3 Dec. 1651, when his will was proyed. 
Fiye children.! 


L Hathbecke, probably of Homcastle, co. Lincoln, was 

ttie father of 

2. L Thomas, b. about 1520. 

3. iL William, mentioned in his brother Thomas's will. 

2. Thohab Rathebecke, son of No. 1, of Homcastle, co. Lincoln, 
yeoman, the testator of 26 Oct. 1575, bom about 1520, was 

buried at Homcastle 31 Oct. 1575. He married first ; 

and secondly, at Homcastle, 13 June 1575, Dorothy ( ) 

(Hutchinson) Hunter, who survived hun, and in her will, 
dated 31 Jan. 1591/2 and proved 5 Apr. 1592 {vide Register, 
vol. 72, page 57), suppUes much important information on the 
connections between the Hutchinson, Freestone, and Neale 
families. She had married first William Hutchinson, citizen 
and alderman of the city of Lincoln, whose will, dated 4 Jan. 
1566/7, was proved 6 Mar. 1556/7 {vide Register, vol. 51, 
page 118, or Waters's Genealogical Gleanings in England, vol. 
2, p. 1260), and by him she had six children;! secondly, at 
Homcastle, 17 Aug. 1562, Robert Himter of Homcastle; and 
thirdly Thomas Rathebecke, who bequeathed to her the house- 
hold stuff and all manner of things that she had brought with 
her and aliso appointed her his full executor during her life. 
Her sons Christopher Hutchinson and Thomas Hutchinson 
were to be joint executors of his will after her death. Thomas 
Rathebecke left a considerable estate, including silver plate, 
twenty ''silver spoons of the Apostles," and mills and lands 
lying in five different parishes. 
Childr^x by first wife: 

*Val«ntina Hill married (2) Mary Eaton, and had children by her. Cf . Savage's Genealogieal 

itMMMkry of Now England, rol. 2. p. 420. 

fCf. ^«Ms IfuHiuU Hittorical ColUctiont, vol. 48. pp. 265. 268. 273-274. 

tCr. Rofftotor. ToL 20, p. 366. and Lincolnshire Pedigrees, vol. 2. pp. 536-536](PtiMioa<um« of 

HarUiam SocUty, vol. 61). 

144 Omiedlogieal Bemardk m BmifMd [kfA 

4. L RoBUT, prolMUy b. mt Horncartle about 1542. 

5** w ' • ^ 

.IL Ji 

3. William Rathebecke, son of No. 1, was fiving 26 Oct. 1575, 
when he was mentioned in the will ol his brother Thomas. 

6. i. Thomas.* 

4. Robert Ratthebecke {ThomoB)^ of Homcastley co. 

draper, the testator of 9 Apr. 1571, probably bom at Horn- 
castle about 1542, died before his father, and was buried at 
Homcastle 11 Apr. 1571. He married, probably about 1561, 
Mabgabet Hutchinson, daughter of William and Dorothy 

( ) of Lincoln, and his wife's mother became later, 

after his death, the second wife of his father {fride tupra, 2). 
Margaret (Hutchinson) Raithebecke survived her husband 
and married secondly, at Homcastle, 14 July 1572, Francis 

That Robert Raithebecke's wife was Margaret Hutchinson 
is evident from passages in several wills. In his own will 
{vide Registeb, vol. 72, page 56) Robert Raithebecke mentioDS 
Margaret, his wife, ''my brother and my sister Neale," and 
also ''John Neale, my brother-in-law;" and this will was made 
more than four years before Margery Neale's mother was 
married to the testator's father, so that the "brother*' and 
"sister" Neale mentioned were not the stepbrother and st^ 

sister of the testator. Dorothy ( ) (Hutchinson) (Hunter) 

Raithbeck, widow of Thomas Raithebecke (the father of 
Robert), in her will dated 31 Jan. 1591/2 and proved 5 Apr. 
1592 {vide Registeb, vol. 72, page 57), mentions Thomas 
Raithbecke, Ann Hammerton, and Frauncis Freestone, who 
were children of Robert Raithebecke and her own grand- 
children, if Robert's wife was her daughter; and she also men- 
tions, among others, her daughter "Margerye Neall/' Robert 
Raithbeck, "sone to James Raithbeck" (and thmfore her 
third husband's grandson), the children of Robert Freestone, 
who was the husband of Robert Raithebecke's daughter 
Frances, and her (the testatrix's) son [i. e., son-in-law] Jdim 
Neall. Robert Freestone and Thomas Hammarton were 
appointed supervisors of her will, and John Neale was one of 
the executors. John Neall, of Homcastle, tanner, the husband 
of Margery (Hutchinson) Neale, in his will dated 31 Aug. 1594 
and proved 11 Feb. 1594/5 {vide Registeb, vol. 51, page 121, 
or Waters's Genealogical Gleanings in England, voL 2, page 
1262), bequeathed to Robert Freestone, Thomas RaiUiebecke, 
and Thomas Hamerton, among others, and "to every of their 
wives." Margery (Hutchinson) Neale, of Homcastle, widow, 
sister of Margaret (Hutchinson) Raithebecke, in her mil dated 
10 July 1611 and proved 10 May 1613 (ib.), mentions among 
others Anne Hamerton, "my niece," and her son Nichdas, 

*In Linoolnahire Pedigrees, vol. 3, p. 813. thia Thomas is given erroneoudj tm a 
Rathebeoke (2). 

1020] Oenealogieal Reseoarch in England 146 

Robert Freeston's son Robert and daughters Margery ('' my god 
daughter")) Anne, and Mary, and Thomas Rathbecke, '%y 
late nephew's son/' and his sister Margaret. It is to be noted 
that neither John Neall nor his widow Margery mentioned in 
their wills the children of James Raithebecke, Robert's brother, 
as tiiey would probably have done if the children of James had 
becm as nearly related to the testators as the children of Robert. 
Now Mar^u^t Hutchinson, daughter of William and Dorothy 
and sister of Margery (Hutchinson) Neale, was, according to 
her father's will, unmarried and imder twenty-one years of 
age on 4 Jan. 1556/7. She is not otherwise accotmted for, and 
was undoubtedly the Margaret who became the wife of Robert 
Rakhebecke, whose first child, according to the records tiius 
far discovea^, was baptized 24 May 1562. 
Children, baptized at Homcastle: 

L Thomas, bapt. 24 May 1562; bur. at Homcastle 22 Sept. 1562. 

iL RoBXBT, bapt. 26 June 1563; mentioned in the will <n his paternal 
grandfatter in 1575; bur. at Homcastle 22 Feb. 1590/1. 

in. Anne, bapt. 21 July 1564; bur. at Homcastle 2 Feb. 1611/12; m. at 
Homcastle, 1 Dec. 1582, Thomas Hamebton of Homcastle, draper. 

iw. Thomas, of Homcastle, yeoman, bapt. 13 Feb. 1567/8: mentioned 
in the wills of his paternal grandfather in 1575 and nis maternal 

grandmother, Dorothy (— ) (Hutchinson) (Hunter) RaiUi- 

beck; 31 Jan. 1591/2; bur. at Homcastle 7 Feb. 1594/5;* m. 

FiuNCBS , who m. (2) at Homcastle, 12 Oct. 1596. John 

Norton. Children: 1. Maraaret, bapt. at HcHmcastle 14 Oct. 
1593; bur. there 8 Aug. 1620; m. there, 20 Jan. 1617/18, Daniel 
Bristowe. 2. Thomas, bapt. at Homcastle 23 Feb. 1594/5; 
m. at Woodhall, oo. Lmcoln (licence dated 17 May 1616), Martha 
Tooley, afl»d 16, according to the marriage hoence,t dau. d 
Francis of Woodhall, Esq. ; tneir son Thomas was bapt. at Langton 
by Homcastle, co. Lincoln, 10 Feb. 1623/4. 

T. Feajyceb, bur. at Homcastle 17 May 1598; m. Robert Feubstonnb 
of Brinkhill and Homcastle {inde supra. Freestone pedigree, 4), 
son of Richard of Brinkhill, co. Lincoln. 

Ti. John, bapt. and bur. at Homcastle 18 Dec. 1571. 

8. Jamxb Raithebecke (Thomas), merchant of the Staple, was 
buried at Homcastle, co. Lincoki, 20 May 16884 He married 
at Homcastle, 24 Apr. 1570, Eathebine Pagett, who sur- 
vived him and married secondly, at Homcastle, 22 Dec. 1588, 
Robert Eldrod, who was buried at Homcastle 28 July 1608. 
According to the will of his father, dated 26 Oct. 1575, James 
Raithbecke was to have ^'the occupation of my mills and of 
one dose called the Howlmes, takmg the profits during the 
years of my lease, if he Uve so long, and paying the lord's rent 
and yearly the legacies given to Dorothie, my wife, out of the 
said mSDLB." 
Children, baptized at Homcastle: 

i. RoBKBT, of Homcastle, bapt. 25 Aug. 1575; mentioned 31 Jan. 
1591/2 in the will of his grandfather's widow, Dorothy Raithbeck; 
m. at Homcastle, 12 Apr. 1507, Eluabbth Pbaks, who m. (2) at 

to LinooliMhire PwlicreM. vol. 3. p. 813 (PuUioatioiu c/UU HaHrnan SocMfy, toI. fi2), 
• vfDvM dated 23 Jan. 15M/6 And proved 2 Apr. 1605.' 
fUfaMola ICarfUici y^w p ff i p. 66. 
XAoMidbm to lineofanhire Pedigraes. loe. eil.. hit will wm dated 10 Mar. 1687/8 and pforad 


146 Letters from James and Joanna Sampson [April 

Homcastle, 27 Aug. 1616, Thomas Momson of Tattenhall, oo. 
lincoln, gent, (in the marriage lioenoe, dated 26 Aug. 1616, hit 
age is giyen as 29 years and her age as 40 years*), and was oar. 
at Homcastle 8 Dec. 1619. Children: 1. Robert, bapt. at Hotn- 
castle 31 Mar. 1598; bur. there 5 June 1598. 2. Raiberi^ bapt 
at Homcastle 19 Aug. 1599; bur. there 31 Auk. 1599. 

ii. BRmGBT, bapt. 21 Oct. 1577; m. at Homoastte, 18 Fd>. 1506A 
CuTHBERT Dent. ^^ 

iii. WnjJAM, bapt. 11 Jan. 1578/9; bur. at Homcastle, as "Mr. William 
Raithbeck," 21 Mar. 1604/5. 

iv. James, bapt. 18 May 1582. 

V. Ann, bapt. 6 May 1584; bur. at Homcastle 20 Julv 1586. 

vi. Edward, bapt. 6 Apr. 1588; bur. at Homcastle 8 Oct. 1688. 

6. Thomas Rathebecke (TFtKtam), mentioned in the will of Thomai 
Rathebecke of Homcastle, co. Lincoln, dated 26 Oct. 1576, as 
the son of the testator's brother William, was buried at Hom- 
castle 8 Aug. 1579. He married first, at Homcastle, 15 Mqr 
1563, Marqaret Porter; and secondly, at Homcastle, 18 
Nov. 1571, Isabella More, who survived him and mankd 
secondly, at Homcastle, 25 Apr. 1583, Robert Unton. 

•The following, recorded at Homcastle, were probably chil- 
dren of Thomas Rathebecke, and in that case the first two wei6 
certainly by his first wife and the last two by his second wife: 

i. John, bapt. 6 Oct. 1565. 

ii. Thomas. Dur. 20 June 1571. 

iiL EiCBTA, Dur. 24 Jan. 1574/5. 

iv. William, bapt. 24 Nov. 1576. 

v. Elizabsth, bapt. 18 Nov. 1578. 

[To be continued] 


IN ENGLAND, 1711, 1730/1 

Communicated by Miss Clara Carboll Hewins of Dedham, lilafls.t 

According to a communication from Mrs. Charles L. Aldm 
(Register, vol. 43, page 325) Lewis Sweeting of SomersetshirBy 
Ei^gland, had sons Lewis and Henry, one or both of whom todc 
part in Monmouth's Rebellion. The two brothers escaped fxaok 
England and settled at Rehoboth, Mass., where Lewis died 7 Apr. 
1725 and Henry died 8 Apr. 1728. Henry Sweeting married fint, 

probably in England, Joanna , who was buried at Rehobotli 

6 Sept. 1687; and secondly Martha , who died at Rehobotli 

19 1708. By his first wife he had a daughter Mary, bom prob* 

ably in England, died at Rehoboth 18 Aug. 1738, who m^jried (in- 
tention recorded at Rehoboth 16 Oct. 1708) Noah* Mason, bom 
at Rehoboth 17 Dec. 1678, died there 29 Aug. 1744, son of Noah* 

*Linooln Marriage Licenses, p. 58. 

fThe Eklitor assumes full responsibility for all statements in the introduetory 
in the footnotes. 

UBO] LMen from James and Joanna Sampson 147 

CSnapsoA^ and his second wife, Sarah (Fitch), and also a daughter 
AMUinay who was bom at Behoboth 29 Aug. 1687 and, as the follow* 
iag letters ^how, married in England, 27 Mar. 1711, James Sampson. 
Beniy Sweeting also had issue by his second wife.* 

The letters given below were written from England by James 
BumpBoa and his wife Joanna to their brother and sister Mason at 
Bdiobotliy and contain much interesting information about the 
Ebi^nh Itfe and the family connections of the writers. The first 
two letters were written on the two halves of one sheet of paper. 
Ihe three letters formerly belonged to Miss Esther A. Mason <A 
Itamdenee, R. I., now deceased, a granddaughter of Mason Barney, 
a jAipboilder, in a table drawer in whose house at North Swansea, 
., tfie tlurd letter was found. 

Mf Dmt Bior A Sster Mason 

I haive a gratef ull remembrance of y many favours rec<l at your hands, 
from you my very dear Sister w^ 1 was at Bristol,) and I now 
•lot vou that with great joy I read (in your letter to my Dearest, your 
0Dod Sister) the aeoount of yo^ safe arivall, tho' after so long & troublr 
Voiage, I Sympathize with you in the Greif you met with from your 
M company, and am Glad to find that any of the Goods you Bo^ sold to 

We fouow'd yor Direction viz to take up the 20£ vou had in Grand- 
aolfaen bands, and have laid it out in Gardes, but could not do it soon eno' 
laaeDd e'm fay Ci4>t Everton. We have desired my Bro^ Richard to buy e'm 
it Bmtol fair, and that he might not err Serena gave him a Garde (She 
bamnr'd) for a Pattern, when he was here the other week: I heartily wish 
fktj may go Safe A also sell for good Profitt. You may be assured at yo^ 
nicest I shall be ready to do any thing for you that's within the Verge of my 

We have order'd the Gardes to be 'sent either to Boston or Road 
Uand by any Ship M^ Bodenham knows the Gapt of to be a honest man; 
it lo Borton then to be left with M' Ellis Kallenaer, and if to Road Island, 
Ihiii witti M' John Kallender in Swansey, but if no Ship now at Bristol is 
|piQg lo one of y above nam'd places then to be sent in the Hopewell, Gi^t 
fk commander, wherein Goz: Burroughs and his Familey goes, by wbdm 
tUi eomes, and also the Bonnets, and have desired him to send all by a Ship 
tnm Fsnauvania either to Boston or Road Island directed as above. 

Senoa St I sent two letters to [worn, ? her] Hon^^ Father, in May 
fcil wbicih I hope came safe to hand, at least one of e'm, for they were of one 
inoct^ to wit. that we were Marned the 27^t^ of March last, and that y 
S& we went for E»>n, and were at Exon when y« letters were writ. I came 
m theooe often to Preach here, but we did not come to settle at Dimsterf 
the 2^ of June, and then my Mother came with us & tarried here a f ortr 
My Sister once before came here with us when we rid over to see 
» at Whitsuntide, she bein^ at that time very weak, but hath re- 
-^lee, and been well considenng her Age, tho' at times disorders have 
but now through Mercy she b in pretty good Health, and re- 
to Father ft you. 

be the Lord our meeting increaseth here. Sarah Bartlet was 
ye 2^ instant by Mr Whinnel, who Preacht and Administerd the 
Leids Supper y l^ whiles I was at Taunton in his place. The 9^ instant 

^OC Arnold'! Vitel R«eord of Rehoboth, and. for the Maaon family. Maaon's Genealogy of Uie 
nunOy. 1902. 

I. on the ooaat of the Briatol Channel, twenty milea ooithweat from 

Tm-UDOT. 10 

148 LeUers from James and Joanna Sampson [Ap 

we went to Taunton with the Widow Slooomb, and she was then Baptbed I 
Mr Whinnel. M' Slooomb died the 22d May, and the 2C^ I P^reach'd 1 
Funeral Sermon, just after he was Inter'd, from Job 5. 26 and thou shalt oofl 
to thy grave in a full ace like as a shock of com cometh in his season. A ts 
of his own chusing. Many persons of all sorts but Quakers attended II 
meeting. M' Caleb Spurrier is much reformed, and we hope 'twill nut I 
long bSore he will be Baptized. Young M^ Bampton and his wife of la 
have frequented our Meeting, especially she, and others of the Town no 
and then, since Mr Slocombs funeral But M^ Blackford and Mr Kymer i 
what they can to prevent persons leaving the Church, tho' poor M' Kyn 
hath been weak alx)ve these 3 months and I think han't Pteach'd move tki 
twice, so that at Church there's nothing but Prayers, unless at a Oertaai in 
when they get one from abroad to Preach. 

We live in the House where M' Spurrier Senior did. Our people aei 
veiy kind, and are willing to do wnat they can for us, th^ hky% wd 
scrib'd to give me £24: 10:0 V annum. I hnrr nnirrtnlrrn nnmn hiininoni i 
selling wool, but all Unkles Balls promises to me of Assistance are just em 
to nought. I have writ you more particularly thereof in a letter dated ti 
24^ instant, so that we must look to ourselves and I hope by Divine blenfel 
we shall live comfortably. My Bro^ Richard will sell at Eimn what Wool 
can have from Ireland, he hath sold a good parcell of Wool and Ojie nIroMt 
which I bot at Mynh^ui,* to Advantage, and saith he thinks he can diB|Mi 
of an hundred Packs a Year. I hope both you and we shall take cam \ 
live, 'tis our duty to be Diligent in Business, butyet weshou'd castourCbi 
yea all our Care upon the Lord, for then He careth for us. None can add m 
Cubit to his Stature by taking tho't, therefore we ouf^t to oonmiit aD ill 
his Hands who hath the Care of the whole Univers, but especially of his a« 
Children. Let us remember Religion reacheth thro' our whole lives, and dm 
as we must not be Slothf ull in Business so we must be fervent in Spirit Serai 
the Lord. My dear Bro^ & Sister, let not the afifairs of this life hinder ji 
from minding Cheifly that which is to come. And that you may alwagm I 
Heavenly k Spiritual, take heed to be instant and f aithf uU in Pka>yw, eaek i 
your Closets, and also every day Pray to the Lord together, uid em I 
Zealous for his publick Worship, Psa: 87. 2 The Lord loveth the gales < 
Zion more then all the Dwelings of Jacob. My humb« Duty to our Hon 
Father, Dear Love to the rest of my Bro" A Sisters tibo' unknown, 

Yor affectionate Bro>' 

Dunster July 26 1711 James ftwiprnw 

Poet Script My Dearest imagins you'll admire who I mean 1 
Serena, but I am not of her mind for I think the name belongs to her, far 
know none deserves the name better than her self, and perhaps you may be < 
the same opinion for you know if she's well she is pleasant A Qear A CUm. 

My very Dear Sister 

Yours of the 17 Jenuary 1710/11 came to hand about the 19 or 30 
of may last. I desire still to praise the Lord that you got well home Ih 
through' many Dangers O my Dear Sister let us endeavour always to kaqp 
deep sence of the Divine goodness upon our Hearts that wee may be mo 
ana more led to resentence, for 'tis those that mom shall be oomforte 
Sorrow for sin k. joy in the Lord is not inconsistant even at the same time. 
thought meet to observe your order to take up the 20£ of Grand mother, il 
\i I had not done it the very day I did, I presume unkle Ball would have lund 
Grand mother from paying it because you did not send over the note von hi 
imder Grand mothers hand, but it being paid you are now by me nir tki 
sattkrfaction, desired to send me the note by the first oppcurtunity. 

*MmehMd. oo. Somenet. on th« Bristol ChMmel. a ihort disUnce nortbifwi tnm 

mO) Ldters from James and Joanna SampBon 149 

^ As to Mr Sampson he is become my very Dear Husband, I was mar- 
Mi to him the 27^ of march last I was by his soft and gentle methods 
)tflABr with some Scriptures that followed me brought to consent, and now I 
mj/fy think 'twas of the Lord that wee came together, wee live like two 
Dim, my fears are vanished his Parents & all his Relation & friends were 
pd are very kind to me, yea I think rather more tender of me than our 
here, as to what Grand mother did for me and the setlements I 
joa to the Letters I sent our Honoured Father last may. Grand 
hftth since our marriage made her Will or imkle Ball for her, but 
of us know any .thing of it nor can wee find any person else knows 

I Heartily thank you for your presents of the Bonnets but I crave 
Kf^ to tdl 3rou that I wish you had sent me a Presbeterean Bonnet, and I 
mft tkdnk Mr Savins [7] daughter will like [tM>m]at you have sent for her 
I have sent them both againe and desire that you will send me three 
ones that is like Sister Esther one for Mr Sampson sister 
for Mrs Savins & one for my self, let them be the best and large, 
he lOf I have of yours in my hand you may have remitted how and wlm 
HaaJMOT . . . my husband is very kind and tender of me. and can't say 
Kit ne hftth been and is rather better then he promised, and therefore far 
what my unbeleiving Heart [ti;om]jestea to me. all my linen and 
that was my Dear mother. I desire might be given you and the rest 
f ngr linen A cloths I desire might be given to my other sisters equall shall of 
ricl and that my little sister anna I desire may have my pilion & doth, 
qr komble duty to our Hon<^ Father Dear respects to you & Brother ft m^ 
imtt feqpects to all the rest of my Brothers & Sisters & to my friends as if 
iMS [me] one by one. I remaine your afifectionate Sister 

Joanna Sampson 

- Mr. Jaek[ioom, ? Jackson & I] have sent many letters to each other & he 

MS been a good friend to me in all my afifares: I see him at Exon this spring 

lift Ms wife ft child are all well 

DoDBter July 27 1711 Sister lewes ft her daughter gives 

pnqr let me hear from you all as their respects to you 

often as you can Sister Bishop gives her love to you 

Mrs huper (^ves servis to you 

Inr Mason 

Last Year I rec*^ vo" dated Au^ 6. 1729. from Boston and Sent you 

a Thanks for yo^ Kindness Shown in going thither, that you mi^t ^t a 
for the twenty five Pounds given us on our Hon^*^ Father Sweetmg's 
VBL and the Value of the Plate. We hope the gracious Lord who loveth 
RnifiiBness will reward you. It wou'd be a Comfort to us if we were nearer 
bjeo, but Hxe great God who has determined the Bounds of our Habitations, 
to have fixt our abode in this Town, tho' we have had our many Afflic- 
ere yet hope have been enabled to serve his Will in our G^ieration. 
has been meas'd to Settle in a Business, whereby there's a I^pect of 
^^m^ our dUv Bread, for w^ we desire to bless his holy Name. Our last 
GUd caU'd Thomas died in December 1729. Our ekiest Son Richard is 
for East India, we have only two living with us, viz James ft Joanna, 
promising Children, and give their Duty to their Uncle ft Aunt ftc. 
Year we wrote you an Order by Capt. Jno Talamy that vou wou'd be 
fd to pav him what was due to us, whom we think to be a faithfull Man, 
ecDeeted on his Return Shou'd have not fail'd of receiving it, but he 
i^that tho' he carefully Sent our Letter to you and also one for Bro^ Jno 
_ the Executor, and another for Sister Hunt, with Direction where to 
heak with him, yet he neither heard from nor Saw either of you, w^ we 
bskvery Stranfe beoause you wrote all was in yo^ Hand, and ready to be 

160 Inacriptiona at Bahersfiddf Vt. [Apiii 

paid forthwith to our Order. This comes therefore with our earnest dem 
and punctual Order that you will not f aU to pay the Said twenty five Poiiidi 
to the Said M^ Jno Talamy, and also the true Value of the Plate, or othanrin 
Send the Plate it Self by Imn, for unto him we have entirely committed tks 
Care of the whole, and he has promised to act for us, as for himself. Ho iriH 
take Care to Send you a line Seasonably, where and when, you may Spetk 
with him. We beg you will take particular Care in this Affair, that we may 
not be disappoint^ this Year also. You know Faithfullness was Shown m 
making you the Remittance of near two Hundred Pounds given yoa bv cor 
good Grandmo Attkins. Therefore if any more than whato mention'd Ap 
pears to be our due 'tis ho*ped you will remitt it by the Said Mr TaUamy, rar 
we doubt not of his bringing it all (if The good Lord Sends him Safe mm) 
In our next w<^ we intend to Send by his EDand, 3rou may have more Flutiee* 
lars, concerning any Thing omitted in this. We tender you db our good fiislv 
yor Spouse d^ all yo^ Children our Sincere Love, tuad to all our Bie" A 
Sisters &c and remaine 

Yor loving Bror A Sister 
Tiverton* Jany 19^^, 1730/L James Sampm 


[Addrua an outside qf letter] 
To Mr Noah Mason 

at Rdboboth in New England 


Copied and communicated by Herbert Williams Dknio, A.M., 

of New York City 

The town of Bakersfield is situated in the eastern part (tf FkenUi 
County, Vt., fifteen miles east from St. AlbiuiSy the shiie town. It 
is bounded on the north by the town of Enoaburg, on the east hgr ^ 
A very ^s Goro and the town of Waterville, on the south by tte toin| . 
of Fletcher, and on the west by the town of Fairfield. In Januiii : 
1791 a charter for 10,000 acres of land in what is now BakecafieB i 
was i^ucii by the State of Vermont to Luke Knowlton, who in tii0 1 
fcJlowing numth sold this grant to Joseph Baker fcur 500 poundl -^ 
lawful money. In 1792 the town of Sinithfieldy containiog 23,000 J 
acit^ which had been chartered by New Hainprftire in 1763,t in4 ^ 
dismembered by Vermont « and a part of it was jdned to Enowltoo^ # 
icrant and was nanted Bakersfield, the ronainder ooDstituting a t 
lar^e part of the town of FairfifJd. « 

* Jo^ph Baker e^ttkxl in 17$9 or 1790 in the r^gpon afterwaidl.^ 
inctuihxl in the town that Ix^re his nanK^ Among the earliest setilflB T 
there ^\^re Jonathan Famsworth. Stephen Maynard, Baker's sob* ) 
in-law, Jonas Brigltam^ Jeremiah Platte and Luke Potter, all coming ^ 

120] Inscriptions ai BakertifiM, Vt. 151 

om aoatlimn Vermont or Massachusetts. These all died and were 
mried in Bakersfield, and some of their descendants are still living 
i the town. Other early settlers were Thomas Barnes, f3kha 

Silas Hazeltine, Anoiory Parker, William Perkins, Ebeneaer 
Amos Town, Eben Barlow, Joseph Wilkinson, and Axariah 

Gravestones of members of all these families are in the to¥m 

In 1796 there were twenty freemen, legal voters, in the to¥m. 
I 1799 thirteen more voters had qualifieid. In 1800 forty new 
imiHeB moved into the town. The population to-day is about 1100. 
ke firat death in the town was that of Isaac Freeman Famsworth, 
1 1796; the second, that of BHisha P. Pratt, a boy of eleven years, 
I the same year. 

The land for the town cemetery was given by Joseph Baker, who 
bo gave the "Conmion" adjoining it on the west, near the south 
ad d the village. About 1865 the cemetery was extended by 
nrcfaase towards the east. By the will of Peter Bent Brigham, a 
alive of liie town, who in his youth had gone to Boston to seek 
it fortune and who died in 1877, the town received a gift of $10,000, 
be income of which is to be used in caring for the cemetery in which 
18 parents were biuied. This restriction, therefore, prevents the 
zpenditure of any of the income in caring for any other cemetery, 
irfore this time the cemetery had presented the usual appearance 
f a New England biuying ground; but, on the acceptance of this 
jift by the town, the task of improvement was begun. Weeds and 
ivergrown shrubbery were removed, most of the trees were cut 
bwn, the groimd was levelled, lot fences and footstones were taken 
.way, paths and driveways were gravelled, flowers and shrubs were 
ihnted, and trees were set out along the paths and fence. Later 
be old portion of the cemetery was extended southwards, and the 
O^way was properly located. The Common, which in the years 
mmediately preceding had been used chiefly for ball games and cir- 
Qses, was fenced in and planted with flowers by the town, and was 
fought into harmony with the cemetery. The cemetery is now 
id cared for, the grass is cut with hwd lawn mowers, and an 
ttractive appearance has been given to the whole enclosure. 
Of late years not a few French Canadians — for the cemetery is 
m to all residents of the town — have selected this place for the 
Nrial of members of their families, for they know that the grounds 
M always be cared for. In another part of the village there is a 
loman Catholic cemetery, opened about 1865, the care of which 
bvohres upon the owners of the individual lots. The town ceme- 
■y at East Bakersfield, the inscriptions in which were printed 
I the Reoibteb of July 1919 (vol. 73, pp. 186-188), has, perhaps, 
0t been used for interments for more than forty years.* Many 
vmer residents of the district known as ''Egypt," in the west part 

, rol. 73. p. 186. it wma stated that "the inscription of latest certain date" in the 
cemetery was that of Benjamin Upton, who died 1 Jan. 1877. It has been 
howev e r, that the date on the sr^vestone of Daphne C. wife of H. W. Dunham, of 
OB a aeo un t of the breakinff of the stone, only the word "June" was legible, was originally 
11« 1877," and therefore J>aphne C. Dunham was the last person to be buried in that 
for whom there is a grayestone. 

«f die tovB, ueboiied in a eemelciy jiBt matam the tovn Eds, m 

The foDtomm^ inampCioDS vcre copittd w u bt iim in AqgOBi 1917 
fram die luuuuiiieDtB and gnTceuxis f oond in die tovn eeoDetay 
adjoimng die Cooimoo at Bakersfidd. Thcr were iciiaed in AiigOBt 
1918, wfaeo a fern additions were made to the copr. EEeepi for 
tiie earfieet boriak, or wiien it is otherrae stated, it maj be tmder 
alood that most of the persons buried in this eaneterr were bora in' 
the town, and it is bdiered that afl pet bums buried oat of town for 
wuuui uiBtiiptioaB exist in this cemeCciT haTe been mdifitiw 
below in the proper pbees. ^laterial endoeed in brackets has bees 
talun from tlK dath records in the oflke of the town clerk, and cue 
has been taken to gnre the exact spellings of namea and thecxMi 
dates as found in the town records, ahhough the exact forms of th 
entries have not been reproduced. These death record s kspi bgr 
the town bcpin in 1857, but for a number of years thej are not 
c omp lete. Since 1903 they consst of the oflkial r^Mvts of the attsad* 
ing pfayaciaiis, bound in annual vohnnes. Statements in fbotnotei^ 
rimed mxa are given on the authority of Mr. Merritt L. Start, 
who has been superintendent of the cemetery grounds ainee 1883. 
Statements in other footnotes are made by the contributor. 

Hattie dao. of Bartlett N. & Ann F. Adams, died Dee. 14, 1862, M,2fi 

2 Mo. 
Esra Allen, Died Feb. 2, 1851. Aged 65 yis. 
Henry Allen Died Sept 1, 1854. aged 31 frs. 
Mm C. Allen Died Dec. 21st 1835. Aged 27 years. 

Ako Maria dBo^tet of Ezra k Lydia Allen. Died Dee. 9th 1819. 
Lydia M.^iig)iter of Eira A Lvdia R. ADen. died Seplw 8, 18S4 iE. 27 T^ 
Ljrdia R. BoeB Wife of Eira Alloi. died May 31, 1873, £ S3 y'rs 4 10 mo%. 
Martha Allen, Died Oct. 2, 186S. JEL 56 Trs. 6 mB. 
Nathan Allen, Died Oet 1, 1811. aged 24 yrs. 
IVrne G. Allen daogjiter of Thomas k SaDy Allen died Sept. 4th ISOL Jt 

2 years A 8 moe. 
Sarah J. Dan. of J<^ & J. Anderson, Died Oct. 20, 1882, A 19/n 48 
moe. [Daa.of Jolm and Jane (Robinson) AnderBOD,b. in Ireland, SD^I 

Erected by R. J. Fraser. 
F. Jennie Martin Wife of L. E. Armington, Bom at Montgomery Vt Dee. 

18, 1848, Died at St. Albans, June 3, 1870. 
Fanny P. wife ci N. H. Armington died March 14, 1840 in her 31 /ear* 
Fanny Shattack Wife of N. H. Annington.t Bom in Bakenfield Oet S» 

1821. Died in St Albans Mar 20, 1875. 
Children of W. A. 4c L. L. Austin 

Bessie G. Died May 18, 1889. ^ 9 Ms. 
Mae R. Died Feb. 9, 1895 iB. 9 Ms. 
W. A. Aostm. 1857- 

ms Wife Lottie L. Smith 185&- 

Gertrude M. 1882- 

* Har hiwband. N. H. Axmmgton, is boned in the mbm lot, bat no 
tTb»N.H.Ariniiiftoo,wlioiisti]lliTiBt.iiatoo of N. H. aad Fteay P. 

m] InecripHana at Bakerafidd, Vt. 168 

Fumy E. 1883-1908 
Myra E. 1885- 
Benie G. 1888-1889 
' Glenn A. 1891- 
Mae R. 1894-1895 
AflMrt Ayers Died Nov. 8, 1907 M. 79 Yrs. [Son of Benjamin and Salie 
(Barnes) Ayers, b. in Bakersfield, Dec. 6, 1828.] 
Sarah Stanhope Wife of Albert Ayers Died July 8, 1891 M, 59 Yrs 
[Dau. of Levitt and Sylvia Stanhope, b. in Windsor, Vt., a. 58 years.] 
fiMiiet M. Wife of A. C. Ayers Died Apr. 3, 1862, M. 31 Yrs. [Dau. of Wm. 

H. and Harriett (Davidson) Perkins, b. and d. in Bakersfield.] 
BoBiB Ayers Died Oct. 1, 1859. M, 26 Yrs. 28 Ds. [Son of James and Sally 

Ayers, b. and d. in Bakersfield, d. Sept. 24, 1859, single.] 
Jhmes Ayers Died Oct. 2, 1863, M, 72 Ys. [Son of Thomas and Sally Ayers, 

b. in West Brookfield, Mass., a. 71 years, 10 months.] 
Mttjonr IAyer8]t 

HHy Jane Wife of A. C. Ayers, Died Nov. 19, 1855. Ased 24 Years. 
Manr Teony Wife of A. C. Ayers Died Dec. 6, 1858. M. 26 Yrs. [Mary 
Tenney, dau. of Wm. H. and Harriett (Davison) Perkins, a. 26 years and 
7 days.] 
Ifaicalf Ayers Died Nov. 9, 1877. M. 79 Y'rs. [Son of Joseph and Ruth 
Ayers, b. at Brookfield, Mass., a. 79 years, 10 months, 14 da3rs.] 
Mehnda Ayers Died Aug. 6, 1891. M. 83 Y'rs. [Dau. of Jonas and 
Eunice Brisham, a. 85 years, 3 months, 21 days, death caused by 
broken hip.] 
Horace Farwell Died Jan. 28, 1896. -M, 75 Y'rs. [Son of Ezra and 

Harriet (Maynard) Farwell, a. 73 years, 12 days.] 
Matflda Farwell Died Dec. 31, 1875. M, 46 Y'rs. [Dau. of Metcalf 
and Melinda (Brigham) Ayers, a. 46 years, 3 months, 19 days.]t 
8inh Hastings Wife of James Ayers. Died June 27, 1888, JE. 87 years. 
Biabeth Wi^t Wife of Joseph Baker. Died May 26, 1881. M, 76 Y'rs & 

26 Days. [Dau. of Joseph and EUzabeth Wright, b. in Shorham, Vt.] 
Eonice B. Wife of Joseph Baker. Died Sept. 13, 1835 JE. 39 Y's 2 mo. & 

28 ds. 
In Memory of John Baker, who died March 6th 1825 in the 66th year of his 

hm^ Baker Died Sept. 28, 1867, iE. 79 ys & 8 ms. [Son of Samuel and 

Hannah Baker, b. in Templeton, Mass., d. in Bakersfield.] 
Erther J. Wife of James N. Ballard Died in Bakersfield: Vt. Nov. 30, 1897. 
M. 52 Y'rs. 9 M's. A 5 d's. [Ester Jane, dau. of John and Caroline Blake, 
a. 52 3rears, 9 months^ 25 days.] 
In Memory of Adelme wife of Azariah Bangs, who died March 19. 1828, 

and 25 years & 8 months. 
AssriSi Bangs, Died Mar. 7, 1875, M. 77 Yrs & 3 ms. 
Ireoa. Wife of Dea. Azariah Bangs Died Feb. 17, 1869. M, 59 yrs & 10 mo. 
[Dau. of Thomas and Roxana (Cobleigh) Burby, b. in Townshend, Vt., 
a. 59 years, 10 months, 17 days.] 
James W. Banes Died Jan. 14, 1858. M, 28 Ys. & 4 Mo. 
John W. son of J. W. & S. M. Bangs, died Dec. 19, 1856. Aged 2 Mo's. 
Mrs. Lucinda Wife of Nathaniel Bangs; and daughter of Amos Parker died 
Feb. [iUeffible, 7 2] 1803 M. 31 years. 

* TIm name Faimy E. is on a marker. 

t The name Marjory ie on a marker in the lot in whioh Albert and Sarah Stanhope Ayera are 
hmlad. The other marken in the lame lot read "Father" and "Mother." 

t Four markers in this lot read reepeotively "Grand Father." "Grand Mother." "Father." 
and **MoCfaer." 

IM Inmripiimu at B^kw^UU, VL [ApA 

iMuidv 800 of NftdL 4c lAdndft BaogL died Jime 22, 1803. AfBdTdftjn. 
I^Uumid Banei Died Jan. 14, 1867. JR. 96 jn. k S m^ [li.m Bmmj 

lnc]t MasB.] 
[A. Allen Bamster, tee tntcripHan fo E. 8. Welk.] 
^usbt Bamster, «e imaiptian to E. S. WeDs.] 
In llemory of Aanm Bariow Eaq. 1H10 died Biaidi 12tii 1822. in tlie 87th 

year of hii a^e. 
Aaron Nelson son of Elias k Locj Barlow, died Sqit 23, 1838 aged 1 jmt 

A 2 mo. 
Eliaa Barlow died Sept 6tii 1846. a^ed 56 years. 
Luey wife of Elias Barlow Died S^ 10, 1868. Ae. 76 Yrs. 
Lucy Mariah, daughter of Sanford S. 4 Jerusha Bariow, died Maidi 23, 

1847, Aged 11 mo. A 27 days. 
Lydia Ealsa, dandier of Elias A Lucy Barlow, died Biareh 1 1833, agedS 

yean 1 montn A 1 day. 
In MonOTy of PrisciOa. wife oi Aanm Bariow Esq. who died Dee. &h 1825. 

aged 73 years. 
Roland H. Bariow^ 

His Wde Ellen S. Reed ^ 31 Ys. 9 Ms. Feb. 14, 1894. [Dao. of 
George aiMi EDa Reed, b. at Wiliston, Vt, a. 31 years, 9 mcmths, 
24 days.] 
His Wife Minnie Woodworth M. 41 Y'rs. Dec 30, 1908. 
Sacred to the Memory oi a son of EHias and Lucy Barlow, bom dead April 

3rd 1821. 
Abigafl Western Wife of Joshua Barnes Died Oct. 8, 1863, M. 72 Ys. [Datt. 
of James and Abigail Wesson, b. in Templeton, Mass., a. 72 yearSi 6 
months, 6 days.] 
Alice H. Barnes Died June 3, 1894. M. 71 Y'rs. [Dau. of John and Abigul 

(Weston) Barnes, d. Jan. 3, 1894, a. 71 years, 10 days, sing^] 
[Amity (Paige) (Huribut) Barnes, see ifueriptian to John A. Perkins.] 
Betsey Wheeler ¥^e of Capt. Elijah Barnes. Died Aug. 12, 1825, M. 41 

C. S. Barnes Died May 25, 1871, M. 53 Yrs. [Churchill S., son of Cyras and 
Nancy (Famsworth) Barnes, d. May 15, 1871, a. 53 years, 4 montfas, 
15 da3r8, a mechanic] 
Charlotte Barnes Oct. 31, 1840 Aug. 23 1913.t 

Claric W Son of H. & E. E. Barnes, Died Apr. 22, 1856, ^. 2 yrs. 5 mos. 
& 4 D's. 

Barnes Erected by the Junius Barnes Family .$ 
Comfort 1782-1866 [Son of Joshua and Mary Barnes, b. in Brook- 
field, Mass., d. May 12, 1866, a. 84 years, 3 months.] 
Charlotte 1824-1849 Wife of Charles Huntley 
Sophie Corse 1789-1881 Wife of Comfort Barnes [Sophia, Dau. of 
Azariah and Mrs. (Morgan) Corse, b. in Hebron, N. Y., d. in 
Bakersfield, May 23, 1861, a. 71 years, 6 months, 15 days.] 
Junius 1839-1908I 
Emily Jane 1826-1829 
Lovisa 1819-1824 
Infant 1827-1827 
Lorenzo 1830-1841 
Austin 1815-1847 
Elinor Giddings 1827-1852 Wife of Austin Barnes. 

• still living. 

t An inscription on her father's gravestone reads: "Charlotte E. Barnes Oei. SI, 1840 Anf- 
23. 1913." She died at BurUngton. Vt.. and was daughter of John and Chailotta (AbboU) Nkholi 
and divorced wife of Junius Barnes. 

X The individual inscriptions acoompanjring this monument are on markers. 

I Died in Burlington, Vt.~ic. l. s. 

WOi PneekUng* of the N. E. Hiat. Gen. Society 155 

h Memory of Comfort O. Son of Dea. Cyrus & Nanc^r Barnes, died Aug. 

23, 1840, aged 20 y. & 7 m. 
Oon Bell DaugL of M; ft. M. A. Barnes, Died Feb. 18, 1862, Ae 2 ys & 6 

ms. {Dbixl. of Merritt and Mary Ann Barnes, a. 2 years, 6 months, 2 

days, accidental^ scalded.] 
Dea. Gyrus Barnes, fiom at North Brookfield Mass. Jan. 31, 1790. died at 

Bakersfield Jan. 12, 1871. [Son of Joshua and Mary Barnes, a. Jan. 7, 

1871, a. 80 years, 11 months, 18 days, widower.] 
Edgar L. son of C. S. ft M. E. Barnes died Feb. 20, 1852. M. 3 yrs. 
Gnit Elijah Barnes Died Aug. 17, 1865. Aged 78 Y'rs ft 8 Mo's. [Son of 

Joshua Barnes, b. in Massachusetts, d. Aug. 15, 1865, a. 78 years, 8 

months, 10 days.] 
IMdie K son of C. S. ft M. E. Barnes Died Oct. 2, 1862, M. 10 Yrs. [a. 

10 yean, 1 month.] 
Himiah T. Church, Wife of Gyrus Barnes Died July 31, 1867, M. 61 Ys. 

[Dia. (rf Ira Church, b. in St. Albans, d. July 30, 1867.) 

[To be continued] 



By HxNRT Edwards Scott, A.B., Recording Secretary 

BatUm^ MauachuseUs, 7 Janvaru 1920. A stated meeting of the Society was 
Ud in WHder Hall, 9 Ashburton Placej at 2.30 P. M., President Baxter presiding. 

Die minutes of the December meetmg were approved, and the reports of the 
Cotw spon ding Secretary, librarian, HiBtorian, and Coimcil were acoepjted, the 
Oomeu reporting that since the December meeting members of the Society had 
btn elected as follows: 

Pilgrim TercerUenaTy Members 

Mrs. Alfred McEwen of Tanytown, N. Y. 

John A. Hanoe of New York City 

Norman Bridge of Los Angeles, Cal. 

Waller C. Baker of Cleveland, Ohio 

George Perldns Bissell of Wilmington, Del. 

George W. Banks of Philadelphia, Pa. 

John Barnes Miller of Pasadena, Cal. 

Gyrus Bentlev of Chicago, Dl. 

ft?T"'«J Houi^ton Cox of Cleveland, Ohio 

Mrs. Benjamin N. Huntington of Columbus, Ohio 

Thomas Winston Bumham of Cleveland. Ohio 

Mrs. Joseph Harrison Brazier of Philadelphia, Pa. 

Mrs. William E. Hinchliff of Rockford. Dl. 

Thomas J. Mmnford of Plainfield, N. J. 

William Blair Ban^alev of Chicago, 111. 

Henry Gardiner of Mulstone, Conn. 

John Mills of Marietta, Ohio 

Niel Gray, Jr., of Oswego, N. Y. 

Mrs. John Mohkr Studebaker of South Bend, Ind. 

Howard W. Baker of Coronado, Cal. 

Edgar Ames of Seattle, Wash. 

Henry Morrell Atkinson of Atlanta, Ga. 

Grinnell Willis of Morristown, N. J. 

Mrs. Albert Goodwill Spalding of Point Loma, Cal. 

156 Proeeedifig$ of the N. E. Hist. Gen. Sodeiy [AprSI 

John Stanley Ames of Boston, Mass. 
W. H. Biflsell of Wausau, Wis. 
Douglas Merritt of Rhinebeck, N. Y. 

\SmN^^mweU j of New York City 

William Henry Sage of Albany, N. Y. 

Mrs. William Watts Sherman of New York City 

Abraham Brittin of New Orleans, La. 

Nathaniel Terrv Bacon of Peace Dale, R. I. 

Mrs. Robert Clarence Pruyn of Albany, N. Y. 

Dwight Blan^ of Boston, Mass. 

Mrs. Harold Lee Judd of Minneapolis, Minn. 

Mrs. John A. Vanderpoel ) 

Henry Fairfield Osbom > of New York City 

George Gait Bourne ) 

Edward Lawrence Doheny of Los Angeles, Cal. 

William Henry Bliss of New York City 

Martha C. Codman of Washington, D. C. 

Paul Wayland Bartlett of New York City 

Edmund Janes James of Urbana, 111. 

Resident Members 

George Melville Houghton of Somerville, Mass. 
George Morton Barrdl of Gloucester, Mass. 
Mary Bronson Hartt of Allston, Mass. 
John Hendrik de Vries of Canton, Mass. 
Harvey Wickes Hasey of Boston, Mass. * 

John Herbert Barker of Waverley, Mass. 

The Council also reported the names of twenty-nine candidates for iragirjiii 
Tercentenary Membership and six candidates for Resident Membership, atetiiig 
that action by the Council on these names would be in order after thqr nad been 
posted for thirty days, in accordance with the Bv-Laws. 

President Bucter then presented, as the speaker of the afternoon, Mrs. Bertha 
S. Papasian of Boston, Official Lecturer for the Armenian National UnioDof 
Amenca. Mrs. Papazian stated that instead of speaking on Ameriea and Her 
ImmigrantSf as had oeen announced in the notice of the meeting, she was obUflod 
to offer another paper; and she gave an interesting and timely address entiUed 
Armenia and America. 

At 3.40 P. M. the President declared the meeting dissolved, and the memben of 
the Society, with their guests, enjoyed a social hour in the tea room. 

4 February. The annual meeting of the Society was held this day, for a report 
of which see the Supplement to the present number of the Rboistbb. 

5 March. A stated meeting of the Society was held in Wilder Hall, 9 Aahburton 
Place, at 2.30 P. M., Vice-President Chase presiding. 

The minutes of the annual meeting were approved, and the reports of the 
Corresponding Secretary, Librarian, Historian, and CouncQ were accepted, the 
Council reporting that smce the annual meeting members of the Society iiad been 
elected as follows: 

Pilgrim Tercentenary Members 

William Howard Gannett of Augusta, Me. 
Alexander Forbes of Milton, Mass. 
GeDrge R. Bunker of Yonkers, N. Y. 
Ralph Isham of Santa Barbara, Cal. 
Chicles S. Frost of Lake Forest, 111. 
Walter C. Winchester of Grand Rapids, Mich. 
Albert G. Scherer of Summit, N. J. 
Francis Phelps Dodge of New York City 
Lewis E. Smoot of Washington, D. C. 
Mrs. Julian Burdick of Pittsburgh, Pa. 
Carl Casey of Washington, D. C. 
Otis Stark Southworth of Cleveland, Ohio 
Darwin D. Martin of Buffalo, N. Y. 

nq Proceedings of the N, E. Hiet. Oen. Society 157 

Rendeni Members 

Annie Hinckley Damon of Waltham, Mass. 
William Francu Warden of Paris, France. 
John StetBon Edmands of Somerville, Mass. 
Mn. Robert Gilchrist of New York City 
Charies A. Parmelee of Andover, Mass. 
William S. Swift of Watertown, Mass. 
Mrs. Claude Moore Fuess of Andover, Mass. 
Mrs. Henry Herbert Edes of Cambridge, Mass. 

The Council also reported the names of sixteen candidates for Pilgrim Ter- 
fleotenanr Membership, one candidate for life Membership, and eight candidates 
for Resiaent Membership, stating that action by the Council on these names 
foold be in order after tney had been posted for thirty days, in accordance witii 

Hie Council also reported that the Society had received from Walter Br^rent 
Greene of New Market, N. H., the gift of a gavel made of wood from the United 
States ship ConUUuHon, and the Recording Secretary read a letter from Mr. 
Qreene in which he |>re8ented the gavel to the Society and gave some account of 
ifti histofy. On motion it was 

FiM, l^Ai Um thanki of Um Society be extended to Bir. Qreene for hie gift of a sarel made 
<f wood from one of the moat famoua •nipa in the United Statea Navy. 

The Chair then presented, as the speaker of the afternoon, Alice Van Leer 
Ourick of Hanover, N. H., who in an interesting talk on CoUecting, illustrated by 
el e teopticon slides, entertained the large number of members and guests who had 
nihered to hear her with descriptions of her adventures at auctions, her encoun- 
tan with the Yankees of the New England country towns, and her experiences in 
eofleeting and arranging antique furniture, rugs, and brio^a-brac, a pursuit which, 
ike dedared, is in itselia liberal education. She ejdiibited pictures of noteworthy 
neesi ol furniture, some of which are in the Metropolitan Art Museum in New 
rak Gij and others in her own home at Hanover. 

A vote of thanks was extended to the speaker for her instructive talk, and, no 
tetfwr business beins presented, the Chair, at 4 P. M., declared the meeting dis- 
wshedf and invited tne members of the Society, with their guests, to parti&e of 
l^hi refreshments in the adjoining tea room. 

' 7 ApriL A stated meeting of the Society was held in Wilder Hall, 9 Ashburton 
Flaee, at 2.30 P. M., President Baxter presiding. 

The minutes of the March meeting were approved, and the reports of the 
Comnonding Secretary, Librarian, Historian, and Council were accepted, the 
Cocmcu repottmg that smce the March meeting members of the Society nad been 
■iaeled as foUows: 

Pilgrim Tercentenary Members 

Watson Bradley Dickerman of Mamaroneck, N. Y. 

ftfciwiwl L. Munson of Albany, N. Y. 

George Atwell Hamlin of Chicago. 111. 

Mrs. Samuel P. Harbison of Pittsourgh, Pa. 

Edward J. Millspaugh of Utica, N. Y. 

Anderson Grats of Kirkwood, Mo. 

Charles Sidney Shepard of New Haven^ N. Y. 

Mrs. Elisabeth Severance-Buchan of Pittsburgh, Pa. 

George A. Peabody of Danvers. Mass. 

James Barlow Cullum of Sewickley, Pa. 

Julia Lyman of Cambridge, Mass. 

Remiald H. Parsons of Seattle, Wash. 

Grm Glover of St. Louis. Mo. 

Karl Isburgh of Amsteroam, N. Y. 

Mn. George H. Lewis of Buffalo, N. Y. 

Eknile Bemner of Washington, D. C. 

Erattos PtOmer Gavit of Albany, N. Y. 

Life Members 

Manr Alsop Cnrder of Washington, D. C. 
Fnienc k, Delano of Washington, D. C. 

U» Noie$ (April 

Rendmt Members 

Mtb. John K Hannjgan of Cambridge, Maas. 
CharieB A. Stone of ^^ringfidd, Maas. 
WQUam Truman Aldnch of Boston, Maas. 
Bfo. Frank E. Perkina of Abingtoi^ Mass. 
Curtis Fisher Day of Somervillej Mass. 
H. W. Dickerman of Phfladdphia, Pa. 
Qiester Henry Eeogh of Chicago, DL 
William Gorham EjwbU of Medlord, Mass. 
Edith Koidall of Brookline, Mass. 
Walter Stone Fnrdee of Minneapdis, Minn. 
Albert Waring Pierson of Niagara Falls, N. Y. 

The CooncQ also reported the names €i fifteen candidates for Pilgrim Ter- 
oentarr Membershm and six candidates fw Residoit Memberahip, stating that 
aetkm by the Councal on these names would be in order after they hibd been poi^ 
for tlurt^ ^'^ ^ acooidanoe with the By-Laws. 

Ptvsiaent iBaxter then pro s en ted, as the ^eaker of the aftonoon^^IMHie 
Houston Koit, A.M., of Bostim, who in an nn prcomv e and timslj 
iSofiM Cammom TVufcs of the SngUehSpeaking P^ojfe warned his ~ 
dangers now threatening the liber^ ot the Ang^o-Saxon natioiw. 

A vote of thanks to tae speaker was adopted bv the Society aad, 
being presented, the Qiair, at 3.55 r. M., dedared the 


It hftfing come \o the atteatkm of flris Society ttat ccrtrin wneal- 
ogists and piddishers have iiaed flie name of the Sodelj m cob- 
nectioo witti their own enterprises, Ae Sodetf again desires te 
state ttiat it has NO genealogical r ^ce se ntalifes in tids couuhj 
or in Bn^^d, nor is it in moj way connected wifli any pnhHraltMS 
oAer tfian ttiose Hiat it issues over its ofvn name at 9 AahlNnton 
Place* Boston. 

r. — In the Dover (N. H.) PuMic libiaiy is an old aoooont book of 
perhaps 100 pages, eontaining accounts that run from about 1750 to 1790. 
Apparently it was used at one time by Daniel Neboo. On page 52 of this iMMk 
is tlie foUowing record: 

Daniel Nelson Married To PoDy Granrill ye 4 di^ of may in tiie year one 

thousand seven hundred and eighty ei^t 
my first Chikl was bom 17SS the 2$ NoT«nber on friday GaDed Saiy 
my Second Chikl was still bom may 6^ 1790 
my third Chikl was bom September 1S>^ 17»1 GsDed PoDy 
mv forth Chikl was bora may 5*^ 17M Called manraet 
mv fifth Chiki was bom December 28^ 1796 OJled Joseph 
mySirth Chikl was bora September 19 on Thunday m the year 1799 CyOed 

On page 25 is the foUowing entry: 

October ye 30: 1771. I then tuck a child to mm of william Brewstea 
Dmtr, .Y. H. Samuxl BuaxHAM Skackiobd. 

GiBB&— In the article entitled ''Additknal Barbadian Xotes*" eontribulad 
by G. Andrews Mociarty, Jr.» A.M., to the RBGiSTcn of April 1914 (toL 08), 
then is an item (page \79S about Robert Gibbs of I^Midoo and Btiaton Among 
the Bentley Manuwripts^ in the posseasion of the AnM^ig^^i* Antiqaanan Society, 

19901 Notes ISO 

s ■ b«gment of an account book of Babert Oibbe of Booton, uid one of tlie 
loMOnbi cunent in Uiia bo^ ia headed: "Brother John Gibbs hia aeooimt Bab»- 
doM 1667." 
WdUrieji Farm», Mau. Ebkk Putnam. 

HiOTOBiCAL Intuxioiino 

Hhkauat. — ^The C<ffiunittee on Heraldiy of the New England Hiattmo 
ffcylngifil Society Btoongly reoominenda thftt all coata of anna which nan be 
proved to be authentic be offered for record 
with this Society. The arrangemenla for the 
making and preservation of suoh leoonk an 
eranplete, and the rciiune <d reoorded anna hM 
beoa beRim by the mtry tbeiein vS a nuinl?er of 
inil-autbenticated eoata. Printed fonna and 
direotioiia for the maldng of ^MicAtuM magr 
be obtained frton the Conunittee, and all oom- 
municationa on thia nibject should be addreased 
to the Committee on Her^diy, New En^and 
Historic Genealogical Socie^, 9 Ashburtcn 
Place, Boston. 

Without taking any poaition with ndeitaet to 

the Mopriety of awiiming arma, the Committee 

will be glad to examine arms or haraldie denoe* 

which any penou or onaniaation iednt to •#• 

MM^ and lire advice aa to whether the aame are heraldically correct or irtwtber 

thar Tiokle a li^t of sxcluaiTe uae heretofore acquired by othen. 

Omtmni-vaiB AmnvxitaAiiT or tbe Nxw £Nai.«j<ii Historic Ocnkalogi- 
1 Thursday, 18 Mar. 1020, the New England Hiatorie Oen- 

pB wiuara, ana toeir aaeociatee and succeaeore, a ooipoiaBon, t>y toe 

B o( the New En^and Historic Qenealogical Society, for the puipaae of 

e&tg, p res er ving, and occaaionallv publishing, genealogical and historical 

lating to eariy New EngloDd familiw, and for the eatabliahment and 

_Me 01 a cabinet," waa approved by His Excellency Geoi^ N. biggs, 

wn>i.jr of the Commonwealth, on 18 Mar. 1845. 

ne airangementa for the celebration had been placed, by a vote of the Council 
of 7 Hmt 191B, in charge of the Committee on Papera and Eflsays, eonsieting 
flf John HcKinstry Merriam, A.M., of Framio^iam, Chairman, Allied Johnson, 
A.H., lJtt.D., of Brookline, Miss Mary St. Barbe Euatis of Brookline, Mrs. 
Atthnr White Tedcaatle of Miltoo, Mrs. David Floyd of Winthrop, Mn. Joseph 
Cwtii Bowes ttf Allaton, and Mias Josephine Eliiabeth Rayne of Cambridie; 
tiiid Ihiflieommittee appointed a special reception committee, comprisinK Bub. 
Arthur White Tedcaatb of Milton, Chairman, Mrs. George Miuot Baker of 
Coaeofd, Mrs. Fnnk Dexter Ellison of Belmont, Mn. John Fremont Hill of 
Boatoo, HrB. William Leander McKee of Boston, and Mra. Emeat Henry 
Wheder of Auginta, Ue. The programme plonnea b;|r these two cwnmitteea 
iaduded a reception to members of toe Society and their friends and to invited 
gwita in tbe BodetT's building, 9 AshburtoB Place, Boston, from two untO 
■X o'dodc in tbe afternoon, and appropriate addresses, foUowed by a aodal 
hear, in the nei^boring Ford Hall in the evening. 

la the mAa immediately preceding the oelebrstion the interior of the Sooety's 
' — ;, iriiich was erected in 1912 and was dedicated on 18 Mar. 1913, wm 

lifMnted, attractive panellinz was placed on the walla of the entrance 
w aod the main atairwav, we entrances to several of the memorial rooms in 
tha ImiUing were marked, by artistically wrought, perforated, swinging bronae 
the muneroui oil portnuts owned by the Society were cleaned and reo- 
' and these pratraits, with many rare prints, were hung in apfoopriate 
- the libraiy, the offioea, and the oorndors. 


100 Notes [April 

The many who visited the Society's buildins in the afternoon were leoemd^ 
in the corridors and in the several rooms by ofocers and memben who had been 
requested to act as ushers and guides, and the history of the Society, its growth^ 
aims, and prospects, and its valuable collections were described. Those wlio 
helped in this way to welcome members and guests were Messrs. John Gamfl 
Chase, Albert Henry Lamson, George Andrews Moriarty, J]\, George Lambert 
Gould, William Prescott Greenlaw, Henrv Edwards Scott, Tliomton KiTkkiid 
Lothrop, Jr., Frank Ernest Woodward, James Parker Parmenter. Hoeea Starr 
Ballou, Willmm Ogilvie Comstock, Charles Knowles Bolton, Nathanid Tlumr 
Kidder, William Churchill Briggs, Edmund Ingersoll Leeds, John Henrr fid- 
monds, Eben Francis Thoxnpson, Walter Kendall Watkins, and George Bawia 
Stewart, and Miss Mary St. Barbe Eustis, Mrs. Frank EUsworth Kandally 
and Mrs. Mary Lovering Holman. An orchestra, stationed at the foot of tha 
main stairway, played while the reception was in progress. The ladiea of tha 
reception committee greeted the members and guests in Wilder Hall, and nb m h 
ments were served in the tea room across the corridor, those who poured for 
the various hours being Mrs. Geoi^ Bicknell Ager of WeUesley HOb, Bin. 
Charles Knowles Bolton of Brooklme, Mrs. John Edward Kincaid of Shar- 
bom, Miss Jennie Glover Moselev of Dorchester^Mias Jennie Wallace of Boston, 
and Mrs. William Francis Warden of Paris. These ladies were aasiated br 
Mrs. Wallace Osgood Fenn of Brookline, Miss Miriam Gould of TopsBeldy and 
several other ^roimg ladies. 

In the evening members of the Society and invited guests (indoding rapf^ 
sentatives of historical societies, colleges, and libraries) ass^nbled in Ford Hall 
for the literary exercises. The ushers were Charles Francis Dorr Belden, Jamet 
Melville Hunnewell, and William Truman Aldrich of Boston, Joseph Gardnflr 
Bartlett and Lawrence Brainerd of Cambridge, Edward Holmes mtti^dge of 
Arlington, Joseph Harvey White of Chestnut Hill, Everett Jefts Beede off Bel- 
mont, and Charles Eliot Goodspeed of WoUaston. Hon. James Phinn^ Be 
President of the Society, occupied the chair, and on the platform with miii 
the chaplain and orator of the evening, the vice-presidents, executive offi 
and counciUors of the Society, the chairman of the Committee on Ftoen a 
Essays, and the ladies of the reception committee. The exerdsee Dega& at 
eight o'clock with music by the orchestra, after which prayer was offoad bgr 
Rev. A. Z. Conrad, D.D., of the Park Street Church, Boston. The RaoordiBg 
Secretary then read three letters, selected from the numerous letters of ranet 
and congratulation received bv the Committee on Papers and EsBaya. JfuBf 
were from the President and Mrs. Wilson, President Hadley of Yale uiinpeiaity» 
and Col. W. Gordon McCabe, President of the Virginia Historioal Soeialj. 
His Excellency Calvin Coolidge, Governor of the Commonwealth ol MmmUr 
chusetts, who IS an honorary member of the Society, had been speoialhr invited 
to be present and to brin^ the greetings of the Oommonwealth, but ha waa 
unable to attend the exercises, and his letter of re^t was read by tha Chair* 
man of the Committee on Papers and Essays. In this letter the Governor wrote: 
''I congratulate your society upon its seventy-five years of service, and warii to 
Repress to its members the appreciation of the Commonwealth for the oontrifao- 
tion th^ have made to the glorious traditions of Massachusetts. I hopa at 
each succeeding anniversary that you will have grown in value to tha State 
and to the United States as you have during the time you are just now ooof^aU 
ing. My very best wishes go to each and every one of you." President Baxter 
then deuverra an address, in which he called attention to the faet that tiia 
seventy-fifth anniversary of the Society came in the same year with the ter- 
centenary of the Tending of the Pilgrims, spoke of the importanoe in Amerieaa 
history of the Pilgrim and Puritan settlers of New En^and, and advocated 
the erection of a memorial building, or Temple of Honor, which would not on|f 
commemorate the Founders of New En^and but also exert on the nninatnMted 
masses of our varied population an educational influence of incaleolafale worth.^ 
He then introduced, as tne principal speaker of the evening, Rev. Lemuel Herbert 
Murlin, D.D., LL.D., President of Boston University, who, in a vigorooa. lival]r» 
and thouehtful address entitled The Pilgrim RepMic and the New RmMieem 
Bwrope, declared that the numerous republics that have been promimad in 
Europe as a result of the World War owe iheir inspiration to the Pilgrim Ba- 

*P»«nd«it B«zt«r*8 addiMi k printod in foU on pp. 121-194 of tluB 

VaO^ Reeeni Books 161 

inbii^ and that America, being in a sense responsible for the creatioii of these 
npidmflB, shoukl stand by them, try to protect them from ^e effects of their 
own politieal inexperience, and, above all, help to avert from them the terrible 
of famine. The United States, havmg heli)ed to extinguish the oan- 
m of war, should not desert Europe in tne critical period of reoonstruo- 
that is now at band. After the conclusion of Dr. Murlin's illuminating 
tmd fftinyukt^ng address the audience, led by the orc^estra^ rose and n*«g 
''ABMnea." ana then, at the invitation of the President, repaured to Kingdey 
Hal, on ue floor below, where refreshments were servea and a delightful social 
hov was enjoyed. Thus doeed a most successful celebration, wmdi served 
BOi only to recall to those who participated in it the important work of the 
Hht ^^m»H Historic Genealogical Society in the three-qufuters of a century 
ef Us esstenoe and to make clear its unequalled equipment for future service, 
\mA slao to eommemorate the dauntless "band of exiles" who laid the foundar 
thvse hundred jean ago, of the American Republic. 


flk* Bdltor partioularly requwts penona sending booka for listing in the RaonraB to state, 
tte iniaBBtttloii of leedeis, the price of each book, with the amount to be added for iwttage 
wmt bj mail* and from whom it may be ordered. For the January issue, books should be 
br Nor. 1; for ApHl, by Feb. 1; for July, by May 1; and for Oelobtr, by July 1.] 


Baoma gooaaloqr. History of Richard Bourne and some of his descendants. 
Hgf iffMMA B. B. Dykes. Cleveland. Ohio, privately printed by Benjamin F. 
Boona [1019]. 227 p. map pi. por. 8 . 

Blown cenealogy. John Browne, gentleman, of Plymouth (and one branch 
of dcanrnmintn to the 12th generation). Assistant, conunissioner, maostrate, 
w in New England colonial life. He commanded the confidence andf esteem 
Whites and Indians alike. By George Tilden Brown. [Providence, R. I., 
Press, 1910.] 55 p. fcsm. pi. 8^ 

genealogy. One branch of the Chickering family and the oom- 
nlsla anceatry cd Maiy Chickering Nichols. By Frederic C. Torrmri A. M. 
Uiilims^ N. J., 1919. 31 p. geneal. tab. il. map 4*" 

r ffenealogy. Genealogy of some descendants of Thomas Fuller of Wo- 
[Vm. 4.] By William Hysloi) Fuller. To which is added supplements 

to Toi om es 1, 2, 3, previously compiled and published. Printed for the oom- 

pier, 1910. 271 p. pi. por. 8^ 

Mmsif-Hopkina genealogy. A Munsey-Hopkins genealogy, being the anoea- 
trv of Aiidrew Chaunoey Munsey and Mary Jane Merritt Hopkins, the parants 
</ hank A. Munsey, his brother and sisters. By D(aniel]»0[sro] Sfmith] LowalL 
A. M., M. D., Litt. D. Boston, privately printed, 1920. 17 + 216 p. geneS 

lifBOlda genealogy. 1620-1919. Twentv-eighth annual report. The Bqr- 
Dolds Family Association. Hotel McAlpin, New York City, October and 10, 
1910. n. p. n. d. 46 p. U. 8° 

l^enealogy. June, 1919. Vol. 1, no. 1. The Rhodes Family in Amer- 
wa. Published by Nelson 08fK)od Rhoades. [Los Anseles, Birelsy A Ebon 
Mitiiig Co., 1919.] 7 p. 8° Price 50 cts. per year. Published three ttmes a 
ynrrAddrees N. O. Rhoades, 1208 Merchants National Bank Building, Loa 

genealogy. Foreign ancestry number, September, 1010. VoL 1, 
aa. 2. The Rhodes Family in America. Published by Nelscm Osgood Rhoadea. 
a.p.C1010.] 6 p. geneal. tab. r 

162 Recent Book$ [April] 

SalUbiuj genealogv. SaliBburian. A genealogical magaaine. Vol 1, no. 6. 
By Elon Galusha Salisbury, B. A. Phelps, N. Y. p. 153-102, 8* 

Shedd genealogy. Register of the Shedd Family Association (incorporate^, 
vol. 8. Ei^th annual meeting, August 20, 1919, Quincy, Mass. Alice M. Bhedo, 
Secretary, Newton Centre, Mass. n. p. 1919. 36 p. pi. por. 8* 


Kittredge, Alfred Beard, memoir. Alfred Beard Kittredge in memoriaa. 

n. p. n. d. 15 + [1] p. fcsm. por. 8° 

Wood. Gen. Leonard, life. The life of Leonard Wood. By John G. Hohiie. 
New York, Doubleday, Page & Co., 1920. 12 + 228 p. pi. 12* 

Union College, Class of 1868. Union Collese, rec<»d of Class of 1868» 50tii 
year reunion, 1868-1918. [Concord, N. H., The Rumford Press, 1919.] 49 p. 
il. pi. por. 8^ 


(a) Gensbal 

Massachusetts, House of RepresentatlTes, journals. Joiunals of the House 
of Representatives of Massachusetts, 1715-1717. Published at the charge of 
the Dowse Fund. The Massachusetts Historical Society, 1919. 10 -f 291 p. 4* 

Massachusetts, trees. Historic trees of Massachusetts. By James Bjqr- 
mond SimmcMis. Boston, Marshall Jones Co., 1919. 21 + 139 p. fd. 8* 

(b) Local 

Belfast Me., vital records. Vital records of Belfast, Maine, to the year 1892. 
Vol. 2. Marriages and deaths. Editor, Alfred Johnson, A. M., Litt. I>. Com- 
mittee on Publication, William Davis Patterson, Alfred Johnson. A. M., Litt. D. 
Published under authority of the Maine Historical Society, 1919. 671 p. 8^ 

Boston, Mass., Old South Church. The two hundred and fiftieth aimivenaiy 
of the founding of the Old South Church [Third Church, 1669] in Boston. 
Imprinted for the Old South Society by the Plimpton Press [« 1919]. 9 + 138 p. 
fcsm. 8^ 

Boston^ Mass., Sunday schools. Early Sunday sdioob in Boston. Bj Albefi 
Matthews. Reprinted from the Publications of The Colonial SooieW of Massa- 
chusetts, vol. 21. Cambridge, John Wilson & Son, 1919. p. 259-^ 4* 

Westfleld, Mass., history. Westfield and the World War. United Slatas 
dedajed war April 6, 19l7: armistice signed November 11. 1918. This baek 
was compiled by Edward G. Clark und^ the direction ana si^pervisioa of the 
"Welcome Home" Conunittee for distribution on "Welcome Home" day to the 
Veterans of the World War, both soldiers and sailors, September 3, 1919. [West- 
fidd, Mass., Westfield Times Co. Print, 1919.] 55 p. fcsm. il. pi. por. 8* 


The National Order of ^e Knights of the Golden Horseshoe. Instituted 
1716, reorganized April 15, 1916. [Ldst of officers, members, constitution, diarter, 
etc.] 24p. U. pi. 8^ 

Society of Sons of the Revolution, California. Roster, war register and dinv 
nology of the Society, Sons of the Revolution in the State of Catifomi» (26Ui 
year), January, 1920. n. p. 1920. 43 -+- [1] p. il. por.:4* 


Longevity. Who shall inherit long life? By Dr. Alexander Qraham Bei. 
Washington, D. C, Press of Judd & DetweUer, Inc., 1919. p. 505-614, iL por. 4^ 

Reprinted from the National Geographic Mac^ksine, June, 1919. 

The Genealogical Record Office. Alexander Graham Bell. Direotor. 1001 36th QL, WmU^Iob. 
p. C. will be glad to receive information concerning all auUientic nucw of pwoat bow IfariM vb* 
•re more than 90 years of age. The data should indude the data of birth of Hm to d i t k hi M . Iht 
■Oi ftt which his or her parents died, and the number of ohildreB mad acea of hia or hai 
and direot deeeendants. 





new england 
Historic Genealogical Society 








mcEBS Elected by the Societt for the Year 1920 
mcERS AND Committees Appointed by the Council 
■PORT of Proceedings at the Annual Meeting . 
EPOirr of the Council 

Committee on Finance 

Committee on Ways and Means 

Committee on Increase of Membership .... 



Ccxnmittee on Sale of Publications 
ttee on Publications 
ttee to Assist the Historian 
ttee on English Research 


Committee on Heraldry 

Committee on the Library 

Committee on Epitaphs 

Committee on Papers and Essays 

Special Committee on Endowment and Members 

Iipost of the Librarian 

bpobt of the Corresponding Secretary 





IbioiRS OF Deceased Members .... 




• • • 





















S PHINNEY BAXTER, A.M., Lrrr.D Portland, Me. 

: CARROLL CHASE Brookline 

ED JOHNSON, A.M., Lnr.D Belfast, Me. 



tGE ANDREWS MORIARTY, Jr., A.M., LL.B. . Newport, R. I. 

tGE SEYMOUR GODARD, M.A., B.D Hartford, Conn. 

SUcorbing iktretarp 


CorreKponbing Sktttttaxf 




tEfie Coundl 


Far WeO 

TOR HOLBROOK WELLMAN, M.A., LL.B. . . Topsfield 



For 19iS0, 1921 


S8 STANDISH, A.M., M.D., S.D Boston 

For 1920, 1921, 1922 



AM EBEN STONE, Ph.B Cambridge 






Cbttor of ^uUtcotiotui 


Cmtimtttee on jTituinte 


Chairman ex officio . . FortiaDd, Me. 






GEORGE LAMBERT GOULD, ex officio Topsfidd 

Committee on VSapiee anb 0kaM 








Committee on Jmnaot of iKembeti^ 


Chairman . . Allston 







Committee on li^ale of Ij^tMtatioM 








*Mr. Dwightdied 11 March 1920. 


Commtttee on Ij^tMittttimsi 

PARKER PARMENTER, A.M., LL.B., Chairman Arlington 


\E ANDREWS MORIARTY, Jr., A.M., LL.B. . Newport, R. I. 

WALLACE SUTER, A.B., S.T.B Winchester 

D JOHNSON, A.M., Litt.D Brookline 


{ EDWARDS SCOTT, A.B., ex offltio Medford 

Committee to flteiBitKt tfie fHitatim 

5W FISKE, Ph.D., LL.B., Chairman Weston 

: TITUS SomerviUe 


JR WINSLOW PEIRCE, A.B., Lrrr.D Franklin 


iES SIDNEY ENSIGN, Jr., A.B., J.B Newton 

{ EDWARDS SCOTT, A.B., ex officio Medford 

Committee on CnsltjCti 3&eKearc|i 


Chairman . . Newport, R. I. 

VM EBEN STONE, Ph.B Cambridge 


D JOHNSON, A.M., Lrrr.D Brookline 

BARBER WHITE Kansas City, Mo. 

\E FRANCIS DOW Topsfield 


Committee on ^letaUirp 

IT DICKSON WESTON, A.B., Chairman . . . Boston 





Committee on tfie liiirarp 

CARROLL CHASE, Chairman Brookline 

;E ANDREWS MORIARTY, Jr., A.M., LL.B. . Newport, R. I. 


1 MELVILLE HUNNEWELL, A.B., LL.B. . . . Boston 


:T HENRY LAMSON New London, N. H. 

KM PRESCOTT GREENLAW, ex officio .... Winthrop 

Committee on Collection of SUcorbH 

SR KENDALL WATKINS, Chairman Maiden 



iL BURNHAM SHACKFORD, A.B., LL.B. . . Dover, N. H. 

SE SEYMOUR GODARD, M.A., B.D Hartford, Conn. 


KM PRESCOTT GREENLAW, ex officio .... Winthrop 


HYUM mANDUm, A.M., M.D., 8.D^ Ckmnmm . . . Bosloii 


CrrW GRANT HAMMOND, A.M Coneord, N. H. 

Mm. KATE MORRIS CONE, Ph.D Hartford, Vt. 

Mm. nomiE ALICE WOODS PORTER SiniiigBekl 



Comtnttttt on l/ktfixii Atii iC^iutfii 

JOHN MoKINSTRY MERRIAM, A.M., Chairman . . FnmiDgham 

ALFRED JOHNSON, A.M., Lnr.D Brookline 






Special Committee on SlebtiB^ion of t^ ^jf-JLttaut* 


WALDO UNOOLN, A.B Woroeeter 




IHirdal Committee on Cntotoment nnb iKemberirf 

W 1144 AM PRESCOTT GREENLAW, CAatnMm . . . Winthrop 



JAMIQS MKLVILI^R HUNNE^^m A.B., LL3. . . . Boston 


MY\4tiS 8TANU18II. A.M.. M.a, aD Boston 


*JMfnM l> »»U Ivr Hi* l^ niA> M ift M<N«^iMM« «ttk % rol* of tl» Soeiatj of 1 April 1914, 

IW l«^ !r««yNk. It^ltji mkA )«Ii\ «Im«» .)«im» «k^ ^» to niiian u actir* ^— r>Sg- far mcmt^ 


TsE seventy-fiixth annual meeting of the Society was held on 
ednesday, 4 February 1920, at 2.30 P. M., in Wilder Hail, 9 Ash- 
rton Place, Boston, Vice-President Chase presiding and a quorum 
ing present. 

Hie minutes of the meeting of 7 January 1920 were read and 
proved, and the monthly reports of the Corresponding Secretary, 
biarian, EEistorian, and Council were accepted, the Council report- 
l that since the January meeting members of the Society had been 
icted as follows: 

Pilgrim Tercentenary Members 

Lieut. Ck>l. Allerton Seward Cushman, U. S. A., of Washington, D. C. 

John William Burgess of Newport, R. I. 

Frederick C. Fletcher of Brookline, Mass. 

Isaac Sherwood CoQn of Brooklyn, N. Y. 

Arthur Curtiss James of New York City 

Mrs. Douglas H. Duer of Baltimore, Md. 

Dwight Braman of New York City 

Mrs. Zenas Crane of Dalton, Mass. 

Louis Gordon Hamersley | . _ _ , ^.. 
,, ^ r of New York City 

Macgrane Coxe S 

Eugene H. Day of Minneapolis, Minn. 

Herbert J. Brown of Portland, Me. 

Josiah M. Lasell of Whitinsville, Mass. 

Mrs. Richard Warren Sears of Boston, Mass. 

Walter F. Dillingham of Washington, D. C. 

Mrs. William Goddard 1 * « -j -n -, 

M«. Francis Talfourd Keating \ °^ P^^^^ence, R. L 

Mrs. Effingham Buckley Morris of Ardmore, Pa. 

T. Jefferson Coolidge of Boston, Mass. 

Edward <>o]ston of Cincinnati, Ohio 

Austin T. Levy of Harrisville, R. I. 

Morgan J. Carkeek of Seattle, Wash. 

Orlando Hall of Cleveland, Ohio 

Charies H. Bartlett of Bangor, Me. 

L. Averell Carter of Cooperstown, N. Y. 

J. William Barkdull of New Orleans, La. 

Robert W. Bingham of Louisville, Ky. 

French Raybum Bissell of Dallas, Tex. 



RenderU Members 

Mrs. Frank B. Kingsbury of Keene, N. H. 
Alfred Worcester Fuller of Newton, Mass. 
Mrs. J. E. Robinson of Bloomington, 111. 
George Chapman of New York City 
Edward Hall Sargent of Lexington, Mass. 
Florence Andyman Miller of Cambridge, Mass. 

The Council also reported the names of thirteen candidates for 
Pilgrim Tercentenary Membership and eight can(^dates for Resident 
Membership, stating that action by the Comicil on these namea 
would be in order after they had been posted for thirty da3rs, ia 
accordance with the By-Laws. 

On motion it was 

Votedf That the annual reports of the Council, including its committees, tbe 
Librarian, the Corresponding Secretary, the Trustees of the Kidder Fund, the 
Treasurer, and the Historian, being presented in print and now in the hands of 
the meeting, be accepted and ordered filed with the originals. 

The election of officers and councillors being in order, the Chair 
announced that the Nominating CJommittee, at the stated meeting 
of 3 December 1919, had reported to the Society the name of SAifUEL 
Merrill of Cambridge, Mass., as a candidate for Councillor for 
the term of three years ending in February 1923, but that Mr. 
Merrill, in a letter to the Recording Secretary, had declined the 
nomination and had requested that his name should not appear on 
the ballot. The Chair then called for nominations for Councillor, 
and J. Gardner Bartlett nominated William Eben Stone of 
Cambridge, Mass., for that position. This nomination having been 
seconded and no other nominations having been made, it was on 

Voted, That the Society proceed to the election of officers and oouncillon, 
agreeable to the provisions of the By-Laws. 

That three tellers be appointed by the Chair, and that said tellers shall dis- 
tribute, receive, sort, and count the ballots, and make a report to this meetinK- 

That the polls be now opened, and stand open until every member present has 
had opportunity to vote. 

