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Volume LXIII. 










▲BBE, Ck9tla»d and /. O, Nickoli Townf end 

genology, dwof nrtanto of John, 174^1821 

noticed df» 
ABBOTT, Mqf, Lemuel Abifah P«rtonml reool- 

IceUons mnd CItU war dUry 1804 noticed 

AouhAH, Mms., hlttoiy, by F. HowUnd no* 

Aevorth, N. H., epitopbf and llit of reToIa* 

tloaarj Mldiert. V C. B. and M. B. N. 

tfpofford noMcetf 206 
ADAMS, Charlee Tkurnton Family of James 

Tbomton, taihtr of Hon. Matthew noticed 

Matthew Thornton of N. H., patriot of the 

BcTolation noficed 9tS9 
AdftBture, ship, paetengers for Maryland 1774 

Adrcntarer, ship, passengers fbr Maryland 

1774 3i2 
^»^t>^">* State Agricoltnral Department, bal- 

leiln, serial no. 27 noltoatf 38» 
Alhloa, ship, passengers for Fort Comberland 

ALBBEE, John Beport of Committee on £pi- 

upha xxl 
AU>EN, Ebenexer, Ihnd bod 
AT.DBBMAN genealogy in preparation 101 
AJLEXANOEK, history of fiunUy 1040-1909, 

by F. A. Batterworth MoKced 384 
AIXABEM, Frank John Watto de Peyster no- 
ticed 106 
ALLEN, Ahax, reoord of marriages in Men- 

don, Mass. 1M1»-31 273 
Esra, record of family 270 
Omraner W. Our uaTal war with France 

noHced 893 
Jokn K. George Morton of Plvmontb Colony 

and some descendants nonoatf 304 
Matthew, will 109ft m 
ALLEBTON, Isaac, oonneotlon with Fly month 

Colony, by IL B. Patten noMced 200 
ALLISON, William Boyd, memorial address, 

by C. M. Depew noMcsd 3b8 
ALLBIGBT, William, wlU lOOr 302 
ALVOBO, Sam u ei Morgan Genealogy of de- 

sceodants of Alexander AlTord noticed 

ALVOBD genealogy, desc en dants of Alexan* 

der, by S. M. Alrord tMMoed 208 
Aaerlean almanacs 1039-1800, Library of Con- 

gress, preliminary check list, by H. A. 

Morrison noMced 818 

Historical Association, report 1900 

noticed 109 

American Irish Historical Sodety, Journal, by 
T. Z. Lee, Tol. 8 MoMcad 392 

Ancient and Honorable Artillery Company of 
Mass., 209th annual record, with sermon 
by T. Van Ness noliced 212 
record 1907-8 noticed 392 

AJident Free and Accepted Masons, see Free- 

ANDEBSON, Thomae McArthur Monograph 
of the Anderson, Clark, Marshall, and 
McArthor connection noMced 203 

ANDEBSON genealo^, famUy of Va., by T. 
M. Anderson noticed 203 

AndersonviUe, Ga., monument to Conn, mili- 
tary prisoners, dedicatory proceedings, 
1907noMced 110 

AndoTcr, N. H., history in preparation 08 

AndoTer Theological Seminary, induction ad- 
dresses 1909 noticed 389 

ANDBEWS, Frank D. Tea-Burners of Cum- 
berland CO., N. J. noticed 209 

Ann, ship, passengers for St. Kitts and Va. 
1774 a? 

ANNADOWN, Henry, estate, account 1096 

APPLBTON, WilUam Sumner, fund Ixxl 

Ashburnham, Mass., vital records to 1849 no- 
ticed 311 

Atlanta, Ga., Lincoln commemoratlre exer- 
cises, 1909 noticed 388 

AUSTIN, Abiel, notice 293 
Zebadiah, note 296 

AVEBY, Walter Titus, fhnd IxxU 
AYEB, Ebenezer, note 293 
Dr. William, note 294 

BABBITT, genealogy, note 201 
in prepttratiou 301 

BABSON, Thomae McCrate Consolidated sto- 
tutes relating to City of boston noticed 
BACON, Christian, wiU 1030 169 

Bobert, wUl 1046 169 
BALDWIN, Thomae WiUiamt Patten gene- 
alogy, descendants of Wm. of Cambridge 
. fM>»ced 103 

Vital records of Sharon, Mass. to 1860 no- 
ticed 211 
BALLANTINE genealogical Items 381 
BABNES. Marriet Southworth Lewie Hnmph- 
rcTllle, with collateral lines. Ancestral 
record of F. A. S. Lewis noticed 380 
South worth with collateral lines. Ances- 
tral record of H. M. Lewis noticed 387 

Index of Subjects 

BAJINES genealogy in preparation 202 

BARN£T, J aoob, division of esUte 1607-8 332 

Barre, Mass. epiUphs 08 

BARKON, £11U, notice 200 

BABROWS, Charles H, History of Springfield, 

Mass., for the young fM><»c«d 311 
BARRY, Esther Stetson William and Esther 

Barry and their descendants noticed 384 
BARRT genealogy, descendants of Wm. and 

Esther, by £. 8. Barry fMXiced 38i 
BARSTOW, John, ftind Ixxz 
BARTOLE, John, wiU 1640 160 
William, wiU 1641 160 

BATE6,. William Carver Francis Jewett Par- 
ker 267 
Report of Commit^ on Papers and Es- 
says xix 

BATE6 huUetin, toI. 2, no. 1 noticed 102; toL 
2, no. 'Z noticed 302 

BATT18COMBE, Grace, willl633 162 
John, WiU 1642 161 

BAXTER, Hon. Jamet Phinney Address before 

H, E. Ulst. Gen. Society ltN)o Ix 
BEAGLEY aliae RAWLY, Francis, will 1667 

Bedford, Mass., records of marriage intentions 
17i»-76 73 

BELL, Albert Decatur Spaulter, notice Ht 
Alexander Graham Deposition of. tn suit 
brought by U. 8. to annul the Bell patenu 
notictd ai3 

Bell telephone. Deposition of Alexander Gra- 
haul Bell in suit brought by U. 8. to an* 
nul the Bell patents noticed 313 
Bellar, bhlp, passengers for Phila. 1774 142 
BENJAMIN, Marcus Uistorical address at 
dedication of Braddock boulder 1007 no- 
ticed 308 

BENTON, Jotiah Henry Story of old Boston, 
Mass., town huuse, 1668-1711 natioed 307 

Betsey, ship, passengers for Va. 1774 27 

BILLINGS, John Dams History of 10th Mass. 
Battery ot Ligiit Artillery in the V\ ar of 
the Rebellion m>t<cs(i 312 
Robert Charles, book tuud Ixxii 

BILLINGTON genealogy in preparation 202 

BISHOP pedigree, desoendanu of Wm. 34 

Blandford, Mass., taverns and turnpikes 1733- 
IbSi, by 8. G. Wood noticed 200 

BOLTON, Charles Knowles Report of Treas- 
urer xxxvi 
Ethel atanwood Farm life a century ago no- 
ticed 313 

Bolton, Conn., Tital records to 1864 noticed 801 

BOND, Henry, fhnd Ixxili 

Boston, Mass., consolidated statutes, codified 
by T. M. Babsou noticed 307 
records ot bspthims and burials 4763, sta- 
tistics 51 
records of marriages 1702 .770 
records of selectmen's meetings 1811-8 no- 

ticed 20V 
town house, 1668-1711, history, by J.H. Ben- 
ton noltceri -MI 

Boston Packet, ship, passengers for Pliiladel- 
phial774 34y 

BOWlEa-Van Rensselaer MSS. tr. and ed. 
by A. J . F. Tan Laer noticed 108 

BOZ WORTH, Joseph, iuTentory 1605 77 

BRADBURY, John Merrill, l\ind Ixxiii 

BRADBURY genealogy in preparation 202, 

Braddock boulder, historical address at dedi- 
cation 1V07, by M. Benjamin noliced 906 

BRAINERD, Dr. John Bliss Report of Com- 
mittee on Collection of Records xxU 

BREED. IT. C. and E, MeVickar Memoranda 
relating to MeVickar ftunily In America 
noticed 304 

BREWSTER genealogy 166^1007, by E. C. B. 
Jones noticed ;m 

BRIGOS, Herbert Gerry, noUce It 
Remember, will 1007 227 
Richard, iuTentory 1607 220 
Thomas, iuTentory 1606 120 
Brighton, Mass., centennial celebration 1007. 

proceedings noticed 380 
Brilliant, ship, passengers for Va. 1774 142 
BRINTNALL, Thomas, account with Thos. 

Platts 1605 83 
BRISCOE genealogy in preparation 801 
Bristol County, Mass., probate record* 77, W6, 
227, 327 

BRITTON genealogy in preparation 101 
Brookflehl, Mass., Tital records to 1840 nattoed 

BROOKING, John, items 881 

Brookline Historical Society, proceeding* at 

annual meeting 1000 noticed 380 
BROOKS, Gilbert, wUl 1605 82; account of 

executors 1606 130 

Brothers, ship, passengers for Maryland 1774 

BROWN(E), Asa Warren, noUce xUz 
Benjamin, will 1712 361 
David Henry, memoir, by F. Smith nofie^d 

Edward IttgersoU, fhnd Ixxiii 
Oeorye Waldo ifiarly records of Derryfield, 

N. H., \7&\-iSZ noticed 106; 1782-1800 no- 
ticed 107 
Early records of Londonderry, Windham. 

and Derry, N. H. 17HMi2 noticed 300 
Col. John, memorial address, by A. M. Howe 

noticed 206 
Phixbe, parenUge, notes 100 
Hobert Jferkins and others Memories of 

Brown traditions noticed 30» 
Rev. Willhuu, notice of flunily in HorlcT. 

Eng:. 00 / /. 

Brown University, memories of, ed. by R. P. 

Brown anu others noticed 308 
BUFFUM, Joshua, letter from John Smith 

1660 100 

BULKELEYnote 100 

BULLOCK genealogy in preparation 901 

bunker Hill Monument Association, proceed- 
ings 1008 noticed 112 

BURRILL, Ellen Mudge First Unlversalift 
Parish of Lyuu, Historical address for 
75th anniversary looo noticed 111 

BURRITT genealogy in preparation 101 

BURTON, Clarence Monroe Early Detroit Wh 
ticed 30t} 

BUSH items 08 

BUTTERWORTH. Ftances Alexander Re- 
cords of fttmily of the noute of Alexan- 
der 1640-1000 noticsd 384 

Cambridge Historical Sodety, publications 3. 

proceedings, 28 Jan. and 27 Oct. 1006 no^ 

ticed 308 
•cal, address, by M. I. Gossaldi noticed 800 
CAMPBELL, Eev, Frederic Record of descend. 

anu of Rob't Campbell of Co. Tyrone. 

Ire.noliocd 885 

Index of Subjects 

CAMnEIAjjMUMt^ogjt deteendaiits of Bob't 
of Co. I^rone, Ire., by F. Campbell no- 

CAMD gjtmtmlogf in prepmUon S84 . 
CarrfbbeaiumnagMiDe, note 301 
GABBOLL, Thomas Lexington Monument no- 

Ueod 310 
CAETBR, ComeUa Miranda Btdington John 

Bedlngton of Topelield, Mau. and de- 

aeendantt, ed. by Leaoh noticed :to4 ■ 
CAST genealogy, deteendants of £leazer, by 

M. A. C. bmith nolioed 20S 
GASKWKLL, Thomas, wUl 1697 330 
CMo, ahlp, paaMngers for New York 1774 363 

CHAFFBK, Joseph, will, account of executrix 
le w fiS 
mZKoMAnry Chaffee genaalogynoMced 386 
CHArriuB genealogy, by W. H. Chaffee no- 

ttced 'J8b 
CHAHBEELAIN, Daniel Henry, memoir, by 
J. Green noMced 206 
Q mrgt Watter York oo. marriage returns 

1771-W 107; noHced 301 
Jotay notice 2tfl 
CEUUCBfiRLAIN Association of America, re- 
portii of annual meetings 1906-7 noticed 

CHANDLER, Roger, note 201 

CHAPIN. Dr. Calrin, memoir, by £. P. Parker 

noticed 306 
Somard AHUar Life of Dea. Sam'l Chapin of 

bpringfleld noiiced 106 
teasel, memoir, by H. M. Chapin noticed 

CSAPIN Family Association, publications lUh 

ticed 106 
CHAPUAN, Prof. Henry Leland Mrs. Anne 

Hntohiason noticed 207 

IT, Vital records of Marblehead, 

Mass. to 1849, vol. 3, supplement noticed 

CHENEY memorial book fhnd Ixxir 
CHKNOWETB, Caroline Fan Dwen History 

of 2d CoDgregtttiomd church in Leicester, 

Mass. noticed 210 

tfimoa, will 1674 282 
CHIEKBINUE, Henry, will 1627 282 
Chili, conquerors, by T. T. Q)eda, toI. 1 no- 

CHILTON, James, notice 201 

CfndnnaU, Ohio, Owls Nest, by E. P. Cnn* 

ningtimm noticed 207 
Clfll war, s<€ U. S. CItII war 

CLARK, Edmund Sanford, memoir 116; no- 
Heed 306 

B<iT. John, will 1676 196 

Joaas UUman, fund Ixxir 
CLARK ^Itaphs in North Sheldon, Yt. 300 
OOCKE, Edward, wiU 1626 281 

Thomas, will 1016 281 
COQGEfiUALL, Samuel, wUl 1712 362 
COIT, Daniel Wads worth, memoir noticed 206 
Ootorado State Historical and Natural History 
Society, report 190&-« notfaed 306 

Colony, letter from Hampshire 
Co., Mass. 1093 299 
Cowieeticnt, soldiers in Southern military pris- 
ons 1661-6, monument at AndersonriUe, 
Ga. lo, dedicatory proceedings 1907 110 
Tokmteer Heavy Artillery, 2d regiment in 
CiTll war, historical iketoh, by D. L. 
y MUi noticed 812 

Continental Congress, Journals, 1774-80, ed. 

from original reoordu In the Library of 

Congress, by W. C. Ford, vols. 13, 14, 16 

noticed 393 

OOOK(E), John, will 1696 128 

Lomie A, Ahax Allen's records of marriages 

in Mendon, Mass. 273 
Rev. Samuel, record of family 196 
CORNELL, Reo, John and W, C. Duyckinek 
Doyckinck and allied families noticed 203 
COWLEY, Charles, memoir lU 
OOWPAR, Circely, will 1636 166 
CRANE, Thomas, fund Ixxx 
CROCKER.^enry G. Situation in southeastern 

Europe, address noticed 393 
CROOKE, Roger, win 1639 279 
CROSSMAN, Robert, administration of esUte 

1696 130 
CULBERTSON genealogy in preparaUon 202 
CUMMINQS, Jonathan, notice 296 

William 296 
CUNNINGHAM, Edith Perkint Owls Nest, 
tribute to Sarah E. Perkins noticed 207 
Henry Winchester Report of Correspondiog 
bttcretary xxxiil 
CUNNINGHAM genealogy, descendants of 
Hugh, in preparation 101 
descendants ofRob't, in preparation 101 
descendants of Thos., in preparation 101 
CUSHMAN genealogical fund Ixxiv 
CUTTER, WiUiam Richard Genealogical and 
personal memuirs relating to faiuiiies of 
Boston aad Eastern Mass. noticed 387 
Historic homes and places and genealogical 
and personal memoirs relating to fami* 
lies of Middlesex co., Mass. noticed 107 
Memoirs ot N. E. Hist. Gen. Society xlr 
iieport of the Historian xliii 

Danvers, Mass., vital records to 1649, vol. 1, 

noticed 311 
DARTE genealogy in preparation 202 
DAVIS, Andrew McFarland Few words abou% 
the writings of Thos. Sliepard noticed 
Hints of contemporary life in writings of 
Thos. Shepard noticed 106 
Eleaaer, notice 291 
Jefferson, ancestry, address, by W. H. Whit- 

sitt noticed 203 
Josiah, note 289 

DEAN, Thomas, administration of estate 1697 
inventory 1697 233 
Willl6V7 232 

Deck and Field, addresses, by F. W. Hackett 
noticed 392 

Dedham, Mass., diary of John Wliltine in. 

1743-64 166,261 
DENTON genealogical noUoe noticed ill 
DEPEW, Chauncey ARtcheU Memorial exer- 
cise in honor of tne late Senator Wm. B. 
AlilHon noiiced 386 

DkPEYSTER, John Watts, life, by F. AUaben 
noticed 106 

Derry, N. H., records 1719-62, ed. by G. W. 

Browne noticed 309 
Derryfleld, N. H., see Manchester 
Detroit, Mich., early, by C. M. Burton noticed 

DEWEY. Xottis Marinui James Rising of Suf- 

Held, Conn., and descendants 333 
Thomas Remington of Suffleld, Conn., and 

desoendants 178; noticed 806 


Ifidex of Subjects 

DEWIKQ, Benjamin Franklin fiind Ixzr 
Diamond, ship* passengers for Md. 1774 230 
Diana, ship, passengers for Md. 1774 238 
DOANE, Dea. John, memorial proceedings 

lW7fwticed 206 
Dolphin, ship, passengers for Philadelphia 1774 

DORLAND genealogy in preparation 202 
DoTer, Mass., soldiers, biographies, by F. Smith 

noticed 8«0 . ^ 

William Tavern, by F. Smith noticed 20» 
DOWNING, mttiam Colwett and B. WiUher- 

force Genealogy of the Downing family 

noticed 386 
DOWNING genealogy, 1609-1901 by Downing 

and WiUberforoe noMced 386 
DuBELLET, Louiee Pecquet Some prominent 

Virginia fiunilies noficeel 102 
DURKELL genealogy in preparation 202 
DUYCKINCK, Whitehead Cornell and J, Cor- 
nell Dayckinok and allied families noticed 

DUYCKINCK genealogy, desoendanU of 

Evert, by W. C. Duyckinck and J. Cor- 

ueW noticed 203 

Earl Donmore, ship, passengers for N. T. 1774 

EABLE, Pliny, fond Ixxv 

*Eastbary, Conn., chnrch records 67 

Eastford, Conn, records ot baptisms, mar- 
riages, and deaths 84 

EASTMAN genealogy, descendanU of Dea. 
Jos. of Badley, Mass. nocked 204 

EATON genealog}' in preparation 384 

EDDY, John, inventory 1696 129 
Robert Henry, ftind Ixxv 

Edwinstree, oo. Hertford, Eng., somames rep- 
resented by inscriptions in, h a n dlist, by 
W,B,QtHBh noticed 306 

ELLIOT, Charles Darwin, memoir Ixiv 
Richard Moses, notice Iv 

England, emigranU from, 1774 16, 134, 234, 842 
genealogical research in 32, 169, 277, 356 
universities, origin and early development, 
by E. V. Vaughn noticed 110 

ENO, Joel Nelson Thomas UUibridge of New- 
port, R. I. and descendanU 43; noticed 

ESTEY genealogy in preparation . 384 

Europe, southeastern, situation in, address, by 
H. G. Crocker fuXIced 393 

Fairmonnt Park Art Association, publication 

^noticed 809 
FANNING, Col. David, narrative of exploits 
as loyalist of N. C. with notes by A. W. 
Savary noticed 105 
Farm life a century ago, by E. S. Bolton no- 
ticed 313 
FARRAB, Jacob, note 289 

Joseph, note 294 
FARWELL, Uent. Josiah, hotioe 290 
FENNER note 99 
FI8KE, Andrew Report of Committee to assist 

the Historian xx 
FITCH, Jeremy, wiU 1649 163 
Joan, wUl 1684 163 

John, will, account of executrix 1699 331 
William, will 1676 162 
Fitehburg, Mass., revolutionary soldiers* by J. 
F.D.Qarfleldfioficed 209 

Fitohburg Historical Society* proceedings, toL 

i noticed 209 
FLAGG, Ckarlee AUooti Massachusetts pio* 

neers. Michigan series noticod 107 
FLINT, Charles Louis, fhnd Ixxri 
FLOYD, C. HanAd Floyd famUy of Rumney 

Marsh 246; fM>Nccd386 
Sergt. Frederick C. History of the 40th (Mo- 

xart) regiment N. Y. volunteers noticed 

FLOYD genealogy, descendants of John of 

Rumney Marsh 246; by C H. ¥\oyd Wh 

tioed^xa , . 

FOOTE, meeting of family and dedication of 

Nath'l Foote memorial 1908, proceedings 

noticed 204 
FORD, WortMngton Ctumnce^ Journals of 

the Continental Congress 1774-89, vols. 

13, J4, 16 MoMced 393 
Fort Ancient, Ohio, use as fortress, discussion 

by G. Sheldon noticed 310 
FOSTER, FrancU Apthorp Report of Com- 

mitttee on the Cuusolldated index xxiii 
Report of Committee on Finance xviU 
John, fund Ixxv 
FOTHERGILL, Gerald EmigranU from Eng- 

liind 16,134,234,342 
FOW, John H, True story of American flag 

noticed 212 
FOWLiE genealogy in preparation 301 
France, naval war with U. S., by G. W. Allen 

noticed 393 
Freemasonry, MassaohusctU, proceedings 1908 

noticed 394 
St. Andrews lodge, Boston, 160th anniversa* 

ry, Nov. 30, 1906. noticed 211 
FRENCH, Charles Edwaid, fund Ixxix 
Elizabeth Genealogical research in England, 

32, 169, 277, 36e 
Joseph, will, account of executrix 1695 81 
Friends of Old Drawyers, Presbyterian church 

near Odessa, Del., historical address 1908, 

by A. Higglns fiol<ced 2lu 
Friendship, ship, passengers for N. C. 1774 349 
FROSTE, Henry, wUi 1623 278 
FRYE, Jonathan, note 290 
FULLAM, Jacob, notice 289 
FULLER J. F. Brief sketch of Thos. Fuller 

and one line of descendanU noticed 3u2 
William By slop Genealogy of descendants of 

Edw.i<uller noticed lost 
FULLER genealogy, descendanU of Edw., by 

W. H. Fuller noticed 102 
descendanU of Ihos. by J. F. Fuller no- 
ticed 302 

GAGE, Arthur Edward Some descendanU of 
John Gage of Ipswich, Mass. noticed 102 

GAGE genealogy, descendanU of John of Ips- 
wich, Mass. noticed lv2 

GARDNER, Samuel, inventory 1697 228 

GARFIELD, Jamee F, D, Fitehburg soldiers 
of the Revolution noticed 2u9 

GAVET, WiUiam F. Historical sketch, St. 
Peter's church, Salem, Mass. notioed 311 

GAYNES, Nicholas, will 1612 283 

GERISH , WiUiam Blyth Handlist to surnames 
represented by inscriptions In Edwins- 
tree, Hertford. Eng. noticed 308 

German American collection in N. Y. public 
library, growth, 1906-7, by R. E. Heibtg 
noiiced 312 

Index of Subjects 

CnCHSLL, JB9erm Zmmoni and Frederidt 

O. 0«tefaell Ikmlly of SalUbory, MmM. 

M6; noticed 386 
QETCH£t»L genealosy, deieendants of Sam'l 

of 8*llfDniTi MiM.. 26ft; by £. L. and 

F. O, Getehell fioMeetf 886 
ta prepciratlon 20Bt 
GIBBS. WlUlan.wm 1667 277 
GILVAl?, irtOiaiN Cftorlef George 8. Porter 

noticed 707 
6ILSON, JohQ, BOtlee 295 

JoMpb. note 2M 
GOFFB, John, notice 296 
GoUen Rvie, ship. pMsengen for New York 

1774 864 
GOLDIKG genealogy In preparation 202 
Good Intent, ship, passengers for Hd. 1774 286 
GOOLO. ^oaanWadsworth-Longfellow house 

notieod 108 
OO0S, Etbrldge Henry, memoir 216 

JWm^ JfiirAhi £lbridge Henry Goss 216 
GOZZALDI, Mary laabeUa Address on the 

MAl of the Society noticed 890 
Grafton magaxine of history and genealo gy, 

Tol. 1, no. 1 noticed 106 ; Tol. 1, no. 2 no- 
ticed 206 
GBAB AM, memoirs, deseendanto of Hngh, by 

A. K. Walker noticed 204 
Grate Xarlow. ship, passengers for Jamaica 

1774 240 
GBCKN(K), Jemee Personal reooUeotlons of 

Daniel H. Chamberlain noMced 206 
John, will, aooount of executor 1699 77 
Jimmtl Abtott Diary kept at siege of Lonls- 

borg. If. 8., 1745, with notes and intro- 
duction iMiCiceii 309 
Inrty miie-stones leading firom Boston; 

mile-stones at Groton no^csd 308 
Memoir of Abbott Lawrence noticed 207 
SUTery at Groton. Mass., In prorindal 

times MOficed 309 
GREEN (B) genealogy, fkmlly of Plymouth 

Colony, in preparation 201 
GKEBVLAW, Lucy HaU Abstracts ttom 1st 

book of Bristol oo. probate records 77, 

126, 227. 8^^ . , ^ . 

intHam Prtteott Eeport of Librarian xxr 

QBEBNLEE, Sa^h 8t€ibHn$ and Robert Lem- 
uel Genealogy of Greenlee fkmllies no* 
Heed 802 
GREENLEE genealogy, by E. 8. and E. L. 

Greenlee noticed 302 
Gfeaawicb. N. J., Tea- Burners at, 1774, by F. D. 

Andrews isoliced 209 
GRIGGS, Bttzabeth, will 1661 284 
George, will 1606 286 
Thomas, wiU 1634 284 
Thomas. wiU 1646 284 
Groton, Mats., slavery in prorindal times at, 
by 8. A. Green noticed 309 

HACKETT. JVonl; Warren Deck and Field, 

addreises noticed 892 
HAXBERT, Ebeneser, note 296 
BALLET, Dr. Edmund, pedigree, by £. F. 

Mo Ftke noticed 111 
BAJIILTONt genealogical notice, descendants 

of John of No. Yarmouth, Me. 14 
HAMMOND, George Warren, notice 11 
Baapabire County, Mass., letter of thanks to 

Connecticut Colony 1693 299 
BANC OETT genealogy in preparation 202 
HANK8» Charlet Stedman, notice M 

Harmony, sJMp, passengers for Boston, Mass. 

HABBISON genealogy In preparation 801 

Harvard University, dass of 1878, report of 
secreUry 1908 noticed 110 

HARWOOD, John, notice 288 

HAS8ELL, Bei^amin, notice 294 

HATMAN. Capt. Nathan, inventory 1696 129 

HATNES, John Cummings, memoir xlv 

BATWARD, Rev. SUvanus, memoir Ix 

HEARD Association, note 101 

HEARNB, Wmiam Thomas, Brief history and 
genealogy of Heame family noticed 808 

HEARNK genealogy, by W. T. Heame noticed 

Hebron, Conn., bicentennial celebration, his- 
tory in preparation 801 

HELBIG, Richard E. German American re- 
searches, growth of German American 
collection of the N. T. public library 
during 1906-7 noticed 312 

HERMANNSSON, MaUddr The Northmen in 
America noticed 390 

HIGGINS, J7on. Anthony Historical addre^ 
before " Friends of Old Drawyers »• Pr 
byterian church near Odessa, Del., 1906 
noticed 210 

HILDRBTH, Richard, life, by P. H. ReadO 
noticed 386 

HILL, John, memoir xlvii 

HINMAN genealogy noticed 102 

HODGSON. /. Craw/brd Episode in history 
of a Morpeth family noticed 103 

HOLLARD, Angell, notice 381 

HOLMAN, Morgan, WiU 1623 83 

HONETMAN, Abraham Van Doren Honey- 
man fkmily In Scotland and America 
noticed 3(tt 
• Van Doom famUy in Holland and America 
noticed 387 

HONETMAN genealogy by A. Van D. Honey- 
man noticed 802 

HOUDLETTE genealogy, 1707-1907 noticed 303 

HOWE, Archibald Murray Col. John Brown 

of PItUfleld, Mass., address noticed 206 

Vania Wait Genesis of the RepubUcan party 

noticed 212 

Making a capital in the wilderness noticed 


HOWETT. John, will 1662 363 

HOWLAND, FranXtyn History of Aoushntt, 
Mass. noticed 106 

Huguenot Society of South Carolina, tranaac- 
tions no. 16 noticed 109 

HUMFRET, George, will 1004 278 

HUNNEWELL, Jamee Frothingham Histori- 
cal museums in a dozen countries no- 
ticed 393 

HUNT. Ephralm, administration of estate 1606 
Richard, wlU 1644 286 

HUNTER, Dr. John, record of famUy 196 

HUTCHINSON, Anne, memoir, by H. L. Chap- 
man noticed 207 

Hyde Park historical record, vol. 6, noticed 

Indian Historical Sodety publications, vol. 4, 

no. 4 noHced 106 
Ireland, records, note 100 
Islandica, vol. 2 noticed 890 
IVES, Thomas, will 1662 286 


Index of Subjects 

JACKSON, FrancU HIitory of early settle- 
ment of Newton. Mass., 1630-1800, with 
genealogical register fioMeed 909 
JAMBS and variants 
Ales, will 1676 1«4 
Clement, will 1639 164 
£dward, wiU 1612 166 
John, will 1631 161 
Jkamb(8), Edmund, will 1626 166 
John, will 1649 166 
Thomas, wiU 1636 166 
Jbmes, lUcbard, will 1642 166 
James Dankf ns, ship, passengers for Jamaica 

1774 23 
JAQUELIN genealogy, descendants of Edw., 
by L. P. da BeUet fioMoed 102 

Jeame (s), see James 
J£FTS, John, note 289 
Jemes, see James 

JENKS, CharUt William Bedford, Mass., in- 
tentions of marriage 73 
JOHNSON, Byron Aerifcel^ Johnson genealo- 
gy, descendants of Capt. Edw. fionoetf 204 
Ichabod, note 289 
Josiah, notice 290 
Noah, notice 290 

Robert ir<nd«r Ancestry of BosalieM. John- 
son noKced 303 
Bosalie Morris, ancestry, by B. W. Johnson 
noticed 303 
JOHNSON genealogy, descendants of Capt. 

Edw., by B. B.Johnson flioticed 204 
JONES, Charles Henry Address deliyered be- 
fore the Penn. Society of Sons of the 
Revolation at Whitemarsh, Pa., 19 June. 
1909 noKccd 391 
Mdton Saliebury Early Salem oo., N. J. no- 

ticed 109 
Xmma C. Brewtter Brewster genealogy 1666> 

1907 noticed 384 
Josiah. notice 292 ^ 

Ifatt BushneU Hlntory of Waitsfield, Yt., 
1782-1908, with genealogies noMced 391 
JORDAN, genealogical items, fkmily of Gail. 

ford. Conn. 196 
Joseph and Manr, ship, passengers for Mary- 

JUDSON, Rey. Andrew, record of baptisms, 
marriages, and deaths in Eastfbrd, Conn. 

KAY, Beatrice, WiU 1642 82 
KBYEiS, Solomon, notice 292 
KIDDER, Benjamin, notice 204 
KIDDER fhnd Ixxri 

report of trustees for 1906 xi 

KIMB A LL, JTe^en Frances Report of the Goon 

Cll XTi 

Moses, Aind IxxvU 
KINU(E), Cameron HaigM King fkmily of 
Suffleld, Conn, noticed 303 
Jtev. Henry Melville Hintorical catalogue of 
members of Ist Baptist ohoroh in Pror- 
idence, R. I. noticed 211 

KING(E), genealogy, descendants of Thos.. 
in preparation 101 
fhmlfy of SuiBela, Conn., by 0. H.King no- 
ticed 303 

KITTREDQE, Jonathan, note 280 

^t«y *n<l NeUy, ship, passengers for Md. 1774 

KNAPP, Arthur Mason Knapp fkmUr in 
America noticed 386 
George Brotm Report of Committee on the 
Library XTiii 

KNAPP genealogy, descendants of Witt* of 
Watertown, Mass., by A. M. Knapp no- 
ticed 386 

LAKE, Lucy, administration of estate, VSn-W 

LAKIN, Isaac, notice 291 

LAKIN genealogy, flunily of Groton, Mara. 


LARKIN,famUy of Westerly, R. L chrenkle, 
Tko.lnoticed 111 

LATHAM, WUliiuns, ftind Ixxrii 

LAWRENCE, Abbott, memoir, by S. A. Qreea 

noticed 207 
Richard, will 1741 277 
LEACH, Josiah OranviUe John Redington at 

Toptlleld, Mass., and some denceManlt, 

by C. M. R. Carter noticed 304 
LEARNED, Marion Dexter Life of Francis D. 

Pastorlas. fbunder of Germantown, Pa. 

noticed 806 

LEAVITT, EmUy Wilder Hamlltons of North 

Yarmouth, Me. 14 
Lebanon, N. H., religious landmarks, oom- 

memoratlve addresses noticed 210 
LEE, Thomas Zdnslaur Journal of Ameileaa 

Irish Historical Society vol. 8 noticed 99Bt 
Leicester , Mass., Second Congregational chnrofa 

and society, history, by C. Van D. Choop 

oweth fioticed 210 

LEONARD, James, administration of eatnto 

1697 dX? 
LeUtia, ship, passengers for Md. 1774 18 
LEWIS, Frances Amelia Smith, ancestry, bv 
H. S. L. Barnes noticed 886 
Henry Martyn, ancestry, by H. S. L. Banat 

noticed 387 
Isaac Kewton Addresses on Sir Robt Wal- 
pole and Rer. Phillips Payson noticed 880 
History of Walpole, Mass. noMced 801 
Lexington Monument, Peabody, Mass., histori- 
cal address, by T. Carroll noHeed 810 
Libraries in the U. S., statlsUos, 1908 noUeed 

LILLIBRIDGE genealogy, descendants of 
Thos. of Newport, R. I. 43; by J. N. Eno 
noticed 204 

LINCOLN, Abraham, centennial of bfath,eom- 
memorative exercises, Atlanta, Ga. 1000 
noticed 388 

LINDSAY Family A ssooiatlon of Amerlea, re- 
ports 1007-8 noticed 886 

LINKFIELD, Edward, noUce 292 

LITCHFIELD. H. W. First church in Fim. 
broke, 1708-1908 noticed 111 

Littleton, (Mass.) Historical Society, prooaed- 
Ings 1908 noticed 210 ^ 

LOCKHART genealogy In preparaUon 801 
LOGAN, James, inaugural address as mayor 

of Worcester, Mass. 1009 no^sd 811 
LOKBR, Henry, will 1631 280 
Londonderry, N. H., records 1710-62, ed. bf Q. 

W. Browne noticed 300 
LONGFELLOW. Henry Wadsworth. honto ta 

Portland, Me., history, by N. GocM no- 

ticed 108 
Louisa, ship, passengers fbr Md. 1774 240 
Lonisburff, N. S., siege, 1745. diary kept at. Od. 

by 8. A. Green noticed 809 
LOVEWBLL, Capt. John, notice 288 
Lovewell's light 1726, soldiers in, notes 288 
Lowell, John, notloe of family 800 
LUNT genealogy In preparation 101 

Index of Subjects 


ITU; MTOfaM Tkoma§ niomas flually de- 
Mended flrom D*rid and Anna Noble 
TbomM noUetd 205 

I^sa, MftM^ FInt Unlrertalist Parish, by- 
kwe, register of ministers, and hlstorl* 
eal address bj B. M. BorriU, for 75tb 
«iiidv«rsary, 1906 nottced 111 
**01d Toaael.'^oonunemoratiTe ublet, dedl- 
eatorj exerdses nolicetf 390 

XTOK Memorial, cenealogy, ed. by &. B. MU- 
l«r. ToL. a noliocd au3 

MACDOKO0QH, Rodney Life of Commodore 
Tbomas Maodonougb noticed 888 
OoauMdore Tbomas, life, by K. Maodonongh 
motictd 3({8 

XcfiLWAlN, WlUiam Howe, notloe U 

]|AC£T, George, aoooont of exeeatrix 1670 

acIHTTILE, PkOip wmu Alonso Palmer 
Stinsoa, exercises at dedicaUon of me- 
morial erected by his comrades of Ck>. U. 
jrtnb MaLoe Volunteer Infantry noticed 

McKXlCLET, William, memorial in Phila^ 
dedieaiory exercises ftoKced 388 

XikCX>MBKR genealogy, by £. 8. Staokpole 
noticed WO , 

IICPIKE^ Emgtne FairJtOd Some material for 
pedigree of Dr. E.UaUeyfio<tced 111 

MCTICKAK, Afaoord and IT. C. ^reed Mem- 
oranda reUUng to MoVickar lamily In 
AmerlcaiMXieecl 801 

MCTICKAR genealogy, byE.McVickar and 
W.C. Breed noSced 304 

Maias^eolonial hoaaes prior to 1770, by £. H. 
Kason noticed 2lu 
soldiers a% Valley Forge, monnmentto, dedi- 
catory pioceediugs 1907 noticed 110 

»w^.;lf. Un (Derryfleld) town records, 

ed. by O. W. Browne, 17A1-82 noticed 

100; iT^^mn noticed 107 
Manebestcr Historic Association ooUeotions, 

ToLi,pt.l noticed 107 
MaXV. Albert W. History of 4fttb regiment, 

* JUm. Volunteer MiUUa noticed 212 
MAll5Uf6. WiUiam H, Lakin fiimUy of Oro- 

ten SIO 
Htt»kl>ead. Maas., vital records to 1849, rol. 8 

mticed 107 
Margaret and Mary, ship, pasaengert for N. C. 

1774 21 
Maffiwroaghu Mass., town records 00, 117, 217; 

byF.F.KiceiM^ioed 890 
MASft genealogical notice of family of Mor- 
peth, Kag., by J. C.Hodgson noKoed 103 
MAB0HALL, George WUUam Genealogist's 

guide, note luu 

MAST£2f, RMiard, will 1096 79 
Mary, sblp, paaeengers for Oa. 1774 19 
lUry, ship, paseeugers for Halifkx, 1774 846 
Mary and Kllxabeth, ship, passengers for Phila. 
1774 21 

Mary Ann, ship, passengers for Boston 1774 22 
MAflON genealogy, descendanu of Jesse, in 
prepknoton 101 

I Bay, ProTinoe of, acta and re- 
aolvee, vol. xt., being vol. x of the ap- 
pendix, i; 03-4 noMced 212 
MaasachosetU, Eastern, g<;nealoglcal memoirs, 
by W. K. Cotter noKced SS7 
freeaMSOary , see Freemasonry 
light Artillery, loth Battery, In the Ctril 
War, history, by J.D. BliUngt noticed 



Massachusetts cont'd 
pioneers, Michigan series, by C. A. Flagg 

noticed 107 
record commissioner, report 1906, by H. B. 

Woods noticed 313 
soldiers and sailors of the Bevolntionary war, 

vol. xvii noMced 212 
Volunteer Militia, 46th regiment, history, 

by A. W. Mann noMced 212 
Massachusetts Bible Society, centennial Boa> 

venUr 1909 noticed 390 
proceedings 170»-9 noticed 390 

MATTH EWS, ^26«r< Chronological Ust of New 

England magazines 1743-1800 noticed 111 
Snake devices 1764-70 and the Constitn- 

tional Courant 1706 noticed 213 
MEAD, Spencer P. Index to genealogy of Mead 

famUy, 1901 noMced 804 
MEAD genealogy, 1901, index, by S. P. Mead 

noticed 804 

MELVIN. David, notice 293 

Eleaaer, notice 293 
Mermaid, ship, passengers forMd. 1774 20 
Methuen, Mass., vital records to 1849 noticed 

Michigan, Massachusetts pioneers in. by C. A. 

VlAggnoticed 107 * i ^ 

MIDDLEMORE genealogy, 2d supplement, bv 
W.P. W.Philiimorenortoed 204 

Middlesex County, Mass., history and genealo- 
gy, ed. by W. K. Cutter noticed 107 

Mile-stones, early, leading from Boston, by S. 
A. Green noMced 308 

MILLEK, Robert B, Lyon memorial, vol. 8 
noticed 803 

MUton, Mass., tax rates 1074-1800, by J. A« 
lacker noticed 106 

Minerva, ship, passengers for Maryland 1774 

Missouri, University of, studies, social science 
series, vol. 2, no. 2 noticed 110 

MIXEB, Isaac, will 1042 277 

MOODT genealogy in preparation 202 

MOON, Dr, Robert C. Morris famUy of Phila- 
delphia, Pa., descendanu of Anthony, 
supplement noticed 3U4 

M0RH18 genealogy, descendants of Anthony, 
by U. C. Moon, supplement noticed 304 

MORRISON, Hugh Alexander Preliminary 
check Ust of American almanacs 1039^ 
1800, Library of Congress noticed 318 

MORTON genealogy, descendanu of Geo. of 
Plymouth, by J. K. Allen noticed 804 

Museums, historical, address, by J. F. Hunne- 
weii noticed 893 

NA80N, Emma Huntington Old colonial 

houses in Maine prior to 1770 noticed 210 

New England, magazines, chronological list. 

1743-18U0 by A. Matthews noticed 111 
New England Historic Genealogical Societv. 
address 1909, by J. P.Baxter ix 
charter Ixlx 
Committee on Collection of Records, report 

for 1908 xxil 
Committee on the Consolidated Index, re- 
port for 1906 xxiU 
Committee on English Research, report for 

190b XX 
Committee on Epitaphs, report for 1906 xxl 
Committee on Finance, report for 1906 xvlU 
Committee on Heraldry, report for 1906 xxl 
Committee to assist the Historian, report for 

Committee on Increase of Memberthip, re- 
port for 1906 ZXlT *^' 


Index of Subjects 

New Enxluid, ete. cont'd 
Comnuttee on Library, report for 1906 zriil 
Committee on Papers and EMajs, report for 

Committee on Publioatlons, report for 1006 

Committee on Sale of Pnblioatlont, report for 

1906 xxlU 
Corresponding Seeretarjr, report for 1906 

Coonetl report for 1906 ztI 
financial noeda Izx 
Aindt bud 

Historian, report for 1906 xliU 
Librarian, report for IW6 xxy 
Ubrarjr, donors, 1906 xxril 
memoirs xlr 
neoroiogy 1906 zliil 
officers 1900 ▼ 

prooeediugs 1008 96; 1900 xlU, 193, 296 
Treasurer, report for 1908 xxzvi 
Kew Hampsbire, General Association of Con- 
gregational fUurcbes, meeting 1908, min* 
utes noticed 1U8 
history and genealogy, ed. by E. 8. Steams 

noticed iOtt -j 
pnblic acts and resolves, Jan. 1909 noticed 
New Hampshire Home Missionary Society, 

107Ui annual report noticed 1U6 
New Windsor, N. Y., reoords of marriages of 

New i^giand men 1781-8 194 
New York Volanteers, 40th regiment, history, 

by F. C. Floyd noticed 312 
NEWLAND, Jeremy, administration of estate 

1696 Zi7 
Newport, B. I., records of births and deaths, 

1060-4 61 
NEWTON, John, notice Of fiunily 195 
Newton, Mass., Founders memorial, hospital, 
addresses at dedication of, 1W06 nolicea 
history 16:29-1800, with genealogical register, 
by F. JaciCBon noticed 309 
NICHOLS, Josephine Qenung and C, Abbe 
TownsvDd genealogy, descendants of 
John 174;t-l8:il notuid 306 
NICKEltbON genealogy in preparaUon 101 
Nobleboro, He., records in Journal of mder 
Phiueas Pillsbury 373 

Norfolk, Va., public library report 1909, with 

list uf bound newspapers in library nO' 

Hoed 890 
North Cai'olioa booklet, vol. 8, nos. 8 and 4 

noticed 310 
Northmen In America, by H. Hermannsson 

noticed 390 
NdTTlNG, Reo, John Keep Record of some 

descendants of John Kutting noticed 304 
NUTTING genealogy, descendants of John of 

Oroton, Mass. Xiy J. K. Cutting noticed 

Ohio Society of New York, 16th ed. 1900 no- 
ticed 310 

OJEDA, Tomas Tfuwer Los oonqulstadores de 
ChUe noMced 200 

OTIS, tiUed descendants, notice 299 

PAMPILLO, Peter, inrentory 1097 383 
Paper, fbr permanent reoords, durability and 
economy, U. S. I>ept. of Agrionlinre, re- 
port 89 noticed 393 
PARISH, RonceU John Parish of Qroton, 
Mait., and descendants 364 

PARISH genealogy, deteendanti of John of 

Qroton, Mass. 364 
PARKE genealoinrt femilies of Mass., by F. 8. 

PARKER, Beo, Dr, Edwin P. Apjpredatloii 

of Calvin Chapin of Rooky HUL Coniu 

noMccd 806 
Francis Jewett, memoir 267 
Zachariah, notice 296 
PARKINSON, Richard, statement conoemlai 

Geo. Washington noticed 307 
PARKMAN,Elias, record of flunUy 196 
PARKS, Front 8i/lvetter Genealogy of Parke 

families of Mass., noliced 304 
PARSONS, Gen. Lewis Baldwin, memohr no- 
ticed 207 
PARTRIDGE George Homer William Part- 
ridge of Medlieid, Mass., and descendant! 

90i noticed 206 
John, wUi 1048 2S3 

OUTcr, life, by A. B. Whipple noticed 386 
PARTRIDGE genealogy, descendants of Wm. 

of Medtteld, Mass. 90; by G. H.Ml^ 
./dlse noliced '^M e^ 

PASTOR! US, Francis Daniel, life, byH. D. 

Learned, with appreciation by S* 11^ 

Fennypacker noticed 306 ^ 

PATT1£N, E, B, Isaac Alierton, his connecMoa 

with Plymouth Colony noticed 200 
PATT£n genealogy, descendants of Wib. of 

Camoridge, uy T. W. Baldwin noticed 

103 » 
Pataxent, ship, passengers for Md. 1774 241 
PATSON, Rev. Phillips, memorial a^ 

L N. l«wls not/ced 3e9 
Peabody Historical Society, report, 1M7-6 no- 

ticed 310 ^. 

PECK, Ira BaUott, ftind ixxrii 
Thomas JieUowe Vital records of 

ham, Vt. to 1»46 noticed lOe 
PKCKHAM notes 198 
Pembroke, Mass., First church, history, I7D6- 

1908, by H. W . Litonneld noticed 111 
PJ£2iU ALLOW, Charlee Sherburne Reporter 

ComiBUtee on liUigliiiU Research xx 
Pennsylvania, Colonial Society of, ctiarter, 

ouustitution, etc, ivi>b noticed 110 

Pennsylvania History Club, pubUcaaons,Tol. 1 
noticed 310 

PENNYPAOKEii, Samuel Whitaker Appre- 
ciation ul Pasturiu^, in Litv, by M. D. 
Learned noticed 3U6 

PERKINS, Sarah Elliott, tribute to, by £. P. 
CunuiugUam noticed '^07 
Thomae A, Memorial sketches of the Calif, 
society ot the Sons of the American Rev- 
olutiou noticed 392 

Peterborough, N. U., East Hill epitaphs noticed 

Peters* Hill, Wenham, Bfass., memorial, dedl* 

catory exercises loos noticed 311 
Philadelpliia, Pa.,MoKlnley memorial, dedlca* 

lory exercises noticed 388 * 
PHILLIMORE, WilUam PhUlimore Watte 

F'amiiy of Mlddiemore, m. supplement 

noticed 204 

PHILLIPS, Nicholas, wife, note 296 
PICKENS, Gen. Andrew, record of AmUy 
196 ^^ 

Plgwacket battle, set LoveweU's fight 
PIKE, wilU, 1676-1784, note 101 
PILLSBURY, Phineai,|onma], extract* 373 
PINKERTON genealogy in preparation 203 

J5%dez of Subjects 


ftMt y, 9m Pyimey 
FTTTS, SaoMiel, inrentory lew 129 
PiBBter. thlp, paMeng«n for Va. 1774 16 
f LATT8. Tbonuit, Mooant with Thoe. Brtnt- 
nail IMS ». 

F^rmpton , MaM., MoeDtfnnla] e«lebration 1907, 

addre«8, by J. Sherman noticed 108 
PoBy, ahlp. paMengers for S. C. 1774 230 
POOLE, Mmray Edward History of Jan Van 

Cleef of New Utrecht, L. I. and deaoend- 

mnU noticed 300 
FOBTER, George Shepard, memoir by W. C. 

OHman notUtd 207 
BOtloe Ux 

Pordand. Me.. Wadaworth-Longflellow honie, 
^^Wrtory. by N. Ooold noHeed 106 
F06T, Hoyt, lineage, American notictd 207 
PHneeffa Carolina, ship, passengers for Jamaica 
1774 SS5 

Providence, R. I., first Baptist chor^, hlstor- 
le al catalogne, by H. iL King w)tic€d 211 
PIN NET and Tariants 

John, will 1601 41 

John, win ICI8 42 

John, win 1639 40 
PtXKKT, John, will 1629 89 
Fnorr, Edmnnd, wiU 1631 86 

RAKOALL, Robert, wlTOS, note 96 
RAWLT oMos BEAGLEY, Francis, wiU 1667 

RAT(E), John, will 1667 857 
FhllemoD, will 1610 368 
Rkbard. win 1610 366 
RSehard. wUI 1632 366 
RIehard. will 1637 367 
^fBOttd, win 1626 867 
READ aad Tarlants 
CkpHtM Frtneh Benjamin Franklin Sterens 

11: natkxd W7 
EOas. identity, notice 200 
nomas, wOl 1606 120 
Mmade, Bria, Gen, PhUip ffOdreih First 
gsneratton of name or HUdreth in Mid- 
dlesex oo., Mass., Richard Hildreth no- 

AUvMon Henry Myth of Ellas Read 

I eaptlTe returning to Zlon, narrative 
of RcT. J. WUllams, reprint «o«c«rf 206 

RBDIKGTON genealogy, descendants of John 
of Topvfleld, Mass., by C. M. R. Carter, 
ed. by Leach fioficed 804 

Reed, ass Read 

REXIKGTOK genealogy, descendants of Thos. 
of Snfleld, Conn. 178 ; by L. M. Dewey 
noticed 806 ' 

^•PobBcanjparty, genesis of, by D. W. Howe 

RXTKOLDS meeting of fhmily. New London, 

Conn., 1906 iM^iMd 806 
■bode Island, record commissioner, 18th an- 

nnal report noticed 390 
RICE, Pi^nklin Pierce Colonial records of 

MarlboroQgfa, Mass. 60,117,217 
Itefaard Fenn, ship, passengers for Fhlla., 1774 


RICHARDSON, Thomas, note 298 

Timothy, note 200 
RICHMOND, Capt. Edward, InTentory 1696 

227; administration of estate 1697 230 
RICKS genealogy, by G. 8. Riznoliocd 108 

^^^^^ S^^^^* descendants of Jas. of 
Snffleld, Conn. 838 

RIX, Guy Scoby History and genealogy of Dea. 
J^s. Eastman of Hadley, Mass. noUced 

History and genealogy of Ricks fiunlly of 
America noticed 103 ^^ 

BOBBINS, Lieut Jonathan, notice 288 
ROBINSON, John, wUl 1627 34 

Rockingham. Vt.,Tltal records to 1846. by T. 
B. Peck noticed 106 » / •»• 

RODOERS, Bamaby, win 1627 286 

^^* JS?i<S"810* ^^''*'"' Mitorical account 

ROWNING and tariants 

John, win 1640 860 

Thomas, wUl 1610 860 

Winiam, win 1661 359 
ROWKIHGB, AUs, wUl 1620 839 
RowiTTNOK, Thomas, wm 1610 858 
^^•^jCharlotte, ship, passengers for Jamaica 

Royal Sodeihr of Canada, proceedings and 

RUSSELL, John wUl 1696 77 
John, will 1696 128 
Mary Warren, fund Izzrii 

SAB.ny, Margaret. Inventory 1697 .%3 
WllUam, administration of esUte 1697 228 

®*' Kl^^^ church, historical sketch, by W. 
F. GaTet noticed 811 ^ * »J ^ • 

SALLFY, Alexander Samuei TenUtive roster 
r^A^ f*€l"l*°*i.8- C. Volunteers, Con- 
federate States ProTisional Army iloticed 

SaUy, ship, passengers for PhUa. 1774 860 
Sam, ship, passengers for PhHa. 1774 31 
SANDER genealogy, family of Cortland oo., 

N. Y. noticed 103 
SANFORD genealogy in preparation 208 

meetings of famUy 1907-6 noticed 206 
SANGER. Rot. Dr. Ralph, memoir, by F. 

Smith noticed 206 * ^ 

SANXAY, Theodore Frederic Sanzay famUy, 

descendants of Rev. Jaques noticed 104 
SANZAT genealogy, descendants of Rev. 

Jaques, by T.F.Sanxay noticed 104 - 
SAUNDERS, Rev. E. M, Rev. John WiswaU, 

loyaUst noticed 206 
Tobias, notice 198 
SAVART, JiR^e Alfred WiUiam CoL David 

Manning's narrative of exploits as loyal- 

1st of N. C, with notes noticed 106 
SAWYER, Samuel ElweU, Aind IxzvU 
SCARLETT, Anne, win 1664 279 

Margaret, wUl 1616 278 
Scituate, Mass., Second church records 16tf- 

1860 noticed 391 
vital records to 1860 noticed 312 
SEABORNE, Francis, wUl 1666 360 
8ELDEN genealogy In preparation 801 
SEVER, Anne Elisabeth, ftind IxxvUi 
Sharon, Mass., vital records to 1860, by T. W. 

Baldwin noticed 211 


Index of Subjects 

8HAW, John, will lOM 181; aooomit of ex- 

ecatrixl697 330 
8HEAFE f^enealogy In preparation 301 

SHELDON, Choroe Fort Andent, Ohio noticed 

SHEPARD, Thomaa, writlngt, by A. HcF. 
Dariifwiiced 388 
writinflrs, hints of oontemporarT lift in, by 
A. MoF. Dayls noticed 100 • 
SHERMAN, John Historical address at 200th 
anniyersary of Plympton, 1007 noticed 
Sibelia. ship, passengeri for Md. 1774 234 
SLADE genealogy in preparation 101 
SLAFTER, Edmund FarwcII, Aind Ixxlx 
Slavery at Groton, Mass., In proTindal times, 

by 8. A. Green noticed 800 
SLOCUM, Charlea BUhu History of the SIo- 

euros 1637-1908, rol. 2 noticed 205 
SLOCUM genealogy, by C. E. Slocum, roL 2 

noticed 20^ 
SMITH and variants 
Caroline and J. A New Hampshire farm and 

its ownernoMced 810 
Frank Biographical sketch of residents of 
Dover, who toolc part in the wars noticed 
Memoir of David Henry Brown noticed 105 
Ralph Sangernofioad 206 
William Tavern, Dover, Mass. noticed 209 
George Pluroer, ftind Ixxviii 
John, letter to Joshna BoflTbrn 1600 109 
John, administration of estate 1694 827 
John, account of executor 1606 133 
Jonathan and C. A New Hampshire farm 

and its owner noticed 310 
X. Bertrand Jesse Smith, hli ancestors and 

descendants 386 
May A. (Carp) Eleaxer Cary funlly noticed 
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Index of Subjects 


8ULUyAlf,BtolMrd,Mtloe taciii 

niTBR, Jtaf. John W. Sermon In Record of 

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of MeM. 1007-8 noKeatf S92 
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D. Andrews noNctd tO» 
TKBBBL*:., Edm^ B. FnHher cenealofloal 

nof» on Tjrrell-Terrell funilr of Va. iio- 

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and Ann& Noble noHoMl 206 
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Beport of Committee on Sale of Pnblioa- 
ttoni xzlU 
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TODIK Tkom^ The Todds. The Wbeelen et 
Id irenoa omne noHctd 887 
WSliam Cleayet, ftind IxxtIU 
TODDraealofleal record, by T. Todd noticed 

TOPLIFF, Qeorge Trandt, notice 1 
TOWKE, William Blanehard, memorial ftind 

TOWNSEND cenealnffy, deteendants of John 

1743-182^ by C. Abbe A J. G. Kidholt 

nct*ted 306 
tn prcf>aration 202 
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B. C. Steams noticed 106 
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TBEATfbnd Ixxx 

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TUCKRR, Henry, wUl, accoant of executor 

lOM 80 
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WBB8TBB genealogy in preparation 202 


Jbidex of Subjects 

WEEKBS, BfhA L9ga- Tbtt ofaiiroli-w«rdeiii> 
•oeoontf of Soath Tswton, pt. 8 no4*eed 

WELCH, Cbarlei Alfred, notioo U 
WHALE, John, will KKW 85 
JonM, wtU 1621 88 

WHEATON, Robert, will 1008 88 
WHEELER. OUtM Genealogy of branoh of the 

Wheelers noticed IM 
WHEELER genealogical record, by T. TOdd 

notiMd 387 
genealogy, deecendanta of Geo. of Conoord, 

Matt., by G.Wheeler noticed IM 
WHIPPLE, Bw, Aldtn B. OUyer Partridge 

noticed 388 
WHITAKER, Rev, Dr. George Hlttorical ad- 
dress at semicentennial of 1st M. E. 

ohnroh, Somerrille, Mass. 1908 moUeed 

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8amael,note 881 
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N. u., 1806, commemoration iioMced 807 
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erson DaTis, address noKced 208 
WICKWARE genealogy in preparation 208 
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WILCOX, Owen y. History of family of Be^J. 

Snow noticed 104 
WILLBERFORCE, B, and W. C, DewnUng 

genealogy of the Downing family notieod 

William and Elisabeth, ship, patsengert for 

Boston 1774 842 
WILLLAM8, Be9, John Redeemed eaptiTe re- 
turning to Zion, reprint noticed 206 
Joseph, administration of estate 1096 82 
Samnel, wiU 1097 881 
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Hayerhill, Portland, and Boston, 2d ed. 
w>ticed 206 

WILLIS genealogy, by P. Willif, 2d ad. notfosd 

Winchendon, Matt., rital records to 1849 Wh 

ticed 812 
Windham, N. H^ records 1719-82, ed. by G. W. 

Browne noticed 809 
WINTHROP, Robert Charles, ftind Ixziz 
WISWALL, Rer. John, memoir, by E. M. 

Saunders noticed 208 
WITHBRSPOON, Dr. John^onemoria) noticed 

WODELL, WllUam, will 1698 828 
WOOD, firumner (7iZ6ertTarems andtnmptkes 

of Blandford 1733-1838 noticed 208 
William, inyentory 1697 228; estate. dlTi- 

slon of, 1887 231 
WOODBBRT, Isaac, administration ofeetala 

1897 81,388 
WOODMAN, Cyras, ftind bodx 
WOODS, Charles Bruce, record of flunily 197 
Daniel, note 289 
Benry Emett Report of Conunittee on 

Heraldry xzi 
Twenty-flrst report on public records of par* 

Ishes, towns, and counties of Mast, no* 

ticed 818 
Nathaniel, notice 294 
Thomas, note 289 
WOODWARD, Frank Bmeet Report of Com- 
mittee on Increase of Membership XZiT 
WORTHINGTON, Round, notice IriU 
WTMAN, Seth, notice 292 
Wyoming (Pa.), Commemorative Association, 

proceedings at 130th annirersary of bat- 
tle 1908 noticed 109 

TALE, Itodnei^ Bormoe Tale genealogy and 
history of Wales noticed 806 

TALE genealogy, by R. H. Tale noticed 800 

Tale Unirerslty, class of 1858, fifth biographical 
record noticed 311 

Tork CO., Me., deeds, bk. 16 noticed 109 
records of marriages 1771-94 167; noHeed 

Tork Packet, ship, passengers for N. T. 1774 

1« --r «- 



. f 

I i :.t '1 !.«■ .I'-'. .1 iW -t.t 'l'. ii- t. :^ 'i * 't 

, . . i the M;i'^ t" ^^ '^' li'^'*- •*>' *•• '* '*" '^ '' '^ 
.i , tain M-.M (,] In !>;:'', -'i^^i i^' »'^-'' " " 
..,.-,"t:on -it tilt' Im.lcI'^'^ U'lirl. N 1'.->1, -: 

\v t> ;..t' 



JANUARY, 1909 

By Chables Fbbnoh Read, Esq. 

Benjamin Franklin Stevens, the third child and second son 
of Benjamin and Matilda (Sprague) Stevens, was bom at the comer 
of Wadiington (then Orange) and Pine Streets, Boston, March 6, 

Benjamin Stevens, the father, a native of Boston, was the son of 
Benjamin Stevens, who was bom in Braintree, and Anna Brazier 
his wife, who was bom in Boston. He was engaged for some years 
in mercantile affairs in Boston and was a member of the Common 
Council in 1828, and of the House of Representatives from 1833 to 
1835. In 1836 he was appointed Sergeant at Arms of the Legis- 
lature, and continued in that office until 1859, a period of twenty- 
three years. He was also connected with the masonic fraternity. 
He died at his home on Pinckney Street, Boston, February 10, 1865, 
at the age of seventy-five years. 

The wife of Benjamin Stevens was Matilda, daughter of Samuel 
and Joanna (Thayer) Sprague of Boston. She was bom in Boston 
November 18, 1796, and died there October 27, 1881, in the eighty- 
fifth year of her age. She was a descendant of William Sprague 
who, coming from England, settled in Hingham, Mass., in 1636. 
Her father, Samuel Sprague, who was a citizen of Boston, partici- 
pated in the Boston Tea Party in 1773, and was also a soldier of the 
Revolution. He took part in the siege of Boston, and was later in 
the battles of Trenton and Princeton. 

Benjamin Franklin Stevens, when a young child, attended school 
for four years at the comer of Washington and Castle Streets, where 
the Columbia Theatre now stands, his teacher at this time being Miss 
Taft. He then attended various schools at the South End untU 1835 
when, the family having removed to the West End, he became a 
pupil at the Mayhew School located on Hawkins Street. He grad- 
uated at this school in 1836, and in 1839 completed the course 
of instmction at the English High School, situated on Pinckney 
Street. The head master, when young Stevens graduated, was the 


12 .. .••/*.: \'B^j<ifnin Franklin Stevens [Jan. 

ilifltiiignfeEed teacher Thomas Sherwin, then at the beginning of hi« 
•long service of thirty-two years in that capacity. We can readily 
believe that Mr. Stevens often thought in later years, with hundreds 
of other graduates of the school, that Mr. Sherwin's high moral 
character and profound scholarly attainment had done much to pre- 
pare him for his subsequent successful business career. Young 
Stevens after graduation entered the employ of Hosmer and Tappan, 
hardware merchants, and remained with this firm and with Zelotes 
Hosmer, who continued the business, for a period of four years. In 
this connection it is interesting that the store of Hosmer and Tappan, 
which was on Milk Street, was within a stone's throw of the site of 
the imposing edifice in which for the last thirty-five years of his life 
Mr. Stevens's offices were located. 

In 1843 he entered the United States Navy as a captain's clerk, 
and remained in that position for three years. He was attached to 
the frigate Constitution^ then commanded by the distinguished naval 
officer Capt. John Percival, familiarly called by his sailors " Mad 
Jack," on account of his eccentricities. 

Mr. Stevens sailed over fifty thousand miles in the ship, and made 
cruises to many foreign ports during his term of service. He visited 
the Azores, Madeira, Teneriffe, Rio de Janeiro, Madagascar, Mozam- 
bique, Zanzibar, Singapore, Borneo, China, Manila and Hono- 
lulu. He arrived early in the year 1846 at San Francisco, then a 
small village and belonging to Mexico. The ship remained for 
three months at Monterey, at that period also Mexican, in antici- 
pation of war. From there a voyage was made to Valparaiso, 
Chile, and thence around Cape Horn to Rio de Janeiro, where the 
news was received that the war with Mexico had begun. Continu- 
ing home, the Constitution arrived at Boston September 27, 1846. 

It was natural, as the Constitution was Mr. Stevens's home for 
three years, that he should have become deeply interested in the his- 
toric ship which had been the glory of the United States navy in the 
War of 1812, and in the famous men who commanded her in war 
and peace. Their heroic deeds inspired him, and for the remainder 
of his long life the names especially of Isaac Hull, Edward Preble 
and Stephen Decatur were to him as household words. 

On April 9, 1847, soon after attaining his twenty-third birthday, 
]Mr. Stevens was elected Secretary of the New England Mutual Life 
Insurance Company of Boston, and as his connection with the com- 
pany was terminated only by his death, more than sixty years later, 
and as during this time he witnessed the development of the com- 
pany's business almost from its inception to its present great volume, 
the following summary will be of interest. 

The New England Mutual Life Insurance Company was chartered 
in 181^5 and was the first one in this country authorized to do a mu- 
tual life insurance business. Financial conditions, however, delayed 

1909] Benjamin Franklin Stevens 13 

lis org«nization until almost the close of the year 1843, and its first 
policy was issued early in 1844. At the close of the year 1907 the 
company had issued nearly seventy-six thousand policies^ and the 
amount insured was about one hundred and seventy-nine millions of 
dollars. ^Tien Mr. Stevens became Secretary of the company in 
1847 its business was conducted in two small offices in State Street. 
To-day the company^s building on Milk Street, erected after the 
great fire of 1872, together with the land on which it stands, is 
valued by the City of Boston at about one and a half million of dol- 

After a service as Secretary for seventeen years, Mr. Stevens was 
dected Vice-President of the company in 1864, and in the following 
y«ur he was elected its President, succeeding in that office Hon. 
Willard Phillips, who had been the one most active in the organiza- 
tion of the company and its President for twenty-two years. 

On April 9, 1897, the officials and general agents of the Company 

rered to commemorate the fiftieth anniversity of the beginning of 
Stevens's connection with it. The honored guest of the occasion 
made an extended address which was filled with the memories of half a 
century. He was presented with a silver loving cup of appropriate 
design, and many beautiftd flowers. 

Mr. Stevens was for many years a prolific contributor to the press 
of his native city. In early life he wrote many book notices and 
theatrical criticisms for the Boston Daily Atlas ; in his later years, 
having developed an intense love for the interesting local history of 
Boston, his articles in the Boston Saturday Evening Qazette were 
a source of pleasure for many years to a host of readers. 

He served in only one political office. He was a member of the 
Boston Common Council in 1855 and from 1865 to 1866, repre- 
senting ward 6. He became a freemason in 1855, when he was pro- 
posed by his father for initiation in Columbian Lodge, F. and A. 
M. In 1861, when Aberdour Lodge was organized, largely from 
members of Columbian Lodge, Mr. Stevens was appointed its first 
secretary. He was also a member of St. Paul's Eoyal Arch Chap- 
ter, and St. Bernard Commandery, Knights Templars. 

Mr. Stevens was interested in the social and business club life of 
Boston, as weU as in its historical societies. He was a member of the 
Temple Club (the first organized in Boston) at the time of its dis- 
bandment, and of the Union Club. He was also a member of the 
Merchants' Club, serving as its president for two years, the Bunker 
Hill Monument Association, and the Bostonian Society. In the 
latter organization Mr. Stevens was especially interested, owing to its 
study of the history of Boston, which appealed to him. Some years 
■gu he gave to the Society a steel portrait of the American naval 
hero John Paul Jones, which he discovered in a London print shop. 
It 10 now conceded that this portrait is not only interesting but ex- 

14 Hamiltona of North Yarmouth^ Me. [Jan. 

tremely rare. He also presented to the Society in 1890 a steel 
portrait of Capt. Isaac HuU, which was engraved from the Stuart 
portrait painted in 1813. 

Mr. Stevens was elected a life member of the New England His- 
toric Genealogical Society, June 1, 1870. 

Many years ago he became interested in the wonderful power of 
that eminent Bostonian, Phillips Brooks, and as a consequence Trinity 
Church, of which Dr. Brooks was rector from 1869 to 1891, was Mr. 
Stevens's church home. He retained a pew there until his death, and 
was glad to count among his friends Phillips Brooks and the two 
distinguished clergymen who succeeded him as rector of the parish. 

Benjamin FranJklin Stevens and Catherine, daughter of the late 
Ezra Lincoln, were married in Boston on June 26, 1850, by the 
Rev. Andrew L. Stone, pastor of Park Street Church, and four 
children were bom of the marriage. Mr. Stevens's widow and only 
daughter, Mrs. Helen L. Jordan, survive him. 

After an illness of several months Mr. Stevens died at his residence, 
91 Pinckney Street, Boston, April 10, 1908, in the eighty-fifth year 
of his age. His ftmeral took place in Trinity Church, the service 
being read by the Rev. Alexander Mann, D.D., rector of the parish. 
Interment was made in the family lot in Forest Hills Cemetery. 


By Miss Emilt Wilder Lbatitt, of Boston 

1. John* Hamilton of Great Chebeague and North Yarmouth, with 
lus wife, Betty (Chandler), owned an estate at Walnut Hill, North Yar- 
mouth. He died about 1767. 

Children, baptized in the First Church at North Yarmouth : 
1. John,' bapt. Nov. 11, 1731 ; d. young. 
2. li. John, bapt. Sept. 28, 1733. 
8. ill. Ambrose, bapt. July 21, 1736. 

iv. Rowland, bapt. Nov. 7, 1737; m. (1) Elizabeth Gushing; m. (2) 
Mrs. Mary Honey ford. 

2. John' Hamilton {John}) resided at North Yarmouth, and lived to 

be over eighty years of age ; married Mary Mason. 
Children : 

i. WiLLLiM,' b. July 3, 1762 ; m. Bachel Lufkln. 

li. Mary, b. In 1769 ; d. young. 

ill. John, b. July, 1770; bapt. July 4, 1770. 

iv. Mary, bapt. Nov. 10, 1771 ; m. Isaac Morton. 

V. Sarah, bapt. June 5, 1774 ; m. Joshua Mitchell. 

vi. Rachel, bapt. Oct. 12, 1777. 

vli. Jonas, bapt. July 22, 1781. 

3. Ambrose* Hamilton (Johri^) resided for the greater part of his life 

at Great Chebeague; married, April 28, 1763, Deborah Soule. 

1909] Hamiltona of North Yannouthj Me. 15 


1. BinTY,» b. July 1, 1768 ; d. Oct. 2, 1767. 
U. Ann, b. Nov. 28, 1764. 

ill. John, b. Mar. dO, 1766 ; settled at Cumberland. 
Iv. Deborah, b. Aug. 26, 1767. 
V. Ambrose, bapt. Aug. 12, 1770; was In Cumberland. 
4. vl. Rowland, bapt. June 7, 1772. 
tU. Jenny, bapt. May 22, 1774. 
vlU. Jonathan, bapt. June 9, 1776. 
ix. James, bapt. Sept. 6, 1778. 
X. Dorcas, bapt. May 14, 1780. 
xi. Ltdia, bapt. June 5, 1785. 
xlL Lemxtel, bapt. Oct. 12, 1788. 

4. EowLAND* Hamilton (Ambrotey^ John}) finally removed to Cousin's 
Island; married first, June 6, 1768, Mrs. Elizabeth Cushing of Fal- 
mouth; married secondly, June 1, 1780, Mrs. Mary Honeyford 

Child by first wife : 
i John.* 

Children by second wife : 

il. Rachel, bapt. July 29, 1781. 

Ui. Mart, bapt. July 29, 1781. 

iv. Jacob, bapt. Nov. 10, 1782. 

V. Anna, bapt. Aug. 8, 1784. 

The church records give John,* son of Rowland* Hamilton by his first 
wife, as having three daughters baptized in 1781 ; but evidently there is an 
error here, as that John could not have been bom until 1769, and so would 
have been but twelve years of age in 1781. 

Marriagei in North TarmotUh. 
John Hamilton married, Nov. 23, 1793, Elizabeth Clarke of New 
Gloucester, Me., who died Mar. 16, 1858 ; had several children. 
John Hamilton, jun., married, Dec. 2, 1790, Anna Sawyer.* 
John Hamilton, 3d, married, Oct. 3, 1795, Hannah Gould, who was in 
the covenant with the church in Portland.* 

John Hamilton, 4th, of North Yarmouth, married at Gray, Me., in 1804, 
Susannah Porter of Gray, who was bom in 1785. He died before 1812. 
On Feb. 4, 1825, the dower estate of Mrs. Susannah Hamilton, relict of 
John Hamilton, after her decease, was divided into ten parts, and to each of 
her hem was set off one tenth part. Those who signed receipts were : 
Charles Barbour Hamilton of North Yarmouth, mariner, 
Hayinah Hamilton of Lisbon, Me., 
Amos and Sally Higgins of Lisbon, 
Samuel and Betty Ramsdell of Lisbon, 

John Hamilton of North Yarmouth, Garland, ind Gray, Me.,t 
Rowland Hamilton, of Garland in 1826, of North Yarmouth in 1836. 
The estate was bounded on the north-east by land belonging to Joseph 
Low ; on the north-west by the Gray line ; on the south-west by land of 
Sylvanus Hamilton ; on the south-east by the town road. 

* Were these two marriages of the same John Hamilton ? 

tWas this last John Hamilton a son of Bowland, or of John who was bom in 1733 ? 
Or whose son was he ? 


Emigrants from England 









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EmigranU from England 






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18 Emigrants from England [Jan. 





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1909] Emigrants from England 1$ 

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Emigrants from England 










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22 Emigrants from England [Jan. 




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Emigrants from England 


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Emigrants from England 


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Emigrants from England 


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32 Genealogical Research in England [Jan. 


Transcribed by Miss Elxzabbth Fbbnoh, and communicated by the Committee od 

English Research 

[Continaed from Vol. 61, page 386} 

The Will of Bettebis Kat of Wooborae in the Comity of Bedford, 
widow, late wife of Victer Kay of Woobome, 19 March 1641. To be 
buried in the church of Woobome near my husband. To eon-in-law Lyonell 
Tayler £10. To daughter Jane Tayler £20. To grandchild Betteris Wflls, 
wife of John Wells £20. To grandchild Edward Tayler £30. To grand- 
child Jane Tayler at age of twenty-one, £30. To grandchildren Symond 
Tayler, Barbara Lawrence, wife of Anthonye Lawrence, and Catherine 
Tayler, 20 marks each. Always providing that if the said Lyonell Tay- 
ler do not pay money owing to the testatrix, that all l^acies. to Lyonell 
and Jane his wife, Bettris Wells, Edward Tayler, Jane Tayler, Symon 
Tayler, Barbara Lawrence and Catherine Tayler shall be void. To daugh* 
ter Elizabeth Purcas £20. To grandchild Elizabeth Wilkinson, wife of Mr. 
John Wilkinson, £20, a bedstead that was bought of Sparhawke, etc 
To daughter Sara Brace £20, the '^brasen'' andirons mentioned in her 
father's will, the chair bought of William Scarbrowe, etc. To grand- 
child Betteris Joyce the wife of Thomas Joyce, clerk, £20. To grand- 
child Thomas Brace £20. To grandchildren Sarah Brace and Mary Brace 
at age of twenty-one, £30 each. To grandchild Daniell Brace at age of 
twenty-one £40. To grandchild Robert Kay £100 and, according to my 
late husband's direction, the old Bible, etc. Provided said Robert before 
two years pay a note of £200 dated 22 November 1636 due to Charles 
Whichcote of London, merchant, and for which I stand surety. To grand- 
child Elizabeth Sparrowe £100. To grandchild Mary Ray [so in the orig- 
inal, Kay in the copy in the P. C. C] at age of twenty-one, £100. "ifi^ 
son-in-law William Ellmer a piece of plate. To my great-grandchildren 
which shall be bom at the time of my death, to each of them at age of 
twenty-one, £5. To the poor of Woobome 20«. To my kinswoman Luke 
[«c] Godfrey and to her children* the sum of £10, to be divided amongst 
diem and to be paid within one year after my decease, if it be demanded. 
To daughter-in-law Cowley 408. To goddaughter Betteris Welles, daugh- 
ter of John Wells, at age of twenty-one £5. To Joane Savadge, my daugh- 
ter Brace's maid, 40s. All residue to loving son-in-law Daniell Brace and 
unto my daughter Sara wife of the said Daniell, they to be executors. 
[Signed] The mark of Beatrice Kay. Witnesses: Edmund Slingesby, 
Thomas Brace and John CoUman. Proved in April 1642. (Archdeaconry 
of Bedford.) 

['^ My kinswoman Luke Grodfrey " mentioned in the above wiU refers to 
Sf^ah, the wife of William Grodfrey of Watertown. She died some time 
previous to the making of this will, and the 22 June 1648 her husband 
" W™ Godfrey of Watertowne in N : England Guardian unto John his 
Sonne & Sarah his late wife, did make &c : M' Antonie Lawrence of Lon- 
don linnen Dnq). at the hoaxes head in gracious streete his tme ds lawfull 
Att' : &c : to aske &c : of the Executo'* of the last will & testament of M^ 
Key of Woobome in Bedfordshire deceased a certaine legacie of ten pounds 

* This claase shonld probably read: To my kinswoman late Oodfrejtber child- 
ren, etc. 

1909] Genealogical Research in England 33 

bequeathed unto John his sonne,*' etc (Aspinwall's Notarial Records, p. 
132.) E. F,] 

The will of Morgan Holmak of Barwicke in the parish of Swyer, 
County Dorset, gent, 6 June 1614. To be buried in the church of Swyer 
near mj mother. To sister Anne Waye a piece of gold. " Whereas I 
hould by lease dated the first daye of November in the ffourth yeare of the 
raigne of o' said sovraigne Lord the kings Ma^ of the Graunt of the right 
hoDoamble the Earle of Bedforde the ffarme and Demesnes of Barwicke 
with app'tennce for the tearme of ffowe score and nyneteene yeares deter- 
nunable upon my life and the lives of my wife and Robte my sonne " — 
out of this estate my will b to provide and raise portions and maintenance 
for wife and children. And for that purpose said wife to have certain rooms 
in dwelling house and one annuity of £40 to be paid out of the rent of the 
said farm for life. To sons John Holman, Morgan Holman, and Thomas 
Holman, and to daughter Ann £100 each, these several legacies to be 
raised by executors out of said farm of Barwicke and to be paid to said 
duldren at their several ages of one and twenty years or days of marriage, 
which shall first happen severally, if my said estate in the said farm slmll 
cantinoe until the same portions may be ndsed. Robte Holman my eldest 
son shall pay unto my said children, John Holman, Morgan Holman, Thomas 
Hdman and Ann Holioan £50 apiece at their several ages of one and 
twenty years. The remainder of said estate in the said farm of Barewicke, 
the children's portions being raised and ^' wives " annuities being paid as 
'^{owresaid " unto son Robte Holman, provided that said children shall be 
fared up and maintained out of the profits of my said farm until they shall 
have attained their several ages of one and twenty years or be placed abroad 
ID service. If son Robte slmll happen to die in the life time of said wife, 
then the residue of sons living shall have the residue of said estate in the 
aaid farm then to come equally between them. To said son John the lease 
of the tithes of certain parcells of land, meadow and pasture belonging to 
the free chapel of St. Lukes, which I lately purchased of Nicholas Darbye, 
Lowrence and Roger Darbye, for so long time as shall incur in the life of 
flttd son John, and if he shall happen to die before the expiration of the said 
term then the remainder to s^d sons Morgan and Thomas equally to be 
divided between them ; executors to take the tithes until said son John shall 
attain unto the age of one and twenty years. To brother William Holman 
a gelding colt. Residue of estate to executors towards the payment of 
debts and performance of Will. Loving brother William Holman, brother- 
in-law John Odber and cousin Humfrey Jolyff of Dorchester executors. 
Brothers-in-law Mr. Robte Odber and Mr. Thomas Byshopp overseers. 
[Signed] Morgan Holman. Witnesses : Henrie Wair Jun, Richard Davidge 
s^ttum^ Sampson Miller signum, Richard Jacob als Bea^an. Proved 19 
April 1623 by Wm Holman, John Odber and Humfrey JoUiffe. (P. C. C, 
Svann, 33.) 

[^'l? (9) 1647. John Holman of Dorch: gent, hath made &c: M' 
Tbo : Bishop of Bredport in the Count Dorset merch^ his true & lawfull 
Act^ : to aske & receive all such Rents as are or shalbe due unto him out 
of Barwick fferme in the parish of Swyer in Dorsetshire by vertue of the 
kftt win &c of Morgan Holman his ffather deceased." (Aspinwall Notarial 
Beccrdsy p. 104.) The following pedigree from the Visitation of Dorset of 
1623 shows the relationship between the Holman and Bishop families, and 
OM&ates that Henry Holman was the father of Morgan Holman the testa- 
tor, and grandfather of John Holman the emigrant to New England.] 


Genealogical Research in England 


Harl. 1166, fo. 4 
Willm Bishop of Chilcomb in com Dorset^. 

. da. of . 

. Coward. 

Jonn Bishop of Chilcomb filias & heressElinor da. of Hump. Watkins of HoUwell in 
I com. Dorset. 



Tho. Bishop of WimdonaAlicia da. of Hen. Hamphry BishopaJoane, da. ofjElichard 


in com. Som*set 2 son 

Holman of Bar- 
wick in com. 

Morgan George Willm Joh 

7iUm Jonn 

com. Dorset 
Armiger» filias 
et lueres, letat 

Amy, 2 da. JoneaJohn Stone 
fetat22 ofNether- 

bery in 

Martin of Kingston 
Russell in com. 

Alice mar. |o Elinor mar. to Edith mar. to Marget mar. to Bichard Martin Jonn 

Abry in 
in com. 

John May- 
how of 
in com. 

Robt. Hol- 
man in 
com. Dor- 

Arthure Cole 
of Ham 
Presto in 
com. Dorset 






John Bishop of ChilcombBElizab. da. of Fran, 
in com. Dorset 7 sonne I Hawley of Auler 
set 35, 1623 | in com. Som^set 

8 Sonne 

filius et 
let 11, 

2 John 

8 ffran. 


4 George 
let 4 


6 Willm 


1 Joane 


2 Elizabeth 

3 Jane 

[Signed] John Bishopp. 

[Humphrey Joliffe, one of the executors of the above will of Morgan 
Holman, was an associate of Rey. John White of Dorchester, England, in 
a commercial adventure to New England, 1623-1628. See Register, vol. 
61, p. 278. For pedigree of Joliffe, taken from Visitation of Dorset 1628, 
see Waters's Gleanings, p. 262. J. 6. Babtlbtt.] 

The will of John Robinson of << Mappsall [Meppershall] in co. Bedd. 
ffarryer," 1 November 1627. Body to Uie churchyard of Mappsall. To 
eldest son Edward Robinson shops at now dwelling house with all the tools, 
etc., and £5. 8s. To other son John Robinson £10 at age of one and 
twenty years. To oldest daughter Mary wife of Edward Manning of 
Gravenhurst 5s, To second daughter Judith, third daughter Anne, fourth 
daughter Alice, and fifth daughter Joane, £20 each when they shall seve- 
rally come to the age of one and twenty years. To loving wife Katherine 
all messuage or tenement wherein I now dwell except before excepted, 
with all the profit, commodities and appurtenances to the same belonging, 
with a dose of arable land called Whittakers by estimation four acres, to 
have and to hold [etc.] if she keep herself a widow. To son Edward and 
his heirs the said messuage or tenement with the said dose called Whittakers 
after the decease or marriage of said wife Katherine, upon condition that 
he or his heirs or executors pay unto other son John, lus heirs or assigns, 
the sum of £40 within one year next after the decease of said wife. If 
said Edward shall have no lawful children, on his death the said John or 
his heirs to have the said messuage or tenement with the said dose. All 
the residue of goods chattels and miplements of household whatsoever unbe- 

1909] Oenealogical Ruearch in England 35 

qaeath«df to Baid wife Eatherme, she to be executrix. Brother-in-law 
Henry Eaden of PoUoxhill in Bedford, yeoman, overseer. [Signed] The 
markof John Bobinscm. Witnesses : Geo : Noble and Matt : Hare. I^roved 
20 November 1627. (Archdeaconry of Bedford.) 

['' 17. (8) 1650. John Robinson of Haverhill in N. £. granted a tre 
Attn' to Robert Pike Salisbnry in N : E : to receive a certaine legacie given 
him by John Robinson of Mapursall in Ck)untie of Bedford Blacksmith his 
lather.'* (Aspinwall, Notarial Records, p. 328.) This was probably the 
legacy due on the death of his mother. Her will has not been found, either 
in the Archdeaconry of Bedford or the P. C. C.) E. F.] 

The Will of John Whale " nowe of the parish of St. Mary the Virgin 
at the walles of the Towne of Colchester in the County of Essex and mo- 
oes of London, yeoman, being somewhat arrased in body " etc., 21 March 
1608. To sister Johan Biscoe £40. Unto the now wife of Philemon Whale 
my brother £20. To Jonas Whale, son of the said Philemon my brother, 
£200. To Henry Whale, son of my said brother Philemon, £200. To 
Philemon Whale, (me other of the sons of the said Philemon my brother, 
£66. 138. 4d. at age of one and twenty years or day of marriage. To 
Mary Whale, daughter of the said Philemon my brother, one ^' hundreth " 
marks at the age of nineteen years or day of marriage. Also to Elizabeth 
Whale, one other of the daughters of the said Philemon my brother, one 
^ hundreth " marks at the age of nineteen years or day of marriage. To 
[name omitted] Ingram, the first bom child of Sara Ingram my niece, the 
sum of £10 at day of marriage or at the age of nineteen years. To Mr. 
Thomas Waldgrave of Elmeswell 10s. To Mr. John Waldegrave of Bures 
St. Mary in Suffolk lOs. To Mr. Danyell Syday the elder, of Bures afore- 
said, 10s. To Mr. Thomas Highams wife the elder, now or late of Nither- 
monfoid, 20s. To Anthony Colman of Wandringfeild 10s. To Mr. Edward 
Shelton of Bures St. Marys 20s. To Anne Chitter alias Potter of Bures 
20s. To Elizabeth the dau^ter of the said Anne 20s. at age of nineteen 
years or at the day of marriage. To William ffissher the '^ yonger " late 
of Bures 20s. at the s^ of mneCeen years. To Joane Priestman of Col- 
chester widow 20s. To William Grome (of which child Joane Priestman 
is grandmother) 20s. at age of nineteen years. To Robert Wildes of Sud- 
bury in Suffolk 20s. To godchildren John Tue, and ffrauncis Johnson of 
Buree, 20s. each. To my fellow servants unto the right worshipful Sir 
William Waldegrave 408. To every of the servants of Joane Biscoe my 
sister as follow^h, Rachell Wade 10s., Barbara Mytch 5s., and to Hiury 
Lowcock 5s. To each of the poor people inhabiting within the town of 
Colchester 10s. To Laurence Leede 5s. To M'^ Elizabeth Waldgrave, 
daughter of Mr. Thomas Waldgrave, 10s. To S' William Waldgrave my 
Master £100 of the money which he oweth unto me. And to S' William 
Walgrave the younger 40s. To the Lady Walgrave, the said Sir William 
the younger his ^^waef," 40s. To the Lady Cooke my said master's 
daughter 408. To Sir Edward Cooke son of the said Lady Cooke 208. To 
^ my Ladie Bockingham " my master's daughter 408. To M^ Anne Wald- 
grave my master's dau^ter 40s. To Mr. Henry Waldgrave my master's 
•on 40s. To Mr. Thomas Waldegrave my master's son 408. To Mr. 
firauncis Waldegrave my master's son 40s. which he oweth me. To M^ 
Arice Bockingham 208. To Mr. Stephen Bockingham 20s. To S' Thomas 
Bockingham 40s. I do nominate and appoint M' Robert Wade, Alderman 
of Ccdchester, and my brother Philemon Whale and William Hudson of 
SudiLe iuxta Nayland my executors, and William ffissher late of Bures St« 

86 Genealogical Research in England [Jan. 

Mary the supervisor of the same. To brother Philemon I give £40. To 
William Hudson I give other £20. To supervisor £5. If my sister 
Joane die before she receive her portion, then I will the same portion 
unto James Biscoe her husband, if he shall then be living. To Richard 
Mason, Mathewe Browne the elder, ffrauncis George, John Whale, and 
John Broman, lOs. each. To James Cadman my cloake, to my brother 
Philemon my nag now standing in my Sbter Biscoe's stable. To William 
Peper my prayer book, to goodman Biscoe my fustian doublet, to goodman 
Dickson my fustian hose. [Signed] John Whale. Witnesses: James 
Cadman, John Dyxon, Williwn Pepper, Richard Mason. Proved 4 May 
1609 by Robert Wade, Philemon Whale and Wilhelm Hudson. (P. C. C, 
Dorset, 39.) 

The Will of Jonas Whale of Chickney in County Essex, cler., 23 
April 1621. Body to be buried in the church of Chickney. Estate 
to wife ffrancis and ^ve children during her widowhood, and if it hap- 
pen that said wife shall marry then the estate to be divided into two 
parts, one part to fiPrancis my wife, the other to be equally divided among 
my five children, to be put into the hands of my trusty and faithful friends 
John Chadwicke of Broxten [«tc] clerk, and Robert Newman of Chickney 
yeoman, for the good and benefit of said children. Wife ffrancis made ex- 
ecutrix. Witnesses : John Chadwick, Robt. Merenshawe, Agnes AVhale 
fmark] and Robart Newman. Proved 21 July 1621 by ffrancis Whale, 
Bie widow. The probate entry mentions " John Chadwick vicar de Chaw- 
reth als Broxted." (P. C. C, Dale, 10.) 

[The Philemon " son of by brother Plulemon " mentioned in the will of 
the above John Whale may be our emigrant, Philemon Whale of Sudbury, 
1648. The will of Philemon Whale, clerk, of Chickney, co. Essex (brother 
of above testator)^ dated 4 Apr. 1618, proved 19 May 1620 is in P. C. C. 
Register Soame^ fol. 53, No. 622 (printed volume p. 208). " Philemon " 
seems to be a frequent name in the Whale family. In the registers of St. 
Sepulchre, Cambridge, is the following marriage : " Philemon Whale and 
Sarah Smyth, lie, Jan. 26, 1635-6." J. G. Bartlett.] 

The Will of Edmond Ptnnt of Brodwaye in the County of Somer- 
set, yeoman, 7 December 1631. Body to be interred in the churchyard 
of Brodwaye aforesaid near to my late father. To the poor people of the 
same parish of Brodway 20s. To the poor of the town of Ilminster, and 
of the vOlage of Horton, and to the poor of Aishill [Ashill]. To Agnes 
Hucklebridge, sometime my servant, 20s. To Willm Watts of Aishill a 
suit of apparel. To John Pinny late of Hisbares, my godson, 5s., and to 
his brother Alexander 2s. 6d. And to Willm Pinny of Bristoll and ffran- 
cb his brother, sons of Anthony Pinney late of Beere Crocombe deceased, 
20s. 6d. apiece. To ^chard Standerwicke of Brodwaie 40s., and to his 
wife 20s., and to John Standerwick his brother 12d. To Willin Stander- 
wicke of Brodwaie, brother of the said Richard and John Standerwicke, 
£10, and to Alice his wife 40s., and to all the children of the said Willm 
Standerwicke and Alice 208. apiece. To Henry Gauler, Humfry Gauler, 
his brother, and Elizabeth Pittard, their sister, £3. 6s. 8d. apiece. Unto 
Alice Way, my sister, £5 and my mother's wedding ring. To my cousin 
John Turberfield* 408., and to Sara his wife £5. To Giles Godwyn 408., 
and to my sister Johane, his wife, £5. To Richard and Johane, children 

* There was a Henry Tarberfield in Weymoath, Mem., abour 1870; poetibly a ton of 
this John* 

1909] Genealogical Research in England 37 

of my said sister Johane Godwin, 408. apiece. To John Pinny of Exe- 
ter £10, and to his wife 10s., and to Elizabeth, their daughter, whom I 
ha^e partly bred, £20, and to Edmond, their son, for that he is of my name, 
£10, and to John, Sara, Susanna and Hester, children to the said John Pinny 
of Exeter, £5 apiece, when said children severally attain the age of 24 years 
or be married. Unto WiUfn Pinny of Hardington 20s., and to Johane his 
wife lOs., and to every of his children 10s. apiece. To Edmond Pinny, 
one other of the sons of my brother John Pinny, £20, and to Roger Pinny, 
one other son of my said brother John Pynny, £10. To Richard Pynny, 
one other son of my said brother John Pynny, 20s. To Elizabeth Pyn- 
ny,* daughter of my said brother John, £40. To Thomas Wrentmore and 
Sara his wife £5, to Thomas their son and Elizabeth their daughter £5 
ftpiece, also to every other child which the said Thomas Wrentmore and 
SSgu^ his wife shall have at the time of my death £5 apiece. To Willm 
PjTiny, Thomas Pynny and Peter Pynny, sons of Nicholas Pynny, £5 
apiece, and to every of the daughters of the said Nicholas Pynny and Anne 
hiii wife, £5 apiece. To my cousin John Howse and Agnes his wife 40s. 
apiece, and to every of the children of the said John and Agnes 20s. 
apiece. To my cousin Thomas Pearce and to Mary his wife 408. apiece, 
and to the son and daughter of the said Thomas and Marie 408. apiece. 
To Edward Palfrey 12d., and to his son John, being my godson, 208. To 
the said Nicholas Pynny, one other of the sons of my said brother John 
Pynny, 20s., and to Anne his wife 20s. The legacies herein afore given 
to the children of Nicholas Pynny and Anne his wife shall remain in the 
hands of my executor and overseers until they shall respectively come to 
the age of five and twenty years. To Richard Baselye, Phillipp Horsey, 
Thomas Addams, Willm Mosse, and John Sherlock 20s. each. Whereas I 
have an estate for divers years yet enduring, determinable upon the deaths 
of me the said Edmond Pinny and of the said Roger Pynny, son of my 
iud brother John Pynny, of and in two tenements situate in Wymelhill als 
Windemyll hill within Uie parish of Aishill aforesaid, sometimes in the ten- 
are of Johane Watts, widow, deceased, I give unto my servant Johane 
Pawle for the good and faithful service she hath done unto me, one of the 
said tenements with all the lands, meadows and pastures thereunto belong- 
ing, called Bakers, also one close of land or pasture called Hill close con- 
taming two acres, and also one other dose of land next adjoining, called 
the Will plot containing one acre; to the said Johane Pawle and her as- 
signs from the time of my death until Michaelmas day, 1690, if the said 
Jidiane Pawl and Roger Pinny shall so long live, with remainder to the said 
Roger Pynny. To the said Johane Pawle two closes of land containing 
eight acres lying in Stevelie in the parish of He abbotts in the said County 
of Somerset, late in the tenure of Richard Watts deceased, with remainder 
thereof to Roger Pynny and then to Edmond Pynny, brother of the said 
Roger Pynny. Whereas I am possessed of a term for divers years yet en- 
during, determinable by the deaths of John Pynny and Elizabeth Pyimy, 
•on and daughter of the said John Pynny of Exeter, and ffrauncis Stander- 
wicke son of the said Willm Standerwicke of Brodwaie, of and in two closes 
of ground lying in Steveleigh containing fifteen acres called Bussells closes, 
sometimes in the tenure of George Bussell deceased, my will is that the said 
Edmond Pynny, son of my said brother John Pynny, shall have the profits 
of the said fifteen acres during the term of his natural life if my estate 
therein shall so long continue. Testator was possessed of an interest of a 

* In 1633 the married John Standerwick* 

88 Genealogical Hesearch in Englai\d [Jan. 

term of fonrscore and nineteen years in reyersion or reooainder of Manr 
Edes, widow, for her widow's estate, of one tenement lying at Wymd- 
hill als Windmyll hill. To the said Willm Watts an fumoity of 20s. 
Whereas I have an estate of one and twenty years after the decease of 
myself and John Pynney my brother, of and in three acres of ground 
parcell of the late Manor of Steveleigh called Cudbom, lying witMn the 
said parish of Ilton and now in mine own tenure, I do give the same estate 
to Humphry Pynney.* Whereas I have an estate for l£ie term of fourscore 
and nineteen years, determinable upon the lives of John Pynney my brother, 
Willm Pynney and Nicholas Pynney his sons, of and in a tenement and 
fourscore acres of land and pasture to the same belonging, called Stan- 
tons being in the parish of Brodway, my wiU is that the said Humfry 
shall have hold use occupy and enjoy and take the issues of Uie said 
tenement and grounds during so many years of my term as he the said 
Humfry or any issue of his body lawfully begotten shall live, if his said 
&ther and said two brothers or any one of them shall so long live. 
Whereas I have an estate for the term of fourscore years, of and in an acre 
and a half of ground lying at Staunton's bridge within the said parish of 
Brodeway, which I lately bought of Willm Bright, my will is that the said 
Humfry Pynney shall have the same for the term of his life, but if he 
marry and have child or children, then I do give the same and all my estate 
therein to the said Humfry, but if he decease without issue of his body law- 
fully begotten, then his said brother John Pynney of Exeter shall have my 
whole estate unexpired in the same. Whereas I have an estate for the term 
of my life and the life of Johane Godwyn, my sister, of and in four closes ol 
meadow and pasture ground called Long meade, Botten meade, Crothome 
and Hedlescrosse close, containing twenty acres, and whereas I stand bound- 
en by one writing obligatory in the sum of £200 unto John Denman late of 
Lambrooke deceased, to pay after the decease of John Pynney the younger, 
deceased, 20 marks a year to Elizabeth Pynney, my said late brother's 
wife, during her widowhood, in consideration of which bond my brother 
made over unto me all his right in the aforesiud parcells of ground after his 
death, to the intent I should pay the said 20 marks a year to his wife 
which hither unto I have paid, my will is that Thomas Wrentmore who 
married Sara, the daughter of my said brother John, shall take the profits 
of the said ground after my decease during the life of my said sister Jo- 
hane Grodwyn, he to pay yearly to his mother-in-law Elizabeth Pynney 20 
marks. Whereas I have an estate of four thousand years in certain grounds 
lying in Steveleigh in the parish of He Abbotts als Abbots He, known by 
the name or names of East Mullens, Bouchers close, and Longkyte meade, 
now in my own tenure, which grounds I have granted to Richard Pynney, 
one of the sons of my brother John the elder, and to the heirs male of hiis body 
lawfully begotten, and unto Johane his wife for the term of her life as her 
jointure, after my decease, upon which grant there is reserved to be paid 26g. 
8d., my will is that the same shall be paid to such two poor people and 
in such manner as is hereafter expressed. But if the said Richard die with- 
out issue male, then John Pynney of Exeter his brother shall have the 
same aftCR the determination of the said Richard, the said John to pay 
26s. 8d. yearly to two poor people, men or women, of Brodwaie most 
needy during the residue of my said term of four thousand years, by quar- 
terly pa3rments ; if payments are not made, any person or persons named 
Pynney or Standewicke, living in Brodwaie, to enter and destrain and the 

• Csme to New EsglAnd, probably in 1638, and settled in Windsor, Conn. 

1909] Grenealoffical Research in England 39 

distreM thmef rom to be kept until the sum be fully satisfied ; if no persons 
of those names living there, then the churchwardens and overseers of the 
poor to act. Whereas I have an estate of fourscore and nineteen years de- 
terminable upon the lives of me the said Edmond Pjniney and Humfry 
Pynney, of and in nine acres of ground called Stovend, parcell of the Manor 
of Ulon, and lying in the parish of Ilton, my will is that the said Edmond 
Pynney shall have hold and take the profits of the said ground after the two 
years formerly mentioned, if the said Humfry shall live so long, and after 
his decease I do give the same to the said Humfry his brother during his 
life. To my said brother John £20, to be paid within two years after my 
decease^ he to pay one bond that I stand bounden unto Giles Grodwyn for 
£40f £20 of which is already paid. To Johane the wife of my said brother 
John 208. To Richard Maimdre of Beere, Johane his wife, and Richard 
their son, being my godson, 20s. apiece. All the residue of goods and chat- 
tels, movables and unmovables, my debts paid, levies performed, funeral 
expenses and annuities discharged, I bequeath to me said Humfry Pynney, 
whom I make my full and sole executor. Greorge Balch of Horton, gent., 
Willm Standewicke, Roger Chicke of Ilminster, and Allixander Pynney to 
be overseers. If any doubt or question do happen, the greater part of the 
overseers with the advice of S' Robte Phillipps, kidght, to decide and order 
it. To S' Robert Phillipps one sovereign of 20s. [Signed] Edmonde 
Pynney. Witnesses : Johes fforde Ch, James Crakey, William Stander- 
wicke, Robert Newman. Proved 7 February 1631, by "Humfredi Pyn- 
ney filij naturalis et legitum dicti defuncto et executeris, before Johanne 
ffonie Rectore de Broadway." (P. C. C, Awdley, 16.) 

[Aocx)rding to this will the executor, Humphrey Pinney, was son of the 
testator's brother John (^^ the elder "), yet he is called the natural and legit- 
imate son in the probate act, as above. The entry in the Probate Act Book 
te 1 682 also calls him " filii." E. F.] 

The Will of John Pinnet of Brodway in the County of Somerset, 
yeoman, 25 September 1627. My body to be buried in the churchyard of 
Brodwaye. To the church of Brodway 6s. 8d. To the poor of Brodway 
20s. To my brother John Pinney his own natural children, to each of 
them ds. 4d. To Sara Turbelfeild my cousin 6s. 8d. To my kinsman 
Richard Godwin 6s. 8d. To my cousin «][oane Grodwine 6s. 8d. To my 
kinoman Thomas Pinney of Excester [sic\ 20s. To my grandchild 
Elizabeth Wrentmore of Axbridge one bed with the appurtenances, pro- 
vided that my now wife shall enjoy the same during her natural life. 
All the rest of my goods and chattels to my daughter Sara Wrentmore, 
whom I ordain to be my executrix. And I do appoint my brother Edmond 
Pinney and my kinsman William Standerweeke to be overseers, giving 
them for their labor 3s. 4d. [Signed] John Pinney. Witnesses : Edmund 
Pinnev, Siluester Rouncevall, Phelipp Horsey and William Standerwicke. 
Pjroved 16 November 1629 by Sara Wrentmore. (P. C C, Ridley, 93.) 

[This testator was John Pinney "the younger," brother of Edmund 
Pinney whose wiU is previously given. They had also a brother John 
Pinney " the elder."] 

The Will of John Standerwick, the son of John Standerwicke of 
Broadway, 3 January 1633. To the Cathedral Church of Wells 40d. To 
the parish church of Broadway 5s. To the spittle houses of Langport and 
of Taunton 20d. each. If my wife be now with child with a male child, I 
do hereby give unto him £20 and all my part of the land at fioddington 
and all 8U(£ estate and interest as I have in the land in the Southames in 
the County of Devon. But if my wife be now with child with a female 

40 Oeneatogical Research in England [Jan. 

child, I do give unto such female child the sum of £50. To brothers Wil- 
liam and Richard suits and cloaks. All the rest of my goods and chattels 
movable and unmovable I give to my wife, whom I make sole executrix of 
this my last will and testament. [Signed] The mark of John Standerwicke. 
To every of my godchildren 12d. apiece. I do entreat my father and my 
brother-in-law John house to be overseers. Witnesses : John Standerwicke, 
Richard Legg and William Standerwicke. Proved 18 February 1633 [-34] 
by Elizabeth, relict and executrix. (P. C. C, Seager, 12.) 

The Will of Elizabeth Standerwicke of Brodeway, 18 June 1684. 
To the parish church of Brodeway 40d. To the poor of the parish of 
Hardington 40d. All the residue of my goods and chattels unto my child 
or children which shall be bom of my body, and if they die before coming 
to the age of twenty-one, all the goods to be equally divided amongst my 
brother John Pinneyes and Nicholas Pynneys and brother John Howse 
their children, equally divided amonst them, being twenty and two in num- 
ber. Overseers not to be accountable before my child or children or kins- 
folk be of the age of twenty and two years old. Overseers are brother 
John Pinney of Exon, brothers Roger Pinney and Edmond Pinney, and 
brother-in-law John Howse. [Signed] The signe of Ellen [«c] Stander- 
wicke. Before the sealing it was agreed that Nicholas Pinney's five daugh* 
ters shall have £10 apiece and to have no more. Moreover given to my 
brother William Pinney children, being five, 12d. apiece, and to my brother 
Richard Pinney two children 12d. apiece. To my brother-in-law Hiomas 
Pereces three children 5s. apiece, and to John Palfrey the son of my sister 
Johan Palfrey 5s. Witnesses : Thomas Godwyn, Uie signe of Richard 
Standerwicke. Proved 22 August 1634 by Jolm Pinney, Roger Pinney, 
Edmund Pinney and John Howse. (P. C. C, Seager, 77.) [The testap 
trix (widow of John Standerwick) was daughter of John Pinney " the 
elder," sister of Humphrey Pinnv, the emigrant to New England, and 
niece of Edmund Pinney whose wiU is given above.] 

The Will of John Pynnet of the City and County of Exon, drag, 
" the unprofitable servant of God," 25 May 1 637. Toward the mainten- 
ance of the parish church of Brodway 3s. 4d. To the parish church of 
Hardington 3s. 4d. To the parish church of St. Pedrox in Exon 3s. 4d. 
To my seven children, John, Ed:, Elli :, Sara, Hester, Susan and Prudence, 
£120 apiece, their uncle Edmond Pynney's legacy being included in each, 
and the land at Sculie [sic] given by my uncle Edmond Pynney after my 
brother Richard Pynney and his wife and their heirs male, if it happen to 
fall, I do give it amongst my children. My will is that my children should 
have suflScient maintenance out of the portions till they come to the age of 
twenty and three years, in the mean time to be employed in a lawful way 
as my wife and overseers shall think fit. To my brothers and sisters 12d. 
apiece. To my servants 6s. 8d. apiece. All the rest of my goods and chaU 
teb, moveables and unmovables, to my wife, whom I make my full and sole 
executrix. I do entreat my brother Edmond Pynney and brother Howse, 
cousin Mall [sic, Matt ?] Dudney and my cousin James Marshall to be my 
overseers. I do give to my overseers 5s. apiece, and would entreat them to 
help place abroad my children and to assist and direct my wife. [Signed] 
John Pynney. No witnesses. Will proved 19 July 1639 by Parthesy 
Pynney, the relict and executrix. (P. C. C, Harvev, 116.) 

[The testator was son of John Pinney " the elder, and brother of Hum- 
phrey Pinney and of Ellizabeth Pinney who married John Standerwick, 
Exeter Marriage Licenses, p. 71 : "John Pinny of Exeter and Pmotesim 

1909] Genealogical Research in England it 

Holdicli of same Jan. 5, 1620-1." "5 (10) 1645 .. . Edward Poole of 
WaTmouth Sawyer " gave a letter of attorney to " William Pardon to re- 
ceive a Legacie given unto Sarah wife of said Edward by the last will of 
Edmund Pinney of Broadway in Somersetshire & also another Legacie given 
to Sarah aforesaid by Elizabeth Standerwick of Broadway " (Aspinwall, 
Nouuial Records, p. 12). Edward Poole was married in Weymouth, Mass., 
about 1642^ and the above evidences show that his wife Sarah was daugh- 
ter of John and Protesia (Holdich) Pinney of Exeter, and niece of Hum- 
phrey Pinney who came to New England and settled in Windsor, Conn. 
A Thomas ^nney appears in Weymouth in 1640. Probably he and Sarah 
Pinney (who later married Edward Poole) came to New England together, 
and he perhaps was her cousin, the son of Nicholas Pinney mentioned in 
the will of Edmund Pinney. (See History of Windsor for descendants 
of Humphrey Pinney.) J. G. Bartlett.] 

The Will of John Ptnnet of Hisbare als Hisbares within the parish of 
Bockland Saint Marye in the County of Somerset, yeoman, 9 November 
1600. To be buried in the churchyard of Buckland aforesaid. To the 
Guhedral Church of Wells 12d. To the poor people of Buckland Marye 
£3. To the poor of Taunton 6s. To the poor of Beerecrocumbe 40s. To 
the poor of Whitstannton, the poor of Curland, and to the poor of Ashehill 
to every parish of them, 6s. apiece. To George Morris and John WiUes 
their dkildren 2s. apiece. To sister Agnes 208. To sbter-in-law Agnes 
Pynney of Beere, 6s. 8d. To son Alexander Pynney, lus executors admin- 
ittratons or assigns, my ten acres of ground \y\si% in Allermore next unto 
the great wall there, and all my estate and term of years therein yet to 
oome and unexpired if those three lives or any one of them mentioned in 
the lease thereof so long shall live. Whereas I have an estate for divers 
years yet enduring, of and in sixteen acres of ground in Whitstannton, my 
wife Bridgett shidl have the issues and profits of the said sixteen acres 
imtil my son Alexander shall be of the full age of four and twenty years, 
if she shall live so long sole and unmarried after my death. Whereas like- 
wise I have an estate for divers years yet enduring determinable upon lives, 
of and in one other piece of ground lying in Allermore near unto the Drowe 
there, containing ten acres, my wife shaD have the issues and profits of the 
laid ten acres of ground until such time as my son John shall be of the full 
age of six and twenty years, if she live so long sole and unmarried after my 
£ath. All the residue of my interest therein to said son John in recom- 
pence and satisfaction of all such profit as I have taken of his tenement in 
beerecrocombe. My wife Bridgett shall have to her own u^e and behoof 
all my messuage and tenement called Hisbare als Hisbares during the term 
of fifty years, if she so long live sole and unmarried after my death, and 
after her estate therein ended, the same tenement to be unto my son Alex- 
ander during my whole term therein. To wife one annuity of 20 marks to 
be paid out of my said tenement called Hisbares for the term of fifty years, 
to begin from and immediately after her next marriage to any other hus- 
band. To each of my three daughters Elizabeth, Jone and Grace £100 
each, to be paid at full age of one and twenty years or at her day of marriage. 
[Wife made executrix, 8 she assent to the legacies in this Will.] The res- 
idue of my goods and chatteb I give to my overseers to the use of such of 
my children as shall be living at the death or next marriage of my wife, 
each child to have such part thereof as my overseers shall think meet, in 
the mean time my wife to have the possession and occupation of the same. 
Hj trusty and well beloved friends Alexander Brette Esquire being my 
m' [master], Thomas Moore, John Standerwicke and Edmond Pinney being 

42 Genealogical Research in England [Jail^ 

my kinsmen, to be my overseers. To each of them for their pains 208. 
apiece. [Signed] John Pinney. Witnesses : Gabriell Johnson, John Pin- 
ney, Jun., signum Johannis Weaver and Edmond Pynney. Proved 27 
March 1601 by Brigitte, relict and Executrix. (P. C. C, WoodhiOl, 17.) 

The Will of John Ptnnet of Beare Crocumbe in the County of Somer- 
set, yeoman, 22 May 1688. To the Cathedral Church of Wells, 4d. To 
the poor of the parish of Beare Crocumb 40s. To the poor of the parish of 
Buckland St. Marie 40s. To the poor of the parish of West Milton 208. 
Whereas I am reversioner in an estate upon lives after the death of Roger 
Simes of West Milton in County Dorset yeoman, of and in the halfend^e 
farm called Milton farm, I give the same unto William Pynny my son 
when he shall fully accomplish the age of one and twenty years, provided 
that he shall pay unto John Pinny my son £5 a quarter for the whole term 
of lease. My wife shall enjoy the same until my son William shaU accom* 
plish the age of one and twenty years. Whereas I have an estate for divers 
years yet to come and terminable upon lives, of and in certain grounds in 
Mainggerton in the parish of Neitherburie in the County of Dorset, contain- 
ing four and twenty acres, I give the said ground at'Mangerton to Agnes 
Pinny my wife and all my interest in the same. Whereas I am possessed 
of an estate for divers years yet to come determinable upon lives, of and in 
a third part of a farm called Castle farm lying in Dorset in the parish of 
Buckland St. Mary aforesaid, I give the same unto John Pinny my son 
when he shall fully accomplish the age of one and twenty years, until which 
time my wife, being my executrix, shall fully enjoy the benefit thereof. 
Whereas I am possessed of an estate for divers years yet to come determi- 
nable upon lives, of and in two parcels of ground lying in Allermore, con- 
taining ten acres, I give the same unto Alexander Pinny my son, and £300 
to be paid when he shall fully accomplish the age of one and twenty years. 
Tq Richard Pinny my son £300 to be paid when he shall fully accomplish 
the age of one and twenty years. All the rest of my goods *and chattels I 
bequeath unto Agnes Pinny my wife, whom I do make my whole and sole 
executors [sic], I do appoint Roger Simes my father-in-law, my cousin 
Ambrose Moore, my cousin John Pinny, and my cousin John Dunne the 
younger to be my overseers. [Signed] John Pinney. Witnesses : Am- 
brose Moore [mark], ffrancis Howse and Grace Togood [mark]. Proved 
1 December 1638 by Agnes Pynney, the widow. (P. C. C, Lee, 180.) 

Administration on the estate of Roger Pinney of Bamister in County 
Dorset, granted 1 6 June 1 636 to Beatrice Pinney, relict. (P. C. C. Admon. 
Act Book, 1636-38, f. 5.) 

Administration on the estate of Thomas Pynny of Offwell, County Devon, 
granted to Catherine Pynny als Raddon, -natural and legitimate daughter 
of the said Thomas Pynny, 2 June 1634. (P. C. C. Admon. Act Book, 
1634-5, f. 33.) 

Administration on the estate of William Pynney of West Milton, parish 
of Porslocke, County Dorset, granted to John Pynney, his natural and 
lawful brother, 12 October 1652. (P. C. C. Admon. Act Book, 1652, f. 

Administration on the estate of William Pynney of Stockland, County 
Dorset, granted to John Pynney, his brother, 23 November 1639. (P. C. C. 
Admon. Act Book, 1639-40, f. 84.) 

[To be continued] 

1909] Thomas Lillibridge and his Descendants 43 


By JoBL N. Eno, A.M., of New HaTon, Conn. 

1. Thomas^ Lillibridge, the founder of the Lillibridge family in the 
United States, was bom in England in 1662. His name first appears in 
this country attached to a petition, dated Newport, Sept 26, 1699, to the 
Earl of Beilomont, to use his influence with " his Majesty " William in. 
for the establishment of an Episcopal church at Newport (S. G. Arnold, 
History of R. I., vol. 1, p. 599). This was Trinity church, in which Thomas 
Lillibridge was a warden till 1713, and where he owned pew 8 till 1719. 
He was admitted a freeman at Newport, May 6, 1701, and is mentioned 
u a vestryman in Narragansett church, 1718. He settled in old Westerly 
(now Richmond) in 1720, where he died Aug. 29, 1724. Besides personsd 
estate inventoried at £1 1 60, 18s., and two slaves, he left by his will, 1724, two 
houses in Newport, land in the " Narragansett country, " and old Westerly, 
besides other " unsetUed lands " ; also a maintenance to his brother Edward, 
"if he shall come into this country " ; and a bequest " unto John my broth- 
er's son " — perhaps he who married Mary Joslin in South Kingston, Mar. 
29, 1730. Many of the records in Newport being destroyed by the British 
during the Revolution, the records of Thomas Lillibridge's Newport life are 
meagre, but indicate that he married first Mary, daughter of Henry and 
Hary ^obson (Austin, Genealogical Dictionary of R. L, additions iu|d 
oorrections concluded, under Hobson) ; and secondly Sarah Lewis, who died 
JiQ. 22, 1760, aged 85, her name being signed as wife, with his, to a deed 
of Newport land, July 5, 1706. 

Chilcben by first wife : 

i. Cathkrink,* m. Robert Wilcox before her father's will was made 
J. li. Thomas, b. 1708 ; d. Feb. 8, 1767. 

Children by second wife : 

ill. Sarah, bapt. before 1709 ; m. George Fitch, Sept. 2, 1720. 
iv. Elizabeth, bapt. before 1709; unmarried at the thne her father's 
will was made. 

3. V. BoBKRT, bapt. Sept. 10, 1710; admitted freeman at Richmond, 1781. 
t1. Mary, m. Jonathan Clark, Aug. 4, 1728. 

vli. Esther, m. (1) James Martin, Dec. 18, 1786 ; m. (2) William Peck- 
ham, at Pmladelphia, Sept. 22, 1768. 

4. viii. Benjamin, b. July 11, 1712 ; d. Aug. 11, 1800. 

Ix. Edward, d. Newport, May 1, 1786; m. Esther Hill, July 19, 1789; 
had «7ieM6,' b. Aug. 8, 1740, who m. Margaret Summers, Dec. 6, 
1762. s 

X. John, m. Marcy Enos, Oct. 12, 1748, at Charlestown ; had Dorcas^^ 
b. Aug. 27, 1747. 

xl. Patience, b. 1716; m. Paul Tew, May 8, 1784; d. Aug. 10, 1786. 

2. Thomas' Lillibridge ( Thoma$^)j of Richmond, married Mary Wood- 
mansee, June 12, 1726. 
Children : 

I. Sarah,* b. Mar. 20, 1727; m. Barber; d. 1768, aged 81. 

U. Mary, b. Jan. 28, 1729. 

* Effpecial acknowledgment is made to the Lillibridge genealogical correspondence 
collected by the late Jadge Willard M. Lillibridge, particularly for details on some of 
the later bnuxohes of the Lillibridge family. 

44 Thomas Lillibridge and his Descendants [Jan. 

6. iil. Thomas, b. Dec. 4, 1729 ; will made 1817 ; d. Jan. 20, 1822. 

6. iv. Edward, b. Mar. 25, 1732 ; bought his uncle Robert's farm In Rich- 

mond; d. Feb. 3, 1819. 

3. Robert* Lillibridge {Thomas^) married first ; moved io 

Newport between 1757 and 1760 ; became a merchant, proprietor 
of Pitt's Head tavern, and part proprietor of Long Wharf ; married 
secondly Sarah Dunbar, at St. Michael's church, Bristol, May 26, 
1761, who died at Bristol, Jan 29, 1786. 
Children : 

7. 1. Robert,' b. Nov. 22, 1780 ; d. at Newport, Nov. 17, 1785. 

II. Hampton, d. near Savannah, Ga., Feb. 14, 1801. 

iil. Jambs, reputed father of James Lillibridge (or Murray), a daring 
officer of the East India Company. 

4. Benjamin' Lillibridge ( Thomas^) married Amie* Sherman (Jona- 

than,* Benjamin,* Philip,' Samuel,* Henry ^ of Dedham, England), 
Sept. 18, 1743, who was born Sept. 18, 1718. 
Children, bom in Exeter, R. I. : 

8. i. David,' b. Sept. 18, 1744; moved to Willlngton, Ck)nn., 1777; d. 

there Jan. 19, 1831. 
ii. Mary, b. May 29, 1746 ; m. William Reynolds, Apr. 7, 1771 ; had 
several children. 

III. JosiAH, b. Aug. 12 (or 18), 1749; d. unmarried, Aug. 13, 1827. 

9. iv. Jonathan, b. Aug. 23, 1751 ; Ensign in 3d Exeter company, Csigl, 

George Wilcox, hi June, 1778; d. Oct. 13, 1836. 
V. Gideon, b. June 16, 1764; a Revolutionary pensioner, 1840; m. 

Fife ; had Jlfary,* who m. Nathan Teflft, Mar. 1803 ; NaUian^ 

who m. Mrs. Hannah Corey, Apr. 23, 1848 ; Bouse^ Hampton^ Ann^ 
David, probably all unmarried. 

10. vl. Benjamin, b. Aug. 14, 1756; d. Willlngton, Conn., May 11, 1828. 

11. vil. Gardiner, b. Sept. 19, 1758; Revolutionary pensioner, 1835. 

viil. Amib, b. May 26, 1765; m. Christopher Harrington, Oct. 21, 1793; 
had PoUy, who m. John Dawley and had Amos, and Amey, who 
m. Christopher,* son of Simon Lillibridge (11, 1.). 

5. Thomas' Lillibridge (TTtomaSy^ Thomas^) married Mary Hoxsie, 

Dec. 12, 1754, who was bom July 9, 1736. 

Children, bom in Richmond : 
i. Thomas,* b. Aug. 29, d. Sept. 8, 1765. 

II. Peborah, b. July 8, 1756; m. Jlreh Mumford, Mar. 12, 1776. 

III. Sarah, b. Aug. 27, 1758; d. Julv 3, 17C0. 
Iv. A Son, b. Mar. 31, d. Apr. 3, 1760. 

V. Thomas, b. Mar. 6, 1761; m. (1) Alice Sweet, 1781; m. (2) Nancy 
Partridge, Apr. 17, 1786; had Thomas," Joshua, Elisha (Elias), 
Daniel, Lodmcick, George, Alice, Phebe, and Buth. 

12. vi. JosKPH, b. Mar. 16, 1763; m. Rachel Stephens; had Warren,^ Betsey^ 

Buely Mary, Joseph, Erastus, Jacob, John, and Sarah. 
vll. Edward T., b. Apr. 3, 1765 ; d. before 1817, leavhig children, 
vlll. Champlain, b. Mar. 9, 1767 ; m. Hannah ; had Amy,^ Thom<u, 

Deborah, Mary, Jireh, Paris, Hannah, Thomas, William, Shtffleld, 

and Carmi, 1786 to 1806. 
18. ix. John, b. Apr. 22, 1769 ; d. Oct. 20, 1820. 

X. Mary, b. Mar. 20, 1771 ; d. unmarried. May 1, 1843. 

xi. Thankful, b.'Apr. 25, 1773; d. unmarried, Apr. 27, 1859. 

6. Edward* Lillibridge (Thomas,* Tfiomas^) married first. Patience 

Tefft, Dec. 4, IToo ; secondly, Thankful Wells, Jan. 6, 1765. 

Children by first wife : 
I. Sarah,* b. July 16, 1757. 
ii. Lester, b. Sept. 25, 1759 ; m. ; had Edxoard^, 

1909] Thomas Lillibridge and his Descendants 45 

!ii. John, b. Feb. 19, 1763 ; m. Lydia WUcox ; d. Apr. 7, 1885 ; had Lydia,^ 
who m. John 6. Hulhig, grandfather of Ray 6. Huling. 

Children by second wife : 

ir. DoBCAS. ' 

r. Mary. 

tI. Patience. 

Til. Ruth. 

vUl. Lydia. 

ix. Edward. 

X. Amos, m. PhebeHoxie ; had -466y,* who m. Whitman Kenyon ; Dorcas., 
and Clarissa^ who d. single ; Amos of Muscatine, Iowa, who had 
Chester*; Wanton^ who had Horace,' d. an Infant, Sarah M., who 

m. Moore, Amos A., Charles W., Edward H., F. Janette, 

John H., William W., Jennie F., and Battle E. ; Phehe, who m. 
Samnel Hoxle ; Hoxie ; Edward^ childless ; and Thankful^ who m. 
Lillibridge Barber of Chicago, and had Edward Lillibridge, and 
Clara, who m. Joseph Durfee. 

7. EoBEKT* LiLLiBBiDGE (Robert,^ Thomas^) married Alice Baxter, 
Jan. 28, 1753, who was bom Feb. 26, 1734, and died Jan. 16, 1813. 
Children : 

1. Phebe,* b. Oct. 26, 1768 ; m. Edward Vose ; had Phebe, , Johuy 

Bobert, Cynthia, and Nancy. 
ii. Sarah, b. June 28, 1755 ; d. soon. 

ill. Jonathan, b. Dec. 2, 1756; one of the gunners of the *' Swallow'*; 
put in Forton military prison, near Portsmouth, Eng., Jan. 22, 
1778; d. childless. 

iv. Hampton, b. Apr. 30, d. May, 1758. 

V. Sarah, b. Apr. 21, 1760 ; m. Matthew Martlneau ; had WilUaniy John, 
Mary, Peter, Sarah^ and a child who d. in infancy. 

vi. John, b. Sept. 10, 1761 ; d. at Savannah, Oct. 1, 1822; m. (1) Abigail 

, who d. Dec, 1796 ; m. (2) Sarah , who d. Jan. 6, 1838, 

aged 71 ; h&d Robert,^ d. early; Gardner; Oliver Martin, b. Nov. 24, 
1786, d. Feb. 21, 1869, m. Maria, dau. of Robert, of Bamilton, Scot- 
land, and Elizabeth (Carroll) Corbett, b. in St. Eustatius, W. I., 
Mar. 1, 1791, and had Matilda Caroline,* b. Jan. 8, 1811, who m. 

Ferrill, and John Oliver Hampton Baxter, b. March *1, 1813, 

d. Aug. 22, 1836 ; Hampton, b. Ga., June 10, 1792, d. Sept. 18, 1817 ; 
a child, who d. in infancy. 

Til. Thomas Baxteb, b. Sept. 2, 1763, d. at Savannah, May 26, 1804; m. 
Ann Webber, who d. at Philadelphia, Nov. 4, 1796; liad Ann,* 
Alice, Caroline, Hampton, and Sally. 

vUi. Robert, b. Apr. 20, 1765, d. Sept. 2, 1842 ; m. (1) Lydia Dickinson 
of Norwalk, Conn., Aug., 1788, whohad ^i>a,* b. May 4, 1789, and 
d. June 4, 1790; m. (2) Charlotte Sabhi, at St. John*s Church, 
Providence, Aug. 25, 1797, who d. Jan. 7, 1804 ; had Robert, b. 
1801, d. Dec. 16, 1709 ; Gardner B., b. May 15, 1802, a cabin boy on 
U. S. privateer "Rapid " in 1814 ; Charlotte ; m. (3) Mrs. Ann Mills, 
Jan., 1810, at Savannah. 

ix. Gakdneb, b. Jan. 7, 176—. 

X. AucB, b. Aug. 81, 176—; m. Philip Trafton (or Traffin), June 11, 

xl. Maby, b. Aug. 31, d. Sept., 1770. 

xU. WiUJAM, b. Nov. 10, 1772. 

xUl. WiLUAM Wkll8(?). b, July 30, 1774; d. Aug. 8, 1775. 

xlv. Patikncb, b. July 12, 1778. 

ii, David' Lillibridge (Benjamin,* Thomas^) married Miriam Moore 
of Richmond, Oct. 28, 1762, who died Sept 11, 1816, aged 70. 
Children, b. in Exeter : 
14. U Hannah,* b. Dec. 12, 1765; d. March 19, 1821. 

46 Thomas Lillibridge and his Descendants [Jan. 

11. Amy, m. Avery Davis May 26, 1782 ; had Avtry^ and Susan. 
16. m. Clark, b. Dec. 12, 1766; d. Feb. 2, 1838. 

Iv. Akna, m. Frederick Pearl, Nov. 27, 1788 ; had Nawsy, Orrin, Balph, 

Dyer, Frederick, Sylvester, Sarah, Baxana, Elisabeth, Emetine, Im- 

cinda, Laura, and David L. 
v. Eunice, m. (1) Benjamin Rockwell, Apr. 8, 1790, and had Park, PoUy, 

Samuel, David, and Maria ; m. (2) Elijah Jones, and had Sophronia, 

Salome, and Sophia. 
vi. Mart, m. Ebenezer Moulton, Nov. 9, 1791 ; had Linus, David, Lm- 

cretia, and Polly. 

16. vU. Amos, b.. 1778; d. Mar. 31, 1842. 

viii. Sarah, *m. Luther Anderson, Feb. 15, 1804; had Sarepta,* Salome, 

Clark, and S. Dwight. 
ix. David, Jr., m. Jerosha Tyler, Oct. 12, 1808 ; had Harriet,^ and J(An 

Tyler, both childless. 

9. Jonathan' Lillibridge {Benjamin,^ Thomas^) married Mary, 
daughter of Henry and Mehitable (Waite) Reynolds. 
Children, bom in Exeter : 

1. Anna* (Nancy), m. Willett Bathbun; d. Oct. 14, 1849 ; no childroi. 

17. ii. Clark, b. Aug. 4, 1779; d. July 21, 1864; buried with 2d wife at 

Patchaug, Conn. 

18. ill. Reynolds, b. Nov. 14, 1782 ; d. June 8, 1868, at Exeter. 

iv. Hannah, m. James Dye ; settled in Lebanon, Madison co., N. Y. ; 

had Amy (m. Harris Huling), Hannah, Daniel, John, Mary (Mrs. 

Polly Card), Nancy (M^. Parsons), James, Clark, and George W. 
V. A Child, who d. soon, 
vi. Mary, m. George Hazard of S. Kingstown, R. I. ; d. Apr. 1, 1828 ; had 

George, Lillibridge, Mary, and Hannah, who m. EUsha Watson. 

10. Benjamin* Lillibridge (Benjaminy* Thomas^) married Hines 

(or Hyams). 

I. Hampton.* 

ii. Horatio, d. 1887; m. Mary Work; had Lyman,^ Laura, Caroline G., 
Mary Work, John Work, Henry Gilbert, and Horatio Francis, b. 
May 26, 1836, d. Minneapolis, June 8, 1894. 

ill. Benjamin, b. Jan. 27, 1797 ; m. Deborah Battey ; had Mary,^ b. June 

21, 1821; Amanda Lydia, b. June 20, 1823, m Snell; Han^ 

ion B., b. Dec. 12, 1825; MaHha, b. May 4, 1828; Benjamin 
Dwight, b. July 6, 1830; Mary Jane, b. May 16, 1887; James H., 
b. Sept. 2, 1840. 

iv. Lyman. 

v. Lydia, m. Samuel Rockwell ; had Benjamin. 

vi. Mary, m. Watkins. 

11. Gahdinkr' Lillibridge (Benjamin^* TTioma^) married Sarah 

Children : 

1. Simon,* b. May 16, 1783; m. (1) Mary Pierce; m. (2) her sister Sarah. 
Children by first wife : 1. Green,* who m. Lucy Smith of Wlckford, 
R. I. ; had Lydia A.*, Thomas, Christopher, Simon, and Sarah. 
2. Christopher, m. (1) Amy Dawley ; m. (2) Phebe Green, and had 
Amy,* living in Providence. 3. Warren, m.*Mary Vaughn, and had 
Wanton,* who left Mary' and Addie. 4. Mary Ann, m. Kim- 
ball ; lives in E. Clarendon, Vt. ; has Mary, who m. David Hicks. 
Child by second wife : 5. Henry. 

ii. Wanton, b. Feb. 28, 1785; d. 1819; m. Kate Rathbun; no children. 

ill. Daniel, b. July 7, 1787 ; m. Hannah, dau. Lillibridge Barber, Aug. 
18, 1811 ; had Gardner JB.», b. Feb. 1, 1812 ; Daniel, b. Julv 27, 1814, 
had Thurston B.*; David, b. Aug. 17, 1818; iid Joseph W., b. Dec. 
20, 1821. 

1909] Thomas LiUibridge and his Descendants 47 

It. Sarah, b. Oct. 7, 1792 ; m. Hill ; had four daus., two live in N. Y., 

one in 111., and one is dead. 
T. Elizabeth, b. Dec. 28, 1794 ; m. John Sheldon, Dec. 25, 1814 ; had 

Sarahs Daniel^ Almira^ Prudence^ and Charge. 
Ti. Mart, b. Aug. SO, 1799 ; m. Thurston Browning ; had Mary^ who m. 

Rowland R. Barber, and had six children, four now living. 
Til. Warren, b. July 6, 1801. 
Till. Gardner, b. Feb. 4, 1808; m. Dorcas Tillinghast; had Oardner 

Olarky* b. March 27, 1847, who d. childless, Aug., 1907. 

11 Joseph^ Lillibridoe (TTiomaSy* Thoma$y* Thomas^) married Bachel 
Stephens, who was bom Nov. 5, 1760. 

i. Warren,* b. Apr. 18, 1785 ; had Charted ; and Henry C, b. Zanes- 
Tille, O., Oct. 6, 1835, who had four sons and two di^. 

ii. Elizabeth (Betsey) , b. Jan. 2, 1787 ; m. Eleazar Mulf ord of Chemung 
CO., N. Y. 

Hi. Burl, b. Mar. 12, 1789 ; d. unmarried. 

It. Mart (Pollt), b. Mar. 10, 1791; m. William Merritt; liTcd near 
Nelsonville, N. Y. 

T. Joseph, b. Mar. 4, 1798 ; d. Apr., 1881 ; m. (1) his cousin Zipporah 
Stephens ; m. (2) Anna Maria Mansfield. Children by first wife : 
1. Willard St^hens^* who had Mahala and Olive. 2. Stephen Lee. 

8. Jerome Bonaparte y who had Willard. 4. Jane Smith, m. 

Crouse ; lived in Upper Sandusky, O. ; had Willard. Children by 
second wife : 5. Zipporah Maria, m. (1) T. M. Reese, and had 
Roland B., Joseph L., and Franklin B. ; m. (2) H. P. Woods, and 
had Dora, Belle, Mira Bowers, Virginia, Charles, and Jennie. 6. 

Elvira Vanlom, m. Smith ; no children. 7. Elmira Vandora 

(twin), m. in 1849, Rev. J. W. Kidd of Ferris, 111. ; seven children. 
8. JoB^h Thomas Wilkinson, physician at Forest, 0. ; had Enmia 

Violet, who m. Reese, and d., and Luella, who m. 

Smith, and d. 

vi. Erastus, b. Mar. 16, 1795 ; m. Clarissa Campbell ; had Harriet,* who 

m. Rowley, William, and Horace, both of whom d. unmar- 


vii. Jacob, b. Jan. 10, 1797 ; no children. 

TliL John, b. May 16, 1799 ; m. Mary Bentley ; liad 1. Nancy Jf.,' b. Apr., 
1820; m. (1) £. D. Stockton of N. Y.; m. (2) Thomas J. Mills 
of Hartford City, Ind. 2. Thomas, b. June 15, 1828; m. Eliza- 
beth Mills, Mar. 81, 1846; had Thomas J., James B., a dau. who 
m. Wm. Clapper, Meda, who m. Samuel Gettys, a dau. in Lead- 
Tille, Col., a dau. who m. R. F. Vantilberg, and a dau. Muroel, 
who d. unmarried. 8. A da%,, b. Sept. 5, 1880. 

Iz. Sarah, b. Mar. 28, 1801 ; m. Thomas Harris ; had Warren, who had 

18. JoHN^ Lillibridoe (Thomas^* Thomoiy^ Thomas^) married Mary 
Kenyon, Nov. 2, 1789. 

I. Sally,* b. July 2, 1790 ; d. Feb. 14, 1840. 

II. Thankful, b. Apr. 22, 1792. 

UL Thomas, b. Mar. 24, 1794 ; d. Not. 8, 1854. 
tv. Dkborah, b. Oct. 27, 1796 ; d. Mar. 2, 1870. 
T. Polly, b. Apr. 28, 1800. 

14. Haknah^ Lillibridoe {Davidy* Benjamin,^ Thomoi^) married An- 
drew Mcintosh, Not. 25, 1781. 

Children, bom in Willington, Conn., but the family moTed to 
Steuben, N. Y., Sept., 1811 : 
1. Hannah,* b. Mar. 24, 1782 ; d. unmarried. May 7, 1806. 

