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Volume LXVI 


19 I 2 


^ssodait (Sintot 






ABBE genealogy, by F. J. A. Wallace noticed 

ABBOTT, Lemuel Abijah, notice Ixix 
Abigail, ship, passengers for Salem, Mass., 
1628, in John Endicott and the men who 
came to Salem, etc., by F. A. Gardner no- 
ticed 192 
Abington, Mass., vital records to 1850, 2 vols. 

noticed 370 
ADAMS, Alexander Clinton, notice Ixvll 
Eev. Amos, memoir and his American ances- 
try, by R. M. Lawrence noticed 368 
Henry, ancestry, English 187 
Nelson The Elijah Adams Family of Hub- 
bardston, Mass., and a retrospect of ac- 
tivities in seven cities and seven decades 
noticed 92 
William Frederick Barney, 1634— Hosmer, 
1635 noticed 286 
Commodore Josliua Barney, many inter- 
esting facts connected with the life of 
Commodore Barney, also a compilation 
of genealogical material relating to Com- 
modore Barney's ancestors and descend- 
ants noticed 36S 
James Hosmer, Cambridge 1635, settled in 
Concord, Mass. soon after noticed 287 
ADAMS genealogy, descendants of Elijah of 
Hubbardston, Mass., by N. Adams no- 
ticed 92 
in Rev. Amos Adams and his American 
ancestry, by R. M. Lawrence noticed 368 
ALLEN, Hope, notice of family 282 
America, passenger lists to, 1804 80 306 
American Historical Association, report, 1908, 
in two volumes, vol. 2 (1) diplomatic cor- 
respondence of the Republic of Texas, 
pt. 2 noticed 97; vol. 2 (2) pt. 3 noticed 
report, 1909 noticed 194 
American Jewish Historical Society, publica- 
tions, no. 20 noticed 97 
American Revolution, Battle of April 19, 1775 
in Lexington, Concord, Lincoln, Arling- 
ton, Cambridge, Somerville, and Charles- 
town, history, by F. W. Coburn noticed 

Amherst College, class of '81, records, thirty 

years after noticed 96 
ANDREWE, Robert, will 1639 358 
ANDREWS, Frank De Wette The beginning 

of the temperance movement in Vineland 

noticed 370 
ARNOLD, Ruhamah, notice 284 
Ashford, Ct., epitaphs 38 
ATKINS genealogy, in No. 99, Library of Cape 

Cod, history and genealogy, by J. W. 

Hawes noticed 190 

Atlantic, ship, passengers for Boston, 1804 306 
AVERY, Walter Titus, memoir, by J. M. A. 

Sheldon noticed 288 
AYER, Clarence Walter William Taggard 

Piper 3 

BALDWIN, Thomas Williams Vital records 
of Reading, Mass. to 1850 noticed 193 
Vital records of Wakefield, Mass. to 1850 
noticed 289 
BALLARD genealogy noticed 93 

descendants of Wm. of Lynn, Bfass. and 
Wm. of Andover, Mass., by C. F. Farlow 
noticed 92 
BARNEY genealogy, ancestors and descend- 
ants of Commodore Joshua Barney, by 
W. F. Adams noticed .368 
descendants of Jacob, by W. F. Adams 

noticed 286 
in James Hosmer, Cambridge, 1635, by W. 
F. Adams noticed 287 
BARRETT, Joseph Hartwell, notice Ixiii 
BARROWS, Moses, administration of estate 
1814 19 

BARRY genealogy, by A. Collins noticed 93 
BASS, James Lawrence The Flint genealogy 

noticed 286 
BATCH ELDER, Samuel Francis Life and 
surprising adventures of John Nutting, 
Cambridge loyalist and his strange con- 
nection with the Penobscot Expedition 
of 1779 noticed 369 
BATES, Clement, home, English, notice 54 
Louise Prosser Items from day books of 
Hon. Esbon Sanford of North Kingstown, 
R. I., 1798-1833 26 
BATES bulletin, vol. 5, no. 1 noticed 190; vol. 
6, no. 2 noticed 368 
genealogy, descendants of Clement, by E. 
Deacon noticed 93 
BAXTER, Son. James Phinney Address be- 
fore N. E. Hist. Gen. Society 1912 ix 
BEALE and variants 
Jeremy, will 1586 345 
John, will 1623 346 
Robert, will 1614 345 
Thomas, will 1568 346 
Thomas, will 1617 345 
Bealde, Margaret will 1487 344 

Robert, will 1465 344 
BEALE baptisms, marriages, and burials from 
parish registers ot Biddenden, Eng. 346 
genealogy, descendants of Robert of Bidden- 
den, Eng. .348 
BEARDSLEY, Ouy Erastus Quindecennial 
record of the class of 1896 Sheffield Scien- 
tific school of Yale University noticed 369 

Index of Subjects 

BELLOWS, nenry A. and J. F. li. D. Julien 

Julieiino I'roveugalo noticed 95 
Bells i)f raiil and Joseph W. Ucvt-ri-, history, 

by A. H. Nicliols noticed I'.'l 
BENTON', Charles Edward Ezra Reed imd 

Esdicr EdKcrton, their life and ancestry 

noticed lyi 
BEXTON eenealogy, by S. V.Talcott noticed 


BIGGK and variants 
Elizabeth, will 1500 55 
Ricliiird, record of family 60 
Robert, will 1600 55 
Robert, will 1548 56 
Bygo, John, will 1480 55 
Byggk, Richard, will 1474 54 
BIGGE, baplisins, marriages, and burials from 

English parish registers 57 
BLACK [.EACH, John, memoir, by J. Gay 

noticed 94 
BLAKE, Martin J. Tlie obituary book of the 
Franciscan MoTiastery at Galway, with 
notes noticed '.•? 
BLISS, Cornelius Newton, notice Ixxxii 
BLODGETT, Hon. John Taggurd, notice with 

autograph and portrait 195 
BOLLKS, Hezekiah Eugene, notice Ixvii 
BOND, genealogical items 185 
Boston, Mass., Public library, history, by H. 
G. VVadliu noticed 193 
Second church, description of memorials no- 
ticed 289 
Bowdiiin College, obituary record of graduates 
for decade ending June 1, 1909 noticed 96 
obituary record of graduates 1909-1910 no- 
ticed ^88 
BOYLsTON, Zabdiel, memoir, by R. H. Fitz 

noticed 95 
BRAINERU, Lawrence Some descendants of 
Oauifl King, gentleman, of Lynn, Mass. 
BRETT, liev. Cornelius Sermons preached at 
the 250th anniversary of the founding of 
the lleformed church of Bergin in Jersey 
City, N. J., 1910 noticed 193 
Brewster, Mass., Brewster Congregational 

church, records, 1700-1792 noticed 96 
BRIGHAM, Enoch, note 23 
Britisii Record Society, note 189 
Brockton, Mass., vital records to 1850 noticed 

BROWN, Mrs. Fannie Wilder Some of the 
ancestors of Oliver Hazard Perry of Low- 
ell, Mass., pt. 1, Perry ancestry noticed 
Suiue of the ancestors of Oliver Hazard 
Perry of Lowell, Jlass., pt. 2, Moseley an- 
cestry noticed 368 
Georgiana Myrick John Coffin Jones Brown 

John Coffin Jones, notice, with autograph 

and portrait 99 
Lucinda White, memoir. Aunty Brown in the 
New Shoe noticed 95 
BULL.., Joseph Cecil Miscellaneous notes, ped- 
igrees, etc., relating to persons of the 
Burnaine of Bull, pts. I and 2 noticed 308 
BULL genealogy, pts. 1 and 2, by J. C. Bull 

noticed 308 
Bunker Hill Monument Association, proceed- 
ings, 1911 noticed 97 
BURIllLL, Paul Colburn Burrill genealogy, 
descendantsof John of Weymouth, Mass. 
noticed 190 

BURRILL genealogy, descendants of John of 
Wevmonth, Mass., by P. C. Burrill no- 
ticed luo 

BURTON, Clarence Monroe The building of 
Detroit noticed 289 

BUSBY genealogy, in No. 100, Library of Cape 
Cod, history and genealogy, by J. W. 
Hawes noticed 190 

BUSSELL genealogy, descendants of John, in 
preparation 190 

BUTTEKFIKLDcoats-of-arras, noticed 286 

BUTTERWOUTH coats-of-arms noticed 286 

Bygg, see Bigge 

Bygge, see Bigge 

Cambridge Historical Society, publication no. 
5, proceedings Jan. 25-Oct. 25, 1910 no- 
ticed 194 

CANNEY genealogical items 188 

CARVER genealogy, descendants of John, in 
The Gilbert, Carver, and Duffleld fami- 
lies, by J. C. Martindale noticed 190 

CARY, John, descendants, bulletin no. 11, new 
series noticed 93 

Catherine, ship, passengers for New Castle and 
Philadelphia, 1804 30 

CHAMBERLAIN, George Walter English an- 
cestry of Robert Page of Hampton, N.H. 
180; noticed 287 
William Chamberlain of Billerica, Mass. 
and his descendants noticed 93 

CHAMBERLAIN genealogy, descendants of 
William of Billerica, Mass., by G. W. 
Chamberlain noticed 93 

CHANDLER, Amariah, memoir, by F. M. 
I'liompsou noticed 288 

Charitable Corporation, London, Eng., history, 
by A, McF. Davis noticed 194 

CHASE, Arthur History of Ware, Mass. no- 
ticed 370 
Charles Augustus, notice Ixxvi 

Chesapeake, siiip, distribution of prize money 
to the officers and crew for merchandise 
captured from the brig Liverpool Hero 

CHOATE, Charles Francis, notice Ixxv 

CHUBBUCK genealogy, descendants of Thom- 
as, in preparation 286 

Civil war, see United States Civil war 

CLAGHOllN genealogy in preparation 92 

CLARK, J. C. L. Notes on Chapman Whit- 
comb (Dartmouth, 1785), eccentric poet 
and publisher of a scarce edition of Mrs. 
Itowlandson's " Removes " and other 
tracts noticed 96 

CLARKE, Rev. Albert Methodist Episcopal 
church, Lanesboro, Pa., centennial cele- 
bration, Mar. ,3-5, 1912 noticed 289 
Albert, notice Ixxviii 

CLEAVES, Benjaraiu.journal of expedition to 
Louisburg, 1745 113 

CLEMENTS genealogy, descendants of Robert 
of Haverhill, Mass., by A. W. Greely no- 
ticed 286 

Cleveland and Ohio City, Ohio, directory, 1837- 
18:!8, by J. P. B. MacCabe, reprint no- 
ticed 96 

CLINTON, Gov. George, public papers of New 
York, vol. 9. Analytical index A-F no- 
ticed 96 

Clinton Historical Society, historical papers 
read at meetings, vol. 1, ed. by W. K. 
Parkhurst noticed 289 

Index of Subjects 

COBB, Collier Presentation of portrait of 
Gov. Benjamin Smith to tlie State of 
Nortli Carolina in tiie Hall of the House 
of Representatives, at Raleigh Nov. 15, 
1911, by the North Carolina Society of the 
Sous of the Revolution, address noticed 

COBURN, Frank Warren The battle of April 
19, 1775 in Lexington, ConcoW, Lincoln, 
Arlington, Cambridge, Somerville, and 
Charlestovyn, Mass. noticed .369 

COFFIN, Rev. Dr. Paul, memoir, by E. B. 
Usher noticed 95 

COGSWELL, Thomas, administration of es- 
tate 1813 20 

COLLENSBY, Jane, notice 89 

COLLINS, Arthur The Barry family noticed 

Colonial Dames of the State of Nev? York, li- 
brary, catalogue of genealogies and his- 
tories noticed 289 

COMPTON, Margaret Historical sketch of 
tlie Proudfit family of York co., Pa., with 
a complete record of the descendants of 
Alexander Proudfit and Martha Mc- 
Cleary noticed 94 

Connecticut genealogies, ed. by W. R. Cutter 
and others noticed 191 

Connecticut Historical Society, genealogies, 
list to Aug. 31, 1911 noticed 97 

CONN ET genealogy, descendants of James, in 
preparation 286 

COOK, Calvin, administration of estate 1818 

COOLIDGE, Henry D. and J. W. Kimball 
Manual for the use of the General Court, 
1912 noticed 288 

COPELAND, Charles Finney Copeland gen- 
ealogy noticed 286 

COPELAND genealogy, by C. F. Copeland 
noticed 286 

CORLISS, Col. Augustus Whittemore, notice 

COVEL genealogy, in No. 90 Library of Cape 
Cod history and genealogy, by J. \V. 
Hawes noticed 368 

COXE genealogy, by D. Merritt noticed 93 

CRAFTS, Ebenezer, will 1810 21 

CROSBY, William Sumner One line of de- 
scendants from Dolar Davis and Richard 
Everett noticed 190 

CUMMINGS, Horace Stuart, notice Ixxxiii 

CUTLER, Samuel Newton, notice Ixxx 

Cuyahoga County, Ohio, Early Settlers' Asso- 
ciation, annals, vol. 6, no. 1, 1910 noticed 

Dam, see Dame 

DAME, Hunking, marriage, notice 83 

DAME genealogy, descendants of John of Do- 
ver, N. H., by J. Scales noticed 190 

Danvers, Mass., Peabody Institute, history 
1852-1911 noticed 193 

Dartmouth College, class of '71, biographical 
report, on 40th anniversary noticed 96 

Daughters of the American Revolution, see So- 
ciety of the Daughters of the American 

J) AW l^, Andrew McFarland American Anti- 
quarian Society. The Shays's Rebellion 
a political aftermath noticed 193 
The Charitable Corporation of London no- 
ticed 194 

DAVIS cont'd 

A visit to the archives of Westminster Ab- 
bey noticed 370 
George Toffey Genealogy of the descendants 

of Col. John Davis of Oxford, Conn., 

with partial ancestry of his ancestors in 

U. S. noticed 93 
DAVIS genealogy, descendants of Dolar, by 

W. S. Crosby noticed 190 
descendants of Col. John of Oxford, Conn., 

by G. T. Davis noticed 93 
DAY, Joseph, will 1815 21 
DEACON, Edward Bates, Bears and Bunker 

Hill with a correction or two noticed 93 
DEANE, John Frederick, memoir noticed 2S8 
DEBERDT, Dennys, letters, 1757-1770, by A. 

Matthews noticed 95 
Delaware River, Swedish settlements, by A. 

Johnson, 1638-1664, sketch, by G. B. Keen 

noticed 96 

DEMING genealogy, by S. V. Talcott noticed 

DENORMANDIB.JJev. James Edward James 
Young noticed 96 

Detroit, Mich., building of, by C. M. Burton 

noticed 289 
DIKE, Ebenezer, will 1813 19 
DOAN, John Hampton Hampton history, an 

account of the Penn. Hamptons in the 

line of John Hampton noticed 287 
DONAHUE, Alexander, will 1818 22 
DONALDSON genealogy, by J. H. Slipper 

noticed 93 
Dover, 3Iass., dedicatory exercises, June 18, 

1910, Nov. 12, 1910, and Jan. 13, 1912 no. 

ticed 289 
Dresden, Me., Congregational church, record 

of baptisms and marriages 1801-1853 102 
DREW, Lewis, notice of family 84 

DUDLKY, Gov. Thomas, ancestry, maternal 

DUFFIELD genealogy, descendants of Benja- 
min, in The Gilbert, Carver, and Duffield 
families, by J. C. Martindale noticed 190 

DUNHAM, Micajah, division of estate 1S:!0 25 
will 1813 19; petition of heirs 24 

Dunstable, Mass., genealogy, early generations 
of the founders of old Dunstable, thirty 
families, by E. S. Stearns noticed 97 

DUPEE, William Richardson, notice Ixix 

DURANT, William Bullard, notice Ixxxi 

Duxbury, Mass., vital records to 1850 noticed 

DWELLEY, Jedediah and J. F. Simmons 
History of the town of Hanover, Mass. 
with family genealogies noticed 193 

DWINEL, Arche, administration of estate 
1813 21 

DYER, Albion Morris First ownership of 
Ohio lands noticed 96 

Eagle, ship, passengers for New York, 1804 

Easthampton, Mass., Williston Seminary, 
founders' day, addresses, by J. H. Saw- 
yer noticed 289 

EASTMAN, Charles Rochester Scoville fam- 
ily records. Pt. 3, Harwinton (Conn.) 
branch noticed 94 
Joseph and Peter Tilton, memoirs, by A. A. 
bpear noticed 95 

EATON, Aniasa Mason Hon. John Taggard 
Blodgett 195 

Index of Subjects 

EATON cont'd 
CMviu, ndmiuistration of estate Ifie 2» 
JoiiHthaii, mliuini8tration ol estate 1820 ii 
EATON genealogy, by N. Z. K. Molyneaux 

noticed Vi 
EDGEKTON. Esther, memoir and ancestry, in 
J- z a Ueed and Esther Edgerton, their 
life and ancestry, by C. E. Benton no- 
ticed 191 
EDMOXSTON, Gabriel Genealogical history 
of the Folliu family in America noticed 
EDWARD III of England. The Plantagenet 
roll of the blood royal, being a com- 
Dh-te table of all the descendants now 
living of Edward 111, King of Eng and. 
Tlie aiortimer-l'ercy volume, pt. 1, My 
Huvigny and Kaiueval, 'Jtli Marquis of 
Kuvigny and Kaineval noticed iy2 
Eldred, see Eldredge 

ELDREDGE genealogy, descendants of Rob- 
ert in No. lol. Library of Cape Cod, his- 
tory and genealogy, by J. W. Hawes no- 
ticed lyo 
ELDRIOGE, genealogy, descendants of Sam- 
uel, in preparation 'it 
ELLIS genealogical notes, descendants of John 

ol Dedham, Mass. 85 
ELLSWORTH, John, administration of estate 

1S17 23 
ELWELL, Levi Henry Gravestone records 

Shaltsbury, Vt. noticed 194 
ELY M;ij. Daniel, marriage to Kuhamah Ar- 

'uold, notice 284 
p\TITIO Luia Fenollosa Emilio collection 
of military buttons, Auuricau, British, 
French, and Spanish, with some of other 
countries, and non-military, iu the mu- 
seum of the Essex Institute, Salem, 
Mass., catalogue noticed 194 
ENDICOTT, Charles Moses The Endicott 
family noticed 93 
John, me'noir, with account of the men who 
ckn>e to Salem in the ship Abigail, 10*, 
reprint, by F. A. Gardner noticed 192 
ENDICOTT genealogy, descendants of Gov. 

John by C. M. Endicott noticed 93 
England, genealogical research in 54 164 244 

ENO, Joel Xelson Connecticut cemetery in- 

'scriptions 38 
EVERE'l T genealogy, descendants of Richard, 
in One line of descendants from Dolar 
Davis and Richard Everett, by W. S. 
Crosby noticed 190 
EVERTS genealogy, descendants of John, in 
preparation 92 

FAKLOW, Charles Frederic Ballard gen- 
ealogy, Wm. IJallard (l(i03-163y)ot Lynn, 
aiii^s. and Wm. Ballard (1617-1089) of 
Andover, Mass. and their descendants, 
ed. by C. H. I'ope noticed 92 

FARMAN, Elbert Eli Foreman-Farman- 
Forman genealogy, descendants of Wm., 
and descendants of Edward Frisbie 
noticed 190 

FAY, Frank B., war papers, 1801-1865, Jwith 
reininli^cences of service iu the camps 
and hospitals of the Army of the I'oto- 
inac, ed. by W. H. Reed Jioficed 289 

FERNS, genealogical notice, descendants of 
Samuel of New Ilaven, Conn. 310 

FIELD, Henry Martyn, notice Ixi 

FISKE, John, ancestry, notice 366 

FITCH, Winchester The founders of Ameri- 
ca, address before the N. Y. Society of 
the Order of the Founders and Patriots of 
America noticed 370 
FITZ, Dr. Reginald Heber Zabdiel Boylston, 
inoculator, and the epedemic of small- 
pox in Boston in 1721 noticed 95 
FITZ GERALD genealogy, ancestry of Des- 
mond Fitz Gerald noticed 93 
FITZFATKICK, T. J. Raflnesque, a sketch 
of his life with bibliography noticed 95 
FLAGG genealogical items 185 
FLINT geuealogy, descendants of Thomas, by 

J.L.Bass noticed 280 
FLOYD, C. Harold Some descendants of 
Joel Jenkins of Braintree and Maiden, 
Mass. 208 315 
FOLKER, Howard Oliver Sketches of the 

Forney family noticed 287 
FOLLIN genealogy, descendants of John, by 

G. Edmonston noticed 286 
FOLSOM Family Reunion, second annual re- 
union at Hiugham, Mass., Aug. 24, 
1910 noticed 93 
third annual reunion of the descendants 
of John, at Portland, Me., July 26, 19U 
noticed 93 
FOLSOM genealogy, descendants of John, in 

preparation 92 
FORBES, Rev. John Perkins, notice Ixiii 
FOREMAN genealogy, descendants of Wm., 

by E. E. Farmaa noticed 190 
Forman, see Foreman 
FORNEY genealogy, by H. O. Folker noticed 

FOSS, Sam Walter, notice Ixxi 
FOSS genealogy, descendants of John, in 

preparation 190 
FOSTER, Francis AptUorp Burning of Har- 
vard hall, 1764, and its consequences, re- 
print noticed 192 
FOTHERGILL, Gerald Passenger lists to 

America 30 306 
FRANKLIN, William, parentage, query, by 

C. U. Hart noticed 95 
FRENCH, Elizabeth Genealogical research 
iu England 54 164 244 344 
Notes from Long Island gravestones 226 
FRISBIE genealogy, descendants of Edward, 
in Fureman-Farman genealogy, by E. E. 
Farmau noticed 190 

GAGE, Mrs. Harley Calvin, royal descent and j 

colonial ancestry noticed 93 

GALUSHA genealogy, descendants of Daniel, . 

in preparation 92 i 

Galwav. Ire., Franciscan Monastery, obituary i 

book, with notes, by M. J.Blake noticed 

Gardiner, Me., historical series, no. 1, land ti- 
tles in old Pittston, by H. S. Webster 

noticed 289 
GARDNER, Dr. Frank A. John Endicott j 

and the men who came to Salem in the 

Abigail, 1628 noticed 192 
GARFIELD, Daniel, administration of estate 

1811 20 

James Freeman Dana, notice Ixxxiv 

GAY Jums John Blackleach, an historical 
address delivered at the annual meeting 
of The Village Library Company of Farm- 
iugton, Conn., Sept. 13, 1911 noticed 94 , 

Index of Subjects 

Qeorge Waahin^on Memorial Association, 
report, 1910, noticed 98 

GILBERT genealogy, descendants ot John, by 
J. C. Martindale, noticed 190 

GILLIAM, Florence E. and W. H. Siebert 
Loyalists in Prince Edward Island no- 
ticed 290 

GILPIN, name, arms, and crest, by W. Jack- 
sou noticed 93 

GOODELL, John, administration of estate 
1817 23 

GOODRICH genealogy, descendants of Wm., 
in preparation 92 

GORDON, George Augustus, memoir with au- 
tograph and portrait 291 

Gosport, N. H., records of church membership, 
marriages, and baptisms HI 209 291 

GOVE genealogy, descendants of John, in 
preparation 92 

GRANT, Seth Hastings, notice Ixiv 

GRAVES, Rt. Rev. Anson Rogers, autobiog- 
raphy noticed 95 

Great Barrington, Mass., town diary, 1676-1911 
and program, 150th anniversary, Sept. 4, 
1911 noticed 193 370 

GREELY, Maj.-Oen. Adolphus Washington 
Robert Clements of Haverhill, Mass., 
and some of his descendants noticed 

GREEN, Charles Ransley Isaac Haskius 
family history and genealogy, including 
that of Henry T. Peck, generally known 
as Harry T. Peck, and family history 
and genealogy of Mrs. Mary TuUer Bacon 
noticed 93 

GREEN, genealogical notice, descendants of 
Humphrey of Smyrna, Del. 366 

Greenwich, Conn., history, by S. P. Mead 
noticed 2SU 

GREENWOOD, Dr. Isaac John, notice Ixxxv 

GROSVENOR, Bev. Dr. William M. The 
Puritan Remnant, the 12th annual ser- 
mon of the New England Society in the 
City of New York, Dec. 17, 1911 noticed 

Groton, Mass., Moors school, history, by E. A. 
Richardson noticed 193 

GROUT, Levi, will 1820 24 
Ray, administration of estate 1817 22 

GRUBB genealogy, descendants of John of 
Tenn., by G. F. P. Wanger noticed 287 
descendants of Thomas of Va., by G. F. P. 
Wanger noticed 287 

GUILD, Curtis, notice Ixxi 

GURNET, Chloe Richmond, notice Ixvii 

GUSHA, David, administration of estate 1814 

GUYER, Hezekiah, administration of estate 
1816 22 

HALL, Mrs. Lillian Arvilla Some descend- 
ants of John Ridgway 332 

HAL8EY, R. T. Haines The Metropolitan 
Museum of Art, catalogue of an exhibi- 
tion of silver used in New York, New 
Jersey and the South noticed 194 

HAMPTON genealogy, by J. H. Doan noticed 

Hampton Foils, N. H., baptisms 1735 151 

Hancock, N. H., epitaphs in old cemetery no- 
ticed 289 

Hanover, Mass., history with family genealo- 
gies, by J. Dwelley and J. F. Simmons 
noticed 193 

HARREMAN, Enoch, administration of es- 
tate 1815 21 

HARRINGTON family, notice 84 

HARRIS, Edward Douhleday James Mott 

of Dutchess County, N.Y. Mofjcefi 287 

James Coffee Personal and family history 

of Charles Hooks and Margaret Monk 

Harris noticed 93 

HARRIS genealogy, family of Charles Hooks 
and Margaret Monk Harris, by J. C, 
Harris noticed 93 

HARRISON, Joseph Le Roy The Providence 
Athenaeum, 1753-1911 noticed 193 

HART, Charles Henry Who was the mother 
of Franklin's son, an inquiry demonstrat- 
ing that she was Deborah Read, wife of 
Benj. Franklin noticed 95 

Harvard University, class of 1862, 50th anni- 
versary, biographical sketches noticed 
class of 1891, secretary's report, no. 5 noticed 

class of 1896, secretary's fourth report no- 
ticed 192 
Harvard hall, burning of, 1764, and its 
consequences, reprint, by F. A. Foster 
noticed 192 

HASKINS genealogy, descendants of Isaac, by 
C. R. Green noticed 93 

HAWES, Frank Mortimer Abstracts from 
vol. 1 of the probate records of Orleans 
CO., Vt. 19 
James W. No. 89, Library of Cape Cod 
history and genealogy, Hedges family 
noticed 368 
No. 90, Library of Cape Cod history and 

genealogy, Covel family noticed 368 
No. 91, Library of Cape Cod history and 
genealogy, Nickerson family noticed 368 
No. 98, Library of Cape Cod, history and 

genealogy, Ryder family noticed 191 
No. 99, Library of Cape Cod, history and 

genealogy, Atkins family Ko^icecf 190 
No- 100, Library of Cape Cod, history and 
genealogy, Nicholas Busby family no- 
ticed 190 
No. 101, Library of Cape Cod, history and 
genealogy, Eldred, Eldredge family no- 
ticed 190 
No. 102, Library of Cape Cod, history and 
genealogy, William Nickerson family no- 
ticed 191 

HAWES note 185 

HAWKS, Maj. John, orderly book and journal 
on the Ticonderoga-Crown Point cam- 
paign, under Gen. Jeffrey Amherst with 
introduction by Hon. Hugh Hastings, 
in Society of Colonial Wars in the State 
of New York, 1911 mofic€d 98 

HAYES, John, home in Barbadoes, notice 

HEATH, Daniel, record of family 85 

HEDGES genealogy, in No. 89, Library of 
Cape Cod, history and genealogy, by J. 
W. Hawes noticed 368 

HELMERSHAUSEN, Henry Charles Freder- 
ick, autobiography noticed 369 

HEREDITY, tendency to twinning, with 
some observations concerning the theory 
of heredity generally, by J.Oliver no- 
ticed 370 

HEYDON genealogy, descendants of Thomas 
de, in preparation 280 

HICKS, Lewis Wilder The biographical rec- 
ord of the class of 1870, Yale college 
1870-1911 noticed 288 

HIGGINSON, Ann, notice 87 
Thomas Wentworth, notice Ixxiv 


Index of Subjects 

Highland, see Hyland 

Hiland, see Hyland 

HILDUETU, Mrs. Horace Edwin Residents 

received aud refused in Slilrley, Mass. 

HILL, James, administration of estate 1815 

HINMAN, Joel, administration of estate 1813 

HITCHCOCK, John, notice Ixvi 

HOCnSTETLER genealogy, descendants of 
Jacob, by H. Hostetler and W. F. Hoch- 
stetler noticed 3G8 
HODGE, Orlando John Reminiscences, vol. 

2 noticed 95 
HOLDEN genealogy in preparation 92 
HOMER genealogy, descendants of John, in 

preparation 190 
HOPKINS, genealogical notes and the coat of 

arms noticed lyO 
Hopkinton, Mass., vital records to 1859 no- 
ticed 67 
HOSMER genealogy, descendants of James, 
in Barney genealogy, by W. F. Adams 
noticed i!86 
descendants of James, by W. F. Adams 
noticed 287 
HOSTETLER, Rev. Dr. Harvey and William 
Franklin Hochstetler Uescendants of 
Jacob Hochstetler noticed 368 
HOTCHKISS, Fanny Winchester Winches- 
ter notes noticed 369 
HOTCHKISS genealogy, descendants of Sam- 
uel 327 
HOUSE, John, will 1630 356 
HOUSE genealogical items 356 
HOVENDEN, Robert, notice Ixi 
HOWE, Julia Ward, memorial exercises held 
in Boston, Mass., Jan. 8, 1911 noticed 
HOWLAjS'D Homestead, bulletin, vol. 1, no. 
1 noticed 93; vol. 1, no. 2 noticed 287 
HUBBARD, Richard, notice 88 
Huguenot Society of South Carolina, transac- 
tions, no. 18 noticed 290 
Huntington, L. I., epitaphs 226 
HUNTRESS genealogy, descendants of An- 
drew, in preparation 92 
HYDE, Elisha, administration of estate 1816 

22 ; administration of estate 1819 23 
HYLAND and variants 

Richard, record of family 66 
Thomas, will 1030 62 
Highland Richard, will 1591 61 
HiLAND, John, will 1627 61 
HYLAND, baptisms, marriages, and burials 
from English parish registers 62 

Ireland, emigrants from, 1804 30 306 

Isles of Shoals, records of church membership, 

marriages, and baptisms HI 209 294 
ISRIEL, William, guardian appointed 1814 20 

JACKSON, Christopher, notice 84 
John, will 1635 359 
William Name, arms, and crest of the family 

of Gilpin noticed 93 
William, notice Ixv 

JACOBUS, Donald Lines Dutch Johnsons in 
Conn. 15 
The Ilotchkiss family 327 
Notes on New Haven families 308 
Notes on Thompson families of Conn. 197 

James Sprunt Historical publications, vol. 10, 
no. 1 and 2 noticed 192; vol. 11, no. 1 no- 
ticed 290 

JENKINS genealogy, descendants of Joel of 
Braintree ana Maiden, Mass. 268 315 

Jersey City, N. J., Reformed church of Ber- 
gen, 250th anniversary, three sermons 
1910, by C. Brett and J. J. Moment no- 
ticed 193 

JOHNSON, genealogy, descendants of Solo- 
mon 233 
descendants of Walter of Conn. 15 

JONES, Matt Bushnell Distribution of prize 
money to the officer^ and crew of the 
Chesapeake for merchandise captured 
from the brig Liverpool Hero 32 

Julien, Joseph Frangois Bapistan Denis and 
H. H. Bellows Julienno Proven^alo no- 
ticed 95 

Julienno Proven^alo, poem, by J. F. B. D. 
Julien, a metrical English translation, by 
H. A. Bellows noticed 95 

Kansas State Historical Society, 17th biennial 
report, 1908-1910 noticed 98 

KEEN, Gregory B. The Swedish settlements 
on the Delaware 1638-1664, by Amandus 
Johnson noticed 96 

KEMPE, Thomas, will 1639 358 

KIDDER fund, report of trustee for 1911 liii 

KILLAM, Samuel, administration of estate 
1814 20 

KILLINGLY, Conn., Breakneck Hill Congre- 
gational cimrcu records 337; see also 
South Killingly 

KIMBALL, Mrs. Ellwood Davis Solomon 
Johnson family 233 
James W. and M. D. Coolidge Manual for 
the use of the General Court, 1912 noticed 

KING genealogy, descendants of Daniel of 
Lyun, Muss. 125 

Kingston, Mass., vital records to 1850 noticed 

KIR WAN, Thomas and H. Splaine Memorial 
history of the 17th regiment, Mass. Volun- 
teer Infantry in the Civil war, 1861-1865 
noticed 193 

KNAPP, Oswald Greenwaye History of the 
chief English families bearing the name 
of Kuapp noticed 287 

KNAPP genealogy, by O. G. Knapp noticed 

KNIGHT genealogy, descendants of Giles, by 
J. C. Martindale jioJiced 191 

LANE genealogy, descendants of Capt. Daniel, 
by E. B. LIslier noticed 287 

Lanesboro, Pa., Methodist Episcopal church, 
centennial celebration, lyi2,by A.Clarke 
noticed 289 

LAWRENCE, Dr. Robert Means The Rev. 
Amos Adams, 172S-1775 and his Ameri- 
can ancestry noticed 368 
Samuel Crocker, notice Ixxx 

LEACH, Sylvanus, administration of estate 

1812 20 
LEATHEIiBEE, George Henry, notice Ixxxiii 
Lexington Historical Society, proceedings, vol. 

4 noticed 290 

LINCOLN, Francis Henry, memoir noticed 
95; notice Ixxvii 

LINDSAY Family Association of America, re- 
port 1911 noticed 368 

Index of Subjects 


LIPPINCOTT, Horace Mather The Mather 
family of Cheltenham, Pa., being an ac- 
count of the descendants of Joseph 
Mather, compiled from the records of 
Charles Mather of Jenkintown noticed 

LOCKWOOD, Robert, will 1559 323 

London, Eng., Westminster Abbey, archives, 
visit to, by A. MclT. Davis noticed 370 

LONGMAN, Rufua Adolplius The genealogy 
of the Oldfather family noticed 191 

Louisburg, N. S., records in journal of Benja- 
min Cleaves 113 

LOVEJOY, Evelyn Mary Wood History of 
Koyalton, Vt. with family genealogies, 
1769-1911 noticed 193 

Lowell Historical Society, contributions, vol. 
1, no. 2 noticed 98 

Loyalists, flight from America to the British 
Isles, historical notice, by W. H. Siebert 
noticed 290 

Loyalists of Massachusetts at Bristol, Eng., 
historical notice, by W. H. Siebert no- 
ticed 290 

Loyalists of Prince Edward Island, historical 
notice, by Siebert and Gilliam noticed 

Lydd, CO. Kent, Eng., records, translated and 
transcribed by A. Hussey and M. M. 
Hardy, ed. by A. Finn noticed 97 

MacBEAN, WilUfim M. Roster of St. An- 
drew's Society of the State of New York 
with biographical data, pt. 1, 1756-1783 
noticed lyi 

MacCABE, Julius P. Bolivar Directory of 
the cities of Cleveland and Ohio, 1837- 
1838, reprint noticed 96 

McPIKE, Eugene Fairfield Romance of gene- 
alogy noticed 287 

Magazine of History, with notes and queries, 
extra no. 16 noticed 96 ; extra no. 17 no- 
ticed 192 ; extra no. 18 noticed 288 

MALLALIEU, Rev. Willard Francis, notice 

MALLARD, John, administration of estate 

1811 20 
Mary, administration of estate 1817 23 
Manchester (N. H.) Historic Association Col- 
lections, vol. i, pt. 3 noticed 98 
MANSFIELD, genealogical notice, descend- 

ants of Richard of New Haven, Conn. 

Martha's Vineyard, Mass., stock delivered to 

British troops in 1778 80 
MARTINDALE, Dr. Joseph C. The Gilbert 

family, the Carver fumily, and the Duf- 

field family noticed 190 
The Knight family noticed 191 
The Walton family noticed 191 
MASON, Philadelphus, will 1821 19 
Sylvester Shemway Enoch and Elizabeth 

Mason their ancestry and descendants 

noticed 191 
MASON genealogy, ancestry and descendants 

of Enoch and Elizabeth Mason, by S. S. 

Mason noticed lyi 
Massachusetts, acts and resolves, passed by the 

General Court in 1911, together with the 

constitution, messages ot the Governor, 

list of Civil Government, tables showing 

changes lii the statutes, changes of names 

of persons, etc. noticed 192 
General Court, manual for the use of, 1912, 

by H. D. Coolidge and J. W. Kimball 7io- 

ticed 288 

Massachusetts cont'd 
loyalists of Bristol, Eng., historical notice, 

by W. H. Siebert noticed 290 
record commissioner, report 1911, by H. E. 
Woods noticed 193 

Massachusetts, Colonial Society of, publica- 
tions, vol. 13 noticed 194 

Massachusetts Institute of Technology, class 
of 1877, class directory noticed :i88 

Massachusetts Volunteer Infantry, 5th regi- 
ment, history, by A. S. Roe noticed 96 
17th regiment, 1861-1865, memorial history, 
by T. Kirwan and H. Splaine noticed 193 

MAST, Christian Z. Brief history of Bp. 
Jacob Mast and other Mast pioneers and 
a complete genealogical family register 
and those related by intermarriage no- 
ticed 287 ^ 

MAST genealogy, descendants of Jacob, by 

C. Z. Mast noticed 287 
MATHER genealogy, descendants of Joseph 

of Cheltenham, Pa., by H. M. Lippincott 

noticed 191 

MATTHEWS, Albert Letters of Dennys De- 
Berdt, 1757-1770 no<ice<« 95 
David, will 1811 22 

MAXCUM, James, administration of estate 

1814 19 
MAYER, Harriet Hyatt The Mayer family 

noticed 191 

MAYER genealogy, 1604-1911, by H. H. Mayer 

noticed 191 
MEACHAM genealogy, descendants of Capt. 

Isaac, in preparation 286 
MEAD, Spencer P. Ye hlstorie of ye town of 

Greenwich, Conn, noticed 289 
MEED baptisms, marriages, and burials from 

parish registers of Tenterden, Eng. 354 
genealogical notice, descendants of Stephen 

of Tenterden, Eng. 355 
MEEDE, John, will 1569 353 
Stephen, will 1541 353 

MERIAM, William, administration of estate 
1823 25 

MERRILL, Samuel George Augustus Gordon 

MERRILL pedigree, in preparation 91 

MERRITT, Douglas Coxe and connected 
families noticed 93 

MEYER, George von Lengerke and C. W. 
Stewart OflOiciiil records of the Union 
and Confederate navies in the war of the 
Rebellion noticed 193 

Middlesex County, Mass., persons taking oath 
of fidelity, 1652 186 

Military buttons, the Emilio collection, Ameri- 
can, British, Fiencli, and Spanish, with 
some of other countries, and non-mili- 
tary, in the museum of the Essex Insti- 
tute, Salem, Mass., catalogue, by L. F. 
Emilio noticed 194 

MILLS, Borden Hicks George Mills, a soldier 
of the Revolution, with a genealogy of 
descendants noticed 93 

MILLS genealogy, descendants of George, by 
B. H. Mills noticed 93 

MIXER, baptisms, marriages, and burials from 
English parisii registers 178 
genealogical notice, descendants of Isaac of 
Capel, Eng. 179 

MOIR genealogy, descendants of James, in 
preparation 367 

MOLYNEAUX, Nellie Zada Rice History, 
genealogical and biographical, of the 
Eaton families noticed 93 

Index of Subjects 

UOUBNT, Jiev. John J. Sermon preached at 
the 250th anniversary of the founding of 
the Kefonued church of Bergen in Jer- 
sey City, N. J., lulu noticed 1»3 

MORE llistoricul Jourual, vol, 1, no. 18 no- 
ticed 3Gti 

MOSELEY genealogy, in Some of the an- 
ceistors of Oliver H. I'erry, pt. 2, by F. W. 
llrown noticed 30ti 

MOSLEV, Ellen, notice 281 

MOTT genealogy, descendants of James, by 
E. D. Harris noticed 2S7 

MUHLENBEKG genealogy, album noticed 
desoeudauts of Henry Melchoir, additions 
and corrections, by J. C. Schwab noticed 

MUNSON, Samuel, notice 310 

KASH, genealogy, descendants of Edward of 
Eug., in History and genealogy of the 
Page family, by C. N. Page noticed 287 

National Society of Daughters of Founders 
and Patriots of America, history for the 
13th year ending May 13, lyil noticed 

Needham, Mass., church records 1800-1808 10 
NELSON, John H. Wilson family noticed 


William Beginnings of the iron industry 
of Treutuu, N. J., 1723-1750 noticed 97 
NELSON, items 185 

New Castle, N. H., baptisms 1713-1727 300 303 
New England Historic Genealogical Society, 
address 1912, by J. P. Baxter ix; iio- 
ticed 2i)0 

charter and enabling acts Ixxxviii 

Committee on Collection of Kecords, report 
for I'Jll xxxix 

Committee on the Consolidated Index, re- 
port for lyil xxxix 

Committee on English Research, report for 
lyil xxxvii 

Committee on Epitaphs, report for 1911 

Committee on Finance, report for 1911 

Committee on Heraldry, report for 1911 

Committee to assist the Historian, report for 
1911 xxxvii 

Committee on Increase of Membership, re- 
port for 1911 xl 

Committee on the Library, report for 1911 

Committee on Papers and Essays, report for 

1911 XXXV 

Committee on Publications, report for 1911 


Committee on the Sale of Publications, re- 

port for lyil xl 
Corresponding Secretary, report for 1911 li 
Council, report for 1911 xxx 
Historian, report for lyil lix 
Librarian, report for 1911 xli 
library, donors, 1911 xlv 
memoirs Ixi 
necrology lyil lix 
oflScers and committees for 1912 v vi 
proceedings UUl 82; 1911 and 1912 184: 

1912 xxvii 281 
Treasurer, report for 1311 liy 

New England Society in the City of New York 

12th annual sermon, 1911, The Puritan 

Remnant, by \V. M. Groevenor noticed 


106th anniversary celebration, 1911 noticed 

Ik \ 

New England Yearly Meeting of Frlenda, cele- 
bration of 25Uth anniversary, 1911, held 
at Moses Brown school, Providence, R. I. 
noticed 98 
New York, Clinton papers, vol. 9, Index A-F 
noticed 90 
public records, condition of, report notioed 

to Montreal in 1824, journey by way of Sara- 
toga Springs and Niagara Falls noticed 

New York Mail and Express, genealogical 
and historical queries and answers. In- 
dex, vols. 1 ana 2, by M. E. Sinnott no- 
ticed 19 1 

New York Society of the Order of the Found- 
ers and Patriots of America, address, by 
W. Fitch noticed 370 

New \''ork State Historical Association, pro 
ceediugs of the I2t,h annual meeting 
with constitution, bylaws, and list 
members, vol. 10 noticed 08 

NICHOLS, Dr. Arthur Howard Bells of Paul 

and Joseph \V. Revere noticed 194 

Willard Atherton, ancestry of noticed 94 

NICKERSON, genealogy, descendants of Will- 
iam, in No. 91, Library of Cape Cod his- 
tory and genealogy, by J. V7. Uawes 
noticed 308 
descendants of William, in No. 102, Library 
of Cape Cod, history and genealogy, by 
J. W. Hawes noticed 191 

Nobleborough, Me., records in journal of Phin- 
eas Pills bury 274 359 

Norfolk County, Eng., families, past and pres- 
ent, by W. Rye in preparation 189 

North Kingstown, R. I., records in day books 
of Esbon Sauford, 1798-1833 26 

NORTHEND, Jeremiah, will 1702 352 

Northport, L. I., epitaphs 228 

NORTON, genealogy, descendants of Nicholas, 
in preparation 92 

Nottingham, Eng., graveyard guide, historical, 
descriptive, genealogical, with appen- 
dices ou the churchyards of Greasley and 
Flawford, Notts., with lists of siunames, 
by A. Stapletou noticed 97 

NUTTER, Isaac Newton, notice Ixvlii 

NUTTING, John, Cambridge loyalist, adven- 
tures, by S. F. Batchelder noticed 369 

Ohio lands, first ownership, history, by A. M. 
Dyer noticed 90 

Ohio City and Cleveland, Ohio, directory, 1837- 
1838, by J . P. B, MacCabe, reprint noticed 

OLDFATHER, genealogy, descendants of 
Henry, by R. A. Longman noticed 191 

OLIVER, Dr. James The hereditary tendency 
to twinning, with some observations con- 
cerning the theory of heredity generally 
noticed 370 

Order of the Founders and Patriots of America, 
register, 1911 noticed 290 

Orleans County, Vt., probate records 1809-18.'» 

Owtred, Matthew, wUl 1037 358 

PAGE, Charles Nash History and genealogy 
of the Page family from 1257 to 1911 with 
brief history and genealogy of the allied 
families, Nash and Peck noticed 287 

Francis, will 1067 182 

James, will 1536 181 

Index of Subjects 

PAGE cont'd 
Robert, wiU H50 181 
Robert, will 1587 181 
Robert, will 1617 181 

PAGE, genealogical notice of descendants of 
Robert of Acle, Eng. 182 
genealogy, Englieh ancestry of Robert Page 
of Hampton, K. H., by G. W. Chamber- 
lain noticed 287 
genealogy and history, 1257-1911, by C. N. 
Page noticed 287 

PARKER, Augustus O. Parker in America, 
1630-1910, genealogical and biographical 
noticed 94 
William Thornton, memoir, 1876-1900 noticed 

PARKER, genealogy, families of America, 
163G-1910, by A. G. Parker noticed 9i 

PARMENTER and variants 
Daniel, will 1639 168 

Paemiter, John, will 1627 167 
John, will 1653 169 
Robert, will 16i!6 168 

PARMEM'ER, baptisms, marriages, and buri- 
als from English parish registers 173 
genealogical items 1591-1636 170 
genealogical notice, descendants of Robert 
of Bildestou and Sudbury, Eng. 174 

PARSONS, William Usher Quindecennial 
record of the class of 1895 Sheffield 
Scientilic school of Yale University no- 
ticed 369 

PATTERSON, William Davis Records of the 
Dresden, Me., Cougregationalist church 

PECK, genealogy, descendants of William of 
Eng., in History and genealogy of the 
Page family, by C. N. Page noticed 287 

Pennsylvania Society of Colonial Governors, 
charter, by-luws, officers, members, and 
list of colonial governors noticed 290 

PERKINS, D. W. Perkins families in the 
United States in 1790 noticed 369 
John, will 1823 21 

PERKINS, genealogy, families in U. S. in 
17U0, by D. W. Perkins noticed 369 

PEEIRY, Oliver Hazard, ancestry, pt. 1 Perry 
ancestry, by F. W. Brown noticed 369 
ancestry, pt. 2 Moseley ancestry, by F. W. 
Brown noticed 368 

PERRY, genealogy, in Some of the ancestors 
of Oliver H. Perry, pt. 1, by F. W. Brown 
noticed 369 

Peterborough, N. U., school houses and de- 
scription of district no. 5, by E. M. Smith 
noticed 289 

PHILLIPS, Wendell, memoir, centennial ora- 
tion, 1911, by W. P. Stafford noticed 369 

PHIPPING, notes 87 

PHIPPS, Maj. H. B. Notes on Phipps and 
Phip families of England, Ireland, the 
West Indies, and of New England, pt. 1, 
Phipps of Nottingham and Reading, 1570- 
1700 noticed 191 

PHIPPS, genealogy, family of Nottingham 
& Reading, Eng., 1570-1700, by H. E. 
Phippi^, pt. 1 noticed 191 

PIERS, Richard, will 1543 69 
PIKE and variants 

Elizabeth, will 1636 260 

Philip, will 1595 258 

Simon, will 1654 260 

Thomas, will 1627 259 

William, wiU 1635 259 

Ptkb, Elizabeth, will 1559 257 
Robert, will 1557 257 

PIKE cont'd 

Pyke, Tliomas, will 1587 258 

Walter, will 1600 258 
PIKE, baptisms, marriages, and burials from 
English parish registers 200 
genealogy, extracts from English records, in 
Romance of genealogy, by E. F. McPike 
noticed 287 

PILLSBURY, Phineas, journal, extracts 274 

PIPER, William Taggard, memoir with auto- 
graph and portrait 3 

PITKIN, Roger, will 1652 162 
William, will 1645 161 

PITKIN, baptisms and burials from English 
parish registers 162 

Pittston, Me., vital records to 1892 noticed 97 

PLANTAGENETS. The Plantagenet roll of 
the blood royal, being a complete table 
of all the descendants now living of 
Edward III, King of England. The 
Mortimer-Percy volume, pt. 1, by Ru- 
vigny and Raineval, 9t!i Marquis of 
Ruvigny and Raineval noticed 192 

Pocumtuck Valley Memorial Association, his- 
tory and proceedings, vol. o noticed 290 

POLK, James Knox, diary, 1845-1849, in Chi- 
cago Historical Society's Collections, ed. 
by M. M. Quaife, 4 vols, noticed 95 

POMEROY, genealogy in preparation 91 

PORTER, Amos, will 1815 21 

POSSE, Edward, will 1639 358 

POST, genealogical notice, descendants of 
Richard 351 

POULTER, John, will 1639 180 

PRICH ARD, Armstead Mead Descendants of 
William Prichard noticed 369 

PRICHARD, genealogy, descendants of Will- 
iam, by A. M. Prichaid noticed 369 

Prince Edward Island, Can., loyalists, histori- 
cal notice, by Siebert and Gilliam noticed 

Prize money distributed to the officers and 
crew of the Chesapeake for merchandise 
captured from the brig Liverpool Hero 32 

PROCTOR, Mortimer RoUnson History of 
the class of 1912, Yale college, vol. 1 no- 
ticed 369 

PROUDFIT, genealogy, by M. Compton no- 
ticed 94 

Providence, R. I., The Providence Athenseum, 
history, 1753-1911, by J. L. Harrison reo- 
ticed 193 

Puritans, textile education among the, by C. 
J. H. Woodbury noticed 290 

Pyke, see Pike 

QUAIFE, Milo Milton Chicago Historical So- 
ciety's Collections. The diary of James 
K. Polk during his presidency, 1845-1849, 
with introduction, by A. C. McLaughlin, 
4 vols, noticed 95 

RAFINBSQUE, Constantino Samuel, biogra- 
phy with bibliography, by T. J. Fitz- 
patrick noticed 95 

RAMSDEN, Joseph, notice .367 

RANDALL, Peter, administration of estate 
1815 22 

RAY, genealogical items 1575-1599 178 

RAYNER and variants 
Robert, will 1571 164 

Reynbb, Edward, will 1621 164 

Index of Subjects 

RAYNER, goncnlogical notice, descendants of 

KobiTt of Wickliam Market, Eng. 165 
READK Uecord, no. 4 noticed 101 
Beading, JIuss., vital records to 1S50, by T. W. 

Baldwin noticed 1U3 
HEED, i:zia, memoir and ancestry, by C, E. 

ilenton noticed lyi 
KEED, genealogy, descendants of John, by 

S. V. TalcoU Jiot/cerf lyi 
REVEUE, I'aul and Joseph W., bells of, his- 
tory, by A. 11. Nichols noticed 194 
Kevlsta de ilistoria y Genealogia Espanola, 

vol. 1, no!i. 1 ami 2 noticed 'ZSii 
lieyner, see Kayner 
REYNOLDS Family Association, reports 1910- 

lyil noticed 288 
Rhode Island, record commissioner, 14th an- 
nual report noticed yO 
RICE, Charles Elmer By the name of Rice, 
an historical sketcli of Dea. Edmund 
Rice, the I'ilgrim (1594-1063), founder of 
the English family of Rice in the U. S. 
and of ills descendants to the 4th genera- 
tion noticed y4 
RICE, genealogy, descendants of Dea. Ed- 
mund, by 0. E. Rice noticed 94 
RICUAlii:)S, baptisms, marriages, and burials 

from English parish registers 73 
RICHAltDSUN, Edward Adams floors 
scliool, at old district No. 2, Grotou, 
Mass., ihe story of a district school no- 
ticed iy3 
RIDER, genealogy, descendants of Samuel, in 

preparation y2 
RIDGVVAY, genealogy, descendants of John 

RODNEY, Hon. Daniel, diary and other Dela- 
ware records, by C. H. B. Turner no- 
ticed 95 
ROE, Alfred Sedye Fifth Regiment Massa- 
cluist-tts Volunteer Infantry in its three 
tours of duty 18bl, 1802-1803, 1864 noticed 
ROLFE and variants 
Alice, will 1005 246 
Henry, will 1547 244 
Henry, will 1579 245 
John, will 1025 247 
ROFK, John, will 1002 249 

Thomas, will lD2y 248 
RoFFK, William, will 1574 245 
Rolf, John, will 1520 244 
ROLFF, Henry, vrill 1558 244 

Richard, will 1598 245 
ROLFE, baptisms, marriages, and burials from 

English parish registers 249 
ROTCH, U'iUiiim J. Stock delivered to the 
Britifh trocjps at Martha's Vineyard Is- 
land in 1778 80 
Royal .Society of Canada, proceedings and 
transactions, 3d series, vol. 4 noticed 98 
Boyalton, Vt., history with family genealo- 
gies, 1709-1911, by E. M. W. Lovejoy no- 
ticed 1V3 
RUSSELI,, Lauraman Howe, notice Ixx 
RY'DElt, geiK-alogy, descendants of Samuel, 
in No. 98, Library of Cape Cod, history 
and genealogy, by J. \V. Huwes noticed 

Bye, N. U., baptisms 150 301 

Sacramento Society of California Pioneers, 
coii'<titutioii, by-laws, and list of officers 
and members noticed 290 

Saint Andrew's Society of the State of New 

York, roster with biographical data, pt. 

1, 1750-1783, by W.M. MacBean 7ioticed 

Salisbury, Mass., epitaphs 88 
SANDEKS, genealogical notice, descendants 

of Martin of Sudbury, Eng., and Brain- 
tree, Mass. 176 
Sanford, Esbon, items from day books, 1798- 

1833 26 
SATERY and variants 
Anthony, notice 307 
Savauy, Judge Alfred William Ancestry of 

VV. F. WilUams noticed 94 
Savoky, Mary, notice 367 
SAVVYEK, Joseph H. Williston Seminary, 

founders' day, addresses noticed 289 
SCALES, John Some descendants of Dea. 

John Dam of Dover, N. H., 1G33 noticed 


Some descendants of Wm. Scales of Row- 
ley, Mass., 1040 42 

SCALES, genealogy, descendants of William 
of Rowley, Mass, 42 

SCHWAB, J. C. The descendants of Henry 
Melclioir Muhlenberg, additions and cor- 
rections noticed 287 

SCOVILLE, genealogy, descendants of Arthur, 
by C. K. Eastman, pt. 3 noticed 94 

SELL, William IJrumm Descendants of An- 
doni Sell of L'li. noticed 288 

SELL, genealogy, descendants of Andoni, by 
W. D. Sell noticed 288 

SEWALL, Henry, notice 283 

SE^VALL, genealogical notice, descendants of 
John 80 

Seymour, Conn., vital records 1901-1910, pub- 
lished by VV. C. Sharpe noticed 97 

Shaftsbury, Vt., epitaphs, by L. H. Elwell no- 
ticed 194 

SHAKl'E, William Carvosso Vital statistics 
of Seymour, Conn., 19U1-1910 noticed 97 

Shays's Uebeilion, political aftermath, his- 
tory, by A. McF. Davis noticed 193 

SHEDD Family, Association, register 1911 no- 
ticed 309 

SHEFFIELD, Mrs. George St. John A me- 
morial to Mrs. Lucy Bliss Sweet, born 
1624, died 1910 noticed 95 

SHELDON, Jennie Maria Arms John Sheldon 
and the Old Indian House Homestead 
noticed 288 
Walter Titus Avery noticed 288 
John, memoir, by J. M. A. Sheldon noticed 

SHEKMAN, John, Will 1466 322 

Thomas Townsend The early English Sher- 
mans 322 

SHEKMAN, baptisms, marriages, and burials 
from Dedham, Eng. parish register 324 
genealogy, descendants of i'hilip, in prep- 
aration 92 

Shirley, JIass., residents received and refused, 

1707-1785 100 

SHOR lER, genealogy, in Old Shorter houses 
and gardens, by A. K. Walker noticed 

SIEBERT, Wilbur H. Colony of Massachu- 
setts loyalists at Bristol, Eng. noticed 
Flight of American loyalists to the British 
Isles noticed 290 
Wilbur n. and E. E. Gilliam Loyalists in 
I'rince Edward Island noticed 290 

Index of Subjects 

Silver, used in New York, New Jersey, and 
the South, catalogue of exhibition at the 
Metropolitan Museum of Art, with note 
on early New York silversmiths, by R. T. 
Haines Halsey noticed 194 

SIMMONS, John F. and J. Dwelley History 
of the town of Hanover, Mass. with 
family genealogies noticed 193 

SINNOTT, Mary E. Index of the genealogi- 
cal and historical queries and answers 
from the New York Mail and Express 
vols. 1 and 2 noticed 191 

SLIPPER, James Henry Donaldson family 
record noticed 93 
Resolved Waldron's descendants. Van- 
derpoel branch, descendants in the Van- 
derpoel branch of Resolved Waldron, 
who came from Holland to New Amster- 
dam in 1650 noticed 94 

SMALL, genealogy, descendants of Edward, 
2d edition, in preparation 91 

SMITH, Gov. Benjamin, portrait, presented to 
North Carolina by the North Carolina 
Society of the Sons of the Revolution, 
address by C. Cobb noticed 288 
Hon. Ezra M. School houses in Peterbor- 
ough and description of district no. ."i no- 
ticed 289 
Samuel, administration of estate 1815 21 

SMITH, genealogy, descendants of Ephraim, 
in preparation 92 

Society for the Preservation of New England 
Antiquities, bulletin, vol. 2, uo. 2 noticed 

Society of the Cincinnati in the State of New 
Jersey, roster of N. J. officers of the 
Continental line, Army of the Revolu- 
tion, who are eligible to membership no- 
ticed 98 

Society of Colonial Wars in the State of New 
Jersey, year book, 1911 noticed 98 

Society of Colonial Wars, New York, 1911, or- 
derly book and journal of Maj. John 
Hawks with an introduction, by H. Hast- 
ings noticed 98 

Society of Colonial Wars in the Commonwealth 
of Pennsylvania, address, by L. B. Rank, 
vol. 2, no. 6 noticed 194 

Society of Colonial Wars, general register, 2d 
supplement noticed 370 

Society of the Daughters of the American 
Revolution, Samuel Ashley chapter, 
Claremont, N. H., officers and members, 
1911-1912 noticed 98 

The Society of genealogists of London, note 


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IaaXUjCTL'Vi/^^ 1 <^<^Q,CUn^cL fZht^y^ 



JANUARY, 1912 

By Clarence Walter Atee, A.M., of Cambridge, Mass. 

William Taggard Piper, public-spirited citizen, organizer and 
patron of charities, man of affairs, and scholar, was born in Boston 
August 9, 1853, and died there, at the Massachusetts Homoiopathic 
Hospital, victim of an epidemic of tonsillitis, July 25, 1911. He 
was the son of Solomon Piper, ^ whose ancestors in direct line back 
were Solomon,* Joseph,^ Jonathan,^ and Nathaniel,' all of unusual 
length of life ; and of Mary Elizabeth Taggard, his wife, whose 
father was William Taggard, whose mother was Mary Trow Welch, 
and whose ancestry goes back to early Colonial times. 

During boyhood Mr. Piper was educated in the public schools of 
his native city, receiving a Franklin medal at the Quincy school in 
1866, and another at the Latin school in 1870. In that year, at 
the age of sixteen, he entered Harvard College, and took his degree 
of A. B. in 1874, with distinction in scholarship which made him 
a member of the Phi Beta Kappa society. For the next four 
years he was engaged in study and travel abroad, the first two at 
Trinity College, Cambridge, England, and the third and fourth in 
Germany, chiefly at the University of Leipzig, and other parts of 
the continent. Returning to Cambridge in 1878, he resumed his 
studies at Harvard, taking his degree of A.M. in 1881, and his 
final degree of Ph.D. and A.M. in 1883, his subject being classical 

Even in the midst of the studies for his higher degrees he had 
married, on July 10, 1879, at Yellow Springs, Ohio, Anne Palfrey 
Bridge, of Lexington, whose father was William Frederick Bridge, 
whose mother was Elizabeth Gould Crosby, and whose ancestral 
line can be traced back to Elder William Brewster. To them were 
born, in Cambridge, four children, all now living: William Bridge, 
Nov. 21, 1880 (A.B., Harvard, 1903, M.F., Yale, 1905) ; Eliza- 
beth Bridge, Sept. 19, 1883 (A.B., Radcliffe, 1906, A.M., same, 
1911) ; Anne Taggard, Sept. 26, 1887 (wife of Matthew Hale, 
A.B., Harvard, 1903) ; and Ralph Crosby, Aug. 29, 1890 (A.B., 
Harvard, 1911, three years' course). 


4 William Taggard Piper [Jan. 

Solidly equipped in scholarship and mental acquirements as his 
Harvard dcorces vouchsafed, and possessed of independent means 
and ample leisure, Mr. Piper might naturally have continued to live 
the academic life of a college community, pursuing special investi- 
gations and otherwise gratifying his scholarly tastes at w^ill, or he 
mio-ht have sought a regular position- in college work as instructor 
in classics. At this critical juncture, however, he seems to have 
abandoned, if indeed he had ever seriously entertained, a scholarly 
cai'eer and to have chosen, or to have been led to give his life, with 
the entire force of his strong and vigorous personality, to the service 
of the many and varied interests of Cambridge. From 1870 his 
family had resided in that city, first at 22 Concord Avenue, and 
next and last at 179 Brattle Street, corner of Fayerweather Street, 
where in 1885 he had built for himself and growing family a spacious 
and attractive home. His readiness to serve and his ability to act 
met with a quick and cordial response on the part of his fellow- 
citizens. The number of organizations, municipal, social, philan- 
thropic, historical, and other, of which he became a member during 
the decade following the com2)letion of his studies at Harvard in 
1883, and the administrative ability, untiring energy, devotion, 
and self-sacrifice which he showed in his service for each and every 
one of these organizations, form a unique record in the social life of 

From that time onward it was the interests humanitarian, and not 
the humanities, that absorbed his main time and thought, and his 
freedom from the exactions of a regular business career or j)rofession 
gave him ample scope for his work for others, and seemed, by a sort 
of reflex action, to spur him on to the utmost length in the execu- 
tion of each self-imposed task. No detail, however trivial and in- 
significant in itself, would be neglected or overlooked by him, if, in 
his opinion, the matter in hand needed its consideration. Indeed, 
his attention to details, his capacity for taking pains, and his keen- 
ness of vision and judgment in matters small as well as large, are 
conspicuous traits of his mind and character. 

It was these traits, to be sure, combined with his unswerving fear- 
lessness and rigid determination to stand for what he thought was 
right and best in each emergency as it arose, that at times brought 
him opposition and caused misunderstanding of his motives. This 
is not surprising, for it is the lot of leaders of men to be misunder- 
stood now and then, if not often, and it was due to another quality 
of mind which he possessed, and which is not always coupled with 
his recognized administrative ability, namely tactfulness and con- 
sideration of the point of view of the other man, that his course in 
the conduct of important plans and measures to which objections 
may have been raised was made smooth and his purpose gained. 

The year of 1883 that brought an end to Mr. Piper's academic 
career saw the beginning, at the age of thirty, of that splendid 

1912] William Taggard Piper 5 

service, public and semi-public, which absorbed his adult life for its 
last twenty-eight years. He appeared first as an organizer and 
member of the Associated Charities of Cambridge, being secretary 
from 1883 to 1889, director from 1889 to 1899, vice-president from 
1899 to 1902, and hononary vice-president from that time to his 
death. In the next year, 1884, his ability, dignity, and tactfulness 
as a presiding officer received first recognition as president and 
director of the Cambridge Social Union for two years, of which he 
later, in 1896, became, and remained to the end, a trustee of the 
Permanent Fund. In the same year of 1884 he was chosen a 
member of the Parish Committee of the Fu^st Parish Church, on 
which he served until 1891, and yearly thereafter he was re-elected 
chairman of the annual Parish meetings, with further service on 
various committees of the church. 

In 1886 Mr. Piper took upon himself another responsibility, 
which developed into one of his most devoted services, as trustee 
of the Avon Home for Children, becoming in 1888 its vice-president, 
and from 1892 its president. Whether or not the nearness of this 
institution to his home later had additional influence, it is to be 
noticed that this charity received from him more attention than any 
other. As chairman of its Building Committee, in 1891—2, he was 
foremost in preparing plans for the erection of the new building at 
309 Mt. Auburn Street, and was interested in following every step 
of its progress. For this work he solicited a large portion of the 
funds ; for the institution he showed a parental care throughout ; 
and in his will he gave to it $5,000, the larger of his two public 
bequests, primarily to help carry out his project of adding a depart- 
ment for an Infants' Hospital, which is still under consideration. 
With characteristic enthusiasm and thoroughness he visited, last 
spring, a number of similar hospitals in and about Boston, in order 
that advantage might be taken of every new device and practice 
which the best equipment might require. He has left the institu- 
tion in such perfect condition and in such excellent hands that his 
successors in its management vnll be under great and lasting obli- 
gations to his pioneer service. 

All these kinds of service were semi-public. In 1888 Mr. Piper 
entered upon an active municipal career, which continued, in vari- 
ous forms, almost to the end of his life. In that year he was elected 
to the Common Council, on which he served two years ; and in 1890 
he took hio-her office as member of the Board of Aldermen. To all 
this municipal service he gave of himself just as freely and con- 
scientiously as he had already done in all his earlier responsibilities. 
In 1891 he became, and continued to his death, a member of the 
local board of Civil Service Examiners. 

In 1891, also, began his largest public service as member of the 
School Committee. Recognition of his executive ability and fitness, 
by that time well proved in several fields of activity, brought his 

6 William Taggar-d Piper [Jan. 

elevation to the presidency of the School Board in 1892, which he 
retained until his retirement from that service in 1909. A Ml and 
just estimation of these devoted years of labor for the public schools 
is voiced in the following excerpt from an editorial in the Cambridge 
Tribune of July 29, 1911 : 

" For some sixteen years the president of the board, he exhibited in that 
capacity those traits which so signally marked his career and indicated him 
as the accomplished, courteous and fully equipped leader among men. 
Durino- all that long 23eriod, it never occurred to the board to suggest any 
other name for its president or to demur on the decisions which it was his 
province to make. Few ijeople in the community have a conscious knowl- 
edo-e of the management of school aifairs ; but those who are cognizant of 
the work of the schools fully appreciate the conscientious, skilled and 
superb work rendered gratuitously all these years by Mr. Piper. Had he 
been credited with this work alone, the people of Cambridge would be 
under a vast and an enduring obligation to him." 

The complete story of Mr. Piper's educational, as well as of his 
philanthropic service can never be told, and it is characteristic of 
tlie persistent benevolence and kindheartedness of the man that he 
should keep in touch with the later life of the older teachers, and 
that for some of those whose needs had become pressing he should, 
with great tact and consideration, make adequate provision. 

It must be borne in mind, however, that, although Mr. Piper's 
relations with the school teachers were always just and impartial, 
yet at times his rigid and unbending sense of justice and responsi- 
bility, especially in financial matters, led him to make decisions 
which would seem, from a broader point of view, to have been in- 
considerate and undeserved. Among the many, however, these were 
very few. In his determination to give a fair judgment of the fit- 
ness and ability of teachers, whether for re-appointment or to fill 
vacancies, he would make it a rule to give a teacher a second chance, 
if a first judgment had happened for any special reason to be un- 
favorable. Such determination would mean increase of labor on 
his part in each instance, but that for him was characteristically no 
deterrent. Indeed it came naturally to be thought and said that 
wherever there was something extra to do, and when there was no 
one else who could or Avould do it, Mr. Piper would detail himself 
for the task, no matter at what cost of time or effort. Thus it was 
that his personal visits to the actual fields of work of candidates for 
vacancies, whether teachers, superintendents of schools, or librari- 
ans, brought to examining committees in each instance additional 
information in aid of their final choice. 

By a special provision of the City charter one member of the 
board of trustees of the Public Library must be chosen from the 
School committee. In that dual capacity Mr. Piper served from 
1892 onward, being annually re-appointed, except for the year 
1903. Throughout his long service of nearly seventeen years, 
the third longest in the history of the Library, he came to know 

1912] William Taggard Piper 7 

and to appreciate the institution in every detail of its work, and he 
was keenly interested in every step of its development. He took 
office first as secretary in 1894 and 1895, next as president from 
1896 to 1902, and last as treasurer on from 1904. In each capaci- 
ty he sought to advance the best interests of the Library, sparing 
neither time nor effort to that end. 

In the writer's position as librarian of this Library since 1904, 
he came to know well certain aspects of Mr. Piper's character and 
personality. To his work for the Library Mr. Piper gave more 
time, thought, and energy than any other trustee. Thoroughly 
congenial to one of his scholarly tastes, his duties as trustee, espe- 
cially as chairman of the committee on books, became genuine 
pleasures. As elsewhere and always, he was in close touch with 
all details of administration and service, and much of this matter 
he had at call, with or without the aid of an omnipresent note-book, 
which he kept by him for emergencies which might arise in any of his 
manifold interests. Generally twice a week, and some weeks oftener, 
he would come to the Library, nearly always bringing back a parcel 
of books just read, and again taking out a new selection for himself 
and his family. Occasionally he would stop off" on his way back 
from Boston, with the latest information about certain new books 
which he had just seen there, and which the Library might not yet 
have received, or had not been able to buy, and thereupon would 
generally ensue eager discussions of books new and old, comments 
on current events, and random talks on any other topic, related or, 
as often, unrelated. As the weeks and years went by, the writer 
came more and more to look forward to these visits of Mr. Piper, 
and to count them among the rare pleasures of his library experi- 

Mr. Piper's active interest in libraries dates much farther back, to 
1878, when he became a proprietor in the Boston Athenaeum, of 
which thereafter he was a constant user and patron. Much later, 
and onward from 1894, he was a member of the Massachusetts 
Library Club, always planning to attend the winter meeting, which 
was generally held in Boston. 

Correlated to these libraries were three learned societies, each 
with its own special library, two of which Mr. Piper joined in the 
early nineties. With the first of these, the New England Historic 
Genealogical Society, he had longest and most intimate connection, 
from 1892 onward, becoming in 1899 a life member, and serving 
on a varied succession of its committees : first as councillor, 1898- 
1900 ; next as member of the Committee on Papers and Essays, 
the Nominating Committee, and the Committee to Print Proceedings 
of the Annual Meeting, all in 1900 ; member of the Committee on 
the Library, 1903; again Councillor, 1904-1907; member of the 
Committee on Finance, 1905-1906 ; and last as member of the 
Committee on Keal Estate, 1910. To all this service Mr. Piper 

8 William Taggard Piper [Jan. 

gave unsparingly of his time and energy, no doubt the more eagerly 
because it brought variety to his many responsibilities. Likewise 
Ava:^ added, from 1894 on, membership and keen enjoyment in The 
Colonial Society of ^Massachusetts. Last of this tjrpe came member- 
ship in the Cambridge Historical Society from 1905, its first year, 
to 1910, when he resigned. 

Among business interests JNIr. Piper's chief connection vv^as with the 
Cambridge Trust Company of which, from 1892 on, he became an 
active, intluential, and public-spirited director, but in which he held 
no other office. 

All these varied interests of Mr. Piper's, public, semi-public, and 
other, as above described, were obviously serious in intent and ex- 
acting in their demands upon his time, thought, and energy. Three 
other organizations with which he became permanently identified 
were mainly social and recreative in character, and of these he 
availed himself in good measure. Midway in this respect stands 
his membership in the Cambridge Club, which began in 1892, and 
of which he became a director in 1905, vice-president in 1906, and 
president in 1907. He joined the Union Club, of Boston, in 1894, 
and the Oakley Country Club, of Belmont, in 1898, of the latter 
havino; been one of the original members. 

With increase of years came increase of responsibilities. When, 
in 1910, there was formally organized of a board of trustees, in con- 
nection with the erection of a new building; for the Yovmff Women's 
Christian Association, of Cambridge, Mr. Piper was elected its chair- 
man, having already been, since 1898, an auxiliary member of the in- 
stitution. In his benevolent and philanthropic service he had already 
gone farther afield and out of the bounds of Cambridge, by accept- 
ing, in 1899, a trusteeship of the Boston Homoeopathic Hospital, 
which culminated, early last year, in his election as president of 
its board. Shortly before, in 1910, he had received from Governor 
Draper an appointment, wholly unsought, as trustee of the Boston 
State Hospital. By these appointments was shovm a wider recog- 
nition of Mr. Piper's long and valuable experience in connection 
with institutions of a similar kind. In the light of such develop- 
ment it is not too much to predict that, had his life been spared, he 
would have entered upon still another and a larger career of service 
to the State, and perhaps eventually to the nation. 

With all his mental acquirements and scholarship on the one 
hand, and his active service for the public good on the other, it 
Avould seem as if Mr. Piper had shown no wish or inclination to 
write of his own experiences or investigations. In fact, he has left 
no written or published matter, except such as might be contained 
in annual and special reports for the schools, the public library, the 
Avon Home, and other institutions, but these were models of their 
kind for brevity, conciseness, and force. 

A life like Mr. Piper's, of such extraordinary energy and accom- 

1912] William Taggard Piper 9 

plishment in behalf of others, and of such marked concentration and 
strength of purpose, would seem to have been singularly resom'ceful 
and self-sufficient. And yet it is fitting here to record that Mr, 
Piper owed much of his incentive to public service and his persist- 
ency of action to the encouragement and example of his devoted 
wife, Anne Palfrey Piper. Back in the eighties, soon after their 
marriage in 1879, Mrs. Piper joined heartily with her husband in 
all the beginnings of their charitable and benevolent work, and 
throughout their lives, the wife dying of the same disease as the 
husband only two months before, there was a perfect sympathy and 
oneness of purpose, born of mutual love and devotion, which mad^ 
light of the many burdens and responsibilities which they had vol- 
untarily taken upon themselves to bear for the benefit of others. 

The mainspring of action, back of all else, was a beautiful and 
self-centred home life, which remained to the end unchanged in 
the mutual appreciation and helpfulness of husband and wife. To 
their Cambridge home there was added a summer home in Falmouth, 
called " The Uplands," which they built in 1892. Together they 
helped to organize, in 1904, the Cambridge District Nursing Asso- 
ciation, of which Mrs. Piper became president, and to which Mr. 
Piper left $1,000, the smaller of two modest public bequests, the 
larger being mentioned above. In other charitable works they also 
co-operated, and their associated support was as charming and help- 
fiil as it was unusual. 

Of tributes to Mr. Piper's character and personality the latest 
and most appreciative expression was given at a meeting of the Cam- 
bridge Club at Young's, on November 20, 1911, in a sketch* written 
and there read by one of its members, William M. Richardson, Esq., 
from which the following paragraph is quoted : 

" No one could be brought into contact with him, whether socially, offi- 
cially, or in business matters, without being impressed with his fairness, 
justice, candor and fearlessness. He was modest, retiring even to shyness, 
slow in forming convictions, free from prejudices, charitable towards all, 
benevolent in giving and in acts, interested in all attempts to better society 
aud individuals, expecting no reward and receiving none, except the con- 
sciousness of the well intentioned performance of duty." 

A just estimate of the character and personality of Mr. Piper 
must take also into consideration a combination of apparently opposite 
traits. Side by side with his manifest sympathy and broadmindedness 
in dealing with institutions and their work, may be noted a certain 
reserve and aloofness of manner in dealing with individuals. This 
latter trait, as being shown in much the same way towards all whom 
he met, must be thought, for the most part, innate and unconscious 
in its operation ; and yet it is this trait which at times led to a mis- 
conception of his character as a whole, and which also interfered 

* This sketch was privately printed for distribution among the members of the 
Cambridge Club, and also reprinted in local Cambridge papers of the next issues 

]0 Church Records of JSfeedham Circuit [Jan. 

with his personal popularity. Of intimate friends he had very few, 
and the successes of his remarkable public career were won rather 
by his sterling qualities of mind and heart, by sheer force of character 
and circumstance, than by the slightest appeal to any of the ingra- 
tiations of the politician. An aristocrat in thought and feeling for 
himself, alone considered, he was a democrat in his interest and con- 
cern for others. His home, like the Englishman's, was his castle, 
and to it no stranger from the outside world was welcome ; and yet 
to that larger world beyond the pale of his home, he gave of his 
best, in act and substance, and that, too, a form of giving which 
was rather the devotion and sacrifice of himself than merely the turn- 
ing over of money which by some might have been easily gotten, 
and which might accordingly have meant no real sacrifice whatever. 
His was indeed a noble stewardship of wealth, and in his death the 
community has suffered an irreparable loss. 

During the hour of the funeral, which took place on the after- 
noon of Friday, July 28th, the Public Library and its branches 
were closed by order of the trustees, as contained in the " Resolu- 
tions " befitting liis memory and Library service which had been by 
them adopted and spread on the records. 



Communicated through the courtesy of the New England Co nference Historical 


The following records are from a volume entitled " The oldest | 
Church Records | of the | Old Needham Circuit | Prepared by Rev. 
Joshua Soule ] in 1803." 

" A Stewards Book | Jonathan Sawyer | Record of Baptisms 
Deaths &c | Harvard Feb. 14 1803:" 

Dates baptisms Deaths Sfc 

Betsey, daughter of Eben- 
Aug.* ezer and Lydia Kimball 

15 1802 of Natick. 

Abel Boneparte, Son of ^Departed this life a few days 
Aug.' Abel and Susanna Pierce after baptism 

21 of Weston* 

Aaron, Son of Samuel and 
Sept.'' Hannah Greenwood of 

12 Needham 

Betsey, daughter of Phe- 
Sepf. nehas and Hannah Saw- 

26 yer of Marlboro 

Abigail, daughter of .John Abigail Fisk Departed this life 
Ocf^. and Abigail Fisk of Hoi- February 16 : 1803 

6 listen 


Church Records of Needham Circuit 


Oct^ Adult. Mercy Wlieaton of 
31 of Milford 

Adults. Charles Stimson 
Dec'". and Jane Rosson of Men- 

2 don 

Rufus, Son of Daniel and 
Dec"^. Cally Stratton of Har- 

20 vard 

Jan. Lewis, Son of Jonas and 
9 Tabatha Bemis of Lin- 

1803 coin 

Dec"^. Sally Parkhurst, daughter of 
12 1802 Obed and Sally Daniels 
Dec*^. of Hopkinton N.B. 
Sally Parkhurst Daniels 
was born Thurs*^. Ocf. 
19"^. Her Father died 
the next Tues'*. and her 
Mother just a month after 
she was born. Before her 
mother died she requested 
that her only infant child 
should be dedicated to God 
in baptism which agree- 
able to her dying request 
was performed by Z. Tay- 
Dates Baptisms 

Jan"^ Adult David Stimson of 
25 1803 Mendon 
May 11 Louisa, daughter of Joseph 
& Thankful Nichols of 
do Martha, daughter of Shad- 

rach & Martha Miller, of 

July 31 Rachel, daughter of Loammi 
& Sally Surges, Harvard 

Ju]y 26 Levi, Son of Samuel and 

Sally Pierce, Groton 
Needham July 17. 1803 
Sereno, son of Abijah & 

Elis Fisk of Weston by 

R. Hubbard 
Waltham January 8'^^ 1804. 
Sofey Daughter of Nathaniel 

and Jane Gove by P. 


Dates Baptisms 

February 19 Needham Sally Daughter 
of Ebenezar and Lydia 




Church Records of ITeedham Circuit 


Kimbal By Geo^ Pick- 
May 12 Mary the Daughter[of] Mar- 
1805 ret & Sarah Burges By 

Joseph Snelling, Harvard 
Oliver the Son of Samuel 
and Sally Pierce, Groton 
July 7 Mary the Daughter of Phine- 

1804 has & Hannah Sawyer^ 

Lucy the Daughter of Jona- 
Dto than and Mary Sawyer 

Harvard By Joseph Snel- 

May 26 William Greenwood son of 

1805 Samuel and Hannah 
Greenwood of Needham 
by Joseph Snelling 

Rodney Son of Nathaniel 
Sep* and Jane Gove of Wal- 

1805 tham by Peter Jane 

Loammi the Son of Loammi 
& Sally Burges, Harvard 
by George Pickering 
October 6 Hariot Winslow Daughter 

1805 of George and Maria 
Pickering of Waltham bj 
Geo Pickering 

Susana the Daughter [ofj 
Jonus & Eunice Faulkner 
Adult Louisa Priest by 
George Pickering 
Dec'' Mary the Daughter of Dan- 
14 : 1804 iel & Cally Stratton, Har- 

vard by George Pickering 
Baptized Nancy Priest Daughter of 
June SO'^ Lydia Denna of Stow 

1806 Born March 21^^ 1805 
By J. Gove 

Born Baptisd Lorenzo Son of 
June 26 Daniel & Cally Stratton, 

1806 Harvard J. Gove 

Borne in Baptisd Arathusa Daughter 
May of Phinehas and Hannah 

AD 1806 Sawyer, Marlborough J. 
Dec^ Adult 

21«' Baptised Sally Howard of 
AD 1806 Hopkinton J. Gove 


Church Records of Needham Circuit 


Dec"" Horace Son of John and Abi- 
23'' gail Fisk, Holleston by 

AD 1800 John Finegan 
Ocf 26 Aner and John Children of 
AD 1806 John and AbigaU Fisk, 
Holliston by J. Gove 
March Thomas Pierce son of Sam- 
22 ual and Hannah Green- 

AD 1807 wood, Natick. by J. Gove 
August 9 Adult Lawson Walker by 
1807 Benj Hill 

1807 Mary the Daughter of Sam- 
November uel Sally Pierce of Groton 
Ephraim the Sun [of] Marrit 
Sarah Burges 
Nove"* Sarah the Daughter Loam- 
1 1807 mi & Sally Burges by 

Benj Hill 
May Ithail & Parhust 

24th 1807 Kately 

Adult Lucy Pierce of Horvard by 
March 6 Benjamin Hill 
1808 Wesley the Sun of Jon^ & 
6 Mary Sawyer of Harvard 

Benj* Hill 
Cynthia the Daughter of 
6 Daniel & Cally Strotton 

of Harvard by Benj^ Hill 


Sarah Mansfield of Needham 

Aug 20 1807 byBenjHiU 


Mary Perry of Newtown 


by Benj Hill 

23: 1808 

Catherine Jacson, Newtown 

Benj Hm 

» March 

Hermione Taylor the Daugh- 


ter of Sally Blunden by 

Benj HUl 

April 3 

Polly Walker 


Nancy Walker 

Sally Watkins 


Hannah Watkins 


Cynthena Watkins 


Electa Watkins 



Sally D Hall 

Elizabeth Snell 

these all by Pouring by 

Benj P HUl 


Church Records of Needham Circuit 




Moses Watkins 


Adam Laland 


Abner Alby 
James Roff 


Daniel Kolton 

Josiah Walker 

those all by immertion by 

Benjamin P Hill 


John Vorse 





Children of Daniel Dudley 


Deceaced and Lucy Dud- 

ley now a widow by Benj 


Dian Cook of Marlborough 

13 1808 

by John Tinkham 

June 26 

Samuel Gove Son of Jonas 


«fe Tabitha Bemis of Lin- 

coln by John Tinkham 


Dana Mortton 


Holiston Class by John Tink- 

12 1808 



Lorenzo Son of Jonus & 

28 1808 

Nancy Stierns, Weston 

by John Tinkham 


Moses Fisk of Framingham 


by John Tinkham 

19 1808 


* Sally Stone Departed this Life 

August 20 1804 

*Rebacca Stephens Departed 

this life August 2b^^ 1803 
*Mary Mills Departed this life 
Sept 12"^ 1803 

* Rachel Flag Departed this life 

May 26'^ 1803 
*Rhoda Flagg Departed this 
Life Sept 20"^ 1803 

Bulah Battle Departed this life 
April 1^^ 1804 

1912] Dutch Johnsons hi Connecticut 15 


By Donald Lines Jacobus, M.A., of New Haven, Conn. 

Among the numerous Johnson families of old Connecticut we have 
reason to suppose that two, at least, were of Dutch origin. There has 
been much speculation concerning the antecedents of William Johnson of 
New Haven and Wallingford, Conn., whose family is given in the Reg- 
ister, vol. 55, p. 369. Mr. James Shepard surmises that he might have 
been a son of Thomas Johnson, one of the three brothers from Yorkshire, 
Eng., who was drowned in New Haven harbor in 1640 (Register, vol. 56, 
p. 133). This poor Thomas has been of inestimable value to the gene- 
alogists, who have bestowed on him as offspring a large number of stray- 
Johnsons. In strict fact, he left two sons, Thomas of Newark, N. J., and 
Jeremiah of Derby, Conn. (New Haven Proprietors' Records, vol. 2, 
pp. 329-330) ; and there is not a shadow of evidence to prove that William 
was his son. 

Then, who was William Johnson? Perhaps the following facts will 
throw some light on the question. The death of a certain " Old Richard " 
Johnson is recorded in New Haven on 25 March 1679. His estate was 
administered 1 April 1679, when we find him called, not Richard, but 
" Dericke " Johnson (Probate Records, vol. 1, p. 182), and after the pay- 
ment of debts, the court granted the remainder of his estate to William 
Johnson (County Court Records, vol. 1, p. 115 ; and Deeds, vol. 1, p. 73). 
No mention is made of the relationship between them, but it is evident 
that they were not father and son. If, however, we remember that Richard 
is called Derrick, and that William himself frequently appears on record 
as Wingle, it is j^retty safe to assume that they were of Dutch descent, 
and very likely stood in the relation of uncle and nephew to each other. 

Much more perplexing is the origin of Walter Johnson of Wallingford, 
Conn., whose immediate family has been carefully compiled by Mr. James 
Shepard and published in the Register, vol. b^, p. 139. Up to the 
present time nothing has been known concerning him, except that he ap- 
peared in Wallingford before 1692, married a nameless daughter of 
Nehemiah and Hannah (Morgan) Royce, and died in 1731, leaviug two 
sons, John and Lambert. The following record from the Dutch church 
of Flatbush, L. I., adds considerably to our meagre information: "1689, 
July 5. Wouter Jansen widv. of Johana Rys of N. Eng. at Walliuford, 
to Tryntie Henerig, wid. of Wm. Edwards, liv. Pennu (?)." Two facts 
are made clear by this record of our Walter Johnson's second marriage. 
In the first place it discloses the full name of his first wife, Joanna Royce. 
In the second place, taken in connection with his signing his name Janson 
in Wallingford deeds, it indicates Dutch blood. Moreover, it leads to the 
surmise that John was Walter's only child by the Royce alliance, and that 
Lambert was the offspring of this second marriage. At any rate, John is 
named in his grandfather Royce's will, while Lambert is not ; and John 
deeds away Royce land, while Lambert does not. Moreover, late in life, 
Walter Johnson deeds a piece of land to his son Lambert, in consideration 
of which the latter is to maintain his father and mother for the rest of their 
lives. It looks very much as if this widow Tryntie was Lambert's mother. 

Yet, interesting as these discoveries are, they do not go very far toward 
lifting the veil that obscures the early life of Walter Johnson. The prob- 

16 Dutch Johnsons in Connecticut [Jan. 

lem is made more complex by a power of attorney (Wallingford Deeds, 
vol. 5, p. 454), granted in 1728 by John Benham of Kings Co., N. Y., 
Lambert Johnson and wife Anna of Richmond, N.Y., Jacob Johnson and 
wife vSara of Richmond, and Evert Van Namen and wife Winefrut. John, 
Anna, Sarah, and Winifred were four of the children of Joseph Benham 
of Wallinoford by his wife Winifred King of Boston. Lambert and Jacob 
Johnson and Evert Van Namen, husbands of the three Benham girls, lived 
on Staten Island, where they belonged to the Dutch Reformed Church. 
This document is surprising, as it proves that two Dutch Johnsons, of the 
same generation as Walter, married Wallingford girls ; and one of them 
bore the name of Lambert, which was also the name of one of Walter's 
sons, A natural supposition is that they were brothers of his, and met 
the Benham girls while visiting his home. 

As is well known, the Dutch rarely bore a jDermanent surname, but 
went- by a patronymic derived from the father's Christian name. Thus, 
Lambert Johnson and Jacob Johnson were simply Lambert and Jacob, 
sons of John or Jan ; but before 1700 the Dutch in America had begun to 
retain the father's patronymic after the English fashion, so it need not 
surprise us to find in the Staten Island records that Lambert and Jacob 
Johnson were sometimes known as Lambert and Jacob Wouters. This 
implies that they were sons of a certain Jan Wouters (John son of Walter), 
and that they sometimes retained the Wouters and sometimes called them- 
selves Jansen after their father's Christian name. This makes it all the 
more likely that Walter Johnson was their brother, for, as the son of Jan 
Wouters, he would be named after his grandfather Walter or Wouter. 

Consequently, it is necessary to locate a Jan Wouters who could have 
been father of Walter, Lambert, and Jacob. And what is our amazement 
to learn that Jacob Johnson, son of John Wooters, was born in Branford, 
Conn., 31 December 1672 (Branford Records, vol. 1, p. 174). Here is a 
Dutch Jacob Johnson who, learning the English tongue in his infancy, 
would be most eligible to marry an English girl. That he is identical with 
the Jacob of Staten Island is proved by the father's name ; and his wife, 
Sarah Benham, was born four years later, 6 September 1676. According 
to Savage, Jan Wouters lived at Branford fi'om 1667 to 1673 ; and, when 
we come to search for his antecedents we find that in 1667 he owned salt 
meadows in Flatbush, L. I., the very place where Walter Johnson, un- 
doubtedly his son, married his second wife. From Branford he returned 
to Flatbush, where in 1678 he hired out his son Ruth (Rutgert) to his 
brother-in-law Laurens Jurianse. He was living in 1695, when he calls 
himself of New York. 

Jan Wouters is by no means an uncommon name, and it will therefore 
require some evidence to prove that our man of that name, who was 
a master-shoemaker by trade, was identical with Jan Wouters Van der 
Bosch, whose name appears in the Flatbush Church Records of this period. 
On 12 May 1678 were baptized Jacobus, aged 5|, Judith, aged 2f, and 
Jan, aged"l^, children of Jan Wouters Van der Bosch and Weintie Peters, 
who came from Stanford, New England. It is probable that the original 
record reads " Branford," and that " Stanford " is an error of the copyist 
who prepared these records for the press ; for a limited search in Stamford, 
Conn., ])as failed to reveal the presence there of any Jan Wouters or Van 
der Bosches. Moreover, the age of Jacobus (the Latinized form of Jacob 
or James) exactly corresponds with the age of Jacob Johnson, son of Jan 
Wouters, who was born at Branford in December 1672. On the whole. 

1912] Dutch Johnsons iti Connecticut 17 

it is extremely improbable that two Jan Wouters, one at Branford and the 
other at Stamford, each had a son Jacob born in the same month of the 
same year. Another proof of identity is the fact that Jan Wouters Van 
der Bosch married Weintie Peters, whUe Laurens Jurianse Haf married 
Kenira Peters ; and we have already mentioned that Laurens Jurianse 
was brother-in-law of our Jan Wouters. 

With these facts established, it is possible to sketch the earlier genera- 
tions of Walter Johnson's family. 

1. Jan^ Wouters Van der Bosch, son of Wouter Van der Bosch, 
born about 1638, resided at Flatbush, L. I., and Branford, Conn., and died 
after 1695. He married first Arentje Arents ; and secondly Weintie 
Peters, whose sister Kenira Peters married, 5 July 1676, Laurens Jurianse 
Haf. The Peters family came from Amersfoort. 

Children by first wife : 

2. i. Lambert'^ Jansen, bapt. at New York 17 Nov. 1660. 
ii. Hendrick Jansen, bapt.;at New York 30 Mar. 1663. 

3. iii. WouTER Jansen, b. probably at Flatbush abt. 1666. 
Children by second wife : 

iv. EuTGERT Jansen, bapt. at New York 16 Nov. 1669 ; m. there An- 
nex je Gerrets. 
V. BENJABriN Jansen, bapt. at New York 9 Apr. 1671. 
i, vi. Jacob Jansen, b. at Branford 31 Dec. 1672. 

vii. Judith Jansen, b. abt. Dec. 1675 ; m. John Anderson of New York. 

viii. Jan Jansen, b. abt. Feb. 1677. 

ix. Sara Jansen, bapt. at Flatbush 5 Dec. 1680. 

X. CoRNELis Jansen, bapt. at Flatbush 20 Jan. 1682. 

xi, Stintie Jansen, bapt. at Flatbush 28 Sept. 1684. 

5. xii. Antje Jansen (?), b. abt. 1688. 

2. Lambert^ Jansen or Wouters (Jan^), baptized at New York 17 

Nov. 1660, settled on Staten Island. He married Anna Benhabi 
of Wallingford, who was born in 1669. 
Children : 

i. Westnifret' Jansen, bapt. at Staten Island 5 May 1696. The wit- 
nesses of the christening were Jan Wauterzen (perhaps her uncle 
Jan Jansen) and Tryutie Heudricksen (perhaps Walter Johnson's 
wife Tryutie Heuerig) . 

ii. Aafye, bapt. 7 Sept. 1698. The witness was Jacob Jansen. 

iii. Lambert, bapt. 22 Apr. 1707. The witness was Evert Van Namen. 

iv. Sara, dau. of Lambert " Wouters," bapt. 19 Apr. 1709. The wit- 
nesses were Evert Van Namen and Sarah Jans. 

3. Wouter^ Jansen (Jati'-), born, probably at Flatbush, about 1666, 

settled at Wallingford, Conn., where he was known as Walter 
Johnson, and died 6 Feb. 1731. He married first Joanna Royce, 
who was born about 1670 and died about 1688; and secondly 
at Flatbush, 5 July 1689, Tryntie Henerig, widow of William 

Child by first wife : 

i. John," b. abt. 1688 ; m. 2 Nov. 1710, Mary Ch.\tterton of New 
Haven; removed to Whippenny, N. J. (Kegister, vol. 56, p. 140). 

ChUd by second wife : 

6. ii. Lambert, b. abt. 1691. 

4. Jacob^ Jansen or Wouters {Jan}), born at Branford 31 Dec. 1672, 

married Sarah Benham of Wallingford, who was born 6 Sept. 
1676, and settled on Staten Island. 

18 Dutch Johnsons in Connecticut [Jan. 

Children : 

i. Jacob,'' bapt. 25 Mar. 1701. The witnesses were Lambert and 
Reyue Jauseu. 
7. ii. CoRNELis, son of Jacob '^ Wouters," bapt. 20 Apr. 1703. The wit- 
nesses were Tlionias Sutton and Susanna Du Secoy. 

iii. Wyntie, bapt. 3 July 170-. The witnesses were Lambert Jansen 
and his wife. 

iv. Johanna, bapt. 22 Apr. 1707. 

V. Benjajmin, son of Jacob " Wouters," bapt. 23 Oct. 1711. The wit- 
nesses were Hendrick Maarliu and Antie Wouters. 

5. Antje^ Jansen or Anna Johnson {Jan}), born about 1688, died 

after 1752, seems to belong to this family. As Antie Wouters she 
witnessed the christening of Benjamin Jansen. She married John 
Jenner or Jennes of Staten Island, and in accordance with Dutch 
custom appears on record under her maiden name of Wouters at 
the christening of her daughter Sara, and of Johnson at the christ- 
ening of her daughter Elsje. 
Children : 

i. Sajiah Jenner, bapt. 5 June 1720. The witnesses were Evert Van 

Nameu and Jennekeu Van Naman. 
ii. John Jenner, m. Aeltye Marlin, and had issue: Aentje^ Jan, 

Willem^ and Elsye. 
iii. Lambert Jenner, m. Anna Marlin, and had issue : Sara, Antie, 

and Maria. 
iv. Antje Jenner, m. Joachim Stillwell, and had issue: Bichard 

and Jan. 
V. Wlllem Jenner, m. Jannetye Garretse, and had issue : Antje. 
vi. Elsje Jenner, bapt. 1 Sept. 1734. The witnesses were Lambert 

Jenner and Wyntje Johnson. 

6. Lambert^ Johnson ( Walter,"^ JavP), born about 1691, died 27 Nov. 

1726, lived at Wallingford. He married, 1 Mar. 1716, Rebecca 
Children : 

i, Ben.jamin,^ b. 10 Dec. 1716; m. 11 Apr. 1751, Mary Doolittle. 

His family lived at Bantam, Conn., where his sons Benjamin^ and 

Lambert are buried. 
8. ii. Cornelius, b. 13 Feb. 1719. 
iii. , Mary, b. 3 June 1720. 

iv. Anna, m. 12 Oct. 1743, Azariah Perkins of Bethany, Conn. 
V. Rebecca, m. (1) 3 Apr. 1745, Benjamin Perkins; m. (2) 13 Mar. 

1752, John Wilmot; m. (3) 3 Aug. 1756, Samuel Thomas. She 

lived at Woodbridge, Coim. 

7. Cornelis* Jansen {Jacob^ Jan}), baptized in the Dutch Church on 

Staten Island 20 Apr. 1703. He married Sarah Mambrut, evi- 
dently of French stock. 
Children : 

i. Sarah,* bapt. 6 Apr. 1724. The witnesses were Antony Van Pelt 

aud Lady Mambrut. 
ii. Maria, bapt. 20 Feb. 1726. The witnesses were Jaques Seguin and 

Lady Mambrut. 
iii. Rachel, bapt. 25 Dec. 1728. The witnesses were Estienne and 

Marie Mersereux. 

8. Cornelius'' Johnson {Lambert^ Waller"- Jan^), born at Wallingford 

13 Feb, 1719, removed to Waterbury, Conn,, where he died about 
1802. Administration was granted on his estate 3 May 1802 

1912] Probate Records of Orleans County^ Vt. 19 

("Waterbury Probate Records, vol. 3, p. 317). He married Eliza- 
beth Lewis. 
Children : 

i. Elizabeth,* b. 2 Jan. 1750; d. 12 Sept. 1766. 

ii. Asa, b. abt. 1751 ; d. 13 Dec. 1751. 

iii. Asa, b. 24 June 1754 ; d. 8 Feb. 1758. 

iv. .Jesse, b. 27 July 1756 ; m. 23 Aug. 1780, Hannah Beach, widow of 

V. Cornelius, b. 13 Nov. 1758; d. June, 1762. 
vi. Lyman, b. 21 Jan. 1761 ; m. 6 Mar. 1780, Mary Hoadley. 
vii. Cornelius. 


Copied by Frank Mortimer Hawes of Winter Hill, Mass. 
[Concluded from Vol. 65, page 379] 

[148-149] The will of Philadelphus Mason, late of Craftsbury (see 
[336]), signed 17 June 1821, names his uncle, Hiram Mason, as executor, 
" who was to keep me till the age of 21, but as I was ill more than a year 
of that time, he is to be released from paying anythlDg." The testator, 
now of age, gives one third of his estate to his honored mother. Thankful 
Mason, " if it is called for ; " one third to sister Abigail Mason ; one third 
to Lemuel Mason and Anne Janette Mason, children of my brother Lewis 
Mason. Witnesses, Samuel C. Crafts, Frances Shaw, Anna Jennings. 

[150-151] The will of Micajah Dunham, late of Morristown (see 
[319]), dated 31 Dec. 1812, was probated 26 Jan. 1813; the widow, 
Dorothy Dunham, and Elisha Boardman, Esq., executors. It mentions 
land adjoining Isaac Warren's. Bequests made to wife Dorothy ; eldest 
son, Harry Dunham ; Marrell Pratt and to Sally Rawlings ; " what will 
fall to them by the law." Witnesses : James Tucker Giles, H. Helding, 
Roswell Wells. 

[152] The will of Ebenezer Dike, late of Morristown, signed 4 Jan. 

1813, presented first Monday in March 1813, but one of the witnesses ac- 
knowledged the instrument 26 Jan. 1813. To son Reuben Dike; to son 
Linas Dike ; to son Ebenezer Dike ; to sons Elijah and Elisha Dike ; to 
daughters, Loraina Dike, Anna Dike, Launda Dike, Irene Dike, Dinnaia 
Dike, Orinda Dike, and Elizabeth Dike ; to wife, Anna Dike ; the wife 
and son Reuben, the executors. Witnesses, Elisha Boardman, Eliakim 
Alexander, and Samuel Cook. 

[153-158] Herman G. Elmore was made administrator of the estate 
of James Maxcum, late of Elmore, 5 Apr. 1813. Inventory dated Oct. 

1814. To the widow, Sally Maxum ; residue to David Maxum and Bel via 
Maxum, children of the deceased, the former three years old. On 4 Apr. 
1814 Jesse Elmore was made guardian of Belvia, and Hiram G. Elmore 
was made guardian of David. 

[159-162] Samuel Barrows was appointed administrator of the estate 
of his father, Moses Barrows, late of Irasburg, 10 Feb. 1813. Inventory 
dated Apr. 1813. Power given to pay the widow and the guardian of Sally 
Barrows, a daughter, for support to the age of seven. A certificate, signed 


20 Probate Records of Orleans County^ Vf. [Jan. 

4 Apr. 1814, states that Aaron Barrows, Deliver Barrows, and Mallora(?) 
Barrows, children of the deceased, chose Samuel Barrows for their guardian. 

[1631 Elizabeth Taylor received appointment as administratrix of her 
husband, Joshua Taylor, late of Irasburg, 19 June 1814. Inventory 4 June 
1814. Tlie widow was left with several small children. 

[164-107] Administration was given 3 Aug. 1812 to Ira Colburn and 
Anna Gusha, widow, iipon the estate of David Gusha, late of Glover. In- 
ventory presented 28 Aug. To the widow, Anna Gusha, her thirds ; the 
remainder to be divided between David Gusha and Anna Gusha, children 
of the deceased, not yet seven years of age. Account, with list of claims, 
dated o Aug. 1814. 

[168-171] Administration upon the estate of Sylvanus Leach, late of 
Craftsbury, given to Hiram Mason on the request of the widow, 9 May 
1812. Inventory taken 18 July; a list of debtors and creditors. "The 
administrator being detached to serve in the army of the U. S.," Capt. 
Ephraim Morse of Craftsbury was appointed administrator de bonis non. 
The widow states that she has to provide for several small children. 

[172] Thomas Mallard of Warwick, Hampshire Co., Mass., made ad- 
ministrator of the estate of his father, John Mallard, late of Glover, 27 
Sept. 1811. Inventory presented 1 Oct. Account mentions "my father 
and mother's gravestones at Warwick ; " to bringing gravestone of the 
father to Glover ; to amounts paid Aaron Garfield and Mary Mallard. 

[173] Samuel Goodenough of Derby made choice of Chester Carpenter, 
of the same, as his guardian 4 May 1812. 

[174] Jonathan Stone was appointed guardian of Daniel Wheelock of 
Eden, a minor, 21 June 1813. Fhiladelphus Mason, a minor, chose Hiram 
Mason as his guardian 15 Jan. 1814 (see [148]). 

Schuyler Chamberlin, son of Roswell Chamberlin, late of Craftsbury, 
over fourteen, chose Hiram Mason for his guardian 8 Sept. 1814. 

On 3 May 1813 William Isriel(?), Jr., a minor over fourteen, chose 
William Isriel of Craftsbury for his guardian of property coming to him 
from his grandfather Hayden's estate, in right of his mother, Anna Isriel. 
William Isriel was also made guardian to Thomas, Orrin, Warner, and 
Martin Isriel, all children of said William Isriel by said Anna, deceased. 
The guardian presented a report 5 Aug. 1814. 

[175] Levi Stevens of Greensboro made guardian of Ansel and Harvey 
Sheppard, children of Ambel (?Aslibel) Sheppard, late of Greensboro, de- 
ceased, 1 Jan. 1813. 

William Reed of Craftsbury chose Joseph Scott of the same for his 
guardian 16 Feb. 1813. 

[175-176] Elisha Jenne of Derby was appointed administrator of the es- 
tate of Samuel Killam, late of Holland (Vt.), 30 Apr. 1814. Inventory 
presented first Monday in July following. The widow of the deceased 
states that " her husband was induced to enter the army of the U. S., and 
died leaving her in very poor circumstances." 

[177-180] Ralph Parker, Esq., appointed administrator of the estate 
of Danial Garfield, late of Glover, 1 Apr. 1811, at the request of the 
widow. Commissioners examine a list of claims and set off the widow's 
thirds, besides a sum for supporting the family. 

[181-182] At the request of the widow. Col. Josejih Scott was appointed, 
1 Dec. 1813, to administer on the estate of Thomas Cogswell's (Esq.) es- 
tate, late of Lutterloh. The widow, Judith Cogswell, states that her hus- 
band enlisted in the army of the U. S. as a non-commissioned officer and 

1912] Probate Records of Orleans County, Vt. 21 

was unfortunately killed in battle, leaving her to take care of his children, 
several of whom are very young. 

[183-186] Administration on the estate of Arche Dwinel, late of 
Glover, was given to John Crane, Esq., 23 Aug. 1813. List of appraisers ; 
inventory ; claims. Land at Tunbridge in possession of the widow ; pro- 
perty also in Cambridge (Vt.). Account rendered speaks of boarding the 
family after the decease of said Dwinel. 

[187-189] Inventory of David Vance's estate (see [105]) ; commis- 
sioners appointed and list of claims, 7 July 1812. Amos Blanchard made 
guardian to Minerva Vance, Hiram Vance, and Orrel Vance, 25 Dec. 1811. 

[190-198] Administration upon the estate of Samuel Smith, late of 
Derby, at the request of the widow, was given to Nathaniel Kendall, first 
Monday in Oct. 1810. Inventory presented 28 Feb. 1811. "The de- 
ceased had a mother living to whom he had given a writing to support her. 
She is desu'ous of continuing at Windsor, in this state, whence deceased 
had removed to Derby." The administrator made a contract with Solomon 
Hedge of Windsor to support her, and she, the widow, and heirs consented 
to this arrangement. A list of claims includes the names of John Smith. 
On 6 Feb. 1815 a division of the estate gives one third to Lucy Smith, the 
widow ; the remainder is given to the other heirs, Cinthia, Celia, Celina, 
Luisa, and Lucy Smith — each an equal part, and to Coleman, Marvin, and 
Gimman Smith — each two equal parts. Administrator received his dis- 
diarge July 1815. Luther Newcomb of Derby was made guardian of 
Coleman Smith 20 June 1811. The other children having removed to 
Windsor had guardians appointed there. 

[199] The will of Amos Porter, late of Greensboro, signed 20 Apr. 
1815, was presented to probate 16 May following; Willard Lincoln and 
the widow executors. Bequests to son John-Lovering(?) Porter ; daughter 
Lucy Anne Forter ; wife Dorothy Porter. Witnesses : Royal Corbin, 
WUlard Lincoln, and Lucretia Cook. 

[200-203] The will of Ebenezer Crafts, late of Craftsbury, signed 27 
July 1809, was presented for probate 4 June 1810 ; son Samuel C. Crafts 
executor. To wife Mehitable Crafts ; daughter Matilda L. Corbin ; daugh- 
ter Augusta Paddock ; the Congregational Church in Craftsbury fifty-five 
acres of land ; the inhabitants of Craftsbury $400 to purchase a bell and 
clock for the meeting house ; Samuel C. Crafts, his son. Witnesses, Jona- 
than Hovey, Nehemiah Lyon, Julius Collins. 

[204-205] The will of Joseph Day, late of Coventry, signed 6 Nov. 
1815, was presented 8 Dec. following; Luke Day the executor. To wife 
Susanna Day; daughter Sally Cobb; son Luke Day; grandsons Miron 
and Joseph, sons of Samuel Day ; three granddaughters, money for gold 
necklaces, Harriet Cobb, Abigail Cobb, and Adeline Day. Witnesses, John 
Ide, George Dow, Abijah Knight. 

[206-209] At the request of the widow, Caleb Harreman was appointed 
to administer on the estate of Enoch Harreman, late of Craftsbury, 
15 June 1815. List of appraisers and the inventory given. List of claim- 
ants includes the names of Caleb Harreman and Paul Harreman. The 
widow presented a petition, dated 15 Dec. 1814, in which she states that 
she is in charge of several small children. 

[210-211] At the request of James Hill, heir at law, Richard Hill was 
appointed to administer upon the estate of James Hill, Jr., late of Greens- 
boro, 28 Sept. 1814; list of appraisers and inventory given; an account 
includes " expenses to Plattsburgh, " and the name of Aaron Hill. It ap- 

22 Probate Records of Orleans County, Vt. [Jan. 

pears that the deceased was single and unmarried, and that his father, 
James Hill of Greensboro, was the legal heir, 7 Aug. 1815. 

[212-216] William Randall was appointed to administer upon the estate 
of Peter Randall, late of Greensboro, 3 May 1813 ; list of appraisers and 
commissioners. A list of claimants includes the names of Jonathan Ran- 
dall, William Randall, Jr., and Richard Randall. The widow presented a 
petition. The administrator received his discharge 1 Nov. 1815. 

[217] Jason Hinman of Holland was appointed to administer uj^on real 
estate lying in Orleans Co. and belonging to the heirs of Joel Hinman, late 
of Southbury, Conn., 19 Aug. 1813. Appraisers, Isaac Hinman, Benja- 
min Hinman, and William Howe, all of Derby. 

[218-225] Upon the petition of Thomas Taylor, Esq., adminsitration 
upon the estate of Hezekiah Guyer, late of Wolcott, was given to Sabra 
Guyer, the widow, and Martin Elmore, 9 March, 1814; list of appraisers 
and commissioners. Inventory presented May 1814. A list of claimants 
includes the names of John Guyer and Thomas Taylor. A petition of the 
widow for support of herself and the two youngest children, under seven ; 
property set off to the widow, Sabrina Guyer, 6 Feb. 1815; to cash paid 
Luke Guyer for taking care of cattle, 4 March 1816. 

[226-230] The will of David Matthews, late of Hoosick, Renselear Co., 
N. Y., dated 29 Aug. 1810, and proved at Lansingburgh, N. Y., 5 Nov. 
1811. Power given to John Matthews and Robert Morris, two of the ex- 
ecutors. Presented for record in Orleans Co. 11 Mar. 1817. To wife 
Lucy Matthews ; son John Matthews, land in Ovid, Co. of Seneca, N. Y. ; 
daughter Sukej', land in Shaftsbury, Co. of Bennington, viz : the Parker 
farm now in possession of John Dickson, 100 acres ; daughters Patty and 
Polly ; the residue to son John, son-in-law Robert Morris, and Genet 
Wendell. The will also names Charity, the wife of Robert Morris ; David 
Lake, the son of my daughter Lucy Lake, deceased ; Patty, the wife of 
James Genet ; Polly, the wife of Ebenezer Hopkins ; Elizabeth, the wife 
of William Lake ; Sally, the wife of Clark Harris ; son John, son-in-law 
R. Morris, and friend Genet AVendell, executors. Witnesses, James 
Demming, Jacob Marble, Zenas Jones. 

[231-235] Administration given Mar. 1815 to the widow, Anna Grout, 
upon the estate of Ray Grout, late of Morristown. Inventory 5 June ; 
list of commissioners and claimants, among the latter appearing the names 
of Asa Grout and Oliver Grout. On 17 Feb. 1817 Anna Grout was ap- 
pointed guardian to Nathan, Nathaniel, and Dexter Grout. 

[236-238] Power given 1 Jan. 1816 to Joseph Waterman of Johnson 
to administer upon the estate of Elisha Hyde, late of Norwich, Conn., who 
had goods, etc., in Orleans Co. List of appraisers. Inventory includes 
land in Hyde Park. 

[239-242] Will of Alexander Donahue, late of Castleton, Rutland Co., 
signed 10 Aug. 1814, presented at court in Castleton, Sept. 1814, and re- 
ceived in Orleans Co., 20 May 1818. To wife Rebecca Donahue ; brother 
William Donahue, if alive ; brother Daniel Donahue ; sisters Katy Jewett, 
Hannah Sargeant, Betsey Donahue ; the town of Brownington 100 acres 
for schools ; town of Morristown 200 acres in that town ; town of Mont- 
gomery 160 acres ; the Society at Fairhaven, a bell ; Josiah G. Harris, the 
executor. The testator requests Isaac Cutler, Tilly Gilbert, and Samuel 
Moulton to take an inventory and set off one half the estate to his wife. 
Witnesses : Isaac Norton, David Sheppard, and Chauncey Langdon. 

[243-247] Joseph Day's estate (see [204]). Inventory dated 1 Feb. 
1816. George Ide, Elijah Strong, esqs., of Brownington, and John Ide, 

1912] Probate Records of Orleans County ^ Vt. 23 

esq., of Coventry, to set off to Susanna Day, the widow, lier thirds. Ac- 
count closed 3 Jan. 1817. 

[248-252] At the request of the widow, Luther Newcomb, esq., was ap- 
pointed to administer on the estate of Freeman Vining, late of Derby, 
30 Dec. 1812. A list of the appraisers and of claims. 

[253-256] The estate of Mary Mallard, late of Glover. By the consent 
of heirs, John Cass was appointed administrator 8 July 1815. Stephen 
Garfield also named. Appraisers, inventory, and list of claims recorded ; 
account closed 5 May 1817. 

[257-262] Administration granted, 4 Dec. 1809, on the estate of James 
Underbill, late of Greenboro, to Joseph Scott and the widow, Abelina 
Underbill. Appraisers and commissioners named ; inventory given, and a 
list of claims. It appears that the deceased left no children. After the 
payment of debts, one half of the estate was assigned to the widow, and 
the rest to Stephen, Amos, Jeremiah, Jonathan, and Abigail Underbill, and 
Joanna Allen. Account closed Dec. 1810. 

[263-266] Administration on the estate of John Goodell, late of Glov- 
er, was given to Sally Goodell, the widow, and John Corlis, 14 Mar. 1816. 
List of appraisers, claimants, and an inventory recorded ; account ended 
6 May 1817. 

[267-274] On 16 Nov. 1815, administration on the estate of Calvin 
Eaton, late of Kelleyvale, was given, at the request of the widow, to Joseph 
Scott. Appraisers, inventory and claimants recorded ; list of debts due the 
estate. The widow received her right of dower May 1816. 

[275-284] John C. Ellsworth and Elnathan Strong were appointed to 
administer upon the estate of John Ellsworth, esq., late of Greensboro, 15 
July 1816, at the request of the widow. Appraisers, commissioners, and 
inventory given. In the list of claimants the names of Fred. Ellsworth, 
Harriet Ellsworth, and Sally Ellsworth appear ; a list of debts due the 
estate given. The administrators receive their discharge 1 Dec. 1817. 

[285] Joseph Waterman, administrator of the estate of Elisha Hyde, late 
of Norwich, Conn., acknowledges cash payment by Veranes Lathrop of 
Hyde Park, for land in that town owned by said Hyde, 16 Jan. 1817 j 
recorded 17 Feb. 1819. 

[286-287] Joseph Waterman, etc., acknowledges the sale of land in 
Westmore, belonging to the estate of Elisha Hyde, to Varanes Lathrop ; 
same dates as the above. 

[288-290] The will of Joshua Stanton, late of Essex, presented to 
probate of Chittenden Co., 23 Feb. 1811, and copied at Orleans Co., 1 Oct. 
1818; the wife, Abigail Stanton, the executrix. The will, besides making 
provision for wife Abigail, mentions grandchildren Abigail Eliza Lee, 
Chauncey Graham Lee, and Theodore Lee, all of Colebrook in Conn., 
and children of daughter Abigail Lee, deceased, and Kev. Chauncey Lee ; 
daughters Elizabeth Camp, wife of Luke Camp of Westford, Chittenden 
Co., and Sally Peaslie, of Burlington, wife of Zacheus Peaslie. Witnesses, 
Samuel Hickock, Polly Pixley, Sally Converse, and Stephen Mix Mitchell. 

[291-293] An agreement between Elisha Brigham and Lucy Brigham, 
of Morristown, whereby they relinquish to each other rights in the real 
estate of Enoch Brigham, late of Morristown ; acknowledged 4 June 1818. 
An agreement between Enoch Brigham and Elisha Brigham in relation to 
the same estate. Said Enoch holds a deed from his mother for her main- 
tenance, dated 19 Feb. 1816. Witnesses, Abner and Thomas Brigham; 
recorded 6 Nov. 1820. 

[294^295] Joseph Scott, Judge of probate of Orleans Co., for $300 paid 

24 Probate Records of Orleans County, Vt. [Jan. 

by Elisha Brigham of Morristown, relinquishes all claim to land which 
Enoch Brigham had in Morristown, being part of the original grant of 
Nathan Ilibbard. 

[296-299] Cyrus Eaton of Brownington appointed administrator upon 
the estate of Jonathan Eaton, late of the same town, 14 Mar. 1820. Ap- 
praisers, inventory, and claimants recorded ; also a list of debts due to the 
estate ; a widow' and two children under seven years, mentioned ; also 
money paid C. Eaton of Danville. 

[3 00-304] Administration on the estate of Calvin Cook, late of Glover, 
by the request of the widow, given to David Flint of the same town 5 Oct. 
1818 ; appraisers, inventory, and claimants recorded. In the list of claims 
the names of Paul Cook, Jr., and Betsey Cook appear. Money is paid the 
widow for the support of the family. 

[305-312] The will of Levi Grout, late of Morristown, signed 26 Oct. 
1820, was presented 6 Nov. 1820. To wife Polly Grout; son Jason 
Grout ; Mary Robinson, daughter Joanna Grout ; William Nichols, 
" wife's father, " the executor. The appraisers, inventory, and commis- 
sioners recorded. In the inventory three notes mentioned, signed by Z. 
( ? Zac ) Grout ; a list of claimants. 

[313-315] John Ide, by request of the widow and others, appointed to 
administer upon the estate of George Dorr, late of Coventry, 6 July 1818 ; 
appraisers and inventory given. 

[316-317] The will of John Perkins of Unity, N. H., dated 17 July 
1813, and proved at Charlestown, N. H., is received at Orleans Co. 27 
Aug. 1823. It mentions wife Esther ; son John A. Perkins ; son Seth 
Perkins ; son Daniel C. Perkins, who is named as executor ; daughters, 
Esther Young, Ruth Way, Betsey Comstock, Lucy Perkins, Hannah Carl- 
ton. Witnesses, John Thurston, Whitefield Gilmore, John Gilmore. 

[318] On 25 Mar. 1822 Horace Whitney of Craftsbury, son of Joseph 
Whitney late of Granville, N. Y., being of age to choose a guardian, made 
choice of Joseph Scott of Craftsbury. 

On 4 June 1822, at the request of Chester Carpenter, the court appoint>- 
ed Samuel S. Kendall of Derby to be guardian of Caroline, under fourteen, 
daughter of the late Nathaniel Kendall of Derby. 

On 1 Apr. 1823, at the request of Arnold Prouty, the court appointed 
Samuel Warner of Newjiort guardian to Alfred and Roswell Prouty, both 
under fourteen, sons of the late John Prouty, of Newport. 

On 28 May 1823 George Nye was appointed guardian to Lewis Nye 
(who seems to have been of age). 

[319-322] Appraisers of the estate of the late Micajah Dunham, of 
Morristown, appointed 26 Jan. 1813 (see [150]). 

Received of Philij) Wheeler all monies which passed into his hands 
during my minority. Signed, 1 Dec. 1833, Edwin W. Dunham. 

An inventory of the estate of M. Dunham, Esq., of Morristown, deceased, 
Elisha Boardman, Esq., administrator, followed by inventory of personal 
property of the widow, Dorothy Dunham ; next, a list of claims. 

[323-325] A petition of the heirs of Micajah Dunham, namely Amasa 
Spaulding, Jr., and Davis B. Dunham, of Morristown, recites that Micajah 
Dunham died in 1812; that in Jan. 1813 the will was proved, and Elisha 
Boardman and Dorothy Dunham, the widow, were appointed the executors ; 
that said Boardman hath deceased and said Dorothy married Jacob Mason 
in 1817 ; that said Jacob was made administrator de bonis non 25 Mar. 
1826 ; that said Dorothy died more than two years ago ; that an estate of 
over $6,000 hath come into the hands of said administrator ; that Davis B. 

1912] Probate Records of Orleans County^ Vt. 25 

Dunham and Amasa Spalding, Jr., in right of his wife Mariah, Harry 
Dunham, now living out of the state, Edwin TV". Dunham, now a minor, 
Martha Pratt and Sally Rawlings, are entitled to said estate ; that said 
Mason has never exhibited a settlement. Signed 29 Oct. 1829 (see [346]). 

[326-329] The will of Sibbyl Temple, late of Glover, signed 28 Jan. 
1822 and received for probate 30 Nov. 1822. To oldest brother, John 
Temple ; Cynthia Page, " my third sister ; " sister Content Sargent ; sister 
Clarinda Woster ; sister Elizabeth Brown ; brother Isaac Adams Temjile ; 
Eliza, daughter of Levi and Elizabeth Brown (string of gold beads); Lew- 
issa Brown, daughter of Levi and Elizabeth ; Fanny Kingsbury, daughter 
of my sister ; Hannah White, daughter of my sister ; Philinda Rounds, 
daughter of my sister ; George Smith, son of my sister Matilda ; mother 
Elizabeth Temple ; sister Cynthia Page, the residue, to assist her in car- 
ing for their mother ; Pritchard Page of Glover sole executor. Witnesses, 
Charles Hardy, James Clark, and Nancy Hardy. 

[330-331] The will of John Perkins, late of Unity, N. H. (see p. 316), 
presented by the executor and received for probate, 27 Aug. 1823. 

[332-335] Asa Kimball, on the petition of the widow and father of the 
deceased, appointed administrator upon the estate of James Horton, late 
of Barton, 3 July 1820; appraisers and inventory I'ecorded. 

[336-339] Philadelphus Mason's estate (see [148]) ; inventory dated 
22 Apr. 1822. At a Court, held 25 Mar. 1822, Hiram Mason, the exec- 
utor, was authorized to appoint two commissioners, and accordingly Joseph 
Scott and William Scott were appointed. 

[340-345] Persis Meriam, widow, and Luther Meriam appointed, 4 Jan. 
1816, to administer upon the estate of WUliam Meriam, late of Barton. 
Appraisers, commissioners, and inventory recorded ; a list of claims given ; 
the widow receives a sum for the support of children under seven. Persis 
Meriam, mother of Albert and William Meriam, was made their guardian, 

5 May 1817. On 30 Apr. 1823, Persis Sartwell, late widow of William 
Meriam, and John Sartwell, her present husband, after a committee of three 
have set off her thirds, accept a new trust to divide the remainder between 
Albert and William, heirs of the deceased. 

[346 to end] Estate of Micajah Dunham (continued, see [323]). On 

6 Jan. 1830 Edwin W. Dunham, son and heir of said Micajah, a minor 
over fourteen, chose Philip Wheeler, of Morristown, his guardian. 

Jacob Mason, of Craftsbury, at a court held 6 Jan. 1830, claimed to be 
legal assignee of Harry P. Dunham, son and heir of Micajah Dunham ; 
his claim allowed ; said Mason filed an account. 

On 25 Jan. 1830 Luther Bingham and Isaac Allen, of Morristown, and 
Martin Elmore, of Elmore, Washington Co., were appointed a committee 
of division on the estate of Micajah Dunham. Accordingly, Harry P. 
received two sevenths ; Davis B. two sevenths ; Edwin W. two sevenths ; 
and Maria Spaulding one seventh. The heirs signed to this agreement 
26 Jan. 1830. From the record it appears that Jacob Mason and Dorothy 
Dimham were married in 1821 and that she died in 1826. 

On 9 Jan. 1829 Sally P. Bodfish, late Sally Rawlings, with the consent 
of Joseph Bodfish, her husband, of Elmore, Washington Co., for value re- 
ceived, gives to Davis B. Dunham her legacy received by the will of Mica- 
jah Dunham. 

On 14 Ajjr. 1828 Maria Pratt acknowledges the receipt of her legacy 
by will of Micajah Dunham. 

On 17 Jan. 1832 Philip Wheeler, as guardian of Edwin W. Dunham, 
renders an account. [End of Vol. L] 

26 Day Boohs of Hon. Esbon Sanford [Jan. 

OF NORTH KINGSTOWN, R. I., 1798-1833 

Copied by Peleg F. Pearce of "Wickford, R. I., and contributed by Louise Prosser 
Bates, A.M., of Providence, R. I. 

" The deaths indicated and relationship expressed by the manufacture and 
delivery of coffins — recorded in the Day Books 1798-1833 belonging to 
the Hon. Esbon Sanford of North Kingstown." 

Mr Nicholas Gardiner a coffin for your wife Feb 6 1798 
" Benjamin Stanton " " " " child March 12 1798 

Miss Sarah Sherman is called sister to Nathaniel Sherman 1799 

James Sherman " '• son of Sylvester Oct 1798 

Mr Samuel Northrup a coffin for Mrs Congdon Nov 2 1798 

Mr Robert Sherman is called son of Silas, a sister (to Robert) Sarah is men- 
tioned May 1 1798 

Jeremiah Smith a coffin for your wife Mch 24 1800 

Thomas R. Congdon a coffin for your gr mother May 13 1800 

Estate of Caleb Cranston a coffin for himself Oct 12 1800 

Benjamin Smith a coffin for your wife Feb 21 1803 

Est of Samuel Gardiner a coffin for himself May 3 1803 

Joseph Peirce a coffin for your mother Aug 12 1803 

Peleg Arnold " " " your son Oct 12 1803 

Perry Green Underwood a coffin for your wife Nov 12 1803 

Robert Sherman, Exeter, " " " " mother Nov 19 1803 

Peter Burlingame a coffin for your wife Dec 3 1803 

David Greene a coffin for your child January 12 1804 

Zebulon Wambsley a coffin for your wife May 25 1804 

Est of Thomas Hitt a coffin for himself June 1 1804 

Hemy Harvy a coffin for Simeon Harvy Aug 13 1804 

Jeremiah Brown a coffin for your mother Oct 6 1804 

Timothy Peckham Jr a coffin for your son Nov 2 1804 

Timothy Peckham a coffin for your son Nov 17 1804 

John Hazard of Jeremiah a coffin for Mrs Cranston March 3 1805 

Henry Congdon a coffin for your child March 4 1805 

Oliver Gardiner " " " " father April 4 1805 

Abel Cottrell a coffin for your brother April 13 1805 

Paul Austin a coffin for your wife May 8 1805 

A coffin for Mrs Hitt July 20 1805 

Est of James Sherman a coffin for himseK Aug 22 1805 

Martin Read a coffin for your wife Sept 5 1805 

Abel Cottrell a coffin for your brother Nov 5 1 805 

Est of Jeremiah Hazard a coffin for himself Nov 29 1805 
" Job Sweet a coffin for himself Dec 6 1805 
" Caleb Gardiner a coffin for himself July 21 1806 
^_ " Clarke Hopkins a coffin for himself Aug 14 1806 

Nicholas Northrup of S. K. a coffin for your mother January 21 1807 

Samuel Watson of Caleb a coffin for your child Feb 25 1807 

William Green a coffin for July 27 1807 

John Browning a coffin for your mother Feb 29 1808 

Nicliolas E Gardiner a coffin for March 5 1808 

Samuel Watson of Caleb a coffin for your child January 16 1809 

1912] Day Books of Hon, Eshon Sanford 27 

Samuel D Allen a coffin for your uncle Samuel Dyer January 20 1810 

Est of John Helme a coffin for himself Aug 3 1810 

Joseph Slocum a coffin for your wife Aug 21 1810 

Benjamin Hammond a coffin for your wife Aug 27 1810 

Daniel Stanton a coffin for your mother Aug 27 1810 

John T. IS'ichols a coffin for your daughter Sept 22 1810 

David Douglass a coffin for his wife Sept 26 1810 

Eichard W Gardiner a coffin for your uncle Elisha Watson Oct 1 1810 

Daniel Lawton a coffin for your sister Nov 7 1810 

Jeremiah Knowls a coffin for your child Nov 13 1810 

Wanton Gardiner " " " " father Dec 8 1810 

Samuel Browning " « " " " " 28 1810 

Jessie Gardiner " " '' " child January 16 1811 

Est of Ann Reynolds a coffin for January 28 1811 

" Stephen Watson a coffin for himself Feb 7 1811 
SUas Gardiner a coffin for your wife's mother Feb 9 1811 
Job Sherman " " " " son March 6 1811 
Stukely Northrup a coffin for your child March 19 1811 
Est of Dorcas Gardiner a coffin for himself April 19 1811 
William Champlin a coffin for your sister June 10 1811 
Jonathan Babcock " " " " mother June 11 1811 
Est of Mumford Hazard a coffin for himself June 24 1811 
Ephraim Gardiner a coffin for your child July 16 1811 
James Helme Jr " " " " wife Aug 16 1811 
Est of George Congdon a coffin for himself Sept 10 1811 
Jeremiah Knowles a coffin for your child Oct 1 1811 
Est James Cottrell " " " himself Oct 7 1811 
Jeffrey Watson " " " your sister Oct 27 1811 
Est of Peter Burlingame a coffin for himself Nov 26 1811 
Henry Northrup a coffin f6r your father Dec 28 1811 
Robert Noyes " '< " " child Feb. 19 1812 
Charles Douglass " " " " wives mother Mch 10 1812 
Thomas B Gardiner a coffin for your child May 23 1812 
Est of Christopher Gardiner a coffin for himself June 17 1812 
Patience Fowler a coffin for your son June 20 1812 
Scranton E Sweet a coffin for your child July 28 1812 
John Rose a coffin for your son July 29 1812 
Est of Oliver Carr a coffin for himself Aug. 29 1812 . 
James Himes a coffin for your son Sept 10 1812 
Est of Weighty Congdon a coffin for herself Sept 23 1812 
Joseph Wightman a coffin for your child Oct 20 1812 
Daniel Champlin " " " " child Oct 24 1812 
Est of Hannah Watson a coffin for herseK Nov 21 1812 

" Smith Pierce a coffin for himself Nov 9 1812 
Nicholas C Northrup " " your daughter Nov 30 1812 
Stephen Congdon coffin for your wife January 18 1813 
Willet Carpenter " " Lillis Green January 21 1813 
Jonathan Congdon " " your daughter January 23 1813 
John Nichols " " Stephen Remington Feb 26 1813 

Jonathan Godfrey " " your daughter Mch 3 1813 
James Sherman of S. K. coffin for Mrs Card Mch 15 1813 
Jonathan Bates coffin for your son April 12 1813 
Giles Peii-ce " " " son " 13 " 


Daij Boohs of Hon. Esbon 8anford 


Jonathan Bates coffin for your wife May 17 1813 
Nicholas Gardiner coffin for your wife May 26 1813 
Allen Gardiner " " " son June 11 1813 

John J Watson " " Hannah Hazard June 12 1813 

Eliza Fowler " " your child June 21 1813 

Nathan G Hazard " " " father June 29 1813 
Est of Mercy Northrup coffin for herself July 3 1813 

" Sewel Kingsley " " himself June 6 1813 
George Gardiner " " your wife Aug 10 1813 

Giles Pierce " " " wife « 18 « 

Thurston Northrup " " " father Oct 2 1813 

Est of Jonathan Babcock coffin for himself Oct 20 1813 

" David Douglas 
Ephraim Hazard 
Robert Pollock 
John P Whitford 
Est of Wait Gardiner 
Gideon Hazard 
Stephen Green 
Est of John Congdon 

" John Anthony 

" Silas Sherman 
George Watson 

your son Oct 29 1813 
" mother Dec 5 1813 
« child Dec 9 1813 
herself Dec 10 1813 

January 8 1814 

" " your wife January 14 1814 
" " himself Junuary 24 1814 
a u a Feb 27 1814 
" " " Mch. 8 1814 
" " child Mch. 12 1814 
Est o^f Thomas Armstrong coffin for himself Mch. 26 1814 
Benjamin Gardiner of Nicholas coffin for Mrs Cory April 4 1814 
Edward Baker coffin for your child April 4 1814 
Est of Stephen Northrup coffin for himself May 23 1814 

Thurston Northrup 

James Sherman " 

Est of Gideon Hazard " 

Benjamin Northrup '* 

Benedict Arnold " 

Joseph Congdon " 

Est of Ezekiel Gardiner " 

Est of Joseph Peirce " 

John Eldred " 

Est of Sweet Hitt " 

" William Congdon " 

John Wilson " 

Est of William Taylor " 

" Abigail Congdon " 

Frederic Gardiner " 

Est of Stephen Gardiner " 

Thomas Douglass " 

Est of John Wilson " 

James Sweet " 

Est of Nicholas Gardiner " 

" Mary Gardiner " 

" Langworthy Pearce " 

John Rose " 

James Gardiner " 

" your mother May 23 1814 
" " daughter June 2 1814 
« himself June 18 1814 
" your child June 20 1814 

(( a ii li 21 '' 

" Caleb Congdon July 20 1814 
" himself Aug 12 1814 
« " Oct 22 1814 
" your daughter Nov 8 1814 
" himself Dec 3 1814 
" " Mch 6 1815 
" your wife Mch 16 1815 
" himself Mch 25 1815 
" herself Mch 29 1815 
" Stephen April 9 " 
" himself " 9 1815 
" gr. father April 9 1815 
" himself May 1 1815 
" your wife May 1 1815 
" himself June 7 1815 
" herself " 12 " 
" your wife June 21 1815 
" Mrs Thurber Aug 18 1815 
your child Oct 5 1815 

Ezekiel Gardiner of Exeter coffin for your wife Nov 4 1815 
Benjamin Hammond " " '■'■ aunt "10 " 


Day Boohs of Hon. Esbon Sanford 


Oliver Rose coffin for your son John Rose Nov 22 1815 
David Cottrell coffin for your wife Nov 23 1815 
Est of Joseph Oatley coffin for himself Nov 30 1815 

Nathan G Hazard 
Christoj)her Robinson 
Thomas Douglas 
Sylvester Gardiner 
Joseph Jenks 
Jonathan Godfrey 
Est of Nancy Hazard 
Stej)hen Hazard 
Henry Burlingame 
Stephen Hazard 

your child Dec 24 1815 

" daughter Feb 12 1816 

" aunt Joanna Douglass Feb 16 1816 

" mother June 24 1816 

" wife July 7 1816 

" wife Aug 7 1816 
herself Aug 28 1816 
your child Sept 1 1816 

" child "13 " 

" child "21 " 

" " Nancy Gardiner Oct 8 1816 
Est of Nathaniel Mumford coffin for himself Oct 31 1816 

Arnold Hazard 
Benjamin Northrup 
Willet Carpenter 
James Congdon 
Samuel D Allen 
Palmer Gardiner 
Ezekiel Gardiner of Exeter 
Daniel Champlin 
William Green 
Primus Browning 
Alexander Gardiner 
Primus Browning 
Jonathan Congdon 
Stephen Tefft 
Scranton E Sweet 
Joseph Arnold 
Stanton Hazard 
Richard Smith 
Ezekiel Gardiner of Exeter 
William Cole 
Benjamin Hammond 
Est of William Cole 
Henry Burlingame 

Joseph Hammond 
Henry Burlingame 
Est of Nathaniel Sherman 
Minor Chappell 
Est of Lewis Clarke 

James Sherman 
Henry Burlingame 
Nov 24 1798 " 
July 10 1805 
Nov 23 1805 
May 24 1803 
June 17 1811 
July 20 1811 

" your gr mother Oct 24 1816 
" " mother January 4 1817 
" " mother " 8 " 
" " wife April 12 1817 
" " mother April 5, 1817 
" " child Ajiril 5 1817 
" " mother August 27 1817 
" " father May 4 1817 
" " mother Austin Sept 30 1817 
" " daughter January 20 1818 
" " mother Watson Feb 16 1818 
" " son Mch 16 1818 
" " daughter Mch 24 1818 
" " mother Sept 2 1818 
" " son Nov 16 1818 
" " child June 12 1819 
" " " Nov 1 1819 
" " " July 21 1820 
" " sister Dec 30 1820 
" " daughter Oct 17 1822 
" " child Nov 30 1822 

" hunself Aug 8 1823 

" your child Oct 18 1823 

" Robert Brown Feb 15 1825 

" child Feb 15 1825 

" child Sept 28 1825 

" himself Sept 18 1826 

" your wife May 2 1826 

" himself Oct 12 1826 

" Jonathan Bates Sept 1 1827 

" your daughter Oct 2 1827 
" " mother Dec 28 1832 
Isaac Spink coffin for your Negro 
Cuff Gardiner coffin for your motherinlaw 
Zebulon Wambsley coffin for Abigail Sampson 
Jeremiah Hazard coffin for Prince 
Perow Gardiner coffin for your Sister 

30 Passenger Lists to America [Jan. 

Au"-. 22 1811 Est of Sampson Gardiner coffin for Sampson Gardiner 

Mch 19 1813 Hanson Gardiner coffin for your son 
Dec 9 " John Wister " '« 

May 25 1815 Perow Gardiner " " 
Mar 19 1816 Primew Browning " " 
Mch 16 1825 Loudon Hazard " " 
July 21 1830 Samuel Potter " " 

January 5 1833 " " " " 








Communicated by Gerald Fothergill of New Wandsworth, London, England 
[Continued fi-om Vol. 62, page 171] 

Roll of Passengers to be received on Board the Ship Catherine of 
Dublin, 170 Tons Burthen as per Register, George Thomas, Master, now 
in the Port of Killybegs and bound for New Castle & Philadelphia. Sworn 
at Ballyshannon 9 June 1804 

John Conyngham of Monargin in Killybegs, Donegal Dark age 55 Far- 
mer Hold 

Isabella Conyngham of Monargin in Killybegs, Donegal Dark age 49 

"William Conyngham of Monargin in Killybegs, Donegal Fair age 26 
Labourer Hold 

Isabella Conyngham of Monargin in Killybegs, Donegal Dark age 23 

Alexr Conyngham of Monargin in Killybegs, Donegal Fair age 21 La- 
bourer Hold 

Jas Conyngham of Monargin in Killybegs, Donegal Fair age 18 La- 
bourer Hold 

John Conyngham of Monargin in Killybegs, Donegal Fair age 15 La- 
bourer Hold 

Catherine Conyngham of Monargin in Killybegs, Donegal Fair age 12 

George Conyngham of Monargin in Killybegs, Donegal Dark age 49 
Schoolmaster Hold 

Andrew Conyngham of Lochris in Mishue, Donegal Dark age 34 Far- 

Elitia Conyngham of Lochris in Mishue, Donegal Fair age 34 Hold 

John Conyngham of Lochris in Mishue, Donegal Fair age 12 Hold 

Andrew Conyngham of Lochris in Mishue, Donegal Fair age 6 Hold 

Robt Johnston of Donegal Fair age 15 Cabin 

Robt Henderson of Lochris in Mishue, Donegal Dark age 45 Farmer 

Elenor Henderson of Lochris in Mishue, Donegal . Dark age 44 Hold 

Elenor Henderson of Lochris in Mishue, Donegal Dark age 18 Hold 

Jane Henderson of Lochris in Mishue, Donegal Dark age 15 

Prudence Henderson of Lochris in Mishue, Donegal Dark age 13 Hold 

George Henderson of Lochris in Mishue, Donegal Dark age 11 Hold 

1912] Passenger Lists to America 31 

Ann Henderson of Locliris in Mishue, Donegal Dark age 8 Hold 
Alexr Henderson o; Lochris in Mishne, Donegal Fair age 6 Hold 
Arthur Fawcet of Lochris in Mishue, Donegal Fair age 19 Labourer 

John Porter of Lochris in Mishue, Donegal Dark age 43 Farmer Hold 
Elitia Porter of Lochris in Mishue, Donegal Dark age 44 Hold 
Catherine Porter of Lochris in Mishue, Donegal Dark age 22 Hold 
William Porter of Lochris in Mishue, Donegal Fair age 20 Labourer 

Alexr Porter of Lochris in Mishue, Donegal Fair age 18 Hold 
William Harran of Carrick East, Drumhome, Donegal Black age 37 

Farmer Hold 
Elizabeth Harran of Carrick East, Drumhome, Donegal Dark age 37 

Ann Harran of Carrick East in Drumhome, Donegal Dark age 15 Hold 
Jane Harran of Carrick East in Drumhome, Donegal Dark age 13 Hold 
John Harran of C^.rrick East in Drumhome, Donegal Dark age 10 Hold 
Alexr Harran of Carrick East in Drumhome, Donegal Fair age 7 Far- 
mer (?) Hold 
Matthew Brown of Carrick East in Drumhome, Donegal Dark age 18 

Labourer Hold 
William Harran of Carrick Breeny in Drumhome, Donegal Dark age 

37 Farmer Hold 
Jane Harran of Carrick Breeny in Drumhome, Donegal Fair age 32 

Barbara Harran of Carrick Breeny in Drumhome, Donegal Fair aoe 11 

Jane Harran of Carrick Breeny in Drumhome, Donegal Fair age 8 Hold 
Thos Grier of Big Park in Drumhome, Donegal Dark age 30 Hold 
Jane Grier of Big Park in Drumhome, Donegal Fair age 23 Hold 
John IMcCrea of Lignanornan in Drumhome, Donegal Black ao-e 24 

Labourer Hold 
Cath Fawcett of Mt Charles Inver in Drumhome, Donegal Dark age 

21 Hold 
Elinor Devenny of Benro in Killartiej Donegal Fair age 27 Hold 
Archd Scott of Tullymore in Misheel, Donegal Black 26 Farmer Hold 
Elenor Scott of Tullymore in Misheel, Donegal Dark age 29 Hold 
Wm Scott of Ardara in Killybegs, Donegal Dark 20 Labourer Hold 
Jas McDade of Killarhel in Misheel, Donegal Fair age 22 Labourer 

Andw Lamon of Ardegat in Misheel, Donegal Black 18 Labourer 

Patt Kennedy of Meenhallu in Killymard, Donegal Dark age 52 Far- 
mer Hold 
Susan Kennedy of Meenhallu in Killymard, Donegal Dark age 52 Hold 
Edward Kennedy of Meenhallu in Killymard, Donegal Dark age 24 

John Kennedy of Meenhallu in Killymard, Donegal Dark age 19 La- 
bourer Hold 
Patrick Kennedy of Meenhallu in Killymard, Donegal age 16 Labourer 

James Kennedy of Meenhallu in Killymard, Donegal Fair age 13 La- 
bourer Hold 

32 Prize Money to the Chesapeake [Jan. 

Charles Kennedy of Meenhallu in Killymard, Dontgal Fair age 11 

Biddy McCafEerty of Meenhallu in Killymard, Donegal Dark age 20 

Danl Sheerin of Ardara in Killybegs, Donegal Dark age 24 Hold 
Michl Carlain of Killybegs, Donegal Dark age 26 Fold 
Geo Maxwell of Raferty in Killartie, Donegal Dark age 24 Hold 
Jas Synis of Bractcla in Killartie, Donegal Dark age 45 Farmer Hold 
Mary Syms of Bractcla in Killartie, Donegal P'air age 40 Hold 
SamuerSyms of Bractcla in Killartie, Donegal Fair age 6 Hold 
Elizabeth' Syms of Bractcla in Killartie, Donegal Fair age 4 Hold 
Tera Allis o'f Drimahy in Done, Donegal Fair age 30 Hold 
James Allis of Drimahy in Done, Donegal Fair age 14 Labourer Hold 
Owen McGloghlin of Glen, Donegal Dark age 29 Farmer Hold 
Nelly McGloghlin of Glen, Donegal Dark age 30 Hold 

. McGloughlin of Glen, Donegal Dark age 5 Hold 

Patt Gillespy of Glen, Donegal P'air age 35 Hold 
Pegy Gillespy of Glen, Donegal Fair age 24 Hold 
John McClosky of Drimreny in Inver, Donegal Fair age 25 Labourer 

Rose McClosky of Drimreny in Inver, Donegal Fair age 19 Hold 
John Syms of Glen, Donegal Fair age 30 Hold 
Catherine Syms of Glen in Donegal Fair age 21 Hold 


Communicated by Matt Bushnell Joxes, LL.B., of the Committee on Collection of 


United States Frigate Chesapeahe, Jan. IJf., 18 IS?' 