The Chair appointed as tellers David Greene Raskins, Jb-» 
William Ogilvie Comstock, and Rev. Lewis Wilder Hicks, and 
the election by ballot of officers and councillors took place. 

During the voting the Chair read a letter from President Baxteb, 
in which he expressed his regret that he was not able to be present 
at the annual meeting. 

After the polls had been closed, the Chair presented, as the speaker 
of the afternoon, Hon. Howard Randolph Bayne, M.A., LL.B., of 


New York City, who read a carefully prepared and valuable paper 
on The Administration of George Washington. 
On motion it was 

Voiedf That the thanks of the Society be extended to Mr. Batne for his inter- 
esting, instructive, and scholarly address. 

The tellers then made their report, which showed that officers 
and councillors had been elected as follows: 

Jambs Phinnbt Baxter, of Portland, Me. 

John Cabboll Chase, of Brookline, Mass. 
Alfred Johnson, of Belfast, Me. 
Albert Hbnrt Lamson, of New London, N. H. 
Wn«LiAM Wallace Sticknet, of Ludlow, Vt. 
Georoe Andrews Moriartt, Jr., of Newport, R. L 
George Setmoxtr Godard, of Hartford, Conn. 

Recording Secretary 
Henrt Edwards Scott, of Medford, Mass. 

Corresponding Secretary 
Thornton Kirkland Lothrop, Jr., of Boston, Mass. 

George Lambert Gould, of Topsfield, Mass. 

William Prescott Greenlaw, of Winthrop, Mass. 

CoundUors for the term of three years, 1920, 1921, 1922 
Mrs. Ida Marion Chase Baker, of Concord, Mass. 
Clement Stevens Houghton, of Chestnut HiU, Mass.* 
William Eben Stone, of Cambridge, Mass. 

On motion it was 

VoUd^ That the New England Historic Genealogical Society enters on its 
iMords at this time its appreciation of the services rendered by the retiring 
Corresponding Secretary, Geobge Andbewb Moriartt, Jr., and by the retiring 
Coimcillon, Mrs. Annie Corinne Eluson, Nathan Matthews, and James 
Melville Hunnewell, who have during their terms of office given of their 
time, their thought, and their counsel that the broad purposes of the Society, the 
ooUection and preservation of genealogical records for the public benefit, might 
be attained. 

On motion it was 

Votedj That the proceedings of this meeting, with the annual reports accepted 
and the biographical notices of deceased members, be printed as a supplement to 
the AprHf 1920, number of the New England Historical and Genealogical 


Rbgibtbb, that a copy of said supplement be mailed to every mraober of the 
Society not receiving the Rbgibteb, to the families of members deceased daring 
the past year, and to exchanging societies, and that the Council be charged with 
the execution of this order. 

On motion of David Greene Habkinb, Jr., it was 

Voted, That the Society send its affectionate greetings to President Baxxbr, 
with an expression of its regret that he is unable to be present at the meeting to-day. 

No further business being presented, Vice-President Chase, at 
4 P. M., declared the meeting dissolved, and light refreshments were 
served to the members of the Society and their guests in the adjoining 
reception hall. 

Henry Edwards Scott, 

Recording Secretary. 


Prepared by John Cabroll Chase 

This institution was seventy-five years old as an organization 
in 1019 and will celebrate its seventy-fifth anniversary as a cor- 
poration in 1920. It was three-quarters of a century ago, in October 
1844, that several gentlemen met at the home of Mr. William H. 
Montague, in Orange Street, Boston, to discuss the advisability 
of organizing a society for the purpose of awakening and stimulating 
interest in genealogical and heraldic studies. On Friday evening, 
1 November, following, Mr. Montague and his associates, Messrs. 
Charles Ewer, Samuel Gardner Drake, John Wingate Thornton, 
and Lemuel Shattuck, met at Mr. Shattuck's residence, 79 Harrison 
Avenue, and organized the New England Historic Genealogical 
Society, which was incorporated by a special act of the General 
Court, 18 March 1845. 

The seventy-fifth year of this institution has been, in many ways, 
one of the best in its whole history. 

During the two and a quarter centuries that elapsed between 
the Landing of the Pilgrims and the birth of the Society, very little 
interest was manifested in the objects which the Society was 
organized to promote. Measured by the genealogical publications 
issued in America, the total output up to 1^4 would not fill a three- 
foot shelf. Conditions changed with the advent of the new Society. 
Interest in 'its objects was soon aroused by its officers, its Ubrary, 
and its pubUcations, and this soon manifested itself in the publica- 
tion of genealogies and local histories with genealogical registers. 
The interest thus awakened steadily increased from year to year 
and brought with it, for the Society, serious problems of housing 
its library and financing its work. 

During the first twenty-five years of its existence the Society 
occupied rented quarters and depended on voluntary assistance to 
cany on its work. Then it purchased and remodelled a building 
which furnished accommodations for its growth for about forty 
years. The erection of the present commodious and safe building 
in 1912 solved the housing problem for many years to come. 

The practical cessation of the World War in November 1918 
again inade it feasible to appeal to the public for support, and a 
campaign to solve the financier problem was immediately begun. 
On 14 November Mr. George Lambert Gould, Treasurer of the 
Society, pledged $1000; and on 5 December Mr. James Melville 
Hunnewell, a CJouncillor of the Society, pledged $5000. These 
pledges have resulted in the creation of two new funds, the George 
Lambert Gould Fund and the Robert Cushman Hunnewell Me- 
morial Fund. In December 1918 a preliminary committee was 


appointed to consider ways and means, and at the January meeting 
of the Council, upon recommendation of that committee, a Speciiu 
Conmiittee on Endowment and Members was appointed, to serve 
through the two years 1919 and 1920. This committee was selected 
largely from the Committees on Ways and Means and on Increase 
of Membership, including the heads of both committees, and has 
been very active throughout the year. Its work for the year 1820 
is already imder way, and it is beUeved that the financial probl^n 
of the Society will be permanently settled, through its ^orts, by 
the end of the year 1920. 

The three-hundredth anniversary of the Landing of the Pilgrims 
occurs in 1920. The New England Historic Gen&Eilogicfd Society 
proposes that its chief observance of this important occasion shaD 
take the form of a substantial increase of its membership and its 
endowment funds. It is beUeved that there can be no more fitting 
or useful memorial to the Pilgrims than the continued maintenance 
of the work of this Society, and this will be assured by the Pilgrim 
Tercentenary Memorial Fund, now being raised by the Special 
Conm[iittee on Endowment and Members. 

The Report of the Committee on Finance, by George Lambert 
Gould, Treasurer: 

Early in 1919 the Society received from George W. MacWha, Esq., 
executor of the estate of Mrs. Jennie B. Fuller, its proportion of the 
residue of her estate, amounting to $1425.09, which, with receipts 
of dues from members, enabled the Society to pay to the Boston 
Safe Deposit & Trust Company the balance of the floating indebted- 
ness which was due and which was incurred at the completion of 
the Society's building seven years ago. 

During the year the Committee decided to pay off the mortgage 
on the front building on Ashburton Place, amounting to $23^000 
and interest, which also was held by the Boston Safe Deposit ft 
Trust Company. It was enabled to do this because of the success- 
ful efforts of the Special Committee on Endowment and Membeis 
in securing Pilgrim Tercentenary Members and also by the burgs 
increase in the number of Life Members. 

On 12 October the Society received the sum of $162.38, bong 
the interest for the second year on the legacy of $5,000 from the 
estate of Dr. Moses Greeley Parker, in the hands of the Boston 
Safe Deposit & Trust Company, Trustee. Members of the Com- 
mittee on Finance and of the Council were surprised and disappointed 
at the meagre return, especially as the same institution had charged 
the Society, on floating and mortgage indebtedness, 6% per annum 
until the amounts were paid, as stated above. 

The Society will probably receive during the coming year the 
sum of $4,000 from the estate of Albert Crane of Stamford, Conn., 


be added to the Thomas Crane Fund, which was created several 
UB ago by Mr. Crane in memory of his father, Thomas Crane. 
le income of this legacy is to be applied ''first to the binding and 
Bservation of the pamphlets of the Society, and secondly to Hie 
neral purposes of the Society.'' The Society is also named in 
r. Crane's wiU, as one of the residuary l^atees, for a larger sum, 
^yable on the death of the principal beneficiary. 
Tbe Conmiittee reports, with much gratification, the receipt of 
nited States bonds and other donations from Society members 
id also the increased returns from membership dues, including 
tinly those from the new Pilgrim Tercentenary class, details of 
hidi will be given by other committees. 

While the amounts thus received are comparatively large, still 
ke needs of the Society are very large, and much more will be 
xjoired before the institution wiU be on a self-supporting basis. 
Hie net sums received have been closely and carefully invested 
{ accordance with votes of the Council, so that the net returns 
Q money invested will be very much larger proportionately than 
hat is received on securities bought years ago. 

be Report of the CoBiMiTTEE on Wats and Means, by William 
Streeter Richardson, Chairman: 

The Conmiittee takes pleasure in reporting that the recommenda- 
on referred to in its annual report for 1918 as to the adoption of 
ew methods has been vigorously followed, and that it has resulted 
I a material measure of success. 

Not only has the course pursued produced inmiediate substantial 
mSf but the work already done affords strong encouragement 
lat its continuance during the next year or two on the same lines 
in yield equally good results. It is true that the efforts of the 
bmmittee must not be in any way relaxed, but it seems that a 
irther improvement in the financial condition of the Society may 
e confidently expected. 

lie Report of the Committee on Incbease of Membership, by 
Mrs. Florence Reynolds Conant Howes, Chairman: 

Ab the field of work of the Committee on Increase of Member- 
iq> was effectively and comprehensively covered during the past 
ear by the Special Committee on Endowment and Members, no 
leeting of the Committee has been held. 

he Report of the Committee on Sale of Pubucations, by 
Chaa*les Ehot Goodspeed, Chairman: 

The miscellaneous pubUcations on hand for sale at the beginning 
' the year (exclusive of Registers, Vital Records, and special fund 
xjks) were valued at $3259.48, and the sales amounted to $379.05. 
returns and net revenue from this source are very satisfactory. 


The Report of the CioiaaTTEE on Pubugations, by James Pari 
Pannenter, A.M., LKB., Chairman: 

The Committee on Publications reports that on 14 January 19] 
acting under authority conferred on it by the Coimcil on 6 Noveml 
1918, it voted that the title-pages and indexes of the Regibti 
hitherto printed in the October number of each year, should he] 
after appear with the January number of the foUowing year. A 
cordingly the title-pages and indexes for Volume 73 (1919) n 
be sent out as a supplement to the Registub for January 19! 
in such form that they can be boimd as usual with the quartet 
numbers of the volume to which they belong. 

Letters and circulars asking for subscriptions to enable the Socie 
to continue the publication of the Vital Records of Massachuset 
towns prior to 1850, which was suspended after the repeal of tl 
Vital Records Act of 1902 by the Massachusetts General Cou 
of 1918, were sent out by the Committee in the spring of 1919 i 
the public libraries of Massachusetts and to the lea^ng libraii 
and historical societies throughout the United States. Favorab 
responses have been received from many of these institutions, an 
the Coimcil has authorized the Committee on Publications 1 
proceed as soon as possible with the publication of the Vital Reoord 
of Plympton and of Nantucket. It is hoped that additional sol 
scriptions will enable the Society to publish other volumes an 
eventually to complete this important series of printed \^tal Record 

The Report of the Committee to Assist the Histobian, by Andre 
Fiske, Ph.D., LL.B., Chairman: 

The Committee has held one meetiog durmg the year 1919, o 
17 December, at which it transacted such business as was preaentc 
by the Historian. 

The Report of the Committee on English Reseabch, by Qe(X| 
Andrews Moriarty, Jr., A.M., LL.B., Chairman: 

The Committeie on English Research reports that throu|^ tl 
courtesy of Hon. Frederick Samuel Fish, A.B., of South Bend, Lui 
it was enabled to communicate to the Register, for publication i 
the issue of January 1919, important records relating to the EDgJI 
connections of John Coggeshall, first president of the Colony < 
Rhode Island and Providence Plantations, and that Mr. Ami 
Rudulph Justice of Ardmore, Pa., has placed at the dignwal « 
the Committee, for publication in the Register in the eany pa 
of 1920, his proofs of the English ancestry and family connectioi 
of Jeremiah Clarke of Newport, R. I. Other material in tiie poflse 
sion of the Committee is being examined and prepared for public 
tion, and researches made in England at the expense of one of ti 
members of the Committee have brought to light additional reoon 
that will be incorporated in a forthcoming article. 

The Coimcil has appropriated the sum of $300, which is to I 


pended in 1920, under the direction of the Committee, in secur- 
g English genealogical records and preparing them for publication 
the Reqisteb. 

be Report of the Committee on Hebaldbt, by Robert Dickson 
Weston, A.B., Chairman: 

Tlie Committee on Heraldry has little to report. During the 
ar ibe thoughts of men were concentrated on the conflict, to the 
dusion of less important subjects. The return to normal con- 
IJons, so far as an interest in heraldry is concerned, is slow. But 
ED8 of reviving interest are perceived, and the Committee antici- 
ites that for it the coming year will be one of much greater activity. 
A room, furnished with bookshelves, desks, and chairs, has been 
!ovided for the Conmiittee, on the street floor of the Society's 
aiding, and there selected works on heraldry, representations of 
latfl of arms, and the archives of the Committee have been placed. 

be Report of the CoMMriTEE on the Libbabt, by Mrs. Mary 
Btickney Randall, Secretary: 

The Committee on the Library has met regularly each month 
iroughout the year, with the exception of the sunmier months, 
r tJ^ transaction of such routine business as comes within its 
ludiction, and has also attended to special matters which have 
ien referred to the Conmiittee. 

During the seven years in which the Society has occupied the pres- 
it builcSng, only absofutely necessary repairs to the building have 
en made. The building now is greatly in need of having its walls, 
ilingB, and woodwork thoroughly cleaned and renovated. This 
ould be done before the seventy-fifth anniversary of the incor- 
»ration of the Society, which is to be celebrated in March 1920. 
The most pressing need of the Society at the present time is a 
mplete and comprehensive guide to genealogical data in print 

relation to American famiUes. It is now several years since the 
it issue of the Durrie-Munsell series of Indexes was published, 
d the later issues of these Indexes are very incomplete. Such a 
at amount of genealogical information has been published since 
ese Indexes were issu^ that it is extremely desirable and nec- 
niy that new and improved indexes be compiled which will make 
18 information available, and which will eliminate the waste of 
ne on the part of the searcher and unnecessary expense on the 
ill cS the Society in handling and consulting many books not useful 

each particular search. 

Some years ago the Librarian and his staff devised an index card, 
I which the amount of data, the period of time covered, and the 
ographical location of the families indexed are shown briefly, thus 
flUing the r^er to choose only such books as would be useful 
him. A sufficient beginning of the index was made at that time 

prove that the idea was practical, but important problems of 
usmg the Society's collection and financing its work made it 



necessary to suspend this indexing. The Committee reoonmiends that 
work on this index be resumed as soon as fimds can be obtained for 
it, and that plans be made for bringing and keeping it up to date. 

When the new building was erected in 1912, the fireproof vault 
was equipped with temporary wooden shelves, constructed from 
lumber brought from the old building, as it was thought inexpedient 
at that time to go to the expense of putting in metal stacks. These 
temporary wooden shelves have now been used for seven years aiKl 
are far from satisfactory. The Committee recommends that modem 
steel bookstacks be erected in the vault at an early date. 

Through fimds given and bequeathed by the late Albert Crane 
of Stamford, Conn., a substantial binding fund will eventually be 
created. Until the whole amoimt is available, however, more monej 
will be needed for binding. 

The Report of the Committee on EprrAPHS, by Myles Standish, 
A.M., M.D., S.D., Chairman: 

The Committee on Epitaphs held no meeting in the year 19191 
It notes, however, with satisfaction, that from time to time nev ' 
collections of inscriptions from New England burial grounds an 
sent to the Register for pubUcation, and that occasionally space 
is foimd in the Register for the printing of some of the typewritttt 
or manuscript collections in the possession of the Library. 

The Report of the Committee on Papers and Essays, by John 
McKinstry Merriam, A.M., Chairman: 

The Committee on Papers and Essays has provided eight lectmeei 
for the stated meetings of the year, as follows: 

e January.— '*ln the Wake of the War," by Fred E. Marble, Ph.D., of 
bridge, Mass. 

5 February, — "Liberty and Law," by Hon. Arthur Holbrook WeDmii^ 
M.A., LL.B., of Topsfield, Mass. 

6 March.— ''The Training of the Twenty-Sixth Division," by Capt. H. U, 
Connerais, U. S. A., of the One Hundred and First Infantry. 

S April. — '^Backgrounds of Present-Day Immigration," by George H^lfiMi 
Tupper, Ph.D., of Brookline, Mass. 

7 May, — "Aviation — its Progress and Prospect," by Albert Hatton QibiHrt 
A.M., of Medford. Mass. 

1 October, — "Ancestor Hunting in Engkind," by J. Gardner Bartlett ol Boilot 
and London. 

5 Nopember, — "Three Centuries of Historic Trees in Ma88achu8ett%" Iqr 
James Raymond Simmons, A.B., B.S., of Syracuse, N. Y. 

5 December, — "The Eugenics of Genealogy," by Walter Ebnore Femaldy MJXi 
of Waverley, Mass. 

Five of the lectures were illustrated with stereopticon slideB, and 
all were followed by refreshments. 

Many of the speakers gave their services without com] 
and several members of the Society contributed toward 
expenses; therefore the Committee has not been obliged, in ifA 
of the advance in prices, to use the full amount ($250) of the aiqpio*!! 
priation granted by the Coimcil. ] 


le Beport of the Special Committee on Endot^ment and Mem- 
BKB8, by William Prescott Greenlaw, Chairman: 

nik Committee was appointed 2 January 1919 to serve throi^h 
d two years 1919 and 1920, for the purpose of conducting an active 
inpaign for money to pay off the Society's indebtedness, to obtain 
amboB, and to secure special endowment funds. Four of its 
ten members had served on a committee appointed 4 December 
il8 to consider wajrs and means of raising money for these purposes. 
Tlie earlier committee recommended that the dues of Resident 
Aiibers be increased from five to ten dollars; that the Life Member- 
i^ fee be increased from fifty to one himdred dollars; and that pro- 
■on be made as soon as possible, by an addition to the By-Laws 
the Society, for a new class of members, to consist of those persons 
bo pay three himdred dollars at one time into a special endow- 
enl fund to commemorate the seventy-fifth anniversary of the 
eorporation of the Society and the three-hundredth anniversary of 
le Landing of the Pilgrims, both of which occur in 1920, these 
tmbers to have aU the privileges of Life Members, together with 
m li^t of transmitting the membership in perpetuity by will or 
littan notice to the Society. 

At the annual meeting of the Society, 5 February 1919, the By- 
mrs were amended in accordance with the Conmiittee's recommen- 
itions. The members of this new class were designated Pilgrim 
eroentenary Members and limited to those who qualified before 
January 1921. 

The committee appointed in December began a canvass of the 
eflident Membership, inviting the members to change to Life 
Eembership, and this resulted in seeming about one thousand dollars 
iring the month. It also secured the promise of two donations, 
hieh materiaUzed later, and amounted to six thousand dollars, 
be Special Committee . completed this canvass for Life Members 

ntiie months of January and February, securing a little over 
ousand dollars more from this source. One hundred and 
iriy-five Resident Members were transferred to Life Membership 
the three months. The Treasurer's records show that the pay- 
ants of tiiese members in annual dues and Life Membership fees 
nmgjed almost ninety-five dollars each, an amount only five dollars 
m than the present Life Membership fee. 

The Special Committee, during the early part of the year, issued 
fanited number of engraved invitations seeking the creation of 
memorial endowment funds; and in two instances the chair- 
has been advised of wills having been executed by which the 
oety will eventually benefit. 

Tlie main work of the year, however, has been the canvass for 
Ignm Tercentenary Members. The Committee, with the co- 
pntion of several gentlemen of international reputation in various 
■10, has sent out engraved invitations to a number of persons 
^ it was believed, would be interested in the work of the Society 
i woald be wUling to contribute a Pilgrim Tercentenary Member- 
1p lee for the support of its work in the futiu^. The results of 

this part of the Comimttee's midertakiog have been very ftirfaftnry* 
Over three handred pefBons have accepted the invitatioo. 

Throo^ the endeav<»8 of this Committee a greater amoimt of 
money has been received by the Treasurer than in aiqr p ref vi o uB jof 
ol the Sodetjr's history, amounting to moie than one hmfedred tooi!* 
sand doDars; and the number cl members secured is moie tha 
double the record ot the best previous year. 

The Committee expects to continue this work and also to canvM 
for Life and Resident Members throug^iout the jrear 1920. It ii 
also planning to make appeals for money for qiedal parposes, to 
take care <rf preseing needs, such as additional equipment, iqpkeq^ 
cataloguing, and binding. 

The success so far achieved and the outlook for 1920 warrant the 
belief that the Society will be able to continue its liberal policjcf 
maintaining a free library, where all interested can sedc inf ormatiat 
about the Pilgrims, their neighbors of the Ammcan Ccdcmies, their 
successors of later immigrations, and thdr desc^idants. As ahnort 
the entire patriotic-society movement in this country is based iqNi 
the interest in family history awakened and stimulated by tUi 
Society during its seventy-five years of ezistenoe, the value d 
maintaining its work can scarcely be overestimated. 


Presented by Wujjam Pksscott Greenlaw ' 

The total accessions for the year 1919 nimiber 794 vofaimeii 
473 pamphlets, and 49 miscellaneous articles. Of these, 265 vohDanB| 
and 100 pamphlets were purchased; 179 volumes, 371 pampbUtl 
and 49 miscellaneous articles were given; 55 volumes and 2 pUUk 
phlets were received in exchange; and 295 volumes were leutPll 
on deposit. Two hundred and three genealogies were aoquiNK 
during the year. ^ 

As predicted in the report of the Council last year, a rkiciidii 
increase in the use of the Library has taken place; the yiatUm 
Register for the year shows twenty-eight per cent more 
than in 1918, and the record of use by members and viaitoTB 
bined shows a twenty per cent increase. In 1920 it is 

that the Pilgrim Tercentenary will arouse considerable ini 

in family history and cause a greater demand for informatioil M 
the Library. ^ 

The Librarian has devoted the larger part of his time since Wt 
signing of the armistice in November 1918 to the task of Miimiiijl 
endowment funds to carry on the work of the Society in the ful— i l 
and this work will require a part of his services tbrou^ the ] 
1920. Because of this, it has been necessary to add another 


bhe library StafP. Miss Edith Grierson Mac Brine was 
T this position and began work in July. 
x>ugh renovation of the building is in progress; and this 
r the Society's portraits, engravings, and prints to be hung 
lily, and add largely to the attractiveness of the entire 



retented by Gbobqe Andrews Mobiabtt, Jb., A.M., LL.B. 

Boston, 31 December 1919. 

are given the names and residences of those who have 
e Society during the year 1919 and those who have been 
xl from one cla^ of membership to another. 


ty Albert, King of the Belgians 

in Coolidjge Northampton 

illiam Elliot Cambridge 

ining Hadley New Haven, Conn. 

vrrenoe Lowell Cambridge 

am Howard Taft New Haven, Conn. 

PUiGRiM Tercentenart Membebs 

ean Adams '. . . . New York, N. Y. 

r Bragg Adams (Emma Ursula Richmond) St. Louis, Mo. 

iie Boston 

n Providence, R. I. 

B0 Seattle, Wash. 

ey Amea Boston 

'wtApsley Hudson 

ooMbv Washington, D. C. 

rreli Atldnson Atlanta, Ga. 

B. Atteaux Chestnut Hill 

Luehincloss New York. N. Y. 

[)arleton Austin Chicago, 111. 

ench Avery Newtonville 

re Whitfield Avery (Harriet A. Bumham) . Cleveland, Ohio 

Panning Ayer New York, N. Y. 

Ksock Providence, R. I. 

as E. Bacon (Louisa Crowninshield) . . . Riverside, Cal. 

T. Bacon Peacedale, R. I. 

erBacot Utica, N. Y. 

Kskky Baker Providence, R. I. 

her Baker New York, N.Y. 

. Baker Coronado, Cal. 

h A. Baker (Ella Alden) Fall River 



Walter C. Baktr Oevelaxid, Ohio 

George W. Banks PhilaHelphiii, P^ 

William L. Barrell Lawre&oe 

Charles H. Bartlett Bangor, Bfe. 

Paul W. Bartiett NewYorit,N.Y. 

Walter Cabot Baylies Boston 

August Belmont New York. N. Y. 

Cynis Bentley ' ChicajSD» llL 

George Perkins Bissell Wilmrngton. DsL 

William Henry Bliss NewYoik,N.Y. 

Albro Blodgett Toledo, Ohio 

George Meade Bond Hartford, Coon. 

Stephen Norman Bond New Yotk^ N. Y. 

Benjamin F. Bourne Cleveland* Obio 

George Gait Bourne New York, N.Y. 

Mrs. Joseph A. Bowen (Fanny Maria Corey) . . . Fall River 

John McE. Bowman New Yoric^' N. Y. 

George W. Brackenridge San Antomo, Tbk. 

Dwight Braman New Yoik^ ST. Y. 

Mrs. Joseph Harrison Brasier (Ellen Kemble Bartol) Philadelphia, Pa. 

George Stephenson Brewster New York, N. Y. 

Norman Bridge Los Angdes, Gd. 

Abraham Brittin New Oneans, Lil 

Shepherd Brooks Boston 

Fnmklin Q. Brown Dobbs Fenj, N. T. 

Herbert J. Brown Portland, Me. 

Vernon Carleton Brown New York, N. Y. 

John William Burms Newport, R. I. 

George Bumham, Jr Bersmi, Pa. 

Thomas Winston Bumham Cleveland, Ohio 

Joseph Green Butler, Jr Youngstown. (Ml 

Morgan J. Carkeek Seattle^ Wash. 

Andrew Camesie* New Yoric, N. Y. 

Francis Wood Carpenter Providence, R. L 

L. AvereU Carter Cooperstown, N. T. 

Arnold Buff um Chace Providence. K. I. 

Lcan>, OL 
Helen Elizabeth Chase . ~ . . ~ Waterouiy, Ooon. 

Mrs. Charles Augustus Chapin (Emily M. Coolidge) . Chi< 

Simeon B. Chase Fall River 

Louis R. Cheney Hartford, Cobb. 

JohnClaflin : NewY<Hk,N.Y. 

Willard M. Clapp Qeveland, Oli» 

Allan M. Clement ChicsAO, UL 

Mrs. Charles Clifton (Grace Gorham) Buffalo, N. Y. 

Martha C. Codman Washington. D. CL 

Isaac Sherwood Coffin BrookmL N. Y. 

James Colbv Colgate New York, N. Y. 

Edward Comton Cincinnati, duo 

Cd. Samuel Pomeroy Colt New Y<Mrk, N. Y. 

Mrs. Washington Everett Connor (Jeannette M. 

Thurber) NewYork,N.Y. 

Edmund Cogswell Converse Greenwich^ Cobb. 

Mrs. Frederic Shurtleff Coolidge (Elizabeth Sprague) . New Yoric, N. Y. 

T. Jefferson Coolidge Boston 

Samuel Houghton Cox Clevdand« Ohio 

Macgrane Coxe New YoiIl N. Y. 

Richard Teller Crane, Jr Chicago, uL 

Mrs. Zenas Crane (EUen J.) Dalton 

Hon. William Wallace Crapo New Bedford 

Albert Randolph Crittenden Middletown, 

William Henry Crocker Burlingame, CaL 

*Died 11 August 1919. 


!^el8on Cromwell New York. N. Y. 

a. Crosby EKgerteville, N. Y. 

iL Allerton Seward CuBhman, U. S. A. . . Washix^;ton, D. C. 

ippan Davies Great Eiver, Long 

Island, N. Y. 

L Bfty Minneapolis. Minn. 

knsel Dean Evanston, lU. 

)elano New York, N.Y. 

>elano Red Hook, N. Y. 

TeDinKton Dennis Providence, R. I. 

Hett Dennis New York, N.Y. 

. Dillingham Washington, D. C. 

try F. Dimock (Susan C. Whitney) . . . Washington! D. C. 

liam B. Dinsmore (Helen Frances Adams) . Staatsburg, K. Y. 

lealyDitson New York, N.Y. 

i Hoadley Dodge New York, N.Y. 

[Awrenoe Doheny Los Angetos, Cal. 

imd New York, N.Y. 

Ibert Draper Boston 

Idas H. Duer Baltimore, Md. 

Otaworth Dunsoombe New York, N. Y. 

iu Pont Bdlevue, Del. 

Ihrapo Durant New Yonc, N. Y. 

rthKdmonds New York, N.Y. 

Eaiiott New York, N.Y. 

^aldo Emerson Danvers 

. Emery, Jr Portland, Me. 

lery, Jr Bradford. Pa. 

rdner Evarte New York, N. Y. 

mFales New York, N.Y. 

lie Fanning Worcester 

ichmond fWing, Jr Boston 

I. Firestone Akron, Ohio 

: Samuel Fish South Bend, Ind. 

: C. Fletcher Brookline 

liam Hathaway Forbes (Edit^ Emerson) Milton 

ram Foster Cteveland, Ohio < 

H. Fowler Holyoke 

V.V.Franchot Clean, N. Y. 

E. Franklin . . ghrnicuse, N. Y. 

^. Frazar New York, N. Y. 

erce Frazier Yokohama, Japan 

les Goldthwaite Freeman (Caroline Sumner 


Ang Freert Detroit, Mich.^ 

3reer French Cincinnati, Ohio 

Arthur Gallup North Adams 

)ert Ives GammeU (Eliza A. Hoppin) . Providence, R. I. 

;erBon Gannett Augusta, Me. 

eurdiner Millstone, Conn. 

^mory Gardner Groton 

lonzo Gibson * Boston 

\, Goff Pawtucket, R. I. 

vifford Grace Bethlehem, Pa. 

jr, Jr Osweso, N. Y. 

ward Howland Robinson Gre^n New York, N. Y. 

liam H. Haile (Amelia L. Chapin)! . Springfield 

Ball Cleveland, Ohio 

rdon Hamersley New York, N. Y. 

Sance NewYork, N. Y. 

Norember 1919. 
September 1019. 
September 1919. 


A. B. C. Haidy Flint, MidL 

Edward S. Harkness New YoA, N. Y. 

Harry Taft Hayward Franklin 

Mrs. Rowland G. Hazard (Mary Pierpont Bushnell) Peacedale, R. L 

Gustave Maurice Heckscher New York. N. Y. 

Charles B. Heniy linodn, M. H. 

William Storey Hjgginw Bangor, Me. 

Maj. Henrv Lee Higgjnson* Boston 

Mrs. Charles HenrylQll (Antoinette L.) . . . . Manchester, N. H. 

Mrs. William £. Hinohliff (ELamet E.) Rockford. 111. 

Nathan Hofheimer New York, N. Y. 

Louis HoUingworth , . . . Pittsfield 

Benjamin Holt *. . . Stockton, CaL 

Charles W. Holtzer Brooldine 

Edward Whiting Hopkins San Ftkdoboo, CaL 

Henry Homblower Boston 

Mrs. Benjamin N. Huntington (Sarah J. MacM.) Columbus, Ohio 

S. WorraU Hyde Greenwich, Conn. 

Robert Livingston Ireland Cleveland, Ohio. 

Abraham S. &ei8on New York, N. Y. 

Arthur Curtiss James New YoriL, N. Y. 

Edmund Janes James Urbana, IlL 

James Newbegin Jarvie Montdiiir, N. J. 

Leonard A. Jenkinsf New Haven, Conn. 

Newell Sill Jenkinsf New Haven. Conn. 

Annie Burr Jennings New York, N. Y. 

Walter Jenninm New York, N. Y. 

Mrs. William E. Joslin r^eresa Brown) .... Providence, R. I. 

Mrs. Harold Lee Judd (Florence E. Hopwood-Gates) Minneapolis. Minn. 

Frederic A. JuilUard New Yoric, N. Y. 

Mrs. Francis Talf ourd Keating (Clare L. Burt-Metcalf) Providoaoe, R. L 

Edward Kemp New York, N. Y. 

Henry Swift Kimball Greenwich, Conn. 

Alice Eliza Kinmbiu^ Waterbun^, Conn. 

Walter Hamer Langahaw New Bedund 

Henry G. Lapham Boston 

.Mrs. John J. jLapham (Mary E. Walker) .... New York. N. Y. 

Josiah M. Lasell Whitinsville 

Isobel Hunter Lenman Washington, D. C 

Charles Webster Leonard West Newton 

Austin T. Levy EEarrisville, R. L 

Adolf liebmann Brookljm, N. Y. 

Hon. Robert Todd linooln Washington, D. C 

H. Wales Lines Meriden, Conn. 

Franklin Day Locke Buffalo, N. Y. 

Mrs. William Lodge (Mary G. De Rose) Cincinnati, Ohio 

Edward Eugene Loomis New York, N. Y. 

Hon. Augustus Peabody Loring Boston 

Mr8« Thornton Kirkland Lothrop (Anne M. Hooper) . Boston 

Thornton Kirkland Lothrop, Jr Boston 

William Gilman Low Brooklvn, N. Y. 

Louis McCarthy West Ro]dMiiT 

Edward Lee McClain Greenfield, Ohio 

Mrs. Alfred McEwen (Margaret R.) T ar r y tow n, K. Y. 

Edffar Lewis Marston New York, N. Y. 

William G. Mather Cleveland, Olao 

George E. Matthies Se^our, Conn. 

Douglas Merritt Rhinebeck, N. Y. 

John H.Meyer New York, N.Y. 

George Norton Miller New York, N. Y. 

*£Hed 14 November 1919. 

t Newell Sill Jenkina died 25 September 1919. His son, Leonard A. Jenkina, hat 
his Pilgrim Tercentenary Membership. 


mes Miller Pasadena, Cal. 

C. MiUett New York, N.Y. 

IDs Marietta, Ohio 

Harvey Miner Chicago, Dl. 

srpont Morgan New York, N. Y. 

Tate Morgan Richmond, Va. 

fingham Buckley Morris (Ellen Douglas Bur- 

i) Ardmore,Pa. 

E. Moses Kansas City^ Mo. 

J. Mumford Plainfield. N. J. 

Jidrew Munsey New Yort, N. Y. 

S. Newbold Philadelphia, Pa. 

O'Brien Chicago, HI. 

•airfield Osbom NewYork, N. Y. 

Stevens Page Pittsburgh, Pa. 

Gilmer Providence, R. I. 

LaaeU Partridge NewYork. N.Y. 

E^oster Peabody Saratoga Springs, N.Y. 

Hazard Pecknam New IU>chelle, N. Y. 

i Jasiel Perry Providence, R. I. 

r. Peters NewYork, N.Y. 

Lincoln Pierce Boston 

?Vench Porter Chicago, Dl. 

Henry Porter New York, N.Y. 

rown Potter NewYork, N.Y. 

Proctor Larchmont, N. Y. 

bert Clarence Pruyn (Anna Williams) . . . Albany. N. Y. 

Pushee West Newton 

tf. Pynchon NewYork, NiY. 

RockcfeUer NewYork, N.Y. 

ob C. Rogers (Elizabeth P. Peabody) . . . Boston 

k K. Rupprecht Greenwich, Conn. 

Fortune Rvkd. New York, N. Y. 

Hamilton Sabin NewYork, N.Y. 

Henry Sa«e Albainr, N. Y. 

enry Schiff New York, N. Y. 

arLeoSchifif New York, N.Y. 

[. Schniewind New York, N. Y. 

chniewind, Jr New York, N. Y. 

red Bowne Scott (Ella Frances Pu£fer) . . Geneva, Switzerland 

loott NewYork, N.Y. 

aes A. Scrymser (Mary C. Prime) New York, N. Y. 

idicott Sears Boston 

thard Warren Sears (Anna Lydia Meckstroth) Boston 

Bg Severance Cleveland, Ohio 

ee Shapleigh St. Louis, Mo. 

jould Shaw Brookline 

eman B. Shedd (Amy F.) Lowell 

^hnson Shepard New York, N. Y. 

liiam Watts Sherman (Sophia Carter Brown) New York, N. Y. 

dams Sibley Rochester, N. Y. 

I. Simonds North Andover 

iph Jermain Slocum New York, N. Y. 

jaird Snowden Pittsburgh, Pa. 

e P. Snyder New York, N. Y. 

«rt Goodwill Spalding (Elizabeth Churchill) Point Loma. CaL 

Squire Cleveland, ()hio 

erce Steams Brookline 

ic Stephenson (Martha Elizabeth) .... Milwaukee, Wis. 

ink Stevens Nashua. N. H. 

). Stevens North Andover 

jckel Norfolk, Conn. 


Mn. Willard Dickennan Straight (Dorothy Pai^ne 

Whitney) NcwY<Mk,N.Y. 

Mrs. John Mohler Studebaker (Mary J. StoU) . . South Bend, LkL 

Frederick Sturgee Fair6ekl, Conn. 

Hon. AlTah Woodbury Sulloway FrankHn, N. H. 

Ambroee Swasey ClevelamL Ohio 

Mrs. GuBtavus Franklin Swift (Ann M. Higgins) Chicago» UL 

Charles Phelps Taft Cincinnati, Otdo 

Henry Richmond Taylor New York, N. Y. 

Myron Charles Taylor New York, N.Y. 

Daniel G. Tenney New York, N. Y. 

John £3iot Thayer Lancaster 

Mrs. Frederick F. ThompsonJMary L. Claric) . . Canandaigua, N. Y. 

Mn. Elbridge Torrey (Alioe W.) Dorchester 

Henry Robinson Towne New Y<»k, N. Y. 

Henry Oliver Underwood Belmont 

Theodore Newton Vail New York. N.Y. 

Vndmtk Sturdivant Vaill Portland, Me. 

Mrs. Cornelius Vanderbilt (Alice Gwrnne) New York, N. Y. 

Mrs. John A. Vanderpoel (£mily C. Noyes) . . . New York, N. Y. 

Jeptha Homer Wade Cleveland, Oluo 

Joseph R. Walker Salt Lake C^.Utilk 

ArtemasWard New York, N.Y. 

Samuel H. Wheeler Fairfield, Conn. 

Mrs. George Luther White (Julia Phdps Haring) Waterbivy, Coon. 

Windsor T. White ClevdancL Ohk> 

Arthur Fletcher Whitin WhitmsviUe 

Harry Psyne Whitn^ NewYoik,N.Y. 

Pttyne Whitney NcwYofk,N.Y. 

Hemy Devereux Whiton NewYoric,N.Y. 

Lucius Erskine Whit(m New Lendon. Coni. 

Richard H. Williams New YcMrk, S. Y. 

Grinnell Willis Morristofwn, N. J. 

James Richards WiDiston New York, N. Y. 

John North Willys Toledo, (Muo 

Charles Newell Wini^p Wakefidd 

Henry RoKers Winthrop New York, N. Y. 

Mrs. Frank Spencer ^therbee (Mary R. Stewart) . New York, N. Y. 

Edward Worcester Pittri>uri^ F^ 

J. Lewis Wyckoff Hdyoke 

Mrs. John Wyeth (Sarah B. Steuart) Washington, D. C 

Life and Rssidknt Miembers Teanbferbsd 
TO PiuiRiM Tebcbntknart Membebship 

FVedeiid: Maiden Ambrose Yonkersi N. Y. 

Samud Putnam Averv Hartf ordL Conn. 

Hon. James Phinn^ Baxter Portland, Me. 

Edward Aiigustus Bowen WoodstodL. Cqbiu 

John CanxJl Chase Deny, N. £L 

Hon. Winthrop Murray Crane Dalton, Mass. 

Charles Deering New York, N.Y. 

Elitabeth Museey Eostis Bnx^line 

Henry Dutton Eustis Kookline 

Marv St. Barbe Eustis Kookline 

Hon! Elbert Henix Gary New York, N.Y. 

Clement Stevras Houston Chestnut EBI 

James Mehille Hunnewell Boston 

Helen FVances Kimball Brookline 

Mrs. Frankhm Hallett LotcH (M. Loukr Levis) . . Washington. D. C 

Henrr Hud«}lcston Rogers Washington, D. C 

Fwmk Knight Stuips New York, N.Y. 

Harry Bat«» Thavtcr New York, N.Y. 

Grant Walker Boston 



nam Ayery Hartford, Conn. 

gustine Butterfield Whitingnam, Vt. 

oham New Bedford 

t Henry Gary New York. N.Y. 

n Joseph Moulton (Helen Winifred Shute) Bangor, Me. 

teXedcastle Milton 

18 Snow Thayer (Mary Appleton Shute) . . Hartford, Conn. 

. Turner (Nellie Darrow) New London, Conn. 

Ibsidbnt Membebs Transferred to Life Membership 
IN December 1918 and January and February 1919 

e B. Ager (Annie Wallace) Wellesley Hilb 

m Alvord Chicago, lU. 

el Rose Atkinson West Newton 

r W. Atwood (Mary Frances Harris-Shaw) South Weymouth 

ning Bacon Sdtuate 

rell Badger Manchester, N. H. 

dner Bartlett Cambridge 

el Batchelder Peoria, lU. 

iser Bishop (Maiy Hope Bugbee) . . . Putnam, Conn. 

9 Boardman Winthrop 

ris Bond Waban 

Bowman New Ipswich, N. H. 

Ikeley Brainerd Hartford, Conn. 

ilton Brown Stoneham 

ithrop Brown Chestnut HiU 

Freeman Brown Milton 

ly Brown Portland, Me. 

issall Brown Boston 

r J. Carr (Edith Wallbridge) Scrantoh, Pft. 

Iter Chamberlain Maiden 

r Greenough Chase (Fannie Scott Hubbard) Boston 

le Chjlds Hanover, N. H. 

Church Boston 

tridge Colton Wobum 

Qothy Crane East Braintree 

m Bioward Crosby (Elmma Erskine) Racine, Wis. 

Eaton Damon (Mary M.) Newton 

id Dav Norwood 

l^n Dennett Framingham 

le Dewing Belmont 

Townsle^ Drake Stoneham 

jniy Wmslow Dwight Cambridge 

a Cambridan 

dge Jamaica Flain 

nry Eldridge Twin Falls, Idaho 

ney Ensign, Jr Newton 

>t Koby Evans (Florence Carlton Fowler) Boston 

U Field Boston 

es (Webster) Fish Berkeley, Cal. 

swold Flags. Jr Philadelphia, Pa. 

I Floyd (Belle Augusta Seavey) .... Winthrop 

bU B. Folsom (Elizabeth Knowles) . . . Exeter, N. H. 

m Trowbridge Forbes (EUuriette Merrifield) Worcester 

PVench Roxbury 

h A. Gathemann (Mabel Stewart O'Brion) Brighton 

k Gay Newton 

mour Godard Hartford, Conn. 

ay Milton 

Elizabeth (Neal) Hanaford Rockford, HI. 

t T. Hayward (Sarah Jane Hale) . . • Newton Highlands 


Caroline Hazard Peaoedale, R. I. 

Frank Tenney Hitchcock Medford 

John Albert Holmes Somerville 

Julia Webster Holt ^Hnchester 

Mrs. Charles Harvey Hood (Katherine W3rinan East- 
man) SomerviUe 

Mrs. James Ripley Hooper (Gertrude Fellowes) . . Boston 

Byron Barnes Horton Sheffield, Pa. 

ELenry Elisha Johnson Melrose 

Arthur Mo^^s^ Jones Boston 

Scott Jordan Chicago, lU. 

Edward Holmes Eittredge Arlington 

Frank Bird Lamb West£eld, N. T. 

Charles Edward Lawrence Medford 

Mark Anthonj Lawton Newton 

Sheldon Leavitt, Jr Augusta, €ra. 

Henrv Lefavour Boston 

Charles Harrison litUefield Lawrence 

Hon. Henry Cabot Lodge Nahant 

Perdval Hall Lombard Brookline 

Robert Gardner McClung Boston 

Mrs. William L. McKee TBessie Pardee) .... Boston 

Mrs. Frederick Louis Mann (Ella Ssrrene Holbrook) . Cambridge 

John Emerson Marble South Pasadena, CaL 

Mrs. William Marland (Salome Jane) Maiden 

Charles Frank Mason Watertown 

Qrra Ehigene Monnette Los Angeles, CaL 

Jennie Glover Moseley Dorchester 

Edward Deering Noyes Portland, Me. 

Mrs. Elixa Ann (Beckwith) Ogden Everett 

Everett Paine Marblehead 

Edward Ludlow Parker Concord 

Commander Henry E^l Parmenter, U. S. N., Retired Boston 

William Woodman Peake Rye, N. Y. 

Bradford Hendrick Peirce Cambridge 

Merritt Greenwood Perkins Newark, N. J. 

Arthur Dunton Perry Dorchester 

Mrs. Arthur Dunton Perry (Louise Constance) . Dorchester 

Alexander Van Cleve Phillips Jamaica Plain 

Henry Byron Phillips Berkeley, CaL 

Hon. Albert Enoch Pillsbury Boston 

Mrs. Charles S. Pillsbury (Nellie Winston) .... Minneapolis, Minn. 

Mrs. Jessie Alice (Woods) Porter Springfield 

Frank Bigelow Pnest Littleton 

Lester Marsh Prindle Charlotte, Vt. 

Henry Cole Quinby New York, N. Y. 

Nelson Osgood Rhoades Los Angeles, CaL 

Albert Edwiuxi Rhodes . Wollaston 

Fred Ball Rice Quincy 

RosweU Raymond Robinson Maiden 

Mrs. Waldo Ogden Ross (Ellen Haven) .... Boston 

Mrs. Francis Bacon Sears (Mary Elizabeth) Boston 

Mrs. Myrtie Fisher Seavems Mdrose 

Hon. William Paine Sheffield* Newport, R. I. 

Frank M. Sheldon Newton 

Mrs. George Sheldon (Jennie Maria Arms) .... Deerfield 

Ruth Slater Webster 

Mrs. Richard W. Smith (Kate H.) Boston 

Charles Henderson Stebbins Everett 

Edwin Henry Stevens West Somerville 

Henry Josepn Stevenson East Boston 

*Died 10 October 1010. 


^tleton Sweet Boston 

Tir^r Somerville 

ir White Tedcastle (Agnes Beville Vaughan) Milton 

•t H. Tetlow (Dora I.) Taunton 

f TiUey Newport, R. I. 

leyers Tindey Hemck Centre, Pa. 

ge Holden Tinkham Boston 

(Wilcox) Toppan Newburyport 

loldsTotten New York, N. Y. 

en Troxell Medfield 

y Souther Tufts (Susan Browning Cotton) . Brookline 

ufts Centre Harbor, N. H. 

ces Vose Milton 

urchill Vose Boston 

uincy Wales Dorchester 

Wingate Weeks West Newton 

icland Whipple Brookline 

uy Whitin Whitinsville 

lutman Brookline 

ncis Whitney Somerville 

rdner Wilder Brunswick, Me. 

igginson Williams, Jr Andover 

>mas Williston ^ Somerville 

rthiu: Wing New Bedford 

jrman Shirley 

Resident Members 

Stetson Adams Farmington, N. H. 

larrington Adams Fostoria, Ohio 

Francis Henry Appleton, M. V. M., Retired Peabody 

jnoW New York, N.Y. 

hrop Auchindoss New York, N. Y. 

arker(Miss) New York, N.Y. 

. Barrell Gloucester 

is Bartlett Hartford, Conn. 

ustin Brooks Welleeley Hills 

lam Francis Brooks (Jessie Isabel Rudolf 

an) Cambridge 

dns Brockton 

;tlefield Came Brookline 

ishington Greene Carpenter Boston 

enry Chandler Brookline 

race Clark Boston 

Danforth Boston 

Davis Winchester 

kxid Dorchester 

s Alanson Eldredge (Jane Jennings) . Woods Cross, Utah 

isign Felch Somerville 

D. Fogle (Louise Tyrrell) Bourbon, Ind. 

» Rudolph Garfield West Mentor, Ohio 

Us Goodwin Andover 

rownell Goodwin Columbus, Ohio 

lond Gray Baltimore, Md. 

rt Clement Hall (Ana Byrd Hall) . . . Stamford, Conn. 

)avis Hall Somerville 

islow Hall Winslow, Wash. 

M. Hamlen (Alice D. Devens) .... Boston 

rin Loomis Harding Newton 

irette Hatch Salt Lake City, Utah 

k Will Jackson (Bessie Emily Ross) Springfield 

ugustus Jones Boston 

rell Roxbury 


John QOlette Matthews Bma, Ohio 

Mantoo Biaverick Chicago, HI. 

I^rford Ambrofle Merrow Maldoi 

•Dwi^t Moore Closter, N. J. 

Bin. Traber Nonnan (Nettie Adella Hall) .... Leavenworthi Kaos. 

Ndla Jane Pearson West Newton 

George Woodman Pratt Newton Centre 

Harvey Hunter Pratt Scituate 

Lillian Maude Saunders Hyde Park 

Winthrop S. Scudder Cambridge 

Moyses Kogers Simmons Brookline 

Mrs. Moyses Rogers Simmons (Ida Maria Blatchford) Brookline 

Charles Sewalllilton Indianapolis. Ind. 

Clara Rosanna Walker Wellesley Hills 

Mrs. William F. Warden (Eleanor Cotton Denbam) Paris, France 

Henry Fitch Wardwell Chicago, DL 

John Warren Boston 

Mrs. George Elrastus Whitney (Gertrude Capen) . . Augusta, Ga. 

Mrs. Albion D. Wilde (Charlotte Endicott) .... Canton 

Lieut. Col. Marshall William Wood, U. S. A. . . . Boise, Idaho 

Mrs. R. A. Wood (Carrie Inman) Cambridge 

Henry Burt Wright New Haven, Conn. 

During the year 1919 there have been added to the rolls of mem- 
bership six Honorary Members, three himdred and two Pilgrim 
Tercentenary Members, eight Life Members, and fiftynsix Resident 
Members. Nineteen Resident and Life Members have been trans- 
feired to Pilgrim Tercentenary Membership, and one hmidred and 
thirty-five Resident Members were transfer!^ to Life Membership 
during December 1918 and January and February 1919. Six Pil- 
grim Tercentenary Members died diuing the year. 

In all classes of membership 372 names were added during the 
year, the largest increase in the history of the Society. The next 
highest records are 176 in 1870, 170 in 1917, 162 in 1913, 155 in 
1847, 142 in 1903, 136 in 1912, 125 each in 1859 and 1916, 117 in 
1858, 110 in 1911, 107 in 1914, 103 in 1869, and 102 in 1845. On 
31 December 1919 the rolls contained the names of 11 Honoiaiy 
Members, 53 Corresponding Members, 315 Pilgrim Tercentenaiy 
Members, 448 Life Membera, and 835 Resident Members, a total 
of 1662 members. 

There are on the rolls of membership in all classes from 1844 to 
1919, inclusive, 5394 names, an average of about 72 names per year. 




BosTONi 31 December 1919. 

m hand, 31 December 1918 $571.65 

. No. 16, 1 February 1919 225.00 

No. 17, 1 August 1919 ' . . 100.00 

vidend, No. 18, 18 November 1919 250.00 



ilanoe on hand, Merchants National Bank $932.94 

nutees have received from the Farwell Mills an offer of $329 per share 
irenty-five shares of Cabot Manufacturing Company stock representing 
s of the Kidder Fund--a total of $8225. Mr. Frederic Kidder, m that 

his will establishing the Kidder Fund, has the following to say: "and 
* desire that said Snares in the said Cabot Manufacturing Company 
be sold imless there should be some urgent necessity for it, and then by 
' the Society with the approval of the Judge of Probate for the County 
k, and then the proceeds to be carefully re-invested under his direction 
future changes of the Fund to be made in the same manner.'' The 

have given this offer from the Farwell Mills careful consideration 
e decid^ to reject it. The Kidder Fund will accordingly remain, as 
der wished that it should, except in case of '^urgent necessity,'' in the 
f the Cabot Manufacturing Company, of which he thought so highly. 
;ment has been amply justLQed by the event, and the Trustees can only 
kt their judgment wul be equally to the Society's benefit. 

Fbancis N. Balch ) 

Wm. Sxtmnbb Applbton > Tru8iee$ 

R. Henbt W. Dwiqht ) 



The Treasurer submits herewith his annual report for the 
ending 31 December 1919. 

Cash on hand, IJanuary 1919 $3,100.49 

Reoeipts for the year $119,871.05 

Total Cash BeceiptB $122,t 

Disbursements for the year $121,1 

Cash Balance on hand, 31 December 1919 . . . $1,1 

General Income Account 
This Account has been charged with the following items, 

Societ3r'8 House, Care and Repairs $1,569.73 

Heating and Lighting 1,405.12 

Interest 2,154.60 

Printing, Postagei and Stationery 1,265.00 

Conmiittee on Papers and Essasrs 223.34 

Salaries 3,406.61 

Cataloguing 959.33 

Binding 116.34 

Income 9A Ashburton Place 501.42 

Insurance 157.39 

Miscellaneous Expenses 589.98 

Total charges for the year to this account . . . $12,3 

and has been credited with the following, viz.: 

Unrestricted Investment, Income $5,572.39 

Admissions and Assessments 3,219.50 

Genealogies and Miscellaneous Publications . ... 88.77 

Publishing N. K H. G. Register ....... 795.85 

Donations 1,332.89 

Total credits for the year to this account . . . $11,0( 

Balance to Surplus Account llfSS 

Restricted Investment Income 
applied to the following Accounts: 

Books for Library $1,128.90 

Cataloguing 31.42 

Binding 126.37 

Printing N. K H. G. Register . . .^ 131.07 

William Sumner Apideton Fund, EIntire Income . . 8.35 

Benjamin Franklin Dewing Fund, EIntire Income . . 5.34 

George Sumner Mann Fund, One-half Income . . . 36.81 

Total Restricted Income $1,^ 





o ^ *p «^ e^ o) 

9 s 







a S a a 


O ^ CO >0 C4 C4 ^ 


i-i lO 

'pQ n (X 



t3 ^ 

0-i OD 





1 £ 

xzny N. E. msTOBic genealogicai« sociETr 

Schedule A 

The following is a detailed statement of all the investinents 
the Society, excepting the Real Estate: 

BONDS Book Value 

10 American Tdephone & Telegraph Co. Collatend 

Trust 4'8, due 1 July 1029. Nos. 9766-70, 10458-62 $10,000.00 

5 Butte Water Co. 5% due 1 July 1921. Nob. 1171-^5 4,000.00 

2 Chicago, Burlington & Quincy R. R. Co. (Illinois 
Div.) 3f 8, due 1 July 1949. Noe. 13684-5 . . . 1,880.00 

5 Chicago, Burlington & Quincy R. R. Co. 4*8, due 1 
Mar. 1958. Nos. 1529-33 4,890.62 

10 Chicago Junction Rys. & Union Stockyards Co. 4's, 

due 1 Apr. 1940. Nos. 1503-12 10,000.00 

4 Chicago, Rock Island & Pacific Ry. Co. 4's, due 1 

Apr. 1934. Nos. 3954, 6662-3, 14054 3,890.00 

5 Concord & Montreal R. R. Co. Zi% due 1 June 1920. 

Nos. 316-20 5,000.00 

Pere Marquette R. R. Co. Bond Series .... 3,300.00 

2 Lake Shore A Michigan Southern Ry. Co. Deben- 
ture 4's, due 1 Sept. 1928. Nos. M36693-4 . . . 1,937.50 

5 Massachusetts Gas Co. 4i's, due 1 Jan. 1929. Nos. 
2824-8 4,956.25 

4 Milwaukee, Sparta A Northwestern R. R. Co. 4*8, due 
1 Mar. 1947. Nos. 12308-11 3,760.00 

2 Minneapolis & St. Louis R. R. Co. 5's, due 1 Nov. 

1934. Nos. 3166-7 2,000.00 

4 Missouri Pacific Ry. Co. Collateral 5'8 ($500.00 each), 

due 1 Feb. 1965. Nos. D1874-7 2,000.00 

3 New York Central & Hudson River R. R. Co. (Michi- 
gan Central) Zi% due 1 Feb. 1998. Nos. M794-6, 
Registered 2,700.00 

5 New York, New Haven & Hartford R. R. Co. Zi% 

due 1 Mar. 1947. Nos. 4936-40 5,000.00 

3 Northern Pacific & Great Northern R. R. Co. Joint 
4'b, due 1 July 1921. Nos. 32401, 92549, 125312 2,868.75 

3 Western Telephone & Telegraph Co. 5's, due 1 Jan. 

1932. Nos. 5048-50 3,000.00 

5 Western Union Telegraph Co. 4i's, due 1 May 1950. 
Nos. 12364-8 5,000.00 

2 Southern Pacific R. R. Ck). 4's, due 1949 .... 1,382.50 

4 New York Telephone Co. 6'8, due 1949 '3,885.00 

3 New York Central & Hudson River R. R. Co. 6's, due 

1935 2,782.60 • 

1 Cleveland, Cincinnati, Chicago & St. Louis R. R. Co. 

6'8, due 1929 980.00 

5 City of Copenhagen 5i's, due 1944 4,372.50 

2 Northern States Power Co. 5's, due 1941 .... 1,720.00 

3 American Telephone & Telegraph Co. 6's, due 1925 . 3,003.75 
8 United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland 5i's, 

due 1937 7,612.50 

1 Mohoning & Shenango Railway & Light Co. 5's, due 

1920 960.00 

United States Liberty Bonds 8,lp0.00 

Total Book Value of Bonds, carried fonoard . . '■ $110,981.1 


Brcmght fmrwsrd $110,081.87 

STOCKS Book Valve 

I Austin Water Co., No. 7 $600.00 

I Boston A Maine R. R. Co., common, No. 

e 9,806.00 

I Cambridge Gas light Co., Nos. 4594, 4598, 

5801,6284 2,723.90 

I Standard Oil Co. of New Jersey, preferred, 7% 2,800 . 00 

I American Telephone & Telegraph Co. . . 4,926.25 

Book Value of Stocks $20,855.15 


on Real Estate in Ashmont $3,500.00 

" " " " " 3,500.00 

" " ** at 16 Somerset Street . . . 14,300.00 

" " " " 18 " " ... 37,500.00 

Value of Mortgages $58,800.00 

:*ota] Investment (Book Value) $190,637.02 

Cambridge Gas light Co. Rights .... 37.88 

Total $190,599.14 

Schedule B 
participating in the Income of Investments: 

sroentenary Memorial Fund $95,810.00 

^ershipFupd 36,894.74 

Fund 12,763.13 

reeFund 1,505.00 

AJdenFund ' . . . . 1,000.00 

imner Appleton Fund 273.93 

MS Avery Fund 960.00 

tow Fund 1,200.00 

laries Billings Fund 5,000.00 

jLries Billings Book Fund 5,000.00 

id Fund 2,500.00 

ill Bradbury Fund 2,500.00 

igersoll Browne Fund 1,000.00 

emorial Book Fund 427.67 

lan Clark Fund 2,000.00 

raneFund 1,000.00 

Genealogical Fund 521.97 

kvisFund 2,881.25 \ 

Franklin Dewing Fund 175.44 

e Fund 1,000.00 

nry Eddy Fund 36,788.00 

»ui8 Flint Fund 5,000.00 

jrFund .- 5,000.00 

Iward French Fund 1,000.00 

FHiUerFund 1,925.09 

mbcrt Gould Fund 1,000.00 

Bhman Hunnewell Memorial Fund .... 5,000.00 

iballFund 5,000.00 

TOcdFund 1,000.00 

AthamFund 1,000.00 

nner Mann Fund 2,379.76 

tin Fund 200.44 

Feck Fund 1,000.00 

Carried fonoard $240,696.42 


Brought fortDord . $240,696.42 

Mary Warren RuflBell Fond 3,000.00 

Samuel Elwell Sawyer Fund 4,000.00 

Anne Elizabeth Sever Fund 5,000.00 

Frank Edflon Shedd Fund 600.00 

Edmund Farwell Slafter Fund 600.00 

George Phuner Smith Fund 10,000.00 

Joseph Henry Stickner Fund 1,000.00 

WOluLmaeayes Todd Fund 11,000.00 

William Blanchard Towne Memorial Fund 3,000.00 

William Blake Traak Fund 600.00 

John Harvev Treat Fund 10,000.00 

Mehitable Calef Coppenhaeen Wilson Fund 600.00 

Robert Charles Wmthrop, Jr., Fund 3,000.00 

Cyrus Woodman Fund 1,000.00 

Total S298, 

GBOBcm L. Gouio^ Tnaunarw, , 


The undersigned hereby certify that they have examined the seciiiities of 
New England Historic Genealogical Society and have found them to be 
accordance with the lists. 

William S. BiCHASDeoH ) .^_^ 

BoBTON, 21 January 1020. William K Stohs I Aiwwf 

The books and accounts of the Treasurer of the New England BSstoric 
logical Society for the year 1919 have been thoroug}ily examined; the 
ments of cash have been compared with the vouchers; the balance of oA 
hand at the dose of the year, $1,331.78, was verified; and all were found to I 

William Franklin Hall, C.F JL, 

Boston, 17 January 1920. AeoowUant and Aydikr* 


Presented by Rev. Lbwib Wiij>sb Higxb, MJL 


[The dates in the first column indicate the yean cf deetiotH 

Pilgrim Tercentenary Members 
1919 Andbew Caknbgie, LL.D.| of New York (Sty, was bom at 

line, Fifeshire, Scotland, 25 November 1835, and 
Mass., 11 August. 

1919 Mbs. Ambija L. (Chapin) Haile, of Springfield, Maas^ was 
at Springfield 22 April 1840, and died at Watch Hal, R. 

1919 Chables Lang Fbeeb. A.M., of Detroit, Mich., was bom at 
ton, N. Y., 25 February 1856, and died m New Ycik 
25 September. 

1919 Newell Sill Jenkins, D.D.S., of New Haven, Qhul, wu 
at Falmouth, Mass.. 29 December 1840, and died oo ihe 
ship La France, a tew hours before arriving at Havre, 
, 25 September. 


Maj. Hknbt Leb Higoinbon, LL.D.. of Boston, was bom in New 
Yoik City 18 November 18^, and died in Boston 14 November. 

Mbs. Cabouns Sumnxb (Casb) Fbebican, of Boston, was bom in 
Boston 28 May 1856, and died there 26 November. 


Fbankun Pibbcb Ricb, of Worcester, Mass., was bom at Mari- 
boroui^ Mass., 29 July 1852, and died at Worcester 3 January. 

Mbs. Sabah Deuna (Ltlb) Cboplbt, of Dorchester, Mass., was 
bom at Port La Tour. Shelbume Co., Nova Scotia, 5 February 
1852, and died at Dorchester 24 February, 

Edwabd Doublbdat Habbis, of Yonkers, N. Y., was bom at Cam- 
bridge, Mass., 20 September 1839, and died at Yonkers 2 March. 

Albxandbb Cochbakb, of Boston, was bom at Bar Head, nei^ 
Fkisley, Scotland, 12 May 1840, and died in Boston 10 April. 

James Adams, of Brookline, Mass., a life member since 1870, was 
bom at Charlestown, Mass., . 17 September 1838, and died at 
Brookline 16 April. 

Abtsub Fbedebick Ebtabbook, of Boston, was bom in Boston 
17. May 1847, and died in Porto Rico 27 July. 

Bev. Frederick Howard Mbans, A.B., B.D., of Brookline, Mass., 
a life member since 1900, was bom at Dorchester, Mass., 14 August 
1865, and died at Brooldine 10 September. 

Henbt Ernest Woods, A.M., of Boston, a life member since 1902, 
was bom in Boston 5 June 1857, and died at Greenfield, Mass., 
11 October. 

Hon. William Paine Sheffield, A.M., of Newport, R. I., a life 
member since 27 Januanr 1919. was bom at Newport 1 June 1857, 
and died at Exeter, R. I., 19 October. 

George Brown Knapp, MA., of Newton, Mass., a life member 
since 1912, was bom at St. Johnsbury, Vt., 9 April 1836, and died 
at Newton 21 December. 

Resident MenibeTB 

Edward Adams Hechardson, of Ayer, Mass., was bom at Groton, 
Mass., 24 November 1859, and died at Ayer 4 January. 

LnsuT. John Henrt Wbstfall, U.S.N., of Allston, Mass., was 
bom at West Brighton, N. Y., 12 August 1861, and died at Chelsea, 
Mass., 19 January. 

Ensign George Allen Hunt, U.S.N., of Wollaston, Mass., was 
bom at Rockland, Mass., 10 September 1889, and died in Phila- 
delphia, Pa., 1 February. 

Bthan Wilcox, of Westerly, R. I., was bom at Norwich, Conn., 
5 July 1841, and died at Westerly 6 February. 

Rev. Henrt Ainsworth Parker, A.M., of Cambridge, Mass., was 
bom in Philadelphia, Pa., 19 October 1841, and died at Cam- 
bridge 17 Febmary. 

Mrs. Louise Snow (Prosser) Bates, A.M., of Cranston, R. I., 
was bom at Mystic, Conn., 13 May 1857, and died at Cranston 
22 February. 

BoBEBT Apthorp Boif, A.B.. of Brookline, Mass., was bom in 
Boston 29 April 1846, and died at Brookline 6 March. 


1006 William Obin Tasbxb, of Haverhill, Mass., was bom at Sta 
N. H., 18 March 1843, and died at Haverhill 12 March. 

1918 Charles Sewall Nobbis, of Mebx)se, Mass., was bom at W< 
Mass., 10 April 1871, and died at Melrose 26 March. 

1911 William Edwabd Goitld, of Boston, was bom at Portland 

19 June 1837, and died in Boston 15 April. 

1914 FBANas Herbert Stevens, of Wellesley, Mass., was bom at 
ham, Mass., 31 May 1847, and. died in Boston 21 April. 

1913 Horace Parker Chandler, A.M., of Jamaica Plain, Masi 

bom in Boston 13 September 1842, and died at Jamaica 
7 June. 

1914 Daniel Clifford Stone, of Newton, Mass., was bom at £ 

Me., 27 October 1871, and died at Newton 9 June. 

1912 Rear Admiral William Swift, U.S.N., Retired, of Richfield S 

N. Y., was bom at Windham, Conn., 17 March 1848, and ( 
Newport, R. I., 30 June. 

1903 Clayton Wood Holmes, A.M., of Elmira, N. Y., was b 
Le Raysville, Pa., 26 Septembcar 1848, and died at Ehnira 1 

1917 Mrs. Jennie Stetson (Barrbll) Woodman, of Lawrence, 
was bom at Lewiston, Me., 27 September 1864, and died i 
Beach, N. H., 24 July. 

1900 Charles Ltman Newhall, of Soutibbridge, Mass., was b 
Spencer, Mass., 1 October 1834, and died at Chelsea, Mass., 6 i 

1917 Albert Lane Norris, A.M., M.D., of Maiden, Mass., was I 
Epping, N. H., 4 March 1839, and died at Brookline, 
29 August. 

1887 James Henry Stark, of Dorchester, Mass., was )x>m at Ifi 
Surrey, England, 6 July 1847, and died in Boston 30 Augosl 

1917 William Story Sargent, A.B., of Lexin|;ton, Mass., was fc 
Boston 4 October 1842, and died at Lexmgton 17 October. 

1913 Henry Manlby, of West Roxbury, Mass., was bom at North 1 

water (now Brockton), Mass., 31 August 1841, and died al 
Roxbury 28 October. 

1917 Joseph John Skinner, C.E., Ph.D., of Kenwood, N. Y., wa 
at Putney, Vt., 13 Jan. 1842, and died at Kenwood 12 Novi 

1906 Rev. Thomas Franklin Waters, A.M., of Ipswich, Mass., wi 
at Salem, Mass., 12 April 1851, and died at Ipswich 23 Nov< 

1913 Edward Hivers Lemon, of Sudbuiy, Mass., was bom at An 
Mass., 22 November 18^, and died at Sudbury 31 Deoeoil 

Deaths that occurred in previous years, but not recorded until now 

1916 Harrt Wadlet Cumner, of Brookline, a resident membes 
bom at Manchester, N. H., 18 July 1860, and died at Brc 
18 May 1917. 

1916 Charles Wellington Burt, LL.B., of Brookline, Mass., 
member, was bom at Saginaw, Mich., 21 March 1871, an 
there 31 July 1917. 

1899 AsHTON Rollins Willard, A.B., of Boston, a residoit m 
was bom at Montpelier, Vt., 14 April 1858, and died in 1 
3 October 1918. 

1912 Mrs. Josephine (Drew) Hills, of Boston, a life membe 
bom in Boston 18 August 1840, and died there 29 Novembei 




Prepared by Rxv. Lewis Wilder Hicks, M.A., Historian 

The following pages contain obituary notices of members who 
died during the year 1919, with the addition of four who died in 
pieceding years. The notices are arranged in the order in which 
the deaths occurred. 


Harry Wadley Cxtmner of Brookline, Mass., a resident member 
since 1916, was bom at Manchester, N. H., 18 July 1860, the son 
of Nathaniel Cumner, and died at Brookline 18 May 1917. 

The family came to Boston when he was yoimg, and he became 
a student at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, but did 
not graduate there, preferring to enter upon a business career. 
He started with the Cumner-Jones Company, dealing in tailor 
trimmings, at 90 Chaimcy Street, Boston, a firm of which his father 
was the founder; and, when his father died, he succeeded to the 
presidency. The house maintained a Chicago branch, known as 
Cunmer, Jones &, Company, Inc., of which he became president and 

Mr. Ciunner was president of the Boylston National Bank, a 
trustee and member of the executive committee of the Home Sav- 
ings Bank, a director of the John Hancock Mutual Life Insurance 
CSompany, vice-president and director of the Thayer, McNeil Com- 
pany, and president and director of the Frank W. Greaves Com- 
pany of Minneapolis, Minn. He was a member of the Boston 
Chiunber of Commerce, and had been a vice-president and director 
of the old Merchants' Association before it was merged with the 
Chamber of Commerce. 

He was a member of the Boston Art Club, the Beacon Society, 
the Algonquin Club, the Exchange Club, the Brae-Bum Country 
Club, and the Boston Athletic Association. He was also connected 
wi^ the Masonic fraternity and held membership in many of its 

The promotion of the interests of his home town occupied much 
of his attention, and for some years he was chairman of the Brookline 
Gymnasium and Bath Commission and had served on the Play- 
ground Commission. He was deeply interested in Red Cross activi- 
ties and in relief work for war sufferers. 

He married Nellie Buckingham Pope, daughter of Edwin Pope 



of Boston, who survives him, together with three dau^ters and a 
son — 'i/bs. Andrew Washburn of Brookline, Mrs. August H. 
Vogd, Jr., of Milwaukee, Wis., Mrs. Everett Pevere of Boston, and 
Pr^cott T. Cumner. 

Ct. BcitmEwtrnmoTmnteripl, IS Maj 1917. 


Chables Wellington Bubt, LL.B., of Brookline, Mass., a life 
member since 1916, was bom at Saginaw, Mich., 21 March 1871, 
the son of Wellington R. and Maiy Amina (Richardson) Burt, 
and died at Saginaw 31 July 1917. He was a descendant of Henry* 
Burt of Roxbury, 1639, and Springfield, Mass., 1640, tiirou^ 
Jonathan,' Henry,* Joseph,^ Joseph,^ Luther,* Luther,^ and Wdling- 
ton R.,^ his father. 

He was graduated at the Michigan Mihtaiy Acad^ny, Qrdiaid 
Lake, Mich., in 1889, was a student at Cornell University, 1891-1893, 
and received the degree of LL.B. from that institution in 1893. h 
the same year he was admitted to the Michigan bar. 

E4atering business with a lumber concern controlled by his father 
at Ford, Ey., he developed this into a lucrative business, with an 
office at London, Elngland, for export trade. 

He married, 14 October 1898, Mary Bell HaDey, dau^ter of 
Henry Simpson and Alice Hunter (Bell) Halley and granddaughter 
of Samuel Halley, one of the pioneers and foremost citizens of Ken- 
tuclsy. Mrs. Burt survives her husband, together with three daug^ 
ters, Alice Amina, Lady Bell, and Marion Stone. 


AsHTON Rollins Willabd, A.B., of Boston, a resident member j 
since 1899, was bom at Montpelier, Vt., 14 April 1858, the son of 
Charles Wesley and Emily Doane (Reed) Willard, and died m , 
Boston 3 October 1918. He traced his descent from Maj. Simoo^ 
Willard of Cambridge, Concord, Lancaster, and Groton, Ma8i.| 
through Henry,' Joaah,' Josiah,^ Solomon,* Josiah Cahoon,* bjhA 
Charles Wesley,^ his father. 

He was graduated at Dartmouth College, receiving there the 
degree of A.B. with the Class of 1879. 

In 1887 he took up his abode in Boston, but Uved abroad bom 
1904 to 1908, passing much of his time in Italy. He was an author 
of note, writmg on art subjects for magazines and producing aevenl 
books, among which were the following: ''Sketch of the life and 
Work of the Painter Domenico Mordli,'' Houghton, Mifflin ft [ 
Company, 1895; ''History of Modem Italian Art,'' LoDgmaniy ji 
Green & Company, 1898; and "The Land of the Latins," 1902. b 
this last-mentioned year he was made a chevalier of the Ordfir of 
the Crown of Italy. He was a member of the Boston Authors' CMl^ 
and of the Circolo Italiano. 

He married, 19 September 1888, Agnes Fairbanks, danc^ter of 
Gov. Horace and Mary Elizabeth (Taylor) Fairbanks of Vennont 
She died 15 March 1910. They had two daughters, of whom tbe 
elder died in infancy and the younger, Theodora, survives b&r paientB. 

MSM0IB8 Xli 

Mrs. Josephine (Drew) Hills of Boston, a life member since 
1912, was bom in Boston 18 August 1840, the daughter of Joseph 
Lawrence and Amelia (Smith) I^w, and died there 29 November 
1918. On her father's side she was descended from Elder \^/llliam 
Brewster and John Alden of the Mayflower. Her mother was 
bom in England, the daughter of Henry and Jane (Morgan) Smith. 

Mrs. Hills's life was uneventful. Her charities, which were many, 
were bestowed quietly and imostentatiously. She had a special 
interest in the New England Historic Genealogical Society, largely 
on account of her husband's deep interest in all that pertained to 
genealogy, and she was a contributor to its building fimd in 1912. 
She was a member also of the Society of Daughters of the Revolu- 
tion, by reason of her descent from Sergeant Job Drew. 

ibe married, 6 September 1877, as his second wife, Thomas Hills 
of Boston, whose first wife had been her sister, Amelia Ellen Drew. 
BCr. Hills, who died 19 September 1910, aged eighty-two years, had 
beoi a life member of the New EIngland Historic Genealogical 
Society' since 1897, and was the editor of ''The Hills Family in 
America," published in 1906, a book that was largely the result of 
the labors of the late William Sanford Hills of B^ton. A memoir 
of TlK>mas Hills may be found in the Register, vol. 65, page bd. 


Franklin Pierce Rice of Worcester, Mass., a life member 
since 1903, was bom at Marlborough, Mass., 29 July 1852, the son 
of Minot and Mary Berry (Felton) Rice, and di^ at Worcester 
3 January 1919. He was a descendant of Edmund^ Rice of Sud- 
biuy, Mass., through Joseph,' Caleb,' Jabez,^ Jabez,^ Abel,* and 
Minot,^ his father. Among his ancestors in other lines were Rev. 
Samud Skelton, the first minister at Salem, Mass., and Nathaniel 
Fdton of Salem. 

He. received his elementary education from his mother, and did 
not enter a public school until he was eleven years old. Even after 
that time his attendance at public schools was not umntemipted. 
When a young man he intended to enter the medical profession, and 
began the study of chemistry, anatomy, and ph3rsiology; but ad- 
verse circumstances prevented the realization of this plan, and he 
turned his attention to writing historical and biographical sketches 
and to editing, printing, and publishing the records of Massachusetts 
towns, especially those in Worcester County. 

In 1871 he had purchased a small printing press, which he ex- 
changed within a few months for a better one. A few years later, 
in 1880, he bought a Columbia, press, and used it for more than 
thirty years. As a printer he was self-educated, and did not learn 
the trade by working for any regular printer. By himself and on 
his own pi^ he began the task of preserving in print the vital rec- 
ords of Worcester County towns. 

Many records were printed by Mr. Rice on his own press. Many 
others, including the Worcester town records, which he edited, were 
published by the Worcester Society of Antiquity, of which he was 


one of the four founders. But his greatest service as a publishei 
of vital records was rendered under the provisions of the Vital 
Records Act approved by the Governor of Massachusetts in 1902, 
in accordance with which the Commonwealth undertook to pur- 
chase, at a fixed rate per page, five hundied copies of ibe printed 
vital records of each Massachusetts town prior to 1850, provided 
that the books were compiled and published in the manner required 
by certain State officials and that not more than $15,000 was spent 
for this purpose in any one year. The New Eln^and Historic Gcaiea- 
logical Society, to whose representations the passage of the Vital 
Records Act of 1902 was chiefly due, entered the field inmiediatdy as a 
publisher of vital records, and Mr. Rice, as trustee of the Systeniatie 
History Fund, together with the Essex Institute, the Topsfield Histori- 
cal Society, and, later, Mr. Thomas W. Baldwin, joined in the woA. 
From 1902 imtil the repeal of the Act in 1918, a period of more thtn 
sixteen years, 169 different volumes, containing the vital recoids 
prior to 1850 of 149 Massachusetts towns and a part oi the vital 
records of two other towns, were delivered to the Secretary (rf the 
Ck)mmonwealth and distributed by him without charge to the pvi£c 
offices, Ubraries, and historical societies entitled under the provisioDS 
of the Act to receive them. Mr. Rice's part in this important work 
consisted in compiling and publishing the vital records of more than 
thirty towns in Worcester CJounty, the last volumes contributed by 
him to this series of vital records appearing in 1911. Besides his 
painstaking work in compiling and publishing town records Mr. 
Rice was a contributor on his favorite antiquarian themes to news- 
papers and encyclopsedias, and was the author also of ''Reminiscenoes 
of Rev. George Allen," "Life of Eli Thayer," and other works. 

In addition to his connection with the Systematic History Fond 
and with the Worcester Society of Antiquity, Mr. Rice was a nwm- 
ber of the American Antiquarian Society, the Colonial Society of 
Massachusetts, the Worcester Natural History Society, of which 
he was a director from 1894 to 1909, and the Bunker HiU Monu- 
ment Association, and was a corresponding member of several other 
historical societies. 

Mr. Rice never married. His home Ufe was centred around his 
mother. At the annual meeting of the Colonial Society of Massa- 
chusetts, in 1919, the following tribute was paid to his memory: 

'Tranklin Pierce Rice, an enthusiast by nature in the local histoiy apd 
antiquities of his surroundings, whose timely solicitude and peraomd in- 
dustry have rescued many a valuable town record from oblivion, sod 
whose chief claim to his reputation for eccentricity consisted in an unusual 
diligence in the work he loved and a life-long devotion to his mother." 

Edward Adams Richardson of Ayer, Mass., a resident member 
since 1914, was bom in that part of Groton which is now Ayer 
24 November 1859, the son of Joseph H. and Mary A. (HartweD) 
Richardson, and died at Ayer 4 January 1919. He traced his paternal 
line from Ezekiel Richardson, who was at Charlestown, Masa., 
in 1630, and helped in the founding of Wobum, while on his mother's 
side he was descended from WiUiam Hartwell of Concord^ William 

MEM0IB8 Xliii 

Shattuck of Watertown, John Whitney, and ancestors belonging 
to other well-known early New England families. 

He attended the Groton pubUc schools, was graduated at Law- 
rence Academy in 1875, and then entered Yale College, but after 
three years he was obUged to leave college on account of illness in 
his family. Later he entered the law office of the late Judge Clark 
A. Batchelder at Ayer. Soon afterwards he became ticket agent at 
the local railroad station, and held this position for about five 
years. In September 1887 he moved to Shirley, Mass., to operate 
a cotton mill of which he was the owner. During his residence in 
Shirley he became interested in pubUc afifairs and was elected a 
adectman of the town. He returned to Ayer in 1891, although he 
retained his business in Shirley for some time longer. After his 
return to Ayer Mr. Richardson devoted his time to various busi- 
ness and manufactiuing interests, to the development of his large 
real-estate holdings, to pubUc affairs, and to Uterary and historic^ 
work. He was clerk of the Union Furniture Company and the 
Merrill-James Shoe Company, a trustee of the North Middlesex 
Savings Bank, and president of the Ayer Board of Trade. He was 
largely instrumental in establishing Camp Devens at Ayer, and helped 
in securing leases of the land for the United States Government. 