48 Thomas Lillibridge and his Descendants [Jan. 

U. Robert, b. Nov. 9, 1783 ; m. Phllena Blodgett of East Windsor, 

ill. Clark, b. Dec. 22, 1785 ; m. Lura Blodgett. 
iv. Naomi, b. May 6, 1790 ; m. Wlllard Merrick. 
V. Andrew, b. Mar. 26, 1798; m. (1) Elizabeth Indicott; m. (2) ^ t- 

cas Salisbury, 
vi. Hezbkiah, b. Sept. 4, 1797 ; m. Maria, dan. of his cousin B' 

vU. Ethan, b. Jan. 26, 1800; d. Oct. 6, 1802. 
vlii. Ethan, b. Jan. 13, 1803 ; m. Olive Green, at Trenton, N. ' 

ix. Austin, b. July 21, 1806 ; m. Lucy Crowell of Middletow 
X. Marllda, b. Aug. 10, 1808. 

15. Clabk* Lillibridge (David,* Benjamin^^ Thomas^) w 

James, Aug. 2, 1787, who was bom June 9, 1766, ar 
Children : 

i. Amy,* b. Jan. 11, 1788 ; d. Dec. 28, 1861 ; m. Rosea F 

1839, who d. Feb. 28, 1856. 
ii. Anna, b. July 11, 1789 ; m. Freeman Cady, Feb. 8, 18 

b. 1816; Freeman, b. 1818. 
lii. Rowena, b. Mar. 19, 1791; d. Aug. 28, 1860; m. Jol 

1813 ; eight chUdren. 
iv. Sophia, b. Mar. 19, 1791 ; m. Zelotes Long, May, 181 
V. James, b. Mar. 12, 1793; d. Oct. 2, 1862; m. Mercy 

1816 ; eight children, 
vi. Ira, b. June 23, 1795 ; d. Apr. 8, 1848 ; m. (1) Laura 

1820, who d. Aug. 23, 1838; had Harri8on,\\}. Dec. 

wena Sophia, b. Jan. 1, 1824 ; Clymena, b. Aug. 22, 1 ^ 

b. July 10, 1829 ; Amy, b. July 23, 1831 ; CharloUe, b .oHS ; 

Minerva^ b. Mar. 27, 1836; Harlan Page, b. Apr. 2 m (2) 

Sophronia Merrick, Apr. 23, 1839; had Emeret S,, b. -tiug. 2, 1840- 

Mary S., b. July 24, 1842; Jra C, b. May 12, 1844; Willard Mer- 
rick, b. Apr. 26, 1846; Frank M., b. Sept. 9, 1848. 
vii. Jane, b. Feb. 22, 1797 ; d. unmarried, Mar. 7, 1867. 
viii. Clark, b. Mar. 20, 1799; d. 1856; m. (1) Clymena Smith ; m. (2) 

Clarissa Cofleld, and had Ociavius C* 
ix. Meriam, b. Feb. 10, 1801 ; d. Nov. 23, 1842 ; m. Ahljah Jones, Feb. 

16, 1829 ; had Marcia, Elizabeth, Ahijah, Francis A., George, and 

X. Maria, b. Feb. 10, 1801 : d. Feb. 11, 1856 ; m. Jesse Humaston, Feb., 

1822; had Eliza L., b. 1824, Francis, William^ and Jesse M, 
xi. Marcia, b. Jan. 16, 1803 ; m. Moses Chandler, Nov., 1821 ; had Lydia 

A., Eliza L., Nancy, Mhriti, Emily A,, Thomas C., Moses James, 

Albert, and Marcia Jane. 
xli. Eliza, b. Dec. 14, 1804 ; d. Jan. 3, 1874 ; m. Hamlll Jones ; had EUza 

and Lucy, 
xiii. Amanda J., b. Jan. 2, 1808; d. Oct. 14, 1863; m. Abiel Dean, Apr. 4, 

1827; had Frank E., b. 1828; Joseph E., b. 1830; A.Jane, b. 1834; 

Mary E., b. 1836; Henry C, b. 1839; Hamill J,, h. Oct. 16(?), 

1846, d. Jan. 1, 1866 ; and Anna L., b. 1849. 
xiv. Minerva, b. Jan. 27, 1810; m. John Rice, Sept., 1833; had Franklin, 

Francis A,, and Edward, 
XV. Harrison, b. Apr. 3, 1812 ; d. Sept. 26, 1813. 

Most of the family of Clark and Anna settled hi N. Y. State ; John Blosa 
at Blossvale, Oneida co. ; A. and H. Jones at New London, N. Y. ; James 
Lillibridge at Blossville ; Ira, Amanda, and Anna at Annsville, N. Y. 

16. Amos* Lillibridge (David,* Benjamin^* Tlhomas^) married Betsey 

Fuller, Jan. 24, 1801, who died Nov. 5, 1859, aged 79. He died 
Mar. 81, 1842, aged 69. 

1909] Thomas Lillibridge and his Descendants 49 


L Aji08,*b. 1802; d. 1887; m. Polly Piseau, Feb. 8, 1834; had George,* 
b. Jan. 5, 1885, d. in infancy ; John^ b. Aug. 19, 1886, d. 1907 ; 
David B., b, Feb. 9, 1839; Clark, b. Feb. 3, 1846, d, 1908; and 
Sarah Maria, b. May 24, 1849, m. Myron Bradway of Monson, 

li. Wabkkn, b. 1803 ; d. 1891 ; had dan. Emily,* who m. Steele. 

UL BUBXHAM, b. 1805 ; d. Dec 1, 1887 ; m. Polly Mowry, who d. Apr. 
24, 1877 ; had 1. David,* d. May 80, 1899, aged 70 ; m. Lodice Fisk ; 
haid one son, Frank,' at Syracuse, Neb. 2. Jeremiah, m. Augusta 
Arnold ; son Dan C.,' at Torrlngton, Codd. 3. Morton Mowry, m. 
Jolia Keys ; son Merrill S.', at Keysville, Fla. 4« Betsey, m. Samuel 
Hammond, Hartford, Mich. ; had Albert, Frank, and Charles. 6. 
Jane E., m. Ezra Spencer; d. 1859. 6. Nathan Bnrnham, d. un- 
married Jan. 25, 1861. 7. Clark, m. Mary Goldsmith; enlisted in 
2d Conn. Volunteers ; d. Oct. 20, 1861 ; dau. Jennie. 8. Freeman 
Cody, b. June 24, 1839. 9. Boger Sherman, b. Oct. 28, 1842 ; m. 
Corinne Ide; had son, Clifford Burnham.' 10. Mary Josephine, 
m, Edward Maine ; had three cliildren. 

iT. Annis, b. 1808 ; d. Jan. 6, 1882 ; m. Ira Fisk ; had Adomo,* Leander 
B,, Marvin E., Amelia, and Betsey, who m. Dr. Frederic Jolmson, 
and d. a few years later, childless. 

T. Bktsey, d. unmarried, June 9, 1830, aged 23. 

17. Clark* Lillibridge {Jonathan^* Benjamin,^ Thomas^) married, 
Feb. 14, 1799, Lydia, daughter of Daniel and Molly (Sweet) Lewis, 
who was bom Oct. 19, 1780, and died June 26, 1818; married sec- 
ondly, Aug. 15, 1819, Phebe, daughter of Mowry and Hannah 
(Lewis) Bates, who was bom Feb. 27, 1794, and died Aug. 4, 1862. 
Children by first wife, bom in Exeter : 

I. Anne,» b. July 19, 1799 ; d. Oct. 25, 1883 ; m. Benedict Kenyon ; had 

Clark, Bemington, Lydia, Charity, Buth, Mary, Louisa, Gardner, 
and George T, (Richmond, B. I.). 

II. Benjamin, b. May 21, 1801; ro. Susan Gardner ; had Mary Ann,* 

b. Feb. 9, 1826, who m. Henry Hoxie, no children; Hannah, b. 
Sept. 3, 1831, ro. Edward Tucker, and had Georgia A., Edward Perry, 
and Samuel Lillibridge ; Sarah Artless, b. June 5, 1835, m Joshua 
C. Eldred, Mar. 29, 1858, and had Enmia Louise, Cliarles Henry, b. 
1861, d. 1862, Mary Ann, and Martha C, b. July 10, 1864, and Sarah 
A. ; and Deborah, b. Dec. 28, 1840. 

ilL Clark, b. Apr. 9, 1803; m. Eliza Teffl; had Esther,* Warren, Eliza, 
Marion, who m. Dr. Gilbert, and had two sons and one dau., Maria, 
Clark, and tvoins, who soon died. 

It. Bbtnolds, b. June 4, 1805 ; d. Dec. 2, 1880 : m. Julia Hall ; had 
Lydia,* Jonathan, Mary, Amy, Phebe, Clark, Henry, Davids Han- 
nah, and Charles (Bichmond, B. I.)* 

T. Mart, b. Apr. 19, 1807 ; m. William Edmond ; died In a few months. 

▼L Jonathan, b. May 21, 1809 ; m. Elizabeth E. Arnold. Children : 1. 
Jesse B,,*h,i\mel, 1829; m. Mar. 21, 1852, Mary C. Greene, b. 
Dec. 13, 1881; and had Ave children: Herbert M.^, b. Nov. 19, 
1852, Seth E., b. June 4, 1856, Nellie E., b. May 17, 1858, d. Aug. 
29, 1861, Byron J., b. Oct. 3, 1860, Mary B., b. Sept. 28, 1866. 
2. Lydia Lewis, b. 1836; d. 1900. 3. Phebe, b. 1837; d. 1842. 

Til. Danux, b. May 2, 1811 ; d. Feb. 6, 1879; m. Feb. 20, 1831, Charity 
Bates (sister of Phebe, see above), b. Mar. 20, 1802, d. Apr. 12, 
1860 ; had 1. Hannah,* b. Exeter, in 1832 ; m. Avery Hoxie ; d. 
childless, June 22, 1862. 2. Clark, b. hi Griswold, Conn., 1835 ; d. 
Aug. 24, 1890, childless. 8. Mary, b. 1838; d. June 1, 1860, child- 
less. 4. Jesse Potter, b. 1840; m. Sarah Adelaide Montgomery, 
March 26, 1862, had Daniel O., and a dau. who d. young. 5. 
CharUs, b. 1842 ; d. chUdless, Dec. 28, 1871. 6. David, b. 1845 ; m. 
Lucy Beynolds, June, 1869 ; d. Mar. 1, 1878, leavhig dau. Mary ; 
settled in Manchester, Conn. 

lilL A Child, stillborn. 

50 Thomas LiUibridge and his Descendants [Jan. 

ix. David, b. Sept. 1, 1814; immarried; drowned at Albany, N. Y., 

Aug. 11, 1885. 
X. George, b. Nov. 16, 1816; d. Aug. 16, 1817. 
xi. Lewis, b. May 80, 1818; d. Mar. 1, 1820. 
Children by second wife : 

xil. Nathan Bates, b. June 21, 1820; d. 1887; m. Ruth Luclnda Doug- 
las ; had : 1. A child who d. young. 2. William Clark,* b. Nov. 
15, 1848; m. Abby Edmond. 8. Lydia Mary, b. Apr. 10, 1846; m. 
John Parker. 4. Phebe Esther, b. May 16, 1861 ; m. George Board- 
man. 6. Nathan Andrew, b. Oct. 15, 1859 ; m. Ella Hathaway. 

xiil. Henby Reynolds, b. Mar. 9, 1822 ; d. Oct. 9, 1875 ; m. Mary Aim 
Kinne; had 1. Jane,*m. (1) John Gardner; m. (2) Charles Bllven. 

2. Phehe, m. Perry Douglas. 8. Dolly, m. (1) Maine; m. (2) 

Sanford Burdick. 4. Mary, m. Edward F. Splcer, 1878. 

xiv. Harriet, b. July 9, 1824 ; d. Feb. 1, 1899 ; m. Nelson Eno, Apr. 20, 
1851 ; had : 1. Joel Nelson, b. Aug. 8, 1852 ; m. Etta M. Foster; has 
Hattle Mary and Nelson Roberts. 2. Jesse Lee, b. Apr. 26, 1864 ; 
m.Kate L. Wright; has Delia Jenny, Alberta Sophronla. and Ruth 
Mary. 8. Jennie Lavinia, b. Jan. 29, 1868 ; m. Edward W. Brooks ; 
no child. 4. Benjamin Franklin, b. Jan. 81, 1865, d. Nov., 1886. 

XV. William Smith, b. Mar. 6, 1826; m. Matilda Corey; both dead; no 

xvi. Lydia, b. Mar. 22, 1828 ; d. Nov. 1904 ; m. Henry F. Douglas. Child, 
Charles if. James, b. May 28, 1856; m. Annie A. Sholes, July 20, 
1887 ; had Isabel P., and George P. 

xvii. Silas, b. in Griswold, Conn., Apr. 28, 1834; d. unmarried, 1886. 

xviii. David, b. Sept. 18, 1886; d. Oct. 28, 1846. 

18. Reynolds^ Lillibbidob {Janathany* Benjamin* 77u>ma^) married, 
Oct 5, 1806, Sarah Ellis, who was bom June 8, 1788, and died 
May 4, 1875. 
Children : 

1. JoHANNAH E.,* b. Apr. 18, 1808 ; m. (1) George Washington Huling ; 
m. (2) Henry Jones of Willet, Courthmd co., N. Y. Children by 
first husband, Henry Beynolds, b. July 24, 1827 ; George Harris^ b. 
Jan. 26, 1881; Sarah Ann, b. Aug. 80, 1882; Charles 8lceum, b. 
June 12, 1887 ; and Amy LUlibridge Mary, b. July 18, 1889. 

U. Hbnrt R., b. Aug. 11, d.^ec. 29, 1811. 

iii. WiLLKTT R., b. Mar. 8, 1818 ; entlsted in R. I. cavalry, and d. in U. 8. 
hospital, Philadelphia, Nov. 10, 1868 ; m. Chloe Barber, May 13, 
1882 ; had : 1. Mary Anna,* b. Jan. 7, 1884 ; m. William Bllven, Aug. 
2, 1868; son William. 2. Abby Frances, b. Oct. 7, 1886; d. June 
28, 1892; m. (1) Henry Rice; m. (2) Charles Mason. 8. Jonathan 
Reynolds, b. Aug. 10, 1887 ; after three years' service in the Civil 
War he m. Lydia M. Clark ; one dau. 4. Desire Slocum, b. Aug. 9, 
1889 ; m. George P. Card, in 1862 ; six children. 6. Chloe M., b. 
Sept. 10, 1841 ; d. Apr. 12, 1861 ; m. Charles E. Slocum, Aug. 81, 
1860; one child, Charles L. 6. SQas Barber, b. Aug. 14, 1843; 
three years in the Civil War ; single. 7. David, b. Apr. 22, 1846 ; 
d. July 22, 1847. 8. Lydia M,, b. Sept. 21, 1848 ; d. Sept. 1, 1869 ; 
m. Samuel Gardner, Jan. 26, 1867. 9. John David, b. Apr. 5, 
1860 ; unmarried. 10. Ida Mercy, b. Dec. 27, 1868 ; m. (1) Simon 
White; m. (2) William Lan. 

Iv. Ltdia Ann, b. Mar. 12, 1818; d. Jan. 6, 1848; m. Pardon Hopkins, 
Apr. 2, 1887. Child : Charles Wyman, b. Aug. 8, 1889 ; m. Jane F. 
Knight, May 1, 1860; had Annie Miller. 

V. Cynthia, b. Oct. 12, 1821 ; d. May 28, 1846; m. (1) John B. Briggs; 
had Eunice; m. (2) Reynolds Kenyon; had Lowell H., b. June 26, 
1848, served in the Civil War, m., 1869, Abbie J. (Bowers) Lewin. 

vl. Lyman R., b. Sept. 12, 1828; m. Anna G. Whitford, July 5, 1843; 
has Lydia Ann* ; lost Mary B. 

vU. Jamks D., b. Nov. 19, 1826; d. Feb. 1878; m. Eliza Ann Capwell; 
had Charles Slocum,* b. Mar. 12, 1849; Henry, b. Feb. 4, 1861; 


Births and Deaths in Newport^ R. I. 


Clark B., b. Oct. 37, 1852, died: George Washington, b. Aug. 24, 
1856; Su9an Ann. b. Oct. 5, 1857; Allen Ellis, b. Aug. 22, 1862; 
WUleU Beholds, b. and d. ; Lydia Cynthia, b. Apr. 10, 1867 ; James 
WaUU, b. Mar. 7, 1869; Dora, b. 1872, d. Mar. 1878. 

TiU. Sabah a., b. Mar. 27, 1828 ; d. Nov. 1871 ; m. Oct. 10, 1842, Whit- 
ford S. Briggs; had Beynolds IT., Cynthia S., George A,, JohnB. 
(who all d. young), Hannah B,, Martin F. B., Meretis B,, LU- 
lion Bny Hattie Myra, Er Lee, and two who d. infants. 

ix. BfARY D., b. Nov. 80, 1830; d. Oct. 6, 1870. 

X. Susan A., b. May 4, 1884; m. (1) John Tillinghast; m. (2) James 
B. Champlln. 


From a maniucript of Bev. Bzea Stilbs, D.D., LL.D., now in the possession of the 
Bhode Island Historica] Society 

[Conolnded from Vol. 62, page 363] 

BuEiALB & Baptisms in thb Town of Boston the tear past 







Jan/ry . . 

. . 81 . 

. 8 . . . 84 

Feb/y . . 

. . 86 . 

. 9 . 

. 35 

Mardi . . 

. . 21 . 

. 7 . 

. 28 

April . . 

. . 25 . 

. 6 . 

. 80 

May . . 

. . 88 . 

. 8 . 

. 82 

June . . 

. . 22 . 

. 8 . 

. 27 

July . . 

. . 28 . 

. 8 . 

. 25 

Aug* . . 

. . 28 . 

. 4 . 

, . 84 

Sept' . . 

. . 29 . 

. 4 . 

. . 44 

Oct' . . 

. , 27 . 

. 4 . 

, . 29 

Nov' . . 

. . 84 . 

. 8 . 

. . 26 

Dec' . . 

. . 85 . 

. 5 . 

, . 36 



Baptized at Rey. W Moorheads ) 
Meeting the year past j 


The list for Burials & Bapt/. in Boston for the year 1762 stood thus 
■R««-^ 5 Whites 890 
^'^^^l Blacks 66 

Baptized in the several Churches 418 
In estimadng the Nativities must be added the Children of two Baptist 
Chhs & one Quaker, each small, all making 150 Fam/ and yielding 30 
Children more 

Mem^ from Jan/ry. 20 to 30 indusiye 1764 or last ten days of the M^ 
&d 14 persons, of which 6 were buried Feb/ry 1. A nervous pleuratic 
Disorder being epidemic 

52 Births and Deaths in Newport^ R. L [Jan. 

\^0n a loose slip in the hooky and in the Rev. gentleman's chirograph is 
the following :"] 

P Arch Camp .... Son - 6 M 

P Jon* Gladwins ... Son - 3 y 
Neg. Man, Sheffields 

M" Leightons ... - 2 Sons 

M^Redw/ .... Son 

MfWood - - - - Son 

M" Scott .... Son 

- - Lilly ... - Girl 
[^ On the back of the same slipy hut in another hand :] 
One having a onley son 
att Sea Diners Prayers for him 

Bill of Mortality for the Town of Newport 1764 by Ezra Stiles 
Jan/ry 3 E Cap* John Brown - - Merch* - - - Aet 68 

B Eliz»Guy 31 

8 B Abigal Gardner 20 

B Josias Lynd/ Jun' - - Son ... IJ 

Negro Girl (Eastons) 12 

Negro Man (Tillingh/) 

15 B M" Hathaway Mother of Cap* Ben Chh - - 70 

Q M" Thurston (Peleg) 40 

P Jos. Crandal - - - Gu'l - 1 Day 
E Aug. Johnston - - G. Inf. 2D 

Q - - Hawley - - - stilbom 

20 P W» Wilbore 24 

E Paul Brightson 30 

Bsabb - Landers - - Boy - 6 M*> 
Cuddees Wife ... Negro 

Negro Man 80 

D« Gu'l . 6'M<> 

DO - . - - Gu"! - 4M*> 
29 B Dep. Gov. John Gardner - - - Aet 69 - 69 

E Young Axton - 70 

Ps Ed. Simons stilbom Boy - - . - . 
E Jos. Bailys - - - Girl - Stilbom 
Q Cap* Whitford - - - Girl - 2 M^ 

Negro Levarez Girl ... 1 

30 E Frsmcis Honeyman Aet 50 

B M" Ann Clark W^ - Cancer - - 62 

E M" Ayrault (Danl) 40 

Rom. John Depoe - - - Almsh. - - 80 

B Isaac Leightons - . - Son - 1 M** 
Q Pet. Cuzzens ... Son - stilb. 

Q John Pettis 6 

Negro Girl Jn<> Bennet ... - 7 

24 Whites - - 8 Blacks 
Total 32 this Month 

Feb/ry.l2R IX Wigneron 94 

B Sam^ Queekman's - - Girl - 2 days 
Negro Woman Peleg Thurstons 

1909] Births and Deaths in Newport, R. L 53 

Negro (lyMoffats) - -Girl - Stilbom 
23 E Sam* OanstonB - - Son - - ^ 4 

M - - Dunton - - - Son - , . 14 

E Mary Smiths - - Son - stiJbom 

E M"Ldghton 25 

P Tho* Arnolds - - Girl - 1 W. 

Total this Month 

7 Whites 2 Blacks 

Much 4 J M" Polocke - 70 

16 Neg. Woman & Boy . - Childbed CoL Wanton 

E M" Frost - 45 

E - - Simpsons - - Son - ID 
16 - Negro - Boy - W" Tweedys - 1— M° 

15 P Jn° Billmgs 23 

Ps Hon* Dep. Gov' Ellery — at one o^ clock mom" 63 

26 E Madam Goolding • - Consimip - ^ 60 

Q Jn<> Harvey 49 

Q - - Aliens - - - Son - - - 4 

E Isaac Ingraham . . . - . ^ 5g 

Neg. Girl. Chan* 6 

Neg. Man Brinly 

31 P Ruth Dunbar ----..- 24 

P Olive Goddards - - Son - 1 4 M° 
11 Whites & 4 Blacks 
April. 8 Ps Arch<* Campbells - - Son - 6 W 

P Jon* Gladwins - - Son - - - 3 

Negro Man - - - Sheffields 

IncUan Man Span - - Col. Wantons - 23 

P Billings Coggeshalls Gh'l - - - 1 W. 
Q John Cook .-.--.- 75 

E ly Hunters - - - Son - Infant 

11 Ps Miss Molly Robinson 23 

P Bf Huzzy . - - - at Sea - drowned 
22 P WO Greens - - - Girl - - - 4 

Neg Woman - - . Oliver Bai/ 
Negro Boy - - - Jos Tillingh/ * 2 y 

E W® Robinson - - - Consumption - Aet 60 

22 M EdChhs - . - Son - . - 5 

30 Negro Man - - - Jo Mumford 

E Gunner of Man o' War Squirrel - - - - 30 

Ps Hanna Davenport ------ 30 

E. Jeffry Jeoffers - - - at Sea - - - 30 

13 Whites 6 Blacks 
May 7 Ps M« Cary W of Jn<> - - Consump Martha 35 

E Tho« Weatherston - - Son - 4 M<» 
13 P Jos. Yeomans - - - Girl - 1 M« 

E Charles Limmy Stranger 40 

Q PelegEaston 42 

B - - Babcock - - - Sea - Stranger R Jld. 

Ps D' Wells - - - Girl - stilb/ 

Q Benj Nichols - - - sm. Pox - - 10 

54 Births and Deaths in Newport^ R. L [Jan. 

( Two Small pox psons at Coasters Harbour 

Q < viz. M' Manchester . - - . . 65 

( Ind /. Squaw 40 

Q Daniel Goddard Esq' 70 

Q Daniel Goddard Jun' - . 1 - - . 22 

19 E John Cooks Wife 76 

Negro Woman (Channings) - - - 

E M' Bouts - - - Son - IW 

E Nanny Mardndel 40 

16 Whites 1 Ind/ 1 Neg 

J W PoUock . - - vid March 4 - 65 

June 8 P Josiah Brown - • - Consump/ - - Aet 40 

Negro Man - Cap* Amy - . - . 

P Caesar free Negro - - Cookes - - - 80 

EM" W. Ind/ Woman . - . - - 85 

15 P M" Upham Mother of Rev Edw Uph/ Bap/t Min. 70 

E M" Nixon 25 

E . . Child . . . Gu'l - 1 J year 

P M' Billings - - - Son - - - 2 
M' Davis' - . . -Son - 8 m*> 

24 B A French Gentleman 40 

P M" Wilson . Relict of Benj° .... 60 

E M'Ayrault 90 

Q M' Harris 68 

Q A Woman with smallpox - Sarah Godfrey - 60 
II Whites 8 Blacks 

July P M'King 20 

21 Ps Benj* Searing - drowned - Son of the Pastor - 17 

22 B Cap* Deas - Mistake 60 

Negro Man - Major Otis - . - . 60 

Q Samuel Allen 60 

Aug E Elisha Mumford - - drowned - - IS 

Q A Child 

E W<> Eliz» Brown - in Almshouse - . - 60 

18 B Boy Sanford Elish 4 

E Jer. Brown 40 

E M"BeUtho 60 

E A Woman - Mary Needham ... 42 

E Nanny Hatch 22 

11 Whites 1 Bl. 

15 A Negro Boy ... Overings - - 8 

B Jos. Stevens ... Son - - . - 8 

Ps M' Luthers - - - Son - - - 4 

P M' Vials - - . . Son ... 8 

Q . . Hull - . . Gu'l . - 9 
Cap* Woodb^ Morris - - at Sea - Africa 
Negro - Inf* - - Boy 
B Capt Rogers W"» - - Son Inf* 4 days - 

E M' Thorpe - - of Jamaica .... 88 

June B Ant^" Shaws Wife 85 

Germans ... Son • stilhom 


Births and Deaths in Newport^ R. I. 

P Ralph Stanhopes - - Son 
P Jos. Brightmans - - Son - 
P James Cooper - - - At Sea - 
B Cap*Burdick - - - at Sea 
P - - Deab ... Girl 

14 Whites 2 Blacks 

Sepf 1 

P M' Smith Daniel - 
P A Woman W® Billings 
E Th® Eyres Man - 
E - - Gardners - 
Q Jos Wilbores - 
7 Ps Abigal Munroe 

Son - 
- small pox 

E - - Tull - - the Butcher 

E Ja* Shermans Wife ... - 

E M** Brunette) . - - - 

> smallpox in July or Aug* 
P M"Frye ) - - - 
E ly Crosens . . - 

E M" Fanniugs - Child - 
Ps M" EUery (William) - 

Negro Man Tom - 
B Gid. Sissons - - - 
PA Boy . - - 

Neg Woman . . - 
Q - . Pettes - 
Q Rob* Taylor Jun' 
E Wife of Martin Howard Jun' 
P Wife of Cap* Chapman - 
E W™ Broughtons Wife - 
P Josiah Wilbore 
Q Jn® Grelias ... 

Q Jn** Slocums - 

23 or 21 AVhites 

Oct' 26 B Isaac Sherman - 
Jos. Jeffers 
Rob* Carrs - 
Elisha Leightons 
- - - Hathaways 
Mary Davis 




Son - 

Boy - II M' 
at Cambridge 

Woodson - 
Smiths - 
Chnd . 

Son - 
Son5 W 









Son . 5 W 
. Girl . 


2 Blacks 
- at Sea in July 

Girl - 1 D 

. Boy - 6 M 

Boy - 6 M 

-Girl - 9 D 






Nov* 12 B 

Sam^ Treleys 
Tho* Stevens - 
Indian Woman - 
Cap*Sherb/. - 
- - - Negro Boy 
Neg. Man 
James Cahoon 
Neg Woman - 
Toby Negro - 
,ln® Rodman - 
M" Greens Son - 

11 Whites 
M^ Spooner Jn® - 

- Girl 
. Girl . 

- Almshouse 

- Neg. Man 
- Whitings 

- Cap* Stoddard 
. Boy 

- Col. Bennets 


Consump/ • 
. DO 
6 Blacks 




















Births and Deaths in Newport^ R. /. 


B Jon» Maxen - - - Twin Girls 1 W 
Q M" Slocum - - -Son - - 1 W 

W® CoggeshalB - - - Negro Man - 
E - - - Hunters - - Inf^ - - stilb/ 

P Eliz» Vicars 70 

E - - - Lambertons - - Son . - - 3 M® 
P Sam^Treleys - - Girl - Oct' 28 Sf 

P - - - Whitemore - - Son - - - 11 

Negro Charles - . - - ftT Otis - - 15 

21 Ps M" Grennal - - - sm pox ... 25 

P M" Price -..-... 90 

E Rebecca Jeffers -- 25 

B Geo. Leghtons Child - Boy - 2 W. 
P Jos. Howlands - - - Girl - 2 W. 
B Sam* Carpenter - - Girl ... 1 y 

P M' Chandler 55 

Priscilla Cranston 70 

B Edmund Sheffield 70 

E M" Potter 55 

E Jos. Scott Esq' 56 

19 Whites 2 Blacks 
E M' Payne ..--..-. 72 

Dec' 17 B Jno Aliens - - - Son - - - .15 

B Freelove Johnson 89 

P Tho« Arnolds - - - stilbom 
E Martha Barber - - - stilbom 

19 Agauh Negro Man 25 

Negro Man - - - Sm pox - . - 

Negro I^Ian - - - Peas - drowned 
27 E Inf W^ Thurston - - stilbom - 
6 Whites 3 Blacks 

Whites Blacks 

1764. Jan/ry - ' - - 24 - - 8* 
Feb/ry - - - 7 - - 2 
March - - - 11 - - 4* 
April - . . 13* . - T 
May . - - 16 - - 2« 
June . - . 11 . -3 
July & Aug* . - *25* . - 3 
Sept' - - . 21 . - 2 
Oct' . . . 11 . - 6* 
Nov' - . . 19* . - 2 
Dec' - - - 6 . -3 

Tot Whites 

40 Blacks 


Total 204 Deaths 
Burials in Boston fr. Jan/ry 2 1764 to Dec' 31. 1764 
Whites 471, Blacks 77, Total 548 
Baptized in the several Chhs 367 
Perhaps 150 Deaths by the Smapp pox at Boston this Sufner. 
t Thit entry crossed oat. 



Births and Deaths in Newport^ JR. I. 


1 Apr. to 11 June were Burials 187 Whites 31 Bl. Total 218 inclusive 
gi?ing 90 Deaths in Natural Way leaving 128 for sm. pox which began in 
Jan/ry & Feb. Incr/ in Mar. End in July. 

Deaths in my Meeting 
Births Deaths 1762 __ 

Fe\/ Sarah Hamond - - Aet 17 


23 - 
28 . 
17 - 
17 . 

14 - 

15 - 
20 . 
20 - 

. 9* 9 
. 18 or 21 

Apr. 19 M" Carter .... 25 

19. 18 May 24 M" Trevit .... 45 

20. 19 July 10 M" Ilayden .... 70 
18. 18 June Infant M" Frost stilb/ - 

18. 18 Apr. 24 James Motte - - - - 15 
15. Cap* Searing (Sea) - - 25 

19. Inf Jn*>Cary ... 6 m° 
23 July M"Munro .... 30 
15 - her Infant, stilb/. 

Aug* Ed. East - - . - 14 

169 174 M' W°» Vernon Son ... 2 

In Ten Years - Fox _- - - Son - - 2 M° 

Ed. Simons Son - - 2 W. 
Jos. Crandal Son - - - 6 y. 
M"* Richardsons D - - 1 M« 
Benj. Pitman ... 65 
Ma^ Sherbums Son - - 4 



Births in my Congregat/. 

M" Nicols Jn^ - Daught/ 
M™ Channing - - Son 
M" Merris - - - Son 
Feb M™ Campbel - - Daught 
M" Dennis - - .- Son 
M" Haggar - - Daug 
M™ Greenall - - Son 
Mir M" Richardson Jacob Daugh/ 

M" Carter - - - Son 
Apr. 21. M" Stiles - - - Daughter 
May 16 M" EUery (ChrisP) Son 
Jane ♦M" Frost - - - Son 
Aug* ♦M" Richardson ITio* Daugh/ 
M" Luther - - Sont 
13 M"" Woodberry - Son 
M" Newton Simon. Son 
M" Washburn - Son 
♦M"Fox ... Son 
29*M" Simon - - - Son 
*M" Munroe - - Son 
Oct' M" Church - - Son 
Not' M" Hamond (Jos) Son 
M" Sylvester - - Son 
♦M" Gardner (Sanford) Son stilb. 
M" Belcher - - Son 
Itf" Nicols W. Herb. Twins 
Detf 25 M" Nicols twins both girlsf 

fThiM entry crossed oat. 

Marriages in Same 

Jan' M' Smith & Miss Church 
Sept' M' Nicols & Miss Hamond 
Oct' M'Sayer^- 

M' Clark & Miss Carr 

In my Congregation AD 1762 
Deaths .... 18 
Births .... 28 

Died Heads of Families 
Male .... 2 
Female ... 4 

My Cong/, consists of about 110 
Fam/. About half the Births 


Births and Deaths in Newport^ R. I. 


M" Davenport - Son 
M« Wilson ... Son 

In my Congregadon in the Year 1768 

1763 Births 1763 

Jan' M' Sabins & M' Dan/f Jan^ 

JSathan Luther Feb 




♦Major Sherbum - Girl 
27 Caleb Gardner - Son 
M' Stoddards (Grand) 






Rob Stevens • - Girl 
Rob Taylor - - f 

21 M' Symms - - Girl 

27 M' Ben Sayer - - Son 

M" Simpson • - Girl 

. M'« Treby . Jn^ - Girl 

- M'« Stiles - . - Son 

. M'» EUeiy W" - Son 

M'* Merriss . - Son 

♦M'' Dennis - - - Sonf 

*M" (Pat Carr) . Sont 
M' Brightman - - f 

*M" Chapman . . Girl 

♦Ezek Crandal - . Boy 

♦M"* Richardson Jas stilb. Girl 

M'» Finch - - . Son 

M" Stevens Rob . Girlf 

M" Chhs Benj . Son 
In my Congregation in the Year 1764 

M'Sabms - - Son 40 
M' Sherbums - Inf* 
July W°»Vose - - Sea 
Aug^ Stilbom Richardson 
July 28 Tho* Browne sm pox 
W" Grant - - Sea 
. - Channings - Boyf 
Jn<> Hunt - - at Sea 
Feb/ry Cap* Woodberry Sea 
May. Ezek Crandal . Inf* 
Oc'' Twin InP M' Chapman 

M'» Davenport - Aet 80 

Tho Baxter - - at Sea 

James Allen - at Sea 

June M' Channings - Son 

Nov* M' Dennis . - Son Infl 

23 M™ Chhs - - Son 1 y 

May M" Whiting ... 70 

Geo. Nicols - - Inf 

Ap. 8 . . Carters - - Girl Inf 


Richardson Girl 

M" Campbel - - Son 

25 M" Ch. Ellery - Girl 

M" Nicols Jn® . Son 

W Eben Davenp - Girl 

M" Welles . - Girl 

June M" Whiting - - Girl 

Jan/ry M" Crandal . - Girl 

*M** Siinans - . Girl 

June M** Fox - - - - Son 

Aug . M" Belcher - - D 

23 M'" Richdson Jac/ Son 

Sept' M'« Church - - D 

" W^ Grant - . - D 

1764 Deaths 

Jan/y Jos. Crandal . Girl 1 D 
Ed. Siinans . - Boy stilb 
March 15 Dep. Gov' EUery - - 68 
Apr. M' Campbells - In&nt 

15 Molly Robmson . - 28 

May 7 M'« Cary (Ind. W) - 33 

Negro Gu'l (Chan«) - 30 

July 21 Benj Searing ... 17 

A M' Washburn at Sea 25 



17*M'' Channing Abort/. 
26 M'« Potter - . . D 
M" Richdson Eben' D 

t This entry orotted oat. 


Luthers Son 



Sept' 7. M" EUery ( W») 



Coggeshal Cranston 

Nov'21 M"Grennal . 

. . 



Sam» Trebys - 



Jos Brightman - 



Luthers Son 




Agauh Neg. Man - 


D' Wells . - 



Hannah Davenpt 

. . 



M" Greens - • 


• 4 


. D» - . . . 

Dang 4 

1909] Colonial Records of Marlborough, Mass. 



Copied by Kiia Ha&t E. Spalding and commanioated by Franklin P. Rice, Esq., 

of Worcester, Mass. 

[Continued Arom Vol. 62, page 344] 

AlOAcreLottof Giyen & Granted vnto Thomas Barrett, & to his heires & 
teTbo/fSSJ?** Assignes forever A Lott of tenne Acres of Upland : • 
wtt:- . . 

Abrt: How bath It is also ord*^ & granted That Abraham How shall have 
^i**^i**.**" Liberty to exchange Two Acres of Land in his House Lott 
to the propper use of him, his heires, & Assignes for ever : • 

John Ruddocke Record['] 

of Land 


Bttoctmen Ac 

At A meeteing of y* Inhabit"** & Proprieto™ 
of this Towne the 29 : of March 1663 

W» Ward 
Jn^ Ruddocke 
Jn<> Woods 
Tho : King 
John How 
SoP : Johnson 

SoP : Johnson-Cun8t[able] 
were Chosen, Selectmen to ord^ 
the Prudentiall Affaires of this 
► Towne for y* yeare Ensueing 

Tho Goodenow ) Surveyo" [of] 
W» Kerly j f Highwa[^*"j 

John Ruddocke Recorder 
for y* yeare ensueis[^] 

Jona: Johneon 
it allowed tbe 
fimiUu Lott 4 



It is ord** That Jonathan Johnson shall have the Thirty 
Afcres] of upland formerly* granted to A Smith with all ao- 
comodaco[ns] Answ''ble & suiteable thereunto, on Condition 
yt the 8^ Jonath[an] doe dwell in this Towne seven yeares, 
db doe y^ Townes worke as A Smith, & also if hee at y^ 
seven. yeares end leav[e] the Towne doe his endeavo"^ to 
settle anoth' Smith in his Roome, both w^^ if hee doe the s * 
Land dc accomodacons sha[ll] bee his, &, his heires & Atr- 
flignes forever : • 

John Ruddocke Record[er] 

By y* Selectmen of this Towne uau 
8**ofy«ij* month 1663 
It is ord"* That ye ord' of y* 29 : of May 1662 about Swluc 
shall stan[d1 dc remaine in full force in this Towne for 3 " 
yeare ensuemg : And [y'] all Swine shall bee well & rv"*- 
dently yoaked & Rung by the firs[t] of May next : & that 
every setled Inhabit**^ <k houshould** of this 'lowne doe take 
the penalty db sume allowed upon every Swine y^ shal[l] l^et^ 
foui^ within this Towne contrary to this ord' 

BoCowGbltle I^ ^ <^ ^^^ '^^^^^ ^ ^® ^^ Cattle of this Towne shall 
(tieept working goe und' the hands of Keepers : db if any Cattle (except 
oxjD^uie to goe ^orkeing oxen) shall [be] found without A Keeper the 
Kaepar:* owner shall pay sixopence p' head to any such Inhabit**^ db 


60 Colonial Records of Marlborough^ Mass. [Jan. 

household' of this Towne, y' slmll take them : • 

Marlborough 22 74 At y® affores^ Meeteing of y® [Sel]ectmen [y*] 

1663 3^ day of the ij^ month 1663 

fences to bee It is also ord"* That all y® fences of this Towne 6ha]l)ee 
iS^ve dLi^s?.^^^ sufficiently made up & finished by the 15 : of this instant 
Aprill ; on penalty that the owner pay twelve pence p' Ivodd 
that is found insufficient aft*^ that day ; one halfe to die 8ur- 
veyo"^ that finds the deffect, & the oth*" halfe to the use of 
the Towne: & P^dm** Rice & W™ Ward are heereby ap- 
pointed to looke to y® fences in theire Streete : Tho : Goode- 
now in that streete where he dwells ; Jolm Woods & Jn® 
Maynard in theire Streete ; Tho : King & Solo : Johnson in 
theire streete ; Jn° How Sen*^ & John Johnson in theire 

[Jn]oRnddocko It is also ord'** That John Ruddocke have the Standards for 

'f;^"^/° t^^|3pe Weights & Measures of this Towne Comitted to him, to size 
the standards, i y^ . i « ti« r i v i i • *it« i ^ i 

to weights & the Comon weights & Measures of the Inhabit"^ by : And 

measures : • hee for that end received into his custody at that time, one 

weight of fourepounds, one of two poimds, & one of one 

pound, one of halfe A pound, & one of quarter of A pound ; • 

And likewise he received one measure of A quart, & one of 

A pint : • And likewise one Ell, & one yard : • 

John Ruddocke Record' 


The 4: of Aprill 1663 

JA]namack8 the Know all men by these presents, That I Anamaks Indian 

left St Indian this of W hipsuppenicke for divers causes & consideracons, have 

th*i8 [Toiwnethe^^'^'^ ^ granted, bargained, & Sould xmXo John Ruddocke, 

Land [whjereon & John How sen['"] of the Towne of Marlborough in the 

HmiP* n V^^"^ County of Middlesex in New England to the propper use <fe 

built ^. behoofe of the s*^ Towne of Marlborough : The Land y* the 

said Meeteing house of the s** Town[e] now stands on, & 

also the Land from the Highway on the fore side of the s** 

Aieeteing house, & so upon A Square Tenne foot round 

About y® s*' Meeting House : • I say I have sould y® same 

unto y* affores^ Jolm Ruddocke & John How, for the proper 

& only use & behoofe of y* Inhabitants or Proprieto" of the 

said Towne of Marlborou[gh] To Have & to hoiUd to them 

the aiTores** Towne & Proprietors thereof & theire Heires 

Execute™ Administrators <& Assignes to their only use & l)e- 

hoofe forever, A[nd] I doe heereby bind my self e my heires 

Execute™ & Administrate'* to give them & th^t they shall 

have full and quiett possession of y® Afi'oremencond Land 

fforever ; & 1 doe heereby fi'ree them also, y* afforCvS^ Towne 

of Marlborough & the Proprietors & Inhabitants thereof 

from any Claime, demand or molestation of any man woman 

or Child whatsoever y' shall disturl)e them in or Eiect them 

out of the free full and peaceable Enioyment & jiossession 

tliereof or any part thereof from the day of th[e] date heerof 

& so forever as Witnesse my hand 

1909] Colonial Records of Marlborough ^ Mass. 




Bi^bwaiet ap- 

tee folio 17 the 
Cotn**« ap- 
poiated to laj 
Mt all High- 


A Rate was made the 7 : day of y® iij : month 1663 
for y® Minister 

Edmo Rice 1 : 

W" Ward 1 : 

Jno Raddocke - - - 1 : 

The : King : 16 

Jn® How sen' - - - - : 15 
Tho : Goodenow sen' : 13 
Richa<> Newton - - - : 12 
Jno Woods sen' - - : 12 
W" Kerly Jun' - - - : 12 

Jn» Rutter : 12 

Solo : Johnson - - - : 10 
Jno Johnson - - - - i 11 

Sam" Rice : 10 

Abrah : How - - - - : 10 
Tho : Brigham - - - : 10 
Jn« Maynard - - - - : 9 
Tho : Barnes - - - - : 9 
Jn« Rediat : 9 


Joseph Rice 0:9:2 

obadiah Ward 0:8:9 

Jno Bellowes 0:8:4 

Thomas Goodenow Jun' : 8: 4 

Rich** Barnes 0:8:4 

Nath" Johnson 0:8:3 

Andr : Belchar 0:8:4 

Hen : Kerly : 7:11 

Jose : Holmes : 7 : 

Jno Barrett 0: 7: 

8am" Ward 0:7: 

Jno Newton 0: 6: 

Sam" How : 6 : 

Hen : Axtell 0:6: 

Xpo' Banister : 6 : 

Jn® How Jun' : 6 : 

Jona : Johnson : 6 : 

W»" Kerly sen' : 



The whole Is xvilj : x : xi<* Besides Benia : Crane who salth hee 
hath paid y« Minister hl[] 

At A meeting of the Inhabitants & Proprietors of this 
Town[e] the 1 6 : day of the iijd month i663 
It is ordered That there bee an Highway stated (& so to 
continue) of Tenne Rods wi[de] bettweene y* house Lotts 
of John Ruddocke & Thomas Goodenow w'^** shall runn[e] 
up into y* Woods as ffarre as any Lotts goe, & so on into 
the Woods, & unto the Mead[ows] as mens occasions shall 
call for & lead them ; only John Ruddocke abovenamed is 
desired to lay downe some of his Land at the comer of his 
pasture to accomoda[te] y® s** Highway, & is granted him 
to take up soe much againe before his house out of y® High- 
way neare about the Lands end y* leads to Joseph Rice's 
& to y* Meeting house ; This Highway is also ordered to 
runne to y* house of John How sen"" so on still, to bee A 
common Road Leading downe to y* Bay : • 

It is also ordered. That there bee an Highway y* there bee 
an Highway stated of Eigh[t] Rodds wide from the Meet- 
ing house to runne bettweene the Ministers house Lott & 
y* house Lott of William Ward one way ; & also to runne 
from the Meeting house the otherway allong through the 
Towne to the House, & by the house Lott of John Johnson 
into the Road y^ Leads towards Sudbury : • 

It is also ordered That there bee an Highway stated of foure 
Rodds wide bettweene y® west end of John Ruddocks Lott, 
A the house Lott of Abra : How, & so to runne to the west 
hill, & into the Woods & meadows w*^ ly that way ; And 
also is to runne from Abra : Hows house south East, at the 
end of Tho : Goodenows, Joseph & Sam" Rice & the Min- 
isters Lott till it comes into y* Highway that comes from y* 
Meeting house [to] Henry Kerly's house : • 

62 Colonial Records of Marfhoroughy Mosb* [Jan. 

It is also ord*^ That there bee an Highway Stated of fboie 
Rodds wide that runs at the Ea[8t] end of the house Lott 
of John Ruddocke towards ffort meadow w^ also runs 
through the house Lotts of Christoph' Banister, John Bar- 
rett, Sam^ Ward & Tho : Goodenow & soe [on to] the 
woods that way 

It is also ord'^ That there bee an ffighway stated of foore 
Rodds wide bettweene the house Lott of John How sen'^ h 
the now house Lott of John How Jun' the s* Lands of Jn** 
How sen*^ to lye on the west side of the Highway, & the 
Land of Jn^ How Jun' to lye on the East side thereof 

It is also ord'^ That there bee an Highway stated of size 
Rodds wide at the East end [of] Tho : Kings Lott & that 
runs by all the Lotts in "f^ Rowe from ^ brooke at the 
ne[ar]est place southward into the woods 

It is also ord"* That there bee an Highway of foure Rodda 
wide w^ runneth Crosse the Lotts of Thomas Barnes & 
Jonathan Johnson from theire houses to the meeting 
house : . 

It is also ord^*^ That there bee an Highway Stated of 
Rodds wide on the South side of William Wards house 
Lott, w^ runneth from the meeting house to Edmond 
Ric[e's] house : . John Ruddocke Records 

Marlborough 76 At A meeting of the Inhabit°^ ds Proprietors of this 

i6((3 Towne the 24: day of the iij month 1663 

W^ Wards tar- Vppon y^ request of sundry Inhabitants of this Towne, 
^Lll^dt^^ William Ward hath laid downe A percell of Land of aliout 
meeting houM, l^Alf^ ^^ Acre adJoyneing to his house Lott lying before the 
ft theTowneord'Meeting_ house, w* surrend' of his, is Gratefully accepted 
oppon it : • y^ ^^ To wne, & at the s'* meeting It is ord"* : first y* the 

sd William Ward shall have liberty to cutt & carry away all 
the wood ds timber that is uppon y* same : 2 ly That hee 
shall bee satisfyed to his content in any other part of the 
Towne (not yett eranted)Lin Hew thereof: & 3 ly It b ord^ 
that this peice oi Land now by him surrendred into the 
Towns hands as before s* shall lye for A perpetuaU comon 
or Highway not to bee taken upp by any, or oth'waise dis- 
posed of, without the consent of every Proprietor that hath 
Towne Rights : John Ruddocke Record^ 

By the Selectmen of this Towne, y* 29 : day of y* 
v: m«1663 
^mp^ to 1^ It is ord^ That noe person shall lay or pat any fflaxe or 
laidinuiybrooke Hempe into any Pond or Brooke within this Towne where 

1909] Colonicd Records of Marlborough^ Mass. 


OTPood where Cattle ufle to drincke, on penalty of paying to the Towns 
Srokeon^pen- ***® Twenty shillings for every offence ; ds whosoever hath 
altj of pajiniif now any fflaxe or hempe in any Pond or Brooke as affores^ 
^^ ' * shall cause the same to bee taken out within f oure & twenty 

houres after the date heereof on penalty of paying the s^ 
sume John Ruddoeke Record' 

At A meeting of the Inhabit"** ds Proprietors of 
this Towne the 28 : day of 9 ber 1663 
TI«T« appointed It is ord"* That William Ward, John Ruddoeke, & William 
St Roid^^th^" Kerly (who were formly chosen by this Towne) shall in 
oUi««)bettweeii behiJf e of this Towne Joyne with such persons appointed 
^^'J.^^^'^^-by y« Towne of Sudbury to lay out a Country Road be- 
* ' ' ttweene this Town of Marlburough & the Towne of Sud- 

bury : . John Ruddoeke Record' 

AJbrm : Waiiams 

witb •oooiodA: 
due to Utter 

• At A meedng of the Inhabit"** & Proprieto" of 
this Towne the 4 : day of xber i66d. 
Given & Granted unto Abraham Williams & to his heires 
& Assignes forever thirty foure Acres of upland in this 
Towne for an house Lott with all Towne Rights and privi- 
ledges proportionable, due to Latter Grants : 

1b» Woods Jan' Given & Granted unto John Woods Jun' & to his heires ds 
maM^^ac- -^^^igi^cs forever thirty foure Aores of upland in this Towne 
eoBoda : dae to for an l\ou8e-Lott with all Towne Rights & priviledges pro- 
U^ grants:. portionable, due to Latter Grants : . 
^'co^fiSSd Jn^ Ruddoeke Recoid' 

l^f UieCoin«« 
in A prill & Jane 

see folio on 

late iriren into _ • 

GomM« 6 Aprill •* " 

MB wbere woods 

Is piuticaUrl J 

Qond br the 

vkoJe Towne:* 


kahili meado 
panted ft con- 
finned for his I** 
derision of 
This is beere 
^laeed becanse 
not before men* 
eond in any j« 

At A meeting of y* Inhabit"* & Proprieto" of 
this Towne the 9 : day of Xber i663 
Given Granted & Laid out unto Abraham How & to his 
heires & Assignes forever sixe Acres & an halfe of meadow 
bee it more or lesse lying on the north side of little Cedar 
Swamp that belongeth to Jn^ Ruddoeke, w^ with the five 
Acres of meadow laid out to him uppon Assibath River, db 
one Acre in Milham in both places makes sixe Acres granted 
him by the Towne y* 27 of the xj m : 1661 on folio 17 is 
heereby confirmed to him & to his heires db Assignes forever : 
to bee his first devision of meadow 

Jn^ Ruddoeke Record' 

At A meeting of the Inhabit"* & Proprieto" of this 
Towne the 25 : day of Xber 1663 

64 Colonial Records of Marlborough ^ Mass. [Jan. 

Three appointed It is ord'** That William Kerly, John Woods & obadiah 

to seaze all trees Ward doe see to the Execution of y® order made by this 

commorwhere Towne the 24,: of y« xj : month 1661 consernmg the felling 

trespasser of that of Timber trees uppon the common Land of this Towne, & 

cannot bee*fo^^ if any bee ffelled, & the owner not found, they are to 

&c have them for their paines, & if the Towne doe paye for 

fetching such trees home, they shall have one halfe for theire 

owne use, but this order is to bee of force only till the 20 : 

of June 1665 & not Long^ : • 

Jn®: Ruddocke Record' 

Thomas Rice's Thomas Rice haveing returned the Land formHy granted him 
house Lott is Ex- for an house Lott (viz* on y* 26: of Xber 1659) into the 
out b^^^^n \*ond Townes hands : It is ordered that his house Lott of Thirty 
(with his id de- ^^e Acres of upland (& his Addition of upland) shall bee 
vision of [up]- Laid^out unto hjm, neare unto, & on the northeme side of 
Iha^^auul:? the Pond in Hew thereof: • 

Marlborouffh ^^ ^^ 

^653 ^ 77 At y^affores** meeting y« 25: Xber 1663 

Towne ord« to ^*' ^® ^^^^ "^^^ obadiah Ward shall have' power, & is heereby 

psecute forcible impowr'd for «Sc in beha[lfe] of this Towne in A way of Law 

Inmates, & In- from Court to Court to psecute to effect & at all times till 

family^upon^y* ^^ cause bee ended, any man, & all persons whatsoever that 

Towne without is & shall come into this Towne to dwell & abide without or 

leave : • contrary to this Townes consent or that shall bring A family 

in to this Towne contrary to an ord' of the Gren" : Court 

beareing date the 20: of 8ber 1663 but this ord*" is to con- 

dnue no longer then till y* 20 : of June 1 665 : 

Jn® : Ruddocke Record*^ : 

At A meeting of the Inhabit"^ : & Proprietors of this 
Town[e] the 5 : day of the xj month, 1663 
Peter Bents first Given & Granted form^y & is now laid out unto Peter Bent 
devision of & to his heires & A8sig[nes] forever fifteene Acres of meadow 

confir*med*to^bee ^^^ -^ ^^^ devission lying in stony brooke meadow, neare 
16 Acres, because Dowes foote meadow, and on the north side of Sudbury 

Ex^re!t on^^^"^® ^^^®'' ^^^^ ^ ^^ ^^^ ^^^^ Swamp : • 

squadrons see Jn® •' Ruddocke Record'. 

folioll&12:. :. *^ 

By y* Selectmen of this Towne The 4 : day of March 
All Swine are to It is ord"* : That all the Swine y* belongeth to, or ^hall bee 
yoake"by the 14 ^^^^ ^^^ found within this town[e] shall bee sufficiently y oaked 
Aprilll664&c & Rung at or before the 14: of Aprill next insueing the 
date hereof, on penalty of sixepence y* yoake & sixepence 
y* Ring that shall from that day bee found wanting : w** 
suiiie shallbee paid by the owner of such Sw[ine] & for far- 
ther direction heerein, It is ord^** tliat, y* p** of y* yoake y* 
goes Crossewfise] the throat is to be soe long as the swine ia 
high, & those p*"** of the yoake y* goes up by both sides of the 
necke is to bee so long as will rise two handfuUs above the 

1909] Colonial Records of Marlborough^ Mass. 


uppermost y** of y^ Swine's necke : And it is also hcereby 
ord^** that if any Swin[e] shall bee found doing damage be- 
fore }-* day aboves** the owner shall (upi>on complaint thereof 
ma<le unto liim) forthwith yoake & ring his Swine ; & every 
ffr[ee] holder within this Towne hath Liberty to see to, & 
power to execute this ord^ & to demand & receive the aboves** 
penaltv : 
t^^l7wo^t ^^ i« ^1'^*^ ^^'^^'^ That aU the Cow Cattle of this Towne shall 
in^ t>xen) are to goe und*" y* hands of A Keeper ; & if any (but working oxen, 
bc« He«rded : . when tumetl out of worke) shall bee found with out A Keeper 
^i^ithin this Towne, the owner shall forfeite & pay sixepence 
[A] head to the finder ; & every ffree hold*" within this Towne 
hath likewise Liberty [to] see too, & power to execute this 
ord', & demand & receive y^ aboves"* penalty : 
All fences to bee It is also ord'** That all the ffences within this Towne shallbee 
sutficiently ma[de] up by tlie 14: of Aprill next ensueing 
the date heereof, & the Survey**" are to see to the Execution 
of this order : 

Jn® Ruddocke Record'^ 

fo*t n|» bv 14 
A;»rili 16^:. 

Selectmen 4c Edmond Rice 
^n for Anno ^ijiiam Ward 
•John Ruddocke 
Thomas King 
Solomon Johnson 
John Howe sen' 
John Woods 

At A meeting of the Inhabitant"** & Proprieto" of this 
Towne the 6: day of March 1663-4 

Solomon Johnson — Cunstable : • 
were chosen Selectmen 
for y® yeare Ensueing : • 

Tho : Goodenow & ) 
Serie : W™ Kerly j 

Surveyo" of Highw[aie8] 
for y* yeare Ensueing : • 

Jn** Ruddocke Record' 

Direction to Snr- It b alfio ord"* that the Surveyo' of the Highwaies, have 
H^^aLC' • power to call out men to worke at [the] Highwaies according 
« « d* • 1 ^ theire best discretion : & if any person refase to come at 
lowed esch *man, three daie[8] wameing, hee shall pay to y® use of the Towne 
k each jo»ke of three shillings & eightpence : It is also resolved that the 
aiibe Uieh-°* Towne shall allow, & pay xx pence A day for a mans worke, 
& the like for A yoake of Oxen : • 

8w»fDp 4 mead- Given & Granted (at the s** meeting) unto John Rutter sen' 
JT^y n^*"** ^ & to his heires & Assignes forever the Swamp & meadow ad- 
Jv Ratter for 7 Jojming to Edmond Rice's house Lott (after Edm® : Rice 
Acre«of meadow hath one Acre & A halfe laidout to him, & Richard Barnes 
AcJii*«?l^tc^'on^^ two Acres there laid out to him) the s** John Rutter is 
feUo H : . to have the rest for seven Acres of meadow in p* : of xv 

Acres w** is his pportion due for his first devision of mea- 
dows : • 

Jn®: Ruddocke Record' 

i6G3-4.^ folio 19; 

26 According to an ord' & determinacon of the 
78 Towne on the 3<* day of y« vij month 1662* the 


Colonial Records of Marlborough^ Mass. [Jan. 

Mem<» The determinacon of 
one Acre Jn Cedar Swamp to 
e\ CIV eight Acres in houselotts 
the 3d offebrua'' : 1662 on folio 
19 : was not Muck to, hut it was 
now nt \a\ ing oat of thet<e 
Lottsnnanimonsly as:reecIunto 
Iiy all the proprietor of thiH 
Towne, that each man should 
have halfe the number nt Kodds 
heere in the length of the 
Swttuip that A man hath of 
Acres in liis house Lott wch 
should so nmne to each man 
quite through the breadth of 
. tne Swamp, & by this rule both 
parties in the Towne did 
aifwards viz* on the 6 Aprill 
1665 r«o re) resent the same as 
theire mutuall act unto the 
hon"* Comttw : • 

Cedar Swampes y^ lye scituate nearest to the 
hibitable part of tKe I'owne were laid out unto 
the respective Inhabit"** & Proprietors of the 
Towne the 7 : of march 1 663-4 every one haveing 
his respective number of Rodds laid out through- 
out the breadth of the Swampe annexed to his 
name, & so the Lotts runneth quite through the 
Swampe orderly one by anoth' (after Jn® Rediatti 
tenne Rodds in same manner allowed him in the 
first Swamp & at y* Kast end) Joseph HoIme« 
had y" first Lott adJoyneing to s^ Radiatt, ^ 
60 went through y* breadth of y* Swamp; St 
the like hath all rest by pportion orderly St 
by anoth' as on the liste heereund'' written 
app^'eth : • (viz*) 

Those two Lotts ( 
d 'e lye at the \ 
East end of the 


[The] 1«* devision 
of Cedar Swamps 
are laid out to tne 
pprieto« of this 
Towne : • 
according to 
form' ord' fo : 

Throughout y« breadth 
of y« Swamp : • 
no of Lotts Bodds 

no John Hediat sen' hath • 1 1 
l*t Lott Joseph Holmes hath 9 
2* :-Thoma8 Rice hath - - 17 
3<»:- William Ward hath - - 26 
4 :-John Woods senc hath • 16 
6 :• Henry Kerly hath - - - 9i 

6 :-SamU Rice hath .... 13 

7 :-Thoma8 Ooodenow sen' 

bath 16 

8 r-William Kerly hath - - 16 
9 : -Christopher Banister hath 8 

10 :-Benia : Rice or Tho : 

Brigham hath 12 

11 :-Jonathan Johnson 

Smith hath 16 

12 '.-Abraham How hath - - 12i 

13 :.Obadiah Ward hith - - 10^ 

14 :-John Johnson hath - - 13} 

16 :-John Bellows hath - - 10 
16:-SamU How hath ... 8 

17 :-T^oma8 Ooodenow Jun' 10 

18 :-Richard Barnes hath - 10 

Throughout y« breadth 
ofy« Swamp:* 
no of LotU Roddfl 

19:-JohnRutterhath. . - 16 

20 :-John Barrett hath - . 9 

21 :-Richard Newton hath - 16 

22 :-Mr William Briosraead 16 

23 :-Henry Aztell hath - . 8 

24 :-John How Jun' hath - 8 
26 :-Nathaniel Johnson hath lOi 

26 :-Thoma8 King hath 

27 :-John How sen' hath . 

28 i-Andrew Belcher hath - 

29 :-Solomon Johnson hath 

30 :-Jo8eph Rice hath - . . 

31 :-John Maytiard hath - - 

32 :-Edward Rice hath - - 

33 :-John Newton hath - - 

34 :-Peter Bent hath - - - 
Rich* or rather now \ 



SamU Ward hath / 

besides Edmo* Rice and John 
Ruddocke who have their Lotts 
as is hereundder meno'ond : vix^ 


The deterrai- 
nacon St Advice 
of the County 
Court at Cam. 
bridge uppon A 
■ait bad with 

Order** Ss laid out unto Edmond ^ce & John Ruddocke 
(their shares of Cedar Swamp) the little Cedar Swamp, that 
adJoyneth to Abraham Hows meadow w*^ is scituate on the 
Northwest side of it, & the afore menc'ond Swamp is on the 
south East si^e of s^ meadow, w^ s^ Little Cedar Swamp is 
wholly granted to the s^ Edmond Rice Sd John Ruddocke, 
& to bee £k|ually devided betweene them two alone : see 
folio 19 : • 

Jn® Ruddocke Record' 

A. Coppy of the County Courts determinacon & advice 
sitting at Cambridge y* 6 day of y^ ij^ : month 1664 
unto this Towne : • 
Whereas there hath been in this Court A suite Comenced 
by Obadiah Ward Plantiffe in the behalfe of the Towne of 
Marlborough aga^ : Tho* : Rice deffend"^ : in an Action of 
the case conseming the s^ Rice's possessions in Marlborough 

1909] Records of the Church in JSastbtiry^ Conn. 67 

•onM fTonnded ^ both parties app'iiig in Court matually agreed to desist y* 

SS^?7*9t2>7^e ffa^' psecution of the s** Action, the s^ Towne yeelding y« 

OB f6Ho 18 : not Defend"^ his Interest of Possessions & Allotments in the s^ 

***"^2w^ ]hing Towne, & each one to beare theire owne charges of the for- 

Bon residency ^^^ psecution. The s** Defend"': engageing to pay Three 

pounds in full for his due pportion of all Arrears in the s* 

place for time past, ds for the future to yeeld y* Assistance of 

his person & £state for y* carrying an end of the affaires of 

the place both Civill & Ecclesiasticall as Religion <& duty 

binds : • Also 

An pmo'ns must whereas some oth" are in a like manner consemed as the s* 

•SwionJ'pSjSg ^^ refferring to their Allottments in the s'* place: The 

tketre — Arrears Inhabit"** of the s** place being generally p'sent The Court 

Cr^^r***f**' gave theire advice, that they also paying theire arrears for 

fotare Aeofd^ ^^ ^^^ P^^ ^ yeelding theire B^idence & Assistance for 

to law : . the future (as the Law requireth) in the s** place. That they 

also may continue in theire possessions & Allotments, <& the 

same setled fully on them there for in nonobservance of 

any Towne orders or Agreements notwithstanding : Also y* 

Court solemmely advised them. That they all Joyntiy con- 

curre in such waies as might lead to the furtherance of peace 

among themselves, freely forgiveing one anoth' all matters 

& occasions of former grievances & forbearing to make any 

repetition thereof, to 3ie upbraiding of any or interrupting 

of theire future peace, that so the God of peace may bee 

theire portion & his blessing upon the s* place, them, & theires 

in all wherein they stand in need of his ^vourable presence 

to bee with them : • Also the s'* Inhabit"'* mutually agreed to 

J"l2«7 * ^* chuse John How & John Kediat to bee Joyned with the 

ded [il ^yned Select men for the Prudentiall affaires of the s* place for y« 

to the oelecunen yeare ensueing : 

Sftti^ ywSe *^^ "^^ *^^® written being read to the Inhabit"'" they voted 
ensueing:- their consent heereto by Erection of hands 6 : (2) 1664 

Thomas Danforth: R. 
This above written is a true Coppy of the originall 
lefte on file with the Records of the County Court held at 
Cambridge: Aprill. 5 1664 

as Attests Thomas Danforth Record' 

[To be oontinaed] 


Gommunicsted by Miss Mabt KurosBUiiT Taloott, of Hartford, Conn. 

From the msnnsoript copj owned by the Cbnnecticut Society of Colonial Dames 

[Condaded from Vol. 62, page 380] 

1790 July 25'>> Isaac db Roth Williams renewed their Baptifmal Cot- 
enant & Joined in fall Commnnion with the Chh. 


Records of the Church in Eaatburyy Conn. [Jan. 

1790 Oct' 2Z^ 

1790 Oct' 30"^ 

1791 March "»13 

1791 July 3"» 

1791 Oct' 16*»> 

1792 June 20"» 
1792 July 22^ 

1792 Sep*' 2"^ 
1792 Nov 6"» 

1793 June 9«» 
1793 Auguft 24*»» 
1793 March \^ 

1797 May 14 

1797 May 28*^ 

1798 Feb^ 5"» 
1798 Aug* 19«> 
1798 Sep^ 3 

Hoel & Cloe Strickland renewed their baptifmal Cov- 
enant & joined in full Communion with the Chh. 
Lebbeua & Mary Hills renewed their Baptifmal Cov- 
enant & Joined in full Communion with the Chh. 
William & Jemimah Tubbs renewed their Baptifmal 

Covenant, & joined in full Communion with the 

Jabez Talcott & his Wife renewed their Baptifmal 

Covenant & Joined in full Communion with the Chh. 
Francis Loveland & his Wife renewed their baptifmal 

Covenant & Joined in full Communion with the Chh. 
The Wife of Jofhua Webfter renewed her Baptifmal 

Covenant & she with her Hufband joined in full 

Communion with y® Chh. 
Levi Johnfon and his Wife renewed their Baptifmal 

Covenant & joined in full Communion with the Church. 
Jeremiah Stocking & his Wife Renewed their Baptifmal 

Covenant & Joined in full Communion with the Chh 

& were accepted. 
Richard Fox joined in full Communion with the Chh & 

was accepted. 
Mofes Goodale & his Wife renewed their baptifmal 

Covenant <& joined in full Communion with the Chh 

& were accepted. 
Ruben Abby renewed his baptismal Covenant, & he and 

his Wife joined in full Communion with the Chh & 

were accepted. 
George Hunt & his Wife, renewed their Baptifmal 

Covenant, and joined in full Communion with the Chh 

& were accepted. 
Mable, the Wife of Deacon Elijah H Goodrich renewed 

her Covenant and Joined in full Communion with the 

Nathaniel Holefter Jun' and his Wife renewed their 

Baptifmal Covenant & joined in full Communion with 

the Church. 
William White de his Wife Renewed their Baptizmal 

Covenant & Joined in Full Communion with the 

The Wife of Mofes Groodale renewed her Covenant St 

joined in full Communion with the Chh. 
Lazarus Houfe Jun' & his Wife renewed their Baptifmal 

Covenant & Join in full Communion with the Chh. 
Isaac Fox Jun' & his Wife renewed their Baptifmal 

Covenant & joined in full Communion with the Chh. 
Mercy Gibfon Renewed her Baptifmal Covenant & 

joined in full Communion with Uie Chh. 
Abraham Fox renewed his baptifmal Covenant, & joined 

in full Communion with the Chh. 
Gear & Penelope Groodale renewed their baptifmal 

Covenant & Joined in full Communion with the Chh. 
James Eells Jun' owned his Covenant & Joined in fall 

Communion with the Chh. 

1909] Records of the Church in Eastbury^ Conn. 69 

1798 Nov' 25*^ Elleazur & Sarah Andrus renewed their baptifmal Cove- 

nant & joined in full Communion with the Chh. 

1799 July 17*^ George Fifh was Received to full Communion, he being 

in Covenant wjth the Chh of Chrift at Middletown. 

1799 Sep' 22^ Morife Houfe Renewed his Baptifmal Covenant & 
joined in full Communion with the Chh. 

1799 Nov' 4^ Lazarus Houfe & Wife were received into full Com- 
Abigail Hills wife of Samuel Hills Jun' was received 
into full Communion. 

1799 Decb' 8 Anne Morley Wife of George Morley renewed her Cove- , 

nant and joined in full Communion 'with the Chh. 

1800 Jany 20** Solomon Goff & Huldy his Wife renewed their Cove- 

nant & joined in full Communion with the Chh. 
George & Ruth Simons were received into full com- 
munion with the Chh. 
1800 Feb'21 Nathan & Philena Sparks renewed then- Baptifmal 

Covenant & joined in full Communion with the Chh. 
1800 May 4"* Mary the Wife of Reuben Sparks Joined in full Com- 
Phebe the Wife of Cap* Charles Treat by letter of 
Recommendation from the Rev** M' Mafh of Wetherf- 
field, was Accepted & she received into full Com- 
William Holmes Jun' & his Wife Rachel ownd their 
Baptifmal Covenant & joined in full Communion with 
the Church. 
1800 July 6*** Aron & Martha House renewed their Baptismal Cove- 
nant & joined in full commtmion with the Church. 
1800 Auguft 20"* Samuel & Elizabeth Dealing renewed their Baptismal 
Covenant & join in full Communion with the Church. 
IWalter & Clarifsa Weir renewed their Baptifmal Cove- 
nant & joined in full Communion with the Church. 
Naby AckJey Owned the Covenant, received the Seal 
of baptifm, & joined in full Communion with the 

1800 Sept 6'* Jonnathan & Betsey Dealing rewed their Baptismal 

Covenant & joined in full Communion with this Chh. 

Esther Baker & Tirzah Fox renewed their Baptismal 

covenant & joined in full communion with this Church. 

1801 Feb^ 7** Ephraim Try on renewed his baptismal Covenant and 

was received into full Communion with the Chh. 

1801 May Zl^ Virtue Brainard renewed her baptifmal Covenant & was 
received into full Communion with the Chh. 

1801 Auguft 2"» Eunice White, Wife of James White Renewed her Bap- 
tifmal Covenant & Join* in full Couimunion with the 

1801 Sep' 6 Eafter Goflee Wife of Afa Goflee joined in full Com- 

munion with the Chh. 

1801 Sep' 20** Penelope Hurlburt joined in full Communion with the 

1801 Oct' 10** Elizabeth Tryon, Wife of Jofeph Tryon renewed the 
Baptifmal Covenant & Join in full Commimion with 
the Chh. her Hufband was admitted to Communion. 


Records of the Ghurch in Easibwry^ Oonn* [Jan. 

1801 Nov' l*"* ♦Georg Tryon & his Wife Joined in full Commonion with 

Nov* 8*** Polly Goflee own her Covenant ds Joined in full Com- 
munion with the Qhh. 

1802 March 28 ♦Widow Rhoda Strickland. 

Loisa Houfe Wife of Joel Houfe were admitted to Com- 
1802 April 23 Timothy Goflee & Wife Joined in full Communion. 
♦Widow Defire Smith was admitted to Communion. 
Capt Afa Groflee was admitted to Communion. 
}802 Hay 2^ ♦Polly Smith renewed her Covenant & was admitted to 
May 7^ Martha Goodale Wife of Henery Goodale, was Admitted 

to Communion. 
June 13^ Milla Houfe renewed the Baptifmal Covenant ds wa« 

Admitted to Communion. 
July 3^ Ruth Hale Wife of Frary Hale, Joined in full Com^ 
munion with the Church. 
Jered Strickland & his Wife Joined in full Communion 
with the Chh. 
1802 July 12^ Jerufha Andrus Wife of Elifha Andrus Joined in full 
Communion with the Chh. 

1806 Oct^ Were admitted to full Communion with this Church, 

Aholiab Latemer & his Wife. 

1807 Sarah Houfe was admitted to communion. 

2 Sabbath Were received to full communion with this Chh — Aaron 

in April Holms <& Wife, Hubberd Blifh <& Wife, Samuel Hills 

1809. & Wife, Elijah Dickmfon, Silas Covil Daniel Houfe 

Jun' Duel Higgins ♦Levi Lattemer, Au;t>ra Gibfon 

Lovina Groflee, Jemima Howe, Charlotte Houfe, Salla 

A. Haten baptized Everlina White & Almira H Fox, 

3 Sab in April Was admitted to communion with the Chh. & Jofeph 

Houfe, Were admitted to communion with the Chh. 

2 Sab in June Chefter Hills & his Wife Eliza baptized. 

Aug^ 29. Was admitted to Communion with this Chh Lovicy 

1810 April 29 Was admitted to Communion with this Church Marah 


1811 last sabbath in July Was admitted to Communion in special ordi- 

.nances with this Chh 
tSinthia the Wife of Chefter Houfe. 

1815 Was admitted to Communion with this Church Lucy 


1816 Septem 8 Were admitted to communion with this Church Enof 

Morley & Wife. 
1816 Defem 1 Was admitted to communion with this Church Pitkin 

Names of Church Members belonging to this Churoh, 

Jant 1, 1826. 


fDitmitiiont and Reoommendatlont. 

X Exeommonicationt or Withdrawalf. 

♦ Widow Brooks, Sept 12, 1826, aged 92. 

1909] Becords of the Church in JSastbury, Conn. ' 71 

Widow Lucy Hale, Nov. 14, 1829, 96. 

Abigail Kimberly. 

James McLean, Dec. 20, 1843, aged 90 years. 

Abigail McLean. 

Appleton Holmes, Sept., 1828. 

Wife of Peleg Welden, Jany 3, 1828, 90. 

Pline Hollister, 1833. 

Dea. Asa Goslee, Nov. 25, 1848. 

Esther Goslee, Jany. 17, 1836, 72. 

Dea Thomas Blish, April 15, 1831, 68. 

Prudence Blish. 

Widow Mary Gibson, March 29, 1832, 88. 

Widow AbigaU Hills, Oct 9, 1832, 76. 

Timothy Goslee, April 7, 1829, 86. 

Wife of T. Goslee, Oct, 1829, 82. 

Abner House, Augt 13, 1839. 

Aholiab Latimer, March 11, 1852. 

Wife of A. Latimer, Jany. 24, 1849. 

Ephraim Tryon. 

Elisabeth Tryon, Feby. 1, 1828, 71. 

Lucy House, Jan. 4, 1835, 79. 

Kuth, Wife of Frary Hale, May, 1830. 

Loisa, Wife of Joel House, Died Jany. 27, 1843. 

Widow Hunt. 

Francis Loveland, April 8, 1833. 

Hannah Loveland, Nov. 20, 1861, aged 92 yrs. 

Israel Hills, Sept 17, 1827, 69. 

Rutii Hills, March 29, 1840. 

Widow of Elisha House, July 4, 1827, 80. 

Widow Lob House, Jan. 27, 1843, agd 80 yrs. 
T Prudence, Wife of Sam* Fox, Sept 24, 1833. 

Widow Elizabeth Loveland. 
X Tirsah, wife of Elisha Loveland, Sept 11, 1835. 

• William Holmes, died Sept 7, 1842, 66. 
t Jared Hills, March 3, 1826. 

• Florinda Hills, March 28, 1855. 
t Jonathan Strickland, Oct 30, 1835. 

• PoUy Strickland, July 22, 1845. 

• Polly, Wife of James Goslee, Oct, 8, 1827, 49. 
Penelope Prim. 

f Elijah Dickenson. 

• Anna Gibson, April 15, 1845. 
Chester Hills. 

• Jenuma Hills, Feb. 12, 1862. 

• Jared Strickland, August 25, 1850. 
Sally Strickland. 

t Leonard E. Hale, Nov. 5, 1858. 
t Walter Hale, April 23, 1848. 

• Nabby Hale, May 20, 1829, 40. 
EHjah CoveU. 

• Edmund CoveU, Died June 26, 1843, aged 53. 
t Lucilla Covell, June 18, 1854. 

• Aaron H. Blish, Aug. 10, 1832, 46. 

72 Records of the Church in Eaatburyj Conn. [Jan. 

t Anna Blish. 
t Sylvester Blish. 
t Duel Higgins. 
t Silas Covell. 

* Daniel House. 

* Wife of Daniel House, 1852. 
X Joseph House, Sept. 5, 1828. 

* Lovina House, June 3, 1831, 41. 
f £nos Morley. 

t Wife of Enos Morley. 

* John Goslee, Dec. 23, 1866. 
Fanny Goslee. 

Ozius Goslee. 

Lucinda, wife of A. Goslee Jnr. 
t Chauncey Latimer, 
f Mercy Allen. 

* Abigail Gibson, May 10, 1855. 
t Lovice Strickland, March, 1829. 

* Pamela Fox. 

f Almira H. Fox. 

f Jerusha Andrews. 

* Sarah House, Jany. 3, 1835, 49. 
t Sally H. House. 

f Mercy Kingsbury. 

f Eleanor Latimer, May, 1852. 

f Pamela Skinner. 

Evelina White, 
t Israel Hills, 2™*. 

Walter Hills, Oct. 31, 1852. 

* Elthea Hills, Dec. 5, 1866. 
t Eliphalet Harris, 1828. 

X Samuel Stevens, March 4, 1859. 

* Betsey Stevens, Oct. 12, 1834, 45. 
t Clement Hale, Sept. 26, 1831. 

f Gustavus Hills. 

* Herschell Hunt. 

Nov. 5, 1826 t Harriet Heuns, Summer of 1828. 

Clarinda Hills. 
May 1, 1827 ♦ John I. House, Mch. 5, 1869, agd 78 years. 

Harriet House. 

* Onner Covell, May 8, 1847, agd 51. 
t Eliza Tryon, Oct. 13, 1839. 

March 1, 1829 Plumer Andrews, fSept., 1847. 
Sept. 27, t Marinda Hale, Sept. 26, 1831. 

Jany. 3, 1830. f Lucinda Strickland, Oct. 30, 1834. 
July 4 t Latimer, Jany., 1833. 

May 22, 1831. Champion Andrews, fSept., 1847. 

t Timothy Blish, April 29, 1838. 

t Charlotte Treat, June 10, 1855. 

* Jemima Goslee, Dec. 12, 1869. 
t Eleanor Hills, April 29, 1838. 

Aug. 27. Mrs Grossman. 

1909] Bedford Intentions of Marriage 73 


Commanicated by Charles William Jenks, Esq., of Bedford, Mass. 

This list of " Purposes of Marriage " begins " Anno Domi " 1748, 
and continues till February 10, 177(6), except the time from Feb- 
ruary 7, 1761, to April 5, 1766, and from March 27, 1772, to 
August 19, 1775. 

It was found recently in an attic at Wobum with a book of records 
"of the Church of Christ in Bedford," apparently kept by Nathaniel 
Sherman during his settlement at Bedfora from February 8, 1756^ 
to March 20, 1768. 

Stephen Davis was Town Clerk. from 1748 to 1760, from 1766 
to 1772, and for the year 1775, periods which cover the dates of 
entries in the "List." The handwriting has been compared with 
that of Stephen Davis as preserved on several plans made by him as 
** Surveyor," and is similar enough to justify the conclusion that the 
**Liflt" was written by him. 

Purposes of Marriage Entered for Publishing Anno Domi 

NoT^. 8. 1 748 Joshua Appleton of New-port in Rhode Island &i Mary 

Willson of Bedford 
Fel/ 1 1 Thomas Bacon of Bedford and Elizabeth Ditson of Billerica 
April 15 1749 Isaac Kent Resident at Bedford and Mary Mansfield of 

Aug* 25 Samnel Steams of Billerica and Elizabeth Hutchinson of Bed- 
^oy', 17 Benjamin Hutchinson Jnn' and Rebekah Lane both of Bedford 
Feb'. 21 Benjamin Stratton of Lexington and Sarah Simonds of Bedford 
July 28 1750 Josiah Crosby & Sarah Fitch both of Bedford 
Aug* 4 Jonathan Putnam of Bedford and Hannah Melven of Concord 
(kvcF 31 1750 Joseph Heartwell of Bedford and Jemima Batchelder of 

OcU/ 31 James Lane Jun' and Mary Wellington both of Bedford 
Jaijy 3 1750/51 Matthew Whipple of Salem and Sarah Putnam of Bed- 
Jan^ 12 Joseph Bobbins of Acton & Ruth Bacon of Bedford 
^2aJ 30 Timothy Lane and Lydia Davis both of Bedford 
June 8 1751 Joseph Heartwdl Ju^ of Bedford and Sarah Skinner of 

July 14 1751 David Tarbell of Billerica and Hannah Fitch of Bedford 
Aug* IG 1751 Jabez Russell and Hannah Wheeler both of Bedford 
Seytem' 20"» 1751 Nathanael Farmer of Bedford and Ruth Fisk of Lex- 

Septem*^ 21 1751 Mr. Nathanael Draper of Cambridge and Ruth Jones 
of Bedford 

*For other records see ''Vital Records of Bedford, MassachasettSi to the Year 
IttO," pubUsbed by this Society, 1903. 

74 Bedford Intentions of Marriage [Jan. 

Octo'. ye 7 1751 Mr Nathanael Adams of Worcester ds Mrs. Martha Whit- 
more of Bedford 
July 18 1752 Mr Eichard Halsetine of Bradford and Mrs Sarah Barrcm 

of Bedford 
Sept 16 1752 New Stile Joseph Eliot and Mary Melven both of Bedford 
Nov'. 9 1752 Elisha Fuller of Middleton and Elizabeth Putnam of Bed- 
Jan^" 12. 1753 Stephen Hartwell and wid. Rebekah Davis both of Bedford 
Feb^ 3. 1753 Joseph Moore & Dorcas Wood both of Bedford 
April 20 1753 Nathanael Whittemore Jn' of Lexington and Jemima Don- 
ton of Bedford 
Nov^ 24 1753 Benjamin Lane & Mary Hill both of Bedford 
Jan^ 5 1754 Cap. Joseph Fitch of Bedford and Mrs. Rachel Convis ci 

Feb' 15 1754 John Wheeler & Hannah Taylor both of Bedford 
Feb' 15 1754 Jonathan Taylor of Bedford and Mary Jones of Concord 
March 7, 1754 William Prentice of Sutton and Abigail Willson of Bed- 
April 13 1754 John Woolley of Bedford and Mary Blood of Concord 
Septem' 7 1754 Ephraim Russell of Lexington and Miriam Wheeler of 

Septem' 14 1754 Nathan Woolley of Bedford and Sarah Flagg of Con- 
cord . 
Septem' 21 1754 M' Benjamin Kidder of Bedford and M" Judeth Rich- 
ardson of Billerica 
October 12 1754 Joseph Brown and Desire Batchelder of Bedford 
Octo' 19 1754 Simon Newton of Bedford and Amittai Fasset of Lex- 
October 25, 1754 William Crosby and Dorathy Wood both of Bedford 
Nov' 22 1754 Ephraim Crosby of Billerica & Mary Meriam of Bedford 
March 13 1755 Moses Abbott and Maiy Hill of Bedford 
April 25 1755 Ezekiel Walker of Billerica and Amittai Willson of Bed- 
May 23 1755 David Willson of Bedford & Judith Johnson of Wobum 
Sept 10 1755 Zechariah Fitch ds Rebekah Davis of Bedford 
October 3*^ 1755 Thomas Paige Ss Anna Meriam of Bedford 
Decem' 27 1755 M'. John Paige of Bedford and Mrs Amittai Fasset ol 

Decern' 27 1755 M' Francis Bowman of Bedford and Mr*. Sarah Simonda 

of Lexington 
March 13 1756 Andrew Thompson of Windham ds Margaret Maxwell ol 

April 3"^ 1756 Joseph Fassett of Lexington and Dorithy Pollard of Bed- 
August ye 14, 1756 Eleazar Davis ds Mary Davis of Bedford 
Oct' 30 1756 Abijah Cutier of Brookfield and Eliz^ Abbott of Bedford 
Dec' 25 1756 Jonathan Bloget and Molley Fitch of Bedford 
October 22 1757 Joseph Stone Jun'. of Framingham ds Rebekah Meriaai 

of Bedford 
.Nov' 10 1757 Jonas French of Billerica and Hannah Paige of Bedford 
February 10, 1758 Samuel Kidder of Bedford and Sarah Corbin of Dudley 
Decem' 22 1758 Reuben Parker of Reading ds Sarah Woolley of Bedford 

1909] Bedford Intentions of Marriage 75 

January 12^ 1759 The Rev^. M' Nathanael Sherman & Mrs Lydia Meriam 

both of Bedford 
Jane 16 1759 John Moore Jun. and Mary Wheeler both of Bedford 
Jane 27**» 1759 Solomon Hartwell & Abigwl Davis both of Bedford re- 

September 7^*^ 1759 Elijah Steams & Lucy Lane of Bedford 
Jaaoary 31 1760 £benezer Page of Bedford & Dorithy Fafsit of Lexmg- 

March 11. 1760 M'. John Jacobs of Topsfield and Mrs Mary Putnam of 

March 20^ 1760 Cap John Webber and Sarah Fasset of Bedford 
Angost 30. 1760 Isaac Patten of Bedford & Lydia Chamberlain of 

September 13"» 1760 Sam" Lane and Ruth Davis both of Bedford 
September 20"* 1760 David Dutton, resident in Bedford and Hannah 

Whittaker of Bedford 
October ye 11^ 1760 John Meriam Jun. of Bedford and Hannah Brooks 

of Lincoln 
October 3^^ 1752^* Zechariah Fitch Informed the Selectmen that he on 

the 27 day of August last took a child named William Thomas from 

the Town of Boston 
October 18* 1760 Hugh Maxwell of Bedford & Bridget Munroe resident 

in Bedford 
November 14**» 1760 M' Richard Wheeler of Bedford & Mrs Anna Bate- 
man of Concord 
February 7* 1761 Benjamin Putnam & Eunice Rea both of Bedford 
April 5*^ 1766 James Pollard & Molley Porter Both of Bedford 
Vil 24*^ 1766 Cap. James Lane of Bedford & Mrs Abigail Farmer of 

April 26 1766 Benjamin Bacon Jun' and Esther Davis both of Bedford 
September 13***. 1766 Stephen Davis Jun' and Lydia Bateman Both of 

March 28. 1767 Joseph Meeds Jun' of Bedford & Lucy Fuller of Newton 
April 3"» 1767 Judah Wright & Tabitha Hartwell of Bedford 
JaDuary 1768 Jacob Bacon of Lexington <& Catharine Davis of Bedford 
Septem'. 8*^ 1768 Timothy Jones and Rebekah Bateman of Bedford 
S^tem' 30. 1768 William Reed the 3"^ of Lexington & Elizabeth Davis 

of Bedford 
Oct 26*. 1768 Jofiiah Munroe of Lexin^n & Susannah Fitch of Bedford 
Decern' 10. 1768 Cesar Manuel & Phillis, Negro Servants of John Moore 

in Bedford 
Jinuary 21* 1769 Henry Prentice ye 3«* of Cambridge & Eunice Fitch 

of Bedford 
October 10«*» 1769 Nathaniel Page Ju' & Sarah Pollard both of Bedford 

On the 28*^ of October A. D. 1769 the above named Nath. Page after 

he had stood published two Sabbaths came and forbid his publishment 

being set up any more, or any further Proceedure theirin 
Dec 25. 1769 Jeremiah Fitch Jun' of Bedford <& Lydia Smith of Waltham 
January 6. 1770 Thomas Dean Jun' of Wobum & Isabel Johnson of 

February 8. 1770 David Fitch of Bedford & Mary Fowle of Wobum 
February 17. 1770 Joshua Walton & Hannah Dutton both of Bedford 

* Tbis entry occurs at the top of a page and it croised oat. 
VOL. Lxin. 6 

76 Bedford Intentions of Marriage [Jan. 

March 8** 1770 Daze Skilton of Wobum & RuUi Hartwell of Bedford 

April 2. 1770 Henry Clark of the Parish of Candia in the Town of Cheaster 
in New Hampshire, and Abigail Francis of Bedford 

May 1. 1770 Isaiah Jerland of Charlestown & Anna Bacon of Bedford 

May 30"^ 1770 Dea°. Samuel Eames of Wobum & Mrs Joanna Fafset of 
Bedford . .« 

June 6. 1770 Solomon Mackintier of Reading & Rebekah Willson of 

Oct 5"» 1770 Thomas Harrington of Lexington & Lucy Perry of Bed- 

Decern'. I"' 1770 Samuel Tidd of Lexington & Rebekah Simonds of Bed- 

Decern'. 15*** 1770 David Bacon & Lucretia Simonds of Bedford 

February 13«»* 1771 Robert Reed of Wobum & Elizabeth Hartwell of 

March 26. 1771 Nathan Bowman of Bedford & Esther ' French of Bil- 

May 20*^ 1771 Sam. Davis & OUve Pollard both of Bedford 

Marriages Minuted &c 
Daniel Davis & Susanna Lane of Bedford were married May 1. 1766 By 

M' Sherman 
Benj. Bacon Ju'. & Esther Davis of Bedford were married May 27. 1766 

By M' Sherman 
Stephen Davis Jun'. & Lydia Bateman of Bedford were married Novem'. 6*^ 
1766 By M' Sherman 
The above Sent Down to be Recorded 1767 

April 23. 1772 Joseph Trask of Wobum and Hannah Simonds of Bedford 
May 8*^ 1772. Joseph Loring Jun'. of Lexington & Betty PoUard of Bed- 
Auguft 19'*» 1772 Zebulon Convarfe of Rindge & Sarah Meriam of Bedford 
Septem^ 3"*. 1772 Micah Reed of Wobum and Elizabeth Page of Bed- 
June 15 1771 Nath". Reed of Lexington & Hephzibah Bateman of Bed- 
June 29. 177[1] Samuel Reed of Wobum & Joanna Page of Bedford 
August 10. 1771 The Rev. M'. Joseph Penniman of Bedford & M"* Han- 
nah Jackson of Plymouth 
Septem"^ 21* 1771 Thomas Noonan Resident in Bedford and Sarah Meeds 

of Lexington 
Jan^. 7"». 1772 David Reed & Hannah Raymond both of Bedford 
March 27. 1772. Nathan Reed of Lexington & Mary Page of Bedford 
August 19"» 1775 Josiah Upton & Katherine Hartwell of Bedford 
August 31" 1775 William Maxwell & Sarah Bowman of Bedford 
Septe'. 20"^. 1775 Samuel Page Ju^ of Rindge & MoUey Hutchinfon of 

Octol)er 3'^**. 1775 Jonathan Putnam of Rindge and Lucy Lane of Bedford 
Decem^ 23. 1775 Abel Bowman of Bedford & Lucy Needham of Tewka- 

January 14'^ 1776 Andrew Gardner and Elizabeth Preafe Resident in 

Feby 10^ 177[6?] Abijah Bacon and Rhoda Bacon both of Bedford 

1909] Bri$tol GouTUy Probate Records 11 


Copied by Mrs. Lucy Hall Greenlaw 
[Continaed fVom vol. 62, pa^e 352] 

[112] Inventory of the estate of Joseph Boz worth late of Rehoboth dec'd 
bktn l»y William Carpent' and Enoch Hunt, Jan. 2, 1694-5. Items : " A 
Gun <fe' Sword & Belt " ; " the one halph of a Looking Glafs " ; ** an old 
great Bible " ; " In fider & a tobacco Box ". Amount, £104..19..00. Said 
inventory .sworn to Jan. 28, 1694 by Hester Boszworth, relict of said Joseph, 
before Jn^ Saffin Proba^: John Gary Regist': Entered Jan. 30, 1694-5 by 
Jd<* Cary Regist'" 

[113] Inventory of the estate of John Russell late of Dartmouth dec'd 
taken Feb. 21, 1694-5 by John Shareman and Thomas Taber. Amount, 
£lHt>..0H..OO. ** This Inuentory was by Jo^p Rufsell attef ted Vpon oath 
in the prefence of Almighty God", April 2, 1695, before Jn^ Suilin Proba' 
Jn*Ciuy Regist': Entered April 2, 1695 by John Cary Regist"^: 

[I14J Will of John Russell "of Dartmouth in the County of Briftoll in 
New England in America", datefl Jan. 19, 1687-8, " I being at this time 
m fome iKnlily health & my memory & Vnderftanding being yet g(KKl & 
Swiiid ". To my eldest son John Russell my home dwelling house with all 
the knd thereto belonging in the township of Dartmouth. Whereas my 
wn .Jonathan Russell, besides his quarter share of land which 1 gave him 
br dee«l, hath had of me some upland and some meadow land near the place 
qIIkI CoxseeHet, my will is, that to that shall be added enough to make 
three acres of meadow land and fifty acres of upland, all of which fifty acres 
of upland and three acres of meadow land, I give to my grandson Jonathan 
Ba-'^ell, sou of my said son Jonathan Russell. To my grandson Jolm Rus- 
leU, >on of my son Joseph Russell, fifty acres of upland and three acres of 
meadow land to be laid out to him by my son John Russell, whep he comes 
t*» the age of twenty-one. My sheep, household goods, cart and plow tack- 
ling U) Kou Ji>hn Russell, and my cattle and horses to be divided by my ex- 
ecator «*<|ually among all my grandchildren " So Near as Conveiniently he 
Can IHuid tliem ". My loving son John Russell to be sole executor. W^it- 
Dp?^etl by Robert X Dennis, Mary X Gafechell and William Wodell. Mary 
WoiUll, formerly Mary Gatchel, made oath April 2, 1695, before Jn^ Saf- 
fin Prolwi'' : .In° Cary Regisf^ : that she saw said John Russell sign said will, 
il*^ that " fhe Did fee Robert Dennis & william wodell ( Sence Deceafed) 
Signe as witnefses at y* fame time together with her felf ". Entered April 
% lf»95 by John Cary Regist'. 

[115] Inventory of the estate of John Stevenson "who Deceafed the 
Sixteenth of 8eptembe^ 1695" taken Oct. 11, 1695 by David Freeman and 
bAmuell Robinson. Amount, £57..05..02. Items: "his Gun liis Cutlafh 
hi^ ( atuch Bux " ; "his Goofe & Sheires ". Sworn to at Bristol, Oct. 16, 
1605 Wfore Jn** Saffin Proba*" : John Cary Regis t*^ : by James Stevenson of 
8i»nngfi«dd, brother of said John Stevenson. Entered Oct. 16, 1695 by 
Ju'Cary Regist'. 

[1 1 6] The account of Thomas Way of Newport, R. I., executor of the 
will of John Green lately deceased at Rehoboth, of legacies paid out as fol- 

78 Bristol County Probate Records [Jan. 

<< to Elezabeth Brooks in Spetia as Bequeathed " 

" To Robert Little Vpon the account of Benjamin Palmer " 

" To Henry Brightman Vpon the account of y* Aliens at Bolton " 

« To Jerimiah Childs of Rehoboth & his Children " 

« To Doct' William Hughs of Bofton " 

" To Robert Gardner of Road Hand for william Beho " 

«* To Elizabeth Collins wife of Doct' : Collins of Bofton " 

« To Nicolas Peck Efq' " 

" To Thomas Langford of Road Ifland " 

«* To John Dave of Road Ifland " 

" To Benjamin Palmer a Gun & Piftolls ". Amount of legacies, £333.. 

Account sworn to April 8, 1695, by Thomas Way before John Saffin 
Proba'; "There being only Remaineing one Hundred and Nine pounds 
Eleuen (hilling & four pence of the faid Eftate according to the Inventory 
which was Bequeathed By the faid Teftaf. to his ffellow Soldiers whereof the 
faid Executor is one the Re{t unnamed which the faid Execut'. Thomas 
Way hath Giuen Bond to Sattisfy when Demanded Vpon which m' Jabez 
Howland is fully Difcharged that was his Surty ". Recorded April 8, 1695 
by John Cary Regisf : 

Thomas Brooks of Newport, R. I., mariner, gave receipt to Thomas Way 
of Newport, R. I., for a legacy of £68 " in Spetia", bequeathed to " my 
Daughter Elizabeth Brooks" by the late dec'd John Green in his will 
dated Sept 4, 1694, and agrees to refund her proportion of said legacy to 
pay any debt, now unknown that may arise. Receipt, to which said Eliza- 
beth Brooks gave consent, dated Jan. 3, 1694, and witnessed by John Pocock 
and Arnold Collins. Entered April 8, 1695 by Jn° Cary legist. 

[117] Robert Little of Newport R. I. gave receipt to Thomas Way 
for £63.. 10 in full for all silver, gold, crown^ money and plate given by 
John Green " which Dyed at Secunk laft September 1694 " to Benjamin 
Palmer, which was purchased by said Little of said Palmer, and he also en* 
gages to pay his proportion of any future debt. Receipt dated April 8, 
1695, and entered the same day by Jn® Cary Regi8t^ 

Henry Brightman gave receipt to Thomas Way for £55, being for four 
legacies given to Daniel Allen and his children by John Green, who died 
at Secunk in Sept. 1694, he also engaging to bear his proportion of any 
arising debt. Dated April 8, 1695 and entered by John Cary Regist^ : the 
same day. 

Received of Thomas Way executor of the will of John Green dec'd bear- 
ing date Sept. 4, 1694, a legacy of £20 in silver bequeathed to me, Jeremiah 
Child and ^< Ten pounds to his Children, in all thirty three pounds fifteen 
ihillings in Spetia Bequeathed Vnto him as in faid will Spetifyed ", he also 
promising to return his proportion of any debt. Dated Mar. 1, 1694-^, 
witnessed by Nicolas Peck and Benjamin X Whight, and entered April 8, 
1695 by John Cary Regist'. 

William Hewes of Boston has received of Thomas Way, executor of the 
will of Jn** Green, bearing date Sept. 4, 1694, £11 in full payment of hia 
legacy, and agrees to return his proportion of any unknown debt. Dated 
Mar. 16, 1694-5 and witnessed by Henry Franklin and Abraham Smith. 
Entered April 1695 by Jn** Cary Regist'; 

[118] Receipt given by Robert Gardner to Thomas Way for £20, being 
the amount given William Beho for a legacy left him by John Green. Datea 
at Newport, R, I., Feb. 27, 1694-5, and entered April 8, 1695 by John 
Cary Regist'. 

1909] Bristol County Probate Bebords 79 

Becnved of Thomas Way £15, in full of a legacy left my husband James 
Coilins by John Green dec'd. Dated Boston, Jan. 30, 1694-5 and signed 
b? Elizabeth Collins, by the order of her husband. Entered April 8, 1695 
by Jn^ Cary Regist' : 

Mar. 4, 1 694-5, received of Thomas Way two gold rings being a legacy 
left to me and my wife by John Green dec'd. Signed Nicholas Peck, and 
entered April 8, 1695 by John Cary Regist': 

John Davy of Newport, R. I. has received of Thomas Way one black 
boree ag a legacy bequeathed to me by the will of John Green. Dated 
April 15, 1695, and entered May 10, 1695 by John Cary Regist'" 

Thomas Langford of Newport, R. I. has received of Thomas Way " one 
pebald horfs ", being a legacy bequeathed to me by John Green dec'd. 
Dit€d April 15, 1695, and entered May 10, 1695 by John Cary Regist'. 

[119] Inventory of the estate of Richard Marten late of Rehoboth dec'd, 
tiken bv Samuel Newman, John Peck and William Carpenter. Item: 
"An old great Bible ". Total, X22..18..08. Sworn to at Rehoboth, May 
7, 1695, by John Marten son of said Richard Marten dec'd, before Jn° Saffin 
Proba': John Cary Regist' : Entered May 9, 1695 by John Cary Regist"" : 

A bill of charges of John Marten against his father's estate. , Items : " I 
Paid in the firft Indian war for his Rate in Siluer money in the year 1676 "; 
"for Six years Dieting of my ffather and Tendance"; "for ffunerall 
Cbirges Drink Coflftn & Graue " ; "A Debt Chalenged by my Sifter Annis 
Chaflfe being part of her portion yet Vnpaid ". The above named John 
Mart«Q son and executor of the will of his father Richard Marten late of 
Rehoboth dec'd made oath to the above before Jn** Saffin Proba' : who 
lUowed the same. John Cary Regist"" : Entered May 9, 1695 by John 
CbxT Regi/?t"" 

[120] Will of Richard Marten of Rehoboth, dated June 2, 1686, he 
**bdiig Aged and Not Knowing the Day of my Death ". To my son Rich- 
ard " whidi is Now in old England ", two houses with a bam and malt house 
(being those houses which I formerly willed to him and my son John) also 
tbree acres of land. To " my fonne flEraunces which is Now in old Eng- 
land a Houfe orchard & Garden : which I formerly Intended to Giue Vnto 
Aiuufi. Lyeing Next to m' ffrenches ". To the two sons my son Francis, 
two thirds of my lands in the North Purchased lands belonging to Re- 
hoboth, "if my faid GranChildren Come ouer to New England to Im- 
proue & make Vfe of them ". The other third part of above lands I give 
to my grandchild John Marten my son Richard's eldest son, " if my faid 
Gnnchild come ouer to New England to Improue it ". My grandchild 
icta Ormsby, my daughter Grace's eldest son, shall improve said lands 
** Vntfll my Granchildren in Old England Come ouer to make Vfe of them, 
A if they Neuer Come ouer : &c : Uie faid John ormsby to haue hold & 
Enjoy them for Euer ". To my son John Martin " that is Now with me", 
a? bouse, orchard and all other lands. My household goods to be divided 
unong my three children that are in New England, viz : John, Grace and 
AmuB, son John to have one half, the other half to be equally divided be- 
tween Grace and Annis. My cattle to be equally divided between son John 
«nd daughter Grace Ormsby and Annis Chaffee. Son John to be sole ex- 
ecutor and loving friends Deacon Samuel Newman and William Carpenter 
to be overseers. Witnessed by William Carpenter, Thomas Read and 
Stephen Paine, who all made oath to the above, at Rehoboth, May 7, 1695, 
Wore Jn^ Saffin Proba': John Cary Regist' : Entered May 9, 1695 by Jn** 

80 Bristol County Probate Records [Jan. 

[121] Inventory of the estate of Mathew Allen " Planter of Dartmouth", 
dec'd, taken " the firft Day of the Third month Commonly Caled may " 
1695, by John Sharman and John Tucker, and sworn to by Sarah Allen, 
relict and executrix of the will of said JVIathew Allen, before Jn** Saffin 
Proba' : John Gary Regist' : Amount, £127..02..00. Entered May 23, 1 695 
by Jn® Gary Regist^°» 

[122] Mathew Allen of Dartmouth, "being Sick & weak in Body", 
made his will Feb. 7, 1688. To John Calvin, my son in law, and Dorothy 
his wife, that £13 in money due to me by a bond dated Feb. 15, 1683. 
My wife Sarah Allen to have house room and a suitable maintenance out 
of my estate during her widowhood, and at her marriage to forego the same 
and then to receive two cattle. To son SamueJ Allen one half of all my 
lands in Dartmouth, and to son Mathew Allen the other half of all my up- 
lands and meadow .in the said town, Samuel to deliver said land to his 
brother Mathew when he is twenty one. To daughter Mirriam Kaston 
one cow ; to daughter Deborah Allen the same ; to daughter Mary Allen 
the same ; to daughter Hassadyah Allen the same when she is eight*^n ; 
to son Mathew Allen the same when he is twenty one. Rest of personal 
estate to my loving wife Sarah Alien, who is to be sole executrix. I desire 
Henry Tucker John Russel and Nathaniel Howjand to be overseers, ^ and 
to afsiftant to my faid Executrixs where & when fhe ftands in Need ". Wit- 
nessed by John Russell, Thomas Taber and Val Hudleston, who all made 
oath to tiie above will, May 23, 1695 before Jn^ Saffin Proba': John Gary 
Regist': Entered May 23, 1695 by John Gary Record' 

[123] Bristol, July 2, 1695. Account of John Tucker, executor of the 
will of Henry Tucker late of Dartmouth dec*d, of the legacies paid out, as 
followis : " To Sarah Tucker, Since married & Now Known by the Name 
of Sarah Horf f ee " ; to Nathaniel Slocum ; to Samuel Perry ; to Abraham 
Tucker ; to " John Eaf ton of Newport, in behalfe of a fofietty Gald Quak- 
ers, & for the Vfe of faid Sofietty". Above account allowed by John 
Saffin, Judge of Probate. " The Legacies Giuen by will of the faid Henry 
Dec** : = to his Grand Children being Not Due till they Gome off age And 
fo at pTent Remains in the hands of the above faid Executor ". Entered 
July 3, 1695 by John Gary Regist'™: 

Sarah Horssee of Sandwich in the County of Barnstable gave receipt to 
my brother, John Tucker, executor of my father Henry Tucker's will, 
bearing date the first day of the first month 1 693, for sixty pounds being a 
legacy given me by my said father. Receipt dated " the 4*^ of the firft m*"* 
in the year of our lord 1 694/5 ". Signed Sarah X Haxse, Joseph Haxse. 
Entered July 3, 1695 by Jn^ Gary Regist': 

" Receiued the Twelueth of the firft month in the year of o'' lord 1 695 : 
by me Nathaniel Slocum fhr[u ?]8berry within the County of Monmouth In 
Eaft New jerfy *' of my brother John Tucker, executor of the will of my 
father Henry Tucker dec'd, dated first day of the first month 1693, twenty 
pounds being a legacy given me by my father in law, said Henry Tucker. 
Witnessed by Sarah 'Reape and William Reape. Recorded July 3, 1695 
by Jn*» Gary Regist"" : 

[124] Samuel Perry of Sandwich in the County of Barnstable gave re- 
ceipt to my brother John Tucker, executor of the will of my father Henry 
Tucker, which was dated first of the first month 1693, for £20 being a 
legacy bequeathed to me by my father in law, said Henry Tucker. Dated 
the 4*** of the first month 1694-5. Entered July 3, 1695 by Jn° Gary 
Regist'" : 

I Abraham Tucker of Dartmouth have received of my brother John 

1909] Bristol County Probate Records 81 

Tucker, executor of my father Henry Tucker's will, a legacy of £30 given 
mc bv my said ^ther. Dated first day of the first month 1695 and wit- 
Bcwed by William X Shearman. Entered July 3, 1695 by John Cary 

We '^ m the behalfe of the Reft of the people in Scorn Called Quakers 
haTe Receiued of John Tucker Execuf to his father Henry Tucker the 
fom of fiue pounds Currantt Money of New England it being a leegacie 
bequeathed to Vs by faid Henry Tucker in his laft will & Teftament 
beorving Date the firft day of the firf t m*^ : Called march in the year 1 693 
k Keceiued the fecond Day of the Ninth month Called Nouember in the 
y^ar 1694 and is figned by us Vnderwritten of Road Ifland &c the 27 of 
f 6**»: m*^: Called Auguft 1695 ". Signed Walter Clarke, John Easton, 
Jacob Mott, Daniel Gould and John Gould. Entered July 17, 1697 by 
Ja* Gary Regist"" 

[125] Account exhibited July 2, 1695 by Experience French executrix 
of the will of her late husband Joseph French late of Taunton dec'd. She 
ha« paid the legacies, consisting chiefiy of lands, bequeathed by her said 
husband to his sons, Joseph, John and Nathaniel, as may appear by their 
receipt dated Mar. 7, 1694-5. The legacy given his son Jacob French 
" (who u of age and about to Chufe his Gardian) " is ^^ to be Receiued ao- 
cordingiy w** none Can hinder". "The other two Sons Viz' Ebenezer 
k Jonathan ffi'ench are yet Vnder the Tuition of their Mother the Execu- 
trix " whose portions are not to be enjoyed till after their mother's decease. 
Sftid account allowed by John Saffin Judge of Probate. John Cary 

Taunton, Mar. 7, 1694-5. "We Joseph French, Jn<» French and Nath- 
aniel French have received of our honored mother Experience French, 
executrix of the will of our honored father dec'd, our whole portion of his 
estate as bequeathed to us. Witnessed by John Smith, Henry Hodges and 
Robert Crosman, and allowed by John Saffm Proba': at Bristol, July 2, 
1695. John Cary Regbter. Entered July 3, 1695 by John Cary Regist' 

[126] Debt8 paid by the said executrix as follows: to John Foster of 
Uarshfield ; to William Horskins of Taunton ; to Joseph Wood of same ; 
to Ebenezer Burt of same ; to the widow Linkhom of same ; to William 
Makepeace of Freetown. " There is yet Remaineing Due from faid Eftate 
to her Brother John ffoster Ralph Thacher & Jn^ Wadsworth Efq' ". The 
deblfl due to said estate are from William Wood and Francis Cary, and a 
bood under the hand of Benjamin Duttun. Said executrix is obliged to 
pay six pounds out of the movables to her daughter Elizabeth the wife of 
James Phillips of Taunton. Sworn to by said Experience French before 
John Saffin Proba' : John Cary Regist"" : Entered July 3, 1695 by Jn* 
Cary Begist^: 

Citation issued by John Saffin, Judge of Probate, to Joseph Woodbery 
and Isaace Woodbery of Beverly. Whereas I am informed by m' Hugh 
Woodbery of Bristol, administrator of the estate of Isaace Woodbery late of 
Salem dec'd, that there are lands in Freetown which are shortly to be 
divided between the persons concerned by law, " & that yo^felues haue f ome 
Interef t in the Right of yo' father M' Nicolas Woodbery Dec** : in part of 
thofe lands formerly pertaining to the f d Nicolas & Iface woodbery Dec^ : 
as yet Vndivided ". You are hereby cited to appear at a probate court to 
be held at Bristol, Oct. 20, 1697, to make claim to And assist in dividing 
•aid Undi. Dated Aug. 30, 1697. Entered Sept 3, 1697 by John Cary 

82 Bristol County Probate Records [Jan. 

[127] Division of the estate of Joseph Williams late of Taunton dec'd 
made July 5, 1695 by Thomas Lecmard Esq', Shadrach Wilbore, John 
Richmond, Henry Hodges and Samuel Williams, all of Taunton, being so 
commissioned April 13, 1695 by Jn^ Saffin £8q^, Judge of Probate, be- 
tween Elizabeth Williams, administratrix of said estate and the children. 
To the widow, said administratrix, £17..08..11 out of the moveables after 
debts are paid, also we set out to her during her life, the share in the Iron 
works, and the dwelling house and the land about it, the benefit of one fifth 
of the Purchase Right to herbage <&c. and the improvement of all the lands 
appointed to the children until diey successively reach age. To eldest son, 
Joseph Williams, the share in the North Purchase, the rest of the land at 
home and the bam, he to pay 10 shillings 6 pence to the administratrix. 
To second son Benjamin the twenty acre and the fifty acre division at three 
Mile River, and to pay 19 shillings 5 pence to the administratrix. To 
third son Ebenezer the land at Shallow water bought of Thomas Dean, 
eight acres more between that and m*^ Pooles land, the meadow at lillej 
Pond, and three acres of swamp, he to pay 4 shillings 5 pence to the ad- 
ministratrix. To fourth son Richard, thirty acres '' Between Road Hand 
Path and Skunk hill *', two acres of salt meadow at Assonate and seven 
pence out of the movables. To Mahettabell Robbinson, the eldest daughter, 
X19..00..07 out of the movables. To youngest daughter Phebe, the share 
" in the Drowned Dead Swamp ", six acres on Shallow water plain and 
£14..10..7 out of the moveables. The Purchase Right to commonage, and 
the late division of Cedar Swamp to the four sons abovenamed equally, 
except that set out to the widow. [128] Signed by the I^yq commissioners 
and witnessed by Stephen Marick, Benjamin Dean and Edward Richmond 
and allowed by Jn<> Saffin, July 12, 1695. Entered July 18, 1695 by John 
Cary Regist"" : 

June 6, 1695. I Gilbert Brook of Rehoboth, << being aged & Ynder 
prefent weaknes and Expecting my Chainge ", do make my will. To b^ 
loved wife Sarah my dwelling house, orchard and homelot, my feather bed 
with its furniture, my chest with a lock and key to it and what other house- 
hold stuff she may desire for her need, " Dureing the time of her Widow- 
hood and Bearing my Name ", she to give in security that the tenement 
and fences shaU be kept in repair and that no waste be made of said estate, 
but that it shall upon her decease or marriage be delivered to my executors 
'< Ynlefs by unaVoydable Cafsmalty the faid houfe or goods fhould be 
Damnifyed or Def troyed ". Also I give her six sheep, one cow, half my 
swine and half my provision in my house, half my fiax and yam and a 
quarter of my wool in my house, also a " Barell of Sider " ; "in Case god 
taks me away when the Croop is on the ground ", said wife to have the 
whole crop, and six bushels of com until harvest, odierwise sixteen bushels 
of com, ten of Indian and six of rye. To Benony Wigin my grandson, 
land, and a quarter part of my commons, on the North Side, " my Bed he 
VfeUi to lye on & Bofster one blanket & one Coverlit and a pair of fheets 
in his hands ", and my old Iron Pot. To Zachariah Carpenter that lives 
with me, forty shillings, my sword that I bought last, with half my ammu- 
nition and an axe that was his fathers. To my nine daughters an equal 
share of my estate, only my daughter Rachel's share I give to my grandson 
Benony Wigen. If any of my children be dead, their share to go to their 
surviving children, that is to say with what some of them have had already 
as may appear on the other side of the leaf with my hand to it. " Mj 
Beloued f ons in law Robert Crofsman & william Manle *' to be executors. 

1909] Bristol County Probate Records 83 

[129] To my grandchild Basheba Walker twenty shillings '<if fhe Hue 
with me *'. To my grandson Brook Thresher twenty shillings. To Zach- 
triah Carpenter a coTerlid. Witnessed by Samuel Newman, Richard 
Bowen and Nathaniel Chaffee who, all of Rehoboth, made oath to said will 
tt Bristol, July 5, 1695 before John Saffin Proba'. Jn^ Cary Register 
Entered Oct 5, 1695 by John Cary Regist' : 

Inventory of the estate of Gilbert Brooks of Rehoboth, '^ who Deceafed 
the thirteenth Day of June 1695 ", taken [130] July 4, 1695 by Nicolas 
Peck and Richard Bowen, and sworn to at Bristol, July 5, 1695 by Robert 
Grossman and William Manley, the executors. Amount, £84..00..00. '< An 
npendtx to the will of M' : Gilbert Brooks late of Rehoboth Deceafed — 
That which I haue Payd my Children or Grand Children as follows 

to Mary Colebom a Cow a Mare & a horfe 

to Hannah Crofman a Cow 

to Bethiah Threfher a Cow 

Bebecoah Horfkins fhall haue no more of my Eftate haueing Receiued 
feme other things with a warming Pan already 

Efter Stephens haSs had her whole Share " 

Signed Gilbert X Brook. Entered Oct 5, 1695 by Jn^ Cary Re^t' : 

[131] Thomas Brintnall's account of what he paid and did for Thomas 
Platts and his orders, during his residing on his farm. Items: Pd for 
bringii^ up of four caUle from Roxbery ; Pd by Harlakinden Simons ; Pd 
ior «&i4v^*^® Signe"; Pd by Richard Middleton; Pd for "Enter- 
timeii^ Cap* Prentice Negro in your Semis " ; Pd for Joseph Skiner's diet ; 
far ** Money Pay^ to Doct' Toothaccer " ; Pd for " Aarthur Hailes Diat while 
Stoneing the fd Celler " ; Pd for « Drink at the Raifeing of the Houfe " ; 
Pd to Thomas Thurston ; Pd to Timothy Foster; [132] Pd in rates to 
Danel Preston ; Pd to John Minott for rates ; Pd to Samuell Leads for 
rates. Total sum, X110..10..11. '< Itt befids for mending the Bridge in Sir 
Edmunds time". Sworn to May 5, 1690 by Thomas BrintnaU before 
Duiel Smith Assist Recorded Dec. 27, 1695 by John Cary Regbt*^ : 

Account of Ann Chaffee widow and executrix of the will of Joseph 
Chaffee late of Swansey dec'd, togedier with her sons John and Joseph, 
executors, sworn to before Jn^ Safl^ at Bristol, Dec. 18, 1695, and allowed 
hy him. Items : Paid to Thomas Barnes, to Enoch Hunt, to James Adams, 
to John Marten. Entered Jan. 7, 1695 by John Cary Record' : 

[1331 Will of Robert Wheaten of Rehoboth, he << being weake <Sb aged ", 
dated Oct. 2, 1687. To my eldest son Joseph twenty acres that was last 
laid out on the east side of Palmers River, a parcel of salt marsh at the 
kundred acres, and ten pounds estate of Commons in Rehoboth. If son 
Joseph die without issue all said lands given him (allowing the thirds to his 
wife for her lifetime) shall descend to my son Samuel's children. To son 
Jerimiah my lot last laid out in wachamoket Neck, my meadow at Bushy 
meadow and ten pounds estate of Commons in Rehoboth. To son John 
ten pounds estate of Conmions in Rehoboth. To son Obadiah the rest of 
By lands in the North purchased lands which I have not given to my sons 
Ephraim and Benjamin by deed. To son Ephraim twenty acres at Palmers 
Kver, a piece of meadow at same place joining to Rice Leonard's, a third 
part of the undivided land on the North Side, and ten pounds of Commons 
ffl Eehoboth, all which I have given him by deed of gift To son Benjamin 
one hall my fifty acre lot and my share of meadow on the North Side and 


Eastford^ Conn.^ Church Records 


one third of my undivided lands in the North Purchase, all which I have 
given him by deed of gift. To my son Samuel's children ten pounds estate 
of Commons in Rehoboth. To my three daughters, Bethiah, Hannah and 
Mary twelve pence each. To my beloved wife Alice, my house, lands and 
meadows, household goods and stock not otherwise disposed of, she to be 
sole .executrix. If my wife decease before me, what estate I have given 
her shall be equally divided among all my children, son Joseph to have my 
house and home lot upon an indifferent appraisal, and to pay the value 
above his share to his brothers and sisters. Witnessed by John Peck, 
WiUiam Carpenter and John Butterworth, who aU made oath to the same 
at Rehoboth, Feb. 24, 1695-6 before Jn^ Saffin Esq^ Judge of Probate. 
John Cary Regist'. Recorded Mar. 2, 1695-6. 

[134] Inventory of above estate taken Jan. 11, 1695-6 by William 
Carpenter and Samuel Millard, and sworn to by Alice, widow and executrix 
of the will of Robert Wheaton abovenamed, Feb. 24, 1695 before John 
Saffin Proba' : Jn<> Cary Regist' : Entered Mar. 2, 1695-6 by John Gary 

(To be continaed] 


Commanicated by the Bey. John P. Trowbridob, of West Groton, Mast. 

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March 18. 

Marriages recorded by And^ JuDfoN. 

Nathan Crocker & Lucy Rogers of Afhfford] 

Stephen Comins of Hamton and polly Mumford of Ashford 

Jeremiah Oney & Nabby Cheney of Ashford 

Thomas Dow of Ashford & Lydia Clark, Woodftock 

Jon"» Week of N. London & Eliz*»» Che[«c] Wateroufl 

David griggs of Abington & Sara Dodge, ah. 

Newel Spdding & Nabby Frankling of ashf 

and Fridirick Buckbee & EUice Buckbee, Wod 

Murry Brown & Drufilla Sumner, ashfrd 

Leonard Dean & Hanah Phillips both of ash 

Charles Skinner & Policy Stodard. Woodstock 

Amos Abbott & Salley Gri^. 

Henry Preston of Fridrick Town 

in Virgina & Sary Wenchestr, ash. 

Peter S. Minard & Deborah Strickland. 

John pike of Eillingly & anna Bullard of ashfor 

John Griggs & Betn^ Chapman 

Jofeph Hyde of N. Bolton & Persy Chaffee of ashford 

Nathan Howard & Sufana Olney. 

Benj. Molton of hampton and Easter Chapman of Ashford. 

Daniel Fitts & Anna Lewif of Afford 

Benj™ Child of Woodstock <Sc Matilda BoUes, Afhford 

1909] Eastfordy Conn,j Church Records 85 

March 21 Ephraim Pebeody Sumner of Afhford and Alathena Stodard 

of Woodftock 
April 14 Walter Jones of Holland, Mafaachutts, and Cynthia Richard of 

Sepu 16 Reuben Richard & Olive Sumner of Aihfd 

Sept. 23 Elifha Peck & Sally Bagger of afhfor 

Oct. 14th Jonathan Chambrlin & polly gould. of afhford. 
Nov" 18 Allen Bofworth & Sally Harrad of afhford 

Dec™ 9 Thomas Wanton, Nigro, and Hanah Simons refiding in Afh- 

ford, lately from Rhod Ifland 
Jan' 4**» 1803 Titus Wilfon of Sanderffield m Mafsachusitta and Margaret 

Toby [of] Groton 
May 26 Oliver Holt & Sidny Clap 

June 1"* William Pitt Sefsions, Uni^^n, and Eliza Kyes of Afhford 

Nov. 24 Samuel Walker & Savina Robinfon of Afhford 

1804 Jan' 5^ Eph°» Lyon & Polly Woodward of cantaby 

A Regester op Mortality begon Sept. 1. 1801 
Sept 13 

1801 Samuel utley 45 years old fever 

Sep* 17 James Pitts 22 years old — wound 

Sep' 19 Shumways Child 6 years old — Rattles 

Oct, Lucy Hayward 30 Confumption 

Nov" 15 M'. Bulard 70 2d parelictlc fit 

Jan' 8. Deacon J. Chapman 78 old age 


June Scharborough girl 12 confumption 

Augt Whitmore aged 82 droppy [sic] 

Chifiic child one year camp deforder augt 

Sept 6^ a Boy at atwoods 9 or 10 years old Difin terry 

Sept 16 Broughtons Son aged 6 Difintary 

Sept 21 Broughtons Son aged 4. difsentary 

Sept 29 Broughtons daughter — 8 — dilintery 

attefted Baptisms Recorded by A. JuDfoN 

21*^ AD 1779 Lemuel, Son of Enice Kendle 
Oc* 30 Percey, & Olive, Daughters of Calup Grafvner 

Dec™ 12 Thomas Rufsel Son to John Rufsel Sr [crossed out.] Thomaa 

'RM[xUegible\ offerd himself 
AD 1780 
Feb' 6"» Leonard, Son to Simion Dean 

May 3^ Elizabeth, Percey, Salley, Policy, Daughters & David, Son, 

to Solomon Keyes 
May 21 Jose. Son to y® Andrew Judfon, Pastor 

August 1 Abigail, wife of Samuel Weed 

Sep' 10*^ Levi Son of Lig^ldssby Wort 

Oc^ 15 John Rufsel Son to John Rufsel Sr [crossed ovU] John Rus- 

sel [iUegihle] 
Jan. 14 John & Samuel Sons, & Betsey Daughter to Samuel Weed 

March 12 Sarah [Snow crossed out] wife of Rsoiah Snow 
March 14^ Luce, hannah Daughters <& John Noah & Elisha Sons to 

Noah Pain 


Eaatford^ Conn,, Church Records 



June 29 
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July 14 


April : *6 : 
AD 1784 

June 27 
Janu' 22 
Feb 20 
April 17 
May 15 

March 12 

July 23 

Abilene, Alice & Syntha Daughters & Ebeneser Son to John 

Rufsell [Sen. crossed ouf\ 
Sarah, Marah, & Lucresa Daughter & Jonathan Son to Jom^ 

than Bemos 
Marah [Rufsell crossed oiU] Daughter to John Rulsel 
Cyril a Son & Jamimah Daughters to Araunah Snow 
William Son to James Sumner 
Salley Daughter to Jeremiah Pitta 
Betfey Wife of Joseph Work ju° 

Percey, hanah, Molley, Betfey, Daughters to Joseph Work 

John Work Son to [the ReV* M' crossed out] And^ Judfon 
Thomas Son to Obediah Perry 
Amos, Rebeckah, Afsa, Mariah, Lucenda, Susanah Children 

to John Broughten 
Elias, Son to Simon Peck 
Ephraim, Son to Simion Dean 
Augullin Son to Noah Payne 
William, Levy, Sons to John Rufsel 2*^ 

Rachil, Daughter to Jeremiah Pitt 

David Son to Samuel Weed 

Nathan Son to Runah Snow 

Lycaonia Son to Havy Ingols [worn ; crossed out] 

Percey, Daughter to Samuel Weed, huldey. Daughter to Si- 

non Peck 
Hannah, Elifabeth, Arba, Polley, Dyar, James, Keziah, 

Bom to Obediah Perry 

Sibyll Daughter to James Sumner 

Silas, John, Alva, Sons & Lucen[i£'om] Daughter to Nathan 

hannah, Daughter to John ^rought[irom] 

Jofiah, Ephr^iam, John, Sons, and Synthy, Salendia, Abigail 

Daughters to Jofiah SpaulcUng 
Silas, Son to Jonathan Eiemos 

Luther, Son to Simon Peck 

Mary Work, Redv'd Baptim for herfelf 

Polley. Daughter to John Rufsel J' 

Andrew Thompson Son to y* ReV* And^ Judfon, Perfey 

Daughter to Noah Paine 
Sarah Daughter to Runah Snow 
Polley & Betfey Daughters to James Sumner 
Samuel. Son to Jermi Pitt 

Solomon Spaulding 

Elifabeth, Mary Daughter to Revi^ And^ Judfon 

John Son to John Braughton 

Phebee. Daughter to Jonathan Bemis 

1909] Uasifordj Conn.^ Church Records 87 

Sept S*** Phana Daughter of A fa Richard 

Oc* 28 Juften, Son to John RufseU J' 

April 6 Hendrack Dow 

April 20 Silvifter Gilbert Son to And^ Judfon 

May 27 Nathan EuHman 

Jane 8 Benjamin, Son to cap^ James F. Sumner 

Aug* 10 Percey, Daughter to Jeremiah Pitts 

Sep* 18 Ephraim Pebeody [Son crossed out] Olive a [Daughter 

crossed out] Oliver [Son crossed out] Abigail Pebeody 
children to Samuel Sumner 
March 17 Cyrus Son to Benj™ Owen 
May 17 Afael Son of Samuel Sumner 

May 22 John, David & Harvy, Sons to Widow Frink 

May 22 Salley, Daughter to Jofeph Work Jr 

Jane 5 hanah, Daughter to Runah Snow 

Auc* 23 Edward, Son to Widow Mary Frink 

Se^ 6 Thomas, Son to Jonathan Bemifs 

Sep* 13 Nabby Daughter to John Rufsel Jr 

Oct. 26 Artemiiia Daughter to David Chapman 

AD 1790 

feb. 3 Salendar granDaughter to John Rufsel 

May 3 Zuinglius Son to Ajad^ Judson, Beckah Daughter Aja Richard 

Lucy Daughter to Jofeph Work jun' 
AD 1791 Ly(]Qa Daughter to Samuel Sumner 

Francis Son to Ifaac Sharp 

Israel Son to John Rufsel 2d 
AD 1792 Percy Daughter to John Braughton 
Jaly 15 Ariel Son to Alex' Work 

Sep' 9 Perly Son to Jeremiah Pitts 

Nancy, Rebecca, Lucy, Sally, Lucenda John, Jefse Bom to 
Jo° Nichols 

Lovicy Daughter to Samuel Sumner 

Ireney Daughtr to Cap* James Sumner 

Stephen, Son to James Trobridg[irorw] 

Prefsilly Spalding 

Oliver, Calven Bom to John Chapma[u;om] 
May 1795 Melancthon, Son to And^ Judfon 
Pebr 1796 Afsa Smith, Son to Alexander Work 
Joly 17 Samuel, Son to Samuel Sumner 

5 Anner 

1797 Watkins 1797 

1797 Elias & Lyman, twains to Allex Work June 25 

Jane 25 Spedy, Daughter to John Chapman 

Sep* 17 Lucy. Daughter to Cap' James Sumner 

Oc* 8 Lycaonia, Son to Havy Ingols 

Jane 9th Increse, Son to Samuel Sumner 

Sep^ 22 Jeremiah Pitts 

S4* 29 Sary Griggs 


'Eastfordj Conn., Church Records 



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March 4. 

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June T*» 16^. 
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Dec"* 16 
AD 1780 
Feb. 10 
April 27 
May 4 
June 4 

July 4 
Sep' 28 
July 12 
Nov. 19 
Nov 29 
Dec"* 6 
Dec"* 8 
Jan 30 
March 14 
April 4 
June 13 
June 20 
July 1"* 
August 1 
Aug* 28 
Aug^ 29 
Nov. 21 

Chester Charpentr. & Lucy Snow wife of Shubel, Isaiah db 
Dier. Sons of Jonah Carpenter 

William Edman. 

Jerod Warner. Son, & Ruba Daughter to Shubel Snow 

Dan. dedicated by Jonah Carpenter. 

Joseph Carpenter 

Mary Fletcher, and Enice paddock Daughters to Benj" East- 
man » 

Loval. to Elijah Deans 

Alanson Son to Alexander Work 

Almira, Daughter to John Chapman. 

Tyla. Daughter to Will™ E<Unon 

Dudley Hovey, Son to Arunah Snow 

Salley Watkens. Wife of Vine 

Lminy, Daughter, Harlen, Ralden, and Miner. Sons to 

Vine Watkins 
IVIary Tiffeny, daughter to henry Storrs. 
Fealder, Son to Benjamin Eastman. 

Marriages Recorded & ATTEfiED by And'' JuDfoN 
Edward Keyes & Marah Work both of Ashford 
Simon Peck & Experience Park both of Ashford 
Jacub Willson & hanah Horton both of Ashford 
Elijah Chaptman <& Jamimah Chalfee Eastfd 
Nathan Eaton & Pliebee Brook both of Asliford. 
Philip Nickels & Dorcas Convirs both of Ashford 

Jeremiah Pitts of Ashford & Ireney Youngley of Elillingley 
B( njamin Weaver of Willingtou & Diadama Eaton of Asliiord 
Theophilus Learned of Killingley <Sc Patience Whipple of 

Peter Tufts & PhelK^e Kendal of Ashford 
John Burnam of Windluun & Sarah Snow of Ashford 

John Bo wen & Abigail Chubb both of Ashford 
John Bosworth & Mehetible Cheney both of Ashford 
Simon Peck & Eunice Kindall boath of Asliford 
Samuel Utley & Salley KnolUm lioth of Ashford 
Nathan Burnam & Esther Lyon l>oth of Asliford 

Elijah Burnam & Abina Bowen of Ashford 

Charles Mathafson <fe Rel)ecker Watkins both of Ashford 

Josej»h Peck dc EUnice .leiinings, Ashford 

Allen Bosworth & Mariah PcImhIv both of Ashford 

ElH'iiezer Sumner & Koxey Ilolt l)oth of Ashford 

Jason Wo<Klward <& Sarrah Sumner both of Ashford 

Samfon Keyes Dauirhter to a Stranger 

Ste[)hen Scarl)orough & Alariah haimes, Ashford 

David Carpenter &; Magaret Scarborough, Ashford 

John Wheller of tollon & havana Knolu»n of Ashf 

James Trobredge of Abingdon & Sarah Kindall of Ashford 

Puben Chapman & roda Peck both of Alhford 


Eaatford^ Oonn.f Church Records 


Nov. 27 
AD 1783 
Jan 2 
Sep' 25 
Nov. 6 
Janu^ 1 
Janu' 12 
Man;h 18 

£benezer Eindall & Elisebath Eeyes, Ashfo 

Jofeph Scarborough & Lydia haimes of Af both of Aihford 

Samuel Perry & Sarah Lefs both of Afh 

Dan Caq>enter & Suzanah Pitts both of Afhf 

Rofsel Burnam & Efther Child Both of Afli 

£dward homer & Byla Brock both of Afh 

Jonathan Avarel <& Ajme Watkins, Afh. 

John Allen & Sarah Eindall. Afh 

David Peck & Ireney Manard, Afhf 

Jam^ harden & Suzanah Manard, Pomfre[iram] 

Rofwell Haften of Norwich & Lucy Sumner of Afhf 

Abel Dow & Olive Roggers both of A 

Benjamin Robbing & Loue Carpenter 

James Broiind & Meriam Keyes 

Ebenezer Wright & Molley Abbett — Afh 

Cato fredom & Cloe Tue [both of Afh crossed otUl 

Jedidiah Ward Elif^beth ChedaU of Afhf 

David Chub of Cawendish, Molley Peck of Afhford 1785 
Reuben Parnfh of Canterb^ & Drufilla Bifhop of Afhford 

Septembr 5*** Nehemiah Caye & anna Baccus both of afhford 

Sep. 30 

Octob^ 21 

Octob' 21 

Nov" 21 

Decemb. 2. 

Dec~'> 30 

Ja». 14 
Jan'v 20 
March 31 
April 14 
April 18 
June 8^ 
July 3 
Nov® 10 
Decern. 8 

Jonathan Chelden & Anna Tuff of wodf tock 
Luther Bullard & Anna Eaiman of Afhford 
Uriah Carpenter & Eliphal Briggs both of Afh 
John Blancherd & Peafey Burley 
Afsa Smith Ju'. & Rachel Palmer both of Afh 
Peter Campbell of ManfBeld & Celinda Babcock, Af 
Jonathan Smith & Policy Sumner of Afhford 
Nathan Abbett, Elifebath Boen of Afhford 
Samuel Sumner & Olive Clark of Afhf 
Jofeph Kindall & Molley Prefson 
James Rufsell & Ledia Brown 

Jeremiah Backufs of Cantabury and Perfey Keyes of Afh- 

Jan 16 AD 1786 Ezra Taylar of Winhall & Meriam Eaton of Afhford 
Feb. 9 Smith Kendall, Elifabeth Saben 

Feb. 9 Grin wich Randall & Rofanah Bools 

April 20 Ezra Bagger & Avis Ewines of Afhford 

May 1 Horis Babcock of Afhford, Elfy l^^rry, Brooklinn 

June 9 Abial Abbett & Jane Barttlet both of Afhford 

May 25 Zepheniah Prefon & Mariah Bifhop of Afhfo[M?orn] 

Aug. 6. Jefe Raynolds of Whi[te ?] hall in y« State of Rodeifland 

& Abigial James of Afhford 
Nov" 2 Luke Coy of Union & Sebra Chapman of Afhford 

Nov 8 Da vi(f Carpenter & Azuba Allen Both of Afhfo[fror/i] 

Nov. 12 David Bolles Jr. & Betfey Dow both of Afhford 

Nov«» 15 Comfort Carpenter of Pomfret & Prifcilla Ilowyard, Afhford 

Jan' lltt» Henery Work of Afhford & hanah Dean of Woodftock 

Jan' 19 Chefter Roggers & Unice Ward of Afhlord 

March 14 Samuel Martain of Woodftock & Matilda Leach of Afhford 
May 28 Stephen Fofter & Patience griggs both of Afhford. 