We this morning fell in with another of the Brazil convoy, the brig 
Liverpool Hero, of Liverpool. As she did not appear to be of sufficient 
consequence to man, I have taken from her the most valuable articles she 
had on board, and we are now employed in scuttling her. 

There is another of them in sight, and I am in hopes we shall have her 
in the morning. 

Respectfully, I have the honour to be, sir, your obedient servant, 

Hon. Paul Hamilton, Secretary of the Navy. 

A letter '' of the same date " at Sea " was forwarded " by the British ship 
Volunteer, which was captured this morning on her passage to the Brazils. 
She is one of a large convoy that sailed from Cork on the 19th ult. for the 
West Indies and South America ; she parted with the West India convoy 
on the 3d instant, off Madeira, and on the 7th she parted with the Cherub 

a Palmer, Historical Register of the United States (ed. 2), pt. 2, vol. 2, p. 162. 
"> Op. cit., p. 161. 

1912] Prize Moyiey to the Chesapeahe 33 

sloop, having under her convoy 11 ships bound to South America and the 
Pacitic ocean." 

The amount of the proceeds from the marshal's sales amounted to 
$10,170.37 paid into the court, of which $333.22 were for costs, leavino- 
$9,837.15, one moiety of which to distribute was $4,918.57. Of this 
amount Charles W. Greene gave a receipt, 1 October 1814, to William 
Shaw, Esq., Clerk of the District Court, for $2,186.02, which he was to 
distribute as agent. Capt. Samuel Evans receipted for $138.41 as agent. 
George Reed was agent for a smaller number of beneficiaries. 

There were six classes of recipients. To the first class belonged the 
captain and the commodore, who received respectively 2/20 and 1/20, or 
$491.84 and $245.92 ; to the second were assigned 2/20 to be divided 
among seven, or $70.26 to each ; to the third 2/20 to be divided among 
nine, or $54.65 to each ; to the fourth 3J/20 to be divided among thirty- 
nine, or $22.07 to each ; to the fifth 2^/20 to be divided among thirty, 
or $20.49 to each ; and 7/20 to be divided among three hundred and nine, 
or $5.57 to each. Each class has a heading setting forth the proportion 
assigned to it, the amount to be received by each member of it, a form of 
receipt to the clerk of the court, and below this the list of names, with the 
name of agent added and columns for signatures and witnesses. 

The letters A, E, G, or R, in brackets after a name signify respectively 
autograph, and Evans, Greene, or Reed acting as agents. 

1st Class. 
Samuel Evans Stephen Decatur, by T. I. Chew 

2d Class. 

Octavius A. Page, by W™ C. Ayl- Charles B. Thompson [E] 

win, Atty to H. N. Page Ad"" A. C. Ludlow° by Rowe Ludlow 

George Budd [G] WAV^ A. White by F. B. White, 
N. D. Nicholson [E] Atty. 

George Pearce [G] 

3d Class. 

Thomas Wayne [G.] Mathew Rogers [G] 

James Broom " George Miller " 

Rich'i C. Edgar " Joseph Fisher " 

Sam^ Muffit " Rogers Carter by Sam^ Carter 

Joseph Martin " Adm"". 

4th Class. 

John Dix by Thos. J. Eckley Att^. John Evans [G] 

William Swift [A] William Perry [G] 

Calvin Sawtell " William Anderson, Jr. by B. M. 

Joseph Russell [G] Waters Atty 

John Carter " Benjamin Page by B. M. Waters, 

Nathi Coles [A] " Cole " Attorney 

Joseph Witcher [G] William Brown [G] 

c There is a receipt, dated Boston 9 Nov. 1816 and attached to this page, for $90.60 
" in full for my late son's Lieut. Augustus C. Ludlow's proportion of prize monej' 
■while attached to the late U. S. Frigate Chesapeake." [Signed] Elizabeth Jones. 


Prize Money to the Chesapeake 


Michael Grace [G] 

Ladd Belding 

William Thompson [G] 

Solomon Goodrich " 

Peter Roberts [A] 

Benjamin Sanders [G] 

John J. Yarnall by Cha« W. 

Greene by S. W. Greene Att^ 

to J. J. Yarnall 
Francis Nicholls [G] 
Thomas S. Blodgett by W° Minot 

by order 
Lewis E. Simmonds [E] 
Pollard Hopewell [G] 
John D. Fisher [E] 
Walter Abbott " 

Allen Griffin [G] 

Edward C. Carter by Tho. G. 

Cary atty. 
James W. Forrest [G] 
Will'" H. Mott [E] 
W'" Randolph [G] 
D. Higgingbotham [G] 
Will"'"A. Weaver " 
Horatio R. Beatty " 
W™ Steele " 

Jam^ F. Cnrtis [A] 
Edm'i M. Russell [G] 
Edw'> N. Thayer [A] 
Cortlandt lavingston [G] 
W" P. Purcy " 

5th Class. 

Thomas Finigan [G] 

George North " 

Hatch Oakman " 

Samuel Hatton " 

William Leonard by Sam^ Steven- 
son Atty 

Forbes Dela [G] 

Henry Simj3son 

Joseph Wells [G] 

Michael Kelly by Will™ Jones 

Thomas Smith 2d, by Is° Winslow 
for C. Rinaldi Ex'. 

John Vezy [G] 

Jonathan Walker " 

John Giles " 

John Carlton 

James Beton by Jos Head jr by 

Wilkinson Welsey 

William Parker 

Jefferson Griffith [G] 

Daniel Barnham " 

James A. Lewis 

Nicholas Johnson [G] 

George Reading by Lucy Reading 

Samuel Gale [G] 
James Woodbury " 
George Gifford " 
Francis Williams " 
David Burk « 

James Orcutt " 
John Twiss " 

Isaac Porter " 

6th Class. 

Thomas Burseil [G] 

Benjamin Gould " 

W" or Dan Martin " 

John Williams " 

James Card " 

John Grant by Benj" Pike by 

Joseph Clodanan by Ellen Rogers 

by power 
Abraliam Cox 
Moses Stephens [G] 
Thomas Hanscom by Benj° Pike 

by power 
Benjamin Osgood [G] 

Thomas Stirling 
Richard Williams 2d 
John Monday [G] 
Peter Davis " 

Robert Spencer " 
Henry C. Miner " 
Alex"" Mai'ino 
Christian Carlson [R] 
Peter Labroden 
Peter John 
John Pressey [G] 
Thomas Ellison 
Lewis Francis [G] 
Christian Cook 


Prize Money to the Chesapeake 


Daniel Whitten by John Low 

Joseph Stephens [G] 
Will'" Thompson 
Jonas Preston by W" Minot Att^ 
Perry Yearman [G] 
William Brown " 
George Craton " 
Oliver Cromwell " 
James Spourt 
Fred'" Cogswell 
Sterling Clarke [G] 
Sylvester Stacey " 
Joshua Moody [A] 
John Appleton 
John Orr [A] his mark 
Thomas Hardy [G] 
Elias Beale " 

Joseph Goodall " 
Henry Foster " 

Peter Quantin 
Francis Vansicle 
James Butler by John McCabe 

Adm'' of James Butler his mark 
John Watson [G] 
Joseph Pitcher " 
William Thomas " 
Green Camp 

Wilson Denight [A] his mark 
Cesar Black 
John Johnson 
George Daw [G] 
Philip Bertram " 
Wm Gordon " 
Michael Driver 
George Williams [G] 
Henry Ensign 
Levi Waterman [G] 
Abijah Davis " 
John Peterson " 
John Chappell 1st by Susanna 

Brown by power her mark 
W°^ Gardner [E] 
Rob* Perkins [R] 
Daniel Martin [G] 
George Orne dead Joshua Orne 

Lambert Flowers [R] 
George Mitchell 
Thomas Turner [A] his mark 
And^^ S. Rogers [G] 
Robert Bates " 
Thomas Abbott 


George Cordell 

Haffield White [G] 

La ban Teague 

George Fernandez [G] 

Israel Smith by W. Minot his 

Atty duly authorised 
Thomas Evans Rec*^. for Tho*. 

Evans father the ace* S. Wiggia 
William Day [G] 
Anthony Joseph " 
Patrick Brooks " 
Thomas Linley [R] 
John Smith [G] 
Joseph Wheyland 
George Woodmorse 
Benjamin Simonds [R] 
Samuel Hays [A] " Hayes " 
Henry Smith [G] 
John Hills 

Nathaniel Seaver [G] 
Francis Simonds by Jon^ Symonds 

John Miller 
Jonathan Shaw [G] 
John Wood 'f 

Robert Holmes " 
Thomas Jackson 
John Brown [G] 
Daniel Malona [G] 
James Sperrin " 
John Simjjson 
John Scott [G] 
John Smith [A] his mark 
John Joice [G] 
Charles Wilford 
Andrew Simpson [A] his mark 
John Brice 
Peter Ferryman 
John Peirce Tho. G. Cary by 

Francis Williams [G] 
Chi'istian Neilson " 
Joseph Clodman [G] 
Pliilip Legrove by W™ Minot Att^ 
Giles Cane 
Edward Smith [A] 
James McKan 
Andrew Dunham 
Hammond Busk [G] 
John McVey " 

Aaron Jackson " 

Peter Frost " 

John Coursey " 


Prize Money to the ChesapeaTce 


Thomas Flanagan [G] 

John Huck " 

John Ilodgman *' 

Peter Langrice J. T. Austin by 

Francis Franklin [G] 
Will"" Russell 
Martin Matly [G] 

Christopher Holmes " 
Harris Ball 
Henry White [G] 
Enoch Hacket 
Magnus Sparring 
Andrew Mercer 
Andrew Williams by James Odell 

John Medley 
W"" Pitman [E] 
Paul Lymer by W™ Minot Att^ 
Peter Vanderlin by Hannah Hend- 

ley, her mark, as Ex"" 
John Tollman [G] 
Joseph Simonds by Jon^ Symonds 

Joseph Gale 
James Parker [G] 
Martin Anderson 
Ebenezer Day [G] 
John W. Duggin 
John Smith 2" 
William Foster By Pow"" Jn° Bon- 

Stephen Bull [G] 

Andrew Vandermear " 

Joseph Curtis [A] his mark 

John White 

Darby Lee 

Henry Munroe 

Thomas Arthur 

Thomas Barrett [G] 

Eli Wilson 

Josiah Shatfield by E Rockwood 

Atty to Ad^ 
John D. Pike 
Joseph Wright [G] 
Charles Reynolds 
John Hunt 
Roll a Peters [R] 
John Me Neir 
Eben Eldridge 
Joseph Calhoon 
Samuel Ratcliff [G] 
Stephen June 

Florence Crowley [G] 

Luke Sherburne " 

Philip Blake " 

Benjamin Trefethen " 

Benjamin Simmer 

Joseph Pike [R] 

David Abbott [G] 

Harvey Howard 

■yyiii Thompson 

Joseph Phillips 

Richard Palfrey [A] 

John Lee [Q] 

William Fredick " 

John Keegan [A] 

John Dale [G] 

Mathew Kenbner " 

John Ware 

Samuel W^ebber [G] 

Henry Hyde [E] 

Thomas Leonard [G] 

Alexander Grant " 

John Thompson " 

James Waterman " 

Samuel Green [A] 

John Davis 

Francis Comayn 

Francis Paris 

Abraham Richardson 

Samuel Mullin 

Mica j ah Sawyer 

Mark Fernald [G] 

Lewis Hanscom " 

Daniel Croxford " 

Henry R. Goodwin " 

Andrew Newman 

David Bias 

Joseph Saunders [G] 

Benjamin Yeaton 

Andrew Cunningham Benjamin 

Welch by power 
Jacob Elsworth 
Fred'^ W. Dalton 
Holsey Carey [G] 
Henry Myers 
William R. Ruse [A] 
Wiir" McCafferty [E] 
Lewis Doyle [G] 
Luther Eldridge [R] 
Thomas Levinus 

Thomas Jones by W™ Minot Att^ 
Isaac Smith by Tho G. Cary Atty. 
Benton Greene 
William Staples [G] 


Prize Money to the Chesapeake 


John Douglass by W' Minot Att^ 

John Grazier 

John Chappell 2*^ 

Eobert May [G] . 

Josejih Vaughan [E] 

William Payne by Anthony Paine, 
his mark 

Thomas Gibson 

John Phillips [G] 

John Devo 

Mark Underwood 

Peter Thompson [A] 

John Sieve [GJ 

Henry Steinback 

Nath^ Currier [E] 

Benjamin Esday 

Noah Dearborn Geo. Newton by 

Henry Tardy by Michael Hopkins 

John Rollins 

Abraham Cutter [G] 

Charles Sargent [A"] 

Green Mangier [E] 

Thomas Gould [G] 

William Metcalf 

Elijah Rawson 

John Read 2*^ by Eliza Reed ad- 
ministratrix, her mark 

John Peirce 2^ 

Marby Collins [G] 

William Phillips 

James Peterson Geo. Newton by 

Charles Thompson 

James Durfee [G] 

Charles Eastland '' 

Will°> Alubar 

W™ Brown 3^"* 

John Newman 

William Brown 4*'^ 

Benj"^ Proctor [G] 

Joseph Allen Matthew Annabell 
Resieved Bupour 

Paul Jessamy by W" Minot AW 

John Read 1 [E] 

John Demidoff [G] 

Eben Loud [G] 

Wni'" Perry " 

Charles Noyes John 'Pitman By 

Mathew Rogers [G] 

Eliphalet Carr " 

Richard Hoffman 

Delany Ward 

John Hoffman [R] 

William Potts " 

Patrick Johnston " 

William Dixon 

William Perry 

Hugh M. Laughlin 

Samuel Jackson [A] 

John Wright 

Will"^ Myers John Oliver by 

Miles Morris [G] 

William Harris " 

Ezekiel Howard [R] 

David Jones 

Richard Standley [G] 

Joseph Clark " 

Thomas Tiblady by Joseph G. 

Nathaniel Leach [A] his mark 

Jonathan Lander [GJ 

Nathan Tilton " 

Samuel Bixby [A] 

Josiah Norton 

Thomas Marahal * 

Thomas Wilson 

John Lyver [R] 

John Crippen [A] 

Andrew Harvey [EJ 

Patrick Dillon [G] 

Thomas Stockner " 

Thomas Wheaton W"^ B. Brad- 
ford, Jr. by power 

Michael Todd [G] 

William Lewis [A] 

William Clay 

Silas Jones by John Hunt 

George Thomas OHare by Hannah 
Hendley as Admrx, her mark 

Philip D. Bryant by Ichabod Bry- 
ant Adm"^ 

Benjamin Morrison 

John Mulligan 

John Johnston [G] 

38 Connecticut Cemetery InscriiJtions [Jan. 


Copied by Joel N. End, A.M., of Hartford, Conn. 


Westford Parish ; Old North Cemetery 

IMiss Abi"-ail daughter of Capt. Jedediali & Mrs. Hannah Amidon died April 

29"'*1830 Aged 41 years & 3 months. 
Miss Hannah Amidon died March 14^^ 1826 M. 42 years 
Capt. Jedediah Amidon died Oct. 5, 1839. Aged 86 
Mrs. Plannah Amidown, consort of Capt. Jedediah Amidown, who died 

May y« 16"^ AD. 1813 in y^ 55 year of her age 
Dolly Barker, daughter of Deac. Nathan & Mrs. Lydia Barker died March 

ye 29"' AD. 1812 in the 22^* year of her age. 
Deacon Abner Chaffee died Dec. 26^ 1816. M. 54 years. 
Amos Chaffee died Jan. 27, 1850 Aged 75 
Mr. David Chaffee died Oct. 3, 1814. ^.81 years. 
Eunice, wife of Amos Chaffee died Oct. 9, 1849 Aged 77 
An infant son of Amos & Eunice Chaffee died Sept. 6, 1839 aged 12 

Judith, wife of Abner Chaffee died July 5, 1854. Aged 85 
Mrs. Priscilla, wife of David Chaffee died May 13, 1814. ^. 73 years 
Sophronia Chaifee died June y® 11'^'' day 1807 in y^ 2*^ year of her age. 
Abalena, wife of Elias Chapman died March 14, 1853. Aged 63 
Elias Chapman died Dec. 15, 1839 Aged 90 
Elias Chapman died April 26, 1876. M. 87 
Elisha Chapman, son to Mr Elias & Mrs. Elizabeth Chapman died Jan^ 

7"' AD. 1801 in y** 25"^ year of his age. 
Mrs. Elizabeth Chapman, wife of Mr. Elias Chapman died December 17, 

1829 Aged 75 
Deacon Thomas Chapman & Mary his wife. He died March 1783 jE 88 

years Mrs. Mary Chaj^man died Feb. 14, 1795. 
Mrs. Elizabeth, wife to Ens. Joseph Enos died May 1777 in the 60th year 

of her age. 
Patty & Huldah Hafton daughters to INIr. Philip & Mrs. Huldah Hafton. 

Patty died August y® 26^*^ AD. 1800 aged 2 years & 8 months. 

Hukiah, Sept. y*^ 12*^ AD. 1800 aged 8 months. 
Clarissa Haws, Daughter to Mr. Eli & Mrs. Susanna Haws died September 

21^* AD. 1792 in the 7*'^ year of her age. 
Capt. Eli Hawes died June 19, 1825 Aged 76 years. 
Mrs. Susanna, wife of Mr. Eli Haws died 8 May 1816 ^t. 72 
Mrs. Clyrana, relict of Mr. John Lummis died Jan. 5, 1832 in her 72"^ 

Mr. John Knox died May 26* 1784 in y® 37'^' year of his age 
Samuel Knox died Jan-'y y« 29*, 1789 in y^ 73*^ year of his age. Mrs. 

Susanna, wife to Mr. Samuel Knox died Feb. y^ 23"^, 1792 in y« 76* 

year of her age. 
Mr. John Lummis died March 12, 1828 in the .74* year of his age. 
Phebe, wife of Parley Lyon died Feb. 12, 1834. Aged 39. 
Solomon Millar died March y^ 21, 1800 

Ebenezer Robbins, a soldier of the Revolution died Oct. 6, 1849 Aged 91. 
Esther, wife of Ebenezer Robbins died Feb. 26, 1817 aged 33. 

1912] Connecticut Ceraetery Inscriptions 39 

Mary her daughter died Feb. 24, 1817 aged 9 years 
Zeviah, wife of Ebenezer Robbins died July 31, 1855 aged 68 years 
Ensn. David Robins died Dec"^ 4*^, 1776 in y® 32*^ year of his age. 
Capt. Joshua Robinson died Nov. 15, 1834 Aged 85 
Mrs. SybU, wife of Capt. Joshua Robinson died Sept. 1^"^, 1813, in the 64'^ 

year of her age. 
Clarrissa Ryder Died Aug. 28, 1818 Aged 30. 

Deacon Samuel Sessions died Feb. 8^^*, 1819 in the 73*^ year of his age. 
Sybil, relict of Samuel Sessions died March 21, 1836. JEi. 85 
Mrs. Abigail, wife of Mr. Joseph Snell died Jan. 15*^ 1784 in y« 23"* year 

of her age. 
Mrs. Bethiah Walker died Oct. y^ 7*^ AD. 1771 in y^ 53^ year of her age. 
Capt. Ebenezer Walker died July y« 5"^, AD. 1799 in y® 83<^ year of his 

Timothy Walker, son to Mr. Caleb & Mrs. Abigail Walker died July y^ 

24'^ 1800. Aged 3 years 2 months 6 days. 
Mr. Hazard Willcox's infant babe. 
Sabina & Aness Willcox, daughters to Mr. Stephen & Mrs. Lois Willcox. 

They died October y^ 20'^^ AD. 1727, Sabina in the 3^ year & Aness 

in the 2'^ year of her age. 
Mrs, Katharine, wife to Mr. Henry Work departed this Life Aug^' le*''^, 

1776 in y® 39'^' year of her age 
Katharine Work, daughter to Mr. John & Mrs. Mary Work died July y® 

9"^ 1800 in y<= 3'^ year of her age. 


Stafford Street Old Cemetery 

July 12, 1755, Departed this Life, Abigail y® wife of Daniel Alden, Esq. 

in y** 61^' year of her age. 
Daniel Alden, Esq. died May y® 3*^, 1767, in y® 77th year of his age. 
July y® 3*^, 1755 Departed this Life Mr. Ebenezer Alden in y® 21®' year 

of his age. 
Levi H. Alden, son of Capt. Joseph & Mrs. Lydia Alden, who died Jan. 

24, 1812 aged 13 years. 
Mr. Joseph Alden departed this life Jan^ 2^^, 1769 in y^ 51^* year of his 

March y^ 9, 1765 Dej)arted this Life Rebekah y® wife of David Alden, 

Esq. in y^ 66 year of her age. 
]Mrs. Susannah, relict of Mr. Joseph Alden who died June 1®' 1806 in the 

85'^ year of her age. 
Mary, Daughter of Mr. John & Mrs. Mary Birchard died May 6, 1743 in 

ye j^j^th year of her age. 
Benjamin Blodget died Dec. 24t^ 1832. ^t. 88. 

Mary Ann, wife of Benjamin Blodget died April 30*^, 1808 aged 60 years 
Calista Carpenter. Died Sept. 4, 1850. Aged 38 
Calvin Carpenter died March 13, 1840. Aged 24. 
Mrs. Prudence, the wife of Mr. John Carpinter, Jun'', died April the 26'^'^, 

1783, in the 24'^ year of her age. 
Thurston Carpinter died Aug. 2, 1831. Aged 71. Also his wife Abigail 

Carpenter (Stone sunk.) 
Mr. John Child died April 18*^ 1811, in the 43'^ year of his age. 
Mr. Ebenezer Colburn died March 22^ 1817. M. 64 
Dorothy Converse died Sept. 22*^, 1775 in y*^ 16'^^ year of her age. 

40 Connecticut Cemetery Inscriptions [Jan. 

Mrs. Elener, wife of Lieut. Josiah Convers died August 6*, 1783 in the 

73'* year of her age. 
Frederick L. Converse son of Capt. James Converse & Mrs. Sally his wife 

died Oct. 13*'', 1805 in the 2^* year of his age. 
Mrs. Hannah Converse died Ocf. 2'^ 1775 in y« 23'^ year of her age. 
Lieut. Josiah Converse died Sept. 11"\ 1775 in y*' 65*'' year of his age. 
Mr. Josiah Converse died July 14, 1809 in the 29''' year of his age 
Mrs. Ruth Convers, wife of Capt. James Convers died July 23", 1799, in 

the 43** year of her age. 
Capt. Solvin Converse died May 3, 1813 aged 55 
Washington, son of Capt. Solvin & Mrs. Sarah Converse died Dec. 29, 

18f4 aged 13 
Betsey, wife of James Corbin died July 10, 1878. Aged 90. 
Elizabeth Corbin died at Newington, Ct. Jan. 10, 1893. Aged 67 
Fannie L. Corbin died at Durham Oct. 14, 1858. Aged 30 
James Corbin died Oct. 3, 1838. ^. 48. 

Mrs. Sarah, wife of Mr. Noah Davis died Dec^'' 9, 1776 in her 29 year 
Lot Dean, Died June 30, 1818. Aged 61. 
Mrs. Charity Edson, wife of Capt. Calvin Edson died Oct. 7"^, 1797 in the 

43^* year of her age. 
]VIrs. Rebekah, the Daughter of Mr. Noah Ferry Died April 29^'' 1769. 

Afi^ed 24 years 
Mr. David Fuller died March 18, 1819. M. 51 
Mrs. Sally, wife of Mr. David Fuller died March 19, 1805. M. 27. 
Mrs Azurah Greene died Sept. 27, 1814, aged 76 
Mr. John Greene died .Jan. 1, 1813 aged 75 
Mrs. Clarissa, consort of Mr. Zacharia Hale died Sept. 1^*, 1810, in the 

28*'' year of her age. 
Charles Howe, son of Mr. Newell & Mrs. Catharine Howe died Nov. 8, 

1830 aged 3 years & 8 mo. 
Lieut. Ephraim Hyde died Sept. 18, 1804 in y® 71^* year of his age. 
Nathaniel Hyde died July 6, 1825. Mi. 68. 

Sarah Hyde, wife of Nathaniel Hyde died Feb. 13, 1844. ^t. 51. 
Aholiab Johnson died July 22, 1829. M. 67. 
Dolly, widow of Aholiab Johnson died Aug. 31, 1860. Aged 82 y'rs & 

7 mo's. 
Hannah Johnson, wife of Aholiab Johnson died Sept. 19, 1797. JEt. 32 

Also Hannah daughter of Aholiab Johnson died Sept 15, 1806. 

Aged 1 year. 
Mary Johnson died Nov. 16, 1874. Aged 88. 
Matilda Johnson died Aug. 26, 1836. ^. 42 

Mrs. Azubah, wife of Mr. Samuel C. Lyon died March 27, 1811. JE. 37. 
Elizabeth, wife of Dea. Samuel C. Lyon died Oct. 3, 1851. M. 77 
Julius, son of Dea. Samuel & Azubah Lyon died May 8, 1807 aged 5 

Dea. Lyman Lyon died Feb. 3, 1821, aged 71. Hannah, his wife died 

July 2, 1800, aged 44. Philena, 'his 2 wife died Sept. 20, 1805, 

aged 42. Patty, daughter of Dea. Lyman & Hannah Lyon died. 

Sept. 20, 1807. 
Dea. Samuel C Lyon, died April 16, 1848, aged 63 
Nov"^ ye Utn 1766 Departed this Life Eleanor Daughter of Mr Stephen 

MorUlo & Mrs. Eleanor his wife, in y® 4*'' year of her age. 

1912] Connecticut Cemetery Inscriptions 41 

Sarah, wife of Capt. David Olcott died March y« 27'i^, 1780 in y« 55* year 

of her age. 
Mary Orcur daughter of James & Mary Orcur died Sept. the SO''^, 1746, 

aged 3 years 5 months & 25 days. 
Mrs. Elizabeth, relict of John Phelps, Esq. died May 7, 1817. M. 73. 
Emelia, daughter of Eleazar W. Phelps & Mrs. Phebe Phelps died Dec. 26, 

1805 aged 4 years & 8 months. 
John Phelps, Esq'', died July l"-^ AD. 1804 in the 76t'» year of his age. 
Mr. John Phelps, Jun"^, son of Capt. John Phelps & Mrs. Mary his wife 

died April 28'^ AD. 1770 in y'^ 19**^ year of his age. 
Julia Eliza Phelps, daughter of Eleazar W. Phelps & Mrs. Phebe Phelps 

died Dec. 9, 1805 in her 5"^ month. 
Mrs. Mary Phelps wife of Capt. John Phelps departed this Life April 18*^ 

1776, in y® 43*^ year of her age. 
Mrs. Ruth, y® wife to Mr. John Phelps died Aug. 25'^ 1800 in y^ 50"^ 

year of her age. 
Mr. Daniel Pinney died June 27, 1823. M. 62 
Isaac Pinney, Esq. died Sept. 2, 1791 in y® 75th year of his age 
Mr. Isaac, son of Mr. Daniel Pinney & IMrs. Martha Pinney died Sept. 6, 

1809. M. 24. 
Mrs. Martha, consort of Mr. Daniel Pinney died July 2, 1815. M 52 
Mrs. Susannah, relict of Isaac Pinney, Esq"^. died Sept. 13*^, 1795 in the 

g4tii year of her age. 
Huldah, daughter of Nathan & Huldah Richardson, Died Apr. 16, 1822. 

JEi. 3 years. An infant son of the same died June, 1838. 
Mrs. Mariam, wife of Mr. Uriah Richardson died Oct. 17'^ 1804 in the 

34th ygar of her age. 
Mr. Uriah Richardson died Oct'' W^, 1785 in the 75'-^ year of his age. 
Hannah, Relict of CajDt. Samuel Rockwell died Dec. 16, 1834, Aged 81. 
Mary C. Rockwell, Daughter of Mr. Nathan & Mrs. Humall Rockwell 

was drowned Aug. 24, 1806 in the 4'^'^ year of her age. 
Samuel Rockwell died Nov'' 24*, 1794 in y® 67'''^ year of his age. 
Mrs. Martha, wife of Mr. Isaac Russell died April 23'^, 1786 in the 23*^ 

year of her age. 
June y® 11*, 1755 Departed this Life Mr. Eleazar Standishin y® 66'" year 

of his age. 
Mrs. Joanna, wife of Mr. Jonathan Stickland died Nov. the 1^* AD. 1789 

in the 51^* year of her age. 
Jonathan Stickland died February the 4* AD. 1781, in the 46* year of 

his age. 
Deborah, Dau*'' of Mr. Henry Thompson died June 5, 1766 in y® 3 year 

of her age. 
Eleanor Dau*"^ of Mr. Henry Thompson died May 24, 1771 in the 22 year 

of her age. 
Mr. Henry Thompson died Mar 20, 1797 in the 87* year of his age. 
Mrs. Maryan, wife of Mr. Henry Thompson died Nov. 15, 1780 in the 

69 year of her age, 
Mrs. Huldah, wife of Mr. Sampson Trask died July 14*, 1789, in the 

34* year of her age. 
Capt. Thomas Waite departed this life Oct. 30, 1812 aged 53 years. 
Mr. James Wallace died June 25''', 1796 in y® 88* year of his age. 
Mrs. Sarah, wife of Mr. James Wallis died Sept. 10, 1777 in her 67 year. 
William, son of Capt. Amos Wallbridge & Margret his wife died Feb. 4, 

1773 in y^ 2*^ year of his age. 

42 Descendants of William Scales [Jan. 

Zerviah, Daughter of IVIi-. Daniel & Mrs. Anna Warner died April 17, 
1759 aged 6 years. 

Mrs. Mary, wife of Lt. Solomon Washburn died Aug. 1^*, 1812 aged 75 

Solomon Washburn died Dec. 20, 1816. iE. 82 

Abigail, wife of Jonathan Whitaker died July y'' 13"\ 1790. Aged 97. 

Elizabeth, Daughter of Deac" Jonathan & Mrs. Susannah Whitaker died 
Oct. y'^ 18, 1787 in the 23'^ year of her age. 

Deacon Jonathan Whitaker died Jan. ll*"^, 1812 in the 81^* year of his age. 

Jonathan Whitaker died July the ^^ 1786 (illegible). 

Mrs. Susannah, wife of Deacon Jonathan Whitaker died August 14"\ 
1811, aged 79 years. 

Mr. Robert White died May the 14'*^, Annoq. Domini 1754 in the 82^ year 
of his age. 

Mr. Robert White, Jun'' . . . [fell] asleep in the Cradle of Death on the 
22*^ day of November AD, 1746 aged 31 years. 

Mr. Samuel White, husband to Mrs. Mariah White died April 18"^, 1751 
in y® 27'^ year of his age. 

Rev. John Willard, D.D. for nearly 50 years Pastor of the First Ecclesi- 
astical society in Stafford . . . born at Biddeford in the district of 
Maine Feb. 8t^ 1733, and died Feb. 16^^ 1807. Also Mrs. Lydia 
Willard, consort of the Rev. John Willard died Jan. 22"*^, 1798, aged 
66 years. (Table monument.) 

Samuel Willard died Oct. 16'^ 1765, aged 2 years & 6 months. And 
Josiah Willard died July 11, 1766 aged 1 year & 4 months ; both 
children of the Rev. John Willard & Lydia his wife. 

Mrs. Abigail, wife of Capt : David Yeomans died June 14, 1806 in the 
79"' year of her age. 

Capt David Yeomans died Jan^^ 2P*, 1813 in the 43*^ year of his age. 

EOWLEY, MASS., 1640 

Edited by John Scales, A.M., of Dover, N. H. 

1. William^ Scales, immigrant ancestor of the Scales family in New 
England, was born about 1612. The place of his birth is not known, 
though according to tradition he was born in London, and his parents may 
have been William and Margaret (Greene) Scales (she the daughter of 
Robert Greene), mentioned in the will of " Dame Bennett, widow of Sir 
William Webb, sometime alderman and mayor of London," dated 14 Jan. 
1602, Avith a codicil bearing date of 30 June 1604, proved 9 July 1604, 
which makes numerous bequests, one of them being "to Unci Robert 
Greene and William Scales his son-in-law, and to cousin Margaret, wife of 
William Scales " (Register, vol. 48, p. 393). 

He was one of the parishioners of Rev. Ezekiel Rogers, pastor of the 
church at Rowley, near Hull, England, came with his wife Ann to New 
England with that party which organized the settlement at Rowley, Mass., 
in 1639, and 13 May 1640 was made freeman with the rest of Mr. Rogers's 
party (Register, vol. 3, p. 187). In Rowley he had an acre and a half 

1912] Descendants of William Scales 43 

of land in Wliethersfield Street, on which he built his house and resided 
until his death. He received several grants of land, and was largely en- 
gaged in the lumber business, farming and stock raising. He was a 
staunch supporter of Parson Rogers, and prominent in town affairs. The 
record of his and his wife's deaths is as follows : " William Scales buryed 
July ye tenth day, anno : 1682 ; " " Ann, widow of William Scales, buryed 
ye 26 day September, anno: 1682." 
Children : 

i. William,^ killed by the falling of a tree 26 Jan. 1670 (court record) . 
it. Matthew, private in Capt. Thomas Lathrop's Company ; killed by 

Indians at Hatfield, Mass., 24 Aug. 1675 (Register, vol. 44, 

p. 355). 

2. iii. James. 

JOHN^ Scales (supposed to be a brother of William) is on the tax list 
of Rowley before 25 Jan. 1664 (Register, vol. 15, p. 253). His 
name is among the list of freeholders in Rowley in 1667 ; house and 
gates, two freeholds (Register, vol. 27, p. 49). He married 
Susannah Jarrett, widow of John. She was buried 13 June 
1683, and he on 13 Jan. 1683/4. His will, dated 9 Jan. 1683/4, 
was proved 27 Mar. 1 684. The inventory of his property amounted 
to £389-4-3. It is not known when he came to Rowley, but 
probably before 1650. 
Children : 

i. John,* bur. 12 Jan. 1663/4. 

ii. Susannah, b. 15, 10 mo : 1650; m. 28 Dec. 1676, Benjamin Scott. 

They and the following children were mentioned in her father's 

will: 1. John. 2. Joseph. 3. Sarah. 

2. James^ Scales {William}-), born at Rowley, Mass., died there 

during the winter of 1685/6, married at Rowley, 7 Nov. 1677, 
Sarah Curtis, baptized 15, 2 mo : 1654, daughter of Zacheus and 
Joanna of Boxford,* Mass. That she was dead before 1691 is 
shown by the following from Poor and Gray's Mss. (vol. 484) at 
Salem, Mass.: "April 23, 1691, John Harris of Ipswich prays to 
be appointed Admr. of Estate of William Scales of Rowley, dec'd, 
there being no other relative living to begg ye same . . . Granted." 
Children, born at Rowley : 

3. i. Ja]vies,3 b. 30 Mar. 1679. 
ii. Sarah, b. 18 July 1681. 

4. iii. William, b. 1 Mar. 1683. 

5. iv. Matthew, b. 29 Mar. 1685. 

3. James^ Scales {James,^ William}), born at Rowley 30 Mar. 1679, 

died at Boxford in 1746. He married first at Rowley, 10 Mar. 1702, 
Sarah Curtis, born at Boxford 27 Dec. 1675, died before 1736, 
daughter of Zacheus and Abigail Curtis of Boxford ; married 

secondly Mary , and they signed the covenant of the Church 

at Boxford in Aug. 1636, as he had become a resident of that 
town previous to that date. Zacheus Curtis's will, dated 17 June 
1710, codicil 18 Apr. 1712, proved 7 July 1712, mentions daughter 
Sarah Scales and son James Scales (Essex Co. Probate, vol. 10, 
pp. 244-45). 

*This Zacheus Curtis embarked at Southampton in the ship James, 5 Apr. 1635. 
His granddaughter Sarah Curtis married his grandson James Scales. Tiiis marriage 
of cousins led to some confusion in tracing tlie Scales-Curtis ancestry. 

44 Descendants of William Scales [Jan. 

Children : 
i. Maky,* b. 21 Dec. 1704. 

6. ii. James, b. 31 May 1707. 

7. iii. Edwaud, b. 3 May 1709. 
iv. Hannah, b. 16 Feb. 1712. 

8. V. John, b. 13 Nov. 1713. 
vi, Nathan, b. 10 Sept. 1716. 
vii. Mercy, b. 14 Aug. 1718. 
viii. Joseph, b. 16 Juue 1720. 
ix. Oliver, b. 2 Dec. 1722. 

4. William' Scales {James,^ Willimri^)^ born at Rowley, Mass., 1 Mar. 

1682/3, was killed by Indians at North Yarmouth, Me., 24 Apr. 
1725. He married, 19 May 1707, Susannah Ayers, daughter of 
Thomas and Hannah of Ipswich, Mass. They resided first at 
Rowley, next at Ipswich, as appears by land sales, and removed to 
Falmouth, Me., about 1715. According to Smith's Journal, he was 
chosen representative in 1719, being its first deputy to the General 
Court. In 1720 he and his brother Matthew removed to North 
Yarmouth to land that had been granted to their father. They 
built a house upon a point of land in the bay, where they resided 
untU kUled by the Indians. That the house was a garrison appears 
by an order of Col. Thomas Westbrook, dated 19 Nov. 1723, which 
says : " Sir. Put a corporal and four men of your company into 
Mr. Scales's Garrison at North Yarmouth to defend them, which 
you may draw off from any jjarticular marching as you may find 
occasion." William Scales was one of the selectmen of Falmouth, 
and a staunch supporter of Mr. Smith in his pastoral work. 
Children : 

1. Susannah,* b. at Ipswich 5, 6 mo: 1708; m. at Falmouth, Me., 
1724, Jajies Buxton of that place, b. in 1706 ; resided there- 
Children : 1. William, b. 19 Feb. 1726. 2. Ebenezer, b. 20 Oct. 1727. 
3. Hannah, b. 17 Sept. 1731. 4. Cornelius, bapt, 4 Nov. 1733. 
6. James, bapt. 6 Oct. 1736. 6. Marij, bapt. 15 Apr. 1739. 7. 
Susannah, bapt. 26 Apr. 1747. 8. Benjamin, bapt. 8 Apr. 17.50. 

li. Hannah, b. at Ipswich 11, 11 mo: 1711; m. at North Yarmouth, 
Me., Jedediah Soutiiworth; resided there. Children: 1. Sarah, 
b. 8 Oct. 1729. 2. Susannah, b. 27 July 1731. 3. John, h. 22 Oct. 
1733. 4. James, b. 17 Nov. 1735. 5. Lydia, b. 11 Oct. 1738. 

9. iii. James, b. at Ipswich 6, 8 mo : 1713. 

iv. Mary, b. at Falmouth 10, 7 mo: 1716; m. at North Yarmouth, 2Q 
Apr. 1733, Edward King; resided at Falmouth. Children: 1. 
Feter, h. 28 Oct. 1734. 2. Thomas, b. 11 Jan. 1736-7. 3. Siisan- 
nah, b. 11 Jan. 1739. 4. Abigail, b. 21 Mar. 1741. 6. Edward, 
b. 20 Apr. 1744. 6. Ezra, b. 3 June 1746. 

10. V. William, b. at Falmouth 1, 4 mo : 1719. 

11. vi. Thomas, b. at North Yarmouth, Me., 9, 11 mo : 1721. 

5. Matthew^ Scales {James^ William}), born at Rowley, Mass., 29 

Mar. 1685, was killed by Indians at North Yarmouth, Me., 

24 Apr. 1725. He married at Ipswich, Mass., Sarah , 

surname of wife and date unknown. She is supposed to have 
returned to Ipswich with her children after the death of her 
husband, and died there about 1750. Matthew Scales is thought 
to have come to Portsmouth, N. H., about 1713, and is known 
to have resided there until 1719, when he went to Falmouth and 
joined his brother William in business, both of them removing later 

1912] Descendants of William Scales 45 

to North Yarmouth, where they resided until killed by the Indians. 
By trade he was a carpenter, or " joiner." He was admitted to 
membership in the North Church, Portsmouth, N. H., 25 Apr. 
1714, on which date "Matthew Scales owned ye Covenent and his 
son Matthew baptized " (Church record) : and was also a member 
of the church at Falmouth. The widow Sarah Scales was appointed 
administratrix of his estate 5 Oct. 1725 (York Co., Me., Probate). 
Children : 

i. Matthew, ■» bapt. at Portsmouth 25 Apr. 1714 ; d. at Durham, N. H., 

ii. James, bapt. at Portsmouth 18 Apr. 1715. 
iii. John, bapt. at Newingtou 10 June 1716. 
iv. Maky, bapt. at Portsmouth 2 June 1717. 

12. V. Abraham, b. 1 Sept. 1718. 

6. Eev. James* Scales (James,^ James,'^ William}), born at Boxford, 

Mass., 31 May 1707, died at Hopkinton, N. H., 31 July 1776, mar- 
ried, Sept. 1736, Susannah Hovey of Topsfield, Mass. He was 
graduated from Harvard College in 1733 ; served as a school teacher 
at Boxford until 1737, when he removed to Rumford (Concord), 
N. H., and was admitted to the church there 3 July 1737 ; taught 
school at Rumford until 1742, studying law and theology in his 
leisure hours. In that year he removed to Canterbury, was licensed 
to preach in 1743, and pastor of the church there until 1754, town 
clerk, justice of the peace, and general counsellor for the people, as 
well as soldier in the Indian wars. He settled as first pastor of the 
church at Hopkinton, N. H., 1757, and held that position until 
1770, from which date he practiced law until his death. 
Children, born at Rumford : 

i. JoHN,^ ta. 1737. 

ii. Joseph, b. 1740. 

iii. Stephen, b. 16 Oct. 1741 ; d. unm. at Chelmsford, Mass., 5 Nov. 
1772 ; graduated from Harvard College, 1763, and while tutor there, 
1763 to 1770, studied law; practiced in Concord 1770-1771; re- 
moved to Chelmsford, Mass., and continued to practice his pro- 
fession, in which he ranked high. 

7. Edward* Scales {James,^ James,"^ William}), born at Boxford, 

Mass., 3 May 1709, married Sarah Miller, and lived at Ports- 
mouth, N. H. 
Child : 

13. i. Edward,^ bapt. 21 July 1725. 

8. John* Scales {Jam,es,^ James,^ William}), born at Boxford, Mass., 

13 Nov. 1713, married Anna Baker, and resided at Boxford; 
a farmer by occupation. 
Children : 

14. i. James,* b. 4 Dec. 1740. 

ii. Matthew, b. 1742 ; was living at Boscawen, N. H., in 1790, when 
the census gave his family as one male over 16, one male under 
16, and four females. 

9. James* Scales ( William,^ James,^ William^), born at Ipswich, Mass., 

6: 8 mo: 1713, resided at North Yarmouth, Me., until about 1750, 
when he removed with his family to Georgia, and has descendants 

in the South. He married Mary , surname of wife and 

date unknown. 

46 Descendants of William Scales [Jan. 

Children : 
i. Maky,* bapt. 21 June 1740; d. young, 
ii. Mary, b. 30 May 1742. 
iii. John, b. 6 Oct. 1745. 

10. William* Scales {William,^ James,''' WtUiain}), horn at Falmouth, 

Me., 1:4: mo. 1719, died in 1778. He married Mary Inger- 
SOLL, and settled on the Kennebec River, in the neighborhood of 

Children : 

i. Mary,* b. 4 Aug. 1740. 

ii. William, b. at Batli, Me., 5 Oct. 1742; d. unm. at Lincoln, Penob- 
scot Co., Me., in 1799. He graduated from Harvard College in 
1771, a young man of great promise ; studied theology and preactied 
some, but had no settled pastorate, and ultimately became insane 
and led a wandering life, though perfectly harmless. At first a 
Congregationalist, he later joined the Quakers in Maine, but sub- 
sequently left the Quakers, saying that Qualierism consisted of 
" Thees and Thous, flopped hats and smooth coats." (Register, 
vol. 31, p. 432.) 

11. Thomas* Scales ( William,^ James,'' William^), born at North Yar- 

mouth, Me., 9: 11 mo: 1721, the first male child born there 
(Smith's Journal, p. 56), was deacon of the church, and a leading 
citizen. He married, in 1754, Elizabeth Richmond of Dighton, 

Children : 

15. i. Samuel,* b. 25 Aug. 1757. 

ii. William, b. 1759 ; m. Rebecca Underwood. 

16. iii. Nathaniel, b. 20 July 1761. 

iv. Betsey, b. 1766; d. unm. 14 Dec. 1838. 

A'. Thomas, b. 1770; d. unm. 

vi. Mary, b. 1773 ; d. unm. 7 Jan. 1809. 

12. Abraham* Scales {Matthew,^ James,^ William'^), born at Portsmouth, 

N. H., 1 Sept. 1718, died at Nottingham, N. H., June 1797. He 
married at Durham, N. H., 8 July 1747, Sarah Thompson, born 
there 5 Jan, 1724, died at Lee in 1806, daughter of John and Mary 
(Davis). He learned the trade of carpenter at Boston, resided for 
ten years at Durham, and in 1748 settled at Nottingham, where he 
built for himself the first two-story house erected in that town ; it 
is now (1911) standing. In his will, dated 14 Nov. 1795, proved 
27 Sept. 1797, he gave his farm and most of his property to his 
grandson, SamueP Scales. 
Children : 

i. John,* b, 9 Sept. 1748 ; d. Sept. 1754. 

ii. Sarah, b. 8 Aug. 1750 ; d. Sept. 1754. 

iii. Abraham, b. 17 Aug. 1752 ; d. Sept. 1754. 
17. iv. Samuel, b. 9 Sept. 1754. 

V. James, b. 1 May 1757 ; d. Sept. 1760. 

vi. Mary, b. 19 Oct. 1759; d. Sept. 1760. 

vii. Hannah, b. 2 Aug. 1761; m. 30 Dec. 1784, Nathan Clough, a 
farmer of Loudon, N. H. Children, b. at Loudon : 1. David, 
b. 1786. 2. Abigail, b. 1788. 3. Nathan, b. 1791. 4. Abraham, 
b. 1794. 5. Jonathan, b. 1797. 6. Samuel, b. 1800. 

viii. Abigail, b. at Nottingham, N. H., 29 Jan. 1764; m. 13 July 1786, 
Elijah Cartland of Lee ; removed to Maine. Children : 1. Asa, 
b. 1788. 2. Abigail, b. 1791. 3. Samuel, b. 1794. 4. Joseph, 
b. 1798. 

1912] Descendants of William Scales 4tl 

18. ix. Ebenezer, b. 6 Nov. 1766. 

X. Lois, b. at Nottingham, N. H., 20 Dec. 1769 ; cl. 2 Mar. 1849 ; m. at 
Nottingham, 4 Jan. 1790, Gideon Mathes of Lee, a farmer, b. 10 
Aug. 1768, d. 6 Nov. 1839. Children: 1. David, b. 1792. 2. Job, 
b. 1794. 3. Lois, b. 1796. 4. Judith, b. 1799. 5. Jesse, b. 1801. 
6. Beuhen, b. 1803. 7. John,h. 1805. 

13. Edward^ Scales {Edward,'^ James,^ James,'^ Willimii^), baptized at 

Portsmouth, N. H., 21 July 1725, was living in 1790. He mar- 
ried at Durham, 26 July 1750, Susannah Willey. He was a 
tailor, and resided at Lee until 1780, when he removed to Canter- 

Children : 

i. Isaac,* b. 4 July 1752 ; d. unm. ; a soldier in the Revolution, 

ii. John, b. 1756 ; m. and had children who settled in Michigan, 

iii. Susan, b. 1760 ; m. James Fiske ; lived in Vermont. 

19. iv. Edward, b. 9 Apr. 1769. 

14. James^ Scales {John,'^ James,^ James^ William}-), born at Boxford 

Dec. 1740, married Lydia Nelson. He settled at Boscawen be- 
fore 1770, was living at Concord in 1790, when the census gave 
his household as follows: 2 males above 16, 2 males under 16, 4 
females. He subsequently removed to Bridgewater, Vt., where he 

Children : 

20. i. James^ Scales, b. 4 Aug. 1770. 

ii. John, b. 2 May 1772 ; settled in Maine, 
iii. Stephen, b. 4 July 1774 ; lived in Vermont. 

iv. Abraham, b. 6 Jan. 1776 ; d. unm. in 1807 ; graduated from Harvard 
College in 1800 ; a physician in Boston. 

21. V. William, b. 10 May 1778. 

vi. Oliver, b. 18 June 1780 ; d. unm. in 1804. 

vii. Moses, b. 20 Sept. 1782 ; d. 1852 ; resided at Tunbridge, Vt.; m. and 

had children, names not known, 
viii. Mercy, b. 1784; d. unm. 
ix. Susan, b. 1788 ; d. unm. 

15. Samuel^ Scales {Thomas,'^ WilUam,^ James,'^ WiUiani^), born at 

North Yarmouth, Me., 25 Aug. 1757, died at Freeport, Me., 13 
Mar. 1844. He married four times : first, in Sept. 1779, Susannah 
SouTHWORTH, who died in 1782, daughter of Jedediah and Hannah* 
(Scales) (4, ii) ; secondly, in 1785, Sarah Moulton, who died 27 
June 1815, aged 54 years; thirdly, a widow Johnson; fourthly, 
Amandy Moody. He served in the Revolution on the brigantine 
Pallas, commanded by Capt. James Johnson, on the coast of JNIaine, 
and received a pension in his old age. He was a farmer. 
Children by first wife : 

i. Sally,** b. 1 Sept. 1780; d. at Farmington, Me., 10 May 1823. 
ii. Syxvester, b. 7 Jan. 1782 ; d. at Fredonia, O., 10 Dec. 1845. 

Children by second wife : 

iii. William C, b. at Freeport, Me., 20 Sept. 1786; d. 24 Feb. 1799. 

22. iv. Jacob, b. at Freeport 7 Mar. 1788. 

V. Susan, b. 30 Nov. 1789; d. 19 Sept. 1823; m. 1 Jan. 1810, James 

GODARD ; five children, 
vi. Betsey, b. 10 Jan. 1791 ; d. 4 Mar. 1813 ; a school teacher, 
vii. Emery, b. 29 May 1794; d. unm. 29 May 1816. 
viii. Mary-, b. 26 Apr. 1799 ; d. unm. 26 July 1821. 
Ix. Samuel, b. 2 Nov. 1802; d. unm. 2 Feb. 1827. 

48 Descendants of William Scales [Jan. 

Child by third wife : 
X. Lucy Ann, b. 1817; d. at East Weymouth, Mass., in 1887; m. (1) 
Alfred Seabury, by whom she had two daus. ; m. (2) Dk. Mc- 
IvAY, and resided at Halifax, N. S. 

16. Dea. Nathaniel^ Scales (Thomas,* William,^ James^ William}), 

born at North Yarmouth, Me., 20 July 1761, died in 1849. He 
married Joanna Southworth, born 12 Mar. 1765, daughter of 
Dea. John of North Yarmouth. He was a farmer. 
Children : 

i. Hannah,^ b. 27 Dec. 1788 ; m. Capt. Samuel Pote; resided at Fal- 
mouth ; had three sons and two daus. 

ii. John Southworth, b. 6 Mar. 1790; m. three times: by his first 
wife one sou ; by his second wife one dan. ; by his third wife 
three daus. 

iii. Dea. James, b. 3 May 1793 ; m. Merrendid Wilder of Temple, 
Me. ; resided there ; had three sons and two daus. 

iv. Polly, b. 19 Sept. 1796; d. unm. 6 May 1813. 

V. EiCHMOND, b. 6 Mar. 1798 ; d. unm. 1 Dec. 1820. 

vi. Zenas, b. 1 Jan. 1801; m. and had three daus. 

vii. William, b. 14 May 1802; m. Caroline Davis; had two sous and 
two daus. 

viii. Nathaniel, b. 30 June 1804; d. 20 Sept. 1805. 

Ix. Thomas, b. 16 Jan. 1807 ; m. and had three sons and five daus. 

X. Joanna, b. 8 June 1808 ; d. 14 June 1808. 

xi. Eunice, b. 1810; m. Richards of Preeport, Me. 

17. Samuel^ Scales (Abraham,'^ Matthew,^ James,^ William^), born at 

Nottingham, N. H., 9 Sept. 1754, died 20 Mar. 1788. He married, 
in 1774, Hannah Langley, daughter of Samuel and Hannah 
(Reynolds), who resided at Wednesday Hill in Lee, N. H. He 
was a soldier in the Revolution, a minute man in Capt. Smith 
Emerson's company. Col. Joshua Wingate's regiment. He was a 
farmer by occupation. 
Children : 

i. Mary,« b. 1776 ; d. 1777. 
23. ii. Samuel, b. 20 Apr. 1778. 

18. Ebenezer^ Scales (Abraham,* Matthew,^ James,^ William^), born 

at Nottingham 6 Nov. 1766, died at Wilton, Me., 18 Feb. 1855. 
He married at Nottingham, 17 Feb. 1789, Anna Mathes, daughter 
of Gideon and Anna of Lee, N. H. He resided at Nottingham 
until 1796, then removed to Kearsarge, from there to Farmington, 
Me., in 1803, thence to Wilton, Me., in 1805, which was his place 
of residence for the remaining half century of his life. He joined 
the Calvinist Baptist Church at Lee in 1789, changed his connection 
to the Freewill Baptists in 1796, was licensed to preach in 1800, 
was ordained at AVilton in 1804, and continued in active service as 
preacher until 1844. For fifty years he was one of the leading 
elders in the Freewill Baptist denomination, and a successful farmer. 

Children, the first four born at Nottingham, N. H. : 
i. Hannah,« b. 17 Feb. 1790 ; d. at Wilton, Me., in 1860 ; m. at Wilton, 

in 1810, Thomas Allen, a farmer ; resided at Joy, Me. Children : 

1. John B., b. 1812; lawyer; resided at Livermore Falls. 2. 

Heiiry, b. 1815; a Freewill Baptist minister. 3. Elizabeth, b. 

1817. 4. Hannah, b. 1819. 
ii. AbiCxAil, b. 12 Feb. 1792 ; d. at Wilton, Me., 28 Dec, 1843 ; m. 7 July 

1817, Charles Morse of Wilton, b. at Sutton, Me., 27 Oct. 1785, 

1912] Descendants of William Scales 49 

d. 30 May 1845. He owned several gristmills and sawmills ; was 
colonel of a regiment of Maine militia ; a member of the conven- 
tion which drafted the constitution admitting Maine as a State in 
the Union m 1820 ; later a representative and State senator ; post- 
master for 20 years. Children : 1, Samuel Butterfield, b. 15 Jmie 
1818; m. 14 Aug. 1839, Catherine Woodman of Wiscasset, Me. 
for many years clerk in the P. 0. Department at Washington 
D. C. ; had six children : Sarah Elizabeth, b. 19 Dec. 1840, d. 1846 
Mary Caroline, b. 20 Mar. 1842, m. John H. Clark ; Edward Warren 
b. 21 Sept. 1843; Charles, b. 31 May 1845, d. 1847; Cliarles Le- 
land, b. 23 Mar. 1849, d. 12 Sept. 1849 ; Margaret Catherine, b. 4 
Mar. 1846, d. 1862. 2. Charles M., b. 21 July 1820; m. 24 Aug. 
1841, Elizabeth K. Bickford, b. 6 Nov. 1820; resided at Jackson- 
ville, lud. ; for many years was superintendent of the Chicago 
and Alton Railroad; had four children: Mattie, b. 9 Nov. 1848, 
m. John G. Loomis; Hattie E., b. 8 Oct. 1850; Charles L., b. 14 
Apr. 1853; Charles A., b. 30 May 1859. 3. Moses Leland, b. at 
Wilton, Me., 9 May 1822; m. (1) at Franklin, N. H., 6 Feb. 1851, 
Louise Jane Clark, b. 1826, d. 1856, by whom he had two sons: 
Charles Leland and Edward Leland ; m. (2) Lucy Ann Bryant, by 
whom he had one son : Warren Morse, b. at Dover, N. H., 9 July 
1860 ; principal of the Dover High School. 

24. iii. John, b. 14 Dec. 1793. 

iv. Anna, b. 1 Dec. 1795; d. at Wilton, Me., 1880; m. there, 18 Nov. 
1823, Charles Emerson Colburn, b. at Weare, N. H., 9 Dec. 
1800, a farmer at Wilton. Children; 1. Abraham Scales, b. 28 
Sept. 1824 ; d. 1890 ; m. 12 Mar. 1849, Hannah S. Kinney, b. 19 July 
1824 ; lived at Wilton ; had sis children : Charles Clarkson, Caro- 
line Frances, John Emerson, George Adelbert, George Emerson, 
Abby Ann. 2. Charles Emerson, b. 13 Jan. 1826; d. at Revanna, 
Mo., 15 Oct. 1859, leaving- a widow and three children: Celinda 
Ella, Charles Henry, Frank F. 3. Enoch Scales, b. 2 Oct. 1829; 
a farmer at Wilton; unm. 4. Elias Hutchins, b. 27 Apr. 1831 ; a 
house carpenter at Lowell, Mass. 5. Abigail, b. 2 Oct. 1835 ; d. 31 
Mar. 1836. 

V. Abraham, b. at Kearsarge 3 Sept. 1798 ; d. unm. at Galveston, Tex., 
1856 ; a farmer and cattle dealer ; colonel of a Maine regiment ; 
removed to Galveston in 1838 ; acquired a large land estate ; an 
extensive stock raiser, and a man of influence. 

vi. Gideon, b. at Kearsarge 2 Sept. 1800 ; d. unm. 1827. 

vii. Sarah, b. at Kearsarge 27 Nov. 1802 ; d. at Wilton, Me., 1880 ; m. 16 
Mar. 1823, Seth Allen, a farmer at Wilton. Children : 1. Enoch 
Scales, b. 3 Jan. 1824 ; d. 1826. 2. Andrew Jackson, b. 9 Dec. 
1825 ; d. 12 Apr. 1857 ; m. 17 Nov. 1853, Eunice V. Hall. 3. Ciilbert, 
b. 18 July 1828; m. 14 Sept. 1851, Miriam Morse; a farmer at 
Wilton ; had nine children. 4. Seth, Jr., b. 4 May 1830 ; d. 22 Oct. 
1862; m. 25 Nov. 1851, Charlotte W. Bisbee; had one son. 5. 
Sarahs b. 29 Jan. 1832; m. 20 Sept. 1857, Edward V. Randall; had 
six children. 6. John Scales, b. 24 Sept. 1834; m. 14 Sept. 18ot>, 
Ruby C. Marken ; a farmer, residing at Wilton ; had seven chil- 
dren. 7. Anna C, b. 23 Jan. 1837; d. unm. 25 July 1857. 

25. viii. James Butterfield, b. at Farmlngtou, Me., 4 Feb. 1804. 

26. ix. Enoch, b. at Wilton 20 Jan. 1808. 

X. Lois, b. at Wilton 29 June 1810 ; d. 1865 ; m. Thomas E. Webster, 
b. 1808, d. 1871, a farmer at Wilton. Children : 1. Henry, b. 1836. 
2. 3Iary, b. 1838. 3. Sarah, b. 1841. 4. Elizabeth, b. 1845. 

xl. LoKiNDA, b. 27 Jan. 1818 ; m. Rodney Chase of Deering, N. H. ; 
no issue. 

19. Edward® Scales {Edward,^ Edward,'^ James,^ James,^ William}), 
born at Lee, N. H., 9 Apr. 1769, died at Canterbury, N. H., 19 
Jan. 1831. He married at Canterbury, in 1794, Hannah Sargent, 
and resided there. He was a farmer and carpenter. 

50 Descendants of William Scales [Jan. 

Children : 
i. Ebenezer J b. 4 May 1796 ; d. unm. 27 June 1823. 
ii. HuLDAH, b. 2 Oct. 1797; d. at Pawtucket, E. I., 29 Jan. 1852; m. 


iii. KOYAL, b. 9 Dec. 1799 ; d. 12 Jan. 1800. 

iv. Royal, b. 2 Nov. 1800 ; d. 27 Aug. 1871. 

V. Bridget Walker, b. 7 Jan. 1803 ; d. 7 May 1842. 

vi. Edward Swett (twin), b. 4 May 1806; d. at Lowell, Mass., 1884. 

vii. Joanxa Mooney (twin), b. 4 May 1806; d. unm. 5 Aug. 1824. 

27. viii. Joseph Walker, b. 29 Jan. 1809. 

ix. John, b. 11 June 1811 ; d. unm. at San Francisco 1877. 

X. Sally, b. 29 Mar. 1814 ; d. num. at Lowell, Mass., 1880. 

xi. Betsey, b. 6 Mar. 1816; d. at Lowell 12 Nov. 1875. 

xii. Benjamin, b. 5 Feb. 1819 ; d. unm. at Lowell 15 Aug. 1862. 

xiii. Aaron, b. 12 Dec. 1820; d. 17 Nov. 1872. 

xiv. Ebenezer, b. 12 May 1822 ; d. unm. 28 July 1878. 

20. James® Scales {James,^ John,'^ James,^ James,^ William^), born at 

Boscawen, N. H., 4 Aug. 1770, died in 1836. He married twice : first 

Eleanor ; secondly Alice . He was a farmer, 

and lived at Bridgewater, Vt., after 1790. 
Child by first wife : 

28. i. William Angel,^ b. 9 July 1800. 

Children by second wife : 
ii. Henry, b. 1808 : d. 1875. 
iii. Chester, b. 1810; d. 1890. 

21. William*^ Scales {James^ John,"^ James,^ Jaynes^ William}), born at 

Boscawen, N. H., 10 May 1778, died at Cabot, Vt., in 1852. He 
married at Boscawen, Nov. 1800, Rebecca Smith, and settled at 
Lebanon, N. H., removing to Cabot, Vt., in 1812. He was a 

i. Eev. William,^ b. 28 Sept. 1805; d. at Lyndon, Vt., 24 Jan. 1864; 
graduated from Middlebury College, 1832, and Andover Theologi- 
cal Seminary, 1837 ; ordained pastor of Cougregationalist Church 
at Lyndon, Vt., 27 Dec. 1837; pastor of several churches in Ver- 
mont up to the time of his death ; acting pastor at Lyndon for 
nearly nine years preceding. 

22. Rev. Jacob® Scales {Samuel,^ Thomas,'^ William,^ James,^ William}), 

born at Freeport, Me., 7 Mar. 1788, died at Plainfield, N. H., 16 
Oct. 1873. He graduated from Dartmouth College, 1817, and 
Andover Theological Seminary, 1820; was ordained pastor of the 
Congregational Church at Colchester, Conn., Dec. 1820, and re- 
mained in active service as pastor of churches until his death. He 
married three times: first at Bridgton, Me., 17 Jan. 1821, Nancy 
Beaman, who died 20 Oct. 1838 ; secondly, 7 Nov. 1839, Maria 
Cleveland Darling, who died at Plainfield 22 Jan. 1844, 
daughter of Hon. Joshua of Henneker ; thirdly at Hartland, Vt., 
10 Dec. 1844, Sarah Porter Freeman, daughter of Major 

Children, by first wife : 

29. i. Thomas Spencer,^ b. at Colchester, Conn., 28 Mar. 1822. 

ii. Sarah Moulton, b. 24 Oct. 1824, at Colchester, Conn. ; d. at St. 
Louis, Mo., 2 May 1855 ; a graduate of Mt. Holyoke College, 1844, 
and teacher at St. Louis. 

30. iii. Henry Martyn, b. 4 Sept. 1826. 


1912] Descendants of William Scales 51 

iv. "Welliam Emery, b. at Henniker 14 Dec. 1828 ; d, 28 Apr. 1836. 

31. V. Edward Payson, b. at Henuiker 17 July 1831. 

vi. George Champion, b. at Henniker 30 Jan. 1833 ; d. 10 Aug. 1854, in 
a railroad accident at Medford Bridge. 

23. Samuel Scales^ (Samuel,^ Abraham,^ Matthew,' James,'^ William^), 

born at Nottingham 20 Apr. 1778, died 21 Sejjt. 1840. He married 
at Lee, Apr. 1799, Hannah® Dame, born at Lee 16 Feb. 1772, 
d. at Nottingham 30 Sept. 1847, daugliter of Moses^ and Anna 
(Hunking) of Lee (see Register, vol. 65, p. 218). He was a 
farmer, and inlierited the farm on which his grandfather Abraham 
Scales had settled in 1748. 
Children : 

32. i. Sa]MUel,t b. 18 July 1800. 

ii. Mary, b. 22 Feb. 1802 ; d. at San Erancisco 18 Apr. 1874 ; m. 1826, 
Hugh Thompson of Lee, N. H., b. 2 May 1800, d. at Lee 1842; 
removed to San Francisco in 1853 with her children, and resided 
there the rest of her life ; a woman of great energy and ability. 
Children: 1. B. Frank, b. 6 Oct. 1827; d. unm. at San Francisco 
Mar. 18G6. 2. Henrietta, b. 29 Nov. 1829; d. at Lee 1848. 3. 
Samuel Scales, b. 14 Jan. 1832 ; d. at San Francisco 2(3 May 1865 ; 
m. at San Francisco, 1863, Harriet Higby Haurell; had children: 
Hugh, b. 1864, d. 1864; Samuel Scales, b. 29 July 1865. 4. Betsey 
Jane, b. at Lee, N. H., 18 Mar. 1834 ; m. at San Francisco, 27 June 
1855, Edward Howland Falmer, b. at New Bedford, Mass., 1830, 
d. 14 Aug. 1863 ; had children : Samuel Harding, Warren Sherman, 
Edward True, John Perley. 5. Warren, b. 12 Nov. 1838; d. unm. 
9 Mar. 1896. 

iii. Nancy, b. at Nottingham 18 Aug. 1803; d. at San Francisco 17 Apr. 
1871; m. at Nottingham. 1828, Daniel Tuttle, b. 26 Sept. 1801, 
i. d. at Nottingham 26 Oct. 1874, son of Joseph and Hannah (Lucy) 
of Nottingham. Children: 1. Dr. Levi IFoorf6?n-?/, b. 24 Jan. 1829 ; 
d. at Satartia, Yazoo Co., Miss., 1870; m. there, 24 Aug. 1855, 
Elnora S. Ogden, b. 8 Mar. 1839 ; a graduate of Bowdohi Medical 
College, 1848 ; settled at Satartia; was surgeon in the Confederate 
army, serving through the war 1861-1865 ; later practiced his pro- 
fession at Satartia; no cliildreu. 2. Anna Elizabeth, b. 30 Mar. 
1831; d. Dec. 1897; m. Perry Harvey of Nottingham, d. 1878; 
removed to San Francisco, Cal. : had a dau. Tina. 3. Leonora, 
b. 22 Oct. 1837; d. at Satartia, Miss., 12 Sept. 1862. 4. Br. Jay, 
b. 21 Dec. 1841 ; m. (1) 8 Nov. 1868, Emily Abbott, d. 30 Mar. 
1871; child by first wife: Arthur Cornwall; m. (2) 26 Mar. 1873, 
Emma Lois Winkler ; a resident of Astoria, Ore. ; children by 
second wife : Nancy Elnora Scales, Nettie Emily. 

33. iv. Levi, b. 13 Feb. 1811 ; d. at Nottingham 4 Aug. 1847. 

24. JOHN^ Scales {Ebenezer,^ Abraham,^ Matthew,^ James^ William}), 

born at Nottingham 14 Dec. 1793, married Hannah Farwell, 
who died in 1825. He was a farmer, and resided at Wilton. 

Child : 
i. John Samuel,^ b. 1824; d. 1872; m. Susan Lawrence; resided at 
Guilford, Me. ; children. 

25. Rev. James Butterfield® Scales (Ebenezer,^ Abraham,* Matthew,^ 

Jai7ies,'^ William^), born at Farmington, Me., 4 Feb. 1804, died at 
Chesterville, Me., 1885. He married three times : first, 13 Nov. 
1812, Jane Manson Foss, who died 10 Mar. 1843, daughter of 
Joseph and Jane (Manson) of Scarboro, Me. ; secondly, 24 Dec. 
1843, Mart Brackett Foss, born 13 Sept. 1823, died 25 June 
1845, sister of the foregoing; thirdly, 28 Sept. 1848, Caroline 
vol. lxvi 4 

52 Descendants of William Scales [Jan. 

Matilda Conover, born 7 Mar. 1820, died 2 Mar. 1880. He 
was a Freewill Baptist minister at West Milan, N. H., and Ches- 
terville. Me. 

Children, by third wife : 
i. Maijy J.J b. 14 July 1849 ; m. 22 Oct. 1872, George Horne of Milan, 
ii. Harriet Ann, b. 11 Aug. 1851 ; m. Apr. 1871, Joseph Leighton of 

iii. Abigail M., b. 9 Dec. 1858 ; in. Samuel Fox Hodgdon of Milan, 
iv. Ebenezer James, b. 30 Oct. 1861 ; m. Bina Horne of Milan. 

26. Col. Enoch® Scales {Ebenezer,^ Abraham,* Maltheio^ James,'^ Wil- 

liam^), born at Wilton, Me., 20 Jan. 1808, died 12 Dec. 1885. He 
married, 11 Aug. 1849, Octavia W. Woodman, born 8 Jan. 1829, 
died 10 May 1885, daughter of Ephraim and Mary, and resided at 
Wilton. He was a merchant, postmaster, sheriff, justice of the 
peace, representative in the Legislature, and colonel of a regiment 
of Maine militia. 
Children : 

1. Sara G./ b. 29 Oct. 1851 ; d. 21 Sept. 1853. 

ii. Otto Clifford, b. 21 Sept. 1868 ; graduated from Bowdoin College, 
1891 ; and Harvard Law School, 1894. 

27. Joseph Walker'^ Scales {Edward,^ Edioard,^ Edward,'^ Janies,^ 

James^^ William}), born at Canterbury, N. H., 29 Jan. 1809, died 
there 6 Nov. 1874. He married, 2'd Apr. 1837, Sarah Mason 
Shaw, born 21 July 1802, died Jan. 187S. He was a farmer, living 
at Canterbury. 

Children : 
i. Abbie Blodgett,^ b. 5 Jan. 1839 ; m. 28 Aug. 1866, Hiram Goodwin 

of Concord ; lived at Denver, Col. 
ii. George, b. 7 Oct. 1840; m. 8 June 1872, Maggie Kyan; lived at 

Denver, Col. ; one dau., Ada Bell.^ 
iii. Joseph, b. 8 Apr. 1842 ; d. 1908 ; m. 9 Sept. 1863, Nancy H. Glover; 
a farmer, living at Canterbury ; three children. 

28. William Angel'^ Scales {James,^ James,^ John,* James^ James,'^ 

Williaiv}), born at Bridgewater, Vt., 9 July 1800, died at Lempster, 
N. H., 26 Apr. 1886. He married Marietta Cox, born 2 July 
1805, died 22 Jan. 1890. He was a farmer, living at Lempster, a 
deacon of the church, and a prominent citizen. 

Children : 
i. George W.,« b. 19 July 1829 ; lived at Nashua. 
ii. Earl Cox, b. 21 Dec. 1831 ; d. « Apr. 1900 ; m. Catherine Wallace, 
b. at Glasgow, Scotland, 3 Feb. 1827 ; d. at Dover, N. H., 28 Apr. 
1902. Children: 1. Malilda J.,^ m. Clifton A. Metcalf. 2. 31ari- 
etta, m. Fred E. Quinby of Dover, N. H. 

iii. Caroline, b. 11 Apr. 1832; d. 8 Apr. 1900; m. Bass of Wo- 

burn, Mass. 
iv. Walter W., b. 20 Feb. 1834; d. 14 Sept. 1894; m. Olidi Dame; 

lived at Nashua. Children : Frank,^ Emma^ Carrie, Ida. 
v. Marl\, b. 16 Feb. 1835; m. (1) Dr. Robert Ivelley of Chelsea, 
Mass., by whom she had one sou; m. (2) Dr. Cujimings of Lynn, 
Mass., by whom she had one dau. 
vi. Lyman, b. 12 June 1843 ; d. unm. 

29. Dr. Thomas Spencer'^ Scales {Jacob,^ Samuel,^ Thomas,* William,^ 

James,"^ William^), born at Colchester, Conn., 28 Mar. 1822, died at 
Woburn, Mass., 15 June 1881. He married three times : first 

1912] Descendants of William Scales 53 

Makia Gray of Franklin, N. H. ; secondly at Woburn, 1858, 
Mary C. Snow ; thirdly at Lowell, Mass., Mary Jane Matthews. 

Child by first wife : 
i, Mary Gray.^ 

Children by third wife : 

ii. Annie B. 
iii. Fred S. 

30. Henry Martyn'' Scales (Jacoh,^ Samuel,^ Thomas,^ William,^ James,^ 

William^), born at Colchester, Conn., 4 Sept. 1826, died at Meriden, 
N. H., 11 Nov. 1870. He married at Plainfield, N. H., 27 Apr. 
1853, Ann J. Gleason, who died in 1890. He was a farmer and 
resided at Meriden. 
Children : 

i. Sarah Moulton.® 
ii. Mary E. 
iii. JtTLiA A. 

31. Dr. Edward Payson'^ Scales (Jacob,^ Samuel,^ Thomas,* William,^ 

James,^ William^), born 17 July 1831, died at Newton, Mass., 14 
Aug. 1902. He married at West Cambridge, Mass., 4 May 1859, 
Hannah Elizabeth Fowle, died 22 Sept. 1898, daughter of 
Edward and Hannah (Damon) of Woburn, Mass. He graduated 
from Dartmouth College in 1858, studied medicine at Dartmouth 
and at Cleveland, O., where he received the degree of M.D, from the 
Homoeopathic College in 1859, and ^^racticed his profession at New- 
ton, Mass., from 18G3 until his death. He was a man of great 
ability, and prominent in several societies. 
Children : 

i. Mary Beaman.* 

ii. George Chester. 

iii. Nellie Elizabeth. 

iv. William Edward. 

V. Charles Henry. 

vi. Luther Damon. 

vii. Carrie Louise. 

32. Samuel'^ Scales (Samuel,^ Samuel,^ Abraham,'^ Matthew,^ James,^ 

William}-), born at Nottingham, N. H., 18 July 1800, died at Lee, 
N. H., 12 Jan. 1877. He married at Nottingham, 23 Dec. 1828, 
Betsey True, daughter of Benjamin and Slary (Batchelder) of 
Deerfield, N. H. He was a farmer, justice of the peace, captain of 
militia, selectman of Nottingham, and representative in the legis- 
Children : 

i. True, 8 b. at Nottinsliam 20 Jan. 1830 ; d. at Boston 27 July 1892. 

ii. Israel, b. 6 Sept. 1832 ; d. 8 Aug. 1833. 

iii. John, b. 6 Oct. 1835 ; a graduate of Dartmoutli College, 1863 ; 
teacher, publisher, and editor ; the compiler of this article. 

iv. George, b. 20 Oct. 1840; d. (liilled in battle) at Malvern Hill, Va., 
2 July 1862 ; a private in Co. E, First Regt. U. S. Volunteer Sharp- 

33. Levi'' Scales (Sainuel,^ Samuel,^ Abraham,* Matthew,^ James,"^ Wil- 

liam^), born at Nottingham 13 Feb. 1811, died 4 Aug. 1847. He 
married, in 1835, Martha Cilley Bartlett, born 5 Mar. 1810, 

54 Genealogical Research in England [Jan. 

died at Nottingham 31 Oct. 1889, daughter of Hon. Bradbury and 

Polly (True) of Nottingham. 
Children : 

i. HoRACE,»b. 29 Mar. 183G; d. 30 Nov. 1895; m. Aug. 1866, Oreanna 
McLanathan of Cambridge, Mass., d. 1890; a private in Co. E, 
First Regt. U. S. Volunteer Sharpshooters ; insurance agent ; lived 
at Cambridge, Mass. Child: Martha Fitzjanies.^ 

ii. Elizabeth Ann, b. 18 Feb. 1840; m. 13 May 1863, Hon. John C. 
Bartlett of Lee, b. 4 Nov. 1838, son of Hon. Josiah and Hannah 
(True). Children: 1. Grace. 2. Josiah. 

iii. Bradbury Bartlett, b. 7 Mar. 1842 ; m. 1876, Arianna Bartlett, 
dau. of Edward St. John and Almira F. (Sawyer) of Lee. Chil- 
dren : 1. George Levi.^ 2. Betsey True. 

iv. Mary True, b. 17 Sept. 1844; m. 14 Mar. 1878, William B. Taylor 
of Quincy, Mass. ; lives at Quincy. Child : Horace Scales. 


Transcribed by Miss Elizabeth French, and communicated by the Committee on 

English Research 

[Continued from vol. 65, page 333.] 

Bates Entries in the Registers op All Saints Church, 
Biddenden, Kent 

1624 John son of Clement Bates bapt. 18 October. 
1G24 John son of Clement Bates buried 18 December. 
1626 Rachell daughter of Clement Bate bapt. 22 October. 
1628 Joseph son of Clement Bate bapt. 28 September. 

1631 A child of Clement Bat buried unbaptized 2 April. 

1632 Benjamin son of Clement Bate bapt. 24 June. 

[These entries show the P^nglish home of Clement Bates or Bate, who 
came to New England in 1635 and settled at Hingham (Register, vol. 
14, p. 305), and give information about his children which supplements 
that given in Waters's Gleanings, vol. 2, p. 1303. The recently published 
Records of Lydd, where the Bates family originated, give many items re- 
garding them for fully a century earlier than the earliest date given in 
Waters's Gleanings. The maiden name of Clement Bates's wife, the j^lace 
of his marriage, and the birthplace of his sons James and Clement have 
not yet been found. — E. F.] 


The Will of Richard Bygge of the parish of Benynden, 12 May 1474. 
To be buried in the parish church of St. George of Benynden. To the 
fabric of said church, namely to the nave of it, 6s. 8d. To the high altar 
there 12d. I make my wife Agnes and Thomas Henley my executors to 
dispose of my goods for the health of my soul. Witnesses : John Bygge 
Senior, Richard Day, John Willarde Senior, and many others. [Trans- 
lated from the Latin.] 

This is my last will regarding my lands. My feofees to make an estate to 
Robert my son his heirs and assigns in my tenement called Bowmannys 
containing seven acres, my lands and woods called Strodes containing five 
acres, lying betwext Euvyndens Crosse and Hellynden on the north side 

1912] Genealogical Research in England 55 

of the street, a piece of land called Pettefeld containing five acres, two 
pieces of land called Southlands containing eight acres, and one acre lying 
in Maythammys marsh, he paying to my wife every year during her life 
four loads of wood and 26s. 8d., and to Thomas By gge my son 20 marks. 
My feofees to make an estate to my son John in all my lands and tene- 
ments not before assigned, he to pay to my wife Agnes one hog, certain 
" pulleyn," and 26s. 8d. yearly during her life, and to my son Thomas £20. 
My wife to have the west end of the hall of my principal tenement and her 
easement in hall, kitchen, bakehouse, garden and lands, half the fruit in 
the garden during her life, pasturage for a cow and " fire and fleet " by 
the custom of the country, to be found by the said John. My feofees to 
sell a piece of land lying next to Thomas Frennche, and of the money to 
pay to Agnes, daughter of Robert Bygge, 26s. 8d., to Johane his daughter 
6s. 8d,, and the residue to amending the church way from the church to 
Walkhurst gate. Proved 14 June 1474 by the executrix named in the 
wUl, the other executor, Thomas Henley, renouncing. (Archdeaconry of 
Canterbury, vol. 2, fo. 13.) 

The Will of John BygCx Jun' of Benynden, 21 October 1479. To be 
buried in the parish church of Benynden. To the high altar there 3s. 4d. 
To the high altar of Tenterden 20d. To Agnes Bygg my mother, whom 
I make my executrix, all the residue of my goods. Regarding my lands 
in Benynden willed to me by Richard Bygg my father, lately deceased, I 
give all my lands and tenements to my mother for life, and after her death 
to be divided among all my sons at the age of eighteen years. If they all 
die before such age without lawful issue, reversion to my brothers Robert 
Bygg and Thomas Bygg, who on entering into the land shall pay £20 as 
follows : £10 to a priest to pray for a year in the church of Benynden for 
my soul, the souls of my father, my mother, and Alice my wife, and of the 
other £10, marks to my sister Katherine and the residue in various gifts 
to the church. Proved 17 May 1480 by the executrix named in the will. 
(Archdeaconry of Canterbury, vol. 3, fo. 17.) 

The Will of Robert Bigge of the parish of benynden, 1 July 1500. 
To be buried in the churchyard of the church of St. George in Benynden. 
To the high altars of the churches of Benynden and Bydinden 20d. each. 
To Agnes Watt and Johan lellysden my daughters. Willia' Dey, Harry 
bigge, harry Asten, and John Watt, my " feffers," to deliver to Elizabeth 
my daughter two pieces of land lying at benynden in the parish of Rollynden, 
to her and her assigns for ever. The residue of all my goods I give to 
Thomas Bigge and Edward my sons, whom I make my executors. Wit- 
nesses : Robert Marden, Richard Astyn, Willia' Watt, Thomas lellysden, 
and others. Proved at Tenterden 15 September 1500 by the executors 
named in the will. (Archdeaconry of Canterbury, vol. 8, fo. 2.) 

The Will of Elisabeth Bigge of benynden, 17 July 1500. To be 
buried in the churchyard of the church of St. George of benynden. To 
the high altar there 4d. To an honest priest to sing in the said church for 
my soul, my father's and mother's souls, and all Christian souls for half a 
year, £3 6s. 8d. To Elisabeth lellesden, my goddaughter, 10s. To Johane 
Watt, my goddaughter, a heifer. To Anne Benneman, Johane Bigge daugh- 
ter of Stepyn bigge, Anne Mannyng, John Watte, James Watte", and Alice 
Watte, Robert bigge son of Edward bigge, and to the sons of Richard 
Astyn and Thomas lellysden, 12d. apiece. To Elisabeth Willard 4d. To 

56 Genealogical Research in England [Jan. 

Richard Haniond and Alson his wife 3s. 4d. To sister pnell Astyn, Alice 
wife of Edward bigge, Johane lellysden, Johane A Noke, Johane Harden, 
Johane Raynold, the two unmarried daughters of William Hart, and the 
wife of Richard Motard, gifts of clothing and pewter. Thomas Bigge and 
Edward bigge, my brethren, executors. Proved 15 September 1500 at 
Tenterden by the executors named, (Archdeaconry of Canterbury, vol. 8, 
fo. 2.) 

The Will of Robert Bigge of Benenden, 13 January 1547/8. To be 
buried in the churchyard of the parish church of St. George the Martyr of 
Benenden. Alms to be distributed at the day of my burial. To wife 
Elizabeth, if she continue unmarried, all my stuff and household imple- 
ments ; if she marry again, half my stuff and household implements to my 
daughters, to be equally divided at age of eighteen or day of marriage. To 
my wife all my corn and sundry livestock. To my son Walter two steers. 
To my sons Richarde and Thomas a heifer each at eighteen, and to my son 
John twp steers at that age. All my cattle, wheat growing, and other 
moveables unbequeathed to be sold by my executrix and the moue}' em- 
ployed to pay my debts. I give to my wife Elizabeth my lease of church- 
field, and make her executrix and William Fowle of Benenden overseer. 
My wife to redeem two pieces of land at Walkhurst, mortgaged to John 
Moyse of Byddenden for £10, and also to pay to Elizabeth Vsborne £40 
for which I stand bound. 

My last will regarding the disposition of all my lands and tenements. I 
will to Elizabeth my wife for life my me^uage and garden at Benenden 
forstall and four pieces of land at Walkhurst, she releasing all her right of 
dowry in all my lands. The messuage and garden at Benenden forstall 
to go to my son John and his heirs at my wife's decease. To my son 
Richard and his heirs at my wife's decease four pieces of land at Walk- 
hurst. My executrix to take the profits of all my other lands and tene- 
ments until they amount to £40, to be paid to Elizabeth, Dorothe, Elionor, 
and Alyce, my daughters, to each £10 at day of marriage or age of twenty 
years. If any die before such day or age, reversion to the survivors, to be 
equally divided. After the said £40 be levied I give to my son Thomas 
and his heirs forever my messuage and lands at the lane of Rolvenden and 
my half of a meadow called dukes mede in Tentwarden [Tenterden], of 
which Lawrence Day holds the other half, and a jiiece of marsh land at 
Frencham containing ten acres, my executrix to have the said lands until 
son Thomas come to the age of twenty-two. After the said £40 be levied, 
to son Walter and his heirs forever seven pieces of land called the sixe 
acres, Wadyfeld, gardeyn of begtylte, the porteke, the upper shurfeld, the 
Longfelde, and the nether shurfeld, lying upon the den of Begtilte in Benen- 
den, he to pay to my son Richard 20s. a year during the life of my wife 
and after he enter into the said land. After the said £40 be levied, I give 
to son John and his heirs a piece of land called the field about the house 
and another called Euerynden's felde, both upon the den of Bigtilte. Wit- 
nesses : Willm Fowle his mark, John Asten, Lawrence Davy, and Henry 
Asten. Proved 2 June 1548 by the executrix named in the will. (Arch- 
deaconry of Canterbury, vol. 26, fo. 2.) 

Administration on the estate of Walter Bigge, late of Tenterden, co. 
Kent, was granted 17 August 1575 to Marion Bigge, relict, in the person 
of Thomas Wheler, notary public, her agent. (P. C. C., Administration Act 
Book, 1572-1580, fo. 81.) 

1912] Genealogical Research in England 57 

BiGGE Entries in the Registers of St. Mildred's Church, 
Tenterden, 1544-1617 


1553 Ricliard son of William Bigge 26 March. 

1555 John son of John Bigge 6 September. 

1556 Anne daughter of Walter Bigge 30 March. 

1558 Robert son of John Bigge 29 September. 

1559 Elinor daughter of Walter Big tailor 23 January [1559/60]. 

1560 Anne daughter of John Bigge 22 December. 

1561 Margaret daughter of Walter Bigge 13 July. 

1562 George son of John Bigge 3 May 

1562 Thomas Bigge at ye church and Jane Big at home, son and daugh- 

ter of Walter Big, 27 January [1562/3]. 

1563 Walter son of Walter Bigge husbandman 19 December. 

1563 Thomas and Robert sons of Walter Bigge tailor 24 February 


1564 John son of Walter Bigge laborer 24 June. 

1566 Marie daughter of Walter Bigge tailor 11 December. 

1569 Susan daughter of Walter Bigge laborer 18 April. 

1570 George son of Walter Bigge tailor 26 April. 

1570 Elizabeth daughter of John Bigge 6 August. 

1571 Robert son of John Bigge of Salhithe 26 December. 

1572 Anne daughter of Robert Biggs 14 December. 

1574 Katherin daughter of Robert Bigg 12 April. 

1575 Patience daughter of Robert Bigge 1 November. 
1577 William son of Robert Bigge 22 October. 

1580 Thomas son of Robert Bigge 25 April. 

1587 Lidia daughter of Henry Bigge 2 April. 

1588 Susan daughter of George Bigge 30 June. 

1588 Henrie son of Henrie Bigge Jurat 2 March [1588/9]. 

1590 John son of George Bigge 1 November. 

1591 Samuel son of Henry Biggs 31 October. 
1596 Margrette daughter of Robert Beggs 2 June. 
1599 Robart son of Robart Biggs ye younger 27 May. 
1603 Thomas son of Robert Bigge 28 August. 

1605 Ambrose son of John Bigge 10 November. 
1608 John son of John Bigge 14 August. 
1611 Annah daughter of John Bigg 14 April. 
1617 Goane daughter of widow Bie^g 11 August. 



1554 John Bigge and Jone Blachinden 21 May. 

1554 Walter Bigge and Marian Asten 16 December. [In the margin op- 
posite this marriage is the word " Cave."] 

1560 Henrie Bigge and Jone Risley 30 

1561 Steven Rainard and Elizabeth Bigge 4 August. 
1567 Thomas Fonnell and Ellen Bigge 10 February. 

1576 Thomas Tilden and Alice Biggs 10 March [1576/7]. 

1577 Simon Chittenden and Elnar Bigge 2 September. 
1579 Steven Cutbert and Letisse Bigge 26 April. 

58 Genealogical Research in England [Jan. 

1583 John Bigge of Cranebrooke and Racliell Martin* of Lidde 14 Sep- 
158') Henry Bigge and Alice Holman 3 July. 
1587 George Bigge and Thomasin Harrie 18 September. 

1589 Richard Chcston and Mary Bigge 8 July. 

1591 Jarvis Morelin and Annah Bigge 27 June. 

1592 Edward Bigge and Catherin Jarvis 9 May. 
1594 Peter Pearsse and Patience Bigge 27 May. 
1G03 John Bigge and Agnes Henniuges 1 May. 

IGIO Kichard Kinge and Lidia Bigge 4 February [1610/11], 


1548 John Bygges 27 June. 

1557 John son of John Bigge 25 January [1557/8]. 

1558 John and Jone children of Walter Bigge 9 May. 

1559 James son of John Bigge 29 March. 
1559 Robert son of John Biggs 1 November. 
1561 Margaret daughter of Walter Bigge 15 July. 

1561 Agnes daughter of Walter Bigge 3 September. 

1562 Thomas and Jone son and daughter of Walter Biggs 27 January 


1563 Walter son of Walter Bigge husbandman 28 January [1563/4]. 
1569 The wife of Walter Bigge 5 May. 

1569 Mary daughter of Walter Bigge laborer 26 July. 

1570 Elizabeth daughter of John Bigge 7 October. 

1572 Alice daughter of John Bigge 31 March. 

1573 Jone wife of Henry Bigge 4 June. 
1575 Walter Bigge 17 August. 

1586 A chUd of Christopher Bigge 12 March [1586/7]. 

1590 John son of George Bigge 17 November. 

1590 A child of George Bigge imbaptized 16 October. 

1591 Marian Bigge widow 7 April. 

1597 Martha Bigge 16 April. 

1600 Robert Bigge Jurat 7 November. 

1602 Jone Bigge 13 January [1602/3]. 

1603 Henry Bigge 21 Ajiril. 

Bigge Entries in the Registers of All Saints Church, 
BiDDENDEN, 1538-1638 
1541 .John Bigge bapt. 18 January [1541/2]. 

1545 Elizabeth daughter of John Bigge bapt. 18 March [1545/6]. 
1547 Margaret daughter of John Byge bapt. 3 April. 
1562 Edmond Massye and Elizabeth Bigge married 28 September. 
1565 William Robson and Margaret Byge married 10 July. 

1589 Simon Russell and Margery Byge married 1 October. 

1590 Frauncis Munne and Katherine Bigge married 25 July. 
1596 Mary daughter of Bigge buried 2 March [1596/7]. 

1598 George Maylam and Mary Bigge married 28 August. 

1601 Rose wife of John Bigge buried 12 March [1601/2]. 
1608 John Stowet and Elizabeth Bigge married 13 September. 
1610 Richrd By gg buried 9 December. 

* She came to New England with her daughter Patience Foster, mother of Hopestill 
Foster. Her daugliter Elizabeth married John Stowe and also came to New England, 
t Came with his family to New England. 

1912] Genealogical Research in England 59 

1611 John Frye and Susan Bygg married 25 November. 

1617 John Bigge buried 12 April. 

1624 A base-born child of Catherine Biges buried unbaptized 26 February 

1635 Thomas Bigge and Dorothy Addams married 2 April. 

Bigge Entries in the Bishop's Transcripts op Staplehurst 
1560 Sara daughter of Bartholomew Bygge bapt. 15 December. 
1563 Katryn daughter of Bartholomew Bygge bapt. 10 October. 
1626 William Bigge of Benenden and Sara Stronge of Goudherst married 
14 June. 

Bigge Entries in the Bishop's Transcripts of Benenden 
1560 Agnes daughter of Robert Big bapt. 21 October; godfather Thomas 

Hopper, godmother George Astlens, wife of Tenterden. 
1560 Benett wife of Robert Bygg buried 1 November. 
1560 Wat' [Walter] Bygge and Alice Wat' [? Watt] of High Halden 

married 28 November. 
1563 George Bygge and Julian Netter married 17 August. 
1563 Jone daughter of William Bygge bapt. 22 August. 
1563 Steven Bege buried 7 November. 

1563 Edward Bygge and Elner Tudstone married 8 November. 

1564 Margery daughter of Edward Bygg bapt. 1 October. 
1564 Walter son of George Bigg bapt. 22 October. 

1567-8 Edward Bygge bapt. and buried. [This transcript runs from 
October 1567 to October 1568, and gives no dates.] 

1591 Mildred daughter of John Biggs bapt. 20 December. 

1592 Ann daughter of James Bigg bapt. 23 April. 

1592 Patience daughter of William Bigge bapt. 17 September. 
1592 Pacience daughter of Richard Byge bapt. 26 November. 

1592 Joane Bygg daughter of Jeames Bygg bapt. 4 March [1592/3]. 

1593 A son of Edward Bigg still-born buried 12 August. 

1595 Susan daughter of Richard Bygge bapt. 9 November. 

1596 Margery daughter of William Bygg bapt. 16 May. 

1597 A still-born child of Edward Bygge buried 25 August. 

1597 An daughter of Richard Byg bapt. 8 January [1597/8]. 

1598 Mary daughter of William Bygg buried 23 February [1598/9]. 

1599 William son of Richarde Bigge bapt. 9 December. 
1602 James Bygge buried 20 January [1602/3]. 

1604 John son of Richard Bygge bapt. 17 July. 

1605 Ann Bygge widow buried 8 December. 

1605 Margaret Bygge widow buried 29 January [1605/6]. 
1609 John son of Edward Bigge bapt. 25 February [1609/10]. 

1611 Patience daughter of Edward Bigge bapt. 8 March [1611/12]. 

1612 Marye daughter of Henrye Bigge bapt. 13 December. 

1612 Patience daughter of Edward Bigge buried 18 December. 

1613 Richard son of Edward Bigge bapt. 6 February [1613/14]. 
1616 Roberte son of Edward Bigge bapt. 2 June. 

1616 Widow Bygge, poor, buried 29 December. 

1619 Dennis wife of Edward Bigge buried 10 August. 

1620 Susan daughter of Richard Bygge bapt. 8 April. 

1620 Eusebius Loue and Katherine Bigge married 24 July. 

1621 Nicholas Burden and Patience Bigge married 23 April. 
1632 Elysabet' daughter of Wyllm Bygge bapt. 31 March. 

60 Genealogical Research in England [Jan. 

[From the foregoing wills and entries the following Bigge pedigree has 
been prepared : 

1. Richard Bigge of Benenden, co. Kent, the testator of 1474, died 
between 12 May and 14 June of that year. He married Agnes, who sur- 
vived him and in 1480 proved her sou John's will. 

Children : 

2. i. Egbert. 
ii. Thomas. 

ill. John, the testator of 1479, d. betw. 27 Oct. 1479 and 17 May 1480; 

m. Alice, who d. before the earlier date, and had sous who were 

uuder eighteen iu 1479. 
iv. Katherine, meutioned in the will of her brother John, but not in 

that of her father. 

2. Robert Bigge of Benenden, the testator of 1500, died between 

1 July and 17 July 1500. His wife (name unknown) died before 

Children : 

i. Agnes, b. bef. 1474; m. [? John] Watt, and had children Joha7i, 

John^ James^ aud Alice. 
ii. JoHAN, b. bef. 1474; m. Thomas Lellysden, and had Elizabeth, 

^Zice, and two or more sons, 
iii. Thomas. 

3. iv. Edward. 

V. Parnell, m. Eichard Astyn, and had two or more sons. 

vi. Elizabeth, the testator of 1500, d. betw. 17 July aud 15 Sept. 1500. 

3. Edward Bigge of Benenden, of whom nothing is known save that 

he married Alice , had a child Robert, and was executor 

with his brother Thomas of the wills of their father and sister in 
Child : 

4. i. Egbert, b. bef. 1500, probably the same as 

4. Robert Bigge of Benenden, the testator of 1547/8, died between 

13 Jan. 1547/8 and 2 June 1548. He married Elizabeth, who 
survived him, and left eight children, seven of whom were under 

Children : 

i. Walter. (Was he " Walter Bigge tailor," the executor of Eichard 
Tilden's will in 1565, aud did he marry Marian Asteu in 1554? 
There were several of this name.) 

ii. Eichard, b. after 1530. 

iii. Thomas, b. after 1530. 

iv. John. b. after 1530. 

V. Elizabeth, b. after 1530. 

vi. Dgrgthe, b. after 1530. 

vii. Elionor, b. after 1530. 

viii. Alyce, b. after 1530; youngest dau. and perhaps youngest child; 
m. Thomas Tilden. (See Eegister, vol. 65, p.. 330.) 

In the Department of Manuscripts in the British Museum there is a 
copy of the folio edition of Hasted's History of Kent, cojiiously annotated 
and illustrated by the Rev. Thomas Streatfeild. It contains a drawing of 
the following arms : per pale ermine and azure, a lion passant gules 
crowned or, within a bordure engrailed eules charwd with eis^ht fleur-de-lis 
or. Below is this note : " I meet with this coat ascribed to Bigg, of Ben- 
enden, in a nameless MS. T. S." (Add. MS. 33,883, p. 402.)— E. F.] 

1912] Genealogical Research in England 61 

[For pedigree of Bigg, of Haines Hill in Hurst, with the same ai'ms as 
those given in Streatfeild's copy of Hasted's Kent, see Visitations of Berk- 
shii-e, vol. i, p. 171 (Harleian Society Publications, vol. Ivi), and also 
Genealogist, vol. v, p. 236. This pedigree gives the descendants of " Wil- 
liam Bigg of Bennendon in Com : Kent : a" 1540." 

For abstracts of the wills of Smalehope Bigg of Cranbrooke, of his 
widow Ellen, and of his brother John of Maidstone, see Waters's Glean- 
ings, vol. 1, pp. 21 ff. Smalehope Bigg and John Bigg were brothers of 
Patience Foster and Elizabeth Stow. — Henry Edwards Scott.] 

The Will of Richard Highland of Waldron in the County of Sussex, 
husbandman, 10 March 1590/1. To be buried in the churchyard of Wal- 
dron. To Peter Highland and to each of his children 6s. 8d. each. To 
my four daughters 3s. 4d. each. To the poor of the parish 53s. 4d. To 
son John Hyland a coverlet. To Dorothy Rogers daughter of Robert 
Rogers a coverlet. All the residue of goods to my son John Hyland, 
whom I make my sole executor. Overseers : John Fuller of Tanners and 
Robert Wood, to whom I give 3s. 3d. each. [Signed] Signum Richi Hy- 
lond. Witnesses : Malin Morton, Thomas Dyne his marke, John Tayler 
younger his marke, Thomas Dannett his marke, and Thomas Danell 
younger his marke. Proved 17 July 1591 by John Hyland son and exec- 
utor. (Archdeaconry of Lewes, Book A8, 446-124.) 

The Will of John Woodman of Mayfeld in the County of Sussex, 
Peculiar of Canterbury, and Jurisdiction of South Mailing, husbandman, 
23 April 1591. To be buried in the Churchyard of Mayfeld. To my 
daughter Margaret a cow and various household goods and £20 to be paid 
her in three years after my decease. To my daughter Joane various house- 
hold goods and £20 to be paid her in six years after my decease, and if 
she die before receiving said sum reversion to her husband Richard Carick 
and his heirs if he be living, he to have the rooms in my house which 
he occupies and next a cross of John Kenward's of Boxted for one year. 
To Anuis my youngest daughter a red heifer, various household goods and 
£20 to be paid to the said Agnes \sic\ in nine years after my decease in 
three yearly payments of £6 13s. 4d. each. My messuage and lands in 
Mayfeld to John Reames and Mary his wife, my eldest daughter, for three 
lives and to the longest liver, and after that time to remain to John Reames 
younger son of John Reames the elder and his heirs forever, paying to my 
children £6 13s. 4d. each, at the dwelling house where I John Woodman 
now dwell in the parish of Mayfeld. Son-in-law John Reames to be my 
executor, and if he rfefuse or be behind in payment of my legacies then my 
overseers John Kenward of boxted the elder and John Wickerson of 
Mayfeld, to whom I give 3s. 4d. each, to be executors. [Signed] John 
Woodman mark and seal. Witnesses : John Bonwick, John Reames, John 
Woodman, Thomas Kenward. Proved 3 June 1591 by John Reames the 
executor named in the will. (Peculiar of South Mailing, vol. Al, fo. 38.) 

The Will of John Hiland of Waldron in the County of Sussex, yeo- 
man, 12 February 1626/7. To the poor of Waldron £12, to be paid at 
my burial. To Gilbert son of Gilbert Senocke £4, and to Joseph and 
Margery Senocke children of the said Gilbert £8 each. To Abraham 
Barton's wife and to six of Thomas Swanes children £8 each. To my 

62 Genealogical Research in England [Jan. 

kinswoman John Palmas widow £3, and to her son Thomas Palmas £5. 
To the wife of John Poiill, sometime my maid servant, £3. To Margery 
wife of Thomas Cogger £5. To the children of Thomas Hiland being eight 
in number £8 each. All legacies to be paid within three months after my 
decease. All tlie residue of my goods and chattels to Thomas Hiland my 
kinsman, whom I make my sole executor, and if he refuse or keep back any 
legacy then the money bequeathed to him or his children shall remain to 
my overseers and they shall be my executors, and such benefits as the said 
Thomas should have had shall be disposed among the poorest of my kin- 
dred. Well beloved friends Samuell Jones and John Ellis of Waldron 
overseers. To the former 25s. and to the latter 20s. for their pains. 
[Signed] John Hiland his marke. Witnesses : Stephen Moore his marke, 
and Nicholas Willard. Proved 23 February 1627/8 by Thomas Hiland 
the executor named in the will. [Inventory £190.] (Archdeaconry and 
Consistory of Lewes, vol. A 20, fo. 84.) 

The Will of Thomas Hyland of Waldron in the County of Sussex, 
yeoman, 7 January 1629/30. To be buried in the churchyard of Waldron. 
To my eldest son John 12d., besides that I have given him already. To 
the poorest people of the parish of Waldron 20s., to be distributed at 
the day of my burial. To Thomas Hyland my son £50, to be paid within 
five months after my decease. To son AVilliam Hyland 12d., besides the 
surrender of certain lands. To son Samuell Hyland £60. To son Josias 
Hyland a bed furnished and £42, to be paid to son Samuell Hyland, who 
shall allow for the use thereof £3 a year toward the education of the said 
Josias until he accomplish the age of one and twenty years, Samuell enter- 
ing into a bond of £80 to Josias for the payment of said sums. To daugh- 
ter Elizabeth Hyland £42, to be paid to Thomas Hyland my son to the use 
of the said Elizabeth, he entering into a bond of £80 for the payment of 
the said sum at her age of one and twenty years or day of marriage, and 
bearing the charges of her education until the said sum be paid. To daugh- 
ter Mary Hyland £42, to be paid her by Nicholas Hyland my son and 
executor at her age of one and twenty years or day of marriage, he to bear 
the charges of her education for the use of her portion. The residue of all 
my goods, chattels and moveables to my son Nicholas Hyland, whom I make 
my executor, and I give to him a parcel of land lying in Waldron called 
Sheppards on condition that he pay all my debts and legacies and also pay 
£4 a year for eight years to my son Josias. [Signed] Thomas Hyland his 
marcke. Witnesses : Walter Davye his marcke, William Richason his 
marcke. Proved 20 February 1629/30 by Nicholas Hiland son and execu- 
tor named in the will. [Inventory £260 4s. 4d.] (Archdeaconry and 
Consistory of Lewes, vol. A20, fo. 193.) 

Hyland Entries in the Registers of All Saints Church, 
Waldron, Sussex 
1564 John son of John Heilland bapt. 9 April. 
1566 Elizabeth daughter of John Heilland bapt. 28 April. 

1566 Richard Woddam and Agnes Heilland married 27 October. 

1567 Jone wife of Richard Hiland buried 30 May. 

1567 Richard Heiland and Christian Smith widow married 7 September. 

1577 Ane daughter of John Heilland bapt. 8 July. 

1581 Thomas son of Peter Heilland bapt. 29 June. 

1586 Richard Heilland buried 3 June. 

1586 Nicholas Fuller and Anne Heilland married 28 February [1586/7]. 

1912] Genealogical Research in England 63 

1587 Agnes Heyland buried 25 December. 

1588 The wife of Richard Heilland buried 5 January [1588/9]. 

1591 Richard Heihiud buried 25 March. 

1592 Elizabeth Heiland buried 11 January [1592/3]. 

1597 Thomas Heighland and Agnes Woodman married 17 May. 

1597 John Heiknd the ehler buried 11 August. 

1598 Mary daughter of Thomas Heilland bapt. 11 June. 
1604 Thomas son of Thomas Heilland bapt. 23 April. 

1604 John son of Thomas Heilland, dwelling upon the Downe, bapt. 13 

1604 Mildred Heilland buried 6 October. 

1606 Sam well son of Thomas Heilland bapt. 8 November. 

1607 Peter son of Thomas Highland bapt. 1 March [1607/8]. 

1609 Nicholas son of Thomas Hyland bapt. 3 July. 
1612 William son of Thomas Hiland bapt. 26 July. 
1617 Josias son of Thomas Hiland bapt. 20 September. 
1623 Mary Hyland buried 5 October. 

1626 Joan wife of John Hyland buried — [before 5] December. 

1627 John Hilland buried 5 February [1627/8]. 

1629 Ann daughter of Thomas Hiland buried 2 February [1629/30], 
1629 Thomas Hiland the husband buried 10 February [1629/30]. 

Hyland Entries in the Bishop's Transcripts of Ticehurst, 


1593 Anthony Highlande thelder buried 16 April. 

1605 Mary daughter of George Highlande bapt. 17 November. 
1605 George son of George Highland buried 9 March [1605/6]. 

1607 Agnes daughter of ^Villiam Highlande buried 1 January [1607/8]. 

1610 James Highlande and Elizabeth Oxenbridg married 18 July. 

1611 Joane daughter of James Hilan' bapt. 8 September. 

1612 Wid. Highlande buried 26 Sei^tember. 

1612 William Highlande buried 13 March [1612/13]. 

1613 John Hyland and Joan Cobbe married 29 June. 

1613 Abraham son of James Hyghland bapt. 6 February [1613/141. 

1615 An daughter of James Hylan bapt. 16 March [1615/16]. 

1616 Jane daughter of John Highland the younger bapt. 9 June. 

1616 George Highland buried 8 February [1616/17]. 

1617 Ann daughter of James Highlande buried 10 June. 
1617 Richard son of John Highland buried 13 July. 

1617 Frauncis Bvycott and Frances Highland married 17 February 

1620 John son of James Hyland bapt. 25 June. 
1620 John son of James Hyland buried 11 July. 
1620 Elizabeth wife of James Hiland buried 27 July. 
1620 Thomas son of James Hiland buried 11 August. 

1620 James Hyland and Ellen Luckerst married 9 October. 

1621 James son of James Hyland bapt. 29 July. 

1622 John Boddye and Elizabeth Hyland married 29 September. 
1622 John son of John Hiland bapt. 20 October. 

1622 The wife of John Highland buried 28 December. 
1625 Faith daughter of James Highland bapt. 27 March. 

1628 John son of James Highland bapt. 8 June. 
1633 W^illiam son of James Highland bapt. 28 July. 

64 Genealogical Research m England [Jan. 

1635 Jane wife of Jolm Highland buried 3 May. 

1636 Ann daughter of James Hyland buried 19 September. 

Hyland Entries in the Bishop's Transcript of Iden, Sussex 

1632 Nicholas Hyland and Sarah Hunt married by license 1 October. 

1633 Thomas son of Nicholas Hyland buried 5 January [1633/4]. 

1635 Thomas son of Nicholas Hyland and Sarah his wife bapt. 20 March 


1636 John son of Nicholas Hyland and Sarah his wife bapt. 28 March. 

Hyland Entries in the Registers of St. Mildred's Church, 
Tenterden, Kent 


1601 jMary daughter to Hyland 6 December. 

1611 Ursula daughter to John Hiland 2 February [1611/12]. 

1613 Abigail daughter to -John Hiland 2 January [1613/14]. 

]616 John son of John Hiland 14 April. 

1629 Thomas son to Thomas Hiland 15 November. 

1631 Mary daughter to Thomas Hyland 27 March. 

1631 .John son to George Hyland 8 May. 

1632 Elizabeth daughter to Thomas Hyland 23 September. 

1633 Sarah daughter to Thomas Hiland 9 March [1633/4]. 

1635 Annah daughter of Thomas Hiland and of Debbora his wife 17 Jan- 
uary [1635/6]. 

1601 John Hiland and Katherin Benskin 3 November. 
1606 Thomas Hubbard and Alice Hyland 27 April, 

1611 John Hiland and Elizabeth Allen 24 July. 


1610 Catherin wife of John Hiland 17 May. 

1612 Ursulah daughter to John Hiland 15 November. 
1616 John son of John Hiland 31 May. 

1624 John Hiland 27 January [1624/5]. 

1628 ILlizabeth Hyland widow 8 May. 

1631 George Hyland 18 July. 

1631 John son of George Hyland deceased 14 January [1631/2]. 

1631 Abigaile Hyland 3 March [1631/2]. 

Hyland Entries in the Registers of All Saints Church, 


1628 Thomas son of John Hiland bapt, 26 October, 

1628 Thomas son of John Hiland buried 31 December. 

1629 Samuel son of John Hiland bapt, 20 Decembei', 

1635 John son of William Hylande bapt, 29 November, 

1636 Elizabeth daughter of William Hylande and Alice his wife bapt, 16 

January [1636/7], 

Hyland Entries in the Registers of St, Mary's Church, 
Frittenden, Kent 

1566 James son of John Hyland 29 December. 
1568 Andrew Hyland 20 February [1568/9]. 

1912] Genealogical Reseay^ch in England 65 

1570 John son of Jolin Hiland 4 March [1570/1]. 

1574 Elizabeth daughter of John Hyland 4 April. 

1576 Thomas son of John Hyland 21 October. 

1578 Agnes daughter of John Hiland 27 December. 

1582 Richard son of John Hyland 21 October. 

1590 John son of Andrew Hyland 10 January [1590/1]. 

1591 Mildred daughter of Andrew Hiland 5 November. 
1595 William son of Andrew Hyland 10 August. 
1603 Pauline daughter of William Hyland 7 August. 
1605 Peter son of Richard Hyland 9 November. 

1610 Richard son of Richard Hiland 11 October. 

1611 Elizabeth daughter of William Hiland 2 May. 

1612 Margaret daughter of Richard Hilland 30 August. 

1614 Mary daughter of William Hyland 19 February [1614/15]. 

1618 Richard son of William Hyland 6 April. 

1621 Thomas son of William Hyland 5 February [1621/2.] 

1628 Elizabeth daughter of John Hiland 6 October. 

1629 Catherine daughter of John Hiland 4 October. 
1632 Lucye daughter of John Hyland 20 May. 

1635 William son of Rowland Hiland and Sara his wife 22 November. 
1637 Rowland son of Rowland Hiland and Sara his wife 29 October. 
1640 Richard son of Rowland Hyland and Dorothy his wife 27 October. 

1564 John Hyland and Mildred Master 25 September. 

1583 Mildred Hyland and Thomas Savage 2 March [1583/4]. 

1594 Katherine Marchant to James Hyland 14 October. 
1600 Agnes Hyland and Richard Browne 17 August. 

1603 Elizabeth Hyland and Philipp Darbie 17 July. 

1604 Alice Colly and Richard Hyland 22 October. 

1625 James Hiland and Elizabeth Baker 4 March [1625/6]. 
1634 Rowland Hyland and Sara Jennitt 13 January [1634/5], 

1637 Richard Hyland and Sara Denn 18 September. 

1639 Rowland Hyland and Dorothe Grayling 13 January [1639/40]. 


1572 Amys Hyland 7 October. 
1588 John Hyland a householder. 

1595 William son of Andrew Hyland 7 September. 
1607 Jane daughter of William Hylande 22 August. 

1610 Anne daughter of Richard Hyland 3 April. 

1611 Peter son of Richard Hyland 19 August. 

1612 Katherine daughter of William Hyland 19 February [1612/13]. 

1627 William Hiland a poor man 2 October. 

1628 Elizabeth daughter of John Hiland 8 October. 

1630 Thomas son of William Hyland 24 August. 

1631 Joan Hyland a poor widow 13 January [1631/2]. 
1631 John Hyland a poor man 13 January [1631/2]. 

1636 William son of Rowland Hyland 16 June. 

1638 Rowland son of Rowland Hyland 5 November. 

1639 Sara wife of Rowland Hyland 10 July. 

Hyland Entries in the Bishop's Transcripts of Rolvenden, Kent 
1621 George Hyland and Elizabeth Day married 16 April. 

66 Genealogical Research in England [Jan. 

1621 George son of George Hyland bapt. 30 December. 
1G23 Miiry'daugliter of George llylancl bapt. G July. 

1624 Anna daughter of George Hyland bapt. 2 January [1624/5]. 

1625 A young child of George Hyland buried 10 April. 
1627 Elizabeth wife of George Hyland buried 15 August. 

Hyland Entry in the Bishop's Transcripts of Staplehurst, Kent 
1634 John Hartnup and Elizabeth Hyland widow married 22 December. 

Hyland Entries in the Bishop's Transcripts of Benenden, Kent 
1624 John Hyland and Mary Woodman married 1 June. 
1633 Thomas Wyllmis and Elysabet Hyland married 14 January [1633/4]. 

[From the for,egoing wills and entries the following Hyland pedigree has 
been constructed : 

1. Richard Highland or Hyland, of Waldron, County Sussex, the 
testator of 1591. There were two of this name in the pai'ish at the same 
time, so that it is impossible to tell whether Jone, wife of Richard Hiland, 
who was buried 30 May 15G7, and Christian Smith, who married Richard 
Heiland 7 Sept. 1567, were wives of the man who was buried in 1586 or 
of the man who was buried in 1591. Certainly the wife of Richard Heil- 
laud who was buried 5 Jan. 1588/9 was wife of the testator of 1591, or she 
would have been styled " widow." The church register does not give many 
details I'egarding this generation of the family. 
Children : 

i-iv. Four daughters, names unknown. 

V. John, bur. at Waldron 5 Feb. 1G27/8 ; m. Joan , who was bur. 

there early in Dec. 1626 ; was the testator of 1626/7, and his wUl 
shows male relatives but no children. 

2. vi. Peter. 

2. Peter Hyland, married before 1581. He and his children are men- 

tioned in his father's will, but though he had more than one child, 
the only one whose name we know is 

3. i. Thomas, bapt. at Waldron 29 June 1581 ; probably identical with 

3. Thomas Heilland or Hyland, of Waldron, the testator of 1629/30, 

was buried at Waldron 10 Feb. 1629/30. He married there, 
17 May 1597, Agnes AVoodman, who was probably daughter of 
John of Mayfield. She died before her husband. Early marriages 
were not uncommon in those days, and the name Peter in this man's 
family (a name not found in his wife's family), and the fact that he 
was kinsman to John Hyland, make it probable that he was son of 
the above-named Peter. 
Children : 

i. Mary, bapt. at Waldron 11 -Tune 1598; probably d. young, 
ii. John, eldest son liviua; in 1629/30. 

4. iii. Thomas, bapt. at Waldron 23 Apr. 1604. 

iv. Samuel, bapt. at Waldron 8 Nov. 1606 ; living in 1629/30. 

V. Peter, bapt. at Waldron 1 Mar. 1607/8; d. probably bef. 1626/7; 

not mentioned in his father's Avill, 1629/30. 
vi. Nicholas, bapt. at Waldron 3 July 1609 ; m. at Iden, Sussex, 1 Oct. 

1632, Sarah Hunt, and had two sons named Thomas and a son 

John ; executor of his father's will. 
vii. William, bapt. at Waldron 26 July 1612 ; living in 1629/30. 
viii. Josias, bapt. at Waldron 20 Sept. 1617; living In 1629/30. 
ix. Elizabeth, b. after 1609 ; living in 1629/30. 

1912] Genealogical Research in England 67 

X. Maky, b. after 1609 ; living in 1629/30. 
xi. Ann, bur. 2 Feb. 1629/30. 

4. Thomas Heilland, Hiland, or Htland, was baptized at Waldron 
23 Apr. 1604, and died in New England between 14 Feb. 1682/3 

and 3 May 1683. He married Debora , and lived in Ten- 

terden from 1629 to 1636, emigrated to New England, where he was 
a proj^rietor of Scituate in 1637, took the oath of allegiance 1 Feb. 
1638/9, and was later a juryman and town officer. He left to his 
son Thomas lands in Waldron and a house in Tenterden. There is 
a "Hyland's Farm" in Waldi-on to-day, and a Hyland keeps a 
small dry-goods shop in Tenterden. 
Children : 

i. Thomas, bapt. at Tenterden 15 Nov. 1629 ; m. in New England, 1 

Jan. 1660/1, Elizabeth Stockbridge, daughter of John, and had 

issue; living in 1683. 
ii. Mary, bapt. at Tenterden 27 Mar. 1631 ; m. in 1664, John Bryant, 

and bad issue; living in 1683. 
iii. Elizabeth, bapt. at Tenterden 23 Sept. 1632 ; m. Eeancis James of 

Hingham, and had issue ; living in 1688. 
iv. Sarah, bapt. at Tenterden 9 Mar. 1633/4; d. in New England in 

Nov. 1688; m. there, 6 Jan. 1651/2, Thomas Turner of Scituate, 

who d. in Nov. 1688 ; had issue. 
V. Annah, bapt. at Tenterden 17 Jan. 1635/6; not mentioned in her 

father's will, 
vi. Samuel, d. in King Philip's war; m. Isabell , who m. (2) 

Samuel Wetherell. 
vii. Deborah, m. in 1666 William Ticknor; living in 1683. 
viii. Ruth, not mentioned in her father's will. Was she the mother of 

Joseph Studson, who is named as a grandson by Thomas Hyland 

in his wUl? 

George Hyland of Guilford, Conn., was probably descended from the 
Ticehurst branch of this family, but until further information from American 
sources has been secured, it is useless to try to identify him with any of 
the several Georges of that branch. — E. F]. 


The Will of Gilbert Stedeman of byddenden in the County of Kent, 
2 April 37 Henry VIII [1546]. To be buried in the churchyard of bydden- 
den. To John Stedman, Richard Stedman, Nichas Stedman, and Thomas 
Stedman the elder 6s. 8d. apiece. To Thomas Stedman my younger son 
at the age of twenty my " brode loome " and all my sleyes to her belong- 
ing, Richard Stedman to have the rule and occupying of the said loom 
until the said Thomas cometh unto the said age, he paying to the said 
Thomas 20d. yearly. To my youngest son Thomas Stedman my red 
heifer, Richard Stedman to have the keeping of her untU Thomas's day of 
marriage, and paying to him for her 20d. yearly. The residue of my 
moveable goods to Tomsyn my wife, and I make her my sole executrix. 
Witnesses: Richard Hamon and John Jenkyn. Proved 8 April \sic\ 1546 
by the executrix named. (Archdeaconry of Canterbury, vol. 24, fo. 5.) 

Administration on the estate of John Stedman of Biddenden was granted 
28 April 1558 to Richard Stedman of Biddenden, bi'other of the deceased. 
Bondsmen : William Fiseck of Biddenden and Thomas Hilles of Halden 
in £20. (Archdeaconry of Canterbury, Act Book 13, fo. 32.) 

Administration on the goods of Richard Stedman of Biddenden was 
granted to Margaret the relict, 12 December 1559. James Sloman and 


68 Genealogical Research in England ' [Jan. 

John Moyse of Biddenden bondsmen in £40. (Archdeaconry of Canter- 
bury, Act Book 15, fo. 148.) 

Administration on the estate of TnoMAs Stedjian of Byddenden was 
granted to — > the relict, 21 February 1564/5. Stephen Bate- 
man of Biddenden, clothier, and John Warden of the same, clothier, bonds- 
men in £20. (Archdeaconry of Canterbury, Act Book 17, fo. 60.) 

Administration on the estate of Alice Stedman widow, late of Bidden- 
den, was granted to Emme Richards, daughter of the deceased, 11 January 
1574/5. Bondsmen: Robert Moyse of Biddenden, clothier, and Isaac 
Stedman of Biddenden, weaver, in £30. Inventory, £13 98. 3d. (Arch- 
deaconry of Canterbury, Act Book 17, fo. 133.) 

The Will of Gilbur' Stedman of biddenden in the kounty of Kente, 8 
July \_sic'] 1588. To be buried in the churchyard of biddenden. To the 
poor of biddenden 3s. 4d. To my mother Elizabeth Morars a gallon of 
butter, four cheeses and 6s. 8d. To Isack Stedman 6s. 8d., to be paid out 
of the loom by Thomas Stedman, aud my best suit of apparel. To Thomas 
Stedman and John Stedman, sons of Isack Stedman, a lamb each. To Also 
Stedman my goddaughter, daughter of Isack Stedman, two lambs. To my 
brother-in-law John Johnson, 6s. 8d., to be paid out of the loom by Thomas 
Stedman. To Richard Johnson son of John Johnson two lambs, and to 
Cattarin Johnson his daughter a lamb. To Thomas Stedman son of James 
Stedman a brode loom with all the tacklings belonging thereto, in full satis- 
faction of a debt of 12s. which I owe him, he paying 6s. 8d. each to Isack 
Stedman and John Johnson, as before specified. To Johne Stedman, Mary 
Stedman, Margaret Stedman, and Elisabeth Stedman, daughters of James 
Stedman, a lamb each. To Ane Seelis, daughter of John Seelis, a lamb. 
All the residue of my moveable goods and cattle to Katarin my wife, whom 
I make executrix. Witnesses : John Evranden, Henry Allard, Roger 
Sturmin. Proved 14 August 1588 by the executrix named. (Archdea- 
conry of Canterbury, 1588, original will.) 

The Will of John Stedman of Biddenden in the County of Kent, broad- 
weaver, 7 April 1601. To my two sons Jeremie Stedman and John Sted- 
man, to each a loom now in my shop with the implements thereto belonging 
and a bed furnished as they now do lie in them. To John Wriddle my 
godson, son of Francis Wriddle my son-in-law, one other loom with the ap- 
purtenances. To John Taylor, son of my daughter Taylor, a bullock, and 
to each of her four other children a pewter dish. The residue of all my 
goods to Margery my wife, whom I make my sole executrix. Witnesses : 
John Whitcombe, John Besbech, Roger Pattenson. Proved 21 May 1602 
bv the executrix named in the will. (Ai'chdeaconry of Canterbury, vol. 
52, fo. 147.) 

Administration on the estate of Isaac Stedman late of Biddenden was 
granted to Alice [sic'] Stedman relict of the deceased, 12 February 1601/2, 
Valentine Baker, tailor, of Biddenden and Thomas Stedman of the same, 
clothier, being bound in £20. Inventory, £19. (Archdeaconry of Canter- 
bury, Act Book 23, fo. 157.) 

Account on the estate of Isaack Stedman, entered 3 March 1602/3 by 
Emme Stedman, the administratrix, shows debts and funeral expenses 
amounting to £12 7s. 4d., and 40s. each paid to the son of the deceased and 
to Stedman als Chaplyn, wife of Laurence Chaplyn of Biddenden, 

1912] Genealogical Research in England 69 

daughter of deceased. (ArcMeaconry of Canterbury Computi, bk. 12, 
fo. 459.) 

The Will of Emm Stedman late wife of Isaacke Stedman, 24 March 

. To my daughter Alice a cow, wearing apparel, and household goods. 

To my daughter's son a silver ring and a pewter dish. To my daughter's 
daughter a "dagee." I make Thomas Stedman my son my executor. 
Witnesses : Stephen Vsmer, Thomas Stedma', John Rampsden. The will 
of Emme Stedman late of Biddenden was proved 25 July 1604 by the 
executor named. (Archdeaconry of Canterbury, vol. 55, fo. 97.) 

The Will of William Stedman of Biddenden in the County of Kent, 
victualler, 6 October 1628. To be buried in the churchyard of Biddenden. 
To my son William Stedman various household goods. To my son's chil- 
dren, Robert and Joane Stedman, household goods and £15 each, to be paid 
at age of twenty-one. To my wife's son Henry Baker 5s., and to her 
daughter Elizabeth Baker £10 at her age of twenty-one or marriage. To 
Joane Coventry my servant 20s. All the residue of my goods and chattels 
to my wife Joane, whom 1 make my sole executrix. My good friends 
Roger Pattenson of Biddenden and John Pattenson his son to be overseers. 
[Signed] The marke of William Stedman. Witnesses : Edmund Stede, 
Thomas Stedman, William Wacher. Proved 3 December 1628 by Joane 
Stedman, widow, the relict and executrix named. (Archdeaconry of Can- 
terbury, vol 67, fo. 159.) 

The Will of Richard Piers of Tenterden in the County of Kent, 9 
June 1543. To be buried in the churchyard of Tenterden. To the poor 
of Tenterden 20s. All the residue of my goods to my sisters Alys and 
Agnes, and if either die before she be married, reversion to Elizabeth Piers. 
To my brother John Piers all my land, and if he sell it, my uncle William 
Piers* to have the refusal of it. Executor, John Pelland. Witnesses : 
William Awsten, William Piers, Edward Brandyn, and others. (Arch- 
deaconry of Canterbury, vol. 27, fo. 3.) 

Lay Subsidies for Kent 
Barclay Hundred [town of Biddenden], 35 Henry VIII [1543-4]. 

Value Tax 

Rychard Stedman in goods 40s. 4d. 

Nicholas Stedmond in goods 20s. 2d. 

Thomas Stedmond in goods £18. 2s. 6d. 

John Stedmond in goods 40s. 4d. 

(Lay Subsidies, 124/259, Public Record Office.) 
Barclay Hundred, 10 November 36 Henry VIII [1544]. 

John Stedmond in goods £4. 4d. 

Thomas Stedmond in goods £8. 16d. 

Rychard Stedman in goods £4. 4d. 

Nicolas Stedman in goods 40s. 2d. 

(Lay Subsidies, 125/273, Public Record Office.) 
Barclay Hundred, 8 February 37 Henry VIII [1545-6]. 

Nicholas Stedman in goods £5. 3s. 4d. 

Thomas Stedman in goods £8. 5s. 4d. 

(Lay Subsidies, 125/301, Public Record Office.) 

* This William Piers made Richard Tilden of Benenden, grandfather of Nathaniel 
Tilden, his executor. — E. F. 

70 Genealogical Research in England [Jan. 

Stedman Entries in the Registers and Bishop's Transcripts of 

All Saints Church, Biddenden 
1538 Thomas son of Nicholas Stedman buried 24 September. 
1538 Thomas sou of Nicholas Stedman bapt. 7 October. 
1538 James son of Thomas Stedman bapt. 10 October. 
1538 Johan daughter of Richard Stedman bapt. 15 January [1538/9]. 
1540 Isabell daughter of Thomas Stedman bapt. 19 December. 

1540 Elizabeth daughter of Richard Stedman bapt. 27 February [1540/1]. 

1541 Isabell daughter of Thomas Stedman buried 17 May. 

1541 John son of Thomas Stedman bapt. 8 March [1541/2]. 

1542 Symond son of Stedman bapt. 14 September. 

1543 Thomas son of Stedman bapt. 5 October. 

1543 William son of Stedman bapt. 16 March [1543/4]. 

1544 William son of Stedman infant buried 26 March. 

1544 Julyan daughter of Stedman bapt. 26 November. 

1545 Margaret daughter of Stedman bapt. 25 April. 

1545 Elizabeth daughter of Stedman infant buried 23 May. 

1546 Ane daughter of Stedman bapt. 26 March. 

1546 Gilbarte Stedman householder buried 18 May \_sic]. 

1546 William son of Nicholas Stedman bapt. 27 November. 

1547 Jane daughter of Thomas Stedman bapt. 17 February [1547/8]. 

1547 Jane daughter of Thomas Stedman buried 26 February [1547/8]. 

1548 Thomas Stedman and Elizabeth Fuller married 7 May. 

1548 Julyan daughter of Stedman buried 7 June. 

1548 Margaret daughter of Richard Stedman bapt. 21 July. 
1548 Thomas Stedman and Anne Bottynden married 14 October. 
1548 Henry son of William Stedman bapt. 18 November. 

1548 Abraham son of Stedman bapt. 5 March [1548/9]. 

1550 Isacke son of Stedman bapt. 24 May. 

1550 Samuell daughter [_sic'] of Stedman bapt. 5 August. 

1550 Abraham son of Stedman bapt. 13 October. 

1550 Rycherd son of Stedman bapt. 12 February [1550/1]. 

1551 John Stedman buried 20 July.* 

1551 Thomas Stedman buried 21 July. 

1552 James son of Stedman bapt. 12 April. 

1552 Margaret daughter of Stedman buried 28 April. 

1552 Jacobe son of Stedman buried 10 May. 

1552 Abraham son of Nicholas Stedman buried 1 March [1552/3]. 

1553 Mary daughter of Richard Stedman bapt. 2 August, 

1553 Josephe son of Richard [probably a clerical error for Thomas] Sted- 

man bapt. 13 September. 

1554 Gilbard son of Thomas Stedman thelder bapt. 15 January [1554/5]. 

1555 Alyce daughter of Nicholas Stedman bapt. 5 May. 

1555 Alyce Stede [? Stedeman] buried 19 July. 

1556 Alys daughter of Nicholas Stedman bapt. 16 October. 

1556 George son of Richard Stedman bapt. 8 November. 

1557 John Stedman householder bviried 28 October. 
1557 Thomas Stedman householder buried 5 November. 

1557 Elizabeth wife of John Stedman buried 23 March [1557/8]. 

1558 [Almost the entire year missing; transcripts do not begin so early.] 

1559 Richard Stedman householder buried 21 May. 

1559 James Benden and Lettys Stedman married 22 August. 

* During this month the plague raged at Biddenden. 

1912] Genealogical Research in England ' 71 

1561 Josephe son of Thomas Stedman buried 2 May. 

1561 Mary wife of Thomas Stedman buried 23 May. 

[From July to October 1561 only three entries were made.] 

1562 Jone daughter of Richard Stedman buried 13 June. 

[October 1562 to AprU 1563 missing in register and transcripts.] 

1564 Thomas Stedman buried 4 December 1564. 

1565 James Stedman and Agnes Asshenden married 20 May. 

1567 Anne daughter of Jeames Stedman bapt. 2 August. 

1568 Roger Spencer and Anne Stedman married 4 July. 

1568 Jeane daughter of James Stedman bapt. 13 March [1568/9]. 

1569 William Stedman and Marye Pellan married 21 November. 

1570 Mary daughter of James Stedman bapt. June 18. 
1570 Nicholas son of William Stedman bapt. 20 August. 

1 570 Nicholas son of William Stedman buried 7 September. 

1571 Anne daughter of William Stedman bapt. 21 September. 
1574 Margaret daughter of James Stedman bapt. 18 July. 
1574 Alice Stedman widow buried 11 December. 

1574 Isaacke Stedman and Eme Richards married 1 February [1574/5]. 

1575 Jone daughter of Samuel Stedman bapt. 24 July. 

1575 Theromye [Jerome] son of John Stedman bapt. 1 January [1575/6]. 

1575 Alice daughter of Isaacke Stedman bapt. 20 February [1575/6]. 

1576 Elizabeth daughter of James Stedman bapt. 23 December. 

1577 Richard Stedman and Bridget Hamper married 5 May. 
1577 A daughter of Richard Stedman buried unbapt. 8 December. 

1577 John son of John Stedman bapt. 21 December. 

1578 John Seelis and Marye Stedman* married 28 April. 
1578 Alice daughter of Richard Stedman bapt. 5 October. 

1578 Thomas son of Isaac Stedman bapt. 21 December, 

1579 Katherine daughter of Samuel Stedman bapt. 10 May. 
1579 James Stedman householder buried 10 October. 

1579 James son of James Stedman bapt. 14 February [1579/80]. 

1579 Jone daughter of Richard Stedman bapt. 21 February [1579/80]. 

1580 James son of James Stedman buried 3 June. 

1580 Thomas Sedweeke and Anne Stedman widow married 6 June. 

1580 Johnson of Isaac Stedman bapt. 19 February [1580/1]. 

1581 Abraham Stedman and Judith Amis married 4 AprU. 
1581 Richard son of Richard Stedman bapt. 5 November. 

1581 Thomas son of Abraham Stedman bapt. 26 February [1581/2]. 

1582 An infant of Gilbert Stedman unbaptized buried 16 September. 

1583 Thomas base son of Isaac Stedman bapt. 9 June. 

1583 William son of Abraham Stedman bapt. 15 March [1583/4]. 

1584 Thomas base-born son of Isaac Stedman bapt. [s^c] 17 May. 

1585 Elizabeth daughter of John Stedman bapt. 12 December. 

1585 Elizabeth daughter of John Stedman buried 24 February [1585/6]. 

1585 John son of Richard Stedman bapt. 5 March [1585/6]. 

1585 Judith daughter of Abraham Stedman bapt. 5 March [1585/6]. 

1585 Judith daughter of Abraham Stedman buried 7 March [1585/6]. 

1586 Anne daughter of Samuel Stedman bapt. 1 May. 

1586 Gilbert son of Isaac Stedman bapt. 26 December. 

1587 Margaret daughter of Abraham Stedman bapt. 16 July. 

1587 John son of Richard Stedman buried 9 January [1587/8]. 

1588 Nicholas son of John Stedman bapt. 5 May. 

•Parents of Richard Seelis of Scituate. (See Register, vol. 65, p. 321.) 

