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1 1 

• > 

I •'-IS. 

kcio ^07 

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IT Ql^l. Ci oaXtv^ ck^vow^ r-"' ^ 

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NUO \^0 








443 & 446 BROADWAY. 

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kr /\^i.o7 


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A, ah, famay casa 

B, bee, becco 

C, cbee (before e, i), cencio, ceffo 

C, kay (before a, 0, u), camera, conto, cur90 

D, dee, dito 

E, e (open, as in met), erba, erto 

E, e (close, as in great) cena, seno 

F, eP-fay, fino, filo 

G, jee ( before e , i ), gemma, giro 

G, gay (before a, o, m). gara, goffo, gufo 

H, acca , macchia 

I, ee, pira, pino 

J, ce, (yi, in yield) noja, studj 

L, el- lay, lato 

M, em-may, mano 

N, en'-nay, nano 

0, (open, as in pot), notle, morte 

0, (close, as in bone), sono 

P, pee, pena 

Q, coo, guanto 

R, cr'-ray, riso 

S, es*-say (s sharp), 8er9a 

S, eS'Say ( 8 soft ), rasa 

T, tee, fetio 

U, 00, (u in rude) pure 

V, vcc, tjena 

Z, zeta,ds, (in bids), zelo 

Z, » Is, {z in chintz), zitto 

DiJ. itaL IngU Digitized by 


— 2 — 


A has but one sound in Italian, that of the english a in far; as, 
fato, fatiR^ cAro, iear, 

E has two sounds, the open and the close; the open is that of 
the english e in met; as, f^rmo, firm^ and the close that of 
the english a in fainM; as, s^no, u;omA. 
/ is always pronounced like e in he; as, vino, tutne. 

O like e has two sounds, one open, the other close. The first is 
that heard in the english words, nQt^ nor; as, n6tte, night, 
fdrte, strong ; and the second is that of the english o in the 
words note, pore; as, am6re, love, p6mo, an apple. — E 
and O in these volumes with the circumflex accent, are to be 
pronounced open ; unaccented or with the acute accent, they 
are pronounced close; as, £rto, steep, m6rte, death, p(^na, 
pain, s6no, am. 

U has invariably the sound of oo in the english word coo; as, 
cubo, a cube. 

J is considered as a vowel in Italian. At the end of a word it 
sounds like ee in the english word, bee, each vowel pro- 
nounced separately be-e; as, t6mpj, temples, spizj, spaces. 
In the beginning or middle of a v^'ord it is pronounced like 
y in the words yield, year, young; as, jena, hyena, n6ja, 

CONSONANTS. — The Italian consonants are pronounced 
like the English, except c, g, h, s, z. 

C before e or t is pronounced like ch in the words chess, chief; 
as c^na, (pronounce chay^-na) supper, cibo, (chei-bo) food. 
— In italian as in english c followed by a, o^ u is pro- 
nounced like k; as, cirta, paper, cono, a cone, cupo, sombre. 

CC preceding e or t^ sounds like ch in the word achieve, that 
is, the former c is pronounced like t, and the latter retains 
its ordinary sound; as, acctoto (pronounce afo/ien^(o) accent, 
ficcia {fdt-che-a)^ face. 

Digitized by LjOOQlC 

— 3 — 

GH before e or t is pronounced like *, or like ch in the english 
words chemist, chyle; as, ch6to, chfao, pronounce kay-to, 

G before e or t has the sound of j in jest or g in gin ; as, gelo 
(pron.jay-to) frost; giro, (jee-ro) turn; gi6rno, (j^e-or'no) 
^y s g^nima, gem, 

G followed by a, o, u is pronounced as in english; thus, gilto, 
a cat, g61fo, a gulfj gusto, taste, — If gg comes before the 
vowel e, or t^ the former g sounds like d and the latter 
like j in jest; as, 6ggi, to-day. 

GH is pronounced like g in give or gh in ghost; as, gh6lto, 
Jewry, ghirlanda, garland, 

GL before a, e, o, u is pronounced hard as in english ; as, gWdio, 
a sword, gl6ba, a glebe, gl6bo, a globe, gluline, glue. 

GL has a liquid sound like that of / in pavilion or II in 6rt7- 
liant, whenever it is followed by the vowel i; as, ^gli, gli, 
(pronounce ay-l-yee, I'yee) he, the, him. It has always the 
same sound when gli precedes another vowel; as, bigliardo, 
billiard, v6glia, will, wish, moglie, wife, ciglio, eye-brow, 
cigliuto, heavy browed, 

GL is pronounced hard as in english when it preceds the vowel 
t followed by a consonant; as, neglig^nte, Anglicino, negli- 
gent, Anglican. 

GN in the syllables gna, gne, gni, gno, gnu has a liquid sound 
similar to that of ni in the words banib, companion, pinion, 
onion; as, compigno, a companion, bigno, a bath, s6gno, 
a dream, agn^llo, a lamb, ignudo, naked, incognito, 

GUj4, GUE, GUI, are pronounced like gwa, gway, guee in 
english; as, guincia, cheek, guerra, war, guida, guide. 

H m italian is never sounded. See page 286. 

S in italian as in english has two sounds, the hard and the soft, 
or the sharp and the flat. Betwen two vowels it has gene- 
rally the flat or soft sound as heard in [the english word 
ease; thus, viso, a visage, r6sa, a rose, arnfee, harness. Ac- 
companied by a consonant or at the beginning of a wordy 

Digitized by VjOOQ IC 

— 6 — 


There are bat two genders in Italian; all nouns whether they 
relate to persons, things or abstract qualities, are either mascu- 
line or feminine. 

Nouns ending in o are of the masculine gender, and form 
their plural in ij as, libro, libri, book, books, fanciullo, fan- 
ciAlli, boy, boys. 

Nouns ending in a are feminine , and form their plural in e : 
thus, d6nna, woman, d6nne, women, casa, house, c^se, homes. 

Nouns in e are some masculine others feminine, and all have 
their plural in t; as, padre, padri, father, fathers, madre, madri, 
mother, mothers. 

Nouns ending in a or u with the accent, as also those ending 
in ie, are feminine, and are the same in the singular as in the 
plural; as, citla, city, cilia, cities; virtu, virtue, virtu, virtues; 
effigie, effigy, effigie, effigies. 

Nouns ending in t are part masculine part feminine, and have 
no distinction of number; as, eclissi, eclipse, eclissi, eclipses. 

Words ending in ca, ga have che, ghe in the plural ; as, m6- 
naca, m6nache, nun, nuns, verga, verghe, rod, rods. 

Dissy tables in co and go (except, p6rco, Gr6co), take chi, ghi 
in the plural; as, fu6co, fire, fu6chi, fires, \ix6go ^ place , lu6ghi, 
places (p6rci, hogs). 

Nouns in co, go of more than two syllables , if preceded by a 
consonant take h in the plural; as, seniscalco, seneschal, seni- 
scalchi, seneschals, alb^rgo, hotel, albirghi, hotels. — Preceded 
by a vowel they are mostly written without the h; as, amico, 
friend, amici, friends, Te61ogo, a Divine, Te61ogi, Vivifies. 

Nouns ending in cto^ gio, pronunced in one sillabe form their 
plural by supressing the o, or by changing to into j; as , bacio, 
kiss, baci, kisses, stiidio, study, studj, studies. — When io is 
accented and forms two distinct sillables , the o is in the plural 
changed into i; as,desio, desire, desii, desires. 

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— 7 — 


A considerable namber of italian nouns, adjectives ands verbs, 
admit certain post-fixes or changes of termination, which mo- 
dify in a variety of v^ays the idea expressed by the primitive 
term. Thus one added to a word annexes to it the idea of lar* 
geness, etto, that of smallness, uzzo^ accio^ pettiness, paltriness^ 
acdo, ugliness, odiousn ess , tno ^ ellOj prettiness, slenderness, 
sightliness, otto^ sturdiness, stoutness, vigour; ame, ume^ quan- 
tity, number; eggtare^ acchiare, ellarej repetition, continuity. 

Libro, a book, libretto, a little book, librettino^ a pretty little 
book, librdne^ a large book, librdccto^ a great ugly book. Fan- 
citillo, a boy, fanciulletto^ a little boy, fanciuIHnOj a lovely child, 
charming boy, nice little fellow. Rusc^llo, a brook, ruscellefto^ a 
rivulet , a stream , ruscellettino , a streamlet , a rill. Sapi^nte , 
sacc^nte, a savant, a wise-acre, saccentiizzo, a would -be- wise 
man , a smatterer , witling , sapientdne , a Solomon , an ark of 
wisdom. Vedova, a widow, vedovdna, a l&rge or fat widow, an 
old or respectable widow, vedovefto^ a tidy little widow, a smart 
or pretty widow; vedovdfte, a buxom widow; vedoveito, a young 
or interesting widow, a poor dear little widow. VScchio, an old 
man, vecchidne, a fine large old man, a hearty, grave or vene- 
rable old man; vecchiefto^ a ^ittle old man, vecchidtto^ a sturdy, 
stoat old fellow ; vecchiuj^zo^-ticcto^ a shabby, mean little old little 
man, vecchiere//o^ a poor little old man, a much to be pitied 
old man , vecchidccto^ a bad or odious old man , an old wretch. 
VecchiuTTie , a heap , mass or quantity of old things , a lot of 
lumber. Giovine, a young man, a youth; giovineWo, a lad, a boy; 
giovince/fo^ a stripling, ^slender, lithe, graceful youth; giovi- 
notto, a strapping youth, a fine young man, a good looking or 
gentlemanly looking young fellow; giovina^^o^ a wild or wicked 
youth, a scamp. M^no, a hand; manma^ a soft, white, delicate 
little hand, an aristocratic hand; mandccta^ a coarse, ugly hand, 
a plougman's hand, a great mutton fist. V6ce, a voice; yocidne, 
a strong, manly voice; vocina, a soft voice, a sweet, low, lady- 

Digitized by VjOOQ IC 

— 8 — 
like voice. B^stia, a beast; besiidne^ a great beast, a brute; be- 
siioudcciOj a brute beast, a great, ugly, nasty beast; bestiuofo^ 
besttdtoj a small animal, a little creature; besiioUno, a beautiful 
little creature, a pigmy animal, and insect. Cane, a dog; cagnetto^ 
cagnuojo^ a little dog; cagnotino^ a pretty little dog, a lapdog; 
cagnoccio^ a villanous dog, an ugly cur; cagndfto^ a strong or 
powerful dog; a bully, a paid or hired bully. D6nna, a woman; 
donndccta^ a wicked woman; donicciudte^ a silly woman, an 61d 
wife. U6mo, a man; omicciuolo^ a puny, weak or paltry fellow. 
C6rpo , a body; corpuscolo, a small or diminutive body. G^nte , 
people^ folks; gentiiccta^ low people; gentdfwe^ a lot of people. 
Pl^be, plebeians, lower orders; plebagfh'a^ the mob, rabble, po- 
pulace, dregs of the people. Po^ta, a poet; poetuzzo^ a rhyme- 
ster, a paltry poet; poetdstro^ a poetaster. Canz6ne, a song; 
canzonctna, a little song. Lume, a light; lumtctno^ a little light, 
rushlight, taper. Cagi6ne, an occasion, a cause; cagionc^Ibx^ a 
slight cause. P6vero, a poor man; povertno^ poverefto^ poor little 
fellow, poor little man. B6ne, well; benino^ pretly well; benoW^ 
quite well, perfectly well; (bentetTwo, very well). Rischi6so, 
dangerous, hazardous; rischiose'ttoj somewhat dangerous, rather 
hazardous. R6sso, red; rosstgfno^ rosstccto^ inclining to red , red- 
dish. Bianco, white, biancd^^ro^ whitish, of a dirty white; bian- 
coUno, of a delicate white. V^rde , green; yerdognolo, greenish. 
Abbruciato, burnt; abbrucialicao^ superficially burnt; abbruciac- 
€hidto, burnt here and there, broiled. Radun^to, met, assembled; 
raduna^iccto^ mustered by chance, picked up here and there, 

Baciire, to kiss; bSiciucchidre, to give rapidly many little kisses 
one after the other, to pour a shower of kisses. Salt&re, to jump, 
leap; sBlielldre, ssMicchidre, sdiiierelldr^, to skip here and there, 
to frisk about, to trip it on the light fantastic toe, to trip or go 
tripping along. M6rdere , to bite ; morseggidre , morsecchidre, to 
bite often or gently, to champ, gnaw, nibble. Cantare, to sing; 
c^ulerelldre, to sing in a low voice, to sing by fits and starts, 
to warble, chant, hum, keep humming. Rub^re, to rob; rubac- 
-chidre, to steal by little and little, to pilfer, to continue pilfering. 

Digitized by VjOOQ IC 

— 9 — 

Observation. -—^ Preyious to entering upon the study of the 
following pages, the student will do well to copy out and commit 
to memory, at least one example of each of the above inflections. 
Acting thus he will have learnt before hand, and before he pas- 
ses the threshold the exact import of more than eight thousand 
Italian words. 


Italian verbs are divided into three different conjugations, 
which are distinguished by the termination of the infinitive. 

The first conjugation comprehends all those verbs which, in 
the infinitive, end in drej as, amdre, to love; the second com- 
prehends those which end in ire or ere; as temere^ to fear, cre- 
dere, to believe ; and the third includes those ending in ire , as 
sentire, to feel. 

The verbs of these thre conjugations are varied or conjugated 
with the auxiliary verbs avere to have, and essere to be. 





to have. 


to be. 



AT^ado , STfote , haTiDf. 





-e, had. 

StAto , -a , -i 

, -e, bees. 






1 have. 

lo 86bo, 



thou hast. 


thoo art. 


he has. 


he , she is. 


she has. 

ii6i aMiimo, 

we hafe. 


we are. 

Tdi arite. 

yoD have. 

Toi sidte , 

you are. 


they baTO. 

6gI!B0 86B0, 

they are. 


they have. 

^lleao 86bo, 

they are. 



lo vt^itx , 

I had. 

lo ^ra. 

I was. 

ta a?*Ti , 

thoQ hadst. 

tu «ri . 

tbon wast. 

egli av^Ta , 

he had. 

«Ua 6ra , 

she was. 

Boi arevtoo. 

we had. 

noi eraT&mo, 

we were. 

^<H averita. 

yood had. 

Toi eraTite, 

you were. 

cfliBo av^Taoo 

they had. 

dgliDo drano, 

they were. ^<^ t 

Digitized by LjOOgle 

— 10 — 



I had. 


I was. 

Ul ftT«sU , 

thoa hadst. 

tu fdsU, 

thoa wast. 

ef li «bbe , 

he had. 

egli fo , 

be was. 

Doi aTdmmo, 

we had. 

noi f Ammo , 

we were. 

Toi aTtete , 

yon had. 

TOi f6ste, 

you were. 


they had. 

Elieno fArono , 

they were. 



lo vrrb , 

1 shall hare. 

lo sard, 

I Shall be. 

to iTrii , 

thoa wilt haTO. 

tu sarii, 

thou wilt be. 


she will have. 

egli sari. 

he will be. 

Doi aTr^mo, 

we shall have. 

noi sar^mo, 

we shall be. 

▼oi aTr6le, 

you will have. 

Toi sar^te , 

you will be. 

dlleno aTT&ano» 

they will haTO. 

eglino sar&nno , 

they will be. 



lo avrdi, 

1 should have. 

Io sardi , 

I should be. 

ta arrteti , 

thou wonldst have. 

tu sarteti , 

thou wouldst be 


he would haTo. 

egli sardbbe, 

he would be. 


we should haTe. 

noi sardmmo , 

we should be. 

Toi aTr«8te, 

you would haTe. 

TOi sardste , 

you would be. 

^lino aTrtbbero , 

they would haTe. 

eglino saribbero , 

they would be. 




haTe (thou). 

sfi , sfa tu , 

be thou. 


let him haTe. 

8ia egli , 

let him be. 


let her haTe. 


let her be. 

abbi4mo noi , 

let us haTe. 

si&mo noi , 

let us be. 

abbi&te (Toi), 

haTe ye. 


be (ye). 

ibbiano eglino , 

let them hare. , 

siano Elieno , 

let them be. 





cbe io ibbia, 

that I may haTe. 

che io sfa, 

that I may be. 

Che tu ibbia, 

— thou mayst haTe. 

che tu sfa , sfi , 

_ thou mayst be. 

ch' egli ibbia, 

— he may haTe. 

ch' egli, ella sfa, 

— he , she may be» 

Che Doi abbi&mo, 

— we may haTC. 

che noi siimo , 

— we may be. 

Che Toi abbiite. 

— you may haTe. 

che TOi si&le , 

— you may be. 

ch' eglino ibbiano 

, — they may haTe. 

ch' eglino siano , 

— they may be. 




that I might haTe. 

che io r6ssi , 

that I might be. 

che tu aTtosi , 

— thou migblst haTC 

1. cbe tu r6ssi , 

— thou mighut be. 

ch' ella a? dsse, 

— she might haTe. 

ch'egli f6sse, 

— he might be. 

che noi aTAssimo , 

— we might haTe. 

che noi f6ssimo , 

— we might be. 

che voi afdste, 

— you might haTe. 

cbe Toi f6ste, 

— you might be. 

ch' elieno aTdssero 

, — they might haTe. 

ch'^Ueno f6ssero. 

— they might be. 



ho aTftto, -a, 
aT^TO aTftto, -a. 

I haTe had. 

s6no stAto, -a, 

I haTC been. 

I bad had. 

Ara st&to, -a, 

I had been. 

6bbi aTuto» -a, 

I had had. 

fui st&to, -a, 

I had been. 

aTr6 a? utOy -a, 

I shall haTe had. 

sard stitOy -a, 

1 shall haTe been. 

avrdi aToto, -a, 

I should haTe had. 

sar6i stitlo, -a, 

I should haTO been. 

Abbia av6to, -a, 

I may haTe bad. 

che sfa stAto, -a, 

ecc. , that I may haTe been 

Digitized by VjOOQ IC 

— 11 















- ^ 



































g ^•^'^^ - S a ^ 

•^ 5 CO a « s 

-. - rt :2 3 .g 

«>^S 2 3"* 

CO ,^ 



« o 


^ 3 

flu I 






o ^ 

> H 








5 a-2 S || 
^ I ^ o ^ o 

CO •»- CO -co »C8 CO 

*eO "O -ce es es -^ 

a a a a as 

Digitizes Id?V!jUc)^C^ 

_ 12 — 

»^ ^ « 


5* s s 2^ o 

■^rf- o ^2 
S ^ c 

w **3 'w •* '^ ^* 

c a a c c a 

4) OP V O q; V 
CO C/5 C/3 5/3 C/) C/) 

•a S g ^ 

O o «> 5* 

< ^ < *. 

•^ -^ « a 

•3 ^ ^ 


^ ^ Pu 

c ft* 

a c c c c c 

V O CJ O V Cd 
CO CO CO CO C/3 C/5 

•<■«:«> "^ ^.^ — ^ 

« ■** S i^s 
^ « ° 5 -Si^ 

CO CO CO cw c/> 

OP 4^ OP V 

a a a a 

Digitized by V^J\ 

— 18 




- g S 




s & 


•-^ s 


^ eT 


5» I g 

-T.-T c ■= 'S ** 

o s 

M o o 

^ a >■ 


6 > i I i I 

~ 5 ~ .o>3 -S* U 

s ^ i S * « *" 

^^■* ' * I I 

*2 •» *« *« -cd »3 

I s a a a a 

n CB CD CD es ee 

I I I I I i 

Digitized byVjDOQlC 

— 14 — 







|||||^ g llllJi 

T'T-T 7 T'T g • I • . 7*T 


.-- a 

*f *7 -^ ^r* • 


O g 

llllll I Wl 

. s • ^ 


? ? V V¥ V 




•*^ «a> "O "^ -^ "^ 












o ^ ^ 

S 4) O 





§ 2 

_J %cS *c8 

I I I I I 


?.p- CO ^ oes m 
I • • I I 



OS "^ 


> > 
''CO flS 

' o 


Digitized by VjOOQ IC 

— 16 — 

Go«JU64n<Mr o? the UFUBoriyB tbbb LUSIN6ARSI 


Luisfini, to flfttiar od6*8 self 


LosiBgindMi, flattering one's self 


Lssinsitoii , flattered one's self 


lo mi losfngo , 
to ti lastngbi, 
eglisi losinga, 
ella li losinga , 
Doi d latinghi&mo , 
loi Ti lusiDgite, 
^lino li Imlngano, 

lo mi losingberdi , I shoold flatter myself 
tu tilasingberdsti, thoo wouldst flatter - 
ella si lusiDgher^bbe, sbe woold flatter - 
noi ei lusingber^mmo, we sboald flatter - 
ToiTilasiDgherd8te,(ro yon would flatter - 
egliDOsilusiDgherdbbe- tbey would flatter - 

lo ni loiiDf if a, 
ta ti InsiDg&Ti ^ 
^Dasi luiog&Ta, 
loi ei loiiogaTimo, 
Toi Ti IminsaTite, 
iikno n luiDg&Tano, 

J flatter myself 
tbon flatterest tbyself 
be flatters bimself 
she flatters herself 
we flatter onrselves 
yon flatter yourselves 
tbey flatter themseWes 


I flattered myself 
thou flatteredst thyself 
she flattered herself 
we flattered ourselTOs 
you flattered ToarseWes 
they flattered themseW 


I flattered myself 

lusf ogati , 






flatter thyself 
let him flatter himself 
let her flatter herself 
let ns flatter ourseWes 
flatter yourselves (Tes 
let them flatterthemsel- 



che io mi losinghi, 

— tu ti lusinghi, 

— egli si lusfDghi, 

— Doi ci lusiDgbi&mOi 

— Toi Ti lusiughi&te, 

that I may flatter - 
~ thou mayst flatter - 

— he may flatter - 

— we nay flatter - 

— you may flatter - 

— eclino | si losiDgbi — tbey may flatter 



leno i no, 


14 mi lasiogii, I flattered myself che io mi lusingissi, that I might flatter m. 

ta ti losiogisti, thou flatteredst thyself — tu ti lusiug&ssi, — thou migbtst - - 

ejli li Insiogd, he flattered himself — egli si lusiog&sie, — he might - - 

Boi ei losing&mmo , we flattered ourseWes — noi ci losiugissimOi — we might - - 

Toi Ti iDsiogisle , you flattered yourself — vol ti lusing&ste, — you might - - 

egfioo li losiugirono, they flattered thems 


Io mi liisingher6, I shall flatter myself 

td ti Iiuingher&i, thoo wilt flatter etc. 

e«li li laiiDgberii, he will flatter etc. 
Doi ci luiiogber^mo, we shall flatter etc. 
Toi ti tuingber^te, yon will flatter etc. 
eglinoiihuingberinno, they will flatter etc. 

egliDOsilusingissero— tbey might - - 


Io misoDolu8iDg&to,-a, I have flattered myself 
Io m'ero lusiug&to, -a, I had flattered myself 
Io mi foi luslDg&to, -a, I had flattered myself 
Io mi sar6 luiiugMo, -a, I shall have flattered m. 
lomisareilusiDgitOi-a, I should have flatterod- 
cbe io mi sia, fossi lusing&to, -a, ecc. 

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DiZ. iiai. MgU Digitized by 



4. Terb of the first conjugation 
9. Terb of the second conjuga- 
TS. Terb oftfae third conjugation 
abb. abbrev. abb reflation 

adj. adjeelife 

adv. adrerb : adv. eaep. adTer- 

bial expression 
adverb, adferbially 
agr. agricolture 
alff. algebra 
anat. anatomy 
ant. antiquated 
arch, architectare 
attr. astronomy 
bot. botany 
eonj. conjunction 
ehem. chemistry 
def. art. deGnite article 
tnt. entomology 
/. noun feminine 

fig. in the figuratlTe sense 

fp. fi&roinine plural 

fort. foTtfication 

geogr. geopraphy 

geom. geometry 

gr. grammar 

her. heraldry 

^fifer. interjection 

iron, ironical 

trr. Terb irregular 

m. noun masculine 

m[. 1st. noun masculine, 9d. 

mp. masculine plural 
mar. marine 
mech. mechanics 
med. medicine 
mil. military science 
tnin. mineralogy 
muj. music 
myth, mythology 

om. ornithology 
part, participle 
patt. past time, perfect tense 
pharm. pharmacy 
phil. philosophy 
phys. physics 
prep, preposition 
pron. pronounce 
prov. ex/}. proverbial expression 
pron. pronoun 
poet, poetical 

ref. rf. mr/lTerb reflectiTe 
rh rhetoric 

$. p. sing. f)/ur. singular plural 
$urg. surgery 
va. f erb. active regular 
vet. veterinary art 
vn. verb neuter regular 
vulg. vulgar 

— marks the repetition of the 
ilalian word 

VkU, ffl^U, bfU, n6te, tAbe; - flit, mftt, bit, n6t, thb; - fAr, ptqii*, i;^ 
Sens* viao, tai. rema. flaine i • palto-pettoi p«ttOf «, i* notte, om^j - , maao , viao. 

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A. flf. first letter of the alphabet; prtp, at, 
to, in, on, by, for, of; h a e&sa il fdstro 
padrdoe? Is yoar m&ster at home? 6 an- 
dato a C6mo, he is g6ne to Gomo ; t1 e an- 
dilo a caT&llo, he wentonhorse-back; tor- 
neri di qui a un' ora, he will be back in an 
hour; balt^llo a Tap6re, a steamboat; lo 
Tdodo a peso , I sell il by weight,- a due 
frincbi la llbbra, at two francs a pound : a 
bo^Q mercito, cheap ; a cont&nto, Tor cish, 
for ready rodney: crocciMo a mdrle, vexed 
to d^ath; imparitelo a mente , liarn it by 
heart; a cbe pro? of what Ase?' 
A babdccio. adv. inconsiderately, inciulious- 

, ly, Ifaooghllessly, headlong 
Abaca, »f. Indian hemp 

Abachiera, sf. a woman skilled in arithmetic 
Abacbiere, abachisia, »m. an kbacist, arilh- 

, melician, accountant, a calculator 

Abaco , tm. the irt of compulation , arithme- 
tic; (orcA.) Abacus, plinth 

A bacio, ado. ndrthward, tdward the north 

Ababa, 9m. abada, a sort of rbin&ceros 

A b4da, adv. t. Bada 

Abad^sa, better Badessa, if. an Abbess 

Ab-antfeOfOcfv. (/of.) from the 61den time, from 
time immem6rial, Anciently 

A barddsao, adv. ▼. Barddsso 

Abastanxa, better Abbast&oza, adw enough, 

Ab^te iabbitel, sm. an iibbot , the prior or 
beadof ao^bbey; an abb^, a R6mishPr<dst 

Abatino, sm. a little abb^, sprfiee abbe 

Abalfsta, sm. abapliston {the per f orating part 
of the old trephine) 

Abatone, am. a fat abbi; stately &bbot 

AbaTa, sf. great-great grknd- mother 

AbaTO, irm, great-great grknd father 

Abasia, badia, tf. an itbbey 

Abbacire, n«. 1. to pbzzle one's head, get be- 


wildered; va. to look c&refully into, exam- 
ine cl6sely 
Abbacchi4re, va. i. to b6al d($i»n (frftit) with 
a pole (Abachlsta 

Abbacchidre, Abbacchista, «m. ▼. Abachiire, 
Abbacinamdnto, sm. a dkzxling, gl4re, ballu- 
cin&tion (ale, bewilder 

AbbaciQ4re,ua. l.todiiszle, offhscate, ballucin- 
Abbacinito, adj. dazzled, dimmed, halluci- 
Abbacinat6re, -trice , tmf he or. she who 
, drizzles, hallucinates, bewilders 
Abbaco, sm. t. Abaco 
Abbad&re, heller Badire, vn. 1. to mind, take 

cdre, pay attention 
Abbadessa, belter Badessa, nf. an Abbess 
Abbadia, heller Badia, if. an kbbey 
Abbaglikggine, if. v. Abbagliaminto 
Abbagliam^nto, sm. blindness, mental 6rror 
Abbagtiaote,(u/j. d&zzling, glaring, bewildering 
Abbagliare, va. i. to dazzle, 6verpdwer wilh 
light; VA. tobed&zzled, gel bewildered; la- 
sciarsi abbagli&re, to let one's self bo blin- 
ded, beguiled, impdsed on 
Abbagliat6re, -trice, itnf one or something 
dazzling, eye- dazzling, transplindent, gl^r- 
Abbaglio, un. dazzling, irror, roisUke (ing 
Abbaioo,sm. a dormer window, skylight (ling 
Abbajam^nlo, sm. a b&rking, b&ying, grumb-. 
Abbajare, vn. 1, tob&rk,bay,yelp; carp; ab- 
baj&re 411a luna; to bay the moon, to (itter 
fain threats 
Abbajaiore, trice, smf. a blrker; an impdr- 
tunate or clamorous person, a detractor, 
cirper, dun 
Abball^re, ImballJire, va. to emb&le, pack up 
Abballal6re, Imballatore, sm. a packer 
Abballi nitre, va. T. Abballare 
AbballolUre, va. to put to the vote 
Abbalordire, va. to stun, stupefy, bdther 
Abbambagiire, va. 1 to stuff wilh cdtlon, quilt 
Abbanc&io, -a, adj. fhrnished with benches, 

adr, rftd«; - fill, ado, bull ; - fare, d6 ; - by, lymph; pQse, b^i , fdill, foi^l; gem, as 
fsfte, rofai • Ante, o««f, onlJa; - erba, ra|aj - laJ, e, i| poi baito} . gciBiiia, rots. 

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— 20 — 


Abbvidonam^nto, «m. abkodoniDg, fors&king, 

abindonment; profligacy : dejdcUon 
AbbandoD&nte, adj. who abkndons 
Abbandonire, va. 1. to abandon, fora&ke, give 
up, 16aTe off, qnitf relinquish, give 6Ter; 
abbandon^rsi, to gWe one's self op or 6Ter 
Abbandonatamdnte,»io. desperately, fiolently 
Abbandon&to, oc^. given up or 6Ter ; fors&ken 
Abbandonatdre, -trice, $mf. one who aban- 
dons; fors&ker, des&rter, relinquisher 
Abband6no, $m. the fors&king, liaTing, deser- 
tion; in ahband6no, adv. in confOision, in 
disdrder , to the mercy of winds and w&ves 
Abbarbagliamento, $m. dkuling, hallucin4- 
tion, m6nul irror (stApef^ 

AbbarbagliAre , va. i. to dizde , hallucinate, 
AhbarbiigUo, sm. t. Abbarbagliamdnto 
Abbarbic&re,-&r8i, mrf. to take or strike root 
Abbarbicam6nto , tm. the liJLing or striking 

Abbarbic4lo, adj. rioted, lUTdterate 
Abbarc&re,va.i. better am massire, to h6ap np 
Abbarrire, va. 1. to bar, birricade, stop up 
Abbaruffamdnto, tm. a scbffle, scr&pe, row" 
Abbaruffjtre, va. 1. to jiimble together , put 
in confOsion-, — si, to scbffie, wrStngle , 
Abbassamdnlo , $m. abbassagi6ne , f. abase- 
ment, fill 
Abbassire, va. i. to ab^e, bring dd^n, I6wer, 
hiimble ; — gli dcchi, to look ddwn , cist 
ddwn one's e^es 
' vn. i. to abite, c5me dS^n, decline 
Abbass&rsi, vrf. to f&ll, OW off, sink; to cringe 
Abbassito, -a, adj. c6me or brdugbt down 
Abba88at6re, -trice , tmf. e adj. one who 

ab&ses, brings d5wn; 16weriDg, bdmbling 
Abbksso, adv. bel6w, down ; 6 abb^so , he is 
bel6w, he's d^n stairs; abb&sso i cappfii- 
li, hkto off ; — i Socialist! I d^n with the 
S6cialisU 1 
Abbastinza, adv. enough, sufflcienlly 
Abbatacchi&re, va. i. to b6at dd^n (frftlt) 
with a p61e (pridst 

Abb&te, sm. kbbot; man in h61y 6rder8,abbe, 
Abb&ttere, va. 2. to b6at or bMter AS^n, to 
6Terthr6w; to subdiie , depress; to b^at 
d<Si^n the price, ab&te ; abb&ttere la Tdla , 
to strike sail ; -ersi in dno , to meet with 
a person by chknce; miabbattdi in unT^c- 
chio amfco, 1 happened to meet with an 
61d friend (dejfeclion 

Abbattimdnto , tm. 6Terthr6w , depression , 
Abbattit6re, tm. a filler , destroyer, bragga- 
d6cio, bully (confAsion 

Abbatuffolire , va. i. to jiimble, thr6w into 
Abbatt6ta, tf. demolition, puliing down, fell- 
ing, chtling ddwn 
Abbattuto, adj- depressed, cist dS^n 
Abbazia, tf. t. Abbadia, badia 

Abbeced&rio, tm. an abecedarian, A, B, G^ 

Abbell&re, van. i. to gr6w or m&ke handsome 
Abbellimento, tm. an embellishment, 6rDa- 

Abbellire, va. S. to beaAtify, paint, set off 
Abbellito, adj. addrned, bea&tified, painted 
AbbeUit6re,-trice,<m/'. beaAtifier, embellisher, 

Abbellit&ra, tf. t. Abbellimento • 
Abbenehe, benche, coi^. th6ugh, alth6ugh 
Abbendire, va. i. to bind, bind up, swithe 
Abbertesc&re, va. i. to fdrlify with b&ltlemenu 
AbbeTer&re-, va. i. to w&ter, to give drink to, 

to skturate; — 1 caTilli. to water horses 
Abbeveraticcio , tm. the united rem&ins of 

whit ethers have driink (pond 

Abbeyeratejo, tm. a w&tering pl&ce, herse 
Abbiad&re, va. 1. to gif e a feed of 6ats, to feed 
Abbicire, va. i. to heap up, pile together 
Abbiccl, tm. the Mphabel,A, B,G; nonsaper 

r abbicci, not to kn6w B from a bull's foot 
Abbiente, adj. mdneyed, well off, capable 
Abbietlamente, adv. Abjectly, roeanlj, b&soly 
Abbiett&re, va. i. ant. to deb&se, humiliate 
Abbiettezia, tf. kbjectness, meanness, despi- 

AbbiStto, adj. Object, vile, despicable 
Abbiezi6ne, tf. abjection, Tileness, meanness 
Abbigliamento, sm. dress, fiuery, attire 
Abbigli&re, va. i. to dress, ad6rn, deck d&t; 

fbrnish; abbigliarsi, to ad6rn one's self 
Abbigliat6re, trice, tmf. he, she who dresses, 

ad6rns, decks (nit 
Abbinire, va. 1. to coiiple, y6ke, unite 
Abbindolamento, tm. a cheat, deception, trick 
Abbindoi&re, va. 1. to bind r(Sund ; to cdme 

r^nd (aperson), to deceive, cheat, beguile; 

— &rsi, vrf. to get phzzled, to lose one's 

Abbindolatdre, -trice, tmf. he, she who binds 

r6und, deceiyes, cheats, beguiles 
AbbindolatAra, tf. t. Abbindolamento 
Abbiocc&re, vn. (low Tutcan) better Ghio<>> 

ci4re, to cluck 
Abbiosci&re, vn. to fall off, decline, get dis- 
heartened; — &rsi, vrf. to bec5me feeble 

and dispirited 
Abbisogninte, adj. needy , Indigent , in w&nt 
Abbisogn^re, van. i. to w&nt, need, require; 

che Ti abbis6gna ? whit do you wint ? 
Abbittire, va. i. to bit the cible 
Abbitumire, va. i. to cement , to unite with 

Abbi6ra, tf. abjurition, reeantition 
Abbiurire, va. i, to abjure, ren^nce, recint 
Abbiurazi6ne, tf. ▼. AbbiAra 
AbbjAra, tf. t. Abbitira 
Abboccamento, tm. an interview, pirley, c6n- 


F&te, meu, bile, n6te, ttibe; - ilt, met, bit, n6t, thb; - Or, pique ^^^ 
ame. Ttno, lai, rana, flame ,. patto^wtto , p«Wo . «• t, ooiie. owf% • nuut, vino. 

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— 21 — 


Abboceire, m. 4. to cateh in the mdiith; to 
fiU to the brim (ftr 

Abboce&rai, vrf, to hive an Inlerriew, to eon- 
Abbocc&to,atfJ. of an agreeable fl4?our, sweet 
Abboecatdjo , fsi. the m^th or 6pening of a 

Abboeeat6re , -trice, tmf. a meddler, a buey- 

body, T. Appallatdre 
Abboccon&re , da 1. ( liUle uted) to cut into 
m6rtels (sMur&ted 

Abbombani , vrf. to imbibe , bec6me imbtied, 
▲bbominibile, adj, abominable, 6dion8 
Abbominam^ato, «m. abomin&tion, detestition 
Abbominire, va. i. to ab6minate, abh6r 
Abbominat6re, -riee, tmf. an abomin&tor 
Abbominaxi6ae, sf. abomin&tion 
Abbomin^TOle , adj. t. Abbomin&bile 
Abbominio, mi. abomin4tion, avdrsion 
Abbomindso, adj. abhdrrent, dettetable 
Abbonaedamteto, tm, a cAlm, stillDess 
Abboaaedire , va. 4. to cAlm, stilli app^e 
AbbonaoeUra, vrf. to gr6w c&lm, became stil- 
led (siilMorlption 
Abbonam^nto, tin. improvement , agreement , 
Abbonire, «a. i. to make good, to admit (an 

Abbonkrsi, vrf. to get bitter, impr^Te; -— ad 
no giornile , to sobseribe for , or becdme a 
sobecriber to a johrnal 
Abbondam^nto, m. (ant.) pltoty, abdodance 
Abhondinte, adj, abhndant, abdundiog with 
Ahbondanteminte , adv. abhndantly , piinti- 

Abbond&uza, toi. abhndance, kfOnence 
Abbondanzidre, tm. a eity-Tictnaller 
Abbondire, no. 1. to abd&nd with or in 
AbbondiTole, adj. plentiful, y. Abbond&nte 
Abbondosamente, adv, {ant.) c6pioasly 
AbboDd6so, -a, adj, (ant.) odpious, pl&ntifal 
Abbonire , va, 3. to mUie up , complete ; to 
Abbordiggio, tm. the b6ardiDg a ship (cAlm 
Abbordire, va. i. to bdard an Enemy's ship ; 
— Ano, to step np to a person, to sp^ to 
him, acc6st him 
Abbordellire, t». (from, borddllo, a bad h^e) 
to cbinge , tnm into a bad hdase, a hddse 
Abb6rdo, tm. approach, access, niaring, Iknd- 
ing , (tea) edming to; andkre all' abbdrdo , 
to b6ard (a Teasel) ; nOmo di fidle abbdrdo, 
i man of tesy acotas 
Abborraedamdnto, tm. cdbbling, b(»tehing 
Abboiraedftre , betttr Aedabattire , va. i. to 
c6bble, botch ; — irsi, vrf. to do hhrriedly 
and bhnglingly, to eat like a hog 
Abbomoddne, tm, cdbbler, bdtcher 
Abborrire, tm. I. t. Errkre 
~ vo. to saperkdd ntedlessly, to dver-stiifr 
Abborrtota, adj. abh6rrent ; abhdrring ; de- 

Abborr^Tole, adj. 16athsome,6diODS,abhdrrent 
Abborrimtoto, tm. abbdrrence, aversion 
Abborrire, 5. to abhdr, detest, Idatbe 
Abbottacci&tai , vrf. to tope, giinle , to drink 

or kzi to eic^ss 
Abbottire, va. to puff op; -&rsi, vrf. to be 

puffed up , infl&ted with Tknity or pride 
Abbottinaminto, tm. pillage, skcklng, re?61t 
Abbottin4re (from boUino), va. to pillage 
— si, vnrf. to mutiny ' < bhttons 

Abl>ottonire , va. i. to bhtton , f&sten with 
Abbottonatftra, tf. bhttons and bhtton hdles 
Abbdzia , tf. (moor.) stopper ( a thari pieet of 
rope uted for making tomelhUig fut , om 
the anchor or cablet ) 
Abbozsamtoto, tm. a rohgh drkught, a skftteh 
AbboK&re, va. i. to sketch, delineate 
Abboxsatfcdo , a(</. hilf skMched, bAlf-bl6wn 
Abbozz4to, abbdsso, tm. sketch , dlitline 
Abbo»at6re,- trice, tmf he, sbe who sketches, 

Abbozzol&rsi, vnrf. to form its cocoon 
Abbracdabdschi, tm, a hOney-shckle 
Abbracciamdnto, tm. an embr&ce, a hog 
Abbraccikre, va. i. to embr&ce; comprehtad, 
contiiin ; chi trdppo abbraeda n611a strin- 
gs, gr&sp ill l^e all 
Abbracciita, tf ▼. Abbrkccio 
AbbracciMo, -a, adj. embr&ced, encircled 
Abbr4ccio, tm. (pi. — i) ehibr&ce; brace; kc- 

colade, the dhbbing a kofght 
Abbracd6ni, adv, with an embrkce, embricing 

£ach ilher, one andther 
Abbracikre, abbragiire, va. to set on fire 
Abbragiamdnto , tm. conflagration , bhrning 

to red hot coals, combhstion 
Abbranckre, va. i. to gripe, grksp, grkpple; 

to clksp, crkmp or ch&in togdlber 
Abbrancat6re , -trice , tmf. one who gripes , 

grasps, grapples 
AbbreTiam^Dto , tm. shdrtening, abridgement 
Abbrefi&re, va. i. to abridge, shorten 
AbbrcTiatiTO, -a, adj. abbr^Tiating, shdrtening 
Abbreviatdre, «m. an epilomist, abridger, ah- 
brefiktor {phratt 

AbbrcTiatfira, tf abbreviktion ( of a word or 
AbbreTiazi6ne, tf. a sh6ttening 
Abbrezskre, vn. t. AbbriTidire 
AbbrlTkre (from riva), on. i. to get hnder way, 

Idave the shdre, mike head way 
Abbricckgnolo, tm. a plant imported from the 

Abbricckre, better Scaglikre, va. 1. to hhrl 
Abbrif idire, tm. 8. to shWer with c61d, to get 

chilly, becdme ehlUed 
AbbrlTo, tm. s6a-way, headway, mn 
Abbronsam^nto , tm. the imbrdi^ning, tkn- 

ning, m&king shnbumt, tkwny, scorched 
Abbronskre {from brdnso), va. i. to imbrdi^n, 
tan, sonbhm, make c6pper-c61oured 

Bdr, rtd«:.iUl, sfo, buU;-f&re, d6;-bt, l^ph; pQie, b^i, fdhl, fdi^l; gem , as 

Kl* Ul* e, !• 





— 22 — 


Abbrontatdllo, -a, adj. slightly scorched, tan- 
ned ; TAther brdwn 
Abbronz&tn, adj. siinbiirnt, tawny , 8c6rehed 
(Abbroslfre) \ to singe, 8c6rcb. brSil ; to 

Abbroslolf re , va. J crisp, Ibast, dry np 
Abbroslilftra, tf. a slnjre; the action and ef- 
fect ofscdrching, broiling, crisping, tdasting 
Abbmciacchi&re, t>a. i. to scorch superficial- 
ly, to burn here and there, to brSil 
Abbruciacchiilo , -a, adj. burnt here and tbft- 

re, broiled 
Abbruciainento, »m, a bdrning 
Abbrnci&nt(«,ad;'. brSiling, bbrning,sc6rching 
Abbruciaticcio, -a, adj. superficially burnt 
Abbruci&re, va. to burn, consAme, (broil) 
Abbrunam6nto , tm. the Miction of imbrdwn- 

ing, d&rkening 
Abbrun&re, va. i to imbr^n, tan, dirken 
Abbrun&rsi, vrf. to put on mfturoiog 
Abbrunire, va. 5. lo make or turn brdi^n; tjn. 

to bec6me sdobtirnt 
Abbni8c4re, va. to singe a bat 
Abbrusli&re, tMi. 4. to singe (a fovjl), to scorch 
Abbrustol&re , va. i. to t6ast , crisp , pftrch ; 

~- del pine, to tdast bread 
Abbrustol&to, -a, adj. t6astod , crisped ; p&ne 

abbrustol4to, t6ast 
Abbrutire, van. to brOtify 
Abbruttire, va, to make dgly ; vn, to gr6w dgly 
Abbocln&re, va. to deafen with clktier, tilk 
Abbuj&re, -arsi, vnrf. lo gr6w dark; va. to hidf 
Abburaltaminlo , sm. b6Uing of mdal , sifting 
Abburatt&re, va, \. to b61t, sift, t^ase 
— si, vrf. to fidget 
Abbdrattatdre, sm. a b61ter, sifter 
Abdicire, tMi. to ibdicite, resign 
Abdicazi6ne, if. abdication, abdiciling 
Abdoll^o, sm. sort of eg]^ptian m61on 
Abddmine,be((er Add6miDe, sm. theabd6meii 
AbdoU6re, sm. abdiictor, abdAceot miiscle 
Abduzi6ne, if. [anat.) abdbciion ; (impulse) 
Abeced&rio, im. A, B, A, horn book 
A bel dildlto, adv. designedly ; to one's fill 
A beir &gio , adv. at one' s liisure , at ona' s 

Aberrazi6ne, ij. aberrilion, dcTiition 
Abespdrio, adv. from or by experience, ex- 
perimentally, kndwingly 
Abet&ja, if. fir plantition, pfne w6od 
Ab6te, Abeto, sm. fir tree, pine 
Abetfillo, itn. p6st of scaffolding 
Abelina, if, ▼. Abetaja 
Abeilno, -a, adj. of fir, d^al 
Abidtlo, sm. ?. Abbi^lo 
Abige&to, im, horse stealing, sheep stealing , 
Abigdo , sm. a cittle stealer ( etc. 

Abile, adj. diver, &ble, skilful, prdper 
Ability, if. ability, addrtes, capacity, pd^er ; 
gli ftee abilili al pagire, be conceded him 
the time necessary (o enable him to pay 

Abilitire, va. \. to enible, quilif^f , empdwof 
Abilitativo, adj. that can en&bie, capkcit&liag 
Abilitazidne , if. a m&king skilful; enibling, 

Abilmdnt«, adv. &bly, cliverly, comm6diou8ly 
Ah inlesUlo , adv. ( of heirs ) inl^siate ; suc- 

cesslAne ah intest&to, intestacy , int^sUte' s 

Abissire, t>a. 4. to engdlf, precipitate; rftia 
Abisso, im. ah^ss, gulf, pit, hell 
AbiUbile, adj habitable 
Abiticolo,«m. poordwilllng; binnacle, bittacla 
Abitamioto, sm. the inhkbiting, residing , 

AblUnte, sm. an inhabitant, resident, dwel- 
ler ; adj. inhkbiling, residing or living in 
Abilinza, if. v. Abitaziftne 
Abiiaro, va. i. to inhnbii, reside, live in 
Abitalfvo, -a, adj. bkbilable 
AbilAlo, a, adj. inhibiled, resided, peopled 
— sm. a peopled pl&ce 

Abitalore, Irfce, imf an inhSbiUnt, dwftller 
AbitazloncSlIa, sf smJIl snug 16dging or house 
Abiiazi6ne, if habil&Uon, dwelling 
Ahil^vole, v. Abilibile 
abilo. sm. hJibil. ciislom ; c6at, dress, cl6thes ; 

hibil of b6dy , temperament, complexion , 

pigiiar V ftbilo. to take the cowl 
Abiluile, adj. haljilual, chstomary 
Abiiuire, va. \. to use, acctistom , in6re, ba- 

hiluate „ v x 

Abiiuirsi, vrf to accbslom one s self, become 

habituated (infired 

Abituatizza, nf the state of being habituated, 
Ablluilo, adj. infired.acchslomed, habituated 
AbilWine, adv. a hSibit, disposition ; habitude 
Abiluro, im. an bumble ab6do 
Abfura, ec. v. Abbifira . 

A bizz^ffe , adv. in greit abdndance , in loU 
Ablativo, im. kbiative c&se 
Abluzi6oe, if. ablAlion, pArifying 
Abndrmc, v. Anorm&le 
Aboilbile, adj. abblishable 
Abollre, va. 3 to abdiish, annbl 
Abolizi6ne, if. abolition, disuse 
Abominjibile, ec. v. Abbominkbile, ee. 
Abondknte, ec. v. Abbondknte, ec. 
Aborfgeni, imp. aborigenes, first inhabitants . 
Aborr^vole, adj. loathsome, ddious, abh6rrent 
Aborrfre, va. to abb6r 
Abortire, \. lire, 3. -tirsi, wirf. to miscirry, 

htive a premalAre acc6uchment, fiil 
Aborlivo, -ticcio, adj. abdrtive, untimely 
Abdrio, sm. an abdrtion, a prematdre birth 
Abosfna, if. sort of plum 
Abosioo, im. a plum tree 
Abrasibne, if. erising, rbbbing off or fiit 
Abrogire, va, 1. to AbrogAte, repeal 
Abrogaziooe, if abrogation, reversal 
Abroilne, AbrotAno, im. v. Abrolfno 

Wte. mile, bite, n6te. tdbe, - fit, mil, bit, n6t, Idb; - fAr, plqne, ^ 
fcno. Tin,., 1.1. rom.. ia«« , • p-lto-peUo. ptio. •. 1. ^^,^^^^(^f^^^^^^ 


— 23 — 


AbroCfDO, tin. wild v5nnv6od, soiithenivood 
Abrapto (ex), arfv.abriipUy, suddenly, vith6at 

firing ndtice, nilhdiit the (ktutl forms 
Ibsida, sf. &psls 

Abside, ffm. &psif (abAse 

Abas&cdo , sm, a grekt abase , a cryfng ^t 
AbosamJnU), tm. the ab6siDg, misfising, mis- 
em plying 
AbusAre, van. 1. to abAse, misiise, tise ill , 
misempl^ , tr6spass on ; £g1i abfisa del s6o 
potere, he mikes a bad oroverbeiring ase 
of bis pSwer; vrf.-ktsi della paii^nza di 
lino , lo vear out or tire dut a person's 
Abosione, if. abase, ill ase, ill (isage 
AbasiTam^Dte, adv. abusively ; overbearingly 
AbusfTO , adj. abdsive , impr6per , an&ulbor- 
ised ; mondta abasfva, base c?ia> an&uihor- 
ised m5iiey 
Abaio, SIR. abiise, misempl^ ; disuse 
AbuUlo, sm. {bot.) yello« m&rshm&llovs 
Abuzzago, btller Bozi&go, tm. a bbzzard 
Aeicia, sf. [bot.) aciicia 
Acad^mia, ec. v. Accad^mia, ec. 
Acanino, adj. {J¥om cine, a dog) crQel, bldody 
Aeaoto, tm. {bot.) acinthus, beir's fool 
Acaro, mi. mite, cheese or finger-wdrm 
AcattdIieo,-a, adj. heterodox, not Citbolic 
Acea, sf. the letter H ; eio non vile an' acca, 
it's not irdrth a striw (soiree 

Accad^mia, tf. academy, anivirsity ; musical 
Accaderaicam^ote , adv. academically , Id an 

academical minner 
Aecadimico,-a, €uij. academical , tm. an Aca- 
demician, member of an acidemy 
Accademfsta, tm, p6pil in riding, 4rtist 
Accad^re, vn. 3 trr. to hippen, bef&Il; accide 
sp&so, it often happens ;-drsi, y. Convenfre 
Aecadevole, adj. that may take place, happen 
Aceadimento,sin. chince,kccident, occtirrencH 
Accaflire, arraffare, va. 1. to snatch, gripe, 
vrest (imputation 

Accagiooam^nto , tm. an impiUing , tixing , 
Aecagionire, va. to tax vith, acc^ise of, (to 

Aecag ionaldre, sm, an acc^iser, impAter , ar- 

Accagiii, Acagib, tm. {bot.) mah6gany, acajou 
Accalappiire, ca. 1. to ensnire, catch, inveigle 
Ac^Uppiito, -a t adj. n^sed , ciaght , en- 
Accaldire, va. 4. to wirm, hdat, overheat 
Aecalorire, oa. 4. to htot, inimate, incite, 

Accampam^Dto, tm. camp, encimpment 
Aocampire, vn. -irsi , vrf. to encimp , dress 
the t^att; va. to bring into the fleld ; pro- 
Aecampito, -a , adj. encimped ; dravrn tfiit ; 
produced, introduced 

Aeeanaflire, va. to make suspicions; to ^disn 

fivoor, disc^ntenanee 
Accaoalire, va. 1. to chiunel, chimfer , flntA 
Accanalito,-a, adj. flftted, chinnelled, chim- 

Accanire 1., -fre 5., sguinzagliire , va. 1. to 

unleash. Jet slip,- -irsi, vrf. to get fftrious, 

enraged, ribid 
Accanito, nlto, adj. {from cine) ribid, fftrioua, 

6bstinate. ddgged: baltiglia accanlta, an 

6bstinate bidody bittie 
Accaneggiire, va. t. Accanire, Accanire 
Accanirsi , vrf. to chife , get ffirious , to be 

desperately intent up6n : to fight vith ri- 
bid fury, to h61d to with d6gged tenicity 
Accaniiam6nte, odw. ribidly , furiously, ddg- 

Accannire, va. to seise, to take by the lhr6at 
Accannellire, va. 1. to wind up6n bobbins of 

Accinlo, pr. adv. beside, by, niar (mcnie 
Accanlonam6nlo , tm. cintonment , cinloii- 
Accantonirsi, vrf lo be cinloned 
Accantoflito, part.adj. c6rnered, hiving cor- 
Accapacciamento , tm. the i»Tapping in a 

mantle, miifBiog up 
Accapacciirsi , vrf to vrap one's self in a 

mantle (thinking 

Accapacciito, -a , adj. dliUed , stunned witn 
Accaparrire, va. to give a p6rson earnest, to 

engige vilh earnest, to hire 
Accapellirsi, vnrf v. Accapigliirsi 
Accapezzire, wi. 1. to bring to a close, wind 

up, end 
Accapigliirsi, vrf to take one andther by the 

hifr, lo fill together by the ears 
Accapitolire, va. {book binding) lo stitch the 

head bands 
Accappacciilo , adj. tripped in a mintle , 

mhfned up, hAoded (hat 

Accappire, va. to pluck or cut the wool of a 
Accappaiejo, tm. dressing-g^n , bithing- 

dress, g6wn 
Accappiire, va. i. to atch with a sliding or 

riinning knot, to noose, to ensnare 
AccappialAra, sf^. nAose, gin, riinning knot 
Accapponire, va. 1. to cipon, make capons 
Accappucciire, va. to dress in a hood or c6wl, 

to put on a hood, to hood 
Accapprlcciire,-irel, vnrf lo shiidder, be h6r- 

rifled (wheedling 

Accarexiamento , tm. a caress , caressing , 
Accarexzire, tw. 1. to caress , fondle , coax , 

Accarexzevole, adj. fond, endearing , flitter- 
ing, bland 
Acca mire i. , -uire 5. , va. to flesh , to dish 

deep into the flesh (fisli 

Accarpionire, va. i. to pickle carp or ether 

•dr, rftdr;-f&ll, s5d, biia; - Mre, d^; - bf, I^mph; pQie, b(?i, fAl, mU gem; ai 
farte, rvf»/-faft0, Miif. entta, • «rta , fVfB i • 1«1 . •, i. pot. faoMoi gtnuna. m*. 

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Acearloed&re, va. 1. to twist up in a. c6mc 

form ; to put in a p&per cap ; to dog's Ur 
Accartocci&rii, m. 1. toihrifel ap like a piper 

ciip« to take a c6nic or cirtridge form 
Accasaminto, «m. a liking ap hdikie, mkrriage 
Accasire, van. to balld bdiii es, to take a hdiise 

or a wife , to settle in life ; — le ilgliadle, 

to mkrry daughters, to settle them in life 
Aceasirsi, vrf. to settle , begin bdDse-kiep- 

ing, mkrry 
Aecasito, adj. mkrried, sMUed ; fOllofbdDses 
Accascire, vn. 1. to chknce, ?. Accadire 
Accasciam^nto, sm. the sinking of beirt and 

limb c6nseqaent on 6Id age or Illness 
Accasciire, -irsi, vnrf. to becdme feeble or 

dejected throftgh age or infirmity, to sink , 

deciy, decline, fill off 
Accasermire, va. to pat into birracks 
Accaslellaminto, tm. {mar.) the fore cislle , 

Accastellito.-a, adj. hiring a fore-cistle and 

hind-cisUe (caUrrh 

AccatUrram^nto , tm. the c&tching a c61d or 
AccaUrrathra,*/: a bad c61d, rheftnf, catirrh 
Accatarrire, va. to catch a c61d or catirrh 
AccaUstire, va. to pile up wood, to hiap up 
Accatabrighe, sm. a qairrelsome fillow 
Accattaldde, sm. a stoker or fisher for priise 
Accattaminto , sm, i. Accoglidnza ; hogging , 

^KK^ry, mdodicancy, mendicity 
Accattapine, sm. a b^gar 
Accattiro, van. 1. to' borrow , to beg , to ask 

ilms ; to procAre , seek for , impetrate ; — 

Idde , to seek or fish for priise ; — pine , 

to beg one's bread 
AccattitOf-a, adj. bdrrowed; procured 
Aecaltat6re, sm. a biggar, seeker, bdrrower, 

Accatlatdzii, sm. a beggar 
Accattatikra, sf. the bigging, isking ilms; bkg- 

i^ary, biggarliness, trisb, rhbbish 
Accatteria, tf. ▼. AccattatAra 
Accitto, smf. 16an, ilms,coUiotion, githering, 

sum collected 
Accatt6ne, tm. a big biggar, imp&stor, rdgue 
Accayalcire, va. to get op6n, mdiinl, ride 
Accavalciire, va. to ride or sit astriddle up6n, 

to be astride up6n, to back 
AccavaleiAni, adv. astriddle, astride 
Accarallire, va. to pile one up6n anftther 
Accafigliire, oa. i. to wind on bdbbins 
Accecaminto, tm. blindness, irror, OTersfght 
Accecire, oa. 4. to blind , on. to beedme blind 
Accecito, -a , adj. blinded, beguiled, deciifed 
Accocai6re,-trice, tmf. be or she who blinds 
Aoc^dere, t>n. i. to appr6acb, tcf accede 
Acceffire, va. 1. (from ciffo, tnout)^ to eitch 

with the t^eth, to siiie, snatch 
Accdgia, tf. a w6odcock; pigliir riccdgia,to 

dince attindanee 

Acceleraminto, tm. celerity, swiftness, speed 
Acce1erire,oo. i . to aceilerate, speed, despitch 
Aceelerirsi, vrf. to bhrry one's self , bisten, 

make biste ; to bec6me accilerated 
Aeeelerataminte, adv. expMitiTely, spiedily 
AcceleratiTO, atHJ. expidillTe, accileriting 
Accelerito, part, and adj. accelerited quick- 
ened, bistened; mdto accelerito, accileri- 
ted m6tion 
Accelerat6re, -trice, tmf. one who accilerites ; 

what bistens, Expedites, quickens 
Acceleran6ne , tf. accilerition , histeniog , 

Accellina, tf. linsey-w&olsey 
Accendinte, adj. infliming, kindling 
Acc^ndere, va. irr. S. to kindle, light, set on 
fire ; — una partita, to 6pen an account ; ac- 
cendete il fuoco, la cand^la, light the fire , 
the cindle; mi permetldte ch'io accinda il 
cigirro, all6i^ me to light my cigir 
Accdodersi, vrf. to begin to burn, catch fire, 

AocenddTole, -ibile , adj. inflkmmable , com- 
bustible (ble 
Accendibilissimo,-a,a<(/. tup. Tory combhsti- 
Aecendimtoto, tm. a sitting on fire, bhrning 
Accendit6jo, tm. a lighting stick, kindling 

Accendit6re , tm. a klndler , lighter ; he she 
that inflimes (sign 

Accennamtoto, tm. a nod, beck, wink , hint , 
Accenninte, adj. that hints, bickoos, Indicates 
Acceonire, va. i. to bickon, nod, wink , hint, 

indicate, pQnt out 
Accennat6re,- trice, tmf. he, she who bickons, 

nods, hints 
Accennathra, tf. nod, sign , indicitaon , liint 
Accdnno, tm. y. Accennatira 
Accensire, va. to lei (a property) on a l^ase 
Accensibile, adj. inflkmmable, combhstible 
Accensi6ne, tf. bhrning, fire, t. Accendiminto 
Acc£nso,poe(. acclso,-a, adj. kindled, inflimed 
Accentire, vo. to accint, to mark with the 

AccSnto, tm. the iccent , the piuse of the 
T^ce ; iccent {the mark or point indicating 
the paute of the voice) ; iccent, t&ne, striin, 
n6te, T^ce, accdrd 
Accentrirsi, vrf. to concentrate, to centre in, 

to be united in a centre 
Accentuile, adj^ accentual, pertiining to ic- 
Accenluire, va. to aGcintuate,place the iccent, 

to lay the stress on the accented sillable 
Acceotoito , accentito , -a, adj. accentuated, 

Accerchiamdoto , tm. a hooping , encircling , 

Accercblire, va. to encl6se, encdmpass, hoop 
Accerchiellire, va. to hoop , bind with hoops 

Fite, miU, bite, n6te, tibe; 

ftt, met, bit, n6t, thb; 

low «. i| BOUC, 9mffl 

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— 25 — 


Aceerchiell&to, aJj. hooped, bdHod with hoops; 

Jl^eerdnito {firom cerdnej , luy, with many 

Aceerrire , wt, to vfnd , reel into tkiins , to 

Quite, jQn 
Ae6ertam6nio,-t&Dza, tmf. a confirming, eon- 

firmition, andranee, eirtaiaty 
Accert&re, va, 1. to confirm, ass&re , certify. 
to ascertiin; — t&rsi, vrf. to asB6re one's 
seU^ to be or beedme assured 
AeeerlaUm^ale, adv. sArely , with certainty 
Aeeertasidne, sf. the aseerti^iniog, confirming, 

assAriog, esUblishing, confirmition 
Aecert^b, tm, a kestrel, imill hawk 
Acelrto, im. ▼. Aceertamdnto 
Aeeesamente. adv. Ardently, Eagerly, fdnridly 
Aodso {from acedndere),parf . and adj. lighted, 
lit, biimiDg,heated,infl&med, red-hot, flash- 
ing; {eommereial) not extinguished, not 
p<kid. 6peB'; fadco accteo, a lighted fire; co- 
Idre aecdso, a lirely or fl&shy c61oor 
Aceestare, n. i. {ant.) to c^ase, stop , desist 
Aeeeuilttle, adj. aec^uible, appr6achable 
Aceeuidne, tf accession, addition, accdss^ fit 
Ace^ssit (a latin word), acctesit {dittinetion 
ffrmitd to him who not having obtained a 
F^ice, bos e^proaehed the nearer to it) 
Aetiuo,»m. access, admittance; fit, pftroxysm 
Accessoiiamdnte, adv. ftccessorily 
Acecssdrio, -a, adj. Accessory 
Aeeestfre , wi. ( agr. ) to spr^t , shoot , gr6w 

bosby; to c&bbage 
Aee^tU, «/*. hiitchet, axe (come 

Aceettibile , adj. acceptable , agreeable, w«l- 
AocetUgi6oe, s/l -aminto, tm. t. Accettazi6ne 
Accett&nte , adj. mf. accepting , approving , 

Accettlre, ca. 1. to accept, apprdve, receive; 
— 6na trilta, Ana lettera di cimbio, to ac- 
cept a draft, a bill of exch&nge 
AccetUtdre, -rice, smf. accepter 
AG6ettazi6iie,«/: acceptance, receiring, accept- 
ation ; an acceptance, a draft accepted 
Accefl^Tole, better accett&bile, adj. acceptable 
Aecetterolmente, adv. with pleasure, willingly 
Aeeetto, -a, adj. acceptable , pleasing , agree- 
able, gr&tefal, welcome; billed with pleasure 
Acottto, sm. acceptance, acceptition 
Aecendne, tf. acceptition 
AechetAre, va. 1. to] hiisb, quiet, still, trkn- 
qoillixe , cilm , appease; — -&rsi , vrf, to 
traoqoiUfze one's self, bec&me cilmed, hb- 
shed, appeased, trinquil (cAlm 

Acchelito, -a, adj. bbshed, quiet , appeased , 
Accbiappire, va. 1. to c&tch, seize; to trick 
Acebiappato, -a, adj. c&oght, tricked, giiUed 
AecfaioeeiolAre, va. i. (from chioceiola, a snail) 
to fdrce a person d^i^n into a squAtting 
pestore Arsi, vrf. to shrink like a snail, 

to dddge or c^er ddi^n , to sit brdoding , 

Acchiddere, va. 3. irr. (preterit : acchiAsi) to 

encl6se; vi acchi&do la mia acceltazi6ne a 

due mesi , I encl6se you my acceptance at 

fw6 m6ntbs 
Acchiuso, a, adj. ene16sed, (incl6ded) 
Accia, sf. thread, flax; kie 
Acciabattamento, si». a b6tching, bhngling 
Acciabatt&re, va. 4. to botch, biingle,c6bbleup 
Acciaccire , va. 1. to crhsh , squ&sh , brAise, 

p^nd (fr6nt 

Acci&cco, $m, infermity, Illness; ^trage , af- 
Acciaccbso , adj. sickly , unhealthy , infirm , 

Aeciaino, gm. steel {to sharpen knives) 
Acciaj&to, -a, adj. steeled, tipped with steel 
Acclijo, sm. steel; penna d'acciejo> a steel pen 
Acclaju61o, sm. a steel (to strike a Hght) 
Acciapfnare,va.i. to dh histily (gel kngry ant.) 
Acci&re, va. 1 . {almost obsolete) to mince, hash 
Acciarino, sm. steel {to strike a light, etc.) 
Acci&ro, sm. steel, {poet.) sw6rd, pdniard 
Acciarpire, va. i. to cdbble, botch, bhngle 
Acciarpatdre , -trice, sm/. cdbbler , bdtcher , 

Acciarpin&to, -a, adj. clbmsy, bhngling, dene 

or written histily and withdut care 
AccideniAle, A^i. accidental, fortuitous, cAsual 
Accidentaimente, adu. accidentally, by ch&nce 
Accidentirio, -a, adj. accidental , contingent, 

Accidente, sm. eccident, chknce, hap; Occident 

{philos.); misfertune, 8tr6ke, paralysis, sud- 
den attkck of illness , apoplectic fit, death; 

accidente! gli Tengaun accidente I death to 

him ! Devil to him t 
AccfdentAccio, sm. a trifling kccident 
Accidenza, sf. t. Accidente 
Aceidia, sf. idleness, sloth, indolence 
Aecidiere, vrf. to indblge sloth, to be sihggish 
Accidi6so, -a, a4j. idle, listless, sl6thful; s. a 

slbggard, dr6ne 
Aeciecire, va. i. better accec&re, to blind 
Accigliamento , sm. contraction , knitting of 

the br<rw8, frtfi^n 
Accigli&re,va. 4. to time d5wn a bird of prey 

by sewing up its eyelids ; — -kni , to knit 

one's br^s, look shilen 
Acciglieto, -a, adj. glAomy, austere, sbllen 
AccigliAto y -a , adj. hafing long and bristly 

Accignere, va. to prepare, dispese 
Acdgnersi , accingorsi , pref irr. to gird up 

one's Ifflns , prepire one's self; — a Are 

una c6sa, td set abdiit doing a thing 
Aecignimento , sm. the preparing one's self 
AccileccAre, va. to balk, trick, diskppant 
Acdncigli&to, -a , adj. fringed ; ornamentad , 

b&rdered with fringes 

■dr,rftde;-fiU, sen.b&U; - tiure, d6; -b^, l^mpb; pflk , b^l, foiU, fSwl; gem, as 
fMM. fvgfti - itvu. OMif, cuUat-tite.ngai -tal, •» I, pol» teutoi tMBiii«*TCM. 

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— 26 — 


^ccineigo&re, va. to gird op, to thek up one's 

AeefDgere. va. ▼. Acdgoere 
AcciDto, -a, adj. girded, girt ; prepired, riady 
Acei6, conj. that, to the end that 
Acciocche, conj. that, in order that 
Accioitol&re, va. 1. to pive with pebbles 
Accioltol&to, sm. place p&Ted with pebbles 
Accipigli&rsi, vr^. to scowl , frown, to put on 

a frowoiog look 
Accipigii^lo, -kf adj. scdi^ling, lowering 
AccircoDd4re, va. 1. t. Circond&re (s^ver 
Accismire, va. 1. (/rom cisma) to cut asiinder, 
AcciufTare.tNx. 1. to take by the b4ir, to catch, 
sdize ; — -irsi , to tike each other by the 
Acciuga, sf. belter aifce, anchovy (hair 

Aeciugila, tf. anchdvy-s&uce 
AcciYani4re, ?. Givansire 
Accivett4re, ixi. tocoqu6t,dec(y, entice, allfire, 

tempt, seduce 
Acciveltaio, -a, adj, ciutious, wise by expe- 
Accivimdnto, $m. a fhrnishing with ivery thing 
Accivire, va, 5. (liiUeused) to provide, procure 
Acciaminle, adj. who applauds, claps, huzzis 
Acclaroare, van. I. to appl&ud, clap, accl&im, 

to elect by aci'lam4tion 
Acclamat6re, -trice, gmf. one who appl&ods, 

Aeclamazi6ne, tf. acclamation, appUuse 
Acclino.aei/. {ant.) inclined, addicted; v. Dedito 
Acclive, adj. acclivious, declivous, sl6ping 
AcclivitA, sf. acclivity, declivity, slope 
Acelddere, accluso, ▼. Includere, inclAso 
Accocc&re, va. i. to notch the bdwstring, place 
the arrow ; accocciria ad iino , to play one 
a trick 
Accocc&ti, sm^/. rig1ets(of silk-manufaeturet) 
Accoccol&re, va. 1. -ftrsi, vnrf. to s^at a per- 
son squit, to sit or be seated squ&t 
Aceod&re,t>a.i. • arsi, vnr/. to f61low, or ciose 
to f61low ^ch dther hiad to t&il in a siring 
(as blasts of biirden, etc.) 
Accodilo, -a, adj. accdmpanied, fdllowed 
AccogliSnza, sf. w61come, kind recdplion 
Acc6gliere, va. 2. I'rr. (accdigo, accdgli, accd- 
glie; pari, accdlsi), to welcome, make wel- 
come, receive, entertain ; to assemble, belt^ 
raccogliere, (to appr6ach, arrive); -rsi belter 
Radooirsi, raccdgliersi 
Accogliment&ccio, sm. a cool reception 
Accoglimdnto , sm. welcome; kiod or f&vour- 

able reception ; assemblage, union 
AccogIiliccio,-a, adj. chkncemMley, master- 
ed by ch&nce, picked up here and Ih^re 
Accoglitdre, -trice, smf receiyer; githerer 
Accoliialo, sm. the order or office of Acolytes 
Accdiito, sm kcolyte 

Accoll4re , va. 1. to y6ke ; -^ -&rsi , to tike 
chArge of, undertake, becAme respdnsible for 

AccoIIat&rio , sm. undertaker: one who takea 
cb&rge of, or becdm«!s responsible for 

AccoUilo, -a, adj. ydked, undertaken ; Testfre 
accolljtto, a dress that c&vers up the bi6soin 
and neck, a wrkpper 

Accdllo, sm. jut, jhity, projection in a build- 
ing {supported by eonsoies and corbels) 

Accolpire, accolpito, v. Incolpire, incolpito 

Accolta, nf. a giihering, mhster ; v. Racedlla 

Accel lei lanie, sm. v. Accollellal6re 

Accoltellare, va. 1. to stab with a knife 

Accoltell&ta, collell&ta, sf stab with a knife 

Accollellat6re, sm. a knifeman, a culthrdat 

Acc6lto, 'h,adj. welcomed, received, gitbered 

Accominda, sf. trust, prdperty confided, de« 
p6sit, sum pliced in a tr&ding concern, 

Accomandagi6ne , sf. protection, iuspicas, 
c4re, trust, chArge, keeping, guardianship 

Accomandinte , sm. a sleeping pirlner io a 
commercial concern; a shire-holder in a 
j5int stock cdmpany 

Accomandire , va. 1. to recommend , to con- 
fide (a.lhing) to the keeping of , to hand 
6ver, give io chirge, depbsit, consign, re- 
mit; to beliy, to brace with a ropo, to iish 

Accomandirsi , vrf. to recommind one's self, 
to entreat the protection or solicit the kind 
erfices of a person 

Accomaodalirto , sm. the icting pirtner in a 
joint-stock c6mpaoy; a trustee, an igent 

Accomandito, -a, adj. recommended , hinded 
6ver , confided, remitted, deposited , given 
in chirge or in trust; referred to 

Accomandigia, sf. (anl.) v. Accomandagidne 

Accomindita, sf. a pirtnership or joinl stock 
cempany, consisting of iclive and sleeping 
pirloers, the litter inswerable 6nly to the 
extent of their engigemenls 

Accomenda, sf. money or goods confided to 
the master of a vessel to Iride with 

Accomezzirsi, vnrf. to unite by the middle 

AccomigDolire, va. to form in the shape of a 
r6of, to ac6minate 

Accommiatire, va. to dismiss ( in a polite or 
friendiy manner)^ to let {one) go, give liave 

to go; irsi, to tike one's leave, take 

leave of, to bid good bye, say fare will 

Accommiatito, -a, adj. dismissed 

Aceomiatat6re, -trice, sm/: be, she that gives 
liave, dismisses, sends away, bows out 

Accommiatal&ra, sf. v. Gommiito 

Accomodibile , adj. that may be settled , ad- 
jiisted, br6ugbt to an accomodition 

Accomodaminto, s»n. adjiislment, composition 

Accomodire, va. 1, to siit, to make comm6- 
dious, or convenient, to acc6mmodate, to 
pdil in drder, adipt, adjbst; to adjbst a 
difTerence, to arrioge, compound, compro- 
mise ; — irsi, to cdme to a c6mpromise or 

File, mete, bite, n6te, t6be; - At, mit, bit, n&t, tbb; - fir, ptqve, <;> 

0no, Tliw. lai, roBM, floiM} - paUo-|Mlto. petto, #,1. nolta, pfft • mono. Tino» 

Digitized by VjOOQ IC 


— 27 — 


eompofltion , to get r^coDcfled, to acc&m- 
miKbte one'g self, to sit ddwn ; aceomod^- 
ten , sii down , be seated; la s' acc6modi , 
{renpeciful) , please to be seated, pray, sit 
dowD, do me the f&Toar to sit dd^n 
AecooDodataiDdDte, adv. sdilably Jusly ex&clly, 

a prop6s 
jleeomodaifTO , -a, adj. sftitable, that can ac- 
Accomodilo, -a, adj, fitted, adapted; coDvd- 

Accomodatrice , ac^oDciatrfce, sf. tiro woman 
Accomodatura, $f. adjustment, agreement 
Accomodazidne, sf. ?. Accomodamento 
Accompagoam^nlo, tm. the accdrnpanying, a 

musical accompaniment; a suite, relioue 
AccompagDiB(e,a«(/- accdmpanyiog, attendant 
AccompagoAre , va. i. to accompany , attend, 
escort; to accdmpany on a musical Instra- 

meat; to yoin with, unite, m4tch; 4rsi, 

to aec6mpany one' s self, to play (one'« seif) 
the aceompaoiments, to talce a comp&nion 
or helpmate, to get married 
Accompagnato, -a, adj. acc6mpanied 
Accompagoatdre, -trice, tmf. he, she whe ac- 
companies; a companion; he she that plays 
the acc6mpaniments (train 

Accompagnaiura , sf. acc&mpaniment, suite, 
Accomunagidne. tf. I tho putting, having or 
Accomanamento, sm. f enj^-ng all things in 

cdmmoD; community 
AccomooAre^ van. i. to put ill things in 
cdmmon , to enj«y in cdmmon; to live in a 
community ; — &rsi, to tr^at tech dlber as 
cdmrades , to lire on a e6mmon fi^oting of 
equality, to be Socialists 
Acconcteza, sf, siii\,ablene8S, 6rnafflent, dress 
Acconciamente, adv. befitiingly, beedmingly 
Acconciameato, sm. an arranging, adjusting 
Acconaare , wo. 4. to make filting or befil- 
Ung , to make c6mely or bec6ming , to fit , 
adjiist, set to rights; to set in drder, deck, 
adorn ; to prepare , preserve ( cook ) ; — 
i capelli , to dross or deck one's h4ir; — 
«n gidTane , to find a young man a situa- 
tion or a wife ; — le ragi6ni , to settle 
disputed accounts ; queslo vino Yi accon- 
cieri lo stdmaco , this wine will put your 
stdmach to rfghls ; — tno pel dl ddlle f«- 
ste, to give one a tbr&shiog, to dress him ; 
-ani , to deck one's self oQt , to prepAre 
settle or place one*s self; acconci&rsi del- 
I'inima, to sdllle one's spiritual concdrns , 
prepi^re for d^ath 
Acconeiataminte, adv.j belter acconciamenle 
Aceonciiio, -a, adj. fitted, adjusted, ddcked 
Aecoociat6re , sm. one who sets to rights , a 
ptece mAker, reconcHer , adjiister ; a hair- 
dresser, altirer, dicker out 
Aeeonciatrfee, sf, a tfre-w6man, mllUner 

Acconciatiira, sf. an &rnamdnted h6ad of hkir^ 

an 6rnament for the head ; plrdero 1' ac- 

conciat6ra, to miss one's &im , be bilked 
AccoDcime, sm. the act or expdose of putting 

in drder a farm hdlkse and farm 
Acc6ncio, stn. befUlingoess, convenience, g&in 
Acc6ncio , -a, adj. fllted, adjusted , dressed ; 

befilling, becoming; suitable, apt, dispdsed ; 

inacc6ncio, a prop6s; dlsc6rso che c&de 

in accoocio, a stesonable or suitable diS' 

cdurse, a word in steson 
Accondiscdndere, v. Gondiscendere. 
Acc6ne, ttm. {mar.) flat-b6tloroed lighter 
Acconfarsi , vrf. 1. better conf&rsi 
Acconigli4re , va. to drdw op the 6ars into 

the galley 
Acconsentim^nto, sm. consent, assent 
AccoDsenlire , va. 5. to consent, agr^e to ; to 

assent , to c^de ; chi t&ce acconsdnte, prov. 

exp. silence gives consent ^ 

AccoDsentito, -a, adj. consented, approved 
Acconsenzidnte, adj. coasi&nliog, assenting 
Accont&re, v. Ancover^re, inform&re, etc. 
AccontentJire, v. Conlent&re 
Accdnto, sm. a c6nGdant, trustwdrlby friend, 

a correspdndent {obsoiete)] instalment, sum 

in part p&yment 
Acconvcnfrsi, vn. to bec6me , be pr6per, re- 
quisite, fit, convenient, expedient 
Accopp&re, va. 1. to knock down (a bull) 
Accoppi&bile , adj. susceptible of being cohp- 

led , paired , y6ked or mktched 
Accoppiamento , sm. tho act of coiipling or 

placing in pairs, the st&te of being matched 

or arr&nged in p4irs ; a pairing , coiipling* 

Accoppiinle, adj. that;unites, pairs, coUples 
Accoppidre, va. 4. lo codplo , yoke, P*'.*"* 

match, unite ; — -si, lo be or join in p&irs 
Accoppi&lo.-a, a(</. coiipled, mklched. paired 
Accoppiat6jo, sm. l^ash, Ualher-strap, string 
Accoppialbre, sm. that couples; a mklchmdker 
Accoppiatura, sf. coupling, pairing , ilinion 
Accoram6nto, sm. (from cuore), he&rt sorrow, 

gridf, a liking to he&rt, grie?ing 
Accorire , va. i. to grieve , to afOlct deeply, 

to pierce lo the heirt; —-si, lo be deeply 

afflicted, grieved to the he&rt, kgon<zed 
Accorilo, -a, adj. deeply gri6f ed , afflicted 
Accorat6jo , sm. any thing he&rt-r6nding 
Accorazi6ne , sf. deep gri6f , s6rrowing , 

Accorciaro^nto , sm. a shdrtening , a con- 

Accorciire, va. i. to shdrten , cut short; to 

contract, abridge; — si, lo shdrten, shrink^ 

shrivel op, becdme short 
Accorcialamdnle, adv. in a w5rd, briefly 
Accorcialivo, -a, adj. shdrtening, conlr&cting 
Accorci&lo , -U , adj. sh6rtened , abridged 

ndr, ittd«;-r&11. s6n, bull; - fare, d6; - b^, l^mpb; pfiWe, b«y«, f^l, fowl; gem, as ' 

faM«. nn.i-fort«.«»r. call.,, .rba. rari, . Ul, e. ii pol. f.utt*. •«"""• f^' 

Digitized by VjOO^ Lc 


— 28 — 


Accorciat6re , sm. sh&rtener , abbreriitor , 

Accorciat6ra, tf. ib&rteniDg. abridgement 
Accord dvole , adj. that may be Bhbrtened 
Accord&bile, adj. tbat can be made to agrie; 
reconcilable, grkntable, admissible, alldi^a- 
ble ; (muft'c) tamable 
Accordaminto, sm. acc6rdance , consonance, 
t!inison, aec6rd; h&rmony of pArls, keeping 
Accord&nte , adj. agrteing , b&rmonfsing, ac- 
cordant; sm. a ptoce-m4ker , mediator 
Accord&nza, sf. agreement , t. Accordamdnto 
Accord&re , va. i. to lAne ( a musical instru- 
ment ) , to put in tAne ; to cinse to sdUnd 
in Anison, to reconcile, bring to an agree- 
ment ; to m4ke agr^e , (gram.) ; to concede 
accdrdl, grant ; vn. to be in Anison , to ac- 
c6rd, agree, — si , vnfr. to concbr, agr^, 
c6me to an agreement, h&rmoulze; dssi non 
pdssono accord&rsi fra loro , they c&nnot 
agr6e am&ng thOmselTes; le virtii s' accdr- 
dano fra 16 ro , the Tirtues agr6e or bAr- 
monfze with ^ach Other 
AccordatamOnle, adv. unknimonsly 
Accord&to , sm. b&rmony, t. Accordamfoto 
Accord&to, ta, adj. agreed, tinned, rOcondled 
AccordatOre , sm. a tuner {of musical instrv- 
ments); a hArmonizer, pOace-ipJtker, rOcon- 
cfler , promoter of cOncord 
Accordatrice , sf. she who rOconcilles , tAnes 

(a musical instruments) 
AccordatOra, sf. h&rmony, iSinison, consonance 
AccordellMo, sm. sort of woollen cloth 
Accord^Tole, adj. rOconcHeable, compatible 
Accdrdo, sm. agreement, cOmpact; consOnt, 
b4rmony, accOrd, keeping {fine arts); mil- 
tere d'accOrdo, to m&ke friends; rOconcile; 
siimo d'accOrdo, we are agreed 
Accorell&to, -ta, adj. { probably from giusU- 
cuore, sort of waistcoat or corset) sprfice, 
trim , foppish; lOoking as if cOming oat of 
a band-box 
AccOrgersi , vrf 3 irr. { mi accOrgo , s' ac- 
cOrge , past, m' accOrsi , part. accOrto ) to 
perceive, to be sensible of; io m'accOrgo, I 
perceive; misOno accOrto,! have perceived 
Accorgivole, a^j. t. Accorto 
AccorgimOnto,sm. shrewdness, circnmspOction 
Accdrre , t. AccOgliere 

AccOrrere , vn. 2 irr. (io accOrro , past, Ogli 
accOrse, part. accOrso) to ran up, to crOi^d 
tof to pursAe 
AccorrimOoto, y. Goncorso 
Accorr'uomo {exel.) help i help! 
AccOrso, -sa, adj. run to, followed close 
AccortamOnte , adv. sUly, wJirily, eiinningly 
Accortam^nto, ?. AccorciamOnto 
Accort&re , t. Accoreikre 
AccortOzza , sf. w&riness , finOsse , chnning , 

Accortin&re, va. {from cortfna) to chrtain; to 

inclose or furnish with cdrtains 
AccOrto, -ta, adj. w4ry, shbtle, shrewd , cir- 
cumspect , pHldent , knOwing , wise ; ftre 
accOrto , to adTise , wim ; mile accdrto » 
indiscrOet , unwJiry (log 

Accosci&rsi ^vrf. 4. to squat, sit ASy^ odirer- 
AccostamOnto, sm. apprOacbing, approach 
Accostinte, adj. pliant, siipplo, conformable, 
approaching , ntorly like ; Tf no accost&nley 
stomkchic wine , br&cing wine ; argomOnto 
accost&nte, a stringent Argument 
AccostAre jVa.i. {from cOsta a rib, a coati) 
to approach , to bring nOar; — -&rsi, vrf, 
to approach, to go nOar; —ad fine, to step 
up to a pOrson, to go clOse up to him; quO- 
ste due opiniOni si accOstano , those two 
opinions Almost tohch Oach Other 
Accostat6ra, sf. Onion, jSln, jiincture 
AccostOYole, adj. of Oasy approach, accOssible 
AccOsto, adv. beside, dOse to, bird by 
Accostol&to, adj. ribbed 
Accosluminza, sf. ciistom, hkbit, prkctice 
Accostum&re , va. i. to acciistom , in&re; to 
tr4in, trAin up; be Osed, accdstomed, 
in the hkbit of; — si , vrf. to inOre one's 
self , becOme acciistomed , get prkclised 
AccostamatamOnto, adv. usually, as Osual 
Accostam&to, ta, adj. acchstomed, cbstoroary; 
hsual ; trained , well-bred, disUngaished; 
virtuous , mOral 
Accoton&re, va. 1. to m&ke silky, r&ise the 
AccolonatOre, sm. he who naps cloth (nap 
Accovacci&rsi , accoTigli&rsi , vrf. to stick 
one's self in a cOre, to lie ddwn in a hOllov 
or l4ir , to dOdge , crdilch , cdi^er down , 
AccoTacciol&rsi , t. AccoTacci4rsi 
Accovon&re , va. 1. to bind up in shOares 
AccoTonatOra, sf. the binding up in shOares 
AccoszamOnto, sm. a striking together, clAsh; 
a gAlhering, an assOmblage, an odd mOeting, 
omnium gatherum; a heterogOneous mass 
Accosz&re, va. 1. to unite Oddly, lug togOther, 
to r&ke up, get together, to amkss ; — si , 
to clash; butt; meet, encdlinter 
Accreditire , t>a. 1. to give credit to , bring 

into repOte 
AccreditArsi , vrf. to get a n4me, bring one's 

self into repAte 
Accredit&to, -U.adj. accrOdited, legally Auth- 
orised , crOditable , Ostlmable, cried up 
AccrOscere , va. 3. irr. (accrOsco , -sci , -see , 

past, accrObbi ) , to incrOase, augmOnt 
AccrescOnte, adj. incrOasing, augmOnting 
AccrescOnsa, sf. t. AccrescimOnto 
AccrescimOnto, sm. increase, grOwtb, addition 
Accreseitivo, -Ta, adj. incrOasing, augmOnting 
AccrescitOre , trice, smf. an incrOaser 
Accrescifilo, -ta, adj. augmOnted, grOwn 

Vki€, mOte, Ut«, nOt0, tObe, - (kt, mOi, bit, nOt, tbb; - iir, ptque, ^ 
Seoo, Tlno« lai, t«u», fimnei - patlO'petto* patto, e« I, nMU,omft 

Digitized by > 

i - manof Tina* 



— 29 — 


AeerespAre', aecrei patAn , ▼. loeretp&re , in- 
ercsinm^oto (d^n 

Accoedirai yVrf.{of dogt) to ertfOch , to He 
AccocdoUni, orf. t. Aecaeei&ni 
Amidfra, DA. 5. to l6ok ktlBt , tUe c4re 

of, mfnd 
Aoeolira , mi. to drfre ( om ) to a place from 
wluch there ii no esc&pe; to driTO (one) 
into a corner; to bring {one) to a stand 
Aocnlini, vrf. 1. to sit on one*s rhmp as 
dogs , eangar^ etc ; to squit dd^hi ; be a 
■qnitter ; to t&ke up one's Iddgings vulg, 
AccolatUrsi, vrf. to sit ddt^n like a dog, etc. 
Aceamalani^nto, -Ansa , smf. aceomal&tion 
Aceamolire, iw. 1. to aocAmulato, hfop up 
Accnmnlatamenta, odv. abundantly, in lots 
AccofflnlAto, -ta, adj. heaped up, aecAmul&ted 
Accamnlatore, -trice, tmf. an aec6mnl&ter 
Aoenmulazi6ne, sf. t. Aeeamnlamdnto 
Accaorire, ▼, AccorAre 
Aceopirsi , vrf. to becime gloomy , sbllen , 

Aecaratamtete , adv. ^ccnrately, ^itb c4re 
Aecaralezza, sf. iccuracy, c4re, attention 
Aoearito, -ta, adj. iccurato, ivith c4re 
Aeeftsa, af. accnsition, accAsal , ch&rge 
Aeeosibile , a4f. that may be acciksed 
Aceosamtoto, $m. the aecAsfng; accosAtion 
Aeeasinto, adj. accusing; Mtnf. an accuser 
Aeeosire, va. 1. to accAse of, ehArge vith; 
to indfet, arr&ign, impeach; to tax, bl&me, 
repr6aeb ; — unr ministro , to imptoch a 
ministeT : — nn fMto , to avdi^ , or 6wn a 
ftet; — Ana Idttera , to ackndwiedge the 

reetipt of a litter; &rsi, tr/lincolpdrsi, 

to tax, bUffle or aecAse one's self 
AecosatiTO, sm. the accAsatite (case) 
AccasAto, -ta, od/. accAsed, accused of, chlrg- 
* ed vith , etc. (fbrmer 

AecosalAre, -trice, smf. accAser, pl&intiff, in- 
Aeoosatdrio, -a, adj. accAsatory, accAsing, 

cont^ning an a«cns&tion 
Aeeusasdne, sf. aocns&tion, chArge, blame 
Aeciuaaionc6lla, $f. slight accus&tion, cbirge 
Acefisiiti , 9mpl. {history) Aciphali , Acipha- 
iiles {seeiB who refused to fellow some noted 
Actfalo , -la, adj. aciphaloas, headless 
Acerija, sf. a v6od of m4ple- trees 
Aoerbaoi^nte , adj. prematArely , crAddy , 
ans^asonably . tArtiy , with acerbity , bit- 
terly, icridly, hArshly, aast6rely , perlinA- 
donsly, ddggedly 
AMrb^to, -a, adj. tirtish, green, s^r, crAde, 
AcerMsia, sf. see? bily, tirtnes, asperity (coy 
Aoerbire, va. 3. -Are, va. i. to exAcerbato 
AeerbitA , -Ade , -ate , sf acerbity, tirtness , 
hArshneia (hArsh 

Aeirbo , -a , adj. sddr, nnrfpe , lArt , crAde , 
Aeero, m. (6of.) a mAple-tree 

Ae^rra , sf. ac&rra (a vessel in which incenst 

has been burned) 
AcerrAre , va. to hdap np, to pile 
Acerrimaminte , adv. Tery hArshlr , sddrlT . 

Acfirrimo, -a, adj. Tery sdOr, tArt, hArsh 
Acertdllo, sm. ktetrel 
AcerrAre, va. to hiap up, to pile 
Acdnro, sm. (poet.) hdap, pile, ?. U Accbio 
AcetAbolo, sm. vinegar crAet ; acetAbulum 
AcetAto, -a, adj. Acid, acidulated, sdAr, tArt 
Acitico, -a, adj. {chem) acdtic; Acido acAtieo, 

acetic Acid 
Acetire, vn. S. (acetisco , etc), to s^r , becA- 

me Acid 
Ac^to, sm. Tlnegar 
AeetAsa, sf sdrrel 
Acetos^lla, sf. wild sArrel , dock 
AcelositA, -Ade, -Ate, sf acidity, sdArness 
AcetAso, -a, adj. acetous, Acid, sdArish 
Acetume, sm, subAcid 
Acbille, sm. {anat.) the tendon of Achilles 
Achillea, sf (6o(.) milfoil 
AchittArsi, vrf i. to tAcke the lAad (of At7- 

Achitto, sm. 16ad (af billiards), first stroke 
AcidAro, tm. sort of Ancient hat 
Aciddzza, aciditA, sf. acidity, tArtness 
AcidificAre, va. to make Acid 
Acidfre, vn. to gr6w sdiir, shArp, Acid 
Acido , -a, adj. Acid, sdAr, tArt, pAngent, bitter 
Acidulo, -a, adj. acidulated 
Acidume, sm. Adds in general, ac^tum 
Aeir6rme, adj. Aciform, needle-shAped 
Aeinif6rme , od/. acloiform, having cIAstera 

like grApe-stones 
Acino, sm. kernel of a grApe, rAisin stAne 
AcinAso, -a, adj. fAl of grApe-stAnes 
Acirologia, sf impropriety, ioAccoracy in 


Acroa, sf crisis (med.); Acme, height, pitch 

AcAlito, sm. v. AccAlito^ 

AcAnito, sm. Aconite, wolfs bAne 

Acdnzia, sm. ac6ntias , dart snAke, Angnis jA- 

Acope, sm. acopis, precious stone (culi 

Acori, smpl. rhnning Alcers on the face 

Acqua , sf wAter; — piovana, rain wAter; — 

d6lce , fresh water ; di mAre , marina , s&lt 

wAter, s6a wAter, biryl ; — frfisca, cdld 

wAter; Acque minorAH , mineral wftters; — 

di lAtte, bhttermilk, whey; — nAnfa, Arange 

fldi^er wAter, ~ rAsa, rosAta , rdse wAter; 

— dell a regina, HAngary wAter; — cedrA- 

te , lime wAter, lemonade , ~~ mArU , stA- 

gnant wAter ; andAre per Acqua , to go by 

wAter; attignere Acqua, to drAw wAter; prov- 

vedArsi d* Acqua (mar.), to take in w&ter; 

cascAta di Acqua, wAter-fAll ; llnee d'Acqua, 

wAter lines ; m^zzo pidno d'Acqua ( mar.), 

water-logged; moUnoad Acqua, water mill; 


rapii • CofU, OMfi eolla i • 

f&re, d6; - b;^, l^mph; pSII« , b^s, f(5ai, fS^\; gem, al 

erlM. rofai • lal, •« li poi fanttoi (eimiia. rota. 

Digitized by VjOOQ IC 


— 80 — 


. giadchi d'&cqoa, ivater vorkt; Iromba tor- 
bm6fta d'&cqua, water ipo&t; impermeibile 
aU'&cqu&.witer tight; corridAjo deU'&cqaa, 
w&ter vay {mar,); a pro?a d*4cqua , vJiler 
proof: >- Tlva, sprinK vftler, living viter ; a 
fi6r d*4,cqua, on a I6vel with the wftter ; — 
G6ncia, sAgared, iwieleoed or acidalaled 
>R'&ter; farun b6oo noll'icqua, pestirl'4cqaa, 
to biat the w&ter,btetlbA&ir; lavor&rsol- 
t'&cqua, to work iinder grdud , stialthiiy ; 
la n&Te cominci&Ta a far Acqua, the ship 
began to leak ; Tdglio far icqaa , sp4nder 
iequa, I will nake wiier, pbmp ship, piss; 
T6glio Ted6re i* &cqua ehi4ra, I will see it 
(nit, see to the b6ttom; lasci&te r&cqnaan- 
d4re allachfna, let things take their c6urse; 
aTr^mo deir&cqua, we shall have r4in; T&c- 
qua roi veniva alia b6cca , ray teeth begkn 
to witer; egli stette tralle dAe icque, be w&- 
▼ered , remained uoddcided ; diamante di 
prima icqua, a diamond of the first winter; 
caroeridre , dell' &cqua frdsca, w4iter, sdme 
c6ld w&ter : Samudle , 4cqna per la b&rba , 
shdving w&ler, Sam 
Acquacchiare, vn. 1. to lAse vigour, strength 
Aequacchiarsi , vn**. to stoop or lie cldse to 

escape observation 
Acquacchi&to. -a, adj, f&int, 16w- spirited 
Acqa&ccia, sf. bad, corrhpted , miiddy water 
Acquacedratijo, s m. dealer in lime winter and 

Acquafdrto, sf. acquafdrtis 
Acquagli&re, va. 1. to ciirdle, tarn into whey 

and ciirds 
Aeqxi4jo, sm. a w4terer, sprinkler, irrigator; 

a c6nduil, sewer, drfiin, water tube 
Acqu&jo, -a, adj. draining ; sdlco acqu&jo , a 

driin, sewer, a deep dr&ining fiirrow 
AcquajiSlo , «m. he who w&ters meadows , 

cloth, etc. 
Acquajudio, -a, adj. aquklic, Aqueous, w&lery 
Acquapend^nte , sf. side {of mountains) 
Acquire , va. 1. to inhndate, b&tbe (ant.); to 
provide ( a ship ) with water, to tAke in witer 
Acqu&rio, sm. v. Aqu&rio 
Acqoarlier&rsi, tr/l 1. to take up one's qoi&rters 
Acqoarxenle , sf. brandy 
Acquastrioo, sm. a mArsh , sw&mp 
Acqu&ta, sf sftpply of fresh water (on board); 

a w&lering pl&ce for ships 
Aequ&iico, -a, -tile, -tivo, -a, adj. aqoiitic 
Acquato, -a, adj. mixed with water, wfttered 
Acquatl&rci, vfr. 4. to squil, sit squ&t, cdv^er 
Acqualt^lo. ^a, adj. squ&t, crdHching 
AcquaviUjo, sm. dealer in br&ndy 
Acquavile, sf. br&ndy 
Acquazz6ne, sm. a sudden and hhajj siimmer 

shower, a clashing d6wn r&in 
Acquazz680, -a, adj. pluvious, r&iny 
Acqued6lto, sm. Aqueduct, witer-c6nduik 

Aequeo, -a, adj. witery, iqueoos 
Acquer^ccia, sf. ewer, bAsin 
Acquerdlla, sf. sm&ll or soft r&in, light riin 
Acquercll&re, va. i. to pAintinwalercdlonrs 
Acqoerdllo, sm. prepared witer-cdloura ; thin 

witery wine, hog-w&sh ; ▼. VinSllo 
Acquerogiola, sf. drixzling r4in, Scotch mist 
Acquelire. va. i. toappAase,piclfy,tr^Dqail- 

Use, qufet 
Acqu^tta, sf smill r&in , light pliasaoi sbm- 

ner sh^er; wine and witer; pSson 
Acquic^Ua, sf. rivulet, drizzling r&in 
Acquid6ccio, sm. t. Acqaed6tlo 
Acquid6so, -a, adj. hAmid, m^st, wet 
Acquiesclnza, sf acquiescence, compliance 
Aequidscere, vn. 9. to acquiesce , yield 
Acquietaro^nto, sm. quiet, rest, tranquillity 
Acquiet&re, va. 1. to qijiet, v. Acchel&re, -&rsi 
Acquirdnte, sm. acquirer, purchaser, bu^er 

adj. acquiring, pbrchasing 
Acquisfre , va. 3. v. Acquist&re 
Acquisitivo, -a, adj. acquisitive 
Acquisitfzio, -a, adj. acquired extrinsically , 

adventitious, not essentially inherent 
Acquisfto, -a, adj. v. Acquistato 
Acquisit6re, -trice, v. AcquisUl6re, -trice 
Acqui8izi6ne, sf acquisition, piircbase 
Acquist&bile, adj. acquirable, obt&inable 
Acquislamdnto, sm. pbrcbase, acquiring 
Acquist&re, va. 1. to acquire, phrchase 
Acquisl&to, -a, adj. piirchased, acquired 
Acqui8tat6re, sm. -trice, sf pdrchaser 
Acquist^vole, adj. acquirable, att&inable 
Acquisto, sift, purchase, acquisition, acqutet 
Acquitrino, sm. mirsh, sw&mp, bog 
Acquitrin6so, -a, adj. m&rshy, sw&mpy 
Acquolina, sf. sm&ll r&in, water; mi vidne 

Tacquolina in bdcca, my mduth w&ters 
Acquositi, sf. aquosity , w&terincss 
Acqu6so, -a, adj. &queous, w&tery 
Acre, adj. sb&rp, s(>ur, phngcnt, &crid, h&rsb 
AcrSdine, sf Acrimony, sh&rpness 
Acrem^nte, adv. sh&rply. sevi^rely, h&rshlj 
Acr^zza, Agrizza, sf t&rtoess, sh&rpness 
AcrigDO, -a, adj. sdilrish, t&rlish 
Acrim6nia, sf. Acrimony, 8ev6rity 
Acrimdnico, -a, adj. acrimbnious, corr6sive 
Acrimoni680, -a, adj. acrim6niou8 , shArp, 

bitter, corrdsive 
AcritA, sf. shArpness, t&rtness , phngency 
Aero, -a, adj. (jpoel.) shArp, biting, plingent 
AcrubAto, sm. r6pe dancer 
AcromALico, -a, adj. acromAtic 
Acrdmio, sm. top of the shdulder, acrdnium 
Acrdoico, sm. the acronical rising or sAtling 

of a star 
Acrdstico, sm, an acrdslic 
AcrotArio, sm. acrotdria, smAll pedestals 
Acuire, va. 3. to shArpen, give shArpness to ; 
— rintelldllo, to shArpen the wit 

FAtr, m&te, bit«, n6te, tAbe; - At, met, bit, D6t, thb; - fAr, pique, ^ 
ScDOf vino, lai, r«iD». fir m« ;.• pnuo«petto, petto* •. i« nott«*«Mifi - OMtno* yiao. 

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— 31 — 


Acmfiytf. acttenesi, tbArpness, acOmen.irit 
AcaldUo, -a, adj. acAIeated.pSinled, prickled 
Acbito^sm. sting, prickfe, g6ad, sUmutns 
AcAme, Mm. a sfairp pfinl; acAmen, 8h4rp- 

seM of vit 
Aeamin&re, txi. to sb&rpen , Mg0, plQDt 
AcomiDito, -a, adj. acAmin&ted 
Acostiea, tf. ac^sties 

Acastieo , -a , adj. ac^stie , inditory ; ndrro 
acasUcOy aetfuBlic, Auditory nene; coroAlta 
acAstiea, ter-trfampet, bearing trinnpet 
AcotamiDte, atfv. acAlely, sb&rply 
Acolcfza , if. acateness, sbftrpnesi, nMj acA- 

AcAto, -a, adj. acAte, IbArp, panted ; Angolo 
acAto , an acAte Angle : accAnto acAlo , the 
acAte Aecent; TAce acAla, a shrill ?Sice; 
fllbbre aeAta, an acAte TAver 
AenziAngolo, «m. acAte Angle 
Ad, prey, nsed berore a Tovel for A, to , at; 
ad uno ad nno, one at a time, one by one 
AdacipiAbile , adj. that can be wAtered, irri- 
gated, sprinkled 
AdaeqnaiD^nto, sm. irAtering, irrigAtlon 
AdacqoAre, va. 1. to wAter^ wash, bAthe 
AdarquAto, -ataiZ/.wAtered, mixed with vAter 
AdacquatAra, sf. a vAlering, sprinkling 
AdagiAre , va. A. to set a thing dtf^n slAvly 
and carefully; to place a pArson in aj^ecli- 
ning or easy pdsture , to set him dovn at 
bis Aase: to accommodate, to rojikesniigor 
comfortable ; adaglArsi, to sit dovn at one's 
^ase, to recline, to be in any 6asy pAstore; 
to Uke one's ease; it) act slAwly, and 1^- 
AdagiAlo,-a, adj, sAaled in an Aasy pAsture, 
at one's Aase , snug , cAmforlable , veil off, 
in easy circumstances 
Adagfno, adv. softly, not so fAst, gently 
AdAgio, sm. an Adage ; {mus.) ad&gio: — ado. 
slowly, s5niy, at one's ease; adigio , adA- 
gio, gently; Toi andAle tAnto adAgio, you 
go so slAwIy, so lAisurely 
Adagfssimo, adv. {nuperlatite of adAgio) Tery 

Adaminte, sm. Adamant , diamond 
AdamaoUoo, -a, adj. adamAntine, hArd 
AdAmica, adj. tArra AdAmica, land vAn from 

Adamiti, m. pi. {ehureh history) Adamites 
AdAree.s/: adArce 

Adasperare, adasprire, v. Inasprire 
AdastArsi, vrfA. to l^ter, amAse one's self 
Adastiamento, sm. spite, Anvy, jealousy 
AdastiAre, va. i. {little wed), to Anvy, bAte 
AdatiAbile, adj, that can beadApted, Applica 

ble, apposite, sAilable, fit 
AdattabiliiA, tf. Aptitude, fitness, sAiUbleness 
AAattaccbiart, f». 1. to adApt, or adjust ill; to 
missaply, misarrAnge 

\ adapt Ation , fitness , 
i Aptness, ftpplicAtion 

Adattamdnlo vn. 
Adaltanza, gf. 

AdattAnle, adj. nho adApts, applfes 
Adatlare va. 1. to adApt, fit, sAil, adjhst 
— -Arsi, vrf. to accAmmodate one's self to 
AdattaziAne, gf. {little wed) adaptAiion 
AdattAto,-a I adj. adApted. sAited, filled, fit, 
Adatto,-a I prAper, suitable, cApable, apt 
AdatiATOle, adj. ?. AdaitAbile 
AddanajAto, better danajAso, -a, adj. mAnied 
AddArsi, vrf. S. to addict or giro one's self to 
AddaziAre, va. {cuttomg) to lay a duty on 
Addebilire, addebolire, v. Indebolfre 
AddebolimAnto, ?. IndebolimAnto 
AddecimAre, decimAre, va. 1. to tithe 
AddecimatAre, -trice , gmf. tilber, one who 

collects tithes; tfihing-man 
AddensAre, va. i. to make dense; ~ -si, to 

becAme dense, get thick 
AddensamAnto, ec. ▼. CundensamAnto, ec. 
AddentAre, i>a. 4. to sAize with the tAelh, dAsh 

one's teeth into, to pinch, bite 
AddenlAlo,-a,ocf/. bitten, sAized with the tdeth 
AddenlellAre. va. 1. {archit.) tolAaveprojAcling 
bricks or toothing slAnes at cArners; to den- 
ticulate, dAfelAil, notch, indAnt 
AddenlellAto, «m. t6othing stone, projecting 

brick, dentil, indentAtion; adj. indented 
AddenlrArsi, vr^'to pAnetrAte deep, to go or 

plunge far into 
AddAntro, indAnlro, adv. within, inwardly 
AddestAre, van. 1. to awAke, rAilse, stir up 
AddeslramAnto, sm. a trAining, preparing 
AddeslrAre, va i. to trAin, t^ach , form, in- 
striict; to prepAre, discipline, drill; to break 
in, m^age; to squire, hAld the stirrup; — 
-Arsi, to prepare one's self, to gel prepAred, 
Osed, trAined, to Axerclse, practise 
AddestralAre, sm. a gentleman {is her, a squire, 
a groom; ooewbotAacbes, trAios, disciplines 
Addelto,-a, adj. d6dicAted. destined, em- 
ptied, occupied, engAged, atlAched 
Addi, adv. on the.... day; addi setie Luglio, 
on I he sAventh July (close 

AddiacAnte, adj. adjAcent, contiguous , lying 
Addielro, adv. behind , back , behind hand, 
bAekwards ; toruAr un pAsso addiAtro , to 
step bAck, retiirn; lasciAre AddiAtro, to 
]^a?e behind ; ne' tAmpi addiAtro , in the 
pAst; per lo addiAtro, hAretofdre, hllherio; 
Assere addiAtro con, to be behind bAnd with, 
ignorant of (Adjective 

AddiettivamAnte , adv. Adjeetively , as an 
AddiettivAre , va. to use Adjeclively , in the 

mAnner of an Adjective 
Addieliivo, mt. Adjective 
AddimAnda, AddimandAnsa, gf. v. Dimanda, ec, 
AddimandAre, va, i. to Ask, quAslion 
AddimandatAre, sm. -trice, sf. a quAslioner 
AddimAndita, gf. {ant ) demAnd, question 

BAr.rtde;.- ftll. s6d, bAll; - f4re. dA; - bt, It^ph; pflAe, b^», f«il.«wl; gem,ai 
faf««.nia»- brt«. •«f» «»»•»- «b«. wgai - tal, •. ii pol. «io«oi feiwn". »>•. 

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— 32 — 


Addimestidire, va. 1. to time; -&ni, to fftml- 

liarfse one't self, gr6w familiar 
Addiroestic&to, -a, adj. timed, tame ; ^miliar 
AddimestieatAra, gf. timing; iDtimacy 
Addimostr&re, ▼. Dimottr4re 
Addfo, adv. adieA, good b^e, Are veil; dfre 

addio a, to bid adi^a to 
Addirimpitto, prep, dver agiinit, 6pposite 
Addirizzamtoto, $m. dirdction, reformation 
Addirizz&re, va. 1 . to makeetr&ight, str4igbten, 

to correct, pat in the right w4y ; to decide, 

determine ; -&rsi, to dirict one's steps to 
Addirixzat6jo, «m. b6dkin (to dress the hair) 
Addiriszat6re, -trice, smf. str&ightener 
Addirizzatura, sf. the p&rting line of the h4ir 
Addirsi, vrf. ^. to s&it, befit, bec5me 
Addiscipliu&re, ▼. Disciplin&re 
Addftamdnto, sm. a pointing 6^%; addition 
Additinte, adj. that points oiit, Indicates 
Additire, va, 1. to point at with the Tinger ; to 

Indicate ; addit4temelo, p23nt him 6i]it to me 
Addit&to, -a, adj. panted dilt, indicated 
Additat6re , sm. a planter out, an indic&tor 
Additto,-a. adj. obliged, boHod; v. Adddtto 
Addivenire, vn. 3. to h&ppen, to c6me by 

Addision&le, adj. additional 
Addixi6ne, sf. addition, increase, sbpplement 
Addobbamdnto, sm. 6rnamenl, finery, attire 
Addobb&re, va. 1. to deck, decorate, ad6ra 
Addobbato, -a, adj. ad6rned, decked, dicor4ted 
Adddbbo, sm. ornamental fhrniture, deco- 

Addog&to, -a, adj. (from d6ga) striped 
Addogliiire, van. i. ▼. Addolorire (dolcfre 
AddolcAre, addolci&re, ant. y. AddoMre, rad- 
Addolciminto, sm. softening; mitig4tion, 6ase 
Addolcire, va, 5. to sweeten , milden , sdften ; 

<ase, mitigate, all^Tiate; 11 sbgo di c^rte 

Arbe addolcisce ii singue, the juice of s6me 

herbs sweetens the bl&od 
Addolcitivo , sm. lenitive, sedative, s&ftening 
Addoleftd, -a, adj. sweetened, s6flened, dased 
Addolor&re, va. 1. to afflict; — si, to grieve 
Addolor&to, -a, adj. afQicted, Agonized, sad 
Addom4nda, nf. t. DimAnda, dom&oda 
Addomand&nte, sm. dem&odant, petitioner 
Addomand&re, va. i. to cill, send for, isk 
Addomand&to, -a, adj. sent for, requested 
— sm. the p&rson sent for, called 
Addomandat6re, -trice, smf. questioner 
Addomesticaminto, sm. the act of timing 
Addomestic&re, va. 1, to tame, familiarize 
— c&rsi, vrf, to gr6v familiar 
Addome8tic4to,-a, adj. t&med, time, familiar 
Addomesticat6re, sm. he vho times 
Addomestich^Toie, adj. timeable 
Addominile, adj. abd6minal, abddminous 
Adddmine, sm. abd6men, 16ver belly 
Addopirsi, vrf. 1. to hide one's self behind 
Addoppiam6nto, sm. a doiibling, redohbling 
Addoppi&re , va. t. to doiible, dobble up, 

f6Id, redouble; — -irsi, to be or beeftm* 


Addoppiito,-a, adj. dobbled, f6Ided, redohbled 

Addoppiatiira, sf. a dohbling up, redohbling 

Adddppio, ai{v.doiibIy,T. Doppiaminte (neta 

Addormentam^nto, «m. af&Ilingasl^p; drowai- 

Addormentire , va. i. to Ihll , put to sleep, 

c&use to fill asleep ; — -irsi, to fill asl6ep ; 

to get benhmbcd, to sleep (sl6epy 

Addormentatfccio, -a, adj. a little drdi^sy, 

Addormentito, a,»// sleepy, asUep; drowsy, 

l&sy, ligglng; stilled, lUUed; far Taddor- 

mentito, to pl4y the simpleton 

Addormentat6re , mi. an 6piate; a drivling 

dr6ning Uresome person ; a caj61er, a t6ady 

Addormfre, vn. 3. t. Addormentire ; — frai , 

to die 
Addossamdnto , sm. the cbirging with; the 

Addossire, va. I. (from, ddsso ba«A;)topi&t on 
a back 16ad , to 16ad , lide , chirge ; — an 
negdzio ad uno. to chirge a p6rsoa with a 
business , to confide it to him ; — la c61pa 
ad iino , to 14y the blime up6a i person ; 

4rsi , to iindertike ; — un impigno , to 

tike up6n one's self an aff4ir or obligition 
Addossito , -a, adj. 16aded, cbirged , under- 

Add6sso, A ddsso , adv. up6n 6ne's back ; se 
io Ti rodtto le mini adddsso , if I liy my 
bands up6n you ; andire , venire adddsso 
ad Ano , to fall upon a person , to pitch, 
into him ; il frdddo mi si ciccia adddsso , 
the c6ld begins to. sMze me ; non ho da- 
niro adddsso , I hive no money abtfilt me ; 
recirsi addosso , to bring up6n one's self; 
far r udmo adddsso ad Ano , to menace or 
bully a person ; porre gli dcchi adddsso , 
to cist an e^e up6n; abbajire adddsso, 
to birk at ; gridir la crdce adddsso a uno , 
to defime a person , to siy ill the ill we 
can of him ; avdr il diivolo adddsso , to be 
in a terrible humour 
Adddlto , • a , adj. (from addftrre) br&ught, 

adduced * 
Addottoram^nto , sm. the iet of giving a di- 
pldma, or conferring a degrde; the giving 
or taking a Doctor's degree 
Adottorire , va. 1. to admit to the degree of 

a ddctor ; — irsi, to becdme a ddctor 
Addoltorilo, -a, adj. Entered d6cior , learned 
Addottrinamdnto , sm. the act of instructing 
or lecturing , the miking Erudite ; tuition , 
instrhctioo, erudition 
Addottrininte,»m. teacher, lieturer, prof^sor 
Addoltrinire , sm. 1. toinstrhct, tiacb, en- 
lighten ; to make irudite or wise ; — irsi , 
to acquire kndwiedge , improve one* s mind 
Addottrinalamente , adv. learnedly , Eruditely 
Adottrinatissimo,-a,a«(/. very learned, irudile 
Addottrinito, -a, adj. learned, well infdrmed 
Addottrinatdra, sf. learning, tuition erudition 

File, mdtf, bite, ndte, t6be; 

fit, met, bit, n6t, tdb; - fir, ptqiie, «::j* 

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— 33 


Addnppito , -a, adj. adorned with splendid 
dripary, or hangings ( diStro 

Addridto J addr^to adv. poet. hehfDd; y. Ad- 
Addaire, van, 1. .(onf.) t. Addoppi&re 
Addoe^ole, adj. mf. aiAdiieeni (of the mutclet); 

Addoeere, va. 9. (ant.) lo adduce; t. AddArre 
AddocfbUe , adj. add6cible , that may be ad- 
Addocitftre, tm. irtce, »f. alliger, adducer 
Addarire, van. 4. ▼. Indurire, iodur&tiii 
Addarre. va. a. irr. (adddco, adddci, add&ce; 
paM$. add6ssi, part. add6lto) to brlog, cod- 
Tey; lo adduee, allege (brdogbt 

Addoito, -a, add6tto, -a, (u/y. adduced, aliiged, 
Addutlore, tm. abdAceol mbscle, abdhctor 
Abdaxi6ne, tf. {anal.) abdbctioa 
Ad«goaiD^nto, tm. Equalizing, m&king alfke 
Adego&re, va. f. to Equalize, to make equal 
or alike , to brlog to a par or balance ; to 
appriUe, itlimale (kdeqaatelj 

Adeguataroeole, adv. Equally, propdrlionately, 
AdEIlo, adEne , tm. sort of fish somewhat re- 

sEffibliog the sthrgeon 

AdempibiJe, adj. that can be fulfilled, executed 

AdEmpiere , adempire , va. ± irr. to fulfil , 

perfdrm , Execole , acc6mplish ; adempire 

ua eomindo, to Execute an drder 

AdempimEnio, tm, a fulfilling, perfdrming, 

execAling, acc6fflp1isblng (piere 

Adempire, va. 5. to fulfil , execute, t. AdEm- 

Adempit6re, tm. folflller , perf6rmer , accdm- 

AdempiAto, -a, adj. fulfilled, Executed 
Adf nografla , tf. aden6graphy (that part of 

anatomy which treats of the glands) 
AdenoidEo, -a, adj. [anal.) glandular 
Adeoologia, tf. adenology (the doctrine of the 

glands , their nature and uses) 
Adenotomia , tf. aden6tomy , a editing or in- 
cision of a gland 
Adenzione. tf. ademption, rerocilion {of will) 
Adcpto, adetto, tm. an adEpt 
Adeqoare, ?. Adeguare ( quately 

AdMiaaUfflEote , adv. Equally , exactly , kde- 
Adequilo, T. Adegnito, ec. 
AdeqoaxidDe, tf. eqa&lity , egoaliz4tion, pro- 

pdrtioD, soppntition, calcol&tion 
Aderbare , ni. 4. to fEed with gr&ss, put SOX 

to grisa 
Adereaie, adj. adhErent ; tm. an adhErent 
Aderenza. tf. adbErence, atlichment, c61nei- 
diog; agrEeiog with; accEpUng, accEptance 
Adergere, va {poet.) ▼. Ergere 
Aderimento , tm. adbErence , accEptfng , ac- 

Adcrire,vfi. 3. to adhEre, stick to a pArty, an 
opinioD, to e6incide, agrEe, appr6ve,con8Ent 
Aderito , -a , adj. attiiched to a pftrty or opl- 

Bioa, coincided with, consEnted to 
Aderpicire, vn. to climb, to climb np, to 
climber; {fifplantt) to creep 

AdescamEnto, tm. bEit, allurement, sedhctien 
Ade8c4re, va. i. to bEit (a hEok); to attract, 

entice, alli^re. egg on, inyEigle 
Adescito, -a, adj, alt6red, enticed, invElgled 
AdescalEre , -trice , tmf he , she that b&ils , 

all6res, entices, invEigles 
AdesiEne , tf adhEsion , adbErence, uniting , 
coinciding, coincidence, agrEement, appro- 
val, consent 
AdesfTo, -a, mU. {med.) adhEsive 
AdEsso,a^v. n^, at prEsent, at this instant; 
adEss' adEjso , dirEctly, prEsently, just nd^ 
A dEstra, adv. on the right hEnd 
AdElto, adEplo, tm. an adEpt. proficient 
AdiacEnte, adj. adjEcent, contiguous, nEar 
AdlaeEnza, sf. nEarness, Ticinity; adjEceni 

AdiEnIo, sm. {bot.) mEiden-h4ir, fern 
AdicltiTO, aggeltivo, tm. an adjective 
A dilungo, t. Dilnngo 
AdimEre, va. to c^t d5iln;— -Ersi, to go 

Adinamia, tf {med.) ad^namy, wEakness oc- 

cEsioned by disEase 
AdinEmico , -a, adj. {med.) adynEmic, wEak, 

destitute of strength 
A Dio, addio, adv. adiefi, f4rewEll, good bye 
Adipe, tm. t. LErdo, grEsso, pinguEdine 
AdipEso, -a, adj. EdipEse, plump, full of fat 
AdiramEnto, tm. a getting Engry; Enger 
AdirEre , va. i. to IrrilEte , make Engry ■ ~ 
-Ersi , to get Engry , fill into a pEssionj bo 
Engry; si adirE fieramEote, he got very 
Engry ; he flew dut into a tErrlble pEssion 
AdiratamEnte, adv. Engrily, in a pEssion 
AdirEto, -a, adj. Engry, IrritEted, wrEthfuI 
Adire , va. 3. to take possEssion of an inhEr- 

i lance 
AdirEvoIe, adj. irritating, mEking Engry 
A dirimpEtlo, adv. Epposite, fEcing 
A diritto, adv. direclly, strEight; deservedly 
A dirlttAra , adv. instantly, immEdialely, di- 
rEctly , at once 
Adi r6so, -a, adj. irEscibie, bEsty, IrriUble 
A dismisEra, adv. beyEnd mEasnre 
A dispEtto, adv. in spite of, in despite of 
Adi to, sm. pErtal, Entry, accEss, Ingress 
AdiziEne, tf. the Entering upEn an inheritance 
AdjutEre, tm. a coadjutor, assistant, protector 
AdjulErio, tm. ?. Ajoto 
AdjuT&re, t. GiovEre 
AdizzEre, adizzEnte, t. AizzEre, ee. 
AdnEta , tf. ( anat. ) adnEla (one of the coats 

the eye) 
AdnEto, adj. { hot. ) Ednate ( pressing close to 

the stem or growing to it) 
AdobbEre, t. AddobbEre, ec. 
AdocchiamEnto, sm. the looking; E lEok, glAnee 
AdocchiEre, va. 1. to e^e, gEze npEn, stEre at 
AdolescEnte, adj. adolEscent ; sm. a yoftth 
AdolescEnza, ad;. adolEscence, yoftth (ed 
AdombrEbile,adj. that may be trEced, dellnea^ 

B^r, rftd«;-fUl, s5ii« bull; 
Diz, llai, Ing. 

• fAre, d6; - b^, l^pb; pQEe, b(^E, fdiU, fSfiX; gem, aE 

Digitized b^LjOOQlC 


— 34 — 


Adombraminto , «m. a sb&ding , shadowing , 

OTerah&dowingt a sh&de, tr&ce, bmbrage 
Adombranle, adj. cisting a sbMov ap6n , 

OTersb&dowiDg. oflliscatiiig, d&rkenfng 
Adombr&re, va. i. lo east a sh&dow ap6D, 
to darken; fig. tooffliseate, blind: to tr4ce, 
shkdow, delineate, sketch; to i^ncy, imSig- 
ine; to take Umbrage at; to stirt, sb^ 
Adombr&to, -a, acO*. sb&ded, dArkened, ob- 
scArrd; shadowed, fore-shadowed; triced, 
designed, sketched; startled, a8t6nisbed 
Adombrat6re , tm. he who shkdows , trices , 
delineates, draws (bramento 

Adombrazi6ne , $f. adurobr&tion ; t. Adom- 
Adonire, va, t. Abbass&re, dom&re, ec. 
Adonest&re , bettei' coonesl&re , va. 1. to pal- 
liate , Teil . disguise; to give an Jiir of de- 
cency and justice to 
Addnico, adj. {versif.) addnic 
Adonide, sf. (hot.) ad6ni8 
Ad 6nU, (sin. a displlto) adv. in spite of, 
in despite of, nolwitbstinding; .id 6ntadelie 
preghi^re patSrne, noiwithst&nding (or in 
$pite of) his f&ther's prAyers 
Adont&re , va. i. to put to sbime , to affrdnt 
— 4rsi, vrf. to feel bUrt; get ingry 
Adont&to, -a, adj. affrdnted , offended, vixed 
Adont6so, -a, adj. insUlling, off^nsiTe 
AdoperibiIe,a(//.empl^able, c&pable ofbding 

used, fit or pr6per for use 
Adoperam^nto , sm. tbo Asing, m&king Ase of 
Adoper&re, va. 1. to Ase, empl^, make (ise of 
— -irsi, vrf. to ex^rt one's self, make every 
effort; to w6rk, fag, tr^, endiaTOur; to con- 
tribute; a col6ro che 4mano Iddfo tutte le 
cdso s'addperano in b£ne , &I1 things wdrk 
together for g6od to them who i6ve God 
Adoperito, -a, adj. used, empK^ed, exerted 
Adoperal6re, -trice , smf. he , she that uses , 

empl^s , mikes Use of 
Adoperazi6ne,.«/'. ▼. Adoperaminto, operazi6ne 
Adoppiam^oto , tm. the giving 6pium ; 8l6ep 
Adoppiire, va. i. to administer 6pium, lUll 
Adoppiato, -a, adj. lUlled to sl^ep with 6pium 
Adoprire, va. i. to Use empl^ ; ▼. Adoperire 
Adoribile, ad[y. ad6rable, w6rthy ofadorilion 
Adorabiliti, sf: addrableness 
Adoramdnto, sm. adorition, w5rship 
Adoriodo,-a, t. Adoribile 
Adorinte, adj. adUring; smf. a wdrshipper 
Adorire, va. 1. to adUre , wSrship; {to pray) 
Adorilo, -a, adj. adUred, wdrshipped 
Adoritore, -trice, smf. ad6rer, w6rshipper 
Adoraldrio, sm. {ant.) a h^atheu timple 
Adorazidne, sf. adorition, w5rship 
Adordinirsi, vrf. {ant.) to prepire one's self 
Adorevole, adj. belter adoribile 
Adorizzire, v. uniper. (poet.) to be or get shidy 
Adornamento, sm. 6rnament, finery, attire 
Adornire, va, 1. to adUrn , deck , embillith , 

set off 
Adornatamdnte, adv. Elegantly, with grice 

Adornito.-a, adj. addrned, decked, set qff 
Adornitore,-lrice , smf he , she who d^cks , 

( I dress, embellishment, deco- 
Adornizca, sf i rition, drnament, Elegance 
Addrno, sm. drnament, finery, attire 
Ad6rno,-a, adj. adUrned, set off, decked d&t 
Adotire, y. Dolire 

Adottaminto, sm. an ad&pling, ad6ption 
Adottire, va. i. to ad6pt 
Adottat6re,-trfce, smf addpter 
Adotlazidne, sf. adottaminlo, sm. ad6ption 
AdottiYo,-a adj. adaptive, ad6pted 
AdoTire, va. 1. to make dval, egg-shaped 
AdoTrire, va. i. i. Adoperire 
Adozidne, sf. addption ; ▼. Adottazi6ne 
Adraginli, orf/. {bol.) trigacanlh; (pharm.) 

idraganth; sf. (pharm.) idraganth 
Adrdnto, adv. {poet.) within. Inwardly 
AdriSto {poet. t. addidtro), adv. behind, back 
Adro, -a, {for itro,-a,) adj. black, dismal 
A due a due, adv. exp. two by twd 
Aduggire, va. 2, {used only in the third person 

sing. Pres. Indie. : adugge) t. Aduggfire 
Aduggiam6nto,«m. adampor bifghting shide 
Aduggiiote, adj. that cists a blighting shide; 

dimping, bifghting, withering 
Aduggiire, va. 1. to cast a bifghting shade 

up6n; to damp, blight, wither, dispirit 
Aduggiito, -a, adj. shaded, blighted, diroped 
Adoggiat6re,-trfce. smf. that dirkens, damps 
Adugiiire, va. {mar.) to cSll up a cible , etc. 
Adugnire, va. r. Adunghiire 
AdulintCj adj. flittering, iduiatory 
Adulire, va. 1. to idulate, flitter 
Adolatore, -trice, smf. idolater, flitterer 
Adulaloriamdnte, adv. flitteringly , in a flit- 
tering roinner 
Adulatorio, -a, adj. iduiatory, flittering 
AdulaziUne, sf. adulition, excessive flittery 
Adollera, sf an adulteress 
Adulleram^nle, adv. in an adulterous minner 
AduUeram6nto, sm. adulterating, adulterition 
Adullerire, vn. to commit adUltery ; tMi. to 

adulterate, doctor, mix 
Adulterito, -a, adj. adulterated, mixed 
Adullerat6re,-trfc6, smf adulterer, adulteress 
Adulterazidne, sf. adulterition, fbrgery 
Adulterfno, -a, adj. adUlterine, beg6tten in 
adultery; spUrious, cdunterfeit, adulterated 
AdUltero, sm. adUlterer, one guilty of adUitery 
AdUlto,-a, adj. adult, grown up; sm. an adUlt; 

scudle per gli adulti, adUlt schools 
Adunamento, sm. the act of uniting or bring- 
ing together; the assembling, meeting; an 
assembly, meeting, (piriiament) 
Adonioza , sf. a meeting , assembly , convo- 

Adunire, va. i. to assemble, bring together, 
coDT6kp; — si, to c6me together, assdmble, 
Adanita, sf. assembly, meeting; ?. Adaninia 

File, mdle, bite, ndte, tUbe; - fit, m6t, bit, 

ii6l, tub; .- ftr. itfqwe, ^ 

Digitized by VjOOVJ l'^ 


— 36 - 


AdQnat6re,-trfce, tmf. collieter, eonT6ker 

Adoiiazi6De, »f. t. Adunam^Dto 

Adooe&re, va. 1. to make adhncoua, to cbrvo, 

croo^. bend; — -4r8j, to bec6me adiincous, 

to get ciifTed, booked, bent 
Adaneo. -a, adj. crooked, booked , aduncoui 
AdQDfhi&re, va. i. to s^ize witb the cl&vs, to 

lay b6ld of with the tJiIons or nails 
Adonqae, adv. theo, tfairefore 
AdDsire, va. i. adas&rsi, vr. t. Assaefire, aa- 

Adastire, ra. 4. to p&rch, scorch, erisp.cfadr; 

to dr^ op, burn up, to make Sirid , adiist 
Adost^xza J gf. ad&Blion, aridity, dryness , 
Adoslidne j drdiight, pArching , 8c6rcbing 
AdustiTam^ntc, adv, in a dry bfarning manner 
AdostfTO, -a, adj. pirching, 8ch6rching, dry 
Adhsto , -a , adj, adhst , pdrched , sc6rched , 

bornt up, dry; c4mpi adOsli, burnt up fi61ds 
Aer, iere (or 4ria), »m. iir, wind (time) 
A6reo, -a, adj. Aerial, of the ilr 
Aerificaziooe, sf. aerific&tion 
Aerifdrme, adj. aeriform 
Aerlmaole, sm. a diffner by the air 
Aerimanzia, sf. Aeromancy 
Aerimetrfa, sf. aer6metry, pneomAtics 
Aerfno, -a, adj. ?. Celestioo 
Aerodinimica, gf, aerodynamics 
Aerdlito, gm. Aerolite, aerolithe; atmosphiric, 

mete6ric, falling stone 
Aeromanzfa, gf. ▼. Aerimanxia 
Aerdmetro, tm. an aerbmeter (Tig&tor 

AeronAula, gm. an Aeronaut, an adreal na- 
Aerdso, -a, adj. Airy, sprfgbliy , gay, light, 

polite, cifil, ofThAnded; t. DisiuTolto 
AerostAtica, gf. aeroslAlics 
Aerostato, gm. Aerostat, air balloon (on 

AescAre, adescAre, va. i. to bAit; ailAre, egg 
Afa, ff the shlTocAting or stifling feeling pro- 
duced by close ^ir or siillry b6at; shltri- 

nets : cldseness, hot stifling air; far Afa, to 

ann^; be tiresome , to damp one's spirits 
Afaticcio, t. AfatAccio 
Afalo, 'i.adj. withered , dried up, blighted , 

drooping ; sickly, pAny, miagre, thin 
AfatuceiOf-a, adj. sickly, lAnguid. feeble, wSak 
AfelAto, -a, adj. liinguid, tfred 6ut, exhAusled 
Afolio. gm. (plur. af^lj) astr. aphelion 
AfAresi, gf. (gram.) apberesis 
Aflrabile, adj. Afl'able^ civil. poUte 
Affability, .Ade, -Ate, gf. affability, codrtesy 
Affabjlffl6nt6, adv. Affably, rondescindingly 
AffaccendArsi, vrf. i. to bhstle ab^t, make a 

fass, to 6ccapy one's self 
AffaccendAto, -a, adJ, bbstlingab^t, 6ccnpied, 

hbrried , fussy , very busy , 6ver h6ad and 

Aars in business 
AffaccettAre, ra. 4. to cut a diamond facet wise 
Affaccbin&re, m, i. (from facchino^ a pArter) 

to toil, fag , diiidge , to wdrk like a slave 
AffacciAre, ra. i. to, smooth, plAne, l^vel 
— Arsi; vrf. to step up to, cdme cldse up to, 

to present or shdw one's self; to face ; af- 
faeclAleTi, c6me up, c(me b^re ; affaccfAteTi 
a qu6sta Onto Ira, cAme np to this window, 
l6ok dDt ; affaeciArsi, to 6ffer one's self, be 
an aspirant ; ?. Offrfrsi (m^nte 

AffAcciatam^nte , adv. bAldly; v. Sfacciata- 
AffagollAre, infagoltAre, va. to biindle up 
AffaitArsi, affaitAto. (ant.) t. Abbell/re 
AffaldAre, va. to plMt, fdld, doiible 
AffaldellAre, va.\. to pack up, wrap up, en- 

AffalsAre, va. i. to fAlsify, adblterAte 
AffamAre , va. 1. to fAmish , stArve ; to excite 
an Appetite , cftnse hbnger ; affamAre una 
cittA, to StArve di^t a Idwn; tm. to bo dying 
with blioger, stArving 
AffamaKccio, -a, adj. hAlf stArved, famished 
AfTamAto, -a,a(//. ^mished, stArved; vorAciouf 
AITamatAzto, -a, adj. stArved looking, m£an 
AffamigliarizzAre, vn. \. v. AddimesticAre 
AflTamfre , vn. 3. to be very biingry, fkmish- 

ed ; to StArve, die with hbnger 
AffangAre, tm. \. (from fingo, mud, ro(re),to 
get miiddy, or miiddied , to become miry ; 
va. to mbddy, soil ; to splAsh with mud 
Affannam^nto, sm. v. AffAnno 
AffannAnte , adj. gridvous , disquieting, stif- 

Affannire , vn. 1. to breathe with difficulty , 
to be sfiffocAled, stifled; to feel that tight- 
ness of breast or difficulty of breathing which 
is cAnsequent on shArp b6dily pAin or in- 
tense roinlal Agony; to be grieved, SgitAted, 
Anxious, Agonized ; va. to gridve, pAin, dis- 
quiet, AgitAle; afflict, Agonize 
— Arsi , vrf. to fret , grilve , vex one's self, 
to be uneasy, Anxious, AgitAted ; to strive , 
strAin, try, fag, endeavour 
AffannAto, -a, a^f/. sbfTocA ted; agit&ted, Anxious 
Afrannatdre,sm.tbatis Anxious, c&uses anxiety 
AfTann^vole, adj. v. AflTanndso, ansi680 
Affanno, sm. a breathing gAspingly, shdrtness 
ofbrMh,agil&tion of mind, intense anxiety, 
mental Agony; Anguish, sArrow, affllclion 
AflTannAne, gm. a fbssy fallow; mdddiing pdrson 
AfTannoneria, gf Eagerness, cAre, trohbte 
Affannosam6nte, adv. with anxiety, restessly 
AffannAso, -a, adj. sbff^ocAting, stifling, sbltry; 
pAinfol, dislrissing, grievous, vex&tious, sad 
AfTardellare, va.. 1. to make up into a bbndle 
AfTAre , sm. afT&ir , business ; slAtion ; cAme 
vAnno gli aflAri ? how is business 7 udmo 
d' Alto affAre, a greAt or high-born man 
Affardtlo, gm. a sm&il m&tter, slight aflf&ir 
AfTArsi, vn. irr. to sAit, become, v. ConfArsi 
AffarAccio, sm. a trifling business, petty affi&ir 
AiTasciAre, va. i. to bind up in fkgots, tie up 
AffascinamAnto, gm. fkscinAtion, bewitchery 
AffascinAnte, adj. fAscinAting, bewitching 
AfTascinAre , va. i. to fAscinate , chArm , en- 
chAnt, stApif^, bewith; (mogtly used in thig 
lagt gense) 

DAr, rftdej-iall, sAn, bull ; - fArf , d6 ; - b^ l^mpb ; p«lie , ^^yf^}^^(Sb&^i^ 


— 36 — 


AflTascinaldre, tm. bewilcher, magician, vizard 
Affascioalrice , t/*. she who fSiscinates , a fiis- 
ciD&t'iDg lady, a ch&rroer; she vbo be- 
witches, a f^m&le magician, an 6)d hag 
Affascinazidne, tf. fascin&Uon, bevUching 
Affastellire . va. 1. {from iasl^Iio, a f2iscine 
or f&gdl) t5 make up into fStgols, to handle 
up, to hiiddle or jumble together 
Affaslidire, va. 5. t. Infaslidire 
Affat&re, t. Fat^re 

Affalito , -a, adj. chArmed agMnst bills, Ar- 
rows, etc., niled, infiilnerable 
AffaticamSnto, *m. fatigue, tiredness ; tQl 
Affaticanle, adj. b&rd w5rking, indefttigable 
Affatic&re, va.,1. to tire, fallgue, wiary, ha- 
rass , t^ase , pUgue , Importiine ; vn. and 

vrf. &rsi, to strife, tr^, endeavour 

Affalicifo, -a, adj. wdary, fatigued, h&rassed 
Affaticat6re, fui.ah&rd iv5rking man; a p&ins- 

t4king woman ; a drbdge slave 
Affatich^Tole, adj. labdrious, painst&klng 
Affatic6so, -a, adj. lab6rioas, indefatigable 
AflT&tto, a/t). quile, entirely, th6roughly, per- 
fectly; nidnte afTitto, n6lhing at ill 
Affatturamdnlo,«m. sdrcery, witchcraft, spell 
Affatlurire , va. 1. to bewitch, charm , cast a 
spell 6ver; affatturir vino, to addlterate or 
d6ctor wfne 
Affatturito, -a, adj. spell boiind; adblter&ted 
Affaltural6re, -trice, smf, sbrcerer, sbrceress 
AflTatturaziooe, $f. wUchery, i6rcery 
Affazzonam6ntOy vn. 6rnament, embellishment 
Affazzonire, va. 1. to ad6rn, set off, deck ^t 
Affe, adv. by my fiith, in failh, faith; on my 

wdrd, up6n my h6nour 
Affegatire, vn. 1. v. Accorarsi 
Affermamento,<m. afBrmition, confirmition, 

Afferminte, adj. who affirms, confirms 
Affermire, va. 1. to affirm , mainliin, assort 
Affermirsi, vrf. to strengthen or establish 
one's self; to becdme Arm, getconsetidated 
Affermatamente , affermativaminte , adv. af- 
flrmalively, assuredly, p6silively; rispon- 
dere affermatiramente , to repl^ in the af- 
Affermatlva, tf. afflrmatiTe 
Affermatlvo, a, adj. affirmative, p6sitive 
Affermato,-a, odfj, affirmed, avirred, confirmed 
Affermat6re, -trice, itnf. that affirms, asserts 
Affermazi6ue , tf affirroilion, assurance 
Afferramento,«m. theactofgrisping, cliitching 
Afferrinte, adj. who grisps ; grisping 
Afferrire , va. i. to grasp , gripple , clntch , 
gripe, lay h61d of; to siize, citch, com- 
prehend; to c5metos6llndings, cist inchor 
Afferrito, -a, adj. grisped, seized; linded 
Affertilire. va. 9. to fertilize, to make frftltful, 

AffetUmento, «m. an affecting ; affectitloa 
Affettare, va. (with the first e close, frmn fSt- 

ta , a slice) , to slice , to mince; to f61d or 
plait cloth; (with the flrst e open) toaffect> 
desire, cdvet; pretend to; vn. to be affected 
(in one's manners, dress, etc.) 
Affeltatamente , adv. most eagerly ; very af- 
Affettito, -a, adj. sliced ; affected, artificial 
Affettat6re, tm. an affected person ; a f61der ; 

one who slices, cuts in slices 
Affettazi6ne, tf. affectition ; stiidied minners, 


AffetllTO, -a, a<f/. affecting, toiiching, pathetic 

Affetlo , tm. affection , passion , movement of 

the s6ul ; affection, inclination, em&lion of 

the heart; liking, atlkchment, affection , 

tenderness, 15ve; desire, wish 

— a, adj. disp6sed, affected, inclined; well 

or ill dispesed, (fond) 
Affettuosamente, adv. affectionately, heirlily, 

Affeltu680, -a, adj. affectionate, fond, kind 
Affezionire, va. 1. to creite an affection for, 
eicile a f6ndness of, to enimour, to attich; 
affezionirsi, to get fond of, to like, to take 
a liking to , to becdme attached to 
Affezionalamente, adv. affectionately 
Affezionito , -a, adj. affectionate , altiched , 

fond ; inclined 
Affezidne, tf. affection, atticbment, tendernesa 
Affezionevole, adj. fond; affectionate, I6ving 
Afflaccire, va. 1. ▼. Fiaccire 
AflGatire , vn. i. to pay liibute or rent as a 

AfGito, tm. adj. feudatory ; tributary 
Affibbiigiio, fermiglio, tm. a biickle, clasp 
Aflibbiamento, tm. bbckling, clisping, fiste- 


AfDbbiire , va. 1. to biickle , clasp , biitton , 

hinge; aCfibbiirIa ad Ano, to play one a trick 

Affibbiito, -a, dd[/.biickled. fastened, bhttoned 

Afflbbiatejo , tm. biilton-hole , eye , h6ok , 

tag, etc. 
AfGbbiatAra, tf. bbckling, b^oks and eyes 
Afflccire, va. 1. Ficcire 
Affldire, va. 1. to assure, give c6niidence, se- 
cure ; afQdarsi di , to hive affiance in , to 
rely up6n, trust to, confide in ; non yi affi- 
dite aU'uemo di cul lutli pirlano bene, do- 
n't trust (to ) the man of whom every one 
speaks well 
Affidito, -a, adj. confided, entrhsted , trdsly, 

trust wfirthy , true ; tm. a triisty friend 
Affldat6re, -trice, tmf. one who ass&res, con- 
fides, entrbsts 
Afflevolire, ire, t. Afnevolfre 
Afflenire, vn. 3. to be stdnted 
Affievollmento , tm. v. lodebolimento 
Aflievolire , va. to weaken , enfeeble , make 
weak; vn. to weaken , get- feeble , bec&me 
weak (weakly 

Affievolito , -a , adj. weakened , enfeebled » 
Affiggere, vn. S. irr. (affigo, affige,pa«<. affis- 

Fite, mete, bite, n6te, t6be; - 

fit, met, Wt, n6tg,g.4li|^y^(^oglf^. 




si , ee.) to stick, f^steo, to stick upj nail to; 

to tfe , bfnd ; lo r^slen ooe's eyes up6D , to 

gate or stare at; lo stimulate, stir up; vn. 

lo stand still, slop;— qd foglio o carte Ho al 

Duro, to stick up a bill, pdst up a placArd 

Arriguram^nto, stn. a rf cognizing, recollecting 

Afligurire , ro. 1. lo r6cognize or recollect a 

person, etc. by the figure or external form; 

to im&gioe; -irsi, to figure to one's self, 

conc^iTe, imagine 

Affilire va.i. to wbet, sharpen, make sharp 

AfTilirsi, trf. to be in a r6w, march in file 

Affil&to, -a . adj, sharp, pSlnted, sharp-set; 

▼ISO aflilato, a long thin face 
AfBlatara, if. the edge, sharp edge 
AfGletlire, va. i. to lay snares, c&tcbin anet 
Alfili4to, -a, smf. a person affiliated; adj. af- 
filiated, addpted, assdcialed 
Afflli4re , va. 1. to affiliate; io receive into a 
society, and initiate in its masteries, plans 
or inlilgnes 
AflHiazi6De, sf. afOli&lion 
Affflo, a filo, oc/v.' in a straight Kne, rfght line 
Affinam^Dlo, «in. perfpdion, refinemeni 
A/Iinire, va. 1. to refine, lo piirify by fire; to 

wbet, point , sbarp-set , shArpen ; 4rsi , 

trf. to bec6me refined, piiriffed 
Affin&io, -a, adj. refioed, purified; elegant 
Aifinat6]o, am. a crAcible, m61ting-pot 
AfBoatore, gm. a purifier of g61d, a refiner 
AfGnchi, eonj. to the end that , in order to 
Affine, adj. niar, akin, kindred, aoMogous 
Affinilk; Ade, -&te, sf. affinity, nearness, cl6- 
seness, kindred, alliance, relilion , simili- 
tude, resemblance (ness 
Affiecam^nlo, sm. a becfiminghdarse, b6a^8e- 
Affioci^e, vn. to get hdarse, (to became v6ak) 
Affioc4to, -a, adj. h6arse 
Affiocatora, tf. better afOocaminto, hdarseness 
Affincblre, va. 5. v. Affioc&re 
Affidne. tm. opiate prepared with kmber and 

Affior&io, '^,adj. damasked; ornamented with 

Affirm ire, ro. i. better affermfire, to affirm 
Affisiro, affissare , i>a. 1. to fix one's e^es 
npdn , to look at steadfastly or intently ; to 
gaze at; lo p^st up a bill or pUc&rd, to 
affix,— si, to fix one's attinlion, to attend 
lo, mind, be inUnt 
Affissamemo, tm. a g Jizing al, st&re; an affixing 
AffissI6ne , sf. aff'ixing, application; the act 
or exp^Dce of sticking up or pdsting up a 
bill or placird 
Afflsso , »m. an &ffix {gram.) an affixture , a 
placird^ a bill p6sted up, pl&y bill; (the 
ancient name of a corporation of tradesmen 
in Florence); adj. affixed , f&stened , atUch- 
ed ; stuck or p6sted up (fArmer 

AfBtiajndlo,sm. a tenant, llase holder, tinanl 
AfBttanle , affitlaniieri , tm. a landlord , he 
who lets out (land, etc. ) on a lease 


Afflttire, va. 4. to lei, to letdiKt on a lease, etc.; 
lo hire, rent , to take on a lease , to fkrm ; 
afflttirsi, to let , to be lei ; c&sa, podero , 
c&mera ad iffilt&re, ad affitt4rsi, htfQse, 
firm. r6om, to lei 
Affitt&to, -a, adj. let, let 6ul; t&ken, rented, 
hired; ho affitlAto un appartamento, I hkve 
tiken an ap&rtement 
Affittatdre , tm. he wo lets 6^1 a f&rm , etc. ; 
be wo chArters a ship, the chArtering pAr- 
ty, freighter 
Affittevole,a£(;. that can be let 6^1, lAken, rented 
Affittirsi , vnrf. to thicken , to becdme thick 

or dense 
Affitto , tm. the letting or renting ; the rent 

or hire;?. Fitio 
— a, adj. affixed, fAstened, stuck up a tenant, renterj 16dger, fArmer 
AffitluArio {law), t. Affittajudio 
AfflAre, va. i. an.. ▼. Sofflkre, spirAre 
AfflAto, am. poet, breath. ioipirAlion. afflAtus 
AfOiggenle, adj. afOlcting, pAinful, sad 
Affliggere. va. 3. irr. (affligge, paat. afflfsse, 
part, afflfllo) to afflict ; — -si, vrf. to gridre 
Afflilliio,-a, a(/y. afflicliDg, afflictive, grieroas 
Afflitto, -a, adj. afflicted, sad, melancholy 
Afflizidne, tf. affliction, 86rrow, pAio, grief 
Affloscfre, va. Z. to make fl&ccid, flAbby 
Affloente, adj. abhndanl. Affluent, fl6iing 
Affluentemenle, adv. abiindanlly, richly 
Affluenza, «/*. a crowding or fi6«ing in, a 
concourse, throng, rush; Affluence, greAt 
abhodance; afTluenza di vento, d' idee, di 
pdpolo , a rhsh of wind, throng of ideas, 
cr^d of people, influx of visilors (bondAre 
Affluere, fre, va. ant. t. AhbondAre, soprab- 
AfflnssionAlo, -a, adj. {med.) hAving an in- 
.flammAlion of the cheek, or on the chest; 

hAving a calArrhal inflammAtion 
Affl^sso, tm. Afflux. fl6w, rush of hflmoars 
AffocalistiAre, va. 1. to shAde with dark ceioars 
AffocAre, va. 1. to set on fire, inflAme 
Affocatfccio, -a, adj. rAther inflAmed 
AffocAto, -a, adj. of a ffery QAsby c&lour, burnt 
AffogAggine, s^ \a stifling 8uffocAlion,dlf- 
Affogamento, tm. I ficulty of breathing 
AffogAre, va. 1. to stifle , shffocale ; affogAre 
vn, e -Arsi trf. to be stifled, gel suffocAled, 
cbdked , drdw'oed ; affogAre uno , to stifle 
a person; — una fanciulla, to mArry a 
girl ill; affogAre in un bicchier d'Acqua, 
to get dr6wned in one's own spitlle; — 
di sete, to be stifled. ch6ked with thirst 
AffogAto, -a, a(//. stifled, sbffocAted, chdked; 

close; udTa affogAle, p6ached eggs 
Affollameoto, tm. cr($wd. throng, c6ocourse 
AffollAre, va. i. to crdwd or biiddle together; 
— Arsi, vrf to crdwd or rush together, to 
press, to throng 
Affollatameote, acfv. in a cr6wd,tumiiltaoasly 
AffollAto, -a, adj. crowded, thr&nged 
Affoltamemo, tm, 6ver-bAste, precipitAtion 

B6r, Hide ; - fUl , s5n, bCill ; • f&re, d&; • 

bt, l^mphjpaee, b^i, f6Ql,,f5^1; 

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38 — 


Affoltdre, t<a. i. to rush up6D, oppress; vn. 