Mr. Kichfudson always manifested a deep interest in public 
matters and took a prominent part in town affairs. For the four 
yeaiB following 2 April 1906 he was a selectman of Ayer. He was 
ehoeen a member of the School Committee in 1913 and a trustee of 
ibe Ayer Library the same year, holding both offices up to the time 
of his death. He was a delegate to the State Constitutiofial Con- 
vention from the Twelfth Middlesex District in 1917-18. In politics 
he was a Republican, and had given long and faithful service on 
the Ayer Republican town committee. He was a member of the 
Masonic fraternity and that of the Odd Fellows, and was prom- 
inent in the work of both organizations. 

He was a man of culture, with a love for travel, art, and hterature. 
Much of his leisure time was devoted to historical research, and 
he was the author of many articles on local history and also of 
two books, "Moors School" and "The Conrniunity," both dealing 
with Groton local history, which were published in 1911. His last 
work, completed only a few days before his death, was the com- 
mling of a list of Ayer men in the military and naval service in the 
World War. He was a member of the Groton Historical Society. 

He married, 24 November 1885, Clara E. Page, daughter of Mr. 
and Mrs. Alfred Page of Ayer, who survives hun, together with 
two sons, Alfred P. and Ralph H. Richardson. 

Lieut. John Henry Westfall, U.S.N., of Allston, Mass., a 
resident member since 1912, was bom at West Brighton, N. Y., 
12 August 1861, the son of Taylor Hutchins and Samantha Betsey 
(Wright) WestfaU, and died at Chelsea, Mass., 19 January 1919. 
His father was a son of Abram Westfall and a grandson of Gilbert 
WestfaU. Among his ancestors on his mother's side were Elder 
Samuel Wright, Dr. Comfort Starr, and John Gay. 


He was educated in the public schools of Rochester, N. Y., and 
in naval schools. He entered the United States Navy as an appren- 
tice in 1877, and was promoted to be a gunner by President Qevdand 
in 1886. He was in the great hurricane at the Samoan Islands, in 
which the n.S. Ship TrenUm was among the wrecked vessels. As a 
result of his experiences at that time he was invalided £tom service, 
being placed on the retired list by President Harrison in 1892 becMise 
(rf (labilities contracted in line of duty. He settled in Allston, 
Mass., and for some years was attendance officer of the Boston 
public schools. When the United States entered the World War 
he was recalled to liie naval service and became commandant (rf 
the Naval C<»Ed Station at East Lamoine, Me., receiving there his 
commission as lieutenant. He had long suffered from heart trouble, 
and his last days were spent at the Naval Hospital in CSidaea. 

He was a member and governor of the Founders and Fbtriota 
of America, of which he was one of the organisens, of the Sociefy 
of American Wars in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, and 
of the Massachusetts Society of the Sons of the Revolution, of 
which he had been recently reelected r^p^trar. He was also s 
member of the £nights Templars and of other Masonic organiattions. 

A widow and a young son, John H. Westfall, Jr., survive him. 

Ensign Geobge Allen Hunt, U.S.N., of Wollaston, Mass., a res- 
ident member since 1918, ¥^as bom at Rockland, Mass., 10 Septem- 
ber 1889, the son of George Harford and Joanna (S^eed) Hunt, and 
died in Philadelphia, Pa., 1 February 1919. He traced his descent 
from Enoch^ Hunt of We3nnouth, MaJss., throu^ E[dbraim,' 
Ephraim,' Thomas,^ Thomas,* Thomas,* David,^ Giidl^,* and 
George Harford,' his father. 

He was educated in the Rockland grammar and high schoob 
and at Worcester Academy. He engaged in business, and, while a 
clerk in the Old Colony Trust Company in Boston, he joined the 
United States Naval Reserve in 1917, was made an ensign, served 
as assistant paymaster, and while on duty met with an acddenl 
which caused his death. 

He married, 1 October 1913, Frances Rachel ESdridge, dao^ter 
of Lewis WilUam and Minnie (Gray) Eldridge, who survives him, 
together with two children, Dorothy and David Eldridge Hunt. 

Efhan Wzloox of Westerly, R. I., a resident member since 1913; 
was bom at Norwich, Conn., 5 July 1811, the sc»i of Klas and Eunice 
(Swan) Wilcox, and died at Westerly 6 February 1919. 

His father died when Ethan was two years old, leaving his wife witii 
six children to care for, and Ethan, who was next to the youngest 
child, had few opportunities to secure more than the rudiments of an 
education. But he attended the common schools of C(»uiecticut, 
and, being of a studious nature, was enabled for a time to pursue 
his studies at the high school at Westerly. 

Wlien sixteen A^ears^ old he entered the employ of the White Rock 
Mill in We6terly, and was soon made the manager of the company's 
stone, a position which he held for many years. In 1877 he started 


in businesB for himself at Westerly, conducting a general merchandise 
store until he was bmned out in 1891. He then became manager of 
the Smith Granite Company's store, where he remained imtil he was 
eaUed in 1894 to take up the duties of librarian of the Westerly Public 
library. He had already become inteiested in library work many 
yeaiB before, having been in 1882 a member of the reorganisation 
eommittee of the Pawcatuck Library Association, in 1886 secretary 
of this association, and librarian of the Pawcatuck Library from 1882 
to 1894, when its books were absorbed in the Westerly Public library. 
In this new libraiy he served as librarian imtil 1908, when he was 
Blade librarian emeritus, and during this period the number of vol- 
omeB in the library grew from 5000 to nearly 21,000. He served 
18 first vice-president (1903-1905) and president (1907-8) of the 
Rhode Island Library Association, and ,was for many years one of 
the editctts of the Rhode Island Bulletin. He was also a memb^ of 
the Ainerican Library Association. 

Mr. Wikox was much interested in historical matters. He was a 
diiarter member of the Westerly Historical Society and its president 
since 1914. « 

From 1891 till 1901 he served the town of Westerly as overseer of 
the poor, he was superintendent of health from 1894 untO 1897, and 
for years was one of the record commissioners. For twenty years he 
was derk of the First Baptist Church in Westerly, was for a time one 
of its deacons, and was for over twenty-fiVe years superintendent of 
the Simday School connected with this church. 

He maiTied, 24 November 1864, Ruth Johnson Greene of Wes- 
terly, who died 16 May 1909, daughter of Stephen Allen and Abby 
(Hopkins) Greene* A daughter, Fanny Elmma, and a son, Frederick 
Randall Wilcox, survive him. 

Rxv. Henbt Aikswobth Parker, A. M., of Cambridge, MAss., 
A resident member since 1885, was bom in Philadelphia, Pa., 19 Octo- 
ber 1841, the son of William Ainsworth and Mary (Iddings) Parker, 
ind died at Cambridge 17 February 1919. He traced his descent 
from Abraham^ Parker of Wobum and Chelmsford, Mass., throug^ 
MoeeSy' Aaron,* Samuel,^ Abel,^ Isaac,^ and William Ainsworth,^ his 
father. On his father's side his ancestors were chiefly of New Eng- 
land Puritan families, while his mother's ancestors were residents of 
Penn^lvania and Maryland, and were adherents of the Church of 
Bog^and, Quakers, and (in one line) Roman Catholics. 

His father was a resident of Philadelphia at the time of the son's 
birthy but soon afterwards removed to Boston, where he was a mem- 
ber of the firm of Parker, Wilder & Parker, afterwards Parker, Wilder 
k Company. He died in 1860, and his widow (Henry Ainsworth 
Fu^Eer's mother) removed to Concord, N. H., and a year and a half 
later to Cambridge, Mass. 

Henry Ainsworth Parker was educated at various schools in Bos- 
tan, in Concord, N. H., and in Cambridge, among which was the 
well-known school of Epes S. Dixwell in Boston. He also studied 
under private tutors, among whom were John Noble, James Chase, 
and Albert Stickney. He was graduated at Harvard University, 


wiUi the degree of A. B., in 1864, and received the d^ree of A. M. 
from the same institution in 1867. He spent three jrears at the Gen- 
eral Theological Seminary of the Protestant Episcopal Church in 
New York, graduating thsre in 1867. 

During the year 1867-8 he had charge of a Sunday School and in- 
structed private pupils in New York, and in September 1868 went to 
Hartford, Conn., where for two years he was a tutor in the family of 
Mrs. Samuel Colt. He was ordained a deacon by Bishop Williaiiis, 
in the Church of the Good Shepherd, Hartford, 1 Nov. 1870. In 
the fall of 1871 he took charge of the parish of St. Luke, at Bustletcm 
in Philadelphia, and continued there until 5 April 1874. He was 
ordained priest by Bishop Stevens in St. Peter's Church, Philadd- 
phia, 21 December 1872. After leaving the parish at Bustleton he 
spent four months in Albany, N. Y., as temporary assistant at the 
Cathedral. The next winter he passed in New York City, and in 
the spring of 1875 accepted the rectorship of Christ Chureh in Ncnrth 
Conway, N. H. He retained this charge until February 1886, when 
he resigned it. He had already spent the first five months of 1879 in 
California ^d the West and the winter of 1884 in Cambridge, when 
he had charge of the mission of the Ascension in East Cambridge. 
This charge he resigned 23 May 1889, but he continued to live in 
Cambridge, holding religious services in various places as occasion 
ofifered, and stud3dng theology and history. 

He wrote much and printed little, most of that little being in the 
publications of the Colonial Society of Massachusetts, of which he 
was a member. He also contributed articles and letters to The Churdk 
Journal and The Churchman. 

He married in New York City, 6 December 1870, Mary Seabury, 
daughter of Rev. Samuel, D. D., professor in the General Theologimd 
Seminary, and Hannah Amelia (Jones) Seabury, and great-grand- 
daughter of Right Rev. Samuel Seabury. She died 29 May 1918. 
Two children, a son and a daughter, died in infancy, but five sons sur- 
vive him: William Ainsworth, A. B. (Harvard, 1896), LL. B. (Har- 
vard, 1905), Gurdon Saltonstall, S. B. (Harvard, 1900), Stanly 
Brampton, Henry Seabury, A. B. (Harvard, 1904), and Ranald 
Seabury Parker, A. B. (Harvard, 1912). 

Cf. Harvard College, Claes of 1864. SecreUry's Report. No. 8, 1864-1914. Boetoo, 1914, 
pp. 109, 110. 

Mrs. Louise Snow (Prosser) Bates, A. M., of Cranston, R. L, 
a resident member since 1908, was bom at Mystic, Ck)nn., 13 May 
1857, the daughter of John Gardner and Maria Louise (Palmer) 
Ptosser, and died at Cranston 22 February 1919. She was a de- 
scendant of John^ Prosser, who was in Stonington, Conn., or Westeriy, 

R. L, about 1708, through ,* Arnold,' John,^ John Kenyon,* 

and John Gardner," her father. On her mother's side she was de- 
scended from the immigrant Walter Palmer of Charlestown and Reho- 
both, Mass., and Stonington, Conn., and his wife Rebecca (Short). 
H^ She was educated at a private school in Providence, R. I., until she 
reached the age of thirteen years. Then she attended the Bridgham 
Street Grammar School, and was graduated at the Providence High 


iCEMOiBS xlvii 

School (Classical Departtnent) in 1877. She was graduated at Bos- 
ton University with the Class of 1881, receiving the degree of A. B., 
and she received the degree of A. M. in 1893 from Brown University, 
being the first woman to receive a degree from that institution. In 
1917 sKe was honored by an election to the Phi Beta Kappa chapter 
of her alma mater, an honor delayed because at the time of her grad- 
uation the society admitted only men to its membership. 

Mi8. Bates was a genealogist by profession. Her interest in genea- 
logical subjects began about 1900 in searching original records for 
data in reg^uxi to her own family and that of her husband. She be- 
came famiUar with the vital records of many States and was skilled in 
deciphering them and in solving intricate problems. Many valu- 
able records which she gleaned from many sources are now on file in 
the Rhode Island Historical Society's building in Providence. 

In 1910 Mrs. Bates was made the ^'Keeper of Graduate Records'' 
of Brown University, a position which she retained until failing health 
in 1918 compelled her resignation. Her chief monument is the ''His- 
torical Catalogue of Brown University, 1764t-1914," which was 
I»inted for the celebration of the one himdred and fiftieth anniver- 
sary of that institution. 

For twenty-seven years Mrs. Bates was an officer of the Children's 
Friend Society of Providence, serving for fifteen years of that time as 
its president. She was a member also of the Rhode Island Historical 
Society and of the Newport Historical Society. 

She was married, 3 May 1882, to Francis Eliot Bates, son of Albert 
Greene and Edith Ann (Haydon) Bates, who, together with a daugh- 
ter, Hope Angell, A. B. (Wellesley College, 1909), wife of Asa Sheldon 
Briggs, Ph.B. (Brown University, 1907), M. D. (Harvard, 1911), sur- 
vives her. Two other children died young. 

Mbs. Sarah Delina (Ltle) Crowley of Dorchester, Mass., a 
life member since 1905, was bom at Port La Tour, Shelbume Co., 
Nova Scotia, 5 February 1852, the daughter of Capt. Seth Snow and 
Sophia (Snow) Lyle, and died at Dorchester 24 February 1919. Her 
mother, Sophia Snow, was seventh in descent from Stephen Hopkins 
of the Mayflower, through his daughter Constance, who married 
Nicholas Snow. 

She received her education in a private school at Port La Tour, 
and from private tutors at Yarmouth, Nova Scotia, and at Quincy 
Point and Marblehead, Mass. 

She travelled extensively, both in this country and in Europe, 
journeyed at various times to and along the western coast of the 
United States, and visited the British Isles and the Continent, in- 
cluding Denmark, Sweden, and Norway. She was a delegate to the 
World's Simday School Convention in London in 1898. She was the 
author of "Prismatic Thoughts," a work that was published in 1894. 

She was married, 21 May 1872, to Jacob Miller Cropley, son of 
John and Louise (Miller) Cropley. Four sons, Eugene Irving, 
Jacob Howard, Walter Lyle, and Ralph Edward Cropley, survive 


Edwabd Doubledat Harris of Yonkets, N. T., a life monber 
since 1882, was bom at Cambridge, Mass., 20 September 1839, the 
son of Thaddeus \lllliam and Catherine (Holbiook) Hairis, and died 
at Yonkers 2 March 1919. He traced his descent from Thomti^ 
Harris of Boston, through Benjamin,' Caiy,' William,^ T&addeoB 
Mason,* and Thaddeus William,* his father. 

The immigrant ancestor of this Harris family, Thooias Harris cf 
Boston, baptised in the parish of Otteiy St. Maiy, Devonshire^ 
England, in July 1637, came to Boston between 1670 and 1675. Hk 
great-grandson, Capt. William Harris, was a schoolmaster at CSiaiks- 
town, Mass., and an officer in the Revolution. The latins soil 
Thaddeus Mason Harris, was graduated at Harvard in 1787, recema 
the degree of A.M. in course, and was for forty-three years pastor d 
the Finst Church at Dorchester, Mass. He received from his aim 
maier the degree of S.T.D. in 1813. He died in 1842. He ww 
widely known by his published sermons, his works on natural Uh 
toiy, and his historical and antiquarian researches. Thaddeus Yl^ 
liam Harris, son of Thaddeus Mason Harris and father of the sabjeel 
of this memoir, was graduated at Harvard in 1815, took the degree 
of A.M. in course, and received from Harvard the degree of M.D. ii 
1820. For seven years he practised his profession as a physician at 
Milton, Mass., and then succeeded Benjamin Peirce as librarian d 
Harvard College, holding this position until his death on 16 JanuaiT 
1856. He was the aclqiowledged American authority on entomo^ 
ogy and an antiquary of high repute. William Thaddeus Ebunrie^ 
son of Thaddeus William and elder brother of Edward Doublediy 
Harris, was bom at Milton 25 January 1826, was graduated at Har- 
vard with the Class of 1846, and received the degrees of A.M. and LLB. 
from Harvard in 1848. In 1849 the degree of M.A. was bestowed on 
him by Yale, Amherst, and Williams OdUeges. In spite of plr^Beal 
infirmities, from which he had suffered since infancy, he won fai^ 
rank as a scholar and proved himself to be a learned antiquarian and 
genealogist. On 6 August 1845, before he had taken his bachekr's 
degree, he was elected a resident member of the New l<!ng1^nH His- 
toric Genealogical Society, and in 1849 served as Editor of the Bao- 
ISTEB, then'in its third volume, the April, July, and October issaes of 
that year being edited by him. In his death, on 19 October 1854| 
the Society lost one of its most promising members. 

Edward Doubleday Harris was a worthy successor of his grand- 
father, father, and brother in the field of antiquarian and genealog- 
ical research, although the college training which they had enjoyed 
was denied to him. He was ^ucated at the Hopkins Clt«Bi«il 
School and the Cambridge High School, graduating at the latter 
school in 1855. He adopted architecture as his profession, was a 
member of the successful Boston firm of Ryder & Harris for some 
ten years from 1863 on, and went in 1872 to New York City to be 
the private architect and adviser of Alexander Tumey Stevrart 
After the death of the latter in 1876 he was employed by the exeo* 
utors of Mr. Stewart's estate, and resided in New York Q^, 
Saratoga Springs, and Brooklyn. 

While he was still young his record of the Vassall family revealed 


Ub ability as a genealogist, and in the course of his busy life geneal- 
€gy became his means of relaxation. As a boy, too, he had been often 
the cc»apanion of his gifted father, and had become interested in 
€BtomolQgy, to which in his later years he tiuned with whole-hearted 
seal, attaining a considerable reputation in science. 

Mr. Harris's genealogical writings and the records collected and 
published by hun include 'The Vassalls of New England," in the 
B3KI8TEB, vol. 17 (1863); ''An Account of some Descendants of 
Oapt. Thomas Brattle," 1867; "Epitaphs from the Old Burying 
Ground in Watertown, collected by William Thaddeus Harris, 
LL.B., Author of the Cambridge Epitaphs, with Notes by Edward 
jDoubleday Harris," 1869; "A Genealogical Record of Thomas Bas- 
eom and his Descend^mts," 1870; "A Genealogical Record of Daniel 
Bond and his Descendants," 1873; a memoir of his brother, William 
Thaddeus Harris, A.M., LL.B., in "Memorial Biographies of the 
Hew England Historic Genealogical Society," vol. 2, pages 294-304 
(Boeton, 1881) ; "Some Accoimt of the Early Streeters of Massachu- 
setts," in the Registeb, vol. 36, pages 161-164 (1882); "Memoir of 
Tliaddeus William Harris, M.D.," 1882, reprinted from the Pro- 
€$edings of the MassachuseUa Historical Society; "A "Copy of the Old 
Epitaphs in the Buying Ground of Block Island, R. I.," 1883; "Rev. 
Peter Thacher^s Record of Marriages at Milton," in the Registeb, 
Tols. 36 (1882) and 38 (1884); "The New England Royalls," in the 
Bboisteb, vol. 39, pages 348-358 (1885), which was reprinted in 
1885 with important additions; "The Trotts of Dorchester and 
Boston," in the Registeb, vol. 43, pages 7»-80 (1889) ; "William and 
Anne Robinson of Dorchester, Mass., their Ancestors and Descend- 
intB," 1890; "The Dolbeares of Boston," in the Registeb, vol. 47, 
pages 24-27 (1893); and "Dorothy Stanton," in the Registeb, vol. 
4& pages 421--123 (1894). 

Mr. Harris married E^atherine Brattle Wheelock, daughter of 
Hiram and Eatherine Brattle (Bascom) Wheelock, who siuvived 
Mm, together with a daughter, Mrs. William R. Wilson, and a son, 
Wiltiam Gary Harris of Yonkers. 

RoBEBT Apthobp Boit, A. B., of Brookline, Mass., a resident 
member since 1907, was bom in Boston 29 April 1846, the son of 
Ed^^aitl Darley and Jane Parkinson (Hubbard) Boit, and died at 
Biookline 6 March 1919. His great-grandfather, John Boit, who was 
bom in 1733, died in Boston in 1798. His grandfather, John Boit, 
vben a young man, was mate on the American ship that discovered 
the Colimtibia River in 1792. His mother was the daughter of John 
Habbard of Boston, who owned large plantations in Demarara. His 
m^fjumftl great-grandfather was Thomas Hubbard, who for many 
jean (1752-1773) was treasurer of Harvard CoU^e. 

He was educated at a private school and later at the high school 
at Jamaica Plain, Mass., going from there at the age of fourteen to 
the famous school of Epes S. Dixwell in Boston, where he remained 
four years (186&-1864), and then entered Harvard College, where he 
leoeived the deg^ of A. B. in 1868. 

After graduation he engaged with his father in general commission 


business at Savannah, Ga., and became a partner in the firm of Boit& 
McKenzie of that city. In 1875 he left Savannah, and after a biief 
residence in Newport and New York he moved, in 1878, to BostoQ, 
residing in the Longwood section of Brookline. From January 
1878 to September 1878 he was cashier of the United States branch d 
the Commercial Union Assurance Company of London, at 37 and 
39 Wall Street, New York City. In September 1878 he became one 
of the Boston firm of Crosby & Boit, agents for the above-named 
London company, and was afterwards head of the firm of Robert A. 
Boit & Company. He continued in the insurance business and in 
various trusts imtil his decease. 

He was a director of the Chicopee Manufacturing Company, ths 
Old Boston National Bank, the Commercial Union Fire Insmanoe 
Company, and the New England Casualty Company, and a trustn 
of the Cushing Real Estate Trust and other trusts. He had ben 
president of the Metropolitan Improvement League, of the Boston 
Dispensary, of the Boston Board of Fire Underwriters, and (tf the 
Boston Ai»ociated Board of Trade. 

He was a member of the Somerset Club, the Boston Athletic Aa/h 
ciation, the Tennis and Racquet Club, the University Club, tin 
Boston City Club, the St. Botolph Club (of which he had been parofr* 
dent), the Harvard Musical Association, the Longwood Cncket 
Club, the Bostonian Society, the Harvard Union, the Papyrus Cbib 
(of which he was formerly president), and the Harvard Clube of Bo^ . 
ton and New York. He was also a member of the Citiaens' Lmt 
and Order League, the Yoimg Men's Democratic Club, the Me^ 
(diants' Association, and the ^'erulam Society. 

He was the author of ''Eustis, a Southern Love Story," published 
by James R. Osgood & Company of Boston. 

He married first, at Sa\'annah, Ga., 15 January 1874, GeocgiA 
Anderson Mercer, who died 6 December 1878, daughter of Gen. Hiiffi 
Weedon Mercer of Savannah, formerly of Williamsburg, Va., by fii 
wife Maiy (Anderson) of Savannah; and secondly, at New Bedfoid, 
Mass., 20 May 1886, Lilian Willis, daughter of Nathaniel Farloer 
Willis, the well-known poet and editor, of "Idlewild" on the Hudson, 
by his wife Cornelia (Giinnell) of New Bedford. EUs second wife 
survives him, as do his two children by his first wife, Mary AndenQB» 
wife of Dr. Hugh Cabot of Boston, and Georgia Mercer, wife of Walter 
S. Gierasch of Long Island, N. Y., and two children by his aeeonl 
wife, Alice, wife of William A. Burnham, Jr., and John Edward Boit^ 
A. B. (Harvard, 1912). 

WnxiAii Orix TiiSKER of Haveiiiill, Mass., a resident member sintt 

1906, was bom at Strafford. N. H., 18 March 1843, the son of Jen- 

miah and Lucy (Chesley) Tasker. and died at Haverhill 12 MuA 

1919. He was a descendant of William Tasker, who settled at DoWi 

'^** H.y in 1675. 

% was educated in the public schools of his native town and of 

chgr of Lowell, Mass. His love of music led him to the stuctyof 

ianoforte and oi^gan, and for seva:al years he was a teacher of 

instniments. For a long time he conducted a large music stoie 


B Haverhill, a business from which he retired in 1890 to devote his 
ime to the management of his immediate- personal interests. In 
1812-3 he served on the Board of Aldermen and later was a member 
tf the School Board of Haverhill. He was prominent in Masonic 
eMes, was a member of the EEaverhill Historical Society, and ex- 
lAited a keen interest and a somid judgment in all public questions. 
Be married, 30 January 1873, Augusta Edgerly of Northwood, 
R. H.y who survives him. 

Cbaslbb Sewall Nobbis of Melrose, Mass., a resident mem- 
by since 1918, was bom at Wenham, Mass., 10 April 1871, 
Rii Kxn* of George Everett and Abbie C. (Garvin) Norris, and 
fad at Melrose 26 March 1919. He was a descendant of Rev. 
Mmd Norris, the third minister in Salem, Mass., who succeeded 
inBT Williams. 

Joe moved with his parents to Maiden, Mass., when he was about 
tm years old, and attended the public schools there. He was grad- 
Ivied at the Maiden High School in 1890, and in the following year 
connected with the Maiden Savings Bank as one of its incor- 
toiB. He was teller there until 1 August 1907, when he became 
and trustee of the Home Savings Bank in Boston, and held 
Hi position until his death. 

^- Mr. Norris was a musician of note. He had played as an organ- 
bklD the Universalist Church and also in the Baptist Church at 
■riden, and after removing from Maiden to Melrolse Highlands in 
pQ7 he was a member and organist of the Congregational Church in 
phe latter place. He was at one time secretary of the Cecilia Society 
kl Boston. He also attained distinction in Masonic circles. 
He married, 29 May 1895, Enmia Frances Brown, daughter of 
P. and Frances Rose Brown of Maiden, who was educated at 
University and died on the morning of the day on which Mr. 
passed away. They left three children, Caroline F., Edward, 
Carl B. Norris. 

■AiiirrANDEB Cochrane of Boston, a life member since 1912^ was 
at Bar Head, near Paisley, Scotland, 12 May 1840, the son of 
ler and Margaret (Rae) Cochrane, and died in Boston 10 April 
He traced his descent, on the maternal side, from Archibald 
\, Earl of Angus, who was famous in Scottish history and fig- 
one of the characters in "Marmion." 
Mr. Cochrane's father was a manufacturing chemist, and came to 
toB country from Scotland in 1849. He settled in New Jersey, going 
to BiUerica, Mass., where Gov. Thomas Talbot was his junior 
in business. 
The younger Alexander Cochrane began as a young man to make 
ifettidf useful in his father's chemical manufactory at Billerica. He 
ided pubUc schools there, as well as a private school in Lowell, 
scholastic training which was of benefit later in his business, 
his father's direction he became a student of practical chem- 
at BiUerica, and was soon admitted to the firm of A. Cochrane 
ipany, which, in 1883, became incorporated as the Cochrane 


Chemical Company. Mr. Cochrane was made president of tin 
company, and held this position imtil his death. 

His work as a director of various telephone companies and thd 
development forms an interesting chapter of his business life. Hi 
became a director of the New England Telephone Company on iti 
formation in 1878 and of the National BeU Telephone Company tlMl 
foUowing year. A year later he was made a director of the Americaiii 
Bell Telephone Company. In 1899 he became a director of the AnM^- 
ican Telephone and Telegraph Company. Mr. Cochrane obntiniied 
as a director of these oi]ganizations and as a member of various exeeii- 
tive committees, and in 1900 he served as acting president of till 
American Telephone and Telegraph Company imtil a pemumMl 
president could be chosen. ■ 1 

Mr. Cochrane had also many other business interests. Held 
been a director of the Eliot National Bank, the Chicago, BurlingHI 
& Quincy Railroad, and the Boston & Lowell Railroad, a direote 
and vice-president of the New England Trust Company, and a dini^ 
tor of the New York, New Haven & Hartford Railroad, the Nm 
England Navigation Company, the Boston & Maine Railroad, tfl 
Maine Central Railroad, and the Massachusetts Electric Caaxfm 
ies. He had been president of the Manufacturing Chemists' AMg 
ciation of the United States, and had served as president of " 
Board of Trustees of the Peter Bent Brigham Hospital, 1902-1 

He long served as a vestr3mian of Trinity Church, Boston, and 
chairman of the committee which had charge of the building of 
impressive porch and western tower in 1894. He was also one 
the committee on the Phillips Brooks memorial monument on 
chiu-ch groimds. He was chairman of the committee of Boetoo 
chants by which the money was raised for the former building of ttJ 
Young Men's Christian Association on Boylston Street, and "^ 
also on the building committee. In all his various positions^ 
public and private, he rendered valuable service. 

He was a member of the Somerset Club, the Union Club (of 
he had been vice-president), the Thursday Evening Qub, tM 
line Country Club, the Long Point Shooting Club on the 
shore of Lake Erie, the Canaveral Club in Florida, the 
Salmon Club in Canada, and other clubs and organizations, 
travelled much abroad, and foimd relaxation from his business ii 
ests in golf, fishing, and shooting. He was deeply interested in 
eratiue and art, and his fine Ubrary in his residence on Commons 
Avenue was his favorite place in his leisure hours. At Pride's 
ing, Mass., he had a summer home. In politics he was a Republic 

The Boston Evening Transcript, in an editorial article, spetikB d 
him as foUows: . 

"He was a man of unusual charm. Bom a Soot and of a famous fineifl 
Mr. Cochrane was deeply interested in all matters pertaining to his 
land. He spent his leisure hours in his excellent library, and 
his friends found him at his best as a courteous host and an agreeable 
versationalist. He knew Europe intimately, and as a traveling 
he ranked with many whose merits have been odebrated in litenturft." 

Mr. Cochrane married, 24 March 1869, Mary Lynda SoDiTaiii 

B tmm 

MEMOiBS liii 

lied in August 1918, daughter of the late John Langdon and 
(Lynde) Sullivan of Maiden, Mass. Eight chilchren survive 
Al^nder Lynde, Mrs. Lindsley Loring (Charlotte Cochrane) 
stwood, Mass., Mrs. George R. Fearing, Jr. (Hester Cochrane), 
is Douglas, Mrs. F. Murray Forbes (Marjorie Cochrane), 
I Sullivan, Mrs. Howard G. Cushing (Ethel Cochrane) of New 
City and Newport, R. I., and May Cochrane. 

Tranteripi, 10 April 1019. 

JJAM Edward Goxtld of Boston, a resident member since 
was bom at Portland, Me., 19 Jime 1837, the son of Edward 
Ithea (Chase) Gould, and died in Boston 15 April 1919. He 
descendant of Mager Gould of Ipswich, Mass., through Mager, 
niel, and Edward, his father, and he numbered also among his 
€18 Aquila Chase of Newbury, Mass., and Experience Mitdiell. 
was educated in the Portland High School and at Gould's 
my, Bethel, Me. 

an twenty-one years old, following the traditions of his family, 
septed the position of cashier in the First National Bank oi 
nd, which be built up to be the leading bank of Maine. He 
rganist, when a young man, of the Third Parish Church, and 
ir some years president of the Hayden Society of Portland. He 
xl an amateur orchestra and choral society in his spacious 
Qoe at Deering, Me. He founded, and was first executive offi- 
the Portland Society of Art. He founded also the Woodfords 
egational Church, and often occupied pulpits in Maine. 
sr his retirement from business Mr. GoiUd devoted much of 
ne to genealogical investigation and writing. He was the 
oi The Chase ChronidCy the organ of the Chase-Chace Family 
ation, the issue of this publication for April 1919 being Ins 
iitorial e£fort. He wrote the history of the Gould, Chase, 
[aynard families, and presented illustrated copies to the Maine 
ussd Society, the New England Historic Grenealogical Society, 
le Gorham (Me.) Historical Society. He was also the author 
ly papers and addresses on various subjects, such as banking, 
ecclesiastical customs, migrations of families, historical 
Kisaries, and the like. 

married, 27 April 1859, Emmia Maynard Dow, who died 22 
uy 1918, daughter of Hon. Neal and Maria Cornelia Durant 
lard) Dow. Two of his five children survive him: Alice May- 
snfe of Everett W. Pattison, a leading attorney of St. Louis, 
jkI Neal Dow Gould of Portland. 

Adaics of Brookline, Mass., elected a resident member in 
md made a life member in 1870, was bom at Charlestown, 
17 September 1838, the son of James and Pamelia Wyman 
m) Adams, and died at Brookline 16 April 1919. He was 
ded from Henry^ Adams, the ancestor of the famous Adams 
of Massachusetts, who settled at Braintree, through Edward' 
dfiekl,^Mass., Elishib' of Bristol, EUshib,* Elishib,'^hester,« 
mesJ his father. 


He lived in Charlestown until 1888, when he moved to Brooklin< 
He was associated with the Bunker Hill National Bank from 18& 
to 1874, for most of that time as cashier. In 1875 he became tb 
cashier of the Blackstone National Ba^ik, remaining connected witi 
it imtil its dissolution in 1900, when he was its president. In 190! 
he became vice-president of the Warren Institution for Savingi 
and was for a time its president, an office which had been held bott 
by his father and his grandfather. He served as a trustee of the 
Charlestown PubUc Library from 1868 to 1871, and was president 
of the Charlestown Common Council in 1870. 

Mr. Adams was deeply interested in historical and gienealogial 
research. He was a member of the Bostonian Society, the BrcxMdiiie 
Historical Society, and the Bunker HiQ Monument Associatioii, 
and belonged to the Masonic fraternity. 

He married at Charlestown Emma Kendall Tufts, who survifei 
him, together with four children, Mrs. EXigene P. Edwards of Ste- 
ington, Conn., Mrs. Frederic C. Paffard of Brooklyn, N. Y., Pamefii 
S. Adams, and James Adams, Jr., A.B. (Harvard, 1905), of BrooUfiML 

Francis Herbert Stevens of Wellesley, Mass., a resident mem- 
ber since 1914, was bom at Needham, Mass., 31 May 1847, the 
son of Augustus and Ann Eliza (Fuller) Stevens, and died in Boitai 
21 April 1919. He was a descendant of Thomas^ Stevens, throqi^ 
Thomas,* Cyprian,' Cyprian,* Ephraim,* Ephraim,* Timothy,' ami 
Augustus,^ his father. 

He was educated in public and conmiercial schools, and bepi 
his business career with the Prescott Insiu-ance Company of Bostoi. 
His industry and ability won for him steady advancement^ und 
he was made president of the company. In 1888 the accounts of 
the Prescott Company were tntosferred to the North British Ueh 
cantile Company, and Mr. Stevens was made its representative fli 
Boston, a position which he held until his death. 

He was recognized as one of the leading insurance men in Bostoa. 
Executive offices were repeatedly offered to him, but he always <fc* 
clined them, although he served on committees of the Boston Boiid 
of Underwriters and the Boston Protective Department. 

In Wellesley he was most highly regarded as a leading dtiiea^ 
whose opinion carried great weight in civic affairs. He did art 
care for office, but he served on a committee which planned ani 
superintended the erection of the Wellesley High Scho(d buikfim* 
He was a member of the Society of the Sons of the Amerietf 

He married, 17 November 1869, Frances Ida Alden, who died 
in 1917, daughter of Lorenzo and Frances Jane (Barnard) Aldeo. 
A granddaughter, Elizabeth Wight, child of his deceased dau^ter, 
the wife of Malcolm G. Wight, survives him. 

Horace Parker Cpiandler, A.M., of Jamaica Fbun, Masai 
a resident member since 1913, was bom in Boston 13 SeptemlNi 
1842, th^son of Peleg Whitman and Martha Ann Bush ^Cleavdaii^ 
Chandler, and died at Jamaica Plain 7 June 1919. He traced hM 


kaoent from Edmund^ Chandler of Duxbury in the Plymouth 
Zk>loiiy, through Joseph,' Joseph,' Philip,* Peleg,* Peleg,' and Peleg 
BVhitman/ his father. Pel^ Whitman Chandler, a Bowdoin gradu- 
ite of the Class of 1834, was the author of "American Criminal 
Ttiais," and his wife was the daughter of the diistinguished 
Bowdoin professor, Parker Cleaveland. 

He was prepared for college at the Boston Latin School, and was 
mduated with the degree of A.B. at Harvard University in the 
Qan of 1864, receiving his degree o( A.M. from the same institu- 
tkm in 1867. In the autunm of 1864 he removed to Chicago, HI., and 
lNi|an the study of law, but poor health soon compelled him to 
loliDquish his ambition to become a lawyer. The following year he 
mgaged in the publishing business, the finn name being E. B. Meyers 
& Chandler, Law Publishers. He remained in Chicago as a pub- 
Inher until June 1868, when he returned to Boston. While Uving 
■I Chicago he was a regular correspondent of the Boston Daily 
Adberftser, a paper in which his family had an interest for many 
jfieara. He sailed for England in July 1868, and remained abroad 
imtil November. Returning to Boston, he opened an office, 1 Jan- 
naiy 1869, as a real-estate and mortgage broker, and established 
Us residence at Jamaica Plain. From 1875 on he was corresponding 
ncretary of the Boston Port and Seaman's Aid Society, and since 
1890 he had edited The Mariner^s Advocate, the Society's pubUca- 
tkm. In the summer of 1883, during an extended tour in the north 
of Europe, as far as St. Petersburg, he wrote letters that appeared in 
the Advertiser. He also wrote for many years for the Boston Evening 
Tnaueript over the signature of ''Orac," and in 1884 and 1885 he 
edited and published Every Other Saturday. He had written, ever 
■noe leaving college, more or less for the daily and weekly press 
nd for magazines. In the course of the years 1891-1896 he com- 
piled an anthology in six volumes, entitled 'The Lovers' Year 
Book of Poetry," which was publMed by Roberts Brothers of 

He was a member of the Boston Art Club, the Boston Athletic 
AflKMnation, and the Boston City Club. He was a RepubUcan in 
politics and a Swedenborgian in religion. 

He married, 15 August 1865, Grace Webster Mitchell, who died 
27 January 1915, daughter of James Henry and Lavinia Hathaway 
(Ai^er) Mitchell and granddaughter of Judge Nahum Mitchell, 
the historian of Bridgewater, Mass. Five children survive him: 
Cleayeland Angier Chandler of Brookline, Mass., Grace and Ellen 
Chandler of Jamaica Plain, James Mitchell Chandler of Philadel- 
pjhia, Pa., and Peleg Whitman Chandler of Brookline. Another son, 
whitman Mitchell Chandler, died before his father. 


Daniel Clifford Stone of Newton, Mass., a resident member 
nnoe 1914, was bom at Kittery, Me., 27 October 1871, the son of 
Griegory and Anne Jenkins (Bucknam) Stone, and died at Newton 
9 June 1919. He traced his descent from E)ea. Gregory* Stone of 
Cambridge, Mass., through David,* Daniel,' Gregory,* Gregory,* 
Bregory,* Daniel,' and Gregory,^ his father. In a genealogy com- 


piled by J. Gardner Bartlett and published recently by the Stone 
Family Association the ancestral line in En|^d of Dea. Gregory 
Stone has been proved for several generations. Mr. Stcme was 
also descended from Stephen Hopkins of the Mayflower. 

A year after his birth his parents removed to Boston and deven 
years later to Brockton, Mass., and he received his education in 
the public schools of the two cities and was graduated at the Brock- 
ton High School in 1889. 

For the next four years he was engaged in experimental electrical 
and photometrical work in the development of incandescent electrie 
lighting, at that time in its infancy. He then spent several months 
at sea in similar experimental work in the service of the International 
Marine Company. In 1894 he became a commercial traveller id 
the tea, coffee, and spice trade, his occupation for twenty-five yean. 
For several years he covered New England and the State of New 
York, and in 1916 secured an important alignment of Pemuaylvama 
territory, with headquarters at Scranton, as representative of the 
old Boston house of Dwinell-Wright Company, with which he had 
been connected since June 1905. 

For many years he had been enthusiastically interested in Ui 
family history, and recalled with pleasure the fact that his ancestral 
line had been represented in every American war from the time of 
the "First Encoimter" of the PUgrims with the Indians in 1620 
down through the Civil War. While on his business trips he oftn 
devoted leisure time to collecting family records, and he made es- 
tensive investigations which showed that the blood of Dea. Gregoiy 
Stone flowed in the veins of nearly one-half of Captain ParkBr'l 
band of sixty men who fired the first shots on Lexington Common, 
on the morning of 19 April 1775. In 1910 he published a brief 
genealogy of his own line of the Stone family, which had perpetu- 
ated the name of Gr^ory and had been settied for more than two 
himdred years at the old homestead in Lincohi, Mass. Since 190B 
he had been a member of the Stone Family Association, and on 20 
June 1914 he entertained his fellow members in an excursion ta 
this ancestral home, delivering an interesting historical account of 
it, which was afterwards published by the Association. In 1914, 
also, he was appointed a member of a committee for the publicatioii 
of the "Gregory Stone Genealogy," and in 1917 was appointed 
manager for the sale of the work. 

He was a member of the Massachusetts Society of the Sons of 
the American Revolution, and the Massachusetts Society of May- 
flower Descendants. He had long been identified with the Masonic 
fraternity and was a member of several lodges of the 6rder. He 
was also a member of the Ancient Order of United Workmen and 
of the Boston Council of the United Commercial Travelers of Amo^ 
ica. From 1889 to 1894 he was a member of Battery I, finl 
Heavy Artillery, Massachusetts Volimteer Militia. In idigion ha 
was a Congregationalist. He resided successively in Biodcton, 
Winthrop, Dorchester, Medford, and Newton, Mass. 

He married first, at Brockton, Mass., 19 April 1894, Ndlie Bena 
Richardson, who died 31 March 1903, daughter of George Amoa 


Ukd Alice (Hudson) Richardson; and secondly, at Somerville, Mass., 
12 April 1906, Annie Creighton Eaton, daughter of John Russell 
tad Margaret (Ray) Eaton, who survives him, together with three 
diildreny Alice Hudson Stone and Gregory Buclmam Stone, chU- 
diCD by his first wife, and John Eaton Stone, his son by his second 

OL Qrapvy Stone GeoMJogy, pp. 764-755. 

Rbab Admiral William Swift, U.S.N., Retired, of Richfield 
SpringBy N. Y., a resident member since 1912, was bom at Windheun, 
CdmLy 17 March 1848, the son of William and Harriet Gray (Byrne) 
Sinfty and died at Newport, R. I., 30 June 1919. He traced his 
detoent from William^ Swift, who came to New England about 1630, 
through William,' Jireh,' Rowland,^ William,* Justin,^ and William,^ 
hii fi^er. He also nmnbered among his ancestors Grov. William 
Badford of the Plymouth Colony and Rev. John Robinson of 

He was graduated from the United States Naval Academy with 
the Class of 1867. He was promoted to the rank of ensign in 1868, 
master in 1870, lieutenant in 1871, lieutenant commander in 1889, 
onmmander in 1897, captain in 1902, and rear admiral in 1908. He 
wm placed on the retired list on accoimt of age in 1910. 

As a young officer he served on the old Kearsarge, the Colorado, and 
the Susquehanna. From 1894 to 1897 he was executive officer of 
the annored cruiser New York, was with the European squadron 
ii the time of the opening of the Kiel Canal, and served also on 
the Indiana, commanded by Capt. Robley D. Evans. Between 
190O and 1902 he was in command of the Prairie, the Concord, and 
the Yorkiown, and acted for six months as governor of Guam. In 
1906 he commanded the Connecticut. 

Ftam 1886 to 1890 he was on ordnance duty at the Washington 
Navy Yard, and for four years thereafter he was in Philadelphia, 
Fk, on leave of absence, as engineer for various corporations. In 
U04 he was at the Newport War College. During the.Spanish- 
AmeriGan War he was ordnance officer at the New York Navy Yard, 
lad from 1902 to 1906 he was on duty in the Bureau of Ordnance 
Old as a member of the General Board and Army and Navy Joint 
Board. He was commandant of the Boston Navy Yard from 1907 
to 1909, and while stationed there he made a report on the manage- 
ttent of navy yards which resulted in his appointment by Secretary 
George Von L. Meyer as head of the so-called Swift Board, which 
a^eetigated and reported on the whole subject of the reorganization 
of the Navy Department. The recommendations of the Board were 
approved, and the departmental system adopted at that time was 
the forerunner of the Office of Naval Operations which was later 
fitablished in permanent form by Congress. After his retirement 
B 1910 he was for a number of months adviser to Secretary Meyer 
OB navy yards and on industrial affairs in the Navy. 

Admiral Swift was a member of the Military Order of the Loyal 
Lqpon, the Society of Mayflower Descendants, the University 
Club of New York City, and the Metropolitan and Army and Navy 

Iviii N. £. mSTOBIC genealogical 80CIETT 

Clubs of Washington, and he was president of the Richfield Spring 
Country Club, in which he took a great interest. 

He married, 18 September 1872, Grace Virginia Ransom, whi 
died in 1906, daughter of Commodore Greorge Maroellus Ransom, 
U.S.N. , and his w5e, Jane Sybilline (Manley). Five children 8U^ 
vive him : Virgioia Swift of Richfield Springs, Pauline, wife of Com- 
mander Frederick A. Asserson, of the Medical Corps, U. S. N., 
Madeleine Gray, wife of Conmiander George P. Auld, U. 8. N., 
Justin Ransom Swift, *vice-president and general manager of the 
Franklin Manufacturing Company of FrasJdin, Pa., and William 
Garfield Swift, assistant president of the Clark Car Company of 
Pittsburgh, Pa. 

Clayton Wood Holmes, A.M., of Ehnira, N. Y., a residait 
member since 1903, was bom at Le Raysville, Pa., 26 Septembtf 
1848, the son of Daniel and Lois (Wood) Holmes, and died at Elnun 
13 July 1919. His paternal ancestor was George Holmes, who was 
an early resident of Roxbiuy, Mass., and his mother was a descend- 
ant of Wniiam Wood, who settled at Concord, Mass. 

He was prepared for college at the Susquehanna Collegiate Insti- 
tute in Towanda, Pa., and at the Cortland Academy in New York, 
and was graduated at Lafayette College in 1869, receiving the depee 
of A.M. from the same institution in 1872. He afterwards took a 
course of lectures at the University of Pennsylvania. 

From 1872 to 1876 he was eng^^ in the drug business in Wilkes- 
Barre, Pa. In January 1877 he removed to Ehnira, where he ocm- 
ducted a wholesale drug and manufacturing business until 1884. 
In 1885 he erected a spacious factory, where he was engaged until 
his death in the manufacture of Frostilla, a widely-known toilet 

In 1883 Mr. Holmes was elected an alderman of EHmira, and 
performed the duties of this office with marked fideUty until 1885. 
He was also a member and first president of the Ehnira Water 
Board and a member of the Board of Education. He was a pub- 
lisher and business manager of the Elmira Advertiser from 1889 
until 1905, president of the Hygeia Refrigerating Company and 
the Chemung Valley Loan Association, and vice-president <rf the 
Elmira Cooperative Savings & Loan Association. In loan and 
savings association work he was an expert, and was frequently 
asked to deliver lectures in various cities before conventions (rf 
promoters of loan associations. He was at one time vice-president 
of the New York State League of Savings and Loan AssociatkHis. 
For a number of years he was a director and vice-president of the 
First National Bank of Canton, Pa., and held responsible positions 
in other organizations. 

He was a member of the New York Grenealogical and Biographica 
Society, the Society of American Wars, the MiUtary Order of tlw 
Loyal Legion, the Society of the Sons of the American Revoluti(»i 
and the Sons of Veterans. He was also prominent in the Masoni 
fraternity, and a leading official in the First Baptist Church c 


Mr. Holmes was a convincing writer, and articles from his pen 
on various subjects appeared from time to time in the Elmira papers. 
He published ''A Genealogy of the Lineal Descendants of William 
Wood, who settled in Concord, Mass., in 1638," and "A Genealogy 
of the Lineal Descendimts of John Steevens." A few years ago he 
iecured the data regarding the military prison which was located 
m Elmira in 1864-65, and which held about 12,000 prisoners during 
the fifteen months of its existence. 

He married, 2 November 1871, Charlotte Steevens, daughter of 
Serah Beach and Thirza (Allison) Steevens, who siuvives him, 
together with a daughter, Flora Lois, now the wife of Floyd Shoe- 
milJcer of Elmira, and four grandchildren. 

Mb8. Jennie Stetson (Barbell) Woodman of Lawrence, Mass., 
a resident member since 1917, was bom at Lewiston, Me., 27 Sep- 
tember 1864, the daughter of William Alden and Hannah Mendell 
(Stetson) Barrell, and died at Rye Beach, N. H., 24 July 1910. 
Bhe was a descendant of William^ Barrell of Scituate, Mass., through 
William,^ William,* James,^ George W.,* and William Alden,* her 
kther. She was a descendant also of William Brewster, John Alden, 
and Richard Warren of the Mayflower, 

She was educated at the Lawrence High School, where she was 
a member of the Class of 1883, at Bradford Academy, and at the 
New England Conservatory of Music. 

Three years after her marriage to Mr. Woodman she went with 
her husband to London, where they resided for many years. Her 
energetic nature foimd much to do there, and she early joined the 
American Society, to aid in the success of which she gave much 
time and work. With her husband she travelled widely over Europe, 
living a considerable time in Paris, where she made an exhaustive 
study of the French language. She also did much creditable work 
in water-color painting. 

After returning to America Mr. and Mrs. Woodman made their 
home for ten or more years in Boston. For a time she was regent 
of the Betsey Ross Chapter, Daughters of the American Revolu- 
tion, and brought to this oflSce the full force of her nature, a ripe 
experience of the world, and an intense interest. 

bhe was married, 9 November 1887, to George Heniy Woodman, 
who survives her, son of Elijah Manley and Susan Merrill Woodman. 

Arthur Frederick Estabrook of Boston, a life member since 
1011, was bom in Boston 17 May 1847, the son of James Adams 
and Louisa S. (Hill) Estabrook, and died in Porto Rico 27 July 
1910. He was a descendant of Rev. Joseph^ E^stabrook, the colleague 
and successor of Rev. Edward Bulkeley in the pastorate of the church 
at Concord, Mass., through Joseph,^ John,' Nehemiah,* FJiakim,' 
Endor,* and James Adams,^ his father. 

He was educated at Belmont, Mass., and at an early age entered 
the employ of Brewster, Sweet & Company, bankers, of Boston. 
His natural aptitude and strict integrity gained for him the con- 
fidence of his employers, and he was promoted step by step until 


he reached the pofiition of partner, the firm name being Brewster, 
Cobb & Estabrook. He afterwards acquired a wide reputation as 
a buiker, and at the time of his death was senior member of the 
firm of E^brook & Company, bankers. He was also vice-presid^it 
of the Real Estate Exchange and Auction Board, first vice-presidttit 
of the New England Conservatory of Music, and a trustee (rf Clark 
University, Worcester, Mass., the Brewster Free Academy, Wdfe- 
borough, N. H., and the Massachusetts General Theological library. 
He was a member of the corporation of the Massachusetts Institute 
of Technology, treasurer of the Homoeopathic Hospital, a monber 
and trustee of tiie Massachusetts Horticultural Society, a member 
of the American Academy of Political and Social Science, and a liie 
member of the Metropolitan Museum of Art and of the American 
Museum of Natural History in New York City. He was a Re- 
publican and a Unitarian. 

He was a member of the Unitarian Club, the Boston Qty Club, 
the Algonquin, Union, and Exchange Clubs of Boston, the Tedeeco 
Country Club of Swampscott, the Eeustem Yacht Club, and the 
Colonial Club of Cambridge. 

He married, 8 October 1874, Ida Florence Fletcher, who survives 
him, daughter of J. Vamimi and Mary Ann Fletcher of Bdmont. 

Chablis Lyman Newhall of Southbridge, Mass., a residflnt 
member since 1900, was bom at Spencer, Mass., 1 October 1884, 
the son of Otis and Sarah Dana (Lamb) Newhall, and died at tiie 
Soldiers' Home in Chelsea, Mass., 6 August 1919. He traced his 
descent from Thomas^ Newhall, who landed at Salem, Mass., in 
1630 and soon afterwards settled in Lynn, through Thomas,' Thomis,' 
Daniel,^ John,* Allen,' Reuben,^ and Otis,^ his father. 

He was educated in the Spencer public schools. In the summff 
of 1848 he went to Springfield, Mass., to learn the printing busineeB, 
but became homesick in three weeks and went home. In October 
of the same year he shipped on the Leonidas, an old whaler conk- 
manded by Captain Clifford, and sailed from Fairhaven, Mbb^ 
on a voyage full of hardships. At Mauritius he deserted the ship, 
, and was brought back to the United States on the U. S. Ship P^fiii- 
outh, arriving at Norfolk, Va., 28 January 1851. For a few months 
he again tried the printing business, this time at West Brookfidd, 
Mass.; but in 1852 he went back to the life of a sailor and fdlowed 
it until the summer of 1857, on many different ships that sailed to 
many parts of the world. He then entered the employ of SHofsy 
Clarke, in the office of the SoiUhbridge Press. While there he pub- 
lished, in 1859, 'The Adventures of Jack," an account of his own 
adventures as a sailor, and also the Saturday Morning News, a amallf 
short-Uved weekly paper. He afterwards entered the employ of 
James T. McEiostry, in the painting business, in which he OOD- 
tinued imtH the outbreak of the Civil War, when he enlisted ftt 
Boston, 29 April 1861, in the United States Navy, being ihB first 
man to enlist from the town of Southbridge in the war for the preser- 
vation of the Union. He sailed in the U. S. Ship Minnesota, and 
was in the successful engagement with the Confederate forces at 


Hatteras Inlet, N. C, 29 August 1861. The admiral of the fleet 
0oon appointed him to be printer on his flagship, the first appoint- 
ment of the kind, which was followed, however, by many other 
appointments of a like nature. The Minnesota was one of the ships 
attacked by the Merrimac in Hampton Roads in March 1862, and 
was saved by the timely arrival of the Monitor. Mr. Newhall served 
in the Navy until his discharge on 28 April 1864, and then, after 
wcnrkmg for a short time as a painter at Laconia, N. H., enlisted in 
the Navy in August for another term of three years. He sailed 
on the U. S. Ship San Jacinto, which was wrecked on a reef among 
the Bahama Islands, 1 January 1865. For a time thereafter he 
acted as naval printer at Key West and Pensacola, Fla., and in 
June 1867 received his discharge from the Navy. For some time 
he was connected with newspaper printing ofl&ces in various cities 
ci Florida and in Savannah, Ga., and then entered the Government 
Printing Oflice at Washington, where he remained imtil 1873. He 
then went back to Southbridge, and, after many vicissitudes as a 
printer in various places, he helped in starting the Souihbridge 
Herald and, a few years later, the Southbridge Press. After that he 
worked as a spare hand for the Southbridge newspapers. 

In 1899 Mr. Newhall published "The Record of My Ancestry," a 
book of over two himdred pages on the Newhall family and many 
other famiUes from which he was descended, in which the adventures 
ct his early career are narrated. 

He was a Mason, and a member of the Grand Army of the Repub- 
lic, tiie Kearsarge Association of Naval Veterans, the Boston Coimcil 
of tiie American Protective Association of the Universalist Chim^h, 
and the Society of the Sons of the American Revolution. 

He married, 20 September 1866, Josephine Emily Augusta Robin- 
son, who died at Worcester, Mass., 5 February 1880, daughter of 
Thomas and Rebecca (Trimble) Robinson. Her father, Thomas 
Robinson, was a native of Portugal, and his name was originally 
Joei Alessandra; but the captain of an American whaler, on which 
kmi Alessandra sailed, gave to him the name of Thomas Robinson, 
which he ever afterwards retained. Mr. and Mrs. NewhaU had 
three daughters, of whom the first two died in infancy and the 
third, Florence Dana Newhall, bom at Washington, D. C, 31 
December 1872, was married, 25 April 1896, to Isaac S. Thompson 
of New York, and is now deceased. 

Albebt Lane Norris, A. M., M. D., of Maiden, Mass., a resident 
member since 1917, was bom at Epping, N. H., 4 March 1839, the 
800 of Greenleaf Rufus and Lncinda (Lane) Norris, and died at 
ftt)okIine. Mass., 29 August 1919. He was a descendant of Nicholas^ 
Ncnris, wno settled in Hampton, N. H., in 1640, through Moses,' 
James/ Simeon,^ Lowell,* and Greenleaf Rufus,* his father. 

He was a student in Phillips Exeter Academy, 1855-1857, and 
in 1805 received the d^ree of. M. D., after a three years' course 
in the HarvardAMedical School. In 1890 Wiley University conferred 
on him the honorary degree of A. M. 

For two and a half years in the Civil War he was a surgeon in 

bdi N. B. mSTOBIC genealogical 80CIETT 

the United States Anny. Later he travelled in Europe, and studied 
in hospitals in Berlin, Vienna, Edinburgh, and London. For forty- 
four years he practie^ his profession in Cambridge, Mass., and in 
1910 turned his practice over to his son. Dr. Albert P. Norris. 

Dr.* Norris was a member of the Maiden Historical Society and 
of various medical societies, and was a delegate to the Tenth Inter- 
national Medical Congress in Berlin in 1890. He was always an 
enthusiastic worker in the Grand Army of the Republic, and was 
a member of the Massachusetts Conmiandery and of the Militaiy 
Order of the Loyal Legion. He had been a worker, also, in the 
Sunday schools, particularly in that of the Bromfield Street Method- 
ist Episcopal Church in Boston. At the time of his death he was 
a member of the Centre Methodist Episcopal Church in Maiden. 

He married, 29 May 1873, Clara EUzabeth Perley, who was bom 
at Laconia, N. H., 3 July 1848, and died at Cambridge 5 May 1900^ 
daughter of John Langdon and Dora Presoott (Rundlett) Periej. 
His three children, Albert Perley Norris, S. B. (Massachusetts 
Institute of Technology, 1897), M. D. (Harvard, 1903), of Cam- 
bridge, Clara Maud Norris, and Grace May Norris survive him. 

James Henbt Stabk of Dorchester, Mass., a resident member 
since 1887, was bom at Mitcham, co. Surrey, England, 6 July 1847, 
the son of John Henry and Mary Elizabeth Ann (A'Court) Staik, 
and died in Boston 30 August 1919. 

Mr. Stark was of Scottish ancestry. His great-grandfather, 
James Stark, came into England from Scotland in the eighteenth 
century, and settled at Shepton-Mallett, co. Somerset, where he died 
2 December 1829. He left ten children, one of whom, Joseph, bom 
in 1797, came to Boston about 1820 and died there in 1879. He 
owned a house on Congress Street, and was the last resident of tint 
street. James Stark's eldest son, James, was bom at Taunton, ea 
Somerset, 24 September 1785, and died at Shepton-Mallett 29 OeUh 
ber 1843. He married Mary Willmott, second daughter of Abraham 
Willmott of Pilton, co. Somerset, and was the father of four childnso. 
His youngest child, John Henry Stark, father of the subject of this 
memoir, was bom at Shepton-Mallett 4 June 1823, and died at 
Savin Hill, Dorchester, Mass., 19 February 1885. He manied 
Mary Elizabeth Ann A'Court, who was bom at Bridgwater, eo. 
Somerset, England, 28 February 1824, and died at Shepton-Mallett 
30 August 1849, daughter of Thomas Cook and Mary Ann (Davis) 
A'Court. John Henry Stark was a graduate of Queen's College, 
Cambridge, and was a teacher of langu^es. 

Until he was nine years of age James Henry Stark was brouglit 
up by his maternal grandfather, Thomas Cook A'Court, at Sh^ton- 
Mallett, where he attended a primary school. In 1856 his father, 
who had taken up his abode in the United States, went back to Edi^ 
land for him and brought him to this country. In that same year 
he was admitted to the Hawes Branch Grammar School in Soath 
Boston, and afterwards attended the Lincoln School and lata:, for a 
short time, the Boston Latin School. 

In 1864 he left school and began to leam the trade of stereotyping 

MSM0IB8 , bdii 

ctrotyping. In 1870 he went into business for himself at the 
of Water and Congress Streets, where the post office now 

but in the great fire of 1872 the building was blown up and 
irk lost nearly everything. He then had recourse to lus f a- 
Mstime, yachting, and for two and a half years gave his time 
sport, both in smnmer and in winter. In the winter of 1873-4 

two companions made a memorable cruise, sailing from 
to Florida and return in the Crosby, a 26-foot catboat. The 
Qter he sailed with a party of adventurers in a 35-ton schooner 
h America, and explored French and Dutch Guiana in search 

discovering the first gold in the latter colony. On his return 
b into business again, and opened a stereotype and electrot3rpe 
r at 171 Devonshire Street, Boston. In 1877, in association 
illiam H. Mumler, the inventor of the photo-electrotype pro- 
e established the Photo-£lectrot3rpe Company, which was 
the first companies in this country to make engraved plates 
tography. He was the president of this company, and aiter 
umler's death in 1884 continued in this business until 1900, 
le sold his interest and engaged in the real-estate business, 
fices at 17 Milk Street, Boston. 

Stark's interest in yachting was shown not only by the cruises 
le made but also by his activity in foimding yacht clubs. In 
3 was one of the founders of the South Boston Yacht Club, 
ond yacht club to be organized in Massachusetts, and was 

commodore on his return from the Florida cruise. In 1879, 
le moved from South Boston to Savin Hill, Dorchester, he 
ed the Savin Hill Yacht Club, of which he was commodore 
eral years. He was a founder also of the Rock Hill Yacht 
smd became its commodore in 1913. He travelled much. 

every winter in the twenty years following 1884 was spent 

in the West Indies, and on one journey he visited Panama 
i ports of Central America, returning to Boston via California 
B West. He went to Labrador one summer, and he made 
royages to Europe, travelling in the British Isles and on the 

Stark was at one time vice-president of the Dorchester Histor- 
siety, which he had helped to organize, and of the Victorian 
nd president of the British Charitable Society and of the 
-American Association. He was a member also of the United 
I Loyalists' Association of Canada. He was a Republican, 
longed to the Masonic* fraternity. 

(ras the author of several guide books and historical works, 
them the "Stranger's Guide to Boston," 1881, "Antique Views 
x)n," 1882 (second edition, 1900), "History of Boston Har- 
History of and Guide to the West Indies" (a series of six vol- 
iealing with Bermuda, the Bahama Islands, the Caribbean 
, Jamaica, and British Guiana), "The British and Dutch in 
Africa" (a pamphlet concerning the Boer War), and "The 
ts of Massachusetts." In this last-mentioned book he at- 

the motives and character of the leading Revolutionary 
I in Massachusetts, and brought down upon himself a storm of 


opposition from native Americans, especially from members of patri- 
otic and historical societies. 

He married in St. Matthew's Church, South Boston, 23 Deoember 
1876, Kate Manton, daughter of William S. Manton of Birming^iam, 
England, by his wife, Jane (Mitchell) of Kingston, Canada* Mn. 
Stark survives her husband, together with three daughters, Jane 
Evelyn Stark, Elizabeth Isabel, wife of Dr. Morton Sik>w, and 
Mil(&ed Manton, wife of Alfred Vinal Kidd. 

Mrs. Amelia L. (Chapin) Haile of Springfield, Mass., eleeled 
a Pilgrim Tercentenary member in 1919, was bom in that part ef 
Springfield which is now Chicopee 22 April 1840, the daughter of 
Ethan Samuel and Louisa (Bums) Chapin, and died at Watdi 
ffill, R. I., 5 September 1919. 

She was educated at Miss Porter's School, Farmington, Com., 
and later in Paris, France. 

Mrs. Haile was a woman of sound judgment and of attraetrre 
social qualities, and was a great help to her husband in his poli^ 
career, which began in 1864, when he was elected for the first time 
as a member of the New Hampshire Legislature. Mr. Haile was 
mayor of Springfield in 1881, later represented his district in the 
Massachusetts Legislature, and was Lieutenant-Governor of Itfama 
chusetts during the years 1890, 1891, and 1892. 

Mrs. Haile had been for many years a member of the First Oofr* 
gregational Church in Springfield, and was deeply interested h 
reUgious and charitable objects there. 

She was married, 1 January 1861, to William H. Haile, then cf 
Hinsdale, N. H., and later of Springfield, a manufacturer, who roik 
to prominence in Massachusetts poUtics, as mentioned above, and 
died 13 February 1901. Mrs. Haile's son, Henry Chapin Eak, 
and her daughter Alice, wife of Cheney H. Calkins, both of Qpdsf' 
field, survive her. Henry Chapin Haile succeeds his mother m 
her Pilgrim Tercentenary memb^*ship in the New England Hirtorii 
Genealogical Society. 

Rev. Frederick Howard Means, A.B., B.D., of BrooUiiie, 
Mass., elected a resident member in 1899 and made a life meuhit 
in 1900, was bom at Dorchester, Mass., 14 August 1865, the mm 
of Rev. James Howard and Charlotte Abigail (Johnson) Mmm, 
and died at Brookline 10 September 1919. He was descended b(m 
Thomas Means or Maynes of Stewartstown, Li-eland, throu^ lauMi 
James, and James Howard, his father. 

He attended no school until he was ten years old. Then hewtf 
a pupil for three years at the Gibson Grammar School and afltf* 
wards for six years (1878-1884) at the Roxbury Latin School, 
he was prepared for Harvard University, from which he 
the degree of A.B. with the Class of 1888. In 1891 he 
the degree of B.D. from the Yale Divinity School, having oompMii 
the three years' course there. The preaching and iniSuenoe of ^fflQV 
Brooks had much to do with his choice of the ministry as a pirato* 
sion, although, after considering the advisability of oiteimg the 


testant Episcopal Church, he decided in favor of the Congrega- 
a1 ministry. 

i S^tember 1892 he became acting pastor*of the Congregational 
reh at Windham, Conn., and was ordained to the ministry 
installed as pastor of this church on 2 May 1893. After a pas- 
te of ten years at Windham, he lived for six years at Winchester, 
B., suppljring pulpits in various places, and then, in 1909, he be- 
9 pastor of the Congregational Church at Madison, Me. For 
nu years he served as executive secretary of the Mission Educa- 
mov^nent in New England. For four years (from 1898 on) he 
a trustee of Atlanta University, Atlanta, Ga., and for a year 
ious to his death he had been a membeor of the staff of the 
rican Board of Commissioners for Foreign Missions, 
e married at Winchester, 25 May 1893, Helen Chandler Coit, 
died 25 December 1912, daughter of Rev. Joshua Coit of Brook- 
, Mass. Three sons survive him: Paul Howard Means, a student 
18 Harvard Medical School, Gardiner Coit Means, and Winthrop 
MKm Means, a student in Harvard College. 

BABLBS Lano Fbesb, A.M., of Detroit, Mich., elected a Pil- 
i Tercentenary m^nber in 1919, was bom at Kingston, N. Y., 
'ebruary 1856, the son of Jacob R. and Phoebe Jane (Townsend) 
T, and died in New York City 25 September 1919. He was of 
ncDot ancestiy, and his first American ancestor was one of the 
inal patentees of New Paltz, N. Y. 

e was educated in the public schools of Ulster County, N. Y., 
received the honorary degree of A.M. from the University of 
lugan. At the age of eighteen he became the accoimtant and 
naster of the Ulster A Delaware Railroad, his duties requiring 
to make frequent trips through the Catskill Mountains; thus his 
r working years were spent in an environment of natural beauty, 
influenoe oi which helped to confirm his early taste for the 
ttiful and to develop an appreciation of the beautiful in art. 
01 twenty-one he became accountant and, later, treasurer of a 
1 railroad in Indiana, and three years later he engaged in the 
ufiacture oi railway cars and equipment, with the ccnnpanv 
sd the Peninsula OEtr Works, in Detroit. He acquired a small 
«Bt in the business, was made secretary, and during the next 
ity years accumulated a considerable fortune. Upon the organi- 
■I erf the American Car & Foimdry Company, his company was 
of thirteen companies taken over by the larger organization, 
he retired from active business. 

B now devoted his time to indulging his taste for art and to 
lisiiig his collection of paintings and etchings, which had aheady 
me famous. As early as 1880 he had begun collecting American 
iogBi and added to tiiem by degrees the works of a few leading 
feefs. When specimens of early Japanese art were ofifered for 
in America, he determined to make a study of that field and 
dd a choice and select representation of Japanese art to his 
etion. Thus the Freer Art Collection is confined almost en- 
r to works of American and Asiatic schools. By 1905 neariy 


two thoufiand specimens of American and Oriental art had been 
acquired. In a letter to President Roc^evelt, dated 14 December 
1905, Mr. Freer offered to present his entire coUection to the Smith- 
sonian Institution or to the United States Government, and to 
bequeath the sum of $500,000 with which to erect a building for 
the future care and exhibition of the collection. This amount was 
afterwards increased to $1,000,000, and the collection is an annex to 
the National Art Gallery, but is imder the supervision of the Smith- 
sonian Institution. Mr. Freer afterwards added to the collection, 
which is one of the finest in this country, containing the largest 
collection of Whistler's works in existence, some of the best woria 
of Sargent, Abbott H. Thayer, Tryon, Winslow Homer, T. W. Dew- 
ing, and other noted American painters, more than a thousand speci- 
mens of Chinese and Japanese painting, fifteen hundred pieces of 
ancient pottery from the East, many rare manuscripts, and other 
works of art of inestimable value. 

Mr. Freer was a member of several clubs, chiefly those devoted 
to art, in the leading cities of the United States, such as BostODt 
New York, Detroit, and Chicago. He never married, and his nieeOi 
Louise Freer of Kingston, N. Y., succeeds him in his PUgrina Terao- 
tenary membership in the New England Historic Genealogical Societf. 

Newell Sill Jenkins, D. D. S., of New Haven, Conn., elected 
a Pilgrim Tercentenary member in 1919, was bom at Falmouth, 
Mass., 29 December 1840, the son of Charles Weston and Phebe 
(Bishop) Jenkins, and died on the steamship La France, a few boon 
before arriving at Havre, France, 26 September 1919. He traced 
his descent from John Jenkins of Plymouth, 1643, and later of 
Barnstable, and his grandfather, Weston Jenkins, served as a captain 
of Artillery during the War of 1812 and captured the British privateer 

Dr. Jenkins received his professional education at the Philadelphia 
Dental College, the Jefferson Medical CoUege, and the Baltimore 
.Dental College, where he was graduated in 1862, the subject of hiB 
dissertation being "Anaesthesia." 

He began the practice of dentistry at Bangor, Me. In 1866 he 
established himself as a dentist in I^esden, Saxony. In succeeding 
years he travelled extensively in Austria-Hungary, Italy, Russiay 
the Balkan regions, Turkey, and Greece, building up a great int»>- 
national practice. His last years of active dentistry were spoit 
in Paris, where he received a few patients who would not let him 
retire. He returned to America in 1915 and devoted himself to 
research work in New Haven. He invented various ways of using 
porcelain in dental work, and devised and gave to the dental pro- 
fession the formula for the preparation of the widely-used Kol^^ioi 
Dental Cream. 

Dr. Jenkins was decorated by King Albert of Saxony with tks 
Albrecht Order and was given the title of "Hofrath" and, later, 
*'Geheimrath,*' on his seventieth birthday, when representatives 
from European dental societies came to Paris to present him with 
valuable gifts, medals, addresses, and honorary memberships. 

MEM0IB8 fami 

He had read extensively not only in Engliflh literature but also 
I tint of other countries, and found in ricUng and driving his far 
onte forms of outdoor recreation. 

He was a member of several societies and clubs, among which 
me the Lotus Club of New York City and the Archaeological Insti- 
te of America.! 

Be married in Bangor, Me., Clara Upton, daughter of Elias 
^[DfltUB Upton,« a shipowner and mercluint. Mrs. Jenkins sur- 
rm him, together with three children, Leonard Abbot Jenkins, 
taa Cornelia, wife of Theodore Leslie Shear, and Grace. Madeline, 
b of Francis C. G. Gregor. Leonard Abbot Jenkins succeeds to 
I firther's Pilgrim Tercentenary membership in the New England 
atone Genealogical Society. 

Pi^iLLiAM Stort Saboent, A.B., of Lexington, Mass., a resident 
mber since 1917, was bom in Boston 4 October 1842, the son of 
r. John Turner and Charlotte Sophia (White) Sargent, and died 
Lcadngton 17 October 1919. He was a descendant of William^ 
Igent ^ Gloucester, Mass., who was bom at Bristol, England, and 
i called William Sargent ''the second" to distinguish him from an 
er William Sargent of Gloucester, through Ej^s* of Gloucester 
1 Salem, Mass., Daniel,' John Turner,^ and Rev. John Turner,* 
^ (Harvard, 1827), A.M. (Harvard), his father. He was a cousin 
Qen. Horace Binney Sargent and William Wetmore Story, and 
I Mnowned Chief Justice Story was his great-uncle, his mother 
ailotte Sophia (White) Sargent, being a daughter of Joseph and 
m (Story) White of Salem. 

\n his early childhood he was taught by Louisa M. Alcott, the 
iiwess, who at that time kept a private school. Afterwards he 
ended the Brimmer School in Boston, where he was graduated, 
1 then was prepared for college at the Boston Latin School, gp^- 
fcnig there in 1862. He entered Harvard with the Class of 1866, 
t left college in the middle of his sophomore year to join tiie 
ion Army. In 1910; however, he received from Harvard the 
me of A.B., as of the Class of 1866. 

Jn 24 Febmary 1864 he enlisted for three years or for the duration 
the war, and on 2 April following was mustered into the service 
ft private in the Fifty-ninth Regiment of Massachusetts Volun- 
r infantry, which formed a part of the Third Brigade, Third Divi- 
ng afterwards the First Brigade, First Division, Ninth Army 
wpBf in the Army of the Potomac. He rose to be corporal, sergeant, 
t eorgeant, and finally lieutenant in the Fifty-seventh Massa- 
Regiment, into which a remnant of the Fifty-ninth Massa- 
R^iment had been incorporate. He saw much hard 
i teig in Virginia in 1864 and 1865, taking part in the Battles of 
) Wilderness, Spotsylvania Court House, North Anna, and Cold 
rbor, and the engagements at the "Crater" before Petersburg, 
taber's Run, Fort Stedman, and other operations aroimd Peters- 
Eg. He was honorably discharged from the service on 30 July 
16» and was mustered out on 2 August 1866. 
>irmg to a dangerous illness lasting a year and a half, which was 

Ixviii N. E. mSTOBIC gbnealooical socibtt 

contracted in camp and broke out immediately after his diBchaii^ 
from the Army, he was obliged to give up his intention of returning 
to Harvard and completing his college course; and after reooveiiiit 
from this illness he went West in 1867 and became a bookkeoMr 
with the firm of Gore, Willson & Company, wholesale boot and aooa 
dealers, at St. Louis, Mo. In 1868, when the St. Louis branch of Urn 
business was given up, he was transferred as bookkeeper to tib 
Chicago branch of the same house. Later, however, in the 
year he severed his connection with this firm and returned to 
On 1 December 1869 he entered the service of the United Statei 
Government, having been appointed to a clerkship |in the United 
States Subtreasury in Boston. Here he remained for nearly half • 
century, as specie clerk and money counter. 

Mr. Sargent married, 25 January 1869, Henrietta Peiroe EUl 
dau^ter of Edward Fitch and Mary Ellen (Peirce) HalL Tb 
marriage ceremony was performed by Rev. Edward Everett Hah^ 
assisted by Rev. John Tiuner Sargent, the father of the bridegrooiii. 
After his marriage he resided at West Medford, Mass., in a boi» 
which belonged to his wife's family and which later descended to. 
her. This house was his home continuously for forty-five yei& 
The death of his wife in 1911 and that of a maiden sister in ISMf 
who made her home with him, left him alone, and he therefore ifr* 
moved to Lexington, 24 September 1914, to make his home with Mi 
only surviving son, Edward Hall Sargent. His other child, WiUitfli 
Story Sargent, Jr., was already deceased. 

Henbt Manlet of West Roxbury, Mass., a resident 'memlNr 
since 1913, was bom at North Bridgewater (now Brockton), Mas., 
31 August 1841, the son of Sahnon and Iza Annette (Howard) Man- 
ley, and died at West Roxbury 28 October 1919. He traced hil 
descent from William Manley, through Thomas, Daniel, Danki 
and Salmon, his father. He was a descendent also of Mary Chilte 
and Francis Cooke of the Mayflower. Both his grandfather and hji 
great-grandfather were soldiers in the Revolutionary War, and fail 
^ther was a soldier in the War of 1812. 

He was educated in the district schools of North Bridgeivatai^ 
in the Bridgewater Academy, and in the State Normal School al 
Bridgewater, graduating from the last-named institution in 188Q. 

He served in the Ci^ War in Company K, Third MasBaohuaetti. 
Infantry, in a nine-months' campaign, 1862-3, holding the podtifom 
of corporal in the company. He was a civil engineer, entered tka 
office of the city engineer of Boston as assistant engineer 16 Febmaijr 
1869, and was connected with the engineering departmoit of tha 
city until his retirement on 28 July 1911, having been identifiadb 
during his long period of service, with many public improvementa. 

Mr. Manley published simdry professional papers and reporti^ 
and wrote the history of Co. K that appeared in the histoiy of tha 
Third Massachusetts Infantry publish^ by the State of Mawi 
chusetts in 1906. 

He was a member of the Boston Society of Civil Engineen, of 
which he was treasurer for twelve years and at one time preaidenti 


namber and director of the American Society of Civil Engineers, 
nember and president of the Massachusetts Highway Association, 
li a member of the Grand Army of the Republic, the West Roxbury 
Ukaam' Association, the Highland Club of West Roxbury, the 
haadmsetts Civil Service Association, the Boston City Club, 
id the Masonic fraternity. For twelve years he was treasurer 
fliie First Parish (Unitarian) Society of West Roxbury, and for 
NBtj-five or thirty years he was a trustee of the parish funds. 
Bb married, 6 November 1867, Susan Elizabeth Marshall, daugh- 
r of Perez and Elizabeth (Tisdale) Marshall, who survives hun, 
(Bther with three sons, Laurence Bradford Manley of Philadelphia, 
LyHoward Tisdale Manley of Mexico, and Henry Manley, Jr., 
New York, all civil engineers. His oldest child, a daughter, 
M in infancy. 

IcMDiPH John Skinner, C. E., Ph. D., of Kenwood, N. Y., a resident 
BOiber since 1917, was bom at Putney, Vt., 13 January 1842, the 
ft off John Langdon and Harriet Hayes (Noyes) Skinner, and died 
Kenwood 12 November 1919. 

Both his parents were original members of the Oneida Commu- 
tgr, and his early days were spent in the Commimity at Oneida, 
. T. His schooling was obtained in the private school of the 
■rnnnnity, where he was prepared for the Sheffield Scientific 
hoed of Yale University. F^om Yale he received the degree of 
lB. in 1869, and then continued his studies there, serving also as 
tor and instructor. In 1874 he received from Yale the degree of 
R and in 1876 that of Ph. D. 

Be remained at Yale as instructor in mathematics, astronomy, 
d French imtil 1880, when he went to New Britain, Conn., to 
ke the position of treasurer and manager of the 'American Electri- 
[ CSompany, then only a year old, which shortly thereafter became 
I lliompson Houston Electric Company. In 1883 this company 
nred its factory from New Britain to Lynn, Mass., and Dr. Skmner 
lived to Boston. In the fall of 1884 he resigned his position with 
I ISectric Company in order to carry on some experimental work 
fbymcB at Cornell University with Professor Anthony. In 1886 
aeoepted a position in the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 
3 remained there as instructor and afterwards as assistant pro- 
ior of mathematics until he retired from teaching in 1904. The 
m years of his life were spent in travel and study. 
DSr. Skinner aided Gen. Francis A. Walker in the preparation of 
I Statistical Atlas of the Ninth Census of the United States, and 
was ibe author of various articles dealing with astronomy and 

E'eSy most of which were published in scientific magazines. 
was a member of the American Association for the Advance- 
■tt of Science, the Connecticut Academy of Science, several college 
d muversity clubs, including the Yale Club of New York, and the 
dety of the Sons of the Revolution in the State of New York. 
Dr. Skinner married, 7 January 1872, Sophronia Ann Bailey, 
10 died in 1908. One son, Capt. Theodore H. Skinner of Een- 
Nxl, survives him. 


Rey. Thomas Franklin Waters, A. M., of Ipswich, Mass., a 
resident member since 1906, was bom at Salem, Mass., 12 AprQ 
1851, the son of Thomas Shales and Mary Abigail (Cook) Waters, and 
died at Ipswich 23 November 1919. 

He was educated in the public schools of Salem, at Harvard 
College, where he received the degree of A. B. in 1872, and at the 
Andover Theological Seminary, where he was graduated in 187& 
He received the honorary degree of A. M. from Harvard in 1900. 
He served the Congregational Church at Edgartown, Martha's 
Vineyard, as minister from August 1875 until March 1878, and on 
1 January 1879 he was installed as pastor of the South CoDffeg^ 
tional Church, Ipswich, resigning this pastorate in 1909. 

Mr. Waters was the founder and president of the Ipswich ffi»> 
toiical Society, and was secretary of the South Essex Congrop- 
tional Ministers' Society. During the World War he was aelm 
as a speaker for the liberty Loans and served on several war-time 
conmiittees. For the past ten years he devoted much time to wnft* 
ing books on Colonial history, and lectured in various parts ot Nev 
England on the early history of the Massachusetts Bay CoIoqj. 
His writings include the following: "Historical Address on the 140th 
Anniversary of the Organization of the South Church, Ipswid," 
31 July 1887; ''Historical Sketch of Essex South Association aod 
Salem Association of Congregational Ministers," 1893; ''Historieil 
Sketch of Essex South Conference of Congregational ChurdM," 
1896; ''Sketch of the life of John Winthrop, the Younser," 1900; 
"Ipswich in the Massachusetts Bay Colony," 1905; and AugOBliDe 
Heiurd and his Friends," 1916. Several historical monographs hf 
Mr. Waters appeared in the Publicaiiona of the Ipswich Hidariei 
Society. He was a member of the Massachusetts Historical Sodefy 
and a fellow of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences. 