Descendants of William Partridge 


Oct 18 

AprU 10» 
April 19 
April 24 
May 22 
May 29 
June 26 
June 26 
Auguft 18 

Sep* 18 
Sep* 24 
Oct: 1 
Oct. 20 
Nov°» 12 
Nov™ 26 
January 14 
AD 1790 
May. 14 
May 18 
June 21 

Amufl C Conentt <& Elefabeth Lyon both of Manffie[t0oni] 
Bibbens \ 

Nathan Lyon & Patiance Bagger of Afbford 

John Delany & Rhoda Bagger 

John Work & Lois Uttley, Abenton 

Ruben Dean of Woodllock & Lovifey Sumner of Afbford 

Ebenezer Sumner of Afbford & Sarah Perren of Woodflo 

Henery Storer, Policy Frink 

Manafsa bayward, Luca Work 

William Watkins & Loice Jinnings of Afbford 

Ebenezer Eadman & Molly Bofworth of Aih 

Robert Snow & Abigail Peck both of Aihfo 

Oliver Smith & Avis Smith. 

Nathan Strickling, Newlondon, & Deborah Tuffts, Aflif 

Lias Wilfon of Eaft hartford, Zerua Bemis, A 

Frances Liberty & Phebee Amus of Afbford 

John Peck Jr. & Rebecka Bagger of Afh 

Alexander Work & Dorithy Smith of Afbford 

Jaims Thompson of Union & Rachel Brown 

Samuel Utley of Hampton & Salley Eafbnan^ Afbford 

May 11*^ Abial Cheney & EUcy Carpenter May 11"» 1797 
Oren Mafey & Polly Work. 
Fremon Snow & Lois Chapman. 
Jonathan Rufsel & PoDey Dean of Ashford 


Bj Gbobob Homer Partbidob, B.S., of New York 

1. William* Partridge, brother of John* (see Partridge Grenealogy, 
by the author of this paper, in the Register, vol. 57, p. 50), came to Med- 
field from Dedham in 1653, in company with his brother John and sister 
Margery. He was granted a house lot in " The bachelors Roe," now North 
street (Medfield Records), near the lot of his brother John and adjoining 
that of Thomas Mason, his brother-in-law. William served the town as 
selectman, and was otherwise a useful citizen. He married twice : first, 
Nov. 23, 1654, Sarah Price of Dedham, who died May 16, 1656 ; secondly, 
Nov. 19, 1656, Sarah, bom in Dedham Apr. 15, 1640, daughter of Na- 
thaniel and Priscilla (Clark) Colbum. In his will, made Aug. 14, 1692, 
he left one-half of his estate to his wife Sarah, and the remainder to his sons 
John and William. He states his age as " about seventy years." (Suffolk 
Co. Probate, vol. 13, p. 75.) He died later in the same year (1692). Hia 
widow died Aug. 24, 1716. 
Child by first wife : 

i. Eleazeb,* b. May 18, 1656; d. Aug. 5, 1658. 

1909] Descendants of William Partridge 91 

Children by second wife : 

a. il. Nathaniel, b. Nov. 3, 1660; d. Mar. 26, 1740-1. 

Hi. John, b. Feb. 13, 1662-3 ; d. Jan. 8, 1718-19, by his own hand. No 

iv. Elxsha, b. Feb. 27, 1666-6 ; probably d. in Infancy. 

V. Joseph, b. Mar. 13, 1667-8 ; d. Feb. 2, 1668. 
8. vl. William, b. Jan. 22, 1669-70 ; d. June 18, 1750. 

vli. PRiscnxA, b. Sept. 3, 1672 ; d. May 24, 1738 ; m. Aug. 22, 1699, 
Joseph, Jr., b. in Medfleld Mar. 18, 1677, d. Oct. 21, 1739-40, son 
of Joseph and Mary (Morse) Plimpton. They resided in Medfleld. 
Eight clilldren. (See Plimpton (Jenealogy.) 

vlil. Sarah, b. Jan. 21, 1674-5 ; d. June 28, 1763 ; m. Sept. 14, 1702, 
Ephraim, Jr., b. in Medfleld Jan. 25, 1672-3, d. Feb. 1, 1743-4, son 
of Ephraim and Lydia (Morse) Wight. They resided in Medfleld. 
Seven children. (See Wight Genealogy.) 

ix. Hannah, b. Aug. 16, 1677; d. Aug. 19, 1761; m. (1) Nov. 30, 1702, 
John, Jr., b. in Medfleld Jan. 22, 1675-6, d. July 13, 1729, son of 
John and Sarah (Clarke) Bowers. She had seven children by this 
marriage. She m. (2) Nov. 12, 1734, Lieut. Eleazer, b. in Medfleld 
June 27, 1676, d. Aug. 4, 1753, son of Benjamin and Martha (Pidge) 

X. . JOSLAH, b. Jan. 22, 1679-80; d. May 10, 1706. 

xi. Maby, b. Feb. 22, 1682-3 ; d. Jan. 22, 1748-9 ; m. Dec. 17, 1706, Capt. 
Abraham, b. in Medfleld Dec. 27, 1683, d. May 4, 1741, son of John 
and Elizabeth (Adams) Harding. They resided in Medfleld. Nine 

2. Nathaniel* Partridge ( WiUiam^) was bom in Medfleld Nov. 8, 
1660. He was a weaver, and resided in Medfleld, where he served 
two terms as selectman, and was town treasurer in 1709-10. He 
taught school in the village in 1713 and again in 1722. In his will, 
made in 1739 (Suffolk Co. l^robate, vol. 35, p. 370), he bequeaths 
his homestead to his son Edward, and also mentions his sons Eph- 
raim and Josiah, and his daughters Lydia, Sarah,* Mary, Miriam, 
Ruth, and Anna, and his deceased daughter Deborah. He married, 
Nov. 24, 1686, Lydia, bom in Medfleld Mar. 14, 1669, daughter of 
Ephraim and Lydia (Morse) Wight. He died Mar. 25, 1740-1, 
and his widow died Oct. 30, 1741. 
Children, bom in Medfield : 

1. Ltdia,» b. Oct. 8, 1687; d. Jan. 20, 1773; m. June 24, 1717, Nathan- 
iel, b. in Medfleld Oct. 31, 1684, d. in Sturbridge Jan. 16, 1762, 
son of Samuel and Sarah (Bowers) Smith. They had children 
bora in Medfleld. (See Tilden's History of Medfleld.) They re- 
moved to Sturbridge in 1755. 

il, Nathaniel, b. Oct. 13, 1689 ; d. Feb. 1, 1712-13. 

Hi. EusHA, b. Jan. 10, 1691 ; d. May 6, 1712. 

iv. Deborah, b. Oct. 12, 1694; d. July 12, 1723; m. Dec. 24, 1717, hi 
Boston, Zachariah, Jr., b. in Medfleld Oct. 19, 1695, d. July 28, 
1746, son pf Zachariah and Abiel (Ellis) Barker. They resided in 
Medfleld. Three children. (See TUden*s History of Medfleld.) 

V. Sarah, b. Jan. 5, 1697-8 ; m. Feb. 24, 1717, in Boston, Joseph Marsh. 
Their cliildren were born in Medfleld and Sturbridire. 

vL MARY,b. Mar. 9, 1699-1700; d.Mar. 20,1762; m. (1) Nov. 12, 1736, as 
his third wife, Samuel, b. in Medfleld May 29, 1697, d. July 14, 
1761, son of Eleazer and Mary (Metcalf ) EUis. She m. (2) Nov. 21, 
1755, as his fourth wife, Dea. Ephraim, b. In Mendon, 1697, d. 
May 30, 1785, son of Eleazer and Mary (Chenery) Wheelock. No 
children by either marriage. 

vli. MlMAM, b. Mar. 9, 1699-1700; d. Mar. 27, 1768; m. Jan. 20, 1734-5, 
Samuel, b. m Medfleld Feb. 23, 1695-6, d. Sept. 7, 1778, son of 
Samuel and Deborah (Lovell) Ellis. They resided in Medfleld. No 
VOL, Lxni. 7 

92 DesoendarUs of WiUiam Partridge [ Ja&. 

4. vUi. Ephram, b. Feb. 25, 1701-2; d. Feb. 7, 1770. 

ix. Ruth, b. Aug. 8, 1704; m. May 27, 1730, Ens. Timothy Tlngley of 

X. JosiAH, b. June 4, 1706. He received land in MedfleM from his 
father, by deed dated Mar. 8, 1781 (Suffolk Co. Deeds, vol. 51, p. 
243). Located in Mendon before 1737-8, in which year he sold a 
farm there to Jasper Daniel for £700 and removed from the town. 
(See Ballou's History of Milford.) 

xi. Anna, b. July 21, 1708 ; d. June 28, 1799 ; m. Dec. 2, 1735, Hhisdale, 
b. in Medlield Mar. 25, 1709-10, d. hi Sturbrldge Jan. 25, 1787, son 
of Nathaniel and Experience (Hinsdale) Clark. They resided in 
Sturbridge, where several of their children were bom. 

5. xil. Edward, b. Sept. 14, 1710. 

xiil. Nathaniel, b. Oct. 23, 1715; d. Jan. 24, 1719-20. 

3. William' Partridge* ( William^) was bom in Medfield Jan. 22, 

1669-70, and died there June 18, 1750. He married twice : first 
Hannah, born Dec. 28, 1674, died Sept. 11, 1726, daughter of John 
and Hannah ( Adams) Fisher of Medlield ; secondly Meletiah, bom 
Aug. 4, 1664, died Nov. 23, 1747, widow of Timothy Hamant of 
Medlield, and daughter of Plphraim and Mary (Bullen) Clark. His 
children were all by his first wife, and were born in Me^lfield. His 
residence was on what is now Green street. By his will, of which 
his son Seth was administrator, he gave to his son William a tract 
of land consigting of 117 acres in the town of Walpole, described 
in the deed as lying at the " Neponset River and Great Ccnlar 
Swamp." To his son Seth he bequeathed all his real estate in 
Medfield and Dedham, and to his daughters Mary and Hannah £50 
each. (Suffolk Co. Probate, vol. 44, pp. 144-1*45.) 
Children : 

i. William,' b. Oct. 17, 1696; d. 1782. Owned property In Walpole 
and Stoughton (See Suffolk Co. Deeds, vols. 89, p. 189; 91, p. 
198; 96, p. 86; and 123, p. 268). In his wUl, drawn Feb. 4, 1782, 
and admitted to probate Apr. 2, 1782, he bequeathed his entire 
estate to his " beloved friend. Swift Payson of Foxboro." and ap- 
pointed him sole executor. In a deed dated Sept. 28, 1772, he Is 
referred to as " William Partridge, laborer, of Walpole." It is ap- 
parent that he never married or. If he did, that he left no issue. 

li. Joseph, b. Sept. 29, 1699; d. Apr. 11, 1706. 

ill. Hannah, b. Dec. 24, 1702; d. Sept. 2, 1780; m. Dec. 81, 1728, Sam- 
uel, b. in Medfield Sept. 11, 1701, d. Jan. 6, 1756, son of Thnothy 
and Meletiah (Clark) Hamant. They resided in Medfield. Child- 

6. Iv. Seth, b. Dec. 2, 1706 ; d. May 16, 1768. 
V. Mary, b. Nov. 27, 1709. 

4. Ephraim* Partridge (Nathaniei^y WiUiaw}) was bom in Medfield 

Feb. 25, 1701-2, and died in Medway Feb. 7, 1770. He married. 
Mar. 22, 1727-8, in Medway, Lydia, bom in Medfield Dec. 14, 1701, 
died in Medway May 15, 1772, daughter of Abraham and Sarah 
Harding. They resided in Medway, where their children were bom. 
In his will, made Dec. 4, 1769, he mentions wife Lydia, daughters 
Lydia Whiting, Sarah Adiuns, Deborah Warren, Elizabeth Partridge, 
and Olive Partridge, and "only son" Nathaniel Partridge (Suf- 
folk Co. Probate, vol. 68, pp. 522-524). 

• Neither William^ Partridge of Medfield. nor bis son William.' should bo conrusod 
with William Partridge, mariner, of Boston, who married Rachel, daughter of Capt. 
Christopher and Eh'sabeth Goffe, and resided in Ann street, Boston, in 1716-17 (8uf<- 
folk Co. Deeds, vol. 97, p. 12). 

1909] Descendants of William Partridge 98 

Children : 

i. Lydia,* b. Dec. 37, 1728 ; d. Oct. 4, 1799 ; m. June 17, 1763, in Med- 
wajr Nathaniel, Jr., b. in Medway Dec. 23, 1726, d. Feb. 1, 1770, 
son of Nathaniel and Margaret (Maun) Whiting. They resided In 
Medway. Three children. (See Whiting Gtenealogy.) 

a. EuzABETH, b. Nov. 19, 1730. 

111. SAK.\n, b. Dec. 30, 1732 ; m. May 22, 1765, Isaac Adams of Holllston. 

7. hr. Nathaniel, b. Dec. 17, 1734; d. Oct. 27, 1801. 
▼. KLUiUA, b. June 3, 1736; d. July 3, 1737. 

vl. Klihha. b. June 21, 1738; d. May 13, 1742. 

vU. Dkbouah, b. Aug. 24, 1741 ; m. Mar. 14, 1769, Levi Warren of West- 

Tlil. Oltve, b. Dec. 31, 1748; m. July 12, 1774, Nathaniel Holbrook, Jr., 
of Sherbom. 

5. Edward* Partridge (NalhaniePy William}) was born in Medfield 
Sept. 14, 1710. He inherited his father's homestead, but sold it in 
1740 to John and Jonathan Wight and removed to Wrentham. In 
1748 he and his wife asked dismission to the second cliurch in 
Wrentham. lie married, Sept. 11, 1733, Sarah Jones of Medfield. 
Children, bom in Medfield and Wrentham : 

8. L Elisha,*, b. July 8, 1734 ; d. 1787. 
il. Asa, b. May 23, 1736. 

9. n\. Edward, b. May 23, 1738; d. Oct. 19, 1815. 
Iv. Simeon, b. Apr. 4, 1741 ; d. 7 Jan., 1825. 

V. Su^s, b. Sept. 2, 1744; d. Sept. 25, 1819; m. Apr. 22, 1773, Sarah 
Pray, b. 1745, d. Nov. 30, 1822, aged 77 yrs. They resided hi 
Oakham. No children. 

6. Seth* Partridge ( WilHam* William}) was bom in Medfield Dec. 
2, 1706, and died May 16, 1768. lie married, Dec. 31, 1738, at 
Medfield, Sarah, bom in Medfield July. 11, 1708, died Dec. 19, 
1780, daughter of Samuel and Deborah Ellis. They resided in 
Medfield, where their children were bom. 
Cliildren : 

i. Olivk,* b. June 22, 1733 ; d. Sept., 1733. ' 

U. Seth, b. June 27, 1735 ; d. Oct. 31, 1736. 

Ul. Nathan, b. Aug. 4, 1737 ; d. June 6, 1805 ; m. (1) Feb. 9, 1764, Lydla, 
b. Aug. 3, 1740, d. Aug. 10, 1801, dau. of James and Tabitha (Ma- 
son) Ellis ; m. (2) Feb. 2, 1802, Jane, widow of Joseph Plimpton 
and dau. of John Mansell of Scituate, who d. 1845, aged 86. No 
children by either marriage. 
10. It. Abkl, b. Nov. 14, 1739 ; d. Mar. 30, 1814 . 

7. Dea. Nathaniel* Partridge ( Ephraimy* Nathaniel,* William^ ) 
was born in Medway Dec. 17, 1734, and died there Oct. 27, 1801. 
He married twice : first, in Medway, May 19, 1763, Mehetable, bom 
in Bellingham, Dec. 25, 1740, daughter of John and Mary Metcalf, 
who died June 29, 1798 ; and secondly, in Hopkinton, Oct. 24, 1799, 
Mary Leland. 

His children were all by his first wife, and all but one died before 
reaching maturity. He resided in Medway. 

Children : 

t LucEETiA,» b. afay 6, 1764 ; d. Oct. 4, 1764. 

iL Ephbaim, b. Nov. 18, 1765; d. Jan. 13, 1790; entered Rhode Island 

College (Brown University) In Sept., 1787, and d. during the 

term in his 25th year, 
tti. Mrhktabkl, b. Jan. 6, 1767 ; d. Jan. 22, 1791. 
It. Sakah« b. June 19, 1770; d. Jan. 13, 1776. 

94 Descendants of William Partridge [Jim. 

V. LUCRKTIA, b. Oct. 22, 1772; d. Aug. 28, 1790. 

vl. Olive, b. Jan. SI, 1776 ; m. Apr. 7, 1794, Samuel Clark. 

vil. Grace, b. Oct. 6, 1777 ; d. Apr. 10, 1796. 

vlU. Lydia, b. Oct. 3, 1779; d. Dec. 14, 1801. 

Ix. Deborah, b. June 19, 1783 ; d. May 7, 1786. 

8. Elisha* Partridge {Edward^^ Nathaniel,* WiUiam}) was born in 

Medfield July 8, 1734. He married twice : first, in Wrentham, Mar. 
17, 1756, Dorcas, born there June 20, 1740, died Feb. 2, 1778, dau;^ 
ter of Israel and Dorcas ( Clark) Pond ; and secondly, in Wrentham, 
Jan. 28, 1779, Sarah Fales. Elisha resided in Wrentham (Frank- 
lin) until about 1780, when he removed to Thomaston, Me., where 
he died in 1787. He enlisted from Franklin, in 1775-1776, in the 
Revolutionary army. 
Children by first wife : 

I. Simeon,* b. May 19, 1768; m. Dec. 27, 1795, in Franklin, Achsah 

Metcalf ; was one of the early settlers of Croyden, N. H., where he 
was selectman, 1797. Revolutionary soldier, 1779. (See Wheeler's 
History of Croyden, N. H.) 

II. ZiBiAH, b. June 18, 1760. 
Ui. Judith, b. Mar. 17, 1762. 

Iv. MnuAM, b. Aug. 25, 1764; m. in Franklin, Oct. 16, 1786, Jeremiah 

V. Dorcas, b. Mar. 31, 1767. 

vl. Elisha, b. Jan. 1, 1770 ; settled in Croyden, N. H. ; m Winter; 

had three sons : 1. Elisha^^ who had four sons, Harrison,' George, 
Simeon, and Willard, .and six daughters. 2. Simeon^ who d. 
when a young man. 3. Welcome Pratty who had four sons, Wal- 
lace,' Charles, Frank, and Willis, and four daughters, one of 
whom, Leila, married Edward Fisher and resided (1892) in Pitts- 
field, Mass. 

vii. EuBEUS, b. Nov. 14, 1777. 

Children by second wife-: 

vlii. Jabiks, b. Sept. 10, 1782 ; m. Oct. 17, 1804, Betsey Brown, and had : 
1. Simeon,* b. Nov. 6, 1805. 2. Alma, b. July 10, 1808. 8. Seavep 
William, b. May 21, 1812. 4. Eliza, b. Oct. 21, 1816. 5. Jame9, 
b. Jau. 9, 1818; d. Mar. 12, 1903; m. Dec. 10, 1838, Adeline Har- 
rington ; resided at Wobum, Mass. ; three children : Laura J.', b. 
Feb. 27, 1840 ; James Lester, b. May 12, 1844 ; Francis Adams, b. 
Sept. 12, 1852. 6. Mary Jane, b. July 10, 1820. 7. Abigail Ann, 
b. Feb. 29, 1828. 

ix. Sarah, b. July 4, 1784v 

9. Edward* Partridge {Edward,* Nalhanielj* William^) was bom in 

Medfield May 23, 1738, and died in Oakham, Oct. 19, 1815. He 
married in Franklin (intention recorded Sept. 3, 1770), H^nni^l^ 
Legg, bom Mar. 11, 1749, died Apr. 25, 1832, in Oakham, where 
thev resided. 
Children : 
i. Chloe,* b. Nov. 1, 1771, in Franklin. 

11. Bernard, b.Nov. 1, 1773, hi Oakham; d. Aug. 19, 1849; m. Mar. 14, 
1802, in Medway, Mary, b. Feb. 3, 1779, d. Dec. 80, 1861, dau. of 
Jedidiah and Sarah (Bullen) PhlUips. Resided in Oakham. ChUd- 
ren: 1. Betsey,' b. Oct. 81, 1802; d. Apr. 25, 1806. 2. Mary Ann, 
b. Feb. 15, 1804; m. Apr. 8, 1827, Charles Abbe. 8. Daniel Bullen, 
b. Dec. 24, 1806; m. Dec. 26, 1830, in Medway, Mary S. Plaisted. 
4. Asa Fairbanks, b. Aug. 25, 1807. 5. Charlotte, b. Jan. 18, 1809. 
6. Hiram, b. Dec. 27, 1810; m. Dec. 1, 1842, hi Franklin, Betsey 
A. Daniels. 7. Alden, b. Sept. 13, 1812. 8. Edioard, b. May 18, 
1814 ; settled in Philadelphia, Fa., and had, among other children, 

1909] Descendants of William Partridge 95 

Edward F.^ 9. Catherine, 10. Charles Z>., b. Sept. 2, 1817; lo- 
cated in Philadelphia. 11. Artemas^ b. Jan. 17, 1820; located 
in Philadelphia, where he was a member of the firm of Partridge 
and Richardson, a large drygoods house ; m. but . left no issue. 
12. Andrew, settled in Philadelphia. 

ilL Hannah, b. Nov. 21, 1776; m. Sept. 17, 1800, Asa Fairbanks. Re- 
sided hi Wlnthrop, Me. 

ty. Elias, b. Aug. 11, 1778; d. June 1, 1846; m. Catharine Robinson, b. 
1784, d. Dec. 13, 1864 ; resided in Oakham, where their children 
were bom: 1. Lavina,* b. Oct. 21, 1808; m. May 23, 1826, Horace 
Brooks of Rutland, Mass. 2. William Bobinson^ b. Aug. 20, 1805 ; 
d. Jan. 22, 1893 ; m. 1828, Lucy, b. 1811, d. 1899, dau. of John and 
Lucy (Meach) Starkweather; resided at Bethany, Genesee Co., 
N. Y. ; had the following children : Catharine,^ b. Sept. 28, 1880, 
m. George H.ToUes, resides BuflUo, N.Y., five children; Caroline, 
b. July 24, 1882, m. F. N. Baird, resides Geneseo, III., two child- 
ren; Marietta, b. Oct. 3, 1837, m. R. S. Foote, one daughter; Wil- 
liam A., b. Sept. 1, 1839, m. £. Wright, one son and one daughter; 
George W., b. Oct. 1, 1842, m. Helen F. Cooley, resides Buf&lo, 
N. Y., three sons; Edwin, b. July 8, 1845, m. H. Squire, residence 
Bradford, Pa., one son ; Emma A., b. Oct. 7, 1849, m N. M. Champ- 
lln, residence Salem, 111. ; Frederick N. and Frank (twins), b. July 

11, 1851; Frederick, m. L. Mink, residence Odin, 111., two sons, 
two daughters ; Frank, m. E. Hubbard. 3. Dexter Fay^ b. June 

12, 1809 ; m. Jan. 8, 1834, Betsey Packard ; d. July 18, 1834. 4. Pol- 
ly Sobinson, b. Sept. 13, 1813 ; d. Jan. 3, 1818. 

T. Adin, b. Oct. 19, 1780; m. Apr. 16, 1806, in Medway, Mary Leland. 
Four daughters. 

Ti. Olive, b. July 29, 1783; d. Dec. 25, 1853; m. John Blackburn; re- 
sided in Walpole; one son, Henry ^ b. Oct. 2, 1812. 

vll. Edward, b. Dec. 17, 1785; m. EdlthaBullard. Children: 1. Oreen- 
toood,^ b. Aug. 26, 1819. 2. Silas B., b. May 27, 1821; m. Mary 
Emerson, and had Silas Emerson, b. May 14, 1848, and C. Edward, 
b. Mar. 27, 1852. 3. Lucy, b. Feb. 18, 1823 ; m. George Jackson. 
4. Hannah X., b. May 22, 1824; m. Charles Jackson. 5. Edward^ 
b. Dec. 20, 1825. 6. Bernard, b. Jan. 10, 1828. 7. Abigail, b. Dec. 
20, 1829. 8. LqfayeUCy b. May 26, 1831. 9. Susan P., b. Dec. 19, 

Tlii. Reuben, b. Jan. 81, 1788; d. Mar. 1, 1850; m. Melissa — : — ; settled 
in Templeton, Mass. ; had a family. 

\x. John, b. Mar. 10, 1790; d. Aug. 19, 1864, in Ware, Mass., where he 
resided; m. Hannah Gilmore, and had : 1. Clarissa, b. Nov., 1816. 
2. Elmira, b. Feb. 24, 1822. 3. Hannah, b. May 21, 1824. 4. 
Edeann, b. Oct. 14, 1825. 5. Faustina, b. May 11, 1827. 6. Eliza- 
beth, b. Sept. 24, 1829. 7. Andrew, b. Dec. 31, 1831 ; resides in 
Springfield, Mass. 

X. Sabah, b. May 12, 1794. 

10. Abel^ Partridge (Sethy* WxUiam,^ William}) was born in Medfield 
Nov. 14, 1739. He sold out his rights in his father's estate to his 
brother Nathan (Tilden's History of Medfield). His wife's name 
was Miriam. She died in 1799, "after having been supported by 
the town." Abel was also a public charge, and died Mar. 30, 

I. OuvKR,* b. 1766-7 ; d. Jan. 20, 1831 ; m. Catharine Knowlton, and 

had children: 1. Nathan,^ b. Oct. 11, 1794. 2. Seth, b. Mar. 2, 

1796; d. Mar. 12, 1806. 3. Sally, d. Mar. 12, 1806. 4. Keziah, d. 

Mar. 9, 1806. 6. Seth, b. 1807 ; d. Nov. 29, 1829. 6. Sally, b. 1811 ; 

d. May 13, 1830. 7. Cyrus, b. 1814; d. Apr. 6, 1835. 

96 Proceedings of the N. E. Hist. Gen. Society [Jan. 



By Gbo. a. Gordon, A.M., Recording Secretary 

Boston^ Massachusetts, 7 October , 1908. The New England Historic Genea- 
logical Society held a stated meeting, agreeable to the By-laws, at half-past two 
o*Sock this afternoon, in Marshall P. Wilder hall, 18 Somerset street, and was 
called to order by the President, Hon. James Phinney Baxter, A.M., Litt.D., 
who presided. 

The minutes of the stated meeting in May were confirmed as records, and the 
chaii*man then Introduced Edwin Doak Mead, esq., of Boston, who delivered a 
valuable and interesting address on The Old English Homes of the Founders of 
Boston^ describing Semprlngham, Groton, Boston, etc., where once dwelt Thomas 
Dudley, John Wlnthrop, Isaac Johnson, and Simon Bradstreet. The address 
embraced a reminiscence of these towns as the speaker found them in his recent 
visit to England. It received the attention and hearty applause of tlie audience, 
and a standing vote of thanks, with expression of the hope that it would be 
eventually put In print. 
' The Corresponding Secretary, the Librarian, and the Council severally pre- 
sented reports, which were received, read, accepted, and ordered oh file. 

The list of candidates for membership in the Society was read, and a ballot 
taken, by which five persons were elected as resident members. 

Charles French Reftd, esq., gave notice of an intention to amend chapter II, 
article 2, of the By-laws of the Society, so that It shall read : A book shall be 
kept by the Recording Secretary In which any member may propose a Resident, 
Corresponding, or Honorary Member; but no nomination shall be made except 
by a report of the Council at a stated meeting of the Society, nor be acted upon 
at the same meeting at which It Is reported ; provided, however, that candidates 
for membership who shall be reported by the Council at a May meeting of the 
Society may be elected to membership at that meeting. 

The meeting then dissolved. 

4 November. A stated meeting was held this afternoon, at half-past two 
o'clock, in Marshall P. Wilder hall, 18 Somerset street, and was called to order 
by the Recording Secretary, who announced the absence of the President and 
read a note from that gentleman, regretting his Inability to be present, owing to 
illness. George Corlls Nightingale, esq., the Vice-President from Rhode Island, 
was invited to preside ; accepted, and took the chair. 

After the minutes of the stated meeting on 7 October were read and approved 
as records, the rules of order were suspended, and the meeting proceeded to the 
election of a Nominating Committee, agreeable to article S of chapter IV of the 
By-laws. The polls stood open until half -past three o'clock this afternoon. 

The chair appointed Messrs. William Lincoln Palmer, Charles French Read, 
and Charles Sidney Ensign, LL.B., tellers to conduct the election. 

The chair Introduced John Albree, esq., of Swampscotl, who read a well 
considered and historically valuable paper entitled A Union Spy and some of 
her Keepsakes. It was Illustrated with the exhibition of photographs, new&> 
paper cuts and clippings, table silver, and personal belongings of Miss Elizabeth 
Van Lew, a resident of Richmond, Va., who was, during President Grant's ad- 
ministration, the postmaster of that city. A vote of thanks was passed and 
tendered the speaker. 

The tellers reported the canvass of the ballots, which was accepted and ordered 
on file. The chair then proclaimed the election of Messrs. William Carver 
Bates, Arthur Greene Lorlng, Henry Alonzo Sliver, Edward Henry Whorf, and 
Frank Ernest Woodward as the Nominating Committee for 1908. 

The Correspondhig Secretary, the Librarian, the Historian, and the Council 
severally presented reports, which were received, read, accepted, and ordered 
on file. 

The list of candidates for membership was read, and a ballot ordered and 
taken, by which sixteen resident members were elected. 

The subject of vacancies on the Board of Trustees of the Kidder Fund was 
referred to the Council. 

The decease of Elbridge Henry Goss, esq., of Melrose, was announced, and a 
committee appointed to report a minute of respect in memoriaik for consideration 


Jfbies 97 

of the Society. The chair appointed Messrs. Deloraine Pendre Corey, Joshua 
Wrrnaa Wellman, D.D., and Frank Ernest Woodward, as sach committee. 

ilie proposed amendment to the By-laws was referred to a committee con- 
sisting of Messrs. Cliarles French Bead, Cliarles Sidney Ensign, LL.B., and 
William Carver Bates. 

The meeting then dissolved. 

2 December. The Society held a stated meeting in Marshall P. Wilder hall, 
Society's bnildlng, 18 Somerset street, at half-past two this afternoon, and was 
called to order by the President, Hon. James Phinney Baxter, A.M., Litt.D., who 

The minntes of the November meeting were read, and approved as records. 

The chairman then introduced Charles Warren Chace, esq., of Taunton, Mass., 
who read a comprehensive paper on Silas Talbot, second captain of the frigate 
Constitution, detailing the incidents of his career, and exhibiting some Interest- 
ing photographs. The audience was attentive and Interested. The thanks of 
the Society were unanimously voted with applause. 

The Corresponding Secretary, the Librarian, and the Council severally pre- 
sented reports, which were received, read, accepted, and ordered on file. 

A liiit of candidates was read, a ballot ordered and takeui and seven persons 
were elected resident members. 

Aojeeable to article 7 of chapter IX of the By-laws, the chairman appointed 
Messrs. Hosea Starr Ballon and Charles French Read to audit the accounts of the 
Treasurer for the present fiscal year. 

The Committee on Nominations presented a report, which was received, read, 
accepted, and ordered on file. 

The Committee to whom was referred the proposed amendment to the By- 
laws presented a report, which was received, read, accepted, and ordered to be 
thread upon the records of this meeting as follows : 

The Special Committee appointed at the last meeting of the Society to con- 
sider the advisability of amending article 2 of chapter II of the By-laws, begs 
leave to report that, in their judgment, it Ls advisable to amend the article by 
inserting tKBtween the words '^ reported " and " transfers " the following words : 
" except that nominations for resident membership, reported at the meetings In 
May and October, may be elected at those meetings." The Article will then read 
ai follows : ** A book shall be kept by the Recording Secretary, In which any 
member may propose a resident, corresponding, or honorary member ; but no 
nomination sliall be made except by a report of the Council at a stated meeting 
of the Society, nor to be acted upon at the same meeting at which It is reported ; 
except that nominations for resident membership, reported at the meetings of 
May and October, may be elected at those meetings. Transfers from one class 
of membership to another class may be made at any stated meeting upon the 
recommendation of the Council." 

Tour Committee, in recommending this amendment, feel that the Society is 
amnly protected from mistakes in elections to membership by the provision of 
the second section of article 1 of chapter II of the By-Uws, which reads : " All 
Bominatioiis shall be balloted for on one ballot; but §hould a negative vote 
appear on the first ballot, then every name shall be balloted for separately." 

Correspondence from Deloraine Pendre Corey, esq., chairman of the Com- 
mittee in memoriam Elbridge Henry Goss, was read, and on motion it was voted 
that the correspondence be referred to the committee. 

The meeting then dissolved. 


It having oome to the attention of this Society that certain 
genealogists and publishers have used the name of the Society 
in oonneotion with their own enterprises, the Society again de- 
tires to state that it has NO genealogical representatives in this 
oonntry or in England, nor is it in any way connected with any 
pnblioations other than those which it issues over its own name 
at 18 Somerset Street, Boston. 

98 Notes [Jan. 

« Barre, Mass., Gravestonb Inscriptions.— The following items do not ap- 
pear in the Vital Records of Barre, and therefore seem worthy of preservatioo. 
The first inscription is from a stone in the old Caldwell cemetery (disused) ; the 
second from a sarcophagus in an advanced state of decay in another graveyard. 
'' Joel, son of Capt. Ezra & Elizabeth Jones died Dec. 28, 1763, aged 134 mos/* 
" Sacred to the memory of Colonel William Buckminster An industrious far- 
mer A faithful citizen An honest man A sincere Christian A brave officer A f riead 
to his country In whose cause he courageously fought and was dangerously 
wounded At the battle of Bunker Hill He was bom Dec 15"» A. D 1736 And 
Died June 22nd Ad. 1786." Mrs. Anna M. Pickford. 

92 Oram Avenue, Newton Centre. 

Adams.— Nathan Adams* of the County of Middlesex and Town of Lincoln In 
the State of Massachusetts Bay Grentleman appoints Doctor Jno : Lawerence of 
Granville in the County of Annapolis & Province of Nova Scotia his attorney re 
the Estate of Dr. Charles Adams late Deceased Within the Province of Nova 
Scotia, and to convey his (Nathan's) Lott of Land in Digby. Dated .8 Nov. 1784. 
Witnesses : Ezekial Foster, Ezekial Foster Jun'. Recorded 21 Sept. 1786 on y« 
Oath of Ezekial Foster. (Bridgeton, N. S., Registry.of Deeds Office, vol. 6, p. 48.) 

76 Winslovs Street^ Everett^ Mass. ' Mrs. Sarah D. Cropley. 

Randall.— In the list of Corrections and Additions in the Rrgister, vol. 46, 
page 187, is " Robert* Randall— mar. first Mary, sister of Stephen* French. — He 
married second, and died Mar. 3, 1691.*' 

This statement Is entirely wrong. Robert's ^r«« wife was Mary , who, 

according to Weymouth records, was buried Sept. 3, 1640. His second (not hla 
first) wife was Mary French, the absolute proof of which is that she was alive 
in 1679 when Stephen French mentions his ^' sister, Mary Randall " In his will. 
The statement quoted above assumed to be a correction of Savage (Genealogical 
Dictionary), but Savage is correct and his critic Is In error. 

North Easton, Mass. William L. Chaffik. 

Patch, Ring.— My attention has recently been called to an error In my article 
on the Patch family In the Rboistrr, vol. 66 (1902), p. 198. 

Penelope Patch was published to Joseph Ring^ and not King as I wrote It and 
as It appears on' the Chesterfield books, the source of my Information. An at- 
tested copy of the Worthlngton record by the Town Clerk, obtained by Mr. 
James L. B. Wlllard of Brooklyn, reads : " Joseph Ring of Worthlngton & Pe- 
nelope Patch of Chesterfield was legally joined In marri^e, by Rev<* Kilboume, 
Dec*> 7, 1780." William Stowbll Mills. 

352 Clifton Place, Brooklyn, N. T. 

Webster-Scribner — In the Register, vol. 9, pp. 1^9 et seq., appears an ac- 
count of the Webster family. The children of Ebenezer, son of Thomas and 
Sarah Webster, are given ; among them a daughter Rachel, bom Mar. 17, 1710, 
married May 8, 1735, to Daniel Scrlbner. This Is wrong, as it should be Edward 
Scrlbner. In vol. 23, p. 419, are recorded the children of Thomas and Hannah 
Scrlbner, and among them Edxoard, bom Apr. 7, 1711, married May 5, 1735, to 
Rachel Webster. Again, Prof. John R. Eastman of Andover, N. H., is compiling 
a history of Andover, and has given attention to the Webster family, and from 
original records he advises me that It was Edward Scrlbner, and not Daniel, 
who married Rachel Webster. Orra £. Monnstte. 

Los Angeles, Cal. 

Bush.— On page 108 of the printed **Records of the Town and Selectmen of 
Cambridge, 1630-1703," appears- this entry : 

" 14^ (II)™® 1665 The Townsmen do order (that Jno. Bush pay a fine of 
Twenty shillings for coming as an Inhabitant In to the Towne with out the leave 

• In the Vital Records of Lincoln, Masf ., to 1850, published by ibis Society, 1906, both 
Nathan and Charles are mentioned as sons of Joseph and Mary Adams. Nathan was 
born 11 Nov. 1762, and Charles 8 Nov. 1760. 




of the Townsmen, and his &ther Renold Bush shall also pay the like fine of 
Twenty shillings for Enterteyneing him with out consent as afore said/' 
On the Chnrch register at Messing, County Essex, England, appears this entry : 

1593, Jan. 20. John Bush of Reynold baptised. 
Is not this a clue to the origin of the Bush family of Cambridge, Mass.? 
Middletown, Conn, Frank Farnswokth Stabr. 

Bbownr, Fknner. — ^Referring to the contributions to Browne genealogy, 
which appeared In the Register, vol. 61, pp. 116-118, and vol. 62, pp. 199-200, 
we can now supply the last link in the chain of ancestors who were minfsters in 
Qoeen Mary's Te\gn^ as described by Aunt Burchard. 

The father of Rev. Joseph Browne, derk and pastor of the parish of Rusper, 
tnd of Rev. Benjamin Browne of the parish of Ifield, both parishes in co. Sus- 
aez, was the Rev. William Browne, who for over fifty years was pastor of the 
parish chnrch in Horley, co. Surrey, Eng. 

Qneen Mary's death occurred In 1558, and although Mr. Browne's Incumbency 
of the parish dates only from June 26, 1561, under the patronage of Queen Ellza- 
beth, and in the third year of her reign, yet his early years were contemporary 
with the life and reign of Queen Mary. He died Nov. 14, 1615. Aunt Burchard's 
claim as to ministerial ancestry Is fully warranted. 

In the History of Surrey, by Manning and Bray, three folio volumes, published 
in London, 1809, Is a very full description and history of this old church In Hor- 
ley, where the aged pastor and his two wives were burled. The first Incumbent' 
of this church, Walter de Stoteford, was instituted Jan. 21, 1283. In vol. 2, p. 
903, appears a copy of an Inscription In Latin, Including a family chart also hi 
laUn, as it appeared on a Sussex black marble stone against the north wall of 
the Chancel : 



E lombls Chilielmi 
et Magdalena 

et ejus 

' et ab ILLO 





Qulielm* Steph:, 
Joseph* et Joh*8, 

Sara Susa* Ph(zbe 

Joseph^ Benjamin^ 
Oulielmus^ john, 
Barnabas^ Tho, 

Maria ^ 




It Will be seen that the will of the Rev. Joseph Browne of Rusper, as found in 
the records of the Consistory Court of Chichester, corroborates the list of his own 
^dren as named on the chart, except as to two sons, Stephen and Joseph, who 
Pe^lu4>9 were deceased. The will also mentions his brother Rev. Benjamin 
Browne of the parish of Ifield. There Is no flaw In the corroboration. 

In the parish church of Horley where are a number of other Inscriptions and 
mommients of the early sixteenth and seventeenth century periods, which are 
ooQiiected with the Browne and Fenner families. In the North Aisle, on a flat 
stone, is a large brass figure of a woman under a pointed arch of brass, hands 
uplifted, praymg. It is about two-thirds the size of Uf e, perfect, and though 

100 NoitB [Jan. 

not elaborately engraven, is remarkably handsome. At her feet is the following 
inscription : 

" Of yourcharite pray for the soule of Johan Fenner^ late wyf of John Fenner 
Gent, whiche Jofian decessed the Ij day of July, In the yere of our Lord M VcXVJ, 
on whose sonle Ihi| have mercy. Amen." 

We may find much material for those who are descended from these families 
in this vicinity, while the three parishes lie in adjacent counties, they yet lie 
within a radius of ten or twelve miles. Silas Fish Dobrancs. 

489 Fifth Avenue, New York. 

- • 

Browne-Leb-Larribeb-Coiini8H.— The following is from an old paper, evi- 
dently the original one, in the hands of one of the Hempstead descendants. 

The paper seems conclusively to settle the parentage of Phebe Brown, or 
Browne, who married (1) Thomas Lee, (2) Greenfield Larrlbee, and (8) James 
Cornish. (See Register vol. 61, pp. 116-118, vol. 62, pp. 199-200; and ante, 
p. 99.) The Cornish Genealogy, p. 6, gives the most complete account of the 
children and grandchildren of William Brown.* "Aunt Burthard" was Jane 
Lee, daughter of Thomas and Phebe (Brown) Lee, and wife of John Barcbard. 
Josliua Hempsted married Elizabeth, daughter of Greenfleld'and Phebe (Brown) 

" A Genealogy of my Mother Taken from Avnt Barthard 1723 [ilUgibW] fol- 
lowing I took from my fathers Joshua Hempsteads Efq papers my Granmotber 
was the Daughter of Old William Brown he Lived in the County of Bfex isUil 
and town of Rufper In England Come over to New England in y« year 1645 
her Granmotber Come alifo and Granmotber Died with the Smallpox onboard and 
their Eldeft Son John; they had 8 Children that Come over (viz) Hennery 

Phebe & Mary 
Hennery Lived att providence had three Sons : Pheebe had tliree Hufbands the 

firft was 
Lee the Second Larribie the third Comifh. Lee Died with the Smallpox a 

Comelng over 

& Left 3 Cniildren 

(viz) Jame Pheebe & Thomas= Laribie had five Children (Viz) Greenfield John 

Jofeph & Sarah Jofeph Died Young; Comifh had Two Sons (viz) James & one 

ftill Bom 
with which She Died In Child bead att Kortlihampton ; mary Brown married 

Robert Marvin.f 
Lived att Southampton on Long Island & att Hempfted Old Great Granfatber 

Brown [illegible'] 
with his Daughter Mary marvin their predif fefors were minifters was time 

Qveen Mary Bine.** 

Col. Charles D. Parkhubst, U.S.A. 


Marshall's Genealogist's Guide.— In Notes and Queries for July 20, 1907, 
p. 52, Mr. Isaac Marshall of Samesfleld Court, Weobley, England, writes that '* the 
book is, including the manuscript notes of the late Mr. G. W. Marshall, in pro- 
cess of l)eing kept up to date, and in due course a new edition will be brought 
out. I sliall be grateful to any interested who will forward me notes or sugges- 
tions which may tend to add to its completeness and usefulness.** 

Irish Records.— Mr. W. P. W. Phillimore writes that he has arranged for ao 
Irish Record Series. Calendars of Wills will be first taken in hand, and the cal- 
endars of the Dioceses of Leighlln, Ossory, Kildare, and Ferns are now being 
transcribed. The volumes will be uniform with the Will Calendars of the Brltr 
ish Record Society and the Scottish Record Society. ' 

* William Browne, freeman 1648, merchant ; died in the latter part of 1650. Hit 
daughter married Richard {tic\ Merwin or Marvin. (Howell's History of Southamp- 
ton. L. C, p. 424.) 

t Robert Marvin had grant of land in 1649. Adminietered estate of William Browiftt 
in 1650. Resident of Hempstead in 1682. (Op, eit.^ p. 431.) 


Notes lOJ 

Heard Association. — An association has been fonned for the collection of 
data relatini? tu the Heards, with the intention of pablishing a Bulletin two or. 
three times yearly as a mediom of communication " by which members of the 
AMOciation may' be kept informed of matters of interest and which will also 
present to tho«e who are not members, a dear idea of the work in hand and to 
be done." For further particulars, address the Secretary and Historian, J. W. 
UUy, 65 West li3d Street, New York City. 

PiKE^ Hau-ey, Hawlby, Ward. — A complete list of Pike or Pyke wills and 
administrations, at Somerset Honse, London, between 1675 and 1784, has been 
obtained, and will, with other valuable material, appear in pamphlet form dur- 
ing 1909. It will include notes also on Halley, Hawley, and Ward. This is 
teeditcd information tliat ought to interest New England genealogists. Address 
KcTGKKB F. McPiKK, 1 Park Bow, Chicago, 111. 

OKyKAixKYiRS IN PREPARATION.— PcTsous of the scvcral nam^s are advised to 
fornifih the compilers of these genealogies with records of their own families 
tod ottier information which they think may be useful. We would suggest that 
•11 facts of Interest illustrating family history or character be communicated, 
«|KciaUy service under the U. S. Government, the holding of other offices, 
nmduation from college or professional schools, occupation, with places and 
oatcs of birth, marriage, residence, and death. All names should be given in 
fiiH if possible. No initials should be used when the full name is known. 

Alderman.^yirs, G. W. Van Zandt, 938 West Monroe Street, Chicago, 111., la 
compiling a genealogy of the descendants of Elijah Alderman of Sims bury, Conn. 

BriUon, — George E. Britton, Massena, N. Y., is compiling a genealogy of the 
descendants of Ebenezer Britton of Taunton, who died at Westmoreland, N. H., 
in 1788. 

Btim/I.— Alice Burritt, M.D., 1129 Fourteenth Street, N. W., Washington, 
D. C, Ih compiling a genealogy of the descendants of Balckhach Burritt, Jr., of 
Hontington, Fairtield Co., Conn., and Herrick, Susquehanna Co., Penn. 

Cunninffham.-MTB. G. W. Van Zandt, 938 West Monroe Street, Chicago, m., 
is compiling the genealogy of the descendants of Hugh Cunningham who came 
from Ayrshire, Scotland, to Worcester County, Mass., in 1717. 

Cunningham. -^Tn. Jennie T. (Cunningham) lAne, 26 Hudson Street, Worces- 
ter, Ma?*s., is compiling a genealogy of the descendants of Robert Cunningham, 
who came from Coleraine, Co. Londonderry, Ireland, and died in Spencer, Mass. 

Cunningham.— Scott Cunningham, Palmyra, Mo., is preparing a genealogy of 
the descendants of Thomas Cunningham of Co. Donegal, Ireland, who died In 
Frederick Co., Va., hi 1761. 

Kinge. — George Farquhar Jones Ring, 43 Waterman Street, Providence, R. I., 
is oompUlns: a genealogy of the descendants of Thomas Klnge, who died In 
Scitoate, Mass., m 1691. 

Xiin«.— Percy L. Rickcr, 3740 Oliver Street, Chevy Chase, D. C, is compiling 
a genealogy of the descendants of Henry Lunt of Newbury, 1635. 

ifajon. —Sylvia Mason, Brlgham City, Utah, is compiling a genealogy of the 
descendants of Jesse Mason, bom In 4785 in New Ashford, Mass. 

Nkk^Bon. — William Emery Nickerson, 12 Pearl Street, Boston, Mass., is 
preparing a genealogy of the descendants of William Nickerson of Chatham, 
Mass., who died In 1689 or 1690. 

5Zarf«.— Thomas B. Peck, Walpole, N. H., Is preparing a genealogy of the d©- 
teeDdants of William SUde of Windsor, Conn. 

Smith. "V. H. Smith, 402 North Newton Street, Canton, Ohio, is preparing 
t genealogy of the descendants of Joseph Smith, who died at Hadley, Mass., in 

SmUK^Mrs. Emily Eastman, 'Westfleld, Mass., Is compiling a genealogy of 
the descendants of Lieut. Samuel Smith, who died at Hadley, Mass., in 1680. 

Stannard — Joseph E. Howd, Ansonia, Conn., Is compiling a record of the 
Staooard Family of Connecticut. 

•••/• * 

• • • 

1Q2'. ;\ ' * Book Notices [Jan . 


[The editor requests persons sending books for notice to state, for the information 
of readers, the price of each book, with the amount to be added for postage when »ent 
bv mail. For tne Januarv issue, books should be received by Nov. 1 ; for Aprils by 
Feb. 1 ; for Jiu/y, by May 1 ; and for October, by July 1.] 

The Bates Bulletin. Vol. IL No, 1, September, 1908. 8vo. pp. 8. nias. 
A view of the old meeting house at Hingham is the decoration of the front 
page, and a portrait of Albert C. Bates is also found in this number which gives 
the usual amount of family news. 

The Chamberlain Association of America. Beports of Annual Meetings held i% 
Boston^ Massachusetts^ September 12, 1906 j and August i, 1907, with me* 
mortal and biographical sketches of members of the Association, four generations 
of the descendants of Henry Chamberlin of Hingham, England, and Hingham^ 
Massachusetts, transcripts from the Parish Begisters of Hingham, England, and 
other papers concerning the Chamberlain Family in England and America* 
New York. The Grafton Press. Issued from the press June, 1908. 8vo. 
pp. 90. lUus. 
An unusual amount of useful material is contained in this report, which also 

includes the usual returns from committees, list of members, and necrology. 

The first four generations of the Chamberlain genealogy, carefully compiled by 

Gteorge W. Chamberlain, are very welcome, ana it is hoped that more will appear 

soon. The illustrations are excellent. 

Genealogy of some descendants of Edward Fuller of the Mayflower. Compiled by 
William Hyslop Fuller of Palmer, Mass. Printed by C. B. Fiske & Co., 
Palmer, Mass. 1908. 8vo. pp. 306. lUus. 

A genealogy of /;he descendants of any passenger in the Mayflower is always 
especially welcomed by the family It records, and is no less useful and Interest- 
ing to students of early New England people. The first four generations are 
arranged in a manner similar to the Register plan. Beginning with the fifth 
generation there were thirty families, and the author has placed the descendants 
of the heads of each of these thirty families in a group by themselves, giving 
each group Individual numbering, but continuing the numbering by generations. 
The book Is well printed, indexed, and handsomely bound In cloth. The illus- 
trations are chiefly portraits of descendants, the most notable being that of 
Chief-Justice Melville Weston Fuller. 

Some descendants of John Gage of Ipswich, Mass. By Arthur £. Gage, A.M. 
Boston : New England Historic Genealogical Society. 1908. 
This is a reprint from the Register for July, 1908. 

A History of the Hinmans^ containing also an abbreviated record of the Kindr^ 
Families, showing their relation to the Hinmans. Collected firom state, colony, 
town, and church records; also from old Bibles and aged people. 1907. Svo. 
pp. 76. Illus. 

The direct line from SerJ. Edward Hinman of Stratford, Conn., to Abner Hln- 
man II of Phelps, N. Y., Is followed by a full account of the latter's seven sons 
who have had this record printed for distribution among their descendants. Of 
the allied families the most attention is given to those of Beckwith, Crocker, 
Ingraham, Oriatt, Richards, Shaw, and Waring. The book fills admirably the 
purpose for which It was intended, and is also valuable to genealogists. 

Some Prominent Virginia Families. In four volumes. Edward Jaquelin — 
Martha Cary, their descendants, and collateral families. By Louise Pecquet 
DU Bellet. J. P. Bell Company (Inc.) Publishers, Lynchburg, Va. 8to. 
Vol. I pp. 286; vol. II pp. 811 ; vol. Ill pp. 186; vol IV pp. 482. Illus. 
Great credit is due Miss du Bellet for her able, accurate, and scholarly work 

in compiling this remarkable record of Virginia families, which surpasses in its 

* All the unsigned reviews are written by Miss Alios Lvorbtu. Wbstoatb of Boston. 

1909] Book Notices 103 

comprehensive scope anything that has liitherto been published on that subject. 
There \» a general list of the authorities consulted, but perhaps the rarest feature 
of the book is the careful reference given for every fact stated, a practice too 
seldom met in Southern genealogies, and one that cannot receive too much praise. 
There Is an outline of the work in the first volume, showing a synopsis of the 
descendants of Edward Jaquelin and Martha Gary, making mention of the col- 
lateral branches, and also enumerating over one hundred and fifty allied families 
frbose biographies or genealogies receive attention . The volumes are embellished 
with many interesting illustrations, and are bound in gray linen. 

An Episode in the History of a Morpeth Family. By J. Crawford Hodgson, 
M. A . , F .8. A. Overprint from the Archseologia ^liana, 3d series, vol. IV. New- 
castle-upon-Tyne : Andrew Beid & Co., Limited, Printing Court Buildings, 
Akenside Hill. 1908. 8vo. pp. 16. 

William Marr, son of George Marr of Morpeth, co. Northumberland, Eng., was 
engaged in business in Charleston, S. C, during the early part of the eighteenth 
century. He died unmarried, but many letters, here reprinted from Morpeth 
Collectanea, relate to the business conditions of that time. Other wills and 
documents are quoted freely, and two genealogical charts show the descendants 
of Andrew Marr, 1618, and of William Marr, 1662, both of Morpeth. 

Patten Genealogy. William Patten of Cambridge, 1635, and his descendants. 

By Thomas W. Baij>win, A.B., S.B., Boston, Mass. Thomas W. Baldwin. 

1908. 8vo. pp. 290. Facsimile. Map. 

This Is the most complete genealogy yet published of this early Cambridge 
family, and as such will be duly appreciated. The active part played in town 
iflkbrs by the emigrant ancestor is well recorded here, and the facsimile of the 
deed from the Cambridge Proprietors to the Billerlca Proprietors in 1654 shows 
his autograph. Another feature Is a map, compiled by Charles D. Elliot, showing 
Cambridge as it existed in 1635. The volume is indexed and is well arranged on 
the Kegistkr plan. That the compiler considers his work worthy of a long term 
of u^fuiness Is shown by the fact that he has printed the book on the excellent 
and durable "N. E. H. G. S. Standard" paper, which is now used for the 
Keoisteb Itself. Other compilers would do well to follow this sensible plan. 

History and Genealogy of the Ricks Family of America, containing biographical 
ikttches and genealogies of both males and females. Compiled by Guy S. Rix, 
Concord, N. 11. Published and for sale by Joel Ricks, Logan, Utah, for the 
Ricks family. Press and Bindery of Skelton Publishing Co. Salt Lake City. 
190m. 8vo. pp. 184. lUus. 

This genealogy of the Ricks family of Virginia and North Carolina includes 
the names of more than one thousand persons, and is the most extensive work 
yet published regarding the family. It has been conscientiously constructed, 
and is well arranged on a plan suggested by the late John Ward Dean. Unusual 
attention has been given to the female lines, and the compiler labored faitlifuUy 
and successfully in procuring a complete and accurate record of those prolific 
Inanches in the West who are members of the Church of Latter Day Saints. 

The illustrations ar^ chiefly portraits. The book is well printed, indexed, and 
bound In doth. It promises to be useful to the genealogist as well as interest- 
tiig to the family. 

Genealogy of the Cortland County, iV. T., Branch of the Sanders Family. 4to. 

pp. 111. Illus. 

This genealogy was begun by Joshua C. Sanders, but he did not live to finish 
it. At ills request the work was completed by his nephew. Dr. Charles Walton 
Sanders, who has printed two hundred copies for distribution among the descend- 
ants of this branch of the family, in memory of his uncle. 

A specially arranged chart at the back of the volume shows at a glance the de- 
scent of this branch from John Sanders who died in Salem, Mass., in 1643. The 
volume b thoroughly Interleaved for the purpose of making personal records. 
It has no index. 

It will be especially useful to persons wishing to join various Colonial or Rev- 
olutionary societies, as it contains a list of those ancestors whose descendants 
are eligible to these several organizations. 

104 Book Notices [Jan. 

The Sanxay Family , and Descendants of Rev, Jaques Sanxay^ Huguenot Refugee 
to England in Sixteen Hundred and Eighty-Five. Preface and compilation by 
Theodore F. Sanxay, A.M., LL.B. New York: Printed for private use. 
Nineteen hundred and Seven. 8vo. pp. 217. 

Remarkable and unasaal is the story told in the Preface, which fills half the 
volume with its fascinating account of this Huguenot family, beginning aboat 
1638. An enormous amount of research must have been necessary in order to 
give such details, which even include extracts from a diary kept by a person on 
the same ship in which Rev. Jaques Sanxay fled to England, who afterwards 
had a parish in Exeter. One of his descendants came to live in New York City be- 
fore the Revolution, and fled with the Loyalists to Nova Scotia. The geuealo^ 
cal portion includes the English as well as the American descendants. The book 
is indexed, and is beautifully printed on heavy Japan vellum paper. It adds an* 
other link in the history of those persecuted, high-principled people, the Uugue> 

History of the Family of Benjamin Snow who is a descendant of Richard Snow of 
Wohurn, Massachusetts. Compiled and published by Owen N. Wilcox, 
Cleveland, Ohio, U. S. A. 1907. Press of the Gates Legal Publishing Com- 
pany, Cleveland, O., 1907. 4to. pp. 385. lUus. 

The emigration of Benjamin Snow (1754-1817) from Maine to Ohio and an 
account of his descendants appear to be the chief topics in this volume which 
the compiler says he aimed to make "as unlike the conventional genealogy as 
possible, and to that end it has designed to be, so to speak, a.faniily story and 
picture book." He has succeeded in accomplishing this. 

Many old letters are reprinted in full, and family portraits and group pictures 
are numerous. In proportion to the size of the volume tlie amount of gejiea- 
logical data is small. It is regrettable that better paper was not used and that 
an index was omitted. This book contains much that is new of famUy interest 
for those of the Snow family unacquainted with the stories and traditions of 
their clan. 

Ancestry of William Howard Taft. By Mabel Thacher Rosmary Washbttrk. 

Frank Allaben Genealogical Company. Number three. West Porty-seoond 

Street, New York. 8vo. pp. 52. Illus. 

The timely appearance of this ancestral sketch of the President-elect will be 
appreciated by many, and should prove particularly interesting to New England- 
ers for the number of familiar names it contains. Wilson, Emerson, Grindall, 
Rawson, Torrey, Cheney, and Hooker are well identlfled with our history, of 
high esteem and wide repute. Each has a chapter in addition to the mention in 
the text of the direct line, which contains other notable names as well. The In- 
dex is a most useful portion of this little pamphlet, which is artistically printed 
on deckle edged paper, having for illustrations sketches of Mr. Taft, family 
landmarks, and relics. 

Genealogy of a Branch of the Wheelers. Compiled by Giles Wheeler of Con- 
cord, N. H., a descendant of Daniel Wheeler of Hollis, N. H., and the last 
now (1908) known to be living bearing this name. Concord, N. H. Rumford 
Printing Company, 1908. 12mo. pp. 61. Hlus. 

This branch of the descendants of George Wheeler of Concord, Mass., went 
from Bedford, Mass., to Hollis, N. H., about 1738. Several of tlie female lines 
are broiigiit down to date and a great deal of information is given tliat will in- 
crease in value as time goes on. It would be more easily available, however, if 
there were an index. The illustration is a portrait of the compiler ; the l>ook Is 
clearly printed and neatly bound. 

Thomas Whit (White) of Weymouth^ Mas^., and one line of his descendants. 

8vo. n. p. 

In a brief prefatory note signed by William H. Reed it is stated that the data 
here presented has been compiled from town, church, cemetery, and Bible records, 
as well as other genealogical sources of information. Thomas White was one 
of the early settlers of Weymouth, and his youngest son Ebenczer had a son 
Thomas. Tiien come anotlier Thomas and two Silases, followed by Benjamin 
Franklin White, and thus this single line of descent is brought down to the nine- 
teenth century. 

1909] Book Notices 105 

Mfnuiir i^ David ffenrp Brovm. By Frank Smith. Reprinted from the New 
England Historical and Genealogical Register for October, 1908. Printed for 
primte distrlbntion. 8vo. pp. 7. 

CkapiH Family Association Publications. Life of Deacon Samuel Chapin of 

t^)iriniijUld. By Howard Millar Chapin. Providence : Snow & Faniliam Co., 

Printers, 1908. 8yo. pp. 78. Illas. Facsimiles. Maps. 

St. GaodenA made the statue erected In Springfield, Mass., to the memory of 

Dea. Samuel Chapin, whose life In fingUnd, Roxbury, and Springfield is very fully 

recorded here. It is Illustrated by maps, and facsimiles of deeds, excerpts from 

tbe Pynchon Account Books, and all possible sources of information, and is an 

excellent and admirably compiled account. 

Jokfi Watts de Peyster. By Frank Allaben. Two volumes. Frank Allaben 
Genealogical Printing Company. Number Tliree, West Forty-Second Street, 
New York. 12mo. Vol. I. pp. 823; Vol. II. ^ pp. 337. Illus. 
General de Pcyster left in manuscript an account of his earlier years, and of 
feveial episodes of his' later life. This autobiographical material has been In- 
corporated In the present volumes. The reader will find It a vivid and fascina- 
te picture of Kew Tork at the beginning of the last century from the stand- 
point of a wealthy young aristocrat, who writes: ....'* the cursed foreigner 
bad not come in with his leveling and commimistlc Ideas, ai^d as yet the money- 
idolizlng, mlschlef-maklng New Englanders had not acquired their present gen- 
CTtl ascendency.** There is a comprehensive outline of General de Peyster's 
ucestry, and many interesting Illustrations. The whole work Is an able and 
•dfqoatc account of the life of one of the unique characters of his generation, 
who will be known to posterity as the first notable military critic produced by 

OoL David Fianning*s Narrativs of his exploits and adventures as a Loyalist of 
North Carolina in the American Revolution, supplying important omissioni in 
the c(tp\f published in the United Slates, With an Introduction and Nates J>y 
A. W. Savary, M.A. Reprinted from The Canadian Magazine, Toronto, 1908. 
8vo. pp. 55. Facsimiles. 

Coul4 more accounts, as told by the Loyalists themselves, appear In print, it 
would help materially ^to throw light upon some of the dark places in tiie true 
rtory of the American Revolution and construct the missing portions by facts 
gkaned from original sources. The copies of this narrative as previously 
printed are now exceedingly rare, and, as the introduction states, unsatisfactory 
iDd incomplete. A facsimile of David Fanuing*s autograph, and notes by Judge 
Sav&ry, close this valuable contribution to the literature relating to the Loyalists. 

Bints of Contemporary Life in the toritings of Thomas Shepard. By Andrew 
McFarland Davis. Reprinted from The Publications of the Colonial Society 
of Massachusetts. Vol. XII. Cambridge. John Wilson and Son. Unlver- 
»ity Pre»8. 1908. 8vo. pp. 186-162. 

That the dry, doctrinal sermons of this early Puritan could yield, even at Mr. 
Divls's skilful touch, so many hints as to the manner of life of the people of 
Uitt day, was surely not to be suspected until this rdsum6 of his writings ap- 
peared. Shepard*s very probable influence with John Harvard may have been 
imttrmnental in securing that first great bequest for the College, which was located 
in Cambridge thatjt might receive the benefit of Shepard's '' powerful ministry." 

Dr. John B. Trask, a pioneer of science on the West Coast. By Robert E. C. 

Stkarns. 8vo. pp. 8. 

This U a reprint from Science^ N. 8., Vol. xxvill, No. 712, pages 240-243, Au- 
flpt 21, 1908, and relates to Dr. John Boardman Trask, the first state geologist of 
CUilomia and one of the illustrious eight who founded the California Academy 
(tf Sciences. 

Tkt Grafton Magazine of History and Genealogy. A Quarterly Publication. June, 
1908. Vol. L No. 1. Editors -.—Henry R. Stiles, A.M., M.D., Honorary 
Editor ; History, George W. Ellis ; Genealogy, Emma E. Biugham ; Manag- 
ing Editor, Frederick H. Hitchcock. 92.00 per year. 50 cents a copy. The 

106 Book NoiictB [Jan. 

Grafton Press. Genealogical Publishers. 70 Fifth Avenue, New York. 6 Bea- 
con Street, Boston. 8vo. pp. 66. 

In introducing this new magazine it is only necessary to call attention to the 
editorial staff* named on its title-page. The opening article is the address of Dr. 
Charles Beatty Alexander delivered before the Rhode Island Society of the Cin- 
cinnati, July 4, 1908, in which Re emphasizes the work that may be done by tbem 
in collecting valuable revolutionary material now In private hands, and making 
systematic research on specialized lines. This is followed by an account of New- 
port in the seventeenth century, which is interesthig and instructive. Articles 
on Roger Williams, Andrew Elllcott, the Jewett Family and the Stirling Family, 
all of which seem to be excerpts from the products (completed or in process) 
of the Grafton Press, together with four pi^es of book reviews, covering seTen 
books, four of which are publications of the Grafton Press, complete a well- 
printed periodical whose analytical table of contents Is a feature not to be over- 

A History of the Town of Acusknet, Biistol County, State of Massachu8ett$. By 

Franklyn Howland. Illustrated. Published by the Author, New Bedford, 

Massachusetts. 1907. 4to. pp. 398. Illus. 

The town of Acushnet may well be congratulated on the publication of this 
unusually attractive history, the careful work of an energetic, painstaking com- 
piler who did not live to see the successful result of years of labor. 

A list of the early spellings of the name of the town may be found in the record 
of its early history, and also some impoi*tant gravestone inscriptions from old 
biirylng grounds, which will be exceedingly useful to genealogists. Among the 
salient features of the book should be noticed the many views of old houses, 
each giving a brief title of ownership. The home of one of the maternal an- 
cestors of Mrs. Alice (Roosevelt) Longworth Is Included In this valuable collec- 
tion. The last half of the volume Is filled with biographical sketches of promi- 
nent citizens. The volume Is Indexed, and the unusual number of fine lUustratioiui 
increase the pleasure It affords. 

Hyde Park Historical Record. Volume VL 1908. Wiixiam A. Mowry, Edi- 
tor. Published by The Hyde Park Historical Society, Hyde Park, Mass. 8vo. 
pp. 64. Illus. 

This number presents articles on Camp Melgs^ and the birds of Hyde Park ; 
also memorial sketches of Mary H. Hunt, Frank Bowman Rich, and Ellhu Green- 
wood. Bound under the same cover Is the souvenir hlstorlcied number of the 
Falrmount Bulletin which contains biographical notices of the Twenty Asso- 
ciates who promoted the settlement of that locality. 

Indiana Historical Society Publications. Volume IV. N'umber 4. Making a 
Capital in the Wilderness. By Danikl Wait Howe. Indianapolis, Edward J. 
Hecker, PrUiter and Publisher, 1908. 8vo. pp. 303-338. 
Old Indian trails and the water ways travelled by the early French in going 
from Canada to Louisiana, the occupation of this territory by various trlt^ of 
the Miamis, and the beginning of permanent white settlement In the *' New Pur- 
chase" In 1819, form the starting point of this valuable sketch of the pioneer 
days of the city of Indianapolis, which tells of the early difficulties and dangers 
here encountered and conquered by the settlers, who came from Kentucky, Vir- 
ginia and other Southern states, as well as from the Eastern states, and also in- 
cluded Scotch-Irish and Quakers. 

Early Records of the Town of Verryjleld, now Manchester, y. H, 1751-1782. A 
Complete and Exact Transcript of the Records of the Clerks as Written in the 
Old Deri^eld Book No. 1, pages 28 to 317, Comprising Volume I of the 
printed records of the Town, Volume VIII Manchester Historic Association Coh 
lections. Edited with introduction, notes, and index by Georoe Wauoo 
Browne. Manchester, N. H. Published by antliorlty of the City Conncils 
under the auspices of the Manchester Historic Association. 1905. 8vo. pp. 
395. Illus. Maps. 

That portion of the early town records of Manchester, formerly Derryfleld, 
described above In the title page, has been printed verbatim et literatim, and in 
a manner and style that are to be highly recommended to all who are contem- 
plating the publication of similar material. 


Booh Notices 107 

The pablic spirit displayed by this historical society in bringing out these 
nlnable town records shows that they have a true conception of the duties of 
OTch an organization and the useful work it may accomplish, not only for the 
b«Dellt of their own township but for historical students as well. 

A riew of the old Derryfield Meeting-house and several early maps add to the 
ralertatnment furnished by the volume, which is clearly printed on excellent 
Ittper, indexed, and substantially bound in cloth. 

Sarl}f RHMtda of tht Town of Derryjield, now Manchester, N, H,, 1782-1800. 
A Compute and Exact Transcript of the Records of the Clerks as written in the 
Old Derrufield Book Ko. 1, pages 317 to 402, Book No. 2, pages 1 to 201, 
Comprising Volume II of the printed records of the Town, Volume IX Man- 
fhaCfr Historic Association Collections. Edited with introduction, notes,* and 
Index by Georor Waldo Browne. Manchester, N. H. Published by au- 
thority of the City Councils under the auspices of the Manchester Historic 
Ass*ociation. 1906. 8vo. pp. 400. lUus. 

This volume continues the excellent work begun in the eighth number of the 
Manchester Historic Association Collections and brings the verbatim et literatim 
reprodoctlon of the town records down to 1800. In 1791 appear plans of the 
scttinjt capacity In the meeting house, and the names of those to whom the pews 
were sold, with the amount paid by each. In 1795 a school house was built at 
the falls by private subscription and afterward paid for by the town. A general 
index, AS well as an index of persons, is supplied, and an appendix contains some 
papers that were found scattered through the Town Books too late to be inserted 
hi Ibeir proper places. 

Manchester Historic Association Collections. Volume IV. Part One. Man- 
chester, N. H. Manchester Historic Association. 1908. 8vo. pp. 148. lUus. 
The Snow-Shoe Scouts, who ranged the New Hampshire wilderness with Capt. 
Tymr to protect tlie early settlements from Indian depredations, arc given a 
hiidable reconl in the opening art ices of this magazine, which also contains con- 
tributions on the Stowell Graveyard (^giving a history of the yard and a few in- 
scriptions) the McClary Family (patriotic citizens of Scotch-Irish descent), the 
flihing rocks at Araoskeag Falls (with a map), and a reprint of a Discourse de- 
livered at Amoskeag in 1739, and printed in 1743. It also gives a sketch of 
Phhieas Adams by George H. Ellis, published about thirty years ago and now 
are. There are also several poems. 

yUal Records of Marblehead, Massachusetts, to the end of the Tear 1849. Vol- 
ume III, Supplementary Records. Collected by Joseph W. Chapman. Pub- 
lished by The Essex Institute. Salem, Mass. 1908. 8vo. Cloth, pp. 43. 

Matsachusetts Pioneers. Michigan Series. By C. A. Flago. 8vo. pp. 73-80. 

This is the first instalment of an exceedingly valuable Index to guide gene- 
ilo;jtsts to thase rare histories of Michigan in which may be foimd sketches of 
Mvtsachusetts emigrants. Following the list of the works indexed is the first 
portion of the alphabetical list of Pioneers which ends with Jotham Ames. This 
wallet is reprinted from The Massachusetts Magazine. 

Bttork Homes and Places and Genealogical and Personal Memoirs relating to 
the families of Middlesex County, Massachusetts. Prepared under the editorial 
«ipcni«ion of William Richard Cutter, A.M. Four volumes. Illustrated. 
New York : Lewis Historical Publishing Company, 1908. 4to. pp. xci.+2026. 

Iij the publication of these four handsome volumes the Lewis Publishing 
Company are continuing in the same style and binding the work they did so well 
tor the counties of Berkshire and Worcester. The editor, Mr. Cutter, con- 
tribated the article on the county itself, and he tells in addition much about the 
<>ld county In England and the English counties of Norfolk, Suflblk and Essex. 
Miny views of historic houses, some of them really ancient, appear witli tlie 
dcetches of tiie separate towns. All this is in tlie preface, the main text being 
devoted entirely to sketches of prominent men and women of the county with 
K«»ealoglcal accounts of their families, no matter beuig printed ^' that was not 
tort anbmlttetl to persons most Interested for revision and correction." Many 
finely-reproduced portraits appear in all four volumes, which are clearly printed 
ttul splendidly boimd In full leather. The index is most useful. 

108 Booh Notices [Jan. 

Tax Bates of MUton. 1674-1800. By John A. Tucker. Bead before MUton 
Historical Society June 6, 1907. Published by the Milton Eecord. 1908. 8vo. 
pp. [18]. Map. 
This essay on tax rates is furnished with a map of the town in 1798. The ll«t 

of residents and the location of their property gives a great deal of valoAble 

historical and genealogical information. 

Otnealogicdl and Family History of the State of New Hampshire. A Beeord of 
the achievements of hir people in the making of a Commonwealth and the 
founding of a Nation. Compiled under the editorial supervision of Eziul S. 
Stbarns, assisted by William F. Whttcher and Edward E. Parker. Four 
volumes. Illustrated. The Lewis Publishing Company, New York, Chicago. 
1908. 4to. pp. 2067. lUus. 

The publishers are fortunate to be able to place the name of Steams on the 
back of these volumes, for the wide reputation of that well-known genealogist 
for careful, scholarly, and conscientious labor has long been established. The 
volumes conform in style and binding to the county histories issued by tills 
company. The family records seem to be full, and the Illustrations are numerous. 
The aim to preserve a great ^^ variety of geneeilogical and personal inf ormatloii ^ 
never before printed, seems to have been accomplished, and a valuable wort* for 
reference is the result. 

Mintaes of tJie Ninety-ninth annucU meeting of the General Association of Ous 
Congregational Churches of New Hampshire held at Lehanony May 19, 20, 22, 
1908. One hundred and seventh annual report of the New Hampshire Home 
Missionary Society. Volume IX. No. 3. Concord, N. H. Ira C. Evans Co.* 
Printers, 1908. 8vo. pp. 189. HIus. 

New York State Education Department. New York State Library. Van Bensse- 
laer-Bowier Manuscripts. Being the letters ofKUiaen Van Bensselaer^ 1630- 
1643^ and other docun^ents relating to the Colony of Bensselaerwyck. Trans- 
lated and edited by A. J. F. van Labr, Archivist. With an Introductory 
Essay by Nicolaas de Roever, late archivist of the city of Amsterdam, trans- 
lated by Mrs. Alan H. Strong. Albany. University of the State of New York. 
1908. 8vo. pp. 909. Facsimiles. Map. 

The original sources of information from which the true history of the early 
Butch settlement in New York, particularly in Albany and vicinity, may be read 
are here made accessible in this publication of the instructions sent from Kiliaen 
Van Rensselaer in Holland to govern the colony he established at Bensselaerwyck 
(but which he never visited) to further Dutch commercial interests. The strik- 
ing personality of this singularly able and successful merchant, a director of the 
West India Company and the founder of the only successful patronship that ever 
existed in New Netherland, is shown more fully by these documents than any 
other record in existence. A list of the settlers, a table of former Dutch coins, 
weights, and measures, with their equivalents, and an index, are helpful additions 
to the volume, which is the most valuable contribution to colonial history that 
has appeared for a long time. 

Historical Address read at the 200th Anniversary of t?^e Town of Plymptan, 

August 8t 1907, by John Sherman. 8vo. pp. 14. 

Many quaint old anecdotes are preserved in this pamphlet as well as an ac- 
count of the early church bulldhigs, the public library, and the early settlement 
of the town. 

The Wadsworth'LongfeUow House. LongfeUovfs Old Home, Portland, MaiJM^ 
its history and its occupants. By Nathan Goold. Lakeside Printing Com* 
pany. 1908. 8vo. pp. 40. Ulus. 

A complete history of this charming house, erected in 1785 by Qen. Peleg 
Wadsworth, and now in the possession of the Maine Historical Society, Is en- 
tertainingly told and fully Illustrated with many views of it and the rooms it 
contains, as well as portraits and silhouettes of its occupants. 

Vital Becords of Bockingham, Vermont, from the beginning of the Becords to 
January 1, 1845. Compiled from the Town Records by Thoblas Bellows 
Peck. Boston : George E. Littlefleld, 67 ComhiU. 1908. 8to. pp. 225-HO* 


Book JTbtices 109 

It Is sincerely hoped that Mr. Peck's laadable effort to preserve the Vital 
Beoords of Rockingham will be appreciated and encouraged, and his commend- 
able example followed in other Vermont towns. The first eighty-six pages are 
reprinted from The Vermont Antiquarian (publication now discontinued), but 
the remaining one hundred and twenty pages have not before appeared in print. 
in addition to town records the Revolutionary lists, Freeman's Roll, Religious 
TeatA, and Warnings out of town have been included. The Church Records of 
the First Church of Rockingham, reprinted from the Reoisteb, have been bound 
with this volume. Each work has its separate index. Views of the old church 
oamprise the illustrations, and the sober, substantial doth binding is durable 
tod appropriate. 

JloKjr SaUm Coun^ [^T. J.}, By Edson SausbubV Jonbs, Fort Chester, N. T. 
Old Fort ElfBhorg. The Lefem'e and Pledger Tract. Broadway and the Brad- 
waif House. John Fenwickfe Grave. Paper read before the Salem County 
Historical Society, December 10, 1907. Sunbeam Publishing Company, Salem, 
N. J. ISmo. pp. 14. 

The situation of Fort Elfsborg, a long-lost landmark, is already established, 
but the place where John Fenwick was buried is still unknown. Other early his- 
torical topics, which will be valuable to those interested in this region, are 

TransactionB of the Huguenot Society of South Carolina. No. 15. Published 
by order of the Society. Charleston, S. C. * 1908. Press of Walker, Evans & 
Cogswell Co. Charleston, S. C. 8vo. pp. 87. 

The publications of this Society always bring out something of genuine his- 
torical worth. This number contains Huguenot wills, ancient letters, as well as 
the president's address. Society business, and an ^^ Extract from a Proposed 
Historical Sketch of the Reformation in the Island of Oleron." 

Ritorieal Society, Watertoum, Massachusetts. Bevised 1908. Boston: Press 

of David Clapp & Son. 1908. 16mo. pp. 30. 

The historical papers read before the Society, and for the most part published 
In the local papers, follow the certificate of incorporation and lists of officers 
sod members of the Society. 

B^oft of the Proceedings of the Wyoming Commemorative Association on the 
occasion of the 130th Anniversary of the Battle and Massacre of Wyoming at 
10 o'clock, A.M. July the third. Nineteen Hundred and Eight. 8vo. pp. 86. 
The able address delivered on this occasion by Henry Budd, Esq., of Phila- 
delphia, sets forth ^' Some Contrasts Suggested by the Massacre of Wyoming," 
much to the advantage of the Indian policy pursued by the state of Pennsylvania. 

York Deeds. Book XVI. Mahie Genealogical Society. 1908. 8vo. pp. 83d-f 


The first instrument in this volume was registered in 1733, and the last in 1735. 
The Genealogical Society is subsidized by the State of Maine in the publication 
of the book, which conforms to the early numbers of the series. The usual 
careful and complete index has been added. 

Annual Bq^ort of the American Historical Association for the year 1906. In two 
volumes. Washington : Government Printing Office. 1908. 8vo. vol. I. pp. 
454; vol. U. pp. 672. 

The teaching of history in schools and colleges receives considerable space in 
the first volume, which also contains articles on William Penn, the Virginia 
Company, the Colonial Policy of Great Britain, Indian Consolidation, the Twelfth 
Century Renaissance, and other subjects. The second volume is devoted to the 
Teport of labile Archives Commission, which opens with a summary, by the late 
Robert Thaxter Swan, of present legislation regarding the custody of public 
records. A bibliography of the public archives of the thirteen original States 
has beeq compiled by Adelaide R. Hasse to show primarily where, when, and 
how completely such archives have been published. It fills more than three 
hundred pages of the second volume, and is a most useful piece of work. Both 
Tolomes are indexed and substantially bound in cloth. 

110 Book Notices [Jan* 

Dedication of the Monument at Andersonville, Georgia^ October 23, 1907^ in 
memory of the Men of Connecticut who suffered in Southern Military Prifong^ 
1861-1865. Hartford : PubUshed by the State, 1908. 4to. pp. 78. Illas. 
The addresses delivered on this occasion are given here in fnll, together with 
a detailed account of the whole trip from Connecticut to Georgia. The frontis- 
piece is a fine photogravure of the very beautiful statue by Bela Lyon Pratt, 
representing a disarmed, pri>'ate soldier, whose expression and bearing show his 
high thought, constancy, rugged simplicity, and courage. In a letter to the 
sculptor, Charles Eliot Norton refers to it as *^ an embodiment of the ideal of the 
Yankee youth." 

A list of Connecticut soldiers buried in the Andersonville National Cemetery, 
a plan and description of th^ Andersonville Prison by one of the prisoners, to- 
gether with other interesting items and photographs, are also included in the 

Maine at Valley Forge. Proceedings at the unveiling of the Maine market Oc- 
tober 17., 1907. Also roll of Maine Soldiers at Valley Forge. Portland. 
Maine Society of the Sons of the American Revolution, 1908. Svo. pp. 66. 
The oration, addresses, and poem delivered upon this occasion are here given 

In full, and at the back of the volume may be found a plan of Valley Forge Park, 

The printing and paper are the best, the illustrations well made and interesting, 

and the blue and buff binding most appropriate. 

Twelve Months with the Eighth Massachusetts Infantry in the Service of the 
United States. By Harry E. Webber. With an Introduction by MaJ. Gen. 
J. P. Sanger, U. S. A. (retired). Sometune Commander of the Third Divi- 
sion, First Army Corps, U. S. A. Salem, Mass. Newcomb and Gauss, Printers. 
1908. 8vo. pp. 392. Illus. 

The service of this regiment in Cuba in the recent war with Spain is given in 
detail, as much endurance being displayed in fighting disease as in facing the 
enemy. The companies of this regiment came from Newburjrport, Amesliury, 
Marblehead, Ljmn, Beverly, Haverhill, Gloucester, Salem, Danvers, Lawrence, 
and SomervUle ; and a complete account Is given of the men and officers in each. 

CrenercU Index. Proceedings and Transactions of the Royal Society of Canada. 

First and Second Series. 1822-1906. For sale by Jas. Hope & Son, Ottawa; 

The Copp-Clark Co. (Limited), Toronto; Bernard Quaritch, London, England. 
4 1908. 8vo. pp. 133. 

The Colonial Society of Pennsylvania. Charter, constitution^ by-laws^ offlcert, 
committees^ members^ etc. MCMVIII. 4to. pp. 172. 

The Second Record-Book of the Society of Maf/Jloioer Descendants in the State of 
Rhode Island and Providence Plantations. Chartered February 8, 1901. Or- 
ganized February 15^ 1901. Providence, Standard Printing Company. 1908. 
Svo. pp. 164. 

The alphabetical list of members with their Pilgrim ancestry Is the most In- 
teresting of all the contents of this record-book, which supplies the usual lists 
of officers and conmiittees. 

Harvard College. Class of 1878. Secretary's Report. No. VI. 1908. Printed 
for the use of the Class. Cambridge. The Riverside Press. 1908. Svo. pp. 
This report brings the biographical sketches of the class up to date^ 

The University of Missouri Studies.^ Edited by W. G. Brown, Professor of 
Chemistry. Social Science Series, Volume II. Number 2. The Origin and 
early development of the English Universities to the close of the thirteenth century. 
A study in Institutional History. By Ernest Vancourt Vaughn, A.M., In- 
structor in History. Published by the University of Missouri, August 1908. 
Price, ^1.00. 4to. pp. 147. 
The universities of Oxford and Cambridge received close analytical study. 

The wide range of authorities consulted and an index arc also included in this 



Booh Notices 111 

Denton Fmnity Notes. Beverley, London, Folkestone, and Chicago. Reprinted 
from Yorkshire Notes and Queries, August, 1908, Bradford, Yorkshire, Eng- 
land. 8vo pp. [3]. 
The ancestry of John Denton, who came to Chicago, 111., in 1870, is given 

here briefly, tot^ther with a complete account of his descendants. The whole 

is signed by Eugene Fairfield McPike, who married the daughter of John 


Some Material for a Pedigree of Dr. Edmond Halley, by Eugenk F. McPikb. 
(Reprinted from The Genealogist, N. S., Vol. XXV, July, 1908.) Exeter: 
WlUlam Pollard & Co., Ltd., Printers, 89 & 40 North Street. 8vo. pp. 11. 
This article furnishes an excellent foundation for a complete and adequate 
bionn^phy of tliis illustrious astronomer of the eighteenth century. Abstracts 
from wills and parish registers establish the record of his family and the prin- 
cipal ereuts of his life. References are given for every fact presented, and the 
whole sketch is the result of ten years* research on the part of the writer. 

Chronicle of the Larkin Family of tJie Toione of Westerlie and Colony of Bhoad 

Island in New England. Number 1, 1908. Published for the Larkin Family 

Association by William H. Larkin, Jr., La Porte, Ind. 8vo. pp. 8. Chart. 

Most of the genealogical information in this pamphlet will be found in the 

ehart at the back of the booklet, which gives the descendants of Edward 

Larkin, enumerating nearly five hundred names. Notes regarding the Family 

Association and Revolutionary War service may be found with other sketches 

fak the text. 

The First Universalist Parish of Lynn. By-laws adopted April 22, 1907, and 
•* Our Church and the People who made it,** an historical address by Ellen 
MiTDGK BuRRiLL, delivered Sunday afternoon, March 22, 1908, for the seventy- 
Jlfth anniversary^ with the program of the seventy-fifth anniversary. A Begister 
of Ministers, Clerks, Treasurers, Superintendents of the Sunday School, and 
present Officers in all branches of the Parish. Published by the Parish. 1908. 
8vo. pp. 39. 
In her address Miss Burrill gives a very careful history of every feature of 

the work of this society, and displays an unusual knowledge of the local history 

of the town. Many of the facts she records give interesting side-lights on the 

town life of earlier days. 

Founders Memorial. The Addresses delivered at dedication of building, May 1, 

1908. 12mo. pp. 13. nius. 

This fine hospital was erected in Newton, Msiss., by Mcllen Bray, Esq., and 
the addresses delivered at its dedication by Hon. John D. Long, Messrs. W. C. 
Bray, and Frank A. Day are here reprinted. That of Mr. Bray gives a brief 
review of hospital work in Newton. A portrait of Mellen Bray and a view of 
the hospital are also given. 

The First Church in Pembroke. 1708-1908. By H. W. Lftchfikld. Printed 
for the Parish by (Jeorge Edward Lewis, Pembroke, 1908. 12mo. Dins. 
Rarely can so much reliable historical data as well as entertaining anecdote 
be found in an anniversary address. In 1712 the first regular minister. Rev. 
Daniel Lewis, was settled over the parish which he served more than forty 
years. The site of the first church is clearly stated, and a view of the present 
ineeting-bouse is the frontispiece. The ** singing quarrel" and the "organ 
quarrel** are both mentioned, and an unusual picture of the days when the 
meeting-house was used as a town house is furnished by an extract from the 
records which states what aisles and pews may be used for private business, 
and what for public, on town meeting days. 

Chronological List of New England Magazines 1743-1800. [By Albebt Mat- 
thews.] 8vo. pp. 4. 
This tentative list of New England magazines is sent out in advance of a 

bibliography that Mr. Matthews is preparing. It will certainly be most useful, 

and merits all the assbtance and information that librarians and bibliographers 

may be able to give. 

112 Deaths [Jan. 

Frouedings of the Bunker BUI Monument AssocUOion at the annual meeting^ 
June 17 1 1908. Boston. Pablished by the Association. Syo. pp. 67. Dliid. 
The address on this occasion was delivered by the Hon. William Everett, whose 
characterization of Samuel Adams is in pleasing contrast to the undiscriminftt- 
ing praise so generally given to many of our patriots by their biographers. 
Speaking of Adams's disgraceful part in the cabal in Congress, he says: ^^I 
confess for myself I have felt a malicious joy in having it put before me more 
plainly than I knew it before that Samuel Adams was one of those who were 
most persistently bent on thwarting Washington in the country's darkest hours ;•• 
and again, *^ to compare Samuel Adams and his little coterie of oligarchs with 
Washington is like comparing the streams that lose themselves in the desert 
of Damascus with the rolling flood of the Euphrates." 

A hitherto unpublished poem by Mrs. Mercy Otis Warren, annual reports, and 
lists of officers and members, complete the proceedings. • • • 

Personal Becollections and CfivU War Diary, 1864, by Major Lemttel Abuah 

Abbott, U. S. A. Late Captain 10th Regt. Vt. Vol. Infantry. Burlington. 

Free Press Printing Co., Printers, Binders, Stationers, 1908. 8vo. pp. 296. 


This diary Is a straightforward, reliable record of the events and facts ob- 
served during the year 1864 and a part of 1865 by a young officer of twenty-two 
years of age, serving in the Tenth Regiment Vermont Volunteer Infantry. The 
testimony of such an eye-witness is invaluable in obtaining a picture of the 
actual horrors of war and a true account of its progress. The author, long 
since an esteemed and trusted officer in the regular army, hopes that the mis- 
statements regarding Sheridan's battle at Winchester, Va., on Sept. 19, 1864, 
will hereby be corrected. 

To those veterans who gave similar service this record will be interestingly 
reminiscent. A portrait of the author and several views of battlefields are 
added to this attractive, well-bound, indexed volume. 


Samvbl Nblson Aldrich, lawyer, legis- Gbn. Erabtus Blakbslbi, MJl., Civil 

lator, banker, bom 3 Feb. 1838, in War veteran, Congregational minister, 

Upton, Mass., died 27 Sept. 1908, in author, editor, bom 2 Sept. 1838, in 

Lynn, Mass. Plymouth, Conn., died 12 July 1908, in 

Bbv. Albxakder Vibts Gwswold Al- B«>okline, Mass. 

LKN, A.B., D.D., professor at the Epis- Col. EnwiN Lorbnzo Buttriok, law- 

copal Theological School, Cambridge, yer, Civil War teteran, bom 6 Aug. 

Ma88nbom4May,1841,inOti8,Ma88n 1^24, in Boston, Mass., died 9 Nov. 

died 1 July, 1908, in Cambridge, Mass. 1^08, in Allston, Mass. 

»#-r> . , , CAI.BB Chasb, merehant, phUanthropist, 

AzBL Ambs, MJ)., author, major and bora 11 Dec 1831, in Harwich, MaM., 

brigadier surgeon U. S. Vols., bom 16 died 23 Nov. 1908, in Brookline, Mass. 

Aug. 1846, m Chelsea, Mass., died 12 ^ CtnociNOs, leather manufactuwr, 

Nov. 1908, m Danvers, Mass. ^^ ^2 Apr. 1884. in Wobum, Mas?.' 

Hon. Obvillb Dbwbt Bakbr, A.M., died there 2 Aug. 1908. 

LL.B., lawyer, sometime attoraey-gen- Rt. Rev. Alfred Allen Curtis, for- 

eral of Mame, bom 23 Deo. 1847, in merly P. B. clergyman ; R.C. bishop and 

Bangor, Me., died 16 Aug. 1908, at vicar general, bom 4 July 1831, in 

Small Point Beach, Me. Somerset Co., Md., died 11 July 1908, 

in Baltimore, Md. 

^Z? i« l5;/'ii2« in w?- v^;t ???;• not. 1846, in providence, Dl.. died U 

died U Noy. 1908, m New York City._ ^^ ij^g; ^ Brookline. M^;. 

Prop. Georob Alonzo Bartlett, A.M., Thomas Haven Dbarino, MJ)., of the 

sometime regent of Harvard College, International Medical Society, bora 28 

bora 2 Mar. 1844, in Vassalboro, Me., Oot. 1826, in Kittery, Me., died 16 Oct. 

died 26 Nov. 1908, in Cambridge, Mass. 1908, in Braintree, Mass. 




WxujASC SoRzn DsxTBB, A.B., LL3., 
lawyer, bom 12 Feb. 1828, in Boston, 
Mms^ died 6 Sept. 1908, at Beyerly 
Fanns, Maaa. 

BoBBBT OoDix DwioHT, lawjer, bom in 
1818, in Bingul, India, died 1 Not. 
1906, in South Hadley FallB, Mass. 

C&ABLBB Wbblbt Embsson, minister, 
phyaician, founder of the Emerson 
College of Oratory, bora 30 Nov. 1837, 
in Pittsfield, Vt., died 30 Nov. 1908, 
in Hillis, Mass. 

DAjnBX« SuLUTAX Emb&t, ship broker, 
bom 29 Dec 1833, in Sullivan, Me., 
died 2 Oct. 1908, in Newton, Mass. 


M.S., M.A., of University of Maine, 
bom in 1849 in Linneus, Me., died 30 
Oct. 1908, in Orono, Me. 

Paop. BaxBST Francisco Fewollosa, 
A3., of the Imperial Museum, Tok- 
yo, Japan, and the Boston Art Mu- 
seum, bom 18 Feb. 1853, in Salem, 
Maaa., died 21 Sept 1908, in London, 

Jfmb Chablbs Fibld, lawyer, bom 9 
June 1816, in Athol, Mass., died there 
17 Sept. 1908. 

Xathavibl Lamodoit FROTHnroHAM, A3., 
lawyer, bom 26 Jan. 1856, in Burling- 
ton, Masa., died 24 Oct. 1908, at Rye 
Beach, N.H. 

Bbv. Hombr Taylor Fullbr, PhJ>., 
D J)., LLJ)., minister, educator, bom 
15 Nov. 1838, in Lempster, N. H., died 
Aug. 1908, at Saranao Lake, N. Y. 

CkABLBs Pbbkins Oarddibr, reoentiy 
head of the New England Conservatory 
of Music, bom in Jan, 1836, in Boston, 
Mass., died 12 Aug. 1908, in Brook- 
line, Mass. 

TftoxAS JoHH Gaboax, lawyer, politician* 
bom 27 Oct. 1844, in Boston, Mass., 
died 31 July 1908, in Berlin, Germany. 

Dajobl Coit Gilmax, A3L, LLJD., for- 
merly president of Johns Hopkins Uni- 
versity and the Camegie Institute, 
bom 6 July 1831, in Norwich, Conn., 
died there 13 Oct. 1908. 

Ha/. HoicBB GRAions Gilmorb, bom 22 
Dec 1837, in West Claremont, N. H., 
died 14 Oct. 1908, in Springfield, Mass. 

Ikum GoBHAM, in Sanitary Commission, 
1863, bom 8 Sept. 1814, in Boston, 
Mass., died 12 Aug. 1908, in Jamaica 
Plain, Mass. 

HxBBBBT DuBiJBT Halb, A3., architect, 
bom 22 July 1866, in Dorchester, 
Msas^ died 10 Nov. 1908, in New York 

Pbop. Chablbs Harrikoton, A.B., PhD.* 
MJ)., secretary of the Mass. Stote 
Board of Health, bom 29 July 1858, 
in Salem, Mass., died 11 Sept. 1908, 
in Lynton, co. Devon, Eng. 

Hon. Edward Danibl Hatdbn, A3., 
banker, legislator, vice-president of the 
Boston and Albany Railroad, bom 27 
Dec. 1833, in Cambridge, Mass., died 
15 Nov. 1908, in Wobum, Mass. 

RoBBRT Chamblbt Hoopbr, bom 23 Apr. 
1850, in Boston, Mass., died 13 Aug. 
1908, in Manchester, Mass. 

John Wallacb Hutchinson, vocalist of 
Civil War fame, bom 4 Jan. 1821, in 
Milford, N. H., died 29 Oct. 1908, in 
Lynn, Mass. 

Gbobob Johnson, manufiu^turer, bom 17 
June, 1811, in Norwich, Conn., died 

26 July 1908, in Slatersville, R. I. 
Bbv. John Dbnison Kinosburt, D.D., 

Congregational home missionary, bom 
19 Apr. 1831, in Hanover, N. H., died 
11 Nov. 1908, in Haverhill, Mass. 

RoBBRT Watbbston Lord, ship broker, 
bom 23 Dec 1847, in Boston, Mass., 
died 27 Aug. 1908, in Newton, Mass. 

Bbv. Donald Saob MaoKat, MA., D J)., 
LL.D., of Collegiate Church of St. Nich- 
olas. New York City, bom 20 Nov. 
1863, in Glasgow, Scotland, died 27 
Aug. 1908, in Portland, Me. 

Ons TuPTON Mason, M. A., Ph.D., LL JD., 
ethnologist, of The National Museum, 
Washington, bom 10 Apr. 1838, in 
Eastport, Me., died 5 Nov. 1908, in 
Washington, D. C. 

WnjJAM Mason, Mus. D., musician, 
composer, bom 24 Jan. 1829, in Boston, 
Mass., died 14 July 1908, in New York 

Capt. Gborgb Mbacom, sea captain, bom 
6 June 1839, in Beverly, Mass., died 
28 Nov. 1908, in Dorchester, Mass. 

Prop. William Lbwis Montaoub, Ph.D., 
educator, linquist, minister, bom 6 
Apr. 1831, in Selchertown, Mass., died 

27 July 1908, in Amherst, Mass. 
Edward Prbblb Motlbt, broker, bom 

in 1860, in Boston, Mass^ died 3 July 
1908, at Pride's Crossing, Mass. 

Mas. (Ellbn) Lotjisb Chandlbb Moul- 
TON, poet, author, bom 10 Apr. 1835, 
in Pomfret, Conn., died 10 Aug. 1908, 
in Boston, Mass. 

Pbop. Chablbs Eliot Nobton, LittJ)«, 
LJI.D., D.C.L., LLJD., professor of 
art. Harvard University, bom 16 Nov. 
1827, in Cambridge, Mass., died there 
21 Oct. 1908. 




Lbwis Rxtpus Nobton, sometime town 
clerk and treasurer of Westfidd, Mass., 
banker, bom 23 Feb. 1821, in Aga- 
wam (then West Springfield), Mass., 
died 31 July 1908, in Westfield, Mass. 

Hbnbt Bailbt Nottaob, Civil War vet- 
eran, bom 16 Mar. 1838, in Boston, 
Mass., died 30 Aug. 1908, in Medford, 

Gbn. Qbobob Hbnbt Nye, Civil War 
veteran, bom 24 Feb. 1828, in Hal- 
lowell. Me., died 23 Oct. 1908, in 
Koxbury, Mass. 

Hbnbt Ebmblb Oltveb, printer, bom 4 
Aug. 1821, in Weathersfield, Yt., died 
2 Oct. 1908, in Cordaville, Mass. 

Rev. Oeoroe Stubois Paine, A.M., bom 
4 June 1833, in Worcester, Mass., died 
1 Aug. 1908, in London, £ng. 

Pbop. Fbanb Pabsons, law lecturer, so- 
cial economist, bom 14 Nov. 1864, in 
Mt. Holly, N. J., died 26 Sept. 1908, 
in Boston, Mass. 

Oilbebt Anthony Phillips, banker, bom 
80 June 1843, in Foster, R. I., died 26 
Nov. 1908, in Providence, R. 1. 

Gboboe Washington Prescott, editor, 
publisher, bom 1834, in Dracut, Mass., 
died 9 Sept. 1908, in Quincy, Mass. 

Hon. Warben Winn Rawson, agricul- 
turist, horticulturist, bom 23;Jan. 1847, 
in Arlington, Mass., died there 9 Aug. 

Pbop. Chables Wesley Rishell, Ph.D., 
D.D., Asst Dean of Boston University 
School of Theology, bom 9 Mar. 1860, 
near Williamsport, Pa., died 21 Sept. 
1908, in Newburyport, Mass. 

Rbab-Adh. Chables Henbt Rocxwell, 
TJ. S. N., retired, bom 29 Apr. 1840, in 
Chatham, Mass., died there 1 July 1908. 

SaIcuel Shepabd Rogebs, president of 
the American Newspaper Publishers' 
Association, bom 17 Jan. 1867, in Lee, 
Mass., died Nov. 1908, at Crystal, 
Lake, m. 

CoL. Geobge Bliss Sanpobd, U. S. A., 
retired, bom 28 June 1842, in New 
Haven, Conn., died 18 July 1908, in 
New York City. 

Iba David Banket, evangelist, bom 28 
Aug. 1840, in Edinburg, Pa,, died 13 
Aug. 1908, in Brooklyn, N. Y. 

HosEA HiLDBETH Smith, LLJ)., South- 
ern educator, bom Feb. 1820, in Deer- 
field, N. H., died 14 Sept. 1908, in 
Atlanta, Ga. 

William Smith, botanist, bom 17 Dec 
1808, in Norway, N. Y., died 27 Sept. 
1908, in Arlington, Mass. 

Ainswobth Rand Spoppobd, LL.D., ed- 
itor, author, chief assistant librarian of 
the Congressional Library, bom 12 
Sept. 1826, in Oilman ton, N. H., died 
11 Aug. 1908, in Holdemess, N. H. 

Db. Chables Edward Swan, physician, 
sometime a trustee of Bowdoin College, 
bom in 1822, in Winslow, Me., died 18 
July 1908, in Calais, Me. 

Eugene Tappan, assistant registrar of 
probate for Suffolk County, bom 4 July 
1840, in Marshfield, Mass., died 10 
July, 1908, in Sharon, Mass. 

Capt. Chables Fbedebiok THxrusTON, 
inspector in Boston Custom House, 
bom 28 Aug. 1844, in Cambridge, 
Mass., died 27 Aug. 1908, in Maiden, 

Rev. Francis Tifpant, A.B., Unitarian 
minister and writer, bora 16 Feb. 1827, 
in Baltimore, Md., died 3 Sept. 1908, 
in Cambridge, Mass. 

Db. Samuel Albebt Tuttle, bom 11 
Sept. 1837. in Effington, N. H., died 
26 Oct. 1908, in Hyde Park, Mass. 

Maj. Andbew Washbubn, A.B., Civil 
War veteran, educator, bom 23 Aug. 
1880, in Newton, Mass., died 28 Sept. 
1908, in Brookline, Mass. 

Ralph Olmstead Williams, author, ed- 
itor, born 12 May 1838, in Palmyra, 
N. Y., died 17 July, 1908, in New Ha- 
ven, Conn. 

Henby Fbanb Woods, street railway 
director, wholesale coal dealer, bom 14 
Feb. 1832, in Hillsborough, N. H., 
died 29 Nov.. 1908, in Brookline, Mass. 

Kathabine Phescott Woemblet, trans- 
lator, bom 14 Jan. 1830, in Ipswich, 
Eng., died 4 Aug. 1908, in Jackson, 


Vol. 31, p. 330, under Stabb, line 3, imtrt comma between Jonathan and James. 
Vol. 62, page 390, line 19,/or Oberton rtad Osberton. 

GovryiuAyy^cf^ O. KDl^Qyr^. 



APKIL, 1 !)(),» 


-n >A\FoiU) Clakk, A.m., of Franiinirham, M.i;- . 
'i iiiuiilMn* nince l^Hr>, \\i\i* Ixn'Ti in Ho.'?toii Mny 21, j *^ 
■I *.' Fninilu^hiun May 2^^ 11^07. Ho \\a> tlji- cMi^t sini .-t 

i' • . .raiJo James \Vil-i>n Clark, wlu) wan born at Hopkintt /., 
t .-ciu, A])ril l;^, lSt^:.\ and dirfl June J), \S[)2 (r(0 I^i lus- 
. . ! r*?^, ]>. viii, for hi? nic-nioir). II'w inoth-T wa."^ (.'ari'M-ine 
■ ' X!*in*}i, l»oni in Sutton, Mas?achust'ttM, Jnno 2H, Ihjn.died 
•is^ ..^ 1, l8Ma, daun-hter ot'Dr. DavidaTid CatlnTinc (Moru-o) 
H ^ iinoi'v"*tiy is traced tVoni IIn;::ii' ( lark, an earh- rctilcr of 
.luvtt :iii<i Ivoxfiurv', thmn'xli tbe line <>i .lolni,' John,"* Ather- 
i*<'---. to J'tin(v>i \\'il^o^* Cla"k, his fatlur. On hi^ niotlu'rV 
• u.,- d' -^ende<I from i\\v Si;.M>nm('\ *., ()livier.'^ iwd Jt»hnnuotH, 
i.'j* ia.i'ilics ('i' Ho>ton, and t'nun Dr. Fran^a^ Le Jiarou of 
i'*ti ; : !m), front Ki< hard Wanen o\ the Ma\ H<'\ver mnipariv, 
h L^ iia Iiartk'tt, v. jtrofl)r; Lazai'u^ Lv r>ar.>ii. Tlu'iuT.c- 
t rln Le Harnn family, \\ Inch a|»p^Mred in Lt*'i, v. .. j. J)- 
j -i-i nitiati\e and «'v|HrH** *>{' Mr. Clark u <1 lii,> lif.,-»>- •»• 
r 'Tr.'iuiiiir til*' l'uM:«- Hi^^di Scliool ar.d /. d. ..-. .,i I ra- 
I.. I V a.-* taku: t<» Knn)[)e l>y Itis i.itlier in '" "'oa'.od 
1 l*j-i^, hut a se\eH' illne-s e*»n.j»«*lled kin iri:' fit- ik- n 

i*!i:li'|i.- Aeuiieniy. Vndnver, to in for 'oil i^t , jokJ from the 
: •-- rlere enteu d ilar\ard ( oile^^f in the t:dl oi l^'il. At 
' t I Till' FrehhTiian year, howc\er. he ehan^-ed to li'inlty C >!- 
r!iT.j..d, nithout lo.-^f* of ^tandil.L^ and jrradnat* d thrre in 
:l. \'A*' dt _ree of H. A. Fur'-ijiutr In> ^tudie,N he t<iok a j ii- 
'Ini ■' :d (f)in>o with the intenlion ot' fu'couen'/ a <'l«rL;v ni '." ••' 
'-.i],al (.'fau'eh, dt \otin*i aN<> eon.sld^'rahk; attt ntit»>: i .!*, 
Mr*, ar.d niu.-ie, and reeel\(d tin- drirrveor \.M. in 
tiiiif he ahandoned tluj i(h»a of ente.iuir th ;'<..- ^ . . • 

f>t of* hi-* father, heeanic :i-{K-iated wrli i- ; 
.!«d, houe\er, thronij-liout \i'if life, hivH ivif • 
M ul inoht attra- 1<m1 hini ami httanie an onr;.':- ■ 
''jn-d critie m, arehiteeture and art. In n< . .- ■ 
\tn\ ti fine aiifl diN'-riniiiJiitiii^ ta.^te, a'.d lu * . '!'':^'jt»f 



APKIL, 1909 


Edmund Sanford Clark, A.M., of Framingham, Ma^achu- 
eette, a life member since 1885, wa« bom in Boston May 21, 1843, 
and died in Framingham May 28, 1907. He was the eldest son of 
the Honorable James Wilson Clark, who was bom at Hopkinton, 
Ma^»8aohusett8, April 13, 1802, and died June 5, 1892 (see Regis- 
ter, vol. 58, p. viii, for his memoir) . His mother was Catherine 
Monroe March, bom in Sutton, Massachusetts, June 28, 1816, died 
September 14, 1893, daughter of Dr. David and Catherine (Monroe) 
ilarch. His ancestry is traced from Hugh* Clark, an early settler of 
Watertown and Roxbiuy, through the line of John,* Jolm,* Ather- 
ton,* Peter,* to James Wilson* Clark, his father. On his mother's 
gide he was descended from the Sigoumeys, Oliviers and Johonnots, 
Huguenot families of Boston, and from Dr. Francis Le Baron of 
Plymouth ; also, from Richard Warren of the Mayflower company, 
through Lydia Bartlett, wife of Dr. Lazarus Le Baron. The Gene- 
alogy of the Le Baron family, which appeared in 1904, was pub- 
lisheid at the initiative and expense of Mr. Clark and his brother. 

After attending the Public High School and Academy of Fra- 
mingham, he was taken to Emrope by his father in 1860 to attend 
school in Paris, but a severe illness compelled his return. He then 
entered Phillips Academy, Andover, to fit for college, and from the 
middle class there entered Harvard College in the fall of 1861. At 
the end of the Freshman year, however, he changed to Trinity Col- 
lege, Hartford, without loss of standing, and graduated there in 
1865 with the degree of B. A. Pursuing his studies he took a par- 
tial theological course with the intention of becoming a clergyman of 
the Episcopal Church, devoting also considerable attention to art, 
architecture, and music, and received the degree of A.M. in 1868. 
At that time he abandoned the idea of entering the ministry and, at 
the request of his father, became associated with him in business. 
He continued, however, throughout his life, his interest in the stud- 
ies that had most attracted him and became an enthusia^c lover of, 
and a cultured critic in, architecture and art. Li music, particularly, 
be developed a fine and discriminating taste, and his Imowledge of 
VOL. Lzni. 9 

116 Edmund Sanford Clark, [April 

church organs and organ music was unusual. There was hardly a 
famous organ in Europe that he did not know by personal inspection, 
while on many of them he had himself played. The best in liter- 
ature appealed to him always. His reading was extensive, his mem- 
ory remarkable, and the love of books was a marked feature of his 

Mr. Clark's active connection with the dry-goods commission and 
converting business lasted from 1868 until his death, a period of 
nearly forty years, during the greater part of which time he was the 
senior and managing partner of his father's old firm of Danforth, 
Clark and Company. To the successful conduct of this large busi- 
ness he gave his best efforts and earned the genuine respect and re- 
gard of his associates and competitors, of all indeed with whom he 
was brought in contact, by his sagacity, his well-balanced judgment, 
his high-minded integrity and uprightness, and his high-bred cour- 
tesy and consideration. '* A splendid man and a splendid merchant" 
is the significant tribute of one of his old business and |>er8onal 

This long connection with a leading house, and his reputation for 
sound judgment and integrity, naturally brought to Mr. Clark other 
responsibilities, which were never shirked, and the labors connected 
with them were always scrupulously and successfully performed. He 
managed and adjusted numerous estates and trusts, was a director in 
important companies — notably the Bates Manufacturing Company 
and the Edwards Manufacturing Company — and for thirty-three 
years served as director of the Freeman's National Bank of Boston, 
having been the senior director for some time before its consolidation 
with other banks. He was a member of the Merchants' Association 
and the Merchants' Club, while, outside his business connections, hi« 
varied interests and his social inclinations led to membership in the 
American Pomological Society (life member), the Home Missionary 
Society (life member), the Massachusetts Forestry Association (serv- 
ing on its Executive Committee), the Massachusetts Society of Sons 
of the American Revolution, the Union Club of Boston, the Union 
Club of New York, the University Club of Boston (charter mem- 
ber), the University Club of New York, the Boston Yacht Club, 
the Handel and Haydn Society, the Apollo Club, and others, l^ib- 
lie office he did not aspire to, but he was elected a trustee of the 
Framingham Town Library. 

Mr. Clark travelled extensively in Europe, having crossed the At- 
lantic eleven times between 18G0 and 1903 for rest, recreation and 
study. These voyages were a great delight to him, as the sea and 
everything connected with it attracted him strongly. On the water 
he was always happy, and he had a wonderfid ftind of information 
on all matters relating to ships, shipping, and naval affairs. On these, 
as on all subjects with which he was conversant, Mr. Clark was noted 
for his absolute accuracy. A friend has said : ^^In twenty-five years 

1909] Colonial Records of Marlborough^ Mass. 117 

Msociation with him I never found Mr. Clark wrong. When he 
said a thing I knew it was so, for, though many a time I had been 
0iire he was mistaken, I never in the end had found him to be." This 
mmsual accuracy was accompanied by a keen sense of justice, com- 
I»ned, however, with great personal modesty and a most kindly, sym- 
pathetic nature> showing itself in constant thoughtiulness for others 
and m liberal assistance to all good causes. 

Mr. Clark was married in Hartford, Connecticut, April 15, 1869, 
to ilary, eldest daughter of Charles Haskell Brainard of that city. 
Of this marriage, one son, Charles Brainard Clark, was bom in Bos- 
ton March 19, 1874. On June 23, 1892, in Boston, he married for 
his second wife, Emma Angeanette (Harding) Otis, who, with his 
son, survives him. 

He lived in Boston until 1894, when he took up his permanent 
residence in his father's old home at Framingham, an estate of much 
natural beauty, and there, amid congenial surroundings both in and 
out of doors, he lived a quiet, cultured life during 3ie hoiurs that 
could be spared from his business activities. There, also, he received 
his friends with a charming hospitality that will always be gratefiilly 
remembered. One of these well says of him : " His spiritual aspira- 
nidons were known to his intimate friends, and they knew perfectly 
well that he based his trust on the everlasting things of life, even in 

the life of to-day Never could there be a truer friend 

To us all he has left a legacy of sweet, tender remembrance — an 
essence that quickens in one the desire to be worthy of one's day 
here, as helpfrol, as fair to all, as was he." 


Copied by Miss Mart E. Spalding and coinmnnicated by Fbanklin P. Rice, Esq., 

of Worcester, Mass. 

[Continued from Vol. 63, page 67] 

J^»JJ* Holmes Xt A meeting of the Inhabitants & Proprietors of this 

meadTw^heere Towne the 9 : day of the iiij : month 1664 

J^jfi'^f <Jjo *^® Given & Granted to Joseph Holmes & to his heires & As- 

Dp where clsbe*^ signes forever, nine Acres of Meadow Ground for his first 

fore particolarlj devision of Meadows 

SIS!!^. P"i John Ruddocke Record': 

•Qoaarons : see 

ttioU&l2:. : 


MarlboroQgh 79 Vppon y* severall differances & Grievances y* arose 
i664 (& continued) amongst y* Inhabitants & Proprieto" 

of this Towne touchmg sundry things ; severall par- 
ties of this Towne at last made theire Application to 
y* Gen" Court sitting at Boston in October 1664; 
humbly desireing their favourable advice & helpe; 


Colonial Records of Marlborough^ Mass. [April 

linehara (after- 
wa^ Govern' in 
May 1665 

The hono"! 
Commtte* of the 
GenU Court ap- 

S minted for set- 
emnt of the 
affaires of y« 
Towne : • 

upon which the hono'^ Court was pleased then to 
take upp the matter in controversye so ffarre into 
theire grave consideracon in order to A redresse 
as that they saw meet to constitute & appoint A Com- 
mittee to Attend that worke, in manner following 
At A Generall Court held at Boston 19 : of October 1664 
The Deputy Govemour,* m' Willoughby, m' Russell & 
Maio' Gren" Leverett are desired and hereby appointed to 
bee a committee Xo give an opportunity to the Inhabitants of 
Marlburough to make theire Appearances before them ; & 
make knowne theire greivances & differances to y* said Com- 
mittee: who are Impowred on theire heareing what each 
party can say for themselves to determine & conclude of 
such an Issue as they or any Three of them shall Judge 
necessary to conduce to y* selling of peace bettweene them, 
The Dep'y Govern' to appoint both time & place of meeting : 
This is a true coppy of y® Courts ord'. As attests £dward 
Rawson Record*" : . 

Acre of house 
Lotts to finish 
the Meeting 
hoase : • 

At A meeting of y* Inhabit"^ & Proprieto" of this Towne 
30 : day of Xber 1664 
It is order** That A rate shaU bee forthwith made for the 
payment for, & towards the finishing of the meeting house, 
to be Assessed at threepence farthing y® Acre uppon all house 
Lotts taken upp or to bee taken up within this Towne, & 
shall bee paid by y® proprietors thereof 

Jn^ Ruddock Record^ 

► 2 

Att A meeting of y^ Inhabitants & Proprietors of this Towne the ii 
day of march 1664/^ 
William Kerly Sen' 
William Ward 

o g Thomas Groodenow sen*^ 

"^"^ Solomon Johnson 

1 ,2 John Ruddocke 

"5 g John Woods sen*^ 

5 J Thomas King 


S Solomon Johnson — Cunstable 

a d 

^ 1^ Thomas Goodenow sen' I Sarvevo"of 
^ . tn _ _ ye Hi|f nwaiea J ^ 

2? - 

William Kerly Jun' 



John Ruddocke Clerke: 

1665 At A meeting of the Inhabit"** & Proprietors of this 

Towne, the l** day of April! 1665 

Granted to Cmptn Given & Granted unto Cap"* Thomas Wheeler & to his 

houroLott of aS" heires & Assignes forever Thirty five Acres of upland for an 

Acres &c : • houseLott with all Towne Rights & priviledges belonging 

to an house Lott of that dimension, this at the request of the 

Inhabit"* made to the bono"* Comm"** of y* Gen" Court 

the 8** 1** of v« ij** month 1665 & p'sented to them on the 6* 

day of the s^ month, was by the s^ Conun"** confirmed at 

Charlestowne the 20 : of the iiij mon[th] next folio : • 

1909] Colonial Records of Marlborough^ Mass. 119 

By y* Comm^*^ of y* Gen" Court (appointed to settle y* 
Affaires of the Towne of Marlburrough) sitting at 
Charlestowne the 20 : day of y* iiij : mo : 1665 : . 
V^ ^g°y* ,,. . TTppon y* complaints made of y* old booke of y* Towne of 
me^ft alter Marlburrough: This Comm*^ hath perused y* same & 
what 19 amisae in caused severall deffects to be cancelled & some other matters 
rTo^^eA^to**^ therein to bee alterred,: And doe further ord' & appoint f 
write A New the old Towne booke bee transcribed Anew (by John Greene, 
Book* for the who was on the 6 : of Aprill last past, by y* unanimous con- 
^'^^••* sent of y* Inhabitants & Proprieto" of Marlborough ap- 

proved of for [y*] worke) and all such matters & deffects 
shall bee by him lefte out in the New Booke as this Comm''^ 
h[ath] appointed, or shall appoint, either by themselves, or 
by the advice of such of the s** Towne as this Comm["*«] 
The •* Commtt^ shall appoint to assist him therein : • 2*^ This Comm"** have- 
»^d!Dcthe * "^ (amongst sundry oth' matters p'sented unto them) perused 
Towne Liate of the List of the Propriet[®"] & Possessions of Lands y* every 
menapoaaea- man holds in Marlburrough (w** was dd in by both parties 
rt^Mp^aented ^^ ^ ^d Towne y« 6 : of Aprill last) Doe heereby order & 
AH ffrants of appoint y' those exceptions that are put uppon the Grant of 
Laa^k) bee Be- some mens Lands, or conditions with w^ any of them are s^ to 
cordo abio- bee Granted, shall bee taken of, and upo[n] the new Tran- 

^ * * script of the booke theire lands shall bee everywhere Recorded 

Ckp*" Wheelers Absolutely as all other latter Grants ; And Capt° Wheelers, 
Abra : Williams & Abraham Williams Possessions & Rights, shalbee in like 
iioni U) bee^adU*" manner added unto the said Liste : And in Recording y« 
ded to j« Liato, Possessions of mens Lands, John Greene is to attest s^ Liste 
ri^ rf* ^ad-" ^ ^^^ ^ ^^^^ ^ approoved of on the old Booke of y* 
ows:* Towne: only if any mistake, re [ ] errour, or omission of 

any thing, or other matter of doubt shall app** in any case 
The 8* Liate al- on either of them in y* particular Ezamineing, formeing & 
tob^tttend^ Stateing of matters by compareing things with things ; The 
»» well as the old 8** John Greene is uppon dilligent & serious enquiery, by the 
^ke in the helpe & advice of those whome this Comm"** appoints to As- 
ters ftwriteingof®^^ ^^^ ^ ^® worke, to Ammend and Supply all remaineing 
^ Liste in the deffects as they shall appear & so to State & Record all mat- 
New booke : • ^^^ ^ things into y* New Booke after the most plain order- 
The s* Li«te ^ J ^ C J ^^7 ^ truest sense bee can : And withall he 
amended is to bee is in convenient place & ord' to Record y^ said Liste alterr'd 
*l»o reco^* into ammended into the s** New booke ; & assoone as hee can 
w«fc is^oneon * S^^^ ^^ account of theire second devision of meadows from 
folio 28 ft 29 : • Uie Surveyo" hand, hee is to add the same in a coUume there- 
unto: . 

Marlborough 28 By y* Comm"^ for Marlburough : Charlestowne the 
i665 80 20: of June 1665 

32,^(tJftSt)' ^^ ^ ordered, That John How sen' & John Ruddocke doe 
sppohited to aa- attend m' John Greene, for the enformeing of him of all such 
sist J n« Greene matters as hee shall enquire into, for his better inabling to 
Se°TowneKSe '^^ perfecting of theire Towne Booke; & that they pro- 
st the Towne cure a booke ; & the Towne to beare the charge of it 
«fcM^g*»*e:- Ri. Bellingham Gov': ffr Willoughby : 3n? Leverett 

But see each mans 
whole possessions 
& where each par- 
cell lies Butted & 
altogether in this 
booke on folio 
heere under 

An Account of the Persons Possessing Lands in y* Towne 
Meadows &c contained in the several! CoUomnes heere 
both parties of the s** Towne the sixth of Apriil i665 (w^ 
ties, some things thereon were altered, other things neoes- 
amended by order of the bono"* Comm'*^) the same was 













fo: iO\ 
fo: 18/ 
fo: 10- 
fo: 10- 
f : 10- 

fo: 10 
fo: 10 
fo: 10 

Hoose Lands fro 
where Granted 
Mr WUllam Brinsmead 

\ Brinsmead 
William Ward — — — 
John Ruddocke — — — 
Thomas Goodenow sen' — 
Solomon Johnson — — 
John Johnson 

This first grant 27 acres 
J bat 8 Acres was aff- 
I wards added to make it 
[ 80 aores 
ObadlahWard — — — 

Henry AxteU {f^^^ 

WUllam Kerly Jmi' — — 
Thomas Barnes 

{by grant 8 acres on 
by purchase of Jona Johnson 
hee hath 15 acres more 
Thomas Goodenow Jon' 

f see f o : 10 

\ now Is Jno Barnes 
Richard Ward f see fo : 10 ) 

Samnell Ward now \ see f o : 16 j 
Christopher Banister — — f o : 10- 
Abraham How — — — fo : 10- 

now Nath" Johnsons f o : 10- 
HenryKerly \ #^ iO\ 

WUllam Kerly sen'/ ^^' 21/ 

now Abra : Williams 
Andrew Belchar — — — f o : 10 
Joseph Holmes : 

is now Jn® Brownes f o : 10- 

John Woods sen' *^^ f o : 10 1 

& I of an Acre more was 
confirmed to him by Hono*^ 
Ck)mM^ 27 : 7»» 1671 
Abraham WUllams f o : 24 

w«*» Is heere added to ) 
Towne Llsto by Hon"* y 
Comw^ ord' see f o : j 27 

John Woods Jun' f o : 24 ' 

but by Com"^ ord' Is con 
firmed unto hhn & heere ad< 
den to Towne liste f o 







riiloQ of 



































none due 









































none due 




none due 


















The perpetual! Cow Common as ord"* or appointed, described, Batted & 
tOnd on the Liste given in by both parties to y* hon"^ Comm^*^ on the 6 Apriil 



of Marlborough, & the severall proportions of Each mans upland, Sb 
tach percell undermentond, delivered unto die Comm'*** of y* Gen" Court, by 
» * R«- being examined by the s** Comm*^**® & uppon heareing of all par- 
ta^s booko ^^ sarily added that were wanting, & jiter that the whole was 
on folio heere- appointed to be heere Recorded in manner folio : (viz*) : • 
vnd' named '^ " 


HoDM lotta 


803 EdmondRlce 
SXi Edward Rice 
8i8 Thomas Rice 

HoiiM Lands ko 
where Granted 
see liste folio 10 - 

— — — fo:i0- 

— — — fo:i0- 
1"* grant 21 acres f o : iO "I 

307! Samuel Rlce{^j^-^_ 5 fo:18 




306 Joseph Rice — — — — f o : 10- 
309 Thomas King — — — — fo: 10- 
Jobn How sen' 

1st Grant Is 80 acres \ fo: 10 
more 20 acres Is since 
added to make up 50 
acres house Lott to bee 
without oth' accomo- 

814! dacons & to bee 1 p^t ) fo : 16 

overplus of the 20 a- 
cres to rates by hon"* 
Comm«^ ord' so con- 
firmed 20 June (65) & 
6 acres more granted 
to Mary his wife be- 1 ^ g 
[ fore, see j- lo . o 

John How Jun' — — — f o : 1(^ 
Samuell How : 

now Is Jno Goves f o : 10- 
John Maynard — — — f o : 10- 
Rlcbard Newton ) 

f hee hath i acre f o : 9 [ 
\ and 80 acres f o : 10 j 
John Newton — — — — f o : 10- 
8321 John Rutter — — — — fo : 10- 
8991 John Bellowes — — -*• fo : 10- 
884 John RediaU sen' 

by his 1st Grant 22 acres 
added 1 acre 24 May (72) 
Peter Bent — — — — f o : 10- 
Rlchard Barnes 

f 1st grant 16 acres f o : 10 *! 
\ more 4 f o : 14 / 

John Barrett — — — — f o : 10- 
Tbomas Barrett — — — fo : 21- 
T^«-*i.«« T^»»«-^« / as Smith f o : 10 1 
Jonathan Johnson | ^ j^hngon f o : 21 

hee havelng sold half e of his 
80 acres to Tho : Barnes hath 
but y« oth^ lef te 
Cap* Thomas Wheeler : 

now Jno Brigham~ 
mmted by y* Towne con- 
irmed by Com*»^ by whose )• f o : 27 
ord' it is added to this 
liste see 
Benjamin Rice : 

now Thomas Brlghams : f o : 10 






Jfo: 10 I 
I fo: -j 


26- . 








30- I 

Oi Acres J 



22- 1 

Oh Acres J 























1st do. 





















none due 









none due 


















none due 








none due 








Bounded the 10 of the xij : month 1662, on y* 20 : foregoing page was also men- 
1665 & by the 8* Comm*** allowed of, as it then was : on the 20 : of 8 mo 1665 : • 

122 Colonial Records of Marlborough^ Mass. [April 


The Explication op t« Listes 

[!■*] The House Lotts in y« 1»* Collumnes of both this 28, & 29 : 
pages were generally confirmed the 26 of 9ber i660 on folio 
10: (& where there is any variation, want of explication or 
oth*^ Grant &c the perticolar hints and pages refferring there- 
unto are also heere mentond & added to each mans name : 

[2]^^ The 2** devision of upland or addition to mens House Lotta 
in y® 2** collumnes (being A quart' p'* of y* number of Acres 
pertaining to houselotts was so ord"* to bee y* 26 : 8ber i66i 
on fo: li: & where there is nothing allow'd on y* 2** Col- 
limmes against any mans name, there are to bee understood 
to bee latter Grants of house Lotts, to whome by a General! 
common received principle and Rule throughout the Towne, 
the 2** devision of upland is ordinarily not due, except by 
speciall Grant ; the same have it because so represented by 
ttie whole Towne to the bono'** Com"** in anno 1665, even 
whilst the Towne was in two parties as by their liste app'd : 

[3]*^ The 1* devision of meadows in y* 3** Collumnes being halfe 
the number of Acres granted to house Lotts were generally 
included in f oure squadrons the 2** & 3d daies of y* xi month 
1660, on folio 11 & 12, d; what the meadows there allowed 
fell short to suply those persons there named with theire due 
pportions such persons (& others y* had theire meadows) were 
supplied out of oth' meadows formd up & downe y* Towne 
Common :. 

[4]^ The 2** devision of meadows (was only [ ] in the like of 
the Liste given in to y« Com"~ y«'6 Aprill 1665 & the Lotts 
was therein s*^ to bee drawne, but y^ land being laid out in 
July next folio : & the acco : thereof given in by the Sur- 
veyor soone after was according to ord' fo : 27 added to y* 
Listes heere) & placed in the 4 Collummes, where y^ num- 
ber of Acres were pportioned to bee 8 Acres for every 10 Acres 
of meadow that was granted to every man in his 1st devision 
of meadow, & ordrd to lye in & about Cold harbo*" meadows, 
midle meadows, & chauncy meadows the 6 of the xi: month 
i66i see fo : 16 ; <& on the 10 : of the xij month 1662 see folio 
20 : & they were by Lott laid out there in the fifth month i665 
see folio 30 as farre as those meadows would reach & what any 
fell short of their due in those meadows they (& such as had 
theire 2** devision of meadow since granted them) were sup- 
plied out of oth*" meadows aft' wards found up & downe the 
Towne Common : 

[5]^^ The 1*^ devision of Ceadar Swamp in the 5: Collumnes was 
appointed the 14 : of y® xi month 1662 folio 19 : & there at 
first ord'^ to bee an Acre for every 8 Acres y* A man hath in 
his house Lott on the 3^ of y* xij month 1662 : but after- 
wards it was determined to bee proportioned halfe the num- 
ber of Rodds in the breadth of the swamp to the number of 

1909] Colonial Records of Marlborough^ Mass. 123 

acres each man hath in his house Lott (as app" by this Lbte 
also given into to the Conun^^ in ApriU 1665) & was so hud 
out theire to each man as his Lott fell on the 7: of March* 
166S/4 see folio 26 : 

[29] Some passages on t* Listes Explained 

Tonching these Listes is to bee minded, that several of the Grantees heere- 
named, was at y* time of the delivering thes** Listes to y* 
Hono^ Comm**** & since that also before the Recording of y* 
s^ Lists heere, eith' such as came not up to Improove the 
Lotts, & so eith' surrendred or loste them, & now oth[ers] 
possess them ; or such as had sold them to oth" ; or such as 
are dead, & now are occupied eith' by the widows or children, 
or by such as have married theire widows &c viz* Nath" 
Johnson hath Peter Kings gra[nt,] Sam" ward hath his 
Broth' Richard wards Grant, llio' Brigham has Benia° Rice's 
Grant, Abram Williams hath Henry Kerly, <Sb W°* Kerly 
sen' Grants, John Browne hath Joseph Holmes Grant, John 
Brigham hath Cap* Wheelers * Lands, Thom* Barnes hath 
halfe of Jonathan Johnsons 30 Acres & all Lands & Rights 
due to 15 Acres house Lott & the s** Johnson hath only retained 
the oth' halfe parte of his Lands granted him : Edm^ Rice's 
Lands is in his widows hands, Sam" Goodenow possesses y* 
Lands of his fath' Tho" Groodenow sen' Jn® Bams y* maryed 
the widow of Tho* Goodnow Jun' [now] occupies y* &c :. 
2*y Mind that altho Sam" Rice hath by folio 18 5 acres added to 
his first grant of 21 acres on fo : [ ] to make his house Lott 
26 Acres, & (some oth" as Richard Barnes hath by folio 14, 
foure Acres added to his 16 Acres at first granted him for an 
house Lo[tt] on folio 10 to make it up 20 Acres as heere on 
Liste app" ; to whome also by Joynt Act of the whole Towne 
(& whilst in two parties) in theire Li[8t] given in to y* Com***' 
6 Aprill 1665 all Rights accomodacons of & to other devi- 
sions of Lands w[as] granted them for each addition as well 
as for y* r ] proportion granted them for house Lotts, 
yett this [is] not the Rule to oth™ that have not each A rep- 
resentation & thereby a confirmacon of such alowa[nce] from 
the whole Towne ratified by the bono"* Comm**®* as will app' 
severall instances foll[ ] who held theire enlargem"** of that 
kind uppon oth' [ ]nts ; (viz*) 
John Johnson hath 3 Acres of upland confirmed [to] him more 
than the 27 Acres house Ix)tt mencond [in] this Lbte see 
folio 10 where it is called 30 Acres but for s^ 3 Acres hee is 
to have no allowance of La[nd] or oth' Towne Rights oth' 
than what is due to his Lotte of 27 Acres, & therefore heere 
is but 27 Acres mencond in coUumne of house Lotts to his 
name on this Liste, & yet hee is to pay rates for one Acre 
of the 3 Acres, & the odier 2 Acres is in lieu of all other 
Accomodacons belonging unto the one Acre thereof rated : 
Also observe John How sen' hath 20 Acres added to his 30 

124 Colonial Records of Marlborough^ Mass. [April 

Acres house Lott granted (besides the 6 Acres granted to his 
wife) but hee is to have no AUowance of Land or oth' Towne 
Rights & priviledges for more then the 30 Acres (altho his 
20 Acres is to make his 30 Acres 50 Acres) & yett hee is to 
pay to all ra[tes] for one third part of s** 20 Acres added (as 
hee doth for the oth' 30 Acres) by the hono"* Comm***** ord' 
& the oth*" two third parts of the s** 20 Acres is raTte] free 
& in lieu of all oth"" accomodacons due to the s** 3** p"^ thereof 
rated : »= Richard Newton hath halfe an Acre added to his 
house Lo[tt] see Grant thereof folio 9 : but hee hath noe 
Right to any land or oth*" priviledges for the said halfe Acre : 
John Rediat sen' had halfe an Acre granted & adde[d] to his 
22 Acres house Lott from y* beginning & hath all along paid 
Rates for it tho it was oinitted uppon the Liste given in to y* 
Comm**** the 6 Aprill 166^, because it was not confirmed 
to him as all oth' Grants notwithstanding; which by the 
Townes act till May 1672 w** was therefore ordered to bee 
amended & added on the Liste & to bee here Recorded in 
this booke ; = Abraham Williams Lands (with John Woods 
Jun' w^ were granted out of the 80 acres of the Cow Com- 
mon, & tho complained of by some, w[ere] by y* hono^ 
Comm"^ on the 20 June 1665 confirmed to them as all oth' 
Grants notwithstandii^ ; which) with Cap^ Tho : wheelers 
grant of Lands were [not] in the Listes dd in to by both 
parties of this Towne to the s^ Comm**** but by theire ord" 
are now also added heere unto this liste as aboves^ =^ And 
Lastly altho Tho : Barrett had nothing on the Liste above al- 
lowed when it was presented to the Conmi"®® in Aprill 1665 
but his houseLott because his houseL[ott] was only then 
granted him, yett he hath meadows &c granted him since 
with oth' rights belonging to latter grants, w** are also laid out 
unto him & [are] bounded as app" on folio 342, & w** he 
now possesseth tho an account thereof was not given in be* 
fore the Liste as above written was perfected w^ is the only 
cause y* it is not above written : these few things are only 
hinted of merely (w^ Assess** may reach oth' scruples of like 
nature) to sattiafy such as will receive Ans[w"] & once at 
last forbeare to bee still asking these things conseming w^ 
they have often received the like Answ**, to the bono"* Com- 
m**** sattisfaccon :./ 


Marlborough 30 According to an ord' of the Towne* dated the 10 day 
1665 82 of the xiij month 1662 the second devision of Mead- 

ows were laid out by Ensigne Thomas Noyes the 27 : 
of the V : month 1665 unto the Proprieto" of this 
Towne, in cold harbour meadows, & Midle Meadows 
& in Chauncy meadows, 6d w^ was measured unto 
each proprietor his due as it fell to him by lott & as 
the same stands on the Liste thereof made by y* s^ 
Ensigne Noyes as foUo : viz^ 

1909] Colonial Records of Marlborough, Maes. 