«irsi, vrf. to d&sh forward, rushyhiiiTy; to 

rbzzle, 6at greedily, b6It 
AfToU&la, »f. f&»8, great dagorneis 
AffoDdam6n(o, «m. a g6ing or s6Ddiog lo the 

bdttom, a sinking, fdilnderiDg 
Affond&re, oa. 1. to sinic, send to the b6t- 

tom; vn, lo sinic, ftfQnder, go lo the b6t- 

tom; — una fdssa, to sinIc a ditch; deepen 

a dr&in (deepened 

Affoodito, -a, adj. sank, f(5l)ndered, vricked, 
AffoDdatOra,*/*. sinking, digginginto.d^epening 
Affdndo, -a, adj. ant. deep, 16w, b6tloin 
Affdndo, sm. irrclrii^Table Tii lure, bankruptcy 
Aflr6ndo,a fdndo, adv. tb6rougbly 
AflTorc&rc, va. 1. to moor accrdss ; hang, gibbet 
Afforcstier&re, van. to give , hkve or assdme 

the appearance of a fdreigner; to make 

or become quite a stringer 
Afforneliire, va. to suspend or h6id up the 6ar8 
AfforliGcamenlo, sm. (lillleused), t. FortlGca- 
Affortire, va. 3. ant. t. Fortific&re (m^nto 
Afforton&lo, -a, adj. v. Forlon&to 
Aff6rza, adv. betltr a Tdrza, by dint of 
Afrorzam^olo, an. t. addition of strength, cor- 

Afforz&re, va. 1. to stringhten, t. Forlificire 
AfforziCcare, va. 1. y. FortificAre 
AfToscire, va. 1. v. OfTusc&re 
Affossaroento, stn. the entrenching; a trench, 

in6al enlr6ncbment 
Affossire, va. 1. to entrench*, surrdilnd irith 

Affoss&lo, -a, a(//. entrenched, surr^Qnded mih 

trenches; occbi afToss&li, h6llow e^es 
Affossatdra, sf. y. Affossam^nto 
Affrignere, affrkngere, va. 3. (affr&ngo, past. 

affransi, par/. afTr&nto) to bre4k, sm&sh, 

splinter; fr&cture; b^at ddi^n; le vfolale 
Affral&re, (re, va. 1. 3. to weaken. inerTite, 

mai(e Triil; — frsi, to becdme enr^ebled 
Affralimemo , tm. viakness, enreeblement , 

enerv&tion, fr&ilty, infirmity 
Affranciibile, adj. that may be freed, set free, 

emancipated; releasable 
Affrancinle, adj. liberMing, exempting 
Affranciroj va. 1. to free , set free , em^nci- 

pile; to liberate, exdmpl; to make Kthe 

and vigorous; — -c&rsi , vrf. to get freed, 

obl&in one's liberty, bec6me vigorous 
Affranc4lo, -a, adj. freed; tm. a freed man 
Afrrancazi6ne,«/' enfranchisement, liber&tion, 

discharge, release 
Affr&ngere, va. 2. irr. t. Affr&gnere 
Affranto-a, adj brdken, w6rn dd9n,dsedap 
Affrappare, va. i. (o cut, mince, cabbage 
Aflratellamdntosm. I familiarity, Intimacy, f&l- 
AffratelliDza, if. I lowship, brdlherly l&ve, 

edmmon foot of equality 
Affratell&rsi, vrf. 1. to bec6me c&mrades or 

chums; to live together like brSlhers 
; Affredd4re , va, 1. to c6ol , make c61d ; vn. 

and vrf. — -irsi, to c6ol, get c6ld, tobec6me 

lukewarm, to slacken, flag 
AfTrenamdnto, tm. check, reslr&int, curb 
Affren& 1. tocurh, check, brfdie rcstr&in 
Affrenat6re,-trfce, sm/*. restriiner; one who 

curbs, cheeks, brfdies (wind) 

Affresc&re, vn. 1. (mar.) to blow fresh (of (he 
AfTreltamento, tm. -&nza, gf. h&ste, hurry, fuss 
Affrettiro, va. 1. to h&sten, speed, despatch 
— 4rsi, vrf. to make histe, to hiirry 
AfTrettatamiate, adv. in a hiirry, hastily 
Affreltaidret-trfce, tmf a histener, iirger on 
Affretldso, -a, adj. histy, hhrried, fhssy 
AfTrico, Affricino, sm. sdQlh-wind 
AITrillelllire, va. i, to fry eggs; /!g. to kill 
Affrontamento, sm. affrdnt, all&ck, ass&olt 
Affrontire, va. 1. lo affrdnt; to face, to attack 

the enemy in fr&nt; lo affrdnt or insUlt a 

person, lo pitch into him; — -iirsi, to 

atlkck each &ther in fr6nt, to dish, to meet 

(kce lo face , to eocdunter 
Affronlato, -la, adj. affrdnted, assaulted, en- 

colintered ; face to face ; balliglia affron- 

tila, a pitched bkllle, general eng&geroent 
AlTrontatere , tm. affrdnler, aggressor, as- 

AlTrdnto, tm. an affront, InsuU; (a rencdDnter) 
Affumire , va. i. v. Affumic4re 
Alfum&to, -la, adj. smoked, sm6ky; kbject 
Affumicamento, tm. a fumig&ting, fumig&lion 
Affumicire, va. 1. to fumigate, smoke dry 
Affamic4ta, sf. ant. v. AflTumicamento 
AITumicito, -ta, adj. smdked, fumig&led 
AITuocire, va. i. v. Affoc&ro 
Affusol&re, va. v. RatTazzonlre, abbellire 
Affusol&lo, -la, adj. bedecked , whirled 
Affusto, tm. {artiilery) carriage (of a gun) 
Afobfa , sf. V. Intrepidezza 
Afonla , sf. kphony, loss of voice or speech 
Aforfsroo, tm. an iiphorism 
Aforisticamente, adv. apborislically 
Aforfslico, -ca, adj. aphorislical 
Afreito , -U , adj. sourish , lartish , kcrid 
Afrezza , tf. kcritude , kcridness , tartness , 

Afrizlle , sf ( min. ) iphrixlte ( a variety of 

black tourmalin) 
Afro , -a, adj. sdl^r, shirp, h&rsh, biting 
Afrodisfaoo , -ca , adj. ( med. ) aphrodisiac , 

Afrodite , tf, ( myth. ) Aphrodite (a mame of 

Venus ) 
Afroglla, sf (the Lombards call it lattimtle) 

whipped cream 
Afronttro , tm. s&lpetre, v61at<le s&It, soda 
Ana,*/! (mMl.ykphlous, ulcerltion, sore; 

pi. afle, aphtae 
Agk , tm. an Aga, Thrkish commJinder 
Agalassia , agalaltia , agalasia , tf. ( med. ) 

w&nt of milk 
Agllloco , tm. ( hot. ) kgalloch , agkllochum , 


FAte, mete, bite, n6U, tfibe; - fit, met, bit, n6t, thb; ^fiLc.^Me, ^ 


— 89 — 


Agamo, -ma, adj. (pot.) igamoas (stians) 
Agape , »f. lire feast ( of the prlmitiTe chrl- 
Agzpili, ifp. Tlrgins UviDg ia slslerbood 
Ag&rico, 5m. &garick, mdshroom, drug 
Agata, sf. hgilo (precious stone) 
Ag4ta, sf. needle full (of twioe for Dotting) 
Agal6so , -sa, adj. Agaty 
Agav&oo, »m. {bot.) agavd 
Agaiz&re, vn. 1. t. ArroTelUre, acciappi&re 
Ag^nte, sm. agent, steward, f&ctor, m&nagor 
— adj. Acting, that acts ; ikeli?e 
Agenzia, sf. igency 6ffice ; (agency) 
AgeToiaminto, sm. the act of facilitating 
AgeTol4re , va. A. to facilitate, make easy 
AgevoUto, ta, adj. facllitaled, made ^sy 
Ag*Tolo , adj. easy , very dasy ; trithout any 

difficolty, facile, roknageable ; cdnquerable 
AgeTol^zza , sf. facility , £ase ; mildness ; 

Agevolminte , a</v. ^ily, with ^ase 
Aggaff^ra, va. 1. to catch, so&tch, lay h61d of 
Aggangberire, va. 1. to b^k (into an eye) , 

to clasp. 
AggaTJgnire, va. i. to gripe, grisp, s^ize 
Aggecebire, vh. 3. ant. t. Umiliirsi , abbas - 
Aggegnare, v. And&r a gdnio (s&rsi 

Aggelire, imi. 1. to coogtol , frieze 
Aggelalo, -ta, adj. fr6zen, congealed, feed 
Aggelazi6ne, sf. congealaroent , frost, jdlly 
Aggenlilire, va. 3. to render genteel , Elegant 
Aggeitare, vn. 1. to project, jut dUt 
Aggetlivo, sm. idjeclive 
Agg£lto, sm. projection, jutting ^t (fast 
Agghermigli&re, txi. 1. to cliitcb, grAsp, b6ld 
Aggberonito, -ta, adj. (ker.) b&rred, crdssed 

witb stripes of a different c61or 
Aggbiacciaminlo, sm. frost, exlrime c61d 
Aggbiacciire , Da. 1. to frieze , to Iftrn into 

fee ; to congial , ice , ebill ; agghiacci&re , 

— irsi , vnrf. to get frdzen, becdme iced, 

chilled; agghiacci&re di frdddo, to frieze , 

be fr6zen, stirre 
Agghiacciato, -ta, adj. frozen, cbllled; f6Ided 
AggWiceio, sm. a sbecp cote ; t. OtIIo 
Agghiadaninto, sm. ntimboess, cbill 
Aggbiadire , -ire , vn. to be benbmbed with 

c61d, to be chilled , fr6zen , stirved 
Aggbiad4to, -ta, adj. benhmbed, frdien, 

Aggiacinsa , sf. appiirtenance , appendage 
Aggiaeire , ( anl. ) vn. S. I'rr. to sAit , beca- 
me , befit 
Aggiardio&to, -ta, adj. g&rdened; drissed and 

ciilliTatad as a girden; vitb girdens 
Agginoccbiirsi , vrf. 1. t. Inginoccbi&rsi 
Aggio, MM. igio, exebinge, dise^ot 
Aggiogire, va. 1. to y6ke, pat on the y6ke 
Aggiog&lo, -U , adj. y6ked 
Aggiogat6re , -trice, smf one who y6ke8 
Aggiogli&to, -U, adj. mixed with tAres, dArnel 
Aggiornire, van. 1. to fix a day, to adjobrn; 

to make a diy of night; — irti, to bed&y, 

to diwn ; aggtdrna , s'aggidrna , si fa gi6r- 
no, day breUu, morn appiars 
Aggiornito, -la, adj. adjobrned, appealed 
Aggiol&ggio, sm. Agiotage, stock jobbing, 

Aggiotatdre , -trice , smf. stock -j6bber , mo- 
ney j6bber, jobber 
Aggiraminto, sm. a circumvinling , a fraud 
AggirAndola, sf. y. Gir&ndola 
Aggir&re , van. 1. to surrdl^od , to go or get 
r^nd , to encl6se , hem in , beset, circum- 
Tint; ~ uno , to come ruiiod or deciive a 
person , to m&ke a n6so of wkx of him ,- 
aggir&re , -rirsi , vnrf to r6am , rkmble , 
straggle ; to get bewildered , lost 
AggirMa, sf a tbrning rduod , swindling 
Aggiratdre, -trice, smf rambler, scamp ; 
circomventer, pkraslte,cb&rmer, bewiicber^ 
Aggiudic&re , txi. 1. to adjudge , adjbdicate , 

Aggiudicatirio, *a, smf (of sales by auction) 

pbrcbaser ; (administration) contractor 
Aggiudic&to, -ISLtOdj. adjbdged, awarded 
Aggiudicazi6ne, sf. adjudication, award 
Aggiugnere , aggi&ngere , vn. 2. ( aggi&ngo , 
aggiAnge , past. aggi6nsi , part, aggiunto ) 
to add; to OYert&ke , join , unite, t. Rag- 
gi&ngere , congiungersi 
Aggittgniminto , sm. the act of Adding , t. 

Aggiugnit6re , -trice, smf. be, she that adds 
Aggibnta , sf addition , increase , angmentA- 
tion ; sista edizidoe con aggiunle , sixth 
edition with additions 
Aggiontivo, -a, adj. t. AddiettlTO 
Aggibnto,a, adj. Added , joined, united; sm. 
en Epithet, adjbnctive. Adjective; an Adjunct, 
c6Heagne, sbrrogate , assistant 
Agginzi6ne, sf addition, adjiinelion, pdndaat 
AggiurAre, va. 1. onf. to adjure 
AggiusiAbile, adj. that may be adjbsted 
AggiustamAnto, sm, adjustment, agreement 
AggioslAre, va. i. to adjbst, arrAnge , settle , 

set to rights ; Arsi, to agree. c6me to a 

sAttlement; aggiustAre i cann6ni, to pSint 
the cAonon; — un c6nto, to adjbst or sAttle 
an accent 
AgginsUlamAnte, adv, pr6perly, fitly, rightly 
AggiustatAzza , sf jfastness , exActoess , pro- 
priety. Accuracy, correctness ; — di mAnte, 
right mindedness, elAarbeadedness 
AggiustAlo,-a, a4j. adjbsted, settled ; shrevd 
Aggiostat6re , sm. an adjbster , a s6ttler ; a 
minter, he that weighs and sizes the mAney 
AggiustAvole, adj. thAt can be adjbsted 
AggiobAre, va. i. conglAbate, congl6be, to 
gAther into A bAll , to collect into a rd&nd 
AgglomerAre, va. i. to conglbmerate, to gAth- 
er into a bAll or rtf^nd b6dy 
Agglatinire, va. i. to conglAtinate 

■^^ rtde, - Oil, sdD, biUl; . fire, d^; - by. l^mph; pQAe, h^^f^-,^^, tS^U i^> 


— 40 — 


Aggobbire, vn. 3. (aggobMsco, -ffci,-f8ce) to 

bec6me hamp-bkclced, get hiinch-b&cked 
AggolpacchUrsi, vnrf. ▼. ATYOlpaccbi&re 
(Aggomicciot&re) } va. i. to cKl up, w(od op; 
Af gomiloUre \ to m&ke into a clew or 

M; ini , to c^I or g&lber one* self 

up; to miutar in platoons, form into sqo4res 
Aggomitol&to, -a, adj. c^led, wdQnd up 
Aggott&re , va. to phmp sbip , to impty tbe 

Aggrad^Tole, adj. agreeable; to one's liking, 

to one's mind, acceptable, pleasing 
Aggradevolmdnte , adv. aggr6eably 
Aggradiminto, tm. pleasure, consent, liking 
Ajtgradfre, i;a.5. <rr. (aggradisco, -fsci, -fsce) 
(0 rec^fTO vitb pleasure , accept vlliingly , 
to like , be pMased vitb; to please , to be 
Aggradfto, -a, cu/y. received mlh pleasure, 

accepted willingly^ acceptable, aggrdcable 
Aggradufrsi, vrf- 3. to make one 's self agreea- 
ble to , to ir6rm one 's self into tbe good 
graces of , 

Aggraff&re, va. 1. to clotcb, clasp, snatch, hook 
A?gramp4re,oa. i. to book, seize; v.Aggrap- 
Aggran&re, vn. ant. j. Granire (p&re 

Aggranchi&rsi, vrf. i. (/t'om grancbio, a crab) 

to get stiff, cramped or crooked from ceid 
Aggranchi&to , -a, ad{j. cramped, stiff irilh 
c6ld; diia aggranchi&te , fingers cramped 
or cr6oked from cdld 
Aggrancire, va. S. i. Granefre 
Aggrandimento, sm. aggrandizement. Increase 
Aggrandire, va. 5. to enUrge , Aggrandize , 

make gre&t ; irsi , to becdme large or 

Aggrandito, -a, adj. enlarged, r&ised 
Aggranditdre, tm. m&gnifler, Amplifier 
Aggrappamento, im. the act of grappling 
AggrappAre, va. 1. to grapple, grasp , book; 
— Arsi , to cling to; aggrappArsi ad una 
rupe, to cling to a rock 
Aggrappato,-a, adj. gr&ppled, stuck to 
AggrappoUre, va, 1. to oldster; to collect 

into a bunch 
Aggrappolito ,- a , adj. elhstered , collected 

into a bunch 
Aggraticci&re, va. i. to entwfne , interpene- 
trate, embr&ce ; irsi, to becdme inter- 

ireTon, get intertwined (nkre 

Aggratigll&re, va. 1. v. Incaten&re, impriglo- 
Aggravamento> sm. snrchige, aggravation 
AggravAnte, a^. kggraTAUog 
AggraT&re, va. 1. to make 6nerouB or griev- 
ous; to lay too heavy a load up6n, to 
weigh up6n, weigh doi^n, oppr^s, aggrieve, 
Aggravate ; le mAndorle aggrAvano it cApo, 
Almonds c&use a leeling of heaviness in 
the head ; aggrav&rsi, to grow heavy, 6oer- 
ous, grievous; to feel aggrieved Aggravat- 
ed, angry (heavy 
AggravAto , >a , adj. AggravAted , aggrieved ; 

Aggravazi6ne, tf. aggravAtion, heavier weight 
AggravezzAre, va. i. ant. to aggrieve, to be&r 
hard up6n , to oppress , to imp6se bArd- 
ships on 
AggrAvio, tm. a pAinfnlly 6norous weight, an 
oppressive load, a grievous or unjhst impo- 
sition; aggravAtion, grievance, injury, 
AggraziAre, va. i. v. GraziAre 
Aggraziatamente, adv. with a good grace 
AggraziAto,-a,a(//. pArdoned, grAceful, genteel 
Aggredfre, va. 3. to aggress, assAult fel6nionsly 

Aggregamento, sm. I Affffreiraxione 
AggregAnza, tf. J ^' Aggregazione 

AggregAre, va. 1. to AggregAte 
AggregAto, -a, adj. AggregAted 
— tm. AggregAte, assemblage^ miss 
Aggregaziono, tm. aggreg&tion, associAtion 
AggreggiAre , va. i. to gAlber together , to 

form into a herd or flock ; Arsi,to herd 

together, to bec5me gregArious 
Aggre8Si6ne,sf. afeldniousassAult; aggression 
Aggress6re, tm. assAulter , aggressor, folon 
AggrevAre, va. i. poet. v. AggravAre 
AggrezsAre, vn. 1. ant. v. AgghiadAre 
Aggrezzfre, tm. Z. v. Intirizzire 
AggricciArsi, vnrf. to be struck, overp6^ered 
with horror , to shake with fear ; to have 
one's hair stand on end from terror 
AggricchiAto,-a, adj. v. AggranchiAto 
AggrinzAre,-fre, vn. 1. S. to wrinkle, get 
wrinkled (rutted 

.\ggrinzAto , -a , adj. wrinkled , shrivelled , 
AggrizzArsi, vnrf. v. Intirizzire, irrigidire 
Aggrizzato,-a,a^jf. stiff with c61d; v. Intirizzito 
AggrommAre, vn. 1. to get cdvered with tAr- 

tar, crust or wine lees 
Aggroppamento , tm. a kn6tting, knot, group 
AggroppAro, va. 1. AggruppAre 
AggrollAre , va. i. to 6pen a ditch, rAise a 
ditch bank or ridge ; — lo cfglia , to knit 
one's brdv^s 
AggrollescAre, va. 1. to paint, cArve, orna- 
ment grotesquely (grotesque 
AggrottescAlo , tm. a grotesque ; a figure in 
AggrovigliAre, -Arsi , vnrf. to curl up, shrink 

up, becdme twisted, ent Angled 
AggrovigliAto, -a, adj. entangled, twisted 
AggrumamAnto, tm. clot , concretion, cord, 

coAgutum, coagolAtion 
AggrumAre , vn. 1. to clot, concrete, ebrdle , 

AggrumAto, -a, adj. chrdled, coAgulated 
AggruroolAre,va.f .10 coliect,heap, pAt together 
Aggrupparoento, tm. the f6rroing a knot; ga- 
thering into a bunch, grouping together 
AggruppAre, aggroppAre, va. 4. to knot, form 
a knot, tie; to makeup a pAckei, pArcel, or 
rouleau; to gr^up, gAther into a gr6op 
AggruzzolAre, vo. i. to h6ard, hAap, pile up 

iitllo by little 
Agguagliamento, tm. a making Aqnal, tAllying 

Mte, miU, Wte, D6t. t4b.; - ftt, m»l, bit. d*I^ «*; ^Jlj^^u., «3- 


41 — 


AfgQ&fliinia, if. eqoalily, conr&rmity 
Aggoagli&re, tm. 1. to ^qualfxe, Uily, balance, 
make equal; to make ^ven or smooth (tely 
Airfo^RliAtaminte, adv. Aqoally, prop6rtioDa- 
Agguagliat6re, sm. that equaliies, smooths 
Ag|?uagliazi6ne, »f. conr6rmily, equality 
•Aggu&glio, sm. poet. tobch-Blooe, comparison 
Aggaaol&re, va. {ftom guanto, a glove) to 
lay ODO *8 hands np6n , to seiie and h6Id 
by f6ree; to reef 
Aggaardaminto , tm. a looking at, reTdWing, 
Aggaardire, va. i. ant. to consider, exkmine 
Aggaatire , va. i. t. GualAre 
AggttateTole, adj. t. Insididso 
Aggaito , sm. lurking place, ^mbnsh, kmbns- 

cade ; ftssere in aggu&lo, lo He in wait 
Aggueff&re, va. t. AfrgiAngere 
Agguerrfro.oa. 3. to train ap pr inure to wir 
Aggnerrito, -a, adj. disciplined ; in6red to war 
Agguindolamdnto , sm. the act of reeling off,- 

an irtiQca. deceit, imp6sture 
Agguindolire, va. to reel off, ^fnd up; fig. to 

l^d by the nose, t. Aggir&re, -irsi 
Aggofndolo, SM. T. Gulndolo 
Aggastire, va. \. to please, gWe pleasure 
Agherbfno, sm. ant. t. Garbino, lib^ccio 
Agh^tta, sf. Ulbarge, Tltrifled liad 
Agbiilo, sm. a lace, (lo lace a c6rset, etc.) 
Agghi&ceio, sm. helm, rbdder, tiller 
Aghif6rme, adj. needlo-shaped 
Agfair6ne, sm. a biron 
Agiam^nto, sm. ^ase, conveniency; basing 
Agiamfna, sf barbkric w6rk, insertion of 

Agi&re, va. \. y. Adagi&re 
Agiatam^nte, adv. with ^ase, commddionsly 
Agial^zia, sf easy circumstances, tho state 
of enj^iog or mians of procuring the con- 
Tioiencies and c5mfor(s of life ; wdalth , 
c6mfort; a respectable c6m potency 
Agiito , -a, adj at one's ^ase , in Aasy clr- 
comstances, well off, w6allby; c6mfortabIe, 
snug, comm6diou8, ample ; slow 
Agfbile, adj. feasible, prkcticable 
Agile, adj. kgile, lithe, nimble, quick 
Agilili, -ide, -Ale, tf agility, nimhieness, M- 
theness quick 

Agilitire, va. 1. to make Agile, Hthe, nimble, 
AgilmAole, adv. nimbly, lilhely. actively 
Agio. sm. eooT^nienee, leisure, ease, cdmfort 
(h^e, wftter-closet ) ; jigi, the convdnien- 
cies and edmforts of life; prdnder Agio, to 
take one's 6ase; dar Agio , to give time to 
pay; /Are ona cAsa a bell* Agio, to do a 
thing at one's leisure, at one's 6ase; a vd- 
stro Agio, at your leisure, when conyinience 
will permit , at your perfect convenience ; 
(lAre i sudi Agi, to dase one's self) 
Agire, von. 3. (agisco, Agisci, agisce) to act, 
dperate, perfdrm; to act as an Agent or Actor 
Agitam^nto, sm. agitAtion, shake, shock, stir 

AgitAre, va. 4. to Agitate, move, stir, shake, 

jog, stimulate, excfte; agil&re una que- 

Bti6ne, to Agitate a question; — ona lite . 

un negdcio, lo carry on a law-suit, a trade 

Agital6re, tm. agil&lor , inciter, slimul4ter, 

exciter, cabJilIer, one who stirs up and keeps 

alive political excitement 

Agiiazionc^lla, tf a slight agitAtion 

Agitazi6ne, sf. agii&lion; political excftement 

Agli , prep, and def art. mat. pi. ( before a 

Yowel) to the, at the 
Agli&ja. tf 1. Ghiaja 
AfrliAjo, sm. a place piknted with gArlic 
Agli&U, s/. gArlic siuce; (prate, balderdash) 
Agli^tlo, sm. yoiing g&rlic; cooforlArsi con 

gli agliilii, to feed up6n vain hopes 
Aglio, tm. gArlic 

Asna, tf poet. v. Agnella; a she lamb 
Agnascdnsa, tf fir»t derivklion 
Agnalixio, -a, adj. agnktic , pertAining to de- 
scent by the male line 
AgnAto, -a, tmf a kinsman by the fAther's 
side (agn&tion 

Agnazi6ne, sf relative by the fAlher's side, 
Agnella, agnelldtta, agnellina, tf a little she 
Iamb, Ikmbkio; pAnooagnellfoo,!lkonel,elc. 
made of lamb's w6oI 
AgnelUjo, tm. butchor; one who sells lambs 
Agnellat6ra. tf the bringing forth lambs 
Agndllo, agnelldtto, agnelllno, tm. a Ikmbkin, 

a little be lamb 
AgnelUno, -a, agnfno, -a, adj. of a lamb 
Agnelldtto , sm. a sort of diminutive dhrnp- 

lings stuffed with lamb 
Agnelluccio, tm. better agnelldtto 
Agnixione, tf recognition, ricognfzing {theat.) 
Agno, tm. poet, agndllo, a lamb, a swelling 

in the grSin, a bubo 
AgnocAsto, tm. kgnus castos, a species of shrub 
Agnolo, tm. V. Ingelo; kgnel (old french 

gold coin) 
Agnus -d£i , tm. A^nus Df f , a wkx image of 

the lamb , etc. 
Ago, sm. (ag6cchia ant.) a needle; the (mag- 
netic ) needle , the hand of a clook , the 
gn6mon or stile of a sbndial , the tdogue 
of a bklance, sting of a bee, etc. 
Agogn&nle, adj. greedy after, (ag6g for, vulg.) 
Agognkre , vn. 1. to be in an Agony of de- 
sire ; agognAre a, to cdvel tegerly , long for 
greedily , to burn for , sfie for , aspire to 
strenuously, struggle to possess (sired 
Agognilo,-a, adj. longed for, pAssionately de- 
Agognat6re , sm. he who longs or sups for ; 

au aspirant 
Agonkle, »/^. of wrestling, of the kgonists; 
agonAli,oflhe Agonklia; tmpt. the AgonAlia 
Ag6ne, sm. A large needle; a picking needle; 
the ar^na or lists of the kgonists, or Athle- 
tes , a boxing ring, wr6slling grdiind;a 
fight, c6mbat, wr&stling match (gle 

Agonia, s/. Agony, Anguish; struggle, last strug- 

Bftr, rAde;-iUl, sdn, b&ll; - Are, d^; - b^ l^mph; piSse, b^ys. fiSai, 

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— 42 — 


Agonfsta, «m. an &lhlele, wr6stler, boxer » 

bgonist, gladiitor 
Agonfstico, -a, adj. agoDlstical- 
AgoDizzinte, a^J. d^ing, at tfao p^Dt ofd^ath 
Agonizi&re, tm. 1. to be agonfzed, t6rn irilh 

Anguish ; to be in the last Agonies 
Agonoteta , «m. agonolb§te , an officer who 

presided over the games in Greece 
Agor&jo, tm. needle-m&lier, seller; needle case 
Agost&re, vn. 1. to rfpen, to grdw ripe, to be 

Agoslaro, tm. an 6ld g6ld c6)n of the l^mperor 

Agoslino, -a, adj. born in August 
Ag6sto , tin. august (mdnth) ; ferrire agdsto , 

to get op a pic nic pirly on the first of 

august; ferr ag68lo, a feasting in August 
Ag6ti, tm. {mammology) agouti 
Agram^nte, adv. h&rsbly, sb&rply, severely 
A grin p^zca, adverb, by far 
Agr4rio, -a, adj. agrarian . rel&ting to fields 
Agresl&re, va. i. fig. (little used) to embitter, 

exksperate; to make Uao; vn. to gr6w I6an, 

Agreslaminte , agresteminte , adv. c6arsely , 

roiighly , r{idely , unpolilely , uncAuthly , 

boorishly, cbhrlishly, clot^nisbly 
Agr^ste, -a, adj. agrestic, rdstic , rfiral, r(kde 
Agrestdzza, tf. rusticity ; tirtness, ssarness 
Agreslioo, -a, adj. sdiirish, sh4rp , tArlisb 
AgrSslo , tm. sdlkr grapes ; the juice of sdtir 

grapes , T6rjuice; far agr^sto. to pdt by , 

h6ard up 
AgreslAme, tm, sdT^rness , ^cids (in general) 
Agrdlto, tm. g&rden cresses, Indian crosses 
Agrilto, -a, adj. stfi^rish, sdmewhat kc\A 
Agrizia, tf. I sdiirness , acidity , sh&rp- 
AgrestAme, tm. \ ness, t&rlness, icids 
Agrfcolo, -a, adj. agricdltural; industria agri- 
cola, igricullure, bbsbandry 
(Agricola, tm.) I hiisbandman, firmer, culti- 
Agricoll6re, tm. | v&tor, tiller, codntryman 
Agricoltura, tf. iigricuKure, firming, tillage 
Agrifdglio, alldro spinoso, tm. holly 
Agrigno, -a; adj^ sdurish, sbArp, harsh 
Agrimens6re, tm. a land-surveyor 
AgrimensAra, »f. mensuration, land-surYiying 
Agrim6nia, «/; igrimony, llver-vdrt 
Agridtta, tf. ^griot, wild black cherry 
Agrip^rsa, tf. mirjoram 
Agro, tm. soDr juice, lime jAice; tirtoess 
a , adj. stfikr , ke\d , tirt , chirp , bitter , 

birsh, hard, rough, rAde, cr&bbed, ill-ni- 

lured, acrim6nious, cross -griined, cross 
Agrod6lce, adj. sweet and stfUr, sharp and m{ld 
Agronomla, tf. agr6nomy, agricblturism 
Agrondmico, -t^todj. agricdltural, of agr6nomy 
Agrdnoroo , »m. a scientific cultivitor , an a- 

Agroslimma, tm, {hot.) rose - cimpion , cim- 

pion-rose; corn-cookie 
Agr6tlide, tf. (6ol.) bent-grass 

Agrfime , $m. ieid frftits in general , l&mon8». 
6ranges^ limes, etc.; pot-herbs; fig. bitter- 
ness, cr68ses,Yexition 
Aguagliinxa, t. Agguagliinta 
Aguardire,va. i.ant. tolooka-h6ad,sp^, mind 
Aguastire, ya. i. to spoil, t. Guastire 
Aguatire, va. 1. to witch, spy, wait for 
Aguatat6re, tm. he who peeps , spies , lies in 
Aguito, tm. Idrking-place, imbush ( wait 
Agdcchia, tf needle 
Agucchiire, va. 1. to sew, slich 
Agucchiat6re , -trice , tm. seamster , siam- 

slress, sewer, stitcher 
Agnglia, gAglia, tf. a steeple, dbelisk, needle, 
(^gle, ant.); pintles of a rddder, scuttle 
i>ii>K^8, googings 
Agugliila. ftf a n^edle-fuIl 
Agugli6no, better pungiglidne, tm. a sting 
Agugnire, va. i. to civet, aim at; ▼. Agognire 
Agumentire, va. 1. y. Aumentire 
Agouti, tm. {mam.) agouti, a little pig of Sa- 
ri nam 
Agurire, agurirsi , van. ^. ▼. Augurire nails, tack, pSlnts, (in general) 
Agutdllo, tm. tack, p^nt, very smill nail 
Agulillo, -a, adj. ritber pointed, shirp 
Agutezza, agdlo, tf y. Acutizza, cbiddo 
Aguzzaminto, tm. a shirpening, p61nting 
Aguzsire, va. i. to whet, shirpen, edge, 
sharp set; polut, give point or poignancy 
to ; aguzsire i sudi ferrAzzi , to sbirpen 
one's tools , prepare one's self, strive; — 
r appet(to, to shirpen one's ippetile 
Aguzzito,-a, a(/>.wh6tteii,sbirpened, p6)nted 
AguzzatAre, tm. whdlter, shirpener, grinder 
AguzsatAra, tf whdtting, shirpening 
Agutzilto, tm. ant. chiif fivourite, factAtum, 
brivo, bully, cAofldint, lAad-dater, minion 
Aguzzioo, tm. a low Affieer Aver cAnvicts 
AgAzzo, -a, adj, sharp, pSloted; acAta 
Ah I ahil interj. oh I ah I alisl 
Ahibol oibAl interj, faugh 1 fie I humph I 
Ahil) A, oimi, interj. alis 1 (the 

Ait prep, Aud def art. pi. mate, of, at, ta 
— tm. ignivus, tirdus, the sloth 
Aimel interj. v. AhimA 
AirAne, tm. a hdron 

Aissire, va. 1. tolrritale, provAke, Anger, seton 
Afta, aitire, ecc. t. AjAlo, ajulire, ecc. 
AiszamAntOfSm. achifing, irriliting. Angering 
Aizzire, va. 1. to stir up or sling (a perton or 
animal to anger, to gAad, to fury, to Irritate, 
chafe, enrige; to provAke, instigate, set on 
Aiizito,-a, adj. enriged, chifed, set on 
AizzatAre, -trice, tmf. he, she who provAkes, 
chifes, instigates, sets on (inciting 

AiszAso, -a, adj provAking, vixing, stinging, 
Aja, tf, a thrAshing flAor; garden plot, par- 
terre, Area,' gAverness; menir il can per 
r ija, to hAat ab<$ut the bush, to protrict 
Ajire, va. i. v. Inajire (full 

Ajita, tf. threshing -flAor f All of shAaves, birn- 

FiU, »*.., bl... „»u, me; - ft., mi,, bli, •»t,,„»|*^,C,&b^"' «^ 


— 43 — 


Aj&to, adj. andar ajilo, to rkmhU Idly ab^t 
AjAlta, $f. smill tbr^shiag fldor, hotbedl 
Ajo, tm. a preceptor, a (yoiiog g^Dtleman's) 

tAtor, a (yoiiDg prince's) gdrernor 
AjAoe, sm. t. Aj4to 
A jdsa, adv, abiindantly, in lots 
Ajodicire, va. i. t. AggiudicAre 
Ajadla, »f. sm&II barn floor, fbrrow, irdneh 
Ajodlo, $m. a net to c4lch sm&U birds in a 
barn yard; Ur&r I' ajudlo, to be c&vetoas, 
ntor, githering, thrifty (coar 

Ajntam^Dto, aj6(o, tm. help, assistance, siic< 
Ajat&nte, adj, sthrdy, beipfal, pdverfal 
— gm. a belper, an assistant ; ~ di c4mpo, 
an Aid-de camp; — gener&le, an Adjutant- 
gftneral; — roaggi6re, an Adjutant; — ebi- 
riirgo, an assistant Sbrgeon 
Ajntire, va. 1. to help, aid, assist, siiccoar, be 
bftlpfol to; —-iirsi, to be hdlpful to one's 
self, to avail one's self of, make use of: 
ajtiu te che il cidio li ajulerk, help yourself 
and HeaTen vill help you 
Ajutar^llo. tm. a little help, slight assistance 
AjutatfTO^ a, adj. helpful, serviceable, teefnl 
AJot&to, a, €ulj. assisted, helped, relieved 
Ajotat6re, -trice, tmf. helper, assistant 
AJnt^Tole, adj. f&rourable, kind, propitious 
Aj6to, sjn. help, aid, assistance, sbceour; 

ajuti, auxiliary tr6ops, supplies 
Ajutdrio, 9m. {anat.) adjul6rium, bAmerus 
Al, prep and def^ art. mat. ting, (before a c6n- 

sooant) to the, at the 
Ala, tf. a ving; a 7drd,tbe wing of a build- 
ing or irmy ; b&lter lo &li , to flblter , to 
biit; far ila, ta make room, 6pen the way; 
&la-b4sso, the ddvn-baal of the stay-s4ll; 
ila-aMrdo, b6at rope or guess rope of a 
b6at*8 moorings 
Alab4rda, tf. balbered 
Alabard&U, tf a thrust with a halberd 
Aiabardidre, $m. halberdier 
Alabastrino, -a, adj. of alab&ster, alabaster 
Alabistro, tm. alab&ster 
Aliccfa» tf. a large ligly wing 
Alacrity, tf. alacrity, gaiety 
Alacrem^nte, adv. cheerfully, with aliicrity 
Aladioisti, sp/. aUdinists, free thinkers amdng 

the Mahdmedant 
Aliggio, tm. {mar.) t6wage {action); t6wage 
{price) ; {of canait) tracking ; str&da di al&g- 
gio, I6w-p&th, tdwing p4lb, track- r6ad; {of 
tatMU) horse-palh : cdrda di al&ggio, tow- 
line, tow-rope, towing-rope 
AJajBAnoa, tf. kind of sweet wite gr&pes 
Alaminno, -a, tmf. and adj. German 
Aiamiro, tm. ornamental l&cing in the form 

of a bblton-hole, frogs 
Alamire, {mat.) alarotre, the lowest note bat 

one in Guido's scale 
Al&no, am. a bulldog, m&stiff 
Aiapixia, tf. t. Lapezza 
A)4re, tm. an andiron 

AI&re,oa. i. to haul, piill, drag, t6w; vrf. al&r- 

si, to put on wings, bec6me winged 
Alaterno^ tm. a privet 
Aieto, -a, adj. winged 
Alatere, tm. hauler, puller, t6wer 
Alba, tf. breik of day, diwn, aurdra 
Albagfa. tf vanity, ambition, self conceit 
Albagi6so, -a, adj. conceited, haughty, vain 
AlbJina, tf. kind of white grapes 
Albaneila, tf sort of bird of prey 
Albardeola, tf spoon-bill, (a w4ter-f^l) 
Albareilo, tm. v. Alberdllo 
Alb4tico, V. Alb&na 
AlbatreUa, tf v. Gorbexzola 
Albktro, tm. v. Gorbdzsolo 
Alb&tro, tm. &lbatross (the largestof sea-birds) 
(Albedine), tf. I whiteness, brightness, 

Albeggiamento. tm. \ Ibslre, splendour 
Albeggi&nte, adj. whitish, s5me what while 
Albeggi&re, vn. 1. to bec&me or be whitish ; 

to d&wn 
Alber&re, va. i. to raise the standard , hSlst 

the flag 
Alber&to, -a, adj. hSIsted, set up, unfurled 
Alberat&ra, tf mists, misting, ro&st-store 
Albercdcca, albicdcca, »f. an kpricot 
Albercdcco, tm. Apricot-tree 
Albereila, tf. aspen-tree 
Albereilo, tm. sm&ll vase, pbfal 
Alberese, tf. lime-stone 
Albereta, tf albereto, tm. a grove of aspens 
Alberetto, tm. a little tree, dwftrf tree, shrub 
Albergamento, albergagidne, tmf v. Alblrgo 
AlbergAre , va. 1. to lodge, to receive into 
one's hoDise or botei , to accemodato with 
lodgings, to hirbour ; vn. to lodge, take up 
one's ledgings, to stop, reside, dwell, nestle 
Alberg&to, -a, adj. lodged, b&rboured; resi- 
ded, dwell; full of hotels or mansions 
Albergat6re , tm. the proprietor or Ikndlord 

of a hotel, an innkeeper, hotei-keeper 
Albergatrlce, tf. a land-lady 
Albergheria, tf v. Albergo 
Alberghetto, tm. a little hotel, an inn 
Albergo , tm. a hotel, large ion; lodging, 
dwelling ; prendere albergo, to slop or put 
up at a hotel ; stAre ad albergo , to be at a 
hotel, to be stiying at an inn 
Alberfno, tm. a dw&rfish tree; denaritis; 

Albero, SIR. tree; {mar.) ship's mast; — ge- 
neaiegico, family tree ; — n&no, dwirf tree; 
far satire sor un albero {hunting) , to tree ; 
al prime c6lpo non cAde I'Albero, prov. exp. 
at one stroke falls not the 6ak 
AlbicAote, albiccio, -a, adj. whitish 
Albicdcca , tf Apricot 
Albic6cco, tm. Apricot-trec 
Albigesi , tmpl. {church hittery) AlbigAnses , 

Albiligdslre, adj. as white as the prlvet-fl(5wer 
AlbinAggio , tm. { law ) escheat to the cr^n 

B6r, r«de; - Oil , s6n, biili : - Are, d6 ; - b^ I^mph ; pQie , h^k 


ALB — 44 — 

(of the property of an alien deceased) ; aa- 

baine, prfze. God-send ; wlodfill 
Atbloo, -a, adj. vhftish ; tm. an Albfno 
Albi6ne, if. (poet.) Albion (Eogland) 
Albo, -a, poet. adj. -white, tbrbid, tipsy 
Albinato, am. t. Albio&ggio 
Alb6ne, sm. Icn^adiog -trough 
Albdra , sf. a species of leprosy, alb6ra 
Albor&re, va. t. Inalber&re, ecc. 
Alboralt&rsi, vnrf. (liitte uted) to bec5me tu- 
multuous, to mutiny, roTdlt 
Albdre, sm. aur6ra, d&wn 
Albore, tm. a tr^e, V. Arbore 
Albordlto, sm. (iittie uted) comm6tion, insnr- 

Alb6gine. sf. albogo, vhitespot (on the cornea) 
Albugjneo,a<// (anaf.) albAgioous, albugineoiis 
Albugin6so, -a, adj. albugineous, while 
Album, sin. an &lbuin , a scrap-boolc 
Alb6me, am. the white of an egg, albAmen 
AlbAmina, gf. alb6men 
AlbumiD6so, -a, adj. albfimioous 
Albdrno, am. white h&zeltree, sap 
Alcade, alc&ldo, am. Alcade, Alcaid, Spanish 

Alc&ico, adj. {greek and lat. vera.) atc&ic 
Alcalescgnte, adj. alkalescent, ^Ikalfne 
Alcali, am. Alkali 

Alcalfno, Alc4lico, -a , adj. {chem.) alkaline 
Alcalizz&re, va. 1. to ilkalfze, make Alkaline 
Alcalizzazi6De, af. alcallzition. alkalfiiug 
Alc4oDa, af. Alkanet, red dye, henna 
Alc&Dzo, am. a courier, postman 
Alee, am. an elk 

Alcfia, af. T^rvaiD, mkllow, alcoa 
Alchgnna, af. t. Alc4nna 
AlchSrmes, sm. (pliarm.) alkirmes 
Alchfmia, af Alchemy, alchymy 
Alchlroico, -a, adj. alchemical, of Alchemy 
Alchirofsta, am. an Alchemist 
Alchimrsiico, adj. alchemistic, alchemistical ; 

AlchimizzAre, vn. i. to prActise Alchemy 
Alci6De, am. kiog-fisher, hAlcyon, alc^do 
Alcidoide, adj. hAlcyon : am, hAlcyon days 
Alcidnio, am. alcydnium 
Alcool, am. {chem.) alcohol 
AlcoolizzAre, va. i. Ichem.) to AlcohoUse 
AlcorAuo, am. the Alcoran 
AIcdTa, af alcdvo, am. an alc6ve 
Alcunamiote, adv. (seldom uacd) by no rowans 
Alc6no, -a, pron. and adj. somebody, s5me; 

alcOna vdlta,s6metimes; non ne ho alcAoo, 

I have ndne 
Aldfibaram , am. {aalr.) aldebAran , the bull's 
AldermAnno, am. Alderman (eye 

Aldfno, -a, adj. ^Idine (edition) 
: Ale&tico, am. t. LeAtico 
AleggiAre, vn. i. to flhtier, flap, try to fly 
Aiena, af br6ath , respirAlion 
Alcnamento, am. breatbiog, respirAtion 
AlenAre, vn. 1. to br6albe; am. breathing 


A1en680, -a, adj. better ansAnte 
AlppArdo, tm. t. LeopArdo 
Aieppel inter, {ant.) oh I alAs I (Dant) 
Aleri6ne, tm. spread ^gale wilhdul feet or b^ak 
AlessifArmaco, alessitdrio , am. cdunterpfison 
Aietla, af smAll wiog, pinion, fin (of a lish) 
Alettromanzfa, af al^clryomancy, (an ancient 
practice of forelelliog events by means of 
a cock) 
Aleuromanifa, tf aleAromancy (a kind of di- 
vination by meal) 
Alfa , af. Alpha , first letter of the greek Al- 
phabet, beginning 
Alfabetieam^nte, adv. alphabetically 
Airabetico, -a, adj. alphabetic 
Alfabeto, tm. Alphabet, A, B, G, (horn book) 
AlfAna, af {poet.) a mare 
Alffdo, {ant.) alfidre, am. bishop (cheaa) 
Aifidre, am, inslgn be4rer ; bishop {cheaa) 
Alfitomanzla, af. alphllomancy (divfnAtioo by 

batley-meal) Alphus, vitiligo (a species of leprosy) 
Alfonsfoe , adj. fpl. {aatr.) alpb6nsine tables 
^Iga, Aliga, af. sea-weed, sea-grass 
Algebra, af. Algebra 
AlgebrAico, -a; algdbrico, -a, adj. algebrAic, 

AlgebricamAnle, adv. algebrAically 
Algebrista, tm. an algebrAist 
AigSnte, adj. (poel.).Algid, c6ld, chill, fr^zing 
Algere, vn. 3. irr. to be o6ld, freeze, shiver 
Alg6re, tm. Algor, extreme c61d, chillness 
Al^orftmo, tm. Algorithm, (he art of niimbers 
Algdso, -a, adj. full of sea-weed 
Alguazile, am. Alguazil 
Alia, af. wlog (of a building) 
AliAre, vn. i. to fly, flatter about, turn 
Alibi , sm. (law) an Alibi ; provar V Alibi , to 

prove an Alibi 
Alice, better acciAga, af an anch6vy 
AlidAda, af. alhidade. cross-staff, qu&drant 
Alidire, va. 5. t. DissennAre 
Alido, alidere, ec. v. Arido, disseccAre, ec. 
AlidorAto, -a, adj. g6ldeh-winged 
Aliddre, am. v. AriditA 
AliegglAre, vn. i. v. AleggiAre 
AlienAhile, adj. Alienable, trAnsferable' 
Alieoamenlo, tm. alieuAtion, separAtion 
Alienanle, adj. who Alienates, sells 
AlienAre, va. 4. to ilienate, transfer, part 
with^ mAke 6ver , deliver up; to estrAnge, 
turn awAy ; alienAre un bSne, to Alienate a 
pr6perty ; — gli affetti , to Alienate the af- 
fections; alieoArsi , to becdme estrAnged, 
pArted, sAvered 
Alieoatamente. adv. giddily, thftughtlessly 
AlienatArio. am. (law) alienee 
AlienAlo, -a, adj. AlieoAted, parted with, sold; 
Alienated, estrAnged; out of one's right 
mind, derAnged, distrAcled, crAzy 
Alienat6re, sm. who e8lrAnges,Alienates,torDS 

FAt«, mAt«, bit«, n6t«, i6be; - fAt, mAt, bit, n6t, tbb; 

Digitized by 


Ique, ^ 


— 45 — 


AlienaEi6iie, *f. alien&tion, trinsfer, making 
6Ter, tale; alienaiion, ettrangemeDt, ardr- 
•ioo ; alieoiiiioD of mind, distriiction, men- 
tal derangement^ temporary madness 
Ali^flo , -a , adj. &Uen , foreign , far from , 
averse; non 86no alidno da far cl6, I don't 
feel disioeltned to do that; sarSbbe cdia 
dal n6stro propdsilo Irdppo alidna, it irould 
be too f6reign to tfur thbject 
Alfgero, -a, adj. winged, be4ring trings 
AUmenlamenlo, tm. iliment, all miming 
Alimeniire, va. 1. to alimint, noiirish, feed 
AlimeniAre, adj. alimentary, nAtritiie ; snghi 

aliment&ri, oftlriliTe j6ices 
Alimeniiirio , -a, adj. alimentary; dAtlo, ca- 
n&le alimentirio, the alimentary duel; pen- 
sidne alimentaria , am&intenance , an Ali- 
mony, a provision 
Aiiment4to , -a , adj. aiimdnted , nodrished , 

AUmenio, sm. Aliment, food, nodrisbment 
Alimentdso, -a, adj. alimdnul, ndtritive 
Alimo, sm. alimos, common liquorice 
Alina, sf. sm&ll ving 
Alin^ro, -a, adj. black-winged 
AIincT6so, -a, adj. baving 8n6w-wbite wings 
Alidsso,sm. sm&llbone, dssicle,6s8elet, cockle 
Alidtto, sm. end of a sleeve , cuff, rdffle 
Alipede, adj. wing footed, swift, fleet 
Aliqu&Dto, -a, adj. Aliquant , unequal pari of 
Aliqu6to, -a, adj. kliquot, Aliquot part 
Alis^f , smpt. veoti alisdi , the trade-winds 
Allsi, sf. a bilo (round the sun, etc.) 
Alfsmo, sjfi. alisma, water plantain 
AlitAre, m.i. to pant, puff, bl6w, brialbe short 
-7- sm. a p&nting, phfting, br^atiog short 
Alito sm. breath, light breath, breathing ; a 
slfght smoke, light vapour; ilito di vdnto, 
a breath of wind ; rlav6r 1' Alito, to breathe, 
to recdver one's self 
A)ita6so, alitoso , -a , adj. 6dorous , incense- 
AliveI6ce, adj. swift-winged, swift 
AUa, prep, and def. art. fern, sing, before a 

conson. to the, at the 
Alia, sf. an ell ; yard ; (a h&ll, square) 
Alia bodna, adverb, certainly, trftly, in trdth 
Alia earl6na, adverb, carelessly, c6arsely 
Allaccevole, adj. attrkclive , v. Allettevole 
Allaeciamento, sm. a Ucing, noose; allurement 
Allacci&re , va. i. to lAce ; to* tie or lAsh to- 
gether; to bind, noose all&re, inveigle, en- 
tAngle; allacci&rsela, to be presiiming , to 
make believe 
Allacciativo, -a, adj. adapted to lace, tie, allure 
AllaecJat6re , -trice , mf. he , she who laces , 

ties, binds 
AUacciairice, sf. an allAring woman, a s^ren 
Allaccialfira, sf a t^ing, f&stening, bhttoning 
Alia cieca, adverb, blindly 
Alia disiesa, adterb. at length , at full length 
Allagamento, sm. inundAlion, overfldw 

Allag&re, va. i. Xo overflew , iudndate, fldod*, 

submerge ; fig. to cdme like a deluge 
Allagazi6ne, sf an overflewing, submerging, 

Alia lArga, adverb, aloof, at a distance 
Alia lAoga^ adverb, at the long run 
Alia mano, adverb, of easy access , tractable, 

AllampanAre, tm. v. irdere./f^.tobefAmishing 
AllampsnAto, -a, adj. meagre, slArved-lookiog 
Alia pazzesca, adverb, foolishly, like a fool 
Alia peggio, adverb, at the worst 
AllappAre, tMi. 1. to prick the tdogue, sling 

the pAlate 
Allanteide, sf. (anat.) allantoid, allAotois 
Allargam6nto, sm. an enl&rging, eitending 
AllargAre^ va. i. to enlarge, to widen , br6a- 
den, Amplify, extend; allargAr la inAoo^ to 
becdme open hAnded, generoas ; allargArsi 
con uno , to 6pen one's mind to a pdrson ; 
allargarsi, v. ParlAr dislesamente 
AllargAlo, -ai. adj. enlArged, abhndant, c6pioa8 
Allargat6re, sm. enlArger, amplifier 
Alia rinfhsa, adverb, confusedly 

AllarmAre, tw, 1. to alArm; si, to becdme 

AllarmAto^ -a, adj. al&rmed 
Allarme, sm. ( from Alle Arme I to arms t ) a- 

lArm ; fright; all Arme fAlso , a fAlse alArm 
Alia scapes IrAla, adverb, dissolutely, loosely 
Alia sfllAta, adverb, one after an&lber, in file 
Alia sfuggiAsca, adverb, stealthily, fUrlively 
Alia sfuggita, adverb, by the way 
Alia spicciolAta, adverb. apArt from any main 
body, deiAchedly, despersedly, in a scatter- 
ed mAnner, one by one 
Alia sprovvista, adverb, unawares, unexpect- 
edly, wilhdlit previous preparAUon 
Allassamemo, sm. ant. v. Rilassaxidne 
AllassAre , va. 1. ant. to tire, fatigue 
AllAto, adv. beside, by; allaio allAio, close by 
Alia trista , adverb. c6ldly, in a cold mAnner 
Allattamento, sm a sbckliog, giving suck to 
AllattAnte, sf. a nurse, a wet nurse 
AllattAre, va. i. to suckle; vn. to suck 
Allattatrfce , sf. a nhrse, a wet nurse 
Alia venldra, adverb, at rAndom , without 

settled aim or purpose , at hAzard 
AUaveita, V. VoUa 

AllavorAre, vn. i. to w6rk; v. Lavorare 
Alle, prep, and def. art. fem. pi. at the, 

to the 
AUeAnza , sf. alliance , league; i' alleAnza di 
grAcia, the c6venant of grace; far alleAnza, 
to form an alliance, to league 
AlleAto, -ta, adj. allied; sm. an all^ 
Allecornire, va. S. to make or render dAinty; 
(/r^.) to allure, entice (guAre 

AlleficAre, -cArsi, vn. \. to take root; v. Alli- 
AllegAbile, adj. that may or can be alleged 
AllegacciAre , va. 1. to tie tight , hard ; to 
fAsten , to bind f4st 

iidT,rtd«;-fAn, s6ii, bill ;- Are, d6i.b^l^mph;pa»e, b(yi^igi»|Jiby®>6f5?rl« 


46 — 


Allegaminto, $m. alteg&tion; setting on edge 
AHegire, va, i. io allege, cite; to set the 
teeth 00 edge ; to alld^ ; vn. to unite in a 
league i to knit, set, form 
Allegilo, ta, adj. alliged, allied , allied 
Allegatdre, -trice, gmf. an all^ger, qndter 
Allegazi6ne , tf. alleg&lion, qnol4tion 
AlleggeriiD^nlo , tm. a lightening , 6asing , 

Alleggerire, va. 5. to lighten, soften, mitig&te, 
^ase , relieve ; — irsi , to take off one's 
cI6thes (£ased 

Alleggerite , -U , adj. lightened , nnldaded , 
Alleggerit6re, tm. {sea) a lighter, tender, flat 
boat ( leTi&tion 

AIIeggiam6nto, sm. a lightening, basing, al- 
Alleggi&re , »a. i. t. Alieggerire ; — una nk- 
TO , to ease a ship , lighten a vessel ; — la 
gomena, to iase the c&ble 
AUeggi&to , -ta , ac(/. lightened , dased , alli- 
Tialed (relieves 

Alleggiat6re , -trice, smf. he, she vbo foses, 
Allegoria , sf. an Allegory 
Allegoricamdnte, adj. allegdrically 
Alleg6rico, -a, adj. allegdrical , nguraUTe 
AUegorisia, tm. an kllegorist 
Allegorizz&re, va. 1. to Allegorize 
Allegram^Dte , adv. g&ily, charily, sthrdily 
Allegram^nto, tm. v. Allegr^zza 
Allegr&nte, adj. j(yoo8, mlrlhrul, cheery 
Allegr&re , allegrf re, tMi. 1. to rejSlce , gladden, 
cheer , make j^oos ; aUegr&rsi , v. Ralle- 
gr&rsi (blithe 

Allegrativo, -a, adj. glkddeoiog, diverting, 
Allegratdre, -trice, smf. chierer; he she vho 

gladdens, makes j^ous 
Allegrdllo, -ta, adj. rather lively, gay,m&rry 
Allegrizza , sf. rejmcing , j^^ousness, cheer- 
AUegria, sf. mirth, gIiidoess,m&rrifflent,gIee 
Allegro, -a, adj. cheerful, lively, gay, mirth- 
ful, merry, blithe; cheery, sprightly, brisk, 
quick , smart; tm. (mut.) allegro 
AllegrCiccio, -a,ac(/. good-hAmoured, sprightly 
Allel6ja , tm. Hallelujah 
Allenaminto , tm. breathing time, briathing , 

Allen&re, tm. i. to get ddt of brialh , to be- 
c5me breathless or shortvinded; to faint 
avay , languish ; va. to put in breath ; to 
give he&rl, cohrage, buoyancy; to strength- 
en, nerve , invigorate ; allenire un cav&Ilo, 
to brdalhe a horse, to make him (by exer- 
cise) longwinded and strong ; allenirsi , to 
take breath, to slop, piuse, breathe 
Allen&lo, • ta, adj. 6ni of brdath , bl6wn , un- 
nerved , beirtless ; in br6ath , nerved , vig- 
orous, he&rly 
Alleoire , i>a. 5. to soften , m611if;f , mitigate , 

Allenit6re, -trice, tmf. s6flener; he, she vbo 
softens, rodllifies, alleviates 

Allentamento, -t&nia, tmf. rolaiMion 
Allentire» va, 4. to slicken, reliix ; allent&rsi, 
to slacken , get slack , give vay , bec5me 
relkxed,s6flened; allent&ie il freno,sliicken 
therein; la cdrda s'altdnta, the cordis 
getting slack 
Allent&to, -ta, ad(j. slackened, reliixed 
Alleotat6ra, tf. a relaxition of the intistines, 

an incipient rhpture 
Allenzamfoto, tm. y. Legatiira , fasciatAra 
Allenz&re, va. A. to bkndage, sw&the; ▼. Fa- 
Alle prese, adverb, v. Presa (sci&re 

All'drta , adverb, upon one's guard ; stite al- 
I'drta , bew4re , be up6n your gu4rd , keep 
a sh&rp look dut 
Altessamento , tm. lessalfira , f. bSlling , 
stiwing (stew 

Alless&re , va. i i belter less&re ) , to bSil , to 
AUteso , -sa, adj. bSiled; tm. bSlled mtet; 

▼. L^sso 
AUestire , 5. -t&re , va. 4. ( allestisco , tiscl , 
tisce , etc. ) to prep&ro , to make or get 

T^ady; tirsi, to prep&re one's self, get 

one's self riady 
Allestlto, -ta, adj. prep&red , ready 
Allettajudlo, tm. a dec6y-bird 
AlletlamAre , va. 1. t. Leiam&re 
Alleltaminto , tm. allArement, attraction, 

liire, ch&rm 
Alletl&nte, adj. atlrkclive, fkscin&ling 
Alletl&re , va. f . to entice , allure , attract 
dec^ ; allelt&rsi , to take to one's bod ( as 
a sick person) ; to nestle , find a cdiiehing 
place ; to becdme bedded or lodged , as 
standing com biaten d6wn by a hail- 
storm ( bait 
AUettativa , tf. allArement , attraction, liire, 
Allett&lo, -ta, adj, allAred, enticed, decked; 

t&ken to his or her bed , bed rid den 
Allellat6ro , tm. -trice , tf enticer ; alltirer, 

Allelterito, -ta, ant. adj. lettered, learned 
Alloltevole, adj. attrkctive, alluring, sedhctiTe 
Allevam^nto, tm. bringing up, educ&tion 
.\llev&ote, tmf. he she who rears , brings up 
Allev4ro, oa. 4. to rear, breed, bring up, edu- 
cate ; — un iigliudio, to r^ar a child; — is 
pecore, to breed sheep 
Allov4(a , tf. {rural economy) brdeding, the 

Tiising of a breed or breeds 
AllevMo.a, adj. br6oghtup; bred, iduc&ted 
— tm. T. AlliSvo 

Allovat6re, sin. foster-f&ther ; y. Nutrit6re 
Allevatrice , tf. f6ster-m6ther , nurse, y. B&- 

lia, nutrice, levatrice 
Allevatnr&ccia^ tf a negl6ct«d educ4tion, bad 

Alleviagi6ne,f/'.-iamento, tm. alleviition.easa 
Allevi&re, va. 4. to alleviate, lighten, ease 
Allevialdre, tw. reliever, allevijitor 
Alleviazi6ne, tf. alleviation, ease, relief 
Alless&re, vn. belter puzz&re, v. Lezzo 

F4te, mete, bite, n6te, tAbe; - f3tt, mdt, bit, u6t, thb; 


'K'.^Pl*i«*» <^ 



— 47 — 


Alii, prep, tnd def. art, mase. pL at the , 

to the 
Alliioia, tf. family alUance, kin , kindred 
Allibbfre, va, 5. (ant.) to be dismiyed , pale 
Atlibrameiito,«m. a booking, registry (census) 
Allibrire, vo. i. (betler registrire) to book 
Allicere, va. 3. v. Alletlire 
AlUdere, va. {u»ed only in the 3. penonting. 

of the present and pret. : allfde, allise, and 

in the pa»t part, alliso) to brftiso 
Alliet&re, va. i. to glMden, rejQce, pitose 
Allievirsi, vrf. i. (o sboot up; get buoyant 
Allidro, sm. a pApil, scb61ar ; fosler-chlld 
AUigamdnto, tm. the taking root ; settlement 
AUig&lo, gm. an enc)6sed letter; t. Incli^so 
Alligal6re, tm. alligilor; crdcodfle 
AUignire, vn. 1. to take root ; 'gr6w 
Allignato, adj. r6oted, grdwing, thrfTiog 
Airimpaaiita,a</i>erA. headlong, r&8bly,hted- 

leasly, lh6aghtlessly 
AirimproTTisla, adverb, siiddenly , unexpect- 
edly ; izDpr6mpta, off-hand 
Allindire, i. -fre, 3. va. to make sprftce, n^at, 

el^B, terse ; to set off; aliind&rsi, vrf. to 

deck one's self, d&t 
Allind&lo.a, adj. made dapper, n^at; terse 
AlHDdat6re, sm. embellisher, p61i8her 
AUineamenlo, sm. line , str&igbt line; {mil.) 

dressing, line 
Alline^re, va. 1. to draw tfQt in line of battle 
AllinguMo.-a, adj. t&lkative, chktty 
Alliqoidire, vn, 3. (better liquidire) to liquefy 
Allisciire, va. i. (better liscii^re) to smooth , 

AllialJire, va.i.i. List&re 
AlUlerasi6ne, sf alliterition 
AlliTeliire, va. ▼. LiTell&re 
AlliTidimtoto, sm. the getting livid , liiidity 
Anividire, vn. 3. (alliTidisco, -fsci, fsce, ecc.) 
, to become pale and IWid, to get pale as ddath 
Allo« Mli.&gli, illa.ille, def. art. and. prep. 

at the, to tbe; alle sei, at six; agliscoliri, 

to the sehdiars 
Alldbrogo, sm. cld^n, coiintry bhmpkin 
Altocire va, A. poet, allog&re, to 16cate 
AIMcca, sf. a dull, slfipid , m6ping wAman 
AUoceaccio, sm, a gre&t hgly 5^1; (a s61itary) 
Allocc&re, va. i, to sp^,irfttch, He in wait for 
Alloccheria,!/'. an owl's &wkward flfght,m6ping 
AI16CC0, sm. an 6wl ; a m6ping fellow, dunce 
AIloenndne,s/'. alloe6tion, address 
AUodiale,-a, adj. all6dial, all6dian^freeh61d; 

tdrre allodiili, ailddial lauds, freehdlds 
Allddio, sm. a freeh6ld , freehold estate 
Allddola, sf. 4 sky lark; -IMta, a little lark 
Allogamtoto , sm. -gi6ne , sf the letting ; a 

Allog&re, va. i. to place, 16cate, settle; — da- 

Biri, to put m5ney dQt to Interest; — t^rre, 

to let lands, etc., on a lease; — una ffglia, 

to marry a daughter, settle her in life 
Al]ogikto,-a, adj, pl4ced, Ideated, settled , let 

Allogat6re,sm. he who places, lets ; a Ikndlord 
Allogazi6ne, sf. lease 
Alloggerla, sf t. All6ggio, alloggiamento 
Alloggiaroento, sm. 16dgings; rooms, qu&rters; 
cintonmenis ; 16dgment , entrenchment ; 
alloggiamento d'inverno, winter qadrters; 
p6rre gli alloggiaroeDti, to enckmp 
Alloggi&nte , sm. he who gircs a 16dging , a 

Ikndlord, a b6st 
AUoggi&re, va. i. to lodge, acc6modate with 
lodgings ; vn. to lodge, take up one's lodg-^ 
ings; Talldggiano gratuitamente, they lodge 
him gr&lis ; chi l4rdi arrira mile alldggia, 
be is ill lodged who arrives late, lastcdme 
last served; alloggi&rsi (mil.) to 6pen an 
intrenchment, effect a lodgment 
Alloggi&lo , -a , adj. lodged , quartered , in- 
trenched; d6ve sidle alloggi&to? where are 
you lodged? 
Alloggial6re , sm. he who gives a lodging ; a 
h6st , innkeeper , Ikndlord , lodging-h^se 
AUdggio, sm. a Iddging, lodgingbdQse, lodg- 
ings ; cattivo alldggio, bad lodgings; beU'al- 
Idggio, splendid rooms, c6mfor(able lodgings 
Alloglikto,-a, adj. stApid- doll 
AUongamento, sm. v. Allungameoto 
AUontanamento, sm. allontananza , sf the act 
of sending or state of being far away , the 
going or being off and away ; removal , 
kbsence, distance, rem6teness 
AlloDlanire , va. i to remove , to send far 
away ; -krsi , to go or bo a grekt way off; 
to withdraw, to keep off or away 
Allontanilo, -a, adj. rem6le, off, far off 
AUoppikre, va. 1. to drug with 6pium ; to Ihll 
Alldppio, sm. V. dppio ; piglikr I'alldppio, 

to die 
A116ra, adv. then ; at that time; d'all6ra in 
qua, since that time ; alldra qu&ndo, allor- 
qukndo, when, wilst 
' sm. a sort of peach ; (a quiz, mask) 
Allorche, adv. when, whilst 
Aliorino,-a, adj. of liurel ; sm. a little l&urel. 
Alldru,sfn. a Uurel; — spin6so, v. Agrif6glie 
Audita, adv. poet, (ant.) then, at that m6ment 
Allocikre, va. i . poet, to e^e^ gaze on, stare at 
Allucignolare, va. i. to make wicks; twist 
Allucignolklo, -a, adj. twisted like a wick 
Allucinkre, va. 1. to dkszle , imp6se on , de- 
ceive, delude 
Allucinkrsi, vrf i. to be balliicinated, to err 
Allucihazi6ne, sf ballucinktion 
Alluda, sm. soft leather, sheep's skin 
Alladeilo, sm. (ehem.) kludel 
Alludente, adj. allAsive, hinting at 
AllAdere, va. 3. irr. to allOde, hint at, refer to 
Allom&re , va. i. to ignite , light; to set fire 
to ( a train etc. ) v. Accfindere , illuminire 
Allomal6re, sm. he whe ignites, lights 
AU6me, sm, ilum 
Allumidra , sf. klum-pit 

ii6r, rftde; 

• ftU, 86o, bull; » ilkre, dd; -by, l^mph; ptaie, b^s^fiSiil, fj^l: gem, 

Digitized by VjOOv I 


— 48 — 


Allnminire, ant, ▼. lllumin&re , etc. ( dying ) 

to &lum 
AlluminalAra, if. {dying) ilamiDg 
AllumiDos^llo, -a, adj. sligbily alAminons 
Allumin6so, -a, adj. alAminous, ofklam 
Allunamiolo, tm. tbe chrvity of the deck of 

AllaoMo, -a, adj. (»ea) ciinred like a crescent 
AlluDgamdolo, sm. a leDglhening ; distance 
Allung&re, va. i. to lengthen, stretch; prol6ng; 

alluDgire un vesKto , to lengtheo a coat; 

— i )iqu6ri, to dilAte liquor; far alluog&r 

il cdilo, to tiintalfie , keep in expectation ; 

allung&rsi, v. Diluogirsi (away 

AlluDg&to, -a, adj. Idngtbened, dilAted; off, 
AIIongal6re, -trice, amf. he , she wko lengbt- 

ens ; {mar.) fiiUock 
Allungati^ra, $f. leDgbteoing, strdtcbing 
Allupare, vn. i. to ha?e a w6ir s kppetfta 
Allup4lo , -a, adj. as hiingry as a wolf 
Aliusi6ne, sf. allusion, hint, implicition 
Allusfvo, -a, adj. allusive, hinting at 
Alluvi&re, va. 1. v. Allagare 
AIIa?i6ne, sf. alli^vion 
Alma, fwet. (inima), sf. the s6al 
Alroadia, sf Almadie; a bark can6e used hy 

tbe Africans; a long-b6at i^ed at Calicut 
Almagdsto, sm. ilmagest 
Almanaccire , vn. 1. to wrfle Almanacks; to 

wdnder, puzzle one's br&ins, tr^ to find ddt 
Alman&cco , sm. Almanack , calendar ; far al- 

man&cchi , to build cdstles in the air ; to 

f3incy, winder 
Alro&nco. belter almino, adv. at l^ast 
Almiriglio , almir&nte , ammir&glio , sm, an 

admiral ; an kdmiral's ship 
A1roo,5m. (ant.) t. &nimo; ad^'. {poet.) Excel- 
lent, greit 
Almucant&ro, $m. {astr.) kImucanUr 
Alno, sm. T. Ont&no 
Aloe, sm. iiloes, kloe tree 
Alo^tico, -a, adj. aloSlical. like kloes 
A16ne, sm. a hklo (round the sun or moon) 
.Alopdcia, alopdzia, sf. the falling ol tbe hair 
'A16sa, sf. shad (fish) 
Aldscia, sf b^dromel , hAney and w&ter 
Aipe, sfhhigh mountain;;)/. le Alpi {geogr.) 

the Alps 
Alpdstre, adj. like the Alps; roiigh, wild, 

picturesque ; alp^lro desdrto , a wild , a 

Alpigikno, alpiglno, -a,, smf. an inhabitant of 

the alps; adj. of an Alpine mountaineer 
Alpino, alpigDO , -a, adj. Alpine , of the Alps 
Alquanto , adv. s&mewhat , in s5me degree , 

rkther; plur. alquknti, s&me, s5me 

little , 86me few ; ne ho alqu4nto , 1 have 

some (of it) ; ne ho alqo4oli , 1 have a few 
Alsl, (ant.) allresi, adv. also; likewise, too 
Altaldna, sf. a swing, see-s&w (b&scule) 
Altalen&re , van. i. to swing , see skw , send 

up and d($wn 

Altalffno, sm. a swing-gate or bridge, a livery 

AlUmente, adv. hfghy, greilly, remarkably 
Altkna , sf small light tiSwer (on a building) 
Altkre, «m.&llar; scoprir gli altkri, to belr&j 

Altardllo, sm. a little illar; a tectum 
Altarioo, sm. little altar, v. Inginocchial6jo- 
AlUzzdso, -a, adj. v. Alti^ro 
Alt^a, bism&lva, sf. mkrsh-millows 
Allerkbile, adj. kllerable, cbkngeable 
Alterabililk, sf cbkngeableness 
Alleram^nte, adv. h&oghtily, disdkinfoUy 
Alleramdnto, sm. t. Alterazi6ne 
Alter&re, va. i. to &lter, cb4nge, deteriorate 
Alterkrsi , vrf to becdme perliirbed , get kn- 

gry, fly into a p&ssion 
Alleratam^nte, adv. Angrily, furiously 
Allerativo, -a, adj. illeralive {med.) 
Alterkto , -a, adj. illered , cb4nged ; irritited 
Alterat6re, -trice, smf he, she who ilterfr, 

Alterazionc611a , sf, a slight alteration ; per- 

turb&Uon ( tion 

Allerazi6ne, sf chinge, alter&tion, adullerk- 
Altercire, vn. 1. to dispAle, quirrel, wrangle 
Altercalivo, -a, adj. contentious, qu&rrelsome, 

Altercazidne , sf. altercklion, dispute, brawl 
Alterello, -a, adj. rather till, sdroewhal high 
Alierdzza I sf. h&oghlioess, sl&telmess, pride, 
Aiten'gia j insolence, krrogance 
Alternamdnte, adv. by turns, alternately 
Alternire, van. 1. to alternate, change in turn 
Alternataroente, -ativamenle, adv. alternately 
Alternativa, sf alternative , 6ption ; alierna- 

tivacrudeie, crikel, dire alternative, dilemma 
AUernalivo, allern&to , -a, adj. alternate , by 

Alternazi6ne, sf. aliernateness, alternlition 
Alterno, -a, adj. {geom.) Mtern, successive, 

Altdro, -6so, -a, a4j. haughty; loAy, n6ble 
Altetto, -a, adj. ▼. Alterello, aliiccio 
Aliezza, «/*. height, elevMion; highness; a sAa 

Altezza Rekle il principe di Galles , to his 

Riyal Highness the Prince of W&les 
Aliiccio, -a, adj. bklf seas 6ver, tipsy 
Altieramente, adv. hiughlily, Ibflily 
Altierezza, sf. pride, Idftioess, haughtiness 
Altiero, -a, adj. hiughty, slktely, lofty 
Allifremente, adj. bSiiing, bfiislerous, rearing, 

violent, stormy 
Altifrond6so, k, adj. leafy or tufted at top 
Altimetria, sf. altimetry 
Allipossente, adj. very powerful 
Altisonknte, allisono, -a, ac^. I<md-s6unding 
Altissimo, adj. very high ; sm. the Hdst High 
Altiloo4nte, adj. loild or high thiindering 
Allitoninza, sf. a loQd or high Ihiindering 
AllilAdine, sf kititude, height 
Altivolkote, adj. searing, high-flying 

Fite, meU, bile, note, tfibe; - Ikt, met, bit, ndl, thb; - ftr, ptqw,^!* 

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Alto , -a, adj. h(gh, till, lofty, «leY&ted, sab- 
limo. loud; c4sa ilta , a bfgh b^ge; la Gi- 
mera i^lta, the HdDse of Lords or Peers, the 
h/gb house, bpper hdl^se; a6mo ilto, a till 
Dao ,- udmo ilto sei p4lmi , a mao sii feet 
bfxb ; leggite ad ilia v6ce , riad loQd or 
alo&d; in &lto ro&re, od tbe bfgh sdas, on 
the 6pen sto; dire ille edse, to dr&w tbe 
long b6« , to romance ; illo sdnno , deep 
sleep : 1' Mto, tm. the gre&t deep ; t. Alldz- 
la; far &Uo e bisso, to do as one likes 
Alto, adv. bfgb up; aldl^d, l^dly; — {mil.) 
hilt, slop, stand; f&re illo ('mf/.) to b&lt , 
to make a hilt , to stand , to make or take 
a stand 
Altraminte, adv, 6tber«ise, in 6tber respdcts 
Altresl, adv. ilso, likewise, too 
Altreitile, adj. such, similar, such like; bal- 
lerina , modiste ed allrellili, dincing girls 
and milliners and sijch like persons 
Allrellinio, adv. as much, as much again, as 
much more; gli ddste una libbra, ditemene 
altrettinto, joa give bim a pdiind, give me 
as much; gli^ne ddste tre , ditemene altret- 
liole, 70a give ber tjiree, give me as miny 
Altri , pron. ting, [allr* tiomo) any body ; nd 
da T6i tt6 da altri , niitber by you nor by 
any one; io non ho aocusito iltri cbe i6i , 
I have not accused any ono but }on; iltri , 
(instead of c/ii, gua/e), iltri ride,iUri piin- 
ge , one liugbs anfitber veeps , some laugh 
dtbers veep; altri (tbe plural ofa/(ro)6thers 
Altridri, tm, the day bef6re yesterday 
AUriminti, altramdnli, adv. dlberwise 
Altro , -a, adj. and adv. 6ther, quite an&tber, 
qof te diflerent; tm. s6metbing else, an&tber 
thing; iccone on iltro , ibiro is another, 
parliamo d' iltro, let us tilk of s6me thing 
else; volute iltro? do you wint any thing 
else? non si^te da iltro, you are good for 
ndthing else; lutl' iltro cbe, quite different 
from; per iltro, yet, hdiviver, in 6lber re- 
spects; & egli rfcco ? iltro, is be rich? very 
AUroehi, adv. (seldom uted) exempt, unless 
Altrdnde, adv. ilsewbdre, in or from anfitber 
pirt ; on the ftther hand, besides, bowirer; 
T. D'altrfinde (place 

Allr6ve, adv. tfimewhire else, to or in anfitber 
Altr<ii,/»roii. fithers, fitber pfiople; perchfi vo- 
lute cruceiire Toi sl^sso ed altrui? vhy will 
joa torment yourself and fithers ? altrAi (di 
un aitro iiomo); non bisfigna bramire I'al- 
troj, we must not cfivet filher people's pf6- 
perty, etc. 
AUora , tf. a height , an eminence ; snlle al- 

ture, upon tbe heights 
AUor^lta, tf. a smill eminence, a knoll 
Alturi6ra,afl(/. f. [mar.) of tbe high sfias; na- 

Tigazifine alturidra, prfiper navigition 
Altoriere, adj. m. (mar.) of the high seas; pi- 

I6I0 alloridre, sfia pilot • 
AltiJilto, adv. txp. whfiUy, qaite, entirely 

Aludfillo, m. T. Allud^llo 

Al&roa, tf. T. AII6me 

Ai&nno, a, tmf pfipil, scfafilar, (foster-child) 

AlTeare, Alveario, tm. a bee-biYe 

AItoo , tm. tbe chionel or bed of a rWer, etc 

Alveolire, adj. ilyeolar, ilveolary 

AlYeolito , -a , adj. iUeolite , resimbliog a 

AItSoIo , tm. nirrow bod of a rWer; aWfiolo 

de' dAnti, the sfickets of the teeth 
AlTino, -a, adj. {jatti.) of or from tbe billy 
Alvo, tm. (poet.) the belly, tbe T^mb 
Alzija, tf. a tfiwlng rope, cible (rise 

Alzaminto, tm, tbe riising, lifting, a rising, 
Alzana, tf. t. Alzija 

Alzire , va. i. to riise , hoist , lift op , exilt; 
alsir la handidra , to hfflst the flag , riise 
tbe stindard , commence ; -> le cfirna , to 
get prdud, becfime preshmpluoos: — la yfice, 
to riise the T^ce, er^ aldi^d ; — on' 6pera, 
to cry up a wfirk ; — il prizso, to riise the 
price ; alzire, vn. to rise; ore pibil terrfino 
alziva, whdre the gr^nd wis or rose high- 
est; alxirsi, to get up, rise; mi iizo alia 
cinque , I rise at five ; si ilza il sfile , the 
sun is rising 
Alziia, tf. T. Alzamfinto; alzita di terra (m- 

gineering) embinkment, bank 
Alzito, a, adj. riised, lifted ; risen, got up, up 
Aizito, tm. (geom.) frfint, orlogripbio projict- 

AlzalAra, -xita, tf a riising , elevition ; ris- 
ing, rise 
Amibile,ady. imiable, ]6Tely,agrieable; sweet; 
palatable; persfina amibile, an imiable per~ 
son ; vino amibile, wine of a mild agrieable 
Amabiliti, tf. imiableness, mildness (ly 
Amabilm6nte,< an imiable minner, kinil- 
Amica, of. a bimmock, cot, suspinded bed 
Amadfire, tm. Amadrice, tf t. Amatfire, Ama- 
trice (nymph 

Amadriade, tf (milhology) Uimadr^ad, wfiod- 
A mala pina, adverb, hirdly, seircely 
Amilgama, sf. amilgam 
Amalgamire, va. i. to amilgamate 
Amalgamazifine, tf. amalgamition (will 

A mal grido, adverb, in spite of; against one's 
A malincufire, adverb, grhdgingly, relhctantly, 

A mal pilinto, adverb, unffirtunately, unlhckily, 

Amandolala, tf am;^gdolale, milk of ilmonds 
Amindorla, tf v. Uandoria 
Amandorlino, tm. a smill ilmond 
A mini gi&nte, adverb, with closed or clasped 

bands, in a siipplicating pfislure 
A mino a mine, adverb, by degries, as (nity 
A man silva, adverb, without risk, with imp(i- 
Aminte, adj. Ifiving; tm. alfiver, Ifived one, 
swfietbeirt, gallint (Ifive 

Amantemfinte , adv. Ifivingly , tenderly , with 

nOr, rftde; - fall, sfin, buU ; - liiire, d^; - by, l^mph ; 
Dij. Ital. Ing, 

pSUe, b(^s, fditl. 


1, f^J^l;. «?f5A.^r 

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Ammarin&re, va. i. [mar.) to man (a priie); 

to io&re to the n&val service 
AmmarlellJire, va. 1. to torm^Dt, make jealous 
Ammascber&re, va. 1. t. Mascher&re 
Ammassam^olo, tm. a h6apy m&as, accamu- 

Ammassire, va. i. to amku , h^ap up, accu- 
mulate ; — Jtrsi, vrf. to miister, e&me toge- 
ther, meet 
Ammass&to,-a,ac(/. heaped op; crdi^ded; dense 
Amma8sat6re, sm. an accumul&ter; h^aper up 
Amma8sicci&ro» va. f. to h6ap up, accumu- 
late ; to make m^ssy, massive, 861id 
Ammassiciirsi, vrf. l.lobArden, getcompkct, 

becdme miss ire 
Amm^so, tm. h^ap, miss, bulk, accumul&lion 
Ammalass&re, va. 1. to wind into skdins 
Ammallamioto, «m. {mar.) the making signals 

(by means of flags, etc.) 
Ammaliare, va. i. {mar.) to signalfze, to make 

signals to (by means of flags, etc.) 
AmmatUre, vn. 3. to go mad, bec6me der&ng- 

ed; va. to drive mad; dislrkct 
Ammatlito,-a, adj. driven mad ; becdme ins&ne 
Ammattonaro6oto, sm. a piviuK with bricks 
Ammallonire, va. 1. to p&ve or floor with bricks 
AmmallonMo, -a, adj. pived with bricks, floor- 
ed with tiles; sm. flbor, pivement , squ4re 
Ammazxam6nto,sm. killiog, murder, mkssacre 
Ammazz&re, va. 1. to kill, miirder, mkssacre; 
(to make nosegays); — &csi , vrf. to kill 
one*8 self Ucrer 

Ammaxzasdlte, tm. a bOlly, br&ggart, sw&g- 
Ammaizaldjo, tm. slaugbierbduse 
Ammazzat6re , -tilce, tmf. be, she who kills, 

a mhrderer 
Ammazzer&re , t. Hazzer&re 
Ammazzerilo , -a, at^j. h&rdened, dried up , 

Ammazzol&re,va 1. to make ndsegays, bouquets 
Ammelm&re ivn. i. to sink la Ihemtre, slick 
Ammemmire ( in the mud, gel entangled 
Ammen&re, va. to shake, brkndish 
Ammen ,&mmeDne, Jimme, sm.amen, so be it 
Ammencire, va. 3. to make thin, flaccid, fl&bby, 
vn. to becdme, gel, gr6w thin, flaccid, flkbby 
AmmSoda, tf. amdods. compeus&tion, ref6rm 
Ammendkbile, adj. that may be repaired 
Ammendam^olo, tm. amendment, biltering 
Ammend&re, va. 1. to amdnd, correct, refdrm, 
meliorate, bettor ; to indemnify for, repiir; 

kni, vrf to mend , improve, get better 

AmmendMo, >a, adj. amended, improved 
Ammendaziooe , sf. reform&lion, correction 
Ammensare {from mensa) , va. 1. to add or 

anniz to the Income of a bishop 
Ammdsso, -a, adj. adroitied, received 
Ammdttere, va. 3. irr. (ammdlto patt. ammisi, 

part, ammdsso) to admit, recdive 
Ammezzamdnto, tm. middle, dlvlsiou , h&lf 
Ammezz4ro, va. i. to divide in Iwo, bilve 
Ammezial6re, tm. divider in two dqual parts 

Ammezzfrsi , vrf. to gr6w 6Ter-rfpe, f&ded^ 

Ammiccamdnto, tm. a wink, a bint given by 

shutliog the e^e (with a signiflcant cast) 
Ammicc4re, va. i. to wiok, beckon with the efe 
Ammiccat6re, -trice, tmf he, she who winka 
Ammigliorire, va. 1. t. Mfgliorare 
Amminicol&re, va. 1. to prop, aid, fhrtber 
Ammioicol&to, -a, adj. prdpped, jiided , fZir- 

Ammin{colo,jm. adminicle, help, fhrtherancd 
Amministragi6ne, ant. v. Aroministrazi6ne 
Amministr&re, va. to admininister, r{ile ; to 

admlDister, fhrnish, alT6rd, distribute 
Amministrallvo y -a, <uij. administrative, ad- 

Amministrat6re, -trice, tmf. kdministritor , 

kdministrMrix; trustee, Agent (ment 

Amministrazidne, tf. administration, g&vern- 
Ammioufre, va. 3. v. Oiminuire 
Ammioutire, va. 1. v. .Sminuzz&re 
Amroir&bile, adj. Admirable, wdoderful 
AmmirabilitA,*/. admirabiiity, wdoderfulness 
Ammirabilmente,odv. kdmirably; wdnderfully 
AmmiragliJito, tf. Admiralty, kdmiralship 
AmmirAglio, sm. an Admiral ; a looking glass 
AmmiraliiA, tf. the whole body of naval 6f- 

ficers, V. Ammiragliato 
AmmiramSnto, tm, ▼. Ammirazi6ne 
AmmirAndo, -a, atfj. most Admirable, wonder- 
AmmirAnza, tf. v. Maraviglia (ful 

AmmirAre,va.i. loadmfre, — -Arsi, to wdnder 
Ammiratfssimo, -a, adj. very much admired 
Ammirativamente, adv. admiringly, with ad- 

Ammiralivo, -a, adj. Admirative, of admirA- 

tion orw&Qder; wonderstruck, enrAptured; 

punlo ammiralivo (1) note of admirer 
Ammirat6re, -trice, tmf an admirer 
Ammirasi6ne, tf. admirAtioo, surprise 
Ammiridre, tm. (littie uted) an admirer 
AmmiserAre, va. to make miserable; to bring 

low ; vn. to bec6me miserable, to be brdught 
Ammissibile, adj. admissible, receivable (low 
AmmissibililA, tf. admissibility 
Ammissi6ne, tf. admission , reception 
Ammisli6ne, tf. ant. mixture, mixtion, medley 
AmmisurAre, va. i. v. MisurAre 
Ammitto, tm. Amice, Amict (liAre 

AmmobigUAre , ammoLiliAre, va. 1. t. Mobi- 
AmmodAre , va. to m6derate , to keep or con- 
fine within due bounds 
AmmoderAto, -a, adj. v. Moderate, ecc. 
AmmodernAre, va. i. to m6dernize, ne w CAshion 
AmmodernAto, -a , adj. m6dernized 
AmmodestAre, va. 1. ant. to render mddest 
AmmodulAto , -h , adj. liined ( of musical in- 
AmmoggiAre, vn. 1. (from moggio, a bushel), 

to gr6w exuberantly; to yield abiindant 

crops; to gr6w or inciease in ntimber 
Ammogliamenlo, tm. tAking a wife, marriage 

Fite, mete, bite, ]i6te, tAb«| 

ftt, «»., bu. '^%,i%c,dbpJ^'^ 


— 53 — 


Am mof hire, va. i. to mkiry (a son) ; — -irsi, 

to lake a vffs, to mhrry, get mimed 
Ammorli&to, tm. mirried, biving a vffe 
AiDmogIiat6re, am. a match-miker 
Afflmoinam^Dto, tm. dilliance, fbodling car&ss 
Ammoinire, va. i. to caries, foodie, c6ax 
Ammollam^nto , sm. a etiepiDg, soaking, s6f- 

Ammollire , va. i. to 86ak, sktorate , steep , 

vet, mSsten, nidHir^, soften ; ammollire il 

T^Dlre , to lubricate , or 6pen the Itdwels; 

rn. to be s6akcd, steeped, mSlstened, m61- 

]i0pd. s6nened, cilmed 
Ammoliato,-a,a</;. steeped, softened, m6Hiried 
Ammolliente, adj. em611ient, sftflening (soft 
Ammollim^nto, sm. molIiOcMioo, the miking 
Ammollfre, va. 3. to 6peo, relix, soften, cilm 
Amroollitfro, -a, adj. lixatiTC , moistening, 

6peDtDg (cated 

Ammollflo, -a , adj. relixed , sdftened, Itibri- 
Ammonccllire, va. i. to bdap up, to pile to- 
Ammonfaea, tf. Ammonia (Tolatile alcali) 
Ammonfacale, adj. amm6niac , ammonfacal 
Ammonfaco, sm. amm6niac 
Ammonigl6ne, tf. r. Ammonizi6ne 
Ammooirodnto, tm. admooilioo, varning, 

gdntle repr6of 
Ammonfre, va. 5. (ammonfsco, -fsci , -Isce), 

to adm&nrsh, iviro, cdi^nsel, adfi'se (ed 
Ammoofto,-a,oefy. irirned.adnibnished, adris- 
Ammonit6re, -trfce, smf. adm6nisher, mftoilor 
Ammonil6no,-a,cia[f. adro&nilive,adm6nilory 
Ammonicionc^lla , $f. a liuhl admonition 
Ammooizi6ne, af. admonition, advice 
AmmoDtamento, tm. b^ap, h6ard, miss 
Ammontire, va. i. to biap or pile up; vn. to 

amdDnt , ascend , c5me to 
Ammontatam^nte , ado. pell-mell , conffisedly 
Ammootito, -a, adj. amissed, heaped op 
Ammonticire, va. i. to hSap up confusedly 
Ammonlicchiire, va. i. to heap up; irsi, 

to crdwd together (hdaps 

Ammoniicdllam^nto, tm. the making smill 
Ammonttcellire , va. i. to mike sroiil b^aps 
Ammontonire, va. i. y. Ammontire 
Ammorbaminto, sm. illness; cootigion, stink 
Ammorbdnta , adj. sickening , conligious , 

Ammorbire , vn. i. to fill sick ; smell strong 
Am morbat^llo, • a, adj. a little spiled, stinking 
Ammorbidaminto, tm. s6flnes8, etfiminacy 
Ammorbidire, tNi. i. -diro, 3. (ammorbidfsco, 

-fsci . -fsce, ecc.> to sdflen, to make downy 

aod soft, to render delicate or effeminate; 

irt i , vrf. to bec6me nice , delicate , to 

get soft and effdminale 
Ammorsire, va. ▼. Horsecchiire 
Ammorsellito, sm. minced miat and eggs 
Ammorlam^nlo, sm. extinguishing, extinction 
Ammortire, va. i. to d^aden, alliy, mdderate, 

to qoencb, extinguish, stifle 

Ammortimento , sm. {med.) mortiOcition , 

T. Ammorlam^nto 
Ammortire, vn. 3. (ammortfseo , -isei , -fsce), 

to bec5mo linguid, to fill intoaswdon, 

to fill off or a«iy, to deciy; sink; ammor- 

tirsi, to go 6iil, be extinguished, to sink or 

fade awiy 
Ammorliiiire , tm. i. (taw) to redeem, bn^ 

up (an annuity) 
Amroortizzazi6ne, sf. extinguishing, sinking; 

cassa di am mortizzazi6ne, the sinking fund 
Ammorzire, va. i. to put ^t; extinguish, 

sm&lher; to alliy, lay, deaden; la pi6ggia 

ba ammorzito la pdWere, the riin has laid 

the dost 
Ammorz at6re , sm. be vbo quinebes, extin- 
guishes, alliys 
Ammoscire, vn. 3. tofiide, linguish;fillatriy 
Ammostiote, tm. a grape pressor, ylnlager 
Ammostire, va. 1. to triad the wine press; 

to press or triad iHlt the juice of the grapes 
Ammo8tat6jo, sm. wine press, large trough 
Ammostatdre, -trice, tmf. he, she ivho treads 

the wine-pres* (pes 

Ammostal6ra, sf, trimpling, pressing of gra- 
Ararootinamdnto, t. Aroroutioaminto 
Ammotinare, y. Ammulinire 
Aromoltaminto, sm. the tumbling ^Si^n of 

clods and earth, a m6u]dering , crhmbling 
Ammotlire, vn. 1. tocrbmbleddwn, r6Ild^D 
Ammdvcre, va. 3. irr. ?. Tdpliere 
AromoTimdnto, sm. ▼. Avvicioaminto 
Ammozzaminlo, tm. clot, concretion {of earth) 

into hird lumps (from vaot of moisture) 
Ammozzire, va. 1. to harden, to form into a 

mass {of earth) cohering, to form into hard 

Ammucchiire, va. i. to hiap or pile up 
Ammuffire, vn. 1. to get m6uldy or musty 
Ammunire, ammuoiminto, t. Ammonire, ee. 
Ammusirsi, vrf 1. to meet face to face 
Ammulire, ammutfre, vn. 1. to becAme dumb 
Ammutinaminto, sm. mAUny, sedition, revAlt 
Ammutinirsi, vrf to m&liny, rev6lt 
Ammutinito, -a, adj. seditious, mutinous 
Ammolinat6re, sm. mulinicr,reT6lterde8irter 
Ammutinazidne, sf ▼. Ammutinaminto 
AmroutoUre, vn. 3. (ammutoli8co.-fsci,-f8ce), 

to be mute, becdme dumb, speechless 
Ammutolito, -a, adj. dumb, mule, speechless 
Amnisia, sf. loss of memory 
Ammislia, sf a gineral pirdon, an imnesty 
Amnlsliire, va. i. to pardon by imnesty, to 

Amnisliito, f m. person pardoned by imnesty 
Amo, sm. a flsh hook 
Amdmo, sm. am6mum, aromilic drug 
A mdnle, adverb, high up, upwards, y. Monte 
Amorizzo, sm. irregular or illicit IdYe 
Amdre, sm, 16ve; — divino, the 16 Ye of God; 

ndr, rftde;.fil], ado, biUl ; - Are, di ; - bf, l^mph; pSlie, b^i, fdiil, fS^I; gem|Of^ 




tmore nm&no, the 15Te of man, hfiman Ioto ; 
— fralirno, br5lberly love, — carnile, 
tinsual lore; — tealimenlile, sentimdntal 
or Plat6Dic Ioto , — di id , self love ; — 
prdprio , selfishness; — mio ! my loTot my 
diar! per affl6r mlo, for my sake ; per 1* a- 
m6r di Dio . for God's sake; far all* am6re 
COD una damigdlla , to pay one* s addresses 
to a yoiing I&dy ; andiire in am6re , ( said 
of animals) to be prdtkd, hot, in h^at; nn'd- 
pera ffttta con am6re, a ivArk (tof art ) dxe- 
cAted with a fond enlbAsiasm; langufre dl 
am6re, to be Idve-sick; languinte d'amdre, 
Idye-siek ; Am6re {myth.) Ldve, GQpid 
Amoreggiaro^nto, tm. a 16Te-aff4ir, cdarting 
Amoreggiire , va. to c6urt , make Idve to ; 
egli amoriggia qaellasignorfna, be'sc6art- 
fng that yoiing l&dy 
Amor^tlo, tm. a sifght attachment, little I5ve 


Amordvole, adJ.klnA, oblfging, bland, benign 

AmoreToleggiare , va. i. to shew kindness , 

tr^at with kfnd and ddticale attentions , to 

ear6ss, foodie 

AmoreToIizia, $f. kfndness; bl&ndness; kfnd 

and diilcate attentions 
AmoreToleiiina, sf. kind words , fond endear- 
ments; adj. kfnd, considerate, nattering 
AmoroTolezxdccia, tf. a bug, roiigh embrice, 
itstic kfndness (gracious 

Amorevolissimo , -a , adj. very kfnd , most 
Amorevolmdnle, adv. with kfndness , Idvingly 
Amorevol6oe {aW) adverb. , in a rery kfnd or 

gr&cious mknner 
Amdrfo, -a, adj. [natural hUtory) amdrpbous 
Amorino, «m. a little Idre; sm&li ciipid (elle 
Amorfno d'Egiilo, «m. (bot.) reseda, mignon- 
Amorosameme, adv. ISringly, Kmoroasly 
Amoroseilo, a j adj. imiable , prepos6ssing , 
Amoro86llo,-a | genldel, pldasiug, Idvesome 
Amor680 , -a , adj. Idviog , & morons ; pkdre 
amordso , a lAving or affectionate filher ; 
sgu&rdo amor6so , an Amorous reg&rd , a 
lookofI6re; amor6so; tm. the Idrer (r^af)' 
sweelheart, gall&nt : y. Am&nte 
Amordtlo, tm. rising Idve, f6ndness 
Amoscfna, tf. diimsoD, damascene (plam) 
Amoscfno, tm. {bot.) dkmson tree 
Amovfblle, adj. moveable, ren^^yeable 
Ampdrlo , tm. {bot.) a wbfle- thorn , b&wtb6rn 
Amplam6nte, adv. kmply, faUy, widely 
Ampf&re, va. i. Ampli&re 
Ampiezza, tf. extension, Iftrgeoess, kmplitude 
Ampio, -a, adj. kmple, Iftrge, wide, sp&cious 
Ampiogiovante, adj. fit for m&ny things 
Ampioregn&nte, adj. rfiling a T^st empire 
Ampie«so, tm. embrice, clasp, food pressure 
Ampliamento,sm. t. Ampliazi6ne 
Ampli&re, tw. 1. to enlarge, extend, Amplify 

irsi, to dil&te, kmplir^, eni&rge up6n 

AmpliatiTo, -a, adj. enlarging , kmpli&tin^ 
Ampliazi6ne, ff. enldrgement, ampli&lion 

AmpliOckre, ov. i. to kmplif^, (exaggerate) 
AmplificatfTO, -a, adj. exaggeratory 
AmplificAto, -a, adj. Amplified, enlarged 
Amplificat6re, tm. ^mpliffer, mkgniffer 
AmplificAzi6ne, tf. amplific4lion, exegesis 
Ampliliidioe, tf. Amplitude 
Ample, -a, adj. t. jimpio 
Ampolla, tf a phfal, vfal, gliss Tessel (gidsg 
Ampolletta, tf smill bottle, sand glass, hdHr- 
Ampolllna, sf. asmfill phfal, a bhbble in gliss 
Ampollosamente, adv. in a bomb&slic manner 
Ampollositk, tf. b6mbast. fhslian , turgldfty 
Ampolldso, -a, adj. borobkslic 
AmpollAzza, tf smill vial, hdilr-glAss 
Amputire, va. 1. {turg.) to kmptate; /— nn 

membro ad alciino, to Amputate a person's 

limb ; firsi ampatire , to hire a limb km- 

Amputate, -a, tmf person who bas had a limb 

Amputazidne , tf. (tur^.) am pol&tion; f&re 

un'amputazi6ne, to perform an ampul&tion; 

fire r ampotazieoe di un mdmbro, to hm- 

patale, to cut off a limb 
Amuieio, tm. imulet, chirm, tilisman 
Amunfre, va. 5. {Uttie used) to dismiss (pub- 
, lie functionaries); to remove (from ofOce) 
Ana, tf. {med.) mixture, equal mixture; ad 

inaad ana, adverb, by or in equal pdrtions 
Anabattfsta, tmf an Anabiplist, a Quiker 
Anacardfno, -a, adj. of anacirdium 
Anacirdo, tm. cishew-nut, anacirdium 
Anace, tm. better, inice 
Anacoreta, tm. inchorfle, hermit, recl6se 
Anacoretico, -a, adj. of an inchorile or hermit 
Anacoretizxire, vn. i. to live like a hermit 
Anacre6nlico, -a, adj. anacrednlic 
Anacronismo, tm. anichronism, error of time 
Anadipl6si, tf. anadiplosis, redupllcition 
Anifora, tj. {rhet.) aniphora, repetition 
Anagillide, tf. chick-weed {herb) 
Anaglffico , -a, adj. anagl^phic , of cbised or 

emb6ssed wdrk 
Anagnesle, tm. aoagndstes, a reader at meals 
Anagogfa, tf. mistical sense, ecstasy 
Anagogicamente, adv. mystically 
Anagogico, -a, anagdrico, -a, adj. mistical 
Anigrafe, tf census (of the population) 
Anagrimma, tm. an inagrara 
Anagrammktico, -a, adj. anagrammitic, ana- 

Anagrammatfsta, sm. anagrimmatlst, a maker 

of inagrams 
Anagrammatizsire, va. i. to make inagrams 
Anile, adj. inal 
Anaiema, tm. (geom.) inalcmma, orthographic 

projection of the sphere on the plane of 

the meridian 
Anaietti , tmp. frigments, select pieces , ina- 
Analfabeto, adj. Ignorant of the ilpbabet, not 
I bn6wing B from a bdll's foot 

Fit*, mile, bite, D6t«, Ifkbe; - fit, mit, bit, S^Wed»ft|>iXl^g iP>q«^ ^^ 


-65 — 


An&lHi, $f. an&lyfiis ; far Tanilisi, to inalf se, 

to pAne 
ADalfsta, fm. ^nal^xer; res61ver, critic 
Analitico, -a, adj. analytical 
Analizzare, mi. 1. to Analyse, decompdse 
Analogia, tf. analogy 
ADalogicamonte, adv. aDal6gically 
Aoaldgico, -a, aoilogo, -a, adj. analdgical 
Analogismo, <m. anklogism 
Aoamorfoii, 9f, {painiing) anam6rphosia 
AnaDas, m. pine-ipple, an&naf 
Anap^sto, <m. an koapest, a po&lical foot com- 
posed of two ihort s^llabei and a long one 
Anapftslico, w^. {vert.) anaptetic 
Anarchfa, tf. &narcby 
Anarcbico, -a, adj. anircbical 
ABarcfaiata, adj. t. Ap&rchico; em. an Anar- 
chist, an 4oarcb 
Anargiro, adj. (greek) mdneyless, pennylese 
Anaasircaf gf. anas&rca, univirsal dropsy 
Anaslo mi zxirsi, pnr/. to anastomose, to oom- 

mAnicato with dach dther (as lh» arteries 

and veins) 
Anafitomdsi , «m. anastomdsis (the inoscnla- 

tion ofTessels) 
Anatema, #m. a person ankthematfzed, excom- 

mnnicated with curses; sia ani^tema,let 

him be acciirsed 
Anattoa, sf, excommnnic&lion, anAthema 
Anatematizz&re, oa. i. ▼. Scomunic&re 
Anatodsmo, sm. interest up6n interest 
Anatomia, notomia, »f. anatomy 
Aaatomicamentej adj. anatomically 
Anatdmico, -a, adj. anal6mical ; tm, an aai- 

Analomista, tm. anktomist, dissicter 
AnatomizzArOt va. i . to anktomfzo, dissect 
Anatra , $f. better knitra, af. a dock 
Anatrare, on. to cackle (as a duck or goote) 
Anca, sf. the blp-b6ne, hip 
Ancaj6ne ( from anca, hip ) , adv. limpingly , 

h&ltingly; and&re ancaj6ne, to limp, h&lt 
Anc^lla, sf. m&id serrant, wklting-miid 
Anche , adv. ilso, too, likewise , ^Ten; qnan- 

d' Aocbe, ^ren if; n6 iinche (nepp&re ), not 

Ancbeggiire, on. 1. to wkg one's legs, hipt 
Anchiloskto , aneilos&to, -a, adj. (med.) kn- 

chylosed, immo?ably united or fixed (as 

jmsUs of bones) 
Ancbildti, sf r. Aneildsi 
Anchina, sf. better nancbina, sf. nankeen ( a 

Chinese cloth of a permanently yoUowish 

Aocfdere, va, 3. irr. t. Uccfdere 
ABcile, sm. {roman antiquity) ancile, s&ered 

Andlosi, sf. ( merf. ) '^nchyl6MS (stiffness of a 

joint nalarally movable) 
Ancino, swi. t. Uncino, riceio marino 
Ancipile, adj. amphibious, middle^ tw6 ddged 
Anciso , -a, snij. poet, better ucciso, killed 

Aneis6re, sm. i. Uccisdre, ammaxiat6re 

Anco , adv. ilso, yet ; per inco, as yet 

Auooi, better dggi, em. to dky 

Ancora, sf. khchor; — di marta, fl6od an- 
chor ; — sec6oda , best bdwer knchor , beet 
bdwer; — al tergo. s^a knchor; — affor- 
skta, sm&ll knchor; — di sperknza, da ri- 
spMto , sheet knchor ; gettkre 1' kncora , to 
ckst knchor ; scidgliere 1' kncora , to weigh 
knchor; stkre , ^ssere all' ancora , to lie or 
ride at knchor 

Anc6ra, adv. yet, still, iIso,6ven,agftin; igli 
k qui ancdra, he's yet hdre 

Ancorkto, -a, adj. of the shape of an knchor; 
kncbored, l^ing or riding at knchor 

Ancorkggio, sm. the knchoring, kncborage 

Ancoraminto, sm. kncborage 

Ancorkre, on. i. to kochor, ckst kachor 

Ancorchk, conj, kllh6ngh, iven th6ugh 

Ancordtta, sf. a sm&ll kochor 

Ancordtto, sm. {mar.) kkdge, kkdger 

Ancrdja, sf. a cr6ne, bag, an hgly, 61d woman 

Aactdine, inc6dine, sf. knvil 

Ancusa, sf 6rchanet (drug and dye) 

Andamenlkceio , sm. a bad gkit , wklk , pro- 

Andamdnto, sm. gkit, ekrriage ; mode of wklk- 
ing, procteding, kcting 

Andknte, adj. g6ing, sm. (mus.) andknle, m6d- 
erate mkvemont 

Andanlem^nte , adv. withtitlt interrhption ; 

Andantino,sfn. (music.) andantino, askmewhat 
sidwer movement than andkntO 

Andkre,vn. 1. irr. {pres. vkdo, vki, va, vknno, 
subj. ehe io Tkda , ec.) to go ; — a piSdf, 
a pi6, to wklk, go on foot; — a cavkllo, to 
ride , go on bdrseback; — a Tdia , to sail; 
— a gkita, to be bo&yant, go adrift; — per 
mkre , to go by s6a; — all* inc6ntro , to go 
to meet; — in cdllera , to f&ll into a pks- 
sioo; — di cprpo , to go to slkol ; a luogo 
andkre, al the long run; al pAggio andkra, 
at the w&rst ; qn6sto noa mi va, that don't 
sAit me; come va (Is^ sanitk) ? hd^ g6es it? 
ne va il odllo, life is at slkke; far andkra 
un negdcio , to ckrry -on a basiness ; — a 
mdnte, -to break off, luterriipt; andkr a gd- 
nio,to be to one's miod, to please; la pdrta 
va chiksa, yon mostsbat the d6or, the dkor 
must be kept shut; aodkrsene, to go awky; 
to decline, fade, fkll off, to wekr ^ikt, disap- 
pear; me ne vkdo, I'm g6ing, I'm off; tntlo 
vi va a secdnda, kvery thing prkspors with 

— sm. step, wklking; gkit, pace, wklk ; di quel- 
r andkre, so, at that rale , just so; a gran- 
d'andkre, with long airide ; aadkri, girden- 

Andkta, sf step, wUk,ipaoe; at^I (meet.) 
Andatkocia, sf a o6pioos stool, evaoakliow 

Andkto, -a, adj. gdne, by-g^e» olkpseA, pksi; 

adr, r&di;; - fall, s6n, bull; 

fArr, d6; - by, l^mph; pQse, Wy*, ^^^^MUA^Wf^ 

Digitized by VjOOQ LC 


— 56 — 


andato a mk\e, gone to the bad, cist dd^n, 

ADdat6re, tm. w&Iker, tr&Teller; — di Ddtte, 

a nigbt-v&lker 
Andatara, sf. gitt, c&rriage, mknner of w&lking 
Andass&ecio, tm, Tiolent epidemical disdrder 
And&zso. sm. a new-fkngled mode or aff&ir, a 

p&ssing or ephemeral fkshion ; an influduza 
ADdiriTiint, tmp. meknders, windings 
Andito , tm. passage , gkllery, cdrridor, En- 
Andriinno , tf. sort of g5i^n formerly worn 

by ladies 
Andrdfobo , sm, a misanthrope , misknthro* 

pist (kind 

Androfobfa, if. misknlhropy, hktred to man- 
Andrdgino, sm. andrdgynus, berm&phrodfle 
Andrdide, sm. an andrrades, w6oden man 
Andrdmeda. sf. {astr.) Andr6meda (a northern 

constellation ) 
Andrdne, sm. a p6rta1 , 1ong-c5Tered gkllery, 

cdrridor, Entry, 16bby; bill; an kiley, 

kTenue, pkssage (hay 

Andropdgono, sm. {bol.) andropogon, camel's 
Androlomfa, sf. dissection of roan's bddy 
Aneddolista , smf. relkter of knecdotes 
Andddoto, sm. an knecdote (less 

Anelkote, ac(/. pknting, out of br6alb, brEath- 
Anelkre , vn. i. to p&nt , be ^l of brEaih , 

breathless; va. to desire krdeolly, wish 

Eagerly, long for impktiently, to burn for, 

be athirst for (ksthroa 

Anelaxidne, if. a dlfflculty of brEathing , 
AnElito , sm. v. AnsamEnto 
AnellEtlo, AnelHno , sm. sm&Il ring 
AnEllo, sm. a ring , link , ringlet , (thimble); 

aoEllo deUa.calEna , a link ; dar 1' anEilo , 

to giTO the ring . affiance , belrElh 
AnellEne, sm. a Urge ring, long link 
Anelidso, -a , adj. poet. t. Anelknle 
AnelEso, -a, adj. asthmklical, short-brEathed 
Anemografla , sf. anem6graphy , description 

of the winds 
Anemologfa , sf anem61ogy , the d6ctrine 

of winds 
Anemdmelro, sm. anemometer, wlnd-gknge 
AnEmone, sf. anEmolo, sm. anEmone 
Anemoscdpio, sm. an anEmoscope, wind-dial 
AnEto , sm. anethom , dill 
Anoarisma , sf. knenrism , dilatktiott of an 

Aneurismktico, -a, adj. {med.) anourlsmal 
AnfaoamEnto, sm. a rkmbling incohErent 

spEech; prkte, nEnsense , bkldordash 
Anfankre , vn. i. to bEal abdiit the bush ; to 

tklk at rkndom ; — a sEcco , to t&lk like a 

drbnken pErson 
Anfanaldre, sm. one who tklks b&lderdash 
Anfaneggikre, vn. t. Anfankre 
Anfanfa, sf. b&lderdash, trifles, wfld nEnsonse 
AnfesibEna, sf amphisbaEna (a genus of 

amphibious serpents ) 

Anflblolfte, sm. {min.) amphibiollte, the fbtsil 

remkins of amphibia 
Anffbo, -s, adj. amphibious 
Anfibola , sf {min.) kmphibole 
Anrrbolo, sm. ambiguous phrase 
Amfibologfa, sf amphibElogy 
AmfibologicamEnte , euiv. amb'igaonsly 
Anflboldgico , -a , adj. ambiguous , ddiibtfal , 

AnGbrkco, sm. (vers.) kmphibrach 
Anrigena, sf. (min.) kmphigEoe, leAcfte , Ve- 

Anff macro , sm. {vers.) amphlmacer 
AnGprostflo , sm. am plii prostyle , an Ediflce 

Witt) cElomns in frEnl and behind 
AnflsbEna, sf v. AnfesibEna 
Aonsci, smp. (9eo^f.)an\phiscii,amphlsciani, 

inliabilants of the torrid tone 
Anfiiektro, sm. amplilthEalre 
Anfltrfte , sf kmphitrfle ( a gelaus of marine 

AnflxiEni, tpm. {Grecian history) amphlctyons 
Anfodfllo, sm. v. Asfoddio 
AoTora , sf kmphora , a GrEek or REman 

▼Esstil cont&ining seven gklions, a measure 

conlkining thrEe bushels 
Anfrklto, sm. a nirrow, dftrk. Intricate plkce 
Anrratluositk , sf v. AndiriviEni 
AnfraltuEso , -a , adj. mekndrian , winding , 

hkving mkny turos 
Angaria, sf ant. angariEtion, iErced sErrice 
Angarikre, va. i. to tax Tcxktiously , exl&rt 

tyr&nnicaily , task unmErcifully , opprEss 

Angarikto , -a, adj. TExed , opprEssed , Ever- 

tkxed ( tioner 

AngariatEre , sm. w&nton oppressor ; extEr- 
Angela, sf. kngel (speaking of a woman) 
AngelElta, sf lilUe kngel (of a woman) 
AngElica, sf {bot.) angElica 
Angelickle, adj. r. AngElico 
AngelicamEnle, adv. like an kngel 
AngelichEzza, sf ant. angelical beaAty, etc. 
AngElico^ -a, adj. angElical 
Angelo, sm. an kngel; — decad&to, flllen 

kngel; — cuslEde, gukrdian, tutelary angel 
Angelolalria , sf kogel-wErship 
AngelAcoio, sm. a little kngel 
Aogere, va. ftngersi , vrf poet, to griETC 
Anglieria, t/ at&xing Texkiicusly, a grinding 

Impost ; high-handed injustice, winton op* 

prEssion; per angheria , dul of spile or 

rkncour; vindictively, opprEssirely 
Angberikre , va. i. t. Angarikre 
Angina, sf. better schinanzia , sf angina , a 

quinsy (angina 

AngioEso, -a, adj. {nud.) attended with 
Angiolo , angiolEllo, t. Angelo, -uccio 
Angiografia, sf {anat.) anglEgraphy (a des- 
cription of the vessel in the human body) 
Angiola , sf t. Angela 
AngiolEssa, sf. {painting) a fEmale kngel 

Fkte, mEte, biU, n6te, tAbe; - At, mEt, bit, nEt, thb; j iir, ptqiie,^::^* 

Digitized by V^OiJV/ I : 


— 57 — 


Angiologfa , «/: angiftlogy (a treatise on the 

▼esaels of the human hody) 
Angiotomia, tf. angidtomy ; {swrg.) the 6peo- 

iog of a Tifsel (as in bleeding); {anal.) a 

dissection of the vessels of the b6dy 
Angioscdpo , am. 4ngioscope ( an instrument 

for eiamining the capillary ressels) 
Angiosperme , »f. [hot.) ingiosperm (a plant 

baTing i(s seeds inclosed in a pericarp) 
Angipdrlo , sm. a blfnd&lley 
Anglieanismo, tm. the doctrines of (he Church 

of England 
ADglicino , -a , adj. Anglican, pr6testant ; la 

cbiesa Anglicina , the Church of England 
Anglieismo , sm. Anglicism 
Anglo, -a, {poet.) smf. Englishman , english 

Anglomania , sf. Anglom&nia 
Anglom&no, -a, adj. infected vith anglom&nia 
Angol&re, adj. Angular, having corners 
Angolarmdnle, adv. Angularly, with Angles 
Angolato, -a, adj. hkTing kogles 
AngoIeUo, tm. sm&II angle; noolc, c6rner 
Aogolo , tm. an kngle; a c6rner ; — ac&to , 

an acfite kngle; in un ingolo, in a corner 
Angol6so, -a, adj. ingolous , full of Angles 
Ang6re, sm. [poet.) Anguish, gri6f, pangs 
Angose^Tole, adj. pMnful, afflictive, grievous 
Angdacia, aogosci&nza, tf. I Stnguish, p& 
Angosciamenlo, tm. ) fllclion, anxiety 

ADgosctare, va. i. to grieve, vex, lormint 
— ftrsi , vrf, to griive , fret , be uneasy 
AngosciMo , -a , adj, t6rn with Anguish , 

Angosciosam^nte, adv. p&infully, with gri^f 
Angosci6so , -a , adj. s6rrowfnl , knzious , 

Angoe {pott. ) , sm. a snalce 
Asgoicrinito, -a, adj. {poet.) bkving serpents 

instead of h4ir 
Angnilla, tf. an eel 

Anguillija , s/: eel-pond (vines 

AngaiUare , tm. a long esp&lier of propped 
Aogallletta, anguilllna, tf. smdil eel 
AngninAgfia, angoin&j&, tf. the grSln 
Angaria , tf. v. Gocdmero 
Angastamento, am. v. Ristringiroento 
Angnstire , va. 1. to narrow, pinch, hamper 
AngDstirsi , vnrf to becftme striit, n&rrow, 

Aiigtsiia,«f str&itness,n&rrownes8;str&itness 

of circumstances , narrowness of rodans , 

pecuniary distress ; w&nt , indigence, piin , 

s6 fieri ng 
Angnsliire, va. 1. to pinch , press , h&mper, 

distress, oppress, vex; &rsi , vrf to be 

grieved , chargrtned , distressed 
Angusti&to, -a, adj. distressed » hiirassed , 

AngQsii6so, -a, adj. afflicted, vexed, knxious 
Ang6s(o,-a, adj. n&rrow, pinched, h&mpered 
Anice, am. kniseseed; linise-w&ler 

Anil, am. {hot.) knil 

Anile, adj. poet. 4ged, (advanced) in yean 
Anima , tf. the s6ul ; life ; lh6ught , mind , 
imaginitiou; nou vi era &niman&ta, there 
was not a soul; r&nima um&na b spirito, 
the s6ul of man is a spirit: uAmo di Anima, 
a pious man ; — bissa , vile, a base, gr6v- 
elling . mean sAul: fundslo all*&nima, s6ul- 
distroying; per T&nima roia, for the s6ul 
of me; essere Anima e cdrpo d' uno , to be 
hand and glove with a person 
Animadversi6ne, af. animadversion 
AnimalAccio, sm. a greit iigly knimal; fig. a 

brdle beast, gre&t Animal, stupid leilow 
AnimAIcolo , tm. animAlcule ( a little Animal 
that cAnnot be discerned without the aid of 
a mAgnifyiog-glass) 
AnimAle , tm. an Animal , fig. an Animal , 
booby, stupid fellow; adj. Animal, living, 
Aniroaiesco, -a. adj. of the nAlore of Animals 
Animaieito, -lino, tm. little creature, animAI- 

AoimalettneciAccio, tm. a nAsty little Animal 
AnimalipiAnte, tmpl. v. ZoAfiti 
AnimalilA, tf. animAlily, Animal life 
AnimalizzAre, va. 4. to Aoimalfse; to give 
Animal life to; to endow with the prdperties 
of animals 
Animaliszazi6ne, tf. anlmalizatioa 
Animaldne , tm. a lArge Animal , unwAildy 
beast; a heavy fAced man, a clbmsy fAllow 
Animaluccio, animal6zzo, tm. a smill Animal 
AnimAnle , tm. a sentient being, an«Animal 
AnIroAre, va. i. to Animate, eucourage vivify 
AnimAto, -ta, adj. AoimAted , lively, spirited 
Animatefe, -trice, sm. be, she wb6 animAtes 
Animavversidne, tf. chAstisemcnt , reproof 
Animazi6ne , tmf. animAtion, AnimAting 
Anime, tf. Anime, a resin of an Amber c51or 
Aotmeila, tf. sweet-bread , shcker ol a pump 
Animetta , tf animeita , the cloth which 

coTors the cop of tbe edcharist 
Animismo, sm. Animism (the doctrine that 
the phenomena of the animal system are 
produced by the soul ) 
Animfsta, tmf. Animist, one who maintAins 

the doctrines of Animism 
Animo, tm the Intellect, understAnding , 
mind ; vdlgere nell' Animo , to revdive in 
one's mind; furAr gli Animi , to captivate 
the minds and heArls , to make one's self 
p6pular; dir6 1* Animo mio , Til speak my 
mind ; fAtevi Animo , pluck up beArt ; non 
vi perdete d' Animo, dont \6»e your spirits ; 
fAtelo , se vi bAsta 1' Animo, do it if yoa 
have the cohrage , if you can ; fAtelo, se vi 
dA r Animo , do it if you can find in your 
beArt (or bear) to d^il; grandAxza d' Animo, 
greAtnessof s6nl;di buon Animo, willingly, 
with All my beArt; Animo I coiirage! 
Animosamente , adj. b61dly, rAncorously 

ii*r, itde, - fiU, 8&n, b&ll ; - Are, dA; - b^, l^mpb; p5Ue, b^. fcSDI, f<pJ;, 

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— 58 — 


Animositk, -ide, -ate, sf. animdiity; r&nconr; 

Aoim680, -a, a4j. b61d, spirited; overbe&ring; 

— a, (bram68o), a^j. dcsfrons, iager (Boce.) 
AnimOccia, sf. a poor creature. lilUe creature 
Anise, Aniso, sm, t, Anioe 
Anisette, am. ftnise-viter, ^nise seed 
Anisocidi , smpl. tbe spiral of a screw 
Anitra , sf. a dack or drake ; — m&scbia , a 

drake; — fdmmina, a druck 
Anitr&ccio, sm. -itriUa , sf. a dbckliDg 
ADitrfna, sf. duck-weed; diickliog 
AnitriDOy sm. dhckling, young duck, drake 
Anitrlo, anitrire, sm. neighing (of a borse) 
Anilrfre, vn. 3. better nitrfre, to neigh 
Anitr6ccolo , sm. t. Anitrfno 
Annaeqoam^nto, sm. a w&tering, dilating 
Annacqu4re, va. 1. to dilfite, to mix with 

w&ler, tow&ler; weaken, spoil ; annacqoare 

il tIoo , to put w&ler into wioe, to baptize 

it; un'id^a, to dilute or drown an idea in 

a deluge of wdrds 
AnnacquaticcciOy a, adj. mixed with a little 

Annacquito , -a , adj. mixed with witer , 

weakened, spSiled ; s61e annacquito, a wA- 

ding sun 
AnnafOamdnto , sm. t. InaffiamSnto 
Annaffl&re, va. 1. to w&ter; v. loafGare, ec. 
AnnMe, innuo, adj. iinnual, yearly, 6very ydar 
Ann&li, smp. Annals 

AnnaHsta, sm. Annalist, writer of Annals, etc. 
Annasam^oto, sm, a smelling, scenting 
Annas&re, va. i. to smell, cdme to a trial with 
Annasp&re, va. 1. to wfod. reel into skdins 
Annaspic&rsi, vrf to get pbsxied, bewildered 

(in one's thoughts) 
Annila, sf. a year, wb6le y&ir; year's prdfits 
Annebbiaminto, sm. clditdiDess , gloominess 
Annebbiaro, va. i..{from nebbia fog) to cloud, 

darken, dim, to blight, blist, mildew; vii. 

to becdme mildewed; —&rsi, to get tiirbid, 

mbddy. blighted, blinded 
Annebbi&to, >a, adj. elided, foggy, mildewed 
Annegaminto, sm. drdwni^ng, r&in (denial) 
Aaneg&re, van, 1. to drown, to be drdwned, 

get drJwned, drtfwn one's self; egli c4dde 

neir&cqua e s* annog6 ( o annegd ), be fell 

inlo tbe w&ler and wfts driSwned; quel gio- 

cat^re si 6 anneg&to, that g&mbler has 

drowned himself; annegare, annegazidne; 

T. Neg&re, Abnegazidne 
Anneg&to, -a, adj. drdwned, suflbc&ted, denied 
Annegazidne, sf. abneg&lion ; selfdenial 
Anneghillim6nto, sm, l&ziness, poltroonery 
Anneghittire, anneghiltirsi, vn. 3. to grow liaj 
AAneghillito, -a, adj. gr6wn l&zy, c^ardly 
AnnAllide, smf. (nalurai history) Annelid, an- 

n^lidan; anillidi, p/. anndilida, annelljita 
Anneramento, sm. bllickness, blackening 
Anner&re, va. 4. lo blSicken; blicb&lU tir- 

■ish, defime ; annerire, vn, e -irsi, vrf. to 
get black, bUcke\i 
Annerito, -a, adj. blkckened, disgriced 
Anneriminto, sm. bikckness 
Annerire, va. 5. to bUcken, tArnish, defime 
Aonerilura, sf. blackness, black spot 
Anndsso, -a, a4J. annexed, cooj51ned 
Aanestaminto, sm. a grkfUog, indcul&ting 
AnneslAre, va. i. v. InnestAre 
Anneslatura, sf. gritting, insirlion 
Anndttere, va. 2. (past, part, annesso, -a,) to 

annix, unite, jmn; to connect with 
Annevire, va. i. to cool with sn6w 
Annichilamdnto, sm, annihilition 
Annichilire, va. 1. to anihilate, destroy, anniil 
Annicbilirsi, vrf to be annihilited, to cringe 
Annichililo, -a , adj. anDlhiliied, anniilled 
Annichilazi6ne, sf. annihiliiion , destriiction 
Anoicbilire, va. 5. to annihilate 
Annidire , vn. 1. to nest , build a nest, settle 
Annidirsi, wf 1. to nestle, settle one's self 
Annidito, -a, adj. nestled* niched, settled, Gxed 
Annientamento , sm. annihilition , redhction 

to n6 thing 
Anoienlire, va. 4. to annihilate, destr^ 
Annighitlire, aonighittirsi, vn. 3. to grow lizy 
AnniTersirio, rm. anniTersary 
Anno, sm. a y^ar, a t«6ive-m6nlh; — bises- 
tile , Uap year; — scolislico, academic 
yiar; — sinto, jubilee; mezs'anno, bilf a 
year; I'anno scdrso, list y6ar; I'anno veA« 
turo , next y^ar; di qui a un anno , ia a 
ydar; aU'aono, by the y^ar, a y^ar; capo 
d'anno, new ydar's day; anim&ledi un an- 
no , a yearling} grave, o pldoo d' anni, io 
y^ars , full of y^ars ; Terd'inoi , tbe prima 
of life; sono inni e inni, many years. ag6; 
ella ba diSci inni, she is ten yters 61d; 
buon capo d' anno , 1 wisb you a hippy 
new y6ar 
Annobilim^nto, sm. nobilitition , tbe making 

Annobilitiro,oa. annobilire, v. Nobilitire 
Annodamenlo, -tura, smf the tying, a tie, knot 
Anuodire, va. i. to tie, knot, join, conjoin 
Annodinia, sf ibsence or cessition of pain 
Annojamiuto, sm, ennui, weariness, disgiul 
Annojire, v«. 4. to ano^^ , wdary, lease, im- 
pori&ne ; — -irsi; vrf. to feel anuG^ed, l)e 
wearied, displeased, disgiisted 
Annojito, -a, adj. annoyed, wearied, tiased 
Annojosamente, adv. tediously 
Annoj6so, -a, adj. v. Noj6so 
Annolire, va. i. y. Noleggiire 
Annomire, va. 1. to name, cill; t. Nomiiire. 
Ann6na, sf. victuals, proTisioDa, stores 
Annonirio, -a, a4j. of or belonging to pro- 
Ann6so, -a, ac(/. of m&ny yters, old, Ancient 
Annolire, va. 1. io note, remirk, innotite 
Annotat6re, sm. annotitor, who writes notes 
Annotazi6ne, sf, annotition, remirk, note 

Fite, miU, bit«, n6te, t&be; - fit, mit, bit, n6k, tbb; ^ fir, ptque, ^:y' 

Ik, tab; J- Tir, piquei 

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— 69 — 


ADndtiDO. -a, adj, ionaal, yearly 
ADDOlUre, vn. -kniy -irai.vnr/: togr6irdirk; 

aoodtla, better si fa ndtte , of ght fills 
AdiioU&Io, -a, adj, benighted, fast asleep 
AoDOTeramiolo, tm. ennmer&tion^.det&i I 
AnooTerinte, «in.' eDumer&liDg, comp^tiag 
AuDOTer&re, va. i. to niimber, cADt,BuppAte 
Annoverilo, -a, adj. reckoned, t6Id, edunted 
ADiioTeral6re, sm. rickoner, teller, computer 
ADDOTer^Tole, adj. that may be cddoted 
AnndTero, sm. rickoDiag.caleul&lioa/DiuDber 
Anouale, a, adj. innual, yearly 
AnDoile, anDu^rio, «m. ytor's alloi^aiice 
ADDDalilik, $f. aDo&ily 
ABDaalm^Dte, ado. y^rly , innaally 
Annnirio, -a, adj. yiarly,tbat retiiros hf ery 

y^ar, cftmiag yearly 
Annubilare, va. 1. to OTersprdad with cl^ds, 

m. to get cl^dy, to becdme gl6omy 

Anno|oUre, aDoabiire, va. l.togr6w cldiidy 

Annufre, m. 3. (annuisco, -isci, -fsce) to nod 

approbation , (o consent , accede , yi^ld , 


ABoalirS) a^j. mf. ^nnolar , Annulary, riog- 

]jke; ecHssi annuliro, Annular eclipse 
Annularm^ote, adv. like a riog 
Annnll4re, va. i. to anoiil, suppress 
AnnoUito, -a, adj. annulled, repealed, tad 
Annoltatore, sm. annhller, repealer, snpprfts- 
ADnallazione, *[. annhlling, rep6al (sor 

Annumer&re, va. 1. t. AnnovorAre 
AnnuDziamdnto, sm. prediction, anndi^Deing 
Annonzi&re, va. \. to announce, st&le, predict 
Annuniiato, -a, adj. anndBnced, st4ted, t61d 
AnDuniial6re,-cialdr8, -trice, smf. aonolin cer 
Annonziazione, sf. annnnci&lion, L&dy-day 
ABOonaio tm. announcing, news, prognostic 
Annuo, -a, adj. annual, yearly 
Aanos^re va. 1. to cdme to a trfal with 
Annufolire, vn. \. -lire, 5. to gr6w ckady 
AnanTolilo, -a, -Mto, -a, adj. cidady , dark 
Aoo, tm. the anus 
Annodino, -a, adj. knodtne, liniliTe 
Anomalia, tf. andmaly, irreguUrity 
Anomalistico, a, adj. v. Andmalo 
An^malo, -a, adj. an6maloa8, irregular 
Andnide, tf. anonis, rest hkrrow 
Andnimo, -a, adj. an6nimous 
Anoressia. tf. knorexy (wantofkppelitewith- 

Ata Idatfaing of food) 
Anorm^le, adj. andrmal, abndrmal (ec. 

AMtomia, tf. anotomisla, tm. t. Analomia, 
Aiiaa,s/'. handle (round); {geogr.) creek , 
Imy; vase a due&nseyatwo-hkndledTeisel.- 
dire insa a^ to give a pUoslble handle Tor 
Aitam^nto, tm. pknting^ sh6rtnes8 of breath 
Ansante, adj. pknting, ddt of br6ath 
Ansare, va. 1. to pant, be dut of briath , 
breathe short (h&ndles 

Ans&lo, -a, adj, kns&ted, having a hkndle or 
Anseatico, -a, adj. igeogr.) Hanse&tic, le cit- 
t4 Anseiliche, the Uanso Tdwns 

Anserdllo sm. yoiing goose, ^preen- goose 
Anseri , sm. pi. chestnuts boiled and After- 
wards dried 
Anserino, -a, <idj, insf rine , resftmbliag the 

skin of a goosa, undrea 
Aosla, tf. T. Aosietk 
Ansiet^, tf. anxiety, knxionsDess , pang 
AnstetAto, -a, adj. (seldom uted) Anxious, An* 

fuished, distressed 
Ansinia, tf. i. Asma 
AosiasAre, vn. 1. t. AnsAre 
Ansio, ansi6so, -a, adj. Anxious , ma^y 
Anstosamdnle, adv. Anxiously 
Ansola, sf. ring (in the inside of a bell) on 

which hangs the clapper 
Antagonfsmo, sm. antAgonism 
Antagonista, tm. an antkgonist 
AntArie, sfp. crAne , cAble to rAise weights 
Ant&rtico, -a, adj. (geogr.) aniArctic 
Ante , adv. and prep, (latin) before, v. AvAnti 
AotecedAnte, tm. and adj, antecedent, fore- 

Antecedentemdnte, adv. prAvioasly 
Anteced^nza, tf. precAdency, pridrily 
Anteo^dere, va. % irr. i. Frecddere 
Antece8s6re, im. (anteetesor) predecAssor 
Anteddlto, -a, adj. aforesAid; foremenlioned 
AotediluviAno , -a, adj. aotediluvial , aatedi- 

lAvian, tm. antedilAvian; one who lived be- 
fore the dAluge 
Antelinfntico, -a, adj. vermifuge 
Antelucano, a, adj. bef6re day-breAk 
AntemurAle, tm, rAmpart, pArapet , defence 
AnteoAto, sm. fArefatber, Ancestor 
Antenna , tf. long strAight trunk of a tree , 

shAft (lance) 
AniennAto, -a, adj. provided with antennae 
Antdone, tfp. antAnne, fi§eler8, antennas; yArds 

of a ship 
AntennAtta, tf smAII sAilyArd , little fAeler, 

AntenAra, tf. name given hy Dante lo a place 

of pdnishment for trAitors (tw& 

AntepenAltimo, -a , adj. Antepenhlt , lAst biit 
ADtep6rre , va. 3. (anlep6ogo, ec ) to pref&r, 

put befAre (re 

AnteposiriAne, tf a preference, plActngbefo- 
AntepassAti , smpl. f6refathers , progenitors, 

dead Ancestors 
AntepAsto, -a, adj. preferred, pIAced bettre 
An lira, tf (bot.) ft other, the top of the stA* 

men (containing the fertilizing dust 
An teriore, adj. first, prior; im. antArior, frAnt 
Anteriormdnle, adv. previously, befAre 
Aotescritto, -a, adj. above written, aforesaid 
AnteserrAgli, tm. fore-incIAsure, AAld-gate 
AnlesignAno , antessignAno , tm. stAndard- 

Ami (Greek prefix signifying against) anti; 

(latin prefix meaning before) ante 
Antiabolf tiooisla, sm/: an ti abolitionist , one 

who opposes abolition 

■Ar, rikdtf;- fill, s6n, bull; - iiire, do; - b^, l^mph; pQie, Wys fdiil, fowl, gem, al 


— 60 — 


Antiand&re, vn. 4. irr. to go bef6re, precede 
Antibficchico, «m. (vers.) aDtibkcchios 
Antib&gno, sm. a place before tbe b&th-room 
Antibriiccio, aTarabr&ccio, **». f6re-arm 
Anliciglia, sf. 61d mhsty m&tters, aoUquilies 
Anticagli&ccia, s^. 6ld stuff, Ibmber, rbbbtsb 
Anticamdnte, otfv. f6rmerly,in thedlden limes 
Antic^mera, ^f. antech&mber, Entrance cham- 
ber, hill (T. Atrio 
Anlic&sa, sf. c5Tered space before a bouse , 
Antic&to, -a, adj. iuAred, used, acciistomed, 

Anticbeggi&re, vn. i. to f&llow 61d chstomi, 

manners, etc. 
Antichitto , -a , adj. rither 61d , a little 61d- 

Aotichdzza, anticbil&de | sf. antiquity, 6Id 
Anticbit^, anticbiUle { times, iacienls 
Andcbi, smp. incieots, iiDcestors 
Anticipalam^Dte , sm. y. Anticipazidne 
Anljcip4re, va. i. to aDticipate. foreslill-, be 

before band with ; — una somma, to p&y a 

sum bef6re band, in advance 
ADticipatamen(c,a(fv.bef6reband,in adT&nce 
Aanlicipftto, -a, adj. anticipated, been before 
Anticipazi6ne, sf. aniicipMion 
Anllco, -a, o^/. Ancient, very 61d; sm. v. An- 

Anticoncepfre , i>a. S. to preconcdiTe, to con- 

cdiTe or form bef6re-hand; opini6ne anti- 

concepfla, better preconcella , preconceived 

Anticognizidne \ sf. foresff^bt forelcn&viedge, 
Anticonosc/$nza ) prescience 
Aniicondscere, va. S. irr. to foresee, forekn6w 
Anticonsiglidre, sm. guardian of tbe iiws 
Anticdrrere, va. 3. irr. to diltrbn, diitsrlp 
Anticorriere, better forifire, sm. a fore-rUnner 
Antic6rte, sf tfuter c6urf, forec6urt 
Anticostiluzion&le, adj. anlicoslitulional, op- 
posed to or against the constil6tion 
Anticostitozionalmdote, adv. in an anliconsti- 

tblional manner 
Anticresi, sf. ( law ; of immoyables ) g&ge , 

Anlicrisli&no, -a, adj. anticbrlstian 
Anticristo, sm. Antechrist, false prophet, the 

man of sin 
AnticuAre, sm. be&rt burn, &nticor 
Anticursdre, sm. foreriinner, precbrsor 
Antid&ta, sf. Antedate 
Antidat&re, va. i. to &nlidate 
Antidemocr&lico, -a, adj. antidemocr^ic, an- 

Antidltto, -a, adj. forel61d , aforesMd 
Antidicimenlo, sm. prediction, foretelling 
Antidfre. va. 5. to predict, progn6sticate 
Antidot&rio, sm. dispensatory, pharibac6pia 
Abtidoto, sm. Antidote, cdunler-pSison 
Anliemetico, adj. antiemetic,. all&ying v6mit- 

ing; sm. antiemetic, a remedy to chedc v&m- 


Antiepiscop&li, smpl.{hist. of England) anti- 

Anliflogislico, -a, adj. (med.) antiphlogistic; 
sm. antiphlogistic 

Antffona, sf. Anthem 

AntifoD&rio, sm. Anlbem-book, singes 

AntifAsso, sm. (forliflcazione) adv&nce-fo«sey 

Antifrasi, sf antipbrasis 

Anligiudic&re, va. i. to prejbdge 

AntiguardAre, va. i. to foresee 

Anligu&rdia,4f vanguard 

Anligu4rdo, sm. van, vAn-guird 

Antigusl&re, va. i. v. PregustAre 

Aniiliber&le, adj. opposed to or against tbe 
principles of liberals; illiberal 

Antiliberalfsmo , sm. vievs or principles op- 
posed to liberalism 

Antilogfa, sf. antilogy, contradiction 

AolinTcridi&no, -a, adj. antemeridian ; alio 40 
antimeridi&ne, at ten before noon, in the 

Antimeitere, va. 3. irr. to prefer, put befdre 

AnlimonirchicOj-a, adj. antimon&rcbicaI,op- 
p6sed to u6narchy 

AntimoniMe, adj. antim6nia1, of Antimony 

Anlim6nio, sm. Antimony 

AntimurAre, va. i. to make a pArapct wiW 

AntimAro, sm. dlltward w&ll, pArapct 

AntinazionAle , adj. opposed to the national 
honor or welfare 

AntinazionalitA.s/'. opposition to, or inconsi- 
stency vilh the national good 

Antin6me, sm. first name 

Anlinomia, s/l contradiction between tw6 Uvs 

Antip&pa, sm. Aotipope 

Antipapista, adj. mf. antipApal, antipaplslic, 
ami papistical 

AniipAsto,5m. Antipast, f6retaste, firstcenrse 

Antipatfa, sf. antipathy, nAtural aversion 

AntipAtico, -a, adj. anlipalheUcal, repiilsive 

AntipatizzAre, va. i. to hAve a dislike or an- 
tipathy lo, to feel an aversion for or to 

AnlipensAre, va. 4. to premeditate, consider 

AntipensAlo, -a, adj. preme«JitAted 

Antiperistasi, s/: antiperistAsis (the opposi- 
tion of a contrary quality , by vhich tbe 
quality opposed acquires slrengh) 

Antipodi, sm. the antipodes 

Antipodicola, smf, Antipode one who lives on 
tbe opposite side of the globe 

AntrpoUtico, a, ad)', ill-advfsed, wrong-judged, 
not politic, contrary to the public welfare 

Antip6rre, va. 9. irr, te prefer, put befdre 

Antipdrta, -0, ff/Vn. the entrance d6or of a vAs- 
tibule, a p6rtal , the flrst of two dohble doors, 
a room d6or , glass d6or 

Anlipreodere, va. 3. in', to seize befdre hand 

AotiquAria, sf. antiquArian study 

AntiquArio, sm. Antiquary, virlu6so 

AntiquAto, a, adj. AnliquAted, 6bsoIete, 61d 

Antique, -a, adj. v. Antico 

FAte. mere, bfte, n6te, tAbe; - fit, mAt, bit, n6l, tUb; -f ft/, p!q«e, ^^ 

Digitized by VJO '^ ^ * *"* 


— 61 


Antisifgio, $m, preliminary issay, fdretaste 
Antisap^re, va. 3. I'rr. to forekn6ir, foresee 
Aotisap^Tole, adj. progndslicable 
AsCisapula, «/. forekndvledge, foresight 
Antisapalo, -a, adj. foretden, forekD6«Q 
Antiscorbutico, - a, adj. anliscorbutic 
Antiserr4gH0y «m. duter-c6uif , piled encl6sure 
Antisociile, adj. anlisdcial 
Antisp&si, *f. anilspasis, a reTbUioD of fluids 

from oue part of the body to another 
ADtispasm6dico, -a. adj. antispasmddie 
Antltte, tm. prelate, r&ler, cbiif, h6ad 
Antflesi, sf. antilbesis 
AntUeto. sm. (greek) aniUbeton, an dpposite 
ADtitrioit&rii,sin;i/. anlilrinil&rians (heretics 

who denied the Trinity) 
AntiTedere, va. 3. irr, to foresie, foreb6de 
AntiTedim^nto, sm. foreb6diDg, foreseeing 
AntiTediidre , -trice , anliveggdote , imf. one 

who foresees 
AnliTedatamiBte, ado. with foresight 
AntiTed6to, -a, adj foreseen, anticip&ted- 
Antiyegg^nza , j/l foresight, forekn6«ledge , 

Antiregs^nle , adj. foreseeing, forekn6wing 
Antiregndote, adj. forest&lliog, forecisting 
AntiTel^no , $m. t. Anlldoto 
Anlivendroo, -a, adj. anlivendreal 
AotiTenf re , vn. 5. to be beforehand with , to 

have the start of, to foresl4ll, anticipate 
AotiTigilia, if. the day bef6re the eve 
Antlia , §f. pump 

Antdfilo, am. (greek) a IdTor of fldi^ers 
Antonom&sia, sf. (rhet.) antonom&sia 
Antonomasticam^nie, adv. antonom&stically 
Antrace, sm. Anthrax, scap, blotch 
Antro, tm. dtve, cavern; divity of the tor 
Antropofagia^ «/! anthrop6phagy, the practice 

of eating human flesh 
Antropdfago, sm. anlrop&phagus, cannibal 
Antropologia, sf. anlropdlogy 
AntropomorUsmo, sm. antropom6rphism 
Aoolire, sm. ring ringer; adj. Annular 
Aniare, vn. i. to pant, p&lpitate, breathe short 
Ami f prep. ado. befdre; ritber; iTen; ftlso, 
nay, oo the c6ntrary; inz\ la mia mdrte , 
befbre I die ; mi tralt&va &nzi da pidro che 
da padr6De , he treated me ritber like a 
Cither than a mister; procurile d'emuiarll, 
inxi di sorpass&rii, try to dquai, niy to sur- 
pass them ; 6 ricco ? inii e pdvero , is he 
rich ? on the contrary, he is p6or 
Aflziaoito , sm. eldership , dignity , offlce of 

the Elders 
Ansianili, »/: incienlness, antiquity^ 8eni6rity 
Auianitico , sm. {ant.) t. Anzianito 
Anxiioo, sm. iocieot, senator, ilder 
— a, adj. ineient, very 6ld, antique 
Anzicbi. con^. adv. bef6re that; sdoner than, 

ritber than 
Anzicheno, adv. ritber than 6therwlse 

Anziddtto, -a, adj. foresaid 

Aocchiire, va. i. v. Adocchiire 

Aoli^to, -a, adj. {seldom uxed) Sily, 6iled 

Aombrire, va. t. Adombrire 

Aoncinare, va. i. to mike or becdme cr6oked 

Aonestire , va. t. Adonestire, coonestire 

Aorcire, va, to stringte with a cord 

Aormire, va. 1. to track, scent, seek 

Adrta, sf, {anat,) adrta, the great artery 

Aarlico, -a, adj. adrtal, adrtic 

Aosmia, sf wiot of smell 

A parag6ne (di), adverb, in compirison of, 

compared to 
A pirle, sm. (theat.) a s61iloquy, an apirte 
A passo a passo, adverb, step by step ; sl6wiy, 

Apatia, sf ipathy, insensibility 
Apatico, -a, adj. insensible, apalhMlc 
Apalista, sm. kpalhist, one destitute offdeling 
Ape, (ipa, ant.) sf a bee 
Apelidta, sm. tost wind 
Apepsia, sf dispepsy, indigestion 
Aperiro, va. 3. to 6pen ; v. Aprfre 
Aperitive, -a, adj. {med.) aperitive, 6pening 
Apertameote, ado. 6penly, frioklv, phblicly 
Aperto, -a, adj. 6pcned, 6pen, frank, cltor, 

Evident, plain; a briccia apdrte, with 6pen 

Apertore, sm. 6pener, he who 6pens 
AperlAra, sf iperture, 6peniDg, hole, fissure, 

— (mus.) Overture; far apertora, to give an 

Apiire, apiirio, sm. {ant.) i. Alveirio 
Apice , sm. ipex, top, height, siimmit 
Aplcolo, cm. sm&ll ptok, little eminence 
Apiressia, sf {med.) ipyrexy, intermission (of 

a fever) 
Apiro, -a, adj. incombhslible, inconsumable 
A piii non p6sso ) adverb, with all one's might, 
A piU potdre ) with might and main 
Apoto, sf. want of respiration 
Apocalisse, apocalissi, sf ap6calypse 
Apdcino, sm. (bot.) apbcynoo, apdcynum, dog- 
bane, dog's bane 
A pdco a poco, adverb, little by little 
Apdcopa, pe, sf elision, ap6cope 
Apdcrifo, -a, adj. ap6cryphal, doiltbUul 
Apodiltico, -a, adj. apodlcticai 
Apodo, adj. ipodal, feetless 
Apdfisi , sm. {attat.) pr6cess (protuberance of 

a bone) 
Apogee, sm. ipogee 

Apdgrafo, sm. ipograph, Irinscript, c6py 
Apollinari, adj. pL (from Apollo), giudchi a- 

polliniri, apollinirian games 
Apollinarisli , smpL Apollin&rians (heretics 

who denied Christ's humanity) 
Apollfneo, -a, adj. of Apollo, of m&sic 
Apologdlica, sf apologetics 
Apulogdtico. -a, adj. apologdlie 
Apologia, sf defence, justiticition, ap61ogy 
ApologlsU, sm. ap&logist, defender 

•Ar, rlide; -flll| s5n, 

buU;.fire,d6;-bt, l^nphj pSie.b^s, ^<^1,/^); A^^Jf^* 

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— 62 — 


Apdiogo , 8tn. ^pologue^ m6ral fible, MIegory 
AponSurosi, «m. aponeardsis (expaosion of a 

tendoD in the manner of a membrane) 
Apoplessia, sf. Apoplexy 
Apopldtico, -a, adj. apopldclic> of Apoplexy 
Aposiop^i , of. rdlicence, preterUion 
A potla , adverb, inldnlionally, on phrpoto 
Aposlasia , if. apdslafty 
Ap68tala, sm. apostate, renegade ( gade 

Apostalire, tm. to apdstalixe, bec6me a reoe- 
Aposlatrfce, sf. ap&ttate, renegade, reT&lter 
Aposldma, tf. tOmour, Abscess, impbslbume 
Apostem&re, vn. 1. to sbppurale, dr&w to a 

Aposlem&to, -a, -dso, -a, adj. f&stered, siippo- 

rated, gangrenous (scess 

AposlemazidnetA/; a getting pfirulent, an kh- 
Apostflla, 8f. m&rgtnal note, ▼. Postflla 
Apostol&to , sm. apdslleship, apdstolate 
Aposlolicamdnte, ado. apostdlically 
Apo8t6lico, -a, adj. aposl61ic ; sm. tbe Pope 
Apdstolo, sm. ap68tle 
Ap^strofa', apdstrofe , sf. apdstropbe 
Aposlror&re, va. i to pdt an apdstropbe 
Apostrofataminte, adv. vitb an ap6stropbe 
Apostrofat&ra, sf. the piiUing ap68trophes 
Apotdgma, sm, an ipopblhegm, ipolbegm 
Apotedsi, sf. apotheosis, deiflcalion 
Apoticirio, sm. apdtbecary 
Appaciaipdnto, sm. t. Pacificaminto 
AppaciAre, va. i. to appease, picif;^, reconcile 
AppaciGcire, va. 1. to pkcify; vn. to becdme 

pacified, reconciled 
Af)padiglion&re, va. i. to pitch a tent, camp 
Appadiglion4to, -a, adj. ene&mped, tinted 
Appag&bile, adj. that may be sktisffed 
Appagamdnto, sm. contentment, sAlisfiction 
Appaganle, a4j. sktisf^iog, that satisfies 
Appag&re, va. i. (app&go, app4ghi, app&ga), 

to sMisfy, content , griitif;^ , please; appa- 

g&rsi, to be s&Lisfied or conldntod 
Appag&to, -a, adj. contented, pleased, siitisfied 
App&go, sm. (anl,) t. Appagamento 
Appaj&re, va. 1. to match, pkir, join, cohple; 

to p&ir, match, r&nge in pairs; to cohplo; 

— &rsi, to pair, to becdme ringed in pairs 
Appajat&jo, sm. a place for ddres and pigeons 

to coiiple (mento 

Appajam^nto, sm. appajalAra, sf t. Accoppia- 
Appales&re, va, 1. to discdvor, declare, reveal 
— irsi, vrf. to disc5rer one's self, Ihrdw off 

the mask 
Appallidire, vn. 5. v. Impaliidire 
AppallottoU&re, va form into sm&ll b&lls 
Appaltiro, va. i. to let or liase ddt (a public 

work, job, contract) ; appalt&re una str&da 

ad uno, to confide the miking of a r6ad to 

a pirson, to give him the job 
Appaltal6re, sm. a contr&cfor, the uodertiker 

of a piiblic w6rk 
AppalUxione, sf e6ntract for letting or leas- 
ing out a public, wdrk or job 

App&lto, sm. a gfivernment or (ther phbUe 

wdrk, a cdntract, undertaking, job; tdrre 

un app&lto, to undertake a job, a pbblto wbtlL 
AppaU6ne, sm. a ftissy busy fellow, ona wko 

middles %ith eTery thing; a ch^at, am im- 

Appam6ndo, sm. (anal.) t. Mappam6iido 
Appancacciirsi, vrf {from panciccia) to sit 

idle on tbe benches of promenades , public 

squares or coffeehouses; to be a cr6ny, a 

Tillage S61on, a chatty fallow 
Appanciollirsi, vrf (from pancidlle) to sit at 

one's ^ase, leaning back on one's chair 
Appanniggio, sm. ippanago (nish 

Appannamdnto, sm. dimness, offuscilion, t&r- 
Appannire, va. 1. to dim, offiiscate, tarnish,. 

dull; — uno sp^cchio , to dim a l^king- 

gliss; appannire, vn. to stick in the bird 

lime, be ciught 
Appannato, -a, adj. dimmed, tirnished, offtis- 

cated; snared, ciught (heavy, massive) 
Appannat6jo,siit. thatwbichdims, or offhseatet 
Apparamento, sm. drnaroent, attire; gli ap- 

pararointi pontificili , the pontiOcal r6bes 
Apparire, van. 1. to prepire; to ad6rD; to 

learn (better imparire) 
Apparito,-a, adj. learned, prepared, ad6rned 
-^ sm, decorition , drnament; preparition; 

apparito di gudrra, the pomp of wir; grinde 

apparito d'eloquSnxa, a greit paride of 

Apparathra, sf j. Add6bbo 
Aparecchiaminto, sm. preparition, goods 
Apparecchiire, va. i. to prepire, make riady ; 

— irsi, vfr. to prepire one'self, get ready; 

appareechiir la tivola^ to lay the cloth 
Apparecchiato, -a, adj. prepired, got riady 
Apparecchiat6jo,sfn. tSllet, drdssing-tible (res 
Apparecchiat6re,-tr{ce,sm/; be, she «hoprep4- 
Apparecchiatfira, sf j preparition , prep4ra- 
Appardcchio, sm. \ tive, disposition 
Appareggiire, tNi. 4. t. Pareggiaro ecc. 
Apparentirsi, better imparentirsi 
Apparinte, adj. apparent, visible, remirkable 
Apparentemdnte, adv. apparently, pr6bably 
Apparinsa, sf appearance, ispecl , look; in 

apparinxa, appirently, by all appiarancc 
Apparire, vn. 9. irr. v. Apparire 
Apparigliire, va. i. to match (horses) 
Apparim^nto, sm. apparition, vision 
Apparire, vn. 5. (apparisco, -isci, -isce, part. 

appirso, apparito) to appear, c6me firth, 

shew itsilf, one's silf ; comincia ad apparir 

1' aurira, the aurdra begins to appiar 
Appariscinte,ad>. visible, remarkable; shdwy, 

giiidy, flishy, gdrgeous 
Appariscinza, sf splendid appiarance, pirtlj 

figure ; stiteliness , magnificence , gdr- 

Apparito, -a, a4j. appiared, becime visible 
Apparilore, sm, {rom. ant.) sirgeant, biiliff, 


FiUf, mite, Wte, nite, t6be; -At, nit, Wt, nM, thb; -fir, pique, ^ 

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— 63 — 


Apparitfone, appArita, tf. apparUioD, tIsIod 
Apparso, -a, ad), appeared, Evident 
Apparlameoto, »m. ap&rtment, soile of rooms, 
rooms, apirtmeDts; (larf« room ; apartment) 
Apparlire , oo. 1. to separate, to set asfde, 
place apirl, segregate; apparUrsi, to with- 
driw one's self, retire from 
Appartataminte, adv. separately, aside, ap&rt 
Appartato.<a, aflfy. s^par&ted; ap&rt, set ap&rt 
Apparlegntoto | aeij. bel6nging,pert&iniDg, 
Apparlenente ( concirDing, beniting 
AppartcQ^nza, »f. appbrtenance, pertinence 
Appartenire , vn.(appar t^ngo, lidni ,-tidne, ecc.) 
to bel6ng, appert&in, perl&in, concern, bent, 
becdme (make fade 

Appass&re, va. 4. (far appass^re), to wither, 
Appass&to, -a, adj. withered, fiuled 
Appassionam^nto, wm. irdour, Idre , passion 
Appassion&re, txi. 1. to impassion 
AppassioD&rsi, vrf. 3. to becdme impassioned ; 
to be iager ab^t , or passionately inter- 
ested in a thing 
Appassionatamdnto, adv. passionately, Eagerly 
Appassiooat^ixa , sf. pkssion , 15ve , 4rdor , 

^ager or Tdhement desire 
AppassiOQ&to, -a, adj. r. Passion&to 
Appassfre, appassfrsi. vn. 5. (appassi600,-f8ci, 
•isce,-i&mO|-ite, -Iscono), to f&de, wither 
Appassfto,-a,^ed, withered 
Appast4re, va. i. to ko^ad, p&ste, stick 

tirsi, vrf, to stick to (as paste), to adhire 

Appaslito, -a, adj. kneaded, pjisted, stuck 
Appellibile, ad[/. appealable, snsciplible of 

app^l, that may be appealed from 

Appellagione, -aii6ne , s/l -am^nto, sm. ap- 

pelUtioD, name, title, denomin&lion ; {legal) 

ao appeal (p^als 

Appell&nte, $mf. appellant, he she who ap- 

Appelliro, van. i. to app^l to a higher c6url; 

to cite, to shmmon bef6re a magistrate; 

to call, name, poet, teller chiamire , no- 

minire ; appell&re, appellarsi da una sen- 

t^nsa, to appeal from a jbdgment 

Appellat{TO,-a, adj. that may be appealed 

from; im. an appillative, generic name; 

lasciAre il prdprio per 1' appellalivo, to quit 

a certainty for an onc^rtainty 

App^llo, am. a cill, a c&ll in judgment, an 

app^l, apptoling; a c4lling di^t, chkllenge, 

defial; fare appiilo, to bring in an appdal, 

to appeal; farTappillo, to c411 6Ter the 

names, to c4lt or eoiint the bouse {legia.) , 

to c411 the r611, (milU.) 