Mr. Waters married at Edgartown, 26 March 1879, Adefine 
Melville (hiswell, daughter of Georg^ Burbank and Harriet Bestie 
(Marchant) Orswell, who survives him, together with a daugbter. 
Miriam Orswell, B.A. (Mount Holyoke College, 1905), wife oi 
Roland Elbert Titcomb of Ipswich, and a son, George IteiUin 
Waters, A.B. (Harvard, 1908), of Fall Biver, Mass. 

Mbs. Caroline Suicner (Case) Fbeeman of Boston, deeted a 
Pilgrim Tercentenary member in 1919, was bom in Bost on 28 Miif 
1856, the daughter of James Brown and Laura Lucretia (WiDiaiBe) 
Case, and died there 26 November 1919. Her marriage to James 
Goldthwaite Freeman took place in Weston in June 1888. Tbein 
was the first wedding in the new stone church of the old First Paridi» 
the pavement in the porch, made of small stones collected at the 
seashore by the children of the church, not being finished until tbe 
morning of the wedding. 

The three children of Mr. and Mrs. Freeman died in early diild- 
hood, and Mr. Free^ian died in 1912. 

With the exception of occasional journeys South, to Califomiif 
and to Europe, all of Mrs. Freeman's life was spent in Boston and 
Weston. Of late years most of her time was passed at her hons 

MEM0IB8 bod 

lion, where her many friends were welcome, and with them 
ed to share her pleasure in her garden and in her wonderful 
1 view. 

was deeply interested in the Boston Lying-in Hospital and 
mch time and thought to it. Many persons in all walks of 
ne to her for counsel, and she never failed them. She was 
ing of herself in her efforts to aid others, and no detail was 
o trifling for her to give it her attention, if by so doing she 
lelp another. 

years she was a great invalid; but one did not think of her 
ly for she was always cheerful and full of courage, and her 
SDse of humor was unfailing. Her life was an inspiration to 
• knew her. 

Freeman was always interested in the history of New England 
the lives of those who through their sdf-demal and sacrifice 
fide possible the opportunities and privileges of the present 
ion. She thought that the young people should be taught 
reciate their debt to the past and to feel the responsibility 
fing on the work for the generations to come. 

Li. W. C. 

EU3E Bbown Enapp, 'M.A., of Newton, Mass., elected a 
t member in 1870 and made a life member in 1912, was bom 
Fohnsbury, Vt., 9 April 1836, the son of Hiram and Sophronia 

Enappi and died at Newton 21 December 1919. He traced 
estry from William^ Enapp of Watertown, Mass., who died 
I, through John,* John,' James,^ John,* James,* and Hiram,^ 

^reparation for college was obtained at St. Johnsbury Academy 
Piiillips Andover Academy, and he was graduated at Am- 

College in 1859. Entering the countinghouse of Gardner 
& Company, well-known Boston merchants, he soon became 

lewer's private secretary and after Mr. Brewer's death was 

ly years the confidential manager of his large estate. 

Enapp was a devoted friend of Phillips Andover Academy 

1 oldest trustee, having been elected to that office in 1899. 
ting memorial there is Brothers' Meld, the athletic grounds 
>y him in his own name and in that of his brother, Arthur 
Knapp. He was also a benefactor of Berea College in Een- 
md a generous contributor to many local charities. 

^as a member of the Bostonian Society and belonged to the 
ic fraternity. He resided in the Aubumdale section of Newton, 
narried at Westfield, Mass., 2 September 1862, Elizabeth 
Strong, who died in 1915, daughter of Alexander Hanson 
of Vicksbiu*g, Miss. 

kRD RiVEBs Lemon of Sudbury, Mass., a resident member 
913, was bom at Andover, Mass., 22 November 1855, the 
William and Elizabeth Gage (Holt) Lemon, and died at 
y 31 December 1919. He was a descendant of James Lemon, 
1 John of Beverly, Mass., and William, his father. 


He was educated in the public schools of Andover, Cambridge, 
and Midden, Mass., and was for many years connected with the 
Sawyer Woolen Mills of Dover, N. H. 

Mr. Lemon was an antiquarian of note, and for twenty-three 
years was the owner and landlord of the famous Wayside Inn at 
Sudbury, in which he gathered a remarkable collection of old- 
fashioned furniture and courteously entertained great numb^v 
of visitors who were drawn thither by the historic associations of 
the place. He was an interesting lecturer on things ancient, and 
took great delight in showing the treasiu'es of his private art gaJlery. 

He was an honorary member of the Society of the Sons of the 
American Revolution, and a member of the Bostonian Society, the 
Boston City Club, and the Society for the Preservation of New 
En^^and Antiquities. 

He married, 13 December 1877, Cora Elma Prescott, dau|^hter 
of Israel and Betsey H. (Keay) Prescott, who survives him, together 
with one son, Edward Prescott Lemon. 

Memoirs of the f oUowing-named members of the Society may be 
found as indicated: 

Andrew Cabnegie, in the Registeb of October 1919; Henit 
Ernest Woods, in the Register of January 1920; William PAim 
Sheffield, in the Register of April 1920. 

It is expected that a memoir of Henrt Lee HiooiNScm w3 
appear in tiie Register of July 1920. 




B, James liii 

Louise Snow (Proeser) . zlvi 

Robert Apthorp .... zlix 

Charles Wellington . . zl 

ller, Horace Parker . . liv 

ine, Alexander . . . . li 

J, Sarah Delina (Lyle) . xlvii 

er, Harry Wadley . . . zxxix 

t>ok, Arthur Frederick . lix 
an, Caroline Sunmer 

le) Ixx 

ChariesLang . . . . Izv 

f William Edward ... liii 

Amelia L. (Chapin) . . bdv 

y Edward Doubleday . xlviii 

Josephine (Drew) . . . xli 

is, Clasrton Wood . . . Iviii 

George Allen xliv 

IS, Newell Sill Ixvi 

>, George Brown . . . bod 

i, Edward Rivers . . . bod 

Manley, Heniy 

Means, Frederick Howard 
Newhall, Charles Lyman 
Norris, Albert Lane . . . 
Norris, Charles Sewall 
Parker, Henry Ainsworth 
Rice, Franklin Pierce . . 
Richardson, Eklward Adams 

Sargent, William Story 
Skinner, Joseph John . . 
Stark, James Henry . . 
Stevens, Francis B^rbert 
Stone, Daniel Clifford . . 

Swift, William 

Tasker, William Orin . . 
Waters, Thomas Franklin 
Westfall, John Henry . . 

Wilcox, Ethan 

Willard, Ashton Rollins . 
Woodman, Jennie Stetson 


















A> AM to iatorpgmtt tiU y<w FMJiaii HJHagit 

Mww, 1, <A«rl« Kwir, J« Wlagiti Tbonrtos, Jonph WOkad, thiir 
«Mi lM»«l^ fM«f« ft •ovpofslkia, bj Um bmm of Um N«v FngWiiid HkCoiie 
Ui9 Um iMffKJM (of uriWmtiif, pumiJuft. mkI ocir—ioniHy pwhliriiim, 
IWMHW, mlfttliic to Mrljr N«v Eoglaad fAiniUcs, aad f or th« ifahKahmmt ud moinf— nw d 
A miIiImH} ftftd for tlMM purpOMtftfaftU b*T« ftU th* poirofs aad priviksBs, and, be aafaieei to iB 
ilM dtitlM, tmpArmumAM mm! MabUhJti, Mi fbrtli to Um forty^odrtli diaptor of tiw Bsitei 

Jtorrr. 9. TiM Mid MfpomUoo may bold and poMaM raal and p>ffioiia1 Mtato, to aa 
Mi a iM a d lag ivaaljr iboMaad doUaia. 
{Appr^Md 6y th» Omtrntir, March i8, 1845.] 
Atia t$n4 H—dH» tif ih§ OmtnA Court of Ma$oaek%u§IU, 1848, ekapUr 168. 

All AiH to MMbIt iba Naw Baglaiid Hiatorie-OoMalocioal Sodeisr to bold an addittonal 

of pfopwty. 

Iff <l wt mH t d t $l0,t M /vUmM: 

Hmmatt t. Tba Naw Kniland Hiatoiio-Qonealosieal Sodetjr may taka, by pnrobaaa. |VI» 

irani i»r ollnvwliia, and bdd* raal and panonal eaUto not ezeaadinc one bundred thooMml dol- 

lafa, III aiblUliin U% iha amount autboriied by tba aaeond aaotion of obapter one bimdrad Mi 

fU%}t Iwii 111 iha aala of tba jraar oaa tbouaand algbt bondrad and forty^To. 

ll«i«rii»N II. Tbia aai aball taka afltet upon ita paaaaga. 

ApproTod April 1* 1808> 

Ai4t and Mawlwa, llWf « ila f lir iOO, 

Ah Ai»I to aiiaUa Iba Naw RnglaMl IIIatorle-CtonaalQclMl Society to bold addhSonal laal mk 

peieoaal proparty. 

|la«*vnM« t Tba Naw lto«Uad Htalorie<tonaak«leal Soelaty may take by beqnaet. lift* gnab 
HV i»lb»rwbNK aMl b««bl% laal aMi pataonal aatoto not aiMedint two bnadred tbooMi%d doBan li 
vaHia IM Mbblbm to Iba aNK«uat aiitbvriaad by aaHkm two of ebapier one bondred and flf|f4«a 
«4 Ibe a^ta vt Iba yw^r waa Ib o uaa a d »i«bl buadrad and forty^ra. and by aaetkm one of 
«ma bm^irad id iba ai^ wt Iba year v«a IbouMml atobt bandied and aurty aiabt. and 
«4 Iba vabna \4 all bMtbiik r a y atei, pMuna and atotuary now owwad, or wbkb may be 
aa^MMf«4lvr aablaMaWly. 

lbKMM^^N H^ Tbil aN aball lake a^Mi apiM ila 

•^^^^P w^^W^ ^(^^WtVy^^^ %^^^W^% ^^^^^^^^^w^ ^^Wa 


^"W Ww l^i«laiaJI Htatol«^ \lewHkkHtw«l ;^m««^. a 
ibii ^^>iit»hii>aia<iatlb immt i^bMrt ^aMMMfe W eMMbtfcabiB^ mbaaai %> aaeb raatrietiaae ■■ tba bf^ 

IlkWA %Jtk ^Mikk U^blMtoAftAifeJliA liMMft fehklik fttti^ %|> 
^V(^W ^1^ w^^^wi ^^^B^^f^s^w^^^^^ ^^^^p we^^^wi w^^^^w ^T 

A^ ^^ l^w^WiK :<|i«r.V vbi^ar t*^ 



"{/.n/n-f •*->-i '■•-•yyyMytf'^ 

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RE(H> i'i.l^. 

t T ■ 

I : 1 . 


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. t »■ < 

vR-i I i; IJ. . J" 
.•lay \('i^r> '\ * .. ■. ■ 

N wet*. }».- W I \ ; 

■ ■ ' 

mm liim ;j- • 
or t.hf f;ii: . '". 

I -I 

« inii.-.i;y : 

I . 

" » ' '. • 


m: ' 

I 1 

I -. . 

f ■ 

. ..-.^ -tc I Lt|,<y,,,„>„^ 





JULY, 1920 

By Thornton Kirki«and Lothrop, Jr., A.B., of Boston, Mass. 

Ienbt Lee Higginson, although he held no public office, has 
many years been referred to as the first citizen of Boston. In 
deaUi, 14 November 1919, the community suffered a great 
, as well as Harvard University and the Boston Symphony 
hestra and all the other thin^ in which he was interested. The 
? England Historic Genealogical Society was very fortimate in 
lining him as one of the early members of the Pilgrim Tercen- 
tfy movement, which began last year and is still going on, and 
in getting his firm, Lee, Higginson & Company, to act as deposi- 
' for the fund thus raised. It especially mourns his loss, before 
membership was completed and just before the year which 
memorates the landing of the Pilgrims at Plymouth, three 
dred years ago, had begun.* 

[ajor Higginson was a man of action rather than of words, and 
, quite as much as the ever present scar received in action during 
Civil War, was the reason why he was so constantly referred to 
bis militaiy title, which he gained through service in the Vol- 
)er Army of the United States during that momentous conflict. 
Ithough I have referred to him as a man of action, I must not be 
mderstood as meaning that he was a man of action only. He 
a great intellect and a large heart as well as a powerful memory, 
iiras noticeable for having ideals and cherishing them, and bringing 
a with his ripening years to a full fruition. He could see ahead 
rly, plan in great detail, and had a fortimate use of words to 
ain both what he thought of value in the past and what he had 
med for the future. 

e was bom in New York City 18 November 1834, the son of 
rge and Mary Cabot (Lee) Higginson. His parents were, how- 
, of New England stock, and shortly after his birth they returned 
k)eton, where he was brought up, and where he spent most of 
ife. Besides the Higginsons he was descended from the Jack- 
, Lees, Cabots, and other prominent families. It would be going 

jor Hiscinaon's •ueoesaor in hit Pilgrim TeroentenAry membenhip in the New Englftnd 
ie Oeoealofical Society im his widow, Mn. Ida AsMsis Higgineon. — Editor. 


164 Henry Lee Higginson [July 

beyond the scope of this article to go into a detailed examination of 
the characteristics of these various families and determine how much 
each affected Major Higginson's thoughts and actions at the vari- 
ous phases of his career. Suffice it to say that, just as the many 
intermarriages of the Cabots, for instance, with the Sewalls, and 
Lowells, and Eliots, and other families, have had an effect on. various 
members and branches of the Cabot family and fitted them more 
for judicial, legislative, and administrative service, whilst at the 
same time they continued to retain their pronounced Cabotic char- 
acteristics of easy excellence in whatever they did and constant 
ability to keep on doing something all the time, so the Higginsons 
have shown all along the pronounced characteristics of having ideas 
and thoughts of their own, ability to express them well, courage 
to do so publicly under all circumstances, and a certain strei^gth of 
purpose to cling to them imtil they were fulfilled. These character- 
istics Major Higginson had to a marked degree, and they were un- 
doubtedly helped, both in the directions they took and in the suc- 
cess he o*btained in carr3dng them out, by the characters of the 
other New England f amiUes from whom he was descended and with 
whom he largely associated. 

Major Higginson was descended from Rev. Francis Higginsoii, 
who was bom in England in 1588 and graduated at Cambridge 
University. He had ideas of his own and therefore was obliged to 
leave England, and he arrived in New England on the TcSboi in 
1629. He settled in Salem, and died there in August of the follow- 
ing year, 1630. His son John was bom in Ehigland in 1616, and came 
over with his father. He was more or less in other parts of New 
England, but spent most of his life in Salem, where he died 9 De- 
cember 1708. The family continued largely in Salem during the 
Colonial period. Stephen Higginson was bom there 28 November 
1743, but later moved to Boston, and died in Boston 22 November 
1828. One grandson of his was Thomas Wentworth Higginson, 
noted for his opposition to the extension and continuation^siavefy 
in the United States, which he "was able to help, in aboUshing by 
active military service in the Federal Army during the Civil War, 
and noted afterwards as an historian. 

Another grandson of this Stephen Higginson was Geoiige Kg- 
ginson, who married Mary Cabot Lee and moved to New Yofk, 
where Henry Lee Higginson was bom. His older brother was named 
George after his father, and his two younger brothers were named 
James Jackson and Francis Lee. His only sister was Mary, who 
married Mr. S. Parkman Blake. George, the father, shortly re- 
turned to Boston, where Henry Lee Higginson was brought up, 
attended the Boston Latin School, and entered Harvard College in 
1851. He only stayed at Harvard a scant year, as trouble wim his 
eyes made it impossible to continue there longer; but during that 
year, as well as during the previous years at the Latin School, be 
formed many friendships which, lasted through the rest of his life 
and affected it to a certain degree. It was here that he showed 
athletic prowess on the football field, in those days more Uke the 
Bloody Monday rush of later years than the organized game xiow 

1020] Henry Lee Htgginsan 165 

called football. Athletic ability and muscular strength were always 
^th him, although hampered of course by the severe wounds which 
lie suffered in the Civil War. In later years he was, like Gladstone, 
veiy fond of taking his exercise in cutting down trees, and near 
his eightieth birthday I have known him to go to New Haven in 
a day coach and walk to the Yale football field, and return the 
same way. 

After leaving Harvard College Mr. Higginson took a short trip 
abroad, and when he returned continued his education in a duller 
way, by filling a place at Samuel and Edward Austin's counting- 
house. Here he stayed a year and a half or a little more, and tlien 
went abroad once more with several of his best friends. They re- 
tailed, but he stayed on the other side to study music. This, the 
matefft pleasure of his life, he pursued for three years, mostly in 
Vienna, and with some of the most famous teachers; but his eyes 

Eve out again, this time more seriously, and in November 1860 
I returned to Boston. He stated then that he would be glad to 
live in Boston, if he could only find something to doj and very 
ah(^y there was plenty for him to do. In March 1861 Abraham 
lincom was inaugurated as President of the United States, and in 
i4>ril Fort Sumter was fired on and the Civil War had begun. 

Full of enthusiasm and animated with a strong sense of duty 
both to his country and to the antislavery cause, Mr. EUgginson 
was among the first to volunteer. He helped Col. (then Capt.) James 
Savage recruit Co. D, in the Second Regiment of Massachusetts 
Volunteers, and on 21 May 1861 was conmiissioned second lieu- 
tenant and on 8 July first lieutenant with the same company. The 
legiment after a while was sent to the front, reporting to General 
Patterson at Martinsburg, Va. He did not stay with it long, how- 
eveTi but was sent North for more recruiting and driUing, although 
in a slightly different line. About 1 November 1861 he was com- 
miSBioned captain in the First Regiment of Massachusetts Volunteer 
CSavalry. It was first stationed at Readville, Mass., but later was 
lent to Maryland, South Carolina, and then Virginia, remaining 
ill the while with the Army of the Potomac. On 28 March 1862 
lie was commissioned major and given active charge of a battalion 
in this regiment. On 17 June 1863, at the Battle of Aldie, in Vir- 
ginia, he was severely wounded in three or more places. The effects 
of these woimds he bore through life, and it is wonderful how much 
he accomplished in despite of them. For a detailed account of the 
action as affecting Major Higginson I refer the reader to Mr. J. T. 
Morse, Jr's., adnurable article in The Harvard GradiuUea* Magazine 
for March 1920. 

Item Aldie Major Higginson was sent to stations and hospitals 
until he finally reached Washington and then Boston. Recovery 
was very slow, but it had its advantages, as it was then that he 
married Miss Ida Agassiz. She was a daughter of Professor Louis 
Agaagjg and a sister of Mrs. Quincy A. Shaw and of Alexander Agassiz. 
She was a constant help and encouragement to him throu^ life, 
and gave him an additional group of relatives and friends, who in- 
creased his already wide horizon. Despite this he was itching to get 

166 Henry Lee Higginson [July 

back to the army, and in July 1864 he obtamed a new position as 
aide on General Barlow's stafif. The work was too severe for|thim, 
however, and he then tried to get emplojrment in the Reserve Corps. 
Failing in this, he was honorably discharged in September 1864. 

In January 1865 Major Higginson started in civil life once more. 
After experimenting with the agency of an oil company in Ohio 
and, with his friend and companion soldier. Col. Charles F. Morse, 
and others, in the sea-island cotton business in Georgia, he found a 
place waiting for him at home with Lee, Higginson & Company, 
where he stayed the rest of his life. They already had a good busi- 
ness, and it grew rapidly after he became a partner. Copper mines, 
western railroads, and other industries of this growing coimtry, 
in which he and his relatives had interests, blossomed marvellously 
as the result of their practical energy, and the business of the firm 
grew with them. 

Soon Major Higginson decided that he could well devote his 
time and money to something else besides his business, and in 1881 
he started the Boston Symphony Orchestra. This put the best 
music before the music lovers of Greater Boston for more than half 
the year, and let the inhabitants of many other cities know some ci 
the advantages of Uving here. He paid all the losses, calculated 
at nine hundred thousand dollars by 1912 and at about a miUion 
and a quarter dollars in all. He imdoubtedly paid many oUmbt 
things which never got on the books at all. He also gave mudi 
time and thought to the orchestra, and made no end of trips to 
Europe to get the best conductors and musicians. His control and 
influence over the men were remarkable, and he never aUowed 
them to join any musicians' imion or other organization of that kind 
which might prevent the emplo3rment of the best talent available. 
When the United States entered the World War the conductor wss 
arrested as a spy and imprisoned for the rest of the War, and this 
was a very sad blow to Major Higginson. 

His connection with Harvard College was the only other thing 
as strong as his love for his orchestra. His only degree there wtf 
the honorary degree of Master of Arts in 1882, although he reodved 
the degree of Doctor of Laws from Yale in 1001 and from IT^^lliaini 
in 1912. But he served as a member of the Corporation of Harvard 
College for twentynsix years, from the time of his appointmoii 
in 1893 until the day of his death. President Mot has stated that 
during all those years he was noted for the ''utmost punctuaUty, 
assiduity, devotion, and high intelligence," and President Lowril 
has confirmed this opinion. He was recognized the world over among 
Harvard men for two great gifts to the University, Soldiers Field 
in 1890 and the Harvard Union in 1899. To these might be added a 
third, not thought of so much, perhaps, but almost equally appreci- 
ated, the playing of the S3rmphony Orchestra, ever since its founda- 
tion, in Sanders Theatre. 

Henry Lee Higginson is gone, and as a patriot, soldier, dtiieii, 
and Harvard man there is no one at present to take his place. 

1920] Inscripiiana at Bakerafidd, Vt. 167 


Copied and oommunicated by Herbert Williams Denio, A.M., 

of New York City 

[Continued from page 155] 

Hiniet M. Wife of Clark Barnes Died May 1, 1870, M. 45 Yrs. [Widow, 

dan. of Ezra and Harriett Farwell, d. May 4, 1870, a. 47 years. Com- 
mitted suicide.] 

Father and Mother Barnes 
Harvey Barnes M. 73 Yrs. & 8 M's. Jan. 3, 1900. 

Esther E. Downs. Wife of Harvey Barnes. M. 67 Yrs. & 5 M's. Jan. 
30, 1897. [Dau. of John and Sarah (Gaby) Downs, b. in Enos- 
burgh, Vt., a. 68 years.] 
HbDis W. Son of H. & E. E. Barnes, Died Apr. 17, 1856. ^. 6 yrs. 10 mos. 

&1 day. 
J. Austin Barnes 1847-1916. [John Austin, son of Austin and Eleanor 

(Oiddin^s) Barnes, b. Oct. 14, 1847, d. Jan. 16, 1916, a. 68 years, 3 

months, 2 days.] 
His Wife Mary J. Skinner 1850- 
koBha £. Dau^ter of Joshua & Elthina Barnes. Died June 15, 1853. 

Aged 13 Years. 
Pbihua Barnes]* Died and Burried in Jericho, N. Y. Feb. 21, 1813, M. 56 

BCary, Wife of the Above Died Sept. 9, 1847, M. 90 Ys. 
Lewis B. Son of H. dc E. E. Barnes, Died Apr. 17, 1856, iB. 8 yrs, 5 mos. 

Ktftha, Wife of Elijah Barnes, Died Sept. 11, 1856, A^ 65 Years. 
Uother Mary A. Paige Wife of Merritt Barnes, Bom June 26, 1820, 

Died Oct. 18, 1888. [Mary Ann, dau. of Jesse and Mary Page, b. in 

Hardwick, Mass., a. 67 years, 3 months, 24 days.] 
Uary E. Wife of C. S. Barnes Died Jan. 28, 1876, M. 52 Yrs. 
Moritt Barnes, Died Feb. 24, 1877, M, 59 Y'rs & 8 Mo's [Son of Comfort 

and Sophia (Corse) Barnes.] 
Mafe mm of C. M. & M. L. Barnes, Died Apr. 2, 1899, M. 15 Yrs. & 8 ms.t 
h Memory of Nancy Wife of Deacon, Cyrus Barnes, died March 24, 1847. 

Aged 53 Yrs. 8 Ms. 
WOie B. Son of Harvey & Esther E. Barnes died June 5, 1873, M. 14 yrs. 

1 mo. 5 ds. [Willie M., son of Harvey and Esther (Downs) Barnes.] 
HyM C. Barnes Bom June 10, 1821. Died Apr. 8, 1896. [Son of Joshua 

and AlMgal (Weston) Bames, d. Apr. 7, 1896, a. 75 years, 4 months, 

2 dam] 

His Wife Lucy Rice Bom Apr. 21, 1824, Died May 13, 1911. [Dau. 
of Benjamin and Matilda (Gaba) Rice, b. at Enosburg, Vt., d. 
from accidental bums, a. 87 years, 22 days.] 
b Memory of Abigail W. daugh'r of Joshua & Abigail Bams, died March 4. 

1844, Aged 30 years. 
Jn Memory of Hannah Bams, died Sept. 23rd 1814 aged 20 years. 
Jttrinui Barns, Died Dec. 25, 1854; JE. 76 yrs. 8 mos. & 24 ds. 
Lewis son of Peter & Lucy M. Batreau, died May 20, 1857. Aged 3 m's. 
[a. 3 years.] 

Top of •ton* brokm off. 

fSoD of CSftriot M. And M. E. COoodapeed) BarnM.— m. l. a. 

170 InMoriptiafu at BakmfUU, VL [July 

Lucy dAu^ter of Eli ft Marv Bri^iam died Mardi 31 1822. A^ed 9 Mo6. 

^Ury wife of £U Bnsfaam died Feb. 22. 1S22. A8ed46Y^r9. 
M&ry Powers, Wife of S. Sumno- Brigham. Bom Johr 4, 1812« Died Dec IS, 
1S95. [Daa. d Peter and Sally (Start) Powers, b. at Tempfetoii, N. E, 
d. Dec. 8, 18d5, a. 83 years, 7 months, 4 days.] 
Mercy, Wife of Eli Br^sWi. Died Aug. 13, 1872, £ 86 Tn. (Mercy 

Tavlor Bri^iam, a. ^ vears, 8 months, 1 day, widow.] 
Nahum' Bri^iam 1827-1883. [Son of Asa and SdUy (Hardy) Bri^iam, <L 
Aug. 18, 1893, a. 66 vears. 3 moe. and 9 days, single.] 
Rebecca Gallop 1^-1866. [Rebecca, daa. of Asa and SaHy (Hardy) 

Bri^iam, d. Oct. 4, 1866. a. 64 Tears, 2 months, 16 days.) 
Abigail Brigham 1818-lS^^. 
(Noah Bri^iam, me interiptwn to O. T. Houston.] 
S. Sumner Brig^iam Bom Oct. 30, 1803, Died Jan. 18, 1883. 
SaUy Wife oi Asa Bri^iam Died August 13 1854. Aged 66 Years. 
In memory of Sally W. wife of Josiah F. Brigjiam. who died Mardi 11, 1829, 
in the 21st year of her age. The jroungest dao^ter of Foster A Amity 
In memory of Seneca P. son of Josiah F. & SaDy Bri^iam. who died Mardi 

10. 1831. Aged 2 years & 20 days. 
Uriah Brigham. Bom in Marlboro, Slass: July 11, 1757. Died in Bakers6dd 
Vt: Sept. 16, 1820. 
His Wife Elisabeth Fay Bom in Southboro, Mass: April 28, 1767. 

Died in Boston, Mass: Nov. 9, 1837. 
CHieney Bri^iam A^^ 22, 1793. Jan. 28. 1865. [Son of Jonas Bri^um, 

d. Jan. 25, 1865, a. 71 jrcars, 10 months, widower.) 
His Wife Elisabeth Brigham Jany 8, 1794. April 12, 1853. 
A. Kendall Bri^^iam. Oct. 31, 1821. Nov. 25, 1870. [Son oi Chen^ 
and Betsey Bri«^bAm, d. Dec. 26, 1870, in Fairfield, Vt., a. 48 yeanj 
Uriah Brig^ Jun. Sept. 3, 1795 Oct 17, 1814 
Breck Brig^ti Nov. 23, 1799 June 28, 1818. 
Robert B. Bri^iam Nov. 1> 1826-Jan. 2, 1900. 
Elizabeth F. Brigham Jan. 20, 1824-Apr. 30, 1909. 

Erected by Robert B. & Elizabeth F. Brii^iam. 
W. 0. Brigham, M. 73 Y'rs & 5 Mo's. Nov. 3, 1909. [William Oddey^aos 
of S. S. and Mary (Powers) Brigham, b. May 16, 1836, a. 73 yean, 5 
months, 17 days.] 
His Wife Nella M. Perkins M. 49 Yis 9 Mo's. Dec. 10, 1893 [Dan. 
of John and Betsey (Pearson) Perkms, a. 49 years, 9 months^ 4 
Anna H. Tracy Wife of Dr. C. S. Bri^^iam, Leominster Mass. 1866- 

1898 [Dau. of Tracy, wife of Clarence S. Brig^bam.] 

Rilla Field Worthing Wife of W. O. Brigham 1846- 
CJharles B. Brown Bom Nov. 12, 1818. Died Jan. 26, 1891. 

Louisa H. Brown Bom Jan. 27, 1825. Died Dec. 3, 1893. [Daa. of 

Levi Wheelock, d. Dec. 3, 1892, a. 68 years.] 
Jemima A. Brown Bom Jan. 3, 1821. Died Dec. 12, 1843.t 
Ellen A. Brown Bom Aug. 25, 1845. Died Nov. 11, 18984 
Elsie L. daughter of R. H. & M. Brown died Oct. 5, 1865. M. 7 Yrs. 11 Mo. 

[Fanny L. Brown, see inscription to Benjamin Doane.] 
O. W. Brown Died Dec. 11, 1879. M. 62 Y'rs. [Bom in ScoUand, a. 62 yean, 
4 months, 11 days.] 

•A mimUir of Nahum Brigham. ^ 

tFir»t wife of C. B. Br6wn.— m . l. a. 
tDflft^mighter of C. B. Brown.~M. l. s. 

192(4 InacripHons at Bakersfidd, Vt 171 

Jane Wife of G. W. Brown. Died Jan. 12, 1898. M. 79 Y's. k 15 
D's. [Died Jan. 13, 1898, a. 79 years, 11 days, widow.] 
Fftther Hu£^ Brown Jan. 18, 1819 Feb. 20, 1875. 

Mother Mary Brown Sept. 19. 1824, Mar. 27, 1904.* 
Sogji J. son of George W. k Jane Brown. Died Dec. 19, 1872, M. 22 Ys. 

riDie May. daushter of R. H. k Melinda Brown, died Aug. 5, 1870 Aged 10 

Mo. k 15 days, 
l^ldinda wife of R. H. Brown. Died Feb. 12, 1872. M, 36 y'rs 7 mo's k 2 days. 
Siered to the Memory of Nelson Brown who died Decembr 1813. in 2l8t 

year of his age. 
Orpha A. Wife of William W. Brown Died Feb. 11, 1883. M. 26 Y'rs. k 2 
Mo's. [Dau. of Elidbalet and Electa (Corse) Ovitt, b. in Enosburg, Vt.] 

[Brown-Foote Monument]} 
RoBin G. Brown 1847-1881 [Son of Edwin P. and Olive (Carpenter) 
Brown, b. in Enosburg, Vt., d. Dec. 14, 1881, a. 34 years, 10 
Lorette H. Maynard Brown 1842-1916. [Mrs. Lorette, dau. of 
[Jesse] Knowles Maynard, b. Oct. 6, 1841, d. in St. Albans Hospital 
Dec. 1. 1917, a. 75 years, 27 days.] 
Lizzie M. Maynard Swan Foote 1830-1907 

Sumner R. Brown lS82-1886 [Son of Rollin G. and Lorett (Maynard) 
Brown, b. in Bakersfield, d. Aug. 16, 1886, a. 4 years, 6 months, 
6 days.] 
Bil^ [Hattie, dau. of Rollin and Enmia (Farwell) Brown, d. Sept. 30, 1893, 

a. 1 month, 5 days.] 
[Cynthia M. (Jones) (Atwood) Brush, see inscription to Nathan Jones.] 
Barriet Provo, Wife of Julius Burdo, Died Jan. 19, 1864, Aged 44 years. 
Gharies R Burleson Dec. 18, 1879- 

His Wife Ella J. Wanzer Sept. 22, 1879-July 17, 1909 
William Bycraft Died Oct. 28, 1880. M. 50 Y'rs. 

His Wife Elizabeth Died June 19, 1892. M. 64 Y'rs. 
In Memory of Charlotte E. Cady who departed this life July 23rd 1823. 

aged 9 weeks. Died with the small pox. 
EBsa Jane wife of Rev. T. H. Canfield died May 19, 1845, M. 36 Ys. & 5 M. 
[Clarence George Cantwell, see inscription to Willard Weightman.] 
Philander G. son of P. H. k C. G. Games, died April 3, 1848 Aged 1 Year 

3 Ms. & 13 Days. 
Philander H. Games, Died Dec. 17, 1853. Aged 27 y's 2 m's. 28 d's. 
Betoey, Wife of Timothy Carroll Died June 19, 1868, Aged 77 Y'rs. [Dau. 

of Thomas ^— , b. in Athens, Vt., d. June 17, 1868, a. 77 years, 8 

Timothy Carroll, Died Sept. 25, 1856. Aged 72 y'rs. 
William 0. Casey 1858-1888 

Henry B. Casey 1856-1915 
George C. Centerbar 1855-19 

His Wife Alice M. Reed 1853-19 
Earl A. 1883-1901 

*Tbe wMda "Father*' and "Mother" &re on a monument. The namet and dates are on two 

tThie inecrii;>tion ia repeated on the monument of Hugh J. Brown's father. 

tOnly the eumamee Brown and Foote appear on the monument, the former on the weet face 
>ad the latter on the east face. The individual inscriptions are on markers. Lassie M. Maynard 

"^rried (1) Swan, and lived in the West. She returned to the East and married (2) 

^oote. Lorette H. Maynard was her half sister. 

IWiUiam C as ey . — m. l. b. 

172 Inscriptions at Bakersfiddf Vt [July 

Abigail E. Morse Wife of A. J. Chadwick. Bom Bakersfield, Vt. 1849-1894.^ 
Hattie E Ayere ^ife of J. M. Chadwick Died Feb. 9, 1858, M. 27 Y're. 10 

Mo's. <k 5 D's. 
In Memory of John Chamberlain, who died Feby 20th 1822. Aged 26 yean. 
Infant Daughter of A. B. A Julia Chappell [Dau. of Alfred B. and Julia E. 

(Guihnette) Chappell, stillbirth, June 22, 1906.] 
Mrs. BeU E. Charge May 1, 1855. July 3, 1905. [Dau. of Hiram anc 

Lucy C. (Janes) Dontan, b. in East Enosburghj Vt., a. 50 years, £ 

months, 2 days.] 
Adelia Chase Died Aug. 23, 1903. JE. 60 Y'rs. [Dau. of Elijah and 

(Bartlett) Stratton, b. at Fairfield, wife of Van B. Chase, a. 60 jrears, ^ 

months, buried at North Cambridge, VtJ 
Nellie E. Dau. of A. Chase Bom July 13, 1859 Died Mar. 14, 1880. [Eve 

line Nelly, dau. of Aaron and Eveline (Glover) Chase, b. at Franklin 

Vt., a. 20 years, 8 months, single.] 
[Clinton A. Chaumont, see inscription to Frank O. Nutting.] 
Annie E. Shattuck Wife of M. L. Child, Died Feb. 23, 1883, M. 23 Y^rs. 

Thomas 1779-1862 [Bom at Westminster, Mass., d. Apr. 26, 1S&^ 

a. 82 years, 11 months, 26 days.] 
Lydia 1780-1853 
Mariette 1828-1854 
Marcus 1816-1865 
Betsy 1811-1871 [Betsey B., dau. of Simon and Fhebe (Bowe»; 

Ma3rnard, d. Apr. 12, 1871, a. 60 years, 5 months, 4 days.) 
Chauncy 1806-1865 [Son of Thomas and Lydia (Adams) Qiild, ± 

Oct. 31, 1865, a. 58 years, 7 months, 10 days.] 
Mary 1829-1902 
Proctor 1817-1897 [Solomon Proctor Child, d. Feb. 23, 1897, a. 80 

years, 1 month, 17 days.] 
Matilda 1827-1877 [Jan C. Matilda, dau. of [illegible], b. at CsA- 

haven, d. Aug. 6, 1877, a. 50 years, 7 months, 23 dajrs.] 
Albert 186&-1870 [Albert StiUman, son of S. P. and Matilda ChOd 

d. Nov. 20, 1870, a. 5 years, 1 month, 1 day.] 
Louise 1857-1862 [Louisa, dau. of S. P. and Matilda Child, d. Jan. 3, 
1862, a. 5 years, 7 months, 20 days.] 
Mrs. Sarah L. Church Died Apr. 1, 1891 M. 73 Ys. 
Arad Converse, Died May 8, 1879, M. 83 Y'rs 8 Mo's. & 15 D's. [b. in 

Brookfield, Mass., d. May 8, 1878, a. 82 years, 8 months, 15 days.] 
Burton H. Son of Josiah & Minerva E. Converse, Died Feb. 19, 1864, £- 

Charles J. son of Josiah A Mary P. Converse. Died Oct. 24, 1840. £. 

10 yr's & 5 mo's. 
Cheney Converse. Died May 21, 1890, M. 32 Y'rs. [Son of Josiah tad 
Minerva (Parker) Converse, sin^e.] 

Converse, t 
Cheney R. Converse 1812-1904 [Son of Josiah and Matilda (Aycrs) 
Converse, b. Dec. 19, 1813, d. Aug. 19, 1904, a. 91 yesff, » 
months, 27 da3rs, a widower.] 
His Wife Jane A. Bassett 1812 1837 
His Wife Sarah Bailey 1822 1849 
Fanny Converse Wife of Joel Parkhurst 1800 1875 
Infant Dau. of C. R. & J. A. Converse 
Infant son of C. R. & J. A. Converse 

*8he died in California. — u. h. p. 

tTbe •umame ia on a moniiment. The individual inscriptions are on markert. 

1820] InscripHona at Baker^fidd, Vt. 173 

Elidia J. son of Joeiah & Minerva Converse, died June 8, 1853. aged 11 mo's. 

Eonioe M. Parker, Wife of Josiah Converse Died Dec. 9, 1914, M. 87 Ys. 

[Minerva E., oau. of Elisha and Eunice (D^m) Parker, b. May 13, 1827, 

a. 87 years, 6 months, 26 da3rs.] 

Jdiial H. Converse Died March 29, 1885. JE. 54 Y'rs. [Son of Arad Con- 
verse, a. 54 years, 10 months, 1 day.] 
His Wife Mary K. Leach Died April 3, 1885. M. 55 Y'rs. [Dau. 
of Royal and Mary (Newton) Leach, b. at Waterville, Vt., a. 51 
Shears, 10 months, 27 da3rs.] 

Ifr. Josiah Converse Died Apr. 13, 1847 M. 81 Yr & 6 Ms. 

Josiah Converse, Died June 5, 1873, JE. 75 Ys. [Son of Josiah and Kate 
Converse, b. in Massachusetts.] 

In Memory of Josiah Converse jr. His infant child Died Feb. the 12th 1826. 

SCaxy Stone Wife of Joeiah Converse Died Jan. 12, 1849 Age 44 Years. 

Xfatflda Wife of Josiah Converse, Died Dec. 11, 1857. Aged 87, Years. 
[Dau. of Jabes Ayers, b. in Brookfield, Mass., a. 87 years, 4 months, 14 

Owen J. son of J. H. A M. E. Converse. Died July 13, 1886. M. 10 Weeks. 
[James Owen, son of Jehiai K. and Mary (Leach) Converse, a. 2 months, 
17 da3rB.] 

Xoxana H. Wife of Arad Converse, Died Sept. 14, 1855, M, 51 Y'rs A 10 Mo's. 

Infant Son of J. H. & M. K. Converse Died Oct. 17, 1857. 

John Corlis Died Oct. 19, 1837. M. 51 yrs. 

Aaenath Corse, JE. 97 Ys. 4 Ms. Dec. 2, 1862. 

In memory of Asariah Corse, who Died March 5th 1835. Aged 76 years. 

Asiriah Corse Jr. Died May 6, 1868. M. 81 years. [Son of Azariah Corse, 

b. in Hebron, N. Y., a. 80 years, 11 months, 15 days.] 

Betsey, daughter of Ezeriah & Asenath Corse, died July 24. 1813. aged 3 

years & 2 months. 
Betsey Sanders, Wife of Azariah Corse, Jr. Died May 11, 1859, M. 64 y'r 

3 mo. 

Edgar J. Corse Feb. 12, 1853- 

His Wife Hattie A. Whiting Dec. 7, 1842- 
Their Son George Clinton May 1, 1881-Mar. 23, 1900* . 
Geom Clinton Corse Aug. 29, 1823-June 30, 1903 [Son of Azriah and 
Betsee Corse, a. 79 years, 10 months.] 
His Wife Ann Janette Houghton June 23, 1821-Sept. 7, 1887 [Dau. 
of Joel and Lucy Houghton, d. Sept. 9, 1887, a. 66 years, 2 months, 
17 days.] 
Albert Chaston Aug. 8, 1851 Jan. 23, 1852 
Hubert Clinton Feb. 28, 1856 Mar. 12, 1856 
Hairiet. daughter of Ezeriah Jr. <& Betsey Corse, died Sept. 27. 1814. aged 

4 weeks. 

Uaria, dauc^ter of Azariah Jun. and Betsey Corse, died August 26th AD 

1819. aged 1 year & 15 days. 
Maria Dau^ter of Azariah & Betsey Corse, Died Feb. 16 1849 Aged 13 

Years a 28 days. 
Mary Ann daughter of Azariah &, Betsey Corse died May 8 1842 aged 14 

years 5 mo. & 2 ds. 
Mary C. daugh. of G. A L. Corse died Apr. 12, 1837, M. 15 mo. 
Norman, son of Azariah Jun and Betsey Corse, died March 19th AD 1826. 

aged 10 months. 
Beosselaer C. son of Gad & Lucella Corse died March 1st 1826. aged 1 month 

k 15 days. 

*A marker bears the inscription "Mother" (probably indieatinc the crave of the mother of 
^^ J. Cone), and another marker reada "Clinton." 

174 Inscriptions at Bakersfidd, VL [July* 

An Infant son, of Ezeriah Jr. & Betsey Corse, was bom A.died May 1816. 
An Infant son. of Ezeriah Jr. & Betsey Corse was bom & died March 1817« 
In Memory of Eliaa Brown Wife of Thos. C. Cowan Who Died Dec. 19, 1887* 
Aged 64 Y'rs. [Dau. of Robert and Maragotta Brown, b. in Amah., 
Iiiland, a. 64 years, 8 months, 16 days.] 
Lizzie E. daughter of Tho's C. & Eliza Cowan died Aug. 20, 1870, JE. 5 

1 m'o. & 5 days. [b. in Berkshire, Vt.] 
Susan Wife of Thomas Cowan. Died Nov. 3, 1849. JE, 47 Y.s. 
In Memory of Thomas C. Cowan Who Died Aug. 20, 1870, Aged 70 Y'l 

& 7 Mo. [Son of Thomas and (Craig) Cowen, b. in Lust^ 

Rev. S. B. Currier Co. B. 4th Vt. Vol. Oct. 12, 1835. Jan. 13, 1910. 
His Wife Julia J. Arms. Aug. 24, 1847. 

Wesley M. son of Rev. S. B. & J. J. Currier, Aug. 23, 1884, Jan. 14. 
S. S. Curtb Died Apr. 30, 1917 Aged 56 Yrs.* 
Cushing Gordon P. son of A. & A. Cushing, Died Sept. 20, 1896. M. 2 

Y's. 4 M's. & 5 D's. 
In Memory of Mr. Amos Cutler who died March 24th 1805. aged 34 yean. 
Dr. George B. Cutler July 12, 1824 Aug. 5, 1911. [George Byron, son of 
Joseph Beach and Katherine (Barr) Cutler, b. in Highgate, Vt., a. 87 
years, 24 days.] 
Lucelia B. wife of Dr. G. B. Cutler, 1828-1903. [Dau. of Welcome 
O. and Susan F. (Hunt) Pratt, b. in Bakersfield, March 9, 1827, d. 
June 12, 1903, a. 75 years, 3 months, 3 days.] 
Rev. Morton L. Hall May 28, 1863. Jan. 23, 1893. [Son of Ambrose 
and Malvina (Maynard) Hall, a. 29 years, 7 months, 23 days.] 
Lucy Cutler Died March 1, 1876. Aged 65 years. 
Emmer S. Dau. of Samuel & Sylva Cutting, Died Jan. 23, 1876, ^. 11 Ys. 6 

ms. & 9 ds. [Emma S., dau. of Samuel U. and Sylvia M. Cutting.] 
Samuel U. Cutting Bom Apr. 12, 1824 Died Apr. 30, 1890. [Son of Stephen 
and Derexia (Marshall) Cutting, b. in West Boylston, Mass., a. 66 
years, 18 days.] 
His Wife Sylva M. Brown Bom Nov. 6, 1825 Died July 24, 1891. 
[Dau. of Josiah and Charlotte (Bills) Brown, a. 66 years, 8 months, 
18 days.] 
Walter H. Cutting Mar. 8, 1850-Dec. 29, 1913 
His Wife OrriUa Maynard Feb. 4, 1848-t 
Gaylord H. Feb. 15, 1878-Oct. 21, 1881. 
Henry H. Cutting Dec. 11, 1817-Nov. 27, 1909 
Hb Wife Catharine Stewart Dec. 25, 1825-Mar. 18, 1850. 
M. D. 1812 iE. 3 ye 6 Mo.t 
John E. son of Caleb & Harriet Daggett, Died Oct. 1, 1850, aged 19 yrs A 

9 mo's. 
Nancy J. daughter of Edward & Nancy Dane, died dec. 24. 1839: in the 

24th year of her age. 
Almina L. Daughter of Abner H. & Lydia M. Davis Died Dec. 12, 1863. 

iE. 11 Y's. 14D's. 
Ahnira. Wife of Solomon Davis Died Oct. 2. 1869, JE. 51 Yrs. 
Amos Davis Died July 19, 1841, JE, 46 yrs. 
Angenett, dau. of A. & D. Davis, Died Aug. 28. 1869, JE. 23 y's. 10 m's « 

6 d's. 
Anny wife of Solomon Davis Died Aug. 25, 1847, M. 80 yrs. 

*A marker reads "Grandmother,** and another marker reads "Mother.** 

fNow deceased. 

tThe surname of this child was probably Dunn. 

1920] Inscriptions at Bakersfidd, Vt. 175 

ArviOa, Dau. of A. H. & L. M. Davis, died. Mar. 24. 1845. jE. 6 m. 

HoDis son of Rufus & Sarah Davis died Mar 23, 1864 M. 1 Mo. 5 Ds. [b. ^t 

Bakersfield, d. Mar. 21, 1864, a. 1 month, 3 days.] 
Homer H. Davis 1846- 1905. [Son of Eli and Harriet (Crissie) Davis, b. in 
Cambridge, Vt., Aug. 12, 1846, d. March 16, 1905, a. 58 years, 7 months, 
4 days.) 
His Wife Alberta E. Giddings 1850- 
Jennie Brady Wife of Ira Davis Died Feb. 6, 1885 JE. 23 Y'rs. 
Leela, wife of Amos Davis, Died Nov. 21, 1863, M. 69 Yrs. [Relief, dau. of 
Mathew and Phebe Gray, d. Nov. 22, 1863, a. 68 years, 1 month, 7 
davB ^vrdoiKT I 
Sarah A. Daugh.'of A. H. & L. M. Davis, died May 24, 1848, iE. 4 Ys & 11 

Sarah M. Wife of Rufus Davis Died Feb. 23, 1864, ^. 35 Y 5 m. [Dau. of 

Daniel and Lucy Gray, d. Feb. 25, 1864.) 
Solomon Davis Died Nov. 25, 1857, M, 88 yrs. [b. in Brookfield, Mass., a. 

88 years, 2 months, 24 days.] 
Solomon Davis Jr. Died Dec. 12, 1876. JE. 71 Y'rs. 
Timothy C. Son of Solomon & Ahnira Davis, Died Oct. 26, 1862, JE. 22 jr's. 

& 7 d's. 
IDea. Asa Dean Bom in Barnard Vt. Feb. 7, 1788. Died Jan. 18, 1879 M. 91 Ys. 
Harriet A. Wife of Dea. Asa Dean bom in Templeton Mass. Oct. 4, 

1795, died in Bakersfield Oct 9, 1827, M, 32 Ys. • 

Mary S. Wife of Dea. Asa Dean bom in Temple N. H. Sept. 18, 1809, 
died in Bakersfield, May 28, 1851, M. 42 Yrs. 
[C. EUen (Banister) (Wells) Dean, see inscription to E. S. Wells.] 
Cathariner, daughter of Asa & Mary S. Dean Died Dec. 23, 1850. Aged 

10 years 5 mo's & 6 days. 
[Charlotte H. Dean, see inscription to Gen. S. B. Hazeltine.] 
Oiaunceye. son of T. & I. Dean, Died Jan. 18, 1870, JE. 9 [?] ys. dc 5 ms. 

[Son of Truman and Isadore Dean, a. 11 years, 8 months.]* 
Daniel Dean Died [illegible] [Son of Robert Dean, ^. in Barnard, Vt., d. 
Feb. 6, 1872, a. 85 years, 11 months, 18 days.] 
Joel Dean Died [illegible] JE. 50 Yrs. 
Georee C. son of E. P. & A. G. Dean Died June 29, 1877, ^. 2 mos. [George 
Cutler, son of Erasmus P. and Alma (Gilbert) Dean, a. 2 months, 4 days.] 
Geo. Edwin son of Truman & Ellen Dean Died March 24, 1887. M. 8 ms. 

and 24 ds. [Son of Truman and Ellen (Banister) Wells Dean.] 
Georne [George F., son of Tmman Dean, d. July 3, 1875, a. 6 months.] 
Harriet E. Dean Died Mar. 28, 1851. M. 20 y's. 
Davisf Henry Dean Oct. 1816. Jan. 1899. [Son of Daniel and Delphia 

Dean, b. at Barnard, Vt., d. Jan. 12, 1899, a. 82 years, 3 months.] 
Ira F. Dean 1819- [Ira Fay, son of Daniel and Delpha (Farr) Dean (both 
b. in Barnard, Vt.), b. Jan. 11, 1819, d. Oct. 1, 1903.] 
His Wife Mahalla A. Fanton 1826- 
Albertie Dean 1863-1864 [d. Apr. 8, 1864, a. 8 months.] 
Amos Dean 1847-1848. 
Franklin Dean 1851-1854. 
A«adore Abbott, Wife of Truman Dean Died Jan. 9, 1884 M. 44 Y'rs & 6 
M's. [Dau. of Chauncy and Mary Abbott, b. at Abbott's Comers, P. 
Q., a. 44 years, 5 months, 21 days.] 
''aiie S. Paige Wife of Henry Dean 1824. 1893. [Dau. of Gardiner and 
Betsey Paige, d. Aug. 1, 1893, a. 69 years, 2 months, 13 days.] 

*IU«cible portions of this inseription have been replaced by words taken from an inaeription 
^ Uiii child found on the monument of his grandfather, Daniel Dean. 
^^Aa yet there are no Davises buried in this lot. but burials of Davises may take place here in 

176 Inscripttana at Bakersfidd, VL [Jul 

Laura J. Burville Wife of Erastus P. Dean Died Mar. 12, 1874, JE. 32 Y'r 

[Laura P.^ dau. of Reuben and Lucretia Burville, b. in Ohio, a. 33 yean 

,Wd Mary Dean, daugh. of Benj. & Azubah Done, died Maidi 6, 1840; S 

28 years. 
Maryann Lorane died October 4th 1820 Aged 19 months dau|^ter of Asa . 

r > Harriet A Dean. 
Polly Jackson Wife of Robert Dean Died Oct. 11, 1892. Aged 89 Years. 
Robert Dean, Died Mar. 22, 1864. ^. 68 ys. 
Baby [Child of Truman and Isadore (Abbott) Dean, d. July 2, 1877, a. I 

davs 1 
Arthur. Died 1850.* 

Harriet N. Died 1852.t 
Willie H. Died 1857.$ 
Louisa Fletcher. Died 1862. f 

Children of Horace & Elsina S. Denio. 
Timothy Denio 1772-1831 

Experience, His Wife 1778-1841 

Clarissa G. Daur. of T. A. K Denio, 1809-1896. 

Infant 1807 

Harriet N. 1812-1884|| 

Charles 1813-1814 

George W. 1815-1891 f 
f Sylvanus A. 1818-1892** 

Children of T. & E. Denio. 
Nelson C. Dixon Died Aug. 15, 1895. M. 39 Y'rs. [Son of Moses and Sann 
Dixon, b. at Franklin, Vt., d. at Burlington, Vt., a. 39 years, 6 moDthfl) 
3 days.] 
Azubah, daugh of Benj. & Azubah Doane, Died Jan. 30, 1867, ^ 67 Ts. 
Benjamin Doane, died Aug. 29. 1846, aged 74 years. 
Benjamin Doane Bom Sept. 16. 1807. Died Nov. 14, 1888. [Son d 
Benjamin and Mary Doane, a. Nov. 17, 1888, a. 81 years, 2 months, 1 
His Wife Precinda Died Sept. 15, 1870. JE. 55 Y'rs. [Daa. of 
Ellas and Lucy Lawrence, b. at Enosburg, Vt., a. 56 yetxB, 4 
months, 3 days.] 
Fanny L. Brown Bom Feb. 22, 1844. Died June 13, 1873. [Fuoy 
(Doane) Brown, dau. of Benjamin and Precinda (LawreDoe) 
Doane, a. 28 years, 6 months, 8 days.] 
Bradley J. Doane 1846-1901. [Son of Henry and Persis Doane, d. June 22, 
1901, a. 54 years, 10 months, 11 days.] 
EUen H. RandaU His Wife 1850- 
Curtis G. Doane Bom July 26, 1839 Died Sept. 18, 1878 [Son of BenjamiD 
and Precinda (Lawrence) Doane, d. Sept. 19, 1878, a. 39 yetn» 2 
months, 9 days.] 
H. M. Doane 1840-1913 Member of Co. B. Ist Reg't Vt. CaVy And Co. 
A. 17th Vt. Lif. pSenry Morton, son of Benj. and Precinda (Lawieooe) 
Doane^. Dec. 28, 1840, d. Feb. 1, 1913.] 
His Wife Mary A. Parlee 1843-1915 
Hattie B. Dau. of C. G. & F. H. Doane Died June 8, 1870, iE. 1 Tr. A 

'Arthur Denio. bora Aug. 4. 1850. died Sept. 80. 1850. 
tHftiriet NeweU Denio, bora Aug. 31. 1852. died Oet. 10. 1852. 
tWillie Horace Denio. bora Dec. 0. 1856. died Sept. 23. 1857.« 
fLouiea Fletcher Denio. bora Aug. 18. 1862. died Aug. 31, 1862. 
I Lived and died at Hardwiek. Mass. 
tUved and died at Hyde Park, Vt. 
**LiTed and died in Boeton, Maaa. 
tfDaughter of Curtis Q. and F. H. fBaker) Doane.-^. l. •. 

1020] Inscriptions at Bakerafidd, Yt. 177 

Saoed to the Memory of Henan S. son of Benjamin & Azubah Doane. who 

died Apr 2nd 1808: ajrod 2 years 7 monUis & 8 days. 
Mildred Infant Dau. of Charles B: & E. Doane Bom May 3, 1898, Died 

Aug. 25, 1898. 
Minnie Daughter of J. W. & E. M. Doane Died May 30, 1890. M. 9 Y's & 
8 Ms. [Dau. of John W. and Emma (Giddings) Doane, a. 9 years, 8 
months, 17 dajrs.] 
Penis Howe Wife of James H. Doane, Died Sept. 30, 1873, 2E. 65 yrs, 10 
mo's, & 26 d's. [Persis (Howe) Fuller Doane, dau. of John and Bath- 
sheba Howe.] 
In Memory of Sophronia Doane who died Sept. 21, 1814, In the 20th year of 

her age. Daughr of Benjn. & Azubah Doane. 
Baby Infant son of Bradley & EUen H. Doane. [Son of Bradley and 

Ellen H. (Randall) Doane, a. 5 days.] 
In memory of Azubah, Wife of Benjamin Done, died June 27. 1845, Aged 

72 Ys. & 9 mo. 
James H. Done, died June 17, 1847, JE. 44 Y's & 9 Mo. 
Wm. S. Downey 1B41- Co. E. 3d Reg. Vt. Vol. [Son of Russell and 
Eliza (Casey) Downey, d. Dec. 9, 1813, a. 72 years, 7 months, 11 days.] 
Jane C. Westcot His Wife 1850-1906 
James H. son of Joseph & Paulina Dimham died July 11, 1842 aged 9 years 

& 5 mo. 
Joseph Albert son of Joseph & Paulina Dunham, died May 6. 1831, aged 3 

years & 18 days. 
lama AUen daughter of Joseph & Paulina Dunham, died March 18, 1827 

aged 7 months. 
B. Dunn 1803. .. . 
Betsey Smith, Daughter of John Dunn Esq. Died Jan. 8, 1820, Aged 21 

Harriet Wife of Rev. H. Dunn, Died Aug. 26, 1835, in the 2l8t yr. of her 

In memory of James Dunn died Dec. 29, 1843, Aged 77 years. 
Joab S. Dunn Died Nov. 30, 1829. Aged 29 years. 
John Dunn Esq. Died Oct. 11, 1835, Aged 64 Years. 
John B. Dunn Died Nov. 7, 1828, Aged 26 years. 
Lney Ann; Wife of Rev. L. A. Dunn; Died at Fairfax Mar. 6, 1853, M. 42 

Yrs. Bom at Charlestown Mass. Jan. 4 1811.* 
In Memory of Margaret Fulton Dunn Bom Sept. 20, 1775. Died June 21, 

1866. [b. in Schenectady, N. Y., widow.] 
Norman Dunn Died Oct. 5, 1847. M, 42 Yrs. 
Royal S. Dunn Died March 8, 1846. JE. 27 Y'rs. 
Uiry E. Dwyer Died Mar. 17, 1897. M. 76 Y'rs. 
R. £ 1817 ^ 8 M 

Hannah B. Holt Wife of Stephen A. Eldredf Died Jan. 27, 1901. M, 55 Y'rs. 
4 Ms. [Hannah Bithena, dau. of Amos and Hannah Holt, b. at Oranby, 
P. Q., a. 55 years, 4 months, 17 days.] 
Afla H. Ewinffs, Died June 4 1841, M, 38 Y'rs. 
[SUme broken] Died June 21 1858 M. 70 yrs. & 7 Mo. Pau. of William 

and F. 
Boxana Maynard Wife of Asa H Ewings, Died Sept. 26, 1877, M. 77 Yrs. 
Amos Famsworth Died Aug. 23, 1850. M. 46 y's. 

I)ea. Andrew Famsworth Bom Jan. 20, 1788, at Sterling Mass. Died Apr. 
8, 1872, at Peterboro N. H. M. 84 yrs. 

*8h« died at Fairfu. Vt. 

t8t«phen A. Eldred and his father, Stephen Eldred, are buried at Montgomery Vt. — if. l. s. 

tThe iravettone of Mrs. Polly Ewinge. 

178 Inscriptions at Bakersfield, Vt. [Julp 

In Memory of Anna Famsworth who died July 24th AD 1825. in the 591% 

year of her Age. wife of Jonathan Famsworth. 
Betsey Wife of Prentice Famsworth Died July 25, 1846, M. 47 Y'rs & 9 mo'3 
H. H. Famsworth 1820-1902 

His Wife Laura A. Shattuck 1826-1907 
Lucy A. Famsworth July 31, 1850. M, 2 Mos. 
I. F. Famsworth 1800-1868. [Isaac F., son of Jonathan and Nancy 
(Willard) Famsworth, d. Oct. 8, 1868, a. 69 years.] 
His Wife Asenath Corse 1806-1897 
Byron Famsworth 1832-1901. 
Charlotte Famsworth 1834-1910. 
Two Infant Children of I. F. & A. Famsworth, 1831. 
Annie F. Famsworth 1850-1917 
Austin F. Famsworth 1839-1844. 
Milo Famsworth 1848-1865. 
Jonathan Famsworth died Aug. 23, 1840: Aged 82 years. 
Joseph B. Famsworth Died June 22, 1882 M, 75 3r'r8. 9 m's. & 13 ds. 
Lucy Start Wife of Andrew Famsworth Died Jan. 1, 1826. Aged 28 y'rs 

28 ds. 
Maria Start Wife of Dea. Andrew Farnsworth. Bom Feb. 13, 1801, Died 
Jan. 30, 1865, M, 64 yrs. [Mariah, dau. of Moses and P^gy (Gould) 
Start, a. 63 years, 2 months.] 
Orin C. Famsworth Furst Vt. Cavahy 1841-1910 [Son of Joseph and 
Sophia (Eaton) Famsworth, b. Mar. 29, 1841, d. Apr. 16, 1910, a. 69 
years, 18 days.] 
His Wife Sarah Aldrich 1833-1888. [Sarah E., dau. of Prentis and 
Betsey Shattuck, b. at Malone, N. Y., d. Aug. 8, 1888, a. 55 yean, 
7 months, 22 da3rs, a suicide.] 
Plrentice Famsworth Died March 9, 1846, M, 55 Y'rs k 10 mo's. 
Royal Famsworth, Died Nov. 9, 1858, Aged 49 y's. ft 8 mo. [Son of Jonathan 

Famsworth, a. 49 years, 11 months.] 
S. C. Farnsworth M. D. 1837-1903. [Silas C. Famsworth.] 
Sophia Eaton Wife of J. B. Famsworth, Bom in Enosbur^. Dec. 18, 1812, 

Died in Bakersfield. Sept. 14, 1887. 
In Memory of Ezra Farwell, who died Aug. 23. 1833. aged 35 years 9 months 

h 15 days. 
Ezra M. Farwell, Died Oct. 6, 1867, M. 43 yrs. & 7 ms. 
Sacred to the memory of Samuel Farwell. who died March 16th 1805 ag^ 

32 years. 
In Memory of Betsey daughter of Jonathan ft Ruth Fay. who died April 

30. 1829. Aged 15 years k 6 months. 
Cephas Fay. died Novi 15th 1816. aged 17 months, son of Jonathan k Bnth 

Charles W. Fay Sept. 5, 1827, Apr. 21, 1895. Co. D. 4th Regt B4a«. 
Heavy Art'l [Son of John and Anna (Olmstead) Fay, b. in Quebec, 
P. Q., d. Sept. 5, 1895, a. 55 years, 4 months, 18 days, single.] 
Eliakim Fay Died November 25, 1848. Aged 82 Years. 
Eliza wife of Edward H. Fay Died March 22, 1853. M. 22 Y's. 7 M's. k 

10 D's. 
Hannah Wife of Eliakim Fay, died Oct. 22, 1846. Affed 79 Years. 
Ira Fay Died Mar. 12, 1875, M. 81 Yrs. [Son of Ebakim Fay, b. in Stock- 
bridge, Mass.] 
Miriam, Wife of Ira Fay, Died Mar. 7, 1879, -ffi. 84 Ys. & 3 ms. 
May Fay Jan. 7, 1814, Jan. 9, 1892. 

[To be continued] 

1920] Master Tate's Diary 179 



Genealogical Societt 
[Ck>ncluded from page 130] 

Monday Night Feb. 25th. 1771. Mr. Robert Rodgers Married to Mrs. 
Esther Lord Daughter of Mr. Nathan Lord Junr. A Mrs. Ester Lord 
of Berwick.* 

Tuesday July 18 1769 Rachel Wilson a Quaker Woman from Old England, 
Preach'd at Dover New England. 

PViday Night Mar. 15. 1771 Abner youngs house at Lebanon Burnt. Hichd. 
Hussey Very much Burnt. Francis Pierce, Saml. Holden. 

Sunday March ye 24. 1771 One Mary Harford 16. Girl De|)rivd of Natural 
Reason Daughter of Nicholas Harford of Dover, who Liv'd with Eben- 
ear Clements during Mr. Clements and Wife being at Meeting, she 
Smote one Wm. Ward a poor Boy belonging to ye Isle of Shoals with 
ye Tongs Cut him in a Barbarous Maimer in 2 places on ye SkuU db 
would have Soon Expired had not Mr. Ephraim Kenny & Wife Plrovi- 
dentially passed that way. sd. Boy's Skull Broke in 2 places he Dyd on 
Sunday March [worn] about 12 o Clock in ye day. 

Imiday Mar. Bl. 1771 Rebecca Twombly Daughter of Benja. and Susannah 
Twombly of Somersworth Dy'd. Buried on Tuesday April 2nd. 1771. 

liursday April 4th. 1771 The Body of ye i^oresd. Wm. Wani was Dug up 
by ordr. of ye Authority and View'd by [toom] Gage Esq. Coroner Ac. 
Sd. Mary HiEirford was Taken on Sd. Day & Commited to Goal. 

lursday April 11. 1771 Mr. Philip Yeaton of Somersworth Dy'd. Buried 
on Monday April ye 15th. 1771. 

Uday. April 12th. 1771. Mr. Benja Philpot Rais'd a New Bam Near his 
Mothers House at Somersworth. 

"iiflsday Nij^t about 12 o th Clock April 16. 1771 Betty Whitehouse Daugh- 
ter of Thos. ic Betty Whitehouse of Somersworth Dy'd Bury'd on 
Thursday April 18th. 1771. Fast day in New Hampshire. She was 
11 Years ana 2 Months wanting 2 Days old when she Dy'd. 

Ted. April 24. 1771 Eliphalet Cromwel & Ephraim Plumer Launch'd a 
New fishing Boat at fresh Creek. Built by Timothy Wattson. 

Tednesday May ye 8th. 1771 Jno. Tebbets & Partners Launch'd a New fill- 
ing Boat at Somersworth Built by Timothy Wattson. & David Lewis. 

[onday May ye 13. 1771 CoUo. John Wentworth Chosen Representative 
for ye Town of Somersworth. 

hy 23rd. 1771 Joanna Straw a Miserable palefac'd Devil came into my 
house my wife being Gone from home & Stole Between 3 or 4 Ounces of 
Cotton, my Daughter forbid her, but ye pale fac'd object Took it by 
Violence & Sent home in Return about a ^of an Ounce of Dirty Cotton 
by Ann Roberts Junr. 

Wednesday May 22. 1771 Thos. Wentworth Son of Moses Wentworth of 
Somersworth was Missing, & found Drowned in ye Great falls River 
between ye Bridge & ye Mills. Whats Farther Remarkable ye same 
Child was Lost in ye Woods at Tufton Town in May. 1770 where he 
was 17 Days and Liv'd only on Berrys, in Violent Storms with AwfuU 
Thunder & Lightning with abundance of Rain. 

*yH4mfra,p, 195. 

VOL. Lzxrv. 12 

180 Master Tate's Diary [July 

Wed. May 29th. 1771 My Son Robert Mov'd his Family up to Lebanon. 

Tuesday, May 2. 1771 The first Time of Mr. Cromwels & Mr. Plumers Boat 
going out a Fishing. 

Wednesday Feb. 13th. 1771 Mr. Daniel Goodwin of Berwick Married to Mrs. 
Sarah Hobbs Daughter of Capt. Maurice Hobbs of Bobtick. 

Monday June ye 10. 1771 Mary Hall wife of the Revd. Mr. Avery Hall of 
Rochester Dy'd & was Buried on Thursday June ye 13th. 

Thursday June ye 13th. 1771 Ensn. Ichabod Rollins & [worn] Quinbey 
Rais'd a Grist & Fulling Mill at Quampahaggen, (Somersworth Side.) 
Framed pr Mr. James Rioberts. 

Friday June ye 14. 1771 Dr. Moses Carr Rais'd a New Bam for his Son 
Moses. Near Jonathan Wentworth's. 

Saturday June ye 15. 1771 Sally Moor of Somersworth. Dy'd She and Babe 
Buried on Monday June ye 17. William Mopr's wife. j 

Tuesday June ye 18th. 1771 Mr. Aaron Roberts's wife Delivered of a Son 
Nam'd Aaron. 

Monday Evening June 24th. 1771 Mr. Josiah Tebbets Mov'd from his 
Brother Francis Warrens to ye house he purchased of Mr. William 

Saturday July ye 6th. 1771 Mr. Rook Stillians of Berwick Dy'd Aged 
Years. Buried on Monday July ye 8th. 1771. 

Dartmouth Colledge at Hanover in ye Province of New Hampshire in New 
England founded Anno. 1770. The Revd. Mr. Eleazer Wiieelock Pteo- 

Saturday Night July 13th. 1771 Sarah the wife of Jno. Cole dy'd, (not La- 
mented by him, nor Mary Hammock. 

Lord wife of Nathan Lord of Berwick Dy'd on Sunday about Seven 
o Clock mom'g. 

Tuesday July 23rd. ADom. 1771 Lieut. Moses Yeaton A Partners, Vii. Jno. 
Kenny Mark Wallingford. Hawl'd a New Schooner from Lieut. 
Yeatons to St. Albans Cove. Built pr. Timothy Wattson & David 

Monday July 22nd. 1771 Mr. James Peery of Berwick an Indefatigable 
Cordwainer Married to ye Wo. Kezia SuUivane Wo. of Shougan 
seulevane Late of Berwick Deed. Jojrner. who dy'd at St. Vincent. 

From ye Portsmouth Magazine Friday 12th. 1771 Hear from Dainari»- 
Cottey that about 3 weeks ago, 3 Men being in a Canoe fishing about 
14 A Mile from ye Shore, a Large Shark came alongsides A after f^ 
Several Times undr. ye Canoe, came up & took ye Man Standing in ye 
Middle, overboard Bit him in Two pieces and Swallowed both parts; 
afterwards came up to ye Canoe again, when ye other 2 being TerriUly 
affrighted, hove over all their fish, & Laid themselves down on ye Bot- 
tom, on which ye Shark made towards a Boat Lying a Little Distanoe. 
Luckily one of the people had a Gun, on the Sharks coming up alongTside 
shot hun Instantly Dead, They afterwds. Towed him on Shore, opened 
him, & Took out the 2 parts of ye Man, & Buried them. 

Portsmouth Gazette July. 12th. 1771 We hear from Plastow, that Las* 
week was Married there by ye Revd. Mr. Arthur Bpowd 3^ R«v(l 
Moses Badger of Haverhill. Ltinenant [^J Missionary for ye Prov- 
ince of N. Hampe. to Miss Mary Saltonstall of Boston. 

Thursday July ye 25th. 1771 Mr. Danl. Goodwin's wife of Berwick Salmon 
falls Deliverd of a Son (Namd Nathaniel. She was one of ye Daugh- 
ters of Capt. Maurice & Mrs. Anne Hobbs, whose Maiden Name ^'W 

Thursday Aug. 1st. 1771 Jane Mimmey of Somersworth Delivered of Tvnos 
which She Swore on James Roberts, Namely, James, & MoUy. 

1920] Master Tate's Diary 181 

Friday Augt. ye 2nd. 1771. Thos. Nock Son of SUvanus Nock Deed. 
Drowned in Sak&on Falls River, Buried on Saturday ye 3rd. 

Sunday Aug. ye 4th. 1771 Collo. Thomas Wallin^ord of Somersworth Dy'd 
at Capt. Stoodley's at Portsmouth', was Carried up to Somersworth in 
the Evening & Buried on Tuesday Aug. ye 6th. Aged 74 Years ye 28th. 
day of July Last. 

Saturday Dec. 15. 1770 In the Evening of sd. day one Mr. George Femald 
of Portsmouth Wife & Son about 10 Years of Age, Drowned Near 
Hendersons point. Between Portsmouth & Newcastle. 1770. (Only 
wife & Son Drowned. 

Wed. Dec. 19. 1770 Married by ye Revd. Mr. Arthur Browne of Portsmouth 
Michael Wentworth Esq. to Martha Wentworth Wo. of Governour 
Benning Wentworth of New Hampshire Deed. 

Wednesday July 31. 1771 Mrs. Ruth Hobbs Delivered of a Son Nam'd Eben- 

Joly 25. 1771 Mr. Eliphalet Ricker of Somersworth Married to Mrs. Abigail 
Pike Daughter of Mr. Thos. Pike of Berwick. 

Sinnah Wood Daughter of Mr. Danl. & Mrs. Mary Wood of Berwick Dy'd 
on Saturday Aug. 10. 1771. Molly Wood Daughter of the abovesd. 
Danl. & Mary Wood Dy'd on Friday Aug. ye 16th. 1771. 

rhorsday Au^. 15th. 1771 Mr. Moses Paul rais'd a New House frame at 
Cochecho point (Somersworth). 

saac Lord. Son of Mr. Saml. & Mrs. Lydia Lord of Berwick Dy'd on Thur. 
Sep. 5. 1771. 

tunday Sep. 1st. 1771. Miss Abigail Wallingford Daughter of Cap. Thos. 
A Mrs. Abigail Wallingford of Somersworth Broke her Leg. 

Uem March 19. 1771 Dy'd on Wed. ye 13th. of this Instant, at Reading 
Precinct, Mr. Jno. Bickford, aged about 97 years. He was the father 
of 11 Children, 96 Grand-Children, 175 Great-Grand-Children, & one 
of the 5th Generation, in all, 283 — ^To include Marriages with ye several 
Branches makes 330. 

(onday Sep. 16. 1771 Mrs. Olive Roberts Wife of Mr. Nathan Roberts of 
Somersworth Dy'd. Buried on Thursday ye 19th. 

londay Sep. 16. 1771 Mr. David Tinney Preach 'd a Lecture Sermon at 
Somersworth. Text 2 Chap. Hebrews, 1st. part of ye 3rd. Verse. He 
was ordaind Minister of ye Town of Barrington on Wed. ye 18th. of 
Sep. 1771 Ordination Sermon preach'd by ye Revd. Chandler 

of Rowley, Great Uncle to sd. Tinney. Text Taken from 

[raday Sep. 16. 1771 Mrs. Martha Pike Wife of Mr. John Pike of Somers- 
worth DeUver'd of a Son Named Nathaniel. 

Bnday Evening Sep. 22nd. 1771 Cap Ebenezer Ricker Married to Mrs. 
E^iizabeth Wallingford Daughter of Capt. Thomas & Mrs. Abigail 
Wallingford of Somersworth. 

beneser Hobbs Son of Mr. James & Mrs. Ruth Hobbs of Somersworth Dy'd 
on Tuesday Sep. ye 24. ADomini 1771. 

\ie8day Aug. 6. 1771 During my Wife and Daughters absence, they Being 
at Collo. Wallingfords Funeral Love Roberts Junior Climb'd up ye 
side of my house, into ye Chamber Window, I saw him in ye Chamber, 
he made his Escape by Jumping out at ye other Window, my Chest was 
Broke open, I Lost near 4. of Old Cheese, with some Tea & CoSee, 
Mr. James Roberts was Sawing at ye Lower Mill, & saw him make 
im Escape. 

ta. Dorothy Garvin Capt. James Garvin Junior's Wife Deliver'd ofif a 
Daughter Nam'd Sarah. 

hursday Night Sep. 26. 1771 Wm. Plaistead Junrs. wife Deliverd of a 
Daughter, Nam'd Naomi. 

182 Master Tate's Diary [July 

Friday Mom October ye 4. 1771. Danl. Straws wife Joanna Deliver'd of a 
Daughter Nam'd * 

Nathl. Inke Son of Mr. Jno. Pike of Somersworth Dy'd on Sunday Ni^t 
Sep. 29th. 1771. 

Tbursday Oct. ye 10th. 1771 Mr. David Moore of Berwick Launched a Ship 
of 220 Tun Burthen. 

Eliz. Rankins Daughter of Joseph Rankins of Towwon, (Aut Lebanon,) 
Dy'd at CoUo. John Wentworth's at Somersworth on Monday about 3 
Minutes after 10 o Clock. A. M. Nov. 4. 1771. Buried on Tuesday 
Nov. 5th. 1771 

Sunday Oct. 27th. 1771. Martha Warren Daughter of Mr. James Warren 
Junr. of Berwick Dyd. 

Friday Nov. 8th. 1771 Elizabeth Clements Daughter of Mr. Saml. 4 Mn. 
Sarah Clements of Somersworth Dy'd Friday Nov. 8th. 1771* 

Thursday Mom. Jan. 3. 1771 The Brig Greyhound James Garvin Junr. 
Master from Portsmouth [wom] of Barbados, oversat in ye Istiwom] 
Where they Continued on ye Wreck 3 days A Ni[uwm] Taken off by a 
French Guinea Man from [warn] Bound to Nantz. then put on Board 
ye [illegible] Jno. Hall Master, A Carried into Tinmouth in Old Eng- 

Mr. Moses Goodwin of Berwick Dy'd on Sat[ti;om] Feb. ye 8th. 1772. 

Mrs. Susaimah Wallingford Wo. of Jno. Wallingford Deed. D'y'd on Sunday 
Feb. ye 9th. 1772. 

Dec. 3rd. 1771 Tuesday Revd. Murray Preach'd at Berwick . . . 

Tuesday Dec. 3. 1771 Capt. Richd. Waldron of Dover Dy'd. 

Monday Dec. 16th. 1771 Mr. Benja. Evans Married to Elizabeth Rkto 
Daughter of Eliz. Marden whom She Laid to Ephraim Ridcer. 

Friday Mom Dec. 27th. 1771 Mr. Josha. Roberts of Somersworth Dy'd. 

Nov. 1st. 1759 Philip Pappoon Tumbled thro' ye Middle Mill on Salmon 
falls Somersworth Side & fractur'd his Skull. & on Friday Evoiing 
Jan. 3rd 1772 he Tumbled over ye Middle Mill Damm, dyd on Thursday 
Night Jan 9th. 1772 Buried on Saturday 11th. 

Thursday Mom about 4 o the Clock Jan. 16th. 1772 Mrs. Dorcas Lord Dy'd. 
Dau^ter of Mr. Saml. Lord of Berwick. 

Friend John Hoddesdon Married to Susannah Hussey, Dau^t^ of Joseph 
Hussey of Somersworth Deed, on Wed. Jan. 22nd. 1772 John Heddesdon. 

Mrs. Margaret Lord Wife of Mr. Nathan Lord of Kittery Dc^cd. dy'd on 

' Wed. Jan. 22nd 1772 in ye 89th. Year of her Age. whose Maiden name 

was Margaret Hearl. She had been ye Mother of 18 Living Children. 

• • • 

A Note of Hand. For Value Reed. I Promise to pay to the Widow Eiinr 
beth GYay or ordr. to ye Value of Nine pounds Lawfull Money in Me^ 
chantable white Pine Boards at a Convenient Landing at ye Market 
Price one third within a Month from ye date hereof, & ye other Two 
thirds at or before ye Tenth day of Oct. Next, as Witness my Innd 
Saml. Warren. Ju[wam] Somersworth Feb. 5. 1772. 

Monday Evening Feb. ye 10th. 1772. Mr. John Grizzel Married to Mis. 
Sally Brock of Somersworth by ye Revd. James Pike. Alias John Gris- 

Mrs. Mercy Warren 1st. Wife of Mr. Benjamin Warren of Somersworth Dy'd 
March 17th. 1758. Mercy his Last Child by his 1st. Wife dy'd Apr. 
16th. 1758. 

Mr. Benja. Warren was Married to his 1st. Wife whose Maiden Name wM 
Mercy Nock, Dn. Thos. Nock Deeds. Daughter on Aug. ye 5th. 1744 

*Thii entry is civen on p. 46 of the late Jamee Swift Rofera'e tsrpewritten eopgr of IfMitf 
Tate'i Diary, but the Editor ham not been able to find it in the ori«inal manuecripi of tke Divy* 

1920] Master Tate's Diary ^ 183 

k Married his 2nd. Wife Mehetable Smith Capt. Thos. Smith Deeds. 
Widow on Nov. 25. 1760. 

Mr. Benja. Warren Son of Mr. James Warren of Berwick was Born on July 
ye 27th. 1723. 

Mr. John Mckleroy of Somersworth Dy'd on 

Sunday Feb. 16th. 1772 Mrs. Martha Mckleroy Wo. of ye abovesd. Jno. 
Mckleroy D/d. 

Deacon Moses Stevens Bom Sunday Aug. 13th. 1708. Sarah Second Wife 
of Deacon Moses Stevens Bom Oct 18. 1726. Daughter of Lieut. Saml. 
Roberts of Somersworth. The first of ye Deacons R^noval to Somers- 
worth was on 

Hmrsdav Nov. 19. 1771 Mr. Jethro Horn Married to Mrs. Mary Stiles. 
Both of Somersworth. by the Revd. James Pike. 