72 Genealogical Research in England [Jan. 

1588 Nicholas son of John Stedman buried 18 May. 
1588 Gilberte Stedman householder buried 13 June. 
1588 John son of Richard Stedman bapt. 22 October. 

1588 Samuel son of Samuel Stedman bapt. 1 December. 

1589 Thomas Stedman and Elizabeth Philpott married 19 May. 
1589 Margaret daughter of Isaac Stedman bapt. 9 November. 
1589 Nicholas son of Abraham Stedman bapt. 8 December. 

1589 Anne daughter of Richard Stedman buried 6 January [1589/90]. 
1589 Nicholas son of Abraham Stedman buried 13 March [1589/90]. 

1589 Thomas son of Thomas Stedman bapt. 15 March [1589/90]. 

1590 Margaret daughter of Isaac Stedman buried 27 March. 
1590 John Tayler and Jone Stedman married 25 July. 

1590 Thomas the base son of Isaac Stedman buried 25 December. 
1590 Elizabeth daughter of Abraham Stedman baptized 26 January 

1590 Margaret daughter of Richard Stedman bapt. 21 February [1590/1]. 

1591 Samuel Stedman householder buried 21 June. 

1591 Xpofer Pearce and Julian Stedman widow married 7 December. 

1591 Roger and Richard sons of Thomas Stedman bapt. 26 December. 

1591 Richard son of Thomas Stedman buried 28 December. 

1592 Two daughters of Isaac Stedman buried unbaptized 9 July. 

1592 Helen daughter of Abraham Stedman bapt. 16 January [1592/3]. 

1593 The wife of Richard Stedman buried 27 January [1593/4]. 

1594 John son of Abraham Stedman bapt. 22 December. 

1595 Luke son of Thomas Stedman bapt. 30 November. 

1596 John son of Isaac Stedman buried 11 September. 

1596 Jane daughter of Abraham Stedman bapt. 9 January [1596/7]. 

1598 Philyppe daughter of Abraham Stedman bapt. 18 March [1598/9]. 

1599 Lawrence Chaplen and Alice Stedman married 7 May. 

1599 Francis Writtle and Elizabeth [Isabell in transcript] Stedman mar- 

ried 22 October. 

1600 Margaret daughter of Abraham Stedman buried 20 June. 

1601 John Stedman householder buried 14 Ajwil. 

1601 Dionyse daughter of Abraham Stedman bapt. 5 July. 
1601 Isaac Stedman householder buried 16 .January [1601/2]. 
1603 John Stedman and Jone Kettell married 4 July. 
1603 Anne daughter of Abraham Stedman bapt. 20 November. 

1603 Anne daughter of Abraham Stedman buried 23 January [1603/4]. 

1604 Eme Stedman widow buried 10 May. 

1604 Francis son of Abraham Stedman bapt. 16 December. 

1605 Isaac son of Thomas Stedman bapt. 21 April. 

1605 John son of John Stedman bapt. 1 September. 

1606 Thomas Stedman and Ann Norman married 8 September. 

1606 Jeremy Stedman widower and Martha Care singlewoman married 
8 October. 

1606 Dionyse daughter of Abraham Stedman buried 3 November. 

1607 Thomas son of Thomas Stedman bapt. 5 April. 
1607 Thomas son of Thomas Stedman baj5t. 24 May. 
1607 Richard son of John Stedman bapt. 7 June. 
1607 Jeremy son of Jeremy Stedman bapt. 4 October. 

1607 John son of Thomas Stedman bapt. 25 October. 

1608 Judith wife of Abraham Stedman buried 20 December. 
1608 Mary daughter of John Stedman bapt. 5 February [1608/9]. 

1912] Genealogical Research in England 73 

1608 John Stedman householder buried 12 February [1608/9]. 

1609 George son of Thomas Stedman bapt. 9 April. 

1609 George son of Thomas Stedman bapt. 3 September. 

1610 Eichard Stedman and Mary Post married 10 September. 

1610 Abraham Stedman and Joane Constable married 14 January 

1610 Thomas son of William Stedman bapt. 3 March [1610/11]. 

1611 Eichard son of Eichard Stedman Jr. bapt. 4 August. 
1611 Jeremye Stedman buried 18 February [1611/12]. 

1611 Widow Stedman buried 23 February [1611/12]. 

1612 John son of Thomas Stedman ye weaver bapt. 13 June. 
1612 John son of Eichard Stedman bapt. 29 November. 

1614 William son of Thomas Stedman bapt. 17 April. 

1615 William Stedman and Joan Baker widow married 4 July. 

1615 John son of Eichard Stedman Sen. buried 8 July. 

1616 A child of Eichard Steedman buried unbaptized 15 October. 
1616 George son of Thomas Stedman buried 4 February [1616/17]. 

1616 William son of William Stedman bapt. 16 March [1616/17]. 

1617 A daughter of Eichard Stedman buried unbaptized 22 December. 

1618 Eobert son of Thomas Stedman Jun. bapt. 26 April. 

1619 Ambrose Eedwell of Bennenden and Helen Stedman married 5 Oc- 


1620 Joane daughter of William Stedman bapt. 18 June. 

1620 Joane daughter of William Stedman Sen. buried 2 February 

1623 Abraham Stedman buried 22 April. 

1624 Eichard Stedman biu'ied 5 June. 

1626 Eichard Stedman Sen. buried 24 February [1626/7]. 

1627 Edward Hatton and Jane Stedman married 12 May. 

1628 John Stedman and Elizabeth Smith married 25 November. 

1628 Thomas Stonhard and Joan Stedman married 26 January [1628/9]. 

1631 Elizabeth daughter of Isaac Stedman bapt. 25 March. 

1631 Elizabeth daughter of Isaac Stedman buried 20 May- 

1631 Francis Stedman buried 1 July. 

1631 John Stedman and Joan Couentrie married 22 September. 

1632 Nathaniell son of Isaacke Stedman bapt. 9 September. 

1634 Isaac son of Isaac Stedman and Elizabeth his wife bapt. 15 February 

Richards Entries in the Eegisters of All Saints Church, 


1538 Katharine daughter of John Eicarde buried 21 December. 

1539 John Anower and Alyce Eicarde married 30 June. 

1539 Eichard Eicarde and Elizabeth Lother married 21 January 


1539 Alyce daughter of Eichard Eicarde bapt. 6 February [1539/40]. 

1541 William son of Stephen Eicarde buried 12 August. 

1541 Johan daughter of Eichard Eicard bapt. 20 September. 

1541 Eicherde Eycarde householder buried 9 February [1541/2]. 

1542 Johan daughter of Eycard buried 15 September. 

1542 Thomas son of Eycard bapt. 5 March [1542/3]. 

1543 Elizabeth daughter of Eycard bapt. 16 April. 

1543 John son of Eicherds infant buried 10 June. 

74 Genealogical Research in Engla^id [Jan. 

1544 John son of Ricard bapt, 22 December. 

1545 p:iizabeth daughter of Rycavde bapt. 23 June. 

1546 William son of Rycarde buried 1 February [1546/7]. 

1547 Thomas Rychards and Alles Pearce married 10 May. 

1547 Eme daughter of Thomas Rycarde bapt. 11 February [1547/8], 
1549 Mary daughter of Rycarde bapt. 1 January [1549/50]. 

1551 Roger son of Rycarde buried 29 September. 

1552 Martha daughter of Rycarde bapt. 29 April. 

1554 Richard son of Richard Rycard bapt. 12 August. 

1554 Jarvye Ramesden and Margaret Rycard married 23 September. 

1556 Stephen Rycards Sen. buried 28 May. 

1557 Johane daughter of Thomas Richards buried 28 September. 

1557 John son of Thomas Richards buried 17 November. 

1558 Thomas Richards householder buried 30 April. 

1559 Annes Ricarde widow buried 1 February [1559/60]. 

[From the foregoing wills and entries the following Stedman pedigree 
has been drawn : 

1. Gilbert Stedman of Biddenden, Kent, the testator of 1546, was 

buried there 18 May 1546 \_sic]. He married Tomasyn , who 

survived him. He was a weaver, as is indicated by his legacy of a loom 
to his youngest son. 
Children : 

i. John, m. Elizabeth , who was perhaps bur. at Biddenden 

23 Mar. 1557/8. He was probably bur. there 28 Oct. 1557, and Ms 
brother Richard administered his estate. 

2. ii. Richard. 

3. iii. Nicholas. 

4. iv. Thomas the elder. 

v. Thomas the younger, b. after 1526 ; probably m. (1) 14 Oct. 1548, 
Anne Bottynden; m. (2) Mary, who was bur. 23 May 1561. 
He probably had children, but tliey have not been identified. 

2. Richard Ste*man of Biddenden was buried there 21 May 1559. 

He married Margaret , who survived him and administered 

his estate. He was administrator of his brother Thomas's estate in 

Children, baptized at Biddenden : 

i. JoHAN, bapt. 15 Jan. 1538/9 ; bur. in Biddenden 13 June 1562. 

ii. Elizabeth, bapt. 27 Feb. 1540/1. 

iii. Margaret, bapt. 21 July 1548. 

iv. Richard, bapt. 12 Feb. 1550/1 ; m. 5 May 1577, Bridget Hamper, 

and liad issue. 
V. Mary, bapt. 2 Aug. 1553 ; probably the Mary Stedman who m. John 

Seelis in 1578 and was mother of Richard Sealis of Scituate. 
vi. George, bapt. 8 Nov. 1556. 

3. Nicholas Stedman of Biddenden probably married, as his second 

wife, after Apr. 1558, Alice (Pearce) Richards, widow of Thomas 
of Biddenden. Her daughter Eme married Isaac Stedman (see 6, 
below), grandfather of the emigrant to New England, The date 
of the death of Nicholas Stedman is unknown. 

Children, by first wife (name unknown), baptized at Biddenden: 

i. Thomas, bur. at Biddenden 24 Sept. 1538. 
* ii.H DMAS, bapt. 7 Oct. 1638; bur. at Biddenden 1 July 1551 (?). 

1912] Genealogical Research in England 75 

iii. William, bapt. 27 Nov. 1546 ; m. 21 Nov. 1569, Mary Pellan; had 

iv. Abraham, bapt. 5 Mar. 1548/9 or 13 Oct. 1550 ; bur. at Biclclenden 

1 Mar. 1552/3. 
v. Alice, bapt. 5 May 1555 ; bur. at Biddenden 16 Oct. 1555. 
[Probably other children, unidentified.] 

4. Thomas Stedman the elder of Biddenden was buried there either 

5 Nov, 1557, or 4 Dec. 1564. He probably married twice. 
The name of his first wife is unknown, but his second wife was 
probably Elizabeth Fuller, whom he married at Biddenden 7 

May 1548. She probably married for her second husband 

Morars, and is mentioned in her son Gilbert's will. Thomas Sted- 
man's father and sons being weavers, it seems probable that he also 
was a weaver. 

The tax lists show him to have been the most prosperous member 
of the family. It is very difficult to tell which entries in the parish 
registers refer to Thomas the elder and which to Thomas the 
younger, as only once, in the baptismal entry of Gilbert Stedman, 
son of Thomas the elder, is any distinction made between the two 

Children, baptized at Biddenden : 

5. i. James, bapt. 10 Oct. 1538. 

ii. Isabell, bapt. 19 Dec. 1540; bur. at Biddenden 17 May 1541. 

iii. John, bapt. 8 Mar. 1541/2 ; bur. at Biddenden 20 July 1551. 

iv. Jane, bapt. 17 Feb. 1547/8 ; bur. 26 Feb. 1547/8. 

6. V. Isaac, bapt. 24 May 1550. 

vi. Joseph, bapt. 13 Sept. 1553 ; bur. at Biddenden 2 May 1561. 

7. vii. Gilbert, bapt. 15 Jan. 1554/5. 

[Probably several other children, whose identity is uncertain, 
among them probably a daughter who married John Johnson.] 

5. James Stedman of Biddenden was baptized there 10 Oct. 1538, and 

buried there 10 Oct. 1579. He married at Biddenden, 20 May 
1565, Agnes Asshenden. Was she the widow Anne (that name 
and Agnes being interchangeable) Stedman who married, 6 June 
1580, Thomas Sedweeke ? 

Children, baptized at Biddenden : 

i. Thomas, mentioned in his uncle Gilbert's will. 

ii. Anne, bapt. 2 Aug. 1567. 

iii. JoANE (Jeane in register), bapt. 13 Mar. 1568/9. 

iv. Mary, bapt. 18 June 1570. 

V. Margaret, bapt. 18 July 1574. 

vi. Elizabeth, bapt. 23 Dec. 1576. 

vii. James, bapt. 14 Feb, 1579/80 ; bur. 3 June 1580. 

6. Isaac Stedman of Biddenden, weaver, was baptized at Biddenden 

24 May 1550, and was buried there 16 Jan. 1601/2. He married 
there, 1 Feb. 1574/5, Eme Richards, the testator of 1604, who 
survived him, administered his estate, and was buried at Biddenden 
10 May 1604. She was baptized at Biddenden 11 Feb. 1547/8, 
daughter of Thomas and Alice (Pearce) of Biddenden, who were 
married there 10 May 1547. Thomas Richards was buried at Bid- 
denden 30 Apr. 1558. Alice Pearce was probably a sister of 
Richard Piers of Tenterden, the testator of 1543. She married 
secondly a Stedman, probably Nicholas, a son of Gilbert Stedman 
the elder. She was buried at Biddenden 11 Dec. 1574, and ad- 

76 Genealogical Research in England [Jan. 

ministration of her estate was granted 11 Jan. 1574/5 to her 
daughter Erne Richards, whose betrothed husband, Isaac Stedman, 
was one of the bondsmen. The Richards or Ricard family was a 
prosperous one in Biddenden. 

Children, bajstized at Biddenden : 

i. Alice, bapt. 20 Feb. 1575/6 ; m. 7 May 1599, Lawrence Chaplen ; 
had issue. 

8. ii. Thomas, bapt. 21 Dec. 1578. 

iii. John, bapt. 19 Feb. 1580/1 ; bur. 11 Sept. 1596. 

iv. Gilbert, bapt. 26 Dec. 1586; probably d. bef. 1588. 

V. Margaret, bapt. 9 Nov. 1589 ; bur. 27 Mar. 1590. 

vii I '^^'^ Daughters, bur. unbapt. 9 July 1592. 
viii. Thomas (illegitimate), bapt. 9 June 1583. 

ix. Thomas (illegitimate), bapt. 17 May 1584; bur. at Biddenden 25 
Dec. 1590. 

7. Gilbert Stedman of Biddenden, the testator of 1588, was baptized 

at Biddenden 15 Jan. 1554/5, and was buried there 13 June 1588. 

He married Katharine , who survived him and proved his 

will. It is to his will, uncalendared and unregistered, that we owe 
our knowledge of his brothers and sisters. From his bequests he 
was evidently a weaver. 
Child : 

i. An infant bur. unbapt. 16 Sept. 1582. 

8. Thomas Stedman of Biddenden, clothier and weaver, was baptized 

at Biddenden 21 Dec. 1578. The date of his death and the name 
of his wife are unknown. There is the same confusion here regard- 
ing Thomases as in the earlier generations. 
Children, baptized at Biddenden : 

9. i. Isaac, bapt. 21 Apr. 1605. 

ii. Thomas, bapt. 5 Apr. or 24 May 1607. 

iii. George, bapt. 9 Apr. or 3 Sept. 1609 ; perhaps bur. at Biddenden 

4 Feb. 1616/7. 
iv. John (son of Tliomas Stedman ye weaver) bapt. 13 June 1612. 
V. Robert (son of Tliomas Stedman Jim.), bapt. 26 Apr. 1618. 

9. Isaac Stedman of Biddenden and London, Scituate and Boston, was 

baptized at Biddenden 21 Apr. 1605, and died in New England be- 
tween 2 Oct. and 19 Dec. 1678. He married Elizabeth -, 

who was born about 1609, and with her and his two sons sailed in 
the ship Elizabeth from London 8 Apr. 1635. As Isaac "Stud- 
man " he was certified by the clergyman of St. Alphege Cripplegate, 
and by two men from Blackwell l5all, which was the cloth market 
of London, to which all the cloth-weaviag centres such as Biddenden 
sent their goods. It was in connection with this trade that Isaac 
Stedman probably went to London. He settled in Scituate, where 
he was admitted to the church 17 July 1636. He was constable 
and freeman 7 June 1648, removed to Boston in 1650, and later 
was of Muddy River, now Brookline. Savage says the name was 
anciently Studman, but the shipping entry is the only place in which 
it has been found so recorded. In the English records it is always 
Stedman, Steadman, Steedman, or Stedmond. Whether there was 
any connection between Isaac Stedman and the other Stedman emi- 
grants to New England is not known. 

1912] Diary of Jeremiah Weare, Jr. 11 

Children : 

i. Elizabeth, bapt. at Biddenden 25 Mar. 1631 ; bur. there 20 May 1631. 
ii. Nathaniel, bapt. at Biddeuden 9 Sept. 1632 ; came with his parents 

to New England; m. Sarah Hammond, who died before 1675, 

daughter of Tliomas ; and had issue. 
iii. Isaac, bapt. at Biddenden 15 Feb. 1634/5 ; came with his parents to 

New England; no further record ; probably d. young, 
iv. Eliz^ubeth, bapt. at Scituate 24 Nov. 1637; married 17 Dec. 1662, 

Thomas Hammond, Jun., of Newton, and had issue; she d. in 

V. Thomas of Muddy River (now Brookline) m. Mary Watson, 

daughter of John of Roxbury, and had issue. 
vi. Hannah, d. 1727; m. 20 Jan, i673/4, Samuel Hyde of Newton; no 

vii. Sarah, m. Thomas Perry of Scituate, and had issue. 

E. F.] 

[To be continued] 


Transcribed by Samuel G. Webber, M.D., of Boston 
[Continued from Vol. 64, page 182] 

[p. 25, cont'd] 
so these years will be called the 2 Dry years by those that Dont Remem- 
ber the years 1761 & 1762 then a very moderate winter hay is very scarce 
& Dear about or from 16 Dollars to 20 a ton in the spring then comes 
the year 1795 a warm Spring &, seasonable Rains & so it continues through 
the Season being a plenty of Every thing on the earth there Has not been 
such a good season since the year 1779 

[p. 26] 

in the year 1792 Exceeding Dry but a very lettle Raign from the middle 
of June tell the last of august to What are in common years September 
comes Rain & the fall being very pleasant with Refreshing Raigns the 
month of December being more than comon pleasant but a little Snow 
Comfortable sawing in the mill January 1793 being Like pleasant snow 
scarce over shoes not worn cold February still warmer no snow to Do 
any business in clear Land for want of snow and cold the snow is not over 
shoes but a few days at a time the whole winter March being pleasant 
warm weather — april the first part warm & Rains such as scarce was seen 
before by us 

[p. 27] 

continues good weather a fine Rain on the 18th then comes no more 
Rain till the 15th of may in the morning a small Rain about enough to 
whet one thick jacket without lynin being two or three hours time then 
clears up with the wind in N brings a small frost kills som corn the trees 
are in the bloom in Danger of the frost the blossoms begins to fall on the 

19th then mostly south winds & a out winds tell the 31th at night 

then comes a moderate Rain & "Wits fast on Saturday the first of June in 
the morning then in the morning on the Sabbath and all Day moderate 
Rain all Day then on about the 10th of June a shour of Rain with 
thunder & a week of warm Weather a fine rain on the 25th at night at 
10 oclock in the evening tell 10 o clock in the morning very fast grain 

78 Diary of Jeremiah Weare, Jr. [Jan. 

& corn looks good 

[p. 28] 

May the 17th 1794 an on common Cold Day frose hard the night fol- 
lowing Ice was seen tell about 9 o clock the apple trees look yellow 
many of them as tho fire and smoke Drove through them where they stand 
on the low ground being full in the bloom being very Dry but two Rains 
of any Consequence they not being very long sence the snow went of the 
tops of the hard wood trees are killed with the sd frost there is a good 
Rain about the 9th or 10th of Jwne & warm no rain before for about 
9 or 10 weeks of any value on the loth of June at night 1794 comes a 
bard frost kills Corn heare & beans pumkins in spots 

[p. 29] 

the march the 28th may his son Jer[emiah] Weare 

was born in the year [1729] the 28th of march new style his wife Sar[ah] 
Ware the Daughter of Joseph prebel was born in the year [1731] Eben- 
ezer Littlefield son of Steph[en] Littlefield Debror sd Stephens w[ife] 
being a sister to Capt Joseph per[sons] Said Ebenezer littlefield was 
bo[rn] Ajjril A.D. 1775 Departed t[his] present life on the 24th march 
being master of the brig fidelity buried in the ocean four Days out 
Dimerrar Left one son that September 28th 1803 named Eben[ezer] Lucy 
Weare being the mother April 11th 1804 said Lucy Wear[e] Received 
the love of god being born from Darkness to gods marvelous lig[ht] 
may 14th 1804 Moses Weare give Evidence of his Receiving comf[ort] 
from the Lord as a new born Son 
[p. 30] 

Jeremiah* [Our sixth child] a daug[hter] [Betse]y 

by Name was born march the 10th [on] monday morning in the year 1 788 
[Our] Seventh child was born on Wednesday evening the 10th Day of 
march in the year of our Lord 1790 name Moses [Ou]r Eight child was 
born on monday morning on the fifth Day of march in the year of Christ 
1792 [na]me Timothy to hold the name [of] his onckle timothy that 
Departed [tjhis life on the fifth of September 1791 [Ou]r ninth Child 
was born on thurs[da]y at one o clock in the morning [be]ing the third 
Day of July [A.] D. 1794 name Jeremiah Our tenth Child was Born 
1796 September the 2th friday about three o clock in the after noon A 
Daughter name mary Our 11th Child was born Sept the 19th on Wed- 
nesday 4 o clock in the morning in the year 1798 Daughter named Olive 
[p. 31] 

AD the of mercy Wai'dwell Departed this p [resent] Life 

children left 2 sons 3 da[ughters] sd mercy being a daughter of Jose[ph] 
Weare of capnedick but she die[d at] majabigwaduce with the fever she 
moaved at majabigwaduce in fall of the year 1778 Sarah Bragdon 
Daughter of Jo[seph] weare of york Departed this prese[nt] Life in the 
year 1787 in march she Left eight sons & two Daug[hters] ten in No. 
one at the Brest Nathaniel Webber the father of [Lucy] Weare Departed 
this life June 11th 1791 If said Nathaniel had l[ived] tell September 
next the 15th day he would h[ave] been sixty nine years old Sarah 
Weare the wife of Jeremi[ah] Weare the Daughter of Joseph Prebel 
C[onverted] when she was young Departed this [life] may 14th 1801 in 
the morninc af[ter] a long sickness she was confined [to] bed for the 
most part Sept 28th 1800 this Day being about 70 years of age [she] 
comforted her friends through a goo[d] hope of Christ 

* See record of first five children [p. 7.] 

1912] Diary of Jeremiah Weare, Jr. 79 

[p. 32] 

[This page is not easy to decipher as it is much rubbed. ^ t seems to 
have recorded only the weather for years between 1778 and 17 91] 

[p. 33] 

present Life in of our Lor[d] 1783 in march t le 10th day 

in his 78 y[ear] of his age sence Last august & would have been 78 years 
[old] if he had Lived tell Next A[pril] anna weare the wife of the[odore] 
weare Departed this present life in the year of our Lord in September the 
14th day at twelve o clock at mi in the twentyth year of her a[ge] ever 
sence the of may last Timothy Weare was born Augusi the 1764 

the said timothy Departed thi^ life the 6th Day of September in the [year] 
of Christ 1791 it being twenty seven [years] one month two Days the 
said Timo[thy] being the son of Jeremiah Weare and [grandson] to 
Joseph Weare Lived with John Weare 20 years Supposed he took a cold 
by in the flats at the northern bay pe[nobscot] a loading the sloop then 
had charge the westward & saw parents & breth[ren] returned onwell to 
pernobscott & there maid his last 

[p. 34] 

business [th]e Inhabitants of this town Great[ly] La- 
mented by the same with the [ca]ncer on his Jaw so in this throat [mo]re 
than one year the said Joseph [Ward]well Departed this Life in the th 
of the year in the year of [our] Lord 1782 [I]n the year 1773 The 29 
Day [Da]y of June Mr Joseph Weare [ga]ve to his Grandson Jeremiah 
[We]are Juner a negrow boy [na]med Pomp the said Negro [wa]s born 
in the year 1791 april after serving his time [wi]th sd Weare then 
lived with [hi]m about 2 years then worked out 1 year with Brother 
Samuel [the]n went to Arundal some years [t]hen went to see, it was 
then [tha]t he was sold in the West ind[ies] by the master of the vessel 
[ab]out 1801 or 2 

[p. 35] 

messinger [?] ordained a minister at york Sept the 10th 1799 

the first perish sermon 2nd Corinthians 16th 3rd mrs gooden said to be 
born in the year 1699 th said gooden Departed this life 24th Day Sept 

1797 Said to be 98 years & some months old Gershom webber son of the 
Deceased Samuel Webber who was Drownded Capenedick Rhode said 
gershom Departed this life on the 4th Day at night of may 1797 Ann 
madden the Daughter of Elaxander Woo[d] from Ireland about the year 
1720 this sd Alexander Departed this life about the year 1754 his wife 
old miss wood Departed this life about the year 1774 sd ann Departed 
this life Sept 12th 1802 was born 1724 being 78 years of age June las[t] 
James Elaxander Wood J A Madden was Bor[n] in year 1752 June oOth 
as he saith On this 11th Day of December 1814 Thomas Sevey Departed 
this life being struck by a tree that was lodged and was found Dead by one 
of his Daughters 

[p. 36] 

year 1816 avery cold backward Spring warm & Dry Summer on the 
23d of sept Rain Storm, thought to be highest wind that can be remem- 
bered the loss in shiping in Boston supposed 2.00.000 dollars Rhoad 
Island supposed to have Suffered by this Storm much more than the other 
States the tide Being 7 feet higher than comon & 4 feet higher than Re- 
membered by the oldest people June 28th 1828 heavy thunder kills three 
oxen & one cow for Joel Norton monday the 30th heavy thunder & rain 

[To be continued] 



Stock Delivered to British Troops 



jmmunicated by William J. Rotch of West Tisbury, Mass. 


A List* vof The Number of the Sheep and other Stock & hay Delivered 
Mager General Gray Commander of the Brittish Troops at the Vineyard in 
the year 1778 and in the Month of September — and by Whom oned as 
Near as poisable Could be Asertaned by a Commite for that Purpus ap- 


James Athearn Esqr 


Hezekiah Luce 


Jethro Athearn Jur 


John Luce 


Ezra Athearn 


Isaiah Gray 


Abijah Atht arn 


Mathais Rogers 


Joseph Allen 


Joseph Look 


Benijamin A.vlen 


Frances Norton 


Thomas Jones 


Benijamin Crowell 


Christopher Bv^tler 


Peter Look 


John INIanter 


Seth Look 


Samuel Manter 


Zecharih Luce 


Mathew Manter 


Cornelius Dunham 


James Manter 


Thomas Daggatt 


Gorshom Cathcart 


Samuel Daggatt 


Elijah Look 


Thomas Daggatt Jur 


Robert Look 


Thomas Walrond 


Thomas Look 


Malatiah Luce 


Nathan Look 


Thomas Luce 


Benijamin Lambert 


Isaac Daggatt 


Whiten Manter 


Timothy Chase 


Samuel Cobb 


Nathan Luce 


Rusell Hancock 


Henery Luce 


William Forster 


Silvanes Luce 


Ezekel Luce 


Ephraim Owen 


Barnard Case 


Seth Daggatt 


Enoch Luce 


Jonathan Manter 



Samuel Look 


Peter Norton Esq'' & Sons 


Abner Norton 


Peter Norton Jur 


John Homes 


Bethuel Luce 


Isaac Luce 


Eliakim Norton 


Francis Liwes 


Malatiah Davies sent from the 

Jonathan Luce 


other Towns — from Chillmark 

Nathan Smith 



Abrham Luce 


from Edgertown 


Nhathan Weekes 


Wee the Subcribers Certify 


* This list was discovered subsequent to the publication of Dr. Banks's " History 
of Martha's Vineyard, Dukes County, Massachusetts." 


Stock Delivered to British Troops 


Ransferd Smith 
Thomas Smith 
Peter Luce 
Abishai Luce 
Mayhew Norton 
Rowland Rogers 
Beni^ Luce 
Benj^ Merry 
Samuel Crowell 
Joseph Luce 
Malitaih Davies 
William Luce 
Obed Luce 
Joseph Merry 
Shubael Cottle & Son 
Edmund Cottle 
Seth Luce 
Samuel Weekes 
William Weekes 
Samuel Lumbert 
John Dunham 

Whiten Manter 

Samuel Cobb 
Mathew Manter 
Russell Hancock 
Jonathan Hamett 
Mathew Luce 
John Luce 
Joseph Chase 
Francis Liwes 
Isaiah Gray 
Francis Norton 
Benijamin Allen 
.Toseph Allen 
Beni* Crowel 
Ransferd Smith 
Jonathan Luce 
Shubael Cottle & Sons 
Shubael Dunham 
Malatiah Davis 
William Luce 
Joseph Luce 
Rowland Rogers 
Beni^ Merry 
Corneleus Norton 
John Dunham 
Samuel Look 






















the above Acpt is true and Just 

as forth as we can find 
James Athearn ) o i i.«- 
Shubael Cottle L^^^2.^.\^^^° 
Abijah Athearn P^^T^^b^^y 

The Acpt of the Neate or horned 
Catle Delivered to General Gray 
at the same time 

James Athearn Esq' 

Jethro Athearn Jur 

Ezera Athearn 

Abijah Athearn 

Thomas Daggatt 
Thomas Jones 
Christopher Butler 
Lemuel Butler 
Thomas Walrond 
Ezekel Luce 
Garshom Cathcart 
Barnard Case 
Elijah Look 
Thomas Look 
Timothy Lumbert 
Thomas Luce 

The Acpt of Hay or Forege De- 
livered General Gray at the 
same time 


From Eliakim Norton 2 — 15 

Russel Hencock — 1 6 

Shubael Cottle 1—0 

Malatiah Davis 1 — 

Abijah Athearn 9~ 19 

Samuel Look 3 — 10 

Mathew Merry 1 — 10 

Abraham Chase 1 — 10 

David Merry — 15 

Tuns 13 — 15 hundred 
Atest James Athearn ^ o i ^ 

Shubael Cottle C^f!^P^,°^®^ 
Abijah Athearn J'^^^^^^^^^y 

A True Cobey of what ware 
propared to send to London by 
Con^ Norton 

Atest Shubael Cottle 

June y« 6, 1780 

82 Proceedings of the JSf. E. Hist. Gen. Society [Jan, 

Mayhew Norton 1 

Eliakiam Norton 3 

Mathew Merry 1 

Timothy Hillman 2 

David Merry 1 

William Daggatt 1 

Darkins Allen 1 

Zep'^ Luce 2 

Mathais Rogers 1 

Cornelus Dunham 1 


The Coppey of the 
Counts proposed to send 
to London by Con^ 
Norton for the pay 
of the Stock taeken from 
the Vineyard in 1778 


By John Albree, Recording Secretary 

Boston, Massachusetts, 3 May, 1911. A stated meeting of the Society was 
held at Pilgrim Hall, 14 Beacon Street, at 2.30 p.m., President Baxter presiding. 

The records of the April meeting were read and approved, and the reports of 
the Corresponding Secretary, Libi'arian, Historian, and Council were accepted. 

Two members were elected by ballot to corresponding membership, and 
forty-four to resident membership. 

The paper of the aftei'uoon was by Desmond FitzGerald of Brookline, a mem- 
ber of the Society, the subject being Three Months in the Philippines. The speak- 
er told of what he saw In 1904 while he was in tlie Islands as consulting engi- 
neer of the sewage and water systems of Manila. To illustrate the lecture, 
Mr. FitzGerald used colored stereopticon slides made from photographs that 
he had taken. 

On motion of Vice-President Cunningham a vote of thanks was given to the 

At 3.50 P.M. the formal part of the meeting terminated, and opportunity was 
afforded for social entertainment. 

4 October. A stated meeting of the Society was held at Pilgrim Hall, 14 
Beacon Street, at 2.30 p.m., Preliideut Baxter presiding. 

The records of the May meeting were read and approved, and the reports of 
the Corresponding Secretary, Librarian, Historian, and Council were accepted. 

Thirty-seven members were elected by ballot to resident membership. 

Miss Helen Buruham Merchant, B.A., of Gloucester, told the story of The 
Old Days in Gloucester, toviching on the early navigators and their glowing 
accounts of the country, the founding of the churches and the gi-owth of the 
shipping and flslihig iudustries, interspersing the recital with many incidents 
of the men and women of former days, when personal peculiarities could be 
developed unhampered by covention. 

This was followed by discussion by Vice-President Cunningham, Mr. Charles 
E. Maun, Eev. J. L. R. Trask, and Rev. Anson Titus, after which the thanks of 
the Society were voted to the speaker. 


Notes 83 

At 3.45 it was voted to dissolve the meeting, after wliich refreshments were 

1 November. A stated meeting of the Society was held at Pilgrim Hall, 14 Beacon 
Street, at 2.30 p.m., President Baxter presiding. 

The records of the October meeting were read and approved, and the reports 
of the Corresponding Secretary, Librarian, Historian, and Council were ac- 

By ballot the following were elected members of tbe nominating committee, 
Wilf ord Jacob Litchfield and Charles Newcomb Baxter serving as tellers : Law- 
rence Brainerd, Mrs. Mary Loverina: Holman, Henry Alonzo Silver, Mrs. Susan 
Cotton Tufts, Walter Keudall Watkius. 

A paper entitled Colonial and Revolutionary Music in New England, by Miss 
Alice Warren Pope of Newton Highlands, was read by Mrs. Margaret Crandall 
Miller. The vocal music illustrating the paper was sung by a quartet, with 
piano and violoncello accompaniment. Miss Pope being the pianist. At the close 
of tlie paper Mrs. Miller gave the steps of the minuet. 

After adjournment at 4.10 refreshments were served. 


It having come to the attention of this Society that certain 
genealogists and publishers have used the name of the Society 
m connection with their own enterprises, the Society again de- 
sires to state that it has NO genealogical representatives in this 
country or in England, nor is it in any way connected with any 
publications other than those that it issues over its own name 
at 18 Somerset Street, Boston. 

The Committee on English Research desires to state, however, 
that although the Society has no official representative in England 
the Committee is employing Miss French as a record searcher there 
along special lines for the benefit of the Register. 

Dame.— In the Register, vol. 65, p. 217, it is stated that Hunking^ Dame 
married Abigail Huckius. According to his granddaughter, Mrs. John Q. Pike 
of Dover, N. H., he married Hannah Boody® Huckins, daughter of Robert* and 
Hannah (Boody). The husband of Hunking^ Dame's daughter Auua^ (Nancy), 
Moses Huckins of Lee, farmer, born 9 Nov. 1774, died 10 Oct. 1811, married 2 
Feb. 1803, was the son of Robert" and Mary^ (Dame, 14, vi). 

Mary^ Dame (14, vi) married Robert® Huckins of Lee, yeoman, son of Robert* 
and Hannah (Boody), born at Madbury 25 Apr. 1750, died before 1824, liis widow 
surviving. Her sister Ruth^ (14, ix) married Robert^ Huckins's brother Israel,^ 
of Strafford, inn keeper, born at Madbury 15 Sept. 1760, died 20 May 1873. She 
died 6 Apr, 1841. Henry W. Hardon. 

60 Wall Street, New York Oity. 

Hayes. — In the Wentworth Genealogy the Rev. Alonzo H. Quint stated that 
tradition attributed the origin of the John Hayes wlio appeared in Dover, N. H., 
about 1680, to Scotland. The following comments seem to point to a different 
conclusion. John Hayes settled in that part of Oyster River known as " Bar- 
badoes," presumably because he had friends or relations there. It is well known 
that there were close trade relations between Portsmouth and Dover and the 
Island of Barbadoes ; that some early settlers of that region migrated from 
Barbadoes ; and that others went to this island and remained several years, re- 
turning later to New Hampshire. A family by the name of Hayes was among 
the prominent Barbadoan planters, and like the Youngs— a name likewise com- 
mon in both localities— had trade relations with New England. Moreover, Wa- 
ters's Genealogical Gleanings proved that the Hayes family in Barbadoes sprang 
from a family living on the Surrey side of London. These statements are 
based on scattered entries in early colonial papers, already in print. 

A. E. H. S. 


84 Notes [Jan. 

Jackson.— The ancestry of the first two settlers of Cambridge and Newton, 
Jolm and Edward Jackson, has been courteously supplied by a lineal descendant, 
]Mr. Edward G. Jackson of St. Louis, Mo. 

Christopher Jackson of Mile End, London, married Susan Johnson of Mile 
End. 5 Oct. 1602 (London Marriages). He was bur. 5 Dec. 163S. Children: 

I. John, bapt. (> June 1603; m. (ij Abigail; m. (2) Margaret; d. 30 Jan. 1675. 

II. Edward, bapt. 3 Feb. 1605 : m. (1) Frances; m. (2) Elizabeth Oliver, 14 Jan. 
1649; d. 17 June 1681. III. Miles, bapt. 28 June 1607. This list of Christo- 
pher's sons is copied from the " Eegister of St. Dunstan's Church, Stepney." 
His residence is first given as Mile End, afterwards as Bednall Green, and 
his occupation as mercliant tailor. The date of John's baptism is evidently 
1603, instead of 1602 as recorded in the " Register." There is a good account 
of St. Dunstan's, Stepney, in Hare's "Walks in London." 

Los Angeles^ Calif. Ouua Eugene Monnette. 

Harrington Bible Recokds. — In a Bible dated at Hartford, Conn., 1813, and 
recently acquired by the American Antiquarian Society, the following records 
of the Harrington family are entered on one of the blank leaves : 

Job Harrington Born March 24, 1771 

Hannah Harrington Born March 13, 1771 

Lydia Fowler Boi'n Sept. 25, 1796 • • 

Clarissa Webster Born August 3, 1800 

Porter Hines Born April 6r 1803 

Martin D. Harrington Born June 27, 1806 

Diantha Harrington Born Sept. 30th, 1813 

Otis Harrington Born June 19, 1814 

Martin Died August 10, 1831 

Diantha Died Dec. 31, 1831 
Worcester^ llass. Clarence S. Brighaivi, Librarian. 

Drew Bible Records. — The following entries are taken from the family 
Bible of Lewis Drew of Duxl)ury, Mass., now in the possession of his grand- 
daughter, Mrs. Charles W. Tilton of Brooklme, Mass., through whose kindness 
they are printed. 


Nancy Le Baron born April 26, 1787 

Lucia Le Baron born May 15, 1788 

Esther Lebaron born March 19, 1791 

Nancy Lebaron born Nov. 19, 1789 

Almira Lebaron born Jan. 3, 1793 

Harriet Lebaron born Feb. 25, 1795 

Lemuel L. Drew Born June 17. 1811 

Liraon L. Drew Born January 27. 1813 

Bradford Le B. Drew Born October 2, 1815 

Lydia Ann Drew Born April 1, 1818, In the Morning, 1 o'clock 

Almira Drew Born in Plymouth Dec. 22"d 1819 

Lucia Drew Born in Duxbury, February 4, 1823 


Lewis Drew Mared 

Almyra Drew maieu January 10* 1809 

the children 

In Boston Mr. Lyman L. Drew son of Lewis Drew to Miss H. Maria Coffin 
Sept. 20, 1840 

Lydia Ann Married William Guild of Bellows Falls, Vt. January 20th. 1844 
in Cambridge, Mass. 

Abnira Married John H. Macomber, August 21, 1849 of Maine 


Lemuel L. Drew Died August 12, 1811 

Lewis Drew died June 3'"'^ 1823, on his passage from Mobile to Boston, aged 
39 years 

Liman L. Drew died September 25, 1853 in New Orleans, of yellow fever. 
Aged 40 yrs. 

Nancy Lebaron born April 26"^ 1787 died 8''^ Sept. 1788 aged 1 year 

Harriet Lebaron died August 6, 1796 aged 1 year 





Bartlett Lebaron died June 24"^ 1806 
Lidia Lebaron died Jan. 1, 1825. Aged 

:ed 67 years 

Ellis Bible Eecords.— The following family records of one branch of the 

Ellis family, descendants of John Ellis of Dedham, Mass., 1635, have been 

kindly furnished to the Register by Mr. Edward Rogers, 8 Orchard Street, 

Amherst, Mass. : 

Amos Ellis was born at Franklin, March 13, 1744, Died at Grafton, May 30, 

Hannah Hill " " " HoUiston, Oct. 17, 1748, " " Bellingham, July 



Vespasion Ellis was born in Eranklin, August 20, 1767, Died Sept. 3, 1798 

(was buried on land of Wm. Daniels, Esq., 
Lower pens neck, Salem County, New Jer- 

Amos Ellis Jimior was born in Medway 

Sabre Ellis 
Joseph Ellis 
Jonathon Ellis 

Nathan Ellis 

Hannah Ellis 
Polly Ellis 
Eosanua Ellis 
Betsey Ellis 
Hannah Ellis 

Jonathan Ellis 
Susanna Parker 

Jonathon Ellis 
Charles Ellis 
Almira Ellis 
Amos Hill Ellis 

•' " Medway, July 31, 1772 
'<■ "■ Bellingham, June 28, 1774, Died at Bluehill 

(Me.) Dec. 23, 1806. 
' " Bellingham, March 7, 1777, Died at Bluehill 

(Me.) 1848. 
' " Bellingham, Deer. 8, 1778, Died tu infancy 
■' " Bellingham, Sept. 22, 1780 
' " Bellingham, June 21, 1782 
' " Bellingham, March 1, 1784 
' " Bellingham, January 17, 1786. 

Births Deaths 

June 28th, 1774 Dec. 23d, 1806 

July 27th, 1772 Aug. 17th, 1803 

Married Sept. 9th, 1795. 

their children. 

Dec. 18th, 1795 

Nov. 13th, 1797 

Apr. 15th, 1801 

July 11th, 1803 

Copy by Jonathan Ellis, Jan'y 22nd, 1813. 

Heath Eamily Bible. — Daniel Heath of Amherst, Mass., the owner of the 
Bible from which the following record is taken, was born at (probably) Mendon, 
now Milford, Mass., Feb. 15, 1773. He had a brother, Samuel "WUbor Heath, 
born May 4, 1775. They were the children of Samuel Wilbor and Elizabeth 
(Thayer) Heath. About the time of the birth of the second son, the father, 
who is called "marriner" in the records connected with the settlement of his 
estate, disappeared, and it was always supposed that he was taken prisoner by 
the British during the Revolutionary War. Daniel Heath died June 3, 1831 ; his 
Wife, Polly (Lewis) Heath, died Feb. 1, 1841. 
«' Daniel Heath was born Feb. 15, 1773. 

Judith Dickinson was born April 1, 1774. 

We was married March 13, 1794 

Judith Heath was born Nov. 28, 1795 

My wife died Nov. 21, 1795. Judith Heath died Oct. 23, 1796. 

Polly Lewis was born July 18, 1773. we was married Nov. 5, 1797 

Daniel Dickinson Heath was born Feb. 14, 1798 

Willis Heath born Jan. 5, 1800 and died the nineteenth of the same month. 

Betsy L[ewis] Heath born May 1, 1801 

Daniel D[ickinson] Heath died Aug. 14, 1801 

Daniel D[ickinson] Heath born Apr. 22, 1803 

Polly Thayer Heath born Feb. 5, 1805 

William Heath born July 6, 1807 

Grace Heath born Oct. 3, 1809 

86 Notes [Jan. 

Emily Howard Heath born May 29, 1815 
Charles Heath born March 14, 1818 " 
35 Edgehill Boacl, New Haven^ Conn. Mes. Thomas D. Goodell. 

Sewall Bible Eecords. — The following data were copied from a Bible pur- 
chased by Samuel Sewall in 1803 and now owned by his great-granddaughter, 
Mrs. F. H. Phillips of Reading, Pa., who has supplied the additional informa- 
tion enclosed in brackets : 

Samuel Sewall, son of John Sewall of Newbury married first Lydia, daughter 
of Samuel Storer of Wells, late of Charleston. Children were born at York. 

John Sewall born Aug. 14, 1712 — died Feb. 27th. 

Dummer " " Feb. 17, 1714. 

Lydia " Jan. 24, 1716 

Mercy " May 30, 1718. 

Mary " Feb. 29, 1720. 

Hannah " Jan. 22, 1722. 

Second wife Sarah, daughter of Bachelor. Children born in York were — 

Samuel born Sept. 24, 1724. 

Sarah & Jane (twins) " Nov. 4, 1726. 

John " May 5, 1729. 

Joseph "■ Sept. 3, 1731. 

Moses " July 22, 1733. 

David " Oct. 7, 1735. 

Dummer " Dec. 12, 1737. 

Henry " Feb. 23, 1739. 

Hem-y Sewall Born 1739-40 \ married, — died 1795. 

Mary Stinson " Apr. 10, 1744 /Jan. 1764. — " 1777. 

Children — 

Samuel Born Dec. 21, 1764. [Died Mar. 16, 1826, at Rye, N. H.] 
Samuel Sewall, born Dec. 21, 1764 1 Married, 

Abigail Trask, " Oct. 30, 1762 / Jan. 4, 1736. [Died Nov. 14, 1843, at Wilton, 

Children were — 

Rufus SewaU born Dec. 10, 1787. 

Stinson "■ " Feb. 27, 1789. [Died June, 1869] 

Jason " " Feb. 3, 1791 —Died Sept. 1881. [at Bath, Me.] 

Lydia " " Jan. 9, 1793 [Died Nov. 5, 1796] 

Samuel " " July 12, 1794 [Died May 18, 1847] 

Abigail ^' " July 26, 1796. [Died July 10, 1860] 

Philenia " " July 24, 1798. [Died Jan. 16, 1837] 

Levi "• " May 24, 1800. 

Esther " " Feb. 9, 1802. [Died Oct. 17, 1847] 

Benjamin Chapman Sewall " May 14, 1805 — Died April 1886. [in Des 

Moines, Iowa.] 
Kiah Bayley Sewall '' Dec. 2, 1807. died Aug. 1865. 

Jason Sewall born Feb. 3, 1791) married, [Died Sept. 8, 1881] 

Hannah Joyce " July 31, 1798 /July 1, 1819 [Died May 24, 1872, Bath, Me.] 
Their children born at Bath, Maine. 

Lucy Peterson born Aug. 2, 1820. [Died Sept. 25, 1906] 
Hannah Maria "■ Feb. IS, 1825. 

Rachel Elizabeth " Nov. 28, 1827 —died May 22, 1833. 
Stephen Bayley " Mar. 15, 1830 [Died Mar. 25, 1903] 
Ellen Patten " Aug. 18, 1832 —died Aug. 28, 1835. 

Morgiana Heath " Feb. 15, 1836 
Daniel Francis " Feb. 9, 1840. 
Stephen Bayley Sewall, son of Jason Sewall, born at Bath, Maine, March 15, 
1830— died, March 25, 1903. Married Hannah P. Orr, daughter of Gcrshom Orr 
and Elizabeth Polly Orr of Topsham, Maine- 
Stephen Bayley Sewall — born March 15, 1830 "I married 
Hannah Polly Orr — " April 1, 1832 /June 12, 1855. 

[Their children, born at Bath, Me., were Jason Trask, Maria Fisher, Hattie 
Abbie, and Lucy ELLen.J 



Notes 87 

John Stinson Esq. born 1714 died 1802 1 
Jenny Huston Stinson 1720 '' 1812 / 
Their daughter 

Mary Stinson born 1744-1777 \ married ,. 

Henry Sewall '^ 1740-1795 / Jan. 1764 ^ marriage 

Samuel born Dec 2pt 1764 m. Abigail Trask. 

Jenny as recorded. 


Miscellaneous Notes. 

Scott.— Berlihamsted, Herts, June 7, 1632, Richard Scott andKatherine Mor- 
bury (Marberie) (Phillimore's Hertfordshire Mar., vol. 1, p. 23). 

Richard Scott of Providence, son of Edward of Glemsford, Suffollc, came in 
the Griffin, 1634, with wife Catlierine, daughter of Rev. Francis and Bridget 
(Drydeu) Marbury, and sister of Ann Hutchinson (Austin's R. I. Diet.). 

Sprague. — Fordington, Dorset, Aug. 15, 1623, Ralfe Sprage and Johane War- 
ren (Phillimore's Dorsetshire Mar., vol. 4, p. 136). 

Ralph Sprague, son of Edward of Upway, Dorset, " sometime of Fordington, 
CO. of Dorset," came to Salem 1628 (Pope's Pioneers). 

Callicott. — Barnstaple, Devon, Sept. 25, 1627, Richard Callacott and Joan 
Thorne. Feb. 22, 1628, Elizabeth, daughter of Richard Callacott, baptized (Par. 

Richard Callicott was of Dorchester, 1633, with wife Joanne, who died Aug. 
6, 1640, and daughter Elizabeth, who married Richard Hall (Savage's Gen. 

Busby. — St. Mary Caslauy, Norwich, June 24, 1605, Nicholas Busbye and 
Bridgett Cocke (Phillimore's Norfolk Mar., vol. 3, p. 5). 

Nicholas Busby of Watertown came from Norwich in 1637, aged 50, with wife 
Bridget, aged 53, and four children (Savage's Gen. Diet.). 

Hills. — Broughton-under-Blean, Kent, Apr. 12, 1590, Hercules Hills, son of 
Hercules Hills, baptized. Apr. 27, 1595, Hercules Hills, householder, buried 
(Par. Reg.). 

Hercules Hills was of Scituate 1636 ; returned to Rochester, Kent, where he 
was living in 1666 (Deane's Scituate). 

Phippikg. — William Phipping, Wedmore, Somerset, will proved Sept. 22, 
1647, by daiTghter Elizabeth, wife of John Adams. Testator has a brother 
Joseph in Ireland and a daughter Judah in New England (Matthew's Probate 
Acts, vol. 5, p. 112). 

Oct. 5, 1647, Willmm Phippen de Wedmore, buried. Dec. 10, 1637, Judith 
uxor Willmi Phippen de Burrow, buried (Wedmore Par. Reg.). 

Judith Phippin, aged 16, came in the Planter., 1635, from Stepney, with James 
Haywood, whom she married. She married secondly William Simonds of Wo- 
burn (Savage's Gen. Diet.) . 

Ensigne. — Thomas Ensigne, Cranbrooke, Kent, will proved Sept. 3, 1657, 
names father Thomas Ensigne in New England, brother John Ensigne, sisters 
Hannah and Sarah (unmar.) [and other relatives] ; lands in Cranbrooke and 
Staplehurst (Reg. Wootton, P. C.C, vol. 4, p. 90). 

Thomas Ensigne of Scituate, 1638, had children John, Hannah, and Sarah 
(Pope's Pioneers). 

Walter.— Staplehurst, Kent, July 26, 1659, Thomas Luck and Sarah, widow 
of Richard Walter, late of New England (Phillimore's Kent Mar., vol. 2, p. 111). 

Richard Walters mate of Dicory Carwithy (Carwithen) died 3rd 6 month 1653 
(Boston Rec.) . 

HiGGiNSON.— St. Mary's, Leicester, Jan. 28, 1626, Ann, daughter of Mr. Fran- 
cis Higginson of the Newarke, baptised (Par. Reg.). 

88 Notes [Jan. 

Ann Higginson married Thomas Chatfleld of Easthampton, L. I. (Savage's 
Gen. Diet.). 

Subsidies of tlie Clergy in the Archdeaconry of Leicester in the Seventeenth 
Centurv : 

[1615] Claybrooke. Johes Higginson V. 

Will pay unto the King the sum of iii'i vi« viiid per me John Higginson. 
I will pay one half this p'sent month of October and the other half in Aprill 
next. Joh. Higginson. 

det 5" aut nil. E. L. 

I doe consent. Joh. Higginson. 

Claybrooke — John Higginson Vic. 

iii'i viiid th' one halfe already e paid th' other lo mail pros xxxiii^ iiii. 

[May, 1616] Claybrooke — John Higginson Vic. 

He lieth p'mised under his hand to satisfy y'or Lo'ps request but hath 
not as yet the sum required and unpaid is S^J 6^ 8<i 

(Associated Architectural Societies, vol. 27, p. 451.) 
Eev. John Higginson, vicar of Claybrooke, was father of Rev. Francis Hig- 
Cambridge^ Mass. ViKGmiA Hall. 

Salisbury, Mass., Graveyard. — It is important that somebody should tran- 
scribe the gravestones in the ancient Salisbury burying ground before more of 
them become illegible.' Only a five-minute trolley ride from Newburyport, 
somebody could certainly be found to do this. In a short visit recently I copied 
a few stones, either of interest to myself or in a perishing condition. Five 
stones in a row, near the east corner of the yard, are as follows, reading from 
left to right : 

Sar. Benjamin Stevens died March 13, 1690, in the 40th year of his age. 
Lieut. John Stevens died Nov. 26, 1691, in the 50th year of his age. 
A stone crumbling and mossgrown, but appears to show NS at right end of 
second line — presumably Stevens. The verse, however, is legible, and identical 
with the fifth stone, as given below. 

Cornet Richard Hubburd Died June y« 16 1719 aged 88 years Faith & Love 
Are laid in y^ dust waighing for y« resorection of y<^ just. 

Mrs. Martha Hubburd late wife of Cornet Richard Hubburd died October y" 
1, 1718 Aged 73 years. 

A tender mother 
A prudent wife 
At God's command 
Resind her life. 
Another stone back from these was to Benj. Stevens, Jun'-, died Feb. 22, 1709/ 
10, in the 33d year of his age. Other stones nearby are to the Pikes. Still other 
names in the yard are True, Bradbury, French, Allen, Gill, Hooke, etc. Other 
stones which will soon be past reading are : 
Sar. Samuel Gi [11] died Nov. 19, 1709, in the 58th year of his age. 
Here lies Buried y^ Body of Mr. Thoomas French who [dep]arted this life 
March y« 30 1742 in y« 39"* year of his age. 

Come morta[l] [m]an 

& cas[t] an [ey]e 
Come read thy doom 
Prepare to Die. 

Hubbard. — The finding of Richard Hubbard's gi'avestone, which carries his 
birth back to 1631, disposes of the account of two Richards, father and sou, as 

fiven in the Hubbard book. By that account Cornet Richard Hubbard was born 
640 and his father died in Salisbury 1690 (a manuscript letter from the late 
Mr. Douglas S. Hubbard says 1685), and identifies the latter with the Richard 
of Hotten's Lists, aged 18 in 1635. Manifestly he could not have been father of 
a son born in 1631. It may be added that, aside from the birth and death of an 
infant son Richard, there are no indications of two Richards Hubbard in Salis- 
bury, although the one is mentioned scores of times in the town records, first in 
1661, Avhich I copied — a gi-ant of 8 acres to Richard Hubbard, 29-11 mo. 1661, 
" provided he stays in the town 3 years and improve himself in his trade for y^ 
goode of the towne." He was in later years commonly called " Mr.," was rep- 


Notes 89 

resentative and quartermaster, besides being " Cornet" (cavalry color bearer), 
which he chose for his title on his wife's gravestone. His wife was Martha 
Allen, granddaughter of Richard Goodale, the age on her gravestone agreeing 
with the record of her birth. As their first child was not born until f<367, it 
seems not improbable that Mr. Hubbard had an earlier wife, and that Hannah 
Hubbard, married to Thomas Eaton 14 Nov. 1679, whom the Hubbard book 
makes his sister, may have been his daughter. The Hubbard book makes the 
earliest birth to John and Jane Hubbard twins, Richard and John, but the record 
reads, not Richard & John, but " Richard y^ Soue." 

" CoLLENSBY." — I would like to put an end to this name for all time, as in 
thirty years lookout I have never met it, and do not believe it ever existed. It 
should be noted that the " Coll " in Salisbury records is in a later hand and dif- 
ferent ink, as those four letters are the only unfaded ink on the page. The 
town's copy, made by Asa Webster in 1854, makes one of the diary items read, 
" John Hubbard maried to Jane * ensby." An account of Salisbury fami- 
lies by Asa W. Brown, printed in the Register the same year (vol. 8, p. 158), 

makes it read '^ Coll [torn]." The original has now been restored by the 

Emery process. The tear, which is hardly perceptible, was not near "Coll" 
but on the opposite edge of the page, the name dividing, " CoUe " ending one 
line and "nfby" beginning the next. Leastwise I am prepared to admit that 
this is how it read when Mr. "Webster made his copy. The old fashioned " e " 
following the bright and clear " Coll" is now an almost imperceptible shadow, 
while the " nfby" is so nearly vanished that President Waters, of the Ipswich 
Historical Society, in a recent inspection, did not make out the "n" or the 
lower loop of the very large "f" which Capt. Bradbury used before a loop 
letter. To show how badly faded the page must have been even in 1854, the 
third entry above this Hubbard marriage was in the town copy passed over as a 
blank space. In the exceptional light which I was fortunate enough to enjoy, 
bright sunshine outdoors with the thin window shades drawn, I was able to 
make out an unmistakable shadow " Jn^ Quenby," and I later found John Quinby's 
birth in exactly the same formation of letters, 7:7: 1665. In this favorable 
light I could cleai'ly perceive the shadowy " e" and the " fby " and before the 
" f " a shadow the right size for the " n." But while admitting that Mr. Web- 
ster in 1854 copied what he found, I do not admit the name " CoUensby," for 
several reasons : 

(1) No such name ever existed. 

(2) It never was a record, but mere report of the bride's name which reached 

the aged clerk's ear. Collins, Colby, and Fellows were common Salis- 
bury names, and would lead the way to a transfusion of initials, 
" Collensby " from Follensby. 

(3) The original entry is gone— only a later super-entry remains. 

(4) Several slight circumstances render it likely that Jane " Coll " ensby was 

sister of Mary Follansby who was married two years before to Robert 
Pike, Jr., of Salisbury, their mother dead and their father remarried. 
Mrs. Jane Hubbard was grandmother to the beloved Parson Tompson of 
South Berwick and great-great-grandmother to the famous Governor John Hub- 
bard of Maine, and to New Hampshire's war governor, Ichabod Goodwin. 
Portland, Me. Charles Thornton Libby. 

Ware Family Bible Records. — Dr. B. P. Crocker of Foxborough, Mass., 
has sent for the use of the Society a copy of the records in a Bible which he re- 
cently found at the town farm. On the first page is " Presented to Sarah Ware 
by her Father Dec. 7, 1816." Dr. Ci'ocker presumes that the father was Samuel 
Coverly, and that Sarah was the wife of Ephraim Groves Ware. 

Ephraim Groves Ware and Sarah Coverly were married May 13, 1816 

Ellas Ware 'and Deborah Groves were married January 25, 1781 [in Franklin 
— Wr. V. R.t] 

* Faded ; " Coll " entered in later hand. 

t Vital Records of Wrentham, Mass., to 1850, 2v., 1910, comp. by Thomas W. Bald- 

90 Notes [Jan. 

Samuel C. Ware and Harriett M. Sweet were married Dec. 24, 1856 
Samuel Coverly and Sally Wiiislow were man-led November 30, 1787. 
Timothy Ware son of Robert & Elizabeth Ware born Dec. 28, 1716 
Mary Healy daughter of Paul and Hannah Healy were married in 1742 

Elias Ware sou of Timo. born 30, 1754 [May 30— Wr. V. E.] 

Mary Ware " b. Dec. 2, 1743 

Olive Ware " b. [Mar. 22 1744-5— Wr. V. E.] 

Timothy Ware " [b.]Nov. 17 1746* 

Preston Ware to Nancy Eay Oct. 1805 

Elias Ware Jr. to Abigail Lamb Nov. 13 1809 

Galen Ware to Catherine Smith June 17, 1810 

James Ware to Malinda Shaw White Dec. 4, 1809 [Dec. 16— Wr. V. E.] 

Clarissa Ware to Fisher [Joshua— Wr. V. E.] Spooner May 26 1816 

James Ware to Elisa Pope 2ud wife May 24, 1818 

Addison Ware to Elisa Hayues Dec. 1, 1831 

Adelaide Maria Ware married to D. Cobb Dec. 11, 1831 

Lorenzo D. Ware to Malinda Jane Ware August 14, 1833 


Samuel C. Ware b. March 3, 1817 
Samuel Coverly Ware b. April 12, 1818 
Ephraim Groves Ware Jr. b. Dec. 13, 1820 
John Winslow Ware, b. August 9, 1824 
Sarah Jane Ware b. January 18, 1830 

Elias Ware Jr. son of Elias & Deborah born Feb. 19, 1782 

Preston Ware born Sept 24, 1783 

James Ware bom Nov 2 1785 

Hermon Ware born Oct. 10 1785 [Oct. 20— Wr. V. E.] died December 5, 1787. 

Galen Ware born April 20 1789 

Ephraim Groves [Grover— Wr. V. E.] Ware b. Aug. 25, 1791 

Clarissa Ware b. Ap. 17, 1794 

Maria Ware b. March 23, 1797 

Milton Ware b. May 28, 1799 

Addison Ware b. Sept 29 1802 

Deborah Ann Ware b. Mar 6, 1805 [Ann omitted; Mar 8— Wr. V. E.] 

Elizabeth Coverly daughter of Samuel and Sarah Coverly born 6 Oct. 1788 
Sarah Winslow Coverly born Jan. 18, 1790 [Winslow crossed out In original] 
Samuel Coverly Jr. born 17 June 1793 

Timothy Ware (Grandfather) son of Eobert & Elizabeth born Dec. 23, 1716 
[1715 — Wr. V. E.] married Mary Healey (Grandmother) daughter of Paul and 
Hannah Healey 

Elias Ware (Father) born May 30, 1754 died June 30, 1841. 
Mary born Dec. 2 1742 [1743— Wr. V. E.] died June 5, 1791 
Olive born March 22, 1744 died 1832 

Timothy born November 17 [Nov 20— Wr. V. E.], 1746 died May 29, 1798 
Mary married Joseph Hills Feb 14, 1765 
'' died June 10, 1815 

Eobert Ware son of Eobert (great-grandfather) & Elizabeth b. Nov. 21, 1711 
[Nov 27— Wr. V. E.] 
Esther Mann daugliter of Thomas & Hannah b. Aug. 19, 1712 
Esther Ware daughter b. May 30, 1739 
Eobert Ware son b. Feb. 2, 1741 
Sarah Ware daughter b. May 18, 1743 
Betty Ware ''• b. Feb. 23 1744 
Eldad Ware son b. Jan 1, 1749 
Eachel Ware daughter b. 1751 [Sept. 1— Wr. V. E.] 

Timothy Ware Jr. (uncle) & Abiel Eay m. Dec. 7, 1769 

Timo Jr. (uncle same as above) son of T. born Nov. 17, 1746 [Nov. 20— Wr. 
V. E.] 

* Olive Ware, on the line above, was erroneously credited with this date in the orig- 


JSFotes 91 

Abiel Ray his wife born Oct 21, 1748 [Oct 10— Wr. V. R.] 

Rachel Ware b.Dec. 12, 1770 

Molly Ware b. Nov 13, 1772 died Oct. 12, 1832 

Lucis Ware b. Sept 18, 1774 [Lewis— Wr. V. R.] 

Waitstill Ware b. April 12, 1777 [month lackmg in Wr. V. R.] 

Timo Ware b. Sept. 30 1779 

Eunice Ware b. Jany 18, 1782 

Olive Ware b. Sept 12, 1785 [Nov.— Wr. V. R.] 

Abiel [b. Dec. 6, 1787— Wr. V. R.] 

Avery [b. June 10, 1792— Wr. V. R.] 

Samuel C. Ware died March 3, 1817 
Ephraim Groves Ware died November 8, 1862 
Ephraim G. Ware died April 22, 1864 aged 43 
Sarah Ware died June 21, 1870 

Ephraim Groves (Grandfather) d. in Franklin June 7, 1810 

Elias Ware (Father) died June 30, 1841. 

Deborah Ware (mother) died Dec. 23, 1843 

Clara Ware Spooner (sister) died Sept. 1856 

Dolly Ann Fisher (sister) died Jan 17, 1857 

Milton Ware (brother) died at New Orleans Dec. 25, 1839 

Elias Ware (brother) died at St. Louis Nov. 24 1859 

Timothy Ware (my Grandfather) died Nov. 29, 1794 

Mary Hills (my aunt) d. Jan. 5, 1797 aged 53 

Timo Ware (my uncle) died May 29, 17l)8 aged 51 [May 30— Wr. V. R.] 

Rachel Ware (my grandfather's 2nd wife) d. June 11, 1800 

Capt. Joseph Hills d. June 10, 1815 

Nancy Ware (my bro. P. wife) d. Sept 7, 1813 

Malinda Shaw Ware bro. James 1st wife died July 15, 1816 

Malinda Jane died May 1816 [Jane Melinda; May 12— Wr. V. R.] 

Electa Ware my bro Preston 2^^ wife d. Sept 3, 1831 

y mo8 
Olive Messinger my aunt died June 15, 1832 aged 87 9 17 
Bathsheba Groves my grandmother died March 9, 1787 

Ephraim Groves my uncle died June 1789 caused by the spindle of a grind- 
Herman Ware died in infancy 

Historical Intelligence 

Mereill. — A MerrUl Pedigree, embracing known lineages from the families 
of Batchelor, Coffin, Cotton, Cox, Currier, Dole, Fifleld, Greenleafe, Heard, 
Hull, Samborn, Tobie, Tuck, and others, is being compiled by Dr. Wm. Louis 
Merrill, Portland, Me. 

PoMEROY.— Copy for the "Hlustrated History of the Pomeroy Family" is 
being sent to the printers, and the work will be pushed forward as rapidly as 
possible. The Secretary of the Pomeroy Family Association, A. A. Pomeroy, 
South Columbus Avenue, Sandusky, Ohio, is desirous of hearing from those 
likely to subscribe to the work mentioned above in order that he may know 
how large an edition to have printed. 

Small, Mitchell. — A second edition of the "Descendants of Edward Small 
of New England and allied families," practically limited to the number of sub- 
scribers, will be issued shortly. One of the chapters, ''The Mitchells from 
Kittery," will be reprinted in book form. For particulars address Mrs. L. A. 
W. Underbill, 324 Faneuil Street, Brighton Station, Boston, Mass. 

Genealogies in Preparation.— Persons of the several names are advised to 
furnish the compilers of these genealogies with records of their own families 
and other information which they think may be useful. We would suggest that 

92 Recent Boohs [Jan. 

all facts of interest illustrating family history or character be commimicated, 
especially service under tlieU. S. Government, the holding of otlier offices, grad- 
uation from college or professional schools, occupation, with places and dates 
of birth, marriage, residence, and death. All names should be given in full if 
possible. No uaitials should be used when the fidl name is linown. 

Cleaghorne (Claghorn). — James, who died at Yarmouth, Mass,, about 1G83, 
by "William C. Claghorn, 1218 Chestnut Street, Philadelphia, Pa., and Dr. Charles 
E. Banks, U. S. Marine Hospital, Portland, Me. 

Eldred (Eldridge). — Samuel, who died in 1697, by William Henry Eldridge, 
Twin Falls, Idaho. 

Evarts {Everts). — John, who died at Guilford, Conn., 9 May 1669, by John M. 
W. Everts, Salisbury, Vt. 

Foulsham (Folsom). — John, who died at Exeter, N. H., in 1681, by Mrs. 
Elizabeth K. Folsom, 129 High Street, Exeter, N. H. 

Gahisha. — Daniel, who died, probably at Chehnsford, Mass., in 1696, by Eu- 
gene D. Preston, 1728 North Nevada Avenue, Colorado Springs, Colo. 

Goodridge (Goodrich) . — William, who died at Watertown, Mass., about 164-1-7, 
by Merton T. Goodrich, Bingham, Me. 

Gove.— John, who died at Charlestown, Mass., 28 Eeb. 1648, by William H. 
Gove, 254 Lafayette Street, Salem, Mass. 

Holden. — Richard, who died at Groton, Mass., 1 March 1696 ; and Justinian, 
who died at Cambridge. Mass., in 1691 ; by Raleigh W. Holden, 190 Wellington 
Avenue, Rochester, N. Y. 

Huntress. — Andrew, who was born at Shapleigh, Me., in 1787, by A. Clinton 
Crowell, 345 Hope Street, Providence, R. I. 

Norton. — Nicholas, who died at Edgartown, Mass., in 1690, by Miss Lillian 
Adelaide Norton, 1949 Biltmore Street, Washington, D. C. 

Eider. — Samuel, who died at Yarmouth, Mass., in 1679, by Miss Azalea Cliz- 
bee, 5605 Fourth Avenue, Bay Ridge, Broolilyn, N. Y. 

Sherman. — Philip, who died at Portsmouth, R. I., in 1687; Rev. John, who 
was born at Dedham, co. Essex, England, 4 Jan. 1614 ; Samuel, who died at 
Fau-fleld, Conn., in 1700 ; and Capt. John, who was born at Dedham, co. Essex, 
England (no date) ; by Prof. Frank Dempster Sherman, 158 West IQSth Street, 
New York City. 

Smith. — Ephraim, who died, probably near Swansea, Mass., about 1715-20, 
by Eugene D. Preston, 1728 North Nevada Avenue, Colorado Springs, Colo. 


[The editor particularly requests persons sending books for listing in the Register 
to state, for the information of readers, the price of each book, with tlie amount to bo 
added for postage when sent by mail, and from whom it may be ordered. For the 
January issue, books should be received by Nov. 1 ; for April, by Feb. 1 ; for Jult/, by 
May 1 ; and for October, by July 1.] 


Abbe genealogy. By F. J. A. Wallace. Frankford, Pa., Martin & AUardyce 
[1911]. [7] p. 8° 

Adams genealogy. The Elijah Adams family of Hubbardston, Mass., and a 
retrospect of activities in seven decades. An autobiography by Nelson Adams. 
Springfield, Mass., published by the author, 1910. 4-|-236 p. pi. 8° 

Ballard genealogy. Ballard genealogy : William Ballard (1603-1639) of Lynn, 
Mass., and William Ballard (1617-1689) of Andover, Mass., and their descend- 
ants. By Charles Frederic Farlow, ed. by Charles Henry Pope. Boston, Mass., 
published by Charles H. Pope, 1911. 203 p. pi. 8° 

1912] Recent Boohs 93 

Ballard genealogy. Frankford, Pa., Martin & AUardyce, 1911. 20 p. pi. 24o 
Eepriut from the Essex Autiquariau. 

Barry genealogy. The Barry family. By Arthur Collins. Frankford, Pa., 
Martin & AUardyce, 1911. [10] p. pi. 8° Reprint. Price $2. 

Bates genealogy. Bates, Bears, and Bunker Hill with a correction or two. By 
Edward Deacon. Bridgeport, Conn., Press of the Automatic Printing Co., 1911. 
90 p. 8° Price 75 cts. Address the author, Bridgeport, Conn. 

A short account will be found of the families of Tiller, Wakeman, Bulkeley, and Hill. 

Gary, John, descendants. Bulletin No. 11, new series. 1911. p. 65-67 8° 

Chamberlain genealogy. William Chamberlain of Billerica, Mass., and his de- 
scendants. By George Walter Chamberlain, M.S. p. 89-150 fcsm. pi. 8o 

Coxe genealogy. Coxe and connected families. [By Douglas Merritt. Ehine- 
beck, N. Y., 1911.] n.p. 8° 

The author gives an account of the families of Cox of Maryland, New England, and New York, 
Hyde, Cleveland, Shepherd, Thomas, Hanson, Skillington, Clements, Porter, Sewall, etc. 

Davis genealogy. Genealogy of the descendants of Col. John Davis of Oxford, 
Conn, (formerly a part of Derby, Conn.), together with a partial genealogy of 
his ancestors in the United States ; also biographical sketches and portraits of 
some of his descendants, and other matters of interest. By George Tofl'ey 
Davis. New Rochelle, N. Y., 1910. 338 p. fcsm. pi. 8o Price $6.50 cloth', 
^4.50 paper. Address the author, 200 Huguenot St., New Rochelle, N. Y. 

Donaldson genealogy. Donaldson family record. By James Henry Slipper, 
M.A. 50+2 p. pi. 40 Price $5. 

Eaton genealogy. History, genealogical and biographical, of the Eaton fami- 
lies. By NeUie Zada Rice Molyneaux. Syracuse, N. Y., C. W. Bardeen, pub- 
lisher, 1911. 782 p. fcsm. il. pi. 4° 

This genealogy of the Eaton families, includes the following branches : Francis of Plymouth, 
Mass., John of Dedham, Mass., William of Reading, Mass., the Elmwood or Nova Scotia 
branch, Richard of Great Budworth, Cheshire, Eng., Thomas of 3Ionmouth, N. J., John of 
Radnorshire, Wales, and John of Ireland. 

Endicott genealogy. The Endicott family. By Charles Moses Endicott. Frank- 
ford, Pa., Martin & AUardyce, 1911, [6] p. pi. 8° Reprint from the Register, 
1847. Price $1. 

FitzGerald genealogy. Family notes. [Ancestry of] Desmond FitzGerald. 
Privately printed, 1911. 5+144 p. pi. por. tab. ped. 4° 

Folsom Family Reunion. Records. Second annual reunion of the descendants 
of the immigrant, John Folsom. Hingham, Mass., Aug. 24, 1910. 23 p. 8° 

Folsom Family Reunion. Records. Third annual reunion of the descendants 
of the immigrant John Folsom. Portland, Me., July 26, 1911. 24 p. 12° 

Gage, Mrs. Harley Calvin. The royal descent and colonial ancestry of Mrs. 
Harley Calvin Page. 32 p. 8° Price $2. Address Mrs. H. C. Page, 4 Dupont 
Clixle, Washington, D. C. 

Gilpin, name, arms, and crest. By William Jackson, F. S. A. Frankford, Pa., 
Martin & AUardyce, 1911. [5] p. pi. 16° Price $1. 

Harris genealogy. Personal and family history of Charles Hooks and Margaret 
Monk Harris. By James Coffee Harris. [Rome, Ga., 1911.] 116 p. pi. 8" 

Haskins genealogy. Isaac Haskins, family history and genealogy, including 
that of his son-in-law Henry T. Peck, generally known as Harry T. Peck, all of 
Wakeman, Ohio. Supplement added, containing family history and genealogy 
of Mrs. Mary TuUer Bacon also of Wakeman, Ohio. By Charles Ransley Green, 
Olathe, Kans. Olathe, Register Publishing Co., 1911. 16 p. 8° 

Howland Homestead. Bulletin, vol. 1, no. 1, July, 1911. Boston, Mass., pub- 
lished by the Society of the Descendants of the Pilgrim John Howland of the 
Ship Mayflower, 1911. 12 p. il. 8° 

Mills genealogy. George MUls, a soldier of the Revolution, with a genealogy 
of his descendants. By Borden Hicks Mills. Albany, N. Y., 1911. 42 p. 8° 

94 Recent Boohs [Jan. 

Nichols, Willard Atherton. Ancestors of "Willard Atherton Nichols who par- 
ticipated iu the Civil aud Military affairs of the American Colonies, and those 
who were soldiers in the Continental Armies during the "War of the Revolution, 
and those who served in the War of 1812. By "Willard Atherton Nichols. [Red- 
lands, Cal., 1911.] p. 64+13, chart, fcsm. il. pi. 4° 

Parker genealogy. Parker in America, 1610-1910. "What the historians say of 
them. What a large number say of themselves. Genealogical and biographical. 
Interesting historical incidents. By Augustus G. Parker. Buffalo, N. Y., 
Niagara Frontier Publishing Co. [1911.] 14+592 p. pi. 8° Price $5. 

Proudfit genealogy. Historical sketch of the Pi'oudflt family of York co.. Pa., 
with a complete record of the descendants of Alexander Proudfit and Martha 
McCleary. By Margaret Compton. Meadville, Pa., 1911. 100 p. pi. 8° Ad- 
dress Andrew A. Culbertston, Erie, Pa. 

Eice genealogy. By the name of Rice : an historical sketch of Deacon Edmund 
Bice, the Pilgrim (1594-1663), founder of the English family of Rice in the U. S., 
and of his descendants to the fourth generation. Done briefly by omitting some 
15,000 names that can be had upon application to the author. By Charles Elmer 
Rice. Alliance, Ohio, The Williams Printing Co., 1911. 96+2 p. pi. 12o 

Scoville genealogy. Scoville family records. Part 3. Harwinton (Conn.) 
branch. Edited by Charles Rochester Eastman, Cambridge, Mass. Privately 
printed, 1911. 31 p. 8° 

Shorter genealogy. Old Shorter houses and gardens. By Annie Kendrick 
Walker. New York, N. Y., Tobias A. Wright, prmter, 1911. 66 p. pi. 12o 

Stuart, Freeman, Parry, and Pyke genealogies. [London, Eug., Athenaeum 
Press, 1911.] 6 p. 16° 

Extracts from British archives. Reprint from Notes and Queries, Aug. 26, 1911. 

Thompson genealogy. Andrew Thompson, the emigrant of Elsinborough, 
Salem Co., N. J., and one line of his descendants. By David Allen Thompson. 
Albany, N. Y., Weed-Parsons Printing Co., 1910. 47 p. 12° 

Thompson genealogy. Thompson lineage with mention of allied families. By 
William Baker Thompson. Harrisburg^ Pa., The Telegraph Printing Co., 1911. 
131 p. il. pi. 8° 

The direct line of descent is shown from Anthony Thompson to his great-grandsons Samuel 
and Amos who settled in Charlotte Precinct, Dutchess Co., N. Y., in 1750. Mention is made of 
the Harris, Baker, and Wheeler lineages. 

Tower Genealogical Society. Report of the second annual reunion of the de- 
Bcendants of John Tower and annual meeting of the Tower Genealogical Society 
(inc.), at Hmgham, Mass., June 17, 18, and 19, 1910. n. d. n. p. 8° 

Van Liew genealogy. Genealogy and annals of the Van Liew family in America 
from 1670-1910, and a brief record of a few families with whom the "Van Liew 
family intermarried. [By Thomas Lillian "Van Liew. St. Louis, Mo., c' 1910.] 
18 p. pi. r° 

Waldron genealogy. Resolved Waldron's descendants. Vanderpoel branch. 
Descendants in the Vanderpoel branch of Resolved Waldron, who came from 
Holland to New Amsterdam in 1650. By James Henry Shipper, M.A. [New 
York] 1910. 69 p. pi. 4o Price $5. 

Williams, Gen. Sir William Fenwick, ancestry. Ancestry of Gen. Sir William 
Fenwick Williams of Kars., aud incidentally a maternal line of the present Mar- 
quis of Donegal, including genealogical sketches of the historic Annapolis Royal 
families of Winniett, Dyson, Williams, and Walker, and their connections, and 
a biographical sketch of the General. By Judge Alfred William Savary, M.A. 
Exeter, Eng., William Pollard & Co., Ltd., printers, 1911. 15 p. 8° Reprint 
from The Genealogist, New Series, vol. 27. 


Blackleach, John, memoir. John Blackleach, an historical address delivered 
at the annual meeting of The Village Library Company of Farmington, Conn., 
Sept. 13, 1911. By Julius Gay. Hartford, Conn., Hartford Press, 1911. 16 p. 8» 


Recent Boohs 95 

Soylston, Zabdiel, memoir. Zabdiel Boylston, inoculator, and the epidemic of 
smallpox iu Boston in 1721. By Reginald Heber Fitz. 36 p. S" Reprint from 
The Johns Hopkins Hospital Bulletin, vol. 22, no. 247, Sept. 1911. 

Brown, Lucinda White, memoir. Aunty Brown in the New Shoe, together with 
letters of love and friendship from youth to age and leaves from memory. 
Akron, Ohio, published by Mrs. Lucinda White Brown, 1911. 79 p. fcsm. 11. 
pi. 80 Price 50 cts. 

Coffin, Rev. Dr. Paul, memoir. Suggestive side lights upon the social antecedents 
and associations of the Pioneer Preacher of Buxton, Me. For the dedication 
of a new Parish House in Buxton, in Sept. 1911. By Ellis B. Usher, n. p. 1911. 
6 p. 8° 

De Berdt, Dennys, letters, 1757-70. Edited by Albert Matthews. Reprinted 
from the publications of The Colonial Society of Massachusetts, vol. 13. Cam- 
bridge, Mass., John Wilson & Son, 1911. p. 293-461 pi. 8° 

Franklin, Benjamin, wife. Who was the mother of Franklin's son? An inquiry 
demonstrating that she was Deborah Read, wife of Benjamin Franklin. By 
Charles Henry Hart, LL.B. Philadelphia, Pa., 1911. 7 p. 8° Reprint from The 
Pennsylvania Magazine of History and Biography for July, 1911. 

Graves, Rt. Kev. Anson Rogers, autobiography. The farmer boy who became a 
bishop. The autobiography of The Rt. Rev. Anson Rogers Graves, S.T.D., 
LL.D. Akron, Ohio, The New Werner Co., 1911. 220 p. pi. 12" 

Hodee, Orlando J., reminiscences. Vol. 2. Cleveland, Ohio, The Brooks Co., 

1910. 254 p. 12° 

The first volume of Mr. Hodge's reminiscences appeared In 1902. 

Julienno Provengalo, poem. By Joseph Frangois Baptistan Denis. A metrical 
English translation by Henry A. Bellows, Ph.D. New Bedford, Mass., 1911. 
37 p. map. pi. 16° 

This Provengal poem was written in America in 1860, by T. F. B. D. Julien, as an expression 
of his affection for his native village, Lourmarin, France. 

Lincoln, Francis Henry, memoir. A memorial of Francis Henry Lincoln, 1846- 

1911. Printed for the Class of 1867 of Harvard College, 1911. 20 p. pi. 8" 

Polk, James Knox, diary. Chicago Historical Society's Collections, vols, vi, 
vii, viii, ix. The diary of James K. Polk during his presidency, 1845 to 1849, 
now first printed from the original manuscript owned by the Society. Edited 
and annotated by Milo Milton Quaife, with introduction by Andrew Cunningham 
McLaughlin. Chicago, 111., published for the Society by A. C. McClurg & Co., 
1910. 4 vols. pi. 8° 

Raflnesque, Constantine Samuel, biography. Rafinesque, a sketch of his life with 
biblioiiiaphy. By T. J. Fitzpatrick, M.S. Des Moines, Iowa,The Historical De- 
partment of Iowa, 1911. p. 11-241, fcsm. il. pi. 8° 

Rodney, Hon. Daniel, diary. Rodney's diary and other Delaware records. By 
Rev. Ciiarles H. B. Turner. Philadelphia, Pa., Allen, Lane & Scott, 1911. 148 p. 

Sumner, Charles, memoir. An address. By Henry George Spaulding. Boston, 
Mass., Press of George H. Ellis Co., 1911. 34 p. pi. 8° 

Sweet, Mrs. Lucy Bliss, memoir. A memorial to Mrs. Lucy Bliss Sweet, born 
Aug. 1, 1824, died Dec. 13, 1910. By Mrs. George St. John Sheffield. [40 p.] 8° 

Swift, Rev. John, memoir. Exercises connected with the dedication of the me- 
morial tablet marking tlie site of the house of Rev. John Swift, first minister of 
Framiugham, June 17, 1911. South Framingham, Mass., Lakeview Press, 1911. 
16 p. 8° 

Tilton, Peter, and Joseph Eastman, memoirs. Tilton-Eastman memorial address, 
delivered in Hadley, Mass., Aug. 2, 1910. By Asa A. Spear, New York City. 
Poem by Clarence E. Hawkes, Hadley, Mass. n. p. n. d. 16 p. 8° 

Van Buren, Martin, papers. Library of Congress. Calendar of the papers of 
Martin Van Buren. Prepared from the original manuscripts in the Library of 
Congress, by Elizabeth Howard West, division of manuscripts. Washington, 
Govermnent Printing Office, 1910. 757 p. pi. 4° 

96 Recent Boohs [Jan. 

Whitcomb, Chapman, memoir. Notes on Chapman Whitcomb (Dartmouth, 
1758) eccentric poet and publisher of a scarce edition of Mrs. Rowlandson's 
" Removes " and otlier tracts. By J. C. L. Clark. Lancaster, Mass., 1911. 23 p. 
8° Reprint from the Clinton Daily Item. 

Young Edward James, memoir. Edward James Youncj. By James De Nor- 
mandie.' Boston, Mass., 1911. IG p. pi. 8° Reprint from the Proceedings of 
the Massachusetts Historical Society for Mar. 1911, 

Amherst College, class of '81. Thirty years after, a record of the Class of eighty- 
one Amherst College. By the Class, Frank Henry Parsons, secretary. New 
Haven, Conn., Press of The Tuttle, Morehouse & Taylor Co., 1911. 214 p. 11. 
pi. 4° 

Bowdoin College. Obituary record of the graduates of Bowdoin College and 
the Medical School of Maine for the decade ending 1 Jime, 1909. Brunswick, 
Me., Bowdoin College Library, 1911. 8+527 p. 8° 

Dartmouth College, class of '71. Biographical report upon the 40th anniversary 
of graduation, 1911. Hanover, N. H., prmted by The Dartmouth Press, 1911, 
52 p. pi. 8» 

Harvard University, Class of 1891. Harvard College. Class of 1891. Secre- 
tary's report. No. 5. Printed for the use of the class. [Boston, Mass., The 
Rockwell & Churchill Press] 1911. 16-|-302 p. il. pi. 7° 


(a) General 

Delaware Siver, Swedish settlements. The Swedish settlements on the Dela- 
ware, 1638-64, by Amandus Johnson, Ph.D. By Gregory B. Keen, LL.D. [Phila- 
delphia, Pa.] J. B. Lippincott Co., 1911. 5 p. pi. 8° Reprint from the Pennsyl- 
vania Magazine of History and Biography, vol. 35, p. 223-7. 

Magazine of History, with notes and queries, extra no. 16. The life and adven- 
tures of Israel R. Potter (1744-1826), by himself. New York, N. Y., William 
Abbatt, 1911. 83 p. pi. 4° 

Massachusetts Volunteer Infantry. The Fifth Regiment, Massachusetts Volun- 
teer Infantry in its three tours of duty, 1861, 1862-3, 1864. By Alfred Seelye 
Roe. Boston, Mass., published by the Fifth Regiment Veteran Association, 
1911. 510 p. fcsm. 11. pi. 8° 

New York State, Clinton papers. Public papers of George Clinton, 1st governor 
of New York, Vol. 9. Analytical index A-F. Prepared under the auspices of 
the State Historian, Albany, N. Y., published by the State of New York, 1911. 
98+371 p. 8° 

Ohio lands, first ownership. First ownership of Ohio lands. By Albion Morris 
Dyer. Boston, Mass., New England Historic Genealogical Society, 1911. 85 p. 
4° Reprint from Registeu, vols. 64 and 65. 

Ehode Island, record commissioner. State of Rhode Island and Providence Plan- 
tations. 14th annual report of the State Record Commissioner made to the 
General Assembly at its Jan. session, 1911, Providence, R, I., E. L, Freeman 
Co., state printers, 1911. 8 p, 8° 

(h) Local 

Brewster, Mass., Brewster Congregational Church. Records, 1700-92, Privately 
printed, 1911, 169 p. 8° 

Cleveland and Ohio City, Ohio. Directory of the cities of Cleveland and Ohio 
for the years 1837-8; comprising historical and descriptive sketches of each 
place, an alphabetical list of inhabitants, their business and residence, a list of 
the municipal officers, every information relative to the public offices and officers, 
churches, associations and institutions, shipping, steamboats, stages, &c., also, 
a list of the officers of the government of Ohio, a table of foreign coins and cur- 
rencies and a variety of other useful information. By Julius P. Bolivar MacCabe. 
Cleveland, Ohio, Sanford & Lott, printers, 1837. 42+144 p. 11. pi. 16" Repro- 
duced and presented by The Guardian Savings and Trust Co., Cleveland, Ohio, 
2d ed., 1911. 


Recent Books 97 

Cuyahoga County, Ohio, Early Settlers' Association. Annals, vol. 6, no. 1 fCleve- 
land, O.] 1910. 99 p. fcsm. il. pi. 8° 

Dunstable, Mass. Early generations of the founders of Old Dunstable, thirty 
families. By Ezra Scollay Stearns, A.M. Boston, Mass., published by Georse 
Emery Littlefleld, 1911. 103 p. 40 j & 

A genealogical record will be found of the following families : Acres, Beale, Blanchard 
Cooke, Cromwell, Darbyshire, French, Galusha, Gould, Uarwood, Hassell, Honey, Lovewell 
Lund, Marks, Parris, Perry, Kead, Kobbins, Searles, Smith, Swallow, Taylor, Temnle Tvnff' 
Usher, Waldo, Warner, Weld, and Whiting. i- ■ J 6. 

Duxbury, Mass., vital records. Vital records of Duxbury, Mass., to the year 
1850. Boston, Mass., published by the New England Historic Genealogical So- 
ciety at the charge of the Eddy Town-Kecord Fund, 1911. 446 p. 8° 

Galway, Ire., Franciscan Monastery. The obituary book of the Franciscan Monas- 
tery at Galway, with notes thereon. By Martin J. Blake. Galway, Ire., O'Gor- 
man, printing house, 1911. 43 p. pi. 8° Kepriut from the Galway Archaeological 
Journal, vol. 6, no. 4, and vol. 7, no. 1. 

Hopkinton, Mass., vital records. Vital records of Hopkinton, Mass., to the year 
1850. Boston, Mass., published by the New England Historic Genealogical So- 
ciety at the charge of the Eddy Town-Eecord Fund, 1911. 462 p. 8° 

Kingston, Mass., vital records. Vital records of Kingston, Mass., to the year 
1850. Boston, Mass., published by the New England Historic Genealogical So- 
ciety at the charge of the Eddy Town-Record Fund, 1911. 396 p. 8° 

Lydd, CO. Kent, Eng. Eecords of Lydd, translated and transcribed by Arthur 
Hussey and M. M. Hardy, edited by Arthur Finn. [Ashford, Kent, Eng., 1911.] 
32+13+452 p. fcsm. 8° Price 12s. 6d. Address The Kentish Express, 94 High 
St., Ashford, co. Kent, Eng. 

Nottingham, Eng., graveyard guide. The Nottingham graveyard guide, histori- 
cal, descriptive, genealogical, with appendices on the churchyards of Greasley 
and Flawford, Notts, and exhaustive lists of surnames. By A. Stapleton. Not- 
tingham, Eng., 1911. 254 p. 12° Price 5s. On sale by Bell, Charlton St. ; Sax- 
ton, King St. ; Sissons and Parker, Wheelergate, Nottiugham, Eng. 

Pittston, Me., vital records. Vital records of Pittston, Me., to 1892. Editor, 
Henry SeAvall Webster, A.M. ; Committee on Publication, Asbury Coke Stilphen. 
Published under the authority of the Maine Historical Society. Gardiner, Me., 
The Reporter-Journal Press, 1911. 387 p. 8° 

Seymour, Conn., vital records. Vital statistics of the town of Seymour. Conn., 
Jan. 1, 1901, to Dec. 31, 1910. Seymour, Conn., published by William Carvosso 
Sharpe, 1911. 63 p. 8° 

Trenton, N. J., iron industry. Beginnings of the iron industry of Trenton, N. J., 
1723-50. By William Nelson. Philadelphia, Pa., J. B. Lippincott Co., 1911. 
16 p. 8° Reprint from The Pennsylvania Magazine of History and Biography, 
vol. 35. 


American Historical Association. Annual report of the American Historical As- 
sociation for the year 1908. In two volumes, vol. 2(1), diplomatic correspond- 
ence of the Republic of Texas, pt. 2. Washington, D. C, Government Printiag 
Office, 1911. 807 p. 8° 

American Historical Association. Annual report of the American Historical As- 
sociation for the year 1908. In two volumes, vol. 2 (2), diplomatic correspond- 
ence of the Republic of Texas, pt. 3. Washington, D. C., Government Printing 
Office, 1911. p. 808-1617 8o 

American Jewish Historical Association. Publications No. 20. Published by the 
Society. [Baltimore, Md., The Lord Baltimore Press] 1911. 19+209+7 p. 8° 

Bunker Hill Monument Association. Proceedings of the Bunker HUl Monument 
Association at the annual meeting June 17, 1911. Boston, Mass., published by 
the Association, 1911. 92 p. map, pi. por. 8° 

Connecticut Historical Society. List of family genealogies in library of Con- 
necticut Historical Society, corrected to Aug. 31, 1911. Hartford, Conn., pub- 
lished by the Society, 1911. 42 p. 8o 

98 Recent Boohs [Jan. 

George Washington Memorial Association. Eeport, 1910. 15 p. pi. 16° 
Kansas State Historical Association. Seventeenth biennial report of the board 
of directors of the Kansas State Historical Society for the biennial period July 

1, 1908, to June 30, 1910. Topeka, Kaus., State Printing Office, 1911. 8+188 p. 
il. pi. por. 8° 

Lowell Historical Society. Contributions of the Lowell Historical Society. 
Organized Dec. 21, 1868, incorporated May 21, 1902. Vol. 1, no. 2. Lowell, 
Ma'ss., Butterfleld Printing Co., 1911. 175-f-342 p. il. map. 8» 

Manchester (N. H.) Historic Association Collections. Vol. 4, pt. 3. Manchester, 
N. H., Manchester Historic Association, 1910. p. 229-321 pi. 8° 

New England Yearly Meeting of Friends, Two hundred and fiftieth anniversary 
of the beginning of the New England Yearly Meeting of Friends. Held at Moses 
Brown School, Providence, R. I., June 21, 1911. 86 p. pi. 8" 

New York State Historical Association. Proceedings of the New York State His- 
torical Association, 12th annual meeting, with constitution, by laws, and list of 
members. Vol. X. [Glens Falls, N. Y.] published by the New York State His- 
torical Association, 1911. 550-f-[l] p. fcsm. pi. S" 

Royal Society of Canada. Proceedings and ti'ansactions of the Royal Society of 
Canada. Third series, vol 4, meeting of Sept., 1910. For sale by James Hope 
& Son, Ottawa; The Copp-Clark Co. (Ltd.), Toronto; Bernard Quaritch, Lon- 
don, Eng., 1911. V. p. il. map pi. 8° 

Society for the Preservation of New England Antiquities. Bulletin. Vol. 2, no. 

2. Boston, Mass., August, 1911. p. 9-28 il. 8° 

Society of the Cincinnati in State of New Jersey. Roster of the New Jersey 
officers of the Continental line, Army of the Revolution, who were eligible to 
membership in the Society of the Cincinnati, c' 1911. 49 p. pi. 8° 

Society of Colonial Wars in the State of New Jersey. Year book, 1911. 127 p. 
pi. 8° 

Society of Colonial Wars, New York, 1911. Orderly book and journal of Maj . John 
Hawks on the Ticonderoga-Crown Point campaign, under Gen. Jeffrey Amherst, 
1759-60, with an introduction by Hon. Hugh Hastings. [N. Y.] published by the 
Society of Colonial Wars in the State of New York, through the Historian and 
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Daughters of the American Revolution, Claremont, N. H., 1911-12. Organized 
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Society of the Sons of the American Revolution, National. Yearbook, 1911. Con- 
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charter ; constitution and by-laws ; officers of State Societies and Local Chap- 
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Swedish Colonial Society. Constitution and list of officers and members, June, 
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Topsfield Historical Society. The historical collections of the Topsfleld His- 
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160 p. pi. 8° 


Vol. 65, p. 298, 1. 18, /or Susanna Page read Susanna Lawrence. 

Vol. 65, p. 307, 1. 30, /or Calif read Calef. 

Vol. 65, p. 308, 1. 12, for Mutual Life Insurance Company of New York read New York 

Life Insurance Company. 
Vol. 65, p. 308, 1. 45, for Hunniwell read Hunnewell. 
Vol. 6.5, p. 346, 1. 23, /or Clarissa Mills read Clarissa Ellis. 
Vol. 65, p. 383, 1. 36, /or Medford read Maiden. 

^^0--^.^ ^^^^?^^:i^^^^.^^^^^^^^ 



APEIL, 1912 


By Georgiana Myrick Brown 

John Coffin Jones Brown of Boston, who was elected a resi- 
dent member of this Society in 1868 and became a life member in 
1876, was born at Boston, April 27, 1829, the son of Capt. Nathan 
and Mary (Myrick) Brown of Newburyport and Boston, and died 
at South Weymouth, Mass., December 28, 1911, while visiting his 
eon Henderson Otis, a resident there. 

His line of descent from Nicholas' Browne and his wife Elizabeth, 
who came to New England about 1635 from Inkberrow, near Droit- 
wich, in Worcestershire, England, and settled first in that part of 
Lynn, Mass., which is now Saugus, afterwards removing to Lynn 
Village, the part now Wakefield, was through Edward' and Sarah 
(Dlx), Edward' and Sarah (Ingalls), Edward" and Dorothy (Pike), 
Nicholas^ and Lucy (Lamprey), Capt. Nathan® and Mary (My- 
rick) . 

Mr. Brown received his early education at the Eliot School in 
Boston, and soon after graduating he began a mercantile career, 
first with the firm of Frothingham and Company, and afterwards 
with their successors, Joy, Langdon and Company, devoting his en- 
tire life with them, in the dry goods commission business. 

In 1861-2 he represented old Ward 9 in the Common Council of 
Boston, was a trustee of the Boston Public Library in 1861, and a 
member of the Cochituate Water Board in 1862. In the early days 
of the Civil War he was on the committee that cooperated with 
Mrs. Harrison Gray Otis in the relief bureau which had its head- 
quarters in the old Evans House ; and for twelve years, from 1866 
to 1878, he served on the School Committee of Boston. 

Mr. Brown was a member of the Committee on Heraldry of this 
Society in 1881, becoming its chairman in 1888, and serving many 
years ; and he was one of the Society's Board of Directors in 
1888-1889. Among his contributions to the Register were many 
valuable notes to "Waters's Genealogical Gleanings in England," 
besides articles on the Youngman family, the Atherton family in 
England, the Coffin name and armorial bearings, Newbury and the 
Bartlett family, notes on the Bacons of Virginia, and numerous 
book reviews and shorter notes on the subjects in which he was an 


100 Residents in Shirley ^ Mass. [April 

expert. He was also at one time a constant contributor of historical 
and genealogical material to the Boston Transcript^ and , at his 
death possessed a large library of works in that line. A founder 
and life member of the Bostonian Society, he was the designer of its 
seal, and he also was a member of the Boston Art Club and the 
Veteran Association of the Independent Corps of Cadets. 

Actively interested in the HoUis Street Church and its Sunday 
School, he was at one time treasurer of the Church, and on its 
standing committeee ; and was a life member of the Young Men's 
Christian Union. 

Mr. Brown was married on May 22, 1850, to Mary Elizabeth, 
who died February 16, 1900, daughter of Aaron and Mary (Pecker) 
Coffin of Boston, by whom he had the following children, all born 
at Boston with the exception of Henderson Otis, who was born at 
Cambridge, Mass.: John Coffin Jones, died in infancy; John 
Coffin Jones, M.D., Harvard College 1873, and Medical School 
1876, who died October 3, 1876 ; Mary Elizabeth, died in infancy ; 
Georgiana Myrick, surviving; Lucy Lamprey, died August 6, 
1911; Lawrence, died in infancy; Laura, died in infancy; Hen- 
derson Otis, surviving ; Nellie Bazin, wife of Homer Fiske Liver- 
more, surviving ; and Bessie, died in infancy. 


Communicated by Mrs. Horace Edwin Hildreth of Cambridge, Mass. 

The following abstracts were taken from the original volume of 
the first book of records in Shirley, Mass. As new families or new 
people came, the town clerk made a record of their arrival and the 
place that they came from. Whenever the selectmen refused to 
admit any of these persons to be legal inhabitants of the town of 
Shirley the fact has been stated. The exact spelling of personal 
names has been kept. 

Rodrick McKinzey and Polley his wife came to Shirley from Lancaster 

6 Apr. 1785. Taken in by Capt. John Egerton who gave notice thereof. 
Elisha Davis son of Elisha came from Leominster to reside with Ens. 

John HaiJd, 18 Mar. 1784. 
Ephariam Warrin, Sarah his wife, and their three children, Jacob, Epha- 

riam, and Sarah came from Groton Oct. 1767. 
William Russel, Lucy his wife, and their six children, Lucey, William, 

Lydia, Hannah, Peter, and Richard came from Littleton Sept. 1772. 
Sewell Dodge, Martha his wife, and their two children Elisha and Sam- 

uell came from Lunenburg 19 Aug. 1773. 
James Diggins, Lydia his wife, and their two children Suel and Molley 

came from Leominster 1 Sept. 1773. 

1912] Residents in Shirley, Mass. 101 

William Bolton, Mary his wife, and their five children Sarah, Lovis, Tim- 
othy, Susanna, and Eunice came from Reading 28 May 1773. 

David Slone, Lydia his wife, their daughter Molley and their grandson 
John Slone came irom Townsend 9 Dec. 1773. "the Selectmen Refuse 
to admit them as Inhabitants In Shirley " 

William Woster, Deborah his wife, and their children Deborah, Darkes, 
Sarah, Mary, William, and Doritycame from Tewksbury 10 June 1770. 

Daniel Harper, Rachel his wife, and their children Rachel, James, Col- 
man, Daniel, Mary, and Aaron came from Littleton 25 May 1772. 

Widow Mehitable Baley and her child Mehitebel came from Rowley 19 
June 1772. 

Jonathan Davis, Elisabeth his wife, and Jonathan their son came from 
Acton Jan. 1773. 

Mary Davis came from Westford Jan. 1773. 

Mindwell Wintworth and her daughter Moley came from Harvard Jan. 
1774. " The Select men Refusing to admitt them as Inhabitants in 
Shirley and ordred them to be Entred on Book." 

Charls Phips came from Groton Dec. 1773. " the Select men Refuse to 
admit him" 

Nehemiah Phillips, Pacyance his wife, and their four children Moses, 
Pacyance, Mary, and Abijal came from Groton Apr. 1774. The select- 
men refused to admit them. 

Hannah Childs came from Cambridge 13 Nov. 1771. The selectmen 
refused to admit her. 

Daniel Cole and his wife came from Concord 1775. 

Zebediah Farrar, Katharine his wife, and their three children Josiah, 
Eliab, and Marcy came " Last " from Sudbury " taken in by W™ Little 
and a Return of y® Same Brought to the Selectmen by y® sd Little " 4 
May 1776. 

Anna Wyman taken in by the wife of John Davis 5 June 1776 " She 
Being one of the Poor of Lancaster and Daughter of Josha wyman of 
Said Lancaster." 

Susanna Griffin came from Gloucester to dwell with Mr. Stephen Holdin 
Apr. 1776. 

Edward Richards Jr., Mary his wife, and their four children Edward, 
Molley, Eleneor, and Margret came from Lunenburg Apr. 1779, to 
dwell with Jonos Parker. The selectmen refused to admit them. 

Amos Holdin Jr., Lydia his wife, and their two children Peaty and David 
came from Mason, N. H., 20 Sept. 1780. The selectmen refused to ad- 
mit them. 

Thomas Fair, Mary his wife, and Wm. their son came from Groton 4 Dec. 
1780. The selectmen refused to admit them. 

Jathro Wheeler came from Groton July 1781. The selectmen refused to 
admit him. 

Lemuel Woods, Sarah his wife, and their four children Sarah, Hannah, 
Stephen, and Lydia came from Groton 12 Mar. 1782. The selectmen 
refused to admit them. 

Deborah Philipes came from Groton Mar. 1782. The selectmen refused 
to admit her. 

Rebcah Davis and her three children Rebecah, Elisha, and Abijah came 
from Leominster 10 July 1782. The selectmen refused to admit them. 

William Farr, Lucy his wife, and their two children Sally and Molley 
came from Harvard 11 May 1785. "Taken in by James Parker." 

102 Congregationalist Churchy Dresden^ Me. [April 


Communicated by William Davis Patterson of Wiscasset, Me. 

The Rev. Freeman Parker, by whom these records were begun 
and under whose direction they were continued, was born at Barn- 
stable, Mass., 13 July, 1776. He was fitted by the Rev. Oakes 
Shaw of Barnstable for Harvard College, which he entered in 1793. 
After his graduation in 1797, he studied theology, and upon being 
licensed by the Andover Association he, after preaching three months 
in Dresden, Me., became the first ordained and settled minister of 
;the Congregationalist Church in that town, at a salary of $500 per 
year, under a contract which continued from his settlement in Sep- 
stember, 1801, until his release of the town therefrom in 1816. 

Mr. Parker continued to reside in Dresden until 1829, and to 
■preach occasionally for a society organized there, after the dissolu- 
'tion of his contract with the town, until 1835. He married Rebecca, 
.a daughter of Hon. Thomas Rice of Wiscasset, 6 November, 1804. 
"Upon leaving his home in Dresden he took up his residence in Wis- 
casset, where he lived until his death, 24 April, 1854, in the house 
■which his wife's father had buUt and lived in. 

Mr. Parker's sight began to fail about the time of his ordination, 
and in a few years he became totally blind, and was afterwards 
known as the "blind preacher of Dresden." Having no successor 
in Dresden, and the organization of his church apparently lapsing 
at his removal from that town, his book of records remained in his 
possession, and in it certain entries were made during his residence 
in Wiscasset, where he at times preached in the Fii'st Parish Church. 
The book is now in the possession of Mrs. S. D. Brewster of New 
York City, who is a great-granddaughter of Mr. Parker, and who 
has kindly allowed a copy to be made for the use of this Society. 

Church Records 
Freeman Parker received an invita. from the ch. society in Dresden to 

settle with them in the work of the gospel ministry Sept. 1st. 1800 — gave 

his answer in the affirmative May 10"^ 1801, & was ordained Sept 2d 1801. 
The congregational ch'h was embodied Aug*' 14'^ 1801, at wh time the 

covenant was publicly assented to & subscribed 

Oct. 1801. Samuel Tubbs was chosen deacon. 

May, 1802. Samuel Woodward was chosen deacon. 

September 1, 1802, in consequence of a missive letter from the 

& society in Wiscassett Voted to attend the installation of the Rev. Heze- 
kiah Packard on the 8th instant. 

August 15, 1805. Rec'' a letter missive from the Christian Society in Cam- 
den requesting us to Join with other churches in organizing a church in 
that place &, Ordaining Mr. Thomas Cochran on the 11th of September. 
Voted To attend by Pastor & delagates. 

1912] Congregationalist Church, Dresden, Me. 103 

December 17, 1805. Rec** a letter missive from the South church &, society 

in Bath requesting our assistance by Pastor & delegates at the Ordination 

of Mr. William Jenks on the 26th instant. Voted To attend. 
September 15, 1805. Rec*^ a regular invitation from the church in Belfast 

to assist in the installation of the Rev"^ Alfred Johnson. Voted That it 

is not convenient to attend 
December 17, 1805. Rec*^ a letter missive from the north church & society 

in Bath requesting our assistance at the installation of the Rev. Asa 

Lyman on the first of January 1806. Voted to attend by Pastor & 

October 10th 1807. Rec'^ a letter missive from the west church & society 

in Barnstable requesting our assistance at the Ordination of Mr. Enoch 

Pratt on the 28 instant. 

Voted to attend by Pastor & delegates. 
July 1823. Sam'l Woodward Jun'' was chosen deacon of the church 

We the sub. desirous of promoting rel. in our own hearts & lives, & in 
the community, by a regular enjoyment of gospel ord., do hereby covenant 
& agree together as the first congregational chh in Dresden, upon the fol- 
lowing principles, viz. We profess to believe the Holy Scrip, to be the 
word of God, containing a perfect rule of faith & practice, & pointing out 
the way to eternal life, thro the Red. of the world. We profess ourselves 
to be the dis. of J. C. & firmly resolve, with a humble reliance on the grace 
of God, to conform our temper & practice to the spirit, laws & institutions 
of Christianity. And esteeming it our duty as ch. brethren, we do hereby 
promise to love, watch over, counsel, encourage & assist one another, as 
far as we are able, in our ch. course. And we do likewise hereby agree 
that in regard to , & all difficulties & differences wch may arise 

in the chh., we will be governed by the rules prescribed in the gospel, partic. 
in the 18th ch. of St. Matth. & by the common usage of congregational 
chhs in New england. And to prevent future difficulties, we do hereby 
agree y' our minister shall be allowed to baptize no children, unless at least 
one of the parents or guardians be a baptized person, & a professor of 
Christianity. And we do also hereby agree to receive into communion, & 
equal chh. priviledges with us, all persons, who have suitable religious quali- 
fications, & will assent to the principles asserted in y^ covenant. And now 
it is our most earnest prayer that God wd pour out his spirit upon us, & 
bless us, and from time to time add to our number such as shall be saved, 
& y' the glorious period may at length arrive, when the whole family of man 
shall become one christian chh. 

Freeman Parker John Grenough 

Jonathan Bowman Peter Poushard 

Edmund Bridge George Mayer 

Samuel Tubbs George Poushard 

Samuel Woodward Jonathan Beed 

Louis Houdlett John Hawthorn 

We the subscribers do cordially assent to the above covenant. — 
Richard Kidder 1801 Sarah Lilly 1807 

Hannah Kidder James Patterson 

Elizabeth Pottle Sally Theobald 1810 

Asenath Tubbs 1802 Prudence Lewis 1811 

104 Congregationalist Church, Dresden, Me. [April 

Phebe Bowman 1803 Charles Thayer 1811 

Sam^ Woodward Jun'^ 1804 Patience Thayer do 

Ann Margarett Stilfin 1803 Sarah Dumaresqu Nov"" 1814 

Rebecca Parker 1805 Lydia Harward Nov"" 1816 
Elizabeth Hathorn 1806 

August 1, 1817. Voted that persons on their admittance into the church 
in future shall not be required as heretofore to subscribe the covenant but 
shall publicly give their assent to the following 

Church confession 
You do now in the presence of Almighty God and before this Christian 
assembly profess your sincere belief in the existence providence and gov- 
ernment of one God, who is infinitely wise just and good, the searcher of 
hearts and the judge of all the earth. You believe in the truth, inspira- 
tion and sufficiency of the holy Scriptures. You believe that God spake 
to the fathers by the prophets, and now in the Gospel speaketh unto us by 
his only begotten Son, who is the brightness of the fathers glory and the 
express image of his person, and the one mediator between God and man. 
You believe in mans primeval innocence, voluntary transgression and un- 
happy apostacy. You believe in the universal sinfulness of mankind, and 
in the necessity of a renovation of heart and life by the Spirit of God. You 
believe in a future state of righteous retribution, in the resurrection of the 
body and a final Judgment. You believe that the terms of salvation are 
repentance for sin, faith in the Saviour, and a life devoted to God in holy 
obedience. You humbly and penitently confess your sins of every name 
and nature, and sincerely implore the forgiveness of them through the 
merits of Jesus Christ in whom we have redemption through his blood ac- 
cording to the riches of his grace. You truly desire to dedicate yourself to 
God in newness of life and sincerely resolve to deny all ungodliness and 
conform your temper and practice to the Spirit, laws and institutions of 
Christianity. You commit yourself to the care and discipline of this Chris- 
tian Church and promise to comply with its internal rules and regulations, 
60 far as they are agreeable to the Gospel, and to walk in communion with 
it so long as God shall give you opportunity. 

Thus you believe, confess, resolve and promise. 
You are now under the sacred bonds of the covenant. The vows of God 
are upon you. And in the name of this Church I declare you to be a 
member of it in full communion, and promise that we will watch over you 
in the spirit of meekness and charity, and endeavour to promote your pres- 
ent and everlasting welfare. And now it is our most earnest prayer that 
God would pour out his spirit upon us and bless us and from time to time 
add to our number such as shall be saved, and that the glorious and blessed 
day may at length arrive when all the families of the earth shall be united 
into one christian society under Jesus Christ who is made head over all 
things to the church. Amen 

Rec'd into full communion after the above confession was adopted 

1817, August 1. Cordelia White and Deborah Tupper. 
Sep'' 2. Mary Haynes 

Ocf 5. Elizabeth Goodwin 

Nov'r 3. Rebecca Johnson, Nancy Bowman & Lucy Bridge. 

1818, Jan'y 4. Mary Warrol 
June 1. Eunice Stilfin 

1912] Congregationalist Churchy Dresden^ Me. 


Sepr 27. 

Nov'r 8. 
1819, Jan'v 3. 
May 7. 1820 
May, 1825 

Oct. 1826 

Lydia Theobald 
Charles Houdlett 
Hannah H. Lilly 
Mary Houdlette 
Benj. B. Carney 
Obed Haynes 
Polly Woodward 

Admissions into the ch'h of Dresden from other ch'hs. 

1801, Phebe the wife of Edmund Bridge from the ch'h in Lex- 

Elizabeth, the wife of John Hawthorn, from the ch'h in 

1803, The widow Lydia Twicross formerly communicant in the 

Episcopal chh in y* town. 

1806, Nov' Elizabeth the wife of Peter Pou chard 

1814, Ocf Rebecca Callahan from the Episcopal church in Halifax. 

Nov 5, 1826 Polly Woodward from the church in Spencer. 
Obed Haynes from the church in Sudbury. 

Persons rec*^ into full communion who had before been admitted into 
the chh for the purpose of being baptized themselves, or having y"^ children 

Jonathan Allen Tupper 
Oct-^ 1, 1811 Sukey Houdlette 

Persons admitted into the chh for baptizm of y' children. 
1801 John Poleretzky & wife. 

Francis Stilfin & wife. 

Theophilus Blanchard. 
1803 Abel Wheeler & wife. 

Daniel Haynes & wife. 
1806 George Houdlette & wife. 

George Pouchard Jun'r & wife. 

Charles & Sukey Houdlette. 

Widow Nancy Call. 

Sarah Williams. 

Jane Stilfin. 

Francis & Nancy Houdlette. 


1809 August. 
1810, July. 
1820. July. 



Oct' 1806 
Novr 1806 
1807 Sep' 
1811 June 
1814 Nov' 
Nov' 1816 
August 1817 
Septr do 

Adult Baptizms. 
Samuel, Nathan and Mary Blanchard. 
Edward & Benjamin Goodwin. 
Mary & John W. Saunders. Nancy Poleretzky. 
Samuel & Asenath Tubbs. 
Mary Mason. Hannah Paris. 
Elizabeth Hathorn 
Jonathan Allen Tupper 
James Patterson 
Charles Thayer 
Sarah Dumaresq. 
Lydia Harward 

Cordelia White and Deborah Tupper 
Mary Haynes 21 

106 Congregationalist Churchy Dresden, Me. [April 

Baptizms of infants & children. 

1801 Freeman Parker the child of Hector Patten & wife. 
Gowin, child of John Hathorn & wife. 

1802 Hannah Hinton, child of Converse Lilly & wife. 
Sarah, Theophilus, James & William, the children of 

Theophilus Blanchard & wife. 

Lucy & John, children of John Poleretzky & wife. 

Sally, child of Francis Stilfin & wife. 

Samuel, Ardin, Ezra, Asenath, Jemima, Damaris, chil- 
dren of Samuel Tubbs Junior & wife. 
1801 John Reed, Eliza, Jane & Henry children of Jon° Gre- 

nough & wife. 

1803 James, the child of Francis Stilfin & wife. 

Rachel & Caroline children of Sam^ Tubbs Junior & wife. 
Mary & John, children of John Paris & wife. 
Freeman child of John Grenough & wife. 

Purchase & Mary, children of Lee and wife. 

Abel & Thomas of Abel Wheeler & wife. 

Charles, of Daniel Haynes & wife. 

Mary Lowell, of William Bowman & wife. 

1804 Nancy of Hector Patten & wife. 
Loring of Abel Wheeler & wife. 

Daniel, Samuel, Susanna Spring, & Moses, of Samuel 
Woodward, Jun"" 

Julia Ann & Caroline, of Stephen Smith & wife. 
1805, April 22. Rebecca Desire, Daughter of Freeman Parker & wife. 

Elizabeth Gray, Daughter of John Hathorn & wife 
Feb'y. 1806 Sarah Rice, Daughter of Freeman Parker & wife. 

Mira, Daughter of Samuel Woodward, Jun'r, & wife 

Rufus, son of Actor Patten & wife. 

Edward Earnest, son of George Houdlette & wife. 

Rebecca Moulton & John children of John White & wife 
1803 Francis, son of John Polereczky & wife. 

1806 Mary Hunt, daughter of Abel Wheeler & wife. 
Elizabeth, daughter of Francis Stilfin & wife. 

Joanna, Catharine, James, Robert, children of George 

Pouchard & wife. 
Anna Blair daughter of William Blair & wife. 
Warren, son of John & Elizabeth Hathorn. 

1807 Ann Sophia, daughter of Freeman & Rebecca Parker. 
Nancy Mary, daughter of George & Mary Houdlette. 
Ebenezer, son of Samuel Tubbs & wife. 

Almira & Mary Cavalier children of Charles & Sukey 

Abram (Mitchel) on account of Sarah the wife of Con- 

vers Lilly. 

1808 Joel, son of Francis Stilfin & wife. 

Francis Rittal, Alfred Timothy, Nancy Catharine, chil- 
dren of Widow Nancy Call. 

1809 May Thomas Rice, son of Freeman & Rebecca Parker. 
March Mary, Mercy & Nathan children of Nathan Lee & wife. 

Elizabeth, daughter of Charles & Sukey Houdlette. 
Nancy Mary child of George & Mary Pouchard. 

1912] Congregationalist Church, Dresden, Me, 



1810 July 




1811 AprU, 


1812, June 


1813, May 

1814, May 



1815, July. 



1817 June 

1818, Jan'y 



Phillip Theobald, son of George & Mary Houdlette. 
James Hartwell, child of Sara wife of Hartwell Williams. 
Susanna, child of Francis Stilfin & wife. 
William Cobb, George Morrison, Hannah Hinton LUly, 

children of George Paris & wife. 
George, Louis, Nancy, Children of James Stilfin & wife. 
Calvin Tubbs, child of Mark Rollins & wife on account 

of Samuel Tubbs. 
Sally, Lydia, Francis Rice, Martha Custis, Children of 

Widow Sally Theobald. 
Margaret, daughter of Freeman and Rebecca Parker. 
William & Henrietta, children of Charles Thayer & wife. 
Abigail, children of Charles & Sukey Houdlette. 
Phillip Frederick, son of George & Mary Houdlette. 
Polly, child of Jane Stilfin. 
Warren, child of Charles & Patience Thayer. 
Cordelia, child of Jonathan Allen & Mary Ann Tupper. 
Sally, child of George and Mary Pouchard. 
Warren Rice, son of George & Mary Houdlette. 
Lydia Blenn, daughter of Charles & Sukey Houdlette. 
Francis, son of Francis and Eunice Stilfin. 
Samuel Cobb and Lydia Helen, children of Sally Bishop. 
Nathan William, son of Samuel and Margaret Bridge. 
Elizabeth, daughter of Freeman and Rebecca Parker. 
Lucy, daughter of James Stilfin and wife. 
Mercy Elizabeth and Clarissa, children of James Patter- 
son & wife. 
Amos & Louisa, children of George Paris and wife. 
Daniel, son of Charles and Patience Thayer. 
Elizabeth daughter of David and Abigail Meservy. 
Freeman Richmond, son of George & Mary Pushard. 
Susanna, daughter of George & Mary Houdlette. 
Eunice Reed (Curd) & Ebenezer Convers (McLoon) on 

account of Sally wife of Convers Lilly. 
Sarah, daughter of Charles and Patience Thayer. 
Bradford, son of Charles & Sukey Houdlette. 
Nathan, son of Francis & Eunice Stilfin. 
Elizabeth daughter of J. A. & Mary Ann Tupper. 
Charlotte, daughter of James Patterson & wife. 
Sarah Jane, daughter of George and Mary Houdlette. 
John Thacher, son of George and Lydia Harward. 
Benjamin Kidder, son of Francis & Eunice Stilfin. 
Sarah Barker, Mary, Charlotte Prebble, Ruth Rebecca, 

Eleanor, Carr Barker, Samuel Barker, Obed Wood, 

children of Obed Haynes and wife. 
Daniel, son of George Pushard and wife. 
Jane Paine, daughter of Samuel Bridge and wife. 
Susan and James, children of Nathan Lee & wife of 

Susan, child of Charles Houdlette & wife. 
Calista, child of James Patterson and wife. 
Allen, son of J. A. Tupper & wife. 
Isabella, child of Sarah Williams. 


Gongregationalist Churchy Dresden ^ Me. [April 

June 1, 1819 
March, 1820 
May 9. 

May 13, 1821 


1823, July, 
1824,Feb'y 29. 

1826, Feb. 

April 24. 

1828, June 29. 
1831, May 29. 



1802, Jan'y 7. 

1803, March 3. 














May 29th 1804 

August 1st. 




1805, Feb. 







1806, January 5, 

Hannah LUly, child of Francis Stilfin and wife. 
Elbridge, child of Hannah wife of George Paris. 
Isabella Morrison, of Obed Haynes & wife. 
Helen Louisa, of George Houdlette & wife. 
Elisha Parkhurst, of James Patterson and wife. 
Margaret Ann, daughter of Mrs. Maiy Ann Tupper. 
Franklin, Rufus & Antoinett, of Francis & Nancy 

Benjamin of Charles & Susannah Houdlette. 
Mary Reed, of Francis & Eunice Stilfin. 
George Theobald, son of George Houdlette & wife. 
Sally Theobald, child of Francis & Nancy Houdlette. 
Rebecca Parker, child of Francis & Eunice Stilfin. 
Paul, child of James Patterson. 
Martha, child of Francis & Nancy Houdlette. 
Richard Wade, child of Obed & Sarah Haynes. 
Felinda Gates, child of Levi Woodward & wife. 
Ellen Curlett, child of Sam^ & Mary Reed, Woolwich. 
Harriet, child of Francis & Nancy Houdlette. 
Martha Eliza Barrett, child of Obed Haynes & wife. 
Gilbert Elanson, of Levi & Mary Woodward. 
Sarah Augusta, of Ditto. 

Harriet Newall, child of Ditto. 

Deaths in Dresden 

An infant child of Stephen Twycrosa 

Moses Call & Elizabeth Costaloe. 

Amos Reed & Mary Poushard. 

Ard Godfrey of Stillwater plantation Penobscutt, & 
Catharine Goubert of Bowd'ham. 

Edward Austin & Sarah Poushard. 

Daniel Spring of Winslow & Sarah Barker of D. 

Isaac Lewis, Dresden & Harriot Parks of Bowdoinham. 

Moses Pressy & Susanna HUton of Dres. 

Lemuel Trott of Woolwich to Fanny Reed, Dresden. 

Edward Bethan to Margarett Crocker of Dresden. 

John Hathorn to Elizabeth Bickford. 

George Houdlett to Mary Theobald. 

Solomon Arthurs to Susanna Taber of Dresden. 

Francis Fuller of Reedfield to Sally Denzimore of Dres- 

Cornelius Stilfin to Margaret Paris both of Dresden. 

John Forgerson to Sarah Lewis both of Dresden. 

Sam'l W. Hayes of Bangor to Nancy Kidder of Dresden. 

James Stilfin of Dresden to Jane Stinson of Woolwich. 

David Reed to Mehitable Lilly of Dresden. 

Mark Rollings to Eliza Tubbs both of Dresden. 

Charles Mayers to Elizabeth Dinsmore both of D:q.esden. 

BenjamtQ Webb to Margaret White " " " 

Zebadiah Thayer of Wiscassett to Lucy Parker of Dres- 

Joseph Johnson to Martha Barker both of Dresden. 

1912] Congregationalist Churchy Dresden^ Me. 


June 3. 

July 28. 

Oct^ 5. 

Noy. 16. 


1807,Jan'y 1. 
Feb'y 22. 

May 11. 
1807, Sep"^ 7. 

Dec. 24. 


June 19. 1808 

Augusts. 1808 

Octo' 6. 
Nov'^ 16. 

Dec== 11. 

1809, Feb'y 12. 

March 9. 
July 27. 

May 7. 
Oc. — 

Dec'r 7. 

1810, Feb. 11. 


March 1. 


1810, March 26. 
May 8. 
June 19. 
Dec. 29. 

1811, Jan'y 1. 


March 24. 

June 23. 

1812, Jan'y 5. 
May 3. 

June 21. 
July 19. 

Sep. 13. 
Nov'r 9. 

Josiah Trott of Woolwich, Mary Sanders of Dresden. 

William Patten to Mary Blanchard both of Bowdoinham. 

Joshua Boynton & Rachel Chapman both of Dresden. 

John Edmunds & Mercy White " " " 

Samuel Cutts of Pittston, Catharine Woodward of Dres- 

Thomas Cushman of Bowdoinham, Rachel Goud of Dres- 

Edward Kidder & Lucy Polereczky both of Dresden. 

William Parks of Bowdoinham, Nancy Pouchard of 

Thomas Blair & Polly Pugn both of Dresden. 

Lemuel Hathorn to Ruth Barker both of Dresden. 

Ebenezer Rollins & Sarah Walk both of Dresden. 

Peter Gubtel of Hamden, Elizabeth Call of Dresden. 

William Colburn of Pittston to Martha Blanchard of 

John Coyl & Elizabeth Barker both of Dresden. 

Thomas Chapman of Mercer, Hannah Hatch of Dresden. 

William Bowman, Sarah Barker both of Dresden. 

Ebenezer Hinkley of Hallowell, Tabitha Austin of Dres- 

Isaac Sawyer of Gardiuer, & Diana Goubert of Bowdoin- 

Caleb Barker, Jun., & Mary Woodward both of Dresden. 

Joshua Pray & Sarah White " " " 

George Mayers & Polly Dinsmore " " " 

Jacob Basford of Readfield & Abigail Patterson of Dres- 

William Burk & Mary Obrien both of Dresden. 

Seth Hathorn of Woolwich & Naamah Hathorn of Dres- 

Nathan Hayward of Fairfax, Sarah Goodwin of Dresden. 

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Daniel Jones of Nobleboro, Nancy Dinsmore of Dresden. 

Edward Brown and Rachel Goud both of Dresden. 

George Mayers 2d, Rhoda Singleton " " " 

Reuel Smith & Elizabeth Mayers " " " 

Stephen Call to Elizabeth Reed " " " 

Seth Currier of Canaan to Mary Houdlette of Dresden. 

William Meagher of Whitefield to Sally Lynes of Dresden. 

Nathan Call & Lucy Houdlette both of Dresden. 

William Wadley, Susanna Goud " " " 

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Stephen Reed & Rebecca Hatch " " " 

Daniel Cate of Dresden, Margaret Goubert of Bowdoin- 

Stephen Twycross & Mary Bailey both of Dresden. 

Harrison Blenn & Eunice Meservy " " " 


Gongregationalist Churchy Dresden, Me. [April 


Dec'r 13. 


Nov. 17. 


June 6. 

August 8. 

Dec'r 1. 



1814,Jan'y 2. 



June 2. 
July 31. 

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1819, Feb'y 11. 



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Perez T. Records of Paris & Asenath Tubbs of Dresden. 

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Samuel Reed of Woolwich to Mary Worrel of Dresden. 

Jonathan Thayer, Esq., of Camden, Sophia Rice, Wiscas- 

David Goodwin of Dresden to Hariot Goubert of Bow- 

Philip Call & Catharine Turner both of Dresden. 

1912] Congregationalist Church, Dresden, Me. Ill 

20. Richard H. Wade of Woolwich to Hannah Haynes of 

23. John Carlisle & Melinda Carney both of Dresden. 
30. Benjamin Hatch of Pittston and Sally Theobald of Dres- 
Jan. 13, 1822. James Turner, Dresden, to Elizabeth Call, Readfield. 

Nov. 26. Alfred J. S. J. Lithgow & Martha C Theobald both of 

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Sept. 21. Lewis Stilfin to Cordelia O'Brian both of Dresden, 

Oct. 23. Daniel Woodward of Richmond to Jane Waterhouse of 


Dec. 16. Henry Bate to Isabella White both of Dresden. 

1824, Jan. 22. David Merryman & Louisa Goubert both of Richmond. 
Feb'y 22. Sam'l Tubbs Jun"^ & Subra Hatch both of Dresden. 

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1826, Feb'y 16. Elias AVhiting of Winthrop to Nancy R. Blinn of Dres- 

July 12. Dr. John Hubbard, resident of Dresden to Sarah Barrett 

of Dresden. 
Oct. — Charles Theobald & Julia Ann Saunders both of Dresden. 
April 9. Abial Marshal & Nancy C. Call both of Dresden. 

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July 11. Davis Blanchard to Sarah W. Crawford " " " 

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Nov. 15. Frederic W. Saunders & Mary Blanchard both of Dresden. 

29. James Goud, 2"^ & Sally Stilfin " " " 

1828, Nov. 4. James B. Beedle of Richmond to Myra Woodward of 


1829, March 8. Aaron Bickford, jun'r, to Elizabeth Houdlette both of 

April 28. Francis R. Theobald to Zorada C. Harward both of Dres- 
June 4. Bradford Young to Susan M. Boyd both of Wiscasset. 
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Oct. 11. 1829. Portor Pollard of Richmond to Jane Stilphin of Dresden. 

1830, May 25. John Erskine to Rebecca D. Parker both of Wiscasset. 

Oct. 26. Wilmot Cutter to Hannah S. Taylor "■ " " 

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1831, Oct. 18. Furber Thompson to Clarrisa Worcester both of Dres- 

Dec. 22. Daniel Brown of Boston to Sarah Harriden, Wiscasset. 

1832, Jan. 8. Edward E. Houdlette to Elizabeth H. Patterson both of 



Congregationalist Ohurch, Dresden, Me. [April 

1832, Feb'y 22. William Kendall of Pittston and Louisa Chism of Dres- 
May 17. Benjamin Swett and Isabella W. Robinson both of Wis- 

August 23. Samuel Cottle of Sidney and Caroline Fisher of Alna. 
Oct. 25. Thomas Saunders of Dresden and Sarah E. Felker of 
Jan'y 9*^ 1833. Diconson Lewis and Sarah B. Patten both of Dresden. 

Sept. 18. Henry Masters to Caroline D. C. Prescott both of Bath. 
1834, March 5. James Carney of Dresden and Jane Baker of Wiscasset. 

1834, June 8*^^ Curtis McCloud of Boston and Sarah G. Smith of Wis- 


1835, Oct. 26. John R. C. Stinson & Margaret M. Kingsbury both of 

1837, May 9. Joseph M. Marsh, Boston, Sarah R. Parker, Wiscasset. 
31. Isaac Somes & Hannah Hussey both of Wiscasset. 
July 2. Andrew Pendleton, Camden & Mary T. Williamson of 
Aug* 24. Lewis Hubbard & Ann B. Hilton both of Wiscasset. 
Sept. 11. Benj. Lawrence of Gardiner & Mary Ann Felker of Wis- 
Sept. 13. Erick H. Nordstrom & Clarissa Norton both of Wiscas- 
Nov. 5. Samuel Alley, Jr., & Nancy M. Houdlette both of Dres- 
12. Hiram Cooper of Pittston & Margaret Cate of Dresden. 

1837, Nov. 23. Joseph B. Hatch & Mary B. Hilton both of Wiscasset. 

1838, May 17. Capt. Wm. M Boyd & Hannah Miller of Wiscasset. 

1843, March 22. Thomas Hilton to Betsey Jordan both of Wiscasset. 
Dec. 21^' James W. Gray & Miss Sarah Williamson both of Wis- 

1844, April 2*^ Mr. John C. Harriman and Miss Sarah R. Clark both of 

May 5. Mr. Richard Hussey & Miss Hannah Churchill both o| 

1844, June 23. Mr. Warren Call & Miss Susan Houdlette both of Dres- 
Nov. 12*^ Levi Bean & Mrs. Betsey B. Johnson both of Wiscasset. 

1846, Aug. ll*** B. F. Parsons of Brooklyn, N. Y. «& Sarah Jane Erskine 
of Wiscasset. 

1852, June 12*^ Samuel Rines & Juliza I. Broach both of Wiscasset. 

Sept. 1^' Mr. William Richards & Mrs. Martha Jane McClintock 
both of Wiscasset. 

1853,17*^of July Mr. Orrin Alley of Southport and Mrs. Catherine Kings- 
bury of Wiscasset. 

Dec. 17. 1853. IMr. Nelson Call of Dresden & Mrs. Isabella Robinson 
of Wiscasset. 

1912] Chaves's Journal of Louishurg Expedition 



Copied from the oi-iginal in the possession of the Societyf 

A Muster Roll of the 
IvesJ in the Expedition 

officers & Soldiers Commanded by Capt" Benjamin 
against Cape Breton 

Beverly Feb: 6, 1744 

Benj^ Ives Jun' 


John Grover 


George Herrick 


John Morgan 


Josiah Batchelder 


Eleazer Giles 


Job Cressy 


Ezra Trask 


Sam^ Woodberry 


John Preson 


Benj* Cleaves Jun' 


Francis Eliott 


Barth° Brown 


Benj'^ Dike 

. Ditto 

John Picket 


Sam" Stone 


Joseph Raymond 


Israel Ellwell 


Benj^ Smith 


Israel Woodberry 


Benj--^ Clark 


Josiah Woodberry 


Sam'^ Harris 


Jon'' Morgan 


John Roundy 


Joshua Rea 


Israel Byles 


W"^ Badcock 


Elias Picket 


Benj^ Trask 


Eben"" Cox 


Edward Cox 


Jon^ Byles 


James Trask 


Andrew Herrick 


Joseph Eliott 


Benj''^ Hervey 


William Leech 


Sam" Cole 


Benj* Howard 


Richard Ober 


Chrisf Bartlett 


Tho« Butman 


Eben"- Hadiey 


W" James 


Daniel Stephens 


Jon^ Harris 


Caleb Page 


Edmund Clark 


Sam" Chute 


Christopher Bartletts 

[on next page in the handwriting 

of the list.] 

Journal of our Voyage to Cape Briton 

Beverly March 6, 1744 Embarked. 

7 Day arived at Boston about 4 in the after noon. Pleasent weather 

• Son of Lieut. Benjamin Cleaves and wife Rebecca Conant, was born at Beverly, 
Mass., 4 Jan. 1721/2, and died from the infirmities of old age, being buried 16 Aug. 
1808, aged 86 yrs. Called deacon on his gravestone. 

For an account of the expedition, etc., see Winsor, Narrative and Critical History 
of America, vol. 5, ch. vii, especially Critical Essay on the Sources of Information. 
Cf. Journal of Captain William Pote, Jr., New York, 1896 ; also Emerson's Louisburg 
Journal in Mass. Historical Society Proceedings, vol. 44, pp. 65-84. 

t In copying this journal the Editor has endeavored to make a faithful transcription, 
though in the interest of clearness it has seemed advisable to him to furnish the 
punctuation which is almost wholly lacking in the original. Any additions by way 
of explanation, or due to worn margins, have been placed in brackets. 

J Hudson, "Louisbourg Soldiers" (Register, vol. 24, p. 373), mentions Benjamin 
Ives as captain of the 10th Company, 5th Mass. Regiment, of which Robert Hale was 
colonel; but subsequently (vol. 25, p. 259), speaking of this company, says : " I have 
found no list of officers or men. Benjamin White was Adjutant, and Ebenezer Prout 
Commissary of this regiment." The gap is now filled by the list of men preceding 
the journal. 

114 Chaves's Jour^ial of Louisbiirg Expedition [April 

8 Pleasent weather, then we went a shore and Bought some necessaries 

9 Fowl weather 

10 Fair weather, then I went to here m'' Chauncy & m"^ Cooper Preach 

11 Pleasent weather 

12 Father Came to Boston with Capt Rayment. then Capt" [Edward] 

Ting Sailed 

13 N.E storm of Snow, then we went on shore and were vew*^. then 

Benj. Trask and Benj. Smith with myself came to Beverly 

14 Day Returned to Boston after sun sett 

15 Pleasent weather 

16 Richmond Roberts Turnd over to Capf^ Glovers Company; Josiah 

woodbery, Peter Dodge, Palatiah Day, to Capt" Dodge 

17 N.E Storm, then Capt. [David] Donehooe Sail*^. Then I went to 

here m"^ Prince & m"" Morehead Preach, at night hard Thunder & 

18 Come to Sail and Sail^ Down to Bangs Rode, vessels their Came 

Down that Day about 13 Sail & 3 before 

1 9 hard westerly wind, then Landed our men, Took in Ballis and watter, 

and Diged Some Clams, then Come Down 2 sail 

20 Hard westerly wind, then 2 sail, we Roed to Boston for a whale 

Boat & Wood 

21 I went to Boston with others for Beaf & other things. Then Come 

Down 10 Sail, and we had a Hard wind Down from Boston. We 
went AShore on the Neck and Dined on our Beef and Come home 
about 4 in the afternoon. 

22 Cloudy weather, then we landed our men and Drawed up in a Bat- 

talion & Exersised till about 2 in the afternoon, a hard Shower of 
Rain & wind about 8 at night & then Cap*" [John] Rowses Boat 
Come on Board in Destres. to Day Come Down 10 Sail 

23 hard westerly wind, several vessels Drove. Come Down to Day 8 


24 Come Down 7 Sail, about 12 Come to Sail & SaLl[<^] ouer to Deer 

Island & come to an anchor near the General, and about 3 in the 
afternoon the fleet come to sail, 52 Sail. We Toll*^ of Coming in to 
Beverly, but Toward night we Thought it would not Do 

25 this morning we Got out Sight of Land, the wind Being out We 

thought a Storm was at Hand and we stood in ward and come in 
sight of Cape ann, And the fleet standing of. about 12 we alter*^ 
our Coast N : East till next morning. Hadley take sick 

26 Came in Sight of the Eastern Islands and about 10 Came in Sight of 

Pimasqued and Havin. Lost the fleet the Night Past, we went 
in to the harbour at 2 in the after noon. Come to anchor and Land 
part of our men and went a guning But Killd But 2 fowls & went to 
see the garrison. 