App^ua, a peoa, adv. h4rdly, scarcely ; a gran 

p6na, a m&la p^na , with gre&t difGcully ; 

appeoa egli 6bbe proferito qu^ste pardle, 

che la T6ce gli mane6, e c&dde m6rto , he 

bad scarcely bttered these w&rds, when his 

tQco liiled him, and he fell dtod 

Appenire, m. 4. to sbffsr, be in p&in, be 

distressed; va. to piin, distress, tease 
Appenito, -a, adj. afflictod , distrtesed , tired 

Apptodere , va. 3. irr. (app^ndo, patt. ap- 
p<si, ece.) to hang up , affix to , append , 
suspend, ann^x; app^ndere alia cr6ce,to 
nAil to tbe cross ; — alia parito , to basg 
up^n or to thd will : ▼. Appiccire 
Appendice, sm. appendix, addition 
Appendizie, if. pi. better vant&ggi, patti, am. 
pi. conditions which the tenant is to perf6nn, 
beside piying the rent ; as to supply the 
owner with fSi^Xa, eggs, ecc. 
Appennecehiire, va. i. to fill the distaff 
Appensire, van. i. to premMitato (little uaed) ^ 
Appensatam^Dto, adv. designedly, on pbrpose ' 
Appeso, -a, adj. appended, suspended 
Appest&re, va. 4. to infect, bestink {wUg.); 

bring the pest 
Appest&to, -a, adj. infected, t&inted; besthnk 
Appetinte, adj. desirous, greedy or eager kfter 
Appetdnza, af a slight Appetite; kppetency 
Appetibile, ad^j. desirable, to be wished for 
Appetlre, vn. to desire Earnestly, to long 
Appelil6role, adj. (teldom luetf ) t. AppeUt6so 
AppelitlTO, -a, adj. t. Appetil6so 
Appetilo, am. kppetlte; ^ canlno , a canine 
kppellte; appetito, fig. 4rdent desire, im- 
petuous wish , sensual pAssion ; — disor- 
din&to, a dis6rdinale, disdrderly or unrbly 
p&ssion; btt6n appetite, I wish yon a good 
Appetilo, -a, adj. longed for, eagerly desired 
Aapotil680, -a, oc<J. iippotizing, a116ring, at- 
tr&ctire ^ (tency,wish 

Appetizi6ne, s/; iippetency , Appetite; iippe- 
Appett4re, van. 4. ta hkre at fae&rt; take an 
interest in; (to put ons thing for anolher) 
Appdtto, ado. prep, dpposite, f&cing ; abreast ; 
comp&red to; a p^tto di v6i 6gli non h 
ch' un bambino , he's bnt a b&by to yoa 
Appezzhre, va. 4. to cat in pieces 
Appiac^re, va. S v. Piac^re 
Appiaceyollre , va. 5. (appiacevolisco , -fsci ,) 
to soften, appdase; to make mild, pleasing, 
Appianam6nto, am. t. Spianamdnlo 
Appian&re, va. 4. to smooth, Idrel , facilitate 
Appian&to, -a , a(^. Idrelled, sm6othed , faci- 
Appianat6jo, am. rdiler, garden -rdller 
Appiastr&re, va. 4. to pl&ster, stick, d&ub; 

&rsi, to stick, adhere, bec6me gibed to 

Appiastr&to, -a, adj. d&ubed 6Ter with any 

thing viscous . 
Appiastricclam^nto, am. eonglutin&tion 
Appiastricciire | va. 4. to plistor or stick 
Appiaslricciciire t together with any thing 

Tiscous or clammy 
Appiatlamdnto, am. the act of cdv^ering d5wn 
and hiding one's self; a hiding, concealment 
Appiatt&re, va. 4. {from pi&tto, flat, squat) , 
to flktton , make flat, to squeeze diSwn or 
in, tocrbsh, make squ&t; to secrito, to 
hide in a h61e, cbrner, cove, etc.; to con- 

u6t, rftd«; -fill, sin, bull; • tkre, d6; • 

b^»l^fflph; pa8e,b(^8, foal^fawl; 

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— 64 — 


c6a1; appiatl&Tsi,t0 8qQ&t ddvn, dodge into 
a bush, bide ooe'i self, sl&ullc, lieconc^led 
Appialtaiamdnle, adv. si^altbily , iiDderbAnd 
Appialt4lo, -a , adj. flattened: l^ing iquit, 
coDc^aled; come 1 serpSnte sta appiati&to 
neir Srba , as a serpent lies hid iinder tbe 
grdss (hook 

Appicc&gnolo, sm. hook, crook, peg, Idnter- 
Appiccamenlo, sm. the act of h&ngmg up 
Appicc&nlOy adj, sUcky, vlscons, gi&lioous 
Appicciire, va. 1. to hang, bang ap, suspend, 
attach, book, to conjSIn , stick together, 
unite, GAin6nt ; appicc&rsi, te bec6me stuck 
or hooked togMher, to meet, bec6me at- 
Uched; to s^ize on; appicc&te il Tdstro 
mantello, hang op your gre&tcoat : ie tie 
s'appfccano al tMlo, tbe grapes are sus- 
pended to or from tbe roof; s' appfcca il 
fuoco , the fire is kindling; Jianno appic- 
c&to il fuoco alia casa, they have set Are to 
the house ; appicc&r la xuffa , la batt&glia, 
to cdme to bl6ws , give bailie ; appicc&re 
nn Udro, toliang a rdbber: t. Impicc&re 
Appiccalfccio, -a , adj. sticky , slicking , vis- 
cous , clda^iog, catching; male appiccatic- 
cio, aconlJLgious disease; uo appiccaticcio, 
a diingler, an imp6rtunate fellow 
Appiccaiivo, -a, adj. cont&gions, c&tching 
Appicc4lo, -a, adj. hooked, bung up, stuck 
Appiccatdjo, sm. v. Appicignolo 
Appiccicaticcio , adj. v. Appiccatfccio 
Appiccat6ra, sf. fislening, joining, Anion 
Appicciire, appiccic&re, va. i. toTack or stick 
to , to superadd ; pani appicci&ti , r611s or 
16aves stuck together ; y. Ficcia 
Appiccioire , va. 3. to make sm&ller , lessen, 
diminish; — irsi, to bec5me (still) sm&ller, 
to get diminutive 
Appicinlto, -a, adj. made sm&ller, contracted 
Appicciol&re, va. i. -Ire^ 5. y. Appiccinfre 
Appiccionirsi, vrf. {burl.) to becdme pigeon 
livered ; fig. to be diiped, pigeoned, fleeced 
of m6ney 
Appicco, sm. adhesion, iknion,jhnction; hook, 
m^ans of attaching or sticking; dare ap- 
picco, to give a pretext 
Appiccolaminto, sm. diminution , lessening 
Appiccol&re, va.^i. appiccoUre,va. 5. v. Apple- 

AppiS, appidde , adv. at the foot , beI6w , at 
tbe bottom ; appid della p&gina, at tbe bot- 
tom of the page 
Appidno, adv. fully, completely, quite 
Appigionam^nto, sm. bire(of a house), bdiise 

Appigionire , va. 1. dare a pigi6ne , to let 
(rooms, or houses); appigioojire, pigliir a 
pigi6ne, to rent or hire (a honse or apart- 
ment) (let) 
Appigionasi, sm. bill (of a bouse, rooms , to 
Appigioo&to, -a, adj. hired, let (root 
Appigliaminto, sm. Anion , junction ; taking 

Appfgli&re, va, to stick, cling, h6ld, adhere; 
T. Appicc&re, attacciirsi ; appigli&rsi a , to 
bet&ke one's self to , to stick to , abide by 
AppigliatAra, sf. Anion, jiinction, connexion 
Appiglio, sm. pretext, preldnse, cdlor, show 
Appigrfrsi, v/r. 3. (m'appigrisco) togrdw Uzt 
Appillolt&rsi, vr/l i. to linger, loiter, be wedded 

to (a place) 
Appioz&re, va. i. to prick, sting, pique 
Appio , sm. apiom, pdrsley, smillage 
Appi^la, sf. &pi, V. Appiu6la 
AppioUna, sf{bot.) ^nibemis, camomile 
Appi6mbo, adv. like a plummet, perpendica- 

Appisol&rsi, vnrf to be dr^sy, to nap 
Appiudia, sf g61den pippin (apple) 
Appiu6lo, sm. golden pippin tree (pl&uder 
ApplaudSote, adj. applauding; smf, an ap- 
Appl&odere , va. S. irr. applaudire , 3. (ap- 
pl&udo, -disco, -isci, -(see) to appl&ud, to 
clap; applaudfrsi, to strut, look big, enkct 
tbe swell, be on good terms with one's self 
Applaudim6nto, sm. an applauding, applause 
Applaudilo,-a, adj. applauded, diipped 
Applaudil6re, sm. -trice, sf. he, she who ap- 

pliods, claps, ext6ls 
Appl&uso, sm. appl&ose, pl&udit, pr&ise 
Applaus6re, sm. appl&uder, approver 
Applic&bile, adj. Applicable , suitable 
Applicaminto, sm. applicition, applying 
Applic4re, va. i. (applico, jipplichi , &pplica) 
to apply , to lay on or 6ver , to ad^pt , to 
assign , appr6prlate , addpt; to toiich at, 
ply belwepn, {sea); applic&re la minte , to 
apply one's mind to; —-kri\,vrflo applf 
one's self to , to set about , sthdy ; appli- 
c4tevi a' vosiri sludj, apply yourself to your 
Applicataminte, adv. with application, intently 
Appicatizza, sf. application, sedulousoess 
Applic&lo , -a , adj. applied, addicted , prone 
Applicazi6ne , sf. application, care 
Appo, prep. n6ar, by, with , amdng ; appo i 
Romini, with or amdngtbeR6mans; appo 
n6i, with us; t. Apprdsso ; Appo , {for a 
pdtto di), in compkrisioo of, compared to 
Appoderam6nto, sm. farming, cultivating land 
Appoderire, va. i. {from pod6re). to f&rm , to 

cultivate land 
Appoggiam^nto , sm. a leaning , an arm-rest 
Appoggiare, va, i. to 16an (a thing against 
another), to rest; to sUy , prop, buttress , 
b6lster up,supp6rt; to second; appoggi&rfi 
la lab&rda, to lean or rest the h&lberd against 
the v4ll, to bUlly orspdngeadinner; — un 
muro , una pers6na, to stay or prop up a 
will , to back or stand by a person,- — Una 
mosidne, to second a mbtion, {iegis); ap- 
poggi&rsf , to l(^an or be leaned agkinst , to 
depend, rely or stay one's self up6n 
Appoggiato,-a, adj, pr6pped, supp6rted, sic- J 

F4te, m^le, Ml«, n6te, tUbe; - ftt, m4t, bit, n6t, tUb; -. Or, plawe, ^ 

- »r, plqtt( . 

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— 65 — 


Appogfiat6jo, tm. any thing to lean updn , 

the arm or baek of a chair or form , the 

arm-rests of a carriage ; bimnislers of a 

•fair case, etc. 

AppoggiAiuTZytf. a leaning, rest; t. Appdggio 

Appdggio, «m. a prop, stay, sapp6rt ; f&voar, 

oSiintenaDce, ftospicef, protiction 
Appollaj&re, va. 1. to roosljO!^.) to lodge, settle 
Appomict&re, oa. i. to rab with phmice 
App6oere, appdnersi; ▼. App6rre, ee. 
Appon]m<nio,«iii. •zi6ne,s/'. addition,app^odix 
App6rre (app6nere) , va, SL irr, (app6Dgo , 
appdni , appdne, -i&mo, -6te , app6ngono ; 
paslf app6si ; futtire , apporr6 ; pari, ap- 
pdsto) to appdse, set, (appl^) subjSlD, add, 
append , affix ; to impute to , tax with, lay 
the blame updo; appdrsi, to guess, conj6cta- 
re, diTine ; se io mi app6ngo, if 1 conjecture 
right; Toi non tI apponeste , you did not 
gness, were not right; app6rre al s61e , to 
find fialt with the son 
Apportinte, adj. bringing, carrying, e&using 
Apportire, txi. i. to bring, c&rry ; rep6rt, an- 
nounce, state; to land, bring to; t. Pigli4r 
ApportAto,-a,adf;. br6ught, eiirried , anndtince d 
Apportatdre, gm. apportatrice, if. messenger 
Appositam^nte.odv. Oppositely, appr6priately 
ApposiUccio,-a, adj. y. Posliccio 
Appositiro, -a, adj. Opposite, Oddible 
Appdsilo, -a, adj. Opposite, apprdpriate 
Apposisi6ne, sf. apposition, addition 
Apposia, a p6sta, adv. on purpose, degfgnedly 
Apposlam^nto , sm. a lying in wait , Ombush 1. to Ke in wait for; apposlire 

nn colpo, to place or plant a hit 
Appostatamente , adv. designedly , piirposely 
AppostOto,-a, at//, witched; Idrking, watching 
Appostal6re, sm. one who lies in wOit for ; a 
- liirker, spt, insidi&tor, assOssin 
Apposticeio, -a, adj. t. Posticcio 
Appaslo, a, adj. set, pl&ced, affixed, impAted 
AppostoUto, T. Apostolato , ec. 
Appralire , va. 3. to change into meadow- 
ground, to appr6priate land to the prodiic- 
tion of bay 
Apprendenle,sin. a learner, 8ch6Iar, apprentice 
Appr^ndere , va. 3. in*, (apprSndo, ec. past^ 
appr^i, part, appreso) to learn, sliidy ; to 
take bold; apprendersi, to h6Id, to becdme 
altOched, take root 
Apprend^Tole , adj. apprehensible , fit to be 

Apprendimento, sm. learning, the actofliarn- 

iog, sthdy ; apprehension, fdar 
Apprendfsta , ttn. a llarner , one who Itorns 
Apprenditdre, Mm. t. Apprendente 
Apprensibile, adj. conceivable, intelligible 
Apprensidne, sf. apprehdosion, f^ar 
Apprenti?a, sf. faculty of conception, idia 
ApprcnslTO , -a , adj. apprehdnsive , fdarfui; 
apt at learning, shilrp, intelTlgent 

Apprensdrio, -a , adj. who Idarns; seixes,". 

Appre8ent0re,t>a. 1. to sh6w,exhibit, represent 
Appresentirsi, or/l to sb6w one's self, appear 
Apprise , -a, adj. learned , sthdied ; seized , ; 

t&ken, tiken with ; ignited, kindled 
Appressamdnto , sm. appr6ach, driwing near 
AppressOnte, adj. pr6ximate, that appr6aches 
Appress&re, va. 1. to bring or put ndar; ap- 
pressOre,-&rsl, vnrf. to c5me niar, be very 
near, to apprdach 
Appresso^ prep, and adv. near, bird by, by, 
nigh, abd&t, nearly, at hand, with, after, 
(anerwards); appr^sso a pdco, nearly 
Appres80che,£Mlt}. Olmost, nearly, v. Dappoichi 
Apprestamento, appresto, sm. prepar&lion 
Apprest&nte, adj. preparing , that prep&res 
AppreslAre , va. i. to prepare , make ready, 
set in erder^ di8p6se; — -&rsi, vrf. to pro- 
pOre one's self, get ready 
Apprestilo.-a, adj. prepared, ready, in 6rder 
Apprestatrfce, sf. she who prepares 
Appreziazi6ne, sf. appraisement, TaluOtion 
Approzz&bile, adj. estimable, Tkluable 
Apprezzamento, sm, estimate, appraising 
ApprezzOre, va. 1. to rOIue , estimate , rate ; 
to prize, esteem; appreztOrsi, to esteem or 
prize one's self 
ApprezzOlivo, -a, adj. commendable, liadable 
ApprezzOto,-a, adj. rOted, estimated, vOlaed, 

prized, esteemed, respected 
Apprezzal6re, sm. -trice, sf he she who rates 

or vOlues ; who prizes, esteems , 
ApprobOre, va. 1. ▼. Approvare 
Approbazi6ne, sf. approbation, approval 
Approcciamento, apprdccio, sm. appr6ach 
ApprocciOre,-iOrsi, vn. 1. (ant.) to draw near 
Appr6ccio, sm. {fort.) apprdach; {mil.) ap- 
ApprodOre, vn. i. to cdme to shore, cdmeinto 
p6rt , land ; to pr6fit , be good or Useful ; 
T. Far pro 
ApprAdo, sm. lOnding; l&ndingplace (age 
ApprofitlOre, vn. i. to pr6flt, derive advOot- 
ApprofondOre,va. i. i to dig to 
Approrondlre,va. 5. | deepen; to exkmine 

to the beitom, search diHt, scrutinize 
ApprontOre, va. 1. v. ApprestOre, allestire 
AppropiOre, -pri4re,va. 1. to applj' pr6perly, 
to adOpt, adjbdge ; appropriOrsi, to apprd- 
priate to one's self 
AppropinquOrsi, vrf. {poet.) v. AppressOrsi 
Appropdsilo, adv. a propds, Oppositely 
AppropriOrsi, vrf. to appr6priate to one's self 
AppropriOto,-a, adj. appropriated, fllted, good 
Appropriatdro , -trice , smf. one who apprd- 

priaies, apprdpriator 
Appropriazidne, sf. appropri&tion , addptidn 
Appropriatamdnte, adv. with propriety, suita- 
bly, right 
Approssimamento, sm. v. Appressamento 
ApprossimOnle,ad;. apprdximOUng, apprdach- 
ing, cdming near; sdmething like 

ndr, rdde; - fill, sdn, bull; - f&re, d^; • by, l^mpb; poise, beys, f(^l|, 

Digitized by 

Diz. Hal. ing. 



— 66 


Approssimire, -knl , t. Accost&re , -4ni ; il 
t^mpo si apprdsiima, the time is appr 6&ch- 
ApprotiimatiTamtote, atfu. by approximation, 

by a rough gneis 
Appro8simatiTO,-a, ac^f . appr&xlmatiTe ; rough 

(not exact) 
Appro88tmazi6ne, tf. {ant.) v. ATTicinazi6ne 
ApproT&bile, adj, approvable, l&udable ^ 
Approyagi6ne^/:(anf.)approb&tioD .approval ; 
(proof) (probilion 

ApproTam^Dto, sm. approT&Dza,(anf.)«f. ap- 
ApproT&re, va. 1. to approve, consenti (eon- 
ApproTalamdnte , adv. irilh the approval of 
Approvatfvo, -a, adj, appniving ; of approbi- 

tion, approval 
Approv&to,-a, adj. approved, confirmed 
Approvat6re, »m. -trice, sf. appriver 
Approvaxi6ne , sf. approbilion , approval], 

Appro recci&rsi, vrf. to benefit, improve, rise 
Approvdccio, sm. profit, advantage, gain 
Approvigionam^nto , sm. viclualUng , lopply 

of provisions; soppl^ 
Approvigionire, txi. i. to victual, to store, to 

supply («i(h necessaries) 
Appolcrire, va. i. {lal.) v. Abbellire 
AppAlso, sm. (astr.) apphlse (approach of any 

planet to a conjunction with the sun) 
Appunl&ble, adj. that can be stitched, pant- 
ed , shftrpened , vdrlhy of rem&rk ; bl&ma- 
ble, f&ulty, c^DSorable 
Appuntamente,a^t). precisely , exactly, just so 
AppuQtamento , sm. appointroeot , salary ; 
appoiotment, assign&iion , agreement con- 
vention, acc6rd; restir in appuntamenlo 
di , to agr^e upon ; ho un appunlaminto 
per le tre , I have an appointment at three 
Appunt&re , va. i. to biiste , tack with pins , 
sew with long stitches ; to p61nt , sh&rpen , 
appunt&re una cdsa, to note a thing, write 
il diSwn; — 6no, to blame or reprove a per- 
son; — un canndne, to point a cknnon 
Appuntataminte, ae/v. v. AppuntamSnte 
Appuntiito, -a, oof/. sUtched, pointed; f6nnal 
Appunl4to, sm. a sum agreed op6n, a settled 
accoiinl; a payment by appoint; adv. pre- 
cisely, exactly 
Appuntat6re, sm. n6ter, critic, cdnsurer 
Appuntatura , sf. blame, censure, note, mark 
Appuntell&re , va. i. {from puntdllo, a prop) 

to prop, stay, support; b6lsler up 
Appuntell&to, -a, adj. pr6pped, stayed 
Appunlfno, precisaminte, adv. just, exkclly; 

ser Appuntino , Mr. Critic 
AppAnto, sm. the balance t>f an accdUnt, the 
balancing , settling or cl6sing an accdiint ; 
blame, censure, note 
I Appiinto , adv. precisely , exactly ; per 1' ap- 
punto, just so, mdttersi in — , to get rdidy 
Apponton&re, t. Appnntellire 

Appuram^nto , tm, a pArif^ing , elkrii^iiig , 

AppurAre, va. 4. to p6rir;f , c14rir;^, cltoDsa 
Appozzamdnto, sm. stench (infection) 
pposs&re fVa. i. to infict with an offensm 

smell ; vn. to emit an ofi'insive smell 
Appuzzol&re, va. 1. v. Appuzz&re 
Aprdnte , adj. 6pening, that 6 pens 
Apric&re , on. 1. to be in the open air and 

exposed to the sun; to bask in the sun 
Aprieo, -a, adj. 6pen and shnny; sm. a shnDy 

spot sheltered from the wind 
Aprile, sm. ipril (a month) (cement 

Aprimdnto, sm. an 6pening, chink; commin- 
Apripdrta, sm. p6rter, door-keeper 
Aprire, va. 3. (&pro, past aprii, part, ap^rto) 

to 6pen , thr6w 6pen , discl6se , uncl6se ; 

aprifsi, to 6pen one's self or itsilf, to burst 

6 pen, to gape, expiind, crack, cleave 
ApriUvo, -a, adj. apftrilive 
April6re , sm. 6pener, p6rter, box-kieper 
Aprit6ra, aprizt6ne, sf. 6peniDg, discldsure 
Apside , sf. ftpsis ( of a church ); kpsidi pi. 

(astr.) ftpsides, the two points (in the orbit 

of a pl&nel ) at the greatest and least dls- 

tance from the sun 
^pteri , smpL kpien (insects without wings) 
Aplero, -a, adj. kpterous, dislitute of wings 
Aqua , sf witer. v. Acqua 
Aqu&rio, sm. Aqu&rius (sign of the Zodiac) 
Aqu&iico , -a, adj. aquatic, plurious, w&iery 
Aqueilk, -&de , Ate ; v. Aquositii 
Aqueo , -a, adj. Aqueous, w&lery 
Aquid6ccio, sm. v. Aquid6tto 
Aquila, sf. an 4agle (stone 

Aquilina {pietra ) , sf { min.) aetites , &gle- 
Aquilino, sm. Eaglet, yohng dagle; adj. ^ui- 

line ; naso aquilino, an iquiline nose 
Aquilon&re, adj. n6rtherly, b6real, si6rmy 
Aquil6ne, sm. n6rth wind, c61d wind, kquilon 
Aquitdtto, sm. r. Aquilino 
Aquosilk, acquositk, sf aqu6sity; w&leriness 
Ara, sf {poet.) all&re, sm. an &llar 
Arabascire, va. 1. to ad6rn with ar&bic wdrk, 

with Arabesques (to, ecc. 

ArabescAto , arabesco , -a , adj, v. RabescA- 
ArAbico, -a, adj. arAbic; arab 
AribWe, adj. Arable 
Arac , arAcca , sm. Arack {spirituous liquor) 

Arrack, rAck 
ArAchide, sm. {hot.) ^rlh-not 
ArAcuide, sm. {ent.) arAchnidan; arAcnidi, 

pi. arAcbntda 
Aracndide , arAnea , sf { anat. ) arAcbnoid , 

arAchnoid membrane , serous c6al of the 

Aracnoidile , sf {med. ) inflammAtion of the 

arAchnoid tunic 
ArAgna , sf arAgno, sm. a spider, a c6bweb 
A ragi6ne , adverb, jiislly 
AragnArsi , vnrf y. AzzuiTArsi 
ArAldica, s/:'hAraldry 

FAt«, m^te, bite, ii6te, t«be; - At, mAt, bit, nbi, thb, /- Ar^^jplqiie, «:3» 

Digitized by VjOO*/!/ 


— 8J — 


Ar&fdo , -a , tmf. a Mrald 

Aram^otq, xm. pldSghiDg, fabsbandry, tillage 

Ariocia, «-/: an draoge 

AnDci&ja , aranci^ra , if. drangery, 6raDge- 

Araociita , 9f. Orangeade (oraoge-water) 
AraDci4to, -a, adj. 6range cdloored 
Arand4lo, $m. 6rangery, brange-pIanUtion 
Arancino , sm. sni&il drange, china-6raDge 
Ar&ncio , Mm. 6raDge-tree ; adj. 6range-c6l- 

Ariote, tm. and adj. pItfQghman , plddghing 
Ar4re , va. i. to plwJgh ; — drillo , to irilk 

AralfTo, -a, adj. pidwable, tillable; tirra ara- 

tiva, pldw-laod, pl^gh-land 
Aratdre, «m. a pldughrnan, h&sbaDdman 
Araldrio, -a, tidj. of hitsbandry, of firming 
Ar4tro (ar&to, ar&tolo) , tm. a pl<$Qgh 
Arat^ra, arazidoe, tf. tillage, ploughing 
Arazzeria, tf. tapestry manufactory tipiitry-wdrker; t4pistry-man- 

Arizzo, sm. lipeslry, hiingings, arras 
ArMntro, belter laberfnto, sm. a Ubirlnth 
Arbitriggio , sm. arbitr&lion 
Arbitrile, adj. (law) by arbitration. 
Arbitram^Dto , sm. irbitrement, arbitrition 
Arbitrinte, sm. he, she -who decides, an arbi- 
Arbitrire , va, i. to Arbitrate , decide , jhdge 
Arbitrariam^nte, adv. Arbitrarily 
Arbitririo, arbflrio, sm. will, free will 
Arbitrario, -a, adj. Arbitrary, free, desp6tic 
Arbitrito, fm. bmpirage (judgment) ; arbi- 
Arbiiratore, sm. irbitritor, Arbiter, hmpire 
Arbftrio, sm. -will, free will; Absolute p9wer 
Arbilro, sm. hmpire, arbitrAtor, Arbiter 
Arb^rAto , arbor6so , -a , adj. fall of trees , 

Arbore {poet,), Albero , sm. a tree 
Arbdreo , -a , adj. arb6reou8 , of trees 
Arbcresetfnte , adj. arborescent 
Arborelo, sm. a gr6Te, plantAtion , wood 
Arborifdrme, adj. arb6riform, having the 

form of a tree 
Arborizzazidne , sf. arborizAtion ( the figure 

of a plant in minerals or fossils) 
Arboscillo , arbuBclIlo , arbusculo , arbtwco , 

sm. arbuscdila, arbQscuIa, sf. a little tree, 

Arbust^no , sm. wfid Tine (climbing up trees) 
Arbiisto, sm. Arbute, shrub, dwArf tree 
ArbAto , sm. Arbute , strAw-b6rry tree 
Area. sf. a chest or coffer; a e6rQn; sarc6ph- 

agos, brn. tomb. Ark; Ark of the cdrenant; 

un' Area di scidoza , a yery learned man , 

an Eminent sehdiar 
Arcaecia , sf. old chest , trunk 
Arcade, arcAdico, -a, adj. arcAdian 
Arcadore, sm. Archer, bAwman; knAye, chiat 

Arcafsmo, am. Ancient phrAse , Archaism 

ArcAle, mi. Arch (of a door), semicircle, edatm 

Arcaliffo, sm. cAlif, cAliph, kAlif 

Arcame, carcAme, sm. a cAreass (skeleton ) 

Arcanamtote, adv. sAcrelly, mysteriously 

ArcAngelo, sm. an archAagel 

ArcAno, sm. an archAnum, a hidden m^stary 

— a, adj. hidden , mysterious 

ArcAre, van. 1. to let off an Arrow, to shoot; 

to Areh ; to chiat 
ArcAsso, sm. the stern-frAme, biittock of a ship 
ArcAia, sf. a b6w-8hol; a slr6ke with the bdw 

of A fiddle; tirAr in arcAta, to inquire ob* 

liquely, to pump (cheated 

ArcAto , -a , adj. Arched , vaulted , clirved ; 
Arcatdre, arcad6re, sm. a bfrwman, an Archer 
ArcAfoU , sf greAt greAt grand-mdlher 
ArcArolo, sm. grcAt great grAnd-fAlher 
Aroe, lot. sf. rock 
ArcheggiAre, va. i. to bend (any thing)inthe 

fof m of an Arch; tm. (mut.) to ^e the bdw, 

to scr&pe , fiddle, strhm 
ArcheggiAlo, -a, adj bent, cbrred, TAulted 
Archeologia, sf. archedlogy 
Archeoldgico,-a, ad[/. arehoDoldgical, relAting 

to archcedlogy 
Archedlogo, sm. arch<B61ogist , one versed in 

Archetipo , sm. Archetype 
Arclieito, archellfno, sm. a smAII arch, little 

bow; the bdw of a violin , a flddle-stick 
ArcbibugiAre , van. 1. to shoot with an Ar- 

ArcbibnsAfa, archibngiAta , sf. gun-shot 
Archibusiera, sf. better feritdja, sf. a loop-bole 
Archibasidre, arcbibugidre, sm. arqoebusidr 
ArchibQso , archibugio , sm. handgan, Ar- 

ArchidiAcono, sm. archdeacon 
Archiera, arciira, sf loop-hole, bArbican 
ArcbigiDoAsio , sm. cbi^f GymoAsium 
Archimandrita, sm. the bell-wether, the leader 

or chidf of the flock; archimAndrite 
ArchimlAre , inz. 1. to transmdle metals , etCw 
ArchlpenzolAre , va. 1. to regulate by the 

Archipensolo, sm. I6ad-plbmmet 
Architimpio. sm. chi^f temple 
ArcbitellAre, va. i. to plan, build, to lay tiHt 

on archiie(flural principles , to contrive 
ArcbileltAto, a, adj. plAoned, built ; devised 
Architdtlo, sm. Arcbileot , builder, contriver 
Arohiidlto, -a, adj. uf an Architect, beldnging 

to Arebllecture, architectural 
Archilelldnico , -a, adj. architectural 
Architeltdre, sm. -trice, sf better architdlto, 

Architect, builder; fotinder, originAtor, 

Architetldra , sf. Architecture 
ArchitrAve , sm. Architrave 
ArchitraTAlOi -a, adj. hAving an Architrave 
Architriclino, sm. high seneschal 

Bdr, rad«;-8te, All, bull;-f4re, d6, -bt, l^mph; p&t< 



— 68 — 


ArchWiire, ca. i. to rfegister in the ftrchiTes 
Archivi&lo» -a, adj. registered, aalhentic&ted 
Archfvio, sm. flrchfres , 6ld records dfOce 
ArchWfsla , tm, recorder, kfieper of the r61l8 
ArcbivAUo , «w. Iipper conl6ur of an 4rch 
Arci, a prdflx contrkdted from the Greeh w6rd 
arehi glgnifijing capo , gr&nde , emindnle , 
flrch, extra, ftver, high, etc. as, Arcid&ca, 
Archduke, Grand Dake 
Arcibdllo, -a, adj. mbii beaAtlfal, dxtra-fine 
Arcibeofssimo , adv. exceedingly well 
Arcibesli6ne, sm. gre&t blockhead 
Arciboofssimo , -a , adj. s6per-£xcellent , 
perfect (ful , learned 

Arcibriyo, -a, adj. Bupfirlatiyely brare , skil- 
Arctbricc6De, sm. an 4rch Tillain, Arrant 
scdundrel (knave 

Arcibuff6ne, sm. atfery fool, Arch fool, Arrant 
ArcicoosolMo, sm. the dignity of First C6n8ul 
Arcicdnsolo , sm. a First Gdnsul 
ArcicontSoto , -a , adj. more than content , 

quite pleased, delighted, overjoyed 
Arcicorred&to, -a^ adj. extra -provided, richly 

Arcicredere , va. 3. to believe m6st fully 
Arcidevolfssimo, -a, adj. m6st trftly dev6tod 
Arcidevdlo, -a, adj. given irh6ilyto dev6lion; 

superstltiously devoi^t 
Arcidiacon&to , sm. archddaconship 
Arcidiicono , sm. archdeacon 
Arcidi4Yi)lo, sm. the chief of the fallen Angels, 

Arcid6ca, sm. Archduke 
Arcidiic&le , adj. archd6cal , pertAining to an 

ArciducAto , sm. archdukedom 
Arciduch6ssa, sf. archdiichess 
Arcieloquentissimo , -a , adj. m68t Eloquent , 

remarkably or superlatively eloquent 
ArcicpiscopAle, adj. archicpiscopal 
Arci^re, -o, -a , smf. Archer, female Archer 
Arcifallilo , -a , adj. who was fAilod ir- 
ArcifAnfano,- a, sm/*. a vAntard, romkncer, swell 
ArcitlemmAlico, -a, adj. phlegmktic, c6ld, dull 

h6avy, sluggish in the highest degree 
Arcirondat6re,sm. the first or primitive fuunder 
ArcigiuIlAre, sm. a jugftler, buffoon, quix 
Arcignamento, adv. griiffly, sourly, scdwlingly 
Arcignezza, sf. griilToess, cr6s^ess, asperity 
Arcigno, -a, adj. shArp, crAbbod, hArsh^rufT, 

far vfso arcigno, to Iook grim , to scowl 
Arcilodkre^t^a. i. to cry up, extol, mAgnif;^ 
Arcimajuscolo, -a, adj. cApital, exlr^mely hu- 
ge, ridiculous 
ArcimAllo, -a, adj. rAving mad, slArk mad 
ArcimAstro, maSslro, sm. h6ad mAsler; m6st 
distinguished mAster, mAster by Eminence 
Arciroenlire, vr. 3. to tell am6stbdrefAced lie 
Arcinfernkle, adj. more than heilisb 
Arcinobilissimo, -a , adj. m6st noble 
ArcionAto, -a, adj, poet. sAddled 

Arci6ne, tm. BAddle-b6w (saddle) 
Arcipeiago, sm. (^eo^.) ^rchipMago, i^gAansAa 
Arcipochlssimo , -a , a4j. Tory little indAed , 

next to n6thing 
Arcipodta, sm. the prince of p6e(s 
ArciprAsso, better ciprisso, sm. a cypress trea 
AreipresbiterAto | sm. dignity , 6ffiee of an 
ArciprttAto i Arch-pri6st, Arch-prA- 

ArcipretAle, adj. of an arch priest, Arch-prAs- 

Arciprdte, sm. Arch priest ^ arch-pr^sbyter 
ArcisAvio, -a, adj. superlatively wise 
Arcisinag6go , archisinagAgo , sm. the chiAf 

of the synagogue 
Arcisolenne, adj. most s61emn 
ArcispedAle, sm. principal hdspital 
ArcivescovAdo, sm. archbishopric 
ArcivescovAle, -ile, adj. archicpiscopal 
Arcivescovo, sm. archbishop 
Arcivdslro, -a, adj. m6st trfily yoArs 
Arco, sm. b6w, Arch, clirve, semicircle 
Arcobaieno, sm. rAinbAw; Iris 
Arcobugio, sm. v. ArchibAso 
ArcolAjo. sm. rdel, winder, yArn-blAdes 
Arconcello, sm^. a smAll b6w 
ArcAnle, fm. Archon , one of the nine chiAf 

magistrates iu Ancient Greece 
ArcoreggiAre, va. i. to breAk wind; (to belch) 
ArcuAlo, -a, adj. bent, crooked, Arched, ciirved 
ArcAccio, sm. cr&dle tester, top -head [of era- 
dies) ; crAdling {of beds) 
Arde]i6ne, sm. pAnder 

Arddnte, adj. Ardent, bhrning, fiery ^ keen» 
eager. Amorous; Acchi ardenti, keen, pierc- 
ing e^es; rAggi arddnti, burning rAys ; ca- 
vAllo ardSnte, a spirited fiery horse 
Ardenlemente, adv. Ardently , passionately 
ArdSnza. sf. beat , gl6w , intense h^at , fiery 
Ardour, Ardency , Aagerness , burning desi- 
re ; neli' ardenza dell' ira , in tbe beat of 
Ardere , vn. 2. irr. (Ardo, -i, -e , past , Arsi , 
Arse , Arsero , part . Arso ) to bbrn , blAze, 
gldw, be Ardent, shine; spirito da Ardere » 
spirits to biirn, spirits of wine; Ardere 
d'am6re, di sdfgno, to gl6w with 16ve, burn 
with rAge; — va. to consume; il fudco Arso 
m6Ue cAse,the fire consAmed (or bdrnt 
diSwn) a nhmber of bouses 
Ardesia, sf. a slAte 
Ardigiidne, sm. tdngne (of a buckle) 
Ardimdnto, sm. bAldness, dAring, hArdibood 
Ardiment6so. -a, adj. bold,. daring, hArdy 
Ardire, »n. 3. (ardlsco, -isci,-isce,-iamo, -fte, 
-iscono) to dAre, to be bdld or adventurous , 
to take tbe liberty ; sm. dAring, hArdibood, 
beidness, vAlour 
ArditamAnte, adv. b6dly, daringly 
Ardiiezza, sf. b61dness, dAring, hArdibood 
Ardilo, -a, adj. bold^ hrAve, daring^ hArdy 
ArdAre, sm. Ardour, wArmth; fervour, gi6w» 

FAte, mete, blt«, nAte, tAbs; - fAt 

» "^**' '*^ ^'i'g',tiz*5'bjCC?6g^'5^ 

;««. «:^ 

ABD — 69 — 


nirm desire; caT&llo pifoo d'ardore, a 
meltlMome •plrited horse 
Ardaamcnte. adv. Arduously, vith dirOcuUy 
Arduiti, if. &rduousness, dUficulty ; steepness 
Ardno , -a, adj. Arduous, difficult, bArd, tJTil- 
some , perilous; Ardua intrapr^a, an 4r- 
dooos QodertikiDg; irdoo <ni. ?. Ardniti 
Ardura, sf, j. ArsAra, cod6re, brueidre 
Area, 9f. Area, superficies (extent) 
Ar^ca, sf. {bot.) arec, arica ( a kind of palm- 
ATcfaxidoe, tf. areAction (drying) 
Ar^Ua, sf. a sm&ll ir&oden stt for swine 
Arem , ar^mme . sm. b&rem ( the diTision al- 
lotted to females in the East) 
Ar^na, sf. sand, grAvel , sand* bank ; arina, 
amphitheatre ; le boll^nti arine di Libia , 
the bhrning sands of L^bia 
Areniceo, -a, ac(;. s&ndy, Arenope,arenAceons 
Aren&rio, sm. gladi&tor, prize-fighter 
ArenArti, vwrf. to stick in the sand, run 

agr6und, get strAnded 
Ar^nga, sf. birring {fish.) ; har&ngue 
Arenositi, -ide, -Ate, sf. sAndiness 
Arendso, -a. adj. sAndy, full of sand 
Ar^nte , adj. t. Arido 

Ar^olo, areola, smf. areola ; t. Ajitta, aju6ia 
Aredmelro, sm. aredmeter (an instrument for 

measuring the specific gravity of liquids) 
AreonAuta, sm. i, AeronAuta 
Areopagfta , areopagilo , sm. Are6pagfte , a 

member of the Are6pagus 
AreopAgo, sm. are6pagu8 (a sovereign tribu- 
nal at Athens) 
AreostAtico, -a, atfj. AerostAlic; pallone areo- 

stAtico, an Air balloon 
Aredstilo, sm. (arch.) Areost^lo (arrangement 
of columns with wide spaces between them) 
Areoletldnica, sf. (mf/.)areotechl6nics (attack 

and defence of fortified places ) 
ArlsU, sf. T. R«sta 

ArfMatldUo, arfasAtto, sm. a 16w-born Allow 
ArganAre, va. 1. to wire-drAw,8pin into wire 
Argano, sm. windlass, cApstan. crAne 
Argemdne, sm. (bot.) Argemone, prickly poppy 
ArgentAjo, argenil^re , »m. silversmith 
ArgenlAie, adj. silver-c&loured, silvery 
ArgentAre, vo. i. r. InargentAre 
ArgentAlo, -a, a4j. 6verlAid with silver 
Argentatdre, sm. one that pi Ates, silvers 6ver 
Argentatfira, sf silvering 
ArgAnteo , -a , adj. silvery , silver-c51oored ; 
tAsi arg£ntei, silver vAses ; argdntea luna, 
the silvery moon 
Argenterfa, sf pi Ate, silver-plate 
Argeotiera. sf. a silver-mine 
Argenljdre, argenli^ro, sm. a silver-smith 
Argentina , sf. ( bot. ) argentina , argentine , 

silver-weed, wild laosy 
Argenlino, -a, adj. sllver-cdloured , silvery; 

T6ce argentina, a cidar silvery vSce 
Arg^nto, sm, silver 

Argentorffero, -a, adj, producing silver 
Arglnto vivo, sm. quicksilver, mircury ; aver 
r arginto vivo adddsso , to be Always in 
(Arg(glia) argilla, sf Argil, clay, p&tter's clay 
Argigli6so, -a, argill6so, -a, adj. clAyey 
ArgillAceo, -a, adj. argillAceons, eliyish 
Arglnam^nto, sm. the rAising a dyke or bank 
ArginAre, va. 4. to rAise a dyke or rAmpart 
ArginAto , -a , adj. guArded by a bank, mo- 
le, etc 
ArgioatAra, sf ^mbAnkment, diking 
Argine, sm. a. dyke, bank, /ei>ee,mole; mAt- 

tere Argine a, to opp6se a bArrier to 
Argin^tto, sm. a little dyke, bank; rftmpart 
Argiodso, -a, cu/j, fOll of banks, impediments 
Argndne, sm. v. Arni6ne 
Argo , sm. (astr.) Argo nAvis (rogant 

ArgogliArsi, vrf. 1. (an/.) to grdw prfiHd, Ar- 
ArgomentAccio, sm. a bad Argument 
Argoroentire, van. i. to Argue, reason; to pro- 
ve by syllogisms or Arguments ; {syn. argui- 
re), to Argue, tend to prove; — Arsi, to equip 
one's self, prepare (Dfli* 

Argomentat6re, sm. Arguer, disputant r^aso- 
Argomentazi6ne, sf an Argument, a dispAte, 

dijBciission, ^rgumentAtion, reasoning 
ArgomAnlo, sm. a reason , Argument , syllo- 
gism, proof, a conjectural Argument, sign, 
indicAtion ; a reasoning , Argument, dlspA- 
te; the Argumentorsiibjectmatler of a dis- 
c6urse; a tool, instrument; (an injection) 
Argoroent6so, -a, at//. porsuAstve, convincing, 

powerful ; ingenious , skilled in Argument 
ArgonAuta, sm. Argonaut 
Arguire, va. 3. (arguisco , -isci , -isce, ec.) to 
infer, conclAde, Argue, to blame, reprim And; 
dal nhmero de' delitli si pub arguire (o ar- 
gomentAre) lacivillA d*un pdpolo, from the 
nbmber of crimes we may Argue or infer 
the degree of civilization of a people 
ArgumeutAnte, sm. rea6oner,dispulant, Arguer 
ArgumentAre, argumento, v. ArgomentAre 
Argutamente, adv. Artfully, shblilly 
Arguietza, sf finesse, subtllity; wit, quibble, 

willy conceit 
Argulo.-a.aef;. sbbtil, ingenious, vitty,piquAnt 
Argiizia, sf shblilly, ingenuity, piquancy ; a 
quibble, bon-mot, joke, wUticism ; dire 
arguzie, to say good things, be piquAnt 
Aria , sf. the ^ir , the vital air ; air , mien , 
look; (mus.) an air, tune, song; favellAr 
in Aria, to lAlk idly , lAlk to the winds; 
pigliAr r Aria, to tike the Air, to (ako a 
walk, a ride,'an 4iring; Aria aperta, the 
6pen air ; bell* Aria di tesla , a n6ble air , 
beauliful turn of the bead, loflymien; Aria 
infetla, foul air; casteili in Aria, cAslles in 
the air; fabbricAto in Aria (chimerico), 
air built; scbieppodaAria, air-gun; imper- 
meAbile all* Aria, air-tight; leggicro c6me 
I'Aria, iiry-lighl 

■6r,rikde;-fUl, sAn, bull; - fibre, d^; • 

b^l^mph; pQse , bfys , foW , fi^l • 

Digitized by VjOOQ IC 


— 70 — 


Arianfsmo, »f. Arfanism 

Ariinna , sf. {attr.) Ari&dne (a constellation 

in the northern hemisphere) 
Aridam^nte, adv. drylj 
Arid^zza, aridiUte I tf. aridity, dryness, Mr- 
Ariditi, aridiUde | renoess; tiresomeness 
Arido, -a, a(//. Arid, dr^; fig. tiresome 
Arieggi&re, va. I. to resemble, look like 
Ari4nto, t. Argento (ing ram 

Ariet&re , va. I. to b6at down with a h^tter- 
Ari^te, »m. ram; Aries; battering ram 
AriMia, *f. a little air, an arietta, a song, tone 
Ariettlna, if. short 4ir, lillie song, sonftta 
A rilento, adverb. s6niy, c&utiousij 
Arimine , sm. &riman , 4briman , &rima {the 

evil genius of the Persians) 
Arfoga, sf. a bar&ngae, speech; a herring 
Aringaminto, sm. harkngue, long speech 
Aring&re , van. I. to harangue , to make a 

Artogito, -a, aifj. bariingued, prepared, riadj 
Aringat6re, sm. speaker, 6rator, harknguer 
Aringheria, sf. harknguc. speech, disc6arse 
Aringhidra, sf. rdstrum, bir, hhstings 
Arfngo I 9771. arioa , lists ; r6strnm , b&r , 
Arringo j pulpit; harangue, tournament 
AriAlo, tm. dirfner, sooths&yer; t. Indovfno 
Ari6na, sf. a n6ble air, majestic appearance 
AHdso,-a, adj. Airy; well 4ired, sftnny Airy, 

light, giddy, gay, whimsical; prAlty, grAce- 

fol , cb&rming ; cisa ari6sa , a welt Aired 

h<Si)se, a hdllse in an 6pen, shnny spot 
Arismitica^ arismdtrica, sf. {flnl.) arithmetic 
Arista, sf. chine of p6rk 
Aristarcheggi&re, vn. I. to criticise ser^rely 
Arist&rco, sm. Aristarcb, a merciless critic 
Aristdcrata, sm. Aristocrat 
AristocraticamSnte, adv. aristocratically 
ArJstocrAtico,-a, adj. aristocrilical 
Aristocrazia, sf aristftcracy 
Aristotelicaminte, adv. according to Aristotle 

or to his phil6sopby 
AristotSlico,-a,a«(/. oforboldngingto Aristotle 
Aristolelismo, sm. Arislotelianism 
Aristula, sf small flsh b6ne 
AritmSUca, sf. arithmetic 
Aritmdtico, sm. an arithmetician, acc^Qntant 
Aritmdlico, -a, adj. aritbmMic 
ArlecchinAta, sf hArlequioAde 
Arlecchino, sm. hArlequin, bufToon, j^ter 
Arldtto, sm. a dirty glblton; sl&venly fool 
Arma, sf. poet. t. Arme ; anl. v. Alma 
ArmAccia, sf. clhsmsy weapon, bad arms 
Armacdllo (ad), adverb. acr6ss , (slung ) 6Yer 

the sh6older, in asling 
ArmadiAccio , sm. a bad cl6the8 press , iigly 

ArmAdio,sm. apress, c16thes press, cdp-bdard 
Armadiira, sf Armour (arms) 
ArmadurAtta, sf. light Armour 
Armaju6lo, armAjo, sm. Armourer , gnn-f mith 
ArmamentArio, sm. Arsenal, Armoury 

ArmamAalo, sm. the Arming, equipping , pre* 

pAring for s6a; n Arnament 
Arm Are ^ va. i. to arm; •— Arsi , vrf. to arm 

one's self 
ArmArio,sm. a e16tbe8-preis; press, (book-eaie) 
ArmAla, sf a Heet, nAry ; an Army 
Armatam6nte, adv. by mAin f6rce, with arms 
ArmatAlta, armatAlla, sf. small ileet, Army 
ArmAto,- a, adj. Armed, Gtted up, provided with 
Armat6re, sm. privateer, privateer cAptain 
Armatiira, sf. Armour, cuirAss, briast-pUte 
Arme e Arroa , plur. Armi e Arme , sf Arms 
weapons, Armour; Arme genlilitie, e6at 
of Arms, crest, Arms; mudver T Armi , U> 
begin or declAre a wAr; air Armi t to Armst 
Arme da fuoco, fire Arms; Arme biAnche, 
8w6rds, dAggers, all Arms except fire Arms ; 
fAtto d' Arme , an expl6it; piAzza d' arme » 
Mars-fiild, Army squAre; far il riso dell' Ar- 
me, to look dAggers; porlAr le Armi , to 
beAr Arms; presnntAre le Armi ( mii. ) , to 
present Arms; aprirsi il pAsso colle Armi, 
to ffght one* s wAy ; tevArsl ad Arme (c6r- 
rere all' Arme), to rise in Arms; dar di 
piglio air Armi, to take up Arms; depArre 
r Armi, to lAy down one's Arms 
Armeggeria, sf. t. Armeggiam^nto 
( ArmeggATole ) armegglAote , adj. fighting 
ArmeggiamAnto, sm. a jodst, mock-cdmbat^ 

ArmeggiAre, vn. 4. to johst; mn a tilt; stAm- 
mer, hesitate, to rhmmage like a silly pArson 
Armeggiat6re, sm. a johsler, tiller, swdrdsman 
Armeggierla, sf. till, joiist , mock encdiknter 
ArmAggio, sm. j. Armam^nto 
Armeggio, sm. a rhmmaging (like a silly 

Armeggi6ne, sm. a fhssy or meddling fAllow 
Armel , sf {boi.) hArmel, the wild African rfto 
Armellina, sf. the fur of the Armine, Armine 
Armellioo, ermellioo, sm. Armine (er 

ArmentArio,s}n.Jierdsman, drAver, c<Sw-kAep- 
Armenf Ario, -a, adj. of cAtlle 
ArmdnlOy sm. drAve, herd of cAttle 
Armeria, sf Arsenal, Armoury, place for Arms 
ArmetremAndo, -a, adj. poel. drAadful in Arms 
ArmicAlla, sf smAll wAapon, trffiing arms 
ArmiAro, -a, adj. bAing in arms; sm. Asqnire 

(a knight's companion ) , Armiger 
Armifero, -a, adj. armigerous , beAriog armt 
Armigero, -a, adj. wArlike; sm. an Armiger 
Armilla (armSlla), sf brAcelet, Armlet 
ArmillAre , adj. Armillary , like a brAcelet; la 

sfSra armillAre, the Armillary sphAre 
ArmipotAnte, adj. mighty in Arms, wArlfke 
Armistizio, sm. Armistice, suspension of Arms 
ArmizsAre, va. 1. {mar.) to cAst Anchor, moor 
Armizzo, sm. [mar.) mAoring 
ArmoneggiAre , vn. 1. t. ArmonizzAre 
Armenia, sf hArmony, cAncord, Anion 
Armonlaco , sm. ammAniac , gum ammAniae , 
salt ammoniacom 

File, mAte, biU, nAU, tAbe; 

At, mAt, bit, ndt, thb; - Ur, ptoiM,^::^ 

Digitized by VjOOQ LC 


— 71 — 


Amionteco, -a, adj. biranonfied , set in drder 
Armdnieo, -*, aifj. barm6iiical, mAsical 
Amooiosamdota, ado, barmdDioasly 
AriBODi6so, -a, adj. barmdiiious , mel 6dioos 
AfBonisla, tm. hArmoiiist, moslciao , eomp6- 

•er of mAsic 
ArmonizzamADio, tm. barmbniooaneu, mAsi- 

caloess, agriemoDt, cdDCord 
ArmonizsiDte, <u//. birmoDfc'iDg (mony 

Armoniziire, vn. i. to birmooixe, mike hit- 
Armoniziilo. -a, adj. b&rmonfted ; gi^vane 

b^oe armoninito, a veil made yofttb 
Arooriccio,bel/er ramol&ceio, «m. boree-r&dish 
Aroaldisti, «m. pi. irnoldisls, disdples of Ar- 

Dold of Brteeia 
Arnesirio, tm. called in Lombardy attrenf- 

•ta , tm, {theatre) manager (for tbe deeor&- 

tioD, drteeing, ptc.) 
Arn^» tm. ge&r, bftrness, utiDsili* fbroitare, 

cl6tbes; mile in arotee, bkdly cl6tbed 
AmeiMto, sm. light ateDtil , lilUe InslrumeDt 
Arnia , tf. bee*bive 

Aroiijo, tm. ipiary, a f land or sbed for bees 
Arnica , tf, (6ol.) Arnica 
Amidne, argndne, rogndoe, mi. a Iddney 
Arnomasiia, tf. diTinaUon by the inapiction 

Aro (d* Egitto), tm, {hot,) Egyptian b^an, co- 

Ardma, tm, ar6ma, fragrance 
Aromalirio, tm. a seller of spices, a grdeer 
Aromalicbfeaa I tf. aromiitica , qn&lity aro- 
Aromaliciti ( mktic 
Aromilico, -a, adj. aromkUc , friigrant; spicy 
Arom&ticOySm. pdrfnme, sweet 6door , friigraoce 
AromaUie , tm. pridoos stone of the nAtnre 

of myrrb 
Aromatiaiire^ oo. I. to ardmatize , perf Ame 
AT6malo, tm, Aromiities, sveetsmilliog spice 
A rompiedllo /adverb, at tbe risli of bre&king 

one's neck, headlong, rishly , precipitately 
Arpa, tf. a hirp; -^ d' Eolo, an B6Iian birp 
Arpagon4re, barp6oo; clhtch, grkpple 
Arpagdne, tm. barpdon, harping iron 
Arpe, tf. T. Arpa 

Arpeggiamento, tm. b&rping, arpeggio 
Arpeggi&re, vn. 1. to pl4y (on) the bArp , 

stfiknd ibo l^re ; birp ; to arp^ggiate 
Arpeggio, tm. (miif.) arpeggio 
Arpese, tm. [arch,) hdldfast 
Arpi^i 8f* a hftrpy ; a ritrenons wretcb 
Arpicire, oa. 1. to climb, or scramble np ; to 

Arpicdrdo, bnonacedrdo. tm. a birpsicbord 
Arpfno, tm. b6ok, grippling iron 
Arpionc^llo, arptoncino, tm. a sm&ll binge 
Arpidne, tm. addororirlndow-btnge, a hook, 

Arpista, tm. a hArper, minstrel, birpist 
Arp6ne, tm. harpoon, fish sp^ar, spdar 
Arra, tf. earnest, Earnest m&ney, plAdge 
Arrabattirsi, wf I. to tSll bArd, endiaronr 

Arrabbiamfoto, tm. rliger, rabid ffiry 
Arrabbi4re, vn. 1. to bec6me rkbid,get f&rioos; 

— dalla f&me, to hire a v^lfs kppetite 
Arrabbiam^nto, tm. r&ge, r&bid fary 
Arrabbiire, tm. i. to bec6me rkbld, get ib- 

rions; — dalla fame, to bare a woirs appetite 
Arrabblataminte, adv. r&bidly, fbrionsly 
Arrabbiatdllo, tm, a fArioos little fillow 
Arrabbi&to, -a, ad{j, enraged, rkbid ; m^ro, 

ArraffAre , arraffllire , va. i.Xo sdse with a 
gritppling iron ; to grkppie , bdok , sn&tcb, 
wrest, wrincb 
Arraff&to, -a, adj. snktcbed, wrteted, seized 
Arramacei4re, va. i. to drl? e (one) in a slidgo 
Arramacciito , -a , adj. dr&wn in a slMge ; 

Arramat4re, tMi.i. to catch birds by fire light 
Arramp4rsi , vnrf t. Arrampiclirsi 
Arrampic&re, -Arsi, vn. 4. to climb, dkmber 
Arrancire, vn. i. to go lime; limp; to r6w bird 
Arrancito, -a, a4j. b&rd rdwing 
Arraocidire, vn. S. (isco, -isci) to bec&mo 

rkncid, musty, old 
Arrancidito, • a, adj. bec5me rincid, mbsty , 6ld 
Arrandellire, va. i. to tie, bind fist, nrl, fling 
Arranfi&re , va. 1. to snktch, catcb, gripe, siizo 
Arrangol&re, vn. 4. to grdw ingry, imp&tient 
Arrangollito, -a, adj. enraged, fArions, b&rd 
Arrantol&to, -a, adj. bdarse, b&rsb, robgh 
Arrapinlito,-a, afl(/. p&ssionate, b&sty, tiresome 
Arrapp&re, va. i. y. ArraO&re 
Arrappatdre, tm, -trice , tf. r6bber, rarisber 
Arrasp&re, va. i. ▼. Raspire 
Arr&ta, tf better km, lamest 
Arreciro, vo. 1. (arrteo, -cbi, -ea), to bring ; 

T. RecAre 
Arrecatdre, tm. -trice, tf be, she wb6 brings 
ArredAre, va. i. to rig dUt, fbrnish, ad6rn 
Arrddo, tm. rlggipg, fbrniture, drnament 
ArrembAggio , tm. tbe act of bdarding a ship 
ArrembAre, va. i. to bdard, attAck, cbArge 
ArrenAmento, tm. a rbnning agr^nd, stick- 
ing in the sand , strknding ; fig. stdppago , 
dblness, diadness, stagnAlion of trade 
ArrenAre, vn. 1. {from arena, sand) to stick 
in tbe sand, run asbdre or agrdiind, to get 
strAnded; fig. to be sldpped , stuck, strAn- 
ded; va. to rub witb sand, pdlisb witb 
ArrenAto, -a, adj. strAnded, run agrdiind 
Arrendamdnto, tm. a rioting, Idase, tenure 
Arrendatdre, tm. arrendatrice, tf rtoter 
Arrdndersi . vrf 3. to surrender, to give in; 
{bot.) to bend , yidid, comply ; — con capl- 
tolazidne, (mi7.)tosorrftnder up&n Articles; 

— a discrezidne, to sorrdnderat discrdtion 
ArrenddTole, adj. pliant, flexible, sbpple 
ArrendoToldzza, tf flezibility, dodlity 
Arrenderolffldnte , adv. in a pliable mAnner 
Arrendiffldnto, tm. a surrdndering , gWing in 
ArrequiAre, vn. 1. poet. t. RiposAre 

idr, rAde; - Oil, sdn, 

biUl;.f4r., d6;.bt,limpb, P«**, b(9i. ,f^,. ^'oA^t^ 


— 72 — 


Arreso^ -a- airendAlo, -^todj. surrAndered 
Arrestire, arrist, stop, sdize, deUin; 
— UD I&dro, to arrisl a T6bber ; — la Iftn- 
cia, to place the l&nce in reft, to ctfSch the 
l&nce ; arrett&rsi , to stop , be sl6pped ; ar- 
restirsi a mezso discdrso , to stop in the 
middle of a speech 
Arrestatftre, tm. one vh^ arr&sts , a tipstaff, 


Arrdsto , arreslam^nto, tm, arr&st, the act of 

arristing or apprehiodtDg , a c&ption ; a 

8t6ppage, del&y; decree, decision , {litUe uted) 

Arretire , arreticiire , va. i. to catch in the 

net, to insD^re 
Arretic&to, -a, mHJ- ensn&red, e&ught in the net 
Arretr&rsi , vrf. i. ( m' arr£tro , ecc. ) , to go, 

fill or stlrt back, to recede, flinch , recoil 
Arrelr&to, -a, ad^f. g6ne or driwn back; left 

behind, left onpjiid, in arr^ar 
Arretiuio, -a, adj. surprised, oppressed 
Arrezz&re, txi. i. to sh&de, shadow, scrton 
Arri 1 arri! hey I hey 1 go on {speaking to a 

beast of burden) 

Arriccbimento, sin. the enriching, gr6wing rich 

Arricchire , vn. 5. (arrichfsco , "fsci , -(see , 

-i&mo , -ite , -iscono ), to get or gr6ir rich ; 

va. to make rich , to enrich , to ad6rn ; ar- 

ricchfrsi, to bec&me rich,topr6sper,thriTe 

Arricchito, -a, arfj, enriched, gr6vn rich 

Arricciamento, stn. a bristling up of the h&ir; 

a shdden h6rror, a fright which mikes the 

hair stand on. end; a chrling. curl 

Arricci4re, va. i. (arriccio, ecc.) to bristle 

up , stand on end ; to curl , frizzle , friz , 

crisp; m' arricci&rono i capelli , my h&ir 

stood on end ; arricciire i capelli , to curl 

or friz the hair; — il mfiso , to turn up 

one's nose ; — un mAro, to roughcast a will 

Arricci4to, -a, adj. chrled , bristled up , Irri- 

Arricciat6ra, sf. chrliog, curls, frizzing, friz- 
zling, crisping ; first c6at of rohgh cast 
Arricciolire , va. i. to friz, frizzle, crisp; to 

form into smiUl curls or ringlets 
ArricciolJito, -a, adj. frizzled, chrled, crisped 
Arricciolinamdnto, sm. cbrls, frizzling, ringlets 
Arricordirsi, vnrf. t. Ricordirsi 
Arrfdere , va. 2. irr. ( arrfdo , past, arrfsi , 
part, arrfso), to smile up6n, firour; la For- 
tuna arride alia nostra impresa , F6rtune 
smiles up6n or firours our Enterprise 
ArrifTAre, vn. to riffle ; put to slake, jdopardiie 
Arrioginte, -gat6re, stn. harAnguer, 6rator 
Arring&re, von. I. arringo,T. Ariogire, arfngo 
Arrip&re, va, i. poet. t. Approdire 
Arxischiam6nto, sm. a risldng, risk 
Arrischiinte, adij. during, advinlurous, fool- 
Arrischiire, va. i. (arrischio, -i, -ia,) to risk, 
hizard , jeopardize ; vn. e arrischi&rsi , 
vrf. to risk , run the risk , dare , venture , 
be b6ld 

Arrischiatarainte , adv. daringly, adTintur- 
ously, hizardoutly, risbly, with greit risk 
Arrischi&to, -a, adj. risked, hisardons , per- 
ilous ; d&ngerous (rish 
ArrischidYole,ad(/. d4ring, resolute, fool-h4rdy, 
Arrischio, sm. j, Rfschio 
Arrisicire, va. i. Risic&re, risic&to, ecc. 
Arriss&rsi , vnrf. to wringle , quirrel , kick 

up. a rtfw 
Arris tiirsi, vnrf. ▼. Arrischiirsi , cimenlirsi 
ArriTibile, adij. that can be rtoched or at« 

t&ined to 
Arriyam^nto, sm. arriral , cdming (rfoching) 
ArriYire, vn. 1. {from riia, bank, shore), to 
make land, toheh the bank, r6aeh the sh6re ; 
to arrffe, c5me to ; to rtech , c6me up to , 
attiin to ; va. to bring ash6ro , to help to, 
to rdach a thing; da YenAsia a Olilino 
s* arrfTa in sddiei ore , you cdme (or can 
come) from Venice to Milan in slxtten 
hd^rs ; ci sono arriT^to alle tre , I arrived 
at three ; io non arrivo con la mano quel 
r4mo, I cinnot riach that brinch; non 
ci arrfvo , I cinnot attiin to it , r6ach it , 
uod^rstind it, it's beydnd my compre- 
hension, ab&ve my r^ach; arrivitemi qoella 
cosa, r6ach me that; arrir&r bene, to be 
veil reciiTed, to succeed 
Arriv&to, -a, adj. arrived, r6ached, attiinedto 
Arrfvo, sm. arrivita, sf. arrival, c&min); 
Arrizzire, van. i. to bristle; v. Arricciire 
Arrdba, sf. an arobe, arroba, {weight, measure) 
Arrobbiire, van. 4. to d^e with m Adder 
Arrocire, vn. i. to gr6w h6arae ; v. Affiocire 
Arroccire, va. i. to fill the disUff: to c&stle 
Arrocchiire.txi.i. to cut in pieces, botch, c6bble 
Arroganticcio, -a , adj. v6ry Arrogant , over- 
bearing; sm. an Arrogant, insolent fellow 
ArrogAnte, adj. Arrogant, insolent, pr6ud 
Arrogantem^Dte, adv. ArroganCy, insolently 
Arrogant6ne, adj^ viry Arrogant, insolent 
ArrogAnza, sf. Arrogance, preshmptioo, pride 
ArrogAre, -Arsi, van. i. toArrogAlo, prelind to 
Arrogazi6ne, sf {law) adrogAtion, (a species 

of adoption in ancient Rome) 
ArrAgere, va. S. irr. to add, give to boot 
ArrogimAnto, sm. addition 
Arrolamdnto, sm. {mil.) enlistment 
ArrolAre, va. 1. to enr61 enlist, register 
ArrolArsi, va. I. to enr61 one's self 
ArrolAto, -a, adj. enr6Iled, enlisted, registered 
Arr6mpere, va, S. irr. v. R6mpere , allonta- 

nArsi, dir6mpersi 
ArroncAre, va. I. to wAed, aberiincate, root d&t 
ArroncAto,-a, adj. weeded, rioted tflUt 
ArroncigliAre, va. 1. v. RoncigliAre (wet 
ArrorAre, va, i. to bedew, m^sten, sprinkle, 
ArrosAre, va. i. to bedew, to sprinkle or 

moisten gently (as with dew) 
Arrossiminto, sm. bliishing, blhsh ; shAme 
Arrossire, (-Are) vn. S. (arrossisco,-(sci), 
to bliish, ridden, bec&me red , be ashAmed 

FAt«, mite, bite, nite], tfibe; -[ikt, mAt, bit, n6t, thb; .- Ar. pique, <::^ 

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— 73 — 


Arrostire, va. i, {from rosU) to drive av&y 
with a Uzfj twig; to shake the dir (as 
with a leafy wig) 
Arroft&rsi, tmrf. (from rdsta , a Uafy twig , 
palm, fan) to straggle, to hevlolently sh&ken, 
to toss one's Arms ah<Silt, to lay abuikt one 
Ifastily , to twist , fl^nder, strire; va. to 
shike ; Igilite, stir 
Arrosticdina, $f. better hracia61a ; chop, ste&k 
Arrostiminto, 9m. arrostitAra, tf. rdasLing 
Arrostire, va. 4. to r6ast; t6asl, brSil 
Arroitfto, -a, acff. r6asted , tdasted, brSlIed; 

m&Dxo arrostito, r6ast beef 
Arrdsto, em. rdast mtot 
Arrdta, ef. addition, Increase, dverplos 
Arrotam^Dto, am. sh&rpening, griDding,whet 
Arrotinte, em, a grinder, knife-grinder 
Arrolire, va. i. to grfnd, sbirpen; top6Iish, 
smooth; to stretch on the wh^el, to rack; 
arrotirsi, to r611 ab^t, geV-rnbbed together; 
bec6me polished 
Arrot&to,-a, adj. gr^iind, (sharpened on the 
'vheel) ; racked , stretched on the wheel, 
t&rtored ; dkppled, dipple 
Arrotatdre, arrotino , em. a knffe-grinder ; a 

near, gr^dy, Interested man 
Arrdto, -a, adj, from arrdgere , surplus , sn- 
per&dded, dver-plos (a roleau 

Arrotolire , ca. I. to r6Il up in the form of 
Arrovellire, on. I. to get w&rm , kogry , fi&- 
rioDs; va. to make (one) mad wiih inger 
ArroTellatamtote , adv. furiously , vitb rage 
ArTOTellMo,-a, adj, ffirious, baling with rage 
ArroTcntaminto, em. the m&king red-hot 
Arrorentire, va. i. to make red hot, fiery 
ArroTentimtoto, am. the getting red-hot 
ArroTentire, vn. 5. to gr6w red-hot, fiery 
ArroTenlilo, -a, adj. red hot, flery, burning 
ArroYesciam^nto , am. 6Tertkr6w, deslriiction 
ArroTesdire, va. i. to turn the wrong side 
^t, to turn upside d^n , to upsit ; 6Ter- 
thrdw , deslr^ ; arroyesci&r le mani sui 
fiiochi, to set the h&nds on the hips (with 
the elbows projecting outward) , to set the 

irms a kimbo; &rsi, vrf to get ups6t 

ArroTesciatura, t. ArroTesciam6nto (Ihrned 
Arroviseiato, -a , adj. 6Terthr6wn, rftined, 
ArroTtecio , adv. against the gr&in , on the 

wrong aide, the wrong w4y, inside diit 
Arroxtire, va. 3. -zUre , i. to make rohgh , 
or rtagged ; vn. to bec6me robgh , rugged , 
riutie, c6ane, impolite (impolite 

Arroszf to , -a, adj. made or bec&me rohgh, 
Arrubigliire, vm. i. t. Irruginire 
Arrubinire, va. 4. to rfthiff, make red, fill 
ArralTamatiase , mf. a meddling fellow; a 

pimp, pander {vutg.) 
ArruOr&re, va. i. to dlsdrder, rhfQe the hair: 
arruffire lematasse, to pimp, pknder (vuia.) 
ArraOarsi, vr/l to take iach-dther by the hair 
Afmifito, -a, adj. dishevelled, riiffled, loose 
ArrnflTatdre, am. he who dishevels the hair 

Arruffianire, van. I. to pimp, to pknder 
Arraf flan&to, -a, adj. of, or iuAred to pimping 
Arrugginire, vn. to rust , grdw riisty, get c&- 

▼ered with rust; va. to rust, make rhsty 
Arrugginito, -a, adj. rhsty, impaired 
Arrugiad&re, va. to bedew, to sprinkle, moisten 

with dew * 
Arruotaminto, am. sh&rpening, whet 
Arruolafdrbici, sm. knife or scissors-grinder 
Arruot&re, va. i. v. Arrot4re 
Arruotol4re, va. i. t. Arrotol&re 
Arruvidftre J vn. 1. -dire , 3. to grow cdarse, 

Arruvidito, -a, adj. rdde, rohgb, rbgged 
Arsdlla, tf. mhscle (shellfish) 
Arsenjile (arsanJLle), $m. Arsenal 
Arsenaldtto, am. a sdldier or wfirkmaQ em- 
ployed in the irsenal 
Arsenicile, adj. arsenical 

rsAnico , $m. irsenic, violent pSison 
Arsibile , adj. combbstible, inflammable 
Arsicei&re , va. I. to se6rch , pArch , drf in 

the sun 
Araicci4to, arBfccio,-a, aefj. sc6rched, br6iled 
Araidne, tf. conlIagr4tion, oxc&ssive h^at 
Arsfvo, -a, adj. parching, sc6rching, ciustic, 
, biirning 

Arso , a, adj.hunX^ consumed, poor, wretched 
Ars&ra, a/: burning h6at, misery, great distr&sa 
Arlanita, tf. {bot.) s^-hread, cyclamen 
Artalam6nle, adv. Artfully, ingeniously, in a 

wdrkmanllke manner, cl&verly 
Artito, -a, adj, str&itened, hampered, crkfflp« 
. ed, artificial; v. Strillo, rislretto, artifici&to 
Arte , tf. Art . Artifice , skill , ability , craft , 
finiase , deceit ; Arli liberAli , the liberal 
arts; — bSUe, the fine Arts; — meccAniche, 
the mech&nical Arts; chi ha arte ha parte, 
A man of Art will live any where* 
ArtefAtto, -a, adj. m&de, ddne or got up with 
art, artificial; cdsa artefatta, a thing of art; 
atile artefAtto, a fdrced , affictod , meretri- 
cious style 
Art^Oce, tm. artificer, Arliaan, mechAnic; 

ArteficiAto, -a, adj. artificial, Artful, fictitious 
ArteHcdllo, artefieiudio | bhnaler, unskilful 
Artefici6<zo, tm. j workman 

ArteggiAre, vn. 4 . to make use of Artifice 
Artemisia, tf (hot.) mbg-wdrl, moth wort 
Artlria, tf. Artery 

ArteriAle, arteri6so, -a, adj. arterial 
Arleriotomfa, tf blieding from the Artery 
Arterfte, tf {med.) inflammAlion of the Arte- 
ArteriAzza , tf am&U Artery (riea 

ArtesiAno,-a, adj. arl^ian; p6zzo artesiAno, 

artesian well 
ArtdUca, tf g^t 

Art^tico, -a, adj. g(Suty ; tm. a g^ty person 
Art^zza, tf (ant.) t. Strett^zza, ec. 
Artiedlla , tf a little trade^ poor business 
Articidcco, better carcidlTo, tm. an Artichoke 

Ur, rCide; - fin, sftn, hU; - f4re, di; • 

by,J^mph; pfiae.Wya, faW, fj 

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— 74 — 


Artieina, 9f. Indnttry, ingeDftity, finisse 
Artico ,a((/. Arctic; regi6ni &rtiche,the dretic 

Anicol&re, vo. 4. to arllcolate, prondDDce 
Articol&ro, adj. articular, of th« articul&tioo, 

or jSots; of the Article {gram.) 
ArlicolalameDle, adj. articulately, di«llDet1y 
Articolato, -a, adj. articulate, distinct, cl^ar 
Articolazidne, »f. articuialion, jbnclure 
Arlicoio, cm. Article, poiot, term, cl&use; — 

defluilo , ttie ddflnite Article ; — della fSde, 

an Article or faith; — di ragi6ne, a clAaee; 

— di f6ndo, the leading Article of a jodrnal 
ArtiSre, *m. a tradesman, Artisan, mechAnic, 

€uij. 'wdrlcing, fdllowing a trade; g^nte ar- 
tidra, mechanics. Artisans, trAdespeople 
ArtiCciAle, adj. arliHcial, Octllioas, Artful 
ArtiOcialmdnte, ado. artificially, by art 
ArtiOciAre,arliGziAre, artistAre ; ta. I. to pro- 
duce by art, to do or malce vith Art; vn. to 
be drdered, arrAnged with Art 
ArtificiAto, -a, adj. prodiiced by. Art, artificial, 
affected; stile arliGciAto, an affected style, 
a style that smells of the lamp; Iiqu6ri ar- 
tiOciAti, medicated or adhlterAted liqnon 
Artifkio, sm. art, industry, ArtiGce, frAud 
Artificiosam^Dte, adv. cUnoingly, slfly 
ArtiflciositA, «/; Artifice, frAud, chnning 
Artifici680, -a, adj. artificial; Artful, malicious 
ArtiGiiAto , -a, adj. i. ArtificiAto 
Artifizio , sm. a preparAUon of inQAmmable 
materials (the composition of fire works); 
fudchi d'artifizFo, fire-wdrks 
Artigian^co, -a, adj. of an Artisan, mechAnic, 

Artigianetto, <m. a little Artisan 
ArtigiAno, Mm. Artisan, wdrkman, IrAdesman 
— a, adj. of a w6rkman, trAdesman 
ArtigliAre', va. i. to seize with the clAws , 

ArtigliAto, -a, adj, clAwed, Armed with tAIons; 

seized with the clAws, clhtched 
Artigliere, artigli§ro , »m. cannoni^r, giinner 
Artiglierfa, gf. art.llery. cAnnon, drdnance; 

— Icgg6ra, horse, flying artillery,- — di 
eampAgna, fidld artillery ; — d'assAdio; bAt- 
tering artillery; pdzzo d' artiglieria, pi^ce 
of drdnance 

Arlfglio, im. claw, tAlon, nail, clutch 
Artiglidso, -a, adj. clAwed, Armed with tAIons 
Artim6ne, tm. {mar.) mizzen sAil ; Albero d'ar- 

tim6ne, the mlzzen-mast 
Artfsta, sm. an Artist (art 

Arlistamdnte , adv. skilfully , cldrerly , with 
Artfstico, a, adj. of an Artist, Artist-like 
Artitico , -a , adj. articular , bel6nging to the 
, j6)nU 
Arto, -a, adj. {poet.) nArrow, strAit, bAmper- 

ed, crAmped 
ArtofilAce, sm. {astr.) Bo6tes (a northern con- 
Artralgfa, sf. arthritic pAin 

Artrite, tf. {med,) arthritis ( InflammAtion of 

the j6lnU) 
Artritico, -a, adj. arthritic, artlcalar, of the 

Artritlde, tf. arthritic disAase. gdlit 
Artrodia , sf. ( anal. ) arthrodia (a species of 

Arturo, sm, (astr.) arct6rns; the beAr 
ArnspicAre, imt. i. (-co, -chi) to progn6sticatd 

as an ariispex 
Arhspice, sm. arbspex , Aognr, diviner 
Aruspicfna, sf. Harhspicy (difinAtion by the 

inspection of rictims) 
Arospi'cio, sm. divioAtion, Aogory, 6men 
Arzagogo » sm. ( om. ) a species of rhltare or 
ArzAgola, sf. sort of water-fowl (kite 

ArzanA, sf. arzanAIe, sm. t. ArsenAle 
ArzAnte, adj. arddnte; t. AcquarzAnte 
Arzica , sf a species of yellow £aed in min- 
iature pAintiDg (sticAre 
ArzigogolAre, vn. to fancy , deWse ; t. Fanta- 
Arzigdgolo, sm, whim, fAncy, cbimAra, conc^t 
Arzigogol6ne, sm. a deviser of expAdients ; a 

sly, chnning, malicious fallow 
Arzillo, -a, adj. lively, sprightly, b61d 
Arz{nga,«^. sort of smith's t6ngs (for griping 

and holding fast round bodies) 
Arzfnuia, sf {bot.) stAr-wdrt 
Asbeslioo, -a, adj. asbAstine , incombhstible 
Asbesto, sm. {min.) asbestos, (amianthas) 
AscAride, sm. ascArides, intAstinal w&rms 
Ascaruola, sf {bot,) r6man sbccory, Andire 
( Asce), Ascia, sf. an Axe ; a bAttle-axe 
AscAIla, sf the Arm-pit 
AscendAnte, ascendentAle , adj. ascAnding 
AscendAnte , sm. ascAndant, ascendency , In- 
fluence; superi6rity; ascendAnti, Ancestors 
ill a right Hoe, fdrefa there 
Ascendenza, sf rise, ascAnl, Arigin, Ancestors 9. trr. (ascAndo, ec prnf. ascA- 
si, part. ascAso) to ascAod, rise, amdiint to; 
ascAndere una montAgna, to ascAnd, climb 
or go up a mdHniain ; la somma ascAnde a 
due miliAni incfrca, the sam rises to abddt 
tw6 millions 
AscendimAnto, ascAnso, sm. ascAnt, gAing np 
Ascensione. sf ascAosion, ascAnsion day 
Ascenso, sm. the rfsing or ascAnding; ac6tfr 

ness, sbArpness or elevAtion (of sound) 
Ascisa, sf J. Salita 

AscAso, -a, adj. ascAnded, risen, am^nted 
AscAssOi sm. abscess ; ▼. PostAma 
AscAta, sm. an ascetic 
Asceticfsmo, sm. ascAticism, the state or prAc- 

tice of ascetics 
AscAlico, -a, adj. ascAtio; sm. an ascAtIc 
Ascbio , sm. j. Aslio 
Ascia , sf ▼. Asce 

AscialAne , sm. {arch.) tAssel, hAmmer-beam , 
brAcket (sm6oth 

AseiAre, va.i. io sqoAre with a hAtcbet, chip, 
AsciAU, sf a strAke or gAsh with a hAtchet 

PAU, m'Ate, bite, sAte, tube; 

fk%, mAt, bit, n6t, thb;^- 

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— 75 — 


Asdi , tmpL (geogr.) Ascfi, Ascians (p«noin 
irbo, at certain times oftbe yter, hare no 
sbadov at noon) ^ 

Asei^liere, va. 3. irr. to absolve , aeqnlt, 

Ascidlto, -a, adj, abs6lYed, citored, aeqnUted 

Ascidlfere, $tn. better colezi6ne, sf. bre&lcfsst 

— vn. a irr. better far colesidne, to breikfast 
Ascfro, tm. {bot.) J6hn*8 w5rt (Hypericon) 
Ascfssa, 8f. ibseiss, abscissa, {geam.) 
Ascismire, va. i. {from selsma) to sirer, cMare, 

cut asbnder 
Ascfle, tf, Mcftes, c6nimon dropsy 
Ascitieoy -a. adj. ascitic, ascllical, dr6psied 
Ascit/zio, -a, atlj, fdreign, b6rrQwed, f&lse 
AsciDfiggiae, tf. t. Asciugaminto 
Asciagaminto, Mtn. asclugasione, tf. k drying, 

Asciuginte, adf. drying, vfptng 
Asciog&re, asciatt&re, va. 1. to dr^, w(pe 
Ascingito, -a, adj. drfed up, wiped 
Aaciagal6jo, tm. a t^wei, (napkin) 
AscialtameDte, adv. dryly 
AscioUena, tf. dr^oess, dr6ltght, slccity 
Asci{i(to, tm. aridity , siceity, dryness 

— -a, adj. irid , drt; 16an, emaei&ted, mea- 
gre, thin; pdnniless, flat, ioslpid; pane a- 
scifttto, dr^ bread 

Asciolt6re, tm. j. Asciutt^zza 

Asclepfade, tf. (bot.) ascl^pias, str&llow-wort 

Asclepiad6o, adj. (vers.) formed of ascldpiads; 

tm. ascl^piad 
Ase6Ua, tf. listening, w&tch, scdilt, sentinel ; 

d&re asc6Ua, to lend an tor; to mfod 
Ascollibile, adj. that can or may be biard 
Ascoham^nlo, tm. listening, bearing 
Ascolliate, adj. bearing ; tm. a listener 
AscoU&re, va. i. to listen, mfod, attiad to 
Ascoltal6re, tm. -trice, tf an Auditor, a hearer 
Asc6Uo, (ascollasidne) tmf bearing, lUtening; 

d^re ase&Uo, to glre 6ar to; star in asc6Uo, 

te stand lUteoing, be an ire's drdpper 
Asc6ndere, ascondiminto ; t. Nasc6ndere, ec. 
Ascondit6r«, -trice, tmf a concealer, bfder 
Ascosam^Dte, ado. secretly, iinder-band 
AscAsOy ascdsto, -a,a^. hidden, concealed 
Ascrittfzio, -ia, tmf. one eng&ged to go ^t 

as a c61onist; adj. adscriplUious 
Ascriito, -a, adj. onr61ied, registered, e6Qnted 
Ascrtrere , va. 3. irr. (ascrivo , patt ascrissi, 

jNirf . ascrflto ) , to ascribe, Attribute; to 

rfokoB aoi6ogst ; aserfrere al nAmero di, to 

set ddwQ or consider am^ng, to nbmber 
Ascr/rersiy vrf. to raok one's salfamdng 
AselliAoo, a(/>. (anat.) l&ctoal, cbyllferons; 

T&si aselliini, Ucteal, cbylireroas Tdssels 
AsAlIo, tm. whiting (a sea-flsh) 
As&Uico, -a. adj. asph41tic, betAmiooos 
AsfalUte, adj. asphkltfte 
Ail&lto, sm. aspb&lt, asphiltum, bit6men 
AsCsafa, tf. aspbtzia, asphyxy (suspended 


Asflssi&re, M. i. to bring on, cinse, oeeasioD 

Asfilico, asflssiftto,<a, adj. (med.) aspb^zied^ 

tmf an aspbtxied person 
Asroddlo, tm. Asphodel, daffodil 
Asi&lico, -a, tmf and adj. Asi&tic , of Asia 
Asilo, tm. asylum, rifoge, sbilter 
Asima, tf asim4to ; t. Asma , asmMico 
Asim&re, va. I . to be astbmktic, to be trobbled- 

with Asthma 
Asfmetro, -a, adj. ineomm^urable 
Asimmetrfa, tf asymmetry, want of symmetry 
Asina, tf a she Ass 

Asin&ccio, tm. a gre&tass; a dhll sfcAptd fdllov 
Asin&ggine, tf dullness, stupidity, silliness 
AsinAja, tf a stAble for asses 
Asinijo, tm. Ass driver 
AsinAre, vn. to journey np6n an Ah 
Asfndeto, tm. [gram.) asyndeton (a figure 

which omits the connective) 
AsineggiAre, vn. 4. to plAy the Ass, bray like 

an Ass 
Asinella, tf. yoiing she Ass; f6al (of an ass) 
Asiodllo, tm. little ass ; yohng Ass ; f6al 
Asinerfa, tf sthbbornness, Ignorance 
Asinttscam^nte, adv. stdpidly, foolishly 
Asindsco, adj. stupid, dbll 
Asindtto, aslnfno , tm. little Ass, yobng Ass 
Asinino, -a, adj. Asinine, oftbe nAtfre of an 
Ass; brAtal, stApid; voci asinfne, Asinine 
AsiniiA, asineria, tf y. AsinAggine ; fig, bra- 

tAlity, cldwnisbnoss, stupidity, silliness 

Asino, tm. an Ass: disputAr dell' 6inbra del- 

I'Asino, to dispute about trifles ; andAr diA- 

tro al suo Asino, to triidge on, to parstie 

one's pSlntwilhdQl minding wh&l&thers say 

Asin6ne, asinAccio, tm. a greAt Ass, bl6ckhead 

Aslnlole, tf assinloto, tm. {gecm.) Asymptote 

Asma, tf. an Asthma 

AsmAlico, asmdso, -a, adj. aslhm&lic (hole 
Asola , tf. the hem of a bhtton-hole; button- 
AsolAre , vn. 4. (Asolo, ec.) to respire or brAathe 
fitfully as the4ir or breeze; to lake an Air- 
ing, sun one's self; asolAre pei contdmi, to 
rAmble aboUt in the Anvirons 
Asolo, tm. brdath, briaihing ; Air, the 6peQ 
&ir; dAte Asolo a quel Testito.Air that c6at, 
pi&t it Sbi in the Apen Air; dArsi Asolo , to 
tAke the Air a mdmeot; to wAlk dUt 
AspAlato , aspAlatro , tm. ( bot. ) aspalathnm , 

cAlambac, rose-wood 
AspAllo, tm. ▼. AsfAlto 
Asparagdto, tm. bed, plot of aspAragns 
AspArago, tm. aspAragus, (splirrowgrass); 
quAsti aspAragi non s6no cAlti abbastAnsa, 
, this aspAragus is not su Anciently choked 
Aspe, tm. T. Aspide 
AsperAre, va. I. ▼. Inasprire 
Asperarliria, tf the windpipe, tbrdttle 
Asperdlla , tf. horse tail {herb) (rAde 

Asper6tto, -a, adf>. sAmowbat hArsh, rAther 

BAr, rMe;-an,85n,bi!ill; - (Are, dA; -b^, lymph'; paie,b(yi 



— 76 — 


Aspdrge, aspdrges , im. ▼.'AspenArio 
Asp^rgere , va. 3. itr. (asp£rgo , -i , -e , patt 
aspArsi; part. aspArso) to sprinkle; — col- 
)'&cgaa s4nla, to sprinkle "with hblj v&ter ; 
— di s&le, di ziicchero, to sprinkle with salt, 
8 A gar 
Asp^rgine, J/", belter aspersldne, •/*. sprinkling 
Aspergitdre, tm. he trbo sprinkles 
Aspfirgolo, 8m. t. Aspers^rio 
Asperitk, -rittidine, &spero , t. Asprizza 
A8p§rmia» »f. w&nt of seeds (in fruits) 
Aspero, -a, adj, v/Aspro 
Aspersi6ne, sf, aspersion, sprinkling 
Aspdrso, -a, adj. besprinkled, bedewed 
Aspersdrio, tm. hbly-w&ler-sprlnkler, brhsh 
Aspett&bile, rigaard^yole ; adj. rem&rkable 
Aspettamdnto, tm. aspettjtnza.s/*. expectation 
Aspell&nte, ttn. w&iting, expecting, standing 
by ; ▼. Circostinte, spelt&nte, appartenSnte 
Aspell&re, va. i. to w&it, expect , to w&it for, 
look 6^1 for, aw&it; non pOsso aspett&re, I 
ciinnot wMl; aspilla (tanto) ch'io t6rni, 
w&it till I retvirn; aspett&re a gldria, to 
aw&it imp&tiently; tm. t. Aspettazl6ne 
Aspetl&rsi,i)rf. to bel6ng, concern, appertiin 
Aspeltaliva, tf. eipect&tion, expectance, hope 
Aspett&to, -a, adj. expected, w&iled for 
Aspettal6re, tm. -trice, tf. he, she who w&its 
Aspelta46ne, aspett&nza, tf. expect&tion 
Aspdtto, tm. look, face, appearance, Aspect; 
del&y I retard ; nel prime aspdtto , at iirst 
Asplde y &8pido, tm. kspic, asp (biiish 

A spiluzzico, adverb, by degrees, little by lit- 
tle, bit by bit, 8l6wly 
A spioapesce, adverb, in a w&ry, meandering 

or serpentine mknner 
Aspir&nle, adj. aspiring to, timing at, sticking 
np; irdmba aspirinte, a shction pump ; a- 
spir&ute, belter po9tal4nte,pretenddQte,sffi/: 
an aspirant, candidate 
Aspirire, va. 1; to aspire to , wish for, 4im 
at, be a c&ndidale for; to aspir&te {gram.) 
Aspiratamente, adv. with aspir&tion 
Aspirativo , -a, adj. that requires to be aspi- 

Aspirate, -a , adj. aspired to , desired ; &8pi- 

r&ted, Aspirate {gram.) 
A8pirazi6ne, tf. aspiration, br6athing dtlt, a- 
spiring; a8pir&lion((/(eo(.); aspirMionC^ram.) 
A spfzzico, adverb. J. A spilAzzico 
Aspo, nispOfSm. reel, winder, turning frame 
Asporl&bile,adf;.that may be or is to be car- 
ried off, ^t, aw&y, (portable, transportable) 
Asportire, va. i. to exp6rt, transp6rt, c&rry 

Asportazidne, tf. j. Esportazi6ne 
Aspraminle, adv. h&rshly, rfidely, bitterly 
Aspreggiamento , tm. the act of proT6king, 
proToc&tion ; the sUte of being provdked , 
irrililion , exasperilion 
Aspreggiinte, tulj. embittering , exksper&ting 
Aspreggiire, va, to embitter, exasperate 

Aspreggi&to, -a, adj. provdked, exi^per&ted 
Aspretto,-a,a£(f. a' little hirsh, shArp, severe 
Asprezsa, tf b&rsbness, t&rtness, bitterness ; 
harshness , grhffness , 2(trimony , asperity ; 
roughness, rhggedness 
Asprigno, -a, adj. sdlKrish, t&rt, ascescent 
Asprino, tm. a white neap6litan wine 
Aspriti, asprithdine , tf ▼. Asprezza 
Aspro, -a, adj. roiigh , birsh, t&rt, sb&rp , 
sSut; rohgh, rhgged, unevan; rigid, ylolent, 
grhff, fierce; cdarse, Tblgar, rtde 
Aspr6ne, tm. sort of black sp&ngy t&fa 
AsprAme, tm, s^rness, tirtness, acidity 
Assa, assa-fetida, tf. assa-foBlida 
Assiccia, tf bad b6ard, plank, shelf 
Assaccomann&re, va. 1. t. Saccheggi&re 
Assaett&nte, adj. wh6 dArts, lets off an krrow 
A8saett4re, va. I. to dArt, let off Arrows 
Assaggiamento, tm. the act of tiUting 
Assaggi&re, va. i.tot&ste, sJtvour.try, sollnd, 
ass&y ; assaggi&r Tdro, to ass&y g6Id; as- 
saggiete qoesto Tino, tisle this wine 
Assaggi&to, -a, adj. t&sted, tried, assiyed 
Assaggiat6re, tm. t&sler, wine teister, assiyer 
AssaggialAra, tf. t&sting, trying; trial, proof 
Ass&ggio, tm. a trial, the t&sting or trying 
Assai, tm. a considerable qu&ntity , much, a 

number, considerable nhmber, mkny 
Ass&i, adv. enohgh, (more than enough) in a 
fCUly sufTicient qu&ntity, much; in a consi- 
derable or gro4t qu&ntity. c6piously, large- 
ly , richly , gre&tly , in lots, in gre&t num- 
bers ; (Slt , T&ry ; ass&i ricco , yery rich; — 
pih, much more, m&ny m6re : — ydlte, ma- 
ny times, 6fleo ; ~ per tempo, y^ry early; 
~ yicino, yery near ; d'ass&i, by much, by 
mkny, by f&r; piii rieco d'assii , richer by 
far ; udmo d'ass&i, a man of weight, i&lent, 
influence, a powerful genius 
Assaissimo , adj. and adv. yery much, miny, 

Assalimento, tm. assalita , tf, assaulb, alt&ck 
Assalire , va. 8. (assalisco , -isci , (see , patt 
ass&lse , })arf . assalito ) to ass&il, allick; 
ass&ult, pitch into {famiiiar) 
Assalito, -a, adj. ass&iled, ass&ulted, att&cked 
Assalitdre, sin. ass&iler, ass&uller , aggressor 
Assall&bile, adj. ass&ilable; that may be as- 
saulted, all&cked or iny&ded 
Assallamento, tm. assaulting , att&ck, ass&ult 
Assalt&nte, tm. and adj. ass&ilant, ass&iling 
Assall&re, va. 1. to ass&ult, atl&ck yiolently 
Assaltat6re, tm. -trice , tf. an assailant 
Ass&lto, tm. ass&ult, alt&ck, 6nset; d&rel'aa- 
8&lto,to make the assault; prendereper 
ass&lto, to take by storm 
Assann&re, va. 1. to seize with the teeth, dish 
one's thsks into, to bite, lacer&te, te4r; to 
b&ckbilo, sl&nder, calhmniate 
Ass&nno, Azz&nno, tm. the biting, the bite 
Assapere, va. a. trr. belter sapere; fire assa- 
pere, to inf6rm, let kn6w, adyise 

F4t«, met«, bile, n6te, t&bc; - ftt, met, bit, n6t, thb; 

Digitized by 

'k .|>iq««, «:j' 


— 77 — 


Assaporam^Bto, sm. Utting, rilishing^ i&TOar 
Assapoiire, va. 1. to s&voor, relish, Uste with 

pl^asore. to iat irilh a ghsto, drink with a 

xast; to eDJ(^ (ed 

Assaporito, -a, adj. i&Tonred, rilisbed enj(^- 
Assaporaaibne, tf, t. Assaporam^Dto 
Anaporira , va, 5. to gire a rMish , t&foar, 

t&sta, sest, fl&Tor, t. Assapor&re 
AuassinamdDto, tm, asiassin&tiOD, fei6nioas 

atiltck, high way rdbbery, destrhction, rftin 
Assassinftre, va. 1. to ass&uiD&te, mhrder, to 

commit a bhrglary or highway r6bbery; to 

undo , rAin , dettr^ ; cane assasslno , m' a- 

vdte assassinito, Tillain, you h&ve r&ined 

me; inr^ di miglior&rlo egii rhaassassi- 

Dito , instead of bettering it he has de- 

str<^ed it 
Assassin&to, -a, adj. asskssin&ted ; destroyed 
Assassinerla, -atAra, sf. assassinition , rfiin 
Aatassfnlo, sm. assassin&lion, mhrder 
AssassiDO» -a, smf. -ktore, -trice, smf, ass&s- 

sin, mbrderer 
AssaTorire,i»i. 1. to t&ste, rilisb, s&TOur, enj^ 
Assauiire, va. 1. to Bktiate, sktisfy, (ill, cl^ 
Assauidoe, sf. asaition, {chem.) 
Asse , tf. b^ard, plank, shelf, ^xis 
Asseceire, va. I. t. Seccire 
Aasecchire, vn. (-iseo, -Isci) 5. to gr6w thin , 

Asseeondire, va. 1. to second, t. Second&re 
Assecurare. va. i. t. AssicarJire 
AsBecat6r6 , sm. r. Esecut6re 
Assed^re, vn.S. irr. (t. Sed^rc) (o sit by or 

with one; asseddrsi, to sit down, sit one's 

self down, be scaled 
Assediamento, 'sm. siege , block&de 
Assediknte, adj. besieging; gti assediinti, sm. 

p/. the besiegers 
Assedikre, vn. 3. to besiege, bes^t 
Assedial6re, assedi&nte, sm. besieger 
Assedio, ass^ggio, sm. siege, block&de; por 

ll^ssediOj to lay si6ge, to importuoe; levkr 

I assMio, to rkise the si^ge; Tolir una cd- 
sa per assSdio, to wish to hkve a thing by 
any means, by h6ok or by cr6ok 

Assegnabile, adj. assignable^ transferable 
Assegnamento, assegno, srn. assignment, con- 
signment, transfer ; allowance, sum allowed 
or assigned, iocome; a rendez-Tous, assig- 
nktion; expectation , expected Income; un 
piccolo assegnamento knnuo, a little yearly 
allowance ; far assegnamento 86pra , to 
cuunt, rely or depend up6n 
Assegaare, va. 1. to assign, fix, settle, allow; 
to assign, commission, cdnstilute; to so- 
sign, addiice , allege; to consign; gli asse- 
gnii seic^nto franchi all' anno , 1 allo'wed 
him, or gkTe him an allowance of six hiin- 
dred francs a yiar ; assegn&re il tdmpo e 

II loogo, to fix the lime aod place , to give 
an assignation ; assegnkre ragidne , to as- 
sign a reason, give in an account 

Asaegnatamente, adv, thriftily ; specially 
Assegnatexza , sf. thrlftiness, sp&ringnesB ,. 
thrift, s&Ying, economy ; resirredness , re- 
senre ; regulkrily, order 
Assegnkti, sm. pL asslgnats (pkper money o 

the French republic) 
Assegn&to, -a, adj. thrifty , skying , econ6mi- 
cal , reserved , m6derate , measured ; assi- 
gned ; il posto assegnklogli, the post assi- 
gned to him 
Assegnazi6ne, sf. t. Assegnameuto 
Assegno, sm. assignment, alid^ance; con- 
signment, trust; V. Assegnamento 
Asseguimento, sm. t. Gooseguimento 
Asseguire, va. 5. t. Eseguire, consegufre 
Asseguilkre, va. I. to pursue, f611ow, persecute 
Asseguit6re, sm. i. Esecot6re 
Assembikre, assembiamento, v. Assembrkre,ec. 
Assembiea, sf. assembly, meetings Tassemblda 

generkle, the general assembly 
Assembrkglia, sf. sm. clksh, shock, dnset 
Assembramento , sm. meeting , assembling , 

mhster of troops ; troops miislered 
Assembrkre, van. to mOster and prep&re for 
bktlle , to bring or c6me together , to as- 
semble, meet; to cobple; to resemble, bet- 
ter sembrkre 
Assembrkrsi, vrf to assemble , meet together 
Assembrato, -a, adj. assembled, collected, met 
Assennkre, va. i. to teach sense, mkke prAdent 
Assennatamente, adv. judiciously, wisely 
Assennaiezza, sf. sense, sdund s6iid sense 
Assennklo, -a, adj. wise, sensible, judicious 
Assennire, va, 5. to advise, counsel, warn 
Assensidne, sf v. Assenso 
Assenso (assemo), sm. assent, consent 
Assentamento, sm. belter assenza, sf. kbsenco 
Asseotkre, va. 1. to send off, keep away ( to 

Assenlkrsi, vrf 1. to absent one's self, be 

kbsent (to sit down) 
Assentatere, assent6re, sm. flktteror, ftiwner 
Assentazidne , sf mean fliittery, f&wn, servile 

cringe or bow 
Assente, adj. kbsent 

Assentimento, sm. assent, consent, sknction 
AssenUre , vn. 5. (assentisco, -isci, -isce) to 
assent, acquiesce, lo^consent, agree ;«a. 
to consent, admit, allow 
Assentilo, -a, adj. skilful, prilident, sensible; 

stare in assentito, to bewkre 
Assenza (asseozia) , sf Absence 
Assenzikto, -a, adj. vino assonzikto, wino me- 
dicated, mixed with w6rmwood or absynlh 
Assenzio, sm. w6rm wood, absynlh; bitterness; 
assenzio marine , w6rm seed , santolina se- 
men contra vermes (get '^to 

Asserkrsi, vrf 1. to gr6w towards evening, 
AssereUa, sf a little bdard, a bed b6ard 
Asscrenkre, va. 1. to clear up, render serene; 
to exhilarate , ch6er, revive; assorenirsi, 
to get fair, to becdme clear and serene 

■«r,Tftd«;-iill,i6n,bull; - fire, dA ;- by, lymph ; P®*« » ^^* 'i/fJ^VPi 


— 78 


Asserdote, tm. assirtor, maint&iDer, afflrmer 
Asaeriminto, as8«rio, tm. assertion, affinniog 
Aaaerire, va. 5. (aaaerfseo , -Isd , -lace) to aa- 
, a^rt, aOlrm. maiotiin 
Aasero, tm. b6ard, lilUe plank, am&ll bdam, 

j6Ut, r&rier 
Aaaerragli&re, va. i. to barricade, obstrbct 
Aaaerragliirsi, wf. to b4pricade one's self 
Ataerrare , va. i. to press ; crdwp together , 

AasertiTaminte , adv. J, AffsrmatiTam^nle 
AsaertfTO, assertdrio, -a, a«(/. aflTirmative 
Aai^rlo, im. ▼. Assersi6ne; adj. t. Aaserfto 
A8sert6re« $m. assirtor, Tindic&tor, defi^nder 
Assertdrio, -a, adj. affirmative 
Asserzidne, sf. assertion, declaration 
Assessor^lo, tm. the drOce of assessor 
Assessdre, tm. an assessor, jhdge, assistant 
Assestam^oltf , tm. adjdstment , fitting , ar- 
rangement, regulition, sMtlement 
Assest&re, va. i. to adjiisl, set to rfghts ; 8t6w 
Assesl&rsi, vrf. to agr^e, sfiit, fit together 
Asseslatdre, tm. a st6wer {tea) 
AssSsto, tm. ▼. Assestaminlo 
Assel&re, va. I. assetfre, 5. to mike thirsty 
Assel&lo, -a, adj. thirsty, dr^, Ardent 
Assellamdnto, tm. arrangement 
Assett&re, va. 1. to adjust, fit, put in order ; 
to trim, thrAsh , dress, rftin ; vn. and -irsi, 
vrf. to sit down, settle, becdme cons6iidat- 
ed ; to set to, begin (fitiy 

AssetlatamdDto, adv. trimly, niatly, pr6perly, 
Assett&to, -tL,adj. adjiisled, arranged; (seated) 
A8settal6re, tm. regulAlor^ atlirer, Tdllower 
A8setlal6ra, tf. stAjedness, self-poss^sion 
Assetlat6zzo, -a, adj. dressed frith alTeclAlion 
Ass^tto, tm. T. Accomodam^nlo; arriogement; 
a little plank ; mdttere in assAlto , to sot 
in order; tAoto che le cose pigliAssero as> 
aetto , till mklters becAme settled ; male 
in assdtio, in disorder, ill off, ill dressed 
AsseTAre, vn. 1. congeal, thicken, long for 
Asseverantem^Dte, adv. with asseverAiion 
AsseverAnza, tf. asseveramento, tm. assurance, 

certainty, asseverAtion, assertion 
AsseverAre, va. 4. to assever, assdverAte, as- 
sure, swe&r 
AsscTeralffo, -a, adj. affirmative, p6sitiTe 
AsseTerazi6ne, tf. asseverAtion, asslirance 
AssibilAre, van. i. t. SibilAre 
Assicella , assicioa, tf. a very small b6ard, a 

stAve, a thin shingle 
AssicAlo, tm. smAII pivot, hinge 
Assicoramdnto , tm. assiiring , the act of as- 
suring, assurance, the slate of feeling sure, 
certitude, assuredness 
AssicurAnza, tf ass<irance, certainty , c6nfi- 

dence, b6Idnes8, affiance, triut 
AssicurAre , vo. I. to sec A re, ens fire, make 
secfire , guarentde , shield , protect; to as- 
sure, make sfire or assured, certify; as- 
aicnrAre la nAve , la mercAnzia , to ensfire 

a tbip , m^ehandfse ; — la v^la , to 16ver 
the yards, take in sail; ri assicuro che, 
I assdre you that , otc. ; assicorArsi , to 
make one*8 self sure, to be, feel or becdme 
assured ; to take cohrage , be c6nfldent , be 
persoAded, 8nre, certain 

AssieorAto,-a, adj. secured , assfired , inafii^ 
ed ; mercanzfa assicurAta , goods insAred ; 
tm. iosAred, the insured person 

Assicnratdre, tm. be ^bo assures, 8ec6res or 
insures ; he vho insfires a hdltBe , ahip or 
vJires, an insikrer, a bAilsroan 

A Bsicurasi^ne, tf. assuring , assurance , cir- 
tif;^ing, c^rtaiaty; sectlirily, guarantee, in- 
afirance, insuring; societA d'as8lcnrazi6ne, 
an insurance cdmpany ; assicurazidne ma- 
rfltlma, marine iosArance, ship insurance; 

— generAle, general iosArance; — speciAle, 
special insurance, — c6nlro i dAnni degli 
inc^ndi, Are insurance; pdlizza d'assicura^ 
liAne, pdlicy of insurance; pr^mio d' aasi- 
curaii6ne , premium of insurance ; fAre 
un'assicurazi6ne, to effect an insurance; 

— sulla Tfta, lifeinsArance (prAsenca 
Assiddnza, tf. {titUe uted) assistance, fAvour, 
AssiderAre , txi. 1. to chill or beoiimb with 

c61d ; vn. \o get chilled, frozen, benhmbed 
with c6ld, to be slArved 
AssiderAlo,-a, acfj. chilled, benumbed, slAnred 
As8lderazi6ne , tf cbilioess, nbmbness (down 
Assfdere, van. I. trr. to besiege; — si, to alt 
Assidoamiote adv. assiduously, sedulously 
AssiduiiA,-tAde,-tAle, a/*, assiduity, diligence 
Assfduo, -a^ adj. assiduous 
As^^me, adv. t. Insieme (hAdgea 

AssiepAre, va. I. to hedge in, surrdund with 
AssicpAto, a,a(//. hedged, encl68ed,obstrhcted 
AssillAccio, tm. lArge horsefly, hdrnet 
AssillAre, va. 4. to smArt from the stiog of a 

h6rnet; to chAfe, rAge, fume 
Assillilo, -a, adj. slang, chAfed, (rrilAted 
Assillo, tm. berse fly, h6rnel, stinging {[^ 
Assimigliam^nto , am. asslmigliftnza , assimi- 

Iazi6ne, tf assimilAlioo, Ukeuess 
AssimitiAre, va. i. v. AssomigliAre 
AssimilAre, va. to assimilate, cb^lify 
Assimilazidoe, tf the act of assimilAting , 

cbylificAtion, assiroilAtion, digestion 
AssimigliAtivo, -a, adj. t. Assomigliativo 
AssindacAre, va. t. SindacAre (tote 

A8sintoto,8m. (gcom.) isymplole ; adj. Asymp- 
Assi61o, tm. v. Asstu6:o 
Assidma, assidmate, tm. Axiom, mkxim 
AssiomAlico.-a, adj. axiomatic, axiomAtica! 
Assiomaticam^Dle, adv. axiomktically 
AssirocchiArsi, vnrf to became like sisters; 

to agr^e or live togMher like sisters 
Assfsa, tf livery, dcvfce , motto ; (mil.) Uni- 
form, regimentals; lax, subsidy; le assise, 
{or assisie) tfp. the assizes, cAurlofaaslies 
Assise, -a, adj. scaled, situAtod, silting 
As8istAnte,tffif. who sUnda by, backs, assists, 

FAte, mAte, bll«, D6te, t&be; 

m, «»i. wt, »M.„,tu..-^^^f5^, 

i«». «:j* 


— 79 — 


atttodt : tmf. an attdndant , a persoD pri- 

iCDt, a by-stinder, looker-on 
Assistfnia, if, the assUliog, biing prteent, 

sUndiDg by; assisting, helping , assUtan- 

ot, aid 
^sfstera, oa. 3. irr. to stand by, be present, 

assist, attend ; to belp, assist , sbccoar 
AssisUtora, atfj. stood by, assisted, helped 
Ass)Btit6re,siii. helper, assistant, adjAlor {tea) 
AasUo, gm. b6ard- partition; viather-bdard 
Assiadlo, sm. dwl, h6rn-6wl, ignorant person 
Asse, <m. 4ce ( at eards ); iisso o s6i , neck 

or Ddtbing; lasciAre in isso o in n&sso, lo 
, abindon, fors&ke; 48so, be(ffr48se,aplank 
Asso (restire in) vu. i.lo be forsdiken, left 

Assocciamdnto, sm. a pArtnership in ckltle, a 

l^e of ckttle for h&lf the pr6fi(s 
Associ&re , va. I. to let or hire cattle on a 

16ase ; fig. to Itove a Irobblesome affair to 

a person 
Associ4re, va. i. to j<3n, (accompany) ; to unite 

in a cdmpany , to take into pArtnersbip , 

to ass6ciate; associ&rsi , to assdciate one's 

self, to becdoie a partner, member, sub- 
scriber ; to lorm a e5mpany or society; as- 

sociirsi ad un giorn&le, to subscribe to a 

Associ&to , -a , adj. ass6ci&ted , subscribed , 

sm. a pirlner; gli associ&ti ad un giornjile, 

the subscribers to a newspaper 
Associaii6ne , tf. an associ&tlon , a society , 

company, pirtoersbip^ Ooion , commercial 

union ; a f&neral procession ; rassociazi6ne 

delle idee, association ofid^as, associ&tion 
Assodaroeoto, tm. a consolidating, hirdening, 

(curdling), ilrmness, consistence , solidity 
Assodire , va. 1. to make bArd , ilrm , s6lid; 

to consolidate, strdogtben, fasten; assodftr- 

si, to get firm, comp&ct, s51id; to becdme 

conflnned, lo persist 
As8odilo,-a, adj. b&rdened, confirmed 
Assoggett4re, ixi. I. to subject, subd&e 
Asso^geflamento { sm. subjection, constr&int, 
Assoggeltim^Dto ( oblig&lion , subordioAlion 
Assola(fo,-a, adj. exp6sed to the sdulb, siinny 
Assol&to, -a, adj. exp6sed to the sun, shony 
Assolc4re, va. 4. to fiirrow, plough, trench 
Aseolcato^-a, adj. ibrrowed, wrinkled 
Assoldam^nto, sm. the enrdlliog sdldiers 
AssoIdAre, va. i. to enlist, recrOit, raise troops ; 

— Aral, to enlist , becdme a recrOit, enter 

tfae Army 
Assoidito, -a, adj. enlisted, Entered a 86Idier 
AssoIdatdre,-trice, ifhf. one who enlists, re- 

criiits, raises troops 
Assoironire, vn. 3. ant. to gT6w sulph&reons 
AssAlto, -a, adj. absdlved, acquitted, released 
Assolotamiole, adv. Absolutely, pdsitively 
Assolatismo, sm. Absolutism , the principles 

of Absolute gdfernment 
AstoJatJsU^ sm. Absolutist 

AssolAto,-a,adry. Absolute, p6sitiTe, (absolved); 
Arbitrary; poldre assolAto, Absolute pdwer, 
principe assoluto, an Absolute prince 
Assolutdrio,-a, adj. Absolutory, clearing 
Assolozidne, s/. absolution, acquittal: d^o 

ras50luzi6ne altrCii, to gWe absolution 
Assdlrere, va. 1. irr. (assAWo , past assdlsi , 
, -e, -ero, part. assAllo, assolAto) to abs6lTe, 
acquit ; to free, release , to abs&Ive a pAn- 
itent; lo complete, finish; v. Scidgliere 
AssomAre, va. i. to toad, piit on a back-load 
Assomigliamdoto, sm. resemblance, similArity 
AssomigliAnie, adj. resimbling, like (blance 
AssomlgllAnsa,-agi6ne, $f. likeness, resAm- 
AssomigliAre, vn. i. to be like, similar, to 
resemble; va. to liken, compAre; — -Arsi, 
to make one*s self similar , to bec&me like 
As8omigliatiTo,-a, adj. similitAdinary , de- 
n6ting resemblance, similarity ; comparatiye 
Assornigliazibne, if. confbrmily, resemblance 
Assomiglio, t. RitrAlto (sum up, end 

AssommAre, va. i. to bring to a conclusion; 
AssonAoto, adj. acc6rdanl, nearly rhyming 
Assoninza, if. Assonaoce (sleep 

Assonnamento , itn. drowsiness, sleepiness, 
AssonnAre , va, i. to make drd^sy, lUll to 
sleep; vn. to get sleepy, dull, sldw; — Arsi, 
to bec&me drdwsy , go to sleep ; non as- 
sonnAre a far checchessla, not to fdll asleep 
6ver a thing (lethargic 

Assopire, van. 3. to make or becdme drowsy, 
Assopilo, -a, adj. sleepy, drfiwsy, lelhArgic 
Assorbente, adj. absArbent, sucking up-. 
Assdrbere, assorbire, va. 2. 3. irr. (assdrbo, 
assorbisco, -isci, -isce , past assorbii , part. 
assorbito) to absdrb, swAllow up , suck up ; 
fig. to absdrb, sw&llow up, take up 
Assorbimdnto, sm. absdrption, sucking up 
Assorbito, -a , adj. absdrbed, swAllowed up 
Assorbitdre, sm. that absdrbs 
AssordAggine, if. t. SordilA (ness 

Assordamdnto, im. stunning, giddines , ddaf- 
Assord4re, va. 1. -ire, 5. va. to stun, deafen; 

assordire, -irsi, vnrf to becdme deaf 
AssordAto, -i\o,-SL,adj. stunned, deafened, deaf 
AssorellAre, va, i. to unite, or make to agrde 
like sisters ; assorellArsi, vnrf. to live to- 
gether , to agree like sisters; {fig.) to be 
paired, sdiled, ndarly relAted 
Assdrgere, va. 2. in*, v. Sdrgere 
Assortimdoto, sm. lot, assdrtoient, suit, set; 
un grande assortimdnto, a lArge assdrtmenl 
Assortire , va. 3. to sort , match , drAw lots 
Assortito, -a, adj. assdrted, suited mAtched 
Assortitdre, -trice, itnf. one who assdrts, 

mAtches, dr&ws lots 
Assdrlo, -a, a(/;.absdrbed, ingiilfedj^ taken up 
Assotligliamdnto , sm. a fining down, thin- 
ning, shArpenIng; fig. refining, refinement 
AssoUigliAre, va. i. to fine down, make thin, 
tAper off, shArpen ; to refine, rdnder acdte, 
tdach iindsse, make shbtil; assottigUAre 

adr,rfld«,-flU,86n,bull; - fire, dA; - b^, l^mph; P^se, b^s, fdW^fd^^^^ 


— 80 — 


la T^Dga, to shdrpen a spade or mSLttock ; 
— riDgdgno, to sharpen the irit; — la 
b6rsa, to Ifghten or wrinkle the purse; 
assottigli&rla, to be too siibtil, to be oyer- 
jrefined ; assottigliirsi, to bec5me shirpened, 
thinned, refined, sharp, acate 
AssottigliaiiTO, -a, adj. attenuMing, diluent 
A8sottigli4lo, -a, cuij. sh&rpened, fined ddwn,, 

tipered off; /Ig. altenu&led, imp6Terished 
A8Sottigliat6re, sm. that makes thin ,. sharp , 
pSloted; a thinner , an attdnuater ; — di 
b6rse, a purse-drUner 
Assottigliatura, sf. a sb&rpeDing, thinning 
Assozz&rsi, vr/l 1. (m'assdzxo) to get dirty, 

Assuef&re, va, I. to acchstom, uso^ intire 
Assuef&rsi, vrf. to accbslom one's self; — 
alia fatlca, to inure one's self to toil, to 
acquire a h&bit of industry . 
AssuefMto, -a, at//, acchstomed, Ased, habit- 
uated, inured, practised; — ai friddo, 
inured or hardened to cold 
Assuefazi6ne, sf. ciistom, hkbit, nse 
Assueto, -a, adj. t. Assuof&lto 
Assuetiidine, sf. custom, hkbit, pr&ctice 
Assuggellire, va. 5. y. Assoggett&re 
Assum^nlc, sm. be who assumes or undertakes 
Assumere, va. % irr. to assume , undertake ; 

take up, ex&lt ; y. Esallire 
Assiinla , sf. the assumption of the Virgin 

Assunlo, sm. the thing undert&keu , task as- 
sumed; an undertaking , charge , task; an 
assiimption, a taking for granted; pigli&re, 
tdrre V assAnlo di fare checchessia, to take 
upon one's self the chirge or task of doing 
a thing 
Assiinto, -a, adj. assumed, undert&ken, ex&lled 
Assunzidne, sf. assiimpUon , eley&tion , exal- 
t&tion; the assumption of the Virgin M4ry 
Assurdil^, sf. absurdity 
Ass&rdo,- a, adj. absiird 
Assurgero, vn. 3. y. S6rgere 
Asia, &3te, sf. p61e, h&ndle, staff, l&nce; 
4sta di bandiera, a flag-staff; — del com- 
p4sso, the leg of a p4ir of compasses; ydn- 
dere all' 4sta, to put up to the hammer, to 
sell by auction 
Astaco, sm. a Ibbster 
Astallam^nto, sm. place of ab6de, home 
Astall&rsi, vrf. i. to put up, to inslal one's 

self, set up one's ab6de 
AstAnte, smf. a sick- nurse, an attendant on 
the sick (in an h6spital); a bystander, 
spectator, looker on, assistant; aslante, 
adj. present, sliindiDg by, l6okiQg on 
Astaro, vn. 1. to stay, rem&in, persevere 
Aslaregia, sf. {bol.) ksphodel, d&ffodil 
Ast&ta, sf. thrust, stroke with h. lance 
Ast4to, -a, adj. armed with a spdar or llince 
Asteggi&re, va. 1. to write hiads (of letters), 
pot-books and hangers 

Astegntoza, astegn^nte, y. Astendnza,- ecc 
AstSmio, -&, adj. abst6mioiis, B6ber, Abstinent 
AstendrsI, vrf. 3. irr. (m'astdngo, t'astldni, 

s'asti^ne) to abst&in from, to forbe&r; 

asten^rsi dal yino , to abstiin from wine; 

— dal ridere, to forbe4r l&ugbing ; sosle- 

n6te ed asteniteyi, be&r and forbe&r (siye 
Aster, kslero, sm. {bot.) kster; slar-w6rt, 

Christmas djiisy 
Astergdnte, adj. cliansing, abstergent, abstir- 

Astdrgere, va. 3irr. to ab8t6rge, cldanse, wash 
Asldria , sf. ( min. ) star-stone; ( zoophUe* ) 

astirias, stir-fish, s6a-st4r 
Asterfsco, sm. an ksterisc, (in printing*) 
Aslerfsmo, sm. ^sterism , constelUtion 
Asteroide, sm. {astr.) iisteroid 
Astersidne, sf. abstersion, washing away 
Astersivo, -a, adj. abst^rsiye, cleansing 
Astdrso, -a, adj. clftansed, wished, abstergent 
Astetta, sf. smdil pole, staff, lince, sp^ar 
Asti&re , van. 1. to dnyy , be&r ill-will , be 

Astieciudla. sf. a little lance , shaft , j&yelin ; 

the handle of a brbsh 
Asticulo , sm. {building) dowel ; ( technology) 

Astffero, sm. spdarman, ensfgn-be&rer 
As tile , sf the staff of a lance; {fig. ) l&nce , 

Astingnte, acij. Abstinent, temperate, sdber 
AslinSnza, astinenzia, sf. Abstinence 
Astio, sm. inyidiousness, bnvj, spite, rkncour 
Asti6so, -a, adj. invidious, envious, riincorous 
Astivamente, adv. histily; y. Prontamento 
Ast6re , sm. a gos-h4wk 
A stormo , adverb, in a crowd , multitude , in 

crowds, swarms; suon&re a st6rmo, to ring 

the tocsin 
Astr&ere, astr4rre, va.3. irr. (astr&ggo, -i, ~e, 

past aslr&ssi , fut. astrarr6, part, astr&lto) 

to abstract , to det&ch or segregate with 

the mind; astr&ersi, to turn aw4y one's 

attention from 
Aslrag&Io, sm. ant. astragal {archit., bolan,) 
Astrale , adj. Astral , stkrry 
Aslr&nzia, sf. {bot.) black hellebore 
Astratt&gine, sf. abstraction , Absence of mind 
Astrattameme, adv. abstractedly, kbslractly 
Astrattezza, sf. abstrAcledness, abslrAction 
Astraltivo, -a, adj. taken in the Abstract 
AstrAtto, -a, adj. abstrActed, Absent in mind, 

abserbed in thbught; eccentric, odd; nomi 

astralli. Abstract noHns; sm. Abstract (op- 
posed to concrete) 
Astrazidne, sf. abstrAction, separAlion; that 

operAtion of the mind by which it forms 

Abstract ideas 
Astrea , sf. {astr.) astrea 
Astrcltivo, -a, adj. y. Aslringdnte 
Astreito , -a, adj. constrAined, f6rced 
Astrignente, aslringente, a^j. astringent, bfn- 

FAte, mete, bite, n6te, ithe; - fAt, met, bjt, ndt, thb; 

Digitized by 

tque» ^ 


— 81 — 


diof y edstiTe; ttringent ; argom^nto astrin- 
ftole, a BtriDgeDt &rgament 
Astr^nere, astringere, ua. 3. irr. to f6rce 
AstringlDte, adj. astringent, binding, styptic; 

Aatringdnxa, astringdnzia, sf, force, Tfolence 
Astrizi6ne, s/l t. Astringdnia 
Astrolalrfa, s/. astrdlatry, the wdrship of 
Astro , fin. a stdr (the sUrs 

Astrdite , tf. asiroites, star-stone 
Asirolibio, tm. Astrolabe, cross-staff, qn&drant 
Astrolabismo, tm. the inflnence of the stars 
Astrdloga , tf. a wAman Tirsed in astrdiogy 
Astrolog&re, tm. i. to astrdlogfxe foretdll 
Astrolog&stroy tm. a bad astrbloger 
Astrologfa, tm. astrdlogy 
Astroldgico,-a, adj. astroI6gical, of astr61og7 
Astrdlogo, tm, astr6Ioger 
Astrooom&re, vn. ant. -to profess astr6nomy 
Astronomia, sf. astronomy 
Astronfimico, -a , adj. astron6micai 
AstrdnomOf astrondmico, tm. an astrdnomer 
Astraserfa, tf. abslrtiseness, abstruse n6lion 
AstrAso, -a, adj. abstruse, dark, obscAre 
Astaccio, tm, a case, bdx, Idatber box, sheath, 
needle case ; metlere neli* astAccio , to en- 
cise, put in a case, etc. 
Astntaceio, -a, adj. critfty, sly; tm. an 61d fox 
Astutam^nte, adv. craftily, silly, irlfuUy 
AstntAzza, tf. ciinning, lirtifice, fintese, decdit 
AstQto, -a, adj. sly, ciinning, crafty, shbtle 
Asl6zja, tf. cbnniog, wUiness, finesse 
Asoro, tm. Tine-grub, m&got 
Atinte, adj. p<$werfnl, robhst, vigorous 
Atarassia, tf. ktaraxy, tranquillity of s6ol 
Atire , ant. aiulire, va. I. to help 
Atatdre, tm. atatrfce, tf. v. Aintat6re, ecc. 
Ata6to, tm. {arabie.) bi^r 
AtaTo , tm. poet. y. ArcAvolo 
Ateismo, tm. athoism 
AteisU, ^leo, tm. an Atheist 
Ateistico, -a, adj. atheistical 
Atendo , tm. athen^um 
Ateroma, tm. ather6ma , encysted ttunor 
Atide , tm. myth. fig. 15? er , gallknt , sweet- 
Atl4nle, tm. ktlas {geog.) ; atlkntes {archit.) 
Atl&ntico, tm, {geogr.) atl&ntic ; adj. allkntic 
Atl^ta, tm. an kthlete, a wrestler 
Atletica, tf. atbldlics 
AtlMico, -a, adj. athletic 
Atmoscafo, tm. {greek) steam-boat, steamer 
Atmosfera , tf. ktmosphire 
Atmosf4rieo,-a,a</j. atmospheric, atmospdrical 
Atoffi^tto, 9111. small ktom, T6ry mindte 6bject 
Atdfflico, -a, adj, atomic , atdmical 
Atomismo, tm. iitomism, the d6ctrine of ktoms 
Atomista, tm. &tomist , one who h61ds to the 
. atdmical philosophy 

Alomo , tm. kiom , cdrpuscle , mote ; in un 
atomo (o &ttimo) , in an Instant, immedi- 
ately, at once 

Atonia, tf. ktony, relax&tion of the solids 
Atdnieo, -a, adj. at6nic, debilit&ted, v&nting 

▼ital Energy 
A tdrto, adverb, unjustly, vrdngfully 
Atrabfle, tf atrabiliary humour, black bile, 

Atrabili&rio, -a, adj. atrabiliary 
Atrament&rio , -a , adj. black like ink, inky ; 
ink.atramentirious, suitable for making ink 
Alramdnto, tm. ?. Inchidstro 
Atrebicl, the fore part of a ship's hS^ 
Atrepice, tf. {bot.) dracb, clenopodium, goose- 
, foot 

Atrio, tm. p6rch, ristibule, p6rtal, atrium 
Atro, -a, adj. black, gloomy, dismal, drdadful 
Atrdce, adj. atr6cious, terrible, enArmous 
Alrocem^ote, adv. atr6ciousIy, h6rribly 
Atrocity, -&de, -ate, tf. atrdcity, cruelly 
Atrofia, sf. klrophy, v&sting conshmption 
Atrdfico, -a, adj. (med.) Atrophied 
Attacc&bile, adj. ass&ilable, liable to attjick 
Attacc&bili, tm. cloak-peg; peg or pin to bang 

on cl6thes 
Attacc&gnolo, tm. v. Appicc&gnolo 
Attaccamani, tm. (bo(.)scrSitch-weed, clivers* 

Altaccaminio, tm. onion, connexion; attach- 
ment, p^sion 
Attaccap&nni, attaccayestlli,«m.v. Attacc&biti 
Attacc&re, va. 1. (alt&cco, att&cchi , attacca)^ 
to attach, stick , tie, unite, join ; to attdck, 
ass&ult ; attacc&re uno, to att&ck a person^ 
to pitch into him; attaccirla con uno, to 
prov6ke or inshlt a person ; to pick a quar- 
rel with him ; — ad uno, to play one a trickf 
attaccir lite , to wrangle, begin a disptite, 
cdme to bl6ws ; — la xOffa, la battiglia, to 
begin the fight ; ^ in cr6ce , to nail to » 
cross ; attacc4re (afffggere)un cart^lio, to 
stick up a bill or adTerlisement ; — nn' ami- 
cizia, to form a friendship ; — i caTaili , to 
put the horses to; JLttacc&rsi, to all&ch one's 
self, to bec&me att&ched to, get fond of; at- 
tacc4rsi a' rasdi , to catch at str&ws (like a 
drowning man) (giona 

Attaccaliccio, -a, adj. viscous , sticky ; cont&- 
Attaccatissimo, -a, adj. vdry much attiiched 
Attaccito, -a, adj. stock, attached, attacked 
Attaccat(ira, tf v. Attaccamdnto ; attaccat6ra 
del pine, the kissing crust; (painting ) jQnt 
Att&cco , tm. an attack, ass&uit, cdmbat; an 
attachment, plat6nicaff6ction, l&re, a union, 
connexion ; a cleaving to , uniting with ; 
dAre att&cco ; to give occasion , opportuni- 
ty, hope 
Attagliire, van. 1. to please ; attagliirsi, to 
suit, to be to one's mind ; ci6 non m' att&- 
glia, that !,don't sAit me, it is not to my 
mind (tista 

Attalent&re , txi. I. to please , to be to one'a 
Atlalianilo, -a, adj. itMianized 
Attamdnte, adv. kptly, fitly, suitably 

Bdr,rMf;-aU,sdn,buU; - fire, di; - bf, l^mph; pOie, bCyi, r<$ikl, f<5wl; gem, as 

DIZ. ital. Ing. Digitized by (^OOglC 


— 82 — 


Attanagliaro, va. 1. to te&r off the flesh with 

red hot pincers ; tb torment 
AtUnagli&to, -a, adf. tdrtured alive 
Attapezzare* tHi..Y. T apezz&re 
Altapinam^nto, sm. dejection, extreme afflic- 
tion, wretchedness 
Atlapin&Tsi, vrf. t. Tapin&re, -&rsi 
Atlappezz&lo, -a, adj. ▼. Tapp ezz&to 
AtUraot&to, -a, adj. bit by a taristola (ave- 
oemons spider); smf. one bit by atarenta> 
ia; (fig.) rtelless, fArious, rkbid 
Attardirsi, wf, i. to gr6w late, be late 
Atl&ro, va. i. to ad6pt, fit, appl^, s&it 
Atl&rsi, vrf. to sAit, one's self, comply with 
Allast&re, va. i. r. Tast&re 
Attito, -a, adj. ad&pted, sailed, applied 
Attecchimdnto, sm. grdwtb, improvement 
Altecchire, vn. 5. to Kr6w, impr6ve, shoot up 
Atlediire, va. i. v. Tedi4re, tcdiMo 
Alleggevole, adj. gesliculMive, p&stnring 
Atteggiamdnto, »m. Attitude, gesture, pdsture 
Alteggi&nte» sm, a p6stare-mdster , panto- 
mime actor, mimic, bnffoon 
Atteggikre, va. i. to Animate a stUne or p&i nt- 
iog; to represent (an action) by gesticali- 
tioo and attitudes, to enkct in pantomime, 
to mimicic; vn. to play antic tricks, to pos- 
ture, te enkct the buffoon or mimic; atleg- 
gi&rsi, to put one's self into Attitudes , to 
be too gdsticul&iive 
Atteggiatamente.adu. by Attitudes and gestures 
Atteggiat6re, sm. one who throws himself into 
Attitudes, or gives Altitudes to apbrtrait or 
st&lue; a geslicul&tive person 
Attegndnza, sf. kindred, kin, rel&tionsbtp 
Attel&re, va. i. to driHw dUt in battle-arr4y 
Atlemp&rsi, vn. 1. to gr6w 6ld 
Altempalelto, -a, adj. 6ldish, r&ther 6Id 
Attempato,-a, adj. Mderly, &ged, in years 
Attempat5lto, -a, adj . 6ld and sturdy, hedrty 
Attemperaminto, sm. temperance, moderation 
Attemper&re, va. 1. to temper; v.Temperire 
— vn. to observe, fulfil, fdllow 
Atlemper&to,-a, adj. m6derate, c&lm, tampered 
Attendamdnto, sm. tented field, enckmpment 
Attcnd&re, van. i. to encamp; pilch the tents 
Atlendato,-a, adj. encamped, steady , settled 
Atlenddnte, sm/*. and adj. who w&its, expectant 
Att^ndere, van. 3. irr. (attAndo , past. att6si, 
part, alt^so) to aw&it, look diit for; to mind; 
attend, pay attention to ; to expect, w&itfor, 
better aspett4re ; attdndere il tempo, to aw4it 
the m6roent, look oiit for the opportCinily ; 

— la promessa, to keep one's wSrd 
Attendfbile, adj. to be attended to, wdrthy of 

remirk, attention, ndtice ; of s6me impdrt- 

Attendimento, sm. attention, c^re , reflection 
Atlondit6re, sm. who minds, attends to, aw&its; 

— delle promesse, a keeper of his word 
Attenebrire, va. i. v. Ottenebr&re 

Attenente, adj. bel&nging to, akin ; sm. a kins- 
man, hknger on; (retainer) 
Attenenza, sf. affinity, rel&tionship, kindred ; 

▼. Appartenenza 
Attenere , vn. 3 irr. to stick to , keep to , 

abide by; to keep one's wArd, maintiin 

one's premise; attenersi, to observe, f61low, 

held by, stay one' s self up6n ; to bel6ng ; 

attenersi al conslgUo di alcuno, to f61low a 

person's advice 
Attentamente, adv. attentively, diligently 
Attent&re, van. 1. to attempt, venture 
Attent&to, •a, adj. tried, attempted 
Attentjito, sm. a wicked or desperate attempt, 

a crime, diltrage, misdeed 
Attentaldrio, -a, at//, illegal, unUwfal 
Attentezza , sf. the looking at steadfastly or 

intently, v. Attenzidne 
Atiento, -tivo, -a, adj. attentive, cireful 
AtieDto,sm. {ant.) an attempl,a criminal attempt 
Attenu&nto, adj. attenuitiog, thinning, diluent 
Attenuire, va. 1. to attenuate, weaken 
Attenn4to, -a,a(/>. attenuated, emici&tcd, thin 
Attenuazidne, sf. attenu&tion, weakening 
Attenuto, -a, adj. held to, abode by 
Att«nzionceila, sf. little attention, cAre 
Attcnzi6nc, sf. attention, care, application 
Atterg&re, va. 1. to place behind, esteem lest 
Atlerramdnto, sm. overthrew, rfiin 
Atterr&re, va. 4 . to c&st to the earth, 1o 6ver- 

threw , proslr&te, rAin , destr^-; to cAst 

do^ n : — &rsi, to be cAst dimn 
Atterrat6re, sm. feiler, destr^-er, subverter 
Atterrazi6ne, sf. v. Atterramento 
Atterrimenlo, sm. terror, fright, dread 
Atlerrire, va. 3, (alterriso, Hsci, -isce) to cist 

down, terrify, alirm; atterrirsi, to be cist 

down, to desp6nd 
Atterrito,-a, adj. cist down, terrified, dismiyed 
Alterz&re, van. 3. ant. to be reduced to a third 
Atterz&to, -a, adj. reduced to one third 
Attesa, sf. attention, expedition; in att^a 

del la vdstra rispdsta, in expedition of your 

Atteso , -a, a(i{/. ciutious, priident, careful; 

alteso il l6ro valdre , seeing or in conside- 

rition of their vilue; atteso che, seeiug that 
Atlestire, va. 1. to attest, testify, to join end 

to end; attestirsi , to press close, c6me 

near, close , c6mo to bl6ws ; ne attetto il 

cielo, I c&ll Heaven to witness 
Attestito, sm. atteslition, certiOcata, proof 
Attestatore, sm. a witness, attester 
Attestazi6ne, sf atteslition, testimony 
Attezxa, sf V. Attiiadine 
Atticamente, adv. elegantly, like the Athenians 
Atticciito, -ayad^. strong-limbed, squ&t, thick 
Atticismo, sm. itticism, perfect elegance 
Atticizzire, vn. i. to itticize, to use Atticisms 
Attico, -a, adj. Attic, eiSgant, delicate, just; 

Bile itlico, ittic sill; {arch.) ittic, itUc- 


Fite, mete, bite, n6te, t6be,- - fit, mit, bit, nM, ttib; -fir, 4>fque, ^ 

Digitized by LjOOC ^ 


— 83 — 


Attiepidfre, vn. to bec5me , get ]Ake?rarm , to 

Att/goere, va. 3. trr. (atlfngo , patt atliosi , 
•St, -ero, part. klMnXo ) to dr&w ; la fdnte 
ore egli attinse il soo sap6re , the fdQntaio 
vheoce he drew his kn 6wledge 

Atiignim^Dto , im. the act of driiring vftter , 
acqoiriag knAvledge 

Attignitojo , »m. a biicket , that with which 
one draws op witer 

Attiguo, contiguo, -a, atf/. coiHiguoas, adj&cent 

AttiUire , va. to atUre ,.to dress <mi , to trim 
up ; — -4rsi , vrf. to dress or ad6rn one' s 
selfio a sthdied, affected or dandyish man- 

Attiilatamdnle , adv. T^ry ftlegantly » like a 
diody or Ifoo, with affecUilioD 

AttilUMsza» tf. affectftUon in dress, dkndyism 

Attill4lo. -a, odj. dr^ed dullfke a doll, dan- 
dyish , aff^ed; far 1* atltll&to , to play the 
exquisite, affect the Uon, be a swell 

AttiilaKira, if. a stiidied or affected dress 

Altiliathuo, -a, a<(/. Teryo^t, r&tfaer affected 

Allimo, sm. a ro6ment, instant 

Attjoeoie, <»//. coDilguous, close, bcI6nging to 

Adinenza, ec. tf.; t. Attendnxa, ec. 

Attingere , va. 3. irr. (atlfogo , gi , -ge, past 
attinse, port, attfnlo) to atl&in to, arrivoat, 
reacb, sdiind; touch, hit; to dr&w ^op; — 
cogli dcchi, to discern, perceive, see cltorly 

Attingit6re, sm. *trice, sf. who driiws wine, eic. 

Attfnto^-a, adj. dr&wo, derived from 

Attiriglio, sm. Ihggage, Equipage, b&ggage 

Atiir&re, va. i. to dr&w ; altir&rsi, to altr&ct; 
— adddsso, to bring updo ooe's self 

Atlitire , va. i. {law) to litigate , pidad , sue; 
to eng&ge in or cirry on l&ws6its 

Attitazione, tf {law) litig4tioD, pleadings 

Attitndine, tf. iiptitode, skill; Attitude 

Attifam6nte, adv. Actively 

Atlivire, va. 1. to ckrry into action, effect; or 

AUiviU, -t^de, -tite, tf. activity 

AltiTo, -a, ot/J. ^ctiTe, labbrioos; Enterprising; 
Retire, lithe, sb^rp , prompt ; Tdrbo allfTo, 
an actire Terb; Tita atliva, a life of activity; 
dti>iti attiri , dulst&nding credits ; ddbiti 
passivi <»utst^oding debts 

Altizzamento, tm. the act of p6kiDg or stirring 
up tbe Are; a stirring up knger, provocation 

AtUuire, va. 4. to stir up the fire; to irritate 

Attizzatdjo, sm. a Urge fdiindry poker 

Attizaat6re , -trice , tmf ho , she who p6kes 
(the fire) {/Ig.) one who adds fuel to fi&me, 
or stirs np JLnger, provocation 

Atto, sm. act , kction , deed , gesture , move- 
ment; nn &tto d'erolsmo, a her6icact; tra* 
gMia in cinque kul, atriigedy in Ave acts'; 
mMtera in litto, to c^rry into effect, put in 
exeeMion; pagAbile nell'&tto della consegna, 
p&yable on delivery, at the m6ment of con- 

Atto, a, adj. apt, ilt, proper, ad&pted 

Atto di-fede , date- da fd , sm. (a solemn day 

held by the Inquisition for the punishment 

of heretics) 
Attdllere, vo. 3. (post.) j. Innaliire 
Attond^re, va. 1. to make rdi^nd, full, plhmp 
Attonit&ggine,s/: stupidity, d61tlshnes8, bl6ok- 

Attdnito, -a, adj. ast&nished, am&zed 
Attop&to, -a, adj. full of mice, rats 
Attorcire , va. 4. to pile up ( wood ) in a py- 

r4midal form 
Attdrcere, va. 3. irr. (attdrco, -ci , -ce, past 

attd rsi , parf. atldrlo) to twist, wring; t. 