I I 

^ > i • I I I I • I i I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I • I I I I I I I • 


S o 



A ft 6 

' "a' 


I «• I I I I I I I 



O O « O O 00 0;f3g;5 

CO d 




I • • • I 
I I • • I 

i I 
i I 

P3 ^1 W 1^ «<1 Ha H3 pq 



:iJ O 

' S ** 4> #4 O 

.22 ? £ § 




^14 lis 


O D 



o o^ 

^^ O p 
A O O 


d> o > o * 

126 Bristol County Probate Records [April 

The seyerall Lotts in the three Collomnes above mencond, Lsdd 
out in July 1665, unto this Towne for A 2** devision of mead- 
ows by Ensign Noyes of Sudbury Surveyo' : (viz') 84 Lotts 
in Cold harbo' 34 Lotts in Midle, & 34 Lotts in Chauncy 
meadows, according to y^ severall pportions, sett of against 
the respective names of each Inhabit"' & pprieto' of Marl- 
burough as abovewritten Were (with the Butts d; bounds 
of each mans Lott, as heereafter is recorded among posses- 
sions after such manner dictated unto John Greene by the s^ 
Surveyo' the 27 July 1665 from y« Platts in his hands, (w^ 
hee retained) to bee after such sort Recorded in this (Towne) 
Booke: . 

[To be coDcluded] 


Copied by Mbs. Luot Hall Grbenlaw 
[Continued fVom paf^e 84] 

Will of Thomas Read of Rehoboth, Tanner, dated June 23, 1695, he 
" Being in a Low & weeke Condition ". To my eldest son James Read 
twenty-three acres of upland and swamp upon the " Raged plaine ** lying 
between my own lands and Josiah Carpenter's, and thirty acres lying in the 
fork of the river " where the Damm was " ; also nineteen acres by Uie side 
of Red Earth hill, ten acres on both sides of Rocky river, two acres of fresh 
meadow upon the Hundred acres Tongue, a share of fresh meadow on the 
east side of the Mill River, [135] forty pounds estate of commonage in the 
old bounds of Rehoboth, one half a share of undivided land in the North 
purchase, and my lot on the great plain. As for other estate I have already 
given him to the value of £24. To my beloved wife Hannah Read fifty 
pounds of stock and moveables to be at her own dispose, one room of the 
house which she shall choose, and a privilege in the cellar, during her 
widowhood, likewise the improvement of the rest of my housing and lands, 
tan fats and orchards not disposed of, until my son Thomas comes to the 
age of twenty-one, then my wife and my son Tliomas are to improve it to- 
gether until my son Nathaniel is twenty-one, then my wife shall resign up 
all said lands and housing to my two said sons, except the room and cellfu* 
privilege, they to provide her with com, meat, malt, wood and clothing, to 
provide for two cows for her during her widowhood, and help if need re- 
quire, and some fruit of the orchard. To my two sons Thomas and Nath- 
aniel, (upon the above condition, to provide for their mother), my dwelling 
house, bam, orchard, tan fats and house lot, twelve acres in the Ragged 
plain, four acres more, lying between the land of James Read and Nathaniel 
Carpenter, fifty acres in tJhe fork of the river upon the Mill River, two 
shares of meadow ground and the ponds on the east side of the river adjacent 
to the lands, ten acres nearest to the aforesaid lands in the fork of the river, 
ten acres in the second division and my meadow in the forty acres, four 
acres of salt meadow at the hundred acres, like¥rise ten acres of land at the 
northerly end of the great plain (unless David Peren continues with them 

1909] Bristol County Probate Records 127 

until he comes to the age of twenty-one years, if he does then they shall 
deliver said ten acres to him), also sixty pounds estate of commonage 
within the old bounds of Rehoboth, and three quarters of a share of imdi- 
vided lands in the North Purchase. They are to be possessed of abovesaid 
housing and lands and to pay all legacies and debts remaining unpaid, when 
they come of age, said housing and lands to be equally divid^ between 
them« To my daughter Sarah, one half of a fifty acre lot upon Red Earth 
Hill which I purchased of John Allen, and one half of my meadow ground 
on tlie west side of Abbots Run and an eighth part of a share of undivided 
land in the North Purchase, also ten pounds to be paid out of my other 
estate. To my daughter Elizabeth twenty-five acres of land being the 
southerly end of my lot on Red Earth Hill on the east side of the hill, 
[136] also a piece of meadow and swamp on the side of Abbotts Run, and 
an eighth part of a share of undivided lands in the North Purchase, she 
having received the other part of her portion at her marriage. To my 
daughter Mary the other half of a fifty acre lot on Red Earth Hill which I 
purchased of John Allen, one half of my meadow and swamp on the west 
side of Abbotts Run, an eighth part of a share of undivided land in the 
North Purchase and thirteen pounds out of my other estate. To my 
daughter Hannah nineteen acres of land on the east side of Abbotts Run 
which I purchased of Stephen Paine, my part of meadow ground near 
Snake Hill, one eighth of a share of undivided land in the North Purchase, 
and ten pounds out of my other estate. To my daughter Mehittabell 
twenty acres of land on the fork of the river, a piece of swamp on the Seven 
Mile river, one eighth of a share of imdivided land in the North Purchase 
and ten pounds out of my other estate. To my daughter Martha twenty 
acres in the fork of the river, one eighth of a share of imdivided land in 
the North Purchase, ten pounds out of my other estate and a piece of 
•wamp upon the Seven Mile river. My well beloved wife to be executrix 
and my sons Thomas and Nathaniel executors of this my last will, likewise 
** I Doe appoint & Conftitute My beloued Brothers william Carpenter 
Mofes Reed & Daniel Read " to be overseers of my will and guardians of 
my »ons Thomas and Nathaniel until they come to the age of 21. I hereby 
revoke any former will or wills made by me. It is my will that the fifty 
pounds before given to my wife at her dispose is to be understood if she 
marry, but if she marry not, then twenty pounds, and the thirty to be im- 
prove<l towards her maintenance during her life. Witnessed by Moses 
Read, John Wilmath and William Carpenter who all appeared before John 
Saffin Esq' Judge of Probate of wills, at a court held at Rehoboth, Feb. 24, 
161J5-6 and made oath to the above. John Cary Regist*" : Entered March 6, 
16i>5-6 by Jn« Cary Regist': 

[137] Inventory of the estate of " Infigne Thomas Read " late of Reho- 
both dec'd taken Feb. 12, 1695-6 by Cap' Nicolas Peck Esq'., "Decon" 
Samuel Peck and Lieu* Preserved Abell, the amount being £390..14..9. 
Sworn to Feb. 24, 1695 by Hannah Read widow and executrix before Jn** 
Soffin Proba': John Cary Regist': Entered March 6, 1695-6 by John 
Gary Regist'. 

[138] Susanah Macey's account of debts and legacies paid by her as 
executrix of the last will of her beloved husband George Macey late of 
Taunton dec*d, according to said will, viz. To Elizabeth Hodges, to Samuel 
Hodges, to Sarah Blacke, to Rebecca Williams, to Mary Williams, to De- 
borah Macey, also a debt to M*" John Pool of Boston. The rest of the 
estate remains with me only forty-six acres of land are to go to Israel 

128 Bristol County Probate Records [April 

Woodward for services done partly before my said husband's decease and 
partly since. Sworn to by said Susannah Macey April 16, 1696, and 
allowed by John Saffin Esq' Judge of probate. John Cary Regist' : En- 
tered April 16, 1696 by John Cary Regi8t^ 

[139] Will of John Cook of Dartmouth dated Nov. 9, 1694, he « being 
weiake of Body ". To my son in law Arthur Hathaway and hb wife Sarah 
my daughter, all my land in the point at or near the burying place in Dart- 
mouth, which 1 bought of John Russell. To my son in law Stephen West 
and his wife Mercey my daughter, one third of a share of lands in Dart- 
mouth, with all my housing and orchards thereto belonging, they to possess 
the same after the decease of my wife /Sarah. To Jonathan Delano one 
third of a share of meadow called Uie Freemens meadow lying in the town- 
ship of Rochester. To my grandson Thomas Taber my litUe island called 
Ram Island lying in Cushnat River in Dartmouth, with one third of my 
share u\ Freemens Meadow in Rochester, also my gun and sword. To my 
granddaughter Hester Perry one feather bed and bolster. Rest of estate 
to my loving wife Sarah to dispose of as she sees good, she to be sole ex- 
ecutrix. Witnessed by Aaron X Savory and Thomas Taber who both 
made oath to the above before John Saifin Esq*^. April 16, 1696. John 
Cary Regist' : Entered May 8, 1696 by Jn<» Cary Regist' : 

[140] Inventory of above estate taken Dec. 7, 1696 [«c] by Aarther 
Hathaway and Thomas Tabar and sworn to April 10, 1696 by widow Sarah 
Cooke before Seth Pope, Justice of peace. Amount, £299..19..00. " The 
aboue Named Sarah Cooke being a Very Antient woman and Vnable to 
trauile far, it was Neceffary that her Depofition f hould be Taken as abooe 
Said", the which I do allow, Apr. 16, 1696. Jn^ Saffin Proba': Jn^ 
Cary Regist' : Recorded May 19, 1696 by Jn^ Cary Regist' : 

[141] John Russell of Dartmouth being of sound mind made his will 
March 20, 1695-6. To "my Brother Jonathan: fon Jonathan " one six- 
teenth and one thirty-second parts of a share of land in the township of 
Dartmouth, excepting the six hundred acres to a share already laid oat. 
To my brother Joseph's son John, the same. To my loving wife my 
dwelling house and aU my lot of land thereto belonging, during her life, 
then to go to my son John Russell. To my said son the remainder of niy 
lands in Dartmouth, also twenty pounds in silver money to be paid him 
when he b twenty-one, by my executrix. To my wife the rest of my estate, 
goods and chattels, she to be sole executrix. Witnessed by John Sluirman, 
Robert Havens and Thomas Taber who all made oath before John Saflln 
Esq^ April 16, 1696. John Cary Regist': Entered May 12, 1696 by 
John Cary Regist' : 

[142] Inventory of said estate, amounting to £407..07..08, taken March 
80, 1696 by John Sharman and Thomas Taber, and sworn to April 16, 
1696 by Mehettabell Russell relict of said deceased before John Saffin 
Judge of probate. John Cary Regist' : Recorded May 12, 1696 by John 

[143] Inventory of the estate of Samuel Wilbore late of Taunton de- 
ceased taken Jan. 21, 1695-6 by Stephen Marick, Israel Thresher and 
Shadrach Willbore Sen^ Amount, £l61..08..00. April 15, 1696 Sarah 
Willbore relict and administratrix of the estate of tlie above named Samuel 
Willbore made oath to the truth of said inventory ** Except three hundred 
foot of Bords therein Entered by miftake as fhall appear'', before Jn^ 

1909] Bristol County Probate Records 129 

SdiffiD Proba'. Jn^ Gary Eegbf: Entered April 22, 1696 by Jn« Gary 

[144] Inyentory of the estate of Thomas Briggs of the North purchase 
who deceai^ed " the firft of Aprill in the year 1696 ", taken April 9, 1696 
by Jn® Witherel, Eliazer Carver, Uriah Leonard and Sam* Brentnal. 
Amount £144..01..04. May 5, 1696, Samuel Briggs youngest son of the 
ttid Thomas Briggs and administrator of said estate ^' (the other two Elder 
Sons Refufeing the same) " made oath to said inventory before John Saffin 
Proba' : John Gary Regist' : " the land giuen by the Dec^ :, by Deed of 
gift to two of the fons, as yet Vndiuided, being included herein ". Recorded 
May 5, 1696 by Jn<> Gary Regist"": 

[145] Inventory of the goods and chattels of Samuel Pitts of Taunton 
dec'd taken Feb. 6, 1695-6, by Richard Godfree and Edward Bobbit 
Items : 25 acres of land lying near a hill by Nathaniel Hoars ; one South 
Purchase with a little strap of meadow and meadowish land lying between 
the fence of Ebenezer Pitts his meadow and Muddy Gove; part of an 
orchard and one acre of meadow and meadowish land on the southerly side 
of the Mill River near the land of Peter Pitts ; " Memorandum, belides 
the lands aboue mentioned in this Inventory there are fome other lands 
w**» r* Samuel Pitts Glaimed by Defent being y« Eldeft Son of Peter Pitts 
of Tanton Dec** : Namely fuch lands as his f** father Did omit, or not men- 
tion in y' writting Galed his laf t will & Tef tament and f ** lands are thof e 
which follow Namely 40 accers of out land in 3 perticular planes w** was 
tD peter pitts his Inventory prifed at ten pounds " ; one bill of five pounds 
money due from W™: Briggs. Total, £177..03..00. Sarah Pitts relict 
and administratrix of the estate of the above named Samuel Pitts made 
oath to the above, April 15, 1696 before Jn<> Saffin Proba': Jn® Gary 
Begisl"" Entered April 16, 1696 by John Gary Regist^ 

[146] Inventory of the estate of John Eddy dec'd of Taunton, taken 
Dec. 11, 1695 by Henry Hodges, Uriah Leonard and Eliazer Garver. 
Items : his 2 acres of M' Shoves of meadowish ground ; his 20 acres of 
land and 2 acres of meadowish land of Increase Robinson ; his 20 acres of 
land and 2 acres of meadowish land of Benjamin Leonard ; his 20 acres 
of land & 2 acres of meadowish land of Thomas Gilbert ; his 5 acres of 
meadowish land of William Witherel at Scadins. Total, £215..10..00. 
Sworn to by Deliverance Eddy relict of John Eddy dec'd before Jn® Saffin 
Pioba': John Gary Regist': at Bristol Jan 14, 1695. Recorded May 22, 
1696 by John Gary Regist' 

[147-50] Inventory of the estate of " Gap' Nathan Hayman Marin' late 
of Briftoll in New England Deceafed" taken Feb. 3, 1689 by Jn° Saffin 
and John Walley. Items : two house lots by Gladings ; three lots by John 
Smiths ; [debts due from] M^ Jn® Nellson, M'. Benja : Davis, M' Richard 
Harris, M' Anthony Low, M' Russell and Gap* Byfield ; 
** 5 of Briganteen John & mary with the Gargoe 

J of Ketch Betty Phillip Knell Mas* : 
Pink Kathirine Pullin maf* : 
1^ Pink & Effects Brackenbery mas* : 
if Ship michael williams Mas* " ; 
" Left in England of the produce of m' woodberys Gargoe " ; Negro woman. 
Total amount £2965..16. 

130 Bristol County Probate Records [April 

May 1, 1696, " M' Nathaniel Blagroue of Briftoll marchant & Elizabeth 
his wife, Relect of M' Nathan Hayman late of Briftoll aforef* Dec**:" 
made oath to the above inventory before Jn®. Saflin, Jn** Gary Regist': 
Entered June 3, 1696 by Jn° Gary Regist' 

[151] Thomas Leonard, E8q^, Philip King, Henry Hodges and James 
Leonard all of Taunton, being commissioned by John Saffin Judge of Pro* 
bate to make an equal division of the estate left by Robert Grossman late 
of Taunton deceased, between his sons and daughters, divided the same 
June 29, 1696 as follows : To John Grossman the eldest son, half a south 
purchase which he had in his possession before his father's decease, six acres 
of land near Taunton Training place between the lands of Thomas Harvey 
Sen*" and Richard Stephens which was his father's Purchase lot, two acres 
on the west side of the three mile river, four acres on the northeastward 
side of the Great Pine Swamp, £12..13..09 in money and 37 shillings 9 
pence out of the moveables. To Robert Grossman the second son, hsS a 
South Purchase which he had in his possession before his father's decease, 
six acres of land on the great plain, six acres over the great river, four acres 
on the northeastward side of the great pine swamp, £4..00..01 in money 
a^fi 37 shillings 8 pence in moveables. To Sarah Woodward the eldest 
daughter and to Mary Gould the second daughter, the meadow called Bob- 
betts meadow towards Rehoboth and twelve acres of land joining to it, five 
acres of low land on the south of Prospect Hill Pond, eight acres on the 
northeastward side of the great Pine Swamp, these lands to be equally di- 
vided between them, also said Sarah Woodward shall have £6..15..09 in 
money and 47 shillings in moveables, and Mary Gould shall have £6.. 19.. 
09 in money and 43 shillings in moveables. To Elizabeth Hayward the 
third daughter, so much of the Rumford Division so called as shall amount 
to £5. .10, also £6..17..09 in money and 20 shillings in moveables. 

[152] To the children of Joseph Grossman dec'd, the third son, so much of 
the Rumford Division as amounts to 40 shillings, also eighteen acres of land 
on the northeastward side of the great pine swamp, £6.. 17.. 09 in money and 
20 shillings out of the moveables. To Samuel Grossman the youngest 
son and to Marcey Thresher the youngest daughter, the purchase right in 
the old township of Taunton and fifteen acres yet due to said right by the 
late fifty acre division, and eight acres on the northeastward side of the 
great Pine Swamp, all to be equally divided between them. Samuel also 
is to have £7..12..01 in money and 40 shillings 8 pence in moveables, and 
Mercey is to have £7.. 12.. 06 in money and 40 shillings 3 pence in move- 
ables. Said Elizabeth Hayward is also to have four acres of land on the 
northeastward side of the Pine Swamp as the rest of the children have. 
Signed by the four above named commissioners and John Hathway, and 
witnessed by Isaace Hathway and Mary X Hathway. Allowed by John 
Saffin Esq', Judge of Probate, July 25, 1696. John Gary Regist' : En- 
tered same day by John Gary Regist'. 

[153] An account of the funeral charges and debts paid by Robert 
Grosman and William Manley executors of the will of **M' Gilbert 
Brooks who Dec^: ^Ql^ Day of June 1695 ", paid July 6, 1695 and since ; 

" to money william Manley layed out for father at Bofton " « 

" to Gap' Peck for helping take the Inventory " 

" to Abiah Garpenter for hurdles & other work " 

" to Samuel Garpenter for his Boyes work " 

1909] Bristol County Probate JRecords 131 

<* to m' wOliam Carpenter " 

" to hunt« wife & the Taylor " 

" to John Bedawayes wife for her Boyes work " 

** to Nath" Chaffee for his Euidence to y* will & Smiths work " 

" to James Carpenter the weaver " 

** to Deacon Newman for his Evidence to the will " 

" to Sam" Haskins " 

<* to James Walker & ffrances Stevens " 

"to Sam" Thresher" 

" to M*^ Jarate Ingraham for work " 

" to Richard Bowen Doct*^: " 

« to IT Sweetmg the fuller " 

" to M' Richard Bowen for Inventorying & Euidencing to y* will " 

" to Sarah Perry for linnen Cloath " 

" to Nuson the Taylor" 

" There is yet a Debt to pay Richard Bowen Jun': of Rehoboth 10 or 12* : 
we know not Juft what for want of opportunity to Recon". 

** The Eftate Credit from Jonathan Carpenter " 3\ " and one & Nine 
pence Due from John Marten =and about §• from Jofeph Doget which yet 
we cannot come at". Said account presented to John Safiin Esq' Jud^e of 
probate by Robert Crosman one of the executors, July 15, 1696, and allowed 
by him. John Cary Regist' : 

[154] An account of the legacies paid July 6 and since by Robert Cros- 
man and William Manley executors of the will of M' Gilbert Brooks as fol- 
lows : To the widow ; to Zachariah Carpenter ; to " Bononi wigins " ; to 
Brooks Thresher ; " A warming Pann to Rebecca Hufkins in her pofsefsion 
It the time of the Death of the Teftator with other things not perticularly 
mentioned and therefore No sum to them but all her Due by wUl ". 

" Here follows an accompt of what portions we haue payd to the Children = 

" To Bathsheba walker " 


"to Sarah lyon" 

"to Elizabeth Steuenes Children " 

^ and as to Rachel another Daughter being at long Island we haue as yet 
No opportunity to pay her any thing 

Mary Colebond as yet will not R^iue any portion but rather Shows Dif- 
Kke of the will 

And as to the lands we haue Not yet oportunity to Divide y™ Our Mother, 
tbe widow haueing the houfe & home lott Dureing her widowhood, by will ". 
Becorded Oct. 80, 1696 by John Cary Regist*"™ : 

[155] Will of John Shaw of Swanzey dated Sept. 24, 1696, he being 
"Very Sick & weake in Body". My will is that the house and land that 
I haTe lately purchased at Boston of James Hawkins bricklayer be speedily 
put into repair and made tennantable by my wife Hannah out of the first 
payment of money due to me by bill from Thomas Earle of Dartmouth, 
ttd M> to be kept in good repair until my son John Shaw shall come to the 
«ge of twenty-one, or capable of choosing a guardian, when said house and 
iMid shall be his. My wife's daughter Hannah Mare shall have all the 
kousehold stuflF that was her mother's before I niarried her, also one good 
nilch cow. To my loving wife Hannah Shaw remainder of estate, she to 
niaintain my son John Shaw until he shall reach the age of twenty-one, he 
**to be well Entered by fcouleing and in the fear of god and at that age 
«{ Twenty one years to Deliuer him pofsefsion of faid Houfe & land in 
VOL. Lxni. 10 

132 Bristol County Probate Records L-^F"^ 

good Repidre & Tennantable and himfelf to be futtably Goathed". My 
said wife shall deliver unto Thomas Earle of Dartmouth on or before Oct. 
15 next, lawful possession of my late dwelling house in Swanzey with the 
land thereto belonging, which said house and land I have sold to said Earle 
as by deed of sale bearing equal date with this testament. My trusty and 
well beloved wife to be sole executrix. Witnessed by John Simmons, Ralph 
X Earle, Martha X Simmons, Thomas Earle and Sam^ Gardn** : of whom 
Samuel Gardner, Thomas Earle and Ralph Earle made oath to said will 
before Jn<> Saffin, Oct. 12, 1696. John Gary Regbt': Regbtered Oct- 21, 
1696 by John Cary Regist' 

[156] Inventory of above estate taken Oct 8, 1696 by John Hath way, 
James X Bell and Nicholas Moorey. Items : '< to Leather at home and at 
William Slades " ; " to 5 pound Rec** of John Hathaway " ; "to what m' 
Thomas Earle is to pay for Houfe & land ". Total £279..18..09. Said in- 
ventory sworn to by Hannah Shaw late wife of said dec'd, Oct. 12, 1696 be- 
fore John Saffin Probat' John Cary Regbt' : Entered Oct. 21, 1696 by 
John Cary Regist'. 

[157] Samuel Peck, William Carpenter, Samuel Newman, Stephen 
Paine and Enoch Hunt being commissioned by John Saffin Esq. Judge of 
probate, to divide the estate of Ephraim Hunt late of Rehoboth dec'd be- 
tween his widow Rebecca Hunt and the children, and whereas said Ephraim 
Hunt had lands in partnership with his brother John Hunt, said commis- 
sioners made division between said widow and children and said John Hunt, 
May 21 and 22, 1696. To John Hunt 22} acres on the northerly side of 
Rocky River adjoining to Nathaniel Paine's land and likewise the sidt mead- 
ow adjoining to Nathaniel Paine*s, also the southermost part of the upland 
on the south side of Rocky River from the highway that goeth between the 
lands of Benjamin Paine and John Hunt, l&ewise the small neck of salt 
meadow adjoining to said upland, also 13 acres joining his own land near his 
house and adjoining to Enoch Hunt's lands, together with a parcel of swamp. 
To Rebecca Hunt and her children 19 acres of upland and swamp on the 
north side of Rocky River being all the lands on both sides the great high- 
way and the highway that goeth to the Mill and the land of Obadiah Bowen 
Jun**, also a parcel of salt meadow, also land on the south side of Rocky River 
joining to John Hunt's land, the great neck of Salt meadow on the south side 
of Rocky River, 3 acres due them to be laid out, [158] 5 acres of upland 
joining to the southerly side of their home lot that b fenced in, a piece of 
swamp, and 8 acres of upland and swamp. Said division allowed by John 
Saffin Judge of probate Aug. 4, 1696, upon which day John Hunt acknowl- 
edged his satisfaction therewith. John Cary Regist^ Entered Nov. 18, 
1696 by John Cary Regisf. 

Division of the estate of Ephraim Hunt deceased made May 25, 1696 
between the widow Rebecca Hunt and her four children as follows : To the 
widow Rebecca Hunt her third part, viz. one half of the dwelling house, 
bam, orchards, homestead lands, and Uie lands on the north side of the high- 
way before the house, and one third of the commonage belonging to Uie 
said estate. To Daniel Hunt eldest son, the other ^If of the dwelling 
house, bam, orchard, house lot and meadow adjoining and the lands before 
the house, also nineteen acres of upland and swamp, and a parcel of salt 
marsh on the northerly side of Rocky River, three acres of land yet to be 
laid out and fifty pounds estate of commonage, likewise the biggest gun and 
little trap, he to pay to his sister Hannah when she comes of age £3.. 10. 
[159] To John Hunt the youngest son, nine acres of land on the southerly 

1909] Bristol County Probate Records 133 

skie of Bocky River, the great neck of salt meadow joining said lands, fifty 
pounds estate of commons and a small gai) and great trap, he to pay to his 
sister Sarah X1..7 and to his sister Hannah £l..3, when they come of age. 
To Sarah Hunt one half of her father's wearing apparel, cattle, household 
goods, hooks, and the amount to be paid by her brother John, all amount- 
ing to £23. To Hannah Hunt, the other half of her father's wearing ap- 
utfel, cattle, household goods, books, money to be paid by her brothers Dan- 
id and John, all amounting to £23. Above division presented by Rebecca 
Hunt siud widow, to John Saffin Es^' Judge of Probate Aug. 4, 1696, who 
allowed the same. John Gary Regist': £ntered Nov. 18, 1696 by John 
Cary Regisf : 

[1 60] Account of Rebecca Hunt administratrix of the estate of Ephraim 
Hunt late of Rehoboth dec'd, of debts paid : Items : 

** Paide Vpon a Bill for m' Greenwoods Settlement " 

" Payd to m' Sweeting for fulling " 

^ Payde to william Carpenter " 

«* Payd a Debt to David Carpenter " 

" Payd to Nicolas Lang " 

" Payd to David Carpenter when his time was out " 

^ Payd to David Carpenter in Cloathing before & at the Expireing of his 

An accoimt of the widow's thirds and children's portions out of the move- 
ables, viz : to the widow, to Sarah eldest daughter, to Hannah youngest 
daughter. An account of the division of the lands, viz : to the widow, to 
Daniel Hunt eldest son, to John Hunt second son. Said accounts presented 
bj said Rel)ecca Hunt and allowed by John SafSn Judge of Probate Oct. 
2;j, 1696. John Cary Regist': Recorded Nov. 18, 1696 by John Cary 


[161] Account of the moveables of the estate of John Smith late of 
Dartmouth dec'd rendered Dec. 1, 1696, by Deliverance Smith in behalf of 
himself executor and his mother Ruhamah Smith executrix, according to the 
inventory of said estate which was given into the Registry Dec. 19, 1693. 
They have paid out the following legacies according to the will, viz : To 
Hawadiah wife of Jonathan Russell, to Meahittabell wife of John Russell, 
to Hannah Smith and to Sarah Smith, Deborah Smith not being of age to 
receive her legacy. Above account allowed by John SaflBn Judge of pro- 
bate- John Cary Regist' : Entered Dec. 2, 1696 by John Cary Regist' : 

Whereas John Smith of Dartmouth in his will dated June 8, 1691 did 
bequeath to his daughter Hassadiah Russell wife of Jonathan Russell one 
cow and two ewe sheep to be paid at or before the decease of his wife Ru- 
hamah Smith, and did appoint his said wife Ruhamah Smith and his son 
Deliverance Smith his sole executrix and executor, said Jonathan Russell 
and Hassadiah his wife having received said legacy hereby acknowledge re- 
ceipt thereof and discharge said Ruhamah Smith and Deliverance Smith in all 
i«4>^ct« concerning said legacy. Receipt dated Jan. 1 0, 1 693-4 and witnessed 
by Joseph Ripley and Ichabod Damon. Recorded Dec. 2, 1696 by J. C. 

[162] Similar receipt given same day by John Russell and his wife Me- 
Uttabell, a daughter of said John Smith, for one cow and two ewe sheep. 

Similar receipt given same day by Hannah Smith, a daughter of said John 
Smith, for one cow and one bed and bedding. 

Similar receipt given same day by Sarah Smith, a daughter of said John 
Smith, for one cow and two ewe sheep. 

[To be continaed] 


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1909] EmigrantB from England 145 







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1909] Balph and William Sprague 147 


Bj Frank William Sp&aovb, of Brookline, Mass. 

We know that Ralph and William Sprague were the sons of Edward 
Sprague, ftdler, and his wife ChriBtian, of Upwej, county Dorset, England, 
as they are mentioned in his will, dated 16 June 1614. He had altogether 
six children, three of whom came to America. Of these three, only Ralph 
and William concern us. 

1. Ralph* Sprague, eldest son, bom in Upwey, co. Dorset; came to 
Salem, Mass., in 1628, and from there went to Charlestown in 1629. He 
married Joak Gorbin, daughter of John of Fordington, co. Dorset. 


8. I. John.' 

U. Richard. 

lil. Samuel, bapt. in Boston 8 June 1682. 

It. Mart, bapt. in Charlestown 14 Sept. 1634. 

V. Phdocas, bapt. 81 (5) 1687. 

vl. Jonathan, d. Dec. 1650. 

2. William* Sprague, youngest son, bom in Upwey, co. Dorset ; came 

with his brother in 1628. He married in Charlestown, 1635, Meli- 
CENT Eames, daughter of Anthony, and settled in Hingham in 
Children : 

4. 1. Anthony,* bapt. in Charlestown 28 June 1686. 

5. IL John, bapt. in Hingham Apr. 1688. 
ill. Samuel, bapt. 24 May 1640. 

Iv. Jonathan, bapt. 20 Mar. 1641-2 ; d. 4 July 1647. 
V. Persis, b. 12 Nov. 1648. 
vi. Joanna, b. Dec. 1645. 

6. vii. Jonathan, bapt. 28 May 1648. 

7. Tlil. William, bapt. 2 July 1660. 
ix. Mary, b. 25 Apr. 1652. 

X. Hannah, b. 25 Feb. 1654-6 ; d. Mar. 1668. 

3. Capt. John* Sprague {Ralph?) of Charlestown came with his 

father, and died 25 June 1692, aged 68. He married, 2 May 1651, 
Ltdia Goffe, who died 11 I)ec. 1715. 

1. John,' b. 9 Mar. 1661-2. 

ii. Lydia, m. John Greenland. 

8. ill. Jonathan, b. Aug. 1666. 
Iv. Samuel, b. 1658-9. 

V. Mary, b. 1661. 

vl. Edward. 

Tli. Phineas, b. 1666-^. 

• In this paper it is the author's purpose to carrj on a number of lines of descent 
heretofore neglected. This necessitates a certain amount of repetition of material in 
print to the point where these lines are taken up. For a fuller treatment of such 

-. ^..1. _..,.,. — .. . __. T. ,_ . _ ««^ .« ^.264,61, 

.^^ ^ ... , ^Family, 

TOL. LXm. 11 

148 Ralph and William Sprague [April 

yiii. Deborah, b. 1670. 
ix. Sarah, b. 1672-3. 
X. Hannah, b. abt. 1688. 

4. Anthony" Spbaoue (WilUam^), baptized in Charlestown 23 June 

1.636; died 3 Sept. 1719. He married, 2^ Dec. 1661, Elizabeth 
Bartlett, who died 17 Feb. 1712-13, daughter of Robert and 
Mary (Warren) of Plymouth. 
Children, bom in Hingham : 

9. i. Anthony,* b. 18 Aug. 1668. 

it. Benjamin, b. 16 Aug. 1665 ; d. 27 Sept. 1690. 
Hi. John, b. 80 Sept. 1667; d. 23 Oct. 1690. 
iv. Elizabeth, b. 5 Sept. 1669 ; d. 11 Oct. 1690. 
V. Samuel, b. 8 Mar. 1671-2. 
vi. Sarah, b. 23 May 1674. 
vil. jA3fE8, b. 23 Jan. 1677-8. 
vlU. JosDLH, b. 23 Apr. 1680. 
Ix. Jeremiah, b. 24 July 1682. 
10. X. Richard, b. 10 Apr. 1685. 
xi. Matthew, b. 27 Mar. 1688. 

5. John" Sprague (Willtam}) was baptized in Hingham Apr. 1638, 

and removed to Mendon, Mass., about 1682. He married, 13 Dec« 
1666, Elizabeth Holbrook, daughter of William. 

His will, dated Mendon 14 Sept. 1683, names wife Elizabeth, 
two oldest sons, John and William, youngest son Ebenezer, and four 
daughters, Elizabeth, Hannah, Melicent, and Persis (Suffolk Co. 
Probate, vol. 6, p. 691). 

Children ; the firat four bom in Hingham, the last four in Men- 


JoHN,» b. 20 July 1669 ; d. 11 Aug. foUowlng 



John, b. 20 Jan. 1676-6. 



Wn.T.iAM, b. 13 June 1679. 


Persis, b. 13 June 1681. 










6. Jonathan' Sprague {WiUiam^) was bom in Hingham 28 May 
1648, and died in 1741, aged 93. He removed to Smithfield, R. I., 
and was a member of the Assembly from 1695 to 1714. 

He married Mehitable Holbrook, daughter of William and 
Elizabeth. The will of William Holbrook of Scituate, Mass., dated 
17 July 1699, mentions daughter Mehitable Sprague and her hus- 
band Jonathan Sprague (Plymouth Co. Probate, vol. 1, pp. 309-10). 

In an agreement, dated Smithfield 29 June 1737, with " his three 
sons in law, namely William Jenckes, John Teft, and Daniel Brown, 
by one deed of gift of even date given and granted to them his now 
dwelling house together with his land, for food and care," etc 
(Smithfield Deeds, vol. 1, p. 312). Austin's Grenealogical Diction- 
ary, page 189, states that William Jenckes married Patience Sprague, 
John Teft m&rried Joanna, Daniel Brown married Mary, and Eben- 
ezer Cook married another daughter. 


14. 1. Jonathan.* 

15. U. WuxuM, b. 1691. 

1909] . Balph and William Sprague 149 

iii. Patiencb, m. Welliam Jknckbs. 

iv. Joanna, m. John Teft. 

T. Mary, m. Daniel Brown. 

vi. A DAUGHTER, m. Ebenezer Cook. 

7. William* Sprague ( William^) was baptized in Hingham 2 July 
1650, and removed to Providence, R. 1., where he bought land 19 
Nov. 1709 (Providence Deeds, vol. 2, p. 149). He deeded land to 
his son Benjamin 12 Mar. 1715-16 {Ilnd., vol. 2, p. 509). 

He married first, 30 Dec. 1674, Deborah Lane, daughter of 
Andrew and Triphany, who died 4 Feb. 1706-7 ; and secondly (in- 
tention recorded 5 Nov. 1709) Mart Tower of Hingham, daughter 
of Jeremiah and Elizabeth (Rowland). 

His wiD, dated 11 Nov. 1723, mentions son William, grandson 
David [son of David, No. 16] and Sarah Jordan, third son Jona- 
than, fourth son John, fifth son Benjamin, eldest daughter Deborah 
Beals, grandchildren Deborah, William, John, and Abiah West 
[children of William and Abiah (Sprague) West], loving wife Mary, 
and children bom of. wife Mary, viz., Rowland, Mary, Peter, and 
Judith. (Providence Probate, vol. 2, p. 158.) 

Children by first wife, bom in Hingham : 

1. William,* b. 24 Dec. 1676. 

iL Deborah, b. 24 Mar. 1677-8. 

m. Joanna, b. 16 Feb. 1679-80. 

16. iv. David, b. 23 Dec. 1683. 

V. Jonathan, b. 24 July 1686 ; m. 23 May 1712, Lydia Leavttt, dau. 
of Israel; d. 10 Apr. 1766, aged 69 (Bridgewater Inscriptions, 
p. 151). In 1746 he was of Stafford, Conn., for, on 19 Apr. 1746, 
Jonathan Sprague, Junior, of Stafford, conveyed to his honored 
father Jonathan Sprague Late of Bridgewater, Mass., now of 
Stafford, all his right and title in the estate of his uncle John 
Sprague, late of Providence (Providence Deeds, vol. B 10, p. 847). 

Tt Ablih, b. 27 Jan. 1688-9 ; m. (Int. rec. 24 Dec. 1709) Willlam West 
of Kingston. 

Tli. John, b. 13 Sept. 1692. 

17. vUi. BKNJAMC9, b. 3 Jan. 1694-5. 

Children by second wife, bom in Providence : 

18. Ix. Rowland, b. 21 Oct. 1710. 

X. Mary, b. 10 Aug. 1712 ; m. 27 Sept. 1787, Nathaniel Arnold. 

19. xi. Pkter, b. 1 Oct. 1714. 

zU. JuDrrH, m. 3 Jan. 1741, Nathaniel Waterman (B. I. Magazine, 
vol. 6, p. 200). 

8. Jonathan' Spbagub (John^* RaJph^) of Maiden was bom there 
Aug. 1656, and died 8 Mar. 1730-1. He married Mart Bunker, 
who died 30 July 1714. 
Children : 

i. Jonathan.* 

U. Richard, b. 1686. 

ill. Lydia, m. John Goodwin. 

iv. John, b. 1689. 

SO. V. Joseph, b. 1691. 

vl. Nathan, b. 1693-4. 

Til. Hannah (twin), b. 1696. 

viU. BiARY (twin), b. 1696. 

ix. David, b. 1698. 

X. Bunker. 

xi. Eunice, m. Joseph Cook. 

ziL Samuel. 

150 Ralph and William Sprague [April 

9. Anthony* Spraoue {Anthony^* WiUiam^) waa bom in Hlngham 18 
Aug. 1663, and removed to Attleborou^h, where he was selectman 
for many years. He and wife Mart of Attleborough convey land 
in Providence to his uncle William Sprague of Hingham 19 Nov. 
1709 (Providence Deeds, vol. 2, p. 149). 

His will, dated 18 Jan. 1731, names son Anthony, and daughters 
Mary, Elizabeth Whipple, Sarah Whitman, Lydia, Man^ Jenckes, 
and Phebe. (Bristol Co. Probate, vol. 7, pp. 189-191.) 

21. i. Anthony.* 
ii. Mary. 

ill. Elizabbth, m. Whipplb. 

iv. Sarah, m. 16 Apr. 1720, John WmTMAK. 
V. Lydia. 

vi. Marcy, m. 14 Feb. 1727, Daniel Jenckxs, Jb. 
vii. Phebe. 

10. Richard* Sprague (Anthony,^ William}) was bom in Hingham 10 

Apr. 1685. In 1712 he bought land, with new house upon it, of 
Thomas Comstock, about ten miles northward from Providence, at 
a place called Woonsocket (Providence Deeds, vol. 4, p. 115), and 
shown to be near Branch River and Woonsocket Hill in North 
Smithfield (Early Records of Providence, vol. 9, p. 29), and was a 
taxpayer there from 1713 to 1748. He married Mary . 

His will may be found at Central Falls, R. I., and is dated 14 
Aug. 1749. In it he mentions wife Mary, sons Obadiah, £nochy 
Amos, and Daniel, and daughters Ruth Whitman, Zerviah Com- 
stock, Abigail, Urania Aldricb, and Lydia. (Old Smithfield Coon* 
cil and Probate Records, vol. 2, pp. 110-114.) 

Children : 

22, i. Obadiah,* b. 1717. 

II. Enoch, m. Elizabeth , but left no Issue. 

III. Amos, m. 7 Apr. 1746, Mercy Comstock. 
iv. Daniel. 

V. Ruth, m. Whitman. 

vl. Zerviah, m. 20 Apr. 1735, Azarl^h Comstock. 
vU. Abigail, m. 16 Mar. 1745-6, Samuel Crufp. 
vlii. Urania, m. 3 Nov. 1741, Abel Aldrich. 
Ix. Lydla., m. 81 Aug. 1755, Enoch White. 

11. John' Sprague {John,^ William^) was bom in Hingham 20 Jan. 

1675-6, and married in Mendon, 13 May 1705, Mart Killiban 
(Mendon Marriages). TheydeededlandlOFeb. 1716 (Suffolk Co. 
Deeds, vol. 31, p. 169). 

12. William* Sprague (John,^ William^) was bom in Hingham 13 June 

1679. He married first Hannah ; and secondly, in Men- 
don 4 Nov. 1731, Sarah Whabfield. 

His will, dated Mendon 24 July 1751, and recorded at Worcester, 
mentions wife Sarah, sons John and William, and his three daogh* 
ters Hannah, Margaret Colwell, and Persis Wakeman. 

He deeded land to his sons William and John 18 Aug. 1752. 
(Worcester Co. Deeds, vol. 32, pp. 44-45.) 

Children by first wife, from Mendon Records : 
i. Hannah,* b. 21 Dec. 1712. 
28. 11. John, b. 28 Mar. 1714. 

1909] Ralph and William Sprague 151 

ilL llABOABET, b. 14 May 1716 ; m. Colwell. 

It. Persib, b. 34 July 1718 ; m. 18 Apr. 1749, Nathaniel Waeeman. 
S4. T. William, b. 5 Aug. 1719. 

18. Ebenezsr* Sprague (Johuy* William}) was born in Mendon, and 
married in Providenoe, 12 Jan. 1706, Mary Manx. He sold land 
in Mendon 30 Jan. 1707-8 (Suffolk Co. Deeds, vol. 81, p. 200). 
Children, bom iii Providence : 

1. Maby,« b. 1 Mar. 1709. 

ii. Bbenszeb, b. 1 Mar. 1711 ; m. 2 June 1785, Bethiah Thayer. 

25. Ui. Daniel, b. 1718. 

iv. Samuel, b. 29 Dec 1715. 

14* Jonathan* Spragub (Jonathan,^ William^) married first, in Provi- 
dence, 28 Nov. 1699, Bethiah Mann, who died 6 Apr. 1712 ; and 
secondly, 17 Sept 1718, Hannah Hawkins. 

He deeded land to his son William 29 Dec. 1787. (SmitMeld 
Deeds, vol. 1, p. 326.) 

His will, dated 11 May 1757, mentions grandson Eleazer, son of 
son William deceased, grandson Stephen, son of son Stephen ; bal- 
ance of estate between two sons and two daughters ; son Hezekiah 
named executor. (Smithfield Council and Prohate Records, vol. 2, 
p. 489.) 

Children by first wife : 

16. 1. Jonathan,* b. 25 July 1701. 

27. U. Hezekiah, b. 12 Jan. 1704. 
iU. Bethlih, b. 24 May 1707. 
iv. Ann, b. 9 Mar. 1709. 

V. Mehitable, b. 21 Mar. 1711. 

Children by second wife : 

vl. Danhel, b. 28 Mar. 1712-1718. 

28. vii. WnxLJLM, b. 9 Jan. 1714. 

vlil. Bachel, b. 20 Nov. 1716 ; m. 10 Jan. 1789, Nicholas Feck. 

Ix. Stephen, b 9 Jan. 1722. 

X. John, b. 2 Apr. 1727. 

xi. Susanna, b. 20 Jan. 1781 ; m. 1751, Joseph Hall, Jr. 

15. William* Spraoue (Jonaihimy^ WiUiam^) was bom in 1691, and 

died in 1768. He bore the title of captain in 1732. He married 
first, 16 Sept. 1714, Ales Brown (History of Worcester Co., vol. 
1, p. 43) ; and secondly, in Smithfield 26 Aug. 17^44, Mrs. Mary 

He deeded land, 7 Dec. 1788, to son Nehemiah of SmitMeld 
(Smithfield Deeds, vol. 1, p. 413) ; on 15 Dec. 1740 to his beloved 
son and daughter, Stephen Sly and his wife Sarah Sly, both of 
Smithfield (Siid.^ vol. 2, p. 26) ; on 20 Dec. 1750 to son Joseph of 
Smithfield (IlncL, vol. 3, p. 59) ; and on 16 May 1755 to son Joshua 
(iWrf., vol. 8, p. 59). 


99. 1. Nbheboah.^ 

ii. Joseph. r 

iii. Joshua. 

iv. Sarah, m. Stephen Sly. 

16. David* Sprague (William,* WHUam^) was bom in Hingham 23 

Dec, 1688, and married, 13 June 1706, Sarah Jordan of Milton 
(History of Milton, p., 172). 

152 Ralph and William Sprague [April 

Children, bom in Hingham : 

80. i. David/ b. 12 Apr. 1707. 
il. Sakah, b. U Dec. 1708. 

17. Benjamin Sprague* ( WtUiamy* WiUiam^) was born in Hingham 3 

Jan. 1694-5, and died 24 Apr. 1788, in his 97th year {ChromeU^ 
in the R. I. Historical Society Library). He married in ProTi- 
dence, 11 May 1716, Alice Bdcklin. 

His estate in Cranston, R. I., was divided 24 Apr. 1792 by his 
heirs, who gave three deeds of even date. The following notes are 
from Cranston Deeds (copies) at Providence: On 24 Ajm*. 1792 
Rufus Hawkins conveyed to Jonathan, Nathaniel, and Asa Sprague, 
Asa representing his deceased father Benjamin Sprague, Jr.'s es- 
tate, property that came to him from his father and mother, Edward 
and Alice Hawkins, which property descended to said Alice from 
her late grandfather Benjamin Spragne, Sr.'s estate in Cranstim 
(vol. 200, p. 149). On the same date Nathaniel and Asa Sprague, 
and Elizabeth, widow of Benjamin Sprague, Jr., conveyed to Jona- 
than Sprague ; Nathaniel's wife Mary, and Asa's wife Rhobe s^ning 
the deed (vol. 200, p. 157). At the same time Jonathan and Nath- 
aniel Spragne conveyed to Asa Sprague ; Barbara, wife of Jona- 
than, and Mary, wife of Nathaniel, signing the deed (vol. 200, 
p. 187). 

Children : 

i. Benjamin,^ m. Elizabeth . His will is recorded In Cranston, 

Aug. 1776 (Council and Probate Records, vol. 2. p. 97), and names 
wife Elizabeth, son-in-law Edward Hawkbis, daughter Ellis [Alice J 
Hawkins, son Asa Sprague. 

11. Jonathan, b. abt. 1719 ; d. in Cranston 8 Oct. 1808, aged 90 ; m. 20 
Jan. 1744, Barbara Carpenter, and bad two sons : 1. Jonaihan^* 
d. in Cranston 40ct. 1819, aged 74 ; and his widow, Waite Spragne, 

d. there 10 May 1822, aged 71. 2. Stephen, m. Freelove , 

who, as his widow, d. in Cranston 18 Sept. 1827, aged 70. 

ill. Nathaniel, m. Mart . 

18. Rowland* Sprague ( WiUiam^^ William^) was bom in Providence 

1 Oct. 1710, and married, 14 Jan. 1745, Ltdia Herndok. 

On 10 Jan. 1745 he conveyed "to my Brother Peter Spragne, 
one half of that land which was the homestead farm of our Father 
William Sprague, late of Providence." (Providence Deeds, vol. 11, 
p. 309.) 

i. MARY,*b. 28 0ct. 1746. 

11. WILLL4M, b. 9 Oct. 1748 ; m. 14 Sept. 1777, Hannah Jenckxs. 
ill. John, m. 24 Sept. 1780, Mrs. Deliverance Psarce. 
iv. Caleb, d. 2 July 1832, aged 78; m. 8 Feb. 1782, Lois Cassel; a 
Revolutionary soldier. 

19. Peter* Sprague ( WtUiam,^ Wtllittm}) was bom in Providence 1 

Oct. 1714, and died in Cranston 4 May 1790. He married Han- 
nah . 

In his will he names wife Hannah, daughter Amey, grandson 
Abner, son of son William ; son William to be executor (Cranston 
Council and Probate Records, vol. 3, pp. 45-48). The date of his 
death is given in the same volume. 


1. Amet.* 

81. U. William. 

1909] Balph and William Sprague 153 

20. Joseph* Sprague {Jonathan^* John,^ Halph}) of Cambridge was 

born in Maiden in 1691, and died 12 Mar. 1737-8. He married 
first, in Cambridge, 80 Nov. 1714, Sarah Stedmax (First Church 
Records), who died 29 Jan. 1722 ; and secondly, 1 Feb. 1727-8, 
Eleanor Phipfs. 
Children by first wife : 

I. Joseph,* d. 1721, aged 6. 

II. Jonathan, bapt. 18 Nov. 1716. 

32. lU. John, b. i Dec. (bapt. 7 Dec.) 1718. 
iv. Eleanor. 

21. ANTHONr* Sprague (ArUhony,* Anthony ^^ WxUiam^) was admitted a 

freeman in Scituate, R. I., May 1786. He married Ann . 

His will, dated 7 Feb. 1745, names wife Ann, sons Anthony, Jr., 
Samuel, Jedediah, and Jonas, and daughters Abigail and Ellis 
[Alice;} (South Scituate Probate Records, vol. 1, pp. 135-137). 
The will of his widow, Ann Sprague, is dated 20 July 1754 and 
names sons Jedediah, Jonas, Samuel, and Anthony, Jr., and daugh- 
ters Abigail Potter and Alles [Alice] Sprague (Glocester (Che- 
pachet), R. L, Records, vol. 1, p. 121). 




88. U. 


84. HI. 





Ellbs (Alice) 



22. Obadiah* Sprague (Richard,* Anthony,* William^) was bom in 
Providence in 1717, and died there 12 June 1800, aged 83. He 
married first, 26 June 1748, Sarah Co wen ; and secondly Mart 

The name of the second wife, Mary, is taken from a deed (Scitu- 
ate, R. I., Land Evidences, vol. 6) in which Obadiah Sprague and 
wife Mary convey land in Scituate, R. I., 29 Mar. 1770. This 
proves that at least his son Obadiah, who was bom 22 Aug. 1770, 
was the child of his second wife. 

His will, dated 11 June 1790, names his sons Richard, Obadiah, 
Samuel, and Nathaniel Anthony, and daughters Mary, widow of 
John Demount, Hannah Waterman, the present wife of Rufus 
Waterman, Sarah, Marcy, Lydia, and Susannah. (Providence Pro- 
bate, vol. 8, p. 276.) 


1. Richard.* 

35. ii. Obadiah, b. 22 Aug. 1770. 

d6. lii. Samuel. 

iv. Nathaniel Anthony. 

V. Mart, m. John Demount. 

vl. Hannah, m. 20 Nov. 1773, Rufus Waterman. 

vii. Sarah. 

viil. Marcy. 

ix. Lydia. 

X. Susannah. 

i3, John* Spraoue (WilUam,* John,* WiUiam^) was bom in Mendon 
28 Mar. 1714 (Mendon Births). He married, 28 Mar. 1764, Han- 
nah Whitr. 

154 Ralph and William Sprague [April 

His will, dated Milford, Mass., 2 Aug. 1796, mentions wife 
Hannah, wife's daughters Trjal White and Chloe Fitts, brother 
William Sprague, and three sisters, Hannah Sprague, Margaret 
Colwell, and Persis Waterman. (Worcester Co. Probate.) 

24. William* Sprague ( WiUiam,* John^ WiUiam^) was bom in Mendon 

5 Aug. 1719 (Mendon Births). He married, Feb. 1748, Mab- 



i. James/ b. 16 Mar. 1750 ; m. 26 June 1779, Mart Bartlett of New- 
ton (Mendon Records). 

25. Daniel^ Sprague (Ebenezer,* Johtiy* WUUam?) was bom in Provi- 

dence 28 Mar. 1713, and died in 1788 ; resided in Johnston, R. I. 
He married first, in 1730, Sarah Ballou; and secondly, about 

1736, Haknah . 

Children by first wife :* 

i. Naomi.* 
11. Lucy. 
ill. David. 

Children by second wife : 

iv. Jesse, b. 29 Aug. 1788 ; m. Esther Dexter ; removed to Clarendon, 
Vt., in 1818. 

87. V. Ebenezer, b. 2 Aug. 1740. 
vi. Rettben, b. 18 Sept. 1742. 

88. vll. RxTFUS, b. 7 Jan. 1746. 

vlll. Rhoda (twin), b. 14 Sept. 1749. 

Iz. ROBY (twin), b. 14 Sept. 1749. 

X. Daioel, m. 7 Jan. 1781, Hannah Brown. 

26. Jonathan* Sprague {Jonathan^* Jonathan,* WiUiam^) was bom 25 

July 1701. He married, 6 Mar. 1727, Mart Mowry (Smithfield, 
R. I. Records). 
Children : 

i. Bethiah,* b. 6 July, 1729. 

ii. Mary, b. 14 Sept. 1788. 

ill. Abraham, b. 24 Aug. 1787. 

Iv. ZiPHA, b. 28 Apr. 1739. 

V. Jonathan, b. 26 Dec. 1742. 

vL Gideon, b. 15 July 1747 ; m. 27 Mar. 1788, Chloe Spaxtlding. 

27. Hezekiah^ Sprague (Jonathan,* Jonathan,* William^) was bom in 

Providence (now Smithfield) 12 Jan. 1704. He married, 17 Nov. 
1725, Sarah Smith. 

i. Lydia,» b. 20 Feb. 1726 ; m. 8 Aug. 1756, Enoch Whtte. 

11. Ruth, b. 26 Dec. 1727. 

iU. Ann, b. 11 Jan. 1780. 

iv. Hadassah, b. 2 June 1782 ; m. 21 Oct. 1750, Stephen Angell, Jr. 

V. Mehttable, b. 7 Mar. 1785. 

vi. Hbzektah, b. 14 July 1787 ; m. 8 May 1767, Mary Ballou. 

vli. Joseph, b. 15 Jan. 1789. 

viil. Sar^h, b. 15 Mar. 1742 ; m. 9 Apr. 1760, Stephen Wilkins. 

iz. Mercy, b. 12 Mar. 1745 ; m. 16 Oct. 1768, William Harris. 

z. .Abigail, b. 22 Feb. 1748. 

* The nmmet of the first wife and her three children are taken from notes of Dwight 
H. Kelton, Esq., of Montpelier, Vt. ; those of the chfldren hj the second wife are 
from B. I. records. 

1909] Balph and William Sprague 155 

S8. William^ Sprague (Jonathan* Jonatharij^ WiUiaw?) was bom 9 Jan. 
17149 and died 16 July 1751. He was called junior in the records 
to distinguish him from his uncle Capt William Sprague, who was 
living in Smithfield at the same time. 

He married in Smithfield, 10 Apr. 1738, Rebecca Ballou, who 
is mentioned as settling his estate 18 Sept 1751 (Smithfield Council 
and Probate Records, vol. 2, p. 56). 

Children, bom in Smithfield : 

1. Martha,* b. 12 Feb. 1789. 
U. Ruth, b. 22 May 1741. 
iU. Elkazkb, b. 19 Nov. 1743. 

29. Nehexiah^ Spraoue ( WtHiamy* Janathanj^ WxUiam^) was bom in 
Smithfield. He married, 16 Apr. 1738, Mart Brown. 

I. Kehemiah,* m. 26 May 1770, Auce Bassbtt of Glocester, R. 1. 

II. Elias, b. 16 June, 1744 ; d. in Douglas, Mass., 15 Feb. 1799 ; m. 

Mart Barrett. The names of Ms chUdren may be found in the 
Douglas records. He had a son JomtfAan* who m. In Smithfield, 
12 Aug. 1785, Patience Fidgeley. 

Sa David* Sprague (David,* WiUiam* WtUiam^) was bom in Hingham, 
12 Apr. 1707, removed to Sdtuate, B. I., and died in Exeter, 
B. I., in 1777. He married in Providence, 7 Nov. 1728, Experi- 
ence Crandall. 

I. Solomon,^ b. 2 Apr. 1780 ; m. 8 Jan. 1750, Isabel Reynolds. 

II. David, b. 14 Mar. 1781-2 ; d. in Greenwich, Washington Co., N. Y., 
• 22 Dec. 1821, aged 90. He had twenty-one children— ten by his 

first marriage, and eleven by his second— eight sons and thirteen 
daughters (Arnold's Vital Records, vol. 14, p. 299). 

ill. Sarah, b. 16 Mar. 1788-4. 

iv. Esther, b. 4 May 1786. 

V. Experience, b 20 Oct. 1788. 

vl. Lydia, b. 18 Mar. 1740-1. 

vll. jEREBfT, b. 4 July 1748. 

vlll. Abigail. 

iz. Joseph, b. 12 Mar. 1746. 

81. William* Sprague (Peier* WUUam* WiUiant?) married first, 22 

Dec. 1775, Isabel Waterman; and secondly, 3 Mar. 1782, Pa- 
tience Waterman. 

His will, dated Cranston, 29 Dec. 1794, names wife Patience, 
sons Abner and William, daughter Sarah, wife of Nicholas Ran- 
dall, and son Peter. (Cranston Council and Probate Records, vol. 
8, p. 163.) 


1. Abnkr,* m. 6 Jan. 1795, Mart Potter. 

89. 11. William. 

ill. Sarah, m. Nicholas Bandall. 

iv. Peter. 

82. John* Sprague (Joieph,^ Jonathan^* John,* R<Jph}) was bom in Cam- 

bridge, 4 Dec. (bapt. 7 Dec.) 1718 (First Church Records, p. 89), 
and died in Dedham, Mass., 29 May 1798. He was a doctor. 

He married first (intention recorded in Boston 28 Feb. 1744) 
Elizabeth Delhonde ; and secondly widow Esther Harrison, 
who died 7 Oct 1811. He was appointed goardian of his three chil- 

156 Ralph and William Sprague [April 

dren 27 May 1757, after the death of his first wife, their mother, 
they being her heirs and under fourteen years of age. 
Children by first wife : 

i. Lawrence,* m. 8 Sept. 1804, Sarah Tttcomb of Newburyport He 
graduated at Harvard College in 1768, and became a physician. 

40. U. Edward. 

41. ill. John. 

33. Samuel* Sprague (Anthony,^ Anthony,* Anthony,* William^) was 

bom in Scituate, R. I., and married in Smithfield, 24 Mar. 1745, 
Jercsha Mitchell. 

Children, bom in Glocester, R. I. (Glocester Births, p. 50) : 

i. Andrkw,^ b. 10 Nov. 1746 ; d. young. 

U. Peter, b. 20 Mar. 1746[-7?]. 

iii. Elisha, b. 12 Feb. 1748. 

iv. Ann. b. 2 June 1751. 

V. Andrew, b. 6 Apr. 1768. 

vi. Amasa, b. 28 Feb. 1758. 

34. Jedediah* Sprague (Anthony,^ Anthony,* Anthony^* William^) was 

bora in Scituate, R. I., and married Freelove . His will, 

dated Glocester, R. I., 17 Oct 1810, mentions wife Freelove and 
the seven children named below. 
Children : 

i. MmABA,* m. 8 Jan. 1788, Ezekhel Whipplk. 

li. Alec (Alice), m. Rbxtben Whipplb. 

ill. John. 

iv. Jedediah, m. 18 Jan. 1827, Joanna B. Houces. 

V. Jonas. ^ 

vl. Jenckes. 

vli. Anthony, m. 1 Jan. 1802, Ltdia Ross. 

85. Obadiah* Sprague (Obadiah,^ Richard* Anthony,* WiUiam}) was 
bom in Providence 22 Aug. 1770, and died in Richmond, N. H., in 
1858, aged 88. He married first, 10 Apr. 1794, Betsey Mann, 
who died 7 Apr. 1815, daughter of Gideon; and secondly widow 
Anna (Mallard) Goddard. 
Children by first wife : 

i. Enoch* (twin), b. 18 Sept. 1795. 

U. Hannah (twin), b. 18 Sept. 1795. 

42. iU. Samuel, b. 22 Nov. 1797. 
iv. Sarah, b. 24 Feb. 1799. 

V. Marct, b, 15 Mar. 1805 ; m. Orace Cass. 

Children by second wife : 

vi. Nathaniel, b. 16 Sept. 1817 ; removed to Taunton, Mass. 
vU. Obadiah, b. 19 Apr. 1819. 

d6. Samuel* Sprague ( Obadiah,^ Richard,* Anthony* William^) married 
Ruth . His will, dated Glocester, R. L, 6 Dec. 1778, men- 
tions wife Ruth and the children named below. 
Children : 

i. Richard,* b. 15 June 1748. 

ii. Ruth. 

IIL Mart. 

iv. Lydia. 

V. Hannah. 

vi. Marct. 

vii. Pklbg. 

vilL Ebenbzer. 

1909] Ralph and William Sprague 157 

Ix. BooBfEU, m» Sarah . His estate was settled 8 Feb. 1815. 

X. Samuel; d. 27 Oct. 1786 ; m. Elizabeth . 

xi. Jeremiah, m. 1792, Abigail Randall, widow of Nehemiali. 

xli. Stephen. 

37. Ebenezer* Sprague {Daniel,^ Ehenezer* John^ William^) was bom 

2 Aug. 1740, and married Melicent . His will is dated 

Johnston, R. I., 30 Oct 1810, and mentions wife Melicent and the 
nine children given below (Johnston Probate, vol. 4, p. 287). 
Children : 

1. Darcasb (Dorcas),* b. 16 Sept. 1761 ; m. Ltndenbubgeb. 

ii. Phebb, b. o Sept. 1768 ; m. 8 Jan. 1786, Joseph Cowing. 

ill. Stephen, b. 10 Aug. 1765. 

iv. Solomon, b. 24 May 1767. 

V. Sally Lucy, b. 24 Nov. 1769 ; m. Kilton. 

vi. Amy, b. 26 Dec. 1771 ; m. Williams. 

vil. Avis, b. 21 Jan. 1774 ; m, Clemenck. 

vlll. Ebenezer, b. 27 July 1778 ; m. 27 Aug. 1804, Hannah Bowbn. 

ix. Meucent, b. 1 May 1781 ; m. Sheldon. 

38, BuFUS* Sprague (Daniel,^ Ebenezer,^ John^ William^) was bom 13 

Sept. 1742, and married Rosannah . His will, dated 

Johnston, R. I., 2 Sept. 1794, names wife Rosannah and the four- 
teen children given below. 
Children : 

1. JUDAH.* 

ii. Diadamt (Dbodamia). 

iU. Sarah. 

iv. Rosabellow (Rosabella). 

V. Anna. 

vi. Polly. 


43. viil. Joseph. 

ix. RuFus, m. 2 June 1806, Elizabeth Randall of Scltuate, R. I. 
X. George, b. 18 Aug. 1786. 
xi. Pardon. 


xiU. Sylvester, m. 21 Oct. 1806, Elizabeth Gilmore. 
xiv. Welcome. 

89. William* Sprague ( WtUiam,^ Peter,* William,^ WiUiaw}) was bom 
in Cranston, 5 June 1773, and married Ann Potter of that place. 

His will, dated 20 Jan. 1834, names brother Peter, daughter Al- 
mira Rice, grandchildren George, Amey, Ann, Brockholt, and Rol- 
lin Matthewson, children of my daughter Susannah, sons Benoniy 
William^ and Amasa. 


L Almira,* m. Rice. 

Ii. Susannah, m. Matthewson. 

lli. Bbnoni. 
Iv. William. 
V. Amasa. 

40. Edward* Sprague {John,* Joseph,^ Jonathan,* John,* Ralph^) died 

16 Dec. 1817. Pastor of the Congregational Church in Dublin, 
N. H., 1777-8. He married first, 24 Sept 1769, Martha Hill; 
and secondly, 26 Sept. 1778, Mrs. Hannah Fitch. 

41. John* Sprague (John,* Joseph,^ Jonathan,* John,^ Ralph^) was a phy- 

sician in Dedham. He married Rebecca , who died 2 July 

158 Ralph and William Sprague [April 

1813, aged 58. His estate was divided 7 Jan. 1801, mention being 
made of the six children living and the heirs of Esther Sweet and 
Elizabeth Sweet 

i. Charlks Harrison.^ 

11. Esther, bapt. 2 Aug. 1792 ;• m. Swset. 

ill. Jonathan, m. Ann . 

Iv. Lawrence, bapt. 8 Mar. 1795. 
46. V. Horatio, bapt. 28 Dec. 1798. 

vl. Rebecca, bapt. 28 Dec. 1798 ; d. 8 June 1820 ; m. 6 July 1809, Capt* 

Abraham Eustls, U.S.A. 
vil. Sarah Chambers, bapt. 28 Dec. 1798 ; m. 28 Jan. 1806, John Ma- 

viil. Elizabeth, bapt. 8 Mar. 1796 ; m. -^— Sweet. 

42. Samuel* Spragub {Ohadiahf Obadtah^^ Rtehard* Anihony^^ Wil- 
Uam^) was bom in Richmond, N. H., 22 Nov. 1797, and died 28 
Sept. 1881, aged 84. He married, Dec. 1822, Melinda Einomak, 
who died 26 Mar. 1874, daughter of Benjamin of Winchester. 

I. Leander,^ b. in Richmond, N. H., 4 Jan. 1824 ; now living In Bos- 

ton ; m. 2 Dec. 1852, Elizabeth Wilson and removed to Fitch- 
burg. Representative to the Mass. Legislature. 

II. Obadiah, b. 21 May 1826 ; lives in New York City. 

III. Angelia, b. 25 Jan, 1830. 
iv. Juliette, b. Oct. 1882. 

V. Samuel Henrt, b. 2 Mar. 1841; d. 18 Aug. 1868; lived in Keene, 
N. H. He was a lieutenant In a N. H. regiment in the ClvU War. 

48. Joseph* Sprague (i?ti/ti*,* Daniel,^ Menezer,* John,^ William^) was 

bom in Johnston, R. I., and married Sarah . His wHl, 

dated 11 Feb. 1802, names wife Sarah, son Charles Sampson, brother 
Sylvester, and honored &ther, Rufus Sprague (Johnston Probate, 
vol. 4, p. 54). 

i. Charles Sampson. 

46. Horatio^ Sprague (John,* Johuj* Joteph,* Jonathan^* John,* Safyh^) 
was baptized 28 Dec. 1798. He was living in Gibraltar in 1815, 
and died there in 1848, having been appointed lQ. S. Consul by 
President Jackson 30 Apr. 1832.t 

i. Horatio,' b. at Gibraltar 12 Aug. 1828 ; d. 18 July 1901. His wife 
was from New York, and d. in 1877. He was appointed bj Presi- 
dent Polk, Maj 1848, to succeed his father as Consul, holding that 
office for fifty-three years, and was also made Consular Agent at 
Algeciras in 1854. He was succeeded by his son Richard,' the pres- 
ent Consul at Gibraltar, besides whom he had two sons and three 

U. Heloise Mart, m. 28 Nov. 1849, Thomas C. Reynolds of Richmond, 

ill. ViCTORiNE F., m. Charles Homer of Boston, of Homer & Sprague, 
India Wharf ; had four children. 

Iv. A DAUGHTER, living In Baltimore, Md. 

V. A SON, living In New York City. 

* The dates of baptism are taken from The Records of the Episcopal Church in 
8toughton, Rboistbr, vol. 46, pp. 14, 183. 

tl%e particulars concemiiur Horatio' Sprague and his descendants are taken ttom 
the BotUm Sunday Hirald^rlb May 1898, and the Qlob9, 1900. 

1909] Genealogt&d Research in England 159 


Trmnsoribed hy Miss E^lizabbth Fbenoh, and communicated by the Committee on 
« English Research* 

[Continued from page 42] 

The Will of Christian Bacon of the Parish of St. Margaretts in 
Loth berry, London, the wife of Robert Bacon, the last day of August 1630. 
To my husband during his natural life an annuity of £20. To the three 
childi^n of Mrs. Rush £14. To Joseph Holland 10s. a year for the term 
of four years after my decease. To Mr. Capps in the old Jury 1 Os. The 
rents and profits out of lands in Westham unto my son Henry Loxham 
and my t\f o daughters Elizabeth and Mary. The four score pounds which 
I owe to Mr. Meantys for the purchase of his lands shall be paid at 
^ Michaells tyde " next, he the said Mr. Meantys levying a fine, and his 
brethren Thomas, John, and Edmund releasing their interests to the said 
lands. To Sara Hill, dwelling behind the Exchange, £5. To the two 
** orphants " of Mr. Holland, some time a scrivener in Wappinge, to the 
younger 408., and to the elder 208. To widow Anthony's daughter 408. 
To Mrs. Wybeard, the wife of Robert Wyberd, to Mrs. Capps of Wappinge, 
to Mr. Henry Dod, to my daughter Mary, to William Bidgott, and to Henry 
Colbron, each a ring. To Mrs. Dod my best gloves. To Mrs. Bidgott my 
gold la^ed gown. "To my daughter Blacklech my silk grogeran loose 
gown^ a stitch taffety petticoat with 3 gold laces & a beaver hatt." To Agnes 
Colbron a gown. To Mrs. Browninge a spoon. Sealed and published by 
the smd Christian Bacon to be her last will and testament by and with the 
conseut of her husband Robert Bacon. [Signed] Christiane Bacon, mark. 
Witnesses : Richard Bidgood, Patient Wallin, and Richard Broomer. 

I, Robert Bacon, do hereby condescend and agree for me, my executors 
and administrators, that this will shall stand in force and in no wise be im- 
peached by us or any of us. [Signed] Robert Bacon. Witnesses : Patient 
Wallin, Richard Bidgood, and Richard Broomer. 

Memorand. If any of my children die without issue in the lifetime of 
John Rush, then the yearly rents appointed to him or her so deceasing shall 
be paid to John Rush, the son of Nicholas Rush, Clarke, and Elizabeth his 
wife. Signed Christian Bacon, mark. Witnesses : llenrie Dod and Hen : 
Colbron. Probate granted, 25 January 1630, to William Capps, Thomas 
Houlkcr, Henry Brunwyn, Robt Dyer, Richard Andrews, Henry Colbron, 
and " Fulconi " Clifton. (P. C. C, 8t. John, 7.) 

The Will of Robert Bacon of the parish of St. Katherine Cree Church, 
London, Gunner of His Majesty's good ship or vessel called the Mare 
Honor, To my daughter Elizabeth Blackleech 12d. in money and no more, 
in regard I have already sufficiently advanced her in marriage to one John 
Blackleech, her now husband, to whom I gave with her an portion about 
•ix weeks after their intermarriage of £200 in money, which was paid unto 
him by Mr. Matthew Stone, merchant And after that £214 more which 
he received of one Mr. Nutt, grocer, near Billingsgate, upon sale unto him 
of the land lying in Shorne in the County of Kent, and £900 more he re- 

* The Committee on English Research desires to state that, although the Society 
has no official representative in England, the Committee is employing Miss French as 
a record searcher there along special lines for the benefit of the Reoxstsb. 

160 Genealogical Research in England [April 

ceived upon sale of the lands at Westham to one Mr. Oliver Markland, 
innholder, all which several payments do amount to the sum of £1314. 
To my son-in-law Henry Lockson 12d. and no more, because he hath already 
had to his portion at two several payments the sum of £942, vizt. at one 
time he received £42, and afterwards at another time he received of Mr. 
Hitchcocke in Bread Street, London, £900 residue. To my mother Susan 
Allen my Spanish chair. All residue whatsoever and wheresoever to my 
well-beloved wife Susan Bacon, and I make her my sole executrix. [Signed] 
Bobert Bacon. Witnesses : Abraham Nunns, Randall Nunns, Fran : Wise- 
man, Scr., and Barbara Wiseman. 

Memorandum. The withm named Robert Bacon on 22 Jan. 1G44, in 
the now dwelling house of the said Robert Bacon in the parish of Eatherine 
Creechurch, London, acknowledged this to be his present last will and 
testament in the presence of Richard Newbery and Thomas Parker. 
Proved 24 Mar. 1644 [-45] by Susanna Bacon, relict. (P. C. C, Rivers, 

[" 4 (5) 1649. I attested a Certificate that 'Elizabeth the wife of John 
Blackliedge of Boston (the daughter of M'. Robert Bacon mariner deceased, 
who sometime lived in Wapping & afterward near Cree Church in London) 
is now liveing & in headth " (AspinwaH's Notarial. Records, p. 223). 
Probably such a certificate was necessary for the collection of the income 
left to Elizabeth Blackleech by her mother. Christian Bacon. E. F.] 

The Will of John Bartole of Crewkeme in the County of Somerset, 
13 Oct. [worn]. To son John Bartole three parcels of my [worn] situate 
in Crewkeme aforesaid- in a place ihere called [trorn] from and immedi- 
ately after the widowhood or death of [worn] wife, during the re8i[due of 
years] which shall then be for to come and unexpired, as by one deeii there 
[worn] the hand and seal of one William Owsley more plainly it doth 
appe[ar]. To son Thomas Bartole my bam, [irom] one yard of arable 
groimd lying near the eastefield of Crewkeme, after the death of Agnes 
my now wife, for residue of years as per leases from William Owsley and 
his son Edward. To sons Willia Bartole and Peter Bartole land lying in 
Crewkeme, after the widowhood or death of Agnes my now wife. To 
daughter Magdaleen Bartole in mon[worn] pounds. To Thomas Bartole, 
Peter Bartole, and Magdaleen Bartole, my sons and daughter, my house- 
hold stuff equally divided. To daughter Annes the brass crock which wa» 
given her by the widow Frecke, her godmother. To Gilbert and Richard, 
the sons of my daughter Agnes, a silver spoon each. To my son John 
Bartole's three children 20s. apiece. Residue to Agnes my now wife, sole 
executrix. [Signed] by me John Bartole, my signe. Witness to the truth 
hereof, John Fullers. Proved at Crewkeme, April 1640, by the executrix 
named. (Archdeaconry of Taunton, original wUl.) 

The Will of William Bartole of Crewkeme in the County of Somer- 
set, yeoman, 9 May 1641. To Magdalen Wolmington £40. To Agnee 
Bartole, my brother's wife, £5. To Peter Bartole and Thomas Bartole, 
my brother's sons, £20 apiece. To John Bartole and Anne Hare, my 
brother's son and daughter, £10 apiece. To Rachell Brown, my sister's 
daughter, £5. To my sister Jane Barber's children at Huunington [Honi- 
ton] £5 to be equally divided amongst them. To Magdalen Wolmington's 
child, which now she goes withall, £5. All the residue to William Bartole, 
my brother's son, whom I make sole executor. [Signed] The mark oi 

1909] Genealogical Research in England 161 

Winiam Bartole. Witnesses: Rogero Cosins, Georgio Gibbs. Proved 
^0 Dec. 1641 by William Bartole, nephew of the deceased and executor. 
(P. C C, Evelyn, 149.) 

[" John Bartoll of Marblehead in New England planter " sold the house 
mod garden in Crewkerae left him by his father, 24 (5) 1641 (Lechford's 
Note-Book, p. 235). The church registers of Crewkerae show that he 
married, 12 June 1628, Pamell Hodder. E. F.] 

The Will of John Battiscombe of Veares Watton in the parish of 
Symondsbury in the County of Dorstt, 7 Mar. 1641. To the poor of the 
parish of Symondsbury. To the poor in the almshouse in South Street, Brid- 
porte, 6s. 8d. To son Richard Battiscombe £5, and to every one of his chil- 
dren 408. apiece. To sons John Battiscombe, Andrewe Battiscombe, and 
Robert Battiscombe, to each of them 2s. 9d. To daughter Annes Battes- 
combe £120. To daughter Dorothie Houncell £10. Grace Battiscombe, 
my now wife, and son Christopher Battiscombe, my executors. If there 
remain to my executors 100 marks or more, then my executors shall pay to 
Andrew, Robert, and Richard Battiscombe (or if Richard be dead, then to 
his children) £20 more to be equally divided amongst them. I mean Rich- 
ard to have his part. I give full power and authority to Christopher 
Battiscombe, my son, to hold and occupy my land of Veares Watton with 
the appurtenances during the life of my eldest son John Battiscombe, upon 
these conditions : to pay yearly out of the said lands to my said son John 
aforesaid £16 a year during his life, and also to see him carefully guided 
and looked unto during the said term ; and also to pay yearly, during the 
time that Grace, my now wife, and the said John shall live, to the rest 
of my ciiildren (and if my son Richard be dead, to his children) the sum 
of £16 a year ; and if the said John do outlive his mother, then the said 
Christc^her to pay £40 yearly to my then living children (and if Richard 
be dead, to his children) by equal portions as aforesaid. To the said 
John Battiscombe, my eldest son, and to his heirs male, all my lands 
in Symondsbury and Marshwood in the County of Dorstt, and in Me- 
riatt and Crewkearne in the County of Sommstt. And for default of such 
i«sae, successively to Richard Battiscombe, my second son, and his heirs 
male, Andrew Battiscombe, my third son, and his heirs male, Robte Bat- 
tiacombe, my fourth son and his heirs male, and Christopher Battiscombe, 
my youngest son, and his heirs male. Provided always that if my above 
named son John Battiscombe will not be ruled by my executors in his edu- 
cation and marriage, and in the ordering and disposing of his estate, or he 
nue any means or advantage by law, or any other frauds, to conveyj sell, or 
otherwise make any estate whatsoever contrary to the trae meaning of this 
my will, to defeat or disinherit any of his other brethren or their heirs, then 
my will is that all such estate that I have before limited unto him be utter- 
ly void, and that the next heir male to him, as above said, shall enter into 
idl my lands and tenements before bequeathed unto him. And then my 
heir so entering shall pay yearly to the said John my son out of my lands 
aforesaid £19 for his maintenance during his life. To my son Christopher 
tU my lands and tenements within the Borough of Bridporte in the County 
of Dorstt and to his heirs male. Written with my owne hand to bee my 
last will and testam't in the p^sence of John Battiscombe, Honor Smith, 
Andrewe Moore, John Hallett, and John Steevens. [Signed] John Battis- 
combe. Proved 22 Nov. 1642 by Christopher Battiscombe, lawful and 
natural aon, and Grace Batiscombe, relict. (P. C. C.> Campbell, 123.) 

162 Genealogical Research in England [April 

The Will of Grace Battiscombe in the parish of Simondesbory in the 
County of Dorsett, widow and relict of John Battiscombe of Simondsbury 
aforesaid, lately deceased, 25 Apr. 1643. To Elizabeth Smyth, my ancient 
servant, 508. To Elizabeth Bagg of Bridport 20s. To the widow Nich- 
ols of Bridport, Marjorie Bellamy of Bridport, Giles Penny of Simonds- 
bury, William Look of Exe, Sarah HonnseU of Simondsbury, spinster, and 
John Stevens of Exe, 5s. apiece. To William Paul lOs. To son Robert 
Battiscombe £20. To son John Battiscombe so much in goods and house- 
hold stuffs as will amount to £10. After the decease of my said son John, 
if he leaves no wife or child living, the said goods and household stufib to 
remain unto my two sons Robert and Christopher Battiscombe. To my 
son Richard Battiscombe, his daughter Martha Battbcombe, my son Andrew 
Battiscombe, and my daughter Agnes Battiscombe, £5 apiece. To my daugh- 
ter Dorothy Honisell, and my grandchild John Honnsell, £3 apiece. Chns- 
topher Battiscombe, my youngest son, sole executor. [Signed] Grace Bat- 
tiscombe. Witnesses: Robte Loder, Joseph Hallett. Proved 12 July 
1683 by Christopher Battiscombe, son and executor. (P. C. C, Brent, 191.) 

[Veares Watton was owned by the Veer family from the time of Henry 
III (about 1250) to about 1435, when the family became extinct and the 
estate passed by sale to John^ Battescomb. From him was descended 
(through Robert,* John,* Christopher,* Robert*), John* Battescomb of 
Veares Watton, the above testator, who married, in 1596, Grace Coade, and 
entered his pedigree in the Visitation of Dorset for 1623, their children 
then given being John,^ aged 23, Richard, Andrew, Robert, Christopher, 
Agnes, Mary, and Dorodby. (For interesting details see " Visitation of 
Dorset, 1623," pp. 11-13.) Richard^ Battescomb, the second son, is evi- 
dently the following : " Richard Betscomb of Hingham in New England 
late of Bridporte in the County of Dorset haberdasher in behalfe of Mary 
and Martha his Daughters makes a letter of Attorney to Andrew Robert 
& Christopher his brothers to receive two Legacy es of 50* a peece given by 
Philip Strong late of the devizes in the County of Wiltes gent Deceased 

6. 25. 1640." (Lechford's Note-Book, p. 165.) Strong's will is 

not to be found either in P. C. C. or Wiltshire probate records. The arms 
of Battescomb of Veares Watton were : Argent a chevron between 3 bate 
sable. Crest, an olive branch proper. Veares Watton is in the parish of 
Symondsbury, which adjoins the town of Bridport, Dorsetshire. E. F.] 

The Will of William Fitch of the Parish of St. Albons within the Towne 
of St. All)ons in the County of Harts, shoemaker, 20 Jan. 1575, To be 
buried in the churchyard of St. Peters within the town aforesaid. To wife 
Margaret £G 13s. 4d., and the use and occupation of my house during such 
term of years as I have in said house if she so long live. Also all such 
implements of household as she brought me at marriage. To son William 
Fitch £20 in tlie hands of Nicholas Johnson, to be paid to said son at the 
day payable by virtue of an obligation made between the said Nicholas 
Johnson and me. To son Thomas Fitch £20, to be paid to him immediately 
after he hath accomplished the years of his apprenticehood. To son Hugh 
Fitch £10 and the residue of aU goods imbequeathed ; Hughe Gilbert, my 
servant, to have the occuj)ying of the whole stock of my said son Hughe 
Fitch for seven years next aiter my decease if the said Hughe Fitch do 
live so long, the said Hughe Gilbert to take the said Hughe Fit^ to appren- 
tice durin*; the said seven years. To Joan Smyth, my daughter, 40s. and I 
forgive Jolin Smyth her husband all such debts as he doth owe me. To 
my two apprentices lOs. apiece. If any of my said children, that is to 

1909] Genealogical Research in England 163 

saj WHliiun, Thomas, Hughe, or Joan die before the days appointed for 
the receit of their legacies, reversion to those then living in equal portions. 
And if all m J children die before the days before expressed, reversion to 
mj brothers' and sisters' children in equal portions. To Leonard Aborton 
mv black coat To my three sisters 20s. apiece. Nicholas Johnson to be 
soie executor, and William Lawrance to be supervisor. In witness where- 
of I the said William Fitch have put my seal. Witnesses : Nicholas Low- 
en, Thomas Tirat & Thomas Cannfild with others. Codicil dated 26 Nov. 
1576. Whereas I have bequeathed to my son William Fitch £20, which 
William has deceased, the same is to be distributed as follows : To wife 
Margaret, to son Thomas, to son Hughe and to daughter Joan £5 apiece. 
Witnesses: William Lawrence, Nicholas Johnson, Hugh Gilbert, Agnes 
Grigg, and others. Proved 17 Dec. 1576 by Nicholas Johnson, the execn- 
lar named in Uie will. (Archdeaconry of St. Albans, Gapton, 218.) 

The Will of Joane Smtth of the town of St Albans in the County of 
Hertford, widow, 27 Jan. 1601. To daughter Agnes, now wife of Hugh 
FUch, 408. To Jerymy Fitch, Zacharie Fitch, Mary Fitch, and Agnes 
Pitch, the sons and disiughters of the said Hugh Fitch, 40s. apiece at the 
age of twenty-one. To Joane Howe and Elizabeth Howe, daughters of 
Thomas Howe, 50s. apiece. Residue of goods and chattels to daughter 
Margaret, now wife of the said Thomas Howe, which said Margaret Howe 
I make sole executrix. Hugh Gilbert and John Longe overseers. [Signed] 
The markeof the sayd Joane Smythe, 30 May 1602. Witnesses: Hugh 
Gilbt, John Long, Thomas Howe and Conon Rawlyn no'^. Proved 21 
June 1602 by Margaret Howe, daughter and executrix. (Archdeaconry of 
St Albaos, Clapton, 203.) 

The Will of Elizabeth Smyth, daughter of Joane Smyth of St Al- 
bans in the County of Hertford, singlewoman, 28 Feb. 1591 [-2]. Nun- 
cupative will. To my sister, the wife of Hughe Fitch, my b^t coat, and 
to her two children 5s. apiece. To Thomas Coomes 2s. To my aunt 
Cliockard my old coat. Residue to my sister Margaret Witnesses : the 
aid Joane Smith and Thomas Coommes. Proved 17 May 1592 by Joane 
Smyth, the mother. (Archdeaconry of St. Albans, Clapton, 150.) 

The Will of Jeremy Fitch of the town of St Albans in the County of 
H««tfbrd, "shumaker," eight [worn] 1648. To my three sons, John, Jer- 
emy, and Zachary Fitch, my messuage or tenement with the appurtenances 
DOW in the occupation of John Sampson, baker, and Thomas Sewell, coUar^ 
maker, lying in the town of St Albans aforesaid, to be equally divided be- 
tween them, and to enter upon the same at their several ages of one and 
twenty years. My now wife Joane shall hold the premises to her own use 
imdl my said three sons shall come to age, towards their education and 
Hnding out apprentice. To daughters Mary, Sara, and Anne, £20 each at 
ihor several ages of twenty-one years. To sister Mary Dun 20s. Resi- 
due of goods and chattels to Joane, my beloved wife, full and sole execu- 
trix. My loving friends WiUm Hickman and Thomas Tanner to be over- 
seers, nsignedj the mHce of the said Jeremy Fitch [no seal]. Witnesses : 
Ralphe Gladman and John Chamocke scr. Proved 3 July 1649 by Joanne 
Pttchy relict and executrix. (Archdeaconry of St Albans, original will.) 

The Will of Joane Fitch of the town of St Albans in the County of 
Hestfordy widow, 23 May 1676, To daughter Agnis Fitch my house, me»- 
TOL. Lxni. 12 

164 Genealogical Research in England [Aprit 

Buage, or tenement in St. Albans aforesaid in which I now dwell, known by 
the " Name or Signe of the Wheat Sheafe," with all the appurtenances 
thereunto belonging. To my two sons Jeremiah Fitch and Zacariah Fitch, 
and to my two daughters, Sarah, wife to Bichard Williams, and Martha, 
wife of Richard Iremonger, 10s. apiece. Residue of goods to daughter Agnis 
Fitch, sole*executrix. [Signed] Joane Fitch. Witnesses : Tho : FlindeD, 
William Grimwin and Tho : Clarke. Proved 10 July 1684 by Agnes fitch, 
daughter and executrix. (Archdeaconry of St. Albans, Hickman, 211.) 

[We have here the wills of the paternal grandfather, maternal grand- 
mother, aunt, brother, and sister-in-law.of Zecherie Fitch of Reading, Mass. 
The wills of his father (Hugh) and mother (Agnes) do not appear in the 
records. The registers of St. Albans Abbey contain not only records re- 
garding such of 2^acherie Fitch's children as were bom in England, but 
also of his parents, grandparents, brothers, and sisters. See Register, 
vol. 57, p. 415. E.F.] 

The Will of John James of Earls Barton, Noriiamton, husbandman. To 
John James, my son, and Sarah his wife, my daughter-in-law, 5s. apiece. 
Unto Thomas James, my sonne, that halfe yard land, the remainder of the 
Luid I purchased in the feildes of Barton called Boonehide, now in mine 
own occupation. To Isabell James, my daughter, my house which I now 
dwell in and all other buildings, my part of the close in London end and 
my part of the piece of ground under London end. To Francis Turland, 
Gerke, for his son John, 5s. All the residue unto Isabell James, my daugh- 
ter, she to be executrix. Edmund James and Clement James, my brethren, 
to be overseers. [Signed] John James the elder [the seal is indisttnci]' 
Witnesses: Fr. Turland and Andrew Groolie. Proved 16 Sept 1681. 
(Archdeaconry of Northampton, L. 37, original will.) 

[Thomas James of Salem gave a letter of attorney, 27 (6) 1645, to 
Thomas Burges of Charlestown to recover a debt of Francis Spicer of Eck- 
ton in Northampton, and to sell land in Earles Barton in Boonehide (As* 
pin wall's Notarial Records, p. 7). In the will of John James, proved in 
1631, we undoubtedly have that of the emigrant's father. The constant 
recurrence of the name " Edmund " in the wills of this family suggests that 
Edmund James of Watertown may also have belonged to it. The James 
family still live in Earl's Barton. E. F.] 

The Will of Clement James of Creaton Magna,* County of Northamp- 
ton, gent, 15 Mar. 14 year of Charles I. [1639 J. To son Frauncb Mark- 
ham, and to my daughter Joane, his wife, £12 apiece, and to each of their 
children 5s. To my son and daughter Thomas Lillinston als Willmott and 
Mary his wife £12 apiece, and to each of their children 5s. All the resi- 
due to loving wife Alice James, whom I make executrix. Sons-in-law Fran- 
cis Markham and Thomas Lillmgston als Willmott to be overseers. [Signed] 
Clem' James [the seal bears a lion passaruy Witnesses : Francis Mark- 
ham, Thomas Lillingston, and Davi: Warde. Proved 9 May 1639. (Arch- 
deaconry of Northampton, E. 301, original will.) 

The Will of Ales James of Earles Barton in the County of Northu, 
widow, 8 Feb., 1576. To Ales, daughter of William Jame of Castel Ash- 
by, household goods, cattle, and £10 in money. To my sons' and daugh- 
ters' children 12d. To Isabell May hoe, my maid servant, one sheet To 
Richard LynneU, my brother, 2s., and to his son 12d. All the residue to 
my son Edmund, whom I make executor. Thomas Medburiei Thomas 

t Creaton Magna is 10 miles north-west of Earle's Barton. 

1909] Oenealogical Research in England 165 

Jsme, and Richard Jame to be overseers. Witnesses : Henry Wjlcocks, 
▼icar Uiere, and William Jame. Proved 3 May 1576. Inventory £CCC 
injs. (Archdeaconry Court of Northampton, T. 182. ) 

Th& Will of Edward James of Earl's Barton in the County of North- 
ampton, husbandman, 18 Nov. 1610. To Edmund James, my son, 12d. 
To John James 12d. To Hugh James, my son, 12d. To Joan James, my 
daughter, the wife of Thomas Batson, 12d. To Katherine James, my 
daughter, the wife of William James, 12d. The residue to my wife Eliza- 
beth, whom I make executrix. Overseers, John James, my kinsman, and 
William Bluit. [Signed] the mark of Edward James. Witnesses : John 
James and William Blewet. Proved 8 Mar 1612. Inventory £15 2s. 
(Archdeaconry Court of Northampton, Z. 201.) 

The Will of Edmond Jeames of Earl's Barton in the Counde of North- 
ton, yeoman, 19 Dec. 1625. To well beloved wife Agnes, and to son Rich- 
ard Jeames, four beasts or kyne and three calves, equally between them [!]. 
To the said Agnes and Richard, and to son Peter Jeames, all horses and 
grain. To wife Agnes and son Peter all housefiold stuff and sheep equally. 
iliree long carts to three sons, Thomas, Edmond, and Peter. To son John 
James, all the residue of my goods, and chattels unbequeathed. Son Richard 
executor. Mentions son-in-kw Richard [yoom'] and [Natha]iell Medb[ury] 
of Earl's Barton. [Signed] Edmond James. Witnesses : Francis Muscott 
and Nathaniell Medbury. Proved 14 Jan. 1625 by Richard James. In- 
ventory £CXXX Vs. lid. (Archdeaconry of Northampton, A. V. 309.) 

[The wills of three of the sons of the above testator follow.] 

The WDl of Richard J^hes of Earles Barton, Northampton, yeoman, 
18 Sept. 1642 [f— a/mo<< illegible']. To son Edmund Jemes £20, my yard 
land purchased of Mr. Wade of [word omittecT] my little close purchased 
of John Nicholes, and a parcel of ground purchased of John Silvester in 
the precincts of Barton, with appurtenances. To son Lewis Jemes £20 
and my half yard land with appurtenances in Earles Barton. To daughter 
Atice Jemes £100, to be let out for her benefit by my overseers. All said 
children to continue with their mother Isabell James, my wife, till her 
second marriage, death or decease. Residue to my wife Isabell and son 
Lewes. Wife Isabell executrix. Overseers Mr. Francis Muscote the elder, 
Thomas Farrow, Peter Jemes, and Richard Barker, my brother. Witnesses : 
Richard Peech, Thomas Ashe, Susan Nevit her marke. ^^ I Isabell James 
did promise Lewes her sone yt land at Brixworth in ye prence of Peter 
Jams A Richard Barker the 27 day of Desember 1652 '' [aUached to the 
nde of the will]. (Archdeaconry of Northampton, A, 1645-1660, 155, orig- 
inal will.) 

The Will of Johk Jeame of Earl's Barton in the County of Northamp- 
ton, yeoman, the elder, 7 Mar. 1649. To sons Peter Jeames and Samuell 
Jeams my one yard land, lying in the Boonehide of Earl's Barton, by me 
purduued of John Hodges, deceased, equally at the age of twenty-one ; un- 
til then my wife Elizabeth to enjoy the same. To son Thomas Jeames my 
me««uage or farmhouse, wherein I now dwell, at the age of twenty-one. To 
Mm Oanyell Jeames my close, called Thorpe close in Earl's Barton, at the 
age of twenty-one. To my son Joseph Jeames £100 at the age of twenty- 
one. To eldest son John Jeames 5s. The residue to wife Elizabeth, whom 
1 make executrix. Loving brothers Edmund Jeames and Richard Jeamea 

166 Genealogical Research in England [April 

to be overseers. [Signed] The mark of John Jeams. Witnesses : Franc 
Medburj, Peter Jemes, and James Barker. Proved 15 Mar. 1649. (Arch- 
deaconry of Northampton, Book A, 156, original will.) 

The Will of Thomas Jeahes of Earles Barton in the County of North- 
ampton, yeoman, 26 Nov. 1635. To Joane, my well beloved wife, the use 
and profit of all my lands, tenements, and hereditamente in Earles Barton 
until each of my two daughters, Agnes Jemes and Margery Jemes, come to 
their several ages of eighteen, or marry. Agnes Jemes shall have the 
messuage or tenement where I now dwell and one half of idl my yard land 
in Earles Barton aforesaid, one half the meadow in Earles Barton purchased 
of Thomas Smart and £6, to be paid her at the age of sixteen. To daugh- 
ter Mariory Jemes the cottage or tenement now in the possession of my 
mother Cicely Cowpar, and one half of my yard land and all the great ar- 
rable land which I purchased of Francis Muscote, gent., outlying in Ecton 
brokfeild of Earles Barton. Residue to my wife, who is made executrix. 
Signed, sealed and declared to be the last will and testament of ye said Thomas 
James in the presence of his two brothers John James and Richard James^ 
and Francis Muscote, gent, whom he appoints to be overseers. [Signedl 
the mark of Thomas Jemes. Proved Jan. 1635-36, Inventory £XIX 
XIIUs. (Archdeaconry of Northampton, E. V. 445.) 

The Will of Circely Cowpar of Earl's Barton, Northton, widow, 22 
Sept. 1 628. To Dorothy Cowpar and her heirs land at " Dowthorpe towne's 
end," and near unto Milles his house, with appurtenances. To Richard 
Blewet and Alice Blewet, my two grandchildren, 5s. apiece. To Agnes 
Blewet, their mother and my daughter, 6d. To Joan my daughter, wife of 
Thomas Jemes, Is. To Edmund Jemes her son, my grandchild, 58. The 
residue to Dorothy Cowpar my daughter, executrix, she to pay to my grand- 
child Kerry Blewet 50s. Henry Meidburie and Roberte Wade, overseers. 
[Signed] Cicely Cowpar. Witnesses : France Muscote, Henry Meidbury, 
the mark of Anne Milles. Proved 30 Apr. 1636 by the executrix. In- 
ventory £77 19s. lOd. (Archdeaconry of Northampton, E. V. 506.) 

The Will of William Stanborowe of Canons Ashby in the Coimty of 
Northampton, yeoman, 19 Nov. 1642. To son Josias Stanborowmy house, 
messuage, and tenement, with the appurtenances as they are now used, ly- 
ing in &e town of Banbury in the County of Oxford on the south side of 
a street called '' ye Beaatmarket,'* and now in the use and occupation of 
William Sanedge, stuffweaver. To brother James Stanborow all wearing 
apparel. To son-in-law Robert Raynford and Mary his wife, and the heirs 
of the said Mary, the other house with the appurtenances as they are now 
used, lying in the said town of Banbury and adjoining to the house on the 
Beastmarket aforesaid, and now in the use and occupation of Raph Lau- 
rance, day labourer. Son Robert Rainsford residuary legatee and executor 
[Signed] William Stanbarrow. Witnesses : Wm. Sprigg and Wm. Allen. 
Proved 1 May 1647 by Robert Rainsford. (P. C. C, bines, 108.) 

[" Will : Stanborowe " witnessed the will of Richarde Warde of Canons 
Ashbye, 12 September 1680. (Waters's Gleanings, p. 1443.) 

"15 (9) 1647 Josias Stanborrough granted unto Uezekiah Ufther of 
Boston bookseller a tre Att' ... to s^e &c : the rents of a house d garden 
in Banbury . . . given & bequeathed to him by the last will &c of Wm 
Stanborrough his Father late of Cannons Ashbie in Northamptonshire 
deceased." (Aspinwall's Notarial Records, p. 104.) £. F.] 

[To b« oontiaoed] 


York County Marriage Hetumt 



Commuaioated by Gb6bqb Waltbb Chambbbl^in, M.S., of Maiden, Mass. 

Becord of Marriages Solemnized by Ministers &c in the County of York 
1787 & 1788 as Returned by the Clerks of the Towns to the Clerk of the 
Court of General Sessions of the Peace for the county of York, & recorded 
herein [now in the office of the Clerk of the Courts, Alfred, Me.] 
lib* 1. 

List of Marriages Solemnized by the Bev^ Isaac Hasey in the town of 
Lebanon in the county of York (viz*) 

1787 Jan^ 1 ( M' Edmund CoweU to 
1 M" Comfort Courson* 
Jan'y 2^ I M' John Jones to 
( M" Mary Hanson 
April 1 ( MT Samuel CoweU to 
I M" Amey Elgore 
entered agreeable to a Certificate rec* from James Witherell Town Clerk. 
ReC« April 10«» 1788 Att* J. H<». Bartlet Qerk 
1787. Oof 3* 

both of Lebanon 
• both of Lebanon 

• both of Lebanon 




Dec' 24th 

( W Jeremiah Hill to f 
( M" Abigail Stevens ) 
V W John Witham to 
1 M" Mehitabel Courson 

M' Daniel Courson to 

M" Shora Mills 
' lyp Joseph Famham to 
I M" Hannah Jouqs 

JkT John Pray to 

M" Anne Austin 

1788 j M' John Door to 

March 20th ( M* Lucy Whitehouse 
Ap^ 14th ( M^ Reuben Hull Copps to ' 
( M" Eleanor Rugg 
AU married by the Rev^ Isaac Hasey at Lebanon agreeable to the Cer- 
tificate rec<^ £rom James Witherell Town Clerk, rec"^ June 24th, 1788 

Att* J. H**. Bartlet Uerk. 
A list of the return of Marriages Solemnized at Biddeford as made by 
Jeremiah Hill Esq'. Town Qerk rec*. June 1788. viz*, that the Hon>« Rish- 
worth. Jordan & George Thatcher Esqrs & Benjamin Hooper Esq', have 
not joined any persons in marriage the year past 
that Jeremiah Hill Esq', had on 6th ( M' John Sweet <Sb ' 
March 1788, join'd in Marriage ( M'* Sarah Staple ; 

both of Bidd^ 

Rev^. Nath^ Webster tQade no return — 

Entered agreeable to a Certificate Att*. J. IP Bartlett Clerk. 

Marriages solemnized by the Persons follow* viz. by the ReV. Alphens 
Spring [pastor of the Second Parish of Eittery, now Eliot] 

Jan^ 20th Nath^ Low of CozhaU & AbigaH Goold of mttery 

* Mrs. at this time was used to designate single as well as married women. 

168 York County Marriage Betums [April 

Feb^ 11th James Kill <& Sally Hammond both of Elttery 

April 16th Timothy Bredeen & Molly Fernald both of Eittery 

May 3^ Timothy Paul <& Elisabeth Tetherly both of Ettery 

17th Thomas Dixson & Sally Bemick both of Eittery 

Jmie lOih Elijah Drew of Madbury N Hampshire & Abig^ Clarage of 


Aug* 28th Wm°». Garland & Olive Elwell both^of Kittery 

Sept' Idth Sam^ Pettegrew Jon'. <Sb Anne Cottle both of Eittery 

Nov' 11th John Plummer & Lydia Neai both of Eittery 

22^. David Staple & Molly Staple both of Eittery 

27th Daniel Chickering & AbiAil Hubbard both of Eittery 

Dec'. 16th Enoch Staple & Eleanor Staple both of Eittevy 

20th Joshua Small Jun'. of Limio^n & Mary Clerk of Eittery 
David Furbush & Elisabeth Libby both of Eittery 

1788 Jan'y 10th Sam^ Jordan [of! Biddeford & Mary Frost of Battery 
March 15th by Joshua Hubbard Esq'. Meads Furbush & Mary Goold 

both of Eittery 

by D* Pierce 
1788. April 16th by Daniel Pierce Esq', none 
May 8th by John H<^ Bartlet Esq', none 

Rev*". Doct'. Beni*. Stevens & ) ^ . 

the Rev^. Joseph Litchfield | ^la^e no return 
Hon^ Edward Cutts & John Frost Esqrs & Richard Cutts Esq' made 
no return — Entered on Record agreeable to the return of Cap^ Dennia 
Fernald Qerk of the Town of Ette^ 

Attest J. B9. Bartlett Clerk 

Marriages solenmized by the following persons since Jan'^. 1787. by the 
Rev** John Thompson of Berwick [now South Berwick] 
Jan'7 2*" Paul Famham of Shapleigh with Meribah Lord [of] Berwick 

15 Joshua Roberts of Somersworth with Tamson Smith [of} 

25th Icbabad Huntress with Mary Wadling both of Berwick 
March 20th Dan^ Nason with Abigul Lord both of Do 

25th Nath" Gerrish with Alice Abbott both Do 

26th Solomon Thompscm with Lydia Edwards both Do 
April 16th Cap* Joseph Pray with M'» Mary Hyght both Do 
May 18th Andrew Stacpole of Somersworth with Betsy Abbot Do 
June 7th Humphrey Chadboum J', with M". Mary Parsims both Do 

24th Tho». Spencer with Olive Nason both Do 
Oct' 14th Rich<* Lord with Mary Gerrish both Do 
Nov'. 11 Benj* Frost with Nancy Archibald both Do 

Dec'. Idth Jonathan Hamilton S^ with Lydia Thurrell both Do 

16th Moses Hearl with Sarah Wadling both Do 
1788 Jan'y. Eben'. Warren with Hannah Reed both Do 

John Hill Esq', certifies that he has joined none in wedlock since April 

By the Rev' Matthew Miriam of Berwick 

Jan'3' 2d Elisha Lord d"* with Dorcas Goodwin both of Berwick 

9th Isaac Stillings with Olive Libbey both Do 

1909] York County Marriage Returns 169 

25th Joseph Spencer of Somersworth with Nabby Scates of Berwick 

March 25th Silas Hall of Fahnouth with Hannah Neal of Do 

21 Aaron Goodwin with Sidlj Hubbard both Do 

April 5th Joshua Scates with Hannah Keay / both Do 

Attested to by Naham Marshall Town Clerk 
Rec^. Sept 29th 1788. & Recorded agreeable to the return of Nahum 
Marehall Clerk for the Town of Berwick 

Attest J. B.\ Bartlet Qerk 

1787 By the Hon^. David SewaU Esq*. 

Dec' 27th Isaac Chapman & Mary Trafton both of Sanford 

Marriages Solemnized by ReV^ Sam* Langton of York 
1787. Apl 15th Arthur Bragdon of Shapleigh & Eleanor Preble of York 
May 17th Eleazer Beadle <Sb Mercy Smith of York 

Jane 21 Sam* Allen & Dorcas Abbot of York 

Nov'. 7th Will"* Tetherly of Kittery & Patience Grover of York 

29th Will" Harvey [of] Portsm^ <& Sarah Mclntire of York 

Dec'. 20th Ephraim Joy & Katharine Stevens of York 

1788 ¥e\r 11 Nich*. West of Wells & Kezia Mclntire of York 

21 John Haley J'. & Sarah Garey of York 
April 3*. Joseph Thompson & Olive Junkins of York 

June 29th Dan*. Garey & Eleanor Junkins of York 

Nov' 13th Will"* Adams & SaUy Hutchins of York 

27th William Junkins & Eunice Lunt of York 

Mark Green of Portsm** & Eunice Junkins of York 
Dec' 11 EUjah Blasdel J'. & Polly Emery of York 

1789 ¥e\P 15th Daniel Knight of Sanford <& Patience Garey of York 
April 12th John Junkins & Hannah Langton 

Re<^. Ap^. 1789 & Recorded agreeable to the return 

Att' J. H*. Bartlet Clerk 

Marriages solenmized by the Rev^. M^. Isaac Lyman [of] York 

Feb'^ 8th David Littlefield & Hannah Moulton 

10th Moses Sewall & Ruth BarreU 

June 6th Samuel Moody & Meriam Sewall 

July 29th Edward Cyer & Alice Leach 

As^ 27 George Darror & Abigul Littlefield 

Ocf 9th William Moulton & Lucy Harris 

14th Timothy Simpson & Deborah Harmon 

17th Nich^ West J' & Mercy PhiUipe 

31 Ellas Mam <& Betsy Trafton 

Nov' 2^ Jeremiah Hutchins & Sarah Littlefield 

5th John Harmon J' & Olive Harmon 

8th Henry Andross & Sarah Philbrook 

15th Elihu Bragdon & Abigail Bradbury & 

Edward C^er J' & Nancy Parsons 

22^ Isaac Sheen & Mercy Main 

27th Edward Emerson J' & Abigail Lyman, also 
Joshua More 3^ & Penelope Philbrook 

Jan'y 3*. Robert Tripe & Lydia Woodward 

170 York County Marriage Returns [April 

17th Joseph Shaw tP. & Betsy Allen 

April 10th John Bradbury J' & Priscilla Borbank 

May Idth William Stover & Anne Clark 

June 12th Abiel Pierson & Mary Adams 

Aug^ 28th Jotham Allen & Tabitha Trafton 

Se^ 24th Joseph littlefield & Polly Perkins 

Nov'. 27th Ebenez'. Saywaid & Tabitha Trafton 

dOth Michael Bowden & Meriam Raynes 

DocF 11th Sam^ Trafton <Sb Katharine Carlile also 

Sam^ Babb & Margery Davis 
18th Greorge Ham & Dorothy Trafton 

25th Theodore Webber & Olive Leach 

Dec'. 29th Samuel Linscot & Lucy Beadle 

1789 Jan*^. 8th John Leighton & Joanna Donnell also 
Henry Bridges & Martha Booden 
lOih Moses Hodsaon & Mercy Toung 
18th William Cutts & Betsy CasweU 
¥e\P. 8 Nathan^ Donnell <Sb Tabitha Bragdon 

17th Norton Woodbridge & Betsy Moulton 
Bec4. Ap^. 1789 & Recorded agreeable to the return of 
Joseph Simpson Esq' Town Clerk in York 

Att^ J. H*. Bartlet Clerk 
Marriages Solenmized by the Rev^ Doct' Benj* Stevens of Sttery 

1788 Fe\^ 19th Will" Tod J*. & Elisabeth Parker Ettery 
Ap^ 18th Richard Sayward & Sarah Dearing Do 
Aug*. 8*. Sam^ Brier & Margery Norton Do 
Se^ S^ Thomas Brown & Eunice Femald Do 

1789 Jan'y 18th Noah Parker <& Susanna Billings Do 
Feb'^ 19th Ebenezer Haley & Temperance Norton Do 
Ap^ 6th James Mitchel & Margery Perkins Do 

Re<^ May 1789 & recorded ^reeable to the return from the Town 
Clerk of Kittery Cap^ And^ P. Femald 

Att* J. H*. Bartlet Clerk 

Marriages Solemnized by the Rev^ M' Alpheus Spring [of what is now 
Eliot] 1788. 

April 21 Stephen Sewall of Bath & Abigail Bartlet of Kittery 

June 15th John Heard Bartlet Esq' <& Mrs. Elisabeth Atkinson 

[of] Kittery 
June 15th James Floid of Portsm^ & Ells* Remick of Kittery 

Aug^ 6th Greorge Spring & Anna Libby Kittery 

Oct' 5th Peter Staple J^ of Berwick & Nabby Hammond Kittery 

Do Major Joseph Frost & Mary Shapleigh Kittery 

Dec' 28^ Benj* Gerrish Berwick & Miriam Fergerson Kittery 

Jan'J' 22* Joseph Jordan Biddeford & Mary Leighton Battery 

26th Nath^ Remick & Abigail Paul Kittery 

30th Winthrop Scrigens/ & Hannah Mendum Kittery 

Feb'y 8th Amos Pike of Berwick & Sally Stacy Kittery 

& Return made that Dan^ Pierce Esq' has joined none in marriage and 

that Edward Cutts John Frost Richard Cutts & Joshua Hubbard Eisquiret 

and the Rev* Joseph Litchfield have made no returns by May 28th 1789 

1909] York County Marriage Returns 171 

Rec^ May 1789 & recorded agreeable to the return from And^ P Femald 
Town Qerk of Kittery 

Att* J. H* Bartlet Clerk 
None solemnized by J. H* Bartlet Esq'. 

Marriages Solemnized by Elder Tozer Lord since May 1788 in Shap- 
lei^ viz 

Mr. Ben1» Bracket & M" Phebe Tibbets Dec' 1788 
Mr. iW Bracket & M« Lydia Marrow Jan'y 1 1789 
Mr. Isaac Corson & Mrs. Esther Nason March 9th 1789 
Esq' William Rogers none & Elder Nehemiah Davis none 

Attested by Jos* Bracket Town Clerk 
Bec^ April 1789 & recorded agreeable to the Return 

Attest J. H*. Bartlet Clerk 

Marriages solemnized by ^V^ Matthew Miriam after March 1788 & 
March 1789 viz 

1788 May 8th Thom» Butler J' with Dorcas lUcker both of Berwick 
July 10th Dan* Downs J' Tamsin Ricker Do 
Aug* 7th Jacob Remick with Abigail Bracket Do 

17 James Goodwin 3^ with Love Shearbum Do 

21 Joshua Emery J' with Hannah Goodwin Do 

Sept' 7th Benj* Hodsdon J* with Meribah Abbot Do 

Oct' 2* Will™ Huntress with Betsy Warren Do 

16th Moses Bracket with Sarah Heard Do 

23** Benj* Grant of Coxhall with Sarah Hambleton of Berwick 

27th John Gowel with Elis* Libby both of Berwick 

Nov 6th David Twomly of . Rochester with Mary Hodsdon of 

Eben' lUcker with Mary Butler both of Berwick [Berwick 
13th Patrick Manninc with Mary M^'Intire Do. 

20th Joseph Nocks with Anna Downs Do 

Dec' 4th John Witherell of Rochester with Sarah Sanboum of 

7th David Downs with Lydia Lord Do 

11th Stephen Shorey with Abigail Libby Do 

Fortune Yeaton of Somersw'*^ & Jane Wise of Berwick 

1789 Jan'y 6th Shipway Goodwin with Katharine Abbott Do 

11th Nathan Murry with Olive Pike Do 

15th Benj^ Hodsdon 3<^ with Kezia Goodwin Do 

29th Gideon Dearing of Sanford with Mary Stanly of Berwick 
Feb^ 13th Jon^ Hanson of Lebanon with Hannah Stanton of Berwick 

26 Ephraim Butler with Lydia Libby both of Berwick 

March 20th Gershom Hanson with Dorcas Lord Do 

Attested by Nahum Marshall Town Gerk of Berwick 
Re(^ April 1789 & recorded agreeable to the return 

Attest J. H*. Bartlet Qerk 

Marriages solemnized by the Rev^ M' John Thompson [of what is now 
South Berwick]. 
1788 Jan'7 8th John Goodwin with Elis" Hubbard both of Berwick 

9 Tho* Bragdon with Amy Lord Do 

July 13th Edmund Hag^ns with Susanna Hamilton Do 

York Comniy Marriage Returns [April 

' X a Is«K Gerrish with Molly Butler Do 

F«)ftiuie March with Violet Lord Do 

^- ^ ^ ita Will* Goodwin 8** with Olive Wadlin. Do 

<u Duiiel Wilkinson with Phebe Spencer Do 

:*su Cap^ Nath^ Nason with Miss Betsy Manning Do 

'^^ Hw* Benj* Chadboum Esq' joined in marriage 

Uriah Williams <& Amy Hall 
Eben' Sullivan Esq' none the year past 

SAttest^^ by Nahum Marshall 
Clerk for the Town of Berwick 
liev. * ' ^>5? «Jk recorded agreeable to the return 

Attest J. H^. BarUett, Clerk 

Mat ria^*^ solemnized by Jeremiah Hill Esq'. 
Xi. :?^>dii l7tJ9 James Adams J' of Arundel & Elizabeth Tarbox of Bid- 

deford « 

v.\<i irs^ James Raymond & Sarah Hill both of Coxhall 

Attested to by Rishworth Jordan J' Town Clerk of the Town of 
Biddef ord 

Att» J. H*. Bartlet Qerk 

Marriages Solemnized in Shapleigh 1789 
Vu^' iOth Reuben Hussey A; Lydia Row ^ 

,Vi» 4^th 1789 Edmund Marrow & Anne Coppe >■ by Elder Tozier Lord 
i7th Grant Wentworth & Lydia Tibbetts ) 

KldfT Nehemiah Davis has joined in marriage 
i:?<i> Jan'y 25th Bradbury Morison & Betty Emery 
William Rogers Esq' none 

Attest* by Joshua Bracket T° Qerk 
»rncket Jy 8* Attest J. H*. Bartlett Qerk 

Marriages Solemnized by the Rev* M' Matthew Miriam of Berwick 
I . Si^ Ap* 9th Eben' Hodsdon w^ Sarah Nock both of Berwick 
May 5th James Horsum with Sally Grant Do 

10th Nath^ Barker of Francisbor*> w*^ Hannah Hodsdon Do 
20th Sam^ Butler Jun' w*» Nancy Shorey both Do 

14th Aaron Richer w»» Eliz* Libby both Do 

21st John Goodridge J' with Betsy Wentworth Do 

Aug* 30th Peter Pray J' with Polly Pahner Do 

^pt^ 14th Benj* Courson of Rochester with Betsey Smith Do 
Cha» G. Clark with Sarah Hohnes Do 

27th William Mather with Eliz» Miriam Do 

(,Vt' 5th Winthrop B°* Norton with Dorothy Gowell Do 

18 Tmi<> Hubbard with Jane Pike Do 

Jon* Stevens with Betsy Gray Do 

N^v* 20th Reuben Hamilton with Huldah Rendal . Do 

IVc* 10th Sam* Legrove [Legrow] of Lebanon w** Martha Ap- 
pleby Do 
nv *ui*'> "iX Eben' Jones J' of Lebanon & Molly Scates Do 
^^^ ^ 1$ Ephraim Ricker of Somersworth & Susanna Fall Do 
^^ John Fall w**» Dorcas Wentworth Do 
Attested by Nahum Marshall T» Qerk 

1909] Yorjk County Marriage Returns 173 

Mairia^es Solemnized by Bev^ John Thompson of Berwick [South Ber- 

1789 April 15th John Warren w*^ Mary Thompson . Do 
July 3** Reuben Abbot with Mercy Marrs Do 

16 Moses Goodwin with Eunice Warren Do 
Sept' 1 James Wilson [of] Portsm** w** Sally Fumass of Berwick 

3** James Frost with Mary Hill Do 

Oct'. 15th Moses Ricker with Sarah Hodsdon Do 

Nov* 12th Dan* Emery J' of Kittery w*» Abig* Lord Do 

Dec' 6th Ichabod Marrs with Molly Nason Do 

29 John Drew J' of Somersworth Lydia Butler Do 

1790 FeVy 230 Joseph Hearl with Mary Abbot Do 

Attest^ by Nahum Marshall T° Qerk 
Attest J. H* Bardet Qerk 

Marriages solemnized by the Rev^. Doct' Benjamin Stevens of Kittery 

1771 Nov' 28 Benj* Rendal of Newcastle & Joanna Bram of Kitteiy 

1772 FeVy 27 Reuben Brown of North Yarmouth & Lucy MitcheD [of] 

Aug* 21 William Sliles & Sarah Lance of Kittery 
Oct' 25 Elihu Gunnison Jr & Tabitha Mitchell of Kittery 
Nov' 23^ Roger Mitchel & Abigail Gerrish Kittery 
Dec' 2^ Benjamin Parker Esq' & Sarah Newmarch Kittery 

1773 July 11 Boston Negro serv* to Cap* Underwood & Silpha serv* to 

Lady Pepp^ [Pepperell] 
Dec' 7 Tho* Mugridge «Sb Rebecca Billies Kittery 
7 Dan* Davis & Sarah Welch of Ettery 

1774 Feb'y 20th Rich** Phoenix & Mary Leach Kittery 
March 22** Nelson Pichnail & Anne Place Kittery 

1775 Aug^ 31 Andrew Pepperr* & Mary Ann Turner of Portsm® by li- 

cense from Governor 

1776 Jan'y 1 Will™ Mitchel J' & Susanna Foy of Kittery 
April 3*" Nath* Gordon & Eliz» Hutchins Do 

28 Tobias Femald & Eliz" Mitchell Do 

June 13 William Weeks & Alice Pray Do 

July 1 Cap^ Jn** Frazier & Mary Stevens of Portsm® by license 

Oct' 1 John Sevey & Jane Femald Kittery 

1777 Jan'3^ 27 John Cane & Joanna Dam Do 
April 8 Moses Stevens & Katherine Leach 

Nov' 30 John Weeks J' & Isabella Dearing of Kittery 

1778 May 21 William Baston & Hannah Amazeen of Newcastle there 

being no Minister there 

June 21 Wentworth Ricker & Eliz» Fumald Kittery 

22^ Jotham Staple <Sb Mary Stevens Do 

July 2^ Mark Kearswell & Mary Titcomb Do 

Aug^ 26th John Dennet & Sarah Pray Do 

1779 Mar 21 Sam' Norton & Margery Norton Do 
May 23^ James Chambers & Anne Stocker Do 
July 8th Edward Damasen <Sb Betty Welch Do 
Aug« 10th David Welch J' & Sarah Beny Do 
Ocf 28th John Matthews & Mary Shannon New Castle 

174 York County Marricige Returns [April 

Nov' 30th William Thornton & Esther Leach Kittery 

1780 March 12th Nath^ Parsons [of] York & SaUy Underwood I>o 
May 4th Will°» Holbrook & Eliz» Underwood Do 
Sept' 20th Edmund Hammons & Hannah Mugridge Do 
Oct' 21 Caleb Spinny & Margery Mendum Do 

81 Tho» Trafton [of] York & Mary Moore Do 

Nov' 12 John Haley & Martha Hutchins Do 

16 William Dame [of] Portsm® & Eliz* Underwood Do 

1781 Jan'y 10 Will™ Amazeen & Abigail Underwood New Castle 

11 Josiah Gunnison & Mary Tucker Eattery 

20 Thomas Horn & Mary Trefethem Do 

25 Joseph Billings & Sarah Cocks Do 

Feb'^ 18th James Mullen & Abigail Jordan Newcastle 

July 2^ Joseph Foster & Haimah Gowell Kittery 

Oct' 18 William Mendum & Anna Welch Do 

Dec' 13 John Leavit [of] Stratham & Betty Bellamy Do 

GiBor Phipps di 

1781 Dec' 20th George Phipps & Miriam Femald Kittery 

1782 Jan'y 3** Joseph Billings Jun' & Mary Femald Do 

7 Mark Stanly & Mary Brown Do 

25 Nicho*' Henderson & Mary Davis Do 

¥e\P 7 William Lewis & Sarah Johnson Do 

March 14 John Spinny & Abigail Dam Do 

24th ReV* Joseph Buckminster [of] Portsm® & 

Sarah Stevens Do 

April 25th Ezekiel Roberts & Margaret Cressey New Castle 

June 17 Sam^ Fletcher & Hanns^ Burr £attery 
July 17 John Stevens J' & Jane Seavy Do 

22 Clement Cocks & Nancy Shute Do 

Oct' 3 John Mugridge & Temperance Beal Do 

1783 Dec' 19 Edward Page & Miriam Burbanks Do 
Jan'y 23* Nath* Amezeen & Sarah Jones New Cattle 
March 9 James Brown & Sarah Femald Kittery 
July 13 Richard Talton & Abigail Amazeen New Castle 
Aug* 26th Sam^ Odiome & Temperance Underwood Ettery 
Dec' 7 Moses Brier & Mary Norton Do 

1784 March 22* Hatevil Dam & Jerusha Witham Do 
Aug* 19 Sam* Norton J' & Eunice Gunnison Do 
Nov' 7 Gilbert Femald of Portsm*^ & Phebe Pray Do 

1785 Jan'y 25th W°>. Parker of Lynn & Mary Chandler Do 
Feb'y 7 Benjamin Grace & Eunice Troy Do 
May 1 James Hooper & Eunice Brown Do 
June 11 Thomas Brown J' & Hannah Perry Do 
Sept' 8 William Staples [&] Eady Stevens Do 
Dec' 1 1 Cap* Sam* Smallcom & Jane Moore Do 

26 John Shackford [of] Portsm<» & Amelia Moore Do 

1786 March 6th John Norton & Hannah Hutchins Kittery 
Ap^ 13 John More & Sarah Chauncy Do 
Aug* 7 Henry Herbert & Katharine Stevens Do 

20 Benjamin Dam & Eliz» Mitchel Do 

Sept' 7 William Phoenix & Mercy Mitchel Do 

Nov' 29th Daniel Bartlet <& Sarah Cutts Do 

1787 Jan'7 18 Elihu Femald & Hannah Chandler Do 

1909] York County Marriage Returns 175 

Fel/y 13 Joseph Weeks Femald & Katharine Chandler Do 

July 3<^ Charles Belamy & Margaret Haley Do 

15 Joseph Mitchel & Elizabeth Gerrish Do 

Sepf 13 Tho» Dennet Femald <& Pamelia Jones Do 

Oct' 11 Thomas Appleby & Margery Gerrish Do 

Nov' 1 Joshua Moore & Nabby Beal now of Do 

1788 ¥e\f 19 WilP Todd J' & EHz» Parker Do 

April 18 Richard Sayward & Sarah Dearing Do 

Aug* 3** Sam* Brier & Margery Norton Do 

Sept' 3* Thomas Brown <& Eunice Femald Do 

Jan'y 18. 1789 Noah Parker <& Susanna BUlings Do 

Feb'^ 19 Eben' Haley & Temperance Norton Do 

April 6th James Mitchel & Margery Perkins Do 

1 7 Robert Darling & Dionisia Bams Do 

28 John Todd and Sarah Webber Do 

Aug* 20 Sam* Moore J' 

Nov' 15 John Stone [of 

]oi] York & Margery Parker Do 

Lmiric & Betty Winkly Do 

Dec' 20th Jeremiah Clark "[of] York & Eliz» Hirst Chauncy Do 

John Carter <& Polly Mitchel 
1790 March 24th Sam* Lamphear & Polly Allen Do 

Attested by And^ Pep* Femald Town Clerk 

Attest J. H**. Bardet Clerk 
Marriages Solemnized by John H^ Bartlet Esq' 1791 
Sep'^ 14th Stephen Dow of Weare in the State of New Hampshire 

& Peace Neall of Kittery 

Marriages solemnized by Elder Tozier Lord of Shapleigh viz* 
Ap* 5 1791 Joseph Door & Sally Hussey of Shapleigh 

Ap* 1792 John Horsum & Alice Libby 

Married by Nehemiah Davis 
July 4. 1791 John Stanly & Eliz» Ross of Shapleigh 
Sept' 18 John Ham & Eliz» Wilson of Shapleigh 

Oct' 16 James Patch & Hannah Groodwin of Do 

Nov* 17 Moses Pike of Waterbor^ & Polly Thyng of Shapleigh 

20 Ichabod Hom & Anne York both of Shapleigh 

Will'" Rogers Esq' has not married any the year past 
dated May 20, 1792 certified by Joshua Brackett T° Clerk 
Married by Rev** Silas Moody D'. 1/2 Arundell [Kennebunkport] 
July 8th 1792 Bracy Curds & Hannah Walker 
Aug* 7 Will°» Smith & Rachel Patten 

16 Benj* Stone & Betty Perkins & John Chatman & Lydia 

30 Eben' Emmons & Mary Wildes 

Oct' 18 Waldo Hill [of] Biddeford & Kezia DurreU 

25 Joseph Kingsbury & Hannah Miller 

Nov' 15 Moses Hutchins & Lydia Robenson 

1793 Feb'^ 12 Josiah Pain & Phebe Stone 
March 28 Ephraim Abbot & Elizabeth Town 

April 27th Eastman Hutchins of Sanford & Eliz^ Hutchins 

1793 Ap^ 28 James Jefferds & Eleanor M^'Cormack 

176 York County Marriage Beturns [April 

[May] 14, 1793 Tho» Junkins of Pepp*boi* & Prisdlla Dorman 
Arund^ May 20th 1793 certified W". Smith Town Clerk 
Married by the Rev** John Thompson (Pastor first Church in Berwick) 

1791 March 27 Jon* Hubbard to Frances Parsons 
Ap* 11 Alex' M^Intire to Sally Cotton 

23* Eben' Shorey & Patience Abbot 

Aug* 11 Joseph Lord J* & Olive Hodsdon 

De5 4 Dan* Cooper & Susanna Parsons 

18 Henry MeUen Esq' & Eliz» Hovey 

1792 Feb'y 13 Jon* Lord <Sb Hannah Lord 

26 Peter Clark & Betsey Hamilton 

March 15 Joshua Horsum & Lydia Grant 

26 Daniel Shackley & Peggy Lord 

Ap* 27 Jacob Goodwin <Sb Eliz* Cooper 

23"* Simeon Brock & Judith Roberts 

Married by John HiU Esq' 

1791 Sept' 26 James Thurrell & Hannah Hamilton 
Nov' 27 William Spencer & Sarah Patch 

1792 March 7 George alius [?] Black & Charlotte Frost 

Married by Dominicus Groodwin E^q' 
1792 March 15 Thomas Butler & Olive Abbott 

Married by Rev* Matthew Meriam Pastor 2* Church in Bermck 
A.D.1791 Ap^ 3* Joseph Ricker & Dolly Vamey of Berwick 
June 9th James Hamilton <& Mehitabel Brackett of Do 

13 James Gray & Hannah Murrey Do 

27 James Hanson Sa Eliz* Chick Do 


1791 July 31 Andrew Shepherd of Kittery & Eunice Goodwin of 


Aug* 18 Simeon Lord & Polly Frost Berwick 

Sept' 5 Simeon Andrews & Sarah Chick do 

8 Benja Wentworth & Mercy Lord do 

Oct' 2^ Will°» Dearing of Sanford & Mary Welch do 

Sam* Kendrick of Pepp^bor® & Ruth Warren do 

James Murry & Nabby Butler do 

6 Joshua Staple with EUz* Staple do 

23* Eben' Walker & Lydia Knight do 

Nov' 10 William Keay & Betey Wentworth do 

Dec' 22* Stephen Wentworth & SaUy Nutter do 

29th Isaac Merry of Somersworth & Hannah Smith of do 

1792 Jan'y 5 Nath^ Willey of Shapleigh & Sarah Worster of do 

Reuben Hayes & Eliz* Ricker do 

Feb^ 9th Jon* Ricker & Hannah Spencer do 

22* Aaron Abbott & Hannah Rollins do 

27. WiU°» Staple & Sarah Hill do 

March 1 William Lord Jun' & Experience Wentworth do 

6 John Brewster with Olive Prime do 

8 William Smith & Polly Tucker do 

Reuben Rendal of Somersworth with Dorcas Holmes of 

1909] York County ManHage Returns 177 

29th Thomas Dennet of Kittery & Polly Pray of Berwick 

Ap* 27. Thomas Rankins & Sally Jellison do 

Married by Benj* Chadboum Esq'. 
Jan'7 22^ 1792 Sam^ Oilman & Deborah Stevens 

Married by Elder Nehemiah Davis 
Dec* 6 1792 Timothy Emery & Polly Willson of Shapleigh 
Jan^ 6 1793 Simeon Brackett & Hannah Goodwin of do 
27"» Caleb Nason & PoUey day [?] do 

March 31. Joseph Door & Hannah Brackett do 

Married by Will™ Rogers Esq' 
Ap^ 30/1793 William Jones J'. Sarah Hanson [of] Lebanon 

Married by And^ Burley Esq' 
Nov' 29 1792 William Thompson of ShapP & Mary Davis Sanford 
May 15 1798 certif* by Jos» Brackett T» Qerk of Shapleigh 

Marrages of the Friends Solemnized in Berwick [now North Berwick] 
Samuel Nichols and Dorcas^ Boffum of Berwick married 30th day of the 

12th month 1790 
Cornelius Douglass and Lydia Buffum of do 23th of 6 month 1790 
Amos Hill and Mary Vamey of do 30th of 12 month 1790 
James Roberson and Sarah Green of do 29th of y« 9*^ month 1791 
Christopher Cole and Hannah Hussey of do 3^ of 11*^ month 1791 
John Austin and Sarah Jenkins of do y« SI*' of I** month 1793 
Joshua Jenkins and Miriam Hussey of do y" 28th of 2^ month 1793 
James Hussey and Temperance Buffum of Berwick 28th of 2^ month 1793. 
Jonathan Dow and Alexa Wintworth of do 22<* of 7"* month 1793 
Ebenezar Hussey Jun' and Marcy Austin of do 31*** of 10*** month 1793 
Moses Hontington and Hannah Page of do 28*** of 11*** month 1793 
Daniel Plummer and Anna Morrel of do 26*** of 12*** month 1793 
Exekiel Vamey and Marcy Vamey of do 2^ of 1*** month 1793 

Attest Paul Rogers Gerk 
Marrages Solemnized by Richard Cutts Esq' 
Aigust 12th 1793 William Pepperell Frost of Portland and Mary Cutts of 
Benjamin Chadboum Esq' certifies that he has not joined any in Marriage 
•ince Ap> 1793— certified April 30, 1794 

John Hill Esq'' certifies that he has joined in Marriage Elisha Bennet & 
Polly Warren both of Berwick Oct' 14 1793 & no other 

Marriages solemnized by Rev^ Matthew Miriam since Apr* 1793 
Elder Nehemiah Davis & Miss Phebe Door both of Shapleigh July 15, 1793. 
Dan* Wood Esq' Join d in marriage Jethro Heard J^ & Miss Olive James 
both of Shapleigh Jan'^ 6 1794 

Elder Nehemiah Davis Joined in Marriage 
Edmund Coffin & Nancy Heard both of Shapleigh May 19th 1793 
Bichard Chick of Shapleigh & Sarah Mace of Berwick May 30th 1793 
Sam* Hooper & Polly Coffin both of Shapleigh Sept' 16, 1793 
Tim** Pike of Waterbor** & SaUy Thing of Shapleigh March 20 1794 

May lo 1794 certified by Joshua Bracket Town Clerk 
Rev** M' Matthew Miriam Joind in Marriage the following persons viz* 
John McCrelles J' of Lebanon with Lydia Shorey of Berwick Ap* 23 1793 
29 Ichabod Libbey with Molly Keay of Berwick 

178 Descendants of Thomas Remington [April 

Benj* Frost widi Abigail Lord of Berwick 
Mark Prime with Sally Tibbetts of Do 
Isaac Morrill with Hannah Stanley of Do 
Job Wood with Jane Lord of Do 

Aaron Chick J' with Susanna Fogg of Do 
Alexander Prime with Apphia Hamilton of Do 
Dan^ McCrellis with Polly Ricker of Do 
Ichabod Groodridge with Dorcas Gubtail of Do 
Grershom Horn of Somersworth with Lydia Roberts of Berwick 
Jedidiah Goodridge J' with Sarah Gubtail of Berwick 
James Eimbal of Rochester & Mary Gubtail of Berwick 
Jacob Goodwin with Joanna Stanton of Berwick 
Ithiel Scates of Rochester with Ruth Clark of Berwick 
Charles Pray of Berwick with Sally Garvin of Somersworth 
1794 Ap^ 10 Jonathan Nute of Dover with Abi^ul McCarrel of Berwick 
Moses Pray J"^ of Lebanon with Rachel McCarrel of Berwick 
13 John Grant with Elizabeth Clark both of Berwick 

Attested by Rev^ Matthew Miriam Pastor of the Second 
Parish in the Berwick & certified by Ichabod Butler Town 

Marriages Solemnized by Joshua Small Esq' in Limington &c 
Shadrach W Rendal of Limerick & Polly Berry of Limington Oct' 31, 1793 
Elijah Gould of Limerick <& Mary Bowe of Limington Nov' 28 1793 
Jacob Small J' & Mary Black both of Limmgton Jan'y 2** 1794 

cerdfied by Abner Libby Town Oerk. 

June 16 















By Louis Mabinus Dbwbt, Esq., of Westfield, Mass. 

1. Thomas* Remington of Windsor, Conn., was a freeman there in 
1672. He removed to Suffield prior to the birth of his son Benjamin in 
1677, and took the oath of allegiance in 1679 with his sons Thomas and 
John, they being then 16 years old and upwards. (Savage's Gren. Diet.) 
He died at Suffield 23 Feb. 1721. His wife, Mehitablb Walker of 
Windsor, died 17 Dec. 1718. 

Children, in the probable order of birth : 

1. Thomas,* d. 16 Dec. 1683. 

2. U. John. 

8. 111. Jonathan. 

Iv. Sarah, m. 24 Jan. 1688-9, Peter Rowb.^ 

4. V. Joseph, b. at Windsor 1 Sept. 1676. ' 

vl. Benjamin, b. at Suffield 28 Dec. 1677 ; d. 4 Jan. 1767. 

2. John" Rbminqton ( Thomas^) lived at Suffield ; married there, first, 
6 Dec. 1687, Margaret Scott, who died 14 July 1693 ; and sec- 
ondly, 19 Dec. 1700, Hannah Hale, who died 1 Apr. 1768. 

Child by first wife : 
1. Sarah,* b. 22 Jan. 1688. 

* Bose in Sayage's Gen. Diet. 

1909] Descendants of Thomas Remington 179 

Children by second wife : 
it Thomas, b. 2 Feb. 1701-2. 

5. iU. Dakhx, b. 10 Feb. 1706-6. 

6. iv. Samukl, b. 6 Mar. 1706-7. 