27 sent ashore for wood & sent to Towns end to here of the fleet But no 

news. Ober Taken sick, fowl weather 

28 Cloudy weather, we Heard The Fleet was at Sheepscot. we went 

a Shore for wood and Fowles and Kill'd one Partrige. the 

29 We M^ent a shor for wood & a fowling and Kill*^ two Partridges, and 

about 12 we saw the Fleet under sail, about 5 we came to sail, the 
wind Being Fair. Hadley so well as to Look out, and Ober Better 
at night 

30 About Break of Day the wind Come at South very had & strong, 

1912] Cleaves'' s Journal of Louisburg Expedition 115 

Course S.E till 3 oClock & then Tacked W. for more sea room. 

about 9 in the Evening the wind Lowerd ; at 2 almost Calm 
31 Calm and a Very Larg Swell. 2 oClock Saw a Snow standing to 

the W. 
April 1 The wind Came very hard at S.E about 4 & Rain, at 1 w came 

S. W very moderate, Course S : E. B. S. 

2 Day Fair weather, wind att W. Sounded at 50 Fathom of water 

Supposed to be to the S : of Cape Cables, tryed for a Fish while our 
People mended Their Rigging, Caught a Cod fish, at 2 oClock 
alered our Course stood E :"nE, a small w^ind. Ober Much Better 

3 Fair wather, wind westerly, and Eleven att night Saw a fleet of about 

30 Sail, supposing them to be our Fleet thought to speak with them 
But could not ; they Steering a wrong coarse for us, we left them, 
we thought they were fishermen. 

4 about 10 in the morning Saw Land, about 10 saw a Large whale 

Pritty near, at about seven of Cape Sambroa. at 12 oClock at 
night Caught 5 Cod 

5 about 7 in the morning the wind being E : and against us we Saild 

into Jebuckter Harbour and come to anchor about 9 and Landed 
part our men For Fowling and Kill^ six Birds and god sum wood. 
2 OClock Landed the Rest of our men, the wind continuing Easterly. 
Began to Rain about 9 OClock in even and Rained alnight 

6 the wind Easterly and continuing Raining, Some of our men went 

a Shore a gunning and Kill" three Biixls. Continuing Raining till 
the 7 Day 

7 Ten OClock in the morning the wind Easterly, Clear weather in the 


8 Clear weather, the wind Westerly, some of our men went a shore 

about Ten oClock & Kill** one Bird, others went a fishing and caught 
one Cod. Having a Pleasent gale westerly we Come to sail at one 
oClock, the wind continuing till about 10 at night, then west at 
most. Calm till the morning. 

9 then the wind Coming Easterly and Conterary we Saild wile, about 

2 in the after noon tring to get in at white head But Could not, and 
we saild about 2 Leagues Back again in to Islands Harbour and 
come to anchor at 6 where there was 3 Sail of Transports, the 
night Cold & snowey. Came in Donehoo and 2 Sail with him & in- 
formed us of the fleet. 

10 abut 7 in the morning Landed most of our men to get wood and water. 

about 4 Came to Sail 9 Sail in all the norths. Donehoo and Becket 
Took 3 Ind°s 10 Days ago 

11 about 10 Came in sight of Canso and saw the fleet, about 2 got in 

and came to anchor, the weather Clear and Cold, then we hered 
that they had a Council of war was held and that thay had orderd 
the atact Provided we were not Discoverd ; if we were, not to Proceed 

12 Clear Pleasent weather in the morning. George Dodge Pres'^ on 

Board Rouse about 11 oClock. Cloudy and Cold, one man Buryed 
in the Evening. Snow Plentyfully, very Stormy most al night, wand 

13 Cloudy and thunder and Rain most of the Day. 20 men went on shore 

to work about the fort, the Carpenters Raised the Block House 

14 Cloudy and Rain most of the Day. Sunday the Carpenters worked 

on the Block Hose. Donehooe saild on a Coroose the 12 Day in 


116 Chaves's Journal of Loidshurg Expedition [April 

the morning and y® 13 Day about 10 OClock Took 8 Indians at 
Doe Island. Came into Canso 14 Day about 2 in the afternoon 

15 Clear Pleaseut weather, then the rest of the men went ashore to work 

about the fort. Cap' & Lieut went Kill*^ 2 Rabbet. Whale [boats] 
in the Evening to 8' Peters and 24 men 

16 Fowle Weather, Cloudy and Rain. Capt Ives & Lieu* Herrick went 

a shore a gunning and Kill*^ one Rabbit in the morning, the whale 
Boats came Back and they Could not Land at S' Peters Because of 
Ice. about 2 oClock went ashore. Part of our men with the ColP 
& the Rest of the officers to Clear Land and Clear'^ about half an 

17 Capt Flecher Brought in a prize that had Taken a Cape ann Fisher 

mans, about 1 1 oclock Donehooe was Toed out of the gut of Canso 
in hopes to Take her again. They say that she had gone to ganna- 
day. Being Calm the Sloop was Toed out by 11 whale Boats, our 
men went a Shore for to Clear Land in the fore noon, in the after 
noon Cloudy and some Rain. Fenced the Feild, about one achor 

18 Cloudy Fowl weather, then we went ashore to Planting and garden- 

ing. We hered Fireing at most of the Day. about 3 oClock Cap* 
Rouse and the other vessels of force come to sail, and about 6 
oClock Donehooe & Swon Came in with a French Prize that Had 
Took Cap' adams & Cap' Brimblecomb. Dark Cloudy weather in 
the Evening. I went abord the Prize and saw Cap' Brimblecomb 
and he Tell'd me he Saw my Father afortnight a goe Last Saturday, 
which was Pleasent news to me for Tell'd me that they where all 
well att Home, then in the night Heard several guns Pritty near 

19 Pleasent fair weather, about 10 OClock in the- morning Brimble- 

combs Vessel come in And Becket about 2 oClock. Swan Took 
From on Board the Prize Several Carrage guns and sail, aset upon 
A coruse about 3. Came in the Cape ann Vessel, in the after 
noon went on shore most of our men & officers to Clear ways and 
mend fence upon The ColP Farm and gunning, but kill'* nothing 

20 Pleasent weather, about 10 oClock went on shore all our Rige- 

ment to Exercise and vew arms. Came in Donehooe. we here** 
That our vessels were ingage with a french Ship of 30 guns, in 
the after noon went A Shore for Wood and water and Run a line, 
set Bounds to the Farm, about 6 oClock came in a store vessel 
Bound to new foundland. Cloudy in the Evening 

21 Stormy weather. M' Croker came on Board and sung Psalms and 

Pra'yd with us. about 3 oClock came in ColP Moors Sloop with 
adams vessel, in the morning Came in Capt° Rouse and Tell*^ us 
he had Been in Chace of the French ship, But She out sailed him ; 
But in their Chace when the wind was Low they gaind upon them 
& fierd 185 guns at them. But Found it would not Doe and Re- 
turned to Canso and the other vessels of Cape Briton Harbour, 
about 6 OClock Donehooe Saild to the Bay of Arts[?]. 4 of ColP 
Willards men ashore up in the woods without Their arms and a 
frenchmen and one Indian Took them and they went towards their [] 
Set Down to Eat & 3 men Took there arms and Rifle and Took 
them But the Indian Broke Loos and got Clear. Sent to S' Peters 
to Take it 

22 Clear windy Weather, some of our men went to get Timber for the 

Fort. Capt : Durell arived att Canso. in the afternoon went A Shore 

1912] Cleaves' s Journal of Louisburg Expedition 117 

to Fence and sett Bounds to the ColP Farm 

23 Clear weather, in the forenoon Capt warring with his ships come in 

site, went Some to get Timber for the Fort, some to Fence and 
Clear Land. W™ James was struck Down with an ax, But got up 
again wounded. ColP Evileth Returned from St. Peters with others, 
But Could not Take It ; But Brought one sloop laden with wood, 
and one vessel Run ashore and Had 3 men Wounded, in the after- 
noon Cloudy weather. Comodore warring Lay too of the Harbor 
and writ to the general in the Stood of Designd of Cape Briton. 
Comodore Rouse Sent for masters of vessels on Board; about 7 
oclock ordered them to fitt for sailing 

24 about 5 OClock Fu-ed one gun to onmore ; about 8 OClock fired 

another to come to sail, But before we Come to Sail Saw a Con- 
necticut snow Coming in which Brought word the fleet was coming 
in, that a Rhodisland Sloop saw of Cape sables a ship, and the sloop 
Chased her and the ship fired upon her & they have not seen her 
since, in the fore noon the Fleet arrived, 9 of them, in the after 
noon went ashore to Clear Land and fenceing. fair weather 

25 Cloudy weather, about 5 OClock Came the Rhodisland snow to wood 

& Water, in the afternoon came in the Rhodisland Sloop which 
we feard was Lost. Commosary Prout went a guning and was 
Lost ; we Feard was Taken with the Indians 

26 Rainy weather, in the morning sent Whale Boats and about 40 men 

to Look for M"" Prout, and Found Him about 8 miles From us. he 
had Lost his gun and was so far Over come with the wet and cold 
that he Could not goe. Cap* Rouse Saild and the Rhodisland Sloop 
upon a coruse. one of Cap* Rouse men Bury'^ in the afternoon. 
Rainey weather. Swon Came in 

27 Fair weather in the forenoon, wind easterly, in the afternoon fowl 

weather, we went ashore to Clear some land. But it was so nigh 
night that we were soon orderd on Board again 

28 Fowl weather in the morning ; in the after noon fair weather, went 

to hear M'' Newman Preach ; Some Thousands. 7 oClock signals 
for Sailing 

29 about 7 OClock The Fleet Come to Sail ; Pleasent weather, in the 

afternoon fair weath. Saw Commodor warrin and the other Ships 
of war ; Saw Several whales ; Saw S^ Espirit Before night 

30 Pleasant weath. in fair sight of Cape Briton about 9 oClock ; Came 

to anchor about 10 ; Began to Land our men, and there was about 
6 or 7 score French to Prevent our Landing, and there was more 
of our men Landed and Fired several guns and Killd 3 French & 
Took 2 one of our men wounded, marched about 4 miles and 
Camptin the Evening about 8. Took 10 French & Swich [Swiss] 
alive. Took 4 Cows near the Town going to our Loging. Saw 
several Houses afire, fired several grate guns From the Town 
May 1 Day marched Through the woods to flat Point, our Rigemant 
met about 10 OClock; went to view the Town, and they Fired 
about 8 guns, we saw them strik but Sank no man. we got one 
Large Ball ; Took about 12 men & 2 horses & 5 Cows. Pleasent 
weather. Built a new Camp in the night, about a hundred men 
Plunderd a Small Place and Burnt a whare [wherry ?] and much 
Rigen. Returnd about Six oclock. thS 2 Day Commodore warrin 
Took one french ship 

118 Cleaves^ s Journal of Louishurg Expedition [April 

2 Day about 6 OClock Began to Call our men togeather, about 200 to 

hunt the woods for the Enemies, But Heard Capt Vehawn had 
Took Possesion of the Royal Battery where orders to assist him 
soon, to watch for the Enemy on the Back Side, some to the Bat- 
tery, about 12 ColP Broadstreet order us all to our Camp as he 
went with his Regment to the Battery. Took about 20 men, 14 
horses, 6 Cows, they fired Several times but hurt no man. Landed 
Stors & artilery. Pleasent weather. Took one french ship 

3 Landed artilery stores ; Cleard the way for our artilery ; got up one 

Large Mallter, Took Cows, horses, goats «fc sheeji, and Prisoners, 
got 1 gun to Fire in our Batte[ry]. fair weather, got 3 guns to 
Fire in the Battery 

4 Landed artilery and stores. Hailed sum [of] our artilery to the hill ; 

2 mallters, 4 guns, and there Careges, and Boards to Cover the 
Stores ; fired 3 Bums. Pleasent weather. The first Did not 
Breake ; The 2 & 3 Did. fired several Bums in the night. 

5 Built our Camp & moved our Things about half a mile, fired guns 

& Bums ; several Took 9 men & women and killd 4, and took some 
Quantity of goods in the night. Split one of our cannon to Royal 
Battery, wounded 6 men. Eighteen of our men to green hill to 
gard the artilery with others. Pleasant weather 

'6 carry'^ stores «& hailed up cannon to green hill. 5 Cannon Clear at 
the Battery. Commodor warrin Came a shore, we Brought up 
Stores to the Storehouse ; one mans foot Bruised with a great gun. 
Pleasent weather 

7 the armey Call'd to arms ; stood in arms the fore noon. Sent a flage 
truce to the City ; Dismes'^ about 2 hours. Calld to Arms ; stood 
in arms til about 6 oClock. the flag atruce Returnd Brought word 
that they would not Deliver the City Except we Could Take it by 
the Sword, then ColP goreham [re]giement and others soldiers 
with them to attact the warter Battery & the armey March'd toward 
the[] with there Ladders, and we Drawd of about 9 oClock & the 
whale Boat men made it so late that the Returned for fear of a 
Discovery, in the Evening fired guns & Bums, Both sides Plenty- 
fully. Pleasent weather 

-8 went on Board the Sloop for things we want'd. Set our house on 
fire Early in the morning when we were most of us asleep, which 
Put us in a great fright ; But Put it out without much Damage. 
Wind so high that we could not get a shore, spit 2 guns ; got 18 
guns Clear to fire at the Batt. Cler windy weather. 1 got ashore, 
went to the green hill to gard the artilery ; 4 men wounded so that 
on man Died in about one hour : Broke the Morter Bed. Came to 
our Camp about 11 oClock wet weather 

10 Went up to gard the artilery and men that was Building the west gate, 

Cold weather 

1 1 watching the artilery and the Battery. Mendied the mallter. Cold 

Suowey weather. Donehoo came in 

12 Came to our Camp. Clear weather, heard Mr. Crooker Preach 

in the after noon got the mallter fit to Play ; fired several Bums ; 
the armey alarmd ; Desmist in about one hour, the ninth Day in 
Evening went to attact the AVater Battery, But Return'^', Losing 
Each other in the fogg. Ten Day Carried the whale Boats By 
Land ; the men got in the Boats But they had no Comanding offi- 

1912] Chaves's Journal of Louisburg Expedition 119 

cers So did not go Eleventh Day Buryed 17 men that the French 
& Indians killd that was watching goods 

13 Half our men went to green hill to gard the artilery, the other to 

Move the Tents. Cloudy Cold weather, spit 2 guns att our Small 
Battery, wound 8 men ; one man shott at the Royal Bathary that 
he Died in about one hour, a french snow came into the harbor 

14 the other of our men went to gard the artily. Storme}^, snowey 

weather, then we had a Cold Teadious Day and night. The 
french Built & on the wall &, mounted 4 or 5 guns. Built a battery 
of 4 guns against the west gate 

15 Pleasent fair weather. Part of us Came Down to gard the artilery 

and Rest were Released, news Come that our ships had Take one 
40 gun Ship & that 5 men of war was Expected From England. 
Connecticutt men was hailing there guns to their Bathery ; broke 
two Carreges. Sam^^ Haris & Joseph Elliott and Thomes Butman 
was up in the Comon and a man fired att Them, and they Took 
Him and had him Put in the Irons att the generals about eight oClock 

16 Pleasent weather. Part of our men came home and others went Down 

to gard the artil. one Came in Rouse & the Store vessels, heard 
that Capt Ting Run on Board one of the 40 gun Ships ; Carried 
away his own Bowsplit and Stove in her Quarter 

17 Pleasent warm weather. Received my Letters, half our men to 

green hill ; a Laram to arms, one gun split ; wounded, several men 
Died, writ home. Building a Battery near the west gate. Be- 
gan to fire one gun 

18 Pleasent weather, half our men to the Battery against the west gate. 

with great number of others had a Hot engagement with Cannon 
and Small arms most of the Day. several men wounded, 3 men 
Killd. Set a Barral of Powder on fir. one Shell split over our 
men, Kill*^ one, wounded 1. going in the evening to gard men to 
hall the Cannon from the grand Battery, But Before we got there 
we Returned about Eleven o Clock 

19 fair wether in the forenoon, half our men By the west gate Battery 

had a hot Engagement most of the Day. Cloudy in the afternoon 
&, heard much fireing of att Sea. heard m' Crooker Preach in the 
afternoon. St a Brl of P on fir ; wound s[everal] men, Killd one 

20 wett wether in the fore noon, half of our men a going to the Battery 

got about ^ way and Returnd Back, Being wett and Rainey weather. 
in the afternoon Clear weather. In the Evening we went, and our 
Rigement, to Build a Batery and got 2 guns mounted fit to Play 

21 By the morning then our men Returnd home, Part of them, and some 

for Provision for the Rest, fired Doing good service. Capt \blanh'\ 
came in, Brought News that Commodore warrin had Taken a french 
60 gun Ship, in the after noon they came of the City with the 
french with a French Flag under the English, fair weather 

22 Last night most of our men out to gard and work, this morning some 

went Down to the Battery, and the Rest Returnd home. Cartredges 
set on fire woundd 2 Men. go tens men to a french shalloway from 
St Johns to Lovesburge Laden with Corn & rye. Beat up for 
men to go to the Island Battery ; got Number of men to go again, 
But when it Came night no officer to go, which gave a greate un- 
easiness, fireing from our Last Batt 3 guns Plentifully, Doing us 
great service. Took 10 Prisoners with them. An Irish D'^'. Took 

120 Chaves's Journal of Louishurg Expeditioyi [April 

these yesterday. Came in our fishing Vessel with fish for the armey. 
Most of men went Down to the Batt to gard in the Evening & saw 
a great Light towards Day. fair weather 

23 our men Returnd home ; Began to Buikl an Hospetil house, our men 

most att home aud Brought up the D''^ Things. Pleasent wather 

24 some of our men to Finish the Horspetil and Some to Gary Powdr ; 

one half of our men to the Batt. to gard. Burnt a Snow & a 
skooner in the night, have got up out the water about 20 guns 
By the Light house 

25 Some of our men went home for things for the others that stay*^ to a 

house we took Porsession of near the Batt. Pleasent worm weather. 
Burnt the woods By the light house 

26 Pleasent weather in the forenoon. Capt" Shaw went with a Scout of 

men in discovery of some french & Indians we hered of by a 
Frenchman we Took some Days a go. Cloudy in the afternoon. 
Hered m''. Crooker Preach, the Island Batt. men met at the Royal 

27 May. Last night had Bloody engagement at the Island Batt ; about 

one 100 Returnd of 300, and many of them wounded. Capt° Shaw 
Returnd. found the French & Indians in Preparation to Come 
Down to us, But Drove them away ; Took 7. Stormey weather, 
about half of our men Down to the house, the Rest to our Camp 

28 Cloudy, wet weath in the fore noon. Part of our men to Carry 

Powder, some Down to our house, some to the Camp. Fair weather 
in the afternoon, in the Evening about half to the Batt to Gard. 
caught some Lobsters in the morning 

29 Clear weather, went Down to our house & Carrid our men things. 

the general and the officers went Down the Batt®. a scout of men 
700 went out in the afternoon, some of our men Returnd Home 
to our Camp 

30 the Scout Came in ; Took noone ; saw some French men and 2 wo- 

men, some of our men to Cary Powder in the ten[?] to the Bat 
to gard. about five Died in a week Past. Some of our men went 
a fishing about 2 mile ; Caught 6 Troutts. our men went to Catch 
Lobsters ; Caught 30 

31 Cloudy weather in the morning, our men came home from gard. 

Brought home Some Lobsters & fish-sounds. Clear weather in the 
fore noon, some of our men to Carry Bal, some to Build another 
Camp. CoP hale so wel as to walk abroad Down to the Landin. 
Cap' Lovitt Came a Shore and Cap* Ives went on Board 
June L some to the Batt., the others to Build the Camp, fair wether 
in the forenoon, Cloudy in the afternoon, took Down Part of our 
Storehouse, Carry'd Down to the other Camp 

2 Cloudy weather. Keept the sabbath strict[ei-] than any since we 

came a Shore. Heard m' Crooker Preach in the fore & afternoon, 
ten of our men Down to the Batt to Carry Powder. Some of our 
men went aboard for things we had aboard that we wanted. Done- 
hooe came in 6 oClock 

3 Wett Rainey weather in the morning, Cleard up fair weather in the 

forenoon, went to Build the Camp, the Prize Ship Saild out in 
the fore noon. Coll° Eveleth® Skooner Came in from anapilus, 
But Could not get in their for the Indians Firing. Came in the 1 
Day of instant. Last night Roase saild to anopilus 

1912] Chaves's Journal of Louishurg Expedition 121 

4 then Building our Camp and Store house and moving our things. 

Fair Pleasent weather. Took a Ship and snow Ladn with stores 
from Cannoda. Lightening in the Evening & thunder 

5 Building our Camp and moving our Stores. Took 2 Ships Laden 

with Rice. Fair wether in fore noon, Cloudy in the after noon, 
Rain in night. Carid Bals to the Batt 2 last nights & garded ^ 
men. Burnt our Camp and some of our thing ; 6 men Died, a 
man Came out of the City 

6 Building a Camp for the Company. Wrote letters to send home. 

Clear weath in the fore noon, Cloudy in the after noon and Cold. 
Cared Balls to the Batt. & garded. Took a little Boy that came 
out the city 

7 Clear weather, our men finished our Camp, fenced in the Coll°^ 

Garden, aud our men Brought Garden Roots from the gardens Be- 
low and set out the ColP^ garden 

8 Cloudy weather in the forenoon, went a fishing in the fore noon. 

Rain in the after noon, which wet us throug our Camps, and we 
went out in the Rain to Cover the Camp with Turf ; 15 of our men 
to gard. 

9 Fair weather & Pleasent. went to here m'^ Balch in the forenoon, 

to here M"^ Williams in the afternoon. Came to our peopel 2 swish 
[Swiss] last night. Came in a 50 gun ship and Brought news of 2 
more a Coming. Comondore warrin Sent in a flagatruce yesterder- 
day and they Refused to give up the city. 

10 Fair weather, the fleet SaUd for new England. 2 men wounded, one 

killd. a general muster in the afternoon, 15 men to gard 

11 Fair weather, went out a scout. Last night about 200 men muster 

within our garison ; about noon the Rigement calld togeather. in 
the morning & Evening to Prayers, our Rigement went To the 
grand Batt. to Hall guns in the evening, But Being the guns not 
got out of the Batt. we Halld none & Returnd to our House. But 
10 that garded 

12 two men of war joynd our fleet with 3 Ships french that they took in 

their Pasage from Engla[nd]. Pleasent weathe[r]. we went to 
the grand Batt. & Halld 2 gun in the Evening and got the guns 
Mounted a littel Before 

13 Day. 3 men of war from New foundland joyned our fleet, went in 

the Evening to Hall a gun ; got it all to Before Day. Pleasent 

14 Pleasent weather. Being up 3 nights Past We were not Put upon no 

Duty to Day ; two went Down to the Batt. 

15 Our men went to Cary Powder to the Batt. in the forenoon. Como- 

dore warrin Cam a Shore to Counsel of war. Cap*" '^{[illegible'] 
and Company went a Board the man of war. in the afternoon half 
of our men went to cary empty Casks & Shott and to gard. Pleasent 
weather. French went out in a flagatruce for 4 Day Socation of 
arms to Consider of some way of agreeing about Delivering up the 
City, But they would not he[ar] to it, for the Commodo[re] Told 
the french men we was fit to come in and Desind to Com in the first 
wind. Pleasent weather 

16 the Flaget. Came out again and Delivrd up the City upon Cer[tain] 

Conditions, in the for[enoon] M"^ Crooker Preacht, in the after- 
noon went to Preach Down to the Batt. Pleasent weather 

122 Cleaves' s Journal of Louisburg Expedition [April 

17 the officers went to the City ; our Shiping went in. in the night Cam 

in a french ship Laden with Rice. Rec'' my le[5fo<] 

18 wett weather. Part of our men went to the city. Rec'' my Letter 

19 wett weather. Col Hale sent to the [ ] for Liberty to go home with 

his sick & It was granted him, But he thought him self not able to 
Come home Being so very weak 

20 wett weather, the Large Pollick Droue in aboundaance 

21 Cloudy weather. Jon*^ Harris Deceas*^ 

22 Something Cloudy, the sick went Down to the City to go the our 

men, But no Place for them & they went on Board Cap lovit 

23 Cloudy weather, went Down with 2 more that was not well on Board 

Cap Lovit. Preaching in the City 

24 Cloudy weather, got up a sunken skooner, Stopt her leeks 

25 Cloudy weather 

26 Clear Pleasent weather. Capt° Rouse Came in here 

27 gitting the vessels Ready to Gary of the french. Cloudy & fogy 

28 Came on shore from Cap' Lovit. Cloud[yJ wet wet [her] 

29 Cloudy Part of [ J. gitting fit for the french to go on Board 

30 Fair weather, went to hear m'' moody Peach in the fore noon 
July 1. Cloudy weather, went on Board the hosj)etill in the even[ing] 

2 Capt° Rouse fi'om anapolis. Cloud[y3 

3 the french is embark[ing] ; the[re] are some gitting on Board as fast 

as the vessels are Ready. Fare weather 

4 2 Trasports arivd which Brough[tj news of 1000 men a coming 

6 Cloudy weather. 3 sa[il] went out with F[leet?] to cary of the 
French presoners. our sick & lame came on Board the hospetill 
vessell. we came to Sail 7 Clock. Please[nt] gail till about 10 
oCl[ock] the next day 

6 Clear weather Contery [wind] that we gain but little 

7 Clear w[ea]ther, wind more in Our favour, the 

8 so Ilemaind 

9 the wind came fair. So Continued till the next Day 

10 Calms and Contery winds the most of the time till the 18 Day 

18 about 9 oClock Came into Cascobay ; went up in the Town ; the People 

were very genei'ous to us. very warm 

19 Cloudy in the morning, But very hot Days, went to M"" Joshua wood- 

berys over the River and to Deacond Thorndikes. Return'd about 
9 in the Evening 

20 Cloudy in the morning, Hot weather. Saild for Boston ; a Pleasent 

gail. arived at Boston 21 Day about 1 : 12 at night 

22 Day. Capt"^ Jones Carid our names a shore to be Deliverd to the 

governer for us to be Released, But we Had no orders to go home 

23 Day we went to the govenor ; he gave us Leave to go home. Clear 

hot weather. Some went home some stayed till the 

24 Day Before they went home 

Sepf 18 ^^y 1745 then Rec-^ of Cap° Pickman of Salem by the Hand of 

my father 10.00. old Tennor, five Pounds as a Bounty, five Pounds Towards 
a months Pay 

Those guns that want Cartridges 

1912] Chaves's Journal of Louishurg Expedition 


Cole Hale 
Capt" Ives 
Lieu' Herrick 
Ensign Bachelor 
Ser' Creesy 
Sergeant Woodberry 
Corp^ Browne 
Benj^ Clerk 
Sam^^ Harris 
Isreall Byles 

Eben"- Cox 
Andr^ Herrick 
Sam" Cole 
Rich'' Ober 
Tho^ Butman 
John Preson 
Sam" Stone 
Isreal Elwell 
Joshua Rea 

acco" of the flints Del'^ 

Ser* Cressy 


Sam" Stone 4 

Corp Brown 


Jon*^ Morgan 4 

Ser* Woodbery 


Joshua Rea 4 

Benj^ Clerk 


Isreal Woodbery 4 

Eben"" Cox 


Joseph Elliot 4 

Benj'^ Hervey 


Benj^ Howard 4 

Sam^i Cole 


John Pike 4 

Rich'i Ober 

Christephor Bartlet 4 

W^ James 


Caleb Page 4 

Edm^ Clerk 


Sam" Chut 4 

Elez"" Giles 


Dan^ Stephens 4 

Ezra Trask 


Eben"^ Hadley 4 

John Preston 


Ensign Bachelor 4 

James Trask 


Drum"^ Raymond 4 

Those that Rec<* Cartridge 


John Pike 

Caleb Page 

Dan^ Stephens 

Sam" Chut 

Christephor Bartlett 

Eben' Hadley 

Accou" of the Balls Del<^ & to whome 

Ser' Creessy 



Caleb Page 40 

Edm^ Clerk 


Samii Chut 40 

W"" Leech 


John Pike 40 

Christephor Bartlet 


Ensign Bachelor 40 

Eben>^ Haddley 


Drum"^ Raymond 40 

Dan^ Stephens 


Those that Rec"^ Snapsacks 

Sam" Chute 

Ensign Bachelor 

Dan Stephens 

Lieu* Herrick 

Acco" of Powd' Horns did, & to whom 

Ebenezer Cox 
Benj*^ Dike 
Eben-- Haddley 
Dan^ Stephens 
Caleb Page 
Edw*^ Cox 

Drum'' Raymond 
Ensign Bachelor 
Capt" Ives 
Sergant Cressy 
ColP Hale 
JoTi'"^ Morgan 

124 Chaves's Journal of Louishurg ^xjoedtfion [April 

May 1745 Rec'^ of C : walldo Rum 3 gallons 

Rec*^ of C. walldo 9 gallons 
June Rec^ of C. Prout 79 Poud of Rice 240 Pound of Bread one Bushel 
of Peas 8 gall of molases for Capt" Ives Company 

Canso April 15, 1745 
W"* Leech shiped sailor with Capt" John Lovett 

an Account of what our men has Rec*^ since we Came ashore the Last 
Day of april 1 745 
in may : 3 Days of meat Due Rec'd in our Company 40 Poimd of 

Rice one Peck ^ of Beens one Bushel of Peeas eight gallons of 

molas[es] eight gallons of molas[es] 
June 1 : 1745 Rece'd one Bushell of Peas 8 gallons of molases 48 Pound 

of Rice John grovers mes had no Rice will™ Leech & Sam^^ Harriss 

had it 

March 1744[/5] 


Ives D"^ 

to a Belt 



to a Cartredge Box 



2 Powder Horns 



a Snapsack 



2 Pound of Bullets flents of 



to a Bullet Poach 




to mending my gun 



Rec*^' of C. walldo 3 gallons 

Rec*^ of C walldo 9 gallons 

Guns not good 
Sam Stone Edm^ Clerk 

Edw^ Cox 'Be[torn'] Howard 

[The rest of the leaf has been torn off] 

March 1744[/5] Capt Ives J'^ D"" to half a Dozen of Fowles 00. 15. 00 

Cape Briton June 1745 Josiah woodbery Dr for Sugar 0. 9. 

March 1744[/5] Credit 

of Capt Ives Cash 0. 10. 

March to Cash 0. 10. 2 

to Cash 0. 4. 

March 1744/5 Credit 

of Josiah woodbery for Cash 0. 10. 

March 1744/5 Jon^ Morgan D"^ 
i to Cash 1. 2. 

Sergant Cresssey D"^ 0. 0. 9 

John Preson D'^ 

1912] Descendants of Daniel King 125 


By La-weence Beainerd of Forest Hills, Mass. 

1. Daniel^ King, styled "Mr." and "Gentleman," was born in Eng- 
land in 1602, and was the son of Ralphe Kinge of Watford, Hertfordshire. 
He came to America about 1637 and settled at Lynn, where he became a 
leading citizen, a merchant of enterprise, and a large land owner. He is 
referred to in Aspinwall's Notarial Records as " Daniell King of Linne 
Woollen Draper" in 1645 (p. 20) ; and as "mercer" in 1648, when he 
is mentioned as brother of " M' Samuel King woolen drap. at the upper 
End of Cheapeside neere Saint Martins in London" (p. 150; see also pp. 
68, 89, 1 82, 197). He married in England, 4 Oct. 1 624, Elizabeth (StUT, 
who died in Lynn 26 Feb. 1677. He died there 27 May 1672. 

Children : 

i. Daniel,^ Jr., b. abt. 1625 (Pope) ; d. in 1695 ; m. 11 Mar. 1662, Ta- 
BiTHA Walkek, dau. of Capt. Richard and Jane (Talmage) of 

ii. Hannah, d. abt. 1677 ; m. 11 July 1660, John Blaney of Lynn. 

2. iii. Ralph, b. abt. 1639. 

iv. Elizabeth, m. Thaddexjs Redding. 

V. Sarah, m. 27 Oct. 1669, Ezekiel Needham. 

2. Capt. Ralph^ King {Daniel}) was born about 1639. He was a 

large land owner in Lynn, holding 1200 acres in what is now Swamp- 
scott; selectman in 1678; first lieutenant in the Lynn Military 
Company in 1680, of which his father-in-law was captain, and later 
captain of the same himself. He married, 2 Mar. 1 663, Elizabeth 
Walker, daughter of Captain Richard of Lynn, Reading, and Bos- 
ton, and in 1670 Deputy-Governor of Nova Scotia and Acadia (un- 
der Sir Thomas Temple, Bart.), and wife Jane (Talmage). Captain 
King died in January, 1688/9, and was buried on the 17th of that 
month. The History of Lynn for the year states : " Captain Ralph 
King died this year. He was a man of prominence and usefulness. 
He left an estate quite considerable for the time, the appraisal show- 
ing in amount £2,365. 4s." His widow married Lieut. John Lewis 
and was the administratrix of the estate, and it is evident that she 
died before 1715, when, in the final settlement of the same, Capt. 
John Charnock of Boston, a son-in-law, acted as administrator. 
Children, all born at Lynn : 

i. Elizabeth,' b. 23 Nov. 1664. 

ii. A CHILD, b. 18 Aug. 1666 ; d. 19 Aug. 1666. 

iii. Ralph, b. 13 Aug. 1667; d. Sept. 1688. 

iv. Daniel, b. 1 Oct. 1669 ; m. Hannah Pickering, dau. of Lieut. John 

and Alice (Flint) of Salem. 

V. Sarah, b. 25 Nov. 1671. 

vi. Hannah, m. John Pitt, Esq., of Boston. 

3. vii. Richard, b. 3 May 1677. 

viii. Mary, b. 28 July 1679; m. (int. rec. 16 May 1700) Capt. John 

Charnock, an eminent merchant of Boston, 
ix. Tabitha, b. 23 Mar. 1682; m. (int. rec. 17 Apr. 1702) William 

Stagey of Marblehead. 

3. Richard^ King {Ralph^ Daniel^) was born at Lynn 3 May 1677. 

He came in early manhood to Boston, where he became a merchant, 

126 Descendants of Daniel King [April 

probably associated with liis brothers-in-law, Captain Charnock and 
Mr. Pitt. A deposition of Richard King is to be found in the 
records of the Massachusetts Supreme Court in 1696, in which he 
states that he came to Boston that year by boat from Lynn, and that 
his age was 19 years. He married, 18 April 1699, Abigail 
Rogers, then of Concord. She was born at Ipswich 5 July 1681, 
the daughter of Samuel Rogers, Esq., town clerk of Ipswich, and 
wife Sarah (Wade), and granddaughter of the Rev. Nathaniel 
Rogers, A.M., and of Lieut. Jonathan Wade (styled " Colonel "), 
both prominent men in Ipswich.* Richard King died at Boston in 
1702, at the early age of 25.t 

4. 1. EiCHAKD,* b. 11 Aug. 1701. 

4. Richard* King {Richard,^ Ralph,^ Daniel^) was born at Boston 11 
Aug. 1701, and lived with his mother at Concord till he was 13, 
when he removed with his step-father to Littleton, which place 
became his permanent home. He was a man of indejiendent means, 
and much employed in local offices. He married, in 1724, Eliza- 
beth . Shortly after 1730 he and his wife were admitted 

to full communion in the Littleton church. Richard King died 
27 Feb. 1771. His epitaph in the old Littleton cemetery reads : 
•' Memento Mori | Here lie the remains of | Mr. Richard King, | 
who departed this life Feb, ye 27, 1771 | aged 69 yrs., 6 mos. and 
20 days." His widow died at the home of her son, James King, 
14 Jan. 1799, aged 99 years. 
Children, all born at Littleton : 

5. i. RoGEKS,s b. 10 Feb. 1725. 

ii. EiCHARD (twin), b. 24 Apr. 1727. 
iii. Samuel (twin), b. 24 Apr. 1727. 
iv. ELiz.iBETH, b. 13 Mar. 1729; m. 15 June 1758, Josiah Parkhurst 

of Chelmsford. Children: 1. Samuel. 2. Josiah. 3. Betsey. 

4. Oliver. 

6. V. Mary, b. 30 Oct. 1730. 

♦After the death of Samuel Rogers at Ipswich his widow married Henry Woodhouse 
(or Woodis) of Concord, and removed to that place taking her three youngest children, 
Elizabeth, Abigail, and Susanna, with her. 

t After the death of Richard King, his widow, Abigail, took her infant son to her mo" 
ther's home at Concord where, 1 Nov. 1704, she married Lieut. Samuel Dudley, and 
in 1714-15 they were among the first settlers of the new town of Littleton, Mass. She 
died there 9 Aug. 1720. 
Children (half brothers and sisters of Richard King) : 
i. Samuel Dudley, b. at Concord 28 July 1705; m. 17 Feb. 1728, Abigail Wa- 
ters. Children: 1. Samuel. 2. Abigail. 3. Stephen. 4. Lois. 6. Joseph. 
ii. Francis Dudley, b. at Concord 10 Dec. 1706; m. 23 May 1732, Sibyl Leland. 
iii. David Dudley (triplet), b. at Concord 1 Nov. 1709; m. Hannah Sibley. 
iv. Jonathan Dudley (triplet), b. at Concord 1 Nov. 1709; m. Hannah Putnam 

of Sutton, Mass. 
V. Abigail Dudley (triplet), b. at Concord 1 Nov. 1709; d. young. 
vi. Mary Dudley, b. at Concord 24 Aug. 1711; m. May, 1727, Judge Samuel 
Chase, who became the founder of the Cornish, N. H., family of that name. 
They were the parents of Dudley Chase, Gen. Jonathan Chase, and others; 
grand-parents of U. S. Senator Dudley Chase of Vt., Hon. Ithamar Chase of 
N. H., and the Rt. Rev. Philander Chase, D.D. ; and great-grand-parents of 
Chief Justice Salmon P. Chase, LL.D., of the U. S. Supreme Court. 
vii. Sarah Dudley, b. at Concord 28 July 1713. 
viii. Abigail Dudley, b. at Littleton, 28 Oct. 1714; m. 25 May 1735, Dr. Benjamin 

Morse of Sutton. 
ix. Mercy Dudley, b. at Littleton 22 Feb. 1716. 
X. Peter Dudley, b. at Littleton 13 Sept. 1718. 
xi. Rogers Dudley, b. at Littleton 9 Aug. 1720; m. 31 May 1743, Mary Sibley. 

1912] Descendants of Daniel King 127 

7. vi. Abigail, b. 20 July 1736. 

8. vii. James, b. 18 Sept. 1741. 

5. Rogers^ King {Richard,'^ Richard,^ Ralpli,'^ Daniel^) was born at 

Littleton 10 Feb. 1725, and married, 22 June 1767, Lydia Wood. 
They removed to Westford, Mass., and lived on the Asaph B. 
Cutter place. He served as private in Capt. Jonathan Minot'a 
company. Col. James Prescott's regiment, which marched in the 
Alarm of 19 Api-. 1775, service 3 days. In 1780 he was one of a 
committee of thirteen men of Westford to take under consideration 
the new form of government. He died at Westford 18 Jan. 1797. 
Children : 

9. 1. Rogers,* b. 1768. 

ii. Asa, b. 19 Feb. 1771 ; d. in early mauhood (A.M. Harv. 1791). 
iii. Lydia, b. 1774 ; d. 21 July 1798. 

6. Mary^ King {Richard *^ Richard,^ Ralph,"^ Daniel'^) was born at 

Littleton 30 Oct. 1730, and married, 5 Dec. 1748, Oliver Corey, 
Esq., born 21 Aug. 1729, son of Lieut. Samuel of Chelmsford and 
Littleton. They resided at Littleton till about 1768, when they 
removed to Charlestown, N. H. Oliver Corey was an original 
grantee of Grafton and St. Albans, Vt., and of Sunapee, N. H., and 
was one of the builders of the Charlestown bridge across the Con- 
necticut River in 1780. He died at Charlestown, and his widow 
died at the home of her son-in-law, Judge Alexander Campbell, 
M.D., at Rockingham, Vt., in 1818. 
Children, all born at Littleton : 

i. Maky Corey,* b. 28 Mar. 1750 ; m. 6 Mar. 1769, Hon. Josiah Stearns 
of Luueuburg, Mass., a member of the Governor's Council. 
Among their children were : Luther Stearns, A.M.,M.D.,M.M.S.S., 
a distinguished obstetrician of Medford, Mass. ; Hon. Asahel 
Stearns, LL.D., University Professor of Law at Harvard and 
Member of Congress ; Mary Stearns, who married Col. Edmund 
Cusliing of Lunenburg ; and Major Thomas Stearns of Lunenburg. 

ii. Susanna Coiiey, b. 3 Feb. 1753; m. Ens. Elisha Hubbard; d. at 
Windsor, Vt., 10 Oct. 1778. No issue. 

iii. ELiZAiJf:TH Corey, b. 28 Feb. 1755. 

iv. Martha Corey, b. 3 Apr. 1757; m. John Lovell of Rockingham, 
Vt. They were the parents of Ovid Lovell, Esq., of Charlestown, 
N. H., whose dau. Harriet Martha m. the Rev. Cyrus Hamlin, 
D.D., LL.D. 

V. Lois Cokey, b. 3 June 1759; m. 1 Oct. 1782, Watts Hubbard of 
Windsor, Vt. 

vi. Hannah Corey, b. 17 Oct. 1761. 

vii. Oliver Corey, b. 15 Mar. 1764; m. Mary York, and removed 
to Cooperstown, N. Y., where for fifty years he was a well-known 
educator. Among his pupils was the novelist James Fenimore 

viii. Rhoda Corey, b. Dec. 1767 (not recorded in the Littleton records, 
but in family Bible records, etc.) ; m. 1786, Judge Alexander 
Campbell, M.D., of Rockingham, Vt. They were the parents of 
Hon. Edward Raymond Campbell (1787-1857) of Windsor, Vt., 
noted as a man-of -letters. 

7. Abigail^ King {Richard,'^ Richard,^ Ralph,^ Daniel'^) was born at 

Littleton 30 July 1736, and married, 27 July 1758, Capt. Asa 
Laavrence of Pepperrell and Groton, Mass., an officer of the 

128 Descendants of Daniel King [April 

Revolution. She died at Claremont, N. H., in June 1829, aged 93 

Children, all born at Groton : 

i. Elizabeth Lawrence, b. 4 Sept. 1759; d. 22 June 1785. 
li. EowLAND Lawrence, b. 25 Mar. 17G3; d. 17 June 1812. 
iii. KoGERS Lawrence, b. 6 Mar. 1764 ; m. Frances Hancock, and lived 

at Castiue, Me. 
iv. Ephraim Lawrence, resided at Gray, Me. 
V. DiADEMiA Lawrence, b. 24 Aug, 1771 ; d. 18 Oct. 1778. 
\\. Philomenia Lawrence, b. 22 Oct. 1773; d. 18 Aug. 1775. 
vii. Horatio Gates Lawrence, b. 11 June 1777; d. 28 Oct. 1778. 
viii. Abigail Lawrence, m. Jacob R. Diamond of Ashburnliam, Mass., 

and Claremont, N. H. 
ix. Asa Lawrence. 
X. Henry Lawrence. 

8. James^ King {Richard,^ Richard,^ Ralph,"^ Daniel^) was born at 

Littleton 18 Sept. 1741. He married, 24 Mar. 1768, Lydia 
Pierce of Littleton, and resided in the paternal homestead. He 
served as sergeant in Capt. Samuel Reed's company. Col. William 
Prescott's regiment, which marched in the Alarm of 19 Apr. 1775, 
service 12 days. 

Children, all born at Littleton : 

i. Richard,^ b. 9 May 1769. 

ii. Elizabeth, b. 16 Mar. 1771. 

iii. Solomon, b. 2 Feb. 1773. 

iv. James, b. 22 Nov. 1774. 

V. William, b. 15 Apr. 1777; d. 1 Sept. 1778. 

vi. William, b. 21 Apr. 1779. 

vii. Hannah, b. 4 May 1781. 

viii. Lydia, b. 1 Dec. 1783; d. 27 Jan. 1786. 

ix. Ralph, b. 28 May 1787 (named for Iiis great-great-grandfather, 

Capt. Ralph King of Lynn). 
X. Nathan, b. 30 June 1790. 
xi. Lydia, b. June 1793. 

9. Maj. Rogers® King {Rogers,^ Richard,'^ Richard,^ Ralph,^ Daniel ^) 

was born at Westford, Mass., in 1768. In 1800 he was cap- 
tain of one of the two military companies of the town, and served 
as major in the War of 1812. He was a man of much local prom- 
inence. He married (intention recorded 18 Mar. 1798) Mart 
TiLDEN, daughter of Thomas and Abigail (Hatch) of Scituate. 
He was buried at Westford 8 May 1825, and his wife died there 
13 July 1814. 

Children, born at Westford : 

i. LYDL^.,^ b. 1800; d. unm. 

ii. Mary (twin), b. 3 Nov. 1802; m. 7 Oct. 1826, Joy Gannett of 

iii. Maria (twin), b. 3 Nov. 1802 ; m. 14 Nov. 1824, Timothy Prescott, 
Esq., of Littleton and Concord. Cliildreu: 1. Ahha Maria Wood,, 
m. 4 Apr. 1850, Hon. George Merrick Brooks of Concord, Member 
of Congress and Judge of Probate of Middlesex County. 2. George 
Lincoln,, lieut. -colonel, U. S. Vols., who was killed in the battle 
of Petersburg, 1864. 

iv. George Rogers, b. 1804. 

v. RuFUS Tilden, b. 1807 ; Harv. 1834. 

1912] Church in South Killingly, Conn. 129 



From a copy in the possession of the Connecticut Society of Colonial Dames 
Communicated by Miss Mart K. Talcott of Hartford, Conn. 

The Third Church in Killingly, known as the South Church in 
Killingly, organized in 1746, sprang out of a prolonged contro- 
versy in the First Church (Killingly Hill), concerning the location 
of a new meeting-house. The bleakest eminence in town, Break- 
neck Hill, was the spot selected for the site of the new church, but 
the new organization did not prosper, and became extinct about 
1771. The same year in which the Third Church was instituted a 
" Separate " Church was organized in the southeastern quarter of 
the town, then, as now, known as South Killingly, and April 23, 
1747, the Rev. Samuel Wadsworth was elected pastor. The rec- 
ords of this Church are given below, and also a copy of a fragment 
of the record of the Breakneck Hill Church, now in the possession 
of the South Killingly Church, is appended. It is evident that a 
number of the same families who lived in that section of the old 
town of Killingly went from that church to the other, and took 
this fragment with them. The Rev. Nehemiah Barker (Yale, 1742) , 
who kept this record, the pastor from 1746 to 1755, removed to 
Mattituck, Long Island, where, in 1756, he became pastor of a 
Presbyterian Church. 

A coppy of the articles of faith & a church couin[ant] agread upon by a 
number of christian brethren belonging to seueral towns at a meting at 
mansfield October y*^ 9 1745 which are as followeth viz 

(Articles of Faith and the Covenant) 

the foregoing articles of faith & Covenant were agreed too by the Con- 
gregational O^^ of Christ in Killingly of which m' Sam^^ Wadsworth was 
the lirst pastor and Sign*^ too by the members of s^ O^^ whose names 

Stephen Spaulding * Sarah couill 

Beniamin Grouer Robert Williams 

Simeon Spaulding * Rachell Eaton * 

Timothy Grouer hanuah wilson 

John Eaton * Saray prasen * (Preston ?) 

Hannah Spolding * Ezra huchens * 

Daniel Lawrence Salmon wheat 

Anna right Jemima winter 

Jonathan Grouer * Samuel Wadsworth 

Abigail Leauins Sarah Marten (?) 

Mary Preston.* alias Batmon 

Eunis Goold ' Damiris short * 

Abigail fermon mary wadsw'th 


Church in South KUUngly, Conn, 


mary coll 

leisabeth moffit ♦ May 1748 

Daniel hulit 

Abigail liulit 

Isaac preston 

Elisabeth moffet P 

Pareses Cannada (Persis?) 

Abigail f ranch * 

nathaniel draper 

Jonathan rods 

Beniaman presson 

Elisabath farmon 

lidy brouce 

Abraham Bloss 

parses Baken 

Abigail huchens * 

wimon huchens * 

henery Baken 

Abigail huchens 

ruth grouer 

elizabeth grouean (Growver?) 

Joseph Batman 

Samuel Gould 

mary Blanchen 

John Roberson * to New Fairfield 

Ellaseer Roberson 

Joseph Huchins * 

John Eaton Jun^' * 

Eliphalet Wright * 

Abigail Kee * 

Hannah Huchins * 

Zerubah Huchins * 

Joanna Kee * April 29, 1765. 

Ziporah Kingsbury April 29, 1765 

Abraham Carpenter 

Easter Leavens 

Eleazer Bateman 

Sarah Bateman 

martha gould 

The Congregational C'^'^ of Christ in Killingly formerly under the pas- 
toral care of m"" Sam" Wadsworth taking into Consideration the Disadvan- 
tages of their former Coven' by Reason of its exceeding Lengthiness as 
well as Sum articles that admitted of Dispute and Sum others that were 
thought wanted Correcting and amending ; thought it best to have a new 
Draught in order to avoid the before mentioned Dificulties and accordingly 
at a meeting of s'^ C^^*^ on July y® 12'^ 1765 the following articles of faith 
& Covenant was Read & Concented too by s'' Church as their articles of 
faith and Covenant by which they would walk together for the futer 
(Articles of Faith and the Covenant) 

In witness whereof we have hereunto Set our hands 

Eliphalet Wright * Dead 
Stephen Spaulding * Dead 
John Eaton * 
Joseph Huchens * Dead 
Joseph Bennet 

The above is all that remains of this list, and all of the foregoing 
is written on both sides of the paper and evidently the first five pages 
of an eight page signature which has been torn from the original 
binding. In the original record are a few fragments of leaves badly 
torn and some of the names are legible and correspond with more 
or less accuracy to the list of members printed in the Manual of 
the Church of 1888, pages 20-26. This list was probably taken 
from a copy of the original record. 

A record of the children baptized in the congregational church 
in Killingly : 

December 17: 1746 Bnjamin son to benjamin grover: & Jacob son to 
Simeon Spaulding & Elisebath & meriam daughters to timothy grover: & 
micajah son to James & Sarah covell & andrew sone to Jeams & hannah 
wilson ware baptized by Thomas Stevens pastor to the congregationall 
church at plainlield 

1912] Church in South Killinghj^ Conn. 131 

february 25: 1747 Seth son to Simeon Spaulding & Sarah daughter to 
Benjamin Grover & Zerua daughter to Ezra huchings ware baj^tized by 
Thomas Stevens pastor to the chh at plainfield. 

June 7: 1747 William sone Lo abigill fermon & Jerushe daughter to 
Salmon Wheete were baptized by m"" wadsworth 

June 11: 1747 Abilena & Stephen daughter & son to Jonathan grover 
ware baptized 

August 23: 1747 Elizabeth daughter to mary preston was baptized 
November 8: 1747 Simeon & Daniell & Elizebeth sons & daughter to 
William Short ware baptized 

June 5: 1748 hannah Nehemiah mary Robart lois sons and daughters to 
Eobart Williams ware all baptized 

May: 1748 Elizabeth moffit was baptized for herself by Jedediah hide 
pastor of the chh at norwich 

July 1748 Ebenezer son to abigaill ferman was baptized 
November: 27: 1748 Sarah daughter to James & Sarah covell was bap- 

march 20: 1749 abigaill daughter to Ezra & abigaill huchens was bap- 

may 28: 1749 bathiah daughter to levi & mary preston was baptized 
June 11 1749 hannah daughter to Simeon & hannah Spaulding was 

July 9 1749 phebe daughter to Joseph & Elce bateman was baptized 
July 9: 1749 Isaac son to wiman & abigaill huchings was baptized 
July 30 1749 Eunis daughter to benjamin grover was baptized 
July 1749 loruamy daughter to Jonathan grover was baptized 
September 7: 1749 hannah daughter to Enos & ruth grover was baptized 
January 18: 1750 cloa daughter to wiman & abigaill huchings was 

february 26: 1750 Jonathan son to James & Sarah covell was baptized 
September 9 1750 James son to Sam" & mary wadsworth was baptized 
September 29 1751 Sarah daughter to Stephen & Sarah Spaulding was 

November 8 1751 ann daughter to Stephen & Sarah Spaulding was 

May 1751 lidi daughter to Ezekiell little Sarah daughter to wiman 
huchings Jonathan son to James draper ware all baptized 

September 4 1751 Joseph son to Samll wadsworth was baptized 
July 15: 1753 agigaill daughter to Isaac & Sarah grover was baptized 
October 11 1753 rebeckar the daughter of Enos & ruth grover was bap- 

March 17 1754 Zerviah daughter to Joseph huchings was baptized 
June 1754 Zerviah daughter to Jeams & Sarah covill was baptized 
January 5: 1754 amy daughter to wiman & abigaill huchings was bap- 

June 21: 1755 ruhamah daughter to James draper was baptized 
July 13 1755 Edne daughter to Esekiell little was baptized 
august 1755 Jerusha daughter to abigaill ferman was baptized 
August 1755 Ebenezer son to Samll Gould was baptized 
mary the daughter of Simeon & hannah Spauldin was baptized 
October 26 1760 John son to John Robason was baptized 
October 1761 Elizabath daughter to Sam" & Elizabath wadsworth was 


132 Church in South Killingly, Conn, [April 

September 9 1764 Rachill eunis Anna & luther daughters & son to 
John & Eunis Eaton ware baptized by m"" marshall 

September 9 1764 anna daughter to Simeon & hannah Spaulding was 
baptized by m"^ marshall 

September 9 1764 Virany daughter to Eleaser & Sarah bateman was 
baptized by m' marshall ; & Susanna daughter to Abraham carpender was 
baptized by m' marshall. 

November: 1764 Joseph Eleazer & Zadock sons to Eleazer & Sary bate- 
man was baptized by m"^ miliar also Joseph son to Sam" & martha Gould 

Aprill 29: 1765 Johanna Kee & Zippora Kingsbury were baptized 
on their one account : John Joseph jerusha & mary sons & daughters to 
daniell & abigaill Kee ware baptized on their mothers account by m "^ 
Joseph Marshall pastor to the congregationall c'* at canterbury 

June 3: 1765 Joshua son to John & Eunis Eaton ware baptized by our 
Elder Eliphelit Wright 

Hannah Wright Daughter of Eliphalet Wright and Hannah his wife 
was baptized May y*' 25"^ 1755 by Eld"^ palmer of Scotland while they 
were members of mansfield c^''. 

June 10 1765 Sam'^ & Eunis son & daughter to Eliphelit & hannah 
Wright ware baptized by m"^ wright 

June 24 1765 Dammiris daughter to William & Dammiris Shorte was 

August: 4: 1765 Susanna Rennalds was baptized on her one account 

August 4: 1765 Elizabeth Daughter to michael & Elisabeth hulit was 

September 1: 1765 Sam" son to Daniell & Selah Sprague was baptized 

November 3: 1765 Martha daughter to Sam" &, martha gould was 

January 4: 1766 Elizabith Sarah & Elixander daughters & son to Su- 
sanna Rennals was baptized 

february 5: 1766 Asareb son to Abraham Carpender was Baptized 

may 1766 Jacob son to michael Hulet & Elizabeth his wife was baptized 
on bur account 

may 1766 Sarah Daughter to Elip* Wright & hannah his wife was bap- 

Sarah Daug''^ of Eleazer & Sarah Bateman baptized nov" ye 3*^ 1766 

Sam" & David Sons to Ezekiel &, margi'et Little were baptized June y® 
1^ of June 1767 

Rhoda the Daughter of Benj™ & Suzanah Raynolds was Baptized June 
ye 7th 1767 on hur mothers account 

Joshua & Rachel Son and Daughter to David Eames were Baptized 
august y^ 30'^ 1767 

Lucy Daughter to John Eaton and Eunice his wife baptized October 11**^ 

Rebekah Daughter to Eliphalet & hannah wright Baptized January y^ 
10"' 1768 

Sam" & waiter & Nathaniel and Selah Sons & Daughter to Na*'* & Zer- 
viah Fairfield was Baptized march 25*'' 1768 upon their mothers account 

Mary & Martha Daughters to John Eames : & Daniel Son to Dan" & 
Selah Sprague were Baptized June 5''' 1768 

Benjamin Son to william & Martha Bradford of Canterbury was Baptized 
august 7*'' 1768 

1912] Church in South Killingly, Conn. 133 

Abraham Son to Abraham Carpenter and Susanah Daughter to Eleazer 

Bateman were baptized Nov™ y^ 6"^ 1768 

Lucy Daughter to Ezekiel Little was Baptized april y^ 2^ 1769 

Miller Son to John Eames was Baptized Sep* lO*^"^ 1769 

Zadock Son to John Eaton Jun"" was Baptized march 11'*^ 1770 

Lemuel Son to David Eams baptized may y® 6'*^ 1770 

Ollive Daughter to Eliphalet and Hannah wright Baptized may y® 27*^ 


Betty the wife Zebulon Tyler was Baptized June 20'^ 1770 

Selah & Abijah Daughter & Son to Betty Tyler Baptized on their 

mothers account June 20'*' 1770 

Zerviah : Martha : Keziah Daughter to william & Martha Bradford was 

Baptized June 2P* 1770 

Nathanael Francis John : Winchester Amos Judah & Sarah Sons «fe 

Daughters to John Tliroop were Baptized September 6''^ 1770 

Elizabeth Daughter to Abraham Carpenter and hannah Daughter to 

Eleazer Bateman were Baptized May y® o*^** 1771 

Keziah the Daughter of Sam^^ & Elizabeth Stearns was baptized may y® 

26th ]^772 Q^ jjm- mothers account 

Dan the Son of Ezekiel and Hannah Robertson Baptized on his mothers 

account august 30"^^ 1771. 

Abiah Andrews baptized Sep' 27'*^ 1771 on hur own account 

Ebenezer the Son of John Throop was baptized June y® 10"" 1772 

Jedediah Son to John Eames baptized June 14"^ 1772 

Samuel Son to Sam'^ Goold baptized July 5*i> 1772 

James wadsworth Son to Dan" & Selah Sprague was baptized Sep' 20*^ 


Hannah the Daughter of Moses & Hannah Little baptized Octo"" y® 4^ 


Olive Daughter to Abraham Carpenter baptized April y® 4'^ 1773 
MoUey Daughter to John Eaton Jun'' baptized May 2^^ 1773 
Joseph Son of Joseph & Zeruah Cary Baptized Octo"'^ y« Z^ 1773 
Sam" Son to Sam" & Elizabeth Stearns Baptized octob"^ lO'** 1773 
Ezekiel Son to Ezekiel and Hannah Robertson baptized October 31" 


Lemeul & Abigail Son and Daughter to Sam" & Joannah Spalding were 

baptized may y« 16''' 1774 

Lemoul : Olley: Syntha: and Polley Son and Daughters to Comfort 

& Esther Day were Baptized August 21' 1774 upon their mothers account 
Rachel Daughter to moses & Hannah little baptized Sep"" S** 1774 
mary Daughter of Dan" «fe Selah Sprague baptized may y« 28'^ 1775 
Lucy Daughter of Comfort & Esther Day baptized may y® 28"' 1775. 
Robert & John Sons «fe Ruth Daughter to John Kenedy were Baptized 

June y® 7"^ 1775 

Benj™ Son to John Trhroop was Baptized octo^"^ y* 1"' 1775 
Keziah Daughter to Joseph and Zeruah Carey Bap' Oct'' y® 1^ 1775 
Daniel Son & mary Daughter to Benj'" & Suzanah Reynolds were bap- 
tized may y« 22'^ 1776 

June y® 2*^ 1776 Tho^ Borden & Suzana Hulit were Baptized on their 

own account 

Keziah How baptized July y® 7"' 1776 on hur own account 
Mary Willson Baptized July y^ 21' 1776 on hur own account 
Isaac Son to Israel Day Bap' July 21, 1776 

134 Church in South Killingly, Conn. [April 

Mehitable. Selah. Synthia & Ruby. Daughters «fe Joshua Son to Tim- 
othy & Martha Eaton were Baptized July y^ 28*'^ 1776 on their mothers 


Bazeliel Son to Jona*"^ And Meriam Day Bap' aug^* 18'^ 1776 on his 

mothers account 

Sarah & PriscHla Daughters to Barney & Hannah Davis and Daniel 

Son to Jedediah & Lydia Bennet were Baptized Sep' 1'' 1776 on their 

mothers account. 

Joseph. Isaac. & David Sons & meribah Daughter to Samson & Joanne 

How Baptized Sep' b^^ 1776 on hur account 

John-Willson Son to Jacob & Lydia Spalding Bap' Sep'' 15''^ 1776 
Jerusha Adams & Olive Love Baptized April y^ 6"^ 1777 on their own 


Willard. Stephen & Zadock Sons & mary. Hannah & Sarah Daughters 

to Davis & Sarah Spalding were Baptized June 26'^ 1777 on their mothers 


Comfort. Ezra, Dean. Caleb & Aaron Sons & Sarah & Lucy Daughters 

to Comfort Walker Were baptized July lO'i' 1777 

Darius Huchens Son to Joseph & Zeruah Cary Baptized July 20"^ 1777 

on bis mothers acct 

Hannah Hulett baptized Aug^' 2,^ 1777 on hur own account 

Ludovica Daughter to Barney & Hannah Davis was Baptized Sep"^ 28*^ 


Jonathan Son to Jonathan & Meriam Day Baptized Sep' 28"^ 1777. 
Jean Chilson & Mary Pierce were Baptized Octo*^^ 5"" 1777 on their 

own account, and Jonathan Chilson bap' Decem'' 1777 

Zadock, Jonathan, Joseph & Josiah Sons & Mary Daughter to David 

.& Lois Cady Bap' octo'^'" 5'^ 1777 

Simon & John Sons to Na'" & Abilena Spalding Baptized Oct'^"' 19"» 


Sam^^ Whitney Baptized April 5"^ 1778 on his own account 

Lettis Daughter to Comfort Walker Baptised April 5'^ 1778 

Ebenezer Stearns Son to Israel Day Baptized april 5"^ 1778 

Anne Daughter to John Eaton Baptized may y® 3*^ 1778 

Simeon Son to D'' Jacob Spalding Baptized may y® lO"' 1778 

Abigail Eussel baptized June 7"^ 1778 on hur own account 

Rhoda Daughter to Na"^ & Ednah Bennet baptized June 7'^ 1778 on 

hur mothers account 

Annanias & Samuel Sons & Elizabeth-Mary-Hannah & Anne Daughters 

to Jonathan Chilson baptized June 7"^ 1778 

Eleazer Son to Jedediah Bennet Baptized June 21^' 1778 
Joseph Son to Elias Stearns Bap' August 2*^ 1778 
Lucy Daughter of Comfort and Esther Day Bap' Sep' 13'" 1778. 
Abilene &. Hannah Daughters to Stephen Grover Baptised nov"" 13"* 

Moses & Numanphits-Edmund-Ezra-& Azel 5 Sons of Noah & Molley 
Cole Baptized novem"^'' 20'^^ 1778 

David Son to David Cady baptized feb-^^ 6"^ 1779 
Dorcas Slack baptized april 11'" 1779 on her own account 
Huldah Daughter to Michael Hulet Bap' May 9'" 1779 
Constant Weever Baptized June y^ 6'" 1779 on his own account 
WUliam Son to Joseph & Zeruah Cary Bap' Jnne 6'" 1779 
Eliphalet Son to Barnabas and Plannah Davis bap' Sep' 12'" 1779 

1912] Church hi South KilUngly, Conn. 135 

Olive dcaughter to Ebn^ & Olive Sparks baptized Jan^ 16''^ 1779 on her 
mothers account 

Mary Henry was baptized march 12*^' 1780 on her own account 

Pain Son to D" Jacob Spalding Bap* May V^ 1780 

Melita Daughter to Jona*"^ Day Jr Baptized June 4''^ 1780 

Ordery Daughter to Davis and Sarah Spalding baptiz'^ July 2<^ 1780 

Hervy Son to Israel Day Bap' august 6''^ 1780 

Hervy Son to David Cady bap' august 6®^ 1780 

Lois-baughter to-Na'^^-ife-Ednah-Bennett-bap' Oct''''-2'^-1780 {sic'] 

Eliphalet'Son to Na'^^ & Ednah Bennett bap^ oct""^ 2^^ 1780 

Lois Daugh''" to Comfort Esther Day bap' octo^"" 2*^ 1780 

Ebenezer Son to Ezekiel & Hannah Robertson bap' octob'' 15'^' 1780 

Elijihalet & Benjamin Sons & Lois Daughter of Abner & mary Day 

bap' Nov^ 8'*^ 1780 

Jemima youngs baptized april ye 1' 1781 on her own account 

Zadock & Charles Sons And Mary Elizabeth & Anne Daughters to 

Nathan Day baptized may y® 16'^ 1781 on their mothers account 
Lucinda Daughter to Elias Stearns baptized June 3*^ 1781 
Chester Son to John & Anne Huchens baptized June 24"^ 1781 
Molly Daughter to Comfort Walker Baptised July 22<i 1781 
Selah Daughter to Danel Sprague baptized Ocf 14"^ 1781 
Hannah Daughter to Daniel Kee bap' Octo'" 28"^ 1781 
Lucy Daughter to na"^ Spalding bap' Jan'-y 27"> 1782 
Ednah Daughter to George Little Baptized april 14"^ 1782 
George Son & Elizabeth Daugh"^ to David Denison bap' april 15'^ 1782 
Pearly- Willson Son to Abner & Mary Day bap' June 2*^ 1782 
John Son to John & Anne Hutchens Baptized Aug' 4"^ 1782 
Ezekiel Son to Noah & Molly Cole Bap' August 4"^ 1782 
Darius. Theophilus & Samuel Sons to Ezra Hutchens Jun'' Baptized 

Sep' 1«' 1782 

Ezra Hutchens Son to Daniel Kee bap' Sep' 1^' 1782 
Ezekiel Son to Davis & Sarah Spalding baptized Sep' 8'^ 1782 
Nabby Daughter to Joseph & Zeruah Gary bap' Sep' 15'^' 1782 
Lydia Daughter to D" Jacob Spalding baptized oct"^"^ 6'^ 1782 
Rebekkah Daughter to Siloam and Molley Short was Baptized novem*"" 

17"^ 1782 

John Son to Barnabas & Hannah Davis baptized June 1^' 1783 

Billey Son to Elias Stearns was Baptized June y® 15"^ 1783 

Pardon Son to Daniel Kee was Baptized August 17'^ 1783 

Isarel Son to Israel Day was Baptized Oct"^ 5"^ 1783 

Samuel Son to Ezekiel & Hannah Robinson Bap*^ octob"^ 26"^ 1783 

Salley Daughter to David Cady was baptized april y® 4'^ 1784 

Anne daughter to John & Anne Hutchins 

Betsey Daughter to Abner & Mary Day 

Nathan Son to Nathan & Hannah Day Were all Baptized June 6"^ AD 


Elizabeth Daughter to Daniel & Sibbel Sprague &, Eliphelet Wright 

Son to Ezra & Anna huchens were both Baptized October y® 3"^*^ 1784 By 

the Rev^ Mr. Socks ? (York ?) 

Molle Daughter to Siloam & Molle Short was Babtised By the Rev' 

Elexander mell December y® 5"^ AD 1784. 

John Son to Luther & Rebekah Eaton was Babtized June j^ 5 AD 1785 

By the Rev' M"" Israel Day 

136 Church in South Killingly, Conn. [April 

David Son of Comfort & Esther Day was Baptized June y® 12. 1785 

Alma Daughter to Davis & Sarah Spalding Baptized July y^ 10 1785 

Lucy Daughter to Samuel & Tabitha Whitney Baptized Sept y® 11. 

Simon Son to Ezra & Ana Hutchins Baptized April y^ 15. 1786 

Betsey daughter of Elias and Sarah Stearns: 

Clarissa daughter of Daniel & Abigail Kely (?) & 

Billey Son to Abner & Mary Day were all Baptized June y® 4, 1786 

Ezra Son to Joseph & Zeruah Cary. Hervey Son to John & Anna 
Huchens. Eunice daughter of Barnabas & Hannah Davis. Daniel Son to 
Siloam & Molly Short. Polly Daughter to Luther & Rebeccah Eaton 
were all Baptized August ye 5 1786 

Preserved Son to Ezekiel & Hannah Robinson was Baptized September 
ye 17. 1786 

Jacob Son to D'* Jacob & Lydia Spalding was Baptized May y^ 20 

Hannah Daughter of Nathan & Hannah Day was Baptized June y® 3 

Sabrae Wife of Elam Hulet was baptized August ye 5, 1787 

Lydia. Welcom & Zopha (?) Son and Daughters of Elam & Sabrae Hu- 
let were Baptized September y® 13 1787 

Elisabeth Daughter of Davis and Sarah Spalding was Baptised October 
y« 14 1787 

Zerviah Daughter to Andrew & Azubah Hall was Baptized October y® 
22 1787 

Elisha Son to Daniel & Sibel Sprague was Baptized April y® 6 1788 

Eliphalet Wright Son to D° Jeremiah & Sarah Leffingwell was Baptized 
April y*^ 22 1788 

Agustus Son to Joseph and Zeruah Gary. Rebeckah Daughter to Siloam 
and Molly Short were Baptized June y® 1. 1788 

Cyrus Son to Ezra and Anna Huchins was Baptized June y® 22 1788. 

Samuel Son to Abner and Mary Day Calvin Son to Samuel and Tabitha 
Whitney was Baptized July y^ 13 1788 

Isaac Son to Elias and Sarah Stearnes was Baptized August y^ 24 1788 

William. Peter & Jehu Pain, Sons and Pennina & Elisabeth Daughters 
of William and Lucina Barrows were Baptized Sept'm y® 26 1788 

Joshua Eaton, Anthony Brown, Joseph Slack, William Barrows, Kesiah 
Pidge & Anna Slack were all Baptized August y^ 3 1788 

Esther Brown Jerusha Slack Allyn Pooler Siloam Short & Oliver Slack 
were all Baptized October y^ 5 1788 

Eunice, Zurviah, Molly & Cyrus Daughters and Son of Joseph and Je- 
rusha Slack were all Baptized October y'^ 5 1788 

John and Frederick Sons of Noah and Mary Cole, William Daniel Molly 
& Samuel Sons and Daughters of Anthony and Esther Brown were all 
Baptized October yMO 1788 

John Son of Elom and Sabra Hulet was Baptized Decem 1788 Died . . . 

Eunis Foster Patients Hulet «fe Betsey Brewster were Baptized Decem- 
ber y« 7 1788 

Molly Hulet Baptized December y« 21 1788 

Widow Chloe Kee Baptized February 1 1789 

Polly Daughter to Chester & Silva Ingols Baptized February 1789 

Eunice Daughter to Luther and Rebecah Eaton Baptized June y*' 7. 

1912] Church in South Killingly, Conn. 137 

Seth Son of Dea" Jacob and Lydia Spalding was Baptized June y® 14 

George Son of John & Anna Huchins was Baptized June y® 21; 1789. 

Rhoda & Chloe Daughters of the Wid Chloe Keeys was Baptized July 
y« 18 1789. 

Betty Daughter of Stephen & Ziporah Grover was Baptized July y® 17. 

Shubal Son of Daniel & Abigail Kee was Baptized August y® 22 1789. 

Rebecca Daughter to Anthony & Esther Brown was Baptized October 
y« 25 1789. 

Clarissa Daughter of Israel «& Mary Day was Baptized December y® 6 

Pamela Daughter of Chester & Silva Ingols was Baptized December y® 
16. 1789. 

John, William, Zephaniah & Calvin Sons of Zephaniah and Lydia Eames 
were Baptized January y^ 15 1790 

Zeruah Daughter of Andrew & Azubah Hall was Baptized February y* 
21 1790 

Luther. Hosea & Noah Sons, Ruth Hannah & Eede Daughters of Noah 
and Allis Day were Baptized March y** 12 1790 

Molly Daughter of Noah and, Molly Cole was Baptized August 1790 

Hannah Daughter of Ezra and Anna Huchins was Baptized Sept. 26 

Lora Daughter of Siloam & Molly Short was Baptized October y* 3 

Billy Son of Abner and Mary Day was Baptized May y® 29. 1791 

Betsey Hulet Baptized August y« 7 1791 

Anna daughter of Dea" Jacob & Lydia Spalding- Lucy Daughter of 
Siloam & Mary Short were Baptized April 1 1792 

John Son of Elam & Sabra Hulet was Baptized April 22. 1792 

Hannah daugh'"*' of Joseph & Jerusha Slack, Artemas Son of Luther & 
Rebecca Eaton were Baptized June y^ 3 1792 

Abigail Daughter of Mr Prentiss of Glocester And Hannah his wife 
Baptized June 12 1792 

John Elderkin Son of Mr. Waldo Cantebury Baptized July. 1. 1792 

Russel Son of Elias & Sarah Stearns Baptized July y^ 8 1792 

David Son of Noah & Alls Day & Ebenezer Son of Seth & Chloe Short 
was Baptized August y® 5 1792 

Anna Daughter of Ezra & Anna Huchins was Baptized August 12 

Lois Daughter of Capt David & Lydia Cady was Baptized April 1793 . . . 

Selah daughter of Joseph & Jerusha Slack was Baptized Augst 11. 

Clarissa Daughter of Mr & Keziah Robbins of Douglas & Zubah Daugh- 
ter of Andrew & Zubah Hall of Mansfield were Baptized October 6 1793. 

Minnencey Daughter & Ruel Son to Doct Eliphal & Lucy Day were 
Baptized Feb? 9. 1794. 

Joshua Son of Dea° Jacob & Lydia Spalding Baptized April 6 1794 

Lidya Daugh* of Capt David & Lydia Cady. Sabra Son of Elam & Sa- 
bra Hulet were Baptized June 1. 1794. 

Abna Daughter of Abner Day deceased And Mary his wife was Bap- 
tized July 7. 1794 

Nancy Daughter of Mr. Seph & Lydia Eames Baptized July 13 1794 

138 Church in South Killingly^ Conn. [April 

AurUa Daughter of Siloam & Mary Short Baptized Augast 3. 1794 
Sybbil Daughter of Mr. Daniel «fe Sybbel Sprague Baptized Aug 24 

Cyrus Son of Mr John & Anna Huchins & Keziah daughter of Mr Seth 
& Chloe Short were Baptized December 7. 1794 

Elisabath Daughter of Ezra & Anna Huchins Baptized Dec 14 1794 
Lydia Cady Wife of Bro^"^ David Cady Bapt April 5 1795 
Ire Titus Son of Mr Robins & Keziah his wife of Douglas Baptized 
June 7 1795 

Rebecca Daughter of Luther & Rebe Eaton Baptized August 2 1795 
Baptized four children at Cantebury one of Mr Waldo and three of Mr 
Evits (?) 

Daniel Son of Elias & Sarah Stearns Bap* Nov 15 1795 
Anna Daughter of Doct Eliphal & Lucy Day Bapt February 7. 1796 
Anna Waters Baptized on her own account on A sick bed appearing 
near her end March 17 1796 

Kate Daughter of Capt David & Lydia Cady Bapt April 3 1796. 
Joel Hulet Son of Joel & Patients Baton Baptized August 21 1796 
Daniel Son of Daniel & Sibyl Sprague Bapt Sept 11. 1796 
Joseph Son of Joseph & Jerusha Slack Bapt February 5, 1797 
Siloam Son of Siloam & Molly Short Baptized April 16. 1797 
Hannah Daught of Dea Jacob & Lydia Spalding Bapt April 23'^ 1797 
Deborah Daughter of & Keziah Robins was Baptized Sept 1 1797 

Anna Daught of P^lim & Sabra Hulet was Baptized August 5 1798 
Elisabath Parkhurst was Bapt Decembr 2 1796 
Sally Arlington Baptized on her own account April 1799 
Elim Son of Elim Hulet & Sabra Hulet Baptized August 4. 1799. 
Ezra Lincoln Son of Ezra & Hannah Huchins Baptized June 1. 1800 
Erastus Son of Siloam & Molly Short was Baptized August 8. 1800 
Anna Prude (Rude?) was Bapt on her own account Decemb 7 1800 
Lemuel & Pamela Son and Daug of Joel & Patients Baton Bapt Janu- 
ary 5 1801 

Lords day Feb'' 1 1801 Anna Durfy - David A Bacon Sally Bacon John 
& Nabby Pidg Chloe Cady Mary Prude (Rude?) & Hannah Weaver were 
Baptized on their own account. 

Jacob Prude (Rude?). Jenney Hill Sally Day Rhoda Day Wever Foster 
Lois W^illson David Durfey Molly Durfey Barbery Willson Polly Basset «& 
Pheby Prude (Rude ?) Made a Publick jjroffession of Religion & were Bap- 
tized Lords day April 5 1801 The same Day 12 other pers were admitted 
to this chh. 

Eliphalet Wright, Roxana Sophia, Charles, George Asa & Sally Sons 
& Daughters of Joel & Sally Day 

Also Denison, Ebenezer, John Milton & Asa Sons of Stephen & Molly 

Also Ephraim Eliza Lydia William & Sophrona Sons & Daughters of 
David & Sally Bacon. 

Also Josiah & Daniel Sons of John & Abigal Pidge. 
Clarissa Cutter & Isaac Huchins Son & Daughter of Josiah &. Chloe 
Cady, & Lyman, Anna & Rhoda Son & Daughters of Isaac &. Rhoda Day 
were all Baptized Lords Day May 24 1801 Such a dedication of house- 
holds as was never before seen in this chh. 

Bethiah Youngs Mercy lord & Filena Day were Baptized Lords day 
June 7, 1801 on their own account. 

1912] Church in South KilUngly, Conn, 139 

Israel Hubbard son of Eben'' S. Day & Filena his wife was Baptized 
the same day 

Charles Henry &, George sons of Zadock & Sally Eaton. Lyman Ster- 
rey & John sons of David & Molly Durfey were Baptized June 12 1801 
Lords day 14 June 1801 Baptized a child at Mansfield. 
Phebe Rude & Sarah Youngs were Baptized August 2 1801 
Paul Adams & Lydia Adams bis wife were baptized & Jacob & Agus- 
tus sons & Elisabeth daughter of Jacob & Elisabeth Rude were Baptized 
October 4 1801 

Wiliam. Allyn Samuel John James & Pardon Sons, Nancy & Betsey 
Daughters of Samuel & Anderson Also Laban Samuel Billy Asaph 

& Asa sons of Synthia & Nancy daughters of Wever & Synthia Foster 
were Baptized October 23 1801 

Ruhamah Sprague was Baptized April 4 1802 on her own account Loisa 
daug"^ of De" Jacob & Lydia Spald was Baptized the same day 

Mira daughter of David & Lydia Cady Sally daug'^' of Elim & Sabre 
Hulet were Bapt June 6. 1802 

Comfort son of John & Naby Pidg Sally Daughter of David & Sally 
Bacon, William Borden son Selah & Ruhamah daughters of Sam^ «&; Ru- 
hamah Sprague were Baptized August 1 1802 

Harriet Kendal daughter of Ezra and Hannah Huchins Baptized Decern 
26 1802 

Anna daughter of David & Molly Durfy Baptized June 5 1803 
Willard son of Dea° Stephen & Molly Spalding Baptized June 12 1803 
Edy Anson son of Jacob & Eliza Rude Horace son of Isaac & Rhoda 
Day Mary daughter of Josiah & Chloe Cady were Baptized Aug^* 7, 1803 
Wever son of Wever Foster Baptized October 3 1803 
Mary Daughter of Ebenezer S Day & Fila Day was Baptized Decem- 
ber 4. "1803 

Meriah Levens Daughter of Co^ Shubael & Avis Huchins was Baptized 
AprU 15. 1804 

Hennery Bowen Son of David & Sally Bacon Baptized May 13 1804 
Eliza Daughter of John & Abigail Pidge Baptized Aug^' 5 1804 
Kataa Wood wife of Mr Rusel Wood Bapt Decmb 2 1804 
Lucy Daughter of Joel & Sally Day Bapt August 11. 1805 
Samuel Dorrance son of Henry & Olive Day Baptized August 18 1805 
Clarissa Daughter of De° Stephen «fe Molly Spalding Baptized October 
6, 1805 
Eunice Daughter of David & Molly Durfy Baptized Octob"" 20 1805 
William Spalding son of Zadok & Sally Eaton Peirce Cleveland Daugh- 
ter of David & Sally Bacon Mary Daughter of Elim & Sabria Hulet & 
Horatio Nelson son of Huchens & Almy Key were Baptized June 1. 1806 
Henery Gould son of Ebenezer S. & Fila Day Baptized August 3 1806 
Lois Cleavland daughter of Josiah & Chloe Cady Baptized October 5 

Benjamin Stevens son of Abel & Polly Short Baptized Febr 6 1787 

George son of Harvy & Olive Day Baptized May 31. 1807 

Mary daught of Saml & Ruhamah Sprague Baptized June 21. 1807 

William Love son of John & Nabby Pidge Baptized Decemb'' 6 1807 

Calvin Son of Joel & Sarah Day Baptised Jan 28 1808 

Horace son of Isaac & Rhoda Day Baptized June 5 1808 

Amy Bacon daughter of David & Sally Bacon Baptized August 7 1808 

Willis gilbert son of Zadock & Esther Eaton Baptized June 4. 1809 

140 Ohurch in South KilUngly, Conn. [April 

Mary Daughter of Den Stephen and Mary Spalding Baptized May 29. 

Erastus Danielson son of Wever & Esther Foster Baptized June 3 1810 
Abuer Fitch son of David & Sally Bacon Baptized Augs* 5 1810 
Emely daughter of Hervy & Olive Day was Bap*' Sept 30 1810 
Polly Massy daughter of John «fc Naby Pidge Baptized June 2 1811 
William son of y® Wid Molly Ames Baptized June 23. 1811 
Stephen son of Mr Stephen & Catherin Draper Baptized in Foster Au- 
gust y® 14. 1811 

Mary An daughter of Zadock «fe Esther Eaton Baptized August 16 1811 
Sarah an daughter of Hervey &. Olive Day Baptized Decern'^'' 1. 1811 

daughter of Elam & Sabra Hulet baptized June 1812 
Allis Brown Baptized Aug. 2. 1812 on her own account 
Jerusha daughter of David & Sally Bacon Bapf^ Sept 27 1812 
Sarah Dixson. Jerusha Adams Mary Wood & Samuel Titus were Bap- 
tized June ye 6 1813 on their own profession 
John Cook Bap Octo 3 1813 

Clarissa Daughter of Henry & Olive Day Ebenezer Day Ebenezer 
Spalding son of Ebenezer & Anna Bennet Bap' August 1. 1813 

Clarissa daughter of John & Naby Pidge Baptized December y^ 5 1813 
Oliver Mason son of Ebenezer & Anna Bennet Baptized March y® 16. 

Lucy ainsworth daughter of David &, Sally Bacon baptized April 3* 

Sarah Daughter of Zadock & Esther Eaton. Daniel Fisher son of Ste- 
phen & Cathrine Draper were Baptized June 5 1814 
Isaac son of Hervey & Olive Day Bap* August 13. 1815 
Zadock Paine son of Zadock & Esther Eaton Bap* Oct 6. 1816 
Molly daughter of Mr. and Mrs Keziah Bobbins Baptized October 6. 

Hariot Daughter of Hervey «fe Olive Day Baptized June 1 1817 
Alva Grover Baptized on his own acount Febr. 1. 1818 
Fanny Capron daughter of Stephen & Catherine Draper Baptized June 
7. 1818 

Hennery Paine son of Brother Zadock & Esther Eaton Baptized May 9 

William Fuller son of William B & Hanah Sprague was Baptized June 
25 1820 

Elisha Rodolfus & Samuel Strong (?) sons of Elisha & Clarissa Sprague 
Baptized July 30 1820 

Hiram Wilys son & Mary Anthony : Eliza An: Esther Brown & Eu- 
nice Gould daughters of Den John Eaton & Mary his wife were Baptized 
August 4 1820 

Almira Blake Baptized on her own Profession Feb 4. 1821 
Daniel son of Hervy & Olive Day Baptized August 17 1821 
Fila Davis Baptized on her own Profession August 4. 1822 
Else Chace daughter of Den John & Mary Eaton Baptized November 
11 1822 

Hannah Sprague Baptized on her profession & Ebenezer Stevens (?) 
son of W. B & Hanah Sprague Bapt June 1 1823 

Rebecca Bennet daughter of Den John & Molly Eaton born after her 
father died & Samuel Borden son of William B & Hannah Sprague were 
Bapt August 1 1824 

1912] Isles of Shoals in the Eighteenth Century 141 

Sarah Lord daughter of James & Ora Danielson Baptized June 3 1825 
Eliza Kies daughter of Wilson Kies Baptized August the 6"' 1826 on 
her own Perfessn 

Rev^'i Isreal Day Departed this Life December 10''^ A D 1835. 




Contributed by Joseph W. Warren, M.D., of Bryn Mawr, Pa. 

In the book of " The Records of the Church of Gosport " the Rev. John 
Tucke, pastor of that church from July 1732 to August 1773, or longer, 
has noted the church membership together with detailed lists of the persons 
baptized or married by him during his service of forty-one years. It seems 
desirable to preserve these lists in a more permanent ^orm. At another 
time I hope to extend this partial enumeration of the inhabitants of the 
Isles of Shoals and to determine the various families so far as the existing 
documents permit. The lists here printed include residents on Hog Island 
(the Appledore of to-day) and Smutty Nose, as well as dwellers in the 
town of Gosport, but it must not be supposed that all the inhabitants are 
given, for many of them had no close relations to this church. Unfortu- 
nately, the book contains no lists of deaths or burials. 

This particular church was the most conspicuous and also the best 
known of the numerous congregations which from time to time have existed 
on the Shoals ; its origin is given in a memorandum prepared by the Rev. 
Nathaniel Morrill, pastor of the church in Rye. This is copied by Mr. 
Tucke on page 4 of the Records, and reads in its essential part as follows : 

" Anno Domini 1729. Sometime in the Spring of this year, at an Asso- 
ciation of Ministers at Hampton, the Case of the People of the Isle of 
Shoales with respect to their being without an Ordain'd Minister was con- 
sider'd, & it was tho't expedient to send over a Minister or Two to see 
how the People Stood affected towards the Settlement of a Minister among 
them, & accordingly somet [? sic'\ Ministers were chosen to go over, but 
they not going, this Affair for the Present came to nothing. After this 
the People themselves sent over to an Association at Portsmouth desiring 
their Advice & Direction & they chose y^ Rev^ M"^ Morril of Rye to go 
over & see if he could gather a Church among them. Accordingly M"^ 
Morril came over & the People readily agreed to have a Church Gather'd 
amongst them & that the 29*"^ of June be observed as a Day of Fasting & 
Prayer. And accordingly y® 29"^ of June 1729 was kept & the persons 
mentioned over Leaf in the Morning met at M"" Joshua Moodys Lodging 
& the afore mentioned Confession being Read unto them they then Signd 
the afore mentioned Covenant & then they went to Meeting where was 
made known what was done in Private & those Persons did in Publick' 

* At ivs conclusion this article will be followed by the Town Records of Gosport. 


Isles of Shoals in the Eightee7ith Century [April 

Enter into Covenant with God «& with one another." 

The document "over Leaf" is entitled "The Covenant of y® C*^ of 
Gosport, June 26^^ 1729," that being the day of the agreement, although 
the formal acceptance and signing took place three days later. The names 
signed to this Covenant (the marks being explained Ibelow) are then those 
of the original members of the Church of Gosport, as follows : 

•\- Joshua Moody. X 
X Andrew Mace. 
X John Ellinghood. 
~\- Samuel Emery. X 
William Muchemore. 

-\- Elizabeth Moody. 

X Elizabeth Mannering. 

-}- Ruth Goold. X 

X Hannah Crocket. 

X Elizabeth Perkins. 

X Ruth Carter. 

X Abigail Muchemore. 

Johannah Mace. 
X Sarah Muchamore. 

Ellinor Shaply. 
X Dorothy Ellinghood. 
X Ellenor Currier. 

Rebecca Rendle. 
X Mercy Currier. 
X Mary Meldrom. 

Sarah Down. 
X Jane Dammeril. 
-|- Mary Frost. 

Later Membership of the Church of Gosport. The entries on pp. 59-61 of 
the book form " A Record of Communicants Admitted by " [the words 
" y^ Rev*^ M"^ John Tucke " being erased]. In an abbreviated form the 
list is this : 

Jany 14*'^ 1732/33. X Agnes Mace. Feb^ 4"> 1732/33. X Widow Han- 
nah Mace. 

March 4'^ 1732/33. -}- Mary Condry & -f Dorothy Valpy. 

April 1'* 1733. X John Michamore. 

April 29*'^ 1733. +Elizabeth Emery. 
March S*^ 1733/34. Sarah Mace. 
June 30"M734. -j- Andrew Mace 

March 30*'^ 1735. -|- Mary Carter 

Jun^ X 
May 4«' 1735. Elizabeth Obey 
May 30'^ 173G. 
Au£. 29*^ 1736 

April 22"^ 1733. X Elizabeth Ran- 

dle Widow. 
June S^ 1733. -f- Ruth Down. 
June 2"'^ 1734, -f Deborah Mace. 
March 30^'^ 1735. X Mary Carter 

May 4*^^ 1735. X Mary Down 

May 4**^ 1735. -j- Mary Mitchel. 
-{- Thomas Currier & -j- His Wife Sarah X 
X Susannah Kelly & Her Daf -j- Hannah Kelly. 

March Q^^ 1736/37. Mary Horn. 
Jan: 29*1^ 1737/38. X Lydia Cur- 
rier Widow. 
Sepf 3'^ 1738. X Grace Beckman.* 

March. 30"' 1740. + Mary Randel. 
June. 1^* 1740. X Martha Down. 

1741. X Joseph Mace 

May P*^ 1737. Sarah Matthews. 
April. 2°<i 1738, -f Elizabeth Tolpy. 

+ Elizabeth Whit- 

May. 27'^' 1739. 

May. 4:^^ 1740. 
Nov"" pt 1741. 

& His Wife. 
Jany 3PU741/42. Mary Mace Jun'. 

X Amy Sanders. 
-|- Benjamin Coker 

Nov' 29^'^ 

Feby 28'" 1741/42. X William Sanderson & X Mary His Wife. 

• Elizabeth Barter, X Sarah Goudey, & -j- Sarah Muchamore. 

May 2°'^ 1742. + Elizabeth Dammeril Wife of Benj^ Dammeril. 

X Jacob Down Son of Ambi"Ose Down. 

X Samuel Matthews Son of Samuel Matthews. 

Aug^t pt ] 742. X Judith Mace. 
Sept' 5* 1742. -|- Susannah Currier. 

Sept' 5"' 1742 X Love Cun-jg.-. 
June, 5"' 1743 X Anne Much„„L0re 

June. 26'" 1743. + Gibbons Mace, & Elizabeth Miller. 
* " Beckman " is wi-itten above an erased " Thompson." 


1912] Isles of Shoals hi the Eighteenth Century 


*July. 3^ 1743. X John Mucha- 

more Jun"^. 
Oct^ 2"'^ 1743. X John Currier. 
June. 3"^ 1744. X Caleb Currier. 

April. 28'^ 1745. -f-Deborah Goudey. 
April. 5*'^ 1747. X Samuel Varrell. 
Feby 1'' 1756. Sarah Bickham. 
April. 4'*^ 1756. X Anne Ellen wood. 
Aug^' 22"^ 1756. -f John Tucke. 
Nov''4"' 1759. X Elizabeth Crocket. 
May. 3<i 1761. -f- Nanny Shapley. 
April. 18"> 1762. Cap. Joseph Much- 

Augst 7th 1743^ y^ Elizabeth Allard. 

Ocf^ 30*^ 1743. X Anne Currier. 
Nov'' 4"> 1744. X Samuel Mucha- 

more & Ruth His Wife. 
May. 26'M745. Henry Shapley. 
Aug^"^ 23<^ 1752 -f- Sarah Newton. 
April. 4*^^ 1756. Elizabeth Shapley. 
June. 6"' 1756. Sarah Sanders Jun^. 
Jany 2'^'i 1757. Love Randal. 
July. 27*1 1760. -f Molly Downe. 
Ocf 4*^761. -f Hannah Holland. 
June. 6*'' 1762. Mary Muchmore. 

Feby 19*^^ 1764. X Abraham Crocket. May 4'^^ 1766. Love Tucke. 

July 6«^ 1766. Mary Walton. 

The marks against some of the names above are explained on a slip of 

paper, in the handwriting of Mr. Tucke, which is pinned to the first page 

of the book, and reads as follows : 

" Those of y® C^^', w**" This Mark X before Their Names, are dead : 

Those, w''^ This Mark -{-, have Removed from Hence : 

Those, w*'^ This Mark X After Their Names, are Dead, After They 


Wrote Jan^ 7"> 1771 " 

The only recorded admission by letter occurred Sept. 3, 1738 (p. 13), 
when " M''^ Joanna Muchamore y® [second] Wife of Deac" Muchamore " 
was received by virtue of a letter from " y® Reverend M"" Caleb Cushing 
Pastour of y^ hrst C"* of Christ in Salisbury " 

Few Dismissions from the Church of Gosport are noted. The list (p. 91) 

is this : 
July 3<^ 1743. " Andrew Mace & Deborah His Wife " to the First Church 

in Hampton. 
Sepf^ 13'"^ 1761. " The Rev^^ M^' John Tucke of Epsom, going to be Or- 

dain'd there," dismissed to the Church in Epsom. 
Aug^' 13'!^ 1769. " Sarah Muchmore, Now y^ AVife of Thomas Fellows" 

to the Church in Hampstead. 
Aug^' 27*^ 1769. " Susaima Currier, Widow of Caleb Currier, Deceased, 

having Since Her Husbands Death Removed to Portsmouth," to the 

South Church in Portsmouth. 
Oct'^ IS*'^ 1769. Elizabeth Talpey to the First Church in York. 

The Marriages at Gosport occupy a little more than four pages of the 
Church book, beginning at page 183. f The entries are marked as 

" A Record of Marriages by ," the words " y® Rev'^ M'^' John 

Tucke " having been erased. The record is entirely in the hand of 
Mr. Tucke, as follows : 

* In a letter of 4 July, 1743 Mr. Tucke writes : " We have a revival of religion among 
us." He does not say when it began. 

t It must be remembered the marriages of Shoalers were often celebrated on shore, 
and such marriages are consequently not recorded here. 

144 Isles of /Shoals in the Eighteenth Century [April 

Jan^ 24*^ 1731/32. William Robinson & Mary Mace were Joyned in 

Oct"^ 30*^ 1732. Benjamin Damerill and Elizabeth Webster were 

Joyned in Marriage. 
Ocf^ 31^' 1732. George Valpy &, Dorothy Currier Jun*" were Joyned 

in Marriage. 
Jany 25*^^ 1732/33. Capt" Robert Down Widower & Martha Beckmanf 

were Joyned in Marriage. 
Feb^ 13"' 1732/33. Philip Brock & Dorothy Beckmanf were Joyned in 

April b'^^ 1733 William bwain &, Mary Sanderson were Joyned in 

May 21^* 1733 Peter Robinson & Agnes Down were Joyned in 

Dece"^ 27"' 1733. John Volpy &c Agnes Mace were Joyned in Marriage. 

Jan^ 7*" 1733/34. Richard Tolpy & Elizabeth Carter were Joyned in 

June. 3*^ 1734. Richard Nock & Anne Brag Widow were Joyned 

in Marriage. 
Dece'^ 12*'' 1734 Jn° Barter & Martha Simmons Widow were Joyned 

in Marriage. 
April 22°^ 1735. Abraham Crocket Widower & Elinour Currier Widow 

were Joyned in Marriage. 
July 2P* 1735. Robert Casewel & Martha Down were Joyned in 

Aug®* 25*^ 1735. Samuel Abbot & Martha Barten Widow were Joyned 

in Marriage. 
Dece'^ 15*" 1735. M"" Eleazer Hudson & M'^^ Mary Carter were Joyned 

in Marriage. 
Feb. 28'h 1736/37. Samuel Sewal Jun'' of York & Hannah Kelly were 

March 17*" 1736/37. Arthur Rendle Widower &, Sarah Mace Widow were 

Nov"" 30*" 1737. John Varrel &, Rachel Sadler were Joyned in 

]^eb : 9*" 1737/38. William Robinson Widower & Mary Adams were 

Joyned in Marriage. 
Feb: 9*" 1737/38. James Robinson & Elizabeth Grindel were Joyned 

in Marriage. 
March 5*" 1737/38. Matthew Vowdey Widower & Lydia Currier Widow 

were Joyned in Marriage 
June. 19*" 1738. Tobias Allen & Elizabeth Muchamore were Joyned 

in Marriage. 
July 14*" 1738. Robert Dammeril & Elizabeth Henderson were 

Joyned in Marriage. 
July. 3P* 1738. James Allard Jun"" & Sarah Down were Joyned in 

Dece*' 12*" 1738. W" Kerswill «fe Sarah Currier were Joyned in 


•This record antedates what is elsewhere called the " ordination " of Mr. Tucke, 
which occurred 26th July 1732. 

t " Beckman " in each case is written above " Thompson," through which name a 
linfe is drawn. 

1912] Isles of Shoals in the Eighteenth Century 145 

Dece'^ 14*^ 1738. Jii° Muchamore Jun' & Anne Ball were Joyned in 

Jan : 29*^ 1738/39. Jn"^ Currier & Anne Down were Joyned in Marriage 
Feb: 1. 1738/39. Samuel . Grindel & Mary Emmons were Joyned in 

May. P* 1740. Moses Stockman of Newbury & Mary Randel were 

Joyned in Marriage. 
Aug^' 28*^ 1740. Samuel Varrel & Elizabeth Perkins were Joyned in 

April 16* 1741. Samuel Robison & Dorothy Lock were Joyned in 

Oct' b^^ 1741. M"^ Benjamin Coker Widower «fe M™ Susannah Fox 

Widow were Joyned in Marriage. 
Jan^ 28*^ J.741/42. John Crosbey & Anne Randel were Joyned in 

May 10'^ 1742. John Sanderson & Mary Mace Jun"^ were Joyned in 

Jan^ 4*^ 1742/43. Samuel Muchamore & Ruth Currier were Joyned in 

June 4*^ 1744. Thomas Goudey Widower & Deborah Skinner were 

Joyned in Marriage. 
Dece'^29* 1743. Israel Beckman & Mary Robinson were Joyned in 

Dece'' 4*^ 1744. Thomas Fellows of Salisbury & Sarah Muchamore 

were Joyned in Marriage. | 
Jan^ 16*^ 1744/5. John Barter Widower & Deborah Dammeril were 

Joyned in Marriage. 
Jan^ 23^ 1744/5. Joseph White of Salem &, Abigail Muchamore were 

Joyned in Marriage,! 
June. 3^ 1745. James Ward of Portsmouth & Sarah Sanderson were 

Joyned in Marriage.f 
Nov"^ 27*'' 1745. John Dammeril Widower & Elizabeth Whitten 

Widow were Joyned in Marriage. 
May. 12*^^ 1746. Benjamin Marden of Rye & Rebecca Whitten were 

Joyned in Marriage, t: 
Sept"^ 29'^'' 1746. John Brag & Hannah Sanders were Joyned in 

July 17'^ 1747. Henry Shajsley & Elizabeth Sanders were Joyned in 

Nov'' 30^^ 1747. John Newton & Sarah Currier were Joyned in Mar- 

Nov"" 18*^ 1748. W" Down Jun"" & Sarah Down Dat^ of Jn" Down 

Jun'' were Joyned in Marriage. 
Dec'^ 12*^ 1749. Abraham Ellenwood & Anne Currier were Joyned in 

Aug** 13*'^ 1750. John Son of Jn° Down Jun"" & Deborah Toombs 

were Joyned in Marriage. 
Nov"^ 26*'' 1750. Thomas Horn & Elizabeth Clark were Joyned in 


*This record appears to be a belated entry. After the name " Beckman " stands 
the name '* Thompson," with many marks of erasure, 
t This couple remained on the Shoals for some time. 
J This couple probably did not remain on the Shoals. 

146 Isles of Shoals hi the Eighteenth Century [April 

Jan. 25'^^ 1750/1. Peter Barter Jun'" & Elizabeth Toombs were Joyned 

in Marriage. 
July 12*'' 1751. Samuel Down Jun' & Margery Down were Joyned in 


Nov'' 19^'' 1753. Jn° Mace & Elizabeth Randel were Joyned in Mar- 


Dece'' 5"' 1753 Edward Kelly & Joanna Dammeril were Joyned in 


Feb^ 20^'' 1754. Samuel Dammeril &, Rebecca Downe Widow were 


May 20*^ 1754. George Sanders & Sarah Currier were Joyned in 


May 28'^'' 1754. Geoffery Currier Widower & Sarah Downe Widow 

were Married. 

June 29* 1754. John Tate & Esther Meldrom were Married. 

Nov'' 21^*^ 1754 W'" Sanderson Widower & Mary Mace Widow were 


Aug^*" 11*^ 1755. Thomas Chappell & Abigail Downe were Married 

Oct'' 23*^ 1755. Gibbons Mace Widower & Elizabeth Emmons were 


Sepf 5"^ 1756. Joseph Muchmore & Mary Carter were Joyned in 


Nov"" 8*^'' 1756. Luke Power & Sarah Sanders were Joyned in Mar- 


Dece'^ 8"' 1756. Jn° Crockett & Mary Parsons were Joyned in Mar- 


May 6*" 1757. Stephen Pierce & Elizabeth Barter, Daf of Peter 

Barter, were Joyned in Marriage. 

June 17*^^ 1757. Elisha Horn & Tamesin Randal were Joyned in Mar- 


Jany 4'*' 1758. W"" Holbrook & Eliz'^'' Downe were Joyned in Mar- 


Feb^ 21®*^ 1758. Henry Carter Jun"" & Rachel Muchmore were Joyned 

in Marriage. 

Feb^ 4*^ 1759. Edward Shapley & Nanny Miller were Joyned in 


Aug^* 18''' 1759. Arthur Randal Jun"" & Ruth Downe were Joyned in 


March 12"' 1760. Robert Casswell Jun"" & Elizabeth Muchmore were 
Joyned in Marriage. 

Dece'' 1®' 1760. Edward Voudey & Sarah Varrell were Joyned in 


Feb'' 18*^^ 1761. Edward Currier & Sarah Voudey were Joyned in 


May 3"^ 1761. Thomas Mace & Rebecca Randal were Joyned in 


June S'^ 1761. Henry Walker Andras «&; Rachel Varrell were Joyned 

in Marriage. 

Dece'^ 24'" 1762. Richard Randal & Elizabeth Matthews were Joyned 

in Marriage. 

July 6"^ 1763. Joseph Dammerrill & Tabitha Mobbs were Married. 

Aug8* 24'" 1763. W'" Allard «& Joanna Varrell were Married. 

Sept'' 2"*^ 1763. John Casewell & Joanna Muchmore were Married. 

1912] Isles of Shoals in the Eighteenth Century 147 

Sept. 15^^^ 1763. Samuel Varrell Widower & Martha Downe Widow 

were Joyned in Marriage. 
Dece"" 6'^'' 1763. John Robinson & Elizabeth Downe were Joyned in 

Ocf 25*'^ 1764. Ebenezer Lord & Sarah Talpey were Joyned in Mar- 

April 11*^ 1765. David Avery & Sarah Horn were Joyned in Marriage. 

July 15"^ 1765. James Hickey & Mary Talpey were Joyned in Mar- 

April 21«t 1766. M^ Mark Walton & M'^^ Mary Tucke were Joyned in 

June I*'' 1766. M'' Jeifry Muchmore & M*^^ Love Tucke were Joyned 

in Marriage.* 
Sept. 15*^*^ 1766. Last Evening, Samuel Webber & Elizabeth Crocket 

were Joyned in Marriage. 
Nov' 17"^ 1766. Last Evening, Amos Kisswell & Rebecca Downe 

were Joyned in Marriage. 
Nov"^ 24*"^ 1766. Last Evening, William Rugg & Mary Shapley were 

Joyned in Marriage. 
Dece' 4^^ 1766. George Randal & Sarah Muchmore were Joyned in 

AprU 6*^ 1767. Last Evening, Pelatiah Kisswell & Anne Perkins 

were Joyned in Marriage. 
Oof 26*^ 1767. Henry Carter Shapley & Judith Randal were Joyned 

in Marriage. 
Aug^' 20*^ 1768. Patrick Kenny Widower «& Abigail Mace were 

Joyned in Marriage. 
Oof 26'^ 1768. Benjamin Randall & Elizabeth Shapley were Joyned 

in Marriage. 
Nov"^ 14th 1768. Last Evening, Samuel Varrell Jun' & Patience 

Staple were Joyned in Marriage. 
Nov"" 24''^ 1768. James Hickey Widower & Betty Miller were Joyned 

in Marriage. 
Nov' 13^^ 1769. Last Evening, Jn** Brag Jun' & Mary Driskill were 

Nov' 20"^ 1769. Last Evening, Arthur Kearswell & Susannah Downe 

were Joyned in Marriage. 
Nov' 28'^ 1770. W"^ Randal & Abigail Beale, Widow, were Joyned 

in Marriage. 
Jan^ 9*^ 1771. Josiah Varrell & Widow Eliz*'^ Pierce, were Joyned 

in Marriage. 
April. 15*'' 1771. Last Evening, Samuel, Son of Samuel Downe, De- 
ceased, by His Wife Joanna, & Dorcas Webber, 

were Joyned in Marriage. 
Aug^*^ 1%^^ 1771. Samuel Webber, Widower, & Sarah Newton, Widow, 

were Joyned in Marriage. 
Dece' lO*'' 1771. Jonathan Perkins & Love Ellenwood were Joyned in 

May 25''' 1772. Joseph Walpey «& Susanna Voudey were Joyned in 

Dece' 1^' 1772. Last Evening, Benjamin Freeman & Susanna Varrel 

were Joyned in Marriage. 

* Mr. Tucke makes delicate social distinctions here. These are his daughters Mary 
and Love. 

VOL. LXVI. 10 

148 Isles of Shoals i7i the Eighteenth Century [April 

Dece' 25'^'' 1772. Last Evening, Edward Downe & Mehetabel Bedean 

were Joyned in Marriage. 
Dece'^ 31®* 1772. Abraham Ellenwood Widower & Luce Parsons 

Widow were Joyned in Marriage. 


The Baptisms begin on page 99 with the heading : 

" A Record of Baptisms by [the words " y^ Rev"* M' John Tticke " are 

Of the families represented about twenty five belonged to towns on shore, 
althouo-h at least three of these remained on the Shoals several years. 

Aug^ gth 1732. Tabitha, Da*^ of Sam^ Down & Johanna* His Wife, 

was Baptiz'd. 
Aug®' 13th 1732, Elizabeth, Da'^ of M"^ Tho® Lambert" 

& Elizabeth His Wife, 
George, Son of Robert Sanders & 

Mary His Wife, 
Aug®' 20''' 1732. Samuel, S. of Sam^ Emery & Elizabeth His Wife, 

was Baptiz'd. 
Sepf 17"^ 1732. Jane, Dat"^ of Jsaac Libby & Mary His Wife, was 

Baptiz'd at Rye. 
Sep'' 24"" 1732. Francis, S" of Francis Combs & Abigail His Wife, 

was Baptiz'd. 
Ocf 8"^ 1732. Elizabeth, Daf of Gibbons Mace & Judith His Wife, 

was Baptiz'd. 
Ocf 15'^ 1732. Jacob, S" of Samuel Yetton & Catharine, His Wife, 

was Baptiz'd. 
Jany 14'^ 1732/33. Jenny, Daf^ of Peter Oby & Elizabeth His Wife, 

was Baptiz'd. 
Feby 18"^ 1732/33. John, S° of Henry Carter & Mary^ 

His Wife, I "R t' 'd 

Edward, S. of William Down & Mary j ^ 

His Wife, J 

March 4"' 1732/33. Bernard, S° of Deac" W"" Muchimore & of Sarah his 

wife, was Baptiz'd. 
March 18"^ 1732/33. Mary, Daf of Tho® Horn & of Mary His Wife, was 

April 1®' 1733 Joseph, S" of Jeffry Currier & of ] 

Mercy His Wife, ! B t' 'd 

Susanna,* Daf of John Parsons & of | ^ 

Mary His Wife, J 

April S'J' 1733. Henry, S" of John Cleary & of Martha His Wife, 

was Baptiz'd, 
April 22°*^ 1733. Elizabeth Randle, Widow, was Baptiz'd. 
June 17"^ 1733. Susanna,* D^ of W" Sanderson & of Mary His Wife, 

was Baptiz'd. 
June 24"> 1733. Abigail, D^ of Sam^ Currier & of Abigail His Wife, 

was Baptiz'd. 
July 29'^ 1733 Elizabeth, D"- of Daniel Rendel & of Eliz'»» His Wife, 

was Baptiz'd. 

* A final h is erased. 

1912] Isles of Shoals hi the Eighteenth Century 


► were Baptiz'd. 

> were Baptiz'd'. 

Aug«* 12*1' 1733. Elizabeth Dammeril, Wife of Ben- 

jamin Dammeril, 
Henry, S" of Benjamin Dammeril & 

of Eliz* his Wife, . 

Ambrose, S° of Ambrose Down & j 

of Sarah his Wife, J 

Aug^t 19th 1733 i^ary, Dat"^ of M"- Jn"^ Tucke & of Mary His Wife, 

was Baptiz'd. 
Sepf 30*'' 1733 Mary, D. of Sam'' Matthews & of Sarah His Wife, 

was Baptiz'd, 
Ocf^ 7''^ 1733. William, S° of George Perkins & of 

Elizabeth His Wife, 
Barten, S'^ of Thomas Perkins & of 

Sarah His Wife, 
Ocf 1^^^ 1733. Elizabeth, D-" of Peter Barter & of Eliabeth His 

Wife, was Baptiz'd. 
Oct' 28«' 1733. Caleb, Son of Thomas Currier & of Sarah His Wife, 

was Baptiz'd. 
Nov"^ nth i733_ Margery, Dat' of Jn° Down Jun' & of Abigail His 

Wife, was Baptiz'd. 
Dece' 2""^ 1733. Sarah, D' of Charles Randal & of Rebecca His Wife, , 

was Baptiz'd. 
Dece"^ 9* 1733. Abigail, D' of Capt° Robert Down 

& of Martha His Wife, 
Robert, S'' of William Down & of 

Mary His Wife, 
Dorothy, D"^ of Edward Currier & of 

Dorothy His Wife, 
Dece"^ 16* 1733. Philip Brock, Adult, 

Mary, Daf of Philip Brock & of 

Dorothy Hig^Wife, 
Edward, S° of Joseph Hall & of 

Mary His Wife 
Jany 13''' 1733/34 Mary, Daf^ of George Volpy & of Dorothy His Wife, 

was Baptiz'd. 
March 3" 1733/34. William, S'' of William Swain & of] 

Mary His Wife, I R +' 'd 

Joshua, S'' of John Dammeril & of j P 

Jane His Wife, j 

March. 10'" 1733/34. Robert, S" of Peter Robinson & of Agnes His Wife, 

was Baptiz'd. 
April 28"^ 1734. Edward, S" of Reuben Shapley & of Eleanor His 

Wife, was Baptiz'd. 
June 9"^ 1734. Sarah, Dat'' of John Pain «& of Sarah " 

His Wife, 
Joanna,* Daf of Joseph Mitchel & 

Mary His Wife, 
July 7'" 1734. Mehetabel, Dat"^ of Nat' Adams & of Mary His Wife, 

was Baptiz'd. 
Aug'* 4U1 1734^ Thomas, S° of W™ Sanderson & of Mary His Wife, 

was Baptiz'd. 
Aug'* nth 1734, Samuel, S° of M' Jn** Tucke «fe of Mary His Wife, 

was Baptiz'd. 
* A final h is erased. 

> were Baptiz'd. 

> were Baptiz'd. 

> were Baptiz'd. 


Isles of Shoals in the Eighteenth Century [April 

Aug®* 31®* 1734. Joanna,* Daf of Andrew Mace Jun"^ & of Deborah 
His Wife, was Baptiz'd. 
[[^^ This Child was Baptized in Private. 
Sepf^ P* 1734. Eichard, | ^^.^ ^^^^^^^ ^^ ^^^^^ ^^^^.^^ ^ ^^ j^^^^ 

Love, ) 

> were Baptiz'd. 

His Wife, were Baptiz'd. 

Thomas, 8° of Tho« Carman & of Mary His Wife, 

was Baptiz'd. 
Hannah, Dat"^ of Ens" Joseph Mace & of Mary His 

Wife, was Baptiz'd. 
John, 8" of Francis Coombs «fe of 

Abigail His Wife, 
Gibbons, S° of Gibbons Mace & of 

Judith His Wife, 
Andrew, S° of Jn'' Volpy & of Agnes His Wife, was 

Susanna,t Daf of John Cleary & of Martha His 

Wife, was Baptiz'd. 
Mary, Dat^ of W™ Robinson & of Mary His Wife, 

was I Baptiz'd 
This Child was Baptiz'd in Private. 
Peter, Son of Peter Obey & of Eliza- ] 

beth His Wife, i "R +• '^q 

Benjamin, S" of William Swaine & | P • 

of Mary His Wife, J 

Joanna, t Daf of Joseph Dammeril Jun'' & of Mary 

His Wife, was Baptiz'd. 
Henry, Son of Henry Carter & of Mary His Wife, 

was Baptiz'd. 
Margaret, Daf of Samuel Emery & of Elizabeth His 

Wife, was Baptiz'd. 
March 16**^ 1734/35. Eachel, Dat^' of Deac"^ W" Muchi-" 

more & of Sarah His Wife, 
Richard, S" of John Parsons & of 

Mary His Wife, . -r +• '/i 

Susanna,! Daf of Caleb Currier & ^^®''® ^^P^^^ d- 

of Susannal His Wife, 
Elizabeth, Dat"^ of Samuel Down & 

of Joanna § His Wife, 
Reuben, Son of Isaac Libby &, of 

Mary His Wife, 
Benjamin, Son of Jn° Garland & of 

Elizabeth His Wife, 
Benjamin, Son of W"^ Sevey & of 

Hannah His Wife, 
Benjamin, Son of W"* Pain & of 

Susanna I His Wife, 
These Children were Baptized at Rye, their Parents Belonging there 

* An h in the middle and at the end is erased. 

t A final h is completely, a middle h partially erased. 

I A final h is erased. 

{ An h is erased in the middle and at the end. 

Sepf 22°'^ 1734. 
Sepf^ 29*^^ 1734. 
Oof 12^^ 1734. 

Nov'^ 24*'^ 1734. 
Dece'^ 22"d 1734 
Dece"- 23<i 1734. 

Dece' 29**' 1734. 

Jany 12*'^ 1734/35. 
Jany W^ 1734/35. 
Feby 23^ 1734/35. 

April 20"" 1735. 

> were Baptized 

1912] Isles of Shoals in the Eighteenth Century 


> were Baptized. 

> were Baptized. 

May 4"^ 1735. Mary, Daf of Jeffrey Currier & of 

Mercy His Wife, 
Joseph, Son of Samuel Yetten & of 

Katharine His Wife, 
Elisha, Son of Thomas Horn & of 

Mary His Wife, 
Dorothy, Daf of Samuel Currier & 
of Abigail His Wife, 
May 11^1^ 1735. Euth, Daf of M"- Solomon Page &' 

of Dorothy His Wife, 
Moses, Son of Sam^ Sevey &, of Abi- 
gail His Wife, 
Mary, Dat"^ of Ozem Dowse & of 

Elizabeth His Wife, 
Mary, Daf of Jon** Lock & of Sarah 

His Wife, 
Hester, Daf of W" Tucker & of 

Mary His Wife, 
Lucey, Daf of Jon^ Moulton «& of 

Elizabeth His Wife, 
Meribah, Dat^ of Tho» Rand & of 
Hannah His Wife, 
These Children were Baptized at Rye, y'^ Parents Belonging there. 
May W^ 1735 Sarah, daf of Nath^ Rand «& of Mary His Wife, was 

This Child was Baptiz'd at Rye, its Parents Belonging there. 
June S*'' 1735. Sarah, Daf of Ambrose Down & of 1 

Sarah His Wife, 
Margaret, Daf of Peter Robinson & 
of Agnes His Wife, 
June 15*^ 1735 Phebe, Daf of Ebenezer Gove & of Elizabeth His 

Wife, was Baptiz'd 
This Child was Baptized at Hampton Falls, its Parents Belonging y^. 
June 22°*^ 1735. Simon, Son of Benj* Lamprey & of] 

Dorothy, Daf^ of Ephraim Hooms & j r ■ 

of Betty His Wife, J 

These Children were Baptiz'd at Rye, y^ Parents Belonging there. 

July 6'*^ Mary, Dat"^ of Ithamar Sevey & of His Wife, 

was Baptiz'd. 
This Child was Baptiz'd at Rye, its Parents Belonging there. 
July 13"^ 1735. Sarah Daf of George Volpy & of ] 

Dorothy His Wife 
George Son of Philip Brock & of 
Dorothy His Wife 
July 27"* 1735. Mary Daf of Abner Sanborn & of 

His Wife ! -r +• '^ 

Ruth Daf of Reuben Smith & of {^^''^ -Baptiz a. 

His Wife J 

These Children were Baptiz'd at Hampton Falls y^ Parents belonging there. 
Aug«' 10* 1735. Thomas S° of Thomas Goudey & of 1 

Sarah His Wife lw«,.o "Rot^hV/I 

Mary Daf of Joseph Mitchel & of p^"^® ^^^^^^ '^' 
Mary His Wife J 

> were Baptiz'd. 

were Baptiz'd. 

152 Isles of Shoals in the Eighteenth Century [April 

Aug^t 3pt 1735. Sarah Daf^ of George Perkins «& of Eliz*'^ His Wife 

was Baptiz'd. 
Sepf 21^' 1735. Joseph Son of Edward Currier & of Lydia His Wife 

was Baptiz'd. 
Dece"^ 27"^ 1735. John Son of Capt° Robert Down & of Martha His 

Wife was Baptiz'd. 
j;^^ This Child was Baptizd in Private. 
Dece"" 28''' 1735. Thomas Son of Thomas Perkins Deceased & of Sarah 

His Wife was Baptiz'd. 
Jany 18*'' 1735/36. Samuel, Son of Jn° Down Jun' & of Abigail His Wife, 

was Baptiz'd. 
Feb : 22'"' 1735/6. Sarah Dat"^ of Robert Sanders & of Mary His Wife 

was Baptiz'd. 
March. 7*'' 1735/6. Sarah Daf of Thomas Currier & of Sarah His Wife 

was Baptiz'd. 
April. 18''' 1736. Jn^ Son of W" Down & of Maryl 

Elizabeth Daf of Rich^ Tolpey & p®""® Baptiz'd. 

of Eliz''' His Wife J 

June 13"' 1736. Daniel Randies Son Richard was Baptiz'd. 

June 23'! 1736. Bithiah Daf of M'' Jn° Tucke & of Mary His Wife 

was Baptiz'd. 
(i;^^ This Child was Baptized in Private. 
June 27'" 1736. Abigail Daf of Charles Rendle &] 

of Rebecca His Wife I were Baptiz'd. 

Elizabeth Daf of Abraham Crocket ( ^ 

& of Elinor His Wife J 

July 4'" 1736. Elizabeth Daf of Peter Barter & of Elizabeth His 

Wife was Baptiz'd. 
July 11'" 1736. Abigail Daf of Benjamin Dammeril & of Elizabeth 

His Wife was Baptiz'd. 
July 17'" 1736. Peter Son of Samuel Matthews & of Sarah His wife 

was Baptizd. 
[[^^ This Child was Baptizd in Private. 
July. 18'" 1736. Joseph Son of Joseph Mace & of Mary His Wife was 

Aug:»' 1«' 1736. Robert Son of Charles Miller & of ] 

Elizabeth His Wife ( ^^^ -g^ ^j^,^ 

Sarah Dat"^ of Joseph Hall & of J P • 

Mary His Wife J 

Aug^' 8'" 1736. Mary Daf of W" Fox & of Susannah was Baptiz'd. 

Aug«' 15'" 1736. Margaret Daf of Jn*^ Cleary & of Martha His Wife 

was Baptiz'd. 
Sepf 12. 1736. lames Son of Reuben Shapley & of Elinor His Wife 

Was Baptiz'd 
Nov"" 28'" 1736. Mary Daf of Henry Carter & of" 

Mary His Wife 
Robert Son of Robert Casewell & 

of Martha His Wife 
Mary Daf of Peter Robinson «&; of 

Agnes His Wife 
Dece' 5'" 1736. Thomas Son of W" Sanderson & of 'Mary His Wife 

was Baptiz'd. 

s-were Baptiz'd. 

1912] Isles of Shoals hi the Eighteenth Century 


Dece' 26*^^ 1736. 

Feb: 13*^1736/37. 

March. 27*'> 1737. 
April %^ 1737. 
April 17*^^ 1737. 

April 24*^ 1737. 
May 15"^ 1737. 

May. 22'!'' 1737. 
June 12'^ 1737. 
June 19"^ 1737. 
July 3'i 1737. 
July. 17*'' 1737. 

Aug«* 7'^ 1737. 
Aug«t \^^^ 1737. 
Aug«' 21^* 1737. 
Sept^ IS*'' 1737. 
Sept' 25*'' 1737. 

Oct' 2°'^ 1737. 
Nov' 13*'' 1737. 
Dece' 4*" 1737. 

>were Baptiz'd. 

Mercy Roberts Adult '\ 

Nathaniel Son of Nath^ Adams & of >• were Baptiz'd. 

Mary His Wife ) 

Henry Son of Capt" Robert Down ) 

& of Martha His Wife >■ were Baptiz'd. 

Thomas Son of Martha Barter ) 

Hannah Daf of Caleb Currier & of Susannah His 

Wife was Baptiz'd. 
Sarah Daf of Francis Neighbour & of Mary His 

Wife was Baptiz'd. 
William Son of Deac" W" Mucha- ' 

more & of Sarah His Wife 
Samuel Son of Samuel Currier & of 

Abigail His Wife 
Mary Daf of John Parsons & of 

Mary His Wife 
Mary Daf of Jn° Volpy & of Agnes His Wife was 


„ /of .Jonathan Lock & of Sarah His Wife 

Abigail Daf ) ^^^^ ^^P^^"'^ ^* ^^^- 

Mary Daf of Samuel Emery & of Elizabeth His 

Wife was Baptizd. 
Mary Daf of Jn° Down Jun' & of Abigail His Wife 

was Baptiz'd. 
James Son of Gibbons Mace & of Judith His Wife 

was Baptiz'd. 
Sarah Daf of Richard Currier & of Love His Wife 

was Baptiz'd. 
Susannah Daf of Samuel & Catha-1 

rine Yetten I tj +• m 

Mary Daf of Samuel & Sarah Mat- p^^® ^^"^^^^ ^' 

thews J 

Edward Son of George & Elizabeth Perkins was 

John Son of Jn° Barter & of Martha His Wife was 

Mary Daf of Francis Coombs* &, of Abigail His 

Wife was Baptiz'd. 
Mary, Daf ot Joseph Dameril Jun' & of Mary His 

Wife was Baptiz'd. 
Edward Son of Jeffrey Currier & of 

Mercy His Wife 
Samuel Son of Andrew Mace Jun' 

& of Deborah His Wife 
Johannah Daf of Daniel Driskil & of Sarah His 

Wife was Baptiz'd. 
John y^ Son of Thomas Goudey & of Sarah His Wife 

was Bai^tiz'd. 
Sarah Daf of Robert Casewel & of Martha His Wife 

was Baptiz'd. 

^were Baptiz'd. 

• 6 is written over e. 


Isles of Shoals in the Eighteenth Century [April 

Jan:^ 15*1^ 1737/38. Arthur Son of Arthur Rendle & of Sarah His Wife 

was Baptiz'd. 
Jan : 22°*^ 1737/38. Priscilla Daf of Ambrose Down & of Sarah His Wife 

was Baptiz'd. 
March. 19'^ 1737/38. Sarah Dat^' of Tho« Horn & of Mary His Wife was 

April, 23*1 1738. Mary Daf of W"' Down & of Mary His Wife was 

May 2P* 1738. Joseph Son of Robert Down & of Martha His Wife 

was Baptiz'd. 
June 11*^ 1738. Mary Daf of M>- Jn° Tucke & of ] 

Mary His Wife -o ^- ,j 

Amy, Daf^ of Tho« Currier & of f^^"^ ^^P^^" ^ 
Sarah His Wife J 

June 18'^ 1738. Eleazar Son of M' Eleazar Hudson & of Mary His 

Wife was Baptiz'd. 
June. 25^^^ 1738. Ruth Daf of Jn° Down «& of Ruth His Wife was 

Aug^' 20'^ 1738. Nanny, Daf of Charies Miller & of Elizabeth His 

Wife was Baptiz'd. 
Sepf 3*^ 1738. John Son of Henry Carter & of Mary His Wife was 

Sepf 17*'^ 1738. Jenny Daf of Peter & Elizabeth Obey was Baptiz'd. 

Sepf 24'^ 1738. John Son of Peter & Agnes Robinson was Baptiz'd. 

Ocf 1^* 1738 Elizabeth Daf of Deac'^ W™ Muchamore & of Joanna 

His Wife was Baptiz'd. 
Abraham Son of Joseph Mitchel & of Mary His Wife 
was Baptiz'd. 
Ocf 22°'! 1738. Tamsin Daf of Charles Rendel & 1 

of Rebecca His wife 
Thomas Son of Joseph Mace & of 

Mary His Wife 
Mary Daf of Peter Barter & of 

Elizabeth His Wife 
Anne Dat"^ of Sam^ Down & of 

Joannah His Wife 
Mary Daf of Rich-* Tolpy & of Elizabeth His Wife 

was Baptiz'd. 
Jn*' Son of Francis Coombs & of Abigail His Wife 

was Baptiz'd. 
Edward Son of Matthew Voudey & of Lydia His 

Wife was Baptiz'd. 
Martha Daf of John Down Jun'' & of Abigail His 

Wife was Baptiz'd. 
Richard Son of Daniel Randel & of Elizabeth His 

Wife was Baptiz'd. 
Elizabeth Daf of Samuel Matthews & of Sarah His 

Wife was Baptiz'd. 
Mary Daf of Reuben Shapley «fe of ' 

Elinor His Wife 
Abigail Daf of Samuel Currier & 

of Abigail His Wife 
Mary Daf of Jn° Varrel & of Rachel 
His Wife J 

Dece'' 3-^ 1738. 
Dece' W^ 1738. 
Jan:? 7^'^ 1738/39. 
Feb.y 4'h 1738/39. 
March. 4'^ 1738/39. 
April ISt'^ 1739. 
May. 20'!' 1739. 

>were Baptiz'd. 

>were Baptiz'd. 

1912] Diary of Jeremiah Weare, Jr. 155 

June. 10**" 1739. Sarah Dat"^ of Benjamin Dafiieril & of Elizabeth His 

Wife was Baptiz'd. 
June, l?''^ 1739. Joshua Son of Robert Dafneril & of Elizabeth His 

Wife was Baptiz'd. 
June. 2P^ 1739. Samuel Son of Jn° Parsons & of ] 

Mary His Wife ' -n .• »j 

Betty Daf of Gibbons Mace & of {^^^"^ Baptiz d. 

Judith His Wife J 

July l^t 1 739. Sarah Dat' of George Volpey & of Dorothy His Wife 

was Baptiz'd. 
July 22°'^ 1739. Mary Daf of Benjamin Marston & of Mary Hia 

Wife was Baptiz'd at North-Hill.* 
Aug^* 12tii 1739. Richard Son of George Perkins & of Elizabeth His 

Wife was Baptiz'd. 
Sept' 2°'^ 1739. John Son of PhUip Brock & of Dorothy His Wife 

was Baptiz'd. 
geptr 30th 1739^ Stephen Son of Sam^ Yetten ] 

& of Katharine His Wife r • tt-. ,• »i 

Jeremy Son of Daniel Driskil f ^^' [«c]Baptiz d 

& of Sarah His Wife J 

Oct' 7'^ 1739. Samuel Son of Jn° Muchamore Jun' & of Anne His 

Wife was Baptiz'd. 
Oct' 14'!' 1739. Weymouth Son of Abraham Crocket 1 

& of Eleanor His Wife t. .• >i 

Sarah Daf of Peter Barter & of f^^"^ Baptiz d. 

Elizabeth His Wife J 

f Sons of W" Andras & of Margery 

Henry Walker ) ^is Wife Were Baptiz'd. 
Nov' 25''^ 1739. Elizabeth Daf of Samuel Emery & ] 

of Elizabeth His Wife t> ^- ,j 

Anne Daf of John Currier & of f^^^^ Baptiz d. 
Anne His Wife J 

Dece' 9*^ 1739. Mercy Daf of William KersweU & of Sarah His 

Wife was Baptiz'd. 
Dece' W^ 1739. Amos Son of JefPery Currier & of Mercy His Wife 
was Baptiz'd. 

[To be continue'd] 


Transcribed by Samuel G. Webber, M.D., of Boston 

[Continued from page 79] 

[p. 36, cont'd] 
July 1st on comon heavy thunder killed six sheep for Amos Littlefield 
mr Samuel Hill killed and others we have heard of Lydia Witham the 
wife of Abner Witham and Daughter of Samuel Webber of york departed 
this life Born 1756 died 1833 July the 26 

* North Hill Parish of Hampton set off and incorporated as North Hampton in 1742. 

156 Diary of Jeremiah Weare, Jr, [April 

[p. 37] 

November 28th 1814 on this Evening about 7 o clock there was an 
Earthquake Shook very considerable Thanksgiving clay on the first of 
December the same year April 17th 1815 mr Michal Willson Departed 
this life after long confinement consumtion age April 8th 1815 Capt 
Peter Weare Departed this life Being on Well 3 or 4 years consumtion 
aged was born October 20th 1780 being in the 35 year of his age August 
2nd 1815 Phebe Perkins Departed this life 67 years of age the wife of 
Joseph Perkins of eastend she was the Daughter of Joseph Weare Janu- 
ary 7 th 1816 hanah weare a child of peter weare Late of york Deceased 
Departed this Life being about two years two years old aug 20th 1818 
the Death of capt Joseph per kins at eastand 

[p. 38] 

Nov in the year 1788 quit agoing to sea in the year 1789 maid the first 
fence on my Land where the orchard now is then Sot out about 30 trees 
in the Spring In the Fall in the same year Sot out about 30 apple trees 
more Cleared some for mooings Sot out some trees where herry lives in 
the winter proceeding hald some wood around the great spring — april 1790 
made a fence around a pice for mowing took in the Spring and joined the 
orchard fence about four acres From mr Lemuel Woodard Record that 
Joseph Preble Died December 8th 1791 — aged — 63 — was the father of 
Abigail Samuel Joseph Jane Henery talpy Departed this Life Sept 28th 
1815 Nov 18th 1815 methias Webber Departed this Life aged 71 June 

[p. 39] 

June 24th 1812 war Promaned against England by American President 
madison has the chear peace Ratified in England Dec 26th 1815 News 
arived at New york — the news came to old york February 13th a high 
Day the 14th Peace Ratified by President Madison 18th ahigh Day 22nd 
A b 1815 on Saturday 31st of July 1824 Moses Weare & wife & 2 chil- 
dren came from Boston to york to see folks — and left york the 13 th Aug 
A-D 1835 the snow falls the later part of November very cold January 
1836 cold February cold march cold april cold this is the hardest 
Winter that has been since the year 1780 

[p. 40] 

October 6th 1807 George Stover Departed this Died in the faith of Jesus 
Christ — A sermon was Delivered by Saml Appleby Revelations 14th 13th 
funeral August-24th 1812 this morning about one o clock John Weare 
Departe Departed this Life would have been Eighty years old November 
next the 29th Day had neither Son nor Daughter gave his Estate to 
James Weare the Son of Daniel may 10th 1813 Abigail Banks Departed 
this Life aged about 90-was half Sister to Saml preble & that family 
Hipbeth preble Departed this Life aug 15th 1813 — aged 38 years after 
long confinement with the Dropsy 

[p. 41] 

A D 1813 December 28th the great fire Broke out in Portsmouth N. H. 
Burned Buck Strees & Daniel Streets Said to bee 3 or 4 hundred Build- 
ings a little after this the fire Broke out again Burnt a Rope walk on 
the South part of the town may 21th 1814 Very heavy thunder and sharp 
lighting Bursted upon Theodore Webbers house in a very Surprising 

manner from the top to the Bottom but killed person mrs Bragdon 

60 dead but they recovered one Boy Hus[band] and mother burnt 

1912] Diary of Jeremiah Weare, Jr. 157 

This is the time and Birth of Nathaniel Webbers children whose wife 
was the Daughter of the honored John Bradbury William Born October 26th 
--1746 Philomela Born may 24- -1749 Jotham born January 28 -- 1751 
Lucy Born April 10--1754 Jerusha Born July 4-- 1756 meriah* Born 
august 25 - - 1 759 Theodore Born may 20 - - 1762 Jabez Born april 27 - - 
1765 David Born January 18 - - 1769 

[p. 43] 

fwe sailed stearing about S-E about 30 Leags then to the S-W by S or 
thereabout of Cape Cod thence within 2 Degrees of Bermuda thence run 
for the land made the Island of nomans land Run Down on nantucket 
Sholes then put to Sea for Several Days then was chased in by a ship and 
achored at tar polen Cove under an Island called Elizabeth From thence 
to Rode Island called sectucet by the way agoing to providince from Prov 
to nantucket thence to or near philedelphia from thence fell in with the 
land long Island Near Sandy hook then Run Down to near london an- 
chored there an Inglish fleet laying in our way there was Dischai'ged 
travelled home being gon about or near 2 months I went a fish Capt John 
Weare then a coasting to boston & portsmouth tell about Dec. 30th 1778 

[p. 44] 

in the year 1779 I hald wood on shares with my father of Joseph per- 
sons Land in the Spring I went to farming in march went to boon island 
killed 14 siles in march about the 22 and 23 for thre Days fell a great 
body of snow Continues on the ground untill the 7th of april being a 
moderate winter Before a brig was cast away loaded with Dry fish from 
Sant marys a prise A very fruitful season as ever was known by the liv- 
ing the americans lost 17 sail of privateers at penobscott I did but little 
till in Dec hald some wood from blocks the same sold well about 4 cords 
and a foot was worth an ox near 500 wt. 

[p. 45] 

January 1780 was the most Severe Cold month that Ever was known 
by the living very Deep snow fell the first of the month continues cold 
Scarcely seen to thaw one Drop tell the 2nd of February the Day mrs 
dark was buried mrs Lucy Weare was sick all this winter no travilling 
a hard work to git fire wood this January near all Casco Bay is frose up 
penobscott bay is said intirely frose up the like was never known by any 
living in the year 1781 I farm for my living I first work on my land 
pealed 5 J cords of bark I swapt oxen with William Webber gave him 
twenty Dollars to boot Dec I cut and tired cut about 48 cords of wood 
15 loags 


in the year 1782 January went to hailing this winter I hald all the bark 
wood & loags the Jeremia Solomon Ephraim Eligah amos Seth Jermih of 
york another of others helpt them march cut wood on my land the 13th 
I Brought an action of trespas against Jer Solom Eph Littlefield ; march 
sent 18 cords of wood to boston Sharks perkins & gorge stove (r) to me 
13/6 per cord then macking peperation for my law suite april cort left 

* This is intended for Maria, as it appears on the town records of York. 

fThis is probably an account of a cruise on a privateer during the Revolutionary 
War in 1777 or early in 1778, and of his life subsequently. The account was probably 
•written afterward from memory, as p. 41 narrates events in 1814, p. 51 events in 1808, 
and p. 53 events in 1822. 