Attordglijire, va. to twist, wrap, twine 
Attorcigliaminlo, sm. twisting, twining (up 
Attorcigliato, -a, adj^ twisted, twined, wAnd 
Atlorcim^nlo, sm. twisting , winding up 
All6re, tm. an ftclor, pI4yer; an Agent, br6ker, 

fiictor; {law) a plaintiff 
Attoria, tf. management , adminfstr&tion 
AltorneggiAto . ne&to , -a, adj. encl6sed , en- 

cdmpassed, surrduuded, beset 
Attoroiam^nto^ tm. cneI6snre, c6mpass, p&ling 
Atlorni4re, va, 1. to surrd!ind, bes6t, encl6se 
Atl6rno, prep. adv. abdilt, hiiind,roikndab61tt 
Att6rno att6rno, adv. rdvnd abdikt, ill rdi)nd 
Attorrire. va. i . (from I6rre ) to h6ap up tdwer- 

like, to pile up 
Attortigli&re, va. i. to twisty twine, wrap rd^nd 
Attorligli&to, -a, otf. twisted, twined, enlkngled 
Attdrto,-a, adj. wrhng, twisted, entJingled 
Altosc&re, va. 1 to pSisoo, embitter, griive 
Attoscato, -a, adj. p6isoned 
Attdso, -a, adj. childish, frdlicsome, stirrings 

Atlossicagi6ne, tf. \ pfflsoning, giving pois- 
Attossicamento, sm. ( on; empSsonment 
Altossic&nte, adj. poiionous, (venomous) 
Attossic&re, va. i. (attdssico , -chi , -ca ) to 

Attossicat6re, tm. a poisoner, empSisoner 
Attrabicciito, -a, adj. enckmped, hodor tents 
Attradnte , adj. attractive , preposs^ing , 

Attr&ere, va. 3. trr. to attract, entice, ch&rm 
Attraim^nio, sm. attraction, allurement 
Attrappire, ua. i. to deceive, sed&ce, surprise 
Attrappirsi, altrappirsi, vnrf t. Rattrap&rsi 
Attrappjilo, -a , adj. deceived, surprised, ti- 

ken in; cavMlo attrapp&lo, a fdUndered 

Attrapperia . tf. contraction of the nirves , 

Attrarre, va. 3. trr. to attract, dr&w, entice 
Attratt&bile, attratt^vole. adj. v. TratUbile 
Atlrattiva, tf attraction, allurement, cb&rm ; 

attrattive .personali , personal attractions , 

AttrattivitA , tf attractiveness , the power of 


ndr, rftd«; - Oil . 86n , biai; - fire, d6; - hf, lymph; paie, b^», ftfai, «^l : gem,, a4 

Digitized by VjO<J*V LC 



— 84 — 


AUrattlvo. -a, adj. attriictiTe, prepowissing , 

AUr4tto, -a, adj, attrkcted, driwn , enticed 
Atlrattdrio, -a, adj. t. Attrattivo 
Altraltrice, sf. she wb6 attracts, all6ref 
AitraTenam^nto, im. a crdssing^ trariraing; 

a thw&rtingy impediment, obstacle 

Attraversire, va. I. lo cross , traTirse, to go 

through, to get through or acrdss; to thwart; 

attraversare il c&mpo nemico , to traverse 

or pass through the Enemy's camp ; — i di- 

sSgni di qualched&no, to t^h&rt a person's 

plans , bMfle his schemes ; attravers&rsi a 

un disigno , to oppdse one's self to a plan, 

be opposed to a project 

AttraTersMOi -a, adj. cr6ssed, travdrfed , 

Attraversatdre, -trice, tmf. he, she who cr6s- 

ses, oppdses, b&rs, thwirts , baffles 
Attravirso, a travdrso, adv. acr6ss, thr6ngb ; 
attraTdrso la foresta , acr&ss or through the 
Attrazidne, »f. attraction, dr&wing to ; {med.) 

attraction ; {physics) attraction 
Altrazz&re, t>a. 1. to rig a ship, to rig dikt 
Altrazzatdre, sm. rigger (of a ship) 
(Attr&zzo) atlr6xzo,«m. tool, instrument ; at- 
trdzsi di cuclna, kitchen utensils; — di 
guerra, w&r stores, implemenU of w&r 
Attrecci4re, m. 1. Intrecciire 
Attrezzire , va. 1. Attrazz&re 
Attribuiminlo, sm. the altrlbnting; an impa- 

Atlribulre, vn. 5. ( atlribufsco , -isci , -isce, 
-iimo , -ite , -iscono) to attribute , ascribe, 
refdr; assign ; attribuisco U sua malattia 
al sovdrchio uso deU'dppio, I attribute her 
illness to her bating too much dpium 
Attribu(rsi,w/; to ascribe to one's self, cl &im 
Attribuilo, *a, adj. attribuited, Imp&ted 
AttribuliTO, -a, adj. attribuUble, imputable 
Attrib&to, sm. Attribute, pr6pert7, essential 
qu&lity; gli attributi diTini, the attributes 
of the Divinity, the Dl?ine kttrlbotes 
Attribuzi6ne, af. attribution, attributing 
Atlrice, sf. an kctress; (law) pl&intiff 
Attristam6nto, sm. skdness, affliction , griAf 
Allrist&nte, adj. afflicting, grievous, p&inful 
Attrist&ro, va. i. atlristire, 3. to gri^TO, sadden 
Atlrisi&rsi, vrf. to afflict one's self, be p&ined 
AttristMo, -stito, -a.o^;/. gri67ed,p&ined, sad 
Atlri8lazi6ne, sf. gri6f, affliction, trohble 
Attritam^ grinding, poiinding, mincing 
Attril4re, va. 1. attril&to; t. Tril&re, trit&to 
Attrilo, -a, adj. comptinctious , sdrrowfui for 

sin^ repentant; sm. ijphys.) attrition 
Attrizi6De, sf attrition , compbnctioo ; attri- 
tion, rubbing together; ▼. Tritam^nto 
Attruppamenlo, sm. mob, riotous mob 
Atlropp&rsi , vnrf. to troop , to collet togd- 
ther, lo collect in a mob, to gftther; to get 
together in a mob 

Attruppito, -a, adj. got together, gathered ii» 

crowds, grouped 
Attu&le, adj. ^toal, rtol; prteent, effective r 

il momSnto atto&Ie, the present m6ment 
Attualitk , -Me , Me , sf. the actuality , the 

reklity ; le attualitk , prteent reiiities ^ 

things as they r6aliy exist 
Attualm^nle, adj. actually , ndw, at this m6- 

ment, at this riry time, ictuklly, really, in 

effect , in fact , indeed ; egli h attualm^nte 

in Roma, he is ndw in Rome 
Attu&re, va. 1. to Actuate, fulfil, Execute, d6; 

to bring into operation ; emb6dy in acts; to 

act dUt, to 6xecAte, perform 
Attoari&to, sm. tho oflice of a scriToner, 

registrar or n6tary 
Attuirio , sm. a scriTener, r&gistfar, ndtary 
Attoirsi , vrf. to appl^ one's self intently 
Attu&to , -a , adj. itcted out , carried into act 

or execution, effected, perfdrmed, realised 
Altuasi6ne , sf. actuation , the state of bding 

put in Action ; eff^tual oper&lion 
Att&ccio, sm. a p&erile act, childish Action 
Attuffam^oto, sm. pliinge, immersion , dive 
Attuffire , va, i. to plhnge , di?e, duck, dip. 

immerse ; atluff&rsi , to plhnge , dive, d^h 

into the w&ler, lo duck ; atluffirsi ne' Tizi, 

to plhnge headlong into Wee 
Altuff&to, -a, adj, plunged, dived, dipped 
AttuffalAra, attuffazi6ne, sf. v. Atluffam^nto 
Attuff^vole, adj. deep; lit forpihnging, diving 
Attujare, va. 1. ant. to offliscate, darken 
Attu6so, -a, adj. ictive, stirring, fhssy 
Atturire, va. 4. ? . Turire 
Alttttire , va. 4. to ddaden , blunt, quench; 

to s6ften, dim, still, kssuage; to compdse^ 

quiet, to bdat into silence ; altut4re (smor- 

sire) la p61vere, to lay the dost 
AttutArsi, vrf. to gr6w c4Im, be appeased 
Attut4to, -a, adj. appeased, c&lm, compdsed 
Altutat6re, allutitdre, sm. an app6aser , pa- 
Altutire , va. 3. to still , quiet , silence , to 

imp6se silence ; ^ un u6mo ir&to , to ap- 
pease an Angry man 
A lutt' udmo , adverb, with 411 ones might , 

with might and main; h&rd, ternestly , 

Aublezia , sf. ( bot.) sort of vervain 
Aucclii&re, va. 4. lo sew, wdrk with a needle 
Aod&ce, adj. aud&cious, b61d, insolent, r&sh 
Aodacem^nte, adv. audaciously, rishly 
Aodacia, sf. aud&cily, risbnoss , temerity 
Audlbile , udibile, adj. Audible 
Audidnza, audi^nzia, sf. t. UdiSnxa 
Audiie, va. 3. y. Udire 
Anditiro, -a, adj. t. Uditifo 
Audllo, sm. hearing (one of the five senses) 
Auditor&lo, sm. Aoditorship, Auditor's 6ffice 
Auditore , sm. Auditor, hearer, mAster of the 

r6iis (T. Uditdrio 

Auditdrio, sm. Auditory , Audience chAmber; 

FAte, m6te, bite, n6te, ttkU; - At, mAt» bit, ndt. thb: 


, ^ 


— 86 — 


AndisiAiia , j/". hearing ; ( law) — di teBtimd- 

Dj , baring of witDessea 
AAge, im, a$tr. stmmit, &pex, kema 
Ai]geUit6re, sm. poet, a bird-ektcher 
Aiir«llo, fin. poet, a bird; t. Ucg^IIo, nceellMto 
Aofgiire , va, i. t. Adngi&re 
Avgnire (Ugli&re a tgna) , va. i. to cot or 

cut Siki in tbe form of a n&il or sbell 
AugnaU^ra, $f. tbe eblting or ellpping a h^h 

OT tree in tbe form of a n&il or sbell 
AugnmentAbile, adj. {iiltle used) tbat may be 

Angnmentire , va. i. t. Anmentire 
Angnment&to , -a , adj. {littie wed) aagmftn- 

ted, inerfosed 
Aiignmentaxi6ne , »f. angnmtoto , tm. ( litUe 

used ) increase 
AogomenUUTo, -a, adj. {litlie used) angmto- 

tative, increasing 
Augnrile, adj. angaria!, of an &ugnr 
Angnrinte, adj. foretelling, presiding; wishing 
Angnrire. van. i. to &ugnr, diyfne , foretftll , 

visb; Ti ioguro bnon appetlto, boon Ti&g- 

gio , il boon inno , 1 irish yon a good Ap- 
petite, a pliant jonrney, a happy new ^ear 
Aogor&to, -a, adj. pres&ged , wisbed 
AQgoral6re, &ugnre, gtn. ingur, sootbs&yer 
Angtrio, int. an iugnry, 6men, presage 
Angnri6to , -a, adj. 6minoas, snperstltions 
A'ngnstile, adj. imperial , angbst 
Angust&no , -a , adj. angbstan ; confe8si6ne 

aognst&na , Augbstan confession 
Aognstire, mi. i. to make prdsperons, b&ppy 

Angnsto, -a, adj. angbst (grand, royal) 
Anla, $f. r(^al p&lace, bill, c6nrt 
Anledo, tm. fl6te pl&yer; t. Flantista 
Anl^nte, adj. sweet smdlling , fr4grant 
Anlico , -a , adj. &u1ic ; to , or of tbe conrt ; 

Gonsfglio Auljco, Anlic G^ncil 
Anlire, com. 5. to perf&me , t. OUre 
Aulo, tm. sort of Ancient flute 
Aniodia , tf. a singing acc&mpanied by tbe 

AnmeDiAbile, adj. angminlable, incriasable 
Anmentamtato, tm. increase, aogment&Uon 
Anmeatinte, adj. increasing, angmdnting 
Anment&re, van. i. to incr^se, gr6w, extend 
AnmentatiTO, -a, adj. angmintatlTe 
Aoraentito, -a, adj. aogm^nted, improTed 
Anraenlat6re, tm. -trice, s/lincriaser 
Aomentaiidne, tf. angment&lion, addition 
Anmento, tm. gr6wtb, increase 
Anraetfire, anmett&rsi , van. i. to wet, damp 
Anmiliire, nmiliAre, ini. to bnmiliate,bbmble 
Anna, tf. ell, yard (measure) 
Anninza, adnn&nsa, tf. meeting, assembly 
Amiare, adnsire, van. 4. to assemble 
AvDdeire,va.i. to ckrry away, stfol, swindle 
Amdn&rsi, vrf. to hSw, bend, torn crooked 
AnngbiAre, aognAre, oa. 4 . to cot Angolarly 
Aangbiatura, aognal&ra, sf. Angolar cot 

A on* ora, adverb. togMber, at tbe same tf m* 
Aora, tf. (poe«.) ginlle breeze, Air, fiyor 
Aora popoUre, tf. pbpoiar appl&ose, fiyor 
Aorire, va. 4. inaor&re, to gild , brighten 
Aor&to, -a, adj. gilded, bright, like g61d 
AurAlia, tf. chrtsalis, first sUte of a mAggot 
Aureo, -a, adj. golden, of g61d , glided 
Anreocolorito, -a, adj. of a g61d c61or 
Anr*ola, tf gl6ry, cr^n, bl&xe of light 
AnritU; tf. soft wind, xftphyr 
Aurfcola, tf. ioride of tbe heArt 
Auricolftre , adj. aorlcolar , t61d in tbe Aar; 
confe88i6ne aoricol&re, aoricolar conftestoo 
AorlcAme, adj. ydilow-haired 
Aoricol&re, adj. aorlcolar, secret 
Aorffero, -a, adj. prodficing g61d, anriferoos 
Auriga, sm. {poet.) charioteer 
Aurigare , vn. to drlre or condbct a chariot 
Aorino, -a, dorkto, adj. gilt , gftlden 
Aorispicio, tm. difinition, foretelling 
Aorisz&re, vn. 4. to torn into g61d 
Anro, sm. (poet.) g61d -plate, riches 
Anr6ra, tf. anr6ra, diwn, breik of day 
Aosire, va. 4. to Ase ; acchstom, insAre 
Aos&re, aos&rsf , tm. to be accbstomed, iiwed to 
Aos&to, -a, adj, accbstomed, habitoated 
Aosili&re, adj. auxiliary, helping, relievable 
Aosiliirio, -a, adj. aoxlliary (of troops) 
Aasillat6re, sm. helper, reli6Ter, protector 
Ausilio, jm. {lat.) help, relief, sbccor 
Aoso, -a, adj. {poet.) b61d, dAring 
Ausdnia, tf. {poet.) lUly, Ans6nia 
Auspice, tm. protector, p&lron 
Aospicina, ef. iugury (the art of foretelling 

erenU by tbe flight or cbAltering of birds) 
Auspfcio, auspizio, sm. presage, fivor, pro- 
tection, c^ntenance, guidance, iospices 
Aosteramente, adv. aosterely, rigidly 
AusteritA,-Ute,-t4de, sf seTerity, roogbness 
Austere, -a, adj. severe, rigid, morese, grare 
Aostr&le, aostrino, -a, adj, Aoslral, sobtbern 
Austro, sm, {poet.) sdutb-wind, ftuster 
Autentica, sf. aothentic testimony 
Autenticamente, adv. aothenlically 
Autentic&re, iw. 4. to authenticate, prAre 
AntenticitQ, -a, adj. authenticated, prAred 
Aotenticazi6ne, sf authentication 
Autentico,-a, adj. authentic, rilid 
Autentico (per), adverb, authentically 
Autdcrata, aut^crate, tm. Autocrat (a title as- 
sumed by the Emperor of Russia) 
Aulocr&tico, -a, adj. autocrAlic, autocr&tical 
Autocrazla, tf. aut6cracy 
Autdgrafo, -a, adj. aut6graphal, autbgrkphic, 

Autdgrafo, tm. Autograph 
Aotdma, autdmato, sm. aut6maton 
AutomAtico, -a, adj. automAlie, automAtical 
Aotomatismo, tm. tbe system of automAUc 

or ioT6Iontary Animal mMion 
Aotonomfa, sf. {greek) aut6nomy , the pdwer 
or rigbt of seif-gdrernment 

Bdr , rfide; - fill, sin, bull ; - fitre, d6; - bt. l^mpb ; p^ie, 



— 86 — 


AatoDdmicO) -a, adj. antODdmian, pert&ining 

(0 autdnomy 
Aut6nomo, -a, adj, aatdnomoos 
Aotoptfa, autossfa, »f. {mcd.) autopsy, deolar 

Autor4to, -a {little used), t, Aatentic&to 
Aat6re, am. Author, inTintor, c&use 
Aniordrole, (MdJ. accredited, iulhorfxed 
AatoreToIm^Dte, adv. authdritauTely, vilh fjiill 

AatoriU,-t4te,-t&de, tf. auth6rily, l^gal power 
Autoritatfvo,-a, adj. aulh6ritaUve, imperious 
Antorixx&re, va. i. to iuthorize, empd^er 
Aatorizz&lo, -a, adj. iuthorfzed, empowered 
Autorfzzazidne, f/l authorizMion, the act of 
emp^eriDg, giviDg aalhority; legal power, 
permission, grant 
Aotrfce, tf. inthoreis 
Antunnale, adj. autiimnal, of iulumn 
AolAnno, sm. dutomn, the RW of the Idaf 
Auzzire, vn. to whet, t. Aguzz&re 
Ava, sf. grkndmotlier 

Avacci&re, avacci&rsi, van. 4. ant. t. Affret- 
AT&ccio (0 tardi o), adv. s6oner or l&ter (tire 
Ayile, aJv. {ant.) soon, presently, now, this m6- 
AT&lle, adv. bel6w, down, downwards (ment 
AvUlo, 8tn. {commerce) undertaking, guaranty 

(of bills) 
ATambr&ccio, sm. t. Antibr&ccio 
ATangu&rdia, sf. vkngnard, front of the drmy 
Avanfa, sf. molestation, exaction; affrdnt, 

Avandlto, sm. yodng fr^ ; n6Tice, simpleton 
AT&nte, prep, and adv. poet. bef6re, forward 
ATinti, jDrep. and adv. bef6re,f6rward, sooner, 
r&ther; preening; il gidrno avanti , the 
day bef6re; the preceding day; and&te 
av&nti , go on , sp^ak on; non bis6gna piii 
aT&nti, tfaatsufiices; arantichd, bef6re that; 
Tenite av&nti, come f&rward, c&me up, step 
in; and&le aT&nti, io vi seguir6, go before, 
r II f6llow 
Avanticimera, sf. v. Antic&mera 
Avantich6, adv. t. Av&nti 
Avantign&rdia, sf. t. Vaogu&rdia 
Avanzaminto, sm. adrkncement, prdgress 
Ayanz&nte, adj. surpassing, rising, super- 
Aranz&re, va. i. to otLstrlp , 6iltriin , dUtdo, 
turp&ss, excel ; to ady^nce, forward, dis- 
pMcb; to remiin; il piii ^gilo avinza il 
piii fdrle, the swiftest outstrips the str6n- 
gest; talvdlta il disc^polo av^nza il maestro, 
s&metimes tbe sch61ar outstrips (or surpasses) 
his mdster; avanz&re in meriio, to surpass 
OS exceed in m^rit^ Silla aTanz6 Mirio 
neirjirle delta tir&nnide, Sylla surpassed 
U&rios in the art of tyranny ; ritendndo 
prigi6ni quelli che avanz&rono alia lore 
erudeli^, h6ldiog as prisoners, those wh6m 
their cruelty had spared; a me n'av&nzano 
p6chi , I have but few rem&ining ; dopo di 

T6i, se ne ay&nza, kfler you, should there 
remain kny, should any be left 
Avanz&rsi, vrf to adyknee, pibh f6rward, 
thrive , improve , to anticipate ; s' ayanz6 
drca trSnta p&ssl yerso lai , he advanced 
abdut thirty paces tdwards him ; chi yadle 
avaoz&rsi dive alz&rsi alle cinque, he that 
would thrive must rise at five ; che utility. 
^ avanzArsi il dol6re? why anticipate grief? 
of Ah&t use is it to torment one's self be- 
f6re the time? 
Avanzaticcio, sm. remnant, bit, scrkp, rem&ins 
Ayanz&tile, avanzevole, ant. y. Soprabbond&nte 
Avanzato, -a , adj. advanced , fbrward , re- 
mained, left ; —in elk, in years, 6Id 
Avanzatdre, sm. advkncer, f6rwarder; be who 
advances or makes advances (m&inder 
Avanzetto, sm. smdil remnant, trilling re- 
Avftnzo , sm. rem&inder , remains , residne , 
residuum , remnant, sivings , clear giins , 
pr66t ; Ancient rAin , reiic ; mdttere ad 
av&nzi , to ckrry to the account , of profit 
(and loss) ; un prezidso av&nzo, a precious 
reiic, valuable rem&ios, venerable ruin; gli 
avinzi delteropio d'ApdIlo, the remains or 
rAins of the temple of Ap6llo; ne bo d'a- 
v&nso , I have plenty and to spire, I have 
m6re than enobgh 
Avanz6glio, sm. v. Avanzaticcio 
Avar&ccio , -a , adj. very avaricious , 86rdid , 
miserly; — sm. a niggard, an 6dious miser 
Avaramenle, adv. sdrdidly, avariciously 
Avaretlo , sm. a little miser ; -a , adj. rather 

Avaria, sf. Average, dAmage at s^a; inden- 
uizzare d'un*avaria, to make good an Average 
Avarissimo,-a, adj. very avaricious, niggardly 
Avarizia, sf. kvarice, niggardliness 1. to save sordidly, be niggardly 
AvAro, -a, adj. avaricioos, miserly, stingy 
Avaro,-a, smf. miser, niggard, pinch-penny 
Avar6ne, avaronaccio, -a, smf. a greAt miser 
Ave {lot.), good day; Ave! hailt All hail! 
AvelenAre, va. 1. v. AvvelenAre 
AvellAna, sf. filbert, hAzelnut 
AvellAno, sm. nibert-tree, hAzel-biUh 
Aveilere, va. 9. irr. v. Sv61lere ^ 
Avdilo, sm. poet. sepoltAra, sf. tomb , grave, 

Ave-Maria, Avemmaria, f nfer. hail, Mary I sf. 
a bell rung in the mdrning and evening 
twilight to anndlince the hdilr of prayer; 
Angelus ; beads of a r6sary ; vengo da voi 
stasAra, aH'Ave-Uaria , Fll cAIl this even- 
ing at the siSund of the evening bell, atdosk 
AvAna, sf. 6ats; Aalen reed, pAsloral pipe; 
avete dAto 1' avloa a' cavAlli ? have you 
given the horses their 6als ? 
Avente, adj. hAving, who has, possesses 
Avere , va. and aux. irr. a. ( ho , hAi , 
ha , ec. vide Introduction ) , to hAve , pos- 
sess f hAld ; dgni cittadino che avesse sa- 

FAte, mAte, bite, ndte, ttbe; 

tk%, met, bit, ndk, tUb; 

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— 87 — 


Hbhe stilo cacci&to, ^very cUisen who had 
any prdperty would have been drlren aw&y ; 
aT^odolo per santiMimo utfmo, beliiviDg 
hJD to be a T^ry h61y maD; aver fame, s^te, 
frtddo, lo be biingry, thirsty, c61d; hoqnia- 
dicl inni, Vm fifleeti y^art old; aver rdglia, 
to hkit a mind ; *- &gio, to h&TO time , be 
at leisure; — in baUa, to bkve in one's 
power; — In prigio, to prize , esteem ; — in 
costome, to be acciistomed ; — per rdgola, 
to make it a rAIe ; — a sdigno, to despfse, 
disdiin ; av^rla con ono , to be displeased 
or iagry with a person ; aver per badno , 
to tike in good part : aver a c&ro che ecc., 
to be glad that , etc ; bo di mestidri , i 
win%; avere a avere (Csser credit6re), lo 
be to bive, to be creditor ; &vvi , vi h&n- 
no, ce., belter dvvi, vi 86 no, there is, there 
An ; ftbbevi di quegli che, ec. , there wire 
s&me who, etc. 

Avere, tm. pr6perly, estito , wealth , inhirit- 
aoce, possessions; ha scialaequ&to tutto 
il SQO avere, be has sqn&ndered &11 bis 

Av^Ha. »f. sort of s^a-giill 

Averno. sm. {poet.) bell, avemns 

Aversi6ne . avvorsidne , if. h&tred , aversion 

Avdrso, -a,ai(/. averted , turned &side, removed 

Av^rtere , va, 3. trr. to avert , tarn aside , 
vird off 

Avertim6nlo, tm. the averting, tbrning aside, 
virding off 

Avidam^nte, adv. greedily, Eagerly 

Avidesta, sf. I greediness , avidity , 

Avidit&,-&de.-4te, tf. | eagerness .strong desire 

Avido,-a. adJ. greedy, ^ager, cdvetous • 

Avina, »f. wood- lark, m^adow-Urk 

Avironare, va. i. y. Gircond&re 

Aviron&to,-a, adj. surroilnded, enel6sod 

Avito , -a , atHj. ( from avi, f6refathers , An- 
cestors) hereditary, inherited from one's 

Avo, -a, ivolo, -a gmf. grand-father, grand- 

Avocire, va. 1. to appeal, remove a eiuse 

Avocazidne, »f. appeal, removal of a c&nse 

Avogadire.oa. i.ant. to be an Advocate, Idw yer 

Avogido, belter zrfo c&to, sm. Advocate, lawyer 

AvogAro, sm. a B;^ndic, defender 

Avola, $f grAodm&ther 

Avolo, im. grAndfdther 

AvollerAre, va. ant. i. v. Adulter&re 

Avolldjo, avolt6re, sm. viiltnre 

Avdrio, avdlio, im. ivory 

Avornillo, av6rnio, sm. labhrnnm, c^tisas 

Avos^tia, sf. {om.) h6oded-cr6w 

Avnki6ne, sf. avhlsion ; a rending or fdrcib le 

Avolso , -a , adj. avhlsed, plbcked, pulled off 

AvAncnlo, sm. maternal bocle 

Awallamento, sm. ^ve, cAvity, excavAUon 

Avvall&re, va. 4. to I6wer, let down 
AvvallArsi, vrf. to descend, riish into, fl6w 
AvvallAto, -a, a4f. Idwered, let down 
Avvaloramento, sm. the he&rtening, slringtb- 

Avvalorare, va. 1. strengthen, AnimAle 
AvvalorArsi, vn. to take cohrage, gr6w strong 
Avvampameoto , sm. flame, blaze, blAzing 
Avvamp&nte, adj. biasing, bhrning 
Avvampiro, van. 1. to burn, be on fire 
AvvampAlo, -a, adj. inflAmed, cons&med 
AtvangAre, va. i. {ant.) to go on prdsperously, 

d6 well 
Awantaggiamento, sm. the gAining advAntage 
AvvanUggiAre , va. i. to advAntage, benefit; 

voi m'avvantaggiAleinqadsto, you bAve the 

better of me in ibis 
AvvantaggiArsi, vrf. to derive advAntage 
AvvantaggiAto, -a, adj. fAvorcd, advAntaged 
AvvantAggio, sm. advAntage, gAios, pr6fit; dar 

deir avvantAggio {at play) to give odds 
Avvantaggi6so, -a, adj. advantAgeous 
AvvaalaggiAizo, sm. smAll advAntage, pr6flt 
AvvaniArsi, vrf. i. to ])6ast, to gl6ry in 
Avvedersi , vr/. 3. irr. to perceive, remArk, 

Avvedevole, adj. cAu lions, circumspect 
Avvedimento, sm. foresight, cAution 
Avvedutamente, adv, prOdently, ciuliously 
Avvedutezza, sf. foresight, insight, sagAcity 
AvvedAto, -a, adj. pr6vident, cAutious 
Avvcgnache, conj, th6agb, in as much as 
Avvegnadioebe, conj. thdugh 
Avvelenamento, sm. empoisonment 
AvvelenAre, va. 1. to poison 
AvvelenAto, avvenenAto, -a, adj. pSlsoned 
Avvelenal6re, sm. empSisoner, imbitterer 
Avveleoire , va. 5. to empoison, tAint with 

vAnom, embitter 
Avvellutato, -a, adj. velvet, vAlveted, velvety 
AvTenAole | adj. agreeable , pleasing, genteel 
Av?enento j cbArming, prepossessing 
Avvenentemente, adv. elegantly, genteelly 
Avveneoza, sf. Alegaoce, grace 
AvvenevolAggine, sf (iron.) grace, elegance 
Avvenevole, adj. genteel, hAndsome 
Avvenevoiezza, sf. elegance, beaAty, grace 
Avvenevolmente, adv. grAcefully, agreeably 
Avvengache, conj. since, wberoAs 
Avvenieme, adj. future, to c&me, advenient 
Avvenimento, sm. event. Accident, c5ming 
Avvenire, va. 3. to hAppen, arrive, befAII; — 

-irsi, vrf to light up6n, to sAit; m'awepoe 

d' incontrArlo , I bAppened to meet him; 

m'awenni in nn amlco, I fell in with a 

Awenire, sm. fAtnre*, time to cdme 
Avvenilfccio, -a, smf. ed adj. new c&mer, ad- 
Avventamento, sm. rdshing up5n; hdrling 
AvventAre, va. i. to shoot, fling, dArt 
AvventArsi, vrf. to rhsh, fiill up6n, catch; se 

B5r, rftde; - fill, 85n, bdll; - Are, dA; - hf, l^mph ; p5l4e, b(yii, fwU^ ^jJX^A^ 

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— 88 — 


gli ftTYentd adddsso come un cine arrab- 
bi&to, he riished up6n htm like a mad dog ; 
qu^to mile s' avyenta , coDTers&ndo , this 
disease it c&aght by conTersfng ( with one 
ATTenUl&ggine, tf. imprAdeDce, rktbness 
ATTentatamdDte, ado. idcodsI dorately, r&shly 
AvTental^Uo, -a, adj. hair brained, giddy, wfld 
Ayreotat^iu, sf. impriideiice, temlrity 
AvveDtilo, a, tu^. histy, rish, th6aghtleu 
Avventfxio, -a, a^f. adTentitious, extrinsic 
ATTdDto, «m. cdmiDg, accession , Advent 
Avvent^re, tm. chstomer, phrchaser 
ATventrio4re , vn. i. {of horses) to be seized 

vilh belly.frfttling 
ATTeDt6ra, sf. Occident, evint, adventure 
AvventAra (all*), adverb, by chknce, perhips 
AvTentur^re, va. 4. lo hkzard, venture, risk 
Ayveatar&rsijvr/'. to hazard, ran the risk 
ATvenluraUminto, adv. f&rtanately » Ibckily 
ATTeDtur&to, -a, adj. Ihcky, f&rtun&te 
ATveniuri^re, sm. advinlnrer, Tolant^er 
AvTentarosaminte, adv. by cbknce, Ihckily 
AvvenlQr680, -a, adj. Idcky, f6rluQale 
AvveoAto, -a, a((/. happened, befillen, arrfyed 
Ayyeramdnto, sm, ayftrment, confirm4tioii 
Ayyer&re, va. i. to avir, affirm, conHrm 
Ayyer&to, -Si^adj. aydrred, affirmed, proved 
Ayvorat6re, sm. ayveratrice, sf. yiriffer 
Ayyerbi&Ie, adv, advirbial 
Ayyerbialm^Dte, adv. adyirbially, in the m&n- 

Der of an lidyerb 
Ayy^rbio, sm. kdverb 
Ayverdfre, va. to make gr^en , yerdant 
AvyeriflcAre, va. 1. to yferif^, conflrm, assAre 
Avverilire, ua. 1. to av6r, declare p68itiyely 
Ayveraaminte, adv. nnfdrtanately 
Avyers&re, van. 1. to opp6se, be against, resist 
Ayyers&rio, -a, smf. Adversary, ant&gonist 
Avversirio d'ogni male (!'), sm. God 
Aryersirio, -a, adj. idyerse, antkgonlst 
Ayversallyo, -a, adversative 
Avversaldre, sm. avversalrfce, sf. Adversary 
Avyersaii6ne, sf opposition, c6nlrary 
Avversidne, sf avftrsion; hitred, dislike 
Avversili, -tAte, -tide, sf adversity 
Avv6rso, -a, adj. idverse, e6ntrary, inimical 
Avverso, prep, ag&inst, 6pposite to, ftcing 
Avvertdnle, adj. prtident, elrcamspecl 
Avvertenlem^nte, adv. hiedfully, advisedly 
Avvertinza, sf h6ed, cireums paction 
Avvertimdnto , sm. advice, vrirning, cdUnsel 
Avvertire, va. 5. to w&rn, advise, inform 
Avvertfre, vn. to take care, observe, mind 
Avvertitamdnte, adv. cirefally, vrith c&ution 
Avvertito, -a, adj. vr&rned, informed 
Avvertlto, -a (stire) , wi. 4. irr. to be op6n 

one's gnird 
Awexzamtoto, sm. Ase, h^bit, ciistom 
Avvesz&re, va. i. to acctistom, <ise, inAre 
Avvezz&rsi, vrf to acciistom, Ase one's self to 
Ayveu&to, awizzo, -a, ad/, acchttomed, fised 

ArveszatAra, sf. hkbit, 6se, ciistom 
Awiaminto, tm, siting 6ilt, beginning; qd 
neg^zio con baon awiaminto , a shop with 
a good ciistom 
Awi&re, va. i. to begin, set on foot, prep&re 
Avvitrsi, vrf to set 5iLl, advance, go f&rward 
Avviito, -a, adj. begiin, advanced, getting on 
AvviatAra, tf a beginning, sitting on foot; 
sitting on fire, kindling (atelj 

Avvicendaminto , sm. the snccieding altim- 
Avvicendire, vn. i. to altdrnate, A^ in tiims 
Avvicend&rsi, vrf. t6 change by turns 
Awicendivole, adj. alternate, reciprocal 
Avvicendevolmente, adv. by turns, altdmately 
Awicinaminto, sm. appr6acb, cdming n6ar 
Avvicininte, adj. appr6aching, cdming niar 
Awicin&re, avvicin&rsi, vn. 4. to appr6ach 
Avvicinito, -a, adj. n^ar, close 
Avvignire, va. 4. to plinl vines 
Avvignito, >a, adj. pl&nted with vines 
Avviliminto sm. ab&sement, bumiliition 
Avvilire, va. 5. awilAre, 4. to vilif^f, ab&so 
Avvilfrsi, vrf to l^e coiirage, desp6nd,* s'ar- 
vilisce alia minima disgrAzia, the liast mis- 
fortune dism&ys him 
Awilltivo, -a, adj. vilifying,deb4sing, dejtet- 
AvviUto, -a, adj. hfambled, dejkted (ing 
Avviluppaminto,«m. ent&nglement, confusion 
Awilupp&re, va. 4. to entangle, confdse, wrap 
up, inv61ve; non voglio ayvilupp4re alcAno 
nella mia disgr&zia , I will not invdive any 
one in my misf6rtune 
Avviluppirsi, vrf to get bewildered 
Avviluppataminte, adv. confAsedly 
Avvilopp&ta (air), adverb, heller skilter 
Avviloppato, -a, adj. ent&ngled, wrapped up 
Avvildppat6re, sm. chiat, shhrOer 
Avvilupp&tnra, sf entknglement, knittlness, 

Avvinacciilo, -a, adj. v. Cbriico , inibriiled 
Avvin&re, va. 4. to mix with wine 
Avvin&to, -a, adj. mixed with wine, drhnk 
Avvinazzaminto, tm. the g&tling tipsy, hAlf- 

driink, h&lf sias 6ver 
Avvinazzirsi, vrf 4. to get tipsy, b6tUe 
Avvinazz&to , -a , adj. h&lf drunk , h&if sias 

Avvincere, va. 9. irr. to tie up; bfad, fasten 
AvvinchiAre, awinghiire, t>a. 4. to tie, clftsp 
Avvincbi&rsi, ec. vrf to embrace one an&tber 
Avvinchi&to, avvinghiJito, -a, adj. intwined 
Avvincigliire, va. 4. to bind with twigs, twine 
AvvincolAre, va. 4. to bind with a tfe 
Avvinto, -a, adj. tied, bdUnd, twisted, listened 
AvviottoUre, va. 4. {ant.) to begin, set on foot 
Avvisiglia, sf interview, parley, c6mbat- 
Avvisamioto, sm. inform&iion, priMence 
Avvis&re, va. d. to Advertise, advise 

— (avvertire), to w4rn 

— (riguardire), to look, observe 

— (mirire), to Aim at, pQnt 

— (instrufre), to instrhct^tiacb 

rite, mAte, bite, ndte, t6bc; - fAt, mAt, bit, n6t, Uib, - ftr 

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— 89 — 


ATTisire (paMire), to guess, imkgine 
ATTisini, wf. to foresee, perceive 

— (preparirsi), to prep&ro one's self 

— (riaeoDtrire) , to mtet face to fkce 
ATTisaUm^Dte, adv. adTlsedly, warily 
Arriiito. -a, ac(/. kdverlfsed, weU-advfsed 
Arrisat6re, wm. \ adrfser, infdnner, 
AvTisatiice, Bf, \ basy-body, T^iloer (newt 
Arrfso , sm. advfca , opinion, adTirtisement 

— (a mio), adv. exp. in my opinion 

— (stiirasull'), 1. irr. to benp6n one's guArd 
Arrist&re. va. 1. to examine, obsArve intently 
AfTist&to, a, adj. sightly, pltasingtotheeye, 

striking to the Tiew 
ATTiiieehiam^nto, sm. twisting, twist, knot 
ATTiticehi4re, oa. 4. to intwfne, twist, twine 
ATTiticdii&to, -a, adj. twisted ,^ntwfned 
ATTiticciarainto, sm. aTrilicci&re , vn. t. At 

Titicehiamtoto , avTiticehi&re 
Anitire, va. 5. to plant Tines 
ATTitolito, -a, odjf. tortnons, rohgh, knotty 
ATTiTamteto, sm. the enliTening, re?iTing 
ATTiTire, va. i. to brisk np, enllTen, reTiTe 
ATTiTirsi, w/". to recdTor strength, rekindle 
ATTivi(o,-a, adj. roTived, rekindled 
Arriyatdjo, sm. bhrnisher (inslniment ised 

in gilding) 
ATTiTat6re, tm. roTfTer, encohrager 
Arriiiire, tn. I. to make Tlcioos (withered 
Arrisxire, aTriszire, tm. 1. 5. to fade, gr6w 
ATriui(o,-a, adj. f&ded. scared 
ATTocire, von. i. to fallow the i&w, to be 

cminsel in a case, to pliad (6ffiee 

ATTocarfa , aTTOcheria , »f. {ant.) idTOcale's 
AiTocito, sm. kdTocate , defender ; aTToc4ta, 

tf. pAtroness (protectress 

Arvocatftre, aTTOcatrfce, smf, {ant.) defi&nder, 
ATTOcalAra, tf. 4dTocate's profession 
ATTocari6ne, *f. t. ATTOcatAra 
ATToeolire, va. {ant.) persa&de, blind 
ATToedl&to, -a, adj. {ant.) persu&ded, blinded 
ATTOgadire, vo. 4. {ant.) to pltod, fallow 

ATTogad6re, tm. procnr&tor-flscal, solicitor 

general, attorney general 
Arroggolire, va. i. {ant.) to twist, r611 np 
ATTolginte, adj. winding abdikt, r611ing 
ATTdlgere, ta. I. to wrap rdlknd, bind, thm 
Avrdlgersi, vrf. to tiirn abdilt, w&nder 
AvTolgim^nto, tm. thrning r^iLnd, twisting 
ATTolgitftre, tm. twister, dec^Ter, rlimblor 
ATTolontatam^nte, adv. (a}if.)r^hly, headlong 
Arrolontito, -a, adj. {ant.) tkth, 6b8tinate, 

AYTolpacchi&re, oa. 4. to chiat, beguile, catch 
ATrolpin4re, m. 4. to dec^lTC, chdat, dfipe 
ATTo1pin4lo,-a, adj. dec^iTed, chtoted, dAped 
ATTombile, adj. that may be twisted, wrap- 
ped np 
Atyoltaechiirsi, vrf. 4. to r&mble, rdre, winder 
AfTollire, va. 4. to wrap np, bind, tie, thrn 


ATTolt&to, aTTdUo,-a, adj. twisted, ent&ngled 
ATTOItiechi&re, va. 4. to wrap (a thing) on 

itsilf; to inT&lTO , to wrap np, to l&ld np ; 

to blend or mingle together 
ATTdltora,a(//. wr&pped, wdiind,b6&nd, f61ded 
ATToItolatamente, adv. confusedly, in a bhrry 
ATToltAra, tf. perplexity, winding , confftsion 
Azidnda, tf. igency 6fBce, management, con- 
Azfgos, tf. {anat.) jizygos (c^rn 

Azionista, azion&rio, tm. sh4reh61der 
Azi6ne, tf. kction, deed, shAre, right; inten- 

t&re azi6ne ad 6no (/oio), to bring an kction 

against one, to sAe one at Iftw 
A s6nzo, adverb. r6vingly , r&mblingly , in a 

longing sAontering m&nner 
Azdto, tm. {chem.) az6te (a species of gas) 
Assa, tf. adz, battle-axe 
AzzaUno, tm. shrimp (small craw-flsh) 
Azzamp&to,*a, ad)', fbrnished with claws, t&lons 
Aszannam6nto, tm. a snap, catch, bile, seizing 

with the teeth (snap 

Aszannire, va. 4. to s^tze with the teeth, catch, 
Azzann&to , -a , adj. cAnght with the teeth , 

Azzard&re, va. 4. to hazard, Tinture, risk 
Azsftrdo, tm. hkzard, risk, dinger, trial 
Azzarddso, -a, adj. hazardous, d&ngerous, b61d 
AzseecAre, va. 4. to bit, hit the n&il on the h6ad 
Azzern61a, lazzeruola, tf {ant.) crab-kpple 
Azzeru6lo, tm. {ant.) crab&pple tree 
Azziciro, va. 4. {ant.) to stir, shake, remore 
AzzicArsi, vrf. to bhstle, be busy, stir 
Azzicat6re, tm. {ant.) bhstler, stirrer, fritter 
Aszimire , va. 4. to ad6rn , deck , set off; — 

-Arii, vfrf. to ad6m one's self, paint 
Azzimito, -a, adj. ad6rned, decked, set off 
Azzim^lla, tf unliaTened brtod 
Azzimina,.tf. c6at of m&il, cuirass 
Azzimo, -a, adj. unliayened, unferminted 
Azzim6tto, tm. (attr.) azimuth 
Azzir6ne, tm. a lArge sp4de 
AzzillArsi, vrf to stop, breik off, be silent 
AzsollAre, va. 4. to pelt, kill with clods 
AzzonzAre, vn. 4. to r6Te, w&nder, r6am 
AzzoppAre, vn. 4. to limp, h&U. go lame, h6bble 
Azzopp&to, -a, adj. lame, hobbling, crippled 
Azzoppire, vn. to bec6me lame, crippled 
Azzuffam6nto, tm. strife, qu&rrel, scrape 
Azzuffiirsi, vrf 4. fight, c5me to bl6ws 
Azzuffat6re, tm. qu&rreller, wr&ngler 
Azznfllno, tm. a bAiliff, Serjeant 
Azzttdlo, tm. dArk blAe, deep blue 
AzznrreggiAre, vn. 4. to be blAish 
Azzorricdo, asznrrfgno, -a \adj. sky-cdlor- 
Azzarrino, azzurr6gnolo, -a | ed, blue-Azure 
AzzArro, tm. Azure, ultramarine (color) 


B, tm. {tecond letter of the alphabet) b 
BabbAccio, habbacci6ne, tm. fool, d61t, dhnce 
Babbagigi, tm. sort of riish 

a«r.rtdt;-fiU. s«n, baU; - f4rt,dA, - b^, lymph; pa*«» l><y*fl|jf^e5SftJidt5gtfe 


— 90 — 


Babbalk {A\\a),'advcrh, {vulg.) incoDslderately, 

Babbilo ( alia ) , adverb, {vulg.) cireleisly; 

c6arsely, cldmsily 
Babble, babbi6D0, tm. bl6ckhdad, dolt 
B&bbo, sm. papa, dad (for father) 
Babboriv^ggoli ( andare a ) , adverb. ( lo go 

to) one's last borne; to depart this life 
Babbua8s4ggiDe,«/! stupidity, absurdity 
Babbu&sso , -a , adj. foolish , silly , slApid , 

BabbAccia, sf. papoocb ; turkish slipper 
Babbufno, if. baboon, rodokey, iigly man 
Babbasco, -a, adj. mf. t&U and big 
Babildnia , babble , tf. b&bel , place of conf6- 
Babdrdo, »m. (war.) larboard ision, rout 
Bac&ccio, sm. a dead silt-w6rm 
Bac&jo, tm. 6wner, proprietor of a sUk-wdrm 

nUrsery, one who r6ars silk-wdrms ( ^il 
Bacal&re, sm. {tronically) greit doctor, greil 
Bacaleria, sf. bkchelorsbip, T^oity, conceit 
Bacamdnto, sm. mkggoliness; the being v6rm- 

C'aten, sickly 
Bacire , vn. to be w6rm-eaten , full of ^drms 
Bacardzzo, sm. sm&ll-wdrm, grub 
Baccatfccio,bac&to, -if adj. -wdrm-daten, sickly 
Bacca, sf. b6rry (small fruit) 
Baccala, baccalire, sm. stock fish, dried cod 


sm. bachelor of ^rto , graduate 

Baccalaure&to, sm. baccalaureate, the degree 

of b&ebelor of arts 
Baccan&Ie, sm. drhnken f^ast, bkcchanals 
Baccan4rio, -a, adj. bkccbanal, bacchanalian 
Baccandlla, sf. r5ut, mob, tumiiltuous assembly 
BaccanSllo, sm. little biistle, noise, oprdar 
Bacc&no, sm. gre&t noise, upr6ar, tAmult 
Bacc&nte, smf. bacchant, bicchante, priest, 

priestess of Bacchus 
B&ccara, sf. (boi.) assarab^cca 
Bacciiro, sm. (&o(.).bltiebottle, foxglove 
Baccito, -a, adj. driink, furious, r&ging 
BaccSlla, sf. pod, husk; {fig.) a simple, silly 

ir6man ( ninny 

Baccell&ccio , sm. big pod , hUll , {fig.) gre&l 
Baccell&jo, sm. p6dder, a gdtherer of pods 
Baccellerfa, sf. bachelor's degrde 
Baccell^llo, sm. sm&ll pod, 6val edge 
Baccellidre , baccellifiro , sm. bachelor of 4rts 
Baccellfna , sf. { bot. ) dyer's broom , dyer's 

weed, green- weed 
BacelHno, -a, adj. prodAcing pods 
Baccdilo, sm. pod, hiisk, hiill, shell 
Baecelldne, sm. hiiU, gre&t dunce , bidckhead 
Baccbeggi&re , vn. to riot , racket , play the 

B&cchera, sf. {bot.) f6xgl6ve, blue-bottle 
Baccb^lla, sf rod, stick; — da fucile, rdimrod; 

— di tambhro, drbmstick;(paini.) rest-stick, 
resting-stick; — divinatdria, diyining wind; 

— migica , conjuring w&nd ;. comand&re a 
bacch^lta, to r(ile with a tight hand 

Bacchett&ro, va, i.{miL) to flog throogli 

the line 
BacchettiU, sf. str6ke with a switch, rod 
Bacchettina, sf. baccbelUno, sm. sm&ll switch 
Bacchdtto, sm. little b&ccbus 
Bacchettdoa, sf a bigoted woman, female de- 

TOtie, hypocrite 
Baccheltoncdila, sf. \ ,.», h*oocrite 
Bacchettoncino, sm. \ "*"® nypocriie 
Baechelldne, sm. bigot, hypocrite, devotee 
Bacchettoneria, sf. | bigotry, hyp6crisy, de- 
Baccheltonfsmo , sm. \ v6tion 
BacchetlAzza, sf. smdll switch, rod, stick 
Bacch^Tole, adj. n6ling, pl&ying the bacchanal 
Bacchi&re, va. i. to knock down with a stick 
BacchiiU, sf bl6w with a stick, ciidgelling 
B&cchico, -z.,adj. of bacchus, j6rial, drdnken 
Bacchffero, -a, adj. bacciferous, birry-beAring 
Bacchildne , sm. simpleton , booby . ntnny , 
Bicchio, sm. pole, staff, ciidgel (block 

— (fare al), vo. \. irr. lo act at rkndom 
B&cco, sm. Bacchus ; {poei.) wine 
Bacb^ca , sf. gl&sscase , fine man in appea- 
Bacherdzio , bacber6ziolo , bacher^Uo , sm. 

sm&ll wdrm, griib 
Bacher6izola, sf. {bot.) sort of liver-w6rt 
Bachidra, sf. silk-w6rm niirsery 
Bachi6cco, sm. d6lt, ninny, dbnce, bl6ckhead 
Baciab&sso, sm. bow cap in hand , re?crenc8 
Baciam&no, sm. respect, service, c6mpliment 
Baciamdnto, sm. kissing, salute, kiss 
Bacianne, (poet.) (contraction of baci&moci , 

\. pers. plur. imperat. of baci&re ) , let ug 

kiss one another 
Baci&nle, adj, kissing, fond of kissing 
Baciapile, baciap6l?ere, sm. hypocrite, bigot 
Baci&re, va. i. to kiss, 8al6le, tohch with 

the lips; baci&r Iasc6pa, vuig. lo bear, hkre 

pitience; baci&re il chiayistfillo , lo dep&rt 

hdpeless of rethrn 
Baciare, sm. kiss . 8al6te with the lips , buss 
Baci&rsi, vrf. io kiss one an5lher, to exchin- 

ge kisses 
Bacias&nii, sm. a devotee, bigot 
Bacicchi&re, va. i. v. Baciocc&re 
Baclcci, sm. {bot.) glfts8w6rt ; sait-worl 
Baci4to, >a, ad^. kissed, sal6ted with the lips 
Baciat6re , sm. bacialrice, sf. a kisser , one 

fond of kissing 
Badgoo, sm. kiss, salAte 
Bacile. bacfno, sm. b^sin , w&sb-hand bitsin 
Bacto^lla, bacin^tta, sf. sm&U b&sin 
Bacinetto, sm. helmet, cksket 
Bacino. sm. b4sin, w&sh-hand b&sin ; (mar.) 

dock, dry-dock 
B4cio, «m, kiss, salAte, north Aspect 
Baciocco, sm. simpleton, d6lt, bl6ckhead 
Baci6zzo, sm. he&rty kiss, Idving kiss 
Baciuccire, baciucchi&re, va. 1. to kiss rapidly 

and repeatedly , to be Always kissing and 
BaciAcchio, sm. t. Baci6ccio (billing 

F&te, mete, bite, n6te, tdbe: - ftt, m^t, bit, ndt, thb|r v#C.^ pique, 

Digifized byVjtJ'U'V 1* 



— W — 


BaciAecio, tm little kiss 
B&co, sm. 8ilk-w5rm , wdrm , miggot , mite ; 
(nor.) piissage boat, f6rry-b6at, bone -boat ; 
- arere i baebi, to be sad, dejected, gloomy ; 
artfre il baco in nna cosa, to bare a f&ocy 
for a thing , ba il baco con lui , he cknnot 
bear (sbffer) him 
Bae6co, sm. ipricot 
Bacolino, rm. sm&ll vdrm, griib 
B&eolo, sm, (poet,) stkff, w&lking-stick, trbn- 

Bacologfa, *f. a treatise on silk-wfirms 
Baeoldgieo, -a, adj. of silk-w5rms 
Bacdcco, sm. hood, eapuchtn, cuwl 
Bacuccola, sf, wild Albert, h&xel-aat 
BAda (sl&re a), m. 1. I'rr. to st^nd trifling 
-- (tenure a), ea. a. I'rr. to amAse by prom- 
ises, keep at bay 
Bad&ggio, »m^ beguiling look, fond glance 
Badalichio, badalischio, v. Basillsco 
Badaloccare, vn.l. to lounge, lose one's time 
Badal6na, tf. plump fat be&rty woman 
Badal6ne, am. griat idler , trifler, lArge fig 
Badalaccare, vn. i. to skirmish, dMly» IcSdnge 
Badalacc4rc, sm. skirmishing, diversion 
Badalaccat6re, sm. skirmisher, idler, trifler 
Badalttcco, tm. skirmish, p&sllme 
^ (si&re a), vn. 1. frr. to idle one's time 
Badam^nto, am. del&y, poslp6nlng 
Badire, on. i. to trifle one's time, st&y, loiter 
Badire , va. to mind , observe , take care of , 

Bad&le a' fatti Tostri, mfndyoar 6wn bosinoss 
Baddrla tf. silly conceited woman 
Baddrna, </• K^or,) a plat 
Bad&isa, s/. kbbess, hiad of a nhnnery 
Badfa, »f. &bbey, m6nastery, ntinnery 
Badi4Ie, adj. \burl.) iasy, comm6dious, Urge, 

Badigliire, r». to yawn, ▼. Sbadigli&re 
Badile, sm. pick-axe, m&ltock 
Badine, »m. t. Spalli6ra 
Badi62za, »f. small &bbey, nunnery 
Ba^ria, »f. ▼. Boria, vJiin gl6ry 
Biffa idi bnffa in), adverb, wdrse and w6rse ; 
qnel che rien di raffa in raffa se ne Ta di 
bafl'a in baffa^ ill-gotten goods never prosper 
BafO, smp. mustaches, musi&cbioes 
Baflulo,aa(/. mnstichiood,haTing, must&chioes 
Biga, if. T. Giojdllo 

Bagiglla, Yf.bagigiie,//). bag&glio, m. baggage 
Bagagi61e, bagagifccole , sfp. sm&ll bkggage 
Bagagli6ne, »m. s6ldier's boy, blackguard 
Bagagli6me, am. gre&t qn&ntily of biiggage 
Bigaro, b4ghoro, $ni. t. BagatUno 
Bagiseia, s^. v6rtbios8 w6man , strhmpet, 

Bag&seio, bagascidne, im. whdremdnger^ bully 
BagatliUa, sf. jhggler's trick, trifle, bdable 
BagattelliAre, fm. jhggler, bafloon, trifler 
Bagaltelliccia, sf. a m^re trifle 
Bagatlfoo, syn, farthing 

Baggto, 8f. a stiipidj silly w6man 
Bagg6o, sm. simpleton 

Baggianiccio, tm. greit bUckhiad, nhmsknlt 
Baggian&ta, sf. a silly act, w&rd, or thing 
Baggi&ne, afp. c6nrt-pr6mises, fiir wdrds 
Baggianeria, if. silly thing, fiMlisb speech 
Baggi&no, itn. t. Babbiccio 
Baggiolire, va. i. to l^an, prop, supp6rt, rest 
Baggi61o, stn. prop, 8npp6rt, stay 
B&ghero, sm. f&rtbing (an old Venetian coin) 
Bagi&na, tf b^ans just shftlled, joke^ banter 
Bigio, tm. ipoet.) kiss, sal6le 
Bagi61a, «/*. {bot.) myrtle-berry 
BagDQcebiare, va. i. to moisten, wet a little 
BJiglia, if. large s6a-tub, bhcket 
Bagli6re, itn. d&uliDg light, fl&sh of light 
Bsgnajudio, sm. bath-kieper, dipper, b&ther 
Bagnam^nto, sm. h&lbiDg, sprinkling, w6lting 
Bagn&nle, adj. moistening, wdttiog, bithing 
Bagndre, va. i. to motstea, wet, dkmp 
Bagn&rsi, vrf. to bathe, go into the w&ter 
Bagnito,-a, adj. wet, moistened, wished 
Bagnat6re^ tm. b&lher, swimmer 
Bagnatiira, if. bdthiog, season for bathing 
B4gno, am. b4th, b4thing-tub, cistern, tank; 
bagne (convict-prison) 

— d'acqna frodda, tm. c6ld-b4th 

— d'acqua calda, tm. hot-b4ih 

— maria^ bagno marie, tm. baloeum-mariaB 
B4gola, if {bot.) the berry of the lote-lree 
BagnuAlo , tm. smdil b4lh , fomentation , 

Bagord&re, vn. i. to tilt, johst, rdvel, fifiast 
Bag6rdo, am. pike, 14nce, revelry, riot 
B4ja, nf joke, derision, b4nter, bay, r6adstead 

— (vol6r la), vn. 9. nr. to sp6rt, joke, r41ly 

— (d4r la), va. 1. trr. to I4ngh at, mock 
Baj4ccia, af gre4t flam, s(6ry, trick, joke 
Baj4re^ vn. i. to bark, cI4mor at 
Baj4ta, af joke, derision, raillery, ridicule 
B4je (r4r le), vn. 3. irr. to sp6rt, fr6lic, toy, 

to play the wag 

Bajitta, af. b6mbasln, baixe, cove, smill bay 

B4ilo, am. city magistrate 

B4jo, adj. bay, ch^nat-c6Ior 

Bajdcco, am. r6man pennjr 

Baj680,-a, adj. facMioas, joe6se, w4ggish 

Bajooiccio, baj6ne, am. gre4t j6ker, bknterer 

B^jon6t(a, s/; b4jonet; caricirealla bajooMta 
{mil.) to ch4rge with theb4yonet; pr^nder 
(d'ass4lto) alia bajondtta , to carry at the 
point of the b4yonet ; piant4re in c4nna la 
bajondtia , to fix b4yoDets ; bajonelta in 
cinnal fix b4yonetst 

B4ire, vn. 3. to gr6w pak), be confused 

Baj6ca^ bajucca, baj6ecola, af trifle, binble 

B4jolo, am. t. Facchino 

Baju6Ia, baj^zza, af frivolous thing, gewgdw 

Bal4ssa, v. Bard4cca 

Bala6sta, balauslra, af I fl^er of the wild 

BalaAstro. am. \ pdmegranate tree 

Balaustr4ta, af bkluslrade 

■6r, rAd«i 

. 1411, s5n, biill ; - (Are, d6 ; - b^, l^mph ; pSse , b^yi^.^foul ^^^^^m [^ 


— 92 — 


BalaAstro, fin. (arch.) b&luster , bknister 
Balbeggi&re, vn. 1. t. BalbelUre 
BalbetUinte, itn. st^mmereri sthlterer 
fialbetUre , balbettfc&re , vn. i. to st&mmer , 

slblter f 8p6ak confAsedly ; {of children) to 

lisp (speak imperfectly) ; balbett&re ana scu- 

sa, to st&mmer SHi an ap61ogy 
Balbezz&re, balbusz&re, vn. i. to stammer 
B&lbo,-a, adj. t6ogue-tied, stammering 
Balbotfre, balbulfre, vn. 5. to st&mmor, stbtter 
Balb&zie, sf. stammer, stiilter 
Balbuzidate, adj. stimmering, stbttering 
Balbuzi6ne, sf. t. Balbazie 
B&lco, am. {ant.) i. P&Ico 
Balconita, if. sm&ll r&iled gkllery 
Balcdne, «m. balcony 
Baidaccbfno, sm. c&nopy 
Baldam^Dle, adv. b6Idly, coar&geonsly 
Bald&nza, »f, bdldness, h&rdibiod 
BaldaDzeggiare, vn. i. to 16ad a merry life 
BaldaDzosam^nte, adv. in a b6ld mknner 
BaManzo8dtto,-a, adj. sdmewbat prdild , b6ld 
Baldanz680,-a,adj. b61d^ b&ughty, conr&geous 
Bald^zza, sf baldim^nto, (anf.) <m. bdldness, 

B&ldo, -a, adj. b6Id, conr&geons, h&ngbty 
Bald6re, sm. {ant.) b61dne88^ assurance 
Balddria, sf ^Id-fire, bonfire, feasting 
— (fare), va. 1. irr. to live siimptuonsly, rfot 
Baldr&cca, sf fadrlot, w6man of pleasure 
BaI6na, sf. vb&le; {astr.) cdtus; osso di bi^ 

I^na, wb&le-b6ne ; p^sca delta bal^na,wb&le- 

Balenamdnto, sm. lightning, fl&sh, bUze 
Balen4re^ vn. i. lighten, st&gger, reel 
Balenidre , sm. 'wb&ler (Gsberman) ; vb&ler , 

Balenidro, -a, adj. of a wbiler; battdllo ba- 

leniSro, n&ve baleni^ra^ irh&Ier's boat, 

-wbile-ship, wbiler' 
Bal6no, sm. fldsh of Kghtning 
Bal^no (in un), adverb, in a trfce^ instantly 
Balendso, -a, adj. ab^nding vith vhalos 
Baldstra, sf cross-b6w, Arluilist quidrant 
Balestr&jo^ sm. bdwman, Archer 
Baleslr&re, van. 1. to shoot, d&rt, vex 
Balestr&ta, sf b6v-shot , distance of a b6w- 

Ba1e8trat6re, balestridre, sm. b6wman, Archer 
Balestrerla, sf cdmpany of Archers, b6wmen 
Baleslridra , sf (fori.) birbacan , loop-hole , 

Bal^stro, sm. crossb6w, Arbalist , qu&drant 
Bal^stro ( and&re sul ) , vn. i. irr. to go on 

spindle shanks 
Baleslr6ne, sm. lArge cross-b$\r 
Balestruccio, sm. {om.) king's flsber; {arts) 

b6w ; aTir lo g&mbe a balestr&ccio , to be 

bknd}' -lagged 
Bilia,*/: vet-nbrse, nurse; ^sere a bAlia, 

to be SHi at niirse 
Balfa, sf power, auth6rity, command 

Balia (dssere di sna), to be one's ovn mAater ; 

dArsi in baUa ai piac^ri, to give one'sself up 

to pleasure 
BaliAceia, sf bkd wet-nbrse 
BaliAggio, sm. bAili-wic 

BallAtico,tm. nbrse's wA ges.expinceofndrting 
BallAlo, sm. 6fflce, du rAtion of abAiliflTs iffioe 
BAlio, sm. f6ster-f Ather ; bAiliff, m&gistrate 
Bali6so, -a, adj. pdwerfnl 
Balfre, MX. 9. to sbckle, r6ar np, Macate 
Balfre,va.4. to g5vern,r^le,€ommAnd,bAndIe, 

BaUsU, ballfsU, sm. togine to cast 8t6nes • 

Balistica, sf ballistics 

BalWo, sm. inferior jbdge, elty-mAgistrato 

BAlla, sf bale, pack 

BallAbile, adj. s^ted to dAnclng; sm. bAllet 

BallAccia. sf lArge ill made bAle, hAavy 16ad 

Ballacdcea, sf. an Apricot 

Ballaedeco, sm. an Apricot-tree 

Ballad6re, sm. rAin, deck of a ship 

BallAre, vn. i. to dknce, anst^dy 

— in cAmpo azzArro, v. to dAncenpon nfitbing 
BallAU, sf dAncing-song, dAnce 

BallAU, tal sonAta (qual) , prov. exp. like for 
like, tit for tat 

— (guidAr la), va. i. to eommknd, r&le 
Ballatfljo, sm. gAllery, flat roof, plAtform 
Ballat6re, sm. ballatrfce, sf dkncer 

BAIIe (far le), vn. i. irr. to pack olT, decAmp 

— (a), adv. exp. in plenty, in greAt quantity 
BaMerfa, sf {ant.) dAncing, art of dAncing 
Ballerina , sf dAncing girl , dAncer , fAmale 

Ballerfno, sm. 6pera dAncer, dAncer, bAw 
Bal]er6nzolo, sm. a skipping, jumping ab^t, 

a little dAnce 
Ball^tta, sf smAll bale 

Balldtto, sm. bAliet, dramAtic dance, intorlAde 
BAllo (enlrAr in),t;n. 1. to undertAke (a tbing) 

— (usclr di), tm. irr. 3. to finish (a thing) 

— sm. bAU, dAnce , assembly of dAncers 
Ball6ncbio, sm. coAntry dAnce, rdiind dAnce 
BaII6ne, sm. lArge bale 

BallonzAre I vn. i. to dAnce witbdiit 6rder;, 
BallonzolAre | skip, jbmp ab^t 
Ball6nzolo, sm. a silly dAnce 
BallMta, sf boiled chAstnut; TOte, sbffrage 
BallottamAnto , sm. t. Ba1lottasi6ne 
BallottAre, va. \. to vdte, bAIIot, toss, bAndy 
Ballottasidne, sf ballotAtion, vAting 
BaII6tto, sm. sort of chAstnut-tree 
BalneAbile, adj. fit for bathing 
BalneArio, adj. ; sUbilimAnto balneA- 

rio , bAtbing estAblishment 
BaloArdo, sm. bulwark, rAmpart, bAstion 
BaloccAggine, sf. trifles, silliness, nAnsense 
Baloccam6nto,5m. amusement, divArsion, trifle 
BaloccAre, van. i. to amise, gape abdUt 
BaloccatAre, -trice, smf a trifler, amAser, be- 

Baloccheria, sf foolishness, absbrdity 

FAt«, mAte, bfte, n6te, tAbe; - fAt, mAt, bit, n6t, tbb 



93 — 


Bal6cco, sm. booby, simpleton, ninny 
Baloecdne, sm. greit l>6oby, nbmskuli 
Baloeedne, adv, f^olisly, ^ilh^t tbdugbt 
Bal6gia^ sf, bSIIed chtetnnt, vdle, sbffrage 
Baldgio, -a, a4f, silly, foolish, w6ak 
Balord&ccio, gm. IhidcslLuIl, d61t, simpleton 
Balordikggine, balorderfa, sf. stupidity 
Balordaminte, adv. f6olisbly, sl6pidly 
Baldrdo, gm. 16ggerbead, bl6ckbead, down 
Baisimico, -a, adj. balskmic, mitig&tiog 
Balsamfoa, »f. (bot.) b4Uam, (annual plant) 
Balsamfno, $m. Idlsam, b&lsam kpple 
fijilsame, l>aisimo, sm. b&lm, ^ntment 
Balsimire , va. 1. to emb&lm 
Balu , sf. a downward ptlib , an dpset ; dire 
la b&lta , to ups6t , overtbr6w , overturn , 
fig. to wiste, squ&nder 
B41teo, sm. belt, b&ldricic 
Balo&rUo, sm. bulwark, rampart, b^tion i. to be short-sighted, nn&ble 

to see far 
Balttsinte, adj. short-sighted, uniible to see fir 
Balsa , $f. rock, cliff, precipice, vklance 
Balzina, sf. fringe, fiirbei6w 
Balzino, -a, adj. while-spotted, giddy-hiaded 
Balzinte, adj. li^ncing, leaping 
Balz&re , vn. i. to l)diind, l^p , skip , jhmp , 
j61t; vi balz6 la pilla m m^o, yga had the 
kiUl at yoAr 6wn foot 
Balzat6re, $m. jhmper, i6aper 
Balzeggiire , oa. 4. to c&pse to bdiind, 16ap, 

jhmp, rebdund 
Balsell^re, va. i. to skip, Itep , bdtind lightly 
Baitell&tOy -a, adj. overbhrdened with t&xes 
Baizillo, sm. additional Ux, subsidy 
Baiselloni, adv. in jhmping, frisking, skipping 
BaisAtto, sm. sm&ll b^itnd, itep 
Balzo, sm. b^und, liap, jhmp, reb^nd 
Bambag^lio, sm. piint, rouge 
Bamb^ia, sf. bamb&gio , sm. c6tton; tenure 

neUa bamlkigia, to p&mper 
Bambagino, sm. dimity, fine cdtton doth 
Bambagidso, -a, adj. soft as c6tton 
Bambiniggine, bambineria, sf childishness 
Bambin^lio, bamberdttolo, sm. lilUe child 
Bambindseo, ^, adj. childish, t. Puerile 
Bambino, -a, 8m f little b^, little girl, babe 
Bimbo, -a, adj. simple, f6oli8h, stApid, dbli 
Bamboeceria, sf. childishness, child's kclion 
Bambocdita, s/. (paint.) picture of rustic 16w 

Bamboccio | tm. little child, simpleton, piip- 
Bambocciolo | pet, bad pointing 
Bambocdone, sm. big, fat child 
B&fflbola, sf. doll, poppet, l^oking-glAss 
liamboleggiaminto, sm. childish kclion 
Bamboleggiire, tm. i. to act like a child 
Bamboleggiatore, sm. childish person 
Baoibolinaggine, sf. childishness, paerility 
BamboUno, •«, smf little b^, girl, d&rling 
Bamboliti, -itc, -4de, «f. {ant.) childish Action 
Bimboio, sm. b&be, b4by, infant 

Bambol6ne, sm. biff, fat child, fine child 
Bambu, sm. bamboo, Indian cane 
B&nca, sf sdidiers' pay-6flice, v. Banco 
Banc&rio, -a, adj. of the bank, p&yable at the 
bank (f^Sast 

Banchelticcio , sm. bad bench ; 16w , viilgar 
Banchellire, va. i. to give a f6ast , entertiixt 
Banch^lto, sm. sm&ll bench, bknquet, f^ast 

— (fare), tm. i. irr. to b&nquet, f(§ast 
Banchidre, banchidro, sm. biinkor, cambist 
Banchina, sf sm4li bench, causeway, fool-p&tb 
Banco, sm. bench, form, bank, cdunter ; b&nco 

d* ardna , sand-bank ; b&nco di ghiiccio , a 
fiild of ice 

Banconc^llo, sm, sm&ll bank, 6ak-plank 

Banc6ne, sm. gre&t bench, plank 

B&nda, sf. side, band, cdmpany, troop, gang; 
— di sollorenlo [mar.), 16e-side,- — di so- 
pravvdnto, wither side ; b&nde della nave, 
sides , b^ams of a ship ; bande della stiva , 
wings of the hold 

— (metlere da) , tni. 3. irr. to put aside , re- 

— (and&re alia), txi. 1. irr. to go to rftln 

— a b4nda (pass&re da), va. 1. to rhn thr6ugh 

— (da), adv. exp. aside, ap&rt, by 
Band&lo, -a, adj. girt, bdUnd 
Bandeggi&re, va. i. to banish, exile, drive 

Bandeggi&to, -a, adj. exiled, b&nished 
Bandella, sf. iron-wdrk, hinger of a d6or 
Banderijo , sm. ensign be&rer , chhrch dress 

Banderdse, sm. knight bknneret 
Bander61a, sf blindrol, weather-cock, vane 
Bandiera, sf bknoer, ensign, flag, c61ors ; far 

la bandiera, to cabbage {of tailors); ban- 

didra di p6ppa {mar.) ensign; — di prdra , 

j&ck ; — di p4ce, flag of irftce 
-r (a), adv. exp. Joy chance, heedlessly 
fiandinglla, sf. towel, bed-ciirtain 
Bandini, sm. stanchions 
Bandire , va. 5. to procl&im , phblish , cry , 

fiandita, sf proclam&tion, privileged pUce 
Bandito, sm. ixile, outl&w, b&ndit, assassin 

— adj. Exiled, proscribed, diimwed; tener 
c6rle bandita^ to keep 6pen h6lise 

Banditdre, sm. piiblic crier 

Bkndo, sm. ban, proclamation, bJinishment 

— (di tdsta), rew&rd for arresting 

— (trar di), to rec&ll from exile 
Bandoli6ra, sf. shdulder-belt, bandolier 
B&ndolo, sm. hdad of the skein 

— (ritrov&re il), va. i. to find the wiy 
Band6ne, sm. a Urge m^lal plate 
Bandooo , sm. (ant.) abkndonment, fors&king 
Bani&ni , smp. Banians (Indian idolaters) 
Bano, sm. a governor in Cro&lia , walla- 

chia, etc. 
B&o , sm. {mar.) b6am ; — maestro , mid-ship 

B4r, rftde;.fUl, s6a, biUl; - f4rtf, d6j 

Digitized by VjiJO V IV^ 


— 94 — 


B&o Bio (fare il), {low tuscan) to hoot after 

(a mask^ 
B&ra, sf. bidr, c6niD, litter 
— (av^r la b6cca salla) , to h&va ooe foot in 

the grive, bo 61d or inflrin 
BarabOITa,</: rkcket, riot, noise, fr&y, qo&rrel 
Baraciine, sm. b&rraean , strong thick ckmlet 
Bar&cca, af. bkrrack, shed, hut 
Baracc&me , sm. a kind of ribbed or figured 

cloth ' 
Baraccire, m. i. to build barracks, quarter 
Baracchi6re, sm. sutler, provider 
Baraccfizza, sf. smill bkrrack, shed 
Bar&re, vn. 1. to cbdal, d&pe, overreach 
Bararfa, gf. fr&ud, deceit, r6guish trick 
Biratro, b&ralo, sm. abyss, hell, pit 
Barilla, sf. conlenUoD, c&ntrast. Dant. 
Barattaminto, sm. ezchioge. truck, birter 
fiarallire, va. i. to exchingo, bsLrter, cb^at 
Baratlito, -a , adj. bartered, cheated 
BaraUat6re, sm. birlerer, ezchinger, cb^at 
Barallazi6ne, sf birter, triick 
Baratterfa, sf bartering, cheating 
Baratti^re, baratliiro, -a, smf birterer, ch^at 
Barillo, xm. truck, excbinge, cb^at 
Baratlola, sf sort of v&lor-fuwl 
Barittolo, sm. a medicine pot 
Birba , sm. ( ant, ) iincle , ( Lombard word ) 
» sf biard, root, 6rigin, spring 

— (farsi Ja), to shiTO 

Birba di stdppa (fire) , va. 1. to pl&y a trick 

— (alia), adv. exp, in spfle of 
Barbabidtola, sf beet-root, bdetrave 
Barbacine, sm. b&rbacan, iqoeduct , c6nduit 
Barbiccia, sf hgly biard, sbiggy bdard 
Barbach^ppo, sm. simpleton, blockhead 
Barb&gia, sf Toliipluoos place, stews 
Barbagiinni, sm. owl, stupid man 
Barbagr&zia, sf {burl. ) particular fivor,* a- 

yere in barbagr&sia, to take (it) as a greit 
Barbiglio, sm. dizziness, dimness, w&nder 
Barbaliccbio, sm. numskull, ninny, fool 
Barbandrdcco, euij. stupid, foolish, silly 
Barbino, sm. uncle, v. Zfo 
Barbaraminte, adv. birbarously 
Barbire, vn. 1. to take root, v. Barbic&re 
Barbareggiire, vn. i. to commit birbarisms 
Barbarescamdnte, adv. birbarously 
BarbarSsco, -a, adj. of Birbary 
Barbirico, -a, adj. birbarous, sivage 
Barbiric, sf barbirity, cr&elty, inhuminity 
Barbarismo, sm. birbarism, impiire speech 
Barbariti, sf barbirity, birbarism, impfirity 

of speech 
Barbarizzire , va. i. tobirbarize, t. Barba- 
Barbiria a iino, -^a, va. i. td pliy one a trick 
Birbaro (birbero), -a, adj. barbarous, crAel 
Barbardssa, sf kind of grapes, sort of wine 
Barbassdre, sm. ▼. Bacalire, wise icre 
Barbita, sf roots, smill roots 

Barbat^lla, sf liver, sprig, shoot, twig 
Barbilico, sm. {ant.) liking root, foundition 
Barbito, -a, adj. rooted, inveterate, horded 
Barbaszile, sm. chrb, restriint, check 
Barberire, vn. 4. to whirl abdiit, turn round 
Barber6sco, sm. groom of the barbs, barb 
Birbero, sm. barb, birbary horse 
Barbitta, sf little bterd, birbel, smill rooU, 

f&tlock, drag, barbe, birbot 
Barbetlino, sm. vdry small birbel, 16ach 
Barbicija, sf rooty stump (of a tree) 
Barbicamdnto, sm. tikfng root, radicition 
Barbicire, vn. 1. to take root, strike far into 
Barbicito, -a, adj. rooted, inveterate, deep 
Barbicazidne, sf a striking or tiking root; 

Barbican a, barbicciudia i ,^ ._,,, ,„- 
Barbicina, barbicola | 'f' »»^" "^' 
Barbfce, sf {ant.) ewe, (female) shiep, v. Pe- 
Barbic6no, sm. miin root (cora 

Barbiera, sf birber's wife, shiver 
Barbiericcio, sm. a piltry birber • 
Barbiire, sm. birber, shaver, hair drdsser 
Barbieria, barberia, sf birber's shop 
BarbiGcire, vn. \. ( -co , -chi ) to spread and 

mbllipl^ its roots (of a plant) 
Barbfgi, smp. whiskers, musliches 
Barbfno, sm. miser, pinch'penny, griy-bdard 

Birbio , birbo , sm. birbel ('fish found in 

Barbdccbio, sm. sh^ol, sucker of a reed 

Barbdgio , adj. doting , in second childhood ; 
sm. an 61d d6tard 

Barbdne, sm. griybdard, ddtard, i^iler- 

Barbdlla, sf sort of 61d Ifght gilly 

Barbottire , vn. i. to make a noise like ibat 
of boiling wiler 

Barbdzza, sf. chin-band, cdver, horse's iin- 
der jiw 

Barboccia, sf thin bdard, t. BarbicdUa 

Barbuccino, adj. thin bdarded 

Uarbugliamdnto, sm. sthlter, confused speech 

Barbugliire, va. 1. to sliitler, stimmer 

BarbAta, sf helmet, cisque, helmed sdldier 

BarbAto, -a, adj. bdarded, grdwn up, rooted 

Birca, sf bark, bdat, ferry-bdat 

Barciccia, sf did barge, lirgo iigly bdat, etc. 

Barcajudlo, barcardlo, barcarudlo, sm. bdat- 
man , birgeman , wilernian 

Barcardla, sf. (mus.) barcarolle (bdat -song) 

Barcita , sf bdat-ldad, bdatfiill 

Bar cheggiire , vn. to steer the boat, birge; 
to be at the helm ; {fig.) to minago one's 
aCTiirs well 

Barchdggio, sm. (mar.) boating 

Barcherdggio, sm. niimber of bdata together 

Barcbdtta, barcbetlina, sf | smill bdat, skiff, 

Barchett^no,barchdtto,sm. j wherry 

Barchino, sm. little bdat 

Birco , sm. park , v. Parco 

Barcollamdnto, sm. bilancing, tdttering 

Fite, mdte, bite, ndte, t6be; - At, mdt 

, bit, ndt, tbb^ - fir. 

Digitized by VjOOQ I 

piqwi «3* 


— 95 — 


Barcoll&Dte, adj.ibtienng, w&Tering , re- 

BarcolUre, va. 4 . to wiver , reel, stiigger; 

(mar.) to pileb , r61l , btove 
BareoUdne, adv. in staggering, reeling 
Bare6ne, $m. large Mat, barge, transport 
Birda, sm. borse steel-armor, capkrison 
Bard^ca , sf. an Earthen p6rous vessel used 

in Egypt for cooling water, by expdsing it 

to Ibe norlb wind 
Bardamenlire, va. 1. to capkrison, bdrness 
Bardamenlito, bardilo, -a; cuij. capkrisoned 
Bardina, sf. {bot.) biirdoc (medicinal plant) 
Bardire , w. 1. t. Bardamenlire 
Bardascia , bard&ssa , «m. barddsh , wb6re- 

m6oger, cklamfte 
Bardatura , sf. bardamSnlo , sm. borsetrkp- 

Bardilla, sf. pack-saddle, pknnel 
Bardrtllkre , va. to put on the packskddle 
BardelUtta, «/: sm&ll pack-saddle,- pknnel 
BardeUine, sm. soft skddle (to break in foals) 
Bardieo, -it^adj. bardic, bkrdish , pertaining 

to birds or Ibeir p6etry 
Bardfglio, sm. r. Bargiglio 
Birdo, sm. bkrd, a p6et and a singer amdng 

the ancient Celts; Bardi, smp. birds, p6ets, 

prills (of the Gaols) 
Bardocaeullo , sm. sort of cloak with a bood 

w6rn by Bards 
Barddsso ( a ) , adv. withdiit skddle , bAre- 

Barddtto, tin. small mflle, driver's mAle 
— passar per barddtto , to c&me ofC scot-free 
Bareggi&ra, ra. 1. t. Barkfe 
Barilla, sf. band-bkrrow, litter, p6rlable bed 
Barellare , oa. 4. to ckrry on a litter , band- 
Barerfa, sf. fraud, roguish trick, y. Bararia 
Bargagnkre, va. i. {flnt.) to Deg6tiate, trait, 

birgain; to ckyil 
Barg61lo, sm. police ekptain, sheriff; dar nel 

bargdllo, to meet with a bad kccident 
B&rgia, sf, dew-lap (of oxen) 
Bargfg/io , sm. (min.) bard bluish st6ne 
Bargieli , »mp. \ gils , flaps of a cock , etc. 
Bargli6tte , sm. \ excrdscenco on the neck 
BargigliAto, -a, adj. that has gills, flaps 
Bariclna, 9f a little bi^r, litter 
Barigdilo, sm. ekptain of the police, sheriff 
Barfgtia . *f. barilla ( a plant ) : (the alcali 

procured from this plant ) 
Bartgliondno, sm. sm&ll bkrrdl^cask 
Barig]i6ne, sm. cask, barrel, powdering-tub 
Barile, sm. bdgshead, ton, bblt, barrel 
Baril^U,*/: barileUo,sm. \ small bkrrei, keg, 
BarilAtlo, barjldzxo , tm. ( flkgon,riindlet, 
BartttU, barl^tU , sf \ cask, bkrrei (of 
Barlotto , barl^tto , sm. ] a watch) 
Bkrlo, tm. birium (the metallic basis of 

Barite, sf. (min.) baryta ( the heaviest of the 

earths) ; solfkto di barile , bar^tes , heavy 

Baritone, -a, adj. bkrytone ( musical term) 
Barlettljo, tm. c^per 
Barlome , tm. glimmer, fkint apptorance , 

spirk ; ne ho un barl6me , I hkve a slight, 

fkint n6li6n of it 
Barnabfta, sm. {reiigions order) bkrnabite 
B&ro, bkrro, sm. ch6at, r6gue, knave 
Bardcchio , bardcco , sm. ( from haro ) v. Ba- 

Baroccikjo, sm. a wkgoner, ckrter 
Baroccikta, sf ckrt-16ad 
Bar6ccio, biroccio, sm. wkgon, cart, barouche 
Bardcco, -a, adj. {fine arts ) odd , irregular; 

in the whimsical style of the XVll and Will 

Bar6ccolo, im. extortion, shirking 
Barom^trico, -a , adj. {pi. -ci , f. -che) baro- 
Bardmetro , sm. bar6meter 
Baronkccio, sm. r6gne, ch^at, rkscal 
Baron&ggio , sm. barony 
Baronkle, adj. bar6nial 
Baronare, vn. 1. to beg, mump, st6a], sphoge 
Baronkta , sf. r6guery, cbiat 
Baroncdilo , sm. litllo baron , little rake , 

Bar6ncio, sm. little dirty boy, ragamiiffin 
Bar6ne, sm. bkron, vkgabond; — di Garopo- 

fi6re, pick-p6cket 
Baroneria, sf r6guery, frkud, impdsture 
Baron^sco, -a, adj. bkron-like , m6an, vile, 

Baronissa, sf bkroness 
Baron^lto, sm. bkronet, knight-bknneret 
Baron ivole, adj. n6ble, grekt; magnificent 
Baronevolmdote, adv. n6bly, like a lord 
Barottia, sf bkron y 
Barra, sf. bar; bank of sand; profession of 

the law 
Barrkre, va. 1. to bar, obstruct, prevent, stop 
Barreria, sf fraud, deceit, rdguisb trick 
Barrdtta, sf a little bar of mMal, ingot 
Barrickre, va. 1. to bkrrickde, stop, obstruct 
Barrickta, sf bkrricade, stop, obslriiction 
Barridra, sf. barrier bars, paliskde 
Barrito, sm. the v^ce of an dlepbant 
Bkrro, sm. potter's clay, china-jar, v. Bkro 
Baruffa, sf bar^ffo, sm. frky, altercklion 
Barullkre, vn. i. to retkil, boy and sell ag&in 
Barullo, sm. retkiler biickster, inn-k6eper 
Bari^uola, sf sort of wkter-fowl 
Barzelldlta, sf j6ke, pl&asantry, jest, bknler 
Barsellettkre, tm. i. to jest, joke, rklly 
Basa, base, sf bkse, basis, foundktion 
BasaUscbio, basalisco, sm. bksilisk (serpent) 
Basklte, baskllo, sm. {min.) baskit 
Baskltico,-a, adj. [min.) basaltic 
BasaItino,-a, adj. bas&ltine 
Basamdnto, sm. base, pkdestal, bksis 
Baskre, vo. 1. to base, groiind 

air, rUt; - ftU, sdn, bull;.f&re, do; 

by, lymph; p6Ue, b(yl» fdUl, f^l; gem, as 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 


— 96 — 


BascU, bassi, tm. baib&w, paebi 
Bascial&ggio, tm, pash&vlic, the jnrisdietion 

of a pash&w 
fiasci&re, va. i. to kiss, salAte with the lips 
B&scio, 9m, Iciss, {fint.) north Aspect 
Base, sf. triclc (at cards) 
Basio, sm, simpleton, dance, bl6ckhead 
Bas^tta, tf. whisker, must&che 
Basettino, sm. sm&li whisker, mostichio 
Basett6ne, $f, man who has One long whiskers 
Basil4re, ad], {fltiat,) b&silar, bksilary 
Basilica, »f, cathedral, basilic 
Basilico, sm. {hot.) sweet bksil, basllicon 
Basilischio, <m. bksilisk 
Basiminlo, sm. swoon, f&inting fit 
Basimentuccio, sm. slight f&inliog fit 
Basina, bas6flia, »f. p6ltage, broth, soup 
Basfre, vn.3. to die, expire, breathe one's list 
BasUo, -a, ad^. ddad, deceased, defhnct 
Ba86so, -a, adj. 8t6pid, hiaty, diill, slhggish 
B&ssa, $f. sonata, d&nce, sb&ilows 
Bass&lle, bas&lle, sm. bas&lt, black mirble 
Bassam^nto, sm. I ab&sement, fiill,humili&- 
Bass&nza, tf. {jant.) \ tion, disgrace, misery 
Bassare, van. to diminish, ab&te, idwer, bhmble 
Bass&ride, sf. t. Baccinte 
Bass4io.-a, adj. Idwered, brbught down, 

Basselta, tf. bksset (game at cards) 
Bassett&re, va. 1. {ant.) to be the dtoth of, kill 
Bass^tto, sm. cownter-linor, middle part 

— adj. sfimewhat 16w, short 
Bass^sza, sf. meanness I6wness 

Bassilica, sf. basilic, basilica , middle vein of 
Bassilico, sm. sweet bksil (plant) (the irm 
Basso, sm. depth, b6ltom, bass, b&se-Tiol 

— adj. I6w , shkllow , m^an , b&se ; bassa 
gente, low people, plebtons ; mar^a bassa, 
16w w&ter, ebb tide; acqua bassa, shillow 
witer; panno basso, nhrtow cloth; te- 
nere il rise bJisso , to look down ; il dl 6 
basso, it is getting late; a basso, da basso, 
adv. beldw, d6wn slWrs, ydnder 

Bassdne, sm. t>ass6on 
Bassorilievo, sm. bas-reli6f 
Bassdtli, smp. mess of macaroni 
Bassdlto, sm. a short stdUt man, terrier 
BassoTentre,' sm. {anat.) abd6men, vdnter 
Bassura, sf a 16wer pl&ce, l&wland, 16wne8S 
Basta, gf b&sling, s6am with long stitches 
— adv. enohgh, h61d, slop, sufficiently 
Basl&bile, ac(/. {anl.) listing, dArable, sufficient 
Baslagio, sm, {ant,) man of &11 w5rk, t. 

Baslijo, bastiro, sm, pack-skdUle-miker 
Bastal^na (a), ado. with ill one's might 
Bastinte, adj, sufficient, enohgh, competent 
Bastantem^nta, adv, aafficiently, enohgh (sa 
Bastioza,*/: dur&tion, sufficiency ,t. AbbasUn- 
Bastirda, sf sm&ll gilley, broth-pot, kettle 
Bastardiccio, basUrdillo , sm. m^an bistard 
Bastarddlla, sf stew pan, s&nce-pan, skillet 

Bastardigia, bastard&ggine, sf. b&stardj 
Bastardire, tm. 5. to degenerate, t. Imba^ 

Bast&rdo, -a, smf ed adj. bistard. illegitimate 
Bastard6me , sm. a race of bistards , Aseless 

Bastire, van. 1. to suffice, sitisf^, list; pdco 
mi b&sta, I am content with little; mi basta 
d' essere stilo ingannato nna vAlta , I hive 
been ciught once, it is enohgh; fitelo, se 
Ti b&sta rinimo, d4^it,ityouhayethecohr- 
age ; nna risma mi bista un m6se , a riaoi 
lists me a m&nth 
Bastito, -na, adj. long, protrkcted 
Bastina, tf a light pack-siddle 
Bastdrna, sf. indent chkriot 
Bastifole, ac(/. sufficient, competent 
Bastevol6zza, sf sufficiency, c6mpetence 
BasteTolminte, adv. sufficiently, enough 
Bastfa, sf bistion, rimpart, bulwark 
Bastidre, sm. pack-saddle maker, v. Bastijo 
Bastim^nto, sm. ship, Tossel 
Bastingire, tm. {mar.) birricidiqg; netting; 

va. 1. (mar.) to birricadd 
BasUonire, va. 1. to fortify with bistions 
Bastionito, -a, adj. fbrlifled, strengthened 
Bastioncdllo. sm. small bkstion, bulwark 
Bastidne, sm. bistion, bulwark, rimpart 
BasUre, va. 5. {ant.) to build, v. Fabbricire 
Baslfta, sf rimpart, f6rtres6, fortificition 
Bisto, sm. pack-saddle, pinnel, ice of clubs; 
non son u6mo da portir bisto , I am not a 
man to p6cket an affrdnt; serrire il bisto 
addosso ad Ano, to press , hrge one , to lie 
bird up6u him ; basto roydscio , a villey 
between twomd&ntains 
Bastoniccio, sm. club, chdgel, blhdgeon 
Bastonamdnto, sm. r. BastonatAra 
Bastonire, va. i. to chdgel, criticise; basto- 

nire i p^sci {hurt.) to r6w 
BastoniU, sf drhbbing, cudgelling 
Bistonilo, -a, adj. cudgelled, drhbbed 
Bastonat^re, -trice, smf chdgeller , one wh6 

Bastonat6ra, sf bistinide, ctidgelling 
Baslonc^llo, bastoncioo, sm. small stick 
Bastdne , sm. bal6n , staff, clnb , trhncheon ; 
— di comindo , the staff of commind ; — 
della recchiija, the support of 6idige; e^li • 
non si cura del bast6ne, he is ch'dgel-proof 
Bastdni, smp. clhbs (at cards) 
Baslonidre, s m. mace-be&rer, beadle 
Bastracdne, sm. {burl.) fat Ihsty man, t. At- 

Bastuda, sf fish-net (used in salt pools) 
Baticchia, batacchiita , sf bistinide 
Batacchiire, va. i. to chdgel, b^at with a stick , 
Balicchio, sm. slick, club, chdgel, long pole 
BiUlo, sm. {ant.) lippet (of a hood) d6ctor'sl 

Batassire, va. {ant.) i. to shake, igitite 
BatiU, sf batiu, sweet potito, potito 

Fit«:, mite, Mt«, n6l«, tibe; - At, mM, bit, n6t, thb; - fir, pique, ^::j* 

Digitized by V^OOQIC 


— 97 — 


Batista, tf. eimbric, fTno linen ; faixolitto di 

batfsia, cirabric b&Ddkerck!>!r 
Batdcebio, am. bUad-man's staff, bell clipper 
Bltolo, »m. lippet (of a bood) doctor's scarf 
Ba(4sta, tf. qoirrel, apr6ar, n^e 
Balost&re, vn. 1,. lo quirrel, wr&ngle 
Batrichio, tm. {hot.) cr6w-foot, bblter-cnp 
BalrachUe, »f. batracbflc, Tariegited slooe 
Balracomiomacbfa ^ »f. b&iracbomydmacby ^ 
tbo battle beiveeo tbd frogs and mice (a 
bnrlesqae poem ascribed to Homer) 
Batladdre, %m. thr&sber, xvho thrisbes com 
Batista, balistdrio, tm. b&plistery 
Baltiglia, «/! bkttle, ilgbt, encouDler; — cam- 
pile, pJtcbed billle; — nayile, sda figbt 
ciropo di batliglia , ildid ofbattlc; scbie- 
rire ia bairiglia, to dr&w up in order of 
battle, in billle arriy; presentare la bat- 
tiglia, to 6(rer bailie; appicciro , dar bat- 
tiglia, to gWo battle 
Ballagliire, van. \. to rTgbt, give battle 
Baliagliata, »f, fighling, billle, cdoflict 
BaHaglial6re, tm. cftmbalint, v&rrior 
Ballagliere, batlagliJro, sm. c6robatant 
Batiaglirr6so. battajslidsco I -a, adj. roirtial, 

baltagli^Tole. \aul.) \ virlike 

Ballagli^tta, *f. skirmish, slfghl fight 
BallaglieTolffldote, ado. {ant.) in a fighting 

Batiiglio, sm. clipper. Idogue of a bell 
Batlagli6ne, $m. battilion, irmy 
Batlagli6so, -a, adj, \flnl.) irirlike, mirtial , 

Batiaglista, sm. a piinter of battles 
Battaglio6la, baitagli6Eza, if. skirmish 
Batteggiire, va. i. {anl ) to biptizo, christen 
Balieggiito, -a, adj. (oii(.)biplized, christened 
Balteggial6re, sm. {ant.) biplist 
Balteilioti, amp. b6at-men 
Batiellila, tf. bdal's 16ad, b6at-rCill, f&re 
Ballellello, tm. smill b6at, skiff 
Batlellidre, sm b6atman, irilcrman 
Bait^llo, sm. skiff, sblp's hoat. ean6e 
Bali^nle, adj. beating, pilpitiliog, etc. 
Batl^D(e,ain. f61Jinp-d6or,frameofadoor,etc. 
Billere, vanrf. lo bdai, strike, knock — bat- 
tere alia porta, to kn6ck of the d6or; — il 
bntirro, to ebhrn;— la campagna, to scdiir 
the coiinlry; — il grano, to thrish corn; 
— moneta , lo coin m&ney ; — i ddnti , lo 
shike vith cMd ; -^ lo roaoi , to clap , ap- 
plinJ; — H nemico, to ffgbl, bdat the 6ne- 
my; — il taccone, baltorsela, to pack off; 
baltersi (far duello), to fight a d6el; bit- 
ters! le gaincie , to rep6nt; iulendo dove 
egli vnol batlere, 1 kn6w what he iims at, 
I see his drift; battono le dieci, it strikes 
ten; in un batier d'occbio, in a wink; non 
bitter pardla, not to spiak a w6rd 
Balterfa, sf. biitery, kitchen utensils 
Batlesimile, adj. baptismal, of biptism 
Bait^ifflo, balt^smo, sm. {poet.) biptism 

Bat(6simo ( tenere a) , eo. 3. irr. to stand 

g&dfither g6dm6ther 
Batieuamdnto, tm. christening, biptism 
Battezzinte, adj. christening, baptising 
Battezzire, va, 1. to baplfze, christen, name 
Ballezzil6, -a, fm^ed adj. biptized 
Batteszat6re, battezzifiro, tm. biptfzer 
Batiezzatdrio, tm. v. Battist^rio 
Battezz6no, tm. an 6ld florentinecSln (having 

on one side st. John the Baptist) 
Batlib6glio, sm. hhrly , hhrly-bhrly, tdmnlt, 

biistle, conf&sion, ri5w, uprdar 
Balticoda, af. (orn.) wigtail 
Battic&lo, tm. hind pirt of an irmor ; {mar.) 

Batticu6re, tm. palpitition, beating 
BattiGinco, tm. stible-riil 
Baitifolle, tf. rimparl, t. Bastia 
Batlifrddo, tm. wooden ttSwer, bislion 
Battifu&co, tm. steel (to strike a light) 
Ballfgia, tf. ipilepsy, filling-sickness 
Battilino, sm. wool-cirder, wool-stipler 
Baltilegno, tm. {ent.) tirmes , tirmile, while 
Baltildro, tm. g6ld-bdat«r (int 

Baltlmino , tm. clap, clipping, a striking of 

hands to express approbition 
Baliimdnto , am. healing , striking, dipping 

— di cndre, tm, palpitition 
Batlinzecca, tm. cSiner, mlnter 
Batiipillo, tm. a cinnon rimrod , rimmer 
Baltip6rto, tm. plank or Entrance of the ship 
Batlis6rria, ballis6mola, tf. {burl- ant.) fright^ 

Batlistdo, battis'drio, ballisliro, tm. font 
Biitito, tm. tr£mor, tr6mbling , palpitition 
Batiii^ja, tf. pliiner (frame of printers) 
Battiidjo, tm. Idaf, ribbet (of a door or win- 
dows frime of tbe door 
Batlitdre, battitrfee, twf boater, striker 

— di strade, tmf scdQt 

Battiliira tf. beating, str6ke, thrishing 
Balto, tm. r6wing b6at, smill ship 
Batidcchio,sm. blind man's staff, bell-dipper 
Battologfa, tf. taot61ogy 
Ballologo, -a, adj. taulol6gic, tantol&gical , 

taul6logous ; tmf taut6logist 
Baltula , af. beating , time ( in music ) , way; 
accomodirsi alle ball&te, to f6llow the opin- 
ion of dlbers , to cringe; andir per la bat- 
t6la, to f6llow the beaten pith 
Batthto, tm. plilform, Idads (of a house) 
— a, adj. beaten, tr6dden, frequented 
Batucchierfa, tf s6phistry, shbtilly, crafi 
Bat6ffo, bal6ffolo, tm. hdap, pile, h6ard 
Baiile, tm. trunk, chest 
Bauldtto, tm. smill trunk , portmanteau 
Ba6lla , nf. sort of Tendlian misk or dreu of 

a misker 
Bava, tf sliver, drivel, slibbering 
Baviglio, ttn. bib, slibbering- cloth 
Bavire, va. 1. to drivel, sliver, slibber 
Bavdlla, biva, tf c6arse duUide of the silk 

n«r,rtde; -fill, sfin, bull; - fArc, dA; - b^ l^mph; pflse, b^«, ftfW, fd^ jMi^ai 
Diz. Itai. lug. 7 ^ 


— »8- 


QiverOy tm. cape of a cI6ak 
Bavetta, sf. scum, dross, Excrement • 
BaTid^a, sf. Tisor (of a bead-piece) 
Bavdso, -a, adj. slimy, sl&bboring 
Bi^za, sf. good luck, good f6rtuDe 

— (aver di). to obt&iD by good luck 
Bazz&ua, sjf. tanned sheep skin, leather 
Bazzarr&re, va. 1. to truck, v. Barall&re 
fiazzarratore, -trfce, smf b&rterer, triicker 
Bazzirro, Baz^r, sm. baz&r, bazaar 
Bazzdcole, sfp. trifles, b&wbles, t^s 
Bazz^sco , -a^ adj. cdarse , t. Ruvido , Gros- 

B^zsica, sf. conversition, cdmpany , Intimacy 

— (uomo famigliare), intimate friind 
Bazzicire, va. i. to frequent, yisit 
Bazzicatiire, sfp. trifles, b&wbles, l^s 
Bazzicherfa, knicknack; smdil trifling fur- 

Bazzdlto, -a, adj. h4lfd5ne, not d&ne too much 
Bd^llio, sm. bdellium ( a gum-resin produced 

by a tree in the East Indies) 
BS, cry of the sbeeh, b&a 
Be', abbrev. of bdlli, bene, ec. 
Be&nte, adj. beatifying, ghing felicity 
Be&re, va. i. to bless, beatify, impkradise 
Beatam^ole, adv. in a state of felicity 
Beat&nza, beat^zza, ant. sf t. Beatiliidine 
BealificJinte, adj. blissful, hftavenly 
Beaiific&re, va. 1. to make hkppy, beatify, bless 
B.ealiGciire (glori&re), va. i. to glorify, praise, 

BeatiGc&to, -a, adj. blessed, b^ppy, be&tified 
Beatiflcatdre, sm. I {poet.) that blesses, makes 
Bealiflcatrice , sf | very happy 
Beatificazi6ne, sf belLliOcilion 
Beatifico, ^, adj. bealiflc, blissful, hcaTcnly 
Bealitudine, sf be&tilude, felicity, bliss 
Be&to, -a, adj. blessed, bkppy, f6rtunate 
Beat6ne , sm, beat6na , sf ▼. Bacchetl6ne , 

Beatrice, sf (woman), who m&kes h^ppy 
Bebu, sm. 16wing, bellowing, ▼. Muggilo 
Becca, sf silk-gdrter, list, band, tie 
BeccabAnga , sf ( hot. ) beccabiinga , l&yer , 

brook-lime, speed-well 
Becc&ccia, sf wood-cock 
Beccaccino, sm. snipe, young w6od cock 
Becc&ccio, sm. l&rge iigly goat, Idrge bSak 
Beccafic&ta, sf Annual feast on fig-pickers 
BeccaHchi, sm. ^ter of fig-pickers 
Beccafico, sm. {arn.) fig-pecker (delicate bird) 
Becc'a fdrbice, sm. {orn.) &Yoset, &Tos6tta 
Decc&jo , sm. butcher, crOel man 
Beccal&glio, sm. sort of play like blind man's 

buff (pettifogger 

Beccalite , sm. chic&ner , wr&ngler , c^viler , 
Beccaminto, sm. picking (bill-full) 
Beecamdrto, sm. gr&ve-dlgger, r&ven 
Beccinte, adj. pecking , striking with the bill 
Beccdre, va. i. to peck, pick up with the b^ak 
fiecciro, sm. y. Becc&jo 

Becc&rsi il oerrello, vrf to pbzzle one's briin 

— i geti, V. to t&ke 6seles piins 

~ su una c6sa, v. to g&in through industry 
Beccarillo, sm. kid (animal) 
Beccastrino, sm. mkltock, pickaxe 
Beccita, sf. stroke with the bill, fait, bite 
Beccatilla, sf trifle, thing of no v4lue 
Beccatdllo, sm. bracket, suppdrter, corbel, a 

Beccatina, sf. little stroke with the bill, 

m&in-point (p^nt 

— ( ayiria sulla ) , to tohch up6n the miLin> 
Beccatdjo, sm. dr&wer (of a bird cage) 
Beccheggi&re, vn. (mar.) to pilch (to rise and 

fall , as the head and stern of a ship pas- 
sing over waves); to biaye and set, to send 
Beccb^ggio, «r/i. (mar. ) pitching, sinding, 

hiaying and setting 
Beccherillo, sm. kid, sro&ll he-g6at 
Beceheria, sf slaughter-hdiise, butchery 
Becchilto, sm. fillet, h6le (for shoe-lie) prow 
Bicchico, -a, adj. pectoral, for a coiigh 
Becchino, sm. y. Beccamdrlo 
Becco, sm. beak, bill« biad of a ship, hc-g6at 
' stiir s pipe 

— (immoll&re il), 4. vn. to drink, tipple 

— in mdlle (miltere il) , vn. 2. irr. to pr&te ; 
dirizz^re il becco agli sparyiiri ; to attempt 

Beccofrus6ne, sm. (orn.) h6oded-cr6w 
Becc6ne, sm. greit buck-g6at, bl6ckh6ad 
Beccostdrlo , sm. y. Becc'a fdrbice 
Becciiccio, sm. giillel, spd^t (of a jug, etc.) 
Bicera, sf an awkward, clumsy woman 
Bedego&r, sm. bedeguar, ileganline 
Bee (for beyo), he drinks 
Bei (for bevye), 3. be drank 
Beinle, adj. drinking 

Befana, sf imaginary being said by silly 
piople to come on the night before Epi- 
phany , and bring presents for children ,- 
piippet, doll , g6blin , bugbear, fright (ugly 
woman ) 
Befan&cda, sf hideous spiclro, phantom 
Befania , sf v. Epifania 
BefTa, sf. trick , joke, trifle, ndnsense 
Befl'&bile, adj. y. Beffiyole 
Beflfardo, sm. jister, j6ker, bknterer 
Beffare, va. 1. to quiz, laugh at, ridicule; so- 
yinte chi cerca beiTAre resta beffito , the 
chiat often f^lls up6n the chiater 
Beffkrsi , vrf not to care for, 14ugh at 
Beflito, -a, adj. ridiculed, laughed at 
Beffat6re, sm. bcffalrico, sf. jier, m&ckor 
Beffe (farsi), va. i. irr. to jier, bSinler, quiz 
BeOTeggiaminto , sm. ridicule, derision 
Befl'eggiiro, va. 1. to mock , ridicule 
Belfeggial6re, sm. sc6rner, sc6fler, m6cker 
BeiTiyoIe, adj. displicabie, contemptible . 
Bega, sf dispute, contention, y. Briga 
fieghina , sf. begotne , one of a congregation 
of half nuns in Flanders 

File, mdte, bile, n6t«, tfibe; - flik, mit. bit, ii6t, lib; - f4r, ptque, <::j* 

Digitized by VjOOQ IC 


— 99 

BeglifBO , bifhino, tm. a Mfbird j begoin , 

btpoorita, diotef 
Begli6miDi, $mp. {bol.) blltam, balfaaiiaa 
B^gole , »fp. trifles, t. Bagaltella 
Beit6re. sm. drloker» t. BeTit6r« 
Bil , odj, m. »ing. bea6Ufal, f&ir, fine; il bM 
D6odo, tbe Aabiooable w&rld; il W stoso, 
tbe tiktr sex; fa b6I tdmpo, it is fine viather; 
ho bel dire, bet fare , it is iiwelees , in Tain 
for me io say, to do ; 6 nn bel che , certo , 
da lame taoto strApitoI a greit mktler, 
indeed to make sneh noise t B6I bdllo, adv. 
sofUj, ginlly 
Belamento, bel&lo, sm. bleating , bldat 
Beliodra, bel&nda, if. biiaoder (small Tossel) 
Bel&nte, adj. bl^atiog, cr5ing , nrhiniog 
Beiare , vo. i. to bliat, cb&tler, cry 
Bel b«lo, adv. e»p. gintly, sdAly, discrteUy 
Belgirino, sm. benzoin, aromatic gum 
B«Ua. sf. a fair lidy, a beadly. a sw^elbe&rt; 

U bftlla dorminle, tbe sleeping beaikty 
Belladdnna, sf. ( bo/. ) bella-donna , deadly 

Bellamente, adv. gintly, kdmirably 
Bellat6re, sm. {poet.) w&rrior, t. Guerriero 
Bella-sizxera, adj. tbat bas fine ringleU {ant,) 
BelliiU, sf mud, mire, lillb, slime 
Bell^tlo, sm. r6age, p&int (for tbe fkce) 
Bellitto, -a, adj. pretty, gen(6el, p&ssable 
Bellelt6ne, sm. muddy, miry, slimy gr^nd 
Bellena , sf b&ndsomeness , comeliness , 
beanly perfection; e una belldua a reddrlo , 
it is a nne tblog to see it; fare del iMn bel- 
lena, to do a great deal of good 
Bellic4lo,-a. adj. pl&ced in tbe middle, centre 
Bellico, sm, n&rel , cdnlre 
B^llieo, -a, beilic6so, adj. idkrlfke 
Dcllicdncbio, sm. nmbllical string 
fiellic6ne, sm. lirge g6blet, bUmper, brimmer 
Bellicosam^Dte, adu, Tklianlly, br&vely 
Belli c6so, -a, adj. ir&r-like, mirtial 
Belligerinte, adj. belligerent, w&giog irir, 

carrying oo ^r 
BeU/gero, -^a, adj. i. Bellicdso 
Bellifflbdjto , sm. a dandy , a fop , a hand- 
some but good for notbing yoiiog fellow 
Bellfao, -a, adj. pr^Uy, smkrt, pltosing 
Bellirico, «m. dried Indian plamb, myrobalao 
B«llo, sm. beauty, the bea6tir61, the s<uUble, 
the dpportane ; nel o snl bello dell' eU, in 
the prime of life 

a , adj. bea6tiful , well made , f&ir , fine , 

gr&cious, genteel, agreeable; farsi belJo 
di ,.to pldme one's self with , on 
Belldccbio , sm, (min.) star-stone 
Belldeeio, a, adj. bea&tifol, well mide, t&ll 
Bellone, adj, line, very bkndsome, bea6tifol 
Belldre , mi. ant. t. Bellezza 
Belldso, bell6ceio, -a, atU. pretty, n6at 
Bellnmore, adj. facetious, lively, rairry 
Bii\o,sm. bitting 
Beldoe, sm. a erfing, whining child 

Beltjt, -kte, -&de, sf beaaty, y. BeUena 

Bdlva, sf (poM.) wild beast 

BelTcdire, sm. {arch.) b^lveddre; {hot.) UV- 

▼id^re, g^osefoot, wild 6raeh 
BeWicida, *m. wfld-biast-hiinter 
Beliebh, sm. Bielsebnb ( a prince of derils ) 
Belsnino, sm. benzoin, aromktic drug, rtein 
Bemb« {for bfoe b«oe), ado. well well 
Bemmi6ne, sm. chief man, ▼. Uaggiorente 
Bemmdlle, bemdUe, sm. {mus.) ▼. Bimdile 
Bemmollizzkre , va. i. {mus.) to m&rk with 

a ilat 
Benacconciam^nte , adv. ikrj kptly, fitly, 

pr6perly. jhstly, pertinently 
Benaffetto, -a, adj. affectionate, fond 
BenaguraUmento , ado. &osplcionsly 
Benaugorito, adj. aasplcioos, fbrtunate 
Benalley&to,-a, adj. well br6ught op, idue&ted 
Benaudkla, sf f^reweilnndney (to servanUL 
BenaTventnratamente, adj. ihekily 
BenaTTentorito , -oso, adj. Ibeky 
Ben bine, adv. very well, extremely well, Tery 

much , quite, entirely 
Beneenere, va. 1. to sup well 
Benche, conj. allb6ugb, thdogh (mSinnered 
Bencrekto , -a , adj. weil-bred , polite , well- 
Bdoda, sf. band, fillet, veil, nun's st6macher 
Bendere, va. i. to bind, to blfnf6ld, to 

Bendatora, sf. the act of binding 
Bendeila, bendereila, sf sm&ll band, flllet 
Bend6De, sm. Uppels , mUre*band 
Benddccio, sm. child's hkndkercbief 
Bdne , sm. good , pr6fit , adventage , utility , 
pr6perty , wealth , happiness ; Toler del 
bene ad ono, to wish a person well, to like- 
bim ; un uAmo da bene , an h6neBt upright 
man ; aver per bene , to take in good 
part , to take it well of; beni stkbili , beni 
immdblli , ostites , bdDses and lands ; beni 
mdbili , chkttles ; far del •bene, to do good; 
dir del bene di qoalcheddoo, to speak well 
of one; chi ben fa bene aspetti, d6 well and 
.bkve well 

— €uiv. well , jiisily, rightly, right ; ben tor- 
D&to , welcome home ; bene arriTklo , wei- 
cdme to t^n , etc. 

— si bene, yes indeed, m6st certainly, 
ben Ti sta , yon richly deserre it; bene 
spesso , very 6flen ; ba guadagneio ben 
dieci mila lire , he has made al least ten 
thdHsand francs 

Benedeita, sf. electuary, hftney of conserves 
Benedetlioo , -a , adj. Benedictine ; smf. a 

Benedictine, a m&nk or nun of St. Benedict, 

a blkck friar 
Benedetto , sm. ftlling-slckness, lenitive 

a, adj. blessed, much wished for 

Benedicente, adj. prkislng, speaking well of 
Benedicere, va. 3. v. Benedire ^ 
Benedicite , sm. pr&yer bef6re meals , grace ; 

dire il benedicite , to say grace 

Bftr, rtdtsi - (ill, •&■, bdll; - f&re, d^; • b^, Ijimpbf p8iee, b(^i, fdlU, fdi^l; gem, al 


— 100 — 


BeDedfre» w. 3. to bleis 
l)encdil6re, an. -trfca, sf. bUiser, pr&iier 
Bcoedizi6oe, if. benedlciion, bleising 
Boncralifvo , -a, adj. beoeflcial , beoeneient, 

Boncrillo, int. {poet.) bdnefit, tirvice, f&Tor 
BeDcfall6rCf im. bcnof&ctor, p&lroD 
BcDeraiirice, if. beDcr^circsi, p4lronc8s 
Benedciro, va. 1. to biocflti do good to 
BeoeQcilo, $m. beneficiary, iocbmbeDt 

a, adj. bdoenied, obliged 

Bencncatdre, «m. be Uiat con^t a bdi>efit 
Beneficdnlo, adj. ben^Qcont, liberal , kiod 
BcncOccnza, sf. bcn^Gceoco» dAing good 
BcQcfici&lo, b4!Defic4lo, adj. bonclicial 
Bctienci4ro, va. i. to bcocOt, tcrro, oblige 
Bcnenci&rio , -a, adj beooriciarj; tm, bene- 
ficiary , oDe \kli6 hdlds a boncfice 
Boncnciiia, tf (Uieal.) b6ne0t, b6Dcfit-Digbt 
BCnefici&to , sm. beDeflciary, incurobenl 
Bencffcio , bcoiricio , sm, iLiodDcss , f&Tor, 

— sm. living , b6ncfice ; far le cose a beneff- 

cio di nalura o di rorl&na , to d6 things at 

rftndom, cArdttssly 
BcDedcibne, sm. bdncflce, a fal living 
Bencficidllo , bcncricirtUo, sm. poor living 
Bondfico, -a, adj. benincent, liberal, g6ncroiit 
BeDcfiziaro, vn. i. to be Ascful, advanligeous 
Boncrizi&la, if prize-llcket 
Bcoefizio, sm. kindness, service, f&vor 
Beocmcr^nle, adj. mcrildrious , des6rving of 
Bencmer^nza, nf desert, m6rit (row&rd 

Bcnomiriio, -a, adj. veil deserving, ibat bat 

veil dcs6rovd of 
Bcnepl&ciio , tm. 6ption, goodwill, coot£- 

niencc; farele a voslro bencplicito , yoo 

vill do as you may like best, as you will 
Bcndsscre, sm. w6lf[l^re, v6U-b6iug, prosp&rily 
BeoeslAnle, adj. bcallby , in 6asy cir- 

cumslances, velloflT 
Bencviso, -a, adj. v. Benvfsto 
Bcnuvfvere, vn. a hr. to Uad a bkppy life 
Bcnevoglidnlo, adj. benevolent, kind. 
Bcncvoglidnza, *f ben6volence, good-will. 
Beodvolo, -a, adj. aflTocliunale, kind, benign 
Bcnefaci^^te, adj. beneflccnt, d6ing good 
Bcnfiilo, -a, adj. well made, 61egant 
Bengalino, sm. {orn.) beng&ly 
Boniamioo , im. pinbhskol (youngest child) 

BcniGcinte, bcnoiic&nte adj. ben6Gcent, kfnd 
BeniGc^nta, bcncGc^nza, if. bendlicence, dis- 

posllion lo do good 
Beoignil&i -t&te, -lide, sf. benignity, goodness 
Benigno, -a, adj. benign, ilTablo, obliging 
Benino, ado. well , t6lerably well 
Beniosidroo,ae^v. barmdniously; sm. {fine arts) 

ensemble i unifdrmily, hirmony, miss 
BeoiniunzionMo , -a, adj, wellinlinlioned , 

Bcnintiso, -a, adj. well andenlAod 

Benirogliinxa, t. Benevoldnia 
Benlavor4l0| -a, adj. well wr6aght, pftrfeet 
Uenmont&lo, -a , adj. well-mdunled , riding » 

good borse 
Benna, sf. a sI6dge, low carriage, cirt 
Dennato, -a, adj. welUborn, n6ble, Ibcky 
Ben6ne, sm. (hurl.) well-wish, great l&va 

— adv. very well 

Bens&i, bensl, ado. exp. yei, cdrlainly, IrAlj, 
but (to servants) 

Benservfto,fm. testim6nia1, character, (given 
Bentenfito, -a, adj. well-kept, well-maintiined 
Bcniorn&io, sm. wi-lcdme, velcoroo borne 
Ueoidsto, ado. very soon, quickly, shbrlly 
BcnvislO) -a, adj. grateful, v. Accello 
Benvoglidnle, adj. benevolent, kiod 
Henvolcntidri, ado. very willingly, heftrlily 
Uenvolcro, va. 3. irr. lo wish well, v. Amire 
Benvoluto, -a, adj. bcl6ved, diar, dirliog 
Benioilo, sm. {chem.) bcozo&le 
Uenz6ico , -a , adj. ( chem. ) benz6ic ; icida 
benz6ico, benz6ic acid, fl<$^ers of benzoin 
Bcnzoino , sm. benzoin, b^DJamin , gum ben- 
Bdola, sf {bot.) v. Bdtola 
Be6ne, sm. a grc4t drinker 
Berbina, >f vervain, v. Verbena 
Udrbcri, bfirbcro, sm. birberry-bush 
BSrbice, sf ant. sheep, v. Pccora 
UcrcildccUio, sm. a squiot-oyed person 
Biro, bcvere, va. 3. iir. to drink, swdllow 
B^re (dire a) , va. i. irr. to make ( one ) be- 

— aflTog&re, to be obliged to ti6 (lidve- 

— con gli occbi, to dev6ur wilh one's e^et 
•~ bi&nco, to be disappointed 

— grdsso, not to be nice, nut view cl6sely 

— un alTrdnto; to sw&llow an alTrSnt 

— un udvo, to sip op an egg (h^ir 
Berenice (cbiOma di ), nf {astr.) Berenice's 
Bercltioo, berlino , -a, adj. gray, grey, grey- 
ish, &sh-c5lored 

Bdrga, sm. dyke, steep bank, tiering b6ach 
Bergamdlta, sf bargamot (pear), Essence 
Bergarodllo, sm. b6rgarool-tree 
Bergbindlla, berghinetluzza, sf. 16w woman 
Udrgo, sm. sort of gr&pes and vine 
Bergolin&re, va. 1. to pun, quibble, rklly 
Bdrgolo, -a, adj. light, Tickle, lively 
Bdrgolo, sm. b&sket 

Bericudcolo, v. ConfoMino, sm. gloge»-br6ad 
Berillo, sm. b6ryl ^precious stone) 
Berlina, sf pillory , borlin (coach) ; millero- 

alla berlina, lo pillory 
Berlinga, sf an 61d milan^se coin 
Berliogiccio, sm. thr6ve-Tiicsday 
Berlingajudio, berlingal6re, sm. babbler 
Berliogamdnlo, sm. pr&ie, l&lllf, ndnsense 
Berliog&re> vn. 1. to pi&le, t&lilo, b&bble 
Berlingbidra, sf babbler, t&lkalive w<^maa 
Uerlinghidre, sm. gre&t (diker, gliillon 
Bcrlingdzza, sf coiinlry-d&nee 
Berliogdzzoy sm. piiIT-pJuiry, paflT-tarl, p£e 

FkLe, mile, bile, n6te, tdbe; - fkt, mit, bit, n6t, tiib; -^ 

Digitized by 

•c?&cf r- <=^ 

BEB — 101 — 


DanDadiinn, »f. {hot.) bermiidi&na 
B«riiiela, beroicca, brinla, sf. barnacle 
Bernardino, am. B&rnardino, a mdok oftbe 

order of St. Bernard 
BerD^co,-a, adj, burlesque, in Berni's style 
B^rnia, »f. riding hood (formerly worn by 

Bernieggi&re , on. to burlesque , to Imitate 

Berni's style 
Bcrndcchio, berndcco10|«ni. boss, bump, knob 
Bernoccoliito, -a, adj. full oriinobs, bumps 
Bcrr^tla, tf. berrello, »m. b6nnet, cap, bat; 
— da ndttc, nfgbt-cap ; — - da prile ( fort. ) 
priest's bdnnet; tr&rsi la bcrrdtia, far di ber- 
retla, to pull olT one's hal, to dofT one's 
bearer: av^re il cervdIsApra la berrdlla^ to 
be passionate, bisiy, hol-h6aded 
Berretliccia, if. iigly 6ld cap, b6onet 
Berretl&jo, xm. cap, bftnnet-m&lcer, s6ller ; me- 
nir te mani c6me i bcrrettdi , to be quick, 
expeditious in dis patching business 
Berreltina, berrettuccia, tf sm&ll cap, bbnnet 
Berreltfno, sm. cal6tle, cal6te, cQf, smSlI cap 
— ^a, adj. malicious, rdguisb; dirk \pbt.) (cap 
Berreltnna, »f berreltdno, sm. I&rge bonnet, 
Berrov&glia, nf. t. Sbirr&ftiia 
Berrofidre, rm. riifOan, bully, biiliff 
Bersagiiire, sm. to sboot at a mirk 
Bersagliato (da) , adj. tormented by , made a 

nirk for 
Bersagli Ire, im. sh&rpshooter 
Bers&glio, sm. mirk, lirget, bolt, pftril; ^- 
sere 11 bcrs&glio delta fort&na , to be the 
sp6rt of fbrtuoe 
Bersi una cosa, vrf to belidve implicitly 
B^rla, »f. chat, riillery. rimmer, beetle 
— (dire la),i)a. i. frr. to binter, cbtot, impdse 

Berteggiam£nto^ am. m6ekery, riillery 
Berteggiire, va. \. to mock, ridicule, quiz 
Berieggial6re, $m. m6elcp.r, ▼. BelTatdro 
Barl61le, if p. brice-bands , briccs (straps to 

sDsliin trowsers) 
Berl^sea, if. minlelet, m6Table pirapet, pir- 

iloQS spot 
Bertetc&re, va. \. to f&rtify with parapets 
Bertesc6ne, am. lirge mintelet, moveable shed 
Bertfna, tf (orn.) jay, jick-diw 
Bertoldtto (a), adverb, wtthdlkt any expanse; 
mangiire a bertoldtto, to dat at free cost, 
to be scdt-frie 
Bertdne, »m. keeper of a wh6re; cr6pped- 

BertOTlllo , am. net of twigs, b6w-Det , b6w- 

Ben lice! , imp. {mar.) tr ticks 
Berl6ccia, »f bertuccio, tm. m6nkey; piglfir 
la bert6ccia« to get drunic; dire leorazi6nl, 
i pateradstri della bertAccia, to swe&r, blas- 
pheme, to mbrmur (against); la bertAccia 
oe pdrla 1* icqoa, Jfghl come, 1/ghl go | 

Bertfieeino, vn. smill mdnkey, ipe 
Uertucci6ne, sm. halioon, (igty fillow 
UerAszo, borAszolo , sm. peasants's brdakfait, 

in the fluids; sip, smill drioght 
Birza, if shin, shank 
Berziglio. tm. mirk, piril. t. Bersiglio 
Bdrze (levire le), on. 1. to run awiy 
Bdscio, besso, sm. {ant.) simpleton , t. Bab- 

B^ssa, bcsserfa I sinpldily, foolishness 
Bcssiggine, tf \ Awkwardness, silliness 
Bosidmmia, tf besiemmiamdnlo , tm. blia- 

Beslommiire, mn. \ to blaspheme (cnrse) 
Be8temmiito,-a, adj. blasphemed 
Destommialoriccio, tm. groil blasph6mer 
Beslemmiatdre, tm. I blasphemer, Impious 
Bestemmiatrfce, tf \ wretch 
Bdstia, tf. bdast, irrilional inimal 
— (enlriro in), on. 1. to fl^ into a passion 
Besliiccia, tf nisly. b^ast. greit bl6ckhead 
Bestiijo, tm. h6rd$man, grizior 
Bestiile, adj. bislial, brdlal, beastly 
Deslialeggiire, on. 1. to say or d6 brAlal Ihinga 
Be8lialiti,-ile,-4de, »f bestiiliiy, crdelty 
Bestialmdnto, adv. like a brOle, fillhily 
Bpsliime, tm. citlle, h^rd, flock 
Bestiirio, tm. wild-beast keeper, fighter 
Beslicciudla, nf smill inimal, yoiing f6al 

Besliolina, bcstioluccia, tf { ,.,,, ^ , ^ 

Uesliolino. besliblo, tm. ' | *'^^'° ^^^*^"'* 
BesUolocciiccia, if nis'y liitle beast 
Be8ti6ne, bestionaccio, tm. grcit dirty beast 
Bestiudia, beslidia, tf. j small inimal, Insect, 
Besliudio, tm. \ silly person 

Betel, tm. (&o(.)betlo, betel (Indian plant) 
Bittola , if. ile-hduso , publichvuse , cook's 

shop, tivern 
Bettolinle , adj. binnting ale-hdHses , phblic 

houses ; tm. tiTern-hiunler , tiTern-man , 

pot-man, ale-knight 
Bettoieila, tf. smill pbblic h(5tlse, pot-h€use 
Bettolidre, tm. tivern keeper 
Beltdnica.s^. (frol.) betony; (fig.) excellent thing 
Bitula, belAlla, tf birch-lree 
Bevinda, tf. drink, draught, pdlion 
Bevandiccia, tf bad drink, sdrry liquor 
Bevandina, bevandAccia. tf. smill draught 
BoTeriggio, tm. beverage, driok-mdney 
Beveraldjo, tm. hdrsepond, y. Abbeveralojo 
Bevere, van. S. irr. to drink 
Bevereccio, -a, adj. that is driink with pleasure 
Beveria, tf drbnkcnness, t. Sbovazzamento 
Bevorino, boveretlo, bevlrdlo, tm. a smill 

drinking Teasel (for birds in a cage) 
Bevero, tm. beaver, t. Cast6ro 
Beveroniccio, bcver6ne, tm. h Arse-beverage 
Bevibile, adj. drlnkablo. p6table 
Bevllicqua, tm. witer-drinker, member of the 

temperance society, teeteialer 
Bevimento, tm. the act of drinking 
Beviiere, tm. bevilrioe, tf. drinker, tippler 

ndr, rflde;-iail, s6n, bail; - fire, do; - b^ l^mph; P^i^ b^^|^d^^-^J^^ 


— 102 — 


Beritfira, b«Tixi6oe, »f. the aot of drinkinf 
BoTdao, -4. 9mf, greit drlDkor, t. Be6M 
BeAU, beTfila, s/*. drlDkiog-b^l; ad ogni hb- 

TAta, at Aach draoght, at every gl&as 
Berdto, -a, adj. drank, swilloved 
Bey, am. b^y 

Beztieinte, adj. pickingt ditpAtiog, se61diDg 
Bessicire, ea. i. to peek, bill, dispute, se61d 
Betzieita, tf. v. Beccita 
Bezzieato,-a, adj. hea pecked, fdiiad flkalt wHh 
BezzicalAra, if. picking, oibbiing, wound 
BAzzi, smp. mdney; Doa aT^r bizzi, to hkie 

no m6ooy 
Bizzo, «m. Venetian firthing 
Bezzuirico, bezoirieo, bezo&rdico, -a, adj. 

{pharm.) bezoirdic 
Bezza&rro, bezo4r» bezoArdo, am. (med.) \A- 
zoar (a coDcretioo in the stomach and in- 
tetlines of animals) 
Biieca, tf. cerate, white l^ad 
Bi&da, i/. bikdo, fm. {ant.) stjinding corn, 

corn, 6ati 
Biadajodlo, $m. c6rn-chkndler 
Biadetto, «m. Azure blAe 
Biaduli, imp. the stumps of wh^at, rte, etc. 

left by the scythe; sihbble 
Biancire, t. fiianchire 
Blaocistro, biaDch6Uo,-a, adj. whitish 
Biaocastroniccio, »m. eztrAme whiteness 
Biancastrdoe, bianc6ne, sm. diadly white 
Bianehebr&ccia, adj. f. wh(te-&rmed 
Biancheggiaminto, «m. whitening, whiteness 
BianeheggiAnte, adj. grdwiog white, f6aming 
Biancheggiire, on. 1. to gr6w while, f6am 
Biancberia, if. lioen, liDen-cldlhes 
Bianch^zza, tf. whiteness, pAIeness 
Bianchlccio, -a, adj. inclining to white pile 
Bfanchim^olo, »m. bleaching, whitening 
Bianchire, van. 3. to bleach, vftsh,gr6w white 
Biancic&re, vn. 1. t. BiancheggiAre 
BiAnco, sm. white, whiteness , blanc ; whlte- 
wAsh; biAoco deir novo, while of an egg; 
era Tcsilla di bianco , she wis dressed in 
white; dAre il bianco (ai muri), to white- 
wish (Ihe walls); far vedire il bianco per 
nAro, to mike beliAve; lasclAre in biAnco, 
to leave a blanc ; lotto bianco , a blank (in 
the lottery) 
BiAnco, -a, adj. white, pAle, grAy, win 
Biancoflorilo, adj. be&riog while flowers 
Biancolino, biancAccio,-«, adj. whitish 
Biancomangiire. «w. blanc-manger (ragout) 
BiancAre, tm. whiteness, v. BianchAzza 
Bianc6so,-a, adj. TAry white, white as sn6w 
Biancospioo, fm.(Ao/.)hiwlhorn, white lh6rn 
Biancovestllo^ -a, adj. drAssed in while 
Biancume, tm. wbltishoess 
BiAnte, tm. t. VagabAndo 
BiasclAre, biasctcAre, va. I. to mbmp, chew 
BiascicAne, sm. one whd miimps, chews 
BiasimAre, biasliAre, ra. 4. to blAme, cAnsnre 
BiasimAbile, adj. blAmeable, blAme-wArthy 

BlasimAto,^ adj. blAned, etesmred 
BiasimaiAre, am. biasimalriee, nf blimer 
BiaaimATOle, adj. blAmeable, reprehAnaibla 
BiasimevolmAnte, adv. reprehAoaibly 
BiAsimo, biAsmo, am. blAme reprAaeh, Qnlt; 
dAgoo di biAsimo, blAmewArthy 

DiAto, adj. fAded 

BibAce, adj. bibicious, fond of drinking 

Bibbia, tf. Bible, hAly scripture, lAgend; non 

mi fAre una bibbia, pray n6ne of yonr long 

stAries (or speeches) 
BIbbio, tm. wild dtick 
Bibere, tan. 3. irr. {poet.) to drink (tol.) 
Bfbita, tf. draught, drioking-bdikt, cup 
BibitArio, tm. abducent mhscle of the Aye 
Biblico,-a, adj. biblical, scriptural 
Biblidfilo, tm. a lAver of books, bibliophile 
Bibliografla, tf. biblidgraphy 
BibliAgrafo, tm, bibliAgrapher 
BibliAmane, a. bibliomAnlac, bAokwArm 
Bibliomania, tf. bibliomAnia 
Biblioteca, tf Ubrary, slhdy; — ambnlAnte, 

living library 
BibliotecArio, tm. librarian; sotto-bibliotocAr 

rio, under-IibrArian 
Biblista, tm. biblist 
Bica, tf rick, stack, hAap, pile ; montir snlla 

bica, to fl^ diit into a pAssion 
BicarbonAto, tm. {ehem.) bicirbonate 
BicchierAjo, tm. drlnking-giiss miker, sAUer 
BicehiAccia, tf trifle, v. BajAcola 
BicchiAre, tm. drinking-glass 
BicchierAtto, bicchlerioo, am. a amill gliss 
BicchierAne, tm. lirge glAss, thmbler 
BicchierAtto. tm. prAily large gliss 
BicciacAlo, tm. twy-biil, twA-edged ads 
BicciAcca, Bicdcca,s/: hamlet on a hill, cislle 
BicciAgbera, tf restive horse, mAIe, iss, etc. 
Biciincole, tf. see-siw 
BicipilAle, adj. bicipital, bicipitous 
Biclpiie , tm. ( anat. ) biceps ; adj, bicipital , 

hiviiig two h6ads 
BicolAro , adj. bicolor , hiving tw6 distinct 

BicAmo, bieornAto, -a, adj. bicom, bicbrnoua 
BieArnia, tf bipolnted invil , bickern 

Bidile, tm. foot sA Idler {ant.) 

Bidcllo, tm. bAadle, mice be4rer 

Bidenlito, -a, adj. bidAnlal, hAving two teeth; 

{bot.) bIdAnlate, two toothed 
Biddot^, tm. pitch fArk, pick-axe, mittock 
BidAtlo, tm. pAny, pad, nag 
BidAllo, tm. r. Beola 
BiecamAnte, adv. with an evil e^e, askew 
BiAco, -a, a(0'* squinting, grim, bitter 
•— rimirAr con occbio bieco , to look with a 

rincorous or malAvoIeot eye 
Biennile, biAnne, adj. biAnaial 

FAte, nAte, bite, nAte, lAbe; 

lit, mAt, bit, nAt, thb; /- iir..|$qiie 

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— 103 — 


BS^nnio, sm. tv& jiars, space of tv6 ^eara 

Bi^ta, bi^ola, $f. beet (root) 

BieloI6ne. am. booby, ninny 

Bi^Ua, sf. vddge, b&sil ; £ssere una malabidt- 

ta, to be a mikeb&le 
Biett6ne, sm. a big foot; a wide chin 
Bifario , -a, adj. bif&rloas , tw6-f6Id, ( hot. ) 

poiotiDg tw6 -ways 
Bifedo, -a, adj. {bot.) bffid , t\r6-c1eft 
Bifero, -a, adj, {bot.) biferous, bearing frMt 

tiriee a yiar 
Bfffa. sf. an 6ptic leyel 
Bifldro, -a, adj. blOdrons, bearing tv6 flowers 
Bifdica, if. an &ere« t. Bobdica 
Bifolcberia, sf. tillage, hbsbandry, p16tigbing 
Bifolco, bifuico, sm. pldtlgman , hbsbandman 
BiforcaiD^nto, sm. bifurcMioo, scparMion 
Biforcarsi, vr/: to be bifhrcate, bifbrcated, 

forked ; {of roads) to fork 
Biforc4lo, -a, adj. bifiirc&led, forked 
Biforcazi6ne;biforcatAra, sf bifurc&lion,f6rk- 

iog, dirision into two br&nches 
Bifdrco. sm. fork, ptlcb-fork 
Biforcoto, -a, adj. bifbrcous, two-forked 
Bi/5rme, adj. bif6rmed, of two shapes 
BifrdDle, adj. tw6 f^ced, deceitful 
Bfga, sf. two-wbeQl-c^rriage, car, c&rt 
Bigamia, sf. bigamy 

BigMfo, big&ltolo, sm. silk w6rm , caterpillar 
^ (mal) sm. a wicked man, r&scal 
Big^llo, sm. frieze, c6arse c&mlet 
Bigemino,-a, {bol.) bigimioate, twin-forked 
Bigerdgnolo, -a, adj. somewhat gr&y 
Bighetlone, sm. blockhead, dboce, ddit 
Bigherijo, sm. bufiTdon, m6rry-^ndrew 

— sm. tbr&ard-I4ce-m&ker, siller 
BigherMo, -a, adj. addrncd with b6ne-lace 
Bigherfno, sm. niirrow lace, edging 
Bfghero, sm. b6ne-l&ce, pbri, thriad-ldce 
Bigbfno, bighidtto, sm. hypocrite, begbard 
Bigfccio, -a, adj. sdmewhat gr4y, greysh 
Bfgio, sm. grij c5lor 

Bfgldla, sf (om.) torn-til, titmouse 
B/gidoe, sm. bfgia, sf fig-pecker, beecafico 
Bfglia, sf. iyory-b&ll, billiard-ball 
Bigli&rdo, sm. billiards, bllliard-t&ble; giuo- 
care al bigli&rdo , to pl&y at billiards ; f&ro 
Qoa partita al bigli&rdo, to pl&y a game of 
Bigli^lto, sm. bill, n6le, cird, ticket 
Bigli6ne, sm. deb&sed coin 
Bigoglione, bigoldne, sm. bI6ckh6ad, dbnce 
Bigdocia, sf rat, large tub, pulpit, cb&ir 

— (iDontire in) vn. i. to m6unt the p\!ilpit, 
en&ct the mdralist 

Bigoncioa, bigonc^tta, sf sm&Il vat, tab 

Big6Dcio, sm. hat, Urge thb 

Bigonci6na, sf lirge Tat 

Bigdnia, bigndnia, sf. {hot.) trbmpet-fldwer 

Bigordire, va. to tilt, t. Bagord&re 

Bigdrdo, sm. pike, ISince (a bigot 

BlgoUeggi&re, on. 1. to be a bigot, to act like! 

Bigotterla, sf bigotry, act of bigotry 
Bigdtlo, -a, adj. bigot ; bigoted, smf. a bigot, 

Bilancdtta, sf. sm&ll piir of sciles, balance 
Bil&ncia, sf. bMance, b^am and sciles; d&re 

11 (racdllo alia bil&ncia, to tbrn the sc&le 

— sf squfire fish-net , squ&re hoop-flsbing- 
net, the spring-tree, bar or swing bar of a 

— (gsser in), mux. to wdyer, be irrisoiote • 
Bilanci&jo, sm. sc&le m&ker or seller 
Bilanciam^nto , sm. ponder&tion , wMghing 
Bilanci&re, va. i. to wSigh, examine, p6nder 
Bilanci&lo, -a, adj. weighed, examined 
Bilanciat6re , -trice , smf p6nderer, one who 

weighs in his mind 
Bilancifire, sm. p^ndnlnm, flfer (of a watch) 
Bilaocino , -a , smf smill sc&les , splinter or 

trace-bar of a carriage , postilion's horse , 

leader, postilion 
Bil&ncio, sm. b&lanee, Iddger, pSirallel ; 11 bi- 

l&ncio batte, the account is right 
Bilater&le, adj. bil&teral, (/ato.) (of contracts) 

BilbochMto, sm. bllboquM, cup and b&ll 
Bile, sf bile, choler, spleen, wrath 

— (far monlar la), va. 4. irr. to provdke 
Bil^nco, -a, adj. t. Sbilenco, b&ndy lagged 
Bilia, bflie, sf p&cker's ti^tbtening stick 
Biliirio, -a, adj. biliary, bilious 

Bilicire , vo. 4. to counterpoise , set in equi- 

Bilicito, -a, adj. poised, weighed, examined 

Bflico , sm. Equipoise , equilibrium , bingo, 
swipe, s^es&w; stare in bflico, to be in 
sde-sdw, riady to f&ll : m6ltere in bllico, fo 
p6)se, to plice in equilibrium; tenure in bi- 
lico, to poise, to h6ld in equilibrium 

BilietUto, -a, adj. billeted, qu&rtered 

BiHnguo, -a, better bilingue, adj. dobble- 
t5ngued, Hilse 

Bilidne, sm. billion, thdHsand millions 

Bilidrsa, sf chimera, bug be&r 

Bilidso, -a, adj. bilious, ch6leric, irSiscible 

Biliott&lo, -a, adj. speckled, stbdded 

Billera, sf jest, trick , wiggery, merry mi*'- 

Billi bflli, bflle bllle, chbck chbck 

Bfllo, sm. {used by children) bird 

Bill&, biell4, {ant.) v. Beltk 

Bil^slre, adj. of tw^ Ihstres, ten ySars 

Blmano , adj. m. {natural history) blminoul, 

Bfmbo, sm. b&by, plbmp chbbby child 

Bime, sm. swine 

Bimembre, adj, hkTing two m&mbers ; dobbl4- 

Bim&ilre, adj. of two mdnths 

Bimdlle, sm. B flat (music.) 