Mottday Feb. 24. 1772 A Number of The Towns people of Somersworth sat 
out for Lebanon in order for to Get Timber for a New Meeting House 
wch they cutt off ye School Lot at Lebanon, k on Tuesday came on a 
Violent storm of Snow Hail k Rain Tuesday June 23rd. 1772 they Be- 
gan Framing, Tuesday June 30 Began Raising k finished Rusing on 
Wed. July 1st. Fram'd by one Josiah Clark of Nottingham. Ist. 
Sermon preach'd in ye New Meeting house before it was finished pr. ye 
Revd. James Pike on Sunday Aug. 1st. 1773. Aug. ye 12th. 1773 A 
New Spire Rais'd pr. Jno. Webster of Mr. Pikes Text was in ye 

87th. Psahn 2nd. Verse 

Mr. Zachariah Nock of Berwick Dy'd on Wednesday Feb. 26. 1772. 

Major John Hill of Berwick Dy'd on Mon[tiH>m] March 2nd. 1772. Buried 
on Frid[uK>m] 6th. were disappointed of Burying on Friday by [worn] 
of a Violent Storm of Snow Rendering Unpassable. Majr. Hill was not 
Buried till Saturday Mar. 7th. 1772 in ye 70th Year of his Affe. 

im. Elizabeth Hill 1st. Wife of ye abovesaid Major Jno. Hill Dy'd on Sun- 
dinr January ye 2nd. 1763. iEtis 55 Years. 

ifn. Hannah Goodwin wife of Mr. Dominick Goodwin of Berwick Dyd on 
Tuesday March ye 10th. 1772. Aut Dominicus Goodwin. 

dr. Ephraim Hanson of Dover Dy'd on Tuesday Night March ye 24. 1772 
Buried on Friday March ye 27th. 

fed. Apr. 1st. 1772. Mr. Ebenezer Hall of Sandford Married to Mrs. Mary 
Goodwin of Berwick by the Revd. James Pike of Somersworth. Who 
Genteelly beg'd their Wedding dinner at Cap. T. W s at Somers- 

worth, She was Daughter of Mr. James k Mrs. Margaret Goodwin of 

In. Mary Hoddesdon Wife of Mr. Israel Hoddesdon of Berwick dy'd on 
April ye 14. 1772. Buried on Friday April 17. She was one of Mr. 
Saml. Lords Daughters of Berwick. 

in. Kezia Peery W&e of James Peery of Berwick aut Massabeseck Dyd 
Saturday Apr. ye 18th. 1772 She was Daughter of Mr. Charles k 
Mrs. Kezia Grant of Ber'k k Wo of Shougan Oseulevane of Berwick 
peed. Tis Reported ye sd. James brought his sd. wife to her fathers 
in a Sleigh from Massabeseck k there Left her without leaving any 
Support, k never came more to See her till she was Buried. . . . 

Wday May Ist. 1772 Eunice Goodwin Daughter of Mr. Danl. k Mrs. 
Martha Goodwin of Berwick killd with Lightning her Brother Stunned. 
Buried on Sunday ye 3rd. 

In. Love Millet of Dover Dy'd Nov Ist. 1763 

Ir. Paul Gerrish Dy'd Nov. 2nd. 1763. 

It. Moses Roberts of Dover Dy'd Nov. 3rd. 1763. 

tr. Cutt Shannon of Portsmouth Dy'd Suddenly on Dec. 19th. 1763. 

[r. Otis Pinkham Dy'd on Dec. mh. 1763 

184 . Master Tate's Diary [July 

Mr. Ebenezer Adams of Durham Dy'd Dec. 6th. 1764 

Mr. Joseph Wentworth of Somersworth Dy'd Jan. 26. 1765 

Major Joseph Smith of Durham Dy'd July 18th. 1765. 

Mr. Andrew Marshal of Dover Dy'd Sep. 2nd. 1765. 

Honble. Henry Sherbum of Portsmouth Dy'd Mar. 3rd. 1767. 

Mr. Saml. Jones's wife of Somersworth Dy'd Feb. 10th. 1763 

Mr Aaron Goodwin of Berwick Dy'd on Tuesday May 5th. 1772. 

Mr. Timothy Davis. Late of Berwick Dy'd Suddenly at Deer Wander on 

Tuesday May 12th. 1772. 
The Revd. Mr. Avery Hall of Rochester Married to Mrs. Abigail Pike By 

the Revd. Mr. James Pike of Somersworth father of the Sd. Abigail 

Pike on Sunday Evening May 17th. 1772. 
Mrs. Elizabeth Tucker of Berwick Dy'd on Monday June ye Ist. 1772. 
Monday April ye 27th. 1772 Mr. David Ricker Son of Mr. Meturen Ricker of 

Somersworth taken by Mr. Paul Wentworth Constable by Warrant from 

2. Girls, one Deliveixi of a Child which she swore on him Vis. Msxy 

Ricker, ye other Lydia Noble then being big with Child by him 
Mrs. Mary Jones Wife of Mr. William Jones of Berwick Dy'd on April ye 

29th. 1771. 
Cap. James Holland of Portsmouth Married to Mrs. Sarah Higdns Daughter 

of Mr. Tilley & Mrs. Mary Higgins of Berwick on Thurs&y May 2l8t 

Sunday Night June ye 7th. 1772 Mr. David Ricker Married to Mrs, Lydii 

Noble who Swore herself to be with Child by him as above. 
Monday June ye 15th. 1772 Mr. Wm. Brock of Somersworth Married to 

Mrs. Elizabeth Mason Wo. of Isaac Mason of Somersworth Deed, k 

Daughter of Mr. Elijah Bunker of Dover, pr. ye Revd. Jeremiah Bel- 
April 15. 1772 Mr. Thomas Nock Married to Mrs. Sarah Scates Daugter 

of Mr. John Scates of Berwick pr. ye Revd. Mr. Matthew Miriam. 
Mrs. Mary Grant Daughter of Mr. Charles and Mrs. Kezia Grant IV^ ^ 

Satuixiay June ye 20th. Buried on Monday June 21. 1772. 
Friday June 26th. 1772 Mr. David Moore of Berwick Launched a New Ship. 

for Capt. Supply Clap. 
Monday June 22nd. 1772 a piece of Land Sank on Collo. Thos. Wallingfords 

Land of Somersworth Deed. Lying at a place called ye 9 Notcbss on 

Berwick Side. 
Bom Friday Mom June 26. 1772 Mrs. Eliz. Ricker wife of Capt. Ebcnr. 

Ricker of Somersworth Deliver'd of a Son Nam'd. Thomas. 
Wednesday July 1st. 1772 Jno. Griswould Mov'd from Somersworth his wife 

& David Goodwins wife in ordr. to go to Springfield. 
Mrs. Olive Row Wife of Mr. Saml. Row of Berwick Dy'd on June 1772. 
2 Sons of Mr. Joshua Chadboum of Philips Town Drown'd on June 1772. 
Jonathan Young Son of Mr. Jonathan Young of Rochester Drowned on 

July 1772. [Sunday Sep[trom] 7 o Clock added in another hani- 

Wed. July 15th. 1772 Mrs. Abigail Drew Wo. of Mr. Jno. Drew of Someft- 

worth Deed. Dyd, Bury'd on Thursday July 16th. 
Saturday about one o Clock Elizabeth Whitehouse Daughter of Mr. RiehL 

and Mrs. Hannah Whitehouse Born July 25. 1772 
Mrs. Sarah HUl 2nd. Wife of Major Jno. HiU of Berwick dy'd on Tlni* 

Aug. 13. 1772. 
Capt. VVilliam Preston Married to Miss Molly Laver of Somersworth by 7* 

Revd. James Pike on Sunday Aug. ye 2nd. 1772. 
Mrs. Debby Stiles Daughter of Mr. Wm. & Mrs. Lydia Stiles ol Someo* 

worth Dy'd on Tuesday Augt. ye 25th. 1772. 

120] Master Tale's Diary 186 

iend Stephen Austin Married to Mrs. Abigail Saunders on Sunday June 
the 28th. 1772. 

[r. Saml. Frost Married to Miss Esther Mason Daughter of Mr. Jno. h, 
Mrs. Esther Mason of Somersworth on Monday July the 13th. 1772. 
[In another handtoriting an undecipherable character has been added, fol- 
lowed by the words 1817 May 3rd.] 

hurs. Just before Ni^t Sep. 4th. 1772 Abraham Wadley son of Mr. Moses 
Wadley of Berwick was Drowned in Newichawannick River. 

[r. Charles Libbey of Berwick dy'd on Tuesday Momg Sep. 8th. 1772 
Buried on Thursday ye 10th. 

[r. Thomas Wallingford Son of Mr. Ebenezer & Mrs. Mary Wallingford dy'd 
on Friday Sep. 11th. 1772. & was buried on Sunday ye 13th. his death 
was Occasioned by ye fall from a horse, about 2 Hours before his Death. 

lesday Nov. 10th. 1772. A General Review of the Militia at Dover pr. 
his Excellency Jno. Wentworth Esq. 

lesday Nov. 10. 1772 Mr. David Moore Launched a New Ship. 

lursday Nov. 12. 1772 Solomon Goodwin Executed at Falmouth for ye 
Murder of David Wilson. 

mes Estes Son of Mr. Danl. & Mrs. Mary Estes of Berwick dy'd Suddenly 
on Friday Evening Oct. 9th. 1772 

onday Oct. 12th. 1772 Mrs. Mary Walton Delivered of a Daughter which 
she Laid on Jno. Pierce of Berwick. Nam'd Sarah. 

lesday Night Nov. 24th. 1772 Zac. Nock Junr. Taken by Capt. Moses 
Yeaton for Stealing of Logs from Jona. Wentworth Tumd King's 
Evidence on Wednesday & was Released, (on Wednesday. 

lur. Dec. 3. 1772. Thanksgiving in Both Provinces my house was Broken 
open & my Chest Broken open & Stole out of my Chest 3 pints of rum 
Thieves W Plaistead & Miles Ford. 

loisday Evening Dec. 10th. 1772 That Infernal Rogue Dick Turpin Shot 
my Dog. Alias Benja. Evans. 

ed. Dec. 2. 1772 Mr. Joseph Ricker of Berwick Dy'd. 

nday Dec. 20th. 1772 Mr. Charles Grant Junior of Berwick Married to 
Miss Sydney Leary of Somersworth pr. the Revd. Mr. James Pike. 

mday Dec. 21st. 1772 Mr. Ichabod Roberts Married to Mrs. Susannah 
Roberts Daud^ter of Mr. Joseph & Mrs. Joanna Roberts of Somers- 
worth, pr. ye Revd. Mr. James Pike. 

lesday Dec. 29th. 1772 Deborah Rankins Daughter of Mr. Joseph Rankins 
Late of Lebanon Deed. Dy'd at Collo. Jno. Wentworths at Somers- 
worth Whats Remarkable her Sister Eliz. dy'd at sd. Collo. Went- 
worths on Monday about 3 Minutes after 10 Nov. 4. 1771. 

mes Prime Son of Mr. Joseph & Mrs. Lydia Prime of Berwick dyd on Dec. 
31st. 1772. 

r. Danl. Plumer of Fresh Creek Dy'd on Friday Jan. 8th. 1773. iEtis. 

r. Thos. Roberts & Mrs. Eliz Warren Married on Monday Night Jan. 18th. 
1773 pr. ye Revd. James Pike at Somersworth 

lursday Feb. 18. 1773 Madam Eliz. Wallingfords Negro Phillis Dy'd. 

iscilla Hodsdon Wife of Cap. Caleb Hodsdon of Dover Dy'd on Sunday 
Feb. 21. 1773. 

lursday Feb. 25. 1773 Mr. Joseph Peevey's wife of Berwick Dy'd. 

lursday Feb. 25. 1773 Mr. Jno. Field of Dover Dy'd. 

iday Feb 26. 1773 Mr. Moses Paul of Somersworth Dy'd. 

re. Christina Baker of Dover Dy'd on 1773 

r. Jno. Brown of Somersworth Dy'd on Sunday Evening Mar. 7th. 1773. 

Uy Chadboum Daughter of Benja. Chadboum Esq. of Berwick Dy'd on 
Wed. Mom. Mar. 24. 1773. 

r. John Gushing of Boston Married to Miss Olive Wallingford Daughter of 

186 Master Tate's Diary . [Julj 

The Honble. Collo. Thos. Wallingford Esq. of Somersworth Deed, on 

Tues. Apr. '6 1773 
Mr. Jno. Pray of Berwick Dy'd on Wed. Nig^t Apr. 7th. 1773. 
Mrs. Ann Heard Wife of Mr. Tnistham Heard Junr. of Berwick & Daughter 

of Dn. Saml. Wentworth Dy'd on Tues. Apr. 20th. 1773. 
Mrs. Deborah Stacpole Wife of Mr. Aaron Stacpole of Somersworth Dyd on 

Monday May 3rd. 1773 
Wo. Eliz Hussey of Somersworth Dyd on Monday May. 3rd. 1773. 
Gideon Warren's Son D3rd (aut Drownd in ye Tan pit on Tues. May 

4th. 1773 
Mrs. Martha Lord Wife of Cap. Ebenr. Lord of Berwick dy'd on Wed. 

May 5th. 1773. 
Thurs May 6. 1773 Mr. John Welch went to Portsmouth in order to be Mar- 
ried to Mrs. Debby Tuttle But when came there had like to have been 

Defeated pr. Alexr M'Intire. 
Tues. June 1st. 1773 Mr. Perry School Master at Eittery kiUd with 

Friday May 21st. 1773 Wm. Jones Innholder at Portsmouth was Taken up 

adrift who drownd himself on Dec. 24. 1772. 
William Prestons Wife (Mary) dy'd on Friday June 4th. 1773. 
Monday Eveng May 17. 1773 A dreadfull Gust of Wind & Rain, with awfuQ 

Thunder & Lightning a Nmnber of people coming up the River Loaden 

with Rockweed. Viz. Mr. Saml. Lord ^. of Berwick, Mrs. Lucy Lord 

& Jonathan Hardison, Mr. Jacob Quinbey, Mr. Josiah Tebbets, Mr. 

Charles & Mrs. Molly Stacpole. ye Boat oversat Near Sturgeon 

Creek. & 3 of them were drownd. Viz. Mr. Saml. Lord, Mrs. Lucy Lord, 

& Jonathan Hardison, ye Rest Narrowly Escaped ye same fate sd. 

Lucy & Jonathan were Taken up on ye Next day. Saml. not Taken 

up till Sunday May 30. Taken up in ye Back River by Timothy 

Clements. Swnl. Lord Bom Saturday Feb. 8. O. S. 1735. 
Friend Thomas Hanson of Dover fell down dead at Philip Door's Door, at 

Lebanon on Thur. June ye 17. 1773 he was Going to hitch his Horse 

to ye Fence June 17. 1773. 
Wed. June 9th. 1773 Mr. Paul Wentworth Raisd a Grist Mill at ye Great 

Falls on Somersworth Side. 
CoUo. Jno. Gage of Dover Taken Sick on Wed. Night June ye 23rd. Dy'd 

on Friday June 25 & Buried on Sunday June the 27. 1773 
Mr. Abner Clements of Somersworth Dy'd on Sunday July ye 4th. & Bur- 
ied on Monday July ye 5th. 1773. 
Mr. Mark Wallingford of Somersworth Dyd on Monday Night about H 

after 10 July 5th. <k Buried on Wednesday July 7th. 1773. 
Mr. John Wood of Dover Dy'd on Tuesday July ye 27th. 1773 j 

Monday Aug. 2nd. 1773 Mr. Taylor Goodwin of Berwick Drowned. 
Monday Aug. 23rd. 1773 Mr. Jno. Bicker's Negro Tony Dy'd Buried on 

Wed. ye 25 
Wed. Aue. 25th. 1773 The Middle Saw Mill at Saknon falls Berwick Side 

Raisd fram'd pr. Ebenezer Hanson. 
Mr. Spencer Wentworth of Dover Dy'd on Thursday Aug. ye 6th. 1773. 

Bury'd on ye 7th. 
Anne Pray Daughter of Mr. Joseph & Mrs. Mary Pray of Berwick dy'd on 

Wednesday Sep. 22nd. 1773. 
Maurice Hobbs Son of Mr. Maurice & Mrs. Sarah Hobbs of Somersworth 

Dy'd on Saturday Evening Oct. ye 2nd. 1773. 
Friend Benja. Estes of Berwick Dyd on Monday October ye 4th. 1773. 
Capt. Archibald Smith Mov'd from Somersworth to Massabeseck 6n Tue^ 

day October ye 5th. 1773. 

920] Master Tate's Diary 187 

iTm. Plaistead Junrs. Child Dyd on Oct 1773 Bom & Buried on Thurs. 

Oct. 14. 1773. 
riday Oct. 15th. 1773 Mr. Woodberry Langden Launched a New Ship (Built 

by Mr. David Moore, Master Builder Joseph Field, Mr. Moore Remain- 
ing in Exile.) 
Ibenezer Roberts Junr. Mov'd from Somersworth for Massabeseck on 

Tuesday Oct. ye 12th. 1773 
Londay Oct. ye 25th. 1773 Mr. William Jones of Berwick Married to ye 

Wo. EHiz. Roberts Wo. of Thos. Roberts Late of Somersworth by ye 

Revd. Haven of Portsmouth. 

riday April 16th. 1773 One Jno. King a Gaul, Shot Jos. Moulton Deputy 

Sheriff at Portsmouth. 

Mr. Thos. Roberts's Childrens Names & Birth, who Married Mrs. 
Elizabeth Warren on Monday Night Jan. 18. 1773. 
Daniel Bom Sunday Aug. ye 8th. 1773 
Peter Bom Saturday May 6th. 1775 

Mr. William Stiles Junrs. who Married Mrs. Sarah Lahhee on August 
ye 20th. 1772 

Frederick Stiles Bom on Thur. May 27. 1773 

Mr. Charles Grants' who Married Sydney Leary on Simday Dec. 20. 

Son Saml. Bom Sunday Evening Oct. 31. 1773. 

Kezia Bom Jan 17. 1777. 

Jane Grant Born Saturday Aug 28. 1779. 

Mr. Ichabod Roberts's who Marrd Mrs. Susannah Roberts on Monday 
Dec. 21. 1772. 

Job Roberts Bom Jan. 19th. 1774 

Mr. Richd. Whidden's who Married Mrs. Hannah Whitehouse on 
Aug 15th. 1773. 

Son Bom on Saturday Night about 10. o th Clock May 

7th. 1774 

Mr. James Clements's who Married with Ricker on 

Elizabeth Bom on June ye 1771 
James on Aprl. ye 8th. 1773. 

Mr. Reuben Down'ss who Married Hannah Roberts on Thursday 
July 2l8t. 1774 

Molly Downs Bom Friday Nov. 11. 1774 
John Downs Born Sep. 10. 1776 

Mr. Benja. Quinbey Junrs. who Married Miss Lydia Clements on 
Thurs. Feb. 2.* 1775. 

Nancy Quinbey Bom Friday Night Dec. 29. 1775 
Betsey Born June 14. 1777. 

Capt. Ebenezer Hobbs's who Married Miss Eliz Chadwick on 
Lydia Hobbs Bom Fri. Nov. 17. 1775 

. The Oldest Child, David Bom March 19th. 1774 

Mr. Joshua Roberts Junrs. who Married Miss Joanna Wentworth.* 
Son Bpm Friday Night Jan. 12. 1776. 

Mr. David Rickers' who Married Lydia Noble on Sunday Night June 
ye 7th. 1772. 

Amos Ricker Bom Thur. Sep. 15. 1772 
Sarah Bom Wed. Dec. 14th. 1774. 

David & Lydia Bom Sep. 6. 1776. 

•VitU tupra, p. 39. 

188 Master TaJte'a Diary [July 

Mr. Wm. Horn Junrs. who Married Miss Sarah Welland Oct. IZih, 
1774 Sarah Welland Bom June 2. 1753. 
Martha Horn Bom Feb. 22. 1775 

Mr. Jonathan Wentworth Junrs. who Married to Miss Esther White- 
house on Dec. 5th. 1772 

John Wentworth Bom Feb. 24th. 1773 
Elias Bom May 22nd. 1775. 

Mr. Robert Swainson's Who Married the Wo. Phebe Garland on Tues- 
day Nov. 26. 1776. 

Son Robert Bom on Saturday May 3rd. 1777 

Mr. Francis Yeaton Junrs. who Married Miss Elizabeth Roberts on 
Sunday Night Nov. 24. 1776. 

- Mr. Enoch Bicker's who Married Miss Esther Roberts, on Thurs. 
Jan. 2. 1776. 

Ist. a Son Nathaniel Bom Saturday Aprl. 19th. 1777 

Benja. Warren Junr. Movd from Somersworth to Massabeseck on Tuesday 

Nov. ye 2nd. 1773. 
Thursday Nov. 4th. 1773 Mr. Wm. Jones of Berwick Mov'd his Wife from 

Somerswth who was Wo. of Thos. Roberts of Somerswth Deed. 
James Kenny of Somersworth Dyd at Mr. William Downs's at pine Hm 

on Berwick side on Tuesday Nov. 9th. 1773. 
Mr. Ephraim Ricker of Somersworth Dy'd on Friday Mom Dec. ye 17. 

1773. iEtis Buryd on Monday Dec. 20. . . . 
Sunday Mom Dec. 26. 1773 Wm. Horns House catch'd fire and Burnt 

down, at Dover. 
Monjlay Nov. 15. 1773 Mr. Ebenr. Wentworth Vendu'd the Rcmaindg. 

gart of his Estate to Gro^r Jos. Hambleton k Jno. Foss 
loses Stevens Mov'd his Goods from Somersworth in order for Mafl»" 

beseck on Tues. Jan. 25. 1774 
Saturday Jan 29. 1774. Jane Minunys Daughter Sarah Dy'd which she 

swore on Wm. Chadwick Bury'd on Mon. Jan. 31. 
Sunday Night Jan. 30. 1774 Tim Hansons Daughter Deliverd of a Daughter 

Layd to Jos. Cook Junr. 
Jan. 5th. 1693 Friend Job Hussey Bom 
Wed. Feb 21 1774. Mr. William Plaisted & Son Wm. & famihes mov'd from 

Somersworth for a place called Moultons Gore. 
Friday Jan. 21. 1774. Elizabeth Kenny of Somersworth Dy'd Jno. Kcnnys 

Monday Jan. 31. 1774 Mr. Benja. Hodsdon of Berwick d/d. Bury'd on 

Feb. 2. 1774. 
Charles Stacpole's Leg Broke on Monday Jan ye 31. 1774. 
Monday Feb 7th. 1774 Mr. Saml. Lord of Berwick Dyd Suddenly, he^ 

father of Saml. Lord who was Drowned on May ye 17. 1773. Buried 

on Wed. 9th. 
Tuesday Feb. 8. 1774 Mrs. Eliz. Gooding Wife of Capt. Ichabod Gooding 

of Berwick Dy'd Buryed on Friday Feb. 11. • 

Thursdav Feb. 10th 1774 Mr. Henry Smith Married to Mrs. Susanna 

Hodsdon Daughter of Mr. Jno. Hodsdon Late of Berwick Deed, pr- 

ye Revd. Jacob Forster. 
Lucy Ricker Daughter of Molly Ricker which she swore on David Ricker, 

Dy'd on Saturday Febmary ye 12th. 1774. Bury'd on Tuesday the 

Capt. John Rollins Daughter Elizabeth Dy'd March 1774. Buried on 

Saturday Mar. 21. 1774 
My Son Benja. Married to Judith Cole on Thursday Mar. )re 1774. 

1920] Master Tate's Diary 189 

Mr. John Higgins Rais'd a New house at ye Turn of ye Ways Near Mr. 

Rodgers's on Berwick Side on Thursday April ye 7th. 1774. 
Mrs. Mary Hanson Wife of Mr. Danl. Hanson of Somereworth Dy'd on 

Sunday Morag. April 17. 1774. 
Serjt. Saml. Jones of Somersworth Dy'd on Wed. April 20. 1774 Buried on 

Friday 22. 
Mrs. Ellis Pray Wife of Mr. Moses Pray of Berwick dy'd on Sunday April 

25. [sic] 1774. 
Mr. Joseph Wentworth Deeds. Widow Rachel, of Somersworth, Dy'd on 

Sunday May ye 1st. 1774. 
Mr. Saml. Whitehouse of Philipstown Married to Mrs. Mary Archibald on 

April ye 7th. 1774 pr. ye Reved. Jacob Forster. 
James Prime Son of Mr. Joseph & Mrs. Lydia Prime of Berwick Bom on 

Jan. ye 19. 1774 
Saml. Heard Son of Dn. Trustham Heard of Berwick Drown 'd on July 

14. 1774. 
Wo. Olive Davis Sister of Capt. Ichabod Goodwin of Berwick Dyd on 

Friday June 10. 1774 
Tuesday July 12. 1774. My son Robert Carried to York Goal pr. Mr. Joseph 

Prune. Rong Dr. pr. 3rt. Notori[uwm] Infernal Devil (Lydia Lord) 
Wed. July 6. 1774 Esq. Rollins Negro Jack fell thro* ye Mill at Quampa- 

haggen Somersworth Side. 
Friday Sep. 2nd. 1774. Mr. Jno. Murray Junr. of Berwick Killd by a Cart 

Wheel Loaded with Rocks. 
Tuesday Sep. 6. 1774 Mrs. Martha Marshal Wife of Mr. Nahum Marshal 

of Berwick Dy'd. Buried on Wed. 7 
Monday Sep. 19. 1774 Miss Polly Chadboym Daughter of Benja. Chadboum 

Esq. of Berwick Dy'd. Bury'd on Tuesday ye 20th. 
Saturday Sep. 24. 1774 A Saw Mill Raisd at Quampahaggen Somersworth 

pr. Messrs. Ichabod Rollins Esq. Mr. Jonathan Hambleton & Mr. 

Noah Ricker. 
Tuesday Oct. 4th 1774 Jno. Marshal son of Mr. Nahum & Mrs. Martha 

Marshal Deed. Dy'd. Berwick. Buried on Wed. 5. 
Saturday Oct. 22. 1774. Mr. Aaron Stevens hawld his Brother David's 

Old Shop in ordr. for a Dwelling house & on Monday ye 24. hawld it 

Near Mr. David Lyfords. (to ye port Meant. 
Sunday Nov. 6. 1774 Mrs. Lydia Hodsdon Wife of Mr. Stephen Hodsdon of 

Berwick Dy'd. 
Tuesday Nov. 15. 1774 Joseph Hanson Son of Ephraim Hanson of Dover 

Deed. Dy'd. 
Sunday Night Dec. 18th. 1774 about 12 a Clock at Night or as some Judg'd 

it to be near one on Monday Morning My Dear Daughter Molly Dy'd, 

Buryed on Tuesday ye 20th. 
Wed. Dec. 21. 1774 My Wifes Daughter Elizabeth Tod Broke her Leg in 

going home from my house. 
Tuesday Night. Dec. 20. 1774 Mr. John Costelow a Dublin Lad Married to 

ye Wo. Lydia Lord of Berwick pr. ye Revd. Jeremiah Belknap of Dover 

in ye Province of New Hampshire in New England. 
Saturday Dec. 31. 1774 Capt. Timothy Roberts of Rochester Dy'd Bury'd 

on Tuesday Jan ye 3. 1775 
Sunday Evening Jan 8th. 1775 Mr. David Nichols of Berwick Dy'd. Bury'd 

on Tuesday Jan 10. 
Mr. George Ham of Portsmouth Married to Mrs. Rachel Garvin of Somers- 
worth pr. ye Revd. James Pike on Thursday January the 12th. 1775 
Somersworth Tuesday January ye 17. 1775 CoUo. John Wentworth's Negro 

Tom fell in ye fire & Burnt to Death. 

190 Master Tais's Diary [July 

Thursday Night Jan. 24. 1775 Mr. Miles Bracket Married to Mrs. Lydia 

Key Dai^ter of Mr. Peter Key of Berwick Deed. 
Thursday Feb. 2nd. 1775 Mr. Benja. Quinbey Married to Mrs. Lydia Clem- 
ents Daughter of Mr. Saml. k Mrs. Sarah Clements of Somersworth 

pr. the Revd. James Pike. 
Wo. Judith Hambleton of Berwick Dyd on Tuesday Jan. 31 1775. Bury'd 

on Thursday Feb. 2. 
Feb. 11. 1775 Mrs. Margaret Lord Wife of Capt. Abraham Lord of Berwick 

Buryd. Dy*d on 
Cap Joshua Stacpole's Son Moses Dyd on Monday Mom Feb. 20. 1775. 

Bury'd on Tuesday Feb. 21. 
Saturday Feb. 18th. 1775. Reuben Tebbets Mov'd from Quampahaaen 

in Somersworth to Dover, to Dover Goal house, as keeper for ad. Goal 

for ye County of StraJOTora. 
Friday Mar. 10th. 1775. Cap Ichabod Rollins k Mr. Danl. Ricker Rais'd 

a New Grist Mill at Somersworth below ye highway between Mr. Jno. 

k Mr. Danl. Rickers's f^m'd pr. Mr. James Roberts. Jno. Clark's 

Junrs Finger Mash'd k Cut ofif by Dr. M. Carr. 
Sunday Night March 19. 1775 Molly Roberts Daughter of Mr. Joshua k 

Mrs. Joanna Roberts of Somersworth Dy'd.* 
Friday Mar. 17. 1775 My Son Robert Narrowed [sic] Escaped of Being 

Thursday March 23rd. 1775 Mr. Danl. Higgms Rais'd a Grist Mill at ye 

foot of ye Lower Mill at Salmon Falls Berwick Side. 
Sunday Mar. 19. 1775 My son Ben's Wife Deliverd of a Son Nam'd John. 
Tues. Aprl. 4. 1775 My son Mark and Love Roberts sat out for Kennebec 

River in order for Sawing for one Joseph North. 
Doctor Jno. Parsons of Berwick Dy'd on Sat. Aprl. ye 15. 1775. 
Tues. Aprl. 18. 1775 Thos. Nock of Berwick Crush'd by Logs at Little 

Thur. Aprl. 13. 1775 Mr. Saml. Roberts 3rd Married to Mrs. Sarah Went- 

worth Daughter of Ensn. Saml. Wentworth of Somersworth. 
Sunday Night Aprl. 16. 1775 Mr. Thomas Hammock Married to Mhl 

Debby Carpenter of Somersworth. 
Mrs. Deborah Wentworth Wife of Lieut. Benja. Wentworth of Som^sworth 

Bom on Apri. ye 11th. 1709 Old Stile. 
Mr. Jedidiah Hall Married to Mrs. Hannah Hussey Daughter of Mr. Job. 

Hussey of Somersworth on October ye 25. 1773. 
Mr. Ebenezer Wallingford of Somerswth dy'd on Thursday Evening Miy 

nth. 1775 Bury'd on Sat. 13. 
Friday May ye 12. 1775 My Son Mark Tate Inlisted under Capt. DanL 

Wood of Berwick his Company sat out for Boston on Monday May ye 

15. aut Cambridge 
Friday May 12. 1775 Tw[oI Companies from Socho, March'd thro Berwick 

for Boston, aut Cambridge. 
Tuesday a Company of Men Marchd thro' Berwick from Massabeck Weill 

for Boston, aut Cambridge. May 23. 1775. 
Monday May 29. 1775 Cap. Philip Hubbards Company of Berwick March'd 

through Somersworth for Boston, aut Cambridge. 
Monday June ye 6. 1775 Two Tories Viz. March'd Thro' 

Somersworth Guarded by 14 Men for Cambridge k ye Skipper 
Kennebec Company March'd thro Portsmouth for Cambridge Undr. 2 

Lieuts. on June 1775. Jos. North Capt. 
Monday June 19th. 1775 Capt. Jonathan Wentworth's Company of Somers- 
worth March'd for Cambridge James Carr 1st. Lieut. 

*F«d« tupra, p. 40. 

1920] Master Tale's Diary 191 

Jane ye 23. 1775 Jane Mimmy Delivered of a Daughter Call'd Sarah 
Saturday June 24. 1775 John Gerrish Son of Alexander Gerrish of Berwick 

Thursday June 22. 1775 Fast day in New Hamps. Eliz Randal Deliverd of 

a Daughter sd. to be Ebenezer Horns Nama. Eunice. 
June jrc 1775 James Vamey son of Mr. Benja. & Mrs. Rebecca Vamey of 

Somersworth dyd. 
Tuesday July 11th. 1775 Madam Eliz. Wentworth Wife of Collo. Jno. Went- 

worth of Somersworth Dy'd Bury'd on Thurs. 13. She was one of Collo. 

Thofi. Wallingford Deeds. Daughters. 
Wed. July 19th. 1775 Thos. Roberts of Somersworth. Dy'd in ye Army at 

Monday Night Sep. 4. 1775 Edmund Drew Son of Mr. John k Mrs. Hannah 

Drew of Somerswth Dy'd on Monday Night Sep. 4. 1775 Bury'd on 

Tuesday ye 5th. 
Jacob k, Benja. Quinbey Rais'd a New Bam frame on Friday Aug. 4. k on 

Wednesday Aug. 9th. 1775 Reuben Tebbets Raisd a New house Fram'd 

pr. Mr. James Roberts. 
Casco Bay Destroy'd by Men of War on Wed. Oct. 18. 1775. 
Mr. Danl. Hanson of Somersworth Dy'd on Saturday About 8 o th Clock 

or in ye Mom. Oct 21st. 1775. 
Mr. Benja. Philpot of Somersworth Married to Miss Olive Roberts on 

Thurs. Dec. 28th. 1775. 
The Revd. Mr. Joseph Haven ordained Minister of Rochester on Wed. Jan. 

10. 1776 Revd. Mr. Avery Hall Tum'd out. (adrift.) 
Mr. Joshua Stacpole of Somersworth Broke his Thigh on Thur. Jan. 11. 1776 
Mr. Joseph Cook's wife of Somersworth Dyd on ye Jan. ye 1776 whose 

Maiden Name was Knight. 
Capt. Nathl. Garland of Somersworth Dy'd on Wed. Morn. Jan. 24. 1776 

Buried on Friday following. 
Saturday Night Feb. 24. 1776 Mr. Ephraim Wentworth of Dover Dy'd. 
Capt. Ebenezer Hobbs of Somersworth Dyd on Wed. Feb. 28. 1776 
Mr. Hugh Ross of Berwick Buried on Saturday Mar. 2. 1776 
Mar. 4. 1776 Mrs. Main Wo. of the Late Revd. Mr. Amos Main of 

Rochester Dyd 
Saturday Ni^t Mar. 9th. 1776 Nicholas Carpenters Wife Tumbled down 

ye Cellar k Broke her Arm. 
Catharine Foss of Dover Dy'd on Tuesday Mar. 19th. 1776 
Friday Mar. 22. 1776 Elijah Clementss Leg Broke. 
Friday Mora Mar. 22. 1776 Mrs. Kezia Grant of Berwick Dy'd 
Saturday Mar 23 Mr. Isaac Nute & Capt. Saml. Gerrish of Dover Dyd. 1776 
Mrs. Susannah Twombly Wife of Benja. Twombly of Somersworth Dy'd 

March 25. 1776 Tuesday 
Apri. 9th. 1776 Mr. Richd. Goodwin of Dover Dyd 

Aprl. 8. 1776 Capt. Thos. Wallingfords of Somersth Son Andrew Dy'd 
Sunday Aprl. 14. 1776 Mr. Silas Nowel of Berwick Dyd. 
Wed. Aprl. 17. 1776 Mrs. Ann Quinbey Wife of Mr. Benja. Quinbey of Fal- 
mouth Dy'd. 
Thursday Aprl. 18th. 1776 Fast day in New Hampe Eliz Hight Wife of Mr. 

Wm. Hight of Berwick Dy'd 
Aprl. 28. 1776 Sunday Mr. Eleazer Clark of Berwick Dyd 
Friday May 3. 1776 Capt. Shadrack Hodsdon of Dover Dy'd 
Mav ye 8. 1776 Mr. Jno. Clements of Dover Dyd. 
Friday May ye 10. 1776 Mr. Wm. Hanson Junr. of Dover Dyd. 
Mr. Jno. Cromwel of Dover Dy'd on Saturday May ye Uth. 1776. A Lydia 
his wife dy'd on Monday May 13. 1776. Both Buried in one Grave. 

192 Master Tale's Diary [July 

Friend Benja. Kenny of Somersworth Dy'd on Saturday May ye 18th. 1776 
Mr. Jonathan Merrow of Somersworth Dy'd on Sunday Night May ye 26. 

Mrs. Abigail Woodsom of Berwick Dy'd on Tuesday June ye 4. 1776. Buiyd 

on Thtfrsday ye 6th. 
Tuesday July ye 23 My son Benja. k a Number of others sat out as Recruits 

for ye Army against Quebec, (from Somersworth. 
Wed. Aug. 14th 1776 Mr. William Hooper Junior of Berwick Ordaind Minis- 
ter of the Anabaptist Church at Berwick, 4 people BaptizcKi in Sabnon 

Falls River. Viz. Daniel & Nathaniel Lord, 
Mr. Joseph Sweat of York Dy'd on Thursday August ye 2 1776 
Tuesday Sep. ye 10th. 1776 Mrs. Patience Wentworth of Somersworth Dy'd 
Mrs. Rachel Legro of Somersworth Dy'd on Thursday Mom. Oct. 30- 1776 
Mr. Francis Yeaton Junr. Married to Miss Elizabeth Roberts of Somers- 
worth on Sunday Night Nov. 24. 1776. 
Mr. Robert Swainson Married to Mrs. Phebe Garland Wo. of Cap. Nathl. 

Garland of Somersworth on Tuesday Night November ye 26th. 1776. 
Miss Rachel Gerrish Daughter of Mr. Alexander Gerrish of Berwick Dy'd 

on Saturday Night Nov. 30. 1776 
Mrs. Elizabeth Ham wife of Mr. William Ham of Portsmouth Dy'd on 

Sunday Dec. 22. 1776 
Mr^. Joanna Smith Wife of Capt. Archibald Smith Dy'd at Massabesec she 

was Daughter of Capt. James & Mrs. Rebecca Hobbs of Somersworth 

Deed. Dyd Saturday Eveng Dec. 28. 1776. 
Thursday Jan 2nd. 1777 Mr. Enoch Ricker Married to Miss Esther Roberts 

Daughter of Mr. Nathan Roberts of Somersworth. 
Mr. Joshua Nock of Berwick Dy'd on Tuesday Night Jan. 7th. 1777. 
My Son Mark Tate came home from ye Army on FViday Jan. 10. 1777 
Tuesday Night Jan. 14. 1777 Mrs. Gray of Berwick dy'd, she was Mother 

of Mr. Wm. Stacpoles wife of Somersworth. 
Wed. Night Jan 15th. 1777 Mrs. Mary Wentworth dy'd she was Lieut. Paul 

Wentworths wife k Eldest Daughter of Mr. Tilley & Mrs. Mary Higgio8 

of Berwick. 
Mr. Jno. Mills of Lebanon Dy'd on Jan 1777. 
Tuesday Night Feb. 4. 1777 Moses Vamey's Shop Burnt. Dover. 
Wed. Feb. 12th. 1777 Mr. Caleb Horn Married to Miss Molly Randal pr. ye 

Revd. Jeremiah Belknap at Dover. 
Friday Feb. 14th. 1777 Mr. John Foss Mov'd from Somersworth to Bar- 

Sunday Feb. 2. 1777 Mr. Jno. Fumiss Married to Miss Betsey Gerrish. 
Wed. Feb. 19. 1777 Mr. Saml. Goodwin of Berwick Taken sick, D>''d oo 

Thursday ye 20th. Bury'd on Friday 21st. 
Mary Rollins Wife of Jos. Rollins of Rochester Dy'd Taken up in ye Snow 

Drift Feb. 11. 1777. Maiden Name was Mary Foye. 
Friend Tabitha Jenks Dy'd on Tuesday Feb. 18. 1777 
Mr. Phinehas Ricker Junr. Married to Miss Rachel Cromwel on Feb. 27. 1777. 
Spencer Wife of Mr. Joseph Spencer of Berwick Dy'd on Sat. Mar. 

1, 1777. 
Tuesday Mar. 4. 1777. Jacob Forster Son of ye Revd. Jacob Forster of 

Berwick Dyd. 
Mr. David Moore of Berwick Dy'd on Sunday about 12 o th Clock March 

ye 9th. 1777. Bury'd on 
March ye 20th. 1777 My son Mark Married to Mrs. Elizabeth Roberts 

Daughter of Mr. Love Roberts pr. ye Revd. James Pike. 
Wednesday March 19th. 1777 Andrew Horn Junr. Married to Mrs. Mary 

Wentworth Daughter of Ensn. Saml. Wentworth of Somersworth. 

m] * Master TaU's Diary 193 

[r. Thomas Warrens Daughter Joanna Dy'd about 2 o th Clock Saturday 

Mom. Aprl. 12. 1777 Bury'd on Sunday 13. 
^lesday June 3rd. 1777 Mrs. Catharine Clark Wife of Capt. Jno. Clark 

ft Daughter of Mrs. Fumil of Portsmouth Kill'd with Thunder, 

"riend Zaccheous Vamey's Son Ezekiel Dy'd on Saturday July 19. 1777 
one ye 9th. 1777 A Boy Nam'd was kill'd by Thunder. 

W. Mom. July the 2nd. 1777 John Hooper Son of Mr. Wm. Hooper a 

Baptist Preacher of Berwick fell thro' ye Great falls Mill & Dyd. 
\m. Evening Aug. 1777 Mr. David Hans[w;om] of Dovet Married to Mrs. 

Mary Roberts of Somersworth, by the Revd. James Pike. (Love Rob- 
erts's Daughter) 
IBcy Higgins of Berwick Dy'd on Sunday Morn Aug. 17. 1777. 
Ir. James Rollins Married to Miss Hannah Carr on Wed. Aug. 20. 1777. 
aturday Mora Aug. 30th. 1777 Micaiah Wentworth son of Lieut. Paul 

Wentworth, Dy'd at his Grandmother Hi^gins's at Berwick. 
W. Sep. 3. 1777 Miss Hannah Pappoon Dehver'd of a Son Swore on Wil- 

ham Stacpole. 
ITo. Hannah Pierce Dy'd on Thursday Evening Sep. 18th. 1777. 
It. Danl. Smith's Wife of Berwick Dy'd on Friday Mom Sep 19th. 1777. 

Bury'd on Satur. 20. her Maiden Name was Eliz. Chadbourn. 
!apt. Ichabod Goodwin of Berwick Dy'd on Monday Night Oct. 27. 1777 

Bur'd on Thursday 30. 
aturday Nov. 22. 1777 Mr. Jno. Stone's Son Kill'd by the fall of a 

unday Morag. Dec. 28th. Mrs. Molly Gilman Dyd. Wife of Nicholas Gil- 
man of Exeter, & Daugtr. of ye Revd. James Pike of Somersworth. 

Bury'd on Wed. 31. 
aturday Jan. 31st. 1778 Wm. Downs's Son Wm. Downs of Berwick Kill'd by 

a Log at Lebanon. 
h. Abigail Garland Dy'd on Friday Feb. 20th. 1778 at Dover. & was 

Buried on Sunday ye 22. 
i«Mge Roberts Son of Mr. Alexander Roberts of Somersworth Dy'd on 

Sunday March ye 8th. 1778. 
lias Hannah James Dy'd Saturday March ye 7. 1778 
It. Jno. Tuckers Daughter of Berwick Dy'd Friday Mar. 13. 1778. 
ir. Isaac Hobbs Son of Mr. James & Mrs. Ruth Hobbs Dy'd at Martineco 

on Tues. July 8th. 1777. he Left Somersworth on Wed. Jan. 15th. & 

Saild in Ship Raven Capt. Josh. Stacpole on Jan 26. 1777. 
Ir. Elijah Clements Married to Miss Molly Waldron on Monday March ye 

23rd. 1778. 
ome Garland Daughter of Eliz Todd & Daughter of Reuben Garland of 

Dover who was Struck dead by Thunder some time ago was Bom on 

August the 4th. 1765. 
dr. Joseph Roberts Married to Miss Mercy Hobbs on Monday Aprl. 20. 

It. Henry Ricker Married to Miss Molly Stacpole Daughter of Mr. James 

& Mrs. Elizabeth Stacpole on Wed. May ye 6th. 1778. 
^ed. May 20. 1778 a poor Boy that Liv'd wth Mr. Joseph Marden of Ber- 
wick, one John Gold th wait Drowned near Quampahaggen Bridge. 
Ir. James Adams of Rochester Married to Miss Polly Cole of Somersworth 

Monday May ye 25. 1778. 


Master Tale's Diary 


A Portledge Bill for the Brig Grey Hound James Garvin Jun^ Master 
from Piscataqua to S^. Croix, & back to y« Port of Piscataqua 

June y« 3^. 1769.* 





pr Month. Discharg'd 


Dec. 5. 


May 13 


Dec. 18. 


May 8 


Dec. 20. 


May 6 


Dec. 20. 


May 6 


Dec. 14. 


May 8 


Dec. 18. 


May 9 


Dec. 18. 




Jan. 1. 


April 23 


James Garvin. 
Johu Brown. 
Patrick Murphy 
Gershom Plumer. 
BenJA. Cromwel. 
George Horn. 
Ebenr. Garvin. 
Tho». Garvin. 

Ages of Some on Berwick Side 

Mr. Tilly Higgins's who Married Mary Woodsom. 
John Higgins Bom Sep. 19. 1742 
Mary Mar. 23. 1750 

Sarah Dec. 23. 1752. 

Danl. Oct. 1755 

Elizabeth July 8. 1757. 

Edmund Jan. 15. 1760. 

Mr. John Higgins's who Married Lydia Chadboum Daughter of Benja. 
Chadbourn Esq. 

Lydia Bom July 17th. 1766 

Anne April 16. 1768. 

Mary Bom Mar. 15. 1770 

John • Bom Saturday Feb. 8th. 1772. 

Benja. Bom Monday June 6. 1774 

James Bom Sunday Momg. June 16th. 1777. 

Mr. Saml. Lord's 3rd who Married with Mrs. Lydia Wallingford. CoUo. 
Thomas Wallingford's daughter of Somersworth. 
Samuel Lord Born Tues. Apr. 15. 1761 
Nancy Monday June 7. 1762 

George Oct. 19th. Thurs 1764 

Charlotte Sep. 15. 1766 

Lydia Wed. Jan. 4. 1769. 

Isaac Bom Sat. Feb. 9th 1771. Dyd on Thur. Sep. 5. 

Isaac Bom Thursday Night July 23ni. 1772 

Mrs. Lydia Wallingford Daughter of CoUo. Thos. & Madam Mary 
Wallingford of Somersworth Bom April ye 25th. 1742. 

Mr. Ephraim Plumer's of Fresltoom] Cree[t«>mlt whose 1st. Wife was 
Anne Goodwin 2nd. Mercy G&rland. 

Daniel Plumer Bom Feb. ye 1st. 1760. 

Ebenezer. January 25. 1762. 

John. November 10. 1765. 

Richard.- February 2. 1767. 

Ephraim. April 16. 1769. 

Mercy March ye 31st. 1772. March 31. 

*Thi« bill \B found on p. 42 of the original manuscript of the Diary. Five columns given in thi 
original manuscript are omitted in this printed copy, as they contain merely details about wagei 
advanced to each man. wages due, etc. 

tProbably Fresh Creek. 

BO] Master TaU's Diary 195 

Moses Plumer Bom Sunday Dec. 18. 1774 
a Daughter Hannah Bom Aprl. 29th. 1777. 

Mr. Danl. Wood's of [mwti, perhaps Berwick whose] 2nd. Wife was 
ye Widow Mary Philpot. Elias Philpots' Widow. 

Danl. Wood Bom Feb. 5. 1767. 
Elias Feb. 28. 1768. 

Hannah Sep. 4. 1769 Dyd [illegible] 

MoUy Bom May 4th. 1771 Dy'd Fri. [illegible] 

Job Bom Sunday Night July [iUegibUy ? 12th.] aut 

Monday Mom July 13. 1772 

Mr. Benja. Abbot's of Berwick who Married Sarah Chadwick [worn] 29 

Esther Abbot Bom Sunday July 15. 1770 Dy'd on March ye 

14th. Anno. 1771. 
Edmund Bom Tues. Aug. 23rd. 1771 

Benja. Abbott Bom Friday Aug. 13. 1773 
Daughter Bom May 5. 1778. 

Benja. Chadboum Esq. whose 1st. Wifes Names was Sarah Heard. 2nd. 
Mary Chesley. 


Martha Bom 26. 1744. 

Lydia. July [bloUed] 1746. 


Jonathan Bom Aug. 9. 1752 

Mary Feb. 1754. Feb 14. 

Benjamin Nov. 7th. 1756 

Solomon Abbott Married to Catharine Abbott Dec. 10. 1755. Daughter 
of Wm. Chadboum Deed. She was Bom Jan. 3. 1726. 
John Abbott BOm Aug. 20. 1755 
Catharine Feb. 6. 1758 

SaUy Bom May 28. 1 773. 

Abigail Saimders Bom June ye 20th. 1749 Now ye Wife of Stephen 

Mr. John Wentworths of Dover who Married Mrs. Margaret Frost of 
Newcastle. Collo. Jno. Wentworth of Somersworth's Son John 
Jno. Wentworth Bom April 5th. 1772 on Sunday. 
Margaret Born May 27th. 1 773. 

Elizabeth Aug 9th. 1774 

Mr. Ichabod Goodwin's Son of Cap. Ichabod Goodwin of Berwick who 
Married Mrs. Mary Wallin^ord Daughter of Cap. Thos. Wallingford 
of Somersworth. 

Ichabod Goodwin Born June 1st. 1770 

Thos. Wallingford Born May 25th. 1772. 

Mr. Robert Rogers's who Married Mrs. Esther Lord Daughter of Mr. 
Nathan and Mrs. Esther Lord Feb. 26th. 1771 Tuesday 26* 
Susannah Rogers Born Feb. 23rd. 1772 Sunday 
Esther Bom Saturday Feb. 26. 1774 

Andrew Born Aug. ye 8th . 1 775 

Agnes Bora July 17. 1777. 

Robert Oct. 30th. 1779. 

Mr. Thos. Chadboum's who Married wth. Mrs. Mehetabel Goodwin 
Daughter of Mr. James Goodwin of Berwick 

Vids 9upra, p. 170. 


196 Master TcAe's Diary [July 

Jno. Chadboum Bom Sep 7. 1768 
Humphry Feb. 24. 1770 

Joseph June 1st. 1772 

Mehetabel Born Mar. 8th 1774 

Mary Bom Sep. 23rd. 1777. 

Mr. NaUian Lords who Married with Mrs. Esther Perkins on 1745. 

Saml. [7] Lord Bom May 15. 1751 
Esther March 15th. 1753 

Nathan Apr. 14th. 1758 

Jno. Lord was Bom Mar. 29. 1764 

Mr. James Goodwins Junr. of Berwick who Married w^h. Mrs. Sarah 
Griffith Aug 13th. 1767 

James Goodwin Bom Aug. 16th. 1768 
Thomas July 22nd. 1770. 

OUve Plaistead Aug. 9th. 1772. 

Sarah Bom 

Mr. David Nichob who Married Mrs. Fhebe Chaoe on Sunday Nov. 11th. 

Hannah Bom Feb. 28. 1761 
David Nov. 14. 1762 

Thos. July 14. 1764 

Eunice Dec. 21. 1765 

Saml. Oct. 21st. 1768 

Stephen Feb 12. 1769 
Phebe Dec. 12. 1771 

Jno. Sept. 10. 1772 

Sarah ' Dec. 11. 1774 

David Nichols Bom Mar. 25th. 1734. 

Phebe Chace Bom Oct. 13. 1736 Wife of David Nichols of Berwicl 

Mr. Jethro Heards of Dover who Married Sally Harford 
Nathl. Heard Bom Aug 7th. 1771 
Jethro Bom Jan. 2. 1 772 Jan. 

Dorothy Bom June 28. 1775. 

Mr. Spencer Wentworth Junr. of Dover who Married Mrs. Sanh 
St[ioom]ber ye 14th. 1769. 

Tiyphena Wentworth Bom on Sat. Oct. 27. l7[%D€im\ 
Spencer Bom Friday July 2nd. 1773. 

Mr. Saml. Ham's who Married Mrs. SaUy Garvin of Somersworth 
James Ham bom Aug. ye 8th. 1771 
lordia Bom May ye 5th. 1773 

Dorcas Bom June 16th. 1775. 

Mr. Danl. Woods of Berwick 

Son Enoch Bom on Monday Apri. 24th. 1774 

Mr. Paul Harfords who Married Mrs. Anne Baulch of Do w. 
Joanna Harford Bom Dec. 20. 1769 
Lydia Bom Jan. 26. 1772. 

Friend Jacob Sawyer's wboee Isi. Wife was Susannah Estes, 2nd. Sarah 
Hanson, of Dover. 
Ist. [?1 

Sarah Sawyer :B^tii^^''-^^> 1*744. 

Stephen. ^^^^rf^^^^^^-l'Sa 

Patience "j30rt^Sep.%A75a 

920] • Master Tale's Diary 197 

tiM>m]sannah Bom Dec. 17. 1758 
womjiah Bom May 19. 1760 
Kezia [?] Bom Jan 12. 1762 
Lydia [?] Bom Nov. 30 1763 
[twmjothy [? Timothy] Bom Octo 5. 1766 
Jacob. Bom Oct. 1 . 1 769 

Mary. Bom Nov. 13 1771 

Content. BomApr. 13. 1774 
Enoch Bom Feb. 4th. 1776 

Mr. John Hays's who Marryd Hannah.Waldron of Dover on Jan. 26th. 

Elihu Hays Bom Jan. 28th. 1765 
Elizabeth April 13th. 1767. 

Richard Sep. 6th. 1770. 

Charles Mar. 31st. 1773. 

Samuel Bom 76 

Hannah 80 

Mr. Joshua Pray's of Berwick who Married Mrs. Sarah Roberts of 

John Pray Bom Sep. 17. 1767. 
Saml. Bom July 3rd. 1769. 
Joshua Bom May 1 1 . 1 772 
Edmund Bom Mar. 16. 1774 

Capt. Wm. Rogers's of Berwick Who Married Miss Susy Moore on 
Abigail Rogers Bom Dec. 8th. 1760 

William Rogers Bom Oct. 1765 

Andrew Rogers Bom Aug 1767 
Robert Rogers Born [t/?om,? Sep.] 1769 
Susannah Rogers Bom Jime 1772 
Agnes Rogers Bom Jan 1775 

David Moor Rogers Born 

Mr. Temple Hights of Berwick who Marry'd Mrs. Sarah Goodwin 
Daughter of Capt. Ichabod Goodwin on Thursday Nov. 25. 1772. 
Wm. Hight Born Wed. Oct, 20th. 1773. 

Mr. Thos. Nichols Brother to Mr. David Nichols of Berwick Deed, 
was Bom on March ye 25. 1746. Mrs. Hannah Pope now the 
wife of ye abovesd. Thos. Nichols was Bom at Salem on Sunday 
May ye 31 1746. 

Mr. Thos. Vameys of Dover who Married Huldah Hanson. 
Olive Varney Bom Sep. 18. 1770 . 
Nicholas Feb. 18. 1772. 

Sarah Feb. 18. 1775. 

Mr. Job Clements's of Dover who Married Betty Rollins 
Ebenezer Clements Bom Aprl. 19. 1745 
Hannah Bom Oct. 14. 1747. 

Abigail Born Aprl. 6. 1752. 

Betty Bora [wtrm, ? July] 21 . 1754 

Molly Born 

Jeremiah Bom Nov. 30. 1759. 

Deborah Bora Jan. 19. 1761. 

Job Bora Jan. 25. 1763. 

Anna Bora Mar. 1767 

Enoch Bora Dec. 7. 1 770 

Moses Born Mar. 31 . 1772. 

198 Master Tate's Diary [July 

Mr. Jno. Foggerty Married to Mrs. Nabby Lord on Monday May Ist. 
their son 
John Bom 
Edmund Bom Wed. Feb. 11th. 1778 

Mr. David Trask's of Berwick 

John Trask Bom Aug. 14. 1776 
Daniel Trask Bom Jan 3rd. 1777 

Mr. William Whittier of Berwick who Married Mrs. Sally Hi^t on Sat 
June 29. 177[«c] 

Elizabeth Whittier Bom Sunday Aprl. 12 [worn] 

Mr. Alexander McGouch's who Married Mrs. Olive Goodwin on Nov. 2. 

Robert Bom Thurs. Dec. 18. 17 [worn] 
Jno. Bom July 3. 1779. 
James May 21. 1781. 

Capt. Ebenezer Sullivane Married to Miss Abigail Cotton on July IS. 

John Sullivane Born Aprl. 1st. 1773 
Marjery Bom Nov. 16. 1774. 

Moses Bom October 27. 1 777. 

Mr. Jno. Fumiss's who Married Miss Betsey Gerrish on Sunday Feb. 2. 

Thomas Bom March 1778 
Betsey Bom Wed. 


[A careful examination of the original manuscript of Master Tate's "Diary" 
shows that the following corrections should be made in the records as printed 
in the Register: 

Vol. 73 

Page 306, line 35, /or 175. [sic] read 1757. 

Page 306, Unes 2 and 3, for July 31. 1771. on Tuesday Sep. 2l8t [toom] read July 

31. 1771. [worn] on Tuesday Sep. 2l8t ADom 1771. 
Page 306, line IS, for Stackpoles read Stacpoles. 
Page 306, line 19, for Stackpole read Stacpole. 
Page 306, line 28, for 18th read 10th. 
Page 306, Une 32, for wed read Wo. 

Page 306, Une 34, /or l7[probably 1745] read I7i[pr6bably 1745]. 
Page 307, line 17, after Patience add Bicker Bom. 
Page 307, Une 28,/or 1795 read 1765. 
Page 307, Une 53, /or Wd. read Wo. 
Page 307, Une 54, /or Wd read Wo. 
Page 307, between lines 54 and 55 insert, on a new line, 1st, the meaning of the reoH 

being that Lydia, Esther, Judith, and Ebenezer Nock were children of Ebenaff 

Nock by his first wife. 
Page 308, Une 3, for 29th read 27th. 

Page 308, line 15, after July insert ye and for 1749 read 1747. 
Page 308, Une 19, for Wd. read Wo. 
Page 308, lines 38 and 39, transpose these lines, so that 2. will stand on a Une abct^ 

Nicholas and below Dorcas. 
Page 309, line 7, for [line worn] read [whom] she Swore on Wm. [tuomj. 
Page 309, Une 23, /or SaUy read MoUy. 
Page 309, Une 25, after 1740 <kW N . S. 
Page 309, Une 26, /or 1744 read 1742. 
Page 309, line 27, for 1742 read 1745. 

Page 309, line 50, after Bom leave a considerable space and add N. S. 
Page 309, Une 51, /or [iUegiJble] read Wentworth and for 15th read 11th. 

Descendanis of John Devereux 199 

ine 52, after Phinehas add Wentworth by [loom] Sarah Nock. 

ine 53, after Jonathan insert Wentworth. 

ine 54, after Dorothy insert Wentworth. 

ine 1, after Drisco insert Wentworth. 

ine 2, after Mark insert Wentworth. 

ine 3, <ifter Silvanus insert Wentworth. 

ine 5, after 1747. add N. S. 

ine 15, /or [perhaps Shippin] read [probably Tappin]. 

line 18, after July add l76[u>om]. 

ine 32, after 1762 add Wed. 

ine 51, /or whose read who Married [toom], 

ine 19, for Thomas read Thos. 

ine 4A,for Wd read Wo. 

ine 11, /or 25th read 28th. 

ine 15, /or Feh[wom] read Tebbets. 

ine 51, /or Jedediah read Jedidiah. 

ine 9, /or 14 read 14th. 

ine 30, /or 28 read 28th. 

ine 52, after Hearl omti [?] [posnMy Head]. 

ine 15, after 1763 add Bom at Somersworth. 

ine 16, c^ter 1766. (uid Do. 

ine 17, c^ter 1768. add Do. 

ine 30, for 30 read 30. 1772. 

ine 31, omit this line. 

Vol. 74 

le 28, after 1744 odd [?]. 

le 5, /or Hobbs read Hobbs's. 

le 25 f for Nathaniel read Nathl. 

le 49, for Aug. read Mav. 

ine 29, for Heart read Hearl.] • 


By Mrs. Frank M. Angellotti of San Rafael, Cal. 
[Continued from page 120] 

[• Devereux (Robert y'^ John^)^ of Marblehead, probably mar- 
d first, at Salem, 30 Nov. 1718, Elizabeth Bacon;* and 
jondly, at Marblehead, 18 Sept. 1735, Mrs. Hannah 
^LDRON. His wife Hannah was dismissed from the First 
im-ch of Marblehead 3 June 1744 and was admitted to the 
3ond Church of Marblehead 1 July 1744. Her husband, 
tin Devereux, was admitted to the Second Church, which 
appears to have attended from 1 July 1759 on, and in 
ich his son Joseph and the latter's wife were also com- 
micants. At a church meeting on 17 Sept. 1771 John 
jvereux and his son Joseph were recorded as present. 
Upon the conveyance of the Devereux farm, 1 Apr. 1729, from 
•bert' Devereux (2) to his children {vide supray page 119), 
•bert's three daughters conveyed to their four brothers all 

»r. 1726 a John Devereux, probably John.t son of Humphresrl (1, ii), married Marsartt 

200 Descendants of John Devereux [Jul) 

their interest in the farm, and the brothers divided the fam 
in severalty among themselves, John receiving about 70 acre 
and also a lot of about 6 acres called the ''Raccoon Lot/ 
This lot was owned later by his son Joseph, who conveyed it 

1 May 1784, to his first cousin, Samuel Devereux (6, vi). 

Children by first wife: 

i. SuBAi^NA.* bapt. at Salem 5 May 1723. 

8. ii. Joseph, bapt. at Salem 10 Oct. 1725. 

iii. EuzABETH, bapt. at Salem 14 Jan. 1727/8. 

iv. Hannah, bapt. at Marblehead 25 Jan. 1729/30. 

Child by second wife: 
V. John, bapt. at Marblehead 6 May 1739. 

5. Robert* Devereux {Robert ^^ John^), of Marblehead, was bap- 

tized as an adult 21 Aug. 1725, and died between 1 Apr. 1771 
(the date of a deed from him and his wife conveying Marble 
head land to Joseph Devereux) and 17 Apr. 1784 (the date of 
a deed from Burrill Devereux to Samuel Devereux). He mar- 
ried at Marblehead, 14 Oct. 1725, I^jzabeth Chapman of Mar- 
blehead, who also died between 1 Apr. 1771 and 17 Apr. 1784. 

Robert Devereu:i('s dwelling house was in Marblehead, at the 
junction of the Boston and Salem roads, and before 17 Apr. 
1784 it was sold to Col. Jonathan Glover, who had married 
at Marblehead, 10 Oct. 1748, Abigail Burnham, baptized at 
Marblehead 19 June 1726, a great-granddaughter of HannaV 
Devereux (1, iv) and her second husband, Richard Knott. 

Children, baptized at Marblehead: 

i. Elizabeth,^ bapt. 21 Aug. 1726; d. young. 

ii. Elizabeth, bapt. 29 Dec. 1728. 

iii. Anna, bapt. 23 Aug. 1730. 

iv. Robert, bapt. 14 July 1734; d. youns. 

y. Robert, bapt. 30 Apr. 1788; m. at Marblehead, 13 Jan. 1757, Mab- 
GARET Smith Bartlett. bapt. at Marblehead 14 Aug. 1737, 
dau. of Thomas and Elizabeth. Children: 1. Elizabeth* bapt. 
8 Jan. 1758. 2.- Anna, bapt. 16 Dec. 1759; m. 15 Aug. 1784 John 
Wells. 3. Sarah, bapt. 24 Jan. 1762. 4. Thomas BartUU, bapt. 
5 Feb. 1764. 5. AbigaU, bapt. 22 Sept. 1765. 6. Margarti, 
bapt. 13 Dec. 1767. 7. Mercy, bapt. 14 Jan. 1770; m. 26 Nov. 
1795 Joseph Webb. 

6. Humphrey* Devereux (Robert,* John^)^ husbandman, born at 

Marblehead 7 Dec. 1702 and baptized as an adult, with his 
brother Ralph, 3 Dec. 1727, died at Marblehead 21 Jan. 1777. 
He married first (intention recorded at Lynn, 6 Feb. 1725/6) 
Elizabeth Redding; secondly, at Lynn, 29 Jan. 1729/30, 
Abigail (Burrill) Gale, bom at Lynn 12 May 1709, died 

2 Dec. 1757, daughter of Samuel and Margaret (Jarvis) 
Burrill* and widow of Roots Gale (to whom she was married 
at Lynn 5 Oct. 1727, and who died at Marblehead 24 Dec 
1728, aged 24 years, 4 months, 17 days) ; and thirdly, in Boston, 
21 Jan. 1762, Mary (Charnock) (Greenwood) Prikci 

^Samuel Burrill of Lynn, yeoman, and Margaret Jarvis were married in Boston 14 Sept. 1607 
He was a son of Lieut. John and Lois (Ivory) Burrill of Lynn and a grandson of the imnugnsti 
George and Mary (Cooper) Burrill of Lynn. Cf. The Burrill. Burrell Family of Essex County 
by Frank A Gardner. M.D., in JBuex IrutituU HuUfHcal CoiUctiont, vols. 51 and 52. 

1S20] Descendants of John Devereux 201 

of Boston, bom 3 Mar. 1709/10, died 22 May 1784, daughter 
of John and Mary Chamock and widow successively of 
Samuel Greenwood (by whom she had a daughter, Mary, 

bom 1 Apr. 1731, died at Marblehead 30 Sept. 1812) and 

Prince of Boston. 

Hiunphrey Devereux was admitted to the church at Marble- 
head, with his first wife, on 3 Dec. 1727, the day of his baptism. 
At one time he commanded a military company and was called 
'^Captain.'' He lived in the house of his father and grand- 
father, on the Devereux farm at Marblehead, until the begin- 
ning of the Revolution, when, on accoimt of failing health, 
he removed to Topsfield, and in the latter place his will was 
made, 13 Sept. 1775. On 16 Mar. 1731/2 Humphrey "Dev- 
erix" and wife Abigail of Marblehead conveyed land formerly 
owned by her father, Samuel BurriU, to Theophilus Burrill 
of Lynn. His sons Burrill and Samuel were the executors of 
his will. 

Child by first wife: 

i. JoHN,^ bapt. at Marblehead 21 Jan. 1727/8; m. at Marblehead, 28 
Sept. 1758, Susannah Stact. 

Children by second wife (baptisms recorded at Marblehead) : 

9. ii. Humphrey, b. 11 D^c. 1730. 

iii. Burrill, bapt. 4 Feb. 1732/3; d. in 1736. 

iv. ABiGAHi, bapt. 30 Mar. 1735; d. in infancy. 

y. Hannah, b. 14 Oct. and bapt. 16 Oct. 1737; d. 2 Aug. 1781 : m. at 
Marblehead, 6 Oct. 1768, Samuel Turner of Marbleheaa. Chil- 
dren: 1. AbigaU, b. 3 Aug. and bapt. 6 Aug. 1769; d. 27 Sept. 1781. 
2. Samudy b. 6 Dec. 1771. 3. BurriU DevereuXy b. 8 Dec. and 
bapt. 13 Dec. 1772. 4. Hannah, bapt. 30 Oct. 1774. 5. Margaret, 
b. 27 Sept. 1775. 

vi. Samuel, b. 13 Sept. and bapt. 16 Sept. 1739; d. 8. p. 20 May 1822; 
m. (1) at Lynn, 4 Feb. 1762, Sarah Newhall of Lynn, b. in 
Dec. 1741, d. 24 June 1767; m. (2) at Middleton, 23 May 1786, 
Sarah Fuller of Middleton. b. 30 June 1741, d. 24 June 1794, 
aged 53 years: m. (3) at Middleton, 19 Feb. 1795, Susanna St- 
MONDS of Middleton, b. 10 Apr. 1750, d. 26 Nov. 1800; m. (4) 
at Danvers, 14 Oct. 1801, Abigail Fitz of Danvers, b. 12 Mar. 
1755, d. 20 Jan. 1822. Partly by inheritance and partly by pur- 
chase, he came into possession of the whole of the Devereux farm. 

vii. Robert Burrill, b. 7 Sept. and bapt. 13 Sept. 1741 ; d. aged 9 months. 

viii. Ruth, b. 4 Jan. and bapt. 9 Jan. 1742/3; d. unm. 3 Jan. 1782. 

ix. Abigail, bapt. 21 Apr. 1745; d. unm. 3 Aug. 1764. 
10. X. Burrill, b. 21 Mar. and bapt. 29 Mar. 1747. 

zi. Robert, of Marblehead, ph3fsician, b. 7 Sept. and bapt. 10 Sept. 1749; 
d. unm. 11 June 1794. 

xii. Margaret, b. 15 Mar. and bapt. 22 Mar. 1752 ; d. at Middleton 8 May 
1794: m. at Marblehead, 27 Dec. 1785, Jacob Fuller of Middleton. 
Children: 1. Peggy, bapt. 15 Apr. 1787. 2. Sarah Devereux, bapt. 7 
Aug. 1791. 

7. Ralph* Devereux (Robert,^ John^), of Marblehead, baptized at 
Marblehead as an adult, with his brother Humphrey, 3 Dec. 
1727, and mentioned in the deed given by his father, 1 Apr. 
1729, died before 17 Apr. 1784, the date of a deed from Burrill 
Devereux to Samuel Devereux. He married (intention re- 
corded at Lyim, 30 Nov. 1729) Ruth Potter of Lynn, bom 

202 Descendants of John Devereux [July 

there 11 Nov. 1710, died at Marblehead 27 Feb. 1809, daughter 

of Benjamin and Ruth (Burrill). 

Children, recorded at Marblehead: 

i. Ralph.* bapt. 20 June 1731; probably d. young, 

ii. Rttth, Dspt. 18 Feb. 1732/3; probably d. young, 

iii. Hannah, bapt. 23 Mar. 1734/5; probably d. young, 

iv. Benjamin, b. 23 July 1737. 

11. V. Ralph, b. 28 Oct. 1739. 

12. vi. RoBEBT, b. 27 Nov. 1741. 
vii. Ruth, bapt. 15 Jan. 1743/4. 
viiL PoTTBB, bapt. 10 May 1747. 

ix. Hannah, bapt. 28 May 1749; d. 4 Nov. 1775, aged 26 years, 6 months; 
m. at Marblehead, 16 Nov. 1768, James Doak. Children, bapt. 
at Marblehead: 1. Ruth. bapt. 15 Apr. 1770. 2. Hannah, bapt 
2 Feb. 1772. 3. Lydia, bapt. 19 Dec. 1773. 

X. Lois, bapt. 12 July 1752; d. suddenly 21 Oct. 1823, aged 70 years; 
m. at Marblehead, 12 Jan. 1775, Amos Grant, bapt. at Marble- 
head 7 May 1749, d. 5 Aug. 1837, aged 88 years, 9 months, s. of 
Amoe and Anna. 

xi. Benjamin Potter, bapt. 29 Sept. 1754; d. 16 Nov. 1831, aged 77; 
m. at Marblehead, 30 May 1782, Elizabeth Gatchel of Marble- 
head, bapt. at Marblehead 29 June 1760, d. 23 Apr. 1841, aged 83, 
dau. of mcrease and Tabitha. Children: 1. Lots.* bapt. 16 Feb. 
1783. 2. Benjamin, d. suddenly 3 July 1822, aged 37. 3. Elisha 
OatcheU, bapt. at Marblehead 23 Nov. 1788; d. ''on board Scho 
Tom'' (death recorded 12 Oct. 1810). 4. Betsey, bapt. at Marble- 
head 8 Jan. 1792. 5. Ruthy, bapt. at Marblehead 12 June 1796. 

8. Joseph* Devereux {John,^ Robert,* John^), of Marblehead, 

baptized at Salem 10 Oct. 1725, died 20 Feb. 1796, aged 70. He 

married first Lydia ; and secondly, at Marblehead, 5 

Jan. 1775, Mbs. Susanna (Phillips) Stagey, who died 20 
Mar. 1823, aged 93.» 

Lydia, wife of Joseph Devereux, appears 10 July 1748 
among those who "have taken the covenant upon themselves." 
Afterwards, 1 Sept. 1771, she seems, with her husband, to 
have joined publicly the Second Church of Marblehead. On 
1 May 1784 Joseph Devereux conveyed the "Raccoon Lot" 
to his first cousin, Samuel* Devereux (6, vi), his wife Susanna 
joining in the deed. 

Children by first wife, recorded at Marblehead : 

13. i. JoHN,» b. 13 July 1748. 

ii. Joseph, bapt. 25 Aug. 1751. 

9. Humphrey* Devereux {Humphrey y^ Robert,* John^), of Marble- 

head, physician, bom 11 Dec. 1730, died 3 Dec. 1773, aged 
42 years, 11 months, 22 days. He married at Ljmn, 26 Jan. 
1762, Anna Henchman, born at Lynn 18 May 1742, dau^ter 
of Rev. Nathaniel of Lynn and his second wife, Lydia (Lewis). 
Anna (Henchman) Devereux probably died before the Revo- 
lution, as at that time her mother, then a widow, took Anna's 
daughter Abigail to Topsfield and there brought her up, 

*By her first husband. Capt. Samuel Stacey, to whom she was married at MarbleliMd 16 Fab. 
1758, Mrs. Susanna (Phillips) St^cey had two daughters, vis., Susanna, baptised at MarbMiead 16 
Nov. 1760, who married at Marblehead, 4 Dec. 1787. John Trefry of Marblehead, died 29 or SI 
AuK. 1836, aged 76. and was buried beside her mother in the Devereux lot (Second Church bvuU 
ground), nnd Elisabeth, baptised at Marblehead 11 Sept. 1763. 

SO] Descendants of John Devereux 203 

Children, bom at Marblehead: 

i. Ltdia,» b. 18 Aug. 1764; d. 21 Aug. 1765. 

iL Abigail, b. 17 June 1766; d. in Boston, at the home of her daughter 
Elisabeth, 22 Feb. 1S47; m. at Salem, 8 Dec. 1781. Hon. Samuel 
Sbwall of Marblehead, A.B. (Harvard, 1776), A.M. (Harvard 
1779,) LL.D. (Harvard, 1808), b. in Boston 11 Dec. 1757, d. sud- 
denly at Wiscasset, Me., while holding court there, 8 June 1814, 
s. of Samuel, Esq.. and Elizabeth (Qumcy) of Boston. He prac- 
tised law at Marolehead, was a member of the Massachusetts 
Legislature, served as a member of the U. S. House of Representa- 
tives from 4 Mar. 1797 until his resignation on 10 Jan. 1800, and 
was a fellow of the American Academv of Arts and Sciences, a 
presidential elector in 1801, a justice of the Supreme Judicial Coxxri 
of Massachusetts, 1800-1814, and chief justice of that court at the 
time of his death. His body was first interred at Wiscasset, but 
afterwards was placed in the Humphrey Devereux tomb at Marble- 
head, in which also his wife's body was placed.* Children, b. at 
Marblehead: 1. Rev. Samuel, oi Burlington, A.B. (Harvard, 1804), 
A.M. (Harvard, 1807), b. 1 June 1785; d. 18 Feb. 1868; m. 1 Jan. 
1818 Martha Marrett, dau. of Rev. John. A.B. (Harvard, 1763), 
A.M. (Harvard, 1766); he was pastor of tne church at Biu'lington 
from 13 Apr. 1814 until 18 May 1842, and was a member of the 
Massachusetts EQstorical Society; one son and two daughters.! 
2. Henry Devereux, of Watertown, N. Y., b. 21 Aug. 1786; d. 8 June 
1846; m. 22 Jan. 1816 Mary C. Norton, who d. 30 Dec. 1840; six 
sons and three daughters. 3. Joseph Henchman^ b. 5 Oct. 1788; 
d. 17 Feb. 1795. 4. Lydia Maria, b. 14 Apr. 1791; d. «. p. 11 
Aug. 1822; m. at Marblehead, 3 May 1811, Samuel Greele of 
Boston, A. B. (Harvard, 1802), A. M. (Harvard. 1808), b. 5 Sept. 
1783, d. 16 Aug. 1861. 5. Anne Henchman, b. 18 Mar. 1793; 
d. unm. 6 Feb. 1848. 6. Joseph Henchman, b. 6 Feb. 1795; 
d. of consumption 26 Sept. 1813, while an underspraduate at Har- 
vard. 7. Rev. Edmund Quinqj, of Barnstable, Mass., Amherst, 
N. H., and Scituate, Mass., A.B. (Harvard, 1815), A.M. (Harvard, 
1818), b. 1 Oct. 1796; d. 15 Sept. 1866; m. 23 Aug. 1820 Caroline 
Ward, b. 15 Nov. 1797, d. 8 Dec. 1867, dau. of Col. Joseph, Wash- 
ington's muster-master general; he was minister at Barnstable 
and Scituate; two sons and one daughter. 8. Elizabeth Quincy, 
h. 10 June 1798; d. 19 June 1848; m. in Feb. 1825 her first cousin, 
Thomas Robie Sewall of Boston, broker, b. 29 July 1792, d. 30 
Sept. 1864, s. of Joseph and Mary (Robie); three sons and one 
daughter. 9. Reo. Charles Chauncy. of Danvers and Medfield, hon. 
A.Nf. (Harvard, 1832, and Bowdoin, 1837), b. 10 May 1802; d. 
at Medfield 22 Nov. 1886; m. at Medfield, 1 Oct. 1823, Amy 
Peters, b. at Medfield 9 Dec. 1802, d. there 15 Aug. 1872. dau. of 
William, Esq., and Mary (Ellis) ; he studied at Bowdoin College, but 
did not graduate ; he was minister at South Danvers for fifteen years, 
and liv^ many vears in Medfield; four sons and six daughters.} 

iii. HxTMPHRET, b. 26 Sept. 1771 ; probably d. young. 

In the Ancient Cemetery at WiBcaaset stands a marble monument, which was erected to the 
Ktry of Chief Justice SewaU by the members of the bar practising in the Supreme Judicial 
rt of the Commonwealth. The Latin and English inscriptions on this monument are given 
■OXSTSB. vol. 72. p. 276. The descent of Chief Justice Sewall from Henry Sewall, Gentleman 
ror of Coventry, co. Warwick, Englandl, is recorded there, and the date of the Chief Justice's 
b is given as 8 June 1814, a day earlier than the date found in the Marblehead town records, 
rseords of St. Michael's Church, Marblehead, give 7 June as the date of death, and a private 
d gives 1 1 June. He was a great-grandson of Chief Justice Samuel Sewall, writer of the famous 

!tev.|8amuel Sewall of Burlington was elected a corresponding member of the New England 
Mie Genealogical Society 4 June 1845, and held this membership until his death. A memoir 
n may be found in Rkgistbr, vol. 23, pp. 214-216, and also, somewhat abridged, in Memorial 
raphiee of the New-England Historic Genealogical Society. v6l. 6, pp. 267>268. 
Ut. Charles Chauncy Sewall of Medfield was elected a resident member of the New England 
trie Oenealogieal Society 1 Feb. 1860, and resigned as a member 12 Sept. 1865. 

204 Descendants of John Devereux [Jul; 

10. BuRRiLL* Devereux (Humphrey,* Robert* John^), of Marble 

head, merchant, A.B. (Harvard, 1767), A.M. (Harvard, 1770) 
bom 21 Mar. and baptized at Marblehead 29 Mar. 1747, diec 
5 Apr. 1796. He married first, at Marblehead, 22 Apr. 1775, 
Elizabeth Gerry, bom at Marblehead 17 May 1748, died 
30 June 1790, daughter of Capt. Thomas and Elizabetfa 
(Greenleaf)* and sister of Hon. Elbridge Gerry, A.B. (BLarvard, 
1762), A.M. (Harvard, 1765), LL.D. (Harvard, 1810), the 
well-known Massachusetts statesman, a signer of the Decla- 
ration of Independence, Governor of Massachusetts, and Vice- 
President of the United States from 4 Mar. 1813 until his 
death on 23 Nov. 1814; and secondly, at Marblehead, 21 
Oct. 1790, Mrs. Sarah Grush, who died 9 June 1816, perhaps 
widow of Capt. John Grush, who died 9 Jan. 1787, aged 54 
years, 2 months. 

Bunill Devereux served in the Massachusetts House ol 
Representatives, 1786-87. 