158 Diary of Jeremiah Weare, Jr. [April 

the same to a Rule noah Littlefield moses . . . Sam herres Refrees being 
a dry year in 1783 I farmed my fathers Land and for him corn is very 
Dear 9/ at Boston by busliel 

[p. 47] 

farming and hailing wood in the winter a midlen good season altho a 
frost hapens in August that Does Damage not great to the corn but most 
to beans & punkins in the year 1794 I make my business at farming and 
hailing wood pealing bark &c corn is cheaper than last year in January 
I cut myself in the ancle Don no Work about 30 Days in march we 
hall loags oak to Build a vessell a cold snap 

[p. 48] 

in the fall of the year we saw the oak loads Cut timber to build the 
vessel 2 great storms of Rain high tide mills & bridges goes Down 
Langdon[?] sloop goes on short Sans another drives her up I am asawing 
water knee high in the road in the year 1785 in the winter we hall the 
timber & some more oak loags & pine for the Dack & boards for the Cabin 
In the Spring we saw the same in april I went to the sholes along with 
sam Clarke scooner lark, then home then to Boston in may Bought 1000 
Sroas [?] of iron at 32/ pr 100 £16-0-0 Bought 114 gallons of molasses 

[p. 49] 

one Barrel of Rum and Coffee the 4th of august Raised her launched 
her the 9th of november maid her Spars &c then 1786 hald wood this 
winter april & may Riged her out Called her name AURORA went 
to sea in may continued a costing at penopscot tell the 9 th or 10th of 
Dec then was cast away loaded from penobscot in a violent snow Storm 
Saved the most of her teckel then we were in Debt about 9 hundred Dol- 
lars — January 1787 we cut of the tackel & cut out the iron then I got a 
small team went to lumbering theodore in perdenship with me got out 
30 cords of wood sixty logs settled with the bigest Creditor Robardham 
gave him a note on interest 

[p. 50] 

then in the winter 1787 Joseph persons having timber for hand to Build 
a vessel agreed with him to build a vessel & we to Rid[g?] her at the 
halves which he was to complete and fit redy to take the Rigin & we to 
complete her with the same sail Rigen on every part that was on the aurora 
adding what was Deficient lost or Dameged & one half to belong to the 
said persons & the other half to Jeremiah & theodore Weare in equal 
halves further it was agreed what iron pervision or any other thing that 
we could let him have to Carry on the building of the sd that we should 
have our pay out of her after Rate of £3-0-0 per ton April 22nd 1824 mr 
Daniel Littlefield Departed this life aged about 

[p. 51] 

July 22th 1808 Olive Hutchins Departed this Life She had been con- 
verted about 3 years and died in the faith of Jesus Christ with the consum- 
tion 4 or 5 month — aged 22 a sermon was Delivered by Saml Applebee 
August 8th 1809 Stephen Littlefield Departed this life aged 26 had been 
converted about five years and died in the faith of Jesus Christ he was a 
man of good ability of quick understanding & a superior knowledge of the 
nature of the world & of mankind the consumsion supposed on his vitals 
about 5 months he was buried on the 10 Eld Saml Applebee Delivered 
the funeral Sermon Rev 14th 13th Louisa Snowman the wife of Charles 
Snowman Departed this Life August 11th 1809 She had been converted 

1912 J Diary of Jeremiah Weare, Jr. 159 

about five years & appeared to Live a Calm Christian life about 3 years 
after that she appeared to be in a state of Distraction Disordered in the 
head it was said she came out from the state She was in about 9 or 10 
month before she died & praised the Lord after this we dont find conversing 
about any thing Sam Applebee Delivered the funeral sermon 

[p. 52] 

Sept 18th about the first week of this month there appeared a star Early 
in the Evening with avery high blase above the star which reflects a grate 
light at times will appear 8 or 10 feet from the star, It appears to set about 

9 o clock — It appears to set N W Northerly — and it appears to Rise about 
2 o clock in the morning about N E by N some persons suppose there be 
2 Biasing stars at one time We find there is But one Star and Does not 
set at all But falls to the North out of site to those that are on the land 
But the fishermen say they see her all night oct & nov the blase appears 

10 or 15 feet of the westward all the while she appears Dec 
[p. 53] 

March 1822 mr Benjamin Preble aged 52 Departed this life April 
9th 1822 Doctor william Lyman aged about 55 years Departed this life 
April 15th 1822 hanah avarell aged about 86 years Departed this life 
never had a husband a talerest May 3 1822 John Freeman Departed 
this life aged about 85 Esther freeman wife of sd John died about fifteen 
months before he did May 24th 1822 Anne Lord the wife of William 
Lord Departed this life — aged 22 she was the daughter of mathew per- 
kins may 26th 1822 Eunice Perkins aged 71 Departed this life — the wife 
of peletiah perkins said to live about 6 weeks without food for as soon as 
she had eat any puked it up. and had this Disorder on her about 3 months. 
She had been converted more than 17 years June 13th 1822 Lyda [?] 
Trafton the wife of Eliphet Trafton Departed this life abeliever and Dyed 
praising the Lord 

[p. 54] 

Aug 19th 1822 Jerusha Stover Departed this Life aged 66 years July 
4th she is the first that has died of Nathaniel Webbers Deceased children 
safe the first child died young their as eight Left the youngest of them is 
David he is fifty tlii-ee January 18th so it is an on comon thing that nine 
children should all live 53 years this woman was a christian about 15 or 
16 years and was brought out under Samuel Applebee imj^rovement a few 
Days after he preached at mr John Bowdens mr gorge Stover her husband 
has been dead fifteen years oct next and died in the faith Sept A D 1822 
Lucy Bowdon Departed this Life Oct 6th 1822 in the night on his pas- 
sage from Boston to Capenedick was Drowned off york harbor Nov 2d 
1822 Charles Bradbury Departed this life Nov about 4th 1822 hepebeth 
Reyois [?] child Dyed about 3 years age 

[p. 55] 

Nov about the 7th 1822 the aged widow anne Stover Departed this Life 
Nov about 6th 1822 the widow Ade molton Lost a son sd about 10 years 
old January 9th 1823 the widow Philamela Emery of Berwick Departed 
this Life would be If she had lived till the 24 of may next 74 years old. 
She had been in a Declining State of health about seven years she seemed 
to Injoy But little satisfaction in this Life Seamed to be Solitary in mind 
She was Lovely in her family active and Beautiful through her Life She 
Delighted in the truth and hated that which was Evil many years before 
her Death January 17th 1823 the widow keswell the mother of Richard 
talny his wife Departed this Life her age thought to be Between 60 & 70 

160 Pitkin Ancestry in England [April 

[p. 56] 

Feb about tbe 7th or 8th 1823 our friend mr Storah Sewall Departed 
this life aged about 70 Feb about 7th or 8th 1823 hulda hill Departed 
this life She was a widow to Comes liill more than 46 years August 21st 

1823 mary Brown Departed this Life a vertious woman Left the world 
in the triumphant of faith aged 35 years march Last 4th Day April 21st 

1824 Abraham Bowden a son to mr John bowden Departed this Life aged 
between 20 & 30 small pox the Doctors supposed to be yellow fever by 
which the Infection spread May 5th Eunice Bowden the mother of the 
above abraham Died with the small pox she was a christian for about 18 
or 19 years Anne Bowden Died may 6th with the small pox age about 
60 the wife of David may 7th 1824 Amena Abat Departed this life small 
pox the Daughter of John Bowden aged about 30 years She Left A family 
of children She was a great sufferer had her child alone no woman to help 


[To be continued] 


Communicated by Miss Mart Kingsbury Talcott of Hartford, Conn. 

These Pitkin notes vrere gathered by the compiler in England 
during the past summer, and, while not giving a complete family 
record, they furnish interesting particulars regarding the English 
origin of a family w^liich has been a prominent one in Connecticut, 
having furnished a Governor, a United States Senator, several 
Judges of the Superior Court and other eminent lawyers, a number 
of military officers who served in the French and Indian Wars and 
in the Revolution, and also several clergymen. 

William Pitkin, who came to Hartford in 1659, and was, at once, 
engaged to fill the position of Master of the Grammar School, had 
received an excellent legal education, and, judging from the con- 
tents of a number of note-books in his handwriting which have 
been preserved, he was well taught in theological lore. About two 
years later he was appointed King's Attorney for the Colony, and 
he was considered one of the ablest lawyers in Connecticut. He 
was Deputy from Hartford to the General Court from 1675 to 1684, 
1689, 1690, Treasurer of the Colony, 1676-1678, Assistant, 1690- 
1694, holding this office at the time of his death. Commissioner of 
the United Colonies, for Connecticut, in 1678, Commissioner in 
1683 to treat with Governor Dongan about the New York Boundary, 
and in 1693 one of the Commissioners to adjust the New York 
Boundary Line. He died Dec. 16, 1694, aged 58, according to his 
gravestone in the Centre Church burying-ground in Hartford. He 
married, about 1661, Hannah, daughter of Ozias Goodwin of Hart- 
ford. In his will, dated Sept. 27, 1694, he mentions his "dear 
Brother Roger," and his " Sister Woolcott." The latter was the bril- 
liant and attractive Martha Pitkin, who came to New England in 

1912] Pitkin Ancestry in England 161 

1661 to visit her brother, hoping, according to tradition, to take 
him back to England with her. So great was the admiration aroused 
by her talents and brilliancy it was decided by some of the elders 
of the Colony that such a desirable personality should not be allowed 
to leave the Colony, and that she should be induced to remain. It 
is also said that some of the younger men drew lots to decide which 
of them should be fortunate enough to pay his addresses to her. 
Simon Wolcott, of Windsor, was the lucky man, and she married 
him and became the ancestress of a distinguished race — governors, 
judges, etc. After Mr. Wolcott's death she married a second hus- 
band, Hon. Daniel Clark. She died in East Windsor, Oct. 13, 
1719, "in her 80"^ year," which corresponds exactly to the date of 
her baptism in Berkhamsted, Co. Herts, in 1639. 

It will be seen that all the particulars the compiler has found in 
England agree with such traditional knowledge as we had of the 
early history of the Pitkins, and it is interesting to know that the 
father of William, Roger, and Martha was an Oxford graduate, and 
Master of the famous old school at Berkhamstead, originally founded 
by King Henry VIII, but re-organized and endowed by Edward VI, 
and known as the Free School of King Edward VI. Some Pitkin 
wills of an earlier date were found, and as the testators lived in the 
vicinity of Berkhamstead they were probably related to William, the 
burgess of Berkhamstead. The will of Robert Pytkyne of Ivinghoe, 
Co. Bucks, dated Feb. 27, 1579, mentions two sons named William, 
William the elder, and William the younger, and a further search 
may reveal a relationship. 

In Vol. 34, pp. 194-5, of the Register is printed a letter 
from Walter Bamesley, of London, to William Pitkin in Hartford, 
written in 1667, which confirms the foregoing statements. See 
also the Pitkin Genealogy, by A.. P. Pitkin, Hartford, 1887^ 
and Mrs. Salisbury's Family Histories, 1892, Vol. 2. 

Abstracts of Pitkin Wills 

The will of William Pitkin of Berkhamstead St. Peter in j^ County of 
Hertford, 12 June 1644. To son John Pitkin £300 ; to dau'' Martha Pit- 
kin £300 ; to dau"" Joane Pitkin £200 ; to dau'" Jane Pitkin £200 ; to dau"^ 
Elizabeth Lawson, wife of Will"^ Lawson, £20. To my grande childe 
Will"^ Pitkin all those my six tenements situated at Wadnam Greene in 
y^ phe of Fullame in y* County of Midd to him and his heyers forever, and 
untill he shall attayne to the age of one and twentye yeares, the rents thereof 
to be received by my Executor and imployed for and towardes his main- 
tenance and educacion. To my granchilde Roger Pitkin £150 to be payed 
unto him when he attaines the age of one and twentye yeares, and in y* 
meantime y^ interest to be imployed for his maintenance and educacion. 
Unto my granchilde Martha Pitkin £150 of current English money to be 
payed to her or to her Assines att hir age of one and twentye yeares, and in 
y* meantime y® interest thereof to go for and towardes her maintenance or 
other preferment. If any or either of my children, John Pitkin, Martha 
Pitkin, Joane Pitkin, or Jane Pitkin, shall die before their Legacies be payed 

162 Pitkin Ancestry in England [April 

to them, the amount of the said Legacy to be divided among the survivors of 
them, if any of my said granchildren, Will™ Pitkin, Roger Pitkin, or Martha 
Pitkin, shall die before receiving their Legacy, y^ said Legacy shall remain© 
to v^ Executor. All y® rest of my goods and chattells and Freehold Lands, 
subsequentyed my Debts and Legacyes being payS I give unto my son 
Francis Pitkin, whom I make my Sole Executor. I desire my well be- 
loved Coosen M"^ Roger Pitkin to be Overseer, and I give him twenty 
shillinos to buy him a ringe. [Signed] Willm Pitkin. Witnesses : Roger 
Pitkinf Henry Hardinge, Edmond Geare. Proved Martii 1644[-5]. Lq- 
ventory of William Pitkyn of Barkhamstead St. Peter, in y^ county of 
Hertford, gentleman, deceased, taken by John Benninge and WilP» Lake, 
gent., the xiiii daye of March, 1644[-5]. (P. C. C, Hitchin Division.) 

The will of Roger Pitkin of Harrold in the county of Bedford, gentle- 
man, 13 Oct. 1651. To Kinsman Edward Allyn an annuity of £5 yearly 
durino- his life. Loving wife Anne to have her jointure out of the mes- 
suage and lands in Wootton and Kempston ; also to have an annuity, or 
yearly rent charge, of £30 from the said lands. A Cottage and Close or 
pasture lying in Wymington in the County of Bedford to my Loving Kins- 
man John Pitkin, and to him the messuage or Inn in Bedford called the 
Falcon. To loving kinsman John Greene of Clement's Inn, Gent., £50. 
To God Sonne John Grave (?) £50. To Roger Pitkin my God Sonne, 
late the Sonne of AVLlliam Pitkin, deceased, £50. To Jane Money, the 
Dau'' of my Sister Joan Money, £100 to be paid when she shall attaine the 
age of twentie yeares. To Kinsman Thomas Woodward 20s. to buy him a 
ringe. To Thomas Money, the Sonne of Joan Money my Sister, £700. 
To Mr [^illegible] of the towne of Bedforde Church, £5, he to preach at my 
Funerall. To Loving Friend John Browne, Gentleman, £10. To God 
daughter Jane Chamberlain, £5 to buy her a piece of plate. To the poors 
of Stagden £6 ; to the poore of Kempston £5 ; to the poore of Wootton 
£5. If it please God I depart this Life att Harrold where I now live, then 
I give to the poore of Harrold £5. All the remainder of my estate to Kins- 
man John Pitkin, and he the sole Executor, on condition that he enter into 
a bond of £2000 unto the aforesaid Thomas Money, and if the said John 
Pitkin shall refuse to do this, then Thomas Money shall become Executor. 
Kinsman John Greene, Gentleman, Friend John Browne, Gentleman, Over- 
seers. Witnesses : John Browne, John Greene, Francis Pitkin. Proved 
9 Feb. 1651[-2] by John Pitkin, Executor. (P. C. C, Bowyer, 39.) 

"John Pitkin y^ elder, gent.," w^as buried at Kempston, Dec. 27, 
1692. Very possibly he was the John Pitkin mentioned in the 
above will. There are many Pitkin entries in the Kempston Regis- 
ter between 1670 and 1700. 

Extracts from the Parish Register 
OP Berkhamstead St. Peter 

1607[-8], Jan. 3, George, sonne of Wyllyam Pitkyn 
1608, Dec. 11, Wyllyam ye sonne of Wyllyam Pitkyn 

1612, Oct. 17, Martha, ye daughter of Willm Pitkyn 

1613, Frauncys y* sonne of Willia Pitkyn 

1616, Nov. 10, George y« sonne of W'" Pitkyn, gent. 

1618, March 14, Martha, y« daughter of Will'" Pitkyn, gent. 

1912] Pitkin Ancestry in England 163 

1621, July 1, Elizabeth y« daughter of Will'" Pitkyn, gent. 
1623, Octob. 19, John, sonne of Will'" Pitkyn, gent. 
1626, Sept. 26, Jhone, y® daughter of William Pitkyn, gent. 
1628, April 8, Jane, y® daughter of Willyam Pitkyn, gent. 

1638, Nov"" 28, Eoger, sonne of William Pitkyn, Scholemaster. 

1639, Dec. 12, Martha, daughter of Willy" Pitkyn, Scholemaster. 
1646/7, Sarah y*^ daughter of M"" Fra : Pitkin, baptized 21 Jan. 
1649, Joan, y® daughter of M"^ Pitkin bap. 25 May 


1640, Nov. 4, Jane, daughter of Will"" Pitkyn Scholemaster, buried. 

1641, Dec. 28. The wife of Will'" Pitkyn, Scholem"- buried. 

Another copy of the parish register gives the following : 

1644[-5], Willyam Pitkin gent^. was buried the 6 day of January. 

1638, Rogger the Sonne of William & Elizabeth Pitkin, Scolemaster, was 
baptized 28 November. 

1639, Martha the Daughter of William Pitkin, Scolemaster And Elizabeth 
his wife was baptized the XII of December. 

Rev. William Pitkin vras Master of the Grammar School of 
Berkhamstead in 1636, and later. He was buried at St. Dunstan's, 
Fleet Street, London. Lectures on the History and A-ntiquities 
of Berkhamstead^ by Rev. John W. Cobb, M.A., 'p. 116. 

Chauncy' s Historical Antiquities of Hertfordshire also men- 
tions him as Master of the School, and says he died before 1648. 
II, 534, 547. 

In Cussans's County History of Hertfordshire it is stated that 
Will'" Pitkyn was one of the jurors of the Honour of Barkhamstead 
in the County of Hertford. He was also a freeholder. In 1619 
William Pitkin, Gent., was named as one of the Burgesses — one 
of the twelve men in the Borough " of the best and most honest 
Burgesses who shall be called Capital Burgesses of the Burrough, 
and shall be the Common Council of the Burrough," — and a Charter 
was granted to them by King James. 

He is mentioned in this charter as " Willelmus Pitkin, generosus." 
William Pitkin was BailiiF in 1638 ; Francis Pitkin was Bailiff in 
1650 ; William Pitkin was one of the Chief Burgesses in 1628 and 
in 1645, and represented Berkhamstead in Parliament. 

William Pitkin, son of AVilliam of Berkhamstead, Herts, pleb., 
Pembroke College, Oxford, matriculated Feb. 6, 1628/9, aged 20; 
B.A. next day; M.A. Oct. 17, 1631. 

Extracts from the Parish Register 
OF St. Dunstan's, Fleet Street, London 


July 24, 1643, Pitkin, A minister was buryed from M"" Sturmey's 

in Chancery Lane. 
Sept. 12, 1643, M"^ George Pittkin, gent., was buryed from M' Sturmies' 
Chancery Lane. 

vol. lxvi. 11 

164 Genealogical Research in England [April 


Transcribed by Miss Elizabeth French, and communicated by the Committee on 

English Research 

[Continued from page 77] 


The Will of Robert Raynere of Wickham Market [co. Suffolk], 
Diocese of Norwich, 4 October 1571. To be buried in the churchyard of 
Wickham Market. To the poor men's box 4d. To my son Edward all 
my goods and my cattle, as neat horse, hogs and fowls, all my corn in the 
ground and growing, and all my said years of my farm to come, he paying 
to his brother John Rayner £5 at the rate of 5 nobles a year, and to his 
sisters Dorathie and Rose £10 each at the rate of 40s. a year, after John's 
legacy be paid. If my son Edward die before the years of my farm be 
out, my other children to have it for the remainder of my term therein. 
If my son Edward do marry and die before his wife, she to have £10. To 
my two daughters various household goods and their mother's linen. If 
my son Edward die unmarried, my goods to be parted between his brother 
and sisters. If Dorotliie or Rose die without lawful issue, theu' legacies to 
go to my son Edward. If my son John die, his part to remain to his chil- 
dren. All the residue of my goods I leave to my executors, who shall be 
my son Edward and my daughter Dorathie. Witnesses : John Fyncham, 
Henrye Huggen, Thomas Dawson. Proved 5 December 1571 by Edward 
Eayner one of the executors named, power being reserved to Dorathy 
Eayner the other executor. (Archdeaconry of Suffolk [at Ipswich], 
Bk. 23, fo. 462.) 

The Will of Edward Reyner of Elmesett in the County of Suffolk, 
yeoman, 22 March 18 James I [1620/1]. Whereas my son Thurston 
Reyner according to an article of agreement, among other articles of agree- 
ment set down in writing and made 13 April last past between me the said 
Edward of the one part and the said Thurston and Elizabeth his wife of 
the other part, by covenant is to pay in the south porch of the parish 
church of Elmesett, within two years after my death, £100 to such persons 
as I shall direct by my last will, I do give to my said son Thurston £18 of the 
gaid £100 because he hath already paid so much at my direction. I give 
to my son John Reyner of Flowton, co. Suffolk, £20 thereof. To my son 
Satnuel £10. To my daughter Anna, wife of Robert Lewes of Great 
Bricet, £10. To Henry Pynson my son-in-law, of Westerfeild, £20. To 
my son Richai'd Reyner, of Sowthwark next London, 40s. To Anna, 
Marie, John, Edward, and Robert, sons and daughters of my late son Ed- 
ward Reyner deceased, 20s. each, to be paid to the said Henry Pinson 
to their uses until their several ages of eighteen. To Elizabeth, Anna, 
Marie, Martha, Robert, and Sara, children of the aforesaid Robert Lewes 
my son-in law, 20s. each, to be paid to the said Robert Lewes to their uses 
until their several ages of eighteen. To Samuell, John, Edward, and Marie, 
children of my son Richard Reyner, 20s. each, to be paid to the said Rich- 
ard to their use until their several ages of eighteen. To Sara, daughter of 

* Rainer, Raynor, Reiner, and Reyner are other forms of this name. The form Ray- 
nor has finally prevailed on Long Island. — Henry Edwards Scott. 

1912] Genealogical Research in England 165 

my son John Reyner, 20s., to be paid to the said John to her use until her 
age of eighteen years. To Marie, daughter of my son Samuel, 20s., to be 
paid to the said Samuel to her use until her age of eighteen years. To 
Thurston, the son of my said son Thurston Reyner, 20s., to be kejat by his 
father to his use until his age of eighteen years. To Robert Reyner, my 
sonn Sonne [s/c], 40s. and £9 he oweth me. All the residue of my goods, 
implements, and household stuff to my son Thurston Reyner toward my 
funeral charges and other duties and charges, whom I make sole executor. 
"And soe I end gyve laude to Almightie God." [Signed] The marke of the 
said Edward Rayuer. Witnesses : Thomas Bull and Isaac Gillya. Proved 
at Elmsett 7 July 1621 by the executor named in the will. (Archdeaconry 
of Sudbury [at Bury St. Edmunds], Register Harrold, fo. 252.) 

The early church registers of Elmsett, down to 1684, are missing, but 
in the Transcripts of the Archdeaconry of Sudbury are the following Ray- 
ner records : 
1593 Vicesimo primo Septembris Baptisatus fuit Thurston Rayner filius 

Edwardi Rayn' et Margeria vxor eius. 
1598 Joseph Reyner Edward Reyners son bapt. 23 April. 
1609 Henry Pinsweyne and Margery Reyner married 2 July. 
1620 Thurston Reyner sonne of Thurston Reyner bapt. 19 September. 

[From the foregoing wills and records, and from other sources referred 
to below, the following Rayner pedigree has been prepared : 

1. Robert Ratnere, of Wickham Market, co. Suffolk, the testator 
of 1571, died between 4 Oct. and 5 Dec. 1571. Roberte Rayner of Wickr 
ham was assessed 10s. on £12 "in goodes " in 1568.* 

Children : 

2. i. Edward. 

ii. John, m. and was the father of children in 1571. 
iii. Dorothy, unm. in 1571. 
iv. EosE, unm. in 1571. 

2. Edward Retner, of Elmsett, co. Suffolk, the testator of 1620/21, 

married, after 4 Oct. 1571, Margery , who died before him. 

Childi'en : 

i. Edward, d. bef . 22 Mar. 1620/1. His children, Anna^ Marie., John., 
Edward, and Eobert, all under eighteen, are mentioned in their 
grandfather's wiU. 

ii. Anna, m. Egbert Lewes of Great Bricet, co Suffolk. She and her 
children, Elizabeth, Anna, 3Iarie, Martha, Bobert, and Sara, all 
under eighteen, are mentioned in her father's will. 

iii. Margery, m. 2 July, 1609, at Elmsett, Hjenry Pes'Sweyne or Pin- 
son ; probably dead bef. 1621, as she is not mentioned in her fa- 
ther's will, although her husband, of Westerfleld, co. Suffolk, is 
there mentioned. 

iv. EiCHARD, living at Southwark next London in 1621 ; mentioned with 
his children, Samuel, John, Edioard, and Marie, all under eighteen, 
in his father's will. 

V. John, living at Flowton, co. Suffolk, in 1621 ; mentioned with his 
daughter Sarah, under eighteen, in his father's will. 

vi. Samuel, mentioned with his daughter Marie, under eighteen, in his 
father's will. 

3. vii. Thurston, bapt. at Elmsett 21 Sept. 1593. 
viii. Egbert, living 22 Mar. 1620/1. 

ix. Joseph, bapt. at Elmsett 23 Apr. 1598; d. probably before 1621, 
since he is not mentioned in his father's will. 

* Suffolk Green Books, No. XH, p. 276. 

166 Genealogical Research in England [April 

3. Thurston Rayner of Elmsett, co. Suffolk, was baptized at Elmsett 
21 Sept. 1593, and married, not later than 13 Apr. 1620, Eliza- 
beth , who was born about 1598. With his wife Elizabeth 

and his children, Thurston, aged 13, Joseph, aged 11, Elizabeth, 
aged 9, Sarah, aged 7, and Lidia, aged 1, he sailed for New England 
the last of April, 1634, in the Ship Elizabeth of Ipswich. With him 
came also to America Edward Raynor, aged 1 0, whose name on the 
shipping list follows immediately that of Lidia Raynor, and Eliza- 
beth Kemball, aged 13.* 

Thurston Rayner resided first at Watertown, Mass., later at 
Wethersfield and Stamford, Conn., and finally at Southampton, 
Long Island. He was a prominent man in these settlements, 
was elected several times to public office, and is mentioned often 
in the colonial and town records. He died in 1667, his will being 
dated 6 July and proved 4 Nov. of that year. The will mentions 
wife Martha (showing that he had married again), sons Joseph 
and Jonathan, "my other five children" (not named), "my brother 
Samuell Cleark," and "my Cozen m''. John Howell." The widow 
Martha was admitted as executrix 5 Nov. 1667.t 

Children : % 
i. Thurston, bapt. at Elmsett 19 Sept. 1620 ; embarked with his fa- 
ther for New England ; uotliing further known about him. 
ii. Joseph, b. in England about 1623; came with his father to New 
England ; resided at Southampton, L. I. ; will, dated 8 May 1678 
and presented for probate 6-8 June 1682, mentions wife Mary and 
several children, administration being committed to his widow, 
Mary Raynor, 28 Oct. 1682. || 
iii. Elizabeth, b. in England about 1625 ; embarked with her father 

for New England ; nothing further known about her. 
iv. Sarah, b. in England about 1627 ; embarked with her father for 

New England ; nothing further known about her. 
V. Lyt)ia, b. in England aljout 1633 ; embarked with her father for 

New England ; nothing further known about her. 
vi.§ Deborah, b. in New England; m. (1) not later than 2 May 1660, 

•These names and ages ai-e from the shipping list published in Drake's Founders 
of New England, pp. 51-53, and in Hotten's Original Lists, pp. 280-282. This Edward 
Raynor is probably the Edward Raynor of Hempstead, Long Island, whose will, dated 
27 Mar. 1681 but not recorded, mentions wife (not named), eldest son Samuel, " her 
[wife's] five children" (not named), and "my brother Thomas Patrigh." Simon 
Searing, Thomas Patrigh, Jonathan Seaman, and Nathaniel Pearsall are to be "over- 
seers over my wife and children . . . and they may dispose of the estate for their 
benefit, till they come to age." (New York Historical Society's Abstracts of Wills, 
vol. 1, p. 469.) This Edward, both from the position of his name in the shipping list 
and from the fact that he is not mentioned in Thurston Rayner's will, could hardly 
have been Thurston's son. Savage (Genealogical Diet., vol. 3, p. 514) suggests that 
he may have been a nephew of Thurston, He was too young to be the Edward, son 
of Thurston's brother Edward, or the Edward, son of Thurston's brother Richard, 
both of whom were mentioned in the will of Thurston's father in 1620/21 ; but he may 
have been a son of Thurston's brother Samuel, his own eldest son being named 
Samuel.— Henry Edwards Scott. 

t The original will of " Thirstan Rainer " is in the Surrogate's Office, Hnll of Re- 
cords, New York City, where also the recorded copy may be found (lib. 1-2, pp. 22- 
23). The statements given above have been taken from the original will. There is 
an abstract of this will in the New York Historical Society's Abstracts of Wills, vol. 
1, pp. 6-7. — Henry Edwards Scott. 

X The statements which follow about Thurston Rayner's children in America have 
been communicated by Henry Edwards Scott. 

llNew York Historical Societj^'s Abstracts of Wills, vol. 1, p. 120, and recorded copy 
of will in Surrogate's Office, New York City, lib. 1-2, pp. 441-443. 

{ The order of the births of the children born in New England is uncertain, and it 
is not known how many, if any, of them were the children of Thurston Rayner by his 
second wife. 

1912] Genealogical Research in England 167 

John Scott of Southampton; m. (2) Charles Stuemy of South- 
ampton, who d. 24 Dec. 1691, administration on his estate being 
granted, 31 Dec. 1691, to his widow Deborah; had issue by her 
first husband.* 

vii. Hannah, b. in New England; m. (1) not later than 1661, as his second 

wife, Arthur Howell of Southampton, who d. 29 Mar. 1683 ; m. 

(2) 18 June 1685, as his second wife. Job Sayre of Southampton, 

who d. 1 Apr. 1694. She had issue by her first husband. t 
viii. Mary, b. in New England ; m. Thomas Cooper of Southampton, 

and had issue. J 
is. Abigah., b. in New England ; m. John Kose of Southampton ; had 

issue. II 
X. Jonathaj^, b. in New England, and probably a child of Thurston 

Rayner's second wife; under age 6 July 1667; m. 2 Juue 1680 

Sarah Pierson, and had issue. § 

There were two distinct Suffolk families of Rayners, one living in the 
extreme western part of the county, on the border of Cambridgeshire (many 
of this family are found in Soham, co. Cambridge), and the other in the 
eastern part of Suffolk, the early members of this family having lived in 
the region of Kettleburgh. Elmsett, the English home of Thurston Ray- 
ner, is about seven miles from Ipswich in a northwesterly dii-ection, and 
Wickliam Market, where Robert Raynere, the grandfather of Thurston, 
lived, is about twelve and one half miles from Ipswich in a northeasterly 
direction, and about ten miles due west from the North Sea. Kettleburgh 
lies about four miles northwest from Wickham Market. — E. F.] 

The Will of John Parmiter of Sudbury in the County of Suffolk, glo- 
ver, 1 September 1626. I give to John Parmiter my eldest son £40 at 

•John Scott and Deborah his wife convey land to Thomas Hutchinson 2 May 1660 
(Records of the Colony of Connecticut, MSS., vol 1, jj. 315, at Hartford); Deborah 
Scott signs receipt for ten pounds from the estate of her father, Mr. Thurston Kaynor, 
12 Nov. 1667 (Southampton Town Records, vol. 2, p. 274) ; Charles Sturmy conveys 
land to his "Son in Law John Scott" (known to be a son of John and Deborah 
Scott) 18 Aug. 1680 (Southampton Red Book of Deeds, MSS., pp. 225-226); adminis- 
tration on Charles Sturmy's estate in Pelletreau's Early Long Island Wills, pp. 58-60. 

t Southampton Records, vol. 2, pp. 225, 249, 282; Howell, Hist, of Southampton, 2d 
ed., pp. 317, 357; Banta, Sayre Family, p. 33. 

X Southampton Records, vol. 2, p. 274; Howell, History of Southampton, pp. 222, 357. 

II It is proved by the receipt published in Southampton Records, vol. 2, p. 274, that 
Thomas Cooper, Christopher Lupton, and John Rose were sons-in-law of Thurston 
Rayner. The wives of these three men, together with Deborah Scott and Hannah 
Howell, must be the " other five children " of Thurston Rayner's will. Ho-vvell, Hist, 
of Southampton, p. 357, states that Abigail Rayner married Christopher Lupton, re- 
ferring (p. 341) to the will of the latter, 1686, as authority, and that another daughter, 
whose name is unknown, married John Rose. But the will of John Rose, dated 4 
May 1696, mentions his wife Abigail (Early Long Island Wills, pp. 150-153). The 
daughter who became the wife of Christopher Lupton may have been one of the three 
daughters who were born in England. She had issue. 

§ Southampton Records, vol. 2, pp. 243, 294. Howell, Hist, of Southampton, pp. 357, 
358, represents a Joseph, Mary Cooper, Abigail Lupton, Deborah Scott, .Jonathan, and 
the wife of John Rose as children of Thurston Rayner the younger (who, as has been 
shown above, was baptized at Elmsett in 1620). He thinks that there were two Thurs- 
ton Rayners, both with wives named Martha and both dying in 1667, and states that, 
improbable as that may seem, " the evidence all points to that conclusion." On the 
contrary, a careful study of the printed records of Southampton shows that, with the 
exception of a Thurston who was son of Joseph and who removed to Ca])e May, N. J., 
there was onlj' one Thurston Rayner at Southampton from 1649 on. Moreover, the 
will of only one Thurston Rayner, 1667, is extant, who describes himself in his will 
as " stricken in age and not knowing how long my dayes shall continue in this world " ; 
and it would be very difficult to reconcile Howell's theory about two Thurston Ray- 
ners with the facts that are established about the Rayners and the families connected 
with them by marriage. 

168 Genealogical Research in England [April 

the age of one and twenty years, and after the death of Anne my wife, my 
messuage and tenement wherein Robert Golding now dwelleth, in All 
Saints parish, Sudbury, to him and his heirs forever ; and for want of such 
heirs, to Robert Parmiter my second son and his heirs ; and for want of 
6uch heirs, to my daughter Ann and her heirs. To my second son Robert 
Parmiter and his heirs my messuage wherein I now dwell in All Saints 
Parish. To Ann my daughter and her heir-s my messuage wherein Robert 
my brother lately dwelt in All Saints parish, which the said Robert gave 
to me and my heirs as in his last will more at large appeareth. To Mr. 
Wilson,* preacher of God's Word, 10s. To Mr. Allen, Vicar of All Saints, 
6s. 8d. To the poor of All Saints on this side of the bridge 6s. 8d. To 
Ann my well beloved wife all that part or portion of goods which were 
given me by the last will of the said Robert my brother, and I give to her 
also all the residue of my goods toward her maintenance and the bringing 
up of my children, the payment of my debts, legacies, funeral and probate 
expenses. I appoint my wife sole executrix, and Joseph Parmiter afore- 
said ^sic^ and Daniel Parmiter, my brothers, supervisors, and each to have 
10s. [Signed] John Parmiter. Witnesses: John Lord, Edward Alden, 
Mathew Alden als Briame, and Philip Gierke. Proved at Norwich 1 6 Jan. 
1626/7 by Anne Parmiter the executrix named in the will. (Consistory 
Court of Norwich, original will, 1626.) 

The Will of Robert Parmiter of Sudbury in the County of Suffolk 
and Diocese of Norwich, mercer, 18 July 1626. I give to Daniell Parmiter 
my eldest son £40 at the age of 21, certain furniture, and my messuage or 
tenement wherein I now dwell, after the decease of my wife Ann. To my 
second son Samuell my messuage or tenement wherein Edward Killing- 
worth now dwelleth and which Robert Parmiter my late father purchased 
of John French now deceased. To Hanna Parmiter my daughter £100 
at the age of 21. To the four youngest children of my brother-in-law 
Robert Page, now deceased, £5 towards placing them in some good service. 
To ]\Ii\ Willsonf and Mr. Alline of All Saints in Sudbury 10s. each. To 
the poor people of All Saints parish 13s. 4d., that is 10s. to the poor in 
Sudbury and 3s. 4d. to the poor in Ballindon. The residue of all my 
goods to my wife Anne toward the payment of my debts and legacies, and 
I make her my executrix. I make my brothers John Parmiter and Daniell 
Parmiter supervisors, and give to them each 20s. To Elizabeth Wynne, 
my brother-in-law Richard Wynne's daughter, 40s. If all my children die 
without issue before their legacies are due, then my tenement wherein I 
now dwell shall go to my brother John Parmiter and his heirs, and my 
messuage wherein Edward Killingworth now dwelleth to my brother 
Daniell Parmiter and his heirs. If my said wife die, my children being 
dead without issue, reversion to my brothers and sisters and the brothers 
and sisters of my wife equally divided. [Signed) The marke of Robert 
Parmiter. Witnesses : Phillippe Clarke and John Lord [mark]. Proved 
16 October 1626 and administration granted to Daniel Parmiter, brother 
of the testator, and also to Robert Eliston, brother of Anne Parmiter, 
deceased, relict and executrix. (P. C. C, Hele, fo. 138.) 

The Will of Daniel Parmenter of ye Borrough Towne of Sudbury 
in ye County of Suffolke, seymaker, 1 October 1638. I give to my son 

*Rev. John Wilson, later pastor of the First Church of Boston, lecturer in Sudbury 
at the date of this will, 
t See note under preceding will. 

1912] Genealogical Research in England 169 

Daniell the dwelling house wherein I dwell, with appurtenances, excepting 
the tenement now in the occupation of Francis Tanner and about seven 
acres of land lying in Ballingdon now in the occupation of Thomas Gilson, 
which I give to my son John, reserving to my son Daniell the liberty of 
the gateway and the loopway into the backside of my now dwelling house. 
I give to my third son Robert all the dwellings and edifices that are mine 
in the parish of St. Gregory, with the grounds, situated over against the 
friars wall, in the occupation of William Woodham. I give to my sons 
Daniel and John £600 each to be paid at the age of two and twenty years, 
and to my son Robert £550 to be paid at the age of two and twenty years. 
To my daughters Mary and Hannah all my linen and £500 each to be 
paid at the age of one and twenty years or day or marriage. The money 
for these portions to be kept in a strong chest with three good locks and 
well barred with iron and three keys, one in the possession of my executrix 
and the others in that of my two supervisors, so that the money can only 
be put in and taken out by the three jointly. The money for the main- 
tenance of my children to be taken from their portions. If any child die, 
reversion to the supervisors. To Mr. Timothy Rogers minister of All 
Saints, Sudbury, £5. To Mr. John Harrison sen. dwelling in St. Peter's 
Parish, anciently the minister thereof, Mr. Daniell Rogers,* minister, 
dwelling in Wethersfield, Mr. Blackby, minister, Mr. Peachie, dwelling in 
Stoak-Clarke \_sic, i. e. Stoke-ClareJ, and to Mr. Tille, minister, keeping 
sometimes with Goodman Warner in Sudbury, to each 30s. To all my 
weavers " maisterwormen " [masterworkmen] 2s. each. To my kinsman 
Joseph Parmenter 40s. To kinswoman Martha Frend 40s. toward the 
maintenance of her two children. To Richard Hayfield, an old workman 
of mine, wheresoever he lives, 20s. To Nurse Welab in All Saints parish 
and to my servant Katherine Hitchcocke 10s. each. To the poor of All 
Saints parish 40s., 30s. thereof to the poor on this side ye bridge and 10s. 
in Ballingdon. To the poor of St. Peter's parish 30s. and to the poor of 
St. Gregory's parish 30s. Executrix, my daughter Mary. My loving 
friends Timothy Rogers, minister of the parish, and Thomas Gunton jun. 
to be supervisors and friends in trust and guardians of my children dui'ing 
their minority, and my executrix to do nothing in the performance of this 
my will without their council and consent, and I give to them each 
£6. 13s. 4d. The yearly rent of the house wherein Robert Evered dwells 
to be disposed by my executrix and supervisors to the use of the children 
of Sarah Evered, his first wife. Any overplus of my estate to be equally 
divided among my children. Proved 24 January 1638/9 by Mary Par- 
minter daughter and executrix. (P. C. C, Harvey, fo. 14.) 

The Will of John Parmiter of Sudbury in the County of Suffolk, 
gent., 2 June 1648. I give my two messuages in the occupations of Ed- 
ward Thompson and of Lea, weaver, to my brother Robert Par- 
miter and his lawful issue, and for want of such issue then to my two 
sisters, Mary wife of John Harrisson, clerk, and Hannah wife of Thomas 
Berry, and to their lawful issue. To my bi'other Robert a close containing 
seven acres lying in Ballingdon in the occupation of Thomas Gilson, on 
condition that he pay to Joseph Parmitor son of my cousin Joseph Parmitor 
£10, and to Daniel another son of the said Joseph Parmitor £20, and to 
Hester one of the daughters of the said Joseph Parmitor my cousin £10, 
and to the chUd his wife now goeth withall if it be a son £20, and if it be 

♦Brother of Rev. Ezekiel Eogers of Eowley, Mass. 

170 Genealogical Research in England [April 

a daughter £10 and the othei' £10 to Joseph the son of my cousin Joseph 
Parmitor. These sums to be paid to my cousin Joseph Parmitor the 
father of these children to their uses. If my brother Robert die without 
lawful issue, then the close to my sisters Mary and Hannah, and if he have 
already paid the abovesaid legacies, then my sisters sliall pay to their lawful 
issue £60 as my brother by his will shall direct. To John Harrison and 
Isaac Harrison, sons of my sister, £20 each, and to her son Daniell Harri- 
son £40. To her daugliters Dorothy and Mary Harrison £20 each. To 
my sister Hannah £80, and if she die before the receipt of the legacy, re- 
version to her children. My cousin Joseph Parminter owes me £40 
whereof I give him £20, and he shall pay the other £20 to his brother 
Daniell. To Elizab. Gunton, widow, with whom I sojourn, £5. To Mr. 
Tille, preacher of God's Word, £3. To the poor of All Saints parish, 
Gregory parish, and Peter parish, 40s. to each parish. To Edward Bonham 
20s. All the residue to my brother-in-law John Harrisson, clerk, whom 
I make executor. I give to my loving friend his mother, £3. Supervisor, 
my friend Thomas Burr, clerk. [Signed] John Parm enter. Witnesses : 
John Mannering his mark, and Thomas Burr. Proved 11 May 1653 by 
the executor John Harrison. (P. C C, Brent, fo. 376.) 

From the Muniments op the Borough of Sudburt 
Proceedings of the Borough Courts, 1563-1636 

1591 6 Sept. Robert Parmiter free tenant. 

1592 20 July. Assessment for the bill of costs of £15 of Thomas Godfrey 
allowed in the Duchy [of Lancaster] Court. Robert Parmeter 12d. 

1592 12 Jan. [1592/3] Robert Parmeter juror. 

1593 26 Apr. Robert Parmeter of All Saints, glover, collector and dis- 
tributor of poor money. 

1593 [Sept. or Oct.] Accounts of John Howe, mayor. "Received of 

Robert pai'meter, glover, for his freedom, 15sh." 
1593 3 Sept. Robert Parmeter free tenant. 
1593 12 Oct. Robert Parmeter juror. 

1593 9 Jan. [1593/4] Robert Parmeter juror. 

1594 2 Sept. Robert Parmyter free tenant. 

1594 3 Oct. Robert Parmeter juror. 

1595 1 SejJt. Robert Parmenter free tenent. 

1596 6 Sept. Robert Parminter free tenant. 

1596 14 Oct. Robert Parmeter supervisor of the corn market. 

1597 5 Sept. Robert Parmenter and John Parmenter free tenants. 

1598 4 May Robert Parmeter juror 

1598 4 Sept. John Parmeter and Robert Parmeter free tenants. 
1598 19 Oct. John Parmeter supervisor of the corn market. 
1598 28 Oct. Robert Parmeter juror. 

1598 22 Nov. John Parmeter of Sudbury, yeoman, gave bond for Thomas 
Berry, beerbrewer. 

1599 17 Apr. Robert Parmeter juror. 

1599 3 July. Robert Parmeter and John Parmeter jurors. 

1599 3 Sept. Robert Parmeter and John Parmeter free tenants. 

1600 29 May Robert Parmeter juror. 

1600 1 Sept. Robert Parmeter and John Parmeter free tenants. 

1601 7 Sept. Robert Parmeter and John Parmeter fi'ee tenants, 
1601 17 Sept. John Parmeter juror. 

1912] Genealogical Research in England 171 

1601 22 Nov. Rate levied, 134 named. Robert Parmyter 6d. ; John 

Parmyter 12d. 
1601 21 Jan. [1601/2] Robert Parmiter juror. 
1601 21 Jan. 1601/2] Robert Parmiter of Sudbury, glover, gave bonds 

for Anna Harwood to whom a license to keep an alehouse was granted. 

1601 3 March [1601/2] John Parmiter juror. 

1602 St. Gregory's Fair [12 Mar. 1601/2] Robert Parmiter inspector 
of weights and bread. 

1602 6 Sept. Robert Parmiter and John Parmiter free tenants. 

1602 16 Sept. John Parmiter and Robert Parmiter jurors. 

1602 16 Dec. Robert Parmiter juror. 

1602 17 Mar. [1602/3] John Parmiter juror. 

1603 5 Sept. Robert Parmiter and John Parmiter free tenants. 

1603 19 Sept. Robert parmiter juror. 

1604 3 Sept. Robert Parmiter and John Parmiter jurors. 

1605 29 Aug. Robert Parmiter elected a chief burgess in place of George 
Osborne deceased. 

1605 10 Dec. Robert Parmiter juror. 

1605 22 Jan. [1605/6] Robert Parmiter juror. 

1607 12 Oct. Account of John Howe mayor. Received of Robert Par- 
miter for an estreat for non-appearance [probably for jury duty] 6d. 

1608 17 May. Presented Robert Parminter of Sudbury, glover, for that 
on 20 Nov. last past and many other days he practised the art or 
mystery of a clothier in making sayes contrary to the law, he not having 
had education or apprenticeship to that trade. 

1608 St. Gregory's Feast [12 March 1608/9] Robert Parmiter* chief 
burgess and one of the assessors of a tax of £3-6sh. 8d. 

1609 4 May. Inquisition held. Robert Parminter sen. juror. 

1610 10 Oct. Robert Parmeter juror. 

1611 3 Oct. Robert Parmeter juror. 

1612 Oct. Accounts of Thomas Smith mayor. Received of Robert Par- 
menter to put a horse upon the commons 9s. 

1612 30 July. Robert Parmeter juror. 
1612 1 Sept. Robert Parmeter bailiff. 
1615 3 Apr. Robert Parmenter juror. 

1615 4 Sept. Robert Parmeter elected constable. 

1616 7 Oct. Robert Parmeter juror. 

1617 11 Aug. Robert Parmyter juror. 

1617 1 Oct. Presented Robert Parmyter Jun. for selling mercery wares 
unlawfully, he not having had education or apprenticeship to that trade. 

1619 24 Oct. Robert Parmenter and John Parmenter jurors. 

1620 4 Sept. Robert Parmenter free tenant. 

1620 20 Sept. Robert Parmenter Sen. and Robert Parmenter Jun. jurors. 

1620 Oct. Accounts of John Willet mayor. " Received more of Robert 
Parmiter Jun' [and others] for those that broke the cuckinge stole, iiijs." 

1621 20 Oct. John Parmenter a food inspector for All Saints Parish. 

1621 2 Jan. [1621/2] John Parmenter juror. 

1622 25 Apr. John Parmenter of Sudbury, glover, gave bonds for Henry 
Clay of same, glover. 

1622 18 June. Robert Parmenter juror. 

1622 13 June. John Parmenter of Sudbury, glover, gave bonds for John 

Wilbie, alehousekeeper. 
1622 15 Aug. Daniel Parmenter juror. 
*I'rom this date until his death his name appears as chief burgess. 

172 Genealogical Research in England [April 

1622 2 Sept. Robert Parmeter Jun., and John Parmenter free tenants 

1622 2 Sept. Robert Parmeter Jun elected chamberlain. 

1622 9 Oct. Robert Parmeter and Daniel Parmiter jurors. 

1622 23 Dec. Robert Parmeter Sen. gave bonds for John Wilbie. 

1622 1 Jan. [1622/3] Robert Parmenter jun. presented for practising the 
trade of a linen draper contrary to the law, not being licensed. 

1623 31 July. Robert Pai'minter jun. presented for giving short measure. 
1623 31 Jidy John Parmenter juror. 

1623 31 July. John Parmenter and Daniel Parmenter mentioned as 

1623 1 Sept. Robert Parmenter's name entered as a Chief Burgess for 
the last time. There is a cross in front of the name and the name of 
George Ruggle is inserted at the end of the list, showing that he replaced 
Robert Parmenter. [From now on, the word " junior " is dropped from 
the younger Robert's name.] 

1 623 1 Sept. Robert Parmenter and John Parmenter free tenants. 

1623 21 Oct. Robert Parmenter of Sudbury, grocer, fined 20d. for bav- 
ins: a deficient 14 lb leaden weight. 

1623 8 Dec. Daniel Parmenter constable. 

1623 8 Dec. Robert Parmenter and John Parmenter jurors. 

1624 6 Jiily John Parmenter juror. 

1624 Feast of St. Bartholomew [24 Aug.] Supervisor of weaving, Daniel 

1624 6 Sept. Robert Parmenter, John Parmenter and Daniel Parmenter 

free tenants. 
1624 4 Oct. Robert Parmenter and Daniel Parmenter jurors. 
1624 4 Oct. Robert Parmenter bondsman for John Wilbie. 

1624 20 Jan. [1624/5] John Parmenter juror. 

1625 5 Sept. Robert Parmenter, John Parmenter and Daniel Parmenter 
free tenants. 

1625-6 19 .Jan. Robert Parmenter and Daniel Parmenter jurors. 

1626 4 Sept. Daniel Parmenter free tenant. 

1626 4 Sept. Daniel Parmenter elected a constable. 

1626 12 Mar. [1626/7] Daniel Parmenter* elected chief burgess in place 
of John Curd deceased. 

1627 24 May Daniel Parmenter juror. 

1627 20 Mar. [1627/8] Daniel Parmenter juror. 

1627 20 Mar. [1627/8] Joseph Parmenter gave bonds for Martha Mans- 
field, alehousekeeper. 

1629 1 Mar. [1629/30] Daniel Parmenter juror. 

1630 30 Sept. Daniel Parmenter juror. 

1631 7 July Daniel Parmenter juror. 

1632 19 Apr. Daniel Parmenter juror. 

1632 18 Jan. [1632/3] Daniel Parminter juror. 

1634 2 Oct. Daniell Parmenter, bailiff, had one of the three keys of the 
town chest. 

1635 17 Mar. [1635/6] Daniel Parmenter juror. 

1636 5 Sept. Daniel Parminter elected bailiff. 

Book of Pleas, 1 Dec. 1600 to 23 May 1608 

1602 2 Aug, John Parmiter versus Henry Everie [Evered] continued 

9 Aug. 

*His name appears as chief burgess from now until 1636, when there is a gap in the 

1912] Genealogical Research in England 173 

1602 10 Jan. [1602/3] Margaret Parker versus John Parmiter. 
1602 14 Mar. [1602/3] Robert Manfield versus John Parmiter. 

Records of the Manor of Woodhall, 18 Mar. 1604 to 13 May 1608 
1605 27 May. Robert Parmiter tenant. 

From the Parish Registers of All Saints, Sudbury 
1585 Sara daughter of Robert Parmynter 26 Sept. 
1588 Marye daughter of Robert Parminter 14 April. 
1593 Daniel son of Robert Parmynter 6 Jan. [1593/4] 
1597 Peter son of Robert Parmynter 12 June. 
1599 William son of Robert Parmynter 29 April. 
160[?] Alice daughter of Robert Parmynter 3 Aug. 
1611 Martha daughter of Joseph Parmynter 28 Jan. [1611/12] 
1614 Danyell son of Robert Pai'mynter 17 March [1614/15] 

1616 Samuell son of Robert parmynter 24 March [1616/17] 

1618 Mary daughter of Daniel Parmynter 30 Sept. 

1619 Sara daughter of Robert Parmynter 30 May. 

1620 Priscella daughter of Dan : parminter 29 Nov. 

1621 — h — nes [Johannes] filius Johannes Parmenter 16 Aug. 

1622 Danyell son to Danyell Parmenter 24 June. 

1622 Robert son of John Parmiter 26 Jan. [1622/3] 

1623 Hannah daughter of Robert Parmenter 2 Feb. [1623/4] 

1623 John and Daniel sons of Joseph Parmenter 7 March [1623/4] 

1624 Hannah daughter of Daniell Parmenter 6 Feb. [1624/5] 
1627 Danyell son of Danyell Parmiter 26 May.* 

1630 Danyell son of Joseph Parmiter 9 Jan [1630/1] 

1631 Martin son of Daniel Parmiter 6 Sept. 

1634 Rebeckah daughter of Danyell Parmeter 27 Oct. 
1637 Joseph son of Daniel and Hannah Palmenter 26 Mar. 

1605 Robert Parmynter and Agnes Elistone 2 June. 
1611 Richard Berif and Mary Parmynter 20 Oct. 

1618 John Parmynter and Anne Alden [date gone, transcript gives 10 

1633 [John, in transcript] Marshall and Mary Parmiter 15 Jan. 


1634 Robert Charter and Elizabeth Parmiter 28 July. 

1635 Willm Freind and Martha Parmiter 29 July. 

1639 Joseph Parmynter and Este Smith 30 Jan. [1639/40] 

1588 Sara daughter of Robert Parmynter 23 Sept. 
1599 William son of Robert Parmynter 4 July. 

1617 Danyell son to Robert Parmynter 30 Aug.f 
1617 The wife of John Parmynter 1 Oct. 

1621 Priscella daughter of Danyell Parmenter 23 June. 

1622 Alice daughter of Robert Parminter 1 Oct. 
1622 Barbarie wife of Robert Parmenter 14 Nov. 

* It seems likely that this record should be John son of DanyelL 
fThe record cannot be placed in the pedigree. 

174 Genealogical Research in England [April 

1623 Robert Parmenter the elder 8 Oct. 

1625 Ame daughter of Robert Parmenter 3 April. 

1626 Sarah daughter of Robert Parmenter 9 July. 
1626 Hannah daughter of Robert Parmiter 19 July. 
1626 Samuel son of Robert Parmiter 21 July. 
1626 Anne wife of Robert Parmiter 24 July. 

1626 Daniell son of Robert Parmiter 25 July. 

1626 Robert son of Robert Parmiter 1 Aug. 

1626 John Parmiter 13 Oct. 

1626 Ann daughter to Widow Parmiter 22 Oct. 

1629 Annah daughter of Joseph Parmenter 14 Oct. 

1629 Priscilla daughter of Joseph Parmenter 18 Oct. 

1629 Robert son of John Parmenter 26 Oct. 

1630 Danyell son of Joseph Parmenter 8 June. 
1633 — Parmiter 7 Feb. [1633/4] 

1637 William Parmiter 13 Feb. [1637/8] 

1638 Joseph son of Daniel Parmiter 17 May 
1638 Priscilla Parmeter 27 Sept. 

1638 Daniel Parmiter 2 Dec. 1638. 

From the Church Registers of Bildeston 

1581 Robert son of Robert Parmenter and Barbara his wife bapt. 16 April. 

1582 Joseph son of Robert Parmenter and Barbara his wife bapt. 2 Sept. 

From the Archdeacon's Transcripts of Hitcham 
1609 Mary daughter of Joseph Parmentour, bapt. 12 Oct. 

[From the foregoing records the following Parmenter pedigree has been 
compiled : 

1. Robert Parmiter, or Parminter, of Bildeston and Sudbury, 

glover, was born probably about 1550, and married Barbara , who 

was buried at Sudbury 14 Nov. 1622. He was living at Bildeston in 1581 
and 1582, and first appears in the Sudbury records when his daughter 
Sara was baptized in 1585. He was made a free tenant of the borough in 
1591, and became freeman in 1593, held various public ofiices, and was 
elected one of the chief burgesses in 1605, in which year he is also men- 
tioned as a tenant of the Manor of Woodhall in Sudbury. He was buried 
at Sudbury 3 Oct. 1623. 

Children, all but the first three baptized in All Saints, Sudbury : 

John, b. about 1579. 

Robert, bapt. at Bildeston 16 Apr. 1581. 

Joseph, bapt. at Bildeston 2 Sept. 1582. 

Sara, bapt. 26 Sept. 1585 ; bur. 23 Sept. 1588. 

Mary, bapt. 14 Apr. 1588; m. 20 Oct. 1611, Richard Bhrip. 

Daniel, bapt. 6 Jan. 1593/4. 

Peter, bapt. 12 June 1597 ; probably d. young ; no further mention 

of him found. 
William, bapt. 29 Apr. 1599 ; bur. 4 Julv 1599. 
Alice, bapt. 3 Aug. 1601 ; bur. 1 Oct. 1622. 

John Parmiter, or Parminter, of Sudbury, glover, the testator of 
1626, was probably born in 1579. His first wife, by whom he had 
no children, was buried at Sudbury 1 Oct. 1617, and he married 
secondly in All Saints, Sudbury, 10 Nov. 1618, Anne Alden, who 














1912] Genealogical Research in England 175 

survived him. He died at Sudbury, probably of the small-pox, and 

was buried 13 Oct. 1626. 

Children, baptized in All Saints, Sudbury : 
i. John, bapt. 16 Aug. 1621 ; history untraced. 
ii. Robert, bapt. 26 Jan. 1622/3; bur. 26 Oct. 1629. 
iii. Ann, bur. 22 Oct. 1626. 

8. Robert Parmiter, or Parminter, the testator of 1626, was bap- 
tized at Bildeston 16 Apr. 1581, and was buried at Sudbury 1 Aug. 
1626, probably dying of the small-pox then fatally raging there. 
He married at Sudbury, 2 June 1605, Anne, or Agnes, Elistone, 
who was buried there 24 Aug. 1626. In the borough records he is 
called "grocer," though in his will he calls himself " mercer." He 
is first mentioned in the borough records in 1617, and in 1622 he 
was a free tenant. 

Children, baptized and buried in All Saints, Sudbury : 

i. Ame, bur. 3 Apr. 1625. 

ii. Daniel, bapt. 17 Mar. 1614/15 ; bur. 25 July 1626. 

iii. Samuel, bapt. 24 Mar. 1616/17; bur. 21 July 1626. 

iv. Sarah, bapt. 30 May 1619 ; bui-. 9 July 1626. 

V. Hannah, bapt. 2 Feb. 1623/4 ; bui-. 19 July 1626. 

4. Joseph Parmiter, or Parminter, was baptized at Bildeston 2 Sept. 

1582. He does not appear in the borough records of Sudbury, al- 
though records of some of his children are given in the registers of 
All Saints, so probably he did not reside permanently in Sudbury. 
The name of his wife and time and place of his death are as yet 
unknown, and as no will of his has yet been found, the account of 
his family is incomplete. 
Children : 

i. Mary (probably) , bapt. at Hitcham 12 Oct. 1609 ; m. in All Saints, 

Sudbury, 15 Jan. 1633/4, John Marshall. 
ii. Martha, bapt. in all Saints, Sudbury, 28 Jan. 1611/12; m. there, 

29 July 1635, WiLLLiM Friend; had two children. 
iii. Joseph, b. probably about 1615 ; m. in All Saints, Sudbury, 30 Jan. 

1639/40, Esther Smith ; children, Joseph, Daniel, Hester, and per- 
haps others. 
iv. Anna, date of birth unknown; bur. at All Saints, Sudbury, 14 Oct. 

v. Priscilla, date of birth unknown; bur. at All Saints, Sudbury, 

18 Oct. 1629. 
6. vi. Robert (perhaps), b. in 1622 (?). 

vii. John, bapt. in All Saints, Sudbury, 7 Mar. 1623/4. 

viii. Daniel, bapt. in All Saiuts, Sudbury, 7 Mar. 1623/4 ; bur. there 

8 June 1630. 
ix. Daniel, bapt. in All Saints, Sudbury, 9 Jan. 1630/1 ; living in 1648, 

and mentioned in the will of John Parmenter. 

5. Daniel Parminter, saymaker of Sudbury, the testator of 1638, 

baptized there in All Saints 6 Jan. 1593/4, is first mentioned in the 
borough records in 1622. He held various town offices, and on 
12 Mar. 1626/7 was elected a chief burgess, holding this position 
until his decease. He was buried at All Saints 2 Dec. 1638. He 

married Hannah . 

Children, all but two baptized in All Saints : 

i. Mary, bapt. 30 Sept. 1618; m. John Harrison, clerk; had John, 

Isaac, Daniel, Dorothy, and Mary. 
ii. Priscilla, bapt. 29 Nov. 1620 ; bur. 23 June 1621. 

176 Genealogical Research in England [April 

iii. Daniel, bapt. 24 June 1622 ; living in 1638. 

iv. Hannah, bapt. 6 Feb. 1624/5; m. Thomas Berry. 

V. John, b. probably in 1627 ; d. unm. ; the testator of 1648. 

7. vi. Egbert, b. probably in 1629 ; living in 1648. 

vii. Martin, bapt. 6 Sept. 1631 ; probably d. young, 

viii. Kebecca, bapt. 27 Oct. 1634 ; probably d. young. 

ix. Joseph, bapt. 26 Mar. 1637 ; bur. 17 May 1638. 

6 OR 7. Robert Parmenter, born in England, was in Braintree, Mass., 
before 1648, his associations indicating tbat be was of the foregoing 
family in England ; but it is yet uncertain whether he was a son of 
Joseph or Daniel. Inasmuch as his age stated at death indicates 
that he was born in 1622, it is most probable he was son of Joseph, 
a point which further research may establish. He was admitted 
freeman of the Colony 22 May 1650, was chosen a deacon of the 
Braintree church 7 Dec. 1677, and died at Braintree 27 June 1696, 
aged 74 years, according to the records. 

He married at Braintree, 3 Apr. 1648, Leah (Sanders) Whe4T- 
LEY, baptized in All Saints, Sudbury, 10 Oct. 1623, daugRter of 
Martin Sanders (of whom an account is apjiended) and widow of 
John Wheatley. She died at Braintree 24 Mar. 1706/7. 

Children, born at Braintree : 

i. John, b. 23 Oct., d. 4 Nov. 1653. 

ii. Joseph, b. 20 Dec. 1665 ; d. 20 Feb. 1736/7; m. 17 Nov. 1675, Mary 

Marsh, and had six children ; was town clerk of Braintree for 

thirty years. 
iii. Elizabeth, b. 29 Oct, 1657; m. 11 Aug 1673, Sajwuel Penniman. 
iv. Hannah, b. 17 Jan. 1658/9; m. 25 Dec. 1684, Samuel Tompson. 

John Parmenter of Sudbury, Mass., in 1639, did not belong to this im- 
mediate branch of the Parmenter family. Data on his ancestry will appear 
in a future issue of the Register. — E. F.] 


Martin Sanders, currier, aged 40, came to New England from London 
in the spring of 1635 in the ship Planter, bringing his wife Rachel, aged 40, 
and children Mary, aged 15, Leah, aged 10, Judith, aged 8, and Martin, 
aged 4 (see Hotten's Original Lists, pp. 47, 48). He settled at Brain- 
tree, Mass., where he died 4 Aug. 1658, leaving a will dated 5 July 1658, 
which was disallowed, and his estate divided by agreement between his 
eldest son John Sanders, Francis Eliot (husband of Mary Sanders), Martin 
Sanders (youngest son), and Robert Parminter (husband of Leah Sanders), 
the latter also receiving £15 for his "daughter-in-law Rachel" [i. e. step- 
daughter Rachel Wheatley]. (Register, vol. 10, p. 87.) 

He married first, about 1618, Rachel , born about 1595, who 

was the mother of all his children, and who died at Braintree, Mass., 15 
Sept. 1651 ; and secondly, 23 May 1654, Elizabeth Bancroft, widow of 

That Martin Sanders lived at Sudbury, England, before emigrating to 
America in 1635, is made evident by these records of all his 

Childi-en, baptized in All Saints, Sudbury : 

i. Mary, bapt. 26 Aug. 1619 ; m. in New England, about 1640, Fkancis 

ii. Martin, bapt. in 1621 ; d. young, 
iii. Leah, bapt. 10 Oct. 1623; m. (1) at Braintree, about 1643, John 

Wheatley, who d. about 1646, and by whom she had one child, 

1912] Genealogical Research in England 177 

Bachel, b. about 1644 ; m. (2) at Braintree, 3 Apr. 1648, Robert 

Parmenter, as previously stated. 
iv. Judith, bapt. 27 Dec. 1625 ; d. uum. at Braintree, Mass., 7 July 1651. 
V. John, bapt. 5 Mar. 1627/8 ; m. 9 Oct. 1650, Mary Munjoy, and had 

vi. Martin, bapt. 28 Aug. 1630; m. 1 Apr. 1651, Lydia Hardier, and 

had issue, 
vii. Daniel, bapt. 25 Mar. 1632 ; bur. at All Saints, Sudbury, 1 Aug. 


From the Parish Registers of All Saints, Sudbury, 1564-1640 

1619 Racheil daughter of William Waterbury 25 July. 
1621 John son of William Waterberrie 30 Dec. 
1623 Mary daughter of William Waterbery 29 Feb. [1623/4] 

1625 William son of William Waterbery 26 Feb. [1625/6] 
1627 William son of William Waterbery 9 Aug. 

1629 Samuell son of William Waterbury 20 Sept. 

1614 John Waterburye and Anne Shelton 1 Nov. 


1626 William son of William Waterbury 15 Oct. 

From the Archdeacon's Transcripts of St. Peter's, Sudbury 
1585 Elizabeth daughter of John Waterburie bapt. 10 Oct. 

From the Parish Register of Great Waldingfield, Suffolk 
1593 Judith daughter of Robert Wat' bury bapt. 17 Mar. [1593/4]* 

From the Muniments of the Borough Court of Sudbury, Suffolk 

Proceedings of the Borough Courts, 1563-1636 
1588 17 June. John Waterberye of Sudbury, sherman, admitted free- 

1590 20 Aug. List taken by the clerk of the market of the weights and 
measures of those trading in the town. John Waterbury, wayghts good. 

1591 6 Feb. [1591/2] John Waterburye juror. 

1592 20 July. Assessment for the bill of costs of £15 of Thomas Godfrey 
allowed in the Duchy [of Lancaster] Court. John Waterburie 7d. 

1593 26 April. John Waterburye juror. 

1593 6 Aug. John Waterbury juror. 

1594 2 Sept. John Waterburye juror. 

1610 1 Oct. WUliam Waterbury of Sudbury, saymaker, gave bonds for 
Thomas Bettes of Sudbury, weaver. 

1619 16 Oct. William Waterberrey a supervisor of commons. 

1620 20 Sei^t. William Waterberrye of Sudbury presented at the sessions 
of the peace, 

1621 30 May William Waterberry fined 12d. 

1621 20 Oct. William Waterbery supervisor of commons. 

1621 2 Jan. [1621/2] William Waterberye juror. 

1622 1 Jan. [1622/3] William Waterbery, weaver, of Sudbury, pre- 

* She was left 40s. in the will of Jefifrye Woode of Stoke-Nayland, whose servant 
she was. 

178 Genealogical Research in England [April 

sented for practising the trade or mystery of a clothier in making of 
woolen cloth called says without being educated in or apprenticed to that 
1623 31 July. William Waterberry presented and fined 12d. for giving 
short measure. 

1623 21 Oct. William Waterberry of Sudbury presented and fined 6d. 
for having his measure called his yard deficient in length. 

1624 4 Oct. William Waterberry elected a food inspector. 
1634 2 Oct. John Waterberry juror. 

[For further notes on this family, see Eegister, vol. 64, pp. 135, 136.] 


From the Archdeacon of Sudbury's Transcripts 
Denardiston, 1574. Simonds Rayes son of Robert and Margery bapt. 11 

Mar. [1574/5] 
Glemsford, Suffolk. Symon Ray vxorem duxit Sariam Pegro™ als Pilgrim 

19 Feb. 1598/9. 

[The foregoing are the baptism of the father and the marriage of the 
parents of Symon Ray of Braintree, Mass., whose pedigree will be found 
in the Register, vol. 63, pp. 356ff, and vol. 64, pp. 51ff. E. F.] 


Mixer Entries in the Church Register of Capel St. Mary, 


1597 Jane daughter of Isacke and Francis Mixer 7 May. 

1600 Elizabeth daughter of Isacke Mixer and Francis his wife 11 May." 

1601 John son of John Mixer and Elizabeth his wife 13 Sept. 

1602 "Isacke y^ sonne of Isacke mixer & Francis his wif baptised the 3* 
of October 1602." 

1603 Robert son of John Mixer and Elizabeth his wife 4 Dec. 

1 605 Elizabeth daughter of John Mixer and Elizabeth his wife 8 Dec. 
1608 Abigaile daughter of John Mixer and Elizabeth his wife 10 Apr. 
1608 Sara daughter of Isacke Mixer and Frances 14 Aug. 
1611 Adam son of John mixer and Elizabeth his wife 28 Apr. 
1611 Dorithe daughter of Isacke mixter and Francis his wife 2 July. 
1613 Abigaile daughter of Isacke Mixer and Francis his wife 1 Nov. 
1623 John son of Isacke Mixer and Susan his wife 26 Oct. 
1628 Mary daughter of Isaak Mixar and Susan his wife 20 Apr. 

1618 Joseph Briden and Jane Mixer married 11 June. 
1620 George Mixer and Doreth Chisnall 26 Oct. 

1628 Isaac Mixer, widower and Anna Bloss, widow, married 12 Feb. 

1629 Isaac Mixer, Jun., and Sarah Thurston 11 May.f 

1602 John son of John Mixer and Elizabeth his wife 1 Nov. 
1620 Francis the wife of Isacke Mixer 24 Feb. [1620/1] 

* Missing, 1585-91 and 1593-6. 

t Emigrants to New England in 1634. There are no Thurston entries in this 

1912] Genealogical Research in England 179 

1628 Susan wife of Isacc Mixar 26 April. 

1628 Mary daughter of Isaac Mixar and Susan his wife 26 Apr. 

1642 Isaac Mixer 25 March* 

From the Church Register of Bildeston 
1623 William Mixer a weaver of Hadleigh buried 25 Feb. [1623-4] 

From the Church Register of Nedging 
1572 John Myxter son of Edmund bapt. 30 Aug. 

[The will of Isaac Mixer, Sr., in 1641, naming "my sonne Isaak Mixer 
in new England," will be found in the Register, vol. 63, p. 277. From 
this will and the foregoing material the following Mixer pedigree has been 
compiled : 

1. Isaac Mixer of Capel, co. Suffolk, weaver, the testator of 1641, 

was buried there 25 Mar. 1642. He married first Frances , who 

was buried 24 Feb. 1620/1 ; secondly Susan , who died 26 Apr. 

1628; and thirdly the widow Anna Blosse, 12 Feb. 1628/9. 
Children by first wife, all but two baptized at Capel : 

i. George, m. at Capel, 26 Oct. 1620, Dorothy Chisnall; executor 

of his father's will; had children Mary and Lidia. 
ii. Jane, bapt. 7 May 1597; m. 11 June 16i8, Joseph Bridkn; named 
in her father's will. 

iii. Elizabeth, bapt. 11 May 1600; probably m. Lodge. 

2. iv. Isaac, bapt. 3 Oct. 1602. 

V. Frances, named in her father's will, 
vi. Sara, bapt. 14 Aug. 1608 ; named in her father's will, 
vii. Dorothy, bapt. 2 July 1611 ; named in her father's will, 
vili. Abigail, bapt. 1 Nov. 1613. Is this the daughter mentioned as Amy 
in her father's will? 

Children by second wife, baptized at Capel : 

ix. John, bapt. 26 Oct. 1623 ; named in his father's will. 
X. Mary, bapt. 20 Apr. 1628 ; bur. at Capel 26 Apr. 1628. 

2. Isaac Mixer of Capel, England, and Watertown, Mass., was baptized 
at Capel 3 Oct. 1 602, and died, probably in Watertown, between 8 
May and 19 June 1655. He married at Capel, 11 May 1629, Sarah 
Thurston, born about 1599 or 1600, and with her and their son 
Isaac sailed for New England from Ipswich, 10 Apr. 1634. He 
settled at Watertown, where he was a proprietor in 1636 and free- 
man 2 May 1638. His widow died 24 Nov. 1681. 

Children : 
i. Isaac, b. in England about 1630 ; m. (1) Mary Coolidge, daughter 
of John; m. (2) Rebecca Garfield, daughter of Edward; m. (3) 
. Mary (Lothrop) French, widow of William of Billerica, pre- 
viously widow of John Stearns of Billerica, and daughter of 
Thomas Lothrop ; had fifteen children by his first two wives. 
ii. Sarah, b. in New England; d. in 1656; m. John Stearns of Bille- 
rica, son of Isaac of Watertown; had two sons. 

No further light on the ancestry of the elder Isaac Mixer has been 
found. The early wills show the family to have been located at Shotley. 
It may be suggested, however, that the John Mixer, whose numerous 
family is recorded at Capel, may be identical with the John, son of Edmund, 
baptized at Medging, nine miles from Capel, and that he may also be a 
brother of Isaac. The name is variously spelled Mixer and Mixter. — E. F.] 

* In 1629 and 1630 Isaake mixer churchwarden [signed with a mark] . 
VOL. LXVI. 12 

180 English Ancestry of Robert Page. [April 


The Will of John Poulter of Rayleigh, co. Essex, yeoman, 18 March 
1638/9. To be buried in the parish church or churchyard of Rayleigh. 
To mv son John Poulter £50 to be paid him at the age of one and twenty 
years. To my daughter Mary £100 to be paid her at the age of one and 
twenty years or day of marriage. To my daughter Elizabeth £100 to be 
paid her at the age of one and twenty years or day of marriage. If any 
child die before said age, reversion to the survivors at legal age or marriage. 
If all die before legal age, reversion to my wife Mary Poulter. My over- 
seers to put forth my childrens portion for their use during their minority. 
To my mother Marie Poulter 40s. to buy her a ring for remembrance- 
To my aunt Anne Hay ward 20s. To Anne Hudson 20s. To Richard 
Abrahams, son of Richard Abrahams, 20s. To Will Brewster 20s. To 
Jane Broadwater and Elizabeth Broadwater 5 sh. each. To William 
Clements 10s. All the residue of my goods unbequeathed I give to my 
wife Mary Poulter, whom I make executrix and guardian of my children 
during their minority. Thomas Purchas, clerke, and John Sharpe, yeoman, 
overseers, and to each for remembrance 20s. To my mother-in-law Marie 
Pope an annuity of 20s. for five years. [Signed] John Poulter. Witnesses : 
John Horsnayle, Wittrn Brewster, John Oiien his mark. Proved at Bad- 
dow 30 May 1639 by Marie Poulter relict and executrix. (Archdeaconry 
of Essex, 1638-53, fo. 49.) 

[The foregoing will confirms the statement made by Savage that John 
Poulter of Billerica, Mass., 1658, was from Rayleigh. He died 20 May 
1676, aged 41, according to his gravestone as given by Harris. His sister 
Elizabeth married, 22 Nov. 1655, Jonathan Danforth. John Poulter 
married in 1662 Rachel Eliot of Braintree, daughter of Francis and Mary 
(Sanders)* ; and she married secondly, in 1677, John Whitmore. — E. F.] 

[To be continued] 


By George Walter Chamberlain, M.S., of Maiden, Mass. 

In 1860 Samuel Gardner Drake, one of the founders of the New 
England Historic Genealogical Society, published his The Founders 
of Nevr England, and on pages 44 to 48 of that volume he repro- 
duced "a Register of persons " vv^ho desired "to passe into forraigne 
partes ... by vertu of a commission granted to M'' Thomas 
Mayhew, gentleman." 

One of the entries vrhich was published reads as follows : 

"Aprill the 11th 1637. The examinaction of Robertt Page of Ormsby 
in Norff. husbandman, ageed 33 yeares and Lucea his wife, aged 30 
yeares, with 3 children, Frances, Margrett, and Susanna, and 2 Saruants, 
William Moulton and Anne Wadd ; the one aged 20 yeares the other 
15 yeares, and are all deskous to passe for New England to inhabitt and 

* See under Sanders, ante. 

1912] Unglish Ancestry of Robert Pag'] 181 

In the Register for 1872 (vol 26, p. 75) Dr» William Prescott 
of Concord, N, H., communicated the results of his investigations 
concerning the parentage of Robert Page in his introduction to hia 
descendants. From the fact that what Dr. Prescott published cor- 
responds with the English Notes of the late Horatio G. Somerby, it 
is inferred that they were the result of the latter's English gleanings. 
As the parish registers of Ormsby St. Margaret do not begin until 
1675 and the register of Acle till 1664, the establishment of the 
Page pedigree was regarded as difficult. Recent researches enable 
me to carry it back to a period as early as 1550 with certainty. The 
pedigree is based upon the following English wills : 

Will of Robert Page of Acle made May 8, 1450. I Robert Page de- 
sire my body to be buried in the chm'chyard of St. Edaiund King and 
Martyr at Acle. To the high altar 12 pence. To the emendation of the 
sd church 8s. To the light of the Blessed Virgin Mary in sd church 6d. 
To the Brotherhood of St. Edmund King and Martyr 2s. The residue of 
my goods I give to my executors. I appoint I^icholas Hardy and Margaret 
my wife my executors. Proved at Norwich May 16, 1450, by Nicholas 
Hardy with power reserved to Margaret wife of the deceased. (Consistory 
Court of Norwich, 1448-1455, Alleyn 41.) 

Will of James Page of Acle made December 2, 1534. To be buried 
in the churchyard of St. Edmund King and Martyr in Acle. To the 
Church of St. Mary burgh within Flegge [Fleggborough] 6s. 8d. To the 
reparation of the Church at Ridlington a quarter of malt. The residue 
of my goods and chattells whatsoever, I bequeath to my executors and 
I ordain Henry Page of Acle and James Hall, mariner, of Burgh in Flegge 
executors. Witnesses : William Corbet, Thomas Calne, with others. Proved 
at Acle, January 16, 1535, by the executors. (Archdeaconry Court of 
Norwich, 1529-1536, fo. 152.) 

Will of Robert Page of Acle in Norfolk, husbandman, made Aprd 20, 
1587. My body shall be buried in the church-yard at Acle. 1 bequeath 
to Edmund Page my son my houses, tenements and lands in Acle with all 
pertaining thereto, to him and his heirs forever. To Robert Page my son 
£10, to be paid 20s. yearly for ten years. To Cicely Page my daughter 
£5, 20s. to be paid each year until £5 is paid. To Margaret Page my 
daughter £5 to be paid in like manner. I will that Martha my wife shall 
have for life the house where John Taylor now dwelleth, and 1 Os. yearly, 
to be paid 5s. half yearly or as she may need. Also the " hole " furniture, 
one table now in the house where Gosling dwelleth, etc. All the rest of 
my goods, cattells, implements and stuff of household I bequeath to the 
disposition of my executor, and I appoint Edmund Page my son my sole 
executor. Witnesses : Peter Downhill, Ralph Cootes, John Plum, William 
Smith, William Johnson, and John Downing, Proved in Acle, May 15, 
1587, by the executor. (Archdeaconry Court of Norwich, Barnes, 1587.) 

Will of Robert Page of Ormesby, Co. of Norfolk, husbandman, made 
July 1, 1617. My body shall be buried in the churchyard of the parish of 
Ormesby St. Margaret's. To the sd church of St. Margaret's 12d. To Marga- 
ret Page my wife my house and land with all appurtenances thereto belong- 
ing, situate and being in Acle in the Co. of Norfolk for the term of her life. 

182 E'^^jUsh Ancestry of Hohert Page [April 

After her decease the sd house and land and all appurtenances thereto 
belonging to Robert Page my son, he paying all such legacies in such 
manner as is hereafter mentioned. To Thomas Page my son £5, to be paid 
by the said Robert Page two years after the decease of Margaret my 
wife. To Rebecca my daughter £5, to be paid by the sd Robert Page 
four years after the decease of Margaret my wife. To Henry Page my 
son £5, to be paid b}^ the sd Robert Page six years after the decease of 
Margaret my wife. If it happen the said Robert Page my son does not 
pay the aforesaid legacies in manner and form aforesaid, my will and mind 
is that he or she who shall be unjsaid their legacy shall reenter and possess 
the aforesaid house and land with all belonging until the "fearme" of the 
aforesaid house and land in Acle shall satisfy and pay their aforesaid 
legacy of £5. To Francis my son £7, Margaret my wife to pay it in 
■manner following, viz. 40s. when the sd Francis attain the age of 21 years, 
and £5 when he shall attain the age of 24 years. My will is that my wife 
Margaret shall enter into two several bonds unto the sd Francis for the 
payment of the said seven pounds within five days after my death. The 
rest of my goods and chattels, movables and immovables, unbequeathed, I 
give to Margaret my wife whom I make sole executrix, to pay my debts 
and funeral charges and prove my will within one month of my death. 
If she shall refuse, then 1 ordain Francis my son to be my sole executor 
and Margaret my wife to be void. Any of my children departing this life 
before their legacy is due, their legacy shall be divided among the survivors. 
If Robert my son depart this life before Margaret my wife, then I will my 
son Thomas have the house and land in Acle and pay the aforesaid legacies 
that Robert should have paid. Witnesses : Ralph Smith, William Lar- 
wood, and Edward Boughton. Proved July 23, 1617, by the executrix. 
(Archdeaconry Court of Norwich, 1617.) 

Will of Francis Page of Ormesby ^t. Margarett in Norfolk, husband- 
man, February 4, 1666. To Rebekah Rix my sister my piece of ground 
lying in Ormesby on the north of the tenement where I now dwell, with 
all the rights and appurtenances thereto belonging, which I purchased of 
Clement Harcocke, deceased, estimated to be about five roods, to her and 
her heirs forever. To my said sister all my goods whatsoever, and I ap- 
point her sole executrix. The mark of Francis Page. Witnesses : William 
Worde, and William Bryspoole. Proved at Norwich, April 5, 1667, by the 
executrix. (Archdeaconry Court of Norwich, 1666-7.) 

From the foregoing wills the line of descent appears to be as 
follows : 

1. Robert^ Page of Acle, co. Norfolk, husbandman, born before 1550, 

died between 20 Apr. and 15 May 1587. He married Martha , 

who was living 20 Ajir. 1587, at the date of her husband's will, as were 
the following children : 

i. Edmund^, inherited the homestead in Acle, and was appointed 
executor 15 May 1587. 

2. ii. Robert. 
iii. CiCKLY. 
iv. Margaret. 

2. Robert^ Page {Roherf) of Acle and of Ormsby St. Margaret, co- 
Norfolk, husbandman, was born as early as 1577. He died at Orms. 
by between 1 and 23 July 1617, and was probably buried in the 
churchyard of Ormsby St. Margaret. 

1912] English Ancestry of Robert Page 183 

" Roberte Page & Margrett Goodwynge " [Goodwin] were mar- 
ried in the parish of Hemblington, 16 July 1598 (Norfolk Parish 
Register Marriages, vol. 1 p. 22). As Hemblington is only four miles 
from Acle, and as this Page was the only person of the name there 
married, he is probably the Robert Page of Acle. Margaret Good- 
win was perhaps the daughter or sister of Francis Goodwin of 
Hemblington in 1585. 
Children : 
3. i. Robert^ Page, b. abt. 1604. 

ii. Thomas, probably not the Thomas Page, a " gentleman," who was at 

Saco m the Province of Maine from 1637 to 1641. 
iii. Eebecca, bapt. at Ormsby St. Michael, 16 May 1608 ; ra. Rix, 

and was living 5 Apr. 1667, probably in the vicinity of Ormsby. 
iv. Henry, living 1 July, 1617. 
V. Francis, under age 1 July 1617; husbandman; d. in Ormsby St. 

Margaret betw. 4 Feb. 1666 and 5 Apr. 1667, probably leaving no 


3. Robert* Page {Rohert\ RoherO), born about 1604, who was to inherit 
the Page homestead in Acle after his mother's death, emigrated to 

New England in 1637. He married, about 1628, Lucy , who 

died at Hampton 12 Nov. 1665, aged 58 years ; and he died there 
26 Sept. 1679, aged 75 years. The family lived at Salem, Mass., 
from 1637 to 1639, after which year they lived at Hampton. 
Children : 

i. Margaret*, b. abt. 1630; lived at Hampton; d. 13 July 1699. 

ii. Francis, b. abt. 1633; d. at Hampton, 15 Nov. 1706. 

iii. Susanna, b. abt. 1635. 

iv. Rebecca, bapt. at Salem 1 Sept. 1639; d. 27 May 1673. 

V. Thomas, bapt. at Salem 1 Sept. 1639 ; d. 8 Sept. 1686. 

vi. Hannah, b. abt. 1642 ; d. 6 Aug. 1704. 

vii. Mary, b. abt. 1644 ; d. 8 Mar. 1700. 

On 24 June 1673, Robert Page of Hampton conveyed land by a 
deed in which he called Edward Colcord of Hampton his brother 
and Colcord's wife Ann his sister. The author of the Colcord Gen- 
ealogy published in 1910, p. 7, states that Edward Colcord married 
Ann Page. The foregoing pedigree shows that there was no Ann 
Page for him to marry. According to the Genealogy, Ann Colcord 
was the mother of ten children born between 1641 and 23 July 
1667. From this fact she must have been born between 1621 and 
1626. As the father of Robert Page of Hampton died before 23 
July 1617, she could not have been his posthumous daughter. She 
may have been a half sister to Robert Page, or a sister or half sister 
to his wife Lucy, or Lucy may have been a sister or half sister to 
Edward Colcord. It is clear that Colcord's wife Ann was not Ann 
Page. She may have been Ann Wadd, aged 15 years in 1637. 

The fact that Robert Page of Ormsby, 1617, was the son of 
Robert Page of Acle, 1587, appears to be clear from the fact that 
the Ormsby man owned a home in Acle in 1617. The inquisitiones 
post mortem, if preserved, would probably give more light on this 

The foregoing and other data seem to indicate that the Acle family 
is not recently descended from the Saxthorpe family of this surname. 

184 Proceedings of the IT. JE. Hist. Gen. Society [April 


By John Albree, Recording Secretary 

Boston^ Massachusetts^ 6 December^ 1911. A stated meeting of the Society 
was held at Pilgrim Hall, 14 Beacon Street, at 2.30 p.m.. President Baxter pre- 

The minutes of the last meeting were approved, and the reports of the Cor- 
respondmg Secretary, Librarian, Historian, and Council were ordered filed. 

Seven resident members were elected by ballot. 

The report of the Nominating Committee was read and accepted. 

The President appointed as auditors Charles Irving Thayer and Charles Sidney 

Rev. James De Normandie, S.T.D., minister of the First Church of Roxbury, 
read a paper, The Story of an Old Church in Neio Hampshire^ in which he related 
the experiences of the church which had its beginnings in 1623, when the first 
settlements were made in Portsmouth. 

President Baxter spoke of Church of Englaiad services having been held 
August 19, 1607, by Rev. Richard Seymour in the short-lived Popham Colony in 
Maine, the first colony on the shores of New England. 

It was 

Voted^ — That the Society express to Dr. De Normandie its appreciation of the 
enjoyment derived from his paper, which involved so much research and in 
which he has reproduced so vividly the personality of the ancient worthies. 

After adjournment, refreshments were served. 

3 January, 1912. A stated meeting of the Society was held in Pilgrim Hall, 
14 Beacon Street, at 2.30 p.m.. President Baxter presiding. 

The minutes of the December meeting were approved, and the reports of the 
Corresponding Secretary, Librarian, Historian, and Council were accepted. 

Fifteen resident members were elected by ballot. 

The Nominating Committee submitted the name of John Carroll Chase for 
Vice-President for New Hampshire, in place of that of Jonathan Eastman 

Rev. George Hodges, D.D., D.C.L., LL.D., read a paper, The Forefathers of 
Jamestoion, which was illustrated with stereopticon. After commenting on the 
fact that the adjectives Puritan and Cavalier do not adequately explain the diffei*- 
ence between Virginia and Massachusetts, he related the story of Jamestown, 
the work of Captain John Smith, and the beginnings of representative govern- 
ment and of local control over the levying of taxes. 

On motion of Hon. Henry Nicliols Blake, it was 

Voted, — That tlie Society formally express its pleasure in hearing Dean 
Hodges's scholarly and interesting presentation of the significant story of James- 

31 January. The annual meeting of the Society was held this day, agreeable 
to article 1, chapter III, of the By-laws ; for a report of which see the Supple- 
ment to the present number of the Register. 

7 February. A stated meeting of the Society was held at PilgTim Hall, 14 
Beacon Street, at 2.30 p.m., President Baxter presiding. 

The minutes of the annual meeting were read and approved, and the reports of 
the Corresponding Secretary, Librarian, Historian, and Council were accepted 
for the files. 

The Society's copy of Memoirs of Captain Roger Clap was shown, as it con- 
tains, as an appendix, the earliest genealogy thus far known, which was pub- 
as such, in the United States. 

William Milligau Sloane, Ph.D., L.H.D., LL.D., SethLow Professor of His- 
tory, Columbia College, spoke upon The Beginnings of Party Government in 
America, in which, after establishing the diflerence in the European and American 
points of view — the former, that man exists for the state, and the latter, that 
the state exists for man — and that parties as such did not exist until after the 


Notes 185 

Revolution, he traced the gradual growth of parties from the formation of the 
Ponstitutiou through the administrations of the early Presidents. 
^ on motion of Chlrles Sidney Ensign, a formal -Pf l,f ^^^ne Tn whJ^h he 
appreciation of the Society for the interestmg paper of Dr Sloane, m which He 
carefully delineated the rise and development of party politics. 
At 3.30 P.M., it was voted to adjourn. 


TTawtts • Additions and CoRRECxiONs.-Mr. James W. Hawes, 27 West 44th 
St^etriewS Sy SlTs attention to the following changes bearing upon 
PsT^tp' The EngLh Ancestors of Edmond h es^o ^armc^th,^ Mass . , ^ 

neit entry should read - v. Margaret mWALTEK Chamber. g^P; 16^^29, 
add " m before 1619, George Co^by." In Errata, on p. 386, (^resweiae cor 
rected to read Greswalde should be Greswolde. 

w^T«Av -RnxD— The following memoranda from an old bible have been 
mS gh'enT?he Lciety by Charles S. Brigham, Librariaa of the American 
Antiquarian Society, Worcester : 

Births and Marriages 
William Nelson was born October 4tii 1773 
Sarah Bond was born December Wti^ 1778 
William Nelson was married to Sarah Bond May lO''^ 1800 
Austin Nelson was born January 8* 1804 • 


Jonathan Bond was born April 30'!^ 1750 

Sallv Crosman was born February 2,^"^ 1751 

M^onathan Bond was married to Sally Crosman July 20*^ 1773 

Nancy Bond was born October 6"^ 1774 

Edward Bond was born September m^ 177b 

Sarah Bond was born December 19th 1778 

Jonathan Bond J"^ was born January 6* 1780 

Cynthia Bond was born April 9^1 1782 

Austin F, Bond was born August 1^^ 1784 

Betsy Bond was born November 26^ 1787 

Joshua C. Bond was born September U^"^ 1790 

Hannah Bond was born A^pril 2Q^^ 1793 


of llis BjSf6 

r ^"rBSl?sttrTf' s' r^^^^^^^^^ life after the short and pain- 

^^'^''^l^lLlX^Lf^iioT^-r.^ 'he 7 1814 in the 21 year of hm^ age. 

■Ct *rr Famtt Y OF Watertown, MASS.-The following items have been copied 
froi a^SiWe^the PoTsesS George O. Clapp of Everett, Mass. : 
Sarah Briggs Flagg Married November 8 1832 to John Thomas Died June 29. 

Margaret SloltfFSgg Marled to Otis P. Clapp Oct. 22 1843 
Geo Otis Clapp son of Otis. P. and Margaret C. Born Feb 14 18o4 
Otis F Clapp son of Geo O Clapp Born June 10 1874 

186 Notes [AprU 

William B Flagg Married to Margret Briggs Nov. 8. 1812. Died April 11. 1839 

aged 46. y 2 mo 
William Briggs to Elizabeth Plummer Sep''. 6 1821 
David P Shaw to Esther Briggs Sep^ 6 1821 
Francis G. Flagg died 27 Nov 1852 aged 28 years, 4 ma 
Hanuah Jane Dennis died July 30, 1852 aged 21. y 5. mo 
Sarah Briggs Flagg. Thomas died June 29, 1845 — aged 31 years 
Children of W™ B. Flagg and Margaret his vpife : — 
Wi" B. Flagg, bom , died Sarah Briggs Flagg born June 14, 

1814, died June 29, 1845; Samuel Allen Flagg born , died 

W»» Blinn Flagg born March 26, 1817; Abner, born died ; 

Margaret, born Sept , 1821 ; Nancy Dinsmore born , died 

Francis Garaux born Aug. 20"^ 1824 ; Charles Chase born Sept. 1826 ; 
Elizabeth born 1828, died ; Hannah born Feb. 25, 1831 ; 

George Henry Small born , died Josiah Edwin born 

died ; Mary born , died ; Elizabeth born , died 

W™ B. Flagg died Apr. 11 1839, aged 46. 2 mo 
Margret G Flagg died 14 Apr 1869 76 years 6 days 
Samuel A Flagg born November 8 1763 
Charlotte Flagg Born Nov. 14 1766 
The Children of S & C Flagg 

William B Flagg born Feby 16'^ 1793 
Samuel A Flagg Jf. born December 22 1796 
David Flagg born June. 4. 1798 
John Jinliius Flagg born August 19 1800 
Hannah Flagg Born March 26 1803 
Josiah J. Fiagg born April 20 1805 
Margaret Garaux Flagg Bom June 1 1807 
David Flagg mar Elsie Chisholm 

4 Children 2 boys 2 girls : Huldah born about 1823 ; died 1850 
John Jenkins Flagg mar. Sally Mathews, 

Arlotta b. about 1822-3; — mar. Jaclison. 

Mary Ruth, William, John, bom 1839-40 

Josiah Flagg mar Longfellow. 

1 or 2 Children. He died in 1842. 
Abner Briggs born febury 16 1764 • 

Sarah Briggs born Sept 16 1767 
The Children of A & S Briggs 

Margaret Garaux Briggs born April 8th 1793 
Elisabeth Flagg Briggs born June 4 1794 
William Briggs bom July 23 1797 
Hannah Brigg bom Feby. 25. 1799 
Sarah Brigg bom Sep"- 23 1800 
Esther Talbot Briggs bom June 11th — 1802 
Abner Briggs born June 30 — 1805 
John Briggs born June 16 — 1806 
Huldah Briggs born feby 20 1808 
Abner. Briggs. died Feb 4'h. 1839 
Sarah Briggs his Wife died Mch 19. 1840 
-\Ym Briggs their son died Oct 19 1852 
Sarah Roberts— his 2»i wife Jan 5 1838 
aged. 75. 73. 55. & 32 years Respetively 

Ruth Briggs. Daughter of Johnson & Neice to Abner died Dec. 15. 1853. 
Jeremiah Briggs Brother of Ruth died Jan 15. 1843. 

Watertown Train-Band, 1652,— In the Register for October, 1849, vol. 3, 
p. 401, is a '^ List of Names of those who tooli the Oath of Fidelity," from the 
Records of the Middlesex County Court. The list is correct, and the original 
document from which it was made has been found among the files of the court. 
It contains these words, which should have been embodied in the Records : 


JSTotes 187 

" Let this honord Court know that the traine band of Watertown have chosen 
Lieutenant Mason to be our Captain, and Sergent Peerce to be our Lieutenant ; 
here is also the names of certaine men whom upon this occasion have taken the 
Oath of Fidelity." 

In the Middlesex County Court Records, vol. 1, p. 302, are the words : " The 
Names of Such Persons as have Taken the Oath of Fidelity, 1652," but said 
nothing of their military service. Captain Hugh Mason was given his com- 
mission May 5, 1652, and the following names are a part, at least, of his " Train 
Band " : 

Sam" Stratton Sen. Richard Bloice 

Sam" Stratton Junior John Coller 

John Stratton Anthony Beerz [Beurs?] 

John Knapp Francis Bowman 

W"" Perse Sam" Benjamin 

Joseph Child Abra. Williams 

John Bourden Isaac Mixer [Mixsure?] 

Stephen Paine Sam" Barnard 

John Cloise John Sping 

Sam" Ward James Knapp 

Mathew Smith Richa : Cady 

Daniell Warren Jn" Barnard 

John Page Thomas Pratt 

Sam" Daniel Robert Harrington 

Richard Child Tho : [Leson?] Gleason 

W™ Sanderson Jn" Train 

Jonathan Whitney Tho. Straite 

Jn" Perse Jn" Bush 

Richard Smith John Fiske 

John Cooledge John Bigolough 
Henry Spring 
This original document is found in file " Mid : Sx. Index 1649-1652. Mis- 
cellaneous." Rev. Anson Titus. 
Somerville, Mass. 

English Ancestry of Henry Adams. — In the Register, vol. 59, pp. 320-22, 
data was given suggesting that Henry Adams of Braintree, Mass., came from 
Kingweston, co. Somerset, the transcripts of the registers of that parish 
showing the baptism of a John Adams, son of Henry, on 4 Dec. 1622. The 
theory is much strengthened by the fact that the transcripts of the registers of 
that parish also have the baptism of Edward, son of Henry Adams, on 19 Apr. 
1629, an entry evidently overlooked in the original research. This record applies 
well to Edward Adams,* son of Henry of Braintree, who was married about 

An examination of a few of the transcripts of Compton Dundon (the parish 
adjoining Kingweston on the west) gave the following Adams items, so it may 
be that a complete examination of them would be profitable : 

Margery dau. of William Adams, bap. 10 May 1629 

James son of John Addams and Mary, bap. 9 Sept. 1635 

William son of Henry Addams and Joane, bap. 28 Feb. 1635-6 

William son of Henry Addams, bur. 26 Mar. 1636 

John son of Henry Addams, bur. 30 Aug. 1636 

Richard sou of William Adams and Joane, bap. 20 Jan. 1636/7. 

Mary dau. of Henry Addams and Joane, bap. 20 Aug. 1637 

Richard son of John Addams and Mary, bap. 19 Nov. 1637 

Richard son of William Addams, bur. 20 Mar. 1637/8 

James son of John Addams, bur. 16 Dec. 1639 

Hugh Jones, Elizabeth Jones, James Abbot, John Vining. — The registers 
of Wincanton, co. Somerset (which begin in 1636), show the baptisms of these 
emigrants, who came together to New England about 1651 (see Register, 
vol. 61, p. 150) : 

* On 28 Oct. 1663, Edward Adams, aged 35, deposed in the case of Stedman vs. 
Adams (Suff. Co. Court Files, No. 606).— Virginia Hall, Cambridge, Mass. 

188 Notes [April 

Hugo son of Robert Jones bapt. 3 Jan. 1636-7 

Elizabeth the daughter of Robte Jones, husbandman, was baptized the 2 of 
Septemb. 1627 [Transcripts of Wincanton] 

James son of James Abbot, bapt. 29 Dec. 1636 

John son of Robert Vining, bapt. 17 Apr. 1636 

Besides Robert Jones, "husbandman," there was another Robert Jones in 
Wincanton about 1630 who was curate of that parish, signing the transcripts as 
such in 1628 and 1630. 

9 Ware Street^ Dorchester, Mass. J. Gardner Bartlett. 

CANNEY-WiNGATE-PAmE.— A 1619 Nortou and Bill bible, which has come 
down through five Joshuas Wingate, having come to the first Wiugate with his 
second wife, the widow Canney, contains three records of her Canney children, 
disagreeing in dates, of which one, entered by a good penman after aU the chil- 
dren were l)oru, is as follows : 

Sarah Cenny was bor 3 of Augst 1667 

Martha Cenny [Mathew Canny in earlier record] was bor 5 Febr 1669 

Mary Cenny ber January 17 1672 

Lydia Cemiy 26 August 1673 

Thomas Cenny 1 November 1675 

Samuel Ceimy 24 May 1677 

Earlier entries read : 

" Thomas Canny his Book god Giu hun grace therein to Looke " 

" Thomas Chauny his bibell" 

" Thomas Canny mared in octo . . . one the thirth [third] day 1666 " 

The name " Sarah Pain" entered in an ancient hand at the top of one of the 
record pages indicates how the name Paine got into the Wingate family. 
Richard Paine of Newichewanock, shipwright, was one of the bondsmen of the 
widow Sarah Wingate, 1688. Earlier, 1678, Mr. Richard Paine was of Great 
Island. He died in'Charlestown 29 Mar. 1708, aged 72. She had died in Boston 
23 Dec. 1707. Wymau's Charlestown gives his will in which he remembers 
his "son-in-law" J. Wingate and "daugliter in law Abigail wife of Samuel 
Kenny, trunkmaker of Boston," and makes his heir his nephew Thomas Paine, 
ropemaker, of Rotherdale, co. Surry, England. This sliows what became of 
John Wingate's youngest daugliter; the i3oston records give the marriage of 
Samuel Kenny and Abigail Winget 16 Nov. 1704, and the births of eight children, 

An unsuccessful attempt has been made to verify the statement in Dow's 
Hampton that Sarah Canney-Wingate-Paine was daughter of Anthony Taylor. 
But as two of her grandchildren were living in Mr. Dow's youth, and as Mr. 
Dow was himself sprung from the marriage of John Moulton and Lydia Taylor, 
23 Mar. 1666, we may accredit his circumstantial statements to reliable tradition. 
Mr. Dow's material consisted in part of early tradition of the very highest 
value, in part of guessed-together vital records of Hampton uncorrected by 
reference to the county records, and in part of contributed matter of mixed 
value. It is important that his original papers should be placed in a safe 
depository. For instance, his flat statement that the name of the wife of the 
famous Edward Gove was Hannah Titcomb has been challenged. If this was 
one of his early recorded traditions it is of high authority, for circumstantial 
traditions must have come down regarding this man's sensational career and 
what his Avife did during his imprisonment. On the other hand, if Mr. Dow 
accepted the statement on the authority of a correspondent it may be worthless. 

One of the Canney daughters, presumably the eldest, was married before 12 
Mar. 1683/4, when John Wingate made his will, and the others may afterwards 
have been married : Martha to Benjamin Nason, 30 June 1687 ; Mary to John 
Twombly, 18 Apr. 1687; Lydia to Tobias Hanson [Register, vol. 6, p. 330]. 

The name " Channey Smith" is scribbled in the margin of one of the record 
pages, and one might suppose him to be a descendant of Thomas Cenny, Canny 
or Channy ; but better judgment is that the youth was the same who afterwards 
as Dr. Cheney Smith of Dover practiced there as early as 1735. He seems 
to have been the Cheney Smith born at Ipswich 21 Mar. 1712, grandson of 
Hannah (Cheney) Smith of Newbury. The suggestion tliat the Cheneys of 
Newbury and the Canueys of Dover were of the same family leads into the deep 


ITotes 189 

swamp of early orthoepy. The general substitution of " a " for " e " interfered 
with the rule for the aspiration of '' c " before certain vowels. Cheney on 
Martha's Vineyard is spoken Chain-ny to this day, and a Dover deed as late as 
1736, when it seems certain that "ch" had settled down to its modern sound, 
spelt the first Thomas Canney's name Chancy. On the other hand, several con- 
temporary entries of Canney read Kenny. Probably the sound as well as the 
spelling wabbled. 

Later records are : Joshua Wing" born 7 Sept 17[10?] ; Joshua Winget Junr 
married 19 day . . .; Ann Wmget born 21 May 1736; Joshua Winget^Sd born 
14 Oct 1737 [on another page 1738]. The bible evidently came down through 
John^ Wiugate, Col. Joshua,'^ Joshua,^ Joshua.* The latter dying childless it 
must have gone to his cousin Joshua Wiugate of Hallowell, then to his son 
Gen. Joshua Wingate of Portland, who probably saved it from destruction by 
having it finely rebound in calf. Charles Thornton Libby, 

Portland, Me. 

Historical Intelligence 

Norfolk Pamilies. — Mr. Walter Rye has prepared for publication by sub- 
scription in five parts "Norfolk Families: Past and Present, their Origin and 
Arms (if any)." This work will contain a condensed account of the origin and 
history of every name of note in the County, in all about 2,300, and will com- 
prise critical remarks on all doubtful pedigrees and arms, and notes (many un- 
published) on all noteworthy Norfolk families and persons. Parts 1 and 2 
(now ready) contain A to He, and refer to about 1030 families, their pedigrees, 
and arms. For further particulars address Messrs. Goose & Son, 2 The Hay- 
market, Norwich, England. 

British Record Society.— In a letter received from Mr. Thomas M. Blagg, 
the General Editor of the Society, he states that " in Mr. G. E. Cokayne, whose 
recent death you will have heard of, the Society has lost its strongest support, 
for the late Clarencieux King of Arms subsidised some of its most useful work. 
... If, therefore, the utility and output of the Society ai'e to be maintained, 
it is essential that we should have a considerable accession of subscribers in 
1912." Mr. Blagg asks for the support of the Society's work by individuals 
and libraries, mentioning that subscribers receive an abundant return in printed 
matter, and that the more subscribers the more material each will receive, as 
the entire income is expended each year on the Society's work. Attention is 
called to the advertisement in this number. 

The Society of Genealogists of London. — The Second Quarterly Report, 
December 1911, has been received and shows the Society to have made rapid 
strides since its oi'ganization. The Society is collecting printed and manuscript 
volumes, and documents, for safe keeping. Various committees have been 
formed to extend the useful work of the Society, such as forming a consolidated 
index of names in the shape of a card index, an index of pedigrees in print or 
mss., of monumental inscriptions, of parish registers and marriage licences, of 
fly-leaf inscriptions in family bibles, of records of migration and change of resi- 
dence, of local records and family associations. Committees to deal with Irish, 
Scottish, and Welsh records are in course of formation. The Society, among 
other gifts, has recently received transcripts of 27 unprinted Cornish registers 
on index slips. 

For further particulars in regard to the scope of the Society's work and 
terms of membership, address the Hon. Secretary, 227 Strand, London, W.C, 

Genealogies in Preparation. — Persons of the several names are advised to 
furnish the compilers of these genealogies with records of their own families 
and other information which they think may be useful. We would suggest that 
all facts of interest illustrating family history or character be communicated, 
especially service under the U. S. Government, the holding of other offices, gi'ad- 
uation from college or professional schools, occupation, with places and dates 

190 Recent Boohs [April 

of birth, marriage, residence, and death. All names should be given in full if 
possible. No initials should be used when the full name is known. 

Bussell (Buzzell).— John of Dover, N. H., who died in Jan. 1738, by Eev. 
Herbert L. Buzzell, Barre, Mass. 

i^oss. —Johan (John), who died at Dover, N. H., between 17 Dec. 1699 and 
8 Jan. 1699/1700, by Guy Scoby Rix, 8 Elm Street, Concord, N. H. 

isomer.— John, who died at Boston 6 Nov. 1717, by Morgan H. Stafford, 32 
Eichardson Street, Newton, Mass. 


[The editor particularly requests persons sending books for listing in the Register 
to state, for the information of readers, the price of each book, with the amount to be 
added for postage when sent by mail, and from whom it may be ordered. For the 
January issue, books should be received by Nov. 1 ; for April, by Feb. 1 ; for July, by 
May 1 ; and for October, by July 1.] 


Atkins genealogy. No. 99, Library of Cape Cod, history and genealogy, Atkins 
[family, descendants of Henry]. By James W. Hawes. Yarmouthport, Mass., 
C. W. Swift, publisher and printer, 1911. 17 p. 4o Price 75 cts. Address the 

Bates genealogy. The Bates bulletin, vol. 5, no. 1, Sept. 1911. 12 p. 11. 8° 

Burrill genealogy. Burrill lineage [descendants of Jolm of "Weymouth, Mass. 
By Paul Colburn Burrill]. Milwaukee, Wis., 1910. n. p. blueprint. 

Busby genealogy. No. 100, Library of Cape Cod, history and genealogy, Busby 
[family, descendants of Nicholas]. By James W. Hawes. Yarmouthport, 
Mass., C. W. Swift, publisher and printer, 1911. 8 p. i" Price 25 cts. Address 
the publisher. 

Dame genealogy. Some descendants of Dea. John Dam of Dover, N. H., 1633. 
By John Scales, A. M. Boston, Mass., Press of David Clapp & Son, 1911. 
14: p. 8° Reprint from the Register for Oct., 1911. 

Davis and Everett genealogies. One line of descendants from Dolar Davis and 
Richard Everett, including numerous marriage connections. By Mrs. William 
Sumner Crosby. Boston, Mass., Press of George H. Ellis Co., 1911. 59 p. 
por. 8" Price $3.00. Address the author, 173 Gardner Road, Brookline, Mass. 

Eldredge genealogy. No. 101, Library of Cape Cod, history and genealogy, 
Eldred, Eldredge [family descendants of Robert]. By James W. Hawes. Yar- 
mouth, Mass., C. W. Swift, publisher and printer, 1911. 29 p. 4" Price $1.00. 
Address the publisher. 

Foreman-Farman-Forman genealogy. Descendants of William Foreman, who 
came from London, Eng., in 1675, and settled near Annapolis, Md., supple- 
mented by single lines of the families of the ancestors of tlie writer's paternal 
great-grandmother, his grandmother, his own mother, and the descendants of 
Edward Frisbie, an original settler of Branford, Ct. By Elbert Eli Farman, LL.D. 
New York, Tobias Alexander Wright, 1911. 232 p. pi. por. 8° Price $5.00. 
Address T. A. Wright, 150 Bleecker St., New York. 

Gilbert, Carver, and Duffield genealogy. The Gilbert family [descendants of 
John] ; the Carver family [descendants of John] ; the Duffleld family [descen- 
dants of Benjamin]. By Joseph C. Martindale, M.D. Frankford, Philadelphia, 
Pa., Martin & Allardyce, 1911. 18 p. 12° 

Hopkins genealogy. Hopkins, the name and the coat of arms. Frankford, 
Philadelphia, Pa., Martin & Allardyce, 1911. [8 p.] pi. 16° Price $1.00. Ad- 
dress the publishers, Frankford, Pa. 


Recent Boohs 191 

Knight genealogy. The Knight family [descendants of Giles]. By Joseph C. 
Martiudale, M.D. Frankford, Philadelphia, Pa., Martin & AUardyce 1911. 
16 p. 12° 

Mason genealogy. Enoch and Elizabeth Mason, their ancestry and descendants, 
with loving tribute to some who have gone to a fairer land. By S. S. Mason. 
Kingsley, Iowa. J. H. Beardsley, printer, 1911. 90 p. por. 12° Price $2.00 
bound, 50 cts. paper cover. Address S. S. Mason, Bear Lake, Mich., or Bird- 
sail, N. Y. 

Mather genealogy. The Mather family of Cheltenham, Pa., being an account 
of the descendants of Joseph Mather, compiled from the records of Charles 
Mather of Jenkiutown. By Horace Mather Lippincott, Ph.B. Philadelphia, 
Pa., Lewis J. Levick, 1910. Io0+[18] p. fcsm. il. pi. por. 8° Price $3.00. Ad- 
dress the author, 26 South 17th St., Philadelphia, Pa. 

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PMpps genealogy. Notes on Phipps and Phip families of England, Ireland, the 
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Connecticut genealogies. Genealogical and family history of the state of Con- 
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Mecent Boohs 193 

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194 Recent Boohs [April 

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Vol. 63, p. 377, 1. 20, /or Charles H. Hausen read Charles HelmershaOsen, 

Vol. 65. p. 382, 1. 2, for 1774 read 1754. 

Vol. 66, p. 93, 1. 40, /or Harley Calvin Page read Hai-ley Calvin Gage. 

Vol. 66, p. 94, 1. 45, /or James Henry Shipper read James Henry Slipper. 

Vol. 66, p. 95, 1. 25, /or Joseph Frangois Baptistan Denis read Joseph Frangois Bap- 

tistau Denis Julien. 
Vol. 66, p. 95, 1. 28, /or T. F. B. D. Julien read J. F. B. D. Julien. 



JULY, 1912 


By Amasa Mason Eaton, A.M., LL.B. 

John Taggard Blodgett, a resident member of the New Eng- 
land Historic Genealogical Society from 1906, and elected its Vice- 
President for Rhode Island at the annual meeting preceding his 
death, was born in Belmont, Massachusetts, May 16, 1859, the 
son of William Alfred and Anna Maria (Taggard) Blodgett, his 
line of descent from Thomas' Blodgett, born in England in 1605, 
who came from London, England, to Boston, Massachusetts, in the 
Increase in 1635, and settled at Cambridge, being through David,'' 
Thomas,^ Joseph, "^ Jonathan,^ Jabez,® Alfred,^ to William Alfred,* 
his father. His great-great-grandfather Jonathan Blodgett of 
Hudson, New Hampshire, answered the "Lexington Alarm," 
April 19, 1775, and served later as a private in a New Hampshire 
regiment. He was a great-grandson of William Taggard of Hills- 
borough, New Hampshire, ensign and lieutenant in the Second 
New Hampshire Regiment, 1776-1780 ; and also the great-grandson 
of Bartholomew Trow of Charlestown, Massachusetts, a member 
of "The Boston Tea Party," a minute man at Lexington April 19, 
1775, lieutenant in Colonel Thomas Gardiner's regiment at Bunker 
Hill June 17, 1775, and captain in the 25th Massachusetts Regiment 
at the siege of Quebec in 1776. He was a great-great-grandson 
of Hezekiah Welch of Boston, second lieutenant of the frigate Boston 
in 1778 ; and he was the great-grandson of Ebenezer Welch of 
Boston, midshipman in the Revolution. 

He received his early education in the public schools of Belmont 
and of Watertown, Massachusetts, and was graduated from the 
Watertown High School in 1875, and from Worcester Academy in 
1876. He then entered Brown University, and was graduated with 
his class in 1880, being a member of the Society of Phi Beta Kappa, 
and receiving three years later from the college the degree of A.M. 

Upon graduation he entered upon the study of law in the office 
of Benjamin N. Lapham in Providence. There he completed the 

VOL. LXVI. 13 

196 Johyi Taggard Blodgett [July 

regular course of three years' study, and passing with brilliancy the 
bar examinations, he was admitted to practice. He was admitted 
to practice in the United States District Court in 1885, and in the 
United States Circuit Court of Appeals in 1895, his law practice 
relating principally to corporation and banking business. He was 
United States Commissioner for the District of Rhode Island from 
1890 to 1897 ; and he became supervisor of Federal elections in 
Rhode Island in 1891, remaining in that office until the repeal of the 
Federal election law, the duties of the office being to inspect the 
list of voters and to see that no fraud was practiced in Federal 
elections. The familiarity with election laws thus acquired led him 
to prepare and to carry through a state law relating to the appoint- 
ment and defining the powers and duties of the Board of Can- 
vassers and Registration. Upon its passage in 1895 he was ap- 
pointed a member and became its chairman, remaining so until he 
became a member of the Supreme Court of the state. 

He was a member of the House of Representatives from the city 
of Providence from 1898 to 1900, and took a leading part while a 
member in drafting and securing the adoption of important legis- 
lation relating to the city. His experience upon the board of can- 
vassers led to his appointment in 1900 as chairman of a commission 
to revise the ward lines of the city of Providence. 

He was chairman of the Rhode Island Commission to the James- 
town Exposition of 1907. 

In 1900 he was elected by the General Assembly Associate 
Justice of the Supreme Court of Rhode Island, remaining in that 
office until his death, at Providence March 4, 1912. 

An examination of his opinions in the Rhode Island Reports 
illustrates his thoroughness of research, his scholarship, capacity for 
work, and independence of judgment, especially in some of the dis- 
senting opinions he delivered. 

Besides his association with this Society, Judge Blodgett was a 
member of the Rhode Island Historical Society, the Rhode Island 
Society of Colonial Wars, and the Rhode Island Society of Sons of 
the American Revolution. He was also a corresponding member 
of The Colonial Society of Massachusetts, and contributed a paper 
upon "The Political Theory of the Mayflower Compact" to its 
Transactions in 1909. 

He married first, March 28, 1883, Amelia Wilson Torrey, daugh- 
ter of Moses Eddy and Amelia (Wilson) Torrey of Providence, by 
whom he had a son, Moses Torrey, who died soon after his birth, 
and a daughter, Gwendolen. On August 15, 1900, he married 
his second wife. Amy de Lacy Bemiss, daughter of Dr. Samuel 
INIerrifield and Frances (Lockert) Bemiss of New Orleans, Louisiana, 
who survives him, with the daughter by his first wife, Gwendolen 

1912] Thompson Families of Connecticut 197 


By Donald Lines Jacobus, M.A., of New Haven, Conn. 

The earlier generations of the Thompson families of East Haven 
and of New Haven have been confused, and the published accounts 
are inaccurate without exception. The principal reason for this is 
that three John Thompsons in succession flourished in each family. 
Furthermore, considerable confusion has arisen with regard to their 
wives, due to the fact that John, Sr., of New Haven married Ellen 
Harrison, while the widow of the first John of East Haven married 
Thomas Harrison for her second husband. Consequently, Ellen has 
been assigned indiscriminately to three separate Johns. The follow- 
ing account of the two families may help to straighten matters. 

The Thompson Family of East Haven 
1. JoHN^ Thompson, "farmer," of East Haven, apparently was not 
related to the three brothers who founded the New Haven family. Ac- 
cording to Dod's East Haven Register, the name of his wife was Ellen, 
and this has been followed by every succeeding account, including that in 
the Tuttle Genealogy (1883). She is referred to merely as "the widow" 
in the County Court Records, where many of the early Probate entries are 
to be found ; but in the unindexed second volume of Proprietors' Records 
is a passage (p. 185) which distinctly calls her Dorothy. There is no 
reason for disputing the correctness of this record, especially as two of her 
children, Rebecca (Thompson) Thomas and Nathaniel Harrison, named a 
daughter Dorothy. John Thompson's estate was inventoried in 1655 (New 
Haven Probate Records, vol. 1, p. 58), and he probably died in that year. 
His widow was unmarried in February 1656 (Proprietors' Records, vol. 2, 
p. 185), but shortly thereafter married Thomas Harrison of Branford, as 
his first wife. By him she had two sons, Thomas Harrison, born 1 Mar. 
1657, and Nathaniel Harrison, born 13 Dec. 1658. It would seem that 
she did not long survive, for on 29 Mar. 1666, Thomas Harrison married 
his second wife, Elizabeth Stent. On 27 Jan. 1671, the children of John 
Thompson, farmer, deceased, made application for the distribution of their 
father's estate, mentioning their "father-in-law" Thomas Harrison as its 
custodian. Their names are given as John the eldest son, Joseph, Hannah, 
Mary, Rebeckah, Abigaile and Sarah ; and Mathew Moulthrop and John 
Cooper, Jr., acknowledge the receipt of their wives' portions (New Haven 
County Court Records, vol. 1, p. 36). 
Children : 

1. Hannah,' m. 26 June 1662, Matthew Moulthrop, who d. 1691 ; 

d. 1681. 
2. ii. John. 

iii. Mary, m. 27 Dec. 1666, John Cooper, bapt. 28 May 1642 ; d. Nov. 

8. iv. Joseph. 

V. ATtTfiATT. (twm), b. 20 Jan. 1651; m. (1) 25 Nov. 1672, Joseph Al- 

sop, Jr., b. abt. 1649, d. 12 Jan. 1691; m. (2) Capt. John Mn.ES, 

Jr., b. 9 Jan. 1668, d. 10 Feb. 1710; d. 1727. 
vi. Rebecca (twha), b. 26 Jan. 1651; m. (1) 3 Feb. 1669, Daniel 

198 Thompson Families of Connecticut [July 

Thomas of "West Haven, who d. 1G94; m. (2) abt. 1703, John 
Pekkins, b. 18 Aug. 1651, d. after 1727 ; d. after 1730. 
vii. Sakah, b. 30 Apr. 1654 ; m. 24 Nov. 1678, Alling Ball, b. 27 June 
1656, d. 1710; d. 1716. 

2. John'' Thompson {Johi^), "farmer," of East Haven, married, 22 

May 1666, Priscilla Powell, daughter of Thomas, who died 

18 Apr. 1726. He died 13 Feb. 16'J3. In his will of 13 Feb. 

1693, probated June 1693, he mentions his wife, eldest son John, 

son Samuel, daughter Chidsey, and daughter Abigail (New Haven 

Probate Records, vol. 2, p. 136). 
Children : 

i. John,^ b. 6 Aug. 1667; called "farmer" and sergeant; m. Mekcy 
Mansfield, dau. of Moses and Mercy (Glover), b. 2 Apr. 1667, 
d. 9 Jan. 1745, who m. (2) Nathaniel Bradley (cf . her gravestone, 
East Haven cemetery) ; d. 25 Sept. 1721. This Thompson line was 
carried on through his sons, John,^ Moses, and Samuel. 

ii. A DAUGHTER, b. 17 Oct. 1669 ; d. 29 Oct. 1669. 

iii. Priscilla, b. 7 Aug. 1671 ; m. Ebenezer Chidsey, b. 10 Feb. 1666, 
d. Sept. 1726; d. 1 Jan. 1726. 

Iv. Samuel, b. 29 Jan. 1674 ; d. young. 

V. Samuel, b. 1 May 1677 ; m. Abigail Pottek, dau. of John and Mary 
(Hitchcock), b. 23 Sept. 1680, who m. (2) Thomas Smith; d. 25 
Dec. 1712. His only son was Samuel,* whose male line became 
extinct in the next generation. 

vi. Abigail, b. 24 Feb. 1680 ; m. 8 Sept. 1G98, Daniel Collins, b. 28 
May 1677. 

8. Joseph^ Thompson (Jolin^) removed to Wallingford, Conn., where 
he married first, about 1683, Mrs. Elizabeth (Lathrop) Royce, 
widow of Isaac, who was born in 1648, and in 1669 married Isaac 
• Royce, who died in 1682. She died before 1690, when Joseph 
Thompson is referred to as father-in-law of the Royce children 
(County Court Records, vol. 1, p. 178). He married secondly, 
22 Nov. 1694, Mercy Jacob. In Feb. 1704, administration on 
the estate of Joseph Thomson of Wallingford, deceased, was granted 
to Mr. John Moss and to Joseph Thomson, son of the deceased ; 
and the estate was distributed to the widow Mercy, and to Joseph, 
John, and Hannah (County Court Records, vol. 2, p. 151). 
Children : 

i. Joseph,^ b. abt. 1683; called Captain; m. 9 Feb. 1710, Hannah 
Clark, who d. 17 Aug. 1763 ; d. 7 Nov. 1756. This line was con- 
tinued through liis only son, Samuel.* 

ii. John, b. 1 Feb. 1685 ; m. 23 June 1710, Sarah Culver, who d. 26 
July 1751; d. 1763. He left descendants, who lived at Walling- 
ford and Goshen, through liis sous, Abel.'^ John, and Joseph. 

iii. HLiNNAH, b. 16 Apr. 1687; m. 1 Mar. 1706, Samuel Thorpe of Wal- 
Imgford, b. 13 Feb. 1682 ; d. after 1742. 

The Thompson Family of New Haven. 

The New Haven family of Thompson was founded by three brothers, 
William, Anthony, and John. An attempt has been made to connect them 
with the Thompson family of Lenham, co. Kent, England. This Lenham 
myth has been set forth as a certainty in the History of Goshen (by A. G. 
Hibbard, 1897), in the Marhs-Platt Ancestry (by E. J. Lines, 1902, pp. 
46-50), and in several other accounts, and so far as known has never been 
refuted. Henry Thompson of Royton in Lenham married Dorothy Hony 

1912] Thompson Families of Connecticut 199 

wood, and died 20 Oct. 1648, leaving, with other issue, sons John, William, 
and Anthony. The coincidence of names would seem promising, and it is 
not strange that somebody hastily conjectured their identity with the emi- 
grants, but investigation overthrows the theory. According to William 
Berry's Pedigrees of the Families in the County of Kent (published in 1830, 
pp. 15-17), Anthony Thompson of Lenham was baptized 30 Aug. 1612, 
and died in England 13 Feb. 1682, leaving as heiress an only daughter. 
Moreover, John Thompson of Lenham was born in 1604, too early for 
John of New Haven, who was probably the youngest of the emigrant 
brothers. The Lenham brothers had three cousins, sons of Thomas Thomp- 
son of Pethem, co. Kent, likewise named John, William, and Anthony ; 
but this John was a knight, and died in 1645 without issue. Furthermore, 
the evidence of chronology tends to show that the emigrants could not de- 
scend from Henry of Lenham or Thomas of Pethem in the following gen- 
eration. At all events, the accepted pedigree must be abandoned. 

1. William^ Thompson died unmarried in New Haven 24 Apr. 1683. 
In his wUl of 6 Oct. 1682 he calls himself "far stricken in years," and 
mentions his nephews Benjamin Broadly and brother Abraham Broadly ; 
nephew John Thompson, son of brother Anthony ; cousin John Thompson, 
Jr., son of nephew John abovesaid ; cousin William Thompson, son of 
nephew John abovesaid ; cousin Mary Lynes ; sister Ellen Thompson ; 
cousins Mary Lynes, Anna Broadlye, and Elizabeth Broadly e, daughters 
of sister Ellen Thompson ; Elizabeth, eldest daughter of Benjamin Broad- 
lye ; and cousins Bridgett Bowers, Anna Stanton, and Lydia Cruttenden 
(New Haven Probate Records, vol. 1, p. 192). 

2. Anthony^ Thompson died Sept. 1648. In his will of 23 Mar. 1647 
he mentions his eldest son ; second son, Anthony ; daughter Bridget which 
he had by former wife ; other daughters ; wife ; and brothers William and 
John (New Haven Probate Records, vol. 1, p. 33). He married first 

; and secondly Katharine , who married for her 

second husband, 14 July 1652, Nicholas Camp of MUford. The Proprie- 
tors' records contain several references to payment of portions to Anthony's 
children, by " Kattern Camp," the children mentioned being John, Hannah, 
Liddia, Ebenezer, Anthony, and Bridget (Proprietors' Records, vol. 2, pp. 
91, 98, 114, 229). 

Children by first wife : 

4. i. John.'* 

ii. Anthony, b. Dec. 1634; d. at Milford 29 Dec. 1654. In his will of 
26 Dec. 1654 he names his brother John Thompson; his eldest 
sister, his father's daughter by his own motlier ; and his sisters, 
daughters of his father by his mother-in-law, goodwife Camp 
(New Haven Probate Eecords, vol. 1, p. 55). 

iii. BkhjCtEt, m. Rev. John Bowers of Derby, who d. 14 June 1687 ; 
d. 19 May 1720. 

Children by second wife : 

iv. Hannah, bapt. 8 June 1645 ; m. Stanton. 

V. Lydia, bapt. 24 July 1647; m. (1) 20 Sept. 1665, Isaac Cruttenden 
of Guilford; m. (2) Dea. John Meigs; d. Dec. 1729. 

5. vi. Ebenezer (posthumous), b. 15 Oct. 1648. 

3. John^ Thompson, called " Senior " to distinguish him from his 

nephew the '' Mariner," married, 25 Feb. 1650, Ellen Harrison, 
probably a sister of the Thomas Harrison who married the widow 
of John Thompson of East Haven. He died 14 Dec. 1674, and on 

200 Thompson Families of Connecticut [July 

9 June 1 675 " Ellin ye relict " presented the inventory of his estate, 
which was distributed to herself, to Samuel Lines in right of Mary 
his wife, to Abraham Bradlye in right of Hanna his wife, to Eliza- 
beth, and to "the younger daughter" (County Court Records, 
vol. 1, p. 86). His widow died 8 Apr. 1690, and in her will of 
Oct. 1689 she mentions her daughters Mary, Hannah, and Elizabeth, 
her sons-in-law Abraham and Benjamin Bradlye, and her grandchild 
Sarah daughter of her daughter Elizabeth (New Haven Probate 
Records, vol. 2, p. 41). 
Children : 

i. Maky,* b. 24 Apr. 1652; m. (1) Nov. 1674, Samuel Lines, b. Apr. 

1649, d. 1692 ; m. (2) John Hitchcock of Wallingford, who d. 6 

July 1716; m. (3) 18 Apr. 1717, Samuel Clark. 
ii. Anne, or Hannah, b. 22 Sept. 1654 ; m. 25 Dec. 1673, Abraham 

Bradley, b. 24 Oct. 1650, d. 19 Oct. 1718 ; d. 26 Oct. 1718. 
iii. Elizabeth, b. 3 June 1657 ; m. 29 Oct. 1677, Benjamin Bradley, b. 

8 Apr. 1657, d. 1728; d. 3 Nov. 1718. 
iv. Lydia, b. 13 Mar. 1664 ; evidently " the younger daughter" referred 

to in 1675 ; d. before 1689 and probably before 1682, as she is not 

mentioned in her uncle William's wUl. 
V. Sarah, b. 25 Mar. 1667 ; d. 1669. 

4. John^ Thompson (2. Anthony^), called " Mariner," has usually been 
assigned a wife Ellen or Hellena (cf . History of Goshen, and Genea- 
logical History of Connecticut, 1911, p. 1000). This is an error, and 
the only wife of John who appears on record was Anne Vicars, 
or ViCARis. On 25 Feb. 1657, John Tompson entered an action 
against the estate of John Roberts, part of which was then in the 
hands of Mr. Wakeman, on the ground that there had been a treaty 
of marriage betwixt the said John Roberts and Ann Vicars (now 
wife to the said John Tompson), and that her former betrothed had by 
word of mouth left his estate to Ann (Hoadley, Records of the Juris- 
diction of New Haven, vol. 2, p. 198). It should be noted that 
John Wakeman's wife, Elizabeth Hopkins, had a first cousin Ann, 
daughter of Walter Vicaris (see the will of William Hopkins of 
Bewdley, Worcestershire, given in the Wahe7nan Genealogy, p. 30). 
John Thompson died 2 June 1707, and the inventory of "Mr. 
John Thompson, Marriner, late deed," was presented 28 Oct. 1707 
(New Haven Probate Records, vol. 3, p. 116). In the absence of 
any distribution of the estate, it is difficult to place his daughters 
with certainty. Most of his land had been deeded in the later 
years of his life to his sons John, Joseph, Samuel, and William 
(New Haven Deeds, vols. 2 and 3). There is no difficulty in iden- 
tifying the first three, but there seems to have been considerable 
misapprehension as to the identity of William. This problem is 
considered below under William Thompson (no. 9). There is no 
proof that Ann Vicars was mother of all the children, but no other 
wife has been found. 
Children : 

6. i. JoHN,3 b. 12 May 1657. 

ii. Anne, m. 10 May 1688, Caleb Chidsey of East Haven, b. 20 Nov. 
1661, d. 1713 ; she d. before 6 July 1693, when Caleb m. his second 
wife, Hannah Dickerman. She left no children; and there is no 
reason for assuming that she was daughter of '■^ John the mariner," 
except that it is difficult to place her anywhere else, and it seems 

1912] Thompson Families of Connecticut 201 

natural that he should have a daughter named for her mother. 
Perhaps she is identical with the unnamed child (iv.) below. 

7. iii. Joseph, b. 4 Apr. 1664. 
iv. A CHILD, b. Sept. 1667. 

8. V. Samuel, b. 12 May 1669. 

vi. Sabah, b. 16 Jan. 1672 ; m. 25 Nov. 1702, John Mrs, b. 25 Aug. 1676, 
d. 10 Dec. 1721 ; d. 21 Nov. 1711. 

9. vii. WiLLLiM, b. 17 Jan. 1674. 
viii. Mary, b. 16 May 1678. 

5. Ebenezer^ Thompson (2. Anthony^), born 15 Oct. 1648, settled at 

Guilford, Conn., where he died in 1G76. He married, June 1671, 
Deborah Dudley, born 20 Sept. 1647, died before 1682, who 
married secondly Thomas Scranton of Guilford. In his will of 16 
Aug. 1676 (inventory taken 6 Nov. 1676) he called himself about 
28 years old, and named his wife Deborah, son John, and two 
brethren, John Tompson and Isaac Cruttenden (New Haven Pro- 
bate Records, vol. 1, pt. 2, p. %b). On 14 June 1682 is the fol- 
lowing record of the estate of Ebenezer Thompson : " the relict 
(afterwards married to Thomas Scranton, but since deceased) leav- 
ing a child of her first husband's (called John Thompson) in his 
minority, now about eight years old, the court appoints skipper John 
Thompson of New Haven, Isaac Cruttenden and Joseph Dudley of 
Guilford, guardians " (New Haven County Court Records, vol. 1, 
p. 135). 

Children : 
i. Jabez,3 b. 16 Oct. 1672 ; d. young. 

10. ii. John, b. Nov. 1674. 

6. Lieut. John^ Thompson {John,'^ Anthony^), born 12 May 1657, 

married, 9 May 1682, Rebecca Daniel, daughter of Stephen and 
Anna (Gregson), who was born 30 Jan. 1657, and appears to have 
been living as late as 1749. According to his gravestone, he died 
15 Nov. 1711. Administration on his estate was granted 18 Dec. 
1711, to the widow Rebecah and to Daniell Thomson, son of the 
deceased (New Haven Probate Records, vol. 3, p. 301). The 
estate was divided to the widow, Daniel the eldest son, Anne, Re- 
beckah, Elisabeth, John, and Anthony {Ibid, vol. 4, p. 55). 
Children : 

i. Ann,* b. 20 Mar. 1683; m. 4 May 1711, Thomas Ives of North 
Haven, b. 22 Aug. 1683, d. 5 May 1767. Their descendants re- 
moved to Great Barrington, Mass. 

11. ii. Daniel, b. 31 Oct. 1685. 

iii. Eebecca, bapt. 24 Apr. 1689 ; m. 20 Dec. 1716, Caleb Mix, b. 27 
Sept. 1687, d. 30 Jan. 1765 ; d. 3 Dec. 1760. 

iv. Elizabeth, bapt. 26 Apr. 1693; m. 31 Jan. 1716, John Bassett; 
d. 3 Sept. 1756. 

V. John, b. 15 Oct. 1696 ; d. after 1712, without issue. On 22 July 1733, 
Thomas and Ann Ives, Caleb and Eebeckah Mix, John and Eliza- 
beth Bassett, and Anthony Thompson deeded to their brother 
Daniel Thompson all right in their father Thompson's and brother 
John Thompson's estates (New Haven Deeds, vol. 29, p. 520). 

vi. Anthony, b. 22 Sept. 1700; resided at Mt. Carmel; m. (1) 20 Apr. 
1727, Sarah Peck, b. 21 Mar. 1705; m. (2) Sarah Pardee, b. 5 
Nov. 1719; d. abt. 1786. On 27 Apr. 1763, Anthony and Sarah 
Thompson deeded laud that their two brothers, Ebenezer and 
Benjamin Pardee, quitclaimed to Sarah (New Haven Deeds, vol. 
26, p. 232). In his will of 23 Eeb. 1769 he named his present 

202 Thompson Families of Connecticut [July 

wife, and his kiusmau Autliouy sou of Jolau Thompson (New 
Haven Probate Records, vol. 15, p. 83). He evidently left no 
issue, aud during his lifetime deeded much of his property to his 
graudnephew Anthony (New Haven and Hamden Deeds). 

7. Joseph^ Thompson {John,"^ Anthony^) of West Haven, born 4 Apr. 

1664, died 14 Dec. 1711 (gravestone record). He was a sei'geant, 
and received by deed his father's West Haven property. He mar-j 
ried, 2 Feb. 1697, Elizabeth Smith, daughter of John and Grace 
(Winston), who was born 1 Aug. 1675, and died 14 Nov. 1743 (grave- 
stone record, West Haven) . Administration on tlie estate of " Clark " 
Joseph Thompson was granted to his widow 6 May 1712 (New 
Haven Probate Records, vol. 4, p. 36). The children's names are 
given as Anna, aged 14, Joseph, aged 9, Stephen, aged 5, and 
Jonathan, aged 3. An interesting deed granting a right of way, 
dated 1 Feb. 1770, names grantors Daniel Thomas, Asa Smith, 
Jonathan Thompson, Ebenezer Humphrevile and wife Fsther, John 
Johnson, Jr., and wife Mabel, Moses Pardee and wife Mary, Titus 
Beecher and wife Elizabeth, Bethia and Jeduthan Thompson, and 
Benajah Thomas (New Haven Deeds, vol. 30, p. 434). All of 
these, except the two Thomases, were heirs of Joseph Thompson 
through his sons Joseph and Stephen. 
Children : 

i. Anna,'' b. 17 Eeb. 1697 ; m. 3 Feb. 1726, Ebenezer Clark, b. 5 Aug. 
1695 ; d. before 1761. 

12. ii. Joseph, b. 5 Mar. 1703. 

13. iii. Stephen, b. 3 Dec. 1705. 

iv. Jonathan, b. 3 Apr. 1709 ; d. 31 Jan. 1725 (gravestone. West Haven) . 

V. Ebenezer (posthumous), b. 21 June 1712 ; m. 20 Mar. 1734, Esther 
Stevens, dau. of Thomas and Amy (Smith), b. 17 May 1715. The 
births of three children are recorded to them at New Haven : 
Ebenezer,'' 15 Jan. 1735; John, 18 Feb. 1737; Amy, 28 July 1739. 
The family removed to Scituate, Mass. On 20 Oct. 1756, Ebenezer 
Thompson, clerk, of Scituate, Mass., deeded land in West Haven 
(New Haven Deeds, vol. 20, p. 203). 

8. Samuel^ Thompson (John,^ Anthony'^), horn 12 May 1669, died 26 

Mar. 1749. He was a captain, and lived at Westville, but pur- 
chased property at Goshen, Conn., where several of his sons settled. 
He married, 14 Nov. 1695, Rebecca Bishop, daughter of James 
and Elizabeth (Tompkins), who was born 10 Dec. 1673, and died 
5 Apr. 1734 (gravestone record). 
Children : 

i. Samuel,* b. 2 Dec. 1696 ; m. 20 Jan. 1719, Esther Alling, dau. of 
Samuel and Sarah (Chidsey), b. 10 Jan. 1699 ; removed to Goshen, 
and later to Stanford, N. Y. Children, recorded at New Haven : 
Elizabeth,'' b. 17 Oct. 1719 ; Samuel, b. 15 Dec. 1722 ; Sarah, b. 22 
Apr. 1725 ; Esther, b, 3 May 1728. 
li. ii. James, b. 5 June 1699. 

iii. Amos, b. 3 Mar. 1702; m. 7 Sept. 1726, Sarah Alling, dau. of 
Samuel and Sarah (Sackett), b. 25 Apr. 1702; removed to Stan- 
ford, N. Y., aud lines of descent from him are given in American 
Ancestry (vol. 2, pp. 51, 126). Children, recorded at New Haven: 
Ailing,'' b. 2 June 1727 ; Bebecca, b. 28 Apr. 1729 ; Amos, b. 7 Aug. 

iv. Dea. Gideon, b. 25 Dec. 1704; m. 9 Jan. 1729, Lydia Punderson, 
dau. of Thomas and Lydia (Bradley) , b. 1 Mar. 1708. He removed 
to Goshen, and d. at Hartford, Mar. 1759, while a Representative 
there. Children recorded at New Haven : Elisha-,'' b. 23 Oct. 1729 ; 

1912] Thompson Families of Gonnecticut 203 

David, b. 1 Dec. 1731; Stephen, b. 20 Apr. 1734; Lydia, b. 16 Oct. 
1736; Gideon^ b. 5 Apr. 1739. His descendants ai'e given in the 
History of Goshen. 

V. Eebkcca, b. 23 Feb. 1708; m. 11 Eeb. 1731, David Austin, b. 25 
Oct. 1703, d. 28 Aug. 1759; d. 26 Feb. 1739. 

vi. JuDAH, b. 10 June 1711 ; d. 1 Aug. 1712. 

vii. JuDAH, b. 5 Oct. 1713. On 16 Aug. 1745, Samuel" Thompson deeded 
laud to his son Judah, of New Haven (New Haven Deeds, vol. 12. 
p. 440), but wliat became of him afterwards has not been ascer- 
tained. In the Second Congregational Church Records the mar- 
riage is recorded, 14 Feb. 1759, of a Judah Thompson to Sarah 
Morris, who was b. 15 Mar. 1737, tlie town records giving the 
birth of a daughter Bebecca in 1760, and the church records a son 
Judah., bapt. in 1764. 

viii. Enos, b. 18 Aug. 1717; m. 2 Apr. 1741, Saeah Hitchcock. On 20 
May 1752, Enos Thompson " of Smithfleld in the great nine part- 
ners in Dutchis County in ye province of New Yorlv " deeded land 
to Hannah Thompson of New Haven (New Haven Deeds, vol. 17, 
p. 57) . Children, recorded at New Haven : Israel,^ b. 7 Mar. 1742 ; 
Bebecca, b. 30 June 1744 ; Enos, b. 26 July 1746 ; Jesse, h. 14 Nov. 
1749. A grandson, according to the Tuttle Genealogy (p. 704), 
was Enos Thompson Throop, governor of New York. 