Binire, vn. 4. to twin , bear twins, piir 

Bin4rio, -a, adj. binary, tw6, dobble 

Binase^nza, sf the birth of twins 

ii«r, rtde;-iail, s5n, bill; - fare, d6;"- b^. J^mph'; plHse, b(ys, fSQl, i«?l;getn,ai 


— 104 


Binito, -«, tmf. and adj, twiD, twin-born 
— -A, ady of two n&tures 
Binddlla, *f. ribbon , riband 
BindoUre, vs. i. r. Abbindolire 
Biodolerfa, af. winding, iriiflce, c&nning 
Biodolo, tm. swiog, tde-f&w, tiirD, deceiver 
Bindoi6ne, sm. gb&rper, knivish flkllerer 
Bindcolo, sm. bioocle, bfn6cular Iftlcicope 
Biooculdire, adj. b(n6ca1ar 
Bindmio, tm. (alg.) bindmial; — di Newton, 

biD6mial thSorem 
Bloccol&lo,bioccol6lo.a(f/. fleecy, fl6cky. fl&ky 
BioccoI^Uo, tm, stn&II flock of wt)ol, flike 
Bii3ccoli (lanain), i/l fleece; raccdgliere i 

bidccoli , ( vulg. ) te w&lch , to bo on tUo 

w&lcb, to l6ok dUt, to bo on the iook oUt 
Bioccolo, sm. flock of wool, tuft 
Biddo, tm. a rush (for making m&ls) 
; Biograffa, tf. bi6graphy 
Biogrifico, -a, cuij. biographic, biogrkphical 
Bidgrafo, sm. b(6grapher 
Bi6nda, tf, w&sb, for the h&ir 
Bioodire, va. i, to give a light g61den hie, to 

make fair, yillowish 
Biondoggl&nle , cuij, gr6wing f&ir, yellowish 
BioDdeggi&re, vn. i. to gr6w, or be l&ir 
Biood^lla, tf. {bot.) c6ntaury, spfinge-idurcl 
Bionddllo, biondiUo, -a. adj. sbmowbai fair 
BioDddzta, tf. flaxen c6lor, f&ir complexion 
Bi6ndo, -a, adj. f&ir, light, flaxen (dire 

Biordare, tm. (ant.) 1. to tilt, rerel, ▼. Bagor- 
IBidscio, >a, adjf. tpiaking indiillncUy ; a bid- 

acio, adverb, at the w6rit 
Bidlto , -a , adj. {ant.) p6or, Indigent, t. Ue- 

Bipartfbile , adj. bfp&rtible , that may be di- 
vided into Iw^ 
Bipartire, va. 3. to diWde into tw6 pirts 
Biparlini, vrf, to divide, p4rt in iwd 
Bipartfto, -a, adj. bip&rtile, diffded into two 
Biped&le, a4J, bipilaloos, of two l6aTei 
Bipede, am. e adj. biped, two footed 
Bipdone, tf. {poet.) tw6-«dged axe 
Biquadr4to, -a, a4J, (alg.) biquadrklie, of the 

fourth degree 
Biqu&dro, beqn&dro, tm. {mut.) nilnral 
Biracchio, am. rag, tMter, t. Diandcllo 
Birba, tf. friud, mklicf, crkftiness, ph4eton; 

{of a man), beggar, ch6al, Tiigabond, thief; 

bitter la birba, and&re alia birba, to mhmp, 

Birb4nt«, tm. r6gae, scdiindrel, Idle beggar 
Birbaoteria, tf. kn&very, rdguery, raicilily 
Birb6ne, tm. big l&zy biggar, miimper 
Birboneggi&re, tMin. i. to mhmp, beg 
Birboneria, birbon&la, tf. r6goery, knirery 
Bircio,-a, adj. shdrl-sighted, squinting 
Bir^me, tf gklley with tw6 r6ws of r6wers 
Biribira, tf, sqo&bbie, conf&sion, tumult 
Biribisio, tm. birlbi (game of hazard) 
Biricchin&ta , tf, kn&Tish , r6guish , r&seally 


Biricchfno, am. drchin, a nioghty b(^, a lov 

or g6od for n&ihiog fallow, a writch 
Birilli, tmp. nine pins, skillies 
Biroccfno, $m. ph&cton, ciirriele, cabriol&t 
Birdcccio, am. c&rt, ch&riot, T. Baroccio 
Bfrra, tf bier, tm&ll bSer 
Birr&cchio , tm. c&lf a y£ar 61d, 15in of T^al 
Birr&jo', im. brewer, b^or siller 
Birraria, tf. brewery, bcer-girden, &le-b^o 
Birreria, tf the constabulary f6rco 
Birr^sco, -a, adj. b61d, impudent, of beer 
Birro, birroviire, tm. b&iliiT, s6rjeanl (roan 
Birrdne, tm, strong beer, &le, a surly police- 
Bis , adv. tat. twice ; {at Ihealrt) encore 
Bis&ccia, tf w&llet, skddle-bags 
Bis&nteo, bisaolloo, tm. bizkntine, spangle 
Bisarcivolo, -a, tmf greM-greM-gr&ndfather 
Bis4va, bis&Tola, tf g^e&l-g^.^nd-ro6lher 
Bis&ro, bisAvolo, xm, gre4t-gr&nd father 
Bisbilico, -a, adj. wblmsfcal, morOse 
BisbigIiam6oto, am. a whispering 
Bisbigli&re, vn. 1. to whisper, sp^ak low 
Bisbigliat6ro, tm. whisperer, mhrmurer 
Bisbiglio, tm. whisper, miirmur, riimor 
Bfsca, tf g&ming-hiAlse 
Biscaju6lo , sm. gimester , g&mbler, chiat, 

black leg 
niscantire \va.i. fohnm,sinff low, often, 
Biscantarcllire | agjiin and again 
Bisc&nto, tm. c6rner. hiding plice, dnit 
Bisc&zza, bisciccia, tf g&roing hoUse, hell 
Biscazz&re, va. 1 to g&me aw4y one's esUte 
Biscazzi£re, tm. gimesler, t. Biscaju6lo 
Biscixto, am. bisch^nca, tf dirty trick 
Bfschero, tm, peg (of a stringed-instrument) 
Bischpruccio , bischerello, bischerellino , tn. 

sm&ll peg, pin 
Bischdilo, tm. sh6e-miker's tool-binch 
Biscbizz&re, vn. 1. to rouso, t. FantaslicAre 
Biscliiszo, fm. inv6otion, t. InTenzi6n«, partita 
Biscia , tf sndke , cammin&re a biscia , to go 

winding abdHt 
Bisci6no, tm. I&rge sn&ke, gre&t serpent 
Bisciudla, tf. a little &dder, worm 
Biscol6re, adj. sp6ckled (wr^ 

Bisconldrlo, -a, adj. qufle disl6rted. crooked, 
Biscott&re. va. i. to b&ke bird (twice), perfect 
Biscoli6llo, biscotllao, tm. sfigar-cike 
Biscottcria, tf a place wl^ire biscuits ire made 

or t6ld ; confifectionery 
Biscoltinista, tmf. biscuit roiker, s&llor 
Biscotlino, am. blscotio, sweet biscuit 
Biscdllo, am. biscuit, 86a brdad, sOgar-c&ke; 

entrir in ni&resinza bis'cdito, to put to fda 

with^t a cdmpass 
— ^a, adj. hiked lw(c6, revfsed 
Biscrdroa, tf {mut.) demi-semiqn&Ter 
Bisd()sso (a), adverb, bare-biicked, t. Barddsso 
Bisdgolo, tm. p6lishcr (shoe-maker's tool) 
Biseslare, vn. to be l^ap y6ar, dissect 
Bisestile (anno), am. I^p ye&r, bissextile 
Bisisto, tm, bissixtilo 

lite, mite, bite, n6te, tiibc; - fit, mit, bit, n6t, tbb; ^ HLr. pt^ue, «:j* 

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— 105 — 


Biff6TiDe, ad}, bfrbrmed, of two shipei 
Bis^ioero^ im. f(r^od-diiiighler*s hbsband 
Bislicco . -a, adj. uncouth , dUjSlnled , uoac- 

Bisleile« ad}, disl^al, f&ilhless « t. Sle&le 
Bisleis&re, va. 1. lo parbSIl, bSil a lilUe 
Bfslteto, -a, M/i. hdir ddoe 
BisI6ngo, -a, ad}. obl6Dg 
BlimkUa.f/. (fto/.) m&rsh-m&tlow 
Bfsmiilo, tm. (min.) bismulh 
Bi8Dip6te, sjtif. grind niphew, or ni^ce 
BisndnDO, -a, $mf. t. Bisavolo 
Bisdgna, tf. bisogoaminio ; urn. bosinesi 
Bisogoire , o. unip. i. lo wdot , need , must 
(This verb takes after ft ehe beforo the fol- 
loviog Terb in the subjiioetiTe mood , or it 
is preceded by tho conjunctive pronouns 
mi, ti, etc. , and the following verb in the 
ioGniiiTO mood without prep.) Examples, ist. 
— Dis6gna che ioTJida, I must go; bisogna 
cb'egli T£nga, he must c5ino; bisogna che 
soi io facci4mo, we must d6 it; bisdgna che 
aappiiie, yoo miist kndw. Snd. — Mi bi66- 
gna daoiro.Iw&ntmdney; vi bisogocrii da- 
Ikiro, yon will w&ot, n6ed, or require m6ney 
Bisognevole, adj. necessary, needful 
Biso^nioOt sm^ little w&nt; bisognfnO fa ToA- 
mo ingrgn6so {prov. exp.) necessity is the 
mftther of invenlioo 
Bis6goo, tin. D^cd,w&nt, exigency, lack; avdr 
his6gno di, to w&nt, need, to stand in need 
Of; al bisognosi con6scoun amfco, a friend 
in need is k fri6nd indeed 
Bisogndso, -a, ad}, ntedy. Indigent 
Bisqu&dro^ tm. {mus.) natural 
Bissessoile, adj. bisexous , consisting of bdth 

sixes; (bot.) bisexual, hermiphrodile 
Bisslllabo, -a, ad}, dissyllabic 
Bisto , sm, ipott.) byssus , fine Unen, or flax 
Bisaolile, $f. {min.) b^ssolite 
BissdBte^ bis6nlc, «m. bison, wild ox, bhflTalo 
Bistinle, tm. m^an tfme, ▼. Frattanto (ed 
BisteDl&re>tm. 1. lo shOTerfrom w&nt, be slint- 
Bist^iito, tm. penury, indi^'ence, distress 
Bislicciam^nlo. sm. quarrel, dispikle 
Bistiociire, bisliccic&re, vn. 1. to dispAte 
Bisliccio, bistfccico. tm. pbn, quibble 
BisUnto, -a, ad}, twfco dyed, ▼. Hi Unto 
Bistondire, va. i. to make r^ndish 
Bist6Ddo, -a, adj. r&lher rdtind, rdiindish 
Bistorl, sm. bistoury, incision-knife 
Bistornire, va. 1. to divert, del6r, t. Slornire 
Bistdria. s/. tortu6sity, flexure; (&o<.) bistort, 

Bist6rto, -a. ad}. cr6oked, oblique, decAUM 
Bislrattire, va. 1. lo tr^al ill, v. Maltralt&re 
Bisbico, 'a, ad}, cl6ven-f6oted, f6rked, bffid 
Bis&Dto, -a» ad}, very gr^sy, v. Inzavardato 
Bjlernito,-A, ad}, (bot.) bileroale, dohbly 

Bfl6rxo, tm. bhmp, knob, w&rt, tfimor 
Bilorzolito, -a^ ad}, full of bbmps, kn6tty 

Dit^rxolo, bltorxolilto, sm, tmall tftmor 
Billa, tf. (sea-lerm) the bite, bitt 
Bilont6ne, tm. viry Iftrge fig 
Bitum4re, va. 1. to bitumin&te, bitiimlnfio 
BiiAme, tm. bitbmen, bilAroe 
Bilumindso, -a, adj, bituminous, iincloous 
Bii^ta, tf. pl&ster (of coarse Ingredients) 
Biol4rp, V3. i. to pl&sler 
Bivacc&re, vn. 1. {mil.) to blvoaac 
Bivicco, tm. (mil.) bivouac 
Biv&lvo, -a, bivalve, having two v&Ives 
Bfvaro, tm, beaver, ckslor, v. Castdro 
Bfvio. tm. f ftriing of a r6ad, cross r6ads 
Bivdntre, ad}, bivintral, having two bdllie^ 
Bfxza, tf. wr&tb, r&ge. v. Collera 
Bizxarram^nle, adv. 6dd1y, str&n^ely 
Bizzarr^tto, -a, adj. Irritable, s6mewbat odd 
nizzarrfa, tf. &nger, flish of wit, whim 
Bizz&rro, -ZtOd}. pissionalo, frkscibic, odd 
BizzdflTe (a^, adv. exp. in qu&nlity, pl6nty 
Bizzdca, bizzdcbera, tf. bigoted 6ld mjtid 

— bizzocc6ne, tm. hypocrite, v. Bacchcll6ne 
BizzAca , bizzfiga , tf. tbrtle , tdrtSise , v. Te- 

Bland! m^nlo, tm. bliindisbment, c6axmg 
Blandire, va. S. to flatter, wheedle, f6ndle 
Blanditivo, -^^adj. of blandishments, cardsses 
Blandfzia, tf. caresses, f6ndling, wh^odling 
Bl&ndo, -a, adj. blind, soft, mild, ifTable 
Blasfem&re , va. lal. (pnct.) v Beslemmi&re 
Blasfimia, tf. {ant.) v. BeslSmmia 
Blasfemo , tm. ( poet. ) v. fiestemmialdro , 

— adj. (poet.) blksphemous (trlco 
Blasm&re, va. 1. to blame, v, Biaiim&re 
Blason&re, va. to bl&zon, deck 

Blas6ne, sm. bl&zonry, art her&ldic 
Blasonista , tm. bUzoner , one versed In b14- 

sonery (blab 

Blaler&re , va. i. to chilter, pr&le, prkttle, 
Blitla, tf (eiit.) called in Tuscany pikttola, «/:, 

in Rome bagherdzzo sm. , in Naplet scara- 

f6ne sm, cock-r6ach; mill-moth 
Blefarfle , bleforotalmia , sf. inflammktion of 

the dyes 
Bl£nda, sf ( min. ) bltode , mdck 6re ( native 

sulphurate of zinc) 
Blennorragfa , blennorria , sf. ( med. ) blen- 

norrbo6a (inordinate discharge of macus) 
BMso, -a, adj. stbllering, v. Balbo 
Blinde, spf blinds, palis&does (fort.) 
BIflo, sm. (bot.) bllte, strivberry spinach 
Bloecire, txi. 1. to block up, block&de 
Bloccatbra, sf. block&de, sbfatting up 
Bldcco,fm. sidge, lump, bl6ckhead 
Boa, sm. b6a, b6a constrictor 
Buarfna, tf (orn.) w&ter-wkg-t&il (grizier 
Boiro, boatlidre, sm, cS^-hhrd, citltle-ddaler, 
B^alo. sm. billowing, 16wing (of oxen, etc.) 
Bob6lco, sm. pliughroan, v. Blfolco 
B^cca, sf mduth; tAste, Aperture; {mar.) the 

extrimo width of a ship — del pico (mar.) the 

cheeks of tho gaff; — di fudco , gun , cin- 

BAr, rftde; - Oil, 8&n, bull; - l&re, ^r- b^, l^ph; pQtf, 



— 106 — 


non; — dello rtdmaco, the pit of the st5m- 
ach ; stire a boeca apdrta , to listen alt^Dl- 
ively ; mdUare di bdeea, to say more than 
the ti^th ; ^ser di badoa b6cea , to be a 
(re&t toler; Isser lirgo di bdcca, to t&lli at 
r&Ddom ; parl&re a b6cea spuria , (o sp^alc 
too maeh ; farell&re colla b6cca piccf na , to 
spiak with c&ution ; dfre a b6cca, to infOrm 
by w5rd of mtfiith; qaiodo mi vide, fece 
b6cca da ridere , he smiled , when ho s&w 
me; ho didci boecbe da manlenire, 1 have 
ten mouths (people) to feed; in b6cca ehiasa 
non enlrd mai m6sca, ndihing islied, ndlh- 
.ting had; bocca a bdcca, adv. exp. face to 
f&ce ; a b6cca baciita , adv. exp. Easily , 
Boccaccdvole , boccacci&no , adj. in the style 

of Boccaccio 
BoccaccoTolm^nle, adv. in Bocc&ccio* s st^le 
Boeciccia, tf. a lirge iigly mdulh 
Boccal&jo, «m. pfttier, one who makes decant- 
ers, jogs, mags 
Bocc&le,9m. decanter, g16bular gl&ss Tassel con- 
taining an engllsh pint, pint, mdg^ pot, jug 
Boccal^Uo^ boccalino, sm. smdil decknler 
Boccaldne, sm. Idrge decanter, jug 
B6cca-porto, im. {mar.) tbe hatches 
Bocc&re , va. 1. to mdi^th , sdize with the 

mSdIh, ^at 
Boccita tf. mfiUthfol, gnip, slap on the face 
Bocc&ta ( non ne sapdr ) , va. 9. to kn6w n6- 

thiog of it, ▼. Acca 
Boec&lo, -i, adj. mtf^thed, b&ving a m6iilh 
Boccatara, if. {mar.) the width of a ship 
Boccell&lo, sm. sort of cake 
Boccilta, $f. sm&ll bad, bdtton, phfal 
Boecheggiamdnto, sm. gftsping, dialh-gasp 
Boccheggiante, adj. gasping, t. Agonizzante 
Boccheggi&re, t^fi. i. to gdsp^ be d^ing ; {bwrl.) 

to «at a sl:^ bit 
Boech^lta, tf. smill mdvith , ear (of the shoe) 
B6cchi (far), vn. i. irr. to m&ke mdiiths, wr^ 


Bocchioa, if, bocchlno^ <m. pritly little m^lh 

Bdccia,s^ bod, bhUon , pimple , mMrass; 

{play) b6wl ; giuoc&re alle fodccie , to pl&y 

at b6wls 

Bocci4ro , tm. one who m&kes or sells {play) 

Boccic&ta , boccicata , sf { non ne saper ) to 

kn6w nothing of it, t. Bocc&ta 
Boccf no, -a, adj. of black-ckttle, of 6xen 
Bocciol6so, -a^ adj. f&H'of bads 
Bocciu6lo, bocciollno, $m. bud, ried, dissia 
Bocciaol6ne, sm* large bud, bbtton 
Bdccota, 8f. boss, stud (sm&ll ornament) 
Boeconcdllo, -cino, sm. bit, little rodlilhfol 
Boccdne, $m, muHthfnl , bit, pill, b&it, bribe; 
bocc6ne ghi6tto^ nice, d4ioly bit; bocc6ne 
della Tcrgdgna, bit left in tbe dish for c6m- 
pliments ; pigii&re il bocc6oe , to take a 
bribe; prindere , ehiapp&re al boccone, to 

make one take t)ie b&It; cootirei boeoffni 

ad uno, to give one just whit is nteessarj 
Bocc6oA, boec6ni , 0rfi7. flat on one's fice; 

cadir boce6ne, to fill upon one*s face 
Boccticcia^ boccfizzs, tf. pretty little mdHth 
Boec6to, -a, adj. wide mditihed 
Boce, 8f v61ce, wdrd note, v. Voce 
Boci&ccia. sf strong vSice, Idlid voice 
Bociare, va. 1. to divfilge, phblish, triimpet 
Bodfno, sm. pudding 
Bodridre, tm, sh6ulder-be1t, v. Budriere 
BdrOce, tm. pdfl, swell, hird biscuit 
OoflIci6ne, tm. a plump, fat, well-fed man 
Bofonchiire, vn. i. to mhtter^ t. Borbottare 
Bdga, bdca, tm. hoops (fish) 
Bogira, tf. a Idrge net for catching hoops 
Bdgia, tf {ant.) slight disease, indisposition 
Boglienle, adj. boiling, drdent, incdnstant 
Bdja, tm, h&ngman, execfiliouer 
Boj&rdo, tm, a boyar^ riissian n6b1eman 
Bojdra, tf flemish sloop, sm&II vissel 
Boj^ssa, tf crftel woman, hangman's vlfo 
Bolire, adj. b6lary, of the nitnre of b61e 
Bolarm^nico, bolarmino, tm. {pharm.) b61e 

Bolcion4re, van. A. to bhtt, rOin one's self 
Bolci6ne, tm. biiltering rkm (war-engine) 
Bold6ne, tm. a black piidding 
Boldronijo, tm. w6ol, llknkel-mArchant 
Boldr6ne^ tm, fleece, wool, bl&ocket 
Bolero, tm. bolero, a f&vouritedsLoce in Spain 
Bol^to, tm. { hot. ) boletus , a g6nas of mush- 
Bolgitta, tf a little bay. valise, willet 
B6lgia, tf valise, w&llet, bhdget, biilge or 

crack in the grtii^nd, d&rk hole , -~ far bot- 

ge, to bfalge out, V. Rtgonfiarsl 
Bolgicchino. tm. ^4lf boot, y. Borzacchino 
Bolgiccbfra, tm. v. Stivalello 
B6lide, tm. bdlis (a ffre-bill darting through 

the sir , followed by a train of light or 

Bolina, tf {mar.) b6w1ine, boline dl ma£stra, 

m&in bdwis; boline larghe, 8t6wing sheets; 

and&re alia bolfoa, to s&il with the wind 
Bolin&re, va. to tack, s&il in the wind's e^e 
Bolino, tm. bArin 

B6lla, tf bbbble, pimple, pbstnle, bUsler 
— tf sial, stamp, bull (pope's letter) 
Boll&re, va. 1. to sdal, stkmp, br&nd 
Boll4rio, tm. collation of bulls 
Boll&to, -a, adj. scaled, sl&mped, eonflrmoA 
Bollinte, adj. baling, b&sty, fiery 
B6llero, tm. {matonry) ISirry 
Bolldtta, tf billet, certificate of bftalth 
Bollettfno, tm. sm&ll bill , note, scbedolo 
Bdlli b61li , tm. t&molt, rftmour 
Bollicam^nto, bollichfo, tm. slight baling 
Bollic«lla, tf sm&ll biibblo (of air or water) 
Bolliclna, tf. little blister, piislule 
Bollic6so, -a, adj. cfivered with phstoles 
BoUiminlo , tm. boiling , bbbbling , ferment ; 

frAte, mite, Wte, n6te, tfibe; - flit, mdt, bit, n^l^.^.J^^(^^|^g(^e, ^dT 


— W7 — 


{afwmai, bttr) to w6rk; bolUre a ter6ielo , 

a rieortdjo^ to bral 0U( 
Bollfre, vn. 5. to bSI, bbbblo up, ferment 
BolIHo. sm. facUlious er^stal 
BolMfo, -a, a<//. bSled 
Bolliliira, $f. dee6clioD, broth, ebonUion 
Bollititee, sf. bolidre, tm, bSilinf, ebullition 
B6no, sm. 8^al, stamp 
Boll^ne, tm. a l&rge nail 
Bolldre^ tm. tbe boiliog, Impetus, rige 
Boll6so, -a, adj. blistery^ blistered^ pimpled 
Bdlo^ sm. bdla-ikind of earth), pill 
Bolsiggina. sf. dstfama, pdrsiness 
Bolsloa, sf. pbrsioess , shtfrtoess of bre&th 
HMmo, -a. adj. short-winded, asthm&Ucal 
BolsoDire, von. 1. to butU better, shoot 
Bolzonita, sf. shot of a bi6ad b6aded-irrow 
BoU6ne,«iii. bklteriDg-fam^ br6ad hiaded d&rt 
B6mba , sf, bott^ mark^ b6mb; per tornar a 

bombi, to relbro to our siibject 
Domb4nza, sf. feasting, extravagant living 
Bomb^rda, sf. mdrtar; bdmbard^ b6mb ketch 
Bombardam^nlo, sm. bombardment 
Bombardire^ oa. 4. to bomb&rd 
Bombardi^ra^ sf, mdrtar pL^tform^ embr&snre 
Bom bard idre, bombardiSro, sm. bombardier 
Bom bare, on. 1. t. Rimbomb4re (sip 

Bom hire, tm. \. {from bombo) to drink , bib, 
Boffibalo, -a, adj. cdnvex, ciirved, swdlled 6til 
Boraber&ca, sf a kind of gam 
Bdfflbice, sm. 8ilk-w6rm 
Bombitire, wi. 4. to buzs (as bees) 
B4fflbere, sm. pldilghshare, v. Vomero 
Bombelliro, oa. 1. lo sip, tipple 
Bdmbo, sm. drink ^child's asking for drink) 
B6mboIa, sf. a pitcher, a pot for vr&ter 
Bombol^lU, sf smill botlle, pbfal 
Bdmere, bomero, sm. pldughsh4re . cruller 
Bomic&re, tm. 4. bomire, vn» 5. v. Vomie&re 

BopiSso** I '"»• ("*«'■•) * ^*'»** «P^^* 
Bon4ecia, sf calm, tranqnillity , happiness 
Booaceiire, vn. 1. to gr6w cftim, sUll 
Bon&ecio, -a, adj. good-n&tored; simple 
Bonaccidso. -a. adj. tranquil, good-nitnred 
Bonaerem^Dle , adv. (ant.) v. Bonariamdote , 

hdnesiijr, sincerely 
Booaminte. adv. seriously, in Earnest 
Bonaparti&no , -a , adj. bottap4rtean , perti- 

iniog to Bonaparte 
Bonaparlfsmo, sm. Bonapirtism 
Bonaparlisla, smf Bonapdrtist 
BonariaiD^nta , adv. Affably , kfodly , g6od- 

oAlu redly 
BoDariet4, -ide. sf goodness, good-niture 
Bonirio, a, adj. good-n4tared, simple 
Boniso, sm. bonisas. bfson, wfld-ox 
Boacioiilo. sm. cilch, stApie (of a lock) 
Bonetio, bonella, smf bdnnet, valise, willet 
Bonifieam^nto, sm. the biltering, miking good 
Bonifiedire, oa. i. to m&ke good, mend, m&ke 

up for 

Bonifieirsi, vrf to gr6w bitter, mend 
BoniOe6to, -a, adj. improved, bettered 
Bonificasi6ne, sf acc66ntlng , melioration 
Boniii, -iie, -4de, bonisia, (an<.) I goodness,. 
Bontk, -ile, -ide, sf ) kindness, 

good-will, benignity 
Bdno , sm. cheque , bond ; b6no del tesdro , 

treasury bond, exoh6quer-biIl 
Ddnzo, sm. bdnze, Chinese, Japan^a priest 
Bodte , sm. { astr. ) Bodies , a northern con- 

B6ra, sf serpent, b6reas (poet.) north-wind 
Bor&ce, sm. b6rax (arliflcial salt) 
Bor&cico, bor&to, bdrico, adj. ^c/rem.) boricic; 

&cido boricico, borkcic &cid 
Bor&lo, sm. (chem.) b6rate 
B6rbigi, sm. and adj. simpleton^ y. Borrace, 

Borbogliaminto, sm. whisper, n^se, tomblt- 

uous burlybiirly (16w 

Borbogli&re^ on. 1. to whisper, mhtler.sp^k 
BorbogUo, sm. a grumbling or rambling n^- 

se, uproar, qu&rrel 
Borborfgmo , sm. {med. ) rhmbling n^se ( of 

the bowels) 
Borbotlam^nto^ sm. murmur, grhmbliog 
Borbott&re, vn. i. to mtatler, grdmble, scdid 
Borbotlal6re, -trice^ smf. grbmbler^ v. Mormo- 

BorboUino , sm. n^rrow-ndcked b6tlle , good 

dish ^ 
Borboltio^ sm, mhrmuring 
Borbottdne, sm. grhmbler, mutterer 
Bdrchia, sf boss, stbd (small ornament) 
Borchiijo^ sm. boss, stud, sp&ngle-m&ker 
Bdrda, sf (mar.) a kind of latine s&il 
Bordiglia, f^^anf.) pdpulace, v. Bruzziglia 
Bord4ro, oa. 1. cbdgel, b6ard, cdme on shore 
Bord&ta, sf br6ad-side, v6lley , tack 
Bord&lo, sm. striped , variegated cloth 
Bordatbra, sf (sea) shdathing, s^am, border 
Bordeggiare, vn. 4. to veer, tack abolkt 
Bordell&re,on. 4. tofreaudnthdiiscsorili fame 
Bordelleria, sf trifle, foolish thing 
Bordellidre, sm. frequdnler of had hoiises 
Bordello, sm. hiSuse of ill-fame, Ibmolt 
Bdrdo, sm. b6rder, hum b6ard, deck 
Borddne, sm. staff (of a pilgrim) bass sddnd 
Bord6ni, smp. first wing fdalhers, do^n 
Bordiira, sf (her.) bdrder, b6rdare 
Bdrea, sm, (poet.) bdreas, north wind 
Boreile, bdreo, -a, adj. b6real, n6rlhern 
Borg&U, sf bdrough, shbiirb , roirket tdwn 
Borghise, smf bbrgess, citizen 
Borgbesia, sf tbe citizens, the middle elAsses 
Borgbato, sm. sm&ll b5rough , Urge village 
Borghiccioolo, sm. b&mlet; sro&ll village 
Borghigi&no, -a, smf bbrgher, villager 
Uorgo, sm. bdrougb, shburb, mArket-t($v^n 
Borgogn6ae, sm. borgognolta, sf. btirgonet 
Borgolino , sm. gabardine , c6mmon people's 


idr,r«de;.r&Il, sfto, biiU; - Are. di; - b^. itmph; pIBie, b%g|glp^/(Jv>l; gem, al 


— 108 — 


Borgoro&sirA, sm. borgomiiter, mStgistrale 
fi6rh, sf. buuiihliness, irroganee, coociit 
Boriire , vn. bori&rti , vnrf. 1. to be pr6tid , 

Bori6no. sm. a prdtkd man, g16rioni r611ow 
BorioscUo , boriosuzzo » im. a teir-Gonc^iled 

Boriosita, tf. prfde, telfconciil, vain g16ry 
Bori6so, -a, ar/J. prd^d , puffed ap, b&ugbly 
B6rni, gmp. c&rncr stones 
B6rnio. -a.o^y. ianl.) short sfphtpd, t. Bircio 
Bornidia, sf. unrair decision, mtsi&kc, bliindcr 
Bdrno , sm. {ant. ) bd&ndary , limit, b6urD , 

sfgn. Dajit'^ 
B6ro, sm. {rhcm.) b6ron 
B4rra, sf. l&ir, elc. to stnfT ch&irs , stnfT 
Borriccia, sf. Tcry bad slufT. lealhcr bottle 
Borraccfna, sf Ir^relling l^alherbolllo 
Borrice, sm. b6rax, arliricial salt 
Borrigine, borr&na, sf b6rago (plant) 
Borr&ro. vn. 1. to Tr^ezo, Cx, t. Agghiacciaro 
Borratdllo, borroncillo, sm. ravine, stream 
Bdrro, «m. a n&tural dilcb c5Tercd wilb tborns 

or bushes 
Borr6QO, sm. rbsh of iriLlcr, larg"* ravine 
B6rsa, sf purse, valhc, the excb&ogo; tenor 

b6rsa sirclta, to bo niggardly 
B6rsa (far), ivi. 1. ftr. to bdard, lay up mSney 
Bors&jo, nm. piirsc-m&kcr, seller 
Borsnjiidlo, sm. cot-pbrse, pick p6cket 
BorsclUoa. sf fob, sm&ll p6cki>t 
Borscllo , borsellioo, sm. iiiUo pbrse , bag, 

Borsilla , sf. borsfglio, sm. f6b, smSIl pocket 
Borsdllo, sm. mdney-bag, lirge-ptirse 
Bor6ro ; sm. ( them. ) li6ruret, a combination 

of b6ron vilh a simple body 
Borzacchioo. im. bbskin, h&lf-boot 
Bosc.'iglia, sf woods, iiodcrwAod 
BoscaplitSso, -a, adj. w6ody. full of irAods 
Boscajuolo, sm f6rpster, wAod-ringer 
Bosc&ta, sf. gr6vo, b6scage 
Bosc&to, a, adj. woody, full of tries 
Bo8Chcr6ccio, -a, adj. rOral, silvan 
Boscheili6ro , sm. w6odman , sp6rt8man , 

Boschclifno, sm, small gr6Te. thicket 
Bosch6llo, sm. gr6ve, small-wdod 
Boscbfvo, -a, adj. wood-land, woody 
Bdsco, sm. wood, fdrest , plantjition of trees; 

foser da bdsco c da rividra , to be fit for 

any thing 
Bosc680, -a, adj. w6ody 
Bdsforo, sm. (^f')j^r.)b6sporu8, a n&rrowsia, 

a strait 
Bdsman, sm. {mar.) boatswain's m&te 
Bossino, »m. sm&ll box-lrco 
Bdsfio, bdssolo . xm. box-tree 
Bossolijo, sm. box m&ker, sMIer 
Bossololto, bossolino, sm. sm&ll box 
BdssiHo: nm. box. dice-box, vote box 
Bossoldtlo, sm. &lins-box 

Bostriebfle» am. b6strych(te, a gem in tlie 

form of a lock of bur 
Bolinica, sf b6tany 
Bot&nico, sm. bdtanist, hftrbalist 
Botanologia, sf botandlogy 
Botire, v. Vol&re 

Bolirsi, vrf to devite' one's telf, t. Yotarsi 
Botu, Y. Volo 

Bdioia, sf. caTo, trap-door, plice tinder gr^iknd 
Botolino, sm. nAsty little cor 
Ddtolo, sm. cur, whippet, mongrel dog; egll 

& di razza di can bdtolo , he is v6ry rsT^n- 
BAlro, sm. gblter made by a fldod (gefal 
Bdtia, »f. load, bl6w , hit , ihrbst, repartee; 

armitura di tutia bdtia. an Armour mbskct* 

proof; ricdvere una mala bdtta, to recdive 

a severe bl6w 
Boliaccfno, sm. smSlI fl&gon, flask 
Boltaccio, sm, millpond, flkgon, llask, thrash 
Botiacciudio, -a, adj. thick and shoct 
Botiiglic, tfp. boots, t. Stivali 
Bottijo, sm. cooper 
Botlamc, sm. y. Bolturoe 
Botl&na, sf sort of linen-cloth 
BottArga, bottirica, sf sort of caTi^ro 
U6tle, sf cask, barrel, tun, pipe (of wine, etc); 

la botte uon pu6 dare se non del Tino che 

ella ha , you may know the horse by his 

Botidga, sf. shop ; rizz&r botldga , to 6pcn or 

set up a shop; gi6vincdi bottdga, shop-b^; 

comm^sso di bottdga , shop-man ; mariudio 

cho ruba nello; andiro 

in giro di hotldga in boitdga (per fire ae- 

quisti) . to go shdppiog; st&re a botldga, 

{fiy ) to mind one's business 
Boltpgftjo, a, smf shop-keeper, retailer 
Botlegbdiia, bolleithina, sf small shop, sl&ll 
Doltegbino, sm. pddlar's box.h&wker, p6dlar; 

Idltcry dffico; l6Mery drflco kdeper 
BottegOccia, sf shed, still. p6dlar's stand 
Botldlli. tmp. wedkly publicilions 
Bolticolla, sf sm&ll I6ad, sm&ll b&rrel 
Boltiedllo, sm. sm&ll bhrrel. c&sk 
Botiicfno, -a, smf sm&ll t6ad, sm&ll bkrrel 
Doltiglia, sf bottle 
Boltigtio, sfp. {mar.) qu&rter gklleries 
Boltiglidrc, sm. biiller, steward (non 

Boltiglieria,*/'. biilier's p&ntry, place for liq" 
Bottin&jo , sm. a nfghlman, cldaner of cbdss- 

Boltino, sm. b6oty, plbnder, pillage 
Oollino (melteroa), va. 3. trr. to pillage, 

Bdtto, sm. bI6w, stroke, toll (of a bell) 
Botto (di), ado. exp. directly, presently 
BoltonAjo, sm. bbllon-maker, seller 
Bottonaiiira, boltonidra, sf biitlons (of & salt) 
Bottoncdilo, botloncino, nm. sm&ll bbllon 
Botidne, sm. bbllon, bud 
Doltonerfa, sf, bblloo-tr&de 
Bollonidra sf. bbllon hole 

Wktcy mdte, hiie, ndt, ttbe; 

m, mdt, bit, n&t, tbb,- 

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[que, «:5" 


— 109- 


DottoQiire, tm. t. Botlonijo 

BoltAme, sm. grdat niimber of casks , b&rrelt 

B6Te, buova, sfp. fellers, shiickles 

Bdve, am. {ttoel.), ox, t. Due 

BovicfJa, sm. ox-killer, slaiighterman 

Bovile, $ai. ox sl&ll, cow-botue 

Boffna, buioa, af. cow's diiDg, soil 

BoTiao, adj. of dxen, of Ibe breed of 6xeD 

B6ua, nf. sv^lliog, blolch, roiigh drdaght 

Bozziicchio, bouacchione, sm. blasted plum 

Bozxacebire, vn. o. lo grow sliinled, dec4y 

Buzzacchiulo, -a, adj. slCialed. defdrmed 

Bozziccia, sf. I4rge spelling, blolch 

Bozz^go, bozzagro, «jm. biizzard 

Buzzi^re, r. Abbozz&re 

Bdzze, tfp. bossago reli6f, proofs (print) 

Boziello, sm. (sea) shell of a block, top block 

Bozzilio, -a, smf. bud, biiUou, robgh-skctch 

B6zzima, sm. weavers' sldrch, ghm-wdler 

Bozziin&re, va. 1. t. Imbozzim&re 

Bozzioa, af. {ant.) boiling, v. UoUitara 

BozziDiDga, sf. rkillo sp&ke 

B5zzo, SM. roiigb stone , bidck , frce-sldno; a 

pool ofspring-w&lcr ; ciickold 
BozzoIarAja,*/: a woman that sells gimblellos 

and other cakes in Venice 
Bozzol4re, va. 1. to taste, pick up 
Bozzoliro, sm. sorl of Venetian cako 
Bozzolello, sm. small sw61liog, tumor 
Bdzzolo, sm., cocoon, tumor, mil- 
ler's peck or fee, crowd 
Dozzol6so, bozzoluio, -a, adj. full of tfimors 
Brica, s^. (mar.) sl6pper, (rudder), span, 

breeching, slays 
Bracalo, -a. adj. as fat as a m6nk, very fat 
Braccare, braccheggiare, va. to scent 
Bracc^tlo, sm. smill arm 
Bracchiggio, sm. scouting, quest, inquest 
Bracchcria, sf. pack of dogs. hdUnds 
Braccbetlo, sm. pointer, setting dog 
Bracchigre, sm. hvintsman, keeper of dogs 
Bricci, snip, {mar.) br&ccs; — secchi , cross- 
jack brices; — di madstra,mdin br&ces; — 
di gabbia, main top br&ccs ; — di trinchitto, 
fore-braces; — di pappafico, main-lop-g^l- 
lant-braces; — di parrocchSllo , r6re-top- 
briccs; — dl metz&na , m.zzen braces ; -^ 
di contramezz&na, mlzzen-lop braces; — di 
belvedere, mlzzeo-top-g&ilantbraces; -^ di 
civida. spril-sail-br&ces 
Br&ccia delf incora, sfp. (mar.) the flooks of 

the anchor 
Bracciajudla, sf. j drmtet, &rmor for the arm 
BracciAle, sm. \ leather cuff 
Braccial^llo, sm. br&celet, r. Smaniglia 
Braccialdtti , amp. bracependants 
Bracci&nte, sm. h&ndcralisman, d&y-I&borer 
Bracciare, vo. {nnr.) lo br&co the y&rds ; — in 
crdce, to squ&ro the yard; — sopravvenlo, 
to brace the y&rd; — suttovinto , to br&ce 
^•lee; — in faccia, lo back the sail; brac- 
ci&r le Tile in p&nno, to bring to 

I Braccifita, af. Armful, embrice, hag 
I Braccialollo, -a. smf lirge crkckling c4ke 
I Bracciore, sm, lidy's gdnlleman hshor 
Braccidsco, -a, adj. bi^chial, of the irm 
Br&ccio, sm. briccia, sfp. Arm, cAbit; br&co, 
brasse; (mai-.) falhom ; — secolire, secular 
p^er; sp6ndere a br&ccia quadro , to lav- 
ish, squ&oder; stir collo br&ccia in er6ce| 
to stand , sii with one's iirras fdlded, to be 
idle, to look on ; fare alle br&ccia, to wres- 
tle , traliendro il br&ccio ad uno , to hdid 
back one's &rm ; sleodere ad uno le breccia, 
to hdId out one's arms to one; predicire a 
br&ecia, lo preach ex-t6mpore 
Bracciolino, am. a little irm 
Uracciuoio, sm. ihe drm ofach&ir; sodfa a 

bracciuoli, an irm chair 
Brdcco.a. smf a kind of short-!&iIcd sMling 
dog ; br&cco da seguito, a bidod-huund ; — 
da f6rmo , a punter; — da 16va, a quest- 
ing dog 
Br&ce, af burning cinders, red hot c6als 
Uracho, sfp. sm&ll cl6lhes, breeches, hose 
Urach^sse, sfpl. {burl.) v. Bracho 
Urachelia, sf a cod pi6ce 
13racher&jo, sm. trdss-maker, (iron.) simpleton 
llrachi^rd, im. trbss, bSindage, susp6nsory 
Urachigrafo, sm. short-hand writer 
Uriicia, sf red hot c6als, cinders, coke 
Braciaiuolo, sm. a c6al-merchant 
Uracidre, am. br&sior, pan for bbrning c6als 
Braciudia, sf cbop. ste&k, cUllet 
Braciudio, sm. coke-miker or seller . 
Bracmino, sm. Indian phil6sophcr, br&hmin 
Braco, sm. dirt, mire, mud, slime ^ 
Bracone , sm. big breeches, bdasler, coward 
Bradipodo, sm. br&dypus, the sloth 
Br4do, a, adj. unsubdued , wild (speaking of 

Brad6no, sm. {ant.) epaulMto, sh6ulder-knot 
Bradumo, sm. crowd of 6xen, cdlves 
Br&gbe, braghdsse, sfp. brdcchcs, hoso 
Braghiere, sm. Iriiss, bkndage 
Br^gia, sf. red hot cdals, burning cinders 
Bi5go, sm. mud, mire, slime, bog, m&rsh 
Brama. sf strong desire, drdeot wish 
Bram&bile, adj. desirable 
Br9mangi&re, sm. relishing dish 
BramJLoie, a(</. wishing, Ibnging for, desirous 
Bram4re, va 1. lo wish, long for, desire 
Bramalo, -a, adj. ardently wished for, cdveted 
Brameggi4re,va. 1. to desire, wish again and 
Bramioo, sm. v. BracmJino (again 

Bramiro, vn. 5. lo hdwi ; lo hiss 
Bramito, sm. {ant.) the cr5 of m4ny iinimals 
Bramosamdnte, ado. dagerly, wishfully 
Bramosfa, sf darnest desire, &rdcnt wish 
Bram6so, -a, adj. desirous, eager 
Br&oca , sf cidw , iMon . gripe , fang, clhtch, 
p&w, gr^ippling iron, branch ; sc&la a brAn- 
che, a branching or dohble sl&ircase; brin-' 
ca orslna, sf. {but,) ac&nlhos, bedr's foot 

o6r, rftde; - £UI , 85n, bull ; - i&re, d6 ; <- b^, I jmph ; p$i« > 

b^i, f^f m; 

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— 110 


BraDC&re , va. i. to gripe , sAixe , t. Abbran- 

Braoc&ta, sf. hknduful, iro&ll niimbcr 
Brancb^tto, sm. iroall flock, herd» dr6T6 
Branchi&le, adj. of the giiU 
BrdkDchie, »f. gilla of Hthei 
BraDcicamento, tm. toiich (action\ b^ndUng 
Brancic4re, ua. 1. to hiindle, totich, feel, p&w 
BraocicUo, -a, adj. bundled, toiiched, felt 
BraDcical6re, braDcic6ne, tm. urbo bimdles 
Brancicdoe, adv. gr6piog, cr&wling 
Br&oco, tm. flock, berd, dr6ve, pack, etc. 
BraDCOl&re, vn. 1. to gr6pe al6ng, fiimble 
BraDCol6De, branc6ni.a(/u. gr6ping in ihe d&rk 
Brancuccia. nf. branchlno, sm. sm&ll tiiloQ 
Brinda, tf. {mor.) hkmmock, swinging bed 
Brand^llo, «m. bit, rag, tklter, pitoe 
BraDdimenlo, tm. sb&king, briindishing 
Brandire, tMin. 3. to briindish, urag, tremble 
Br4ndo, tm. a siir6rd 
Branddne, tm. bit, pi^ce, rag, tktler 
Br&DO, tm, bit, piice, p4rt, rag, postage; la- 

cerire br&no a brkno, to te^r to pieces; le- 

vire i brkni di che uhe aia, to 8p6ak against 

lomelhing, to Tllify it 
Br&sca, tf. c4bbage (of the early growth) 
Brasile , tm, Brazil , Brazil-wood (for dyeing 

red); sort of enalf 
Brssitdtto, tm, BraxilMto, an inferior kind of 

Brass&re, vn. to fill (he sAils briced ab&ck 
Brass&ta, sf. fAibom, measure of six feet 
Br4Ua, spalmat&ra, tf. mixture of pitch and tdr 
Briltea, tf. {bol.) brkclea, bract 
Brattiola, tf (do(.) brkcleole, little bract 
Brallo4to, -a, adj. {boi.) br&cteale, brkcted; 

(of medals) overlaid with g6ld or silver 
Brkva, tf. a kind of retch 
Bravkccio, bravizzo, tm. a bliisterer, bully 
Bravam^nte, ado. br&vely, vkliaplly, sto&lly 
Brav&Dle, adj. briving, during, affronting 
Brav&re, va. 4. to brkve, threaten, def^ 
Brav&ta, tf brav&do, bullying, T4poring 
Bravatdrio, -a, adj. thr6atening 
Bravaiz6ne, tm. a noisy swkgRering fdllow 
Braveggikre, vn. 1. to enkcl the bully 
Braveria, tf cohrago, Tkior, bravery 
Bravidre,sm.(orn.)calkndra(a8peciesof lark) 
Br&vo, tm. a brkve, hector, cot-thr6at, rdflQan, 

Brkvo, -a, adj. brkve, rkliant, courkgeons 
Brav6ne, tm. swkggerer, bully, cut-tbr6at 
Bravdra, tf. brkvery, valor, spirit 
Braszdlla, sf. (mar.) brkcep^ndant ; — del pa< 

ranchinillo di rizo, reef tkcklo-tye 
Breccia, tf. breach, gap, hole 
Brdecia (far), m. 1. irr, to persakde, impress 
Brinna, tf. jkde, 86rry hdrse, 61d nag 
Bresciklda, tf. a d&mirep 
Bretiine, tf. (ant.) the reins of a horse 
Brettille; tfp. briee bands, straps, braces 
Brdtto, -a, adj, bkrren, niggardly , cdretoiu 

Brfive, am. a briif, or Pope's mkndate; imiU 
rillc (worn roand the neck) 

— brieve, tm. bri^f, short inscription 

— adj. briif, short, concise 

— adv. briefly; fra breve, shortly 
Brevemdnte, adv. briefly, in short 
Brevdlto, rescrillo, tm. a writ, brevil 
Brevikre, va. 1. to abbreviate, abridge 
Brevikrio, brevikle, brevikre, tm. breviary 
Breviazi6ne, tf. ▼. Abbreviazi6ne 
Brevic^llo, brevieino, tm. little rtlie, kmalai 
Brevielk, tf v. Brevitk 

Breviloqu^nle, a(/;. concise, comprehkudiDg 

much in few w5rds 
Breviloqudnza, tf. bridf, forcible dloquenca 
Brevildquio, tm. sh6rt di8c6urse 
Brevitk, -kte, -kde, tf. brkvily, concfseneat 
Brdzza, tf little cold wind, breeze, ginlle gale 
Brezzeggikre, va. to bl6w a shkrpe br6eu 
BrezzoUna, tf. a gkntle breeze 
Brezzol6ne, tm. a c61d wind, (a bad cold) 
Bria, tf. (anf.) measure, rOle, 6rder 
Briaehkzza, tf. driinkenness, ebriety 
Brikco, -a, adj. driiok, inibrikled, in Ilqoor 
Brlacdne, tm. a drunkard, tippler, toss pot 
Bricca, tf. a sldep crkggy place 
Bricchetlo, sm. little kss 
Brfcco. tm, an kss, k lirge c6iree pot 
Brfccola, tf. cktapolt (war engine) 
Briecolkre, va. I.tohbrl, sb6ot,thr6w st6nea 
Bricconkia, tf r6gucry, ch4al, villany 
Bricconc^Ilo, tm. little r6gue, libertine 
Bricc6oe, -a, tmf r6gue, rkscal, vagabcnd 
Uricconeggikre, va. 1. to lead a dissolute life 
Bricconerfa, tf r6guishness,knkvery, villany 
Brlcia, tf crumb, chippings, rkspings 
Brfciola, briccioldtta, tf \ smkll 

Br/ciolo, briccioldllo, bricioHoo, tm. \ crhmb 
Brieve, v. Br^ve 

Briffalda, tf. wdman of ill fame, v. Baldracca 
Briga, tf. trohble, uneasiness, pkin 

— tf a qukrrel, dispute, bAsiness, aflftir 

— (dkr),tNi. 1. irr. to hkra.s8,betro{iblesome 

— (dkrsl) , wf to w6rk hkrd, take pkins ; a 
gran briga, adv. exp. with dlfflsulty 

Brigadidre, tm. brigadidr 

Briganikgglo , tm. brigandage, rhffianly act , 

r6bbery , pliinder 
Brigknte, adf. industrious, intriguing, officious 

— «m. pkrly-man, fk clionary, brigand, rhffian 

Brigantfna, tf. c6at of mkil 

BriganUno, tm. brlganline (small vessel) 

BrigkrSj van. i. to solicit, strive, try to oblkin 

by indirect mians; to ske or cknvass for 
Brigkta, tf. tr6op, band, c5mpany, crew, bri* 


— (andkr di), vn. 1. irr. to go together; tro- 
vkrsi in brigkta^ to meet together; brigkta 
di starne, a c6vey of pkrtridges 

Brigalkccia, tf. bad cdmpany, crew , set^ etc. 
Brigateila, tf. smkU company, smkll pkrty 

Fktc, mete, bite» nbU, t&be; 

ffct, mkt, bit, n6t, IU>; 

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BrigMbre, tm. cknTasser, competitor, ckndi- 

dato, basy-b6dy 
Brfgiia, sf bridle, reins, curb^cbeck, reslr&int; 
~ a brff Ha scidKa, headlong, risbly ; c6rrere 
a (Dtla briglia, to run filllspead; lasci&rla 
brfgiia ID sul c61lo ad odo, to Idaye one to 
bimteir, to give bim rope ; tirir la briglia, 
{fig.) to bdid a tight rein over^ to keep a light 
baod orer; dar la brfgiia al cavillo, to gife 
a borse tbe bridle ; briglia del bomprSsso 
{mar,) the b6bsta7 
Brigli&jo, sm. bridle-mftker, seller 
Brigli^tta, sf. small, light bridle, soliffle 
Brigli6De, sm. gro4t, b^avy bridle (mhszle 
Briglidzzo, Mm. civezon, ckvessoo, noseband, 
Brig6sOj-a, adj. quarrelsome, litigious 
Brillamento, an. brilliancy, spI6odor, Ifistre 
Brillantire, va.i. to cut a diamond into Angles 
BrillitDte, sm, a brilliant (diamond); — f&lso, 

false, imitation brilliant 
Brillknte, adj. brilliant, sparkling, hrighi 
Brillantazzo, adj. sdmewhat shining 
Brillire, vn. 1. to shine, sp&rkle, thrill 
liriIIito,-a, adj. cleansed, pAre, cl^n 
BriIfat6jo, sm. sieve, scarce, b6uUer 
Br/Do, -a, adj. tipsy, merry, hdlf sdas 6Ter 
Brimbala, sf. tbe brJike or handle of a pump 
Brfoa, brinata, sf. while-frost, rime 
Brinire. va. i. to rime (grdss 

Brinajudla, «/*. {hot.) while coUch gr&ss, dog's 
Brinito, -a, adj. gr&y, whfleoing, TAriegited 
Brfooolj , smp. { local) cm^nters , t6kens ( at 

cards^ etc.) • 

Brind& i. to t6ast, to name when a health 
is drank, to drink to the heallh, in h6nor of 
Brindis^Tole, adj. iit for a t6ast 
BrfndJsi, sm, a toast, health (in drinking) 
Brindso, -a, adj. b6ary , while wilh frost 
Brio, sm. riTJieity, sprightliDess, spirit^ ffre 
Bridnia, sf. (bot.) bryony^ white jalap 
Bri6so, -a. adj. lively, brisk, clever, spirited 
Brisciaminto, sm. t. Trimilo, shivering 
Brisominzia, sf. divin&tion by dreams 
Brirido, «m. shivering, &gue, piercing c6ld 
Brizzolilo, -*.,adj. speckled, freckled, 8p6tted 
Brizzolatdra, sf, spdckle, spicklednoss 
Brdbbio, brdbbrio, sm. {ant.) ignominy, v. Ob- 

Brdcca, sf. pitcher, jug, water-pot, jar; pitchei^ 
full; bttsh, verdure; andare alia brdcea, to 
perch, light on trees (said of birds of prey) 
Broccardo, fin. {law) moot-case, moot-p^nt 
Brocc&re, va. i. to brge, v. Sproniro 
Broeciia, sf. encdiioter, fight (first essay) 
Brocat^llo, sm. varieg&ted marble 
Broccatlno, sm. sort of broc&de 
Broccilo, sm. paliside, fence, broc&de 
Broecito, -a adj. fiill of prickly wood 
Brocchclta, sf. sm&ll n&il 
Brocehiire, brocchi^ro, sm, sm&ll bhckler 
Brocci&rs, va. i. {ant.) to spiir, prick with a 

Brdcco, sm. a splinter , shoot or rlish that 

pricks, skewer, peg , tack, stud , nail ; dar 

Del brdcco, to hit the nail on the hdad 

Brdccolo , sm. 8pr6iit ; br6ccoli , smp. brdcoli 

Brocc&lo, broccol6so, brocc6so,-a, adj. knotty 

Brdda, sf swill, hog-wash, dirt, mud, blame; 
▼ers&rla brdda adddsso altrui (uu/^.)tolay 
tbe blame up6n andther 
Brod&ja, sf tbin s(^up, slop; {fig.) a dhll prolix 

speech or writing 
Brodijo , brodajudlo , sm. a friend to broth ; 

{fig.) a prolix, dull writer . 
Brdde, sfp. bdrders, plat bands (in gardens) 
BrodellMo, -a, adj. done in brolh,gr&vy,etc. 
Brodetlo, sm. broth mixed wilh eggs, s&uce 
Brodiglia, sf miiddy w&ter {vulg.) 
Brddo, sm. broth, s^up 
Brodoldso, -a, adj. dirty, prolix, grdasy 
Broddne, sm. sldeve-drnament 
Broddso,-a, ac^. ab^nding with broth; i^th 

plenty of brolh 
Brogidtto, sm. a black September fig. 
Brogli&re, tm. i. to rise, revdit, embr^ 
Brdglio, sm. brSlI, tumult, hSise, sl&nder 
Brdllo, -a, adj, naked, poor^ v. Brullo 
Brdio, sm. .g&rland, kitchen garden, grounds 
Brdmo, sm. sort of fish ; {hot.) brdme-gr&ss 
Brdnchi, sm. brdnchia 
BroDchiale , brdncbico , -a , adj , brdnchial , 

Bronchi te, sf. {med.) bronchites, inflammation 

of the brdochial mdmbraoe 
Brdncio , sm. knger , pout, pduting; f&re il 
brdncio, portfire, ten^r brdncio, to pdilt {at 
one); pigliire il brdncio, to get in a passion 
Brdnco, sm. triink, stump, stem 
Broncocdle, sm. brdnchoc^Ie , g^ter ; Derby- 
shire neck 
Broncdne, sm. big branch, prop (for vines) 
Bronlolamento, sm. a grtimbling, mhttering 
Brontolire, va. i. to miitter, griimble 
Brontolio, sm. murmur, Idw miitlering 
Brontoldne, sm. agriimbler, brdwier; a scdld 
(man); brontoldna, sf a griimbliog, brawl- 
ing wAman; a scdld (woman), shrew 
Brdnzeo, -a, adj. of brdnze 
Broozino,-a, adj. brdnzed, brown, sun-bhrnt 
Bronzfsta, sf mdller, foQnder (of brass) 
Brdnzo, sm. brdnze, c&st cdpper, br&ss, i si- 

cri brdnzi, the bells (of churches) 
Brdzza, sf. {low tuscan) pimple 
Brucamiglia, sf nest of caterpillars 
Bruc4re, va. 1. to browse updn , strip oif the 

Idaves, t&ke one's self off 
Br6cea, sf. {bot.) brown-wdrt 
Bruciacchi&re, va. i. AbbruciacchiJire 
Bruciigiia, sf all m&nner of chips, shivinga, 

only fit for biirning 
Bruci&Dle, adj. bhrning, infl&med, hot 
Bruciapdlo (a), adverb, wilh one's gun, pistol 
close up 

mAr, rbdg, - fill, s5d, b&ll; - Are, d^; - 

b^, Itmplt; P8li«f b^ft, im 




— 112 — 


Brnciire, on. 1. to bdm, consfime irilh flre; 

to ilch s6rely, to sroirt 
Bruci&la, »f. a r6asled chestnut * (slaro 
Bruciat^jo, xm. chestnuot-rbatter, y. Caldarro- 
Braciatfccio , tm, biirning (to the latie or 
imell); ha un sap6re di has 
a (&tlo as if was burnt; ha uo od6re di 
briicial/ccio, it smells of bhruing 
Bruci&lo,-a, adj. burnt, of cli6stnut-c51or 
Br6cio. sm. griib, caterpillar, w6rai 
Bruciol&to,-a, adj. wdrm-calen, en&mored 
BrucioI6nto, adj. bdrning, fiery, hot 
BrAcioio, im. chip, sh&ving, sm&II wdrm 
Broci6ro, sm. sm&rl, bdrning, ilch 
Druco, %m. griib, caterpillar, tkssel 
Brnghiera , nf. hSalh (place overgrown with 

heath or shrubs of any Idnd) 
Brugna, x/. plum, prAne, t. Prugna 
Brugo, S1H. [hot.) h^aih (shrub gr6wiog nata- 

rally on w&sle land) 
Bruire, vn. 5. [anl.) to rdmble (of the inte- 
stines) 1. Gorgogli&re 
Brulizio, -a, adj, [ani.) Llfiar-e^ed, v. Cisp6so 
Brulic&me, sm. 66urce, spring, v. Bulicame 
Brulic4re, van. \. to sw&rm, stir op 
Brolichio, 5m. buzzing, hum, swdrming 
Brullaroenle, adv. {anl.) poorly, in bad condl- 
BrulIo,-a, adj. ragged, naked, destitute (lion 
Bruldllo, sm. a ffrf-ship 
Br6ma, sf. raid-winter, s^a-w5rm, c&bin-b^ 
Brum&le, adj. br&mal, of winter, wlnlry 
Brom&sto, brumSsto, sm. sort of wild vine 
BrCina (alia), adverb, in the night-lime 
Brun&li, smp. (mar.) sciippers, 8ciipper-h61ci 
Brunimenlo, sm. the aclion of bbroishing 
Bruoizzo, brundilo, brun6lto,-a. adj. brdwn- 
Bruo^zza, ff. swdrlhiness, br($^n cdlor (ish 
Brunire, va. 5. to biiroish, p6lish, corr6ct 
Brunito,-a, adj. biirnished, p61ished, revised 
Brunildjo, sm. bdrnishing-stlck, biirnisbor 
Brooiiore, sm. biirnisher, p6Iisher, gl6sser 
BrunilAra, sf. burnishing, p6li8h, gloss 
Brdoo, sm, mdoroing, m6urning-cl6thes 
— (essere a), vaux. to be in m6urning 
Bruno, -a, adj, brd^n, dark, gl6omy 
Brandzzo, -a, smf. a dirk man, a brunette 
Brudio, sm. (anr) kitchen garden, birth (pocf.) 
Brusca^ sf. (bol.) brhsh, knie b6lly 
Bruscaroente, adv. abrhptly, blbnlly, rfidely 
BruscAre, va. 1. to prClne, v. Debrusc&re 
Bruscello, sm. (iocai) a chattering, bkbbie or 

gkbbliog of children 
Bruschelle, sfp. v. Buschitle 
Broschcilo, -a, adj. stflirish, I4rt, kcid 
Brusch^zza, sf. rfideness, roUghncsi (wfoe 
Bruschino , -a , adj. of the c&lour of dorp red 
Br6sco, sm. (bof.)T. Pognil6po,* sm&ll bit, r. 

Brdsco^ a, adj. sdUr, stern, bldnt, robgh 
Bruscolino, bruscolo, bru^colAzzo, sm. slip of 
slrdw , Irffle ; ogni brbscolo gli p&ro una 
tr&Te, he makes moQntaini of rodle-hllls 

BrAsU, sf. Ifghted c6al (for toasting) 
Urustolire, va. 1. to grill, brSil, t6ast 
Brutiglia,^/: a multitude of beasts; {fig.) r&b* 

bio, mob 
Brut&le, adj. brftial, fer6ciou8, pkssionate 
BrulalilA, sf. brutklily, h&rshness 
Brutalm^nte, adv. brfilally. chhrlishly 
Brutcggiire. vn. i. to be brCllal, grow skvage 
BrAto, xt/t. brOle, b^ast, irr&tional Animal 
Brottam^nte, a</o. shimefully, meanly, dirtily 
BruUam^nlo, sm. flllhincss, nastiness , dirti- 
ness, disbdnesty 
Brulldre, tMi. to s5)l, r. Imbrattire 
Bfullerfa, sf {anat.) v. Brutlura 
Bruti6zza, brulldra, sf jiglioess, fjllh 
Brutto, -a, adj. tigly,; briitlo 
da far pa6ra , brdtlo come il peccato, as- 
ugly as sin; briitta azi6ne, Tillaoous, base, 
wicked Action; bruUo coslAme, shameful 
chslom ?. BruUdzza 
Bruzziglia, sf p6pulace, r&bble, rascklity 
Bruzzo, brdzzolo, sm. twilight, t. Grcpuscolo 
BAa , sf. {a wwd used by children ) ail , iil« 

Bu&ccio^ buaccidio, sm. greit ox, bl6ckhcad 
Buassiggine, bu&gginc, sf t. Balordaggine 
Bubalino, sm. yobng bUlTalo 
Bubalo, T. Bufalo 

Bubulo, -a, smf wild bull or cdv^, t. Biifolo 
Bubbola, sf Ixifl, pcwel, fib, sham 
Bubbol&re. va. I. to biibble, cheat, swindle 
Bubbol6ne, sm. b&bbler, swindler 
Bubbonc^le, sm. bub6nce1e, inguinal rbptare 
Bubb6ne, sm. b6bo, swelling (in the groin) 
Bubuica, bubulc&la, sf. an &cre, t. Jugero 
Buca, ff h6le, h6l!ow, c&ve; bil^ca scpolcrile^ 
the gr&ve; fire una b6ca in lirra, to die; 
f&re una buca, to embezzle one; dov'd la 
buca i) ii grinchio, no firo with^t sm6ke 
Bucacchi&re, va. 1. to pierce, t. Foracchi&re 
Buc4ccia, sf great dgly hole, l&rge cave 
Bucire, va. i. to pierce, bore, make holes 
Bucito, -a, adj. pierced, b6red, hdled 
~ sm- wash, lie, a wishing ^ the quantity of 
Unen wdshed at a time; grembiile di buci- 
to, a cidan &pron 
Bucchiro, sm. ch(na-j4r 
Bdcchio, sm. biiccia, sf rind, birk, skin, p6el; 

tuitl d'una biiccia , dll of the s4me cask 
Buccicita (non ne sapdr), sf tokn6w ndlhing 

of it 
Bucciero, sm. (ant.) butcher, t. Becc&jo 
Buccina. sf. Irhmpct 
Biiccin&re, van. i. to triimpet, divdlge 
Buccinat6re, sm. ncws-m6nger, sl&nderer 
Buccincllo. sm. net (to catch partridges) 
Bucciolina, sf. thin skin, pilliclo 
Buccidio, sm. rdcd , length of a j^nt 
Bucci6so, -a. adj. thick, skinned, b&rky 
Bucciudlo, sm. peck (of a bollle), spdut 
B&ccola, sf curl, lock, ringlet 

VklCf mitf, bite, nbie, t&be; - At, m6t, bit, ndl, thb; ^ fir, pigue, ^ 

Digitized by VjOOQ I;; 


— lis — 


BaeeAliea, t/l pastoral p6eB», rdral rep&it 
Buc8Ati€0, ^ (»(/. rOral, agrdstfc, bacAlie 
Baclfalo, sm. buciphaliu (Alexander's bais»]c 

{burl.) a jado , a sdrry h5rie 
BucaotArio, bucAnldro, am. bocdntaoTy state 

ressel of ihe D6ge of Yd nice 
Bncherime, sm. biickram (siroDg linen cloth) 
Bacb(*r&re, va, to pidrce, seek, c^nva^s 
Bucher&to, bucbi*ral(ecio, -a, adj, fOll of bolee 
Bucherittolo, -a, twf. smdil b6le 
Bucberelllio, -a, adj. piircedt b6red , h61ed 
Bacher^llo, bucbino, im. snitl h6le 
Buciicehio, bac^llo, tm. yoiiog ox 
Bacicire, va. i. to mive, slir, v. Moorere 
Boeinamdnto. sm. biizxing. vhkspering 
Baeinare, eon. 1. to wblsper, buzs, bam 
Racioal6re» sm. no-vs-m&oger , ba>y-b6dy 
Bucine, sm. net, pdrtridge-net 
BAco , sm. hola , c^fitT , bfding place ; bfico 
deiruscio, kdy-bole; rireun buco oelficqua, 
to b^TB ona's labour Ibr one's p4in« 
BucuUdo, sm. smdil bole 
BadeiUme, sm. the btfi^els, intraile 
BiiJellioOy sm. smUl gut 
BHd«il«, sm budclla, fp. got, I olds tine 
Bodri^re, sm. cross-bell, shoulder-belt 
Boe, sm. ox, diince, block, r. Babbaccione 
Boessa, sf. tiSw. Ignorant ir6man 
Bufalo, sm. r. Bufolo 
Boftra, sf. bbrric&De, wbirlirind 
Buffa , sf. bl^l; idle stuff , ndnsense; visor 
(the perroraled part of a belmet) ; fire una 
bofla, to pUy a trick; priodere a b6ffa, to 
take in jest; lirir gib la bAffa, to lay aside 
all mbdesly 
Baffire, va. i. to bldw a sqn&U, tell idle sidrjes 
Boffi'a, sf. a puff t of wind) 
Buffetl&re, vn. to puff, bL6w 
Buffet tiia, sf a nilip 
Baff^lto, sm. f.llip. sidc-bdard, hbOsA 
Boffgtto, sm. freoebrroU, puff 
BAffo, sm. yihiff, puff, gbst; c6inic ^tor 
Buffonire, w. I. to play ibe buffoon 
BaffoD&ta, $f. buffoon's trick, scorrtlily 
Boffbnc^llo, sm. poor jteter, sinpleton 
fioffftoe, sm. buffoon, jdsler, far ddssodibvf- 

fdoc, to p6ckel aa affrdat 
Boffonefgi&re, va. f. to play the bnffdoik 
Boffoneria, sf boff^onery , drOllery 
Buffoneseam^nte, adv. la a l&dicrousm&ttnot 
Bnffonesco, -a. adj. dr^t, l6dicroiis 
Buffon^vole, hoffonoggiiole, adj. jteting 
Bufol4la, f^. hbffate-race (aneUntly Ttw in 
BAfoks-a, fjn. bbffalo (Florence) 

Bofol6oe, sm. unwieldy bbffalo of man 
BufoDchiire, vn. i. to gr{ii]ible,T.Borbeiltare 
BofoMbMHe, brdneio, m>. ill-b&nior 
BalAiw, em. ▼. Roepo 

Bogfa, sf. aiiebAo4, lie, iatcindletlick;af«e 
muh boffa, to tell a lie; le bagto moo ad^ 
pe, a liar wll nAver prbsper ; le bugie hair- 
DO le gftabe cArte, a liar is tooo ftflUid At 

BnglMro, -a, {ant.) r. Bogi&rdo 
Bugi4D0» -a» adij, ongent^el , t. Matcreato 
Bugiard&eclOj sm. greit Tillanoos liar 
Bugiardamdnte, adv. Alsely, vilbdtit Irftth 
Bagi&rdo» -a, smf. adj. liar , l^ing 
Bugiard6ne, sm. gre&t liar 
' Bugi&re, van. to pierce, bore , lie, fib 
Bugig&lto, bngig&ttolo, sm. smill bole 
BAgio, sm. bole, c&Tity, cdmer 
Bugio, -a* adij. piirced, bored, t. Forato 
Bugidoe, xm. gre&t lie, f&1seb6od, untrillli 
Bugiuna, $f, wbite He 
Bugli&re, vn. 1. to c6me to bl6vs, rerdlt 
Bugli6ne, sm. ( ani. ) brolb , s^op , confAsed 

Bugtia61o, sm. small barrel; tub, bbrket 
B ugldssa, sf. {bot.) bAgloss ox-tAngae 
B6gno, sm. bee-bive 
BAgQola, bAgna, sf striir basket, essere, en« 

tr^e in b6gnola, to be, or get ^ngry 
Bognol6De, sm. Urge bisket, bumper 
BugoAoe, sm, busb, brier, brkmlrie 
fiogr&oe, sm. buckram (strong linen cloth) 
Bujdkccio, sm. thick darkness 
Boiccio,bui^tto, -a, adj, dftrkish 
Buino, -a, adj. of 6xen, of Uie breed, of 6xen 
BAjo, sm. obscArily, dflrkness, night; Issere 

al bujo di. to be Ignorant of; sk\re al bAjo 

to be in d&rkness, in the dark; f4re le cose 

al bAjo, lo dd things in the dirk, to act in* 

considerately ; farsi bAjo, to get dirk 
— a, adj. dirk, gloomy, abstrase 
Buj6re, sm. dirkness , obscArity (anl.) 
Bujose, sfp. a cant word for prisons 
B&lbaro, sm. a cirp 
Bulbaio, sm. sffiill bulb, Anion 
BQIbo, sm, b«lb, Anion , bblboos root 
Bulbo, -a, adj. r. Borbero, morAsa 
Bulbdso, -a, a4j. bblbous 
Buldriina, sf a prAstitute 
BalAsia, sf. p&slern, fAllock 
BullcAme, tm. sAurce, spring 
Bnlicamioto» sm. a bAlling, bbbbliog (ef 

BulicAre. von. 1. to bai, bbbble veil op 
Balicbio, sm. pbrl, phrling 
Bullna sf. erAwd, throng , preii 
BallmAca, bulimicola, sf. (Aol.) cinmock, 

BoUmia, bafialfiB, af (merf.) bAlimy, boUmia , 

Toricioae ippeiite (a disease) 
Bulimov sm, ekniae ippetite 
Bulinire, va, i. to eogrive, graTO 
Bulino, sm. bArin, gf Af ing-teol , frAver 
Bulla, tf bhbUn, pimple, sAal 
BullAlta, sf, pArmit, lAUery-ticket^ bob- nail 
BulleltiM, tm. sAfe oonduet, pass » billAt 
Bulsino, bolsAggiiia,am. hAavee^ Aathma^btA- 

ken ivind 
BAnio^ sm. AavthHMt> bAsdam 
BomAmmv 'h^ ad$. goed-natavedy eimpls 
BoonaccArdo, sm. bArpskord 

»dr, rtde;-flai, sAn, bull; - l4re, d6; -b^, lt»pJ»; P«**. J>^f «**f Itftl; gem, aA 

^. . . . Digitize.dbywOOQlC • 

Dl2, ital, Ing, y y -y ^ 


— 114 — 


BaoDam&no^ tf. v. Maocfa 
BuoDaminte, adv. cirtainly^ trftly. Indfed 
BuonavdgUa, «m. Toluntier, free r6w«r 
BuoDd&to, -a, adj. (in buon dato) , copious 
Buondl, tm, good d&j , good mdroiDg 
Buongust&jo, tm. gastrdnomer, gastrdDomitt 
BuongAsto, tm. good Uste ; tasle, nice perce- 
ption (^n the fine artB) 
Buonino, -a. atfj, prelly good, g6od-nMored 
BadDO,tm.tbe good; badn per Toi, per lai^ec, 
it is well for you , for him , etc. ; 6 baAno 
prepar&rii alia mdrte, it is a good thing to 
prepare for dtoth 
Budno, -a, adj. good, kind, fit, pr6per, ibie; 
con budna gr&iia, with perinission, by yonr 
i^ave; 4lla budn'6ra, well and good; lo 
compr&i a boon mercito, I b6aghtitch^ap; 
gli fdcero boon tIso, they received hioi 
kindly; di buona Tdglia , villingly; non 6 
buono a nAlIa, it is good for ndihiog; di 
buon'ora, iarly; trall&re colle buone , to 
trdat with mfldness; d&rsi budn tempo , to 
ISad a mirry life, a life of pldasure; badne 
pardle, fair, fine wfirds; dtsere in buon s6o- 
no, to be in one's right m(nd, senses; slire 
a budna sper&nxa, to h6pe well; issere in 
budna , to be in a good b&mour; budna 
ndlte, budn ripdso, good night , I wish you 
a good night's rest 
BuonprSsso^ bomprteso , tm. {mar.) b6wsprit 
Boootimpo, tm. iase, feasting, pleasure 
Buontempdne, tm. a linger, a mirry Greek 
Buprdste, tf. [eni.) bopresles, biirn-cdi^ 
Buran^se, tf. sweet while grape 
Borallire^ va.A.i. Abburattare 
BuratldUo^ tm. bdlter, sidve, scarce 
Buralterfa, tf b61 ling-room, slfllng-place 
Buraltin&jo^ tm. pbppel-pl&yer^ pbppel-man, 

BuralUnila, tf pbppet-pl4y, pbppet-shdw 
Barattino^ tm. pbppet 
Bur&tlo, tm. bdmbasin, si^TO, bdlter 
Burbinza, tf. ambition ^ ostentation, paride 
Burbanzare, vn. 1. to bdast^ be viingldrious 
Burbanz^sco, burbanzidre I adj. pr^d 
Burbanzdso,burbanzidro,-a ( b&ughty, 16fty 
Burbanzosarodote^ adv, prdtidly, h&ugblily 
Burbera, tf. cr&ne, ckpstan, windlass 
Burboro, -a, adj. shrly, austdre, crkbbed 
Burchla, tf. pl&giarism ; and&r^ alia b&rchia, 

to purlin, to cdpy, after andlher 
Burchidllo, tm. whirry, light bdat, f&rry 
B6rchio, tm. handle (of a plough, etc.) 
Bdre, tf. ant. the pidughhiindle 
Burdlla, tf. dbngcon, dark prison {ant.) 
— tf piebild horse (prison, Dante) 
Burdllo, tm. cdarse stuff, ilnsey wdolsey 
BurgraTi&to, tm, burgraviate 
Burgr&vio, tm, bbrgrare 
Buridina. tf. hbrricAne, violent storm 
Buri4no, tm. sweet wine (of the Buranese) 
Buri&sso, tm, hirald 

BArIa, tf. trick, wkggery, fun. Joke 
Borl&re, va. i. to quiz, burlesque, ridicule 
Burl&rsi, vrf. to l&ugh at, not to mind 
Burlkto, -a, cuij. laughed at, quizzed 
Burlatdre, tm. j6ster, w^g, quiz 
Burlescamenle, adv. in a Ifidricous manner 
Burlisco, -a, aij. burlteque, lAdicrous 
Burldlla, tf. burldtta, c6mic 6pera 
Burldvole, adj. wr6lched, d^picable, qulnieal 
Durldne, -a, tm. a quiz, a jester 
Bur6, sin. bfireau, 6ffice 
Burocrazia, tf. bure&ucracy; influence of 

clerks in publle dfflces 
Burrijo, soi. bblter man, dialer in bbtter 
Burr&sca, tf timpest, storm, hiirricane 
Burrasc&re, va. 1. to debile, discbss 
Burrascdso, -a, adj. stdrmy, tempestons 
Bdrro, tm. bblter, t. Bulirro 
Burrdne, burr&to, tm. .priciplce, rarioe 
Burrdso. -a, adj. bbllery, fall of bbtter 
Bosirde, tf. {mar.) brdast- books 
Bos&re, va. i. to pidrce, t. Buc4re 
Busbaccare, va. i. to cbdat, swindle, cajdle 
Busbaccberia, busberia, tf. cheating, fr&od 
Busb&cco, busbaccdoe, tm. cbdat, snindler 
Bdsca, tf search, inquest, quest, sdeking 

— aod4re alia, vn. 1. irr. to g6. b6gging 
Buscacchidire, va. 1. to hunt kfler, trick 
Buscall^na, tf. a wdrtbless nag ^ 
Busc4re, va. i.toenddavour, loget,to prowl, 

to get by Industry, or cbuniDg 
Boscatdre, tm. busea trice, f. siarcber, prdwler 
Buscbdtle, tfp. little slicks, straws, loU; 

tiritr le buschdtte, to drftw (straws), lotg 
Bdschia, tf. ndihing, t. Nulla 
Buscidne, tm. bush, busby place, jhngla 
Bdsco, buscoUno, tm. t. Brdscolo 
Bosicchia, tf. Entrails, tripes 
Buseccbidne, tm. girbage, dffal, bd^els 
Busilli, busfllis, tm. trobble, difflculty 
Bdsna, tf. busdne, tm. sort of irbmpet 
BQso, -a, adj. imply, pidrced. bdred 
Bdssa, tf. stroke, trkvail, aftliclion 
Bussamdoto, tm. thiimp, blow, knock 
Bussire, va. i. to thump, bdal, rap. knoclc 
Bussita, if. a kuock 
Bussatdre, tm, kodcker, thbmper 
Bdsse, s/>. bidws, bdatiug; per pa&ra delle 

busse, for fi^ar of a bdating 
Bussdllo, tm. pdlisher (tool), mallet 
Bdsso, tm. ndise, bustle, box-tree, dice-box 
Bdssoia, tf m&riner's cdmpass, magndlic 

ndedle, a cdvered gkllery, inlry 

— (perder la), vn. 2. to lose one's rdckoning, 
be quite diU 

Bbssoie, tfp. {mar.) tlmber-bdards 
Bussolilla, tf a mariner's pdcket cdmpass 
Bussoldllo, tm. box-trde, dice-box, vote-box 
Bussdne, tm. wind instrumeot, baasdon 
Bdsia, tf. a book-case (inclosiug one volume) 
Bustioo, tm. bddlce, cdrsol; slight stays 
BAsto, tm. bust, cdrset, stAys (body) 

Fite, mdte, bite, ndte, t6be; - At, mdt, bit, ndt, tiib; - i&r, pique, «:3* 

Digitized by VjOOQ IC 


— 115 — 


BntiiTO, «m. biiltar 

BDlirr6so, -a, oi/;. as soft at buttery. Borr6so 

Bottif ra, $f, bol4rgo , carlare , cliTiar , itbi^ 

geon's eggf smoke-dried 
Bottire, va. i. to tbr6yr, fling, tbrbst 6iit; 

butl&r la l&Dcia in mire {pior.) to bteve 

ont ibe b^at , to iauocb tbe b6at ; bultjir 

Tia, to tbr6w aiv&y 
Bntter&to, -a, adj. pock-m&rked, pitted 
B6liero, sw. top or pock mark; stud-kteper, 

BAtnro, *m, bilAmeo, kfod of Fat clay 
Bnxzicire. vii. i. to m^re, to sp^ak sdAly, 

■n^ak al6og 
Bouicb^Uo, bozzicbfo, »m. lilkfe oSlse, bius 
B6azo, «m. {vulg.) tbe billy, pin-ciish(on 
Bozzine, am. {.vulg.) a big-bellied man 

G« third letter' of the alphabet. A$ numeral G 

stoiufj for 100 
€a, »f. {w^lg^ b^e; ca del di&Tolo, bell 
Gibala. %f cabkl, secret science, ev&sion 
Cabalisla, fin. a cibaliit 
CabaHsttco. -a, adj. cabalistic, myslirions 
Cabotiggio, am. coasting, crflising 
Caeacci&no, «m. a gre&t coward 
€acad6bbi, $m. {vulq.^ r&iser of ddiibts 
CacafrMta, am. a rislless officious person 
Cacajo6la, cae&ja, cacacciola. «/*. diarrbda 
GaCaleria, »f. (iron.) knighlbood, ck?alry 
Gacaldccbio, interj. (of ironder) bey-day I 
Cacao. T. Caccio 

CacapensiSri, am. {vulg.) riiser of difficuUies 
Cac4re, van. i. (wig.) to eT&cuale, vSld, go to 
Gacas&ngue, am. dysentery (stool 

Gacasddo, am. {vulg.) a self-conceited bpslart 
Caeastecebi. am. niggard, pioch-p^nny 
Gacaia, *f. tbe 6asiDg one'aself, a failure, no go 
Cacalamtote, ado. sl6irly and Awkwardly 
Cacalfesa, af a low pr6stilule 
CacatAjo, SOT. -viter-clbset, prhy, n.® 100 
Gacalfira, af eTacn&tion, discbirge 
CacaTiifcfgli, am. clown, t. Maloato, r6stico 
Gac/izib4tto, sm. afop.d&ndy, swell, rodsk-rat 
C&ca caeca, af. eicremenl, filth. 6rdure 
Gacabildole, s/p. caresses, bl^odisbmenls 
Caccabildole (dar), va. i. irr. tof6ndla, caress 
Caccio, cac&o, am. c^coa-not, ch6colate-Dul 
C^ccaro,^. (tnor.) tbe mlzzen-top-g&Uanlrsidl 
Gacchialilla, af a ibin cake 
C&cchio, am. Ibe first sh6ol8 of a Tine 
Caccbidne, am. whitish rn.'tggot drone 
Caccbionoso, -a, adj. cr&wliug wllb w5rms 
Gaccia, s/l ch6se,huDt,huDliDg,hunliDgp4r(y, 
g&me killed; avete av6lo budoa ciccia, you 
baTO bad good sp6rt; fileci gU8l4re delta vd- 
atra ciccia ( cacciagiooe ), let us tdste sdme 
of your game; dar caccla, to gUe chase; 
<f&rrere in caccia, to flee, fly from; aodare 
alia c&ccla collo schidppo, to go shooting; 

I in c&ceia e in fl&ria, adverb, in hista, btotte 
or eonfdsioQ 
C&ccjadiifoli, am, t. Seongiuratore 
Gacciaff&nni, <utj. ooli?ening, mirry 
Caceiagi6ne, af. game, Tinison 
Oacciaminlo, am. exphlsion, driring Gdi 
Cacciamosche, am. fl)-flap. pbnka (in Blndf>- 
Gacei&nte, adj. hiinUng, porsjiiog {atan) 

Caeciap&ssere, am. 8care-cr6w, bug-bdar 
Gacci&re, vn. i. to chase, hunt, purs6e, drive, 
ezp^l, bkoish, thrust, shoot 6iii, thru dilt; 
cacciare un vascdllo, to give a ship the 
chase ; caceiir fudri di casa, to thru S^x of 
doors; cacci&r un grido, to cry or scream 
6iit; un chiddo c&ccia I'iltro, one niil 
drives an&lher 
Occlire coilo schidppo , van, to fowl , sb^t, 

go shooting 
Gaceiirsi nel capo, vwr. to teka it into one'g 
head; caocikrsi in una compagnia , to in- 
trude into a c6mpany 
Gacci&ta, af. exphlsion, driTing iuit 
Cacciilo,-a, adj. driven, tbrned ^t, bunted 
Cicciatdja, af. driver, pincers, phncheon 
Cacciat6re, am. hunter, sp6rlsman, bimtsman 
Cacciatrice, af. bhntress, exp6ller, driver 
Gacciavite, af. screw-driver (earth 

Gacciu, am. cishoo, ckshow, dtlcchu, Japin 
G&ccole, af. blearedness, viscous mkUer 
Gaccol6so, -a, adj. bidar-e^ed 
CacherSllo, am. dung (of sheep, rabbits, eto.) 
Cacheria, if. niuseous afTccULion, elTdmioacy 
Gacher6so, adj, prim, nice, miociog, jealous, 

Cacbcssia, af. c&chexy, bad h&blt of b6dy 
CacbSitico, -a, adj. cacbiclic, conghmptive 
(^achinno, am. Idiid, unreslr&ined Idughler 
Gaciajudlo, am. cb^ese-mdoger, miker 
Caciito,-a, adj. seasoned with r&sped chtese 
C&cio, sm. •h^ese; confess&re il cicio , to 
tell the trOth of ihe mklter ; Ssser pAne e 
ciicio, to be Inlimale; niangi&re il c&cio 
nella Irf ppola , to commit an ofTioce in a 
place where there is no escipiog piinishment 
Gaciolino, am. small new cheese 
Gacidso, -a, adj. cheesy, cheese -like 
Caciudia, af flkt round cheese 
Cacofonia, af. cac6phooy, wint of birmony 
Gacofdnico, -a, adj. disc6rdant, iDharm6nioua 
Cacografia, af error of orthography 
Gacologla, af. cac6logy, bad spdaking 
Gacotrofia, af. cacolrophy, bad food , bad nu- 

Gachme, am. shmmit, top, pilch 
Gadauno, -a^^pron. ivery one, iach 
Gad&vere, cad^vero, sin. c6rpse, dead b6dy; 
— ambul&nle, walking ghost; dissolterral6- 
re, rubatdre di cad&veri, resurreclion-man, 
Gadaverico, cadaverdso, -a, adj. cad&verous 
Gadinte, adj. filling, declining, w^ k, eli ca- 
ddnte, ihe decline of life 

Bdr, rftde; • fUl, adn, buU; - Dbe, do; - b^, l^mpb; p€U«, 

^tized bf 

fJti; gem,ai 


— 116 — 


GWnzft, if. ftU, c&deooe, o&deaey, pioM, ttae 
€addra , vn. 3. in*, to f&ll , hAppen , beflll ; 

— neir inimo , to c5me into one* t mind ; 

— per m4no, to come into one's hiiDdi; — 
in penii^ro, lo f&ll into one's tb6aghls ; — 
in dls66rso , to c6me to tilk ; » in tiglio , 
to sAit one's pbrpose ; cadere dalla padilla 
nellabr&ce, to fall dlitoftha frying pan into 
tlie fire 

Gadilto, jm. cadit, yotinger brdther 
Cad^Yole, adj. transient, perishable , friil 
Cadi , «m. ciidi (turkish judge) 
Gadim6nto, »m. f&ll, 6Terlhr6w, rftin, flinlt 
Gaditdje, sfp, embr&sures, b&Ulements 
C&dmia, «/. {min.) br&ss stone 
G&dmio, »m. ckdmium (a irhite metal resem- 
bling tin ) 
Caduc6o^«m. (myfA.) cad6ceus,M6rcary'i w&nd 
Cftducilk, «/*. fragility, caducily 
Gaddco, -a, adj. friil, infirm, decr6pid; la b«I- 
Idzza 6 fidr cadiico, bea6ly is a f&ding fl^er; 
mal caduco, fftlling'Siekoess 
Cadata, $f. fall, rftin, nysfbrtuno, disgr&oe 
Cadvilo, -a, adj. fallen, Tilined, disgr&ced 
Cadndo {ant.)pres. part. i^iMlead of cexckn- 

do), seeking 
Gafet&no , sm. c&aan ( perslan , tuckish gar- 
Gair&re, va. i. to bring tfCit an odd niimber 
Gaffe, sm. coffee, cdfiTee-hdlise, cdffee-room 
Caffefsta, sm. a regular colTeeHlrlnker 
Caffetiiera, sf. a c6ffeepot 
Caffeltidre, sm. a cdffee-hoiise keeper 
G&flTo, sm. cACTa, sf odd nbmber^ nnlque, un- 
equalled, incomparable, gluocire a p&ri e a 
c&ITo, to play at odd and 6ven 
CafCira, sf t. C&nfora 
Gagginle, adj. {ant.) falling, declining 
C&ggere, vn. 3 irr. {ant.) v. Cadjre, to f&ll 
Gagiooamemo, sm. occJision, c&ine 
Cagion&nle, adj. c&using, occ&sioning 
Gagion&ro, va. i. to c&uso, occ&sion, impCtte 
Gagion&lu. -a, adj. occisioned, c&used 
Gagionat6ro, -trfce, smf c&user, Author 
Gagioncdlla, sf a slight c&use, mdlire 
Cagi6ne, sf c&use . reason , m6tive , pretext , 
excuse; porre o cdgliere cagi6ne ad Ano, to 
impute to a p6rson, lay to one' s cb&rge ; a 
cagi6oe di , on accoiint of, in c6nsequence 
of; catllTO lavorat6re ad ogoi fdrro pon ca- 
|i6ne, a bad w6rkman finds f&ult with irery 
Gagion&Tole, adj. sickly, infirm, wtok 
Cagion6so, -a, adj. f&iot, l&nguid, infirm 
Gagioniizza, sf. a very slight c&use 
G&glia, subjunctive of cal&re, to c4re 
Cagli&re, va. i. to fail in cohrage, f^ar 
— vn. to curdle, t. Qnagli&re 
Cagli&to, -a, adj. cbrdled, striick with f&ar 
G&glio, sm. rennet, co&gulating ingr&dieni 
Gigna, sf a bitch; la c&gna frettoldsa fa 1 
cagnolini ci6chi, h&ste m&kes w&ste 

Gagn&ccio, jm. a gre&t Tillanoos dog 
Gagn&tio. adj. d6glfke, iigly, lirid^ 
Gafneggiire, va. i. to sn&rl. gndsh, blhsUr 
Gagnescamenle, ado. in a sbrly m&nner 
Cagn^sco , -a , adj. cdrrish , fQrious , sUrly ; 

guard&re in cagn&sco, to look surlily 
Cagnelto, sm. a lillle dog 
Cagnfna, cagnuolina, sf a liltle bitch 
Gagnoldtti, cagnolini, sm. piippies, little dogt 
Cagnolino, sm. prelly little dog, lap dog 
Gagndlto, sm. hoclor, blUslercr, bully; cagn6tto 
di corte, a miao cdurtf&rorite, cringdUng 
Caicco, sm. c4ique, pinnace, ketch 
Caimac&n, sm. caimackn (turkish dignitary) 
Caiffl&ne, sm. tflli gator, er6codile 
Cafoa, sf traitors' place (in bell). Danfe 
Gala, sf b&y, r6ad (for ships) a ducking 
Galabrino. sm. policeman , sbduldcr-clkpper p 

bbm-biiliir, v. Sbfrro 
Galabrdne, sm. drOne, hdrnet 
Galaf&o, -&to, sm. dakuro, c&lker 
Galafal&ro, va. i. to c&lk, pilch, t&r 
Galamijo, calam&ro, sm. inkborn, inkstand; 

{motiusks), c&lamary 
Galamandr^a, calamandrfna, sf germander 
Calamcggi&re , van. 4. (anf. ) to^lay up6n a 
Galameoio, sm. descdnt. going down VP'P^ 
Galamfna, sf (mm.) c&lamine 
Gaiamfslro, sm. ciirling-longs, crlspin^pia 
Galamfla, sf. 16ad-slooe, attraction 
Gatamil&, -&te, &de, sf. eaikmity 
Ga)amit&re, va, 1. to m&goelfxe * 

Galamit&to, -a, adj. magn^tio, atlraetive 
Galamil68o, -a, adj. calkmiloos, mlserabla 
Galamitra, sf (ant.) I6ad stone, ▼. Galamite 
G&lamo, sm. rdod, cine, pen (arrow.) 
Gal&nca, -ar, sm. printed c&lico 
Gaiiodra, sf (orn.) itood-lirk 
Galandrdlla, sf {orn.) meadow-l&rk, SB&il lir^ 
Galandrfno, r/i. simpleton, ninny 
Cal&nte, a(//. iv&niog, light (not of full vcigbt) 
Gal&ppio, sm. sn&re, gin, trap, n^oso 
Gaiaro, van. lo Idiver , go ddwn, let d^n, 
strike s&ll , decrease; sul cal&r doi gidrno, 
at the close of d&y , at nightr&ll; la luii& 
c&la, the m6on w&nes ; i pr^tzi c&lane, ,the 
prices &re i&lling; cai&ria ad uno, to p\kj 
ODO a trick; quisto p&izo da vdnli (r&aohl 
c&la, this twinly franc pi^ is light 
Galascl6ne, t. Golasci6ne 
Gal&U, sf a desctol, 8l6pe, decUviVy, d&nc* 
Gal&lo, -a, adj. lowered, descended, c&st d6wit 
G&lca,s/: crdwd.^hrong, mhltitude, press j in 
c&Ica , in a crowd ; mescol&rsi nella ciica » 
to mix in the crolrd; uscire dalla c&lca, to 
get 6^1 of the croi^d 
Galc&bile, adf. that may be tr&mpled upbn 
Galc&goa (rolt&r le), vn. i. to ran aw&y. Art. 
Galcago&re, vn. i. to take to one's heels (Ms/.) 
Galcagnfno , sm. heel (of a shoe, boot, etc); 

and&re a caleagnlni^ to wilk slip-shoe 
Galc&goo, sm. heel 

ritf, m&te, Mte, n6te, lAbe; - ftt, nit, bit, ii*t, tdb; - f^\Mm,Jt!^ 

Digitized by VniJ'iJ'v/ It 

CAL — 117 — 


CtlcMBtalo, tm. trftmp1in«, (rtedioir npM 
€»Ieira,»/lealelnatoi7 Rirntee, flAit fbrMce 
Calcire, va. 4. to Irted dpdn . crfi^d, ef&sh; 
(4fraio/ti9^ to trice, c^nterdrt&w; -^ iol t^- 
tro, to ctfilnfcrdrftw on gt&si 
Calcire, ealc4reo, fale&rio, ^, ad)'. Cftleiridiu, 

CalcaUm^Dle, o^/v cldsely, in a erdwd 
Calcatdlla, »/: slight pr^ssfn^. tr^din; 
Calc4to, -a, adj. prissed, crowded, tr6dden 
Cakmiore, -trfce, nwf. tr^ader, prisser 
€alcatr«ppo , calealr6ppolo , sm. {bot.) stir- 

CalcAtrfce, if. c6ckatrfce, crOel ir^man 
CaIcatAra« »f. treading, pressing, tr^dopllng 
Ciice, tm. shaft, p6le, bad-end, bdttom 
— «/". T. Calcina 

CalcedAoio, im. chalcedony, ^hfte lifate 
Caic^se, Mm. {mar.) scbttle of a in&st, r^trnd 
Ca1c«strduo, calcislrazzo, tm. ciment (top 
CaYc^tto , SIM. sock, pamp, cav&r f calc^tti al- 

trAi, lo pbmp a person 
Calciinte, sm. a plAyer at (^ot bftll 
Calercire, va. to kick, t. Galeitr4re 
Ca]cfoa,s/'. iiroo, m6rtar; — fi?a, qolck-lfmc; 
— fiorita , slacked Ume ; piAlra da calefna , 
lime sione ; fornice da calcina, lime-kiln 
Calcin&bile, adj. ealefnablo, that may be cal- 
Calcin4ccio, sm. rbbbish, rQIne 
Caiclninte, adj. c9ilein4tiDg 
Calein&re, va. 1. to phUorfie, ealcfno 
Calcinat&rio, -a, adj. ealcinalory, c&ldning 
Calcin4io, -a, adj. calcdied, phlverized 
Calcinaidrio , -a , adj. calcining ; ttvM calci- 

naldrio, calciner 
Calcinalura. calcinaKi6ne, »f. calcinitioa 
Cakfoo, Bm. a cootigious disease am6ng sUk 

Cilcio , tm. kick , foot , pole, staflT: cAlcIO di 
fodte , the bblt-ond or stock of a gun; dar 
cklei , to kick; cilcio ( g^me of) fdot b&tl ; 
dar caici al v^nio , to kick the &ir, lo be 
hiogeil; m6llere il e&lcio sol e611o ad quo, 
to pat a GmI ttp6o one's neck 
Calct >r^nl«.arfj. kicking, restive, eros»-gr4iii«d 
Caicitr&rtf ran. i. to kick, reHne to obey 
Cater rati6ne, tf. Ihe kicklngi rislivenats, re- 
els lance 
CaIctir6so, -a, adj. apt to kick, stiiroteked 
Cilco, tm. an dliiline or sketeh in cbilk 
Cafcogmria, tf. ealcography 
Calcolabile, adj. ekIcoUble 
Calcolajodlo, tm. a iriaver 
Caicolire, va. i. to eilenlate, reckon 
Calcolatdre, $m. acod&nlant, eoDp6ter 
Calcolazidne, tf. calcnlition, coDpot&tion 
C41cofff, tfp. viaTer's trtedle 
Calcoleria, cateuleria, tf. oiphenng . 
CaleoMilo, ealcoMito, tm. smill et6D«, gri?al 
CAIcolo, $m. ealealitioo, grkvel, tin ttom 
Calcoloso, -a, adj. 'troiibted irflh gr*T6l 

Galedei, tf. Matm pAth, r6ad 
G4lda , tf. r. Galdina; bitter dne chiddi ad 
una cilda, to kill tir6 birdi with one stone 
Galdiccio, sm. very greit Mat 
Galdijo, -a, tmf. emftll boiler, c6pper, keliUd 
Galdaj6De, tm. lirge bSiler, o6pper 
Caldajndla, tf kettle, smAII bailer, edpper 
Galdaminte, adv. wirmly, with Ardor 
Galdina, tf. meridian hAat, pleirisy 
Galdanioo, tm. smill store, w&rming footstool 
Caldano, tm. st6Te, brizier to w&rm rooms 
Caldanuzto, sm. srolll stove, brizier 
Galdiro, tm. sm&li bSller, ▼. Gald&jo 
Caldarrostiro, tm. r6aater, s6ller of chtelnals 
Galdarrdste, tfp. rdasted chestoats 
Galdegglire, va. i. to f6ster, protict, egg oti 
Galdeggiito, -a, adj. protteted, fivored 
Galderijo, tm. brisier, tinker 
GalderAllo, calderfno, tm. (om.) g6ld'fioeh 
Calder6ne, tm. c&pper, bSller, lArge kittle 
Galderdtto, tm. tia kittle, pot 
CalderAgio, tm. g6ld-flnch (singing bird) 
Galderadia, tf smill bSler. k6llle 
Galdilto, 'a, adj. rilher wirm 
Galdizza, tf h^at, ^rmth^ cial 
Caldiccindlo, tm. 16w f^ver biat 
Galdidra, tf. sillers' broth-pot, stew-pot 
Galdioo, -a, tmf a shnny sl6pe. irirm spot 
Galditk, tf. {ant) htot 
GAldo, tm. hdat, irdor, fire, vigor 
— -a, adj. hot, wArm, Ardent , firvent ; oilde 
allisso, hoi boiled cfaNtnuts ; eilde arrOsti, 
hot rdasted chestnuts 
Gildo cAIdo, adv. exp. immidialely, in a diA- 
GaldiedOf tm. moderate hiat (tMAt 

— a. adj. Idkewarm 
Caldfira, tf hot wiather; v. GAIdo 
Galefaciinte, adj. hiating, wArming 
GalerktAre,va. 4. to oAlk, piuh. v. GalafitAre 
Galefattfvo, -a, adj. ealefieUve, hiatiof 
Caloralt6re, tm. st^am-kitchen 
GalefAziine, tf ealeficlion, the hiaUng 
GaleflTire, tm. 9. {ant.) to liogh at, t. Baittn 
Galeidoscdpio, tm. caleidoscope 
Galembie, tm. [cAlambM, cAlamboac (weod 

nsed in cabtMl makiflg) 
GalendArio, ealeodirOf sm. cAIeodar 
Galisde, fp. ealAndi, mp. oAtends ; aggioraire, 
riroittere alio caldode griehe , to pit off 
for Aver 
Galjndula, tf, {bot.) mAri«old (Bower) 
GalAota, adj. {aiwayt uted negativtly) bob ea- 

lAote, cArelesa 
Galeai6ra, tf {med.) cAlevtort 
Gaieinndlo, am. (orn.) grAefr^nch 
Galepino, tm. a cdpioot dictionary. Album 
GalAre,v. monop.S. hr. toc4re,beeoDoArned 
for, take an Interest in ; il v6slro onAre ml 
cAle, I take an Interest in, 1 am jAaloos of 
yonr hiior; aevi eal di me^ifyoucAre for, 
or feel coMimad for me; di quel che oon ti 
cal» , BOB ne dir bA ben bA male , middle 

Bdr, rftde;-ftll, sAn, hill; - Are, d^; -b^ l^ph; pfiUe, Myi, fA&l, fifil;ga»t«A 


— 118 — 


not with whit d6ot eoneftrn yon ; lo metto 
in DOD cale, 1 c4re nSthing abdilt it; non 
me ne cale, I d6nt mind it 
Cal^sse^ am. calksh (small carriage) 
Gal£ttro» $m. sl6ny, bkrren gr^nd 
CaldUa, 9f. sroikll biy; sUce, bil, t. Fdlta 
Caletl&re(rarpeiifry),'f&s(eD b6ards and 

timbers together by tenoDS, or otherwise 
Calellal6ra {carpentry), tf, the actof jolDing 
by t^DODSy or otherwise ; the jaoction thus 
Calia, tf. g6ld-miDgs, ndlhing, tittle Jot 
Cilibe, {lat,) sm. steel {med.) 
Ga1ibe4to.-a, adj. chalybeate 
Galibrire, va. i. to measure the cjilibre 
Calibro, calibratAjo, tm. c&libre, bore 
G&lice, tm. ch&lice, communion-cap, cilix 
CanciUo, am. sro&ll chklice or cup 
Galicfno, -a, adj. (bot.) c&lycine, cal^cinal 
Calici6ne, tm. mirch-pine , lirge chklice 
Called, tm. cAlico (white or unprinted cotton- 
Caliditk, -&te,-&de, tf. t. Cald^zia 
Califfklo, tm. cklifate, caliphate, kklifate (of- 
fice, dignity or guTernmeat of a caliO 
CaliflTo, tm. caliph 

Galig&re, van. i. to dArken, see dimly 
Galigine, if darkness, mist, obscurity 
Caligin6so,-a, adj. caliginoos , obscure, dim 
Calfsse,*/'. cheap serge (stuff) 
Cilia, callija, tf. breach, gap, in trance, pks- 
Callajudla, tf a piirse-net (sage 

Callire, {ant ) t. Calla 
C&lle, tmf {poet.) w&y, r6ad, pith 
Callidili, tf cbnning, irtlflce, t. Sagacili 
C&llido. -a, adj. sly, cr&ny, ddxlerous 
Calligran.'i, tf. the irt of writing will, pin- 

GalHgrafo, tm. a writing mister, penman 
Callista, tm. corn-cbitor 
C&llo, tm. indurition, corn 
Call6ne, tm. passage, 6pening, hole, gap 
Callosili, -ile, -ide, tf call6sity 
Call6so,-a, adj. cillous, hirdened 
Gilma, tf. cilm, tranquillity, c6olnesi 
GalmiQle, adj. assuisiTe, ijnient 
Calmire, va. I. to cilm, appease, qniet, still, 
alUy, s6oihe, picify; calmirsi, to bec&me 
cftlro, appeased 
(^Im&to, -a, adj. cilmed, appeased, quiet 
Cilmo, tm calm^lla, tf twig, graft 
Cilmuc, tm. sort of shiggy cloth, pitish, shag 
Cilo, tm. descent, dimiuQtion; c&lo di fihme, 
di m6nte, the cbrreot of a river, the decliv- 
ity of a mountain; c&lo di prezzo, 16wering 
or abitemenl of a price 
Caldcchia, s/*. the top of a fliil (fastened to the 

Cal6gna, tf. {ant.) cklomny 
Caloroelino, tm. (pharm.) cilomel 
Cal6re, tm. hial, irdor, affection 
Gaioria, tf. manure, fit state for s6wing 

Galoriciti,!/. the pr6perty ofprodAeinghiat 
Calorifico, -ft, adj. calorific, beating 
Gal6rico, tm, hdat, calbric; cal&rico, -a, adj, 

cal6ric (bfot 

GalorificAre , vo. 1 to hiat, eiose , produce 
Galorificazi6ne, tf. calorificition , prodhcUon 

(^lorimetro, sm. calorimeter 
Calorosaminle, adj. irdently, vigorously 
Calor6so, -a, adj. fiery, indent, gl6wing 
Calor6ccio, tm. slight feverish hdat « 
Cal6scio, -a, adj. soft, tender, w6ak 
Cal6tta. tf inside case, cap of a witch 
Galpestaro6nto, tm. the trimpUog up6ii 
Galpestire, tm. i. tr^ad, trimple up6n 
Calpeslita, tf. beaten r6ad, high-wiy 
Calpe8tat6re, sm. trimpler, treader 
Galpestio, tm. stimping, clitterlng 
Calpdsto, calpestito, adj. trimpled up6n 
C^lterire, va. 3. to exc6riate,scriich the skia 
Calleriio, -a, adj. gilled, scared, hirdened 
GalteritOra, tf a scritch, excoriition 
Gat(ico,-a, adj. {ant.) miserable , v. Mesehina 
Cal6ggine, cal6gine, tf down 
Calumire, va. 1. to slicken the rope 
Galiinnia, tf. calunniaminto, tm. cilamny 
Galuoniare, va. 4. to caliimniate, slindor 
Galunniito,-a, adj. slindered, accused filsely 
Galuoniat^re, -trice, tmf a slinderer 
Galunniazi6ne, tf. cklumny, impulition 
Caluoniosaminie, adv. filsoly, slioderonsiy 
Calunm68o, -a, adj. calbmnious, slinderona 
Cal&ra, tf b^at, v. Galdp.zza 
Caluria, tf. maoOre, manuring, c6mpost 
Calvire, van 1. to mike or gr6w bild 
Galvirio, tm. a cilvary 
Calv^llo , tm. fine birley 
Calv^sza, tf. bildness, want of h&ir 
Galvinismo, tm. cilvinism 
Calvinisla, tm. a cilvinist, adj. calvinistie , 

Galvfzie, tf. calvizio , tm. bildness , want of 

Gilvo, tm. bild pirt of the hiad, bildness 

a, adj. bild, withdiil h&ir, heirless 

Gilza, tf stocking, blow-pipe, slriioer 
Galtajudio, tm. hdsier, st6cking-miker 
Galzamdnto, tm. shoes, b^is and stockings. 
(^Izanle , adj. that fits on Easily and well , 

s&itable, right, pr6per 
Galziro, t. v. (^Izaminto 
Galzire, va. i. to put on shoes and st&ckinga; 

ci6 non mi cilza , that is not to my mind, 

I d6Dt like that 
Calziri , tm. b^ots, sh^es ond stacking 
Galzito, -a, adj. f tied with 8h6es, atdckingt 
Calzatdjo, tm. sh6eiog-horn , prop 
GalzAlla. tf silk 8t6cking, fine stbeking 
Calzeltijo, tm. b6sier, slbcking minder 
Cilze (mezze), tf. socks , short stbckingi 
Calzlno, sm. hilf-stocking, hose; tirire il ea - 

lino {vulg.) to die 

rito, m^, bfU, b6U, tAbe; - Iki, sM, bit, ndt.^t^; -(^^ ptqM, ^^ 


— 119 — 


GUso, Ml. the fitting ^rell of sh^es, etc. 
Calsolijo, ealioiiro, tm. sh^-m&ker 
Gatsolerfa, if. a sb6e m&ker's shop 
Cali6ni , snip, br^echei, sm&ll cl6lhes 
CaIza61o, «m. chape of a sc&bbard, etc 
Gam&glio , sm. neck-pitee of a c6at of mill 
Gamale&Dte, cainele6nte, tm, camileon 
Camamilla, camoinilla, tf. (hot,) ckmomile 
CamamllUDO, a, adj, of ckmomile 
Camangiire, «m. esculent herbe , T^etables, 

pblse , dishes 
Gamarlfnga , tf, w&iting ipoman {ant.) ; trea- 
surer (woman) in a niinnery 
Gamarling&to, gm. the p6pe's gre&t chamber- 
lain's dffice 
CamarUngo, sm. the Pope's gre&t cb&mberlaia 
Camarling6Da, sf. (antiq.) hdiise-m4id 
Can&lo, Mm. switch , slender pole, stick 
Gam&nro, sm, the p6pe*s cap 
CambelldUo, sm. camlet, camelot (stuff) 
Cambi&bile, adj. fickle, T61ubi!e 
Gambiad6re, sm. cambist, mdney-ch&nger 
Cambiile , sf. a bill of exch&nge 
Cambiamento, sm. cb4nge, mutilion 
Cambiamonete, sm. m5noy-exch4nger 
CajDbi&re, va. 1. toch&nge,bArter,transf6rm; 
eambiire di camicia, to cb&nge shirts; cam- 
biire la guardia {mil,), to reU6?e gu&rd ,* 
cambi^lo in on Uuro , changed or tdmed 
into a l&orel; cambi&rsi y to cb4nge c61or; 
Gambi4rsi in sestesso, to change one's mfnd 
Gambi4rio , -a, ac(j. of exchioge ; operaii6ni 

eambl4rie» excbinge-oper&iions 
Caoibt4lo, -a, adj. ch&ngcd, dispUced 
Gambiatore, -trice, smf. he, she wlA ch&nges 
GambialAra, sf. change , reliy 
GambiaTal&te , sm. t. Cambiamondte 
Gimbio, sm. chinge , barter, exchange; f4re 
hd cimbio, to make an exch&nge; in c4m- 
bio, adverb, instead; l^liera di cimbio, bill 
of exchioge; rdndero il c4mbio, to render 
like for like , to be dven with one ; cimbio 
marittimo, bdilomry 
Cambfsta, sm. cambist, s(ock-br6ker 
Gambrija, sf. cimbric , l&wn 
Ganibrossdne, sm. privet , t. Lig^stro 
Gam^drio , sm. ( bot. ) germander , english 

Gam^lia^ tf. {bot.) spurge-l&urel, cam^lea 
Cifflera , sf. ch4mber, room 
— da Ijllo, bed-room ; — terrdna, parlor; — 
locioda, furnished 16dgings; — di p6ppa 
( mar. ) 4fler-ckbio ; — delle g6mene , the 
c4ble-ti£r; — delle Tele , the 84il-room ; — 
delle bag4glie, the slop-ro6m ; c4mere di ri- 
sp^Uo, st6re-rooms; — di commdrcio, cham- 
ber of edmmerce ; — 6ttica , oscAra , dark 
cbimber {camera obseura); — dei Pari, the 
Hdiise of Peers ; — dei (}omAni , the Hdikse 
of G6mmons ; — dei Deput4(i , Chamber of 
Deputies ; camer4cciai a 14rge bglj unc6ffl- 
fortable r^om 

Gamerile , adj. beI5nging to the eb&mber 
Camer4ta, sf club, society, riom-f61l, chum 
Gameretla, sf. sm&ll room, cl6set, w4ter-cl6set 
Gameridra, sf. l&dy's m4id , w4ling-w6man , 

hduse-m&id, ch4mber-m4id {in a hotel) 
Gameridre , sm. Tkldt , g6olleman's sdrTant , 

w4iter ( hotel) , — del p4pa , p6pe's ch4ni- 

Gamerfno, sm. a sm&U r6om, cl6set, ckbin 
i^merista, sf. a m4id of hdnor 
Camerliogo , sm. chkocellor (at Rome) 
Camer6ne, sm. T6ry lirge room 
Camerdtto, sm. cameruua , sf. a sniig r^m , 

a silting room 
G4mice, sm, 41b, shrplice, priest's Testment 
Camic6tta, sf. sm41l shirt, or shia 
Camicdtlo , sm. small 41b, sfarplice 
Gamicia, camfscia, sf. shirt, shift, chemise 
Gamici4jo , sm. shirt or chemise m4ker 
Camlci6oe, camicidtto, tm. tindet-wkistcoat 
Gamiciudla, sf. fander or flannel w4istcoat 
Cannino, sm. chimney, cbimney-piice, hearth, 

Cammelli^re , sm. c4mel-driTer 
Cammellino, sm. ckmlet, ckmelot 
Camro^llo , -a, smf. c4mel 
Cammellop4rdo, sm. camdlopard, t. Giriffa 
Camroeliatlo, sm. y. Gambelldlto 
Camm^o, sm. cornelian, c4meo 
Gammin4nte, sm. a lr4veller, w4yfarer 
Gammin4re, van. 1. to travel, w41k 
Cammin4ta, sf. w4lk ; b411 ; f4re una eammi- 

n4ta {meglio, passeggiata), to t4ke a w4lk 
Camminat6re, -trice, smf. walker, r4mbler 
Gammfno , sm. r6ad , w4y, johrney, m4rch ; 

T. Gamino 
G4mo, sm. bridle, hilter, rope 
Camoj4rdo, sm. kind of c4melot, c4mlet 
C4mola, sf. a moth, t. T4rlo 
Camdrro, sm. riistic, cl6wn, v. Vill4no 
Gamosci4re, vn. 1. to dress sbkmmy-ldatber 
Camosciatura, sf. dressing of shkmmy-ltother 
Gamoscfno,- -a, adj- of shkmmy-ldatber 
Gamdscio, sm. cham^ (wild he-goat) 
— a, adj, flat-n6sed, t. (]amuso 
Gamdzza, sf. wild 8h6-g6at, chamois, sb4mmy 
Gampacchi4re, vn. i. to live p6orly, rub on 
Camp4gna, sf. country, camp4ign ; and4re Id 

camp4gna, to go into the cohntry; matters! 

in camp4gna, {mil.) to take the fidld ; en- 

tr4re in camp4gna, to begin the camp4ign, 

camp4gna rasa, a plain, an 6pen cohntry 
Campagnudlo, ^, smf. a cohntryman 
Gampaju6lo, -a, adj. rCtral, of the cobntry 
Gamp41e , adj. pert4ining to the b4tlle04ld, 

arr4yed; batt4glia cam p41e, a pitched b4llle 
Gampamdnto, sm. enckmpment, camp 
Gamp4na, sf. bell, alimbic, ciirfew; — della 

p^ndola, clock-glass," dell'4rgano {mar.), 

the b4rrelofthe ckpstern; fonderiadi cam- 

p4ne, bell-foundry; suon4re le camp4ne, to 

ring the bells; suon4r le camp4ne a fdsta, 

ndr, riide;-ail, s6n, bull; - Are, d&; -bt, l^mph; paie,.b(ys, f$IU; f^I; gem, aa 


— 120 — 


to ebfuie; tnonftr le Min||iiii6 a neriOno , 
to toU the knell; far la campftna d* igi pdtio, 
to do a thing at once ; nr^r le campkne 
grdsse, to be hird or dUl of hearing 
' CaoDpaniccio, sm. a smAll hell (to hang at a 
c^*fl or ram's neck) ; 'monCdne del eampa- 
n&ccio, b61lwMber 
Campan&jo, tm. beil-rlnger, Mnder 
Gampandlla, sf, campanelUno, campanSllo, sm. 
sm&ll boll , hand'hell , d6or-beIl ; kodcker, 
door-clapper (in the form of a ring); cam- 
pan^lla (bot.) bell-fldi^er, b1Ae-h6ll ; calte a 
eampandlle, etbckings that hang d^n 
Caolparitle, im. sli^ople, belfry 
Campao/>ae, ttn. gre&t bell 
Camp&Dola, sf. (ftof.) camp&nnla 
CampanulMo, -41 , campanifdrme adj. ( bofi. ) 
eaupSinulate, oami^niform , in the shape 
of a bell 
Camp&re, va. 1. to save, risone, shun 
— vn. to escape , save one*8 self , live ; non 

ne camp6 dno, not one esc&ped 
Campeggiamdnto, tm. camp, t. Accampamento 
Canipeggi4re, im. i. to encamp, t&ke the Odld, 
scdiir the country, to adit, fit, bec6me, 
•hioe, set off, flgare, make a figure, stand 
out; argom^nto in eoi fece campeggt&re la 
sua eloqo6nta, a sfahject on irhich he made 
a display of his ftloqaeoce 
Campiggio, tm. log-nood (for dyeing) 
Camper6ccio,-a, adj. rbslic, rftral, irfld 
Cai9per«lo, campic^Ilo. tm. smlLll fi^ld 
Camp^sire, adj. camptetral, rftral 
Caropiddglio, Gampid6lio, tm. Cipitol 
Campfo, adj. flat, smooth, of tke plain 
Campi6no, «m. chkmpion, p&tlern , day-book 
Campion«ssa , tf. {buri.) ch&mpiooess , a f6- 

male champion 
Campfre, va. ». to paint the griJUnd (picture) 
iAmpo, tm. field, plain, space, camp; cAmpo 
•into, cemetery, burial-grtf&nd , chfarch- 
yftrd; darc&mpo, to gi?e room, give an 
opport6nity; mdUere in cAmpo, to propdse, 
to introddce ; a cimpo , m of Idv^n ; levir 
il c&mpo, to deckmp; prdnder campo , to 
acquire vigor 
CamporAccio, -a, adj. rhstic, v. Campfireccio 
Camuff4re, van. 1. to disguise, dissimblo 
Gamuffito, -a, disguised, feigned 
CamAso, -a, tmf. a flat-n6sed pftrson 
Gan&ccio, tm. big hgly dog, tr&ilor, villain 
Cao4glia, canagliiccia, tf. rabble, canaille 
Canaglidme, tm. the dregs of- the people 
CanajudK), -a, tmf. black gr&pes 
Can&le, tm. cankl, pipe, channel 
Canaliito, canalfno, tm. little can41, ghlter 
t^napa, tf. hemp (fibrous plant) 
Canap&ccia, tf. (bot.) v. Artemisia 
Gaoapaja, tf fi61d of hemp, hemp field 
Ganap&jo, tm. hemp-drisser, seller 
Ganapile, tm. rope, bUler, vritked felloir 
C&nape, tm. bemp4wut 

Canape, tm. s^a, 8ett^.e 
Gaoapdllo, tm. small rope 
Ganaplglia, tf. "wild dock 
(^napino, -a, adj. of hemp, hempen 
Cftnapo, tm. c4ble, odrdage, ropes, laeklo 
(^oapAccia, tf. hemp-seed 
Caoarino, tm. can&ry-bird 
Can&ta, »f. a ^reat 6c61diog 
Gaualterfa, tf pack of dogs , nhmber of dogs 
(]analli4re, tm. dog-keeper 
Canav2kccio, canov&ccio, tm. canvass , t^el 
GanavAjo, tm. bhller, steward of Ifae tible 
Gancellabile, adj. that mdy be ckneelled 
Cancellam^nlo, tm. cancel Iagi6ne, tf repeal 
Gancellare, va. i. to ckncel, rail in, erise 
Cancellita, tf r&il-feoce, rilling 
Cancell&to, -a, adj. cancelled, r&iled offer in 
Cancellal6ra, canoellazidne, 9f. cancelling 
Canc<>llerf'!(rn. adj belboging to chancery 
(^nccllerfa, tf chknceiy (court uf equity) 
Gancellier&lo, tm. the chancellorship 
'Cancelli^re, tm. nbl&ry, registrar, chancellor 
CancSllo, tm. raitsJ&lliee,gr4tiog,bktaslr4de, 

ch^ncelbar, lobster 
Cancell6oe, tm. gre&t bar, riiliog 
GAnohero,*m. the cancer, couods! the dedcel 
Caurliordso, eancer660, -a, adj. c&ocerons 
Gan^iena, cancber^lla, ttf glingrine 
Can<^ren4re, tm. i. to gangrene, m6rtif;f 
Gaocren680, -a, adj, gangrenous , mdriif^ing 
G&ocro, tm. cancer, crab {xign ofzod.) 
Gand^la , sf candle , light; — dl c«ra , w&x* 
ckndle; — di s6vo , tklloir-ckndle ; ace^n- 
dero una eandila, to light a ckndle; l^ggere 
al lAm^di canddia , to read by ckndle-lfgkt 
Caodel&bro, tm. chandelier 
Gandeldtta, tf smill vkx-Kght, tiper 
(^ndell&ja, candellkra, tf ckndlemas 
(^ndelligre^ tm. ckndleslick, chandeI6er 
Candcllottkjo, sm. a tkllow-chkndler 
Gandeldlto, tm. a sborl thick ckndle 
Canddnte, adj. Ardent, bhrntng, shining 
Ckndi (zAcchero), tm. sOgar ckody 
Gandidamdnle, adv. ckndidly , stnc^ely 
Gandidamdnto , sm. vrhdeness. v. Bi&ocheaza 
Caodidkto, tm. ckndidate, adj. made irhrte 
Candidatura, tf ckndidalure, ckndidateship 
Gandiddzza, sf. whiteness, v. Canddre 
Gandiiro , sm. sort of drink made of eggs , 

milk and s6gar 
GandificAre, va. i. to infl&me, make red hot 
Candfre, va. 5. to ckndy, conftet 
(kindito, sm: ckndied frftits, pres&rves 
G&Ddo, -a, adj. (ant.) while , ckndid , v. G&n- 

(2aad6re, tm, shining or so6wy whiteness , 

pdrity, sincerity, ingenuousness, ckndor 
C^ne , tm. dog ; an instrument for driwing 
teeth; an instrument used by coopers ; (of 
fire arms) cock; Kin, K&un, Kh&u (Persian 
governor; tarUr chief); (a»fr.) the dog-stir; 
— arrabbiito , a mad dog; — di gukrdia; 

rite, m6te. Mte. n6te, tAbe; - flit, mftt, bit, ii6t, f^U^^-^^^y(45opi?«. «3* 


— 121 — 


^teh dof; — di easa, di cortf1«, b^ie-d<»f; 
— barb6ne.ifi!er-dog; — da Krmo, a pflitt* 
ter , t^ttini; dof : — da e&c6f a , h6&nd ; ~ 
leTri^re, grey hoiind; — dl m&ro, dog-fish, 
sda-dog; ordcehi di eiao (in a book) , dog*B 
ears : esser trall&to da c&ne , to be treated 
like a dog; aizz&re on c4ne , to set on a 
dog; menare il can per TAja, lo go abdlit 
the bmh: raddriziir le g&mbe af c4ni . to 
xrash a Moor vhJie ; ardr rispdtlo al cine 
per a(n6r del padr6oo , I5ve me and I6ve 
my dog: destire il cin cbe ddrme. lo av&ke 
the sleeping dog ; a c&n ehe Idcchi c^nere 
Don Gdire farina , he ihat will stial a pin , 
-vill steal far bcllnr things; can che abb&ja 
pAeo rodrde, prov. exp. a bftrking dog s61d- 
om bites 
CanCfora, sf. can6phora (pi. canepbore), 
yoang lady carrying on fa or head in a basket 
various things destined for sacritlces 
Canestr&ccio, vm. an (igly old basket 
Canestr^Uo, canestrellino { nm. sm&ll basket , 
Caoestr^llA, caneslrino i p&nnier, hJ^mper 
Canestridra, canAfora, »f. basket v^roan 
Canestro, -a, gmf. p&nnier, b&sket, hkmper 
Canev^eclo. tm. t. Gaoavaeeio 
Caorora, if. ckmphire 
Canrorito. fanfbrico, -a, ndj. ekmphorate 
Cangtabile, ad), cb&ngeablo, mutable, fickle 
Cangiam^oto, urn. eh&Dge, mui&li on 
Caogianle, cAngio, -a. affj. ehiingiog 
Cao^iare, va. i. lo change, filler, shifl 
Cangiaro, eangiirro, tm. sort oFfurkisb d&gger 
CangiMo, -a, adj. ch&nged, &ll«red, tiirned 
Cin^io, sm. t. Cambio 
CangT^a, »f. g4ngr^o, ▼. GaocreoA 
Canibale, 9m. ▼. Cannlbale 
Canfccio, $m. a hurdle (texturf oFlwigs) 
Canicidio, tm, canicide, dog killing 
€antcuta, eanfcola, «f. dog>slar, dog days 
Canicul&re, caoicol&ri) , adj. canlcnlaf 
Canfle, tm. dog kennet, dirty hoUse 
Caninam^nte, adv. like a mad dog, r&rloosly 
Canfoo, tm smitl dog. pftppy, ^help 

a, adj. canine, d6g|{ish , dirrish; ddnli 

caoini, ibe e;^e-teelh 
Canlzie, tf. 6ld ige, t. Canotezza 
Canna, *f. eane, reed , irlnd-vipe , ell; c&nna 
di Tociie, the bS^rrel of a gon; c4ona d'dr- 
gano, the pipe of an drgan; c&nna da po- 
sc&re , a Ashing rod ; c4ona da servitiile , 
cf^sier-pfpe; giudic4re gli &Uri con la sua 
c&ona, to measure an6lher roan's corn by 
one's own bushel 
Cann&jo, tm, weaver's drawer, hhrdle to dry 

friiit on, eel bksket, water pipe-m&ker 
Cannamile, tf. sugar cane 
Cannula, ff. caning. bl6w with a slick 
CaDntlla,*/: switch, smJltl w&ler-pipe, spigot, 

cock of a bkrrel, cinnamon 
CanoelUlo, -a, adj. clitoamon-cftlored 
Canne!l£(lo, eannelUbo, ttn. t&be, stringd 

Cannellfna, eabnellitta, tf. sra&II pipe,8fpboft 
Cannellino, -a, adj. seasoned with donanott 
CannAllo, tm. pipe, reed, spigot, sfpbon 
Cannelldne, tm. greil pipe, reed, etc^ 
Cannelliizza, tf, cock, spigot, spdikt 
Cannito,xm. a c&ne brike, cane fidid, reedy fen a cknnibal,siivage,Tobgh fallow 
Gannocchiile, canocchiile, f m. t^lesc6pe, spy- 
Canndccbio, tm. shoot, slicker of a reed 
Cannonamdnto, tm. v. Gannoneggiara^ato 
Cannon4la, tf cSinnon-shot, ciunon&de 
Gannooc6llo, tm. a smill e&nnon 
Cann6ne , tm. a cknnon , gre&t gun, bobbin, 
tube, Uadon pipe ; cannonedel cdllo (anat,), 
cbllar bone: cann6nl di prua {mar.), b6w< 
cb&cos ; p&lla di cannftne, cknnon bfili ; c61- 
po di cann6ne.oiinDon shot; p6lrere a can- 
n6ne, gbn-pdi^dor; a porldta di cann6ne , 
within gun shot; fa6ri del tf ro del canndne, 
diit of gun-shot; appunt&re un cannboe, to 
Idvcl a gun; scarioire, spar&reuncann6ne, 
to fire off, dischirge a gun ; Inchiod&re an 
cann6ne, to spfke a cknoon 
Gannonei:giam6nlo, tm. eknnonide 
Gannoncfoo, tm, v. Gannoncello ' 
Cannoneggiire, es. 4. to cSmnonide^ to b&tler 

with ordnance, to wirk the gre&l guns 
Gannoni^ra, tf. embr&sure, p6rt-b6le 
Gannontdre, tm. eannoni6r, arlUlery^man 
Cann6so, -a, adj. full of reeds, r^edy 
Cannuccia, cannoccfna, tf. sm&ll cane 
Gannucciile , adj. living in m&rshy places 
Gkno, -a, adj. grayh^aded, t. Canulo 
Gan6a, sf. canoe, smfiJI b&ai, ship's b6at 
Ganocchia, tf. shrimp (small sea-fish) 
Ganocchialo, tm. telescope 
Ganone, tm. c&non ; rdle, ebdrch-l&w 
Gandnica. tf cknon'i rtoidenee, cknoaess 
GanonicMe, adj. candnical, spiritual 
Ganonicam^ote, adj. cao6Bically 
Ganonic&to, tm. e&aonry, cknooebip 
Canon ich^ssa, tf. c^noness 
Ganonicilk, tf. canbaicalness 
Gandnico, tm. cknon, prAbendary 
Gandn ico, (t<l/. caobnical; diritio eaik6ni«o, 

cftnoti llw 
Ganonisla, tm. cknoiiist 
Ganonizz&re, w. i. to cfinonfse, deolireiaainl 
Canoniztatibne , tf. canoniz&tloo 
Gandro, -a, adj. can6rous, harmdnious 
Canotto, tm. canoe, skiff 
Cinora, tf cbllar, tJiTern 
Ganov&ccio, sm. cknTass, toi^el 
Canovijo, tm. biitler, steward (Of thd table) 
Gans&re, va. i. lo remove, shiller; eansir di 
pericolo, to remove or rbscue from dinger 
GansArsi, vrf. to retire, escApe from 
Gansatdjo. -a, tmf. shbller, rbfuge* asylum 
Ganiiihile, adj. that m&y be sung. nOisical 
Gantacchl&re, (ni. i. to sing I6w, bum 
GantafiTola, tf. fAble, stdry, tale, romiinoe 

■dr,Tftd«j-ftU,ito,biiU; - Are, di; - b^, I^mph; p6l*«. b(yi, ftfai, fd^I; gem,** 


— 122 — 


Cantafdra, zf. blillad, ditty, t. Gantil^na 
Gantajudlo, «m. c&ll bird, treble siring 
Canlamb&Dco,-a, 9mf. mdliDiebank, imp&stor 
CaDtamSolo, <m. rlngiDg, taoe 4ir 
Gaotinlei adj, singiDg, that may be sung; an 

caotiole, a prorisiional singer 
CanlAre , van. to sing , «&rble , cr6w ; cant&r 
b^ne 6 ruuolir male, to spdali f4ir and act 
fd&l ; canlire il vdspro a qualcuno , to ri- 
prim&nd, sc6Id a pirson; far cantar l'6rbo, 
to give sAme ro6ney 
Can lire, sm. long, p6em, lay, str&in 
Ganlardllo, «m. a smali (cliamber) pot 
Cantar^lte, tf. \mor.) stern Hght p6rts 
GanlAride, tf. cantbkrides, spkpish flies 
Cant4ro , »m. measure of 150 lb , hundred- 

Treigbt {abbreo. Cvt.) 
Gantila, tf. il&iian song ivilh a recitative 
Gantato, -a, adj. sung; m£ssa cant&ta, bfgb 
m&ss (tress 

Gantat6re, •trfce, $mf. singer, s6ngster, sdngs- 
Gaolazz4re, va. I. to sing often and ill 
Ganlerdlla, tf. canlh^rides, call-bird 
Ganlerell4re, vn. 1. to sing low, hum, w&rble 
Ganlerello, sin. tinsel, t. Orpello 
Ganlerino, -a, smf. singer, musician 
Glintero, c&ntaro, tm. a close-stool basin 
GanterAto, -a, adj. ftnguious, h4?ing c6rners 
G&nlica, tf. p6em (in cantos) song or S61omon 
Ganticchiire, vn. 4. to sing 16«, hum, chirp 
Gintico, im, c4niicle, bjmo, h6ly song 
Cantidre, sm. docky&rd 
Ganlilena, tf song , little song , low tMions 
songydr&wl; sempre la st^sa cantilena! 
ilways the 6Id sl6ry, the s4me stdry 6?er 
Cantileniccia, tf. bad song 
Ganiilen&re, van. i. {iron.) to sing, make songs 
Gantimpldra, »f. wine-cdoier, ice-pail 
Gantina, tf. cellar, cave, ckvern, grdlto 
Ganlin6tta, tf. sm&U cellar, ice-pail, cooler 
Cantinidre, canlinidro, sm. biitler, vintner 
Ganlino, sm. treble string (of a violin, etc.) 
G4nlo , tm. Singing , cbAot , cinto, song ; — 
d'am6re, Idve song; — funebre, dirge, fA- 
neral dirge; — fdrmo ( gregorlioo^ , chant, 
pl&in singing; — del g&llo , cr6wing , cr6w 
(of the cock); scudia di cAolo, singing- 
school ; madstro di c4nlo, singing-m&sler 

— tm. side, pirt, pArty, corner, kngle 

— roio , luo ( dal ) , adv. as for me , thee; a 
canto, a p4rt, aside 

Gantonile, adj. c&ntonal 

Ganton&re, vn. i. to retire, v. Incantocci&re 

Ganlon4ia, tf. corner, 4nglo 

Gantonc^llo , cantoncino , tm. little c6rner , 

Ganibne, tm. c6rner-st6ne, c&nton, district 
Gantonidra, tf. street-w&lker, pr6siiluta 
Ganlonigre, tin. m^ntebank, quack 
Ganloniiio, -a, adi, (anf. ) knguioos , bkvlng 


GaDt6re, sm. eb6nster, singer, p6et 
(^ntorfa, tf. singing- g&llery 
Canlucciijo , tm, biscuit-biker, p&stry-coek 
GanlAceio, tm. c6rner, hfding-plaee, biscuit 
GantucciAlo, -a, adj. {ant.) kngular, hkving 

Canotamdnte, adv. prikdently, discreetly 
Canuldzza^ tf. h6ariness, gray b&irs 
Ganntfglia, tf. tinsel, silver spkngles 
Gan6to, -a, adj. h6ary, gray-h^ded, ^rhite 
Ganz6na, tf. v. Ganzdne 
Canzon&ccia, tf. bad song, p6etry, singing 
Ganzenire, va, i. to tell Idle sl6ries, fibs, to 

quiz, l&ugh at 
Ganzonatura , tf ro6ckery , bknter , rkillery, 

jder, scoff, derision 
Canzoncino, -sl, tmf. canzonM, little song 
Gans6ne , sf 6de , song , ballad ; mdltere in 
canz6ne , to Uugh at , to banter; tesere in 
canz6ne, to be lAughed at, to be the lingh- 
ing slock; canz6ne dell' uccellino, tale of a 
tub ; dar canzdne, to give fair w5rds 
Ganzonilta, tf. canzonet, little song 
Ganzoniere, tm. a song book 
Ganzonfna, canzon(iccia, tf. canzonet 
Caologia, tf. chadlogy, treatise on ch&os; 

confused trdalise 
G&os (cadsse, poet.), tm. ch&os, confasioa 
Gapacchi6oe, tm. great ndnsense, abshrdity 
Gap&ccio, tm. lirge bgly head, thick skull 
— -a, adj. Obstinate, slbbborn 
Gapftce, adj. capable, 4blo, flt, &mple 
GapacilSi, -Ade, tf. capacity, power, extent 
Capacilire, va. i. to en&ble, qu&lify convince, 

(^pacit&rsi, vrf to be convinced, persn&ded 
Gapacil&to, -a, adj. convinced, sensible of 
Capag&to, -a, adj. panted, shftrp (of arm) 
Gap&nna, tf. cdltage, hut, Iddge, barn 
Gapiinna del camino, tm. m^ntel-piice 
Gapanndllo, -a, tmf. } sm&tl c6llage , hot , 
Gapaondlto, -a, tmf. y tr6op, bknd. gang 
Gapannisc6ndere, tm. hide and sSek (play) 
Cap4nno, tm. cdltage, cabin, thktched hut 
(^panndla, tf. ass6mbly of people, club 
Capaan6ne, tm. callage, bonfire 
Capannuccia, tf. little c6ttage, hut; m&nger 
(represenling that where our Lord was born) 
Gapannuccio, tm. sm&ll c6ltage; sort of tiirret 

.on the lop of a cupola;, a bonfire 
Caparbierfa, tf. I 6bslinacy , iliib- 

Caparbiet4, -late, >t4de, tf. | borness 
Cap4rbio, -a, adj. dbstinaie, sthbborn 
Caplirra, tf Earnest 
(^parram6nto, jm. v, Gap&rra 
GaparrAre, va. i. to give earnest, lecArity 
Gaparr6ne, capa ss6ue, tm. a bidckhead 
Gap&la, tf bl6w with the hiad, salute 
Gapeire, tm. 1. (mar. colla triochettfoa , e 
v6la di slr&glio di madstra), to try ( iinder 
the fore stay-sail, and m4in- stay-sail) 
Gapecchiiccio, tm. hhrds, refuse of hemp 

nte. miU. Wte, »»u:, lib., - ftt, m»l, bll. »»t^,^«^-Q^^,pl,«., ^J- 


— 123 — 


CapAcchio, tm. eAarse t6w, bidding, Irish 
CapSlla, if. (poeM yobng (she) g6at 
CapeII4ceio, sm. b6ad of h4ir • 

GapeiUmento , vm. a bi^h of h4tr; fHaments 

of trees or roots 
Capellatura, capiplialAra, sf. h&ad of h&ir 
Capellijra, »f. l&lse h&ir, cfarls. ringlets 
CapelHao, -a, arij. ehdsloal or h&ir-c6lored 
Gap^llo , im. hdir ; cap^Ui posticci , rimdssi , 
illse hiiir; petti n&rsi i capdiii , to comb 
one's h^ir ; mi si arricci4roDO i capelli, m y 
h4ir stood on end ; aver le mani a ud nei 
capelli , teoere alcuno pei capelli , to h6ld 
ODB by the bair, to prerent ooe from 6ffer- 
iog the l^st reslstaDce; i Tostri capelli 
tODo tr^ppo lunphi , your hdir is too long ; 
aveleiiciioi capelli bianchi, you hkve s&me 
grey h4irs; lagli&temi i capdili , cut my 
bAir ; a eapello, adverb, exactly, to a bAir 
Gapell&to, -a, adj. h^iry. long-b&ired 
GapeUdnere, «in. (&o<.) m^ideu-hAir 
Cipere, van. 9. irr. to b6ld. ▼. Capire 
Gap^stro, tai. bdlter, villaio, biog-dog 
Capestrozxo, sm, swindler, r&scal 
Cap^role. adj. capable, cap&cious, apt, fit 
Capezz&le. »m. Deck-hitadkercbief {for too- 

menu bolster, bed-sida 
Ga(«zzab (at), adv. exp. at the point of ddath; 
essere ai capeziAle , to be on one's dialh- 
' Capezzolo, sm. the nipple (bed 

Gapicdrio, sm. dean, T^stry -keeper 
Gapiddglia, af. capidoglio, $m. kind of -while 
Gapifadco , sm. an andiron 
Gapiglia, af. sciiffle, squ&bble, scrape 
Gapillaxe, (fdj. cipillary (resembling hairs) 
GapilKizo , tm, (ant.) i. Gapollatura; [astr.) 

coma, hair 
Gapimeoto, tm. capicity, comprehension 
Capfnascento, sm. a wig like n&tare 
Capin6ro, -a, smf. tom-tit, black-h6oded wren 
Gapi parte, -p6 polo , sm. heid of a pirty » of 

the people 
Capire , van. 5. 1o contiin, comprebdnd , nn- 
derslind; ri eapisco,! undorstind you; 
oe godo tanto che non capo in me stesso , 
( Delia pelle ) , 1 am so glad of it that I am 
tfi&t of myself, 6verj^ed 
GapisMdo, sm. bouoty, gratAity 
Capilile, sm. cipiial, fund, stock, principal 
— adj. capital, principal , cbiif, miin ; stire 
jo captiile , neither lo win nor lose ; fate 
capiiaie, della mia amicfzia, depend on my 
friendship; faccia capil&le, di me in tullo , 
dispdse of me in dvery thing 
Gapitallsta , sm. capitalist , mSneyed indivi- 

doal : faod-hdlder 
Gapitalminte, adv. cipitally, with d^ath 
Capitina, tf. Admiral's ship 
Gapitaniosa, capitaneria, sf. chidf commind 
Gapitanire,i>ai». i. to appoint chirrs, commind 
Capilanito, tm. ciptairny, chidflainsbip 
GapiiaoAlo, -a, adj. commanded, headed 

Capllaneggi&re.tMi. 1. to Aad. command troop» 

Gapitino, tm. ciplaio, commioder 

Gapitire, van. i. to arrf?e at, coocl6de, finish; 

capitir bene , male , lo c6me off well or 

ill, be successful , unsuccessful ; fate capi- 

tire questa Idttera, ciuse this letter to cdma 

to hand, be detlrered 

Gapitito, -a, adj. hiring a hiad; gr6wlng 

with a bead (as garlic, etc.) 
Gapilazi6ne, sf capitation, poll-tax 
Gapitello , sm. the cipital of a c61um , head- 
band (of a book) * 
Gapilo, -a, adj. comprehended, understood 
Gapitolinte, sm. member of a chipter, vdter 
Gapitolire, vn. 4. lo capitulate, treat 
Capitolire, adj. capitulary; — sm. capitular, 
capitulary: i capitoUri di Carlomigno , tha 
capitularies of Cbarlnroagne 
Capitolito, -a, adj. capitulated, agreed 
Gapitolazi6ne, sf. capitulilion, agreement 
GapiloUno , -a. adj. cipilolioe, of the cipUol 
Gapitolo, sm. chipter, ( of a book ) : chapter 
(of friars or canons); chipter- hdilse, biad- 
band (of a book) 
— sm. 6ld p6em comp6sed of triplets ; av^r 
Toce In capilolo, to bave credit. Interest' at 
the b6ard; non ha T6ce in capitolo,he is a 
mere cipher 
Capitoli,smp.conTention, acc6rd, agreement; 

— matrimoniili, mirriape-irlicles 
GapitombolJire, vn. 4. to liimble, (ill headlong 
Gapilombolatdre, sm. tiirobler 
Gapit6mbolo, sm, a Ibmble head oTor heels 
Gapil6oe, tm. c6arse silk, silk-wid 
Gapildzzolo, sm. t. Golioldrlo 
Capit6so, -a, adj. 6bstinate, headstrong 
Gapil4zia, sf. p61lard (oak lopped) 
Gapit&dioi, smp. meeting of ildermen 
Gapituto,-a, adj. \krge-hiitiAf& (of cabbage, etc.) 
■Capirerio, sm. t. Capoverso 
Gapo, sm. bead, cbief, beginning, end ; capo 
maestro, head mister; da c^po a piddo , 
from head to foot , from top to toe ; mi 
gira il capo , I feel giddy ; vi iuguro ( o vi 
do ) il buon capo d* anno , I wish you a 
hippy new year ; in capo dell' anno , at 
the end of the year; non ho altro in capo, 
1 think of n6lhiog else; si mise in capo 
che , he bas liken it into his head that; 
capo per capo, item per item ; died capi di 
bestiiroe, ten bead of cattle; capo della via, 
end of tbe street ; da capo , agiin ; venire 
a capo, to bring abdHi; mltter capo, (of 
rivers) to empty, disharge itself; far capo^ 
(of paths, roads) to end in; (med.) to driw 
to a bead ; far capo da uno , to apply to 
one; b&ttere 11 capo nel roAro, to knock 
one's bead against the will ; non sapere 
dore si dar di capo, not to kn6w wbicb way 
to turn , what shift lo make , to be put to 
one's shifts : non ne trover ne capo , n& 
c6da , to make neither head nor tiii of a 

n6r,TtAe;-m\, s5n, bull ;- Mrs, d6 ;- bt, l^mph ; pQie, b(^i, 


— 124 — 


' Hiing ; fare ft lao capo, te have one's iray, 
to follow one's mind; lat&re il cipo ad 
UDo (fig.), to spiak fll of a p6non, to eenld 
one; capo di laite, the eriam of^cal- 
s^tto ad an capo, a due capi, single, dobble 
threaded stdeklngs; riman^r col capor6Uo, 
to h&Te the wirst of it , to cdme off ^rilh a 
br6ken hdad ; non mi romp^te il capo, dooH 
tdase roe ; cosa fatta capo ha , prov. exp. a 
thing d5no has an end 
€apobaodito, sm. a ehierof bbndits or bandtlti 
€apoc&ccia , sm. chief hiinter , hhnUman (of 

a prince) 
Capdcchia, af. head of a stick, pin, nifl, etc» 
Gapdcchio, -a, atlj. diiK, sliipid. heavy 
Capoc^nso, tm. poll-tax, eapit&lion 
Capochfno, sm. a nod, a slfght b<$^ 
Capocdilo, sm. ebilterlings 
Capocr6ce, sm. cross-vny, ero88-r6ads 
Capocudco, tm. h6ad cook, kllcheDSteward 
Capo d* dpera, sm. a m&sler-pidce 
Gapofria, sifk. first sdldier of the file, Une 
Capofflto (a), adverb, hiad do^o, headlong 
Gapogitro, sm. vdrligo, the staggers 
Gabogfro, sm. giddiness, diuiness (/>^.), wtiim, 

Capolar6ro, sm. a m&sterpi^ee 
Gapolilto, sm. head-b6ard hangings 
Gapolev&re, vn. i. to f&Il h6ad-r6remost 
Gapolerilo, -a, adj. flillen hiad-fdremost 
Gapolino , tm. a liltle h^ad : far capoUno , to 

peep, spy through a bole etc. 
G&polo, sm. h&ndle 
Gapoludgo , sm, chi6f-risidenoc , chiif>tdwn , 

cily; (of England) cdQnty-l^n 
Gapoma#stro, sm. Architect, superiottodeat 
Gaporoiodria, sm. insplctor of the stads 
Gapom^se, sm. the first day of the mAnCh 
Capomdrto, sm. (chsm.) sediment 
Gap6nay sf. a headstrong, 6bitinale w^mai 
Caponiggine, sf. dbstinacy, sltibboroaess 
Gaponam^nte, adv. 6bstinately, stubbomiy 
Capon&r V &ncora, va. to cat ihe iinchor 
Gapone6llo, sm. a seifwilled Ullle fdlow 
Gap6ne, sm. a l&rge h^ad, 6bslinate man 
€aponer/a, sm. 6bsUnacy, sthbbornnesf 
Gapopirle, sm. h^ad, leader of a p&rly 
Gapopirto, sm. ▼. Secondfaa 
GapopiMe, sm. 6rror, topsy-thrvy 
Gapopdlo, sm. p6pular chiif (ral 

Gaporile, sm. chief comm&nder, {mil.) c6rpo- 
«- adj. ehiif, principal, capital 
Gapor&no,sm.(an{.) principal man, head, chiif 
Gaporfccio, sm. {ant.) frfghl,T. Raccapriccia- 

Gaporione, sm. chiAf, Alderman of a ivird 
CaporiT^rso, adv. t. Gapororesci^ 
CaporoTtecio , adv. tdpsy-thrvy, apsfde d^n 
Caposc&la, tm. the lop or bted of Ihe stAirease 
GaposcQdla , sm. the foiinder of a pftrtloalar 

CaposClla, sm. Che fdUnder of a teet 

Gaposftldo, sm. bdtinty, remaneriCtoB 
Gaposqu&dra, sm. c6ramod6re, coitiminder 
Ga|toslf|>ile, sm. hiad of a race or flmily 
CapoUitio, sm. peg, (of a stringed instrument) 
Capotr6ppa , sm. chiif, captain of Iho band 
Capdtta, ftf. cl6ak (women's) 
Capoverso, sm. the beginning of a verse 
CApOTdlgere, va. 3 Mo Ihrn upside down, pfit 
Capovoll&re, va. 1. \ on the wrong side 
Capovdito, -a, ndj thrned npsfdc down 
C&ppa,xf asp&nish cl6ak, cdrdinal*s mkntle, 
chiirchman's cap, hood, cape, scdtlop (shell- 
fish); in&ntle-lree : (mar.) prf mage; r^ppa 
degli i'bert, Ihe c6at of the mA^ii cappa 
pel tim6ne, thee6alofiho rhdder; stare 
alia cappa, to bring (a Tessfl ) to; per ua 
piinto Uartf n perdi la cappa , proo. exp. 
the merest trfflo is often a bar to success 
Capp&re, tm. 1. to ch(^ose, select, pick out 
CappJito,-a, udj. picked <Siil, selected 
Cappglia, Kf. ch&pel, musicians (of a choreh) 
Cappdiia (maestro di), siit. loader of the choir 
Cappelliccio, sm. Idrge old hat, cdarse hat 
Cappcllajo, -a, smf. a hiitter 
Cappellania, nf. chi^plainship 
Cappellnoo, sm. rh^plain, ilmonor 
Cappelldia, sf. cap in hknd, cringing bow 
Cappell6tta, sf. sm&ll chhpol, 6raiory 
G^tppelielto, cappelUoo, sm. small hat, cap 
GappciliSra; sf. hat-box, e^se 
CappelKna, ff. smdll chapel, sm&ll hat 
Cappellioijo, sm. hat stand, rack for hats 
CappAllo , sm, (for men) hal; (for womcH) 
b6nnet; (of cardinals) hal; wreath of 
flowers (for the head), wreath; Ifuicotitt-y) 
hood ; ( ofmunlirooms ) pileos ; [^dinlU/ety) 
cap ; — di casldro, castor hal ; — di paglia, 
slriw hat ; cord6ne di cappello , hal band ; 
lev&rsi it cappello. to take off one's' hat; 
mettilevi it capp6llo, put on your httt; 
aspett&ro 11 cappello, {failconei-y) lo submit 
tamely tn the hood (fig.) , to be k>d by the 
nose; abb&sso i capp^llil hats off! col cap- 
p6llo in mano, hat in hand: col cappello 
in llsla, with one's hat on ; ealcarsi il cap- 
pello fin sugli 6echi, to pull one's hat 6rer 
one's e^es 
Cappell6ne, sm. t4rge hit 
Cappelluccio, sm. bid hat. mfan, c6arse hat 
GappellAlo, -a. adj. thfled tully, er^stnd 
C&ppcri, interj d^ar me I wftnderf'jlt 
G&ppero, sm. c&per (pickle). c4per-b(isfa 
Gapper6ne, sm. h6od, ckrrier's clAak 
Capperuccio, sm. short cloak with bond, cowl 
Cappieilo, sm. loop, nkrrow band of silk 
C&ppio, sm. knot, — corsdjo, rtinniog knot 
Cippita, fnterj. ▼. Gapperi 
Capponija, sf. c4pon-o6op, hen-c6op 
Capponire, va. I. to eipon, out off , eufliit , 

disfigure, cat the knehor 
Capponiia, sf MrihHlfry f^st on cipOM 
Gapponkto,-a, adj. eiponed, cartiiled 

F&te, m6te, bite, n6te, t«be; 

tki, mbl, bit, Bdt, tkb 

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pjflw, «» 


— 125 — 


CappOBctllo, MM. imjlll yobig cApo* 
CappAse, *M. c4p«D» lopr&oo (t»ii/.) 
CappoDi^ra, $f. {mil.) cftpoDDi6r»» e&vored 

CappdKa, s^. cl6a1i (vomoo's) 
Capp<5Uo, sm. cl6ak , ridiig-hood, capi(e: 
(mil.) frock c6at, guird, wi(cb-c6at; fare UQ 
cappddo, to cap6t (at picket) ; far far cappdl- 
to ia un bastimenio), lo oTenet 
Cappocc^ito, SM. sio&II cowl, eapuchin 
Cappucc'iftjo, sm, b6od, cuwl, cl6ak-ni&ker 
Ctppucciao, sm. capuchin in&ok, cowl 
Cappuccio, m. covl, cabbage, lettuce 
Capra , if. cbe goal; cavalc4ro la capra al 
cbino, lo roD headlong, to hiirry io a 
breakneck r&inoQS iDanoer , to bave tbe 
vdrsl of it, to come off witb a broken h^ad ; 
salrir la capra e i c&Toii , to »4ve one's 
b^con, to roo with tbe bAre and hold with 
the hounds ; cbi ba capre, ha coroa , prou. 
cx/>., no gain wilbdiit paios 
Caprajo, eapraro, sm. g6alherd 
Capriria, -iggine, sf. (hot.) g6ali r&e> Ibdri 
Capreol4re, tu/j. (bol.) clkspered 
Capreoli, smp. (arch.) c4ulicoles 
Capreolo, Mm. (hot,) clrrbos, tendril , dksper 
Capresterfa, Bf. fr6lic, w&nlonDes, frdak 
CapreilO} -a , $mf. rope , hiog-villaia , ▼. Ga- 
pes iro 
Capretta, af. yoiing she g6at« kid 
Capr^lto, capreltfno, sm. yebog kid, kid 
Caprezzo, tm. {ant.) caprice, t. Capriccio, ri- 

Capricciire, m. 1. (ant.) to qu&ke with fi^ar^ 

T. Raccapricctara 
Capriccio, am. c6!d sbWering , caprice; aver 
capriccio d' una cosa , lo have a Uocy for 
a thing 
Capricciosamnente, tidv. capriciously 
Capriccios'tta, tf. caprlciouiness, str&ngeoesa 
Capricc't6so, -a, adj. capricious, whimsical 
Capricdrno, sm. ckpricof n (sign of the xodiac) 
Capri fico, am. iiild«fig-tree 
Capri fdglio, am. (bol.) eglaolioe, hSney-shckle 
Caprigno, eaprfno,-a, adj. g6atisb; dispulir 
deila lana capriaa , to dispute ab^l a 
Caprile, am. a f&ld Of pan for g6aU 
G&prio, fm, r6e-biick. wild>g6at 
Capridia, tf. e&per, jbnip, capri6Ie 
Capriolire, im. 1. to I6ap, cut cApers 
Capriolitto, sm. yoUng r6e-buck, (ivm 
Capridio, capriadlo, sm. r6e-bbck, tdadril 
Capripede, adj. g6at-foolj»d 
Capri ndla, if. dbt, r6e 
Capriulnte, adj. irrigular (pulae) 
Cipro, Mm. a biick-goat, (mar.) privateer; — 

emissirio, sc&ps^6at 
Capr6ne, am. large ba g4al, 6ld debancb^a 
Cipsala, Mf. ekpsule, pod 
Capcoiire «/jL ckpaular, W\om 
CapUrira, oa. i. t. GattiTira 

Qkpto, -a^ ant. adj. tiken, amlttcn, eakiBwra<| 

Capuccia, Mf, ckbbage letlaca 

Capaccio, am. little bead 

Capzi6so, -a, adj. ckpUous , friudiiUnt 

Carabiltole, tfp. riff- raff, triOes, b&wbloa 

Car&be, sntt yellow 'kmb^r 

Carabloa, »f. carabine 

Carabin&la, if. a c&rabino-tbot 

Carabioeria, s/". gcodirmery, armed poUoe* 

force, the b6dy of carabioi^rs 
Carabinidre, am. carabiol^r, policeman 
Carac4l, sm. cSiracal (a species of lynx) 
Car&cca, sf. c&rac , ckrack, a P6rtugueae.Ia* 

diaman * 

CaracolUre, va. i. to ckracoie, to wbiel aboili 
Caracdllo, sm. c&racole, wheeling ab^l. 
Carina, sf. decioler, t. Guasljtda * • 

Caraffioo, -a, smf. sm&ll decinier, crftet 
Caraffdne. nm. I&rge dec^nlor 
Carafia, smf. C^raite (Jenisb sectary) 
Car4mboia, sf (billiards) cJinnon 
CaramboUre, vn. i. (billiards) lo cknnon, lo 

make a cknnon 
Caramel lo, sm. ckramel, biirned sugar 
Caramdnle, ado. dearly, lenderly 
Caramogio, sm. an Ugly dw&rl, a shrimp 
Caramussile , sm. Tbrkisb mdrcbanlman 
Caral^re, va. \. to vtigb cArefuly, exkmiaa 
Caralito, a, adj. wiigbed minutely 
Carai^llo, sm. keg, cask, bd&U barrel 
Car&io , sm. c&rat ( weight of four graini )^ 

uno 8.cidcco di v«ntiqu&llro car^liianiicb- 
fool, a gre&t fool 
Car4Uere, sm. cbkracter, disposition, mirk, 

print, bkod-wriliog; — di una lingua, the 

genius of a language; e scriUo tutlo di suq 

car4i(ere , it is all ia his (or her ) hkiu}-> 

Carallerlsroo, sm. impression, chkracterlsa 
Caratlerlstica, sf. characteristic 
Garallerf8lico,a, adj. characteristic 
Caratterizz4re, va. 1. to cb&racterUe, mirk 
Caravella, sf. Portuguese galley, ckravel 
Garbon^a, sf. c6al pit, dbngeon 
Carbonijo, sm. ch4rc6al-miker, c6al-maii 
Carbonarfsmo , sm. froem&sooery ( in Italy > 

the associittion or principles of the Carbonari 
Garbon&ro , sm, a freem&son (of Italy) , cor- 

Garbon&la, sf. p6rk chop brSlled, plmpla 
Garbon&tQ, sm. (chtm.) carbonate 
Garhoooelio, sm. i c4rbuncle , mdrbid sv^-> 
Garb6ncUio, sm. \ ling, smill c6al 
Garbonchi6so, -a, adj. bhrnt, sc6rcbed; tar- 

rino carboncbi6so , gritty gr^pd 
Carboncino^ carbooitto , sm. smdll e6al 
Garb6ne, sm. c6al, c&rbuncle, mildew ; carb6i| 

fdsaile, pil'cOal ; carb6ne di ligna^ chirc^al; 

a miaura di carb6Bi,in abUod*nc«, prtead 

d4wQ aad rUaniqg 6 far 
Gajrboj)4U«, $f, sm4ll c6ala 
(^b6iU4e» -«, 04/. (ehfm,) carbtoic 

B*r,rWe;.flll, »4n, bill, -iiltfe, di; - hj, limph;. pfiU«» »>§i, f«^. ^"^V *??J^fJl^ 

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GarMnio, tm. {ehem.) cArbon (chir 

GarboDitz&re, va. 1. {chem.) to c4rbonize; to 
CarboDizuzidne, sf. {ehem.) carbODis4lioa 
Garbuocolo, tm. c&rbuncle, c6al 
Carburo, tm. (ehem.) c&rburet 
Garc&me, am. c&rcasi, skeieloo, c&rcanet 
Carc&re, va. i. {poet.) to chdr^e, 16ad 
Garcaitsa, sf. carcass (bomb), skeleloo 
CarcAsso, tm. quiver, bbli , bulk 
Carc&to,-a, adj. {ant.) I6aded, btirdened 
Garceram^Dlo, xm. imprUonment 
Garcer&re, t>a. i. lo imprison 
Garcerftrio, -a, adj. circeral, belbnging to a 

Garcer&to, am/*, zndadj. prisoner, imprisoned 
Garcerat6re, tm. b&iliff, cdoslable, policeman 
G^cerazi6ne,f^ incarcer&tion, imprisonment 

G&rcere, tmf. prison, j&il (gaol.) 
Garceri^ro, tm. jAiler, prison -keeper 
Garciudma,»^. carcindma, c&ncer 
Garciofija. «/. gr6ilod pl&Dlcd with &rticbokes 
Garcidro, carcidfolo, tm, Articbokei simpleton, 

Garciofol^lo, tm. t. Garciof&ja 
Garco, tm. {poet.) charge, I6ad, bbrden 
Girco, -a, adj. weighed ddwn , 16aded 
Gard&jo , tm. a miker or seller of carders' 
Gardajuolo, tm. t. Gardat6re (combs 

Cardamfndo, tm. Indian cr688es 
Gardamdmo, cardam6ne, tm. cdrdamon 
Gard4re, va. i. to cArd, c6rob wool, siknder 
Gardito, -a, adj. cdrded. clAan , n6at 
Gardat6re, tm. c&rder, wool-slApler, bkckbiter 
Gardat6ra, tf. w6oI c6mbing, cirding 
Gardeg glare ,va.\. (to card) , bkckbite 
Garddlla, tf. smkll cArdiog brush 
Gardellello, -fno, tm. g6ld' finch 
Gardeto, tm grdlind cdvered with thistles 
Gardiaca, tf. {bot.) mdlher-wdrt, wild p&lm 
Gardiaco,-a, adj. cdrdiac, cardiacal, c6rdial, 

Gardialgia, tf {med.) cardi&lgia, cirdialgy 
Gardinalato, cardinal&lico , tm. cirdinalate , 

Gardin&le. tm. cardinal, hinge, pivot; {om.) 

-- €uij. cArdinal, principal , chi6f 
Gardinalesco, -a | ^ .. „*. *a»j:««i 
Gardinalizio, -a I "*• ®^ » cdrdinal 
Gardinaiizzalo, -a« adj. mkde a cArdinal 
G&rdine, tm. hinge, pivot. p61e (of the axis) 
Gardfie, tf. {med.) carditis , inflamm&lion of 

the hcirt 
Girdo, tm. thistle, carder's c6mb, c4rd 
Gardonc^llo, tm. {bot.) groundsel 
Gard6ne, tm. thistle, carder's c6mb 
GArdo-salvatico, tm. {bot.) wild prickly thistle 
Gardos&nlo, tm. (bot.) hdllyhock, rdsemkllow 
Gareggl4ro. va. i. to caress, cajdle, flirt with, 

prize ; le cose lungo tempo desider&te pih 

si carAggiano qaando si riceyouo, the more 

we wish for a thing , the more ire valiie it, 
when we hkve it; careggiirsi , to pkopar 
one's self 
Gareggiito,' a, adj. caressed, esteemed 
Gardllo , tm. c^ithion , pillow ; the c6ver of a 

cloie-stoot, T. Guaociale 
Gar^oa, tf. {mm\) the keel of a ship; {hot.) 
carina, keel ; dar carina {mar.) , to carAen 
Garen&ggio, tm. careening, calking 
Garenkre, va. i. lo car6eo, stop up \Ma 
Garen4lo, -a, adj. {bot.) ckrinate, ckrioated , 

keeled, keel shaped 
Carinto, adj. {latin.) nAedy, destitute 
Garestia, tf dearth, fkmine, scarcity ; a tempo 
di carestfa pan Tcccidso. pi-oo. exp.^ a 
hfangry dog will Aat dirty pudding 
Carestdso, -a, adj. necessitous, in w&nt 
CarAlto, $m. {bot.) sMge, narrow flag, rhsh 
Gar^zza, tf caress, endearment, fondness; far 

cardzze, to car^i 
GarezzamAnto, tm. flktiery, c6azing 
Carezzknte, adj. fond, fl&ilering, caressing 
Garezzkre, va. 1. to caress, flklter, c6ax 
Garezzkto,-a, adj. caressed, fdndled 
Carezzat6re, tm. wilcomer, f&ndler, caj6I»r 
Garezz^vole, adj. fluttering, atlrftctive 
Garezzevolm^nte, adv. kindly, Idvingly 
Carezzioe, tf. endearments, kind caresses 
Carezsdccia, tf clv)wnish caresses, hugs 
Garikre, va. 4. to rot , to make , render ca- 
rious: carikrsi, vnr/. to rot, to becdme,get 
Gari&lide , «/: {arch.) cary&lid , caryat; ca- 

riktidi^ tfp. caryiles ; caryktides 
Gariklo, -a, adj. c&rius, rdlten 
Garibo, tm. dknce, b&II, circular dAoce 
Gkrica, tf chkrge, Idad, burden, c^re, dfOce; 

dar la ckrica, to chkrge (ihe enemy) 
Caric&ote, adj. chkrging. accusing 
Garicare , tNi. i. to 16ad, chdrgo , bhrden , 
ezkggerate, bikme; {paint) to 6yerchirge , 
6verdr&w, ~ )a mkno, to increase iheddse, 
to give a strong dose, {fig.) to overbiirden ; 

— la mcmfiria. to 16ad the raimory ; — un' 
arm a da fudco , to I6ad a fire arm ; — nn 
baslimeoto , to Ikde a ship; — an oriudlo, 
una p6ndola, to wind up a walch, a clock; 

— fl nemfco, to charge, attkck the enemy , 
to fall iip6n the dnemy; caricar uno di 
baslon& give one a sound beating; 
carickria ad dno , to play one a trick ; ca- 
rickrsi lo siomaco, lo clog one's 8l6mach 

Garlckto, -a, adj. 16aded, cbirg^ed 

Caricatdjo, tm. a cbkrger 

Garicat6re,' trice, tmf loader, frdghler 

Caricalura, tf. a cAricaluro 

CArice, tf. {bot.) s^dge, narrow flag, riish 

Caricbeilo, tm. a sm&ll chdrge 

Ckrico. tm, 16ad. charge , care , blame , nave 
di carico , merchanl-man , mdrcbanl-shlp ; 
dare 11 cArico d* una cosa ad alctino , to 
inlriist one -with s5mething; dare un c4- 

F&U, mete, bite, ndu, tube; - fit, mit, Ut, nbl, thb^ - fir. nlqtie, ^:^ 

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Tieo di bastoDite ad ono , to ehdgel , Mat 
ODD i^Bdly 
€irico» -a, «(//. Idaded, fdll, cMrged 
Cirie, tf. eiriea, r6lteniiess, diHoutDess 
Caridllo, tm. nirro^r silk and fhrted riband 
Carfno, -a, $mf. and adj. my dftrling, my diar 
Caridso, -a, ad$. carious, r6tlen, ^drm jaten 
Caiisma , sm. {eeeletiasticai style) a gricious 

favor, gift (of the hoiy Ghost) 
€ariU, -Ute,-Ude«s^. ch&rity, 15re, afficUon; 
eariti pel6«a , sdlflsh chkrity ; manc&nxa <^i 
cariU , uncbiriiableaess ; por caril& I for 
cbarily's sake I lo fece per caritk , he did 
it dill of ebkrity ; domand&re la carit^ , to 
ask cb&rify; fare la cariU, to glre alms; la 
prima eariili il'aTer eura di si, cbirity 
begins al home 
CaritatdTole, adj. ehiritable, ham&ne , kind 
Caritalevolmente, adj. cb&ritably 
GariUtivo, -a, -tirole , adj. eb&ritable, kind 
Carlfoa » sf. [hot.) sdw Ibistle 
GarliDga , sf. (mar.) kelson 
Carlino, sin. c4rlin, a sm&ll neopdiilan coin 
Garlfsta {pi. Carlisli, -o), smf. Cirlist (par- 
tisan of Charles); adj. Girlist 
Carldna (alia), adv. exp. carelessly, cdarsel^f 
Carmagndla, sf. carmagD6le (jacket), cirma- 
goole (revolutionary song of 1190); e&rma- 
gnole (revolalionary dance) 
Carme, sm. (poet.) verse, p6ero , lay, str&in 
€armeliiano, sm. cirmelile-m6nk 
Carminire, va. i. to c&rd, c6mb vool, etc. 
Carmioatfvo, -a, adj. c4rmi native 
Carmin&to, adj. cirded, trimmed; ^ssere car- 
min&to sSnza pMtlne, to be sv&odly biaten 
Carminio, $m. briitht red , odchineal 
Carmfno , tm. cdrmioe 
Carn&ccia, sf. bad flesh, c6arse m^at 
Ganiacci6so, -a , adj. flisby, plbmp, chiibby 
Carnaeciulo, -a, adj. plhmp, full, flashy 
Carniggio, sm. provision of miat, flesh m^at 
Carnagione, sf. carnation , flesh c5lor; car- 
DagtOne frteca , a rdsy cb^ek , blooming 
Caroijo, sm. ehine\-hS^%9^ cbiirchyard 
Carnajiid)*!, sm. v. Garni^re 
Carnile. adj. cirnal, akin, soDsnal, humine; 
fralello, aorilla carnile, one's 6irn br6lher, 
sister ; dilelti carn&li , cdrnal pldasores ; 
am6r carn&le , sensual 16ve ; pecc4lo car- 
nale, fornicilion 
Carnalilli, -t4ta, -tide, sf. sensuSility, lust 
Garnalminte, adv. c4rnally, scnsaally 
Carn&rae , sm. a ro&ss of putrefied flesh 
Garnaseiaiare, carnescial4re, va. i. to riot 
Carnasciile, carnov&le, sm. c&rnival 
Carnaseialesco, -a, adj. v. Garnovalesco 
Carnatora, »f. v. Carnagione 
C&rne, sf. flesh, miat, pulp; — grdssa , 
butcher meal ; — di caslr&lo , mfatton ; -> 
di maozo , beef ; -^ di vildilo , v^al ; — di 
plsce, fish; — della frutta, pulp (the soft, 

succulent part of fmlt); 6ssere in earee, to 
be pibmp, fat; lorn&re, rimiltersiincarne, 
to get flesh , to pick np flesh; tagli&re fin 
alia carne viva, to cot to (he quick ; matter 
troppa carne al fadco , to undertake too 
mucb; mostrir le carni , to be in rags, 
Almost n&ked; non ^ssere ni carne n& 
pdsce , to be neither flsh , flesh, nor fdirl ; 
far carne (burl. ), to kill , sl&ughtor; s6no 
come carne e ugna iosieme , they are like 
band and gidve ; tra carne e ugna non sia 
udm che vi pbgoa. prov. exp. n6hody should 
meddle with an6iber's family aflT^irs 
Carndfice, sm. h&ogman , executioner 
G&rneo, -a, adj. cAmeoos, flishy, of flesh 
Carnesal&ta, carnes^cca, sf. pickled p6rk, etc. 
Carnescialisco, -a, adj. of cirnival , mdrry 
Garnev4le, sm. v. jGaroovale 
Carnevaleggi&re, va. 1. to rfot, revel 
Carnfccio, sm. flashy side (of a raw skin) 
Garni cfno, -a, adj. of flesh , of flesh-cdlor 
Garnidra , sf. carniAre , sm. .carni«ro , -a , 

smf. game pouch 
Garni ficire, tm. 1. (med.) to c4rniff 
Carni ficazidne, sf. (med.) earnlQcilion 
Garni flcina, sf.ibrmenly place of ezecdtion 

(ant.); mbrder, slaughter 
Garnfle, adj. attt. of m^at, of a flesb-day 
Garnfvoro, -a, adj. carnivorous , vor&cious 
Garnosdtto, -a, adj. rilher flashy, plump 
Carnosili, sf. rarn68ily, plhmpness 
Garnoso, -a, adj. fleshy, mhscular 
Garnovile, sm. c&rnival 
Carnovaleggiire , vn. i. to rdvel , to act the 

Garnovalesco , -a , adj. of c4mival 
Carnume, sm. (surg.) fl6shy excrescence 
GarnAto, -a, aefjf. plhmp, fat, j6lly 
C&ro , sm. ddarness (of provisions), scarcity 
— adv. dearly , diar, at a high price , vi co- 
sterk caro, it will cost yon dear 

a, adj, d6ar, c68lly, agreeable , bel6ved ; 

mia cara, my d^ar; mi saribbe pih caro, it 
would be more agrigable to me , I should 
prefer; av4r c&ro, tendr c&ro, to vlilue , lo 
Cardba, sf. v. Garruba (estdem 

Carobolo, sm. v. Carrdbbio 
Cardgna, sf. carrion, c&rcass , Jade, slut 
Carogniccia, sf did w6rn dill jade, hack 
Gardla, sf. dince, ring-d4nce, bkllad-dinca 
Carolire, vn. 1. to sing and ddnce in a ring 
Carol^Ua, sf. little ring dAnce in singing 
Garolingio , Carlovfogio, Garolino,-a, adj. 