7. V. Stephen, b. 8 Jan. 1711-12. 
Ti. Hannah, b. 25 Mar. 1728. 

3. Jonathan^ Remington ( Thomas^) lived at Suffield ; died there 15 

Jnne 1755, aged about 85. He married first, at Suffield, 11 June 
1701, Sarah Hovey, who died 18 Oct. 1716 ; and secondly, 11 July 
1723, Mabt (McLaughlin or McLaflin) Rising, who died 24 
May 1764, widow of John. 

i. Sarah,* b. 28 Jan. 1706-6 ; m. Hailb. 

8. U. Jonathan, b. 11 Nov. 1707. 

tit Elizabeth, b. 15 Apr. 1710; m. Capt. William Fletcher (1702- 

1784) of Westford, Mass. 
iv. Abigail, b. 26 June 1712 ; m. Fombrot. 

4. Joseph* Remington ( Thomas'^) ^ bom at Windsor 1 Sept 1675 ; lived 

at Suffield, and died there 24 July 1768 ; was a deacon. He mar- 
ried first, at Suffield, 2 Dec. 1703, Elizabeth Dddlet, who died 
after 1718; and secondly, 16 May 1759, widow Thankful Bush 
of Westfield, Mass., bom at Springfield, 18 Oct. 1686, died at 

Suffield 5 Dec. 1773, daughter of Luke, Jr., and Sarah ( ) 

Hitchcock. She had married first, 24 Jan. 1711-12, Capt. John 
Phelps < 1672-1 741) of Westfield, by whom she had nine children; 
and secondly, 30 Nov. 1752, Ebenezer Bush (1687-1757) of West- 

Children : 

I, Joseph,' b. 10 Nov. 1704; d. 28 Nov. 1704. 

9. ii. Joseph, b. 5 Sept. 1706. 

10. Ul. Dudley, b. 31 July 1710. 

11. !v. Isaac, b. 9 Aug. 1712. 

V. Elizabeth (twin), b. 22 Aug. 1718; d. 2 Aug. 1791 ; m. (1) 28 Aug. 

1746, John Noble (1706-1776); m. (2) 1778, Capt. Jonathan* 

Bruington (No. 8). 
vi. Maky (twin), b. 22 Aug. 1718. 

5. Daniel* Hbhinoton (John* Thomas^), bom at Suffield 10 Feb. 

1705-6 ; lived at Suffield, and married there, 7 Jan. 1730-1, Sarah 
Winchel, daughter of Jonathan, 2d, and Sarah (Hovey), bom at 
. Suffield 14 Oct. 1711. 
Children : 

11. I. Daniel,* b. 14 Oct. 1781. 
Thomas, b. 80 May 1733. 
Sakah, b. 17 May 1736 ; probably d. soon. 
Hannah, b. 2 July 1787. 
Jonathan, b. 28 May 1740. 
Rachel, b. 8 Dec. 1742. 
John (twin), b. 24 Jan. 1746-6. 
. JosL^ (twin), b. 24 Jan. 1746-6. 
Ebenezer, b. 16 Sept. 1767. 

6. Samuel* Remington (John,* Thomcu^), bom at Suffield 5 "Mbt. 

1706-7 ; died there 18 Mar. 1763. He married at Suffield, 26 Dec 
1734, Abigail Lane. 
VOL. Lxni. 13 












180 Descendants of Thomas Remington lAV^ 


i. Samuel,* b. 18 Jane 1786 ; d. 90 May 1766. 
ii. Abigail, b. 11 Ang. 1788. 

ill. Sarah, b. 7 Jane 1740 ; had a dan. Dinahs by Peter Biahop, 96 Sept. 

16. iy. Eluah, b. 18 Sept. 1748. 
V. HoSBA, b. 1 Nov. 1746. 

17. ri. ITHEBCER, b. 29 Feb. 174t-8. 
vU. Tahetha, b. IWmy 1761. 
vUi. RuFUS, b. 16^Apr. 1768. 

ix. Mesheck, b. 10 May 1767. 

7. Stephen* Remington (John,* Thomcu?), bom at Suffield 3 Jan. 

1711-2 ; died there in 1792. He married Sarah Barlow. 

i. Mart,* b. 26 Jan. 1786-7; m. 19 Feb. 1766, her cousin Thomas^ 

Remington (No. 18). 
11. Stefhen, b. 8 Dee. 1788 ; d. 4 Mar. 1789-40. 

18. Ui. Stephen, b. 29 Nov. 1740. 

iv. Ruth, b. 18 Aag. 1748; d. 21 Nov. 1778; m. 10 Nov. 1768, Thomas 

V. Lucy, b. 18 Nov. 1746 ; d. 20 Apr. 1767. 

19. vi. Abuah, b. 6 Aag. 1768. 

8. Jonathan* Remington {John,* T^omot^), bom at Soffield 11 Nov. 

1707 ; died there 9 Mar. 1796 ; called captain. He married first, 
at Suffield, Thankful Warner, bom 81 May 1711, died 31 Mar. 
1777, daughter of Nathaniel and Thankful (Taylor); married 
secondly, at Southwick, Mass. (intention recorded Feb. 1778), Mrs. 
Elizabeth Noble, daughter of Joseph' and Elizabeth (Dudley) 
Remington (No. 4). 

20. 1. Nathandcl,* b. 17 Aug. 1736. 

U. Jonathan, b. 2 Apr. 1788 ; d. 11 July 1767. 

Ui. Beth, b. 81 Jan. 1739-40 ; d. 4 Jan. 1760. 

iv. Amos, b. 28 Mar. 1741-2 ; d. 1 Sept. 1742. 

V. Mart, b. 12 July 1743. 

vi. Amos, b. 16 Jan. 1746-6 ; m. (int. rec. at Southwick 12 Dec. 1779) 
LucT Fowler, who d. there 2 Aug. 1791 (Noble Genealogy, p. 674). 

vU. LucT, b. 19 Mar. 1749; d. 26 Sept. 1788. 

9. Joseph* Remington (Joieph,* 7%oma«^), bom at Suffield 5 Sept 

1706 ; lived there, and died in 1747, as his widow was administratrix 
of his estate 10 Sept. of that year. He married first, 2 Aug. 1727, 
Abigail Dudley of Saybrook, Conn., who died 12 Feb. 1728-9 ; 
and secondly, 20 Dec. 1730, Susanna Kendall, probably daughter 
of Joshua and Susanna ( Harrington), who were married at ScS&eld 
25 May 1710. She married secondly, at Westfield, Mass. (int. rec 
28 Feb. 1748-9), Hains Eingsley (1780-1752) of Northampton and 
Westfield; and thirdly, 24 Sept. 1753, Ebenezer Bush, Jr., of 

Child by first wife : 
i. Zadock,* b. 80 Jan. 1728-9 ; probably went to Oastletoo, Vt. 

Children by second wife : 

U. Joskph, b. Sept. 1788 ; d. 24 Oct. 1788. 

21. tU. Joseph, b. 26 Dec. 1734. 

Iv. Elijah, b. 26 Mar. 1737 ; estate in probate in 1769. 
v. Slizabith, b. 26 Oct. 1741. 

1909] De9eendants of Thomas Remington 181 

10. Dudley* Rbminoton {Joseph^* Tfumcu^)^ bom at Suffield 31 July 

1710 ; died there 29 Jan. 1783. He married at Suffield, 11 Nov. 
1735, Rebecca Harmon, who was bom 14 Apr. 1717, and died 
Nov. 1799, daughter of John and Rebecca (Adams). 

i. JoHN,« b. 29 May 1743 ; d. 7 Dec. 1760. 
tt. ii. Asa, b. 25 Sept. 1745. 

11. Isaac* Remington (Jasephj* Thomas^)^ bom at Suffield 9 Aug. 

1712 ; died there 27 Dec. 1755. He married at Suffield, 25 Feb. 
1733--4, Ltdia Hanchett. The inyentory of his estate was left 
with Joseph Hanchett of Salisbury 1 Jan. 1756. 

L I8AAC,« b. 26 Nov. 1784 ; d. 16 Nov. 1766. 

11. SiMBON, b. 21 Feb. 178d-7 ; d. 28 Aug. 1758. 

SS. m. Benjamin, b. 14 Nov. 1789. 

!v. Elihu, b. 11 Aug. 1748. 

V. Lydia, b. 19 Apr. 1746. 

vl. Mart, b. 11 Sept. 1750. 

viL Dan, b. 26 Aug. 1758. 

12. Daniel* Remington (Daniely^ John,* TTionuu^)^ bom at Suffield 14 

Oct. 1731 ; lived at Suffield, and married there, 30 Apr. 1761, 
Elizabeth Hastings. 

L Jonathan,* b. 18 Jan. 1762. 

U. Elizabbth, b. 1 Aug. 1768 ; m. (int. rec. at Westfleld, Mass., 18 Nov. 

1787) Lewis Wabbineb. 
UL Zeno, b. 1 Apr. 1765. 

13. Thomas* Remington (Daniely^ John,^ I7tofna$^), bom at Suffield 

30 May 1743, and died there in 1777, his inventory being taken 4 
Mar. 1777. He married at Suffield, 19 Feb. 1755, his cousin Maet^ 
Remington, who was bom 25 Jan. 1736-7, daughter of Stephen 
(No. 7). 

i. LucY,» b. 5 Mar. 1767. 
U. Mabt, b. 4 Feb. 1761. 
ill. Thomas, b. 21 Mar. 1762 ; d. soon, 
iv. Thomas, b. 4 Nov. 1768. 
V. Sabah, b. 24 Mar. 1766. 
vl. Thaddbus, b. 1 Aug. 1768. 
vil. Ruth, b. 8 Mar. 1771. Joseph Hastings, 2d, ¥ras her guardian from 

10 Feb. 1786. 
viiL Obpha, b. 27 June 1778. 

Ix. Silas, b. 26 Feb. 1776. On 28 Nov. 1798 John Kittridge of Chester- 
field, Mass., was appointed guardian of Silas Remington, aged 17 
years, son of ■ of Suffield, Conn. 

14. JoHN^ Remington (Daniel^* John,^ TTioma^), bom at Suffield 24 

Jan. 1745-6 ; died there 30 Nov. 1769. He married at Suffield, 
5 Nov. 1767, Patience Mason. 

I. Eufhalbt,* b. 18 Oct. 1768 ; founder of the Remington Rifle works. 
U. John, b. 17 June 1770. 

15. JosiAH^ Remington {Danid^* John^* Tkomat^)^ bom at Suffield 24 

Jan. 1745-6. By wife Adah had three chil^n recorded at West^- 

182 DescendanU of Thomas Remington [April 

I. Jabal,» b. 4 May 1780. 
ii. JosiAH, b. 23 Mar. 1783. 
Ui. Adah, b. 18 May 1786. 

16. Elijah^ Rbminoton (Samuely* Jokn^^ Thomas^), bom at Suffield 18 

Sept. 1743 ; died there 26 Nov. 1804, having made his will 10 Jan. 
1803. He married at SuflBeld, 1 1 Apr. 1771, widow Esther Gunn, 
who died 21 May 1802. 

I. Esther,* b. 16 Jane 1772. 
24. ii. Elijah, b. 13 Aug. 1774. 

Hi. Samuel, b. 1780 ; d. 30 Apr. 1804, aged 24. 
Iv. Patty. 

17. Ithemeb^ Remington {Samuel^* John,* Thomcu^), bom at Suffield 

29 Feb. 1747-8 ; died there 11 Mar. 1792. He married at Suffield, 
2 Feb. 1775, Sarah Dewet, who was bom at Westfield, Mass., 
23 June 1748, and died 24 May 1800, daughter of Aaron and 
Sarah (Noble). 
Children : 

i. ITHEMEB,* b. 2 Sept. 1783 ; d. 15 Feb. 1834. 

II. Sabah, b. 2 Aug. 1785. 
ill. Clabissa, b. 22 Apr. 1787. 
Iv. Charlotte, b. 4 Aug. 1789. 

18. Stephen* Remington (Stephen,* John,* Thomas^), bom at Suffield 

29 Nov. 1740; died there 18 June 1820. He married first, at 
Suffield, 13 Mar. 1765, Eunice Mason, who died 2 Mar. 1769 ; 
and secondly, 31 Jan. 1771, Chloe Kino, who died 25 Apr. 1824, 
aged 69. 

Child by first wife : 

I. Anna,* b. 7 Feb. 1767. 
Children by second wife : 

U. Chloe, b. 22 Apr. 1772 : d. 11 Oct. 1780. 

III. Eunice, b. 16 May 1774. 
iv. Lucinda, b. 13 Apr. 1776. 

V. Sibble (Sibyl), b. 1 Jane 1778. 
26. vi. Stephen, b. 26 Oct. 1779. 
vil. Chloe, b. 11 May 1782. 
viU. Patty, b. 24 Dec. 1786. 
ix. Polly, b. 23 Aug. 1788. 
X. Enoch, b. 6 Sept. 1790 ; " went west.** 

19. Abuah^ Remington (Stephen,* John* Thomas^), bom at Suffield 

6 Au^. 1758 ; died there 15 Oct. 1832; captain. He married at 
Suffield, 14 Apr. 1784, Silence Rising, who was bom 1 Not. 
1764, and died 13 Feb. 1860, daughter of Abel and Silence 

i. Silence,* b. 6 Feb. 1785; m, (1) Horace Harmon; m. (2) John 

II. Desirb, b. 81 Jan. 1787 ; m. James Lewis. 
26. ill. Abuah, b. 26 July 1789. 

Iv. Cynthla, b. 2 Apr. 1792 ; d. 31 Jan. 1801. 
V. Lydia, b. 10 Oct. 1794 ; m. William Hastings. 
vi. Lucy, b. 6 July 1797 ; d. 18 Apr. 1867 ; m. Thomas Archkb. 
vil. Juuus, b. 23 July 1801 ; d. 11 Mar. 1846; m. 1 Oct. 1829, SLOABaTR 
D. NoBBis, and had iVancif.* 

1909] Descendants of Thomas Remington 183 

vlil. Lauka, b. 1 Oct. 1808. 
ix. Mart, b. 20 May 1806. 

^. Nathaniel^ Reminoton {Jonathan,* John,* Thomas^), bom at Suf- 
field 17 Aug. 1736; died there 27 Oct. 1816; lieutenant. He 
married at Suffield, 12 Feb. 1777, Rachel Noble, who was born 
81 Dec. 1743, and died 19 Aug. 1819, daughter of Ebenezer and 
Abigail (Palmer). 

t Jonathan/ b. 12 Not. 1777 ; d. at Suffleld, or Agawam, Mass., where 
he was a farmer, 18 Aug. 1851 : was graduated at Tale in 1798. He 
married at West Sprin^eld, Mass., 22 Dec. 1814, Mart Leonard, 
who d. 27 Oct. 1849, a^d 67. Children : Lucy Leonard^ and John 
Dickinson^ who are mentioned in their grandmother Rachel's will 
in 1819. 

21. Joseph* Reminoton {Jot^h,* Joteph,* Thoma^), bom at SuflSeld 

26 Dec 1734; lived at Suffield, and married there, 8 Sept. 1755, 
Lucy Griffin. 
Cliildren : 

1. Elizabeth,* b. 18 July 1757; probably m. 14 Nov. 1782, John Mor- 
LBT, and had seven children at Westfleld, Mass. 
, ii. Susanna, b. 22 Nov. 1768. 
lU. Lucy, b. 8 June 1760 ; d. 29 July 1760. 
iv. Elltah, b. 14 Sept. 1761. 
V. Lucy, b. 18 Dec. 1763. 

22. Asa* Remington {Dudley,* Joseph,* ITiomas^), bom at Suffield 25 

Sept 1745 ; died tihere 12 Aug. 1820. He married at Suffield, 5 
June 1766, Eunice Wait, who died 22 June 1805. 

1. John,* b. 8 Sept. 1767 ; d. 14 July 1771. 

li. Eunice, b. 10 Aug. 1769. 

lU. Rebecca, b. 25 May 1771. 

Iv. John Harmon, b. 6 July 1774 ; d. at Suffield 19 Nov. 1799 ; m. 7 Sept. 
1796, Susanna Cooper of West Springfield, Mass., who d. there 
21 Mar. 1814, aged 40 ; and had Asa,* b. 29 June 1798, whose son 
Baralel^ d. at West Springfield 26 Feb. 1882, aged 8. 

V. Rachel, b. 27 Feb. 1778 ; d. 6 Apr. 1778. 

28. Benjamin^ Remington {Isaac,* Joseph,* Thomas^), bom at Suffield 
14 Nov. 1739 ; died there 7 Sept 1803 ; lieutenant He married 
at Suffield, 2 Nov. 1759, Mart Bush, who was bom at Westfield, 
Mass., 2 Aug. 1743, and died 22 Jan. 1812, daughter of Ebenezer 
and Miriam (Noble). 
Children : 

27. I. Simeon,* b. 81 Jan. 1762. 

28. ii. Isaac, b. 25 Dec. 1768. 

lii. HuLDAH, b. 19 Dec. 1766; d. 26 Feb. 1808; m. Acklet. 

iv, Anna, b. U Apr. 1768 ; m. Bbown. 

T. Mart, b. 18 Aug. 1772; d. 6 June 1840; m. 25 Jan. 1798, John 
Fuller, who d. at Suffield 21 Aug. 1834, aged 64. 

29. t1. Benjamin, b. 26 Dec. 1780. 

24. £i«ijAB* Remington {Elijah,^ Samuel,* John,* Thomas^), bom at 
Suffield 13 Aug. 1774 ; died there 9 Mar. 1807. He married at 
Suffield, 5 Sept 1800, Rosanna Yiets, daughter of Capt John. 

She married secondly Weaver. Capt. John Vieta was 

appointed guardian, 18 May 1818, of Esther and Eliza Remington, 

184 Descendants of Thomas Remington [April 

tlie latter about 18 years old.* The estate was distributed, 4 July 
1818, by Abijah Remington, and Abijah and Samuel Hastings, b^ 
tween Bosanna Weaver, widow of the deceased, and Esther and 
£liza Remington, land and widow's thirds. 

i. BSTHKB.^ 

ii. Eliza, b. 21 Aug. 1801. 
Hi. John, b. 26 June 1808. 

25. Stephen^ Rehinoton (Stephen^* Stephen,* John,* l^omas^), bom it 

Suffield 26 Oct. 1779 ; died there 26 Sept. 1830. He married, at 
Suffield, Amt Gillett, who died 25 Aug. 1827. 

i. Mtron,* b. 18 June 1801 ; d. Dec. 1888 ; m. 11 Sept. 1825, Akoslinb 

iL Albert (twin), b. 5 Feb. 18Q8; d. 1 May 1877; m. 6 Dec 1817, 


ill. Almon (twin), b. 5 Feb. 1808; d. 22 Oct. 1888; m. 9 S^yt. 1824, 
Habbdet Wabneb. 

iv. Ann, b. 26 Mar. 1806 ; d. 1 Sept. 1885 ; m. Blihu Taylob. 

T. SmTL, b. 1807 ; d. 17 Sept. 1879 ; m. John Fulleb. 

yl. Jane, b. 20 July 1809 ; d. 2 June 1878 ; m. Nathaniel Curtis. 

vii. ABfT, b. 1 Feb. 1812 ; d. 10 Jan. 1892 ; m. Nobman Haotinos. 

vUl. Mabiett, b. 1814 ; d. 7 Oct 1855. 

Ix. Stephen, b. 14 Sept. I8l6; d. 8 Feb. 1879; m. 28 Feb. 1848, Sub- 
line Kent, who d. Sept. 1872, aged 50. 

z. Thomas, b. 27 Nov. 1818 ; d. 14 Aug. 1871 ; m. 16 Aug. 1840, Maby 
Fulleb, dau. of John and Maiy^ (Remington) . 

zi. Geoboe, b. 15 Mar. 1821 ; m. 80 May 1849, Eliza Ann Fulleb. 

xli. Chloe, b. 17 Sept. 1828 ; d. 22 Not. 1894 ; m. Nobman B. Adams. 

26. Abuah* Remington {Ahijahy^ Stephen^* John,* Thomas^), bom at 

Suffield 26 July 1789 ; died there 15 Apr. 1854. He married at 
Suffield, 2 May 1820, Chloe Hanchet, who died 15 Oct. 1872. 

I. Alboba Otnthia,* b. 7 Mar. 1822 ; m. M. Lewis. 
ii. HoBACE Habmon, b. 18 Nov. 1828; d. 9 Mar. 1894. 

27. Simeon* Rbbonoton (Benjamin,^ haacf Joseph,* Thonuuf), bom at 

Suffield 31 Jan. 1762; married there, 17 Dec. 1784, SuBA2ffVA 



L Alpheus,* b. 8 Oct. 1785 ; m. 4 July 1818, Mebct Fiebcb; and had 
Lucina^ and Louisa (twins), b. 4 May 1814. 

II. Susanna, b. 18 Apr. 1788. 
m. Simeon, b. 10 Sept. 1791. 

28. Isaac* Remington (Benjamin,^ Isaac,* Joseph,* Thoma^), bom at 

Suffield 25 Dec. 1763 ; died there 29 May 1831. He married at 
Suffield, 24 Jan. 1788, Susanna Smith, who died 17 Mar. 1888, 
aged 70. 

80. I. Isaac* b. 6 Oct. 1789. 

11. Geobge, b. 80 Apr. 1798 ; d. 16 Oct. 1821 ; m. Betsey Kiohols, who 
d. 21 Not. 1849, aged 58 ; and had Susanna Smithy^ b. 6 Aug. 1817, 
and Qeorge, b. 15 May 1819. 

* There it no mention of John* in the appointment, or in the diitribntion of the 

1909] Diary of John Whiting 185 

19. BcKJAmn* Bbminoton (Bgnfaminj^ itaoe,* Joteph,* J^mtui'^), born 
at Suffield 25 Dec. 1780; married there, 25 Nov. 1802, Mart 
Hale, who was bom 1 Nov. 1781, daughter of John, Jr., and 
Bachel (Norton). 

L BKNJ.AMIN,* b. 28 Oct. 1808 ; m. 17 Oct. 1882, Hannah Spkncxb. 

IL Mabt, b. 24 Apr. 1805. 

ilL Annk, b. 6 Mar. 1807. 

ty. William Hbnbt, b. 29 May 1809. 

v. MnjBftA Stuelk, b. 22 Jan. 1811. 

30l Isaac* Bbminoton (ifooc,* Benjamin^* haac^ Joteph^ T^omot^), 
bom at Suffield 6 Oct. 1789 ; died there 19 Nov. 1825. He mar- 
ried at Snffield, 29 Jan. 1816, Abigail Gillett, who was bom 10 
Dec 1795, and died 19 Feb. 1862, daughter of Daniel and Huldah 
(Sheldon). She married secondly, 31 Oct 1833, Seth Granger, 
who died 21 June 1863, aged 67, son of Oliver. 

I. Isaac Cahuncet/ b. 19 Nov. 1816. 

II. Dandel Gillbtt, b. 8 Jan. 1819. 

III. Hbnby L., b. 14 Dec. 1820; m. 5 Sept. 1849, L. N. Kmo. 



Commimicated by John F. Whitino, Esq., of North AtUeboroogh, Mms. 

Jane 1743 Dorcester Meeting House was Raised 

August 17 1743 Zechariah Whiting took a Negro CMd Whom thay Cal:d 

Nov^ 80 M' Tyler was ordain:d at the Clabordtrees 
January 1 1744 A Biasing Star Seen first About these days 
Feb y* 26 1744 Roxbury Meeting House was Burnt down 
Hay y* 1. the aples trees are full in the blow 
May y* 16 Nath^ Smith* House was Rus:d 
June y* 2 Wars Proclam:d in Boston 
June y* 3. An Earthquake about Meetings Be^ning 
^June 28 A Publick fast 
August y^ 14. Figion 3 Pence Per doz: 

Jan^. y* 15 Pigons Catcht and brought from 3 Shillings to 4 Shillings 

Per dozon 
April 26 [Friday in pencil] M' Whitefield Preacht here in Dedham 
June 17 Cappertnne Cape Breton taken Publick thanksgiving on that 

account July 18 [Saturday in pencil] 
April 28 1746 widow Deans House was Burnt down 
June y* 11 Raisd our Horse Stabel at the meeting House 

•John« Whiting, the diaritt, son of Nathaniel* (Timothy,' Nathaniel*) and Kary 
(Sllii) Whitinff, was bom in Dedham, Mass., 17 May 1710, and died there 28 Aug. 
1784. He marned there, 20 Apr. 1788, Abigail, daughter of William and Ann (Fw- 
rington) White, who died SO Jan. 1790. He waf a miller and lived in Dedham. See 
LaieU*! Whiting Genealogy, p. 36. 

186 Diary of John Whiting [Ajptil 

July widow Richards wenn Cut out it weigh:d better then four Pounds if 

I mistake not 
August y* 11 Hard frost which Kild the Com 
February 1747 I Bought me a New Saddle Price 9: Pounds 
April y* 19 the Peach Blossoms are [i^om] 
July y^ 2. Stoughton Meetting House was Rais:d 
Decern y" 4 the first Snow that Covered the ground: tis knee deep 

Year 1745 
Since the destructive Ball by Guns were hurl.d. d[6/(7<] years 365 

Since the Use of Printing Blest the World 317 

Since our forefathers Ventured ouer the Sea 125 

Since White was bom the first of English Blood on this New England 

earth 125 

Since Harvard did the College first Provide 106 

Since Philip first his Cruel war begun 70 

Since fair Bostonia fed the Crackling fiame 34 

Since the earth Received a Most tremendous Shock by an earthquake 18 
Since the Long and hard winter 5 

Since a Blazing Star was Seen in the Skies 1 

We Herd of a Medision Which Curred a Cansor. Take Cramberries and 

Stamp them and Put them on 10 or 12 days By Jy, John Herring 
January y« 30 1745 We Had a New Bell Come to Town 

Decern, y* 9 Boston Town-House was Bumt down 

January the Mezeals are thick about 
Octo y* 3. the Mill Creek Bridge Made with Sone f^foiw] 
April y^ 24 1749 Jonathan Fairington House was Burnt down 
May y* 10 Peace Proclamid Boston 
May y® 16 Jonathan Ellis House was Rais:d 
June y* 18 the Hot Sabath day 
June y^ 20 Jonathan Fairington House was Rais:d 
June the throat distemper is about 
Sep : y* 18 Silver Money Came to Boston 

January 25 Dr. Ames began to keep tavern 
January y« 30 I Bought me a New Hatt Price 11-0-0 
Sprinfield-Dover Meeting House was Rais:d Augut 30 

Nov. y* 7 Mr. Peabody was Ordain:d Roxbury 
Nov. y* 18 Cap*. James Jarvis died 
Nov. y* 20 Jeremiah Dean was Married to Rebec. Scott 
Nov. y« 23 Colo Richards kild a Bear 
Decem y* 5 M' Been was Ordain:d at Wentham 

January y* 15 A Great flood 

Jan : y^ 22 an Exceeding High wind, which tore down Buildings and tree* 
up by the Roots 

1909] Diary oj John Whiting 187 

Jan. y* 25 Ed. Richards junr was Kild with a Cart 

Jan 7^ 31 Josiah Draper was Married . 

Feb'' y 13 M' Robins was Ordainrd Milton 

April. People New Seated in the Meeting House • Joshua Pond Eben. 

Draper. Dauid Fuller. John Wilson. Joseph Dean. Com.*** 
April 7* 24 Jonathan Metcalf Bam was Rais:d 
April y« 27 the Light Burnt 

May 7* 23 Eben. Battlee and [also] Micheal Bacon Married 
May y* 31 Israel Fairbanks mai^ 
June y* 17 Great Hail fel which beat fruit of trees, and Com. Rye Barley 

and flax down to the Ground in Some Places. 
July y* 29. A Great flood on the Medows People Cant get hay 
about august y* 16 Comes another flood which made the hay Swim 
Sep. y* 25 Mr Woodard Ordain'd at Westown— 1751 
Octo y* 3 Lieu*. Joseph Whiting Married [to Lucy Fiske of Newton in 

later hand] 
father Rais-d a Cabidge this year 4 feet 8 inches and a half high 
Brother Joseph & I* Set out a young Orchard* the first tree was sot near 

an old Stump between 3 <& 4 A Clock in the aftemoon Nov y" 20 1751 
Jan J* 23 1752 William Badlam & [also] Aaron Ellis Married 

February the Small Pox is in Boston 
May the 14 Samuel Fairbanks and Mary Draper Married 
Jime y* 19 Cap Jeremiah Fisher died "- 
July y* 25 Tomas Lewis was drouned 
Dec y* 23 M' Parmer Ordain:d at Norton 
January y* 17 Mr. Ward Ordaind at Newton 1753 
Jan y* 25 William Paul and Mary Lewis Married. (1753.) 
Feb'. Four New Perws made for 8 Gentlemen of this town Viz 

Maj Pond Lev*. Battle. 

Cap Badlam Mr Woodard. 

Mr Symson Mr Metcalf. John 

Dr Ames. & Mr Avery. 
IF Thomas Dudley Married, april 26 
May y* 3 William Smith and Margret Grookin Married 
May y* 10 MaJ' Ebenezer Whiting and Rachel Tucker Married 
June y* 7 Eben. Draper ^"^ and Mary Dean married 
June f 24 M' Perry Preach* his first Sermon here Philip 2«12 13 

Sep y* 12 M' Amos Adams Ordain:d at Roxbury 
Octo. y* 1 Our New School house was Rais:d Price 400 Pounds done by 

Subscription [i e. Mill Vill in pencil] 
Nov y* 25 M' Luce died [Peter Luce in later hand] 

Jan. y* 17 Joseph Dean Married his 2^ wife Mary Baker 
March y* 4 Michal Metcalf Chosen Town Treasurer 
April y^ 25 A Church house Rais:d in Stoughton 
April y* 29 Cap Metcalfs Troop is disbanded 
June y* 1 Old tenor Bills are Stone dead 

June y* 18 Commitions fild up 1 David Fuller 2 David Fales 3 Jona- 
than Fisher 

188 Diary of John Whiiing [April 

Nov y« 21 William Wiver [?] was Haii^.d 

Not -f 23 the first Snow that CoTered ue Gronnd this fall 

Sep f b^ 1755 

the Church had a Meeting for the Choice of a mimster Mr Haven had 

40 Votes if I Remember. 6 against him 
Sep 7* 8 Jansons fight at fort George 
Octo 30 1755. The Second Parish Meeting for the Choice of a Minister 

Mr Haven had 56 Votes and if I Remember there apeared 10 against 


Nov y* 18 A Very Shocking Earthquake at 4 A.M. and Several more 
followed after [Severe at Lisbon in later hand; C. TV. in pencil], 

Dec. y* 21 MT Haven Gave his answer to the Call of the Parrish. which 
was a thousand Pounds Settlment and five Hundred Salary old tenor 
and twenty Cord of wood 

1756[-1756 in later hand] 
Thursday Feb^. y* 5 Mr Haven was ordained. Iblol] 

Mr Apleton Preacht from 2 Timothy 2 : 15 
January 28 Mr Josiah Shearman was Oordiund at Wobum 
Feb y* 18 Mr. Nath". Shearman was Ordained at Bedford 

Town Meetting March 1^ Maj' Pond Town Clark 1756 
April y* 15 Our Case tried about the Church Land 
April y^ 29. fa^ day [1756 in pencil] Mr Haven Married three Copple 

that Night Timothy Metcalf <& Hannah GuUd. Ebeneser Faiiington 

&. Hannah Smith. John Gray A Sarah Ross 
Our Soldiers sot out from Dr Ames towards Crown Point : 
May y« S^ 

May y* 18 Town Meettmg Deacon [Nath'^ in pencil] Sumner Bepresentit 
May y« 19 Eliphelet Baker And Elisabeth Fisher Married 
A Vast Number of dogs die Uiis Tear 
June y^ 11 Benoni Fairbanks Stole Meal out of my Mill 
June y* 24 Timothy Whiting raised a New Shead Sam Gay Carpenter 
July y* 8 on Thursday Night Mr Hezekiah Fuller died 
July y^ 14 Decon Wight £ed. on Wedinsday afternoon [^Wednesday in 

August y* 4**^ 1756 Boston Wars Proclam:d against the French and 

Governor Shirley Return : d to Boston. August y* 9 

August y* 5 Joshua Whiting A Elisabeth Pond Married 

August th" 25 I Put in a New flume 

Sep^ y« 21 Abel Ellis and AbigaU Guild Married 

Sep^ 25 Governor Shirley Set out from Boston Bound for Londcm 

William Avery Chosen deacon 


Sep^ y* 28 A two and forty Pounder Split on the Castle Ejld one man. 

wounded 2 or 3 
Octo y« 12 M' Haven Married 
Nov. y* 17. Cambridge MeetirMfom] House Raised 
Dec^ y* 16 Ebenezer Fairbanks & Prudence Fairington Married 

Janu.y f 19 1757 Lord Louden Came to Boston 

Jan.y y« 25"» Seth Tucker Died on tusday afternoon 

1909] Diary of John Whiting 189 

On Monday. Night; April Died the Hon^. lieutenant Goyemonr. 

Spencer r hips 
AjMil 7* 15 Nath^. Fairington had a Cow that Brought him three Cow 

Calyes at once 
IC^ 7* 17 Town Meeting Deacon Sumner Representitiye he gaye the 

Town Fifteen Dollors & a Treet 
May y« 18 M' Cotton of Newton died 
Watter Rats Came to our house 
Admiral Byng Executed March 14. 1757 
June y« 23 Sam". Richard* house Rais"^ 
June 7 dO, Publick fast on the Account of the Wars, and the drought M' 

Haven Preacht. from Joshua. 7 : 9 
July 7* 8* an Earthquake a Little after afternoon [after two o'clock in 

Jul7 7* 8th. a Becon Raisd on Blew hill 
August 7* 3^. Govemour Thomas Pownal Arived at Boston about twelve 

o Clock 

Sep^ 7« 27 Oliver Smith and Sarah Ga7 Married 
Deoem^. 7* 2 the Meetting House New Shinggleed on the South Side 
Dec^ 2^. Sam Roads Pun^t for Blasphem7 
Dec*' 7* 6 I Put in a New Breachtree 
March 7* 11 1758 Lord Loudon Sottout from Boston Sent for home tis 

Majnch 7* 19 Patiance Andros died 
March 7* 22 Mr Oliver Moris Was Ordained at Newton 
1000 Men Lodg. d in Dedham wich were Hilanders, The Chief Col* Name 

Was Frazer. April v« 9th 
Mrs Ames Brought to lied with her Son Fisher the Same da7 
April 1758 News Came that George Haldane b Governor of the island of 

And Francis Bernard Grovemor of New JerBe7. 
And Francis Fauquier. Lieutenant Governor of Virginia 
And Thomas Hutchinson Esq lievtenant Governor of the Massachusetts 

Ba7 in the Room of Spencer Phips Esq*^ Deceased 
April 7* 22 Which was Saturda7 John Lewis Raised his Com bam 
Ma7 7^ 1^. Edmund Gookin Married. Mrs Gookin told me 
Our Court Granted 7000 Men Soldiers to go to the Westward 
Town Meetting Deacon Ellis Representtitive Ma7 22^. 1758 I was Chosen 

Constable. & Israel Everit the Year before Hired b7 Eliphelet Ga7 
Ma7 7* 23 Cap^ Fales Marched with His Compan7 towards the westward 
John Fuller jun' was Constable 1756 & Joseph Wight was Chosen Collecter 
June 7* 17 1758 Old Mr [John in laier hand] Ga7 the Ta7ler died Aged 

90 7ear8 Lacking a few da7s, about 8. 
June 7* 29«». Pelatiah Whiting to Hannah Philips. Married 
JUI7 7* 12''*. A Church House was Raisd in Dedham 
JUI7 7* 31^. Thunder Showers which make a Great flood 
this 7ear I had a mustard Stalk Grow 8 feet 3 jnches high 
August 7* 22 Dea. Joseph Fishers House of Walpole was Bumt down 
Jul7 7» 2^. 1758 The Cit7 of Louisbourg Surrenderd, the Second Time 

to Hie English ; it was Besieged 48 da7s Sep^. 14^. Thanksgiving on 

that account 

190 Diary of John Whiting [April 

General Amherst was Commander in Chief of the Land Forces, about 
5000 of the Soldiers Came to Boston, and Sott out from thence Sep.^ 
y* 16 towards the Westward 

ggpbr ye 13 ^e finist Gretting hay at Low plain. A Vast deal of Hay Lost 
in Purchase Meddow this Year by Reason of the Great flood, which 
Came the 27."* of July and the medows are Wet yet Sep. y* 19 

A New Windmill Rais'd on Boston Neck. Sep^. y« 28, 1758 

Octo. y* 26 A Snowy day 

Nov. y* 18 Dr. Ames Raised a Com Bam which was Saturday on Mon- 
day after Husk^ his Com 200 Bushel 

Public Thanksgiving Nov. 23* Mr Haven Precht. Psalms 105 : 2 

On Wednesday Night y« 27">. of Dec 1758 my Clabbordtree Mill Damm 
Was Carri^ away down to the Foundation 

January 1759 the Mezels are thick about in the Clabordtree Parish 

Jan.y y^ 25 Joseph Guild and Meriam Draper Married 

Jan.y y« 25 The ReV* M* Merrion of Newton Married to Mehitable Fox- 
craft — if I dont Mistake 

March y* 5^. Deacon Avery Town Clark. 
Daniel Fisher Constable 

March y« 19**". Parrish Meeting Ens". Fisher Parrish Treasurer 

March y* 20 Sam". Doggett went of from Home for the Eastward 

March y* 23 this Parrish are to try the New Version of Psalms for Six 
weeks to Come 

Mr. King married to Sillance Dwight March y« 29 1759 

April y^ 12. Joseph Lewis Raised his Shop at Mr Doggett*s 

April y* 13 Our Soldiers Sot out from Dr. Ames' for Canada or Cape Bri- 

April y^ 19. 1759 M' Thomas Dudley's House was Raisd if I mestake not 

May y^ 1 My Boys had the meazels 

May y« 7**". Old Mr Jonathan Fairbanks IKed 

May y* 8^** William Gay Marri** to Margrate Lewis, his 2** wife 

June y* 5"*. Brother Joseph*. Bam was Rais^. on Tuesday 

June y* 26 I Put in a New Flume at my Clabordtree Mill and Began a 
New Damm. 

June y* 28"* A Publick Fast on the account of our fleet and army Going 
against Cannada 

Mr Mynott Preach*, from Hosea 6 : 4 and from Psahns 9 : 12 13 14 

June y^ 30 : A frost this morning 

July y«. 25 Put in a New Ground Sel at my Great Bridge 

August y« 8.*^ The Bridge Caled Hubards Bridge Built Now Partly by 
Dedham and Part by Milton 

July y« 27.**» 1759 The English took Ticonderoga General Amherst Com- 
mand here 

July y^ 25.^ General Johnson took Possession of Niagara Forte General 
Prideaux Ealed here by the Bursting of one of our Cohoms 

Crown Point taken by General Amherst 

[Sep^'. Octo y* crossed otrf] Joshua Gay Marri* to Mary Mills. Lett none 
be Disconnffed about Marring, it Being Munday August y^ 27. 

About the 18^ of Sep*. 1759 the City of Quebeck Surrendered to the Enfij- 
lish. Admiral Saunders and Genend Wolfe Commanders General Wow 
was Killd 

General Montcalm the Chief Commander of the French Eilld also 

1909] Diai^ of John Whiting 191 

Octo y* 15 the first frost that killed the Cucombers Vines this year. 

Octo y« 21"» Unde Timothy Whiting died 

f 3cto y* 25 Pablick Thanksgiveng on []he account of the Redaction of the 
City of Quebeck 

M'. Haven Preacht. Luke. 1 : 74 : 75 

Nov. -f 7"*. 1759 M'. Samuel Lock Ordained at Sherbum 

Nov. y* 29 Generel Thanksgiving thro the Province 

M». Haven Preach*, from Psalms 116:12 His first Child bom Last ITight 
whose Name is William 


Jan.^ y« 3**. Edmund Gookin Married his 2\ wife Deborah Whiting 

Jan^. y* 9**». Liev*. Edward Richard Married his 3*. wife Zeporah Battle 
She her d>\ Husband. 

Chester Dec. y^ 14 1759 Mr John Aiken of that Town, had three Com- 
pleat Boys Bom to him at one Birth the 12^ instant and are all Likely 
to Live and are baptized 

Feb. 21. Aaron Draper and Mary Fisher. Married, or about that time 

March 1760 Deacon. Wm Avery Town Clark Thomas How jun'. Constable 

A most terrible fire happened in the Town of Boston Supposed to be Greater 
then any that has been known in these American Colonies, far exeeding 
What was Generelly Called, the Great fire. Which happen^, here Oc- 
tober 2<*. 1711. it Began about 2 o'Clock Thursday March y« 20^. and 
Broke out in the Dwelling House of Mrs Mary Jackson and Son. at die 
Brazen head in Comhill. and Consumed 174 Dwelling houses & Tene- 
ments and 175 Warehouses. Shops and Buildings 

April or May M'. Lamard Came to Dedham 

April y* 9^ the Rev. Mr. Joseph Jackson was Ordain**, at Brookline 

March y* 27"*. 1760. Benjamin Swan and Sarah How Marri* 

May y^ 19"* Town Meetii^ Cap^ Metcalf Representitive first time 

June y* 3**. Governor Pownal Left Boston 

June the 4***. M'. Woodard had a Sworm of Bees of me to the halves for 3 

June y^ 1 2. Jonathan and Asa Whiting". Brought me a New Mill-stone 
Price 68 Pounds, from Wrentham 

June y* 4^. Mr. Caleb Bamum Ordained at Wrentham west Parrish 

July f 16***. Elijah Dunbar. Bunker Gay & Sam". Dean took their first De- 
grees Also Daniel Leonard 

July y* 23**. or 24***. Mr Sam". Dwight Man-ied the widow Mary Fisher 

August y* 2**. Grovemor Francis Barnard Arived at Boston on Saturday 

Sep'. y« 8"*. The City of Montreal And all Canada Surrendered to the Eng- 
lish. Octo. y* 9"*. Publick Thanksgiving on that account. Mr Haven 
Preacht from Collossians 3**. Ch. Last Clause in the 16"*. Verce Be y* 

Gen". Amherst & Gen". Murrey Commanded 

Sep*, y* 18"* Built My Mill the Great Work of it New Put in a New Sone 
[<<orte] ye 27"*. the 29"*. began to Grind with the Same wich was Munday 
in the Afternoon 

Octo y* 1"*. 1760 M'. George Damon Ordain : ^ at Tisbury 

Octo. y^ 27 Robert Smith*. House was Burnt down And a New Frame Rais^ 
November y* 8"*. following 

Nov. y* 27 1760 Publick ITianksgiving Mr Haven Pre. Roman 2 : 4 Joseph 
Lewis Married Mary Baker 

192 Diary of John Whiting [April 

Dec. J*. 11^. Sam^. Dayenport Had A lieu^ Commtion and Treeted the 

Company there about 300 People 
Dec. y^ 25 Hezekiah Fuller Married Annah Draper 
Feb^. f 4***. I Had a New Pair of Cart Wheels of John Hely Price Six 

Dollars the tire of Dea. Avery Price 22 : 11 : !!• 0:2:5 Pr. Pound it 

it weighed 187- 1761 
Wednesday evening y* 25^ of February Died Col. Joseph Richaids 
March y* 12. An Hard Shock of an Earthquake about a Quarter after 

two in y* Morning 
March y« 16^ Panuh Voted to BuUd a New Meetting House 
March y* 26 Put in New Coggs and Bounds and a New Lantern S Doggett 
March y* 29 1761 Doct Miller Preacht in the New Church the first time 
March y* 30 the Parrish Granted two Thousand Pounds old Tenor for 

BuUding a New Meeting House 
April y*^. John ^chards and Martha Day Married 
Joseph Guild Serve Constable for Eben'. Richards he Gave him 20 Dollars 
AprU y* 20. Valuation of Estates Taken thro the Province 
May y^ 21^. Benjamin Gay was Mising and found drowned in the River 

Near Cart Bridge ^ 24 
Maj Pond Representive this year first time 
June y* 11^ En. Jonathan Fisher*. House was Rais^. 
July y* 10^ Brave Showers after a scorching Drought thou^t by Some as 

Great as that 12 years ago 
July y« 14 (1761) M'. Sam". Dexters House was Rais:d in Dedham 44 

feet in Length & 38 in Breadth [North comer of High & Bullard 

Stretts in later hand[\ 
July y^ 30^. We had a fast on the Account of the Scorching drought M*. 

Bolch Preacht forenoon James 4 : 3 M^. Dunbar in the i^moon Jere. 

August y* 18^ 1761 The water is all thick and Geen in Charles River & 

1ms been So for 8 or 10 days. 
Octo y*. 5**. We took our Jumey to New Haven Returned home again 

Octo y« 24. 
Octo y^ 23**. An exceeding high wind wich tore up trees by the Roots the 

Wind was about Nothest 
Thanksgiveing M'. Haven Preacht from Psalms 50 : 23 
John Crehore Married Sarah Devenport Dec. y^ 3*. 1761. 
Dec y* 18''*. Joseph Storer Made me a New Cart and the old woman a 

New "worry whorry" [(^a "Pung," or box sleigh) in later hand. 

" Worry whorry " was a " whirry whirry " in pencu]. 
Dec. f 24"» Daniel Gookin Married Hannah Child— 1761 
March y« 9"» 1762 John Draper Kild a Hog Which weighed Twenty Seven 

Score & five Pound the Hog was 22 Month*. Old 
March y* 25^. John Calderwood and Family Thomas Toulmon and Family 

went of from Dedham Bound to St. Georges River at the estward 
April y* 8^. Abigail Draper Married Alse Eaton 
April y* 26 Being Munday John Fowler Married Moll Fairbanks 
May y« 10 Adam Blackman with the Rest of the Carpenters began to 

frame our New Meetting house 
May y« 13"» John Halls[?J Married Mary Wight 
May y* 18 Dea. Sumner Represantitiv had a New Side Sadie from Mendon 

Price £28 Pounds 

[To be concladod] 

1909] FroceedingB of the N. E. Hist. Gen. Society 193 


Bj Gbo. a. OoBOOir, A.M., Recording Secretary 

BoiUffi^ Ma88achuseU8, 6 January^ 1909. The New England Historic Genea- 
logical Societj held a stated meeting at half -past two o'clock this afternoon, In 
M^witi^i P. Wilder Hall, Society's building, 18 Somerset Street, the President, 
Hon. James Phinney Baxter, A.M., Litt.D., in the chair. 

Charles Edward Clark, A.M., M.D., of Lynn, was introduced and read a yery 
tnteresting paper on Book'Plate$j their Story and their Charm. Dr. Clark illns- 
ttmted his paper with specimens from his collection of manoscript books on vel- 
tmn, books printed before 1500, and a few of the older and rarer book-plates of 
Gerinany, France, England, and America, including the first book-plate, as such, 
erer used. A vote of thanks to the speaker was passed, and a copy of his paper 
requested for deposit in the archives of the Society. 

The Corresponding Secretary, the Librarian, and the Council, severally, pre- 
M»ted reports which were received, read, accepted, and ordered on file. 

The list of candidates for membership was read, and a ballot ordered and 
taken, by which seven resident members were elected. 

On motion, it was 

Fofed,— That the proposed amendment to the constitution of the Society, sub- 
mitted at the last meeting, be included in the notice of the annual meeting to be 
bdd on 27 January, 1909. 

The meeting then dissolved. 

27 January. The Annual meeting of the Society was held this day, agreeable 
fea uttde 1, chapter III, of the By-laws ; for report of which see Supplement to 
the present number of ^the Rsgister. 

3 February. The Society held a stated meeting this day at the usual time and 
^mce. In the absence of the President the meeting was called to order by the 
Becording Secretary. No response coming to the call for a Vice-President, the 
Secretary asked for the nomination of a Chairman, pro tempore^ from the floor, 
bj which Charles Sidney Ensign LL.B., of Newton, was chosen. Mr. Ensign 
Accepted and presided at the meeting. 

The Chairman Introduced Rev. Henry George Spaulding, A.B., of Brookline, 
who read a very interesting paper on Harvard College Fifty Years Ago^ which 
was received with applause. A vote of thanks of the Society was tendered Mr. 
Spauldlng for his Interesting paper. 

The Corresponding Secretary, the Librarian, and the Council, severally, pre- 
•ented reports, which were received, read, accepted, and ordered on file. 

The list of candidates for membership was read, and a ballot ordered and 
taken, by which nine resident members were elected. 

The amendment proposed to article 2 of chapter II of the By-laws, as reported 
at the stated meeting in December, came up for action, and, on motion. It was 

Foted,— That article 2 of chapter II of the By-laws be amended by inserting 
between the words '' reported " and '' transfers " the following words : '^ except 
that nominations for resident membership reported at the meetings in May and 
October may be elected at those meetings,"* so that the article shall read as fol- 
lows : ^^ A book shall be kept by the Recording Secretary, in which any member 
may propose a Resident, Corresponding, or Honorary Member; but no nomina- 
tion shall be made except by a report of the Council at a Stated Meeting of the 
Society, nor be acted upon at the same meeting at which It Is reported ; except 
tbat nominations for resident membership, reported at the meetings in May and 
October, may be elected at those meetings. Transfers from one class of mem- 
bership to another class may be made at any Stated Meeting, upon the recom- 
mendation of the Council.** 

The Oommlttee appointed at the Annual Meeting to prepare and submit a 
laimite in tnemorfom Francis Jewett Parker of Boston, presented the f ollowhig 

194 Proceedings of the Jf. E. Hist. Gen. Society [April 

report, which was read, accepted, and ordered to be spread upon the record of 
this meeting and a copy to be sent to the family of Mr. Parker : 

The New England Historic Genealogical Society desires to place npon its records 
an appreciation of Francis Jewett Parker, a resident member of the Society since Oc- 
tober 1868. 

Col. Parker was born in Boston* March 3, 1825, and died at his home on Marlboroogh 
Street, Boston, January 20, 1909 ; he was son of Isaac Parker, who was bom in Jaffrey, 
K. H., the son of Judge Abel Parker. 

Francis Parker had attended only the common schools of Boston, finishing his school 
life at the English High, and going from thence into the office of his fathers commit* 
sion business, the firm being successively from 1817, Bnllard and Parker; Isaac Par- 
ker and Company ; Parker and Blanchard ; Parker, Blanchard and Wilder ; Parker, 
Wilder and Company, the latter being composed of Isaac Parker, Marshall P. Wilder, 
Samuel B. Rindge, Ezra Farnsworth, and Francis J. Parker. Mr. Parker was thus 
long associated with the commercial and manufacturing interests of New England, 
bein^ for several years Treasurer of the Monadnock MiUs Corporation. Mr. Samuel 
B. Rindge dying intestate. Col. Parker was an active administrator of his estate and 
remained for many years agent and chief advisor of the heir, Frederick H. Rindge. 
It was in this latter cupacity that this man of affairs, of sound business judgment^ was 
able to influence the moral and material interests of a* larse city with a self-effacing 
zeal not the less beneficial because not generally recognized bv the public. 

Col. Parker resided for several years at Newton, and was called to public service on 
Committees and Commissions in the organization of the new city government in the 
draft of the City Charter and subsequent revisions of the same in Iwl and 1884, being 
a strong advocate of one Board ; also in the organization and administration of the 
Board of Water Commissioners. He was active on the Building Committee of Grace 
Church Parish, and had an active part in the development of a small parish with a 
modest chapel to the elaborate foundation now occupying a beautiful church dwelling, 
with library, parish house, and guild hall. 

Col. Parker wrote himself upon the history of the country during the Civil War by 
his services in the recruiting of the battalion of Infantry which became the 32d Regi- 
ment of Massachusetts,^ which he was appointed by Gov. Andrew, Major and suc- 
cessively Lieut. Colonel, and Colonel. 

While Col. Parker was by vocation a business man, connected with the manufacture 
ing interestd of New England and with large business affairs, he had through all his 
lite avocations of an elevated and moral tendency, and was possessed with a literarv 
skill not often attained by unprofessional men. He advocated his views with much 
vigor, and did not hesitate to be in the minority. The list of his printed papers is a 
long one, some of which may be properly noted here : A Hittory of the 3xd Mom, 
Regiment; Memorial of Uactc Parker; The Pilgrxme of Plymouth ana the Puritam of 
Boston; The Huguenots; A Study of Municipal Government: Col. William Preseott and 
Battle of Bunker' Hill; The Holy Eastern Church; Juries and Courts of Law; Genealogies 
of the Ainsworth Families of America, 

Col. Parker served the City of boston on its City Council and in the Massachusetts 

It will be seen by this brief review of Col. Parker *s long life that the Society has lost 
a Resident Member who was able to impress himself with a helpful force npon the 
community in which he lived. . 

The meeting then dissolved. 


It having come to the attention of this Society that certain 
genealogists and publishers have used the name of the Society 
in connection with their own enterprises, the Society again de« 
sires to state that it has NO genealogical represent atives in this 
country or in England, nor is it in any way connected with any 
publications other than those which it issues over its own name 
at 18 Somerset Street, Boston. 

New Wint)80r, N. Y., Church Rkcords.— The Presbyterian Church of New 
Windsor, Orange Co., New York, was organized in 1764. A volume of the early 
Church Records Is now In the city library of Ncwburgh, N. Y. The following 
marriages of New England men appear in Uiat record : 


Jfbtes 195 

1781, An^ 96, Jsmes Qrsy, soldier of ye Connecticat Line A Mary Liddle 
'' Aug 31 David French of ye Connecticut Line Serjnt A Eliza** Dean 
*' Not 5 Aaron Fairchild of New England & Elizabetli Smith of Newbnrgh 

1782 March 5 Zoriel [?] Reymond, Soldier of Masechusetts & Nancy Bagly [?] 
'' Sept 9 ; Bartholemy Harris from Bay State & Jane Smith of Smiths Close. 
'' Oct 28 Cap< John Gridley of Boston & Anna Horton of Comwell Pre. 

1783 June 3 Elijah Wlton of Connecticat Serjent Artey, & Anna Fanrot, West 

" July 29 John Warren of Mass & Elizabeth Belknap, N :Bnrgh. 
1788 May 18, Augustas Doud, Connecticat, & Elizab. Tapper. 
MiddUtowH^ Conn. Frank Fabnsworth Starr. 

Triccry Family Biblb.— The following records are from a family bible left 
to the Public Library of Westbrook, Maine, by the late Edward Trlckey, who 
died, unmarried, in August 1907, aged 98 years : 

Zebalon Trickey bom Feb. 7, 1767 ; married Dec. 15, 1799, Lucy Skillings. 

1. Rebecca, bom Feb. 18, 1801 ; died Feb. 17, 1804. 

2. Samuel, '' May 20, 1808. 

3. John, " Jan. 17, 1806. 

4. James, " Apr. 12, 1809. 

5. Edward, " May 16, 1814. 

6. Robert, " Mar. 29, 1818. 

7. Lucy, " Sept. 16, 1824. 

Washington; Z). C. P. L. Riokxr. 

Nkwton, Cooks. — The following notes from Mr. J. T. Newton (see query in 
Bkoiktkk, Tol. 60, p. 816) are based upon memoranda on the fly leaves of an old 
book, upon graveyard inscriptions, and the two wills mentioned below. 

JtiHN* Newton (John^^ John,* Roger^), bom in Milford, Conn., 1784; died 
there 21 Dec 1797; married first Mary Miles, daughter of Stephen and Fran- 
ces of Milford; married secondly Maktha CoLBRArrH (daughter of Humplirey), 
who died 10 Feb. 1826, aged 78 y. 10 m. John Newton's will is dated 29 May 
1784 ; and his widow's 6 Jan. 1815, probated 21 Feb. 1826. 
Children by first wife : 

L Mary* (PoUy), m. Hawley. 

M John, d. Oct. 1776. 

Hi. Mjl&(, b. 1762; d. 1822. 

iv. KuNicR, m. 1792, Newton John Morris. 

?. Comfort, d. 1799, aged 80. 

Tt. Nathan, b. 14 Apr. 1776; d. 1818. 

Children by second wife : 
Til. Sarah, b. 25 Apr. 1781 ; d. unmarried 30 May 1848, aged 62. 
Tlii Bi.iZABKTH, b. 28 Dec. 1782; m. 1809, John Buckingham ; d. 1888, aged 55. 
iz. Susanna, b. 6 Aug. 1784; d. 10 Feb. 1809. 
z. Ehthrr, b. 10 Jan. 1787 : m. Dan Fenn. 
zi. Naomi, b. 19 Mar. 1789 ; m. Jambs Hinb of Milford ; d. 10 Nov. 1881, aged 98. 

Family Record. 

The Reverend Samuel Cooke was bom Nov 21«* 1687 and Died Dec ^ 1747. 
He married for his 4^^ wife Mrs. Elisabeth PUU Sept' i%^ 1727 who was bom 
Dec 2^ 1701 & died May W^ 1732. 

Jotseph Piatt Cooke was bom Dec 24<>» 1729 died 1816 

Sarah Benedict was bom June 10*>^ 1740 

Jo^ph Piatt Cooke & Sarah Benedict were married Nov 22"^ 1759 

1 Joseph Piatt Cooke bom Nov \V^ 1760 d. June 1841 

2 Thomas Cooke bora August 4<i> 1762 

8 Elisabeth Cooke bom July 28"» 1764 d. Oct 21, 1884. 

4 Daniel Benedict Cooke bom Nov 27^ 1768. 

b Amos Cooke bom Oct' 21, 1778, and died Nov 18, 1810. 

YnU Untv^rsUff Library^ New Haven. M. Rat Sanbork. 

V^OL. LXIII. 14 

196 JToies [April 

Jordan of Guilford, Conn.— Supplementary to the notes of Dr. Bernftrd C. 
Stelner on John and Thomas Jordan of Guilford, Conn., and their descendants, 
printed in the Register toI. 62, page 883, it may be said that John' Jordan 
(John*) married a second time, and the evidence seems reasonably satisfactory 
that his second wife was Katharine, daughter of Alexander and Katharine (Post) 
Challcer, and that she was the mother of James' rjokn,' John*) Jordan^ and 
probably of Catherine Jordan who married William Bushnell. 

A return of arbitrators to settle a difficulty between Thomas ATcry et at. and 
James Jordan and Stephen Post, in behalf of his brethren, concerning a piece of 
land in Saybrook (Saybrook Records, vol. 2, p. 187), dated Oct. 25, 1705, recites 
that *'*' the meadow descended from Mr. Stephen Post, now In possession of his 
grand-childreu Abram and James Post and his great-grand-Kshild James Jnrdan.** 

Abraham, son of Stephen Post of Saybrook, marri^ Mary, the sister of John* 
Jordan, as noted by Dr. Steiner. Katharine, daughter of Stephen Post, married 
Alexander Chalkcr, and was the mother of four daughters : Mary, b. 1653, who 
married Richard Cozzens; Katharine, b. 1657; Sarah, b. 1659; Jane, b. 1662. 

It has been stated that Katharine, daughter of Alexander Chalker, married 
John Hills, but Saybrook Records (vol. 1, p. 123) afford ample proof that John 
Hills married the widow, and not the daughter, of Alexander Chalker. The pro- 
cess of elimination shows that in this Chalker family must be found the grand- 
daughter of Stephen Post, who married John* Jordan, and further proof appears 
from the fact that Abraham, son of Alexander Clialker, executor of John* Jor- 
dan's will (will not found), recites himself as the *^ cousin" (uncle) of Mary* 
Jordan (John,* John^). Of the three younger Chalker girls, Katherine, by rea- 
son of age and the passing down of the name in the next generation, seems 
probably to have been the wife of John* Jordan (John*). Matt B. Jones. 

101 Milk Street, Boston. 

PiCKKNS-HuxTER-PARKMAN-WooDS.—Elias Parkmau* (Elias,* Rev. Bbcn- 
ezer,* WUliam,* Ellas,* Ellas*), as shown by Bailouts History of MUford, 
Mass., p. 949, was bom June 11, 1792, at HoUiston, Mass., and died at Selnu^ 

The following Bible records show that he married. Mar. 8, 1809, in Abbeville 
District, S. C, Maria R., daughter of Dr. John Hunter and his wife Catherine 
Pickens who was a daughter of Gen. Andrew Pickens and his wife Rebecca Cal- 
houn (aunt of Hon. John C. Calhoun, Vice-president of the United States, 1825- 
1832, and daughter of James Calhoun who emigrated frotn Donegal, Ireland, to 
Pennsylvania, in 1783, thence to Virginia, and in 1756 to South (Sirolina, where 
he established " The C^alhoun Settlement " in what Is now Pickens CJounty). 

Gen. Pickens entered the Continental Army in 1775 as Captain of mllltSa, 
served through the Revolutionary War, and rose to the rank of Brigadier-gen- 
eral. For gallantry displayed at the Battle of Cowpens, Jan. 17, 1781, he wag 
given a sword by Congress. 

Records from an old family Bible now owned by Mrs. F. A. Woodson, Den* 
ver, Colo. : 

General Andrew Pickens, bom September 19th, 1789, In Paxton township, 

Rebeccah Pickens— maiden name Calhoun, bom 18th November 1745, departed 
this life on the morning of the 9th December 1814. 

Ezckiel Pickens, bora March 80th 1763 [date 6/MiT«<f]— died May 1818. 

Mary Pickens bora Feby 19th 1766. 

Ann Pickens bora April 12th 1770. 

A son bora 12th February 1772 — died In Infancy. 

Jane Pickens bora March 1773, died Oct. 27th 1773. 

Jane Pickens bora Nov. 9th 1774. 

Margaret Pickens bora 18th July 1776 [date hlurred'\ 

Andrew Pickens bora 18th November 1779 died 7th December. 

A son bora Nov. 18th 1782— died in Infancy. 

Rebcca Pickens bora 8th January 1784. 

Katharine Pickens bora June 9th 1786. 

Joseph Pickens bora 80th March 1791. 

General Andrew Pickens died August 11th 1817. 

John Hunter was married to Catherine Pickens January 5th 1808. 


Notes 197 

, Births, 

Maria Rebeckah Hunter was bom March 3, 1809. 
Susannah Elizabeth Hunter was bom Jany 20-1811. 
Margaret Ann Hunter was bom Nov. 10th 1812. 
John Andrew Hunter was bom Nov. 10th 1814. Died May 7th 1853. 
An infant daughter bom October 18th 1816, not named, died 11th of November 
aged 25 days. 
Eliza Barksdale Hunter bom Dec. 1-1818. 
Ezekiel Pickens Hunter bom October 29th 1820. 
Joseph Thomas Pickens Hunter bom Oct. 26-1822. 

Catherine Maria Harrell bom Oct. 8- 1829. 
John Lewis Harrell bom May 17th 1832. 

Joseph H. Parkman bom June 21 - 1848. 
William Ellas Parkman bom 10th Novem. - 1851. 


Margaret A. Hunter was married to James C. Harrell Novem. 15th 1827. 

Maria R. Hunter was married to Ellas Parkman March 17th 1830. 

Eliza B. Hunter was married to Wm. Tredwell March 10th, 1885. 

Andrew J. Hunter married to Mary A. PhiUipson the 19th of September 1837. 

Joseph P. Hunter married to Adela Rogers May dOth 1849 Idate blurred] in 


fDr.] John Hunter died June 17 - 1829 in the 49th, year of his age. 

Susannah Elizabeth Hunter died August 17th 1812. — aged 1 year 6 months and 

Bzekiel P. Hunter died Apr. 18 - 1840. 

Joseph H. Parkman died Oct. 16 - 1849. 

The following are from the Bible formerly owned by Ellas Parkman : 
Ellas Parkman and Maria R. Hunter were married March 17, 1830. 
Charles B. Woods and C. AUa Parkman were married June 15th, 1863. 

Klias Parkman was bom June 11, 1792. 
Maria R. Hunter was bom March 3, 1809. 
John Mc Gee Parkman was bom Jany 12, 1838. 
Catherine Alia Parkman was bom November 8, 1841. 
Joseph Hunter Parkman was bom Jan. 21, 1848. 
William Ellas Parkman was bom Nov. 10th, 1$51. 
Charles Brace Woods was bom August 25, 1834. 
Clayton Rogers Woods was bom March 27, 1864. 
John Parkman Woods was bom Aug. 7, 1865. 
Helen Sylvester Woods was bom April 11, 1867. 

Joseph Hunter Parkman died Oct. 16, 1850. 
WUliam Elias Parkman died Aug. 7, 1852. 
Kli&8 Parkman died Oct. 16, 1853. 
John Mc Gee Parkman died May 23, 1867. 
Catherine Alia Parkman (Woods) died Dec. 18, 1867. 
Charles Bruce Woods di^ January 31, 1890. 

In connection with the above, the following inscriptions from monuments in 
I«1t« Oak Cemetery, Selma, Ala., will be of interest : 

" Sacred to the memory of E. Parkman. Bom June 1792. Died Oct. 16, 1853.'*' 

^*' In memory of Catherine Alia daughter of E. and M. R. I^urkman, wife of 
Cbarles B. Woods. Bom Nov. 8, 1841. Died Dec. 18, 1867." 

** Sacred to the memory of Catherine Pickens Hunter who was bom in Abbe- 
Tine Dist., S. C. June 9, 1786 and died hi Selma, Ala. May 18, 1871, in the 85th 
yemr of her age. She was !the youngest daughter of General Andrew Pickens 
of S. C. and wife of Dr. John Hunter. She lived a long and useful life and now 
rests from her labors in the bosom of her Grod and Savior Jesus Christ.^' 

Kajria R. Hunter Parkman was buried at Selma, Ala., May 14, 1875. 

Chicago^ HI. Edward A. Clatpool. 

198 Ifbiea [April 

SAUNDEBS-PECKHAM.—Tobias Saoiiders, one of fiie first Bettlers of Misquami* 
cat, or Westerly, R. I., and one'of the early members of the Seventh-Day Bap* 
tlst church, made his will, Aug. 9, 1688. Mentions son John, wife's uncle, John 
Clark of Rhode Island, sons Edward and Benjamin. John Maxson, sr., and '' my 
cozen Joseph Clark '* to assist his wife as administratrix. Recorded Jan. 19, 
1696. Bond to the Town Council of Westerly, of Mary Saunders, for £294 is. 

Power of attorney from '•'• John Saunders, Edward Saunders, Stephen Saonden 
and Benjamin Saunders all of the Towne of Westerly In ye CoUony of Rhode 
Island ** to " our Trusty and well beloved friend and Brother Mr. Peter Barker 
living on Rhode Island," to represent them as heirs in the settlement of the 
estate of their Uncle Mr. James Peckom. Dated May 19, 1712. Witnessed bj 
Thomas Burdlck and Silence Saunders. (Bristol Co. Deeds, vol. 8, p. 70.) 

Power of attorney from James Baboock of Westerly and Elizabeth Baboock 
his wife to '^ Our trusty and well beloved friend and Brother Mr. Peter Barker 
of the Town of Newport on Rhode Island " to represent them as heirs to " the 
estate which our honored Uncle Mr. James Peckham left at his death." Dated 
Mar. 31, 1712. Witnessed by George Stillman and Thomas Ross. (Bristol Co. 
Deeds, vol. 8, p. 71.) 

^^ We the Legal Representatives of the estate of James Packom, who Deceased 
the Twenty-third day of Feb'ry 1711-12" appoint WUliam Feckcum, PhUlp 
Peckcnm, and John Taylor all of Newport our attorneys, etc. Dated Dec. 26, 
1712. Signed by Peter Barker, Susannah Barker, William Weeden, Sarah Weed- 
en, John Underwood, Sarah Underwood, John Peckham, Daniel Packcom, 
Timothy Packom, Ellner Peckcom, John Spooner, Rebecah Spooner, Isaac Feck- 
cum, Deborah Taylor, Thomas Gray, Phebe Gray, Peter Taylor, Elizabeth Tay- 
lor, Thomas Peckham, and Stephen Peckham. (Bristol Co. Deeds, vol. 8, p. 68.) 

Rev. John aark of Newport made his will Apr. 20, 1676. Mentions his brother 

Joseph Clarke, children by his first wife, and by his second wife ; cousin 

Fish, wife of Samuel Fish, and her children ; his cousin Mary Saunders, wife of 
Tobias Saunders, and her children, etc. Inventory of estate of Peter Barker, 
made Dea 9, 1725. (Westerly, R. I., Council and Probate Records, vol. 2, file 
6," p. 171.) 

Mr. Edward Saunders and Mr. Stephen Saunders [of Westerly] are accepted 
bondsmen for their sister Susannah Barker, widow and relict of the late deceased 
Mr. Peter Barker, to make administration on his estate. Letters were granted 
Dec. 28, 1726. (Ibid., p. 168.) 

Cap*t James Babcock is appointed guardian to Barbara and Susa^mah Barker, 
children of Peter Barker, dec. of Westerly. Aug. 28, 1782. (Ibid., fol. 9;p. 44.) 

On May 30, 1651, Joshua Coggeshall and his mother Mair Coggeshall of New- 
port, sold to Walter Conigrave land in Newport bounded In part **on land 
granted to Ma^y dark, dec. sometime wife to John Peckham." [The Rev. John 
Clark had a sister Mary bom in 1607.] 

The above records show that Mary, wife of Tobias Saunders, was a niece of 
Rev. John Clark, and that James Pecldiam of Little Compton was uncle to her 
children. She must therefore have been a sister of James Peckham, and her 
mother must have been a sister of Rev. John Clark. Mary, wife of Tobias 
Saunders of Westerly, must therefore have been Biary (Peckham) Saunders, and 
daughter of John and Mary (Clark) Peckham of Newport. 

Mary (Peckham) Saunders must have been the only child, or the only sorviT- 
ing child, of John and Mary (Clarke) Peckham at the time of the death of Ber. 
John Clark In May, 1676, whose will would seem to indicate that he had another 
sister whose daughter married a Samuel Fish, and that she was the niece to 
whom and to whose children a legacy was left. 

Tobias and Mary (Peckham) Saunders had six children living In 1712 : Kllsft- 
beth^b. 1663, d. Mar. 8, 1730, m. Capt. James Babcock; Sosannah* m. PeUr 
Barker; John, Edward, Stephen, and Benjamin Saunders. 

Tobias Saunders in his will speaks of his cousin (i. e. nephew) Joseph Cl*rk. 
This Joseph* Clark was son of Joseph^ Clark by his first wife whose name is 
unknown. Since Joseph* Clark was a nephew of Tobias Saunders, his mother 
must have been a sister of this same Tobias, and it is possible that throogh this 
connection the origin and family of one more of the earliest of Rhode iBkuid 
settlers may be discovered. Louiss P. Batbs, A.M. 

Oak Lawn, B. L 


JNhtes 199 


JoehQft Baflhm dear brother this Is to let thee understand and all friends 
with thee how manny of ns ar hear in prison at this time. 

NIdiolas Upshall he hath ben hear f orteen months or thereabout being f or- 
Hierly banished npon his returning for to remain in prison all his lif tbne as 
thay say. William Lidra who be^g banished at the Cort of Assizes on the 7 
month who was returning after some time to visit us hear in prison was apre- 
hended before he came to us and carred before the Governor and so sent to the 
prison. And Joseph Nichoson and his wife and child who came to take passage 
to go fof Ingland who was had before the cort and his liberty granted to go 
tway and a boat pressed to cary him on bord the ship at Nantasket the master 
of the ship refused to cary him came up to Boston again and went before the 
Ooremor desired to have prison room or some other privit hous to be in till 
there was another opportunity to go. William Lidra was called forth also and 
demanded whether he would go for Ingland he answer he had no occasion to 
CO for Ingland therefore could not go thay said he should go somewher else 
Uien be asked whither som answered to the gallows so he was brought to the 
prison again and hear doth remain. Hear is Edward Wharton who was brought 
to the prison the latter end of the 8 month or therabout for not going to ther 
meeting as thay call it. John Chamberlen one of the toen of Boston imprisoned 
the latter end of the 8 month for declaring against the minister of Charlston in 
public as thay call it. Her is Robert Harper and his wife imprisoned for 
coming to visit us hear in prison the 26 of the 8 month or therabout. My wife 
and S&ry Traske imprisoned the 12 day of the 12 month 1659 and hear kept 
ever since only Mary Traske was at home 2 months of the time or therabout 
through her husbands pleding with the Governor who was imprisoned both of 
them for meeting at Edward Whartons hous near the meeting hous and for 
making disturbance before thay had don as thay say being mov^ of the lord to 
spenk not knowing but that it was don. William King imprisoned at the sam 
tfan was banished and so departed to Rod Hand not long after for the sam thing. 
Provided Southwick imprisoned also for the sam meting in Ipswich prison 
md let out the county cort at Ipswich to answer at Sallem Cort on the 9 month 
and I was put in prison for making a disturbance on the day of ordination as 
thay say being moved of the lord to declare against them therih imprisoned 
the 6 of the 7 month 1650 and hear now must remain al winter for ought we 
know. Only Joseph Nichoson and his wife it Is lik shall pass to Ingland when 
oportunity is. 
Wrlghten In the hous of correction 

the i day of the 9 month 1660. 

Form the dear brother in the 

John Smith 

Arraigned and in 


[Onthe hack U the following :^ 

For the hands of 
Joshua Bufftun at 
Shelter Island or elsewhere. 
143 MadiBon Avenue, New York. Mbs. Mart C. Hodois. 

BuLxxunr.--^^ It's ordered that the Administrator to the Estate of M** Lucey 
i^ske bring in an Ace* of that Estate to the Gierke of the Court. And that they 
pay in the balance that is in theire hands unto her mother M» Lucey Anna 
Bolkely (M' Edw^ Bulkely her Husband giving a receipt to the Gierke for the 
Hone) to remain in her hands untill some other person may make a better claim 
to It.** Jan. 28, 1678. (County Court Records.) 

Administration on the estate of M^* Lucey Lake late of Boston, widow, (relict 
of M' John Lake) deceased intestate, (formerly granted unto Deacon Henry 
AlUne, Deacon Pe^r Bracket and M' John Hayward, overseers of her Husbands 
will, hk ri|^t of those to whom it should legally appear to belong) is transferred 
ttBto Peter Bulkley, Esq., her Brother, Mar. 10, 1679-80. (Suffolk Probate, 
rd. 12, p. 28.) VntGiKiA Hall. 


* See Rboistsb, vols. 42, p. 277 ; 68, p. 201. 

200 Jfotes [April 

Thb Myth of Elias Read.— This name, in Jacob W. Reed's ^^ History of tbe 
Beed Family," Boston, 1861, p. 272, is given as tliat of an original immifirant 
from England to America, and as the founder of one of the pioneer New Eng- 
land Beed families. As a matter of fact there was not one of the original im- 
migrants of the Reads, however spelled, that bore the name Elicu. An explana- 
tion of the error in Mr. Reed*s statement is f onnd in the source of his informa- 

Mr. Thomas B. Wyman of Charlestown, Mass., a noted genealogist in his day, 
in the course of his work made an '' Abstract of Middlesex Court Files froiD 
1649 to 1675,*' which manuscript is now preserved in the library of the New Eng- 
land Historic Grenealogical Society. On p. 74, among abstracts from the original 
court papers in the case of Johnson v, Viaales, appears this entry : 

'' 1657. ID. 29. Test: Elias Reed about 57 (fifty seven) years of age." 

From an examination of the original Middlesex County Court Records at East 
Cambridge, it was found that the record of testimony reads Esdras Read upoo 
the face of it, and is endorsed very plainly on the back ^'Ezdras Read. test. 
Swome in Court 29. (10) 57 " (29 Dec. 1657}. 

Mr. Reed undoubtedly took the name Elias from Wyman's copy, as stated 
above, without verifying it by comparison with the original papers, and so pat 
into print an erroneous statement which has been widely spread in other gene- 
alogical works. Esdras Read is a well known original immigrant (History of 
the Reed Family, p. 151), who lived at an early date in Wobum, Middlesex 
County, and the statement in regard to the mythical Elias^ that '^ tbe first that Is 
known of him Is in Wobum, Mass.," (p. 272) plainly relates to Esdras. The fur- 
ther statement that *^ Elias, who is supposed to be a son of William Reade of 
Maidstone in the county of Kent, professor of divinity, and his wife Lucy, was 
bom in 1595, " of course does not hold good when the Elias in question never 
existed! Neither does the statement hold in regard to Esdras, for it is not 
known what was his native place in England, and by his own testimony above 
he was bom about the year 1600. Further (p. 272) it is stated that EUas '' had 
sons William and Philip, who were both bom in England." Not a word of other 
mention or information Is given in regard to this son William. As there was early 
in Wobum a William Read, doubtless this was the one Mr. Reed had In mind aa 
a son ot.Eliai., but the mistake he made here he failed to correct when later it la 
evident he knew that William of Wobum was himself an original tmmigrant 
and made record of him as such (p. 61). Philip, mentioned above as the other 
son of Elias^ Is the well known Doctor Philip Read of Concord who died there 
in 1696 and was himself an original immigrant, coming to New England but a 
short time prior to 1660 and founding the Concord branch of the Read Family. 

Next (pages 286-7) we find, without a word of explanation as to the reason of 
the failure to make prior mention with that of sons William and Philip above, 
the statements that 

^' 2. Thomas, son of Ellas, settled in Sudbury and died July 25, 1659 . • . ; 
8. Thomas, son of Thomas of Sudbury, married Mary Blgelow . . . ; 
4. Thomas, son of Thomas and Mary of Sudbury, married Mary Wood • • . ; 
6. Thomas, son of Thomas and Mary of Sudbury, bora May 22, 1678." 

Now the birth of Thomas No. 6 is correct, being so given upon the town re- 
cords of Sudbury. If, therefore, we suppose his father, Thomas No. 4, married 
at the age of 21, and his first child Thomas No. 5 was bora at 22, and that Thomaa 
No. 8 and Thomas No. 2 each did the same, it would give us 1678-22»1656-^« 
1684-22»1612-1595 (the given date of Elias^a birth)»17 years. So Elias would 
have been only 16 years of age at the time of his marriage, and 17 at the birth 
of his first child. But the space of years for each generation is too short, and 
the age of Elias is too youthful to make the genealogical table a tme one, even 
had l£e name Elias been a correct one. Clearly on the face of it there is a mi»* 

As a matter of fact, Thomas No. 2 who died July 25, 1659, never was resident 
in Sudbury. He died in Boston, and his estate is a matter of record there tn 
the Suflblk Registry of Probate. He probably belonged to one of the Salem 

Referring to Thomas No. 8 above, he himself was an original immigrant and 
is mentioned in the town records of Sudbury as early as 1655. He came from 
the city of Colchester, Co. Essex, England, and was the son of ThorosA Read, a 
carpenter in that city, whose will Is of record In Somerset House, London (see 
Hudson's History of Sudbury for further information furnished by the writer). 


jNhtes 261 

Inchided in the genealogical statements under Elias are parts of other Read 
families than those mentioned above, so that the entire chapter VII — *^ Elias 
Bead, and his Descendants "^is badly mixed. The writer haying been much in- 
tereated for a number of years past in the Reed or Read genealogies, and being 
a direct descendant of Thomas of Sudbury, desires to put the above explanation 
ooreeord to establish the truth in the matter and prevent further spread of error. 
WellesUif HUls, Mass, Aulnson H. Rbrd. 

Chilton. — ^Because the books about Plymouth Colony tell nothing concerning 
James Chilton before his appearance at Cape Cod in the Mayflower ; because of 
the pretty tradition attached to the name of his daughter Mary ; and because of 
the numerous descendants left by her and her husband John Winslow, it may be 
weQ to print in conjunction the following items as offering a due later to a more 
satisfactory proof of the English home of James Chilton, of his trade, and of 
the fact that he was apparently dose upon, or over, sixty years of age when he 
took passage In the Maufiovoer, 
From the Boll of Freemen of the City of Canterbury ^ p. 816 : 

Freeman by Gift : James Chylton, tailor, 1688. 
From the Begisters of 8t. PauVa Churchy Canterbury^ pp. 6 and 8 : 
1686, Jan. 15 Isabell, d. of James Chilton [bapt.] 

1689, June 8 Jane, d. of James Chilton ^' 

1699, April 29 Ingle, d. of James Chilton '' 

From Dexter's The Pilgrim Company in Leyden (2 Mass. pist. Soc. Proc., vol. 
17, p. 177) : 

Chandler, Roger. Rog. Wilson and Cath. Carver wit. his bet. May 22, 1616. 
Isabella (Chilton). Wife of Rog. Mar. July 21, 1616. 
Bradford says that a second oaughter (married) of James Chilton came over 
later than he and his daughter Mary. A Roger Chandler is found later in Ply- 
mouth Colony, at Duxbury in 1688.* 

That there had long been a Chilton family in Canterbury Is proved by two en- 
tries in the Boll of Freemen quoted above, p. 268 : 

Freemen by Redemption : Chilton. William, spicer, 1399. 
ChUton, Nicholas, derk, 1446. 
220 Tremont Street^ Boston^ Mass, Henrt A. Phuups. 

Historical Intelligence 

Orkeke.— Mr. Richard Henry Greene of 286 Central Park, West, New York 
C^y, will shortly Issue the Greene Family of Plymouth Colony. The three ear- 
liest generations appeared in the Register, and part of the fourth and fifth in the 
New York Biographical and Genealogical Becord. He has not been successful in 
discovering the descendants of Desire (Greene) Hinckley, or of John Greene, 
son of William and Desire (Bacon) Greene, but he has altogether 811 in the nine 
eeneratlons, descendants of Mary (Greene) Barker, Warren Greene, William 
Greene, Sarah (Greene) Barker, and James Green. By this it will be seen that 
the family Is not large. The book will not be for sale. 

BABBrrr Family Association.— This association, at its second annual meet- 
ing, decided upon the publication of a genealogy of the Babbitt family for the 
flivt five generations, and the work was placed in the hands of a publication com- 
mittee. To raise the funds necessary to cover the cost of the undertaking it is 
desired to secure life members in the association. For particulars address Wm. 
B. Browne, Secretary Publication Committee, -Blaklnton, Mass. 

* Roger Chandler of Dnzbury was taxed in 1632, a freeman in 1633, and sold land 
in 1644. His daughter was in the service of Kenelm Winslow before 6 May 1646. 
(Pope's Pioneers of Mass., p. 93.) On 3 Oct. 1666 ** One handred and fifty acrees of 
iana are graunted by this Court vnto the three sisters, ^e daughters of Roger Chand- 
eltr, deceased, viz, to each of them fifty acrees, lyixig between the Bay line and the 
bounds of Taunton, according to the desire of John Bundey '* (Plymouth Col. Reos., 
vol. 4, p. 111). Pope (op. eit,, p. 132), in (quoting the will of iJoIor Davis, proved 2 July 
1673, mentions a clause referrmi^ to Davis's sons Symon and Samuel as residing at 

Ck»ncord, and his havinggone thither at the charges of Roger Chandeler. The Editor is 
indebted to William P. dreenlaw, Eso., for the above references, which are ^iven i 
tke hope that they may be of use in helping to identity Roger Chandler's daughters. 

202 Notes [April 

Gbnkalogibs in Frepabation. — ^Persons of the seyeral names are advised to 
famish the compilers of these genealogies with records of their own families 
And other information which they think may be useful. We would suggest that 
all ftkcts of interest Illustrating family history or character be communicated, 
especially service under the U. S. Government, the holding of other offices, 
mduation from college or professional schools, occupation, with places aod 
dates of birth, marriage, residence, and death. All names should be giv^ is 
full if possible. No initials should be used when the full name is known. 

^ames.^Vemet E. Cleveland, 154 Vernon Street, Worcester, Mass., is com- 
piling a genealogy of the descendants of Thomas Barnes of Marlborough, Mass., 
who died in 1679. 

Billington.^^\s% Sylvia M. Mason, Brlgham, Utah, is preparing a genealogy 
of the descendants of Rebecca Delight Billington, bom in Amsterdam, N. Y., 9 
June 1807, died in Willard, Utah, 17 Febmary 1856. 

Bradbury,— Hiss Sylvia M. Mason, Brlgham, Utah, is compiling a genealogy 
of the descendants of William Bradbury, bom in Bedworth, co. Warwick, £ng., 
died 2 June 1829. 

Ctf2ftert«on.^Samuel Stanhope Smith Pinkerton, 245 Fourth Avenue, Pitt>> 
burg. Pa., is preparing a genealogy of the descendants of William Culbertson 
of CO. Derry, Ireland. 

Darte.— Vemet E. Cleveland, 154 Vernon Street, Worcester, Mass., Is com* 
piling a genealogy of the descendants of Richard Darte, who died in New Lon- 
don, Conn., in 1724. 

Dwrland — John Dorland Cremer, Washington, D. C, is preparing a genealogy 
of Uie descendants of Lambert Jane Dorland, bom in Holland in 1640. 

I>tirr«n.— Harold Clarke DurreU, 17 Dana Street, Cambridge, Mass., is compU- 
. ing a genealogy of the descendhnts of Philip Durrell, who died about 1740 in 
Arundel, Me. ; of Peter Durrell of Newton, Mass; of Darby Durrell, who died 
about 1780 in New Jersey ; and of Moses Durrell of Gloucester. 

G'etcAeZZ.— Everett L. Getchell, 28 Allston Street. Dorchester, Mass., is pre- 
paring a genealogy of the descendants of Samuel Gretchell of Salisbury, Mass.! 
who died 7 July 1710. 

Golding, — Miss Sylvia M. Mason, Brlgham, Utah, Is compiling the genealogy 
of the descendants of Maria Golding, bom in Coventry, £ng., 6 Jan. 1795, died 
in CouncU Bluib, Iowa, 6 Oct. 1850. 

HancheU.—Yrtaik Earle Hancbett, Jamestown, N. T., is preparing a genealogy 
of the descendants of Thomas Hanchett, who died at Suffleld, Conn., 11 Jane 

Xocl;Aare.^Samuel Stanhope Smith Pinkerton, 245 Fourth Avenue, Pittsburg, 
Pa., is accumulating data relating to James Lookhart of Ablngton; Pa., whose 
will is dated 29 Mar. 1783. 

Jfoody.— Seth E. Moody, 1106 Chestnut Street, St. Louis, Mo., is compiUnga 
genealogy of the descendants of John Moody who died in Hartford, Conn., 
probably in 1655 ; and of William Moody of Newbury, Biass., who died there 
25 Oct. 1693. 

P<nl:erton.— Samuel Stanhope Smith Pinkerton, 245 Fourth Avenue, Pittsburg, 
Pa., is gathering material for a genealogy of the descendants of John Pinker- 
ton, bom in Ireland in 1735 and died in Chester County, Pa., in 1818. 

Sanford.—C. E. Sanford, Potsdam, N. Y., is preparing a genealogy of the de- 
scendants of Thomas Sanford of Milford, Conn., who died in 1681. 

Townsend.—M\s8 Sylvia M. Mason, Brlgham, Utah, is compiling a genealogy 
of the descendants of Amos Townsend, bom in Coventry, Eng., about 1786, died 
about 1840. 

7Vttm6ttZZ.— Vemet E. Cleveland, 154 Vemon Street, Worcester, Mass., is com- 
piling a genealogy of the descendants of John Trumbull, who died in Rowley, 
Mass., in 1657. 

Wehiter.^yemet E. Cleveland, 154 Vemon Street, Worcester, Mass., is pre- 
paring a genealogy of the descendants of Gov. John Webster, who died in 1661. 

TFic*tw?r«.— Arthur Morley Wickwire, 5 Nassau Street, New ^ork City, is com- 
piling the genealogy of the descendants of John Wickware, who died at New 
London, Conn., in 1712. 


Booh Noticta 203 


[Thb editor requests persons sending books for notice to state, for the information 
of readers, the price of each book, with the amount to be added for postage when sent 
br maiL For tne January issue, books should be received by Nov. 1 ; for April, by 
Feb. 1 : for Juiy, by Bfay 1 ; and for Oetobtr, by July 1.] 

A Gfenealogy of the descendants of Alexander Alvord, an early settler of Windsor^ 

Conn\n and Northampton^ Mass., Compiled by Samuel Morgan Alvord. 

Webster, N. Y., A. D. Andrews, printer, 1903. 8<» pp. 823, illus. Price fS.OO; 

address the aothor, 264 Ashley Street, Hartford, Conn. 

This excellent and comprehensive genealogy contains a record of more than 
three thoosand descendants, many of whom made their homes in the West, and 
Incorporates all the information that had previously been printed regarding this 
family. Great credit is due the compiler for the careful, conscientious manner 
In which his work has been done, and special mention should be made of the fact 
that in almost every case the full name of the person recorded Is given, an im- 
portant feature too often neglected by genealogists. The frontispiece is a view 
Of Whltestaunton Parish, co. Somerset, £ng., the home of the English Alvords, 
and several pages are devoted to them. The book is printed in large, clear type 
oo good p^)er, and has a substantial binding. An index of more tiian one hun- 
dred pages closes this admirable genealogy. 

A Monograph of the Anderson^ Clarke Marshall, and Mc Arthur Connection. [By 
Thobcas McAbthttr Anderson, LL.D., Brigadier-General, U. S. A.] S^ pp. 
86, chart. 

That other members of his family may have the benefit of his genealogical re- 
jearches, the auUior has printed this account of the Andersons of Virginia, 
giving wliat he has found of their English ancestry, and sl^o records of the Mar- 
shalls of Virginia, these last being confined to Americans. The chart is of the 
Andersons of Kentucky and Ohio. 

Xleaser Cary Family, with aflUiated lines, also items of interest to other lines. 

Published by May A. (Cart) Sihth. n. d. 8<». pp. 66. 

Eleazer Cary was bom in West Bridgewater in 1718, and is said to be In the 
ei^teenth generation, since the English generations are numbered previous to 
the American generations. Part two is called the Samuel Cary Family, and part 
three the Benjamin Cary Family. There is no index. The arrangement of the 
amterial seems to follow an original plan, and only a few dates are given. 

Otnealogy of Jefferson Davis, Address delivered Oct, P, 1908, b^ore Lee Camp, 
No. 1, Cof^ederate Veterans^ Bichmond^ Va.^ by William H. Whitsitt, Pro- 
fessor of jiunes Thomas, Jr., School of Philosophy, Richmond College. 1908 
[Bichmond, Va., Everett Waddey Co.] 8» pp. 16. 
Many uncertain connections sUll remain in the line from Jeflbrson Davis back 

to his immigrant ancestor, who was supposed to be a member of the Welsh Tract 

Baptist Meeting, New Castle County, Delaware. 

The Duyekinck and allied families, being a record of tJie descendants of Evert 
Puyckinck who settled in New Amsterdam, now New York, in 1638, by Whiti- 
HXAD CoBNRLL DuTCKiNCK and Bcv. JoHK CoRNBLL, M.A. Ncw Tork, Tobias 
A. Wright, 1908. 80 pp. 236, illus., maps. 

The descendants of Evert Duyekinck, who came to this country from Holland 
about 1638, have intermarried with so many well-known families that this record 
wili have interest for a wide connection. The female lines are brought down as 
fully as possible, and the families by the name of Duyekinck are few in com- 
parison with those of other names. Among the prominent ones noted are Abeel, 
Armour, Bancker, Bleecker, Bowers, Brown, Campbell, Constable, Cox, De 
Peyster, Duane, Edgar, Klssam, Mason, Morton, Pierrepont, Provoost, Rutgers, 
Thompson, Vanderbilt, Verplanck, Whitney, Willett, and Williamson. There is 
a facsimile of a mM> of the original grants of village lots from the Dutch West 
India Company to the inhabitants of New Amsterdam, constructed from histor- 

• All the unsigned reviews are written by Miss Alios Lucrbtia Wbstoatb of Boston. 

204 Booh Noticta [Apiil 

ical and legal records ; also a plan of the vaults in the New Dutch Church Yard 
made in 1765. The presswork is good and the voliune well bound in blae dotb. 

History and Genealogy of Deacon Joseph Eastman of HadUy, Mass.^ grandson of 
Soger Eastman of Salisbury^ Mass., by Guy S. Rex, Concord, N. H., with pre- 
face and introduction by M. Emilt Eastman. Westfleld, Mass., M. Emil^ 
Eastman, publisher. 8<* pp. 262, frontispiece. Price: paper, ^.00; cloth, 
#8.00. Address Miss M. Emily Eastman, 21 Leonard Ave., Westflcld, Mass. 
In re-compiling this genealogy Miss Eastman has given as much care to the 
daughters as to the sons. Dea. Joseph Eastman was bom in 1688. He married 
Mary Smith and had five sons and six daughters, all but one of whom married. 
Records of six generations of daughters as well as sons are given here, begin- 
ning with Dea. Joseph as the first generation, although he was really in the third 
generation from Roger of Salisbury, the immigrant ancestor. Miss Eastman has 
added no inconsiderable amount of new material, and deserves the thanks of this 
branch of the family for the complete record she has made, which contains near- 
ly nineteen hundred names. The index deserves mention, and gives many refer- 
ences to the families of Adams, Belding, Billings, Clary, Cowles, Davis, Dick- 
inson, Field, Hawkes, Kellogg, Loomis, Porter, Sn4th, Warner, White, Whittc- 
more, and others. 

Beport of the second meeting of tJie Foote FamUg Association of America and 
dedication of the Nathaniel Foote Memorial at Weather^eld, Ct,, S^. 16, 27, 
1908. [Rutland, Vt., The Tuttle Company.] i<» pp. [17], iUus. 
On the original home lot of Nathaniel Foote, who was bom in England in 1598 
and died in Weathersfleld, Conn., in 1644, his descendants erected a memorial, 
dedicating it with appropriate addresses. They are here reprinted in full, U>> 
gether with the usufd reports of the association and lists of ofBcers and mem- 
bers that have recently joined. A view of the stone and another one of those 
present on this occasion add to the interest in the pamphlet. 

Memoirs of the Oraham Family, by Annie Kbndrick Walkeb. New York, To- 
bias A. Wright, 150 Bleecker Street. 12^ pp. 85, illus. 
Secret memoirs ever furnish piquant entertainment, and there Is no exception 
in the memoirs of this unusual, romantic family, founded by Hugh Grahanu 
Irish exile and Tennessee pioneer, and his charming wife Catherine Nenny of 
Virginian stock. Through their granddaughter Mary Williams was established 
«n American line of succession to the throne of Sicily. 

At '' Castle Rock," Tazeville, Tenn., Hugh Oraham lived the life of an Irish 
gentleman, surrounded by all the delights and pleasures that cultured taste could 
select and great wealth supply. He died in 1865 at the age of eighty-four. The 
illustrations are chiefly portraits, but also include a few views of houses occu- 
pied by various branches of the family. The book is attractively bound, and 
unusually attractive. 

Johnson Genealogy from 1520 to 1908, relating specially (o Captain Edward 
Johnson^ and the compUer^s line of his descendants. Compiled by Btroh 
Berkeley Johnson, Waltham, Mass. Boston, Press of David Clapp A Sod« 
1908. 80 pp. 20, 

This is a brief account of a single line of the descendants of Capt. Edward 
Johnson of Wobum, Mass. The introduction makes mention of the heads of the 
family in Canterbury, Eng., the first of these having been bom in 1520. The in- 
dex will be found most useful, and the whole record, though brief, is well com- 

Thomas LiUibridge of Netoport, R. /., and his descendants, by Jobl N. End, A.M. 
Boston, Press of David Clapp A Son, 1909. 8vo. pp. 11. 
This is a reprint from the Register for January, 1909. 

The Family of Middlemore. Second supplement. [By] W. P. W. Phillimobs. 

40 pp. 361-870. 

The family history was issued in 1901 and the first supplement in 1908. The 
abstracts and excerpts printed in this supplement confirm the eariy portion of 
the pedigree showing the descent of the Middlemores of Edgbaston from Sir 
Richard de Eggebaston. 

1909] Booh Notices 205 

WJiliam Partridge of Mec^/leld, Mom.^ and his descendants^ by Gborge Hombr 
Partbibgr, B.S. Boston, Press of David Clapp & Son, 1909. 8o pp. 8. 
This is ft reprint from the Rboisteb for January, 1909. 

The first and second reunions of the Sanford Association of America^ April 5, 
1907; March 23, 1908. Rev. A. B. Sanford, D.D., Editor. December 1908. 
1S« pp. 18, iUns. 
Thomas Sanford of Milford, Conn., was the ancestor of the people interested 

In this association. The names of those present at the reunions, and views of 

historic places in Milford, are the most useful features of this pamphlet, which 

eootains no genealogy. 

EUtory of the Slocums, Slocumbs and Slocqmbs of America^ genealogical and 
biographical, 1637 to 1908. In two volumes. Volume 11. By Charles 
EuHO Slocxtm, M.D., LL.D. Defianoe, Ohio. Published by the author. 1908. 
9f* pp. 543, illus. 

The first volume of this genealogy was published in 1882, and most of the new 
material in this edition was collected by the correspondence and attendant record- 
searching, which naturally resulted from the publication of the first work and 
^ fainfly interest that it aroused. The story of the captivity of Frances 
Slocum by a tribe of Miami Indians, her adoption by them and subsequent 
marriage to an Indian chief, with an account of her descendants, is one of the 
onlque features of this family history, while the simplified spelling used by 
the author for the first two hundred pages is another. Regret is expressed in 
the preface that Uie entire work is not spelled uniformly, but the writer thinks 
^ that ennf simpliflkashon iz uzd to konvins the averaj reder ov the dezirabiliti 
for mor.*^ The illustrations are interesting, the index good, and the binding full 

Stone Family Association. Pamphlets and photographs, 1908. 8o pp. 8. 

A list of pamphlets relating to the family, for sale at reasonable rates by 
the association or its members, and a similar list of photographs, comprise the 
oontents of this leaflet. The English views include the churches of Ardleigh, 
Bromley, Boxted, and Nayland, while of the New England subjects the most in- 
tere«tiiig is the site of the homestead of Simon Stone of Cambridge. 

The Thomas Family as descended from David and Anna Noble Thomas, by Wii> 
LiAM Thomas Lylb. Union Springs, N. T., J. B. Hoff, Advertiser Print, 1908. 
8» pp. 76-1-. 

It Ls not known when David Thomas, a native of Wales, first came to this 
country, but the Township Book states that he settled in Darby, Penn., in 1714. 
He married first Sarah Prichet, secondly Sarah Hood, thirdly Anna Noble. By the 
last wife he had five children, and their descendants for five generations through 
these five diUdren are recorded. An unusual amount of biographical material 
may be found here, as well as several memoirs reprinted from other works. 
Two indexes are useful additions to this account of a Pennsylvania Quaker fam- 
ily. The system of notations used was devised by the author, who has kept 
throughout the work the Friends' method of expressing dates by the number in- 
stead of by the name of the month. 

The Trowbridge Genealogy. History of the Trowbridge Family in America, by 
Francis Bacon TROWBRn>aK. New Haven, Conn., Printed for the Compiler. 
1908. 4« pp. 840, iUus. 

Not for some time has there appeared so large and splendid a genealogy of one 
family as this monumental work on the Trowbridge family. The descendants 
of Thomas of New Haven through his sons Thomas, William, and James, are 
fully recorded, brief biographical sketches being given to each, and in many cases 
a well-reproduced portrait. Special mention is due the care with which the full 
name has been ffiven, an important point too commonly neglected by genealo- 
gists, and one that adds greatly to the value of the work for reference. The 
lull name, birth and parentage of the women marrying into this family add to 
the completeness of each account, and the references to the authorities used are 
oaeful. The well-printed page is condensed but dear, the index admirable, and 
the handsome binding is of half morocco and cloth. 

206 Booh Notices [April 

Beeords of the Wtttti Famay of Haverhm, PorUafuL, and Boston^ bj Pauloti 

Wiixis. Second edition, containing an index, corrections, and additions. 

London, St. Vincent's Press, 888 Harrow Boad, W. [19081 8o pp. 116. 

Price $2.50. Address the aatlior, 8 Kensington Gate, London, Eng. 

Michael Willis of Dorchester, Mass., was the emigrant ancestor of the princi- 
pal line of Willises recorded here. It is to be noticed that the descendant who 
publishes this book is now resident in England. However, it is the American 
memb^s of the family that receive attention. This edition, besides making 
corrections and additions, is supplied with an index, which increases its desin> 
bility greatly and maizes it possible to find at once the references to the families 
of Gammcll, Ball, McKinsti^, Leonard, Kinsman, May, and Phillips, all of which 
have separate notes. Those interested In the Willis family should not neglect 
this second edition. 

Isaac AUerton^ his connection with Flpmouth Colony^ with some comments on 
Bradford's history. [By E. B. Pattbn, Minneapolis, Minn., 1908.] 8« pp. 18. 
This defense of Isaac Allerton's name and fame from the charges and Insino- 
ations against his good faith and integrity made by Gk)v. William Bradford wQl 
be perused by the student of New England Iiistory as well as by his descendants, 
for wh(Hn a few copies have been printed for private distribution by one of 

Colonel John Brown of Pttt^eld, Massachusetts. An address by Archibald M. 

Howe at the village of Palatine Bridge, N. Y., September 29, 1908. Bostmi, 

W. B. Clarke Company, 1908. 8<» pp. 87. 

This address was delivered before the Fort Rensselaer Chapter of the D.A.B. 
for the purpose of calling attention to the present insecure condition of the mar 
ble monument erected in 1886 at Stone Arabia, N. T., to the memory of C6L 
Brown. Besides giving a very complete account of this almost forgotten Revolu- 
tionary patriot, especially treating of his brave accusation of Benedict Arnold 
before the latter*s treason had been discovered, the close view here afforded of 
the historical events taking place in New York in 1780, and the critical comments 
of the writer, add no inconsiderable amount to the Interest and value of the 
address, which is well printed on excellent paper. 

Personal Becollections of Daniel Henry C?iamherlain^ once Governor of SovUk 
Carolina^ by James Grekn. Worcester, Mass., Davis and Banister, 1908. 
Price 25 cents. 4o pp. 16, illus. 

Bom in Worcester, Mass., a graduate of Tale and the Harvard Law School, 
an ardent abolitionist and a lieutenant in the Fifth Mass. Cavalry, this young 
lawyer began his practice in Charleston, S. C, where he had gone at the close ox 
the war to settle the estate of a college classmate. He soon became attorney 

feneral of the state, and afterwards was elected governor. Of his career In New 
ork City, and of other phases of his busy, useful life, an interesting account 
Is here given by his fellow-student and lifelong friend Mr. Green, himself a 
member of the Worcester Bar. An unusual additional feature is a group of ph(h> 
tographs of some of his friends taken in the sixties. A military photograph of 
Mr. Chamberlain serves as a frontispiece. On Dec. 8, 1907, this sketch was read 
before the Worcester Society of Antiquity. 

A memoir of Daniel WadswoHh CoU of Norwich, Conn., 1787^1876. Privately 
printed, November, 1908. [Cambridge, Mass., The Universl^ Press.] 8^ 
pp. 178. 

This affectionate memorial is not only of interest to those for whom it has 
been specially prepared, but its portrayal of adventures in South America en- 
countered about 1826 while Mr. Colt was establishing commercial rehitions for 
a firm in London, is as entertaining as it is unusual. It is from such personal 
accounts of early days tliat the progress of those countries may best be meas- 

Memorial Exercises in fionor of Deacon John Doane held at Orleans and Sasthamt 
Mass., August 21, 1907. Boston, David Clapp ft Son, 1908. 8o pp. 88, illna. 

1909] Book mticea 207 

On the abore-iAentioned date a general meeting of the Doane family was held 
for the purpose of dedicating a memorial stone and tablet, which by their united 
oontribations had been erected in the Town Cove burial ground to the memory 
of Dea. John Doane. This report preserves the addresses delivered on iMa 
ooca&lon and letters of regret from absent members of the family. 

Mn, Anne fftUehin^on, by Prof. Hsnrt Lbland Chapman, n. d. 4« pp. 27. 

It is a pleasure to have this charming address (which was read before the 
New England Historic Genealogical Society in February 1901) in printed form 
for leisurely perusal and enjoyment. The records of this religious disturbance, 
which in 1637 nearly upset the young colony settled in and around Boston, are 
8o manifestly one-sided and prejudiced that the descendants of the woman who 
was the cause of all this doctrinal upheaval arc to be congratulated on securing 
so fair-minded and able a defense of their maligned and persecuted ancestress. 
The story of her excommunleation and banishment shows only too clearly the 
extent to which the vengeance of a jealous Puritan theocracy could be carried 
when the privilege of free speech and religious liberty was claimed by a woman 
is the oommonity. 

Memoir o/AbboU Lawrence, by Samukl A. Green. Boston, John Wilson and 

Son, University Press, 1908. 8» pp. 9, illus. 

This characteristic record by Dr. Green of the life of a member of a Boston 
family well known for its benevolence and culture, and a kinsman of Abbott 
Lawrence Lowell, President-elect of Harvard University, is reprinted from the 
Proceedings of the Massachusetts Historical Society for November, 1908. 

0eii. Lewis Baldwin Parsons, 1818-1907, Published privately, 1908. 8o pp. 

102, iUns. 

Brig. General Parsons was bom in Grenesee Co., N. Y., was graduated from 
Tale in 1840, and from the Harvard Law School In 1844. He began to practise 
law in Dlinois, but soon went to St. Louis, where he was retained by the Ohio 
and Mississippi Railroad for many years. He gave distinguished service in the 
Civil War. This memorial volume contains the addresses that were given in his 
memory at the several organizations and societies with which General Parsons 
had been associated. The illustrations are chiefly portraits, and are unusually 
Interesting. The book is handsomely bound in full leather, and is a suitable 
memorial of General Parsons's rich, varied, and valuable life. . 

OvDls NesU a tribute to Sarah Elliott Perkins, by her granddaughter EDrrH Per- 
kins CxTNNiNaHAM. Printed at the Riverside Press for private distribution. 

1907. 80 pp. 822, iUus. 

Owls Nest was the name given to the home built in 1845 and recently given 
by the sons of Mrs. Perkins to the city of Cincinnati as a park, in memory of 
their parents. The story of this lovely, charming, woman, rich in a wide circle 
of warm, loyal friends, has been delightfully complied by an afl'ectionate grand- 
dau^ter, who realized the value of putting Into permanent form all she could 
eollect to perfect the portrayal of a beautiful character. The illustrations in- 
clude some fine portraits, and there are charts showing the descendants of Sam- 
uel Gardner Perkins and of Andrew Elliott. The presswork is the best, and the 
volume is handsomely bound in half morocco. 

George Shepard Potter. By W[illiam] C[harles] G[ilman]. Norwich, Conn., 

1908. 8«pp. [6]. 

This is a sketch of the life of an officer and member of the Society of the 
Founders of Norwich, who was well known for his genealogical and lilstorlcal 

American Lineage of Hoy t Post, of Detroit, Mich., 1908. 8o pp. 24, illus. 

Opening with a brief summary of Hoyt Post's ancestral line back to Stephen 
of C^abrldge in 1631, this pamphlet then furnishes the descent from Stephen 
by generations, and adds some maternal lies of ancestry together with items re- 
litiSg to other branches of ths family. It contains information that would be 
more useful if it was more clearly arranged. There is no index, but a portrait 
of Mr. Post \b i^en as a frontispiece. 

208 Booh Noiice$ [April 

Balph Sanger, A,M,, D.D.^ by Frank Shoth. No title page. 4« pp. 7. 

The importance and far-reaching influence of the civic service rendered bjr 
this minister of the town for forty-six years is the purpose of this paper, which 
was read before the Dover Historical Society on Jan. 2, 1909, and is one of a 
series of biographical sketches of those that have left printed matter relating to 
the town, or that have have been connected with its institutions, copies of whose 
works are in the library of the Dover Historical Society. 

The Bedeemed Captive returning to Zion or tJie Captivity and Deliverance of Rev. 

John Williama ofDeerfield. Reprinted from the sixth edition [vol. ill Indian 

Captivities Series]. Sprhigfleld, Mass., The H. R. Huntting Co., 1908. !«• 

pp. xxiv-|-212, frontispiece. 

Mr. George Sheldon, in his excellent historical introduction, emphasizes the 
particular value to modem students of early New Eneland of this carefully re- 
printed New England classic, which not only chronicles so authentically the 
horrors of Indian massacre, but also illustrates most clearly the religious mind 
of that day, and which has no counterpart in the literature of the period. A 
bibliography is furnished, which will be appreciated by any who wish to make & 
comparative study of the various editions. A few more than five hundred copies 
have been printed on special paper, and are bound uniformly with the series, 
which is one that no library can afford to overlook. 

The Bev, John Wisxoally M.A., Loyalist^ by Rev. E. M. Saundebs, D'D., reprinted 
from the Nova Scotia Historical Society Collections, Vol. XIII. Halifax, N. 8., 
McAlpine Publishing Co., Ltd., 1908. S* pp. 78. 

Ichabod Wiswall, the grandfather of the subject of this sketch, was a minister 
in Duxbury, Mass., during the later part of his life. The Rev. John, the son of 
Peter, was bom in Boston in 1781, and was first a Congregationalist minister^ 
but soon united with the Church of England. The story of Ills life and his fam- 
ily is well given here, with many incidents and details, adding another account 
to the records of the sufferings of the Loyalists. 

The Ghrafton Magazine of History and Genealogy. A Quarterly Pub Uca tion . Vol* 
J, JVb. 2. September, 1908. 70 Fifth Avenue, New York; 6 Beacon Street, 
Boston. The Grafton Press, Genealogical Publishers. 8» pp. 63. Price, $2.00 
per year, 60 cents a copy. 

An article on the ancestry of the Fowle Family, sketches of Thomas Bye, Job 
Tyler, and Willard Irving Tyler Brlgham, together with an abstract or portion 
of the Stratton Genealogy and a few scattering notes on the early families of 
Rhinebeck, comprise the contents of the September magazine. In spite of the 
fact that this issue is called Number Two of Volume One, the lack of continuous 
pagination would seem to indicate a deviation from the usual custom of paging 
the whole volume continuously. The magazine closes with eight book reviews. 

Gravestone Inscriptions, Acworth, New ITampfihire. Together with a list of Bev^ 
olutionary Soldiers. Transcribed by Charles B. Spoffobd and wife (Marcia 
Baij)win Nourse). [Clarcmont, N. H., E. L. Elliott. 1908.] 8*» pp. 23. 
These inscriptions, here alphabetically arranged, were transcribed in 1898 from 
the old cemetery in Acworth, a town settled in 1769 principally by descendants 
of the Scotch-Irish colony of Londonderry. Among the prominent names may 
be found Clark, Campbell, Dickey, Duncan, Davidson, Flnlay, Grout, Gllmore, 
Gove, Gregg, Heywood, Keyes, Lyons, Miller, Mitchell, McKean, McCullom, 
McClure, Perham, Reed, Rogers, Slader, Sllsby, Wilson, Wallace, Weatherhead, 
Woodbury, and Williams. A list is given of the Revolutionary pensioners who 
have lived in the town, as well as a list of the Revolutionary soldiers. Three 
hundred copies of this valuable and usefnl pamphlet were printed on' an excel- 
lent, durable paper, and make accessible about three hundred inscriptions. 

l^he Taverns and Turnpikes of Blandford, 27 33-1833, by Suiineb Gilbkbt 
Wood. Published by the author, 190*8. 8« pp. 329+, illus., map. Price. #2.00, 
net. Address the author, Blandford, Mass. 

That old inventories, mere records of licenses, tolls, and county roads, could 
be made to disclose such a story of bygone days, places the skill of the antiqua- 
rian by the side of the alchemlst*s art, in the eyes of the uninitiated. 


Booh Notices 209 

A colony of Scotcli-IriBh settled Blandford In 1735. It was on the old hlgh- 
wmj ttom Boston to Albany, as it is now on the direct antomobile ronte between 
8piingfleld and Lenox, and the description of the life along the turnpikes and at 
the taverns tells the history of the town in no small decree. The book Is at- 
tractive in appearance, is printed hi large, dear type, and has over fifty excel- 
lent Illustrations, two appendixes, an index, and a reproduction of an early map. 
It is hoped the author will be sufficiently encouraged to publish a full history of 
the town. 

Records relating to the. Early History of Boston, containing Minutes of the Select- 
men*s Meetings, 1811 to 1817 andpaH of 1818. Boston, Municipal Printing 
Offlce, 1908. 80 pp. 878. 

This Yolume is the thhrty-eighth in the series formerly issued under the direc- 
tion of the Record Commissioners, and completes the twentieth and twenty-first 
books of the original records of the Selectmen's Minutes. Many interesting 
town affairs came before the board, and show the provincial problems that had 
to be solved less than one hundred years ago. 

Los Conquistadores de Chde, por Tomas Thayer Ojeda. Tomo Primero. I. 

Compafieros de Don Diego de Almagro. II. Compafieros del Capitan Pedro 

de Valdivla. (Publicado en los Anales de la Universidad, tomos cxxi i cxxil). 

Santiago de Chile, Imprenta Cervantes, Bandera, 50, 1908. 4^ pp. 235. 

This is a scholarly treatise on the early conquerors of Chile, which makes a 
careful comparison of all the early accounts, with references to the authorities 
quoted or consulted, and also gives a brief historical and genealogical sketch of 
those that came witn Almagro and Valdivla. The philosophical discussion of 
the ethnological infiuence of the foreign races that have been infused into the 
population increases its importance, and it has a well-deserved place among the 
publications of the University. 

Die Williams Tavern, Dover, Mass., by Frank Smith. No title page. 4« pp. 7. 
This paper was read before the Dover Historical Society 11 July 1908, and 
gives an excellent and most Interesting account of this historic tavern, which was 
SuTDed 22 January 1908, and which had been '* the pride of the natives of the 
town, the admiration of her later-day citizens, and an object of great interest to 
stnmgers.** Bir. Smith's account is accurate and reliable. 

Proceedings of the FUchburg Historical Society, and papers relating to the history 

of the town read by some of the members. Volume IV, Fitdiburg, Mass., 

Published by the Historical Society, 1908. S® pp. 289, lllus. 

The principal articles In this volume relate to the second mcetlng-honse, the 

dd town hall, the city hall, early families, early real estate owners, turnpikes, 

the hospital, the worklngmen*s association, old militia companies. Revolutionary 

soldiers, and the separation of the church and state In Massachusetts. The book 

U dearly printed, Indexed, and well bound. 

FUchburg Soldiers of the Revolution, by Jajois F. D. Garfield. Fltchburg His- 
torical Society. Fltchburg, Sentinel Printing Company, 1905. 8° pp. 63. 
This paper was read before the Fltchburg Historical Society 20 May 1896. It 
gives a list of one hundred and sixty-eight men and includes only those that are 
known to have served In the quota of Fltchburg. Following the name and ser- 
vice of each man Is a brief paragraph giving his parentage and the vital records 
of his life. Another list gives a similar account of subsequent residents of 
Fltchburg who gave Revolutionary services In other towns. Needless to say 
these lists will be greatly used and appreciated, and it is to be hoped that the 
Historical Society will continue to Issue such serviceable publications. 

The Tea-Burners of Cumberland County toho burned a cargo of tea at Greenwich, 
X J., December 22, 1774, by Frank D. Andrews, Vlneland, Cumberland Co., 
N.J, 1908. 80 pp. 41, Ulus. 

A monument to the Tea-Burners was unveiled and dedicated 80 Sept. 1908, at 
Greenwich, N. J. Following the record of these exercbes there Is a sketch of 
Greenwich in 1774. The author does not state how those that were active In 
homing the tea were discovered, but he has given an account of twenty-three 

210 Booh Noiites [April 

Addresses delivered in commemoration of m<trking Uu spots connected with CiU 
early religious life of Lebanon [iV. H.]. [LeiMinon, N. H., Free Press CHBoe] 
May 20, 1908. go pp. 75, iUus. 

A marker was placed where the first religions gatherings in the town were 
held, and another where the first meeting-house stood. Services were held in 
both places, and addresses were delivered on the Religions Conditions in New 
Hampshire from 1760 to 1800, the Early Life of Lebanon, its ftrst church and 
pastor, 1761 to 1817, the New England Church on the Hill, and Historic Spoto as 
Reminders, all of which are printed here in full on heavy deckle-edged paper. 
The illustrations are views of the markers. 

History of the Second Congregational Church and Society in Leicester^ Mass.^ by 
C. Van D. Chknowbth, A.M. Printed for the Society. 1908 [Worcester, 
Mass., The Commonwealth Press, Oliver B. Wood.] 8^ pp. 199, iUus. 
The Society is to be congratulated on the excellent record of its interesting 
history, and it is hoped that this attractive, well-made book will Inspire activity 
in other churches along the same line. Following a survey of the growth 
of liberal thought In early New England churches and a brief history of the 
town — with the establishment of t£ls Unitarian Church in 1888 — comes the 
unique feature of the work, nearly fifty pages of the diary of the Rev. Samuel 
May, which begins with his graduation from Harvard Theological School In 
1833, and continues until 1846. Sketches of all the ministers who have served 
In this parish, with portraits of some, views of the church and several resi- 
dences, a good index, and bibliography of authorities, are among tiie other note- 
worthy Items In this admirably compiled volume. 

Proceedings of the Littleton Historical Society, No. 3. 1908. Littleton, Mass., 

Published by the Historical Society, 1908. 8o pp, 10. 

The reminiscences of George W. Sanderson for the last seventy years afford 
the reader many unusual glimpses of other days. A memoir of Edward Frost, 
civil engineer, by George A. Kimball, civil engineer of the Boston Elevated Ball- 
way, gives an admirable account of a life of wide usefulness and Infiuence. 

Old Colonial Houses in Maine builtpriorto 1776thjEitMA Huntington Nason. 
Augusta, Me., 1908. 8o pp. 106, lllus. Price, $1.50, postage 10 cents. Ad- 
dress the author, 51 Green Street, Augusta, Me. 

This attractive volume, written In a delightful, picturesque style, presents an 
Illustrated record of certain buildings from Klttery to Machias which represent 
the development of the early colonial dwelling from an ancient log garrison 
house to those admirable examples of colonisd architecture that are ever a source 
of delight and interest. Some of the dwellings here described belonged to the 
families of Bray, Pepperell, Frost, Sparhawk, Gerrish, Whipple, Dennett, To- 
bey, Emery, Jewett, Emerson, and Sewall, among others. The pleasing illustra- 
tions are half-tones made from photographs. The binding of buff and blue Is 
doubly appropriate since this volume Is published through the enterprise of the 
Maine Socle^ of the Colonial Dames of America, and Is dedicated to them. 
Good paper and clear print contribute their excellent qualities to a book that Is 
fascinating, entertaining, and Instructive. 

Historical Address delivered brfore the " Friends of Old Drawyers " Preshyterinn 
Church near Odessa, Del., June 7, 1908 , by Hon. Anthony Hiooins. Pa- 
pers, Historical Society of Delaware, No. XLD^. Wilmington, Historical So- 
ciety of Delaware, 1908. S<* pp. 20, lllus. 

Early in his address, which was delivered at the two hundredth anniversary of 
the establishment of the congregation, Ex-Senator Hlgglns refers his hearers to 
the excellent historical account of the church given by Rev. George Foote in 
1842. Among the founders of the church were Swedes, Dutch, Ei^llsh, Qua- 
kers, Huguenots, and Scotch-Irish. A view of the church Is given, and a por- 
trait of the author serves as a frontispiece for this well-written and well-printed 

Inscriptions on Gravestones in the two old cemeteries on the Bast Hill in 2^terb<h 
rough, N. H. S^ pp. 68, Ulus., plans. 


Booh Notices 211 

A great deal of raliiable inf ormfttion is here preserved and made accessible in a 
manner that may serve as an excellent example for other towns to follow. Each 
bucripUoD U given line for line, often with a view of the stone, and is numbered 
«nd lettered to correspond with the plan given in the front of the booklet, thus 
making the location of the stone itself an easy task. The kind of stone used is 
also mentioned. The book is indexed, and great credit is due the committee 
who have discharged their task with such thoroughness, precision and foresight. 

BiMoriaU Catalogue of tht m&nibern of the First Baptist Church in Providence^ 
Bhode Island. Compiled and edited by Henrt Mklville King, Pastor Emeri- 
tus, with the valuable aid of Chirlbs Field Wilcox. October 1, 1908. Provi- 
dence. B I., F. H. Townsend, Printer. 4® pp. 189, illus. 
Roger Williams and his associates founded this church in 1638. They adopted 
no aitlcles of faith, and the church has remained without formal creed or cove- 
nant. An outline of the histoiy of the church precedes chronological lists of 
pastors, deacons, licentiates, and Sunday School superintendents. The cata- 
l<^iie gives a chronological list of all the members down to the present time, 
t^s when and how each was received and for what reason any severed connec- 
tion, and adds many remarks concerning them. This arrangement is an excel- 
lent and worthy example for other works of the same nature. A large number 
of Italian names are noted, nearly one hundred of this nationality being mem- 
bers of the church. Views of the church and portraits of pastors illustrate 
this book, which is indexed and suitably bound. It will be a valuable book of 

Vital Records of Sharon^ Massachusetts, to the year IS 50, Compiled by Thomas 
W. Baldwin, A.B., 8.B. Boston, Mass. 1909. 8<» pp. 198. 

Historical Address by Rev. Georob WHrrAKRR, D.D., at the semi-centennial 
anniversary of the First Methodist Episcopal Church, Somervllle, Mass., Sept. 
J9-Oct. 4, 1908. 12° pp. 29. 
This is a detailed account of the establbhment of the church, and the various 

organizations belonging to it. 

The Churchwardens* Accounts of South Taw ton. Part III. By Ethel Lega- 
Wbbkbs. (Read at Newton Abbot 28 July 1908 ; reprinted from the Transac- 
tions of the Devonshire Association for the Advancement of Science, Litera- 
ture, and Art, 1908, XL. pp. 806-812.) 8<> pp. 6, illus. 

A view of the eighteenth century pulpit of South Tawton serves as an illus- 
tration in this pamphlet, which contains a great deal of minute information use- 
ful and valuable to the student of history as well as to the antiquarian. 

A Sermon upon the Thomas Strawbridge Foundation, delivered by Rev. Edwin 
Sawtkr Walkbr, A.m., in the Central Baptist Church, Springfield, HI., Oct. 
11, 1908. S^ pp. 7. 

An annual sermon on a specified topic was the accompanying provision in a be- 
quest to the Springfield Baptist Association left by Thomas Strawbridge, who 
was of English descent, born in the north of Ireland in 1798. He was brought 
to America the same year, and in 1823 settled in Sangamon County, HI. 

Tear Book of the Association for the Preservation of Virginia Antiquities for 
1905-1908. Richmond, Wm. Ellis Jones, June, 1808. S^ pp. 122, illus. 
Views of ancient churches and other buildings that have benefited by the care 

and interest of this association are printed in this report of work accomplished, 

which also gives lists of pfllcers and members, as well as the usual committee 


Commemoration of the One Hundred and Fiftieth Anniversary of the Lodge of 

Saint Andrew, Boston, New England, November 30, 1906. Boston, Printed 

by vote of the Lodge of Saint Andrew, 1907. 8<» pp. 806, illus. 

This very beautiful volume commemorates an anniversary, and also contains 

the annals of the lodge for the past twenty-five years, with a complete list of 

members from 1756 to 1906. This lodge is among the oldest Masonic bodies in 

the country, and by reason of the patriotic activities of its meml>er8 in pre-revo- 

lutionary days it9 name is interwoven with Boston history. The book is well 

212 Book Notices [April 

printed on heavy deckle-edged paper, illostrated with some fine photogravures, 
and handsomely bound in l^f morocco. 

Hiitory of the Forty-fifth Begiment, Ma»sachu$ett$ Volunteer MilUia, compiled 
by AiABRT W. Makn, Historian of the Begiment. [1908, Jamaica Plain, Mass., 
Brookside Print.] 8» pp. 662, illus. Price, ft.OO, postage added. Address 
Albert W. Mann, 17 MUk St., Boston, Mass. 

The principal articles hi this worthy history of the Cadet Begiment tell of its 
service at Beadville, Trent, Kingston, and Newbem among other places, while 
special chapters were contributed by Lieut.-Ck)l. Thomas F. Edmands, Adj. 
Gershom C. Winsor, Lieut. Alpheus Hardy, and Maj. Henry G. Wheelock. 
Many excellent illustrations, a roster of the regiment, and a list of the surviving 
members with present addresses, are also included in this book, which adds 
another volume to the valuable records of the service of the men of Massachu- 
chusetts in the Civil War. 

Tentative Boater of the Third Begiment, South Carolina Volunteer$, Confederate 
States Provisional Army. Edited by A. 8. Sallet, Jr. Columbia, 8. C, The 
State Co., 1908. 8o pp. 129. 

This incomplete roster is published by the Historical Commission from the 
rolls in their keeping for the purpose of getting corrections and additions to it, 
that it may then be revised for incorporation in a larger roster of the South 
Carolina troops in the service of the Confederate States. Assistance in this 
matter is earnestly solicited. 

The Two Hundred and sixty-ninth annual record of the Ancient and Honorable 
Artillery Company of Massachusetts. 1906^1907. Sermon by Bev. Thomib 
Van Ness. Boston, Mass., The Mudge Press, 1908. 8o pp. 162, illus. 
Sketches of the members of the company that have recently deceased are in- 
cluded in this report, many of them accompanied by portraits. 

Acts and Besolves of the Province of Massachusetts Bay. Volume XV., being 
volume X. of the Appendix, containing Besolves^ etc., 17 53-17 56. Boston, 
Wright & Potter, 1908. 4o 878 p. 

William Shirley was governor of the province during the period covered by 
this volume, which contains, in addition to the resolves, orders, and votes, the 
charters of the province, historical and explanatory notes, and an appendix. 

Massachusetts Soldiers and Sailors of the Bevolutionary War. XVII. WHI- 
Z TB. A compilation from the archives prepared and published by the Secretary 
of the Commonwealth. 4^ pp. 1044. 

The True Story of the American Flag, by John H. Fow. Philadelphia, William 
J. Campbell, 1908. S^ pp. 54, illus. Price, paper, 50 cents ; cloth, 75 cents. 
Address the publisher, 1008 Walnut St. 

This concise, well-authenticated account of the evolution of our national flag 
and its first use on land and sea, settles conclusively the Betsy Boss contro- 
versy, and proves that claim to be legendary and without foundation, except for 
family tradition based on tales from memory. Many fine colored plates illus- 
trate the work, and there is also a reproduction of Washington's book-plate. 
Students and teachers should do all in their power to correct this Betsy Boss 
story, and eliminate, if possible, another bit of fiction from the histories of the 
United States. 

The Genesis of the Bepubliean Party, by Danibl Watt Howk. Bead before the 
Indianapolis Literary Club, Nov. 9, 1908. Indianapolis, Edward J. Becker, 
1908. 8«pp. 87. 

A study of the national political conditions existing previous to the formation 
of the Bepubliean party in 1854 is supplemented by an interesting list of the 
delegates who met in the first Bepubliean convention in 1856 to nominate candi- 
dates for President and Vice-President. Considering the present connection of 
the party with various bodies of afliuence aqd power, it Is instructive to note 
that one of the original *' Besolves *• of the p^y urged co-operation ** in view 
of the necessity of battling for the first principles of Bepubliean government 




ind agalnflt tbe schemes of an aristocracy the most reTolting and oppressive 
with which the earth was ever cursed or man debased." 

The Snake Dt^icf, 1754^1776, and the Constitutional Courant, 1765, by 
AiAKBT Matthbwb. Reprinted from the publications of The Colonial So- 
ciety of Massachusetts, vol. XI. pp. 409-452. Cambridge, John Wilson and 
Son, University Press, 1908. 8<» pp. 48, facsimiles. 

▲Itboogh this subject has attracted attention before, what has been said has 
been mainly inaccurate, and the reproductions of the original snake device in- 
correct. With his usual care Mr. Matthews has worked out the subject tho- 
roughly, and has added the facsimile reproductions of originals. 


Jahbs Edwamd Aborm, musician, bom 4 
Feb. 1864, in Lynn, Mass., di^ there 
11 Feb. 1909. 

BawAMXN Feakklik Adams, grocer, bom 
25 Dec 1839, in North Chelmiford, 
MsM., died 20 Feb. 1909, in Belmont, 

RuTus PuiPFJiM AacHBR, bom 30 Jan. 

1812, in Salem, Mass., died there 19 

Feb. 1909. 
WtLUAM Imobbsoll Bowditch, A.B., 

TiT*.B., conveyancer, abolitionist, bom 

5 Ang. 1819, in Salem, Mass., died 24 

Jan. 1909, in Brookline, Mass. 
Bbitjamik CvsHDtG BowKBB, bom 23 June 

1844, in Neponset, Mass^ died there 

17 Feb. 1909. 
WiLLiAX TnxnvoHAST Bull, A.M., M.D., 

physician and sorgeon, bora 18 May 

1849, in Newport, R. I^ died 22 Feb. 

1909, on the Isle of Hope, Savannah, 

Jahss Samitbl Clark, M.D., bom 21 July 

1854, in Bellows Falls, Yt^ died 20 Dec. 

1908, in Westfield, Mass. 

BsjUAioK FaAincLor Clakxx, A.M., ScD., 
professor emeritus of mechanical en- 
gineering, Brown University, bora 14 
July 1831, in Newport, Me., died 29 
Dec. 1908, in Providence, R. I. 

Edwaed a. CoFPUf , banker, bora 24 Feb. 
1844, in Boston, Mass., died there 17 
Dec 1908. 

Daiobl Webstbr Colbath, bookseller, 
bora 24 Oct. 1852, in Jamaica Plain, 
Mas*., died there 1 Jan. 1909. 

Obk. John Bbadbubt Cotton, A.B^ law- 
yer, J[>ora 8 Aug. 1841, in Woodstock, 
Conn., died 5 Jan. 1909, in Washing- 
ton, D. C. 

Stlvbstbb Cvkntnoham, formerly presi- 
dent of the Oloucester Board of Trade, 
bora 22 Mar. 1850, in Oloncester, Mass., 
died there 23 Jan. 1909. 

Maj. Josbua Montoombrt Coshino, bora 
29 July 1833, in Duxbury, Mass., died 
there 2 Feb. 1909. 

Gbobob Frank Danibls, merchant, some- 
time president of the Handel and Haydn 
Society, bora 11 Mar. 1851, in Boston, 
Mass., died 1 Dec. 1908, in Brooldine, 

QuiNCT Eliot Dioxbrman, teacher for 
sixty years, bora July 1828, in Stough- 
ton, MassM died 25 Jan. 1909, in Day- 
tona, Fla. 

William Chasb Dunham, sea captain, 
legislator, bora 14 Sept. 1830, in Nan- 
tucket, Mass., died there 18 Dec. 1908. 

Oborob Danibl Embrt, retired merchant, 
bora 10 Sept. 1833, in Fall River, Mass., 
died 8 Jan. 1909, in Allston, Mass. 

Hartwbll Svmnbr Frbnoh, city treas- 
urer of L3mn, bora 17 June 1839, in 
Turaer Me., died 7 Jan. 1909, in Bos- 
ton, Mass. 

(OLrrBR) WoLOOTT Oibbs, A.m., MJ)., 
LL.D., scientist, senior member of the 
faculty of Harvard University, bora 21 
Feb. 1822, in New York, died 9 Dec. 
1908, in Newport, R. I. 

Rbv. John Binnbt Ooulo, A.M., Civil 
War veteran, sometime U. S. consul, 
bora 7 Apr. 1824, in Hull, Mass., died 
29 Dec. 1908, in Reading, Mass. 

Col. Willum Thomas Orammbr, bora 
12 Jan. 1822, in Boston. Mass., died 18 
Dec. 1908, in Wobura, Mass. 

Danibl Larnbd Davis Oranoer, A.M., 
LL.B., congressman, lawyer, bora 30 
May 1852, in Providence, R. I., died 14 
Feb. 1909, in Washington, D. C. 

Rbv. Mary Hannah Gravbs, Unitarian 
minister, historical and genealogicul 
compiler, bora 12 Sept. 1839, in J{orth 
Reading, Mass^ died 5 Dec. 1908, in 
Boston, Mass. 




Bbab Adx. Jambs Oilohbist Ghebit. 
U. S. N^ retired, bom 27 June 1841, in 
Jamaica Plain, Maas^ died 16 Feb, 1909, 
in Edenton, N. C. 

Amos Eddt Hall, underwriter, bom 8 
July 1838, in Marshaeld. Yt^ died 21 
Jan. 1909, in Ererett, Mass. 

Rbt. Thomas Robinson Harbis, A.B^ 
S.T.D., D.D., secretary of the diocese 
of New York, bom 16 June 1812. in 
Cambridge, Mass., died 24 Jan. 1909, in 
Bronxrille, N. Y. 

Nathan Mayo. Hatch, auctioneer, bom 
30 Sept. 1829, in Eastham, Mass., died 
11 Dec. 1908, in Cambridge, Mass. 

William P. Hatward, teacher for oyer 
fifty years, bom in Bridgewater, MasSn 
died 7 Feb. 1909, in Salem, Mass^ aged 

Thomas Arnold Hbnsha w, retired manu- 
facturer, bom 2 June 1836, in Attle- 
borough, Mass., died 27 Jan. 1909, in 
Boston, Mass. 

Robert Hamilton Hutchins, A.M., 
LL3h lawyer, bom in 1869, in Bran- 
don, Vt., died 22 Jan. 1909, in New 
York City. 

Chaklottb Eluabbth Joslin, A.m., 
Ph.D., teacher, philanthropic worker, 
born 6 June 1867, in Chelsea, Mass., 
died 9 Dec. 1908, in Everett. Mass. 

Rby. Charlbs Hbnrt Lbauotd, A.M., 
P. E. clergyman, bom 7 June 1834, in 
Danyers, Mass., died 26 Jan. 1909, in 
Wakefield, Mass. 

John Rosb Lbb, retired merchant, bom 
27 Apr. 1827, in Boston, Mass., died 
18 Dec. 1908, in Brookline, Mass. 

Prof. Horatio Loomis, analytical chemist, 
bom in 1866 in Burlington, Yt., died 
2 Feb. 1909, in New York City. 

EuoBNB Francis Loud, congressman, bom 
in 1847, in Bast Abington (now Rock- 
land), MasSn died 20 Dec. 1908, iu San 
Francisco, Cal. 

Prof. William Matthbws, LL.B., LL.D., 
author, bom 28 Ju^y 1818, in Wuter- 
yille. Me., died 14 Feb. 1909, in Forest 
Hills, Mass. 

Rbt. Sblah Mbrrill, A.M., D JD^ LL.Dn 
archeologist, U. S. consul in Guiana, 
bom 2 May 1837, in Canton Centre, 
Conn., died 22 Jan. 1909, in FraitTsle, 

Rby. Robbrt Dbxtbr Millbr, retired 
ininister, bom in Dummerston, Yt, 
died 26 Jan. 1909, in Maiden, Mass., 
in his 86th year. 

Donald Orant Mitchbll, A.B., LL.D., 
•* Ik Marvel," author, bom 12 Apr. 1822, 
in Norwich, Conn^ died l6 Dec. 1908, 
in New Haven, Conn. 