9. William' Thompson (John,'^ Anthony^) was born 17 Jan. 1674. 
That "John the mariner" had a son "William is proved by two 
deeds to the latter, and by mention of him in the will of William^ 
Thompson (no. 1) in 1682; but there has been considerable doubt 
as to his identity, as there were two Williams who could be eligible. 
One, called William, Sr., was a man of some importance, is called 
" joiner " and " surveyor " in deeds, and frequently had " Mr." 
prefixed to his name ; he married in 1682 Joanna Daniel, widow of 
John Glover, and died in 1741. The other, called William, Jr., 
married before 1708 Martha , and died in 1717. The ob- 
vious theory is that William, " Sr.," was one of the oldest sons of 
John, and that William, " Jr.," was son of William " Sr.," but this 
hypothesis, which is generally accepted, proves untenable. The 
chronology of William, Sr's, recorded family leaves no room for 
the birth of a son William. Moreover, William, Sr., deeded no land 
to William, Jr., nor did he mention him or his heirs in his will, 
wherein he made careful provision for his sons. Nor do the heirs 
of William, .Jr., aj^pear in deeds in which all the heirs of William, 
Sr., appear ; but there is positive evidence to prove that William, 
Jr., was son of John the mariner. First : William, son of John 
Thompson, was born 17 Jan. 1674, which is much too late for the 
birth of William, Sr. ; secondly : John the mariner deeded to his 
son William, along with other land, one-third part of his whole 
division and tract of land (1702), which projDerty was afterwards 
(1707) deeded away by William Thompson, husbandman (New 
Haven Deeds, vol. 3, pp. 21, 34), showing that John's son William 
was a farmer, whereas William, Sr., always appears as joiner or 
surveyor ; thirdly : the other land deeded by John the mariner to 
his son William (New Haven Deeds, vol. 3, pp. 21, 22) is to be 
found mentioned in the inventory of William, Jr. (New Haven Pro- 
bate Records, vol. 6, p. 1) ; and finally : Caleb Thompson, who is 
known to be a son of William, Jr., deeded land that was laid out to 
his father William Thompson, deceased, and other land that was laid 
out to his grandfather John Thompson, deceased (New Haven 

204 Thompson Families of Connecticut [July 

Deeds, vol. 8, p. 331). The only question that could remain is 
whether, as sometimes happened, John could have had two sons 
named William, but the evidence is against it, for in John's deed to 
"William he is referred to as his " son William." Also, the will of 
William^ Thompson (no. 1), wherein he mentioned his "cousin 
William, son of nephew John," would have distinguished between 
them if there had been two sons named William. 

William, Jr., who died 13 Mar. 1717, married Martha , 

who died after 1755. His estate was not settled until 1730 (New 
Haven Probate Records, vol. 6, p. 1). 

Children : , 

i. Caleb," b. 15 Sept. 1708. On 7 Nov. 1726, he chose Capt. Samuel 
Thomson his guardian (New Haven Probate Eecords, vol. 5, p. 
320). He removed to Waterbury, whei-e he m. 16 Aug. 1731, 
Rerecca HiCKOX. Children: 1. (Sift?/^,^ b. 8 Apr. 1732; m. Bar- 
tholomew Williams. 2. William, b. 5 Feb. 1735; d. 1760. 3. 
Bachel, b. 22 Dec. 1737 ; m. 5 Apr. 1760, Jediah Turner, 
ii. Martha, b. Feb. 1710; m. 19 Apr. 1732, Stephen Austin, b. 1 Jan. 

1706, d. 29 Sept. 1787; d. 22 Dec. 1769. 
iii. Lieut. Abraham, b. June 1711; m. 9 Nov. 1732, Mary Alling, 
daughter of Samuel and Sarah (Sackett), b. 6 Feb. 1707, d. 8 Feb. 
1788 (gravestone record); d. 2 Sept. 1774 (gravestone record). 
He had, probably with other issue, children: 1. Abraham,'' bapt. 
13 June 1738; d. 12 Dec. 1739 (gravestone record). 2. Abraham, 
b. 28 Aug. 1740; m. (1) 13 June 1758, Rachel Warner; m. (2) 8 
Nov. 1770, Hannah Brown; left issue. 3. Isaac^ b. 19 Aug. 1743; 
m. Cl) 14 Nov. 1765, Elizabeth Thompson (no. 15, i), b. 5 July 
1742, d. 8 Jan. 1788; m. (2) Sarah Thompson; left female issue; 
d. 13 Sept. 1824. 4. Jacob, b. 7 Oct. 1745 ; m. 30 Aug. 1772, Esther 
Mansfield, b. 2 Nov. 1746, d. 25 July 1828 (Columbian Re2:ister) ; 
left issue. 5. 3Iary,h. 3 May 1748; m. 26 Apr. 1770, Nathaniel 
Fitch. 6. (perhaps) Martha, bapt. 5 Nov. 1733. 
iv. Sarah, b. 1 Oct. 1717 (posthumous); m. 12 June 1755, Matthew 
Gilbert, b. 21 Feb. 1722, d. 2 July 1795. 

10. John® Thompson {Ebenezer,"^ Anthony^), born at Guilford Nov. 

1674, removed to Branford, where he married, 23 Apr. 1702, 
Hannah Whedon, daughter of Thomas of Branford, who was born 
21 July 1674. Several accounts, including the History of Goshen, 
state that after the death of Hannah he went to Wallingford, and 
married Sarah Culver in 1710, but the John who married Sarah 
Culver belonged to the East Haven family (no. 3, ii), and there is 
ample evidence that John of Branford was still living there as late 
as 1726 (County Court Records, vol. 3, p. 206). Whether he had 
another wife is not known, but by Hannah he had 
Children : 

1. Deborah,* b. 9 Mar. 1703. 

ii. Thankful, b. 7 July 1705 ; m. William Fancher of Waterburv, who 
d. 20 Aug. 1759 ; d. 19 Aug. 1759. William and Thanliful Faucher 
of Waterbury deeded right to laud from grandfather Thomas 
Whedon of Branford, dec'd, by mother Hannah Thomson, dec'd, 
daughter to said Whedon (Branford Deeds, vol. 7, p. 516). 

11. Ens. Daniel* Thompson {John^ John^ Anthony^), born 31 Oct. 

1685, lived in the parish of Amity, now the town of Woodbridge, 
Conn. He married, 16 Jan. 1717, Mary Ball, daughter of John 
and Sarah (Glover), born 22 Oct. 1694, died 11 May 1776, aged 
82 (gravestone record, Woodbridge). He died 26 Nov. 1766 (grave- 
stone record, New Haven), and his will of 10 Apr. 1758, proved 

1912] Thompson Families of Connecticut 205 

Mar. 1767, referred to his father John Thompson, deceased, and 
named his wife Mary, eldest son John, sons James, Jabez, Daniel, 
and Eliphalet, daughter Ann, and granddaughter Mabel the daugh- 
ter of his son John. His wife, and sons James and Daniel, are 
named as executors ; but Mary and Daniel appeared and refused 
the trust (James seems to have died), so administration was granted 
to the son Jabez of Derby (New Haven Probate Records, vol. 10, 
p. 283). 

Children : 
i. Ann,* b. 4 Nov. 1717; d. at Woodbridge abt. 1790. In her will of 
27 July 1790, proved 16 Aug. 1790, she mentioned her father Daniel 
Thompson, deceased, and left her property to her nephew Thad- 
deus Thompson (New Haven Probate Kecords, vol. 16, p 647). 

15. ii. John, b. 16 May 1719. 

ill. James, b. 20 June 1721 ; living in 1758, but apparently d. before 1767. 

Iv. Mabel, b. 6 Dec. 1723 ; not named in her father's will. 

V. Daniel, b. 27 Oct. 1725 ; d. 11 Dec. 1727. 

16. vi. Jabez, b. 3 July 1727. 

vii. Eunice, b. 21 Oct. 1729 ; not named in her father's will. 

viii. Daniel, b. 30 Dec. 1731; m. 17 Sept. 1761, Mary Carrington 
(Woodbridge Church Kecords), who was bapt. 11 May 1740 (First 
Congregational Church Records). On 5 Apr. 1768, Daniel Thomp- 
son of Farmiugton deeded to his brother John and sister Ann of 
New Haven, and brother Jabez of Derby, all right in Amity from 
his father (New Haven Deeds, vol. 29, p. 402). He appears to 
have returned to Woodbridge from Farmington, for in 1785 he 
deeded land to his sou Thaddeus (Woodbridge Deeds, vol. 1, p. 77). 

ix. Eliphalet, b. 25 Mar. 1734; d. before Dec. 1760, when adminis- 
tration on his estate was granted to his brother Daniel, Jr. (New 
Haven Probate Records, vol. 9, p. 438). 

X. Lois, b. 22 Apr. 1786 ; not named in her father's will. 

xi. Joel, b. 23 Nov. 1737 ; not named in his father's will. 

12. Joseph^ Thompson {Joseph,^ John^ Anthony^), born 5 Mar. 1703, 
lived at West Haven. He married, 15 May 1728, Hannah Smith, 
daughter of Nathan and Hannah (Brown), a first cousin of his 
mother's. He died 5 July 1745 (gravestone record, West Haven), 
and on 16 July 1745 administration on his estate was granted to 
the widow, Hannah (New Haven Probate Records, vol. 6, p. 629). 
In 1759, the estate of Ens. Joseph Thompson was divided to the 
widow, and surviving children (the eldest son being dead without 
issue) Jeduthan and Mabel Thompson, Esther Humphrevile, and 
Mary Thompson {Ibid, vol. 9, pp. 227, 256). In Feb. 1770, ad- 
ministration on the estate of Hannah, late widow of Joseph Thomp- 
son, was granted to her son Jeduthan {Ibid, vol. 11, pp. 52, 67). 

Children : 
i. A son,^ d. shortly after his father, without issue. 
ii. Mabel, m. John Johnson, b. 17 May 1732, d. after 1792. They ap- 
pear in the deed mentioned under Joseph^ (no. 7). In another 
deed, dated 26 Dec. 1767, Hannah Thompson deeded to her son 
Jeduthan land bounded east on land of dau. Mabel Johnson (New 
Haven Deeds, vol. 30, p. 390). 
iii. Esther, b. abt. 1732 ; m. 25 July 1754, Ebenezer Humphreville, b. 
29 July 1726, d. 6 Feb. 1802; d. 24 Sept. 1710. Their descendants 
lived at Orange and Woodbridge, and changed their name to Um- 
iv. Mary, m. Moses Pardee. On 17 June 1768, Moses Pardee and wife 
Mary deeded land in West Haven to their brother Jeduthan Thomp- 
son (New Haven Deeds, vol. 30, p. 327). 

206 Thompson Families of Connecticut [July 

V. Jedttthan, m. Thankful Beardslet; killed 5 July 1779, by the 
British. Children: 1. Z)esi>e,« b. 18 Feb. 1771. 2. ThankftiUh. 
25 July 1772; m. Sept. 1797, Calvin Turner, who d. 30 Apr. 1825; 
d. 10 May 1841. 3. Eunice, b. 26 June 1776. 4. Joseph, b. 12 Nov. 
1778 ; m. Mary Ann Sharp ; d. 23 July 1856 ; left issue. 

13. Stephen^ Thompson {Joseph,^ John,''' Anthony^), born 3 Dec. 1705, 

lived at West Haven, where he died in 1746. He married, 4 Sept. 
1728, Elizabeth Humphreville, daughter of Samuel and Ex- 
perience (Pinion), who was born 27 Oct. 1708, and died in 1785. 
On 1 June 1746, administration on his estate was granted to the 
widow Elizabeth, and the estate was divided between the widow, 
Jonathan the eldest son, Stephen, David, Sarah, Elizabeth, and 
Bethiah (New Haven Probate Records, vol. 7, p. 46 ; vol. 8, p. 482). 
Children : 

i. Stephen,^ b, abt. 1729 ; d. 12 Feb. 1735 (gravestone record, West 
Haven) . 

ii. Sarah, b. 15 Apr. 1731 ; m. Asa Smith, who d. 1782 ; d. before 1759. 
She is called Smith in the probate of the estates of her brothers 
Stephen and David, and on 31 Oct. 1765, Asa Smith deeded land 
to his mother Elizabeth Thompson (New Haven Deeds, vol. 26, p. 
156). After her death, he m. (2) Sarah . 

iii. Jonathan, b. 11 Feb. 1733; m. Margaret ; d. 1784/5; left 


iv. David, b. abt. 1735; d. May 17 — (gravestone record, West Haven). 

V. Elizabeth, b. 9 Oct. 1737; m. Titus Beecher, b. 5 July 1740; d. 
before 1785. She is called Beecher in the distribution of her 
brother David's estate, and she and her husband appear in the deed 
mentioned under Joseph'' (no. 7). 

vi. Stephen, b. 3 Apr. 1739 ; d. 1759. His estate was distributed to his 
brothers and sisters, Jonathan Thompson, David Thompson, the 
heirs of Sarah Smith, Elizabeth, and Bethiah (New Haven Probate 
Eecords, vol. 9, p. 223). 

vii, David, d. 1766, when his estate was distributed to his brother and 
sisters, Jonathan Thompson, the heirs of Sarah Smith, deceased 
(viz. Lois and Silas), Elizabeth Beecher, and Bethiah Thompson 
(New Haven Probate Records, vol. 10, pp. 359, 414). 

viii. Bethia, d. unm. 1791. 

14. James^ Thompson {Samuel,^ John^ Anthony^), born 5 June 1699, re- 

sided at Westville, and died in 1737. He married, 30 May, 1723, 

Hannah Wilmot, daughter of Benjamin and Mary (Beecher), who 

was born 9 Dec. 1701, and died 19 Feb. 1767 (First Congregational 

Church Records). In his will of 28 June 1737, proved 5 Dec. 

1737, he named wife Hannah, and children (New Haven Probate 

Records, vol. 6, p. 231). 
Children : 

i. Mary,* b. 16 Feb. 1724; m. 20 Apr. 1743, Jonah Baldwin. 
17. ii. James, b. 21 Nov. 1725. 

iii. Hannah, b. abt 1727; living unm. in 1754. 

iv. Mabel, bapt. 5 Oct. 1729 ; m. Griffin Bradley, b. 9 Nov. 1724. On 
5 Jan. 1754, Hannah Thompson, Jr., James and Hezekiah Thomp- 
son, Jonah and Mary Baldwin, Griffin and Mabel Bradley of New 
Haven, and Ariel and Ame Bradley of the province of New York, 
joined in a deed (New Haven Deeds, vol. 20, p. 84). 

v. Amy, bapt. 2 Apr. 1732; m. 7 Nov. 1751, Ariel Bradley (Wood- 
bridge Church Records), b. 8 Mar. 1729. On 20 Nov. 1753, Ariel 
Bradley and wife Ame deeded land from the estate of " our 
father, Mr. James Thompson, deceased" (New Haven Deeds, vol. 
18, p. 308). They removed to New York State. 

1912] Thompson Families of Connecticut 207 

vi. Hezekiah, b. abt. 1735; m. 1 Oct. 1761, Eebecca Judson; d. Mar. 

1803. He removed to Woodbury, Corm., and his descendants appear 

in Cothren's History of Woodbury. 
vii. Rachel, bapt. 2 Oct. 1737 ; probably d. yoiuig. 

15. JOHN^ Thompson (Daniel,^ John,^ John,^ Ayithony^), born 16 May 

1719, died in 1784. He married, 5 Nov. 1741, Elizabeth Brad- 
ley, daughter of Benjamin and Martlia (Tuttle). The l^uttle Gen- 
ealogy gives some account of this family (p. 149), but erroneously 
calls John of the East Haven family. On 16 Aug. 1784, adminis- 
tration on his estate was granted to Isaac Thompson, and the estate 
was distributed to the nine children : Anthony the eldest son, Levi, 
Elizabeth wife of Isaac Thompson, Mabel wife of Nathaniel Kim- 
berly, Eunice wife of Edward Larkin, Mary wife of Amos Thomp- 
son, Phebe Thompson, Hannah wife of Jehiel Arnold, and Sarah 
wife of John Arnold (New Haven Probate Records, vol. 14, p. 305 ; 
vol. 15, p. 19). 
Children : 

i. Elizabeth,^ b. 5 July, 1742 ; m. 14 Nov. 1765, Isaac* Thompson 
(no. 9, iii, 3), b. 19 Aug. 1743, d. 13 Sept. 1824; d. 8 Jan. 1788 
(gravestone record) . 

ii. Anthony, b. 20 Dec. 1743 ; fell heir to the lands of his great-uncle 

Anthony in Hamden ; m. . Children recorded at New 

Haven: Anius.^ b. 4 June 1774; Loioly, b. 21 July 1776. 

iii. Mabel, b. 5 Nov. 1745; m. Nathaniel ItoiBERLEY; d. 8 Apr. 1808. 
She is mentioned in the will of her grandfather Daniel Thompson. 

iv. Joel, b. 6 May 1747 ; d. young. 

V. Eunice, b. 14 Apr. 1749 ; m. 13 Aug. 1767, Edward Lakkin. 

vi. Levi, b. 26 Dec. 1751. 

vii. M.AiiY, b. 5 Nov, 1754 ; m. Amos Thompson of East Haven, b. 2 Aug. 
1751, d. 24 Sept. 1817 ; d. 2 Nov. 1815. 

viii. Phebe, b. 15 Apr. 1756. 

tx. Hannah, b. 4 June 1758 ; m. 6 May 1779, Jehiel Arnold. 

X. Experience, b. 25 July 1761 ; d. young. 

xi. Sarah, b. 13 Eeb. 1763; m. John Arnold. 

16. Col. Jabez^ Thompson (Daniel,^ Jokn,^ Jo/w,^ Anthony^), born 3 

July 1727, removed from Woodbridge to Derby, where he married, 
25 Oct. 1748, Sarah Gunn of Waterbury. In his will of 1 June 
1776, proved Mar. 1777, he named wife Sarah, and children Jabez, 
Abel, Lois wife of David Person, Ann wife of Ebenezer Riggs, 
Sarah wife of Josejoh Hawkins, Eunice, Hannah, and Betta (New 
Haven Probate Records, vol. 12, p. 165). 
Children : 

i. Lois,^ b. 29 Dec. 1749 ; m. David Pierson, 

ii. Anne, b. 5 Mar. 1753; m. Ebenezer Riggs. 

iii. Sarah, b. 21 Feb. 1756; m. Joseph Hawkins. 

iv. Capt. Jabez, b. 7 Jan. 1759 ; m. Hannah . His estate was 

divided between the widow, and children William, Polly Kimber- 
ly, Sally Pease, Sheldon, Cuitis, Betsey, and Harry (New Haven 
Probate Records, vol. 24, p. 24). 

V. Eunice, b. 5 Jan. 1762. 

vi. Abel, m. Ap.\me ; d. 1798 ; left issue. 

vii. Hannah. 

viii. Betty. 

17. Jabies^ Thompson (James,^ Samuel,^ John^ Anthony'^), born 21 Nov. 

1725, lived at Westville, where he died in 1818, aged 93. He mar- 
ried first, 6 Feb. 1745, Sarah Punderson, who was born 3 Oct. 

208 Thompson Families of Connecticut [July 

1725 ; and secondly, 6 Mar. 1751, Mehitabel Baldwin, who was 
born 17 Dec. 1728, and died 17 Dec. 1828. 

Child by first wife : 
i. David, 6 b. 28 May 1747; d. 3 JiUy 1747. 
Children by second wife : 

ii. Elijah, b. 16 Dec. 1751; m. (1) 20 May 1773, Mabel Alling, bapt. 
14 July 1754, d. 10 Oct. 1799; m. (2) Mrs. Huldah (Atwater) 
Thompson, widow of his nephew Hezekiah; d. 5 Oct. 1825. His 
issue is given in the Tuttle Genealogy (p. 160). 

iii. Hannah, b. 15 Jan. 1764. 

iv. jAiiES, b. 2 Aug. 1756 ; m. ; d. 1809 ; left issue. 

V. Elihu, b. 15 Jan. 1759 ; d. 24 May 1760. 

vi. Amy, b. 18 May 1761. 

vii. Sarah, bapt. 9 Oct. 1763. 

viii. Mehitabel, bapt. 29 Dec. 1765 ; d. 8 Dec. 1783. 

ix. Huldah, bapt. 12 June 1768; m. 30 Dec. 1789, Alexander Booth, 
b. 11 Dec. 1767, d. 11 July 1829. 

X. Mary, bapt. 26 July 1772; m. 12 Dec. 1795, William Hotchkiss. 

The William Thompson Family 

1. Vs^'iLLiAM^ Thompson of New Haven, called "Sr.," has generally 
been considered a son of "John the mariner," of the foregoing family. 
Under William" Thompson (no. 9, preceding), I have stated the facts that 
invalidate that claim. Since three of his daughters married Stratford men, 
it might be conjectured that he sprang from the Thompson family of that 
town, but there seems to be no place for him tliere. His early appearance 
in New Haven, the name William, and the fact that his wife's sister mar- 
ried a son of John the mariner, all tend to connect him with the New Haven 
family, though there seems to be no place for him there, and for the 
present he is left unplaced.. 

He is called joiner and surveyor in deeds, and the County Court Records 
show that he was frequently called on for jury duty and for surveying. 
He was styled " Mr.," and was appointed Master of the Excise for New 
Haven County (County Court Records, vol. 2, p. 394 ; p. 486 in the modern 
copy). On 28 Dec. 1682, he married Mrs. Joanna (Daniel) Glover, 
daughter of Stephen and Anna (Gregson), and widow of John, born 1 Sept. 
1652. She married first, 7 Dec. 1671, John Glover, who was baptized 8 
Oct. 1648, and died 29 Jan. 1679, by whom she had four children, two of 
whom also married in Stratford. 

William^ died before 6 Apr. 1741, when (the person nominated in the 
will being dead) administration on his estate was granted to Josiah Thomp- 
son. In his will of 2 July 1728 he named his wife Joanna, and daughters 
Jane, Abigail, and Sarah ; his son Josiah was to be provided for by deed, 
and Stephen had been given his portion, so Benjamin was to receive the 
residue. His wife and son Benjamin were named executors (New Haven 
Probate Records, vol. 6, p. 329). 
Children : 
i. Jane,2 b. 29 Oct. 1683; m. 22 Dec. 1707, John Moss of Stratford, 

b. 7 Jan. 1677, d. 1724; d. 28 Sept. 1743. 
ii. Abigail, b. 18 Oct. 1685; m. 11 Dec. 1707, Eichard Hubbell of 

Stratford, b. 25 Jan. 1684. 
iii. Mary, b. 13 Sept. 1687 ; m. 4 Mar. 1708, John Hitchcock, b. 28 Jan. 
1685, d. 14 Oct. 1753; d. 27 Feb. 1709. 
2. Iv. Josiah, b. 31 Dec. 1689. 

V. Sarah, bapt. 19 Jan. 1692 ; m. (1) 15 Nov. 1715, Timothy Fairchild 
of Stratford, b. 9 Dec. 1687, d. 23 Nov. 1726 ; m. (2) 12 July 1729, 

1912] Isles of 8hoals in the Eighteenth Century 209 

Ens. Welliam Peat, b. 1 May 1694, d. 1761. 

vi. Stephen, b. 12 July 1695; d. unm. 6 Ang. 1732 (gravestone record). 
On 6 Apr. 1733, administration on the estate was granted to Josiah 
Thompson, brother of the deceased (New Haven Probate Records, 
vol. 6, p. 107). On 29 May 1739, Richard and Abigail HubbeU, 
"William and Sarah Peat, and Jane Moss of Stratford, and John 
Hitchcock, Jr., of New Haven, coheirs of the estate of Stephen 
Thompson, deceased, deeded to Jolm Umphrevile their right in 
laud where their aforesaid deceased brother lived, and since his 
death conveyed by their brother Josiah Thompson to said John 
UmphrevUe (New Haven Deeds, vol. ii, p. 45). 

vii. Benjamin, b. 12 July 1698 ; d. unm. 20 Sept. 1734 (gravestone record) . 

2. Josiah^ Thompson ( William^), born 31 Dec. 1689, died 5 May 1774 
(First Congregational Church Records). He married (not recorded) 
Elizabeth Miles, daughter of Lieut. Richard and Hannah (Easton), 
who was born 1 Sept. 1695. She is called Elizabeth Thompson in her 
father's will, dated 24 Jan. 1756 (New Haven Probate Records, 
vol. 8, p. 560). The death of Elizabeth, wife of Josiah Thompson, 
aged 75, is recorded in the First Congregational Church Records, 1 
Mar. 1771. It is difficult to trace his children. 
Children : 

i. Mary,^ m. 24 Aug. 1738, Daniel Talmadge. Her place in the fam- 
ily seems likely from the names of her children : William, Josiah, 
and Elizabeth. 

ii. Elizabeth, m. 23 Nov. 1740, Timothy Andrews, b. 1 Apr. 1713, d. 
1742. Timothy Thompson was guardian to her son Elijah (New 
Haven Probate Records, vol. 9, p. 165). 

iii. Timothy. On 12 June 1762, Josiah Thompson deeded land to his 
sou Timothy (New Haven Deeds, vol. 26, p. 391). 

iv. Sarah, m. Aug. 1760, Richard Hood. On 23 Feb. 1771, Josiah 
Thompson deeded land to his son-in-law Richard Hood (New Haven 
Deeds, vol. 31, p. 377). 




Contributed by Joseph "W. Warren, M.D., of Bryn Mawr, Pa. 
[Continued from page 155] 

Feb. 10'^ 1739/40. Mary Daf of Ambrose Down & of ] 

Sarah His Wife i tj +• >j 

Caleb Son of Thomas Currier & of ^^^^ ^^P^^^ ^• 

Sarah His WHe J 

March. 2""^ 1739/40 John Son of Richard Currier & of Love His Wife 

was BajDtiz'd. 
March 16"^ 1739/40. Benjamin Son of Deac" W" Muchamore & of Joanna 

His Wife was Baptiz'd. 
April 6^^ 1740. Pelatiah Son of Henry Carter & of Mary His Wife 

was Baptiz'd. 
April. 13*^ 1740. Mary Daf of Andrew Mace & of Deborah His Wife 

was Baptiz'd. 

210 Isles of Shoals in the Eighteenth Centu7'y [July 

May. 18'^ 1740. Grace Dat' of Peter Robison «fe of Agnes His Wife 

was Baptiz'd. 
June. 15"^ 1740. Joseph Son of Joseph Dammeril Jiiu"^ & of Mary 

His Wife was Baptiz'd. 
July. 13*^ 1740. John Son of Robert Kerswell & of Martha His Wife 

was Baptiz'd. 
July. 20'i> 1740. Jasper Son of Arthur Randel & of Sarah His Wife 

was Baptiz'd. 
Aug'' lO*'^ 1740. John Son of M"" Jn° Tucke & of Mary His Wife was 

Aug®* Spt 1740. Benjamin Staniford Son of Jn° Randel & of Love 

His Wife was Baptiz'd. 
Sepf 14*'^ 1740. Sarah Daf^ of John Varrel & of Rachel His Wife 

was Baptiz'd. 
Sept"^ 28*^ 1740. Amos Son of Thomas Horn & of "| 

Mary His Wife ! ti f 'j 

Nathan Son of Peter Obey & of \^^^'^ -t^aptiz d 

Elizabeth His AVife J 

Oof 13"^ 1740. Daniel Son of James Robison & of Elizabeth His 

Wife was Baptiz'd. 
\^^^ This Child was Baptized in Private 
Ocf^ 19'^ 1740. Tobias Allen Adult ^ 

Amy Daf of Tobias Allen & of >• were Baptiz'd. 

Elizabeth His Wife ) 

Nov"^ 2"*^ 1740. Mary Dat»' of W^^ Robison & of Mary His Wife was 

Feby 8^*^ 1740/41. John Son of Richard Tolpey & of Elizabeth His Wife 

was Baptiz'd. 
March %^^ 1740/41. Susannah Dat'" of Capt. Robert Down & of Martha 

Plis Wife was Baptiz'd 
March 29*'^ 1741. Samuel Son of Thomas Goudey & of Sarah His Wife 

was Baptiz'd. 
April. 26*'^ 1741. Joanna Dat'' of John Wolpey & of Agnes His Wife 

was Baptiz'd. 
May. W^ 1741. Noah Son of John Down & of Ruth His Wife was 

May. 17*'^ 1741. Benjamin Son of Benjamin Dam- ] 

meril & of Elizalieth His Wife ! "R t" ' 1 

Samuel Son of Samuel Grindel & f P * 

of Mary His Wife 

June 1'^ 1741. Tamesin Dat^ of W'" Kerswell «fe of 

Sarah His Wife . -r. x- > n 

T a £o ^ r^ • p c r were Baptiz d. 

James Son oi Samuel Currier & oi ( ^ 

Abigail His Wife J 

Sepf^ 13"^ 1741. John Son of James Allard & of Elizabeth His Wife 

was Ba2:)tiz'd. 
Sept. 27"^ 1741. Benjamin Son of Jn° Parsons & of " 

Mary His Wife 
Geffery Son of Jn° Currier & of t> ^- »j 

Anne His Wife 1^ were Baptiz d. 

Judith Daf of Daniel Randel & of 
Elizebeth His Wife 

1912] Isles of Shoals in the Eighteenth Century 

Oct' 25''' 1741. 


were Baptiz'd. 

William Son of James Allard Jun"^ & of Sarah His 
Wife was Baptiz'd. 
Nov' 22'^*^ 1741. Henry Son of W" Down & of Mary His Wife was 

Dece' 20"^ 1741. Judith Dat' of Gibbons Mace & of Judith His Wife 
was Baptiz'd. 
|[^' This Child was Baptiz'd in Private 
Jany 24*^^ 1741/42. Joanna Dat^' of Samuel Varrel & of Elizabeth His 

Wife was Baptiz'd. 
Feby 14*'^ 1741/42. John Son of Samuel Yetten & of Katharine His Wife 

was Baptiz'd. 
Feb. 21^* 1741/42. William Son of Francis Coombs & of Abigail His 

Wife was Baptiz'd. 
Feby 28*^^ 1741/42. Sarah Daf of Reuben Shapley & of Elenor His Wife 

was Bajjtiz'd. 
March. 7"^ 1741/42. Moses Son of Samuel Emery & of ' 
Elizabeth His Wife 
Samuel Son of Rob' Dammeril & of 

Elizabeth His Wife 
Mary Daf of Jn° Michamore Jun' 
& of Anne His Wife 
March. 14"^ 1741/42. Joanna Daf of George Perkins & of Elizabeth His 

Wife was Baptiz'd. 
March. 21«' 1741/42. Elizabeth Dat' of Philip Brock & of Dorothy His 
Wife was Baptiz'd. 
Joshua Son of Thomas Currier & of Sarah His Wife 

was Baptiz'd. 
Ambrose Son of Ambrose Down & of Sarah His Wife 

was Baptiz'd. 
Sarah Dat"^ of Samuel Down & of Joanna His Wife 

was Baptiz'd. 
William Son of Samuel Matthews & of Sarah His 

Wife was Baptiz'd. 
Joanna Daf of Deac'^ W™ Muchamore & of Joanna 

His Wife was Baptiz'd. 
Josiah Son of Ens° Joseph Mace & 

of Mary His Wife 
Sarah Dat' of Matthew Vowdey & 

of Lydia His Wife 
Elizabeth Daf^ of John Down Jun' 

& of Abigail His Wife- 
Mary Dat"^ of Daniel Driskil & of 

Sarah His Wife 
Peter a Negro Child belonging to Samuel Abbot was 

Baptized in Private ,_^I1 
Betty Daf of Charles & Elizabeth Miller was Bap- 
Elizabeth Dat' of George & Dorothy Volpey was 

Mary Daf^ of Peter Barter & of Elizabeth His Wife 
was Baptiz'd. 

VOL. LXVI. 14 

March. 28"» 1742. 
April. 11"^ 1742. 
April. 18"^ 1742. 
May. d^^ 1742. 
May. 30"^ 1742. 
July. 4"^ 1742. 

> were Baptized. 

July. 11'^ 1742. 
Aug»' 8^^ 1742. 
Aug«t IS'i" 1742. 
Aug'' 22'^* 1742. 

212 Isles of Shoals in the Eighteenth Century 

Sept' 5'^^ 1742. 


Sept^ 29^'^ 1742. 
Dece' S''^ 1742. 

Jany 23" 1742/43. 
Feb. 13*^^ 1742/43. 
Feb. 20*'^ 1742/43. 

John Son of Peter Robison & of 

Agnes His Wife . "R t* <! 

Candace a Negro Child belonging to ' P • 

M"^ John Tucke 
Abigail Daf of Henry Carter & of Mary His "Wife 

was Baptiz'd. 
This Child was Baptized in Private. 
Martha Daf of Benjamin Coker & ^ 

of Susannah His Wife I "R +• /i 

Rebecca Daf of John Randel «& of j ^ 

Love His Wife J 

Joseph Son of Richard Currier & of Love His Wife 

was Baptiz'd. 
William Son of Jn° Sanderson & of Mary His Wife 

was Baptiz'd. 
Richard Son of Richard Tolpey & ] 

of Elizabeth His Wife ! "R t' 'd 

Amy Daf of Caleb Currier & of j ^ 

Susannah His Wife J 

March. 6'^ 1742/43. Mary Dat'" of Rob* Kerswell & of Martha His Wife 

was Baptiz'd. 
March. 20**11742/43. Sarah Daf^ of Joseph Dameril Jun"^ & of Mary His 

Wife was Baptiz'd. 
John Crosbey Adult "> 

Ruth Daf^ of Jn° Crosbey & of Anne >• were Baptiz'd. 

His Wife ) 

Rachel Daf of Jn° Varrel & of Rachel His Wife 

was Baptiz'd. 
Moses Son of Thomas Horn & of Mary His Wife 

was Baptiz'd. 
John Dammeril Adult > 

Solomon Son of Robert Down & of >- were Baptiz'd. 

Martha His Wife ) 

James Allard Sen'' was Baptized. 
Sarah Daf^ of Arthur Randel & of Sarah His Wife 

was Baptiz'd. 
William Son of William Robison & ] 

of Mary His Wife I -g .-^'^ 

Geffery Son of Samuel Muchamore [ ^ 

& of Ruth His Wife J 

Mary Daf of Samuel Varrel & of Elizabeth His 

Wife was Baptiz'd. 
Amos Son of William Kerswell & of Sarah His Wife 

was Baptiz'd. 
Sarah Dat' of Benjamin Dammeril & of Elizabeth 

His Wife was Baptiz'd. 
March. \l^^ 1743/4. Love Daf^ of M"^ John Tucke & of 

Mary His Wife 
Ruth Daf of John Currier & of 

Anne His Wife 
April If)^^ 1744. Mercy Daf of Geoffery Currier & 

of Mercy His Wife i „„„^ ■r„^x' >j 

Betty Datr of Samuel Currier & of Were Baptiz d. 

Abigail His Wife 

April Z^ 1743. 

May. 1«* 1743. 
June. 5*'^ 1743. 
June, igt'i 1743 

July. 24. 1743. 
Aug^* U^^ 1743. 

Sepf 11*51 1743^ 

Sept. IS*"! 1743. 
Sept^ 25*11 1743^ 
Jany 8*1 1743/44. 

> were Baptiz'd. 

1912] Isles of Shoals in the Eighteenth Century 213 

AprU. 22°'^ 1744. Lemuel Son of Deac'^ William Muchamore & of • 

Joanna His Wife was Baptiz'd. 
May. 20*^ 1744. Tabitha Daf^ of Eobert Dammeril & of Elizabeth His 

Wife was Baptized. 
June. ?>^ 1744. Benjamin Son of Daniel Randel & of Elizabeth His 

Wife was Baptiz'd. 
June. 10* 1744. Ruth Daf of James Allard Jun-^ & of Sarah His Wife 

was Baptiz'd. 
June. 23'^ 1744. Andrew Son of Jn° Wolpey & of Agnes His Wife 

was Baptized. 
0^^ This Child ivas Baptiz'd in Private. 
July. l«t 1744. Sarah Daf of Peter Robison & of Agnes His Wife 

was Baptiz'd. 
Aug^*^ [?] 1744. William Son of Ambrose Down & of Sarah His Wife 

was Baptiz'd. 
Sepf^ 23'! 1744. Elizabeth Dat"^ of Daniel Driskil & of Sarah His Wife 

was Baptiz'd. 
Ocf 14*'' 1744. W" Son of Philip Brock «fe of Doro- 1 

thy His Wife 
Abigail Daf^ of Francis Combs & of ( -r. .. , 

Abigail His Wife \ ^^'^ Baptized. 

Dorothy Dat"^ of Matthew Voudey 

«& of Lydia* His Wife 
Nov' 4'^ 1744. Elizabeth Dat'' of Israel Beckman & of Mary His 

Wife was Baptiz'd. 
Nov"^ 25* 1744. Anne Daf^ of George Perkins c& of Eliz* His Wife 

was Baptiz'd. 
Feb. 3^ 1744/5. Sarah Daf of Richard Talpey & of Eliz* His Wife 

was Baptiz'd. 
Feb. 17* 1744/5. Peter Son of Samuel Matthews & of Sarah His Wife 

was Baptiz'd. 
March. 17'^ 1744/5. Rich-i Tucker Son of Jn° Down Jun"^ & of Abigail 

His Wife was Baptiz'd. 
April. 218' 1745, Elizabeth Daf of Jn" Down & of Ruth His Wife 

was Biaptiz'd. 
May. 19* 1745. Mary Dat"^ of Jn° Crosbie & of Anne His Wife was 

June. 23<i 1745. Sam» Son of Rob' Kerswell & of Martha His Wife 

was Baptiz'd. 
July. 7* 1745. Martha Dat"^ of Tho^ Currier & of Sarah His Wife 

was Baptiz'd. 
July. 14* 1745. Dorothy Daf^ of Sam^ Robison & of Abigail His Wife 

was Baptiz'd. 
July. 21^' 1745. Susannah Daf^ of Jn° Varrell & of Rachel His Wife 

was Baptiz'd. 
Sarah Dat"^ of Sam^ Muchamore & of Ruth His Wife 

was Baptiz'd. 
July. 28* 1745. Henry Son of Peter Barter & of ~ 

Eliz* His Wife 
Charles Son of Jn° Randel & of 

Love His Wife 
Aug^' 18* 1745. Betty Daf of Margaret Newell was Baptiz'd. 

* " Lydia " written below " Dorothy " which is crossed out. 

!-were Baptiz'd. 

214 Isles 

Aug«' 25'^^ 1745. 

Sepf Pt 1745. 
Sept' 8t»^ 1745. 
Oct' 13t'> 1745. 
Nov' 3"^ 1745. 
Nov' 10"> 1745. 
Dece' 29^^ 1745. 
Feb. 2"*^ 1745/6. 
Feb. ^"-^ 1745/6. 
March 23<^ 1746. 

May. 25'^ 1746. 
June 29^'^ 1746. 

July, e''^ 1746. 
July 13*^^ 1746 
Aug^t 318t 1746^ 

Sept' 2P* 1746. 
Sept' 28*1^ 1746. 
Oct' 26*'^ 1746. 
Nov' 23'^ 1746. 
Nov' 30t'> 1746. 
Dece' 18*i> 1746. 

Dece' 2Pt 1746. 
Jan. Ipi^ 1746/7. 

of Shoals in the Eighteenth Century [July 

Jn" Son of Reuben Shapley & ofl 

Elinor His Wife I t> ^. ,j 

Abigail Dat' of Sam^ Down & of ^^"^ ^^P*^^ ^- 

Joanna His Wife J 

Jenny Dat' of Joseph Dammeril & of Mary His Wife 

vras Baptiz'd. 
Benjamin Dole Son of M' Jn° Tucke & of Mary His 

Wife was Baptiz'd. 
George Son of Arthur Randel & of Sarah His Wife 

was Baptiz'd. 
Samuel Son of Sam' Varrell & of Eliz^i^ His Wife 

was Baptiz'd. 
Mary Dat' of Joseph White & of Abigail His Wife 

was Baptiz'd. 
Daniel Son of Sam' Grindal «& of Mary His Wife was 

Susannah Dat' of Peter Robison & of Agnes His 

Wife was Baptiz'd. 
Mark Son of Sam' Currier & of Abigail His Wife 

was Baj)tiz'd. 
Sarah D' of Tho« Horn & of Mary His Wife was 

Pelatiah S" of W"^ Kerswell & of Sarah His Wife 

was Baptiz'd. 
Benjamin S"^ of Robert Down & of Martha His Wife 

was Baptiz'd. 
Rebecca D' of Deac^^ W" Muchar ] 

more & of Joanna His Wife ! -r, ,. ,, 

Anne D' of Daniel Randel & of ^^ere Baptiz d. 

Eliz«^ His Wife J 

John S" of James Ward & of Sarah His Wife was 

Cornelius S" of Daniel Driskil & of Sarah His Wife 

was Baptiz'd. 
Abigail D' of Rob* Dammeril & Eliz*'' His Wife was 

Elizabeth D' of Benj« Dammeril & of Eliz*!^ His Wife 

was Baptiz'd. 
Betty D' of Matthew Voudey & of Lydia His Wife 

was Baptiz'd. 
Henry S" of Ju° Currier & of Anne His Wife was 

Margaret D' of Israel Beckman & of Mary His Wife 

was Baptiz'd. 
John S" of Jn° Muchamore Jun' & of Anne His Wife 

was Baptiz'd. 
Henry S"^ of Rich*' Talpey & of Eliz*'' His Wife was 

This Child was Baptized in Private. 
Henry S" of James Allard & of Sarah His Wife was 

Rebecca D' of Ambrose Down & of Sarah His Wife 

was Baptiz'd. 

1912] Isles of Shoals hi the Eighteenth Century 


> were Baptiz'd. 

March 15^ 1746/7 James S° of W"' Robison & of Mary His Wife was 

Aug«* 9"^ 1747. Joseph S"^ of Joseph White & of Abigail His Wife 

was Baptiz'd. 
Henry S"^ of Sam^ Muchamore & of 

Ruth His Wife 
Tryphena D'' of Jn° Varrell & of 

Rachel His Wife 
William S° of Sam^ Varrell & of Eliz'^ His Wife 

was Baptiz'd. 
Joseph S° of Jn° Sanderson & of Mary His Wife 

was Baptiz'd. 
Sarah D"" of Jn*> Crosbie «fe of Anne His Wife was 

Thomas S'^ of Tho» Currier & of] 

Sarah His Wife 1 t> +• >j 

Nanny D' of Jn« Brag & of Hannah f ^"^""^ ^^P^'^ ^• 

His Wife J 

Agnes D"^ of Peter Robison & of Agnes His Wife 

was Baptiz'd. 
Dolly a molatto Child of Sam^ Abbot was Baptiz'd. 
Sarah D'' of Sam^ Matthews &• of Sarah His Wife 

was Baptiz'd. 
Margaret D"^ of Jn° Randel & of 1 

Love His Wife 1 "r +• '/i 

Abigail D-^ of Rob* Kerswell & of f '^®''® i^aptiz a. 

Martha His Wife J 

Arthur S° of W"^ Kerswell & of Sarah His Wife 

was Baptiz'd. 
Rebecca D''. of Sam^ Currier & of Abigail His Wife 

was Baptiz'd. 
Henry Carter S° of Henry Shapley & of Eliz*"^ His 

Wife was Baptiz'd. 
Jonathan S° of M^' Jn° Tucke & of Mary His Wife 

was Baptiz'd. 
Betty D"^ of Joseph Dammeril «fe of Mary His Wife 

was Baptiz'd. 
Samuel S"^ of Sam^ Down & of Joanna His Wife was 

William S"^ of Jn° Down Jun"^ & of Abigail His Wife 

was Baptiz'd. 
Mary D"^ of James Ward & of Sarah His Wife was 

Mary D-^ of Sam^ Grindal & of Mary His Wife was 

Abigail D"^ of Tobias Allen «& of Eliz*^ His Wife 

was Baptiz'd. 
Jonathan S'^ of George Perkins «& of Eliz*^ His Wife 

was Baptiz'd. 
Elizabeth Y*^ Wife of Sam^ Sanderson ) -p, ,. ,-, 

& Rebecca their D^ } were Baptiz d. 

Ruth D-^ of Rich'^i Talpey & of Eliz*^ His Wife was 

Sept' 13*^ 1747. 

Sept' 21^ 1747. 
Oct' 4th 1747. 
Oct' 18*1' 1747. 
Nov' 8th 1747. 

Dece' 20*1* 1747. 

Jan. 3*^ 1747/8. 
Jan. 10**^ 1747/8. 

March 20*^ 1748. 

March 27'^' 1748. 
April. W^ 1748. 
April. 24*'^ 1748. 
May. 15*^ 1748. 
May. 29*^ 1748. 
June. 12^1' 1748. 
June. 19*^ 1748. 
June. 26«i 1748. 
Sept' ^^ 1748. 
Sept' ll'J> 1748. 
Oct' 16*^ 1748. 
Dece' 4th 1748. 
Dece' 11*^ 1748. 

216 Isles of Shoals in the Eighteenth Century [July 

Jan. 22"^^ 1748/9. James S° of Deac" W"" Muchamore & of Joanna His 

Wife was Baptiz'd. 
April 9*'' 1749. Sarah D^' of Arthur Randel Jun-^ & ] 

of Lydia His Wife I ts +• »^ 

Susannah D"^ of Matthew Voudey & f^^^® ^^P*^^ *^- 

of Lydia His Wife J 

May 14"^ 1749. Ambrose S" of Rob* Down & of Mar- 1 

tha His Wife I 

John S"of James Allard & of Sarah f ^^""^ Baptiz'd. 

His Wife J 

May. 21^*1749. Mary D"" of Israel Beckman «fe of Mary His Wife was 

June. 18^ 1749. Daniel S'^ of Daniel Randel & of Elizt^^ His Wife was 

Oct^ 1^* 1749. Mary D"^ of W» Down Jun' «fc of Sarah His Wife 

was Baptiz'd. 
Oct' 8*^ 1749. John S" of Jn° Brag & of Hannah His Wife was 

Ocf 22°'! 1749. Isabella D"^ of Daniel Driskil & of Sarah His Wife 

was Baptiz'd. 
Dece'' 10*^ 1749. Jn° S"^ of Jn° Newton & of Sarah His Wife was 

Dece' 24*1^ 1749. Josiah S"^ of Samuel Varrell & of Elizabeth His Wife 

was Baptiz'd. 
March. 25*^^ 1750. Jn'' S" of Jn° Walpey & of Agnes His Wife was 

April. 13«> 1750. Hannah D"" of Jn° Crosbie & Anne His Wife was 

This Child was Baptiz'd in Private. 
April. 15*^ 1750. Reuben S" of Henry Shapley & of Elizti^ His Wife 

was Baptiz'd. 
April. 22°'! 1750. Peter S° of Peter Robison & of Agnes His Wife was 

April. 29'^^ 1750. Moses Sanderson S° of James Ward & of Sarah His 

Wife was Baptiz'd. 
May. 5^ 1750. Joanna Dat' of Matthew Voudey & of Lydia His 

Wife was Baptiz'd. 
This Child was Baptiz'd in Private. 
May. 6*1^ 1750. Abigail Dat' of Philip Brock & of 

Dorothy His Wife ! "r +• '/i 

Mary Dat' of Jn° Varrell «fe of Ra- <'^^''^ ^^P^'^ ^• 

chel His Wife 
May. 13*^ 1750. Susannah Daf of Sam^ Sanderson & of Eliz*'^ His 

Wife was Baptiz'd. 
May. 20*"^ 1750. W" S" of Arthur Randel Jun' & of Lydia His Wife 

was Baptiz'd. 
June. Z^ 1750. John S" of Jn" Sanderson & of Mary His Wife was 

July. l«t 1750. Amy Dat' of Rob* Casswell & of Martha His Wife 

was Baptiz'd. 
July. 218* 1750. Samuel S° of W" Robison & of Mary His Wife was 


1912] Isles 

Sept' 9*^ 1750. 
Sept' 30*^ 1750. 
Ocf T^ 1750. 
Oct' 14*^ 1750. 
Dece' 9*^ 1750. 
Dece' m^ 1750. 
Jany eth 1750/1. 
Feby S'^ 1750/1. 
March. ^^ 1750/1. 
April 7*^ 1751. 
May. 12*^ 1751. 
Sept' 8*^ 1751. 
Sept' IS^ii 1751. 
Sept' 29*1' 1751. 
Oct' 13*1^ 1751. 
Oct' 27*'^ 1751. 

Nov' 8*1 1751. 

Nov' 1 7*'^ 1751. 

Jany 5«^ 1752. 

Jany 26«^ 1752. 

Feb? 23'i 1752. 

March. 29*^^ 1752. 
May 3'i 1752. 

June. 7"^ 1752. 

of Shoals in the Eighteenth Century 


Timothy S° of Jn° Randel & of Love His Wife was 

Jacob S" of Sam^ Muchamore & of Ruth His Wife 

was Baptiz'd. 
Love Dat' of Abra™ Ellenwood & of Anne His Wife 

was Baptiz'd. 
Philip S° of Arthur Randel & of Sarah His Wife 

was Baptiz'd. 
Eleanor Dat' of Israel Beckman & of Mary His Wife 

was Baptiz'd. 
Abraham S° of Samuel Matthews & of Sarah His 

Wife was Baptiz'd. 
John S" of Patrick Kenny & of Anne His Wife was 

Deborah Dat' of W" Down Jun' & of Sarah His 

Wife was Baptiz'd. 
Joanna Dat' of Rich'i Talpey & of Eliz^ii His Wife 

was Baptiz'd. 
Elizabeth Dat' of Benjamin Dammeril & of Eliz**' 

His Wife was Baptiz'd. 
Bernard S° of Deac° Michamore & of Joanna His 

Wife was Baptiz'd. 
John S" of John Crosbie & of Anne His Wife was 

Benjamin S° of Joseph Dammeril & of Mary His 

Wife was Baptized. 
Lydia Dat' of Sam^ Matthews Jun' & of Elizti» jjjg 

Wife was Baptiz'd. 
Elizabeth Dat' of Tho« Horn Jun' & of Eliz^* His 

Wife was Baptiz'd. 
James S"^ of James Allard & of] 

Sarah His Wife ( "r f' m 

Elizabeth Dat' of Henry Shapley & ( ^ 

of Eliz«^ His Wife J 

Henry S"^ of Peter Barter Jun' & of Elizabeth His 

Wife was Baptiz'd. 
Mary Dat' of Tho« Currier & of Sarah His Wife was 

Peter S'^ of Jn° Brag & Hannah His Wife was Bap- 
Richard Tucker S° of Jn° Down tertius & of Rebec- 
ca His Wife was Baptiz'd. 
PriscUla Dat' of Peter Robison & of Agnes His Wife 

was Baptiz'd. 
Molly, Wife of Nat^ Down was Baptiz'd. 
Samuel S° of James Ward & of] 

Sarah His Wife i p, .- >^ 

Joseph S'' of Abraham Ellenwood & f P • 

of Anne His Wife J 

Wentworth Son of Sam^ Down & of 1 

Joanna His Wife t> .• >3 

John Son of Sam^ Varrell & of Eliz- f^^^^ ^^P^^^ ^• 

abeth His Wife J 

^wei'e Baptiz'd. 

218 Isles of 8hoals in the Eighteenth Century [July 

June. 14*^ 1752. Edward, Son of Sam^ Down Jun*' & of Margery His 

AVife, was Baptiz'd. 
June. 2P* 1752. Edward, Son of Jolm Varrell & of Rachel His Wife, 

was Baptiz'd. 
Aug«* 23^ 1752. Molly, Daf of Arthur Randal Jun-" & of Lydia His 

Wife, was Baptiz'd. 
Nov^ 5«i 1752. Nathaniel, Son of Daniel Driskil & of Sarah His 

Wife, was Baptiz'd. 
Dece"" 31«^ 1752. Rachel, Dat'' of Nat' Down & of Molly His Wife, 

was Baptiz'd. 
Jany 28*'^ 1753. Michael, Son of Rob* Casswell & of Martha His 

Wife, was Baptiz'd. 
April. 22°*^ 1753. Jemima, Daf of Jn° Down tertius & Rebecca His 

Wife, was Baptiz'd. 
May. IS*'' 1753. John Robinson, Son of Israel Beckman & Mary His 

Wife, was Baptiz'd. 
May. 27*'' 1753. Jonathan, Son of Matthew Voudey & Lydia His 

Wife, was Baptiz'd. 
June. 3*^ 1753. Edward, Son of Henry Shapley & Elizabeth His 

Wife, was Baptiz'd. 
June. 24*^ 1753. Jacob, Son of Sam' Michmore & 

Ruth His Wife 
Edwai'd, Son of Sam' Matthews Jun'' 

& of Eliz*!' His Wife 
July 8*'' 1753. W" Holland, Son of W' Down Jun"^ & Sarah His 

Wife was Baptiz'd. 
July. 15*" 1753. Peter, Son of Jn° Brag & of Hannah His Wife, was 

Aug^* 5*" 1753. Joseph, Son of W" Robinson & of Mary His Wife, 

was Baptiz'd. 
Aug^* 12*" 1753. Theodore, Son of Abraham Ellenwood & Anne His 

Wife, was Baptiz'd. 
Aug«* 26*" 1753. Jacob, Son of W"' Bickham & of Sarah His Wife, 

was Baptiz'd. 
Sepf^ 2''^ 1753. John, Son of John Crosby & of Anne His Wife, was 

Nov"^ 4*" 1753. Richard, Son of John Newton & of 1 

Sarah His Wife ! "R t" 'd 

Elizabeth, Daf of Jeremiah Lord & [ P • 

of Elizabeth His Wife J 

Nov'' 9*'' 1753. Benjamin Gambling, Son of Henry Carter & of Deb- 

orah His Wife, was Baptiz'd. 
U;^^ This Child was Baftiz'd in Private. 
Nov' 11*^ 1753. Mary, Daf of Tho« Horn Jun' & of Eliz*" His Wife, 

was Baptiz'd. 
Feb^ 10*" 1754. Margaret, Daf of Jn° Randal & Love His Wife was 

March. 3" 1754. Sarah, Daf of Patrick Kenny & of Anne His Wife 

was Baptiz'd. 
April. 7*" 1754. Martha, Daf of Joseph Dammeril & of Mary His 

Wife was Baptiz'd. 
April. 21«* 1754. Thomas, Son of Richard Talpey & of Elizabeth His 

Wife was Baptiz'd. 

Aug^t 25tii 1754. 

1912] Isles of Shoals i7i the Eighteenth Century 219 

July. 21«* 1754. Nathaniel, Son of Joseph Palet & of Jane His Wife 

was Baptiz'd at Hampton. 
July. 23^ 1754. Thomas, Son of James Allard & of Sarah His Wife 

was Baptiz'd. 
0^^ This Child ivas Baptiz'd in Private. 
July. 28*^^ 1754. Ambrose Down, Son of Peter Robinson & of Agnes 

His Wife was Baptiz'd. 
Susannah, Daf of Matthew Voudey 1 

& of Lydia His Wife [ "R t" ri 

John, Son of John Varrell & of Ra- j ^ 

chel His Wife 
Sept' 8^"^ 1754. Levi, Son of Levi Mace & of Han-' 

nah His Wife, 
James, Son of James Ward & of I -„ x- .j 

Sar^h His Wife, )> were Baptiz d. 

Hannah, Daf^ of .John Mace & of | 

Elizabeth His Wife, J 

Oct'' 20^ 1754. Jonathan, Son of Sam' Matthews ] 

Jun' & of Eliz"^ His Wife, I ^,^ ^^ ^.^,^ 

Amos, Son of Rich'^ Currier tertius ( ^ 

& of Mary His Wife, 
Nov"" 3*^ 1754. Nanny, Dat'' of George Walpey & 

of Dorothy His Wife, i "r +• M 

Mary Sumers, Daf of Peter Barter f ^®^® l^aptiz a. 

Jun' & of Elizt'^ His Wife, 
Nov-^ 24'^ 1754. Susannah, Daf^ of Sam^ Varrell & 

of Elizt"^ His Wife, . -r ,• '^ 

Sam'l, Son of Sam^ Downe Jun' & (^^''^ -Baptiz a. 

of Marjory His Wife, 
Dece' 1^' 1754. Jacob Downe, Son of W°^ Bickham & of Sarah His 

Wife, was Baptiz'd. 
Dece"^ 15"^ 1754. Benjamin, Son of Michael Downe & of Mary His 

Wife, was Baptiz'd. 
Dece"" 22°'* 1754. Joseph, Son of Jn° Walpey & of Agnes His Wife, 

was Baptiz'd. 
Jany 19'" 1755. Sarah, Daf of Arthur Randal Jun'' & of Lydia His 

Wife, was Baptiz'd. 
Feby 16"^ 1755. W", Son of Henry Carter & of Deborah His Wife, 

was Baptiz'd. 
Feby 23<i 1755. James, Son of Henry Shapley & of Elizt"^ His Wife, 

was Baptiz'd. 
June. 22°** 1755. Jenny, Daf^ of Sam* Dammerrill & of Rebecca His 

Wife was Baptiz'd. 
July. 13**^ 1755. Elizabeth, Daf of George Sanders & of Sarah His 

Wife, was Baptiz'd. 
July 20**^ 1755. Robert, Son of Jn° Tate & of Esther His Wife, was 

Aug8' 31^' 1755. Mary, Daf of James Allard «fe of Sarah His Wife, 

was Baptiz'd. 
Sepf^ 14'" 1755. Robert, Son of Jn° Brag & of Hannah His Wife, was 

Oct' 26*" 1755. Love, Dat' of Nat* Downe & of Molly His Wife, was 


220 Isles of Shoals hi the Eighteenth Century [July 

Nov' 2^ 1755. John, Son of Jn° Sanderson & of Mary His Wife, 

was Baptiz'd. 
Nov. 9"^ 1755. George, Son of Philip Brock & of Dorothy His Wife, 

was Bajjtiz'd. 
Nov"^ 30"^ 1755. Jeremiah, Son of Jere^^^ Lord & of Elizti^ His Wife, 

was Baptiz'd. 
Feby 8'^ 1756. Daniel, Son of Henry Carter & of Deborah His Wife, 

was Baptiz'd. 
AprU. 25''^ 1756. Thomas, Son of Tho» Horn & of ] 

Eliz"^ His Wife, Kvfexe Ba tiz'd 

Hannah, Daf of John Crosby & of j ^ 

Anne His Wife, J 

May SO*'^ 1756. Anne, Daf of Abraham Ellenwood & of Anne His 

Wife, was Baptiz'd. 
June. 13*1^ 1756. Mary, Daf of Tho« Chappell & of Abigail His Wife, 

was Baptiz'd. 
July. 18*^ 1756. Ambrose, Son of Ambrose Perkins 

& of Sarah His Wife 
Mary, Dat"^ of Samuel Haley & of ^ were Baptized. 

Mary His AVife 
Sarah, Daf^ of Elizabeth Downe 
Aug«' 8*1^ 1756. W"^, Son of Israel Beckman & of Mary His Wife, 

was Baptized. 
Aug«' 8'^ 1756. Betty, Dat' of Abigail Eliot was Baptized. 

(I^^ Tliis Child was Baptized in Private. 
Aug^t 22^*1 1756. Betty, Daf of Patrick Kenny & of Anne His Wife, 

was Baptiz'd. 
Ocf 3*^ 1756. Samuel, Son of Geoffrey Currier Jun' &, of Sarah His 

Wife, was Baptiz'd. 
Oct"^ 17*^^ 1756. John, Son of Samuel Muchmore &1 

of Ruth His Wife, ) -r ,• , i 

John, Son of Jn° Mace & of Eliza- f ^^^^ ^^P^^^ ^• 

beth His Wife, J 

Ocf 24'^ 1756. Anna, Daf of Sam^ Varrell «fe of Eliz^i^ His Wife, 

was Baptiz'd. 
Nov-" 7*^ 1756. Abigail, Daf^ of Jn° Newton & of Sarah His Wife, 

was Baptiz'd. 
Nov"- 14*^ 1756. Love Kelly, Daf^ of Joseph Dammerrill & of Mary 

His Wife, was Baptized. 
Nov-^ 21^* 1756. Joseph, Son of Sam^ Matthews Jim"" & of Eliz*^ His 

Wife, was Baptiz'd. 
Jany le'i- 1757. Mary Tucke, Daf^ of Jn° Randal & of Love His 

Wife, was Baptiz'd. 
Jany 20"^ 1757. Sarah, Dat-^ of W"^ Downe & of Sarah His Wife, 

was Baptiz'd. 
0^^ This Child was Baptized in Private. 
Feby 13*^ 1757. Molly, Daf of Barton Obee & of Eliz«^ His Wife, 

was Baptiz'd. 
Feby 20«» 1767. Sarah, Daf of Henry Shapley & of Elizabeth His 

Wife, was Baptiz'd. 
AprU 10*^ 1757. Solomon, Son of Jn° Varrel* & of Rachel His Wife, 

was Baptiz'd. 

* The V of Varrel is written in heavy lines over a distinct W. 

1912] Isles of Shoals in the Eighteenth Century 221 

May. 1«' 1757. Sarah, Dat"^ of Sami Downe Jun^ & of Margery His 

Wife, was Baptiz'd. 
June. 5*1^ 1757. Mary, Daf of Rich'' Currier Jun-" & of Mary His 

Wife, was Baptiz'd. 
July. 3'* 1757. Abigail, Daf of Arthur Randal Jun"" & of Lydia 

His Wife, was Baptiz'd. 
July. 17**^ 1757. James, Son of Abigail Mace, was Baptiz'd. 

July. 24**^ 1757. Ellis, Daf^ of Michael Downe & of Mary His Wife, 

was Baptiz'd. 
Aug«' 2P' 1757. Nanny, Daf of James Ward & of Sarah His Wife, 

was Baptiz'd. 
Aug«' 28**^ 1757. Josiah, Son of Joshua Lane Jun'^ & of His 

Wife, was Baptiz'd at Hampton. 
Oct^ 9'*^ 1757. John, Son of Peter Barter, Jan'' and of Elizabeth His 

Wife, was Baptiz'd. 
Oct' 23*1 i757_ Abigail, Daf^ of Sam^ Eliot & of Abigail His Wife, 

was Baptiz'd. 
Oct' 30"^ 1757. Ithamar, Son of Levi Mace & of Hannah His Wife, 

was Baptiz'd. 
Nov' 20*'^ 1757. Molly, Daf of W" Bickham & of Sarah His Wife, 

was Baptiz'd. 
Dece' 25"> 1757. Mary, Dat' of Jn° Crocket & of Mary His Wife, was 

Jany S*'^ 1758. Molly, Dat' of Jeremiah Lord & of ElizO^ His Wife, 

was Baptiz'd. 
Jany 15*1^ 1758. Thomas, Son of Elisha Horn & of Tamesin His 

Wife, was Baptiz'd. 
Feby b^^ 1758. Robert, Son of Jn° Brag & of Hannah His Wife, was 

Feby 12«^ 1758. Sarah, Daf of Tho« Chappell & of Abigail His Wife, 

was Baptiz'd. 
April. O*'^ 1758. Robert, Son of Nat^ Downe & of Molly His Wife, was 

May. 21^' 1758. Deborah, Daf of Henry Carter & of Deborah His 

Wife, was Baptiz'd. 
June, ll'"^ 1758. Noah, Son of James Allard & of ] 

ElfrDa^of S Haly & of Jlary [ "-e Baptized. 

His Wife, J 

Aug^* 13* 1758. Edward, Son of Joseph Dammerrill & of Mary His 

Wife, was Baptiz'd. 
Sept' 17'^^ 1758. Lydia, Daf of Joseph Currier & of Anne His Wife, 

was Baptiz'd. 
Oct' 18' 1758. Richard, Son of Luke Power «fe of "1 

Sarah His Wife , I were Baptiz'd. 

Mary, Daf of W" Holbrook & of j ^ 

Eliz"^ His Wife, J 

Oct' 22'^'^ 1758. Jn'^, Son of Sam^ Muchmore & of | 

Ruth his Wife, \^NevG Baptiz'd. 

Anna, Daf of Sam^ Varrell & of [ '■ 

Elizabeth. His Wife, J 

Dece' 3<i 1758. Nanny, Daf of Jn° Crosbie & of Anne His Wife, 

was Baptiz'd. 

222 Isles 

Jany 7**^ 1759. 
Feby 11'^ 1759. 
May. 13*" 1759. 
May 27*^ 1759. 
June. 10*"^ 1759. 
June. 17'!' 1759. 
July. 29'^^ 1759. 

of Shoals in the Eighteenth Century 


Aug^t 19th 1759. 
Sept' le*'^ 1759. 
Nov'' 11"^ 1759. 

Nov-^ 18*^ 1759. 
Jan. 13^ 1760. 
Feb. 3'^ 1760. 
Feby 24^'^ 1760. 
April. 27**^ 1760. 
June. 1«* 1760. 

June. 15* 1760. 
July. 6*'^ 1760. 
July. 13*^ 1760. 

> were Baptized. 

Molly, Daf of Henry Carter Jun'^, Deceased, & of 

Rachel His Wife, was Baptized. 
John, Son of Henry Shapley & of Elizt^^ His Wife, 

was Baptiz'd. 
Abraham, Son of Abr™ Ellenwood & of Anne His 

Wife, was Baptiz'd. 
Peter Sanderson, Son of James Ward & of Sarah 

His Wife, was Baptiz'd. 
Thomas, Son of Jn° Sanderson & of Mary His Wife, 

was Baptiz'd. 
Richard, Son of Jn° Varrell & .of Rachel His Wife, 

was Baptiz'd. 
Deborah, Daf of Henry Carter «&; 

of Deborah His Wife, 
W™, Son of Geoff ery Currier Jun"^ 

& of Sarah His Wife, 
Peterson, Son of Barton Obee & of 

Eliz«^ His Wife, 
Molly, Daf of Sam^ Matthews & 

of Elizti' His Wife, 
Thomas, Son of Tho« Horn & of Eliz*^ His Wife, was 

Eliz*^, Daf^ of Jn° Mace «fe of Elizt^i His Wife, was 

Edward Sadler, Son of Arthur Ran- 
dal & of Lydia His Wife, 
Robert Miller, Son of Edward Shap- 
ley & of Nanny His Wife, 
Ellis, Daf of Michael Downe & of 

Mary His Wife, 
Hannah, Daf of W"^ Bickham & of Sarah His Wife, 

was Baptized. 
Mary, Daf of Isr^ Beckman & of Sarah His Wife, 

was Baptiz'd. 
Betty, Daf of Jn° Tate & of Esther His Wife, was 

Nanny, Dat"^ of Jn° Newton & of Sarah His Wife, 

was Baptiz'd. 
Samuel, Son of Sam^ Haly »& of Mary His Wife, was 

Margaret, Daf of Jeremy Lord & 

of Eliz^i^ His Wife, 
Abigail, Daf of Elisha Horn & of 

Tamesin His Wife, 
Sarah, Daf of Tho« Chapel & of 

Abigail His Wife, 
Joanna, Dat"^ of Jn" Brag & of Joanna His Wife, was 

Molly, Dat"^ of Ambrose Perkins & of Sarah His 

Wife, was Baptiz'd. 
Edward, Son of Rich'^ Currier Jun"^ & of Mary His 

Wife, was Baptiz'd. 

>were Baptiz'd. 

>were Baptiz'd. 

1912] Isles of Shoals in the Eighteenth Century 223 

Sept' 7*^^ 1760. Jn°, Son of Sam^ Downe Jun'' & of Marjory His Wife, 

was Baiotiz'd. 
Sepf^ 28^^ 1760. Jn<', Son of Arth"- Randal Jun"" & of Ruth His Wife, 

was Baptiz'd. 
Dece'^ 28"^ 1760. David, Son of Reuben Bachelor & of Miriam His 

Wife, was Baptized at Hawke.* 
Jany 11*^ 1761. Henry, Son of Henry Carter & of Deborah His Wife, 

was Baptized. 
Feby Ib^ 1761. Joseph, Son of Nat^ Downe & of Molly His Wife, was 

Feby 22^1 1761. W"^, Son of Rob* Kearswell Jun' & of Elizt^^ His 

Wife, was Baptized. 
March 1®' 1761. Rebecca, Dau'f of Amos Horn & of Abigail His 

Wife, was Baptized. 
April 26*^ 1761. Mary Sanders, Dau't"^ of Henry Shapley & of Eliz*!' 

His Wife, was Baptized. 
July 12*^ 1761. Robert Sanders, Son of Luke Power & of Sarah His 

Wife, was Baptized. 
Augst 23* 1761. Joanna, Dau't'' of James Allard & of Sarah His Wife, 

was Baptized. 
Oct' 4*'^ 1764. Abigail, Dau't^ of Sam^ Eliot & of AbigaU His Wife, 

was Baptized. 
Oof 25*^ 1761. Susanna, Dau't' of Abr™ Ellen wood 1 

& of Anne His Wife, ! -r f- i 

W", Son ot Henry Walker Andrass f ^^''^ i^aptized. 

& of Rachel His Wife, J 

Nov' P' 1761. Margaret, Dau'f of Sam^ Haley & of Mary His Wife, 

was Baptized. 
Nov' 8*'' 1761. Molly, Dau'f of Edw*^ Voudey & of Sarah His Wife, 

was Baptized. 
Jany 17'*^ 1762. Jn°, Son of Tho« Horn & of Eliz*"^ ] 

His Wife, I -R ,. ^ 

Benjamin, Son of Arthur Randall & [ ^^^® -Kaptizea. 

of Lydia His Wife, J 

Feby 14*^ 1762. Sarah, Dau't' of Arthur Randall Jun' & of Ruth His 

Wife, was Baptized. 
April 18"^ 1762. Dinah, Dau't' of Candace, a Negro, was Baptized. 

June 27''^ 1762. Abigail, Dau't' of Jn° Brag & of Hannah His Wife, 

was Baptized. 
July 4^^^ 1762. Molly, Dau't' of Mic^ Downe & of Mary His Wife, 

was Baptized. 
Aug^t 15tia 1762. Weeks, Son of Sami Varrell & of Eliztf^ His Wife, 

was Baptized. 
Sept' 12^^ 1762. Joseph, Son of Jn° Mace & of Elizt^^ 

His Wife, 
W°\ Son of W" Bickham & of Sarah 

His Wife 
Comfort, Dau't' of Elisha Horn & of '^ ^®^^ Baptized. 

Tamesin His Wife, 
Sarah, Dau't' of Tho^ Chappel & of 

Abigail His Wife, 

* Set ofif from Kingston early in this year. The name was changed to Danville in 

224 Isles 

Ocf^ 24*^ 1762. 
Nov^ 14ti> 1762. 
Dece'- 12**' 1762. 
March 20*'^ 1763. 
March 27"^ 1763. 
April 3'i 1763. 
May 15*1^ 1763. 
May 29*^ 1763. 
July 3^ 1763. 

Aug^' 21^' 1763. 

Sepf^ 4ti> 1763. 

Sept' 11*^ 1763. 
Ocf^ 231 i7g3_ 

Nov'" 6"^ 1763. 
Dece'^ 4* 1763. 
Jany l^t 1764. 
Jan^ 15'^^ 1764. 

March 18*^ 1764. 
AprU 8^^^ 1764. 

April 9*'' 1764. 

May 20*^ 1764. 
July 8"^ 1764. 
July 15"' 1764. 

of Shoals in the Eighteenth Century 


were Baptized. 

Jn°, Son of Sam^ Parsons & of Isabella His Wife, 

was Baptized. 
Sarah, Dau'f^ of Sam' Downe Jun'' & of Margery 

His Wife, was Baptized. 
Jn°, Son of Amos Horn & of Abigail His Wife, was 

Jn'', Son of Jn° Newton & of Sarah His Wife, was 

W", Son of W" Holbrook & of Eliz* His Wife, was 

James, Son of Henry Shapley & of Eliz*"^ His Wife, 

was Baptized 
Sam', Son of Rich*^ Currier Jun'' & of Mary His Wife, 

was Baptized. 
Eliz'^ Dau't' of Rich'' Randal & of Elizt^^ His Wife, 

Avas Baptized. 
W"", Son of James Ward & of Sarah 

His Wife, 
Abigail, Dau't'' of Jn° Varrell & of 

Rachel His Wife, 
W", Son of Tho^ Horn & of Eliz*'' "^ 

His Wife, ■ -r *' a 

Betty, Dau't' of Rob' Kearswell Jun^- f ^®^® J^aptizea. 

& of Elizt'' His Wife, J 

Betty, Dau'f^ of Jn° Crosbie & of Anne His Wife, 

was Baptized. 
Rich'', Son of Anne Downe, was Baptized. 
Mary, Dau'f of Benj'' Parsons & of Lucy His Wife, 

was Baptized. 
Sarah, Dau'f^ of Edw<^ Voudey & of Sarah His Wife, 

was Baptized. 
Hannah, Dau'f of Arthur Randal Jun"^ & of Ruth 

His Wife, was Baptized. 
Sarah, Dau't of Jn° Kearswell & of Joanna His Wife, 

was Baptized. 
Joseph, Son of Sam' Haley & of 

Mary His Wife, 
W"\ Son of W™ Allard & of Joanna 

His Wife, 
Tho^, Son of James Allard & of Sarah His Wife, 

was Baptized. 
Rich-i, Son of Jn° Crocket & of Mary ] 

His Wife, IwereBa tized 

Tho®, Son of Ambrose Perkins & of ( ^ 

Sarah His Wife, J 

Henry Carter, Son of Joseph Muchmore «& of Mary 

His Wife, was Baptized. 
This Child was Baptiz'd in Private. 
Grace, Dau't"^ of Israel Beckman, Deceased, & of 

Mary His Wife, was Baptized. 
Mercy, Dau't"^ of Arthur Randal «& of Lydia His Wife, 

was Baptized. 
Abigail, & ") Twin Dau't'^^ of Sam' Matthews & of 
Mehetabel, j Eliz*'^ His Wife, were Baptized. 

were Baptized. 

1912] Isles of Shoals in the Eighteenth Century 225 

Aug^t 5tii 1764. Zephaniah, Son of Nat' Downe & of 1 

Molly His Wife -n • -, 

Betty, Dau'f^ of Luke Power & of ^ ^^^e Baptized. 

Sarah His Wife J 

Augst 26*^^ 1764. Moses, Son of John Dammerrill & of Tabitha His 

Wife, was Baptized. 
Ocf 14''^ 1764. Sarah, Dau'f^ of Rich'i Randal & of Eliz*'' His Wife, 

was Baptized. 
Ocf^ 21«' 1764. Charles Randal, Son of Elisha Horn & of Tamesin 

His Wife, was Baptized. 
Oct^ 28"^ 1764. Jn°, Son of Jn° Robison & of Eliz*'^ His Wife, was 

Dece"^ 23* 1764. Molly, Dau'f^ of Jeremy Lord & of Eliz'i^ His Wife, 

was Baptized. 
Feby S'i 1765. Robert, Son of Henry Shapley & of Eliz*^ His Wife, 

was Baptized. 
March 3P* 1765. James, Son of W" Holbrook & of Eliz*'' His Wife, 

was Baptized. 
AprU. 14''' 1765. Molly, Dau'f^ of Jn° Brag & of Hannah His Wife, 

was Baptized. 
April 2P* 1765. Jn", Son of Jeffry Currier Jun"^ & of Sarah His Wife, 

was Baj^tized. 
May 19"^ 1765. George, Son of Rich'^ Perkins & of Mercy His Wife, 

was Baptized. 
June 23'i 1765. Eliz'^ Dau'f^ of David Avery & of Sarah His Wife, 

was Baptized. 
July 28**^ 1765. Anne, Dau'f of Arthur Randal & of Lydia His Wife, 

was Baptized. 
Aug^* llth i7g5^ Deborah, Dau'f of Sam' Downe Jun' & of Margery 

His Wife, was Baptized. 
Aug^' 25^1^ 1765. Sarah, Dau'f of Sam' Haley & of] 

Mary His Wife, I -o r a 

Sarah, Dau'f^ of Benj" Muchmore & f ^^^® J^aptized. 

of Tamesin His Wife, 
Sepf 22°'^ 1765. Tho^ Son of Josiah Mace & of Sarah 

His Wife 
Sarah, Dau'V of W- Bickham & of j^ were Baptized. 

Sarah His Wife, 
Sepf 29*'^ 1765. RobS Son of Rob' Kearswell & of tAiz^^ His Wife, 

was Baptized. 
Ocf 20*'^ 1765. Moses, Son of Tho« Horn & of Eliz^'' His Wife, was 

Nov'' 10* 1765. George, Son of Arthur Randal Jun"" & of Ruth His 

Wife, was Bajitized. 
Nov'^ 17'"' 1765 James, Son of James Hickey and of Mary His Wife, 

was Baptized. 
Dece"^ 1«' 1765. Benj"!, Son of Benj° Parsons & of ] 

Lucy His Wife, -r. x- j 

Abigail, Dau't^ of Rich*^ Currier Jun^ \ ^^^^ baptized. 

& of Mary His Wife, J 

Dece"" 29^1' 1765. Jn°, Son of Jn° Kearswell & of Joanna His Wife, was 


[To be concluded] 

226 Notes from Long Island Gravestones [July 


Communicated by Miss Elizabeth French of New York, N. T. 

St. John's Episcopal Churchyard, Huntington, L.I. 

Jane, dau. of Dr. Daniel W. and Phebe Kissam, d. May 25, 1815, aged 

2 yrs. 8 mos. 25 days. 
Maria, dau. of Daniel W. and Elizabeth Kissam, b. Feb. 5, 1794, d. Feb. 

15, 1866. 
Elizabeth, dau. of Benjamin and Elizabeth Tredwell, and wife of Dr. 

Daniel W. Kissam (and their still-born babe), d. Apr. 3, 1803, in her 

36th yr. 
Dr. Daniel W. Kissam d. Nov. 21, 1839, aged 76 yrs. 7 mos. 28 days. 
Phebe, wife of Dr. D. W. Kissam, b. Apr. 23, 1777, d. Nov. 13, 1861. 
Seabury Webster, son of Seabury and Sarah V. B. Kissam, b. Nov. 26, 

1856, d. Aug. 12, 1857. 
Seabury Kissam, b. in Huntington Feb. 6, 1809, d. in Brooklyn June 9, 

Kev. Charles Sturges, M.D., b. Oct. 20, 1804, d. May 1, 1855. 
Margaret, wife of Rev. Chas. Sturges, and dau. of Dr. D. W. and Phebe 

Kissam, b. Aug. 28, 1814, d. Oct. 20, 1853. 
Dorcas, dau. of Richard and Bathsheba Rogers, d. Sept. 18, 1796, in her 

34th yr. 
Catharine Davis, dau. of Capt. John and Jane Davis, d. Oct. 12, 1754, in 

3d yr. 
George, d. Dec. 4, 1801, aged 2 yrs. 5 mos., and George Dally, d. Nov. 1, 

1798, aged 4 yrs. 3 mos., sons of John Davis and Ruth Rogers. 
Catharine Jane, dau. of Andrew Y. and Jane Rogers, d. Mar. 28, 1828, 

aged 1 yr. 
Catharine Rogers, wife of Andrew Yelverton, d. Jan. 24, 1834, in her 63d 


Andrew Yelverton d. Aug. 13, 1850, in 86th yr. 

Eliza Dally d. Aug. 14, 1835, in 13th yr. 

Phebe, wife of George Dally, and dau. of Isaiah and Elizabeth Rogers, d. 

Sept. 22, 1795, aged 26 yrs. 10 mos. 12 days. 
Ebenezer, son of Isaiah and Elizabeth Rogers, d. Sept. 15, 1770, in 17th yr. 
Ruth, wife of John D. Rogers, d. Dec. 2, 1831, aged 67. 
Thomas Rogers d. Oct. 14, 1756, in 21st yr. 
Hannah, wife of Isaac Brush, d. Aug. 24, 1754, in her 71st yr. 
Half of an old stone reading " 1785 in 65th year." 
In another part of the church yard is a piece of stone evidently a part of 

the top of the above with the letters " ush." 
Susan, wife of John D. Jackson, d. Mar. 3, 1838, aged 39 yrs. 1 mo. 14 

John D. Jackson d. Aug. 27, 1867, aged 72 yrs. 6 mos. 27 days. 
John F., son of J. D. and Susan Jackson, d. Oct. 16, 1838, aged 7 mos. 

24 days. 

Isaiah Rogers d. Sept. 26, 1873, aged 86 yrs. 6 mos. 22 days. 
John Wesley, son of Isaiah and Mary C. Rogers, d. Mar. 8, 1819, aged 1 
yr. 12 days. 

1912] Notes from Long Island Gravestones 227 

Isaiah Tlieodore, only son of Isaiah and Mary C. Rogers, d. Sept. 6, 1834, 

aged 1 yr. 10 mos. 6 days. 
Margaret Louisa [Rogers] d. Oct. 11, 1746, aged 7 yrs. 2 mos. 
Dr. Samuel Allen d, Dec. 1, 1766, in his 36th yr. 
Joseph H. Ray, M.D., d. Mar. 23, 1875. 
Maria Wood, wife of the above, d. June 1, 1890. 
Emily Ray, d. Mar. 16, 1843, aged 2 yrs. 14 days. 
William Palmer Wood, son of William G. Wood. 
Emily M. Wood, dau. of WUliam G. and Emily Wood, d. Dec. 25, 1853, 

in her 1 8th yr. 
William G. Wood d. Apr. 20, 1869, aged 59 yrs. 

Helen Pollard, wife of Isaac Adams, b. Dec. 28, 1833, d. Feb. 25, 1899. 
Isaac Adams, b. June 27, 1826, d. June 27, 1900. 
Emeline A. Adams, wife of Isaac Adams, and eldest dau. of Elnathan and 

Maria E. Wheeler, b. in Bridgeport, Conn., Aug. 12, 1829, d. Feb. 22, 

Emily H. Post d. Oct. 17, 1851, aged 7 yrs. 
Faith W. Post d. Oct. 17, 1851, aged 4 yrs. 

Harriet Terry, wife of C. Wistar Hodge, and dau. of Richard B. and Har- 
riet W. Post, b. in Huntington Sept. 14, 1839, d. in Princeton, N. J., 

Apr. 7, 186 4. 
Jessie Acourt Lowell, dau. of William T. and Mary A. B. Walcott, d. Apr. 

25, 1850, aged 2 yrs. 8 mos. 27 days. 
Rev. H. B. Beers, a member of the North Indiana Conference of the M. E. 

Church, d. in Goshen, Ind., May 6, 1873. 
Hawley Beers, b. Nov. 11, 1773, d. Dec. 25, 1831. 
Elizabeth Wright, his wife, b. May 2, 1777, d. Aug. 29, 1852. 
Samuel, b. Apr. 29, 1797, d. July 14, 1847. 
William, b. May 22, 1800, d. Feb. 1, 1850. 
Obadiah Wright, b. May 12, 1806, d. Apr. 26, 1864. 
Charles Anthony, b. Dec. 24, 1810, d. Jan. 6, 1838. 
Hawlev Baxter, b. Apr. 22, 1809, d. May 6, 1873. 
John Henry, b. Oct. 25, 1813, d. June 13, 1885. 
S. Lucinda, b. Sept. 26, 1815, d. Apr. 2, 1897. 
Deborah, relict of Jacob Johnson, d. Feb. 2, 1830, in her 53d yr. 
Capt. Walter F. Johnson, b. Mar. 13, 1821, d. Apr. 28, 1867. 
Mary, wife of Jacob Johnson, d. Aug. 21, 1812, aged 37 yrs. 8 mos. 15 

Jacob Johnson d. June 13, 1833, aged 61 yrs. 7 mos. 3 days. 
Julia A., dau. of George B. and Elizabeth Johnson, d. July 18, 1844, aged 

4 yrs. 27 days. 
Raymond Hoyt d. July 31, 1846, in his 58th yr. 
Sally, wife of Raymond Hoyt, d. Feb. 17, 1849, in her 64th yr. 
Andrew J. Hoyt d. Dec. 11, 1884, in his 65th yr. 
Alonzo C. Hoyt, b. June 9, 1833, d. Jan. 17, 1857. 
Mrs. Mary Conklin, b. Mar. 12, 1775, d. Mar. 6, 1858. 
Hannah, wife of William Nethaway, d. June 19, 1779, aged 33. 
William Nethaway d. Mar. 19, 1814, aged 74. 
Thomas Nethaway d. Sept. 6, 1749, in 38th yr. 
Ebenezer Nethaway d. Sept. 21, 1749, aged 6 yrs. 

VOL. XL VI. 15 

228 Notes from Long Island Gravestones [July 

Lemuel Douglas, Jr., d. Jan. 6, 1800, in his 26tli yr. 

Mary, wife of Capt. Lemuel Douglas, d. May 4, 1796, in her 49tli yr. 

Stej^ben, son of Capt. Lemuel and Mary Douglas, d. Apr. 19, 1794, aged 

8 yrs. 
Abiiiail, wife of John Johnson, d. Nov. 3, 1749, in her 24th yr. 
Smi^h Johnson d. Feb. 2G, 1849, in his 17th yr. 
Mr. Dennis Wright d. Apr. 30, 1753, in his 80th yr. Re-erected in 1854 

by his .great grandson E. Beers. 
Jacob Mott d. May 8, 1857, in his 38 th yr. 
Marv A., dau. of David S. and Isabella F. Conklin, b. Dec. 22, 1841, d. 

Mar. 4, 1857. 
David S. Conklin, b. July 5, 1804, d. July 18, 1863. 
Isabella, wife of David S. Conklin, b. Jan. 16, 1806, d. Apr. 30, 1862. 
Elizabeth Gillit, dau. of Elisha & Sarah Gillit, d. Sept. 16, 1760, in her 

5th yr. 
Gertrude Westervelt, wife of Arthur T. Hurd, d. Apr. 4, 1885, aged 60 

A. T. Hurd, b . Mar. 12, 1826, d. July 9, 1902. 
John Forster^ b. July 3, 1818, d. Feb. 2, 1869. 

Gilbert P. Williams, b. in Huntington Dec. 5, 1804, d. Apr. 11, 1888. 
Lucinda, wife of the above, b. Fairfield Co., Conn., Oct. 24, 1804, d. Nov. 

7, 1866. 
Mary Elizabeth, dau. of G. P. and L. Williams, b. in New Milford, Conn., 

July 24, 1827, d. Nov. 14, 1860. 

Mary E. Post, wife of Robert H. Hawthorne, and dau. of Wright Post, 
M.D., and Mary M. Bayley, all of New York City, b. June 16, 1814, 
d. June 17, 1883. 

Isabella, wife of Rev. N. Barrows, and dau. of John Gibson, b. in Albany 

Jan. 7, 183 2, d. Feb. 12, 1885. 
Eliza Thompson, b. Feb. 11, 1777, d. Jan. 8, 1867. 
Frederick W. Mulligan, b. Oct. 10, 1850, d. Feb. 4, 1893. 
Lewis M. Thurston, b. Oct. 23, 1804, d. Oct. 13, 1895. 
Elizabeth S. Brewer, wife of the above, b. Dec. 3, 1814, d. Jan. 10, 1879. 
Robert Brewer, son of L. M. and E. S. Thurston, b. Feb. 9, 1837, d. Aug. 

6, 1875. 
Lewis Marion, son of L. M. and E. S. Thurston, b. July 15, 1838, d. 

Dec. 4, 186 4. 
Hannah, wife of Daniel E. Kissam, b. Dec. 10, 1813, d. June 1, 1877. 
William Aymar Kissam, M.D., son of Daniel E. and Hannah Kissam, b. 

Mar. 6, 1846, d. Apr. 12, 1877. "Willie." 

ye body 

A fragment of stone reading 

Old Northport, L. I., Cemetery 
Elizabeth, relict of Nathaniel Udal, d. Jan. 19, 1819, aged 61. 
John Udal d. Jan. 4, 1849, aged 28. 
Nathaniel Uda l d. Feb. 23, 1817, aged 62. 
Jacob Sammis d. Apr. 1, 1856, aged 65. 
Nancy, wife o f Jacob Sammis, d. Apr. 7, 1838, in her 62d yr. 

Auguster Ackerly, b. July 31, 1760, d. Mar. 27, 1812, aged 51 yrs. 7 mo8. 
27 days. 

1912] Notes from Long Island Gravestones 229 

Rebecca, wife of Augusta Ackerly, d. Apr. 11, 1856, aged 93 yrs. 

Jacob Ackerly d. Nov. 4, 1879, aged 84 yrs. 6 days. 

Mary Ackerly d. Mar. 5, 1890, aged 90 yrs. 1 day. 

Susan, dau. of Nathaniel and Keturah Kelcy, d. July 31, 1793, aged 7. 

Kelcy d. June 26, 1792, aged 21 yrs. 3 mos. 

Nathaniel Kelcy d. June 26, 1817, aged 78. 

Freelove, wife of Nathaniel Kelcy, Jr., d. Feb. 4, 1804, in her 3 2d yr. 

Jonas Higbee, Sen., d. Nov. 19, 1765, aged 75. 

Thomas Higbee d. Feb. 13, 1762, in his 39th yr. 

Thomas Higbee, Jr., d. Nov. 10, 1753, in his 29th(?) yr. 

Desiar Hegbe, dau. of Stephen and Esther Hegbee, d. June 19, 1763, in 

her 9th yr. 
Daniel B. Higbee d. Mar. 27, 1813, aged 61. 
Elizabeth, his wife, d. Dec. 23, 1806, aged 44. 
Jonas Higbe, Jr., d. Nov. 10, 1759, in 29th yr. 
Elizabeth, wife of Thomas Miller, d. Feb. 23, 1804, aged 56. 
Stephen Higbee d. Jan. 10, 1855, aged 89 yrs. 5 mos. 9 days. 
Ruth, wife of Stephen Higbee, d. Nov. 20, 1835, in her 68th yr. 
Isaac Wells,'j r., d. Mar 10, 1822, aged 33. 
Charles Ackerley d. Nov. 3, 1855, aged 63 yrs. 8 mos. 
Jerusha, wife of Charles Ackerley, d. Apr. 2, 1876, aged 91. 
Hannah Ackerley d. Dec. 10, 1842, aged 50. 
Philip Udall d. Jan. 21, 1836, aged 47 yrs. 3 mos. 
Capt. Jesse Mott, d. Aug. 13, 1851, aged 57 yrs. 7 mos. 12 days. 
Katurah, his wife, d. June 9, 1836, aged 41 yrs. 7 mos. 8 days. 
Jacob Mott d. Nov. 11, 1838, aged 74 yrs. 8 mos. 
Tabitha, wife of Robert Arthur, d. Sept. 8, 1756, in his 43d yr. 
Esther, wife of Ebenezer Bryan, d. Mar. 24, 1838, aged 83 yrs. 
Ebenezer Bryan d. May 10, 1811, aged 69. 
Anna, dau. of Ebenezer and Esther Bryan, d. Sept. 7, 1796, aged 15 yrs. 

1 mo. 28 days. 
Josiah Fedrick, b. Jan. 10, 1774, d. Dec. 10, 1864. 
Sarah E., wife of Josiah Fedrick, d. Apr. 20, 1851, aged 70. 
Jemima Sills, relict of Capt. John Sills, d. Mar. 20, 1813, in her 58th yr. 
Mary, dau. of John and Jemima Sills, d. Oct. 20, 1820, aged 6(?). 
Phebe, wife of John Lewis, d. Sept. 15, 1842, aged 28 yrs, 5 days. 
John Smith "d . Mar. 3, 1852, aged 60. 

Mary, wife of Jonathan Wickes, Jr., d. Mar. 30, 1761, in her 23d yr. 
Jonathan Wickes d. Mar. 4, 1759, in his 47th yr. 
Jemima Scudder, wife of John, d. Sept. 13, 1775, in her 71st yr. 
Isaac Sammis d. Apr. 29, 1871, aged 72. 
Anna, wife of Isaac Sammis, d. Nov. 23, 1859, aged 36. 
Anna Maria Sammis d. Mar. 30, 1859, aged 7 mos. 9 days. 
Edward B. Sammis d. Mar. 5, 1864, aged 37 yrs. Imo. 17 days. 
Edward Franklin Sammis d. Feb. 18, 1852, aged 1 yr. 9 mos. \ Children of 
Edmon Sammis d. Feb. 18, 1856, aged 3 mos. 14 days. / Edward B. 

Charles Hood Sammis d. Aug. 18, 1849, aged 8 mos. 5 days. I and Ann E. 
Anna Sammis d. Apr. 7, 1864, aged 1 yr. 1 mo. 17 days; / Sammis 
Stephen Scudder d. Sept. 20, 1853, aged 64 yrs. 6. mos. 19 days. 
Esther Scudder d. July 6, 1858, in her 63d yr. 

230 Notes from Long Island Gravestones [July 

Hannah, wife of John Dickerson, Nov. 15, 1798 - Oct. 22, 1854. 

Julian W., son of Dr. I. W. and H. Mahretta EKot, d. Aug. 16, 1873, 

aged 1 yr. 29 days. 
Abel Ackley d. Apr. 5, 1856, aged 81. 
Hannah, wife of Abel Ackley, d. Apr. 25, 1857, aged 72. 
Philetus Ackley d. Feb. 27, 1837, aged 28 yrs. 11 mos. 21 days. 
Philetus, son of Richard and Presillia Ackley, d. Nov. 8, 1840, aged 3 yrs. 

9 mos. 
"William Henry, son of Richard and Presillia Ackley, d. Mar. 9, 1836, aged 

1 yr. 4 mos. 
Jacob Sammis. b. May 15, 1811, d. Mar. 23, 1885. 
Mary, wife of Jacob Sammis, b. Mar. 23, 1826, d. Sept. 30, 1881. 
Adelia Jane, dau. of Jacob and Mary Sammis, b. Oct. 6, 1849, d. Mar. 19, 

Ann Sammis d. Nov. 24, 1845. 
Abigail Sammis d. Oct. 5, 1857, aged 5 yrs. 5 mos. 
Mary Sammis d. Oct. 6, 1857, aged 1 yr. 10 mos. 
Harriet A., wife of Nelson Velzer, d. June 29, 1857, aged 29 yrs. 6 mos. 

27 days. 
Capt. Samuel Noyes d. Mar. 19, 1854, aged 60 yrs. 5 mos. 25 days. 
Sarah, dau. of Samuel P. and Hannah J. Hartt, d. Mar 27, 1838, aged 10 

yrs. 9 mos. 
Barnard H. Chappell d. May 16, 1889, aged 57 yrs. 2 mos. 
Amanda S., wife of B. H. Chappell, d. Apr. 23, 1880, aged 48 yrs. 3 mos. 

14 days. 
Phebe B., dau. of Fleet and Elizabeth Bunce, d. June 17, 1832, aged 18 

yrs. 3 mos. 
Jane M., wife of Nathaniel K. Suydam, d. Jan. 25, 1834, in her 26th yr. 
Shepard Higby d. July 6, 1818, aged 23. 
Capt. Joseph Higbee d. July 10, 1840, aged 76. 
Fannv, wife of Capt. Joseph Higbee, d. Sept. 2, 1849, in 78th yr. 
Lucy', relict of Raymond Finch, d. Mar. 11, 1866, aged 87 yrs. 1 mo. 28 

Raymond Finch d. Dec. 16, 1827, in his 48th yr. 
Lewis H. Finch d. May 10, 1850, aged 35 yrs. 2 mos. 16 days. 
Emma Willard Scudder, 1835-1893, wife of Henry J. 
Henry Joel Scudder, b. Sept. 11, 1825, d. Feb. 10, 1886. 
Louisa Henrietta, wife of Henry Joel Scudder, b. Oct. 27, 1834, d. Dec. 

28, 1864. 
Henry Scudder, b. Apr. 20 (or 26), 1778, d. Feb. 2, 1863. 
Elizabeth Hewlett, wife of Henry Scudder, b. Oct. 22, 1792, d. Dec. 5, 

Infant children of Henry and Elizabeth (not named). 
Henry Scudder, b. Aug. 5, 1743, d. Jan. 21, 1822. 
Phebe C, wife of Henry Scudder, b. June 1743, d. Apr. 17, 1821. 
Joel d. June 10, 1835, in 49th yr. 
Charity d. Oct. 16, 1858, aged 67 yrs. 8 mos. 29 days. 
Young"^ P. d. Jan. 17, 1850, aged 80 yrs. 8 mos. 14 days. 
Phebe, wife of Henry and dau. of Josiah and Elizabeth Wood, d. Jan. 18, 

1816, aged 33. 
Elizabeth, dau. of Henry and Phebe, d. Feb. 15, 1815, aged 2 yrs. 

1912] Notes from Long Island Gravestones 231 

Sally, dau. of Henry and Phebe, d. May 19, 1817, aged 11 yrs. 

Mary English, dau. of Henry J. and Louisa H Scudder, b. Sept. 21, 1859, 
d. Jan. 23, 1882. 

Louisa H. and Anne H., infant children of Henry J. and Emma W. Scudder. 

Townsend, b. in Northport Dec. 14, 1828, d. in Glenworth July 30, 1874. 

Isaac Smith, son of Bryant, aged 26 yrs. 3 mos. 1 2 days ; accidentally 
drowned while in discharge of his duty as chief mate on board schooner 
Peerless, Capt. Charles A. Conklin, in Lat. 34° 50' N., Long. 69° 50' W., 
Sept. 18, 1850. 

Hannah, wife of Bryant, aged 55 yrs. 

Bryant Smith d. Feb. 25, 1857, aged 81 yrs. 2 mos. 13 days. 

Phebe C, wife of Alfred Ketcham, d. Oct. 7, 1828, aged 29 yrs. 5 mos. 10 

Edward H. Ketcham d. June 20, 1854, aged 32 yrs. 5 mos. 

Mrs. Jemima Bryan, wife of Jesse, d. Mar. 27, 1793, aged 37 yrs. 

Mrs. Mary Bryan, wife of Jesse, d. Aug. 7, 1790, aged 47 yrs. 

Abigail, wid. of Jesse Kellum, d. May 2, 1864, aged 81 yrs. 10 mos. 1 day. 

Ruth Please, dau. of William Please, Sen., d. Jan. 13, 1774, in her 20th yr 

Elizabeth, wife of Samuel Bryan, d. Apr. 7, 1834, aged 41 yrs. 11 mos. 

Jesse Bryan d. Apr. 17, 1868, aged 96 yrs. 

Sarah, wife of Jesse Bryan, d. Apr. 16, 1844, aged 52 yrs. 

Reuben Arthur, son of Moses and Rachel Rogers, b. Nov. 11, 1803, . 
Dec. 18, 18 09. 

Jemima Scudder, wife of John Scudder, d. Sept. 13, 1775, in her 71st yr. 

Anne Havens d. Sept. 16, 1791, aged 61 years, 3 mos. 

Anne, dau. of Thomas and Edith Carpenter, d. Sept. 2, 1792, aged 1 yr. 
11 mos. 

Zebediah Bunce d. June 13, 1789, aged 66 yrs. 

Abigail, wife of Zebediah Bunce, d. May 23, 1773, in 46th yr. 

Abigail Ruth, dau. and Betsy, d, Aug. 11, 1791. 

Theodorus Bunce d. Aug. 22, 1791, aged 26 yrs. 

Kezia, wife of Ebenezer Chichester, d. Mar. 5, 1855, in her 81st yr. 

Ebenezer Chichester, d. Aug. 31, 1840, in his 71st yr. 

Lydia H., wife of Eliphalet Chichester, d. June 4, 1832, in her 25th yr. 

Elizabeth Ketcham d. Aug. 13, 1853, in her 84th yr. 

Rebekah, wife of Thomas Rogers, d. Oct. 26, 1813, in her 49th yr. 

Thomas Rogers d. Mar. 4, 1841, in his 80th yr. 

Deacon Thomas Rogers d. Feb. 24, 1759, in his 61st yr. 

Ruth, wife of Thomas Rogers, d. Feb. 26, 1734, aged 33 yrs. 

Jerusha Chichester, dau. of Thomas Rogers, and wife of Ephraim Chiches- 
ter, d. June 16, 1742, in her 19th yr. 

Stephen Rogers, son of Thomas Rogers, d. June 21, 1746, in 20th yr. 

Elizabeth Rogers, dau. of Thomas Rogers, d. Oct. 15, 1742, in 21st yr. 

Thomas Rogers d. Dec. 13, 1755, in his 27th yr. 

Josiah Rogers d. Oct. 2, 1791, aged 61 yrs. 

Rachel, wife of Deacon Josiah Rogers, d. Aug. 11, 1804, in her 75th yr. 

Lydia, dau. of Josiah and Rachel Rogers, d. Oct. 31, 1780, aged 16 yrs. 

Isaiah Rogers d. Jan. 21, 1749, in his 48th year. 

Elizabeth Rogers d. May 3, 1731. 

Jonathan Rogers d. Jan. 17, 1749, aged 82 yrs. 

George W., son of Nathaniel and Rachel Biggs, d. July 1, 1793, aged 2 
yrs. 3 mos. 20 days. 

232 Notes from Long Island Gravestones [July 

Nathaniel, son of Nathaniel and Rachel Biggs, d. June 19, 1793, aged 4 

yrs. 9 mos. 21 days. 
Rachel, relict of Nathaniel Biggs, d. July 21, 1823, aged 66*yrs. 
Nathaniel Biggs d. Aug. 22, 1815, aged 63. 
Thomas Biggs d. Dec. 31, 1831, in his 40th yr. 

Permelia, relict of Thomas Biggs, d. May 28, 1857, aged 59 yrs. 11 days. 
Jos. Bunce d. Apr, 1, 1812, in his 65th yr. 
Martha Bunce d. May 27, 1814, aged 64 yrs. 3 mos. 29 days. 
Selah Bunce d. Mar. 27, 1813, aged 22 yrs. 
Israel Bunce, b. Mar. 12, 1793, d. July 26, 1873. 
Edmund Bunce d. Mar. 10, 1803, aged 49 yrs. 
Sarah Bunce, relict of Edmund, d. Jan. 19, 1816, in 54th yr. 
Charles H., son of George W. and Frances Cook, d. Jan, 13, 1856, aged 

10 mos. 13 days. 
Ann Eliza, dau. of George W. and Frances Cook, d. Sept. 19, 1853, aged 

21 days. 
Elsev, relict of Eliphalet W. Carll, d. Sept. 9, 1837, in her 63d yr. 
Eliphalet W. Carll d. Apr. 4, 1826, aged 62. 
Infant children of Israel and Gloriana Carll — Susan Amelia d. Aug. 27, 

1852, aged 6 mos. 23 days ; Evylin d. Feb. 13, 1854, aged 1 day. 
Mrs. Susan Whitman d, Dec. 5, 1852, aged 57 yrs. 10 mos. 8 days. 
Ruth, wife of Alexander Bryan, d. July 30, 1748. 
Alexander Bryan, d, Nov. 16, 1761, in his 79th yr. 
Sarah Hibgee,* wife of Josiah Hibgee, d. Jan. 29, 1759, in her 62d yr. 
Eliphalet Wood d. Apr. 9, 1747, in his 70th yr. 

Dorcas, wife of James Dunbar, d. Apr. 17, 1733, aged 34 yrs. 8 mos. 9 days. 
Hannah, wife of Jacob Piatt, d. May 5, 1836, aged 25 yrs. 
Jos. Piatt d. Mar. 24, 1799, aged 5i yrs. 
Rebekah, wife of Jos. Piatt, d. Jan. 8, 1798, aged 48 yrs. 
Jacob Piatt d. Dec. 26, 1790, aged 70 yrs. 
Richard Piatt d. Dec. 20, 1756, in his 37th yr. 
George Smith b. June 5, 1847, d. Mar. 10, 1895. 
Henry S. Smith, d, Nov. 19, 1857, aged 38 yrs. 6 mos. 28 days. 
Henrietta, dau. of George and Emily Smith, d. Aug. 29, 1853, aged 1 yr. 

9 mos. 
Epenetus C. Conklin, b. Aug. 10, 1810, d. Sept. 14, 1887. 
lantha, his wife, b. Nov. 11, 1814, d. Mar. 28, 1900. 
Mary Frances, dau. of the above, b. Apr. 17, 181 6(?), d. Dec. 6, 1866. 
lantha, dau. of the above, b. June 9, 1857, d. Nov. 1861, 
Keturah, wife of John Place, d. June, 22, 1859, in her 65th yr. 
Samuel H, H. Penton, b. Oct. 28, 1830, d. Apr. 19, 1900. 
Frank Penton d. Nov. 12, 1859, aged 4 yrs. 3 mos. 
Elizabeth Calvin, wid. of John, d. July 20, 1854, aged 84 yrs. 3 mos. 16 

Edwin C, son of James S. and Mary Mott, d. Feb. 22, 1849, 1 yr. 3 mos. 

1 day. 
James T uttle, 1819 - 1897. 
Sarah Elizabeth, wife of David Lewis, d. Apr. 20, 1849, aged 20 yrs. 1 

mo. 2 days. 

•Evidently a mistake of the stonecutter. Name probably Higbee. 

1912] Solomon Johnson Family 233 

Hannah, wife of Shubael M. Nichols, d. Jan. 22, 1857, aged 52 yrs. 7 mos. 

24 days. 
Shubaef Nichols, b. Nov. 20, 1802, d. Aug. 16, 1873. 
William T. Nichols, b. Aug. 31, 1809, d. Jan. 11, 1880. 
Althea, infant dau. of William T. and Ann Nichols, 
l.ifant dau. of David and Sarah Elizabeth Lewes, aged 10 days. 
Infant dau. of Hannah and Shubael Nichols d. Mar. 22, 1842. 
Joseph Rogers d. Mar. 9, 1850, aged 75 yrs. 
Esther, wife of Joseph Rogers, d. July 17, 1849, in her 80th yr. 
Jacob Ireland d. Mar. 17, 1813, aged 69. 
Sarah, wife of David Skidmore, d. July 4, 1858, aged 81 yrs. 
David Skidmore d. Mar. 14, 1813, aged 42 yrs. 

Ann, dau. of D avid and Sarah, d. Apr. 17, 1815, aged 17 yrs. 1 mo. 7 days. 
Mary, wife of Joseph Dixon, d. Jan. 7, 1833, aged 63 yrs. 
Piatt Titus d. Nov. 24, 1848, aged 83 yrs. 
Keturah, wife of Piatt A. Titus, d. Feb. 12, 1835, aged 32 yrs. 3. mos. 

16 days. 
Joseph Titus, son of Piatt and Esther Titus, d. Mar. 22, 1841, aged 42 yra. 


By Mks. Ell wood D. Kimball of Wichita, Kans. 

1. Solomon^ Johnson, whose parentage and ancestry have not been 
found, was in Sudbury, Mass., 3 Feb. 1639, when his twin sons, Joseph and 
Nathaniel, were born. His wife, Elinor, whose parentage and ancestry 
are unknown, was certainly the mother of an older son, John (Middlesex 
Co. Deeds, vol. 20, p. 697, wherein Elinor calls John her son), born 1629 
or " thereabout," and probably the mother of the oldest son, Solomon, born 
1627 or "thereabout" (deposition, Middlesex Co. Court Files, Apl. Ses- 
sion, 1686, Stone vs Bemis). He was an original proprietor of Sudbury, 
having received twenty-eight acres in the first, second, and third divisions 
of land (Sudbury Town Records, Bk. 1, pp. 21 and 52). He was made 
freeman after his son Solomon took the oath in 1645.* Having bought 
land in the Great River Meadow, West Sudbury, m 1651, he is called 
"Taylor of Watertown" at the date of sale of that land (Middlesex Co. 
Deeds, vol. 2, p. 45) in 1653, he then living at the " Watertown Farme 
or Cowpen " which he had leased on 1 Dec. 1651 for seven years, 
afterward extended two years. In 1 658 he received a grant of one hun- 
dred thirty acres in the " two mile strip " of Sudbury, and later was voted 
ten acres more on account of the highway running through (Sudbury Rec- 
ords, p. 52). This " new grant " he deeded before it was laid out, 25 Apr. 
1658, to Solomon, Jr., in consideration of his full and free surrender of three 
hundred acres bought of Mr. Stephen Day of Cambridge (Middlesex Co. 
Deeds, vol. 3, p. 139). 

*0n Sudbury Town Records the name of " Solomon Johnson" appears in the list 
of " Names of those that take ye oath July 9, 1643 or 5." Under this list is the list of 
those who " took ye oath of fidelity since." " Solomon Johnson Senr " is second on 
this latter list, then in the same hand and ink "Junr" is written after "Solomon 
Johnson " of the first list. 

234 Solomon Johnson Family [July 

He was an original proprietor of Marlborough, Mass., receiving a home 
lot of twenty-three acres, 1660 (Register, vol. LXII, p. 227). Later he 
received one-seventh undivided part of eleven meadows, his share in these 
meadows being indicated in his will, except such as were alienated by deeds, 
viz., in 1683 about five acres, in which he is described as " Solomon John- 
son Sr. Tailor," and in 1684 seven acres to his son John Johnson, in which 
Elinor relinquished her dower (Middlesex Co. Deeds, vol. 14, p. 328 ; and 
vol. 20, p. 697). He was one of the selectmen of Marlborough 1661-65 
(Register LXU, pp. 336-39-41; and LXIII, 65, 118), and constable 
in 1663-4 (Ibid., pp. 59, 65, and 118). In 1663 his rate for the ministry 
in Marlborough was ten shillings, and that of his son John eleven shillings. 
In this connection note that in 1663 Solomon and John Johnson of "Mall- 
bury " were sued for rate due to the ministry in Watertown (Watertown 
Records, p. 80). 

His death is entered briefly on the Marlborough Records, " Deacon John- 
son died June 1687." His will (Suffolk Co. Probate, vol. 10, p. 127), 
dated 28 Mar. 1685, and probated 12 Oct. 1687, provides for wife " Elenor " 
and son Nathaniel ; and Nathaniel's three sons Joseph, Samuel, and John ; 
mentions son Solomon, and recites giving him " long since " his portion ; 
also son John, having already a portion ; bequeaths the remainder of his 
estate to his " Sonne-in-law John Barnes " ; and makes his " sonn's John 
Johnson, John Barnes Senr and Nathaniel Johnson Executors." The in- 
ventory of his estate totaled in land £100, and the dearth of personal estate, 
amounting only to £5, 16s., seems to indicate that at the time of his decease 
he was living with one of his children. 
Children : 

2. i. Solomon,'' b. abt. 1627. 

3. ii. John, b. abt. 1629. 

iii. Joseph (twm), b. 3 Feb. 1639; m. 19 Nov. 1667, Susannah ; 

bur. Apr. 1668. 

4. iv. Nathaniel (twin), b. 3 Feb. 1639. 

V. JOHANNAH, b. 16 Feb. 1641 ; m. John Barnes; d. 29 Oct. 1712. 

\\. Mary, b. 23 Feb. 1643; m. William Taylor; not mentioned in her 

father's will, though she d. 28 July 1697. 
vii. Caleb, b. 1 Feb. 1645; "accidentally shot" near his father's house 

"in the liberties of Watertown, 4th 3, 1654," according to the 

coroner's jury. 

2. Solomon* Johnson (Solomon}), born about 1627, died at Sudbury 
26 Aug. 1690. He was an early proprietor of Lancaster, Mass., 
for in 1652 he deeded his forty acres in " Nashaway Plantation" 
(Middlesex Co. Deeds, vol. 1, p. 41) to Stephen Day for the three 
hundred acres (Middlesex Co. Deeds, vol. 1, p. 42) exchanged in 
1658 (Middlesex Co. Deeds, vol. 13, p. 590) for his father's New 
Sudbury grant of one hundred forty acres, upon which last he 
probably lived. In 1664 he alienated a moiety of this one hundred 
forty acres (Middlesex Co. Deeds, vol. 3, p. 325), but in 1685 
possessed the seventy acres remaining, as a deed from Benjamin 
Crowe of Stowe to Joseph Rice of Marlborough recites that the 
land sold (originally that of John Wood, Sr., and John Rutter, Sr.) 
is bounded southward with land of Solomon Johnson, Junr. He 

married twice: first Hannah , who died 4 June 1685 ; and 

secondly, 1 Feb. 1686-7, "Hannah Crefts of Natomy" (Water- 
town Records, p. 96), perhaps the Hannah Johnson who married 

1912] Solomon Johnson Family 235 

Thomas Frost 9 July 1691. He died intestate, and his widow 
Hannah and son Caleb administered his estate (Middlesex Co. Pro- 
bate, no. 12671). 

Children, all born at Sudbm-y : 
i. Samuel,' b. 6 Mar. 1654. 

ii. Hannah, b. 27 Apr. 1656 ; m. (1) Gershom Eames, who d. at Water- 
town 25 Nov. 1676 ; m. (2) 4 Sept. 1679, William Ward. (For 
children see Ward Family, 1851, p. 14.) 
6. iii. Caleb, b. 31 Oct. 1658. 

3. JoHN^ Johnson {Solomon}), born about 1629, undoubtedly was with 

his parents in Sudbury as early as 1639. He removed to Lancaster 
in 1654 (Sudbury Records, Book B). He married, 19 Nov. 1657, 
Deborah Ward, daughter of William of Sudbury and Marlbor- 
ough. On 27 Apr. 1658, his father deeded him one-half the three 
hundred acres bought of Mr. Stephen Day. He was an original 
proprietor of Marlborough, receiving sixty-eight acres in 1660, and 
swamp and meadow land in 1663 and '65. Deborah, his wife, died 
9 Aug. 1697, aged 60; and he died at Marlborough 4 May 1713, 
intestate. No administration of his estate is found in Middlesex 
Co. Probate, but a deed dated 11 Feb. 1714 (Middlesex Co. Deeds, 
vol. 17, p. 301) recites that Daniel Johnson of Marlborough is one 
of the children and heirs of John Johnson late of Marlborough, de- 
ceased, who was a son of Solomon Johnson, deceased, late of Marl- 
borough but formerly of Sudbury and one of the primitive grantees 
of said Sudbury, and proceeds to quit claim " any remaining rights " 
of his father, John Johnson, in said Solomon's Sudbury real estate. 
Daniel signed the above also in behalf of his brother, John Johnson, 
and sister Elizabeth wife of Joseph Witherby. No record appears 
of any children born the first fifteen years of his marriage. 
Children, recorded at Marlborough : 

i. John,' b. 21 Jan. 1672 ; d. 23 Dec. 1676, " scalded to death." 
6. ii. Daniel, b. 5 Apr. 1675. 

iii. Elizabeth, b. 20 July 1677 ; m. 9 Feb. 1699, Joseph Witherby. 

iv. Deborah, b. 22 Aug. 1678. 

V. John, b. 16 Feb. 1680; m. Mary . 

4. Nathaniel^ Johnson (Solomon^), born at Sudbury 3 Feb. 1639, 

died at Marlborough 24 July 1718. He married, 16 Nov. 1671, 
Mary Plimpton, daughter of John and Jane (Demant), born at 
Dedham 19 Apr. 1648, died at Marlborough 27 Nov. 1736. He 
received by wiU the major portion of his father's land, but could 
not alienate it since it was devised to his three sons, Joseph, Samuel, 
and John, who in Jan. 1704/5 joined in an instrument of partition of 
the same (Middlesex Co. Deeds, vol. 20, p. 516). 

Children : 
i. Joseph,' b. 5 (18, county rec.) Oct. 1672. 
ii. Samuel, b. 28 Aug. 1674. 
iii. Mary, b. 1675. 
iv. John, b. 24 Mar. 1679. 
V. JoHANNAH, b. 7 Nov. 1682. 
vi. DOROTHA, b. 26 Apr. 1685. 
vii. Jane, b. 22 May 1687 ; d. 1688. 
viii. Abigail, b. 8 Nov. 1691 ; d. 1693. 

236 Solomon Johnson Family [July 

5. Caleb* Johnson {Solomon,'^ Solomon^), born at Sudbury 31 Oct. 

1658, died there 1 Dec. 1715. He married, 9 July 1684, Aones 
Bent, daughter of Peter and Elizabeth of Sudbury and Marlbor- 
ough, who died 4 June 1729. He with wife Agnes and sister 
Patience Bent conveyed in 1 697 to Peter Bent their brother " any 
and all estate " of their late father Peter Bent of Marlborough 
(Middlesex Co. Deeds, vol. 13, p. 578). Caleb Johnson with 
Thomas Brown and Thomas Drury bought the " Glover Farm " 
17 June 1697. Caleb's estate was administered by the widow 
Agnes and sons Caleb and Solomon (Middlesex Co. Probate, no. 
8938), and inventoried £567. Land which had belonged to the 
widow Agnes, on 6 Apr. 1730/1, was conveyed by Caleb Johnson 
of Framingham, Solomon Johnson of Sudbury, widow Hannah 
Burk of Stowe, Daniel Howe of Framingham, and Ebenezer 
Gleason of Framingham, all in the County of Middlesex, to their 
brother Charles Johnson, wheelwright of Sudbury, in consideration 
of £300. Caleb and Solomon Johnson's acknowledgment is dated 
Feb. 1756, in Worcester Co., Mass. (Middlesex Co. Deeds, vol. 65, 
p. 64). 
Children : 

i. Hannah,* b. at Sudbury 5 (25, county rec.) May 1685; m. 23 Dec. 
1709, Jonas Bukk. 

7. ii. Caleb, b. 18 Sept. 1687. 

8. iii. Solomon, b. 2 Nov. 1690. 
iv. Charles, b. 20 Dec. 1693. 

V. Elizabeth, m. 17 Dec. 1716, Daniel Howe. 

vi. Thankful, b. at Sudbury 7 Feb. 1705/6 ; m. Ebenezer Gleason. 

6. Daniel' Johnson (John,^ Solomon}), born at Marlborough 5 Apr. 

1675, married, 22 Dec. 1697, Dorothy Lamb. He died 1721/2, 
and his widow Dorothy was appointed executrix, 27 Apr. 1722, his 
will being dated 11 Dec. 1721 (Middlesex Co. Probate, no. 12635). 
Children : 

Solomon,'' b. 13 Oct. 1698. 

Deborah, b. 8 Mar. 1701 ; not named in her father's will. 

Martha, b. 6 Oct. 1702; m. at Shrewsbury, 30 Apr. 1728, Elisha 

Hedge ; willed by her father £200. 
Zebediah, b. 28 Apr. 1704. 
Danifx, b. 23 Aug. 1709. 

7. Caleb* J OH-ssoTH (Caleh,^ Solomon,'^ SoIomo7i^), born 18 Sept. 1687, 

received from his father's estate seventy-four acres of Framingham 
land. He with wife Dorothy joined the Sudbury church 8 Apr. 
1722 (Sudbury Church Records). On 18 Mar. 1729 he and his 
brother Solomon sold their lands to Thomas Kendall. In 1732 he 
bought one hundred fifty acres in Worcester (AVorcester Co. Deeds, 
vol. 3, p. 147, in which he is called " housewright of Framingham "), 
and in 1733 he was seated in the Worcester meeting house. After 
1738 he bought several tracts of land in Shrewsbury, also " privi- 
lege of room for a pew in Shrewsbury meetinghouse " (Worcester 
Co. Deeds, vol. 20, p. 294 ; vol. 27, p. 398 ; and vol. 50, p. 527). 
In 1741 he was representative to the General Court. He married 

twice : first Dorothy , who died at Shrewsbury 25 Jan. 

1741'; and secondly, in 1743, Elizabeth Bryant of Sudbury. 
His will, made at Shrewsbury in 1766 (Worcester Co. Probate, no. 









1912] Solomon Johnson Family * 237 

33290), names only his wife Elizabeth, daughter Martha Stone, and 
children of daughters Dorothy Wyman and Abigail Eager. 
Children : 

i. Mary,* b. 24 Oct. 1709. 

il. Maetha, b. 12 Sept. 1711 ; m. Stone. 

iii. Abigail, b. 21 July, d. 13 Nov. 1714. 

iv. Abigail, b. 14 Apr. nifi; m. 18 Aug. 1737, BENJAivnN Eager ; d. be- 
fore her father, lier children being named in her father's will. 

V. Caleb, bapt. 2 Aug. 1719 ; cl. at Shrewsbury 16 Mar. 1741. 

vi. Dorothy, b. 10 Jan. 1724; m. 28 Nov. 1744, Daniel(?) Wyman ; d. 
before her father, who willed her children £80. 

vii. Sarah, bapt. 26 Sept. 1725. 

viii. Joel, d. at Shrewsbury 7 Feb. 1741. 

ix. AsHBEL, d. at Shrewsbury 22 Feb. 1741. 

8. Solomon^ Johnson {Caleb,^ Solomon,^ Solomon^), born 2 Nov. 1690 
(Middlesex Co. Probate, no. 8938), received as his share of his 
father's estate fifty-six acres south of his brother Caleb's, also land 
at " Beaver hole," " pod meadow," and " pine neck." He married 
at Sudbury, 6 June 1716, Abigail Goodenow, daughter of John, 
and 11 Feb. 1736/7 Solomon and Abigail Johnson of Worcester 
deeded all their interest in the estate of " our hon'd Father Mr. 
John Goodenow late of Sudbury " (Middlesex Co. Deeds, vol. 49, 
p. 558) . He was still " of Sudbury " when he deeded six acres in 
Framingham 4 May 1720 (Middlesex Co. Deeds, vol. 25, p. 384). 
The brothers, Caleb* and Solomon, appear to have been living side 
by side in Framingham when they sold to Thomas Kendall in 1729, 
for the deed recites the messuage contained two mansion houses, etc. 
(Middlesex Co. Deeds, vol. 44, p. 450), but Solomon is styled "of 
Sudbury " when he joined in conveying his interest in his mother's 
estate, 6 Apr. 1730/1, and " of Sudbury, Yeoman," when he bought 
of Moses Rice, 20 Feb. 1731, one hundred acres in Worcester " near 
to a place Mt. Stearnes," known as Tatnick or Tatnuck (Wor- 
cester Co. Deeds, vol. 4, p. 571). In 1744 he bought of Samuel 
Waldo sixty acres lying west and adjoining the above (Worcester 
Co. Deeds, voL 20, p. 83) ; and in 1754, 1755, 1765, and 1768 
" Solomon Johnson, Yeoman of Worcester," deeded his sons Solo- 
mon, John, Joshua, and Samuel, respectively, one hundred forty 
acres of the above lands (Worcester Co. Deeds, vol. 36, pp. 37, 
379 ; vol. 52, p. 44 ; and vol. 121, p. 341). In 1773 he was adjudged 
non compos upon the petition of his sons Daniel and Solomon, and 
the Court appointed Peter and Micah guardians. He died 9 Jan. 
1782, and Abigail his wife died in Feb. 1784. Peter administered 
his estate (Worcester Co. Probate, no. 33687). 
Children : 

i. Hepsebath,^ b. at Sudbury 12 Oct. 1716; m. 23 Mar. 1756, Robert 
Earl of Leicester, as his second wife. 

12. ii. John, b. at Sudbury 17 Oct. 1718. 

13. iii. Solomon, bapt. at Sudbury 3 Oct. 1720. 

14. iv. Peter, bapt. at Framingham 7 July 1723. 
16. v. Daniel, bapt. at Framingham 1 Aug. 1725. 

16. vi. MiCAJAH, bapt. at Framingham 27 Aug. 1727. 

vii. Abigail, b. at Worcester 26 July 1731 ; d. 12 Dec. 1744. 

17. viii. Joshua, b. at Worcester 1 Apr. 1734. 
ix. Beulah, b. at Worcester 2 Feb. 1736. 

18. X. Samuel, b. at Worcester 21 Aug. 1738. 

238 Solomon Johnson Family [July 

9. Solomon* Johnson {Daniel,^ John^ Solomon^), born at Marlborough 
13 Oct. 1698, received by his father's will (1722) a lot of land in 
Shrewsbury, Mass., which was purchased of Samuel and Jotham. 
Brigham. He was " of Shrewsbury, Gent," when he purchased 
fifty-five acres there 4 Apr. 1726 (Worcester Co. Deeds, vol. 28, 
p. 163), but was "of Leicester, Gent," in June 1730, when he 
bought of Jonathan Lamb and William Ward one hundred fifty-one 
acres in Leicester (Worcester Co. Deeds, vol. 3, p. 109). In 1733, 
'34, '36/7, and '39 he sold in all two hundred six acres of Shrews- 
bury land, and in each deed is styled " of Leicester, Gent," except 
in the deed dated 25 Dec. 1733, which adds " resident now in Wor- 
cester" (Worcester Co. Deeds, vol. 4, pp. 378, 702; vol. 7, p. 
204 ; vol. 8, p. 281 ; and vol. 11, p. 498). The last deed of record 
was executed 5 Oct. 1739, and acknowledged in Medford, Middle- 
sex Co. Neither marriage, birth of children, nor death appears to 
be of record in Worcester Co., but in 1733/4 he is mentioned in 
Worcester town records (vol. V). 

10. Zebediah* Johnson (Daniel,^ John^ Solomon}), born at Marlborough 

28 Apr. 1704, married, 18 Nov. 1731, Esther . He re- 
ceived by his father's will land in Shrewsbury. 
Children, all born at Shrewsbury : 

i. Zebediah,* b. 25 July 1732. 
ii. Esther, b. 23 June 1734. 
iii. Seth, b. 15 Feb. 1735/6. 
iv. Israel, b. 11 Sept. 1737. 
V. Solomon, b. 13 Oct. 1739. 
vi. Esther, b. 20 July 1741. 
vii. Elizabeth, b. 11 Apr. 1743. 
viii. Phebe, b. 2 Oct. 1744. 
ix. Thomas, b. 2 July 1746. 
X. John, b. 19 Mar. 1746/7. 
xi. Philip, b. 19 Oct. 1749. 
xii. Issacher, b. 7 Jan. 1750/51. 
xlii. Lemuel, b. 7 Apr. 1752. 
xiv. Jonah, b. 22 Dec. 1754. 
XV. David, b. 16 Feb. 1756. 

11. Daniel* Johnson {Daniel,* John^ Solomovi}), born at Marlborough 

23 Aug. 1709, died at Shrewsbury 2 June 1763. He married at 
Shrewsbury, 24 Mar. 1736, Sarah Holland. He was willed land 
in Shrewsbury by his father. 

Children, all born at Shrewsbury : 

i. Zeruah,^ b. 19 May 1737. 

ii. Levinah, b. 20 Feb. 1739. 

iii. RuFUS, b. 16 May 1741. 

iv. Levinah, b. 11 Dec. 1743. 

V. RuFus, b. 5 Jan. 1745. 

vi. Daniel, b. 2 Mar. 1747/8; m. 3 Feb. 1778, Martha Bragg, dau. of 

vii, Stephen, b. 7 Mar. 1749/50. 
viii. Dorothy, b. 12 Mar. 1752. 

12. JoHN^ Johnson {Solomon,* Galeb,^ Solomon,^ Solomon^), born at Sud- 

bury 17 Oct. 1718, died at Worcester in 1757. He married Susan- 
nah . He received forty acres of his father's estate in 

"Tatnuck so-called" (Worcester Co. Deeds, vol. 36, p. 379). 

1912] Solomon Johnson Family 239 

Children, born at Worcester : 

i. Caleb,« b. 10 Jan. 1746. 

ii. John, b. 31 Mar. 1748. 

19. iii. Jonathan, b. 27 Jan. 1750. 

iv. Beulah, b. 18 Nov. 1751. 

V. Maky, b. 7 Jan. 1754. 

vi. Amos, b. 13 Jan. 1756. 

13. Solomon^ Johnson {Solomon,'^ Caleh,^ Solomon,'^ »&/o»jo?i^), baptized at 

Sudbury 23 Oct. 1720, died at Worcester after 1776 (Worcester Co. 
Deeds, vol. 80, p. 417). He received from his father, 18 Oct. 
1754, sixty acres of his land in Tatnuck. He married Lavina 

(" Levinah," in Deed, vol. 85, p. 230) . 

Children, born at Worcester : 

ii. InS'lbapt. 15 July 1750. 

ill. Uriah, b. 28 June 1752. 

iv. Abel, b. 24 June 1753. 

v. Betty, b. 20 Apr, 1755. 

vi. Abel, b. 7 Aug. 1757. 

vii. Molly, b. 18 Oct. 1761. 

viii. Ephraim, b. 1 Dec. 1765. 

ix. Polly, b. 8 June 1766. 

X. Zacheus, b. 3 July 1768. 

14. Peter® Johnson {Solomon* Caleb,^ Solomon,^ Solomon'^), baptized at 

Framingham 7 July 1723, died at Worcester in 1798. He married, 
12 Oct. 1758, Abigail Parks. He was appointed guardian of his 
father, Solomon, in 1773 when he was adjudged non compos, and 
had not concluded administering that estate at the time of his death. 
His son Timothy® finished the administration, and also administered 
upon his father's estate (Worcester Co. Probate, no. 33611). 
Children, born at Worcester : 

i. Peter,® b. 1761 ; non compos. 

ii. Thomas, b. 1764 ; m. Sarah Eaton. Children, b. at Worcester : 1. 
Thomas,'' h. 8 Sept. 1789. 2. Lewis, b. 19 June 1793. 3. Sarah 
Eaton, b. 6 Apr. 1796. 4. Peter, b. 20 July 1798. 5. Mary, b. 22 
Mar. 1803. 6. George, b. 2 May 1806. 7. Frederick, b. 23 June 
1808. 8. James, b. 13 Feb. 1811. 

iii. Caleb, bapt. 15 Dec. 1765. 

iv. Timothy, b. 1 Apr. 1769 ; m. (1) 6 Mar. 1792, Ldcinda Goulding, 
b. 3 Feb. 1774, dan. of Peter and Lucy (Brewer) ; m. (2) Patty 
(Goulding) Johnson, b. 1772, widow of Clark (no. 21), and sister 
of the first wife. 

V. Abigail, b. 24 Dec. 1771. 

15. Daniel® Johnson {Solomon.,* Caleb,^ Solomon,^ Solomon^), baptized 

at Framingham 1 Aug. 1725, died at Worcester in 1802. He mar- 
ried first at Hingham, 19 Nov. 1754, Lucy Lane, who was bur- 
ied at Worcester 5 Dec. 1762; and secondly Mrs. Abigail 
(Spring) Brown,* born at Weston 16 Jan. 1735, who survived 
him, daughter of Capt. Henry and Abigail (Chadwick), and widow 

♦Abigail Spring m. 20 Feb, 1755, Benjamin Brown of Honsatonic No. 1 (New Marl- 
borough). Children, b. at Weston : Abigail, b. 30 Nov. 1755, and Asenath, b. 6 Aug. 
1758. Benjamin Brown d. 30 Nov. 1758. 

240 Solornon Johyison Family [July 

of Benjamin. He served in the Revolution in Capt. Gates's Co., 
Col. Bigelow's Regt. (Mass. Soldiers and Sailors in the Revolution, 
p. 820); and was a miller, and lived on that portion of the paternal 
estate formerly owned by his brother Joshua, on the corner of 
Pleasant and Mill Sts., Tatnuck village, where his son Clark, and 
afterward his grandson Clark, Jr., lived (the house still standing, 
1910). His wife Abigail owned land in Princeton, dower from her 
first husband (Worcester Co. Deeds, vol. 71, p. 53). He suffered 
reverses (family tradition says through undersigning), and in 1784 
*' 40 Acres with dwelling house, barn and grist mill thereon," with 
personal effects, were attached to satisfy a judgment issued to his 
brother Micah (Court of Common Pleas, June Term, 1784). His 
brother Peter and others also recovered judgments against him 
(Worcester Co. Deeds, vol. 83, p. 573 ; and vol. 91, pp. 592-5). In 
1798 he was living with his son Benjamin, who administered Ms per- 
sonal estate in 1802 (Worcester Co. Probate, no. 33321). 
Children by first wife, all born at Worcester : 

i. Wealthean® (Wealthy Ann?), bapt. 25 Jan. 1756. 

ii. Daniel, bapt. 29 May 1757 ; served m the Revolution as matross in 

Capt. William Treadwell's Co., Apl. 1777 to Sept. 1777, reported 

died 11 Sept. 1777 (Mass. Soldiers and Sailors iu the Revolution, 

p. 820). 
iii. Nathan, bapt. 14 Jan. 1759 ; served in the Revolution as matross In 

the same Co. as his brother Daniel, Apl. 1777 to 31 Dec. 1779 

(Mass. Soldiers and Sailors, p. SCO) . 

20. iv. John, bapt. 28 Dec. 1760. 

vi Lydia } ^' ^^ ^°^' ^^^^ ' " "^^P*- ^* y® mother's funeral, Dec. 5, 1762." 
Children hj second wife : 

21. vii. Clabk, b. 17 May 1768. 

viii. Benjamin, b. abt. 1771 ; m. 1796, Lydia Stearns. 

ix. A SON (hypothesis from census of 1790), possibly another Daniel. 

22. X. Caleb, b. 9 Nov. 1779. 

16. MiCAH^ Johnson (Solo)no7i,* Caleh,^ Solomon,"^ Solomon^), baptized as 
" Micajah," at Framingham 27 Aug. 1727, died at Worcester in 
1802. He married, 8 May 1754, Phebe Moore, daughter of 
Isaac, who survived him. He settled on Mill St., south of Tatnuck 
village (Worcester Co. Deeds, vol. 33, p. 158), on an estate owned 
and occui^ied by descendants for several generations. He was a 
royalist, but recanted and saved his property from confiscation 
(Lovell's Worcester in the Revolution, p. 36). His will was j)ro- 
bated in 1802 (Worcester Co. Probate, no. 33570). He appears 
to have been the wealthiest of the Tatnuck Johnsons. 
Children, all born at Worcester : 

i. MiCAH,s bapt. 30 Mar. 1755 ; m. (1) 13 Nov. 1776, Sarah Wlllard, 
dau. of Isaac; m. (2) Mrs. Abigail (Dudley) Gleason (b. at 
Sutton, Mass., 15 June 1758?), ''daughter of (David and Hannah 
(Sibley) ?) Dudley and widow of Isaac Gleason of Auburu." Chil- 
dren by lirst wife : 1. tFiHord,' b. 1 Dec. 1777. 2. PAede, b. Dec. 
1778. Children by second wife : 3. Jonas, b. 28 Oct. 1782. 4. 
Asa, b. 26 Feb. 1785. 5. Reuben, b. 19 Apr. 1787. 6. Bufus, b. 
11 Sept. 1789. 7. David, b. 20 Jau. 1792. 8. Micah, b. 4 May 
1794. 9. Hannah, b. 6 Aug. 1796. 10. Abigail, b. 21 Mar. 1799. 

ii. Lydia, m. 25 Dec. 1777, Solomon Willard, son of Isaac; lived on 
the William Young estate on MUl St., west of her father. 

iii. Isaac, bapt. 13 Nov. 1757. 

1912] Solomon Johnson Family 241 

iv. Adam, d. young. 
V. Hannah, bapt. 22 Aug. 1762. 
vi. Aakon, bapt. 10 Feb. 1765. 
vii. Phebe, bapt. Mar. 1767. 
viii. David, bapt. 14 Oct. 1770. 

17. Joshua^ Johnson {Solomon,'^ Caleh,^ Solomon,'^ Solomon^), born at 

Worcester 1 Apr. 1734, married, 28 May 1758, Lydia Brown, 
daughter of James. In 1765 he received from his father twenty 
acres of the homestead (Worcester Co. Deeds, vol, 52, p. 44). He 
sided with the Royalists at the time of the Revolution. His wife, 
Lydia, received by will from his brother Micah (Micajah) the estate 
which descended to her as heir of James Brown (Worcester Co. 
Probate, no. 33570). 

Children, all born at Worcester : 

i. Anna,« b. 10 Jime 1760. 

ii. Levi, b. 30 May 1762. 

ill. Rebeckah, b. 4 Apr. 1764. 

iv. Saeah, b. 24 Mar. 1766 ; m. Alpheus Eaton, b. 10 Oct. 1764, son of 

Thomas aud Susan (Rice) ; resided on the corner of Main and 

Austin Sts. 
V. Lydia, b. 18 Mar. 1768 ; m. 8 Mar. 1786, her cousin John Johnson 

(no. 20). 
vi. Achsah, b. 10 June 1770; m. 12 Nov. 1789, Jacob Washbukn, Jr., 

of Leicester. 
vii. Joshua, b. 12 July 1772. 
viii. James Brown, b. 10 July 1774. 

18. Samuel^ Johnson {Solomon* Caleb,^ Solomon,'^ Solomoti^), born at 

Worcester 21 Aug. 1738, died in 1789. He married, 14 Aug. 1760, 
Mary Spence, who died 7 Sept. 1820. In 1768 he received twenty 
acres of his father's homestead in Tatnuck (Worcester Co. Deeds, 
vol. 131. p. 341). He died intestate (Worcester Co. Probate, no. 

Children, all born at Worcester : 

i. William,*^ b. abt. 1761; d. 21 Jan. 1842, aged 81; m. Susannah 

, who d. 10 Dec. 1840, aged 79. Children: 1. Jioxanna,'' 

b. 24 Dec. 1784. 2. William, b. 6 July 1786. 3. Luther, h. 4 May 
1783. 4. Gardner, b. 27 Mar. 1790. 5. 3Iary, b. 10 May 1792. 
6. ^^ison, b. 10 Sept. 1794. 7. Ifarrie^ b. 14 Nov. 179G. 8. Turall, 
b. 10 Dec. 1798. 9. Susannah, b. 16 Mar. 1801. 10. Elizabeth, b. 
2 Apr. 1804. 11. Samuel, b. 2 Mar. 1807. 

ii. SajNIUEl, d. 1806; m. 22 Apr. 1789, Eunice Stearns, who d. 1808; 
a tanner and sometime owner of the old Exchange Hotel ; estate 
probated in 1807 (Worcester Co., no. 33656). Children : 1. Sam- 
ueV (probably he whose estate was administered in 1814, Wor- 
cester Co., no. 33659), b. 7 Feb. 1792. 2. Turall, b. 1 Mar. 1794. 
3. Clarenden, b. 22 Aug. 1797. 4. Almira, b. 21 Aug. 1802. 5. 
Lamphire, b. 8 Jan. 1805. 6. Angelina, b. 11 July 1806. 

iii. Elizabeth ("Betsey "). 

iv. Gardner, d. 26 Aug. 1853; perhaps m. Chloe Jeffeed ; resided on 
Winter Hill. 

V. Saeah ('' Sally") m. Joel Hayden; residing at Fitzwilliam, N. H., 
in 1799 (Worcester Co. Deeds, vol. 185, p. 410). 

19. Jonathan® Johnson (John,^ Solomon* Galeb,^ Solomon,^ Solomon^), 

born at Worcester 27 Jan. 1750, died at Petersham 4 Dec. 1815. 
He married (intention published 21 Aug. 1773) Rachel Felton, 
who died at Petersham 15 June 1799, aged 44. 