Carlovingian , of Gbarlemagne 
Garosello , carrosdllo , sm. tilt , tohrnament , 

Gardla, sf. ciirrot, fib. st6ry^ falsehood; pian- 
t4re, cacci4re, flcc4r cardte^lo fib, tell sto- 
ries, impose updn;a me non pianterete ca- 
rdte; you shall not make me believe that 
the moon is made of -green cheese 
Caroticcia, sf. not6rious f&lsehdod 

Adr, rAde;-ftU, sdo, b&ll;-tiire, d6 ; - b^, l^mph ; pSUe, b^t, fdikl, fdtl; gem,ai 

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Garot4]o, jm, e&rrot siller, nbber j qaktk 
GaroUre, iw. i. to fib, l«U Bt6rie8, b6Mt, dr&w 

the long bd'v 
Gardtidij «/>. (anal.) the ear6tid arleriea 
GarnlidrOj tm, c&rrot-sMler ) fibber qu^ck 
GaroT&Da, tf. ekravan, qu&olity, c6Dvoy;f&re 

la saa caroT&oa, to serve one's appr Notice- 
ship, time 
Carp&cco, «m. fur cap (Greek) 
Garp&re, vn. i. better carpire, va, 3. to snap, 

snatch from, siize up6n, vn, to iv&lk on all 

Garpenterfa, sf. ship c&rpentry 
Carpenti^re, tm. c4rt wright, c&rpenter 
Garp^nlo, tm. t. Carr&ta 
Carpiccio, tm. a gre&l qa&ntitj, gre&t miny, 

d&re un bnon carpiccio, to give a sh^er 

or v6lley of bidvrs , to bang , give a sdiind 

G&rpico, -a, adj. {anat.) cirpal 
C&rpine, cirpino, tm. a lime-tree; horn bdam 
Carpi6ne, tm, carp, (pood-fish) 
Carpire, va. 3.*to snatch aw&y , irrest from , 

Garpita, tf. a c6arse c^nterp&ne, rug 
GarpitSlla, tf. thin Ifght blanket, cdver 
Garpflo, -a, adj. carried off, stolen 
Cirpo . tm. (anat.) ivrist; e&rp (fish) 
Garpolfto, tm. c&rpoike (petriractioo of fmit) 
Garp6ne, carp6ni, adv. on all f6urs, on Uinds 

and feet 
Garrad6re, carrijo, tm. eirtirrfght, carter 
Garr&ja, tf. cart-^-ay 
Garr&ta, tf. c&rt-16ad 
Garratdllo. tm. bkrrel, hdgsh^ad 
Garreggi&bito , adj. that may be passed with 

carts ; 8tr4da carreggiibile, cirt-way 
Garreggiire, va. 1. to dr<veac4rt.v&ggon,etc. 
Garreggiita , tf. cart r6ad , c4rt way ; usctr 

dalla carreggi&ta, to mist&ke, to be 5Qt 
Garreggial6re, tm. edrler , ^v^ggoner 
Garr^ggio, tm. niimber of c&rts together 
Carritta, sf. cirl, car, carriage (of a cannon) 
(^rreltdjo. sm. cfirter, driver, ir&ggoner 
Garrett&re, rn. 4. to driw or drive the cftrt 
Garrelt&ia, sf c&rt full, cirt I6ad, tbmbrel 
Garrett6lla, tf. sort of gig or chaise 
Garrettidre, tm. c&r(er, iirkggnner , carrier 
Garreltino, tm. siodli wheel barroir, driy 
Garr^lto, §m. wheel-^b^rrew , brewer's dray 
Garrellono, tm. a lArge covered w&ggon 
Garriiggio, tm. biiggage, Nqoipage 
Garricdiio, tm. am&tl car, cbiriot 
Garri^ra, tf. carter, c6ar80, r&oe> life 
Garrino, tat. c&rl , b&rricide in a camp 
Garriudla, tf. trhcklc bed , caiish 
Ckno,9m. ear, wkggon, c4rt I6ad; (osfn) 

Charles' wain ; m^ltere il earro ina&nxi ai 

badi, to piSt tho cd*t b»r^e the hovso; Hire 

il c&rro colla v4la (mtfr.), t* sh»fl the sail ; 

a cirri, adv. ecp. in lots, in abtedanee 
Garrdccio, sm. oorroovfO) a eh&riotofwiraad 

triumph (Id the Italian republics of the mid- 
dle ages) 
Garrdzsa, tf. a carriage, dqoipsge, e6ach; t«^ 
n^r carrAsxa, to keep one's c&rriage, to ri- 
do in a carriage (a e6ach may go 

Garroizabile, adj. thrdogh. al&ng or by whicli 
Carrozzijo, tm. c6ach m&ker 
Carrozzjire, rn. to go in a coach , to edach il 
Garrozzftta, tf. c6ach t^W , c6ach-16ad 
Garrozzidre, tm. c6acb-man, v. Cocchiero 
^rroztino, tm. ciirricle, smill carriage 
Airrfiba, tf. cirob (pla^t) 
Carr&bio, Garr6bbio, carr&bo, sm. eirob treo 
Garr6ccio, tm. g6 c&rt 
Carr6eols, earr&ca, *. piilley, w6ather-co€k 
Carruoolire, va. i. to hSst wilh piilleys, cfa^t 
Garrucoldlta, carrucoHna; tf. sm&lt pulley 
C&rta, t. piper, pige, bill, bond, map, bill of 
f&re ; — da navigare, a ch&rt ; — marezai- 
ta , mirble piper ; — picora , pirchmna^ 
vallum; — striccia, wiste-piper; — sac- 
chia, siiginte, blotting piper; -> da IKtere, 
16lter piper, p6st piper; — dadisfgoo, 
dr&wing-piper i — da petiiidni , foofs cap 
piper , — da iav6IU^ brdwn piper , wrip- 
• ping pipor; — con colla, sized paper; ^ 
bollita, slimped piper; — da scrivere, 
wrfliog piper; — da slimpa, printing pi- 
per; — .p^sla, pipier micfae; — relina, 
w6ve pipief; — monotila, paper-m6Qey; — 
cosiiloziooile , chirte constitution , fanda- 
mintal law ; la Magna Garta, the Great Chir* 
ter, Magna Gbirta; giuocire alle carle, to 
play cirds , or at cirds ; dare le carte , to 
d^ai the cards ; seamhiire le carle in mano, 
to ghe or make believe one thing for anQ« 
tber; far cirla , to give a bond; imbratiir 
carta, to blot, wist*) piper; far le cirte 
alia scopdria , to spiak friely one's mind ; 
fire ana partita alle cirte', to pliy a game 
of cards ; mescolire le carte , to shhrOe (ho 
cirds; dare eirta biincaad a1c6no, to give, 
to thriw one a earte blanehe (unlimited 
CarlablMo, sm. seirca book, minnscript 
Carliccia, tf. bad piper, wiste piper 
Carticeo, -a; adj. of piper , piper like 
Cartijo, cartiro, tm. piper miker, siller 
Carlimo, tm. bistard wffd siffron, (planfc) 
Cartinonoita, tf. virgin-p&rchmeat 
Cartita. tf. pige 

Garlal6ccia^ tf. better carticcia. tf. a cis^ 
tridge :atraeeiir (ooi denti) la cartAocia 
{mil.), to htt» the c&rtridge 
I Gartegglire, ins. 1. to gliaoo over a book or 
chirt, paat, correep6nd, play at cirds; car- 
tiggio co'sigDori B. C. e G.*,I eonrtspdnd, 
or keep up a regular correspdndenoa mth 
Messieurs B. G. and Cou 
Gartiggio^ tm, a cervesp^Bdenoft (by ktlers) 
Gar(£lla, tf. a car(6uoh, ar6U or scroll, in- 
•erkpiien^ libel, pertfilio 

Fitr, m^U, bile, B«te, t6b«; - m, met, bit, n6t, thb; - fftr, plqve,^ 

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1» — 


CartelUre, va. 1. to piiblish mMifAstos 
Gartellfoa, ff. tniN libel, iiuerlptioa, e(e. 
GarMllo, $m. bill, libel, ehkllenge, maniAsto 
Garlelt6De, im. a placJlrd, lirgo, p6stiiig bill 
GartesiaBbmo, sm. {phil.) carUsianiim 
Cartesi&oo, -a, adj. (phil.) cartesian 
Garti^ra, if. a p&per mill, p&por wire-bdOse 
CartiliigiDe, tf. cftrlilafe, gristle 
Gartilagiaeo,-a,-6so,-a, adj. cartit&giiioas 
Gartina, $f, smaU pfice, or bit of p4per 
Cartismo, sm, the political ddctrines of God- 

Gartbta, tat. a Goostit6lionalist 
Gartoed^re, tm. cartooch box 
Carttfccio, sm. a p&per cup, c6met of p&per 

used by gr6oers, a c&rlridge, cartooch 
Cartoiijo, tm. paper mdrcbant, sl&Uoner 
Cartol&re, va. i. to pige ao accdQot book 
Cartol&ro, tm. ship's johrnal, log-book, dfary 
Cartoleria, »f. st&tiODer's shop, sUtioaery 
CartoUna, sf. libel, ioserlption, pftckeUbook 
CartOD&ecio, tm. bad p&ste-b6ard 
Cartdoe, tm. pasle-biard, cart6Di ( pam/. ) 

eartoooa (tridge 

Carliccia, eartAna,*/! smill bit of p&per, c&r- 
Carfiba, tf. ▼. Carrhba 
Garaaeola, tf. e&rbnocle, sm&U excrescence 
C&rri, tm. {bol.) c&ra^y, c&raw&y seed 
C&sa. tf. b^^e, hdme, family, (fig.) eohntry ; 

— di campagna, a eohntry b(>U8e, coholry 
s6at; — di cilti, Iowa hoiise; — di com- 
m^reio, commdrcial , mircaatile esliblish- 
ment , firm ; — di correzi6ne , bridewell ; 

— di salhte , private b6spilal ; amfco di 
easa, friend of the family; facc&ndedi casa 
boosehdld aff&irs ; isser di casa , to be in- 
limale, well acqn&inted with; Are gli on6ri 
di easa, to d6 the hdnoors of the house ; 
resi&re , traltenersi in casa , to rem&in at 
h6m«, to keep within doors; uscire, sortir 
di casa, to go from fadme , d&t of ddors ; 
lorn&re a casa, to rethrn h6me, to go h6me- 
ward, {/Ig.j to c6me to the purpose ; aprfr 
casa, to begin h<Stlso-k&eping ; star con V do- 
ehio a casa , fo mf nd one's business ; dore 
suie di casa? wh^re do yon live? E in 
easa Boberlo ? Is Robert at h6me ? e fn6ri 
di casa, he is ^t of d&ors ; and&te a casa 
maleditta (a casa del di&volo) (vuig.), go to 
the def il ; chi fa la casa in pi&xta non pad 
soddisf&re ognono, prov. exp. a man in pit- 
blic businets c&nnot pl^e every body 

Gas&cca, tf. j&eket, snrtout; volt&r cas&cea, 

to tdrn one's e6at 
Gas&ccia, tf. tigly hdikse, dirty hdiise 
Casaceio, tm, onlhcky evtol, str&nge kceident 
Gaaaeebno, sm. gre&t j&eket, sart^nt 
Cas&le, sm. h&mblet, village 
CasalfBfo,-a, adj. domiatic, fond of hdme, 

sedeBUry, pane casalingo, h(^seh6ld briad 
Casaifuo, «m. emill b&mlet, village 
Casal6oOy tm. 6ld rtinoos b^e 

CafMD&tta, tf. c&sem&te, sdldiers* prison 
Casam^nlo,*m. I&rge hd&se, h&ndsome 16dgiof 
Gas&re, van. 1. to m&rry^ begin btfilse kiepiog, 

to m&ke a pSint (backgammon) 
CasarelUna, tf. amill hd^e 
Gasatdlla, tf. ftxcelleot sm&il ch^e 
Gas&to, -a, tmf. shrn&me, hdOse, f&mily, r&ca 
Casc&ggine, tf. dr^siness, sl&epiness 
Gascaminto, tm. All, falling 
Gascamdrto (far il) , sm. to m&ke desperate 

16ve to a wdman 
Gasc&nte, adj, f&Uing, weak, casc&nte di veisi, 

d^ing with &ffect&tion 
Gasc&re, vn. i. to f&ll , 1^ cob rage ; casc&ro 
le br&oeia, to be discoiiraged, dishe&rtened, 
to be 6Ut of he&rt; oasc&re (aUrui) le vo- 
siim&nta di ddsso, to be t&ttered, r&gged, 
in rags; casc&re il c&cio su* maccber6ni, t* 
chance m6st luckily; easc&r di v6ssi , to be 
lackad&isical , to die with affect&tioo ; c»- 
sc&r dalla f&me, di sdnno, to be dyeing with 
hhnger , with sleep ; le sono cadfiti t&tti i 
ddnti, she has lost all her teeth ; il vdnt* 
casca, the wind f&lls, ab&tes (b&rk 

Gascarilla, cascariglia, j/: {pharm.) cascariUa- 
Gasc&ta, sf. f&U, casc&de, w&ter-nill 
Gascatfccio, -a, adj. w&ak, fr&il, fickle 
Gasc&to, -a, adj. f&llen, c&st down 
Gascaldjo,-a, adj. (iiilie uted) &pt to f&il in Idv* 
GaschMto, sm. hdlmet, c&sqoe, h^ad-pieco 
Gascina, sf. d&iry, cows' p&sture grinds 
Gasciodlto, tm. a w&lcb-c&bin in a fiild or 
vineyard, a 16dge comp6sed of stakes and 
G&scio, tm. ch6ese (th&teli 

G&sco, tm, helmet, c&sqne, faiad-piece 
Gase&re, va. i. to make caseoaa (c&seons 
Gaseazidne, tf. cheese-m&king; the m&king 
Gaseggi&to, tm. a l&rge hdiise or building 
Gasdila, tf. sm&ll hdiUe, sm&ll square, cell 
GaselUna, tf. little cell 
G&seo, tm. c&sein 
Gase6so, cacidso, adj. chiesy 
Casereccio,-^, adj. domestic, h<3iiseb6id 
Gasdrma, sf. b&rrack, sdldiers' building 
Casdtta, caserdlla, caselUna, tf. sm&ll house 
GasetlfDO,-a, tmf. sm&ll eohntry hdiise 
Gasi^ra, tf h<$dse-k&eper, wdman-sdrvanl 
Gasidre, sm. steward, kdeper of a hdilse 
Gasiie, sm. mdan habit&lion, v. Gasipola 
Gasimfro, sm. c&ssim&re, kirseym&re 
Gasina, casiofna, sf. sm&ll hdOse, cottage 
Casino, sm. sm&ll cohotry-box, shmmer-bdiise, 

Gasipola, casiUpola, sf, dirty sm&U h^e, hut 
Gasir&to, -a, adj. ch&esed, alee 
Casfsta, sf. c&soiftt 

G&so, sm. case, kccident, adventure, cbdnce; 
a case, per case, by cb&nee; caso ebe, in 
case that ; d&to il caso , pdt the caae ; non 
fa caso,iiom&tter; far c&so di ooa edsa, 
to v&lne a thiog; dssere ia c&so di mdrto, 
to be at the pSIot of diath; I' immagina- 

Bdr,rftd^--ftll,86o,biill? - Are, dA; - b^, l^mpb; pfiMe, bCyi, fdW;, ftfilf iem,as 

Digitized by Vj(JiJ5< Lv 

Diz. itai. ing. 



— 128 — 


CaroUjo, <m, e&rrot tiller, fibber ^ qnkck 
Garol&re, im. i. to fib, tell stdries, b6Mt, dr&w 

the long bdn 
Cardtidi^ tfp. {anat.) the car6tid &rleries 
Carotidre^ <m. c4rrol-tiller ) fibber qu&ck 
Garov&na, af, ckravan, quiotily, c6DToy;f&re 

la gua caroT&na, to serve one's appriotioe- 

gbip, lime 
Carp&cco, <m. fur cap (Greek) 
Carp&re, vn. i. belter carpire, va. 5. to SDap, 

snatch from, s^ite updn, vn. to 'w&lk on all 

Garpenterfa, if. ship c&rpentry 
Carpentidre, <m. cdrt aright, clxpentet 
Carpinto, «m. v. Garr&ta 
Carplccio, «m. a gre&t qu&olity, gre&t miny, 

d&re un bnon carplccio, to give a shower 

or v6lley of bI6ws , to bang , give a bdiind 

G&rpico, -a, adj. {anat.) cirpal 
G&rpine, c&rpino, im. aUtne-tree; born btem 
Garpi&ne, tm. c&rp, (pood^fish) 
Carpire, va. S.'to snatch av&y , wrest from , 

Garpita, if. a c6arse c^nterp&ne, nig 
Garpildlla, sf thin light biknkel, c&ver 
Garpflo, -a, adj. carried off, stolen 
G&rpo , sm. [anat.) wrist; cirp (fish) 
Garpolito, tm. c&rpolKe (petrifaclioo of frvtt) 
Garp6ne, carponi, adv. on all fdurs, on Uinds 

and feet 
Garrad6re, carrijo, tm. eirt-wrfght, c^ter 
Garrija, sf cdrt-way 
Garr&la. tf. c&rt-I6ad 
GarratSllo. sm. b&rrel^ hdgshdad 
Garreggi&bilo , adj. that may be passed with 

carls : str&da carreggi&bile, cdrl-way 
Garreggi&re, va. 1. to drireacirt,w&ggon,etc. 
Garreggi&ta, sf. cart r6ad , c&rl way ; utclr 

dalla carreggi&la, to mist&ke, to be diit 
Garreggiatoro, tm. c&rter , w&ggoner 
Garr^ggio, tm. niimber of c&rts logdlher 
Garr^tla, tf. cftrl, car, carriage (of a cannon) 
Garrettiijo. sm. c&rter, driver, ir&ggoner 
Carrett&re, vn. i. to driw or drive the c&rt 
Garretl&ta, sf c&ri full, cirt I6ad, tumbrel 
Garret tdlla, sf. sort of gift or chaise 
Garrettidre, am. o&rter, wk^gnner , ckrrier 
Garreltino, am. sm&ll wheel barrow, dr&y 
Garr^Uo, am. wheel-bkrrew , brewer's dray 
Garretl6ne, sm. a large covered wkggoa 
Garriiggio, am. bkggage, iqmpage 
GarricdUo,sm. am&H car, cbkriot 
Garri^ra, sf. carter, c6urse^ r&oe> life 
Garrfno, sai. c&rt , b&rric&de in a camp 
Garriudla, af trhcklc bed , cal&sh 
(^fro, sm. e»F, wkggon, c&rt I6ad; (osfr.) 

Charles' waia ; matters il carvo inn&nsi ai 

badi, to pOl Iho c&vi bdMre tiw hone; f&re 

il c&rro colla rlla (mar.), t^ shift the sail ; 

a c&rri, adv, emp. hk lots, in abtndanoo 
Garrdccio, siis. oarpootiot a ohkriotofwir and 

triumph (in the Italian republics of the mid- 
dle ages) 
Garr6zza, tf. a ekrriage, ftqoSpage, e6ach; t«^ 
n^r carrdsxa, to keep one's c&rriage, t« ri- 
de in a ckrriage (a c6ach may go 
Garroizabile, adj. thrdogh, aldng or by wliidi 
Garrozz&jo, am. c6ach m&ker 
Carrosz&re, t*ii. to go in a coach , to edach it 
Carrozz&ta, tf c6ach tHW , c6ach-16ad 
Garrozziire, tm. o6acb-mao, v. Goccbiero 
(^rrozzlno, tm. chnicle, smill ckrriago 
Carr6ba, tf. ckrob (plant) 
CarrAbio, carrbbbio^ carrftbo, tm. ckrob trea 
GarrAccio, tm. g6 c&rt 
Carr6cola, carrAca, a. pillley, wialhercock 
Carrucol&re, «ni. i. to hSst with pulleys, chtet 
Carrucol^lta, carrucoHna; af. sm&ll pulley 
C&rla^ a. p&per, p&ge, bill, bond, map, bill of 
f4re; — da navig&re, a ch&rt; — marezak- 
ta, m&rblo piper; — ptcora, pkrchmem^ 
Valium; — slr&ccia, w&ste-piper; — s^- 
chia, sng&nte, blotting pkper; — da Ifttere^ 
IMier piper, p6st pkper; — dadis^gno, 
dr&wing-pkper -, — da pelizidol , fool's cap 
p&per, — da iBv6lU^ br^n p&per, wrip- 
• ping p&por; ~ con cdlla, sized paper; -« 
bollata, slkmped paper; — da scrivere, 
wrftiDg p&per; — da st&npa, printing pi- 
per; — .p^sla, pkpier mkche; ~ Telina^ 
w6ve p&pief; — monol&la, p&per-m6ney; — 
coslituzion&le , ch&rle constit6lion , fooda^ 
miotal law ; la Magna Garta, the Great Char- 
ter, Magna Gh&rta; giaoc&re alle carta, to 
play c&rds , or at c&rds ; dare le carlo , to 
dial ihe cards ; searohi&re Ic carte in maoo, 
to gitio or make believe one thing for and- 
tber; far c&rta , to give a bond; imbraliar 
carta, to blot, w&st*i p&per; far lo ckrte 
alia scoperta , to sptok fr&ely one's miod; 
f&re una partita alle c&rte\ to pl&y a gamo 
of cards ; mescolkre le carle , to shbfQe Ike 
c&rds ; dare c&rta bi&nca ad aIc6no, to give, 
to tbrdw one a carte blanche (unlimited 
Garlabllio, tm. scares book, mknuscript 
Cart&ccia, af. bad p&per, w&ste p&per 
Cart&ceo, -a; adj. of p&per , paper like 
Carl&jo, carl&ro, sm. paper m&ker, s&ll«r 
Cartkmo, am. bkstard wild skffron, (plant) 
Cart&nonD&ta, sf. virgin-p&rchoMnt 
Cart&ta. af p&ge 

GarlalOccia, tf. better cart6ccia.. tf. a e&r- 
tridge : siracci&r (ooi denli) la carUkocia 
{mil.), lo ba»the c&rtridge 
Gardsggl&re, ra. i. to gl&noo over a book at 
ch&rl, pOnt, eorreap&nd, play at c&rds; car- 
t^ggio ce'signori B. G, e G.", I eorrtspdnd, 
or keep np a r^nlar eorrespdndenoa mlb 
Messieurs B. G. and Gsl 
GarlAggio, am. a cerpesp6ndeoQe (by toilars) 
Gartella, tf. a cart^uch , a r6U or aeroll , in- 
sorLptltn^ Ikbel, ptrtli&lio 

F&U, mas, bfle, B«te, t«b«; - fkt, met, bit, n6t, thb; - Or, ptquc,<j* 

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— 189 — 


Cartdlire, va. 4. to p&blifh nuMiifigtOf 
GarteJIfos, tf. smifl l&bel, inaerlptioD, etc. 
GartfUo, <M. biU, libel, ebiilaiiKa, manifttto 
Cartell6ne, »m. a placard, Idrge, pteting bill 
Garteiiaiiiimo, »m, {pMi.) eartteianiam 
GarlesiiDO, -a, adj. ipMl.) eart^ian 
Carli^ra, tf. a p&per mill, p&par w^rft-b^Qse 
Gartl14gioe, »f. eirlilage, gritUe 
Cartilagineo,-a,-6so,-a, adj. eartil&ginouf 
Cartlna, $f. tnall pf6ce, or bit of piper 
Gartltmo, tm. the political d6ctrioes of Gon- 

Cartfsta, tm. a GonstilAUoDalist 
Gartoceiire, 9m. eartooch box 
Carldccio, tm. a p&per cap, e6met of p&per 

iised by gr6eers, a c&rtridge, cartouch 
Gartol&jo, fia. p&per m6rchaDt, tlitioaer 
Gartol&re, va. 1. to p&ge an accent book 
Cartol&ro, tm. ship's jofaroal, log-book, dfary 
Gartoleria, tf. st&iioner's thop, sl&lioeery 
CartoHna, tf. l&bel, inicriplioD, p6cket'book 
Garloo&eeio, tm, bad p&ste-b6ard 
Cartdne, tm. paste-bdard, eart6ni ( pain^ ) 

cartoons (tridge 

GarlAccia, cartfixsa,9f. smill bit of p&per, cdr- 
Cariiba, tf. t. Carrbba 
GarfiacoU, tf. c&rbaoele, sm&U excrescence 
C&rri, tm. {bot.) ciraw&y, c&rawiy seed 
C&sa, tf. b^lise, h6ine, family, {fig.) cohntry ; 

— di campagoa, a cohntry bouse, eobntry 
s^at; — di cilt&, town hdlise; — di com- 
mdreto, comm6rcial , m&reaBtile est&blie h- 
ment , firm ; ~ di corresidne , bridewell ; 

— di salAte , private h&spilal ; amfco di 
casa, fritod of the family ; facc&ode di casa 
hduseh61d aff&irs; teser di casa , to be Id- 
timato, well acqo&ialed with; ftre gli oo6ri 
di casa, to d6 the bdnoors of the house ; 
resl&re , trattonirsi in casa , to rem&ia at 
h6me, to keep within doors; uscire, sortfr 
di casa, to go from bdme , ^t of d6ors ; 
torn&re a casa, to rethrn h6me, to go h6me- 
ward, ifig.) te c6me to the pikrpose ; aprir 
casa, to begin hoikse-kdeping ; «tar con V 6c- 
chio a casa, to mind one's business ; dove 
stato di casa? wh&re do yon lire? £ in 
casa Roberto ? Is Robert at h6me ? e fu6ri 
di casa, he is Sal of d6ors ; and&to a casa 
maledMla (a casa del di&Tolo) ivulg.\ go to 
the d^Til ; chi fa la casa in pi&zia noa pu6 
soddisf&re ognnno, prov. exp. a man in pii- 
blic bosinese c&nnot pltose every body 

Cas&cca, tf. j&cket, snrt6ul; volt&r cas&cca, 

to liirn one'e c6at 
Cas&eeia, Bf. bgly hdikse, dirty hddse 
Cas&ceio, «»i. unltacky evtot, str&nge &ccident 
Casacc6ne, tm. gre&t j&cket, snrl6at 
Cas&le, •m. bimblet, tillage 
CaaalfDge,-a, mfy. dom^ic, fond of h6me, 

sedenury, pane cMalfogo, tadiUeh&ld brted 
Casaliuo, tm, amiU ta&mlet, Tillage 
Casatooe, tm, t\d rtiaous bdilse 

Gaeamitta, tf. c&semMe, tdldiers' prison 
Gasamdnto,sm. l&rge hdiUe, h&ndsome }6dgiof 
Gas&re, van. 1. to m&rry, begin bdUse keeping, 

to m&ke a p6int (backgammon) 
Gasarellina, tf. sm&U h^e 
Gasat&Ua, tf. Excellent sm&U ch^e 
Gas&to, -a, tmf. shrn&me, hddse, f&mily, r&ct 
Gasc&ggine, tf. drowsiness, sl&epiness 
Gascam&nto, tm. f&ll, f&liing 
Gaseamdrto (far il) , tm. to m&ke desperate 

tore to a w^man 
Gasc&nte, adj. filling, weak, easc&nto di ressi, 

d^iDg with &ffect&tion 
Gaso&re, vn. i. to f&ll , 1^ coiirage ; cascire 
le br&ocia, to be disco Uraged, dishe&rtoned, 
to be dut of he&rt; casc&re (altrui) le ve- 
stim6nta di ddsso, to be littered, rigged, 
in rags ; casc&re 11 c&cio su' maccher6ni, ta 
chance m6sl luckily; casc&r di v6ssi , to be 
lackad&isical , to die with affect&tion ; ct^ 
sc&r dalla f&me, di sdnno, to be d^ing with 
hhnger , with sleep ; le sono cad6U tfitti i 
dSnti, she has lost all her teeth ; il vdnte 
casca, the wind fills, ab&tos (birk 

Gascarilla,caseariglia, tf. (pharm.) cascarlUar 
Gasc&la, tf. fiU, eascide, witer-fitl 
Gascaticcio, -a, adj. wiak, frill, fickle 
Gasc&to, -a, adj. fillen, cist down 
Gascat6jo, -a, ad)'. {liiUe uted) ipt to fill in Idra 
Gaschitto, tm. hdlmet^ cisqno, h6ad-pieco 
Gascioa, tf. diiry, cows' pislure grinds 
Gascin6tto, tm. a witch-cibin in a fiiid or 
vineyard, a 16dge comp6sed of stakes and 
Ciscio, tm. cheese (thitok 

Gisco, tm. hilmot, cisque, hiad-piece 
Gaseire, va. i. to make ciseoQS (ciseous 
Gaseasiine, tf. cheese-miking; the miking 
Gaseggiito, tm. a large hdiise or building 
Gasilla, tf. smill h^^e, smill squ&re, celt 
Gasellina, tf. little cell 
Giseo, tm. cisein 
GasedsOj cacidso, adj. cheesy 
Caserdccio,-a, adj. domistie, h^seb61d 
Casdrma, tf birraok, s61diers* building 
Gasetta, caserilla, casellina, tf, smill h^e 
GasettiDO,-a, tmf. smill cohntry h^se 
GasiSra, tf. bdilBe-k^epAr, wdman-servant 
Gasidre, tm. steward, kieper of a hoiise 
Gasile, tm. mian babil&tion, t. Gasipola 
Gasimiro, tm. cissimire, kirseymire 
Gasina, oasinina, tf. smill bdiUe, cottage 
Gasino, tm. smill coiintry-boz, shmmer-hottoe, 

Gasipola, casApola, tf. dirty smill hdhse, hot 
Gasir&to, -a, adj, obiesed, nice 
Gasfsto, tf. cisuiet 

G&so, tm. case, iccident, advintare, cbdnce; 
a easo, per case, by chiaoe; case cbe, in 
case that; d&to il case , pdt the case ; dob 
fa easo, no m&tter; far c&so di ooa cdsa, 
to Tilne a thing; dssere in c&so di mdrto, 
to be at the pQnt of d^ath; 1' immagina- 

Ddr,rftde;.fi11,8to,biUl; - f&re, dA; - b^, l^mph; pfiUe, bCyi^pi^ 
DiM, Hal. tng. 

[dwl; gem > as 


— 130 — 


zi6n6 fa caso, im&gin&lion makes that seem 
- trte, vhieh is not 
Casdccia, tf. a Urge dirly fa6ase 
Gasolana, sf, sort of apple 
Gasolar&ccio, sm. 6ld rfiinoos h^se, h6Tel 
GasoUre , tm. an 61d UDc5mfortabIe bd^se 
Gas6De, sm. a l&rge h^se 
Gas6so, -a, adj. f6arfal, uneasy, Anxious 
Gas6tto, -a, smf. snug h^se, siotry box 
Oissa, $f. chest, box, case, c6ffer, safe, tHiok, 
frame , treasury , slays of a loom , slock of 
a guQ , bee-Mve ; {printing ) chase ; — di 
risp&rmio , the siYiogs-bank ; — d' ammor- 
tizzazi6ne, sinking-fund; c6nto di cfcssa, 
cftsh-acc^nt ; c&ssa da m6rto, c6ffln; tendr 
la c&ssa, to act as cashidr; b&lter la c&ssa 
(mi7.), to b^at the drhm, to enlist; b&tter 
la c&ssa adddsso ad uno, to traduce, re?iie, 
def&me, backbite a person 
€ass&jo, sm. v. Gassetl&jo 
Gass&le, adj. deadly (fever, etc.) 
€assaro&dia, if. kn^ading-trohgh 
Gassamdnto, sm. annulling, ▼. Gassazi6ne 
Gassap&nca, s^. a chest in the form of a bench 
Gass&re, va. i. to annhl, abdlish, ckncel 
Gassat&ra, if. er&snre, crbssing ^t, obliteri- 
GassAva, sf. cass&vi, Arrow-root (tion 

Gassazi6ne, sf. cass&tion, abolition, anniilling; 
c6rte di cassazidne, c6nrt of appeal; ric6r- 
rere in cassazi6ne, ( lau> ) to s<3ie for a writ 
of ferror 
Casser^tlo, sm. chest, f6rt, cistle 
Gassero, sm. chest, fortress, qu&rter deck 
Casserdla, im. s&uce-pan, sm&Il copper pan 
Gassdlta.sf. cksket, sm&li box, Alms box, c6ach- 
box : — da vi&ggio, dressing-case , — da spu- 
tirTi, spilting-box; — da pdcchie, bee-hive; 
andire, st&re a cassdtta, to drive a c&rriage 
Gassett&jo, sm. triink, box-maker, seller 
Gassettfno, -a, smf. c&sket, case, dr&wer 
Gassetldne, sm. chest of dtiwers, bureau 
G&ssia, if. c&ssia, phrgative 
Gassidre, im. cashier, cash-k6eper 
Gassil&gine, if. {hot.) hinb&ne 
Gassilfgnea, if. {bot.) b&stard cinnamon 
G&sso, sm. breast, chest, shirt-briast 

a, adj. br6ken, vain, anniilled 

Gasson&ccio, im. l&rge 6ld triink, cdflTer, box 
GassoncSllo, sm. sm&ll triink, chest, box 
Gassoncino, sm. sm&ll sepulchre, tomb 
Gass6ne, tm. gre&t, chest, triink, coffer 
G&sta , if. c&ste , dislincl order of society ( in 

Gasl&gca, if. chdstnut; (mar.) p&nl, p&wl; ca- 
st&gne vertic&li , h&nging p&uls ; cav&r la 
casl&gnacollaz&mpaaltriii, to make a cat's 
paw of a person 
Gaslagn&ccio, sm. chistnut-brftad (nuts 

Gastagn&jo, sm. one who g&thers or sells ch^st- 
Gastagn^to, am. a gr6ve of eh^tnut-trees 
Gastagn&tta, sf. sm&ll chestnut, c&staneU 
Castagnino, -a, adj. chestnut c51or 

Gast&gno, sm. ch^tnut-tree , broi^n-cJHor ; 

c&stagno d' India , horse-cb&stnut-tree 
Gastagnndlo, -a, adj. cheelnnt-c51ored, brdwa 
Gastagnudlo, sm. sm&ll chestnut tree 
Gast&lda, sf. a nun who has the ch&rgeof the 

hdilseh61d fiirniture; a f&rmer's wife, a farm 
Gastalderia, sf. the m&naging of a f&rro 
Cast&ldo ( castaldi6De ) , sm. the bailiff of a 

m&nor, steward of a m&nor fa<5i:ise 
Gastam&nte, adv. ch&stely, m6destly 
Gastell&na, sf c&stellan's l&dy (lands 

Gastellanerfa, sf. c&stellany, cb&tellany, c&stle 
C^slellanfa, sf. office, dignity of a c&stellaa 
Gastell&no, sm. c&stellan, lord of a m&nor, 

keeper, g6vernor of a c&stle, w&rd 
Castell&no, -a, adj. of, or to a c&slle 
Casteliare, sm. an 61d riiinous c&stle 
Gastell^tto, -a, smf. sm&ll c&stle, fort 
Gastellino, sf. c6bnut (boy's game) 
Gast&llo, sm. c&stle, h&mlel, village 
-^ sm. r&mmer^ hiavy club, c&pstan ; f&r ca- 

stdlli in &ria, to build c&stles in the Air 
Gestell6tlo, sm. borough, I&rge village 
Gastelluccio, sm. sm&ll c&stle, f6rlress 
Gaslig&re, va. i. to ch&stise, correct, piinish 
Gaslig&to, -a, adj. ch&stfsed, corrected 
Gastigazidne, sf. castigo, sm. corr^tion, piin- 

Gastigli6ne, sm. bdrongh, I&rge village 
Gastim6nla , »f. pAdency , pudlcity , sh&me- 

Gaslilk, -t&te, -t&de, sf. ch&stity, parity 
G&sto, -a, adj. ch&ste, m6dest, ptire 
Ga8t6ne, sm. bezil, collet (of a ring) 
G&store, sm. {asir.) C&stor, Apollo 
G&store e PollAce , sm. ( meteoroiogy ) G&stor 

and P611ux , Saint Hdlen't , Fermo's Are , 

Gastdrio, sm. c&stor-6il, cast6reum 
Castdro, sm. c&stor, beaver, c&stor-hat 
Caslrafica, sf. trick, w&gger}', fr61ic 
Gastramentazi6ne, sf. the &rl of eno&mping 
Gaslraporcdlli, castrapdrci, sm. gilder 
G&str&re, va. 1. to c&str&te, geld, cort&il 
Gastr&to, sm. miitton, efinuch 
Gastr&to, -a, adj. castr&ted, gilded, cart4iled 
GastratOra, castrazi6ne, sf. castr&tion 
Gastrinse, adj. Earned in military service 
G&stro, sm. {poet.) c&stle, f6rtress, citadel 
Gastron&ccio, sm. I&rge wither, blockhiad 
Gastronc&llo , sm. I yoting wither, yobng fool, 
Gastroncfno, sm. \ h&re-br&inedyoiiDgman 
Gastr6ne, sm. a wither, ninny, dbnee 
Castronerfa, caslron&ggine, ff. slApid t&lk 
Gastruccino, sm. an ancient c^n of Lucca (so 

called from Gastrbccio, lord of that dty ) 
Gasu&le, €uij. c&sual, accidintal, fortuitous 
Gasualita , sf. c&sualty, Accident, ch&nee 
Gasnalminte, adv. c&sually, by ch&nce 
GasAccia, casAzza, sf th&iched c6ttage, but 
Gasncci&ccia, sf. riiinous 6ld callage, hut 
Casuccina, sf. sm&ll thatched cottage , cAbin 

File, mitf, bite, nita, tfibe; - ftl, mit, bit, ndl, thb^ - f&r, plqoe, ^:3* 

Digitized by VjOOQ I. 


— 181 — 


Casfipola, 9f. iig)7 smill bfi&se , dirty e6ttage 
Casftro, -a» adj, rfiinoug, ftlUog to rftin 
Cains foderia {latin), the case sUpulited by 

Catadkostica, tf. {jgeom.) caUcaustic dine 
Calaelismo, sm. inundiiioD, deluge 
Gatac6mba, if. c&lacomb , septilchral T&alt 
Catacrisi^ »f. catacbrteis 
Calac6sUca, tf. (phys.) catac^stics, tbe d6c- 

trine of reflected sdikods 
CaUdidllrica sf. {phy».) catadi6ptrics 
Caladidllrifo , -a, adj. {phyi.) catadri6ptric , 

eatadridptricai, reflicliog Ught 
GaUdfipa , if. (loeai) slAice , fl6od-giite , lA- 

CaUfilco, tm, cala01co 
Calarisdo (a), adverb, tdpsy-torry 
Cataf&ra, if a lelbargic compUint 
Calafr&tta, tf. c6at of miil 
Caurr&tto, SM. cuirassier, sdldier in ftrmor 
CaUlessfa.s/l (med.) c4ulepsy, caUl^psis, 

OaUldttico, -a, (med.) caUIiptic 
CaUMito, sm. bi£r, lltler 
CaUlogire, va. to insert in a c^Ulogne, to 

Catilogo, m. c&talogne, list, r6]l 
€aUpCccbia, if. desert* wilderness 
Calapl&sma, tm. p6uIlJce, cktaplasm , pl&ster 
CaUptlia, if. cktapuU 
CaUritra, if. ▼. Cater&tta 
Catarr&ie, adj. catirrbal 
Catirro, sin. calarrb, deflection, c6Id; aver 

ii eatirro di una cosa , to tbinlt one's self 

4ble to d6 a Ibing 
Catarrooaccio, sm. very bad rbeum, etc. 
Calarr6ne, sm. greit c6Id, rbefim, cat&rrb 
Catarrosam^nte, adv. witb a c61d, rheAm 
GataTr6so , -a , adj. cat&rrhal, shbjectto, or 

trobbled with catirrbs 
Cat^rtico, -a^ adj. calh&rtic, piirgative 
€at&no, im. wiste sillc, dirt, filth 
Catista, if. pile (of wood), fKineral pile 
Cataslire, va. i. to b6ap np, tax, t. Accata- 

Catislasi, sm. division of indent tragedy 
Catisto, sm. tiihp, lax-book , tax, Impost 
Catastro, an. rent-r6ll (of a manor) 
Catastrofe, if. cat&stropbe, fMal end 
€ataiino , -a , pron. mf. ( ant. ) toch , ▼. Gia- 

Catechismo, im. ditechism, principles of faith 
Catecbfsta, im. citecbist 
Calechislieo, -a^ adj. catecblstical.instriictiTe 
Calechiiz4re, vo. i. to cktechise^ interrogate 
Cateelsmo, im. t. Gatechismo 
GalecAmeDo, catec6mino^ im. catecb&men 
Categorfa, if. category , predicament 
Categorieamente, adv. eateg6rically, fdrmally 
Categdrico, -a, adj. categdrical, categ6ric 
CaCellfno, im. little phppy^ whelp 
Cal^llo, SM. little dog, whelp 

Gatelldne, im. a very large whelp; ealellonr 

catelI6ne, stealing al6Dg, step by step 
Gatena, if chain , bond, fetter, ridge; -~ di 
m6nti , chain , ridge of mduntaios; — da 
fudco J pol-bknger , pot'book ; — 'di sedgU 
sott'ecqua (mar.), reef, ridge; ^ del cdUo, 
the bones that bind tbe neck; — di ferro , 
an iron chein^ aneilo di catena, a link of 
a chiin ; spezzire le catene, to bre&k one's 
chains; esser condannito alia catena, to be 
sent to the g&Ueys , to be condemned to 
w6rk at the 6ar (on bdard of a galley) 
(^teniccia^ if. a lirge heavy chein 
Gateniccio, im. padlock, b61t 
Gatenire, va. 1. to cbAin, fetter , shickle 
Gaten4ria, if. cktenary, catendrian viult 
Gateneila, catenuzza, tf small ch4in 
Cateritta , s/: sluice, fldod-gate; {med.) cata- 
ract ; portcbllis ; cascide ; le caterilte del 
cielo s6no aperte, it riins pAilfuls; lev4r 
la catar4tta da uo dccbio, {turg,) to oSteh. 
an eye 
Gaterva, if. cr<Swd, pack, miillilude 
Gateiere^ im. (turg.) a c4tbeter 
Cateta, tf sort of fishing Uoe 
(^teio, tm. {geom.) c4thetu8 
Gatin&jo, tm. potter, earttaenw&re-Di4ker 
Gatineila^ if. wash-hand- b4sin, v. Bacino 
Gatinelietta, -Ina, -Aiza, tf very smill b4sin 
GaUno, tm. eartben-b48io; kitchen-vessel 
(^tobiepa, tm. a kind 0/ serpent 
Gatdrcio, tm. b61t, b4r, v. Ghiavisleilo 
Gatdttrica, tf cal6ptries,cal6plrieai, (optics) 
Gatrafdsso, im. precipice; giddy height 
Gatragimdro^ tm. {anl.) dizziness, whim, freak 
Catram4re, va. i. v. Incalram4re 
Gatr4me, im. tdr^ liquid pitch 
Gatridsso, tm. c4rcas8, of a fowl , etc.) 
Gattabrlga, tm. litigious man, chic4ner 
Galt4neo, catt4no, tm. v. Gastellano 
Gattkre, va. i. to c4ptiv4le, win by fl4ltery; 

catt4r la lim6sina, to go begging 
C4ttedra, tf ch&ir (untv.), pulpit, p4pal see; 

ex c4ttedra, with authdrity 
Gattedr4le, tf cathedral, episcopal chdrch 
— adj. of a ch&ir or professorship 
Gattedrinte, cattedr4tico, tm. lecturer , pro- 
Cattiv4ccio, tm. a gre&t r4scal, sc^ndrel 
Caltiv4ggio, tm. captivity^ v. Prigionia 
Cattivamente, adv. bkdiy, wickedly 
Gattivinia, sf. captivity, wickedness 
Gattivanzudla, tf. kn4very, fr61ic, trick 
Gatlivire , va. 1. to take prisoner captivate; 
cattiv4rsi la stima di uno, to win or capti- 
vate a person's esteem 
Gattiv&to, -a, adj. c4ptiv4ted, subdued 
Gattiveggi4re, vn. i. to grieve, lead a bad life 
Cattivelliccio , tm. a poor wretch 
Gattiveilo, -a, tmf. ed adj. miserable^ pUiful, 

a poor wretch, a ebnning little riscal 
GattiveilAccio, -a. adj. lean , weak, wan 

»«r,TAde;-ftU, 86d, bi&ll;- dire, d6; -b^ Itmph; p^hi,h^i, fAl; mi; gtD» ai 

Digitized by VjOOQ 1.C 


— 182 - 


GftttiTdria, cftttivizxa, if. bftsdage, malice 
CatUviU, -Ate, •ide.i/'.eaptlvKy, wickedness; 

roG&rsi \^ calUviU in ischdrio , to liogh at 

Gattivo^ -4, tmf, and adj, dtptire, tl&ve 

— •%, adj. VTetcbed, bad, wicked, p&ltry 
Callirusio, -a, Mi. r6gaish , oilschlerons 
Gitto, a, adj. iflut.) ciplWe, rkviibed 
GaUolieaminta, adv. in a cMhoiic mknner 
CatloUdimo, sm. cath6liciiin 
CattoUcilA, if. c4tbolic f&itb (adberence) 
Cattdlieo, imf. and adj. eilboHc, p(oos 
Catl&ra, tf, capture, s^iinre, apprebintion 
CaUur&re, va, 1. to apprehend, arrtet 
CatAno, 'i^^fn-on. {ant.) ^acb, v. Giascuno 
Gaudatirio, tm, a tr&in-beirer , page , altta- 

Cand&lo, -a, adj. tilled, thai has an addition 
Gaule , sm. ( hot ) c&uHs , berb&cious stem or 

Ganlino, -a, adj, {hot.) c&uline 
Giusa, 9f. ciuso, mdlire, rtoson, 6rigfn; — 

fisica morale , physical or mdral ciuse; 

sostendre , dif^ndere la budna causa , to 

stand for the good ciose. 

— tf. c&use, l&w s<iit, Action ; dif^ndere , pa- 
Irocioare una c&nsa, {law.) to pl6ad a cin- 
se; a?6re, non ardre interesse in c&usa^ to 
be, not to be concerned in a suit, to rec&- 
rer; parlire con cogDixi6ne di c&usa, to 
spiak from experience ; rinnegiire la pr6- 
pria c&usa , to ap6statfze from one's 6wn 

— chd (a), eonj. bec&use, for this reason 
Gaqs&le, adj. ciusal 

Gautalilk, -kte, -ide, tf. causklity 
Causalmdnte, adv, with c&ase, reason 
Gaus&nte, adj. c&using, occ4stooing 
Gaus&re, va. i. to c&use, oce&sion, produce 
Gausatfro, -a, adj. c&osative 
Gausito, -a, adj. c&used, oce&sioned 
Gausatdre, -trice, smf. &albor. cduser, &gent 
Caosfdico, tm. a counsel, pleader, kdTOcate 
G&usUca, sf. {geom,) caustic dirfe 
Gausticilk, tf. causlicily 
G&uslico, $m. c&ustie,biirning applle&lion 

a, adj. c&ustic, biirning , biting 

Gautameote, adv. w4rily, slily, erknily 
Gautila, »f. circumspection , caution 
Gautelkre, va. i. io c&ution, Answer for, b&il 
Gaulelklo, -a, adj. assured , safe, prfident 
Gaulirio, tm. c&utery, ptft^erful c&nstic 
Gauterizi&re, va. to c&uterize 
Gaut^zza, tf. ▼. Gant^la 
Giuto, -a, adj. w&ry, priident, c&ntious 
Gauzion&re , va. 1. to be or bec6me sArety 

for, {law) to bail (a person), to repliry (a 

Gausi6ne, tf. {law.) b&il, see<irity, sfirety , 

w&rranty; — sussidi&ria^ center secArity; 

dar oansidne , to gWe bail ; ammSttere alia 

6auzi6ne, io admit to bail, to repMyy 

G&ra, tf. a cave, cove, hole, mine, gu&rry 
Ca?ad6nti, tm. a t^b-dr&wer, dentist 
Gav&gno, tm. bksket, pannier, hkmper 
GaTalc&bile^ adj. that may be ridden 
Gavalcam^nto, tm. riding, g6iDg on hdrse-back 
CaTalc&nte, tm. rider, postilion, horse 
Gafaleire, vn. 1. to ride, crfiize, domineer; 

— c6IIe slaffe c6rte, alia torca, to ride with 
short stirrups; — a bisddsso , a barddsso , 
to ride b4re-b&cked; far cavalc&re la capra 
ad uno, to make one believe that Ihe moon 
is made of green cheese 

CaTalc&la, tf, ckvalcide, riding 

GaTalcatdjo , tm, a mdunting-bloek , hdrse- 

Cavalcatare, tm. horseman, cavalier, rider 
Cavalcat6ra, tf. any bdast for the skddle 
CavalcaTfa; tf. a Anion gallery Aver an &rch 
CaTalcher^sco. -a, adj. v. CaTalier^sco 
CaTalciire, vn. \. to rfdc, sit, stand astrMdla 
Gavalei6ne, adv. astrkddle, astride 
Gavaleggidro, tm, a light hdrse man 
Gavalerissa^s/'. (bur/.) a knight's Udy, hdrse- 

GaTalierilo, tm. knight6od ; promdsso al ca- 
ralierito , r&ised to the dignity of knigh- 
Gavali^re , tm. caiali^r , knight , hdrseman; 

— della Giarreltiera , Knight of the Gtr- 
ter ; — errinle , Knight errant ; carali^r 
serrente, a lidy's admirer , a lidy's IHito- 
rite; — d'industria , a sh&rper , a fbrtone- 
hhnter; da carali^re, n6bly, like a gentle- 
man ; cavaliire, a raised plat form to plant 
e&nnon updn; stare o tesere a caTali^re, to 
domineer, command, be or stand 6ver , fa- 
re, arm&re, creire caTali^ri, to knight 

Gavalierdtto, tm. a gre&t Idrd gintleman 
GaT&lla, tf. m&re 
Gavalliccia, tf. a jade, hack 
GaTalliro, tm. muleteer, h6rse-b(^, sergeant 
Gavallata, tf indent bdrse mllllia 
Gavallerdccio, -a, adj, p6rtable by bdrses 
GaTallerescam^nte, adv. n&bly^ gillantly 
GaTanerdsco,-a,acif}. n6ble, chivalrous, gkllant 
CaTalter^ssa, tf. {bvrl.) r. GaTaierfesa 
Cavallerfa, tf. kolghtOod, horse, civalry 
GaTallerlzza, tf. riding-school 
Gavallerizzo, tm. hdrse-breiker, rider, esqui- 
re, mister of tbo hdrse 
Gavalldlta, tf. grissh6pper, 16cust^ cheat; 
fare una caTall^tta ad uno , io play one a 
CaTallitto, tm. smftU hdrse, trissle, hdbby 
CaTallierito^ tm, knlghth6od 
Gavalliua, tf. filly, yohng mire, debiuchery ; 
sc6rrer la cavalllna , to live a lewd life , to 
be a dibauehde 
GaTallino, tm. c6lt, f6al , p6Dy, nag, cob 
CaTalUtto, -a, adj. hdrse, of a hdrse 
GavalllT^ndolo, tm. hdrse-d^alor , j6ckex 
Gavillo, tm. bdrse, sand-bink, a knight 

ritf, mite, blttf, n6ie, tibbe; 

At, m*t, bit, %v|«>;c-,(9fo^r 



^ 13a — 


<aC e*«M) ; — birbero , a birb , bArbary 
hone; — marfoo, a %H bone;-- ombrdeo, 
a rhlire or skittish borse; — int^ro , en- 
tire hone ; — da rarrdzza , c6ach bone ; 

— da tiro, d* attir&flio, dr&ft borse; — a 
d6ppio Dso, a b6ne Htled to ride or drive ; 

— di rana , a blSod-bdrse ; — di c6na , a 
T&eo-b6ne; — di caccia, a biinter; — da 
>£1la , a s&ddle-hdne ; — delle st&ngbe , a 
'wbiel-hdrse ; — del postiglidne , a leader ; 

— d'affitto', a k^ekney hArse , a back ; er- 
r6re da caTallo , an egr^gioos blfander ; ne- 
goziinte di caTilll , hdrse-dialer ; le guAr- 
die a cavillo, tbe b6rse-gu&rds; mediatdre 
di ea?i]Ii , bdne-joekey; c6r8a di cav&lli , 
bdrse-race ; fiSrro di cavillo , bdrse-sb^e ; 
fiDim^nti di ca?4llo, bdrse-trkpptngs ; mon- 
Ure a cavallo , to m6unl a borse , to gel 
Qp6n one's borse*; smonlare da cavMlo, to 
alight from one's borse; atlaec4re i eavilli, 
to put tbe bones to ; d&re nn cavUlo . to 
hone-vhip, llsb; f&re nnacdna a cav&llo, 
to take a ride ; fare una cdsa a cav&Uo , to 
do a thing in a hurry ; y'l and&i a caT&lIo , 
I vent there on bone-back; ead^r da ca- 
▼iilo , to iill from one's bdrse , to fall oiT 
one's borse ; eondscere i caT&Ili alle s4Jle , 
to knov a borse by bis b&rness; lasciiirsi 
leTire a cavillo , to let one' s self be imp6- 
sed vp6n ; essere a cav&Ilo {fig.), neither' to 
lose, nor win; p&srersi come it eaiat del 
Cidlle, to feed np6n air; il cav&llo fa and4r 
la srirza , prov. exp, the thing goes the 
wrong way , is begun by tbe wrong end ; 
andir sul eavallo di s. Francesco, to go on 
foot; a caT&llo don&to non si go&rda in 
bocca, prov. exp. look not a gift bone in 
tbe mdiktb 

Cafalldne, $m. gre&tr-hdne, sbrge, bre&ker 
CaTalldcchio, am. wisp, hornet, exitelor 
CaTallAceio, sm. a little nag, cob, pad 
Caraniccbie, tm. scdQrer (of elothes) 
CaTam^oto, tm. e&vity, excavfttion 
CaTana, tf. a cove, cdiered b6at , mooring 
Cavire, va. i. to take off, driw up, dig, pfin, 
pluck, wring , wrest; — un dinte , to driw 
a t^otfa ; — il capplllo^ to take off one's hat; 

— 4cqoa, to dr&wwiter; -- s&ngue, to 
let blood ; — Atile , to r^ap or g&in pr6i}t ; 

— gli 6cchi , to pull tbe e^es ^t; — una 
fdssa , to dig a grive ; cavir di bocea un 
aefrito, to wrest a secret from one , to get 
a s^ret tfut of a penon : cav&r denikri da 
ijaalcbedono, to get mdney from one; caiir 
le mini d'on affkre, to make an end of a 
butiDesfl ; cavar uno di eervdllo , to tfose 
one to dtotb ; caT&re i calc^tli ad uno , to 
piiBp a person ; cavar uno dal fango , to 
r&ise one from the dirt; cavar bndoo o raal 
Tiso dl un affare , to succeed well or iH in 
SI Insiiiets 

CsTatli?ilj, im. b^H^l^ 

Gavastrieei, sm, giiB-w6rm, edrk^crew 
Cavita, tf. ditch, m6at, pit, digging 
Gavatina, tf. short ^ir, song, t6ne, ariAtta 
Cav&to, tm. ciivity, b611ow, h61lowness 
Cavito, a, adj. dog, concave, extracted 
Gavaldre, sm. digger , driver , miner , ditcher 
Cavatfira, tf. civily, hole, h6llow, digging 
Gavatur&ccfoli, tm. cdrk screw 
Gayazidne, tf excav&iion, ckvity, bbllowness 
CavMioe, tf 16aeh (fresh water lish) 
GavMio, tm. {ant.) c6urt-yird, t. Gortile 
GaT6lle,s/)}. {vulg.) trifle, sdmelhing, kny thing 
Gaverdlla, tf sro&ll bole, cave, c&vity 
Gavdrna, tf. c&vern, kntre, den, cave 
(]avern61Ia, cavern^tta, tf. sm&II civem 
Gaverno8itk,-4de, depths concavity 
Gaverndso, -a, a4j. cavernous, h6llow 
Gaverni^zza, caverdzzola, tf. sm&Il c&ve 
Cav^tto, tm. {arch.) cavitto, g6rge 
Gav^zsa, tf. bftlter, hitoging rope, bridle 
Gavezsina, tf, bridle, reins, restr&int 
Gavezz6ne, tm. c&vesson, n6se-band 
Gaveszu61a, tf sm&ll bilter, wag, r6gue 
Gavi&le, tm. caviary 
Gavicchio, -a, tm. peg, pin, spigot 
Gavfglio, -a, tmf peg, pin, &nkle 
Gavigliudlo, tm. sm&ll peg, pin, spigot 
Clavillire, vn. i. to c^vil, wrkngle, cirp at 
Gavil!at6re, -trice, sm/'.'c&vilier, chic&ner 
Cavi1lazi6no | {ant.) tf. pelUf&gging, cavilling 
GavUlitk I s6phism, shbtlety, quirk 
Gavillosam^nte, adv. c&ptioosly, with ckTilt 
Cavilldso, -a, adj. c&villoos, captious 
Gavilk, 4de, tf ckvity, hole, h6Ilow 
G&vo, tm. cibie, r6pe (to fasten a ship) 
— tm. m6uld, engr&ving, mdrtiso, cape 

a, adj. hdllow, deep, c6neave 

a, adj. (cav4to), dog, ixcavAted 

Gavol^o, -a, adj. of or like cabbage 
GAvolo, tm. ckbbage; — fldre, ciuliflower; tn 
Don bai a mangi&re il c&volo co' cidchi, pram 
exp. yon hkve to ddal with one wb^ is not 
a fool; portAre il c&volo a legn&ja, 10 
cirry c6als to Newc&stle 
Gavol6ne, tm. lArge dibhage 
GaYr^tto, tm. cbAvril, kid, t. Gapretto 
Gavriola, cavriodla, tf c4per, eapridle 
Gavriudlo, -a, tmf h6-g6at, shA g6at - 
Gaiidso, -a, adj. r. eapzi6so 
G&zza, tf crficible, lidle, p6tstick 
CaizabagU6re, tm. (iron) d&zzling. dizzineea 
Gazz&re, va. i. (sea) to bial the cAble 
G&ssa-sc6tta,sm. {miur.) the m4in s&il rope block 
Gazzatdllo, tm. {vul.) sbdrt thick set man 
Gassavdlo, -a, tmf. sfo-giill, s^-mew 
GaxzotlAre, la. i. to box, fist , thump (vulfj) 
Gazzdtlo, tm. thw4ck, cuff, bI6w with the Us! 
Cazzudla, tf. tr^el, perfume, seent-botlle 
Ge (for ci before, ne, lo, ecc.),f»'on. to va^ ns 
Ge, adv. hire, tbire 
Geet4(gia», tf. eteity, blindness 
Gecaminte, adv. blisdly, grdplng al6iig 

■dr,rAdv;-ftn,s6D,bdll; - f4rs,d6; - bf.ltmph; p6Ue, b^, fO&l, f<$i»l; gem,al 


— 134 — 


Cedire, va. i. to bUnd, obscure, cldiid 

Gecardla, tf, {mar. a Ifllle sail) 

Gec&to, -a, adj. blinded, darkened 

G^cca, sf. m^gpfe (bird) t. Gazzera 

C^ce , »m. chick-p6as6 , vdlch C plant ) ; inse- 

gn&re a rddere c^ci ( vulg. ) , to ih6w one 

bis fiHult ; egli 6 un bel cece , he is a fop ; 

egli h c6co da far qaisto , he is capable of 

it, (in a bad sense) 
Cicero, im. s^n (ant.) t. cigno 
Geeb^sco, -a, adj. d&rk, obsc6re, blfod 
Cecb^sza, cechit^, -&le, -&de, sf. blindness 
Gecfno, stn, chick pdase, sw&n, my little d^art 
Cecity, -kle, Ade, sf. blindness, infatu&lion 
GecoHna, sf. a grig, sm&ll ^el 
Cecolino, sm. a blind joiing man 
Ged^nte, adj. flexible, yielding, ductile 
GMere, van.± irr. to yi^ld, submit, give up; 

non vi c^do in n61la, I am not inferior to you 

in any thing, I am as good a man as yon ; 

Ti cedo il mio lu5go , I resign my pl&ce to 

Gederno, sm. (ant.) limon, citron, eltron-tr^e 
Ged^vole, adj. flexible, pliant , ddcile 
GedeTolezza, sf. flexibility, t. ArrendeTolezza 
Cediglia, sf (gram.) cedilla 
Cedim^nto , sm. sinking , subsidence , subsf- 

dency (of ground, elc.) 
Gedizi6ne, sf. cession, giving up 
C^dola, sf. bill, pr6missory n6te 
Gedol6ne, sm. placird, p6sting bill 
GedornMla, 5/*. (bot.) b&lm-mint; cedrondlla 
Gedr&ngola, sf, s&infoin, lAcerne (herb) 
Cedr&re, va. 1. to season with I^mon 
Gedr&to, sm. lime, lime-tree, lime w&ter 

a, adj. 16mon-lAsted 

G^dria, sf gum of the cidar tree 

Gedrfno, -a, adj. cidrine, made of c^dar 

Gedriudlo, sm. c6cumber (plant and fruit) 

Cedro, sm. c^dar, lime, citron, lime-tree 

Gedr6no, sm. hiath-cock 

Cedrondlla, sf. balm-mint (plant) 

G6duo, -a, adj. fit to be cut doln 

Ged6to, -a, adj. yielded, given up 

Gefagli6ne, sm. (of palm-trees) pith 

Gefalargfa,*/! cipbalalgy,accidtatal hiad-iche 

Cefalda, sf (med.) hdad&che 

Gef&lica, sf cepbklic vein 

Gef&lico, adj. cepbklic, good for biad-iche 

G^falo, sm. miillet, miller's thumb (fish) 

Gefaldpide, tm. (natural history) cephalopod 

Gifeo, sm. (astr.) cephdus 

Geff&re, va. 1. to cklcb, sn&tch, v. Ginff&re 

Geffita, sf box on the 6ar, cuff, slap 

CeffaUila, -ina, sf slight slap on the face 

Geffat6ne, -a, sm. tdrrible slap, a heavy bl6w 

Geffa6Uo, sm. a bl6ckh6ad, mbzzle 

G^ffo, fill, sn^i , mdzzle , iigly fice ; -~ far 

ceffo, to m4ke f&ces 
Geff6ne, sm. slap on the mdiith, h&rd caff 
Geff6to, -a, adj. having a Iftrge brbad face 
Geiamtoto, sm, concealfflent, biding 

Gel&re, va. i, to conceal, secrete, disguise 
Cel&rsi, vref. to hide, conceal one's self 
Gel4ta, sf. amboscide, b61met, sklad 
Gelataminte, adv. secretly, bnder hSind 
Celito, -a, adj. concealed, occiilt, litent 
Gel&to (in), adv. exp. clandestinely, by sttoltb 
Gelal6ne, sm. a grejit helmet 
Gelat6re, -trfce, smf. one who hides , conceals 
G61ebe, smf v. Gilibe 

CelebSrrimo, -a, adj. v6ry fimons , renowned 
Celebr&bile, adj. prIiisewArthy, i&udable 
Celebram^nto, sm. celebration, celebrity 
Gelebr&nte, sm. officiating priist 
Celebr4re, tm. 1. to cMebr&le, ext6I, pr&iso 
Celebr&to, -a, adj. celebrated, prJiiscd 
Gelebratdre, -trfce, smf ext61ler, priiiser 
Gelebrazi6ne, sf. celebration 
Cdlebre, adj. f&mous, celebrited, illhstrious 
Celebrivole , adj. wdrthy of bding cilebr&ted 
CelebritJi, -&le, -hde, sf celebrity, festival 
Gelere, adj. (po.) swift, fleet, nimble 
Celeritit, sf celerity, swiflness, veldcity 
Celeste , adj. celestial, divine, sky blue ; i ce- 
Idsti, smp. (poet.) the celestials, the inhab- 
itants of heaven 
Celesti&le, adj. celestial, heavenly 
Celeslialmente, adv. cel&stially divinely 
Gdestlno, -a, adj. bl6e, izure, sky bl&e 
Cdlia,«^.w&ggery, jest, joke, pliiyfulness, trick, 
quizzing, rkillery; r^ggere alia cilia, to 
kn6w h($w to take a joke,* rdggere la cSlia, 
to k^ep up the fun 
Geli&ccia, sf. a bad jdke, unhandsome trick 
Celiaco, -a, adj. cdiiac, of the I6wer b611y 
GeliArca, sm. cdmm&nder of 10(X> sdldiers 
Geliire, van. 1. to jest, j6ko, sp6rt, quiz 
Geliatdre, -trfce, sf. a quiz, jister 
Ceiib&to. sm. celibacy, single life 
C^libe, smf unmarried man or woman 
Geiicolo, -a, adj. inhabiting heaven 
Geliddnia, sf. (bot.) celandine, swailow-wirt, 

hdrned or prickly poppy 
GAIia, sf. cell, cellar, c&ve 
Cell&jo, celiario, sm. cellar, v. Gelii^re 
Gellerfija, sf cdllarist (in a nunnery) 
Geiler&jo, celter4rio, sm. cillarlst 
Gellerarfa, sf. dffice , dAty of c^llarist , bhtler 
Celldtta, sf. sm&ll cell, s6cket (of teeth) 
Celli6re, sm. cellar, v&ult, p&ntry, bhltery 
Gelldria, sf. (burl.) ndddle, p&te, b^ad 
G^llula, Gelluzta, sf. small cellar, cell, room 
Gellul&re, adj. \ cellular, fail of lillie cells \ 
Celluldso, -, adj. \ h6ney-cdmbed 
Gelonijo, sm. uph6Uierer, cirpel-m&ker 
Gel6ne, sm. quilt, rug, cdver, cArpet 
GeisitAdine, sf latin, (tittle used) imiDenee 

(ant,) Highness, Ezcelioncy (a tfile) 
Geilico,-&,a«(/. Celtic, perlitining to theGells; 
il cdllico , sm. ceitic , the l&nguage of the 
Gdmbalo , sm, pi&no-f6rt6 , cymbal , tibor ; 
andir col cembalo in colombija, to blab ^X 

rktt, mUtf bite, n6U, itbe; • Al, nit, 

"*• ^^ze?S;<.;c^^ 


OEM _ 185 — 


one's bosiness ; Gff6ra da cembali, a frfgbt- 
fol flfDre, an ill-l6okiog man 
CembaD^lla, tf, tm&U pipe, t. Gonnamdlla 
Cefflbanillo, «m. sm&ll t&bor, Ubret 
Cembolitmo, -a, Mmf, {belter embolismo ) em- 

boJism, inlercaUtion, insertion 
Cjmbra, sf. [arch.) ap^pbyge 
Cement&ref oa. i. to ckleino, porif;^, eemint 
CemenUto, -a, atfj. puriffed ceminlod 
Gementatdrio,-a, adj. pArifying, purlGcaliTe 
CeaieDtaii6De, $f. pAriflcilion, cementing 
Ceo^nto, sm. a sort of sling, cement 
Gemmantlla, sf. v. Gennamella 
Cempennire, van. i. to sthmble, t. Incespare 
G^na, Mf. tdpper; la s4ota Gena, the Lord's 
sdpper; and&re a l6lto sinza c6na, to go to 
bed Slip per less 
Cen&colo, »m. 8bpper-r6om (scriptural) 
Cen&nle, gm. siipper-^aler, sbpper-guest 
Cenire, va. 1. to snp, 6at shpper 
GenMa, sf. siipper, simpleton {ant,) 
Gencerdllo, tm. sm&ll rag, tetter 
Cencerfa, sf h^ap of rags, tatters, etc. 
Cenciiccio, sm, filthy dirty rag, bad cl6lbes 
Cenciija, sf wdrthless thing, thing of no Ase 
CencJAjo, cenciajndlo, sm. rkgmao, rag-picker 
Gcnci4ta, sf a slap with a rag or dish-clijilit 
Geneinquanta, adj. a hiindred and fifty 
Gineio, sm, rag , titter , disb-cldlit , non dar 
fadco al c^ncio, not to lend the least assi- 
stance; venfr dal c<&ncio,tol6athe, despise, 
diid&in; nscir di c^nci, to mend one's fdr- 
Cenci6so, -a, adj. rigged, in titters 
Ginero, sm. T&nomons speckled sirpent 
Ceneraccio, sm. Ife-dshes, ^sence of ishes 
Genericciolo, sm. c6arse bdcking-tub cloth 
Gener&rio, -a, adj. containing the ishes of 
Cenerata, sf. lie, liilyium 
CAoere, smf {po.) isbes, dust, cinders; il 
|i6Tno deile c^neri, ish-Wedoesday ; eoI6r 
di cinere , ish-c51or ; di col6r di c^nere , 
ishy, lsh-e61oured; covire 86tto le cdneri, 
(of /Ire) to sleep in its ishes, to sm6udler; 
eorire, goardir la cinere, to keep the Are 
wirm ; aodire in cenere, to be bbrnt or re- 
duced to ashes ; ridurre in &§nere, to bhrn 
or reduce to ashes 
Cenertlla, sf light supper, smil) cdmpany 
Cenertntola, sf. cinder-wench, cinder- w6man, 

Cenerfoo, cenericdo, -a, adj. ish-c61ored 
GenerAgnolo, -a, adj. of ish-cdior 
Cenoroso, -a, adj. cinirulent, full of ishes 
Cenfno, sm. cen^tta, f little sipper 
CennamSlla, sf. bag pipe, fligeolet, piper 
Ccnnare, ▼. Accennire 
Cennito.a, adj. hinted, t. Accennito 
Cinno, sm, sign, wink, beck, nod, signal, com- 
mknd : far c^nno di una cdsa , to hint at, 
aJlude to or toiich lightly up6n a mitter; 
int^ndere a einni, to understind, to t&ke a 

CennoTinta, adj. a hiindred and ninety (bint 
Gendbio, sm, a m6nastery, cdnvent 
Genobita, sm. friar, mink 
Genobitico, -a, adf. cenobitical, monistic 
Cenotifio, sm, cenotaph, dmpty m6nument 
Genquarinta, adj. a hhndred and fftrty 
Censalito, -a, adj. {ant.) rigged, ▼. Genci68» 
Gensess&nta, adj, a hiindred and sixty 
Gensettinta, adj. a hbndred and s^Tenly 
Gensito, ▼. Gensuirio 

Gdnso, sm. rent, tribute, rewird, cinsns ; dar 
daniri a dinso, to put 6ul mdoey to interest 
Gensor&re, va. 1. to criticise, censure 
Gensorito, sm. censorship, 6ffice of cinsor 
Gen86re,sin. cinsor, cinsurer, critic, inspector 
Gensoria, sf cdnsure, y. Gensura 
Gensdrio, -a, adj. cens6rian, cens6riou8 
Gensuile, adj. fe6dal, pertiining to tenures 
Gensuirio, sm. c6py-h6lder, tenant, renter 
Gensuito, -a, adj. lixed, assessed, rited 
Gensura, sf. censure, critique, censorship; 
censAre ecclesiistiche, ecclesiistical censure 
Gensuribile, adj. censurable, reprehensible 
Gensurare, va. i. to cinsure, find fiult 
Gensurito, -a, adj. blimed, criticised 
Gensuratdre, sm. censurer, reprover 
Gentaurda, sf. centaury (plant) 
Gentiuro, sm. {myth.) a centaur; {astr.) cintaur 
Gentellire, va. 1. to sip 
Gentellino, cent^Uo, sm. rip, smill dringht 
Genteniria, sf {law) centennial prescription 
Gentenirio, -a, adj. centenary, centennial 
Gentesimo , sm. a firthing, a cent (American 

coin) ; — a, adj. hdndredth, centesimal 
Gentfgrado, adj. centigrade ; termdmetro cen- 
tigrade, centigrade tberm&meter 
Gentigrimmo,sm. centigramme,. the hundredth 

pirt of a gramme 
Gentililro, sm. centiliter, centilitre, the hdnd- 
redth part of a litre 
Gentfmano, adj. {myth.) hiving a hiindred 

hands {as Briareus) 
Genlimetro, sm. centimeter , centimetre , the 

hiindredlh pirt of a metre 
Gentim6rbia, centinddia, sf {bot.) r. Gento* 

Gentina, sf {arch.) the semicircular wooden 

frame on which a new iroh is turned 
Gentinijo, sm. {pi. centinija); a hiindred ; a 

centinija, by hiindreds, in greit niimber 
Gentinire, va, i. to drch, viult, ciirve 
Gentinito, -a, adj. viulted, irched, circular 
Gentinatura, tf. {arch.) (centina) a m6uld for 
Gentipede, sm. cemiped (an irch 

Gento, sm. adj. a hiindred; lo scdntodel didei 

per cento, a discount of ten per cent 
Gentogimbe, sm. w6od-ldiise, f&rty-feet 
Gentomila, adj. a hiindred thdiUand 
Gent6ncbio, sm. chick-weed (herb.) 
Gent6ne, sm. pitch-w5rk, rhipsody 
Centonddi, tm. {bot,) kn&t-gr&ss 
Gentrile, a4J. central, of the centre 

Bdr, rftde; - iiU, t6D, bull ; - i&re, d6; • 

bt.ltopb. pase,bl^e» f^, 

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— 186 — 


Centrogfiftre, vn. to centre, tend to the oiiktrQ 
Gdotrico, -a, adj, ctotrical 
CeDlrifago, -a, adj. (phys.) centrifogal 
GeDtrioa, sf. p6rpoiB6, ada-hog 
Gentripeta, eulj. {phys.) centripetal 
GSotro, tm. ceolre, middle, bottom, faeirt 
CentumvirAle , adj. ceDtUmviral, pertaining 

to the oenttimTiri 
GentumTirilo, sm. centttmvirate , the office of 

a cenidmrir 
GeDlilimTiri, centovfri, tmp. the centbmvira 
Cent6no, tm. a hiiodred and one, {fig.) ^ 

thdxisand and one 
GeotApede, tm. centipede, millepes 
Gentnplie&re, va. 1. to centAplicate 
Gentupiicalaminte, adv. a hbndred-f6ld 
Gentaplicito, -a, adj. made a hiiadred fold 
Gintupio, «m. cintaple, a hiindred fold 
Cent6ria, tf. (centary) c&mpany of 100 men 
Centuri6ne, «m. ceoturion, captain of iOO men 
Gen6zza, »f. a little sdpper 
Gepp&ja, ceppiU, tf. rooty stomp (of a tree) 
GeppatdUo, tm. sm&ll gtump, trhnk 
Gdppo, tm. the 16wer part of the trhnk of a 

tree, stiimp, block, log, stocks, fetters, chains, 

stock, origin; c^ppo d'incudine, the block 

of an &n?il ; ceppo'di case, a block of htfQses ; 

c^ppi amor6si, the chiins of Idve; ceppo, a 

bldckhiad, a chrislmas-box ; c^ppo deil'in- 

Cora {mar.) the &Dcbor>stock 
G^ra, tf. w&x, wkx-cjindle, t&per, face, look, 

appearance, midn, cheer 

— (far ba6na), tm. 1. irr. to fiast , enterl&in 

— (di ba6na), adv. exp. merrily, with j(y ; mi 
rallSgro veddrla con qudlla ba6na cera, I am 
glad to see you look so well 

Geraja61o, tm. a wkj. cbindler 
Geral&cca, tf. scaling -w&z 
Geramdlla, tf. pipe, ?. Gennamilla 
Ger&sa, tf, (betler ciri^gia), a chdrry 
Cer&sta, tf. cerkstes, h6rned serpent 
GerMe, tfp. {mar.) tarp&ulins, tarpiwlings 
Ger&to,-a, adj. cdrated, c^red 
Ger&unio, cer&ano, tm. {min.) tbhnder-stone 
Gerb&ja, tf. planlilion of 6aks, ▼. Gerrdto 
Gerbi^tto, tm. f2vD, yodog deer 
G^rbio, tm. stag, hirt, male red deer 
GerboDdca, (cerbonda, anC), tf. bad mixture 

of vfne 
Gerbott&na, tf a long tAbe, an dar-trdmpet; 
sapdre, o int^ndere per cerboUina, to h^ 
at second hand, indirectly 
Cerca, tf. cercam^nto , tm. search , inquiry ; 

and&r alia circa, to beg, to go biggiug 
Gercinte, adj. seeking, inquiring, biggiDg 
Gerc&re, va. seek, search (stroll) ; ceit4r 
d* alcona cdsa coi foscellino , to sdek a thing 
diligently; cercir il nddo nel giAoeo, to edn* 
jure up difficulties; cerc&rd'uno, to enquire 
ftfler one ; eerear un partito, to look or seek 
&fler a good mitch ; cercir brighe , to seek 

Cerc&to, -a, a((^. searched, sought 
Gercat6re, -trice, tmf. ft&aker, inquipar 
(^rcatiira, tf. res&arch, perquisition^ inqoeat 
Girchia, tf. v. Gerehio 
Gerchiajo, tm. hoop-m&ker, c^per 
Gerchiamento, tm. the hooping 
Cerchi&re, va. 1. to hoop, encircle 
Cercbi4lo,-a, ad/, ^hooped, surrtf&nded 
Gercbial6ra, tf hooping, encircling 
Gerchieliino, tm. tery sm&ll circle, aasimbly 
Gerchldllo, cerchieito, tm. small circle 
Gerchieltioo, tm, very sm&ll circle, pl4in ring 
Girchio, tm. circle, hoop, iron ring, girland 
— tm. circuit, encl6sure, assembly; in circhio; 

dare un c61po quando in sul cerchio e qfiaa* 

do in sulla botle, to give one knock on the 

hoop, andlher on the bitrrel; a cerchio, <ul- 

verb. roUnd, arouud, ab^l 
Gerchiolino, tm. sm&ll circle, smill hoop 
GSrcine , tm. a slight riog-like cushion for a 

s^at , for the hiad (of a porter) , a child's 

pkdded cap or biad protector 
Gdrco, sm. {po.) circle, encl6sure, clroas 

a (for cercito), a4j. atorcbed, s6ughl 

Gerconcdllo, tm. (ant.) i. Gresci6ne 
Gerc6ne, sm. tSdr vine 
(^ercuito, tm. circuit, circhmference, cdmpaaa 
Gerekle, adj. of Gires, of briad ; i oere41i, gr&in 

of every sort 
Gerebeilo, tm. (anat.) cerebillum, little brain 
Gerebr&le, adj. cerebral, of thebriin ; conge> 

sti6ne cerebr&le (med.), congestion of bldod 

in the br&in 
Gdrebro, am. the br&in 
Geremdnia, tf. ▼. Gerimonia 
Geremonieie, tm. y. Cerimoniale 
Geremoniire, tm. t. Gerimoniere 
Geremoniosamenle, adv. ?. Gerimoniosamente 
Ceremoni6so, -a* adj. ▼. Gerimonioso 
Gereo,-a, adj. vkxen,m&deofwax; tm. tAper 

{for churchet)t vaz-l&per, ciirge 
Cerere, tf. (myth.) Gdres; (atlr.) Gerea 
Gerfoglio, am. {bol.) ch6rvii 
Gerfogli6ne, tm. curl of h^ir (hanging loose) 
Gerimdnia, tf. ciremony, formality 
Gerimoniile, tm. cerem6nial, ritual; a4f. ce- 

rem6nial, fdrmal 
C^erimoniSre, the master of ceremonies 
Gerimoniosamente, adv. ceremdniously 
Gerimoni6so, -a, adj. ceremdnioua, fdrmal 
Gerinta, tf. (bot.) h6ney-shckle 
Geriuolo, tm. impostor, swindler 
Germat6re, tm. (ant.) ?. Giarmal6re 
Gerna, tf. ref6se , dffal , scum , a n6Tice (at 

play) pickings, selection; far corna, to 

mike a selection, to choose 
Cerneccbi&re, va. 1. to -ch6ose, pick dflen 
Gernecchio, am. ciirl hanging dver the ears 
Gernere, va. 3. I to choose , pick , sia 
Cernire, va. I dearly, cbll.sifl, disciisa 
Gernilo,-a, (cerDiito,-a),ac(/. set apirt, picked 
Gerniera, tf. hinge, tiirning-jant 

File, meu, UU, n6td, Ukbe; - At, met, bit, n6t, thb; 

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— 137 — 


GftniitAj*, SM. a stick And is smiof 
Cermit6rs, Mm, siftor 
G^, fM. a lirge w&x e&ndle, a sinny 
Gertna, «/l a br6ad Uagkiag face 
Cerdto, -a, adj, v&xea, made of wkx 
Cerollino. eerdttolo, ^m. lilUs cirale 
Cerdlto, «m. <«rix Uper, cerate, plAster 
Gerdna, «f. fice, Jiir,l6ok,apptoraikee (lone 
€erpeU6De , «m. a greit blhoder. t. Seerpel- 
Gerracebidne, mi. lirge greeo 6ak 
GerrAre,« fringe; (fig.) to b^ast, qaack 
Gerretino , mi. cbirlatao , quack , jbggler , 

Gerrelan6ne, tm. a qokek* a greit empiric 
Gerr^lo, $m. wood, forest of green 6ak trees 
GIrro, tm. green 6ak, fringe, lock of b4ir 
GerrutOy -a, adj. f&ll of green 6ak8 
Cerlime , tm. {po.) c&mbat, wir, ffgbt; sin- 

golir certime, a single c6inbal, a d6eJ 
Gertam^ote, adv. certainly, sorely 
Gertamdnto, »m. (ant.) certainty , assurance, 

T. Aceerlamdnto 
Gertiao, -a, adj, c&rlain, s6re {ant.) 
Gertire, va. 1. (po.) to flgbt, c6mbat 
Gerl^xza (cerliasa, ant,), tf. cdrtitode, evi- 
CerttficainintOi tm. eonfirmition, assArance 
Gerlificire , oa. 4. to certify, attest, confirqn; 

il sotUMcritto eerliGca che, ec, tbe onder- 

slgned certifies tbat, etc. 
Gertificato, tm. certificale, conflrmition 
^ -a, adj. cerUHed, att^led 
CertilicaQ6i}e, »f. ttelimony, attestition 
Gerlissimaminte, adv. m6st c&rtainly 
Gertissimo, -a, udj. m6st certain 
Certit6dine, tf. cArlitnde, full assAraaee 
G^rto , tm. the certainty , tbe certain ; pfglia 

il dSrto, e liscia V inc^rto, siize tbe certain, 

liaTe the nncArtain 

— -a, adj. certain , indAbiUble , pdsitiTB; 6 
edaa cirta, it is c^rUin ; di eCrto, al e^rio, 
per cArlo, adv. m6st certainly ; nn c^rto, a 
c^Uia man , a person 

Gertdsa, tf. cartbAsian monastery 
Gertosfoo, sm. a carthnsian mink 
Certuoo, -a, pron. indef. s5me, simebody 
Gervleo, -a. adj. sk^-blae 
Gertme, tm. cerumen, <ar wax 
Gernsia, tf. {ant.) sbrgery, t. Gbirurgfa 
GerAaico, tm. sikrgeon , t. Ghiriirgo 
GerAssa. tf. ubite l^d, cimse 
Gdnra , e^rria, tf. hind (female of tbe stag) 
Cerrelliecio, sm. a bad hiad, a bad memory, 

a madcap, an eccentric person 
Cenrelliggine, tf. whim, fdlly, caprice 
Cerrellita, tf. a thick short sinsage 
Gerfelldtto, sm. a lively gdnios, a nit; {fmat.) 

certUllam, littJe briin 
GerreUiCra, tf. a bdlmet, cisqoe, hiad-pitee 
Gerrelliniggine, tf. giddiness, friak 
Gerrelllno. sm. a (woman's) cap, an odd man 

— -ft, adj. hira-briined, giddy 

Gerrillo, tm. gteios, tbe briin, briios, jhdg- 

' nent, nit, tilent, ability ; stillirsi o bee- 

cirsi il cervdllo.torack one's briins; itser 

fu6ri di cervdllo, to be dUt of one's wils, 

or beside one's self; slire in cerTdllo , to 

have one's wits aboikt one, mdUere il cer- 

T^lio a parUto ad nno, to bring a person to 

reason ; poco cerv^llo , little briins; bra* 

ciirsi il oervdllo, to bl6w dut one's brains; 

cervil balzino , a Ifgbt-hteded bilf wiUed 


Ger?eI16ne, sm. a greit genius; singalar fellow 

Genre IMtico, -a, adj. light briined,hair-briin- 

ed, odd, eccentric, mad 
Gervellulo, -a, adj. of s^nd judgment 
Gerv^tta, tf. a yobng hind, deer 
Gerrillo, cerviitto, tm. yoiiog stag, fiwn 
Geryiatldllo, tm. ?^ry yobng fiwn 
CervicAle, adj. cinricaU bel6nging to tbe neck 
(^rvicdso, -a, adj. sUff-necked, stbbborn 
Gorvfce, tf. neck, back of tbe neck 
Gervidre, tm. lynx; dcchio cervidro, lynx-eyed 
Gervidllo, tm. yobng stag, lawn 
Gerrfno, -a, adj. of a stag, tawny, deer-c61ored 
CAno, cerTio, tm. stag, hart 

— Tolinte, tm, piper kite, flying t^ 
Genr6gia, tf beer, drink of herbs and grain 
Gerziorire, oa. 1. toinfdrm, acquiint,inslrlict 

certif;^, v&rif^, attest (law) 
Geniorito, -a«ad;. assured, certified, attested 
Cerziorazi6ne, tf. t6stimony, attestition 
G6sare , tm. Ga^sar , imperor *, o G^sare o 

nieate, either ill or n5tbing 
Gesireo, -a, adj. imperial, ces&rian ; opera- 

Eidne ceiirea, {turg.) cesirian section (the 

taking of a child from tbe womb by cutting) 
Gesirio, tf. (po.) hiad of h&ir, bush of h^ir 
Gerellaminto, tm. cirTing, scblpture 
GeseHire, va. i. to chisel, cirre, scblptore 
Gesellito, -a, adj. chiselled, cirred, sculptured 
GesellatAra , tf. cirved or chiselled w6rk ; (of 

metalt) cbising 
Gese1lat6re, tm. cirrer, engriver, encbiser 
Gesclldll9, ceselUno, tm. smill chisel, griver 
Geseilo, tm, chisel, griver, bArin 
G^sio, -a, adj. blfie, iiure (blue eyed) 
Gesdje, tfp. scissors 

Gespicire, va. 1. to stbmble, t. Indampire 
Gespite, cdspo, tm. a tbrf, bush, sod, fbrze 
Gespit6so, -a, adj. briery full of brimbles 
Gespugliito, -a, adj. biHsby, briery 
Gespugliitto, tm. smill biishy, brier 
Gespiglto, tm. tbrf, sod, bush, taft 
Gespugli6so, -a, adj. busby, full of bdgbes 
Gessagiine, tf. intermission, ccssition 
Gessime, tm. filth, ribaldry, ribble, scbm 
Gessaminto, tm, discontinuance, pinse 
Gessinle, o4l- ciasing, that ceases, remits 
Gessire, vm. 4. to ciase, discontinue, stop; il 

temporile ce8serit4sto,theskorm will soon 

be drer 

— fw. 4. to aT&d, escipe, avirt, dispil; cee- 

>»r.f«d.:-iU.»»a.Mn, - Ar.,di:.bMtmph; P«»».«'9*i.i«?*ty*Sb!3^l^ 


— 188 — 


sirelafatfca, to shun w6rk; per cess4re 
mali pid gr&ndi , to avoid gre&ter driU; i 
leoilivi cessano il doi6re, IdniUres 6ase (or 
Assuage) pain 
Cess&rsi, mrf. to forbe4r, beep from, abgt&in, 
refrain; Don si pu6 cess&re dal b6re, be 
c&DDOt forbe&r drioking 
Cessalo, -a. adj. ceased, 8t6pped 
Ces8azi6ne, sf. cess&liou, inlerrdption 
Cessionario , sm. cessionary , bankrupt , as- 
Gessidne, nf. the cession, coDT^yance trknsfer, 
assfgnemoDt; — di beni, (law.) sarr^nder, 
surrender of pr6perly; dssere ammdsso al 
beoeffcio di c<issi6ne , ( law. ) to take the 
btoefit of the ins6iventact; far cessidne, to 
make a surrender of pr&perty , to transfer, 
Gdsso, itn. ceasing , putting , off, glTing up , 
{ant. in Ihit senw); privy, necessary, wdter- 
Gesta, if. basliet, nshing-bksliet; a ctete, adv. 

exp. plentifully, abdndantly 
Gest&ccia, sf. great iigly 6Id bksket 
Gestardlo, sm. basket maicer, seller 
Gesieila, cestPrSlla, sf. I hknd b&sket , sm&ll 
Cestdllo, cestellino, sm. \ flat b&sket 
Gestino, sm. sm&l] b&sket, d6ve-cot {child's) 

Gestfre, vn. 3. to spr<5iit, sh6ot, gr6w bushy 
Cestito,-a, adj. thick, bushy, tiifled 
G^stOj sm. bush, (uft, clum, castas 

— (bel), sm. (iron.) ffne fdliov, nice man 
Gestone, sm. Urge wicker-basket, hamper 
Cestdto, -a, adj. tiifled, headed, thick 
Cesfira, sf. cesdra, p&use in a r^rse 
Getaceo, -a, adj. cet&coous 

cetera, cdtra, sf. a cithern, hArp, l^re 

— eccetera, adv. et cetera, and so f6rth 
Geterinte, sm. player on the harp, hirper 
Ceteratdre,xeterisla,«m. hftrper, h&rppi&yer 
Gelerizz&re, cetereggiare, va. I. to hArp 
Getfna, sf charcoal, bdrning pits 
Geto,»ii. wh&le (fish) 

Getologia, sj. cel61ogy 

Getra, sf sm&ll birp, t. GAtera 

GetrAcca, sf. ceterach 

Getringoio, sm. {bot.) citron 

Getrarcidre , sm. one with b6w and cithern 

Getrina, sf. bdlm (plant) 

Getriudio, sm. cucumber, t. Gedriodlo 

Ghe , pron. relat. that , who , whim , which . 
wh&t ; la signora che c&nta , the l&dy who 
or that sings -, TuccdUo che c&nta, the bird 
which that sings; 11 sign6re che vddo, the 
gentleman wh5m or that I see ; non s6 che 
fire, I d& not kn6w whit to dd 

— pron. interrog. whit ? che dite ? whit do 
yoQ say ? che o'i 7 whit is the mitter ? 

— 11 che, pron. re/, which ; 11 che mi displice, 
which displiases me 

— conj. that, beeiuse, than , whether ; spiro 

che Terrdte dggi, I h6pe that you will c5me 
to-day; che se non venfle prftsto me ne 
Tido, beeiuse if you d6nt't cime sAon, I will 
stirt ; che reniite o no, whither yoo cdm« 
or not; piii coraggi6so che prudente, more 
courigeous than prddent 
Ghe, adv, when, as soon as, ftfter, till, until; 
finfta che arr6 quista litlera ander6, when, 
or as soon as I hive finished .this litter 
r 11 go ; aspettite , che io vinga , wait tlU 
I c6me; che? why? che, non parlite? why 
dint' I you spiak? non che, but, inly; noQ 
ha che una camera, ho has inly one room; 
che, ti ; ditegli che vinga, tell him to cima 
Ghe , sm. mitter; un bel che, a greit mitter 
Che che , checchi , pron. rcl. wbaliver ; che 

che diciite, whativer you (may) say 
Chile, sfp. 8c6rpion*s claws 
Chelidinia, sf high cilandine (plant) 
Chelidro, «m. sia-tdrloise, wiler-serpent 
Cbelontte, sf. tiad-stine 
Ghdnte , adj. whit, how {antiq.) (que 

Chenliinqoe, pron. (an<.) whoever, v. Qualun- 
Chdppia, sf a shad 
Ghire, or chiire {for cerca), 3. pers. sing. 

pres. ind. ofy chirere, requires, etc. 
Gberire, va. 3. I'rr. (poe<.) to require, demind 
Ch6rica, sf. tinsuro, shiven crown ^ 
Ghericile, adj. clerical, of the priistbood 
Gbericito, sm. the condition of an ecclesiistic, 

the clergy 
Gberichitlo, sm. a yoUng priist, clerk 
Cherico, sm. clerk, priist, leirned man 
Chericine, sm. greit clerk, viry learned man 
Cbericuto,a, adj. wh6 has the tdnsure 
Chericizzo, sm. poor, Ignorant priest 
Cbdripo^sm. (an indian word) mither of 
Cberisia, sf {ant.) the cidrgy (piarl 

Chdrmer, sm. c&chineal, k^rmes 
Gbermisl, sm. crimson ; furbo in chermisi, an 

irrant knive 
Ghermisino, -a, adj. crlmson-cilored 
Chdro. or chiiro {poet, for cerco) , i. pers. 

sing. pres. of chirere, i. seek, etc. 
Gherubico, -a, adj. cherAbic, angilical 
Cherubino, sm. a chirub 
Ghista, sf. {ant.) demind, qaistion, v. Ghiiala 
Ghetaminto, adv. qnfelly, nSselessly 
Chetinsa, sf, reciipt, v. Quitanza 
Chetire, vn. 1. to appiase, cilm, silence 
Ghetirsi, vnrf to griw cilm, be silent 
Ghetizza, sf. silence, tranquillity 
Ghetichella, cheUchdlli, adv. {vulg.) sflonUy, 

Ghito,-a, adjf quiet, still , useless ; icqua 
ebita, stinding or st&gnant water ; chito I 
state chito, hild your tiogue, be quiet 
Chilo chito, adv. quietly, soflly, genlly, hbthl 
Ghelin cbetine, adv. exp. noiselessly 
Ghetine ac(/. silent, ^l6omy, resirved 
Chi , pron. who, whom , whoiver, sime, he 
whi, she who, they who; chi e Ik? who ia 

Fite, mite, bit«, nite, tibe; 

ftt, mil, Ut, nit, tiib;^- 

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— 139 — 


XhkTef Chi STJte iDvilAto? whdm h&re yon 
iBTiled ? chiAoqne sl&le, vhoftver yon may 
be ; a chl ? to whom ? da chi ? from or by 
vbora ? di chi k quteta pinna? nh^se pen 
J5 this 7 chi fa b^ne, b^neavrk, be wh^ d6es 
vell» vill h^ve veil (do well, and hare well) ; 
chi dicdva nna cdta , chi un'4llra, g6me said 
one thing, s6me an5ther ; chi {for ehinnqae), 
whoever , kaj person whatever ; ella non 
aT^Ta chi la consoliste, she had no one to 
cons61e her 
Chiabdilo, tin. {ant.) nail, ▼. ChiavdUo 
Ghiicchiera, sf. idle (&llc, chitchat, n6nsense 
Chiacchieraminto, sm pr&te, chat, prkttle 
Chiaccbierire, vn. i. to prile, chat, t&ttle 
Chiacchierita, sf. imply l&lk , tlltle-t&ttle 
Chiacchieratore, -trice, Mf. chatterer, t&ltler 
Chtacchierilla, sf. prkltle, chit-chat 
Chiacchierfna, sf. the priittliDg of children 
Ghiaccbicrino, sm. a silly-eternal-t&lker 
Cbiaccberlo , sm. r. Cicaleccio 
Cbiaccbierdne, sm. great babbler, rom&ncer 
ChiacchiHare , vn. I. to prMe, ch&t, chatter 
Chiaito, sm. {ant.) r. Brfga , piato 
Ghiima , sf. {ant.) appeal , c^U , cilling , to- 

Chiamam6nto, sm. the cilling, invoc4tion 
Cbiamantey adj. in?6kin|{, c&liing up&n 
Chiamare, va. i. to call, nime; c6me yi chia- 
mite? whit is yoar name? mandir a chia- 
ffiire, to send for ; e6me chiamite questo ? 
how do yon edll this ? lo chiamer6 fiidri , 
I'll cill him dilt, I'll cb&Uenge him ; egli vi 
far^ chiamare in giudisio, alia cdrto, bo will 
sbmmon yoa, cite you, send you a sAmmons; 
piicque a Dio di chiam&ria all* illra Tfta , 
God wis pleased lo c&Il her to him ; chia- 
mire in dispirte, to cill aside; cbiam&re 
in testimAnio , to cill to witness ; chiamire 
in aj&lo, to cill for help ; chiam&re a rao- 
c6Ua {mil.) lo btet the drum; chiamirsi 
contento, to be contented , silisffed; chia- 
mirsi offeso da allri , to think one's self 
wronged by another ; chiam&rsi vinto , to 
yi^ld, give in , surrender 
Ghiamita , sf. appAal , nomin&tlon , cilling , 
reference , nole , election , vocition ; far la 
chiamita, to cill 6Ter the names; (mt7.) to 
call the r611 , to mbsler, miisler up, cill 
OTer the mhsler-r6ll ; to s<iund a pirley 
Chiamito, -a, adj. cilled, nimed, sent for 
Chiamaldre, -trice, smf. he, she that cills 
Gbiamazi6oe, sf. t. Chiamita 
Chiina , sf. a standing pool , mirsh 
Chianire, va. 1. to pdlisb coral b^ads 
Chianatdre, sm. one who p6lishes c6ral btods 
Ghiantire, va. 1. t. Accoccire 
Gbiippa, sf a h&ld, citch (an<. in this sense); 

bhuock, breech, fleshy pirt 
Chiappire, va. 1. lo snitch, cilch, strike 
Cbiappito, -a, a4J. ciught, strhck, fd&nd 
Chiapplao, sm. minkey 

Cbiippola , chiappolerfa, sf. trffle, bioble 
Ghiappolire, va. 4. to reject, discird, lay aside 
Chiappolfno, sm. a silly th6oghtles8 man 
Chiippolo, sm, ref&sal , refAso, dffals 
Chiira, sf while of an egg, gliird 
Chiaramente, adv. clearly, pliinly, b&nestly 
Ghiarire, va. i. to clear up, res6lre, explaia 
Chiarirsi, vrf. to gr6w bright, clear, shine 
Ghiarita, sf. medicament of white of eggs 
Ghiarea, sf. a medicinal p&tion (made of 
brandy, sugar and cloves ( light 

Chiareggiire, va. 1. to make clear, to enlighlen, 
Ghiarilla, sf. wine and w&tcr {vul.) 
Gbiarello, sm. witer {vul.) 
Ghiarenlina, sf. country dince, n$und dince 
Ghiarelto, -a, adj. light , pale, rMdish 
Ghiarezza, sf. light, splendor, brightness 

— sf clearness, perspicAily, ivideDce 
Gbiarifleire, va. i. to clear, explain, clirify 
Ghiarificito, -a, adj. expliined, cliriHed 
Glari0cazi6ne, sf j elariflcition, proof, expU- 
Ghiarigi6ne, sf. | cition, declariiion , de- 
Ghiaramento,«m. ) monslrition 
Chiarfno, -a, smf clirion, hiutboy 
Ghiarire, van. 5. to clear up, make clear 
Ghiariti, sf. light, splendor, explanition 
Chiarlto , -a , adj. cliar , bright , luminous , 

known, phblic, enlightened , disabused 
Gbiiro , sm. light , clearness , brightness ; 

chiaro di ICina, moon-shine 
— a, adj. cidar, bright, ser<&ne, ivident, min- 
ifest , cUar, n6ble, illiislrious, h6nest, sin- 
cere, trfie; far chiaro, to enlighten, to light; 
far chiiro alciino d'una cosa, to certify, to 
inf6rm one of a thing; metier in chiiro, to 
cliar, to settle; comincia a far chiiro, it is 
day-light , the day begins to appear 

— adv. cliarly, pliinly, eyidently 
Ghiardre, sm. brightness, liistre 
Ghiarosctiro, sm. the light and shade (in pain(- 

ing, etc. ) 
Ghiar6so, -a, adj. cldar, bright (see chiiro) 
Ghiassajudlo, -a, smf. giilter, fhrrow, trench 
Chiassita, sf. Qpr6ar, clilter, riot, scrape 
Gbiassatillo, sm. \ line , blind illey 

Chiisso, chiass^lto, sm. \ hdUse of ill fame 
Ghiisso, sm. upr6ar, noise, riot, ditter 
Ghiassolino, chiassadlo, sm. blind-illey, lane 
Gbiass6na, sf. a rdmpish, boisterous w6man 
Ghiassine , sm. a noise-miker , a boisteroua 

Ghiilto, -a, smf flat bottomed b6at, fdrryb6at 
Ghiaviccia, sf a lirge 6ld k6y, bald kdy 
Ghiaviccio, sm. pidlock, b6lt, ▼. ChiaTist^ilo 
Chiavacudre , sm. stdmacher, b6ddice 
GhiaTijo,chiaviro J keeper of the kiys , lock- 
GhiaTajudlo , sm. | smith 
Gbiavirda, sf. bdlt, iron pin 
Gbiavardire, va, i. to lock, fisten with a b61t 
Ghiavire, vo. 1. to niil, pierce, drive in, lock 
Ghiavito, -a, a4j. niiled, piiroed, driven in 
Gbiavatbra, sf. niiling, fistening, shdeing 

i6r,i«de;.fUl, ita, buU;-Aw. d6i'lff,ljmp\t; paie,b(yi, fiR^^y^^>ii», «« 


— 140 — 


Gbi&Te, »f. key, clef, tfioing-key, stop-cock 
— comAne, maettra, sf. a mister>key 
GhiaTell&re, va. 1. to D4il, ▼. Gonlicc&re 
GfaiaTell&la, »f. a w^iiod caused by a D&il 
Ghiavellito, -a. adj. niiUd, fisteoed witb nails 
GbiaTgllo, chi4vo, am. {flnt.) a nail, ▼. Gbiddo 
Gbiaverfna, tf. jStTelin, spiar, balf-pike 
Ghiaperfna, tf. smill kdy, scblcheon 
Ghi&vica, sf. c6mmon sewer, sink, driia 
GbiaTic&ccia, »f. filthy deep sewer, sink, dr&in 
Ghiavicbdtla, chiavicbina , tf sm&ll drain 
GbiaTicfna, cbiavicAzza, tf. sm&ll kdy 
ChiaTic6ne, tm. viry )4rge and deep sewer 
GhiaTisl^llo, tm. pkdiock, b6U, screw-vice 
Ghiizza, tf. scab, spot (on tbe skin), 8c4r 
Ghiazzire , va. 1. to speck , speckle , to stain 

in spots 
Gbiazz&to , -a, adj, 8p6tted , speckled 
Ghicca, sf {puerile) dainties, sw^et-m^ata 
Ghfcchera, tf. a cup (for tea , colTee, etc.) 
Cbiccberdne, tm. large cup (for tea , etc.) 
Gbiccbi bichi&ccbi , ec. tm. n6nBense, prate; 
un chfcchi bicbiAccbi, a nonsensical fellow 
Gbiccbiar&la , tf. tbe cr6w or crdwing ( of 

tbe cock) 
Gbiccbi rillare, vn. 1. {ani.) to prate , jobber, 

Ghicchirfllo, tm. {ant.) | prate, cbat , prkttle, 
Gbiccbi rldra , tf. {ant.) \ n6nsense, idle t&lk 
Ghicco, tm. grain, seed 
Chi cbe , pron. whoever, wbosoiver 
Gbi cbe sia, chiccbessfa , pron. wbodrer, any 
Gbiedlnte, adj. requesting (b6dy 

Ghiidere, va. 2. irr. to slsk, beg, siie, JDquire; 
vi cbi^ggo una gr&zia, I beg a f&vour of you 
Cbiedibile, adj. demkndable, requirable 
Cbiedim6nto, tm. demand , quislion , entreat 
Gbiedit6re, cm. demJinder, 4sker, petitioner 
Cbi^ggia, tf. rock, precipice 
Chi6rere, va. 9. irr. {po) tf. to Ask, seek 
GhiSrico, tm, a clergyman , a clerk 
Gbidsa, «/: a cbbrch, cathedral; la Cbidsaeat- 
tdlica , the c&lbolic Church ; la Ghi^sa gri- 
ca, the greek Church; la Cbidsa anglic&na, 
the Church of England; la Chidsa domin&n- 
te , the estiibiished Church ; gli St4ti della 
Chiesa, the ecclesiastical SUtes, the States 
of the Church; fu6ri del grdmbo della Chi4- 
sa, wilbdlit the pale of the Church; in fac- 
cia della Chiesa, vith all the c6rcmonies of 
tbe Church 
Ghiesettina. cbiesicciuftla.s/: I smUl church , 
GbiesiDO,-a, mf. cbiesiudta { chkpel,6ratory 
Cbiesol&stico, cbiesol&stro, tm. a center 
Ghidsta, tf demand, request, petition 
Ghieslo, -a, adj. requested , 86ught 
GhiesAccia, chiesudia, tf. a little chbrcb 
Ghfglia , tf. {mar.) keel, b6ttom of a ship 
Gbiliade, tf. a thdiisand years 
Chitifero , -a , adj. cb^llferous , bc&ring or 

transmitting eb^le 
Gbiliflc&re, ini. 4. to form into cb^le, digest 

GhiliOoaxidne, tf. chylificitian 

Ghilo, tm. ch^le, while jftice (in the stomach) 

Childgono, tm. chlliagon , a plane figure 0f a 

thousand angles ands sides 
Chilogrimma, tm. kilogram, kilogramme 
Chilolilro , tm. kil6liter, kilolitre 
Ghildmetro , tm. kil6meler, kilometre 
Ghil6so, -a, adj. chylous, cb^l4ceoos 
Chimera, sf. chimera, wild fkncy, illteion 
Chimerico, -a, adj. ehimirical, wild 
Cbimerizz&re, va. i. to build dLsUes in tbe 4ir 
Chimerizzat6re, tm. a visionary, dreamer 
Chimica, tf. chemistry 
Chimicameme, adv. chemically 
Cbimico , $m. a chemist 
Chimico , -a , ad], chemical , perliining to 

Gbimific&re , vn. i. to cbymify , to form or 

bec5me chyme 
GhimiGcasidne, tf. cbymific&tion (tbe process 

of becoming or being formed into chyme) 
Cbimo, tm. chtme 
China, tf. declivity, slope ; & china, adv. cxp. 

in a sldping inclined mknner; lasciite an- 

d4r r acqua alia china , let things take 

their c6urse 
— china, chincbina, tf, (hot.) chinc6na, do- 

chon , birk tree; (ehem., pliar.) quinquina, 

Peruvian hitk, Jesuils-birk, b&rk 
Ghinamenlo, »m. declinMion, inclination 
Ghin&re, tNi. i. to bend , sloop ddwn ; cbin^r 

il Wso , gli dccbi , to look d^n ; ebio&r la 

testa , to b^ submission , to submit; il dt 

cbin&va, the day wis on the decline 
Chin&la, tf doclWity, descent, T&lley 
Cbinatamenle, adv. asiepe , obliquely 
Chinatesza, tf ioOexion, chrvalure 
Ghin&to, -a, adj. bent, b(Si»ed, cJLst d^n 
Ghinat6ra, tf chrvity, bending , inflexion 
Chinc&glia, chincaglieria, tf. hardwire 
Cbincagliere, tm. h&rdwareman 
Chincbesia , pron. {ant. ) whoever , v. Chic- 

Ghinea, tf. an Ambling pad, cob, p4ciDg nag 
Cbinevole, adj. pliant , sbpple, iiexible 
CbineTolmeute , adv. respectfully, bbmbly 
Cbinina, tf. {ehem., pkarm.) qulnina,quloia, 

Chino, tm. declivity, slope, bent , b6lk)w 
Chino, -a, adj. bent, bowed, c&st d6wn, 16w, 

deep ; cammina sempre col c&po ebino , be 

always w&lks wilh his head down 
Chint&na, tf qulntin, lilting p68t 
Chidcca, tf tuft, bunch, cliister. Ariotto 
Gbioccire, va. i. to cuff, thump, thwack {wU.) 
Chiocchetta. tf sm&ll loft (of hair), little bunch 
Chidccia, tf a br6od-hen 
Cbiocci4re, tm. i. to cliick, c&ckle, feel unweU 
Chidccio, -a, adj. b6arse 
— a (8tar, dssere), to feel unwell 
Cbidcciola, tf sniil, shell, femile-screw 
— (scala a) tf. winding stair-«4se; 8ol<l4to, 

F4U, mete, UU, B6te. t&be; - At, met, bit, nit^ ^: .^^, plqot, «:^ 


^ 141 — 


pitt6rt da ehi6cdoIe, ee., a freth-ir&ter t61- 
dief, a diober, etc.; far c6me le chidcdole, 
Mg. to diiw in one'f horns ; a chideeiola , 
adv. exp, tcrev-Iike 
CbfocelolMta, chioceiolfna, sf. nn&ll snail 
Chioeciolino , *m. sniiU screw, cake, blscnit 
Chideco. «M. (pi. cidechl) (he smack or erack 

(of a vUp) 
Chioda|i6ne, tf. ill Ue bMIs , iron virk 
Chiod&]a , tf, nail-ffi^uld 
Ghiodajudle, tm. n&iler, n&il-m&ker 
Ghiodiro, m. 1. to nail up, f. lochiod&re 
Ghiodito, -a, a4f, n&ilod, fistened with nMIs 
Chioderia, sf. n&il manafactory, trade, w6rk 
Chiodilto, $m. smiU nail, spigot, peg, pin 
Chiddo, sm. nail, stnd; — s^nsa tdsta, cl^p- 
hiaded njul, ciisp-n4il; — con vile, clincher- 
nail ; estrirre , cav&re nn chiddo , to t&ko 
dui a nail ; conficc&re on chiodo, to drive a 
nail ; ribadire nn chiddo, to rWet, clinch a 
nail ; bittere, far doe chiddi ad ana eilda , 
to kill two birds with one stone ; aver fis- 
so ii cbiodo, to hare made up one's mind , 
r^dlred ; un chiddo ciccia Tiltro , jn-oo. 
exp, one n&il drWes dtlt an&ther (new things, 
persons make old ones forgotten) 
Cbidma, sf. a hted of h&ir 
Chiomlinte, adj. h4iry ; fig. Idafy, Tim of leaves 
Cbiom^to,'a adj. h4iry, fibrous, liafy 
ChiomiDev&so, -a, adj. hdary-b&aded 
Chidsa, sf. gldssary, cbmment 
Chiosire, ml gloss, e6mment 
Cbiosatdre, tm. giosser, c6mmentitor 
Chidseo,-a, smf. ktdsk, thrkish sbmmer-h^se 
Cbidstra, »f. dwilliog, abdde, habitation 
Chiostrfno , chioslricino , sm. smdil cloister , 

Chidstro, sm. a cloister, convent, m6nastery 
ChidUo,-a, adj. {burl.) silent, tkcilurn 
CbioTagi6ne, sf. all the n&ils (in a work) 
ChioTire, ta. i. to nail , lame in shoeing ; to 

sail op 
CbiOTat6ra, sf. prick of a nail (in shoeing) 
Chioreliato, -a, adj. pierced, with nails 
CbioT^llo, chidTo, sm. nail 
Gbidzzo, sm. ghdgeou (fish), simpleton 
Ghirigra, sf. go^t in the hands, cMr&gra 
Ghiragrito , chiragrdso , -a , adj. hiving the 
gout in the bind, or siibjecl to that disease 
Cbir&grieo, adj. chirigrical 
Cbirinlina, cbirinzina, sf. cobntry dince 
Chirdgrafo, sm. bond hnder one's 6wn hand 
Ghirominte, sm. chiromancer, p4Imister 
Ghiromanzla, sf chiromancy, palmistry 
Chirorgfa, sf. shrgery, exlirnal operation 
Cbirorgo, am. sbrgeoo, cbirhrgeon 
Gbtsciire, va. I. {affr.) lo weed, root i^i 
Chi tire, va. i. {ant.) to quit, liave, cdase 
Chilarriglia,-ina, sf. a sm&ll gaitir 
Chitirra, sf. a goitir 
Cbitarristo, sm. goitarist, guitftr-pl&yer 
Chiaechiarlija, sm. confused noise, nbnsense 

Gbinddnda, sf. an enel6snre, hidge, palls&ding 
Ghiudere, va. 9. in*, to shut, close , enc16se, 
fence ; — il pftgno, to clinch the fist ,• » !a 
via, il p&sso , to bar , slop up the way or 
pissage, ; cbiudete la pdrta, shut the door; 
cbiuddtela a chiive, lock it; il dol6re mi 
cbiiide il cudre, I am riady to die for gri^f; 
non arrd chi mi chiAda gli dcchi^I shall not 
have any one to close my e^es ; perd6ti i 
bndi, cbiusa la slilla, prov. exp. when the 
bdrse is st61eo, the slible ddor is shut 
Ghiudimdnto, sm. encldsure, sbbUing up 
Gbiftnque, pron. whoever, ioy b6dy 
Gbiurlire, vn. 4. to boot like the cat-dwl 
Chiorlo , sm. bird citcbiog with bird-lime ; 

chrlew, a stfipid f61Iow, ddlt 
ChiAsa, sf. enclosure, forlificition, prison; the 

coDclfision of s&nnets, speecbos, etc. 
Ghiusam^nte, adv. secretly, by stealth 
Chiusino^ sm. c&ver, lid, sl&pple, sldpper 
Cbiuso, sm. ddse encl6surc, fence 
GhiA80,-a, adj. shut up, encldsed. covered 
Ghiusura, sf. encl6sure, close, lock, cI6sure 
Gi, pron. us, lo us, dllrsilves; amitecl, Idve 
us; manditeci, send us, (send to us); c'in- 
ganniimo,we deceive ^rsdlves; ciamiimo 
c^me sor^lle, we love one andther (each 
other) like sisters 
Ci, adv. h6re (there); veniteci (/or venite qua) 
come b^re ; vi ci condurrd , Til bring you 
Gii, sf tda, ▼. T6 
Ciabitla, sf. 61d sh6e, old rag 
Giabatlijo, sm. sMIer of 61d sh6cs 
Ciabatterfa, sf. trifle, wdrtbless thing 
GiabatUdrc,-fno, sm. cobbler, b6tcher,b{ing1er 
Giaccherino, sm. a young pig (lire 

Giacciameilire, vn. i. to prate, v. Giaramel- 
Giicco, sm. a bog, spdnger, freebooter 
Giacc6na, sf. a chacoon (Spanish dance) 
GiafTire, va. i. to drag theincbor 
Giilda,*/". wifer, thin crickling cake; in- 
ciampir nelle cialde (or neiciald6ni), to get 
drowned in one's own spittle 
Gialddlta, sf. cialdoncino,jrm. sm&ll wifer, etc. 
Gialdonijo, sm. wifer-miker, seller 
Giald6ne, am. a thin crisp cake r6IIed up in 

the form of a c6rnet or piper cup 
Gialtr6ne, sm.* a rogue, swindler, ch^at 
Giamb^lla, sf. smill delicate cake , a rdll 
Ciambellijo, sm. cike-biker, pistry-c^k 
Ciambelldtlo, sm. cimlet (stuff.) 
Ciamberlioo, ciambellino, sm. cbimberlain 
Giamberiito,-a, adj. {ant.) addrued withscbl- 

GiammSngola, sf trifle, biwble, silly woman 
Giampandlla, sf foolish thing, wild prank 
Giampan^lle (dire in), v. to dd foolish things 
Giampicire, ciampire, vn. 1. lo stbmble 
Giancerfilla, -blla, sf a biwble, child's play 
Giane^tta, sf. trifle, t-^ , gewgaw , pliy thing 
Ciincia,s/'. jest,binter, cbat,chitchat, fiddle- 

Bdr,rMt;-aiI, »6d, biU; - Are, d4;.b^ljmph; P®*'. >>^^g,<»^^/®bf5^l^ 


— 142 — 


Addle, ninsense, Bp6rt, trffiet; darUci4n- 
cift, to quiz 
CianciafrAscole, tfp, trifles, jesU, fooleries 
Ciaociamioto, sm, sp6rt, joke , pritUe 
Cianclire, vn. to prate, trifle, t41k Idly 
GiaDcial6re, -trfce, smf. b&bbler, j6ker 
Giancic&re, m. 1. ▼. Gianci&re 
Ctancidro, a, adj. dr6Il, prktlllng, cbkttering 
CiaDciolina, tf. little joke, jest, sport, trifle 
Ciancidne, »m, a ribald, chktty f61low 
Gianciosam^Dte, adv. in jest, iv&ggishly 
€iaDci680,-a, adj. pUyfal, dr6ll, pr&ting 
Cianciv6ndolo, «m. a bamboozier, a swell 
Giancifime, «m. sw&ggery, empiricism 
CiaDfrusiglia^-ciglia, »f. trisb, staff, riffraff 
Gianghellino, »m. impr&per cdoduct 
Giangol&re, vn. i. ▼. Ghiacchier&re 
Giangott4re, va. \. to t&lk idly, at rkndom 
Ci&oo (Pdrsico), sm. {bot.) corn-flower, weed, 

Giapper6ne, tm. cbkperdn, bood {antiq.) 
Giapperdtto, tm. cl6ak, mkntle 
Gi&ppola, sf. a r6Qnd or flat gr&ver 
Giappol^tta, tf. sm&ll gr&ver 
Giaram^lla, smf. a tkttler, b&bbler, idle t&lker 
GiaramelUre, en. 1. totkttle.spiakatrkndom 
Gi&rla, if. idle talk, pr&ting, cbat 
Giariam^ntOj «m. idle t&lk, n&nsense 
Giarl&nte, adj. full of prate, cbklty 
Garl&re, vn. 1. to prattle, stan wilb t&lk 
Giarlataneria, sf. empiricism, loqnkcity 
Giarlatanismo, $m. v. Giariataneria 
GiarIataDe8co,-a, adj. qukckish , Ignorant 
Giarlat&no, «m. a qu&ck , mountebank , chiat 
Giariat6re, -trice, smf bibbler, tattler 
Ciarleria, if. cbit-cbat, pr4te, tattle 
Giarlidro, ciarlidre, sm. idle tilker, babbler 
Giarl6ne, sm. an eTerldsting talker, romkncer 
Ci&rpa, sf. rai^s, tktlers, 61d clotbes, frippery 
— sf. a scdrf, 8b6ulder-belt , sling 
Giarp&me 5^. hdap of rags, tktters 
Giarp&re, van. i. to botch, t. Acclabatt&re 
Giarpiere,ciarp6ne, «m. abhngler, sp6iMr&de, 

basy-body, shuffling fallow 
Giarpdme, sm. t. Giarpame 
GiaBchedAno,-a, pron. each, 6very one 
Cib&ccio, sm. bad or c6ar8e food 
Gibam^nto, sm. the nobrisfaing, nutrition 
Gib&re, va. 4. to feed, nohrish, gWe food 
Gib&ria, sf. Tlctoals, food 
Gib4r8i , vrf to 6at , feed opbn ; cibirsi di 
frfilti, to liTC npdafrOit; cib&reunodi spe- 
r&nza, to feed one with b6pe8 
Gib&rio.-a, adj. cib&rious, noiirishing,offood 
GibMo,-a, adj. fed, nourished, filled with 
Gibasi6ne, sf. baling, food, nobrisbment 
Gibo, cib&re, sm. food, Tictuals, Aliment 
Gibdrio, sm. pyx, box, s&cred vase 
Gib680,-a, adj. frOitful be&ring frbft 
Obr£o sm. ragout, fricassdo, made dish 
Gica. sf. n&thing ; adv. not at all 
Gicila, eic&da, sf. (en(.) cic4da, cic&de, tree- 

hipper, frog-b&pper ,* chatterer; (mar.) 

Iincbor-ring; tdrre la vdlta alle cic&le, to 

make do end of bubbling, to t&ik incdssanlly, 

to stun with t&lk 
GicaUccia, «/; gre&t chkttercr. greil tilker 
Gicalam^nlo, sm. pr&ting, chklter, idle tilk 
Gicalinte, adj. chkttering, pr&ling, tklUiog 
Gicalire, im. i. to prate, ch&lter ; blab 
Cical4U, sf. chit-chat, prktlle, a long st6ry 
Gicalat6re, -trice, smf. chMterer, priler 
Gicalatdrio,-a, adj. t&lkative, apt to prato 
Gicaleria, sf. t&lkativeness, pr&ting 
Gicalkcio, cicaliccio, sm. prittle, chitchat 
Gicalitta, sf. a sm&ll grftssh6pper 
Gicali^ra, sf. a tilkative w6man, a gossip 
CicaliJre, cicalfno, sm. a bkbbler 
Cicalfo, sm. idle t&lk, prate 
Gica16ne, cicalooaccio, sm. a gre&t t&lker 
Cicatrice, sf. a cicatrize, 6c4r 
Gicalrizzire, va. i to cicatrize, hial up 
Giccant&na,«^. slr6et-w&lker,allurer, deceiver, 

Giccant6ne, sm. qukck, mdiintebaDk, ch^t 
Glccbera. sf. cop. ▼. Ghicchera 
Ciccia, sf miat, flesh, (puerile) 
Gicciolo, sm. sm&ll bit (of juiceless meat) 
Gicci dne, sm. whillOw, t&mor, bSit 
Gicci6so,-a, adj. fleshy, pibmp 
Giccidttolo, sm. fleshy excrescence 
GicciAto, -a, adj. fat, plump, full of flesh 
Gic«rbiU, sf. sow-thistle (herb) 
Cicdrchia, sf. vetcb, sweet scented pia 
Gicer6ne, sm. pica (type)^ a Cicer6ne 
Ciceroneaminte, adv. like Cicero 
Giceroniino, -a, adj. Cicerdoian, res&mbUog 

Gichino, sm. viry little, ^ver so little 
Giclgna, sf. newt, eft (small lizard) 
Cicisb^a, sf. coquette, gay fl&anting wiman 
Gicisbe4re, va. 1. to c6urt the l&dies 

Gicisbe&to, sm, cicisbeat6ra , sf. ciclsbeism , 

Gicisb^o, sm. cicisbdo, a gallknt, a Lothario 

Giclamino, cm. (bo<.) cyclamen, s5w>brted 

Gfclo, sm. ctcle, roilnd of time, rcTolAtion 

Cicldide, sf. cycloid, geometrical cbrre 

Ciclometria, sf. {geom.) c^cl&metry (the art 
of measuring cycles or circles) 

Gicldpi, smj9. {piyth.) Cyclops 

Cicldpico, -a, adj. cyclopian , cycI6pie , per- 
taining to the Cyclops 

Cicdgna, sf. stork, biam (of a boll) 

Cicognino, sm. a yobng stork 

Gicdrea, cicdria, sf. dndiTO, sbccory 

Gicurire, -ire, va. to tame 

Gicbia, sf. hemlock (plant) 

Ciecam^nte, adv. t. Gecam^nte 

Ciec4re, va. \.\. Cec&re 

Ciechisco, -a, adj. v. Gecb^co 

Giechitii, -&te,-4de, sf. t. Geeiti 

Citeo, -a , adj. blind , inconsiderate , dirk , 
obscfire , gl6omy , mistirious , hidden ; an 

F4««, m«(«» bilf, n6t«» tAbf; 

flu, mHy blt« n6t, thb 

Digitized by 


r - iir, ,pt( 



— 143 — 


•cifiM , sm. a blind man ; una cidca , sf. a 
blind Toman ; nbbididnza eidca , implicit 
obMienca ; ci^co d'on Acebio , blind of an 
efe, one e^ed ; lanl^rna cidca, a dArk Ikn- 
tern; baston&le daciSeo, unmircifal bl6v8; 
alia cidca , lilce a blind person , blindly ; 
giuoc4re alia ci£ca, to play blind man's 
biiff; i ciechi , the blind; giudic&re alia 
cilea , to jbdge by the label ; in terra di 
ei^chi cbi ha nn dcchio b sign6re , ftrov. 
exp. in (he land of the blind one-e^ed peo- 
ple are kings 

Giecolfna, if. t. Ceeolina 

Ciecolino, iot. t. GecoUno 

Gi^Jo, #m. b^aren , p&radise, skt , day -light , 
eodntry, climate, &ir , ci61ing ; — aszArro , 
blAe sky; ~~ limpido, sereno , c16ar sk^ ; 
— D&Tolo, ouToldso, oscfiro, ctdiidy , ddrk, 
beayy sky ; o ciAIo I good hdavens I TolAsse 
il Giolo I woald to Heaven ; gr&zie al Gi^lo, 
tbanks to Heaven; il Gi61o me ne gairdi , 
Hiayen forbid! gli nccdlli del cidlo, the birds 
of the air; il cillo del letto , d' ana st&nza , 
the teeter (ot Ibe bed) the ceiling of a room ; 
cambiir cidto, to remoTo (to another cohn- 
try) ; toccir il ciel col dito, to cfimpass one's 
utmost wishes ( to be overjoyed ) ; mdvere 
eiSlo e t^rra , to move Heaven and 6arth 
(to leave nb stone untamed) ; lod&re a cidio, 
to praise to the skies 

G^ra, cera , sf. look, cdiintenance , face , ap- 
pearance, cheer; non av^te bodna cidra, 
yon don't look veil 

Cifera , dfra , sf cipher , device name ( in a 
ling); favell&re in cffra, to sp^k myst^- 

Ciferlsta, sm. a vriter In occhlt cb&racters 

Cifrire, oo. i. to cipher- vrito in ciphers 

Cigirro, sm. seg&r ; porla-cigkrro, segar-case 

Ciglio , sm. {pi. cfglia, f ) br6w , eye-br<)w , 
sight, viev; agnzz&r le cfglia, to look stead- 
fastly ; inarc4r le ciglia , to bend or raise 
the brfws; increspire, aggrottir le ciglia , 
to knit the br^s 

Cigiidne, sm. the edge of a ditch or hill 

Cigliflto, -a, a4f. bSavy e^e-brdwed 

Cigna, sf. girth 

Cignaliceio, sm. Urge vild b6ar 

Cignile, sm. vild b6ar 

Cignere, dngere, va, 3. trr. to gird, embrace, 
incldse; dgner le br&ccia al cdllo ad uno, 
to tbr6v one's firms r6iind a person's neck; 
cignerla ad nno, to play one a trick 

Cigno, sm. sv&n, {fig.) p6et 

•Cign6ne, sm. 5nder-girth, b6Ily-band, girth 

CigoIam§nto , sm. r&ltling, cUttering 

Qgolire , vn. i. to rattle , crackle , criak; to 
bip, vhiz (as green vood burning) 

Cigotio, sm. crickling, creaking, vblzzing 

Cigolo , cigalo , -a, adj. (ant.) little, sm&U, v. 

Gil^cca, sf. b&Ik» trick, disappSlntment 

Gilestrfno, cildstro, -a, adj. skf-cftlored 
Gilicino, -a, adj. like or of h&ir-cloth 
Gilicio, sm. s&ck-clolh, h4ir-cloth 
Cilifigia, sf chirry, v. Giridgia 
Giliigio, sm. ch6rry-tree, v. Ciridgio 
Gilindrire, va. i. to calender 
GilindrMto, sm. sm&U cylinder, r61ler 
GiUndrico, a, adj. cylindrical 
Cilindro, sm. ctUnder, rdller 
Gilizto, sm. skckcloth» b&ir-cloth 
Gil6ma, sm. {ant.) long harangue, v. Scil6ma 
Gima, sf shmmit, top, bead, ridge, height 

— d'u6mo, sm. an eminent man 

— di rib&ldo, sm. &rch, Arrant r6gue; and4r 
so per le ctme degli ilberi, to c&vil, to frame 

Gim&re, va. 1. to shdar (cloth), behead, lop 
Gimfisa, sf sm&ll fillet, ogee, m6ulding 
Gim&la, sf the pr6cess of sbdaring cloth 
Gimito. -a, adj. crkfly, chnning, Artful, sit 
Gimat6re, sm. shearman, clipper, shearer 
Gimat6ra, sf d6wn, shearings or flAe of cloth, 

the act of shearing cloth 
GimAzio, sm. {arch.) sm&ll m6alding, ogee 
Gimba , sf {po.) b4rk , bdat, fferry-b6at; la 

cimba di Gardnte, GhAron's bark 
Gfmbalo, sm. cymbal, t4bor, tkbret 
Gimbell&re, on. i. v. GimbotloUre 
Glmberli (in) , adv. exp. in a good bAmor , 

h&lf sdas 6ver 
Giombottol&re, vn. 1. to f^lll (on one's foce) 
Giombdttolo, cimbdtto, sm. a f&ll, fhmble 
Gimeli4rca, sm. {Utile used) cimSliarch (the 

chief keeper of the things of value belong- 
ing to a church) 
Giment&re, va. to attempt, risk, venture, tr^; 

— la prdpria riputazidne , to exp6se one's 

Giment&rsi, vrf to face, enc6iinter, eng&ge 
Giment&to, adj. tried, risked, ventured 
Gim^nto, sm. dinger , attempt , trial , issay ; 

m6ltere a cim6nto , to h&zard, exp6se, en> 

dinger; venire a cim^nto, to cdme to a trial 
GimentAso, -a, adj. hazardous, d&ngerous 
Gimice, sf bug {fig.) gre4l coward, poltroon 
Gimici&jo, sm. a nest of bugs 
Gimiciittola, sf rdddish grape 
Gimici6ne, sm. a gre&t 6vergr6vn bug 
Gimiire , cimidro , sm. cr^st ( helmet ) ; av6r 

cimi£ro ad ogni elmdtto, to be fit for every 

Gimino, sm. {hot.) cAmin, v. Gomino 
GimitSrio, cimitdro, sm. a cemetery, chiireh- 

yird, burying-gr<nind ; pialir co' cimitSri, 

to be viak and infirm, to drop in the darth 
Gimmdrio, -a, adj. (po.) dirk, gloomy, obscAre 
Gimdrro , cimArro , sm. strangles , glinders ; 

avdre il cimArro, [fig.) to be cross, angry 
Gimdssa, sf salvage, list {of cloths) 
Gfna, sf a medicinal root 
Ginabrdse, sm. red cb&Ik 
Ginibro, sm. cinnabar, vermilion 

ndr, rftd«; - ftU , s6ii , biUl ; - Are, d&; - bf, Itmph; pSIie, 



— 144 — 


C<Dcia, eineiall^gra, 9f. (orit.) tit mtfikseytomtil 
GincigUo, tm. ornamental fringe of a belt 
Cincigli6De, »m. I&rge fringe of Armor 
Ginciuno, 8in. a edri, lock of b4ir 
Ginciscbiire, va.i. to b^ck, cnt; eiocitcbl&re 

nelle pardle» to besitate, st&mmer, fialter, 

to be at a stand 
Ginciscbiito, -a, adj. b&cked, cut 
Gincischio, »m. slftsbiog, stSimmering 
Giner&rio, -a, adj. cinerary 
Ginerazi6ne, »f. red^tion by fire to isbes 
Ginerizio, -a, adj. Ash-odlored, gray 
Gingall^gra, if. tit-m6iise, torn -tit (bird) 
Gingere, va. 9. trr. to gird , enclose, embr4ce 
Gfnghia, »f. girth, clngle (of a horse, etc.) 
Giogbi&ja , sf. ( vet. ) vein ndar the girthing 

Ginghi&le, sm. nild b6ar 
Cingbialino, -a, ndj. of the wild b6ar 
Cinghi&re, va, 1. to gird, encldse ; sm. {ant.) 

T. Gingbi&Ie 
Ginghi4ta, gf. a stroke with a strap, a Iflsh 
GioghiJito, -a, adj. girthed, girded 
Gioghiai6ra, sf. girthing, girthing-place 
Gioghio, sm. circle, encldsure, circuit 
Gingol^llo, sm. sm&ll girdle, cincture 
Gfngolo, sm. girdle, belt, cincture 
Ginguellam6nto,«i7i. pri tile, little- t&ttle, chat 
Gingueltdre , va. i. to stiitler , lisp , chirp 

ch&tler (as birds do), to chat, prate 
Ginguettatdre, -trice, smf a silly prAter 
Gioguetlerfa, sf, pr&ting, g6ssip, chit-cbat 
G(nico, sm. and adj. c^nic, epical, satirical 
Ginfgia, sf. Ambers, hot cinders 
Ciniglia, sf silk T^lret-twist 
Ginfsmo, sm e^nicaloess, ctnicism 
Ginnamb, cinnamdmo, sm. {pot.) cinnamon 
Gfno, sm. {agr.) a wild plum 
Gioocdfalo, sm. cynoc^pbalus 
Ginogldssa , sf. ( hot. ) h6und's tSngue , dog s 

Ginosbra , sf. {astr. ) cynosure , ursa minor , 

the little bedr (8w6rd 

Ginquadfia , sf. {bttri. and vulg.) swdrd , long 
GinquAnla, adj. fitfy 
Ginquanl^simo, -a, adj. fiflielh 
GinquanUna, sf fifty, fifty (things) 
Cinquanlino, sm. {agr.) sort of Indian corn 
Ginque, adj. five 

Ginquecenl^imo, -a, adj. five hhndredth 
Cinquecenifsia, sm. writer of the 45ih. cintury 
Cinquecdnlo, adj. fire hCindred 
Ginquefdglie, cinquefdglio, sf {hot.) clnqncf^l 

(kind of clover) 
Ginquemila, adj. ffye thousand 
Ginqufionio, sf, the space of five ydars 
Ginqufna, sf. fire, five (things) 
Ginqufno, sm. i%6 fives, or clnqaes {at dice) 
Ginia,«/. encl68ure, circuit, girdle, belt; 

(mat-. ) wale ; cinta prima , the m4in wAie , 

cinla delta sec6nda copfirta, the chlmnel wale 
Cintino, sm. boder piltic6at 

Ginto, tm. girdle, cincture, b&lo, sm&U close 

— -a, adj. girded, surr^nded 

Gfntola, sf girdle, w&ist, cincture, bell, sftfh^ 

si&rsi colle mani a cfntola, to stand idle 
Gintolino , sm. smill band , girdle , gftrter ; 
av^re 11 cintolino r6sso , to have the prefe- 
Gfntolo , sm. band, girdle, list (of cloth) 
Giotdnchio, sm. v. Gentoncbio 
Gint^ra, sf. cincture, girdle, string 
Gtntor^tta, sf sm&ll girdle 
Gintur^tto, cinlurino, sm. smill belt, girdle 
Ginlur6ne, sm. w&ist-bett, sw6rd-belt 
Gi6, pron. m. this, that, whit; con tuUo db, 
with &11 that, AAer all; ci6 non ostante, 
and yet 
Gidcca, sf. bunch, clbsler of flowers, frtit, etc. 
a tuft or lock of b&ir; cidcche di capSlli 
d*dro, g61den locks: cidcca a cidcca , one 
lock After an6ther, lock by lock 
Gioechft, pron. wh&t, that which 
Gioccbdtta, sf. smAll tuft, lock (of hair) 
Gidcco, sm. log, billet (of wood) bldckhead 
Gioccol&ta, sf. cb6col&le {drink) 
Gioccol&le, sm. ch6col&le {paste) 
Gioccolito, sm. v. GioceolAta 
Cioccol&lle, sm. v. GioccolMe 
Gioccolatidra, sf. a ch6colate-pot 
Gioceolaliire , sm. mftker, sMler of chbcolate 
Gioccfito, -a, adj. full of clbsters or fl^v^ers 
Gioe, adv. that is, that is to say, n&mely 
Giomperfa, sf. mdan , b&se Action 
Gi6mpo, cldfo, sm. cArder, mean fellow 
GloncAre, vn. i. to tipple, mkogle, fell 
GioncAto, -a, adj. drunk, cut, mAimed 
Gioncat6re, sm. tdper, drbnkard 
Gi6nco, -a, adj. drunk, cut off, mAlilAled; 
rimAse ci6nco d'un brAocio, he bad an Arm 
cut off, he came off with the loss of an Ann; 
un colt£Uo coUa pAnla ci6nca, a blunted 
GioncolAre, vn. 1. to waddle, toddle 
Giondolam6nto, sm. dkngling, hinging 
CiondolAre, vn. 1. to bang dkngling, bdbbing 

Giondolfno , sm. iar-ring, drop, bob, peodaiat 
Gi6odo1o, sm. a thing that bangs dkngling 
Giondol6ne, sm. a trifler, loHnger, idler 
GiondoI6ne, -6ni, ado. in a dkngling mknner 
Gidnno, -a, adj. lAzy, simple, I6w, dAspicabla 

— sm. a good for n6thing fallow 

G16nta, sf. {ant. and vuig.) bi6w with a slick, 

Gidppa, sf {ant.) petticdat, tbnie, bMgown 
Ciopp6tta, sf sm&ll pMtic6at, bed-g<)WD, tCioie 
Gidtola, sf. cap, g6blet, b6wl 
Giotol6tU, sf. smAil cop, g6blet, fo6wl 
Giotoldne, sm. lArge-eup, g6blet, bdwl 
GiottAre, va. i. {ant.) to flog, whip, lAsh 
GiottAio , -a , adj. {ant. ) whipped , lAshed^ 

Gidtlo, sm. pebble, stAne, flint, cripple 

FAte, mAte, bit«, n6te, t6be; - At, mAt, bit, nd^ Uib;^ t^Ho^V^** ^^ 


— 145 — 


GMlo, -a, m(/. lame, mAimed, impkfeet 
CiottoUre, va. i. to llir6w stones at, pive 
QotkoliU, sf, a bl6w or bit wiih a stone 
Ciottolito, tm. a pired r6ad, highwiy 
Ciotlol&lo, -a, adj. p&red, stdned 
Giottol^lto, sm. sm&ll 8t6ne, flint 
Ci6ttolo, «m. flint, flinl stone, pebble; lar&re 

il capo CO* eidttoH, to b&ckbfte, sl&nder 
Gioltol6ne, tm. a Urge stone, flint 
Ciof6tU, ff. {ant.) scrioch-dwl, t. GivdtU 
Ciparisso, tm. {bol.) sort of tltbymal 
Cipigliare , on. i. lo eye ask&nce , to look at 

viih an hil eye 
Qpfgiio, tm. a rincorous look; gnardir eon 

eipfglio, to frown, to eye ask&nee 
Cipigli6i0, -a, adj, ir&scible, p&ssionate 
Ctpdila, tf. onion^ bead 
GipoUila, sf. rag6ut of ftnions and g6ards 
Gpoli^Ua, sf. leek, sc&llion. cbfves, doion 
Cipollino. -a, smf. chives, sciiUion, sh&lot 
Cipolldtto, sm. h4ir-bag 
Gipdrro, sm. 16bster, t. Grancipdrro 
Cfppo, sm. cippus, b&If c61umn, index 
Gpress^to , sm. {agr. ) plantation of cypress- 
Cipressfno, -a, a4J. cl&Te- listed, spiced 
Ciprisso, sm. cypress, {fig.) nape of the neck 
Ciprigna, adj. f. of Cyprus {fig.) sf. V^nus 
Giprino, sm. chnb, miller's thiimb 
Cirigra,*/: [ant.) gdut in the bands, chir&gra, 

T. Cbiragra 
Circa, prep, ab^t, concerning, uUt 
Circaintellezidne, sf. {phil.) full comprehension 
Circinse, adj. of the circus, of vr&stling 
Circo, sm. circus (circular space for sports) 
Circolaote, adj. circoliting, that clrcul&tes 
Circol&re, m. 1. to circulile, r61l, go r^od 

— va. i. to dispute, opp6se, disciiss 

— o/yjf. circular, rdlind, circulatory 
Circolartt^, sf. circular form, circularity 
Circolarminte, adv. circularly, round 
Qrcol&to (circnl&lo, ant.), sm. circle, crdi^n, 

girl and 
Circolito, -a, adj. roilnd, circular, r6tatory 
Gircolatdjo , sm. circulatory , chemical ressel 
Circolaldrio, -a, adj. circulatory, circular 
CircoUzidne, sf. circulition, rot&tion 
Gircoletlo, sm. small circle 
Circollocuzidne, sf circumlocution • 

Cireolo, sm. circle, reTol&lion, circuit 
Cireoncidere, va. 9. irr, to circumcise 
Circoncidim^nto, sm. circumcision irr. toencl6se,gird.Dan/« 
CircoDcfnto, -a, adj. surr^nded, enclosed 
Ctrconcisidne , sf. the circumcising , circum- 
Circoncfso, -a, adj. circumcised (cision 

Circondaminto, sm. encdmpassing, circuit 
Greondinte, adj. surrounding, r^nd 
CircoBd4re , va. i. to encl6se , surrdUnd , en- 

▼fron, gird, b6rder 
Cireondirio, sm. bdiindaries, inyirons 
Circoodalo, -&, adij. surr^nded, enWroned 

Gireo&dat6re, -tri^, #m/: one who larr^nds, 

GirceDdaii6ne, sf. sorrAnding 
Circonddtto, -z, adj. {po.) dr&wn ar^nd 
CircondArre, tM. 3. trr. to l^ad artfdnd 
Gircooferinsa, sf. clrctimference, circle 
Girconferenzi&le, a4j. circamferintial 
Girconflessi6ne, sf. circamflezion, tiiraing 
Girconfldsso, -a, adj. bent, circumflex 
Girconfldttere, va. 3 irr. to bend, bSit 
Girconfludaza, sf. drciimflaence 
Circonfdndere, va. i. to diffAse ardiind 
GireonfAlgere, va % irr. to shine rdOnd 
Girconf&so, -a, a«(/. spread ardiind . imbient 
Girconlocazidne, sf. cireumloc6tion 
Girconscritto, -a, a4j. circumscribed 
GirconscriTere, va. 3. irr. t6 circomscriW 
Girconscrizidne, sf. circumscription, limit 
GircoospAtto, circospdtto, -a, adj. clrcttmspecl; 
nomo circosp^tto, a considerate man; an- 
dar circdsp4tlo , to proceed , dial , or ^ct 
with ciation 
Gircoospezidne, sf, circumspicUon 
Girconsl4nte, sm. by-stknder, t. Gireost&nte 
— euij. surrdiioding 

GirconsUinia, sf circomstaD€e,Ticinily, neigh- 
borhood, T. Gircoslinza 
Girconstanziire, vn. i. to circumstantiate 
GircouTallire , va. i. (to circomTillate ) to 

surrdUod with a rampart 
Girconyallazi6oe, sf. circumTall&tion 
Girconvenlre, va. 3. to circumvent, deceive 
GircoDventilo, -a, adj. circumT6nted 
GirconTenzidne, sf. circumvention, friod 
Girconvicino, -a, adj. circomj&cent 
GircooTdlgere , va. 3. to circafflT6ke , to roll 

GircomToluzi6ne, sf. circumvolution 
Gircoscritto, -a^ adj. circumscribed, limiied 
Gircoscrivere, va. 3. irr. v. Qrconscrivere 
Gircospdtto, -a, adj. ciulious, w4ry 
Gircospezi6ne, sf. wariness, cftution 
Gircost&nte, adj. surrdlinding, present 
Circostftnte, sm. a b^-stinder, spectiitor 
Gircosl&nza, sf. circumstance, particularity; 
— &ggravanle, aggrav&tion ; — attenuinte, 
extenu&ting circumstance; con circost&nze 
aggrav&nti, {law) c6mpdUnd ; in tali circo- 
sUnze, under such circumstances 
Gircostanziire, va. 1. to drcomstintiate 
Gircuimenlo, sm. circuition, g6ing rdl^ud 
Gircuire, van. 3. {po.) to encldse, go round 
Glrcniti, -&te, -&de. sf. circuit, circuition 
GircAito, sm. circuit, cftmpass, thru; questa 
citii ha 10 miglia di circiiito , this city is 
ten miles in circhmference 
Gircuito, -a, adf. surrdlinded, enc5mpassed 
Qrcuisi6ne, sf circuition, cdmpass, preamble 
Gircumambiente, a^j. {phys.) circumambient 
Circumcignere, va. 3. irr. to surrdiknd, gird 
Giregeto, sm. {agr.) plantation, of cherry-trees 
Giri^iAt «A ^ cherry; ciridgie ndre, black 

aAr, rtdt; - tin, flU, buU; - iilire, dA, - b^ Itmpb; pOse. b^i, f<»l, ^Ui^*fj^ 

Digitized bv V^VJO^LC 

Diz. itai. ingL 


— 144 — 


C<Dcia, eSnelalMgra, sf. (orit.) tit ]ndik8e,tomtil 
Giociglio, $m. ornamental frloge of a belt 
Ciocig1i6De, «m. lirge fringe of Armor 
Ginciuno, 8m. a cbri, loek of h4ir 
Gincischiire, twt. 1. to bSkclc, cot; ciocitehiire 

nelle pardle, to hesitate, st&mmer, fioller, 

to be at a stand 
Gincischiito, -a, adj. hJicked, cot 
Ginciscbio, $m. slAihing, tlkmrnering 
Gineririo, -a, adj. cinerary 
Gineraii6ne, tf, red^lion by fire to ishes 
GineriziOy -a, adj. Ashodlored, gray 
Gingaii^gra, »f. titmd^kte, torn -tit (bird) 
Gfngere, va. 9. irr. to gird , enelAse, embr&ee 
Gfnghia, »f. girth, cingle (of a horse, etc.) 
Ginghi&ja , gf. ( vet. ) rein niar the girthing 

Ginghi&Ie, tm. wild b6ar 
Cioghialino, -a, ndj. of the wild b5ar 
Gingbi&re, va. 1. to gird, encl6se ; $m. (ant.) 