Children by first wife, bom at Marblehead: 

i. Abigail Burrill,* b. 13 Feb. and bapt. 18 Feb. 1776: m. at Marble- 
head, 10 Apr. 1796, Capt. Gborgb Barker of Marblehead. Chil- 
dren, b. at Marblehead: 1. BtmriU Devereux, b. 1 May 1797; d 
of fever and ague at Syracuse, N. Y., aged 33 (death recorded 4 
May 1830). 2. George, b. 31 Dec. 1798; d. on the same diy 
3. George, d. 8 Nov. 1800. 4. A eon, b. 29 Feb. 1801 [He]: d. on 
the same day. 5. Elizabeth Gerry, b. 27 Mar. 1802. 6. Hatwik 
Hooper, b. 23 Jan. 1804. 7. George Humphrey, b. 19 June 1805. 
8. Joseph ""Nathaniel, b. 3 Feb. 1807; d. 29 Dec. 1813. 9. Sank 
Devereux, b. 19 Feb. 1809. 10. Samuel Elbridge, b. 21 Nov. 1810 

ii. Elizabeth Elbridqe, b. 11 Sept. and bapt. 14 &pt. 1777; d. 9 Apr 
14. iii. Humphrey, b. 6 Aug. and bapt. 8 Aug. 1779. 

iv. Betsey Gerry, b. 21 Dec. 1781; d. unm. 

V. Hannah, bapt. 24 Apr. 1785; m. at Marblehead, 26 Dec. 1809 
Thomas Fettyplace of Marblehead, bapt. at Marblehead 9 Jan 
1785, d. at Salem 22 Jan. 1826, aged 41, s. of Edward and Jane 
Children, bapt. at Marblehead: 1. Elizabeth Gerry, bapt. 2 Dec 
1810. 2. Mary Jane Williams, bapt. 4 Aug. 1811. 3. Loftin 
Abigail Devereux, bapt. 28 Nov. 1813. 4. Jokn, bapt. 17 Mir 
1816. 5. Lucy Catherine Dodge, bapt. 9 Aug. 1818. 6. Henr\ 
King, bapt. 13 Feb. 1820. 7. Hannah Ann Williams, bapt % 
Jan. 1822. 8. Sarah Burrill, bapt. 25 Dec. 1823. 

11. Ralph* Devereux (Ralph,* Robert,'* John^), farmer, born a' 

Marblehead 26 Oct. 1739, died at Penobscot, Me., in Mar. 1824 
He married at Marblehead, 12 Sept. 1765, Lois Inoebso? 
HiBBERT, bom at Marblehead 23 Jan. 1749, daughter of Capt 
Joseph (bom 22 Dec. 1723, died 13 Feb. 1801) and Lois (Inger 
son) (bom 27 Jime 1725). 

Ralph Devereux and his wife lived at Marblehead unti 
after the birth of their fifth child, and then removed to Penob 
scot. There he and his sbn took up two farms, side by side, 
extending one mile from the Penobscot River. Mark C 

*Capt. Thomas Gerry of Newton Buahel. England, waa bom 15 Mar. 1701/2. oame to Abmt 
ica in 1730. established himself at Marblehead as a merchant, and died 13 July 1774. acwi 72 fas'* 
4 months. He married (1) at Marblehead. 10 Dec. 1734. Elisabeth Greenle«f. born at Mtf^ 
head 1 June 1716. died 2 Sept. 1771. daughter of Enoch and Rebecca (RusImUj: and {2} •< 
Marblehead. 6 May 1773, Mrs. Elisabeth Lemmon. 

20] Descendants of John Devereux 205 

Devereux (21, iv) now (1920) owns the farm taken up by 
* . his great-^ndfather, Ralph (11), and lives in the farmhouse 
which his great-grandfather built. 

Children, the first five bom and baptized at Marblehead 
and the others bom at Penobscot. : 

i. Lois,* bapt. 1 Feb. 1767; m. Thomas Bowdbn. 

15. ii. Ralph, b. 8 Dec. and bapt. 10 Dec. 1768. 

liL Abigail, bapt. 18 Nov. 1770; d. at Sedgwick, Me., 8 Jan.* 1854; m. 
16 Dec. 1792 Jbbbmiah* Stover of Blue Hill, Me., farmer, b. at 
York, Me., 5 Dec. 1770, d. at Blue Hill 16 Mar. 1824, s. of Isaac* 
( Josiah,' George,' Sylvester^ ) and Martha of York. Nine children. * 

iv. Nehemiah, bapt. 26 Apr. 1772; m. Martha Winslow of Penob- 
scot. Children: 1. David.* 2. James. 3. Nathaniel. 4. Eldridge. 
5. Elisha, 6. Dennis. 7. Andrew Jackson, of Cape Elizabeth, Me. 

V. Ruth, bapt. 27 Feb. 1774; m. Moses Veazib of Penobscot. 

vi. Hannah, d. unm. 

16. vii. Joseph, d. 1 Sept. 1779. 

viii. Mart (Polly), b. 10 Oct. 1781; m. 25 Mar. 1811 Seth Kibcball 
of Blue HiU, Me. 

ix. Ltdia, d. unm. at Blue Hill, Me., in Dec. 1835. 

X. Martha, d. 20 Dec. 1873; m., as his second wife, Isaac Smith Os- 
good of Blue Hill, Me., his first wife having been her niece, Lois 
Stover, daughter of her sister Abigail (11, lii). (Vide infra, Ad- 
denda I and II.) 

Robert* Devereux (Ralphy* Robert,^ John^) was bom at Marble- 
head 27 Nov. 1741. He married at Salem, 22 Oct. 1765, 
Mary Kino of Salem, bom at SaJem 20 Sept. 1742, daughter 
of Nathaniel and Mary (Ruck). 
Children, baptized at Marblehead: 

17. i. Nathandbl King,* bapt. 2 Feb. 1766. 
ii. Mart, bapt. 20 Mar. 1768. 

iii. Robert, bapt. 11 Feb. 1770; m. at Marblehead, 8 Jan. 1804, Alice 
Brat Thompson, bapt. at Marblehead 20 Oct. 1782, dau. of Samuel 
and Jane (Brav). Children, bapt. at Marblehead: -1. Robert,* 
bapt. 4 Nov. 1804. 2. Mary Jane, bapt. 6 Sept. 1807. 3. RtUh 
Potter, bapt. 1 Oct. 1809. 4. James, bapt. 20 Oct. 1816. 6. Alice 
Bray, bapt. 30 May 1819; d. 25 Feb. 1821, aged 23^ years. 6. 
Rebecca Thompson, bapt. 24 Feb. 1822. 

iv. James, bapt. 28 June 1772. 

V. Ruth, bapt. 6 Feb. 1775; d. 19 Feb. 1841, ased 66 years, 1 month; 
m. at Marblehead, 1 Feb. 1801, Capt. John Boden, bapt. at 
Marblehead 1 Nov. 1772, d. 5 Nov. 1835, aged 63 years, 9 months, 
8. of Samuel and Ruth (James). Children, bapt. at Marblehead: 
1. James Devereux, bapt. 26 June 1808; d. 25 Nov. 1819, aged 
about 12 years. 2. Samuel, bapt. 29 Sept. 1811. 3. Ruth, bapt. 
16 Feb. 1812. 4. Hannah, bapt. 4 July 1824, aged 10 years. 

vi. Hannah, bapt. 15 June 1783; m. at Marblehead, 17 Jan. 1805, 
Samxtel Thompson of Marblehead. Children, bapt. at Marble- 
head: 1. Samuel King, bapt. 27 Apr. 1806. 2. Hannah, bapt. 
9 Oct. 1808. 3. Mary Devereux, h&Dt. 2 Aug. 1812. 4. Jane 
Bray, bapt. 11 Sept. 1814. 5. Ralph Devereux, bapt. 15 Dec. 
1816. 6. Ruth Devereux, bapt. 13 Dec. 1818. 

vii. Lois, bapt. 20 May 1787. 

John* Devereux (Joseph,* John,* Robert,* John^), bom at 
Marblehead 13 July 1748, died 3 Jan. 1788. He married at 
Marblehead, 16 June 1774, Mary Broughton, baptized at 

ot Jeremiah and Abigail (Devereux) Stover and their deecendante aee Addenda I and II 
B end of this article. 

206 DeseendanU of John Devereux [ Julv 

Marblehead 21 Sept. 1755, died 26 Oct. 1796, aged 41, daug}^ 
ter of Maj. NicholsoD and Sarah (Pedrick) ot Marblehead. 

He was a second lieutenant in Nicholson Brou^ton's com- 
pany, Col. JcHiathan Glover's famous Marblehead regiment, 
in the Revolution, and saw active service with it in all its 
operations. He became a captain in the Continental service. 

Children, baptized at Marblehead: 

18. i. John,* bapt. 28 May 1775. 

ii. Ltdia Newhall, bapt. 28 July 1776. 

ilL Mart, bapt. 12 Apr. 1778; d. unm. 6 May 1828. 

iv. Joseph, Mipt. 31 Oct. 1779; d. at Havana, Cuba. 

V. Hannah, bapt. 4 July 1781 ; d. of lung fever 10 May 1842, aged 61 ; 
m. at Marblehead, 11 Jan. 1807, John Ingalcs, bapt. at Marble- 
head 29 Feb. 1784, d. 2 or 4 Oct. 1836, a. of William and Sarah 

vi. Sarah Pedrick, bapt. 31 Aug. 1783; d. unm. 15 Sept. 18S5. 

vii. Eleanor, bc^L 4 Sept. 1785; m. at Marblehead, 4 Dee. 1803, Caft. 
Samuel Candler of Philadelphia, P^ Children: 1. Mary EUen, 
bapt. at Marblehead 30 Sept. 1804. 2. Samud, bapt. at Marble- 
head 12 July 1807. 3. EvaUne, m. Flamen Ball, law partner of 
Hon. Salmon P. Chase. 

viii. Capt. Nicholson Broughton, bapt. 15 Apr. 1787; d. 12 Nov. 1826 
[He]; m. at Marblehead, 25 Apr. 1811, Mehitablb Cuovtuas, 
bapt. at Marblehead 21 Nov. 1784. d. of fever 24 or 25 June 1828, 
aged 44, dau. of Thomas and Mehitable (Wilscm). Children 
(baptisms recorded at Marblehead): 1. Nicholson Bitrng^don^ 
b. 30 Oct. 1812 and bapt. 6 Sept. 1813; d. unm. in Boston. 2. 
George Thomas, b. 26 Feb. and bapt. 4 Auk. 1816. 3. John Newdl 
(or John NewhaU), b. 15 Sept. 1818 and bapt. 1 Auf . 1819, aged 
6 months [sic]; d. at Charlestown 13 Feb. 1881; bur. m Woodlawn 

Cemetery. Everett, 17 Feb. 1881; m. Jane W. , who d. at 

Miller's Falls 4 Apr. 1895, aged 75 jrears, and was bur. in Wood- 
lawn Cemetery 8 Apr. 1895; a member of the City Council of Bos- 
ton in 1875; three children at least.* 4. Mehitable Wilson, bapt 
24 June 1823; d. in Apr. 1857; m. John Singleton McKay of Brook- 
lyn, N. Y. 5. Joseph Frederick, bapt. 19 July 1828, aged 2 yeais, 
6 months. 6. Mary Broughton, bapt. 19 July 1828; d. on same 
day, aged 4 months or 6 months. 

14. Humphrey* Devereux (Burrill,^ Humphrey,* Robert,^ John^), 
of Salem, A.B. (Harvard, 1798), A.M. (Harvard, 1801), bom 
at Marblehead 6 Aug. and baptized 8 Aug. 1779, died at 
Salem 1 Jime 1867. He married, 6 Mar. 1809, Eliza Dodge, 
bom 14 Dec. 1785, died 20 Nov. 1828, daughter of Israel and 
Lucia (Pickering) and niece of Hon. Timothy Pickering. 

He studied law in the office of Hon. John Lowell of Bjoston, 
and, after a business voyage to the East Indies, settled in 
Salem as a merchant. 

Children, bom at Salem: 

19. i. George Hxtmphret,* b. 1 Dec. 1809. 

ii. Marianne (or Mary Ann) Cabot, b. 6 Feb. 1812; d. at Milton 
4 Aug. 1889; m. at Salem, in the home of her father on Chestnut 
Street, 9 Nov. 1829, Nathaniel Silsbeb, A.B. (Harvard, 1824), 
A.M. (Harvard, 1862), b. at Salem 28 Dec. 1804 and bapt. 3 Feb. 

•Theac three children were: 1. WUliam Henry, bur. at Marblehead 4 Nov. 1843, aeed 2 yeait, 

3 month«; bur. again in Woodlawn Cemetery, Everett, in the lot of John N. Devereux. 24 Apr. 
1861. 2. George N., d. at Reams Station. Va., 3 Sept. 1864, aged 21 year*. 11 months. 3 dafi; 
bur. m Woodlawn Cemetery 25 Aug. 1868. 3. Abbott, d. at Marblehead. 26 Mar. 1851, agad 

4 years. 3 months, 14 days; bur. in Woodlawn Cemetery 24 Apr. 1801. 

Descendants of John Devereux 207 

1805, d. at Milton July 1881, s. of Hon. Nathaniel (a member 
of the U. S. House of Kepresentatives, 1817-1821, and a U. S. 
senator from Massachusetts, 182&-1835) and Mary (Crowninshield). 
He represented Salem in the Massachusetts House of Representa- 
tives m 1833 and 1846 and in the extra session of 1848 called to 
choose presidential electors, was mavor of Salem in 1849, 1850, 
1858, and 1859, and was treasurer of Harvard College from 1862 
to 1876. In 1862 he removed from Salem to Boston, and in 1869 
he became a legal resident of Milton. Children, b. and bapt. at 
Salem: 1. Nathaniel Devereux, A.B. (Harvard, 1852), A.M. (Har- 
vard, 1855), b. 22 Oct. 1830 and bapt. 8 May 1833; d. 27 June 
1912; m. 22 Oct. 1856 Mary Stone Hodges, b. 8 Dec. 1836, dau. 
of George A. and Abigail E. (White): four children.* 2. George 
Devereux, b. 29 Oct. 1832 and bapt. 8 May 1833; d. 18 Aug. 1843. 
3. Eliza Devereux, b. 23 Oct. and bapt. 15 Dec. 1835; d. 20 Mar. 
1837. 4. Marianne Devereux, b. 11 Sept. and bapt. 19 Oct. 1837; 
* d. 10 Mar. 1838. 5. Mary Crawninahield, b. 7 Apr. and bapt. 
15 Nov. 1840; m. 12 June 1861 Frederick Augustus Whitwell, 
b. 10 Mar. 1820, d. 20 July 1912, s. of Samuel and Sophia (Story); 
residence. Milton; two children. f 6. WHliam Edward, A.B. 
(Harvard, 1867), A.M. (Harvard, 1872), b. 27 Sept. 1845 and bapt. 
8 Mar. 1846; d. 16 July 1908. 

Kalph^ Devereux (UoZpfc,* Ralph,* Robert,* John^), of Penobscot, 
Me., farmer, bom at Marblehead 8 Dec. and baptized 10 
Dec. 1768, died at Penobscot 20 Sept. 1852. He married, 24 
Sept. 1793, Elizabeth Winslow, bom 11 July 1770, died at 
Penobscot 19 June 1848. 
Children, bom at Penobscot: 

i. Elijah Winslow,* of Dedham, Me., b. at Penobscot 2 May 1794; 
d. at Dedham 29 Jan. 1858; m. 22 Apr. 1824 Rebecca Lawrence 
of Bucksport, Me., b. at Orland, Me., 23 May 1805, d. at Penobscot 
in Oct. 1876. Children: 1. Joseph Lull,'' b. 19 Apr. 1825; lost 
on the Grand Banks of Newfoundland. 2. Abigail Ann, b. at 
Penobscot 20 May 1827. 3. Reuben, b. at Dedham. 4. Jefferson, 
b. at Dedham; a physician in Colorado. 5. Nehemiah, b. at Ded- 
ham; drowned when a boy. 6. Ralph W,, b. at Dedham; lived in 
). ii. Ralph, b. 15 June 1795. 

iii. Abiqail, b. 1 Nov. 1798; d. at Castine, Me., 27 Dec. 1843; m. 18 
June 1829 John Wilbon of Castine, who d. in 1839. Residence, 
Castine. Children: 1. Elijah. 2. John, 3. Elizabeth. 4. Ne- 
hemiah, master mariner, b. 29 Mar. 1835; lost at sea from the 
Fanny 18 Aug. 1871: m. Emily G. Heagan of Prospect, Me., 
b. 9 Jan. 1836, d. 4 Nov. 1884' after the death of his parents he 
was brouffht up by his uncle, Ralph Devereux (20) of Ftospect; 
four children, t 

iv. Mercy, b. 19 ^Jar. 1801; d. at Penobscot 12 Jan. 1874; m. 27 Nov. 
1823 Thomas Ctjmminos of Prospect, Me., b. at Prospect 12 Apr. 
1798, d. 2 Apr. 1879. Children: 1. Elizabeth, b. 10 Aug. 1824; 
d. 23 Mar. 1883; m. Joseph Clapp. 2. John, b. 2 July 1826; lost 
at sea 10 Oct. 1850. 3. Harriet Devereux, b. 22 Aug. 1827; d. unm. 

ildren of Nathaniel Devereux and Mary Stone (Hodgea) Silabee: 1. Elisabeth White, b. 
L 1857; m. 23 Aug. 1876 Winslow Lewis Montgomery, b. 8 Sept. 1848, d. 17 Jan. 1911. 
thaniel. b. 9 Feb. 1859. 3. Rosamond White, b. 16 Nov. 1863. 4. George Devereux, 
^. 1865; m. Bertha Griggs. 

ildren of Frederick Augustus and Mary Crowninshield (Silsbee) Whitwell: 1. Frederick 
, of Boston, A. B. (Harvard. 1884). LL.B. (Harvard, 1887;. b. 12 Mar. 1862; m. 23 Nov. 
ertnide Howard, b. 13 Aug. 1873, dau. of William H. of San Mateo, Cal.; one daughter, 
le Howard, b. 8 Feb. 1896, d. 27 Nov. 1908. 2. Natalie Silsbee. b. 2 July 1863. 
iklren of Nehemiah and Emily G. (Heagan) Wilson: 1. Mabel S., m. John Shute. 2. 
. d. at the age of 5 years. 3. Arthur S., b. 25 Feb. 1862; m. Fannie Alexander of Balti- 
tfd. 4. Elisabeth Devereux, m. J. G. James of Bangor. Me. 

)20] Descendants of John Deoereux 209 

Anna Mason : he enlisted in the Civil War, but saw no active ser- 
vice; two children: (1) Florence May, b. 5 May 1876, (2) Edward 
Mason, b. 22 Oct. 1879. 2. Owrae EvereU, b. 19 June 1836; d. 
unm. 28 June 1882. 3. MarOui Osgood^ b. 16 Sept 1837; d. 20 
Mar. 1842. 4. Rvby, b. 18 Nov. 1838; m. Rev. Samuel Page; 
child: (1) Sherman Daniel, b. 30 July 1864. 5. Amos Harriman. 
b. 4 Mar. 1840; d. «. p. 13 Aug. 1912; m. Ck)ra L. Baker; he enlisted 
in the Civil War, but was discharged on account of ill health with- 
out seeing active service. 6. Ahbie JngcJls, b. 5 June 1841; living 
in 1920 at Bucksport, Me.: m. at Bucksport, 15 Nov. 1866, her 
second cousin, Charles Arthiu* Devereux (21, iii) of Bucksport, 
master mariner, b. at Penobscot 17 Mar. 1844, d. 14 Mar. 1895; 
two children (vide infra, 21, iii). 7. Jabez Wood, b. 5 Jime 1843; 
living in 1919 at Toledo, Ohio; m. (1) Elisabeth Phillii^s; m. 
(2) Mrs. Frances Harwood; he served in the Civil War in the 
Second Maine Infantry; three children by first wife: (1) Walter 
John, b. 10 May 1872, (2) George Phillips, b. 24 July 1874, (3) 
Willard Everett, b. 3 Mar. 1877. 8. Marlha Osgood, b. 19 Apr. 
1845; d. 14 Deo. 1905; m. Amos Merrill Wig^t, b. 5 Mar. 1843; 
five children: (1) Mary Estelle, b. 27 Nov. 1870, (2) Joseph MerriU, 
b. 9 Nov. 1872, (3) Melville Page. b. 13 July 1874, (4) Beatrice 
Evelyn, b. 9 June 1883, (5) Winifred Ethel, b. 9 June 1885. 9. 
WiUard Deuereu . b. 25 Oct. 1847; d. 17 Mar. 1916; m. Lillian 
Adi^te; four children: (1) Everett Willard, b. 25 Jan. 1881, (2) 
Leonard Reed. b. 20 Nov. 1882, (3) Grace Lillian, b. 10 Aug. 1884, 
(4) Ruth Leola, b. 5 May 1896. 10. Meary Sherman, b. 5 Mar. 
1849; m. George Ryder of Orrington, b. 29 June 1846: three 
children: (1) Maurice Sumner, b. 3 June 1880, (2) Clifford, b. 16 
July 1883, (3) Flora Nancy, b. 11 Jan. 1885. 11. Anna Devereux, 
b. 6 Nov. 1851; living in 1919 at Bangor, Me.; m. Alpheus Gro- 
ver Hanson; four children: (1) Alice Elizabeth, b. 28 July 1882, 
(2) Mabel Devereux, b. 8 Apr. 1885, (3) Louise Hallett, b. 5 May 
1887, (4) Walter King, b. 3 Jan. 1889. 12. Edxoard Everett, b. 
16 June 1857; d. s. p, 15 Sept. 1892; m. Nellie Rideout. 13. 
Charles Sumner, b. 18 Sept. 1858; m. Alice Smith; no issue. 

vii. Abigail, b. 15 June 1816; d. 23 May 1889L; m. (1) Ingallb; 

m. (2) David Godfrey of Orrington, b. 26 Oct. 1806. Child bv 
first husband: 1. George, d. in 1919; had a daughter named Maud. 
Children by second husband: 2. Rodvlphus W., b. 13 July 1854. 
3. Josephine, b. 6 July 1857; living in 1919 at Bangor, Me. 
24. viii. SsTH ICimball, b. at Penobscot 12 June 1821. 

ix. Joseph, b. in 1823, after his father's death; d. unm. 30 July 1846, 
aged 23. 

7. Nathaniel King' Devereux (Robert,^ Ralph,* Robert,* John^), 
baptized at Marblehead 2 Feb. 1766, died 26 Sept. 1840. He 
married at Marblehead, 4 Nov. 1792, Tabitha Story, baptized 
31 Mar. 1771, died at Providence, R. I., 19 Feb. 1852, aged 
80 years, 11 months, daughter of Dr. Elisha of Marblehead 
and his first wife, Ruth (Ruddock). Tabitha Story was a 
half sister of Hon. Joseph Story, LL.D., Associate Justice of 
the Supreme Court of the United States. 
Children, baptized at Marblehead: 

i. Nathaniel,* b. 10 Mar. and bapt. 17 Mar. 1793; d. of consumption 
8, 11, or 14 Oct. 1814. 

ii. Ruth Ruddock, b. 31 July and bapt. 10 Aug. 1794; d. 10 Sept. 1795. 

iii. EuBHA Story, b. 10 Nov. and bapt. 16 Nov. 1795; d. 16 Nov. 1840; 
m. at Marblehead, 17 Jan. 1822, Ruthy Knight, bapt. at Marble- 
head 4 Mar. 1798, dau. of George and Elizabeth. Children. b^Jit 
Marblehead: 1. Elisha Story, ^ b. 7 Dec. 1822. 2. Mary Knight, 
b. 31 [sic] Sept. 1824. 3. Ebenexer Breed, b. 8 Nov. 1830. 

210 DescendarUa of John Devereux [July 

iv. James, b. 11 Feb. and bapt. 26 Feb. 1797; d., as a result of being 

"thrown out of a Carriage," 25 Nov. 1819. 
V. Ruth Story, b. 14 Feb. and bapt. 24 Feb. 1799; d. 31 Aug. 1873. 
vi. Mart King, b. 14 Jan. and bapt. 18 Jan. 1801; d. 17 May 1802, 

aged 1 year, 4 months, 3 days, 
vii. Robert, b. 10 Oct. and bapt. 7 Nov. 1802; d. 15 Jan. 1867. 
viii. Mary Kino, b. 25 July and bapt. 29 July 1804; d. 16 Dec. 1873. 
ix. Tabitha Story, b. 16 Feb. and bapt. 23 Feb. 1806; d. 22 Feb. 1872. 
X. William Story, b. 31 Jan. 1807 and bapt. 7 Feb. 1808; d. 11 No?. 

zi. Ralph Potter, b. 15 Oct. and bapt. 21 Oct. 1810; d. 13 June 1866; 

m. at Marblehead, 23 Jan. 1844, Mary W. Creesey. 
xii. Isaac Story, b. 16 Oct. and bapt. 8 Nov. 1812; d. 17 Dec. 1872. 
xiii. Nathaniel Anthony, b. 14 Feb. 1817; d. 4 Nov. 1882. 

18. Capt. John* Devereux {Johuj^ Joseph,^ John* Robert,^ Johv}), 

of Marblehead, baptized at Marblehead 28 May 1775, died 
14 Dec. 1812. He married at Marblehead, 28 Sept. 1797, 
Betsey Hill Leach, baptized at Marblehead 11 Apr. 1778, 
died of consumption 26 or 25 Sept. 1826, aged 48, daughter 
of Henry and Catherine, formerly of Beverly. She was ad- 
mitted to the Second Church of Marblehead 13 May 1798. 
Children (baptisms recorded at Marblehead) : 

i. Betsey Hill,^ bapt. 27 May 1798: d. at Dedham 18 Mar. 1885; m. 
at Marblehead, 27 Dec. 1821, George Washington Humfhbet, 
b. 1 Jan. 1800, s. of John and Mercy (Eaton). Children: 1. (reoryi 
Henry, b. 17 June 1822. 2. Eliza Ann Leach, b. 22 Dec 1824. 
3. John Devereux, b. 22 Jan. 1828. 4. Joeeph, b. 8 Jan. 1830. 
5. Mary Elizabeth, b. 27 Mar. 1832. 6. William Baton, b. 1 Mar. 

ii Mart Broughton, bapt. 19 Jan. 1800; d. unm. in Boston 12 Mar. 
25. iii. John, bapt. 25 Apr. 1802. 

iv. Nathaniel (twin), b. and d. 24 Dec. 1804. 

V. Joseph (twin), b. and d. 24 Dec 1804. 

vi. Hannah Leach, b. 19 Feb. 1806; d. at Salem 20 July 1868; m. at 
Marblehead, 23 Aug. 1838, John Bartoll, Jr., painter, of Marble- 
head. Children, recorded at Marblehead: 1. John, bapt 3 Nov. 
1839. 2. Matilda Devereux^hApt, 10 Oct. 1841. 3. WilHam Uenry^h. 
12 Jan. 1843. 4. Mary Devereux, b. 18 Jan. 1846; d. 18 Nov. 1S46. 
5. Mary Devereux, b. 18 Oct. 1847. 

vii. Henrt Leach, bapt. 13 Mar. 1808; d. at Burlington, Wis., 5 Jan. 
1889; m. 2 Nov. 1829 Hannah Nicholb Emerson of Boston, who 
d. at Burlington, Wis., 21 June 1880. They lived at Dedham, 
and moved tnence to Burlington, Wis. 

viii. Joseph Nathaniel, b. 5 Feb. 1811; d. "on board Ship Asia" 6 Oct. 
1836 and bur. in Caspar Strait, Dutch East Indies; m. at Marble- 
head, 31 May 1832, Asia ail Lindsat Cowell, bapt. at Marble- 
head 6 Aug. 1815, dau. of John Glover and Abigail (Lindsay)- 
Children, b. at Marblehead: 1. Abigaa CoweU,* b. 12 Mar. 1832 
[sic], 2. Josephine Maria (posthumous child), b. 8 Mar. 1837. 

19. George Humphrey* Devereux (Humphrey,^ BvrrUl,^ Hwnur 

phrey,* Robert,^ John^), of Salem, merchant, A.B. (Harvard, 
1829), A.M. (Harvard, 1832), bom at Salem 1 Dec. 1809, 
died 24 Oct. 1878. He married, 19 Dec. 1832, CHABLom 
Story Forrester, bom 4 Sept. 1811, died 27 Apr. 1878, 
daughter of John of Salem and Charlotte (Story), who wen 
married at Marblehead 25 Oct. 1810, Qharlotte Story beiif 
a daughter of Dr. Elisha Story of Marblehead by his seocvtid 

20] Records of the Second Church of Berwick, Me. 211 

wife, Mehitable (Pedrick), and a sister of Hon. Joseph Story, 
LL.D., Associate Justice of the Supreme Court of the United 

George Humphrey Devereux represented Salem in the 
Massachusetts House of Representatives, 1835, 1855, and 
1856, commanded the Salem Light Infantry, and was adjutant 
general of the Commonwealth from 15 Jan. 1848 to 6 May 


i. George Forrester,^ b. 2 Sept. 1833; m. at Durant, Iowa, 9 Dec. 

1860, Mart Neuwanger. On 2 Mar. 1865 he was commissioned 

as second lieutenant in the Second Regiment of U. S. Volunteers. 
iL John FoRREsnrER, A.B. (Harvard, 1856), A.M. (Harvard, 1859), 

b. 12 Mar. 1835; d. unm. in 1883. In Dec. 1861 he was captain 

in the Eleventh Massachusetts Infantry. 
26. ilL Arthur Forrester, b. 27 Apr. 1836. 

iv. Charles Upham, b. 27 June 1838; d. 25 Sept. 1886; m. in 1866 Jane 

Dewet Ensign. On 18 Apr. 1861 he was first ser^;eant in the 

Salem Zouaves, and on 15 Nov. 1861 he was captam of Co. H, 

Nineteenth Massachusetts Infantry. He was wounded in the 

Battle of Antietam, in Sept. 1862. Child: 1. Robert C.,> b. at 

Richland Centre, Wis., 1 July 1867. 
y. Wai/ter Forrester, b. 7 Sept. 1841 ; d. unm. In the Civil War he 

was captain of the Forty-seventh U. S. Infantry (colored). 
vi. Marianne Silsbee, b. 21 Sept. 1843; living unm. 
viL Edward Forrester, b. 5 Oct. 1845 and bapt. at Salem 8 May 1848; 

d. unm. 21 May 1902. 
viii. Charlotte Stort Forrester, b. 22 Dec. 1847 and bapt. at Salem 

8 May 1848; d. 7 Aug. 1897 and bur. at San Gabriel, Cal.; m. at 

Salem, 14 Dec. 1876, her half second cousin^FRANCis Quarlbs 

Stort, b. 18 July 1845, s. of John Patten and Elisabeth (Quarles). 

nandson of William and Elizabeth (Patten), and great-grandson ot 

Dr. Elisha and his first wife, Ruth (Ruddock), 
ix. Francis Bohxtn, b. 14 Feb. 1849: m. 10 Sept. 18i35 Ardella Horton 

Seaman, dau. of George and Martha (Horton). Child: 1. Francis 

X. EuzA DODGE, b. 8 Feb. 1856; d. 17 May 1907 and bur. at San Gabriel, 


[To be continued] 

OF BERWICK, ME., 1755-1867 

Copied by Mrs. Marietta Frances (Stact) Hilton of Belmont, Mass. 

ax Second, or Blackberry Hill, Parish of Berwick, Me., became 
ict many years ago. The records of the church are contained 
D old book in a very dilapidated condition, which is now in 
possession of Mrs. Mattie H. (Lord) Merrill of Syracuse, N. Y., 
;hter of the late Frederick Augustus Lord of Berwick and widow 
urtis Merrill. These records, with the exception of a few pages 
ng with disciplinary matters, are given below. There are no 
li records in the book. . 

yoit. ixxiv. 14 


Records of the Second Church of Berwick, Me. 


The Church was organized April 3, 1755 Those who signed the Covenant 
are as follows. 

Elder John Smith 
Bial Hambleton 
Siunuel Brackett 
Moses Hodsdon 
Grindal Knight 
John Shorey 
Samuel Wentworth 
Gabriel Hambleton 
John Pray 

Andrew Walker 
Gideon May 
William Frost 
Thomas Holms 
Nathaniel Libbey 
Patrick Gowen 
Paul Stone 
Joseph Hambleton 
Joseph Stone 

Ebeneser Lord 
Abraham Lord 
Nathaniel Gubtail 
John Brackett 
Isaac Brackett 
Samuel Brackett 
John Knight 
John Scates 

Catalogue of those owning the Covenant and having Liberty to ofo 
themselves and children to Baptism. Both Males and Females. 


Eliphalet Randall, Jan. 1756 
Jonathan Clark, Feb. 1756 
John Andross, Mar. 1756 
William Goodwin, June 1756 
William Davis, June 1756 
Charles Butler, July 1757 
PhiUp Yeaton, Sept. 1757 
Jacob Shorey, Mar. 1758 
Daniel Sullivan, Feb. 25, 1759 
Joshua Ricker, May 13, 1759 
Nathaniel Hardison, May 17, 1760 
John Jones, Mar. 15, 1761 
Ebenezer Jones, Mar. 16, 1761 
James Foy, Mar. 15, 1761 

Benjamin Barrows, Mar. 15, 1761 
Benjamin Libbey, Apr. 19, 1761 
Benjamin Austin, Sept. 24, 1761 
Moses Austin, Sept. 26, 1761 
Samuel Hooper, Sept. 27, 1761 
Jeremiah Goodwin, Nov. 5, 1761 
Samuel Hanscom, Feb. 1762 
Tristram Faul, Aug. 22, 1762 
Jabez Ricker, Jan. 9, 1763 
Hanly [^] Applebey, Jime 3, 1764 
Daniel Knock, July 8, 1764 
John Pierce, Jun., Apr. 13, 1766 
Miles Shorey, Apr. 13, 1766 
Joshua Roberts, May 14, 1767 


Maiy Brackett, Dec. 1755 
Miriam Brackett, Dec. 1755 
Mary Woodsiun, Dec. 1755 
Mehetable Brackett, Dec. 1755 
Lydia Randall, Jan. 1756 
Sarah Hodsdon, Jan. 1756 
Mercy Clark, Jan. 7, 1756 
Sarah Clark, Jan. 7, 1756 
Sarah Murrey, Jan. 7, 1756 
Sarah Goodwin, Jan. 7, 1756 
Love Davis, Jan. 7, 1756 
Sarah Butler, July 1757 
Eunice Shackley, July 1757 
Hannah Shorey, Mar. 1758 
Mary Hodsdon, July 1758 
Sarah Perkins, Sept. 1758 
Bettey Ricker, May 13, 1759 
Lydia Goodwin, Apr. 20, 1760 
Charity Hardison, May 17, 1760 

Priscilla Jones, Mar. 15, 1761 
Mary Barrows, Mar. 15, 1761 
Elizabeth Libbey, Apr. 19, 1761 
Elizabeth Grindall, Apr. 12, 1761 
EHzabeth Foy, May 1, 1761 
Joanna Jones, May 1, 1761 

Austin, Sept. 24, 1761 

Patience Austin, Sept. 24, 1761 
Peg^y Hooper, Sept. 27, 1761 
Lydia Goodwin, Nov. 15, 1761 
Hannah Hanscom. Feb. 11, 1762 
Martha Faul, Aug. 22, 1762 
Abigail Clark, Sept. 5, 1762 
Martha A!^[iUegibU\, Oct. 9, 1763 

Applebey, June 3, 1764 

Abigail Stone, June 3, 1764 
Sarah Knock, July 8, 1764 
Abigail Thompson, Aug. 25, 1764 
Elizabeth Shorey, Apr. 13, 1766 

Members in full standing of the Second Church in Berwick, Maine, bott 
Male and Female, Beginning Apr. 3, 1755 

Males all embodied together in March 1755 

Elder John Smith John Morse, Pastor 

Elder Moses Hodsdon Bial Hambleton 

Reeorda of the Second Church i^ Berwick, Me. 


lel Brackett 
lel Wentworth 






:, in March 1760 

me, in March 1760 

ht, in March 1760 

s, in March 1760 

ley, in March 1760 

oodwin, Aug. 5, 1759 

e, Aug. 5, 1759 

ike, Aug. 5, 1759 

Knock, June 7, 1761* 

Knock, Jr., June 7, 1761* 

3arrow9, Aug. 20, 1761 

ibbitts, Aug. 27, 1761 

urn, Aug. 1, 1762 

, May 6, 1764 

Jeard, May 6, 1764 

rock, June 24, 1764 

tlerriam, Pastor, rec. Sept. 

3plebey, Oct. 20, 1765 
ooper, Aug. 10, 1765 
:enney, Aug. 8, 1767 
hrey ChadUiurae, Jan. IS, 

ly, Aug. 5, 1770 
Guptail, Aug. 5, 1770 
owns, July 6, 1778 
icket, Oct. 1779 

Females received in the 
Smith, Mar. 1755 
Ewkett, Mar. 1755 
^on, Mar. 1755 
;ntworth, Mar. 1755 
■ey, Mar. 1755 
', Mar. 1755 
sbbey, Mar. 1755 
i Pray, Mar. 1755 
I, Mar. 1755 
owen, Mar. 1755 
tail, Mar. 1755 
Lord. Mar. 1755 
Hambleton, Mar. 1755 
Chick, Mar. 1755 

Grindul Knight 

John Pray 

Andrew Walker 

Joseph Hambleton 

Ebenezer Lord 

Samuel Brackett, Jr. 

Nathaniel Guptail 

Abraham Lord 

John Brackett 

Isaac Brackett 

Nathaniel Libby, June 4, 1780 

Jamea Randall, June 1780 

John Andrews, July 1780 

Joseph Chick, July ^ 1780 

Richard Whidc 16, 1780 

JohnLeavy[or iilyl6, 1780 

Daniel Lebbey 1780 

Joshua Staples. ,-1780 

Jabez Ricker, i .780 

Humphrey Chadboume, Aug. 27, 

John Randall, Aug. 27, 1780 
John Frost, Oct. 15, 1780 
Nathaniel Norton, Oct. 15, 1780 
Jonathan Ross, Apr. 22, 1781 
James Fogg, June 10, 1781 
Aaron Chick. Sept. 1, 1782 
Joshua Grant, Oct. 13, 1782 
Thomas Hodsdon, Nov. 24, 1782 
Aaron Roberte, Nov. 24, 1782 
Humphrey Lord, Nov. 24, 1782 
Ichabod Hayes, Sept. 20, 1784 
George Stanton, May 2, 1796 
Joseph Hilliard, Pastor, ordained 

Oct. 11, 1797 
Jonathan Nock, Apr. 29, 1798 

Second Church of Berwick. 
Sarah Frost, Mar. 1755 
Abigail Lebbey, Mar. 1755 
Mary Penney, Mar. 1755 
Rebeccah Andross, Mar. 1755 
Martha Lord, Mar. 1755 
Charity Key, Mar. 1755 
Ann Thorald, Mar. 1755 
Mehetable Goodwin, Mar. 1755 
Mary Hambleton, Mar. 1755 
Sarah Morse, Mar. 1755 
Elizabeth Smith, Mar. 1755 
Abigail Goodwin, Mar. 1755 
Sarah Clarey, Mar. 1756 
Keziah Grant, Mar. 1755 


Recorda of the Second Church oj Berwick, Me, 


Susannah Thompson, Mar. 1755 
Hannah Tidey, 1757 
Experience Hambleton, 1755 
Ruth Lord, 1757 
Amey Sullivan, 1758 
Eunice Shackley, Nov. 5, 1758 
Mercy Clark, Nov. 11, 1759 
Sarah Perkins, N#v. 11, 1759 
Tamp§on Tibbetts, June 21, 1761 
Tampson Hodsdon, June 21, 1761 
Olive HosEum, Aug. 1, 1762 
Esther Heard, May 6, 1764 
Elizabeth Merriam, Aug. 10, 1766 
. Elizabeth Hooper, Aug. 10, 1766 
Phoebe Chadboume, Jan. 30, 1768 
Hannah Applebey, May 22, 1768 
Allice Libbey, Apr. 10, 1769 
Hannah Hangcom, Aug. 20, 1769 
Johanna Andrews, July 1, 1770 

Olive Lord, 


Johanna Re 


Elizabeth F 




Dorcas M 


Lydia Adams, 
Mary Ricker, 



, Aug. i 

Hannah Gubtail, Aug. 5, 1770 
Jane Brock, Nov. 4, 1770 
Amey Reed, Jan. 1, 1771 
Elizabeth Libbey, Nov. 24, 1771 
Martha FaU, Oct. 4, 1772 
Miriam Bracket, Nov. 22, 1772 
Mehitable Goodwin. Apr. 6, 1773 
Rachel Stackpole, Aug. 18, 1776 
Sarah Tibbetts, Sept. 29, 1776 
Experience Yeaton, Nov. 10, 1776 
Sarah Neal, July 12, 1778 
Jenisha Hanscom, Aug. 9, 1778 
Mary Roberta, Nov. 22, 1778 
Dorcas Hodsdon, June 6, 1779 
Ehzabeth Tibbetts, Nov. 28, 1779 
Mercy Andrews, June 4, 1780 

Elizabeth Chadboume, Aug. 27, 1780 
Susanna Hamilton, Aug. 27, 1780 
Molly Stone, Aug. 27, 1780 
Mary Bracket, Oct. 15, 1780 
Mehitable Bracket, Oct. 15, 1780 
Elizabeth Frost, Oct. 15, 1780 
Susanna Murray, Oct. 15, 1780 
Johanna Randall, Oct. 16, 1780 
Margaret Ricker, June 10, 1^1 
Anna Fc«g, June 10, 1781 
Jane Lord, June 10, 1781 
Sarah Rowe, June 10, 1781 
Elizabeth Pierce, July 15, 1781 
Margaret Wooster, July Ifi, 1781 
Margaret Randall, Aug. 26, 1781 
Margaret Femald, Dec. 2, 1781 
Judith 1, 1782 

Dorca 14, 1782 

Sarah 1, 1782 

Mary 1782 

Mary 1, 1782 

MargE Fan. 19, 1783 

Abiga: 20, 1783 

Dorcas Yeaton, Aug. 24, 1783 
Abigail Dunnel, Nov. 23, 1783 
Elitabeth Brewster, July 4, 1781 
Sarah Libbey, Oct. 10, 1784 
Hannah Clements, Oct. 10, 1784 
Mary Pray, May 3, 1789 

Johanna Chadboume, June 25, 1780 Eunice Goodwin, May 3, 1789 

Lydia RandaU, July 16, 1780 Anna Libbey, Nov. 10, 1795 

Mary Keen, July 16, 1780 Elizabeth Shorey, Oct. 5, 1794 

Lidia Chick, July 16, 1780 Sarah Hilliard, June 3, 1797 

Male Children brought to Baptism by their Parents, one or both of U 

or by those who had the care of their education. 

May 12, 1755 Simon son of Hugh & Patience Ross. 

May 12, 1755 David son of Joseph & Elizabeth Woodson, 

May 12,1755 George son of John & Abigail Scates. 

May 12, 1755 Abraham son of Israel &. Mary Hodsdon. 

June 8,1755 Daniel son erf Elijah ft Abigail Goodwin. 

June 8, 1755 Joseph son of James &. Margery Brackett. 

June 10, 1755 William son of Naphtali & Harmon. 

June 10, 1755 John son of Moses & Ann Fowler. 

June 15, 1755 Nathan son of John & Meriam Brackett. 

July 14, 1755 Ichabod son of Benjamin & Love Lord. 

July 14, 1755 Ehsha son of Benjamin & Love Lord. 

July 14,1755 Moses son of William & Ruth Clark. 

July 14,1755 Eleazer son of Joseph & Mary Knock. 

0] Records of the Second Church of Berwick, Me. 215 

L 28, 1755 Isaac son of William & Love Frost. 

t. 28, 1755 Samuel son of Samuel & Dorothy Pray. 

\ 26, 1755 Joseph son of John & Olive Knight. 

17, 1755 William son of & Mary Gray. 

16, 1756 Samuel son of Aaron & Elizabeth Chick, 

th 2, 1756 John son of Nathaniel & Abigail Knock. 

ch 2, 1756 Johnathan Dana son of Johnathan & Mercy Clark, 

ch 2, 1756 Nathaniel son of Nathaniel & Susannah Downs. 

ch 2, 1756 Ichabod son of Nathaniel & Susannah Downs, 

ch 2, 1756 William son of Benjamin & Mary Hossum. 

ch 2, 1756 Joshua son of Ebenezer & Allice Pierce, 

ch 14, 1756 Moses son of Moses & Sarah 3utler. 

ch 17, 1756 Alexander son of Alexander & Margeret Jelleason. 

ch 17, 1756 John son of John & Abigail GuptaU. 

ch 30, 1756 John son of John & Sarah Murray, 

ch 30, 1756 Samuel son of John & Sarah Murray. 

1 4, 1^756 Moses son of John & Meriam Brackett. 

L 15, 1756 John Rawlins son of Eliphalet & Lydia Randell. 

1 15, 1756 Jeremiah son of Eliphalet & Lydia Randell. 

' 27, 1756 Simon son of William & Sarah Goodwin. 

i 13, 1756 Nathaniel son of Samuel & Mary Gubtail. 

i 27, 1756 Joseph son of Joseph & Mary Hardison. 

I 27, 1756 Joseph son of Joseph & Elizabeth Woodsum. 

25, 1756 Andrew son of Jeremiah & Meriam Frost. 
13, 1756 James son of Jeremiah & Meriam Frost. 

19, 1756 James son of Benjamin & Experience Hambleton. 

. 19, 1756 Moses son of Benjamin & Elizabeth Gubtail. 

7, 1756 Nathaniel son of Abraham & Elizabeth Lord. 

7, 1756 Wentworth son of Abraham & Elizabeth Lord. 

10, 1756 William son of John & Elizabeth Pierce. 

10, 1756 Timothy Wentworth son of Abraham & Sarah Barrows. 

13, 1757 William son of John & Sarah Murrey. 

20, 1757 Nathan son of Ebenezer & Martha Lord, 
sh 25, 1757 John son of John & Dorcas Walker. 

I 17, 1757 Simon Emery son of Noah & Margaret Ricker. 

I 24, 1757 Joshua son of John & Abigail Scates. 

16, 1757 son of James & Abigail McCaryll. 

24, 1757 Daniel son of John & Elizabeth Smith. 
16, 1757 Samuel son of Samuel & Mary Lord. 
31, 1757 Peter son of Landress & Amey Grant. 

7, 1757 Nicolas son of Joshua & Elizabeth Knock. 

7, 1757 Sammel son of Sammel & Mehitable Brackett. 

7, 1757 Joseph son of Charles & Sarah Butler. 

26, 1757 John son of Ebenezer & Phebe Tuttle. 
28, 1757 Daniel son of Joshua & Abigail Quint. 

. 25, 1757 John son of Joseph & Elizabeth Woodsum. 

' 9, 1757 Joshua son of Ebenezer & Mary Pierce. 

25, 1757 Peter son of John & Ruth Hardison. 
15, 1758 Isaac son of Israel & Mary Hodsdon. 

12, 1758 Benjamin son of Daniel & Abigail Lebbey. 

26, 1758 Joshua son of Joshua & Jamson [sic] Hodsden. 
ii 15, 1758 son of Thomas & Tompson. 

ii 26, 1758 Joshua son of Joshua & Ann Brackett. 

21, 1758 John son of Jacob & Hannah Shorey. 
28, 1758. Thomas son of Joseph & Mary Hardison. 
18, 1758 Eleazer son of William & Ruth Clark. 

216 Records of the Second Church of Berwick, Me. 

Sept. 3, 1758 John son of Phillip & Dorcas Yeaton. 

Sept. 3, 1758 Richard son of Phillip & Dorcas Yeaton. 

Sept. 3, 1758 PhiUip son of Phillip & Dorcas Yeaton. 

Sept. 24, 1758 Maturin son of Moses & Ricker. 

Oct. 12, 1758 Charles son of Nathaniel & Abigail Knock. 

Aug. 17, 1760 Samuel son of Daniel & Abigail libbey. 

Sept. 28, 1760 Jonathan son of Jonathan & Mary Beene. 

Oct. 5, 1760 Moses son of Moses & Ricker. 

Dec. 11, 1760 Fosse son of Landress & Amey Grant. 

Dec. 22, 1760 William son of John & Elizabeth Grindall. 

Dec. 22, 1760 Daniel son of John & Elizabeth Grindall. 

Dec. 22, 1760 Reuben son of John & Elizabeth Grindall. 

Dec. 22, 1760 Francis son of Elifalett A Grindall. 

Jan. 1, 1761 Samuel son of Joshua & Ruth Roberts. 

Jan. 1, 1761 John Gerrish son of Ebenezer & Mary Pierce. 

Jan. 18, 1761 Joseph son of Charles & Sarah Butler. 

March 8, 1761 Willuun Wentworth son of Ebenezer & MarthaJLord. 

March 17, 1761 Rooks son of Rooks & Mary Stillings. 

Apr. 19, 1761 Hanson son of Benjamin & Elizabeth libbey. 

Apr. 30, 1761 Obadiah son of Ephraim dc Mary Low. 

^iay 1, 1761 Reuben son of John & Priscilla Jones. 

May 1, 1761 Samuel son of John & Priscilla Jones. 

MlEiy 1, 1761 James son of Ebenezer & Joanna Jones. 

May 1, 1761 John son of Ebenezer & Joanna Jones. 

May 1, 1761 son of Benjamin & Mary Barrows. 

May 1, 1761 John son of Benjamin & Mary Barrows. 

May 1, 1761 Samuel son of Benjamin & Mary Barrows. 

May 1, 1761 James son of Benjamin &, Mary Barrows. 

May 1, 1761 James son of James & Mizabeth Foy. 

May 1, 1761 Moses son of James & Elizabeth Foy. 

May 1, 1761 Joseph son of Joseph & Mary Brock. 

May 1, 1761 Clark son of Alexander & Sarah Gerrish. 

May 1, 1761 John son of Alexander & Sarah Gerrish. 

May 1, 1761 Paul son of Thomas & Juda Downs. 

May 26, 1761 Thomas son of John & Sarah Murray. 

June 19, 1761 Stephen son of Eliphalet & Lydia Randall. 

July 25, 1761 John son of William & Elizabeth Hooper. 

Sept. 6, 1761 Charles Goodwin son of William & Ruth Clark. 

Sept. 24, 1761 Moses son of Benjamin & Austin (oflFered hii 

to baptism). 

Sept. 24, 1761 Nathaniel son of Benjamin & Austin. 

Sept. 24, 1761 William son of Samuel & Mary Lord. 

Nov. 1, 1761 Ichabod son of Samuel & Worster. 

Nov. 1, 1761 Jeremiah son of Jeremiah & Miriam Frost. 

Nov. 1, 1761 Richard son of Benjamin & Experience Hambleton. 

Nov. 15, 1761 William son of Jeremiah & Lydia Goodwin. 

Nov. 15, 1761 Benjamin son of Joshua & Olive Andross. 

May — , 1762 Amos son of John & Gubtail. 

Feb. 3, 1762 Stephen son of Tristram A Martha Faul. 

Feb. 28, 1762 George son of John & Ruth Hardison. 

Feb. 28, 1762 Peter son of Moses & Sarah Butler. 

Apr. 5, 1762 John son of John & Mary Woodsum. 

Apr. 11, 1762 Stephen son of James & Margery Brackett. 

May 16, 1762 David son of John & Mary Woodsum. 

May 23, 1762 son of John & Ollive Hossum. 

June 9, 1762 Samuel son of Samuel & Hannah Hanssom. 

)] Records of the Second Church of Berwick, Me. 217 

9, 1762 Robert son of Samuel & Hannah Hanssom. 

9, 1762 John son of Samuel & Hannah Hanssom. 

9, 1762 Isaac son of Samuel & Hannah Hanssom. 

20, 1762 Ephraim son of Ichabod & Tampson Tibbetts. 

20, 1762 Noah son of Noah & Margaret Bicker. 

13, 1762 Faul son of Joseph & Mary Knock. 

20, 1762 Thomas Cosse son of Jacob & Hannah Shorey. 
1, 1762 Stephen son of John & Priscilla Jones. 

10, 1762 James son of Abraham & Elizabeth Lord. 

13, 1762 son of & Neal. 

23, 1762 son of James & Abigail Clark. 

31, 1762 John son of Joshua & Abigail Quint. 

11, 1762 Joseph son of & Frances Stevens. 

11, 1762 Benjamin son of & Frances Stevens. 

11, 1762 Paul son of Nathaniel <& Susanna Downs. 

11, 1762 Ebenezer son of Thomas & Juda Downs. 

11, 1762 Ebenezer son of Benjamin & Mary Hossmn. 

21, 1762 Benjamin son of Joshua & Ann BrackeU. 

14, 1762 Solomon son of Solomon & Haxnbleton. 

9, 1763 John Coss son of Charles & Sarah Butler. 

20, 1763 John son of John & Sarah Morse. 

22, 1763 Timothy son of Jabez & Mary Ricker. 
17, 1763 Reuben son of Elijah & Abigail Goodwin. 
17, 1763 Simeon son of Elijah & Abigail Goodwin. 

17, 1763 Jeremiah son of Jeremiah & Lydia Goodwin. 

11, 1763 Joshua son of Tristram & Martha Fall. 
9, 1763 son of Benjamin & Martha Ash. 

15, 1763 Jacob son of Israel & Mary Hodsdon. 

30, 1763 James son of James & Fogs. 

5, 1763 Elisha son of Samuel & Mary Lora. 

8, 1764 Amos son of Thomas & Jane Pike. 

12, 1764 John son of James & Elizabeth Foy. 

31, 1764 Charles Goodwin son of William & Ruth Qark. 
26, 1764 Simon son of William & Sarah Goodwin. 
26, 1764 Joseph son of Joshua & Bettey Ricker. 

28, 1764 Ebenezer son of Ebenezer & Joanna Jones. 
15, 1764 Reuben son of Samuel & Mehitable Brackett. 

22, 1764 Isaac son of Joal & Mary Brackett. 

6, 1764 James son of James & Margery Bracket. 

5, 1764 Stace Darling son of Daniel & Sarah Knock. 
19, 1764 Thomas son of Hawley & Hannah Appleby. 
19, 1764 Simeon son of Hawley & Hannah Appleby. 
26, 1764 Timothy son of Benjamin & Mary Hossum. 
25, 1764 Daniel son of Daniel & Kezia Ford. 

18, 1764 Nathan son of John & Sarah Murray 

23, 1765 Simeon son of Joshua & Ann Brackett. 
23, 1765 Elisha son of Elisha & Sarah Lord. 

30, 1765 Simeon son of Joshua & Olive Andrews. 

6, 1765 John son of Jeremiah & Lydia Goodwin. 
25, 1765 John son of Ebenezer & Martha Lord. 
25, 1765 Ichabod son of John & Sarah Wooster. 

31, 1765 Samuel son of John & Mary Woodsum. 

9, 1766 Ebenezer son of Moses & Dorcas Ricker. 
30, 1766 Benjamin Evan son of Joshua & Tampson Hodsdon. 
22, 1766 John son of Miles & Elizabeth Shorey. 

29, 1766 Samuel son of Isaac & Mary Brackett. 


Records of the Second Church of Bervnek, Me. [J 


1, ^ 



1, ^ 



1, J 

















































































30, ] 












?6, ] 


















23, 1 






13, ] 









13, ] 









25, ] 






13, 1 



20, 1 















10, 1 


Joshua son of John & Ollive Hossum. 

Samuel son of Ebenezer & Joanna Jones. 

Moses son of Ebenezer & Joanna Jones. 

William son of Daniel & Kezia Ford. 

Samuel son of Jabez & Mary Ricker. 

Benjamin son of Joshua & Bettey Ricker. 

James son of John & Sarah Murray. 

Thomas son of Thomas & Margaret Hodsdon. 

Moses son of Charles & Sarah Butler. 

John son of Benjamin & Experience Hambleton. 

Nathaniel son of Joseph & Mary Hardison. 

John son of John & Abigail Stone. 

Joseph son of James & Anna Fogg. 

Obadiah son of Jeremy & Dorothy Eastman. 

Joshua Roberts, an adult, bpt. after owning the Coveni 

Nathaniel son of Matthew & Elizabeth Merriam. 

Richard son of Eliphalet & Lydia Randall. 

Ithiel son of John.& Albert [sic] Scates. 

John son of Samuel & Peggey Hooper. 

James son of Samuel & Hannah Hansoom. 

Samuel son of John & Abbott. 

John son of John & Elizabeth Pierce. 
Levi son of Hawley & Hannah Applebey. 
Daniel son of Elijah & Sarah Lora. 
Stephen son of Jonathan & Mercy Clark. 
Isaac son of Alexander & Sarah Gerrish. 
Isaac son of Rook & Mary Stiilings. 
John son of Thomas & Mary Hesurd. / 

Samuel son of Thomas & Mary Heard. 
Levi son of Joshua & Anna Brackett. 
Benjamin son of Shippuah & Lydia Goodwin. 
Joshua son of Joshua & Betty Ricker. 
Thomas son of Moses & Dorcas Ricker. 
James son of John & Olive Horsum. 
William son of Daniel & Kezia Ford. 
Daniel son of John & Mary Woodsmn. 
Benjamin son of Joseph & Mary Hodsdon. 
Samuel son of Samuel & Peggey Hooper. 
Joseph son of John & Elizabeth Pierce. 
Joseph son of Samuel & Mehitable Brackett. 
John son of James & Anna Fogg. 
Doddifer son of John & Abigail Scates. 
Stephen son of Stephen & Mice Libbey. 
Samuel son of Stephen & Allice Libbey. 
John son of Sarah Neal, wife of Johnson Neal. 
Reuben son of John & Sarah Murray. 
Joshua son of Joshua & Ruth Roberts. 
John son of Jonathan & Mercy Clark. 
Amos son of Moses & Dorcas Ricker. 
John son of James & Margery Brackett. 
Joshua son of Joshua & Betty Ricker. 
James son of Samuel & Peggey Hooper. 
Israel son of Israel & Mary Hodsdon. 
John son of Joshua & Sarah Pray. 
Samuel son of Joshua & Sarah Fr&y, 
Abraham son of James A JVlcCarril. 

0] Records of the Second Church of Berwick, Me. 219 

t. 23, 1770 Phineas son of Philip k Dorcas Yeaton. 

9, 1770 John son of Nathaniel k Hannah Gubtail. 

25, 1770 John son of John & Jane Brock. 

25, 1770 Joshua son of John k Jane Brock. 

25, 1770 Simeon son of John k Jane Brock. 

16, 1770 John son of John k Mary Woodsum. 

21, 1771 Daniel son of John k Abigail Stone. 
19, 1771 Ichabod son of Benjamin k Betty Libbey. 
30, 1771 Abraham son of Elisha k Sarah Ix)rd. 

22, 1771 Israel son of Israel k Mary Hodsdon. 
27, 1771 Joseph son of Noah k Margarett Bicker. 

1, '1771 Ebenezer son of Thomas k Margaret Hodsdon. 
12, 1771 WiUiam son of William k Sarah Goodwin. 
12, 1771 John son of John k Elizabeth Butler. 
12, 1771 Lenmiey son of Elijah k Abigail Goodwin. 
29, 1771 William son of John k Jane Brock. 

5, 1772 James son of William k Elizabeth Hooper. 
15, 1772 Daniel son of Elisha k Joanna Andrews. 
19, 1772 Nathaniel son of Nathaniel k Elizabeth Libbey. 
19, 1772 James son of Nathaniel k Elizabeth Libbey. 

19, 1772 Mark son of Nathaniel k Elizabeth Libbey. 

17, 1772 Joshua son of Joshua k Sarah Pray. 
12, 1772 Miles son of Miles k Elizabeth Shorey. 

2, 1772 William son of Hawley k Hannah Applebey. 
2, 1772 Joseph Mardon son of Tristram k Martha Fall. 

11, 1772* Joseph son of John k Elizabeth Pierce. 

9, 1772 Benjamin son of John k Olive Horsum, 

27, 1772 Nathaniel son of Nathaniel k Hannah Gubtail. 

8, 1772 James son of John k Mary Woodsum. 
22, 1772 Nathaniel son of Samuel k Temy Hooper. 

9, 1773 Jacob son of Elijah k Abi^il Goodwin. 
22, 1773 Jonathan son of Daniel & Lydia Nock. 
22, 1773 Joshua son of Daniel k Lydia Nock. 
22, 1773 Richard son of Daniel k Lydia Nock. 

6, 1773 Moses son of Thomas k Mehitable Goodwin. 
6, 1773 Thomas son of Thomas k Mehitable Goodwin. 

25, 1773 Abraham son of Elisha k Sarah Lord. 
11, 1773 Moses Remmick son of John k Sarah Wooster of Lebanon. 

2, 1773 Ichabod son of Thomas k Margaret Hodsdon. 

10, 1773 Gideon son of Noah k Margaret Ricker. 

24, 1773 Wentworth son of Jabez k Mary Ricker. 

24, 1773 Joseph son of Jabez and Mary Ricker. 

6, 1773 Thomas Downs, Jr., adult, after maJdng profession of his 


10, 1773 Joseph son of Joseph k Mary Hodsdon. 

10, 1773 Jedediah son of Jeaediah k Mary Guttridge, offered by her. 

6, 1774 Abraham son of Elisha k Joanna Andrews. 

20, 1774 James son of Daniel k Lois Libbey. 
27, 1774 Edmund son of Joshua k Sarah Pray. 

26, 1774 Levi son of John k Abigail Stone. 
26, 1774 Josiah son of Josiah k Eunice Staple. 
29, 1774 Stephen son of Stephen and Sarah Perkins of Massabesick. 

5, 1774 John son of Samuel k Hannah Hanscom. 

5, 1774 Jotham son of Joshua k Anna Bracket. 

17, 1774 Samuel son of Hawley k Hannah Applebey. 

4, 1774 Ichabod son of Moses k Kezia Butler. 

220 Records of the Second Church of Berwick, Me. [J 

Dec. 4, 1774 David son of Thomas & Margaret Hodsdon. 

Dec. 27, 1774 Benjamin son of William & &rah Goodwin. 

Apr. 3, 1775 Ebenezer son of Tristram & Martha Fall. 

Sept. 11, 1775 Jotham son of Eliphalet & Lydia Randall. 

Oct. 29, 1775 Jeremiah son of Elisha & Sarah Lord. 

Nov. 5, 1775 Daniel son of Joseph & Sarah Fogg. 

Feb. 13, 1776 James son of Jonathan & Mercy Clark. 

Mch. 11, 1776 John son of Nathaniel & Elizabeth Libbey, 

Apr. 23, 1776 Tappin son of Thomas A Mary Heard. 

June 23, 1776 Jacob son of Philip & Dorcas Yeaton. 

June 23, 1776 John son of Josiah & Eunice Staple. 

Aug. 4, 1776 John son of Matthew & Elizabeth Merriam. 

Sept. 22, 1776 Phineas son of John & Abigail Stone. 

Oct. 1, 1776 Reuben son of Thomas Goodwin, offered by Benj. L 

and his wife. 

Nov. 6, 1776 Ebenezer son of Ebenezer & Sarah Tebbetts. 

Nov. 10, 1776 Nathaniel son of John & Jane Brock. 

Apr. 6, 1777 Simon son of James & Anna Fogg. 

Apr. 9, 1777 Joseph son of Nathaniel & Elizabeth Libbey. 

Aug. 13, 1777 Andrew son of Richard & Experience Yeaton, offered 


Aug. 13, 1777 Philip son of Richard & Exj)erience Yeaton. 

Aug. 24, 1777 Charles son of Elijah & Abigail Goodwin. 

Aug. 31, 1777 Elijah son of Elijah & Joanna Andrew. 

Nov. 7, 1777 Levi son of Miles & Elizabeth Shorey. 

Oct. 21, 1778 Benjamin son of Benjamin & Bettey Libbey. 

Jan. 17, 1779 Samuel son of Benjamin & Mary Barrows. 

May 1, 1779 James son of Thomas & Margaret Hodsdon. 

June 2, 1779 Benjamin son of Moses & Kezia Butler. 

June 2, 1779 Nathan son of Moses & Kezia Butler. 

June 6, 1779 Wentworth son of John & Jane Brock. 

July 6, 1779 John son of Johnson A Sarah Neal, offered by her. 

July 6, 1779 Jacob son of Samuel & Peggy Hooper. 

July 6, 1779 Ephraim son of Thomas & Mehitaole Goodwin. 

Aug. 15, 1779 Aaron son of Aaron & Mary Roberts. 

Sept. 16, 1779 Moses son of Moses & Dorcas Hodsdon. 

Sept. 16, 1779 Ebenezer son of Moses & Dorcas Hodsdon. 

Sept. 28, 1779 James son of Shippey & Lydia Goodwin. 

Sept. 28, 1779 Ichabod son of Snippey & Lydia Goodwin. 

Nov. 7, 1779 Nathaniel son of Joshua & SiEtrah Pray. 

Dec. 25, 1779 Thomas son of Elisha & Sarah Lord. 

Dec. 28, 1779 James son of Nathaniel & Hannah Gubtail. 

Feb. 20, 1780 James son of Josiah & Eunice Staple. 

Apr. 12, 1780 Elisha son of Pearl & Lydia Brown. 

June 6, 1780 George son of Hawley & Hannah Applebee. 

July 12, 1780 Thomas son of John & Anna Chase. 

July 16, 1780 Joseph Chick, adult, bpt. after professing his faith. 

Sept. 6, 1780 Benjamin son of Jonathan & Mary Keen. 

Sept. 6, 1780 Jonathan son of Jonathan & Mary Keen. 

Sept. 6, 1780 Aaroason of Jonathan & Mary Keen. 

Sept. 6, 1780 Ephraim son of Jonathan & Mary Keen. 

Sept. 6, 1780 Joseph son of Jonathan & Mary Keen. 

Oct. 10, 1780 John son of Benjamin & Lydia Adams. 

Nov. 8, 1780 Humphrey son of Humphrey & Olive Lord. 

Jan. 19, 1781 Obadiah son of Moses & Elizabeth Tebbetts, offered 


)] Records of the Second Church of Berwick^ Me. 221 

19, 1781 Moses son of Moses and Elizabeth Tebbetts, offered by 

Jonathan son of Moses & Elizabeth Tebbetts, offered by 

Eliphalet son of John & Joanna Randall. 
William son of Aaron & Mary Roberts. 
Daniel son of Humphrey & Elizabeth Chadboume. 
Humphrey son of Humphrey & Elizabeth Chadboume. 
Reuben son of Humphi^y & Elizabeth Chadboume. 
Edmund son of Charles & Rachel Stacpole, offered by her. 
William son of Charles & Rachel Stacpole, offered by her. 
Nathan son of Joseph & Lydia Chick. 
James son of Joseph & Lydia Chick. 
Simon son of Jonathan & Joanna Ross. 
Noah son of Jonathan & Joanna Ross. 
Hugh son of Jonathan & Joanna Ross. 
Joshua son of Charles & Rachel Stacpole, offered by her. 
Matthew Thacher son of Matthew & Elizabeth Merriam. 
Thomas son of Ehsha & Sarah Lord. 
Gideon son of Thomas & Mehitable Goodwin. 
William son of Nathaniel & Hannah Gubtail. 
James son of Joseph &, Sarah Fo^. 
Humphrey son of Paul & Joanna Chadboume, offered by 

Elder Humphrey Chadboume, he having the care of his 

Mark son of Nathaniel & Mary Femald. 
Elijah son of Joseph & Mary Hodsdon. 
Jonathan son of Jonathan & Joanna Ross. 
Ezekiel son of George & Margaret Worster. 
Mark son of George & Margaret Worster. 
Thomas son of George & Margaret Worster. 
Lemuel son of George & Margaret Worster. 
Alexander son of George & Margaret Worster. 
Joshua son of Greorge & Margaret Worster. 
Josiah son of Paul & Lydia Brown. 
Benjamin son of Daniel & Mary Bracket. 
Thomas Goodwin son of Jonathan A Mary Keen. 
Thomas son of Thomas & Mary Heard. 

Richard son of Richard & Staple. 

Aaron son of Aaron & Mary Chick. 
William son of Aaron & Mary Chick. 
Moses son of Aaron & Mary Chick. 
John son of Joshua & Judith Grant. 
Joshua son of Joshua & Judith Grant. 
Jonathan son of Joshua & Judith Grant. 
Peter, son of Joshua & Judith Grant. 
David son of Joshua & Judith Grant. 
William son of William & Dorcas Gubtail. 
Levi son of James & Anna Fogg. 
Joseph son of Jonathan & Joanna Ross. 
John son of Daniel & Elizabeth Emery. 
Isaac son of Moses & Dorcas Hodsdon. 
Nathan son of Moses & Dorcas Hodsdon. 
Abraham son of John & Jane Brock. 
Isaac son of Joseph & Sarah Fo^. 
James son of William & Dorcas Gubtail. 


A f \JJL 


. 20, 






























. 12, 


. 23, 


. 23, 


: 25, 


: 26, 


1 26, 


: 26, 






















• 3, 


. 20, 


. 20, 


. 20, 
















. 16, 


. 28, 






' 9, 


' 16, 


• 18, 


222 Records of the Second Church of Berwick, Me. [J 

May 18, 1784 WiUiam son of Moses & Sarah Gubtail. 

June 3, 1784 David son of Richard & Hannah Whidden. 

June 3, 1784 John son of Richard & Hannah Whidden. 

June 15, 1784 John son of Josiah & Eunice Staple. 

Oct. 7, 1784 James son of Ebenezer & Sarah Tebbetts. 

Apr. 20, 1785 John son of Aaron & Mary Chick. 

Apr. 20, 1785 Simon son of John <k Elizabeth Frost. 

June 5, 1785 Joseph son of Hawley & Hannah Applebey. 

July 14, 1785 Charles son of Joseph & Mary Hodsdon. 

July 14, 1785 Benjamin son of Benjamin & Mary Gubtail, offered by h 

July 14, 1785 Moses, son of Benjamin & Mary Gubtail. 

July 14, 1785 Peter son of' Benjamin & Mary Gubtail. 

July 14, 1785 Jeremiah son of Benjamin & Mary Gubtail. 

July 20, 1785 Thomas son of Thomas & Margaret Hodsdon. 

•Oct. 13, 1785 Isaac son of William & Elizabeth Frost. 

Oct. 13, 1785 Jacob son of William & Elizabeth Frost. 

Dec. 12, 1785 Charles son of Charles & Sarah Libbey. offered by her. 

Mar. 15, 1786 Benjamin son of William A Dorcas Gubtail. 

July 5, 1786 George son of George & Margaret Wooster. 

July 5, 1786 John son of George 6c Margaret Wooster. 

Aug. 30, 1786 Taylor Goodwin son of John Sc Molly Abbott. 

Sept. 15, 1786 John son of Charles & Sarah Libbey. 

Sept. 15, 1786 Jeremiah son of Charles & Sarah Libbey. 

Sept. 15, 1786 Joshua son of Charles & Sarah Libbey. 

Sept. 18, 1786 Joseph son of Joshua & Judith Grant. 

Sept. 18, 1786 John son of Moses A Sarah Gubtail. 

Oct. 26,1786 William son of John dE Maiy WitheriU. 

May 26, 1787 Simon son of Elijah & Eimice Goodwin. 

Sept. 13, 1787 John son of John & Hannah Chase. 

Sept. 13, 1787 Josiah son of John & Hannah Chase. 

Sept. 13, 1787 Simon son of John & Hannah Chase. 

Nov. 25, 1787 Nathaniel son of Elisha & Joanna Andrews. 

Dec. 21, 1787 Elias son of Elias & Wood, offered by Danid 

Mary Wood, ^ndparents, taking him as their own. 

July 20, 1788 Peter son of Josiah & Eunice Staple. 

Aug. 30, 1789 James son of Jonathan & Joanna Ross. 

Sept. 10, 1789 Jacob son of Humphrey & Olive Lord. 

June 24, 1790 Usher son of William & Parsons of Sanford. 

July 23, 1790 Elijah son of Paul & Joanna Chadboume. 

July 23, 1790 James son of Paul & Joanna Chadboume. 

July 23, 1790 Elisha son of Simeon & Elizabeth Chadboume. 

July 23, 1790 Simeon son of Simeon & Elizabeth Chadboume. 

July 23, 1790 Larkin son of Jeremiah & Lucy Roberts. 

July 23, 1790 Nathaniel son of Jeremiah & Lucy Roberts. 

July 23, 1790 Reuben son of Reuben & Hannah Downs. 

July 23, 1790 Jacob son of Reuben & Hannah Downs. 

July 23, 1790 Ebenezer son of Reuben & Hannah Downs. 

July 24, 1790 John son of Thomas & Sarah Williams. 

July 24, 1790 Thomas son of Thomas & Sarah Williams. 

July 24, 1790 Moses son of Thomas & Sarah Williams. 

Aug. 2, 1790 David son of Nathaniel & Hannah Gubtail. 

Sept. 3, 1790 Mark son of John & Hannah Chase, offered by her. 

June 9, 1791 Israel son of Moses & Dorcas Hodsdon. 

June 14, 1791 Elijah son of Joshua & Judith Grant. 

June 14, 1791 Humphrey son of Joshua A Judith Grant. 

Sept. 9, 1791 James son of Paul & Lydia Brown. 

)] Records of the Second Church of Berwick, Me. 223 

9, 1791 Charles son of Paul k Lydia Bro\\ii. 

12, 1791 Samuel son of Joseph & Remick of Shapleigh. 

12, 1791 James son of Joseph & Remick of Shaplei^. 

26, 1791 Hiram son of Joseph & Mary Pray, offered by her. 

7, 1792 Simeon son of Humphrey k Elizabeth Chadboume. 

7, 1792 Levi son of Humphrey k Elizabeth Chadboume. 

7, 1792 John son of Humphrey & Elizabeth Chadboume. 

21, 1792 Jeremiah son of Benjamin k Mary GupteU. 

26, 1792 Johnson son of Nathaniel k Elleanor Libbey. 

26, 1792 Nathaniel son of Nathaniel k Elleanor Libbey. 

27, 1792 Joseph son of Nathaniel k Elizabeth Brown. 
7, 1792 Samuel son of Richard k Staple. 

7, 1792 Eliakim son of Richard k Staple. 

7, 1792 Peter son of Richard k Staple. 

7, 1792 Abraham son of John k Hannah Chase, offered by her. 

19, 1792 Stephen son of Jonathan k Joanna Ross. 

. 20, 1792 Christopher son of William k Sarah Staple, offered by her. 
I. 30, 1794 Nathan son of Paul k Joanna Chadboume of Cox-hall. 
\ 26, 1795 •Thomas son of John k Mary Witherill. 
I 26, 1795 James son of John k Mary Witherill. 
I. 14, 1796 Gideon son of Gideon k Susanna Staple. 
I. 14, 1796 William son of Gideon k Susanna Staple. 
I. 14, 1796 George son of Gideon k Susanna Staple. 
I. 14, 1796 Daniel son of Gideon k Susanna Staple. 

26, 1798 Timothy son of Joseph k Sarah HiUiard, offered by them. 
5, 1806 Samuel Langton son of Joseph k Sarah Hilliard, offered 

by them. 
;. 17, 1809 Ebenezer Armstrong son of Ebenezer k Betsey Tebbetts, 

offered by grandmother Tebbetts. 
;. 17, 1809 Calvin son of Ebenezer k Betsey Tebbetts, offered by 

r 20, 1810 Charles Tyler son of Joseph k Katherine Savage, offered 

by her. 
r 20, 1810 William Henry son of Joseph k Katherine Savage, offered 

by her. 

20, 1810 Joseph son of Joseph k Katherine Savage, offered by her. 
20, 1810 Samuel son of Joseph k Katherine Savage, offered by her. 
20, 1810 Philip son of Joseph k Katherine Savage, offered by her. 
18, 1815 Ichabod son of Samuel k Ann Goodwin. 
18, 1815 Joseph Gerrish son of Samuel k Ann Goodwin. 
18, 1815 Samuel son of Samuel k Ann Goodwin. 
18, 1815 Daniel son of Samuel k Ann Goodwin. 
12, 1818 James son of Isaac k Hannah Merrow, offered by parents. 
12, 1818 Charles son of Isaac k Hannah Merrow, offered by parents. 
12, 1818 James son of Mark k Olive Libbey. 
12, 1818 Nathaniel son of Mark k Olive Libbey. 

r 17, 1818 WiUiam infant son of Joseph k Phoebe Fogg, offered by 

1, 1818 James son of James k Joanna Woodsum, offered by 

8, 1818 Micajah Currier, offered by his mother, Deborah Burleigh. 
1, 1822 James Frost, offered by his mother, Betsey Frost. 


f 3, 1755 Jice dau. of Eleazer k Rachel Clark. 

f 4, 1755 Abigail dau. of Benjamin k Experience Hambleton. 

224 Records of the Second Church of Berwick, Me. [Jti 

May 18, 1755 Abigail dau. of John & Mary Woodsum. 

June 10, 1755 Mary dau. of Samuel k Lydia Cane. 

June 10, 1755 Mercy dau. of Jonathan k Sarah Jonson. 

June 10, 1755 Abigail dau. of John &. Abigail Low. 

June 10, 1755 Dorcas dau. of Ephriam & Mary Low. 

June 16, 1755 Dorcas dau. of Paul k Sarah Stone. 

June 22, 1755 Meribah dau. of Landress k Amey Grant. 

June 29, 1755 Sarah dau. of Samuel k Mehitable Brackett. 

July 14, 1755 Mercy dau. of Ezekiel k Martha Wentworth. 

July 27, 1755 Suse dau. of Thomas k Jane Pike. 

Aug. 3, 1755 Ann dau. of John k Elizabeth Smith. 

Aug. 3, 1755 Sarah dau. of Joshua k Sarah Nason. 

Sept. 14, 1755 Tamson dau. of Ichabod k Tamson Tibbetts. 

Oct. 12, 1755 Mary dau. of Gabriel k Katherine Hambleton. 

Nov. 9, 1755 Amey dau. of Isaac k Mary Brackett. 

Nov. 26, 1755 Patience dau. of Gabriel k Sarah Hambleton. 

Nov. 30, 1755 Mary dau. of Daniel k Abigail Lebbey. 

Nov. 30, 1755 Sarah dau. of Daniel k Abigail Lebbey. 

Jan. 24, 1756 Sarah dau. of Joshua k Tamson Hodsdoib 

Jan. 24, 1756 Jinny dau. of James k Sarah Frost. 

Mar. 2, 1756 Eunice dau. of Jonathan k Mary Clark. 

Mar. 2, 1756 Mary dau. of Benjamin k Love Lord. 

Mar. 30, 1756 Maiy dau. of John k Sarah Murrey. 

Apr. 15, 1756 Lydia dau. of Eliphalet Randall k Lydia. 

Apr. 15, 1756 Sarah dau. of Eliphalet Randall k Lydia. 

Apr. 15, 1756 Elizabeth dau. of Eliphalet Randall k Lydia. 

Apr. 15, 1756 Joanna dau. of Thomas k Mary Gubtail. 

Apr. 25, 1756 Eunice dau. of Rook k Mary SteUing. 

May 16, 1756 Sarah dau. of Patrick k Meriam Gowen. 

May 27, 1756 Sarah dau. of William k Sarah Goodwin. 

May 30, 1756 OUive dau. of Joshua k Ollive Andross. 

May 30, 1756 Betty dau. of Trustham k Esther Heard. 

June 4, 1756 Abigail dau. of Skinner k Juda Stone. 

July 25, 1756 Sarah dau. of Henry k Hobbs. 

Aug. 19, 1756 Elizabeth dau. of Joshua k Ruth Roberts. 

Aug. 29, 1756 Mary dau. of Joshua k Annah Brackett. 

Sept. 19, 1756 Abigail dau. of Joseph k Esther Stone. 

Sept. 19, 1756 Ollive dau. of Benjamin k Elizabeth Gubtail. 

Oct. 17, 1756 Hannah dau. of Thomas k Mary Shorey. 

Oct. 31, 1756 Sarah dau. of Jonathan k Mary Been. 

Oct. 31, 1756 Martha dau. of Israel k Mary Hodsdon. 

Nov. 7, 1756 Lucy dau. of Moses k Rickard. 

Jan. 16, 1757 Lydia dau. of Elijah k Abigail Goodwin. 

Jan. 24, 1757 Lois dau. of John k Eunice Shackley. 

Feb. 6, 1757 Sarah dau. of John k Mary Woodsum. 

Mar. 25, 1757 Lydia dau. of Alexander k Margarett Grant. 

June 16, 1757 Elizabeth dau. of Samuel k Mary Lord. 

June 16, 1787 Sarah dau. of Samuel k Mary Lord 

Aug. 7, 1757 Patience dau. of James k Margery Brackett. 

Aug. 14, 1757 Sarah dau. of John k Sarah Morse. 

Aug. 26, 1757 Phebe dau. of Ebenezer k Phebe Tuttle. 

Aug. 26, 1757 Abigail dau. of Thomas k Abigail Jelliason. 

Sept. 29, 1757 Abigail dau. of Nicolas k Ruth Lord. 