WiLUAM Humphrby Nash, A.B., lawyer, 
bom 11 June 1846, in Hingham, Mass., 
died 9 Dec. 1908, in Leadville, CoL 

Howard Mudob Nbwhall, bom 7 May, 
1864, in Lynn, Mass., died there, 26 
Dec. 1908. 

Col. John Buttrick Noybs, A.B., Civil 
War veteran, bom 2 Mar. 1838, in 
Petersham, Mass., died IS Dec. 19U8, in 
Brooklyn, N. Y. 

Handbl Pond, piano manufacturer, bora 
11 Oct. 1862, in Wrentham, Mass., died 
24 Dec. 1908, in Winchester, Mass. 

JosBPH M. Roberts, retired sem captain, 
bom 28 Apr. 1821, in Wiscasset, Me^ 
died 2 Jan. 1909, in Melrose, Mass. 

Jambs Augustus Rumrill, railroad di- 
rector, bom 8 Apr. 1837, in New York 
City, died 20 Jan. 1909, in Springfield, 

Mrs. Evelyn Grbbnlbaf (Bakbr) Sutr- 
brland, dramatic and eiditorial writer, 
bom 16 Sept. 1866, in Cambridge, Mass., 
died 24 Dec. 1908, in Boston, Mass. 

Oborgb Tolman, A.B., editor, antiquary, 
writer, bom 9 Dec. 1836, in Roxbury, 
Mass., died 14 Feb. 1909, in Concord, 

EuoENR Tompkins, theatrical manager, 
born 28 Sept. 1860, in Boston, Mass^ 
died there 22 Feb. 1909. 

Carroll Davidson Wriobt, A.M., PhJ)n 
LL.Dm educator, economist, statistician, 
bora 26 July 1840, in Dunbarton, N. H., 
died 20 Feb. 1909, in Worcester, Mass. 

Vol. 62, p. 
Vol. 62, p. 
Vol. 62, p. 
Vol.62, p. 
Vol. 63, p. 
Vol. 63, p. 
Vol. 63, p. 
Vol. 63. p. 
Vol. 68. p. 
Vol. 63, p. 
Vol. 63, p. 


244, /or Alex* Nuir read Alex^ Mair. 
26S, for John Lowell reeui John Lavell. 
826, /or John Wilherson retui John Witherson. 
326,/or Will" Kumber read Willm Kunber. 
16, /or George Boorer read George Booier. 
18, /or Rich* Browing read Rich* Browning. 
22, /or John Mnchlin read John Maoklin. 
22./or Mary Mschlin read Marv Mackliu. 
26, /or Benjamin Kwans read Benjamin Evans. 
77 ^ for John Amsley read John Anisley. 
165. line 51,/or Unread 1797. 

.11 i/. , ':• •" 

.^. .' mil, ''.,•- 

I . . !.. -I •■ 

II ■ I. • 

.1 > t 

-t li.'-.: 


>t i 

* » . ■ ^v i. 

i 1 • - .(i 

,• \ 

. Mil .\ »i*ii ! .:' • ,. f I ' ' ■■ 

-.. ■ M ■ , ., ... .■ I*., .-. ■ 

• h • \ t '. -i. '!' .-' 

'• ^l r 'I r !. '\- < i Ml, i . :,. 

^ y '■■ 




JULY, 1909 


Bj F&ANX Martin Goss, Esq., of Melrose, Mass. 

Elbridge Henby Go88 was bom in Boston, at the old North 
End, December 22, 1830, in Creek Square, which runs into Mar- 
shall Street, near Union — a region long ago wholly given over to 
commercial purposes. 

His father Henry, and his mother Betsey Kendall, were bom in 
West Dummerston, Vermont, while his great-grandfather Zebulon, 
and grandfather of the same name (both Revolutionary soldiers), were 
natives of Mendon, Mass. 

The first ancestor in this country was undoubtedly John Goss of 
Watertown, who appears in the town records of that place bs 
early as 1631. 

Henry Goss and his wife Betsey came to Boston about 1828. 
Shortly after the birth of the subject of this sketch they removed to 
Charlestown to a house in Main Street, where his mother died when 
he waa six years of age, leaving also a daughter Harriet, and another 
son, Jason. 

About this time Henry Goss took up a sea-faring life, and El- 
bridge was sent to live with his grandmother Kendall at Dummers- 
ton, Vermont, a small village on the West River only a few miles 
north of Brattleboro. During his half-dozen years' stay in this 
town he lived about among his relatives, and the outdoor life and 
wholesome fare there laid the foundation, without doubt, for the 
long years of good health which he enjoyed. 

Soon after his father's second marriage, Elbridge returned to Bos- 
ton, and entered the Adams school in Mason Street. Proving him- 
self an apt and diligent pupil, he was the recipient of a number of 
books which were given to him as prizes for good work, several of 
them being from Amos Lawrence. He later attended the English 
High School for a year, and was in the same class with Phillips 
Brooks and some other prominent Bostonians. 

He entered business life when about sixteen years of age, and was 
with several firms — a cashier for Chandler and Company, then in 
Summer Street next to Trinity Church, and later with W. F. Shaw 
and Company, dealers in gas fixtures and general lamp supplies. 

. VOL. Lxni. 15 

216 Elbridge Henry Goss [July 

In 1853 Mr. Goss married Hannah Jane Baker. Two children, 
Frank Martin Goss, bom in 1865, and Mary Alice Goss, bom in 
1863, the wife of Edward E. Babb of Melrose, survive their &ther. 
One evening in 1856 he chanced to drop in at the old Meionaon of 
Tremont Temple, and upon that occasion a man was depicting in 
glowing terms the beauties and advantages of the then young town 
of Melrose as a place of residence. So forceful and convincing was 
the appeal that Mr. Goss purchased a house-lot in Melrose, and 
during the next summer built a house there and moved into it from 
Boston in 1857 . Soon after locating in Melrose he became acquainted 
with Mr. White, a thriving Boston leather merchant, whose employ 
he entered as bookkeeper. In this position he remained for over 
thirty years. During the Civil War he was an enthusiastic patriot, 
contributing largely of his means toward the continuance of a united 
country and only failing of seeing active service in upholding the flag 
on account of a physical ailment which prevented his marching for 
any length of time. 

Mr. Goss was elected to represent Melrose in die Massachusetts 
Legislature in 1874 and 1875, serving on the Committee on Libraries 
the first year, and as chairman of the Committee on Engrossed 
Bills the second year. On this committee the Hon. John D. Long 
was his colleague. 

In 1872 the Melrose Savings Bank was chartered, but owing to 
the great fire in Boston that year the charter was allowed to lapse. 
Mr. Goss secured from the Legislature an extension of the charter for 
the bank, little thinking at the time that he would be invited to become 
its Treasurer. He assumed this position in 1875 when the deposits 
were but small, and as the bank was open only in the evening he 
performed his duties as Treasurer in connection with his Boston busi- 

The Melrose Public Library was organized in 1871, and Mr. Gosa 
was placed upon the first Board of Trustees, remaining thereon until 
his death. During all these years of his trusteeship, imdl 1905, the 
Library had no building of its own, and it was one of Mr. Goss's 
great desires, and an end toward which he always looked forward, to 
secure a fitting home for the splendid library that had been built up. 
Through the generosity of Andrew Carnegie, allied with some sub- 
stantisu donations fit>m Melrose citizens, he lived to see a beautiful 
library building occupying a prominent comer on one of his greatly 
loved city's most important streets. 

Mr. Goss was for four years Town Auditor. He had also held 
the office of Water Registrar and was an Alderman of the city. 

Notwithstanding the active business life that he led, with its en- 
grossing cares and almost ceaseless attention, he found time to culti- 
vate an inherent literary taste, and many and varied are the results 
of his wielding of the pen. His thought and work was mainly along 
the line of historical and antiquarian research, and his writings were 

1909] Colonial Becorda of Marlborough^ Mass. 217 

chiefly of that character. Mr. Goss was throughout his life an en- 
tfausiaatic autograph collector. Soon after the Civil War he wrote the 
•• Melrose Memonal," and "Annals of Melrose in the Great Bebellion, 
1861-65." Among his other works are " Early Bells of Massachu- 
setts," published in 1874, " The Centennial Fourth, 1876," "History 
of Middlesex County," in 1890, "The Life of Col. Paul Revere," in 
two volumes, in 1892, and the " History of Melrose," in 1902. He 
also contributed with considerable regularity to the Magazine of 
American Histo^^y The New England Magazine^ the Bay State 
Monthly^ and other periodicals. 

Mr. Goss early allied himself with the Orthodox Congregational 
Church of Melrose, was Treasurer and Collector of the Society 
for fifty years, a term of service that has rarely been equalled in this 
position, and for the last ten years of his life was a Deacon of the 
Church. During all this time he was a constant attendant of the 
Sunday School connected with the church. 

On December 22, 1903, Mr. and Mrs. Goss celebrated the fiftieth 
anniversary of their marriage at their home ia Cedar Park, Melrose, 
where a very interesting occasion was ma^Je by the host of Mends 
who gathered to do them honor. 

Mr. Goss was a member of the New England Historic Genea- 
logical Society, elected in 1869, and an original trustee of its Kid- 
der Fund. He was also a member of the ftince Society and at one 
time its Treasurer, the Bostonian Society, the Bimker Hill Monu- 
ment Association, the American Historical Association, and many 
other historical and literary societies. 

Mr. Goss died immediately after his return fix>m a summer vaca- 
tion spent at Jackson, N. H. He contracted a cold, and pneumo- 
nia developed speedily, ending a career that had been faithftil to 
God, himself and his brother men. Gentle, lovable, wise, a man 
whole-souled and true, and one whose like is rarely met. 


Copied by Hiss Mabt E. Spaldiko and coramnnicated by FBAifXLiN P. Riob, Esq., 

of Worcester, Mass. 

[Conchided from page 126] 

The Contents of Marlborough Proprietors Great Book of Records of LancU 
Grants And acts thereupon accepted by said proprietors march y^ 31 : 1729 
•e pace 296 in sd Book 

^ Page 

The Petition for the Plantation 8 

The Condition of Settleing the Name of y^ Plantation 

Select-men Chosen 4 

A Deference And the Composition Betwen John Alcok 

218 Colonial Records of Marlboroughj Mass. [July 

And the inhabetants- 

The Proprietors ingagement to those that Stood Bound 
to m' John Alcok 

A Commettee apointed to Lay out a Plantation for the 
Indians 7 

Land Granted to the wife of John How : All that Claim 
an Interest in the plantation to perfect their hous-lot 
with the Condition Thomas Rice's Lot Changed : And 
a Rate made for Laying out the Plantation 8 

Half an acre of Land Granted to Richard Newton : A 
Hous-lot Granted to Benjamin Rice: The Town 
Named Marlborough Proprietors to pay all their ar- 
reares within 51 Days or Lose all A Rate made for 
the minister for six mounths 9 

Hous-lots Granted to the first inhabetants & Proprietors 
of this Town and some few others 10 

A Houselot Recorded to Andrew Belchar & the Second 
Devision of upland Granted to him : And the Squad- 
rons of the first Devision of meadows !!•• 12 

A Contract for to Buld a frame for a ministers House : 
And a Rate for the minister for six mounths 13 

Proprietors 'must pay all their Dues upon Demand or 
Loose all their Interest: The Rates be paid by the 

Benjamin Rice is Granted his second Devission of up- 
land a second Devission of upland Granted four 
acres Granted to Richard Barns to his hous-lot: all 
hous-lots Granted to be Laid out before the Last of 
march next : Edmund Rice and John Rudduck to see 
all hous-lots Laid out : Ten acres of meadow Granted 
to John Rutter 14 

A Rate to be made to Buld the ministers house — A Con- 
tract with Peter Bent to Buld a Bridg over Sudbury 
River 15 

Lands Granted to John How sen' : Richard Bams Heired 
to Buld a pound : order to Lay out Chancy Coldhar- 
bour & midle meadow Called the Second Devission of 
meadow : Every man to pay Twenty Shillings for Every 
tree he Cuts ujjon the Common : Samuel ward admit- 
ted an inhabetont in the Roome of Richard Ward 16 

The Contravarcy Betwen the Town And the fourth 
Squadron Ended A Hous-lot Granted to Henry Ax- 
teel : A Commette Chosen to Lay out all High-ways : 
Town officers Chosen : orders about Swine Three Rods 
of upland Round all meadows to set hay on Timber 
forfitted that hath Laine half a year ^ 17 

M' Berensmeiids frame And Lot Granted to him : A Rate 
ordered to be made to Buld a meeting-house : Granted 
to Henry Axteel a Town Right And one acre added to 
his hous-lot five acres added to Samuel Rices hous-lot. 
ordered that all nonresedents And such as pay not their 
full proportion to all Rates shall have Uieir Lots 
siezed ■ 18 

1909] Colonial Records of Marlborough j Mass. 219 

2 Page 

A Rate for the minister for six munths : A high way 1^ 
twen Richard Barns & John How : A Grant Touching 
the Bredth of John Rideats hous-lot: Ceder swamps 
ordered to be Laid out And a Commette to Survay 
the Same : Ceder Swamp proportioned : Litele Ceder 
Swamp Granted to Edmund Rice & John Rudduck : 
Three acres of meadow ordered to William Ward. 19 

Eight acres of Land Granted to Thomas Bams with all 
acomadations Sutable: one tree allowed for fencing 
Timber off the Commons for Every two acres of hous- 
lot: The Second Devission of meadows Proportioned 
The Perpetual Cow-Common stated : Exepting Eighty 
acres of upland^ 20 

Ten acres of Land Granted unto William Kerly sen' : A 
Ten acre Lot Granted to Thomas Barrett : Abraham 
How Leberty to Exchange Two acres of Land : Town 
officers Chosen : Tho Smiths Lot allowed to Jonathan 
Johnson: order about Sw[i]ne Cattle to have a 
Keeper 21 

A set time for fences to be made up & finished ordered 
that John Ruduck have the standerds of waits & meas- 
ures Anamaks Convayance of the Land the old meet^ 
ting-house stood upon 22 

A Rate for the minister : Highways apointed 23 

William wards Surender of half an acre of Land : no flax 
or hemp to be Laid in any pond or Brook where 
Cattle Drink a Commete to Lay out the Countre Road 
Betwen here & Sudbury A house-lot Granted to Ab- 
raham Williams : a sixteen acre Lot Granted to John 
Woods jun' : Twelve acres & half of meadow Granted 
to Abraham How : men apointed to see after Trepass 
Don upon the Common by felling of Timber : Thomas 
Rice his house-lot ordered to Ly by the pond: with 
the Addition • 24 

Town orders to prevent inmate without the Towns Leve 
Peter Bents first Devission of meadow Confirmed: 
orders about Swin Cattle & f enc" : Town officers Chosen : 
Direction to the Survayors of the high-ways with their 
allowence Swamp & meadow by Edmun Ricess Given 
to John Rutter for Seven acres of meadow 25 

The first Devission of Ceder Swamps : The Determina- 
tion and advice of the County Court at Cambridge : all 
persons to hold their Possessions paying their arrears 
— John How and John Rideat are Chosen to be added 
to the Select men — Joseph Holms has first Devission 
of meadow Confirmed 26 

Marlboroughs Address to the General Court : And the 
Courts Commete A Rate to finish the meetting-house : 
Town officers Chosen a Lot Granted to Capt Thomas 
Wheller: The Honoured Commetes order to amend 
what is amiss in the old Book And to wright a New 
Book for the Town : Sd Commette altering & mending 

220 Colonial Records of Marlborough^ Mass. [July 

the town List of mens possessions Granted them : all 
Grants of Lands to be Recorded absolutlj: Cap^ 
Wheeler & Abraham wUliams Grants & possessions to 
be added to the List & also their Second Devission of 
meadows with other orders of y* Commette 27 

The List Exemen amendend & Explained 28* 29 

8 Page 

The Second Devission of meadow Laid out by Ensigne 
Noys 80 

An account of the Indian porchas of the plantation the 
payment of the mony the List of the Names of those 
that paid y^ mony And procuring a plat from m' 
Samuel Andross 81* 82* 88 

A Committee Chosen or Continued to state High-ways 
from pag 84 to 88 

only in page 87 Select men Stated Some : And the al- 
Idwence Given ^ 84 to 88 

more Highways Stated Some by a Committe & Some by 
Selectmen 89: 40 

A Clark Chosen And a Committe to Recover the writ- 
tings of the widow of the Deceased Clerk ^40 

IDghways Stated from page 40 to 45 40 to 45 

deyision^wM* in °^^^<^ ^ Devide the Cow-Common m' Breckes Peti- 
Ck>w-Comon tion for Land & his Grant : And the measuers by w^h 

they would make the Devission 45 : 46 

Petitions of Joseph Newton And Thomas Barrett Granted 
by Exchang of Land w"* John Parry. A Grant to 
Thomas Rice a place to Buld a mill : To Chuse men 
to stand in the Proprietors intrest a Committee Chosen 
to Joyn w^ a Committee of the Indian plantation— 
about the Line betwen them & y* Proprietors 47 

mony Receved for y^ Rent of Common meadow : Land 
had of John Pery How Disposed of : several adjum- 
ments : and Exceptations of Lands -48 

The Proprietors order for an orderly Record of their 
Lands taken up in the Cow-Common : A Committee 
Chosen to State a high way through Land Granted to 
m' Breck : The Retom of Caleb &ce & John Banister 
apointed to treat with John Perre about the Exchange 
of Land. Exepted And another Committee Chosen to 
Settle the Conveyence with several adjetadons And 
some Returns of Lands : A Grant of Land to John 
Bellows : A Grant of Land to Abraham Williams And 
to Nathaniel Oake for Recompence for Highways: 
Some plats of Land Exepted Granted to Moses Newton 
sen' a Liberty to make use of the sreeme of Stony 
Brook And the use of the Land about, where his Iron 
works now are And several adjournments & more ex- 
eptations of Lands Provision for Priambelation And 
Defending the Proprety 49 

agreement to Raise money to Defend the Propriety : A 
Request of Isaac Amsden to Change Land : Exeptation 
of Land 50 

1909] Colonial Records of Marlborough^ Mass. 221 

more Betoms of Lands : A Committee Chosen to Give 
John mainard sen' Sattisfaction for his meadow taken 
from him at angle meadow A Committee Chosen to 
End Contravercys Betwen Isaac Amsden and the 
. .W ^ . Bellowses : And to Take order for a nother Devission 
Cow-Coinoii within the Cow-Commons And the second Devission 
within the Cow-Commons Granted with orders and 
measuers to be attended in the Devission : Some adjom- 
ments & Exeptations of Lands 51 

A Grant of Lands to Henry Bartlet And also to James 
Taylor Each Squordem to have a Copy of the acta 
Refering to the Devission the clerk to be paid by the 
propriety: Several proposals Refering to Equitable 
allowences with their final End : Exeptations of Land 
a Recompence to Abraham Williams for a way Taken 
out of his Seventeen acres Exepted : Some adjourn- 
ments 52 

Proprietors Called together by order of the moderater 
Chose a Committee to Go upon the north Line & the 
400 acres Called the Cod order that the acts of the Last 
Committee of the General Court be Recorded See the 
first or second Leffe of the Book; Begening of Re- 
turns of Land of the second Devission within the Cow- 
Commons : A Committee Chosen to Answer a Sitation 
of the General Court Another Committee Chosen to 
Gether money to Defray Charges : men Chosen to take 
care that the men that Gave in Evedence about the 
Lines of the town and m' Androsses managment be 

sworn 58 

4 Page 

Some adjournments and Exeptations of Lands 58 

Exeptations of Land : a Committee Chosen about high- 
ways their Returns Several adjournments: Alexan- 
der Stewards petition for Land y® Grant of it. Some 
Directions for the Squad oms Committee & some pro- 
posab about Bruces null Grant And a Committee 
Chosen about it : 54 

Exeptations of Land: adjournments: Some Discours 
about Land for m' Breck : the Return of a Committee 
Refering to Some Land of Samuel Stow taken for high- 
way And his Recompence : A Committee to Look 
upon a high way Refering to Isaac Amsden & Deacon 
Woods at Castle hill 55 

Records of Later Grants or Devissions of Lands to the 
primitive lots from page 56 to 106 Exepting two 
acres of meadow allowed to Samuel Stow in page 77. 
And some Exeption of Land Relinquished by John 
Shearman And Recompence for the same in pag 

(1) 100 56 to 106 

Cw!(^°toS**''**^® first Devission without the Cow-Common Granted be- 
ing 3 acres for one in the hous-lot : orders Refering to 
a mimsterial Lot And orders Refering to the Devission 
with Caer Refering to Highways Clay & meadows 106 

222 Colonial Records of Marlboroughy Mass. [July 

Some further measuers Refering the Devission with out 
y* Cow-Commons the Retume of the Committee for 
And the Establishment of the ministereal Lot with 
Committees to Decide Defferences Several adjourn- 
ments & Some Exeptations of Lands 107 

an highway stated over Assabeth River to Hockanume 
a l)efiference mentioned Bet wen Samuel Brigham & 
David Mainard : A Committee Chose to vew a mill- 
place And to End a DiflFerance at 'l\irky-hill : A Com- 
mittee Chose to state a way from Belchars pond to the 
Ceder Swomp 108 

The sd Committees Return y* was sent to state a way 
from Andraws pond to the Ceder Swomp : votes and 
orders for men to bring their plats of Land to Records 
by a Sett Time Leberty Granted to Peter Bent to 
Take up his Third Devission Some Exeptations of 
Land 109 

A vote for an order or orderly Recording the Land Taken 
up without the Cow-Commons. A vote to take oflF the 
Clogg of former Grants or Highway : Committees to 
Take an account of Common meadows A Leberty to 
John Shearman to alter Some Land Granted him for 
Recompence for high-way Several adjournments & 
Returns of Lands 110 

Several Returns of Land in w** Som to Peter Bent where 
in is Some meadow taken up upon the mill Grant : 
Something Refering to meadow of Jonathan Johnson : 
Some adjournments 111 

meadow sold to Deacon John Woods: A Committee 
Chosen to Go with the men that measuer for Equatable 
Allowence : meadow sold to Isaac Woods : A Second 
Devission Granted with out the Cow-Commons with 
the Ruels «& measuers there of : Being 2 acres for one 
in y* hous-lot A Reservation of Land near Bruces 
mill-place : a motion of Biglo Refering to Bruces Land 
Some proceedings upon it: Some adjournments and 
Returns of Lands ■ — —112 

A Commettee Chosen about Cold-harbor meadow : orders 
for Abraham Williams Refering to the proprietors 
money Returns of Land the Return of the S** Com- 
mittee 1 13 

Several adjournments & Returns of Lands An order to 
Isaac Amsden Refering the proprietors money : The 
ministerial meadow Lott to Nathan Brigham with the 
Tirms : meadow Lott to Jn® mainard 114 

memorandome of Bringing Both the meettings that with in 
the Cow-Commons And that without into our meetting : 

Land Reserved^ '- 115 

5 Page 

Records of Lands from page — 115 to 120 115 to 120 

Begens Records of Lan<& taken up without the Cow- 
Commons 121 

Records of Later Devissions of Lands from page 121. To 

1909] Colonial Records of Marlborough^ Mass, 223 

186 only these particular things Hereafter mentioned 
viz page 167 Several percels of meadow Recorded to 
Peter Bents mill-lot as part of his Devission of meadow 
for it : page 161 Some more meadow Recorded to S** 
Bent upon the Sd Right: page 130: Lands Relenqu* 
by Jonathan Johnson : . 186 

meettings for Excepting of Land : A Request of Samuel 
Stow to Change a peice of Land by his well a Com- 
mette Chosen to vew it a Commeette Chosen to Settle 
accounts with m' Breck Refering to the Land he pur- 
chased of the proprietors allowance to Thomas Ax tell 
for Highway Taken out of his Hous-lot: And Na- 
thaniel : mony paid to Deacon woods and Several 
(3^ other Creditors out of mony in Isaac Amsdens hands 
DeTiMion within Receved of the former Clerks widow an agreement 
Oow-Comon f^^ another Devission of Land within the Cow-Com- 
mons with Ruels for it And Leberty for the Squad- 
rons to Go into one anothers: Two acres of Land 
Excepted to James Taylor : And Several other Excep- 
tations of Lands : A Commeette to State the Highway 
Betwen the Indian-hill and the town : And to find out 
the Town Line from the Southeast Comer to Sudbury 
River 187 

m' Brecks purchas Compleated : an high-way Relenquished 
Runing over the farme-hill Leading to the Countre 
Road men Chosen to Search the Countre Records 
Refering to the Bounds of the Town & m' Alcoks 
farme : an high-way & some plats excepted : an high- 
way Relinquished through Jonathan Johnsons Land: 
A proposal to Bring the meetings with in and with out 
the Cow-Commons together 188 

A Commette Chosen Refering to a Difference Betwen 
John How and Samuel Stow about meadow : an addi- 
tion to a Commeette for high ways : proposals to Sell 
or Devide the Common meadows : a proprietors Clerk 
Chosen: Some plats Exepted 189 

orders to Call in mony Due to the proprietors for meadow 
Ether Sold or Lett : and high-way ordered to be Laid 
out over Liquor Brook to the northerly End of Cold- 
harbour : orders for the Rectifying of Errors & mistaks 
in the Records of mens Lands : men Chosen to Lett 
the Common meadows: The way turned at Tobaca 
meadow : A Commeette Chosen to agree with Isaac 
Temple about Bellowses Adition : The Commeete for 
High-ways to agree with m' Breck Relating to the 
High way Cross his Lot : Some allowence to Nathanael 
Joslin for want in his Adition '• 190 

Allowence Granted to m' Breck for the highway near 

the Scool-house: a Commette Chosen to Servey the 

Common meadows Some Lands & highways Ex- 

• cepted : * orders for the Recording the Second Devis- 

in page 282 ^^^^ ^£ Ceder Swomp: an agreement to Devide the 

Common meadow by intrest : men apointed to assist 

224 Colonial Records of Marlborough^ Mass. [July 

the serveyers in Deviding the Common meadows 191 

6 page 

Some Land & Some highways Excepted: a Grant of 
Some Land to James Taylor near his mill : the Com- 
meette for highways to Settle the Bounds of the High- 
way Betwen the Land of John How & Samuel Stow 
Devissionwithin ^^^^ ^® Indian Line Another Devission of Land 
Oow-Comon within the Cow-Common and a Limitation for Com- 
pleating the former Devissions : a motion of the Second 
Squadron for want of Land 192 

Some further Ruels to be observed in the Deyission Last 
mentioned with in the Cow-Commons: Several ad- 
jomments and Exceptations of Lands : major How to 
inspect the Reserved Land at fort meadow : Also a 
proceeding to the further Laying out the Land with 

out the Cow-Comon 198 

(3) orders for Calling a proprietors meetting when Lost. 
SiTcow-ComJis ^^ * meetting Called for Deviding the Land with out 
the Cow Common: men ordered to Run the town 
Bounds from Jackstraws field to the River : Ruels & 
methods to Devide the Land without the Cow-Com- 
mons : orders to Lay out the Common meadow with 
the measuers & Ruels thereof 194 

where he begen to Lot out the Common meadows : And 
some further Ruels tu be observed in that mater : the 
widow of Joseph Ward to Exchange an high-way: 
Some further orders for perfecting the Town South 
Line : proprietors debts brought in & orders for the 
payment of them: Lots Drawn for the Common 
meadow 195 

Lands to be Exepted with this proviso not hendering for- 
mer Grant or high ways : acts Relating to the Common 
meadows 1 96 

men Chosen to servey the Common meadows : a meetting 
to proceed in the Devission of the Common Land & 
meadow formerly Granted : Also to hear John Brig- 
hams Request Refering to Some meadow Taken into 
his Land: the meetting being Lost again Revived: 
Some further proceedings in the Devission without 
the Cow-Commons : the Name of the Devission SatiA- 
tbe name faction to Samuel Ward for his first Devission of Ceder 

Swomp : a Commeetty Refering to high ways 197 

Some further proceeding Refering to the Reserved Land 
at fort meadow : a Commity to Call John Shearman to 
Show the Bounds of an acre of meadow Granted to 
Thomas Bruce : a meetting Called for the Defence & 
Security of the Town Bounds and a Commitie Chosen 
for the Same purposs 198 

A motion of Isaac Temple for stoping an highway a 
Commeetty Chosen to hear the pleas of Isaac Temple 
and Benjamin Woods for stoping highways and their 
Return & the act of the propriety upon it : Benjamin 
woods and John Newtons Exchange of high ways : a 

1909] Colonial Records of Marlborough^ Mass. 225 

Commeetty Chosen to End a Difference Joseph main- 
ard & Samuel Taylor 199 

Records of Lands from p^ 199 to page 228 228 

Records of Second Devission of Ceder Swomp from 
page 282 to 284 

Crane Ceder Swomp Serveyed . 286 

Clay pits in Several places Stated : An high way Stated 
from David mainard to th^ plain by John prats with 

allowence for it 288 

7 page 

And high ways Stated: by the house of John Bams: 
by the hoi^se of John Bellows : Betwen the Land of 
Eleazer How and Thomas Brigham Leading to Thomas 
Brighams House And an highway on the Southerly 
Side of Liquor-hill ten Shill in mony paid by Edwaid 
Bams for meadow in his Land 289 

Land Granted to John Brittain and William Thomas 
Some further proceedings about the Common meadows 
& Some plats of Land Excepted 290 

Lands Excepted to John Britian William Thomas and 
Ebenezer Witt : And meadow sold to Daniel Warren 291 

Some other acts Refering to the Common meadows a 
Tender to John Briglumi for meadow Lying within his 
Land : A Return to be Brough of the Common mead- 
ows in order to be Recorded 

An acount of the Common meadows Brough in and Ex- 
cepted And a bill of Charge Granted : John Brig- 
ham aquited for the meadow he had appropreated an 
act for Selling Smal percels of meadow that Remained 
after the alotments : A proposal for the Calling in 
mony Due to the proprietors for meadow appropriated 
by Some particular persons: an acount of meadow 
Sold to Daniel Warren & the mony paid A Commeety 
Chosen to vew the Land pititioned for by m' Wm 

Thomas & James Brown 293 

A meetting Raised by vertue of a warrant from major 
Fullum : a Clerk Chosen : a Commiette Chosen to 
Receve the Books of the widow of the Late Clerk an 
agreement how to Raise meettings for the time to Come : 
A meetting Raise by the Commeetty to vindicate the 
Bounds Betwen marlborough <& Stow to Consider 
what they would Do about the Burying places in west- 
borough & Southborough : Some Land Relinquish to 
Tht Abraham Williams formerly Reserved for Highways : 

jj . (*) proposed whether they will have another Devission of 

liud wiUiL Land within & without the Cow-Commons & it past in 

the afermitive A motion of Isaac Temple for Recom- 
pence for a high-way : an act for Selling of Land Ly- 
ing betwen the Lots of John Rutter & Richard Newton 
Land Sett appart for a meetting-hous a Burying place 
And a Training feild in South-Borough a Commeetty 
Chosen to SetUe the Bounds Betwen marlborough & 
Stow : Land Sett apart in westborough for Burying 


J «/• Marlborough, 3f'' a<*. V. 

o ^ Tand & Some higtwayB ^ page 

^?le L^d to James Ta^or^ 

ottt Cdw-Comons 

,e L^dViames Taylor t Comtneetty : 

Bice 350 

And w i.u"^**= 


ristol County Probate Records 227 


ji. Lucy Hall Gubbnlaw 
^^ utinued from paf^e 133] 

iiy Newland of Taunton about fifteen yeares Since 

^ Kathirine his widow with four fmale Children w*** 

.me them Viz' : a poor Iloufe with about fix accers of 

.0 iyeing & being in Taunton afforefd & now in the Pof- 

^mtion of the faid widow with a few other things of fmale 

* And whereas the faid widow through Ignorance «Jk £xtreame 

ihe faith could not goe fo fair as Plimouth to take adminift®" : 

ad Little Eftate as the law Directs But hath all this time by Gods 

lig and her owne Induftry & hard labour, with the Charity of good 

jj»le made a fhift to line, pay her Hufbands Debts & bring Vp her faid 

Children to Ripenefs of years which hath Cofl her much more then the faid 

Eftate amounts to, and fhe being Now grown ancient and not able to work as 

fhe hatli done Prays that the faid Houfe & land (I'uch as it is) with thofe 

few Moueables that Remaine May be Granted & Contirmed to her '*, which 

accordingly b hereby granted to the said widow Katharine by me John 

8affin EMl^ Judge of probate, July 12, 161)5. Entered May 28, 1607 by 

John Cary Regist^ : 

[164] Little Compton, Dec. 5, 1696. We, being chosen by the children 
of Cap' Edward Richmond to apprise his goods and estate, have valued 
them at £326..06..00. Items: ** 3 Indians Peter awafhuick ", "Amos", 
"John ahame". Signed by Dan*: Eaton and Will Foabs. Said inventory 
presented by Edward Richmond eldest son of Edward Richmond late of 
Little Compton dec'd, and administer of his estate, Dec. 8, 1606 and sworn 
to before .John Sailin Esq*". Judge of probate. John Cary Regisf: Entered 
Dec. 8, 16i)6 by John Cary Regist^ 

[165] Will of Remember Briggs of TauntOn dated April 22, 1696, he 
"being By the Providence of God Vnder Bodyly weaknefs & Not Know- 
ing How it may pleafe god to Difpofe of me". Wherojus I am bound by 
obugntion for the payment of tifty pounds, which money I took upon in- 
tercHt " of a perfon in Bofton whofe Name hath f lipt my memory at the 
prefeot ", for the payment of which, Maj"" Ephraim Hunt and M*^ Joseph 
Green both of Weymouth are bound with me, and I having received of the 
said Joseph Green thirty pounds in money which was in part to pay for six- 
teen acres of lan<l and meadow lying in Weymouth, which I sold him on 
comlition that he pay the aforesaid tiity pounds which with the thirty paid 
myst4f amounts to eighty pounds wliich (if complied with) I do order my 
executrix to deliver a deed of sale to the said Joseph Gre(>n for the said six- 
teen acres. What other estate I have at Taunton or elsewhere shall be 
disposed of to my wife and children as the law directs when a person dies 
intestate. My true and well beloved wife Mary Briggs to be sole executrix 
and *' I Do alfo Deilre & apoint my Very worthy Ifreinds Maj' Ephraim 
Hunt of Weymouth and John Staple of Taunton to be my Overlecrs of this 
my fd will andTeftament ". I revoke all former wills made by me. Wit- 
nesseil by Peter Re^-nold, Priscilla Reynold and Nath". Paine who all made 
oath at Bristol Jan. 13, 1696-7 before John Saffin Esq^, Judge of Probate. 

228 Bristol County Probate Records [July 

John Gary Regist'. Recorded Feb. 3, 1696-7 by John Cary Reg': 

[166] Inventory of above estate taken May 22, 1696 by Henry Andrews 
and Joseph Richmond. Item: " Carpenters tools ". Bristol, Jan. 13, 169 6-7, 
" Then Mary Staple late widow & Relect of Remember Briggs late of Taun- 
ton Deceafed " made oath to said inventory before John SiSn. John Cary 
Regist': Entered Feb. 5, 1696-7 by Jn<» Gary Regist': 

[167] Inventory of the estate of William Wood Sen' of Dartmouth late 
dec'd taken Jan. 4, 1696 by Aron Davis, W™ Macumber, Jonathan Devfl 
and Increase Allen. Item: " Shoemakers working Geer ". Amount, £411.. 
13 . . 02. [168] Also "A Sixth part of one halfe share of Vndivided 
land in Dartmouth piifsed and Brought into the office ffebruary 3**. 169f ". 
Above inventory swom to at Bristol, Feb. 3, 1696-7 by William Wood 
and George Wood sons of said William Wood dec'd, before John Saffin 
Judge of probate. John Gary Regist'. Entered Feb. 24, 1696-7 by John 
Gary Regist': 

Additional inventory of goods apprised at £4.. 13.. 06 by George SiBSon 
and Peleg Shearman, entered March 30, 1697 by John Cary Regbt^. 
Houses and lands of above deceased apprised April 14, 1697 at £226, by 
William Fobes, Joseph Taber and Ghnstop' : AUen. 

[169] Inventory of the estate of Samuel Gardner late of Swanzey " who 
deceafed y« 8*»» of Decemb': 1696 " taken Feb. 15, 1697 by Hezekiah Luther, 
Ralph Chapman and James Cole. Amount, £1046 .. 15 .. 00. Swom to 
Feb. 17, 1696-7, at Bristol, by Elizabeth Gardner widow of Lieu* Samuel 
Gardner late of Swanzey dec'd before John Saffin. John Cary Regist'. 
Entered Feb. 26, 1696-7 by John Gary Regist': 

[170 blank] 

[171] " Whereas Hezekiah Sabin & Noah Sabin Sons to William Salwn 
late of Rehoboth Dec^., had lands & Chattels Giuen them by their faid 
father as fully appeares by the Laft will & Tef tament of the faid William 
Sabin. And the faid Hezekiah and Noah Sabin Deceafed without Ifsue 
& Made No will. And James Sabin Eldeft Brother of the Whole Blood 
takeing of Adminiftration of Both £f tates, in order to a Divifsion of their 
faid Brother Eftats To Divide between the Brothers and Sifters of the 
whole Blood as the law Directs, In purfuance hereof, the faid Brothers 
and Sifters Mett together the Tweluelth Day of march one Thoufand Six 
hundred Ninety & Sue. Six: (Viz*) James Sabin & John Sabin & Leu*: 
Preferued Abel in the behalfe of Margaret Sabin youngeft Sifter to the 
f^ Deceafed, being her Gardian, and Jofeph Buckland Jun' in the behalfe 
of his wife Mehetabel Eldeft Sifter of the whole Blood, and Mary Sabin. 
and Sarah Sabin, f econd & Third Sifters to the Dec^ : for themfelues being 
of age ", and made a full division as follows : To James Sabin the salt 
meadow upon the Hundred acre Tongue that was his brother Hezekiah '& 
To John Sabin all the land that was his brother Noah*s, as appears by 
their father's will, except two tracta of fresh meadow at the place caUed 
M' Browns Pond, one of them adjoining to Stephen Paine*8 meadow, tho 
other lying between '* M' Blacks Medow and the Dogets Medow *', also he 
shall have ten acres at Palmers River near the Dam. To Mehitabel Buck- 
land her part already paid her by her brother James, one half the fresh 
meadow at Palmers River that was Hezekiah's, £25 estate of commonage 
in Rehoboth and 16 shillings, 4 pence to be p(ud her by James. To Ma^ 

1909] Bristol County Probate Records 

Sabin her part already paid her by her brother James, 22 acres at Palmers 
River Ijing next to Uie Widow Man's, £25 commonage in Rehoboth and 
X1..06..04 to be paid by James. To Sarah Sabin her part already paid her 
bj her brother James, one half the meadow at Palmers River that was 
Uezekiah's, the remainder of the lot by the dam at Palmer's river and 
£1..01..O4 to be paid by James. [172] To Margaret Sabin two pieces of 
meadow ground at M' Browns pond, one adjoining to " Stephens Meadow 
flic] & the other between M' Blaks Meadow and the Dogets Meadow " 
uat was Noah*6, and £1..12..04 to be paid her by her brother John. Said 
division signed March 15, 1695 by James Sabin, John Sabin, Preserved 
Abel, Joseph Bucklon, Mary X Sabin and Sarah X Sabin, and acknowl- 
edged Oct 13, 1696 by James and John Sabin before John Saffin Judge 
of probate, John Cary Regist'., and by Preserved Abel, Joseph Bucklen, 
Mary Sabin and Sarah Sabin before the same Dec. 1, 1696. Entered 
March 1, 1696-7 by John Cary Regist^ 

Account of the estate of Henry Annadown late of Rehoboth deceased. 
Dec 27, 1694, to the inventory. Items of account: "fine pounds pay** to 
his Sifter Dec**': 31 " ; " Ballence Reft w^*» (the Debts all pd) belongs to 
Philip Annadown his Brother". Account sworn to Jan 3, [sic] before 
John Saffin Esq' Judge of probate. John Cary Regist' : Entered Jan. 3, 
1695 by John Cary Regist' : 

J 173] Inventory of the estate of Richard Briggs of Taunton dec'd taken 
y 8, 1696 by Henry Hodges, Richard Stephens and Sam" Dean, and 
•worn to July 15, 1696 by Rebecca Briggs widow of said deceased before 
Jn« Saffin Proba'. John Cary Regist' Entered March 26, 1697 by John 
Gary Regist"" : 

Phillip King, Robert Crosman and Abell Burt all of Taunton and Lieu^ 
Joseph Tripp and Aron Davis of Dartmouth being commissioned by John 
Saffin Esq. Judge of probate, April 16, 1697, to make an equal division of 
aome land in Little Compton, being one equal purchase, between John 
Irish now of said Compton and Rebecca now the wife of Jonathan Greenel 
of said Compton, said Rebecca being the daughter of Elias Irish of Taunton 
deeeaaed and said lands appertaining to said Rebecca in the right of her 
father said Elias Irish, said Philip King, Robert Crosman, Abell [174] 
Bort and Joseph Tripp met together in the town of Little Compton, April 
99, 1697, and having divers writings presented to us both by said John 
Iri&h and William Foabs of said Compton guardian to said Rebecca, we 
plainly find that said Elias Irish had an equal share and half part of said 
landsy and the other half part belongs to the abovesaid John Irish, and as 
there is already laid to said equal purchase, 320 acres of land, we set off to 
the aforesaid John Irish, the great lot where his now dwelling house b, 
being the 1 6th lot in number, about 3 acres of meadow in Saconet Neck 
being the 11th in number, also the 24 acre lot, being the 31st in number, 
a ten acre lot being the 66th in number in the third division of house lots, 
ftlao a 20 acre lot in that part of Saconet called Cokeset being the first in 
number, about three quarters of an acre on the west side of W™ Hilliard's 
lands being the 12th in number and 3 acres of a ten acre lot at Cokesett, 
being the 27th in number. Secondly we divide unto Rebecca Greenel sole 
daughter of abovesaid Elias Irish, the fifty acre lot being part of the 11th 
and I2th lots, an eighteen acre lot being the 15th in number lying in 
Saconet Neck, an eleven acre lot being the 22nd in number, the thirty acre 

230 Bristol County Probate Records [July 

lot being the 9th in number lying neai' the quick sand ponds, a sixteen acre 
lot being the 14th in number lying among the sixteen acre lots, a ten acre 
lot being the 4th in number lying in the iirst division of house lots, also a 
fifteen acre lot being the 33rd in number lying at Cokesett, also about half 
an acre laid out in that 50 acre lot formerly l^d out to M' Joseph Church 
being the 9th in number, a piece of meadow in Barkers Neck so called o£ 
about two acres being the 16th in number, and seven acres of a ten acre 
lot lying at Cokeset being the 27th in number. Both parties are to have 
an equal share in all the undivided lands belonging to said share. Dp ♦ad 
April 29, 1697 and signed by the four above named commissioners. Al- 
lowed by John Saffin, May 4, 1697. John Cary Regist' : Entered May 7, 
1697 by John Cary Record"^ 

[175] Edward Richmond administrator of the estate of his father Cap* 
Edward Richmond late of Little Compton dec*d exhibited an account May 
19, 1697 of debts "which I haue payde, and ftand Engaged to pay Since 
his Deceafe ". Items : Paid 

" to Docf : Arnold for his help in my fathers Sicknefs " 

" for Drinke at the funerall " 

" to M*^ William foabs «& Daniel Eatton for taken an Inventory " 

" Payde Wefton Clarke " 

" to Sam* Crandall for Keepeing a payr of oxen " 

"for three quarts of Rum when we DiVided the Eftat" 

**to Daniel llowland" 

" Twife Goeing to Briftoll and Chriftop'' : Charges " 

" Jofeph Blackman for three paire of f hoose " 

" Efeck Carr for Triming of Caf ke " 

" m*^ Jones in money which was Due by him by Bond " 

" Simon Roufe for mending a Gunn lock " 

"John Irifh for half a C of Clabords " 

" John Peckliam for Mowing ** 

" Daniel Greenel for Kxpence when the land was lotted " 

" Daniel Greenel for fathers Expence ** 

" Daniel Eatton for fathers Expence " 

" Tom the Indian for Digging the Ciraue & a Debt due to him before " 

" John Briggs for Keeping of Rams and 5® : for boot for Horfs " 

" John Smith the Taylor for work Done " 

" Brother Henry & Ann " 

" m*^ pabodie for the allotment & going with us " 

" Ebenezer Allen *' 

" Thomas waite " 

" Doct"" Talmon for Cureing Amos his Legg " 

" William Simmons for Smith worke " 

" Zachariah Allin " 

" ra' Natha [«ic] Payde for a Debt upon Booke " 

"m' Colliugs for Rent of Sheep" 

" m*" Codington for Book Debt " 

" Daniel Thirlton for money lent & Book D' : " 

"m*" liomsbye for Expence" 

** m*" Pal)0(h e & m*^ foabs for laying out land " 

" Jonathan Danford for makeing a Coff " 

" Aunt North way for a winding fheet " 

"Jofeph Church Jun^" 

1909] Bristol County Probate Records 231 

to " m' William foabs 8* : w*"** he pd for father for the purchafs of land " 
„ '' AroD Davis : for Keeping a calfe & one Board lent " 

[176] "And for feue«dl parts of -f i^ Eftat Deliuered to the feveral 
Children". Total £351..19..10. Above account sworn to May 19, 1697 
by said Edward Richmond administrator before John Saffin who discharged 
him from said administration. John Gary Regist' Recorded same day by 
John Gary Regisf : 

An agreement of the division of the estate of Cap^ Edward Richmond 
late deceased among his children as followeth, who do acquit and discharge 
each other : Edward Richmond, John Richmond " in his own Right & the 
Right of his Sifter abigail Rementon", William Palmer, John Palmer, 
[177] Silvester Richmond, Sarah Richmond, and Thomas Burge. Signed 
by the seven above, and exhibited and allowed by John Saffin Esq*^ Judge 
of probate, May 19, 1697. John Gary Regist': Entered same day by 
Jn* Gary Record' : 

April 14, 1697, Maj' Benjamin Ghurch, M' Joseph Church, Cap* W"» 
Southworth, M' Christopher Allene and M' W™: Foabs, together with 
several Indians, namely Jannootas and Sue Codomuck, brother and sister 
of one Stephen an Indian well known at Little Compton, and other Indians 
being present, it was declared before me John Saffin Esq' Judge of Probate 
that said Stephen the Indian owned one half of a certain neck of land in 
Little Compton commonly called by the Indians Monunkaest and by the 
English Stephens Neck, and that when said Stephen was sick of a disease 
of which he died, "which was on the 19"*Xb:'" 1696 " he gave to said Sue 
big sister one half his part of said neck and to his said brother Jannootas 
the other half, and that when she died the other half of his part of said 
neck should be divided among the sons and daughters of Suncanawash 
brother of said Stephen, " Viz Hezekiah James Sampfon Efter Rebecca ", 
and the other half of said Neck did appertaine to Richard Dec*^ and his 
heirs " Viz. Josiah and Sampfon Borfon <& Zacheus the fon of fam and Sam 
Fauchachux *'. All of which was declared to be the right and just propriety 
of the whole of said neck of land to the satisfaction of all the said Indians 
present viz : Cap* Howdee, W™ Simons, Daniel Hinckley, David Tockam- 
ana, Sam Church, Robin Muchcakett, and the English men above named. 
Acknowledged before John Saffin Proba*^ : John Gary Regist' : Entered 
May 28, 1697 by John Gary Regist' 

[178] Joseph Tripp, William Foabs and Joseph Taber, being appointed 
by M' John Saffin Esq' Judge of probate to make a division of the estate 
of William Wood of Dartmouth deceased find that after debts are paid 
there remains £370 .. 4 .. 4, which " being Divided amonf t ten Children & 
the Eldeft fon haueing a Dubble fhare. Makes to Each Share Thirty three 
pounds thirteen shillings". To William Wood, who " being y* Eldeft fon 
had two ihares", the house and 100 acres and meadow already laid out, also 
one fourth of the half share of land after 300 acres are laid out to Grcorge 
Wood, also two guns, the whole amounting to £168 .. 10 .. 00, said William 
Wood to pay to Josiah Wood, Daniel Wood and John Wood, each £33 .. 
13 .. 00. To George Wood 300 acres to be laid out, also three quarters of 
the undivided lands belonging to the half share of land, one loom and one 
nnall bed, the whole amounting to £67 .. 06 .. 00, he to pay to Joseph Wood 
£33 .. 13 .. 00. To " m' Mallett wife a Bed at Mariage " with cattle and 
household goods amounting to £33 .. 13 .. 00. To Sarah Wood, cattle and 
TOL. LXIU, 16 

232 Bristol County Probate Records [July 

household goods amounting to £33 .. 13 .. 00. To Margaret Wood, the 
same. [179] To Rebecca Wood the same. Above division was exhibited 
to John Saflin and allowed by him April 14, 1*97. John Gary Regist' : 
Recorded same day by Jn® Gary Regist'. 

[180] "Whereas it hath pleafed Almighty God in his Providence to Call 
me to Jepardize a frail life at Sea where the Dangers at this Juncture of time 
by Enemises are increafed, I william Stone of Briftoll in the Teritory of 
New England Marrin' being of found Memory Do Make this my Laft will 
& Tef tament". I give " My Body to the Duf t whence it was Taken, by f uch 
a Burial, as Gods Allwife Difpofeing providence fhall fee Beft Subordinatly 
hereto : to My Executrix hereafter Mentioned, thereof I leaue the Man- 
nagment". After debts are discharged, " I will to E^h of my Dear Chil- 
dren Namely. Hannah & Abigail, a peice of Eight". Remainder of estate 
to ];ny dear wife Hannah to be at her absolute disposal, she to be sole exe- 
cutrix. Dated July 22, 1692, and witnessed by Rebecca Blackman, Mary 
Jones and Edward Mills, of whom Edward Mills and Mary Jones made 
oath to above will. May 29, 1 697 before Jn® Sai&n. John Gary Regbt^ : 
Entered June 22, 1697 by John Gary Regist"" : 

Inventory of above estate taken at Bristol, Nov. 14, 1696 by Hugh 
Woodberree, John X Glading Jun'. and John Gary. Amount £1 21 .. 06 .. 06. 

[181] Inventory of the goods and chattels of William Stone late of Bris- 
tol " what of his Eftate is Now in Taunton " taken Nov. 21, 1696 by Shad- 
rach Wilbore and Henry Hodges. Amount £256 .. 16 .. 02. Total amount 
of said estate, £378 .. 2 .. 8. Above inventories presented at a court jft 
Bristol, June 22, 1697 by Hannah. Stone widow, and sworn to before Jn** 
Saffin Proba^ : John Gary Regist' : Entered same day by John Gary Regist' : 

[182] Account of James Stevenson of Springfield administrator of the 
estate of John Stevenson late of Rehoboth deceased. Items : " By Israel 
Read Rec^ " ; " By Davide ffreeman " ; " payd to william Carpenter Sen' *' ; 
" payd to Mofes Read " ; " payd to Doct' Bowen *' ; " payd to Cap' Brown 
in a prefsing Iron " ; "to John ficth " ; " To Gap* peck " ; To David whip- 
pie"; "To John Redway"; " To Mofes Read"; "To william Carpen- 
ter". Above account sworn to June 13, 1697 by Sfdd James Stevendon 
before John Saffin Judge. John Gary Regist'. Entered Jxme 30, 1697 by 
John Gary Regisf: 

[183] Thomas Dean of Taunton " being at prefent Sick & weak of Body " 
made his will Aug. 7, 1690. " I Giue . . . my Body to the Graue to be 
Buried by my Surviueing ireind as becometh Ghriftians ". I make my wife 
Katharine sole executrix of this my last will and also I leave her all my 
estate " for to Bring Vp my fmale Children ", the estate to be at her dii- 
po^g as long as she continues my widow, and after her decease or mar- 
riage I give all my lands to my only son Thomas Dean, except my two 
south purchases and my twenty acres at or near Scadings and my meadow 
at wenecunnet all in die township of Taunton, which knds thus excepted 
I leave with my wife to dispose of to my children at her discretion or to sell 
if necessary for the bringing up of my children. My will is that my wife 
pay out of my moveable estate to each of my daughters viz. Hannah, Debo- 
rah, Katharine, Lidiah, Mercey and Elizabeth five pounds each aa they 
come of age or at their marriage, the rest of my moveable estate to be dis- 
posed of to my children at her discretion, my son to have as goo<l a part 
thereof as any of my daughters. After the death or marriage of my wife 

1909] Bristol County Probate Records 233 

my Bon shall have my part in the Iron Works. I desire my two brothers 
Jdm Dean and Isaace Dean to be overseers of this my will. Witnessed by 
Thomas Leonard, John Dean and Isaace Dean, of whom Thomas Leonard 
Ksq** and Isaace Dean made oath to above will July 15, 1697 before Jn^ 
Saffin, *John Gary Regist' : they testifying that the said John Dean also 
signed as a witness with them. Recorded July 21, 1697 by John Gary 

[184] Inventory of above estate taken June 30, '1697 by Thomas Leon- 
ard, John Dean, Richard Stephens and Isaace Dean. Items : ^^ halfe the lott 
that was M' Andrews *' ; " the Eight accres of land that was Gafses great 
lott " ; •* the great lott of Twenty accers Bought of John Dean " ; " the 
Houfe Orchard <& £ight accers of land Bought of Joans " ; " two lotts of 
land at Squabinanfit giuen him by his father " ; " Twenty accers of land 
Bought of John Hall at Squabinanfit " ; ^' the Meaddow his father Gaue 
him " ; " the little Neck f o called which his father Bought of James Bates 
& gaue to him " ; [185] Said inventory sworn to July 15, 1697 by Kath- 
erine Dean widow before John Saffin Proba*" : John Gary Regisf^ : Re- 
ceded July 23, 1697 by John Gary Regist' 

An agreement bearing date of July 13, 1697 made between Katherine 
Dean widow of Thomas Dean late of Taunton deceased and executrix of 
his will on the one party and Thomas Dean only son of said Thomas Dean 
decM on the other party. It is agreed first that Katharine Dean is to 
accept the office of executrix. Second, that whereas by said will of said 
Thomas Dean the improvement of the whole estate was left to his widow 
daring her widowhood, nevertheless imder the conditions hereafter men- 
tioned said Katherine Deane doth agree that her son Thomas Deane shall 
possess the easterly end of the dwelling house, that part in which said 
Thomas Dean now dwells, also that lot called Jones lot and house thereon, 
the land at Pale Brook and at Squabbanansett forthwith, and that that part 
of the lot bought of Jn** Dean, between the river ^ the highway is to come 
ander his improvement the next spring after the date hereof. Third, said 
Thomas Dean agrees with his mother Katheiine Deape that she shall and 
may pay to Jier daughters Hannah, Deborah, Katharine, Lidia,. Mercey and 
Elizabeth five pounds each out of the moveables as expressed in his father's 
will [186] and that the rest of the moveables be divided among the Children 
by said executrix as in the will expressed and that the land at Scadings 
aod wenicunnet given to the said daughters by will shall belong to them, 
and whereas the two south purchases mentioned in said will to be given to 
Hud daughters, were sold by said Thomas Dean dec'd before his decease, 
and the estate of the said Thomas Dean is found to be considerably increased 
since the date of his will, said Thomas Dean doth agree, with his said 
mother Katharine Dean that she shall dispose of the three North purchases 
unto her said daughters, also that he will pay to said Katherine or such of 
her said daughters as she shall appoint, £70 in money at the rate of £10 
per annum, and the first payment to be made when that estate (that is, 
Und«) which his mother now lives on, shall come into his possession, which 
according to said will is after the decease of his said mother or the expira- 
tion of her widowhood. Witnessed by Thomas Leonard, Isaace Deane 
and Samuel Blake, and sworn to July 15, 1 697 by Katherine Deane and 
Thomas Deane before John Saffin who allowed the same. John Gary 
R^t': Entered July 23, 1697 by John Gary Regist' : 

[To be continued] 


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»or eo c^ c«<o<eo<NOi'*oieocicoc»coeo eo** c<c« I lc^»oci^coeo 

1909] Floyd Family of Rumney Marsh 245 


Bj C. Harold Flotd, 8.B., of New York, N. Y. 

1. Capt. John* Floyd was bom about 1636, judging from his testi- 
mony given as a witness in court at Salem in 1681 and from the age ap- 
pearing on his gravestone at Lynn. He was living at Lynn in 1662 with 
wife Sarah Doolittle, daughter of John of Rumney Marsh, when his 
eldest child was bom. From here he moved, about 1670, to Maiden, 
settling at Black Ann's Comer, near the Rumney Marsh line. He was 
made freeman in 1674, and during the spring and early summer of 1676 
served as lieutenant in Capt Henchman's company in King Philip's War. 
About 1 680 he moved to Runmey Marsh, where he lived for the remainder 
of his life, retaining, however, the Maiden farm and sharing in the sixth 
division of the common lands of Maiden as a freeholder of that town. 

John Doolittle, his father-in-law, died 24 Sept. 1681, and made Capt. 
Floyd's children the residuary legatees of his large estate in Rumney 
Marsh, in his will mentioning Sarah Floyd, and making '< son-in-law John 
Floyd " sole executor. 

Capt. Floyd was in Gov. Andros's expedition of 1688 against the Indians 
to the eastward, and in 1689 was in command of a military post on the 
Saco River. In 1600 he was made captain of a troop and stationed at 
Portsmouth, and for abOut three years after this he saw service against the 
Indians, taking part in the fight at Wheelwright's Pond, in the expedition 
of Sept. 1690, under Maj. Church, against the enemy around Casco, etc. 

In 1692 he was arrested and imprisoned on the charge of practising 
witchcraft, and evidence was given against him in the trial of Abigail 
Faulkner at Salem, 11 Aug. of that year, but he appears to have escaped 

He died at Rumney Marsh 1 Feb. 1701-2, and was buried at Lynn. 
Uis heirs drew up an agreement for the division of his estate, which in- 
cluded eight negroes and was partitioned between the widow Sarah, sons 
Hugh, John, Joseph, and Daniel, and sons-in-law Nathaniel Upham and 
Jolm Hawks (Suffolk Probate, yo\. 14, p. 400). Sarah, widow of Capt 
John Floyd; died 16 June, 1717, aged 75, and was buried in the old Rum- 
ney Marsh burial-ground, now in Revere. 

Children, the first five bom at Lynn, the remainder at Maiden : f 

i. Sarah,' b. 24 Feb. 1661-2 ; d. U Oct. 1715 ; m. Nathaniel Upham. 

S. II. Hugh, b. 10 Sept. 1663. 

8. lU. John, b. 20 Feb. 1664-6. 

4. iv. Joseph, b. 15 Mar. 1666-7. 

V. Joanna, b. 8 Feb. 1668-9. 

• Royd is a name of Welsh origin derived from the word lloyd or llwyd, meaning 
grej. It was very common in London and the country round about in the early part 
of the seventeenth century, and several of the early settlers of Massachusetts Bay 
and Plymouth bore this surname. John Floyd, a merchant from Loudon, was in 
8citaato with wife ^nne in 1640, and later removed to Boston. Joseph Floyd (often 
given as Flood), also from London, came to Dorchester with wife Jane in 1635 and 
moved to Lynn three years later. Possibly, one of these was the father of Capt. John 
Floyd of Rumney Marsh, but no record has been discovered throwiufc any light on 
the subject. The other early New England Floyds seem to be out. of the question. 

Bumney Marsh, which was then the northernmost district of Boston, became a part 
of Chelsea in Jan. 1738-9, and is now the town of Revere, Mass. 

fMary, given by Savage and other authorities, was more likely a daughter of John 
and Sarah (Barker) Flood of Boston. 

246 Floyd Family of Rumney Marsh [J^J 

vi. Noah, b. Dec. 1670. 

yii. Benjamin. His father was appointed administrator of his estate 
16 Nov. 1697. 

5. viii. Daniel, b. 28 Dec. 1676. 

ix. Abigail, m. (int. rec. 7 Jan. 1698-9) John Hawks. 

2. Ens. Hugh* Floyd {John^) was bom at Lynn 10 Sept 1663, and 

married Elinor . He went with his father to Rumney 

Marsh, where he held several local offices. By inheritance and 
purchase he became owner, with his brother John, of the great farm 
in Rumney Marsh formerly belonging to John Ck>gan. In 1730 he 
transferred to son Hugh, Jr., a part of ^diat was known as Sanford'i 
Lot. Hugh was a member of the Maiden church to 5 Apr. 1724, 
when, wi^ his wife, he joined the church of his own district. He 
died 17 Nov. 1730, and his will, probated 81 Dec. of the same year, 
mentions wife Elinor, sons Samuel, Benjamin, and Hugh, and dau^ 
ters Sarah Leath and Elinor Leath, and the children of deceased 
daughter Joanna Tuttle. 
Children : 

I. Hannah,' b. at Rumney Marsh 5 Nov. 1686. 

ii. Sarah, b. at Rumney Marsh 28 Jan. 1688 ; m. 25 Mar. 1718, Francu 

ill. Ebknezer, b. at Rumney Marsh 21 Feb. 1690. 
iv. Elinor, b. at Rumney Marsh 12 Feb. 1692 ; m. 80 May 1717, John 


6. V. Sabiukl, b. abt. 1695. 

vi. Mary, b. at Maiden 22 July 1698. 

7. vli. Bbhjamin, b. abt. 1700. 

8. viii. Hugh, b. at Rumney Marsh 13 May 1704. 
ix. Joanna, m. 11 June 1706, Edward Tuttlb. 

8. Lieut. John' Floyd {John\) was bom at Lynn 20 Feb. 1664-5, and 
Hiarried Rachel Parker, daughter of Jacob and Sarah of Chelms- 
ford, born 9 Mar. 1664-5. He was made a freeman, 22 Mar. 
168D-90, while living at Maiden, but removed soon after to Rumney 
Marsh, where he held various town offices and from which he was 
a representative on the Boston Board of Assessors for several years. 
He was one of the founders of the Rumney Marsh church in 1715, 
and seems to have taken an influential part in ipcal affairs. An in- 
dignant neighbor in a letter (Boston Town Papers, vol. 2) calls him 
" Lord Ruler att Winisimit." John Floyd was at one time a lieu- 
tenant in the Maiden military company, and is given that rank on 
his gravestone at Revere. He died 7 Jan. 1723-4, aged 58 (grave- 
stone). In his will, probated in 1724, he mentions son John, who 
was sole executor, daughters Rachel Pratt, Abigail Tuttle, and 
Joanna Floyd, and grandsons James and John Nichols. 
Cliildren : 

9. 1. Jonx,» b. at Maiden 19 Aug. 1687. 

II. Rachel, b. at Maiden 25 Dec. 1690; d. 38 Sept. 1746; m. 37 Mar. 

1711, Ebrnezkr Pratt. 
iU. Noah, b. at Rumney Marsh 24 May 1696; d. 2 Nov. 1706. 
iv. Jacob, b. 11 Sept. 1708. 

V. Joanna, b abt. 1706; m. 8 Feb. 1727, Samukl' Flotd (No. 6). 
vi. Abigail, m. 8 Dec. 1713, Samcrl Tuttlb. 
vll. Tabitha, m. 9 July 1719, James Nichols. 

4. Skrot. Joseph* Floyd {John^) was bom at Lynn 15 Mar. 1660-7, 
and married Elizabeth Potter, daughter of Uobert, Sr., of Lynn^ 

1909] Floyd Family ofRumney Marsh 247 

bom 15 Aug. 1670. iJe lived in Maiden, was made a freeman 22 
Mar. 1689-90, and died 4 Jan. 1704. On his gravestone in the old 
Bell Rock burial-ground he is called " Sarjeant." He left a nun- 
cupative will, in which he mentioned son Joseph and daughters 
Ruth and Dorothy. A paper filed with the will calls Joseph, Jr., 
" only son of the deceased." His widow afterwards married Samuel 
Jenks, and died 16 June 1757, aged 86. 
Children : 

i. JosRPH,3 b. at Maiden 22 Oct. 1689 ; d. 19 Apr. 1714, Intestate. 
Hugh Floyd of Rumney Marsh was appointed administrator of 
his estate 19 Apr. 1714. Heirs : William and Dorothy Sprague, 
and William and Ruth Pratt. 

U. Nathaniel, b. 17 May 1691 ; d. 12 Mar. 1692. 

liL Ruth, b. 26 July 1696 ; m. William Pratt. 

iv. Dorothy, b. 29 Oct. 1699 ; m. 1 Jan. 1717-18, William Sprague. 

5. Daniel^ Floyd (Jokn^) was bom at Maiden 28 Dec. 1675. On 

3 Nov. 1702 Daniel bought of his father's heirs the farm at Maiden, 
containing about 140 acres, and became a farmer and weaver. He 
was also a selectman of Maiden in 1720, and was on the committee 
• which arranged for the building of the new meeting-house in 1727. 
Daniel married, 18 Jan. 1697, Mary Hollo well, possibly daugh- 
ter of Joseph and Mary of Lynn. He died 1 Mar. 1750, and ad- 
ministration on his estate was granted to his grandson Daniel Floyd 
of Maiden. 
Children : 

i. Mary,' b. at Maiden 25 Mar. 1699 ; m. Thomas Pratt. 

10. li. Daniel, b. at Maiden 8 Dec. 1702. 

iii. Hannah, b. at Boston 18 Oct. 1712; m. 2 Mar. 1749-60, Jacob 
Breeden of Chelsea. 

6. Samuel' Floyd (Hugh,^ John}) was born about 1695. His paren- 

tage is shown by his father's will. He was a farmer and lived in 
Chelsea, where he was selectbian, and representative to the General 
Court in 1764. On 8 Feb. 1727 he married his cousin Joanna' 
Floyd, daughter of John^ and Rachel (Parker) (No. 3). Samuel 
Floyd died 4 Mar. 1780, aged 85. His widow died 17 June 1770, 
aged 64. 
Children : 

L Tabitha,* b. 4 Apr. 1729; m. 6 Oct. 1760, Aarok Blanchard of 

li. Joanna, b. 6 Dec. 1731 ; m. 1 May 1768, Aaron Bucknam of Maiden. 

11. Ui. Samuel, b. 6 Dec. 1733. 

12. iv. Noah, b. 26 June 1735. 

V. Joseph, b. 27 Jan. 1736-7. 

vi. Ezra, bapt. 25 June 1738. 

vli. Rachel, b. 80 Oct. 1739. 

vlii. Nathaniel, b. 11 Apr. 1741. 

Ix. David, b. 20 (bapt. 21 Oct.) 1742. 

X. Nathan, b. 16 (bapt. 12 Feb.) 1743-4. 

13. xi. Benjamin, b. 3 (bapt. 2 Mar.) 1745-6. 

7. Benjamin" Floyd {Hugh,^ Johv}) was bom at Rumney Marsh about 

1700, and married, 28 Nov. 1726, Sarah Ecstis, daughter of 
Jonathan and Sarah (Scollay), bom 18 Mar. 1702. He was a 
housewright and lived at first in Rumney Marsh, later moving to 
Medford, where he became an innholder, He died intestate at 
vol. lxiii. 17 

248 Floyd Family o/JRumney Marsh [J^lj 

Medford 24 Apr. 1741, aged 41. Administration on his estate was 
granted to his brothers Hugh and Samuel of Chelsea and his widow 
Sarah, Rumney Marsh bemg then included in Chelsea. Probate 
records mention children Abigail, Benjamin, Ebenezer, Elizabeth, 
and Sarah. The widow Sarah died 18 June 1749. 
Children : 

I. Mary,* bapt. 2 May 1781. 

U. Sarah, b. 8 Oct. 1729 ; d. 6 Mar. 1768. 

14. ill. Benjamin, b. 4 Apr. 1781. 

15. It. Ebenezbr, b. 2 Apr. 1782. 
V. Abigail, bapt. 11 May 1786. 
yL Elizabbth, bapt. 10 Sept. 1788. 

8. Hugh* Flotd (Bugh,^ John^) was bom 13 May 1704. He married 

first, 29 Apr. 1829, Mart Baker, daughter of Thomas and Mary 
(Lewis) of Lynn, bom 19 May 1706, died 21 Mar. 1751 ; and sec- 
ondly Abigail Hasbt of Chelsea. He was a farmer and resided 
in Chelsea until 1750, shortly after which he removed to Maiden. 
On 15 Mar. 1759 Hugh Floyd, his wife Abigail, and two of their 
children, William and Susanna, and a negro girl Violet, are recorded 
as having arrived in Medford from Maiden. He there kept an inn 
for a few years previous to his return to Chelsea, where he died 28 
Sept 1789, aged 86. Hugh Floyd of Chelsea was appointed ad- 
ministrator of his estate 7 Dec 1789. The will of his widow, Abi- 
gail Floyd, was presented for probate 9 Nov. 1789. In it she men- 
tions her sister Elizabeth, Abigail Kent, Elizabeth Butman, Abigail, 
daughter of Ebenezer Hall, Rachel, wife of Hugh Floyd, and the 
latter's daughters Rachel, Elinor, Hepzibah, and Susanna, also Lydia, 
daughter of Peter Floyd, and Abigail, daughter of Stephen Floyd. 
Children, all bom at Chelsea : 

I. Mary,* b. 6 Aug. 1780. 

II. Eleanor, b. 27 Aug. 1781. 

16. ill. Hugh, b. 2 Feb. 1732-8. 

17. Iv. Peter, b. 6 June 1784. 

v. Hannah, b. 27 Dec. 1785. 
vl. Susanna, b. 26 Nov. 1787. 

18. vii. William, b. 27 June 1789. 

19. vUi. Stephen, b. 17 1741. 

20. ix. Andrew, b. 17 (bapt. 26 Dec) 1748. 

9. John' Floyd {John\ Jokn^) was bom at Maiden 19 Aug. 1687. He 

married first, 27 May 1712, Mary Tuttlb, who died 18 June 1732 ; 
and probably, secondly, 23 Nov. 1732, Sarah Vyal, widow of Na- 
thaniel and daughter of Capt. Elisha Bennett. Chamberlain, in his 
" History of Chelsea^'* gives Sarah Belcher as the second wife of 
John' Floyd, and says that it was the son, John* Floyd, who married 
Sarah Vyal. The Belcher marriage record, however, gives John 
Floyd, Jr., Whereas the Vyal record, coming eight years earlier and 
during the lifetime of John, Sr., gives simply John Floyd, He 
married thirdly, 24 Aug. 1763, Hannah (Bellamy) Bill, widow 
of Jonathan. John Floyd was a husbandman and lived in Chelsea, 
where he died 4 Nov. 1775, aged 89. His will was probated 6 Feb. 
1776. In it he mentions son James ; son Jacob, who was to be kept 
comfortably by brother James and was to be supplied with all ne> 
cessaries and to live in the deceased's house as long as he chose ; 

1909] Floyd Family ofBumney Marsh 249 

daughters Rachel, wife of Samuel Spragae, and Sarah, wife of Dea- 
con Sale ; grandchildren Richard and Susan, children of son John, 
deceased ; and wife Hannah. 

21. i. John, * bapt. 1 Apr. 1716. 

ii. Mart, bapt. 16 Apr. 1721 ; d. young. 

ill. Jacob, bapt. 16 July 1722 ; d. 29 Mar. 1775. 

Iv. Mart, bapt. 6 Apr. 1724. 

T. Sarah, b. 28 Nov. 1726 ; m. 7 Apr. 1762, John Sale. 

22. vl. James, b. 80 Oct. 1729. 

TiL Rachel, m. (int. rec. 9 Oct. 1762) Caft. Samuel Sfrague. 

10. Daniel* Floyd (Dantely* John}) was bom at Maiden 8 Dec. 1702, 

and married, 7 Feb. 1726-7, Margaret Jenkins, daughter of Eze- 
kiel and Margaret, bom 7 Dec. 1706, died 19 Apr. 1768. Daniel 
died 1 May 1748, and his widow and eldest son were appointed guar- 
dians of the remaining children. He was a farmer and resid^ in 

38. i. Daniel,* b. 2 May 1728. 

li. Ezskiel, b. 18 July 1730. He enlisted in Capt. Morrow's company, 
Col. Bagley's regiment, 2 May 1768, and served with It in Aber- 
cromble's expedition against Ticonderoga. While the company 
was returning home he took camp fever, and died 28 Oct. 1768. 
His mother petitioned the General Court for reimbursement for 
expenses incurred in sending for him, and received £^ 12s. 

24. iii. Joseph, b. 6 July 1732 ; d. 9 July 1736. 

iv. Margaret, b. 27 Apr. 1737 ; m. 11 June 1762, Ezekiel Jenkins of 

V. Mary, b. 1 June 1740. 
Ti. Joseph, b. 11 Oct. 1742. 
vll. Ezra, b. 19 Jan. 1744-5. 

11. Samuel* Floyd (Samuel,* Hugh^ JohrO) was bom at Chelsea 6 Dec. 

1733, and married, 20 Apr. 1779, Susanna Sargent, daughter of 
John and Susanna (Chamberlain). In 1772 he bought land in Chel- 
sea of his father. On 1.6 Mar. 1798 Samuel and wKe Susanna, and 
Widow Elizabeth Belcher, all of Chelsea, sold to James Tewksbury 
their share of the estate of the late John Sargent lying in Maiden. 
Samuel's will was probated 1 1 Feb. 1805, and mentions wife Susan- 
na, who is named executrix, son Samuel, and daughters Susanna and 
Hannah Bumit Floyd. Samuel, Sr., was a farmer, a sergeant in the 
Revolution, and resided in Chelsea. 

!. Samuel,* b. 2 Sept. 1780 ; d. young. 

25. ii. Samuel, b. 26 May 1782. 

Hi. Susanna, b. 22 Nov. 1784 ; m. Henky Tewksbury of Chelsea, 
iv. .Hannah Burnit, b. 17 Mar. 1788; m. 26 Jan. 1809, WAsraNOTON 
Tewksbury of Chelsea. 

12. Noah* Floyd (Samitel,* Hugh,^ John}) was bom at Chelsea 26 June 

1735. He moved to Mediord,. where he married, 29 June 1762, 
Eunice Waite, daughter of Isaac and Deborah (Waite) of Mai- 
den, bom 8 Feb. 1738-9. He bought a house and land in Medford 
of John Bishop 14 Mar. 1769. Noah Floyd was a soldier in the 
Revolution, serving in the lines at Boston from 20 Mar. to 5 Apr. 
1776. He resided for a short time in Maiden, and his name is on 
the Revolutionary soldiers' monument there. He died 6 Nov. 1789, 

250 Floyd Family of Rumney Marsh [Julj 

and Eunice, his wife, died 24 Feb. 1807, both at Medford. In the 
settlement of his estate mention was made of eldest son Isaac, and 
of daughters Eunice, Lois, Deborah and Lucy. Benjamin Floyd of 
Medford, brother of the deceased, was appointed administrator. 

i. Eunice,* b. 26 May 1768, m. 1 Jan. 1797, Heztcktah Blanchabd, Jr. 

ii. Noah, b. 17 Mar. 1767 ; d. 6 Dec. 1767. 

m. Lois, b. 29 Mar. 1770; d. 30 June 1804. 

26. iv. Isaac, b. 6 Sept. 1772. 

V. Deborah, b. 19 Apr. 1772; d. 22 July 1804. 
vi. Lucy, b. 21 Jan. 1782 ; d. 13 Jan. 1816. 

13. Benjamin* Floyd (Samuel* Hugh,* John}) was bom at Chelsea 3 

1746, and was baptized 2 Mar. 1745-6. He removed to Med- 
ford and was boarding with the family of his brother Noah 23 Mar. 
1767. He married first, 30 Apr. 1770, Rebecca Greenleat, 
daughter of Gardner and Catherine (Thompson), bom 25 Sept. 1750, 
died 1 Nov. 1804; and secondly, 10 Oct. 1812, Elizabeth Bel- 
lows. He died 17 July 1817, and his will was probated 19 Aug. 
of the same year. In it he mentions sons Benjamin, 3d, and James 
Thompson, who were appointed executors, daughters Rebekah 
Floyd, Catlierine, wife of Aaron Childs, Joanna, wife of Kendall 
Parker, Abigail, wife of Samuel Teel, and wife Elizabeth. Benja- 
min, 3d, was probably so called to distinguish him from his cousin 
Benjamin^ Floyd (No. 28), also of Medford. 
Cliildren : 

27. 1. James Thompson,* b. 18 May 1772. 

il. Rebecca, b. 11 Feb. 1775 ; d. 6 Dec. 1831, aged 67. 

iii. Kathemxe, b. 4 Aug. 1777; m. 17 Sept. 1797, Aarox Childs of 

Iv. Joanna, b. 4 May 1780 ; m. 20 May 1800, Kendall Parkeb of Ando- 

V. Benjamin, b. at Medford 21 Mar. 1783. 
vi. Abigail, b. 26 Aug. 1784 ; m. 12 June 1803, Sakuel Teel, Jb., of 

vli. Benjamin, b. at Medford 18 Dec. 1790. 

14. Benjamin^ Floyd {Btnjamin^* Hugh,^ John^) was bom at Rumney 

Marsh 4 Apr. 1731. He moved with his father to Medford and 
married there, 20 Mar. 1750, Ruth Thompson, daughter of Joeeph 
and Sarah (Bradshaw) of Medford, bom 6 May 1729, died 9 Feb. 
1812. Benjamin died before 30 May 1763, when the widow Ruth 
was appointed administratrix of his estate. In 1771 Ebenezer 
Brooks of Medford was appointed guardian of Benjamin, son of 
Benjamin Floyd deceased, a minor over fourteen. On 31 Mar. 1806 
Ruth Floyd of Medford, widow, sold to Benjamin Floyd, Jr., of 
Roxbury, housewright, all the houses and lands in Medford which 
formerly belonged to Benjamin Floyd, late of Medford, mariner. 

Children : 
1. Benjamin,* b. 18 July 1760 : d. 2 Aug. 1751. 

28. ii. Benjamin, b. 9 Jan. 1753. 

29. ill. J08EPU, b. 10 Mar. 1758. 

Iv. Thomas, b. 59 Apr. 1700; d. 6 Mar. 1764. 
V. Eliakim, b. 11 Feb. 1763 ; d. 80 Apr. 1765. 

15. Ebenezer* Floyd {Benjamin* Hugh^ John^) was bom at Rumney 

Marsh 2 Apr. 1732. He married, 28 Apr. 1756, Mabt Pierce, 

1909] Floyd Family ofBumney Marsh 251 

and resided at Rumnej Marsh and Boston. 

80. i. Ebenezer,* b. at Boston 18 Dec. 1766. 

16. Hugh* Floyd (ffugh,^ Bugh,* John}) was bom at Rumney Marsh 2 

Feb. 1732-3, and married, 10 May 1759, his cousin Rachel Floyd, 
daughter of Samuel' and Joanna (Parker) (No. 6). He resided in 
Chelsea (Rumney Marsh) and was probably the same Hugh Floyd 
who marched on the alarm of 19 Apr. 1775. There are many re- 
cords, military and other, relating to Hugh Floyd of Chelsea, but it 
is impossible to discover to which of the several contemporary Hughs 
they belong. He died 6 Aug. 1800, aged 69. 

81. i. Hugh,* b. 23 1760. 

li. Rachel, b. 25 July 1762. 
ill. Eleanor, b, 8 Mar. 1765. 

82. Iv. Da\td, b. 7 June 1767. 

V. Hepzibah, b. 2 Dec. 1769 ; m. 6 Dec. 1796, Joseph Patten Hall. 
vl. Samuel, b. 16 Aug. 1772. 
vli. Lucy, b. 27 Oct. 1774; d. Oct. 1775. 
88. vUi. Thomas, b. 28 Jan. 1778. 

ix. Susanna, b. 22 Aug. 1780; m. Benjamin Morril. 

17. Peter* Floyd (Hugh* Bugh,^ John}) was bom at Rumney Marsh 6 

June 1734, and married, 4 Dec. 1760, MaryTuttle. He resided 
at Chelsea (Runmey Marsh) until 1771, and was possibly identical 
with Peter Floyd who, with wife Mary, was living at Salem in 1775. 
Children : 

1. Mary,» b. 16 Jan. 1762. 

ii. Peter, b. 19 1764, possibly the same who m. at Boston, 15 Dec. 

1796, Rebecca Haney. 
m. Rebecca, b. 26 Oct. 1767. 
iv. Lydia. b. 20 May 1771. 
v. Gilbert (possibly) , bapt. at Salem 26 Nov. 1775; m. 22 Jan. 1797, 

Esther Glover of Salem. 

18. William* Floyd {Hmgh^ Hugh^^Johri}) was bom at Chelsea 27 June 

1739. He removed to Salem and married there, 31 May 1775, Sa- 
rah Sampson. 

1. Hugh,* b. 1791 ; m. (1) 26 Mar. 1820, Mehitable Gould of Tops- 
field, who d. 3 Aug. 1828, aged 27 ; m. (2) Elizabeth Covert of 
New York City. He was a master marmer and d. in New York 
City 5 June 18*5 (History of Essex Lodge of Freemasons, Colls. 
Essex Inst. vol. 3, p. 212). Hugh made an agreement, 7 May 
1829, with Sally Floyd of Salem, who promised to provide for his 
daughter Mehitable (Essex Deeds, vol. 253, p. 112). 

19. Stephen* Floyd (Hugh* Hugh^ John^) was bom at Chelsea 17 

1741. He married first, 16 Nov. 1769, Abigail Pratt of Chel- 

sea ; and secondly Mary . He lived at Chelsea and later 

at Salem. On 4 Oct. 1787 Josiah Thompson of Medford was ap- 
pointed guardian of Stephen and Abigail Floyd, minors above 14 
years of age, children of Stephen Floyd of Salem, distiller, by hb 
wife Abigail, deceased. 
Children by first wife : 

i. Abigail,' b. 14 Oct. 1769. 
iL Stephkn. 

252 Floyd Family of Rumney Marsh [July 

Child by second wife : 
ill. Dixy, bapt. at Salem 16 Nov. 1778. 

20. Andrew* Flotb (Btigh,* Hugh^^ John^) was bom at Chelsea 17 ■ 

1743. In 1759 his ^liier moved to Medford,and Andrew resided 
there the greater part of his life, though at one time he was living 
in Roxbury, as he is called of that place 31 Oct. 1765, when he married 
Elizabeth Bradshaw of Medford, and on 31 Aug. 1766, when 
he owned the covenant On 20 Mar. 1771 he bought land in Med- 
ford, but sold it again a month later. The latter deed is signed bj 
Andrew Floyd of Medford, tailor, and Elizabeth his wife. He was 
a soldier in the Revolution, and died at Medford 12 Nov. 1789, as 
did his widow, 3 Feb. 1792. 

i. Andrew,* bapt. at Roxbury 81 Aug. 1766. 
ii. Elizabeth, b. at Medford July 1768. 
lii. Andrew, b. at Medford 18 Dec. 1770. 

iv. Lucy (possibly), bapt. at Roxbury 15 Jan. 1775. Her parentage is 
not given on the record, and it is doubtful to whom she belonged. 

21. John* Floyd {Johuj* John,* John}) was baptized at Rumney Marsh 

1 Apr. 1716. He married (probably), 9 Dec 1740, Sabah 
Belcher,* daughter of Ens. Joseph and Hannah (BUI). John* 
Floyd was mentioned in his father's will, probated 6 Feb. 1776, as 
having died. The will of widow Sarah, presented for probate 12 
Apr. 1768, makes son Richard executor, and names daughter Sarah 
Truman. On 9 Nov. 1773 John and Sarah Truman sold to Richard 
Floyd all claim to a share in their mother, Sarah Floyd's property, 
and on 8 Apr. 1784 John Truman of Boston and Sarah his wife 
sold to Elizabeth Floyd, widow, of Boston, all right and tide to oer- 
tain real estate there. 

i. JoHN,» b. 7 1741. 

11. Richard, mentioned in his mother's and grandfather's wHls, m. 80 
June 1768, Elizabeth Brintnall of Chelsea. On 21 Aug. 1781 
Elizabeth Floyd, widow, and John Truma)i, shipwright, were made 
administrators of his estate. The widow's account mentions four 
children, one under six years of age at the time of its father's death, 
ill. Sarah, mentioned in her mother's and grandfather's wills, m. JoHX 

22. James^ Floyd (John,* John,* John^) was bom at Rumney Marsh 30 

Oct 1729. He married, 8 Mar. 1757, Hannah Bill, daughter of 
Jonathan and Hannah (Bellamy), bom 3 Nov. 1735. Her mother, 
dfter the death of Jonathan Bill, married John* Floyd (No 9), thus 
becoming the step-mother of her son-in-law. James Floyd died 31 
Oct. 1822, aged 93. In his will, probated 2 Dec. 1822, he mentions 
wife Hannah, sons James, Jacob, and John, each of whom was to 
receive one third part of the real estate, and daughters Hannah Biit> 
man, and Charlotte and Mary Floyd; son James to be executor. 
James, Sr., was a soldier in the Revolution and lived in Chelsea. 

Children : 
1. Hannah,* b. 80 1758 ; d. 21 Oct. 1849 ; m. 17 Feb. 1780, Jacob 


U. John, b. 9 Mar. 1760; d. 81 Mar. 1768. 
• See under John', No. 9. 

1909] Floyd Family of Rumney Marsh 253 

84. m. James, b. 17 Mar. 1762. 

iv. Jacob, b. 22 June 1764 ; d. 80 July 1849. 

V. Charlotte, b. 26 1766 ; m. 9 July 1796, Uriah Cakes of Maiden. 

vl. Mary, b. 31 July 1769 ; d. 25 May 1850, aged 82 (gravestone. Revere). 

vU. John, b. 15 Nov. 1778; d. 11 Apr. 1818. 

23. Dakiel^ Flotd (Daniel,* Daniel,'^ Johti}) was bom at Maiden 2 May 

1728. He married, 4 Oct. 1751, his second cousin Elizabeth 
Jenkins, daughter of Nathaniel and Sarah. Daniel was a fanner 
and lived in Maiden until 23 Feb. 1753, when he and wife Elizabeth 
sold the homestead in Maiden and about sixty acres of land to Edward 
Wayte and James Hovey. They also sold on the same day all rights 
in the widow Mary Floyd's thirds. In 1761 they were living in 
Saugus, then a part of Lynn. The death of Daniel is record^ at 
Maiden 15 Dec 1766, and that of his widow, Elizabeth, 27 Jan. 
1799, aged^ 68, of consumption. Daniel was a soldier in the expe- 
dition to Acadia. 

85. L Daniel,* b. at Maiden 20 Aug. 1760. 
ii. Elizabeth, b. at Saugus 5 Sept. 1768. 

86. ill. Ezra, b. at Saugus 7 Aug. 1765. 
iv. Mary, b. at Maiden 6 July 1767. 

24. Joseph* Flotd {Daniel,* Daniel* John^) was bom at Maiden 11 

Oct 1742. He married first, 27 June 1765, Elizabeth Pierce, 
daughter of Jerathmael and Rebecca (Hurd) of Charlestown, bap- 
tized 30 Jan. 1742, died 29-Mar. 1781 ; and secondly, 9 Mar. 1784, 
Phebe Jenkins, daughter of Ezekiel and Phebe, bom 9 Apr. 
1753. He was a member of the Maiden company of minute men 
who marched against the British, 19 Apr. 1775. He died 17 Feb. 
1808, aged 66. Phebe died 23 Sept. 1817, aged 65. 
Children by first wife : 

i. Joseph,* b. 1 Dec. 1765 ; d. suddenly 29 Mar. 1794. 
it Rebecca, b. 80 Apr. 1770. 

Children by second wife : 

87. lU. EzRA,b. 28 Sept. 1784. 
iv. Samuel, b. 17 Nov. 1786. 
V. Mary, b. 11 Aug. 1791. 
vl. Susanna, b. 1 Nov. 1798. 
vii. Joseph, b. 25 June 1797. 

viii. Elizabeth, mentioned as a daughter of Joseph in a deed recorded 
11 Feb. 1818. 

25. Samtjel* Flotd (Samuel,* Samuel,* Hugh,* John^) was bom at Chel- 

sea 26 May 1782, and married, 6 Apr. 1814, Sally (Sarah) Bur- 
rill. He died 16 Feb. 1829, and on 8 Feb. 1830 David Floyd 
petitioned for administration on his estate, the widow Sarah saying 
that it was inconvenient for her to serve. On 30 May 1830 Sarah 
Floyd petitioned for guardianship over Sally Ann, Josiah, Samuel, 
Emerline, and Susan Sargent Floyd, all minors under fourteen and 
children of Samuel Floyd and herself. On 21 Dec. 1835 David 
Floyd was made adminbtrator of the estate of his relative Sally 
Floyd, widow, who died at Chelsea " on or about 14 Nov. last" 
Her property was distributed amongst the five children. 

L Sally Ann,' b. 8 Dec. 1816. 
11. JosiAH, b. 6 July, 1818. 

254 Floyd Family of Rumney Marsh * [J^f 

iii. Samuel, b. 16 Sept. 1823. 

iv. Embrune. 

T. Susan Saboent, b. 20 Jan. 1827. 

26. Isaac* Floyd {Noahy^ Samuel,* Hughy* John}) was bom at Medford 

5 Sept. 1772, and married, 26 Apr. 1798, Ltdia Hall Tufts, 
daughter of Isaac and Martha, bom 9 July 1778. He resided at 
Medford, and there died 21 Nov. 1849, aged 77. Lydia Floyd died 
18 Feb, 1817 (1816 on gravestone), aged 39. 
Children : 

i. Martha Frost,' bapt. 21 Oct. 1798 ; d. 1799. 

II. Lydia Hall, bapt. 6 Mar. 1803 ; d. 30 Dec. 1824 (28 Dec, gravestone.) 
iil. Hannah, bapt. 18 Aug. 1805; d. 27 Oct. 1806. 

iv. Edward, b. abt. 1811 ; d. 9 July 1824, aged 13. 
V. Hannah, d. 5 May 1813. 

vi. Martha Frost, bapt. 28 June 1813 ; d. 29 June 1813. 
vll. Edward H., d. 27 June 1827. 

27. James Thompson* Floyd (Benjamin,^ Samuel* Hugh* John}) was 

bora at Medford, 18 May, 1772. He married first, 12 Nov^ 1795, 
Mart Harris, who died 25 Sept. 1803 ; and secondly, 24 May 
1804, Hannah Gleason, who died 1 July, 1819. He resided at 
Medford, and died 3 Dec. 1854. His will, dated 16 Dec. 1853, 
probated 19 Dec. 1854, names as executors John J. Floyd and 
William H. Floyd, and mentions sons Joshua G., Oliver H., James 
T., and the latter's wife and family, also grandsons John J. and 
William H. Floyd. 
Children by first wife : 

1. James Thompson,* b. 6 July 1796; m. (1) 28 May 1818, Lydia 
Rogers, who d. 29 Dec. 1831 ; m. (2) (int. rec. 14 Apr. 1888) 
Sally Turner. 

ii. William Harris, bapt. 6 Jan. 1799 ; d. 8 Sept. 1800. 

iii. Olivsr Harris, b. 8 Jan. 1801. 

Children by second wife : 

iv. Joshua Gleason, b. 10 May 1805 ; d. 8 Sept. 1881 ; m. 9 Jan. 1827, 

Susan Pierce of Medford. 
V. William Harris, bapt. 6 Dec. 1807 ; d. 2 Nov. 1809. 
vi. Hannah, bapt. 6 Jan. 1811. 
vii. JosiAH, bapt. 5 Sept. 1818; d. 14 Oct. 1814. 

28. Benjamin* Floyd (Benjamin,^ Benjamin* Hugh* John^) was bom 

at Medford, 9 Jan. 1753, and married, 7 Jan. 1779, Martha Savel, 
who died 14 Nov. 1841, daughter of Thomas and Miriam (Royall). 
He died 22 Oct 1823, aged 71 (gravestone at Medford), though the 
town records read 2 Oct. He was a soldier in the Revolution and 
resided in Medford, though at one time of Roxbury. 
Children, all bom at Medford : 

1. Benjamin,' b. 29 Dec. 1780. 
U. Pattey, b. 6 Nov. 1783. 

III. SUKEY, b. 2 Nov. 1787. 

iv. Rebecca Thompson, b. 20 Jan. 1790. 

V. Gbobgb HmcHMAN, b. 16 Jan. 1792. 

vi. Abel Bctterfield, b. 26 Oct. 1798; d. 23 Aug. 1797. 

vll. Thomas, b. 26 Dec. 1795. 

vUl. Abkl B., b. 6 Aug. 1798. 

29. Joseph* Floyd (Benjamin^* Benjamin,* Hugh,* John^) was bom at 

Medford 10 Mar. 1758. He married Hannah , who died 

1909] Floyd Family of Rumney Marsh 255 

7 Feb. 1792, and resided at Medford, but was called of Cbarlestown 
in Mar. 1806, when he sold to Benjamin Floyd his interest in a 
certain piece of land in Medford. 
Children, recorded at Medford : 

i. Nancy,* d. 7 July 1787. 

ii. Jonathan Webster, b§pt. 16 Nov. 1^89. 

ill. Joseph Thompson, bapt. 15 Nov. 1789. 

30. Lieut. Ebenezer* Floyd (Ebenezer,^ Benjamin,* Hugh,^ John^) was 

born at Boston 13 Dec. 1756, and married, 12 June 1791, Susan- 
nah IIinckley, who died 5 Mar. 1821, daughter of Ebenezer and 
Susannah (Brown) of Blue Hill, Me. Ebenezer served in the Rev- 
olution as a private, corporal, sergeant, ensign, and lieutenant. He 
is described on a roll of 3 Feb. 1781 as being 23 years of age ; 
stature ^ve feet, ten inches ; hair and complexion light ; occupation 
carpenter; birthplace and residence Boston. He moved to Blue 
Hill, Me., before 1790, and was town clerk, selectman, representa- 
tive to the General Court, and county treasurer. He died 5 Mar. 
' 1821. 


i. Dblia,« b. 80 July 1792 ; d. 13 Feb. 1820. 

il. Sophia, b. 25 Sept. 1795 ; d. 29 July 1888 ; m. 12 Jan. 1826, Jere- 
miah Faulkner. 

ill. Horatio, b. 9 Feb. 1798; d. 15 Feb. 1820. 

iv. Betsey Atkins, b. 8 Feb. 1801 ; m. 11 Mar. 1889, Jerebuah Faulk- 
ner, her brother-in-law. 

31. Hugh* Floyd {Hugh,^ Hugh,* Hugh* John^) was bom at Chelsea 23 

1760. He married first (intention recorded 4 Sept. 1785) 

Abigail Fairn (Feam or Fern) of Lynn, who died 21 Feb. 1807 ; 
and secondly, 11 Oct. 1807, Sarah Fairn of Lynn. He served in the 
Revolution from Chelsea, but moved to Lynn about 1785, where he 
was a trader, and died 8 Jan. 1816. His will was probated in Essex 
County 9 Apr.' 1816, and mentions daughters Betsey Curtin, Nabby 
Lewis, Rachel Mudge, and Elinor Floyd, and sons Levi and George 
Washington ; wife Sarah executrix. On the same day David Cur- 
tin of Lynn was made guardian of Levi Floyd, aged 15, and George 
Washington Floyd, aged 12, and Henry Oliver was made guardian 
of Eleanor Floyd, aged 19. 

Children, by first wife, all bom at Lynn : 

i. Betsey.* b. 18 July 1785 ; m. 30 Nov. 1806, David Curtin. 

11. Hugh, b. 16 June 1787 : d. 24 Dec. 1825 ; m. 30 Nov. 1806, Lydia 

Ui. Naby, b.' 10 Feb. 1789; d. 9 Oct. 1828; m. 12 Oct. 1806, Nathan 

Iv. Jacob, b. 10 Apr. 1791. 
V. Bachbl, b. 6 Oct. 1793; d. 18 June, 1822; m. 11 Aug. 1811, Samuel 

vi. Eleanor, b. 20 Nov. 1797 ; m. 12 Sept. 1819, Shadrack Ramsdell. 
vii. Levi, b. abt. 1801, being aged 15 in 1816. 
viii. George Washington, b. 23 Mar. 1804. 

32- David* Floyd {Hugh,^ Hugh* Hugh* John^) was bom 7 June 1767, 
and married, 6 Dec. 1798, Hannah Tewksbury, who died 9 Jan. 
1858, aged 84 years, 5 months. He died 4 Aug. 1854, aged 87 

* Most of this it based on the authority of the Bangor, Me., Historical Magaeinst 
vol. 5. 

256 Fhyd Family of Rumney Marth [J^ 

years, 2 months (grRYestone, Winthrop). His will, probated 14 Aug. 
1854, names Edward Floyd and PMUips P. Floyd executors, and 
mentions wife Hannah, daoghters Mary H^ Lucy Abbot, and Han- 
nah, wife of David Belcher ; sons Henry, Thomas, Darid, Edward, 
John ; also Mary, wife of son John, and son Phillips P. He lived 
in that part of Chelsea which became N(Hth Qielsea in 1846 and 
Winthrop in 1852. 

i. Hknrt,' b. 21 Nov. 1799 ; d. 19 Jone 188!l. 

ii. Lucy, b. 11 Oct. 1801; m. 18 Dec 1825, HKaoELT Abbot, 3d, of And- 

iii. Thomas, b. 3 Sept. 1803 ; d. 10 Dec 1867 ; m. 11 Apr. 1880, HASSiAH 

B. Stubois, who d. 11 May 1883, a^^ed 78 yrs. 10 ds. 
iv. Mart H., b. 8 May 1805 ; d. 27 July 1883. 
V. David, b. 14 Jan. 1807 ; d. 13 May 1895 ; m. 28 Nov. 1833, Sallt F. 

Tewksbury, b. 16 Aug. 1814, d. 28 Dec 1893. 
vi. Edward, b. 24 Jan. 1809; d. 1879. 
vU. John, b. 29 Dec. 1810 ; d. 7 June 1884. 
vilL Hannah, b. 5 June 1813. 
• ix. Phillips P., b. 19 Mar. 1815 ; d. 22 Nov. 1896. 

83. Thomas* Flotd (Bugh,* Hugh,* Bugh* John}) was bom 28 Jan. 
1778, and married 31 Jnly 1807, Sallt Pratt of Medford. For 
military service he was idlowed pay at a Chelsea town meeting 3 
Apr. 1815.^ He removed to Sangos, where he died 17 Sept. 1839, 
aged 61. His widow, Sarah, was appointed administratrix of his 
estate 8 Jan. 1840. On 7 Apr. 1840 Sarah Floyd applied to the 
court for an allowance from the estate of her hosband, stating that 
she had ^ye children. Sarah died 4 Feb. 1844, and both she and 
her hosband are boried at Sangos. 
Children, so far as recorded : 

i. Hannah Matilda^' bapt. 24 Sept. 1809. 

ii. Thomas Alfrkd, b. 24 Jan. 1811; d. 2 Jan. 1890; m. 19 Apr. 18S5, 

Rebbcca WnxiAMS. 
iU. Eliza Hall, bapt. 24 Sept, 1815. 

34. DfiA. James* Flotd {Jamuy^ John* John* John^) vras bom at Chel- 

sea 17 Mar. 1762. He married first, 3 Jnly 1787, Eunice Boaiu>- 
MAK, daughter of Aaron and Mary (Cheever), who died 13 Oct. 
1825, aged 65 (gravestone at Revere), though Chelsea records give 

14 Oct. 1824; and secondly, Ruth . He lived at Chekea, 

was chosen deacon in 1806, and in the rec(Mds was variously called 
captain, deacon, gentleman, or yeoman. His death occurred 3 Feb. 

Children, by first wife : 

i. Jambs,' b. 6 Nov. 1787. 

U. Bill, b. 18 Nov. 1791 ; m. 13 Mar. 1823, Ltma Kendall of Chelsea. 

iU. John (twin), b. 14 Sept. 1794. 

iv. Abu AH (twin), b. 14 Sept. 1794 ; d. 9 Aug. 1888. 

V. Nancy, b. 20 June 1797 ; d. 29 June 1817. 

vi. Aaron, b. 22 June 1800 ; d. 6 July 1817. 

vU. Gborgb Washington, b. 11 Aug, 1804; d. 28 June 1817. 

vilL Qbobob Washikgton, who inherited part of father's estate. 

35. Daxiel* Flotd {Daniel,^ Daniel* Daniel* John^) was bom at Mai- 

den 20 Aug. 1760, and married, in 1785, Mart Davpket, daugh- 
ter of Joseph and Elizabeth of Salem (Essex Deeds, vol. 207, p. 10^). 
He lived in Saugus, his farm being on the Beading Road to the 


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t'l'.*: uiT JiHU''» 1' ' '\(1, I".' f ,'1 M ('<: ii t' •<_■.■ 'it-i- Will '!).«! V h! '" 

.1* .'k I1-. (hi l:-* f)'<*. J-'i4 i:/j- a I'' Sa"n.- ' h« -Ji* :. i >. ■ \ >^ 
rh» -I s^ .f r M '**\ In ;'m" --ini. fM' ,. ny. On.!:? A' . ''■^■'.; ' ■•• ^ - 

L. t\'^ ot A! ;.«i''U \^ i> L.iiK' -,mi,)I]:. ir;tOr vit th< ■ .s t •/ i 

V *i ! <'. M:»! M-i». '* !i.; »>\v ust n '.■! ■. ••. :v.<.t ni'i.-i .> j ■! '! ■- 

;;:-{ Flovl '\ i-low, aiui Naili;)': N'-'l w|- , .'/.'uj't:' n ''t i!:, - -' . 

tr...^»r <'"*i'''t ot !'•" tir-rt^, -:, \v«'r» ii.'i;i.'<t in a J- t..i • :• 
*'..• .vu! «'>ti'< ,' '^j No,. iJ^:'.i. :is tlir «tii\- j,t . ().: .. ' • 

L L-'N^ Mi,« !j. !r.' JaiK 1-21 ; .1. l;» \.»r. IsiT, ,f ^-o 

FRA.V.'L- JEWETT F\r.T:v]: 

Bv William 1'ahvi:i* r.jir*-. \ ..o''>' ^ 

•'.« \ ..lie of the oiii^irml -^cltl'M'M of ( in }i\- : 
.\ : !«■ tr'), tliniuirh \^^-t•8/ S;j.'i/.r 1.^ Aa-'.* 

.. and 




1909] Francis Jewett Parker 257 

west of the town and near the farms of Joseph Cheever and John 
Dampnej. Administration on his estate was granted 18 Jan. 1808 
to Samuel Mansfield, 3d ; John Pratt and John Dampney being 
sureties. The estate was declared insolvent, and the real estate or- 
dered sold, which was done at auction 20 Jan. 1816. 

i. Mary,« b. 9 Sept. 1786 ; d. 27 Oct. 1805, of consumption. 
11. Daniel, b. 1799 ; m. 13 July 1824, Catherine Poor. 

36. Ezra* Floyd (Daniel,^ Daniel^* Daniel,* Johri}) was bom at Saugos 

7 Aug. 1765, and married, 10 Apr. 1787, Pollt (Mart) Rams- 
dell of Maiden. He lived in Maiden and Watertown, and died of 
consumption 26 Dec. 1808, aged 42. According to an order of 21 
Aug. 1816 his estate was distributed between the widow Mary, daugh- 
ters Mary Winship, Nancy, wife of Dwight Fisher, Lucy and. Sukey 
Floyd, and son Ezra. 
Children : 

I. Mary,* b. 8 May 1788 ; m. Winship. 

II. Patty, b. 10 May 1793 ; d. young. 

iii. Lucy (Lucinda), b. 4 Sept. 1796; d. 18 Oct. 1834; m. 16 Sept. 1821, 

William Gilbon of Lynn. 
Iv. Susanna, b. 27 Oct. 1799. 
V. Ezra. b. 18 Oct. 1802. 
vi. Nancy, m. Dwight Fisheb. 

37. Ezra* Floyd (Josephj^ Daniel^* Danid^ Johvi}) was bom at Mai- 

den 28 Sept. 1784, and married, 3 Jan. 1819, HaNnah Waitb, 
who died 6 Oct. 1865, aged 79. He bought with his brother Sam- 
uel, 11 Oct. 1808, the interest of Flizabeth Floyd in the estate of 
their father Joseph Floyd, fete of Maiden, together with that which 
came to said Joseph through his '^ last wife," daughter of Ezekiel 
Jenkins. On 23 Dec. 1814 £zra and Samuel bought the interest of 
their sister Mary in the same property. On 12 Aug. 1823 Charles 
Lewis of Maiden was made administrator of the estate of Ezra 
Floyd of Maiden, who deceased within two months passed ; and Han- 
nah Floyd, widow, and Nathan Nichols, guardian of Haimah Floyd, a 
minor child of the deceased, were named in a petition for the sale of 
the real estate, 13 Nov. 1823, as the only persons interested. 

1. Hannah,' b. 29 Jan. 1821 ; d. 19 Apr. 1847, of consumption. 


By William Ca&ybs Batbs, Esq., of Newton, Mass. 

Francis Jewett Pabker was bom in Boston March 3, 1825, 
and died there January 20, 1909. He was descended from Abraham* 
Parker, one of the original settlers of Chehneford, Mass., and a free- 
man in 1645, through Moses,* Samuel,' Aaron,* Isaac,* Abel,' and 
Isaac'. His grandfather Judge Abel Parker of Jaffrey, N. H., mar- 
ried Edith, daughter of Jedediah Jewett of Pepperell, Mass., and 

258 Francis Jewett Parker [July 

granddaughter of Joseph Jewett of Groton, Mass. Francis Jewett 
Parker was the son of Isaac and Sarah ( Ainsworth) Parker of Jafl5rey, 

Isaac Parker, who had declined " to go to college " as three of his 
brothers had gone, came to Boston fh)m Keene, N. H., in 1817, 
established himself in business, and early took up with " store keep- 
ing." Selling manufactures of wool and cotton "by the piece" wa« 
the beginning of the commission and mill agency business which hae 
been continued by successors of the firm of Isaac Parker and Com- 
pany to the present time. 

Francis Parker's education was mainly pursued through the public 
schools of Boston, ending at the English High School, with one year 
at the Latin School. Judging by some notes made by Col. Parker 
quite late in life, he did not specially endear himself to Masters Dillar 
way, Oliver, or Sherwin by his proficiency in any of the branches 
taught; indeed there was one year's enforced absence which was 
spent at a private school. 

He married, April 28, 1846, Anna Whitney, daughter of Josiah 
Dwight Lyman of Northfield, Mass. Three children were bom to 
them, Frank Vose Parker, Clara V. Parker, and Elizabeth Lyman 
Parker. Frank V. Parker married Mary Codman, and their daugh- 
ter, Gertrude Codman Parker, married, March 23, 1903, Sir Gilbert 
Thomas Carter, then Governor of the Bahama Islands, and now 
Governor of Barbadoes. Frank V. Parker died in 1903. Elizabeth 
Lyman Parker married William Brooks Cabot, now residing at Dub- 
lin, N. H. Clara V. Parker resides at Jaffrey, N. H. 

Col. Parker's career in mercantile life was most honorable, as was 
that of all his forbears. He was long associated with the business of 
cotton manufacturing and the sale of mill products. At one time he 
was a member of the firm of Parker, Wilder, Parker and Company, 
and was also treasurer for a time of the Monadnock Manufacturing 

Mr. Parker pursued his mercantile vocation, finding in it that 
training in practical affidrs which enabled him to become a good citi- 
zen, a brave soldier, and a Christian gentleman, and by studious 
reading qualifying for the society of scholars, which is usually reserved 
to the recipient of academic degrees. Civic affairs also received his 
attention, and he served the City of Boston in its Common Council 
in 1856, in the Senate of Massachusetts in 1858, and as Representar 
tive to the General Coiui; fi'om Boston in 1861. 

On the breaking out of the Civil War, Governor Andrew ap- 
pointed Mr. Parker Major of the First Battalion, Massachusetts In- 
fantry. In November, 1861, the battalion was sent to Fort Warren 
where Mason and Slidel and some eight hundred Confederate soldiers 
were confined. Major Parker was advanced to Lieutenant Colonel 
in May, 1862, and the battalion was ordered to Washington to join 
the Army of the Potomac. Col. Parker's army experience has been 

1909] Francis Jewett Parker 259 

told in his "History of the 3 2d Massachusetts Infantry." 

In 1877 Col. Parker went to live in Newton. His mature judg- 
ment and experience in affairs made him a force in this progressive 
suburban city. He was drafted into the service of his townsmen as 
one of three commissioners for the introduction of water in 1874-5, 
and remained until February, 1878, by which time the water system 
had been well established. 

Though a Democrat, he was chosen Senator from the 4th Mid- 
dlesex District, being elected in a Republican stronghold over his 
contestant. He recalled that in 1858 he was the youngest, and 
in 1876 the oldest, member of the Senate. In 1881-2 Col. Parker 
was one of a commission for the revision of the city charter of New- 
ton, advocating in a minority report the adoption of one board of 
aldermen with the mayor. 

On coming to Newton, he identified himself with Grace Church 
(Episcopal) Parish, and was an active member of the building 
committee for the construction of the new church building in 
1871—2. An appreciative criticism of Col. Parker's churchmanship 
at this period comes to us from the rector, Rev. George Wolfe 
Shinn, D.D., who says: "It would be impossible to understand 
Col. Parkei: and the work he did imless we take account of the fact 
that he was not only a religious man, but intensely so. He waa 
brought up in the Congregational faith, but came into the Episcopal 
Church bringing with him what he had learned of religion as the 
source of personal integrity and then taking hold most eagerly of the 
doctrine of the corporate life of Christians in the Church of Christ. 
It makes a good combination — downright old Puritanism and staunch 
Episcopacy. We saw both in him, for he carried his religion into 
everyday life and he rejoiced to be in the fellowship of a religious 
body which he believed, with all his heart, to be a branch of the his- 
toric Church. He was not a demonstrative religious man in the 
sense of speaking freely to others of his personal religious experiences. 
He preferred to put his faith into deeds and by uprightness of life 
and by the rectitude of his affairs, whatever he did, carry out the 
teachings of our Lord. It would be hard to overstate the intensity 
of his affection for the Episcopal Church and the enjoyment he gained 
from participating in its services and usages. He became so strong 
a Churchman that some who were less ardent could not always under- 
stand his position. Many friends will long cherish the memory of a 
kindly, gracious presence, almost always cheerful, sometimes brilliant 
with humor, ready to express condemnation of what he thought waa 
wrong and equally ready to advocate what he believed to be right. 
The world would be better and society and business life woidd be 
purer if there were more men like Col. Parker." 

Col. Parker in middle life was widely interested in public affairs, 
and his printed papers,^ criticisms, and discussions cover a wide 
range of subjects. He expressed himself with vigor and, though 

260 Francis Jewett Parleet* [Jaly 

often in the minority, was undeterred by opposition. The Tueeday 
Club at Newton ftimished a favorite opportunity for the expression 
of his views, and its records show the following titles of essays l^ 
him : Towns and Their Government Works, The Liquor Question^ 
Smith's History of Newton, The Pilgrim and Puritan, Trial by Jury 
and Courts of Law, Disestablishment. Col. Parker compiled the 
Genealogy of the Ainsworth Families of America. He wrote in 
reviews The Huguenots, The Holy Ekistem Church, The Mexican 
Empire (MaximUian), and the American Union. 

Mr. Samuel B. Eindge, of the firm of Parker, Wilder and Com- 
pany, dying intestate. Col. Parker was appointed one of the admin- 
istrators, and he was for many years associated with Mr. Frederick 
H. Rindge as agent and advisor in the direction of the benefactions 
of this large estate. It was in this latter position that this man of 
affairs, of sound business judgment, was able to influence the moral 
and material interests of a large neighboring city with a self-effacing 
zeal none the less beneficent because not generally recognized fay 
the public. 

Col. Parker furnished to volume three of the New England Historic 
Genealogical Society's Memorial Biographies a sketch of Isaac Par- 
ker, his father, a notable man, as was his grandfather. Judge Abel 
Parker. Col. Parker wrote of his grandfather, " Judge Abel Par- 
ker, the father of Isaac, was a man of commanding presence, at once 
dignified and courteous, one with whom intimacy would seem to 
have been difficult, and trifling impossible. His ideas of personal 
integrity and individual honor were of the strictest, and he possessed 
a marvellous self-reliance, both in thought and action. \Vhat he 
once decided to be right was the thing to be done, and so far as his 
influence went, it was done. Military taste and patriotic impulse 
had made him a soldier in early manhood ; faithful service with dili- 
gent study had raised him in rank, first in the army, and afterward 
in civil life, and it was his cherished boast that of the many honors 
and offices which he had received or occupied not one had been the 
result of his own solicitation or request. The contrast between the 
Judge and his wife [Edith (Jewett) Parker of Pepperell] was a 
marked one. She was active and impulsive, quick to sympathize 
with all about her ; gifled with a keen perception of the humorous 
and with a gladsome and kindly spirit which enabled her at all times 
to bring cheer and courage to the despondent or the timid. Strai^itr 
forward performance of duty was the first principle with the Judge 
and earnest sympathy was die leading characteristic of the Judge's 
wife. Their household was a busy one. In it old time family dis- 
cipline was maintained, religious duties were honored by observance, 
and its members were bound each to the other by ties of love and 
by respect for duty. Under such home influences the character of 
Isaac Parker was formed and moulded. In him were blended the 
characteristics of both his parents and to such effect that Judge Jere- 

1909] Diary of John Whiting 261 

miah Smith, a man not given to unnecessary compliment^ said of 
him that * Isaac Parker was the only young man that he ever saw 
who did not need to be made over.' " 

Of Isaac Parker the Hon. Marshall P. Wilder, a business asso- 
ciate for many years, wrote : " As a merchant and citizen of Boston, 
the memory of Isaac Parker will be cherished by all who knew him. 
In all the relations of life, whether public or private, he had the 
reputation of a high sense of honor and imbending integrity. Hiw 
moral, political, and religious sentiments were matters of fixed and 
controlling conviction. He was always anxious to do right and to 
be just. He was very considerate, conservative, and cautious, but 
having come to a conclusion, he was as immovable as the granite 
hills of his native state. He was very industrious, systematic, and 
punctual, and dispatched business with facility but never without 
deUberation. He had at heart the best interests of humanity, and 
was ever ready to bestow his influence for the improvement of those 
around him. He was eminently a peacemaker, never having con- 
troversies, if possible to avoid them, and was anxious to do to others 
as he would have them do to him. Mr. Parker was remarkable for 
the uniformity of his character, and he will long be remembered in 
the annals of Boston as one of her distinguished merchants, as one 
of her pioneers in the traffic of domestic fabrics, and as one notable 
for his integrity, firmness, and good judgment, — in short as an cut 
listened merchant and a Christian gentleman." 

In contemplating the career and character of these three genera- 
tions of the Parker family, we come to % new appreciation of and 
pride in the sterling values of the New England civilization, a pro- 
duct of Puritan and Pilgrim inheritance. 



Commanicated by John F. Whitino, Esq., of North Attleborough, Mass. 
[Concluded ttoxn. page 192] 

The date of the First Meetting house in this Town was 1647 the Second 
Meetting house was about Eighty Nine years old M' Haven Precht in 
the Same June y* 6*** 1762. it Being Sacrament day his text was in the 
forenoon in Hebrews 8^. Chap : 1 -Verse, in the afternoon Rev. 3. first 
Part of 3** Verse 

Hunday y^ 7^. of June the old Meeting House was tore all down fiat to 
the. Ground, there was a Man there which See it Raised. Ebenezer Ware 
by Name. 

June y* 8*** the Parrish Granted Forty Pounds Lawfull money towards 
Baising A New Meeting House. 

Began to Raise our New Meetting House y^ 29^ of June it being Tuesday 

262 Diary of John Whiting [July 

and finished on Friday a Little before Sun Set the People gave a huzzar 

and then fired the Grate Gun. wich was done three times ouer the 

Master Workman of the frame was M'. Adam Blackman of Stoughton. 

our Comittee agreed with him to frame y* Ilouse Make y* window frames 

and sashes for 600 and 50 Pounds 
July y* 18 17G2 M^. Haven Preacht the first Sermon in the New Meetting 

House, took hb Text in Haggai the 2^. Chap, first Part of 9*^ Verse 
July y* 24 A Fine Shower for a Quarter of an Hour 
July ye 28. A Generel Fast on the Account of the drought M*. Adams 

Preacht from Amos 4 : 7 & 8"» Verses. Hosea 10 : 12 
July y* 30 A Moderate Rain from y® N : E 
Aug: y* 3** Rais**. the Spire of our Meetting House the Vain Cost 100 

Pouj^d old Tenor 
August y* 8'**. the first Child Baptized in the New Meetting House waa 

Joshua Whiting*, it* Name was Elizabeth [m Wm Gay in pencil] 
Sep. y" 24"». 1 Bought me a New Saddle of Sadler Richards Price £19*2.6 

old Tenor 
Sep. y* 30"*. died the Rev. M'. Townsend of Needham. he was onMn**. as 

I have been told in y* year 1720 
Octo. y' 7"* 1762 Generel Thanksgiving thro, this Province on the ac- 
count of Our Taking Havanah on the lie of Cuba 
Nov. y® 10^^. M'. Carnl was Ordain**, at Springfield in Dedham [now Do- 
ver in pencil] 
No thaw in January 1763 but Snow on Snow Some Say near thirty one 

or another 
March y« 7"». 1763 Town. Meeting Maj' Pond Town Clark likewise Re- 

M*^ Dwight". Ilouse [in W. Rox in pencil] was Rais^ on Friday y* 20"*. of 

I Sow**. Carrit Seed and Beens and Grenne Com in my New Garden at the 

mill ye l[<orn]'* day of June which were the first things ever Sow**, in*. 
June. 7th. Bridgwater East Par [irarw] Meetting House Rais** 
June y^ 9^**. Rais**. my Bam Mr Doggett & Mr Shepard workmen 
June y® 15. 1763 Mr. Sam**. Gibins Ilouse was Rais**. 
Timothy Whiting Rais**. the West end of his Bam June y* 21 
June y* 21 Worcester Meetting Ilouse Riiis**. 
June y* 24. The Church Voted to Sel their Great Wood Lot at Worpole 

for 4002l3s6i8 Lawfull money Old Tenor three Thousand One Hun- 
dred Pounds. 
August y* 10"*. Peace Proclame<l at Boston after Seven years and Six 

days war against the French and Indians 
Publick Thanksgiving on that Account Mr. Haven Preacht from Psalms 

46. 9. august y" 11 
[fornjgust y* 17"*. Bunker Gay [torwjained at Hinsdle [torn] y* 14. Put 

in a New Sharp** [torn] Mill. Mr. Doggett did it 
Octo^ 1763 We Bmlt a Cyder Mill 
Goto', y* 18. Zechariah Whiting Died of a Cansor. it Snow**. Night and 

Next day 
Nov^ y* 13'»*. Exceeding Cold Wether Set m froze the Ground Hani, 
the eighUH»neth of this month Came a Snow 5 or 6 jnches deep Good Slead- 

ing for Severil days together 
DecemlKr y« 21. We had A Singing Lecture Mr Haven Preacht from 

Colo 3: 16 

1909] Diary of John Whiting 263 

• Feb'y y® 21 1764 Joseph Metcalf married Ruth Aldis She was 37 years 

old that day 
M'. Dexter Town Gark 

March y* 8***. Nath". Dana went to Seek his fortune [torn] Sea 
Brady and Tate*. Version of [torn] Brought in here March y* 19 [torn] 
March 1764 the Smal Pox is thick in Boston it went thro the Town 

Cheifly by Enockulation 
April y* 25 M'. Samuel West was Ordain:** at Needham 
May y* 17. A Frame of a House Rais.'d Near the Sawmill Gate for Mr. 

Ephraim Hall 
May y* 21 Town Meetting Mr Dexter Representative 
June y® 1. hard frost this Morning Cut of the Com and other things 

Kild aples 
June V*. 5. John Lewis Raised his Bam 

June y* 21. Edmond Gookin married his third wife Abigail Allin 
Wednesday July y® 11'**. Docter Ames died 1764 
July y« 26 1764 Luke Trott married. Elisabeth Damon 
Sep^. y« 5. My Broad Ax New Laid by T. Trott. Cut all before it 
Sep', y* 9"*. A Hard frost hurt the Com very Much 
Oct'. y« 20"» Samuel Richards died 

Nov. y* 29. Thanksgiving IVP Haven Prea Psalms 194-15 
Dec'. y« 11. Nath". Gay". House was Rais*^ 
Dec'. 12. Caleb Whiting <& David Lewis went of to New Boston 
In the fall of the year Set gut three Butten-wood tres at y* west end of the 

House, one apple tree at the Southest Comer of the House, and one at 

the Pigs Pen 
Jan^. y* 29 Aaron Fuller Married Abigail Farington=1764-5. 
March y® 5***. Docter Sprague House was Burnt down, the New and old 

together, he B[/c)rn]ght Jonathan Fishers Farm 
March y* 19. David Fairbanks Married Li& Vaughn 1765. 
May y« 14"». 1765 Cap^ Metcalf wife died 
May y« 15***. Father Began to Grind with a New Pair of Millstones Come 

from Wrentham Price 10*5' Pounds old Tenor, in the woods, where they 

were made 
May y« 15**^ Rais**. a New Frame of a House, at the Old Place Called 

Fairbanks [Oliver Fairbanks in later handy now Isaac Whitings in pen- 

June y* 25^^. Began to Raise New Meetting House at Wrentham old Par- 

rish [1765 in pencif] 
June y® 27 John Fuller Rais** A New Bam on the Back Side of his House 
June y® 7"*. Hard frost kild Some Vines Cut down Some Com 
August 1765. Stoughton Old Parrish had a New Bell 
Sep* y« 23. Caleb Whiting married to Susanna Cane 
Major Fisher Built a New Tomb this Summer 
Town Meetting on the account of the Stamp act. Octo. y*. 21** 1765 
Doct'. Sprauge" House was Rais^ 75 feet long 25 wide Nov. y® 25 
Dec'. y« 5"» Publick Thanksgiving 
Dec'. y« 31*. Nath^. Dana jun' Married 
January y« 11"*. 1766 Hezekiah Fuller's wife died 
March y* 13"*. Major Fisher died 

April y« 10"*. Sam". Doggett mov^. to Dorcester to tend mill 
John Fuller Sold his Place here and Moved to Attleborough May y* %^. 

VOL. Lxni. 18 

264 Diary of John Whiting [July 

May y** 1 3'^. Pelatiah Whiting went from here to Belingham. 

May y* 16"'. News that y* Stamp act is Repeal**. Jleumination at Boston 

and Rejoyceing on that Account May ye 19^. and at Dedham y* 20*** 
July y® 1 0***. Rais**. A Malt [torn ; a malt-house in later han<f\ 
July y« 22. The Filler of Liberty Raised in Dedham 
Jan^. y* 14 1769 Leiu'. Joseph Whiting died. None died in this Parrish 

for 9 months Lacking 10 days, which is Remarable 
June y* 27^ A New Meetting House Raised in the South Parrish in Ded- 
July y* 1 2. Sam". Bill and and the widow Crowley Married 
July y* 19. Deacon Wilson [Ephraim crossed out] died 
Ebenezer Richard Chosen Deacon this Sumer 
Governor Francis Bernard Left Boston August y* 2*. 
This Summer Sister Hannah Fairington went to Boston 2 times in 36. days 

Sep**, y* 5^. A Sel put into the Mill Creek aboue the Bridge - 2 jnches 

higher on the Bottum 
Sep^ y* 11. Began to Raise t [toni]. Meeting House at Roxbury called Ja- 

maca. 5 days Raising 
Sep^ y* 24. 1769. Sam". Davenport Married his 2*. Wife, on Sabath day 

Father & Mother Rode Out today 5 Miles to Strabery Hill [Dover Dover 

in later hand] Father is 81. & Mother is 80 years of Age. Octo y* 3**. 
Dec*^. y'' 26 Thomas Eaton & Sarah Whiting. Jsaac Eaton & Elisabeth 

Bacon. 2Jechariah Whiting & Desire Guild Married at Cap'. Fotes &c 
March y® 12. Ben". Lyon who is deaf and Dumb. Married to Elisabeth 

Man 1770 
June y* 21. Young D*". Ames' Frame of A House Rais^. 
December y* 6. 1770 Daniel Smith Married this Morning Being Thanks- 
^ giving day 

Governor Hutchinson Reed his Commition March y* 8^** 
The Middle of March 1771 the Bigest flood that has been thise many years 

the Sawmill Damn Broke the 13'** 
Dec*". 1771 y* 12 Daniel Gookin Married his 2** wife [Mrs Susanna (Cain) 

AV hitting in later hand] 

M'. Richard Woodard Married to the widow Ames, after a Long and Clost 

Siege he took her Feb. 23 72 
April. Now Comes another flood Vastly Biger then the Last the water at 

the highest y* 12*^^. tlie water was up to Shepards bars 
May y* 20. 1772 Abner Ellis Representitiue 2°. time 
May y® 22 I Catcht half A dozen Alewives the first that ever I Catcht 

Dec*^. y* 17 M*". Tyler dismist from y* Claboardtrees 
Jan^. y* 8 1773 was had a mess Green hearbs [this entry crossed out] 
January y* 8*^ L773 we had a Mess of Green hearbs. Shepard Sprouts and 

danda Lyons 
We had the Mezel's here the Last week in January 1 773 
April y« 20 Luke Trott and Elisabeth Fuller Married 
April y* 21 Ordination at Wrentham West Parrish 
April y^ 26 Roxbury Meeting House Pulled down the heither House, and 

A New One Raise^* May 13"». 1773 
May y* 9. the Apple tree are full in the Blow 

1909] Family of Samuel Getchell 265 

May y* 17 Abner Ellis Representative 3**. time. 117 Vot[trom] 
Sep', y* 29 M'. Thomas Abbot at Roxbury ordain[trorn] 
Cksto*. ye 19. I Catcht 58 Parch at once in my fish Nett 
Octo'. y® 18 Needham Meeting Burnt Down 

Octo. y' 21 Levi Ames Hanged at Boston 

May y* 17 Govenor Gage Proclamed at Boston 1774 
June y* 23 Eben Kingsbury Rais.d A New Saw Mill 


April y* 13"*. John Crosyer married Fanna Whiting 

April y* 19 the Regulers began to fight at Lexinton 1775 

May y* 20 John Crosyer Raised his Shop 

Feb. y* 21 Thomas Clark Married to Sarah Lewis 

March y« 17'*. the Regguler" left thfe Town of Boston 

March y® 20 1780 [^or/i]llis Vaughn married Peter [/om ]mbers[Tumber 
in later hand ; or Tumboo. he was black & probably she was too blind (?) 
to see him. C. W. in pencil] 

May y* 8 1780 Paul Lewis & Unus [Eunice in later hand] Worsley mar- 

June 7 7'*» Mr Thatcher Ordained at the Claboardtree 

Octo. y* 24 1780 Nath". Farington [and] Hette Wheeler married 

June y« 21 Joseph Lewis Built a New Dam at the Leather Mill 178 [1784 
in later hand] 

April Peace Proclam** at Boston 1783 

May y« 13 1784. Sam". Batts Married 

Deacon Bullard's House Raised 



Bj Everett Lamont Oetohell, A.M., of Dorchester, Mass., 
Assisted bj Fbedbriox G. Getchell, A.M., of Boston, Mass. 

1. Samuel^ Getchell, with his brother John, came to Salem, Mass., 
in 1636. John settled in Marblehead, Mass., where he had a numerous 
family, and where mahy of his descendants lived for several generations. 

Samuel went northward and settled in Hampton, N. H. The sale of his 
real estate in 1 644 is recorded in the old Norfolk County records, preserved 
in Salem. In 1647 Samuel, with his wife Dorcas and daughter Susannah, 
took up his abode in Salisbury, Mass., where he died in Nov. 1697. His 
wife died in Salisbury 12 Jan. 1685. 

Children, bom in Salisbury : 

I. Su8A*NNAB,* m. 10 Mar. 1662, Joseph Norton of Salisbury. 

II. Phiscilla, b. 24 Feb. 1648-9 ; m. Solomon Bansford. 
2. ill. Samuel, b. 8 Feb. 1658. 

2. Samuel^ Getchell (SamueP) was bom in Salisbury, Mass., 8 Feb. 
1658-9, and died there 7 July 1710. He is credited, 23 Sept 1676, 

266 Family of Samuel Getchell [July 

with £2 148. lOd. as pay fpr serving in Capt. Jonathan Poole's 
company, which was stationed at Hatfield, Mass., during the winter 
of 1676-7 (Mass. Arch., vols. 68 and 69). He married, 27 Nov. 
1679, Elizabeth Jones of Amesbury, Mass., who died 24 May 

Children, bom in Salisbury : 

I. Hannah,' b. 30 Jan. 1681-2 ; m. 1701, Isaiah Colby of Amesbory. 

II. Moses, b. 15 May 1682 ; m. Judith . In 1734 he was living 

in North Yarmouth, York Co., Me. In 1740 he was a selectman 
in Harpswell, Me., where he died. Children: 1. Zerviah,* b. 30 
Dec. 1708. 2. Hannah, b. 22 Sept. 1710. 3. JudUh, b. 28 Jan. 
1719-20. 4. Betty, m. 13 Sept. 1746, Ichabod Young of Kingston, 
N. H. 

ill. EuNOR, b. 3 Oct. 1683 ; d. soon. 

iv. Elinor, b. 2 Nov. 1684; m. 28 Aug. 1703, Benoni Cillky of Salis- 
bury. Children: 1. Mehitable, b. 16 Feb. 1704. 2. Elizabeth, 
b. 4 Aug. 1706. 3. Thomas, b. 27 June 1707. 4. Martha, b. 21 
May 1709. 6. Samuel, b. 19 Apr. 1711. 6. Benjamin, b. 1713. 
7. Eleanor, b. 29 Sept. 1716. 8. Sarah, b. 20 Apr. 1720. 9. Dor- 
cas, b. 26 June 1725. 

V. Dorcas, b. 8 May 1685 (?) ; m. 1710, Ebbnezer Atrbs of Newbury, 

vl. Mary (twin), b. 12 Apr- 1687 ; m. John Drisco. In 1734 they were 
^' of a place called New Meadows, near Brunswick " (now Maine). 
8. vli. Samuel (twin), b. 12 Apr. 1687. 
4. vlU. John, b. between 1688 and 1692. 
6. ix. Joseph. 

X. Elizabeth, m. Philip Quimby. 

xl. Nathaniel, b. 1697. He was in Haverhill, Mass., with bis wife 
Susannah in 1736. 

xii. Joanna, b. 22 May 1699 ; m. Noah Barnes. 

xlli. Robert, b. 13 July 1702 ; m. 3 Feb. 1726, Ruth Jones of Amesbury. 
In 1742 he was of Brookfleld, Mass., as were also his sister Joaima 
and her husband. 

3. Samuel' Getchell ( Samuel,^ Samuel^) was bom in Salisbury, Mass., 

12 Apr. 1687. In 1736 he bought land of EHsha Plaisted of Ber- 
wick, Me. On 28 Sept. 1737, and again in 1756, " Samuel Getchell, 
labourer, of Berwick," is recorded as selling land (York Deeds). 
On the muster rolls in the Mass. Archives he appears as the &ther 
of Dennis, James, and Nathaniel, all three of whom served in the 
colonial militia. He himself served as a private seven months in 
1758 in a company raised in Berwick "for the reduction of 

Canada." He married Dorcas . 

Children, bom in Berwick : 

i. James,* served from 31 Mar. to 15 July 1739, lis " centinel " in Capt. 
Cargill's company from Berwick, which went from Falmouth to 
Femaquid to collect whale-boats at Brigadier Preble's orders 
(Mass. Arch., vol. 97, p. 244). 

ii. Nathaniel, b. between 1720 and 1725. He sold land to Samuel 
Curtis between 1740 and 1750 (York Deeds, vol. 81, p. 64). In 
1759 he 8er\'ed in the militia at Berwick (Mass. Arch., vol. 97, 
p. 244) . From Oct. to Dec. 1777 he served in the Revolution at 
Machias, Me. 

6. iii. Dennis, b. 1723-4; d. 1792. 

7. iv. Nehemiah, b. 1744; d. 1818. 

4. Capt. John' Getchell {Samuel,'^ Samuel^) was bom at Berwick, 

Me., between 1688 and 1692. On 22 June 1720 he was granted 

1909] Family of Samuel GetcheU 267 

land in Scarboro, Me^, at a Proprietors' meeting held at that place. 
He served as a corporal in Capt. John Gray's company from 3 June 
to 22 Nov. 1725 (Mass. Arch., vol. 9, p. 221). In 1736 he, with 
his wife Elizabeth ' and their eight children, moved to New 
Meadows, a part of Brunswick, where he was elected one of the 
selectmen at the first town meeting. The next year his name ap- 
pears as one of the signers of a petition by the inhabitants of 
"Sheepscott, Whiscasick and Damriscotty" to the Hon. Spencer 
Phips, Esq., Gov.-in-Chief, etc., praying for protection against the 
Indmns (Mass. Arch.). In 1739 he bought of Arthur Noble land 
on the Winnegance River. He was made captain of the militia 
company at Brunswick, and in March 1748 (from the 7th to the 
18th) he led a company of men on a scouting expedition up the 
Kennebec, going as far north as the Belgrade lakes, and Snow Pond 
in Sidney. In 1751 he was captain of a company in which his son 
John, Jr., was sergeant, and which performed gusurd and scout duty. 
He was the King's surveyor, and made numerous surveys in all the 
adjoining towns. In 1760 "John Getchell, Gentleman ", of Bruns- 
wick, sold to Greorge Coombs land in Georgetown (York Deeds). 
He was a noted Indian fighter, and a man of great influence in that 
region. He is described by one who remembers seeing him as " a 
large, portly, venerable-looking old man, especially when he appeared 
on Sunday with white wig and triangular hat." He was buried in 
the Getchell graveyard, near Brunswick. His wife Elizabeth, bom 
in Scarborough in 1697, died 10 May 1771. 
Children : 

8. i. John,* Jr., b. 26 Apr. 1719 ; m. 1742, Mart Barbour of Fahnouth, 

IL Samuel, b. 28 Oct. 1720 ; d. in Vassalboro hi 1795 ; m. (1) Margaret 

; m. (2) 11 Oct. 1771, Ruth Reed of Vassalboro. His son 

Dominicus* m. 8 July 1776, Eunice Lewis of Wlnslow, and their 
son Dominicus,* Jr., m. 15 Apr. 1819, Hannah Baker of Winslow. 
He was one of the founders of Vassalboro, Me., in 1760. In York 
Deeds he is called variously honsewright, yeoman, etc. In 1767 
he bought land at Augusta, Me. He served as a private in Capt. 
Foster*s company in 1779, defending the frontiers of Lincoln 

m. JUDFFH, b. 17 Apr. 1722. 

iv. Elizabeth, b. 12 Jan. 1729 ; m. 8 Dec. 1772, Jabez Lewis of Wins- 

V. Dorcas, b. 18 Oct. 1730 ; m. 28 Aug. 1748, William Gammon. 

vi. Mary, b. 23 Apr. 1732 ; m.^ 29 Nov. 1752, Benjabon Rideout of 

vU. Ruth, b. 9 May 1734 ; m. 12 Nov. 1750, James Winslow. 

viii. Stephen, b. 1735; m. (1) Sarah , and had one son named 

JSeth* ; m. (2) 24 July 1778, Rebecca Rideout of Brunswick. He 
was a surveyor with his father. In 1759 Stephen Cretchell, gentle- 
man, sold James Hunter land In Topsham (Lincoln Deeds, vol. 1, 
p. 94). 

ix. Sarah, b. 1786 ; m. 14 Mar. 1762, David Doughty. 