T. Ginghi4Ie 
GinghiMa, sf- & stroke with a strap, a Iftsh 
Ginghi&lo, -a, adj. girthed, girded 
Gioghiatura, af. girthing, glrlhing-pl.iee 
Cinghio, tm. circle, encldsure, circait 
Gingol6tto, »m. sm&ll girdle, cincture 
Gfngolo, sin. girdle, belt, cincture 
Ginguellam6nto,«m. pritile, tmie-tittle, chat 
GinguetlAre , va. i. to slMter , lisp , chirp , 

chatter (as birds do), to chat, prate 
Ginguellat6ro, -trice, tmf. a silly priter 
Gingaetterfa, tf, pr&liog, gdssip, chit-chat 
Cfnico, $m. and adj. ctnic, conical, satirical 
Ginfgia, 9f. Ambers, hot cinders 
Cinlglia, tf. silk vilTet-twist 
Ginfsmo, sm c^nicalness, ctnicism 
Ginnamo, cinnamdmo, xm. {hot.) cinnamon 
Gfno, 8m. {agr.) a wild plum 
Ginocdfalo, 8m. cynocipbalns 
Ginogldssa , 8f. ( hot. ) hand's tSngoe , dog's 

Cinosiira , nf. {a8tr. ) cynosure , ursa minor , 

the little bedr (sw6rd 

Cinquadda , 8f. {bwi. and vulg.) 8w6rd , long 
Cinquinta, adj. Tilfy 
Ginquantdsimo, -a, adj. flflielh 
Cinquanlina, sf. fifty, fifty (things) 
Gioquanllno, sm. {agr.) sort of Indian corn 
Gfnque, adj. Hve 

GinquecenlSsimo, -a, adj. ftve hbndredth 
Cinquecentfsta, am. writer ofthe 15ih. eintory 
Gioquec^nto, adj. fire htindred 
Ginquefdglie, cinquefdglio, af. {hot.) dnqaef^l 

(kind of clover) 
Ginquemila, adj. fire thousand 
Ginqu£ooio, af, the space of fiTO y^ars 
Ginqnfna, af. five, five (things) 
Ginqufno, am. i%6 fives, or clnqnes (af dice) 
Ginta,*/. encldsure, circuit, girdle, belt; 

{mar. ) wale : cinta prima, the m&in wftle , 

cfnta della 8ec6nda copdrta, thechknnel wale 
Cinlino, am. tinder pittie6at 

Ginto, am. girdle, cloctare, b&lo, sm&ll close 

— -a, adj. girded, surr^nded 

Gfntola, 8f girdle, w&ist, cinctare, belt, UMh, 

stftrsi colle mani a cfntola, to stand idle 
GintoHno , am. smill band , girdle , girter ; 

avdre 11 cintoKno r6sso , to hare the pthte- 

Gfntolo , am. band, girdle, list (of cloth) 
Giotdnchio, am, t. Onloochio 
GintAra, af. cincture, girdle, string 
Gintor^tta, af. sm&ll girdle 
Giotur^lto, cinlurino, am. sm&ll belt, girdle 
Gintur6ne, am. w&ist-belt, sw6rd-belt 
Gi6, pron. m. this, that, wh&t; eon tutto d6, 

with &11 that, ifler all; ci6 non ostante, 

and yet 
Gidcca, af. bunch, clhster of flowers, frftit.etc. 

a tuft or lock of h&ir; cidccbe dt capSili 

dMro, g6lden locks: cidcca a cidcca , one 

lock After antther, lock by lock 
Giocchft, pron. wh&t, that which 
Gioccbdtta, af sm&tl tuft, lock (of hair) 
Gidcco, am. log, billet (of wood) bldckhead 
Gioccol&ta, af. eh6col&le {drink) 
Gioccol&le, am. ch&col&le {paatc) 
Gioccol&to, am. r. Gioccol&ta 
Cioccol&tte, am. t. (^occol&te 
Gioccolatidra, af. a ch6colate-pot 
GioccoIatiCre , sm. m&ker, siller of cb6coIate 
GioccAto, -a, adj. fSlI of cl{isters or fl6wers 
Gio6, adv. that is, that is to say, n&mely 
Ciomperfa, sf. m^an, b&se action 
Gi6mpo, cidfo, am. c&rder, mdan fellow 
Gionc&re, vn. i. to tipple, m&ngle, fell 
Gione&lo, -a, adj. drunk, cut, m&lmed 
Gioncat6re, am. t6per, driinkard 
Gi6nco, -a, adj. drunk, cut off, mutllited; 

rim&se ct6nco d'un br&ceio, he had an &rm 

cut off, he came off with the loss of an inn; 

un coU£llo colla pAota ci6nca, a bliinted 

Cioncol&re, vn. 1. to waddle, toddle 
Giondolam^nto, am. d&ngling, h&nging 
Giondol&re, vn. i. to hang d&ngling, bdbbing 

Giondolfno , am. 6ar-ring, drop, bob, pendant 
Gi6ndolo, am. a thing that bangs d&ogling 
Giondol6ne, am. a trifler, Idilnger, idler 
GioDdol6ne, -dni, adv. in a d&ngling m&nner 
Gidnno, -a, adj. I&zy, simple, 16w, dtepicable 

— am. a good for nAthing fallow 

Gi6nta, af. {ant. and vutg.) bl6w with a slick, 

Gidppa, af. (ant.) p&ttic6at, tbnic, bidg^n 
Gioppdlta, af. sm&ll pittic6al. bed-gown, tCuie 
Gidlola, af. cnp, gdblet, b6wl 
Giotoiata, af. sm&ll cop, g6blet, b6wl 
Giotoldne, am. l&rge-eup, gdblet, bdwl 
Giott&re, va, 1. (ant.) to flog, whip, l&sh 
Giott&to, -a.of^. (anr.) whipped, lAshed, 

Gidtto, am. pebble, stdae, flint, eripple 

F&te, m^, bite, n6te, t6be; - At, m&t, bit, n6t, tbb; 

Digitized by 


!9»», C^ 


— 145 — 


Gidtlo, -a, adj. Ume, mtimed, imperfect 
CioUolire, va. i. to thr6w stones at, p&TO 
CiolloliU, $f, a bl6w or bit viih a stooo 
Cioltolilo, tm. a piyed r6ad, higbwiy 
GottoJito, -a, adj. pived, st6ned 
CioUol^tto, tm. sm&ll stdne, flint 
Qdttolo, sm. flint, flint stone, pebble; lav&re 

il capo CO* eifiUoIi, to backbite, slknder 
Cioltol6oe, tm. a lirge stone, flint 
Ciofitta, $f. {ant.) ser^ech-owl, t. Giv^tla 
CiparissOy sm. {bot.) sort of titbymal 
GiplgUire , on. I. to eye askiince , to look at 

viih an ii\\ eye 
Cipiglio . tm. a rancorous look ; guard&r con 

eipfglio, to frown, to eye ask&nce 
Cipigli680, -a, adj. irJtscible, pkssionate 
Cip6Ila, tf. buioikj head 
CipoUila, tf. rag6at of ftnions and g6urd8 
GipollMta, tf. leek, sckllion. cbi'Tes, dnion 
Cipollioo, -a, tmf. chires, sc&Uion, sh^lot 
GpoUdtlo, tm. hiir-bag 
Gipdrro, tm. 16bsler, ?. Grancipdrro 
Cippo, tm. clppus, bAlf column, index 
Gpress^to , tm. {agr. ) plantation of cypress- 
Cipressfno, -a, adj. cl6Te-t&sted, spiced 
Ciprlsso, tm. cypress, {fig.) nape of the neck 
Gprigna, adj. f. of Cyprus {fig.) tf. Vdnus 
Qprino, tm. chub, miller's thdmb 
Cirigra,s/1 (on/.) gdut in the bands, cbir&gra, 

T. Cbiragra 
Cfrca, prep, abdut, concerning, ndar 
Gircaintellezi6ne» tf. iphil.) full comprehension 
Circdnse, adj. of the circus, of wrestling 
Cireo, tm. circus (circular space for sports) 
Grcolanto, adj. circuiting, that circul&tes 
CircoUre, on. 1. to circul&te, r61l, go rd^nd 
— oa. 1. to dispute, opp6se, discuss 
~ oflT/. circular, rd&nd, circulatory 
Cireolariti, tf. circular form, circularity 
Circolarminte, adv. circularly, round 
Circolilo (cireuUto, ant.)y tm. circle, cr6i^n, 

Circolato, -a, adj. roTind, circular, r6latory 
Gircolardjo , tm. circulatory , chemical vessel 
Circolalorio, -a, adj. circulatory, circular 
Circollxidoe, tf. circulation, rot&tion 
Circol^tlo, tm. sm&ll circle 
CircoUocozidne, tf circumlocution • 

Circolo, tm. circle, revol&lion, circuit 
Circoncidere, va. % irr. to circumcise 
Girconcidim6nlo, tm. circumcision 
Grcoocfgnere,t7a.3. irr. to encldse, gird. Dan/e 
Cireooeinlo, -a, adj. sorrdunded, encldsed 
Circoncisiooe , tf. the circumcising , circum- 
Circondso, -a, adj. circumcised (cision 

CircondaiD^Dlo, tm. encompassing, circuit 
Grcondinta, adj. surrounding, r6ilnd 
Gircondire , va. i. to encl6se , surrdUnd , en> 

Tiron, gird, border 
Gircondirio, tm, boundaries, dnTirons 
Qrcoodilo, -i, adj. surrounded, enWroDed 

Gircondat6r6, -tri«e, tmf. one who sarr^nds, 

Gircoiidaii6n6, tf. aorr^nding 
Gircond6tto, ^, adj. {po.) driwn ardiknd 
GircondArre, tM. a. irr. to l^ad ar^nd 
Circonferinsa, tf. circumference, circle 
Girconferenzi&le, adj. circumferential 
Girconfle8si6ne, tf. circumflexion, turning 
Girconfldsso, -a, adj. bent, circumflex 
Gireonflditere, va. 3 irr. to bend, bSit 
Girconfludnza, tf. eircumfluence 
Girconf6ndere, va. 1. to diffuse around 
Glrconfulgere, va % irr. to shine rdilnd 
GircoofAso, -a, adj. spread ardiind. imbient 
Girconlocuzidne, tf. circnmlocAtion 
Girconscrllto, -a, a4j. circumscribed 
GircoDscrivere, va. 3. irr. 16 circomscri)>e 
Girconscrizidne, tf circumscription, limit 
Gircoospdlto, circosp6tlo,-a, adj. clrcnmspect; 
uomo circosp£tlo , a considerate man; an^ 
dar circdspdtto , to proceed , dial , or kcl, 
with ciution ^ 

Girconspezidne, tf cireomspiction 
Girconslinte, tm. by-ilknder, t. areostinte 
-^ adj. sorrdiindiog 
GirconstAnia, tf. circumstao€e,Ticlnily,niigh- 

borhood, T. Gircosl&nza 
Girconstanzl&re, vn. i. to circumstkntiate 
GircouTall&re , va. i. (to circomrMlate ) to 

surroiiod with a rampart 
Glrconrallazidne, tf. circumTallMion 
Girconvenlre, va. 3. to circumrintjdeciiTe 
GircooTenhto, >a, adj. circumvented 
GirconTenzi6ne, tf. circumvention, fr&ud 
Girconvicino, -a, adj. circnmj&cent 
Girconvdlgere , va. 3. to circomTdlve , to r6ll 

GircomToluz{6ne, tf. circumvolution 
Gircoscritto, -a> adj. circumscribed, limiled 
Gircoscrivere, va. % irr. v. Girconscrfvere 
GircospStto, >a, adj. ciolious, w4ry 
Gircospezidne, tf. w&riness, c&ution 
Gircosl&nte, adj. surroDinding, present 
Gircost&nle, tm. a b^-stknder, specl&lor 
Gircosl&nza, tf. circumstance, particularity; 
— iggravante, aggravation; — attenu4nte, 
exienu&ting circumstance; con circostanze 
aggrav&nti, {law) c6mpdund ; in tali circo- 
sUnze, under such circumstances 
Gircostanzi&re, va. i. to circumstantiate 
Gircnimento, tm. circuilion, g6ing rdi^nd 
Gircuire, van. 5. {po.) to encl6se, go round 
Gireuilk, -&te, -ide. tf. circuit, circuilion 
Girc6ito, tm. circuit, cdmpass, thru; questa 
cittk ha iO miglia di circftito , this city is 
ten miles in circhmference 
Gircuito, -a, adj. sorrdHnded, encompassed 
Gircuizi6ne, tf circuilion, cdmpass, preamble 
GIrcumambidnle, adj. {phyt. ) circumkmbieat 
Gircumcignere, va. 3. irr. to surrdiknd, gird 
Giregeto, tm. {agr.) plant&tion, of cherry-trees 
Girijgia, tf, a cherry; ciriSgie ndro, black 

B4r.rtd«;.i5n, ftU, bull; - lire, d4, - b^ l^mph; pQse, b^i, Waii«^lJ J??» f* 

_ Digitized by VjOOQ L€ 

Diz. ital. Ingi. 


146 — 


cbdrrles; ciridgie dar&eine , hftrd-fl6shed 

cbirriet; DocciudU, 68so di ciri£gia, chirry- 

8l6ne ; le pardle sod e6me le ciridgie , che 

I' una lira V allra , prov. exp. wdrds are 

like cherries, that one dr&ws anft'lher 
Girilgio, sm. a cb6rry-tree 
Ciriegiudlo , -a, adj, of chirry-cdlor or t&sle 
Girimdnia, sf. t. Geremdnia 
Girindone, sm. Dew-y6ar's gift, hiiodsel 
Giriudla , sf. grig, smftll eel 
Giromanzfa, sf. chfromancy, palmistry, t. Ghi- 

Girro, sm. ciirl, t. Rfccio , capellatUra 
Girurgfa, sf. {ant.) ▼. Chirargfa 
Gis&le, sm. l&nd-m&rlc, b^ndary, ridge 
GisalpfDo , -A, adj. (geogr.) Gis&lpine , on tbe 

soulh of the Alps 
Giscriona, sf fdldiogHihair, worn diit things 
Giscr&nno, sm. (ant.) k book-sbelf 
Gfsma , sf (ant.) schism , dis&nion , dlseord, 

T. Scisma 
Gfspa, sf bl^aredness, viscous m&tler 
Gispad^Do , -a, adj. {geogr. ) Cispadane, on 

this side of the Po (with regard to Rome) 
Gisp&rdo, cispic6so, -a, adj, blear e^ed 
Gisposil^, sf. blared ness 
Gissdido, sf. {geom.) clssoid (nedlcline 

Gistercense , sm. cistircian , a refbrmed Be- 
Gisterna, sf. cistern, tank 
Gisternilla, sf. smili cistern reservoir 
Gisti, cistide, sf. {svrg.) cyst, cystis 
Gfstico, -a, adj. biliary, ctstic 
Gfstio, sm. ipot.) rock rose, hip, h&w 
Gistilide , sf. (med.) cystitis , inflammation of 

the blkdder 
Gistocele, cislocdlia, sf. {surg.) cystoc^Ie 
Gislotomia, sf (surg.) cyst6lomy , the &rt or 

practice of 6pening cysts 
GlUra, sf (po.), I&te, gaitir, hdrp 
Gil^re, vn. 1. to cite , siimmon , allege , qadte 
Gitareggiire, vn. i. to pUy on the h&rp, etc. 
Gitar^o, citarfsta, sm. pl&yer on the birp , 

Gitarizz&re, vn. 1. to pl&y on the h&rp, etc. 
Git&to, -a, adj. cited, summoned, qn6ted 
Gitatore, sm. qu6ter, clter, enumerator 
Gital6ria, sf. siimmons, writ 
Gilazione, sf citition, summons, quot&tion 
Gilera, sf (ant.) liile, birp, v. Getra 
Giteriore, adj. n^ar, hither, hltberm6st 
Giliso, sm. b^alh, broom, fhrze, fern 
Citricca, sf milt-wdrt (herb) 
Gitragine, sf (bot.) balm, mint 
Gflrico, -a, adj. kcid, limon-liisted, citrine 
Citrinezza, citrinil^, -&te, ide, sf. j&undice 
Gitrino, -a, adj. ISmon t^ted, cdlored 
Gitriu6lo, citriolo, 5m. cucumber 
Gilronidra, sf. 6raogery 
Gflta, sf girl, lass, m&id, t. Zil^lla 
Cilti, -ale, -ide , sf city , town; la cittk do- 

Idnle (poet.) hell 
Gitladdlla, sf smill t^n, b5rongh, citadel 

Gittadfna, sf a citizen's wife 
GilladinamSote, adv. politely, citizen-like 
(^Itadin&nza, sf freedom (guild) deniz4tion, 
citizens, civility, politeness, abode; ammdt- 
tere alia citladin&oza, to dinizen, to grant 
the freedom of the city ; essere ammftsso 
alia citladin&nza, t6 be denized , to rec^ve 
the freedom of the city 
Citladiniire, va. i. to people a t6wn, city 
Cittadin&tico, sm. tbe right of a bhrgess 
Gittadindllo, sm. a little burgess, citizen 
Gittadinescaminte, adv. like a citizen, civil 
Gitladinisco, -a, adj. of a citizen, civil 
Gittadino, -a, smf citizen, burgess, patriot 

a, adj. of a citizen, civil, polite 

CittadioAzzo, sm. 16w mean citizen^ bhrgess 
Citlad6ne, sm. a very lirge city, town 
Gftto, sm. bey, lad, yoiing man (vulg.) 
Gfttola, sf a IHtle girl, l&ss 
Gittolo, sm. a little b^, lad 
Giuca, sf. a she &ss 
Gibco, sm. &ss 

GioCr&gno, -a, adj. griping, T6ady to seise 
Giuir&re, va. i. to c4tch, gripe, so&lch 
GiuGT^tto, sm. sm&ll tuft , lock of h&ir , tenir 
la fortuna pel ciufTetto , to be f6rtanate , to 
fix the wheel of fortune; pigli&r il tempo 
pel ciuffetto, to t&ke time by the fore lock 
CiufTo, sm. thft, lock of b&ir, toupet 
Ciuffolo, sfp. trifles, ndnsense 
Giurlo , sm. pirouette , a whirling or tiiroing 

ab^t on the t6es 
Gibrma , sf. ill the sl4ves of a gklley , crew , 

ship's crew, mob, rdiit 
Glurmab6rse, tm. ciit-phrse, pick-p&cket 
Giurmad6re, sm. enchjintcr, imp6stor, chiat, 

swindler, quack 
Giurmiglia, sf mob, riibble, bikckguards 
Giurm&nU^, sm. and adj. imp6slor, cheating 
Giorm&re, va. i. to charm, enchknt, cdnjure, 

chdat as mduntebanks do 
Giurm&rsi, vrf. to get drunk 
Giurmito , -a , arf/. charmed, invhlnerable : 
sooo ciurm&to a tutti i vostri ing&oni , i 
am proof against ill your deceit 
Giurm&t6re, -trfce, smf. wizzard, witch, cb^at 
Ciurmeria, sf cham, quack, tricks 
Gi&schero, -a, adj. tlpsy^ half s£as 6ver 
Civ4da, sf (mo^.) the sprit s4il 
Civ&ja, tf all kfnds of phlse, v6te, suffrage 
Giv&nza, sf benefit, pr6fil, gain 
CivanzAre, va. i. to provide, procure 
Givanz4rsi, vrf to supply one's self with ■ 
Giv&nzo, sm. adv&ntage, pr6fit, gain 
Give, sm. (ant.) citizen, polite person (riage) 
Gfv^a, sf. civio, sin. (ant.) sI6dge( rustic car* 
Givitla, f/l screech owl, coquette; schiacci^re 
il capo alia civdtla, impaoiair la civdtta, to 
catch one in his 6wn snare ; far la civ^tta , 
to coquet, flirt 
Givett&re , van. \. to coquet , deceive , flirt , 
dangle After, be a coquette, play the w&nton 

Fite, mite, bite, n6te, t6be; - fit, m^t, bit, n6t, tiib;/ - 

Digitized by Vn 



— 147 — 


avetUrfa, 9f. coqoMrT, flirUtiOD 
GiTeUiDa, uf. a sm&ll dwl, little coqnMte 
GWeUioo, tm. a fopt irall&nt, dkndy 
GivettfsmOt **». coqu^ttiih Arts 
CireU6ne, tm. Urge 5wl, swell, ixquUite 
Ciredodla, ciTettAzza, «/! a little coquilte 
CfTico , -a , adi. civic , of the XS^n , city ; la 
fQ&rdia dvica , the n&tional guftrd , tbe 
Civile, tm. a raster, contr6i (book) 
— o<//. civil, poifte, dicenl, esag 
CiTiHtta, «iR. joriscdnsuU, civilian 
Civility -ate, -ide, tf. civility, poUteDeu 
Civiliizire, va. 1. to civilize 
Civilm^ote, adv. civilly, politely, Affably 
Civilii, -ate, -ide, tf. civility, politeness 
Cfvfre, va. 5. to provide, v. Acdvire 
Civdrio, tm, pix, v. Gib6rio 
^ Cizza, tf, {ant.^ v. Pdppa. mammella 
GI4cc1ie, tfp. clogs, gal6cbe8 
Glide, tf. (po.) sliughler, cirnago 
GlaiD&re, eo. f . (/to.) to cr^ aldild 
GlamazioDe, tf. cl&mor, cr^, invocation 
Glimide, tf. R6man sdldicr' s cl6ak 
Clam6re, am. clamor, ddtcry 
Clamordso, -a, adj. cl&morous , nSIsy , tdrba- 

lent, b^slerous 
Gandestinam^Dte , adv. clandestinely , by 

Claodeslioo, -a, adj. clandestine, secret 
Glangdre, am. cl&ngor, flodrisb (of trbmpets) 
Clar^tto, tm. cliiret (light French wine) 
ClariGc&re, m. \. to clkrifj. v. Cbiariac4re 
Clarinetto, clarino, tm. a clkrion (trumpet) 
Classe, tf. diss. 6rder; (poel.) fleet ; bricc6ne 

di prima classe , an &rch-r6gae 
Glisaico, -a, adj. classical 
ClassiOeire, va. i. to diss, clissif^ 
GlassiGcazi6ne, tf classificition 
Clandicknte, adj. (latin.) h&lting, limping 
Claodic&re, vn. 1. {latin.) to h&lt or limp 
Glinsola, cl&nsola, tf cl&nse, stipul&tion 
Claastrile, adj. cl&ustral, mon^stical 
Gliosfro, tm. (po.) a ciSUter, m6naslery 
ClaosAra. tf encl6$ure, mbnastery ; {pfnvnt) 

Cliva, nf. {po.) a clnb blhdgeon 
Clavicembalo, tm. h&rpsicord, pianoforte 
Glavieola, tf. \anat.) clkvicle, clavicnla, collar- 
Clavifdrme, o<//.(6o«.)cl&vate, clivatod, clnb- 
sbaped (««*<^ 

aaTfgero,-a, adj. keeping the keys {littlt 
Clivo, sm. (po.) riidder, nail, knob 
Glemitide, tf. {hot.) periwinkle, cotton-weed 
Clem^nle, adj. clement, hamjine 
Clemeniemenle, adv. mercifully, huminely 
Oementine, tfp. p6pe Clement's constitutions 
ClemCnza, clemenxia, tf. clemency 
Glericile, adj. v. Ghericile 
Gleric&to, tm, t. Chericito 
CMro, tm. the dirgy 

Clessfdra, clepsfdra, tf. clepsydra , hydr&nlic 

Gliente, am. client, dependent 
Clienieia, tf. p&lronage, clients, p&rtizans 
Glientolo, clientnlo, sm. client, dependant 
Clfma, tm. climate, clime, region 
Climate, climato, cliroo, tm. {aniiq.) climate 
Climaierico, -a, adj. climacteric, climaclerical 
Clinica, tf. clinical medicine, clinical shrgery; 

lezi6ni di clinica, clinical, lectures 
Clfnico, -a, adj. clinical clinic 
Clipeato, -a, adj. (po.) irmed with a shield 
OUpeo, tm. (po.) shield, bhckler, target 
Clistdre, clistdro, tm. clyster, injection 
Clisterizz&ro , va. to cl^sterize , to appl^ a 

Clivo, tm, {po.) hill, declivity, slope 
Clivo, -a, adj. decllvions, sl6ping 
Clizia, tf. {boL) shn-flower, heliotrope, thrnsol 
Clo4ca, tf. sewer, drain, sink 
Clor&to, tm, {chem.) chldrate 
CIdrico, -a, adj. {chem.) chldric 
CI6ro, tm. {chem.) cb16rine, chldrin 
Cldrosi, tf, {med.) chlor68ts, the green sickness 
Glor6ro, tm. {chem.) chl6rid 
Co* {for coi, con i, con li), pr. with the 
Coabii&re, vn. i, to Htc together, cohkbit 
Coabitat6re, tm. cohabitant 
CoabiUzi 6oe, tf. cohabilition 
Coaccademico, tm. feilow-academlcian 
Coaccni&to, tm. { law) person accused of ihe 

same offense (io/<A...) fellow-prisoner {for 

the tame offence) 
Coacerv&re, va. i. {po.) to heap up, pile 
Coacervazi6ne, tf. (po.) heaping up, pile 
Coadinmento, «m. j^nt &id, mutual assistance 
Coadjut6re, tm. coadjtilor, helper 
Coadjntoria , tf coadjAtorship , mAtaal help , 

coadjutor's dffice 
Coadjutrice, tf helper, iider, assistant 
Coadjuv4re, va. 1. to help, assist, siiccor 
Coadjuv&to, -a, adj. assisted, helped 
Coadunire, va. i. to collect, hdard up 
Coadnnazi6ne, tf. collecting into one miss 
Coagolibile, adj. congealable, coligulable 
Goagulamento, tm. coaguiilion, chrdling 
Coagul&re, van. 1. to co&gulate, ciirdle 
Coagulativo, -a, adj. co&gulative 
Coagul&to, coagol&to, -a, adj. coagulated 
Goagulazi6ne , tf. coagul&tion , congelilion , 

Coigulo, tm. rennet, riinnet, coagnlitor 
Coalescenza, tf. coalescence, Anion, concretion 
Coalizi6ne , tf. coalition, league, conspiracy 
Coartire, va. 1. to restrict, limit, contrkct 
Coartativo, -a, adj. astringent , restrictive 
Coartazidne, tf contraction, straitening 
Coatlivo^ a, adj. coercive, comphlsory 
(^it(o, -a, adj. f6rced, compelled 
Coazi6oe, tf. coictiou, f6rce, comphlsion 
Cobilto, tm. c6balt (mineral) 
Cdbio, tm. a ghdgeon, v. Ghidxzo 

ndr. rtde;-ftn. thn, biiU; - Arei di; - bt, l^mph; ?«««» ^^*^igJ^J»b^^ofe'^le* 


— 148 — 


Gdbola, $f. 61d Prortaeial bUlad 

G6eca , sf. the notch of an krrcw , ^rrow , 

shaft, a cock-b6at, tha tip of a spindle 
Goceire , i>a. i. to notch the bdwstrin^ , pdit 

the krrov on the b6w-string 
Gocc4re, vn. i. to make, faces, play a trick 
Cocchitta, «m. little notch 
CocchikU, tf. siren&de (in a coach), e6achfiUl 
Cocchidre, «m. a c6achman 
Goccbfna, sf. cehntry dilnco 
GAcchio, «m. coach, carriage, ch&riet, cir 
Gocchi6ne, tm. l^rge cdaeh, carriage 
Gocchium&re, vn. 1. to mock, trick 
GocchiAme, sm. bbng, bung-hole 
G6ccia , 9f. pimple , hilt ( of sword ), n6ddle ; 

cdccia d' udTO, the shell of an egg 
Gocciniglia, sf. c6chineal (red color) 
Gdccio, sm. pot sherd fragment 
Cocci udla, sf. smill pimple, biirn, sc&ld 
Cocciiito,-a,ady. htodstrong, 6bslin&te, stub- 
Gdcco , sm. c6chineal , se&rlet , egg, d&rling ; 

(bot.) cocoa 
Goccodrillo, sm. crdcodile, klligilor; ligrime 

di coccodrillo, treacherous tdars 
Cdccola, sf b^rry, pate, n6ddle 
GoccoHna, sf. sm&ll berry, h6oping-c6agh 
Goccot6ne, -i, adu. (dssere, star), to lie or sit 

GoccoY^ggia, sf. a scriech-dwl, coqaitte 
GoccoTeggi&re, va. i. to lie in -wait, coqnit 
Goc^Dte, adj. bhroing, firdent, sm&rting , 

Gdcere, va. i. to cook, biirn, ?. Gudcere 
Gochfglia, cochiUa, sf. (anf.) t. GonchigUa 
Gociffl^nto, sm, hiat, digestion, smArt 
Goci6re, sm. bhrning, sm&rtlng 
Gocit6jo, -a, adj. Easily cooked 
Godtilira, sf. dec6clion, cooking, bhrning 
Cdclea, sf screw-not ; f^mlile , hollow screw ; 

(anat.) c6chlea of the &ir, h^lix 
Gocle&ria, sf. sp^n-wdrt, schrry-grdss 
Gocdlla, sf. cowl, hood, frock (af a monk) 
Gocollito, sm. friar weiring a hood, etc. 
Gocdllo, sm. a kind of cowl 
Gocoroa, sf. a kettle, boiler 
Cocomer&jo, sm. {agr.) witer-milon bed; wi- 

ter-mdlon siller 
Gocomerillo, sm. wiler-melon, wild cucumber 
Goc6mero, sm. w&termdlon 
Gocuzza, sf. T. Z6cca 

GocAzxo I sm, crown of the head , top of a 
Cocduolo i spire, of a moilDtain, etc 
G6da, sf. Uil, the ind, tr&in, series, sl41k; — 
inl^ra, (o/'Aotsm) switch tail; — m6na, bob* 
till ; — di r6ndine, {carpentry) d6f e-Uil ; -* 
caTallina {bot.), hdrse- tail : — di T6Ipe (6o<.), 
t&iled amarknibns, f6x-t&il-grass , f6x-Uil; 
— di li6ne (bo/.), m&ther-w&rt ; — di t^po 
{hot.), m^use-tiil; {mar. of cables) poial; 
dalla c6da lAnga , long-tidied ; dalla c6da 
m6ua, bob-t&iled ; far edda ron&na, to fdU 

low one Idoghing at him ; mMtere la o6da 
dore non va il eipo , to hitHkde one's aelf 
irery whire , to try to get by hook or by 
crook; g6ard4re colia e6da dell' dcchio , to 
6gle (one) to glince sifly, to cAst a sly glinco 
at a person ; gaasl&r la c6da al fagi&no, to 
forget the crtom of a st6ry ; lisciire la c6da , 
to flatter. caj6le ; far c6da,to attend, to C&l- 
low; nella c6da sta il veldno (proo. earp.)* 
the T^nom lies in the tail (the difficulty ofien 
lies at the end) 
Godardaminte, ado. in a cdi^ardly manner 
Codardia, sf. cowardice, pusillanimity 
Godardigia, sf t. Godardfa 
Cod&rdo, -a, adj. odwardly, pusillknlmons 
God&to, -a, a4j. hkving a tail, tilled 
Godizza, sf. tail end, eitrimity (train) 
Goditzo, sm. retinue, train, attindants 
Goderfno, -a, adj. of the tail, hiving a Uil 
God^sto, -a, pron. this, thit, t. Gotisto 
GodilU, sf. Uttle till 
Godiire, va. i. to d6dge, sp^, witch, pry 
Godiat6re, sm. a d6dger, spy, infdrmer 
Gddice , sm, c6de , minuscript; {pharm.) di- 

Godicillire, a4j. of the c6dicil 
Godielilo, sm. c6dicil, appindage to a will 
Gddico, sm. (ant.) y. Godice 
Godiglio , sm. codille ( a term at ombre wheo 

the game is won) 
Godildingo, sm. {om.) the long tiiled t6mlit 
Godimdno, -a, adj. d6cked, with^t a tail 
Godlno, -a, smf. a little tail 
Godi6ne, sm, rhmp 
Godirdsso, sm. kind of flg-picker 
Goditrdmola, sf, wiler-wig- tail (bird) 
Ck)dognita, sf, quince mirmalade 
God6ne, sm, crbpper- strap, long tailed duck 
Goduto, -a, adj. tiiled, hiTiog a tail 
Coefflcidnte, sm. {alg.) coefficient 
Goeguile, ocfjf. coequal, alike 
Goequile, adj. {ant.) t. Goeguile 
Codrcere ,va,%{ iatin ) te coirce , repress , 

compil , constriin 
Goerclbile , adj, coercible , that may be re- 

striined or compelled 
Goercitivo, -a, adj. coircive, restriinable 
Goercisi6ne , sf. coircion , restriint , check ,. 

Goerdde, sm, coheir, joint heir 
Goerdnte, adJ, cohirent, consistent, united 
Goerdnza, sf. coherence, consistency 
Goesidne, sf. cohMon, connexion, adhiaion 
Goesistdnte , adj. coexistent, coexisting 
Goesist^nsa, sf. coexistence 
Goesistere, vn. S. irr. to coexist 
Goetioeo, adj, coetineous , contemporary, of 

the same ige or eintury, iqoal in age 
Goetdrno, -a, adj, co-etirnal 
GodTO, -a, adj, coiral , contimporary 
Goficcia, sf. {ant.) {r, Fociccia) bun, cake 
Gofaccina, co&cc6tta, sf, {ant,) smill bun, cake 

Fite, miU, bfte» nite, tibe; • At, mlt, bit, nit, thb; .- ttr. jitqiie, «::/* 

Digitized by VjOO^ 


— 149 — 


Golkni|o, $m. a bS^ket m&kar, trdnk m&ker 
Cofaoftla, sm. Emill hkAeH or trunk 
Cdfano, sm, basket, ckMt, triink cbffer 
Cdffa, «/: (mar. ) the r^nd top, hktkeX 
Gofitab6ndo, -a, adj. musing, thdughtftil 
€ogjrire, vn. i. {po.) to think, mnie 
Cogitativo, -a, aij. c6gilatiTe» pensive 
CogiUxidne, sf. th&ught, meditAtion 
C6g1ia , »f. scrdtum , the bag ivhich contains 

the tistides 
C5g1iere, va. 3. irr. to gither, take, cktch. hit; 

— il t^mpo , to choose the pr6per time ; 

— in iscftmbio, to mist&ke; — sul fJLtto, to 
catch in the deed; — cagidne, to find a pre- 
tence , an excuse ; — il frulto delle sue fa- 
f/cbe , to r^ap the frftit of one*s l&boar ; se 
mi arlsse a c^gliere qn&lche disgr&zia, 
should any misfbrtune beflill me ; la ndtte 
ci edlse a m'dzza strida, \re yiere overtAken 
by the night at hilf-way ; per la rosa sp^sso 
la spina si cdglie, (prov. exp.) the thorn is 
often plhcked for the rose 

C6glio, SM. (of a serpent), slough {pron. sliiff) 

Coglidia, sf. sort of plum (t, Scoglio 

Coglidoe, sm. t. Testfeolo 

Goglionire, va. (vul.) ▼. BeffAre , deridere 

Coglitdre, sm. gatherer, rdaper 

Cogniita, sf. steter-in-I&v 

Cognatizio, -a, €uij. {law) e6gnate, proceeding 

from the same stock 
Cognito, sm. brother-in-law 
— a, adj. allied, akin, related, kindred 
€ognazi6ne, sf. kindred, reUtion, affinity 
Gdgnito, -a, adj. (po.) known 
Gognitdre, sm. he who kn6ws, {law.) rep6rter 
€ognizione^lla» sf. slight kndwiedge ' 
Cognizi6oe, sf. kn6wledge, science 
Gdgno, sm. wine m^nre often barrels {ant.) 
Cogn6me, sm. sbrname, fkmily name 
CognominAre, oa. 1. to surn&me, den6minate 
Cognominirsi, vrf. to take the shrname 
CognomioitOf-a, adj. surn&med, c&lled 
Cognominazi6ne, sf. surname, fkmily name 
Cogoteeere, va. S. irr. {ant..) to kn6w, t. Go- 

GogoIAria, sf sweepnet, wide mdiithed net 
C^goma, sf. a kettle, bSller 
Cojieeto, sm. bad leather 
Goj4jo, sm. a tknner, leather ehtter 
Gojime, sm. quantity of leather, bides 
Coj^tlo, sm. Itother jerkin 
GoinddAnie, adj. coincident, concbrrent 
GoiocidAnta, sf coincidence, conchrrenoe 
Goincfdere, vn. 2. irr. to coincide, concur 
Gdilo, sm. coition, copul&tion 
Goit680,-a, adj. {ant.)T. PeDsier6so 
Gd'1 , c6l {for eon lo , collo ) prep, and art. 

with the 
Colk, adv. thire, in that place, y6nder 
Gola, sf a slrAiner, c61ander, filler 
Colafizi&re, va. 1. to cuff, slap, box {lat.) 
Golaggife, coIaggiAso, adv. dSwn thire» bel6w 

GolamAnto, sm. the str&ining through, ran- 

ning, driining, flux, fl6w, leakage 
Gol&nti, sm. riinning knots {sea.) 
Gol&re, van. 1. to strain through, filler, dr&in, 

drop; col&r a f6ndo una n&ye, to skbttle a 
Golascl6ne, sm, IlAlian lute (ship 

Golassii, colassAso, adv. thdre abftve (po.) 
Gol&ta, sf {mar.) fair chrye, h6llow fl6or 
Golatfccio, sm. slrAinings, percol&tion 
Golatfo, colalfvo, -a, adj. llquable, dissoluble 
GolAto, sm. percol&lion, strAining, fillrAtion 
GolAto,-a, adj. strAined,nitered; Aria col Ala, 

a wind that c6mes through cracks ; drAught 

of air; Tino colAto, smooth wine 
Golal6jo, sm. slrAiner, colander 
GolalAra, sf filtr&tion, c61ature, stalActides 
Golazioncfna, sf a little breakfast 
Golazi6ne, sf breakfast, t. Colezi6ne 
GolcAre, va. i. to lay ddwn, strMch 
ColcArsi, vMTf t6 lie d^wn, go to bed 
GolcAto,-a, adj. reclined, t. CoricAlo 
GoUi, pron. rel. f she, that w6man, that wO; 

man there; io sdno colei che, 1 am she who 
Golendfssimo.-a, adj. m6st wArskipfol 
Gol^nte, adj. respectful, r^Terent, hdnoring, 

(po.) inhAbilant 
(^oledptero, coledttero , sm. cole6pteran {pi. 

cole6ptera), Insects hkviog wings coTcred 

with a case or sheath 
Gdlera, sf Anger, t. G6IIera 
Goiera m6rbus, sm. the ch61era morbus 
Gdlere, va. 3. irr. {po) to wdrship, revAre 
Golericamente, adv. t. Gollericamdnte 
Coldrico, -a, adj. t. Golldrico 
Goler68o, -a, smf {med.) person affected with 

eh61era, ch6Iera-m6rbus ; adj. ch6Ierio (of 

cholera), affected with chdlera, chdlera- 

mdrbus, ▼. Goller680 
Colezi6ne, sf brekfast, liincheon, c61d collA- 

tion ; fnr Golezi6ne, to briaVfast 
Golibdto, sm. a little 8t6ry, tale 
GoUbri, sm. (om.) biimmiog-bird 
Gdlica, sf c61ic, b5wel-complAint 
C6\\eo,adj. affecUngthcbiJwels, griping (fo^l) 
GoHmbo, sm. (om.) plhngcon, diver (a sea- 
Gdlla, sm. glAe, cord, scohrging; — di pAseo, 
G6tla, prep. art. f sing, with the (isinglass 
GollaborAre, vn. Mo a8s6ciate in lAboor (par- 
ticularly literary or scientific) 
Go!laboratAre,-lrfce, smf collaborAtor , as- 

sAciate in literary or scientific labor 
GollacrimAre, on. i. to mAurn or weep with 
GollAna, sf nicklace, string of pearls, etc. 
GoIlanAccia, collanAzza, sf smAll ndcklace 
GollarAccio, sm. lArge nAckband 
Gollare, va. 1. to rack, lArture, to gWethe strap- 

pAdo, scoiirge 
— va. to lAwer or hoist with a rope, to 

uprAise, to glAe, pAste together, jSin, stick 
GollAre, sm. cAUar, neck-band, ruff; prAnder 

Ano pel eollAre, to cAUar one, to take, sAize 

one by the oAUar 


fill, s6n, bim;-l&re» d&; -bf, l^mph; pQiei b^, f^, fi^l; 

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— IW) — 


Collaritto, «m. cape, e61Iar, shirt-collar 
Collarfno, «m. »m&ll c6llar, neck- band, ruff 
Goliata, »f. a bl6« or cuff on the neck, acco- 
. l&de , embr4ce ; dire la coUMa , to dub a 

knight, to conr6r an drder of knight6od 
GoUaler&le, sm, pay-m^ter general , rilatire 

— adj, collateral, indirect, niar 
Gollal6re, sm. advowee, coll&tor, p4troQ 
Gollatl&ooo, 9m. a f68ter-br6lher (pr^re 
Gollaud&re, va. 1. to I&od, pr&iae logilher, ap- 
C61laudaii6ne, if. priise, approval, approbi- 
Gollaxion&ro, va, f . to coll&le, comp4re (tion 
Gollaxioncfna, »f, t. Colaxioncfna 
Gollazi6De, sf. cbufereoce , p&rley , coll&tion, 

coofr dating, coli&lion or bestdwing of a 

G61le, sm. a hill 
Goll^ga, «m. c6Ueague, assdciate, adj6tor 

— {ant.) colleg&nia, sf, league, alUaoce 
GollegamSnto, sm. binding, union 
Golleg&re, va. i. to bind, connect, unite 
Gollcg&rsi, vrf. to conr6derate, league 
Coilcgal^rio, sni. {law) coll6gatary 
Golleg&to, «m. a confederate, all^ 

— a, ad), allied, confederate, unfled 
Gollegat6re, »m. a leaguer, binder 
Collegazidne, sf. union, conndxion, jhnclion 
Gollegi&le, sm. and adj. collegiate, collegian, 

Gollegialmente, adj. in c6roroon, onknimously, 

with the consent of the whole c6Ilege 
Gollcgiare, vn. 1. to consult, decide together, 

h6ld a consuU&tion (as physicians, etc.) 
Collcgi&la, sf a collegiate-cbbrcb 
Collegiate, a, adj. collegiate, of a c611ege 
GoUegio, sm. cdllege community, assembly; 
~~ convlllo, c61lego of bbarders; — per gli 
esterni , cdllege of day scholars ; il S4cro 
Goliegio, the Girdinals; entr&re incoliegio, 
to enter c6lleee; scacciare, espdllere dal col- 
legio, to expel from cdllege , to expel the 
cdllege; sorlire di coUegio lo leave cdllege; 
caricir a coliegio ( mar. ) , to take in , to 
)dad a mixed c&rgo (steal 

CoUeppoUre, van. {anl.) to leap for j^, jmn, 
GdUera, sf bile, knger, wrath, passion; ac- 
cesso di cdllera, flt of Singer; dssero in col- 
lera, to be &ngry ; and&re in coUera, to get 
bngry, to put one's self into a pission , to 
HLII, fly into a p&ssion ; far salt&re in collera, 
to make kngry, to put in a passion, to in- 
cense, to provdke (one) lo knger 
Gollericamente, adv. Angrily, in a pission 
CoHerico, -a, adj. chdleric, hisly, irascible 
Gollerdso,-a, adj. lilions, good for the bile 
Colietta, sf collection, harvest, cdllect 
GollettJijo, sm. cdllar maker or sdller 
Gollett&re, va. i. to colldct, obiiin by contri- 

GoUettivamente, adv. collectively 
GoUettivo, -a, adj. collective, apt to g&lher 
GolIetUiio, -a, adj. collected here and thdre 

Golietto, tm. cdllar; tippet ; a little hill 
Golleltdre, sm. collector, g&therer, exkcter 
Gollettorfa, sf. a colldctorship, a tax, the \k^- 

ying a tax 
Gollexidne^ sf. collection 
Golliceilo, sm. little hill, hillock 
ColUdere, vn. 3. irr. to ctish (against each 

Golligi&no, sm. mtfOntaineer, bfghlander 
Golligine, sm. chttle flsh 
Golliiango, a, adj. long necked 
Colli m&re, vn. i. to aim at, p6int, strive 
Gollfna, «^. a hill, a little hill 
Gollfne, sfp. a rdw of sm&ll hills 
Colli netlo, -a, smf a little hill (fire 

ColliquAre, va. 1. lo liquefy, melt , v. Lique- 
Colliquativo, -a, adj. (nierf.) colliquative 
Colliquaxidne, sf. melting, v. Liquefazidne 
Gollirio, sm. (pharm.) colt^rium, e^e-witer 
Gollisidne, sf collision, clish 
Cdllo, prep, and art. {for eon lo) with the 
Cdllo, sm. the neck, a bale; collo del piede. 
the instep; collo di moute, top of a mount- 
ain ; rdmpersi il collo , to bre&k one's 
neck, dec&y, f&ll off; portire in collo, to 
c4rry on one's shdulders or back ; aver il 
br&ccio al collo , to hkve one*s &rm in a 
sling; allung4re o delung&re il collo ad 
• uno,tokeep a person very long w&iting 
for dinner or for any thing , to give him 
to kndw b($w bitter is hope deferred; gettir 
le br&ccia al cdllo ad uno , to cl&sp one 
about the neck (to embrace him) : eaddr di 
cdllo, to be put dlit of f&vour; Urftre il 
cdllo ad una gallina , to wring the neck of 
a hen ; fare il cdllo tdrto , to assume devd- 
tion, devduledness, gddliness, to be a higot 
Colloc&bile, adj. that may be pl&ced, s.tuited, 
settled (settlement 

Gollocamdnto, <m. the placing, disposition, 
Golloc&re, va. 1. to place, arringe, settle; 
colloc&re una figlia , to mkrry or sdttle a 
Gol1oc4to, -a, adj. pl&ced, situ&ted, settled 
CoUocatdre, -trfce, smf one who places, 

settles ; arr&nger 
Gollocaxidne, collocatdra, sf the plicing 
Collocutdre, -trice , smf collocutor , one of 

tbe speakers in a dialogue 
Gollocutdrio, sm. the p&rlour of a consent 
Gollocuzidne, sf cdoference, interview 
Golloquintida. sf bitter apple (purgative) 
Colldquio, sm. discdurse, conversation, t&lk 
Cdllora, sf. {ant.) anger, v. Gdllera 
Collotdrto, sm. hypocrite, bigot 
Golldttola, sf the nape of tbe neck 
Goll&dere, vn 3. trr. to collide, impdsenpdn; 

{law) to prevaricate 
Gollusidno, sf prev4ricition {lauf); collAsion 
Collusivamente, adv. collCisively 
Collusfvo, -a, adj. colli'isive, fraudulent 
GoUuvie, sf {lal.) a crdt^d, mob, miiltttade 

F&t«, mete, bite, ndte; t^be; 

fkt, met, bit, ndt, thb 

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f4r, flque,^ 



— 161 — 


Colm&re ,vo. i. to fill to OT6rfl6iring , pile 
up ; colmire alcfino di fardri, dt benedizfdni, 
to I6«d a person with faron, with blissingt ; 
eolair di gidja , di do16re , to oTer^belm 
vith j(y , with griif 
— en. i. to OTerDow, run 6ver 
Coln&ta, af. the act of filling up or hiaping, 

a mound, emMnkmeot, bank 
Colm4lo,*a, adj. fiiied np, I6aded with 
Colmatdre, -trice, smf. that fills tooverfldwing 
Golmatura, if. dTerfulness; dTer-m^asure 
Colroetto,-a, adj. a little riised, emb6s8ed 
Colmfgno, tm. ridge (of a roof), lop, summit 
C61mo, sm. height, stimniit, roof, top; nel 
c^imo delta collera, in the height of koger 
— a, adj. over full, cdnvex, 16aded vith 
C61o, $m. siere, b6ulter, siarco, str&iner, fan 
Colocasia, »f. (bol.) coloc&sia, Ep^ptian b6an 
Colofdnia, sf. colophony (resin) 
Col6inba,«^. (female) ddvo, pigeon ; {mar.) keel 
Colombjiccio, 9m. wood pigeon, ring-doTe 
Colombo jo, -a. smf. pigeon -boUse, c61umbary ; 
sri&re la ralomMja , to disoblige or turn 
aw&j customers 
Colombioa. tf {agr.) sweet white grape (wine) 
Colombira, sf. d&re-cote, pigeon -hdi^se 
Colombirio, sm. pigeon-h6Ied ciitacombs 
Colombilla, sf. wood- pigeon, yoiing pigeon 
Colombina, sf. pigeon's dung, Terrain (plant) 
G^lombino, -a, adj, of pigeons, pigeon-c61ored 

— sm. limestone, yohng pigeon 
Goidmbo, sm. a pigeon , d6ve ; — torraiudlo, 
rock-ddve; — torqu4to , selr&tico , ring- 
dfive, stock-ddTe ; pigli&r duo coI6mbi ad 
ana fava , to kill iwd birds with one stone 
C61on, sm, c61on (Ihe largest of the inestines) 
Colonirio, -a. adj. of a c6lony 
GolAoia, sf. c61ony, s6Ulement, sittlers ; fon- 
dire, slabilire una coldnia, to plant or 
fettle a cdlony 
Coloni&le, adj. co16nial, of the c61onies 
Coldnico, -a, adj, col6niaI; rel&ting to bbs- 
baudmen (c&lony in 

ColODiiz&re, va, i. to c61onfze, to plant a 
Col6DQa. sf a c61umn, pillar, bed p68t, file; — 
fcaoal&ta, fluted colamn; — tdrta, spirile, 
wreathed c61amn ; — volU&na , eliclrical , 
gaWknic b4tt«ry ; le coldnne d'Ercole {geog.) 
Hircoles' pillars ; form&to acoldnne, co- 
Coloonire , va. 1. to ad6ra with c61nmn8 
ColoDoito, sm. a sp&nish silrer coin 
Colonoalo, -a, smf. c61onnade, ringe of pillars 
Colonn^llo, sm. (mi7.) ac61onel; (pron. cbrnel) 

a liltie c{»lumn 
ColoDD^tla , sf. Utile pillar , prop , 8Dpp6rter 
Golonnino, sm. v. Golonnella 
Coldno, sm. a planter, colonist, settler 
Goloqoinlida, sf. {bot.) coloqulnlida , the eol- 

ocjDlh or bitter &pple 
Coloraminto, sm. d^e, color, tint, Uoclure, 
dimness ^of the eyes) 

Color&re, va. i. to c51or, d^^e, p&iot, 8t&iii, 

tinge, ad6rn, Teil pklli&le, disguise 
Golorataminte, adv. feignedly, pl&osibly 
Golor&to , a- , adj. colored , p&iDted , gl6se4 
6Ter, pliusible; color&le ragi6ni, spacious 
Golorazi6ne , sf. a coloring, veil, disgnfse 
Golore, sm. c6lor, complexion, appearance; 

— chi&ro, light cdlor; — cangiante , chan- 
geable cftlour ; — permanente, dur^Tole, 
permanent, fdst c6lor ; — che sbiadfsce, sra- 
nisce, f&ding c61or ; — oscfiro, c&rico, dArk 
deep c61our ; — apparisc^nte , che d^ nel- 
rOcchio, sh6wy, g&udy cdloor; col6ri aira- 
quarfillo, w&ler-cdlours ; col6ri ad 6lio, 611- 
c&lonrs ; Tendit6re di col6ri , cdlor-roan ; 
8£nsa coldre , c6lorle8s ; sotto col6re di , 
under c6lor, pretext, pretence, of; macin&re 
i col6ri , {paint) to grind cdlonrs , p&ints ; 
dar coldre , {cards) to f611ow suit ; la gio- 
Tenth Tede tutto coI6r di rdsa , yonth seas 
every thing in its brightest cdlonrs 

Golorilto, sm. slight c61or, blush, pretence 
Golorifico, -a, adj. colorific 
Goiorire, va, 3. to color, t. Go1or4re 
Golorista, sm. {pi. -isti) c61ori8t, a p&inter 

who excels in edloring 
Golorito, sm. coloring! complexion 

a, adj. c61ored, d^ed, painted 

Golorit6re, sm. p&inler, limner 
GoJ6ro, pron. dem.^ pers. they, thdse 
Colossale, adj. col6ssal, huge, gig&ntic 
Golossdo, sm. Golossium, Golisdum (the am- 
phitheatre of Vespasian at Rome) 
Golossic6tera, sf a machine for r&ising Urge 

Goldsso, Ml. a col6ssus, endrmons siie, giant 
Goldslro , sm. { med. ) coldstrum , first milk 

&fter child birth 
G61pa, sf. f&Dlt, 00*^006, error, mroe; colpa 
mia, my fault; dar la colpa, toUy thef&oU 
(or blame) on ; chiamftrsi in c 61pa, to con- 
fess one's self guilty; io non ▼! ho c6lpa, 
it is not my fftuU 
Colp&bilo, adj. ciilpable, f&nlty, bl&meable 
Golpabilmente, adv. chlpably , criminally 
Colpiire, van. i. to sin, bl&ms, accAse 
Golp&tOj -a, adj. criminal, guilty 
Golpcggiire, va. 1. to bit, strike, thnmp 
Golpetlino, sm. blow, little dr&ught 
GoIpeTole, adj. chip able, criminal, f&nlty 
GolpcTolmente, adv. cdlpably, crlmioally 
Golpfre, va. 3. to strike, hit the m&rk, sneo4e4 
Colpito, -a, adj. strtick, beaten, succeeded 
Golpit6re, -trice, sm/*. he, she who hits, strikes 
Gdlpo, sm. bl6w, 8tr6ke,bit,act, wound, shot; 
coipo fortun&to, a liicky hit; — di or da 
maestro, a misterly str6ke ; — di mare , a 
siirge , a breiker, a sia; — di pistola , a 
pistol shot; -> di furfle, a shot, a gun- 
shot ; — di pugno, a bl6w with one's fist; 

— di Tento , a sqo&ll or giist of wind; — 

bAt, rftde; - fill, s5n, bull; - fare, d6; - by, l^mph; poli«, b(^8 m\, 1<$^I, gem . as 

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— 163 — 


di ritiro {mar.), the dTabing ^ir&teh-gntt: 
di colpo^ ad nn colpo, adv, exp, at once , 
ill at once 
Colp6EO, -a, adj. t. Golp^vole 
Gdlta , if. collecting ( of taxes ) , g&theriag a 
crop» mill -dam; far cdlta , to hit > w6uiid , 
to driw to a h6ad 
Golt&re, va. t. GoltiT&re 
Goltdlla, sf. a c6aUer, chtlas, dSigger^ dirk 
Goltell4ccio f »m. a clearer, chdpper^ kny 

gre4t dgly knife , 6Id sthdding sail 
Goltellijo, ffm. t. GoltelliDajo 
GoUell4(a, sf. a cut , stab with a knife; fire 
a colteli&te, to ffght with sw6rd8 or knireB 
Goltelti^ra, coltelldsca. sf. shdath, knife-case 
Gollell^ilo, sm. fdldingknffe. sm&II knffe 
Goltellin&jo, sm. ctller, seller of knives 
GolteliiDO, sm. sm&U knife, f&lding-knffe 
Golt^Ilo, sm. knife , dkgger, greit gridf, p&lm- 
brftnch; {of wings) the Ibngest feathers; ~ 
affil&to , shdrp knife ; — ottfiso , spantito , 
bltint knife; •^ a m6lla, cUsp-knffe ; — da 
t&Tola , tible knife ; — da trinci&re , cflr- 
Ting knife; lama dicolt«llo, knife-bUde; 
arrolire , affil&re un colt^llo , to sb&rpen , 
vhet a knife; malt6ni per colt^llo , bricks 
placed on thei r narrow side ; servire alcCi- 
no di c6ppa e di coltSllo , to be the c6d- 
stant all6ndattt (cup-be4rer and carter) of 
a person 
Goltiv&bile^ sf Arable , tillable, ciiUiTable 
Goltivamdnto, sm. chlture, tillage, worship 
Goltivire, vn. i. to ciillivate, till, dxerdse 
GoUi?ito, -a, adj. chltirMed, improved 
— sm. pldaghed land, fi^ld 
Goltivatdre, sm. a cultiv&tor, pldtiKhman, en- 

coiirager, fomdnter 
GolliTatrice, sf cherisber , prom6ter 
GolliTatdra, sf cblture , tillage, pl4$i)ghing 
Goltivaxidne, sf. cuUiTiUon^ hhsbandry , cbl- 
ture, wdrship 
Goltfro, -a, adj. tilled , pldQgbed 
Gdito, sm. pidilghed land, wdrship 
— a (from collivire), adj. ciiltiTiled, refined 
Gdlto, -a(fromcdgliere), adj. gMhered^ c&ught 
Golt6re, sm. hiisbaodman^ t. GuU6re 
Golirire, va. 1. to pl^gh with the c6ulter 
Gditre, sf. cdverlet, quilt, cdilnterp&ne 
Gdltrice, sf. feather-bed, mjiltrets 
Collrice, sf t. Gollivatrfce 
Goltric^lU. coltridna , sf sm&ll fiather-bed 
Goltricidne, sf. l&rge feather bed, mkttress 
G6Itro, sm. cdulter^ pldi^gh-shdre 
; Goltroncino, sm. light cdunlerp&ne, quilt 
Gollr6no, sm. cdverl^, cdilnterp&ne , quilt 
GoItAra, sf. culture, tilled land, wdrship 
Golubrfna, sf a ciiWerin (piece of drdnance) 
GolAbro, sm. (po.)> ^^ kdder, snake 
GolAi, pron. pers. dem. he, that 
Golumb&ria , sf. T^rvain, pigeon-foot (herb) 
Gol&ro, sm. {astr.) col Are (circle of the sphere) 
Gom (for come), cuiv. how ? as 

Gdma, sf {po.) b^ad ofh4lr, e6mma 
Gomkdre, sf t. Gommare 
Gomandam^nto, sm. commknd, drder; i ditei 
comandamfoU , {reiig. ) the ten commknd- 
Gomand&nte , sm. commknder , chi6f ; -— sf. 

Gomandita, sf. the king's comm&nd 
GomandatfTO, -a, adj. imperatife 
Goroandklo, -a^ adj. commanded, enjmned 
Gomandat6re, sm. a commander 
Comandatrfee, sf. commkndress 
Gomandita, sf i. Accomandita 
Gom&ndo,sm.coromknd, will, injunction,(}fiar.) 
spbn-y&rn; — di due (war.), twA-yirn, r6pe- 
yirn ; non ba died francbi all suo comindo, 
he cannot command ten francs; a*Tdstri 
comandi, yours to command, at yours^rvice 
Gomand&re, va. i. to command, drdor , rftle , 
bid; comandire a bacchMta,to r<ile with a 
high hknd ; comandare il r6mbo {mar.) , to 
sh&pe the cdnrse 
Gom&rca, sf. the terrlt6rial district of the d- 

ty of Rome, (Comarca) 
Gom&re, sf a midwife , a g6ssip 
Gom&re, va. i. (ant.) t. Ingannare 
Gom4to, -a, adj. (po.) h&iry, t. Ghlomato 
GombaciamSato, sm. jSning together 
Gombaci&re^ va. i. to join, fit, unite together 
Gombaci&rsi, vrf to kiss one an6lher,meet 
Combadilo, -a, adj. fitted, j61ned together 
GombattAnte. sm. and ad;. c6mbatant,f[gbtiD|( 
Gomb&ttere, vn. 2. to fight, c6mbat, besiege , 

^ vn. 3. to contradict, dispute 
Gombattibile , adj. combk table, that may be 

disputed or oppdsed 
Gorobatlim^nto, sm. fight, bMtle, c6mbat 
Combattil^re, sm. a c6mbatanl, fighter 
Gom batti trice, sf a yirftgo, fighting wAman 
Gombatt6to^ -a, adj. fdught, disputed 
Gombibbia , sf { ant. ) nSlsy rftvelry (at an 

inn, etc.) 
Gombinkbile, adj. combinable 
Gombinamtoto, sm. combin&tion, Anion 
Gombin&re, vo. 1. to combine, j5in together 
Gombinat6re,5m. he who combines 
Gombinazi6ne, sf. combin4iIon, Anion 
Gombin&to, -a, adj. combined, assembled 
Gombriccola, sf. convdniicle, secret meeting 
Gomburinte, adj. biirning 
Gombustibile , adj. combhstible 
Gombustibilitk, sf. combhstibleness 
Gombustidne, sf combhslion, conflagrition 
GombAsto, -a, adj. bbrnt, consumed 
Gombhtta (a, or in), (u«/.) in c6mmon 
G6me, adv. so, as, like, as soon as 
G6me, adv. interr. hdw ? wb^? wh&l? eom« 
state? htfw d6 you do? comet siete amma- 
Ilito ? hdi^ I you are ill? c6me siete suo a- 
mjco , as you are his friend ; vive come se 
avesse mille lire steriine air anno , he Uvea 

F&te, m^te, bite, n6te, tAbe; - fkt, mdt, bit, n6t, tAb; - fftr, pique, <:> 

Digitized by VjOOQ IC 


— 163 — 


as if iM had a tb^sand a yter ; 1' 6ro , co- 
me II ftideo , h boon Barritdre ma cattivo 
padrone, gAld , like fire is a good sirraDt 
Jbof a bad mister; ditemi il c6me ed II per- 
cbe , tell me the b^ and tbe whf , the 
■Mans and tbe mdUve 
Comwhkj eimj, b^OTer ; th6agh 
Conecfaeasfa, adv, knyvtUe, in koj urise 
ComMia, tf. cdmcdy , v. Commedia 
Comcdi&Dte, ear. comidian, y. GommedfAnte 
ComenUre, tw. and deriv. , ▼. Gomment4re 
Cdmere , tw. 8, irr. ( ant. ) to addrn , beaAti- 

fj (/«/.) 
Com^U, $f, cimet; — criniU, b4ired c6met: 

— eodiu, tilled c6met 
Comelirio, -a, adj. cdmetary, of a c6met 
Coraiito, sm. )6a?e, ▼. Gommi&to 
Comicamdnte, adv. c&mlcally, merrily 
Gdmico, fm . c6mic vriter^ p6et, ictor 
— -a, adj. comical, ludicrous, m^rry 
Comif nolo, am. the ridge (of a rooO, top 
Comindaminto, em. beginning, 6peniDg 
Comindiate, gmf. beginner ; adj. beginning 
Gomineiire, vo. 1. to begin, commence; — 
ooa h'te , te commence proceedings , an 
ietion at liw; cominci&re a f&re il mddicoi 
to coiBfflence a I>6etor 
Gomindito. sm. commencement, beginning 

a, adj. b^n, commenced 

ComiDdat6re, -trfce, tmf. founder, beginner 
Gomfneio, sm. {,anl.) the comrodncement 
Cominilla, sf. {hot.) bisbop-iveed 
Gomfno, sm, dimin (plant) 
Gomitinte, sm. and adj. attendant 
GoBitito, 9m. committee; un comitito della 
Cimera del GomADi , a committee of the 
HAse of Gdmmons ; ^ssere del comitato , 
to be on a committee; form&rsi in comiti- 
to (eompdsto) di tntta la Cimera , to form 
itself into a committee tffhe wb61e hduse 
ComiUto, sm. (po.) comilfTa, $f. triin, rfeti- 

nne, attendants 
Cdmito , sm. {mar.) ciiptaln drer the gilley- 

Comixiile, adj. eomitial; mdrbo comiziile 

(med.) filling-sickness 
Gomiaj , tmp. the comltia or p6pular assdm- 

bties of the Romans 
06mma , tf. edmma ; ( gram. ) this point (,) ; 
(mKf.) tbe interral between the mijor and 
minor lone 
Gommaeolire, wi. 4. to, sai 
GommalleTaddre, sm. a jSnt biil 
CoDBasdam^nto »f. t. Gomandamento 
Cemmandinte, sm. ▼. Comandante 
Gommaodire, va. 1. ▼. Gomandire 
Coramire, sf. ▼. Gomire 
CommUia, sf. c6medy, flrce, pliy-htfiise 
Commedlinte, smf. comedian, Ictor, iclress, 

Gdmmediire, va. 4. to mrfte, act c6med)es 
GooiniediBi, commedidia, sf little cdmedy 

Gommedidgrafo , commediijo , sm. writer of 

Gommemoribile, adj. commimorable 
Gommemoram^ttto, sm. commemorition 
Gommemorire, va. 1. to commemorate 
Gommemoratfvo, -a , adj. corom^moralfre 
Gommemorito, •^, adj. comm^morited 
Gommemorazi6ne, sf commemorition, phblic 

Gommdnda, «/". commiadery, commendam 
Gommendibile , adj. commendable, Iftudable 
CommeDdabilm^nte , adv* comm^ndably 
Gommendamdnto, sm, priise, eulogy 
Commendire, va. \. to commend, recommend 
Gommendatirio , sm. commendatary 
Gomroendalfzia, ff/: a letter of recommendition 
Gommendalfzio, -a, adj. recommendatory 
Gommendato, -a, adj. priised, extdlled 
Gommendat6re , -trice, smf. a comminder 

one who comminds or priises 
Gommendatorfa , sf. commandery 
Gommendaii6ne, sf. commendition,enc6mium 
Gommend^ToIe, adj. priise-wdrlhy, liodable 
Gommensile , sm. a tible compinion , one 

who eats at the same tibie 
Gommensuribile, adj. comm6nsnrable 
Gommensarabiliti , sf commensurability 
Gommensurire, va. 1. to propdrtioo, compare 
Gommentire, va. \. to comm6nt, exp(Silnd 

Commentirio, sm. c6mmenlary, book of c6m- 

ments , memoir 
Gommentito, -a, adj. c6mmented, innotited 
Gommentat6re , -trice , smf. commentator , 

c6mmenter, innotilor 
Commenta2i6ne, sf {little used) t. Commfinlo 
Gomm^nto, sm. c6mment, annotition, exposl- 
Gommerciibile, adj. neg6tiable (tlon 

Gommerciile, adj. commercial , merchant 
Commerciiole , smf trider, dialer, trides- 

man , tridesw6man 
Commerciire, vn. 1. to tride, triffic, d6al, to 

cSirry on tride 
Gommercio j sm. commerce, tride , intimacy, 
GommSrzio { hibil, affiir, correspdndence 
Gommescolire , va. i. to commingle, mix 

Gommessa , sf ( ant. ) commission , drder , 

chirge , T. (^ommis8i6n6 
Gommessarfa, -rlito, smf c6mmissaryghip 
Commessirio, commissirio, sm. cftmmissary^ 

ex6cator, trustee, justice of the peace 
Gommessazi6ne, sf revelry, debiuchery 
Gommessidoe, sf. commind, 6rder, chdrge 
Gommesso, sm. a b6arder, clerk , mosiic 
Gommesso, -a, adj. d6De, committed 
GommessAra, sf joint, seam, jiinclion 
Gommestibile, sm. eatables, victaals, food 
— adj. eatable, fit for food 
Gomme8ti6ne, sf mixture, c6mp5Dnd 
Gommettente, sm. empK^er, constltaent 
Gommettere, va. 3. irr. to drder, gWe a coro- 

rtde;.ftll, a5n, biUl; - Are, d6; • 

hf, I^mpb; p^e, b^l, f^I, f<$wi 

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— 154 — 


mittioo, intrbst, commit ; " no delltto, to 
commit, perpetrate a crime;— una c68aad 
UDO , to commit, intrust a thing to one's 
care; — discdrdie, to s6w discord, to aet at 
Tariance, — un cavo (mar.) to lay a r6pe; 
— una mala creinza , to be guilty of a 
breach of mknoers ; ho comm^so al vento 
le mie fatiche , ikll my piins are come to 
GommettiiD&Ie, sm. a fire-brand, disthrber 
Gommellit6re, sm. empl^er, perpetrator 
Gommettltrice , sf. fom^nter of qu&rrels 
Commellitura, sf. joining, sitting (in metals) 
Commezzam^nto, -ezzo, sm. dqual division 
Gommiat&rc , va. 1. to dismiss , to give l^ave 

(of departure) 
GommiJLto , sm. l^are , permission dismissal ; 
dar commiJiio, to dismiss; chieder commiJi- 
to , to ask Idare lo go ; prdnder comroiito , 
to talce l^ave, bid farew611 
Commilit6ne, sm. f611ow-s6ldicr. c6mrade 
Gommin&re, va. 1. {law) to threathen, de- 

n^nce (punishment) 
Gommin&lo, -a, adj. prohibited with threats 
Gomminatdria , comminazidne , sf. threat , 

Gomminuzi6ne, sf. comminution 
Gommischiam^nto, sm. mixture, compound 
Commischi&re, va. 1. to mix tog6ther 
Gommiser^bile, adj. w6rthy of compassion 
Gommiserabilmente, adv. pitifully, wofully 
Gommiser&re, van. 1. to pity, commiserate 
Commiseratiro, -a. adj. compkssionate 
Commiserat6re , -trice , smf. commiserator , 

one who pities 
Gommiserazi6oe, sf comp&ssion, pity 
Commiser^vole, adj. sad, depl6rable 
Commfso, -a, adj. v. Gommesso 
Gommissaria , sf. commissari&to , sm. com- 
missariat , e6mmissaryship 
Gommissariale, adj. commistirial 
Gommissdrio, sm. t. Commess&rio 
Gommission&rio , «m. igent , commissioner; 
f&re il commlssion&rio, to trans&ct business 
as a commission Agent 
Gommissi6ne, sf commission, drder, p($wer; 
casa di commissidne , ( agenzia ) , commis- 
Gommisti6ne, sf mixture, compcSund, infusion 
Gommislo, -a, adj. mixed, confuunded 
Commistura , sf commixture 
GommisturAre, va. 1. lo commix, blend, mingle 
Gommodaminte, adv. conveniently, Easily 
Gommoddre, va. i. to lend , acc6modAte, fit 
Gommodatamente , adv. comm6diously, fitly 
GommodAto, sm. a graliiitous 16an, lending 
Gommodat6re, sm. lender 
Gommodevolmdnte, adv. v. Gommodam^nte 
Gommoddzza, sf. convdniency, proximity 
Gommoditli , sf. convenience , conveniency , 
opportunity, occasion; la commodilA d'una 
casa , the accomodations , conveniences of 

a hdikse ; la eommoditA fa I' udmo lidro , 
prov. exp. opportunity makes a ihiU 
Gdmmodo , sm. conv^nieace , ease , leisure , 

— • adj. convenient , Useful , easy , fit , good , 
commodious , 6pport6ne ; isser commodo , 
to be in easy circumstances; con commoda, 
a v6stro commodo, at yonr leisure, at yonr 
perfect convenience 
Gommoddro , sm. (mar.) c6mmodore , the 6f- 
ficer who commands a squ&dron or deticfa- 
ment of ships 
Gommor&nte, adv. dwelling , residing 
Commdsso,- a, adj. moved, affected, stirred 
Gommotivo, -a, adj. moving, torching 
Comm6to, -a, adj. {po.) moved, v. Gommdsso 
Gommdvere , va. 3. v. Gommuovere 
Gommovimento, sm. tumult, commdtion 
Gommovilore, -trice , smf. mover, excfter 
Gommovit&ra, commovizi6ne, sf. {iUtle used) 

Gommozi6ne, sf em6tion, commotion 
Gommozionceila. sf. a slight emotion, etc. 
Gommune , adj. and. deriv, v. Gomune , co- 

munAle , ecc. 
Gommunire, va. 3. to fdrtify, v. Rinforz&re 
Gommudvere,va.3.irr. to move, affect, toiich, 
kgit&te , dislbrb , stir, vex; commudversi , 
to be moved, feel agitated 
Commutibile , adj. commutable 
Gommutamento, sm. change, commutition 
Gommutare , va. i. to ezch&oge, commute 
Gommutativo, -a, adj. commiilative 
Commutato, -a, adj. commAled 
Gommutazione , sf commutition, change; 
cammutazi6ne di pena, commutition of 
(^modameme, adv. v. Gommodamente 
Comod&nte, smf. (law) lender 
Gomodire, va. 1. v. Gommodire 
Gomodatamente, adv. v. Gommodatamente 
Gomodatirio, sm. {law) b6rrower 
Gomodeto, sm. {law) loan v. Gommod4to 
Gomod&tore , sm, v. Gommodatdre 
Gomp&dre, sm. {vutg.) v. Gompire 
Gompadrdne, sm. jolat mister, joint or neigh- 
boring land-lord, etc. 
Gompaginire, va. i. to compiginite , join 
Gompaginatiira, compigine , sf. compiges, 

structure, connection, contexture 
Gompagna, s/'.a female compkoion (company) 
Gompagnare, va. i. v. Accompagnire 
Gompagoesco,-a,(u(/. of a com pinion, 86ciable 
(^mpagndssa, sf. {bur ) compinion. partner 
Gompagnevole, adj. sdciable, compinionable 
Gompagnla, sf c5mpany, society, com pinions; 
far compagnia, tener compagnfa ad uno, to 
keep one cdmpany ; frequenlire budna o 
cattiva compagnia, te keep good or bad com- 
pany : esser piacevole in compagnfa , far 
budna compagnia, to be good company; una 
compagnia di commediinti , a company of 

Fite, mete, bite, ndlc, tfibe; - fit, met, bit, n6t, thb: - ftr, pique, ^ 

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— 156 — 


stige pliyera; — di faniaria, a cdmpany of 

foot s61diors; — di negoxi&nti , a trading 

e^mpany ; la Gompagnia delle Indie Orien- 

Uli , the East India C6mpaDy ; la dilta dl 

BtSwu , Black e Gompagnia , the firm of 

Blaek , Brown and Gompany (abbrev. Co.); 

le cattiva rompagnie eorrdmpono i costu- 

mi, prop, exp.f 6r\\ commonicitions corriipt 

good manners 

Comp&gno, -a , smf. a companion , c&mr&de , 

mate , assdciate , p&rlner , the dqual , the 

like; questi gu&nti noQ sono comp&gni, 

these gldves are not fallows 

Compagn6oe, $m. a boon camp^nioa, tdll man 

Compagnuzzo, sm. a little companion 

Companatico, -a, gmf. Tictuals iaten vith 

Compar&bile, (i4f/. c6mparable briad 

Gomparabililii, tf. the qaility or state of 

b^iog e^mparable 
Gompariggio, sm. t. Comp&ratico 
Comparagione. sf. cocoparison, simllilade 
Gomparire, va. 1. to compare, assimilate 
Gompar&tico, sm. spirilaal parentage 
ComparaliTaminte, ado. compkratively 
Gomparaliro, -a, adj. comp^raliTe 
ComparAlo, -a, adj, compared, asslmilited 
Comparazioncina, sf. slight similitude 
Gomparazi6ne, «/. compiirison 
Gompire, sm, g6d-f4ther, compeer, j61Iy f611ow 
Goroparigi6ne, sf. appearance (in a court) 
Coroparfre, vn. 5. to appear, sh6w one's self 
Compariscenza, if. beaAty, appearance, figure 
Goropariscidne, {ant.) if. t. Gomparizi6ne 
Comparita, s/l appearing, shewing of one's self 
Comparizidne, tf. v. Gomparigt6ne 
Gomp&rsa, »f, appearance, oUtside, sh6w ; far 
comp&rsa, to make a figure or sh6v ; com- 
p&rsa in giaJIzio, appearance in a cdort of 
justice; compkrse, *fp. [JLheatre) silent chkr- 
Compirso, comparilo^ •i.^cuij. appeared, seen 
Com parti cip&re, va. 1. to sh&re with 
Compartecipe, tm- sharer, cop&rtner 
Com parti meotOf tm. compartment, division 
Compartire, va. 3. to distribute, divide 
Gomparlito, -a, 0((/. divfded, 8h4red 
Comparlil6re, sm. distributer, divider 
Gomp4rto, »tn. v. Scorn parlimento 
Compascuo, tin. c6mmon, piiblic p4sturage 
Gompassara , va. i. to measure wilh c6m pas- 
ses, pdnder, consider, d6ly weigh 
Gompass&lo, -a, adj. considered, measured 
Gompassiooamento, sm. comp&Uion, pity 
Gompa5sioninte,a<(/. comp2issionate, hum&ne 
GoropassionJire, l^o. 1. to pity, commiserate 
Gompassionatore, sm. a compassionate man 
Compassi6ne, «/*. compassion, pity , mercy; 
che ha compa^sione, compassionate; sdnza 
compassi6no, pitiless, pllili3ssly; per com- 
passione, from pily, ^t of pity ; aver com- 
passi6ne d'uno, to have or take mercy (com - 
passion , pily ) np6n one; mu6vere a com- 

passidne , to m^ve with compassion , pity; 
far compassi6ne, to r&ise or excite compas- 
sion, pity; 6 meglio dest&re invidia che com* 
passi6ne, it is better to be envied than pitied 
Gompassionevole, adj. exciting pity, moving 
Gom passion evolmente, adv. compassionately 
Gompassivo, adj. comp&ssionale, hum&ne 
Gomp&sso,sm. cdmpass, compirlment, a pAir 

of cdmpasses ; comp4sso rot6ndo, c&llipers 
Gompastoreila, $f. fellow shepherdess 
Gompatibile, adj. compatible, ezc^able 
Gompatibilili, sf. compatibility 
Compatimento, sm. compiission, p&tieoce, in- 
dulgence, forbearance, exc6sing 
Gompatire, va. 3. to pity, commiserate, ex- 
cise, be kindly indiilgent tdwards 
Gompatilo, -a, adj. commiserated, excised 
Gompatridta, -dlo, -a, smf. a compitriot 
Gompaitezza, sf. compkctness 
Gomp&tto, sm. c6mpact, cdvenant, c6ntraci 
Gomp&lto, -a, adj. corop&ct, firm, s61id 
Compaziente, adj. siifToring together 
Goropaxie memento, adv. pitiently 
Gompazi6no, sf. v. Compattezza 
GompeUere , va. 3. {^latin.) to compel , ferce, 

constrain, oblige 
Gompondi&bile , adj, that may be abridged ,. 

epitomized, reduced to a smdller c5mpa8s 
Gumpeodi&re, va, 1. to abridge, retrench 
Compendiario, -a, adj. of a compendium 
Compendi&to, -a, adj. abridged 
Gompeodio, sm. abridgement, compendium 
CompendioKamente, ado, compendiously 
Gompendi6so, -a, adj. abridged^ summary 
Gompenetrire, va. and vn. 1. to penetrate, 

pierce, pervide, permeate 
Gompenelrazidne , sf. penelrition , piercing- 

ness, permeition 
Gompens&bile, adj. compensable, rew&rdable 
Gompcnsagi6ne, sf. compensation, amends 
Gompensamento, sm. rewdrd, at6noment 
GompeosJLre,va. 1. to compensate, at6ne (for) 
Gompensalo, -a, adj. compensated 
Compensat6re, • trice, smf. rewdrder 
Gompcnsazidne , sf. compens&tioo, equivalent 
Gompenso, sm. compensJition, expedient, rem- 
edy, way; in compenso, by way of com- 
pensJLtion ; in compenso di, as a compensa- 
tion for; metier compenso, to Hod remedy, 
to s&tisft 
C6mpera, sf. comperamento , m. a piirchase; 
bargain ; ho fitlo una budna compera, I have 
made a good b&rgain or purchase 
Gomper&btle, adj. purchasable , that may be 

Gomper&re, va. i. to boy, piirchase 
Comperito, -a, adj. bought, purchased 
Comperatore, sm. a buyer, piirchaser 
Gomperazi6ne, comperalura, *f. v. G6mpera 
G6mpero, c6mpro, adj. b6ught^ purchased 
Goropetenle, a^/y. competent, qu&Ufied, fit, 
s(ulable, reasonable 

a«r, riide; - Oil, sfin, bull; - fire, dA; - by, l^mph; pSise, biys, folil, fd^lf 

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— 166 — 


Gompetentflm^Dfe, adv. cftmpetontly 
OraipetAoia, sf. edmpeteney, compeUtfon 
Gomp^tere, va. 2. irr. to compete, be cdmpe* 

feni, eoDT^Dlent, to sfllt, belftog, dispAte 
Competit6re, <m. competitor, riYal 
Compiaclnte, adj. complaisant, polite 
Gompiac^nza, sf. complicency , complaisknce 
Gompiac^re,va.9. irr. to please, comply vith 
Conipiac^'. to take pleasure in, delight, 

deign, condese6nd 
€ompiac6Tole, adj. agreeable 
Compiaciminto, «m. complaisance, satisAclion 
CompiaciMo, -a, adj. contented, satisfied 
Gompi4gnere, compi&ngere, va. S. irr. to bew4il 

pity, lament 
Compiagnitdre, itn. a compUiner, laminter 
Gompi&nto, tm. lament&tion , compl&int 
— -a, adj. lamented, bow&iled 
Compiegire, va. i. to f61d together, toincldse, 

to forward (inclosed) 
Gompieg&to , -a , adj. incl68ed , c6mplic&ted , 

Gdmpiere, va. 3. irr. to acc&mplisb, finish, 

end , complete ; — un T6to , to perfdrm a 

tow; — la promissa, to fuinil, or keep one's 

prdmise; — il prdprio dovire, to do one's 
Gompi6ta, tf. list droning pr&yers (dAty 

Gompigliire, va. i. to embr4ce, compreh6nd 
Compigli&rsi, vrf. to coagulate, congdal, jS!n 
Compfgiio, tm. {ant.) bee-hive 
Compilare, va. 4. to compfle, compdse 
Gompilaminlo, sm. a compil&tion, collection 
Gompil&to, -a, adj. compiled, compdsed 
Gompilal6re, -trice, »mf. compiler, collector 
Gompilat6ra, compilazi6ne, »f. compil&lion 
Gompiminto, $m. fulfilling, finishing; dar com- 

pimdnto ad un lavdro, to finish a v6rk 
Gompire, va. 3. to finish, perfect, complete 
Gompitamdnlo, adv. completely, chilly 
Compilire, va. i. to comp&le, r&ckon, spell 
Gompitazi6ne, sf. spelling 
Gompildzza, $f. politeness, refinement 
G6mpilo, »m. t&sk, reckoning, account 
Gompfto, adj. complete, acc6mplished, polite 
Gompit6re, $m. finisher, porfecter 
Compitdra, $f. {vet.) seed, sperm 
Gompiutamdnte, adv. completely, perfectly 
Gompiuto, -a, adj. complete, ended, finished 

perfect, fdrmed, ripe, accdmplished 
Complacenxia, if. (ant.) v. Gompiacenza 
Gomplanaziene, sf. v. Appianamento 
Compleinno, sm. birthday, birth-night 
Gomplemento, af. c6mplemenl 
Complession&le, adj. compiexional 
Gomplession&re, va. 1 . to form the conslitAtion 
Gomplessionftto , -a, adj. of a constitAtion; 

ben complession&to, of a good constitution; 

mal complession&to, ill-made, weakly 
Gomplessiene, gf. constilAtion, temperament, 

hkbit of bddy, condition, n&tnre 
Gomplessivamento , adv. altogether , tdtally , 


GomplesiiTO , -s , adj. eo«ipreheDi}Ta , eilto- 

siTe, t6Ul, general 
Gompiesso , tm. complicitlon , aisemblage , 
miss, teui; — adj. fleshy , mfascular . sin- 
ewy, well-knit, welMimbed, powerful; nel 
compiesso , in the lump , in m&ss ; il gran 
compiesso (anal.) the gre&t cdmplex (mdscle 
of the head) 
Gompletamento , tm. completion , fulfillment , 

Gompletire, va.4 .to complete, make up, All up 
Gompletfvo, -a, adj. completing, compieiire 
Gompieto, -a, adj. complete, perfect, whole 
Gomplic&re, va. 4. to c6mplicile, to make or 
render Intricate; complic&rsi, vrf. to beeAme 
or get e6mp1ic&ted, intric&te 
Gomplic&to, -a, adj. cdmplicate, cftrnplex 
Gomplicazi6ne, tf. complicitlon, mixture 
G6mplice, tmf. and adj. accdmplice, iceessory 
Gomplicitk, tf iccessoriness, acc6mpliceihip, 

the particip&lion in a crime 
Gompliment&re. va. 4. to compliment, fl&tter 
Compliment4rio , tm. the head partner in a 

firm, the principal 
Gomplimenlat6re, -trfce, tmf. complimenter 
Gomplimento, tm. a c&mpHment; far nn com- 
limenlo, to pay a c6mpliment; seoza com^ 
pliroenti, with^iit ^ny c6mpliments 
Complimentdso, -a, adj. complimentary 
Gomplfre, va. S.tosAit, fill up, fulfill; db mi 
c6mpie , that just siiits me , it is just whit 
Gomplorire, vn. 4. to lament together 
Gomplfivio , tm. implAvium , a shallow reser- 
voir for rain-w&ter (in the bouses of andent 
Gompondnte, adj. comp6nent, tm. a compdser 
Comp6nere, va. S. irr. ▼. Gomp6rre 
Componicchiire, va. 4. to comp6se little, bidly 

and with difficulty 
Gomponimento, tm. composition, m6desty 
Gomponitdre , -trice , tmf. iuthor, compdser, 

comp6ser of mAsic 
Gompe'nto, -a, adj. grieved, t. CompAnto 
Gomp6rre, va. 2. irr. to corop6se, wrfle, com- 
pdund, adjhst, dispese, arr&nge, reconcile, 
conciliate, finish, terminate, settle 
Gompersi, vnrf to compound (with creditors) 
Gomportftbile, adj t&lerable, supp6rtab1e 
Gomportamento, sm. behaviour, c6ndnct 
Gomport&re, va. 4. to teier&te, ondftre, be4r; 
il mio st&ta non comp^rta siiT&tte spese, 
my circumstances do not alld^ of such ex- 
Gomport&rsi, vrf to condiict one's self, bo- 
hive, act 
Gomportatdre, -trice, tmf. one who t6Ierites, 

endAres ; be4rer 
Gompartevole , adj. teiorable, supp6rtable 
Gomportevolmente. adv. t6lerably, pretty veil 
Gompdrto , tm. indblgence , respite , a deliy 
of p&yment acc6rded to a debtor 

Fite, mete, bfte, n6t«, t6be; 

At, met, bit, n6t, tbb;/ - 

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— 167 — 


Compteilo, iM. eompdtite drdsr (arehik) 
CompotilAjo, $m. compdsing, tiUiog-siick 
Gompositdre, sm. a compdsitor 
CompofizioDcilla, tf. a little compotltioD 
GoopouzioDe, tf. a com position , agreement, 
adjitotment, sittlement ; — all' amicb^vole, 
liaw) kmicable eomposUioo; veoire a com- 
pos izidDO, {law) 10 compo^Dd 
GompdtU.s/l miztare, composition; stewed 

frOit, slew 
Gompostaminta , adv, polUely, with c&lmnesi 

and self possession 
Compottezza, sf. mddestj , sediteness , self 

possession, dignity of dem^nor 
Gompdsto, tm. eompoeition, mixture, com- 

— a, adj. composed, adjdsted, fdrged, sedite, 

grave, mddest, collected 
Compotazidae, tf. a drinking bout, deb&uch 
C6mpra, tf. compramenlo, m. a pbrchase 
Gompr&re , ni. 1. to buy , piirchase; — c&ro, 

to buy dear; — a budn p&lto, a budn mer- 

c4to , to bay ch^ap; — a cont&oti, to ba^ 

for cish, with ready mdney ; -> a cr^dito , 

to buy on crMit; comprire la g4tta in s&e- 

co, to boy a pig in a poke 
Comprito, -a, adj. b6oght, pbrchased, elc. 
Comprat6re, tm. buyer, pbrchaser 
Gomprend^oza , tf. [ant. ) comprehension , t. 

Goraprdodere ,• va. 3. itr. to comprehend , 
Gompreodfbile, adj. intelligible 
Comprendimento,sin. comprehension, circuit 
ComprenditiTO, -a, adj. comprehensive 
Compreodil6re, -trice, #mf. who comprehends 
Comprenddoieo, -a, adj, witty {vul.) 
Comprendonio, tm. jbdgment, wit (vu/.) 
Comprenaibile, adj. comprehensible 
GomprensibitiU, tf. comprehensibleness 
Comprensi6ne, tf, comprehension 
CompreDsiva,comprensiTil4, tf. apprehension 

{faeuUy) comprehension , understanding , 

intelligence, intellect 
ComprensiTamente, ado. comprehensively 
Compreosfro, -a, adj. comprehensive 
Comprensore , tm. one who comprehends ; 

comprens6ri, tmp. the blessed in Heaven 
Gompreao, smf. {belter circuito) a circuit, 

circhmference, compass, extent 

a, 0^. comprised, included 

Gompressfbile, adj. compressible 
Gompreisibiiilk, tf. compreuibility, coopres- 

Gompresfidna, tf. compression, pressing 
GoniprMslvo , -a , adj. compressive , having 

power to compress 
Compreaso, -a, etdj. compressed, close, strong ; 

D^bbia comprtesa, thick fog 
Gomprese6ra, $m. pressor 
GompKAlnta, adj. compressing, restraining 
Gomprinere, on. 3. irr. to compress, restr&in 
Gompro, past, part, {for eompr&to) b6ugbt 

Gomprobire, iml I. v. Gomprov&re 
GomproresBO , tm. a professed m6nk of the 

same order 

Gompromesso, tm. ac6mprom<se, arbitr&tion; 

mettere in compromesso, to expdse, hkzard 

Gompromdttere , va. 3. irr. to compromise , 

exp6se , risk ; compromettere 1' autorit^ , 

r on6re , ecc , to expese one's authdrity , 

h6nor , etc. ; eompromettersi , to c6mpro- 

mise one's self , be c6mpromised , to en- 

g&ge, prdmise, take on one's self 

Gompromlss&rio, cumpromess4rio, tm. bmpire 

GompromilsArio , -<a , adj. compromiss6rial , 

renting to a cempromfse 
Gomproprieli, tf. {law.) jant-pr6perly 
Gompropriel&rio,-a, tmf joint- proprietor, etc. 
Comprovamento, tin. approbMion, attesl&tion 
Gomprovire, tMi. i. to approve, prove, accept, 

Gomprov&lo, -a, adj. approved, admitted, etc. 
Gomprovat6re, tm. approver, commender 
Gomprovazi6ne, tf. approbeiion, proof 
Gomprovioci&le, adj. of tbe s&me prevince 
G6mpto, -a, adj. {ant.) decked, trimmed 
Gomp6gnere, va. 9. irr. to afflict, pierce, vex 
Gompugnimento, tm. v. Gompuozi6ne 
Gompols&re, va. i. to compel, f6rce {law.) 
Gompuls6ria, tf a w&rranl, compulsion 
Gomp6ngere, va. % irr. to afflict, sling, vex 
Gompuntlvo,-a,<u//. c&using rem6rse, moviog 
GompAnto, -a, adj. contrite, grieved, stung 
Gompnnzi6ne, tf comphnction 
Gompotibile, adj. comptiiUble, that may be 

c^lcttl&led, reckoned 
Gomputamento, tm. compotitioo, reckoning 
Computere, va. i. to compile, co^nt , reckon 

arodngst, place in iho ntimber of 
Gomputaio, -a, adj. reckoned, counted 
Gomputat6re, -trice, smf. computer, reckoner, 

Gomputazi6ne, tf v. Gomputamento 
Gomputista, tm. ciilcuiator, reckoner 
Gompotisleria , tf. accountant's 6ffice , ci- 
Cdmpulo,«m. cUcul&tion, reckoning, accent 
Computrescere, vn. 2. irr. compulrire,3. to rot 
Gomana, tf (ant.) I corpor4liou , ward, com- 
Gomune, tmf. \ muuity 
Gomun&le, adj. c6mmon , vhlgar, trifling ; in 

— , ado. exp. c6mmonly, generally 
Gomunalmente, ado. Usually, c6mmonly 
GomunaliU, {anl.) v. GomunAnza 
Gomunenza, tf. cdmmonally 
Gomunare, van. 1. v. Accomun&re 
Gomfine, sm. common people, cdmmons, phblic 
Gom&ne , adj. c6mmon , that bel6ng8 equally 
to ill, 6sual , drdioary, indifferent, vbllgar, 
trivial; ludgo comdne , a necessary house , 
privy ; in c6mune, in common 
Gonuneila, tf. commAnily, v. Accomunamenlo 
Comunemente, adv. 6snally, generally 
Gofflunic&bile, adj. commtLnioable, kOable 

adr, rftdt, 

aU, sdn, billl; - l&re, do; - b^ lymph; pSiie, bJy«, J^l,^f^/; 



168 — 


Gomnnicabilit^, sf, commanicabllity 
€omunicanndnto, tm. commnnicition 
Gomnnicintei tm. commuDicaDt 
Gomunieinza, if. coiDiii6nioD, particip&tioD 
Comunic&re, mn. i. to commAnicate, imp&rt, 
particip&ie, mike c6mmoD, to TrequiDt, to 
piit in c&mmon , (o administer the s^era- 
mentofthe Lord's sbpper; comnnieirsi, to 
receive the communion, or the Lord's sbpper 
Gomiinicatfva, »f. a facility of expliining one's 
self in tdachiog , a p6wer of conveying in- 
Gomunicatho, -a, adj. comoiAnicaCiTe 
Gomunicat6re, tm. be who communicates 
Gomun)cazi6ne , $f. communication , commA' 

Gomunichfno, tm. h68t, cbnsecrited v&fer 
Gomoni6ne, tf. commAnion, participation 
Comunfsmo , tm, c&mmunism , agrarianism , 

Gomonista , tmf. c&mmnnist , one who hdlds 

the principles of c6mmunism 
Comuniik , -ide, &te, tf. community; in — , 

in cdmmon 
GomAno , tm. {ant.) c6mmon people, t. Co- 

GomAoque, comunqueminte, adv. ndi^iver 
Gon, prfp. with 

GonAlo, tm. (po.) iffort, allftmpl 
G6nca, tf. a lirge wMen or Earthen obl6ng 
washing Tissel , a vide shkllow trough , a 
b&sin , h6ilow core , ckTity, shell , cankl , 
lock; ^ssere una c6nca fiSssa, to be sickly 
or infirm; basta piA una c6nca f^ssa che 
una salda , a sickly person B6metimes out- 
lives a robbst man 
Gonc&mbio, tm. exchinge, relArn 
Goncaraerito, -a, adj. volAted, irched 
Goncatenam^nlo, sm. concatenation, series 
Goncaten&nte, adj. joining, bfnding together 
Goncaten&re, va. 1. to chiin, unite together 
Goncatcn&io, a, adj, linked, jSned together 
Goncatenazi6ne, »f. concatenilion, chiin 
Gonc&usa, tf. joint c&use 
Goocav&to, -a, adj. c&nc&ved, made b61Iow 
Goncavitk, nf conckvily, b611owness 
G6ncaT0, tm. h611o«ness, ciocive sArface 
GAncavo, -a, adj. cAncave, hAllow, v&ulted 
GAncavo cAncavo, adj. doAble cAncave 
Goncedgnte, adj. grknling, allowing 
Goncddcre, va. 2. iVr. to concAde, grant, permit ; 

to lend, give, prodAce, p^s 
Goncediminto, tm. concession, consAnt, gift 
GonceditAre, sm. gr&nter 
Gonceduto, -a, adj. concAded, granted 
GoncAnto, tm. concAnt, harmony, cAncert 
Goncenlramdolo, tm. concentr&tion 
Goncenlrire, va. i. to concAotrate, contrkct 
GoncentrAto, -a, adj. concdnlrated, coocAaled 
GonceotraziAne, tf. concentrition, meditition 
ConcAotrico, -a, adj. conceDtric 
GoncApero, va. 3. irr. to concAive, t. Goncepire 

Goncepfbile, adj. eoncAivable, imAginable 
GoncepigiAne , concepiziAne , tf. ( ant. ) con- 

GoncepimAnto, tm. concAption, idea, nAtion 
Goncepfre, va. 3. to concAivo, understAnd; 
— Adio per una cAsa o persAna , to t&ke 
hAtred to a thing or pirson; — amAre, 
gelosia, to becAroe, enAmoored, jealous ; — 
nn' idAa, un* opiniAne , to fArm an idAa, an 
GoDcepfto, coDcepAto, -a, adj. concAived 
Coneeria, tf. tAnnery 
GoncernAnte, adv. concArning, upAn 
GoncernAnte, ad}. belAnging to, rAlallve to 
GonceroAnsa, tf. connAxion, affinily, rel&lion 
GoncArnere, va, 9. hr. to conc6rn, rel&te to 
Coocern^vole, adj. concerning, regarding 
GoncertAre, va. i. to concert, settle, adjbst 
GoncertAto, tm. lot(lligence, agrAcmenl 
Concert&to, -a, adj. coocArted, contrived 
Concertat Are, -trice, tmf. coocArter, contriver 
GoncArto, tm. a cAncert, hlrmony, agrAement, 
convAntfon ; di concArto , with cAmmon ac- 
cArd, unknimously 
Goncessibile, conccdibile, adj. grAntabfe 
GoncessionArio, tm. recAiver by grant, grantAe 
GoncessiAne, tf concAssion, grant, permission 
ConcAsso.-a, adj. concAded, grAnted, given 
GoncessArio,-a, adj, concAssory 
GoncettAccio, tm. badfdea, concAption 
GoncettAre,rfi. 4. to invent or say witty things 
Gonceltino, tm. a conceit, a concetto,wittici8m, 

frAthy wit, fUse wit. tinsel 
Gonceltizz&nte, adj. full of fllshes of iril 
GoncettizzAre, vn. 4. to be fincifol, witty 
ConcAllo, tm. conceit, thAught ,fIA8h of wit, 
concAption, imaginAtion , idAa, estAem, re- 
pAte, credit , fame : Assere in concAlto di , 
to hAve the reputAtion of, to be looked npAa 
as ; ha perdAto il concAtto apprAsso di me, 
be has lost hii crAdlt with me; adj. cod- 
GoncettAne, tm. (iron.) a brilliant IhAught 
GoncettosamAnte, adv. in a witty mAnner 
Goncett6so,-a, adj. fAll of pleasant fincies 
GonceziAne, tf. concepimAnto , tm. the fAast 

of the concAption 
Goncbitta, tf. smAil tub, trough (pron. fro/'.) 
Goochiglia, tf. sAa shell, conch shells 
GonchigliAcco, -a, adj. fArmed of shells 
Gonchigli^tta, tf. smAII shell, conch 
Gonchigliologia, tf. conehAlogy , the nAtural 

history of shells 
GonehilifArme, adj. fArmed like shells 
GonchiudAnte, adj. conclAsive, decisive 
GonchiAdere , va. 3. irr. to conclAde , infAr , 

end; resAlve, convince, sbtit up 
GonchiusiAne, tf. conclusion, cAnsequence 
ConchiAso, -a, adj. conclAded, sAttled, ended. 
GAncia^ tf. a tAn-bAiise, tAnning , seasoDing 
GoneiabrAcche, tm. mAnder of brAken wire 
CoDdacalsAtte, tmf. a stAcking-mAoder 

Fitc, miu, «u, n«U, m,; - ftf, »«, b», uW^^^tto^-offg ,pl,«e, «3- 



— 169 — 


Coneian^nto, sm, minding, t. Gonciatara 
CoDcUre. va. i. to dr^s, addrn^ trim, mend ; 
coDciir p^lli , ca4jo , to dreti skins , tan 

bides, I^tber ; conci&r Tin! , to adhlter&le 

wfoes; eonciir la terra, to manfire land; 

eoDci&re nno pel di delle feste, to gire one 

a good dressing or drdbbing 
Conciatgiti, sm. sl&ter, tiler, thMcber 
Gonci4to,-a, adj. repaired, set off, n^at 
Concial6re, »m, cbrrier, tknner 
CoDciatftra, $f. adjbsling. dressing 
Gonciazi6oe, »f. minding, sewing^ dressing 
Concidere, m, 9. irr. (po.) to cut in pfices 
GoDciero, tm. minding, adjbstment , rep&ir 
Concfglio, 9m. (po.) council, assembly 
CoDciliibile , adj. reconcilable, tbat may be 

Conciliiboio , coneili&bnlo , sm. conrinticle ^ 

an assembly of scbismktic prilates 
Gonciliaminto, sm. conciliition 
Gonciliare, va. i. to conciliate, riconcfle; con- 

cilidre la fome , il sdnno , to proci^re an 

Appetite, ind6ce sleep ; concili&rsi, to cSipti- 

T^te, get one's self good will, be orbecime 

Concili&re, adj. consist6riaI, of the c^Qncil 
Conciliarminte, adv. in a c&osistory 
ConciViatiTO,-a, adj. conciliating 
Coneiliito, a, adj. conciliated, riconcfled 
ConciIlat6re,-trfce, smf. a piacem&ker 
Concih'atdrio,-a, adj. conciliatory 
Condliazidne, sf. agreement, reconcili&tion 
Coneillo, sm. cdiincil, assembly, cdosistory; 

— ecom^nico, gener&le, ecumenical, gineral 

cdHncil ; conrociire nn Concilio , to cill or 

convene a C^ncil 
€oneiIi6»o, sm. s^nod, clerical assimbly 
Concim&re, va. 4. to maoiire, Improre (land) 
€oncim&lo,-a, adj. manured, ^ttened 
Goncimat6re, -trice , smf. manftrer , one who 

man&rea lands 
Concime^ sm. a minding, manfire, cimpost 
ConcinniU,-ite,-&de, sf. (po.) ilegance 
Concinno,-a, adj. elegant 
€6ncio,iin. agreement, drnament, attfre,ma- 

n6re, cimpost; Tenfrein cincio, to be pr6- 

per, suitable ezpidient, siasonable ; Incin- 

cio 0.^0. exp. riady, in riadiness 
C6ncio,-a, adj. drissed, set off, elegant ; mal 

c6neio, ill-^ed, in a bad plight 
Coneioffossechi, eonj. 1 slnce,sieing. 

Coneioffossec6fa, conciossiachi { in as much 
Concioffossecosacbe.conciossia- ) as 

Goncioninte, sm. 6rator, bar^ngner 
Concion&re, van. 1. to har&ngue, priacb (/a() 
Goncional6re, sm hirkngner, priacher * 
Gonci6ne, sf. har&ngue, speech, sirmon 
Gonciaarointa, adv. concisely, briifly 
Goncisiine; sf. the ebtting off, concision 
Goociflo,- a, adj. concise, laeinic, shdrt 
Goncistoriile, adj. eonsistirial 

Concistdrio, sm. c&nsistory 
Concitaminto, sm. eroition, incintire, tfimnlt 
Goncis&re, va. 1. to, stir up, excite , proviko 
Concitalivo, -a, adj. incintiTe, encobraging 
Concitito,-a, adj. stirred, mired, proviked 
Concitat6re,-trfce, swf. an instig&tor 
Concitazfine, sf concit&tion, t. Goncitamento 
GoncitUdino, -a, smf fiUow citizen 
Gonclamaziioe, sf dutcr^, sbdat , hiibbnb 
Concl&Te, sm. a c6ncl&Te , a close assembly 
Goncl&Tio, sm. cabinet, cliset, sm&li room 
Gonclavfsta, sm. mimber of the cincl&ve 
Conclodinte, adj. concludent, decisive 
Goncludenteminte, adv. cooclfisively 
Concludinza, sf conclAdency, cooclAsiyeness 
GonclAdere, va. 3. irr. to conclude, fix, end, 

shut up, confine, include 
Gonclnsiine, sf conclusion, cinsequence 
Gonclusiine (in) adv. exp. in shirt, finally 
Gonclusionitta, sf little Inference, thisis 
CoDclusivaminte, adv. conclusively 
Conclusiro, -a, adj. conclAsive, decisive 
Goncliso, -a, adj. concl&ded , shut up 
Concoidile, adj. (min.) concbQdal 
Gonciide, sf (geom.) cinchoid 
Gincola, sf t. Gatfoo, bacile 
Goncolire, adj. of one cilor 
Goncomitinte, adj. concimitant, concbrrent 
Goncomit&nza, sf concimitance, Pinion 
Goncord&nte, adj. concirdant, coofirmable 
Goncordanteminte, adv. v. Goncordevolminte 
Goncord&nza, concordagiine , sf agriement , 

confdrmity, eoncirdance, fitness 
Goncordire, ran. to riconcile , make friinds, 
vn. to concird, agrie togither , be unani- 
mous, confirm 
Goncordataminte, adv. un&nimonsly 
Goncord&to, sm. convention, cimpact, concir- 
dat (between the Pope and a temporal Sov- 
Goncordito, -a, adj. unanimous, agrieing 
Goncirde, adj. confirmable, like, similar; di 

concirde parire, of the same opinion 
Goncordeminte, adj. un&nimously , with one 

Goncordivole, adj. confirmable , agrieable 
Goncordevolminte, adv. agrieably, confirm- 
ably, unanimously 
Goncirdia, sf cincord, unanimity, h&rmony; 
mittere a concirdia , to riconcile , make 
friinds , di pari concirjJia , with one con- 
sint; di concirdia, with one accird (r&te 
Goncorpor&re, va. i. to concirporate, incirpo- 
Goncorporftto, -a, oc7.incirpor4led,emb6'died 
Goncorrinle, adj. concurrent, ro-iperaling 
Goncorrinte, smf. compitilor, rival, nppioent 
Goncorrinza, sf eompeUlion, rfvalship 
Goncirrere , m. 2. irr. to flock to (a place) , 
conciir, co-iperate, dispihte (a thing) with; 
to compite for; concorrer&nno alia med&- 
glia qoelli soltanlo che, ecc, the midal will 
be compiled for only by such as etc. 

adr, itd0; - fin, tin, buU; - f4re, d6; - bf, l^mph; pQie, be^i 



— 160 — 


CoDCorrimdnlo, «m. cdncoarte, cftnflaeace 
GoDeorrit6re, -trice, tmf. ooe who eoncbn 
Gooc6rto, «m. c6ncoarti , crdwd , thrdag ; — 
iDtetiog y comptUtioo ; lo 8t4to di coniedrto 
del fallUo {law), the bJiDkrapt's esUte; an- 
dire a coocdrso, to eompdte (for a place, a 
prize, etc.) ; d&re per coDcdrto, to giro awiy 
by competitioD; m^ttere a coDc6rso, to pikt 
up for compeUUoo 
— > adi. met, agreed, united 
CoDcdlto, -a, adj. ddoe, digitled, coac6cted 
Goncozi6oe, sf. concdctioo, matur&tion 
GoDcreire, va. 1. to create, produce together 
Gonereilo, -a, (u//. Innite, iib^reot, oktural 
Goncreazidne, tf. joint cre&tion, proddctlon 
Goncrddere, va. 3. irr. {ant.) to believe with, 

Goncredil6re, -trice, smf. jolot crMilor , who 

Goncretiro, va. i. to cenerite 
GoQcrdto, -a, adj. concrete 
Goncrexi6ne, tf. eoncrdtion. coagal&tion 
Goncubina, tf. c6ncubine, mistress 
Goocubin&rio, sm, who keeps a c6ncnbine 
Goocubin&to, tm. conc(ibinage 
Goncubinisco , adj. of a c6ncub(na 
Goncubio^tta, tf. little cdncubine, miss 
Gonc<^bito, tm. lying, sleeping, together 
Gonculcibile, adj. desdrving lo be tr&mpled on 
Goncuicamdnlo, tm. trampling with the feet 
Goncttlc4re, va. 1. to trkmple up6o, sphrn 
Goncolc&tu , -a, adj. trampled tinder foot 
Gonculcat6re, -trice, tmf. oppressor, sphrner 
Gonculcazi6ne, tf. trkmpling up6n, sphrning 
Goncudcere, vo. 3. irr. to conc6ct, digest 
Goncuocim^nto , tm. v. Coocozidne 
Goncupire, va. 3. (jdo.) lo cdyet, desire 
Goncupisc^nza, -dnzia, tf. concupiscence, lust 
Goncupisa're, va. 3. irr. (jdo.) to long for 
Goncupisc^role, -ibile, adj. concApiscible 
Goncupiscibililk, -ate, -ide, tf. concupiscence 
GoncupisciTO, -a, adj. concApiscible 
Goncusskre, va. 1. to shake, mive , kgiUte 
Goncussat6re, tm. sb&ker, comm6lioner 
Goncussion&rio, tm. exl&rtiooer , ex&cter 
Goncossidne, tf. conchssion, extdrlion, shock 
GoncussiTO, -a, adj. concbssive , sb4king 
Gooc&sso, a, adj. conchssed, sh&ken 
Gond&nna , tf. condemnation, sentence ; pro- 
nunciire condknna , to piss sentence ; su- 
bire condinna, lo shlTer jiidgment; subfre 
la prdpria eond&bna, to underg6 one's sen- 
Gondannibile, adj. condimnable, culpable 
Gondannagi6ne, tf. r. Gondinna 
Condannamdnto, tm. sentence, doom 
Gondann&re, va. 1. to condemn, sdntance; — 
incontumicia(/atv) lo give jiidgment agiinst 
one in a state of cdntumacy ; -~ opini6ni , 
dottrtne, lo eipl6de opiniooi, dbctrines; — 
ad una multa, to fine 
Gondannilo^ -a, adj. condemned, bl&med 

Gondannaldre, am. eondimDer, jbdge 
Gondannatdrio, -a, adj. eonddmnatory 
Gondanaazidoe, tf condennition , doom 
Gondannivole , adj. condimnable, blimeaUe 
Gondebit6ri, tmp. jQnt-dibtors 
GondecAnle, adj. decent, beedming, pr6per 
Gondecenteminte, adv. decently, prdperly 
Gondecorire, va. i. to ddcorite, ad6ni, deck^ 

Gondegnamdnte, adv. wirtbily 
Gondegniti, tf. dignity, wdrlb, condigniieta 
Gondigno^ -a, adj, condign, w&rlhy 
Gondena&re, va. i. (ani.) t. GondanoAra 
Gondennazi6ne, tf. ?. Gondanna 
Goodensibile, adj. condensable 
Gondensabilitk, tf. condensability 
Gondensaminto, tm. condeosilion, thickness 
Gondensire, va. 1. lo condense, thicken 
Gondens&rsi, vrf. to gr6w thick, condense 
Gondcns&to, -a, adj. condensed, thick, dense 
Condensal^re, tm. iphyt.) condenser 
Gondensazi6ne, tf. condensation, thickening 
Gonddnso, -a, adj. (po.) condense, thick 
Gondepulito, tm. fillow-ddpuly 
Gondesceoddnte, adj. r. Gondlscendeoto 
Gondescendinsa, tf. t. Gondiscendensa 
Gondescdndere, vn. 3. irr. v. Gondisceodere 
Gondescensi6oe, tf. v. Gondiscensione 
Gondescensivo, -a, adj. condescending 
Gondesciso, -a, adj. t. Gondisccso 
Gondicere, vn. 3. irr. to becdme, v. Conf&re 
Condimento, sm. seasoning, sauce, c6ndiment 
Gondire, va. 5. to season, pickle, preserve 
Gondiscendinte, adj. condescending, Affable 
Gondiscenddnzs, tf. condescendence , conde- 
scension, compliance 
Gondiscendere , vn. 3. in*, to descend with, 

condescend, yield 
Gondiscendimento, tm. descent with, deference 
Gondiscensidne, tf condescension, aifability 
Gondisceso, -a , adj. condescended complied 

Gondiscepolo, tm. school-fellow, condiscfple 
Gondisi, tm. {bol.) while hellebdre 
Gondito, -a, adj. seasoned , dressed , pickled; 

condito di senno, judicious 
Gondito, -a, adj. {po.) built, riised, erected 
Gondit6re, tm. founder, author {lat.) 
Condi tAra, tf. seasoning, t. Gondimento 
GondiTidere, va. 3. to sh4re with others 
Gondivisidne, tf. division am&ng several 
Condi zionile, culj. condilional, restrictive 
Gondizionalmente, adv. cendilionally 
Gondizionire, va. 1. to enible, qualify 
Gondizioo&rsi, wf to qn&lify obe's self 
Gondizionatamente, adv. conditionally 
GondizionceUa, tf. a pretty good conditioB 
Gondizion&to, -a, ad^. fit, iblo, qoilified, con- 

dilioned; ben condisionilo, well eondltioned 
Gondision&to, tm. eondiUoa 
Gondizidne, tf. condition, rank, sitaition; — 

impUcila, sotliniesa, implied eonditien ; — 

Fkte, mke, bitep d6U, t6be; 

at, met, bU, n6t, tbb^ • fir, ptqut, ^ 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 




Tesolutdrift (toto), condition tbbseqaeot; ^ 
sotpentfTa {iaw\ condition precideol ; vio- 
Iaxi6oe d* una condixidne, breach of a con- 
dllJoD; otserv&nxa d'una condixi6ne, per- 
fdrmaoce of a condition ; inosterT&oza d'uoa 
condizi6ne, noo perrdrmancc ofacondilion; 
soUo coodixidne che , on , updn condllion 
that, vilh a proviso that; 8dnzacondizi6ni, 
nncondilional , uncondllionally; fire una 
eondizidne, to make a condllion; osser?&ro 
ana condizi6ne, to perfdrm a condition ; nes- 
s&na condizi6ne Ya etdnle dal dol6re , no 
• degree if free from s6rrow 
Condizi6oe (a), adv. exp. np&n condition 
Condogliioxa , condoldnza, tf, cond61ence; 
littera. Tisiu di condogliioza, IMler , visit 
of cood6lence; d£bbo l&rgli le mie condo- 
gliinze, 1 mast cond61e with liim, I must 
6ffer him m^ eond61ence 
Condolirsi, vrf. 2. irr. to cdmpl&ln , griive , 

cond61e (With) 
Cottdotoioio, sm. junt-ptfweri dominion 
Coodooibile, adj. pirdooable, excusable 
Coodonire, mi. i. to p&rdon forgive, excuse 
Coodooat^re, sm. forgiver, pirdoner 
GoDdooasi6oe, if. p4rdon, forgiveness 
Cond6re, »n. {orn.) c6ndor 
CondolU, if. c6oduet, dep6rlmeot, dscort ; — 
disordia&la, disdrderly conduct; — regol^- 
re, Dormale, drderly, steady c6nduct; — fr&n- 
ea, leile, round dealing; — da galantuAmo, 
il&ir dealing; catliva cond6tta. miscdnduct, 
misbebiviour; cerliflcAtodi budoa cond6lla, 
teslim6nial of good cdoducl ; tosere udmo 
di eonddila, to condiict one's self well, 
Gondottt^ra, sf. condiictress, ro&nager 
Condotti^re, <m. condbctor, leader, eirrier 
Conditio, im. cdoduct, way, r6ad, path, c6n- 

duit, can&i, iquedoct, pipe 
— adj. condbcted, d6oe, fdllowed 
Gondue^nte, adj. conducing, contributing 
Conddcere, va. 3. itr. r. Gondurre 
Cooduc^vble, adj. conducive, favorable 
Gondocfbile, adj. condAcible, conducing 
Condocimenlo, tm. cdnduct, management 
Condocit6re, im. condbetor, t^cber, cAptain 
CoDdoci trice, tf. condbclress, g&veroess 
Condoplicazidoe, if. duplicate, repelllion 
Cond&rre, va. 3. irr. to condbct, itod, bring, 
steer; to penu&de, induce, bring to, accdm- 
paoy to; — al pascolo;.to gr&ze, to tend 
(grasing cattle) ; — a spasso , to Uke one 
out (for a w&lli); — a line, a compim^nto, 
to finish, complete , accdmplisb ; — a buon 
pdrto,to bring safe Into b4rboor;(/f9.) to ^c- 
c^tmpljsh happily, prdsperously; — in an 
luogo, to go or c6me to a place ; cond6rsi, 
vrf. to condiict one's self, to beh&ve; condursi 
alia prcsAnza di nno, to wait ap6n a pirson 
Condoiiibile , adj. {pkyi.) c&pable of being 

Gondttttibiliti, {phyg,) condactibility 
Gond6tto, tm. {ant.) c6odua, dirtetion, c4r« 
Gond6tto, -a, adj. (po.) conducted, carried • 
Gondult6re, tm. condbetor, Itoder, g6ide, 

gu4rd, mdoitor, t6tor, tioant, Iddger 
Condutt6ra, $f jobrney, Iriinsport, carriage 
Gonduzi6ne, if. v. Gondnciminto ; {law) loci« 

tion, leasing on rent 
Cooes tibile, tm. the lord high c6n8table 
Goneslabilerfa, tf. high c6ns tables hip 
Gonfabul&re, vn. i . to confabulate, chat 
Gonfabulat6re, • trice , tmf. pr^lter, one wbd 
t&lks familiarly (Ulk 

Gonfabulatdrio, -a, adj. bel6ngiog to familiar 
Goofabulazidne, tf. eonfabulition , c6nfab 
Gonfacdnle, adj. sAiUble, convtoient, prdpef 
GonfacAnza, tf. v. Gonfacimento 
Gonfac^vole, adj. fit, pr6per, just, suitable 
Gonfacevoi^zca, tf suitableness 
Confaciminto , sm. v. fitness, suitableness* 

Gonf4rsi, vrf. i. irr. to became, sAit, agrte , 
iit; siOr&tto disc6rsonon si coniSi ad un par 
T6stro , sbeh lillc d6n* t s6it , or don' t b»- 
cdroe a person like yoa 
Gonfarrasi6ne, tf. eoofarreition (the soleroof- 
xalion of marriage among the Romans, by 
a ceremony in which the bridegroom ani 
bride tested a cake of flour) ' 

Confastidiirsi , vrf 4. to tire, v. Annojarsi 
Gonfederamenlo, tm. alliance, league 
Confeder&odo, -a, adj, that should be allied 
Goofeder&rsi, vrf. i. to coniifcderate 
Gonfederativo, -a, adj. conKderative 
Gonfcder&to, -a, adj. confederate, leagued 
Goofeder4to, tm. a confederate, all^ 
Gonfederaxidne, tf. confederacy, alliance 
Gonferdnle, adj. confirring, besl6wing 
Conferioza, tf. conferiminto, m. c6nferenc» 
Gonferire, vn. 3. to confer with, consult , im- 
pirt, bestdw , conf&r , coll4te , do good , bo 
benencial; la cavaic4taconferiscepiual ca- 
v4Ilo che al eavaliire, riding is more bene- 
ficial to the horse than to the rider 
Gonferitdre, -trice , tmf conferrer , one whd 

confers, bestdwt 
Gonfdrma, confermaxi6ne , tf. confirmition 
Gonfermam^nto, tm. sanction, approbation 
Gunferm&re, va. i. to confirm, ritify, appr6v0 
Gonfermativo, -a, adj. confirmatory 
Gonfermito, -a, adj. confirmed, approved 
Confermatdre, -trice, tmf. conflrmer, attister 
Gonfermazi6ne, tf. conGrmitioo, approbitioo 
Confirmo, -a, adj. v. Gonfermato 
Gonfdrva, tf (bot.) coofirva (tubular , j^nted 

Confessamtoto, tm. confession, declar&iion 
Gonfess&re , van. i. to conftes , acknowledge, 
6wn , av^ ; confessirsi , to confess to a 
pritot, to confess one' s self 
GonfessJito, -a, a4j. confessed, declared 
Goofetsatbre, tm. confissor, t. Gonfess6re 


le;-liU,s4n,biillj-i3be,d^j-bt,ltmph; pflie, W?s, m\, '<^»; ■««"»,»* 

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Dis. ItaL ing. " ^ 


— 162 — 


€onfSs8iOD&le, -ario, <m. coDftoBioiiftl, eonOs- 

<■ tionary, eoaftesion-chair 

Coorestion&le, adif. coofftssioBary, pert&iniDg 

to eoDfifession 
Conretsi^De, gf. confession, declar&lion, f4ith 
Coofdsso, -a, adj. coDfissed, ackn6wledRed 
Confessdre (confessdro, ant.), sm. eoof^sor 
GonfelUire, va.i. to coof6ct| presirre.swdeteo; 

confetUre uno, to f&wn upon a person 
Conftittato, -a, adj. conf6cted, presirredp mixed 
GonfeUal6re, ▼. Coorelli^re 
Coafetti^ra, sf. sw^etmfot box, crtsUl jar 
Gonfeltidre , «in. c5mfli-m&ker , eonfiftctioner , 

dealer in presirTes 
GonMtlo, sm. sw^et-mdat, sAgar-plam, etc. 
— adj. coorected, preserved, pickled 
ConfettAra I sf. presdrres, swdel-mtels, c6m- 
Gonfezi6ne | fits, sAgar-plums , mixture 
Coofezionire. va. 4. to conf6ct, presirre, mix 
Oonficcam^nto, sm. the driving in niils 
Conficc4re , va. 1. to n&il , fasten , thriist in , 

drfre in, fix (in the memory) 
Gonficc&to, -a, adj. n&iled, fixed , impressed 
€onficcatAra, sf. the niiling. f&stening, fixing 
Gonficere, va. S. irr. to cdnsecr&te; to eonfict 
Gonfidam^nto, stn. I strong hope, trbst, con- 
Gonfld&nxa, sf. \ fidence, faith, par61e 
Confid&re, vn. i. to trhst, confide , rel^ npon 
Gonfidirsi, vrf. to give one's self op to, rel^ 

on, conflde 
GonOd&to, -a, adj. confided, assured 
Gonfidejus86re. sm. (iaw) cobiil, cos6rety 
GonOdAnte, adj. confiding, confident 
GonOddote,«m^. a c6nfid^nt,triist-v&rthy friend 
Coofidentemfote, adv. c6nridently 
GonGddnza, sf. c6nfideDce , trhst , assurance , 

sore and certain hope, intimacy, s^recy 
Gonfidenzi&Ie, adj. confidential, trusty, secret 
Gonfidenziirio, sm. he who h61ds in trust 
Gonfldo, sm. {ant.) c^nfidect, t. Gonfidenle 
Gonfiggere, va. 3. irr. to niil, pierce, fix with 

nilis, ?. Gonflccire 
Gonfignrire, va. 4.toconflgaro, form, dispdse 

in a certain figure or shape 
Gonflgurirsi , vrf. f. to take the fdrm, figure 
ConfigurMo, -a, adj. like, made like 
GoDfignrazi6ne, sf configurilion 
Gonfin&nte, adj. contiguous, bdrdering 
Gonfin&re, van. i. to confine, limit, bdDnd, set 

bdi^nds, bdrder ttp6n, be contignoos, banish 
Gonfio4rio, -a, adj. of the cbnfVnes 
Goofiuftrsi, vrf. to cooffoe, limit one's self 
GonfinMo, -a, adj. confined, bounded 
Gonfinazi6ne, sf the esikblisbing of limits 
Gonflne, sm. confines, btfDndaries, limits 
Goofiugere, va. 2. irr. to cdi^nterfeit 
Gonfirm&re, va. i. ▼. Confermare 
Confisca, sf confiscation, forfeiture, fdrfeit; 

soggilto a confisca, (law) liable to coofisei- 

tion, fbrfeiture; inc6rrere la confisca di, 

pdrdere per confisca, to fdrfeit 
Gonfiscibile, a4j. confiscable, fdrfeiUbia 

GonfiscaniDio, sm. ▼ GoDfiscazi6ne 
Confisc&re, vn, 4. to confiscate, fdrfeit 
Conflsc&to, -a, adj. confiseited, fdrfeited; — a 
profitto delio SUto, confiscated to the king, 
GooGscasidne, sf confiscition, fdrfeiture 
ConOt^nte, adj. conf^aiiog, ackn6wledging 
Coofiiio, -a, adj. pierced or fixed with n4iU, 

stdck, imprinled, engraven, crucified 
Gonflagrazidne, sf. conflagration 
Coofliiile, adj. that may be malted (by heat), 

founded (in a mouid), cAst, smelted 
Conflato, -a, adj. (po.) jSned together 
ConOftto, sm. c6oflict, cdotest, c6mbat, fight 
Gonfluinle, sm, and adj. cbnflux, c6ofluent 
Coofludnza, sf. c6nflueocej jliuction, Anion 
ConfAndere , va. S irr. to coufound. jiimble , 
mix; to confuse, perplex, discompdse, abash; 
to deslr^, precipitate, w4«te 
Confdodersi, vnrf to get confAsed, perplexed 
Coofondibilo , adj. that may be confuunded, 

confused, perplexed 
Goofondiminto, sm, confAsion , trobble, rfiin 
GoofonditAre, sm, confounder, desir^-er 
Gonform&re, van. 4. te confdrm, assimilate 
Conform&rsi, vrf to confdrm one's self 
Gonformativo, -a, adj. confArmable, similar 
Cooform&to, -a, adj. conrdrmed, regular 
GonformasiAne, sf conrormition, disposition 
Gonrbrme, adj. confArm, sAiUble, agrAeing 
GonfArme , conformemAnte , adv, confdrma- 
bly to, agr6eaWy to, in confdrmily with, 
pursAant to 
Con form Avole, adj. confdrmable, agrAeable 
Conformista, smf confdrmist 
Conformili.-4te,-Ade, sf, confArmity 
Gooforl&bile , adj. admitting cAmfort, that 

may alTArd cAmfort, consolation 
GonfortagiAne, «/: I cAmfort , assisUnca, 
GonfortamAoto, sm, \ ease, reliAf 
Confortiote, adj. cAmforting, beirtening 
Coofort&re, va. 4. to cAmfort, consAle, he&rten, 
corrAborate, fArtif^, incite, egg on; con- 
forUre II e&ne all' Arta , to egg ooo on to 
do a thing; confortArsi , to hApe strAogly, 
to flitter one's self that; conforlirsi con gli 
aglietti. to feed upAn vain hopes 
Gonfortatfvo, -a, adj. strAngthening 
GonfortAto, -a, adj. cAmrorted, strAogthened 
ConfortatAre, -trice, smf. cAmforter, consAler; 
a buon confortatOre non dAlse mai la testa, 
prov. exp. it is Aasy for a bippy man to gire 
(good) advice to the uofArtunate 
GonfortatArio, -a I adj. consAlalory,eAmfor- 
GonfortAvole, | table, strengthening 
GoofortasiAne, sf I cAmfort , he&rleoing , 
GoofArto, sm, | Aase, eoeobragement 
Gonfort<>ria, sf. a place where persons sen- 
tenced to dAath recAive the comforta of 
GonfortinAjo, sm. glnger-brAad bAker, sAlIer 
Gonfortino, sm. ginger-bread, spice cakes, etc 

FAte, mAt«, Mte, sAtf, IUm; - At, nAt» bit, bAI, tbb;^- 

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!«"». «3' 


— 163 — 


GonfSiso, fm. (f&rt.) Mrbaeaa 
CoDfrite, conrrtUllo, sm. frfar, brfttber 
CnnrratdrniU, $f. fraternity, brdtherh^d 
Gonfredfglia, sf. assembly or bad people 
Coofrir^re, conrricirtl. von. f. to rub, fret 
Confricito. -a, adj. rbbbed ag&fnst. frMted 
Confricazi6iie, sf eonfricition, friction 
CoBfroDtani^Dto, eonfr6nto, tm. oonfrdotiDg 
Coofront&re, m. i. to eoDfrdnt, eompdre 
€oofrootato, -a, adj. coDfrdnted. eomp&red 
GonfrontaxiiDe, sf. tiie confrOiitiDg 
GoDfu^gire, oa.9 to fl^ for belp, T.Rifuggfre 
GoDrusam^DtP, adv. eoaftoediy, pell mell 
GoDfosf tto, -a, adj. s6mewbat confused 
GoDfosi6Be, sf. eo&fdsioD, trobble, dlsdMer; 

Gonrftto, -a, adj. conf6ied, obscAre, indistinct, 

abashed; alia confosa, confttsedly 
€onfat4bile, adj. that can be refAted 
Gonfulamfoto, sm. eonfutail6ne, f refutation 
Confotire, va. 1. to cooffite, dispr^fe, ref6te 
GoDfotaifTo.-a, adj. ▼. Confotatorio 
Confotito. -a, adj. confuted, disprired 
Goofutatdre, sm. dispr6ver 
GonruUtArio, adj. pr6pef to refAte 
Coo^audire, on. 9 irr. {po.) to rejSlce togMber 
Gongedlre. va. 1. to dismiss, give Itove 
GoBgMo , am. f^ate , permission , fareirill ; 
{mil.) disefa&rge, fbrloogb, furlow; in coo- 
g^do [mil.\ on fbrloogh; dar congedo, to 
dismiss, send away, {mil.) to disch&rge, to 
fbrlough ; prSnder congedo , to take one'Sp 
Mare, bid fareirill 
CoDgegnaro^Dto, sm. collecting, Anion 
Confegnire, va. i. to eoBDecl, join, intrbst 
CoDgelibile , adj. cong^alable , that may bo 

Gongelamento, sm. congelltion 
CoBgelftre, van. 4. to congeal, eo&gulate, fix 
Coogel&to, -a, adj. congealed, concrete 
CoBgelaxi6ne, sf. congelition 
Cong^neo, coog#nilo,-a, adj. e6gB4te, beg6t- 

teo or bom together 
Cong^nere, adj. of the same kfnd, congenerous 
GongeotAra. sf {ant.) t. GongiuntAra 
Cong^rie, sf. {pc.) biap, mdss, congdries 
CoBgPstiAne, sf. (tned.) congestion 
CoBfcttAra. sf. conjecture, supposition 
GoDgeitar&bile, adj. conjecturable , that may 

be conjectured, guessed 
GoBgnttorftle, adj. conjectural, bypotbeiical 
CoBgetlorire, va. i. to conjecture, suppAse 
GoDghieUura, sf. eonj6cinre, guess; f&lsa 
con^biettura, misconjecture, wrong surmise 
Gongbiettorile. adj. conjectaral, hypothetical 
Gonghieltnr&re, va. 1. to conjecture, guess 
GoBgbieitarftlo, -a. adj. conjectured, guessed 
GoDgbietioratAre, sm. conjActurer, guesser 
CoBgiirio, sm. a gift to the BAman sAldiery 
CoDgiMo, eAogio, sm. [ant.) leave, ▼. GoogdJo 
GoBgiag&re, ecc. ▼. Gonjugare, ecc. (unites 
Coogiiigniidra, -trice, smf. be, sbe irbo jSns, 

Congfngnitftrt, t/. a j8lnt, rlam, jbnetnre 
CongiAgnere I va. 3. irr. to j61o , mitcli , 
CooglAngere ( annex, cobftbil, be near; 
— in raatrimAnio, to unite In mirriage, td 
Googiongimenio, sm. jbnction. Anion 
GonglAnla, sf wife, cAosort, pirtner 
Gongtontamente, ode. together, jQntly 
GongionlfTO,*a, adj. conjAncUve, jSined 
CoogiuntfTo, sm. conjbnctive (mood of rerb) 
GongiAoio, sm. a relative, rcl&lion, kinsman; 

f coogiAnli, (be near and dAar 
— -a, adj. janed, relAted, allfed 
GongiuntAra, sf. Anion, jSint, jbnclure, crisis 
GongiunziAne, sf. conjAoction, eonjAocture 
ConpiAra, sf coogiofaroento , fn. conspiracy; 
fire, ordfre uda coogiura , to form a con- 
Congiurinte, sm. and adj. plAtler. coospfrinl 
Cooginr4re, van. 1. (o conspire, plot, conjure 
Conginrito, -a, adj. conjAred, conspired 
GonginrMo, congiuratAre. sm. conspirator 
GoogiuraziAoe, sf conspiracy. conjur4lion 
Gonglobito, -a, adj. coogl Abate, accAmul&ted 
GoogIobaziAne,a^.co nglob&lion,accuraul4liofl 
Congtomerire, va. i. to conglomerate, to 

collect, gather into a rdilnd body or milss 
Gongloroerito,-a, adj. conglAmerate 
Cooglulinameoto, sm. conglutinitlon 
Googlutin&re. va. 4. to conglAlinate 
Cooglutioatfvo,-a, adj. a<lhe«iTe, tIscous 
Gongluiioilo, -a, adj. united together, glAed 
ConglutinaziAne, sf. conglutination, sticlciog 
Gongralul&re, van. 4. to congr&tulalo, rej^ce 
with; congratul&rsi (rallegrarsijcon atcuoo 
delle sue (eliclti, to congratulate a person 
on his happiness, good fArtune 
CongratulatAre , -trice , smf. congrktulator , 

one who Affers cougraluliitlons 
GongratulatOrio, -a, adj. congriituiatory 
GongralulaziAne, sf. congratnl&iion 
Gongrega ( congreg&nza , ant. ) , sf. congre* 

Gongreg&bile , adj. that may be cAngreg&ted , 

gathered, assembled 
Gongregamtoto, sm. assembly, meeting 
GongregAre, va. 4. to assAmbie, collAct 
Congreg4to^-a , adj. cAogregiled, assembled 
GongregatiAne, sf. congregition , assembly 
Gongresso, sm. cAngress, meeting, assembly; 
il GongrAsso Americ4oo, the Afnerican Gon- 
gross ; it Gongresso degli Scienziili , the 
ScieollGc Gongress 
GAogrua, sf Income (of a rector, curate, etc.) 
CongruamAote, adv. cAngruousIy, sAitably 
GongruAnte, adj. cAegrueot, sAi table 
Gongruenza, sf. sAitabteoess , cAogrueoce 
Googruitit, sf. congrAity, fitness 
Cdngruo, -a, adj. cAngf-uous. At, becAming; 

Jus congmo, the right of neighborhood 
Gonguagliire , va. i. to Aqoilize , make ATon 
Gongoagli4rsi, vnrf. to becAme Aqual 

nbf rid*; - ilH , sAn, bdll : - fire, At ; 



164 — 


CoDgD&glio, Ml. a IftTelling, bkUndDg, equal- 

€oni4re, va. i. to cSln, bind, tighten 
GoDi&to, -a, adj. cSined, Blriick, bdiiDd 
Coniat6re, sm. c6)ner, iuthor, inTeotor 
CoDiazidne, sf. cSinage 
Gdoica, 8f. igeom.) c6nica 
Conicamiole, ado. io fdrm of acdne, c^Dieally 
Gdnico, adj. c6Die, c6oical, in the fftrm of a 

Conjeltora, sf. conjecture, t. CongbieUAra 
Gonifero, «m. (bol.) c6nirer; cooiferi, imp. 

{bol.) coDirera; cooifero, -a, adj. {bol.) co- 

niferoas, bearioK cooet 
GoDir6rme, adj. c6oirorm, c6nical 
GoDigli6ra,-^ria. sf. v&rren, r&bbit bbrrow 
Coniglio, urn. ribbit, 06007, c&ay ; arer ico- 

Digli io cdrpo, to be as timid as a h&re 
GoDiglidlo,-&zzo, $m. joiiog r&bbit 
Gdnio, tm. vedge, c^o , piincbeon; fgmmina 

da cbnio, a vhAre; c6oj dei peno6Di (mar.) 

the dials of ibe }&rd&rro8 
Gonjug&bile, adj. (gram.) that may be c6oja- 

galed (m6Dial 

Gonjog&le, adj. cdnjogal , conniibial , matri- 
CoDjugare. va. i. to conjugate, jSio, unite 
Gonjug&lo,-a, adj. conjugated, oikrrled 
GoDJugaxione, if. conjiigaiioo, fioion, jSning 
GAnjuge, tmf (lat.) c6n8ort, p&rtner 
GoDJugio, sm. (po.) m&rriage^ mktrimooy 
Gon meco , con esse meco , prep. and. pers. 

pron. with me 
GoDoaturaie , adj. connktaral , nMural , con- 

fdrm, suitable 
CoDDaioralizz4re, va. to connkturaUie , to 

connect by n&lure 
Gonnaluraiizzalo.-a, adj. nitoralized 
Gonnalurare, va. i. to make of the same 

Gonnaiioo&le, adj. mf. of the same nftlion 
Gonnessibne, conncssili, »f. conndxion 
Gonoisso, -a, adj. coDD^cied, joined, llnlced 
GonneslJibile, tm. mirshall , ▼. Conestiibile 
GoDDdltere, va. 3. irr. to connect, join, linlt , 

tie; non cooDSltere, to t&lk nbnsense 
Gonnioa, tf. (bol.) ulld'Orach, goose foot 
GoDoivdote, adj. conniYiog, cidsing the e^es 

ag4inst fauiis 
GoDDiT^nza, nf coonfTance, forbearance 
Gonnotati, smp. description ; prAndere i con- 

noiati di uno (police) to lake the description 
Gonoovizio, sm. a felloir nbxice (of a person 
GooD^bio, sm. (poet.) marriage, m&trimony 
Gonnumer&re, va. 1. to reckon, nbmber 
Gonnumerato,-a, adj. reckoned, nhmbered 
Gdno, sm. a c6ne (geom. figure) 
Gondccbia, sf disUlT; filkre eolla condcchia , 

to spin vith a distaff 
Goooccbi&U, 9f a dliUff full 
Gonoic&le , adj, ( geom* ) cooSidal , conSdie , 

Condide, sf c6noid (geom,) 

Gonosc^nto , oflf/. kn6iring, gr4teful, daiilf 
recognised , kn6«n; un — ,an acquMntaoee^ 
a veil iofdrmed person, connoissieAr 
Gondscenlememe, adv. thinkfully, kndwinglf 
Gonosc^Dxa , sf ko6wledge , intelligence , 
acquiintaoce; far conoscenza con alcfino, 
togelacqo&inted with ono.lo makeacquiin- 
tance with one ; godo assii di avir filia 1» 
sua conosceosa , hippy to have made your 
GoD6scere, va, 3, irr. to kn6w, understind, 
Ir^, tiste, rilish; to tike c6gnizance(rico- 
noscere ) , to acknowledge; — di ndme, di 
fama, to kn6w by name, by reputation ; — 
di Tista, to kn6w by sight; — d'amdre. to 
hive cirnal kndwiedge (of a woman); darsi 
a con6scere, to make one's self kn6wn; far 
conOscere, to make appear, to pr6Ye ; cono- 
scersi di (/or inteodersii, to uoderslind, ta 
be skilled or a connoisseur in , to be con- 
versant with 
Gonoscibile, adj. knOwable, Easily knOwn 
GonosciroOnto, sm. kn6«ledge, jddgmeot 
Conoscitivo, a,o(/;.T.Di8cernitivo,inlelleltfvo 
Conosciidre, -trice, tmf. a connoisseOr (in) 

good jiidge (of) 
GonoscilAra. sm. knowledge, sense, judgment 
Conosciutamente, adv. knOwingly 
Conoscihto, -a, adj. knOwn, noted , notorious 
O)ooslibile, sm. (ani.) v. Conestibile 
Gonquassibile, adj. that may be shaken 
Gonquassamenlo, sm. t. Cooquisso 
Gonquassire, van. i. toshitter, brftise, sblTor, 

crbsh, squish, crisb, rftin 
Conquassito,a,a<(/. shattered, cr(ished,rdioed 
ConquassalOre, -trice, fm/*. one who shitters, 

crbshes, rt^ins 

ConquassaziOne , sf j crisb , criish , shock , 

Cooquisso, sm. \ shiltering. hivoc, rftin; 

andire in conqnasso, to fill to rfiin; mOt- 

tere, roandire in cooquisso, to shitter , 

breik to piOces, destroy, ri^in, wisle 

C^oquidere, va. 3, irr. to afflict, cist down; 

(poet.) to subdAe, cOnquer, Tioquish 
Gonquidersi, vrf to grieve, fret, be uneasy 
Conqufso, -a, adj, (poet.) cist down, grieved, 

Gonquista, sf a cOnqoest, acquisition; fire 

una conquisla, to make a cOoquest 
Gooquislinle, cooquislatOre, -trice, adj. cOa- 
queriog , TiclOrious ; i' es^rciio conquista^ 
tOre. the conquering irmy 
Gonquislire , va. i. to cOnquer , subdfie ; — 
un paOse nemlco , to cOnquer a cojintry 
from the Onemy 
Conquistilo, -a, adj^ cOnquered, snbdOed 
GonquistatOre, -trice, smf cOnqueror 
Gonquisto, sm. ?. Gonquista 
Gonregoire, on. 1. to reign togOtber 
Gonsacrinte, sm. consecrilor, ordiiner 
Gonsacrire, va. i. to cOnsecrite, dev6te,ded- 
icile; to crdi^n (sovereigns) 

riU, miU, biU, nOto, tAbe; - ftt, mit, blW iiOt. Uib; fJ^^J^ i^ 

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— 166 — 


€oi»acri(o, -a, adj. c6nucr&ted, siered 
Consaeraiidne, tf. consecr&tion 
ConsaDfrufneo, -a, adj, D^ar of kin, rel&tad 
CoDsaneaioeii^, -ite, -&de, Bf. coDsaDgulnity 
CoDsap^Tole, adj. c6Dseious, atqn&inted with; 

far conaap^Tole, to impirt, Daice knAwn 
CoDsapeTolizza , sf. kdwiedge , cdnscioutness 
GoDsapeTolmdnte, eutv. with knAvledge , 060- 

scioQsly, kobwiDglj 
CoDsapi^Dta, adj. {poet.) acqu&iDted witli 
€oD»ceDd«re. vn. 9. t'rr. ▼. Conditceodere 
Conscidoza, eoici^Dia. sf. cdnicieoca 
Cdnacio, -a. adj c^Dseious, privy to, sensible 
Cooscrfito, -a, adj. conscript, registered 
Conscrfrere. va. 3. ivr. to eordl, rdgieter 
God s^o . prep, and pert, pron. with one' s 
self, with bim 

Consecrire, contagrire, va. i. to cdnsecrite 
CoDsecrito, coDsagrito, -a, adj. conaecrited 
CoDsecraxiftne. tf. consecration 
CoBseeotiTam^ote, adv. eonsicutiTely 
CoDsecutJTO, -a, adj. eonsiculire, succissiTe 
Gonaeeozi6oe , $f. acqaisllioa 
€ooB^goa, «/. the consigning or dellrering; 
( mt'L ) drders (of a p6st ) instrhctions ; ca- 
porile di cons^gna (mf/.), cdrporal of a 
relief; pagam^nto neil'atto delta coos^gna, 
p&ymeot on delivery: cons^gna, the pass- 
port registrar at a ciiy-g&le; forz&re la 
cons^gna, {mii.) to f&rce a sentry; lev&r la 
eoDs^gna, to rev6ke, to rec&ll drders 
Consegoire, on. 1. to consfgn, deliver, commit; 

— alia memdria, to hand down to posiirity; 

— alia fi&mme , to commit , coosign to the 

Consegnat&rio, sm. consignee, trustee 
ConsegnatfTO, -a, adj. fit to he consfgned 
Consegnito. -a, adj. consfgned, m&rkod 
GoDsegnat^re , -trice , tmf. consigner , consi- 
gnor (trhst 
Consegnati6ne , »f. consignment , dep6sit , 
CoDSPguiote , adj. fallowing, eosAing; sm. a 
cdnsequent ; adv. per consegnente, io c6ii- 
f eqarnce , therefore 
CoosegoenteroAnle, 0^0. consequently 
Coniego^nsa, $f. consequence, reshit 
Consign ibile, adj. obtiinable, atUinable 
CoDaegaimento, rm. acquisition, att&inment 
Gon&egufre, van. 3. to obliin, (6llo«, hkppen 
Gonseguiiire, van. i. t. Consegnire 
Consrgotlal6re, sm. obtkiner, acquirer 
CoDsegttilo, -a, adj. oblkined, acquired 
Cons^nso, am. consent, approbkiion 
Consentkneo.a(//. consentkneous, suitable, fit 
Coosfnti ( D«i ) , adj. and smp. ( myth. ) the 

twelre aup^rior Gods (of bealben Rome) 
Conaentim^nlo, «m. cons 6nt, acquitecence 
Conaentire, mi. 3. to consent, yiild, appr6ve, 

agrto. to alldw of 
GoDsentfto, -a, adj. eonsinted, complied with 
Consentitdre, -trice, »mf. one who consinta 
CoDseoailDie, adj, eonsknling to, abutting 

GoDsenxiirole, adj, dispdsed to contAnt 
Coosepelire, va. 3. to' bury, intOr together 
Consepollo, -a, adj. buried together 
Conseppellire, t. Consepelire 
Consequdnte, adj. ▼. GonsegaiDte 
Consdrba, »f. v. Gonsdrva 
Conserrkre, va. i. to shut, close, lock, press 

Consertkre, vn. 4. t. Concertkre 
Consirto, -a, adj. inlwfned, united 
Gonsirva, »f. fallow sirvant (wwiff'O; a skfe, 
pantry, bbllAry. st6reb«$i\se; conserva d'ao 
qua, a reservSir, mill-pond; conserva di 
piknte, a gr^en hdi^se, b6t -house; conserva, 
conserve, preserves, preserved frfiils or 
flowers . piclcled cabbage , etc. : consdrva , 
fleet of merchantmen; andkre di conserva, 
to go (in company) together; far consdrva, 
to lay in a st6re 
Conservkbite , adj. that may be preserved 
Conservad6re, sm. conservktor, preserver 
Gonservkggio, sm. fellowship in captivity 
ConservaglOoe, sf. preservktion, conservktio9 
Conservamdnto, sm. mkinlenance,supp6rt 
Cooservkre, va. i. to conserve, mainlkin, pre- 
a^rve, keep; conservktevi, take ckre of your- 
self, mind your health 
Conservativo, -a, adj. conservative, fit to keep 
Gonservat6jo, sm. magazine, dep6sitory 
Conserval6ro, -trice, smf. a preserver, main- 
teiner ; a conservative, m6deraie dristocrat, 
Conservatdrio, sm. infirmary, conservatory 
Conservazi6ne, sf. preserving, defence^ health 
Conservevole, adj. that will keep 
Gonsdrvo, sm. fellow-servant, help -mate 
Consesso, sm. an assembly, c6mpany, meeting 
Consettajudio, sm. k member or the same sect! 
Consettkrio, sm. a fellow sectarian, sectary 
Gonsiilerkbile, adj. considerable, impdrlant 
Gonsiderkbilmente, ado. considerably, grekUy 
Gonsideramento, sm. considerktion , ndlice 
Gonsiderkndo, sm. a shbject to be considered 
Considerknte, adv. considering, attentive 
Gonsiderknza, sf. (ant.) r. Considerazione 
Goosiderkre, vn. i. to consider, mind, obser- 
re , reflect updo , beh6ld , view , look at, 
gize updn 
Consideralamente , adv. considerately , advi- 
Goosideratfvo , -a , adj. tkking into conside- 
Gonsiderklo, -a, adj. considerate, circumspect 
Consideral6re, -trfce, smf. a considerer 
Considerazione, sf. considerition, regkrd 
Gonsiditrevole, adj. v. Gonsiderkbile 
Gonsigliamento, sm. c6iinsel, advice 
Gonsigliknle, smf. adviser, busy-^ody 
Gonsigllkre, va. 1. to advfse, c^nsel,iofdrm; 
lasciktevi eoosiglikre da me, be adviced 
by roe 
Gonsiglikrsi, vrf. to conshlt, resdlve ; mi eon- 

B4r, rCtda; - flU, tin, buU 

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— 166 — 


8igiier6 con mio p^re , I will coQidU vUli ' 
my rither 
Consiiiliaiaro^DlQ, adv. prAdeotly, adWsedly 
Consigljaj/vo, -a. atlj. c&pable of advjiiog 
Consigli4io, -a, adj. advfsed, prftdenl.c&utioDs 
Gonsidliaidre, trice, ttrnf. adv(s(*r, couQtelter 
Googiglidre, xm. 9. collkDaellor, adviser, male 
CoDsfglio, «m. couDsel, advice, couDci I, reme- 
dy, res6urce; — privato.ihe privy c^vneil; 
— di gudrra. a c6art m&rtial ; -^ municipAle, 
td^D-cdunsel: — di SUilo, cduncil ofSlale; 
^ dl famfglia, {law) council of tbe m^arest 
relilions; — del minfstrl , cStbinel cd^npil ; 
itsere giudic&to da un Consfglio di guirra, 
{mil ) to be trfed by a c6art m&rlial; un 
CQDsitilio, a pi^ce of advice; seguite i miei 
consign . take my advice; pigli4r consiglio, 
to consQIt, to re86lve 
Gonsignire, va, (mil.) i. y. Consegnire 
Consigndre, snk, joint lord (of a manor) 
Consimigli4re, va \. to assimilate, Uken 
Gonsfmile , adj, similar > having common re- 

Consimilii6dino, sf. c&mmon resemblance 
Gonsiro, an. greiit arfliclion {aut.) 
Gonsisldnte, adj. consistent, Orm, tIscous 
GonsislSuza, -enzia, sf. consistence, consi- 
stency, congrAity; elk di consistdoca, ma- 
ture age (from thirty to fifty) , the ago of 
firm health and steady habits 
GoQsfstere, vn. 9L frr. 'to consist, exist or be 

logelher, list, hold dl^t, stand good 
Cansisldrio, -dro, $m. ecclesiistical court 
C^QsiiQ, a, adj. \,po.) pliinled with trees, s6im 
Consobrino, sm. coUsin-girman (lat.\ 
Gonsociazidoe, tf. alliance, intimacy, Anion 
Gonsdcio , sm. cop&rtner , sharer , ass6ci4te , 

Gonsodale, sm. corop&nion, v. Comp&gno 
Gonsolaro6nlo,sm. (consoUnza,^. an/.)c6mfort 
Gonsol&nte, adj^ giving cdmfort, consbling 
GonsolAre, va. i. to c6mfnrt, console, relidre 
^- $m. and adj, cbnsul, c6osolar 
Gonsolarm^Ble, ado. in a c6osular manner 
ConsoUiam^te , adv. c6mforiabiy , quietly , 

Consolatfvo^ -a, adj. c6mforting , consdlatory 
Gonsolalo, sm. cdosulsbip 
"-' adj. cdmforted, *asy, contint 
Gonsolaldre , -trice, smf. cdmforler, cont6ler 
Gonsolaloriamdnte, adv. cdmforlabiy, quietly 
Gonsolatdrio, -a, adj. consblatory^ c&mfor- 

Gon8olazi6ne> sf. consol4tion, cdmfort 
Gdnsole, consolo, sm. c6nsul, m&yor ; cdnsole 

generile {dipl.^ cdnsul-gineral 
GoosoliiJ4bile, adj. that may be consolid&led 
Gonsdiida maggi^re, sf. cdmfrey (plant) 
C^Molidaoftoto, stn. consolidation 
Cqnftoliil4oie, adj, cousdlidaliog , caiagm&tic 
Gonsolid&re, wm. i. to consdiidate, gr6w Urm 
Gonsolidativo, -a^ adj. bialing, adh^ife 

Consolidito , -« , adf;. con86lidited , strong ;. 

fdndi coosolidili, {eom.) consols 
Gonsolidazidoe, sf. eoosolidilioo, fiinding 
Gon861o, sm. {aul.) cdmfort, relief, alleviilion 
Consoldne, sm. gr&od e6nsul, lord prdvott 
Gonscmigliinfte. adj. v. Gonsfmile 
Gonsomigliire, va. i. lo assimilate, confdnn 
Gonson&nte, aa[/. barm6niou8,c6n8onant; sf. 

a c&nsonant 
Consonanlemiote, ado. eonfdrroably to 
Conaon&nza.sf. b&rmony,cousistcocy,aeG6rd 
GonsonJkre, wh. i. to ting or play in 6ni8on, 

to accord, sAll, agr^e, Answer 
Gdnsono, -a, adj. cbnsonaot, agrteing, enrkpi 
Consopflo, -a, adj. r&visbed 
Gonsordlla, sf. common sister , sister (nun) 
Consdrle, smf husband^ wife, partner 
Gonsorlerfa, sf. society, family, confdrmlty 
Goosdrto, sm. {anl.) companion, pArtner, as- 

Consdrzio, sm. partnership, firm, society 
Gonspergere, vo. ± irr. {po.) to besprinlde 
GonspStlo, sm. r. Gospetio 
Coospfcere, va. 3. irr. to look r^nd,8te(Ai<.; 
Gooapfcuo, -a, adj. conspicuous , t. Cospicuo 
Conspirire, van. i. to conspire, compldt 
Coospir&lo, -a, adj. conspired, c6ojure<f 
Gonspiratdre, -trice, smf a conspirator 
Gonspirazidne, sf. conspiracy 
Gonst&re, v. monop, n. 1. to app^r , be Evi- 
dent; to consist, to bo m&de of; ci6 cdnsta 

di diverse parti , it is m&de up of smrai 

Gonstat&re, va. i. to asoer(4in. establish, v^ 

rify^ prove; to slite, aathinticate ; -* le> 

galmdnte, to assign 
Gonsternazi6ne, sf. eonsternition, dr^ad 
GonstipMo, -a, adj. close, crdvded. costive 
Gonstitadnte, adj. cooslitueot , constituting 
Gonslitufre, va. 5. to cdnsli lute, appoint 
Goastiluito, -a, adj. cdnstiioled, determined 
Gonsiitulfvo, -a, adj. congtilutive 
Gooslitutore, sm. const iiAter, appSlnior 
Gonstituzi6ne, sf constitution, drder 
Gonslrdito, -a, adj. constriiaed, bound 
Gonstrfgnere j va. 3. irr. to oonslr&io . fdrce, 
Gonstringere ( oblige, compM, tie, bind 
Gonstringimdnto, sm. conslr&int, violeoea 
Construire, va. 5. lo const rdct. build, c6oatrtto 
Gonstrulto, sm. adv4ntage,prdflt, elTect, gain, 

conslrdction ; in eonsir&llo, in efTict 
Gonstrulto, -a, adj. built, r&ised, constructed 
Gonstrutlura, eonsiruiidne ; sf. slriictnre 
Gonsuetamente, ado. as usual, commonly 
Gonsuelire, vn. i. to be accustomed, used to 
Gonsudto, -a, adj. accbatomod. nsual 
Gonsuetudiniirio , -a , adj. babltual , dislo- 

GonsuetAdine, sf chstom, bjkbil, use, pr^gjUce 
GonsuUre, afij> odnsular, v. GonsoUro 
Cansuldnte , adj, (he) that is coosdited 
Gonsulla, sf con8iiU4Uon, consult , ctS&ncU 

FAU, m«t«, bite, ndte, itbe; - Ot, mit, bit, n6t, Uib; - Ar, Uqus, ^ 

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— 16T — 


GoDBQttire, van. i. to enntliU, dfellberaU : — 

iDsitoe 1 to concert , coDtrfve 
ConsollatiTO, -a, adj. ▼. GoniallfTO 
CoiitaKAlo, -a, adj. consulted, deliberated 
CoDsullat6re, -trice, gmf. eonsiiUer, one who 

conitalu, asks cdEosol or informition 
CoDS9llasi6ne, af, consnltition, eoosblling 
GonsoUlTo, -a , adj. flt to be consiilted ; ar^r 
T6to eonsoUlvo, to bare a right of dischs- 
sion (nith^t deciding) 
GoDSullo, <m. cdiknsel, advice, perserlption 
opinion (of barristers, physicians); nn eon- 
sAlto d'aTvoc&to, cdQosers opinion 
Consull6re, sm. conshlter^ cdiinseller, advfser 
GonsulloriamAnte, adv. prudently, maturely 
Consaltorio, -a, adj. ibie to gWe, takeadTice 
GoDsAma, sf. {ant.) consbrnplion, absorption, 

Gonsumibile, adj. consumable 
ConsomamADtd, sm. cooshmption , affliction 
Gonsum&nte , adj. consomiog, v&stefol 
Gonsumiaia , tf, ( ant. ) v&stiog ; spending , 

Consomire, va. -I. to consume, Ikvish, v&ste; 
to cons&mmale, perfect, finish; consum&r- 
si, to pioe aviy, ir&ste, long for 
GonsomatiTO, >a. adj. conshmptive, eoust^ming 
Consam&to, tm, j6lly-brotb, soup 
— -a , adj. consiiroed , Ased, accomplished, 

eip^rienced, coDshmmale 
Consomatdre, -trice , tmf. consAmer , ir&ster 
CoDsnmazidne, tf. oonsbmpiioQ , wftsle 
GonsAroo, sm. conshmption, viste, deciy; - 
inldrno , h6me consiimplion ; — esltrno 
foreign conshmption 
Gonsontibite , adj. consumable , that may be 

GoDinntfro, -a, adj. consiming . exb&nsting 
Gon>6nto, -a, at//, consumed, destr^ed, niii- 

cd, '«6rn dnt, conshroptiTe 
GonsunziOne , sf. conshmption , w&ste , con- 
sammition, end; dire inconsnnsione, (med.) 
to be in a conshmption, to becdme cooshm- 
ptire; teoddnsa at la eonsontione, {med.) 
Gmisodcero, tm. the wife's fitheririth regard 

to tbo hhslMnd's fit her and vt'ceoersa 
Consnottlire, sm. t. Gonsonire 
Gons&rgere, vn. 3. trr. (po.) to arfse, proceed 
Goosnssistdnle, adj. existing tdgbeler 
Coasosianziile adj. consubstkniial 
Consustanzialiik , tf. consubstanti&lity 
CooiostanzialfflOnte , adv. coosubst&nlially 
ConsnstansiaziOoe, s^. consubstantiMion 
CoDtabile, tm. accdnntant, c&lcalMor^ rOcko- 

Dor book -k^ per 
ConUbiliti, sf accents , book keeping, ac- 

connts' ofiloe 
Goatadiniceio, >a, smf, gre&t eldwn, rhstic 
Gontadin«na,«/: pretty little coiintry girl 
CoDtadiaAlio , tm. sm&rt cohnlry lad 
ContadiDCscajnaote, adv. t. Vilianamiato 

Gontadiniseo, -a, adj. rhstic , rttral ^ 

Contadino, -a, sm. cohntry- man, woman 
Contadindlto, sm. a fine yohng cohntry fUloiT 
Contiido, tm. cohntry, fields, cAnly, shire 
Gont&ge, tf. (po.) cootigion, pl&gue 
Gonligio, sm. cootagidne. f contigion, pligne 
Contayi6so, -a, adj. contigions , infktioas 
Contam^nte, adv. (ant.) y. AcconciamOnte 
Gontam^nlo, tm. accent, nhmber, recflal 
ConUminibile, adj. thatmay beconlkminMed 
ConlaroinamOnto, tm. pollhtion, defilement 
Gonl&minire, va. 4. to conl&minate, defile 
GoDtaminatamonte, adv. t. Brattamenle 
Contamin&to. -a, adj. conUmin&ted, defiled 
Gontaminat6re, tm. pollster, corrhpter 
ConlamiDSziOoe, tf. contamln&tion, inf&ctioA 
Gonl&nle, adj. cwinting, rtedy, pr6mpt; dar 
n&ro cont&nte , o eont&nli , riady money , 
c&sh; a cont&nte, in rOady roftney 
Gonlfcnza, tf. {ant.) t. GontAxza, knowledge, 

n6lice. Intimacy 
Gonl4re, von. i. to c^nt, cilculate reckon, 
Tklue. esteem, prize , rephte ^ be esldemed , 
recdlint, relile; contirla grdssa, to rel&U 
sdmeihiog incredible; contire s6n«a I'dsto, 
to reckon wilbdtlt one's h6st 
ConUsl^fole, adj. (on<.) litigious, quirrelsom* 
Conl&lo, a, adj. mentioned, tdid . efittnted 
GontatOre, -trice, tmf an aec6antant, tiller 
fonlAlto, tm. cbnlact, tohching, tohch, iinio* 
Contazi6ne, tf compntiilion. ▼. Gontaminto 
C6nle, tm. e^nt (foreign title), tori 
CoDt«a, tf cdunty 

Con lOco, eomp. pron. with th6e, thyself 
GonteggiamOnto , contAggio, tm. calculiUon ♦ 

reckoning, accent 
Gonleggiire, va. i. to ctfant, comijfile 
Gont^gna , tf ( ant. ) a hinghly look , pr6ad 
dem^nor , . 