Jan. 15, 1758 Martha dau. of Israel k Mary Hodsdon. 

Feb. 26, 1758 Abigail dau. of Charels k Kezia Grant. 

Feb. 26, 1758 Mary dau. of Isaac k Mary Brackett. 

)] Records of the Second Church of Berwick, Me. 225 

5, 1758 Sarah dau. of Moses & Sarah Butler. 

11, 1758 Meriam dau. of John & Meriam Brackett. 

18, 1758 Mercy dau. of Jonathan & Mercey Clark. 

18, 1758 Ruth, dau. of Rook & Mary Stillings. 

3, 1758 Joanna dau. of Phillip & Dorcas Yeaton. 

5, 1758 Joanna dau. of John & Elizabeth Butler. 
18, 1759 Ruth dau. of Joshua & Ruth Roberts. 
18, 1759 Molley dau. of John & Hossum. 

4, 1759 Sarah dau. of John & Sarah Murrey. 

6, 1759 Amey dau. of Landress & Amey Grant. 
11, 1759 Sarah dau. of Daniel & Amey Sullivan. 
25, 1759 Annah dau. of Samuel & Mary Gubtail. 

13, 1759 Elizabeth dau. of WiUiam & Elizabeth Hooper. 

23, 1759 Joanna dau. of Samuel & Wentworth. 

8, 1759 Sarah dau. of William & Holmes. 

2, 1759 Elizabeth dau.of Samuel & Mehitable Brackett. 

6, 1760 Nancey dau. of Jacob & Hannar Shorey. 

20, 1760 Hannah dau. of Joshua & Abigail Quint. 

28, 1760 Mary Childs, offered by Mary Penny, grandmother of the 


28, 1760 Allice dau. of Joseph & Mary Hodsdon. 

28, 1760 Patience dau. of Skinner & Juda Stone. 

14, 1760 Hepzibath dau. of Alexander & Grant. 

16, 1760 Lydia dau. of James & Margery Brackett. 
20, 1760 Mary dau. of John & Ruth Hardison. 

4, 1760 Sarah dau. of Shipway & Lydia Goodwin. 

17, 1760 Allice dau. of Nathaniel & Charity Hardison. 

25, 1760 Sarah dau. of William & Sarah Goodwin. . 
4, 1760 Sarah dau. of Joseph & Knock. 

13, 1760 Shuah dau. of Joshua & Tamson Hodsdon. 

13, 1760 Martha dau. of Noah & Margarett Ricker. 

13, 1760 Elizabeth dau. of Joshua & Betty Ricker. 

14, 1760 Molley dau. of Stephen & Sarah Perkins. 
1, 1761 Dorcas dau. of John & Worster. 

11, 1761 Mary dau. of Joseph & Mary Hardison. 

8, 1761 Susanna dau. of John & Sarah Morse. 

8, 1761 Elizabeth dau. of John & Abigail Scates. 

24, 1761 Hannah dau. of Israel & Mary Hodsdon. 
17, 1761 Martha dau. of Rooks & Mary Stillings. 
30, 1761 Tabitha dau. of & Bennet. 

f 1, 1761 Lydia dau. of John & Priscilla Jones. 

/ 1, 1761 Salle dau. of John & Priscilla Jones. 

/ 1, 1761 Molley dau. of John & Priscilla Jones. 

f 1, 1761 Amey dau. of John & Priscilla Jones. 

/ 1, 1761 Katey dau. of John & Priscilla Jones. 

Y 1, 1761 Nabbey dau. of Ebenezer & Joanna Jones. 
f 1, 1761 Elizabeth dau. of James & Elizabeth Foy. 

Y 1, 1761 Naomi dau. of James & Elizabeth Foy. 
^ 1, 1761 Mary dau. of Joseph & Mary Knock. 

Y 1, 1761 Dorcas dau. of Tristnmi & Abigail Falle. 

26, 1761 Anna dau. of James & Fogg. 

8 9, 1761 Mary dau. of John & Ollive Knight. 

r 5, 1761 Charity dau. of Elijah & Abigail Goodwin. 

;. 31, 1761 Mary dau. of William & Hohnea. 

t. 13, 1761 Debbey dau. of Eliphalet & Lydia Randall, 

t. 24, 1761 Patience dau. of Benjamin & Austfii. 

226 Beeorda of the Second Church of Berwick^ Me. [ 

Sept. 24, 1761 Abigail dau. of Nathaniel k Abigail Knock. 

Sept. 24, 1761 Anna dau. of Samuel k Mary Lord, offered by Wm & E 

beth Hooper. 

Oct. 4, 1761 Lydia dau. of Shipway & Lydia Goodwin. 

Oct. 24, 1761 EDEUinah dau. of Tristrum <fe Esther Heard. 

Nov. 15, 1761 Elizabeth dau. of Samuel k Peggey Hooper. 

Jan. 17, 1762 Phanne dau. of John k Abi^dl Gubtail. 

Feb. 14, 1762 Elizabeth dau. of Phillip k Dorcas Yeaton. 

Mar. 14, 1762 Lydia dau. of Landress k Amey Grant. 

Mar. 14, 1762 Nabbey dau. of Joshua k Bettey Bicker. 

Mar. 14, 1762 Sarah dau. of Nathaniel k Charity Hardison. 

Mar. 28, 1762 MoUey dau. of William k Sarah Goodwin. 

May 19, 1762 Sarah dau. of Aaron k Elizabeth Chick. 

May 13, 1762 Jane dau. of James Key, offered by grandparents, Jol 

Charity Keay. 

May 23, 1762 dau. of Joshua k Elizabeth Knock. 

May 30, 1762 Sarah dau. of Benjamin k Mary Barrows. 

June 5, 1762 Sarah dau. of Isaac k Muy Bntckett. 

June 9, 1762 Abigail dau. of John k Minam Brackett. 

June 9, 1762 Hannah dau. of Samuel k Hannah Hanscom. 

June 9, 1762 Katharine dau. of Samuel k Hannah Hanscom. 

July 11, 1762 Mary dau. of Samuel k Mehitable Brackett. 

Sept. 23, 1762 dau. of James k Abigail Clark. 

Nov. 11, 1762 Love dau. of Bemamin k Love Lord. 

Nov. 11, 1762 Briggett dau. of Benjamin k Love Lord. 

Nov. 11, 1762 Hannah dau. of Benjamin k Love Lord. 

Nov. 11, 1762 Martha dau. of k Frances Stevens. 

Nov. 1 1 , 1762 Patience dau. of k Downs, offered by gr 

mother, Susanna Downs. 

Feb. 20, 1763 Lydia dau. of John k Abigail Scates. 

Mar. 19, 1763 Thankfull dau. of Beniamm k Elizabeth Libbey. 

Mar. 20, 1763 Patience dau. of Joseph k Mary Haidison. 

Apr. 10, 1763 Sarah dau. of Elisha k Sarah Lord. 

Apr. 24, 1763 Elizabeth dau. of William k Gerrish. 

May 8, 1763 Mary dau. of Ebenezer k Martha Lord. 

May 12, 1763 Rachel dau. of Alexander k Sarah Clark. 

July 17, 1763 Huldah dau. of Joseph k Mary Hodsdon. 

July 17, 1763 Lydia dau. of Jeremiah k Lydia Goodwin. 

Aug. 19, 1763 Mary dau. of Jacob k Hannah Shorey. 

Aug. 28, 1763 Anna dau. of Daniel k Abigail Libbey. 

Oct. 9, 1763 dau. of Benjamin k Martha Ashe. 

Oct. 15) 1763 Margery dau. of Israel k Mary Hodsdon. 

Jan. 12, 1764 Jemima dau. of Joshua k Ruth Roberts. 

Jan. 22, 1764 Kezia dau. of Shipway k Lydia Goodwin. 

Mar. 3, 1764 dau. of John k Mary Woodsum. 

Mar. 14, 1764 Anna dau. of John k Sarah Worster. 

Mar. 18, 1764 Mary dau. of John k Meriam brackett. 

Mar. 29, 1764 Charity dau. of William k Elizabeth Hooper. 

Mar. 29, 1764 Joanna dau. of Jabez and Mary Ricker. 

Mar. 31, 1764 Mary dau. of Eliphalet k Lydia Randall. 

Mar. 31, 1764 Martha dau. of Eliphalet k Lydia Randall. 

Apr. 15, 1764 Ollive dau. of John k Ollive Hossum. 

May 6, 1764 Martha dau. of Landr^s k Amey Grant. 

July 18, 1764 Elizabeth dau. of Hawley k Applebey. 

July 18, 1764 Hannah dau. of Hawley k Applebey. 

July 18, 1764 •'Joanna dau. of Hawley k Applebey. 

Records of the Seamd Church of Benmck, Me, 

' 26 


Sarah dau. of & Frances Stevens. 

t. 16 



t. 23 


t. 23 


. 9 




. 16 


Love dau. of ( 

. 28 



5arah Morse 

. 28 


Rachel dau. of Jol 

. 28 


Molley dau. of John k 

. 28 


. of SaiDue 

. 28 


Anna dau. of Benjamin 

, Jr. 

. 28 


)f Thomas & Margaret Hodsdon. 

/ 12 


Ichabod &. Tantson Tebbette. 

s 30 


Joshua & 

J 30 



-. 29 










. 24 



. 11 


Juda dau. of 

. 11 




. 11 


Mary dau. of 


. 25 


Molly dau. of 


. 29 


Margaret dau. of Noah & 

. 9 


Molly dau. of Shippyah di 

, 20 


Elizabeth dau. of John 

1 22 


Mary dau. of Phillip & 



Lydia dau. of Alexander 
Ollive dau. of Thomas 4 






Esther dau. 

. 17 


Dorcas dau. of William & «« 

.. 21 


S^ of Samuel 




!g^ Sarah Neal. 







. 16 





Mary dau, of Tristrum & 



Betty dau. of 



Lydia dau. of 



Elizabeth dau 



Bettey dau. ol 

. 15 


Lydia dau. of 

■ 14 


Sarah dau. of 

■ 14 


Martha dau. < 

■ 14 


Lydia dau. of 

■ 14 


! .22 











Kezia dau. of baniei < 

. 30 


Sarah dau. of Rook & 



Susanna dau. of John 



AUice dau. of John & Abigail Stone. 





Records of the Second Church of Berunck, Me. 





































































































768 Dorcas dau. of Phillip & Dorcas Yeaton. 

768 Mary dau. of Noah & Margarett Ricker. 

768 Martha dau. of Elijah & Abigail Goodwin. 

768 Margery dau. of Israel & Mary Hodsdon. 

768 Sarah diEtu. of Israel & Mary Hodsdon. 

769 Abigail dau. of Charles & Sarah Butler. 

769 Sarah dau. of Thomas & Margaret Hodsdon. 

769 Nabby dau of John & Abigail Scates. 

769 Mary, dau. of Josiah & Eunice Staples. 

769 Martha dau. of Hawley & Hannah Appleby. 

769 Meriam dau. of Stephen & Alice Libbey. 

769 Lydia dau. of Joseph & Mary Hardisoi^. 

769 Briscilla dau. of John & Priscilla Jones. 

769 Anna dau. of John & Priscilla Jones. 

769 Hannah dau. of Sarah Neal (wife of Johnson Neal). 

769 Sarah, dau. ot Landress & Amey Grant. 

769 Elizabeth dau. of John & MoUy Abbott. 

769 Mary dau. of Ebenezer & Martha Lord. 

769 Tirzah dau. of Ebenezer & Martha Lord. 

770 Betty dau. of Stephen & Sarah Perkins. 

770 Elizabeth dau. of Matthew & Elizabeth Merriam. 

770 Experience dau. of Benjamin & Elizabeth Libbey. 

770 Elizfkbeth dau. of Rook & Mary Stillings. 

770 Phebe, dau. of Thomas & Heard. 

770 Martha dau. of Elisha & Sarah Lord. 

770 Sarah dau. of Miles & Elizabeth Shorey. 

770 Hannah dau. of Joshua & Anna Bracket. 

770 Experience dau^ of Elisha & Joanna Andrews. 

770 Mary dau. of Elisha & Joanna Andrews. 

770 Mary dau. of Stephen & Alhce Libbey. 

770 Allice dau. of Stephen & Allice Libbey. 

770 Lydia dau. of John & Ollive Horsum. 

770 Meribah dau. of Joseph & Mary Hodsdon. 

770 Abigail dau. of James & McCarril. 

770 Mary dau. of Nathaniel & Hannah Gubtail. 

770 Molly dau. of John & Jane Brock. 

771 Amey Reed, adult, baptized after profession of faith. 
771 Molly dau. of James & Dorcas Frost, offered by Ichal 

Tamson Tebbetts, who took the child as their owi 

771 Abigail dau. of Josiah & Eunice Staples. 

771 Susanna dau. of James & Anna Fogg. 

771 Allice dau of John & Sarah Murray. 

771 Eunice dau. of William & Sarah Goodwin. 

771 Sarah dau. of John & Elizabeth Butler. 

771 Dorcas dau. of Hawley A Hannah Appleby. 

771 Mary dau. of Samuel & Hannah Hanscom. 

772 Elizabeth dau. of Nathaniel & Ehzabeth Libbey. 
772 Molly dau. of Jonathan & Mercy Clark. 

772 Hannah dau. of Humphrey & Spencer.* 

772 Eunice, dau. of Josiah & Eunice Staples. 

772 Molly dau. of John & Molly Abbott. 

772 Dorcas dau. of John & Mary Woodsiun. 

772 Abigail dau. of John & Abi^ul Stone. 

772 Nabby dau. of Joseph & Mary Hardison. 

773 Sarah dau. of Matthew & Elizabeth Merriam. 
773 Sarah dau. of Simiuel & Judith Wooster. 

lUeordt of Oie Second Chwch of Berwick, Me. 


Eunice dau. of Thomu & Mehitable Goodwin. 

Anna dau. of 

Anna dau. of Trifitnim 

Tristrum Heard and s^ 
Sarah dau. of 
Mary dau. of 
OUive dau. of SS ^M 

Eatfaer dau. of Ebeneier ft Joanna Jones. 
Nabby dau. of Ebeneier & Joanna Jones. 
Rachel dau. of 

Ollive dau. of 
Sarah dau. of 
Anna dau. of 
Molly dau. of 
Eunice dau. 
Molly dau. of 
Sarah dau. of 
Susey dau. of Nathaniel & 
I. of John & 

by Dea. 


Mary dau. 
Adah dau. 

Abray dau. ol 

Molly dau. of 

Allic« dau. of 

Lydia dau. of 

Mary dau. of 


Molly dau. of 

Sarah dau. of 

Molly dau. of James & 

Mercy dau. of John & 

Martlia dau. of Eliaha 'fi 

Mary dau. of Richard i 

Jenny dau. of Ebenezc 

Sarah dau. of Ebeneze 

offered by her. 
ord, offered by her. 
Did, offered by her. 
Irant, offered by her. 

& Mary Hodsdon. 

230 Records of the Second Church of Berwick, Me, 

Dec. 26, 1779 Betty dau. of Elisha & Joanna Andrews. 

April 12, 1780 Molly dau. of Paul & Lydia Brown. 

Apr. 18, 1780 Dorcas granddaughter of Benjamin & Love Lord, 

by them. 

May 10, 1780 Lydia dau. of John & Jerusha Hanscom. 

June 2, 1780 Sarah dau. of Jabez & Mary Ricker. 

June 4, 1780 Mercy Andrews, adult, baptized on profession of fa 

July 16, 1780 Dorcas Miller, adult, baptized on profession of faitl 

Aug. 27, 1780 Susanna Hambleton, adult, baptized on profession o 

Sept. 6, 1780 Elizabeth dau. of Jonathan & Mary Keen. 

Sept. 17, 1780 Sarah dau. of Benjamin & Mary Barrows. 

Oct. 8, 1780 Margaret dau. of Thomas k Margaret Hodsdon. 

Oct. 10, 1780 Mary dau. of Benjamin & Lydia Adaihs. 

Nov. 8, 1780 Ollive dau. of Humphrey & Ollive Lord. 

Nov. 8, 1780 Anna dau. of Humphrey & Ollive Lord. 

Nov. 8, 1780 Patience dau. of Humphrey & Ollive Lord. 

Dec. 10, 1780 Nancy dau. of James h Mary Randall. 

Jan. 19, 1781 Mercy dau. of Moses & Elizabeth Tebbetts, offered 

Jan. 19, 1781 Deborah dau. of Moses k Elizabeth Tebbetts, offe 


Feb. 13, 1781 Elizabeth dau. of John k Elizabeth Frost. 

Mar. 20, 1781 Betty dau. of John & Joanna Randall. 

Mar. 20, 1781 Lydia dau. of John k Joanna Randall. 

Mar. 20, 1781 Molly dau. of John k Joanna Randall. 

Apr. 17, 1781 Elizabeth dau. of Humphrey k Elizabeth Chadboui 

Apr. 17, 1781 Mary, dau. of Himiphrey k Elizabeth Chadboume. 

Apr. 17. 1781 Katherine dau. of Humphrey k Elizabeth Chadbou 

Apr. 17, 1781 Abigail dau. of Humphrey k Elizabeth Chadboume 

May 10, 1781 Sarah dau. of Charles k Rachel Stacpole, offered by 

May 10, 1781 Sobriety dau. of Charles k Rachel Stacpole, offered 

May 22, 1781 Mary dau. of Joseph k Lydia Chick. 

June 1, 1781 Elizabeth dau. of Jonathan k Joanna Ross. 

June 10, 1781 Sarah Rowe, adult, baptized on profession of faith. 

July 18, 1781 Ruth dau. of Charles ic Rachel Stacpole, offered b> 

July 29, 1781 Elizabeth dau. of Jabez k Mary Ricker. 

Sept. 12, 1781 Patience dau. of Johnson k Sarah Neal, offered by 

Sept. 23, 1781 Elizabeth dau. of John k Jane Brock, offered by he 

Oct. 25, 1781 Mercy Rust dau. of Nathaniel k Merriell Norton. 

Jan. 8, 1782 Amey Nock, adult, baptized on profession of faitJi. 

July 2, .1782 Bettey dau. of George k Margaret Worcester. 

July 2, 1782 Molly dau. of Benjamin k Betty Libbey. 

Aug. 4, 1782 Sarah wife of Moses Gubtail, baptized on profesf 


Aug. 16, 1782 Olive dau. of Moses k Sarah Gubtail, offered by hei 

Aug. 22, 1782 Susanna dau. of Daniel k Mary Brackett. 

Aug. 22, 1782 Molly dau. of Daniel k Mary Brackett. 

Aug. 22, 1782 Hannah d^u. of Josiah k Eunice Staple. 

Aug. 28, 1782 Olive dau of Thomas k Margaret Hodsdon. 

Sept. 1, 1782 Mary wife of Benjamin Gubtail, baptized on profes 

Sept. 20, 1782 Anna dau. of Aaron k Mary Chick. 

Sept. 20, 1782 Betty dau. of Aaron k Mary Chick. 

Sept. 20, 1782 MoUey dau. of Aaron k Mary Chick. 

Sept. 20, 1782 Adah dau. of Aaron k Mary Chick. 

Sept. 20, 1782 Hannah dau. of Aaron k Mary Chick. 

Sept. 20, 1782 Elizabeth dau. of Benjamin k Lydia Adams. 

[To be concluded] 

1920] Genealogical Research in England 231 


[Continued from page 146] 


Contributed by G. Andrews Moriarty, Jr., A.M., LL.B., of Newport, R. I., 
and communicated by the Committee on English Researcn 

It is not often that the Committee on English Research is able 
to present an ancestral line of a New England immigrant that 
reaches back into the early Middle Ages, and consequently it is 
with great pleasm-e that it communicates to the Register records 
proving the descent of Margaret Giflford, wife of Hugh Sargent 
of Courteenhall, co. Northampton, and grandmother of William 
Sargent, one of the early settlers of Maiden, Mass., from John 
Gi£ford le Boef of Twyford, co. Bucks, in 1277. The records will 
be followed by a pedigree, in which the facts derived from them 
and from various authorities will be set forth in the usual genealogi- 
cal form. 

From iKQuisrnoKS Ad Quod Damnum and Inquishions Post Mortem* 

Inquisition taken at Hertaye [?] by Faversham, co. Kent, 29 December, 
34 Edward HI [1360]. The jurors say th^rt it is not to the damage or prejudice 
of the King or others if the King grants to John Giffard permission to 
enfeoff Rol^rt, parson of Somerton church, and Richard Mallet, chaplain, 
with 5 marks rent in Leisdon, they to grant the same to Thomas, son of 
the said John, and Elizabeth de Musenden, and their issue, with remainder 
m default to the right heirs of John. The said rent is held of the King in 
chief by knight service, as parcel of the barony of Arsyk. No other lands, 
etc., remain to the said John in this county. 

Inouisition taken at Ixning, co. Suffolk, 20 December, 34 Edward III 
[1360]. It is likewise not to the prejudice, etc., if John Giffard, Chivaler, 
assign the manor of Ixning to the said feoffees to grant to the said Thomas 
and Elizabeth and their issue, etc., as above. John has no other lands, 
etc., in this county. 

Inquisition taken at Oxford, 23 December, 34 Edward III [1360]. It 
is likewise not to the prejudice, etc., if John Giffard assign to the same 
feoffees his manors of Somerton and Feringford, co. Oxon, with 30s. rent 
in Cogges, co. Oxon, to grant the same manors to the said John and Lucy 
his wife, for the term of their lives, with remainder to their son Thomas 
and his issue, and, in default, to the right heirs of John, and the rent to 
Thomas and Elizabeth de Mussendon and their issue, which otherwise ought 
to revert to John, eldest son of the said John, by which the King ought to 
have the relief as it falls due. John has no other lands, etc., in the said 

county. (Inquisitions Ad Quod Damnum, Chancery Series, file 336, no. 18.) 


Inquisition taken at Dadyn^ton, co. Oxford, 4 January, 41 Edward III 
[1367/8]. The jurors say it will not be to the damage or prejudice of the 
King if he grants to John Giffard permission to enfeoff Thomas Giffard 
and Margery his wife with 2 carucates of land in Feryngford and the moiety 
of the manor of Feringford and the advowson of that church, held of the 
King in chief, to hold to the said Thomas and Margery ana their heirs. 

'Presenred in the Public Record Office, London. 

232 OenealogiccH Research in England [July 

The said premises are held of the King in chief by the twelfth part of a 
knight's fee. The said John, beyond the premises so assigned, holds the 
moiety of the manor of Somerton and the advowson of that church of the 
King in chief, and the same are worth 22 marks a year. (76., file 362, no. 4.) 

Inquisition taken at Banbury [co. Oxon] 11 March, 43 Edward III [1368/9]. 
The jurors say that John Giffard, the day he died, held nothing c^ the 
King in chief, but held the manor of Somerton and the advowson of the 
church of the said manor for the term of his life by feoffment of Robert, 
parson of Somerton church, and Richard Malet, chaplain, by homage of 
the King, with remainder to Thomas, son of the said John, and his issue. 
He also held a certain rent issuing from 5 messuages^and 5 virgatee of land 
in the vill of Bekebruk of. Roger Cheyne by the service of a twentieth part 
of a knight's fee, with remainder to Thomas and his issue. He also ndd 
1 messuage, 80 acres of arable land, 4^^ acres of meadow, and 30b. annual 
rent in Newinton Ewelme for life of Sir John de Seyton, Chivaler, in chief 
by knight service, with remainder to Thomas and his issue. 

The said John died on Sunday next after the Feast of the Conversicm of 
St. Paul,* 43 Edward III [1368/9], and Thomas is his son and heir, ^pi 
twenty-five years and more. (Inquisitions Post Mortem, Chancery Soies, 
Edward III, file 209, no. 46; also in Exchequer Enrolments of InquisitkoSy 
no. 148.) 

Inquisition taken at Ampthull, co. Beds, on Saturday next after AO 
Saints,t 32 Edward III [1358]. The jurors say that it is not to the damage 
or prejudice of the King or others if the King grants to Mastkb E^mumb 
DE MoRTEYN permission to assign 4 messuages, 105 acres of land, 12 acree 
of meadow, and 183^d. rent in Lytlington, co. Beds, to the Abbot and 
Convent of Berking, to them and their successors for ever, because the 
said premises are held of the said Abbot and Convent by service of 6b. 
10H<1* A year, they holding the manor and lordship there of the King and 
pure and perpetual alms. The said messuages and lands are worth 64l 
4}^. a year. There remain to Edmund, beyond the said grant, at MersBb- 
ton, CO. Beds, lands, etc., to the value of 100 marks a year, which he holds 
of the barony of Ca3mho by knight ser\'ice. (Inquisitions Ad Quod Damnum, 
Chancery Series, file 329, no. 2.) 

Inouisition taken in co. Beds 20 May, 40 Edward III [1366]. The juron 
say that Sir John Morteyn, Chivaler, held the manor of TiUeswori^ 
of the King, the day he died, by knight service as of his honor of Pevmfl, 
and John Morteyn, Chivaler, is his son and next heir, and is aged twenty 
years and more; and he [John, the father] died 5 March, 36 Edward lU 
[1361/2], and the said manor is worth yearly 20 marks. And that Edmund 
Morteyn, Clerk, died 14 June, 39 Edward III [1365], and held the manor 
of Mersston the day he died of Almaric de St. Amand, as of his barony of 
Caynho, by knight service. John, son of the said John, dec^tsed, is neit 
of kin and heir of Edmund, and the said manor is worth yearly £20. (In- 
quisitions Post Mortem, Chancery Series, Edward III, ^e 191, no. 54b.) 

Inquisition taken at Melchborne, co. Beds, on Saturday, on the Feast of 
the Translation of St. Thomas the Martyr, 4 Richard II [7 July 12SS{. 
The jurors say that Sir John Mortetn, Knight, the day he d^, held oif 
King Edward in chief the manor of Marston, as of the barony of Caynho, l^ 
the service of a knight's fee, and the same manor is worth £20. 

*The Feaat of the Conversion of St. Paul falls on 25 January. 
tThe Feaat of All Sainta falb on 1 November. 

1920] Genealogical Research in England 233 

He died on Tuesday next before the Feast of St. Peter ad Vincula,* 47 
Edward III [1373]. 

He also hdd of the King in chief the manor of Tillesworth by service of 
a knight's fee, and it is worth £10 a year. 

Sir Richard Chamberleyn, Knight, and Sir Thomas Gifford, Knight, 
are next of kin and heirs of the said John, Richard being son of Joan, 
sister of John (father of said John Morte3m), and aged sixty years and 
more, and Thomas being son of Lucy, sister of John (father of said 
John Morteyn), and aged thirty years and more, and they are next heirs of 
said John. 

Elisabeth, who was the wife of said John, has since his death taken the 
profits of the said manors, by what title the jury know not.f {lb., Richard II, 
file 16, no. 39.) 

Inquisition taken at Preston by Faversham, co. Kent, Thursday next 
before the Feast of St. £dmund the King,t 18 Richard II [1394]. The 
hirotb say that Sib Thobcas Gyffard, Chivaler, deceased, was seised in 
his demesne, as of fee, of the moiety of a tenement called Jardynes in the 
yifi of Leisdon in the Isle of Shepey, held of the King in chief by the service 
of an eighthpart of a knight's fee, and the same is worth vearly 10s. 

The said Tnomas died 25 September last past [1394], and Roger Giffard 
is his son and heir, aged twenty-six years and more. 

Inquisition taken at Burcestre, co. Oxford, on Monday next before the 
Feast of St. Martin the Bishop,§ 18 Richard II [1394]. The jurors say 
that Sm Thomas Gyffard, Knight, held of the King in chief, the day he 
died, the moiety of the manor of Somerton by service of a moiety of a knight's 
fee, jand [it] is worth yearly 20 marks. He also held of the King in chief 
tl^ moiety of the manor of Firyngford, conjointly with his wife Sybil, now 
sorviving, for their lives, by service of the moiety of a knight's fee^ and the 
same is worth yearly 12 marks. He also held 4 messuages and 4 vurgates of 
land in Bekbrok, conjointly with his wife Sybil, of Roger Che3me, as of 
his manor of Kersyngton, by the service of the eighth part of a knight's 
fee, and the same are worth 5 marks yearly. He also held in like manner 
5 messuages and 5 virgates of land in Newenton Jewell of Sir John Seyton, 
Knigjit, as of his manor of Bereford St. Michael, and [they] are worth yearly 
7 marks. 

He died Wednesday before Michaelmas! | last past [1394], and Roger his 
son is his next heir, aged twenty-seven and more. (76. , Richard II, file 
83, no. 16.) 

Inquisition taken at Leisdon, co. Kent, on Thursday next after [iUegible]f 
10 Henry IV. 1[ Tlie jurors say that Roger Giffard, Esq., held a marsh 
IB Leisdon called Giffard's marsh by ward of the castle there, and the same 
ii worth yearly 6s. 8d. 

Roger died [illegihle], and Thomas is his son and next heir, aged one year 
tod more. 

Inquisition taken at Northampton on Saturday next before Michael- 
mas.!! 10 Henry IV [1409]. The jurors say that Roger Gipfard, Esq., 
hdd, the day he died, in his demesne, as of fee tail, the manor of Helydon, 

*T1m FeMt of St. Peter ad Vinoula falls on 1 August. 

fAn inquisition poat mortem of 6 Richard II [13S1-2] on Elizabeth, wife of John Mortesm. 
formerly in Inquiaitiona Poat Mortem, Chancery Seriea, Richard II, no. 87. has been maaing ainoe 
1S21. » 

tThe Feaat of St. Edmund the King falls on 20 Novembei*. « 

f The Feaat of St. Martin the Bishop falls on 1 1 November. 

IMichaelmaa, the Feaat of the Archangel Michael, falls on 29 September. 

5Tbe tenth year of the reign of Henry IV began with 30 September 1408 and ended with 20 
Btptembcr 1409. 

234 Oenealogical Research in England [July 

CO. Northants, by feoffment of Sir John de Seyton, Knight, and William 
Batesford, clerk, to the said Roger and Elizabeth, then lus wife, and their 
issue, as appears by indenture. The said Roger and Elizabeth had issue 
Katherine^ now sur\dving. And Elizabeth is dead. The same is held of 
the King m chief by knight service, and is worth yearly £10. 

Roger died 14 April laist past [1409], and the said Katherine is heir to 
Roger and Elizabetn and is aged ten years and more. 

Inquisition taken at Somerton, co. Oxon, on Tuesday, on the Feast of 
St. Dionis, 11 Henry IV [9 October 1409]. The jurors say that Roger 
GiFFARD, the day he died, held in his demesne, as of fee, 1 cottage and 20 
acres of land in Cogges of the King in chief, by service of a hundredth 
part of a knight's fee, and the same is worth yearly 3s. 4d. He also held, 
conjointly with Isabel, his wife, now surviving, the manors of Bekbroke 
and Newynton by feoffment of William Stretle and William Kyng, chap- 
lains, to hold to said Roger and Isabel and their issue, failing which the 
same premises, with the manors of Twyford, co. Bucks, and Helydon; oo. 
Northants, revert to the right heirs of Roger. 

Roger died on Sunday next after Easter last past [1409], and Thomas 
Giffard is his son and heir, aged one year and more. {lb,, Henry IV, file 
71, no. 19.) 

Inquisition taken at Wodestoke, co. Oxford, on the Feast of St. Luke the 
Evangelist, 8 Henry VI [18 October 1429]. The jurors say that Sybil 
[Giffard], who was the wife of Thomas GiJBFard of Twyford, Knight, held 
no lands, etc., in her demesne as of fee, but that William de Hampton, panon 
of the church of Hjmton,. Richard de Cudljmgton, parson of Crowdton, 
William Gardyner, parson of Somerton, and Jo& de Bedeford, clerk, were 
seised of the manor of Feringford and by letters patent, dated 6 July, 7 
Richard II [1383], had licence of the King to give the same to Sir Thcmias 
Giffard, Knight, and Sybil, then his wife, for their lives, with remaind^ to 
Roger, son of the said Thomas, and Joan his wife, daughter of Baldwin de 
Bereford, Knight, and the issue of Roger and Joan, with contingent re- 
mainders, in default of such issue, to John, brother of Roger, and his issue, 
to their brothers Thomas and William and their issue, and to the rig^thein 
of Sir Thomas. 

Afterwards Sir Thomas died, and Joan, wife of Roger, died without 
issue, and John, Thomas, and William, brothers of Roger, died without 
issue. Roger was also seised of the manor of Somerton, with the advoivsoo 
of the same, and by licence in letters patent, dated 21 July, 19 Richard II 
[1395], sold the same to Sybil for life, with reversion to hun and his heiis; 
and afterwards Roger married Isabel Stretele and had issue Thomaa, dov 

Roger died on the Sunday after Easter, 10 Henry IV [1409], and the said 
manor descends to Thomas, son of Roger, within age and in Uie costoc^ 
of the King. 

Sybil died 26 February last past [1428/9], and the manor of Feringfocd 
ought to remain to Thomas, son of Roger, as next of kin of Sir Thimias. 

By letters patent, dated 1 October, 11 Henry IV [1409], the King grMted 
to William Lord de Roos of Hamlak the custody of all lands, etc., iMA 
were the said Roger's, during the minority of Roger's heir, ana he has the 
same until the fuO^ age of the said heir as well as the marriage of Uie aid 

The said manor of Feringford is held of the King in chief and is worth 
yearly 100s. The manor and advowson of Somerton are held of the Kin« 
in chief, as of his castle of Dover, by fealty and ward of the Castle, and 
the same are worth £6. 4s. 

The said Thomas, son of Roger, is son and heir of Roger and is aged 

1920] Genealogical Research in England 235 

twenty-one years and more. And a certain Eleanor is daughter and heir 
of Sybil and is aged twenty-three years and more. (76, Henry VI, file 45, 
no. 36.) 

Proof of age of Thomas Giffard, son and heir of Roger and next of kin 
to Sir Thomas Giffard, Knight. 

Proof of age of said Thomas, son of Roger, son of Sir Thomas, taken at 
Byceter, co. Ojrford, on Saturday, on the Morrow of Hilary, 8 Henry VI 
114 January 1429/30]. 

John Comewayll, aged sixty, says that Thomas was bom at Feryngford, 
and was baptized in the church of that viU, and was aged twenty-one years 
cm the Feast of St. Thomas the Martyr last past [29 December 1429]; and 
he knows this, because he saw Sybil, who was the wife of Sir Roger [sic] 
Giffard, Knight, give the said Thomas a gilt cup when the said Thomas 
was baptized. 

John Togood, aged forty-four, sa3rs likewise, and remembers the same. 
because he was then in the service of 'Sir Thomas Giffard, Chivaler, and 
rode with him from the vill of Twyford to the church of Feryngford, where 
Tliomas was baptized. 

[Ten others give evidence, all agreeing as to the date, but they add nothing 
further of interest.] (lb., Henry VI, file 46, no. 44.) 

Inquisition taken at Dad3mgton, co. Oxford, on Friday next before the 
Feast of All Saints,* 9 Edward IV [1469]. The jurors say that Thomas 
GirrABD, Esq., held no lands, etc., in his demesne of the King or others in 
the said county the day he died. 

He died 29 May last past [1469], and John Gifford, Esq., is his son and 
heir, ag^ thirty-eight years and more. (/&., Edward IV, file 31, no. 15.) 

Inauisition taken at Thame [co. Oxon], 10 November, 3 Henry VIII 
[1511]. The jurors say that John [sic] Gifford was seised of 4 messuages 
and 7 virgates of land in Fr3aigford in his demesne as of fee, and, thus being 
seised, 24 November, 3 Henry VII [1487], by deed granted the same to 
himself and his wife Joan and his heirs. Thomas Fowler, Richard Danvers, 
WHliam Danvers, and Richard More were seised of 4 messuages, 4 tofts, 
40 acres of land, 100 acres of meadow, 200 acres of pasture and 206. rent in 
Newenton Jewell and Bc^broke, and on 26 November, 3 Henry VII [1487], 
mnted the same to the said Thomas and Joan his wife and the heirs of 
Thomas. The said Thomas was seised of 3 messuages, 4 cottages, 100 acres 
of land, 50 acres of meadow, and 40 acres of pasture in Fiyngford and 
• Coggges and the moiety of the advowson of Fiyngford church, and died 
seised thereof. 

Tlie 4 messuages and 7 virgates in Fryngford are worth yearly 5 marks, 
the 3 messuages and advowson, etc., 648., and the premises in Newenton 
JeweU and Begbroke £10. 

Thomas died 10 October last past [1511], and Thomas Gyfford is his 
son and heir, aged thirty years and more. Joan, wife of Thomas, deceased, 
survives him. (Inquisitions Post Mortem, Chancery Series 2, file 26, no. 24.) 

Inquisition taken at Buckingham, 22 November, 35 Henry VIII [1543]. 
The jurors say that Roger Gifford, Esq., held a tenement and lands in 
Padbury and bequeathed the same to Mary Gifford his wife. He also held 
a messuage and lands in Botyl-Cleydon. 

Roger died 23 January, 34 Henry VIII [1542/3], and John Giffard, Esq., 
18 his son and heir, aged fifty years and more. (/6., vol. 69, no. 167.) 

Inquisition taken at Oxford, 7 April, 5 Edward VII [1551]. The jurors 

*Tbe Feast of All SainU falls on 1 November. 

236 . Oenealogical Research in England [July 

say that Thomas Gtfford, Esq., before his death, was seised in his demesne, 
as of fee tail, of the moiety of a manor in Fryngford and of the advowson 
of that parish church and also of 7 messuages, 4 cottages, 500 acres of land, 
300 acres of pasture, 200 acres of meadow, 40 acres of wood, 300 acres of 
furze and heath, and 8s. free rent in Fryngford. He was likewise seised 
in fee tail, to him and his issue, of another manor in South Newenton aU 
Newnton Juell, co. Oxon, and of and in 4 messuages, 100 acres of land, 60 
acres of pasture, 20 acres of meadow, and 6d. rent in Newnton; also of 
4 messuages, 140 acres of land, 100 acres of pasture, and 20 acres of meadow 
in Begbroke, co. Oxon, and in two separate closes in Cogges, containing 6 
acres in the tenure of Thomas Bowell. 

He died 25 November, 4 Edward VI [1550], and his lands, etc., ou^t and 
do descend to Ursula Waynman, wife of Thomas Waynman, Esq., onty 
daughter of said Thomas Gififord, aged forty years and more. 

The moiety of the manor in Fryngford is held of the King in chief 1^ 
the service of a knight's fee, a^d is worth yearly £12. Is. 8d. The manor, 
etc., in Newnton are worth yearlv £5. 12s. 6d., the jurors do not know of 
whom held; the premises in Begbroke are held of Heniy Duke of Suffolk 
by fealty and suit of court and an annual rent of 6d., and are worth yeariy 
£4. 15s. Id. And the closes in Cogges are worth yearly 12s., of whom hdd 
the jurors know not. (lb., file 94, no. 44.) 

Inquisition taken at [torn] [co. Northampton], 8 April, 5 Elizabeth [1563]. 
The jurors say that Nicholas Gifford, Esq., was seised of the house and 
site of the late monastery of St. James by Northampton, now dissolved, and 
of wood called the Great Grove in a street called St. James in the parish of 
Duston by Northampton, and of the water mill and other places [names given] 
late belonging to the said monastery. He was also seised of an annuid fair 
called St. James Fair, held in the Fayre yard in a Street called St. James 
End at the Abbey Street in Duston, all of which was granted to him and 
his heirs by letters patent dated 12 September, 37 Henry VIII [1545]. He 
was seised in tail male of 1 acre of meisuiow in Duston called the Nether- 
mede and of other lands [names ^ven]. So being seised, on 16 May, 38 
Henry VIII [1546], he made his will, bequeathing a third part of his land 
to the King during the minority of his son and the other two parts to his 
wife Anne for her and her children. 

He died at Duston 19 May, 38 Henry VIII [1546]. Roger Gyfford is 
his son and heir, a^ eighteen years, three months, a minor. 

Anne Gyfiford, widow, has taken the profits of two-thirds of the lands, 
according to the said will. (76., vol. 135, no. 50.) 

Inquisition taken at Northampton, 17 January, 34 Elizabeth [1591/2], 
before the Song's escheator there. The jurors say that Rooeb Giffabd, 
Gent., on the day of his death, was seised in his demesne as of fee of and in 
the whole house or site of the late monastery of St. James by Northampton, 
and of and in a grove of wood called the Great Grove, containing about 10 
acres, in a street called St. James End, in the parish of Duston, co. Northants, 
belonging to the said house or site, and also of and in lands and pastures 
called the Dovehouse Close, the Oxclesae alias the Moor, the Calves' 
Close, and the Gueldings' Close, containing about 19 acres, 1 rood, 6 perches, 
in Duston, and of and in a water mill, lands, ponds, etc., within the site of 
the said late monastery, and of and in 3 spinneyB of about 1 acre, 16 perches, 
in Duston, and of and in 38 acres of meadow in the Common Moidow of 
Duston and in the meadow called the Abbot's Meadow in Duston, and of 
and in divers lands, pastures, furze, and heath, about 152 acres lying sepa- 
rately in the common fields of Duston, and of and in a curtilage or close of 
land called the Fair Yard, and of a fair called St. James Fair, held every 

19201 Proceedings of the N. E. Hist. Gen. Society 237 

in the said curtilage and in St. James End, als Abbey Street, and in 
the King's ways and lands adjacent, that is, from the west corner of the 
great hem to a bridge called the Free Bridge in the parish of Duston, to- 
geUier with the tolls, etc., of that fair and in the court of piepowder held 
yearly in the sd fair. He held 1 acre of meadow in the field called the 
Abbot's Meadow, in the parish of Duston, parcel of the possessions of the 
Master and Confraternity of the Hospital of St. John the Baptist in Nx)rth- 
ampton, and 2 acres of land l3dng m the Netherfield and the Westolle 
McMe in the fields of Duston, late parcel of the possessions of Thomas Palmer, 
deceased, and 2 roods of meadow and 1 rood of land in the Westolle Meadow 
in Duston Parish, and a parcel of land called Throughland, lying above 
BUls Furlong in the said Westolle. He held a cottage and vacant piece 
of land in St. James Street. 

The sd site and late possessions of the late monastery are held of the Queen 
in chief by the service of the fortieth part of a knight's fee, and are worth 
jeariy £12. 7s. 4d. The acre of meadow in Abbot's Meadow is held of 
the Master and Confraternity of the said Hospital by fealty and the annual 
rent of 12d., and is worth yearly 4s. Th^ 2 acres are held of Sir George 
EkHnerset, Knight, by fealty, and are worth yearly 12d. The 2 roods of 
meadow, 1 rood of land, and a parcel of land are held of Sir Geo. Somerset 
by fealtv, and are worth yearly 14d. The cottage, etc., are held by Roger 
Oairell by fealty, and are worth 2s. 

They say that Roger Giffard died at St. James aforesaid on 20 October, 
33 Elijsabeth [1591], and that Francis Giffard is his son and heir and at 
hfa father's death was aged twenty-three years and more. Annes Giffard, 
wife of the said Roger, survives and lives at Duston. (Esc, 34 Elizabeth, 
padutge 2, no. 70.) 

[To be oontiaued] 



By Hbnrt Edwabds Scott, A.B., Recording Secretary 

BoUoHj MtusachusetU, 6 May 19B0. A stated meeting of the Society was 
bdd in Wilder Hall, 9 Ashburton Place, at 2.30 P. M., President Baxter pre- 

The minutes of the April meeting were approved, and the reports of the Cor- 
responding Secretary, Librarian, Historian, and Council were accepted, the 
CouncO reporting that since the April meeting members of the Society had been 
elected as follows: 

Pilgrim Tercentenary Members 

George Pope MacNichol of Toledo, Ohio 

Tracy Dows of Rhinebeck, N. Y. 

Anna Blake Shaw of New York Citv ^ 

John I. Waterbury of Morristown, N. J. 

Robert D. Douglas of West Orange, N. J. 

Mrs. William Luther Davis of Clifton, Ohio 

George Henry May of Lancaster, Mass. 

Le Roy Frost of Nyack, N. Y. 

Joseph S. Sylvester of Hanover, Mass. 

Robert Wilcox Sayles of Chestnut Hill, Mass. 

Chauncey Cushine Nash of MiltOn, Mass. 

William Starr Jackson of Buffalo, N. Y. 

238 Notes [Ji^ 

Mrs. George Marston Whitin of Whitinsville, Mass. 
Willard Pope of Detroit, Mich. . 

Resident Members 

F. C. King of Bi^ Creek, Cal. 
Margaret £. Whitechurch of Boston, Mass. 
William Harold Taylor of Concord, Mass. 
Mrs. Rufus K. Noyes of Jamaica Plain, Mass. 
Asa Wilson Waters of Cambridge. Mass. 
Elizabeth Prentiss Fowle of Dorcnester, Mass. 

The Council also reported the names of eighteen candidates for Pilgrim Te^ 
centenary Membership and seven candidates for Resident Membership, stating 
that action by the Council on these names would be in order after they had been 
posted for tlurty days, in accordance with the By-Laws. 

By direction of the Council the Recording Secretary then presented the follow- 
ing, which was unanimously adopted: 

Whereatt by the decease of Richard Henry Winslow Dwif^t, on the eleventh day of Biardi 
1020, there exists a vacancy on the board of trustees of the Fund created under the provinoos o( 
the will of the late Frederic Kidder, for the benefit of the New England Historic Genealogical Sodr 
ety, therefore, on motion, it is 

Vtri/ed, That a petition be presented to the Honorable Probate Court, within and for the CooBtj 
of Middlesex, where the said will was adjudicated, and in whose registry it is on record, praying 
that the said Court will be pleased to appoint James Melville Hunnewell of Boston, a membir of 
this Society, to fill the said vacancy. 

President Baxter then presented* as the speaker of the afternoon. John Albree 
of Boston, who, in an illustrated paper entitled A Woman who xvoida not tdlf g»?e 
an interesting account of Elizabeth Van Lew of Richmond, Va., known from her 
activities in the Civil War as "Grant's Spv." 

On motion a vote of thanks to the speaker was adopted, and at 3.50 P. M. the 
meeting was dissolved, the members of the Society and their guests proceeding 
to the adjoining tea room, where light refreshments were serv^ under the aus- 
pices of the Committee on Papers and Essays. 


It having come to the attention of this Society that certain geneal- 
ogists and publishers have used the name of the Society in con- 
nection with their own enterprises, ihe Society again desires to 
state that it has NO genealogical representatives in this coonti; 
or in Englandi nor is it in any way connected with any publications 
other than those that it issues over its own name at 9 Ashburton 
Place, Boston. 

Samson-Lawrence. — ^The following inscriptions are found in the Samson BiD^ 
ial Ground, Brattleboro, Vt. 

Capt. Elisha Samson died Sept. 12, 1828, &^ 76 years. 
Damaris his Wife died Feb. 21, 1838, aged 84 years. 
Elisha Samson died Nov. 15, 1821, aged 34. 
Catharine his Wife died Apr. 30, 1873, aged 87 years. 

The following records are found in the family Bible of the late Alvanis Law- 
rence of Bolton, Mass. 


Al varus Lawrence Married to Delia M[aria] Samson* April 15th 1835. 
Alvarus Lawrence Married to Mary A[ugusta] Patch October 22th [sic] 1862. 

*Delia Maria Samson was daughter of Elisha and Catharine Samaon and granddaa^ter U 
Capt. Elisha and Damaris Samson, whose gravestone inacripiionB are given above. 

1920] Notes 239 


Alvarus Lawrence Born December 23th [sic] 1813. 

Delia M. lAwrence the wife of A Lawrence Born August 13th 1813 

Francis Lawrence Bom February 24th 1836.* 

£lenor Maria Lawrence Bom Febuary [sic] 5th 1838.* 

Henry Edwin Lawrence Bom March 24th 1840.* 

Mary Louisa Lawrence Bom May 20th 1841.* 

Roswell Nfewton] Lawrence Bom November 18, 1844.* 

Sarah J[ane] Lawrence Born May 19th 1847.* 


Francis Lawrence the Son of A. Lawrence Died March 26th 1858 Aged 22 

years 1 mo. 1 dy. 
Ddia M. Lawrence the wife of A. Lawrence Died Feb. 13th 1861 Age 47 yrs. 

6 mos. 
Henry £[dwin] Lawrence Died [at Wamer, 111.] March 11th 1864 Aged 23 

years 11 months 16 days 
Sarah J[anel Jewett Died November 18th 1872 Aged 25 years 6 months. 
Blinor M[aria] Lawrence DeForest Died March 22nd 1911 Aged 73. 1 month 

17 days 
Millioent Lawrence the Mother of Alvarus Lawrence Died [at Bolton, Mass.] 

Aueust the 19: 1849 Aged 72. 
Abija^ Lawrence Died [at Bolton, Mass.] November Mie 28 1853 Aged 79. 
Alvarus Lawrence Died October 9th 1891 Aged 77 yrs 9 months 16 days 
Mary A[u]gU8ta Patch Lawrence Died Aug 26th 1904 Age 80. 

Maiden^ Mass, Geobge Walter Chamberlain. 

pBRcrvAL. — ^The following records were found on the "Family Record" leaves 
yf a New Testament published at "Sandbomton," N. H., by Charles Lane in 



Daniel Percival Chatham Connctticut 1770 Febuary 24 
' Prudence Southmayd Campton N Hampshir Sept 27 1776 
Annis Perciva Campton N Hampshir Aug 26 1797 
Gorden Percival May 9 1800 Campton N Hampshr 
Daniel Percival Jr Campton N Hampshr Dec 24 1801 
John Percival First Campton N Hampshr January 26 1804 
Hannah Percival April 2 1806 Campton N Hamp 
Whitmore Perciva[u'om] Campton N Hampshire May 4 1808 
Judith Percival Campton Newhampshr June 29 1810 
Jacob Percival Campton Newhampshir March 30 1813 
John Percival 2d Nov 28 1821 Campton N Hampshir 


Daniel Percival and Pmdence Southmayd Campton Newhampsh March 

Annis Percival and Asha Goodhue Campton Newhampshir Nov 9 1820 
Gorden Percival and Emeline Beale Bangor Maine January 19th 1830 
Hannah Percival and Edwin Alger Campton N Hampshir January 1826 
Jacob Percival and Susan Drew Thomtown New Hampshire July 30. 1843 


Judith Percival Campton Newhamps Sept 24 1813 Affe 3 years 
John Percival 1st Aug 2d 1816 Age 12 yea Campton Newhamp 
Daniel Percival Jr Aug 23 1825 Age 24 years Campton Newhampshire 
Daniel Percival 1st died July 10. 1843 aged 73 years, four months and 14 

John Percival 2d Jime lid [sic] 1851 Age twenty nine years and seven months 

and thirteen days 
Prudence Percival died August 21st 1858 Aged 81 years, 11 months, and 25 

days Hudson Maine 

•Child of Alvarua and Deli* M. Lawrence, born at Bolton, Mass. 

240 ' Reeeia Books [Jul; 

Aonia Goodhu Pordral [tie] died Uty 29th lg59: n Eatoa Lower Ckatdt 

Aged 61 ye&ra ei^t months ukd four d&ys 
Hannah Alger Fenuval [tie] died March 16th' 1873 in Eftton Lowr Caiiadt 

Aged 66 year II monUi wd 14 daya 
Dover, N. H. Samukl fiasNHUi Shackiou. 


Hbbaldbt.' — Th? Committee on Heraldir of the New Eo^and Hkhaie , 
G«aeal(^cal Society ibx>iigly reeoromends that all twato <rf urns whieh eaa be 
proved to be authentic be ottmd for reeetd 
with this Socie^. Tbt arrangenMDti for tha 
making and preeerratioa of Nch reeonli m 
complete, and tlM toIuom of recorded uim hM 
been begun by the wiliy therein of • nnmbw rf 
well-autnentioated ooats. Printed fonna aad 
directions tot the ""'"'^ <rf appKi^tiTmt Dtj 
be obtained from the Coounittee, aikd all ccn- 
munieattonB on thia aubiect ahould be addi«Hid 
to the Committee on Heraldiy, New Ei«Uad 
Historic Qenealofieal Soowtr, 9 Adibartoa 
Flaoe, Boston. 

Without taldog anj pontmi with irfatw t> 
the propriet7 of wunwng tram, the CoanBitlM 
will be glad to examme arms w henldie deriw 

Genbalooibs in Preparation. — Penons of the sereral names are adnad 
to furnish the compilers of these genealogies with records of their own fisiDiligi 
and other information which they think may be useful. We would suggtat tbit 
all facta of interest illustrating family luatoiy or character be conununicstat 
eepecially service under the U. S. Government, the biding of Other (AeeK psd- 
uatioQ from college or professional schools, occupation, with places ana 3tM 
of birth, maniat^e, residence, and death. All names should be givoi w/affV 
possible. No initials should be used when the full name is known. 

Colby. — Anthony bom in England (perhaps at Beocles, oo. Suffolk} eirta IS80- 
1690, died at Amesbury (then a part of Salisbury), Mass., in 1061, by RoscoeK 
Colby, 14 State Street, Lawrence, Mass. 

IFrioAl.— Richard, bom in London, England, in 1608,diedat Plvmpton (tbai 
part 01 Plymouth), Mass., 19 June 1691, by Eugene A. Wright, nympton. Mm. 

Yourtf. — William, of Boaton, Mass., bom about 1700, died at Hopkinton, Mm, 
by Mrs. Susa Young Gates, 29 Bishop's BuUding, Salt Lake City, Utah. 


ITh* Editor pttrtieuUrlr nqucati penooi •widiDc booki for Bttini ia Um R 
for thft infomutjon of r«w]«n, th« price of fl»ch book, vitli tli* unoiuit 
ohtD Knt by mail, kod [rom whom it may ba ordered. For Uia JaHtia: 
rM<iT«l by Nov. 1; tor ApHl.hy Ftb.l: ioi Julv. bj Mtj 1; uid ter OcU^, br Jdr M 


Avery genealon;. The Avery, Faircbild, and Park families of MasMdnsttk 

Connecticut and Rhode Island, with a short nan«tion of facta ooDoemuc ^' 

Richard Warren, Mayfloirer passenger, and his family connections with ImM 

1920] Recent Books 241 

Little. William Avery, 1650; Thomas Fairchild, 1638; Richard Park, 1635; 
Thomas Little, 1630; Richard Warren, 1620. Hartford, Conn., 1919. * 18+151 
p. pi. por. 8* Address Samuel Putnam Avery, 61 Woodland St., Hartford, Conn. 

Bates genealoey. The Bates Bulletin. Index, vols. 1-5, second series, 1912- 
1917. Published by The Bates Association. [20] p. 4"" Address Rev. Newton 
W. Bates, Burton, Ohio. 

Bates genealogy. The Bates Bulletin. Series 3, vol. 3, no. 1. October, 1919. 
p. 37-44, fl. 8* 

Caudebec genealogy. Caudebec in America. A record of the descendants 
of Jacoues Caudebec, 1700 to 1920. By William Louis Cuddeback, M. D. New 
Vork, Tobias A[lexander] Wright, printer and publisher, 1919. 276 p. geneal. 
tab. map pi. por. 8* 

Gilman genealogy. A family .history in letters and documents, 1667-1837, 
Donoeming the forefathers of Winthrop Sargent Gilman, and his wife, Abia Swift 
Lii^noott. £dited with notes b^ their daughter, Mrs. Charles P. Noyes. Vol. 

1. St. Paul, Minn., privately prmted, 1919. 11+352 p. fcsm. pi. por. 8" 

Gilman genealo|7. A family history in letters and documents, 1667-1837, 
BiiMiceming the forefathers of Winthrop Sargent Gilman, and his wife, Abia Swift 
Lippincott. Edited with notes by their daughter, Mrs. Charles P. Noyes. Vol. 

2. St. Paul, Minn., privately prmted, 1919. 7-I-353--692 p. por. S"" 

Hvlbnaster genealogy. [Huffmaster genealogy.) Poetic productions of my 
old age. By James T. Huflfmaster, Galveston, Texas, 1920. n. p. il. por. 8** 

Sherman genealogy. Sherman genealogy, including families of Essex, Suffolk 
tnd Norfolk. England, some descendants of the immigrants Capt. John Sherman, 
Elev. John Sherman, Edmund Sherman, and Samuel Sherman, and the descend- 
ants of Hon. Roger Sherman and Hon. Charles R. Sherman. By Thomas Town- 
lend Sherman. New York, Tobias A[lexander] Wright, printer and publisher, 
l«20. 16+473+11] p. fcsm. pi. por. 8' 

WUdeB genealogy. The Wildes family of Burlington Co., New Jersey. By 
Caiarles Shepard. • Albany, N. Y., 1920. Chart. 

CoiTectioDa to this chart and additional information about this or any Wild, Wilde. Wikis, or 
l^ldes family will be greatly appreciated by the author. Wanted, especially, the ancestry of 
Abraham Wild. Marsaret Welch, and Ann Tilton. Addreea Charles Shepard. P. O. Box 261, 
Burlington. N. J. ^ 

Wing genealogy. The Owl. Vol. 20, nos. 1-4, 1918 and 1919. Kewaunee, 
Wia., published by the Wing Family of America, incorporated, 1918. 4** 


Dickinson, Rev. Austin and Rev. Baxter, biography. Centennial biographies. 
Two Amherst Dickinsons. Rev. Austin Dickinson, A. M., Rev. Baxter Dickin- 
lon, D. D. By Austin Baxter Keep. n. p. 1920. 8 p. por. 8^ Reprinted 
rrom The Amherst Graduates Quarterly, no. 35, May, 1920. 


(a) General 

Connecticut, register and manual. State of Connecticut. Register and man- 
ual, 1920. Prepared by the Secretary. Hartford, published by the State, 1920. 
568 p. map pi. 12'' 

Dlinois, history. The centennial history of Illinois, vol 5. The modem com- 
monwealth, 1893-1918. By Ernest Ludlow Bogart and John Mabry Mathews. 
Sipringfield, published by the Illinois Centennial Conunission, 1920. 544 p. 
fcsm. map pi. por. 8® 

Massachusetts, Court, General. General acts passed by the General Court 
>f Massachusetts, in the year 1919, together with tne constitution, list of officers 
>f the civil government, tables showing changes in the a^neral statutes, etc., etc. 
Ehiblished by the Secretary of the Commonwealth. Boston, Wright & Potter 
Printing Co., 1919. 106+1024 p. 8** 

242 Recent Books [July] 

Massachusetts, Court, General. Special acts and resolves passed by the Gen- 
eral Court of Massachusetts, in the year 1919. Published by the Secretary of 
the Commonwealth. Boston, Wright & Potter Printing Co., 1919. 413 p. 8° 

Massachusetts, record commissioner. Thirty-second report of the commis- 
sioner of public records, for the year 1919. By Frank S. Perkins, conmiissioiier. 
Boston, Wright & Potter Printing Co., 1920. 8 p. 8** 

New England, turnpikes. The turnpikes of New Endand and evolution of 
the same through England, Virginia, and Maryland. By Frederic Jfames] Wood. 
Boston, Marshall Jones Co., 1919. 17+461 p. pi. map 4** Price $10 net. 

(b) Local 

Hairtford, Conn., Aetna Insurance Company, history. One hundred yean of 
fire insurance; being a history of the iEtna Insurance Company, mrtford, 
Conn., 1819-1919. By Henry R. Gall and Wilham George Jordan. Hartfoid, 
Conn., published by the ^tna Insurance Company, 1919. 260 p. fcsm. pL 
por. 8^ 

Henniker, N. H., Congregational Church. 1769-1919. One himdred and 
fiftieth anniversary of the Conn^egational church, Henniker, N. H., June 7th 
and 8th, 1919. Manchester. N. H., Williams Printing Co., n. d. 88 p. 8^ Price 
50 cents. Address the Clerk of the Congregational Church, Henniker, N. H. 

Salisbury and Amesbury, Mass., history. Additions and corrections for the 
old famihes of Salisbury and Amesbury, Mass., supplemental to those ending oa ■ 
page 1037, vol. 3. By David W[ebster] Hoyt. Providence, R. I., 1919. p. 1057- 
1097, 8**. Price $1.00. Address the author, 40 Humboldt Ave., Providence, 
R. I. Copies of vols. 1, 2, and 3 can stiU be obtained at the original prices, though 
but few copies of vol. 1 remain. The prices are: vol. 1, 16.00; vol. 2, $6.50; vol 
3, $5.00. 


Bostonian Society. Proceedings of the Bostonian Societv at the annual meet- 
ing, January 20, 1920. Boston, Old State House, published by order of the Soci- 
ety, 1920. 67 p. fcsm. por. 8° 

Mississippi Historical Society. Publications of the Mississippi Historical 
Society. Edited by Dunbar Rowland, LL. D., secretary. Centenary series, 
vol. 3. Jackson, Miss., printed for the Society, Hederman Bros., 1919. 27S+|i| 
p. map 8° 

Newport Historical Society Bulletin. Bulletin of the Newport Historical 
Society. Nos. 27, 28, 29, and 30. Newport, R. I., 1918, 1919. 8** 

Society of the Sons of the American Revolution, Massachusetts. Massachu- 
setts Society of the Sons of the American Revolution. Roll of membership, with 
ancestral records. Proceedings of the Society and board of managers, charter, 
constitution and by-laws. Published by the Society, 1920. 191+11) p. pi. por. 

Western Reserve Historical Society. PubUcationno. 101. Collections. Tbe 
Western Reserve Historical Society. Issued January, 1920. The Western 
Reserve and the Fugitive Slave Law, a prelude to the Civil War. By William C. 
Cochran, LL. D. Cleveland, Ohio, 1920. 235 p. por. 8** 


Time telling, history. Time telling through the ages. By Harry C. Breariey. 
New York, 1919, published by Doubleday, Page & Co., for Robert H. IngenoU 
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. .:-. ■• : .-■ 

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1 ' . 






OCTOBER, 1920 

•. Ain>BBW8 MoRiABTT, Jb., A. M., LL. B., of Newport, R. I. 

ieath of Dr. Samuel Abbott Green, which occurred in Bos- 
ember 1918, the New Ekigland Historic Genealogical Soci- 
3 oldest active member, as indicated by duration of mem- 
>r he was elected a resident member of the Society 2 June 
i¥a8 transferred to life membership in 1870. 
\i his father's and his mother's side Dr. Green descended 
Massachusetts stock. His immigrant ancestors of the 
lily, Percival^ and EUen Green, came to New England in 
and EUen in 1635, each aged thirty-two years, and settled 
idge. Their son, John* Green of Cambridge, who was 
ne 1636 and died 3 March 1690/1, married Ruth, daughter 
i Mitchelson, marshal general of the Colony, and suc- 
s father-in-law in this oflBce. John Green's son, Rev. 
reen, who was bom 24 November 1675 and died 26 Novem- 
was graduated at Harvard in 1695, married Elizabeth, 
of Rev. Joseph Gerrish of Wenham, Mass., and was long 
er the church at Salem Village, now Danvers, Mass. His 
h,* who was bom 12 December 1703 and died 1 July 1765, 
iton merchant, resided on Hanover Street, and upheld the 
in their incipient disputes with the mother country. He 
nna, daughter of Joshua Peirce of Portsmouth, N. H. Their 
la^ Green, bom 17 May 1731, was graduated at Harvard 
ind married Hannah, daughter of Ebenezer Storer. He, 
i merchant, and in later Me removed to Wendell, Mass., 
of his only son, where he died 25 Jidy 1806. This only 
la," who was bom in Boston 5 October 1764 and died at 
6 June 1847, was graduated at Harvard in 1784, resided 
U, and was a judge of the County Court. His first wife 
', daughter of David Moseley of Westfield, Mass. Their 
la' Green, was bom at Wendell 8 October 1797, was grad- 
larvard in 1818, took the degree of Doctor of Medicine at 
n 1821, and settled in 1825 at Groton, Mass., where he had 
in 1824, Eliza Lawrence, daughter of Maj. Samuel and 
Parker) of Groton. He was elected a corresponding mem- 
New England Historic Genealogical Society 11 July 1849, 


244 Samud Abbott Green [Oct 

and died at Monistown, N. J., at the home of his daughter, 6 June 
1875. In Groton, on 16 March 1830, Samuel Abbott* Green, fourth 
son of Dr. Joshua and Eliza (Lawrence), was bom. 

His early boyhood was passed in his native town, for which he 
retained until his death a most devoted affection, showing con- 
stantly in a multitude of ways his love for the little New "Rnel^M* 
hill town where he was accustomed to spend his sununers. He 
became its faithful historian and a muniiScent benefactor of its 
institutions. He was prepared for college at the Lawrence Acadeoqr 
in Groton, entered Harvard in 1847, was graduated there with the 
Class of 1851, and received the degrees of Master of Arts and Doc- 
tor of Medicine from the same institution in 1854. He condnued 
his professional studies in Paris, and, after spending four yean 
abroad, began the practice of medicine in Boston. 

Already in May 1858 Dr. Green had become surgeon in the Sec- 
ond Regiment of the Massachusetts Militia, and at the commence- 
ment of the Civil War he was one of the first to offer his serviceem 
behalf of his country. On 25 May 1861 he was conmiissioDed ic- 
sistant surgeon of the First Massachusetts Volunteers. Lot Sq>teoi- 
ber of that year he was promoted to be siu*geon of the TmntT" 
fourth Massachusetts Volunteers, and at intervals, up to Noveni- 
ber 1864, he served on the staffs of Generals Stevenson, Feeler, 
Hawley, Terry, and Eautz. At the time of the Bumside expeditkm 
against Roanoke Island he was in charge of the hospital diip BecnA, 
in the spring of 1863 he had charge of the hospitsJi steamer Ccmt 
politarif on the coast of South Carolina, and during the siege of Fort 
Wagner he was chief medical officer at Morris Idand. In Octote 
1863 he was sent to Florida, and for six months was post suigeonit 
St. Augustine and Jacksonville. Later he was with Gen^ul Butfar 
at Bermuda Hundred. He was brevetted lieutenant colonel of Vol* 
unteers for gallant and distinguished services in the field during tha 
campaign of 1864. From April to July 1865 he was acting stif 
surgeon at Richmond, Va., and on 8 July 1865 he resigned frun the 

Upon the close of the War he returned to Boston and engaged oooi 
more in the practice of his profession, but public life had a gnit 
attraction for him and he gave prodigally of his time and eneiBriB 
behalf of the public welfare. For seven years he was superintcBd- 
ent of the Boston Dispensary and for nine years a member of the Boi' 
ton School Conunittee. From 1868 to 1878 he was a trustee of tti 
Boston Public Library, and served for one year as acting libnuaia 
From 1871 to 1881 he was city physician, and in 1882 Us ^iIcimImI 
public spitit and ability were rewarded by his fellow dtisenfli iHmi 
chose bim mayor of Boston, at a time when such office was a oo^ 
eted honor.* From 1869 to 1880, and again from 1882 to 1900, hi 
was an overseer of Harvard University. He also served on At 
State Board of Health, Lunacy, and Charity. In 1896 the UIlive^ 
sity of Nashville conferred on him the honorary d^;ree of Doctor of 

Dr. Green never married. As a physician he was unwearied in bii 
labor and in his devotion to his noble profession, and his heea k>Te 


I20| Samuel AbboU Green 245 

' buman nature and his sympathy for all mankind brought him 
oaety into touch with all sorts and conditions of people, who deeply 
terested him. With his broad sympathies and democratic tastes 
I came to know all kinds of people, and his love for them was re- 
vded by their love for him. Indeed, the most characteristic 
bm about Dr. Green were his wide sympathies, his broad vision, 
id nis great fund of true kindness, which, although often hidden 
ider a gruffness of manner, any reader of character could not fail 
popeive and love. It was this himian quality, this interest in all 
mkind, its struggles and aspirations, which made him truly acf- 
ired and beloved by all who understood him. 
Perhaps the most outstanding feature of his life was his love of 
rly New England history and especially of his native town of Grot- 
, the Ck)lonial history of which was enriched by numerous histor- 
i monographs from his pen, compiled with that painstaking accu- 
7* that denoted a labor of love. He was librarian of the Massa- 
UMtts Historical Society from 1868 until his death, and his later 
Bra were given exclusively to his work there. During these years 
was the principal figure at the Society's rooms, where he ruled 
a beneficent despot, and his picturesque and kindly personality 
rmeated the entire atmosphere of that institution. 
Idy personal acquaintance with Dr. Green dated from the last years 
his me, when, aiter I had returned from a protracted stay abroad, 
r common interest in historical and genealogical matters drew us 
gjether. I discovered that in his youth Dr. Green had studied 
der my grandfather, the late Dr. John Moseley Moriarty, then 
it physician of Boston, and kindly recollections of my grand- 
bher served me in good stead in winning my way into his good 
loes. I shall never forget going to call upon him at the building 
the Massachusetts Historical Society one day in the early spring 
d finding him enthroned in state in his library. The Doctor's 
esight was somewhat impaired and he did not know me; conse- 
lently my reception was somewhat gruff and a little forbidding. 
len Suddenly he knew me. I shall never forget the change that 
seed over his face. It was like passing from an impending storm 
to full simshine. ''Come right here and sit down," he cried, and 
esently he had his whole staff running about to imearth his vari- 
B monographs upon Groton, all of which he presented to me with 
I autograph, and we passed the entire afternoon delightfully dis- 
BBing the early Colonial days. This little incident, I have always 
tf was typical of his character — ^the external gruffness towards 
Bngers, the keen hmnan sympathy imdemeath, and the quick 
iponse to one who understood him. He is gone; and I always 
e to remember him as he was that afternoon, ruling over his Ubrary 
th a firm but kindly hand, and with a heart glowing with fine 
inanities and vital hiunan interest. 

246 Records of the Second Church of Berwick, Me. [< 

OF BERWICK, ME., 1755-1857 

Copied by Mrs. Marqbtta Frances (Stact) Hiiax)n of Belmonty Mas 

[Concluded from page 230] 

[Baptisms of Females, continued] 

Oct. 23, 1782 Mary dau. of Joshua & Judith Grant. 

Oct. 23, 1782 Rachel dau. of Joshua & Judith Grant. 

Oct. 23, 1782 Sarah dau. of William & Dorcas Gubtail. 

Oct. 23, 1782 Dorcas dau. of William & Dorcas Gubtail. 

Oct. 23, 1782 Molly dau. of William & Dorcas Gubtail. 

Oct. 23, 1782 AUey dau. of William & Dorcas Gubtail. 

Nov. 13, 1782 Jenisha dau. of John & Jerusha Hanscom. 

Feb. 4, 1783 Sarah dau. of John & Susanna Murray, offered by he 

Feb. 4, 1783 Susanna dau. of John & Susanna Murray, offered by 1 

Feb. 9, 1783 Persis dau. of Matthew & Elizabeth Merriam. 

Feb. 11, 1783 Sophia dau. of William & Elizabeth Frost. 

Mar. 31, 1783 Abigail Hanson, adult, baptized on profession. 

July 12, 1783 Hannah Herrick, dau. of Joshua & Abigail Smith. 

July 21, 1783 Hannah dau. of Joshua & Judith Grant. 

Aug. 27, 1783 Ollive dau. of Humphrey & OUive Lord. 

June 2, 1784 Sarah, dau. of Joseph & Lydia Chick. 

June 3, 1784 Mary dau. of Richard & Hannah Whidden. 

June 15, 1784 Molly dau. of George & Molly Rogers. 

Mar. 16, 1785 Temperance dau. of Joseph & Elizabeth Brewster. 

Mar. 16, 1785 Nancy dau. of Joseph & Elizabeth Brewster. 

May 3, 1785 Margaret dau. of Samuel & Margaret Hooper. 

July 14, 1785 Mary dau. of Benjamin & Mary Gubtail, offered by li 

July 14, 1785 Betty dau. of Benjamin & Mary Gubtail. 

July 14, 1785 Sarah dau. of Benjamin & Mary Gubtail. 

July 14, 1785 Olive dau. of Benjamin & Mary Gubtail. 

July 20, 1785 Love, dau. of Humphrey & Olive Lord. 

July 2, 1786 Joanna dau. of Jonathan & Joanna Ross. 

Aug. 30, 1786 Hannah dau. of John & Molly Abbott. 

Aug. 30, 1786 Dorcas dau. of John & Molly Abbott. 

Aug. 30, 1786 Esther dau. of John A Molly Abbott. 

Aug. 30, 1786 Dolly dau. of John & Molly Abbott. 

Sept. 15, 1786 Abi^iil dau. of Charles & Sarah Libbey. 

Oct. 16, 1786 Lois dau. of Moses & Kezia Butler. 

Oct. 26, 1786 Phebe dau. of John & Mary Witherill. 

Oct. 26, 1786 Dorcas dau. of Nathaniel & Hannah Gubtail. 

Jan. 1, 1787 Johanna dau. of Elisha & Johanna Andrews. 

Jan. 1, 1787 Anna dau. of Elisha & Johanna Andrews. 

Mar. 25, 1787 Olive dau. of Benjamin & Mary Gubtail. 

Apr. 15, 1787 Jane dau. of Jolm <& Jane Brock. 

June 17, 1787 Betsey dau. of Samuel & Abigail Clark. 

Nov. 4, 1787 Mary dau. of Daniel & Elizabeth Emery. 

Feb. 4, 1788 Patty dau. of Joseph & Lydia Chick. 

July 20, 1788 Elizabeth dau. of Nathaniel & Hannah Guptill. 

Oct. 27, 1788 Experience dau. of Charles & Sarah Libbey. 

Apr. 7, 1789 Sarah dau. of Elisha & Johanna Andrews. 

Aug. 23, 1789 Anna dau. of Moses & Sarah Guptell. 

Sept. 10, 1789 Mercy, dau. of Aaron & Mary Chick. 

)] Records of the Second Church of Berwick, Me. 247 


. 1, 

9 23, 

» 24, 

» 24, 

' 23, 

' 23, 


t. 3, 

r 31, 

d 9, 
B 14, 
. 7, 
; 7, 

;. 11, 
;. 11, 

f 2, 

r 2, 

e 20, 

f 14, 

e 26, 

. 18, 

r. 14, 

r. 14, 

r 18, 

B 27, 

'. 24, 

. 21, 

r 30, 

r 20, 

r 20, 

. 18, 

. 20, 

. 20, 

. 20, 

. 20, 








789 Shuah dau. of Widow Hannah Clements. 

789 Sarah Chadboume dau. of Widow Hannah Clements. 

789 Mary dau. of Widow Hannah Clements. 

789 Love dau. of Benjamin & Mary Guptell. 

790 Love dau. of & ^Walker of Waterboro. 

790 Phebe dau. of Jabez & Mary Bicker. 

790 Mehetable dau. of & Kilham of No. Sanford. 

790 Joanna dau. of Paul & Joanna Chadboume. 

790 Dorcas dau. of Simeon & Elizabeth Chadboume of Cox- 


790 Lucy dau. of Jeremiah & Lucy Boberts. 

790 Hannah dau. of Andrew & Bhoda Burley of Waterboro. 

790 Lucy dau. of Andrew & Bhoda Burley of Waterboro. 

790 Abigail dau. of Andrew & Bhoda Burley of Waterboro. 

790 Mary dau. of Andrew & Bhoda Burley of Waterboro. 

790 Deliverance dau. of Thomas & Sarah Williams of Sanford. 

790 Abigail dau. of Thomas & Sarah Williams of Sanford. 

790 Abi^dl dau. of Samuel & Jones of Waterboro. 

790 Elizabeth dau. of Daniel & Elizabeth Emery. 

790 lArdia dau. of William & Dorcas GuptiU. 

791 Hannah dau. of Benjamin & Lydia Adams. 
791 Dorcas dau. of Moses & Dorcas Hodsdon. 
791 Sarah dau. of Moses & Sarah Guptell. 

791 Betsey dau. of Joseph & Bemick of Shapleigh. 

792 Phebe Hobbs dau. of Humphrey & Elizabeth Chadboume. 

792 Abigail dau. of Bichard & Staple. 

793 Lycua dau. of Nathaniel & EUeanor Libbey. 

793 Eimice dau. of Humphrey & Olive Lord. 

794 Elizabeth dau. of William & Dorcas Guptell. 
794 Anna dau. of William & Dorcas Guptell. 

794 EUeanor dau. of Abel & EUeanor Thompson. 

795 Elizabeth dau. of Joseph & Lydia Chick. 

795 Bridget dau. of John & Mary WitheriU. 

796 Sarah dau. of Wmiam & Sarah Staple. 

796 Elizabeth dau. of Gideon & Susanna Staple. 

796 Hannah dau. of Gideon & Susanna Staple. 

800 Julia dau. of Joseph & Sarah Hilliard. 

802 EUzabeth Lee dau. of Joseph & Sarah Hilliard. 

805 Mary dau. of Joseph & Sarah Hilliard. 

811 Atte Gray dau. of Joseph & Sarah Hilliard. 

813 Hannah dau. of Joseph & Sarah HiUiard. 

810 Katherine Sophia dau. of Joseph & Katherine Savage. 

810 Jane Cooper Demetrius [nc] dau. of Joseph & Katherine 

815 Ann Thompson dau. of Samuel & Ann Goodwin. 

816 Joanna dau. of Jonathan & Betsey Goodwin. 
816 Mary dau. of Jonathan & Betsey Goodwin. 

816 OHve EHza dau. of Jonathan & Betsey Goodwin. 

816 Nancy dau. of Jonathan & Betsey Goodwin. 

818 OUve dau. of & Merrow. 

818 AbigaU dau. of & Merrow. 

818 Lydia dau. of & Merrow. 

818 Elizabeth dau. of & Merrow. 

818 Nancy dau. of & Merrow. 

818 Susanna dau. of & Merrow. 

818 OHve dau. of Mark & Libbey. 


Records of the Second Church of Berwick^ Me. 

Apr. 12, 1818 Elizabeth dau. of Mark & 


July 1, 1822 Marv Brock dau. of Betsey Frost. 

July 1, 1822 Sarah Elizabeth dau. of Deborah Burleigh. 

Marriages recorded by the Rev. Mr. John Morse, first Pastor of ( 
in Berwi^y Me. 





















































































755 Benjamin Barrows with Mary Smith. 

755 Besgamin Jones with Elizabeth White. 

755 Joshua Brackett & Ann Libbey. 

756 Joseph Abbott & Elleanor Morrill. 
756 John Hasty & Deliverance Page. 
756 Joseph Wentworth & Eunice Siorey. 
756 Joseph Hodsden & Mary Guptell. 

756 Foxwell Curtis Cutts & Mary Goodwin. 

756 Ephraim Hanson & Margaret Lord. 

756 Samuel Emery & Abigail Shackleve. 

756 Ichabod Stacy & Lydia Guptell. 

756 Moses Abbot A Elizabeth Kilgore. 

756 James Lord & Mary Chick. 

756 Ithamar Beedle & Mary Thurrell. 

756 Joshua Bicker & Betty Drew. 

756 James Warren & Elizabeth Hasty. 

756 John Allen & Sarah Abbott. 

756 Thomas Shorey, Jr., & Alice Hardison, Jr. 

756 John Kilgore & Elizabeth Brackett. 

756 Charles Butler & Surah Coss. 

756 Jacob Shorey with Hannah Coss. 

756 Stephen Hardison, Jr., with Hannah Scanmion. 

756 Thomas Hardison with Mary Chadboume. 

757 Solomon Hamilton with Sarah Keay. 
757 Stephen Perkins with Sarah Hamilton. 
757 Henry Drosse with Mary Rowe. 

757 William Morrel with Hannah Hobbs. 

757 Jona Hamilton with Charity Keay. 

758 John Butler with Elizabeth Pray. 
758 Samuel Faul with Joanna Bickf ord. 
758 Alexander Gerrish with Sarah Clark. 
758 Moses Bicldford with Susanna Kenney. 
758 Shipaway Goodwin with Lydia Lord. 
758 Daniel Tibbetts with Martha Downs. 

758 Nathaniel Hardison with Charity Shorey. 

759 Thomas Hobbs, Jr., with Mary Abbott. 

759 Richard Yeaton with Eiqperience Pray. 
Thomas Abbot with Dehverance Goodwin. 
Samuel Hooper, Jr., with Peggey Guptell. 
Tristram Fall, Jr., with Martha Pray. 
James Guptell with Mary Stone. 
Paul Wentworth with Hannah Smith. 

760 Benjamin Libbey with Elizabeth Smith. 
760 Jabez Tebbetts with Lucy Weymouth. 
760 Jeremiah Goodwin with Lydia Thompson. 

760 Samuel Holmes with Sarah Furbish. 

761 John Pugsley with Mary Gray. 
761 William Lord with Dorcas Grant. 
761 John White with Mary Gerrish. 
761 Stephen Libbey with Alice Guptell. 


0] Records of the Second Church of Berwick^ Me. 249 

f 14 

1761 Jabez Ricker with Mary Wentworth. 

16, 1761 Thomas Goodwin, tertius, with Eunice Lord. 

\ 19, 1761 Moses Weymouth with Love Pray. 

'. 26, 1761 Henry Rines, Jr., with Mary Faid. 