X. Abigail, b. 10 May 1737 ; d. 21 Dec. 1737. 

zl. William, b. 6 Sept. 1740. In 1757 he was a member of a train band 
in Brunswick (Mass. Arch., vol. 29, p. 839). In 1776 he served as 
a private In Capt. Lithgow*s regiment of militia. On 5 June 1776 
he was commissioned 2d lieutenant in the 2d Cumberland County 
regiment, Capt. Coomb's 6th company. In 1777 he served at Ma- 
chias. He was the ancestor of several members of the family now 
living at Brunswick. 

268 Family of Samuel Getchell [Jnfy 

5. Joseph* (Samuel^* Samuel^) was born in Berwick in 1692-3. In 

1725 he was one of the pioneer settlers of Well&, Me. His wife's 

name was Eckice . 

Children : 

9. i. J06RPH/ bapt 26 Jane 1726. 

ii. Pkninah. 

Ui. Hannah, bapt. 1 Nov. 1730. 

10. \y. JoAHUA, bapt. 25 Aag. 1734 ; m. 1756, Ph<siib Gray, dan. of George 

and Marj, of Wells. 
T. Abel. 

6. Maj. Dennis* Getchell {Samuel* Samud* SamueP) was bom in 

Berwick, Me., in 1723-4. On 29 Oct. 1759 he was "eentinel " in 
a company in His Majesty's service nnder CapU Cargill, and served 
at Penobscot. In 1769 he bought land at Vassalboro of the Ken- 
nebec Proprietors. On 27 Aug. 1770 "Major Dennis Getchell, 
Yeoman," bought land above Ft. Western (now in Riverside). At 
the first town meeting at Vassalboro, held 26 Apr. 1771, he was 
elected first selectman, an office which he held many times. On 23 
July 1776 he was commissioned captain of the 5th company, 2d 
Lincoln County regiment of Mass. militia. He and his company of 
fifty men serv^ at Riverton, R. I., in 1777. In 1786 he was a mem- 
ber of the Greneral Court His will, dated 2 Aug. 1790 and pro- 
bated 6 Jan. 1792, fixes his death as near the latter date. His first 

wife's name was Nancy ; his second, Margaret . 

Children : 

L Dennis, Jr.,* b. 1755 ; m. (int. rec. 21 Sept. 1795) Phebk B&ago of 

Vassalboro. Theb- son Franklin* was b. 12 Dec. 1818. 
11. David, b. 1757 ; m. 27 Apr. 1800 Sally Clark ; had three children. 

11. lU. Elihu, b. 1760; d. 24 Mar. 1838. 

iv. Edmund, b. 1762; d. 19 Oct. 1831; m. Abigail Savage. Children: 
1. Dennis,* b* 8 Nov. 1791 ; m. Celia Barisford. 2. Edmund, Jr., 
b. 1795. 3. Arthur L, 4. Abial, 5. Sumner FT. 6. Margaret. 
7. Fannie, 

V. Abigail, b. 1765 ; m. (Int. rec. 22 Oct. 1782) Thomas Bowman. 

vi. Remington, b. 1767 ; m. (int. rec. 19 Jan. 1789) Thankful Purino- 


vll. Margaret, b. 1770 ; m. (int. rec. 18 Oct. 1792) Jesse Baakam. 

vlli. AusTRUS, b. 1772., 

Ik. Lydia, b. 1775 ; m. 80 Mar. 1802, Joseph Boswell. 

K. Fannie, b. 1777 ; m. 15 Mar. 1801, Joseph Flagg. 

xl. Mary, b. 1780 ; m. 22 Feb. 1816, Charles Hayden. 

7. Capt. Nehrmiah* Getchell (Samuely* Samuel,'* SamueF) was bom 

in Berwick, Me., in 1744. He was one of the pioneer settlers of 
Vassalboro, Me., going there in 1766. In 1767 he bought of his 
cousin Samuel land in Vassalboro, and in 1788 he owned 350 acres 
there. In 1775 he was Benedict Arnold's chief guide up the Ken- 
nebec and as far as Canada, and in his hislorj of that expedition 
Henry has much to say of him. He built the first dam across the 
Kennebec, at Waterville, in 1801. He married three times : first, 
23 June 1768, Annie Bragg; secondly, 30 July 1801, Hannah 
Williams ; thirdly, 11 Nov. 1810, Mrs. Anne Dudley, who died 
1 Mar. 1814. 

Children, all by first wife : 
1. Mary (twta),» b. 17 Sept. 1776; m. 80 Sept. 1787, "Squire* Asa 
Redington. Children: 1. Aaa, b. 17 Feb. 1788; d. in inftocy. 

1909] Family of Samuel Getchell 269 

a. ABa, b. 4 July 1789. 3. Samuel, b. 27 Apr. 1791. 4. TTi/Wam. 
6. /^Va». 6. Isaac. 7. George. 8. Harriet. 9. ^wi7y. 10. ifary. 

U. Susanna (twin), b. 17 Sept, 1776; m. William Pollard. 

111. David, b. 1 Mar. 1779; m. 27 Apr. 1800, Sally Clarke. Children: 
1 Henry.* 2. David, Jr. 8. Owen. 4. Sophia. 

iv. Nehemiah, Jr., b. 1779 ; d. in infancy. 

▼. KEHEML4H, Jr., b. 12 May 1781; m. 22 May 1808, Philobiela Wil- 
UAM8. Children: 1. GVor^e L.,* m. 8 June 1830, Lovina Rollins. 
2. Horace, m. Abigail Hasty. 3. Eldridge L., m. Belle Shepherd. 
4. Philomela, m. 18 Dec. 1824, Charles A. Dow. 6. Nannj C, 
m. Daniel Sanborn. 6. Harriet, m. William T. Todd. 7. Helen, 
m. Judge Jonah D. Dickinson. 8. Elizabeth, m. Prof. Asa Drury. 
9. Emma, m. William H. Humphrey. 

vi. James, b. 20 Nov. 1783 ; m. 1807, Mary Bltirill. Children : 1. 
Hiram,* m. Susanna Green. 2. St-th. 

t\\. William, b. 12 Nov. 1786; m. 22 Jan. 1807, Elizabeth Bltirill. 
Children : 1. William, Jr.,* b. 11 Feb. 1808 ; m. Mary T. Crommett, 
and had seven children. 2. Walter B., b. 24 Dec. 1809; m. (1) 
Anna £. Balcom; m. (2) Antoinette Crosby, by whom he had 0fx 
children. 3. Harrison O., b. 8 Feb. 1812; m. Elizabeth Gray, and 
had five children. 4. Emily F., b. 6 Aug. 1814; m. (1) Israel 
Herrin; m. (2) Granville Flint. 5. Moses A., b. 22 Feb. 1817, m. 
Sophia Parmelee. 6. Hannah E.,h.20 Feb. 1849; m. Nathaniel 
Gilman. 7. Claries L.,h. 28 May 1822; m. Anna Stimson, and 
had three children. 8. Sumner D., b. 21 Sept. 1825; m. Hannah 
Berry. 9. Edxoood S., b. 22 Mar. 1832. 

vlil. Asa, b. 14 June 1787[?] ; d. 1 Nov. 1873 ; m. 18 Feb. 1816, Charlotte 
Spear. Children: 1. Asa, Jr,,* b. 23 June 1816-; m. 10 Feb. 1850, 
Lucretia Littlefield; had five children. 2. Silas B., b. 31 Mar. 
1818; m. Betsy C. Burrill. 3. Harriet N., b. 8 Mar. 1820; m. 
Tufton Simpson. 4. Heni-y W., b. 28 Mar. 1822; m. Elizabeth 
McCormick. 5. Benjamin F., b. 21 Dec. 1824; m. Phllanda Gulli- 
fer. 6. William F., b. 30 Mar. 1826 ; m. Mahala F. Harrhnan. 7. 
Howard R., b. 31 July 1828; m. Mary Freeman. 8. Sebastian S., 

b. 25 July 1830; m. Eliza A. Pollard. 9. Leonard M., b. 31 May 
1832; m. (1) Almeda Haywood; m. (2) AnnaFlagg. 10. Helen S., 
b. 5 Dec. 1885; m. Eugene Simpson. 

ix. Silas, b. 8 Nov. 1789 ; d. 20 May 1791. 

8. JoHN^ G ETCH ELL, Jr., (John,* Samuel,^ Samuel^) was bom at Scar- 
boro, Me., 25 Apr. 1719. On 7 Nov. 1742 he married Mart 
Barbour of Brunswick. He served in the colonial militia in 1751, 
being sergeant in hb father's company, and later in the Revolution. 
On 23 June 1768 he bought of the Kennebec Proprietors land on 
the east side of the Kennebec River in what is now known as Sid- 
ney. He held many important town offices in Vassalboro, being the 
largest land-owner there, and residing at what is still known as 
Getchell's Comer. 
Children : 

I. Dorcas,* b. 25 Feb. 1748. 

il. Samuel, b. 16 Aug. 1745 ; m. 1790, Ouvb Pierce. 

ill. John, 3d, b. 8. Dec. 1748; m. 14 Dec. 1778, Sarah Marrinkr of 

iv. Mary, b. 4 Mar. 1760. 
V. Hugh, b. 26 Dec. 1762. He moved to Wales, Me. Captain in the 

War of 1812. 
vl. Robert, b. 21 Sept. 1764 ; d. at Durham In Oct. 1803 ; m. 22 Sept. 

1773, Sarah Hall of Falmouth, who d. 13 Nov. 1830. Children : 

1. Buth,* b. 27 Jan. 1776. 2. Bobert, Jr., b. 1 Jan. 1780 ; d. in 1818. 

8. Loma, b. 20 July 1782 ; m. Abel Nutting. 4. John, b. 1 Aug. 

1784; m. Lydla Lenfest. 6. Winsloio. b. 14 Jan. 1787*, m. Jane 

Campbell. 6. Samuel^ b. 6 Apr. 1789; m. Judith Lenfest. 7. 

270 Family of Samuel GetcheU [July 

Mercy (twin), b. 30 Aug. 1791. 8. Peace (twin), b. 80 Aug. 1791. 

9. Sarah, b. 5 Jan. 1794 ; m. Humphrej Small. 10. Enoch, b. 22 
Aug. 1796. 11. AbigaU^h. 16 Dec. 1798; m. Darid WUson. 12. 
Andrew, b. 16 Dec. 1801. 13. Dorcas, b. 28 Feb. 1803 ; m. Richard 

9. Joseph* Getchell, Jr., (Joseph,* Samuel,'^ Samu^^) was bom at 
Wells, Me., and was baptized 20 June 1726. He married at Scar- 
boro, 17 July 1750, Mary Mitchell. In 1759 he was a corporal 
in the Penobscot expedition for the reduction of Canada. In 1765 
he moved to Machias, where he and O'Brien led the attacking party 
that took the British frigate MargaritOj the first naval engagement 
of the war (1775). He built the first saw-mill erected in eastern 
Maine. He died at Machias in 1822 at the age of 96. 
Children : 

12. i. Benjamin,* b. In Scarboro 4 Feb. 1753. 
li. Mary, b. 9 June 1754. 

13. ill. Joseph, b. 8 May 1757. 

10. Joshua* Getchell {Joseph,* Samuel^* SamueP) was bom in Wells, 
Me., and was baptized 25 Aug. 1734. In 1756 he married Ph<ebk 
Gray, daughter of George and Mary. 
Children : 

1. Georob,* bapt. 16 Sept. 1759; m. (1) abt. 1781, Rebekah LrrTUSr 
field, dan. of Peter and Esther, by whom he had : 1. Peter,* bapt. 
30 Mar. 1783. 2. Phebe, bapt. 27 June 1784; m. Isaac Littlefleld. 

3. Eunice, bapt. 18 June 1786. 4. Alcott, bapt. 23 Jane 1788. 5. 
George, bapt. 23 May 1790. 6. Levi. 7. Alvah. 8. Hiram, b. 4 
Mar. 1794. 9. Eebekah, b. 25 Aug. 1795; m. James Wheelwright. 

10. Ira, b. 29 Oct. 1797. 11. John, m. bis cousin Hannah. 12. 
Esther. 13. Dennis, d. in infancy. He m. (2) Mrs. Mary (Wheel- 
wright) Winn, by whom he had : 14 /loac. 15. Aaron, d. 18 Apr. 

U. Joshua, Jr., bapt. 8 Feb. 1761; d. at Wells 18 Oct. 1820; m. 1782, 
Jean LmxEriELD, dau. of Joseph and Lydia. Children : 1. Jfory,* 
b. 27 Jan. 1783 ; m. 1807, John Wltham. 2. Joshua. 3d, b. 20 Sept. 
1785; d. 17 Dec. 1832. 3. Jotham, b. 30 Sept. 1788. 4. Lydia, b. 
80 Apr. 1792; m. 10 Nov. 1810, Eben Goodwin. 5. Joseph, b. 16 
June 1794; d. 27 Nov. 1798. 6. Phebe, b. 13 Jan. 1797; d. 14 Jan. 
1798. 7. Jean, b. 11 J)ec. 1798. 8. Nahum, b. 18 Apr. 1802; d. 
17 July 1803. 

ill. Ephraim, b. 18 Aug. 1765 : d. 3 May 1841 ; m. 1788, Huldah Ltttl*- 
field. Children: 1. Simon,* b. 1789; d. 1864. 2. Amos, b. 8 
May 1792; d. 17 Jan. 1795. 3. Eunice, b. 1793; d. 1875; m. 
Joseph HUl. 4. PrisciUa, b. 1794; d. 1858; m. Nathaniel Hobbs. 
5. Isaiah,, b. 1798. 6. Huldah, b. 1800; d. 1868; m. William Lord- 
7. Phebe, b. 1802; m. Joseph Ridley of Alfred. 8. AscenatK, b. 
1804; m. Eben Trafton. 9. Ephraim (twin), b. 1808; m. Betsy 
Trafton. 10. Betsy (twin), b. 1808; d. 1813. 

iv. Robert, b. 24 July 1771 ; d. 11 Apr. 1854; m. (1) abt. 1795, Pri»- 
cuxA LrrTLEFiELD, dau. of Joseph and Lydla, by whom he had : 
1. Joseph,* h. 1796. 2. Hannah, bapt. 28 Oct. 1799. 3. Joshua. 

4. Priscilla. 5. Mary Ann. 6. An infant. 7. Phebe, 8. Lydia. 
9. Jane, who d. unm. He m. (2) 24 Dec. 1818, Lydia Maxwell, 
by whom he had : 10. Horace P., b. 18 Oct. 1819 ; d. 14 Nov. 1858. 

11. Moitert, Jr., b. 27 June 1821 ; d. 17 Oct. 1832. 12. Owen B., b. 
2 Nov. 1823; d. 3 Dec 1892. 13. Bozauna, b. 18 Feb. 1827. 14. 
Sally, b. 10 Apr. 1828 ; d. 4 May, 1833. 15. Samuel, b. 5 Mar. 1829. 
16. Jordan G., b. 24 Feb. 1831. 17. John M., b. 23 Mar. 1834. 
18. Daniel L., b. 2 Oct. 1836. 19. Emily C, b. 24 May 1842. 

T. ISALiH, bapt. 24 Sept. 1775 ; m. Hannah Littlefield, dan. of WU- 

1909] Family of Samuel Geichell 271 

liam and Agnes. Children: 1. Harriet JP.,* m. Flagg. 2. 

Samuel, bapt. 3 Oct. 1800. 3. Phebe, bapt. 11 Apr. 1802. 4. Hanr 

nah, bapt. 17 July 1803. 5. Joshua^ bapt. 20 Apr. 1808. 6. Isaiah^ 

Jr., bapt. July 1810. 
vi. Joseph, b. abt. 1779-80 ; m. (1) Hannah Littlkfield, dau. of Joseph 

andLydia,by whomhehad: 1. Joseph.* 2. Lydia. 3. Ephraim, 

4. LUtleJield. He m. (2) Abigail Wheelwright, by whom he 

had: 5. Hannah, bapt. 1 Aug. 1816. 6. Abigail, bapt. 3 June 

1819. 7. Samuel, bapt. 23 Jan. 1820. 8. Arioch, bapt. 31 July 

vil. Jeremiah, b. abt. 1780-82; m. Betsy Paul. Children: 1. Amos.* 

2, Eunice. 3. Jeremiah. 4. Mindrel. 6. Hannah. 6. Mary. 7. 

Mary. 8. Eliza. 9. Eliza. 
viii. Zachaby, b. abt. 1782-86; m. Mary Hilton. Children: 1. Mary,* 

bapt. 16 July . 2. Anna. 3. Meriam. 4. Miriam. 5. Simon. 

6. Elizabeth. 7. Phebe. 8. Dorcas. 

11. Elihu* Getchell {Dennisy^ Samuel^^ Samuel,^ Samuel^) was bom 

at Berwick, Me., in 1760. He married, first, 5 Aug. 1787, Mary 
Savage of Hallowell; and secondly Ruth Pinkham. He held 
many town offices in Vassalboro from 1796 to 1830. He died 24 
Mar. 1838. 

Children, by first wife : 

1. Charlotte,^ m. Nathaniel Rollins Browne, by whom she had six 

ii. Elihu, Ju., m. (I) 15 Sept. 1817, Hannah Nichols, by whom he had : 

1. Hannah."^ He m. (2) Betsy Homans, by whom he had : 2. 

Hartvoell B., m. Elizabeth Browne. 3. Thomas H., b. 13 Aug. 

1833 ; m. Elizabeth M. Towne. 4. Theodore, m. Elizabeth Hoyt. 

6. Alonzo. 6. Elizabeth, m. Hoyt. 

ill. Polly, m. Edward Starr. Children : 1. Mary Ann, m. William 

Twbell. 2. Sarah. 

14. iv. John, 2d, b. 27 Nov. 1796. 

V. George, b. 1798 ; d. 9 June 1832. 

tI. Sophia, b. Sept. 1801 ; d. 6 Dec. 1876 ; m. Clark Rand. Children : 

1. Caroline. 2. Albert. 3. Ellen. 
vii. Paulina, b. 1804 ; d. unm. 

viii. Asa, b. 6 May 1807; d. in Dover, Me., 25 Aug. 1884; m. Mary N. 
GoocH. Children: 1. Laura A., ^ b. 16 Jan. 1836; m. Marcell Hall. 

2. Mary F., b. 24 Feb. 1839, m. James H. Clark. 3. Charles H, b. 
9 Apr. 1846; d. 9 Oct. 1849. 4. Clara V., b. 21 May, 1851; m. 
Liston P. Evans. 

12. Benjamin* Getchell (Joseph,^ Joseph,^ Samuel,^ Samuel}) was bom 

at Scarboro 4 Feb. 1753. At the age of 26 he went from Machias 
. to St Stephen, N. B., where he was one of the first settlers, and 
the ancestor of those who still reside at the " Getchell settlement," 
near St. Stephen. In 1777 he served as a private in tlie Conti- 
nental army. He married Mehitable Meserve. 
Children : 

1. Betsy.* 

ii. Jonas, m. Nancy Marpolb. Children: 1. JbAn/ d. unm. 2. JonoM, 
m. Emily Frost. 8. Elizabeth, m. Eben Grover. 4. Samuel, m. 
Caroline Leeman. 6. Hannah, m. Aaron Roff. 7. Stephen, m. 
Loaisa Leeman. 

iii. Samhei:, m. Jane McDougal. Children: 1. Eben,^ m. Elizabeth 
Maybee. 2 Elizabeth, m. James Healy. 3. Horatio. 4. William, 
m. Louisa Joy. 5. Harrison, m. Sarah Joy. 6. Harriet, m. Sam- 
uel Joy. 7. Elida, m. Robert Joy. 

15. iv. Daniel Meserve, b. 24 June 1786. 
V. Polly, m. Wujuam Mitchell. 

272 Family of Samuel Getchell [July 

Ti. Susan, m. John Leeman. 
vil. David, d. at Miramichi, N. B. 
viii. Mkhitable. m. John Holmes. 

13. Joseph^ Getchell, 3d (Joiephy^ Joseph^* Samuel* Samud^) was 

bom at Scarboro 8 May 1757. He married Sally Berrt of Ma- 
chias. He served in the Revolution in 1775, and he was captured by 
the British, being sent from Halifax, N. S., to Boston in the cartel 
Silver Eel^ 8 Oct. 1778, to be exchanged for English prisoners. In 
the list he is called ^' seaman." 
Children : 

i. Westbrook.* 

ii. Abigail, m. John Berrt. 

Ill, Betsy, m. Joseph Harmon. 

iv. John, was twice married. Children by first wife: 1. Sattf^^ b. 17 
Oct. 1807; m. Joseph Foss. 2. Hannah, b. 7 Jan. 1809; m. Mark 
Longfellow. 3. Olive, b. 27 Apr. 1810; m. William A. Palmer. 

4. Bvth, b. 12 Jan. 1812 ; m. John Hanscom. 5. .Abigail, b. 12 
July 1813; m. Otis Drew. 6. James O., b. 10 Mar. 1815 ?m. Mira 
Holmes. 6. Joseph G,, b. 8 Jan. 1817 ; m. Mary Smith. 8. George 
8., b. 7 Jan 1819 : m. Betsy Famsworth. 10. Marshffeld 8., b. 80 
Oct 1820. Children by second wife : 11. Bebecca, b. 18 Oct. 1«M ; 
m. David P Longfellow. 12. 8usan, b. 1826; m. Silas Harmon. 

▼. Marshall, had the following children: 1. James J b. 28 Oct. 1814; 
d. 26 Feb. 1887; m. Anne Bowlcer. 2. Beberca, b. 13 Dec. 1816; 
drowned when young. 8. John JJ., b. 23 Dec. 1818; m. Bfary 
Menitt. 4. William, b. 10 Mar. 1820; m. Phoebe Hanscom. 6. 
Abraham «/., b. 10 Jan. 1822; d. young. 6. Charles, b. 9 Jan. 
1824 ; m. Hannah MerHtt. 7. Harriet, b. 14 July 1827 ; m. Nathan 

vl. Benjamin, m. 8 Feb. 1814, . Children: 1. TrypheneJ ». 

Aurelia. 3. Samuel. 4. Benjamin, Jr. 5. Mercy, m. Samuel Day. 
6. Charles. 7. Levi, m. Jane Sprague. 8. Jackson, m. Delia 
Carsey ; was killed in the Civil War. 9. Sarahs m. £ben Day. 
10. Abigail. 11. Joseph. 

vii. Mary, m. James Brown. 

yili. Simeon, b. 22 May 1795 ; d. 18 Mar. 1858 ; m. Betsy Bowker, b. in 
Jonesboro 2 Sept. 1797, d. 7 Jan. 1858. Children: 1. Lrrf B.,» 
m. Julia Crocker. 2. Willard, b. 8 Apr. 1822; m. Susan Chase. 
8. Frederick W., b. 81 Aug. 1825; m. Martha Hanscom. 4. Snrah 
E., b. 14 Aag. 1827; m. William P. Lyon. 5. J. Bandolph, b. 20 
Dec. 1829; m. Rebecca Holmes. 6. Lurinda H, b. 16 July 1833; 
m. Daniel C. Chase. 7. Andrew McK., b. 13 May 1835; m. Emily 
P. Hague. 8. Agnes B., b. 17 Feb. 1839 ; m. (1) Joshua Watts ; m. 
(2) T. T. Merry. 

Ix. Jane, m. S. Samuel Gardner. 

X. Washington, had the following children : 1 . Jane,^ m . Jacob Long- 
fellow. 2. Winslow, m. Abigail Smith. 3. Boxalina^ m. Amos 
Berry. 4. Washington. 6. Selida. 6. William Henry. 

xi. George Stillman, m. 7 Apr. 1825, Taphenes Longfellow. Child- 
ren: 1. Deborah L.,» b. 12 Oct. 1826; d. 20 Aug. 1H33. 2. Ursula 
W., b. 8 June 1828 ; d. 16 Sept. 1845. 3. Mary ^., b. 30 Apr. 1880 ; 
d. 15 Sept. 1845. 4. Martin L.,b. 15 Mar. 1832; m. Olive Ireland. 

5. Antoinette M., b. 2 Mar. 1834; m. John D. Smith. 6. Hannah 
L., b. 25 Feb. 1836; m. Enoch L. Hanscom. 7. Horace W., b. 10 
Jan. 1888; m. Caroline Berry. 8. Margaret B„ b. 4 Jan. 1840, m. 
Euffene D. Smith. 9. Taphenes H.,h.ZO Dec. 1842; d. 14 Aug. 
1843. 10. Joseph E., b. 5 Jan. 1843. 11. Laura U., b. 5 Jam 
1845 ; m. Chauncey Foss. 12. 8arah A., b. 3 July 1847 ; m. Ar^i- 
abold Howie. 18. J. Oscar, b. 7 June 1851 ; m. Isabelle Berry. 

14. John* Getchell, 2d (Elihu,^ Dennis,* Samuel,^ Samuely* Samuel^) 

was bom on Tabor Hill^Vassalbort), 27 Nov. 1796. He married. 

1909] Ahaz Allen's Record of Marriages 273 

1 Nov. 1823, Mabgaret Dearborn Clay. 


i. Albert,^ b. 4 May 1824 ; m. 25 Jan. 1854, Mary E. Cobb. Children : 

1. Amaaa Cobb.* 2. William Albert, 8. Antoinette Marie. 4. 

Grace A. 
il. Harris, b. 11 Nov. 1825 ; d. 29 Aug. 1862. 
m. LoviNA Clay, b. 18 Aug. 1827 ; d. 3 Feb. 1850. 
iv. Anne M., b. 22 June 1829 ; d. 81 Aug. 1856. 
V. John Hartwkll, b. 12 June 1881 ; m. 14 Nov. 1866, Harriett E. 

Crookbr. Children : 1. Bosco G,* 2. Everett L. 3. Margaret C. 

4. J. Ernest. 
vl. EuHu B., b. 15 Aug. 1834; d. in 1905; m. 15 Sept. 1869, Jennie E. 

Moore. Child: 1, Marry C* 
vil. BoecOE G., b. 2 Feb. 1836; d. 22 Sept. 1856. 
viii. Bandolph C, b. 14 Sept. 1838; d. 30 Apr. 1893; m. (1) Syrena 

Garland; m. (2) Florence Birney, 7 Dec. 1876. 
ix. Edwin P., b. 14 Apr. 1842 ; m. (1) 22 Sept. 1867, Mary F. Calvert ; 

m. (2) Mrs. Anna Mac Elfresh. 
X. Addison C, b. 21 July 1844 ; d. 19 Dec. 1908 ; m. 3 Nov. 1881, Alice 

L. CooBfBS. Children : 1. AlbeH -B.' 2. Arthur F. 

15. Daniel* Meserve Getchell (Benjamin,^ Joseph* Joseph,* Samuel,^ 
Samuel^) was born at St. Stephen, N. B., 24 June 1785, and d. 10 
June 1876. He married, 6 May 1806, Elizabeth Gromnier of 
St. Stephen. 
Children : 

i. Lydia W.,' b. 3 Mar. 1807; m. James Sargent of Baring, Me. 

11. Mrhitable M., b. 25 Dec. 1809 ; m. Ashrr Bradford of Calais, Me. 

ill. Benjamin G., b. 3 Apr. 1811 ; d. Oct. 1831. 

iv. Martha G., b. 16 July 1813 ; d. 21 Feb. 1878 ; m. Abel Leeman. 

V. Sarah B., b. 16 Aug. 1816 ; m. Eben Pratt of Baring. 

vl. David S., b. 21 Apr. 1817; m. 7 Sept. 1867, Margery Arbuckle. 
Child: 1. Sargent* 

vil. John G., b. 26 May 1819. 

vlU. Daniel M., b. 16 July 1821; d. 6 Aug. 1826. 

ix. Susan L., b. 21 Mar. 1823; m. David Pierce. 

X. Mary J., b. 18 May 1825 ; d. 10 Jan. 1839. 

xl. Daniel M., b. 16 Aug. 1827; d. 12 May 1828. 

xil. AsHER B., b. at St. James, N. B., 30 Sept. 1829; m. 24 Mar. 1861, 
Julia F. Smith. Children : 1. Lewis C 2. Merle 8. 3. Me- 
serve M. 4. Bessie M, 5. Ajsher A, 6. Frederick G, 


Comnannicated by Hon. Louis A. Cook, of South Weymouth, Mass. 

My great grandfather Ahaz Allen was bom, always lived, and 
died, within the lunits of the old town of Mendon, Mass. Like 
most of the men of his day living in the country towns he was a 
fiinner. But he was also die country squire, attending to the legal 
affairs of his neighbors and townsmen, and as magistrate hearing 
wnall causes and solemnizing many marriages. For many years he 
was town treasurer of Mendon, and served his town as selectman, 
as member of the school committee and on many other important 

274 Ahaz Alienee Record of Marriages [July 

He was bom July 23, 1765. He married for his first wife 
Chloe French, and for his second wife Keziah, widow of Micah 
Thompson and daughter of Noah' Cook (Nicholas,* Walter* ) . Ahaz 
was the son of Joseph Allen and Lydia, his wife. She was the 
daughter of Moses Aldrich, the celebrated Quaker who was well 
known as a preacher not only in this country but also in foreign 
parts. Joseph Allen was the son of Abraham, about whom any in- 
formation is desired. 

Ahaz Allen died Oct. 4, 1848. His Ameral was held in the hall 
at that historical place known as the Coverdale Stand, in North 
Blackstone, and it was in this building also that his death had oc- 
curred. His widow survived him but eleven days. 

A Record of the Marriages that I Ahaz Allen have Married. 
August 8. 1819 Married Jason Staples and Phila Taft both of Mendon 
August 29. 1819 Married Beth Southwick J^ and Deborah Wilcox both 

of Mendon 
December 2. 1819 Married Saban Cushman of Bellingham and Mary 

Tkurber of Mendon 
December 26. 1819 Married Lyman Holbrook of Bellingham and Hipsy- 

lante Freeman of Mendon 
Febnary 27. 1820 Married Jesse Wheelock and Aurilla Aldrich both o€ 

July 16. 1820 Married Benjamin Dyer and Alpha Wood both of Mendon 
July 16. 1820 Maried James Carroll and Mary Tucker both of Mendoo 
August 21. 1820 Married Solomon Pratt and Lydia Aldrich both of 

October 8. 1820 Married James Knapp and Nancy Perry both of 

November 16. 1820 Married William Bates and Eliza Greenman both of 

December 10. 1820 Married Seth A. Curtis and Mary Wheeler both of 

January 7. 1821 Married James S. Warner and Hepsibeth Cathcart both 

of Mendon 
all above caried in to the Clerk. 

May 24. 1821 Married Ariel Cook and Salley Cook both of Mendon. 
July 1. 1821 Maried Samuel Roper and Dimeras Warner both of Mendon. 
Dec** 6. 1821 Maried' Silas Ballon and Desire Carr both of Mendon. 
Feb^ 7. 1822 Maried Thomas Wheelock & Paulina Cook both of Mendon 
Feb^ 25. 1822 Maried Elhanan W. Bates of Dudley and Polly Dougkaa 

of Mendon. 
March 3*^ 1822 Maried Simeon Pickering and Asenith Pickering both of 

March 10, 1822 Maried Bennett Wheeler and Sarah Wilson both of 

April 11. 1822 Maried Zunri Cook and Olive W. Allen both of Mendon. 
all back caried to the Crerk [tic], 
July 7. 1822 Maried Seth Alger and Amanda Fbher both of Mendon« 

1909] Ahaz Allen's Record of Marriages 275 

October 3. 1822 Maried Olney Cook and Melinda Wilcox both of Men- 

October 24. 1822 Maried Calvin Turner J' and Mary Wilson both of 
Mendon. • 

December 29. 1822 Maried Silvenus Bates and Parley Cook of Mendon. 

April 23. 1823 Maried Joseph Fletcher and Alma Fisher both of Mendon. 

HiaLj 28. 1823 Maried S^heus Colvin and Mary Cory both of Mendon. 

June 26. 1823 Maried Smith Aldrich and Caroline J. Darling both of 

August 23^ 1823 Maried William Southland J' and Mary Bradford Marsh 
both of Mendon. 

November 6^. 1823 Maried John Greeman Jr. and Maryann Wilson both 
of Mendon 

November 9. 1823 Maried Asa Chilson and Elizabeth Cook both of 

November 9. 1823 Maried Welcom Sothland of Mendon and Mary Alex- 
ander of Milford. 

December 11. 1823 Maried Jonathan W. Thayer and Polly Darling both 
of Mendon. 

Feb^ 15. 1824 Maned Resolved R. Whipple and Ruth Arnold both of 

All back returned to the Clerk. 

April 10. 1824 Maried W"* Waker and Henritte Slade both of Mendon 

April 11. 1824 Maried John Titus Jr and Mariah Colvin both of Mendon 

May 23. 1824 Maried Samuel Thayer and Keziah Turner both of Mendon. 

June 20. 1824 Maried PUias Cobb and Lydia Carver both of Mendon. 

August 8. 1824 Maried Jotham Farkhurst & Amelia Adams both of 

August 15. 1824 Maried Pelatiah Thayer and Alse Adams both of Men- 

August 29. 1824 Maried Marvel Hopkins of Scituate State of R. I. and 
Mercy [? Mary] Peters of Mendon. 

September 2. Maried Martin Walling of Burrellville S. R. I. and Mary 
E. Greeman of Mendon. 

September 5, 1824 Maried Laban Handy and Mary Steams both of Men- 

October 31. 1824 Maried Caleb Adams J*^ and Lydia Bates both of Men- 

November 22. 1824 Maried Stephen J. Shearman and Phila South wick 
both of Mendon 

December 16. 1824 Maried Charles B. Jencks and Alse T. Thayer both 
of Mendon. 

Jan'^^ 6« 1825 Maried Jeremiah Peck and Reliance Hamlin both of Men- 

March 8. 1825 Maried William Herring and Cyrena Fuller both of Men- 

March 13. 1825 Maried Orrin Chilson and Diadama Cook both of Bel- 
lingham in Norfolk County 

March 27. 1825 Maried Pardon Cory and Alice Wilcox both of Mendon. 

March 27. 1825 Maried Olney Wood of Smithfield and Prudence Wilber 
of Mendon. 

March 31. 1825 Maried Lebbous L. Wood and Almira Aldrich both of 

276 Ahciz AUew^M Record of Murriage* [J'Jy 

Kay 15, 1825 3Iaried Lawsoo Siblej & Ahbr Tucker both of Mendon. 
Not' 2^. IH25 ILuied James Paine of MendcA and Mai^garet Kellej of 

Fet/T 5. i;$26 Maried Oliver Stone and Rachel Store both of Mendoo. 

AH hack returned to the Clerk. 

MaT 2. 1826 Maried DatT Cook and Abigail Fenner both of Hendon 

Sept 7. 1826 Maried Benj" Prichard J' and lillice Bowen both of Men- 

Oct 1, 1826 Maried William Willoe Jr and Malindo Croxford both of 

March 30. 1827 Maried Peter Pickering of Mendon and Phebe Sibij <d 

Decf^ber 13, 1827 Maried BnfPnm ADen Sc Ennice G. Allen both of 

January 20. 1828 Maried Charies Heaton of North Providence State of 
R. I. [and] Henritte Gates of Mendon. 

Angui»t 5, 1«28 Maried Nicholas P. Baker of [ftc] & Mary Ann Ray 
both of Mendon 

August 5. 1828 Maried Benjamin Pratt & Mercy Chase both of Mendon 

April 19, 1H29 3iaried Stephen Comstock of tfxbridge to Olive Picker- 
ing of Mendon. 

Deoeml>er 13. 1831 Maried Ebenezer Cook of Chesser Vermount to Amey 
C<x>k of Cumberland R. Island 

'fflE Book of our ages or a Record* 

In the year 1743 our Son w[a8] Bom and Died Sepember 30 day 

In the year 1744 Desember the 1 day our dafter hannh alien was bom And 

Di**d De«emljer the 10 day 
In the year 1745 our Son Moses Allen was Bom Nouember the 30 day 
In The year 1747 our Son Ezra Allen Was Bom October the 18 Day 
In the year 1750 our dafte[r] Tamar Allen Was bom March 9 Day 
In The year 1762 our Son Abraham Allen Was Bom September 6 day 

And Died in the yaar 1754 June 25 day 
In The year 1754 our Son Joseph Allen Was bom June 29 day 
In Tlie year 175G our Son Aluan Allen Was Bom October the 21 day 
In the year 1758 our Son Caleb Allen Was Bom July 22 Day 
In llie year 17 GO our Son Dan Allen Was Bom October 20 Day and died 

In the year 1761 October 19 day 
In the year 1763 our dafter Lydia Allen Was Bom March 4 day and died 

in the yea[r] 1764 nouember 2 day 

Ezra Allen of mendo[n] I Hauing Ritten March 1 In The year 1765 

In ITie Year 1765 our Son Ahaz Allen Bom July 23 Day 

Caleb Allen died in the year 1785 August y* 28*^ 

Tamar Thomson died in Year 1788 December 9"* 

Sarah alien bom June ye 13 In year 1717 

Joseph Allen bom June ye 15 In year 1719 

Abigail alien bom november 4 In year 1721 

Kuth alien bom in year 172[iVi!c^*6/e] 

Joseph Allen dicnl March 21*^ 1802 being in the 83 year of his age 

* Written bv Ezra Allen, one of the toni of Joseph and L/dia (Aldrich) Allen of 
Mendon, and brother of Ahaz. 

1909] Genealogical Research in England 277 


Transcribed by Miss Elizabeth Frbnch, and communicated by tbe Committee on 

English Kesearch* 

[Continaed from pa^e 166] 

The Will of Isaak Mixer of Cabell in the County of Suffolk, weaver, 
21 Mar. 1641. Aged and sickly of body. "First I give unto my sonne 
Isaak Mixer in new England " 408. To daughter Briden 40s. To daugh- 
ter Lodg and to daughter Francis 40s. apiece. To daughter Sarah £3 lOs. 
To daughters Aniie and Dorothee £4 apiece. Wife to enjoy house and 
grounds until the next Michelmas after my decease. To son John my 
loom whole as it standeth* and one chest. To son George one kettle, etc. 
To daughter Dorothee one bed, etc. To daughter Sarah a kettle, etc. To 
daughter Francis a pair of sheets. To daughter Amy a chest. To daugh- 
ter Jane a mortar and pestle. To grandchild Mary Mixer a board cloth. 
To grandchild Lidia Mixer a pillow-beare. All the rest of goods and chat- 
tels to be equally divided between two sons Greorge and John Mixer. Son 
Georee sole executor. [Signed] The marke of isaak Mixer [the seal with- 
out &mce']. Witnesses: Samuel Hudson [the writer of the will] and 
Honer Thome. Proved 24 May 1642, and commission issued to George 
Mixer, natural and legitimate son and the executor named in the wUl. 
(Archdeaconry of Suffolk (Ipswich), 1642, No. 84, original will.) 

[Isaac Mixer, aged 31, with wife Sarah, aged 33, and son Isaac, aged 4, 
embarked for New England at Ipswich, England, 10 Apr. 1634, and set- 
tled at'Watertown. He died in 1655. In the Suffolk Ship Money Tax List, 
1639-40, are found Isaac Mixer, Capel, Is; Thos. Mixer, Shotley, Is 5d, 
80 Mar. 1640; Geo, Myxer, Belstead, 5s 28 Mar. 1640; and Geo. Myxer, 
Belstead, for Pamers, 78 6d 28 Mar. 1640. E. F.] 

The Will of Williasc Gibbs of the City of Bristoll, merchant, 29 Apr. 
1667. " To my son William Gibbs who is now beyond the Sea, £50 in 
money (over and al)0ve the £100 by me already given and delivered to 
him) to be paid to him within twelve months after my decease in case he 
shall be living and not otherwise." Rest of estate to be divided into three 
equal parts, whereof one third part to daughter Mary feibbs at age of 
twenty-one or upon her marriage. The other two thirds parts to son John 
Gibbs at age of twenty-one years. Brother George Gibbs sole executor. 
Loving friends Mr. GabrieU Goodman and Mr. William Mericke, the elder, 
overseers, they to join with executor in making sale of all goods, convert- 
ing the same into money for the use of said children. [Signed] Will Gibbes. 
Witnesses: Henry Rich, John Smith, Samuell Webb, William Codner, 
and Isaac Yeamans. Proved 16 July 1667 by George Gibbs, brother and 
executor named in the will. (P. C. C, Carr, ff. 92-93.) 

[The above-mentioned William Gibbs, " now beyond the Sea," perhaps 
was the William Giblw, hatter, who in 1654 swore fidelity in New Haven. 

The Will of Richard Lawhence, mariner, belonging to his Majesty's 
Ship Squirrelj Capt. Peter Warrin, Commander, now residing at Boston in 

•The Committee on English Research desires to state that, althoujjh the Society 
has no official representative in England, the Committee is employing Miss French as 
a record searcher there along special lines for the benefit of the Rboistbk. 

278 Genealogical Research in England [July 

the County of Suffolk in New England, being bound on a voyage to sea. 
17 Aug. 1739. All real and personal estate to well beloved wife Mary, 
[Signed] Richard Lawrence. Witnesses : Edmond Cottle, Lindsey Geo : 
Wallis, and Jos. Marion. Proved 2 July 1741. Sworn to by Jos. Marion, 
Notary Public. (P. C. C, Trenley, 21). 

[Richard La^ence married, 6 June 1738, Mary Fox. Registers of 
King's Chapel, Boston. J. G. Babtlett.] 

The Will of George Humfrey of AHsburye [now Aylesbury] in the 
County of Bucks, "wheel write," 24 Oct. 1604. To son William Humfrey 
and daughter Margery Johnson 10s. apiece. To son Thomas Humfrey all 
working tools. To the poor of Alisburye 2s. To godsons George Bats 
and John Browne 12d. apiece. All the rest of goods to wife Alice Hum- 
frey, she to be sole executor. ^* John Humfrey and Jonas Humfrey my 
bretheren, overseers, and to each of them for their pains " 28. 6d. Wit- 
nesses: Robert Bell, John Winsey, and Jonas Humfrey. Proved 11 Mar. 
1604, and commission issued to the executrix named in the will. (Arch- 
deaconry of Bucks, 1604-5, ff. 15-16.) 

[Jonas Humphrey of Wendover, England, where he was constable, mar- 
ried there, 11 June 1607, Frances Coley, and came to Dorchester about 
1637. He was a member of the church in 1639, a freeman in 1640, and a 
proprietor. He died 19 Mar. 1661-2. Wendover b about 5 miles south 
of Aylesbury. E. F.] 

The nuncupative Will of Henrie Froste of Stoake in the County of 
Suffolk. To wife Joise all moveable goods and chattels whatsoever and 
one tenement standing in the parish of St. Marie Tower in Ipstrich, to hold 
to her and her heirs forever. Witnesses : Jeremie Catlin, Clarke, Thomas 
Medowe, and Bridgett Mannocke. Proved 17 Sept. 1623, and adminis- 
tration granted to Jocosa, relict and general legatee. (Archdeaconry of 
Suffolk (Ipswich), 1623, No. 59, original will.) 

["15. (8) 1647 Rich: Stowers of Charlestowne & Hannah his wife 
the daughter of Henry Frost late of Ipswich in the Count of Suff Mariner 
deceased did constitute Henry Robinson of Ipswich aforesaid theire true 
and lawfull Att*^ irrevocable, granting him power to aske &c. all such rents 
as are or shall be due to them for a certaine house & garden in Ipswich w^ 
was the pp inheritance of the said Hen. Frost father to the s** Hannah scit- 
uate neere the tower Church in Ipswich afores**, & of the receipt to give 
acquittance &c : also to compound &c : & to appeare before all Lords &c : 
& generally to doe all things &c. further granting theire said Atu'. full 
power to sett lett alien & sell the said house & Deed or deeds of sale or 
other Assurances to make scale & Deliver according to advise of men learned 
in lawe. Ratifyieing whatsoever shalbe by him done &c : ** ( Aspinwaira 
Notarial Records, p. 95). E. F.] 

The Will of IMargaretT Scarlett of Ipswich in the County of Suf- 
folk, widow, 22 June 1615. To daughters ililargarett, the wife of Robte 
Harvi, Elizabeth, Thomasine, Rose, Marie and Marian, and to their heirs 
forever, the messuage or tenement with the yards and gardens now in the 
occupation of the said Margarett Scarlett or of Margarett Taseborrough, 
widow, and Joseph Barker, or any of them, with the reversion or remain* 
der, provide*! that said daughters shall pay 40s. apiece out of said messuage 
to my executor within nine years after they shall have it, that my executor 
may pay within that time the aforesaid sum amounting to £12 to the chil- 

1909] Genealogical Research in England 279 

dren of Anne Scarlett, widow, my daughter-in-law, as followeth. To Robte 
Scarlet and Thomas Scarlett £5 apiece. To John Scarlett 208. To Anne 
Scarlett and Margarett Scadett 10s. apiece. To Anne Marrett, William 
Coppinge, 6on-in4aw to Robert Harvie, Alexander Marrett, and John Gat- 
dier, 20s. apiece. To Margarett Marrett lOs. To William Hawis £4. 
All residae of goods and chattels, after debts are paid and funeral expenses 
discharged, to daughters Elizabeth, Thomasine, Rose, Marie, and Marian, 
to be equally divided amongst them, pard and part alike. William Hawis, 
sen., executor. [Signed] Margret Scarlett Witnesses : William Hawis, 
John Cathen, Joseph Barker, and Robte Brook. Proved 18 Oct. 1616, 
and commission issued to William Hawis, sen., the executor named in the 
will. (Archdeaconry of Suffolk, 1616, ff. 187-188.) 

The Will of AimE Scarlett of Ipswich in the County of Suffolk, widow, 
28 Mar. 1651. To daughter Margarett, wife of Richard Preston, £6 a year, 
interest of £100 during her husband's life, and at his death the £100 to be 
paid to her. To Edward Preston, her son, £50 at age of twenty-one years. 
To grandchildren John Preston, Thomas Preston, Richard Preston, and 
Mary Preston, £10 apiece at their respective ages of twenty-one years. To 
grandchild Thomas Scarlett £50 at his age of twenty-one years. To the 
daughter of son John Scarlett, if she be living and come over into Eng- 
land, £50. But if son John Scarlett be living and his said daughter dead, 
then the said John to have the £50 so given to his daughter. Also if said 
son John be living and come over into England, he to have £50 more. To 
daughter Anne Hewett £150, and to her daughter Anne Hewett £50. To 
Thomas Aldrich, son of cousin Edmond Aldrich, £5. To kinswoman Rose 
Wood £5. Whereas kinswoman Rose Wood b dead, said £5 unto kins- 
man Edmond Aldrich, son of the said Edmond. Loving son-in-law William 
Hewett to be sole executor, and to him £20. All residue of moveable 
goods, etc, to said executor. [Signed] Anne Scarlett. 

[Codicil] If son Richard Preston molest or trouble my executor, his 
wife's annuity not to be held back, but the legacies to his children, John 
Preston, Thomas Preston, Richard Preston and Mary Preston to be void. 
[Signed] Anne Scarlett. Witnesses : SimOn Ishani, signum Murndne 
Heath, signum Margarett Hewson, and Edw : Dixon, Not. Puber. Proved 
27 July 1654, and commission issued to William Hewett, the sole executor 
named in the will. (P. P. C. Alchin, f. 480.) 

[A John Scarlet, of Springfield, 1640, was then constable. He removed ' 
to Boston in 1650. By wife Thomasine he had children from 1653 to 
1667. (Savage's Geneal. Diet) If this is the John Scarlet, legatee in 
this will, the daughter referred to must have been an unrecorded child 
either by Thomasine or a previous marriage. E. F.] 

The Will of Roger Crooke in the town of Hammersmith of the parish 
of Fulham in the County of Middlesex, yeoman [no date]. Body to be 
buried in the chapel yard at Hamersley. To three daughters, Mary, Re- 
becca, and Ruth Crooke, the lease of Sir John Cotton's house during the 
whole time. Provided that if eldest son Walter Crooks shall give them 
£100 apiece, then the entire house shall be for his proper use and benefit; 
in the meantime he is to maintain them, taking the profits for his own use. 
To sons Walter, Christopher, John, and Samuell Crooke, the lease of Mr. 
Prinet Sears house during the full time, and the lease of my house at Ham- 
ersmith, provided always that if son Walter Crooke shall give them £50 at 
the age of twenty-one for their portions, then the leases shall be for his 
VOL. LXUI. 19 

iSO Genealogieal Research in Engkmd [ Jnty 

proper ti«e and benefit. All debcs, legacies, and fmienl expenses to be paid 
out of moTeable goods, and residue to son Walter for the better mainten- 
ance of fais brotben and asters. To ancient a^^rant, Anne Bab, £3. To 
SiL^an Bavly and Mrs. Leafy 20s. apiece to bur tbem eacfa a nng. Son 
Waiter sole executor. Mr. John Arnold and Wilfiam Whitehead to be 
overseer*. [Signed] Boger Crooke. Witness: James Dint. Prored 2 
Mar. lC^>>^d, and commisfrion issued to Walter Crooke, soil and executor 
named in the wilL £671 6. 

Commi5.§ion Issued 24 Maj 1645 to Cbnstc^ihtf Crooke^ son of the tea- 
tator, to administer the goods nnadministered by Walter Crooke. On 17 
Dec 1647 probate on the wiU of Boger Crooke was granted to John ArnxM. 
and William Whitehead, executors under limitations, Walter Crooke ha^ 
ing died. (ConunL^Aary Court of Londoo. 1639-42, L 23.) 

[" 12. (10) 1 646. Peter Gardiner of Boxbury Caipente' & Bebeoca his 
wife Constituted MichaeU Powell of Dedham in N : £ : thdre lawfoll 
Attumey to a&ke Sn receive &c : a certain Lagacie (from the Executors of 
her father or the Execu** of them) given unto the said Bebeoca by the last 
will & testament of Boger Crooke of Hammersmith ne^ London TaOor 
d«;eased, & of the receipt to give acquittance Ac : " ( A8pinwall*s Notarial 
Records, p. 68). Bebecca Crooke and Peter Gardiner were married 9 May 
1 646. She di^ 10 June 1675, aged 45. Buth Crooke, who married as hsi 
second wife^ 20 (1) 1654, William Bead of Boston, is probably the daughter 
Buth mentioned in this will. £. F.] 

The Will of Hciaus Loker of Bures St. Mary in the County of Essex* 
glover, 22 Feb. 1 630. Body to be buried in the churchyard of the parish 
of Bures aforesaid. To wife Elizabeth £12 and aU household stuff during 
the term of her life if she continue single^ but if she marry, eldest son Henrie, 
son Joha, daughter Bridgett, and youngest daughter Ann to have certain 
household goods [enumerated]. To son Henrie £12. To younger son 
John £10. To daughter Bridget £5, and 20s. due from John Mathew of 
Bures, shoemaker, and to younger daughter Anne £5, to be paid to said 
daughters at the several days of their marriage or at the death of wife. 
Wife Elizabeth and two sons shall use my stock jointly together, and if 
either of said sons Henrie or John shall chance to marry and so depart 
asunder in the use of my stock, then the party so marrying, or by any dis- 
content soever departing, shaU go away with half the portion so given them. 
Wife Elizabeth aind eldest son Henrie sole executors. Witnesses : John 
Isaack, Jefiferie Hust and John Parmiter. Proved 15 Apr. 1631 by the 
executors named in the will. (Archdeaconry of Sudbury (Bury St. Ed- 
munds), Colman, f. 16.) 

[The above Loker or Looker family appear early in Sudbury, Masa. 
Elizabeth Looker, widow, died there 18 (3) 1648. Henry was pn^yrietor 
in 1639, freeman in 1643, married Hannah Brewer 24 Mar. 1647, awi died 
14 Oct. 1688. John took the oath of fidelity in 1645, was freeman the fol- 
lowing year, and died in 1654. He had a wife Mary. This will seems to 
strengthen the supposition that Philemon Whale, mentioned in the will of 
John ^Vhale of Bures St. Mary and Colchester, is the man who appeared 
in Sudbury, Mass. (see otnte, p. 36). 1 do not doubt that the Whale and 
Looker families, which intermarried in New England, were friends in old 
England. The marriage of Philemon Whale and Sarah Smyth in Cam- 
bridge, England, to which attention was drawn in the January ntunber by 
Mr. Bartlett, is doubtless that of another Philemon, who left a will there. 
E. F.] 

1909] Cfenealogical Research in England 281 

[Henry Loker of Sudbury was called " brother " by Robert Davis of the 
same in his will in 1655. Robert and Bridget Davis had a daughter Sarah, 
bom 10 Apr. 1646; and Robert died 19 July 1655, his widow Bridget 
mArr3ring 26 Dec. 1655, Thomas King. It seems apparent that it was 
Bridget, sister of Henry and John Loker, who married successively Robert 
Davis imd Thomas King. 

Coincident with the settlement of the Lokers in Sudbury in 1639 also 
appear there Dea. John Parmenter (bom about 1589) wiUi wife Bridget 
and family, of whose origin no clue has hitherto appeared. Is it not likely 
that he was identical with the " John Parmiter," witness of the above 
will at Bures St. Mary, England? J. 6. Baktlett.] 

The Will of Edwakd Cocke the elder of Framlingham ad castru [at 
the castle] in the County of Suffolk, plummer, 18 Mar. 1625. To wife 
Bitterys for life that tenement wherein Edward Owldring now dwelleth in 
Framlingham, with reversion after the death of the said Bitteris to eldest 
son Edward Cocke and his heirs forever. A close in Framlingham ad 
Castru'^ lying next unto the lands of Robert Maidsten, gent., purchased of 
<me Thomas Bodie, gent., and Mary his wife, to the said Bitteris until 
eldest son Edward shaU accomplish his age of twenty-one years, when the 
reversion of said close shaU be to him and his heirs forever on condition 
diat he pay unto daughter Margarett £10 at the age of twenty-one years, 
and £10 at the age of twenty-two years. To wife Bitteris the tenement 
wherein I now dweU in Fraxnlinghain ad castrfl, and the tenement wherein 
John Drymer now dwelleth, until son Thomas Cock shall accomplish his 
age of twenty-one years, with reversion of said tenements, after the said 
Thomas shall accomplish his said age, to sons Oliver and the said Thomas. 
To wife Bitteris one little piece of ground in Framlingham ad castrum 
whereupon the windmill now standeth, and the little cottage thereupon, ly- 
ing next unto Robt Maidston, to have until son Thomas shall reach the age 
of twenty-one years, with reversion thereof to sons Thomas and Olyver and 
to their heirs forever and chargeable with the payment of £10 to daughter 
Margarett at her age of twenty-three years. All residue to wife Bitteris 
towml the payment of debts and the education of children in their minority. 
Daniell Smith of Cretingman sole executor. [Signed] Edwardi Cock 
signum. Witnesses : Nicholas Heywarde, and Edw : Ouldringe. Proved 
24 Apr. 1626, and commission issued to Daniel Smith, the executor named 
in the will, and to Beatrix Cocke, widow and relict of the deceased. (Arch- 
deaconry of Suffolk, 1626, No. 6, original will.) 

The Will of Thomas Cocke of Weybread in the County of Suffolk, 
smgleman, 7 Nov. 1642. To brother John Markant all my part of a cer- 
tain tenement lying in Framlingham at the Castie in the County aforesaid, 
at the age of twenty-one years, he to pay unto my sister Margarite Cocke 
408. To brother lliomas Markant £3, to be paid to him at t]^e age of 
twenty-one years by my said brother John out of the profits of the said 
part of the said tenement. Whereas I did heretofore sell all my interest in 
the one half of a certain piece of ground with a cottage and a " Wyne Mill " 
in Framlingham, which estate was given and bequeathed unto me and to 
my brother Oliuer Cocke jointly by my father Edward Cocke of Framling- 
hin, by his last will and testament bearing date 18 Mar. 1625 ; if therefore 
tlie other part of the said estate do fall unto me by reason of my said broth- 
er's death before he shall come to enjoy his said part in the premises, or by 

282 Genealogical Research in England [J^7 

gift of the said OKver after he comes to enjoy it, then I give the same whoDy 
to my said brother John Markant, with my own part before bequeathed to 
him and his heirs forever. If my brother John Markant depart this life 
before his age of twenty-one years, then I give all my said part in the said 
estate to my brother Thomas Markant at his age of twenty-one years, on 
condition that he pay to my sister Margarite £3. A sum of £5, due to me 
from Robert Merkaiit of Wey bread, to be equally divided unto my sud two 
brothers, John and Thomas Markant, and my sister Margarite, when John 
shall attain his age of twenty-one years. The* said Robert Markant sole 
executor. [Signed] Thomas Cocke his m'ke. Witnesses: Thomas Brood- 
banke his m'ke, Nathaniell Owen, and Mary Flowerdeaw. Proved 6 Oet. 
1646, and commission issued to Robte Marke \sic\ the executor named in 
the will. (Archdeaconry of Suffolk, 1646, No, 13, original will.) 

["5(16) 1646. Oliver Cocke of Salisbury in N E : appointed Michael 
Powell of Salisbury aforesaid his true & lawfull Att'. w*** full power to take 
possession & seisin of certaine houses & lands belonging to him in Framlin£> 
ham in County of Suffolke & to require of Robt Merkant of waybread his 
grandfather execuf administrate all such Rents as have beene due formerly, 
w^ power to comence suite & give acquittances & generally to act do com- 
pound conclud & finish in & about the same he doth ratify & confirme.'* 
(Aspinwall's Notarial Records, p. 50.) E. F.] 

The Will of Henrtb Chikbbixob of Ringesfeild in County Suffolk, 
yeoman, 11 July 1626. To wife Mary £5, she to have maintenance for 
one year. To son John Chickering £5. To daughter Judith, now wife of 
Robert Webster of London, £10. To daughter Mary, now wife of Thomac 
Aldred of Brampton, £15. To son Symon, after the- death of wife Mary, 
the freehold late purchased in Thorington in Suffolk, known by the name 
of Swayles, containing ten acres more or less. If son Symon die unmar- 
ried the executors to sell the said land, the sum received to be equally di- 
vided amongst my children, excepting son Henrye. To son Reynold 20b^ 
if he give an acquittance of all demands. To son-in-law Nicholas Wol- 
nough £5. All the rest of goods, catties, chattels, etc., debts being paid, to 
two sons, John Chikeringe and Francb Chikerin^ ; son Henry to be su- 
pervisor ; and executors shall not do aught herem without the consent of 
said son Henry. To the poor of Ringeffeild 5s. Witnesses : Robert 
Cobbe, Frauncis Austen, and William Harte. Proved 7 July 1627, and 
commission issued to Francis Chickeringe, one of the executors named in 
the will, with power reserved for the other executor. Commission issued 
14 July 1627 to John Chickering, the other executor named in the will. 
(Archdeaconry of Suffolk (Ipswich), 1627-28, f. 1.) 

The Will of Simon Chickering of Wrentham in the County of Suffolk, 
taylor, 8 July 1674. To wife Prudence for life the messuage wherein I 
now dwell, together with all lands and pastures thereunto belonging, both 
free and copy ; and after her decease said estate to be sold by my good 
friends Francb Morse the elder, of Wrentham, yeoman, and John Rix of 
the said town, yeoman, the money arising thereupon to be equally di- 
vided between my four youngest children, Mary, John, Nathaniell and 
Sarah. To daughter Elizabeth, now wife of Robert Crispe of Wrentham, 
£5 from the sale of my house and land. All the rest of goods and personal 
estate to my wife, whom I make sole executrix for the payment of idebts. 
[Signed] The m'^ke of Simon Chickering. Witnesses : Nath : Smyth and 

1909] Genealogical Research in England 283 

Thomas Marshall. Proved 22 Aug. 1674, and commission issued to the 
executrix named in the will. (Archdeaconry of Suffolk (Ipswich), Fau- 
conberge, 96.) 

[In the Suffolk Ship Money Tax List, 1639-40, is found Chickeringe, 
Raynould, 148. Id., Westleton, 6 May 1640. 

We have here the wills of the father and* brother of the two brothers, 
Henry* and Francis Chickering, who were early settlers of New England. 
Henry Chickering, yeoman, was a proprietor at Salem in 1639, and removed 
to Dedham in 1640, where he died in 1672, aged 82. His will names wife 
Ann, son John, and kinsman Nathaniel Chickering, perhaps his nephew, 
living with him, the Nathaniel named in the will of his brother Simon. 
Francis Chickering of Dedham, yeoman, was a proprietor in 1638, and had 
wife Amy or Ann. He died in 1658. It will be noted that one " Frauncis 
Austen " was a witness to the will of Henry Chickering of Ringesfield. A 
man of this name was a pioneer of Dedham in 1636. About 1639 his lot 
passed to Francis Chickering, and he removed to Hampton, N. H., where 
he was a proprietor in 1640, and died before July 1642, leaving issue. 
E. F.] 

The Will of Nicholas Gatnes of Snelston within the parish of Lauendon 
in the County of Bucks, " Pastorkeeper," 7 Sept. 1612. To wife Alee all 
moveable goods which were her own in her widowhood, two beasts, one 
hog, etc To daughters Elizabeth Dobbs and Mary Raffe 5s. apiece. To 
daughter Isabell £10. To grandchild Nicholas G^ynes a stock of bees. 
To daughter Elizabeth Gaynes and son Hery [tic] Gaynes a feather bed 
and bolster apiece. To Alee Presgraue 10s. Residue to two sons Willm 
Gaynes and Henry Gaynes, they to be sole executors. William Burgs of 
Slipton in the County of North Hampton, yeoman, and Huge Clifton of 
Tnrvey in the County of Beedford, yeoman, overseers. [Signed! Nicho- 
las Gaynes. Witness: John Clifton. Proved 29 Dec. 1612 by t£e execu- 
tors named in the will. 

The nuncupative Will of John Partridge. Memoranda that the 20 Jan. 
1647, John Partridge of Olney in the County of Bucks, laborer, now de- 
ceased, did give grant and dispose of all and singular his goods, cattle, chat- 
ties and debts unto William Geynes, Richard Kent, and Roger Tayre of 
Olney upon this trust that they should therewith maintain Frances Part- 
ridge, widow, the then wife of the aforesaid John, so long as she should live 
after his decease, and also pay the debts of the said John. And after the 
decease of the said Frances the overplus thereof (if any should then be) 
should be equally divided amongst the children of William Partridge, son 
of the said John, and the three children of Henry Geynes, brother of the 
said William Geynes, save only that the eldest child of the said William 
Partridge should have a double part thereof all w^ said psons now or late 
were in New England. Witnesses : Thomas Whiteinge, and signum Eliz : 
Wheelowes. In the presence of Lawrence Shepard and George Mason 1* 
Feb. 1647-8. No record of probate, but a bond, dated 3 May 1648, is filed 
with the wilj. (Archdeaconry of Bucks, 1647, No. 148.) 

[William Partridge, son of above testator, was a proprietor at Lynn, 
Mass., in 1638, freeman the same year, and proprietor at Salisbury in 1640, 
where he died in 1654. Henry Geynes, prol^bly son-in-law of the above 
testator, was also a proprietor at Lynn in 1638, and was admitted freeman 
the same day as William Partridge. There were Geyneses in Lynn some 

* For hii two marriages see Bboistbb, vol. 61, p. 189. 

284 Genealogical Research in England \j^^l 

years later, probably his descendants. E. F.] 

The "Will of Thomas Griggs of Cavendishe in the County of Suffolk, 
yeoman, 25 Oct. 1634. To wife Elizabeth mansion house and all houses, 
lands, etc., which be situate in Cavendishe, during the term of her natural 
life. If said wife shall live four years after my decease she shall pay to 
my daughter Anne Griggs £40. If said wife die within four years after 
my decease, son William Griggs to pay within one year the said sum to 
said daughter Anne. To every of the rest of my childreti, namely, to Wil- 
liam Griggs £40 ; to daughter Margaret £40 ; to daughter Temperance an 
annuity of £5 during her natural life ; to son Heughe Gri^ £50. Unto 
son Humfrey Griggs the some of £40 of lawfull money of England whear- 
of that £10 which Kobert Sandall of Cavendishe oweth unto me shallbe as 
parte thereof, paid unto him when he shall attaine unto his full age of foure 
and twentie yeares, the use and encrease of w^ £10 is to be paid unto 
Thomas Sandall of the saide towne to leame and teache the said Humfrey 
to combe and to leame his trade untill the said Humfrey shall Accomplishe 
his full age of f ower and twentie yeres ; and said wvf e shall pwe vnto y* 
said son Humfrey the £30 residue of the said £40 w*nn eleven yeares next 
after my decease yf shee shall so longe lyve. To son Greorge Griggs £50 
at twenty-one years. To daughter Martha £40 at age of twenty-four years. 
To grandchild Thomas Sandall £5 at age of twenty-one years. To son 
Thomas Grigges 40s. To said wife, who is to be executrix, all goods, 
household stim, etc. To the poor people of Cavendishe. [Signed! signQ 
Tho : Griggs. Witnesses : Roger Bell, signU Willm Linge, and John Ab- 
bott. Proved 10 Nov. 1634, and commission issued to the relict and execu- 
trix named in the will. (Archdeaconry of Sudbury (Bury St. Edmunds), 
Colman, 382.) 

The Will of Elizabeth Gbiggs of Cavendish in the County of Suffolk, 
widow. To eldest son Thomas Griggs 40s. to be paid within six months. 
To son William Griggs a long table, etc. To son If ugh Griggs lOs. to be 
paid in a month. To son Humphry Griggs, "if he himself e cometh over," 
£5 ten months after my death. To daughters Elizabeth Sandall and M«r> 
garett Bayly £5 apiece within twelve months after my death. To daughter 
Temperance the bed whereon she now lyeth. To daughter Martha Griggs 
£6. To son Greorge, who is to be only executor, all residue, for his own 
use after paying the above legacies. To the poor of Cavendish. [SignedJ 
The m'ke of Elizabeth Griggs. Witnesses: Stephen Beere and John 
Pafry. Proved 17 Dec. 1651 by the oath of the executor, to whom admin- 
istration of the said goods was committed. (Archdeaconry of Sudbury 
(Bury St. Edmunds), Ashton, ii, 480.) 

The Will of Thomas Griggs [of Sudbury, see Calendarl 1 Feb. 1645. 
Brother William Griggs sole executor. To wife Joane Is. To son Thomaa 
Griggs £50 at age of twenty-six years. To sisters Elizabeth Sandon [ftcj 
and Margarett Bayly £5 apiece. To brother Hugh Griggs £5. To broth- 
er Humphry Griggs £5 " to b6 paid within one year after my death yf he 
shall returne so soone out of new England and if not yet my will and 
plesare is that the said sume be paid vnto him yf he shall returne within 
the terme of seauen yeares after my death."' To my sister Martha Griggs 
and brother Greorge Griggs £5 apiece. To sister Temperance Griggs an 
annuity of lOs. for life. 1*0 cousin Ambrose Griggs, lliomas, Eliui^th, 
and Margarett Griggs, the children of my uncle Ambrose Griggs, 10b. 

1909] Genealogical Research in England 285 

apiece. [Signed] Thomas Griggs. Witnesses : Ambrose Griggs, the marke 
of Bridgman East, and Ambrose Griggs, Proved 1 1 Mar. 164^6. (Arch- 
deaconry of Sudbury (Bury St. Edmunds), Meadowe, 282.) 

[Hie Humphrey Griggs in New England, mentioned in the above wills, 
was an early settler of Braintree, Mass., where he died about 1655. E. F.] 

The nuncupative Will of George Griggs late of Cavendish in the 
County of Suffolk, yeoman, deceased, upon Monday, 28 May 1666, being 
then sick of the sickness whereof he died. To wife Margaret £10 and a 
year's board, to be allowed by son Ambrose besides what she is bound by 
bond to have left her at my death. To son Ambrose £200, and to sons 
George and John £120 apiece, to be paid to aU three at their respective 
ages of twenty-four years. To daughter Martha £5. Any overplus of my 
estate to be divided amon^t all my children. Son Ambrose to be execu- 
tor. Witnesses : Raph Griggs and Thomas Orbell. Proved 20 Jime 1666 
by the executor named in the will. (Archdeaconry of Sudbury (Bury St. 
Edmunds), Edgar, 46.) 

The nuncupative Will of Barnabie Hodgers of Boxsteed in Essex, 
tayler, dated 22 of apparel 1627 ; in the presence of Edward Howe and 
Simun Stone did make Mary his wife sole executrix. (Archdeaconry of 
Colchester, 1627.) 

[Rev. John Rogers, the martyr, burned at the stake at Smithfield, Lon- 
don, in 1555, left son Bamaby Rogers. 

Simon Stone, an emigrant to New England, was baptized and married 
at Great Bromley, co. Essex, and had one child baptized there in 1619 ; but 
after this last record he left Bromley, and his residence is unknown for fif- 
teen years until he appears in Watertown, Mass., about 1634. He married 
for his second wife Sarah, widow of Richard Lumpkin of Ipswich, Mass., 
who came from Boxsted. Perhaps he was the above witness Simon Stone 
at Boxsted in 1627. Also note in regard to the other witness, Edward 
Howe, that a man of this name also settled in Watertown, Mass., about 
1634, and that his only child, Ann Howe, married, in 1637, John^ Stone, son 
of Gregory^ Stone and nephew of Simon Stone. (See Stone's " The English 
Ancestry of Simon and Gregory Stone.") J. G. Bartlett.] 

The Will of ThohAs Ives of Ipswich in the County of Suffolk, mercer, 
21 Jan. 1 662. Body to be buried in the chancel of St. Lawrence Church 
in Ipswich, near the body of my father. To the poor of the parish of St. 
L.awrence. To three sisters, Elizabeth, the wife of John Sympson, Clerke, 
Deborah, wife of James Homingold, and Beatrix, wife of Thomas Clarke, 
X20 apiece, they severally paying unto my executor such sums of money 
as are due from them to me as executor of Thomas Ives, my late j^ther. 
To niece Rose Comyn £10. To niece Elizabeth Sympson £20 at the age 
of nineteen years. To [name omitted] Newman, widow, and Elizabeth her 
daughter, Margaret the wife of [name omitted] Grove, James Salmon, and 
Jane Ives, my cousins, 40s. each. To loving brother-in-lawJames Homin- 
gold £o. To Finett Partrich, my maidservant, £5. To John Ives, my 
brother, now at Virginia or elsewhere in the parts beyond the Seas, if he 
shall be living at the time of my decease and shall afterwards return into 
England, annuity of £12 for life. Executors shall lay out £50 for a grave- 
stone to be laid over the body of my deceased j^ther. Brother-in-law Thomas 
Clarke sole executor. To Thomas Clarke and Beatrix his wife, my sister, 
all my messuages, lands, tenements and hereditaments, to them and to their 

286 Genealogical Research in England [^^7 

issue, and in default of such issue then to James HorAii^ld and Deborah, 
his wife, my sister, and to their issue. Friends Mr. Kobt Daines, sen., 
and Robt Homingold, both of Ipsw^ to be supervisors. [Signed] Tho : 
lues. Witnesses : James Story, Ralph Wingfield, and Rob : Hormngold. 
The witnesses attested their signatures 19 Feb. 1662, and the will waa 
proved 4 May 1662. (Archdeaconry of Suffolk (Ipswich), 1662, No. 115, 
original will.) 

[A John Ives was admitted freeman at New Haven 13 May 1669. 
J. G. Bartlett.] 

The Will of Richard Hunt [of London], 22 Aug. 1643. Accordmg 
to the usual custom of this honorable City, one third of estate to wife Jane, 
which I hope will amount to £1800 in goods, chattels, and ready money be- 
sides her jewels and rings, etc., also me lease of our house standing in 
Hackney parish in Meare Street she paying the yearly rent of £29 15s. to 
Mr. Widler, a Councillor of Grayes Inne, as now I pay, and she to receive 
all the rents for a field and several tenements thereto belonging. One 
other third of my estate amongst my children, that is to say, to eldest son 
Josia Hunt £800 at the age of twenty-one years. To eldest daughter Sarah 
Hunt £500 at the age of twenty-one years or day of marriage, which the 
Lord shall please to come first. To my daughter Katherine £500 at the 
age of twenty-one years or day of marriage, if by the consent of her own 
mother or whom she shall intrust. To my young son Nathaniell £500 at 
the age of twenty-one years, or, if he be an apprentice, till he be a freeman* 
To son Richard £500 upon the same terms. If it please God that my wife 
should be with child, then I bequeath to it, whether son or daughter, £400 
to be improved for it. My desire is that my children should be maintained 
out of the advance of their positions at the dme of minority, and the rest of 
the increase to be added to their portions. From the remiunder of estate 
to brother John Hunt £60 for the use of his children to help their prefer- 
ments. To brother William Hunt £20 for the good of his children be» 
sides the £40 I formerly lent him. To sister Ellen's children, that is to 
say to William Thompson £10, to George Thompson £20, to Richard 
Thompson, and to Thomas Thompson " if hee retumes from the Warres & 
setts up Trade," £10 apiece. To the other two in the country £5 apiece. 
To my sisters Jane, Elizabeth, and Anne, for the preferment of their chfl- 
dren, £40 apiece. To my brother John Watkin 40s., and to my sister 20s. 
to buy them rings. To Tobias Watkin, Arthur Watkin, and to brother 
Richard Hunt, £5 apiece. '' To my loveinge Master, Captaine Edward 
Ditchfeild One of the best freindes that ever I had in this world," £10. To 
dear friend Mr. William Greenhill £5. To Mr. Feake, lecturer of Wol- 
church £3. To ten other ministers, Mr. Trebitt and Mr. Rawlinson being 
two of them, £30 ; the other eight being whom my wife shall think fit. To 
Mrs. Mary Gray and Mrs. Katherine Midleton 30s. apiece to buy them 
rings. To Mr. Hugan Howill, Mr. Hooper, and Mr. Wilson 208 apiece. 
To Mr. Isaac Knight and to Mr. John Carter £3 apiece. To Mrs. Alice 
Allen 20s. To Thomas Stevens the Elder, and Hanna 408. apiece. To 
Joseph Mordocke, Richard Pierson, Mris Jane Lancy, and to my kitchen 
maid then being, 208. apiece. To William Sawyer £3. To Edward HU- 
ler, if he serve his time out, 408. To Mrs. Katherine Exalby and Sibell 
Joanes £5 apiece. To the Artillery Company £20. To the poor of Mary 
Woolchurch. To certain poor people, at my wife's discretion, £30. 

From the remtdnder of my estate, which if my debts come well in I hope 

1909] Genealogical Research in England 287 

will be about £800, £100 more be added to augment my daughter Sara's 
portion. If it please Grod that the land I adventure for in Ireland be gained 
and settled, eldest son Josias to enjoy it, but with this caution, that £300 
be taken from his portion and disposed of to my other children as my wife 
think fit. And the rest of my estate at her disposal. If any child die be- 
fore the age of twenty-one or marriage, the portion of such an one to be 
equally devided among the survivors. If all die before such time, their 
portions to be thus disposed : To wife, £1000. To brother John's children, 
£300, if they be Protestants. To brother William's child £200 upon the 
same terms. To Richard Thompson and Greorge Thompson £100 apiece. 
To Thomas Thompson and to Raphe Hunt, my brother William's son, £50 
apiece. To my sister Ellen's children in the country £100. To sister 
Jane's child £150. To sister Elizabeth's children £150. To sister Anne's 
children £150. To ToWe Watkin, Arthur Watkm, Sibell Jones, and Wil- 
liam Sawyer, £20 apiece. To my brother Kent's children £60. " Item, 
to New England towards a Library," £20. To Edward Hiller £3 more. 
To Elizabeth, my maid, 408. more. The rest of my estate to be at my 
wife's disposal, she to be sole executrix, desiring her to have special care in 
breeding our diildren, that they may be nurtured up in the true fear of the 
Lord. Captain Edward Ditchfield, Mr. Hugan HoweU, and Mr. Thomas 
Wood to be overseers. Witnesses: William Medley and John Peace. 
Proved 80 Jan., 1643-4 by Jane Hunt, relict and executrix named in the 
will. (Commissary Court of London, 1642-4, ff. 213-214.) 

r** 10 (11) 1648. This p'sent writeing witnesseth that wee W" Tyng 
of Boston in N : Engl, merch^ & Jane my wife. Executrix of the last wiO 
6a Testament of Capt Richard Hunt late of London Skinner deceased her 
late husband, doe hereby make constitute & appoint o*^ faithfull & welbe- 
loved friend MF John I>Dd Citizen & Salter of London o' true & lawfull 
Attumey for us & in o' names to petition the High Court of Parliam^ or 
the Honorable house of Comons as occasion shall require, & to attend such 
#Comittee or Comittes Officer or Officers as are or shalbe appointed for the 
ordering & satisfaction of such sumnes of money &c as have beene lent 
uppon publ Faith, & to receive all such sumnes of money due to us, or to 
Uie s^ Jane as Executrix of her s^ late husband, or to her husband in his 
life time disbursed by him to the use of the s^ high Court of Parliam^ uppon 
publick Faith for repayment according to an Ordinance or Ordinances of 
Parliam* in that case made & publish^. & uppon receipt of the same or 
any part thereof to give such lawfull discharge for the same as shalbe rea- 
sonably reauired of him. Ratifyeing & confirminge by these pntes what 
soever o' s^ Att^ shall lawfully doe in these presents. 

^ 10 (11) 1648. W°» Ting & Jane his wife Executrix of the last will 
& testam^ of Ri : Hunt late of London Skiner deceased did constitute &c : 
M' John Dod Citizen & Salter of London theire true & lawfull att' — ^grantr 
ing him power to aske ^ : all & singular debts &c of all & singular psons 
whatsoever & of the receipt &c: w^ power of substitution &c." (Aspin- 
wall's Notarial Records, pp. 184-5.) I find no mention in Savage of the 
children of Captain Richard Hunt, thoufih it seems strange that his wife 
should have left in England her five children, all under age. They may 
have come with her and died young or moved out of New England. There 
is no record of Capt. Hunt ever bemg in New England, yet his legacy of 
£20 ^' to New England towards a library " would indicate a deep interest 
in the colony. E. F.] 

[To be oontinaed] 

288 LovewelVs Men [J^J 


By Hon. Ezba Soollat Stbabms, AJf., of Fitohburg, Mass. 

The official rolls of the three companies commanded by Capt. John 
Lovewell are not preserved. The available information of the names of 
the men is foond in Massachusetts Court Journals and in the files relating 
to the grant of two townships to the officers and men in this service. Sun- 
cook, now Pembroke, N. H., was granted August 6, 1728, and in the grant 
it was expressly provided that the grantees should include only the forty- 
seven men of the Uiird company and thirteen of the eighty-eight men of the 
second company. Voluntown, now Petersham, Mass., was granted April 
25, 1733, to men who had served in the second company. Li this article 
mention is made of the forty-seven of the third expedition, including the 
heroes of Pigwacket In the order nam^ the first twelve were killed and 
buried on the field of battle ; numbers 13 to 15 were mortally wounded and 
died near the scene of conflict ; numbers 16 to 24 were more or less seri- 
ously wounded ; numbers 25 to 34 were engaged in the battle and escaped 
wounds ; numbers 35 to 44 were at the fort, while numbers 45 to 47 were 
sent home in the early progress of the march. 

1. John Loybwell, son of John and Anna (Hassell) Lovewell, and 
grandson of John and JSlizabeth (Sylvester) Lovewell, was bom at Dan- 
Btable October 24, 1691. He was commissioned ci^Uun in 1724, and com- 
manded the three historic expeditions of which much has been written. 
The general narrative of the Lovewell campaim is well known and cannot 
be discussed in this limited article. He was kSled in the fight at Pigwacket 
May 8, 1725, and was buried on the field. The record of his marriage ia 
not found. The name of his wife was Hannah. She married secondly, 
after 1728 and before 1736, Benjamin Smith of Merrimack, who died in. 
1750. The three children of Capt. John and Hannah Lovewell were 
reared at Merrimack. 

2. Lieut. Jonathan Bobbins, son of George and Alice Robbins, was 
bom at Chelmsford November 19, 1686. He came to Dunstable before 
1710, and was commissioned a lieutenant in 1724, serving with Capt- Love- 
well in the three expeditions. He was killed in battle May 8, 1725, and 
was buried on the field. He married at Concord, January 16, 1711-12, 
Margaret, a daughter of Thomas Lund of Dunstable, by whom he had five 
children. His \iadow married secondly, in 1729, William Shattuck, bom 
in 1689, son of William and Hannah (Underwood) Shattuck. They lived 
in Groton and were the parents of Capt Job Shattuck, one of the most 
worthy men who, after conspicuous service in the Revolution, was engaged 
in Shays's Rebellion. 

3. John Harwood, son of William and Esther (Perry) Harwood, was 
bom at Concord May 28, 1699. Li his infancy the family removed to 
Dunstable. In narratives of the third expedition he is called a lieutenant 
or ensign. The first three officers were Capt J(^m Lovewell, Lieut Josiah 
FarweU, and Lieut, or Ensign, Jonathan Robbins. Whether Lieut Har> 
wood and Lieut Seth Wyman were additional officers, or were given titles 
in recognition of rank in former service, is not of grave moment in this 

• See Rboistbr, toL 7, pp. 61 to 70 ; and Abbott'i reprint of Kidder*t ** Expeditions 
of Cspt John LoTeweU/' and other acooanU (Kew York, 1909). 

1909] • LovewelTs Men 289 

connection. Lieut Harwood was killed early in the fight and was buried 
on the field. There is no record of his marriage, but in one of the ballads 
inspired by the heroism of Lovewell's men he is credited with a wife and 
in&nt child. 

4. Jacob Full am, only son of Major Francis and Sarah (Livermore) 
Fullam, was bom at Watertown, now Weston, November 19, 1693. He 
enlisted from Weston, and was a sergeant of the company. He was killed 
at the b^inning of the fight and was buried on the field of battle. He 
married, February 28, 1715-16, Tabitha, bom in Watertown August 22, 
1696, a daughter of Jonathan and Sarah (Hapgood) Whitney. She was a 
sister of Isaac Whitney, No. 41. She married secondly, April 19, 1726, 
Greorge Parkhurst of Weston, who died March 17, 1734-5. She married 
thirdly, August 10, 1736, Samuel Hunt of Weston, and died in Harvard 
November 2, 1762. 

5. Robert Usher, son of Robert and Sarah (Blanchard) Usher, was 
bom at Dunstable in June, 1700. He was a maternal grandson of Dea. 
John Blanchard. He enlisted from Dunstable. In the fight of May 8, 
1725, he was mortally wounded, and died probably the ensuing day, being 
one of the men buried on the field of battle. 

6. Jacob Farrar, son of Jacob and Susannah (Reddit) Farrar, was 
bom at Concord, now Lincoln, October 23, 1693. He enlisted from Con- 
cord, and in the fight was mortally wounded, expiring at midnight. He 
was buried on the field. He married, 1714, Sarah, a daughter of Josiah 
Wood, by whom he had ^yq children. His widow married secondly, April 
9, 1726, David Parlin of Concord. 

7. Josiah Davis, son of Ebenezer and Dinah Davis, and brother of 
£leazer Davis, No. 22, was bom at Concord February 24, 1704-5. He 
enlisted from Concord, was killed in the fight, and buried on the field of 

8. Daniel Woods, son of Nathaniel and Eleanor Woods, was bom at 
Groton August 10, 1696. He enlisted from Groton, was killed in the 
fight, and buried on the field. He was a brother of Natlianiel Woods, No. 
37, and a cousin of Thomas Woods, No. 9. He was not married. 

9. Thomas Woods, son of Thomas and Hannah (Whitney) Woods, 
was bom at Groton November 25, 1705. He, too, enlisted from Groton, 
was killed in the fight, and buried on the field. He was the youngest man 
of the company. 

10. John Jefts, son of John and Lydia Jefts, was bom at Billerica 
December 19, 1696. It is said that he enlisted from Groton, but it is 
probable that at the time he was a resident of Billerica. He was one of 
the men who were instantly killed. He was buried on the field of battle. 
In the records of Billerica is found "John Jefts died May 8, 1725." 

11. IcHABOD Johnson, son of Capt. Edward and Sarah (Walker) 
Johnson, was bom at Wobum April 22, 1703. He enlisted from Wobum, 
was killed in the fight, and buried on the field. He was a cousin of Noah 
Johnson and of Josiah Johnson, Nos. 16 aiid 18. 

12. Jonathan Kittredqe, son of Dr. John and Hannah (French) 
Kittredge, was bom at Billerica January 10, 1696-7. He enlisted from 
Billerica, was killed early in the engagement, May 8, 1725, and was buried 
on the field of battle. He was not married. 

290 LoveweWs Men • [July 

13 Lieut. Josiah Farwell, son of Henry and Susannah (Richard- 
son) Farwell, grandson of Joseph and Hannah (Learned) Farwell, and 
great-grandson of Henry and Olive Farwell, was bom at Chehnsford Au- 
gust 27, 1698. An error in this lineage by Fox is repeated by Farmer, 
Savage, and Kidder. In 1724 he escaped unharmed in the ambuscade at 
Thornton's Ferry. He was a lieutenant with Capt Lovewell in the three 
expeditions. In the fight at Pigwacket he was mortally wounded, and died 
near the field of battle. He married Hannah Lovewell, a sister of CapC 
Jolfn Lovewell. Their only child, Hannah, bom January 27, 1723, mar- 
ried John Chamberlain. 

14. Jonathan Frte, son of Capt. James and Lydia (Osgood) Fiye, 
was bom at Andover, and graduated from Harvard College in 1723. He 
was the chaplain of the expedition and is warmly commended by Symmes. 
He was mortally wounded in the fight, and at evening accompanied his 
comrades a short distance from the field of battle, where he died. In his 
possession was the journal of the company which, unfortunately, was lost. 

15. Ellis Barron, son of Ellis" and Sarah (Ingersoll) Barron, was 
bom about 1695. He was of the fourth American generation, Ellis,^ Ellis,* 
EUis,^ Ellis.^ The name sometimes is written Elias. He enlisted from 
Groton, and in the engagement was mortally wounded, dying not far 
from the field of battle. He married at Concord, September 26, 1718, 
Priscilla, bom February 23, 1699-1700, daughter of William and Sarah 
(Blood) Wilson, by whom he had four children. She married secondly, 
March 2, 1729, Jonathan Mead, and died at Concord July 2, 1740. 

16. Noah Johnson, son of William and Esther (Gardner) Johnson, 
was bom at Charlestown or Wobum Febraary 2, 1699. He removed to 
Dunstable about 1720, and enlisted from that town. He was a sergeant 
of Capt. Lovewell' s company, was severely wounded in the fight, and 
through life was partially incapacitated. He petitioned for aid and was 
pensioned. All the survivors of the company, and the heirs of those de- 
ceased, were grantees of Suncook, now Pembroke, and Noah Johnson was 
the only one who removed to die settlement. He was a deacon of the 
church, and was active and useful in the fortunes of the church and the 
town. In 1746 he retumed to Dunstable, where he lived many years. 
Late in Hfe he removed to the home of his daughter, the wife of Col. Joseph 
Senter of Plymouth, where he died August 13, 1798. He was the last 
survivor of the company. The name of his wife was Elizabeth, but no 
record of his marriage, or of her death, has been found. His son Noah 
was a lieutenant and, subsequently, a captain in Rogers's celebrated ran- 
gers. He died of wounds at Lake Champlain in the summer of 1760. Hb 
son Edward served in the French and Indian war in 1755, 1756, and 1757. 
He was deceased in 1761. The statement, manv times repeated, that 
Noah Johnson, senior, was in the military service after 1725 is an error. 

17. TmoTHT Richardson, son of John and Susannah (Davis) Rich* 
ardson^ was bom at Wobum July 24, 1687. He enlisted from Wobum, 
was wounded in the fight, and through life was partially incapacitated. He 
married^ December 11, 1717, Abigul, daughter of Dea. Edward and Sarah 
(Walker) Johnson. He died at Wobum June 29, 1735. His widow mar- 
ried secondly, April 15, 1747, Daniel Gould of Stoneham. 

18. JosiAH Johnson, son of Benjamin and Sarah (Walker) Johnson, 
was bom at Wobum July 28, 1702. He enlisted from Wobum, and was 

1909] LovewelFs Men 291 

severely, but not mortally, wounded in the engagement. Subsequently he 
preferred several petitions to the General Court, and was pensioned. With 
wife Elizabeth, by whom he had ten children, he subsequently lived in 
Wobum and in Billerica, where he died about 1783. He was a cousin of 
John Fitch for whom Fitchburg was named, their mothers being sisters. 
In Butler's Groton the author relates that, in the latter part of her life, the 
wife of Josiah Johnson lived in the family of his father in Pelham, N. H. 

19. Samuel Whiting, son of Samuel and Elizabeth (Read) Whiting 
of Dunstable, and grandson of Rev. Samuel and Dorcas (Chester) Whiting 
of Billerica, was bom October 22, 1687. His father was captured by the 
Indians at Dunstable, 1704, and was held a prisoner seven or eight years. 
He enlisted from Dunstable, and was wounded in the fight. His marriage 
and the birth of his children are not of record. 

20. John Chamberlain, son of Thomas and Elizabeth (Hall) Cham- 
berlain, was bom at Chelmsford March 29, 1692. The family removed to 
Groton about 1698, where the father and son were farmers and millers. 
Elizabeth, the mother, died June 13, 1699. Thomas, the iaiher, married 
secondly Abigail Nutting. He was murdered at Chelmsford May 11, 1709, 
and in court files is described as Thomas Chamberlain of Groton, miller. 
John Chamberlain enlisted from Groton, and in the fight was wounded, but 
not seriously. Cn the feeble authority of an old ballad some have con- 
tended that laeut. Seth Wyman gave the chief Paugus a fatal wound. 
Before it was printed Symmes's narrative was submitted to Wyman for 
approval, and while the author credits Wyman with killing two Indians he 
does not include the chief Paugus. In another paragraph Symmes rejoices 
that Paugus, " who has been such a scourge to Dunstable," was slain during 
the fight. That Paugus was killed by John Chamberlain is generally be- 
lieved. He received from the estate of his father '< two thirds of the mill, 
housing stream and lands in Groton." He lived in Groton, and there died, 
says Dr. Samuel A. Green, about 1758. He married, October 13, 1713, 
Abigail, daughter of Thomas and Hannah (Whitney) Woods, by whom he 
had six children. 

21. Isaac Laein, son of William and Elizabeth Lakin, was bom at 
Groton December 11, 1702. He enlbted from Groton, and was wounded 
in the engagement of May 8, 1725. He married, January 21, 1725-6, 
Elizabeth, daughter of John and Mary (Blood) Shattuck. ITieir ^ye chil- 
dren were bom at Groton. In the first edition of Symmes's narrative and 
sermon the name of Isaac Lakin does not appear, but in the second edition, 
which soon followed, hb name was substituted for that of John Gilson, who 
was at the fort on the day of the engagement. 

22. Eleazer Datis, son of Ebenezer and Dinah Davis, was bom at 
Concord March 4, 1702-3. He enlisted from Concord, and in the engage- 
ment suffered the loss of a thumb, besides being seriously wounded in the 
body. It is stated by Symmes that, in company with Lieut. Farwell and 
Chaplain Frye, he travelled a short distance from the field of the battle and 
after several days arrived alone at Berwick, from thence going to Ports- 
mouth, where he arrived May 27. He was cared for by the government 
of New Hampshire, and subsequently Thomas Harvey was paid six pounds 
" for the entertainment of Eleazer Davis ". To the government of Massa- 
chusetts he subsequently preferred several petitions for aid " on account of 
the wounds and smart received at Lovewell's fight." His appeals for aid 
were favorably entertained, and he was voted several gratuities. He mar- 

292 LovewelVa Men [July 

ried, November 29, 1732, Sarah, born at Lancaster April 10, 1714, a 
daughter of Joseph and Elizabeth (Tarbell) WiUard. He settled in Har- 
vard, and was a farmer and an innholder. He was frequently elected to 
office, serving his townsmen many years as selectman and assessor. Hk 
wife, the mother of six children, died February 3, 1746-7. He died 
March 25 (town record) or March 26 (gravestone), 1762. His seoond 
wife, AbigaU, died July 29, 1762. 

23. JosiAH Jones, son of Nathaniel and Mary (Reddit) Jones, was bom 
at Concord January 19, 1701-2, and enlisted from that town. Of those 
who survived the perils of the sanguinary battle at Pigwacket, Josiah Jones, 
Noah Johnson, and Eleazer Davis were the most seriously wounded and, 
in a great measure, were disabled through life. In the homeward journey 
from the field of battle, Josiah Jones strayed from his comrades and arrived 
alone at Saco May 22, and at Portsmouth May 27. He reached his home 
in Concord late in June, 1725. At Portsmouth he was attended by Dr. 
Allen. He was granted several pensions ; the last, for the term of five 
years, was voted in 1739. He died at Concord June 4, 1741, leaving a 
widow Elizabeth and three children. 

24. Solomon Eetes, son of Solomon and Mary, and grandson of 
Solomon and Frances (Grant) Eeyes, was bom at Chelmsford May 11, 
1701. The family homestead was in that part of Chelmsford which is 
now Westford. He married Sarah, bom at Billerica August 18, 1700, 
daughter of Ensign Jonathan and Rebecca (Parker) Danforth. He lived 
a few years in Billerica, and enlisted from that town. In the battle, May 8, 
1725, he was wounded severely, receiving three bullet wounds. It was 
supposed by himself and his comrades that his wounds were fatal. In 
Symmes's sermon it is stated that he found a canoe at the pond, in which 
he lay concealed from sight of the Indians. Fortunately the canoe was 
driven by the wind toward the fort, which he reached, and from which, in 
company with some of his comrades, he arrived at Dunstable. After the 
War he lived a few years at Marlborough, Mass., and there two of his chik 
dren were bom. Subsequently he liv^ in Western, now Warren, Mass^ 
where he became a prominent citizen. He was town clerk, selectman, 
and treasurer for several years, and was one of the committee to build the 
first meeting-house. He was a soldier in the French and Indian War, and 
was killed at Lake George September 8, 1758. His widow, Sarah, died in 
April, 1785. Gravestones at Warren. One of his sons was fktally wounded 
in the war in 1758, and his son. Col. Danforth Keyes, was an officer with 
a good record in the Revolution. 

25. Seth Wyman, son of Lieut. Seth and Esther (Johnson) Wyman, 
was bora at Wobum September 13, 1686. He enlisted from Wobum, and 
hb coolness and bravery in the engagement are warmly commended by 
S}'mme8 and others. After the death of his superior officers he assumed 
the command of the company. A few days after his safe return he was 
commissioned a captain. He died in the service, from disease, September 5, 
1725. He married, January 26, 1714-15, Sarah, bom at Billerica October 7, 
1694, a daughter of Thomas Ross. She died at Wobum November 5, 

26. Edward Linkfield married at Londonderry, September 9, 1723, 
Hannah, bom in Boston February 4, 1704-5, daughter of John and Hf'^flb 
(Parish) Goffe of Londonderry. He enlisted from Londonderry, and was 
one of the fortunate survivors of the battle who escaped without wounds. 

1909] LoveweWs Men 293 

He bought, October 13, 1724, of Henry Wark, a tract of land in Chester, 
which he soH, January 8, 1725-6, to James Frye of Andover, and, July 5, 
1725, he bought of Benjamin Kidder another tract of land in Londonderry, 
which he sold^ March 30, 1727, to John Moore. His wife died at Litch- 
field August 29, 1734. Their son Benjamin was indentured to Hon. 
Matthew Patten of Bedford. The indenture was surrendered April 5, 
1755. Subsequently the son Benjamin lived in Chelmsford and Lancaster, 
Mass., and in Hinsdale, N. H. 

27. Thomas Richardson, son of Samuel and Sarah (Howard) Rich- 
ardson, was bom at Wobum September 25, 1684. He enlisted from Wo- 
bnm, and was a corporal. He was engaged in the battle, but was not 
wounded. He married, September 29, 1713, Rebecca, bom at Wobum 
November 11, 1693, a daughter of Samuel and Rebecca (Johnson) Wyman. 
He lived in Wobum, where he died January 12, 1774. His wife, by whom 
he had thirteen children, died April 11, 1771. 

28. Datid Meltik, son of John and Hannah (Lewis) Melvin, was 
bom at Charlestown October 29, 1690. The family removed from Charles- 
town to Concord about 1700. He enlisted from Concord, and was one of 
the fortunate nine who were not woupded. Subsequently he was one of 
the captains of Col. Willard's regiment at Louisburg. In this service he 
was wounded, and died of his wounds at Concord November 17, 1745. 
He married, Febmary 9, 1715, Mary, bom March 8, 1695-6, a daughter 
of Jacob and Susannah (Reddit) Farrar, and a sister of Jacob Farrar, 
No. 6. 

29. Eleazer Melvin, son of John and Margaret (Shanesberg) Melvin, 
and a half brother of David Melvin, No. 28, was bom at Concord June 23, 
1703. He enlbted from that town, and was engaged in the battle, but was 
not wounded. In 1745 he was a lieutenant in the company of his brother, 
C^t. David Melvin, at Louisburg, and in the French and Lidian War he 
^ndered conspicuous service. He was captain of companies stationed at 
Lunenburg and at Northfield. In 1746 he commanded a company in the 
expedition to Canada, and the following year he was captain of a company 
in the expedition to Crown Point. Again, in 1754, he commanded a com- 
pany in Governor Shirley's expedition to Norridgewock, He married Mary 
Stow, and died at Concord October 18, 1754. His widow died November 
20, 1754. 

30. £benez£R Ater, son of Capt. Samuel and Elizabeth (Tuttle) 
Ayer, was bom at Haverhill February 18, 1704-5. He enlisted from 
Haverhill, and was <me of the nine engi^ged in the fight who escaped with- 
out wounds. He married, March 29, 1726, Susannah, bom May 25, 1707, 
a daughter of Robert and Susannah (Atwood) EambaJl. He lived in that 
part of Haverhill now in Salem, N. H. He died March 3, 1762. His 
wife died September 19, 1749. 

31. Abiel Austin, son of Thomas and Hannah v( Foster) Austin, 
was bom in Haverhill in 1703. The homestead was included in Methuen 
at the incorporation of the town, December 8, 1725, and in 1741, by 
the readjustment of the province line, it was included in Salem, N. H. 
Thomas, the father, was drowned in the Merrimack River while return- 
ing from church March 22, 1712. The name in early records is writ- 
ten Asten. Abiel enlisted from HaverhilL He was engaged in the fight 
but was not wounded. He married in HaverhiU, May 24, 1727, Simiih 

294 LovewelVs Men [July 

Mo\iltoii, by whom he had ten children, and lived in Methuen and Salem. 
It is stated in Belknap's History of New Hampshire, vol. 3, p. 252, that 
Abiel Austm, aged 86, was living in 1790 at Salem. 

32. Joseph Farrar, son of Greorge and Mary (Howe) Farrar, was 
bom at Concord, now Lincoln, February 28, 1692-3. He enlisted from 
Concord, and was one of the nine fortunate men who escaped without 
wounds. He lived in Chelmsford, where he died about 1733, leaving a 
widow Mary and five children. 

33. Joseph Gilson, son of Joseph and Hepsibah Gilson, and grandson 
of Joseph and Mary (Cooper) Gilson, was bom at Groton about 1694. He 
enlisted from Groton, and was one of the ^\^ who escaped wounds in the 
fight of May 8, 1725. His wife was Sarah, but a record of his marriage is 
not found. Nine children were bom at Groton. 

34. Benjamin Hassell, son of Joseph and grandson of Joseph, was 
bom at Dunstable August 9, 1701. He was of Sie fourth generation of 
an honorable family of Dunstable which had suffered much in the defense 
of the settlement. His grandfather Joseph Hassell, his grandmother Anna 
(Perry) Hassell, his uncle Benjamin Hassell, and Christopher Temple and 
Obadiah Perry who had married s|sters of his grandfather, were slain by 
the Indians in 1691. Benjamin Hassell enlisted from Dunstable. He was 
present at the beginning of the fight, and without orders started for the fort, 
where he arrived the next morning, reaching Dunstable with ten others 
May 11, 1725. His name was purposely omitted in Symmes's narrative. 
He subsequently lived in Dunstable. A record of his marriage is not 
found. A daughter Adah was bom April 27, 1734. 

35. Benjamin Kidder, son of John and Lydia (Parker) Kidder, was 
bom at Chelmsford August 1 1, 1697. He settled in Londonderry, and there 
married Sarah, bom in Boston August 19, 1708, daughter of John and 
Hannah (Parish) Goffe of Boston and, after 1720, of Londonderry. He 
enlisted from Londonderry, and in the progress of the march was left with 
others at a fort erected in the town of Ossipee. After the war he lived in 
Bedford, where he died in 1746. His son John lived in Derryfield, now 
Manchester. His son Benjamin served as a drummer in Capt John Goffe's 
company, Col. Joseph Blanchard's regiment, at Crown Point in 1755. The 
following year, in an expedition to Crown Point, he served as drummer in 
Capt. John Goffe's company. Col. Nathaniel Meserve's regiment. In 
1757, while serving in Capt. Richard Emery's company, Col. Meserve's 
regiment, he was captured at Fort William Henry, and died a prisoner at 
Rochelle in France. 

36. Dr. William Ateb, son of Capt. Samuel and Elizabeth (Tuttle) 
Ayer, was bom at Haverhill February 6, 1701-2. He was the surgeon 
of the company, and one of the ten men left at the fort. He subsequently 
was a physician of Haverhill. He married Abigail Emerson, and died be> 
fore 1770. 

37. Nathaniel Woods, son of Nathaniel and Eleanor Woods, was 
bom at Groton October 19, 1694. He enlisted from Groton, and was a 8er> 
geant of the company. When the fort had been erected on the west shore 
of Ossipee Pond he was left in command of the post With others he 
arrived at Dunstable five days after the battle. Subsequently he lived in 
Groton, where he died in 1766. His first wife, Alice, the mother of his 
children, died after 1734. His second wife was Ruth, and he married 
thirdly, December 2, 1762, Mary Erwin. 

1909] LovewelVa Men 295 

38. Zebadiah Austin, son of Thomas and Hannah (Foster) Austin, 
was bom at Haverhill about 1700. He enlisted from Haverhill, and was 
one of the ten men left at the fort. He married, April 18, 1729, Sarah 
Gutterson, and settled in Methuen, where eight children were born. 

39. John Gilson, son of John and Sarah Gilson, and grandson of 
Joseph and Mary (Cooper) Gilson, was bom at Groton March 2, 1697-8. 
His father died September 10, 1710. His mother later married Richard 
Warner and continued her residence in Groton. He enlisted from Groton, 
and was one of the ten men left at the fort. He married, December 8, 1 722, 
Mary, bora at Groton April 11, 1699, daughter of John and Mary (Blood) 
Shattuck. Nine children were bom at Groton. He died November 1 7, 
1753 (gravestone). In the first edition of the historical sermon by Rev. 
Thomas Sjrmmes, John Gilson is included in the list of the thirty-three 
men in the fight of May 8, 1725, but in the second edition of the sermon, 
which appeared a few weeks later, his name disappears and the name of 
Isaac Lakin is substituted. 

40. John Gopfk, son of John and Hannah (Parish) Goffe, was bom 
in Boston March 25, 1701. The family removed from Boston to London- 
derry about 1720. He enlisted from Londonderry, and was one of the 
men left at the fort. He married, October 16, 1722, Hannah Griggs, bom 
at Roxbury October 2, 1702. He lived in Londonderry, Derryfield, and 
Bedford, and died October 20, 1788. His wife Hannah died May 18, 1798. 
For many years Col. John GofiEe was an able and sagacious leader in civil 
afiFairs, and an efiicient officer in border warfare and in the French and 
Indian War. The wives of Edward Linkfield and Benjamin Kidder were 
his sisters, and the wives of Col. John and Capt. Samuel Moore were his 

41. Isaac Whitney, son of Jonathan and Sarah (Hapgood) Whitney, 
was bom, probably at Watertown, in 1703. His parents lived in Sherbom, 
Watertown, and Concord. He enlisted from Concord, and was one of the 
ten men of the company left at the fort. Subsequently he was a glazier 
and lived in Concord, where he died in 1754. No mention of a wife or 
children is found. 

42. Zachariah Pabker, son of Eleazer and Mary (Woods) Parker, was 
born at Groton January 29, 1699. He enlisted from Groton, and was one of 
the ten men left at the fort. He was one of the forty-seven men of Capt. 
liovewell's company of the third expedition who were admitted grantees of 
Stmcook, now Pembroke, N. H. It was one hundred and thirty-one years 
after the fight at Pigwacket before the name of Benjamin Hassell, inten- 
tionally omitted by Symmes, and the names of nine of the ten men left at 
the fort as members of the historic company were made known. The names 
first appeared in Chandler's Manchester, 1856. Here b found the name of 
ZachaHah Whitney, but not of Zachariah Parker. The compiler of the 
Whitney Genealogy could not find a Zachariah Whitney of possible age, 
and honors Zaccheus Whitney with the medals of LoveweU's war. Neither 
Zachariah nor Zaccheus Whitney was in the expedition or a grantee of 

43 and 44. Ebbnbzer Halbert and Edward Spooney were soldiers 
of the expedition. Both were left at the fort, and both were grantees of 
Suncook. At an early date they sold their interest in the township, and no 
other information has been found concerning them. 

VOL. LXIU. 20 

296 Diary of Jeremiah Weare^ Jr. [J^y 

45. William Cummings, son of John and Elizabeth (Kinsley) ^Cmn- 
mings, was bom at Dunstable April 24, 1702. He enlisted from Dunstable, 
and it is stated by Symmes that on the outward march at Contoocook he 
became disabled by a wound previously received, and was sent home in care 
of a kinsman. He married Sarah Harwood, a sister of John Harwood, No. 
3. After 1725 he lived in Hudson. He was a deacon and town officer. 
He died August 29, 1757, and lus widow Sarah died in 1769. 

46. Jonathan Cummings, son of Dea. Thomas and Priscilla (Warner) 
Cummings, was bom at Dunstable July 3, 1703. He enlisted from Dun- 
stable. On the outward march, " when they came as far as Contoocook," 
Jonathan Cummings was detailed to assist his kinsman William Cummings 
to his home. (See number 45.) They were cousins, and were the only 
representatives of the Cummings family who were grantees of Suncook. 
Jonathan Cummings married Elizabeth, a daughter of Capt. Joseph Blaii- 
chard and a sister of Col. Joseph Blanchard, and settled in Merrimack. 
He was a town officer and a deacon of the church. His wife died May 18, 
1774. He died in 1791. The misstatement of Judge Potter that Josiah 
Cummings was the soldier who was sent home with his kinsman William 
Cummings b repeated in the Cummings genealogies. In an official list of 
sixty-two men who served in the second expedition under Capt LoveweU, 
but did not serve in the third expedition, is found the name of Josiah Cum- 
mings. This list was prepared by a committee of the General Court. (See 
Mass. Archives, vol. 72, p. 367.) On account of service in the second ex- 
pedition he was a grantee of Voluntown, now Petersham. Josiah Cum- 
mings was a son of Abraham and Sarah (Wright) Cummings, and was bom 
at Dunstable July 12, 1698. He was a cousin of Jonathan and of William 

47. Toby, the Indian. In Symmes's narrative it is stated, " When 
they'd travelled a little way, Toby, an Indian, falling lame, was obliged to 
return, with great reluctancy." In this expedition his service was brief, 
but he was on the roll of the company and entitled to reward. He was a 
grantee of Suncook on equal terms with the other grantees. He sold his 
interest in the grant to Benjamin Gale of Haverhill, Mass. Apparently 
he was one of several friendly Indians who were employed as guides and 


Traosoribed by Samuel G. Webber, M.D., of Boston 
[Continued from Vol. 66, page 58] 
[p. 9] 

[Lucy W]ebber [the] dau[ghter of] John bradbury Esq 

the wife of [Nathaniel] Webber mother to Luoy Weare the ^if[e ofj 
Jeremiah Weare Juner the said Lucy Webber Departed th[iB] present Life 
the Sixth Day of octob[er] in the year of 1782 Being in the [fifty] Eighth 
year of her Age and had a married life with the Said Nathan Webber and 
had ten children five [sons] and five Daughters and Nine are now five sons 

1909] Diary of Jeremiah Weare^ Jr. 297 

and four Daughters Nathaniel Webber Departed this [life] June the 11th 
in the year 1791 October 16th 1814 Samuell Preble Departed this life 
88 years said Samuell the 7inst Eat supper as usal then went [] the fire 
then into the ki[tchen] where he slept partly on himself spoke to Susannah 
[hiB daugh]ter and was dead in one hour [] said 
[p. 10] 

. . . • [Mary W]ear[e the] wi[fe of] Joseph Weare of york the 
Daughter of Samuel Webber of york by an actadent took the small Pox 
the 6th or 7th of this [] being in the 69 year [o]f her age from April to the* 
21 day of august in the year [of] our Lord 1778 and had [li]ved a married 
life With said Joseph Weare Fifty years []ve seven Days and had ^\q sons 
[an]d five Daughters ten in Number Nine are Now Living five sons [an]d 
foiu" Daughters [Jose]ph Weare Departed this live October the 18th year 
1791 being 86 years old March the 28 Day new style 

[p. 11] 

September the 3th 1792 [see p. 4] Joshua abit of Barwick in the County 
of York was condemned to Dye for murder being tryed for his life June last 
on this Day Reed a free Pardon for his life the same was Red in the meet- 
ing house Where a Great Body of people where gathered and ministers 
minister Lyman Red the pardon minister Leachfield maid the first prayer 
minister merriam of Barwick maid the first Sermon took his tex out of luke 
24th Chapt 48 & 47 verses in the afternoon minister [] maid the prayer 
minister buckminster maid the Sermon his tex in Jude the Later part of 
the 6th verse words unto the judgment of the Great Day 
[p. 12] 

February 16th 1806 on Sabbath Eve about 8 o clock our youngest Child 
olive Weare Departed this life had her sinces til she fell asleep with the 
cough and fever being seven years old September last on the 19th Day A 
sermon was Delivered by Elder Samuel Applebee at the funeral the words 
of the text are recorded matthew 24th-44th therefore be ye also ready our 
Daughter mary weare was some on well on the^ forenoon July 25th 1811 
very onwell 4 o clock afternoon Departed this Life on the 27th 6 o clock 
mom the people of god had great satisfaction of her soul Salvation had [she] 
lived til Sept 2th wood been 15 year : funeral on 28th Sermon by Saml 
Appelbee words Heb 9 verse 27 

[p. 13] 

the Drough in June 1794 Comes Rain on the 9th or 10th of this [month] 
then comes on a Dry time untell the 12th of July a good Rain the Hay is 
very thin the like was not known by any peeple under 40 years old Still 
very Dry Sept I maid bricks & October lost an ox by pomp Driving broke 
his neck Nov the 6th 1794 1795 Jan the 12th a little snow Good hailing 
one week sence then the next the snow went away no snow for sleading 
till the 1 8th of February then comes thanksgiving there has been carting 
and shaying all this winter past Except about 10 Days people carting boards 
from Mills to Capenedick some lodging upon Wheals the g bare and froze 
very hard mills agoing boards sels for 45/ the like was never seen for 
the time of 45 years 

[To be continued] 

300 Notes [July 

The Family of John* Lowell.— John' Lowell (John,* Perclval*), the ances- 
tor of many who have honored and dignified the name, was a cooper doing busi- 
ness and living in Boston continuously from 1653 until his death, January 7, 
1693-4. Savage's Dictionary and the Lowell Genealogy have added to his family 
record the wife and five children of another John Lowell. 

John' Lowell married, March 1, 1663, Hannah Proctor. She was the mother of 
John, Mary, and Peter. In the record of the birth of Peter the date is omitted, 
but Peter, son of John and Hannah Lowell, was baptized February 26, 1660-61. 
Hence the wife Hannah was living In 1660. It was the other John Lowell who 
married at Scituate, January 24, 1658, Elizabeth Silvester. They had six child- 
ren baptized at Scituate. All the children of John,* the cooper, were baptized 
tn Boston. From the family of John,' as stated in the Lowell Genealogy, should 
be eliminated five children : John, bom 1660, Joseph, Patience, Elizabeth, and 
Phebe. Ezra S. Stbabms. 

Filchburgy Mass. 

Miscellaneous Marriages.— Copied from original manuscripts lent by Mr. 
Charles Eliot Goodspeed, Park Street, Boston, Mass. 

In the yeer 1727 nouember 28 this may sartlfie to home it may come that the 
Bev^ mr mills and m* Jemima hawyard ware published as the law dlricts In bell- 
Ingham. Eleazer partridge 

town Clerk 

[On reverse] Married Nov»» : 80**^ 1727 

Bralntree ss, A purpose of Marriage betwixt Ebenczer Houghton Jun^ of 
Bralntree, & Prudance Voce of Milton Has Stood with Me for the Space of fifteen 
days, & due publication of such their purpose (or Intention) has been made with- 
in the said Town (of Bralntree) as the Law Directs. Certified Vnder My hand 
this n^ day of December— 1760. Richard Faxon Town Cle' 

[From a " Record of Marriages/' ten in number, by " Simon Tufts Juat. 

M^ John Whltmore & m". Lydla Cutter Both of Cambridge were married there 
June y« 24. 1786 

M^ Mathew Ross & m«. Margaret Stone both of Charlestown, was married at 
Charlestown Jan^ 5"». 1740 

M'. Fracls Isic] Johnson & Sarah Wyman both of Wobum, was married at 
8«. Wobum JanJ. 28 1740-1. 

M^ Nath". Francis of Medf ord & M". Ann Cutler of Charlestown were Married 
at Charlestown March 81. 1743. 

M^ Ebenezer Kembal of Bradford and M". Tamer Hunt of Tewksbury were 
married at Medford May 81^ 1745 

Mr. Jason Kemp and Hannah Blood, both of Bradford were Married at Med- 
ford Augt. 1*. 1745 

North Sheldon, Vt., Gravestone Inscriptions.- About five miles from 
North Sheldon, in a private burial ground. Is a large gray marble slab placed on 
four pedestals and bearing In part these Inscriptions : 

Major Jededlah CUrk Jr. Who was Bom March 25 A.D. 1761. 

Jededlah Clark. Who was Bom Jan. 11 A.D. 1786 Died Feb. 26 A.D. 1804. 

On separate slabs are found the following : 

Frances A. Wife of Jed P. Clark Died Oct. 14 1860 age 61 years 

Jed P. Clark Died [the rest of the Inscription Is missing] 

Ester Clark Died July 22, 1860 age 90 yrs. 

James Luther Clark Bora May 8, 1884 Burlington Vt. Died at Sheldon 
March 4, 1848 Aged 8 yrs. 10 months. Mrs. Grace Haynes Boobra. 

29 Feterboro /Street, DetroU^ Mich. 


Ifotes 301 

Historical Intelligence 
A Magazine of West Indian History. —Under date of January, 1909, the 
first nomber of Carribheana^ a qoarterly magazine relatlna; to the history, gene- 
alogy, topography, and antiquities of the British West Indies, was brought out 
under the editorship of Vere L. Oliver, Esq., Greenhill House, Weymouth, Eng- 
land, from whom only copies are obtainable. Mr. Oliver will be pleased to 
print any queries or other contributions. 

History op the Hebron Bi-Centennial Celebration.— It has been decided 
to print the proceedings of the celebration held during the week of August 26, 
1908, and subscriptions are invited to pay for the undertaking. For particulars 
apply to Frank R. Post, Treasurer Executive Committee, Gilead, Conn. 

Standish.— Dr. Sarah I. Banks, 17 Sproat Street, Detroit, Mich., has in prep- 
aration a *• History of Miles Standish of Bridgewater, Soldier of the Revolution," 
and desires any one having data to contribute, or wishing to subscribe, to com- 
mimicate with her. 

Genealogies in Preparation. — Persons of the several names are advised to 
fomLsh the compilers of these genealogies with records of their own families 
and other information which they think may be useful. We would suggest that 
all facts of interest illustrating family history or character be communicated, 
especially service under the U. S. Government, the holding of other offices, 
graduation from college or professional schools, occupation, with places and 
dates of birth, marriage, residence, and death. All names should be given in 
ftUl If possible. No initials should be used when the full name is known. 

BabbUt. — ^William Bradford Browne, Blakinton, Mass., is compiling genealo- 
gical data concerning the descendants of Edward Babbitt, who died in Berkeley, 
Mass., in June 1675. 

Bradbury.— Mrs. Adelaide M. Westerburg, R. F. D. 2, No. 122, Fremont Co., 
Idaho, is collecting material for a genealogy of the descendants of William 
Bradbury of Coventry, England, who died in Malad City, Idaho, in 1897. 

Briscoe. — Miss Juliet Hite Gallaher, Waynesboro', Augusta Co., Va., is com- 
piling a genealogy of the descendants of Dr. John Briscoe, who died in St. 
Mary's Co., Md. 

Bullock. -—EdwBTd J. C. Bullock, Warren, R. I., is collecting materials for a 
genealogy of the descendants of Richard Bullock, who died at Rehoboth, Mass., 
22 Nov. 1667. 

Fowle. — Elmore Allen Pierce, Wobum, Mass., is compiling a genealogy of the 
descendants of George Fowle, who died in Charlestown, Mass., 19 Sept. 1682. 

jyorrfson.— William Burr Harrison, 920 17th Street, N. W., Washington, D.C., 
and Mrs. F. A. G. Handy, Arlington Avenue, Barcroft, Alexandria Co., Va., are 
collecting materials for a genealogy of the family of Burr Harrison, who was 
bom 28 Dec. 1687, and died in Stafford Co., Va., in 1706. 

Selden. — Mrs. M. M. Le Brun, Montclair, N. J., is preparing a genealogy of 
the descendants of Thomas Selden of Hartford, Conn., 1689. 

iS^ea/e.— A. J. Sheaf e, 1 Lennox Hall, Brookline, Mass., is collectbig materials 
for a genealogy of the descendants of Richard Sheafe, who died at Cranbrook, 
CO. Kent, En^and, in 1557. 

StotoelU^W. H. H. Stowell, 15 Monument Avenue, West Medford, Mass., is 
compiling a genealogy of the descendants of Samuel Stowell, who died at Hing- 
bam« Mass., 9 Nov. 1683. 

302 Book Notices [July 


[Thb editor requests persons sending books for notice to state, for the information 
of readers* the price of each book, with the amoant to be added for postage when sent 
by mail. For tne January issue, books should be received by Nov. 1 ; for Aprii, hj 
Feb. 1 ; for July, by May 1 ; and for October, by July 1.] 

The Bates Bulletin. Vol. JL No. 2. April 1909. No title-page. pp. 8. Ulus. 
An article on James Bates of Dorchester, and the Revolutionary story of Re- 
becca and Abigail Bates of the Scltuate Lighthouse, are the chief contributions 
in this number, which has views of the home of Rebecca and Abigail Bates and 
of the Scltuate Lighthouse. 

A brief sketch of Thomas Puller and one line of his descendants^ with notes. [By 
J. F. Fuller. Appleton, Wis. The Lawrence Press, 1909.] 16« pp. 67, 

Nine generations in one line of descent from Thomas of Wobum, later of 
Salem and Middleton, Mass., are recorded in this little volume, which is embel- 
lished with a sketch of the old homestead and another of the old meeting-hooae. 

Genealogy of the Greenlee Families in America^ Scotland^ Ireland^ and England^ 
with ancestors of Elizabeth Brooks Greenlee and Emily Brooks Greenlee, also 
genealogical data on the McDowells of Virginia and Kentucky^ by Ralph 
Stebbins Grkenleb and Robert Lemuel Greenlee. Chicago, 111., privately 
printed, 1908. i^ pp. 744, Ulus. chart. Price, $15.00 ; address the authors, 
285 West 12th Street, Chicago, 111. 

This large genealogy seems to include every Une of the family it describes so 
generously, the principal ones having settled in Pennsylvania, Delaware, Vir- 
ginia, West Virginia, and Tennessee. Many miscellaneous items and extracts 
are ^so given that relate to families whose connection with any of the main 
branches is not known. An unusual number of portraits appear, and the bio- 
graphical sketches are very full, giving many stories and family traditions. 
One of the unique features of arrangement Is the plan of giving the name of 
both parents In each generation of the ancestral line enclosed in brackets after 
the names of the h^ids of families noticed. There are three indexes and a 
Brooks ancestral chart. The book is well made, and handsomely bound in full 

Brief history and genealogy of the Heame Family y from 1066 to 1907 ^ by Wor 
LiAM T[homa8] Hbarne. Independence, Mo., press of Examiner Printing 
Company, 1907. 8© pp. 753, Ulus. Price, $10.00 ; address the author, Indepen- 
dence, Mo. Family tree for framing, $1.00 ; electro of coat of arms, $1.00. 
The additional material obtained by the compiler since the first issue of this 
work in 1895 has been incorporated In this second edition, which has also been 
improved by rearrangement. The book is really a series of biographical 
sketches, very fully written, with many portraits. Nearly all the branches of 
the family here given reside In the West, and if their pleasure In this second 
edition equals that occasioned by the first edition, as shown by the words of 
appreciation and approval that were then received by the author and are here 
printed, the painstaking compiler will feel amply rewarded for his eflbrts. 

The Honeyman Family in Scotland and America, 1548^1908, by A[braham] 
Van Dorsn Honeyman. Plainfield, N. J., Honeyman*s Publishing House, 
1909. 8o pp. 345, Ulus. Price to subscribers, $6.00 ; address the publishers. 
The Honeyman (Honyman, Hunneman) family came undoubtedly from Plfe- 
shlre, Scotland, and some account of thehr early history, including the life of 
Bishop Andrew Honyman of the Orkneys, may be found in the historical and 
biographical portion of this work, which occupies nearly the first half of the 
volume. Here also is an interesting account of Rev. James Honyman of New- 
port, R. I., and his son James, attorney-general of Rhode Island, also the story 
of John Honeyman of New Jersey, the '' spy of Washington." The genealogical 
portion treats of the descendants of Nicholas of Boston, Samuel of England, 

* All the nnaigned reviews are written by Miss Alios Luorstia Wbstoatb of Bo«t6o« 

1909] Booh Notices 303 

John of New Jersey, Charles of West Virginia, and Sarah Honeyman Teater of 
Kentucky and Mlssoori, and farther gives some miscellaneons and unidentified 
branches. The book lias several indexes, many portraits, and Is a nsefol and 
valuable contribution to printed genealogy. 

Charles Estienne Hovdelette, Huguenot. The Houdlette Family, 1707-1907. 

Boston, Geo. H. Ellis Co., printers, 272 Congress Street, 1909. S® pp. 14. 

Charles Estienne Houdelette, whose signature is given in facsimile on the 
title-page, was bom in France in 1707, and during the persecution of the Hu- 
guenots fled to Germany, and thence to Boston, where he landed in 1761. He 
settled in Dresden, Me., where he died in 1784. Seven generations of his de- 
scendants are here recorded, but no dates or places of residence are given. The 
pamphlet is clearly printed on excellent paper. 

TTie Ancestry of Bosalie Morris Johnson, daughter of George Calvert Morris and 
Elizabeth Kuhn his wife, compiled by R[obekt] Winder Johnson. [Phila- 
delpliia] Ferris and Leach, piinted for private circulation only, 1905. 4® pp. 
294, facsimiles, illus. 

While this volume was printed for private use it contains many family lines 
that are of wide interest, such as the Calvert, Willing, Morris, Shippen, Kuhn, 
Hamilton, Pcetcrs, Bistrate, Macquereel, and Stier. Research has been made In 
England, Belgium, Holland, Germany, and the West Indies, as well as the 
United States, in order to collect this material, which is printed on a heavy 
deckle-edged paper, Indexed, and suitably bound. The book contains valuable 
excerpts from many original sources. 

The Ancestry of Bosalie Morris Johnson, daughter of George Calvert Morris and 
Elizabeth Kuhn his wife, compiled by R[obert] Winder Johnson. Second 
volume. Philadelphia, printed for private circulation only, 1908. 4® pp. 87, 

Since publishing the first volume, noticed above, much interesting data relating 
to the Stier family was collected in Antwerp, whose archives also furnished 
many autographs that are reproduced in facsimile. A few more English lines 
are also included, together with additions and corrections. The book is uni- 
form in size and style with the earlier volume. 

The King Family of Suffleld, Conn., its English ancestry, 1389-1662, and 
American descendants, 1662-1908, also appendices containing information 
concerning some of its maternal ancestors. Compiled by Cameron Haight 
King. San Francisco, Cal., 1908. 8® pp. 592-f-lxiii. 

James King, the son of William, was bom in Ugborough, Devonshire, Eng., 
in 1647. married in 1674, in Ipswich, Mass., and became one of the original 
proprietors of Suffleld, Conn. This comprehensive, well-compiled record of 
his descendants is an excellent addition to any genealogical library, and of 
great interest to all members of the family. Many wills and inventories are 
printed in full, and facsimiles of the signatures of some of the earlier mem- 
bers of the family are given. An unusual amount of material concerning some 
of the maternal ancestors may be found in the appendix, which contains accounts 
of the families of Adams, Auringer, Devotion, Emerson, Farrar, Fuller, Haight, 
Preston, and Remington, among others. The illustrations i^e attractive, and 
there is a good index. 

Lyon Memorial. New York Families descended from tJie immigrant Thomas Lyon 
of Bye, with introductory chapter by Dr. G. W. A. Lyon on the English Lyon 
families. Editor, Robert B. Miller. Associate editor, A. B. Lyons, M.D. 
Detroit, Mich., press of William Graham Printmg Co., 1907. 8opp. 589, illus. 
This third volume of the Lyon Memorials deals with the descendants of 
Thomas, who settled in Fairfield County, Conn. These descendants soon re- 
moved to New York. One of the most praiseworthy features of the volume is 
the index of places which covers all three books of the series and will be very 
helpful in finding any particular ancestor. Supplements to volume one, which 
treats of the families of William of Roxbury, and of Peter and George of Dor- 
chester, and to volume two, which deals with the descendants of two brothers 
ii?ho went to Fairfield, Conn., are also included in this book in addition to the 
records of more than thirteen hundred descendants in these New York families. 

304 Booh Notices [July 

Memoranda relating to the Mt Vickar Family in America. [Compiled by Edward 
McVicKAR and William Constable Breed. New York, 1906]. 8« n. p. 
This Is a record of some of the descendants of John McVlckar, who was bom 
in Ireland In 1769 and came to New York City in 1780. Although compiled for 
use in a lawsuit involvinji^ some property once belonging to the founder of the 
family, and said to be incomplete in some details, it contains much of interest 
to those connected with the name. 

Index to the Genealogy of the Mead Family publislied 1901, by Spekcer P. Mrad, 
LL.B. New York, The Knickerbocker Press, 1907. S® pp. 73. 
Surely no one possessing the Mead Genealogy would willingly be without its 

index, which includes the names of more than nine thousand individuals. 

The Morris Family of Philadelphia, descendants of Anthony Morris, 1654-1721, 
by Robert C. Moon, M.D. Supplement. Vols. IV. and V. Philadelphia, 
1908. 80 pp. 196, iUus. ; 197-483, Ulus. 

These two large, beautifully illustrated volumes contain much Important 
data and many illustrations that could not be included in the three original vol- 
umes of the family history published in 1898. Since that date the compiler has 
continued his researches in the West Indies and England, and the additional 
information regarding the early history of the family then gleaned is g^ven in 
these supplements. Many pictures of colonial furniture and plate, as well as 
exterior and Interior views of the residences of this Philadelphia family, are 
given in addition to numerous portraits and silhouettes. The books conform 
In size and style to the earlier volumes of the set, and are excellent examples of 
fine book-making. 

Oeorge Morton of Plymouth Colony and some of his descendants, by John K. 

Allen. Chicago, 111., printed for private circulation by John K. Allen, 49-51 

North Jefferson Street, 1908. 8® pp. 48-f. 

After presenting the various theories that have been advanced concerning the 
English ancestry of George Morton, this well-compiled and useful record gives 
the first four generations of his descendants ^^ as completely as it has been pos- 
sible to glean the information.** Beginning with the fifth generation but one 
line Is published, although certain prominent lines are Included In the copious 
footnotes. The material Is arranged on the Register plan, and is indexed. The 
pamphlet will be of interest to many genealogists. 

A record of some of the descendants of John Nutting of Oroton, Mass,, by Rev. 
John Keep Nuttino. Syracuse, N. Y., C[harles] W[llllam] Bardeen, pub- 
lisher, 1908. 8<> pp. 277, illus. map. Price, $5.00 ; address the author. College 
Springs, Iowa. 

The story of this family Is told in a pleasant, narrative fashion, and carries 
the descendants down to the ninth generation, giving no inconsiderable atten- 
tion to the branches of Patch, Bardeen, Chamberlain, and Bennett. However, 
it is to be regretted that the arrangement is complicated, and that dates when 
given are generally confined only to the year. The illustrations are chiefly por^ 
traits. The half -morocco binding is attractive. 

Genealogy of the Parke Families of Massachusetts, including Bichard Parte of 

Cambridge, William Park of Groton, and others. Compiled by Frank StIj- 

VESTER Parks. Washington, D. C, [privately printed] 1909. 8o pp. 262, Ulaa. 

The author states that this book Is published primarily for the information 

of the living descendants of the families, and to give a permanent record of the 

facts that have been collected. The '' N. £. H. G. S. Standard ** paper has been 

used In making the book, and the arrangement of the material Is similar to Uie 

Register plan. The account of William of Groton was contributed by Mr. 

Lawrence Park. The volume is well compiled, and should be of interest to the 

family and of assistance to genealogists. It is well indexed. 

John Bedington of Top^eld, Mass., and some of his descendants, with notes om 
the Wales Family, by Cornelia M. Redinoton Carter. Edited by Josiah 
Oranvillk Leach, LL.B. Boston, press of David Clapp & Son, 1909. 8* 
pp. 86, illus. 


Book Notices 305 

Tbte is a reprint (with many additions) from tlie Register for July, 1907. 
The Redlngton material has been generously expanded, and the entire account 
of the Wales family is new matter. The lineage of this last-mentioned family 
is traced through Timothy Wales of Claverly, £ng., and Milton, Mass., to John 
Wales of Idle in the parish of Claverly, in 1684. A reprint of "The Counsels 
and Directions of Ebenezer Wales Esq. to his children," Boston, 1813, is also 
bound in this book, which is well illustrated, indexed, and printed on good 

Thomas Bemington of Svffield^ Conn,, and some of his descendants^ by Louis 
Mabinus Dewey. Boston, New England Historic Genealogical Society, 1909. 
8o pp. 9. 
This is a reprint from the Register for April 1909. 

Seventeenth Annual Reunion of the Reynolds Family Association held at Mohican 
Hotels New London y Conn.y Thursday ^ Aug. 20, 1908. Middletown, Conn., 
press of Pelton and King. S^ pp. 40. 

Annual reports of committees, after-dinner speeches, and lists of officers and 
members of the association precede an appendix which contains a brief record 
of the descendants of John Reynolds of Watertown, Mass., later of Wethers- 
fleld and Stamford, Conn. It is hoped that the association will make some effort 
to discover the English ancestry of their progenitor. 

Genealogy {in part) of the Sprague Families in America as dsscended from Ed- 
ward Sprague of England^ from 1614, with the wills of Edward Sprague and 
that of his son William^ who settled in Hingham, Mass.^ in 1636. Revised 
edition with corrections and additions, complied by Augustus B. R. Sprague. 
Worcester, Mass., published by the compiler, 1906. 8» pp. 49. 
Several of the branches recorded In this rare pamphlet are not to be found 
elsewhere, as they were gleaned from private papers now inaccessible. The 
compiler states In the preface that his purpose was not to give a complete his- 
tory of all branches of the family In America but only a brief genealogy of three 
of the sons of Edward of England, particularly that of William, who settled in 
Charlestown and H Ingham, Mass. The pamphlet will be of valuable assistance 
to those Interested in the family. 

The brothers Ralph and William Sprague and some of their descendants, by Frank 
William Sprague. Boston, New England Historic Grenealogical Society, 1909. 
8® pp. 14. 
This Is a reprint from the Register for April 1909. 

A Book of StrattonSy being a collection of Stratton records from England and 
Scotland, and a genealogical history of the early colonial Strattons in America^ 
with five generations of their descendants^ complied by Harriet Russell 
Stratton. Vol. I. New York, The Grafton Press, 1908. 8® pp. 860, illus. 
Address the compiler, 821 Poplar Street, Chattanooga, Tenn. 
The first part of Volume I relates chiefly to the Strattons of England and 
Scotland. Following this account, the descendants of those Strattons that 
flettled In Massachusetts, Connecticut, Long Island, New Jersey, and Virginia 
are given down to the fifth generation In this volume, the second volume (not 
jet Issued) taking up each liBe where the first volume leaves it. The compiler 
earnestly requests all persons having Stratton data not in this volume to com- 
municate with her that It may be Incorporated In the next volume. The clear 
arrangement of the material is similar to the Register plan, and the practice of 
printing the names of wives in heavier type is conmiended. Numerous charts 
and an index close a volume of worth and usefulness. 