242 Solomon Johnson Family [July 

Children, bora at Petersham : 
i. JOHN,^ b. 27 Jan. 1774. 
ii. Aaron, b. 21 Oct. 1775. 
iii. Jonathan, b. 14 Nov. 1777. 
tv. George, b. 9 Feb. 1780. 
V. Amos, b. 13 Nov. 1782. 

vi. Henry, b. 23 Mar. 1785; d. 14 Dec. 1846; m. ; child : 

Jonathan J.,^ of Greenfield, 
vii. William, b. 4 Oct. 1787. 
viii. Levi, b. 9 May 1790; d. 10 Dec. 1815. 
ix. Daniel, b. 27 July 1792 ; d. 5 Nov. 1815. 

20. JoHN^ Johnson {Daniel,^ Soloynon* Caleb,^ Solomon,^ Solomon^), bap- 

tized at Worcester 28 Dec. 1760, died 10 Sept. 1807. He married, 
8 Mar 1786, his cousin Lydia Johnson (no. 17, v), born 18 Mar. 
1768, died 15 Mar. 1847. He served in the Revolution in the same 
Company with his father, and also enlisted in 1779 and 1780 (Mass. 
Soldiers and Sailors in the Revolution, pp. 845-6, 8). His widow 
Lydia was pensioned in 1838. He became involved in his father's 
losses in 1785 (Worcester Co. Deeds, vol. 97, p. 248), but later 
bought lands in and about Tatnuck Village (Worcester Co. Deeds, 
vol. 121, p. 382 ; vol. 123, p. 179 ; and vol. 176, p. 61). He died 
insolvent (Worcester Co. Probate, no. 33467). 
Children, born at Worcester : 

i. JOHN,^ b. 25 Sept. 1787. 

ii. Daniel, b. 31 Dec. 1788. 

iii. Lydia, b. 17 Mar. 1790. 

iv. Lucy Lane, b. 24 Apr. 1792. 

V. Sally, b. 12 Mar. 1794; d. 31 Aug. 1796. 

vi. ACKSAH Washburn, b. 20 Aug. 1797. 

vii. Elisha, b. 17 Sept. 1799. 

viii. Alpheus, b. 10 Nov. 1800. 

ix. Charlotte, b. 26 Mar. 1803. 

X. Nancy, b. 5 July 1805 ; d. May 1806. 

21. Clark® Johnson (Daniel,^ Solomon,* Caleb,^ Solomon,^ Solomon'^), born 

at Worcester 17 May 1768, died 7 Aug. 1824. He married, 26 Oct. 
1791, Patty Goulding, born 11 Mar. 1772, died 11 Aug. 1838, 
daughter of Peter and Lucy (Brewer). She married secondly Capt. 
Timothy Johnson (no. 14, iv), who survived her. He built the 
house on the corner of Pleasant and Mill Sts., Tatnuck Village, 
where he died and his son Clark afterward lived. He died intestate 
(Worcester Co. Probate, no. 33313). 
Children, all born at Worcester : 

i. Martha,^ b. 20 Apr. 1792 ; d. 22 Jan. 1871 ; m. Samuel Warfield 
of Milford, Mass. Children: 1. Maria/t, m . Roland Clark of Mil- 
ford. 2. Louisa^ m. William Tales of Milford. 3. Homer, m. 
Dora Newman. 

ii. Abigail, b. 28 Mar. 1794 ; d. 8 Aug. 1859 ; m. Aaron Butler of Bos- 
ton ; no children. 

iii. Eli, b. 2 May 1797; d. 25 Apr. 1800. 

iv. Sarah, b. 26 May 1799; d. 21 Dec. 1879; m. Dr. Lyman Clark of 
New York ; no children. 

v. ZuRViLLA G., b. 1 Mar. 1802; d. 19 May 1868; m. Washington 
Mellen of Mendon, Mass. Children: 1. George TF., m. Addie 
Folk of Great Barrington, Mass. 2. Addie, m. Henry Wright of 
Great Barrington. 3. Edward, d. young.; 

vi. Clark, b. 2 Apr. 1804 ; d. 5 Apr. 1896 ; m. Phebe Rogers of Holden, 
Mass. Children: 1. Levi L.,^ b. 22 Feb. 1827; d. 21 Jan. 1891; 

1912] Solomon Johnson Family 243 

m. Elizabeth Dowdall of Norwich, Conn. 2. Abigail Butler, b. 15 
Aug. 1828; m. David Bemis of Leicester, Mass. 3. Adaline JVeio- 
ton, b. 30 Jan. 1831; d. Sept. 1910; m, 9 Oct. 1855, Samuel H. 
Fuller of Worcester. 4. L^icij, b. 13 Feb. 1838 ; d. unm. 14 Oct. 

vii. Adaline, b. 18 Apr. 1807; d. 28 Sept. 1838; m. Nahtjm Newton of 
Shrewsbury. Child : Edward C, lived at Columbus, Ohio. 

viii. Eli, b. 22 Feb. 1809; d. 24 Jan. 1890; m. Emily Southwick of 
Leicester ; no children. 

ix. Levi, b. 3 Feb. 1811 ; d. 2 Dec 1824. 

X. Daniel, b. 12 May 1813 ; d. 6 July 1886 ; m. Lovilla Clark of Mil- 
ford, Mass. ; no childi'eu. 

xi. Nathan, b. 23 Aug. 1817; d. 11 Mar. 1895; m. Silvia Bennett of 
Milford, Mass. Children: 1. Josephine,^ m. Benjamin Warfield 
of Blackstone, Mass. 2. Sarah, m. Ransom Clark of Hopedale, 
Mass. 3. Etta, m. Irving Blanchard of Hopedale. 4. George, d. 
young. 5. Nathan, d. young. G. Willard, d. young. 

22. Caleb® Johnson (Daniel,^ Solomon,* Oaleb,^ Solomon,'^ Solomon^), born 
at Worcester 9 Nov. 1779, died at Burton, Ohio, 5 Dec. 1846. He 
married at Rutland, N. Y., 10 June 1804, Thirza Tread way, 
born at Halifax, Vt., 12 Apr. 1789, died at Burton, Ohio, 16 Ajjr. 
1874, daughter of Benjamin and Hannah (Stacey). In 1802 he 
went to Jefferson Co., N. Y., and bought lands at Champion and 
Rutland. He also conducted a general store, and for some twenty 
years served as magistrate. He belonged to the Masonic lodge at 
Champion. In 1838 he sold out and went to Ohio, whither his sons 
Benjamin and Caleb had preceded him. He bought one hundred 
sixty acres at Burton, and settled there. 
Children, all born at Rutland : 

1. John,' b. 16 Oct. 1806; d. 1 Aug. 1876; m. Linda Pierce; no chil- 

ii. Benjamin, b. 4 Dec. 1808; d. 21 Oct. 1843; m. Olive Dudley, b. 
Feb. 1810, d. 27 Mar. 1882, dau. of Timothy and Irene (Rose) of 
Hillsdale, Mich. ; had thi-ee daughters. 

iii. Caleb Burbani{, b. 16 May 1811 ; "d. 18 Aug. 1883 ; m. (1) at Burton, 
Ohio, in 1834, Sophia Johnson, b. 10 June 1816, d. 21 Sept. 1864, 
dan. of Oroon Datis and Betsey (Umberfield) ; m. (2) Louisa 
Luther. Children: 1. Orin,'^ h. at Burton abt. 1837; m. Maria 
Tucker; six children. 2. Nettie, b. Nov. 1841; d. at Chicago in 
1864 ; m. Portland Hyde of Laconia, N. H. ; one child : George 
Hyde of Burton, Ohio. 

iv. Anna, b. 1 Oct. 1813 ; d. 4 Oct. 1838; m. at Rutland, Dr. L. Buck- 
ley; one child : Ann, m. Erwiu T. Ramsdell of Adams, N. Y. 

V. Daniel, b. 10 Feb. 1816; d. 4 Aug. 1818. 

vi. Daniel, b. 21 July 1818; d. 29 Dec. 1887; m. at Burton, Minerva 
Brown; children: 1. William. 2. C'hai'les, d. jouug. 

vii. Clark Gerry, b. 25 Nov. 1820; d. 3 Oct. 1843. 

viii. Henry Spring, b. 21 Dec. 1823; d. at Kalamazoo, Mich., 11 Feb. 
1897; m. at Burton, Cordelia Fowleu, dau. of John L. and Jane 
(Frear) ; had one son, James H.,^ b. at Burton 30 Aug. 1854; m. 
Emma Green of Kalamazoo, Mich., and had two daughters. 

ix. Cornelia, b. 3 May 1826; d. 5 Mar. 1856; m. Putnam Sperry; had 
two daughters. 

X. Dewitt Clinton (twin), b. 16 Aug. 1829; d. 15 May 1901; m. at 
Burton, Mary Cleveland, dau. of James S. and Chloe (Butler) ; 
had one daughter. 

xi. Levi Lincoln (twin), b. 16 Aug. 1829 ; d. 11 Feb. 1908 ; m. at Bur- 
ton, 25 Sept. 1857, Arvilla Lola Hayes, b. 13 Sept. 1837, d. 25 
Sept. 1910, dau. of Elijah and Sally Hotchkiss (Fowler) ; had six 
daughters, the second of whom contributes this partial genealogy. 

xii. Thirza Maria, b. 24 Mar. 1833 ; d. 26 June 1909 ; m. at Burton, John 

HoADLEY, son of Ira and Lovira (Brooks) ; had one daughter. 
VOL. LXVI. 16 

244 Genealogical Research in England [July 


Transcribed by Miss Elizabeth French, and communicated by the Committee on 

English Research 

[Continued from page 180] 

The Will of John Rolf, 10 November 1519. To be buried in the 
churchyard of St. Lawrence of Donton [Downton, co. Wilts]. Mentions 
John Loke, William Gilbert, Thomas Skete, and Thomas Rolf, my brother. 
An obit to be said in Donton church for my soul and those of my parents. 
Executors : my daughter Agnes Rolfe and John Wilkyns. Witnesses ; 
Richard Haserd, vicar of Donton, John Lanavad, Mathew Bisshopp. 
Proved 26 January 1519/20, by the oaths of Thomas Rolfe and Alexander 
Francklyn, commission being issued to the executors named. (P. C. C, 
Ayloff, 24.) 

The Will of Henry Rolfe the elder of Hamptworth in the parish of 
Downton, 12 October 1546. To be buried in the church lytten of Down- 
ton. To our lafty church of Sarum 20d. To the high altar in Downton 
church 3s. 4d. To the rej)aration of Downton church a cow. To the 
reparation of salt lane 6s. 8d. To every of my brother John Rolffys chil- 
dren a noble apiece. To cousin William. Rolfe a cow. I leave a cow and 
a hive of bees for the maintenance of an obit for me, Dennys my wife, and 
all my children and kindred, in Downton church yearly forever. All other 
my goods moveable and unmoveable not specified I give to my son Harry. 
To Richard Sander and Thomas Hussey a cow each, and I make them my 
executors, and they are to be overseers of my son Harry and his goods to 
eighteen years of age, and if he die before that time reversion to my daugh- 
ter Jone. To my daughter Jone two kine and five hives of bees. To 
Jone Selwadde a peticoat. To my son Harry the barley that Jone New- 
man of the close in Charilton oweth me. To Katheryn Atrice a peticoat. 
Rychard Hobbes, overseer, and to him a bullock. Witnesses : Mr. Raph 
Lane, vicar, Richard Hoggs, William Luk, Harry Rolf, and Robert Pope, 
with others. Proved 26 Slarch 1547, by the executors. (Ax'chdeaconry 
of Sarum, vol. 2, ff. 29 and 43a.) 

The Will of Henry Rolff thelder of Hamptworth in the parish of 
Downton, CO. Wylts, husbandman, 5 May 1558. To be buried in the 
church lytten of St. Lawrence in Downton. To our lady church in Sarum 
2d. To the reparation of my parish church in Downton 8d. To Alls 
Whytehere, my servant, a ewe and a lamb, my wife's petticoat, etc. To 
the children of my sister Margaret Blake of Playtford a ewe lamb among 
them. To Elisabeth Blaake my wife's black hat. To Agnes Saunders' 
children a bullock among them. To Agnes Bampton a frock. To William 
Hyckeman my best "hooses." To Dennys Husse a brass pot. To my son 
Richard Rolfe my great brass pot, a cupboard, etc., and he shall have three 
kine at fifteen years of age, to be delivered by Henry Rolfe the younger 
of Hamptworth or by his assigns, he being one of my overseers for the keep- 
ing of my said son Richard. To Margaret Rolfe, my daughter, all my wife's 
wearing gear unbequeathed, and at the age of fifteen years two kine to be 

1912] Genealogical Research in England 245 

delivered to her by John Lyght of Hamptworth, he being the other of my 
overseers for the keeping of my said daughter Margaret. To my son 
Kichard and my daughter Margaret all my instuff of household at fifteen 
years, equally divided ; if both die, reversion to the children of Thomas 
Blaake, Thomas Husse, Agnes Sawnders, John Lyght, and Henry Rolfe 
the younger, equally divided, and if the said Henry have no children, then 
one part to him and his wife. The residue of my goods and chattels move- 
able and unmoveable to my overseers John Lyght and Henry Eolff the 
younger for the perfect bringing up of my children Richard and Margaret 
untn the age of fifteen. Witnesses: Willm Marks, preist, and Thomas 
Husse. Proved 4 June 1558, by John Lyght and Henry Rolff Jun. 
(Archdeaconry of Sarum, vol. 3, fo. 97.) 

Administration on the goods of Richard Rolff, late of Hamptworth 
in the parish of Downton, was granted to Elizabeth Rollf, relict of the 
deceased, 28 August 1567. (Archdeaconry of Sarum, vol. 5, fo. 18.) 

The Will of William Roffe of the parish of Plaitford [co. Wilts], hus- 
bandman, 22 March 1573/4. To John Spencer of Plaitford 12d. To 
father Botley 6d. To my godchUd William Bevys a lamb. To goddaughter 
Johan Cosyn 1 2d. To Agnes Roffe, my brother Richard's daughter, a cow 
at marriage. To my cousin Robert Whiteyeare my black coat. Overseers : 
cousin Robert Whiteyeare and Robert Irelande, and to each 3s. 4d. The 
residue of my goods to my wife Agnes, whom I make my executrix. Wit- 
nesses : John Saunders, Curat, Nicholas Slackesteade, Robert Ireland, and 
William Botler. Proved 13 April 1574, by the executrix named. (Arch- 
deaconry of Sarum, vol. 5, fo. 191.) 

The Will of Henry Rolfe of Hamptworth in the pai-ish of Downton, 
husbandman, 9 April 1579. To be buried in the churchyard of Downton. 
To our lady church of Sarum 12d. To my parish churcla of Downton 12d. 
To my daughter's child Johan Owery at fourteen years of age two bullocks 
with yoke and chain, Alexander Walton to have the keeping of them until 
then. If she die before said age, reversion to my wife Thomasyn. To 
Stephen Stride, my brother-in-law, a colt, a heifer, and clothing. To my 
sister Margarett a heifer and a staU of bees. To Henry Sansome, my god- 
child, a heifer. To Mary Rofe, my goddaughter, a bullock. To Margarett 
Leceter a calf. To Arthure Leceter my old coat. The residue of my 
goods and moveables unbequeathed to my wife Thomasyn, whom I make 
sole executrix. Overseers : Robert Samson \_s%c\ and Richard Ireland, and 
to each a sheep. Witnesses : John Moody and William Sandars, with 
others. Proved 2 May 1579, by the executrix named. (Archdeaconry of 
Sarum, vol. 5, fo. 336.) 

The Will of Richard Rolff of Hamptorethe [Hamptworth] in the 
parish of Downtone, 30 [ ] 1598. My body to be buried in the 

churchyard of Downtone. To our lady church of Sarome 6d. To the 
church of Downtone 6d. To the church of Lanvard [Landford] 6d. To 
Mary Moody a bullock [ ] of age. To my brothers-in-law Henry 

Rofe, Thomas Rofe [ ] two sheep. To my brother-in-law William 

[ ] and to his daughter Alse one sheep. To Jone Dirks and 

Agnes Leache one sheep each. To my sister's son William Hore one 
sheep. To John [ ] a jerkin and breeches. To my brother Wil- 

liam Sanderes [ ] sheep. To my wife Agnes Rofe and my daughter 

246 Genealogical Research in England [July 

Honner and my daughter [Agii]es all the rest of my goods and chattels, 
and I make them my executres. If my wife do marry, my children to have 
their portions within one week thereafter, and if she do not, then at their 
ages of sixteen years. If my wife be with child, such child to have a jjor- 
tion with the rest of my children. My debts that I owe : to my father-in- 
law 20s., to my brother[in-law] Thomas Rofe £3, to my brother[in-law] 
John Rofe 20s., to Agnes Leache 20s., to my " onkele "* John Rofe 10s. 
I give to my father-in-law William Sanderes, Thomas Light, and my uncle* 
John Rofe 3s. 4d. each, and make them overseers. Witnesses : Roger Elkins, 
John Rolf, John Coxe, and others. Proved 2 December 1598, by Agnes 
Rolfe, relict of the deceased, with power reserved for Honore and Agnes 
Rolfe, daughters and executrices named. 

Bond dated 14 June 1606. John Ryce of Hamptworth in the parish of 
Downton, County Wilts, husbandman, Agnes Ryce his wife, before mar- 
riage Agnes Rolfe, executrix of the will of Richard Rolf her first husband, 
Michael Cooper of East Grimstead in County Wilts, husbandman, and 
Robert Emmery of Lanford, co. Wilts, husbandman, bound in the sum of 
£80. Agnes Rice als Rolff and Honor Rolff and Agnes Rolff her two 
daughters were appointed joint executors of the will of Richard Rolff and 
had bequeathed to them certain legacies. The said Agnes filed an account 
9 June 1599, the portions of Honor and Agnes being found to be £19 5s. 
each, and the said John and Agnes Rice als Rolff bind themselves to pay 
the said sums to the said Honor and Agnes, their guardians or assigns at 
their several ages of sixteen and to bear the expenses of their education and 
bringing up until such age. [Signed] John Ryse, Signu' Agnes Ryce, 
Signu' Michis Cooj^er, Signu' Robte Emery. Witnesses : Ri : Greene and 
Gyles Batter. (Archdeaconry of Sarum, 1598, Original Will and Bond.) 

The Will of Alis Rolfe of Hamptworthe in the parish of Downtone in 
the county of Wilts, widow, 8 December 1604. My body to be buried in 
the i^arish churchyard of Downtone. I give to the parish church of Down- 
tone 6d. To our lady church of Sarum 4d. To my son Thomas Rolfe a 
coverlet and other household goods. To my son John Rolfe my best 
heifer, three bushels of grain, and I forgive him 9s. which he oweth me. 
To his daughter Alis Rolfe a bullock, and to his son John Rolfe a sheep, 
and to his wife a gown. To my daughter Agnes Rice two ewes and a 
heifer, and to her daughter Honore Rolfe a heifer and a coffer, and to them 
both all my wearing apparel. To her daughter Agues Rolfe a ewe, to her 
daughter Alis Rice a bullock, and to her daughter Marie Rice a ewe. • To 
my maid servant Margaret Dyer a sheep. The residue of my goods and 
chattels I give to my sons Henrie Rolfe and Thomas Rolfe equally divided, 
and make them my executors. My well beloved friends Thomas Cousins 
and Robert Emmerie to be assistants to my executors, and to them os. each. 
Debts I owe : to my son Henrie Rolfe 40s. and to my son Thomas Rolfe 
£6 7s. Proved 26 January 1604/5, by the executors named. Inventory 
taken 8 December 1604, by two "nabours indifferent dealers herein Roger 
Webbe and John Raafe," £45 6s. 8d., exhibited 26 January 1604/5, by 
the executors. (Archdeaconry of Sarum, 1604, Original Will and In- 

Bond dated 31 January 1617/18. Anna Rolph of Downton, co. Wilts, 
widow, and William Judd of Winterborne Chirborow, co. Wilts, husband- 

* Probably the uncle of Agnes Rolfe, wife of the testator J. G. Bartlett. 

1912] Genealogical Research in England 247 

man, bound in £40, the said Anna being administrator of the estate of 
Henry Rolph late of Downton. [Signed] Anna Rolph [mark] and "^Villiam 
Judde. Witness : James Hill. Inventory on the estate of Hinrie Rolfe 
late of Hamptoreth [parish of Downton], co. Wilts, taken 6 February 
1617/18, by Thomas Cossen and Rogger Webb, £18 10s. 3d. Witness: 
Thomas Hale. Exhibited 25 March 1618 at Salisbury. (Archdeaconry 
of Sarum, 1617, Original Administration Bond.) 

Administration on the goods of Emanuell Rolfe of Lauington [Laving- 
ton] forum in co. Wiltes was granted to Elizabeth, widow and relict, 26 July 
1624. Inventory £82 10s. 4d. (Archdeaconry of Sarum, vol. 8, fo. 229.) 

The Will of [John Rolfe of Whiteparis]h in the county of Wilts, 
yeoman, [ ]ary 1624/5. To the church of [Whiteparish] 6d., to be 
used towards the reparation of the church by the church wardens of White- 
parish. Concerning my right and interest in certain leases of which I now 
stand possessed, after my decease my son [ Rolp]he shall have 

that messuage or tenement and close adjoining, and that close called long 
[ ] adjoining to Bushy lease, and that close called breach meads, 

and a parcel [ ] sometimes parcel of bushy lease and lying upon 

the lane called Rumsey [ ] containing fourteen " lugge," all 

being in Whiteparish, and also four [? pieces of] arable land containing 
ten acres called Webb [? close] with a messuage which I hold of the right 
[ ] William Stockman of Bereford, county Wilts, Esq., by vir- 

tue of a [Please] dated 20 March 8 James I, to hold the said lease and 
premises until the full term of ninety nine years be ended, if myself, Hen- 
ry Rolfe, my son, and John Rolfe the younger, my son, or any of us, live so 
long. Said closes of arable land and pasture containing ten acres some- 
time called Webb close, which I now hold of William Stockman by lease 
dated 10 January 8 James I for ninety nine years if my sons Henry and 
John or either of them live so long, I give to my son Henry for his life, 
and after his death my will is that Honor Rolfe, wife to the said Henry 
my son, if she survive her husband, shall hold the said premises during the 
time she remain a widow, and when my daughter-in-law Honor be married 
to any other husband or die, then my son John shall enjoy the residue of 
the time unexpired. My son John shall have the three acres of ground 
sometimes waste ground parcel of the Earldome lying between Langley 
wood* and the round coppice,* demised to me and my assigns by William 
Stockman Esq., during the term of [th]ree years, as appears by indenture 
dated 20 March 8 James I. To John, my younger son, the new chest, my 
best coffer, my iron bound cart, and £3. To Joane, the eldest daughter, 
and Hester, the youngest daughter of my son John, a brass pan, pewter plat- 
ter, a hive of bees and 20s. each. To Joane, my grandchild, daughter of 
William Holloway, a hive of bees and 20s. at [ ] 

twenty-one years my will is that [ ] son John or 

the longer [ ] two kine and a mare which [ 

] Item I give to my daughter [ ] 

coverlid and 26s. 8d. to [ ] ease. Itm I give to 

Richard Whiteer [ ] of money which money my exe- 

cutor [ ]taine to the age of twenty & six yeares [ 

]ty shillings. And farther my will is that [ ] 

abovenamed shall have their twenty shillings apiece [ ] my 

* These pieces of woodland still bear these names. 

248 Genealogical Research in England [July 

decease : for which my abovenamed grand [? children shall give my] exe- 
cutor an acquittance and he shall accept of [ ] sonne John a 
coverlid which lyeth in my press [ ]piece if they shall require it 
within one year after [ ] aged men and women of Whiteparish the 
sum of [ ] at the discretion of my executor and the minister. 
[ ] the rest of my goods and chattels unbequeathed, my [? debts and 
legacies paid and funeral expenses dischjarged, I give and bequeath to my 
son Henry Rolf e and [? make him my] sole executor ; and I give to Mr. 
Parks, minister of Whiteparish, [ ] My neighbors John Coles of 
Mort farme and William Morris of Newton [ ]field to be my over- 
seers, and to each of them 1 give 10s. [ ] to see my will faithfully 
performed. [Signed] John Rolfe his marke. [Witnesses' names torn off.] 

Codicil dated 29 May 1625. I give to be delivered by my life time 
which is no part of [ ] nor touching my last will, as 

witnesses John [ Willi]am Morris. Mary my daughter shall have 

13s. [ ] of the £17. I give to my son John 30 [ ]nn 

pounds. I give to Mary my daughter a little barrell, etc., [ ] a 

stall of bees for Thomas* her son, and unto Mary my daughter a gown. 
To Henry my son the silt and the powdering tub. To John my son my 
[ ]ake and the newest jerkin and hose. All the rest of my house- 

hold stuff to be equally divided between Henry, my son and executor, and 
John, [?my you]ngest son. [Signed] the m'ke of John Rolfe the elder. 
Proved 8 October 1625, by the executor named. Inventory taken 6 Octo- 
ber 1625, by John Coles, William Morris, and Thomas Rolfe, £113 Is. 4d., 
exhibited by the executor 8 October 1625. (Archdeaconry of Sarum, 
1625, Original Will and Inventory.) [Brackets indicate the places where 
the foregoing will is mutilated or illegible.] 

The Will of Thomas Rofe of Whitpishe, 12 August 1629. My body 
to be buried in the church or churchyard of Whiteparish. To the church 
of Whiteparish 5s. To my brother John Rofe 20s. and all my wearing 
apparel. To my brother John Rofe's sons and to my brother Henry 
Rofe's sons now living 20s. each, and to each of the daughters of my said 
two brothers 10s. each. To Alice Cole, my servant, 10s. To John Ingram, 
my servant, 4s. My debts and legacies being paid, I give to Thomas Rofe, 
my son, half of my goods and chattels. My wife Mary to be my executrix, 
and if she marry she shall return to my son Thomas what portion of my 
goods shall come to her by this my will, and she is to give an inventory to 
my overseers of my son's and her portion of my goods and a bond for the 
return of them or theu- value to my son Thomas if she marry, and if she 
refuse, son Thomas to be executor. My cousin Nicholas Akkidge of Wel- 
lowd and my special friend Henry Short of Wellowd to be overseers, and 
to them 6s. 8d. each. [Signed] Thomas Rofe his m'ke. Witnesses : Tho- 
mas Turner, Margaret Whitier her marke, Nicholas Aldridge, and Henry 
Short. Proved 10 September 1629, by the executor named, (Archdea- 
conry of Sarum, 1629, Original Will.) 

Bond dated 23 February 1640/1. Thomas Rolph of Whiteparish, co. 
Wilts, yeoman, and Nicholas Aldridge of Wellow, co. Wilts, yeoman, 
bound in £100, the said Thomas being son of Mary Rolph late of White 

* This is Thomas Whittier, who came to New England in 1638, with his uncle John 

1912] Genealogical Research in England , 249 

parish, widow, and administrator of her estate. [Signed] Thomas Rolfe 
and Michol [s^c] Aldridge. Witness : Giles Hutchins. (Archdeaconry of 
Sarum, 1640, Original Bond.) 

The Will of John Rope of Hamptworth in the parish of Downton, 
county of Wilts, husbandman, — March 1662. To be buried in the 
churchyard of Downton. My wife Alice to be executrix, and I give to 
her all my goods and the lease of my house, the goods to be equally divided 
between my two children at her death. Concerning my house and ground, 
at my wife's death my son John to have a room at the east end of the 
house next Stephen Cooper's, and my daughter Hester Rofe to have the 
room that I newly builded, and they to have the hall in common. If my 
daughter go away from the house and her brother, he to pay her 10s. [a 
year] for her part as long as she is away. Also to my daughter Hester 
one and a half acres of ground and half the fruit in the orchard and garden, 
and she to pay Is. a year of the rent. The rest of my ground to my son 
John after his mother's death. [Signed] the marke of Jhon Rofe. Wit- 
nesses : Alice Done (her marke) and John Light. Proved 5 July 1662, 
by the executrix. Inventory taken 2 May 1662, by William Jackman 
and Robert Rice, £13 lis. 8d., states that the deceased died 16 April 1662. 
Exhibited 5 July 1662. (Consistory of Sarum, 1662, Original Will and 

Rolfe Entries in the Parish Registers of Whiteparish, 
Wiltshire, 1559-1655 

1579 Jone daughter of John Roffe 15 September. 
1582 Mary daughter of John Rofe 16 July. 
1585 " Christened the 5*^ of septemb : Henrye Rofe y® sonn of John 

1589 " Christened the 24*'* of aprill .... & John Rofe the sonn of 

John Rofe." 

1614 Joane daughter of John Rofe 18 September. 

1616 Easter daughter of John Rolfe 2 April. 

1617 Thomas son of Thomas Rolfe 8 June. 
1640 Mary daughter of Thomas Rolfe. 


1608 Richard Whyteer of Sar[um] and Mary Rofe of Whiteparish 23 

January [1608/9]. 

1609 William HoUoway of Dameram and Jone Rofe of Whiteparish 18 

1612 John Rofe and Joane Coles both of this parish 2 November. 

1615 Thomas Rolfe and Mary Hurst widow 20 April. 
1621 Johnt Rolfe and Honor Rolfe 28 May. 

1619 Honor wife of John Rolfe 8 July. 
1625 Old father Rolf 12 September. 
1629 Thomas Rolfe 18 August. 

* Missing, 1599 to 31 October 1604, inclusive, 
t Missing, 1599 to 20 January 1604/5, inclusive. 
J Doubtless an error in the Registers for Hetiry. 
§ Missing, 1599 to 29 October 1604, inclusive. 

250 ^ Genealogical Research in England [July 

RoLFE Entries in the Parish Registers of Downton, 
Wiltshire, 1601-1640 


1606 Thomas son of Henry Roof of Hamptworth 8 June. 

1607 Alee daughter of Harry Roofe of Hamptworth 13 November. 

1609 Susanne daughter of Harry Rofe of Hamptworth. 

1611 Emme daughter of Harry Rofe of Hamptworth 12 January [1611/12] 

at Lanford. 

1616 Mary daughter of Harry Rofe 24 August. 

1620 Christiane daughter of John Rofe 10 September. 

1623 Elinor daughter of John Rofe 20 April. 

1631 Anne daughter of John Rolfe 5 June. 

1633 Susanna daughter of Robert Rofe 26 April. 

1634 Thomas son of Thomas Rof 1 May. 

1637 Arthur son of Thomas and Alice Rofe 28 October. 

1604 Henrye Roaff and Ann Judd 21 January [1604/5]. 
1614 John Wheeler and Elizabeth Rofe 6 November. 
1625 John Rofe and Elizabeth Dolinge 27 June. 


1604 Widow Roaff of Hamptworth 10 December. 

1605 Margrete daughter of John Roofe 26 October. 

1610 Agnes Rofe widow of Radlinche 13 November. 

1612 William Rofe of Radlinch 7 June. 
1622 Dorothy wife of John Rofe 21 July. 
1625 Judith wife of John Rofe Jun. 25 April. 

1635 Susanna daughter of Robert Rofe 16 May. 

1637 Mariane Rofe widow 28 October. 

1638 John Rofe 26 August. 

[The Rolfe family is of great antiquity in Wiltshire. At a manor-court 
at Urclifont, held 7 May 10 Richard II [1387], in a list of twenty-five 
tenants that delivered oaks from Coukwod, appears William- Rolfe, credited 
with one trunk. (Wilts. Notes and Queries, vol. 4, p. 450.) Downton, 
Whiteparish, Plaitford, Landford, Redlinche, Wellow, etc., are close to- 
gether in the extreme southeastern corner of Wiltshire, and about eight 
to ten miles southeast of Salisbury. 

With only the data now at hand, all the persons in the foregoing wills 
and register entries cannot be grouped together; but it is certain that 
Henry Rolfe, baptized in 1585, and John Rolfe, baptized in 1589, sons of 
John Rolfe of Whiteparish, the testator of 1 624/5, were the brothers who 
settled in New England about 1638 ; and it is also certain that their sister 
Mary Rolfe, wife of Richard Whittier of Sarum or Salisbury, England, 
was the mother of Thomas Whittier, who was born about 1620, came to 
New England in 1638 with his uncle John Rolfe, and became the pro- 
genitor of the Whittiers of America. 

It is evident that it was Henry Rolfe, born in 1585 (and not John Rolfe, 
as erroneously recorded in the Whiteparish registers), who married in 1621 
a kinswoman. Honor Rolfe ; the latter was apparently the daughter of 

* Missing, 1633-1636. 

t Missing, most of the burials for 1634. 


Genealogical Research in England 


Richard Rolfe of Downton, the testator of 1598, by his wife Agnes Rolfe 
(daughter of the widow Alice Rolfe, the testator of 1604). This Agnes 
Rolfe married (secondly) John Rice. Thomas Rolfe, the testator of 1629, 
and Henry Rolfe, whose estate was administered in 1617, were probably 
brothers of this Agnes Rolfe. It is clear that the mother of Richard Rolfe, 
the testator of 1598, married (secondly) William Sanders ; perhaps this 
Richard Rolfe was son of the Richard Rolfe whose estate was administered 
in 1567, the latter being son of Henry Rolfe, the testator of 1558. The 
following tentative pedigree shows the connections as suggested above : 

Henry Rolfe = 

[b. abt. 1515] Dead in 
Will 1558 1558 

Rolfe == 

[b. abt. 1515] [ 

2 1 I 



William Dau. 
Sanders m. 



I Rolfe 

I [b. abt. 1545] 

1 adm. 1567. 


-= Alice - 


[b. abt. 
• 1545] 


[b. abt. 
Will 1624 

Rolfe f Rolfe 

[b. abt. 1567] 
Will 1598 

[b. abt 1573] had 
Shem. (2) issue 
John Rice 

Adm. 1617 
m. 1604 


Will 1629 
m. 1615 


[b. abt. 

' 1621 I 

I 1612 


[b. abt. 



to N. E. 

b. 1585 
to N. E. 

b. 1589 
toN. E. 





b. 1579 

m. W'm 


I 1608 

b. 1582 


I I I I 

Hannah Anna John Benj. 

1 I 

Joane Hester 

b. 1614 b. 1616 

m. m. 

Richard John 

Ring Sanders 

I I I 

Richard John Thomas 


b. abt. 1620 


to N. E. 

Rolfe Entries in the Parish Registers of Andover, 
Hampshire, 1586-1650* 


1605 John son of John Rolph [torn] August. 

1606 William son of John Rolph of Enham 7 February [1606/7]. 


1605 John Rolph and Golding 30 April. 

1641 Anthony RofFt and [date gone; between 31 May and 24 


*From a manuscript copy of the Andover registers, in the Library of the New 
England Historic Genealogical Society. 

252 Genealogical Research in England [July 

EoLFE Entries in the Salisbury Marriage Licences, 1615-1634* 
Eobert Rolfe of Lydiard Miilicent, 40, and Joan lies of same, widow, 30* 

24 October 1616. 
George Dier of Slierington, Wilts, yeoman, and Sara Rolfe of Steeple 

Langford. Bondsman, John Gerle of same, yeoman. 30 October 

Hugh Rolfe of Amesbury, Wilts, yeoman, 40, and Joane Beckington of 

same, widow, 30. 21 December 1616. 
Thomas Roffe, the younger, son of Thomas Roffe, of Alderton, Wilts, 

husbandman, 22, and Anne Eaton of Grittenham in Brinkworth, 

spinster, 18. 9 July 1621. 
Edward Spring of Maddington, husbandman, 30, and Anne Roffe of 

Fittleton, 29. 4 March 1621/2. 
William Rolf of West Lavington, blacksmith, 25, and Elizabeth Cove 11 of 

Potterne, spinster, 23. Bondsman, Willm Guilbert of Sarum, tailor. 

19 August 1628. 
William Rolf of Compton in Enford, yeoman, 28, and Dorothy Phillipps 

of Little Hinton, spinster, 18. 11 June 1630. 
John Rolf of Compton in Enford, yeoman, 32, and Elizabeth Bailey of 

Boreham in Warminster, spinster, 22. 1 June 1631. 
Francis Tompson of Milton, Wilts, husbandman, 26, and Jane Roffe of 

Pewsey, spinster, 20. 4 August 1631. 
Simon Rolf of Sarum, clothier, and Margaret Burges. Bondsman, James 

Elderton of South Newton, fuller. 20 April 1633. 
William Slade of Steeple Langford, Wilts, husbandman, and Susan Rolf. 

Bondsman, Willm Hayman of the Close, Sarum, tailor. 3 October 


— J. Gardner Bartlett.] 

The Will of John Whiteheare of Landford [co. Wilts], 22 December 
1571. To our lady church of Sarum 4d. To my parish church of Land- 
ford 12d. To Roberte Whiteheare, my son, a cow and a bullock, and he 
shall have the lease of my house that I now dwell in after the decease of 
my wife Edithe. To my daughter Margery a cow and a bullock. To my 
eons Jolm and William a cow each. To Henry Whytehear, my kinsman, 
a coat. All the residue of my goods to my wife Edith, sole executrix. 
Overseer, Richard Emery, and to him 20d. Witnesses : William Markes, 
parson, and Henry Ireland. Proved 22 January 1571/2, by the executrix 
named, in the person of Robert Whitehear. (Archdeaconry of Sarum, 
vol. 5, fo. 139.) 

The Will of Henry Whytear of Landford, the unworthy servant of 
the Lord, 10 March 1583/4. To the parish church of Landford 12d. To 
my two younger sons John and William 20s. each, which shall remain in 
the hands of my son Richard Whytear until they shall be of the age of 
eighteen. If either die before such age, reversion to the survivor, and if 
both die, reversion to the rest of my children where most need shall be. 
To my daughter Phillis Whitear 20s., to remain in the hands of my son 
Henry to her use until eighteen. To my daughter Agnes Whytyear 20s., 
and my son Henry to deliver to her a sheet or 4s., as she shall desire. To 
my son-in-law John Parker's three children, John, Jerome, and Christian, 

* The Genealogist, New Series, vols. 24-28. 

1912] Genealogical Research in England 253 

5s. equally divided, to remain in the hands of my son Henry until they be 
of discretion to use it for themselves. To daughter Jone Parker 2s. To 
son Richard Whityeare's two children, John and Joane, 6s. 8d. equally 
divided, to remain in the hands of their father until their years of discretion. 
If either die, reversion to the survivor, and if both die, reversion to their 
father and mother. To my children John, William, and Phillis, a chest 
each, and my son Henry to deliver to them 40s. each when they reach the 
age of twenty years, according to a bond. My son Richard hath in his cus- 
tody toward the discharge thereof 48s., my son Henry hath 44s., and I give 
toward the sum Ss. 4d. which John Barnes of Brooke oweth me and 3s. 3d. 
which Richard Downing oweth me. The residue of my goods, excejDt what 
is included in my deed of gift to my son Henry, to my two sons Richard 
and Henry. Witnesses : William Hotchkyn, clerk, William Stokes, and 
William Hussye. Proved 22 August 1584, by Henry Whytear, son of 
the testator. (Archdeaconry of Sarum, vol. 6, fo. 125.) 

Administration on the estate of John Whitear of Pensworth in the 
parish of Downton was granted to Henry Whitear of Landlord, brother of 
the deceased, 27 September 1593. 

Bond dated 26 September 1593. Henry Whitear of Landfoi'd, co. 
Wilts, husbandman, brother of John Whitear deceased, late of Pensworth 
in the Parish of Downton, co. Wilts, and William Heath of Landford, 
bound in 20 marks for the said Henry, to administer the estate of the said 
John Whitear, to pay his debts, and to pay to Richard Whitear, William 
Whitear, Agnes Morrys als Whitear, and Fyllice Whitear such portion of 
goods of the said John Whitear, their said Jarother, as the Archdeacon of 
Sarum shall direct. [Signed] " his mark " [PHenry Whitear's] and Wyl- 
lyam Heath. (Archdeaconry of Sarum, 1593, Original Administration Act 
and Bond.) 

The Will of John Whittter of Whiteparish, County Wiltes, husband- 
man, 14 October 1601. My body to be buried in the churchyard of 
Whiteparish. To the Cathedral Church of Sarum 6d. To the parish 
church of Whiteparish 12d. To the poor people of Whiteparish 13s. 4d. 
To my sister Margery and her two sons 6s. 8d. each. To Robert Ireland 
my cutting knife. The residue of my goods unbequeathed to my brother 
William Whittyer and Thomas Brexton, executors. Overseers: John 
Hurst and Andrew Smith. Witnesses : John Hurst, Andrew Smith, and 
Thomas Harvest, vicar. Proved 22 October 1601, by the executors, in 
the person of John Hurst their agent. Inventory taken 21 October 1601, 
by John Hurst, Andrew Smith, and Thomas Kent, £21 6s. Od., exhibited 
22 October 1601, by Thomas Brexton one of the executors. (Archdea- 
conry of Sarum, 1601, Original Will and Inventory.) 

The Will of William Whtteer of Whitepishe, co. Wiltes, wheler, 9 
June 1603. To be buried in the churchyard of Whiteparish. To my 
parish church aforesaid 2s. To the Cathedral Church of Sarum 6d. To 
Wyllyam, son of Thomas Brexstone, £10. To my servant Jone Morrys 
a brass pot. To Steven Whitteer* a cloak and 12d. To all my godchil- 
dren 4d. each. To John Brexstone and Jane Brexstone a lamb each. To 
Robert Soper's wife 12d. To Margarett, my daughter, £10, with rever- 

* A Steven Whiteqre married Florence Barne 31 January 1585/6 at St. Thomas's, 
Salisbury.— J. Gardner Bartlett. 

254 Genealogical Research in England [July 

sion at her death to "William, son of Thomas Brexstone. The residue of 
my goods and chattels to my daughters Margaret Whyteer and Alis Brex- 
stone, whom I make my sole executors. [Signed] Wyllyam Whitteer 
m'cke. Overseers : Thomas Hurst and Rychard Hurst. Witnesses : 
Thomas Phillips als Harvest, vicar, and Thomas Brexstone. Proved 7 
September 1603, by Margeret Whyteer and Alice Brexstone, executors, in 
the person of Thomas Brexstone, husband of the latter. Inventory taken 
5 August 1603, by Markes Hurst, Robert Sellwinge, and Hewe Tailor, 
£52 13s. Od., exhibited by Margaret Whyteer, the other executor, 7 Sep- 
tember 1603. Bond dated 7 September 1603, Margaret Whiteer of 
Whiteparish in co. Wiltes, spinster, and Thomas Braxston of the same, 
butcher, bound in £100. [Signed] Margaret Whiteer [seal, a lion ramp- 
ant] and Thomas Braxston. Witness : Ri. Greene. (Archdeaconry of 
Sarum, 1603, Original Will, Inventory, and Bond.) 

The Will of Agnes Whiteyeare of Lanford, 6 January 1607/8. To 
the Trinity Church of Winton 6d. To daughter Joane Jewell the lease of 
my greatest tenement in Lanford. To John Jewell, my son-in-law, all my 
household stuff in his house, and I acquit him of all reckonings between us. 
To John Jewell the younger, Edmund Jewell, and Henry Jewell, two yoke 
of oxen equally divided. To John Jewell, Edward [^sic] Jewell, Henry 
Jewell, Alice Jewell, Joane Jewell and Elizabeth Jewell, children of my 
BOn-in-law John Jewell, seven kine and four bulls. To Thomas Hillary a 
cow to help him bring up his children. To Thomas Burtes children 40s. To 
Jeffery Burte 40s. The residue of my goods moveable and unmoveable to 
Joane Jewell the younger, sole executrix. Overseers : my friends in 
Christ John Rolph of Westwellow and John Lush of Lanford, and to them 
3s. 4d. each. Witnesses : Thomas Hillary, Margerye Whitehead, John 
Rolph, and Katherine Whiteyeare. (Archdeaconry of Sarum, vol. 8, fo. 7.) 

Bond dated 13 December 1627. Joan Whityere of Downton, co. Wilts, 
widow, John Mussellwhite of Downton, husbandman, and Robert Dyer of 
Downton, husbandman, bound in £30, the said Joane Whityere to ad- 
minister the estate of her late husband John Whityere late of Downton. 
[Signed] Joane Whityere [mark], John Mussellwhit, and Robert Dyer. 
Witness : Robert Dawkins. Inventory of the goods of John Whiteyeare 
of Weeke in the parish of Downton, husbandman, taken 8 December 1627, 
by Richard Whiteyeere, John Saunders, John Musselwhite, and Robert 
Dyer, £32 Os. lOd., exhibited at Amesbury 13 October 1627. (Arch- 
deaconry of Sarum, 1627, Original Administration Bond.) 

The Will of Margarett Whitier of Whiteparish, co. Wilts, spinster, 
30 April 1630. To be buried in the churchyard of Whiteparish. To 
[ ] of Whiteparish 20s. To Thomas Braxstone, my brother-in-law, 

20s,, and to his now wife 12d. To Jacob, [J ]ld, and Anne, children of 
my said brother-in-law by his now wife, 2s. each, and to his son Symon by 
the same wife 5s. To William Hilgroue the lower stall of bees to Little- 
feild's way, and to his sons Peter and John 12d. each. To Richard Phill, 
the widow Phill's son, 12d. To Thomas Turner of Whiteparish, clerk, a 
stall of bees. Executors : William Brextone and Thomas Brextone, my 
sister Alice's sons. Overseers : Thomas Foxe and William Rofe of White- 
parish. [Signed] Margaret Whiteer [mark]. Witnesses : Thomas Turner 
and William Hilgroue, Proved 25 September 1630, by the executors 
named. Inventory taken by Thomas Foxe, Thomas Broxston, and Gawen 

1912] Genealogical Research in England 255 

Talbott, 22 September 1630, £85 14s. 5d., exhibited by Thomas Broxston 
25 September 1630. (Archdeaconry of Sarum, 1630, Original Will and 
Inventory.) [Much injured by damp.] 

Bond dated 18 October 1637. Catherine Whityeere of East Tytherly, 
CO. Southampton, widow, administrator of the estate of John Whityeere, 
late of Whiteparish, co. Wilts, husbandman. Witnesses : Thomas Grif- 
finch, Fran. Robertds. [Signed] Catherine Whityeere. Inventory taken 
12 June 1637, by Mathias Freeman and John Cottwell, £3 4s. 2d., ex- 
hibited 18 October 1637, by Catherine the relict and administrator. (Arch- 
deaconry of Sarum, 1637, Original Inventory and Bond.) 

Whittier Entries in the Parish Registers of Whiteparish, 
• Wiltshire, 1559-1655 

1561 Jone daughter of William Whyteer 14 January [1561/2]. 
1569 Margaret daughter of William Whyteer 19 March [1569/70]. 
1571 John son of William Whiteer 27 December. 
1577 Francis son of William Whiteer 29 November. 
1597 William son of Richard Whyteer 7 October. 
1608 John son of Walter Whiteer 29 March. 

1610 Elisabeth daughter of Walter Whiteer 27 January [1610/11]. 

1613 Mary daughter of Walter Whyteer 17 December. 
1617 Jane daughter of Walter Whyteer 22 June. 
1623 Walter son of Walter Whyteer 5 October. 

1626 William son of William Whiteer 4 June. 

1630 Richard son of William Whyteer 18 April. 

1631 Henry son of Henry Whityeare 9 October. 
1634 William son of Henry Whityeare 7 September. 

1636 Dorothy daughter of Henry Whityeare 5 March [1636/7]. 


1607 Walter Whiteer and Margaret Bell 4 October. 

1608 Richard Whiteer of Sar[um] and Mary Rofe of Whitej)ari§h 23 

January [1608/9]. ,,, v, 

1611 Roger Lufman and Jane Whiteer both of this parish 7 October. 

1614 George Becham and Edith Whiteer 27 June. .,p, 

1636 John Whityeare and Catherine Conway 21 May. 

1637 William Whityeare and Mary Marshman widow 12 March [1637/8]. 

BurialsX ■ ''■ 

1564 A child of William Whyteer 1 July. - ''^- 

1586 Margery Whyteer 23 November. 
1611 Allice wife of Richard Whiteer 15 September. 
1613 Ould Stephen Whytteer 30 January [1613/14]. 
1622 Old mother Whiteer 13 November. 
1630 Margaret Whityeere 11 September. 
1634 Richard Whityeare 12 August. 

1636 Allice wife of William Whityeare of Langley Wood 12 June. 
1655 Thomas son of Richard Whicher 20 April. 

* Missing, 1599 to 31 October 1604, inclusive, 
t Missing, 1599 to 20 January 1604/5, inclusive. 
J Missing, 1599 to 29 October 1604, inclusive. 

256 Genealogical Hesearch in England [July 

Whittier Entries in the Parish Registers of Downton, 
Wiltshire, 1601-1640 

1605 Alee daughter of Jolm Whiteir 30 August. 
1609 Agnes daughter of John AVhitier of Weeke 24 December. 
1612 Eve daughter of John Whitier of Week 22 November. 
1616 John son of John AVhitier 1 April. 

1616 John son of WiUiam Whittier 19 January [1616/17]. 

1617 John son of John AVhitier 21 September. 

1619 Raphe son of William Whitier 19 January [1619/20]. 

1621 Richard son of Thomas AVhitier 16 September. 

1622 Alexander son of John Whitier 8 December. 

1622 Thomas son of AVilliam Whitier 12 February [1622/3]. 

1625 Edward and Mary son and daughter of AVilliam Whitier 10 March 

1627 John son of William AVhitier 9 March [1627/8]. 

1629 Als daughter of Henry AVhitier 6 January [1629/30]. 

1637 Thomas the reputed son of AVilliam Whitier and Joane Parsons 18 


1605 John AVhiteer and Joane Outry 2 April. 

1611 Richard Whitier and Elizabeth Bishop 30 January [1611/12]. 


1626 Edward son of William Whitier 11 April. 

1630 Ralphe son of William Whiteyer thelder 6 February [1630/1]. 
1634 of John AVhitier deceased 24 January [1634/5]. 

1636 Elizabeth AVhitier widow 23 June. 

[On pages 252-255 abstracts have been given of all the AVhittier wills, 
administration acts, and administration bonds that are to be found in the 
Sarum (Salisbury) courts down to the time of the Commonwealth. There 
are no AVhittier wills for this period in the Prerogative Court of Canter- 
bury. The AVhittier families in Downton, Landford, and AVhiteparish, co. 
AVilts, were doubtless all closely connected with one another. Research 
among the wills at AVinchester and an examination of the parish registers 
at Salisbury and of the transcripts for Landford (where the original regis- 
ters do not extend farther back than 1671) would probably disclose the 
parentage of the Richard Whittier of Sarum (Salisbui'y) who married, 23 
Jan. 1608/9, Mary, daughter of John Rolfe of AVhiteparish, and was the 
father of Thomas Whittier, who came to New England in the Confidence 
in 1638, aged 18, as servant to his uncle John Rolfe. It is possible that 
Richard, father of the emigrant Thomas Whittier, was born about 1585 
and was a son of that Richard who was a son of Henry AVhittier of Land- 
ford, the testator of 1583/4.— E. F.] 

[Whittier Entries in the Parish Registers of Andover, 
Hampshire, 1586-16501 


1606 William son of Will Whittier 2 June. 

* Missing, 1633-1636. 
t Missing, most of the burials for 1634. 

JFrora a manuscript copy of the Andover registers, in the Library of the New 
England Historic Genealogical Society. 

1912] Genealogical Research in England 251 

1610 Robte son of Robte Wliiteare 7 October. 

1625 Richard son of John Whittler [^sic'] 25 September. 

1599 Allixand Searell and Joan Whithear 9 [torn; after June and before 

1601 William Whitting and Agnes Whithers 10 December. 

1598 Elizabeth wife of Robert Whiteare 6 September. 
1603 Nicholas Leach son-in-law of Robert Whittier 18 September. 
1603 Widow Whittier 7 October. 

1603 of Widow Leach 9 October. 

1603 Waltch Dain the servant of Robert Whittyer 9 October. 
1603 Steven Whittier 5 March [1603/4]. 

1603 Joane daughter of Steven Whittier 23 March [1603/4]. 

1604 William Whyther so' [sic'] to Hugh Smith 20 April. 
1612 Robt Whithear 31 August. 

1631 Robert Whitteare 16 August. 

Whittier Entries in the Salisbury Marriage Licences, 


Nicholas Whittieare of Barford St, Martin's, husbandman, 26, and Joice 

Carpenter, of the same, spinster, 24. 24 May 1630. 
John Humby of Pensworth in Downton, Wilts, husbandman, 30, and Ann 
Whiteare of Weeke in Downton, spinster, 23. 16 July 1631. 

— Henry Edwards Scott.] 

The Will of Robert Pyke of Marton [in Great Bed win] in the Dio- 
cese of Sarum and county of Wilts, 24 September 1557. To be buried in 
the church of West [now Great] Bedwyn. To the same church for my 
lay stone 68. 8d. To the high altar of Bedwyn 12d. To our mother 
church of Sarum 6d. Toward the reparation of Titcombe church 12d. 
To my eldest son William Pyke £20 and certain household goods. To 
Robert Pyke 20 marks, and 40s. to pay his fine. To my daughter Mary 
her mother's harness girdle. I forgive John Randell 40s. he oweth me. 
To every one of my younger sons, Edmund, William, Thomas, and John, 
£7 each. To daughter Bridgett £10 and household goods. If my wife 
marry again, my son Edmund to have my farm at the discretion of my 
overseers, John Pyke the elder and Robert Woodroff. The residue to my 
wife Elizabeth, sole executrix. Witnesses : John Smythe the vicar, Ed- 
mond Pyke the elder, and Robert AVoodrowff, with others. Proved 20 
November 1557, by Elizabeth the relict and executrix. (P. C. C, 
Wrastle, 49.) 

The Will of Elizabeth Pyke, widow, of Marton in the parish of 
Westbedwyn, 24 December 1558. To be buried beside Robert Pyke my 
husband. To my parish church a heifer for the maintenance of wax 
tapers to be burned before the blessed sacrament. To the Cathedral 
Church of Sarum 2d. To the parish church of Tytcombe a bushel of 
wheat. To Christian Martyne and Elizabeth Perkyns a peticoat each. 
To Margaret Whitwey and Garrett's wife a kerchief each. To Bennett a 

*The Genealogist, New Series, vols. 24-28. 

258 Genealogical Research in England [July 

bushel of wheat, and to his wife a peticoat. To godchild John Rendle a 
sheep. To mother Griff of Titcombe a peck of wheat. To my husband's 
sons, William and Robert Pyke, a quarter of wheat each. To my daughter 
Bridgett my best wedding gown, the damask at Thomas Taylor's, etc. To 
my sons William Pyke the younger, Thomas Pyke, and John Pyke, to 
each 40s. If any of my said children, William the younger, Thomas, 
John, or Bridgett die, reversion to the survivors. My son Edmund Pyke 
to be my executor and to bring up his three brothers and sister Bridgett 
until eighteen years of age if they be not well placed or otherwise bestowed, 
and on this condition I give him the remainder of the term of the farm of 
Marten with my stock and goods. My brothers, John Androwes, and my 
cousin John Tutt, overseers. Witnesses : John Smyth, vicar of Bedwyn, 
Edward Foster, Gierke, John Androwes, John Tutt, Margaret Kemer, 
and others. Proved 13 February 1558/9, by Edmond Pyke the executor. 
(P. C. G., Welles, 39.) 

The Will of Thomas Pyke of the parish of Orcheson St. Mary in the 
county of Wilts, husbandman, 25 October 29 Elizabeth [1587]. To be 
buried in the churchyard of Orcheson St. Mary, near the north corner of 
the chancel. To our lady church of New Sarum 12d. To the church of 
Orcheson St. Mary 12d. To my son Nicholas Pyke £4 and a brass pot. 
To daughter Margarett £4 and a silver spoon at marriage. To daughter 
Anne £4 at marriage. To daughter Alice, son John, daughter Jone, and 
son Henry, to each £4 and a sheep at marriage. If my wife marry, she 
is to pay my legacies to my children, or to my overseers for them if they 
be not able to use it. The residue to my wife Elizabeth, sole executrix. 
Overseers : Thomas Gowper, William Ring, Mr. Richard Dawker, and 
John Palmer, and to each 5s. Witnesses : John Dugmor, Mr. Richard 
Danker, and John Palmer, with others. Proved 21 November 1587, by 
the executrix named. (Archdeaconry of Sarum, vol. 7, fo. 110.) 

The Will of Phillipp Pike of the Borough of Marlborough in the 
County of Wilts, gent., 16 Januaiy 1594/5. To my son Richard and his 
heirs male all my lands in fee simple, the profits thereof to be received by 
my wife Margery during his minority toward his education and bringing 
up. If he die without male issue during the lifetime of my wife, reversion 
to my wife for life, and after her decease to Edmond Pike the younger, 
son of Edmond Pike the elder of Martin, gent., and his heirs male. The 
residue of all my goods to my son Richard and wife Margery, they to be 
executors. Overseers : Edmond Pike the elder of Martin, gent., and John 
Waiford of the Borough of Marlborough. [Signed] Phillipum Pike. 
Witnesses : Edmond Pike, Phillipp Francklyn, and Thomas Foxe. 
Proved 24 February 1594/5, by Margery Pike, with power reserved for 
Richai'd Pike, the son and other executor named. (P. G. C, Scott, 11.) 

The Will of Walter Pyke of Stowell in the parish of Wilcot, in the 
Diocese of Sarum, 10 April 1600. To the poor of Wilcot and Wootten 
Basset, to each parish, 20s. To brother-in-law John Pryce of Marlborough 
20s., and to Elizabeth and Johan, his daughters, 5s. each, and to the said 
Johan's children and to the son of Thomas Pryce 2s. each. My brother 
William Pyke owes me £4; I give him £1 thereof and the other £3 to 
his children equally divided. To my brother-in-law Robert Skeat 20s., 
and to each of his children 2s. To Dorothy, daughter of John Pairsons, 
2s. To my sister Martha Pyke 40s. To the children of my brother-in-law 

1912] Genealogical Research in England 259 

[? William] George 2s. To a son of William George who is my godchild 
4s. To the vicar of Wilcot 6s. 8d. The residue to my wife Anne Pyke 
and my obedient son Robert, equally divided, and T make them executors. 
Brother William Pyke and Robert Skeet overseers. Witnesses : William 
Pye, Vicar of Wilcot, William Rawlins, John Church, and others. Proved 
18 August ] 600, by Edward Saye, notary public, agent of Anne the relict 
and one of the executors, and Robert Pyke the son and one of the execu- 
tors. (P. C. C, Wallopp, 81.) 

Bond dated 8 January 1618/19. Joane Pike of Whiteparish in the 
county of Wilts, widow, Simon Pike of the same, husbandman, and Thomas 
Pike of the same, tailor, bound in £500, the said Joane being relict and 
administrator of the goods of Richard Pike late of Whiteparish. [Signed] 
Joane Pike [mark], Simonis Pike [mark] , and Thomas Pyke. Witnesses : 
James Hill and William Morris. Inventory taken 18 December 1618, by 
J. Lynche, John Thaine, and William Morrise, includes the goods of .lohn 
Rous, gent., taken in satisfaction of a debt, and a lease made by William 
Kinge or Ringe, gent., for ninety years and the lives of three persons, of 
whom only one is living. (Archdeaconry of Sarum, 1618, Original Bond 
and Inventory.) 

Bond dated 20 April 1625. Thorpe Pike of West Weeke in the parish 
of Pewsey, co. Wilts, yeoman, and Thomas Pike of Remscombe in the 
parish of North Newnton, co. Wilts, yeoman, bound in £100, said Thorpe 
Pike being administrator of the estate of John Pike of West Weeke. In- 
ventory taken 22 April 1625, by Richard Smith, John Smith, and Thomas 
Pyke, £2 12s., exhibited 23 April 1625. (Consistory of Sarum, 1625, 
Original Bond and Inventory.) 

The Will of Thomas Pike of Rudge in the parish of Chilmarke [co. 
Wilts], yeoman, 29 November 1626. Te be buried in the church of Chil- 
marke. To the poor of Chilmarke Is. To my son Thomas at twenty-one 
household goods and 30 bushels of corn. To daughters Ellen and Jone 
£16 at eighteen or marriage. To daughter Catherine, wife of John Dory, 
5s. If all three die under age then to brother John Pike 2s. Wife Eliza- 
beth executrix and residuary legatee. Overseers : my friends in Christ 
Richard Page and John Gerate, both of Chilmarke, and to each Is. [Signed] 
Thomas Pike his mrke. Witnesses : John Moore, Thomas Barter [mark], 
and John Furnell. Proved 17 February 1626/7, by the executrix named. 
Inventory taken 1 January 1626/7, £79 3s. 2d., exhibited 17 February 
1626/7. (Archdeaconry of Sarum, 1626, Original Will and Inventory.) 

The Will of William Pike of Whiteprishe in the county of Wilts, hus- 
bandman. To be buried in the church or churchyard of Whiteparish. To 
the church of Whiteparish 12d. To the poor of AVhiteparish 12d. To my 
wife Bridgat Pike 13s. 4d. To my mother Joane two coffers. To my 
brother Thomas Pike 20s. and my wearing apparel. To my sister Joane 
Dennis's three children 3s. To my brother Symon's children 1 2d. each. 
To brother Richard Jackeman a swam of bees, and to his children 12d. 
each. Executor, my brother Symon. [Signed] Willi Pike his marke. 
Witnesses: Ambrose Faissey, Richard Durman, Richard Jackman his 
mark. Proved 19 May 1635. Inventory taken 18 May 1635, by Thomas 
Fox, William Morris, and Thomas Pike, £12 5s., exhibited 19 May 1635. 
(Consistory of Sarum, 1635, Original Will and Inventory.) 

VOL. XLVI. 17 

260 Genealogical Hesearch in England [July 

The Will of Elizabeth Pike of Rudge in the parish of Chilmarke, 
widow, 10 February 1635/6. To be buried in the churchyard of Chil- 
marke. To my daughter Elnor £6, clothing, and pewter. To my daugh- 
ter Catherine, wife of .John Dorey, £2. To daughter Joane £10 in the 
hands of Walter Cantelo. To John Furnell, son of John Furnell and. my 
dauohter Jone his wife, £8 which is in his father's hands, at sixteen. To 
daui^hter .Joane all residue, and I make her executrix. John Furnell of 
Chilmarke Sen. and Walter Cantelow of Tisbury, overseers. [Signed] 
Elizabeth Pike her marke. Witnesses : John Moore Sen,, John Furnell, 
and Walter Cantloe. Proved 19 March 1635/6, by the executrix. In- 
ventory £38 3s. 6d. (Archdeaconry of Sarum, vol. 10, fo. 102.) 

The Will of Symon Pikk of Wootten Re vers, county of Wilts, yeoman, 
2 July 1654. Wife I^atherine, eldest son Henry Pike, second son Thomas 
Pike,' third son Symon Pike. Land in Pewsey and Marlborough. Young- 
est son John Pike at ten years of age. My six daughters, unmarried, and 
my three youngest sons to be maintained by my wife and my executor 
Henry Pike, and my eldest daughter and my daughters Mary and Jane to 
be brought up by my wife. Overseers : my brother Thorpe Pike and my 
friends Stephen ' Hide, Henry Pike, Thomas Pike, and William Scott of 
Heddington. Codicil dated 2 July 1654. Proved 20 November 1654, by 
Henry Pike the executor named in the will. (P. C. C, Alchin, 418.) 

Pike Entries in the Parish Registers of Whiteparish, 
Wiltshire, 1559-1640 

1613 "John the sonn of John Pike was baptised the 8*^ of Novemb : " 
1628 Richard son of Simon Pike 9 November. 
1630 Simon son of Simon Pike [date gone, but between 27 March and 

12 April]. 
1632 Jonah son of Simon Pike 3 April. 
1632 Alice daughter of Simon Pike 4 March [1632/3]. 
1638 Joane daughter of Simon Pike 14 May. 

1612 "John Pike and Dorothy Day of Landf ord " 17 January [1612/13]. 
1621 Gyles Dennis and Joane Pike 28 I^ebruary [1621/2]. 
1636 Simon Pike and Anne Burton widow 15 December. 

1618 Richard Pike 17 December. 
1627 Henry son of Simon Pike 18 January [1627/8]. 

1632 Jonah son of Simon Pike 21 April. 

1633 William Pike 4 January [1633/4]. 
1635 William Pike 10 May. 

1635 Avis wife of Simon Pike 21 July. 

1636 Simon son of Simon Pike. 

1638 Simon Pike 20 December. ' 

There are no Pike entries in the Parish Registers of Downton. 

* Missing, 1599 to 31 October, 1604, inclusive, 
t Missing, 1599 to 20 January 1604/5, inclusive, 
t Missing, 1599 to 29 October 1604, inclusive. 

1912] Diary of Jeremiah Weare, Jr. 261 

Pike Entry in the Marriage Registers of Salisbury Cathedral 
1611 Henry Pike and Elioner Sanders 20 May. 

[Great Bedwin, Wilcot, Pewsey, Tidcomb, and Wooton Rivers are in 
eastern Wilts near Marlborough and about twenty-five to thirty miles 
north of Whiteparish and Landlord; Tisbury and Chilmark are about 
twenty miles west of the latter. 

The John Pike who married Dorothy Day at Whiteparish, 17 Jan. 
1612/13, and had a son John baptized there 8 Nov. 1613, was certainly 
the emigrant of that name who came to New England in 1635 and settled 
at Newbury, Mass. His other children were baptized probably at Land- 
ford, where the registers before 1671 are lost. The Pike wills in the 
P. C. C. and in the Sarum courts fail to show his parentage ; perhaps he 
was from the adjoining county of Hants, for which there are wills at 
Winchester.— E. F.J 

[Pike Entries in the Salisbury Marriage Licences, 1615-1634* 

Thomas Pike of Weeke in Pewsey, Wilts, son of Henry Pike, 28, and 
Agnes Hide, daughter of Dorothy Hide, widow, of Milton, 29. 8 
October 1616. 

Thomas Pike of Chitterne, WUts, husbandman, 30, and Elinor Weekes of 
Warminster, spinster, 20. 3 June 1628. 

William Pike of Stowell in Wilcot, Wilts, husbandman, widower, and 
Joane Alexander of Fifield, spinster, 27. Bondsmen, Thomas Alex- 
ander of Fifield and WUlm Alexander of Wilcot. 16 July 1630. 

Thwarpe Pike of Weeke in Pewsey, yeoman, 35, and Margery Benger of 
Wilcot, spinster, 29. 13 January 1630/1. 

James Pike, B.A., curate of Rollestone, Wilts, 25, and Joane Mason of 
same, spinster, 19. 22 September 1632. 

Richard Bacheler of Pewsey, WUts, miller, and Mary Pike. Bondsman, 
none. 5 May 1633. 

— Charles Edwards Banks.] 
[To be continued] 


Transcribed by Samuel G. Webber, M.D., of Boston 
[Continued from page 160] 

[p. 57] 

May 7th 1824 mr John Bowden Departed this Life small pox aged be- 
tween fifty & 60 he was the husband to Eunice that died on the 5th and 
father to Abraham that died April 21st May 9th James Bowden Departed 
this life aged about 22 years small pox, wife and one child May 15th the 
widow margery Lord Departed this Life small pox aged about 65 She was 
a sister to Eunice and anne Booden above May 18 1824 mr Robert moody 
Departed this life with the small pox he was the father of Capt gorde 
[gorge] moody father about the 22nd one of mr abats children died May 
about the 27th 1824 Samuell Bowden Departed this life small pox May 
30 about the 30th one of mr abats children died small pox 

* The Genealogist, New Series, vols. 24-28. 

262 Diary of Jeremiah Weare, Jr. [July 

[p. 58] 

June 1824 we heard of the Death of Jotham Webber who died may 2nd 
aged 73 he had been a Christian more than 30 years about the last of 
may 1824 Andrew Freeman Departed this life July 21st 1824 Israel mahona 
July 27th 1824 Norton Philips died July 31st 1824 Mrs Ester Daves 
Departed this life aged about 80 1824 Sept 1st about midnight colonel 
Josiah Chase Departed this life aged 78 1824 Sept 16th mr David Cane 
Departed this Life aged 1824 Sept 26th Robert Avary Departed this life 
aged 20 years & about 11 months the sd was converted april 1823 and had 
lived a Christian life and Dyed happy in the Lord, often times in his life 
he warned the youth 1824 Sept 25th mr Joseph moody Departed this life 
aged -9 Nov 8th 1824 mrs Sarah avary the wife of Robert Departed this 
Life left the world praising the Lord 

[p. 59] 

Dec about the 5th 1824 aunt Lyda preble the widow mr Esias preble 
Departed this life aged about 80 Dec 13th 1824 Mrs Susanna Gooden 
departed this life being in her 90 th year Dec 31st 1824 Clarisy Ramsdell 
Departed this life March 16th 1825 the widow mary Ramsdell Departed 
this Life aged 82 april 15th 1825 John Littlefield Departed this Life aged 
29 years the 24 march Last he was converted about 5 years and had Lived 
a christian Life a sudden Death the piece fell from under his feet that was 
on the strict cill of the mill and was Drownded Saturday between 2 & S 
of the o clock in the morning the 7th Day of may 1825 Shirman Dej^arted 
this Life aged about 80 he was an Ethiopen he was a christoan for many 
years and had a good Deal of gods presence often praising god and left 
the world in peace with a good report 

[p. 60] 

may 21st 1825 John Kimbell Departed this Life aged he had been 

Converted about 18 or 19 years and had lived a Christian life and was a 
preacher of the gospel July 29th 1825, oliver Preble Departed this Life 
October 23d 1825 benjamin Eades Departed this life about this time the 
honorable David Sewall Departed this life being about ninety one years of 
age January 6th 1826 Mrs Martha willson the widow of mr noah willson 
Jan 6th 1826 Jere Preble had a daughter about ten years old died Feb- 
ruary od 1826 Hannah Webber the daughter of Theodore Departed this 
Life converted on her sick bed. Hannah morton the widow of John william 
Norton & Lucy Sevey the wife of Eliakim died march 1826 persilar per- 
kins Departed this life Sept aged 69 — 1826 the wife of Joseph Hannah 
perkins the wife of Jerediah Departed this life October 31 1826 she was 
a living christian 

[p. 61] 

A D 1826 this season the Aged widow darcis Littlefield Departed this 
Life. Polly Ramsdell and gorge Ramsdell on or about the twentieth of 
may 1857 the aged widow mary Jacobs Departed this life on the 28th 
Day 1827 Anne Weare the wife of gorge Weare Departed this life thought 
to have found mercy before She left the world, left 5 children may 30th 
1827 Susanna Littlefield Departed this life Aged 99 and about 11 months 
the above Susanna age is on certain July 28th 1827 mr [or mrs] Daniel 
Crosby Departed this life aged 71 January last the 6th Day George Web- 
ber was married the 4th of July, and Departed this life August the 5th 
1827 aged 25 nov last he dyed m about two hours after taken on well — it 
was thought he was piosned Y on the 15th four Doctors with the Select 
men of the town he was taken up and Examined the Said gorge was 

1912] Diary of Jeremiah Weare, Jr. 263 

thought to be converted a number of years and becom a praying soul mr 
Timothy Ramsdell Departed this life august 15th 1827 

[p. 62] 

Nov 13th 1827 mr Job Avarell Departed this Life this Life on the 11th 
Day of September 1829 We heard of the Death Cornel William Webber 
of Penobscott aged 83 come oct next the 26th Day — he was Born oct 26th 
1746 Febuary 25th 1820 Joseph Weare Departed this Life aged 95 years 
Nov last Abigail Weare the widow to said Joseph died about one month 
after her Deceased husband aged between 80 & 90 years about march 
1820 mr george Simpson Departed this life aged between 80 & 90 years 
may 16th 1820 theodore weare departed this life with the Consumson aged 
70 years Sept the 7 Day last, he was confined to his house about 7 months 
he left a hope of his well fare 

[p. 63] 

A D 1831 April 2nd mr gerediah perkins Departed this Life aged 75 
years Feb. last we heard of the Death of Andrew Webber which was on 
April 24 1831 A D 1831 — October Sarah widow Littletield Departed this 
Life aged about 80 years — had been a christian more than 27 years 1832 
February Enoch hutchings Departed this life aged 74 years 1832 about 
the month of April Ruth perkins Departed this Life had been a christian 
about 20 years 1832 Elmira moody the wife of gorg Departed this life a 
few days after she got to bed and her child 

[p. 64] 

1831 about December olive weare the wife of Joseph departed this life 
was converted on her sick bed Narcissus Littlefield first and only Child 
was born august 27th 1831 this woman the daughter of Theodore Weare 
and her husband Name is Ebenezer littlefield Departed this life 1832 aged 
32 years may 3d she was born October 1794 she had been converted a 
number of years She had a long confinement consumsion and fell asleep 
happy in the lord 1832 august the 15th Hannah Norton Departed this 
life aged 38 years had been converted a number of years lived a christian 
life and left a good report Sept 28 1832 Eliza Norton the wife of gorge 
departed this life Said to have been converted on her sick bed 

[p. 65] 

Anno Donimi 1804 about the month of May Betsey Weare was Con- 
verted aged sixteen years march before Anno Donimi 1804 theodosia 
weare was Converted 

[p. 66] 

A D 1832 October 31st Lyda Norton the wife of Daniel Departed life 
She had been Converted a number of years 1832 - November the 3d 
Ruben Witham Departed this life aged 36 years Said to be converted on 
his sick bed 1832 November 20th mr Daniel gooden departed this life 
aged 88 years 1833 October 17th Mrs Betsey Webber Departed this life 
aged about 65 years sd to take cold by paring apples the wife of samuel 
1833 October 30th Jotham Benet with a fever departed this life aged 33 
years he was Converted in the year 1819 and had lived a christain life he 
left a wife and five small children his wife has lost a loving father and the 
church a loving Brother and his mother a loving son and only one 

[p. 67] 

A D 1833 December the 2nd miriam Sawyer the wife of Samuel de- 
parted this life aged 32 She was said to be converted 3 or 4 years the child 
died a little before its mother A D 1834 march 19th Sopha Webber the 

264 Diary of Jeremiah Weare, Jr, [July 

wife of John departed this life aged 42 february last left a young child 
about a week old April about 29th 1834 JS[athaniel Freeman deacon of 
the congregational church departed this life aged 92 on the 7th inst May 
about 16th Barak Ramsdell Departed this life drownded fell from the mUl 
brow into the pond Sarah Weare the dai^ghter of Samuel Departed this 
life She was a christian for a number of years very pleasant She was con- 
fined to her chamber about 4 months and left the world in peace on the 
24 of may 1834 

[p. 68] 

march about the first 1836 Samuel Preble departed this aged about 25 
years measols July 17th 1836 the solom death of mrs Porlina talpy the 
wife of James. She was found in the pig sty with a string wrapt around 
her neck and she dead She was thought to be a vertious woman for a num- 
ber of years about one month jjast lost a daughter it is said she set her 
heart upon that child drove her beyound her reason August about 12th 1836 
mr william Welch departed this life aged said to be about 82 or 3 years 
August 26th 1836 mrs mary Hutchings widow to Joseph Hutchings de- 
ceased aged about 65 She was converted about 32 years and left the world 
in peace September 30th 1836 mrs Welch the widow of William Wellh 
aged between 70 & 80 

[p. 69] 

June 30th 1836 avery on comon dark Day the air seemed full of sulpher 
«fe smoke with a yellow collar it was reported it was the same in Boston 
and very clear the next day. it had a resemblance of the dark day in the 
year 1780 may 19th 1835 - hay about $16- or 18 Dollars per ton 
1836 - abundance of hay - corn very little, frost sept 6th potatoes very good 
November 20th 1857* Joseph Weare Departed this life November 12th 
1851 Samuel Weare Departed this life about this Edward philips 

[p. 70] 

A D June 9th 1834 Betsey Weare was taken with a violent fever it 
struck her left arm being in the night with deathly pain Doctor Ames 
was sent for he came, he tried bleeding then a blister plaster on her 
shoulder the pane continues the use of the arm is gon violent pane 
Doctor moore is sent for. he comes he says it is like a broken bone fever 
March the 4 — 1858 Theodosia wilson Departed this life 

[p. 71] 

November 4th 1836 mrs abigail Weare the widow of Daniel weare de- 
parted this life aged about 82 years she left 4 children James, phebe, 
gorge, naby Nov 10th 1836 — mr Nathaniel Person as^ed about 82 de- 
darted this Nov lOtli 1836 — mrs joanna Bennett departed this life aged 
81 she was a widow to John Bennett Mr Steven Freeman had a child 
died about this time Nov about the 16th 1836 Abraham Bowden had a 
boy 4 or 5 years old burnt and died in a short time cotton clothes Jere- 
miah Perkins lost a boy 4 or 5 years old Feb 15 1837 Lyda littlefield de- 
parted this life aged about 18 years She was a daughter to Theodore 
Littlefield February about the 18th 1837 mrs mary Talpy departed this 
life aged about 85 years She was a church member about 30 years She 
was a widow to Henry talpy October 19th 1837 the widow dorithy Adams 
the Avidow to Ezekiel Adams aged 78 She had been converted about 30 
years lived a christian life and left the world in peace choosing rather to 
go than to stay 

* This by another hand. 

1912] Diary of Jeremiah Weave, Jr. 265 

[p. 72] 

July 26 1842* jeremiahweare Departed this life September 1845 

Joseph persons Departed this life 1846 July 30th I was taken with a fever 
which lasted A month 

[p. 73] 

July 2nd 1819 at this time early in the Evening about North a Star with 
a blaze as it appeared perpendicular the full of thirty feet and set about 9 
o clock after this the star sets later and later by degrees and falls to the 
North the writer see the star through through the month of July tho 
looked for and didnt understand that any person did see the star after 
Anno Donimi 1827 Aug 2Sth about 1 1 o clock at night about like a rain 
bow about three times as big which crossed the whole horizon E S E to 
W N W — which Divided the world into two parts 

[p. 74] 

Feb 21st 1821 on this Evening a star appeared with a Blaze about 2 or 
3 feet above the star, this star is about west and at 7 o clock about one 
hour &, half high on the last of this month the blaze appeared 8 or 10 feet 
high, in the first week in march the blaze appeared about 20 or 30 feet not 
seen many Days after this or nights Sept 10th 1825 — blazing star appeared 
about one o clock in the morning on the south hand and on the south of 
the seven stars and continued tell about the middle of October Jeremiah 
Weare the [later part?] of February 1828 and [was confined?] about three 

[p. 75] 

Hannah November the oth 1820 the aged widow littlefield of peter De- 
ceased aged 84 Mary Weare the widow to Capt John aged 83 vears 
Deceased November 9th 1820 march 17th 1821 Ruth holt Departed this 
life aged about 70 march 24th 1821 Esther Freeman the wife of John 
Daughter to Samuel Webber Departed this life aged about 84 April 30th 
1821 widow anne Sevey aged — Departed this this life may 1st 1821 
Jeseph Welch Departed this life Drownded in Theodore Webbers mill 
pond in the night by trying to save his oxen fell of the bridge oct 27 th 
1821 Darces Welch the widow of Joseph Welch Departed this life 

[p. 76] 

May 4th 1821 Jeremiah Weare Departed this life aged 92 on the 28th 
Day of march last may 23d 1821 the aged widow Kinsley Departed this 
Life July 1821 Capt David Stover Being in the West Indiss Departed 
this life August 7th 1821 Ebenezer Weare Being in Boston Departed 
this life by the part of a brick house fell on him he was the son of Daniel 
August 27th 1821 Josiah gunnison Departed this Life Oct 21st 1822 
maryan Sezer a black garl Departed this life She confessed to be con- 
verted June 1819 

[p. 77] 

July 5th 1835 about 9 o clock in the morning Susanna Norton Departed 
aged being the wife of oliver Norton the daughter of Samuel Weare 

left four children all sons she had been converted more than one year 
She was a beautiful woman in every thing and much admired lived well 
fell asleep happy in the lord Oct 20- 1835 Theodore Webber Departed 
this life aged 73 and five months he made mention of religion thought 
though he had been converted a number of years ago 

[To be concluded"! 
* This page in another hand. 

266 8imon Stone the Soldier at Exeter [July 


By Hon. Ezra Scollay Stearns, A.M., of Fitchburg, Mass. 

The statement has appeared in print that the Simon Stone who 
was severely wounded in the attack upon Exeter, N. H., on July 5, 
1690, was he of the name who settled at Groton, Mass., but the 
following from a document in the Massachusetts Archives, vol. 72, 
pages 468-469, establishes the identity of the man : 

Province of the ) To His Excellency Jonathan Belcher Esqr 

Massachusetts Bay ) Cap* Gen^ & Gov'' in chiefe The Hon''^^ 

Councill & House of Rep''^''^ in Generall 
Court Assembled at Boston Nov'^ 29**^ 1738 

The petition of Simon Stone of Shrewsbury In the 
County of Worcester Most humbly Shews 

That on y® 4"' of July AD ; 16 your Petitioner being a Sol (Her in the 
Service of this province in the Eastern jjarts thereof was drawn of in a 
Detachment Comanded by Lieu* Bancroft to Relieve Cap' Hiltons Garis- 
son Then Invested by the Indian Enemy and After a very Smart engage- 
ment the Garison was Relieved, and the enemy beat of 

That dureing the fight your petitioner had the misfortune to Receive 
Nine of the enemys Shot in Severall parts of body and was given up for 
Dead for a Considerable time 

That after s*^ fight was over a party of Indians making a discovery of 
what persons were Slain happened up on your Petitioner and perceiving 
Life in him as he has been Informed Gave him Two very Grevious wounds 
in his head with a Hatchett, but y® English being near had not time to 
Scalp your Petitioner. 

That Notwithstanding all his wounds through the good providence of 
God your Petitioner after great Smart & pain was Cured of his wounds 
To y*^ admiration of all the beholders, for the Truth of which your peti- 
tioner would Referr him self To y** History of Those times wrote by the 
Rev'' M"^ Cotton Mather herewith humbly presented 

That, for all his Services & Sufferings Loss of time & Smart he has 
never Rec*^ one peny to which he is ready to make oath 

That by reason of the wounds he then Rec'^ accompany ed with the In- 
firmitys of old Age your petitioner is Almost wholly uncapable of Labor- 
ing for his Support, And being poor & needy humbly approaches your 
Excellency & Hon^* and Intreats your Just & Compassionate Consideration 
of his most peculiar Case & of your Abundant goodness Grant him Relief 
either by making him a Grant of land or Otherwise as may be Consistent 
with your Excellencys & Hon''^ wisdom, and as in Duty bound shall Ever 
Pray, &c Simon Stone 

P. S. your Petitioner has | four Sons, neither himself | or any of them 
have ever | had any Grant of Land on ] any Acco* 

Tlie " History of Those times wrote by the Kev'' M'' Cotton Ma- 
ther herewith humbly presented," as mentioned in the preceding 
petition, was the Magnalia, in the 1820 edition of which, in vol. 2, 

1912] Simon Stone the Soldier at Exeter 267 

pages 525-526, appears the following : 

" But the day following [July 5, 1690] the enemy set upon Capt. HiltovbS 
garrison in Exeter, which Lieutenant Bancroft then posted at Exeter, with 
the loss of a few of his men relieved. At this time there happened a re- 
markable thing one Simon Stone being here wounded with shot 

in nine several places, lay for dead (as it was time !) among the dead. The 
Indians coming to strip him, attempted with two several blows of an hatchet 
at his neck to cut off his head, which blows added, you may be sure, more 
enormous wounds unto those port-holes of death, at which the life of the 
poor man was already running out as fast as it could. Being charged hard 
by Lieut. Bancroft, they left the man without scalping him ; and the Eng- 
lish now coming to bury the dead, one of the soldiers perceived this poor 
man to fetch a gasp ; whereupon an Irish fellow then present, advised 'em 
to give him another dab with an hatchet, and so bury him with the rest. 
The English detesting this barbarous advice, lifted up the wounded man, 
and poured a little fair water into his mouth, at which he coughed ; then 
they poured a little strong water after it, at which he opened his eyes. . . . 
. . But Simon Stone was thoroughly cured, and is at this day a very lusty 
man ; and as he was born with two thumbs on one hand, his neighbors have 
thought him to have at least as many hearts as thumbs \ that no- 
thing may be despaired of, remember Simon Stone. 

Simon Stone, eon of Hugh and Hannah (Foster) Stone, was 
born at Andover Oct. 8, 1671. His youth was grievous in sorrow 
and grewsome in the tragedy of bereavement. His father mur- 
dered his mother Apr. 20, 1689, and was executed. His grand- 
mother Ann, wife of Andrew Foster, senior, was accused of witch- 
craft and escaped execution by death in jail. In 1690 he was a 
soldier in the company commanded by Lieut. Bancroft which was 
engaged with the Indians at Exeter. 

In 1716 he married at Andover his cousin Esther Foster, bom at 
Andover Jan. 14, 1680, daughter of Andrew, Jr., and Mary (Russ) 
Foster. Five children were born at Andover : 

i. Daniel, b. Feb. 14, 1717/8. 

ii. Abiel, b. June 28, 1719. 

iii. Sarah, b. Mar. 16, 1720/21. 

iv. John, bapt. May 5, 1723. 

v. A son. 
Immediately preceding 1730, he purchased and removed to house- 
lot No. 39 in Shrewsbury. Subsequently this lot was found to be 
partly in Lancaster as the towns then existed. This accounts for the 
fact that the family is sometimes called of Shrewsbury and some- 
times of Lancaster. 

On his petition, the General Court granted to Simon Stone of 
Shrewsbury two hundred acres of unappropriated land, " on account 
of service in the Indian wars and the dangerous wounds received 
from the enemy." The date of the grant is Dec. 9, 1738, and the 
survey was returned and the grant confirmed Jan. 4, 1739/40. 
(Acts and Resolves of Mass., vol. xii, pp. 516 and 636.) 

268 Descendants of Joel Jenhins [July- 

Simon Stone died in 1747. The widow, Esther, was appointed 
administratrix, and the sons Daniel and Abiel were sureties on her 
bond. The homestead, apprized at £250, is described as about one 
hundred acres part in Shrewsbury and part in Lancaster. (Wor- 
cester Probate Records, Case 56,933 A.) 

After the death of Simon Stone, it was alleged that the grant of 
two hundred acres was located by error partly in Leominster. The 
General Court vacated the grant, and Jan. 17, 1750/51, made a 
grant of the same area to " Esther Stone of Lancaster, widow and 
administratrix of the estate of Simon Stone deceased." This grant 
was located in a tract of unappropriated land bounded by Leomin- 
ster, Princeton, Westminster, and Fitchburg, and distinguished as 
Notown. The grant was confirmed May 30, 1752. 

The thrilling narrative of the wounds of Simon Stone and his 
escape from death, as told by Mather, has been quoted in several 
publications, but without it the briefest narrative of the wounded 
soldier would be incomplete. The petition of Simon Stone is in 
harmony with Mather's statement, and it affords proof that it was 
Simon Stone of Andover and Shrewsbury who was at Exeter in 


By C. Harold Floyd, S.B., LL.B., A.M., of New York, N. Y. 

1. JoEL^ Jenkins was one of several early emigrants of that surname 
who settled in different parts of New England. The records, however, 
have failed to show any connection between him and the others. Neither 
can he be connected with any place or family in Great Britain. He was 
living at Braintree, Mass., as early as 1 640, when his eldest child was born. 
That same year he was before the General Court (Mass. Colony Records, 
vol. 1, p. 298, and vol. 2, p. 294), and on 6 May 164G he was made a 
freeman. He appears to have been living in Boston in 1649, when his 
son Ezekiel was baptized there as being from the church of Braintree ; but 
he soon removed to Maiden, where records concerning the family are 
found as early as 1657, and where he settled permanently. In 1675 he 
was the owner of a grant of one hundred acres which had been confirmed 
and registered, and in 1680 he was one of the seven Maiden tithingmen. 
He is called " planter " in deeds recorded at Cambridge, and from the same 
source we learn that his wife's name was Sarah, but nothing more is 
known about her. 

In his will, dated 4 July and proved 2 Nov. 1688 (Suffolk Co. Probate, 
vol. 10, p. 395), he bequeathed to his son Lemuel the dwelling house and 
land which Lemuel was then occupying ; to his son Ezekiel his own dwell- 
ing house and all his remaining land in Maiden ; to his son Obadiah a 
dwelling house and one hundred acres in Reading, for life, with remainder 

1912] Descendants of Joel Jenhins 269 

to the latter's son Joel ; to his daughter Lydia, wife of John Paul, one 
hundred acres in Reading; to his grandchildren Lemuel and Ezekiel, sons 
of Lemuel, twenty-five acres in Reading ; and to his daughters Hannah, 
wife of Joseph Parker, and Sarah, wife of Joseph Merriam, twenty shil- 
lings each " besides what they have already had." His son Ezekiel was 
the sole executor, and the executor's account, dated 12 June 1705, men- 
tions a legacy paid to Robert Blood (Middlesex Co. Probate, vol. 11, p. 

Children : 

i. Lydia,'^ b. 13 Oct. 1640; m. 3 May 1657, John Paul of Maiden. 
Children: 1. John, b. 2.5 Aug. 1658; d. 14 Sept. 1658. 2. Lydia, 
b. 9 Mar. 1659/60. 3. Elizabeth, b. Dec. 1668. 4. Joel, b. Oct. 
1676; d. Nov. 1676. 

li. Theophllus, b. 7 Apr. 1642 ; d. 15 July 1660. 

2. ill. Lemuel, b. abt. 1648. 

3. iv. Ezekiel, bapt. 16 Sept. 1649. 

4. V. Obadiah, bapt. 13 Oct. 1650. 

vi. Sarah, m. 19 Aug. 1675, Joseph Merrl4M of Lynn, who d. 21 Oct. 
1702. Children : 1. Joseph, b. 10 July 1676. 2. Benjamin, b. 23 
Apr. 1678; d. young. 3. Sarah, b. 21 Feb. 1680/1. 4. Elizabeth, 
b. 2 July 1683. 5. Ebenezer, b. 11 Feb. 1685/6. 6. Theophilus, 
b. 16 July 1688. 7. 3Iary. 

vii. Hannah, m. Joseph Parker, possibly of Groton. 

2. Lemuel' Jenkins {Joel}), born about 1643, died at Maiden 20 Dec. 

1713, aged 70. He married first, 12 July 1670, Elizabeth Oakes, 
born 26 May 1650, daughter of Thomas and Elizabeth of Cam- 
bridge, and first cousin of Urian Oakes, President of Harvard Col- 
lege ; and married secondly, 11 June 1694, Mrs. Mercy (Tufts) 
Waite, who died 19 July 1736, daughter of Peter and Mary 
(Pierce) of Charlestown, and widow of Joseph, Jr. He was a farm- 
er, and resided all his life at Maiden, where he was one of the pro- 
prietors in the sixth division of land, and was made a freeman 15 
Dec. 1674. On 14 June 1714, the widow Mercy and "two of his 
Sons by a former venter," Ezekiel and Lemuel, were made admin- 
istrators of his estate. Two thirds of the real estate were "set 
over " to Lemuel Jenkins, eldest son, he to make certain payments 
to the other children, viz.: Ezekiel, Nathaniel, Joseph, and Sarah. 
Children by first wife : 
6. L Lemuel,' b. Mar. 1671/2. 

6. 11. Ezekiel. 

Children by second wife : 

7. ill. Nathaniel, b. 9 Mar. 1695. 

iv. Elizabeth, b. 1 Oct. 1696; d. 16 Feb. 1697. 
V. Elizabeth, b. 22 June 1699 ; d. 11 Mar. 1713/4. 

8. vi. Joseph, b. 11 Nov. 1701. 

vii. Abigail, b. 2 Nov. 1703; d. 15 Mar. 1713/14. 
viii. Sarah, b. 21 Oct. 1707. 

3. Ezekiel Jenkins (Joel}), baptized at Boston 16 Sept. 1649, from 

the church of Braintree, died 30 July 1705, aged 57. He married 

Sarah , and resided at Maiden, where he was the earliest 

schoolmaster named on the records, holding that position in 1691 
and again from 1703 until his death. His gravestone at Sandy 

* The probate records of this estate are scattered between two counties. 

270 Descendants of Joel Jenhins [JiJy 

Bank, Maiden, bears this inscription : " Mauldens Late School 
Master From a Painfull Life is Gone to Take His Rest His Lord 
Hath Called Hi°^ Who™«." In his will, dated 5 July 1703, proved 
16 Aug. 1705, is a lengthy tribute to his wife Sarah for "her great 
Love & Condescending in accepting my pson being then & still am, 
and like so to continue whilst I live under a Solemn Providentiall 
Dispensacion of God, that I cannot go nor stand ixpon my Legs 

and also her due respects and great care towards my aged 

father in his long time of Weakness before his Death." It men- 
tions his daughter Margaret Cole, and makes his wife Sarah sole 

Child : 
i. Margaret,^ m. Cole. 

4. Obadiah^ Jenkins (Joel^), baptized 13 Aug. 1650, a resident of Mai- 
den, married, 11 Jan. 1676/7, Mrs. Mary (Jones) Lewis, daughter 
of Robert and Anne (Bibble) of Hull, and widow of Joseph, who 
was killed by Indians 24 June 1675 in the Swansea massacre. Her 

grandmother was Sibyl , who married first John Bibble, 

secondly Miles Nutt, and thirdly John Doolittle of Rumney Marsh. 
The latter, who died 24 Sept. 1681, left a legacy to his wife's de- 
scendants, the children of Mary wife of Obadiah Jenkins. Sibyl 
Doolittle in her will, dated 1683, proved 1690, also mentions Oba- 
diah and Mary Jenkins, and makes her grandson Obadiah Jenkins 
executor. Both Obadiah and Mary his wife were dead 1 Apr. 1720, 
when their eldest son Joel was appointed administrator of the fath- 
er's estate. The heirs, who drew up an agreement, allowed by the 
Court 24 May 1721, for the division of the estate and of the legacy 
from John Doolittle, were Joel Jenkins, Obadiah Jenkins who re- 
ceived the homestead, and their sisters, Mary wife of Zachariah 
Howard, Anna wife of Benjamin Teel, Lydia wife of Noah Upham, 
Sarah Jenkins single woman, and Sibella wife of Samuel Howard. 
The last named was a half sister, the daughter of Joseph and Mary 
(Jones) Lewis, born 18 Mar. 1674, who shared in the Doolittle 
bequest (see Lewis Genealogy, Essex Inst. Coll., vol. 43). 
Children : 
0. 1. Joel." 

ii. Sarah, b. 9 Mar. 1685; d. bef. 12 Apr. 1768; m. Taylor. 

Child : Sarah. 
ill. Anna, b. 29 Oct. 1687; d. 1 Feb. 1749/50; m. 31 Dec. 1712, Benja- 
min Teel of Medford. Children: 1. t/o/tri. 2. Benjamin. S.Sam- 
uel. 4. Aaron. 5. Anna. 6. Mary. 7. Sarah. 8. Bachel. 
10. iv. Obadiah, b. 4 Apr. 1690. 

V. Mary^ d. bef. 12 Apr, 1768 ; m. 27 Dec. 1710, Zachary, or Zacha- 
riah, Howard. Children: 1. Zachariah. 2. 3Iary. 3. Lydia. 
vi. Lydia, d. 14 Oct. 1762; m. Noah Upham of Maiden, Mass., and 
Ponifret, Ct. Children: 1. Noah, b. 1720. 2. Benjamin, b. 10 
Apr. 1723. 3. Lydia, b. 3 Jan. 1725. 4. Mary, b. 22 Oct. 1730. 

5. Lemuel^ Jenkins (Lemuel,^ Joel^), born at Maiden Mar. 1671/2, 
where he was a farmer, died 24 Jan. 1745/6. He married, 30 May 
1699, Mercy (or Mary) Chadwick. Administration on his es- 
tate M'as granted 3 Feb. 1745 to his daughter Mary Chadwick of 
Maiden, widow. 

1912] Descendants of Joel Jenkins 271 

Child : 

i. Mary,* b. 2 Oct. 1702 ; m. 2 Nov. 1732, Joseph Chadwick of Fal- 
mouth. Children, recorded at Maiden: 1. Lemuel, b. 19 Mar. 
1734; d. 8 Nov. 1756. 2. Joseph, b. 27 July 1785; d. 10 Jan. 1757. 
3. Daniel, b. 30 Apr. 1738. 4. Martha, b. 26 Feb. 1740/1; d. 30 
Aug. 1743. 5. Mary, b. 4 Apr. 1743; d. 17 Jan. 1758. 6. Martha, 
b. 28 Sept. 1744; d. 27 Jan. 1809. 

6. EzEKiEL^ Jenkins {Lemuel,^ Joel^), whose birth is not recorded, died 

at Maiden 1 Oct. 1752. He married Margaret , who died 

30 Nov. 1766. He is called yeoman and farmer in the records, 
and resided at Maiden. In his will, dated 10 Mar. 1751/2, proved 
4 Dec. 1752, he mentions his wife Margaret, only son Ezekiel, who 
was to be executor, and daughter Margaret Floyd. 
Children : 

i. Margaret,* b. 7 Dec. 1706; d. 19 Apr. 1768; m. 7 Feb. 1726/7, 
Daniel Floyd of Maiden, b. 8 Dec. 1702, d. 1 May 1748. Chil- 
dren : 1. Daniel, b. 2 May 1728; d. 15 Dec. 1766. 2. Ezekiel, b. 
18 July 1730 ; d. in the Ticouderoga Expedition, 28 Oct. 1758. 3. 
Joseph, b. 6 July 1732 ; d. 9 July 1736. 4. Margaret, b. 27 Apr, 
1737; m. 11 June 1762, Ezekiel Jenkins (no. 20). 5. Mary, b. 1 
June 1740. 6. Joseph, b. 11 Oct. 1742; d. 17 Feb. 1808. 7. Ezra, 
b. 19 Jan. 1744/5. 
11. ii. Ezekiel, b. 5 July 1709. 

7. Nathaniel^ Jenkins {Lemuel,'^ JoeV-), born at Maiden 9 Mar. 1695, 

died before 21 June 1776. He married first Sarah , who 

died 15 May 1745; and married secondly, 19 June 1747, Cathe- 
rine Grant, who died 24 Oct. 1773. He was a yeoman, and re- 
sided at Maiden, where he served seven years as selectman. In his 
will, dated 16 Apr. 1774, proved 21 June 1776, he mentions his 
sons Nathaniel, John, Thomas, and Lemuel, and daughter Elizabeth 
Floid. His son John was executor. 
Children by first wife : 

Nathaniel,* b. 4 May 1721. 

Lemuel, b. 7 Mar. 1724 ; d. 20 Dec. 1727. 

Thomas, b. 6 June 1727. 

Elizabeth, b. 9 May 1730; d. 27 Jan. 1799; m. 4 Oct. 1751, Daniel 
Floyd of Maiden, b. 2 May 1728, d. 15 Dec. 1766. Children: 1. 
Daniel, b. 20 Aug. 1760. 2. Elizabeth, b. 5 Sept. 1763. 3. Ezra, 
b. 7 Aug. 1765; d. 1823. 4. Mary, b. 6 July 1767. 

Sarah, b. 4 Sept. 1733 ; d. 10 Oct. 1736. 

Lemuel, b. 12 June 1736. 

John, b. 30 July 1740. 

8. Joseph^ Jenkins {Lemuel,^ Joel^), born at Maiden 11 Nov. 1701, mar- 

ried, 7 May 1730, Jemima Sprague, daughter of Edward and 
Dorothy (Lane) of Maiden. He was with Capt. Michael Brigden 
in the Fort William Henry Alarm, Aug. 1757 ; and also enlisted, 
at the age of 56, 2 May 1758, in the company of Capt. Ebenezer 
Marrow ; dying in the service, at Fort William Henry, 27 Aug. 
1758 (see Corey's Hist, of Maiden, page 707). He was a resident 
of Maiden. 
Children : 

16. i. Joseph," b. 29 Mar. 1732. 

ii. Jeivhma, b. 2 July 1734; d. 2 Mar. 1740/1. 

ill. Jemema (twin), b. 7 Mar. 1740; num. in 1794, when she sold to her 

brother Joseph all her interest in their father's estate. 
V. Abigail (twin), b. 7 Mar. 1740. 












272 Descendants of Joel Jenkins [July 

9. JOEL^ Jenkins ( Ohadiah^ Joel^), whose birth is not recorded, mar- 
ried, in 1704, Mary Chadwick, born 2 Nov. 1685, daughter of 
Samuel and Mary (Stocker) of Reading. He inherited from his 
grandfather Joel^ Jenkins a dwelling house and one hundred acres 
in Reading, to which town he moved from Maiden. The greater 
part of his farm was in that section of Reading which was included 
in the new town of Wilmington, and he is generally called of the 
latter place after its incorporation in 1730. By deed, dated 4 May 
1750, he transferred to his son Joseph half the homestead and much 
of his other real estate in Wilmington. Administration on his es- 
tate was granted 21 Feb. 1754 to Chadwallader Ford, the widow re- 
fusing to serve. A deed dated 22 Sept. 1756 (Middlesex Co. Deeds, 
vol. 63, p. 195) names the following as his children: Samuel Jen- 
kins of Andover, Obadiah Jenkins of Groton, Joseph Jenkins of 
Wilmington, Chadwallador and Mary Ford, Samuel and Sarah 
Killim, Ebenezer and Hepzibah Temple, Ezra and Lydia Carter, 
and William and Rebecca Jones. The widow married secondly 
Samuel Graves of Reading. 
Childi-en : * 

i Mary,* b. 1705; d. 29 May 1789; m. Cadwallader Ford. Chil- 
dren : 1. Mary, b. 25 Sept. 1726. 2. Samuel, b. 21 July 1728. 3. 
Sarah, b. 2 Mar. 1731. 4. Elizabeth, b. 7 Mar. 1733 ; d. Feb. 1740. 
5. Hannah, d. 28 June 1736. 6. Hannah, b. 27 May 1738. 7. Eliza- 
beth, b. 8 June 1740. 8. Cadwallader, b. 27 Nov. 1743; d. 15 Oct. 
1804: ; captain of the Wihuington Company in the Revolution. 9. 
Francis, b. 20 Mar. 1746. 

ii. Joel, b. 1707; d. 29 Jan. 1748; m. (int. rec. 28 Jan. 1720/1) Mary 
Harnet of Maiden. By will, dated 27 Jan. and proved 27 Feb. 
1748, he left certain laud and all movables and £100 to his wife 
Mary, the remainder to be equally divided between his brothers 
and sisters. He was possibly fatlier of : 1. Benjamin,'' bapt. 1730. 

17. iii. Samuel, b, 1709. 

iv. Elizabeth, bapt. 31 Oct. 1714; probably d. young. 

V. Sarah, bapt. 31 Oct. 1714 ; m. Samuel Killam of Wilmington. 

18. vi. Obadiah, bapt. 8 Juue 1718. 

vii. Hepzibah, bapt. 8 Juue 1718 ; m. Ebenezer Temple, b. 1716 ; moved 
to Tewksbury. Children: 1. Hephzibah, m. BO Apr. 1761, Peter 
Cornell, Jr. 2. Ebenezer, b. 16 Sept. 1744. 3. Benjamin, b. 23 
Aug. 1746. 4. Phebe, m. Jonathan Foster. The first and last 
named children are mentioned in the will of the widow, Hepzibah 
Temple of Ashby, dated 11 Mar. 1786, proved 21 Oct. 1800. 

19. viii. Joseph, b. 17 Mar. 1725. 

ix. Ly^dia, bapt. 29 Aug. 1725; m. 5 Sept. 1745, Ezra Carter of Wil- 
mington. Children: 1. Ezra, b. 26 Feb. 1745/6; d 11 Feb. 1827. 
2. Benjamin, h. 11 Jan. 1747/8. 3. Joel, b. 28 Apr. 1749; m. 26 
Dec. 1771, Sarah Jenkins (no. 19, ii). 4. Joseph (twiu),b. 24 June 
1753. 5. William (twm), b. 24 Juue 1753. 6. Lydia, b. 21 Sept. 
1755. 7. Benjamin, b. 21 Dec. 1759. 8. James, b. 28 Nov. 1761. 
9. John, b. 23 Juue 1763; d. 19 June 1849. 10. Moses, b. 27 July 

X. Rebecca, bapt. 1728; m. 25 Mar. 1745, Willi-im Jones of Andover, 
Mass., and Mouson, N. H. Children : 1. William, b. 30 Oct. 1745. 
2. Bebecca, b. 11 May 1752. 

10. Obadiah^ Jenkins {Obadiah,^ Joel^), born at Maiden 4 Apr. 1690, 
died there 4 Feb. 1762. He married, 5 Jan. 1720/1, Mary 

♦Previous to the incorporation of Wilmington, the family attended the Reading 
Church, now in Wakefield. The early baptisms are theretore from the Wakefield 
Church records. 

1912] Descendants of Joel Jenhins 273 

Grover, who died 10 Dec. 1767. In his will, dated 3 Feb. and 
proved 8 Feb. 1762, he left his whole estate, real and personal, to 
his wife Mary for life, with certain bequests to friends and kinsmen 
to be paid after her death. There was no provision, however, for 
the descent of the real property when the widow's life estate had 
terminated, and it was therefore decreed by the Court, 12 Apr. 1768, 
that Joseph* Jenkins of Wilmington, son of JoeP the brother of the 
deceased, should receive all the real property, he to make certain 
payments to the other heirs, viz.: Samuel, Obadiah, Mary, Sarah, 
"Hephziath," Lydia, and Rebecca, children of the deceased's 
brother Joel ; Zachariah, Mary, and Lydia, children of the deceased's 
sister Mary ; John, Benjamin, Samuel, Aaron, Anna, Mary, Sarah, 
and Rachel, children of the deceased's sister Anna ; Sarah, child of 
the deceased's sister Sarah ; Benjamin and Lydia, children of the 
deceased's sister Lydia ; Benjamin, Joseph, and Abigail, children of 
the deceased's brother Joseph ; and Samuel and Sibella, children of 
the deceased's sister Sibella. Of these, Joseph and Sibella were 
brother and sister of the half blood, the children of Joseph Lewis by 
his wife Mary who later married Obadiah Jenkins, Sr. 
Child : 

i. Benjamin,* b. 21 Dec. 1721 ; d. young. 

11. EzEKiEL* Jenkins {Ezekiel,^ Lemuel^^ JoeU), born at Maiden 5 July 
1709, died 20 Mar. 1790. He married, 3 Aug. 1732, Phebe 
Sprague, born 17 Nov. 1709, daughter of Edward and Dorothy 
(Lane) of Maiden. He is called yeoman and husbandman in deeds, 
and resided at Maiden, where he was selectman from 1772 to 1775 
inclusive. With his two sons Ezekiel and Edward he served in 
Capt. Blaney's Company during the Lexington Alarm, 1775. His 
will, dated 27 Sept. 1783, jjroved 5 May 1790, gave to his son 
Edward and daughter Margaret one half of the estate, and to his 
daughters Mary Rand and Phebe Jenkins the other half, all subject 
to certain specific legacies to the children of his son Ezekiel, de- 
ceased. His kinsman Mr. Joseph Floyd (son of his sister Mar- 
garet) was sole executor. 
Children : 

i. Phebe,* b. 21 June 1733; d. 21 May 1753. 

ii. Margaret, b. 28 Aug. 1734: d. May 1785. 
20. ill. Ezekiel, b. 17 Oct. 1736. 

iv. Mary, b. 25 Oct. 1738; d. 16 Feb. 1811; m. 11 Apr. 1771, Edmund 
Rand, weaver, of Maiden, b. abt. 1746, d. 14 Nov. 1801. Children : 
1. Ezekiel Jenkins, b. 5 July 1776. 2. Edmund^ b. 26 Apr. 1778. 
3. Ezra, b. 21 Sept. 1779. 

v. Edward, b. 19 June 1740; d. 4 Dec. 1796. His heirs were his 
brothers and sisters, according to deeds on record. 

vi. Dorothy, b. 4 Sept. 1742 ; possibly m. 14 Dec. 1769, Stephen Well- 
man ; not mentioned as an heir of her father or brother. 

vii. Lois, b. 2 July 1744. 

viii. Ezra, b. 21 Mar. 1746/7; d. 15 Oct. 1769. 

ix. Phebe, b. 9 Apr. 1753; d. 23 Sept. 1817; m. as his second wife, 
9 Mar. 1784, Joseph Floyd of Maiden, b. 11 Oct. 1742, d. 17 Feb. 
1808. Children: 1. Ezra, b. 28 Sept. 1784. 2. Samuel, b. 17 Nov. 
1786. 3. Mary, b. 11 Aug. 1791. 4. Susanna, b. 1 Nov. 1793. 
5. Joseph, b. 25 June 1797. 

[To be concluded] 

274 Journal of Elder Phinehas Pillshury [July 




From a copy in possession of this Society 
[Continued fi-om Vol. 64, page 375] 


Granfather Pillsbury died 1786. Gran. M. d. Feb. 22, 1784. 

Brother Paul's family. He m. 1 Elizabeth Frink b. May 30, 1788. He 
was b. 1780. Ch. Paul b. July 2, 1812. Sarah b. May 12, 1816. Oliver 
b. Dec. 30, 1817. Enoch b. Ap. 4, 1819. Parker b. Ap. 1, 1821, An- 
drew Jackson b. Ap. 4, 1824. Sam. b. Sep. 8, 1826. Tappan Persons 
b. Jan. 12, 1828. His Wife E. F. d. Jan. 8, 1829. He m. 2d Wife. Sarah 
Pike A Widow b. Jan. 28, 1786. 

Br. Oliver's family He was b. 1783. He m. Anna Smith b. July 2, 
1785. Ch. Parker b. Sep. 22, 1809. Josiah W [Webster] b. March 20, 
1811. Gilbert b. Feb. 23, 1813. Oliver 1. b. March 22, 1815, d. Ap. 15, 
1816, Oliver 2. b. Feb. 16, 1817. Eliza. An. b. March 12, 1819. Harriet 
N [Newell] b. May 25, 1821. Mary Smith b. Feb. 28, 1823. Enoch b. 
June 28, 1825, d. May 28, 1846. Moses Foster b. Ap. 3, 1827. Wm. 
Henry b. May 14, 1830, d. Ap. 10, 1833. 

Br. Sam. family. He was b. June 12, 1786. m. Mehit. H. Palmer, b. 
Nov. 16, 1816, m. Jan. 3, 1832. Ch. Mary Jane b. June 19, 1832. Martha 
An. b. May 26, 1834. Caroline b. Octo. 2, 1837, d. July 29, 1844. 

Br. John's family. He was b. May 29, 1795. m. Sarah Eastman. Ch. 
Lucretia An. b. March 30, 1827. Sister Sally b. Dec. 14, 1789, m. Benj. 
Smith May 2, 1850. He was b. July 20, 1787, his Ch. Emiline b. Ap. 2, 
1837. Mary Jane b. Feb. 16, 1841. 

Br. Enoch, b. May 9, 1788, m. Mary Penny Nov. 2, 1815. She was 
b. June 1, 1785. He d. Feb. 15, 1818. Ch. Eliz. Jane b. 1816 


Uncle Samuel Jaques b. 1728, d. June 24, 1824 a 95J. Benj. J. b. 1734, 
d. 1823, aged 89. Parker J. b. 1743, d. Feb. 8, 1819, aged 77. Moses J. 
b. 1749 [d. 1825, a. 76]. Mary [Grenough] b. 1736, d. 1780. Deborah 
[Adams] b. 1738. d. 1837 a. 99. Apphia b. 1741. d. 1769. Elizabeth 
b. 1747 [d. 1837, a. 90]. Ednah b. 1752. d. Feb. 12, 1832. Uncle Moses 
first & Second Wife was killed in a Cider mill. Sarah Woodman Died 
March 5, 1780. Her Child Sally. 

Abigail Hale Died March 10, 1790. Ch. Moses and Moody. Moses b. 
Ap. 15, 1783. Moody b. March 12, 1789. 

Br. Paul's Family. Paul b. July 2, 1812. Sarah b. May 12, 1816. 
Oliver Dec. 30, 1817. Enoch b. Ap. 14, 1819. Parker b. Ap. 1, 1821. 
Jackson b. Ap. 4, 1824. Samuel b. Sept. 8, 1826. Tappan Persons b. 
Jan. 12, 1828. Paul's 1st Wife. b. May 30, 1788, died Jan. 8, 1829. 
Present Wife Sarah Pike b. Jan. 23, 1786. . . . 

Paul Jr. b. July 2, 1812. his Wife Sarah George Born July 20, 1787. 
b. Nov. 18, 1824, m. Nov. 26, 1850. ... My mother died 
AprU 13, 1826. 

1912] Jourtial of Elder Phinehas Pillshury 275 

Jbs. John Calvin P. was b. July 17, 1805 his Wife Elizabeth Grush 
b. Feb. 15, 1810. her brother John who m. John's Sister Sarah J. was b. 
July 4, 1812. . . . 


Uncle Moses died July 17, 1825. Parker J. died Feb. 8, 1819, his Wife 
died Nov. 6, 1817. E:dnah d. Feb. 12, 1S32. Elizabeth d. Nov. 13, 1837. 
Jacob, d. Dec. 18, 1832, Moses' Son Charles d. Octo. 13, 1838. Rebecker 
d. Dec. 12, 1849, aged 32. Cynthia d. Sep. 6, 1850, aged 28. Sarah d. 
Nov. 25, 1850, aged 44. 

My Br. Moses' family. Moses was b. Feb. 12, 1769. died March 13, 
1831, he m. Martha Hale she died April 21, 1830. Joseph Hopkins Pills- 
bury b. Nov. 22, 1798. d. 1826. Moses Hale P. b. June 12, 1800, died 
March 13, 1849. David Jaques P. b. July 7, 1803. d. Ap. 12, 1830 [John 
Calvin b. July 17, 1805] . . Sarah Jewit b. July 20, 1807. d. Nov. 3, 
1837. Nath' Emmons b. June 1, 1810, d. March 9, 1811. Martin Luther 
b. June 14, 1812. d. unknown. Wm. Tennent b. Ap. 1, 1815, is in the 
Insane Hospital [Salem, Mass.]. Moses Hale m. Lucy Mclntyre. Cli. 
John died in Boston. Lucy Ann. b. Dec. 9, 1829. Sarah b. Dec. 1831 
or Jn. 1832. Moses Henry b. March 3, 1835. David b. Dec. 25, 1839. 
John Ch. John Hale b. July 6, 1834. Edward Payson b. May 8, 1836. 
died Dec. 13, 1838. Martha E. b. Aug. 18, 1838, Hannah Maria b. 
Jan. 25, 1841. Edward P. b. Aug. 8, 1842, d. Aug. 24, the same month. 
Sarah Jane b. Aug. 5, 1843. 


Benj. Jaques b. 1702, d. 1782. aged 80. Mary N. Jaques b. 1711, d. 
1805, aged 94. . . Jacob J. Benj. Son b. 1760. d. 1832, aged 72. Par- 
kers J. Wife, died Nov. 6, 1817 

1852. Sister Furbush's Son John fell fr. the yard arm in Ncm"^ Bedford 
harbor, he lived 12 hours & died & was put in a Tomb in 26 of Feb. and 
was brot to Green buried in our buring ground the 18'** of March. . . . 

Benj. m. 2 Wife Mary Noyes. Ch. Sam. b. 1728, d. June 24, 1824, 
aged 95^. . . . Sam. had a nu. of children. In June 1851 were all dead 
but his youngest whose name was Judith. Benj. had a number and were 

All dead but 2 at that time, Joseph & Judith. Mary had a number and 
that time were all dead but one, Olive Morse a Widow of four scores & 
11. App. had 2 Phinehas b. Feb. 1769 & Moses b. Feb. 12, 1769. d. 
March 2, 1830. Deb. had one Mary b. 1782. Parker had none, he m. 
Sarah Adams. She d. Nov. 6, 1817. Eliza, never m. Moses m. Sarah 
Woodman She died May 5, 1780. left one child Sally when she was a 
small girl was killed in a Cider Mill. He m. 2 wife Abigail Hale She d. 
March 10, 1790 leaving 2 Children Moses b. Ap. 15, 1783, Moody b. 
March 12, 1789. Ednah never m. Moses Jr. m. a Miss. Chase. Ch. 
Sarah b. 1808, d. Nov. 25, 1850 aged 42. Charles b. 1770, d. Oct. 13, 
1838 [s/c] aged 28. Cynthia d. Sep. 6, 1850. Rebecker b. 1817 d. Dec. 
22,1849. They have a number now living. Moody b. March 12, 1789, 
m. His wife d. left one child, a Male. Mary Adams m. David Adams 
they have one ch. they call Deborah. She is m. to the Rev. Mr. Pike of 
Rowley, born 1783. Edith Hinklev born Aug. 3, 1766, Nehemiah her 
Husband he died Octo. 22, 1837, aged 75. Eben H. died Jan. 30, 1842, 

VOL. XLVI, 18 

276 Journal of Elder Phinehas Pillsbury [July 

aged 80. Asa Clough died Feb. 1, 1851, aged 87. Han. Nor. died Feb. 
6, 1852, aged 51, Jon. Darland Jr. born Octo, 17, 1765. Eld. J. Roundy 
b. Ap. 27, 1771. Ruth Roundy b. Ap. 3, 1766. Gran. Holt d. March 16, 
17[98j. James Candage d. Ap. 29, 1788. John Roundy d. 1799. Josiah 
Dodge d. Mar. 8, 1788, aged 96. Jeded. Holt died Aug. 8, 1847. Sarah 
T. Holt died Jan. 15, 1836, aged 85. His age 94. 1798 

Sam. & William. Moses m. Bettsy Parker, Ch. Edmund, who settled 
in Northwood N. H. where he had a family he was first a Bap. preacher 
& Preached that about 20 years I have been told & then tui-ned a Univer- 
salist & preached that the rest of his life while he pr. anything he d. an 
Old man. Parker m. Apphia Jaques for his first wife she d. Nov. 10, 
1769 & left 2 Children Phinehas & Moses. Phinehas b. Feb. 18, 1767. 
m. for his first wife Phebe Wood Octo. 21, 1788. Ch 


Phinehas son Moses fb. Octo. 23, 1789] m. Abigail Stover. She was 
b. May 24, 1797. m. Octo. 1819. Ch. Parker b. Feb. 1, 1822. Mariah 
A. June 4, 182-, George A. b. Feb. 4, 1827, John, Jan, 15, 1830. d. 
May 1830. Herriet An. b. May 17, 1834. [she b. June 3, 1798.] 

His son Phinehas m. Sally Hawks Dec. 27, 1821. one child Mary Jane 
b. Feb. 1, 1823. His son Nathan m. Susan Ross. Sept. 10, 1818. He had 
2 children he & wife & both children died between 1819 & — 24, John 
C. m. Elsey Winslow Feb. 18, 1830. one child David b. May 2, 1830. 
Thomas G. m, Elizabeth Dunbar one child James Edwards b. Feb, 6, 
1840. Phebe W. m. Cyrus M. Pratt July 23, 1843. Ch. one Clara Sophia 
b. Octo. 13, 1849. Josiah m. Zenilda E. Berry Ch. George Lar. b. Sept. 
25, 1843, d. 29 same month. 


Thomas Moor b. Octo. 16, 1844, d. Sept. 6, 1845. Josiah Dixon b. Jan. 
19, 1846. d. July 31, 1847. Mary Susan b. Dec. 3, 1847. d. Octo. 5, 1849. 

One not yet named b. Sep. 8, 1850 Sarah Jewit m, John Grush 

who was b. July 4, 1812 They had one child. Parker Pillsbury m. for 
his 2d wife Sarah Dickenson who was b. May 10, 1751. He d. Feb. 21, 
1821 aged 79. she d. Ap. 13, 1826. a. 75. Ch. Bettsy b. May 9, 1775, 
d. June 13, 1776, Apphia b. Jan, 6, 1777, d. Aug, 31, 1807. Parker b. 
July 23, 1778, d. Octo. 20, 1801. Paul b. June 6, 1780. Sam. 1. b. 
March 28, 1782. d. Aug. 18, 1784. Oliver b. Octo. 29, 1783. Sam. 2. 
b. June 12, 1786. Enoch b. May 9, 1788, d. Feb. 15, 1818, Sally b. 
Dec. 14, 1789, John 1 b. Sep. 25, 1792, d. Nov. 9, 1793. John 2. b. 

May 29, 1795, 


My Grand. Ch. living. Parker K. Pillsbury born Feb. 4, 1822. George 
A. P. born Feb. 4, 1827. Harriet A. PUl. born May 17, 1834, Mose's 
ch. Mary Jane P. b. P'eb. 1, 1823, Phineha's Child. David Pills, born 
May 2, 1830, Calvin's Son. James Ed. born Feb. 6, 1840. Thomas G. 
Son. Clara Sophia Pratt born Octo. 13, 1849 Phebe's Ch. Keith Pills, 
born Sept. 8, 1850. Josiah's Son. Sarah Elizabeth born Aug. 23, 1853, 
Thomas' daughter. 


Moses' Sara J. m. John Grush b. July 4, 1812 one child b. March 11, 
1836, d. Sep. 8, 1837, 6 months old. 

1912] Journal of Elder Phinehas Pillsbury '211 

Oliver's Son Parker was b.ea'n in Hamilton Mass. Sep. 22, 1809, was 
married to Sarah H. Sargent Jan. 1, 1840. She was born Aug. 10, 1817. 
Ch. Helen P. was born June 14, 1843. in Loudon N. H. 

The 23 of Nov. 1851 Lydia Jane Coburn died the daughter of Mr. Eli- 
phalet and Polly Coburn of Greene. Her age 18 Sep. 26, 1858. died his 
only daughter age 18. 

My Son Moses' family. 

Moses was b. 1789, Octo. 23. His wife Abigail Stover was b. May 24, 
1797. m. Octo. 1819. Ch. Parker. He was b. Feb. 4, 1822. m. to Christ- 
iana age 28. in the year 1845 one child they call Abby Mary. b. in 1850. 
Mary Abigail was b. June 4, 1824. Mar. to A. Mr. Closson first who 
was lost at sea. Mar. 2 time to Mr. Leonard Green. His age 30 no ch. 
yet 1851. Mar. Dec. 1849. George A. b. Feb. 4, 1827. unmarried. 
Harriet A. was b. May 17, 1834. Mar. Sept. 1846, last Jan. 1847. 

A record of Eld. Wm. Allen's family. 

Eld. Wm. Allen was b. April 8, 1771, m. Miss Sarah Bickford Octo. 4, 
1809. She was b. July 15, 1780. Louiza Allen was b. Aug. 19, 1810. 
Lorenzo B. was b. June 14, 1812. Aurelia b. Octo. 12, 1813. Herriet 
N. b. Aug. 18, 1815. Elizabeth C was b. Octo. 19, 1817. Wm. P. b. 
Aug. 2, 1820. Sarah Ann b. Jan. 20, 1824. 

Eld. Allen d. Ap. 10, 1836. Wm. P. d. Jan. 7, 1836. Eliza Clough 
d. July 15, 1851. 

Adelaide Richardson taken sick Ap. 20, 1850 d. the 27*^ aged 5 years 4 
months 12 days. Amanda R. taken sick Ap. 26, d. Ap. 28, 1850. aged 3 
years 5 m. 7 days. Marshall Richardson was taken sick Apr. 27, d. May 

13, 1850, aged 1 year 9 months 12 days. These children's Parents were 
Albert Richardson son of Mr. Justice Richardson & Mary Ann Bond All 
of Jefferson, Maine 

Phinehas' Widow m. to John Johnson Feb. 5, 1826. He was b. Jan. 

14, 1801. She was b. Nov. 1793. Chh. Mary Jane Pillsbury h. Feb. 1, 
1823. PiUsbury Johnson b. Jan. 5, 1827. Jacob b. July 27, 1829, Sally 
b. Jan. 19, 1830. John b. Ap. 16, 1832. Helen M. b. Jan. 24, 1834. 
Maria b. Feb. 27, 1836. Rosanah K. b. May 29, 1838. Gorham b. March 
29, 1840. died Ap. 9, 1841. Herriet E. b. Octov 31, 1841. 

A record of Thomas G. Pillsbury. 
Thomas P. was b. Sep. 1, 1814, and was mar. to Elizabeth Dunbar May 
17, 1838. She was born Nov. 4, 1815. ch. James Edwards was b. Feb. 
6, 1840. Sarah Eliza was born August 23, 1853. 


John Moody b. Feb. 2, 1786. Jane b. Jan. 20, 1788. d. Sept. 3, 1837. 
Nancy b. Dec. 18, 1790. d. March 14, 1837. Abigail b. Feb. 3, 1793. 
Margret b. June 8, 1798. Wm. b. Feb. 2 : 1800. Henry b. Aug. 10, 1801. 
d. Nov. 29, 1834. Thad. b. Sept. 1, 1803. 

Alexander Kennedy b. Nov. 4, 1791. d. Aug. 8, 1851. Alex. Jr. b. 
May 14, 1823, d. Sep. 18, 1826. Wm. b. May 20, 1825. d. April 15, 
1845. Herriet b. June 20, 1829. Henr. b. Dec. 14, 1834. 

Moses' family as now are Parker K. b. Feb. 4, 1822. mar. to Christiana 
Gray, 1845. George A. b. Feb. 4, 1827, Harritt A. b. May 17, 1834. 

278 Journal of Elder Phinehas Pillshury [July 

Uncle Moses Jaques' family. 
He was born 1749. died 1825 aged 76. His first wife was Sarah Wood- 
man died March 5, 1780 leaving one child called Sarah born when its 
mother died. She li. to be a little girl and killed in a Cider mill. His 2d 
wife was Abigail Hale. She died March 10, 1790. leaving 2 children 
Moses and Moody. Moses was born April 15, 1783, was married to Miss 
Hannah Chase Nov. 15, 1804. she was born Dec. 23, 1786. Children 
Abagail born Feb. 17, 1805. Emma born Aug. 3, 1806. Sarah W. born 
Aug. 27, 1808. Charles M. born Sept. 8, 1810. Susan born Dec. 17, 
1812. Mary N. born Feb. 20, 1815. Hannah Eliza was born Dec. 16, 
1816. Rebeckah A. bom Dec. 4, 1818. Harriet H. was born Nov. 30, 
1820. Bettesy E. born Feb. 16, 1823. Joseph C. born Nov. 27, 1824. 
Eomulus was born Dec. 2, 1827. Cynthia was bom Feb. 28, 1830. 
Abigail mar. Mr. Isaac M. Heath Octo. 20, 1829. Emma mar. Mr. Isaac 
Heath April 9, 1839. He was born Feb. 17, 1805. Children, Mary 
Ellen H. was bom June 14, 1840. Charles Moody Heath born Octo. 30, 
1842. Isaac Wm. born July 3, 1846. Sarah W. mar. Mr. Jacob Erbine 
Nov. 15, 1832. He was born Octo. 10, 1808. Children John Dana born 
Sep. 10, 1833. Martha Ann b®rn Jan. 19, 1835, and died June 30, 1845. 
Joseph Chase born Aug. 7, 1837. Hannah Eliza b. July 28, 1841. Sarah 
Ellen b. Aug. 12, 1843. Jacob Henery born May 1, 1846, and died Apr. 
22, 1847. Clara Ann born March 22, 1848. Mary N. mar. Mr. Wm. 
Giddings Aug. 19, 1846. He was born June 18, 1805 Child John Wm. 
born June 9, 1847. Dean Robinson born Marc. 26, 1849. Charles Moses 
born Apr. 22, 1851. Rebeckah A. Died Nov. 25, 1850. He died Octo. 
13, 1838. She Han. d. May 16, 1848. 


[Han.] mar. Mr. John B. Richardson Nov. 25, 1843. He b. Octo. 2, 1819. 

Ch. Wm. Tenny bom Nov. 27, 1847. Herriet H. mar. Mr. George S. 

Walker Dec. 20, 1842. He was bom Feb. 3, 1821. Child Clara Isabbella 

born Dec. 5, 1845. Bettsey E. mar. Mr. Nathl. G. Kimball Nov. 30, 

1848. He was born July 27, 1820. child. Cynthia Elizabeth born Feb. 
6, 1851. Moody Jaques was born March 12, 1789, mar. Miss. Maria 
Goodrich July 13, 1819. She was born May 28, 1798, and died Dec. 20, 
1827, leaving one child born Octo. 27, 1820, his name is Alonzo P. on. 
Octo. 30, 1842. mar. Miss Ann Bartlett, born Aug. 22, 1819. One child 
Ellen Maria born Octo. 19, 1843, Thus stands the family March 22, 1852. 
Moses Jaques children Abagail, Emma, Sarah, Charles, Susan, Mary, 
Hannah, Rebeckah, Harriet, Betsey, Joseph, Romulus, Cynthia, Isaac M. 
Heath, Isaac Heath, Jacob Erbing, Wm. Giddings, John B. Richardson, 
George Walker, Nath. Kimball. Abigail is 47 years old. Emma is 46 
in Aug. next. Sarah 42 when she died. Charles 28 when he died. Susan 
is 40. Mary is 37. Hannah was 35 and 5 months when she died. Reb. 
was 31 at her Death. Herriet 31 last Nov. Betsey is 29. Joseph is 28 
and 5 m. Romulus is 25 and 4 months. Cynthia was 20 and 7 ms. at her 
Death. 13 Children All lived to grow up. 16 Grand Ch. 14 living March 
22, 1852. Sarah d. Nov. 25, 1850 aged 42. Charles d. Octo. 13, 1838, 
aged 28. Han. d. May 6, 1838. aged 32 & 5 months. Reb. d. Dec. 22, 

1849, aged 31. Cynthia d. Sep. 6, 1850, aged 20, 7 months. Grand. 
Jacob Erb. d. Ap. 22, 1847. first died was Hannah May 16, 1838, 2 
Charles died Octo. 13, 1838, 3 Reb. died Dec. 22, 1849, 4 Cynthia died 

1912] Journal of Elder JPhinehas Pillshury 279 

Sep. 6, 1850. 5 Sarah died Nov. 25, 1850. Their Son in law Rich, died 
Jan. 3, 1852. Grand. Martha An Erbing June 30, 1845. Cynthia died 
Sept. 6, 1850. Mr. John B, Rich, died Jan. 3, 1852. Rebeckah died Dec. 

22, 1849 

1810 Octo. Mond. 8. Called to attend the funeral of Mr. Jesse Hodgdon 
who died with the consumption 

My Uncles & Aunts on my mother's side their births deaths & ages as 
far as I know. Uncle Samuel was b. in 1728 and died in June 24, 1824 
aged 95 J. Uncle Benjamin was born in 1734 & died in 1823 aged 89. 
Uncle Parker was born in 1743 & died in 1819 aged 77. Uncle Moses 
was born in 1749 and died in 1825, aged 76. Aunt Mary Greenough was 
born in 1736 and died in 1780 aged 44. Aunt Deborah Adams was born 
in 1738 and died in 1837 aged 99. My mother Appia Pillsbury was b. in 
1741, and died Nov. 10, 1769 aged 28. Aunt Bettsey was born in 1745 
and died in 1837, aged 90, Aunt Ednah was b. in 1752, died, 1832, aged 
80. ... . 


Sister Stevens was born August 13, 1764 

My own Mother died Nov. 10, 1769 aged 28, born 1741. 
Father Wood died Nov. 13, 1800, aged 56, born 1744. 
Mother Larrabe died May 18, 1815, aged 60, born 1755. 
Father Larrabe died May 28, 1815, aged 65, born 1749. 
My own Father died Feb. 21, 1821, aged 79, born 1742. 
My step mother died April 13, 1826, aged 75, born 1755, 
Mother Wood died Feb. 12, 1831, aged 79, born 1752. 

Tuesd. 18 (Dec. 1804) I pr. a funeral ser. at a Mr. Parker's who had 

lost a child 


Wed. 23 (Jan. 1805) Attended a conference meeting in Readfield six 
offered themselves for Baptism and we repared to a place where there was 
much water and I Baptized them. Benj. Packard, Jacob Ring, Mrs. Nancy 
Oilman, Hannah Whiting, Nancy Richards, Sally Smith 

Lord 19 (May 1805) . . . heard Eld. Brown preach a funeral ser. at 

Mr. Benj. Dier's 

Sat. June 1 (1805) Pr. a funeral Sermon at the buriel of Mr. Levi 
Merrills' child. . . . 


Mond. 24 (June 1805) pr. at the funeral of Br. Thomas Daggett 

Lord 30 (June 1805) . . I then Bap. Thomas Recards, Elisha R^cards, 
John Reckards, Jacob Cumins, Bettsey Rec. Allice Stafford, Betsey Briggs. 

. . . Wed 10 (July 1805) had a Fun. to attend a Mr. Cobb's child 

Frid 26 (July 1805) ret. to Greene pr. at Mr. Elijah Brigg's . . I then 
Bap. his daughter Penelope. . . . 

280 Journal of Elder Phinehas Pilhhury [July 

Tuesd. 15 (Octo. 1805) . . Gran. Mother was gone. She died 31 of last 

March, aged 94 


Thur. 9 (Jan. 1806) Eld. Francis pr. old Mr. Phillips fune. . . . 

Tuesd. 14 (March 1806) . . Bap. Br. Aaron Griffin. . . . 


Mond. 7. (April 1806) Aunt Elinor Wood was buried Sat. 19 

(April 1806) pr. Mr. James Simson's Wife's funeral ser. . . . 

Tuesd. 20 (May 1806) The funeral of Sister Day was attended . . . 

Wed. 22. (Octo. 1806) I was married by Esq. Morrill to Miss. Sarah 

Larrabee of Green 

Thurs. 8 (Jan. 1807) . . had news that my son Parker was no more, 
he died at Bluehill Dec. 1 6, in his 8'^ year. .... 

Sat. 31 (Jan. 1807) I pr. a funeral ser. at the buri. of a Sister Holmes 
(in Jefferson) . . . 


Wed. 18 (Feb. 1807) . . rode home with Br. Mason, his mother died 
this night, aged 70 nearly (in Craftsbury) .... Wed. 4 (March 1807) 
. . rode 10 miles to Esq. French in Hard wick to attend the funeral of a 

little Gran Child of his 


Tuesd. 7. (April 1807) rode 8 miles «& preached a funeral ser. at Mr. 
John Wilson's on the death of his child (in Canada) .... 

Wed. 13 (May 1807) rode to the funeral of a Mr. Adams. . . . 

Lord 24 (May 1807) . . I then Bap. Br. Adam Shook & his wife in 
fellowship of Bastard Chh 

Lord 9 (Aug. 1807) ... I then Bap. Ruth Philip & Phebe God- 
frey. . . . 

Mond. 12 (Octo. 1807) I was called to attend the fun. of Old Mr. His- 
cock who died at Son Wm. at the age of 86 and over. ... 

Mond. 28 (Dec. 1807) we attended Funic Dennis' funeral 

Tuesd. 29 (Dec. 1807) pr. at Mr. Elp. Reed's a funeral ser. of his 

1912] Proceedings of the N. E. Hist. Gen. Society 281 

Tuesd. 26 (Jan. 1808) pr, a funeral ser. at Mrs. Ben. Watts' . . on the 

death of a brother who died fr. home Sat. 13 (Feb. 1808) heard 

Mr. Belden pr. Esq. Dennis' Son funeral ser 


Sat 12 (March, 1808) I was called to a funeral ser. at Mr. Daniel Hall, 
on the death of his Infant child. . . . 

Thurs. 16 (June 1808) . . E. Case then Bap. 12 persons. Abiather 
Eichardson, Richard Brann, John Kennedy, Thorn Kennedy, Wm. Ken- 
nedy, Ichabod Rollings, Richard Holrook, Arch Robinson, Benj. Reed, 
Han. Ken. Thomas Dow, Sarah Ring, Ten.[?] Gilpartrick. (in Jefferson) 
.... Frid. 17 (June, 1808) I rode to Br. James Shephards' to marry 
his daug. Martha to Mr. David Glidden of Whitefield. . . . Thur. 23 
(June, 1808) I married Mr. Benj. Chap, to Miss. Marjary Chap, both of 
N. . . . 

[To be continued] 


By John Albree, Recording Secretary 

Boston^ Massachusetts^ 6 March^ 1912. A stated meeting of the Society was 
held at Pilgrim Hall, 14 Beacon Street, at 2.30 p.m., President Baxter presiding. 

The minutes of the February meeting were read and approved, and the re- 
ports of the Librarian aud Historian were accepted for tlie files. 

The death was announced of Hon. John Taggard Blodgett, Vice-President of 
the Society for Khode Island, and the following were appointed a committee 
to prepare a minute for the records : Mrs. T. A. Lawton, Newport, R. I., Miss 
Cai'oliue Hazard, Santa Barbara, Cal., George C. Nightingale, Providence, R. I., 
and Miss Edith M. Tilley, Providence, R. I. 

The Council reported a recommendation that chapter III, article 1, of the By- 
laws be amended, by substituting for the "last Wednesday in January" the 
words "first Wednesday in February," so that the article as amended will read : 
" The Annual Meeting of the Corporation shall be held on the flj'st Wednesday 
in February of each year in Boston, notice of which shall be sent to Resident 
and Life Members by the Recording Secretary one week in advance." 

The President appointed the following as a special committee to report 
thereon: Messrs. Charles Francis Dorr Belden, Robert Dickson Weston, and 
William Sumner Appleton. 

Nineteen resident members were elected by ballot. 

Rev. William Harmau van Allen, S.T.D., Rector of the Church of the Advent, 
Boston, spoke on Walcheren : the Land of the Sxoimming Lion., using as illus- 
trations slides that he had taken. Dr. van Allen has frequently visited the 
home of his ancestors in Holland, particularly Walcheren in Zeeland, and of 
this place, its history and its people, and especially of the child life, he told 
many incidents. 

It was 

Voted., — That the Society express its appreciation of the pleasure Dr. van 
Allen has given in the address of the afternoon, and its thanks to him for the 
time that he has so cordially spared from his busy life. 

For the Committee on Finance Mr. Charles Irving Thayer gave notice that at 
the meeting in April a vote would be submitted authorizing the placing of a 
mortgage on the property of the Society. 

After adjournment refreshments were served. 

282 JSTotes [July 

As a matter of record it is here stated that this was the largest meeting in 
the history of the Society, three hundred and forty being present. 

3 April, 1912. A stated meeting of the Society was held at Pilgrim Hall, 
14 Beacon Street, at 2.30 p.m., President Baxter presiding. 

The minutes of tlie March meeting were approved, and the reports of the 
Corresponding Secretary, Librarian, Historian, and Council were accepted. 

Twenty-six resident members were elected by ballot. 