. 17, 1761 Joseph Ricker with Mary May. 

e 17, 1762 John Stone with Abigail libbey. 

' 29, 1762 Samuel Jellison with Sarah Lord. 

t. 2, 1762 James Hasty with Olive Thompson. 

*. 24, 1763 Ichabod Hayes with Sfurah Hamilton. 

3 21, 1763 Zebulon Libby with Sarah Brackett. 

3 23, 1763 Jonathan Keen with Mary Goodwin. 

E. 12,1763 William Ftay with Rachel Grant. 

\ 3, 1763 Miles Shorey with Elizabeth McCalley. 

'. ^ 17, 1763 Moses Nason with Lucy Tebbetts. 

'. 23, 1763 Jacob Hodsdon with Mary Chadboume. 

. 23, 1763 John Ford with Elizabeth Abbott. 

8.1763 Jesse Thompson with Jane Heirl. 
15, 1763 Aaron Chick, Jr., with Mar^ Keays. 

22. 1763 Thomas Barnes with Naomi Thompson. 

5. 1764 Samuel Furbish with Sarah Guptell. 

16. 1764 Nathaniel Guptell with Sarah Lewis. 
r —,1764 William Shorey with Judith Faul. 

ote the preceeding marriages are transcribed from the Records of ^e 
. John Morse. 

arriages solenmized by Matthew Merriam, second pastor of the Second 
rch in Berwick, Me. 



















766 William Thompson with Elizabeth Tuttle. 

766 John Cass with Mary Fumass. 

766 Jacob Lord with Maxy Clark. 

766 Nathaniel Guptell, Jr., with Hannah Keays. 

766 Samuel Wentworth, Jr., with Lydia Gowd. 

766 James Hodsdon with Sarah Ross. 

766 Robert Ford with Sarah Abbott. 

766 Bryant Morton with Love Frost. 

767 Jeremiah Lord with Grizzel Grant. 
767 John Thurston with Martha Shorev. 

767 John Keays, tertius, with Mehitable Early. 

767 John Griffen with Hannah Gerrish. 

767 James Roberts with Martha Woodsum. 

767 Moses Austen with Elizabeth Clark. 

767 Elisha Andrews, Jr., with Joanna Pray. 

767 Paul Stone, Jr., with Elizabeth Mills. 

767 Joseph Ricker, Jr., with Deborah Wentworth. 

768 Reuoen Jones with Mary Nock. 

768 Theophilus Hardy with Mary Sullivan. 

768 Joseph Welch with EUzabeth Nason. 

768 Joshua Downs with Hannah Nock. 

768 James Shorey with Eunice Faul. 

768 Benjamin Pierce with Lydia Jones. 

768 Benjamin Heard with Molly Andrews. 

768 Joseph Goodrich with Hannah Grant. 

768 Joshua Goodrich with AUice Stone. 

768 Samuel Grant with Nabby Jones. 

769 Edmund Weymouth with Anna Smith. 
769 Stephen Pray with Meribah Guptell. 


Records of the Second Church of Berwick, Me. [( 

Apr. 6, 1769 Ebenezer Lord, Jr., with Sarah Horsum. 

May 16, 1769 Ebenezer Guptell with Sarah Jellison. 

May 18, 1769 Joseph Quint with Dorothy Pray. 

Aug. 17, 1769 Thomas Goodwin with Mehetable Goodwin. 

Nov. 16, 1769 Stephen Weymouth with Olive Heirl. 

Dec. 12, 1769 Lemuel Worster with Mercy Woodsum. 

Feb. 16, 1770 John Murray, Jr., with Susanna Goodwin. 

Apr. 26, 1770 Paul Chadboume with Joanna Yeaton. 

May 3, 1770 James Frost with Dorcas Tebbetts. 

July 2, 1770 Jonathan Goodwin with Elizabeth Clark. 

Aug. 9, 1770 Jonathan Horsum with Mary Sherburne. 

Sept. 6, 1770 William Ford with Elizabeth Ricker. 

Sept. 25, 1770 Mark Frost with Hannah Horsum. 

Oct. 4, 1770 Ezekiel Wentworth, Jr., with Betty Pike. 

Oct. 29, 1770 John Gowel with Sarah Nock. 

Nov. 6, 1770 Thomas Jellison with Lucy Frost. 

Nov. 8, 1770 Joseph Hubbard, Jr., with Honour Roberts. 

Nov. 20, 1770 Moses Nock with Sally Gowel. 

Dec. 5, 1770 John Hamilton with Mary Weymouth. 

Dec. 10, 1770 Ebenezer libbey with Elizabeth Quint. 

Dec. 27, 1770 John Horsum, Jr., with Margaret Frost. 

Dec. 27, 1770 Stephen Abbot with Elizabeth Scruton. 

Feb. 8, 1771 Jonathan Hamilton, Jr., with Mary Manning. 

Feb. 13, 1771 Daniel Goodwin, Jr., with Sarah Hobbs. 

Feb. 14, 1771 James Downs with Mary Keay. 

Mar. 18, 1771 Isaac Furbish with Eeziah Abbott. 

Mar. 28, 1771 Benjamin Hamilton, Jr., with Judith Ricker. 

Apr. 1, 1771 Samuel Jones with Anna Frost. 

Apr. 25, 1771 Joshua Grant with Judith Faul. 

Apr. 29, 1771 Noah Lord with Eeziah Bracket. 

May 2, 1771 Jedediah Downs with Mary Lord. 

June 20, 1771 Samuel Worster, Jr., with Sally Jones. 

June 25, 1771 Zechariah Nock, 3rd, with Jane Larey. 

July 4, 1771 Tobias Cole with Mary Gray. 

July 25, 1771 Eliphalet Ricker with Abigail Pike. 

Aug. 1, 1771 Jonathan Ross with Joanna Ricker. 

Aug. 8, 1771 Jedediah Wentworth with Eunice Clark. 

Sep. 9, 1771 Nicholas Wentworth with Patience Wentworth. 

Sep. 12, 1771 Joseph Chadboume, Jr., with Martha Hamilton. 

Oct. 1, 1771 Moses Patty with Mehitable Low, both of Sanford. 

Oct. 8, 1771 James Maston Randall with Deborah Hamilton. 

Oct. 31, 1771 Daniel Libbey, Jr., with Lois Wentworth. 

Nov. 21, 1771 Jonathan Stevens with Patience Austin. 

Jan. 27, 1772 Tristram Heard, Jr., with Anna Wentworth. 

Feb. 13, 1772 Levi Ricker with Abigail Weymouth. 

Feb. 13, 1772 Humphrey Lord with Olive HiU. 

Feb. 24, 1772 Peter Stillings with Hannah Hanscum. 

Mar. 26, 1772 Nathan Ho<&don with Mary Barrows. 

Apr. 16, 1772 Daniel Gray with Patience Hamilton. 

Apr. 17, 1772 Samuel Dennet with Deborah Ricker. 

Apr. 26, 1772 Thomas Nock with Sarah Scates. 

Apr. 30, 1772 Thomas Hodsdon, 3rd, with Molly Gowel. 

May 28, 1772 Isaac Morrill with Joanna Chadboume. 

June 25, 1772 Timothy Staple with Rachel Morrill. 

July 8, 1772 Job Winchell with Sarah Hobbs. 

July 16, 1772 Charles Libbey, Jr., with Sarah Pray. 

9] Reeorda of the Second Church of Berwick, Me. 251 







. 28, 

r 19, 
8 16, 
' 7, 
. 15, 

t. 1, 

t. 15, 

t;. 29, 




. 1, 
. 5, 

. 15, 

. 19, 

. 26, 

. 31, 

. 20, 

f 25, 

B 1, 

B 27, 

r 27, 

k. 21, 
. 19, 

'. 29, 

772 Benjamin Shorey with Tampson Tebbetts. 

772 Samuel Murray with Mar^ret Eilgore. 

772 John Brown, Jr., with Patience Lonl. 

772 William Guptil with Dorcas Stone. 

773 Joseph Holmes with Abigail Goodwin. 

773 John Eeay, ye 4th, with Betty Wentworth. 

773 James Gerrish with Mary Abbot. 

773 Jonathan Stone with Eunice Guptell. 

773 Paul Brown of Somersworth with Lydia Lord of Berwick. 

773 Stephen libby with Hannah Young, both of Berwick. 

773 William Joy with Martha Whittier, both of Berwick. 

773 Thomas Goodwin with Hannah Hodsdon, both of Berwick. 

773 Joseph Lord, Jr., with Hannah Kilgore, both of Berwick. 

773 Joseph Goodwin, Jr., with Sarah Prichard, both of Berwick. 

773 John Chick of Kittery with Sarah Randal of Berwick. 

773 John Grant with Agnes Reed, both of Berwick. 

773 Daniel Thurston with MoUy Stillings, both of Berwick. 

773 John Smith, Jr., with Mercy Wentworth, both of Berwick. 

773 Benjamin Lord, Jr., with Molly Pierce, both of Berwick. 

773 John Libby with Sarah Woodsum, both of Berwick. 

773 Joshua Hanson with Abigail Millar, both of Berwick. 

773 James Bracket, Jr., with Anna Stillms, both of Berwick. 

773 EHphalet Pray with Mary Guptell. 

774 Gideon Staples of York with Susanna Staple of Berwick. 
774 Thomas Stevens of Lebanon with Molly Stanton of Berwick. 
774 Elisha Goodwin, Jr., with Lucy Avery, both of Berwick. 
774 John Brawn, ye 3rd, with Anna Wejrmouth, both of Berwick. 
774 Ebenezer Faul with Mary McCrdis, both of Berwick. 
774 Joseph Roberts with Betty Heard, both of Berwick. 

774 Simon Lord with Molly Horsum, both of Berwick. 

774 Benjamin Gowell with Susanna Pike, both of Berwick. 

774 Drisko Nock with Margaret Lord, both of Berwick. 

774 John Yeaton with Molly Jones, both of Berwick. 

774 John Chadboume of Sanford with Elizabeth Grant of 


774 Hugh Ross, Jr., with Mary libbey, both of Berwick. 

774 Daniel Bracket with Mary Andrews, both of Berwick. 

774 Richard Yeaton with Amey Bracket, both of Berwick. 

774 William Downs, Jr., & Mercy Nock, both of Berwick. 

774 Gideon Stone with Mary Mills, both of Berwick. 

774 Samuel Ricker with Sarah Joy, both of Berwick. 

774 Jonathan Walker with Elizabeth Wejnmouth, both of 


775 John Holmes with Dorcas We3rmouth, both of Berwick. 
775 Miles Bracket with Lydia Keay, both of Berwick. 

775 Nathaniel Austin with Lydia Downs, both of Berwick. 

775 EHphalet Jones with Ruth Roberts, both of Berwick. 

775 Aaron Clements with Sarah Mills, both of Berwick. 

775 Nathan Nock with Mary Bracket, both of Berwick. 

775 John Tucker, Jun., with Betty Keay, both of Berwick. 

775 Samuel Stillings with Alice Hodsdon, both of Berwick. 

775 Stephen Hodsdon with Elizabeth Wise, both of Berwick. 

775 William Nock of Berwick with Sarah Allen of Somers- 

775 Freethy Spencer with Sarah Abbott, both of Berwick. 

775 John Plaisted with Martha Lord, both of Berwick. 

252 Records of the Second Church of Berwick, Me. [Oct 

Dec. 17, 1775 John Nason, Jun.. with Mary Gerrish, both of BerwicL 
Feb. 8, 1776 Moses Pray with Mar|saret Frost, both of Berwick. 
Feb. 13, 1776 Josiah Clark with Patience Hanson, both of Berwick. 
Feb. 15, 1776 Thomas Grant with Abigail Joy, both of Berwick. 
May 2, 1776 John Twombley of Madbury with Anne Heard of Bewick 
May 18, 1776 Aaron Stackpole with Olive Hamilton, both of Benrid. 
June 26, 1776 Landress Grant with Love Davies, both of Berwick. 
July 1, 1776 Samuel Parker with Hulda Emery, both of Berwick. 
July 16, 1776 Nicholas Nock witii Eunice Nock, both of Berwick. 
Aug. 16, 1776 James Grant, Jun., of B^ivick & Tabitha Gunnison of 

Sept. 12, 1776 Nathaniel Brackett & Sarah Chadboum, both of Be^ 

Sept. 19, 1776 Benjamin Eenney and Hannah Nock were joined in 

Oct. 10, 1776 Silas Heard with Maiy Bracket, both of Berwick. 
Dec. 12, 1776 Israel SmitJi of Besedk with Naomi Foye of Berwick. 
Jan. 23, 1777 Peter Pray, Jun., with Sarah libbey. both of BerwicL 
Mar. 6, 1777 Simon E. Ricker with Mary Hooper, both of Bearwiak. 
Apr. 10, 1777 Daniel Hubbard with Lucy Bidder, both of Berwick. 
Apr. 21, 1777 Ezekiel Ricker with Mary Hanson, both of Berwick. 
Apr. 28, 1777 Bichaiti Gowen with Elizabeth Reed, both of Berwick. 
May 8, 1777 Scammon Chadboum with Hannah Guptil. 
May 14, 1777 Samuel Guptdl with Abigail libbey. both of Berwick. 
May 15, 1777 Tobias Wentworth of Somersworth & Elizabeth Roberto d 

May 29, 1777 Benjamin Libbey with Sarah Hamilton, both of BerwidL 
June 14, 1777 Caleb Ford with Sarah Abbott, both of Berwick. 
July 17, 1777 Richard Hayes with Lydia Watson. 
July 17, 1777 William Cotton Warren of Scarborough & Dorcas Smith 

of Berwick. 
Aug. 14, 1777 Francis Chadboiun & Olive Neal. 
Oct. 7, 1777 Nathaniel Wentworth of Middletown & Sarah Nod of 

Oct. 16, 1777 Jonathan Adams of Sanford & Bathsheba Abbot d 

Nov. 2, 1777 Alexander McGeoch with Olive Goodwin, both d Be^ 

Nov. 6, 1777 Thomas Low of Sanford with Sarah Bracket of Berwick. 
Nov. 13, 1777 Abraham Pugsley, Jun., with Susanna Webb^ , both of 

Dec. 4, 1777 Jabez Perkins of Wells with Joanna Pray of Berwick. 
Dec. 11, 1777 George Bran of Kittery with Mary Weymouth of Bcrwid. 
Dec. 11, 1777 Elisha Lord, Jun., with Molly Hodsdon, both of Berwick. 
Jan. 8, 1778 Jacob Furbish with Elizabeth Hooper, both of BarwicL 
Jan. 12, 1778 Nathan Libbey with Ruth Shorey, both of Berwick. 
Jan. 13, 1778 Simeon Chadboum with Katharine Hansciim, both d 

Jan. 15, 1778 Stephen Guptell with Sarah Parsons, both of Berwick. 
Jan. 15, 1778 Darling Huntress, Jun., with Mary Warren, both of Be^ 

Feb. 4, 1778 Samuel Hubbard with Elizabeth Nason, both of Berwick. 
Feb. 26, 1778 Morrel Hobbs with Miriam Bracket, both of Berwick. 
Mar. 10, 1778 Joseph Abbott of Berwick with Dorothy litUefidd of WeOs. 
Mar. 28, 1778 John Witherill of Lebanon with Mary Gerrish of Berwick. 
Apr. 2, 1778 William Ricker with Amey Hobbs, both of Bewick. 





0] Records of the Second Church of Berwickj Me. 263 

. 20, 1778 Peter Eastes with Huldah Frost, both of Berwick. 

Y 29, 1778 Miles Thoilipson, Jun., with Esther Furbish, both of Ber- 


e 28, 1778 Moses Guptell with Sarah Pray. 

3, 1778 Stephen Wood with Sarah I^^des. 

6, 1778 Thomas Hohnes with Mary Thompson. 

6. 1778 Nathan Bracket with Mary Heard, 
t. 10, 1778 Peter Grant with Elizabeth Goodwin. 

t. 13, 1778 Tristram Heard, Jun., with Elizabeth Hooper. 

22, 1778 John Goodrich of Cox-hall & Esther Quint of Berwick. 

. 22, 1778 Ichabod Smith & Amey Jones. 

. 22, 1778 Miles Tompson & Miriam libby. 

. 27, 1778 Hanson Clark & Sarah Lord. 

r. 5, 1778 David Quint & Mary Rjmds. 

{. 24, 1778 Philip Worster with Anna Kinge. 

i. 30, 1778 Jonathan Dana Clark with Phebe Chadboum. 

\. 31, 1778 Stephen Hardison with Margaret Heirl. 

24, 1779 Ephraim Goodwin with Minam Libbey, both of Berwick. 

. 25, 1779 Ichabod Tibbetts of Dover & Judith Tibbetts of Ber- 

. wick. 

28, 1779 Benjamin Heirl, Jun., with Mary Hardison, both of Ber- 

1. 1779 Simeon Ricker with Sarah Goodwin, both of Berwick. 
24, 1779 Nathaniel Guptell with Mary Chadboum, both of Berwick. 
25, 1779 John Gerrish of Berwick wi^ Mary Hardison of Lebanon. 

r. 1, 1779 Nathimiel Famham of Lebanon with Elizabeth Lord of 


r. 4, 1779 Samuel Heirl with Anna Wilkinson, both of Berwick, 

r. 11, 1779 James Jones with Jane Keay, both of Berwick, 

r. 21, 1779 Stephen Andrews with Mary ]Mnery, both of Berwick, 

r. 25, 1779 Samuel Goodwin of Lebanon & Sarah Hodsdon of Berwick, 

r. 30, 1779 Gideon Johnson of Middletown & Mercy Clark of Berwick, 

r. 30, 1779 Francis Brock with Sarah Hodsdon, both of Berwick. 

'. 29, 1779 Daniel Smith, Jun.. with Eunice Worster. both of Berwick. 

y 20, 1779 Noah Goodwin of Somersworth & Salome Laverdy of 


e 10, 1779 Joseph Spencer & Katharine Mars of Berwick. 

r 4, 1779 Ephraim Grant & Abigail ThurreU, both of Berwick. 

r 5, 1779 Samuel Andrews & Hannah Dunnell, both of Berwick. 

r 8, 1779 EUjah Hamilton & Lydia Joy, both of Berwick. 

r 16, 1779 Aaron Hubbard & Martha Nason, both of Berwick. 

I. 12, 1779 Nicholas Lord with Prisdlla Jones. 

;. 24, 1779 Levi Chadboum with Martha Hodsdon, both of Berwick, 

t. 12, 1779 Daniel Emery of Cox-hall & Elizabeth Brackett of Berwick, 

t. 15, 1779 Benjamin Libbey with Polly Heirl, both of Berwick. 

t. 29, 1779 Daniel Smith with Sarah Standley, both of Berwick, 

t. 29, 1779 William Peiroe with Hannah Quint, both of Berwick. 

. 28, 1779 Seth Gatchel with Sarah Grant, both of Berwick. 

7. 3, 1779 Ichabod Tibbetts, Jun., with Katharine Jones, both of 


7. 7, 1779 Joseph Knight with Thankful Taylor, both of Sanford. 

7. 11, 1779 Rishworth Jardine, Jun., of Biddeford & Sarah Hight of 


7. 16, 1779 Josiah Brown of Somersworth & Hannah Lord of Berwick. 

7. 25, 1779 Simeon Spencer & Lydia Goodwin, both of Berwick. 

12, 1779 John Shorey & Mary Kilgore, both of Berwick. 

254 Records of the Second Church of Berwick, Me. [Oct. 

Dec. 15, 1779 Joshua Scales & Rachel Roberts, both of Berwick. 
Dec. 16, 1779 James Randall & Mary Shorby, both of Berwick. 
Dec. 22, 1779 John Welch & Hannah Ross, both of Berwick. 
Jan. 27, 1780 Simon Emery, Jan., & Polly Hodsdon, both of BerwicL 
Jan. 27, 1780 Isaac Abbott & Molly Abbott, both of Berwick. 
Jan. 31, 1780 Joseph Appleby of Durham & Sarah Nock of Berwick. 
Feb. 17, 1780 Caleb Nason with Olive Andrews, both of Berwick. 
Feb. 27, 1780 Clark Gerrish with Betty Scates, both of Berwick. 
Mch. 9, 1780 Joshua Nason with Betty Thompson, both of Berwick. 
Mch. 16, 1780 Ephraim Bicker with Dolly Nodk, both of Berwick. 
Mch. 16, 1780 John Walker, Jun., with Polly Snow, both of Berwick. 
Apr. 13, 1780 Benjamin Horsum with Dorcas Ricker, both of Berwick. 
Apr. 18, 1780 Simeon Chadboum with Elizabeth Yeaton, both of B6^ 

Apr. 20, 1780 Benjamin Hodsdon with Sally Lord, both of Berwick. 
May 9, 1780 Philip Tibbetts of Hubbardstown & Sarah Grant of 

July 23, 1780 Jonathan Nock with Betty Nock, both of Berwick. 
July 23, 1780 Foxwell Whittier with Ruth Hill, both of Berwick. 
Aug. 31, 1780 John Heirl, Jun., with Polly Dyar, both of Berwick. 
Sept. 10, 1780 Daniel Qumt with Sally StillingB, both of Berwick. 
Oct. 5, 1780 Henry Hamilton of Sanford mm Eunice Lord of BerwicL 
Oct. 5, 1780 William Weeks of Greenland . with Abigail Rogers of 

Oct. 18, 1780 John Glass with Elizabeth Quint, both of Berwick. 
Dec. 6, 1780 William Leaver of Somersworth with Sarah Hubbard of 

Dec. 7, 1780 Samuel Weymouth with Ann Smith, both of Berwick. 
Dec. 18, 1780 Jonathan Horsum with Martha Goodrich, both of BerwidL 
Dec. 20, 1780 Nahum Marshall with Mary Tebbetts, both of Berwick 
Dec. 21, 1780 John Abbott, 3rd, with Patty Twombly, both of Berwick 
Jan. 9, 1781 Eliphalet Pray with Alice Yeaton, both of Berwick. 
Jan. 30, 1781 Daniel Goodwin, 3rd, with Miuy Downs, botii of Berwick. 
Feb. 28, 1781 Stephen Hodsdon, Jun., with Anna Eastes, both of Berwick. 
Mch. 1, 1781 Enoch Whitehouse of Somersworth & Lydia Abbott of 

Mch. 6, 1781 John Butler of Berwick & Judith Leaver of Somersworth. 
Mch. 26, 1781 Nathan Lord, 3rd, with Mercy Downs, both of Berwick 
Apr. 9, 1781 David Gowen with Joaima Guptell. 
Apr. 26, 1781 Samuel Brackett, 3rd, with Molly Wentworth. 
May 18, 1781 William Chadwick, Jun., of Somersworth & Elisabeth 

Butler of Berwick. 
June 19, 1781 Chadboum Warren of Biddeford & Hannah Hodsdon of 

July 4, 1781 John Quint, Jun., with Molly Abbott, both of BerwidL 
July 9, 1781 Stephen Smith of Damariscotta with Mercy Andrews of 

July 18, 1781 Benjamin Lord with Sarah Chadboum, both of BerwidL 
Aug. 23, 1781 Ephraim Tebbetts with Rachel Jones, both of Berwick. 
Aug. 26, 1781 John Gowen with Sarah Libbey, both of Berwick. 
Sept. 12, 1781 Amos Gordon of Biddeford with Mehitable Goodwin of 

Sept. 24, 1781 Daniel Hooper with Hannah Heard, both of Berwick. 
Sept. 27, 1781 John Keay with Molly Yeaton, both of Berwick. 
Sept. 30, 1781 Adam Goodwin, Jun., with Sarah Goodrich, both of Ber- 

)] Records of the Second Church of Berwickj Me. 255 

1, 1781 Paul Stanton with Joanna Bicker, both of Berwick. 

1, 1781 Bobert Junkins of York with Esther Bogers of Berwick. 

25, 1781 Benjamin Stacy with Lucy Low, both of Berwick. 

8. 1781 Benjamin Horn of Somersworth k Buth Hanson of Ber- 

. 29, 1781 Samuel Butler, Jr., k Martha Libbey, both of Berwick. 

13. 1781 Charles Hanson k Dorcas Miller, both of Berwick. 
19, 1781 Stephen Randall k Anna Fogg, both of Berwick. 

. 26, 1781 Maturin Kicker & Olive Horsum, both of Berwick. 

3. 1782 Samuel Libbey k Betsey Hardison, both of Berwick. 
6, 1782 Benjamin Downs k Molly Spencer, both of Berwick. 

22. 1782 Caleb Lord with Betsey Archibald, both of Berwick. 
27, 1782 Paul Lord with Hann^ Frost, both of Berwick. 

31, 1782 Daniel Wadling with Margaret Thompson, both of Ber- 
14, 1782 John Worster, Jun., with Olive Philpot, both of Berwick. 
21, 1782 Joseph Brackett with Jemima Roberts, both of Berwick. 
1. 4, 1782 Aaron Warren with Kezia Huntress, both of Berwick. 
I. 14, 1782 Joshua Smitii with Abigail Dunnel. both of Berwick. 
1. 22, 1782 John Grant with Sarah Boltwood, Doth of Berwick. 
L 25, 1782 Jeremiah Clements of Sanford k Experience Yeaton of 

L 28, 1782 Daniel Emery, Jun., of Eittery k Olive Lord of Berwick. 
4, 1782 Ebenezer Bicker of Somersworth k Molly Bodwell of 

f 2, 1782 Samuel Wentworth of Rochester k Sarah Stone of Berwick. 
f 13, 1782 Moses Abbott, Jun., of Mousam k Anna Hooper of 

f 23, 1782 Ichabod Lord with Lydia Keay, both of Berwick. 
e 2, 1782 David Horsum with Amey Sullivan, both of Berwick. 
e 20, 1782 Samuel Lord of Lebanon with Hannah Appleby, 
e 30, 1782 Aaron Downs with Hannah Nock, both of ^rwick. 
b. 30, 1782 Solomon Perkins of Rochester with Sarah Perkins of 

. 14, 1782 Daniel Coffin of Sanford k Molly Bracket of Berwick. 
r. 5, 1782 Stephen Jones k Martha Bicker. 
r. 7, 1782 James Libbey with Hannah Woodsum. 
r. 13, 1782 Moses Carr, Jun., of Somersworth k Hannah Hamilton of 

t. 10, 1782 Hanson Libbey k Anna Libbey. 

12, 1782 Daniel Whitehouse of Somersworth k Martha Roberts of 

!. 16, 1782 Elijah Goodwin with Eunice Hammond of Berwick. 
; 19, 1782 Benjamin Lord, Jun., with Betty Stanton, both of Berwick. 
. 19, 1782 Ichabod Downs with Lucy Downs, both of Berwick. 
. 31, 1782 Noah Bicker, Jun., with Esther Heard, both of Berwick. 
. 29, 1783 Paul Hall of Falmouth with Sarah Neal of Berwick. " 
. 10, 1783 Joseph Eastes with Huldah Hodsdon of Berwick. 
. 19, 1783 Isaac Nute, Jr., of Dover with Sarah Rowe of Berwick. 
. 10, 1783 Samuel Clements with* Judith Nock of Berwick. 
f 1, 1783 Love Keay with Molly Hoojper of Berwick. 
e 5, 1783 Stephen Pray with Sarah Libbey. 
' 24, 1783 Benjamin SiUlivan with Priscilla Jones. 
t. 11, 1783 Reuben Hanscum with Alice Abbot. 
2, 1783 David Woodsum with Nabbv Hamilton. 
12, 1783 Moses Rowe with Joyce Faul. 


Records of the Second Church of Berwiekf Me. [Oct 
























































Oct. 14, 











Dec. 3, 



783 Andrew Whittam with Lydia Grant. 

783 Aaron Bickford with Mary Child. 

783 Sheldon Hobbs with Ruth Stillings. 

783 Joshua Quint with Hannah Ford. 

784 Samuel Faul with Judith Stanton. 
784 James Lord with Hannah Nichold^ 

784 Jonathan Felch of Hubbardstown Plantation and SianJi 

Applebey of Berwick. 

784 Moses Frost, Jr., with Mary Chick. 

784 Ebenezer Heard with Elizabeth Foye. 

784 William Lord, Jr., with Dorcas Faul. 

784 Samuel Horsum with Anna Goodrich. 

784 Tnieworthy Dudley with Sarah Andrews. 

784 Pelatiah Penny of Wells with Mary Walker of Berwick. 

784 Nathaniel Perkins with Sally Hooper. 

784 Stephen Hobbs with Elizabeth Hodsdon. 

784 Benjamin Andrews with Molly Stone. 

784 Peasley Morrel with Peace Ricker. 

784 Richard Colomy of New Durham with Patience Downs of 


784 David Page of South Hampton & Martha Wentworth of 


784 James Stanley with Sarah Jellison. 

784 Edward Grant with Shuah Holmes. 

784 John Clark with Amey Grant. 

784 Michael Brawn, Jr., with Betty Wejrmouth. 

784 Simeon Applebey with Bridget Lord. 

785 Reuben Goodwin with Phoebe Downs. 

785 Daniel Keay and Patience Hardison, both of Lebanon. 

785 Thomas Murray of Berwick & Eunice Hardison of Lebanon. 

785 Aaron Tebbetts & Hannah Wentworth. 

785 Stephen Fall, Jr., & Betsey Gerrish. 

785 Mark Fogg & Eunice Fumald. 

785 Samuel Shorey with Elizabeth Woodsum. 

785 Elias Lord with Betsey Kilgore. 

785 Isaac Hansum with Abigail Pray. 

785 William HaU with Sarah Roberts. 

785 Thomas Applebey with MoUy Goodwin. 

785 Nathan Lord, 3rd, with Betsey Brewster. 

785 Samuel Pray, Jr., with Sally Femald. 

785 Benjamin Wentworth, 6th, of Somersworth & Nabbcy 

Thompson of Berwick. 

785 Noah Ricker, Jr., and MoUey Stanton. 

785 Reuben Goodwin and Ruth Lord. 

785 Samuel Stanley and Hannah Hobbs. 

785 Joseph Pray of Shapleigh and Mary Nocks of Berwick. 

785 Amos Wallmgford of Somersworth and Phebe Brewster of 


785 S^hariah Nocks of Shapleigh and Margaret Worster of 


785 Ichabod Dixon and Lydia Dennet. 

786 Timothy Courson of Rochester & Betsey Clark of Berwick. 
786 William Chadboum, Jr., & Margery Hodsdon. 

786 Ebenezer Horsimi & Charity Hooper. 

786 Moses Weymouth & Patience Ross. 

786 William Mavis [?]& Lydia Huntress. 

I] Recotds of the Second Church of Berwick, Me. 257 

lly 1786 John Hooper & Betsey Plaisted. 

1 1 , 1 786 Moses Foye A Molley Tebbetts. 

17, 1786 Robert Hanscnm & Anna Chick. 

20, 1786 Eliot Frost with Jane Clark, both of Kittery. 

23, 1786 Samuel Clark with Abigail Hanson. 

7, 1786 Samuel Butler, Jr., with Lucy Chadboume. 

24, 1786 Elisha Downs with Diadama Dunnel. 

3, 1786 Moses Hanson with Martha Abbot. 

. 14, 1786 Otis Keay with Joanna Applebey. 

. 21, 1786 Samuel Manning with Lydia Horsum. 

. 24, 1786 Benjamin Stanton, Jr., & Lydia Bracket. 

1. 1786 Benaiah Doore of Lebanon & Experience Andrews of 


31. 1786 Joseph Pray, 3rd, & Dorcas Yeaton. 
. 27, 1786 Nehemiah Butler & Molly Yeaton. 

2. 1787 Elisha Lord, 3rd, & Dorcas Goodwin. 
9, 1787 Isaac Stillings & Olive libbey. 

25. 1787 Joseph Spencer of Somersworth & Nabby Scates of Ber- 


. 15, 1787 Silas Hall of Fahnouth & Hannah Neal of Berwick. 

. 21, 1787 Aaron Goodwin & Sally Hubbard. 

5, 1787 Joseph Scates & Hannah Keay. 

r 3, 1787 Joseph Jellison & Sally Grant. 

3 14, 1787 Isaac Stanton & Sarah Stanton. 

5, 1787 Daniel Eastes, Jr., & Patience Heirl. 

' 19, 1787 Elijah Stanton of Middletown & Ella Stanton of Berwick. 

;. 23, 1787 EUjah Goodwin & Sally Lord. 

23. 1787 Moses Philpot of Somersworth & Deborah Randall of 

^ 5, 1787 Simeon Goodwin with Mary Goodrich. 
r. 22, 1787 Thomas Murray & Mary Lord, both of Berwick, now 

residents of Lebanon. 
r. 29, 1787 John Foye and Anna Jones. 
30, 1788 Joseph Shorey & Dorcas Ricker. 

31. 1788 John Eastes & Alice Hardison. 

r. 3, 1788 Thomas Jellison & Hannah Warren, 

r. 13, 1788 Tobias Jones & Betty Miles. 

y 8, 1788 Thomas Butler, Jr., & Dorcas Hodsdon. 

f 10, 1788 Daniel Downs, Jr., & Tamson Ricker. 

[. 7, 1788 Jacob Remick & Abigail Bracket. 

I 17, 1788 James Goodwin, 3rd, & Love Sherburne. 

[, 21, 1788 Joshua Emery. Jr., & Hannah Goodwin, 

t. 7, 1788 Benjamin Hoosdon, Jr., & Meribah Abbot. 

2, 1788 William Huntress & BetBey Warren. 

16, 1788 Moses Brackett & Sarah Heard. 

. 23, 1788 Benjamin Grant of Cox-hall & Sarah Hamilton of Berwick. 

. 27, 1788 John Gowel & Elizabeth libby. 

f. 6, 1788 David Twombley of Rochester & Mary Hodsdon. 

r. 11, 1788 Ebenezer Ricker & Mary Butler. 

r. 13, 1788 Paterick Manning & Mary Mclntire. 

r, 20, 1788 Joseph Nocks & Anna Downs. 

u 4, 1788 John Witheril of Rochester & Sarah Sanborn. 

J. 7, 1788 David Downs A Lydia Lord. 

;. 11, 1788 Stephen Shorey with Abigail Libbey. 

). 11, 1788 Fortune Yeaton of Somersworth with Jane Wiae of Ber- 

268 Records of the Second Church of Berwick, Me. K) 







































































18, J 













6, J 







































































Shipway Goodwin with Katherine Abbot. 
Nathan Murray with Olive Rke. 
Benjamin Hodsdon, 3rd, with Kezia Goodwin. 
Gideon Dearing of Sanf ord with Mary Stanley of 
Jonathan EEaxison of Lebanon & T^Annnh Stanton 

Ephraim Butler & Lydia libbey. 
Gershom Hanson & Dorcas Lord. 
Ebenezer Hodsdon & Sarah Nocks. 
James Horsum & Sally Grant. 
Nathaniel Barker of Frandsbow & V^tLtmnh Hodsdoi 

Samuel Butler, Jr., & Anna Shorey. 
Aaron Bicker & Elizabeth Libbey. 
John Goodrich, Jr., & Betsey Wentworth. 
Peter Pray, Jr., & Polly Palmer. 
Benj&min Courson of Rochester & Beti^ey Smith of Berw 
Charles G. Clark & Sarah Hohnes. 
William Mathie & Elizabeth Merriam. 
Winthrop Benjamin Norton & Dorothy Gowd. 
Timothy Hubbard & Jane Pike. 
Jonathan Stevens & Betsey Gray. 
Reuben Hamilton & Huldah Rimdal. 
Samuel Legrove of Lebanon & Martha Appleby of Berw 
Ebenezer Jones, Jr., of Lebanon & Molly ^sates of Berw 
Ephraim jEUcker of Somersworth & Susanna Faul of 1 

John Faul & Dorcas Wentworth. 
Jesse Colcord & Charlotte Warren. 
Joshua Roberts, Jr., & Sarah Hooper. 
Nathaniel Merriam & Mehetable Hayes. 
Paul Stone, Jr., & Hannah Bracket. 
Davies Vamey of Somersworth & Martha Goodwin 

Levi Applebey & Eunice Goodwin. 
Daniel Woodsum & Mary Andrews. 
Richard Horn of licbanon & Patty Hooper of Berwick. 
Moses Downs & Betsey Downs. 
Moses Goodwin & Elizabeth Keen. 
John Hooper, 3rd, & Elizabeth Shorey. 
Samuel Goodrich & Meribah Hodsdon. 
William Clark, Jr., & Susanna Libbey. 
Samuel Bracket, Jr., & Adah Hooper. 
Benjamin Eastes & Dolly Roberts. 
John Libbey & Molly Gowen, both of Lebanon. 
Joseph Ricker & DoUy Vamey. 
James Hamilton & Mehetabel Bracket. 
James Gray & Hannah Murr^. 
James Hanscum & Elizabeth Chick. 
Andrew Shepard of Kittery & Eunice Goodwin of Berw 
Simeon Lord & Polly Frost. 
Simeon Andrews & Sarah Chick. 
Benjamin Wentworth & Mercy Lord. 
William Dearing of Sanford & Mary Hatch. 
Samuel Kendrick of Pepperelborough & Ruth Wane 


0] Bteord» <4 tt« Seconi Church of Benriek, Me. 259 




'. 10, 

■ 22, 
. 29, 


. 9. 

• 22, 

• 27, 
•• 1, 
•• 6, 
•• 8, 
•• 8, 

. 29, 
1 27, 

J 11, 

i 13, 



• 2, 
. 30, 
. 27, 



. 28, 

. 29, 

■ 24, 




. 17, 

. 28, 



• 23, 
I 16, 




• 6, 
. 12, 

791 James Murray A Nabb^ Butler. 

791 Joshua Staple, Jr., & Elizabeth Staple. 

791 Ebenezer Walker & Lydia l&iight. 

791 William Keay & Betsey Wentworth. 

791 Stephen Webtworth & Sally Nutter. 

791 Isaac Morey of Somersworth & Hannah Smith of Ber- 


792 Nathaniel Willey of Shapleigh& Sarah Worster of Berwick. 
792 Reuben Ha:^es & Elizabeth Ricker. 

792 Jonathan lucker & Hannah Spencer. 

792 Aaron Abbott & Hannah Rolhns. 

792 William Staple & Sarah Hill. 

792 William Loi^, Jr., & Eroeorience Wentworth. 

792 John Brewster & Olive Prime. 

792 William Smith & Polly Tucker. 

792 Ruben Randal of Somersworth & Dorcas Hohnes of Ber- 

792 Thomas Dennet of Kittery & Polly Pray of Berwick. 

792 Thomas Rankens & Sally Jellison. 

792 Ebenezer Nowel & Rachel Grant. 

792 Stephen Clark & Agness Libbey. 

792 Moses Smith & Susanna Bracket. 

792 Nathan Nason & Polly Emery. 

792 Tobias Femald of Berwick & Sally Pray of Lebanon. 

792 Nathaniel Hobbs & Patience Nowel. 

792 John Hamilton & Hannah Thurril. 

792 Jeremiah Goodrich & Sarah Wentworth. 

792 Moses Butier, 3rd, & Dorcas Ricker. 

792 Ebenezer Jacobs of Sanford & Elizabeth Hanmiond of 


792 Richard Yeaton & MoUy Gubtd. 

792 William Gould of Kittery & Mary Holmes of Berwick. 

792 Paul Heard & Molly Stillings. 

792 Ephraim Twombley & Joanna Wentworth. 

793 Moses Ricker of Limerick & Molly Hanscum. 
793 Ebenezer Turner Boltwood & Lyoia Hodsden. 

793 Peter Horn, Jr., of Rochester & Eunice Wentworth of 

793 Hunkin Dennet & Nabby Ricker. 

793 Elijah Hayes, Jr., & PoUy Grant. 

793 Enoch Lord & Betsey Frost. 

793 John McCridles, Jr., of Lebanon & Lydia Shorey of Ber- 

793 Ichabod Libbey & Molly Keay. 

793 Benjamin Frost & Abigail Lord. 

793 Mark Prime & Sally Tebbetts. 

793 Isaac Morrel & Hannah Stanley. 

793 Job Wood & Jane Lord. 

793 Aaron Chick, Jr., & Susanna Fogp. 

793 Alexander Prime & Apphia Kenniston. 

793 Daniel McCrielles & Polly Ricker. 

793 Ichabod Goodrich & Dorcas Gubtel. 

793 Gershom Horn of Somersworth & L3rdia Roberts of Ber- 

793 Jedediah Goodrich, Jr., & Sarah Guptel. 

793 James Kimball of Rochester & Mary Guptell of Berwick. 

YOL. UDUY. 17 


Beeordt of the Second Chweh of Peruiek, Mo. 


Oct. 9, 1793 Jacob Goodwin A Joanna Stanton. 

Oct. 9, 1793 Ithid Scates of Rochester A Ruth Clark. 

Nov. 17y 1793 Charles Pray of Berwick & Sally Garvin of Somersww 

Apr. 10, 1794 Jonathan Nute of Dover & Abigail McCarrfl of Berwi 

Apr. 10, 1794 Moses Pray, Jr., of Lebanon & Rachel McCurril of Berwi 

Apr. 13, 1794 John Grant & Elizabeth Clark. 

May 29, 1794 Ebenezer Wells & Hannah Morrill. 

June 1, 1794 John Hamilton, Jr., & SaUy Hodsden. 

June 22,1794 Dodavar Scates of Rochester dbLydia Manning of Berwi 

July 3, 1794 Richard Wentworth, Jr., A Lydia Lord. 

Aug. 21, 1794 Nathaniel Hooper A Betsey Nowell. 

Sept. 4, 1794 Enoch Morrill & Jane Frost. 

Sept. 27, 1794 Simon Tebbetts of Sanford A Tirzah Lord of BerwicL 

Sept. 28, 1794 Fhinehas Yeaton & Phebe Wentworth. 

Oct. 2, 1794 William Clark & Lydia libbey. 

Nov. 27, 1794 John Horsum & Jemima SmiUi. 

Dec. 7, 1794 Elisha Whitehouse of Somersworth & Sally Goodwin 


Dec. 24, 1794 Ebenezer Winn of Lebanon & Olive Goodwin of Berwid 

Dec. 25, 1794 Daniel Andrews & Molly Heard. 

Jan. 11, 1795 Isaac Reed & Susanna Keay. 

Mar. 19, 1795 Edmund Cofi&n of Shapleigh & Martha Randall of B 


Apr. 13, 1795 Joseph Mason of Limerick & Anna Hayes of B^wicL 

June 7, 1795 Isaac Stanton & Phebe Ricker. 

July 23, 1795 Moses Clements & Betsey Hanson. 

Sept. 3, 1795 Henry Perkins of Sanford & Mary Goodwin of B^widL 

Oct. 12, 1795 Roger Welch of Effingham & Molly Abbot of Berwick. 

Oct. 29, 1795 Nathaniel Wentworth & Susanna Wentworth. 

Nov. 1, 1795 Joseph Fo^, Jr., & Phebe Hayes. 

Nov. 2, 1795 Jonathan Goodwin & Betsey Andrews. 

Nov. 3, 1795 Andrew Horn & Esther Pierce. 

Nov. 19, 1795 Samuel Hanscum & Sarah Libbey. 

Nov. 19, 1795 Stephen Furbish of Sanford & Lydia Heard of Bewick. 

Nov. 26, 1795 Chadboum Warren & Sally Kni^t. 

Jan. 18, 1796 Samuel Wentworth & Sally Yeaton. 

Jan. 24, 1796 John Lord of Lemington & Eunice Libbey. 

Jan. 25, 1796 Alexander Worster & MoUy Libbey. 

Feb. 8, 1796 Benjamin Goodwin & Olive Goodwin. 

Feb. 18, 1796 Joseph Boston & Nancy Hammond. 

Feb. 18, 1796 WiUiam Goodwin, Jr., A Molly Yeaton. 

Mar. 2, 1796 Samuel Murray, Jr., & Martha Bams. 

Mar. 6, 1796 John Guptel & JLois Libbey. 

Mar. 16, 1796 Ichabod Butler A Sally Shorey. 

Apr. 26, 1796 Reuben Ricker A Lydia Murray. 

May 5, 1796 Joseph Goodrich A Honora Heard. 

May 5, 1796 Stephen Frost A Sally Powers. 

June 2, 1796 Benjamin Clements A Polly Femald. 

Aug. 8, 1796 Tristram Fall A Anna Lord. 

Sept. 4, 1796 Phinehas Graves of Tuftonborough A Sarah Hodsden 


Nov. 3, 1796 Nicholas Lord A Elizabeth Hamflton. 

Nov. 5, 1796 Charles Nisbet of Lebanon A Judith Downs *of Berwick. 

Nov. 17, 1796 Colcord A Ella Hobbs of Berwick. 

Nov. 17, 1796 Benjamin Stone of Shapleigh A Margaret Ricker of 6 


)] Beeords qf the Second Church of Benmckf Me. 261 






> 4, 
w 28, 


. 30, 




i 24, 

> 24, 

. 11, 
. 24, 
. 26, 
. 28, 






I 26, 




. 29, 


. 27, 

. 27, 



' 1, 
I 23, 

I 28, 

. 10, 


796 David Pierce & Dolly Ricker. 

796 Joseph Perkins of Rochester & Polly McCarrill. 

797 Thomas Ricker & Sally Hodsdon. 

797 Ebenezer Hodsden & Sally Wentworth. 

Marriages solemnized by Joseph Hilliard, pastor 

797 George Worster & Marcy Tibbetts. 

797 Charles Shorey & Molly Chick. 

797 Peter Hanson of Berwick & Abigul Tibbetts of Rochester. 

797 Benjamin Stone & Nabby Goodwin. 

797 Moses Roberts & Susannah Hooper. 

798 Samuel Nutter & Eunice Shorey. 

798 £benezer Lord of Lebanon ft Betsey Pray of Berwick. 

798 Ebenezer Tibbetts of Falmouth ft Bettey Hays of Berwick.. 

798 Joseph Hanson of Shapleigh ft Olive Butler of Berwick. 

798 James Perkins of Lemerick ft Mary Hays of Berwick. 

798 Mark Worster ft Dorkas Gowel. 

798 James Boothby of Wells ft Martha Thurston of Berwick. 

798 Hiram Hays ft Tabitha Nowel. 

798 John Merriam ft Patience Neal. 

798 David libbey of Lebanon ft Alice Libbey of Berwick. 

798 Abraham Pray ft Molly Dennit. 

798 Thomas Rogers ft Molly Pray. 

798 Josiah Staples ft Olive Guptail. 

799 Joseph Hardison ft Betsey HliOeatMe]. 

799 James Twombly Qf Rochester ft Sally Gubtail of Berwick. 

799 Palatiah Butler ft Betsey Goodwin. 

799 Daniel Fogg ft Peggy Hodgedon. 

799 Andrew Horn ft Hannah Nock. 

799 Benjamin Butler ft Sarah Gowell. 

799 Noah WentwortK ft Hannah Lord. 

799 Theadore Ha3rs of Lebanon ft Experience Lord of Berwick. 

799 Ebenezer Roberts of Somersworth ft Sally Roberts of 

799 Benjamin Wentworth of Lebanon ft Molly Holmes of 


800 Jonathan Goodrid^ ft Dorcas Hodsdon. 

800 Samuel Shorey of Kittery ft Susanna Pray of Berwick. 

800 Elisha Allen ft Polly Pray. 

800 Waldron Kennison ft Rebecca Prime. 

800 George Stanton ft Dorcas Hanson. 

800 Benjamin Heard ft Joanna Chadboum. 

800 Samuel Keys ft Phealy Shorey. 

800 Enock Vamimi of Lebanon ft Sally Worster of Berwick. 

800 John Hanunond ft Polieme Lord. 

800 Moses Roberts ft Nancy Butler. 

800 Jonathan Grant ft Polly Clark. 

800 Ebenezer Barker of Cornish ft Betsey Fall. 

800 Palatiah Pray of Leb^on ft Joanna Femald of Berwick. 

801 Humphrey Lord ft Nabby Gowen. 
801 Samuel Stilling ft Pollv Bracket. 

801 John B. Hanson of Lebanon ft Dorkas Libbey of Berwick. 

801 Levi Chick ft Joanna Andrews. 

801 Eliphalet Rendal ft Elenor Libbey. 

801 Joshua Pierce of Lebanon ft Marcv Pierce of Berwick. 

801 Charles Goodwin ft Experience Fall. 


Reeorda of the Second Church of Berwidk^ Me. 

Oct. 29, 1801 

Oct. 29, 

Nov. 7, 

Nov. 9, 

Nov. 26, 

Nov. 26, 

Nov. 29, 

Nov. 29, 

Jan. 22, 
March 9, 

June 8, 

Sept. 30, 

Oct. 14, 

Nov. 25, 

Nov. 25, 

Nov. 25, 

Dec. 9, 

Dec. 29, 

Feb. 4, 

Feb. 17, 

Feb. 17, 

Mar. 29, 

May 23, 

June 12, 

June 28, 

Sept. 8, 

Oct. 23, 

Nov. 17, 

Nov. 24, 

Nov. 28, 

Dec. 22, 




Feb. 23, 

Aug. 21, 

Nov. 8, 

Dec. 28, 



Feb. 14, 
Mar. 13, 
March 21, 
July 4, 
July 18, 

























































Daniel Chadboum of limerick ft Sarah Hardi 

Nathan Butler k Adah Chick. 
Samuel Hubbard of Shapleigh k Olive Wakefield 

James Staple k Huldah Chick. 
Joshua Grant, Jr.. k Sally Clements. 
Andrew Clark k Sally Lord. 
Ebeneiser Wmn. of Lebanon k Abigail Staple of Ba 
Levy George Applebee k Esther Ix)rd. 
John Chadboum k Shuah Clement. 

John Scates k Sally . 

Peter Gushing of Rochester k Sally Hall of Berwi 

Samuel Pray k Betsey Wentworth. 

Samuel Worster k Patty Brown. 

James Prime of Sanf ord k Elizabeth Johnson. 

Caleb Frost k Anna Heard. 

Samuel Chick k Johanna Yeaton. 

Joseph Heard k Hannah Bracket. 

William Guptail k Dorkas Abbott. 

Samuel Lora of Lebanon k ^eggy Brown. 

Abraham Furbush k Molly Heard. 

Miles Bracket, Jr., k Sally Heard. 

Benjamin Goodridi, Jr., k Mary Shorey. 

James McGooch of Milton k Lydia Horsum. 

Samuel Lord k Abigail Wentworth. 

David Goodrich k Molly GubtaQ. 

Peter Grant k Peggy Gerrish. 

Ebenezer Creasy of Gorham k Sally Chick. 

Chadboum Pray of Lebanon k Nabby Bracket of B 

John Adams k Betsey Stone. 

William Shorey, Jr., k Dorcas Yeaton. 

Pelatiah Pierce of Lebanon k Hannah Whitehouse 

Samuel Goodwin k Betsey Keys. 

Simeon Spencer k Susanna Hamilton. 

David Hodsdon k Jane Fogg. 

Ephraim Vamey of Somersworth k Martha Hodsd 

Samuel Nock of Lebanon k Lydia Holmes. 

Thomas Nock k Susanna Stanton. 

Moses Bicker of Lebanon k Sally EEanson. 

John Keys k Lydia Chick. 

Isaac Hodsdon k Polly Wentworth. 

James Libbey k Sally Johnson. 

Zechariah Nock k Judith Nock. 

Thomas Wentworth k Sally Heard. 

Lemuel Worster k Betsey Wentworth. 

Ebenezer Yeaton of Somersworth k PoUy Chick 

Isaac Bracket k Dorcas Pray. 
Jeremiah Lord k Sarah Gushing. 
Thomas Holmes k Sally Vesey [?]. 
William Nock of Lebanon k Betsey Nock of Berwi 
Daniel Austin k Polly Hodsdon. 
Thomas Tibbetts k Love Lord. 
Charles Brown k Lois Butler. 
Roger Copp of Lebanon k Polly Lord. 

)] Beearda of the Second Church of Berwick, Me. 263 

19, 1806 Peter Downs of Shapleigh & Sally Wentworth. 

. 13, 1806 Sayward Hobbs of Wells k Sally Hall. 

. 20, 1806 James Fogs ^ Olive Hodsdon. 

11. 1806 James Hoosdon & Hannah Chick. 

1, 1807 Elihu Hayes of Lebanon k Sally Clark. 

5, 1807 John Bracket k Susannah Heard. 

20. 1807 Ichabod Downs of Shapleigh k Olive Horsum. 
6, 1807 Andrew Neal of York k Anne Bracket. 

. 12, 1807 Samuel Hooper of Madbury k Polly Clark. 

2, 1807 Joseph Nock k Charity Ellis. 

^ 21, 1807 Benjamin Austin of Somersworth k Betsey Jones of Ber- 

2, 1807 Joseph Nock k Hannah Bicker. 

'. 17, 1807 Isaac Fogg k Susannah Hays. 

. 12, 1807 Daniel Stone k Sarah Chadboum. 

. 15, 1807 Paul Wentworth k Ruth Wentworth. 

. 29, 1807 Jonathan Hubbard k Hannah Paul. 

. 30, 1807 John Staples k Nabby Heard. 

) 30, 1808 Mark libbey k Olive Lord. 

} 30, 1808 John Whitehouse k Mary Stone. 

) 30, 1808 John Perkins k Deborah Hays. 

18. 1808 Levi Bracket k Mercy Hall. 

25, 1808 Thomas Witherbee of Sanford k Sally Manning of Berwick. 

10, 1808 John Yom k Levi Pray. 

23, 1808 George t^rster k Olive Greenleaf. 

23, 1808 David Horsum k Lydia Nock. 

24. 1808 James Gubtail k Lydia Gowel [?]. 
1, 1809 James Johnson k Nancy Pikcot. 

26. 1809 Andrew Neal k Patience Norwd. 
30, 1809 William Waymouth k Shuah Hanunond. 

2, 1809 Jotham Ross k Dorkas Stone. 

26,1809 Nahum Heard & Abigail Keys. 

17, 1809 Isaac Gowen k Mercy Chick. 

18, 1809 Jacob Lord k Betsey Ricker. 

30, 1809 Nathaniel Gubtail k Sally Gowen. 

9. 1809 William Ellis k Susan Pierce. 

30. 1809 Timothy Wentworth k Betsey Ricker. 
10, 1810 Aaron Rogers k Clarisie Turner I?]. 

29. 1810 Ebenezer Abbott k Dorcas Spencer. 
23» 1810 John Boothby of Wells k Charlotte Thurston. 
10, 1810 Stephen Chase k Bart Emery. 
27, 1810 James Thurley of Wells k Apphia Ricker. 

2. 1810 John Hall k Merriam Brackett. 

2. 1810 Japhet Stone k Polly Flagg. 
27, 1810 Simon Hanscom k Betsey Heard. 

30. 1810 Robert Brown of Wells k Abigail Burdeen. 
29, 1810 Reuben Hamilton of Lebanon k Jane Key. 

24. 1811 William Gubtail k Polly Wentworth. 
28, 1811 James Hobbs k Phebe Kni^t. 

3. 1811 Jonathan Chase k Tirzeah Emery . 
3, 1811 Jacob Hays k Ruth Hobbs. 

28, 1811 James Adams of Sandwich k Elizabeth Adams of Berwick. 

1, 1811 Daniel Davis k Polly Bragdon. 

26, 1811 Asa Folsom k Sally Chase. 

6, 1811 Samuel Buffam k Mary Neal. 

17, 1811 Simon Frost k Joanna Chase. 

264 Records of the Second Church of Berwick, Me. [0 

Nov. 28, 1811 Samuel Knight & Agnes Bicker. 

Dec. 14, 1811 Isaac Frost & Fannie Ricker. 

Dec. 14, 1811 Benjamin Doore of Milton & Polly Bn^ket. 

Feb. 6, 1812 Rufus Neal & Sarah Buffam. 

Mar. 26,1812 Levi Leach <& Lydia Night. 

Apr. 12, 1812 John Stephen of York & Martha Noice of Newburypori 

June 16, 1812 Edmund Neal of York & Sarah Chadboum of Berwick. 

June 16, 1812 Jonathan Perkins of Lebanon & Olive Gubtail of Benri 

Aug. 20, 1812 Humphrey Grant & Eunice Lord. 

Oct. 8, 1812 Jacob Lord & Theodosia Grant. 

Nov. 1, 1812 William Quint & Anna Heard. 

Mar. 7, 1813 John Worster & Nabby Gowel. 

Apr. 26, 1813 Ira libby & Fanny Layton. 

Jime 9, 1813 Amos Jones of MOton & Martha Lord of Berwick. 

June 9, 1813 Daniel Ross of Roxbury & Joanna Pray. 

Oct. 17, 1813 David Gubtail <& Sukey Neal. 

Nov. 18, 1813 Chadboum Warren & Nancy Harv^r. 

Dec. 9, 1813 Moses We3rmouth of Berwick & Mehitable Wood of To 

Jan. 5, 1814 James Harvey of Nottingham & Hope Morrel. 

Jan. 31, 1814 Louis Hobby & Sally Harvey. 

Feb. 28, 1814 Samuel Hubbard & Mary Pierce. 

June 7, 1814 John Heard [7] & Abi^ Pray. 

June 19, 1814 Samuel Chick & Hamet Stone. 

Oct. 27, 1814 Charles Trafton & Betsey Nowel. 

Dec. 1, 1814 Silas Heard & Susan Bracket. 

Dec. 25, 1814 John Chick & Peggy Perkins. 

Dec. 30, 1814 Stephen Rendall <fe Elizabeth McDonold. 

Jan. 1, 1815 James Remick & Sally Ha3rs. 

Jan. 12, 1815 Leonard Boardman of N. Vine3rard & Nabby Hobbs. 

Jan. 15, 1815 James Stanley of Industry & Temperance Hobbs of B 


Feb. 14, 1815 Hiram Shay & Rebecca Chadboume. 

Feb. 19, 1815 Nathaniel Shorey & Eliza Frost. 

Mar. 10, 1815 Humphrey Lord & Apphia Vine [?]. 

Mar. 6, 1815 Samuel Gowen of Sanford & Hannah McCreelis. 

Mar. 6, 1815 Jeremiah Shaw of Sanford & Lydia Hayes of Berwick. 

Mar. 26, 1815 Barnabas H. Palmer of Dover & Betsey Haggens (A Yo 

Dec. 1, 1815 Samuel Linscott of York & Lois Keys of Berwick. 

Jan. 7, 1816 William Wa3miouth A Mehitable Wentworth. 

Feb. 7, 1816 Samuel Murphy of Lyman & Charity Heard. 

Mar. 23, 1816 John Spencer & Ruth Clark. 

May 20, 1816 William Dore of Lebanon & Agnis Gubtail. 

Aug. 28, 1816 Thomas Chadwick of So. Berwick & Amy Knox of B 


Dec. 21, 1816 John Clark & Elizabeth Ricker. 

Mar. 16, 1817 Dominicus Stone & Dorkas Goodwin. 

Mar. 20, 1817 Moses Twombley & Phebe Fogg. 

Aug. 1, 1817 Samuel Roberts A Dolly Abbot. 

Oct. 30, 1817 James Hyde of Dover & Sabra Clark. 

Dec. 4, 1817 William Chadboume of Somersworth & Mary Jane Em 

of Berwick. 

Jan. 16, 1818 Levi Andrews & Lydia Heard. 

Feb. 17, 1818 Moses Wentworth of Berwick & Lydia Ricktf of 


Feb. 24, 1818 Peletiah Shorey & Sal)y Fogs. 

May 14, 1818 At my dwelling house, Dudley Roberts of Roehesta 

)] ' Records qf the Second Church of Bermck, Me. 206 

Elizabeth Roberts of Somersworth. 

Thomas Task of New Durham & Martha Shaw of Berwick. 

Ebenezer Brown & Amia Foy. 

Benjamin Lord & Polly Hodsdon. 

Maj. Andrew Goodwin of So. Berwick & Betsey Walling- 
ford of Berwick. 

Parker W. Abbott of So. Berwick & Rebecca H. Wiggin of 

Isaac Hobbs & Elizabeth Chick. 

James Haggens & Eunice [?] March. 

Reuben Tebbets & Eunice Hersum. 

Rufus G. Gould & SaUy Grant. 

Hiram Wentworth & Sally Lord. 

Reuben Goodwin of Lynn & Betsey Pray. 

Moses Foy & Olive Hersum. 

Charles Davis of New Durham & Patience Shaw of Ber- 

James Tebbetts & Eunice Foy. 

Wentworth Heard & Eunice Staples. 

Linzv Wollice A Abigail CowelL 

Ichabod Tracy & Mary Clement. 

John L. Long & Ann E. Stacpole. 

William Brownell of Dover a Lydia Clark of Berwick. 

William Harvey & Apphia Hobbs. 

Peter Stillings A SaUy Lord. 

Ruben Goodwin & Dolly Goodwin. 

David Hays of Berwick & Martha Harvey of So. Berwick. 

Charles Downs of Berwick & Dorcas Hodsdon of Lebanon. 

Peter Stillings & SaUy HaU. 

Harvey Baker of New Castle & Anna Pray of Berwick. 

Andrew Tate of Tuf tonboro & Jane Foy of Berwick. 

Daniel Key & Elizabeth Worster. 

William Dearborn of Milton & Evelina B. Drew of Somers- 

Eliger Kenerson of Eaton & Amev Yeaton of Berwick. 

James Clark & Lavine Wentworth, both of So. Berwick. 

Elder William Key [or Shay] & Betsey Frost. 

Nathaniel Remick & Anna Heard. 

James Murray of Lebanon & Martha Downs of Berwick. 

William Huntress of Portsmouth & Dorothy Butler of 

Moses Southee [?] & Sally Whitehouse, both of So. Bermck. 

John Goodwin & Mary Noble, both of So. Berwick. 

David Andrews of Berwick & Elizabeth Goodwin of So. 

Moses Vamey of Somersworth & Pamela Hanscom of 

Nicolas Abbott of So. Berwick ft Mary Ann Hanscom of 

Luis Clemants & Joanna Goodwin. 

Moulton Tailer of Somersworth ft Eliza Beedle of York. 

Samuel Copt [7] ft Abigul Staples, both of Somersworth. 

Ephraim H. Lampson ft Elizabeth Clark. 

Daniel Wentworth ft May J. Twombly. 

James Lord ft Ann Tibbetts. 

Nathaniel Frost ft MehitaUe AUeo. 

5 25, 


. 23, 


;. 20, 




. 4, 


'. 8, 


. 14, 




. 6, 


i. 11, 




. 14, 


. 16, 


. 6, 


. 21, 


. 20, 


r 10, 


' 17, 


r 21, 


. 1, 


. 22, 


. 29, 


. 29, 


. 11, 


. 27, 


. 27, 




. 6, 


. 30, 






. 20, 


) 19, 


) 26, 






» 12, 




. 16, 


. 16, 




. 14, 






. 29, 






266 Records of the Second Church of Berwick, Me. [Oct 

Mar. 3, 1825 Nahim Goodwin of Berwick & Elizabeth Tebbetts of Ber- 
Feb. 9, 1826 LindseyWallace & Mary Staple. 
Mbly 14, 1826 Jacob Wentworth of Somersworth & Hannah Woodsom 

of Berwick. 
July 28, 1826 Ruben Hays & Sarah Bicker. 
July 30, 1826 Leonard Wood & Adilene Emery. 
Jan. 11, 1827 Isaac Worster of Somersworth & Julia ffilliard of Berwick 
Apr. 1, 1827 Jeremiah Lord & Elizabeth Tebbetts. 
June 5, 1827 Moses Horsimi of Lebanon & Agnis Clark of Berwick. 
June 14,1827 Wilson Hobbs & Sally Goodwin. 
July 12, 1827 James Qements & Polly Hays. 
July 19, 1827 Isaac N. Emerson of Somersworth & Eunice Goodwin of 

Aug. 12, 1827 James A. Colbath of Somersworth & Eunice Witherell of 

Nov. 1, 1828 Joseph Avery & Olive Hodsdon, both of Somersworth. 
Nov. 3,1829 lYederick Hilton of Somersworth ft Sally Hill of Berwick. 
Sept. 1, 1829 John Attaway of Tewksbury & Johanna Clark of BerwidL 
Dec. 11, 1829 Samuel Wilkerson of So. Berwick & Dorkaa Frost of 

Feb. 1, 1830 Oliver Butler, 2nd, & Miss Merriam S. Watson. 
Feb. 25, 1830 Algernon Sydney Howurd of Somersworth ft Eeanor 

oeavey of Berwick. 
May 2, 1831 John 0. Adams of Lebanon ft Mary Hilliard of Berwiet 
May 22, 1831 Timothy Hilliard ft Mary C. Worster. 
July 1, 1833 William Lord of Somersworth ft Martha Harvey of Bc^ 

Nov. 27, 1834 Mr. Ivory Brackett of Palmyra ft Mary Gowen of Be^ 

Apr. 12,1835 Mr. John Staples of Elliott ft Miss Mary Ann Andrsmirf 

May 10,1835 Mr. Thomas White of Alfred ft Elizabeth Lee HDliaid of 

June 12, 1836 Joseph Emery ft Sarah Ann libbey, both of No. BenridE. 
Feb. — , 1835 Mr. John Mclntire of York ft Miss Lydia Junkins of York 
Oct. 14, 1839 Mr. Washington Leavitt of York ft Miss Susan Hani' 

com of Elliot. 
Nov. 28, 1839 Mr. Huison Clements ft Lydia Goodridge. 

—,1840 Zimion Wallingford of Milton ft Olte L. G. HiHiarA 

July 24, 1842 Hiram Key ft Olive Butler. 
May 20, 1843 Frederick Augustus Lord ft Sarah Heard. 
Aug. 11, 1855 Benjamin Barrows ft Mary Smith. 
Aug. 11, 1855 Benjamin Jones ft Elizabeth White. 
Dec. 3, 1855 Joshua Brackett ft Ann libbe^. 
Jan. 4, 1856 Joseph Abbott ft Elinor Momll. 
Jan. 15, 1856 John Hasty ft Deliverance Page. 
Jan. 19, 1856 Joseph Wentworth ft Eimice Shorey. 
Mar. 9, 1856 Joseph Hodsdon ft Mary Gubtail. 
Mar. 17, 1856 Foxwell Curtis Cutt ft Mary Goodwin. 
Mar. 21, 1856 Ephraim Hanson ft Margarett Lord. 
Apr. 15, 1856 Samuel Emery ft Abigail Shackley. 
May 24, 1856 Ichabod Stacy ft Lydia Gubtail. 
June 5, 1856 Moses Abbott ft Elizabeth Eilgore. 
June 7, 1856 James Lord ft Mary Chick. 
June 3, 1856 Ithamar Beedle ft Mary Thurrell. 

D] Oenealogical Research in England 267 

I 28^1856 Joshua Richard & Betty Drew. 

6, 1856 James Warren & Elizabeth Hastey. 

. 12,1856 John Allen & Sarah Abbott. 

9, 1856 Thomas Shorey, Jr., & Allien Hardeson. 

30, 1856 John Eillgore & Elizabeth Brackett. 

30, 1856 Charles Butler & Sarah Cosse. 

27, 1856 Jacob Shorey & Hannah Cosse. 

27, 1856 Stephen Hardison, Jr., & Hannah Scammon. 

3, 1856 Thomas Hardison & Mary Chadbume. 

- 27, 1857 Solomon EEambleton & Sarah Eeese. 

r. 9, 1857 Stephen Perkins & Sarah Hmnbleton. 

r. 14, 1857 Heniy Dufifee & Mary Row. 


[Continued from page 237] 

Gifford-Sabgent (continued) 

mtributed by G. Andrews Mobiartt, Jr., A.M., LL.B., of Newport, R. I., 
and communicated by the Committee on English Research 

Fbom Db Banco Rolls, Close Rolls, and Patent Rolls* 

!bomas Gtffabd, by William Rokesburgh, his guardian, claims against 
n Stokes and Isabel his wife the manor of Heliafen, with appurtenances, 
fih Robert, late parson of the church of Somerton, and Richard Malet, 
plain, gave to John Gyffard of Twyford, Knight, and Lucy his wife for the 
s of tiie same John and Lucy, and after the deaths of the same John and 
y the same manor was to remain to Thomas, son of the said John, and 
abeth his wife, and after the deaths of John, Lucy, Thomas, son of John, 
1 Elizabeth, and of Roger, son and heir of the same Thomas, son of John, 
same ought to descend to Thomas Gyffard aforesaid, son and heir of the 
I Roger. And the same John Gyffard and Lucy were seised thereof by 
same grant in the time of Edwsuxi III, and after their deaths the same 
ained to Thomas, son of John, and Elizabeth his wife, and they were 
leof seised, Elizabeth as tenant, and Thomas, son of John, as of fee and 
;t in the time of Edward III. And from the same Thomas, son of John, 
r Mizabeth's death, the right descended to Roger, as his son and heir, 
from him to Thomas, who now claims, as his son and heir. And thereof 
hioes suit. 

nd John Stokes and Isabel, by William Salman, their attorney, come and 
lot deny the same. 

herefore it is agreed that the aforesaid Thomas Giffard recover his seisin 
list John Stokes and Isabel of the aforesaid manor, and the said John 
ces and Isabel in mercy, etc. (De Banco Rolls, Northamptonshire, 
lity Term, 3 Henry V [1415], 618, m. 317.) 

or Thomas Chattmbre and others. John Stokes of Twyford, co. 
Idb, and Thomas Giffard of Twyford, Esq., acknowledge to owe Thomas 
umbre, Esq., William Vaux, Esq., and Thomas Tresham £200, pavable 
httn at Easter next following; if not paid, to be levied from their lands 
tenements in the si^d county and elsewhere. Given at Westminster, 5 
ruary [1429/30]. 

r t r r c id in the Public Reeord Of&oe, London. 

268 . Oenealcgieal Research in England 

The condition of this bond is such that if Alianora, daughter of Vi 
Vaux, Esq., deceased, shall have sufficient estate for ihe imh of her 
the manors of Astewcll and Helydon, in co. Northants, and of 2 canicf 
land, with appurtenances, in Water Stratford, Bucks, together with all 
rents, reversions, and services which late were Roger Giffard's in the vil 
fields of Astewell, Helydon, and Water Stratford, before the Feast of 1 
next following the date of this bond, so that it shall be lawful for th 
Alianora to make waste in the said manors, lands, and tenements and 
parcel of tiie same without impeachment, vexation, or molestation w 
ever during her life, then this bond shall be void and of no effect. 
Bolls, 8 Henry VI [1429-30], 280, m. 13 darso.) 

Release, dated 1 September, 9 Henry VI [1430], by Thomas Giftak 
and heir of Roger Giffard, to John Stokys and Isabel, now his wife, foi 
ihe wife of said Roger, of the manor of Twyford, in co. Bucks, and Bek 
and Newnton, co. Oidord, which William Stretele and William Kyn^ 
veyed to Roger Giffard aforesaid, now deceased^ and the said Isabel^ th 
vnfe, and their issue, with remainder to the right heirs of the said ] 
(Clofite Rolls, 9 Henry VI [1430-31], 281, m. 14 dorso.) 

Grant to Nicholas Giffobd of Duston, co. Northants, Gent., he 1 
I>aid £297. 14s. into the hands, of the treasurer of the Court of AugD 
tions, of the house and site of the late monastery of St. James by Nortl 
ton, CO. Northants, now dissolved, and of the grove called the Great ( 
containing about 10 acres, in a street called St. James End, in the ptt 
Duston by Nortiiampton, late belonging to the said monaste^, and 
water mill, houses, stables, orchards, gardens, etc., within the said site, fl 
pastures, meadows, and lands called Dovehouse Close, Oxdesae, C 
Close, and the Geldyng Close, containing about 19 acres, 1 rood, a 
perches, lying in the ps^ish of Duston, and the 3 spinneys containing 
1 acre, 3 roods, 16 perches in Duston, whereof two lie next the Noru 
of the said monastery and the other on the east of the great orduund 
said monastery, and aU the meadow, containing about 38 acres, in thi 
mon fieJd of Duston, and the field called Abbot's Meadow in Dustoi 
all the lands, about 152 acres, in the common fields of Duston, all bek 
to the said monastery, as weU as the trees, but excepting any lead, t 
as freely and fully as the late Abbot. 

Whereas William Harryetts als Polle has the curtilage called the 
Yard within the said site, together with the tolls and other [nnofits of H 
called St. James Fair, for the term of his life, the King grants the reven 
the same^ after William Harryetts's death, to the said Nicholas Giffo 

The said house and site and the messuages, lands, fairs, etc., are of thi 
yearly value of £16. 6s. 8d., and the same are granted to Nicholas G 
his heirs and assigns, for ever, to hold of the Kmg in chief by the aer 
the fortieth part of a knight's fee and the yearly rental of ^2s, 8d. 
12 September,. 37 Henry ^11 [1645]. (Patent Rolls, 37 Henry VIII | 
46], part 1, no. 768, m. 34.) 

Fbom Pbobatb Records 

The Wm of Thomas Gefford, dated 10 October 1511. To be bu 
the parish church of Twyford [co. Bucks]. To Jane, my wife. I dm 
son upon my blessing to come home and take his wife unto him. T! 
Langston and Richiuti Samwell to make my daughter Mary sure 
jointure. Residuary legatees: Jayne, my wife, Thomas Langstoi 
Richard Samwell, and tibey are to be my executors. Proved 18 Nov 
1511 by Hiomas Friser, proctor for Joan, the relict and executrix nai 

1920] Oenealogical Research in England 269 

ike w3L (P.C.C., Fettiplace, 4.) [For longer abstract of this will see 
vol. 71, page 170.] 

^nie Win of Roger Gyfforde of Mydle Cleydon, co. Bucks, Esq., dated 

iber 1538. To be buried in the parish church of All Saints in Mydle 

>n. Wh^-eas I hold the manor of Mydle Cleydon, with appurtenances, 

county of Bucks, of Hauf e Vemey of Penley in the county of Hertford, 

by his deed dated 14 November, 27 Henry VIII [1535], for the term of 

, jf'&we years yet to come, which lease I purchased for the living of Mary, 

sqr wife, if she overlive me, and for my own natural sons, I will anof bequeatn 
■yd lease to George Gyfforde, my second son, to John Gy£forde, my eldest 
ton. to Rauffe Gyfforde, my third son, to William Gyfforde, my fourth son, 
«Mf to Nycholas Gyfforde, my youngest son, provided that the manner of 
•eeupation of said manor shall be observed as herein expressed : my son George 
.mkty to have the occupation of said farm for the term of forty-one years; 
lot if said George die during the forty-one years, said grant ia then to cease. 
And George is to pay all rents and charges due by virtue of said lease, during 
kii occupation thereof, and is also to pay my said son John Gyfforde during 
Ub occupation of said lease, at the two usual terms of the year, £20 yearly, 
and if said John die, said George shall pay £20 yearly, equally divided among 
Hi brethren. After the decease of said George said John Gyfforde shall 
Isfe tiie occupation of said farm of Cleydon dfuring the term of forty-one 
}wn; or if said George's term of forty-one years expires, said John shall 
inld the lease for forty-one years; and for lack of him the next brother in 
and so the remainder to follow to my other sons until the last of my 
. sons; and when my last son surviving shall die, then any years remain- 
diall be granted by him to the heir male of my eldest son John, to have 
to hold to him, his heirs and assigns, the residue of years yet to come. 
my other leases I will to my son George Gyfforde, to be ordered in like 
flMumer as the lease of the aforesaid manor of Cleydon. If I have not, at 
.fhetime of my decease, paid the £100 1 promised my son Nycholas Gyforde, 
tten my executors shall pay said Nycholas £100 within one year of my de- 
fmae. My said son George shall ^ve to my said wife Mary the annuity 
tf 100 markes [?] and meat and dnnk for her and her maid. To my son 
JUm Gyfford £100. I forgive my son George his debt of £220, he paying 
IJiitihin thirteen months after my death to my son William Gyfforde £40 
nd to my son Nycholas £40. I freely forgive my son Rauffe Gyfforde the 
jES6 he oweth me. Residuary legatee: my wife Mary. Executors: my 
iMfe tlbay and my sons John Gyfforde, George, Rauffe, William, and Nych- 
ite. I set my seal to this my last will and testament this 28 April, 34 
Hfloiy Yin [1542]. 
Bequests of household goods or money to my son John Gifforde, my son 
_ , every otiier of my sons, my godson Roger (my son John Gifforde's 
I, my godson Roger (my son Rauffe Gifforde's son), my godson Thomas 
son George's son), my daughter Dawnsty^ my sister Fongan, and my 
Robert Gyfforde, and mention of my wife Mary Gifforde. 
JBigned] 2 December, 34 Henry VIII [1542], my mother Mary Gyfforde, 
Wuliam Smythe, John Mason, and Elyn Gyfforde being then presen^ on 
tike Saturday in the morning, per me, George Gyfford, as commanded by 
■igr father, the said Roger, on the day and year last stated. Proved 8 
1543/4 by Robert Alen, notary public, proctor for the relict, John 
George Gyfford, Rafe Gyfford, Williain Gyfford, and Nicholas 
the executors named, etc. (P.C.C., Pynnyng, 2.) [For longer ab- 
hteet oif this will see Rbqister, vol. 71, pages 170-171.] 

The Will of John Gtfforde of Hillesdon, oo. Bucks, Esq., dated 3 De- 
«mber 1545. To be buried in Hillesdon churchyard. To my three sons, 

270 Oenealogicdl Resecarch in England [Oet 

Roger, John, and Jerrard Gifford, and my two dauc^tere, Anne and Miiy 
Gifford. my lease of the farm of SellesworUi, to take the profits for six jma, 
after which I bequeath the same to my eldest son in tail male, with oooftiip 
gent remainders to my second son Ro^r, my son John, my son Jerud ia 
tail male, the eldest son of my brother George Gyfford, the eldest son of njf 
brother Nicholas Gifford, the eldest son of my brother Ralph Gifford ia 
taU male, and my right heirs. To my wife Dorothy the farm of the _ 
age of Hillesdon and £20 a year; after her death the same to my~ 
son. Executors: my wife Dorothy and mv eldest and my second 
Overseers: my cousin John Arden and Edward Gjrfford. [Si^ied] Johi 
Gifford. ^o witnesses.] Proved 19 November 1547 by the idict tad 
William Gifford, the eldest son, with power reserved to Roger, the seoiad 
son, when he shall apply for the same. (P. C. C, Alen, 49.) 

The Will of Nicolas Geffobd, dated 16 May 1546. To be buried iriien it 
shall please Anne my wife, whom I make my sole executrix. To ibe moihsr 
ohurcn of Peterboroudi 6d. To Doston churoh 6s. 8d. To my mrwui 
Robert 40d. To Wyllm Danby 3s. 4d. To John Cortilby 3s. 4d. ToAgMi 
my maid, 6s. 8d. To the nurse 3s. 4d. Tomy loving wife Anne Geffoidal 
my goods and moveables, to pay my debts and towards the finding of op 
children and hers between us begotten. Unto the King's Majesty tbe tiud 
of my land during the minority of my son, as the law wills, and the other tvo 
I)arts of my land unto my said wife Anne, towards her living and the keefiig 
of my children during her life; and if my said wife do die and not Toasof 
again, then I will the cusposition of this my will to my brother Georg, rtiMiiihi 
hun to take it upon him. [No signature.] Witnesses: John Smyw, Geon 
Ansley, Robert Mathes, servant with the said Nicolas Gefford. Flrofed U 
September 1546 by the executrix named in the will. (Northamptoii WS^ 
Book I, 1545-1548, p. 225.) 

The Will of Thoicas Giffabde of Twyford, co. Bucks, Esq., dated 2 No- 
vember 1550. To be buried in Tw3rford parish churoh, near my liadMA 
tomb. To my wife Mary all my plate for her life, and after her death to bbj 
son John, and all my household to her and my said son. To my rmiiMi 
Robert Beck £20. To WiUiam Beck £10. To their sister Bridget Beek 
£10. To the said John Gifforde 500 sheep, at his age of twen^-two. To Qj 
cousin George Gifforde of Middle Cleydon, co. Bucks, Esq^ my gml 
chain of gold worth £70, he giving my executors in ready money £i36, whereof 
I bequeath to my cousin William Gifforde of Thorpe, co. NbrUianta, £5 ttdl 
a cup of silver worth £5 with my name engraved on it, to my cousin Bahh 
Gifforde of Steplecleydon £5 and a like cup, to Thomas Gifforde, ec mdf tti 
said George and my godchild, £5 and a like cup. and to my cousins, Wilfiti^ 
Roger, and John Gifforde, sons of my cousin Joim Gifforcl, late of TTillfnitni. 
deceased, 40s. each. To my cousin William Giffarde of Thorpe my satia 
gown. To my servant Elinor PalQmgton £10 and a house m Twyforf 
called the Erles. To my servant John Hownde the tenement in wUek 
John Barton now dwells in Egecote, co. Bucks, and after his death to mf 
daughter Ursula. To my servants Richard Strakaro and Joyce his wife Urn 
house where he now dwells, and to Henry fVaunkelen and Nicholas WHm 
the houses they dwell in, and my will is that Thomas Weynman and Uxmli 
his wife sha