Totonsend Genealogy, a record of the descendants of John Townsend, 1743-1821, 
and his wife Jemima Travis, 1746-1832, by Cleveland Abbe, assisted by 
Josephine Genung Nichols. New York, Frank Allaben Genealogical Com- 
pany, 1909. 12® pp. 106. Price, cloth, ^2.00 ; postage, 10 cents. 
The preface states that, after fifty years of fruitless search for the parentage 
of either John Townsend or Jemima Travis, It has been decided to publish the 
other material collected, hoping to stimulate a more widespread search In that 
direction. The large amount of data concerning other branches of the Townsend 

306 Booh NoticM [July 

family in the possession of the writer is not to be published, bat Is at the dis- 
posal of searchers. It will probably be deposited eyentually in the archives of 
the New York Genealogical and Biographical Society. The book contains a 
good deal of information, and many l&es are brought down to the present day. 
The outline of the first four generations giren in Uie front of the book will be 
most useful, as the numerical annotation is unusual. Fortunately there la an 

Further genealogical notes on the Tyrrell-Terrell famUy of Virginia^ and iU 
English and Norman- French progenitors^ by Edwin H. Terrell. Second edi- 
tion with addenda and corrigenda. San Antonio, Texas, 1909. 80 pp. 41. 
The first edition of this pamphlet was Issued in 1907. This edition contains 

the most Important results of a correspondence between the author and Joseph 

Henry Tyrrell of Twickenham, Eng., the compiler of the record of the Tyrrell 

family published in England in 1904. 

History of Jan Van Cleef of New Utrecht, L, I. (1659), and some of his de- 
scendants, by Murray Edward Poolk, D. C. L., LL.D. Press of the Ithaca 
Journal, 1909. S® n. p. 

Jan Van Cleef was bom in Holland in 1628, and although he settled in New 
Utrecht in 1659 but few of his descendants remained there, most of them moring 
to New Jersey. A single line of descent is brought down to the eighth gener- 

Tale Genealogy and history of Wales. Life of Ovoen Glyndwr. Biographies of 
Gov, Elihu Tale, Linus Tale Sr., Linus Tale Jr., Maurice Fits Gerald, Roger 
de Montgomery and others, by Rodney Horace Yale. Beatrice, Neb., 1908. 
120 pp. 697-f XXV, illus. maps. Price, $5.00 ; postage, 22 cents. Address the 
author, Beatrice, Neb. 

The history of the country of Wales, which opens this volume, is unusually 
interesting and comprehensive. Many views of the beautiful Welsh sceoery 
illustrate the narrative, and the genealogy of Welsh ancestors is given down to 
Thomas, whose sons David and Thomas came to America, and whose grandson 
Gov. Elihu Yale gave a generous donation and his name to the coUe^ in New 
Haven. About four thousand descendants are recorded, and a pedigree chart 
of the early Welsh ancestors is given, as well as maps of ancient and modem 
Wales. As only a limited numl^r of copies have been printed in excess of the 
subscription list, persons desiring this genealogy should order it at once. The 
book is indexed, and bound in full morocco. 

Appreciation of Calvin Chopin, D, /).. of Rocky HUl, Conn., by Rev. Edwin P. 

Parker, D. D. Chapln Family Association publications. Providence, Snow 

& Famham Co., Printers, 1908. 8<» pp. 12, illus. 

All of Dr. Chapln's long ministry of fifty-seven years was given to the church 
at Rocky Hill. That his influence and usefulness was widespread is shown in 
this account of his life. The Illustrations are a portrait of Dr. Chapln, views 
of his home, the Meeting House, and the new Chapin Memorial parsonage. 

Memoir of Edmund Sanford Clark, A.M, Boston, press of David Clapp & Son, 
1909. 80 pp. 5, iUus. 
This is a reprint from the Register for April 1909. 

The life of Francis Daniel Pastorius, the founder of Germantotcn, by BIarion 
Dexter Learned, Ph.D., L.H.D. ; with an appreciation of Pastorius by Samtel 
Whitaker Pexnypacker, LL.D. Illustrated mth ninety photographic r^ro- 
ductions, Philadelphia, William J. CampbeU, 1908. i^ pp, 3^, uios. 
This splendid and comprehensive documentary history of the life of one 
whom Gov. Pennypacker considers undoubtedly unequaled amon^ the colonisers 
of America in intellectual cultivation and attainments leaves no source of infor- 
mation unexploited. Beginning with his ancestors and graving a full account of 
his father's life, the narrative then takes up Pastorius's early years and education^ 
his travels, and practice as a jurist In Germany. William Penn's acquaintance 
with him, and the motives that led him to emigrate to America, form an Inter^ 
esting chapter. Many excellent photographs of his manuscripts, written in one 
or more of the seven languages at his conmiand, the houses and towns in which 

1909] Booh Notices 307 

he had lived, together with other objects of interest, are found throughout the 
book. The volume is a distinguished addition to the published records of 
Pennsylvania history. 

Ainsworih Band SfHtfford^ 1825-1908. A memorial meeting at the Library of 
Congress, 12 Nov. 1908, the Librarian of Congress presiding. [New York 
City, The Webster Press, printed for the District of Columbia Library Asso- 
ciation, 1909.] S^ pp. 84, frontispiece. 

To the memory of this truly great librarian is paid a sincere tribute by his 
associates in Cincinnati, the Library of Congress, the Public Library of the 
District, and the literary, historical, and anthropological societies in which he 
held membership. His successor says that although the extent and precision 
of his feats of memory were impressive and brilliant, such traits signified less 
to those about him than his personal qualities— his devotion, patience and forti- 
tude, his essential sweetness and fundamental simplicity. The six other writers 
show equal recognition of his worth. A list of his writings, prepared by Mr. 
A. P. C. Grlflln, closes this warm appreciation of the dean of American librarians. 

Benjamin Franklin Stevens, by Charles French Read. Boston, press of David 
Clapp & Son. 1909. S^ pp. 6, iUus. 
This Is a reprint from the Register for January 1909. 

Alomo Palmer Stinson. Exercises at the dedication of the memorial to his mem- 
ory erected by his comrades of Company H, Fifth Maine V<flunteer Infantry. 
Edited by Philip Willis McIntyre. Portland, Me., Lefavor-Tower Com- 
pany, 1909. 8° pp. 62, illus. 

This memorial was dedicated 4 July 1908 to the first Portland soldier who 
fell in battle during the Civil War. His portrait is given as a frontispiece, and 
numerous other portraits of members of the Company are to be found among 
the illustrations. The pamphlet is handsomely printed on heavy deckle-edged 
paper, and has an appropriate blue cover. 

George Washington. Statement of Richard Parkinson [Lincolnshire Farmer'}. 

[Baltimore] The I^rd Baltimore Press, 1909. 12° pp. 38. 

In answer to George Washington's proposals for letting his Mount Vernon 
estate to English or Scotch farmers, Richard Parkinson came to America in 
1798 with a shipload of English stock. His admiration of the people he met 
was not sufficient to overcome his dislike of the wild appearance of the country, 
and be could see no agricultural possibilities in its virgin soil. He records an 
interesting Impression of Gen. Washington. 

Commemoration of the ordination of John MUton Whiton to the ministry of the 
PresbyteHfin Church in Antrim, N. H., 1808. Printed for the family, 1908. 
8o pp. 42, Illus. 
This centennial celebration was observed by the family and the town during 

Old Home Week, August, 1908. The sermons and addresses then delivered are 

here printed in full, and also Interesting extracts from Mrs. Whlton*s sketch of 

her life may be found among other Items In the appendix. 

The story of the old Boston Town House. lOSS-llll^ by Josiah Henry Benton, 
LL.D. Boston, privately printed, 1908. 4° pp. 212-|-60, Illus. 
A close study of the conditions of life that existed about the building, as It 
appeared In the records and laws made in that day, brings Into view the arbitrary 
and harsh measures used by the Puritans in establishing their town. The build- 
ing contract for the Town House is printed in full, and a view and plan of the 
edifice, as described In the contract, Is also given. The varied uses of this 
important building are well discussed, and it is Interesting to consider how 
many departments were lodged in their infancy under this one roof. The story 
of its destruction by fire, and the commercial and moral efi'ect on the community, 
has not been neglected. A list of the authorities consulted and an index close 
this entertaining, scholarly, and well-made book. 

The Consolidated Statutes relating to the City of Boston. Codified by Thomas M. 
Babson, Corporation Counsel, by order of the City Council. Boston, Muni- 
cipal Printhig Office, 1908. 8« pp. 681. 

308 Booh Notices [J^Ij 

This consolidation is divided into four parts : The City Charter, The Ad- 
ministration of Municipal Basiness, The Police Department, Metropolitan Dis- 
tricts and Transit Acts. The index is excellent. 

Early mile-stones leading from Boston ; mile-atones at Groton, by Samuel Ab- 
bott Green. Cambridge, John Wilson and Son, University Press, 1909. $• 
pp. 27, facsimiles. 

Paul Dudley's *' parting stone 1744 *' is the first of many interesting facsimiles, 
all of which are described historically and geographically. Any one wishing to 
learn the story of an ancient mile-stone in the vicinity of Boston would do well 
to consult this pamphlet, which Is a reprint from the Proceedings of the Massa- 
chusetts Historical Society for January, 1909. 

Memories of Brown. Traditions and recollections gathered from many sources. 
Editors, Robert Perkins Brown, 1871, Henry Robinson Palmer, 1890, 
Harry Lyman Koopman, Librarian, Clarence Saunders Brigham, 1899. 
Providence, R. I., Brown Alumni Magazine Co., 1909. *8o pp. 495, lllus. 
These reminiscences of Brown graduates form a varied assortment of stories 
of college life and college pranks of earlier days. Extracts from old periodicals 
and some hitherto unpublished letters Increase the size of the volume, which it 
designed to ** re-establish the vanished past and create In the contemporary 
mind a fuller consciousness of the continuity of Brunonian tradition and aspir- 
ation." The illustrations are many, and entertaining. The volume Is Indexed, 
and appropriately bound In brown cloth. 

Society of Colonial Wars in the State of California, By-laws, 1896. 4o pp. 19. 

The Cambridge Historical Society Publications III, Proceedings 28 January 
and 27 October 1908, Cambridge, Mass. Published by the Society, 1908. 
Price $1.50, by mall, $1.56; address the Harvard Cooperative Society, Cam- 
bridge, Mass. 80 pp. 131. 

Perhaps the most notable and, likewise, characteristic contribution to be 
found In this Society's publication Is the (personal reminiscence by some mem- 
ber—the contributor this time being Rev. Alexander McKenzle, who gave a 
sketch of some Cambridge men. Au article on the Society's seal contains much 
about the first printing press. In addition to articles on Gen. Peleg Wads worth, 
Francis Dana, the Tudor House, the writings of Thomas Shepard, and the Long- 
fellow Centenary Medal Prize, are the official lists of the Society and the second 
report on historical sites. 

Biennial Report of the State Historical and Xatural History Society of Colorado, 
1 Decembtr 1906 to 30 November 1908. Denver, Col. The Smlth-Brookt 
Printing Co., State Printers, 1908. 8o pp. 28. 

Historical address at dedication of the Braddock boulder^ 10 Nov. 1907^ by Marcus 
Benjamin, Ph.D., Sc.D. ; historical papers of the Society of Colonial Wars 
In the District of Columbia, No. 4, 1908. [Washington, D. C, press of the 
National Tribune Co.] 8o pp. 14 lllus. 

This is the first memorial ever erected In the District of Columbia to com- 
memorate a historical event of the Colonial period. In addition to the address 
and remarks relating to this occasion, there Is given a list of the publications of 
the society. 

Early Detroit, by C[larence] M[onroe] Burton. 8® pp. 62, maps, lUus. 

A sketch of the adventerous life of Antolne de la Mothe Cadillac, who came 
to Port Royal In 1683, went to Quebec for a while, and In 1701 founded the city 
of Detroit, opens this brief, entertaining, narrative of the early days of thij 
settlement under French, English, and American rule. The author, who:>e por» 
trait Is given, says In his foreword that ** the novelist, the hero worshiper, and 
the student can all find enough to employ their time for years In studylns: the 
place, its people, the objects for its establishments, its struggles for existence 
and Its success." 

A handlist to the surnames represented by inscriptions in the Hundred of Edwin*' 
tree, in the County of Hertfordshire [England] recorded in 1907, compiled by 
W. B. Gerish. Bishop's Stortford, 1908. 8« pp. 16. Price Is. 


Booh Notices 309 

The parishes in which these names are to be found are Indicated in the list, 
which is designed for the use of genealogists and others. 

Fairmount Park Art Association. Publication No. 44, containing the thirty- 
seventh annual report of the trustees and proceedings of the association. Phila- 
delphia, Issued by the association, Leslie W. Miller, secretary, 320 South 
Broad Street, 1909. 8^ pp. 72, lllus. 

A descriptive list of the works of art contributed to Fairmount Park by this 
association is here given, as well as the usual reports and a sketch of Frederic 
Remington whose statue, "The Cowboy," recently placed In the Park, Is pho- 
tographed for a frontispiece. 

Slavery at Groton, Massachusetts, in provincial timesy by Samuel Abbott Green. 

Cambridge, John Wilson and Son, University Press, 1909. S^ pp. 9. 

This reprint from the proceedings of the Massachusetts Historical Society 
furnishes many unusual bits of information regarding slavery In a Massachusetts 
country town. 

Early Records of Londonderry, Windham, and Derry^ K. H.^ 1719-1762. Ex- 
act transcript of the political proceedings in Vol. /, complete^ and Vol. II, pages 
1 to 375, old town books. Comprising Volume I of the printed records of the 
towns, and Volume V of the Manchester Historic Association Collections, 
Edited with introduction, notes, and index, by George Waldo Browne. Man- 
chester, N. H. Published with appropriations made by Londonderry, Derry, 
and Wlndiiam, under the auspices of the Manchester Historic Association. 
1908. 8® pp. 416, Ulus. Price, 1^2.00 ; royal octavo, seal brown and blue cloth 
binding, gilt top, ^2.60 ; address George Waldo Browne, 64 Hanover St., Man- 
chester, N. H. 

These records are printed uniformly with the " Early Records of Derryfleld," 
issued by this society a short time ago, and continue an excellent line of work. 
The original Is reproduced In style, spelling, punctuation, and language as close- 
ly as type will allow. The Introduction states that, In order to make the poiiti- 
cal records of the town form a continuous narrative, about one hundred and 
seventy-two pages of the first volume of town records containing the transcripts 
of homesteads, roads, and vital records have been omitted In the printed volume. 
There are two Indexes, and a portrait of the Rev. Matthew Clark Is given as a 
frontispiece. The book Is a useful addition to these collections, which are In- 
creasing In historical value. 

Diary kept at the Siege of Louisburg, March 11- August 2, 1745, with notes and 
an introduction by Samuel A. Grken. Cambridge, John Wilson and Son, 
University Press, 1909. 8<» pp. 12. 

This diary was found In the garret of a house In Bolton, Mass., and is 
thought by some to have been kept by Benjamin Steams of Lancaster. The 
company, whose marchings are here recorded, set out from Groton, however. 
Although the diary is brief and slender. It Is valuable for the manner In which 
It supplements and coincides with other records of this expedition. 

History of the early settlement of Newton^ Mass., from 1639 to 1800, with a gene- 
alogical register of its inhabitants prior to 1800, by Francis Jackson. Boston, 
printed by Stacy and Richardson, 1864. 12° pp. 655, Ulus., map. Price 1^3.00, 
address William M. Noble, 53 State Street, Boston, Mass. 
This volume Is a photographic reproduction of the edition of 1854, the hand- 
colored map being reprinted In colors, and the old binding Imitated even to 
the pattern of the embossing. The first edition has long been out of print, and 
stray copies sell for about twenty dollars each In the auction rooms. The New- 
ton Centre Improvement Association deserves credit for Its activities in repro- 
ducing this town history, which is now within the reach of all and should find a 
place in every library. 

BuUetins of the Society of Mayilower Descendants in the State of New York. No. 

3. New York, printed for the Society, Dec. 1908. 8° pp. 47. 

The will of WUloughby Allerton, gentleman, of Westmoreland County, Va., 
proved 17 Jan. 1723-4, with notes, comprises the historical contribution In this 

310 Book Notices [July 

Ohio Society of New York, Fifteenth Edition, 1909. New York, Rooms of the 
Society, Waldorf-Astoria. [G. P. Putnam's Sons.] 12o pp. 102-|-, illus. 
The Ohio Society of New York was organized in 1885, and incorporated in 1688. 
This edition contains the constitution and by-laws, twenty-third annual report, 
and lists of officers and members. Among the photograplis is that of the newly- 
elected president, Henry W. Taft. 

The North Carolina Booklet. Vol. VIIL No. 3. January, 1909. Great evenU 
in North Carolina history. Published quarterly by the North Carolina Society 
Daughters of the Revolution. 8° pp. 156-261-|-18, illus. 

The two principal articles in this number relate to the Mecklenburg declara- 
tion of independence. 

The North Carolina Booklet. Vol. VIIL No. 4. April 1909. Great evenU 
in North Carolina history. Published quarterly by the North Carolina Society 
Daughters of the Bavolution. 8° pp. 8364-19, illus. 
The object of this booklet Is to aid in developing and preserving the records 

of the history of the State. The proceeds from its publication will be devoted 

to patriotic purposes. 

Fort Ancient, Ohio. Was it a Fortress f By GsoRGs Sheldon. [Deerflcld, 

Mass., The Recorder Press, 1909.] 8o n. p. 

This interesting discussion regarding the use of Fort Ancient, located on the 
Little Miami liiver in Warren County, Ohio, and described as the masterpiece of 
the Mound Builders and the first among prehistoric fortifications, was read be- 
fore the Pocumtuck Valley Memorial Association, Deerfield, Mass., 23 February 
1909. The author*s argument that this great earthwork was dedicated to reli- 
gious purposes rather than to military defense (as is commonly stated) is well 

Publications of the Pennsylvania History Club. Vol. I. Philadelphia, 1800 Lo- 
cust Street, February 1909. 8o pp. 68. 

The object of this new club is a closer association of authors and students 
interested in Pennsylvania history, and to encourage the exploitation of original 
sources and the writing and publication of the State's history in its broader as- 
pects. A list of members, with their historical bibliographies, follows the con- 
stitution of the club and a list of its officers. 

Lexington Monument, by Thomas Carroll, with the twelfth annual report of the 
Peabody Historical i^ociety 1907-1908. Peal)ody, Mass., press of C. H. Shep- 
ard, 27 Lowell Street, 1909. 8<» pp. 21, illus. 

The first memorial monument to the battle of Lexington was erected in 1885, 
in Peabody, Mass. The address here printed was read 19 April 1897 before the 
Peabody Historical Society, and the annual report of that society is here In- 
cluded, giving the usual official reports and a description of the donations re- 
ceived during the year. 

A New Hampshire Farm and its owner. [By Hon. Jonathan Smtth of ClinUuL, 
Mass., and his sister Caroline Smith of Newton Center, Mass.] Clinton, 
press of William H. Benson, 1909. 8o pp. 213, illus. 

Elm Farm, Peterborough, N. H., was the home of John and Susan Steams 
Smith and their family. A detailed story of the daily life of this Puritan house- 
hold reflects minutely the social customs and thought of the community in the 
middle of the nineteenth century. The volume is a continuation of the '* Home 
of the Smith Family," and brings the story down to 1873. The illustrations are 
chiefly portraits, but a view of the house, taken in 1864, is given as a frontis- 

An historical account of the Rolfe and Rumford Asylum, an institution for needy 
female children bom in Concord, N. H, founded in 1852 by Sarah T%ompsQn^ 
Counti'ss of Rumford. Concord, N. H., Rumford Printing Company. 1909. 
8® pp. 86, lilus. 

A sketch of the adventurous life of Benjamin Thompson, Count Rumford, and 
the story of his daughter's life in New England and Europe, prefaces the state- 
ments regarding the asylum, Its organization and present condition* Portraits 


Booh Notices 311 

of the Count and Countess and ylews of the asylum are given in this interesting 

Historical sketch of Saint Peter's Church, Salem, Mass., read 5 Nov. 1908 in 
commemoration of the one hundred and seventy-Jlfth anniversary of the churchy 
by William F. Gavbt. Printed by request. 8° pp. 23. 
Prefaced by a statement of the treatment accorded to early Episcopalians in 

Massachusetts, this outline of the history of the parish deals largely with the 

rectors who have served in this church. 

The History of Springfield in Massachusetts, for the young, being also in some part 
the history of other towns and cities in the county of Hampden, by Chablbs H. 
Barrows. Published by the Connecticut Valley Historical Society, Spring- 
field, Mass., 1909. 12^ pp. 166, lllus., maps. 
Certainly the young reader for whom this book is designed will be entertained 

by the many quaint, ancient woodcuts, which are sufficiently unlike the usual 

illustrations of the modem days to hold his attention. 

Vineland Historical and Antiquarian Society, annual r^ort for the year ending 

13 October 1908. Vineland, N. J., 1908. 

A list of the donations received during the year by this society Is added to 
the reports of the secretary ahd treasurer. 

Fifth Annual Report of the Library Board of the Virginia State Library, 1907^ 

1908, to which is appended the Fifth Annual B^>ort of the State Librarian. 
Richmond [Va.], Davis Bottom, Superintendent of Public Printing, 1908. 8o 
pp. 1324-803+164. 

A calendar of legislative petitions arranged by counties, and Including those 
from the counties of Accomac, Albemarle, Alexandria, Alleghany, Amelia, Am- 
herst, Appomattox, Augusta, Barbour, Bath, and Bedford, prepared by the State 
archivist and Indexed, also a trial bibliography of colonial Virginia, which Is 
described as " a tentative list of publications relating to Colonial Virginia, Issued 
daring the period between 1608 and 1776," appear under cover of the State Libra- 
rian's report, and are not only of great value and Interest but also Indicate the 
wealth of historical material deposited In this library. 

Dedication of the Peters' Hill Memorial, Wenham, Mass., Oct. 25, 1908, with 
the report of the Memorial Committee, and an (xppendix containing items of his- 
torical inters^. 8® pp. 36, lUus. 
Once again Is brought to public attention that sturdy, picturesque figure of 

PuriUn days, the Rev. Hugh Peters. But little Is told of him, however, as this 

pamphlet Is devoted mainly to a record of the exercises at the dedication, and a 

history of the hill. 

Inaugural Address of Hon. James Logan, mayor of Worcester, Mass., January 4, 

1909. Worcester, Mass., The Blanchard Press, 1909. 8« pp. 47. 

This address discusses the problems of the city as found In the different de- 
partments of the city's government. 

Fifth biographical record of the class of Fifty-eight, Tale University, 1858-1908, 
by WnjJAM Plumb Bacon. New Britain, Conn., The Record Press, 1908. 
8o pp. 205, lllus. 

Many of these biographical sketches contain also the genealogical record of 
the descendants of some of the members of the class. The portraits add to the 
interest of the book, which Is valuable to others as well as to the class. 

Vital Records of Ashbumham, Massachusetts^ to the end of the year 1849. Sys- 
tematic History Fund. Worcester, Mass., published by Franklin P. Rice, 
Trustee of the Fund. 1909. 8° pp. 316. 

Vital Records of Danvers, Massachusetts, to the end of the year 1849. Volume I. 
Births. Published by the Essex Institute, Salem, Mass., 1909. 8» pp. 424. 

Vital Records of Methuen, Massachusetts, to the end of the year 1849. Published 
by the Topsfleld Historical Society, Topsfleld, Mass. 1909. 8o pp. 846. 

312 Book Notices [July 

Viua Record* of ScUuaU, MasiaehuseUs, to the year 1850, Volume I. Births. 
Volume 11. Marriages and Deaths. Published by the New England Historic 
Genealogical Society at the charge of the Eddy Town-Becord Fundy BosUm^ 
Mass. 1909. 8o pp. 436 ; 473. 

Vital Becorda of Winchendon, Massachusetts, to the end of the year 1849. Sys- 
tematic History Fund. Worcester, Mass., published by Franklin P. Bioe, 
Trustee of the Fund. 1909. S^ pp. 223. 

The Constitution and Begister of Membership of the General Society of the War 
of 1812. June i, 1908. Philadelphia, Pa., 1908. 8» pp. 272. 
This register contains an ancestral account of each member in the Societies 

in the states of Pennsylvania, Maryland, Connecticut, Massachusetts, Obio, 

Illinois, New York, New Jersey, DeUware, and District of Columbia, as well as 

a list of the general officers since 1894. 

The County Begimentt a sketch of the Second Begiment of Connecticut Volunteer 
Heavy Artillery, originally the Nineteenth Volunteer Infantry, in the CivU War, 
by Dudley Landon Vaiul. Litchfield County University Club, 1908. 8« pp. 
108, illus. 

Beginning with the formation of the regiment and telling many little inci- 
dents connected with the departure of the regiment for the front, this brief 
sketch is said to have been made up chiefly of ''*• citations from the published 
history of the regiment, and from such other sources of information as were 
easily accessible." The paper is excellent, and the handsome binding is of full 

The History of the Tenth Massachusetts Battery of Light ArtUlery in the War of 
the Bebellion, formerly of the Third Corps, and afterwxrds of Hancod^s Second 
Corps, Army of the Potomac^ by John D. Billings, authorised and sanctioned 
by the Tenth Massachusetts Battery Association. Boston, The Arakelyan Press, 
868 Congress Street, 1909. 8o pp. 496, illus., maps. 
This volume is well written in an unusually entertaining style, and will be 

found more readable by non-combatants than are most similar records. A roster 

of the company and an index add to its usefulness. 

History of the Fortieth (Mozart) Begiment New York Volunteers, by Sergt. Fbkd. 

C. Floyd. Boston, F. H. Gilson Company, 1909. 8<» pp. xvl.-H68, illus. 

This history contains the individual army record of nearly three thousand 
volunteers, and relates the story of the nnmerous battles in which the regiment 
participated, besides tracing its marches through Virginia during the four years 
of the war. Portraits and biographical sketches of the three colonels who con- 
ducted its movements, as well as many pictures of officers and men, are given. 
The book is printed in small, dear type, and is bound in blue cloth. 

Official Becords of the Union and Confederate Navies in the War of the BebeUion. 
Published under the direction of the Hon. Victor H. BIktcalf, Secretary of the 
Navy, by Mr. Charlrs W. Stewabt, Superintendent of t?^ Library and Naval 
War Becords, Series I. Volumii 22. West Gulf Blockading Squadronflrom 
January 1, 1865 to January 31, 1866. Naval Forces on Western Waters 
from May 8, 1861, to April 11, 1862. Washington, Government Printing 
Office. 1908. 80 pp. 965, illus. maps. 

German Americxin Besearches, The growth of the German American CoUeetion 
of the New York Public Library during 1906-1907, by Richard E. Hxlbio. 
Reprinted from German American Annals, New series, Vol. 6, No. 5, Sept. and 
Oct. 1908. Philadelphia, Pa. The International Printing Company, 1908. 
4<» pp. 29. 

Year Book of the Swedish Historical Society of America. Svenska Historiska 
SalUkapets i AmeHka Arsbok 11, 1908. Chicago, HI., 1909. IS^ pp. 123. 
The most important article in this number is the account of a trip to Pike's 

Pe.ik and down the Rio Grande in 1659, at the time of the Pike's Peak gold erase. 

Not only are the proceedings of the Society with lists of officers i>nd members 

given, but also a catalogue of the library. 


Deaths 313 

The Bell Telephone. The Deposition of Alexandbb Graham Bkll in the euit 
brought by the United States to annul the Bell patents. Boston, printed by the 
American Bell Telephone, 1908. 8o pp. 469, illuB. 

The history of the invention of this modem convenience Is carefully and mi- 
nntely stated in Mr. Bell's own langoage, and he gives a most interesting account 
of hlB early training and education, idso the first years spent in Boston when 
connected with the education of deaf mutes. The illustrations show the devel- 
opment of the telephone. A photograph of Mr. Bell taken in 1876, the year in 
which the telephone was patented, is given as a frontispiece. The deposition 
was made in 1892. 

JVirm Hfe a Century ago, by Ethbl Stakwood Bolton. Privately printed. 

1909. 80 pp. 24. 

Gleanings from old diaries, deeds, inventories, articles of apprenticeship, and 
kindred sources are woven into this delightful little paper which has enter- 
tained more than one audience, and now stands in print for general reading. 
The daily occupations, the variety of useful trades, as well as the contrast of 
serene agricultural life with the restlessness of the spirit of the present day, are 
topics not neglected by this versatile writer. ^ 

Tkoenty-Jlrst report on the public records of parishes^ towns^ and counties [of 
Massachusetts'] , by Henby £. Woods, Conmiissloner. Boston [Mass.] , Wright 
ft Potter Printing Co., State Printers, 18 Post Office Square. 1909. 8° pp. 7. 
Seldom does a report give, with such brevity and directness, a comprehensive 
account of a year's active work. One hundred and five places were visited per- 
sonally, many of them more than once, and careful oversight given to the cus- 
tody of the public records in all parts of the commonwealth. 

Library of Congress. I^eliminary Check List of American Almanacs 1639- 
1800^ by Hugh Alexander Mobbison. Washington, Grovemment Printing 
Office, 1907. 4<> pp. 160. 


HoH. Chabxas Dat Adams, A3., lawyer, Oborob Augustus Bbal, banker, town 

BMOciate justice, bom 28 July 1860, in derk and treasurer, bom 21 Dec. 1830, 

Worcester, Mass., died 28 Mar. 1909, in Arlington, Mass., died there 17 Mar. 

in Marblehead, Mass. 1909. 

GxoBOB Thobkbixb AicoBLL, A3., law- Caubtbw Bbownb, ma., lawyer, author, 
yer, president of Am. Humane 8oc. and ^^^ ^ Oct. 1 828, in Washmgton, D. C, 
of the Mass. Soc. for the Prevention of died 8 Apr. 1909. in Brookline, Mass. 
C^elty to Animals, bom 6 June 1823, Obobob Albbbt Bvbt, sometime vice- 
in Southbridge, Mass., died 16 Mar. consul in Guatemala, C. A., railroad 
1909, in Boston, Mass. manager, bom 22 Apr. 1846, in Fall 

T^«» xir«««. n^./>y^r^ ^«_^^..«r*^.»«.» River, MasA.. died 11 Mar. 1909, in 

JosBFH Wbeks ISabcock, ex-congressmsn n,^ w»;iia isr v 

from Wisconsin, bom 6 Mar. 1860, in ""^^ .!* ^' \ 

Swanton, Vt., died 27 Apr. 1909, in Thbodorb Minot Clabb, A3., architect, 

Washington, D. C. professor in Mass. Institute of Tech- 

, ^ ^ .„ nology, bom 20 Aug. 1846, in Boston, 

John Lbmbnt Bacon, ex-treasurer of Vt., Mass^ died there 30 Apr. 1909. 

^iL 5S:J];n^« V^^ • ^- S. N., retired, bom 13 May 1844. in 

White River Junction, Vt. Norwich, Vt., died 29 Mar. 1909, in 

Edwabd Hbbbbbt Babnabd, artist, bom Washington, D. C. 

10 July 1866, in Watertown (then Bel- Enos Fostbb Cook, banker, bom 29 Oct. 

mont), Mass.. died 16 Apr. 1909, in isie, in fladley, Mass., died 3 Mar. 

Waverly, Mass. 1 909, in Amherat. Mass. 

John Lanodon Batchbldbb, merchant, Gbobob Howb Davis, banker, bom 1 Jan. 

bom 20 May 1832, in Conway, N. H., 1836, in Boston, Mass^ died 19 Mar. 

died 2 Apr. 1909, in Brookline, Mass. 1909, in Rozbury, Mass. 




EoKtrND Bancroft Dillinoham, news- 
paper advertising agent, bom 30 Sept. 
1836, in West Bridgewater, Mass., died 
26 Mar. 1909, in Hartford, Conn. 


medical examiner for Suffolk County, 
bom 25 Feb. 1843, in Wayland, Mass., 
died 19 Apr. 1909, in Brookline, Mass. 

Bbt. Chablbs Bbtts Gallowat, D.D., 
LLJ)., M. £. Bishop in Mississippi, 
bom 1 Sept. 1849, in Kosciusko, Miss., 
died 12 May 1909, in Jackson, liiss. 

Frank Rotal Gammon, commissioner at 
world's fairs, bom 7 May 1861, in Laco- 
nia, N. H., died 11 May 1909, in Brook- 
line, Mass. 

Ammi Ruhamah Hahn, A.B., M.D., bom 

19 Oct. 1841, in Monmouth, Me., died 
30 Mar. 1909, in Boston, Mass. 

Gborgb Dantbl Hartbt, merchant, bom 

20 Dec. 1840, in Walpole, N. H., died 
1 Apr. 1909, in Aubumdale, Mass. 

Hbnrt Frankun Hildrsth, newspaper 
publisher, bom in Hollis, N. H., died 

21 Mar. 1909, in Lamrence, Mass., aged 
about 66. 

Hon. Grorob William Johnson, lawyer, 
legislator, philosopher, bom 28 Dec. 
1827, in Boston, Mass., died Apr. 1909, 
in Brookfield, Mass. 

Col. Hbnrt Oakbs Kbnt, B.S., MJL., 
LL.D., journalist, banker, legislator. 
Civil War veteran, bora 7 Feb. 1834, in 
Lancaster, N. H., died there 21 Mar. 

Bbnjamin Johnson Lang, A.M., musician, 
bom 28 Dec. 1837, in Salem, Mass., 
died 4 Apr. 1909, in Boston, Mass. 

Got. Qeorob Leavens Lillbt, real estate 
dealer, legislator, bom 3 Aug. 1869, in 
Oxford, Mass., died 21 Apr. 1909, in 
Hartford, Conn. 

Rbt. Dantbl March, A.M., D J)., Con- 
gregational minister, author, bom 21 
July 1816, in MiUbury, Mass., died 2 
Mar. 1909, in Wobura, Mass. 

Josbph Clifford Moorb, A.M., M.D., 
joumalist, banker, legislator, bom 22 
Aug. 1846, in Loudon, N. H., died 19 
Mar. 1909, in Lakeport, N. H. 

Gborqb Hbnrt Morrill, manufSMtnnr, 
donor Norwood Public Library, bora 
7 Nov. 1829, in Worcester, Masa., died 
1 Apr. 1909, in Port Antonio, Jamaica. 

Jamrs Hbnrt Patmb, MJ)., bom in 1823, 
in Albany, N. Y., died 14 May 1909, 
in Boston, Mass. 

Isaac Knight Proctor, mechanical en* 
gineer, inventor, bora 22 July 18S8, in 
Franklin, N. H., died 31 Bfar. 1909, in 
Maiden, Mass. 

Rbv. William Wilbbrporob Rand, A^B^ 
DJ)., editor, author, bom 8 Dec 1816, 
in Gorham, Me., died 3 Mar. 1909, in 
Yonkers, N. Y. 

Timotht Thompson Sawtbr, underwriter, 
bom 19 July 1848, in Chadestown, 
Mass., died 13 Mar. 1909, in Beaton, 

Josbph Bbnnbtt Sharland, mnsical di- 
rector, bom 6 Apr. 18^, in Halifax, 
N. S., died 21 Mar. 1969, in Boston, 

Gborgb Francis Shaw, inventor, bora 
27 Oct. 1830, in Augusta, Me., died 7 
Apr. 1909, in Dedham, Mass. 

Ma/. Samuel Brigham Spoonbr, MJL, 
Civil War veteran, register of probate 
for Hampden County, bom 2 Nov. 1830, 
in Springfield, Mass., died there 29 Mar. 

Rear Adm. Edward Trask Strong, 
U. S. N., retired, bom 10 Feb. 1840, 
in Ipswich, Mass., died 18 Mar. 1909, 
in Andover, Mass. 

Alpheus Thomas, selectman of Norwdl, 
bom 8 Mar. 1837, in North Hanover, 
Mass., died 9 Mar. 1909, in Norws^ 

David Franklin Thorpr, author, philan- 
thropist, legislator, bom May 1836, in 
Providence, R. I., died there 26 Mar. 

Alanson Tvokrr, A.B., retired merchant, 
traveller, bom 20 Apr. 1848, in Boston, 
Mass., died there 1 May 1909. 

Mrs. Sarah Elisabeth (Jot) Writb, 
writer, jouraalist, bora 28 Jan. 184^ 
in Winchester, N. H., died 25 Mar. 1909, 
in Dedham, Mass. 


Vol. 63, p. 91, line 48, /or Barker read Barber. 

Vol. 63, p. 150, line iStfor Wakeman recul Waterman. 

Vol. 63, p. 151, line 2^or Nathaniel Wakeman read Nathaniel Waterman, Jr. 

Vol. 63, p. 155, line Vhfor Mary Barrett read Mercy Bassett. 

Vol. 63, p. 173, line 16, /or Bram read Oram. 

Vol. 63, p. 202, line 59, /or Morely read Manley. 

Proceedings, 1909, p. xxi, line 10,/or Bvron K. Stevens read Bysm K. Stevens. 

Proceedings, 1909, p. xxi, line 18,/or Charles £. Deering rea<j Charles Deering. 

tfhA^ Jta/ririM /n^Z 



, . . luin^v. It r .' ' ... t • : . .. 

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' «l : ']*^'h. i. ar* » \tM. !» -i . .' . . . • ^ . 

■ '.i7 ••a.'.**, y^ \ ' II < . It ■ . '•. 
. , .;: :in^ t:,^ t i \ r- ."•'■'.! • . - -■ ■ 

' 1 IV ii-,-* I t»r )' u'lm It! Ill r.. I .( , . ! ■ .. . ;s 

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u , !.> .h r ^.» M I'i ti: • ; . , ■ . ' '-• ,.-l.l 

■ " ' •, t -i/i 'Mnulf'.' «:, .i"-; . I , ' , > . , t. ;•,.' 

■ .'ulUliM' TM , • I .Ml;- ^ ,.;,••,• | . . J . . 

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>fi' !' a mI .1 "Ml I't' .) .1 li ,, '. \', ,, .) ' :r ■ ■ .' .^ n-^ 1 .. • 
I 1 Ir »!-:;• (I till f .ir. '. . . ;' . ; uv. :;i 'i \-: t^ ' 

. . s '•' .'f :- h i\ i\\ ■ /m-.> ; •.. 1 -it < ' . ^-U- ' ■ •• ^- :...• . • 
f L .'<', t« r j'< .'](>\ 11.^- '\ itli !')•■ |)';;m/-. t .^ " »\vr, \ 
.% • iiK'iT'i I'l.iliip^ \'-:j.|r:HV .tiMl ;■;-"(■• T a MJ [^ >,<. i. 

• - «.i l'\:' I-'., lit* iJituIc a Lj'i_\ r ..! " ')ii oi' li:.'. > ■ ••'•,'? » 

.1 .';..■.' ii 'I' iiu's, rircfi aii'l a.'.tifji . ; >, . i.'^ .'n ■ -"■ 

'. ' a! '* \*.\v\ »< Ki*- vai.L'' »i<. iil'i \rv I" Lj..-''i.»' *' .i . - . 

■Jii'io ii" ut a I'Ortio!! oi It vvitl' *i c tit!* • ■ \ 

» \* '»> I II 'ii'Ik <I tSc fr.lh>\v.n£i \r'ir. Hi- " • • • .'i 

•I, ''t." r.i*<\'' ilio c\tuit i»iid iti'in-u ,::iin H' ' <•. . 

, ♦••* ,1} .-r. ' A.-^-un.pti -n of I at L>i* >'K-<.t - ■ ' at-r 

. :' '• ^ J. I, -'^ r*-* p. .!>. 


irlV^ W 




OCTOBER, 1909 

By the Bev. Anson Titus of Somerville, Mass. 

John Habvey Treat was bom in Pittefield, N. H., July 23, 
1839, the son of James Augustus^ Treat and his wife Dorothy 
Wentworth Harvey. His paternal ancestry to the immigrant is as 
follows : Captain Samuel,* John,* Joseph,* Eev. Samuel,' Gover- 
nor Robert,' Richard/ It was the filial task of Mr. Treat to pre- 
pare and publish an extended genealogy of the Treat family, a vol- 
ume of 637 pages, which enters into many particulars and upon 
which, during the ten years occupied in its preparation, he sp^:^ 
neither means nor pains to make complete. His biography of his 
ancestor Governor Robert Treat, of Connecticut, is the best extant, 
and it was his design some time to republish it in separate form 
with addenda, correspondence, and state papers. This would make 
a valuable volume concerning Colonial times. Richard Treat, the 
immigrant, was from Pitsminster, co. Somerset, England, and in 
1902 it pleased Mr. Treat to place a brass memorial to his ancestor 
in the church in that parish.* He also presented to the church a 
tower clock and a chime of bells, as well as beautifying and improving 
the organ. He visited the parish several times, and was ever a wel- 
come guest to the vicar and people. 

Mr. Treat attended the Academy at Pittsfield, and was for a short 
time at Exeter, but removing with lus parents to Andover, Mass., 
he there entered Phillips Academy and graduated in 1858. From 
Harvard College he graduated in 1862, and immediately afterwards 
went into business with his father in Lawrence, but his passion for 
the scholarship and life of the past led him to pursue his studies in 
the libraries of Europe, the catacombs at Rome, and amid the exca- 
vations of Egypt. He made a large collection of literature relating 
to Christian doctrines, rites, and antiquities, and in 1888 he presented 
the greater part of lus valuable library to Harvard College. A spe- 
cial catalogue of a portion of it, with the title of " The Treat Colleo- 
tion," was publish^ the following year. His own works upon kin- 
dred subjects show the extent and thoroughness of his research, and 
among them are "^ Assumption of the Blessed Virgin," " St. Peter 

• See Rbgistbh, toI. 68, p. 315. 

316 John Harvey Treat [Oct. 

at Rome,** " Loyalty to the Prayer Book," ** Notes on the Kobrios 
of the Communion OflSce," and " The Catholic Faith.** In 1907 he 
published " The Catacombs of Rome and the Tombs of the Apostles 
Peter and Paul." All of these historical studies received fiAvorable 
comment from those best able to judge of their value. Mr. Treat 
was not alone interested in matters of antiquity, for his genealogies 
of his paternal and maternal ancestors show him to be a master of 
detail and a student of affairs. In 1908 he published a volume con- 
cerning Col. John Harvey, his namesake and Revolutionary ancestor. 
The journal of this patriot is extant, and he endeavored to secure it for 
publication and annotation, but the possessor would not part with it 
nor permit its publication under any consideration. Mr. Treat oo- 
casionally wrote articles for newspapers both at home and in Eng- 
land. He never published large editions of his works, but saw that 
they were placed in libraries where they would be intelligently con- 
sulted. His entomological collection he placed, in 1888, in the 
Museum of Comparative Zoology, Harvard University. 

In 1883 Mr. Treat became a member of the New England His- 
toric Genealogical Society. He was a member of many historical 
and literary societies, among them being the American Academy of 
Political and Social Science, the Essex Institute, Salem, the Connecti- 
cut Historical Society, and the Cape Cod Historical Society. He 
was also a member of the New Hampshire Society of the Cincinnati, 
through the services of Lieut. John Harvey, afterwards colonel in 
the nulitia of New Hampshire, and was at one time vice-president 
of that organization. He was a generous giver towards its purpoae 
of establishing for itself a historic headquarters at Exeter, N. H. 
While a student at Harvard College, Mr. Treat was a member of the 
Harvard Natural History Society, the Rumford Society, and was one 
of the Christian Brethren. He cared not for the fraternities, for 
he was too busy pursuing his own quiet and industrious way. His 
father, James Augustus Treat, was a graduate of Harvard College, 
Class of 1832. 

Mr. Treat, while his legal home was Lawrence, Mass., was there 
but little of the time. In recent years he maintained a home, ^ Villa 
de St. Pr^,'' on the Cupsuptic Lake, Maine, one of the Rangel^ 
system, where he spent his time from College Commencement, whim 
he ever delighted to attend, until winter set in. Then he would 
come to Lawrence and soon be ready for a trip to Florida, California^ 
Rome, or Egypt, arriving back in Lawrence about the first of June. 
Being without family cares, he found pleasure in journeying and in 
pursuing his fiftvorite researches. 

He was a member of the American Palestine Exploration partj 
in 1875, and thereafter became more active in excavating in Pdet* 
tine, E^^t, and the catacombs of Rome. He visited these placet 
every year or two, and kept well informed on all the most recent re- 
searches. Concerning the earlier studies he writes : ^ Have manjr 

1909] John Harvey Treat 317 

thousand pages of manuscript, on all the points of controversy be- 
tween the Anglican and Roman Churches, consisting of extracts from 
the writings of the Fathers, arranged in chronological order, with an 
English translation in parallel colunms." These manuscripts find 
their lodgement in Harvard College Library. 

His more recent labor was the completion of a memorial of Ben- 
nette Claude Merlino de St. Piy,* whose daughter Helena was the wife 
of Capt. Samuel Treat, from whom Mr. Treat descended. M. de St. 
Pry was the son of a merchant of Lyons, France, and came to Bos- 
ton about 1770. He espoused the patriot cause and, in 1776, mar- 
ried Elizabeth, daughter of Edward Gyles of Boston. To them was 
bom Helena in 177^9 who was baptized in 1780 or 1781 by a chap- 
lain of the French fleet then in Boston harbor. Gen. Lafayette being 
sponsor. This manuscript contains letters, covering several years, 
which passed between Capt. de St. Piy and Gen. Lafayette. They 
are annotated, and by the will of Mr. Treat are placed in the posses- 
sion of the New England Historic Genealogical Society for publica- 
tion. The cause of Mr. Treat's delay in printing the memorial was 
the lack of a single piece of information, which has thus far escaped 
all research, and that is the date of death of Mrs. Helena de St. Pry 
Treat, between 1804 and 1808, in pr near Boston. The Portrait of 
Capt. de St. Pry, who was junior warden of the French Lodge of 
Masons in Boston, called Friendship Lodge, Mr. Treat deposited in 
Masonic Temple, Boston. 

Mr. Treat never held any public office, in fact he disliked that 
sort of service. However, with the Episcopal Church he was a loyal 
worker, serving as warden of St. John's Chiux^h in Lawrence, and 
as treasurer of St. Thomas's Church, Methuen. 

Not only was Mr. Treat generous towards the New England His- 
toric Genealogical Society and Harvard College Library, in his life 
time, but by bequest was a benefactor of the Society for its general 
purposes^ Harvard Library became the residuary legatee of a be- 
quest for the purchase of books relating to the Churdi of England 
and churches in communion with it, the Boman and Greek Churches, 
and the Episcopal Churches of the United States of America, espe- 
ciaUy regsj-ding ritual matters of the same general character as his 
collection presented in 1888. It was his desire to make this depart- 
ment of the largest benefit to scholars. The subject was of Ufelong 
interest to Mr. Treat, and by bequest becomes of largest service to 
the students of Christian history. 

These paragraphs, we are perfectly aware, do not compass the 
career of Mr. Treat. He was an appreciated member of many learned 
organizations, and was ever intent and serious in his work. Though 
eenial, he had no liking for festivities or purely social life. To«many 
his interests may have been too specialized to appeal to them, but 

* Particulars concerning him, his career and familj are fonnd in the <* Oiles Memo- 
rial/* p. 144, and '* Genealogy of the Treat Family," pp. 279 to 283. 

318 The Lakin Family of Groton [Oct. 

they were thoroughly cohiTated. He was plain aod shnple in \m 
mode of living. Of many deserving people he was a quiet pensioner, 
and a generous benefactor of institutions of permanence and with a 
wide range of influence. 

The last weeks of Mr. Treat's life were spent in Pittsfield, N. H., 
his birthplace. Several of his childhood acquaintances stiU resided 
there, and he found pleasure amid its scenes. That he was not wdl 
he knew, but he little thought that his end was so near. He passed 
quietly away November 8, 1908. His remains were brought to An- 
dover, where services were held firom Christ Church by the assistant 
rector, the Rev. R. Le B. Lynch, assisted by the Rev. Clark Carter, 
a classmate in college. The burial rites of the Tuscan Lodge of 
Masons and Bethany Commandery Knights followed at the fieunily 
lot at the rear of the church. 


Bj William H. MAinmco, of Somenrille, Mast. 

1. William^ Lakin, the first of his family in this coontry, probably 
came as early as 1644, perhaps from Reading, Elngland, ihsX being the 
home of his son. In Massachusetts he first settled at Reading, but r^ * 
moved to Groton, with which town he was chiefly associated. Little has 
been learned of him, and the name of his wife and full family do not ap- 
pear. He died in Groton 10 Dec 1672, at the repnted age of nine^ or 

2. 1. William.* 

2. William' Lakin ( WUUam^) resided in Reading, England, but his 

history b unknown. After his death his widow, Mart, and their 
two sons came to Massachusetts, aocompanjring or sooa following 
William,^ and after a brief residence at Reading moved to Groton. 
She died there 14 Aug. 1669, having marri^ secondly William 
Martin, a prominent citizen of Rea<Ong and Groton, who died 
26 Mar. 1672, aged about 76. Papers are in existence f in which 
both sons receipt for their shares in the estate of their father, who 
is called William Lakin '< of Reding in England." Each oi the 
sons had a twenty-acre right as an original proprietor of Groton, and 
in consequence their immediate descendants were large landholders. 

8. 1. William,* b. abt. 1624. 
4. U. John,* b. abt. 1627. 

* This compilation ia indebted for its dates of births, marriAges, and deaths chieflj 
to Bntler's History of Groton, and kindred works, 
writer has been to extract the evidence < ' 
been examined, and of the court files, 

references here to court records and deeds refer to Middlesex County, unless olber- 
wise indicated. 

t Baoisna, toL 48, p. 4i4. 

r IIS oaMS oi Diixns, marriages, ana aeauis cnienj 
indred works. The responsibilitr of the p r ess at 
ice of probate and land records, all of which bare 
s, which have been followed until after 1800. AH 

1909] The Lakin Family of Oroton 319 

3. William* Lakin (WiUiam* WiUiatn^) deposed in 1694, aged 70 * 
He accompanied the family from Reading to Groton before 1664, 
where he was a leading citizen, being lieutenant of the company in 
which James Parker was captain. His house, a '* garrison," was 
attacked by the Indians in 1694. He married Lydia Brown, 
daughter of Abraham and Lydia of Watertown. She was living 
22 Nov. 1686, when she signed a deed with her husband. Lieut 
William died 22 Feb. 1700. In 1707 William Lakm and Jonathan 
Boyden were appointed administrators. In 1718 the " children and 
heirs," namely William, Jonathan, Abraham, and Joseph Lakin, 
Jonathan Boyden and John Nutting, entered into an agreement as 
to the division of the estate, but owing to delay and consequent 
complications it was not until 1743 that the agreement was accepted 
by Uie Probate Court, at which time, according to the said papers, 
William Lakin, Jonathan Lakin, and John Nutting were dead, and 
the others living. William is called eldest son. 

I. Mary/ b. at Readhig 7 Nov. 1649 ; d. 3 Jan. 1649-50. 

II. Lydia, b. 1650; not traced; probably d. in childhood. 

III. Mary, b. 1652; m. 11 Dec. 1674, John Nuttino. 
6. Iv. WnJJAM, b. 6 May 1666. 

V. John, b. 8 Jan. 1668; probably d. young; not named among his 
father's heirs hi 1718. 

6. vl. Jonathan, b. 28 June 1661. 

vli. Abraham, b. at Groton 10 Jan. 1664, the first child In this family 
after the removal ; d. young. 

7. vlii. Abraham, b. 11 Sept. 1667. 

iz. Eliab, b. 8 Jan. 1668, according to printed Groton Records, while 
the county records say, "Elizab., sonne [«c] of William and 
Lydia." For the present, it is preferred to believe " Ellab " was 
intended for an abbreviation of Elizabeth, next below, or was the 
result of careless writing. 

z. Elizabbth, named above, m. Jonathan Boyden who, in 1718, was 
one of the ^^ children and heirs " before mentioned. He m. (2) her 
cousin Lydia Lakin, dau. of John (No. 4) . 

xi. Abigail, m. her cousin Joseph Laein (No. 8). 

4. John* Lakin (WiUiam* Williatn^) deposed in 1694, aged 67.t He 
early settled in Groton, where he was sergeant and ensign in the 
military company. It seems to be an established fact that his wife 
was Mary Bacon, a daughter of Michael of Wobum.$ She was 
living 22 Oct. 1701, when she acknowledged deed vol. 13, p. 58. 
Sergt Lakin died 21 Mar. 1697. He had conveyed various lands 
by deed to his children — in 1697 (deed vol. 18, p. 579) to Joseph, 
his '^ eldest '' son, and about the same time to his sons Josiah and 
Benjamin, and daughters Lydia Lakin, then single, and Abigail, 
wife of Samuel Parker. After his death the widow also conveyed 
various lots, one being to her daughter Lydia Shepley, then married, 
and another to daughter Sarah Willard, wife of Benjamin. This 
series of deeds is highly important, adding to the incomplete probate 

• Middlesex Inferior Court, Blood v. Blood. 

t Inferior Coort, Blood v. Blood. 

X Bboistbb, vol. 41, p. 262, and vol. 45, p. 81. 

320 The Lakin Family of Groton [Oct. 


1. John/ d. before Mar. 1696-7, leaving a widow Sarah, bnt clearly 
no children. He is only kno¥m by casual mention in deed vol. IS, 
p. 58, which shows that his father had established him on certain 
land designed to be his own property ultimately, but never for- 
mally conveyed to him. On his deaUi, the deed explains, it was 
intended that his widow should enjoy said land until she remarried, 
but she is not later found. 

li. Mary, m. Henry Wuxard, 18 July 1674, and d. after a few years. 
Her surname does not appear in the marriage record, but in 1744 
her children sued their uncle Joseph Lakin to recover their rights in 
certain land,* and her marriage and paternity are made sore by 
the testimony of various witnesses. Deed vol. 47, p. 141, is also 

ill. Sarah, b. 4 Feb. 1661 ; m. Benjamin Wiixard. 

iv. William, b. 12 May 1664 ; d. 10 Dec. 1672, " aged about nine years." 

V. Abigail, b. 18 Mar. 1666-7 ; m. Samusl Parkkr. 

8. vi. Joseph, b. 14 Apr. 1670. 

9. vii. Benjamin, b. 6 Nov. 1672. 
10. vUi. JosiAH, b. 14 Sept. 1676. 

ix. Lydia, m. (1) John Shbpley; m. (2) 22 Mar. 1736-7, Jonathan 
BoYDBN, former husband of her cousin Elizabeth (No. 3, x). 

5. William^ Lakin ( WxUxam* WiUiam* WiUiam^) was bom 6 May 
1655. For two generations he has been widely called the son of 
John/ not of WilUam* ; hence the evidence will be given in detail. 
First, William and John, brothers, each had a son William, one of 
whom died in 1672, '^aged about nine years,'* while the other, the 
subject of this sketch, lived to old age. Secondly, in deed vol. 18, 
p. 579, in 1697, John called his son Joseph his "eldest" son, prov- 
ing that his child William was then deceased, bnt the snbject of this 
sketch lived until 1735. Thirdly, in the settlement of the estate of 
William, in 1718, his "eldest" son b given as William. Fourthly, 
in 1688 William Lakin and William Lakin, Jr., signed a note whidi 
was the cause of a lawsuit in 171 l,t at which time the older signer 
was dead. A clause in the note is : "And William Lakin, Jr., do 
bind myself with my father ** to pay the debt, and then follow the 
signatures of both men. Fifthly, in 1723 " William Lakin, Sr.,** 
the subject of this sketch, sells land by deed vol. 32, p. 501, " being 
part of the 20 acre right which belonged to his father, William La- 
kin, deceased,*' and in deed vol. 34, p. 25, he calls Abraham and 
Jonathan Lakin his " brothers.*' He always lived in Groton. As 
early as 1730 he was blind. $ He married at Chelmsford, 4 Jan. 
1685, Elizabeth Robertson (also spelled Robyson and Rolnn- 
son), daughter of James and Elizabeth (Famsworth), bom at 
Groton 3 Oct. 1668. She was living 1 May 1753.§ William died 
18 Mar. 1735. In his later years he conveyed various lots of his 
extensive land holdings to certain of his children, the homestead 
being deeded to Thomas 12 Apr. 1733. On the same day^ the lat- 
ter gave a bond| to maintain his parents while they survived, and 
himself to live in the same house. 

• Inferior Coart, Willard v. Lakin. 

t Ibid,, Green v. Lakin. 

X Coart of Sessions. 

i Inferior Coart for 1763, Lakin v. Lakin. 

I Ibid, for 1752, Lakin v. Lakin. 












1909] The Lahin Family of Oroton 321 


William,* b. 2 Sept. 1686. 

Elizabeth, m. Benjamin Lakin (No. 9). 


Hannah, b. 6 Feb. 1694 ; supposed to have d. unm. before 21 May 

1765, when her sister Elizabeth's daughter, Martha Lakin, sold 

rights In the estate of her ^^ aunt Hannah Lakin," by deed vol. 64, 

p. 9. 
Lydu, b. 14 Jan. 1697 ; m. 26 Dec. 1728, Jonathan Shbpley. 
John, b. 31 Mar. 1700. 
Isaac, b. 11 Dec. 1702. 
vili. Dayip, d. unm. in June 1749. His brother Thomas had conveyed a 

part of the homestead to him, but the deed was never recorded, 

and the land reverted to the grantor, 
ix. Thomas, probably never married. Had the homestead and cared for 

his parents, but was not financially successful,* so he sold the 

land in lots from time to time. The last sale was 26 June, 1758, 

after which he is not found. 

6. Jonathan* Lakin {William^* Willtam,^ William^) was bom 10 Jan. 

1664. He resided in Groton, where he was living 20 Nov. 1740, 
when he acknowledged deed vol. 42, pi 601, but, as stated in bis 
father's probate papers, died before 13 Sept. 1743. He had land 
from his father, and in his later years appeared seven times as a 
grantor, but never with a wife as a co-signer, nor is her name else- 
where found. The only sign of children is in deed vol. 36, p. 541, 
when he conveys land to his "son " Jonathan in 1736. Four years 
later the two men sell jointly. 
15. Jonathan.* 

7. Abraham* Lakin (William,^ WxUiamy^ William^) bom 11 Sept. 1667, 

was of Groton. He married, at an unknown date, Abigail Snow, 
daughter of James and Sarah of Lancaster, who was living 30 Nov. 
1726.t Her father, in his will bearing date 28 Jan. 1708-9, men- 
tions his daughter Abigail Lakin, and in the estate of his brother 
Zachariah Snow of Wobum, in 1711, it is said she was wife of 
"Abram " Lakin of Groton. Like all the Lakins he was well sup- 
plied with real estate. In 1740 he conveyed the house-lot and other 
land to his son Abraham, and also sold large lots to others. His 
father's estate shows that he was living 13 Sept. 1743. In 1747, in 
the settlement of the estate of his nephew Jonathan Lakin, there is 
mention of the "silver mine lot," which the deceased owned in 
common with the " heirs *' of Abraham Lakin and William Lakin. 
ChUdren : 

L Abraham,* b. 15 Dec. 1701 ; resided in Groton. In 1740 his father 
deeded the house-lot and other land to him, and he was probably 
the Abraham, laborer, who sold land 8 Apr. 1748. In 1749, in a 
sale by Jacob Lakin, a kinsman, an abutting owner was Abraham 
Lakin. No sign of wife or family is found, and the present as- 
sumption is that he lived siogle, his estate ultimately passiog to 
his brother Ebenezer. The fact that the various Lakin lands were 
largely contiguous makes tracing by the sales of other owners 

• Inferior Court for 1762 and 1753, Lakin v. Lakin. 
t Court of Sessions for 1729. * 

322 The Lakin Family of Oroton [Oct 

ii. Abigail, b. 9 Apr. 1704 ; m. 20 Apr. 1727, Ditdlxy Bbadstrsrt. In 
the Court of Sessions for 1729 she is called '' Abigail Lakin of 
Groton, daughter of Abraham Lakin, now wife of Dudley Brad- 
street,** the only known clue to her identity at marriage. 

16. ill. Ebenezer, b. 19 July 1707. 

iv. Samuel, b. 16 Apr. 1713 ; not found later. 

y. Phebb(?). One of the name m. 22 Dec. 1737, Benjamin Chakdlr 
of Suncook. She is placed here theoretically, first, because the 
name reappears in the next generation, and secondly, because she 
was a witness to a promissory bond given in 1731 by Dudley Bnd- 
street, and again to his bond in 1736.* The evidence suggests that 
she accompanied the Bradstreets to Suncook. 

8. Joseph* Lakin (John* WtUiam,* WiUiam^) was bom 14 Apr. 1670, 

and liyed in Groton. He married, date unknown, his cousin Abioail 
Lakin, daughter of William, and shared in the estate of her father. 
Li 1719 (deed vol. 40, p. 404) Joseph Lakin and wife Abigail, 
'< son-in-law and daughter of William Lakin late of Groton, de- 
ceased," sell land to ^^ our brother Abraham Lakin." Joseph died 
1 Apr. 1747. In the settlement of his estate the children are 
named as Jacob Lakin, Abigail Lakin, Mary Bennett, and Lydia 
Lakin. In another paper, presented by the " widow and children," 
Ebenezer Lakin signs in place of his wife. The widow Abigail 
was living in 1758, according to a letterf written by Jacob Lakin 
and Benjamin Bennett, aged <* more than ninety " (probably an ex- 
aggeration), and those legally entitled to support her are named as 
the two writers, together with Ebenezer Lakin of Groton and Peter 
Hobart of Dunstable, N. H. She died before 30 Dec. of that year, 
when Abigail Hobart, wife of Peter Hobart, and Mary Bennett^ 
widow [children], and Jeremiah Shattuck and wife Lydia, and 
Gabriel Lakin and wife Phebe [grand-children], sell their rights in 
her property by deed vol. 64, p. 16. 

i. Joseph,* b. 4 Bfay, 1696 ; not named among his father's heirs in 1747. 
U. Abigail, b. 20 July 1698 ; single in 1749 ;| m. 8 Noy. 175S, Pvm 

17. m. Jacob, b. 7 Dec. 1700. 

iv. Mart, b. 12 Apr. 1703 ; m. 27 Mar. 1728, Brnjahin Bennett. 

V. Lydia, b. 15 Mar. 1707 ; m. 18 Jan. 1781-2, Ebenezer Lasin (No. 16). 

9. Benjamin^ Lakik {John,* William,* William^), bom 6 Nov. 1672, was 

of Groton. He married at Concord, 23 Sept. 1706, Elizabeth 
Lakin, daughter of his cousin William (No. 5). Chnitting some 
contributory evidence, proof of her parentage is found in these facts : 
First, in 1753 Benjamin is called "brother" by two of Elizabeth's 
brothers, William and John.§ Secondly, in deed vol. 64, p. 9, in 
1765, Martha, daughter of Benjamin, calls her mother's brothers, 
David and Thomas, her " uncles," and also mentions her *• aunt" 
Hannah Lakin. Benjamin died 7 Sept. 1753.| In his will, signed 

• Inferior Ck>urt for 1787, Fiske v. Brndstreet, and 1738, Hsf en ▼. Bradstreet and 

t Court of Sessions. 

t Probate filet. 

f Inferior Court, Lakin ▼. Lakin. 

I ibid. 

1909] The Lahin Family of Groton 323 

the previooB 13 Not., he bequeathed to hiB son Benjamin, to his 
daughters Martha Lakin, Ruth Lakin, Jane Farwell, and Rachel 
Nutting, and to Elizabeth and Ruth, children of his daughter Eliza- 
beth, late wife of Ezra Famsworth. The homestead was devised 
to Ruth, whereupon the other children brought suit to annul the 
will, alleging unsound mind on the part of the testator, but lost their 
case on first trial* and again on appeal.f The suit is valuable jn 
that it shows the husbands of the daughters clearly, as well as for 
its family depositions. 
Children : 

I. Elizabeth/ b. 23 Aug. 1707 ; m. 26 Apr. 1726, Ezba Farnswobth. 

II. BENJA3fiN, b. 5 Sept. 1709 ; reported to have been of Northfleld In 

17504 and was of Suncook, N. H., in 1755.§ One Benjamin of 
SuDcook was a soldier in 1761, and one Benjamin went from Rum- 
ford, N. H., to Groton in 1763, || but probably did not remain. 
Neither he nor any descendant bearing the name of Lakin is found 
in the United States Census of 1790. 

ili. Ruth, b. 12 May 1711 ; unm. 1767. 

iv. Jane, b. 28 Oct. 1713 ; m. John Farwell. 

V. Martha, b. 2 Oct. 1715 ; unm. 1765. 

V. Rachel, b. 8 May 1717 ; m. (1) 1 Sept. 1747, David Nuttino ; m. 
(2) 24 Apr. 1760, Jonathan Pratt. 

10. JosiAH^ Lakin (John,* William,^ WiUiam}), bom 14 Sept 1675, re- 

sided in Groton. He died in 1723, between 14 May, when he gave 
a deed, and 14 Nov., when his widow was appointed administratrix. 

He married, 12 Dec. 1704, Lucy . The date is from Butler's 

History of Groton, but her surname does not appear. She married 
secondly, 16 Sept. 1740, Zachariah Lawrence, whom she also sur- 
vived. She was living 17 Feb. 1754, but died before 5 Jan. 1768, 
when Ebenezer Lakin, Sarah Green, and John Scott, calling her 
" mother," wrote the Judge of Probate concerning her estate.lT In 
Josiah's probate papers Jonathan Green is call^ husband of the 
daughter Sarah, and in deed vol. 79, p. 428, in 1742, Josiah is 
called father by Samuel Parker and wife Mary, and Abraham 
Boynton and wife Esther. 
Children : 

i. Sarah,* b. 12 May, 1706 ; m. 26 Feb. 1724-6, Jonathan Green. 

II. Eunice, b. 7 Oct. 1707; m. (1) Jacob Lakin (No. 17); m. (2) 

Ebenezer Lakin (No. 16). 

III. Jane, b. 25 Dec. 1710; doubtless d. before 1726, when she was not 

mentioned among her father's heirs. 
iv. Mary, b. 26 Feb. 1718-19 ; m. 23 Mar. 1787-8, Samuel Parker, Jr. 
V. Esther, b. 30 May 1721 ; m. (1) Abraham Boynton; m. (2) 3 May, 

1768, John Scott. 

11. William* Lakin (William,^ WtUiam* Wiaiam,^ William^), bom 2 

Sept. 1686, lived in Groton. Because of his age when his children 
were bom there was formerly reluctance on the part of the compiler 
to accept this connection, and suspicion was entertained that Uiere 
was a missing generation, but no evidence appears to that effect, and 

* Inferior Court, Lakin y. Lakin. 
t Superior Court, Suffolk files. 

\ Deed toI. 54, p. 306. 

J Court of Sessions. 

' Probate Records, under « Lucj Lawrence." 

324 The Lakin Family of Oroton [Oct. 

his proper position is definitely settled by the fact that in 1753 both 
he and his brother John call Benjamin Lakin their "brother/'* 
Benjamin had married their sister Elizabeth. The drift of all evi- 
dence is the saine way. Extensive landholders as all the early 
Lakins were, he exceeded all others, appearing in upwards of thirty 
deeds. He was otherwise acdve, and frequently appears in public 

records. He married Miriam . The History of Hancock^ 

N. H., gives her name as Miriam Arwin, bom in Scotland, but 
reference at the same point to a " tradition " that she was visited in 
1775 by a British officer then stationed in Boston leads to belief that 
the form of the name was also from tradition. The present writer 
brieves the correct orthography should be Erwin. There was a 
John Erwin in Groton contemporaneously with Miriam, and in 1737 
he was witness to a deed passed by Miriam and William Lakin. 
As his children were bom in the same period as hers, it b likely he 
was a brother rather than the father of Miriam. She deposed in 
1754t that she was aged forty years. She died in 1793, and the 
funeral was held 4 July. William Lakin died 14 Apr. 1755. In 
1772 his heirs sued} to recover land to which he was entitled in 
Townsend, and they are named as William Lakin of Peterboro, 
Oliver, Gabriel, and Jonathan Lakin, all of Groton, Miriam Lakin, 
widow, of Groton, John Gragg and wife Elizabeth of Groton, in her 
right, Nathaniel Melvin and wife Abigail of New Ipswich, N. H., 
in her right, and Miriam Lakin of Groton, a minor ; and it is stated 
that the other children, Lemuel aud Mary, had died without issue. 
The dates of their death also appear, togedier with that of William, 
the father. 
Children : 

1. A CHILD* who, In 1728, had been subject to ** fltts *• for two years ;§ 

d. soon, 
ii. William, b. 22 May, 1782 ; resided hi Groton, and in Hancock and 

elsewhere in New Hampshire; m. (1) 27 Feb. 1756, PaiscnxA 

Ames ; m. (2) 2 Feb. 1768, Anna Grago. 
ill. Oliver, b. 24 Feb. 1783-4 ; lived in Groton and Hancock ; m. 8 May, 

1764, SmYL GiLSON, widow of Peter, and daughter of Timothy 

and Sibyl (Parker) Whitney. (See deed vol. 62, p^ 448, and wiU 

of Shadrach Whitney.) 
Iv. Gabriel, b. 22 June 1786; lived in Groton; m. 18 Apr. 1758, Phsbb 

Lakin, daughter of Ebenezer (No. 16). (See deed vol. 92, p. 806.) 
V. Lemuel, b. 18 May 1789 ; d. unm. at Lake George, 8 Oct. 1756. 
vi. Mary, b. 25 Apr. ; this date and others following mutilated; d. 

unm. 8 June 1769, aged 28. 

vii. Elizabeth, b. 12 Oct. ; m. 19 Oct. 1768, John Grago. 

viii. Jonathan, b. 24 Sept. ; m. 1 Aug. 1768, Jbmdca WnxLUCS, 

daughter of Jason ; resided in Groton. 

tx. Abigail, b. 24 Feb. ; m. 6 Dec. 1770, Nathaniel Melvin. 

X. MmiAM, b. 1 Mar. ; d. unm. 14 Aug. 1775; aged 20 yrs. and 4 


12. James* Lakin ( William,^ WiUiamy* William,^ WxUiam^). His parentage 
is determined by the fact that he twice called his mother by thmt 

* Inferior Coart for 1753, Lakin ▼. Lakin. 
t Saperior Court, Sailblk files, Lakin t. Lakin. 
i Inferior Coart, Lakin ▼. Amerj (Emery). 
I Court of Sessions for 1728. 

1909] The Lahin Family of Oroton 325 

term (^'mother'') in court records,* and, also, in that he names 
James Robertson as his "grandfather" in deed, vol. 31, p. 237. 
He was of Groton. He married 12 Feb. 1717-18, Elizabeth 
Williams, daughter of Thomas and Elizabeth (Blood), bom 21 
Feb. 1694. In later years James had land dealings with Benjamin 
Swallow, step-father of Elizabeth. In 1765 the parents conveyed 
land and buildings to their son Ambrose. 
Children : 

i. James," b. 21 Aug. 1718 ; m. Elizabbth . 

li. Robinson, b. 17 Feb. 1720 ; m. 16 Apr. 1746, Hannah Dodob. 
ill. AidBBOSB, b. 80 Apr. 1722 ; m. 15 Jan. 1752, Dobothy Gilson. 
Iv. Elizabeth, b. 12 Aug. 1724; (?) m. 3 Dec. 1746, Josiah Lawbbnce. 
V. Hannah, b. 16 Sept. 1726; (?) m. 23 Nov. 1757, Daniel Shed. 
vl. Nathaniel, b. 13 Dec. 1728 ; m. 23 Jan. 1765, Sibyl Fabkeb. 
vli. Susanna, b. 24 Sept. 1731. 

vlii. Maby, b. 24 Apr. 1734; (?) m. 15 Dec. 1762, Simeon Fosteb. 
iz. Sibyl, b. 2 Jan. 1737 ; m. 80 Oct. 1768, Eleazbb Gilson. 

13. John* Lakin ( William*^ WiUiam,* William,^ WiUtarn^), bom 31 Mar, 

1700, resided in Groton. He married first, Sarah , and 

secondly, 27 Oct. 1729, Lydia Parker, daughter of Nathaniel and 
Lydia (Nutting), bom 30 Oct. 1711. In 1730 John and Lydia 
deed " all our right in the estate of our &ther, Nathaniel Parker.'* 
John died 16 Jan. 1770. Lydia was made administratrix, but after 
two years requested that her " son-in-law " Zachariah Fitch be ap- 
pointed in her place. She was living 27 June 1800,t aged nearly 
Cluldren : 

1. Sarah,* b. 3 Mar. 1724 ; m. 8 Jan. 1746, Benjamin Bennett, Jr. 

il. John, b. 26 Oct. 1730; m. 27 Apr. 1758, Elizabeth Nutting. 

ili. Lydia, b. 3 Jan. 1734 ; livhig In 1772, probably unm. 

Iv. Sibyl, b. 16 Oct. 1739 : m. 3 Feb. 1767, Zachabiah Fitch. 

V Hannah, b. 24 Aug. 1743 ; (?) m. 7 Jan. 1773, Levi Lakin (No. 14, v). 

vl. Joseph, b. 23 Nov. 1746 ; m. at Wobum, 23 Oct. 1770, Jbbusha Si- 
MOND8. In 1806 one Joseph, then of Baldwin, Me., had a mother 
in Groton who was cared for by David Lakin at Joseph's expense. 
(See Inferior Court, Lakin v. Lakin.) 

vli. Eunice, b. 19 Aug. 1750; (?) m. 1 Dec. 1768, Thomas Gbago. 

vlii. David, b. 10 Oct. 1763 ; m. 22 Mar, 1774, Rebecca Blanchabd. 

14. Isaac* Lakin ( William,* WiUiam,* William,^ WiUiam^), bom 11 Dec. 

1702, was of Groton. He married, 2 Jan, 1725-6, Elizabeth 
Shattcck, daughter of John and Mary (Blood). They call them- 
selves " son-in-law and daughter " of John Shattuck in deed vol. 28, 
p. 552. Isaac died before 24 Oct. 1759, when the inventory of his 
estate was taken. Elizabeth was appointed administratrix, 2 Nov. 
following. She was living 7 Nov. 1769, as is proved in deed vol. 
69, p. 508. 

i. Isaac,® b. 6 Dec. 1727 ; m. Maby Lawbbnce of Pepperell. 

U. Josiah, b. 9 Apr. 1730 ; had land from his father in 1769. 

111. Simeon, b. 24 Nov. 1732 ; m. Mabt . 

Iv. Sabah, b. 22 Oct. 1786; m. at Hollis, 20 Apr. 1766, Nehbmtah 

V. Levi, b. 7 Jan. 1747; m. 7 Jan, 1778, Hannah Lakin (No. 18, v). 

• Inferior Conrt for 1762, Lakin v. Lakin, and Ibid,, 1753. 

t Ibid, for 1800, Williams v. Lakin. See also deed vol. 138, p. 38. 

326 The Lakin Family of GroUm [Oct. 

15. JovATHijr* Lakih {JanaOum,^ WiOamj* WiOiawi* WiBiam^) li^ed in 

Grotoo. He married, 24 Mtf. 1712-^, widow Sabah Coret of 
CoDOOftL His father oooTejed Imnd to him in 1736. He died be^ 
fore 17 Jo] J 1747, when a warrant for an inrentorr was issued, 
with an order for the setting off of widow Sarah^s dower. The in- 
Tentory itself mentions the home lot and other land, but its later 
history has not been found. 

L Ltdia.' b. 29 Mar. 1715-6; VMng in 1737, when her father assigned 
a promlssorj note to her.* and oonildentlj belicTed to be the same 
Ljdiaf who m. 4 Aug. 1740, Da2iiel Douglas. 

iL Mabt, b. 29 Mar. 1715-6; not found later. 

liL Jonathan, b. 28 Apr. 1719 ; not found later. 

16. Ebehezeh^ Lakik (Abraham,* WilKam* WVMam,^ WilHam^), bom 

19 July 1707, was of Groton. He married first, 13 Jan. 1731-2, 
Ltdia Laktk, daughter of Joseph (No. 8), and secondly, between 
29 Aug. 1758, and 7 Feb. 1761, Mrs. Eunice Lakin, widow of 
Jacob, and daughter of Josiah (No. 10). In the settlement of 
Joseph's estate &e division and decree is to Lydia Lakin, youngest 
daughter, and others, and in a paper written by the heirs, Ebenezer 
signs as one of the " children," acting for Lydia. In deed vol. 59, 
p. 359, in 1761, Ebenezer and wife Eunice quit-claim rights in the 
estate of Jacob Lakin '^ which do belong to said Eunice," with men- 
tion of the house ^^ that was her husband's, Jacob Lakin's." She 
died 1 Jan. 1799. Ebenezer's final years were vexed by numerous 
suits for debt. He was living 28 Dee. 1786, and probably in Sept. 
1787,t but does not appear in the sittings in the Groton meeting- 
house in 1792, nor in the United States Census of 1790. 

1. Lydia,^ b. 5 Aug. 1732 ; m. 10 Aug. 1749, Jkrxmiah Shattuck. In 
deed vol. 64, p. 16, hi 1758, Abigail, wife of Peter Hobart, Maiy 
Bennett, widow, Jeremiah Shattuck and wife Ljdia, and Gabriel 
Lakin and wife Fhebe quitrdaim rights in estate of Abigail, widow 
of Joseph Lakin (No. 8). This deed corrects an error as to the 
identity of Jeremiah's wife. (See sketch of Joseph, maternal 
grandfather of Lydia and Phebe.) 

ii. Abigail, b. 3 Sept. 1736 ; not traced. 

ill. Phrbk, b. 12 Sept. 1738 ; m. 13 Apr. 1758, Gabrkl Lakin (No. 11, 
iv). (See deed vol. 92, p. 806.) 

17. Jacob* Lakin {Jo$eph* John,* WUUam,^ WiUiam^), bom 7 Dec. 1700, 

resided in Groton. He married, 28 Jan. 1729-30, Eunice Lakin, 
daughter of Josiah (No. 10). She afterwards married, secondly, 
Ebenezer Lakin (No 16), whom see. Jacob died 29 Aug. 1758. 
At various times he deeded Umd to Nathaniel Parker, husband of 
his only child, and in 1755, his final sale, he conveyed all his per- 
sonal estate to the same grantee. 

BxTNiCK,* b. 23 Jan. 1730-1 ; m. 28 Dec. 1748, Nathaniel Pabkek. 

* Inferior Conrt for 1739, Lakin v. Lakin. 

t Coart ot Sessions for 1740. 

t Inferior Court for 1787, Oreen ▼. Lakin. 

1909] Bristol County Probate Records 327 


Copied bj Mba. Luct Hall Grbbnlaw 
[Continued from page 233] 

[187] Account of Thomas Leonard of Taunton, administrator of the 
^tate of his " Hon'^ : ffather M' James Leonard *' late of Taunton deceased. 
Paid: "to his Mother in law M*. Margaret Leonard"; to his brother 
James Leonard; **his two Brothers Jofeph and Uriah Leonard they & 
Jofephs Executrix Pofsefs what they were to haue *' ; to his brother Ben- 
jamin Leonard ; to his brother and sister John and Abigail Kinsley ; to his 
brother and sister Isaace and Rebecca Chapman ; his brother and sister 
Isaac and Hannah Dean have received their due. Debts and other charges 
have been paid to the following persons : Ensigne John Hall, Nathaniel 
French, Eliazer Carver, Joseph WDlis Sen'., M' Danforth [for] Rate, 
Samuel Waldron, Isace Dean, William Hoskins, Thomas Dean, Benjamin 
Dean, Nathaniel Bun for Jn** Macoinber Cooper, John Crane, Philip King, 
Richard Burt, Sam" Hall Sen'., John Macumber Jun'., John Crane for 
Jn** Echee, Nath. William's widow, John Thresher, M' Pool for goods in 
Taunton and Boston, M' Burton clerk, — Cary clerk. Dated Aug. 24, 
1697 and exhibited same day before John Sa&n Judge of probate, who 
allowed the same. John Cary Regist"" : Recorded Sept. 4, 1 697 by John 
Gary Regist™: 

[188] Account of Thomas Leonard of Taunton, administrator on the 
estate of John Smith late of Taunton deceased, dated Aug. 24, 1694. 
Items, debts due : from Samuel Smith of Medfield, from me for 3 years' 
rent of the land M' Pool hired, from Stephen Casswel for 3 years' rent 
of land he hired, to several tracts of land mentioned in the inventory 
which by the will are not to be divided until John Smith, son of said John 
Smith, comes of age. The estate is debtor to : M' Daniel Smith late of 
Rehoboth for coming to Bristol, to M' Burton when the will was proved 
Jan. 12, 1691-2, to W Cary the clerk for himself and M' Saffin, to Rich- 
ard Go(lfry, to William Paul, to the widow Makepeace, " to John Hofkins 
Conftable the arrears of y* Minifters Rate in 1690 & 1691"; to "the 
Town Rate to Benja: Williams Conftable in 1691 "; "to Ditto Conftable 
the Rate Called Hugh Brigges his Rate in 1691 " ; to the wife of Joseph 
Grey Sen'. ; " to Thomas Gilbert to procure a Deed for Nicolas his land," 
to Maj'. Bradford ; " allowed to Samuel Smith of Meadfeild for bringing 
back a Runaway " ; to Nathaniel Parker towards his wife's Due ; " Due to 
Jn® Hath way Sen'."; to M' Stephen Marick. "Nicholas Joanes Alias 
Smith produced proff that his father Smith Gaue him one of the Breeding 
Mares <& her increafe & one of the heifers and he had them". The land 
about the house M' Marick improves and pays the rent to the widow as- her 
thirds of the profits of the lands ; " one of the heifers was Goared w'** a 
beaf t & Dyed thereof ". [189] The balance of this account to be fully 
accomplished "when the heires Comes of age", according to the will. 
Sworn to Aug. 24, 1 697 before John Saffin Judge of probate, John Cary 
Regisf" : Entered Sept. 4, 1697 by John Cary Regist'"*. 

328 Bristol County Probate Records [Oct. 

In consideration of the mean and low condition that Mary Chaplin widow 
of William Chaplin late of Swanzey deceased is left in, there being no 
house or land and the estate in moveables so very small and the estate in- 
solvent, I John Saffin Judge of probate do assign to the said widow a bed 
and furniture thereunto belonging, also one iron pot and hooks and a spin- 
ning wheel "as her Paraphenalia". Dated Dec, 10, 1697. John Gary 
Regist'. Entered same day by John Cary Regist' : 

[190] The inventory " of the widow Bartrams Eftate " taken by Heze- 
Luther and Zachariah Eddy amounted to £60 .. 15 .. 05, and was 
sworn to by William Hammon, Nov. 6, 1694 before John Saffin Proba': 
John Cary Regist': Entered Sept 26, 1697 by John Cary Regist': 

[191] Will of WilUam Wodell " of Pocafset " who is " Very HI of body " 
made "the Eight day of the feuenth Month Called September'* 1692, "for 
the preventing future trouble among my Children & Grand Children'*. To 
my granddaughter Sarah Wodell £15 in money to be paid within two 
years after my decease. To Priscila and Isabell Gratchel £10 each in 
money " to be payd to Each of them at the age of Sixteen years. Sifters 
of the faid Sarah wodell ". To my daughter Mary Greenell wife of Daniel 
Greenel £5 in money within three years after my decease. To my grand- 
son Richard Greenel the same. To my grandsons William and Samuel 
Sanfords, each the same. To my grandson John Anthony son of my dau^i- 
ter Frances 40 shillings in money within two years after my decease. To 
my grandson Joseph Anthony son of my daughter Frances £5 in money 
withm three years after my decease. To my grandson William Anthony 
son of my daughter Frances the same. To my granddaughter Susannah 
daughter of my daughter Frances the same. To my granddaughters Eliu^ 
beth and Alice Anthony daughters of my daughter Frances each 50 shil- 
liUgs to be paid them at the age of fifteen. To my grandson William 
Wodell 1 shilling. To my daughter Alice Anthony 1 shilling. To my 
loving friend Jo&i Green of Warwick 20 shillings. To my grandsoo 
Richard Wodell £5 within one year after my decease. To my grandson 
Return Wodell the same. To my grandson Gershom Wodell, for him to 
pay the above legacies and my debts, my northermost share of land being 
the 12th share, and also my southermost share of land whereon my house 
standeth being the Idth share, only my will is that his mother shall have 
equal privileges with him in said 13th share during her life. To my grand- 
daughter Sarah Woodell my best feather bed and bolster. To Priscilla 
Gatchell a feather bed and bolster. To Isabel Gatchel the same. To my 
grandson-in-law Robert Lawton " two Books Gadberry and wing ". To 
John Potter of Warwick and the rest of the present free inhabitants of 
that town and their successors for an enlargement of the commons of said 
township, one half of all my right to [192] land mentioned in the original 
deed of the Grand Purchase of that land out of which the said township 
of Warwick was granted, and the other half of said land I give to my 
loving friend Major John Green of Warwick. "And whereas it hath been 
faid by feuend perfons that I with fome others Did goe about to wrong 
the town of Portfmouth in Purchafeing of Hog Ifland of an Indian Sachem 
Called Mocecup. I am fo far from doing any wrong therein that I do 
giue Vnto the free Inhabitants of the faid Town of Portfmouth * * all the 
hmd on the faid Hog Ifland that doth * * to me belong by Yertue of laid 
Purchafs. And whereas it hath been faid by feverall perfons y^ I with 

1909] Bristol County Probate Records 329 

fome others Did Goe aboat to wrong the £Eree Inhabitants of Road Ifland 
in Purchafeing the Revertion and Remainder of Road Ifland. of an Indian 
Sachem Called Mocecup : I am f o far from Doing any wrong therein that 
I doe gine vnto the free Inhabitants of the faid Road Ifland as of Right it 
fhould belong, and their Succefsors * * all the land on the faid Road Ifland 
that doth of Right to me belong by Vertue of said purchafe ". It is my 
will that my grandson Gershom Woddell and his mother *^ Do take Care 
& fee this my laft will & Teftament performed fullfilled & Kept ''. I 
'^ DeHre Nominate & appoint my loueing Neighbors Samfon & Samnel 
Shearman to be the overfeers of this my isit wUl & Teftament Defireing 
them to Counfell & afsift my Executrix f o far as they Can ". Witnessed 
by Joshua Rawlins, Ichabod Rogers and Thristram Bowerman, who all 
made oath to above will May 2, 1693 before Jn*^ Saflin Proba' : Stephen 
Burton Regist' : 

Above will was proved and Gershom Wodell and Mary Wodell his 
mother were appointed administrators of the estate of William Wodell ^^ late 
of Little compton. alias. Pocafsef, May 2, 1693, by John Saffin Proba': 
Burton Register at a court held at Bristol. Entered Oct 26, 1697 by 
John Gary Regist'" : 

[193] Account of above estate presented to John Saffin Judge of pro- 
bate Oct. 8, 1697 by Grershom Wodell executor and Mary Wodell execu- 
trix, and allowed by him. John Cary Regis t' : Items : '* By a Legacie to 
William Anthony f on of John Anthony " £5 ; "to Jofeph Anthony accord- 
ing to will " £5 ;" To Sufanah Anthony " £5 ; " To Daniel Greenel & 
Mary Greenel " £5 ; " To william & Samuel Sanford Sons vnto Samuel 
Sandford of Portfmouth ten pounds to fattisfaction as by their fathers Sam- 
uel Sanford his Receipt Dated Nouemb' : fecond 1695 " ; " To John Green 
of Warwick ". Debts paid as follows to : John Kees of Portsmouth, Ger- 
shom Wodell, Thomas Hicky, Job Manchester, Richard Wodell, Samuel 
Shearman, Sarah Denny, Samson Sherman, Robert Layton, John Anthony 
Sen''., Robert Fish and Job Layton. The balance of the estate chiefly con- 
sists of lands and some moveables, which by the will are bequeathed to Grer- 
shom Wodell and Mary the executrix and there are yet remaining four leg- 
acies viz. to Prisllla Gatchel and Isabel Gatchel each ten pounds and a b^ 
and bolster, and to Elizabeth Anthony and Alice Anthony daughters of John 
Anthony of Portsmouth five pounds to be divided equally between them. 
Sworn to Oct 8, 1697 by Gershom Wodell heir to William Wodell de- 
ceased and Mary Wodell executrix of his will before John Saffin Proba' : 
John Cary Regbt' : Entered Oct 26, 1697 by John Cary Regist' : 

[194] Bristol, Oct. 21, 1697. Whereas there is a certain tract of land 
lying within the townships of Freetown and Swanzey, together with some 
meadows lying at a place called Cippican (being a whole freeman's share), 
belonmng to Nicolas Woodbery late of Beverly and Isacce Woodbery late 
of Salem deceased (equally between them) and the said Isacce Woodbery 
dying intestate, adndnistration was granted to Hugh Woodbery of Bristol 
by John Saffin Judge of probate, and some of the children of Nicolas Wood- 
bery being cited by the said Judge to appear at Bristol on the 20th of this 
instant before him to make their claims unto the estate of the said Isacce 
Woodbery dec'd, "And Ifacce woodbery fonne to the faid Nicolas wood- 
bery being pref ent and m' Thomas west and m' Philip ffowles Attumys to 
the Reft of the Children of the faid Nicolas woodbery Dec** : Viz* : Mary 
woodbery Relict of Nicolas woodbery Son to the faid Nicolas woodbery : 

330 Bristol County Probate Records [Oct. 

(Allfo Deceafed) Jofeph woodbery Emma woodbery Relict to Andrew 
woodbery late of Beaverly allfo fon to the faid Nicolas Deceafed and Ben- 
jamin woodbery " it is agreed that the said half of the lands and meadows 
belonging to Isacce Woodbery above said shall be equally divided between 
Hugh Woodberry abovesaid and the children of Nicolas Woodbery paitio- 
ularly above named according to the bounds of said lands in a certain deed 
signed by Richard Moor dated Aug. 30, 1 673. Debts due from the estate 
of said Isacce Woodberry shall be equally borne by each party. Signed by 
Hugh Woodbere, Isacce Woodbery, Thomas West and Philip Foules attor- 
ney, and allowed by John Saffin Judge of probate same day. John Carj 
Regist' Entered Oct. 21, 1697 by John Gary Regist™ : 

Memorandum. It is understood by the above that Hugh Woodbery ia 
to have one moiety or half part of the half share of land above, and the 
above named children the other part of said half share of land to be equally 
divided between them. John Saffin Judge of Probate. John Gary Regist'. 
Entered Dec. 23, 1699 by John Gary Re^t^ 

[195] Account of Hannah Shaw widow and executrix of the will of 
John Shaw late of Swanzey deceased rendered Oct. 23, 1697. Items : paid 
to Udia Moor due to her for money lent to the deceased a little before hia 
death ; to Samuel Pool carpenter for repairing the house in Boston accord- 
ing to the will ; to William Webster for work done about said house ; to 
paid '^ for Glearing of the Drean & Seller " of said house ; to charge of re> 
moving from Swanzey to Boston ; to Doct' Talmon for charges in coming 
to Bristol to finish administration. Sworn to by ssdd Hannah Shaw at a 
court held at Bristol Oct. 23, 1697 before John Saffin. John Gary R^t' : 
Entered Oct. 23, 1697 by John Gary Regist'°» 

[196] Will of Thomas Gasewell Senr. of Taunton dated Sept. 28, 1691. 
To my eldest son Stephen Gasswell the land whereon his house now stand- 
eth and my land at Skunk Hill. To my second son Thomas Gasswell six 
acres of land in the great plain, other lands of mine now in his possession 
and one half quarter part of my share in the North purchase. To my third 
son Peter Gasswell sixteen acres on the south side of the highway opposite 
where his house now standeth. To my fourth son John Gas well '^ a pond 
Called the ftage pound " also one half quarter part of my share in the North 
pui chase. To my fifth son William Gas well the land whereon his house 
now standeth and the land called the Neck, also ten acres of land at '^ Thinn 
Swamp ** and three acres of swamp at the old Beaver Dam. To my sixth 
son Samuel Gaswell my house wherein I now dwell with my orchard, mead- 
ow and other land, all my land on the north side of the highway as far as 
James Bellas land, except a little piece where my son Peter Caswell's house 
stands which I formerly gave to my said son Peter. Also I give to said 
Samuel forty-six acres of my fifty acre division lying at Gotly between the 
land of Isacce Dean and Shadrach Wilbor*s land. To my loving wife 
Mary one quarter of my share in the North purchase, the use of ail my 
moveables within my house, and the westerly lower room in my house dur- 
ing her widowhood. My son Samuel Gaswell to be sole executor, he to 
take care of and provide for his mother and maintain her during her widow- 
hood. To my (laughters Mary, Sarah, Hannah, Elizabeth,. Abigail and 
Hester the one half of my share in the North purchase to be equally di- 
vided among them. To my daughter Hannah wife of Daniel Ramsdell 
one heifer of a year old. Witnessed by Shadrach Wilbore, Samuel Wil- 
bore and Joseph Wilbore. " Pofcript " dated March 15, 1696-7 : Where- 

1^9] Bristol County Brobate Records 831 

at my share in the Noiih purchase has since been s<dd for the sum of £12, 
which money my 8<m Samuel made use of, my will is that he pay the [197] 
aom of £12 to those of my children to whom said share was given, in pro- 
portion as expressed in tbe will. Codidl witnessed by Elizabeth X Briant, 
Isaak X Leonard and Samuel Danforth. Joseph Wilbore one of the wit- 
nesses made oath to said will at Bristol, Sept 14, 1697 and Shadrach Wil- 
bore another witness ^^ Did * * make oath to the Ton* : and Effect of 
Jof eph wilbore his oath : and that Samuel wilbore was p'efent and Did 
Signe as a witnefs at the fame tune : Since Deceafed ", at Taunton, Oct. 9, 
1697. The same day M' Samuel Danforth and Elizabeth Briant testifyed 
lo the truth of the above will before John Saffin Judge of probate. John 
Cary Regist': Entered Oct. 30, 1697 by John Gary B^gbt': 

Inventory of above estate taken March 30, 1696-7 [198] by Israel 
Thresher, Josep Richmond and Henry Andrews, and presented at court 
at Taunton Oct 9, 1697 by Samuel Caswell executor before Jn<^ Sai&i, 
John Cary Regbt': Entered Oct. 30, 1697 by John Cary Regist"°: 
Amount of inventory, £306 .. 09 .. 06. 

Receipt ^ven Feb. 12, 1697-8 by Thomas Mallett of Newport, R. I. to 
William Wood of Dartmouth executor of the will of William Wood of 
Dartmouth deceased for £67 .. 06, being a legacy given to Daniel Wood 
and John Wood by said William Wood in his will, said Thomas Mallet 
being guardian of said Daniel and John. Witnessed by Isacce Martindale 
and mchard X Evins. Entered May 12, 1698 by John Cary Regist': 

An account of the estate of John Fitch late of Rehoboth deceased ren- 
dered by Mary Fitch Executrix ; '^ those lands that were Bequeathed to 
y^ four Daughters by the will to be prefently divided between diem. Are 
•11 divided, as i^peares by an Inftrument Vnder hands & feales ". Items, 
paid to: Tho: Omsby Jun^, Benja Robbinson, Phillip Walker, Jarrard 
Ii^puham, Henry Sweeting. Received of: Israel Rewl, Gilbert Grant, 
6am Walker, Leu^ Joseph Brown, M*^ Jeremiah Childs, Moses Read. 
Sworn to by said Mary Fitch at Rehoboth April 21, 1699 before John 
Saffin. John Cary Reg'. Entered same day by John Cary Reg'. 

[199] Will of Samuel Williams of Taunton dated Aug. 6, 1697, he 
** being Vnd*^. Bodily Infirmity & pain ". To my eldest son SeUi Williams 
my land on the southeast side of Taunton great river containing e^ht or 
nine acres, thirty acres on the south side of the path going from " ware 
Bridge " toward Plymouth, bounded by John Macumber's land on the south 
side and parted by a path &om Richard Haskin's land. My son Seth Wil- 
liams to improve my dwelling house, homestead and barn until my son 
Daniel reaches age, then it shaJl be his. One half of a purchase right to 
lands in Taunton I give to my son Seth Williams, one quarter to my son 
Samuel Williams and the other quarter to my son Daniel Williams. To 
my son Samuel Williams my South purchase, the meadow land I purchased 
of Hezekiah Hoar " Near the Needles " and my Rumford Division. To my 
three daughters Sarah Dean, Mary Andros and Hannah Bun eight pounds 
each* My moveables I g^ve to my executor for payment of debts and leg- 
luaes to my daughters, only the cow and calf, mare and colt which my son 
Samuel calls his, I give to him, and the two heifers which my son Daniel 
calls his I give to him. I give my wife liberty to live with my son Seth 
in my house a twelve month time after my decease if she wishes, '' but if 
ihe ntther Chufe to Return home again to her own before winter" I give 
VOL. Lxni. 23 

332 Bristol County Probate Records [Oct. 

her six bushels of corn and a hog, also what she desires of the linen cloth 
in the house and the woolen cloth now at the weaver's. Son Seth to be 
sole executor. Witnessed by John Richmond, Thomas Gilbert and Abi- 
gail X Richmond who all appeared before John Saffin Esq'. Judge of Pro- 
bate and made oath to above wiU, Oct. 9, 1697. John Gary Regist' : £n> 
tered Nov. 1697 by John Gary Regist'. 

[200] Inventory of the estate of Samuel Williams of Taunton late dec*d 
taken Aug. 31, 1697, by John Richmond, Thomas Gilbert and Thomas 
Williams. Amount, £340 .. 03 .. 00. Sworn to Oct. 9, 1697 by Seth 
Williams executor of th^ wiU of the above named Samuel Williams before 
John Saffin Proba': Jn° Gary Re^t': Entered Nov. 2, 1697 by John 
Gary Regist'. 

Bristol, Jan. 3, 1698-9, "this Refers to Margaret Sabins Inventory. 
Recorded foiiou 203 ". Account of the administrator allowed by Jn** Saffin 
Proba'. Entered same day by John Gary Register. 

[201] Whereas our honored mother M* Ann Barney has a right in tlie 
estate of our late honored father Jacob Barney late of Rehoboth dec'd dur- 
ing her life or until her marriage, as appears by his will, and whereas the 
said Ann Barney " hath Gondefcended that the faid Houfeing and lands 
fhould be Divided Vnto her * ♦ fons," we, Joseph Barney, Israel Barney, 
Jonathan Barney and Samuel Barney all of Rehoboth, all sons of M*^ Jacob 
Barney agree with our mother as follows : first, that we pay to her yeariy 
£10 .. 10 in money to be paid quarterly ; second that we provide a good 
and comfortable room of about twelve or fourteen feet square with a good 
and convenient chimney, for her comfortable living and lodging therein, to 
be built and finished with all convenient speed to be set up at the west 
end of Israel Barney's house, and the said Joseph Barney doth promise his 
mother the use of the fruit on one apple tree yearly whidi she shall choose 
each year, also she shall not hereby be cut off from reasonable privileges 
in the now dwelling house "& Efpc^ially till f** Room be built", al&osaid 
sons agree to find her firewood. Dated Dec. 8, 1697 and signed by Joseph 
Barney and Israel Barney for themselves, Solomon Gurtice as guardian to 
Jonathan Barney, and Samuel Bullock as guardian unto Samuel Barney. 
Witnessed by Nath^ Paine, John West and John Gary, and acknowledged 
before Jn° Saffin Esq'., Dec. 8, 1697. Recorded Jan. 8, 1697-8 by Jn* 
Gary Regist'. 

[202] We, being commissioned by M' John Saffin Esq'., Judge of Pro- 
bate, to make an equal division of the housing and lands left by M' Jacob 
Bamee late of Rehoboth dec*d between his four sons according to his will 
saving to Ann Bamee his relict her due rights, have <livided the estate as 
follows : Joseph Barney's share is the northermost lot of land and meadow^ 
bounded northerly on Samuel Bullock, and he is to pay £21 in money U> 
the other three brothers on the account of equality. The second allotment 
being Jonathan Barney's is bounded northerly on Joseph Barney's land. 
The third allotment being for Samuel Barney is bounded northerly on th« 
land of Jonathan Barney. The fourth allotment being Israel Barney's is 
bounded northerly of the land of Samuel Barney, easterly on Samuel Pt^ck't 
meadow and his own meadow. Said Israel Barney's meadow is bounded 
northerly on the meadow of Samuel Barney and southerly on Samuel Peck's 
meadow. Each is to have at all times a convenient highway through each 
other's lot to his meadows. Said Joseph Barney b to pay to Jonathan 

1909] Descendants of James Rising 333 

Barney £5 .. 10 in money, to Israel Barney £4 .. 10 and to Samuel Barney 
£11, and said Israel Barney is to have the old house. Dated Dec. 8, 1697 
and signed by Sam^ Bullock, Tho : Omsbe, John West, Solomon Curtis and 
James Therber. Said division presented to John Saffin £sq^ Judge of 
Probate and allowed by him same day. Entered Jan. 8, 1697-8 by John 
Gary Regist' 

[203] Inventory of the estate of Peter Pampillo dec'd taken Nov. 26, 
1 697 by Vzal Wardall and Jabez Gorham, and sworn to at Bristol, Dec. 7, 
1 697 by M* Joan Papillio, widow of said deceased, before John Saffin Esq'. 
John Cary Regist': Amount £343 .. 17 .. 00. Entered Dec. 7, 1697 by 
John Cary R^ist' : 

Inventory of the estate of Margaret Sabin dec'd taken by William Car- 
penter and Samuel Peck, Dec. 6, 1697, the amount being £8 .. 15 .. 00. 
Items : two pieces of meadow ground at m' Browns Pond ; a debt due to 
her estate from John Sabin. Said inventory sworn to by James Sabin Dec. 
7, 1697, before John Saffin Probat': John Cary Regist': 

Debts due from the estate of Margaret Sabin dec'd : " Payd to Doct 
Arnold for phifike and a journey " ; " Payd to Doct' : Bowen for Phizike 
& his trouble about her " ; ^' for a months Tendance of James Sabin at his 
houfe w[hen] she was Diftrated " ; " Her funeral Charges in Drink Coffin 
dc the Graue Diging ", " for Charge to the Crowner Vnlefs he will abate ". 
Entered Dec. 7, 1697 by John Cary Regist' : 

The account of James Sabin administrator of the estate of Margaret Sa- 
bin was allowed and entered in this book folio 200, Jan. 3, 1698 By John 
Gary Reg' 

[To be concladod] 


By Louis Mabinus Dbwey, Esq., of Westfield, Mass. 

1. Jahes^ Rising of Boston removed to the Bermudas, where he was 
a church member, and brought letters from the pastor there, Nathaniel White, 
being admitted to the Salem, Mass., Church about 1662. He removed to 
Windsor, Conn., where he kept a ferry, and died at Suffield, Conn., 11 Sept. 

He married, 7 July 1657, Elizabeth Hinsdale, daughter of Robert 
of Medfield. She died at Windsor, in 1669, as did another wife who died 
2 Apr. 1674. 
Children : 

i. jASfES,* d. nnm at SofQeld 24 July 1690. His inventory, taken 12 
Aug. 1690, amounted to £12 58., ^* to go to John Rising for caring 
for his brother during his sickness." 
2. ii. John, b. abt. 1660. 

ill. MosKS, who was appointed guardian in 1720 to Moses, son of John 
Rising, late of St^eld, deceased, a minor less than 17 years old. 
Perliaps others. 

2. John' Rising {Jamet^), bom about 1660, Eved at Suffield, and died 
there 11 Dec. 1719. 

334 Descendants of James Itisinff [Oet. 

He married firsts 27 Nov. 1684, Sarah Hixk, who died 11 OeL 
1698 ; and secondly, 22 Sept 1699, Mart McLaflin, danghtar of 
Robert of Brookfield, Mass^ a Scotdiman. 

Widow Mary Rising married secondly, 11 Jnly 1728, Jonatlian 
Remington (see p. 179). She died 24 May 1764. On 23 May 1723, 
she complained to the probate court that, owinff to the extra expense 
of sickness and lameness of the children, all the legatees of her 
husband's estate should bear the expense equally. 

Children by first wife : 

i. Sarah,* b. 15 Nov. 1685 ; m. 1707-8, Samukl Hall (or Halb). 

11. Hannah, b. 28 June 1687 ; d. soon. 

m. EuNiCB, b. 17 Mar. 1688-8 ; d. 16 Sept. 1689. 

iv. Hannah, b. 86 Jnly 1690. The will of Hannah Rising of Hadley, 
Mass., dated Aug. 1751, proved 90 Jnly 1767, mentions Mrs. Sarah 
Williams, wife to Bey. Chester Williams of Hadley ; broUitf Jokn 
Rising's daughter Hannah ; to children of Jonathan Ingra^on, late 
of Hadley, deceased, vis., Jonathan, John, and Maiy, 90 shiniMi 
each; to brother John Rising of SniBeld the rest of the estateTSe 
to be executor. SuiBeld records say that Hannah was b. 96 July 
1690, and d. 9 Aue. 1690, but John Bislng mentions a dauf^bter 
Hannah in his wiU, 9 Apr. 1718. There must be an error In date 
of death, and possibly this record of death should apply to Tfimali 
b. 98 June 1687. 

3. V. John (twin), b. 90 Feb. 1699-8. 

4. Yi. Jamks (twin), b. 90 Feb. 1699-8. 

Til. JosiAH, b. 9 Feb. 1694 ; was in captivity in 1718. 
viU. Jonathan, b. 17 Sept. 1696; d. 9 Mar. 1697-8. 
ix. JOSKPH, b. 90 Feb. 1697-8 ; d. 1 Mar. 1687-8. 

Children by second wife : 

5. X. Jonathan, b. 10 Nov. 1700. 

xi. Joseph, b. 95 Feb. 1709-8 ; m. 95 Sept. 1799, Hannah Hall. 

6. xil. Aabon, b. 8 Oct. 1705. 

xiU. UosEBy b. 80 June 1707 ; d. 80 Mar. 1707-8. 

xiy. Mart, b. 97 Jan. 1708. 

XY. Mkbct, b. 98 Feb. 1711-19 ; d. soon. 

7. XYi. Mosxs, b. 95 Aug. 1718. 
XYlL Mkbct, b. 14 Feb. 1715. 

xvill. Bachkl, b. 7 July 1719 ; not mentioned in her father's wlU. 

8. John* Rising (John* Jnameifyy bom at SnflSeld 20 Feb. 169^-^, 
there lived, and died 10 Sept. 1770. 

He married first, 18 Apr. 1716, Mabt Smith, who died 21 Mar. 
1716-17; secondly, 12 Feb. 1718-19, Elizabbth Trumbuix, 
daughter of Joseph and Hannah (Smith) from Rowley, Mass., who 
died 18 Sept 1719 ; and thirdly, 4 Jan. 1721-2, Makt Hambuk, 
who died 22 May 1787, probably daughter of Nathaniel and Mary, 
and bom 7 Apr. 1700. 
Child by firet wife : 
i. 8arah,« b. 11 Mar. 171«-17 ; d. 16 Mar. 1716-17. 

Children by third wife : 

11. Sarah, b. 17 July 17SS; m. Nkijk>n; had children^ and was 

''late deceased,** 6 July 1765, when her fUher made his will. 
6. ill. John, b. S2 Jan. 17S8^. 

iT. Mart, b. 80 Aug. 1725; d. 90 Sept. 1810; m. 15 Aux. 1744, Johk 
Sheldon, who d. at SuiBeld 80 May 1808, aged 84, where tl^ had 
twelre children. 

T. BuzABSTH, b. 17 Aug. 1797 ; d. 1 Nor. 178S. 

▼1. JosiAH, b. 5 Jnly 1789 ; d. 1 Nov. 178S. 

19P9] DucendantB of James Rising 335 

TlL Ann, b. «) Feb. 1781-2; m. ; "late deceased" in her father's 

will, 5 July 1766 ; three children. 
TilL JosiAH, b. 22 Apr. 1784. 
ix. SuzABiTH, b. 26 Feb. 1785-6. 
X. Hannah, b. 2 Feb. 1789-40. 
9. zL Nathaniel, b. 22 July 1748. 
xU. BuTH, b. 22 Sept. 1746. 

4. James* Risino (/oAn,* Jamei^)^ bom at Soffield 20 Feb. 1692-3, 

there lived, and died 22 July 1772. 

He married, 7 July 1715, Elizabeth Mabshall, daughter of 
Edmund and Martha, bom 17 Mar. 1688-9. 


I. Bbenbzkb,^ b. 6 Oct. 1716. 

10. U. Benjamin, b. 21 Jan. 1720-1. 

11. ilL James, b. 4 Jane 1728. 

5. Jonathan* Rising (Johny^ Jatne^)^ bom at Suffield 10 Nov. 1700, 

there lived, and died 28 Jan. 1797. 

He married first, Sept 1726, Abigail Bodubtha, bom 20 Dec. 
1700, died 27 Sept 1778, daughter of Samuel and Muy (Reming- 
ton*^ ; and secondly, 8 Jan. 1775, widow Mabt Bbownson. 

Chfldren, by first wife : 

12. I. Jonathan/ b. 29 July 172—. 

ii. Abioail, b. 81 Aug. 178~ ; m. 1754, Ebenbzeb Copley of SuiBeld. 

lit Tbyphena, b. 14 Feb. 178—; d. abt. 1780; m. Oct. 1768, John Bo- 
dubtha, son of Benjamin and Bathsheba (Frost), b. 21 July 1784, 
d. before 1771, when his widow joined the church. 

It. Sibblb, b. 6 Dec 1786 ; d. 12 May 1816 ; m. May 1765, Samuel Bo- 
dubtha, b. 7 Jan. 1786, d. 20 Sept. 1821, son of Benjamin and 
Bathsheba (Frost). 
18. V. Paul, b. 17 June 1740. 

6. Aabon* Rising {Johnj^ Jame$^), bom at Suffield 8 Oct 1705 ; mar- 

ried, 80 Apr. 1729, Sabah Hamblin, bom 18 Feb. 1708-9, 
daughter of Nathaniel and Mary. 
Qiildren, bom at Suffield : 

14. 1. Aabon,^ b. Apr. 1788 ; was of Rupert, Yt., when he m. (int. rec. 

at Southwick, Mass., 17 Aug. 1778) widow Sabah Phelps. 

II. Anna; d. soon. 

m. Anna, b. 10 Mar. 1785-6; m. 11 Not. 1765, Bphbadc Noble (1784- 
1810) son of Moses and Mary (Grant). 

15. iy. Abel, b. 1787. 

16. T. Amob. 

yi. Abneb, b. 20 Jan. 1748 ; m. (int. rec at Southwick, Mass., 81 July 

1774) Abigail Devotion. 
▼11. SujAH, b. 1 Jan. 1758 ; m. 81 Jan. 1788, Susanna Kent, b. 19 Dec. 

1769, dan. of Seth and Susanna. 

7. Moses* Rising (JMit,* James^), bom at Suffield 25 Aug. 1713 ; mar- 

ried first, 6 Oct 1737, Mabt Wabner, who died 8 Sept 1789 ; 
and seccmdly, 6 Apr. 1742, Deliverance Sires, daughter of 
Samuel and Mehitable (Hanchett), bom 16 Feb. 1717-8. 

i. Fhebb,« b. 12 Feb. 1743-8. 

U. LucT, b. 8 Mar. 1748-4. 

UL Mabt, b. 19 Feb. 1747-8. 

Iv. Ruth, b. 29 Nov. 1761. 

• Mary Remington, tiiter to ThomM,* married first, 14 Mar. 1887» Abel Leonard; 
Mid secondly, in July 1691, Samael Bodartha. 

336 Descendants of James Rising [Oct. 

8. John* Rising {John,* John* James^), born at Suffield 22 Jan. 172S-i 

there lived, and died^Oct 1798. 

He married first, 24 Mar. 1748, Mabel Hall, bom 14 Sept 
1728, died 12 Oct. 1767, daughter of Nathaniel and Mabel (Wm- 
chel) ; and secondly, 6 Oct. 1768, widow Susanna Mason. 

Children, by first wife : 

17. 1. John,* b. 21 Apr. 1749. 

ii. Mabel, b. 4 Jan. 1762 ; d. May 1757. 

m. Mary, b. 26 May 1764. 

iv. Mabel, b. Oct. 1757. 

V. Seth, b. 24 May 1760. 

vi. JosiAH, b. 21 Apr. 1764. 

9. Nathaniel* Rising (John* John^* James^), born at Suffield 22 July 

1743, there lived, and died 21 Jan. 1728, aged 84. 

He married first, 6 June 1763, Ame Austin, who died 21 May 
1786, aged 47 ; and secondly, 17 Jan. 1787, Phebe Munskll, who 
died 22 Aug. 1842, aged 94J years. 

Children by first wife : 

18. i. Nathaniel,' b. 28 Feb. 1765. 
ii. Phyllis, b. 6 Oct. 1766. 

ill. Sarah, b. 28 Feb. 1770. 

iv. Lucy. b. 22 Feb. 1772. 

V. Candis, b. 27 Apr. 1774. 

vi. David, b. 6 July 1776. 

vli. Julius, b. 28 Sept. 1780; m. (1) 17 Nov. 1826, Statia Warner, and 

had Emeline Slatiay* b. 7 June 1827 ; m. (2) (Int. rec. at Southwick. 

Mass., 17 Jan. 1836) Maria £. Rising, dan. of John H. (No. 21, v). 

Children by second wife : 

vlil. Phkbe, b. 7 Sept. 1788 ; d. 22 Dec. 1860. 
ix. Orrin, b. 20 Jan. 1790; d. 16 Dec. 1818. 

X. Olivkr, b. 16 Dec. 1798; d. 4 May 1828; his wife Jbrusha d. 16 
July 1866, aged 68. 

10. BENJABnN* Rising (James,* John,* James^), bom 21 Jan. 177(^1, 

died before his wife, at Suffield where he had lived. 

He married, 29 Nov. 1745, Ltdia Hooker, who died, a widow, 
at Southwick, Mass., 15 June 1776. 


1. Lydia,» b. 24 July 1746. 

ii. Benjamin, b. 22 Sept. 1748 ; m. Nov. 1769, Mart Barker, and had 
Benjamin^t* b. 1 Jan. 1770, and others at Southwick. 

19. m. Raynor, b. 17 Sept. 1761. 

Iv. Sarah, b.4 Apr. 1754; d. Rupert, Vt., 24 Dec. 1796; m. abt, 1778. 

David Noble (1766-1822) son of Reuben. 
V. Mary, b. 3 Nov. 1766. 

20. vi. Abraham, b. 3 Jan. 1769. 

vil. Susannah, b. 19 July 1760 ; d. 16 June 1770. 

21. vili. John Hooker, b. 19 Aug. 1763. 

ix. Alexandrr, b. 10 Dec. 1766; m. (1) 14 Nov. 1799, Nanct Adams, 
and had Deborah,* b. 16 Aug. 1800; m. (2) at Southwick, 7 BCar. 
1810, Abigail Bartlrtt of Westhampton, Mass., bapt. IS Sept. 
1771, dau. of Joel and Abigail (Noble). 

22. X. Hbman, b. 16 Oct. 1767. 
xi. Susanna, b. 26 June 1770. 

11. James^ Rising (James,* John,* James^), bom at Suffield 4 June 1728, 

there lived, and died 26 Jan. 1814, aged 86. 

1909] Descenaants oj James Rising 337 

He married, 10 Oct. 1753, Elizabeth Laflik, daughter of 
Charles and Agnes of Westfield (South wick), Mass. She owned 
the covenant of Westfield church in the summer of 1754. 

Children : 

1. Jame8,» b. 2 Nov. 1754 ; d. 14 Jan. 1768. 

il. Mary, b. 6 Nov. 1766. 

Ui. Jonah, b. 23 Feb. 1767. 

iv. James, b. 12 Feb. 1759. 

V. Elizabeth, b. 21 May 1761. 

vi. Elbnoe, b. 20 Aug. 1763. 

23. vU. Samuel, b. 28 Sept. 1766. 
vUi. Phebe, b. 31 Oct. 1767. 
ix. Anna, b. 31 Jan. 1770. 

X. EsTHEB, b. 31 Mar. 1772. 

12. Jonathan* Rising {Jonathan* John^ James^), bom at Suffield 29 

July 1727 (?), there lived, and died 22 Dec. 1797. 

He married, about 1749, Rebecca Mather, daughter of Wil* 
liam and Silence. She died 29 Sept. 1794. 

Children : 

1. Rebecca,* b. 12 Mar. 1760; d. 2 May 1824; m. 14 Feb. 1770, Joseph 

Smith, who d. 30 Aug. 1805 ; eight children, 
ii. Jonathan, b. 27 Oct. 1751 

24. iii. Eli, b. 9 June 1765. 

iv. Silence (twin), b. 24 May 1767. 

V. LuciNA (twin), b. 24 May 1757. 

vi. EusEBius Mather, b. 15 Jan. 1761 ; d. Aug. 1800. 

vU. Asa, b. 2 Oct. 1764 ; d. 23 Apr. 1803 ; m. 12 Aug. 1791, Lydia Pierce, 

and had Franklin,* b. 28 May 1794. 
vili. AP0LL08, b. 26 May 1768 ; d. 30 Nov. 1810 ; m. 1 Oct. 1800, Dorcas 

Bement. ChUdren: 1. MaHa,* b. 12 Apr. 1803; d. 2 Oct. 1805. 

2. Hiram, b. 12 Dec. 1806. 3. Apollos, b. 22 July 1810. 

13. Paul* Rising (Jonathan,* John,^ James^)j bom at Suffield 17 June 

1740, there lived, and died 12 Mar. 1818. 

He married first, 28 May 1767, Hannah Bodurtha, born 8 
July 1739, died 2 Feb. 1769, daughter of Benjamin and Bathsheba 
(Frost) ; secondly, 9 May 1770, Ruth Strong, bom 2 Dec. 1744, 
died 4 Oct. 1797, daughter of Samuel ; and thirdly, 22 Feb. 1798, 
Parnell Hathaway, bora 23 Apr. 1753, died 22 Oct. 1824, daugh- 
ter of Ebenezer and Pamell (King). 

Children by second wife : 

1. Alexander,* b. 8. Feb. 1771 ; m. 14 Jan. 1793, Affa Loomis (1772- 

1809), dau. of Enos. 
U. Ruth, b. 15 Oct. 1772; d. 15 Dec. 1807; m. 16 Oct. 1806, Rurus 
85. iii. Paul, b. 28 Oct. 1774. 

Iv. Samuel, b. 4 Oct. 1776 ; d. 24 Apr. 1778. 
26. V. Stoughton, b. 29 Oct. 1778. 
vi. LuciNDA, b. 12 Oct. 1780. 
vii. Samuel, b. 10 Jan. 1782; d. 1805. 
vili. Clarissa, b. 17 Nov. 1784 ; m. Shadrach Trumbull. 
Ix. Eunice, b. 13 Nov. 1786; m. 24 Sept. '1816, Rufus Hathaway. 
X. Orestes, b. 17 July 1789; m. 4 Feb. 1817, Harriet Gaylord. Chil- 
dren : 1. Harriet Sophia,* b. 3 Sept. 1817. 2. Samuel Orestes, b. 29 
Aug. 1820. 3. Jane, b. 14 Oct. 1823. 

Child by third wife : 
xi. Farnsll, b. 30 Apr. 1799. 

338 Descendants of James Rising [OsiU 

14. Aamov^ Rismo (Aaron* Johij^ Jamei^), born mt Snffield Apr. 173S. 

and there lived. 

He married, 5 Sept 1755, AmcA Harmok, bom 6 Jnlj 1738t 
daugfater of Samuel, 2d, and Deborah (Winchel). 

Children : 

L AKifV b. 7 Jane 1756. 

U. Ruth, b. 8 Mar. 1768. 

ilL Sabah. b. Feb. 1760; d. 5 July 1760. 

ty. Sabah, b. 90 May 1761. 

T. Aakon, b. 86 Nov. 1768. 

vi. SiMBON, b. 26 Jan. 1766. 

viL JOBIAH, b. 90 Apr. 1768. 

15. Absl^ Rising {Aarwuy* Johnj* Jame$?)j bom at SoAeld abonl 1787, 

there lived, and died 80 Mar. 1815, aged 77. 

He married first, 8 Jan. 1762, Silkncb Shbldox, bora 5 Oct. 
1743, died 21 Apr. 1778, daughter of Elijah and Sarah (King) ; 
secondly, 28 Jnne 1781, Desire P. (Mason) Reminoton, widow 
of John. She died 14 Dec 1834, aged 89. (See p. 181.) 

Children by first wife : 

i. Bluah/ b. 11 Oct. 1762. 

U. SiLBNCB, b. 1 Nov. 1764, d. 1860; m. Abuah Sbminqton (No. 19« p. 

ill. Abbl, b. 12 Jan. 1767; m. at Snflleld, 27 Oct. 1791, Lucdtda 
b. 81 Dec. 1771, dan. of Seth and Sosan. 
27. iv. JoBL« b. 18 Mar. 1770. 

V. Sabah, b. 18 Oct. 1772 ; m. D. W. WmcHBL of Springfield, ] 
vL Anneb, b. 18 Apr. 1775 ; m. Doanbs of Yt. 

Children by second wife : 

vU. Dbsibx, b.28 Mar. 1782; d. 8 Dec 1782. 

vlii. Justus, b. 19 Nov. 1788; d. 9 Ang. 1884; m. 8 Jan. 1811, Maboj 

WiLOOX, and had Silence,* b. 28 Nov. 1811. 
iz. HoBACB, b. 27 Dec 1787. 

16. Amos^ Rising (Aarany* Johny* Jamei^)^ bora abont 1740, lived at 

Southwick, Mass. His will, dated 3 Oct. 1805, mentioiis wilo 
Ltdia and the following children, or their heirs, to whom he left 
amounts varying from one to sixty dollars. 

L Walteb,* m. (int. rec at Soothwlck 14 Nov. 1802) Bueabbtr B«- 

ii. Tbhak. 
111. Tabsbt. 
iv. Chablottb. 
V. Ruth. 

vi. ViBNB. 

vii. Amos. 

viiL Ltdia, m. Mattbbw Latlin. 

iz. CiNDA, m. Campbbll. 

z. Clabissa, m. Hbman Lavun. 
zi. Aabon. 

17. John* Rising (/oAit,^ Johny* John^^ James^), bora at Snffield 21 Apr. 

1749, there lived, and died 22 Nov. 1797. 

He married, 28 Sept 1775, Philis Cinda Hatha wat, 
died 7 Jan. 1845. 

1. YauNDA,* b. 28 Apr. 1776 ; d. 28 Nov. 1816 ; m. Thad. Bbacb. 

1909] Dedcendanis of James Rising 839 

IL DUNTHA, b. 18 Oct. 1777. 

UL Lbvi, b. 8 Aug. 1779; m. 9 June 1808, Abigail Obi0WOLD, dfto. of 
Bey. Sylvaniis of Feeding HUIb, Agawam, Mmb. 
S8. It. WnjJAM, b. 7 Apr. 1788. 

T. EzBKiBL, b. 81 Dec. 1784 ; d. 8 Jan. 1878. 

Yl. Erastus, b. 80 Sept. 1788 ; d. 17 Oct. 1844; m. Phxbb Pabmelu. 

vU. JoHK, b. 14 Nov. 1791, d. 6 Nov. 1798. 

TiiL JoHH , b. 14 Dec 1798 ; d. 1 May 1886. 

18. Nathaniel* Rising (NcUhanidy* John^* Johuj^ James^)^ bom at Sof- 

field 28 Feb. 1765, there lived, and died 30 May 1835. 

He married, 9 June 1789, Ltdia Spknokb, who died 20 June 
1848, aged 77. 


L Lydia/ b. 6 Oct. 1789. 

U. FOLLT, b. 81 July 1798 ; d. 81 Mar. 1888. 

ill. Silas, b. 88 Mar. 1794 ; d. 88 Jan. 1819. 

iv. Lucy, b. 7 Nov. 1796 ; d. 11 May 1878. 

V. Alfred, b. 7 Oct. 1799; d. 1 May 1888; m. 88 Sept. 1880, Maxll 

29. vi. Arktus, b. 15 Dec 1801 ; an M.D. 

▼11. Henrt (twin), b. 1804; d. 18 Aug. 1870, aged 86; was a doctor at 

Westboron^, Mass. 
▼Ui. Fannt (twin), b. 1804 ; d. 18 Nov. 1846,aged 48. 

19. Batnor* Rising (Benjamin^* James^* John^ Jamm^) married, 5 June 

1780, Elizabeth Griffin. 


L SuzABBTH,* b. 1 June 1781. 

80. IL Caleb, b. 15 Mar. 1785. 

20. Abrahah* Rising {Benjaminy^ Janus^ Johnj^ Jame^)^ bom at Suf- 

field, 3 Jan. 1759, died at Southwick, Mass., 25 June 1858. 

He married at Suffield, 26 Feb. 1782, Rachel Owen, probably 
daughter of Isaac and Zerviah (Giiswold). 


81. L Thaddexts,* b. 5 May 1788. 

ti. Abraham, b. 16 Oct. 1787; m. (int. rec at Southwick 9 Apr. 1809) 
Clada Easton. 

21. John Hooker* Rising (Bmjaminy* James,* John,* Jame$% bom at 

Suffield 19 Aug. 1763, lived at Southwick, Mass. 

He married at Southwick (intention recorded 27 Mar. 1808) 
Sallt Baker of Suffield. 


I. John,* b. 15 Mar. 1804. 

ii. Sallt A., b. 86 Apr. 1806. 

lit Sblbcia, b. 8 Dec 1808 ; d. 8 Mar. 1848 ; m. (int. rec. at Southwick 

8 Mar. 1889), Aoerr (or Edgar) Hathaway, whod. 5 Apr. 1886, 

aged 78. 
iv. Susanna, b. 16 July 1811 ; m. (int. rec at. Southwick 6 Dec 1885) 

Hbman Day of West Springfield, Mass. 
V. Blizabrth, b. 81 Apr. 1814 ; probably m. 1886, JtTLiUB Rising of 

Suffield (No. 9, vU). 
vl. Philura, b. 87 Aug. 1818 ; m. 1885, Chandler B. Rising (No. 80, iv). 

SS. Heman* Rising (Bmjamin,* James,* John,* James^) was bom at Suf- 
field 15 Oct 1767. 

340 Descendants of James Rising [Oct. 

He married at South wick, Jan. 1789, Eunice Loomis, bom 20 
Sept. 1769, died 30 Jan. 1837, daughter of Enos and Elizabeth 

82. 1. Abial,« b. 5 Feb. 1790. 

23. Samuel* Rising (Jamesy* JameSy* Johuy* James^), born at Suffield 28 

Sept. 1765, died there 8 Nov. 1819. 
He married Sarah King. 
Children : 

I. King,* b. 27 Apr. 1794 ; d. unm. 

ii. Aratus, b. 7 Mar. 1796 ; d. unm. 

ill. RuFUS, b. 11 Sept. 1798 ; m. Phelan. 

Iv. Leicester. 

V. Emily, b. 6 Jan. 1805 ; m. 20 Apr. 1827, Phelan. 

vi. Alvin, b. 24 July 1809 ; m. 29 Apr. 1888, Lucinda E. Sackbtt of 

Southwlck, Mass. 

yll. David, b. 18 June 1812 ; m. 8 June 1842, Jane Rising. 

24. Eli* Rising (Jonathany^ Jonaihany* Johuy* Jame$^)y bom at Suffield 

9 June 1755, died 7 Mar. 1804. 
He married, 24 June 1778, Ruth Smith, who died in 1824. 

i. Eli,« b. 26 Nov. 1779; d. 30 Jan. 1856; m. (1) at Suffield, 8 Jan. 
1803, Patience Bement, by whom he had Sherlock,^ b. 17 July 
1808; m. (2) Hannah , who d. 2 Mar. 1866, aged 81. 

25. Paul* Rising (Pauly^ Jonathariy* Johny^ James^)y bom at Suffield 17 

June 1740, died about 1818. 

He married, 12 Mar. 1798, Lucinda Rogers. 

I. Eunice,* b. 27 Dec. 1798. 

II. Paul Strong, b. 16 Sept. 1801. 

26. Stoughton* Rising (Pauly^ Jonathany* Johuy^ Jamet^)y bom at Suf- 

field 29 Oct. 1778, died there 22 June 1823. 

He married, 18 Dec. 1811, Betsey Tuppbe, who died 15 Nov. 


i. Terzee,* b. 80 Oct. 1818. 

li. George, b. 4 Apr. 1814 ; d. at Osawattomle, Kan., 2 Jan. 1884 ; m. at 

Keene, N. H., 2 Mar. 1842, Sarah Kingsbury. 
Ul. William S., b. 28 June 1816. 
Iv. Elizabeth^ b. 5 Sept. 1819. 
V. Ruth, b. 1 Jan. 1828. 

27. Joel* Rising ( Abely^ Aarouy* Johrty^ Jame$^)y bom at Suffield 18 Mar. 

1770, died there 2 Oct. 1827. 

He married, 29 Apr. 1790, Ruth Winchel. 
Children : 

1. RuTH,« b. 2 Oct. 1790. 
ii. Julia, b. 22 Feb. 1797. 
ill. Cynthia, b. 15 July 1798 ; m. Alanson Spencer. 

28. William* Rising (Johny^ John,* Johriy* Johny^ Jame^)y bom at Suf- 

field 7 Apr. 1783, died there 29 May 1829. 
He married Phebe Rising. 

1909] Descendants of James Rising 341 


1. ARETU8 W.,7 b. 22 Mar. 1827; d. at Suffleld Nov. 1896; m. 4 July 
1849, LuciNDA Searle. Children: 1. Charles Andrew.* 2. WU- 
liam Searle. 8. Frank Mather, 4. James Henry. 

29. Aretus* Rising, M.D. (Nathantel,^ John,^ John,* John* James^), born 
at Suffield 15 Dec. 1801, died 27 Mar. 1884. 

He married, 12 Nov. 1829, Lucy Maria Seymour, who died 
10 May 1882, aged 72, daughter of Baril and Lucy (Perkins) of 
Granby, Conn., and Otis, Mass. 

Children : 

I. Henry 8.,^ b. 11 Dec. 1830. 
ii. Eliza M., b. 26 Feb. 1884. 
ill. Frances C, b. 9 Mar. 1841. 

80. Caleb* Rising (2?aynor,* Benjamin,^ James,* John,* James^), bom at 
Suffield 15 Mar. 1785, lived at South wick, Mass., and in Ohio. 
He married Cherry Palmer. 

i. EuzABETH,^ m. THOBiAS Hawley, and lived in Ohio. 

II. Lemon, m. Olive of Ohio. 

ill. LucRETiA, m. Elijah Gale of Watertown, N. Y. 

Iv. ScsAN, m. Jarvis W. Cowles of Westfleld, Mass. 

V. Charlotte, m. Joseph Welcome of Philadelphia. 

vi. Sophia, m. James Adams of Chlcopee, Mass. 

vii. Caleb, lived in Ohio. 

vlll. Griffin, lived In Ohio. 

ix. LoREN, m. LoviSA Ensign of Westfleld, Mass. 

31. Thaddeus* Rising {Abraham,* Benjamin,^ James,* John,* James^), 

bom at Suffield 5 May 1783, lived at South wick, Mass. 

He married (intention recorded 1 Sept. 1805) Lucretia Bush 
of Suffield, bom 14 Mar. 1783. 

Children : 

i. Lucretia,^ b. 28 Mar. 1806. 

ii. Thaddeus, b. 80 June 1807 ; d. at Westfleld, Mass., where he was a 

whipmaker; m. (int. rec. at Southwick 13 Jan. 1828) Fanny G. 

iil. Rachel, b. 10 Feb. 1809 ; m. (int. rec. at Southwick 16 Nov. 1828) 

A. Rising. 
iv. Chandler Bush, b. 28 Apr. 1811 ; m. (int. rec. at Southwick 14 Feb. 

1835) Philura Rising, dau. of John H. (No. 21). 
V. Sarah Amaret, b. 25 Dec. 1812 ; m. at Southwick, 1838, Harvey 

Evbrton of Westfleld, Mass. 
vi Marietta, b. 8 July 1817 ; m. at Southwick, 6 Nov. 1887, Thomas 

CowLES of Westfleld, Mass. 
vll. Lucy, b. 10 Jan. 1826. 

32. Abial* Rising (ffeman,* Benjamin,* James,* John,* James^), bom at 

Suffield 5 Feb. 1790, lived at Southwick, Mass. 

He married at Westfleld, Mass., 30 Jan. 1812, Mercy Fox, 
bom 15 May 1794. 

Children : 

i. Heman,^ b. at Westfleld, Mass., 16 Jan. 1814. 

11. Elthce, b. at Warren, Vt., 17 Dec. 1817. 

lii. Roland, b. at Southwick 26 Feb. 1820; m. (1) at SuflSeld, 8 Aug. 

1841, Rebecca Bush; m. (2) at Suffleld, 7 July 1850, Candacb 

Ingraham, who d. 4 Jan. 1879, aged 60. 
iv. Amos Loobos, b. at Westfleld 15 Mar. 1829. 


EmigranU from England 



































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1909] Emigrantd from England 343 


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348 Emigrants from England [Oct. 



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EmigranU from England 




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Emigrcmts from Utiffland 





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Emigrants from England 





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356 OenecUogical Research in England [Oct. 


Transcribed by Miss Elikabbth Frbkoh, and commonicated bj the Committae oa 

Bnglish Research * 

[Continaed Arom pa^e 287] 

The Will of Richard Rate of Stradishull in the County of Suffolk, 
yeoman, 1 Feb. 1 609. To wife Mary for life my medsoage or tenement 
called Gamlinge alias Gamlins, one grovett called Gamlings grove, and two 
pieces of pasture called Wood Mei^owe, in the town of Stradishull and 
Wickhambrooke in Suffolk, which pastures with the aforesaid grovett ^ tyme 
owte of memorye of men hath byn and were acoustomed to appteine to the 
foresaid messuages " ; with reversion successively to sons John and Robert. 
To John Raye and his heirs forever all my freehold and copyhold lands ly- 
ing in Redfeild, Great Willowes, and Willowes Halke in the pariah ol 
Wickhambrooke and Stradishull. Whereas John Raye the elder, late <rf 
Denston in the County of Suffolk, together with his brothers Francis Raye, 
William Raye, and Richard Raye stand jointly and severally bound unto me 
the said Richard Raye and mine executor in five several obligations for the 
payment of £250 within five years, viz. £50 in every one of those yesn, 
my will is that my executors upon receipt of the said sums shall make pay- 
ment thereof as follows : to son Richard Raye £40 ; to son Henrye Raye 
£45 ; to son Abraham Raye £45 ; to sons John Raye and Robert Raye £60, 
the better to enable them to relieve and help my son Thomas according to 
their discretion; to my sons-in-law John Rogers and John Benton £10 
apiece ; to John Raye, son of my late son Ambrose Raye deceased, £40 at 
age of twenty-four years. Mention made of an obligation wherein the said 
&bert and Abraham stand bound unto [Richard] Vaugham [ttc] , lata 
Bishop of London. All residue to sons John Raye and Robert Raye, who 
are made executors. [Signed] Richard Raye. Witnesses : Charles Bor- 
roughe and John Raye. Proved 25 Feb. 1610 by the oaths of the execu- 
tors named in the will. (Archdeaconry of Sudbury (Bury Su Edmunds), 
Roffen, ff.