The paper of the afternoon was by Fredericli Jackson Turner, Professor of 
History, Harvard University, on The New England Frontier abovt 1700, in 
which were given in detail the experiences of certain " out towns and frontiers " 
such as Amesbury, Groton, Deerfield, and others, which by an act of the General 
Court in 1694 could not be '■'■ broken up or voluntarily deserted " without " allow- 
ance had and obtained" from the Governor and Council. It was shown that 
the frontier was a step in the process of development, and that the qualities of 
independence and freedom from restraint, which in later years were character- 
istic of the western frontier, appeared in this eastern frontier two centuries 

It was 

Votedi — That the Society express to Professor Turner its enjoyment of the 
paper and its appreciation of the store of original material that he has so ably 
and interestingly presented in illustrating the theme. 

The report of the Committee to Amend the By-Laws, "approving both the 
substance and form of the amendment" proposed, was accepted. 

It was unanimously 

Voted, — That the Society authorize the President and the Treasurer to borrow 
on behalf of the Society a sum not exceeding S85,000, and to give the note of 
the Society therefor, payable in not more than ten (10) years, with interest 
thereon at a rate not exceeding 5 per cent, per annum, and to execute, acknowl- 
edge and deliver in the name and behalf of the Society a power-of-sale mortgage, 
with such special provisions, if any, as they may deem expedient, of the real 
estate of the Society now numbered 9 on Ashburton Place, and 3, 5, and 7 
Allston Place in said Boston. 

At 4.45 it was voted to adjourn, after which refreshments were served. 


It having come to the attention of this Society that certain 
genealogists and publishers have used the name of the Society 
m connection with their own enterprises, the Society again de- 
sires to state that it has NO genealogical representatives in this 
country or in England, nor is it in any way connected with any 
publications other than those that it issues over its own name 
at 18 Somerset Street, Boston. 

The Committee on English Research desires to state, however, 
that although the Society has no oflQ.cial representative in England 
the Committee is employing Miss French for a part of her time as 
a record searcher there along special lines for the benefit of the 

Allkn. — In the Register for Jauuary 1893, there appeared a short article 
upon Hope Allen of Boston, by Orrin P. Allen, Esq., of Palmer, Mass., followed 
by several queries about his family. Had Mr. Allen examined the Registeb, 
vol. xxix, p. 47, he would have seen a note by Mr. Waters showing that Hannah, 
the third wife of Hope Allen, was the widow of Thomas Hull of Boston and 
the daughter of William and Hannah (Penn) Townsend of Boston. 

Hope Allen resided in Wing's Lane, now Elm Street, near Dock Square. 

As regards the other queries of Mr. Allen, concerning the subsequent history 
of his sons Jacob and Benjamin, Mr. Waters informed me several years ago 


JSFotes 283 

that he had discovered in the Salem Court, among the papers in a case of Jacob 
Allen vs John Conney in 1676, the apprenticeship indenture of Jacob Allen to 
Conney, in which he is described as the son of Hope Allen. This Jacob Allen 
is of course the cooper and mariner of Salem, who married the daughter of 
John Clifford. He removed to South Carolina and died there, while his children 
remained in Salem. One of his daughters, Elizabeth, was the wife of Dr. Jo- 
han von Kroninschelt and the ancestress of all the Crowninshelds ; another, 
Rachel, was the wife of Joseph Hilliard of Salem and mother of Martha Hilliard 
who married her first cousin, Clifford Crowniusheld. 

Benjamin Allen, brother of Jacob Allen, the other missing son of Hope Allen, 
was also a mariner of Salem, and from an entry in the Notarial Book in the 
Essex Court we learn that he died abroad, and left two daughters to whom a 
guardian was appointed in Salem. 

Now as regards the daughter of Hope Allen, I have found several interesting 
documents in the Suffolk deeds. I find that Rev. Deodat Lawson and Deborah 
his wife joined with two other children of Hope Allen in selling his property 
on Dec. 14, 1691. This is of course Deborah Allen, born 26 March 1674, bp. 29 : 
1 mo. : 1674. 

I also And a Power of Attorney, dated 13 May 1671, among the Suffolk Deeds, 
from William Shute of the Island of Jamaica and Rachel, his wife, to their 
father, Hope Allen, currier, and their friend John Saffln, merchant, both of 
Boston. This is Rachel, bapt. 16 : 7 : 1666, evidently as an adult. She probably 
died before May 16, 1676, as Hope Allen had another daughter Rachel born 
May 16, 1676. 

Thus we find Hope Allen was the progenitor of the Crowninshield and Hilliard 
families of Salem through his son Jacob, and the father-in-law of the famous 
Deodat Lawson. 

I am glad to be thus able to account for the two missing sons of Hope Allen, 

namely Jacob and Benjamin. I shall be very glad to learn who Rachel 

the first wife of Hope Allen was, and where in England he came from. 

Newport, B. I. G. A. Moriarty. 

Dam. — Register, vol. 65, p. 213 : No. 5, Moses' Dam married, 22 July 1714, 
in the North Church, Portsmouth, N. H. (see N. H. Gen. Rec, vol. 5, p. 42), 
Abigail^ Huntress, born at Newington, N. H., about 1695, daughter of George* 
and Mary ( ) . Henry W. Hardon. 

60 Wall St., New York Gitij. 

Henry Sew all of Newbury and Rowley, Mass. — The career in England 
of this founder of a distinguished New England family has been obscure. From 
a letter written in 1720 by his grandson Judge Samuel Sewall (b. 1652, d. 1730), 
and from researches by the late Col. Chester and by Mr. Henry F. Waters, it 
has been known that he was baptized at Coventry, England, 8 Apr. 1576, the 
eldest son of Henry Sewall, a wealthy draper and Mayor of that city, by his 
wife Margaret Grazebrook ; that he married Anne Hunt, by whom he had an 
only child, Henry Sewall, born about 1615; that he came to New England with 
a wife Ellen in 1635 ; and that he lived at Newbury and, finally, at Rowley, where 
he died in 1657. From the wills of his parents it is clear he had caused them 
much tribulation, and his conduct in New England indicates that he was subject 
to periodical insanity. (See 5 Mass. Hist. Soc. Colls., vol. 5, pp. xi-xviii; 
Waters's Gleanings, pp. 153-6, and 1415-16.) In Essex Co. Court Files is a de- 
position, made 10 Apr. 1679, by Robert Walker of Boston, aged about 72 years,* 
that about 56 years since [in 1623] he lived with his father in Manchester, Eng- 
land, and that one Henry Sewall then lived there on the same street, and said 
Sewall later came to New England, etc. (Rp:gister, vol. 7, p. 46.) 

The following records show that Henry* Sewall lived at Manchester probably 
all the time from his first marriage, about 1614, until his emigration to America 
In 1635, and also furnish the baptism of his only child, the burial of his first 
wife, his marriage to his second wife, and her baptism and former marriage, 
and the burial of her first husband : 

* Robert, son of Thomas Walker of Ardwick, baptized 21 Feb. 1607/8 (Registers 
of Manchester Cathedral). 

284 Notes [July 

Eegisteks of Manchester Cathedral 
Cristened. Henrye son to Henrye Sewell of Manchr, 25 June 1615. 

Elline daughter to Anthonie Mosley, 9 Julie 1587. 
Weddings. Water Newgent and Elline Mosley, 13 November 1606. 
Bui'ials. Anne wife of Henrye Sewall, Gen :, 1 Julie 1615. 

Walter Nugent of Manchesf, Mercer, 10 Marche 1613-14. 

Marriage Licenses, Bishop of Chester 
Dec. 16, 1615. Henry Seawall and Ellen Nugent, widow, both of parish of 
Manchester. Bondsman, Ottiwell Weigham. To be married at Ashton-on Mer- 
sey, Cheshu'e, or Didsbury, Lancashire. 

In Chetham Soc. Collections, New Ser., vol. 47, is an excellent account of the 
Mosley family of Manchester, compiled by Ernest Axon, Esq., of Manchester. 
In this account, Mr. Axon gives the two marriages of Ellen Mosley and states 
that she is mentioned as the wife of Henry Shewell of Tetlow* in the will of 
Mrs. Margaret Nugent in 1630. He also states that in the " Family Memoirs" 
by Sir Oswald Mosley, the latter speaks of the unhappy marriage of his kins- 
woman Ellen Mosley; this doubtless refers to her second marriage with the 
erratic Henry Sewell, as Mr. Axon says he finds no evidence of such a condition 
with her first husband Walter Nugent. 

In Chetham Soc. Collections, 1st Ser., vol. 42, pp. 140-5, is the will of Dame 
Elizabeth Mosley, widow of Sir Nicholas Mosley, Knt., dated 4 May 1617, in 
which she mentions children of Anthony Mosley, brother of her husband, as 
" my cousins Ellen Shewell, Alice Cudworth, Anne, Francis, Edward, Richard, 
and Rowland Mosley." 

The Mosley family of Manchester were armorial, became wealthy as mer- 
chants, and were prominent in that city for several generations. Their arms 
were Sable, a chevron between 3 battle-axes argent. 

9 Ware St., Dorchester, Mass. J. Gardner Bartlett. 

A "Mayflower" Line in the Ely Family. — In the "Ely Ancestry" (New 
York, 1902), p. 61, it is stated that No. 14, Maj. Daniel Ely of Lyme, Ct., born 
1693, by his fourth wife, Ruhama Turner, born 1704, died 1788, had five chil- 
dren, numbered 8 to 12 inclusive, whose descendants are traced through several 

Not long since, Mr. A. A. Aspinwall, Historian of the District of Columbia 
Society of Mayflower Descendants, told me that, according to some notes of 
his, Ruhama Arnold of New London married an Ely, and that possibly the name 
of the fourth wife of Maj. Daniel was Ruhama Arnold and not Turner, but that 
he was unable to tell where he obtained the information. I took up the matter 
at his suggestion, and submit the following, which conclusively proves the wife 
to have been Ruhama* Arnold of New London (Mercy* (Pickett) Fosdick Arnold, 
Euth^ (Brewster) Pickett, Jonathan' Brewster, William^). 

Mercy* Pickett's lineage is well known, the Brewster Genealogy, pp. 17-18, 
stating that she married first at New London, Nov. 1, 1682, Capt. Samuel 
Fosdick, who died Aug. 27, 1702, and married secondly, Dec. 6, 1703, John 
Arnold, who died at New London Aug., 1725, aged 73. It is also stated on page 
18 that there were two Arnold children. 

Caulkins's History of New London, pp. 343-344, confirms this, and on page 
368 gives the children of John Arnold as "Ruhamah, who married an Ely, of 
Lyme, and Lucretia, who became the second wife of John Proctor, A.M.," evi- 
dently Mr. Aspinwall's authority which he could not recall. The index of the 
Ely Ancestry is very complete, but the name Ruhama Arnold does not appear 
therein although she married an Ely of Lyme. Per contra, although the New 
London Turner families have been the subject of considerable investigation, no 
Ruhama Turner of about that date can be found among them. 

Savage, vol. i, p. 65, informs us that "in 1700" John Arnold "went to New 
London, there was an anchor smith, m. 6 Dec. 1703, Mercy, wid. of Samuel 
Fosdick, had Ruhamah, b. 7 Sept. 1704; and Lucretia, 26 Aug. 1706," etc., and 
names no other children. The year of birth given by Savage for Ruhama 
Arnold is therefore identical with that given for Ruhama Turner in the Ely 
Ancestry, and in itself is almost conclusive if considered with the preceding 

* Tetlow is a hamlet two miles northwest of Manchester. 


JSFotes 285 

data. An examination of the Fosdick genealogy discloses nothing in any way 
inconsistent with the conclusion herein arrived at. 

In Joshua Hempstead's Diary, in New London Co. Hist. Soc. Colls., vol. 1, 
p. 204, under date of Nov. 3, 1728, we read: '^Elisha Turnner and Aminthami 
Arnold published " ; and in Bailey's Early Conn. Marriages, vol. 2, p. 14, from 
records of the First Congregational Church, New London: "Elisha Turner of 
Scituate and Ruhamah Arnold, [married] Dec. 19, 1728." 

Caulkins's History of New London, p. 347, informs us that Elisha Turner, 
supposed to have come from the Scituate family, settled in the town after 1720, 
but makes no mention of posterity. 

At least two children were born, as shown by the following from the Hemp- 
stead Diary: Sunday, Jan. 25, 1729/30, "3 Infants Babtized . . . Elisha Turner 
1 Arnold " (p. 217) ; Sunday, Feb. 16, 1734/5, " RuAmah Turner a Child Babtized 
Elizabeth" (p. 285). (See also. Later Hist, of the First Church, New Lon- 
don, pp. 491-497.) The latter was just after the death of her husband Elisha, 
as shown by the following item (p. 284) under date of Jan.*20, 1734/5 : "The 
Male [njcholly News of the Death of Elisha Turnner Jno Gove & Job Taber. 
the sd Turnner was mt of a Small Scooner belonging to the Newlondon Society 
had been to North Cai'olina & Returned home to Road Island & disposed of her 
Pitch & Tarr he was coming home in the Storm & Run on the Rocks ui fishers 
Island Sound near Masons Island & there perished with the Cold & wet. 2 men 
saved Hez Beebee & the Mate. Sd Beebee & Taber were passengers from 
Ehoad Island." 

Again, the Hempstead Diary (p. 311), under date of Sunday, Oct. 81, 1736, 
says: "Abraham Morgan & Eliza Beckwith publisht and Daniel Ely of Lyme 
unto Amy Turner of N. L. " ; and from Bailey, vol. 2, p. 17, at the First Church, 
New London: "Daniel Ely of Lyme and Ruhamah Turner, [married] Nov. 10, 

Now as to the daughter Lucretia, in Hempstead's Diary, under date of Sunday, 
Feb. 11, 1732/3, is the statement: "Nath Saltonstall & Lucretia Arnold pub- 
lisht " (p. 256) ; and in Bailey, vol. 2, p. 16, at New London : " Nathaniel Salton- 
stall & Mrs. Lucretia Arnold, [married] March 1, 1733." 

The Saltonstall Genealogy, p. 34, states that Nathaniel, son of Gov. Gurdon 
Saltonstall of New Loudon, born July 1, 1707, married, in 1733, Lucretia Arnold, 
and removed to one of the Southern colonies, giving no information as to their 
descendants, and making no mention of John Proctor. Caulkins (p. 318) states 
that Lydia Richards married John Proctor of Boston. If he ever married 
Lucretia Arnold it was probably after the death of Nathaniel Saltonstall. 
Proctor was not a graduate of either Yale or Harvard, and thus far I find nothing 
concerning him, except the following from the Hempstead Diary (p. 218), imder 
date of Feb. 4, 1729-30, which I assume relates to him: "A Child of John 
Proctors about a year old Died yesterday was buried." 

In the Ely Ancestry, p. 52, we find this: "We make the following extracts 
from the 'Public Records of Connecticut' regarding Mr. Daniel Ely": "On 
petition to the General Assembly in May, 1740, of Thomas Fosdick, Nathaniel 
Saltonstall and Lucretia, his wife, in right of Lucretia, all of New London, and 
Daniel Ely of Lyme, and Ruhamah, his wife, in right of Ruhamah, all of the 
County of New London, against Ralph Stoddard, Junr., of Groton in said 
County, a certain judgment of the Superior Court held at New London in Sep- 
tember, 1739, relative to two certain tracts of land, was declared null and void, 
and a new trial ordered. (1735-1743, page 313)." This identifies Ruhama, 
wife of Daniel Ely of Lyme, and Lucretia, wife of Nathaniel Saltonstall of New 
London, as the two daughters, Ruhama and Lucretia, of Mercy* (Pickett), 
Fosdick Arnold by her second husband, John Arnold, and shows that Ruhama 
Arnold married first Elisha Turner, and secondly Daniel Ely of Lyme. Thomas 
Fosdick, who joined in the petition, was their half brother, Dea. Thomas^ of 
New London, and the only one of Mercy Pickett's children by SamueP Fosdick 
then living there. SamueP had removed to Oyster Bay, L. I. ; Mercy,* the 
widow of Thomas Jiggles of Boston, had married Thomas Morris in 1708; 
Ruth* was the wife of James TiUey of New York; Anna* was the wife of 
Thomas Latham of Groton ; John* was living in Guilford ; and Mary* was the 
wife of Richard Sutton of Charlestown. (See Caulkins, p. 344 ; and Fosdick 
Genealogy, pp. 43-44 ; also Bailey's Early Conn. Marriages, vol. 2, pp. 10, 14.) 

The importance of the proof lies ia the fact that it establishes a Brewster 
ancestry for a considerable number of Ely descendants in Connecticut, New 

286 Recent Boohs [July 

York, and elsewhere, including the ancestors of the well-known Colt and Good- 
rich families of Hartford and Berlin, Ct. Edwin A. Hill.* 
Washington, D. C. 

Historical Intelligence 

Genealogies in Preparation. — Persons of the several names are advised to 
furnish the compilers of these genealogies with records of their own families 
and other information which they think may be useful. We would suggest that 
all facts of interest illustrating family history or character be communicated, 
especially service under the U. S. Government, the holding of other offices, grad- 
uation from college or professional schools, occupation, with places and dates 
of birth, marriage, residence, and death. All names should be given in fall if 
possible. No initifils should be used when the full name is known. 

Chubbnck. — Thomas of Hingham, Mass., who died 9 Dec. 1676, by Mrs. E. C. 
Turner, Arlington, Mass. 

Co7inPt.— James, who died, probably in New Jersey, subsequent to 1702, by 
Alfred Conuet, Murray, Harper Co., Okla. 

Heydon. — Thomas de, who died about 1250 at Heydon, co. Norfolk, England, 
by Edward K. Heyden, 6 Harvard Street, Lowell, Mass. 

Meacham. — Capt. Isaac of Enfield, Conn., by Idah Meacham Strobridge, 231 
East Avenue Eorty-one, Los Angeles, Cal. 

rMTner.— Humphrey, of Scituate, Mass., who died in 1673, by Miss Ella 
Turner Bates, North Scituate, Mass. 


[The editor particularly requests persons sending books for listing in the Registbb 
to state, for the information of readers, the price of each book, with the amount to be 
added for postage when sent by mail, and from whom it may be ordered. For the 
January issue, books should be received by Nov. 1 ; for April, by Feb. I ; for July, by 
May 1 ; and for October, by July 1.] 


Barney and Ho3mer genealogies. Barney 1634— Hosmer 1635. [By "William 
Frederick Adams] Springfield, Mass., privately printed, 1912. 133 p. por. pi. 
map. 8° Price $2.50. Address W. F. Adams, Springfield, Mass. 

The descendants of Jacob Barney of Salem, Mass., and James Hosmer of Concord, Mass., are 
here recorded. 

Bntterfield and Butterworth coats-of-arms. The arms of the Butterfield and But- 
terworth families. New York City, Martin & Allardyce, 1912. 8 p. il. 12° 

Clements genealogy. Kobert Clements of Haverhill, Mass., and some of his 
descendants. By Maj. Gen. A[dolphus] W[ashington] Greely, U. S. Army, 
Salem, Mass., Essex Institute, 1911. 16 p. 8° Price 50 cts. Address the author, 
1914 G St., N. W., Washington, D. C. Reprint from Historical Collections of 
the Essex Institute, vol. 47. 

Copeland genealogy. [Records of the family of Rev. Jonathan Copeland.] By 
Charles Finney Copeland. n. p. 1911. 24 p. 16° 

Flint genealogy. The Flint genealogy [descendants of Thomas]. By J[ames] 
Lawrence Bass. Frankford, Philadelphia, Pa., Martin & Allardyce, 1912. 9 p. 
12° Rewritten from Mr. Bass's Flint genealogy in the New England Historical 
and Genealogical Register of 1860. 

Follin genealogy. A genealogical history of the FoUin family [descendants of 
John] in America. By Gabriel Edmonston. Washington, D. C, published by 

* Historian of the Connecticut Society of Mayflower Descendants. 


Recent Boohs 287 

G. Edmonston, 1911. 142 p. fcsm. pi. por. 8° Price $5.00 buckram ; $8.00 full 
morocco. Address the author, 1128 Twelfth St., N. W., Washington, D. C. 

Forney genealogy. Slietches of the Forney family [of Penn.]. By H[oward] 
0[liver] F[olker]. For private circulation. Philadelphia, Pa., printed for the 
author by Harper & Brotliers Co., 1911. 129 p. il. por. 8° Price §3.00, postage 
11 cts. Address the autlior, 2501 N. Broad St., Philadelpliia, Pa. 

Grubb genealogy. Grubb families of America. John Grubb of Tennessee. By 
George F. P. Wanger. Pottstown, Pa., 1911. Chart, blueprint. 

Grubb genealogy. Grubb families of America. Thomas Grubb of Virginia. 
By George F. P. Wang-er. Pottstown, Pa., 1911. Chart, blueprint. 

Hampton genealogy. Hampton history, an account of the Pennsylvania Hamp- 
tons in America in the line of John Hampton, Jr., of Wrightstown, with an 
appendix treating of some other branches. By John Hampton Doau. Milton, 
Ky., published by Dr. Solomon E. Hampton, 1911. 199 p. 8° Price $1.00. Ad- 
dress the publisher. Milton, Ky. 

Hosmer genealogy. James Hosmer, Cambridge, 1635, settled in Concord, Mass., 
soon after. [By William Frederick Adams] Springfield, Mass., privately printed, 
1911. 63 p. fcsm. il. pi. por. 8° Price $150. Address W. F. Adams, Spring- 
field, Mass. 

Chapter (S, 7, and 8 of the genealogy contain the records of the family of Harriet Hosmer 
(dau. wf Joel) who married Jairus Sidney Barney. 

Howland Homestead. Bulletin, vol. 1, no. 2, Oct. 1911. Boston, Mass., pub- 
lished by tlie Society of the Descendants of the Pilgrim John Howland of the 
Ship Mayflower, 1911. 12 p. il. 8« 

Knapp genealogy. History of the chief English families bearing the name of 
Knapp. By Oswald Greenwaye Knapp, M.A. Loudon, Eng., 34 Norfolk St., 
Strand, W. C, printed for the author by The St. Catherine Press, 1911. 10+ 
288 p. pi. por. 4° 

Lane genealogy. Capt. Daniel Lane and his wife Molly Woodman [genealogical 
notes and his military record. By Ellis Baker Usher, 2d. Milwaukee, Wis., 
1912]. 8 p. U. 12° 

Mast genealogy. A brief history of Bp. Jacob Mast and other Mast pioneers 
and a complete genealogical family register and those related by inter-marriage, 
with biographies of their descendants from the earliest available records to the 
present time. By Christian K. Mast. Elverson, Pa. [c' 1911]. 822 p. fcsm. U. 
pi. por. 8° Price §2.50 cloth; half leather $3.00; full black morocco $3.75, 
postage 25 cts. extra. Address C. Z. Mast, R. R. No. 3, Elverson, Pa. 

Mott genealogy. James Mott of Dutchess County, N. Y., and his descendants. 
By Edward Doubleday Harris. New York, N. Y., press of Tobias A. Wright, 
1911. 4+58 p. O 

Muhlenberg genealogy. Muhlenberg album, n. p. 1910. [72 p.] fcsm. pi. 
por. 40 

Keproductions of portniits of Rev. Dr. Henry Melchoir Muhlenberg, his children and grand- 
children, witli portraits ot Conrad and Anna Kve Weiser, Mrs. Muhlenberg's parents, as well 
as copies of various heirlooms of the earlier generations of tlie family in America. 

Mublenb'arg genealogy. The descendants of Henry Melchoir Muhlenberg. Ad- 
ditions and corrections by J. C. Schwab. New Haven, Conn., 1911. Chart. 

Page genealogy. English ancestry of Robert Page of Hampton, N. H. By 
George Walter Chamberlain, M.S. 4 p. 8" Bepruat from Register for April, 

Page genealogy. History and genealogy of the Page family from the year 1257 
to the present. With brief history and genealogy of the allied families, Nash and 
Peck. By Charles Nash Page. Des Moines, Iowa, published by the author, 
1911. 141+15 p. il. pi. por. 12° 

Pike, Halley, Stuart, and Parry genealogies. Romance of genealogy. By Eugene 
F [airfield] McPike. [Cliicago, 111., 1912.] 21 p. Q. Price $1.00. 

The author gives a brief account of the Pilce or Fyke, Halley, Stuart, Freeman, Day, and 
Parry families in England. 

288 Recent Boohs [July 

Reynolds Family Association. Nineteenth annual reunion of the Keynolds 
Family Association held at Providence, E. I., Aug. 18, 1910. Twentieth annual 
reunion of the Keynolds Family Association held at Bristol, E. I., Aug. 16, 1911. 
Middleton, Conn., Pelton & King, 1912. 46 p. 8° 

Sell genealogy. Descendants of Andoni SeU of Pennsylvania. By William 
Drumm Sell. Charlestown, W. Va., 1912. Chart, blueprint. 

Tower Genealogical Society. Keport of the 3d annual reunion of the descend- 
ants of Jolm Tower at Cohasset, Mass., Sept. 2, 1911, and the 3d annual meet- 
ing of the Tower Genealogical Society at Hingham, Mass., Sept. 1, 1911. 28 p. 
fcsm. U. por. 8" 

Wilson genealogy. Wilson family [descendants of Samuel, b. 1760. By John 
H. Nelson. Washington, D. C, 1911J. 50 p. 12o - 

Wright genealogy. The Wright family [descendants of Thomas of Weathers- 
field, Conn. J. By S[ebastian] V[isscherJ Talcott. Frankford, Philadelphia, Pa., 
re-arranged and publislied by Martyn & Allardyce, 1912. 20 p. 12" 


Avery, Walter Titus, memoir. By J[ennie] M[aria] Arms Sheldon. Greenfield, 
Mass., T. Morey & Son [1912]. 12 p. 8" [Eeprint from Pocumtuck VaUey 
Memorial Association, vol. 5, proceedings, 1912.] 

Chandler, Amariah, memoir. [Eev.] Amariah Chandler [D.D.], minister of the 
1st Congregational church in Greenfleld, Mass. By Judge Francis M. Thomp- 
son. Greenfield, Mass., T. Morey & Son, n. d. 3i p. 8o 

Deane, Jolm Frederick, memoir. Unconscious Influence. In memoriam to John 
Frederick Deane, A.M., Bowdoin, 1854. n. p. u. d. 10 p. por. 8° 

Sheldon, John, memoir. John Sheldon and the Old Indian House Homestead. 
A paper read before the Pocumtnck Valley Memorial Association at its field 
meeting, August 22, 1911. By Jennie Maria Arms Sheldon. Greenfield, Mass., 
T. Morey & oon [1912]. 21 p. a-^ 

Smith, Gov. Benjamin. Presentation of portrait of Gov. Benjamin Smith to 
the State of North Carolina in the Hall of the House of Eepresentatives, at 
Ealeigh, Nov. 15, 1911, by the North Carolina Society of the Sons of the Kevo- 
lutiou. Address by Collier Cobb. n. p. u. d. 14 p. 11. 8" 

Bowdoin College. Obituary record of the gi'aduates of Bowdoin College and 
the Medical School of Maine for the year ending June 1, 1910. [Brunswick, 
Me., Tne Eecord Press.] 67 p. 12>^ 

Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Class of '77 M. I. T. 1877-1910. Bos- 
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Yale College, Class of 1870. The biographical record of the class of 1870, Yale 
College, 1870-1911. By Lewis Wilder Hicks, Class Secretary. Boston, Mass., 
Thomas Ford Co., 1911. 5-f-403 p. pi. por. F° 

{a) General 

Magazine of History, extra number 18. A journal of a young man of Massa- 
chusetts. By Benjamin Waterhouse, M.D. (1754-1846). Boston, Eowe & 
Hooker, 1816. Eeprinted. New York, William Abbatt, 1911. 272 p. pi. 4° 

Massachusetts General Court manual. The Commonwealth of Massachusetts. 
Manual for the use of the General Court containing the rules of the two branches, 
together with the constitution of the Commonwealth and that of the United 
States, and a list of the executive, legislative, and judicial departments of the 
state government, state institutions and their officers, and other statistical in- 
formation. By Henry D. Coolidge and James W. Kimball. Boston, Mass., 
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Spain, history and genealogy. Eevista de Historia y Genealogia Espanola. 
Vol. 1, nos. 1 and 2. Madrid, Spain, 1912. p. 1-96 11. pi. por. S" 


Hecent Books 289 

United States, Civil War, reminiscences of Frank B. Fay. War papers of Frank 
B. Fay with reminiscences of service in tlie camps and hospitals of the Army of 
the Potomac, 1861-1865. Edited by William Howell Keed. Privately printed. 
Boston, Mass., George H. Ellis Co., 1911. 7+161 p. por. 8° 

(6) Local 

Boston, Mass., Second Cliurcli. A description of the memorials in the Second 
Church in Boston, founded by the Puritans in the year 1649, Copley Square. 
[Boston, Mass., 1912.] 19 p. U. pi. 12° 

Detroit, Mich. The Building of Detroit. By Clarence Monroe Burton. 1912. 
44 p. fcsm. map. pi. por. 8° 

Dover, Mass. The proceedings of the dedication of the soldiers' monument, 
Dover, Mass., June 18, 1910, to which has been added the exercises of dedication 
of the new grammar school house, Nov. 11, 1910; the unveUiug of headstones 
to the memory of Revolutionary soldiers. May 10, 1911; the dedication of the 
tablet erected in memory of the Indians, Jan. 13, 1912. Dover, Mass., printed 
by the Dover Historical and Natui'al History Society, 1912. 83 p. pi. 8° 

Easthampton, Mass. Willistou Seminary, founders' day. Addresses by Prin- 
cipal Joseph H. Sawyer. Privately printed [Norwood, Mass., Plimpton Press], 
1911. 47 p. pi. por. 12° 

A short biographical sketch is given of the founders, Samuel Williston, born June 17, 1795 
and his wife, Kmiiy (Graves) Williston, bora Juue 5, 1797. 

Gardiner, Me., Historical Series. Number one. Land titles in old Pittston. By 
Henry Sewall Webster. Gardiner, Me., The Reporter-Journal Press, 1912. 
55 p. 80 

Greenwich, Conn. Ye historic of ye town of Greenwich, Ct., with genealogical 
notes on the Adams, Avery, Banks, Betts, Brown, Brundage, Brush, Budd, Bush, 
Close, Davis, Dayton, Denton, Ferris, Finch, Green, Hendrie, Hobby, Holly, 
Holmes, Horton, Howe, Hubbard, Husted, Ingersoll, Knapp, Lockwood, Lyon, 
Marshall, Mead, Merritt, Mills, Palmer, Peck, Purdy, Reynolds, Ritch, Rundle, 
Sackett, Scoheld, Selleck, Seymour, Sherwood, Slater, Smith, Studwell, Suth- 
erland, Sutton, Todd, Waring, Waterbary, Webb, Weed, White, Wilcox, Wilson, 
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Vol. 66, p. 183, line 22, for 26 Sept. read 22 Sept. 
Vol. 66, p. IS.*), line 19, /or Charles read Clarence. 
Vol. 66, p. 191, 1. 35,/or Ester read Esther. 




OCTOBER, 1912 


By Samuel Merrill, A.B., LL.B., of Cambridge, Mass. 

George Augustus Gordon, for seventeen years prior to 1910 
recording secretary of the New England Historic Genealogical 
Society, and chosen a member of the Council for 1910, 1911, and 
1912, died May 3, 1912. His age was 84 years. In 1908 the 
infirmities of age became apparent. His visits to the Society's 
house, which had long been as regular as the calls of the letter 
carrier, became intermittent. His step was uncertain, as evidence 
of Parkinson's disease became manifest, and on May 21, 1909, he 
visited the house for the last time, though his thoughts were still 
of the Society, its work, and those with whom he had been asso- 
ciated in Somerset street for so many years. 

Capt. Gordon was a genealogist from boyhood. In 1843, when 
still in his teens, he began collecting records of the New England 
Gordons, and as an octogenarian he was conscious, as so many oth- 
ers in similar circumstances have been, that his work was unfinished, 
though prosecuted through all the intervening years. His parents 
were Ebenezer* Gordon, born Feb. 28, 1797, in Newbury, Mass., 
and Sophronia (Anderson) Gordon, born Feb. 28, 1807, in Free- 
port, Me. Their residence was in Dover, N. H., where George 
Augustus® was born July 17, 1827. The ancestral line is through 
Timothy,' born 1757 in Brentwood, N. H. ; Timothy,' born 1716 
in Exeter, N. H. ; Thomas,^ born 1678 in Exeter, and Alexander.' 
Alexander' Gordon, a native of the Scotch Highlands, was a soldier 
in Gen. Monk's army, supporting the cause of Charles I. He fell 
into the hands of Cromwell, and was sent to New England as a 
prisoner of war in 1651. He settled in Exeter in 1654, married 
Mary Lysson there, and had six sons and two daughters. 

In his marriage Capt. Gordon found a stimulus for further re- 
search in the family history. His wife, who survives him, and to 
whom he was married Oct. 16, 1857, was Miss Ann Farley* Gordon. 
She was born in Mansfield, Mass., a daughter of Nathaniel Bachiler' 
Gordon, who was a native of Exeter. Nathaniel Bachiler^ Gordon 
was descended through John* and NathanieP from Thomas,'' the 

VOL. LXVI. 19 

292 George Augustus Gordon [Oct, 

ancester of Capt. Gordon. Of the eight children of Capt. Gordon 
five survive, — Agnes of Somerville, Lysson of Medford (bursar of 
Simmons College) , Harry of New York, Margaret of Somerville, 
and Huntlie of Cambridge. 

In a country school at the foot of Gordon Hill in Exeter the 
captain began his education. He continued it in public schools in 
Newbury, Mass., Farmington, Me., and Dover, N. H., and in 
August, 1843, entered Dartmouth College as a sophomore, receiving 
his A.B. in 1846, and his A.M. in 1849. 

His first active employment was early in 1847, when he became 
entjaffed as a civil eng-ineer in the construction of the cotton mills 
and boarding hovises of the Atlantic Corporation in Lawrence. An 
interval of railroad survey work was followed by a brief season of 
theological study, and in April, 1850, he became a civil engineer 
employed on construction work by the Amoskeag Company at 

For more than three years following April, 1851, Capt. Gordon 
was resident civil engineer for the Lewiston Water Power Co. 
During this time, and under his direction, canals, locks, and three 
mills, besides many boarding houses, were built, and many streets 
laid out. His employment on the Androscoggin was terminated by 
reason of his strong political opinions. He successfully organized 
a bolt at the State election in 1853, which resulted in the defeat of 
the Whig candidate for representative, the candidate's abolitionism 
being the chief ground of the opposition to him. The agent of the 
water power company and the resident engineer were in different 
political camps, and the latter sought a new field. 

After a year in the practice of his profession with the Detroit 
Locomotive Works, Capt. Gordon purchased the Lawrence, Mass., 
Sentinel. This was a Democratic newspaper, and those of us who 
ever knew the editor can easily imagine the vigor of the editorials 
in which he bore his part in the prosecution of the exciting and suc- 
cessful political campaign of 1856, which ended in the election of 

From 1857 until July, 1860, Capt. Gordon was assistant editor 
of the Charleston, S. C, Mercury. The transfer of his interests 
and activities to the South involved no violence to his sympathies 
or to his principles. " 1 began life," he wrote in 1876, " as a Union- 
Saving Webster Whig. Since 1854 I have been, and still am, a 
hard-shell, hard money, free trade, pro-slavery, states rights Demo- 
crat." Capt. Gordon's opinions were his own, and they were the 
logical conclusion of facts as he understood them. He was upright 
and downright in his convictions. His positiveness was not that 
of inertia, blind and unreasoning ; it was an active force, and had 
to be reckoned with, and whether one agreed with him or not, 
everyone knew that his opinions were sincere, and were not dictated 
by motives of expediency. 

1'912] George Augustus Gordon 293 

A subordinate position on a political newspaper would be likely 
to prove irksome to one of Capt. Gordon's temperament. At all 
events, in August, 1860, he abandoned journalism and accepted the 
euperintendencj of the Southern Gold Co., a Boston concern with 
mines in northern Georgia. The work was successful, but the out- 
break of war soon attracted the miners into military service. 

The mines were shut down, but in 1862 the captain resumed 
mining in North Carolina. In February, 1863, however, he too 
enlisted in a Georgia regiment in the Confederate army. The war 
was a political issue, and his enlistment was fully consistent with 
his political beliefs. His command went at once to the defence of 
Savannah, and thence to Charleston. Two months after his enlist- 
ment he was commissioned lieutenant in the quartermaster's depart- 
ment, and in September of the same year was assigned to the staff 
of Gen. Wayne, who was charged with the task of keeping the 
Atlantic & Western Kailroad open for military traffic. In the 
summer of 1864 he was transferred to the Governor's general staff, 
and served in the transportation department. He was soon promoted 
captain, and served in north-western Georgia in the distribution of 
breadstuffs to the inhabitants made destitute by the presence of the 
contending armies of Sherman and Johnston. His military service 
was terminated by the seizure of his train equipage by United States 
army officers in June, 1865. 

The war having ended, he returned to his home in Dahlonega, 
Ga. , and then for two years was active again in mining engineering 
in the Southern states, his work being largely at the Gold Belt mine, 
on the Rappahannock and Rapidan rivers, in northern Virginia. 

Returning north the Gordons took up their residence in Law- 
rence, and later in Lowell, where Capt. Gordon was in charge of the 
advertising department of the J. C. Ayer Company. The last 
twenty-eight years he lived in Somerville. A portion of the time 
he was connected with the Somerville Journal, but he was giving 
more and more of his time to genealogical work, and finally this 
was his only employment. 

The results of his painstaking work are seen in many published 
genealogies. "The Ipswich Emersons, 1636-1900," is an example. 
His work was always conscientious and thorough. It was directed 
by intelligence of a high order, and aided by an unusual memory, 
which could quickly supply a required fact or a source of authority 
which had been met in the course of his wide study of genealogies, 
histories, and public records. The same care was devoted to the 
records of the Society, and at the time of his retirement as recording 
secretary, after seventeen years' service, this resolution was passed : 

" While the records he has kept with such painstaking carefulness will 
in themselves ever bear full evidence of their accuracy, and hence of the 
value to the Society of Capt. Gordon's labors, still at this annual meeting, 
he first from which he has been absent in the long years of his services, 

294 Isles of Shoals in the Eighteenth Century [Oct. 

we must especially acknowledge our debt to that clear mind, the strength 
and vigor of which even age has not abated." 

Capt. Gordon became a resident member of the New England 
Historic Genealogical Society in December, 1876. He was an 
active member of the South Carolina Historical Society, a corre- 
sponding member of the New Hampshire, Maine, and Wisconsin 
Historical Societies, and a member of similar local organizations in 
Lowell, Somerville, and Dover. He belonged also to the Society 
of Colonial Wars in the State of New Hampshire, and was for many 
years genealogist for that society as well as for the Colonial Dames 
of Massachusetts and New Hampshire. Capt. Gordon became a 
churchman shortly after leaving college. He was made a member 
of the corporation of Emmanuel Episcopal parish in Somerville in 
1885, was chosen junior warden in 1889, and senior warden in 1897, 
retaining the latter office until 1911. He was active in Masonry 
for sixty years. 




Contributed by Joseph W. Waeren, M.D., of Bryn Mawr, Pa. 

[Concluded from page 225] 

April 20*^ 1766. James, Son of Jn" Newton & of Sarah His Wife, 

was Baptized. 
April 27*'^ 1766 Henry, Son of W" Allard «& of Joanna His Wife, 

was Baptized. 
June 1«' 1766. Deborah, ) Twin Dau't" of Joseph Muchmore & of 

& Molly, I Mary His Wife, were Baptized. 
Sepf 14»i> 1766. James, Son of W" Holbrook & of ] 

Eliz*'^ His Wife, 

W» Son of Rich^i Randal & of I ^_-r„„,- ^^ 
T-T th TT- xvrc >■ were Baptized. 

Eliz"^ His Wife, } ^ 

Mary, Dau'f of Amos Horn & of 
Abigail His Wife, 
Sepf 21«* 1766. Rachel, Dau'f^ of Edw*^ Voudey & of Sarah His 

Wife, was Baj^tized. 
Ocf 12*^ 1766. Deborah, Dau't^ of Sam^ Matthews Deceased & of 

Eliz*'^ His Wife, was Baptized. 
Ocf^ 26''^ 1766. Rich"^ son of Jn° Robison & of Eliz^'' 1 

His Wife, I ^^^^ Baptized. 

Joseph, Son of Solomon Downe & [ v • 

of Mercy His Wife, J 

Dece^ 14*'' 1766. W™ Rug, | Twin Sons of Martha Downe, were Bap- 

& Jacob, ) tized. 
March Ib^'^ 1767. Eliz*'' Dau'f of Luke Power Sc of Sarah His Wife, 
was Baptized, 

March 6'^^ 1768. 

1912] Isles of Shoals in the Eighteenth Century 295 

May 24'J^ 1767. Betty, Dau'f^ of Ricli'i Perkins & of ^ercy His Wife, 

was Baptized. 
May 31«* 1767. Benj° Carter, Son of Henry Shapley & of Eliz*^ His 

Wife, was Baptized. 
Jn*', Son of Jeremy Lord & of Eliz'** His Wife, was 
June 28"* 1767. Jn°, Son of Sam^ Haley & of Mary His Wife, was 

July 12**^ 1767. Jn", Son ) of Abr^^ EUenwood & of Anne 

& Hannah, Dau't'' j His Wife, were Baptized. 
Aug"* 2'^<^ 1767. Rebecca, Dau'f^ of Benj" Muchmore «& of Tamesin 

His Wife, was Baptized. 
Aug"* 16*^ 1767. George Walpey, Son of Edw<J Per- 1 

kins & of Sarah His Wife, i Bantized 

Edw-i Son of Rich^ How & of Anne f ^^""^ -t^aptizea. 
His Wife, J 

Aug"' 23'^ 1767. Rachel, Dau't^ of Rob* Kearswell & of Eliz*>> His 

Wife, was Baptized. 
Sept' 13*^ 1767. Sarah, Dau'f^ of George Randal & of Sarah His Wife, 

was Baptized. 
Sepf^ 20*'* 1767. Molly, Dau't' of Amos Kearswell & of Rebecca His 

Wife, was Baptized. 
Sept' 27*^ 1767. Jn^ Son of Abr"" EUenwood & of 

Anne His Wife, 
W°*, Son of Pelatiah Kearswell & 
of Anne His Wife, 
Oct' 18*** 1767. Molly, Dau't' of Joseph Muchmore & of Mary His 

Wife, was Baj^tized. 
Oct' 25"* 1767. Henry, Son of Jn° Brag & of Han- 

nan His Wife 
Rob*, Son of W*** Bickham & of 
Sarah His Wife 
Nov' 1"' 1767. Betty, & ) Twin Dau't'^ of W"^ Rug & of Mary His 

Eleanor, j Wife, were Baptized. 
Nov' 29*"* 1767. Arthur, Son of Arthur Randal Jun' ] 

& of Ruth His Wife, 1 ^g^g Baptized. 

David, Son of David Avery & of ' * 

Sarah His Wife, 
Dece' 6*^* 1767. Jn°, Son of Jn° Beal & of Abigail ' 

His Wife, 
Sam\ Son of Sam^ Downe Jun' & 

of Margery His Wife, 
SamS Son of Benj'* Parsons & of 

Lucy His Wife, 
Betty, Dau't' ) of Henry Carter Shapley & of Judith 
& Henry, Son j His Wife, were Baptized. 
April 17*^* 1768. Joanna, Dau't' of Jn° Kearswell &, of Joanna His 

Wife, was Baptized. 
May 22°*^ 1768. Jn«>, Son of Rich* Currier Jun' & of Mary His Wife, 

was Baptized. 
June 26*^ 1768. Jacob Clark, Son of Tho" Horn & of Eliz*^ His Wife, 

was Baptiz'd. 

were Baptized. 

>■ were Baptized. 

>■ were Baptized. 

296 Isles of Shocds in the Eighteenth Century [Oct. 

July 3*^ 1768. Jn** Mobbs, Son of Joseph Dammerrill & of Tabitha 

His Wife, was Baptiz'd. 
July 24*"^ 1768. Henry, Son of W"» Allard & of Joanna His Wife, 

was Baptiz'd. 
Aug** 14*'^ 1768. Hannah, Dau'f^ of Rich<^ Randall & 

of Elizti^ His Wife, . ^^^^ g^ ^.^g^ 

Richard, Son of Jn° Robinson & of f ^ 

Eliz«' His Wife, 
Sepf^ IS*"^ 1768. Sarah, Dau'f of W" Holbrook & of 

Eliz*^ His Wife, VwereBa tized 

Comfort, Dau'f^ of Solomon Downs ( ^ 

& of Mercy His Wife, 
Not'' 2T^ 1768o Mary, Dau'f of W^ Sanderson & of Mary His Wife, 

was Baptized. 
Jan? 29*1^ 1769. Jn<> Tucke, Son of M"" Jeffry Muchmore & of M" 

Love His Wife, was Baptized.* 
Feb^ 5*^ 1769. Edward, Son of Edward Voudey & of Sarah His 

Wife, was Baptized. 
Feby 19*^ 1769. Betty, Dau'f of James Allard & of Sarah His Wife, 

was Baptized. 
Feby 26*^ 1769. Mary Sanders, Dau'f of Henry Shapley & of Eliz''^ 

His Wife, was Baptized. 
April 2°*^ 1769. Molly, Dau'f of Luke Power & of 

Sarah His Wife, 
Amos, Son of Amos Horn «Sc of t> x- ji 

Abigail His Wife, V were Baptized. 

Sarah, Dau'f^ of Pelatiah Kearswell 
& of Anne His Wife, J 

May. 7'^^ 1769. W"^ Blackstone, Son of Rich** How & of Anne His 

Wife, was Baptized. 

June, ll*"^ 1769. Phebe, Dau'f of Samuel Webber & ] 

of Eliz*!^ His Wife, \ rt ,- a 

c 1 o !■ A T7- n p Vwere Baptized. 

Samuel, Son oi Amos Kearswell & i ^ 

of Rebecca His Wife J 

June. 18*^ 1769. Tamesin, Dau'f of Sam^ Haley & of Mary His Wife, 

was Baptized. 
July. 9*^ 1769. Betty, Dau'f of Jn° Crocket & of Mary His wife, 

was Baptized. 
Sepf 3* 1769. Henry, Son of Jn° Bragg & of Han- 1 

nah His Wife, I were Baptized. 

Ruth, Dau'f of George Randall & [ i^ ' 

of Sarah His Wife, 
Sepf 10*^ 1769. John, Son of Sam' Varrell Jun^ & ' 

of Patience His Wife Were Baptized. 

Samuel, Son of Henry Muchmore & j '■ 

of Tryphena His Wife J 

Ocf 8"^ 1769. Ben.f Son of Benj" Randall & of 1 

El^rD^i'f'Ifjkmes Hickey & of were Baptized. 
Betty His Wife, J 

Ocf lo^^ 1769. Ruth, Dau'f of Arthur Randal Jun"^ & of Ruth His 

Wife, was Baptized. 
* Mr. Tucke makes some delicate social distinctions in tliizs recording the baptism 
of his grand"on. 

1912] Isles of Shoals in the Eighteenth Century 
Dece'- 10^^ 1769. 
Feby 18*^ 1770. 


March. 4"^ 1770, 
April 8'J> 1770. 
May 271M770. 
June S'J 1770. 

June. 15''' 1770. 

July 1«' 1770. 
Aug^' 12tii 1770. 

Aug^' 19th 1770. 
Sepf 2^^'! 1770. 
Sepf^ SO'i' 1770. 
Ocf 14'!^ 1770. 
Oof 28'^ 1770. 

Nov'' 11*'^ 1770. 
Dece-" O'l^ 1770. 
Feby 24* 1771. 

March 17*'^ 1771. 
April \^^ 1771. 
May le'^' 1771. 

Jn", Son of Jn° Bragg Jun"^ & of Mary His Wife, was 

Joanna, Dau'f^ of Benj* Parsons & of Luce His 

Wife, was Baptized. 
EIiz*h, Dau'f of Sam' Downe & of Margery His 

Wife, was Baptized. 
Sarah, Dau'f of Edw'' Currier & of Sarah His Wife, 

was Baptized. 
Tamesin, Dau'f of Benjamin Muchmore & of Tamesin 

His Wife, was Baptized. 
Mark, Son of M'' Mark Walton & ] 

of M"-^ Mary* His Wife, -o x- j 

Joanna, Dau't' of Rich'' Perkins & ^ ^^re Baptized. 

of Mercy His Wife, J 

Elisha, Son of David Avery & of Sarah His Wife, 

was Baptized. 
This Child was Baptiz'd in Private. 
Joanna, Dau'f of Michael Downe & of Mary His 

W^ife, was Baptized. 
Joseph, Son of Joseph Muchmore & ] 

of Mary His Wife, -o .• ^ 

Patty, Dau't^of Arthur Randall & ^ ^^re Baptized. 

of Lydia His Wife, J 

Abigail, Dau'f of Jn° Kiswell & of Eliz«> His Wife, 

was Baptized. 
Tryphena, Dau'f of Jn*^ Kearswell & of Joanna His 

Wife, was Baptized. 
William Bradbury, Son of W" Bickham & of Sarah 

His Wife, was Baptized. 
Sarah, Dau'f of Abr™ Ellenwood & of Anne His 

Wife was Baptized. 
Phebe, Dau'f of Sam' Webber & of ~ 

Eliz^'^ His Wife, 
Robert, Son of Solomon Downe & 

of Mercy His Wife, 
Betty, Dau'f of Pelatiah Kisswell & 

of Anne His Wife 
Sam', Son of W™ Allard & of Joanna His Wife, was 

Sarah, Dau'f of Tho^ Horn & of Elizt'^ His Wife, 

was Baptized. 
Love, Dau'f of W" Holbrook & of ] 

Eliz"' His Wife, I ry ,- A 

W™, Son of Jn" Robison & of Eliz"' > were iiaptized. 

His Wife, J 

Richard, Son of Rich'i Randal & of Eliz"' His Wife, 

was Baptized. 
Elisha, Son of Samuel Haley & of Mary His Wife, 

was Baptized. 
Mercy, Dau'f of Richard Currier & of Mary His 

Wife, was Baptized. 

> were Baptized. 

* Another daughter of Mr. Tucke. 

298 Isles of Shoals in the Eighteenth Century [Oct. 

May 26*^ 1771. W"^, Son of W^^ Randal cfe of Abigail His Wife, was 

Aug^* \V^ 1771. Benjamin, Son of Joseph Dammerrill & of Tabitha 

His Wife, was Baj^tized. 
Aug«* Igth 1771. Molly, Dau't^ of Luke Poor & of 1 

Sarah His Wife, I tj f- ^ 

Elizabeth, Dau'f of Sam^ Varrell & f ^^""^ -ciaptized. 

of Patience His Wife, J 

Sep'' 15*'^ 1771. John, Son of Jn" Varrell Jun'" & of Mary His Wife, 

was Baptized. 
Sept' 29'^ 1771. Olive, Dau't"^ of Jn° Bragg & of Hannah His AVife, 

was Baptized. 
Ocf^ 20*'! 1771. Samuel, Son of Henry Shapley & 1 

of Elizti^ His Wife IwereBa tized 

Rebecca, Dauter of Amos Kisswell [ ^ 

& of Rebec^ His Wife J 

Jan^ 26''^ 1772. Samuel, Son of Sam^ Downe Jun'^ & of Dorcas His 

Wife, was Baptized. 
March. 22^^^ 1772. Joseph, Son of Benjamin Randal & of Eliz'"^ His 

Wife, was Baptized. 
April igti^ 1772. Esther, Dau'f^ of Ju° Crocket & of Mary His Wife, 

was Baptized. 
May. 17"^ 1772. Joseph, Son of Joseph Muchmore ] 

& of Mary His Wife, IwereBa tized 

Olive, Dau'f of David Avery & of | ^ 

Sarah His Wife, J 

May 3l«t 1772. Molly, Dau'f^ of W^ Rugg & of Mary His Wife, 

was Baptized. 
July 5*"^ 1772. Jn°, Son of Jn<> Bragg Jun-^ & of Mary His Wife, was 

July 19^'' 1772. Abigail, Dau't"^ of Rich^ How & of Anne His Wife, 

was Baptized. 
Aug^' 2""^ 1772. James, Son of Amos Horn «& of Abigail His Wife, 

was Baptized. 
Aug^t 16th 1772. Sarah, Dau't"^ of W"^ Randal & of AbigaU His Wife, 

was Baptized. 
Aug^' 27*1' 1772. John, Son of Michael Downe & of Mary His Wife, 

was Baptized. 
O;^^ This Child was Baptiz'd in Private. 
Aug"* 30th 1772. George, Son of George Randal & of Sarah His Wife, 

was Baptized. 
Sepf^ 13*^ 1772. W"', Son of Benj^ Muchmore & of Tamesin His Wife, 

was Baptized. 
Ocf^ 11*^ 1772. Josiah, Son of Josiah Varrell & of 

Eliz"^ His Wife, 
Peter, Son of Stephen Pierce, De- 
ceased & of Eliz*"^ His Wife, 
Ocf 18*^ 1772. Abigail, Dau'f^ of Sam^ Downe & of Margery His 

Wife, was Baptized. 
Nov' 22'i'» 1772. Ithamar Frost, Son of Arthur Randal Jun' & of 

Ruth His Wife, was Baptized. 
Dece'' 6*^ 1772. Susanna, Dau'f of Jonathan Perkins &, of Love His 

Wife, was Baptized. 

- were Baptized. 

1912] Isles of Shoals in the Eighteenth Century 


Dece'^ IS*'' 1772. 

Dece' 20*"^ 1772. 
March 17*'^ 1773. 

May 2°d 1773. 
May 9"^ 1773. 
May 23^ 1773. 
July 1 1''' 1773. 

July 25ti> 1773. 
Aug«' IStti 1773. 
Sept. 5. [1773]. 
[Sept.] 19. [1773]. 
[Sept.] 21. [1773]. 
Oct. 17. [1773]. 

[Oct.] 24. [1773]. 

were Baptized. 

Elias, Son of Edward Voudey & of 

Sarah His Wife, , -o ,. ,, 

Jn° Tucke, Son of W Mark Walton f ^^^^ ^^P^^' ^• 

«fe M" Mary His Wife, J 

Deborah, Dau'f of Ambrose Perkins & of Sarah His 

Wife, was Baptized. 
Lydia Voudey, Dau'f^ of Joseph Walpey & of Susanna 

His Wife, was Baptized. 
This Child was Baptized in Private. 
Henry, Son of Henry Muchmore «fc of Tryphena 

His Wife, was Baptized. 
Dolly, Dau'f of Abraham Ellenwood & of Luce His 

Wife, was Baptized. 
Benjamin, Son of Sam^ Haley & of Mary His Wife, 

was Baptized. 
Ruth, Dau'f of Edward Currier & 

of Sarah His Wife, 
Susanna, Dau't"^ of Solomon Downe 

& of Mercy His Wife, 
Nanny, Dau'f^ of Pelatiah Kisswell 

& of Anne His Wife, 
Lemuel Muchmore, Son of Jn° Kisswell & of Joanna 

His Wife, was Baptized. 
Abigail & \ Twin Dau'f^ of Jn° Robison & of Eliz*^ 
Agnes I His Wife, were Baptized.* 
Peggy y^ Daughter of John Brag & Hannah His 

Wife was Baptizd y^ Sabbath after (?)t died 
John y® Son of John Varrell Jun'' & Mary His Wife 

was Baptizd. 
Samuell Down Son of Samuell Down & Dorcas His 

Wife Baptizd in Private. 
John Tucke Son of Geffry Muchmore & Love his 

Wife w^ Baptizd. 
James Son of Will"* Allard & Joanna his Wife was 

Rebecca Daughter of Will"* Bickham & Sarah his 

Wife was Baptizd. 
William the Son of Stephen Pierce & of Elizabeth 

his Wife w* Baptizd. 

*To this point all the entries of baptisms appear to be in the handwriting of Mr. 
Tucke. The slight variations that occur are mostly such as may be explained by va- 
riations in the condition of quills or possibly of health. The last entry, of the daugh- 
ters of John Robinson, is distinctly characteristic and has special interest because it 
makes it quite evident that Mr. Tucke did not die Aug. 12, 1773, as stated by Morse in 
his " Description of the Isles of Shoals," and also cut in the tombstone on Star Island, 
both of these being records made nearly thirty years after the event. The same date 
is also given in a random entry in the Kecords of the Town of Gosport, but this entry 
is out of place and much open to suspicion. The notice of his death appears in the 
New Hampshire Gazette (of Portsmouth, N. H.) of 3 Sept. 1773 as a recent event 
without an exact date. Mr. Tucke may have died as late as the day preceding this 

f At this place there is a scrawl much cramped and twisted. It certainly does not 
fit the name of either parent. This and the records down to and including Oct. 24 are 
in the same hand, and my guess is that it is the hand of the younger Tucke, who was 
at the Shoals as late as Oct. 21, when he signed a receipt as administrator of the estate 
of his father. I am inclined to read the scrawl " Pastor" or " Pater," i.e. the Sunday 
after the death of Mr. Tucke. " She " rewritten is a possible reading. 

300 Isles of Shoals in the Eighteenth Century [Oct. 

Henry the Son of Henry Walker & Rachel his Wife 
w® Baptize!.* 
1774. Sept 21. Henry "] the Children of W» Down & Hannah w« 

Benj* ! Baptize! in Private she Owning [i.e re- 
William j newing ?] her Gov"* the Last being at the 
Hannah J point of deth. 
Sept. 25 Jacob y® Son of Amos Caswell & Rebecca his Wife 

was Baptizd. 
(End of the Recofd of Baptisms at Gosport.) 

Mr. Tucke apparently tried 1;o collect records from other churches where 
Shoalers had been baptized or married, etc., and entered them in the book 
of the Church of Gosport. These memoranda seem to include families 
living on the Shoals at about the time of his ordination, but no records of 
the churches in Portsmouth or Kittery are given. The entries fill three 
pages (149-151) as follows: 

" A Record of Baptisms, Admissions, Dismissions, &c., by y® Neighbour- 
ing Ministers." f 

P. 149. A Copy of y® Baptisms &c. of those belonging to y® Isle of 
Sholes as they stand in y® C^^ Records at New Castle. 

Those with y^ Mark X against y^" Names, it is not known whether ever 
Y were such Persons belonging to y® Isle of Sholes. 

AD. Baptized 

1713. May. 10*^ William Fox 

Aug«' 30 A child of M^ Carters^ 

1714. Aug^t 1 Mary Kiswell 

Sarah Kiswell 
Robert Kiswell 

1715. Sept 4th Samuel Down 

Daniel Grindal 
Agnis Down 
Abraham Lahah 
Dorothy Currier 
Mary Sanderson 

1716. Aug^t 26"^ Mary Randal 
Sepf 9**^ Mary Down 

1717. June 23"^ Elizabeth Carter 
Ocf 20ti> John Cain 

1719. April. 19*'^ One of Jn° Salters 
May \^^ Love Kelley 

Margaret Kelley 
Susannah Kelley 
Hannah Kelley 
Elizabeth Sanderson 
Sepf 13"! Deborah Goold X 

1720. July. 24*^ Katherine Hockrin 

* Probably Henry Walker Andross is meant. His son William was baptized in Oc- 
tober 1761. The name Walker does not appear in the annals of the Shoals so far as I 
know them. I take it that, by a custom which was very common in the next century, 
Andross was ordinarily called " Henry Walker," and the clergyman quite naturally 
supposed that to be his whole name. o.- i j 

fit is not unlikely that some of these baptisms were performed at the Shoals al- 
though entered in the church record of another place. 

J Probably Mr. John Carter (d. 1726) is meant. 

1912] Isles of Shoals in the Eightee7ith Century 


1722. March 18*^ 

1723. Sept^22°'^ 

1724. March. 7*"^ 

1725. May 9*'' 


June 19^ 
Sepf^ [?] 

1727. April Uti^ 
July. 14* 
Sept^ 29* 

1728. May. 4 

1729. AprU. 5* 

Martha Salter 
Mary Moodey 
Titus Salter 
Hannah Yetton 
Ann Yetton 
Henry Muchemore 
Samuel Lewis X 
Abigail Muchemore 
Hannah Pain 
Jane Lehah 
Joseph Henderson 
Mary Kiswel 
George Lunt 
Sam^ Sanderson 
John Down 
James Shapley 
John Bragg 
Elizabeth Perkins 
Mary Grindal 
Hannah Miller 
Mary Hockrin 
Arthur Randle 
William Cooper X 
Joshua Cooper X 
Hannah Mace 
One of Sarah Matthews 
Johannah Hockrin 

One of • Emeries* 

Charles Miller 

Owned their Covenant. 
A.D. 1714. Aug^t 1«* Mary Kiswell 

1716. Aug^* 26* Rebecca Randal 
Sepf 9* John Down 

1717. Ocf 20* Judith Cain 
1719. May. 10* Susannah Kelley 

Sepf 13* Deborah Goold X 

1726. Sepf^ [?] Jane Cooper X 

1727. July. 14* Sarah Matthews 

Admitted to Full Communion 
1727. Nov. 3^ the 

Wife of John Muchemore. 

Baptisms, etc., from the Rye Church Records. 
1727. May 28* John S. of Charles I^Iiller 

Job S. of Samuel Lunt 
Tho^ S. of Tho« Horn 
John S. of Israel Beckman Thompson! 
Mary D. of John Ashley 
Eliz* D. of Robert Sanders 

* Probably a child of Samuel Emery. 

t This family appears elsewhere in the records above as " Beckman. 


Isles of Shoals in the Eighteenth Century [Oct. 

Oct' 1«' 

1728. May 19*^^ 

1728. Aug^ 13'^ 


Dec"^ 1«* 

Naty S. of John Clark 

Eliz*^ D. of Richard Currier 

Geo. S. of Geo. Perkins. 

Henry S. of Reuben Shaply. 

W^ S. of W"^ Tucker. 

Eliz'^ D. of Benj° Yetton. 

Rebecca D. of Nat^ Adams. 

Abigail D. of John Muchemore. 

Richard S. of W" Muchemore. 

Sami S. of W" Down. 

Mary D. of John Bickford. 

Abraham S. of John Ellinwood. 

Martha D. of Geo. Perkins. 

Esther D. of Tho« Meldrom. 

Joannah D. of Jos Dammeril. 

Abraham S. of Abraham Crocket. 

Levi S. of Andi'ew Mace. 

Catherine D. of Sam^ Yetten. 

Richard Yetten Adult. 

Sam^ S. son of Jeffrey Currier. 

Sam^ S. of Sam^ Matthews 

Charles S. of Charles Randle. 

Abigail D. of Robert Down. 

Daniel Randle &)^^^j^^ 

Jos. Dammeril j 

John & Elizti^ S. & D. of Arthur Randle. 

Hannah D. of Rob* Sanders. 

Jn° Barten J 

Mary Neighbour > Adults. 

Margaret Carman ) 

Eliz**^ D. of Francis Neighbour. 

Jn" & Henry S« of Jn^ Pain. 

Ithamar S. of John Mace. 

Benj° S. of Jn° Dammeril. 

Richard S. of Sam^ Currier. 

Ann D. of Rich"^ Currier. 

Sarah D. of W^ Sanderson. 

Benj'^ Dammeril Adult. 

Rachel D. of Jos. Mace. 

Barten S. of Peter & Elizt^^ Robey.} 

[Mr. Tucke leaves a considerable space here without 

Sarah D. of Tho^ Currier. 
Mary D. of Sam^ Currier 
W^ S. of Edward Currier. 
Peter S. of Peter Bragg. 
Joannah D. of Daniel Randle. 
Priscilla D. of Tho« Perkins. 
Welthen D. of Geo. Perkins. 

* The day of the formation of the Church of Gosport. As Mr. Morrill was on Star 
Island at the time, these persons were presumably baptized there. 

fThe day of the formal acknowledgment of the church covenant. It was observed 
as a day of fasting and prayer. Mr. Morrill was still at Gosport. 

X Probably a mistake for Obey (Oby, Obee), as written in other records. 

*1729. June 26*'^ 
t June 29*^ 

1729. Aug«' 10*^ 
1729/30. March 1^* 

1730. April 12*^ 

1730. May 

1731. Oct' 3-1 

1912] Isles of SJioals in the Eighteenth Century 


1731/32. Jan? 30 
1732. April 12'^ 

July 9* 

1728* Dec-^ 1«* 

Jos. S. of Jn° Bickford. 
Mary D. of Jn° Down. 
Ruth D. of Reuben Shapley. 
Sam^ & Jos. S* of Jn° Dammeril. 
Jn° S. of Jos. Mace 
Horten S. of Joseph Mitchel. 
Amos S. of Jn° Pain 
Robert S. of Jn° Mace 
Timothy S. of Dennis Condrey. 
Sarah D. of Tho« Goudey. 
Elias S. of Matthew Voudey. 
Peter S. of Arthur Randle. 
Nicholas S. of Martha Simmons. 
YX\7>^ D. of Geo. Collins. 
Eliz*'> D. of Jos. Hall. 
Susannah D. of Rich*^ Currier. 
Noah S. of Jn° Down. 
Moses S. of Jos. Dammeril. 
Moses S. of Nat^ Adams. 
Francis S. of Thomas Carman. 
Rob^ S. of Charles Miller. 

W™ Muchemore & 

o 1 T7 \ were Receivd to ful Com"^ 

Sam' Emmery ) 

Arthur Randle & his Wife Own'd y® Cov' 

Rebecca Randle | ^^^^ Receivd to ful Com'^ w'^ y« 

M-r/MeTn \ CwasGathen,. 

Dorothy Currier was Receivd to ful Com" 

Mary Mace Wife of Jos. Mace was Receivd to ful 

Eliz*'' Wife of Peter Robeyl Ownd y® Covenant. 

Tho^ Goudey & Sarah his Wife ] ^ i o n t 
^ T\T ^1 c- r Ownd y^ Cov*^ 

& Martha Simmons j -^ 

Jn° Pain & Sarah Currier \ were married June 

Joseph Hall & Mary Merryfield j 29*^ 1729. 

Jn° Clary & Martha Sanderson were married Oct' 

4*'^ 1731. 

A Copy of Baptisms Comen** \sic, covenants was apparently meant] & 

Marriages belonging to the Isle of Sholes as Appears by Rye C^'' Records 

Attest Natl Morril Past"^ of the C^ of Rye. 

1728t June 26 

1729. Sept. 4"^ 

1730. April o*"^ 

April 12'!' 
1732. April 2"^^ 

Other Baptisms at New Castle. 
1709. June. 5. John S of Jn° Frost 

Abraham S. 
Nathi g, 
Anne D. 
Sarah D. 

of Jos. Crocket of Kittery 
P [per] M"^ Gushing. 

* 8 is written over 7. . , . , , 

t As the Churcli of Gosport was formed in 1729 there is evidently a mistake in this 
record. The next names aj^pear among the signers of the Covenant June 26, 1729. 
t That is Obey, as before. 

304 Isles of jShoals in the Eighteenth Century [Oct. 

July- 3. Katlierine D. of Geo Goirdey 

p M^ Wells. 
Sept. 4. W" S. of Fox [sic] of y*^ Slioles 

P IM' Odlin. 

Dec. 11. Abraham S. of Reuben Mace. 

P M'- Pike. 
1710 May. 14 Eliz*^ D. of Tho« Mannering ^ 

Philip S. of Ithamar Frost > Sholes 
Mary D. of Sam^ Frost ) 

W"' S. of Michael Cruse 

P M"" Cushiug. . 
The above mentioned Persons were Baptized at New Castle by y® afore- 
said Ministers (y® Rev*^ M"^ Jn° Emmerson being in Old England) as Ap- 
pears by a Record in y® Hands of y*^ Rev'^ M"" Nat^^ Gookin of Hampton 
He Supplying M"" Emmersons Pulpit during y® said time. 

On page 1 63 begins " A Record of such Persons as have either Own'd 
or Renewed y® Cov"^' before " Mr. Tucke. In the list below those who 
owned the covenant are marked (0), all others being renewals.* 
Sep* 24"' 1732. Francis Combs. 

Feby 18"^ 1732/33. Henry Carter. 
April 8"^ 1733. Martha Cleary. 

Aug®* 12*'^ 1733. Elizabeth Dammeril Wife of Benjamin Dammeril. (0) 

Dece'' 9*'^ 1733. Martha Wife of Capt° Robert Down. 

Dece' 16*^ 1733. Philip Brock (O) & Dorothy His Wife. 

March 3" 1733/34. Mary Swain. 
March 10*^ 1733/34. Agnes Robinson. 
Ocf 27"^ 1734. Mary Robinson. 

March 16*^ 1734/35. Caleb Currier 
May IS*'' 1735. Nath' Rand of Rye, at Rye. 

April 18*^ 1736. Richard Tolpey. 

Aug^* 8* 1736. William Fox 

Nov-^ 28"' 1736. Robert Case well & Martha His Wife. 

Dece"^ 26'^ 1736. Mercy Roberts (O). 

Oct'" 2"^' 1737. Daniel Driskil. 

March 18*^ 1738/39. W^ Kerswell & His Wife. 
April 22"^ 1739. Rachel Varrel. 

June. 17*^ 1739. Robert Dammeril. 

Sept'' 9*'' 1739. Anne Muchamore. 

Nov"" 11*" 1739. Margery Andras. 

Nov"^ 25*" 1739. Jn° Currier & His Wife. 

Jan: 6*" 1739/40. Samuel Grindel & His Wife. 
June. 22"'^ 1740. James Robison & His Wife. 
Ocf^ 19*" 1740. Tobias Allen (0) & His Wife. 

Nov'' 2'"' 1740. W^ Robison & His Wife. 

Augs* 29*" 1741. Sarah Allard Wife of James AUard Jun^ 

Jany 24*" 1741/42. Elizabeth Varrel Wife of Samuel Varrel. 
April 3<i 1743. John Crosbey. (O). 

June. 19*" 1743. John Dammeril. (O). 

July 24*" 1743. James Allard Sen"^ (0). 

Sept"^ 11*" 1743. Ruth Muchamore. 

*Down to Nov. 1739 all renewing the covenant were first written as owning it, 
"Owned" being scratched oflf and "Renewed" written above. 

1912] Isles of Shoals in the Eighteenth Century 305 

Sept'' 18'^ 1743. Samuel Muchamore. 

Sept'' 16''' 1744. Mary Beckman. 

Sept'' 23'^ 1744. Israel Beckman. 

July. 14"^" 1745. Abigail Robison. 

Oct'" G"^" 1745. Abigail White. 

June. 15'^ 1746. Sarah Ward. 

Sepf 6'" 1747. Hannah Brag. 

Sei^f 13'" 1747. Eliz'" StucUey. 

April 3'' 1748. Ehz'^' Shapley. 

Dece' 4'" 1748. Eliz'" Sanderson. (0). 

April. 9'" 1749. Arthur Randel Jun' & Lydia His Wife. 

Oct'' 1^' 1749. Sarah Wife of W" Down Jun^ 

Nov' 26'" 1749. Sarah Wife of Jn" Newton. 

Sepf 16'" 1750. Anne Ellenwood. 

Aug*' 18'" 1751. Elizabeth Horn & Ruth Ayers. 

Sept'" 22"^' 1751. Eliz'" Barter Jun^ 

Oof 27'" 1751. Rebecca Down. 

March. 29'" 1752. Molly, Wife of Nat^ Down, (0). 

May. 17'" 1752. Margery Down. 

July. 15'" 1753. Sarah Bickham. 

Nov' 4"' 1753. Jeremiah Lord. 

Nov'" 9'" 1753. Deborah Carter, before a Few of y*^ C"' in Private. 

Jany 27'" 1754. Elizabeth Lord Jun'. 

Aug^' 11'" 1754, Elizabeth Mace. 

Oct'' 20'" 1754. Rich*^ Currier tertius & His Wife. 

Oct' 27'" 1754. Mary Haly. 

Dece' 1^' 1754. Mary, Wife of Michael Downe. 

May. 11'" 1755. Sarah, Wife of George Sanders. 

July 20'" 1755. Esther Tate. 

April. 11'" 1756. Abigail Chappell. 

July. 18'" 1756. Ambrose Perkins & Elizabeth Downe. 

Aug«' 8'" 1756. Abigail Eliot. 

July. 17th 1757. Abigail Mace. 

Nov' 27'" 1757. Mary Crocket & Elizabeth Pierce. 

Jan^ 1*' 1758. Tamesin Horn. 

Sept'' 3'^' 1758. Anne, Wife of Joseph Currier. 

Nov. 26'" 1758. Widow Rachel Carter. 

Sep'' 30'" 1759. Nanny Shapley. 

July 20'" 1760. Ruth Randal. 

Dece' 21^' 1760. Elizabeth Casswell. 

March. 1^' 1761. Abigail Horn. 

Aug-' 23*^ 1761. Sarah Voudey. 

Oct' 18'" 1761. Rachel Andrass. 

Ocf^ 24'" 1762. Isabella Parsons. 

May 15'" 1763. Elizabeth Randal. 

Sept' 11'" 1763. Anne Downe. 

*Sept'' 4'" 1763 (stc). Lucy Parsons. 

Oct' 30'" 1763. Joanna Allard. 

Nov"^ 13'" 1763. Joanna Casswell. 

June. 10'" 1764. Tabitha Dammerrill. 

July 29'" 1764. Elizabeth Robinson. 

* The entry is misplaced or belated. 

306 Passenger Lists to Atnerica. [Oct. 

May. 12*"^ 1765. Mercy Perkins. 

June. 9^^ 1765, Sarah Avery. 

June. 23*^ 1765. Tamesin Muchmore. 

July 14*^ 1765. Sarah Mace. 

Nov"" 17"" 1765. James Hickey. 

Ocf 5"' 1766. Mercy Downe. 

Dece"" 14*^ 1766. Martha Downe. 

May 24*^ 1767. Sarah, Wife of Edw^ Perkins. 

Aug^* 16*^ 1767. Sarah Randal and Rebecca Kearswell. 

Aug'"- 30''^ 1767. Mary Rugg. 

Sept"^ 27*^ 1767. Anne Kearswell. 

Dece'' 6'^^ 1767. Abigail Beal. 

Jan. 17"^ 1768. Judith Shapley. 

Nov"" 20^^ 1768. Mary, Wife of W™ Sanderson. 

July 30*'' 1769. Patience Varrell. 

Aug''* gth 1769. Tryphena Muchmore 

Aug«* 20*^^ 1769. Elizabeth Randall Jun"^ 

Dece'^ lO*'' 1769. Mary, Wife of Jn« Bragg Jun'f 

Sepf 15*^^ 1771. Mary, Wife of Jn° Varrell Jun'^ 

Jany 19*'' 1772. Dorcas, Wife of Sam' Downe Jun"" 

Sepf 6**^ 1772. Love Perkins. 

Feby 14*" 1773. Joseph Walpey. 


Communicated by Gerald Fothergill of New Wandsworth, London, England 
[Continued from page 32] 

Passengers Engaged to Sail on Board the American Brig Atlantic, 
Robert Askins, Master, burden 196 tons, for Boston. Sworn at Dublin 
19 June 1804. 

Sydenham Davis of Summerhill, Kilkenny, age 20, height 5-2, dark, 

Ralph Morgan of Raheen, Kilkenny, aged 20, height 5-11, sallow, 

Mich' Ryan of Thomastown, Kilkenny, age 22, height 5-7, fair, labourer. 
John O'llara of Kilmurray, Kilkenny, age 31, height 5-3, dark, labourer. 
Hugh Ilefferman of Clonsart, Kings Co., age 22, height 5-6, dark, labourer. 
Walter Madigan of Thomastown, Kilkenny, age 35, height 6, fair, labourer. 
Catherine Madigan of Thomastown, Kilkenny, age 28, his wife. 
And^^ Shorten of Thomastown, Kilkenny, age 21, height 5, dark, labourer. 
Danl Nowlan of Tullow, Carlow, age 21, height 5-10, dark, clerk. 
John Boulger of Dublin, age 36, height 5-5, dark, labourer. 
Catheriue Boulger of Dublin, age 36, his wife. 

Saml Duke of Thomastown, Kilkenny, age 21, height 5-5, dark, labourer. 
Martin Switzer of Navan, Meath, age 28, height 5-10, fair, labourer. 
James Maxwell of Dublin, age 20, height 5-8, dark, labourer. 
William Gorman of Dublin, age 32, height 5-10, dark, clerk. 

Additional Passengers engaged to Sail on Board the Brig Atlantic, 
Robert Askins, Master, for Boston. Sworn 26 June 1804. 

1912] Passenger Lists to Afnericct 307 

"Wm O'Brien of Dublin, age 20, height 5-6, dark, clerk. 

JNIichael Kane of Dublin, age 25, height 5-6, fair, clerk. 

Michael Mallon of Dungannon, Tyrone, age 33, height 5-6, dark, brewer. 

*Henry Bowerman, age 40, height 5-8, fair, Lieut. Novascotia Inf'y. 

Anthony Kearns of Dunleer, Louth, age 23, height 5-7, dark, labourer. 

Andrew Melvin of Bray, 'Wicklow, ;ige 25, height 5-9, dark, clerk. 

Thomas Reynolds of Klena, Longf-^':''!, age 22, height 5-6, fair, clerk. 

List of Passengers for New Ytf k on .he Ship Eagle, Charles Thompson, 
Mastei', sworn at Belfast 4 Aug, lir'~^4. 

Wm Biggem, farmer, Bushmills. His name was sent in by the High 

Sheriff, who does not know his age. 
Alex Beggs, age 30, height 5-9, f-irmer, Ballyroban, pale faced. 
Margt Beggs, age 30, height 5-9, spinstress, Ballyroban, fair faced, his 

Thos Clyde, age 21, height 5~9, warmer, Ballyroban, fair faced. 
Wm McQueen, age 39, height 5-8, farmer, Bangor, pockpitted. 
Jane McQueen, age 36, height 5-2, sjimstress, Bangor, dark colored, his 

Jane Robinson, age 26, height -5-5, spinstress, Belfast, fair faced. 
John Searight, age 30, height 5-9, farmer, Banbridge, fair faced. 
Jane Searight, age 30, height 5-5, spinstres, Banbridge, fair faced. , 
John Henry, age 18, height 5-6, farmer, Banbridge, fair faced. 
Jas Anderson, age 28, height 5-6, farmer, Banbridge, fair faced. 
Tho. JS'orris, age 56, height 5-10, farmer, Belfast, sallow. 
Jas. Warden, age 21, height 5-9, labourer, Randalstown, brown. 
Robt McCroy, age 30, height 5-7, labourer, Randalstown, fair. 
Hu Liddy, age 20, height 5-6, labourer, Randalstown, brown. 
David Bell, age 47, height 5-7, farmer, Banbridge, brown. 
Patience Bell, age 45, height 5-5, spinstress, Banbridge, brown, his wife, 

& their child 

George Bell, age 16, L-^'ght 5-3, Banbridge, brown ) ,, . 

o'o"-^ '' y their sons 

Thos. Bell, age 14, height 5-0, Banbridge, brown ) 

Alex"^ Ellis, age 36, height 5-8, farmer, Ballymena, pitted 

Margt. Ellis, age 30, height 5-6, spinstress, Ballymena, fair faced, his wife 

Jno. Crothers, age 44, height 5-8, farmer, Randalstown, brown 

Laifanny Crothers, aged 32, height 5-4, spinstres, Randalstown, fair, his 

Jenny Crothers, age 68, Randalstown. 

Nanny Acheson, age 21, height 5-4, spinstress, Randalstown, fair 
Jane Wilson, age 30, height 5-5, spinstress, Randalstown, brown, servant 

to Lafanny Carrothers 
Joseph Warden, age 26, height 5-8, farmer, Randalstown, pitted 
James Warden, age 22, height 5-8, farmer, Randalstown, brown. 
Robt. Carrothers, age 35, height 5-S, farmer, Randalstown, brown, brother 

to John Carrothers 
William Carrothers, age 29, height 5-7, farmer, Randalstown, brown, 

brother of John Carrothers 
Eliza Carrol, age 22, height 5-4, spinstress, Randalstown, brown, servant 

to Jenny Carrothers- 

* This line has been crossed out in the MS. 
VOL. LXVI. 20 

308 JVbtes on New Haven Families [Oct. 

Isaiah Young, age 28, height 5-6, farmer, Monaghan, fair. 
Henry Hose, age 25, height 5-7, Merchant, a Citizen of the United States 
ol" America. 


By Donald Lines Jacobus, M.A., of New Haven, Conn. 


1. Richard^ Mansfield, of New Haven, married at St. Mary Archer, 
Exeter, England, 10 Aug. 1G3G, Gillian Drake, and died at New 
Haven 10 Jan. 1665. His widow married secondly Alexander Field, and 

2. Joseph^ Mansfield {Richard^), the elder of his two sons, was born 
about 1638, and died 15 Nov. 1692. He married Mary Potter, 
daughter of William and Frances (Register, vol. 54, p. 24). In 
Mansfield's " Descendants of Kichard and Gillian Mansfield," pub- 
lished in 1885, is a very incomplete account of Joseph's family, 
and it says of his daughters Mary and Elizabeth that they " prob- 
ably died unmarried." An entry in the New Haven County Court 
Records (vol. 1, p. 210), dated 14 June, 1693, mentions Joseph's 
widow Mary and his children, Mary Tirhan, Martha Sperry, Marcy 
Bristow, Silence Wilcocks, Elizabeth Johnson, Comfort Benham, 
Joseph Mansfield, Ebenezer Mansfield, and Japhet Mansfield. 
Children : 

3. i. Mary, 8 b. 6 Apr. 1658. 

ii. Martha, b. 18 Apr. 1660; m. Richard Sperry, b. 20 Jan. 1652, 

d. 1734. 
iii. Mergy, b. 26 July 1662 ; d. after 1734 ; m. John Bristol, b. 4 Sept. 

1659, d. at Newtowu, Conn., abt. 1735. 

4. iv. Silence, b. 24 Oct. 1664. 

V. Elizabeth, b. 20 Sept. 1666; m. Lieut. William Johnson, son of 
William and Sarah (Hall), b. 5 Sept. 1665, d. 1742. William and 
Elizabeth Jolmsou of New Haven, she beLug daughter of Joseph 
Mansfield, dec., acknowledged receipt of their portion from their 
uncle, Nathaniel Potter, Sr., he being brother to then- mother, 
Mary Mansfield, dec. (New Haven Deeds, vol. 5, p. 131, recorded 

vi. Comfort, b. 6 Dec. 1668; m. John Benham, b. 15 Sept. 1664, 
d. 1744. 

vii. John, b. 8 Apr. 1671 ; d. 22 Dec. 1690. 

viii Joseph, b. 27 Dec. 1673; d. 8 Oct. 1739; m. Elizabeth Thomas, 
b. abt. 1677, d. 4 Mar. 1763. 

ix. Ebenezer, b. 6 Feb. 1677 ; d. 3 Aug. 1745 ; m. 20 Apr. 1710, Hannah 
Bassett, who d. 22 Jan. 1766. 

X. Japhet, b. 8 July 1681 ; d. 1745 ; m. 16 Jan. 1703, Hannah Bradley, 
who d. 27 Oct. 1768. 

S. Mary^ Mansfield {Joseph,"^ Richard^) was born 6 Apr. 1658. In 
the County Court record referred to above, her married name is 
given as Tirhan, a variant for Turhand. The only man in the 
vicinity bearing this uncommon name, who could be her husband, 
was Thomas Tirhan of Guilford, Conn., who died in 1696, leaving 

1912] Notes on JVeio Haven Families 309 

a widow Mary and children Henry, Samuel, and Abigail (New 
Haven County Court Records, vol. 1, p. 241). But Mary had been 
married before, as administration on the estate of Henry Wise of 
Guilford, deceased, was granted, 11 June 1684, to his widow Mary 
(County Court Records, vol. 1, p. 147), and in June 1686, there is 
further record of this estate, mentioning the widow Mary, Thomas 
Terhan present husband to the relict, and two children, unnamed 
(County Court Records, vol. 1, p. 160). John Hill of New Haven, 
who was born 10 Jan. 1650, and died 1710, mai'ried for his second 
wife, Aug. 1703, Mary Turhan. Consequently Mary married first 
Henry Wise of Guilford ; secondly Thomas Turhand of Guil- 
ford; and thirdly John Hill of New Haven. In 1712, adminis- 
tration on the estate of Mary Hill of New Haven, deceased, was 
granted to Henry Turhand of Wallingford ; and the estate was 
distributed to her son Henry, daughter Mary wife of Israel Barnes, 
and the heirs of her daughter Sarah Wright, deceased (New Haven 
Probate Records, vol. 4, pp. 55, 89). 
Children by first husband : 

i. Sarah* Wise, m. "Wright. 

ii. Mary Wise, d. after 1756 ; m. 31 Dec. 1707, Israel Barnes of New 
Haven, b. 22 Apr. 1680, d. 1751. 

Children by second husband : 

iii. Henry Turhand, of Wallingford; m. 7 Nov. 1712, Elizabeth 

MerrIxMan, b. 4 May 1693. 
iv. Samuel Turhand, not named in the distribution of his mother's 

V. Abigail Turhand, not named in the distribution of her mother's 


4- Silence^ Mansfield {Joseph,"^ Richard^) was born 24 Oct. 1664. 
The Mansfield Genealogy says she married a Chatfield, and there 
is plenty of evidence to prove that her second husband was a Chat- 
field ; but the County Court record previously mentioned gives 
her name, in 1693, as Wilcocks. The Wilcox and Wilcoxson 
families of Connecticut descend from William Wilcoxson of Strat- 
ford, one of whose sons, Obadiah, settled in East Guilford, and 
died in 1714, leaving widow Silence. The comparative infrequency 
of the name Silence, together with the fact that Silence Mansfield's 
sister Mary married two Guilford men, make it probable that 
Obadiah Wilcoxson was her husband; and furthermore, Oba- 
diah's daughter Jemima married Rev. John Merriman of South- 
ington, and had a grandson Norman Mansfield Merriman, whose 
name helps to substantiate the theory; but the following would 
seem absolute proof. In 1750, Samuel* Mansfield (Ebenezer,^ 
Joseph,^ Richard^) died without issue, and his estate, excepting the 
widow's dower, reverted to his uncles and aunts (of whom Silence 
was one) or their representatives. On 22 May 1753, John Merri- 
man and his wife Jemima of Farmington, and JVIindwell Hill and 
Thankful Norton, widows, of Guilford, deeded to Joel Bradley of 
New Haven one-fifth part of land that was Samuel Mansfield's, 
deceased (New Haven Deeds, vol. 17, p. 358). As Jemima, 
Thankful, and Mindwell were daughters of Obadiah Wilcoxson by 
his wife Silence, and as this deed proves them to be heirs of Samuel 
Mansfield, their mother must have been this Silence Mansfield 

310 Notes on JSfeio Haven Families [Oct, 

whose name in 1693 is given as Wilcocks. She was Obadiah's third 
wife, and considerably younger than he. By his first wife, Mary 
, he probably had Ephraim and Janna (cf. Savage's " Gene- 
alogical Dictionary," and Wilcox's " The Descendants of William 
Wilcoxson," published in 1893) ; and according to Savage, his 

second wife was Lydia . She was Lydia Ailing of New 

Haven, daughter of John and Ellen (Bradley), born 2 Aug. 1656, 
an identification which is proved by the fact that John Ailing, in 
his will of 6 May 1689, names his grandchildren Ebenezer and 
Mary Wilcocks (New Haven Probate Records, vol. 2, p. 80). By 
Lydia, Obadiah had: Mary, born 1676, married Thomas Munson 
of New Haven ; Lydia, born 1678, died young; Obadiah, born 1679, 
died young; Ebenezer, born 1682. By Silence, Obadiah had 
Children : 

i. Timothy* Wilcoxson, b. 15 Nov. 1690 ; d. before his father, with- 
out issue (New Haveu Probate Records, vol. 4, p. 295). 

ii. John Wilcoxson, b. 9 Nov. 1692: d. 1 May 1753; m. U Jan. 1719, 
Deborah Parmelee. 

iii. Joseph Wilcoxson, b. abt. 1694 ; d. 15 July 1770 ; m. 1722, Hannah 


iv. MiNDWELL Wilcoxson, m. 20 Apr, 1714, Daniel Hlll of Guilford. 
V. Jemima Wilcoxson, b. 30 Oct. 1699 ; m. at Walliugford, 24 Feb. 

1726, Rev. John Merriman of Southington, b. 16 Oct. 1691, d. 17 

Feb. 1784. 
vi. Thankful Wilcoxson, b. 4 Apr. 1702; m. 6 Sept. 1722, Samuel 

Norton of Guilford, 
vii. Silence (?) Wilcoxson, for whose existence Savage is authority. 

Samuel^ Munson, son of Samuel- and Martha (Bradley), and grandson 
of Capt. Thomas'^ and Joanna, was born 28 Feb. 1669, resided in Walliug- 
ford, Conn., and died 23 Nov. 1741. According to Munson's "The Mun- 
son Record " (p. 90), his first wife was Martha , who died 7 Jan. 

1707, leaving eight children. The following facts shed some light on this 
lady's identity, which has hitherto remained a mystery. In May 1704, 
administration on the estate of »Samuel Ferns, Sr., of New Haven, deceased, 
was granted to Thomas Sperry. Later in the same year, an agreement 
was made by Thomas Sperie and Sam'^ Munson, sons-in-law to Samuel 
Ferns of New Haven, deceased, providing for the disposal of his estate and 
for the maintenance of Samuel Ferns [Jr.] (New Haven County Court 
Records, vol. 2, pp. 152, 173). Since Samuel Munson's first wife, Martha, 
was living at this time, it seems certain that she was a daughter of Samuel 
Ferns. Her birth and marriage are not recorded in the vital records, 
where we find the births of three of his children : Samuel, Elizabeth, and 
John. As Samuel, Jr., had to be maintained by his brother-in-law, it is 
likely that he was an invalid or an imbecile. Although he was heir to 
some property, he executed no deeds, and there is no probate of his estate. 
Probably it went to Thomas Sperry in return for maintenance. As for 
the son John, he seems to have died in his father's lifetime. In 1705, Widow 
Sackett and her son John were appointed guardians to John, son of John 
Ferns, deceased (New Haven County Court Records, vol. 2, p. 202). On 
26 June 1712, James Ferns, minor child of John Ferns, late resident at 
Woodbury, deceased, chose Serj*^ Samuel Mundson of Wallingford to be 
his guardian (New Haven Probate Records, vol. 4, p. 54). In 1724, on 
the death of James Ferns of Milford, some dispute arose as to whether his 

1912] Diary of Jeremiah Weave, Jr. 311 

estate should go to his uncle, Samuel Ferns of New Haven, or to John 
Olmstead of Norwalk, whose wife was sister of the half blood to the de- 
ceased (New Haven Probate Records, vol. 5, pp. 200, 216). As the court 
decided in favor of the uncle, it is assumed that the estate came from the 
father's side, and that Olmstead's wife was half-sister on the mother's side ; 
and this is substantiated by the Norwalk records, which show that John 
Olmstead's wife was Mary, daughter of Robert Small, " transient, sometime 
of Norwalk." From these facts and conjectures it is possible to construct 
this pedigree of the family : 

1. Samuel^ Ferns, of New Haven, died in 1704. 
Children : 
i. Samuel,* b. 2 July 1663; living in 1724; probably d. uum. 
ii. Elizabeth, b. 7 Dec. 1665; d. 22 Apr. 1718; m. 18 Nov. 1684, 
Thomas Sperry, b. 13 July 1658, d. 1722. 
2. iii. John, b. 3 Mar. 1668. 

iv. Martha, b. abt. 1670 ; d. 7 Jan. 1707 ; m. abt. 1688, Samuel Mun- 
SON of Walliugford, b. 28 Feb. 1669, d. 23 Nov. 1741. 

2. JoHN^ Ferns {SamiieP), born 3 Mar. 1668, died before 1705, and 
probably before his father. He lived at Woodbury, Conn., and 
married the widow of Robert Small, who, by her former husband, 
had a daughter Mary Small, who married, 29 Feb. 1718, John 
Olmstead of Norwalk, Conn. 
Children : 

i. John,' must have d. unm. before his brother, unless his name, 
which appears only in the modern copy of the court records, be a 
clerical error for James. 

ii. James, of Milford, Conn., d. unm. 1724. 


Transcribed by Samuel G. Webber, M.D., of Boston 
[Concluded from page 265J 
[p. 77, cont'd] 

march the 4th 1836 mrs olive Webber the widow to THeodore Departed 
this life aged about 70 years She was troubled many years it was 
thought she died well march 9th 1836 mrs betsey gooden the widow to 
Daniel Departed this life aged about 80 

[p. 78] 

Wednesday the 30th of may 1821 Elder hobs & Elder parcken [Parchen] 
visited us with contempt and had a meeting in the School house on the 31st 
& mrs Lucy Weare being present she said she heard Elder hobs say he 
rejected the people that was with Elder Applebee again & again Repeated 
the word regect a number of time it may be that Elder hobs were ignorant 
of the people that were with Elder epplebee by name of apostolical baptist 
more than ten years 

A D 1836 may the 8th mr Norton Philips departed this life said to be 
aged about 83 he was a soldier with me gen Weare in the year 1776 

312 Diary of Jeremiah Weare, Jr. [Oct. 

during that whole year and was a mess mate and when one of us was sick 
the other took care of him we lived in great harmony with out crossing 
one word as I remember I am the last that is living of the mess — now 
this is sixty years mr. Philips it was said was converted about twenty 
years ago and died a christian, mr Roberson tended his funeral June 28th 
1836 mrs Mary Sevey the wife of Elikam Sevey he was her fifth husband 
her maden name was mary Brown her first husband wakefield 2nd wash - 
man 3d mr Joseph Persons 4th Daniel Crosby aged about -7 Departed 
this life aged about 70 march A D 1828 mr Samuel Webber Departed 
this life aged about 70 years mr francis L. Staples departed this life aged 
about 57(?) in march A D 1838 

[p. 80] 

April 12th 1824 William Weare Broke his leg — he laid on bed until 
12th of may then he could Bare no wait on neither foot he had 2 watches 
for 35 days January 25th 1837 — Extraordinary Night wonders seen in 
the horizon pillors of smoke Red like Blood from the north west to the 
East around the Western bord to the East its appearance was about four 
or five hours A D 1838 June the widow Simpson of gorge Departed this 
life aged 95 Anne Clarke the widow of Samuel Departed this life aged 
87 July A D 1838 Betsey gooden the wife of Daniel gooden She being 
the mother of eight sons Died happy in the Lord A D 1838 September 
25th Stover perkins Departed this life November the 8th ] 838 the widow 
mrs Hutchins departed this life aged 78 years the widow of Enoch She 
Professed religion 30 years 

[p. 81] 

on the 4th Day of November 1827 Moses Weare was taken with the 
Cramps in his stomach and died the Seventh was on the 9th his remains 
were in tomb No 23 Stone Chaple Burying Ground — aged thirty seven 
years the tenth Day of March last — he left a wife and two children gorge 
and Coorline in Boston the place of his residence AD 1836 December 
about about the 1 6th with the dropsy and gravil complaint Sent for Doctor 
moor about the 20th of sd month the 20th of sd month he could do him no 
good September 13th 1846* Lucy Weare Departed this Life aged She 
was born April 10th 1754 

[p. 82] 

Oct 18th 1849t Charles Weare Departed this life October 19th 1849 
Sarah Littlefield Departed this life October 28th 1849 Hannah adams the 
wife of Samuel Adams Departed this life July the 5 1858 Jeremiah Weare 
Departed this life 

[p. 83] 

Aug 185 [8] Ebenezer Littlefield 

[p. 84] 

September 1849 John perkins Departed this life March 9th 1850 
Samuel perkins Departed this life Febu 1850 Francis Staples house was 
burnt May the 16th 1860 Samuel Sawyer Departed this life 

[p. 85] " 

the children of Jeremiah Weare who was Born march 28th 1729 and 
Sarah his wife who was the Daughter of Joseph Preble She was born 
about the year 1731 it was said her first child Died when Born a son 

* This in a different hand. 

t This and pages 83-84 are in a different hand. 

1912] Diary of Jeremiah Weare, Jr. 313 

the 2nd was Jeremiah Born June 3d 1757 — the 3th theodore Born Sept 
7th 1759 — the 4th mary may 20th 1762 = the 5th timothy 1764 Aug 4th = 
the 6th John June 29th 'l766 7th Samuel Born June 7th 1768 8th Sarah 
Born Sept 28th 1770 9th mary Born Sept 26th 1773 

the chiklren of William weare and Sarah his wife the Dau!T;hter of 
theodore Weare their first child Died about 2nd Steven Born Sept 29th 

1817 3d Narcissus Born Feb 25th 1820 4th Hannah ann Born Dec 8th 
1821 5 Henrietta December 5th 1823 6 theodosia Born Jan 21 1826 7th 
a son william born march 21. 1828 8th a son Born on sabbath evening 
about ten o clock on the 27 1829 September Jeremiah Bradbury De- 
cember 23 1832 the 9 child a son Isaiah November the 6th 1834 the tenth 
child a son named Alexander February 24th 1837 the eleventh child a 
son — Named George Moses 

[p. 87] 

June 3d 1818 Jer^ Weare Juner Rode to Berwick in Chase Delivered 
his Declaration of the Revolutionary war before Judge Green he received 
the same Nov 16th 1830 I sent a pition July 23d"l832 I rode to kene- 
bunk Barnabus Parlmer Esq maid out my declaration of my serving in 
the revolutionary war Judge Ware adminis June 15th 1833 I received 
$126 paid Esq Parlmer $15 — william weare 81 — paid Esq wilson H 
Seaver $109 — Sept 1833 Esq mcintire Did my business I received about 
$30 march 1834 Esq Mc intire did my business I received about $30 

[p. 88] 

Sept 1834 Alexander Mc intire Esq Did my business for to draw my 
Pinson about $30-00 March 1 835 Esq mc intire did my business — $30-00 
September 1835 Esq mc intire did my business about 30-00 March 1836 
Charles Emerson Esq did my Business about $30-41 Sept 10th 1836 
Esq mc intire did my business Esq Joseph tompson got my money and 
brought it to sd weare $31-16 March 7th 1837 Esq mc intire Did my 
business I received $30-00 September 1837 Esq mc intire did my busi- 
ness Joseph tompson Esq got my money about 31-00 March A D 1838 
Esq mc intire did my business 30-00 

[p. 89] 

A D 1821 Jeremiah Weare Departed this life aged 92 he was born 
march 28th 1729 the son of Joseph & his mother Mary Webber She lived 
with sd Joseph Weare 50 years save seven Days died with the small pox 
in the year of 1778 Said Joseph died 1791 Said Jeremiah wife name 
was Sarah preble the daughter of Joseph she died in may 1801 Decem- 
ber 12th 1833 — I — Jeremiah Weare was taken very sick but got better 
in about 2 week December 28 1833 Lucy Weare the wife of sd Jeremiah 
was taken sick hurt her side and was very sick all most all winter She 
travels no more from house to house nor from village to village warning 
the people to flee from the wrath to come A D 1809 mr[s] Lucy Weare 
first traviled out and continued travilling and warning the people tell Dec 
28 1833 

[p. 90] 

May 19th 1819 Josiah Webber the son of samuell an aprentice to Jerh 
Weare Jun Deserted his master January 31st 1826 tuesday this day is 
said to be three degrees Colder than Ever could be remembered A D 
1827 a very cold winter and on comon deep snow — a very forward Spring 
a very great rain on the 24th of april caried away mr chase Cotton Dam 

314 Diary of Jeremiah Weare, Jr. [Oct. 

fulling mill, coin Samuel Webbers grls mill and fulling mill — broke the 
old mill Dam, and mr Nortons mill Dam, and carried away all the bridges 
on the river and a great part of them were carried into the sea and Na- 
thaniel Webbers Carding mill 

[p. 91] 

Jere Weare September 4th 1819 I gave Jeremiah Bradbury Esq power 
to Receive my pinshon for me. Left with him my Certificate and power 
in presence of Alexander Mc Intire after this said Bradbury Returned 
without the money the papers not being legial then fillt the papees Right 
which papers must appear that I was alive after the 4 of Sept 1819 on 
the 1st of October Received my pinchon to the 4th of September $120-53 

[p. 92] 

June 3d 1818 .Jereh Weare Jun went to Berwick and Left his Declara- 
tion with .Judge Green and made Conformation that he Needed his pinchon 
July 8th 1818 said Weare went to Berwick and proved his declaration — 
Witnesses David cane & Joseph hilton April 21st 1819 the Hon Judge 
green told me he had received my Certificate for my pinchon Which is to 
commence on the 3d of June 1818 annually first payment to be September 
4th 1819 Sept 4 th 1819 I made oath to my certificate that I was the 
person Befoi-e Alexan Mc Intire Acknowledged the same 

[p. 93] 

A D 1830 Feb the 6th Meriam Webber the daughter of David Webber 
Departed this Life May 18-1830 William Stover Departed this life 
July 8th 1830 Martha ann Freeman living about 12 years old Departed 
this life by thunder in the school house between 12 & one oclock the 
thunder & lightening on this Day was very shocking Nov 2nd 1830 mr 
John Trafton Departed this life aged 42 he was one that loved the lord 
and tried to keep his commands he left a wife & — 6 — children a great 
loos indeed Nov 6th 1830 James bragdon Departed this life one of the 
silect men of the town left a wife & — 6 — childi-en 

[p. 94] 

Spring 1816 cold & backward May 31st a frost night kills corn June 
6th 7th 8th 9th 10th these Days are colder than can be rembered by the 
oldest people for the season a frost 8th 9th 10th kills corn beens pumkins 
&c on the 15th the apple trees are mostly out of bloom yet their are 
some apple trees that appear in their bloom on the 17th the ground much 
killed with the winter their is not more than good feed in the in the fields 
on the 17th Some snow on the 6th the 18th pleasant rain 19th clear of 
warm the first summer weather 20th the trees just clear of their Blossoms 
We have the account of the snow on the 6th here a little None to lay very 
cold on common cold Never the like Remebered by the oldest people 

[p. 95] _ _ 

on the 6th of June 1816 the snow I mentioned we have the lierticular 
account in public print in the back contary 50 or 60 or 70 miles North it 
snowed the 7th 8th 9th the snow was 12 inches when held up the snow 
lays on the ground or mountains 3 days the ground is said to be frozen 3 
inches in the Back contary this cold seems to chill Every growing thing 
on the earth about the 20th the things begins to revive part of July very 
Dry but some warm Weather august the first part very warm the 1 2th 
the corn Begins to Band out very warm tell the 21st at night a frost kills 
potatoes on swampy ground may about half crop English grain very good 
on lomy land — corn backward cut by frost 

1912] Descendants of Joel Jenkins 315 

[p. 96] 

Nov 1816 hay $18-00 ton corn $1.67 bushel January 1817 corn $2.00 
open wether tell aboue loth Feb very cold — the 14th colder than had 
been for 37 years viz sence 1780 by the glasses December 1818 warm & 
pleasant about 6 inches of snow all went of January 1819 about 2 inches 
of snow all went of warm & pleasant all the month february a fue inches 
of snow warm and pleasant it is said there has not been so warm march 
the. 8th comes a snow about 12 inches very high wind on the 15th comes 
snow & on the 16th said to be Between 2 «fe 3 feet on the 17th all the 
Roads are filled with snow Feb 8th 1852 Betsey Littlefield died 

[p. 97] 

July 15 th 1817 the President of the united States mr monro passed by 
bound East accompanied with militia officers & troops in uniform about one 
hundred Lucy Weare & mercy mack Saluted them with a hymn called 
the millinium December 12th 1833 1 was taken sick December 28th 1833 
mrs Weare was taken sick and remained sick now it is the 24 of march 
Mrs Lucy Weare began to Departed this life January* the sixteenth 1848 
William Weare aged 65 June 2 1853 Rufus Weare Departed this Life 


[Concluded from page 273] 
By C. Harold Floyd, S.B., LL.B., A.M., of New York, N. Y. 

12. Nathaniel* Jenkins {Nathaniel,'^ Lemuel,"^ Joel'^), horn at Maiden 
4 May 1721, died 19 Mar. 1776. He married, 1 May 1746, Abi- 
gail Baldwin, born about 1720, died 17 Nov. (gravestone, 17 
Oct.) 1779, daughter of Joseph and Sarah of Maiden. In early life 
he was a shoemaker, but being of feeble constitution and unable to 
stand the work, the selectmen induced him to become the Maiden 
schoolmaster. After a year of study under the Rev. Mr. Emerson, 
in 1781 he reluctantly entered upon his new duties, and continued 
in the position until his death. He seems to have had a natural 
aptitude for this work, but his strict discipline and ready rod were 
remembered long after he had passed away. He also was town 
clerk. A sketch of his life is given in Corey's History of Maiden, 
page 625. (See also Drake's Middlesex County, vol. 2, page 120.) 
Administration on his estate was granted 2 Sept. 1776, to Jonathan 
Portei", gent. ; and on 1 Dec. 1784, Samuel Waite was appointed 
administrator de bonis non. His sons appear to have removed from 
Maiden, and one, at least, went to New York State. 
Children : 

i. Nathaniel,^ b. 21 Aug. 1750. 

ii. Samuel, b. 12 Dec. 1751. 

iii. Sakah, b. 25 Aug. 1754. 

iv. Abigail, b. 9 Mar. 1756. 

V. Phebe, b. 30 July 1757; d. 1 Feb. 1826; m. 24 Oct. 1776, Jacob 
Pratt of Maiden, b. abt. 1754, d. 22 May 1844. CliUdren : 1. Phebe, 
b. 30 Apr. 1777. 2. Abigail, b. 16 Aug. 1778. 3. Thomas, b. 23 

* In another hand. 

316 Descendants of Joel Jenkins [Oct. 

Jan. 1780. 4. Jacoh, b. 14 May 1781. 6. Ohad, b. 5 June 1782. 
6. William, b. 12 Sept. 1783. 7. Nathaniel, b. 29 Jan. 1785. 8. 
Abigail, h. 15 June 1786; d. Oct. 1791. 9. Adoniram, b. 22 Jan. 
1788. 10. Sarah, b. 29 July 1789. 11. Mary, b. 21 Oct. 1790; 
d. 12 Oct. 1837. 12. Abigail, b. 10 Mar. 1792. 13. Asa, b. 1 Mar. 
1794. 14. Jesse, b. 6 Jan. 1798; d. 25 Jan. 1798. 15. Elijah, b. 5 
Mar. 1800. 16. Lydia, b. 22 July 1802. 

vi. Obadiah, b. 21 Dec. 1758; served in the Revolution in Capt. Naler 
Hatch's Compan}\ for eight months in 1775 ; served in Rhode 
Island, May to July, 1777; enlisted " for the war" 21 Dec. 1779, 
and served in the light company of the 8th Mass. Regt. 

vii. William, b. 6 Sept. 1761. 

viii. Enoch, b. 16 Aug., abt. 1763 ; d. at Java, N. Y., 5 Jan. 1846 ; served 
in the Revolution, enlisting in 1777 at the age of 14, and again 
"for the war" 21 Dec. 1779. On one occasion he attracted the 
attention of Baron Steuben, who warmly commended him for his 
soldierly bearing. (For an interesting account of the episode, see 
Gen. La Fayette's Memoirs (Hartford, 1825), p. 164, quoted in 
Corey's Hist, of Maiden, p. 819.) 

13. Thomas^ Jenkins {Nathaniel,^ Lemuel,'^ Joel ^), born at Maiden 6 June 

1727, married, 5 Apr. 1753, Jemima Smith, born in 1726, daughter 
of Abraham and Elizabeth (Pierce) of Reading. He resided at 
Maiden, and later at Reading, and was possibly the Thomas who 
was lost on the armed brigantine Massachusetts in 1778. It is 
difficult to distinguish him from another of the same name who 
came from Boston and appears at least once on the Maiden I'ecords. 
Children : 

i. Jemima,* b. 27 Jan. 1754. 
ii. Thomas, b. 31 May 1755. 
iii. Stephen, b. 20 Feb. 1757. 

14. Lemuel* Jenkins {Nathaniel,^ Lemuel,^ Joel}), born at Maiden 12 

June 1736, died at Townsend, Mass., 14 Sept. 1798 (gravestone, 
aged 63). He married, 20 Dec. 1757, Sarah Wesson of Read- 
ing, who died at Townsend 28 Feb. 1807, aged 79. He removed 
from Maiden to Reading previous to his marriage. He was a joiner 
by occupation, and a soldier in Capt. Eaton's Troop in the French 
and Indian War. On 12 Dec. 1766, while a resident of Reading, 
he joined William Wesson of Billerica in the purchase of land at 
Townsend, where he afterwards resided. In his will, dated 1 June 
and proved 16 Oct. 1798, he mentions wife Sarah, sons Lemuel 
and Samuel, and daughters Sarah Knight, Ruth Walker, and Susan- 
na Jenkins. 

Children, the first five born at Reading, the others at To\vnsend : 

i. Sarah,* b. 9 Oct. 1758; m. 18 Feb. 1796, Edward Knight of Wor- 

ii. Elizabeth, b. 18 Jan. 1761 ; d. 27 Sept. 1784. 

iii. Ruth, b. 11 Jan. 1763 ; m. 25 May 1791, Joseph Walker of Ashby. 

iv. Susanna, b. 6 May 1765 ; m. 7 Mar. 1805, Jonathan Hold of Town- 

21. V. Lemuel, b. 19 Feb. 1767. 

22. vi. Samuel, b. 11 Aug. 1769. 

vii. John, b. 13 Dec. 1773; d. 16 Sept. 1777. 

15. John* Jenkins {Nathaniel,^ Lemuel,^ Joel}), born at Maiden 30 July 

1740, died 2 Mar. 1809. He married, 27 Mar. 1765, Hannah 
Monk of Lynn, who died 21 Oct. 1828, aged 87. He resided at 
Maiden, was in the company of Capt. Thomas Cheever at Fort 

1912] Descendants of Joel Jenhins 317 

Cumberland, Mar, 1759 to Nov. 1760, and served in the companies 
oi Capt. Blaney and Capt. Dana in the Revolution. He was also 
on the Committee of Correspondence, 1779-80. 
Child : 

23. i. JoHN,^ b. 13 Jan. 1766. 

16. Joseph* Jenkins {Joseph,^ Lemuel,^ JoeP), born at Maiden 29 Mar. 

1732, died there 18 Dec. (gravestone, 9 Dec.) 1797. He married, 
28 Mar. 1779, Phebe Newhall, born about 1748, died 19 Jan. 
1814, who married secondly, 6 Mar. 1800, Jabez Lynde of Mai- 
den. He resided at Maiden, and served in the Revolution on the Lex- 
ington Alarm in 1775, with Capt. Blaney at Point Shirley in 1776, 
and afterwards in the lines at Boston. 

Child : 
i. Nancy,* b. 4 Nov. 1779 ; d. 29 June 1812 ; m. 30 Jan. 1798, John 
Lynde of Maiden. Children: 1. JoJui, b. 4 Mar. 1799. 2. Jo- 
seph, b. 27 Sept 1800. 3. Nancy, b. 12 July 1802. 4. Jacob Per- 
kins, b. 10 Sept. 1804. 5. Amos Porter, b. 26 Oct. 1806. 6. Wil- 
liam, b. 13 Sept. 1808. 7. Mary, b. 15 Dec. 1811. 

17. Samuel* Jenkins (Joel,^ Obadiah,^ JoeJ}), born at Reading in 1709 

(Eaton's History of Reading), was buried there 9 Mar. 1787, aged 

78. He married Rebecca , who was buried 5 Dec. 1789, 

aged about 71. He was called of Andover in 1745, when he bought 
a part of Peter Osgood's farm in that town, and again in 1750 and 
1756 when he joined with his brothers and sisters, "heirs to our 
hon'd Father Joel Jenkins " of Wilmington, in the sale of land at 
Wilmington and Chelsea. He was a husbandman or yeoman. In 
his will, dated 12 Oct. 1785, proved 2 Apr. 1787, he mentions his 
wife Rebekah, sons Joel and Benjamin, the children of his deceased 
son Samuel, daughter Lydia, the children of his daughter Mary 
Jones, and his grandson Samuel. 

Children : - , 

24. i. Samuel,^ b. 20 Sept. 1743. 
ii. Kebekah, b. 5 Jan. 1744/5. 

iii. Lydia, b. 9 Nov. 1746; m. 17 Oct. 1765, Josiah Blanchaed, Jr. 
iv. A daughter, b. 26 Mar. 1748. 

V. Mary (possibly the above) , m. Jones. 

vi. Joel, b. 29 Apr. 1751 ; d. 24 Sept. 1753. 

vii. Benjamin, b. 15 Aug. 1752 (recorded " Ginkins") ; d. 26 Sept. 1753. 

25. viii. Joel, b. 4 June 1754. 

26. ix. Benjamin, b. 7 Dec. 1756. 

18. Obadiah* Jenkins {Joel,^ Obadiah,'^ Joel}), baptized at Reading 

(Wakefield Church records) 8 June 1718, married Lydia . 

In a deed dated 1754 he is called of Wilmington, but was living at 
Groton in 1756, when he joined with the other heirs of his father in 
the sale of land at Chelsea. On the day of the Battle of Lexington 
he turned out with four of his sons, in Capt. Farwell's Company of 
Col. Prescott's Regiment. He is styled yeoman in deeds. 

Children, the first seven born at Wilmington, the others at 
Groton : 

i. Obadiah,* b. 19 May 1739 ; d. young. 

ii. Lydia, b. 6 Sept. 1741 ; d. 5 July 1829 ; m. 26 May 1760, Joseph Saw- 
TELLE of Groton, b. abt. 1738, d. Mar. 1822. Children : 1. Zacha- 
riah, b. 26 Feb. 1761. 2. Joseph, b. 8 May 1764. 3. Jesse, b. 29 
Feb. 1767. 4. Lydia, b. 18 Feb. 1773. 

318 Descendants of Joel Jenhins [Oct. 

iii. Elizabeth, b. 28 Mar. 1744. 

iv. Susanna, b. 20 Aug. 1746 ; m. 6 Jan. 1767, James Adams. 

V. Maky, b. 15 July 1749. 

vi. Obadiah, b. 14 May 1751 ; m. 28 Jan. 1773, Lucy Parker; a soldier 
in the Revolution, serving in Capt. Farwell's Company on the Lex- 
ington Alarm, at Bunker Hill, and in other companies elsewhere; 
removed to Stoddard, N. H. 

vii. JoxATH.^N, b. 5 July 1753; served in Capt. Farwell's Company from 
the Lexington Alarm until the Battle of Bunker Hill, where he was 
killed 17 June 1775 ; recorded on one of the bronze tablets in 
Wiuthrop Square, Charlestown, erected in memory of those killed 
in the battle. 

viii. Joel, b. 12 Sept. 1756; served with his brothers in Capt. Farwell's 
Company, as flfer. 

ix. David, b. 4 Mar. 1758 ; served in the Revolution in Capt. Farwell's 
and other companies. The pension rolls give David Jenkins, aged 
82 in 1840, of Stoddard, N. H. 

X. Lemuel, b. 1 Aug. 1763; probably served in the Revolution; un- 
doubtedly the Lemiael Jenkins taxed at Stoddard, N. H., in 1784, 
but apparently soon removed from that town. The pension rolls 
give Lemuel Jenkins, aged 76 in 1840, of Clinton, Kennebec Coun- 
ty, Maine. 

19. Joseph* Jenkins {Joel,^ Obadiah,^ Joel^), born at Reading 17 Mar. 
1725, died 8 Jan. 1808. He married, 16 Nov. 1749, Sarah 
Barron, born in 1726, died 7 Mar. 1810, daughter of Timothy and 
Hannah of Westford. He inherited hand in Mahlen from his uncle 
Obadiah Jenkins, which he sold to E. Willis by deed dated 12 Apr. 
1768, is called yeoman in the many deeds in which he was a party, 
resided at Wilmington, and was a soldier in the Revolution. In 
his will, dated 3 Aug. 1805, proved 26 Apr. 1808, he mentions his 
wife Sarah ; three sons Joel, Joseph, and Benjamin, who were to 
have all the real estate, except that Benjamin was to have only a 
life interest in his share, with remainder to " his legal heirs " ; 
daughters Mary wife of William Hathorne, Sarah wife of Joel 
Carter, Lydia wife of Ebenezer Beard, Dorotha wife of John 
Foster, and Elizabeth wife of Joseph Peabody ; and grandson Jesse 
Butters, son of his daughter Rebecca. To his son-in-law Caleb Eames 
he gave one dollar " as an acknowledgment of the connection that 
once subsisted between him & my family." 
Children : 

• i. Mary,* b. 29 Nov. 1751 ; m. 30 Mar. 1780, Wllliam Hathorne of 

ii. Sarah, b. 10 Apr. 1753; m. 26 Dec. 1771, her cousin Joel Carter, 

b. 28 Apr. 1749, son of Joel and Lydia (Jenkins) Carter (no. 9, ix, 

3). Children: 1. Joel, b. 7 Apr. 1774. 2. Sarah, b. 17 May 1776. 

3. Lydia, b. 5 July 1778. 4. Dolly, b. 9 Jan. 1781. 5. Joseph, b. 

25 Jan. 1783. 6. Hannah, b. 22 Apr. 1785. 7. William, b. 18 Apr. 

1787. 8. Behecca, b. 14 May 1789. 9. Amaziah, b. 15 Feb. 1792. 

10. Mary, b. 20 Apr. 1796. "ll. James, b. 15 Dec. 1797. 
iii. Lydia, b. 11 July 1754; m. 26 Sept. 1782, Ebenezer Beard, Jr., of 

Wilmington, b. 12 Feb. 1752. Children: 1. Abigail, b. 16 Oct. 

1783. 2. Ebenezer, b. 2 Mar. 1785. 
iv. Dorothy, b. 14 Dec. 1755; m. 15 June 1775, John Foster of Read- 
27. V. Joel, b. 23 Sept. 1757. 

vi. Rebecca, b. 12 Aug. 1759; d. 10 June 1762. 

vii. Joseph, b. 5 Apr. 1761 ; a soldier in the Revolution. 

viii. Rebecca, b. 28 Dec. 1762 ; d. 1784 ; m. 1782, Lieut. Jesse Butters 

of Wilmmgton, b. 21 Nov. 1761. Child : Jesse, b. 9 Sept. 1783. 

1912] Descendants of Joel Jenkins 319 

ix. Hannah, b. 20 May 1764; m. 22 Nov. 1792, Caleb Eames, Jr., of 
Wilmington, and probably d. soon, as he appears to have m. again 
before 1797. 
s. Elizabeth, b. 13 Dec. 1765; m. 17 Nov. 1796, Joseph Peaboby. 
28. xi. BenJxUiin, b. 1 Nov. 1767. 

20. EzEKiEL^ Jenkins {EzeMel* Ezeldel^ Lemuel^" JoeF), born at Maiden 

17 Oct. 1736, married, 11 June 1762, Margaret Floyd, born 27 
Apr. 1737, daughter of Daniel and Margaret (Jenkins) (no. 6, i, 4) 
of Maiden. He lived at Maiden, was a soldier in the Revolution, 
and died before 27 Sept. 1783, as he is mentioned as being deceased 
in his father's will of that date. His children, viz. : Margaret wife 
of Robert Oliver, Mary wife of Joseph Rand, Lois Jenkins, and 
Susanna Jenkins, claimed to be heirs of their aunt Margaret Jen- 
kins, in 1792 (Middlesex Co. Deeds, vol. 115, p. 2-48). His widow, 
Margaret, was living as late as 12 July 1805. 
Children : 

i. Margaret,^ b. 25 Apr, 1763 ; m. 28 Nov. 1783, Robert Oliver. 

ii, Mary, b. 25 July 1765 ; m, 11 Jan, 1787, Joseph Rand of Medford. 

iii. Lois, b. 2 Aug. 1767 : m. 2 Aug. 1797, Benjamin Hovey. 

iv. Ezra, b. abt. 1770; d. 30 Oct. 1773. 

V, Susanna, b. 31 May 1773. 

vi. Elizabeth, b. 2 July 1775 ; d. young. 

21. Lemuel^ Jenkins {Lemuel,'^ Nathaniel,^ Lemuel,'^ JoeF), born at Read- 

ing 19 Feb. 1767, married. Mar. 1798, Rebecca Tainter of 
Leominster. He removed with his father to Townsend, where he 
was a yeoman. 

Children, born at Townsend : 

i. PoLLY,s b. Oct. 1800 ; probably d. 30 Nov. 1841. 
ii. Palmer, b. 8. Dec. 1803. 

22. Samuel® Jenkins {Lemuel,^ Nathaniel^ Lemuel^- Joel'^), born at 

Townsend 11 Aug. 1769, died there 1 Dec. 1852. He married, 14 
Feb. 1792, Elizabeth Sanders of Townsend, who died 6 Apr. 
1859, aged 86 years, 5 mouths. He resided all his life at Townsend, 
judging from the records. 
Children : 

i, Elizabeth," b. 2 Sept. 1792. 

ii, Samuel, b. 14 Oct. 1795. 

iii. Sally, b. 1 Aug. 1797 ; d. 6 Nov. 1800, 

iv. John, b. 10 Apr. 1799. 

V. S.\XLY, b. 20 Mar. 1801. 

vi, Asa, b. 23 Oct. 1803. 

vii. Joel, b. 24 Dec. 1807. 

viii. Mary, b. 26 Nov. 1809. 

^. JOHN^ Jenkins (John,^ Hat/utni'el,^ LenmeJ,- Joel '^), horn at Maiden 
13 Jan. 1766, married, 9 Apr. 1789, Elizabeth Smith. He sold 
land at Maiden 30 May 1812, the deed describing him as son and 
sole heir of John Jenkins of Maiden, His father's widow, Hannah, 
and his own wife, Elizabeth, released all rights in this property. 
He was possibly identical with Dea, John Jenkins of Maiden, " a 
worthy and pious member of the Baptist church," who died 26 Dec. 
1828, aged 53, leaving as his widow and sole heirs Elizabeth Jen- 
kins, Elizabeth Waitt, and Ezra Waitt, 2nd. The age given, how- 
ever, does not correspond with his birth record, but neither does it 

320 Descendants of Joel Jenkins [Oct. 

correspond with that of any other John Jenkins so far discovered, 

and is possibly a mistake. 

Child : 
i. Bktsey,« b. abt. 1792 ; d. 26 Mar. 1797, aged 5. 
ii. Elizabeth (possibly), m. 27 Apr. 1815, Ezra Wait, Jr. 

24. Samuel^ Jenkins {Samuel,^ Joel^ Ohadiah,'^ Joel'^), born 20 Sept. 

1743, married, 3 Jan. 1766, Anna Upton, born 20 Apr. 1746, 
buried 14 May 1806 (age given as 62), daughter of Ebenezer and 
Sarah (Goodell) of North Reading (see Upton Genealogy, p. 73). 
He served in the Revolution as Sergeant and 2nd Lieutenant in an 
Andover Company, and was undoubtedly the " Lt. Jenkins " who, 
according to the Andover South Parish Church records,* was buried 
at Reading in 1777. He resided in Andover South Parish, and in 
his father's will, dated 12 Oct. 1785, was mentioned as deceased. 
Children : 

i. Anna,« b. 17 Dec. 1766; m. 17 Dec. 1789, Joseph Batchelder of 

ii. Molly, b. 23 July 1768; d. 22 Jan. 1853; m. 29 May 1788, Abiel 

Upton of Andover, b. 20 Oct. 1755. d. 15 Aug. 1831, 
iii. Sarah, b. 21 Oct. 1770; d. 21 Apr. 1847. 
iv. Rebecca, b. 23 Feb. 1773. 
V. Samuel, b. 3 Jan. 1775. 
vi. Elizabeth, b. 23 Jan. 1777; m. 14 Jan. 1802, Amos Blanchard, Jr. 

25. JoEL^ Jenkins (Samuel,^ Joel^ Ohadiah^ Joel^), born at Andover 4 

June 1754, married, 12 Dec. 1776, Martha Carter of Wilming- 
ton. He was a private in Capt. Henry Abbot's Company which 
marched on the Lexington Alarm in 1775, and saw other Revolu- 
tionary service later. He lived at Andover, near the Reading (now 
North Reading) line, and part of his homestead was in the latter 

Children, recorded as of Joel and Patty : 

1. Patty,« b. 26 June 1777; d. 10 Dec. 1836; m. 29 Mar. 1798, Jacob 

Burt of Wilmington, 
ii. Nabby, b. 26 Nov. 1778 ; m. 29 Nov. 1798, William Lambert Kiddeb 

of Reading, who d. 8 Jan. 1824, aged 54. 
iii. Joel, b. 23 Oct. 1780 ; m. 3 Jan. 1806, Fhebe Gray. 
iv. Jonathan, b. 4 June 1782 ; m. (int. rec. 9 Jan. 1808) Rebecca Pratt 

of Reading. 
V. Lydia, b. 2 Nov. 1783 ; m. (int. rec, 24 May 1812) Cornelius Gould 

of Boxford. 

vi. Micah, b. 26 July 1786 ; m. Betsey . 

vii. Hannah, b. 3 (bapt. 1 Oct.) 1787; m. 4 Oct. 1807, Jacob Jones, 

viii. Nathan, b. 7 Oct, 1789. 
ix. Polly, b. 24 Apr. 1791. 
X. Eliab, b. 11 Jan. 1793. 

26 Benjamin^ Jenkins {Samuel* Joel^ Obadiah,^ Joel^), born at Andover 
7 Dec, 1756, married first, 11 Feb. 1779, Peggy Flint, born 
about 1760, died 21 Mar. 1804, daughter of Lieut. Benjamin and 
Peggy (Sawyer) of North Reading; and married secondly, 19 Nov. 
1805, widow Sarah Thompson of Charlestown. He is called 

*The Andover branch of the Jenkins family appears to have lived close by the 
Reading (now North Reading) line. Several of the family were baptized in theNorth 
Reading church, and the burials recorded as at Reading probably took place in this 

1912] Descendants of Joel Jenkins 321 

Captain, Colonel, and gentleman in the records, resided at Andover, 
and died there (being found dead in his bed) 12 Sept. 1834. In 
his will, dated 25 Dec. 1818, proved 21 Oct. 1834, he mentions his 
wife Sally, and sons Benjamin, Samuel, and William. 
Children by first wife : 

i. Benjamin,* b. 4 Apr. 1786; d. 2 May 1835; m. (1) 1 Dec. 1808, Na- 
omi Kendall Cakter of Wilmington, who d. 10 Feb. 1821, aged 
32 ; m. (2) 27 Sept. 1821, Elizabeth Berry of Andover, who 
survived him. 

ii. Samuel, b. 4 June 1790. 

iii. William, b. 30 Jime 1795 ; m. 21 May 1818, Polly S. Farnum of 

27. Joel* Jenkins {Joseph,'^ Joel^ Ohadiah^ Joel}), born at Wilmington 
23 Sept. 1757, married first, 13 June 1784, Elizabeth Walker, 
born 15 Feb. 1763, died 3 May 1813, daughter of Timothy and 
Eunice of Wilmington ; and married secondly, 2 Aug. 1814, Dor- 
othy Morrill of Wilmington. He was in Col. Thomas Poor's 
Regiment in the Revolution, from 7 July 1778 to 18 Feb. 1779, 
and is credited with several shorter terms of service. Administra- 
tion on his estate was granted 22 Aug. 1821 to the widow Dorothy, 
and to Timothy W. Jenkins. On 23 Apr. 1822, Timothy Foster 
of WUmington, gent., was appointed guardian of Joel Jenkins and 
Thomas Jefferson Jenkins, minors above the age of fourteen and 
children of Joel Jenkins, late of Wilmington, deceased, intestate. 
He resided at Wilmington near " the principal branch " of the Ips- 
wich River. 

Children by first wife : 

i. Eunice,* b. 30 Aug. 1784 ; d. 25 Oct. 1825 ; ra. 14 Aug. 1806, Tlmothy 
Foster of Wilmington, b. 1782, d. 25. Mar. 1827. 

ii. William Williams, b. 22 June 1787; m. 12 Oct. 1813, Sarah Bell. 

iii. Elizabeth, d. 13 Aug. 1796. 

iv. Hannah, b. 14 July 1795. 

V. Timothy Walker, b. 2 Oct. 1797 ; of Wilmington, in a deed of 1839. 

vi. Joel, a minor, aged above Ii iu 1622 ; m. 30 June 1831, Sarah M. 
Steele of Wilmington; of Lowell, iu a deed of 1839. 

vii. Thomas Jefferson, a minor, aged above 14 in 1822 ; of Concord, 
in a deed of 1839. 

28 Benjamin^ Jenkins {Joseph,'^ Joel,^ Obadlah,- Joel^), born at Wilming- 
ton 1 Nov. 1767, married, 20 Feb. 1793, Elizabeth Pearson of 
Andover. He had a life interest in one third of his father's real 
estate at Wilmington, at the termination of which the property was 
to go to his legal heirs. The four children named below moved to 
Vermont, and in 1824 and 1825 sold all or part of their interest in 
this land, stating in the deeds that it was bequeathed by their grand- 
father Joseph Jenkins, of Wilmington, to the children of his son 
Children : 

i. Samuel Flint, bapt. 14 Feb. 1796 ; of Woodstock, Vt., in 1824. 

ii. Sarah Barnes, bapt. 25 Nov. 1798 ; m. Hezekiah S. Alex.vnder ; 

they were of Hartland, Vt., iu 1825. 
iii. Mariah, of Hartland, Vt., iu 1821. 
iv. Joseph, b. 10 Jan. 1802 ; of Hartland, Vt., m 1824. 

322 Eaidy English Shermans [Oct. 


By Thomas Toavnsend Sherman of New York City 

In the Register (July 1897), vol. 51, page 309, is an article 
ou the " Ancestry of Rev. John Sherman and Capt. John Sherman, 
by a Descendant of Capt. John Sherman," with a tabular Sherman 
pedigree. The author, who has since died, was Charles A. White, 
Esq., of New Haven, Conn., an experienced and reliable genealo- 
gist. His article was mainly based upon the then recently published 
Gleanings of Mr. Waters. Mr. White, in the Register for 1900 
(vol. 54, pp. 62 and 152), published abstracts of many early Eng- 
lish Sherman wills, and an interesting commentary thereon. Since 
these publications, I have been engaged, with the assistance of 
Messrs. J. Henry Lea and J. R. Hutchinson, in the examination 
of English records, and the preparation of a pedigree of the early 
Shermans Avhich I hope to publish some day. In these investiga- 
tions I have found, I think, the records of the baptisms of Capt. 
John Sherman and his brother Richard, and of the burial of John 
Sherman, their father, in the Parish Register of Great Horkesley, 
Essex, which place is about six miles west of Dedham, where so 
many of the Shermans lived and carried on the manufacture of 
woolen goods. I published in the Register for 1905 (vol. 59, p. 
397) an abstract of the will of Thomas Sherman of Diss, Norfolk 
(formerly of Yaxley, Suffolk), proved in 1493, and also Sherman 
extracts from the Parish Registers of Yaxley, Diss, and other neigh- 
boring places. The following will is probably that of a member 
of the same family : 

Will of John Sherman of Yaxle, dated 20 Aug. 1465. To be bm-ied 
in Yaxle churchyard. To Margaret my wife 10s. yearly for life, and one 
acre of wheat and one of barley for a year. To the high altar (of 
Yaxley), for tithes forgotten, 12d. To Robert my son the tenement for- 
merly Robert Sherman's, containing eight acres of land. To my godson 
Richard eight acres of land called Fyveacre and Ly Heme. To my wife 
Margaret a garden called Bukksyerde. A trental of St. Gregory to be said 
for my soul and the souls of my father and mother. A churchale to be 
held in Yaxley church. Executors : Robert Sherman my son, and his son 
William. Witnesses: None. Proved 2 Oct. 1466, by the executors. 
(Bury St. Edmunds Wills. Archdeaconry of Sudbury, Bk. II, fo. 384.) 

A trental is thirty successive daily requiem masses, and a churchale 
is a festival at which ale is used. 

The garden called "Bukksyerde," that is Bukks Yard, mentioned 
in this will, was doubtless the same or part of the same property 
mentioned in the will of Thomas Sherman of Yaxley, dated 20 Jan. 
1551 (Register, vol. 54, p. 153), as his messuages and closes 
called " Bukkys Lede," that is, Bukkys Tenement. The will of 

1912] Early English Shermans 323 

John Sherman of Yaxley, proved in 1504 (Registee, vol. 54, p. 
152), mentions his son Thomas and his daughter Margery. The 
will of this son Thomas, proved in 1551 (Register, vol. 54, p. 
153), mentions his sister Lokwood. She was Margery Sherman 
who married Robert Lockwood of Eye in Suffolk, situated about 
two miles east of Yaxley, whose will is as follows : 

Will of Robert Lockwood of Eye, dated 25 May 1558. To be buried 
in the Churchyard of Eye. To the restoration of the Church of Eye 6s. 8d. 
To the poor of Eye 10s. Towards the making of the organs 2s. To my 
daughter Marie, now wife of John Ward, £6 13s. 4d. on condition that her 
husband do make her a jointure of a piece of land according to agreement 
betwixt him and me. To daughter Ann, now wife of Anthony Barker, 40s. 
and household stuff. To Margerie my wife all my plate for the term of 
her life, and after her death Thomas Sherman the younger shall have my 
sUver goblet, and Marie my daughter my silver spoons. To Marie Wol- 
man, Margerie Tuck, and William AVolman, 20s. each. To my daughter 
Mary's sister, dwelling beyond Donkaster, 40s. My meadow purchased of 
Robert Byrce of Eye, and my barn, yai'd and garden purchased of Morres, 
shall be sold, and yf my nevie Thomas Sherman have them I will he pay 
for them but £17 6s. 8d. To Thomas Sherman one of my coffers of 
Waynskott. To Ann Chappell a chair. To Fraunces Sherman 6s. 8d., 
James Sherman 6s. 8d., and Anthony Sherman 6s. 8d. To Robert Chappel 
a dublet of ruflells, friend Mr. Robert Bate a coffer, Robert Chappell my 
bay mare with ye fole by her side, my wife Margerie my gray mare, and 
William Hearing a coffer. Residuary legatee and executrix, my wife Mar- 
gerie. Witnesses : Thomas Sherman, Thomas Rypps, Richard Thyrkettle, 
vicar. Proved 19 Jan, 1558/9. (Bury St. Edmunds Wills, 1558, fo. 461.) 

Thomas Sherman, Fraunces Sherman, James Sherman, and An- 
thony Sherman, mentioned in this will, were sons of Thomas Sher- 
man of Yaxley, and nephews of Margery, the wife of Robert Lock- 
wood. Thomas Sherman, the younger, was the son of Thomas 
Sherman, the nephew of Mrs. Lockwood. Robert Lockwood, the 
testator, was perhaps the son of Robert Lockwood whose will, un- 
dated, was proved 30 Apr. 1540. He mentioned his wife Isabell, 
his sons Francis,' John, Robert, Edward, Thomas, Richard, and 
George, his mother Parbrad, and property called Andrews and 
Stobbyng. Executors : John Lockwood of Wethersett, and Isabell, 
the testator's wife. (Bury St. Edmunds Wills, 1537/41, fo. 206.) 

The Parish Register of Great Horkesley, Essex, has the follow- 
ing entries : 

1612 John Sherman 3 Sept. 
1614 Richard Sherman 7 Aug. 

1615/16 John Sherman 24 Jan. 

These are the baptisms of Capt. John Sherman and his brother 
Richard, and the burial of their father, John Sherman. In the Ded- 

VOL. LXVI. 21 

324 Early English Shermans [Oct. 

ham Parish Register is the entry of the baptism, on 16 Nov. 1617, 
of Elizabeth, daughter of Thomas Rogers. This is the half sister 
of Capt. John Sherman. Mr. White shows (Register, vol. 51, 
p. 310) that John' Sherman (Henry,^ Henry'), the father of Capt. 
John Sherman, married Grace Makin prior to 14 May 1610, the 
date of the will of her father Tobias Makin of Fingrinhoe, Essex 
(Register, vol. 50. p. 286), who mentions Grace Sherman, his 
daughter ; that she had two sons John and Richard Sherman ; that 
prior to 2 Sept. 1625, the date of the will of her cousin Ann (Sher- 
man) Anger (Register, vol. 50, p. 402), Grace (Makin) Sherman 
had married Thomas Rogers ; and that she had a daughter Eliza- 
beth by Thomas Rogers. The Dedham Parish Register gives the 
baptism of Elizabeth, daughter of Thomas Rogers, on 16 Nov. 1617. 
This shows that Grace (Makin) Sherman, whose first husband, 
John Sherman, was buried at Great Horkesley on 24 Jan. 1616, 
as shown above, must have married Thomas Rogers within about 
a year thereafter, and that they were probably living at or near 
Dedliam when their daughter Elizabeth was baptized. 

Mr. and Mrs. Rogers came to Watertown, Mass., about 1630, 
with Capt. John Sherman and Elizabeth Rogers, who afterwards 
married Daniel Smith. Richard Sherman remained in England. 

Many entries in the Dedham Parish Register are given by Mr. 
Waters in the Register (vol. 50, p. 415). I have, however, re- 
cently had this parish register examined by Messrs. Lea and 
Hutchinson, and some of the entries therein found by them, and 
not mentioned by Mr. Waters, are given below. These show that 
the daughter of Henry Sherman of Colchester (will proved 1590, 
Register, vol. 50, p. 281), who married Nicholas Fynce or Fince, 
was named Alice, that she died in 1580, and was buried at Dedham 
on 20 Oct. 1580. William Petfield married another daughter of 
Henry Sherman. 

Dedham Parish Register 

1564, Dec. 5, Nicholas, son of Nicholas Fince. 

1566, Nov. 15, Judeth, dau. " " " 

1567, Nov. 2, Susan, dau. of William Petfyld. 
1569, Mch. 6, Nicholas, son of Nicholas Fince. 
1569, Dec. 5, Mathew, son of William Petfyld. 

1572, Jan. 27, Anne, dau. of Nicholas Fynce. 

1573, Mch. 23, Samuel, son of Nicholas and Alice Fynce. 
1573, Nov. 1, Richard, son of William and Judeth Pettfyld. 
1576, May 20, Elizabeth, dau. of William and Judeth Pettfyld. 
1578, Api. 27, Alee, dau. of Nicholas and Alee Fynce. 

1583, Aug. 11, Deborah, dau. of William Pettfild. 
1587, June 5, Judeth, dau. of William Aunger. 
1587, July 4, Sarah, dau. of Edmund Sharman. 
1587, July 25, Ezechiell, son of Henry Sharman. 

1912] Early English Shermans 325 

1591, Feb. 17, Sarah, dau. of Edmund and Anne Sharman and Susan, dau, 
of Symond and Phebe Fenne together. 

1592, Mch. 28, Mary, dau. of William Anger. 
Oct. 1, dau. of Simon Fenn. 
Aug. 28, Hen