Gonlegndnza , tf. {ant.) circuit , intirons (of 

a town 
Gonlegno, tm. circuit, nook, cOmer, place » 
Aspect, bebitior, apptorance, pomp, pnde, 
grkvily, conceit; camminir in contOgno,l» 
wilk with a measured b&nghly pace; stirft 
in cootigno, to look demhre, distant 
GontegD680, -a, adj. elaid, resOrred, pr^d» 

Conieroperam4nio, tm. \ due proportion, con^ 
GontemperAnza. tf. \ stilhuon, tOmper 
Gonleroperiire, va. 4. to tiroper, propdrlioa 
Contemperilo, adj. tampered , proportioned 
GonlemplAbile , adj. that mAy be , or wOrthy 

to be contemplated 
Gonlemplamento, tm. eontemplAtion 
GontempUnlo, adj. conlempUling, mu»'J« 
GonJemplire, va. 1. to contemplate, infedilat* 
Gontemplativa, tf. the contimplalifo fkcully 
Conlemplallvo, -a. adj. conlimplatite 
Gontemplklo, -a, adj. conl6mplaled , behOld 
GontemplatOre, -trice, tmf. oonlOmplAtor 
I GontomplaziOne, tf» eontompl Alien 

B6r, rftd*;-fiU, sOn. bull;-f4r«. di; - bf, l^mph; pflie, bt^s. '^'/^J^iTl'^** 

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168 — 


GoDtempoir&iite , -a, adj. eonUmporary 
CoDtempr&re, oa. i. ▼. Gootomperire 
GoDteDddnla , tmf, oontdndeai , antigonist ; 

adj. cont6ndiDg, opp6siDg 
CoDtdndere , von. a. irr, to cooiftnd , strfTe , 

cootitt, tia. to prohibit, b&r, htoder 
GoDtendeTolmiota, adv. cootiDliouily 
Gonteodiminlo, sm, dispute , deb&te, Effort 
ConteDdii6re, -tr(ce, tmf. quirreller. wrangler 
Conten^Dta, adj. coDtiioing, ▼. Contioeote 
Conteodota, adv. diriclly, t. iDconUndDle 
GoDteD^Dsa, sf. cdotents, edilotenaDca 
Contenire,va. 3. to h6id, include, comprahind, 

coDliia, refrain 
CoDtendrai , vrf. to stop , forbeir , rofriin , 
absliin , to contiin one's self, to pres^rye 
a sdrions or grkre mknoor ; — dal bare , 
dal ridere, to forbear drinking, liughing 
CoDteniminto, sm. capkcity, edntineDce, for- 

beirance, self-possdssion , mien 
Gonienlt6re, -trice, smf. cootiiner, restr&iner 
CoDteoDdndo, -a, adj. coDtimptibla {lat.) 
Cont^onere, va. a. (po.) to conlimn 
Contentibile , adj. that m&y be conlinled, 

Gonlenlaminte, adv. with plduare 
GonteolamADlo, 8tn. content, j(y, p16a8are 
Contentinte, adj. sktisf^ing, pleasing 
Cooteni4re, va. 4. to content, sKtisf^, griiift 
CoDteotArsi, vrf. to be sktisfied, content 
Conlenl&to, -a, adj. contAnied, sklisfied 
€ontentat6ra , sf. y. Gontanlam^nlo 
CoDlent^fole, adj. sklisr^ing , sufTlcieDt 
Gonleol^tsa, tf coniintment, Balisfitction 
GoDtentfbile, adj. t. Dlspreis&bile 
GonteoUfo , adj. that conliini or restr&ins 
Conl^Dto, sm. content, j<^ 
*-~-a, adj. content, j^ful, pMased 
Gonten6to, tm. the coDtinti, tenor, shbstance 
— -a, adj. coDt&ined, comprised 
Gontenzi6ne, sf contention, e&ntest, debite 
Coolenxioiaminte, adv. contintiously 
Contenzi6so, -a, adf. continuous, litigious 
Gonleria, sf jet, gl&8s-ir4re 
Gontermin&le, conl^rmino, adj. contignoas 
Gonterroinkre, tu. 4. to b6rder up6n 
GonlArmine, sm. Anion , jhnctlon of conffnet, 

ContArmino , -a , adj. conterminous , conter- 
minal , contiguous 
Conterr&neo, -a, adfj. of the same cohntry, soil 
Gontisa , sf. debfcle , c6nlest . strife, dispute ; 
▼enire a contisa, to fall dilt, qu&rrel, begin 
to contend 
GoDteso, -a, adj. prohibited, hindered 
Gonttesa, sf a c^ntess 
Goniessere, va. 3. irr. to interweare, intirf ne 
Gontessina, sf a little or yoiing cdilntess 
Gontessfito, -a, adj. wdTen, joined together 
Gontest&bile , sm. the Idrd high c6nstable 
G0ntest&re, va. 4. to contest, strive, contend; 
(toio) to bring the plilnUrs declaration 

and the defendtnts's knsver into c5art , ta 

refer a ckuse 
Gontestaii6ne, sf. deb&te, e6ntest 
Contdsto. sifi. c6ntext, concaten&tioD, series 

s, adj. inter w6Ten , f&rmed 

Goniezia , sf kn&irledge, n6lice, advfce 
Conticfnio, sm. dead of nfght, deep sdeDoe 
Gonlicfno , sm. smill acc6Ant , bill 
Contigia, sf drnament; cootigie, sfp. addrned 

ConligiMo, -a, adj. addroed, embellished 
Contigaaxi6ne, «/: | proximity, conligAity, 
Con(iguite,-4de,-&tA { Tfcioity, nearness 
Gontlguo, -a, adj. contiguous, adj&cent 
Contfna, sf intermittent fAver {ant.) 
Conlinent&le, adj. continental 
Cont i nente, a(/j. contkining, c6ntinent, chkste 
Gontinente, sm. c6nlinent, mkinland 
Gontinentemente, adv. chkstely 
Gontinenia , sf the act of contkining , cdnti- 

nence, cbkslily, depdrtment 
Gonlingente, affj. contingent, cksual, eventoal 

— sm. contingent, sb&re, quAta, dividend 
Gontingentemente, adv. contingently, cksoally 
Gonlingenza , sf contingence, eksualty 
Gontingere, vn. 3. irr. to hkppen, fill ^t 
Gontingfbile, adj. cksual, fori«^itous, eventual 
Gontingibilitk, sf eksualty, eventoklily 
Gontfnova, sf continual lerer, v. Conlinoo 
Gonlinovire, and deriv. i. Gonlinuare 
Contiouamente, adv. continually, ilways 
Gonlinuamento, sm. contiouktioo, contin6ity 
Gontinuknxa, sf. v. Contlnuati6ne 
Gonlinukre, van. 4. to continue, Ikst, persevere 
Gontinokto, -a, adj. continued , uninlerrbpted 
Gonlinuat6re,-tr(ce,tin/'. continuklor, successor 
Gonlinuazi6ne,«/'. I continukiion, durktion, 
Gontinuitk,-kte.-kde i assiduity, c6nstaDcy 
Gontfnoo, sm. continuity, connexion 

— a, adj. continuous, contlnnal 

— <di, del, al) adv. rxp. klvrays. etc 
Gontlsta, sm. (p/.-sti) v. GompotisU 

6nto , sm. acctfiknt , reckoning, bill , oompa- 
tklion, calculktion, relktion, st6ry; conto 
aptrto aeceso, an 6pened or 6pen accent; 
— spento, a ciesed acodunt; — corrente, 
an accent chrrent; conti chikri amicixia 
lAnga, (clear accounts) shdrt reckonings 
make long friends; portkte 11 conto, bring 
the bill or accdUnt; fo conto di partire 
domkni , 1 intend to stkrt to-merrow ; in 
verun conto, on no accdQnt, by no means; 
dugento franchiac6nto,tw6hhndred francs 
on acctf&nt ; udmo di conto, a man of weight; 
saldkre un conio, to bklance an accdUnt; 
veriflckre un c6nto, to iudit an accdUnt; 
fare un c6nto, to ckst op an sccd&nt; cdoto 
di vendita, accdQnt skies; Ubro di conti, 
acctf&nt book ; per c6nto dl , on accent of; 
non far conto di , to despise , make no 
aecdi^nt of; non mi t6rna a conto, 1 don't 
find my accdilnt in it ; rendete eonto di, 

tkte, meu, bitf, nbie, Mbe; - tki, rnkt, Mt, ndt, tbb; - ttr, pique, «::^ 

Digitized by VjOOQ LC 

CON — 169 — 


fWa an lecAnt of; a boAto conto , in the 
Dtos lime : al far del c6ntl (fig.) After ill, 
^erj thing eileuliled, when all cimes to 
ill; fkte eonto di. re)^ np6o ; il conto batle, 
Ihe accent is iieenrate, rfghl 
G6ntOy a, odj. kD6wn, mi nirest,poHte, pleat- 
ing, r^dy, eip^rt, infftrmed 
ConKreere. va. 3. frr. to twist, wrflbe , con- 
tdrt, to tbrn against one's self; contdrcersi, 
to wrfihe (with agony) 
Gontorcimtoto, tm. cooidrtion, twisting, etc. 
Conlorteo, am. ▼. Rendieonto 
GoDtornire, ni. f. to sketch, trace the con- 

t^rs. driw the ^llfoes of a plctore 
CoDloroirsi, cr/l to have r?e6orse to 
Conlorttito,-4, tutj. sketched, dilllined 
Conldrno, Mm. eircait, circbm fere nee, dQtIfne; 
i cont6rni. o dint6rni della citlli, the Envi- 
rons of the city t 
Cootorsi6ne, tf contdrtion, eonvblsion 
Coni^rto.-a, adj. twisted. crAoked, wicked 
Cdnira, ^ep. ag^iost. 6pposite to, f&cing 
€6ntra, $f. {mor.) lack: — carina, keelson; 

— iSdcco, middle jib; — lande. I6wer links 
(of the chains); — ma^lro, bdatswain; — 
marciapii, the stirrups of the yftrds; — 
aeizina, miszen top sail; — pappaffeo di 
mateira, mAin-top-gillant sail; — pappa- 
fico di trinchitio , f6re top-g&Hant-sail; — 
patnriizi , proTcnter back stays ; — por- 
tdlli, d«ad lights , ihim-p6rls ; — sc<)lta, 
ddelintfss, clue|[4rnet8;— sport6lli, hitches; 

— sUllia, 6T*r laydays; — siralio, pre- 
~ bitte. the slkndards agkinst the bits ; — 
capidoe, siiamson; — mar^a, c^nterlfde; 

— asia. the back of the stern post; — asta 
interi6re di poppa, inner post ; — troiza, 
praT^nter, pkrrel 

Contrabbandire, va. 4. to smbggle 
Contrabbandi^re, tm. smhugler, inter16per 
Gontrabbando, jrm. e6ntraband goods ; entrAre 
di contrahhindo , to be smhugled in;intro- 
d6rre. far pass Are di eontrabb&ndo. to smbg- 
gle in; fitn il conlrabbAodo, to smfapgle; di 
confrabbAndo, adv. cland^iinely, sUly 
GoDirabbAsso, am. {mut.) c^iiioter-bAse , bAss, 

dobble bAse 
Gontrabbatteria , sf. {mil.) cross bAllery , 

Contra bbi^tte. «/>. (sea) stAndards sapp6rting 

the cAble biu 
Gont rabbi lanci Are, va. i. to center- bAlance 
GontraccambiAre, va. i. to exchAnge , trbck, 

retbrn like for like, reward 
GontraccanbiAto,-a, adj. exchAngcd, rewirded 
ContraccAmbio, »m. exchAnge, rew&rd, relbrn ; 
rfodera il eontraccftmbio , to gWe like for 
like, to be even with one; raddoppiAre il 
ContraccAmbio, to repAy two f6ld 
ConiraccATa, sf, a cdilnterrofne, strAtagem 
GoDtneehiAva^ tf. a fAlse kAy 

Contraceifera, <*frra, sf. the kAy to the dphei* 
Gootracc61po»«iN. repercbssion,reb4^Dd, recSl 
Contraceodre, am. Anguish, beArl-breAking; a 
contraccoAre, adn. exp. relhctanlly, unwil- 
lingly, against the grAin 
CoDtrAda, xf. strAel. cohotry. region 
ContraddAnza, sf. cohntry dAnce 
Contradddtio, -a, smf contradiction, denfat 
Contraddiilo, a, adj. contradicted, denied 
GontraddiAre, va. i to opp6se, t. ConirariArv 
ConlraddirAote, adj. opp6sing. contradicting 
ConlraddicimAnto, sm. contradiction 
Contraddicil6re, sm. a contradictor, dIspAter 
GontrAddto, sm. and adj. {ant.) t. Contrario 
Gonlraddire, va. 3. to contradict. gainsAy, to 
be contradlciorv to, or inconsistent with, 
to disprove, speak agAinst, oppdse, thwArt 
Gontraddiritlo, sm. fine, penalty, mblct 
Gontraddislinguere, oa. i. to mArk, note, lA- 
hel. contradistinguish (self 

Contraddistinguersi , vrf to. signalize one'a 
Contraddistfnlo, -a, udj. contradistinguished 
GontraddlitAre , sm. conlradlcler , oppdser, 

Contradditdrio, adj. contradictory, oppAsed 
ContraddiviAto, sm. prohibited goods 
CootradditAra, tf. \ contradiction, opposl- 
Contraddixi6ne, »f | lion , inconsistency, 
Conlraddimdnto, sm. \ incongrftity, contrast, 
Contraddiciminto,«m. 'contrariety Obstacle; 
ci6 fmplica contraddixi6ne, it impliAs, in- 
T6lres contradiction; inlollerAnte di qoal- 
siasi contradditlAne, impAUent of contra* 
GontraddAte, sf ( law) jSnlnre, ddwer (the 

gift of a husband for a wife) 

Co ntraAnte, <*(//. contrActing; smf (pArte con- 

traAnte) parly, contrActing pArty, conlrAe- 

tor, stipulAtor, {taw) cATenanter 

GontrAere, va. 9. irr. to contract, t. GontrArre 

ContraflfacAnte, »m. and adj. one that cdilnter- 

feits, mimics, or infringes; cdtlnlerfeiling 
ContralTaciminto, sm. cd&nterfeit, fArgery 
GonlralTacitdre, sm. a fAlsiffer, ImitAtor 
ConlrafTAre, va. 4 irr. to c^nterfeil, fAlsif^, 

adblterate. Imitate, ape, infringe 
ConlraffArsl, vrf to dIsgAise one's self 
GonlralTAtto , -a, adj. e^ilnterfeiled , Altered, 

disfigured, disguised, ImiiAted 
ContraffattAre, sm. counterfeiter, mimic 
OonlrafTattAra, ttf coHnlerreiling 
GontraOaxiAne , sf cd^nierfeiling, c^nterfeit 
( thing ) ; fArgery ( action ); {of copy right ) 
piracy ( action ) , pirated c&py ; ( of manu- 
fatwrerW markt) imilAlion ; {of patent right) 
infringement; fAre, comroeitere una con- 
traffaziAne, to make a cdiinlerfeit , an imi- 
tAlion, infringement; to commit a fArgery, 
a piracy 
GonlraflAdera, sf. stllTening, lining 
Conlraffdrte. sm. cdHnlerlort, prop, Iron-bAr 
ConlralTArxa, sf reAction, o5anler-fArc« 

■Ar, r«da;-ft», aAn, bfill; -lire, d6; -bf, l^opb; p«Ae, 

b^i, lai, ftS^l;gem,a« 

Digitized by VjOOQ IC 


— 170 -- 


Contra (TOfto, mi. cADter-driin 
CoDlraffuga, »f. ed^Dter-fliigue <in maiic) 
GoDtraggdnio, <m. anllpalhy, ditineliD4tion , 

dislike, aT^rsion 
GoDtraggu&rdiu, »f. a edilnter guflrd 
CoDlraiiiiinio, tm. the contrfteiiDg, opp6siog 
Contra/re, van. 5. to resist, be c6ntrary 
Gootrallellera, »f. a coHQlerm^nd; {law) de- 

GoDlraliame, «m. filse Ifgbt; {paint.) c^nter- 

1/gbt; a contrall6me,a<3{t). exp. {paint.) in a 

c6Qnier-ligbt, against the ligbt 
GoDlr^Ko. irm. the cdilater-leoor 
ConlramaUa, »f. couDler-ch&rm 
CoDlraromarca, sf. a counter -mirk, cbeck 
GoDtranimaod&re, va. i. to cdunterinind 
Gontrammandilo, «m. a c5ltnlerm&nd 
— a, ady countermanded 
Gonlramm&rcia, s/l (mi7.) cdHoter-mirch , 

Gontrammarto , tf. an un6sual tide, cdUnler 

Conlraromfna, $f. edQntermfne 
GontrammiD&re, va. i. to coilalerminey defeat 
Gonlrammir&glio, tm. rdar Admiral 
Gontrammomento, sm. c^olerpoise, equipSise 
Coniramiiro, am. (for.) cduo term are , cdu- 

Gonlrannalur&te, adj. cdnlrary to n&tnre 
Gontranlso, tm. t. Gonlrasfdrto 
Gontraoperazidne , tf. c6nlrary Miction , con- 
trary effect 
Contrap&rle, tf. c6UnterpArt, sioond p&rt 
GoDtraptTlura, tf. {turg.) sort of ioclsion 
GoDtrapoldDza, tf. resistance, opposition 
Gontrappass&re, vn. i. to retiiUiie, to retbrn 

like for like 
Gooirappftsso, tm, retali&lion, like for like; 

{dancing) couoter-pace. c6linter-8tep 
Gontrappelo, tm, the wroog side, against the 

(bair ) griin; and&re a contrapp61o, to go 

ag&insi tbe gr4in (bair) 
GoDtrappesaiointo, tm, equilibrium 
Gonirappesire , va. i. to counlerbilanco , to 

weigh, c6mpens&te, examine 
Gontrappes4to, -a.wt/.counlerbilanced, neigh- 
ed, examined 
Gontrapp^so, sm. c6i^oterpoise, weight 
GoDtrappdiizxa, tf counter bond 
Gontrapponimdnlo, tm, opposition, pkrallel 
Gontrappdrre, ixi. a. irr. to oppdse, compare 
GoDtrappOrsi, vrf to cross, thw&rl, oppOse 
GonlrapporziOoe, tf opposition, 6bsUcle 
GoutrapposisiOne, tf. v. CoDlrapponiroAolo 
Gonlrappdslo,sm. resistance^ opposition^ pAss 
— -a, adj. contrary, opp6sed 
GooirapprOcci, smf). (/i/r<. )collnter-appr6aches 
GoDtrappuntista, tm. composer ('/ miMie) 
GoDlrappiiDto^ tm, cdunlerp6inl, composition 
Gonlr4rgiDe, tm, a dike or bank pkrallel to 

GonCrariam^nte, adv, in a o6nlrary mknner j 

Gontmriinte, adj. contradicting, oppAsing 
Contrariire, va. i. to contradict, tbwirt 
Contrariiito, -a, adj, eonlradicted, opp6ted 
Contrariety, -tiite, -tide, tf. contrariety, op- 
position, spite, ioTldiousness, trlbuUlion 
Gontrkrio, sm. ibe c6ntrary, tbe reverse 
— a, adj. contrary, Adverse, unt6ward 
Gontririo (per lo , al), adv. txp, on tbe cdn^ 

Conlrarisp6ndere, va. % irr. to rejQn 
GontrarispOsta, tf. c<iiintorplda, rejoinder 
ContrariToluzionkrio, ^a, adj. coHnter-reTOlft* 

GontrorivolntiOne, tf. c<SiinterreTOlAlion 
Gontrkrre, ua. a. itr. to cootrkct. unite, giin; 


debts, to rho in debt; — abitudini, to coa- 

trkct bkbils ; — amicisia, to contrkct , en- 

gige, kni#friOndsbip 
0)ntrkrsi, vrf to shrink np, gr6w short 
0)ntrkrte, tf c^tlnter plot , cross-bite, Artifice 

opposed to another 
Cootrarudia di poppa, tf (mar,) inner post; 

^ di prua, kproo 
ContrascambiamOnIo, tm. excbinge, trhck 
Contrasckrpa, tf. {fort.) c<$ilinlerscArp 
Cootrascriita, tf. mCitoal vrilten agreement 
Cootrascrkto, -a, adj. written agkinst 
(^ntrascrirere, va. 3. irr. to write agdinst* 
Gontrasfdrzo, tm. opposite f6rco, rephlsion 
GontrassOnso, «m. contrary sOnse, misconcOp- 

tioo, misconstruction, ministerpretitioa 
Gonlrassegoinle, adj. indicative, panting diit 
Contrassegnkre, va. i. to mkrk, c^nterafgn 
Gontrassegn&to, -a, adj. countersigned, noted 
ContrassegnatOra, sf. coUnter- signature 
GontrassOgno, tm. mirk. nOte, token, sign 
Gootrassigillkre, va. 4. to coUnterseal 
Contrassigillo, tm. a cu&nlersOal 
Contrasikbile , adj. contOstable, disputable ^ 

GontrastamOnlo, am. dispOle.^debite, cOntraak 
(>)ntrastampa, tf. cdUoter proof 
GonlraslAnle, adj, opposing, oentOnding, dis- 

Gontrasiknza, tf t. Gontristo 
Contrastire, va. 4. to resist, oppOse, contOat 
Contrastkto, -a, adj. conlOsted, dispOled 
(^ntrastatOre, tm. opponent, dispuUnt 
Gontrkslo, tm. contesUlion , opposition, cOd» 

Cootrattkbile, adj. negotiable 
Ck>nlratUgli4re, va. 4. to coiinter-Otch 
Gontrait&glio, tm. cirviog, eogrkTing 
Contraltamdnte, adv, in a conlrkcted mknoer 
GonlrattamOnto, tm. t. GontrattaaiOne 
Contratt&nte, a4j. contrkcting, in trOaty 
GontrattAre, mi. 4. to contrkot, negotiate^ 

— (dObiti), va, to contrkot debts 
GonlrattasiOne, tf, tbe birgaining, dOaliof 
GonlratlOmpo , tm, an untOward OTOnt, un- 

Fite, mOte, bilt, nOte, tAbe; 

At, mOt, bit, not, tbb; 

Digitized by 

i*f, plane, <:3» 

- Jif, piaii 

COJJ — 171 — 


pUasut aoforesten clreomstanM; ht un 
eontrauimpo, lo perplex a butineta 
GoBlraliempo (di, a), adv. txp. oos^asonably 
CoDtriitile, adj, cootr^elile. self eootr4oUDg 
Coii(raUilit&, 9f. coutracUlity, contracUbility 
CoBirattivo, -a, (u(/. aslrlogent, bindiog, 06- 

CoDlr&Uo, tm. cdDtract, birgain, agrtemeot 
— adj. coDlrkcted, impotent, tbal baa lost 

tbe we of bis limbs 
Conlratl6ra, gf. contriclion, sbrlnking 
CoatraTTal«re, van. SL irr. to b« eqaWalent to 
CoDtraTTallaii6iie, $f. conlraTall4tioD 
GoDtraTvedere , va. 3. irr, to look at witb ao 

iril eye 
Cootravrel^oo, im, c^nter-polsoQ, kotidote 
CoDlraTTeofre, vu. 3. lo contravine, infrkoge; 
breik, violate , Iraosgriss, offind agAiost; 
CODtraTTeDfre ad uoa l^gge , to traosgress , 
to breik or violile a tiw 
CoolraTvent6re, sm. iorrlnger, riolitor 
CoDtraTversU^. -tite, -tide, sf. coQlrarfety 
CoDtravTeniione , if. contraviotioD , iofr^c- 
tion, offence (against the regulalioos of tbe 
police); ^sere in coolravYenxiooe , to in- 
fringe tbe regulations; commdUere una con- 
traTTenzidoe (iaw) to commit an offence 
Centraziooe, if. contraction, sbrlnking 
G6nire , *fp. ( mar. ) tacks of tbe m^n and 

l&re sail 
Coolribuinte, adj, cootribaling, concurrent 
Gootribuire, va. 3. to contribute, coocdr 
Coniribuilo, -a, adj, contributed, concurred 
GoDtribuiivo , -a, adj. contribulive , tending 

to contribute 
Gontributo, tm. I contribution, qu6ta,pro> 
Gontribozi6ne, if. | pdrlion, Iftvy, tax ;con- 
tribuxioni dirdtie, direct tixes, assteaed 
t&xes; contribuzi6ni iodirdlte, iodirdct 
Uxes, excise; uffizio deile conlribuzi6ni 
indiriite, excise dftice; impleg&lodeltecoQ- 
tribozioot iodirSite, ftxciso-man; esalldre 
deile coolribuzi6oi, tax-git be re r ; soggMto 
alle cootribuzioni indirdtte, excisable; eal- 
gere le contribozi6ni, to collect l&xes 
Gootribut6re, sm. contribudnte, imf. eontrlb- 
ntor. co-dper&tor (ao6lher 

Gontrimbosdita, if. an iimbusb opposed to 
Conlr' impannita, if. | coi^nler window,coUn - 
Gontr' invetriata, sf. \ ter-frime 
GoDtrirsi, vrf. 3. to be contrite, rep&nt 
Gontristamdnto, sm. skdoess. s6rrow 
Gontristire, va. to grieve, alQicl, sitdden 
GoBtrisi&rsi, vnrf lo be afflicted, c4st down 
GontrislatlTO, -a, adj. arfllcling, gridYOoa 
Gontrisi^to, -a, adj. afflicted , sbrrowful 
GoBtrisiat6re, -trice, smf afflicler, Ydzer 
Ganlristazidne, if. t. Gonlristaminto 
Gontiitaminte, adv. contritely, pdnitently 
Gonlritire, va. 1. lo p^Siind, grind, pblveriie 
Goniritito, -a, a^J- poinded, brftised, crbsbed 
Gontrilo, -a, adj. eonlrite^ brOised, erbabed 

GontrisiaDeAIIa, tf. a sUght contrition 
C6ntro, prep, ag&inat, 6pposite to; pro e ean- 

tro , pr6 and con , for and against; d4rsl 

e6ntro, to filter, contradict one's self 
Controcriiica , if. critical observations on a 

pitoa of criticism 
Controfirm&re, va. i. to o^ntersign 
CoDtroii&re, va. I. to oversae, C0Btr6l orvir- 

ify accounts- 
Gontrdllo. tm. eontrdl, ctfiiiiter-rigialer.iadit 

(of accoiinta) 
Controll6re, </fi. conlr6Iler 
Gontropr6va, coatrostimpa^ if conDterprAof 
Contr'orJioe, im. a cdunter drder 
GontrosAnso, «m. v. Gontrasenso (dobbled 
Conlrostamp&lo , -a, adj. {firinling) i\tirrtd, 
Gonlrosl^maco (a), ado. t. Gontrovoinnlk 
Gontrovire, va. i. {anl.) to invent, supp6se, 

CoDlrov&to,-a, adj. feigned, f3tbrio4ted 
CoQtrovdrsia, if. controversy, dispute 
Gontroversista, tm. (pl.-Hi) c6nlrovertist (on 

religion) controversialist, c6 d tro versy- writer 
Cootrovdrso, -a, adj. debited, doubtful 
Cooirovdrtere, va. 3 irr. to controvert 
GontroverKbile , adj. controvertible , dispA- 
(^otrovolonli, ado. agiiosl one's will (labia 
Contrugiolire, va. i. (aut.) to cbop 
Gontobernile , adj. {iaiin) conliibernal , per- 

t&ining to fellowship in a mess or lodging 
Contubdrnio, tm, {latin) fdliowsbip in a mess 

or I6dging 
Gontumice, adj. contomicioas, refractory ; if. 

{ant.) V. Contumacia 
Contumacem^nte, ado. refrictorily 
Contum&cia, if (law) c6ntumacy, conleinpi; 

{mar.) qu&rantine 
Gooiumacia (far), va. i. irr. to be in qu&rantioa 
Conlumaciile, adj. pert&ioing to cdntumaey 
Cootumeiia, if. cbntumely, abuse 
Gonlumeliosamente, ado. cootumilioosly 
Coolumeli6so, «a, adj. contumelious, abusive 
GontQndere , va. i. to contuse, to br&ise by 

Cootorbagi6no, if | peribrbition, troiible, 
Gouturbamento, sm. \ disliirbaoce, agiliUon^ 
Conlurbinza, if. (ant.) uneasiness 
Conlurbare, va. 1. to disturb, pcrlbrb 
Conlurbativo, -a, adj. diaiirbiog, pertiirbing 
Cooturbito, -a, adj. distiirbed, peribrbod 
Coulurbat6re, -trice, imf a peribrber 
Gonturbazidne, tf v. G6nlurbaroento 
Conlosione, if contusion, brOise 
C00I6S0, a, adj. brAised, contused 
(k>nlift6re, -trice, imf (law) i joinl-gairdian 
Goututtoche, eontotto, conj. ailbdugb 
Contuttoci6, adv. bowever, neveribeless , yet 
Gontultosiacioccbe, v. Benche, quantunqne 
Convaleaceote, (M/. convalescent , rec6veriog 
Gonvalescenia , if convaiesc4fnce , convaiea- 

cency , recovery; essere in convaiescenta , 

to be convalescent, to be in a sUte of con- 

96r,rAd«;-aU, sio, Mil; -l&re, dA; - bt. IJmpb; pa*a, b^4, J»l, fdwl; gem . ai 

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— 172 


▼aldteence; entrire Id coDYalescinia, to 
becftme or get convalesceDt 
GoDTalid&re, va. 1. (o string! hen, eonflrm 
GoDvalidarsi, vrf, to reeftver one's ilreogth 
ConTalidito. -a, adj. recdTered, corr6borftted 
CooTalidasi6ne. tf. (law) rendering , miking 
ConT&lle, if. d&le, T&lley. vale (T&liJ 

Conv^gna, tf. (am/.) cooTintioo, engigemcnt, 

Convlgno, tm. app6)ntinent, meeting, assem- 
bly, congregflllon, ▼. ConTetrna 
ConvSllere, va. S (med.) to c&use distdnlion 
tJonvendnte, sm. agrdement, engigement, fact, 

stile, m^ans, vay, prop6rlioo 
CoDvengoza, sf convinlion , agreement, pro- 

p6rtioD, conMrroity 
GonTenivoie. adj. suitable, jhst, conrdnient 

— (il) , tm. confdrmily , the decent , the sui- 
table, the requisite; far i convendfoli, to 
pay c6mplimeDts 

Convene vol^zza, tf propriety, decency 
ConTeneTolmdnle, adv. in a pr6per miinner 
Coovenidrite, adj. convenient , fll, decent 

— (il) , the suitable , the just 
Convenlentem(^nle, ado, conveniently, fitly 
Conveniensa, tf cooveniency, confdrroity 
€onvenfre , va. 3 to agree; suit , bec5me , be 

prdper. requisite, fit, convenient, expedient; 

ci convieno parlire , we most set 6iil ; con- 

▼iene ch'egli lo faccia, he must d6 it, it 

Is rfght or proper that he should do it 

Convenire, va, 3. to convene, cite, summon 

Cooveno, xm. {ant.) convention , v. Convegna 

ConventAre, va. i. to confer a doctor's degree 

Conveniail6ne , tf. the cr<Ji^ning ( of poeU , 

Convenlicolo, -a, tmf. conventicle, meeting 
Conventfgio , tmf. ( little utei ) convention , 

Conven'fno, conventuccio , tm. sm&II cdnvent 
Gonvenlo. tm. meeting, agreement, c6nvent; 
frale sfralftlo non Idda il eonvenfo, a rbn- 
^ awiy mdnk never priises his c6nvent 
Coovenlo&le, adj. conventual, mon&stie 
Gonvenftto, -a,o</;. agreed on, settled; il con- 
venfilo, il reo conven6to. {law) the defendant 
Gonvenzion&lo , adj. conventional , bel6nging 

to a convention 
€onvenzion&re, vn. i. to agree, stipulite 
Convenzione , tf c6venant , c6ntract, agree- 
ment ; convention ( French hint. ) ; conven- 
zr6ni malrimoni&li, {low) mdirriage irlicles 
Gonvergeme, adj. converging, tending to one 
ConvHfgenza, tf convergence {geom.) point 
Convergere , vn. 2. iir. to converge, to tend 

to one point 
Gonvdrsa, tf a lay sister in a niinnery 
Gonversamente, ado. on the cftntrary 
Conversamento, tm. v. Gonversazidne 
Gonvers4nte, adj. c6nversant, familiar 
•Conversire, va. i. to converse, freqaent, 
keep c&mpany with, be familiar vrilb 

Cooversatfvo, -a, adj. sAciable, Affable 
Gooversal6re, tm. visitant, speaker 
Goovcrsaxi6ne , tf. coovers&tion , cooversa^ 

zi6ne, beh&vior , an evening pArty, soiree, 

Gonversevole, adj. s6ciab1e, compknionabla 
Conversi6ne, tf. conversion, transmulAtion 
Conversfvo , -« , adj, fit to convert or to be 

Gonverso, -a, tmf c6nvert, serving-frfar or 

Don ; il converso. the c6nverso, the centrary 
^ -a, adj. converted, changed turned 
— (per), adv. exp. on the c6nlrary 
Converiere, va. 2. iir. v. Gdnvertfre 
Convertfbile , adj. convertible , transfdrmable 
Convertiroento, tm. change, v. Gonversione 
Convertire, va. 3. to convert, mike acdovert, 

chAnge, ttim; la religi6ne convdrte in beoo 

i mali della vita, religion converts the evils 

of life into blessings; convert/re i pecca- 

l6ri, to convert sinners 
Convertfrsi, vrf to turn, be converted 
Convertiio, -a, adj. converted, ehinged 
Converliiere, tm. converter 
Convertivole, adj. (ant.) v. Converlibile 
Gonvessit^, tf convexity, c6nvex 
Convesso, tm. and adj. c6nvex, convexed: con- 

vessoc6ncavo , convexo c6nc&ve; convesso- 

convesso, convexo cdnvex 
Gonviire, va. I. (o«r.)to cdnv(^, v. GonvogliAre 
Convicino, -a, atfj. adjAcent, v. Circodvicino 
Convinceme, adj. convincing, clear 
Convincentememe, adv. convincingly 
Gonvincere, tm. 2. irr. to convince, persnide, 

Gonvincimento , tm. conviction , persa&sion; 

aver r Intiroo convincimento , to be p6sili- 

vely convinced 
Gonvinciifvo, -a, adj. persu&sive, convincing 
Gonvfnto, -a, adj. convinced, persuAded 
Convinti6ne, tf. conviction, conrulAtion 
Convisilat6re , -trice, tmf. a compSinion on a 

GonvitAnte, tm, an invfier, a bAst, or bdstess 
ConvitAre, va. i. to invite to a feast 
GoovitAto, tm. a guest, one iovfted to a feast 

a, adj, invited. Asked fo dinner, etc. 

Convitat6re, -trice, tm. an invtler (to a repast) 
Conviifgia, tf. (ant ) c5vetousoess, v. Copidi- 
Goovfto, tm. bAnquet, feast, rep&st (gia 

Convflto, tm. the living together, the place, 

wherein several eat or live together, re- 
fectory, cdllego 
Gonvilt6re, tm. a feiIow-c6mmoner, b6arder 
Gunvfva, tm. (ant.) guest, mess-mate 
GonvivAle, adj. convivial, of a feast 
ConvivAre, vn. to eat at the sAme lAble 
Gonvivalore, tm. a guest, fdlIow-c6mmoner 
Convivente, adj. living together 
Gonvfvere, vn. 9. to live together 
Convfvio, tm. b&nquet, v. Gonvflo 
GonvixiAre, oa. i. to dQtrige (iat,) 

FAte, mete, Wte, n6t«, t6be; - At. mAt, bit, ndl, tU>; • iir. plane, 4:3» 

, lOD; • Jtr, plane, 

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— 173 — 


GooTlfiftIo, -a, adj. oflTioded, ddtiiged 
0>DTiiiat6re, tm. insdiler, sljinderer 
CoDTfiio, tm, {po.) losuU, repr6ach, t&ant • 
CoDriii6so, -a, adj, iojArious, dutriging 
Goorocftbile , adj, eooTioable , that may be 

CoDTOcaminlo, $m. tfae c&Ulog togilb)Dr 
CoDTocire, va. 1. to «W0Y6ke, assemble 
CoDTocito. -a, adj. eonT6ked, c&lled tog&lber 
CoDToeal6re, -trice, tmf. vbo cooYdkes, c&IU 

CoDTocaiidoe, itf, eoDTOcition , roieling 
GoDTO^Iiire, vo. I. to e6oT<i^, escArt 
CoDTdflio, coDTfijo, tm. a c6ot^. Escort 
CooTol(6so, -a, adj. {ant.) ▼. Cupido, &vido 
GooroUre, vh, 1. to go swlflly, naktry agaia 
Conrdigere, va. 3. irr. to wrap, roll, wfod 
CoDTdlgersi, erf. to willow, waller, grdvel 
GooTdUo, -a, adj. r6lled, lOled, pliinged 
CoDTdiTolo, sm. ibot.) bind-w6ed, C0Dv6lTQlas 
Goovolsfbile, adj. liable to coavdUiont 
CoDTuUibilil^, sf. liability to coofblsioos 
CooTulsioQC^IIa , tf. sligbt coovblsion 
GoDrulfiidoe , ff, cooTuUioD , spAsm , coinro6- 
tioo; accdsso di cooTulsi6ni, Gt, pkroxyiro 
ofeoDTbUion ; far renfre ad uno le codvuI- 
•ioDi, to tbr6w one into cooYblsions; cadAre 
in ttoo aecdsso dt coQvulsi6Di , to be taken 
with convblsioa 
GoDTolsfvo, -a, adj. conTbltive, spasm6dic 
Gonvalio, -a, adj. conTblied, crSiinped, shrbnk 
Goobltg&re, -si, van. to enter into a bond 

witb aiAlber 
Cooof alibi le , adj. tbat may be pMIi&ted, ex- 
tenuated , excused 
GooovsiamAoto , tm, veil , g16zing 6rer, pal- 
liation, excuse, sbbterfuge 
Goonesiiro, va. 1. to c6lor, paili&te, Teil, glYO 

an air of dieoocy and jlistice to an Siolioo 
Coonestat6re , -trice, tmf. exlftnu&tor, one 

wbo palli&lei 
Cooperamiolo, tm, co-oper&tion 
Cooperaote, adj. co-6per4ting 
Cooperire, vn. 1. to eo*6perate 
Gooperario, tm. a fallow wfirkman 
Cooperatdre, -trfce, tm, co 6per4lor 
Cooperaziooe, tf. co-6perittoo 
Coordioare, va. 1. to set in good drder 
Coofdioaio,-a, adj. set in good drder, arr&nged 
Coordinatdre, -trfce, tmf, a wise disp6aer, re- 
gulator, arranger 
Goordinaxi6oe, tf. drder, arr&ngement 
Coortare, va. i. to exbdrt, he&rlen 
Codrte, tf. cdbort, bddy of Infantry, troop 
Gopercbiare, va. i. to cdver, put the lid on 
Goperchiito, -a, adj. cdvered , with the e&rer 
i Coperebidlla, tf. emion, sl^ deoiil, shift 
Copercbino, tm, smftll cdver, lid 
Cop^rebio, tm. c&ver, cdvering, lid (tonsore, 
Dantt); il sofdrebio rdmpe il copdrebio,ogni 
troppo k Iroppo, too miieb of one thing is 
good for ndthing 

Copernie&no, -a, adj. Gopdmlean, pertiining' 

to Copirnicos 
Copdrta, tf. c6?er, Tr&pper, pretence , prd- 
text; coperta da letto, a cdverlet or quilt; 
— di lana , a blanket; -~ di un Ifbro , the 
binding or cdrer ofa book ; — di nave, the 
deck: solto coperta (fig.), bnder the prdtext 
Copertaecia, tf bad cdver, cdarse wrapper 
Copertamente, adv. sdcrelly, by stealth 
Coper tioa, tf sm&ll cdver, wrapper, etc. 
Gopdrio,«in. cdvert; al coperto, sliillered; 

metti&moci al copdrlo, let us take shelter 
Copdrto, -a , adj. cdvered , obscAre , bidden ; 
close ; parUr copdrto , ambiguous wdrds ; 
adv. sdcretly 
Coperldjo, fin. cdTor ; roof, trammel (net) 
Gopertdra, ff cdver, cdvering, lid, mask 
Gdpia, tf pldnly, abbndanee, rishes; far cd- 
pia di sd, {of women ) to grant one's Idst 
fhvoor (to a man) 
— tf a cdpj, Irknscript, imitation ; per cdpia 
confdrroe ( pub. adm. ) , a trfie c6py ; tendr 
copia di, to keep a edpy of; prdnder copia 
di, to take a copy of 
Copialdltere , tm. Idlter-book; cdpying ma- 
chine , copying- press, I6iter-writer (an in- 
slrumeot for cdpying letters) 
Gopidre, va. i. to c6py, transcribe, Imitate 
Copiato, -a, adj. cdpied, imiidted, extracted 
Gopiatdre, tm. cdpior, transcriber, imitator 
Gopfglia, tf. peg, pin, brad 
Gopigho, tm, (ant.) bee-hiTe, t. Goropfglio 
Gopiosamdote, adv. cdpio usly, in abbndance 
Gopiosiik, -dte, -ade, tf. abbndance, plinty 
Copidso, -a, adj. cdpious, abbudant, rich 
Gopisia, tm. cdpyist, imitator 
O)po!uto, -a, adj. having a cdnTex top 
Gdppa, tf back of tbe bdad, cup, bdwl ; ser- 
Tlrdi coppa, to be a cup bearer; serrir 
uno di coppa e di colldllo , to fag for a 
pdrson , l>e one's drbdge ; esser una coppa 
d'oro, to be wdrlh one's weight in gdld^ 
coppe, a suit of cdrds (marked viih a cup) 
one of the cdlors (suits) of itiilian c&rds 
Gdppano, tm. a little bdat, can^e 
Goppardsa, tf cdpperas, sblphate of iron, or 

green Tltriol 
Goppab, tm. {bot ) copdiva, copdiba ; bdlsamo 

di coppab (pharm.) copdiva bdlsam 
Goppdila, tf ^dppel, crdcibte, earthen-pot 
Goppelldre, va. 1. to retine, pdrlff, assay 
Goppeliaio,-a, adj. purified, refined, Idsted 
Goppdlta, tf cbpping gl&ss 
Goppeltdne, tm. Idrge cbppinggldsa 
Gdppia, tf a cobple, p4ir 
Gdppie, tfp. (tea) frdme, frdmea 
Goppidre, coppidro, tm. a cbp be4rer 
Goppidtta, tf sm&ll cobple, p&ir 
Gdppo, tm. piuher, tile,cdTity,h6IIow(oftho 

Goppdni, tmp, chipi, sbdvinga 
Coprdnte, adj. cdrering, biding , dissdmbling 

Bdr, rttde, - fill, tdn, b&U; - fiJire, d6; • hf, Ifmph; pate, 

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— 174 — 


Copiim^Dto, im. t cdrering, tbe act of e6Ter- 

iog, tbe copul&lioD of knimals 
Coprfre, m. 3. rVr. (o c6Ter. m&sk, dUsdmble, 
— uoa giumiota , to , c6ver, l^ap , serve , 
hdrse a m&re : — la vdce , to drown tbe 
vSica; *- il t^ito di U|{ol6, totfle; — di ar- 
dteia. to lUie ; — di p&glia « to tbateb ; — 
la rilir&ia, (mil.) to cdver tbe retreat 
—t-in'i, wf. to put on one's bat; si cdpra, 
pAt on your hat; si copra b^ne il seoo, c6Tor 
vp your bosom : il eielo si odpre di d6?o1j, 
tbe sky gels riry cl6Qdy 
Goprii6ro, »m. that c6Ters, entire bdrse, etc. ; 
copriidre di tetii , a tiler , sUter , thitcber 
Copritura, »f. cdveriog, cdver. pretence 
€dpula , »f. copuUtion , conjbnction , Anion , 

CopulAre, va. i. to cohple, conj6!n, unite 
Copulativam^nte, ado. conjbnclively 
Copulativo,-a, adj. coojiinclive, cdpulalive 
Copuliio, -a, adj. p4ired, conjSined , cobpled 
Cor&bile, adj. ▼. Gordi&le 
Cor&ggiiic. gf. (hot.) ▼. Baglossa 
Cor&ggio, sm. cobrage; he&rt, b6ldnes8, br&- 
▼ery , d&ring, will; far coriggio , to en- 
cohrage, to give courage to, to inspire with 
coiirage; farsi coraggio , to pluck up cobr- 
age , to Uke heArt ; rianim&re il cor4ggio , 
to fiSilse one's coilkrage, to stir one's spirit; 
armarsi di coriggio, to sbmmon op &II one's 
coiirage ; avdre il corAggio di, to find, hhre 
tbe heart to ; ptrdersi di cor&ggio , to Idse 
one's cobrage; so vial coriggiol cobragel 
cheer up! 
Goragglosaminte, adv. coorigeonly, b6ldlT 
Coraggidso. a, at/;. cour&gHous, b6ld, roknly 
Gor4le, adj. cdrdial. beArty. alT&ctiooate 
Corallajo, itn, a cdral cblter, pdlisher 
€oralHfero, -a, adj. coralllferous , abdilnding , 

in c6ral 
Gorallloa, gf. cdralllne, sto-moss (s^a-plant) 
Coralllno,-a, adj. (po.) cdralline, of cdral 
Cor&llo, gm. cdral (sea- plant) 
CorallAme, gm. qoiolity, nftture of c6ral 
Goralffi6nie, adv. cordially, sincerely; cb6rally 
CorAme, gm. ill sorU of leather, r&wbfdes 
Gorimpopolo , ado. exp. (ialin) pbblicly, 
Corarnvdhis, »m. a partly man (6penly 

Corftno, gm. the k6ran, ilkoran (tbe Mahom- 

medan book of faith) 
Gorita,*/*. pluck, milt, liver and lights, haslet, 

p&rls n6ar the heArt 
Coraidlla, gf. liver and lights, chitterlings 
Coratellloa, gf. Entrails, int^tlnes 
Gor&zia, gf. a cuirAss, cuirassier 
Coraiiijo, »m. m4ker, seller of cuiriisses 
€oratzidre, sm. cuirassiAr 
Coraztfna, sf. sm&ll cuirass, brtast-pl&te 
Coraii6no, tm. I&rge cuir&ss. breast pl&te 
Cdrba , gf bSisket, basket-full, cbrbs; corbe 
di una n&ve, tbe ribs or skeleton of a ship 
Gorbaccbidne, «m. greit riven, er6w 

Corbaccb{6De di campanile, tm. ebnningbl&de 
Corb4ccio, gm. bgiy bad r&ven 
Carbire, vn. 1. to pnfT, swell with pride 
Corbellire,t»i. 1. to quiz, to make funof,I&afh 

at, r&lly, bknter 
Corbe1lat6re, sm. m6cker, jester 
Corbellat6ra, gf m6ckery, quizzing 
Corbellerfa, tm. a trlDe, idle BlofT, fbdge 
Corbdilo, sm. a bksket, srnall basket 
Gorbell6ne, tm. a Urge b^iket 
Corbdzzola, tf Arbdte berry, tree-strHwberry 
Corbexzolo, tm. Arhute, strdwberry-trea 
Corbicioo, tm. small yobng cr6w 
Cdrbo> tm. {poet.) r&ven, crdw 
Gorbclioo, tm. sort of Sept6mber fig 
Corb6na, »f c6mmon pOrse (of priests ofGcf a- 

ting a charch) ; miticre in corbdoa, to pAt 

aside, to keep for one's spK 
Gorc&re, corcArsi, v Coricire, coricarsi 
Gdrda, sf r6pe, string ; corda d'Arco, a b6«- 

string; ba Merino da corda, r6pe dancer; 

cdrda per ballAre, dincing rdpe^ tight r6pe ; 

corda, tbe strapp&do, corda magna (anaf.) 

tbe tendon of the leg , palla corda, t^nnia ; 

a corda, str&ightway , dirdclly, in a line; 

atrumdoto a corde , stringed Instrument; 

mdltere in corde uno slruro^nlo, lo string a 

mAsical instrument; f&re alia corda, to pliy 

at tennis ; teodr uno suUa corda , to keep 

one in suspense 
Cord4ggio, cordAme, sm. cdrdage, rigging 
Cordijo, tm, a rdpe m&ker 
CordeggiAre, vn. i. to be in a line, dven with 
Cordelia, cordellfna, tf tipe, smilll cord 
Cordell&re, va. i. to twist, twine, interweave 
Corderia, tf. r6pe-manufkctory, r6pewilk 
Cordiaco,a, adj. of the beirt 
GordiAle, tm. c6rdial , slrdogthening driagbt 
— adj. cdrdial, heArly 
Gordiatiti, tf eordiiilily, beArtiness 
Cordialmdnte, adv. cdrdially, beArtily 
Cordicella,-ina, sf smill cord, piiek-tbread 
Gordidro, tm. superintendent of a rope- yard 
Cordiglidro, tm. cordelier (friar) 
Cordiglio, sm. girding r6po (of frfar). band 
Cordino. sm. a c6bbing bdard, flat bihdgeon 
Cordogliire, van. 1. (ant.) to pity, lament 

Gorddglio, sm. Jingnisb, heart- grief 
Cordogliosamente,0(/u. sorrowfully, bitterly 
Gordogli6so,-a, adj. £6rrowfol, lamentable 
CordonAre, va. 4. to surround, bind, gird with 

a cord or rope 
Gordon&io,-a, adj. edged r^nd 
Gordoncetio, ioo, sm. smdil siring, twist, lice 
Gord6ne, sm. string, hat-band, loop, line; rib- 
bon (worn by knights); >- ombelieiiie (anal.) 
umbilical cord, nAvel-string, (hot.) fAnicle, 
fonlculous, fnnicle-chord ; — saoilArio, sin* 
itary cdrdon; •— d«l campaneilo, beil-pAil , 

bell -rope (miker 

Gordovaniere , tm. (ant.) cordw&iner , Bh6e- 

FAU, mettf, bit#, ndte, i6b«; 

ftl, ai9t, Ut« Bbt, tbb; * Olt, ptque, ^Cl* 

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— ITS — 


CoTdoHoo, 101. Spanish Itetber, CArdovan 
GAre, m. (po.) be&rt, core, t. Cadre 
Coi^fgia, *f. A fArt; tirir oiiaeoreggia,to let 
Goreografia, tf. cfaordgraphy (a M 

Cor^fo, sm. sort of br^l-plite or&rmor for 

the breast 
CoriiiHioio, sm. coriiLoder seed 
GoriiDdro, tm. eorikoder (plant) 
Coribame, im. a friolic pridsl of G^bele^ eo- 

Goricire, vn. ( little vied ) to go to bed , Ife 

Goricire, mb. 4 . to lay tbe sAgar cane, Tine, etc. 
in f&rrovs or iinder grdtlnd, to l&y any tbing 
at ifs length 
Goriearsi, vrf. to lie dovn , stretch one*s self 
boriidn tally, stoop; 8ic()rieaiUole, tbe sun 
g6es ddwn, is silting, disappears 
Coridda, tn^. (pa.) breiker of beftrts, Menz. 
Coricfno, sm. liltle beArt 
Gordidiilo, im. fumiier, fAmatory (herb) 
Gorifdo; »m. chiAf, Itoder, principal man 
Goril^to, tm. a bizel grdve 
Cdrilo, sm. a filbert or bizel-nnt tree 
Corimbifero,-a, adj. ipo.) bearing ffy-birries 
Gorfmbo, sm. {po.) cldster of fvy-berrles 
Coriar(^tatrfee, «/*. be&rt-tormdator, Chiabrer. 
Corfotio, corinto. sm. and adj,(areh.) Corin- 
thian order, corintbian 
Cdrio, sm. akin, bide, ▼. Cudjo 
GorfsU, smf. {pi. eoiisti) a cb6rister, singer, 
Cor/zta, sf. (med.) a bad cdid in tbe hdad , 

Goriaja, sf. {ant.) pinck, milt, lirer 
C5rna, sfp, (of cdrno, sm ) bdrns 
Gornaechia, sf. rook, smftll cr6w, eh&tterer 
Goraacebiam^oto, sm. chit-chat, pr&llling 
Gomaecbi4re, mi. to cbiitter, prkttle, prite 
Cornacchino, sm, yuiiDg cr6v 
CorDaccbi6ne, sm. a gre&t bkbbler 
Gornamento. sm, a tlogling in one's lars 
Goroamosa, tf a bag-pipe 
Gornaroos&re, oa. i. to pi&y on the bag-pipe 
Goroare, va. 1. to blow (or wind) , the born 
(out. in this sense); cornare gll ordcehi, to 
tingle, to feel a kfnd of thrilling sdiind 
Gornifa, t/: bl6 w with tbe hArns; menare nna 

comata, to bit with the horns 
Gornal6re, sm. iho bl6ws, sdiinds the bom 
Gomat6ra, sf a set of bdros 
Gdrnea, sf edrnea (of the eye) 
Gorneggiare, vn. to bbtt, brandish the hdros, 

shoot oot bdros 
Gdrneo, -a, adj. bArny, cArny, c&lloas 
Gorc^tta^ sf a h6rn (bogle ) , a odrnet , tbe 

standard of a tr^op of bArse 
Corn^tto, sm. a little born, a cdrnet, a bnmp, 

boss, edrniela, gherkin, cfapping gliss 
Cornice, tf edrnice, or cdrnish, frame (crow) 
Gornic<no,-a, smf sroill bdrn, cArnet 
GorniciDo,-a smf cArnice, gherkin 
GDrikiciAne, tut. esiablaturo, MLrge fiime 

Comicol&re, ai(f .'bAmed, sb&ped or bent like 

a bArn 
Cornicoiato, cornicolito, -a, adj» like a bom, 

T. Cornicolare 
Cornffero, a, adj. bAmed, with hArns 
CorniAla, cArnia, sf cArnel, cornAHanch^y 
CorniAla,t/: (m/n.) cornelian (prAcious stone) 
GArniolo, cArnio , sm. cArnel , cornAlian-tree 
Corniol&zza, sf sm&ll cornelian (stooe) 
CArno, sm. (cArna, sfp. ) bArn , pride ; — di 
cerTo ipharm.) hart's born j — d' on esAr- 
eilo. the wing of an Army ; — d'un OAroe , 
an Arm of a rWer ; — dell' abbondAnxa, d'A- 
roalUa, (my«/i.)coruuc6pia, bArn of plenty; 
-~ docAle , tbe cap wArn by the Doge of 
Ypnice; cAma di lom&ca, sniil's hArns; 
recArsi uno solla coroa, to hate ene; far le 
corna ad uno, to make one a chckold ; portAr 
le corna {flg.\ to bo a cfackold; flaccir le 
corna ad ono , to bhmbln or bring ddwn 
one's pride; saonAre il corno, to blAw (or 
wind) the born; ritir&re le corna, to drftw 
in one's horns ; non vale un corno, it is not 
wArth a striw 
0)rnacApia, sf cornncApia, the bArn of plenty 
CornAto,-a, adj. bArned, bAriog hArns 
CAro, sm. chArus, choir; (norlhwesl-wind.) 
Corografla, sf description of a coUnlry 
Corogra6co,-a, adj. descriptive of a cohntry 
CorAlla, sf ibot.) cArol, corAlla (tbe inner cot- 

ering of a flower) 
CorollArio, sm. cAroUary. addition 
Coroliato.-a, adj. (hot.) cArollAle, cAroll&ted 
Corollifero.-a, adj. {hot.) beAring corAllas 
GorollirArme, adj. like a corAlla 
CorAna , sf orS^a , diadem , r<yal dignity , 
glAry, bAnor , circle, wrAath , chAplet ; (of 
the nobiliiy) cAronet ; Apera a corAna (fort.) 
crAi^n-works; successlAne alia corAna, de- 
scent of tbe crAi^n; far corAna, to so rroOnd, 
attend; dlr la corAna, to say Aver one's 
Corooijo, sm. chAplet- mAker, sAller 
CoronAle, adj. of a crfiwn, cAronal 
GoronamAnlo, sm. coronation, Arnament 
CoronAre, va. i. to crdwn, adArn, encircle 
CeronAlo, -a, adj. crAwned, surrdilnded 
GoronaziAne, sf coronation, Arnament 
CoroDcina, coronAita , sf smAII crAwn , circle 
CoronciAne, sm. large crAwn, gArland, rAsary 
GorpacciAla, sf a belly -foil 
CorpAccio, sm. a big bhiky bAdy 
Corpacci6lo, -a, adj. cArpotent, big-billied 
Corpacciul6ne, adj. very cArpnIent, bhlky 
Gorpeltfno, corp6ilo, sm. sm&ll dohblet waist- 
coat ; corpAlio di flanAlla, flAnnel shirt 

GArpo, sm. bAdy , bulk, mAss , society; bello 
di corpo^ well made; combAltere corpo a 
eorpo , to fight hand to hand; nAscere ad 
sn corpo, to be bArn at once (twins) ; corpo 

BAr,r4di;-^» sAn, )NUli-Ar^» di; - h^, ^^«pb; 

j^Ue,^s, fAiUffA^l; 

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COE — 176 — 


di oaTfglio, a ship's balk; corpo di foirdU, 
eorpi de gaard ; aod&r del corpo, to go to 
stool ; faa il di&roio in corpo , the d^Yil is 
in him 
Corpor&le , sm. a cdrporal , a fine linen iised 

at the illar 
Gorpor&le, adj. corp6real, b6dil7, mdrtal 
Gorporaliti^ corporeity, tf. corpor&Uty , ma^ 

Corporalm^Dte, adv. b6dily, rtolly. ictaally 
Corporazidoe, if. corpor4tioD, cdrporiiie b6dy, 

b6dy corporate 
Gorporatura, sf. cdrpuleoce.sise, flgure^fdrm 
Gorpdreo. -a adj. corp6real, io b/>dy 
Corpuldoto, -a, adj. cdrpoleot, flashy, plomp 
Corpol^Dta, $f. cdrpulency, plbnipoess 
Corpuscolo. corp^sculo , sm. cdrpuscle , itom 
Corposcol&re, adj. corpuscular, ofbddies 
Gorpusddmioi, sm. e^cbarist, Cdrpus-GhrisU 
Gorpulo, a, adj. ▼. Corpacciulo 
Gorp6xzo, sm. cdrpuscle, itom, smill b6dy 
Gdrre {contraction of edgiiere) , vn. 3. I'rr. to 

gilber, reap 
Gorred4re,t)a. tofbroisb, equip, deeor&te; cor- 
red&re una c&sa, Io rbrnish or flt up a 
bduse; — ud basUoDdnto, to equip or fit dlit 
a ship; corredare un iibro di note , to en- 
rich a boolL with noles 
Gorrediilo, -a, adj. equipped, fitted up, trim- 
med, enriched 
Corredeoldre, -trice, smf. one who co6perites 

in redeeming 
Gorrido , sm. fbmiture , hdQsehold goods , 
utensils of bbsbandry , ships' s rigging and 
tickliog, complito equlpmeot, bride's dress, 
drnamenis, etc.; (ant.) bknquet, feast, repftsl 
Correggdnle, adj. corr^cliDg, chastising 
Gorr^ggere, va. a. i»t. to correct, revise , re- 
dress, cbasiise, gftvern 
Corrjggersi, vnr/: (o gel cAred of, mend; cor- 

r«ggersi del here, to Idave off drinking 
Gorregg^vole, adj. {anl.) cdrrigible, ilterable, 

▼. Correggibile 
Gori eggia, corregglna, sf leather- thong , strap, 

Correggi&jo, sm. b&rness, strap-miker, seller 
Gorreggiante , sm. a friar wearing a leather 
Gorreggi&io , sm. a fl&ii ( girdle cdrrigible 
Gorreggim6nto, tin. corriclion, direction 
Gorregglola, -uola, sf. smill Itotber-tbong 
Correggi6ne, sm. lArge l&ather-lh6ng, strap 
Gorreggitdre, -trice, smf a corrector, revisor, 

pbnisber, prince, mAster, lord 
Gorreggiiura, sf re?isal, amendment, ref6rm 
Gorreggiudia, sf. knot-grass (herb) 
Gorreggiudlo, sm. crOcibie, t. Grogiaolo 
Corregn&re, na. i. to reign together 
GorrelatiTo, -a, adj. correlative 
Gorreiazidne, sf. mAlnal reliction , oonfdrmity 
GorreligioD&rio, sm, one of the same religion 
Gorrdnie, sf cbrrent, strdam , oie; stn. 

rifter, smill jSist; — eldttriea, el&ctric cfar- 
rent; — submarioa, iinderset; — d' iria, 
draught; — d'icqua ddlce ( mar. ) a fresh; 
aodire colla corrdnte, to go with the strda.m ;- 
aodire contro la corrdnie, to goagiinst thr 
stream , to oppdse the strdam 
Gorrdnle, adj. ciirreni, general, swift, rhnning, 
fisual . cdmroon; &qua correnie, riinnlng- 
viter ; conto corrente, an iccoont chrrent; 
prdzso corrdnte , price cbrrent , ehrrent 
price; ai due del corrdnle, on the sdcond )a« 
slant; udmo corrdnte, an accdmoditingman; 
— ( corrivo , bisty ) , prdne ; a penna cor- 
rdnle, irith dase 
— adv. fluently, glibly, with facilily 
Correolemdnte, ado. ciirrently, hbrriedly 
Correniia, sf. the centre or current of a river 
Correnzia, sf, the hdadlong cdurse , the rosh 

of wilers ^ 

Gorrdo, sm. an accdmplice 
Cdrrere, vn. 3. trr. to run, fldw. gifde, piss on; 
cdrrere a fdria , to act rishly ; cdrrere nn 
cavillo, to run a bdrse; cdrrere il pilio, to- 
run a race; cdrre il mio trenldsiroo anno, 
I am in my Uilrtielh ydar; correre adddsso 
altrdi, to fill updn one; correre la pdsla, to 
ride or drive pdsl; al tempo che corre , as 
times ire (or go); cdrrere rischio , forlO- 
na, ec. , to run the risk; cdrrer nella men- 
te, peri'animo, to cdme into one's lidad, to 
strike one ; corre vdce,ilisrepdrted;farecor- 
rer voce, to sprdad a ropdrt; corre differdn* 
za, Ibdre is a difference; monetacbe corre, 
mdney that is cbrrent; correr gidslra, I'a- 
ringo, to johst, tilt, run the giunllet ; cor- 
rere una fortdna di mire ( mar. ) to scud » 
to run befdre the wind ; correre con fdra& 
di vele, to crdwd all siils; correre al lirgo, 
to stand for the dffing; correre il mire, to 
infest the sdas, to crdize; correre una bor- 
diia, to run on bdard in ticking 
Correria, sf iocbrsioo, Inrdad, attick 
Correspeiiivamenle, adv. correlalively, corre* 

Correspetlivilk , sf relition , confdrmity , af- 
flniiy, reciprocal correspdndence (sonant 
(k)rre8pellivo , -a , adj. correspdndent , con- 
Correltamdnle, adv. corrdetly 
CorreUivo, a, adj. correclive, usoisive 
Corrdttp, -a, adj. corrdcUd, corrdct, eiict 
Gorretldre, sm. corridor, refdrmer, rector 
Correttoria, sf dffice of corrector 
Gorretlrice, sf mdnilress, cdnsurer, fiult finder 
Gorreziooiie , adj. ( law ) relative to misde- 
mdanors ; pena correzionile, pdnalty by fino 
or imprisonment; tribunile eorresioniie , 
court for the trial of misdemdanors 
Gorrezidne , s/l corrdclion , refdrm, (jtrirU,) 
rdading, corrdciing; casa di corresidna^ 
hdi^se of eorrdclion, bridewdll; Cire una 
correzidne, to make a eorrdction 
Gorriddjo, corriddre , $m, a cdrridor , giUerj 

ViUf mdte, bite, ndtey t«be; • At, rndt, bit» 

adlj tlib; 

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— 177 - 


CoTrid6r0, mi. a ae^t, rdver, c6iirser, r&eer 
Corriira, tf, miil-coacb ; {mar.) adT{ce-b6at 
GorriJre, am. edurter, m^senger, m&il 
Corrigibile, adj. cdrrigibte, miodable 
CoiTim^oto, am. ciurae, r&ce, rboaing 
Corrispond<nt«, itn, a corresp6ndeot, troatie 
CorrispoDd^nle , adj. correap6ndiDg suitable 
CorrispoDdeDtemdDte, adv. suitably, fitly 
CorrispooddDza, a/l correspdodence, fltoeaa 
CorTi8p6Ddere, vn, 3. irr. to correapdnd, auit 
CorriapoDs^le , adj, and tmf. {law) Ibal is 

86reiy vith ao6lher, cosArety 
CorrispoDai6ne , sf. remunerition , rev&rd , 

Corrildjo, am. t. Corriddjo 
Corritdra, -trice, tmf. r6ver , ▼. Comd6re 
CorriTo , adj. too hisly , 6Ter crdduloua; on 

corrWo, a silly fi^llow, a dupe 
Corrobor&Dte, adj. corrdbor&ting, fdrtirying 
Corobor&re, va. i. to corr6bor&te, str^nglben 
CorroboraUTO, -a, adj. corr6bor&iive 
Corroborilo, -a, adj. corrdborited, cftmforted 
Corroboraldre, -trice, tmf. PSrtifier, strengtb- 

Corroborazi6ne, $f. stringtbening, streogtb 
Corrodtfnte, €uij. corr6diDg, wAsliug, biting 
Corr6dere, va. 2. irVy to corr6de, gnaw, v&ste 
Ci^rrodiindato , am. corr6sion , vekriog aviiy 
Corrompiote, adj. corriiptiog, Tilialing 
Corrdmpere, va. 2. iir. to conbpt, infect, spSU, 

deprare, debdocb, sedAce, bribe 
Corrdmpersi, vnrf. to chinge, lo patrir;f 
Corromp^vole, adj. corruptible, pirishable 
Corrompim^Qto, tm. corruption , depraTitloa 
Corrompii6re, -trice, tmf. corrupter, seducer 
CorroaiODe, tf. corr6sion, wpariog av&y 
CorroslTO, -a, adj. corrdsire, wearing aw4y 
Corroso, -a, adj. corr6ded, 6alen awiy 
CorrotUm^Dte, adv. corriiptly, vltiously 
Corrotlibile, adj. ▼. CorroUibile 
Corrotlo, am. mdarning, sdrrow, gri^f 
Corr6lto, -a, adj. corrCipted, bribed, Ticioua 
Corraceiirst, vrf. i. to bo in a passion; per- 

cbi mai tI corrocci&te? vby are yoa&ngry 

(in wrath) with me ? 
Corrucciatam^nte, ado. in a passion, ingrily 
Corrucci4to , -a , adj. full of knger , wr4lhful 
Corrdccio, »m. writb, passion, f&ry 
Corruceiosam^nte, adv. wrdlhfully, Angrily 
Corracd6so, -a, adj^ ch6leric, pellish 
Corrogire, va. \. to cdrrogite, wrinkle 
Corrugiio. -a, adj. wrinkled, cdrrugited 
Corrugazi6ae, i/l conlr&clion into wrinkles 
Corruttela, tf. corruption, depravilion 
Corruitibilii&, -&ie, -ade, tf. corruptibility 
ComjUivamiDte, €ulv. t. Corrottaminte 
CorrnUiTo, -a, adj. viti&ting, sediictiYe 
Corrnti6re, -trice, tmf. corrupter, aedAcer 
Cornizi6ne, corruttAra, a/, corrbplioo, brdach 
Gdraa, tf. a c6urae, race, rbnning, run, htot; 

— dicavalli, a hdrce-r&ce; — a campanile, 

at^eple-cbaae ; — per adrnme aoommtese, 
sweep-stike; — all' 6ra {of hired coaehet), 
fare by time; — a piddi , foot r&ce; alia 
c6rsa ( of Mred coaehet ) , by tbe f&re ; ea- 
▼illo da corsa , a r&ce hdrse, r&cer ; c6rsa 
di doe miglia, a tw6 mile b^at ; a coraa, ia 
Cors&le, corsaro, tm. c^raair, pirate 
Corsaldlto, tm. cdrslet, ligbt br^tpl4te 
Coraeggiamdnto, tm. piracy, pillage 
Corseggiire, van. 1. to pir4te, crAiae, plirndM* 
Coraeggi4to, -a, adj. pir&ted, pillaged 
Corseggialdre, tm. cdrsair, pirate 
Cors6sca, tf dimi-ldnce, sp^ar, j9iTelin 
Coraeacita, tf thrbst, wound from a jitvelin 
Corsia, tf the ciirrent of a river, tbe strdam, 
the c6ursey of a galley ; a wide str6ot or 
passage, outlet, th6roughf4re 
Corsidre, tm, cdurser, steed, w&r-borse 
Corsivam^nte, adv. cbrsorily, faistily 
Gorsivo, -a, adj. rbnning, fldwing; stile cor- 
aivo , a fl6wing atyle ; cariltere corsivo , 
C6rso, tm. c6orse, fl6w, tide, career, prdgreaa, 
r&ce-c6urse , long br6ad street, tbdrough 
fare; and4re in corso (corseggi4re), to crfiisa 
abdut, pirate; far il corso degli studi^to 
f6Ilow a regular c6urse of stbdy, orstbdies; 
corso delle mon^te , cbrrency ( of coin ) ; 
corso legale, I^gal tinder ; aY6r corso, to be 
(or pass) cbrrent; non aver corso , to be 
uncbrrent , not lo be cbrrent ; avdr corso 
leg&le {fin. ) , lo be a l^gal tMer; dire uo 
corso di Iezt6ni , to deliver a c6ursa ot 
lectures ; Cdrso^ Cdrsican wine, a Gdrsicaa 
C6rso, -a, adj. rhn, el&psed, c&ugbt, dAped 
CorsAjo, -a, adj. sliding, rbnning; c4ppia 

corsojo, a rbnning knot 
Cort4ldo, tm. {vet.) a ddcked or cr6pped hdrse 
Cortaminte, adv. briefly, in shdrt 
G6rte, «/: cAurt , banquet, hall, tribunal, a 
cAurt yird ; dama di Corle, GAurt L4dy; 
allevAto in Gorte, GAurl-bred; tenAr corte, 
corte bandita, to keepApenbtiiise; la Gorte 
r ha assAito, be has been acquitted by tbe 
GAurt; domatlina vi sark ricevimento alia 
Gorte, tbe Queen {or King) will bAld a LA- 
vee to-mdrrow; jeri sera vi fu ricevimento 
alia Gorte, the Queen held a dr4wing-room 
Gorle&re, va, i. to attend, to fAUow in a bride'a 
tr4in or retinue 
orlAccia, tf b4rk , crbst , rind , robgh-casl, 

oUlside, extArior appAarance, skin 
GortecciuAla, tf. pdllicle, sm&ll crbst 
GorteggiamAnlo, tm. cAorting, trAin, rAlinue 
GorteggiAre , va. 4. to cAurl, pAy one's ad- 
drAsses or one's cAurl, to atlAnd,i4wn upAa 
GorteggiAto, -a, adj. cAurted, sAnght After 
GorteggiatAre, tm. one who cAorts 
GortAggio, tm, trAin, sAit, rAUnue 
GortegianamAnte, adv. in a cAnrtiy manner 

sAr, Ttde; - fill, sAn, bull; - Are, d6 ; 
Diz. Ital, Ing, 

hff l^mph; p^se, b(ys, f<5QI, 




— 178 — 


,eort«giaBteco, -a, adj, of a etartior 
€ortegiaoia, if. flntese, t. CorUgianerfa 
CortegiJino, tm. t. Cortigiano 
€ort6o, <m. bride's triio, chiiitening, ffost, 

a princely rMinae 
CorUse, adj. codrteout^ kind 
Corteseggiam^nto, tm. lArgess , geaerfttity, 

greM expftose, spltodid living, trMn 
Corteseggiire, van. 1. to IWe, entertain n6bly 
Corteseminte, adv. cohrtfously, bffably 
Cortesla, »f. cotirtesy, politeness, ftror 
Cort^zza, sf. brevity, sh6rtness ; conciseness 
Curtice, $m. birk, rlod, criist 
Corticdlta, tf. corlicino, m. a little c6ort 
Cortigi&na, if. k cobrtesan, (coartlady) 
Cortigianamdnte, adj. in a c6urtly mknner 
Cortigiandllo, -6tto, tm. little c6ortier 
Gortigianerfa, if finesse, tact, c6urt iotrtgoe 
Cortigian6sco, -a, adj. insincere, f4ir and Hilse 
Cortigian^lto, -uzzo , im. a sm&il c6ortier , a 

Gortigiino, sm. a c6Qrtier (j^dge, magistrate 

ani. in thii teme) 
Gortigiino, -a, adj. of the c6art, cdarily 
Cortiie, tm. a c6ort-yArd, firm-y&rd 
Gortil^tto, cortilAzso, tm. smAli c6nrt-yftrd 
Cortina, sf cbrtain^ veil, pix-cdver 
Cortin&ggio, sm. bed-cbrtain 
€ortin&to, -a , adj, encl6sed ivilh cbrtains, 

6rto, -a, a<0'' sb<)rt, bridf; corto di vista, 
•h6rt-sighted ; aile corte, in shdrt; di corto, 
sbdrtly, soon 
Cortusa^ sf. {hot.) auricula, be&r's 6ar 
Gorucci&re, va. i. to irrit&le, v. Crucci&re 
Coru8c4nte, adj. cdrosc&ting, flisbing 
€oruscare, tm. 4. to cdniscate, flish 
Coroscazidne, tf. coroscition, flish of ligbt 
GorCisco,-a, adj^ corbscant, flashing 
Conrita, sf. {feud, law) base sirvice, statute 
labour, contribAtion in f6rced liboar, cor- 
vee (obligation to repair the roads) 
Corvetta, sf ehrvet (the curvetting of a horse) ; 

a sloop of wir 
Corvettire, vn. 1. to cbrvet, prknee, frisk 
Gorvettat6re, sm. acdrvetting, builnding bdrse 
Gdrvo.ffm. ar&ven (carnivorous bird); aspot- 

t&re il corvo, to expect in vain 
CAiij tf thing; cose rare, curidse, cfiri6si- 
ties; cose da nulla, trifles; cosa giodic&ta 
{law) final jbdgment ; cosa di poco rili^vo, 
a slight ffiktter ; cbe cosaavete? (che e'i?) 
irhdt is the m&tter with you ? che cosa vi 
fa? (che ve ne importa)? Whit mktters it 
to you? 
Gos&ccia, sf gre4t thing, bad thing 
Goscindere, vn. 3. irr. v. Condisc^ndere 
Cdscia, sf thigh, blunch ; coscia di castr&to, 
a leg of mbtlon ; — di manzo , a rdund of 
beef; — di poll&stro, the leg of a fdwl 
GoBci&le, sm. cnisses (greaves), c6aoh-kxletr6e 
CosciAnia, (-dniia, ant.) sf. cdnscience, scrik- 

pie ; — Mrga , acc6inmod&ting odnieieiice; 
— - stretta , guardinga , scrupol6sa , tinder 
conscience ; — netta, elAar c6nscience ; f&nl 
coscidnza di, to make it a case (a matter of 
conscience; io coscienza, in conscience, 
indeed ; senza mi a coscienza , vritb^t my 
knowledge, unknOwn to me 
Co8cienzi&to,-0so,-a, adj. cosefOntions 
Coscienziosam^nte, adv. conscientiously 
Goscinitto, sm. cushion, v. Guscindtto 
Goserflto, sm. cOnscript (young soldier); adj, 
m. {Bom. hist.) cOnscript; Padri CoscritU, 
eOnscrlpt fftthers (the Senators of Rome) 
Goscrivere, v. Gonscrivere 
GoscrizlOne, if (mil.) conscription 
Go8senioa,i/'. co8ellfno,m. v trifle, a m^re nO- 
Goserdlla, cosetlina, $f ' thing, gewgaw, 
Cos^tta, sf cosillo, m. ) pl&y-tbing 
Cosl, adv. so, thus; la cosa cosi, the mat- 
ter is so; cosl ricco come voi , as rich as 
you ; cosl tosto come , as soon as ; cosi co- 
me, as, just as ; sta cosl cosl , he is so so; 
cosl anUchi come moddrni, bOtb indent 
and modern ; cosi e cosi , so and so; cosi 
falla gdnte, such people; cosl fatlamdnte, 
in such a minner ; cosl non fdsso , I wish 
it were not so ; cosi non t' avessi cooosciuto 
mai, would that I had nOver knOwn you 
Gosmdtico, -a, adj. cosmOtic, boautir;^ing 
Cdsmico,-a, atfy. cOsmic, cOsmical; {aUr.) 

cOsmical (rising or setting with the sun) 
GOsmo, sm. {greek) the wOrld, the whole system 
of visible bodies (including the earth and 
Gosmogonia, sf. cosmOgony (stars) 

Gosmogdnico, -a, adj. cosmogOnic 
Cosmografia, sf cosmOgraphy (graphical 
Gosmogrifico, -a, a4j. cosmographic , cosmo- 
Gosmdgrafo, sm. cosmOgrapher , describer of 

the Universe 
Gosmologia, sf. cosmOlogy , pby-sical liws of 

the wOrld 
GosmolOgico , -a, adj. cosmolOgical 
GosmopOlita, sm. a cosmOpoIite , a citizen of 

the wOrld 
Gosmopolitico, -a, adj. cosmopolitan 
Gosmopolitlsmo , sm. cosmopolitism , cosmo- 
Gosmorima , sm. cosmorima 
Gosmor&mico, -a , adj. cosmorimic 
Goso, sm. a silly fOIlow 
GosOffiola, sf busy-body, intrflder, intriguer 
GosOne, sm. greit thing, greit silly fOIIow 
Gospirgero, va. 2. irr. to sprinkle , strew 
Gospirso, -a, a4j. sprinkled, studded 
GospSrgere, va. % irr. to sprinkle, str^w 
Gosp^rso, -a, adj. sprinkled , strewed 
Gospdlto, sm. ispect, prOsence, sight, view 
Cospdttot inter, zooksl pligue on it! 
GospettOne, sm. blusterer, bully 
Gospicere, t>a.9. irr.{po.) to look, view, mfnd 
Gospicuili , sf conspicuousness , brightness , 

Fite, miU, bfl«, nOte, tftbe; - fkt, mOt, bit, nOt, tiib; -^ 

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'iqw*". ^il* 


— 1T6 — 


Cospieoo, -a, adj. conspienons, ftminent, n6bl6 ' 
€ospir4re, m. i. y. Gonftplr&re ; 

Cospint6re, -trice, tmf. ▼. GoDspirat6re 
Coepiran^ne, tf. t. Gonsplrazidoe ' 

Cosso, »m. bomp, pimple, «&rt, knob 
(Mira , Bf. rib , sfde , c6ast. hillock , the back 
of a knife ; oaTig&re cdsta cdsta , to c6a8t 
CosU , adv. tb6re , in that place betide yon , 

vbere -you Are; via di co8t&, f&r off 
Costaggih , adv. yonder, thire bel6^ 
CosUnte, adj. c6nstaDt, firm , st&ble, certain 
Gostantemente , adv, cbnstantly, steadily 
Cosiioia, sf. c6n8tancy, steadiness 
Costire, va. i. to cost; vi eosterk c4ro, it will 

cost yon d^ar 
Gostasati, adv. tbire abfiTe 
Cost&to, adv. br&ast. sfde, ribs, flank 

a, adj. cost, p&id for, obt&ined 

Gosleggi&re, ixi. 4. to c6ast, go tide by tide 
Costeggial6re, «m. a c6ast-pilot, c6a8(er 
Gostei, pron. f. she, this w^man, this girl 
Costellito , -a , adj. grouped like a constel- 
Costell&re , vn. i. to shine with united r&- 
dianee; va. to nnfte (several shining bodies) 
in one splendor 
Go8tellazi6ne, tf. eonstell&tion 
Costpreccio, «in. pikled ribs of p6rk 
Gosler^lla, tf. hillock, little bill; p6rk-chop 
Costernirsi , mrf. i. to be dismayed , affrigh- 
ted , ast^nded 
Costern&to, -a, adj. ast6nished, dism&yed 
Co8ternazi6ne, sf constern&tion 
Costi, adv. Xhhre , in that piice, n^r you 
Cosliera, sf. sh6re, length of c6a8t, c6ast 
Cosli^re, am. a coasting pilot , c6aster 
Costtdro^ -if adj. sidelong, oblique, aslknt, bias 
Coslinci, adv. from whore you &re 
Coslipamento, xm. cbstiTeness, st6ppage 
Coslip&re, va. 1. to bind , make c68liTe 
CostipatiTo, -«, adj. binding, astringent 
Gostip&lo, -a, adj. c6nstip&ted, c6stive 
Costipaiidne, tf (med.) conslip&lion , obsti- 
pation, e&stiveness 
Costiloente, arf/. constituent , that c6nstitu- 

tes , 8. an Elector , Nominator 
Costi tof re, va. 5. to c6nslitute, app5lnt, eldct, 
estiblisb, place, fii; cdstituire una dole, to 
settle a dowry; costitufrsi, tTf. to c6nslilote 
one*B self; costitufrsi prigi6ne,to surrender 
one's self, to give one's self up 
Coslituito, -a, appointed, pl&ced 
CoflitatlTO, -a, tuij. constitutive, essential 
— sm. essence, n&ture, existence 
CoslUdto, tm. examination, interrogatory 
CostitQlAre, sm. cbnstiluler, appointor, a con- 
Costiluzionile, adj. costitulional (stltuenl 
Coatttutionalttk, tf conslitulioniility 
CostituzioD&re, va. A. t. Gosliluire 
Gostitozldne, tf. constitiilion , statute, l&w, 
creation, habit or temperament of body 

G68to, tm. cost, expanse; tenia costo, gritis, 

for nftthing 
Gdsto , am. {bot.) cdstmary 
G6stola , tf. rib : — di coltdllo, the back of » 
knife ; stire alle c6stole d' alcAno , to b^ 
Always at one's elbow 
Gostol&me, tm. costolatiira, f ill the ribs 
Gottolidre, tm. a wood knife, a hknger 
Costolfna, tf. small rib, chop, ciillet 
Go8t6ro, pTtfn. mfp. thdse, th68e, th6se fillows« 

thdse fellows 
GostrettfTO,^ -a, adj. constringent, astrlctive 
Gostretio, -a, adj. constr&ined, f6rced, oblig- 
ed, b^und , tied up, confined, cidse 
Gostrfgnere, va. 3. irr. to constrain, compel, 

bind, tie , shut up, lock up 
Gostrignim^nto, tm. constraint, contraction 
Gostringdnte, adj. constringent, binding 
Gostringere, va. 3. irr. to constr&in, oblige 
Costringim^nto, tm. compulsion , binding 
Gostrizidoe, tf. constriction, contraction 
Gostrufre, va. 5. to constriicl , construe 
Gostrufto, costrAtto, -a, adj. constriicted 
Gostr6tto, tm. pr6flt, advStntage, conslriiction, 

Gostruttore, -trice, tmf. constrhctor, builder; 

tm. {mar.) thip-builder, thip-wright 
Goitruttura, tf. ttrdcture, building, f&bric 
Coslruzi6ne, tf. constriiction, drder, tense 
Goslui, pron. m. this fellow 
Gosl6ma, better coslum&nza, tf chstom, bkbit, 

use, dsage. way, politeness 
Gostum&re , vn. i. to be acchstomed , ^sed , 
wont, in the hkbit of ; queste cose non si 
costfimjino in Fr&ncia, th^se things are not 
customary in Frknce 
Gostum&re, va. i. to frequent, yisit, pr&ctise; 

to instrdct, pdlish, cWilfze 
Gostumalaro6nte, adv. politely, genteelly 
Gostumatezza, tf. politeness , good mknners 
Gostum&to, -a, adj. polite, civil, acctistomed 
Gostumazi6ne, sf instrhction. leaching 
Gostume, tm. custom, b&bit, pr&ctice, man- 
ner, cosli^me (dress) ; come b il costdme, at 
the ciistom is , as is cbslomary ; av^re in 
costume {or per costume ) di , to be in the 
h&bit of; I'imperaldre vestiva il costitme un- 
gar^se, the emperor w6re the hungarian 
GostAra , sf s^am ; spian&r le costfire ad al- 

cuno, to give one a sound dressing 
Gosuccia, -6zza, tf. trifle, thing of no vklue 
Gol&i (for col&li), pron. mp. such, etc. 
Gol&le, adj. o pron, such, such a one 
Got&lo, cota1m6nte,a(^u. in such a manner, so 
Goianti (due), mp. twice as much ; tre cotanti, 

three limes as much, as ro&ny 
Got&nlo, -a, adj. as much , as mkny 
— adv. so much , so long , so, so very ; rfcco 

cot&nto, so very rich 
Gdte, cdta, sf. whetstone, whdller 
Gotenna , c6lica , sf skin of the head , rfnd ; 

n6r, rAde; • Oil, s6d, bull ; • fare, do; 

"*•'*""""•"'••• "^iSJti'C^gfe 


— 180 — 


{med.) bnff, biiflTy c6at of b16od, biiffy c6at ; 

— iDfiaromaldria (me(i.),ioa2iiniDatory crbst; 

far cotenaa, lo get fat (low 

Colenndne, colic6De , sm. a thick-biaded (il- 
GoteDn6so,a, adj. (med.) bbffy 
Col^to, -a, dem. adj. tbal, this; prendAte 

qu6i(o libroe quello, e datdmi cot68to,Uke 

this book and Ibat, and ghe me that (other) 

one n^ar you 
Cotetl6ro, pron. mp. tfadse, th686 
Cotestai, pron. m. ging. Ibis maa , this one 
Cotidiioa, sf. quolldian , quotidian f^Ter 
Golidianam^nlo, adv. daily ^ efery d4y 
Golidiino, -a, adj. quotidian, d&ily, iTery d&y 
GoUla , if. (afiat.) c6tyla, c6tyle; ( Gr. Rom. 

ant.) c6tyla, c6lyte (measure) 
Cotiled6ne, «m. {bot.) cotyledon, seed-lobei n&- 

▼el-wdrl, kldney-«6rt; {anal.) cotyledon 
Colileddneo, a, adj. (bot.) cotylddon 
Gotildide, sf. (anal.) cotyloid 
C6lo, tin. {ant.) thboghl, t. Pensidro 
Coldgna, sf. quince (fruit) 
CotogoMo , «m. quince-marmalade 
Gotognino, cot6gnolo, -a , adj. like a qnlnce 
Cotdgno, tm. a quince tree 
Coton&lo, -a, adj. stJiflTed with cotton 
Cot6ne, tm. c6tton; balla di cot6ne,abale of 

c6llon ; tela di colone, c6arse cotton cloth; 

rCfe di col6oe , sewing cotton; 1' ilbero del 

coldne, the c6lton plant, tree; tessuto di 

col6ne, c6tlon fabric; filal6jo di col6ne , 

c6tt0D fkctory; filat&ra di cot6ne , c6tton 

mill ; mdrbido come il col6ne, cdltonous , 

Cotondlla, sf {bot.) c6ltongrftss 
Colonina, sf c6arse c&lico^ c6arte cdlton cloth 
Gotorofce, sf v. Coluroice 
Gdtla , sf. shrplice ; ( ant. ) gS^a , c6al ( of 

artns, etc.) 
Gotlard/la, sf an &ncient bpper g&rment 
Gotlfccio, -a, adj. b&lf seas 6ver, half b&ked 
Cdtlimo , sm. cdntract (at a stipulated price, 

irbelher the contractor lose or gain) job; 

pigliare a cdtlimo, to undertake a job; la- 

▼or&re a cotlimo, to wdrk by the job 
Gdtlo, sm. batch , c6oking , dressed Tlctuals ; 

lav6ro di cdlto, brick work, stone or biked- 

clAy w6rk ^ 
a , adj. cooked , dressed ; nbbriico cdlto , 

quite driink; innamorilo cdlto, desperately 

in 16vo 
Coll6ja, sf V. Gocitura 
Coll6jo, -a, adj. Easily choked, or smitten 
Gotlura, sf the c6oking 
ColurnMo, -z.adj. wearing bhskins, bhskined 
Colurnice, sf {om.) quail, p&rlridge 
CotArno, sm. bbskin, cothhrno, tr&gedy 
C6Ya, sf a c6Ye, den, l&ir, tdrtoise shell 
GoY&ccio, -Acciolo, sm. bbrrow, cave, den 
Cov&nte, adj. brooding, hatching, devUing 
CoY&re , va. 1. to sit (on eggs), sit brooding, 

hktch, «&rm up, foment, brood, plot, devise, 

vn. to Ife abid l&sily ; {of water) to stign»- 
te, stand; cov4re il fudco, la cAnere , nftrer 
to stir from the chlmney-piice 
GoT&ta, sf a br6od, cu?ey, h^tch , pr6geny 
GoYatfccio, -a, adj. ready to sit or hatch 
Govat6ra, sf bklching, time of hklcbing 
CoYaxi6ne, sf. the silting on eggs, incabition 
Covizzo, sm. {vul.) home, nest, n&tive coiintry 
CoT^ile, sfp. sdmetbiog, t. CaT^lle 
GoYorcbi&re, and deriv. ▼. Coperchi&re , ee. 
Cov^rcbio, sm. ▼. CopSrcbio 
GoYorlina, sf. hdrse cloth, saddle cloth 
CoTid6so^ -a, ad[/. {ant.) covetous, y. Gupido 
Govigliirsi, vrf to crouch, lie squ&t 
Goviglio, sm. beehive 
Covfle, sm. den, cave, hinnt, resdrt , l&ir 
G6vo, c6volo, <tn. den, lair, biirrow, kinnel 
Govoncdiio, -ino, sm. smill shiaf 
Gov6no, sm. sh^af (of corn, etc.) 
(^vrire, va. 5. to cdver, v. Coprfre, ec 
Cozidne, sf boiling, cooking , cone6clioa 
Cozz&re, van. i. to butt (as rams do), contend 
Cozz&ta, sf. a bl6w with the horns, shock 
Cozzat6re, -trice, smf one who butts, contends 
Cdzzo, sm. biilting, shock, horns, cldsh, dish- 
ing; dar di cozio, to strike, hit , hit updn , 
Cozz6ne, sm. hdrse-d^aler, j6ckey, igent 
Crabr6ne, sm. v. Calabr6ne 
Cracrk, sm. the c&wing of rooks 
Cr&i, sm. and adv. {ant.) {lat. eras) to-mdrrow 
Cr&nio, sm. the skull 
Craniologia, cranologia , sf. crani6logy , era- 

Graniomelrfa, sf. craniometry 
Cranidmelro, sm. craoibmeter 
Cr4pula, sf. habitual deb&uch 
Grapulire, va. 1. to l^ad a deb&nched life 
Grapul6ne, sm. glutton, debauchee 
Grapulositi, sf hab.tual debauch, glhttouy 
Crassdzza, sf. gr6ssness, nithiness 
Grassizie, sf thickness, fktness, grdssness 
Gr^sso, -a, adj. gr6ss, Tat, thick, cdarse ; igno- 

r&nza crassa, grbss ignorance 
Cr&stino, -a, adj. {po.) of to-mdrrow 
GraUra, sf. craidre, sm. cr&ter, cup 
Grav&na, sf {mar.) a sm&ll shell that adheres 

to the bottom of ships 
Cravilta, sf. crav&t, stock, neck k6rchief 
Griizia, sf. a Tfiscan pdnoy 
Greinte, adj. cre&ling, producing, fdrmiog 
Gre&nza, sf breeding, educ&lion; budna crein- 
ta, good-brdeding, politeness; m&la crein- 
sa, vulgarity, riideness ; gll insegnerd io la 
creaoia, 1*11 tdach him b6Uer mdinnert 
Greanzare, va. 1. to tiach good mknners and 

good m6rals 
GreaniMo, >a, adj. well-bred, acc6mplished 
Cre4re, va. 1. to cre&te, produce, c&use 
Greativo, -a, adj. cre&live, prodiiclive 
Greiilo, sm. a servant, dependent; crtotare,. 
the wdrld, the tiniverse 

Fkte, n^U, biU, ]i6te, tAbe; 

ftl, m^. bit, ^,M/^d^^ 

, «:r 


— 181 — 


Creito, -«, adj. crsited, bred, fArmed 
€reat6Te, im. crc&tor, m&ker, Soprime Being 
CrealAre, -trfee, atfj. prodbctive, creitive 
CrealAra. tf. er^atnre, r&Torite, hfreling 
Creatorilla, 9f. little cr^alnre, poor criatnre 
Creatorfna, «^. a little creature, good criatore 
Creaaidne, if. ere&tion, nomin&lion 
Crtbro, -a, a//y. (po.) Ihick. dense 
Cred«oie , o^>. and s. beli«Ting, belidyer; i 

cred^Bti, beli^Tert 
Cred«n» , »/: belief, ftiilh , opinion , crtdit , 
aideboard , bblTet ; pdrder creddoza, to loie 
one's credit or rood n&me; dare o avor 
credjnza, to believe, give crMit to; dire a 
creddoza, to sell on crMil; far creddnza, to 
tr&sf; a creddnza, np6n one's credit or 
v6rd ; l^ttera di creddnza, a litter of crMit; 
far la creddnza, to (&ste 
Credcnzi&Ie, oHj. of crMil, of tialimony ; Wt- 

tere eredenziftli. creJinlials 
Credeniidra, tf. 8fdeb6ard, cbp-b^ard, pintry 
Credenzidre, »m. secretary , bhtler, c6DGdant 
Credenzftne, tm. lAr^e sideboard; a man dasy 

of belief, a crMulons man 
Crddere, ron. 3. to beliive, tbinV, conffde ;d&re 
a credere, to make (one) beliive, to impose 
npdn (one); f&rsi a credere, to think, sup- 
pose; crddo di si, 1 believe so; cr^do di no, 
1 helidre not; volute d&rmi a crddere che , 
"woald yon bkve me belidve that, etc. ; cbi 
desfdera una cdsajacrdilefacilmdale, vhat 
A man desfres be Easily bplidves 
Credivole, adj. cr6dible, believable 
&edfa {pott, far crcdSva, credda, i, or 5 per. 
ting. imp. of crddere ) , was belldving , be- 
Credfbile, adj. ndrthy of cridit 
Credibilitji. «/! credibility, probability 
Credibilffldnte, adv. in a cr6dible roknner 
€rddito, im. credit, trbst, repal&tion, p6i^er 
Credilftre . -trice, trnf. crWitor. that belidves 
Credo, am. crded, flrliclo of fiilh, belief 
CredDliii, .fMe, tide, *f. cred&lity 
Crddolo, -a, adj. credulous, unsuspecting 
Creddfo, -a, adj. belidved. thdught, reputed 
Crdlia, tf. a smart lively coiintry lass 
Grima, tf. crdam 

€rem&re , va. and n. i. (lalin.) v, Abbruci&re 
Crdmisi, tm. crimson 
Cr«misino, -a, adj crimson c61ored 
Crem6re . tm. tbe best of a thing , Essence , 
flower, extract; crem6r di tirlaro, crdam of 
Cren, creen, tm. t. Armoriceio 
Crdolo, tm. a crdole 
CreosAta (e4sdnza\ tf. {chem.) crdosote,krdo- 

Boie, flcsb preserver 
Crepacciilo , -a , tdj cleft , crecked , full of 

Crepiccio, -a, tmf. cleft, crdvice, crack, gap 
Crepaeodre, tm. a br6ken beftri, igony, gridf, 
helrt-adrrov, he&rt-bre&kiog 

Crep&ggine', tf (ant. and low) pl&gne, Tex&- 

tion, ennol, wdarlness to death 
Crepapincia, crrpapeile (a), ado. exp. (vuig.); 
mangi&re a crepapincia , a crepapdlle . to 
stnff or cram one's self (viitb food): ridere 
a crepapeUe,tosplitone*8 sides with lAnghler 
Crepire, van. 1. to crack, chap, split, burst, 
die ; crepir dMnvfdia, di r&bbia , to bhrst 
with envy , with rftge; crcpAre dalle risa, 
to die with lAoghing 
Crepftio, -a, adj. bhrst, crocked, cleft 
Crepat6ra, tf. crevice, cleft, chink, rhpture 
Crepilicolo, tm. rattle, clkpper 
Grepitinte, adj. cr&cklinR. sp&rkling 
Grepilire, vn, i. to crkckle (as the Are) 
Grdpito , crcpolio, tm. cr&ckling; {med.) cre- 

piUlion {of bonet) 
Grepol&re, van. i. to crack, split, bhrst 
GrepoUto. -a, adj. bhrst, split, cricked . 
Crepdne, tm. c6arse w6ollen cr&pe 
Grep6re, tm. (ant.) bilred, spite, milice 
GrepAndo, tfp. pl&y things, t^s, biwbles 
Grepi^scolo, tm. the IviHght. crephscule 
Grescdndo, tm. (mut.) crescendd 
Crescdnte, tm. crdscent (of the moon) 
— adj. increasing, gr6«ing 
Grescdnza, tf grdvtb, Increase, excrdscence 
Crdscere, van. 3. irr. to gr6w, incrdisc, cxpkod; 

erdscere a vfsta d'dechio, to gr6« apice 
Grescdvole, adj. suscdpUblo of grdwih 
Grescimdnio, crdscere, nm. au^meulilion 
Grescidne, tm. {bat.) w&ler cr6sses, crdsses 
CrescildrO; -trfce, tmf incrdaser, grdwcr 
GresclAlo, -a, adj. incrdased, gr6vn , grdwn 

up, brdught up, adiill 
Gresciutdccio , -a , adj. pretty well grdwn up, 

r&ther plump, strong limbed 
Gresenlfna, tf. tdasl and 511 with siiU, elc. 
Grdsima, crdsma, tf chrism, confirmition 
Gresiminte, cresimatdro. tm. anSInier 
Gresim&re, va. 1. to conHrm , anoint (In bap- 
tism, confirm&iioo, and cxlrdme hncllon) 
Gresim&lo, -a. adj. conHrroed, anointed 
Crdso, -a, adj. {ant.) {fir crediito) bolidved 
Grdspa, tf wrinkle, fdid, pl&ii. piicker, g&lher 
Grespamdnto, tm. crisping, pl&iting. crdasing; 

crespamdnto di capdgli, pliit, chrl, braid 
GrespAre, van. 1. to twist, cbri, shrink 
Grespello, tm. fritter, a crisp cake 
Grespifio, tm, bftrborry (wild plum) 
Grdspo, -a, adj. crisped, chrlcd, frizzled 
Grespdoe, tf. cdarse woollen crape (stulT) 
Gresp6so,-a, adj. ciirled, frizzled, crisp 
Grdsia, tf crest, tuft, top, head, siimmit; 
cresta di gallo, a c6ck*8 c6mb; rizziro, al- 
z&r la cresia (vu/^.)i to becdme prdlid , to 
gel pbflTed up; abbass&re la crdsla (vu/^.)>to 
bo crest ^llen 
Cresl&ja, tf milliner, tire w&man 
Grestomazia, tf. {greek) chresldmathy, a book 

of dx tracts 
Grestdso, cre8t&to,-a, adj. crdited, tbfled 

B6r,rMe;- lill» a6n, b<UI; - Are, d6; -bt,ltinpli; pQle^b^i, fAl,l , 

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Grita, tf. cUlk. clay, Argil, (mctaoas darlh 
Cfel&eeo,~a, adj. cbilky, cl&yey 
Gretinfsmo, «m. crdlioism, the state of a cretin 
GretfDO, -a, gm. a GrSlin , one of certain de- 

fdrmed and hdlpiess idioU io the vMleys of 

the Alpi 
Gret6so,-a, adj. crdtose chSlky 
Gria, tf. (rAff/.) concfse aarrMloii 
Gri&re and derivatives, t. Cre&re 
Cribr&re, m. \. (po.) to siA, vlonow, debate 
Gribraxidne, sf. cribrMion, sining, discbasioo 
Gribroy tm. si^ve, b6alier, searce 
Grlcca, »f. a game at cirdg , flhsh of cArdg, 

pair-r$al, creek, band 
Gricch, crl, sm. crack, siidden disr&ption 
Gricchi&re, vn. i. to crdak, crack, clack 
Crfcchio, sm. whim, caprice, t. Capricciol 
Grico, sm. (mecA.) j&ck (a machine for raising 

Grlmenl^se, tm. hfgh treason, greM offence 
Grimin&le, adj. criminal, cblpable 
GriminaHsta, sm. writer on criminal mittters 
GriminalilA, sf. criminility , crlminalness , 

guiltiness . 
Griminalmdnte, adv. criminally 
GriminAre, va. i. to chArge with a crime 
Griminat6re, -trice, smf. accflsanl, accQser 
Grlminazi6ne, sf. cr(min4lion, charge 
Grfmine, sm. crfmo, offence, sin, f&uH 
Grimin6so, -a, at^J. criminoos, ciilpable 
Grinile, sm. drnament for the h&ir 
Grinatira , «/: {of walls) deciy occisioning 
Grfne, sm. bAir 
GriniSra, sm. bdfso's or Ifon's mane , c6arse 

bftir cracks 
Grinflo, crinfito, a, adj. hAiry, long-bAired 
Grlfio, sm. {commerce) hair, borse-hair 
Grificca, sf. disorderly crew, gang, clique 
Grfpta, sf, crjpt, subterrAnean chApel 
Grisilide, sm, chrj^salis, aurdlla 
Grlse, sf. crfsi, sf. a crisis 
Grisma, sm. t. Gr^siroa 
Grisocdila, sf g6ld sblder, b6rax 
Crisdilto, sm. (min.) cb^solfte, transparent 
CrisopAsso, sm. (min.) green imerald (t6pa» 
Cristallfno, -a, adj. cryslalllne, translucent 
CristalizzAre, va. 1. to crtstalliie, congeal 
GristallnzArsi, vrf to coigulale, concrete 
CrislalllMaiiane, sf. {chem.) cryslallizAUon 
CrisUllo, sm. crystal; (po.) cWar stream 
Cnstallografia, gf. cryslalldgraphy 
CristAto, -a, adj. cristed, liifled, Sannaz. 
Cr|8ldo,.6re,.dro, »m. cluster, inj6cUon 
CnslianAccio, tm. a bad or bgly christian 
Gristianam6ote, adv. like a christian 
Gristianaila, sf silly, foolish w6man 
Gristianlllo, sm. a silly or mdan fallow 
CrisUan&imo, sm. cbristlAnily, christian fe- 

Gristianissimo,-a, adj. m6st ehrUtian: il Re 

Gristianfssimo, his mdst christian mAjesty 

{King of Prance) 


GristianilA, -Ate, Ade, sf. chrUteadom, cbrisV 
iAnily, christian religion 

GristiAno, -a, smf. a christian, beli^?er; par- 
lAre da cristiAno, to spdak like a Grlstian : 
fArsi cristiano, to embrAce ohristiAnity 

— adj. christian, pious, religious 
(:ristian6ne, sm. Idrge lAII man, simple man 
Grfsto, sm. Ghrfst, Messiah, Redeemer 
Gritamo, sm. {bot.) s&mphfre, sAa-sAmphfre, 

mArsh sAlt-w6rt, grAss w5rt 
Grit^rio, sm. criterion, good sdns e 
Griiica, sf criticism, critique, odnsure 
Griticabile, adj. that may be criticised oto- 

surable ' 

Criticam^nte, adv. critically, judiciously 
GriticAre, va. i. to criticise, censure 
GrilicAto, -a, adj. criticised, closured 
Criticat6re, -trice, smf a critic, censurer 
Griticb^tto, sm. ignorant, bad critic 
Griticismo, sm. criticism, animad?6rsion;the 

criticizing, animadyirting 
Grftico, sm. a critic, censurer, jbdge 

— a, adj. critical. Accurate, cAptiousjosser- 
Tazi6ni crlticbe, critical remArks 

Gritldgama, sf (6o<.)cryplogamia, crypt6gamy 
Critellijo, sm. sle?e or rlddle-mAker 
CrivellAre, va. 1. to sift, riddle. Tan , exAm- 

ine, disciiss, censure 
GriveIIAto,-a, adj. riddled, sirted, discdteed; 

crivellato di paile, riddled vith bAlls 
Grivellatdre, -trfce, smf sifter , one wh o rid- 
dles {grain) 
Grivellatijira, sf riddling, slftings 
GriTellazi6ne, sf (the act or prdcess oH titl- 
ing, riddling 
CrivAllo, sm. sieve, riddle . 
GrocaddobbAto,-a, adif. sAffron-c6lored 
CroccAre, vn. i. to cr&ck, chat, chAUer 
CroccbiAre, va. i. to strike, tAttle, chat , clAck 
Grdcchio, sm. a meeting, clique, chAlting 
pArty ; stAre a crocchio, to chat, sit chAtting 
Groccbi6ne, sm. prAttler, greAt tAlker, blab 
Grdccia, sf {ant.) ^sler,T.08teria 
GrocciAre, t. Cbiocciare 
Grdcco, sm. an fron hook, crook 
Gr6ce, sf cross, trobble, affliction; gran Gr6ce, 
{knigkt) grand cross; il sdgno della cr6ce, 
the sign of the cross ; in croce , in forma 
di croce, a mo'di croce, crOsswUe, cross, 
in the form of a cross; fArsi il segno della 
croce, to make the sign of the cross, to cros a 
one's self; porre uno in croce (fig.), bandir- 
gli la croce adddsso , to revile , detrAct , 
backbite one , to cry bim dol^n ; far della 
brAccia croce , to cross one's arms ; faro 
una croce a un dAbito , to forgive , remit a 
debt; a dcchio e croce , adv. exp. at rAn- 
dom ; croce dell' Ancora ( mar. ) the crdi^n 
of the Anchor 
GrocelUno, sf. tmill cross 
Grdceo, -a, adj. sAffron-c61ored 
Groceria, sf. multitude of erusAders 

File, mAte» bite» n6t«» lAbe; - At, mAt, bU, adt, tbb, - %, 

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— 183 — 


GroeeMffBire , va, 1. te tfgn with Ibe eross ; 

croeeiegn&rti , vrf. to aMAme the eroM 

(nifffftf in a erntade) 
CroeeMgn&to, crocesign&to, tm. a cins&der 
Grooetifn&to, -a, adj. m&rked vith a crota 
Croe^lto, $f. small cross, cr6s1et 
CroMTJa, sf. cross-way, r6ad, street 
Croci4re , tw. 1. to sign or mark witb tbe 

cross; crociirsi , to take the cross 
Croci JLta , sf. cros^de , cmsAdes tax , a cross 

way, «ross-r6ads , a crftise 
Grociito , tm. a crusader 

a, mdj. crossed 

Crocieehio, sm. cross-ways , pl&ce where two 

or more rdads cross iach 6lher 
Grocidire, crocit&re, vn. 1. to cr6ak , caw 
CrocMra, tf. (attr.) cr6sier, tbo Southern 

Gross; {mar.) crftise, er&isiag place 
Grocifero, sm. erdss-be4rer; -a, adj. {bot.) 

Crocinggere, va. 9 irr. to criicif;^, torment 

Groci/fsso, tm. crAciGx. adj. crficiried 
Crocifiss6re, tm. crOcifier, lormdntor 
Crodna, tf. Tdrvain (plant) 
Grocidoe , tm. great cross 
Crociodio, crogiudlo, tm. a crAcible 
Groco, f m. {jpo.) cr6eas , sJiffron (plant) 
Grogiolare , vn. i. to boll or dress nicely ; 

crogiol4rsi, to p&mper one's self 
CrogJol4lo , -a , adj. well cooked , delicately 

Crogidio, tm. gentle stewing, slow evoking 
Cf6jo, -a, adj. h&rd, robgh, c6arse, Thlgar 
CroUamdnto, tm. the shaking, tbtleriug 
CrolUnte, adj. shaking, tottering, crumbling 
Croll&re, va. i. to shiike, jog, igit4te , toss 
CroU&ta, tf. crdllo» tm. sh&ke, toss, jog 
Croma, tf. qu&ver, crdtchet, sh&rp (in music) 
Gromkiica , tf. {mut.) cbromjitic 
Gromitieo, -a, adj. chromktic, by. semitones 
Gromo. tm. {metai.) chT6me, chT6mium 
Grdoaca, tf. i. Cronica 
Grdniea, tf. chr6nicle, history 
Gronlc^ia, tf. a wretched cbrduicle, history 
Cronichlsta , cronfsta/«m. chr6nicler , bis- 

Crdnico , -a , adj. ehr6nic , of long standing , 

tedious or difficult of c&re 
Cronografla, tf. chron6grapby» description of 

time pist 
Cronologia , tf. ehron6logy • 

Gronoldgico, -a, adj. chronol6gical . of time 
Cronologista, crondlogo, tm. cbron61ogi8i 
Croodmetro, tm. a chron6meter, w&lch 
Cronoscdpio, crondscopo, tm. chr6noscope, 

Grosiuo, tm. crus&do (coin with a cross) 
Grosciare , ma. 1. to r&in in tdrrents , p6ur» 

spo&t, bdbble np, crUh, criickle 
Grds«o , tm. bubbling op, cr&sh , burst; crd- 

scto cr scrdsdo dl tudno, di risa, l^d clap 

of thunder, burst of liogbter 
Grdsta, tf. crdst, scab, schrf , shrface 
Gro8t4ceo, -a, adj. crostAceoos, bel6ngiDg to 

tbe crvtlaeea 
Crostita, tf frAit-pie, tdrt, kuy sort of pfe 
GrostatAra, tf p&Yemeut, iacrusl&tioo 
Grostf DO, tm. tdast, sm&ll crhst of bread, biinn 
Crostdso, -a, adj. crtisty, full of criists 
Crdtalo. tm. c&staoet, cithern 
Gro?dllo, tm. {agr.) wine of onpr^ssed gripes 
Grucc^Tole, adj. iriiscible, pitssiooate, histy 
GrocceTolmdnte, adv. in a passion, h&stily 
Crficcia, tf pick-axe, mattock, h6e 
Crucciamdoto, tm. irritation , exasper&tion 
Grucci&re, va. 1. to irritate , exitsperate 
Crucci&rsi , vrf. to get Singry, writhful 
Grucciatam^Dte, adv. Angrily, in a pission 
Grucci&to, -a, adj. kngry, proT6ked 
Crocciat6re , -Irfce , tmf exksper&tor, incen- 

sor, kindler of anger, wrath 
Criiccio, tm. knger, wr&tb, spite 
Crucciosaminte, adv. pKssionately 
Crucci6so, -a, adj, proT6ked , itngry, h&sty 
Gruciaminto, cruci&to, tm. tdrmeut, p&in 
Cruciare , va. i. to tdrture , excrfteiate : cra-> 

ciirsi , vnrf. to take the cross , becdme a 

Gruci&to, -a, adj. tor minted, tdrtured 
Cruciffggere, ▼. Grociflggere 
Cr6cio, tm. tdrment, tdrlure, gridf, p4in 
Grudam^Dte, adv. crudely > h&rshly, crftelly 
Grudel&ceio , -a , odi;. crikel , b4rbarous , 

Crud^le, adj. crOel, merciless, rdlhless 
Grudel^tlo, -a, adj. sdmewhat cruel 
Crudeldzsa, tf. i crftelty,barbkrity,inhn> 
Grudelit&,-t4le,-lide | mknity, crAel Miction,. 
GrudeUa,-t&te, -t&de 1 rigor, inclemency 
Gruddro, -a, adj. (po. ant.) crdel , rigid, t&w» 

Croddtto, -a, adj. r&ther crftde, unrfpe, liw 
Crud^zza . tf I crfidity , unrlpenness , 

Grudili, -Ikte, -tade ( r&wness, indigistioa 
Grudivoro , -a , adj. that 6ats crAde things , 

Griido, -a, adlj. riw, unrfpe , s6ar, hftrd 
Gruentiire, va. i. to st&in, smc&r with bl5od 
Grufinto, -a, adj. bl6ody, hdrrible , dreadful 
GrAna, tf. | eye of a n6edle, middle, b6ttonv 
CrAoo, tm. I hdllow (narrow path. Dant.) 
Gru6re , tm. {iat.) t. Sangue 
Grup, tm. {med.) crAup, {vulg. rStltles) 
Criisca, tf bran, refuse, dregs, dross 
GrAsca, tf F16rentine academy of litters 
Grusc&jo, tm. bran-siller, buj^er 
GruscAnle , tm. one who afficts to spiak or 

write the pftrest Tftacan; a speaker or wri- 
ter blindly obsiqoioos to the Ac&demy delta 

Gruscila, tf a cock and bill stAry, ninsensf 
Gruscheggiiire , vn. i. to be fastidious in th« 

ndr, rftd«; - flU, s5n, biin;-MTe, di;-b^l^Bpb; pQM^b^s, CSiU, f^lj gem, ai 

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— 184 — 


cbSlce of vftrds; to tp^ak or ^rfte vith 
blind obsdqoioosneM to the AcUemy della 
Cruichdilo, tm. fine brao 
CroschdToie, adj. (iron.) aff&cted in the cbSce 

of Tatcan ir5rds 
Crascdne, sm. c6arse bran 
Cmscoso, -a, adj. branny, Mil of bran 
Grusticeo, a4j. cratt&ceons 
Cub&re, -ai, mrf. te lie d6i^n. t. Giac^re 
Cub&tto, sm. cab&Uola, imf. bird-trap 
Gubatdra, cabaii6ne, sf. {geom.) c&batare 
Gab«be, gm. {hot.) c&beb 
Ciabico, -a, adj. c6bic 
Cubfcolo, tm. {latin) a little bid-r&om 
GuhicoUre, -&rio, tm. t. Cameridre 
GubiUie, adj. cObiUl, of the ilbow 
CAbito, tm, c6blt, ilbo'tr, bend, bogle 
Guhil6so, -a, adj. {ant.) desirous, t. CApido 
GAbo, tm. cAbe« die, bddy of six 6qaal sqa&res 
Guec4gna, tf. land of delight, plenty 
GuccAja, tf. nest, ▼. NIdo, covacciudlo 
Gucchi4ja, tf. dr2tg, dridge, r&mmer, l&dle 
Guechiajdra, tf. case for spoons 
Guccbiftjo, tm. spoon^ spoonful; no cucchi&jo 
d' argdnto , a sUrer spoon ; prenddtene un 
eucchiijo, tike a spAonful 
GoccbiajAoe, tm. 14rge 8p6on, soup-l&dle 
Gucchiajata, tf. spAonful 
Guccbi&ra, tf trdwel, rknmier, ladle 
Gaccbiarioo, tm. sm&il spoon, t^a sp6on 
GAccIa, tf c6llcb, dog's bed 
Cucciire, van. 1. to \ky down, extind, lie down 
Cucciito, -a, adj. stretched, Utd dd^n 
Guccio. tm. little dog, a stApid fallow 
Gucciolino, tm. prdlly little dog, lap-dog 
Gucciolo, cacclaAlo, tm. pbppy, vb6lp 
GAcco, tm. egg, firorite, dArling; Y^cchio cue- 

CO, a dAUrd 
Guccuino, cAccolo, tm. cbckoo (bird) 
GAcouma, tf {vuig.) a kilile; milice , wrftth, 

Gocimdnto, tm. sSam, cicatrice, sc4r 
Gucina, tf kitchen, Tlctuals, cookery ; attr^zzi 
di cucina, kitchen battery^ utAnsils; rAba 
di cucina (gr&scia), kitchen staff; s^rra di 
cucina, kitchen ivencb, m4id; cucina di va- 
•c^lio, c{iddy,c^ok r&om; inldndersi di cu- 
cina, to understood c6ukery 
Gacin&re, van. i. to cAok, prepare, dress 
GucinAtta, tf sm&II kitchen, little evoking 
Gocioigra, tf cook-ro&id, wAman-cook 
Gucinifire, tm, (▼. GuAco), man cook 
Gucire, va. 3. to sew, stitch, t4ck, jSln togA* 

ther; — la bAcca, to silence, to hhsb op 
Gocllo, -a, adj. sewed, stitched 
Gucfto, tm. cucitAra, /. sAam, suture 
GucilAre, -trice, sm/'. sever, t&ilor,sAanistre88, 

minder, dress mAker 
GuculiAre, va. i. to mock, liugh at, quiz 
GuculialAra, tf trick, wkggery, quizzing 
GieulUito, -a, aed- h6oded 

CncAllo, -a, tmf h6od, cAwl, ▼. CocAIla 
GncAlo, encAle, tm. (orn.) cAckAo 
GncArbita, tf cAcurbite, gAurd, pfampkin 
GucurbilAceo , -a , adj. {hot.) cucurbiliceoDi , i 

resembling a gAurd I 

Cucurbltino, -a, adj. bred in the bAi^els 
GucAzza, tf gAurd, pAmpion, nAddle, pita 
GucAzzolo, tm. sbmmit, top, T^rlex, Apex ! 

CAffla , ff c6)f , cap , bAad dress , bdonet; — 

da nAtle , night cS!f , cap ; nsclrne pel rAtto 

della cAfGa, to cAme ofT, to s&to one's bicon ; i 

egli nicque con la cAfQa , be was born to | 

good luck (he was born with a silver spoon i 

in his mAiilh) 
Goffliccia, tf hgly cAarse cip j 

CufG&re, va. i, to guzzle, to gArmandize 
Cuffleita, cutnna,!/: sm&II biggin, child's cip 
Cof/iAoe, tm. l&rge cap, cQr, biggin i 

CuffiAtto, tm. man's cap, bAnnet 
Gurico,-a,a(//.cAGc; carAtteri cAfici, cAfle chi- 

. racters 
Gugfoo, -a, tmf cobsin; cuginAmo {ant.), my 

Goi (di), pron. rel. mf of which, wbAm. wb6<e 
Cui (a^, pron. rel. mf to whom, which 
Cui, pron. rel. mf ace. vhom, which 
CujAsso, tm. alTicted Ase of Litin wArds 
Gulaccino, tm. the remAins of wine in a glass 
CulAccio, tm. degrad. o/'culo; rbmp 
GuIAja^ tf the inside of a diseased fowl 
CuUjo , -a , adj. {vulg.) troAblesome, tAdions, 
' tiasing 

CulAta, tf a kick behind 
GulitU, tf the posterior pArt or brAech of a 

cannon, gbn, etc. 
Guleggi&re , vn. i. to strbt , wilk affectedly 
GulAtta , tf a blAw with the back side , a Oil 

Gulice. tm. smAll gnkt, little fly 
CulinArio , -a , adj. of the kitchen; arte coll* 

niria, cAokery 
GuIisAo, tm. t. CoIossAo 
CAIla, tf crAdle, {fig.) Infancy 
CullAre, va. 1. to rock (the crAdle), Ibll, quiet 
CullAto, -a, adj. rAcked , liilled, quieted 
Gulminftnte.arfj. {aitr,) chlminAting; highest, 

CulminAre, vn. 1. lo cblminAte, be Tirtical 
GulminaziAne, tf transit, culminition 
GAlmine, tm. top, height. Apex 
Culmo, sm. stem, siAlk, straw (of com, etc.) 
GAlo , tm. the bAckstde , brAech , bAttom of a 
* glAss, pot, etc. 
GoHAIIa. e derir, t. GoUAIlo, ec. 
GultlTaminto, tm. ciiKure 
CullivAre, e rferiu., v. ColtifAre 
GAIto, tm. wArship; ciillivAted land 
Gulto, -a, adj. cblliTated, imprAved, drAssed 
GultAre, -trice , tmf cblUrAtor , improTer ; i 

cuUAii delle lAllere o dellescidnze, mende- 

TAted to literary or scientifle pursAits 
GollAra, tf ciiltnre, melior&tloo, drAssing 

r&te, mAte, biU» nAU, tAbe; 

fit, mAt, bit, BAt, thb; - ar, Dlque,^ 

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— 186 — 


Cvmfso, tm. {bot.) ebmln (plant) 
Cnmolirt, va. accAmolate, pfle 
ConobUDADfe, adv. abbndantly 
ComnfaitiTaiD^Dte, adv. eolleetively, in a biap 
GDDulallTO, -a, adj. edraulatiTe 
Comal&to , -a , adj. heaped , pf led , aectimn- 

la ted 
CDraalat6re, tm. aeenmnlitor, h6arder 
Camolaxi6ne, sf. accomoUtion, heap, pile 
Cnmolo, eAmolo, «m. a b^ap, pfle, store 
Cnna, tf. cridle (fig.) ab6de, h6nie 
Cuneifftme, adj. conirorm, wpdge-sh&ped; ca- 
ritleri caneirdrmi , can^irorm chiraeten , 
arrow-hiaded cbkractere 
Coneo, sm. a ebne, -wedge 
Confeulo, tm. mine.tabterr&neanir&y, libbit 
CAnfa, tf. {ant.) del&y, ▼. Dlmor&Dza 
Cuozia, Mf. (bot.) wild mirjoram. sw^et riisb 
Canzi^ra, */. p6rfume-T&se , perfAming-pan 
Cu6ca, tf. a cook- maid, y. Cucioidra 
Codcere, va. 2. irr. to cAok, p4rch, fret 
Caoci6re, tm. smirt. Itcbing, bfarniog 
Coocttfira, tf. tbe dressing ofTictQals, cooking 
Codeo, fin. a cook, m&n c6ok 
Coojijo, tm. leather-dresser, carrier 
Coojime, tm. leather, dressed hide8(in general) 
Cn6jo, tm. leather, skin, rind, pirchmeot 
Gnoprire, va. 5. to c6?er, ?. Coprire 
Cndre , tm. beirt . life , mfod , cob rage ; dl 
eodre, di baoo cndre , adv. exp. heirtily ; 
6i tntio eodre, adv. exp. mbsl heirlily ; di 
mai cndre, a mal cadre, ado. exp. with re- 
Mefance ; far eudre , farsi codre , te ch^er 
up, to pibek np beftrt ; prcgire al cndre, to 
eolrdal earnestly; opprfmere, strazi&re il 
cndre, to -wring one's heArt; ^sseredi boon 
eudre , to be good-hdarted ; daro di cuore, 
birdbedrted ; di pdvero codre , fiacco di 
CQdre, fAint-faeirted, cbicken-beirted ; sen- 
Uto air imo del eudre , heart felt ; dilatAre 
i1 cQftre, to expand the faeArt; le sne I&- 
crime, ni andiiTano al eudre , her {or bis) 
tears went to my beirt; non mi soOTre fl 
cndre , I cinnot find in my beirt ; vi di il 
cadre di . . ? bive yon tbe beirt to ? stite di 
boon cndre, take cobrage ; me ne dispiace 
insfno al eudre, I am heirtily s6rry for it; 
bacio dl bdcca spesso cuor non tdeca, prov. 
exp. a kiss of tbe mdiitb 6len tobebes not 
tbe beirt (derare 

€Apere , va. 2. irr. to desire (iat.) , ▼. Desi- 
Goperdsa , tf c6pperas , sblphate of iron , 

grten vitriol 
Cop^zza, tf. ddpth, profbndlty 
Capidaroente, adv. griedily, Eagerly 
Copidezza I tf cupidity, irdent dosire, {ant.) 
Cupidigia | cdveloasness, greediness 
Capidine, tf (ant.) v. Cupidigia 
Cupidfno, Cupiddlto, tm. a little C6pid 
Coptditi, -ide | cupidity, inm6derate 

Copidfsia, tf {ant.) | desire, cAvetousness, 

C6pido,-a, adj. desirous, cdTetous, dager 
Gupfdo, tm. (myth.) GApid, 16 ve, god of Idve 
pApo , tm. ddpth, ab^ss, prolfandity . bottom 
G6po,-a, adj, d^ep, hdllow, p6asiye,ticltarn» 

s6mbre, obscAre, bl6ak, dirk 
Cbpola, tf ddme, cApola 
Cupolitta, tf. cupolino, m. smill ddme 
CApreo,-a, adj. (iatin.) cupreous, c6ppery 
Gnpr^sso, tm. {ant.) v. Cipresso 
Cipro, tm. {chem.) c6pper 
CAra , tf dire , solicitude, treatment (in di- 
seases), a c6racy, pirish ; aver cura d*una 
cosa, to take care of a thing; ^ voi ne com- 
motio la cura, I l^ave it to your cire; la- 
sciite pore a me la cura di ci6 , liave tbe 
c4re of that to me 
Curibile. adj. cArable, remediable 
Corabiliti, tf. e&rableness 
Goraddnti, tm. y. Stuzzicadenli (disease 

Curagidne , tf euro , coring , treatment of a 
Ciirandftjo, tm. bleacher, whiteoer (of linen) 
Gurinte, adj. attending, careful, attentive; 
non curante, edreless, heedless, negligent 
Curire, va. i. to tike cdre, to tike care of, 
to c^re, mind, viilue, cAre; to bleach, whften 
{linen in the tun) ; non me ne euro un fico, 
I don't c4re a fig for it; curire (medicare) 
una piiga , to dress a veund; curare on 
ammalito, to attend a sick pirson 
Curita, tf. {anat.) v. Corala 
Curaieia, tf {law) guirdiansbtp ; {of idiott , 

lunatiet) comroitteesbip 
Corateila, tf (ant.) v. Goralella 
Goralivo,a, adj. cirative, medicinal . 
Curito, tm. pirson, rector, pirish pridst 
Garito, a , adj. cAred , attended to ; tiken 

c&re of 
Gurat6re,-trfce, tmf (law) guirdian , trnstie 
Curattiere, tm. (ant.) v. Rivenditdro 
Gurazidne, tf the cAring (of diseases) 
Gdrcuma, tf Indian siffron, gimboge 
Curerfa, tf admioistrition, executorship 
Curia, tf cdurt of justice, bir, tribbnal, bill 
Curiale, tm. and adj. liwyer, of tbe cdurt 
Curialiti, tf (ant.) kindness, civility, v. Cor- 
tes ia 
Guriindolo, tm. v. Goriandolo 
Guricciire, va. (ant.) v. Gorrucciare 
Guriciitlola, tf little cAre, remedy 
Curidne, tm. (Rom. hitl.) cArio 
Coriosiccio, tm. a prying, inquisitive fellow 
Gurlosaroente, a(/i7. inquisflively, eziclly 
Guriosetlo, -a, adj. s&mewhat cArious, prying 
Curio8iti,-ite,ide, tf curiAsity, ririty 
GuriosilatAccia, tf little curi6sity, ririly 
Gori6so,-a, adj. cArious, rdre. cAmical 
CArro, tm. a rAller, a vhecl-birrow 
GursAre, tm. ibooer, courier, messenger 
Gurricolo, tm. curricle 
GurAle. tf cArule cb^ir, miglstracy 
Curvaccigliito» -a, adj. slArn-ldoking , forbid- 

ii5r. rtde; - ftll, ain, bill;- Are, dA; - bf, Itmph. ?«*«. bfs,^f^.^«^^^^^ 

CURt — 186 


Garr&re, va, i. to cdrre, UR^, bind » cr^k 
Gurtirti, vnrf» to it6op, bind 
Gunr&lo, -a, adj. cbrTiled, bent, bowed 
Gorvalura, ODiriiia, if. beod, cr^okednetf 
Carretlo, -a, adj. admewbat bent, cr6oked 
CorTilineo, -a, ad. curvilinear, currillneaL 
Gonrit^, -Ate, -ide.f/l cbrvtng, binding 
Gtirvo, a, adj» ciirTed, cr6oked, bent, irebed 
Gns&re ,vn.i. {ant.) to pretind to be in tbo 

Cua&rsi, vrf. (ant.) to Ibink,. reckon one' a self 
Guacindllo, im. amill cdsbioa, v5rk-box 
Goscfno, sm. pillow, cushion , soft pad 
Cascfre, va. "Z. to sew, t. Cacfre 
Gusc6ta, cusc6te, if, m6nk's rhubarb (plant) 
Gasdffioia, tf frigbt, st&rt (from fiar, etc) 

▼. Battisoffiola 
Gusoliire, itn. (ant.) spion 
Gaspid&to, cuspiddo , -a , adj. ciispidate , cd- 

GAspide, if. {po.) p61nt, spiar, jkTelin 
Gostdde, im. keeper, guardian, m6nitor 
Gustodia, if tbe custody, kieping.cAre, cise; 

dare in custodia, to commit to one's c4re ; 

avire in castddia, to h&Te Under one's dire 

or cb&rge 
Costddio, itn. (ant.) keeper, goirdian 
Gustodfre, vn, S. to kiep, gulrd, presirve 
Gusloditaminle, adv. cArefttily, s&fely 
Gastodito, -a, adj. kept, gu&rded, presiryed 
Gustodil6re, -trice, im. y. Gustdde 
Gut&neo, -a, adj. cut&neoos, of the skin 
G6te, if skin (of men only) 
Gutirsola, if a Urge winged 4nt 
Gutie4gna, if nape, t. GoUdttola 
Cuticola, if pellicle, Ifain skin, cAticle 
GutritU, cutr^tiola. tf (om.) vi4ter-wig-tAil 
GAtler, im. (mar.) cbtter 
GuTid6so, -a, {ant.) adj. covetous, t. G6pido 
Gsar, tm. the cz&r, tzAr, imperor of Rbssia 
Gzarina, tf the csartna 

O. tm, {fourth letter of the alphabet) d; {Ro- 
man letter representing 500) D;d' (con- 
traciion of di ) , prep, of , in ; d' allri , of 
others {or others') ; d'invirno , in winter 

Da, pre/), from, b^; vdngo da Parigi, I cdme 
from Pkris; scrUlo da Robdrto , written by 
R6bert; da, ab^t; vi irano da venti, thire 
were about twenty ; da, to , etc. ( before a 
verb in the inflnitive denoting fitness or 
adaptation) ; da mangi&re . to iat, fit to be 
iaten ; gidje da ddnne , women's trinkets; 
donzillada marito, a marriageable girl; 
da, like (before a noun); da amico , like a 
friend ; da uomo, like a man ; da (/br di )« 
bef6re an kdverb; da meno, of less Tilue; 
da piii^ of m6re wdrth ; da for in casa di , 
da mio zio; at my bocle's; da me, at my 
btfdse; da me, by myself; lo far6 da me, 1 

will d(^ it by mysilf, aline; da' {abbrt>o, of 

dai), from the; da {aceentad), be or aba 

Da alldra inn&nsi , adv, exp. from that tim9 

fdrward ; d' all6ra in poi , since thU time ; 

d* all6ra in qua , from that time to the 

Da binda, adv. exp, aside, apirt, siparatelf 
Da basso, dabbasso, adv, exp. v. Basso; parti 

da basso, pudinda, the p&rts of generitioa 
Da biffe, adv. exp. in jest, not in earneat 
Dabbeniggine, tf good niture, simplicity 
Dabbine, da bine, adj. giod, binest, upright 
Dabbenuimo, tm. a good, binest man 
Dabbudd^, sm. {mut.) psaltery (kind of harp) 
Da canto, adv. exp, aside, ap&rt 
Da capo , adv. exp. ag4in , once more , 6ver 

agiin ; {mut.) dd-c&po 
D'accdrdo, adv. exp. agried; dine , granted; 

piaceably, in cincord, bArmony, Auion, in 

kieping, in accdrdance with 
Dacchi, dz che, eonj. since, as 
D'addisso, da ddsso, adv. exp. off, from one's 

back; gli tilsero i panni da dosso {or dl 

dosso) they stripped him of hie clilbes, tbe^ 

took off his clotbei ; non so come levirmi 

d'addisso questo seccalire , I don't knive 

how to get rid of this bore 
Daddoviro,* adv. in iarnest , siriously, rially 
Dadeggi4re,t)n. 1. {little uted) to pliyatdice 
Dido , tm. die , cAbe , pidestal : giuocare ai 

didi , to pliy at dice ; impiombire i dadi 

(mettere dadi falsi), to cog the dice;bisBo1o 

da dadi, dice-box ; giuocator di dadi , dice- 

pliyer, dicer; il dado i tritlo , tbe die if 

cist; tirire un gran dado, to run a greit 
Diga, if digger, piniard, dirk, stiletto (risk 
Dagherrotipia, tf the dagairreian irt or in- 

Daguerritipo, tm, dagoirreotype 
Daghetia, tf smiU ditrger, dirk, piniard 
Da indi inninsi, adv, exp. thince-fdrward 
Da indi in poi, adv, exp, since that time 
Diina, tf, die, fimale deer dier, biick 
Dilia, tf {bot.) dihlia 
Dilla, dille, dillo , digli, dai, prep, and art. 

from the, b^ the 
Dallito, allito, adv. beside, niar, by 
Dille fisce (dalla eulla) , adv. exp, from the 

Dalli, dilli! interj. hit him I give it himt 
Dalmitica, tf, dalmitica 
Dal vedire al non vedire , adv. exp. in tbo 

twinkling of an eye 
Dima, tf a lidy of rank ; driughts ; vuol far 

la dama; she sets up for a lidy ; gioocii a 

dama, to pliy at driughts 
Damire, vn, to crdwn a man (at draughts) 
Damascire, va, to dim ask 
Damascilo, -a, adj. dimasked 
Damaschitto, tm. gild or silver cloth 

Fite» mite, UU, nite, UUw; - fk%, mil, bit, 

, thb; i- lEr. ptgne, ^^ 

igitized by VjOOQ TC 



DAM — 187 — 


DuBMchfDO, -a , adj, dimaik , of Datt&i«oi ; 

aceUjo damaschfno , dkmask ileel 
Danisco, tm. d&mask (flowtred elolh) 
Damefgiire, tMi. i. to c6urt tha lidies , flirt, 

he a lidj's oaaD 
Dameria , $f. the dlgDified gravity of a lady 

of rank 
Damerfno, sm. a woold-be-i&dy't maD,dindy, 

Exquisite, coxcomb 
Damigdlla, *f. a joiiog l&dy , maid of h6Dar 
Damigillo, sm. bindftooBe yobog man, p&go 
Damigiana, sf. a l&rge bottle conl&iDing abdHt 
f6ur gAlloDs (married l&dy 

Damfoa, tf, a young l&dy (of raok) , a yoaDg 
Dimma, sf. dde, deer, biick, bind {po.) 
Dammiggio, tm. {ant.) v. Danno 
Dimo, im. Idrer, wooer, gall&at 
Daoifizxa, -uzi&ccia, gf. a mton lady, Apit4rt 
Daniro, sm. t. Den&ro 
Dinda, sf. It&lian dirision (arithmetic) 
Dangiiro, sm. {ant.) damage, t. DanDO 
Dann&bile, adj. blimable, dkmnable 
Danaabilmenlo, adv. culpably, bl^mably 
Danoiggio, sm. bdrm, t. Danoo 
DaDnaminto, sm. y. Dannazioae 
Daonire, vn. i. to coDddmo, er&se, dkmo ; daa- 
nlrti ; vrf. to damo one's self, to go to bell 
Dannito, -a, a4J. condemned, dkmned , lost 
Dannatdre, sf. condemner, jiidge 
Danoazi6ne, sf. condemnation, damn&tion 
Danoeggiamtolo (dannio, ant.) sm. damage, 

Daooeggi&re, va. 1. to diimage, hiirt, injure 
Danoeggiiio , -a , adj. damaged , hiirt , im- 

I>anneggial6re, sm. who causes loss , damage 
Dannevole, adj. bl&mable, hbrtfol, wicked 
DanneTolm^nte , adv. dlsadrant&geonsly 
Dannific&nte, danneggiiinte, adj. bdrtfal 
DanniGc4re, va. i. y. Dannire 
Dannio, a, adj. {ant.), hurtful 
Dinoo , sm. dkmage , loss , prejudice , hbrt ; 
daono etdrno , e^rnal damn&tion ; a mio , 
a Tdstro daono, to my, to your cost; suo 
daono, so much thewdrse for him (for her); 
daono ed inter^ssi ( iaw ) , dkmages ; Tec4r 
danno , to be prejudicial , to prejudice, to 
do dkmage, injury, hiirt, hlrm ; esser ten6to 
al risarciminlo dei danni ed interdssl, {iaw) 
to be liable to damages; risarcf re on danno, 
to make good a damage; liquidare i danni 
ed inter^si, to assess dkmages;domandAre 
la rifazidne dei danni ed inlertosi , to sAe 
for damages: soffrire un danno, to receire, 
to sustain an Injury, to suit&in dkmage 
Daniusam^nte, adv. hbrlfally 
Da&o6so, -a, ac(/ . hhrlful, pernicious, ndxiooe 
I>anie, sm. and adj. gWer 
— «m. dier skin (kind of strong leather) 
Danteggiire , m. i. to imitiie the stylo of 

Danlbeo, -a, a4J. in the style of D&nte 

Damtfste, sm. imit&tor of Dknte 

D&nia, sf. a dAaee ; men&r la dama , f o Ited 

the dioce, mknago the afl)&ir 
Danz4nte, daoxat6re, -trice, smf dkncer 
DaniAre, en. 4. to dknee 
Dantetta, sf. a little, shbrt dknce 
Da 6ggi inn&nzi, adv. exp. from to-diy, from 
this day , from this day fdrward , for the 
Da per tAtto, adv. exp. every-where 
Dipe, sfp. {po.) Wands, delicioos m^at 
Dappid, dapplide, odv. exp. from the foot; 

farsi dappii, to recommence 
Dappocaggino I Indolence , cowardice , eif 
Dappoch^zsa, sf. \ relessness, helplessness 
Dapp6co, -a, adj. cowardly , l&ty, helpless; 
an dappoco , a l&ty , spiritless , g6od-for- 
n5lbiog fillow 
Dappoi, da p6i, adv. and prep, since, After 
Dappoicbe, coajf. since, in as mbch as 
DapprJsso, da prtsso, prep, niar, h&rd by 
Da qui avinti, da qui inn&nii, da quinci in- 
ninzi, da quindi inninzi, adv. exp. from this 
time forward, from this time f6rtb , hence- 
f6rib, bencefdrward, in future 
Dardeggi4re, va. 4. to dirt, sh6ot, cAst 
Dardidro, sm. &rcber, Iftocer 
D&rdo, sm. « d&rt, jaYelin, sp^ar 
Dire, wi. 1. irr. to giTe, present grJtnt, per- 
mit ; to assign , appoint , c6ostilAte , com- 
mit ; to yield , prod&ce ,sh6w, decUre, tell; 
to strike, beat, d^rt, aDn5i\nce, bring ; dare 
adddsso ad uno, to All op6n a person; dar 
compimento, to complete, finish; — da 
dormire, to give a night's l&dging; — da 
ridere, to give c&use of l&ughler, — il bnon 
riiggio , to wish (one) a pleasant joiirney ; 

— il ben venAto , to welcome ; — la budna 
notte , to wish (one ) a good night ; — dei 
c&Ici , to kick ; — faslidio , to molest , an- 
ney; — del tu, to thee and thou (a person); 

— di cozzo, to bhlt; — di piglio, to catch, 
seize ; — in prestinsa, to lend ; — in luce, 
to phblish ; ~ la bija , to jest, Iquis ; —a 
credere, to make (one) believe; aver a dare, 
to 6we, be in debt ; — che dire, to give oe- 
cision to t4lk; — le c&rte, to deal the cdrds; • 

— net malto , to pliy the f6o\ ; — dei reml 
in acqua , to begin to r6w ; — alia banda 
(mar.), to lie aldng, to heel, to liy ghnwale 
to ; — fondo , to cist inckor; — sopra on 
binco (di sibbia) to riin agrdlVnd; — la 
veie ai venti , to set siil — la vAlta , to go 
ab^t; — la ciceia. to give chise; — de* 
cilci a rovajo, to be hknged, to dince updn 
neihing; dkglit digli I hit himl give it 
him I dare, to incline to ; qoeslo pinoo d& 
nel rosso , this cloth inclines to red , ia 

D&nena, sf, wet -dock, ddck-y&rd 
Dirsi, vrf to give or addict one's self to; 
dirsi la briga , to give one's self the trod^ 

n«r,rftd«;-ilU,adn,biUl; - f4re, dA;- bt, l^Bpb; pOie, 



— 188 — 


ble; Aim attdrno, to look or siareh abdiit; 
d&rsi peosidro. to mind ; d&ni buon t^mpo, 
to IWe roirrily and direlessly; d&ni il 
cuore, to find, in one's be&rt ; daria a gimbe, 
to t&ke to one's h^els ; d&rsi p&ce, to qu<et 
one's seir, to became c&lm, compdsed tr&n. 
Dirtro, tm. {med.) disease of the skin , eriip< 

tion, rash 
Darlr6so, -a, adj. {med.) herpMic 
Da scbirzo, adv. exp. in jest 
Da sd da sd, adv. exp. by (or to) one's self 
Da senno, adv. exp. seriously, in Earnest 
Da s6lo a silo , adv. exp. tdle a tdte , alone , 

in prf?ate 
Da s6mroo a imo, adv. exp. from top to b&ltom, 

from bdad to foot 
D' ass&i, adj. viry Able, gre&t, diver, Eminent; 
adv. exp. by f&r; tenirsi d'assii, to assume, 
to be assAming, conceited, to think one's 
seira gre&t man ; pib ricco d' ass&i, richer 
by f&r (pdwer 

Dassajezza, tf. (ant.) cap&city, ability, skill, 
Dassezzo, da sdzzo, adv. exp. at l&st, too l&te 
D&ta, tf. d&le, bl6w, qu&ntily, gift, kind 
Da t&nto, adv. exp. of such cap&cily, t&lent, 
skill , ability ; egVi non i da lanto , this is 
bey5nd his ability, this is more than he 
can do 
Dat&re, van. 1. to d&te, write the d&te, rickon^ 

begin, h&ve drigin 
Datarfa , daterfa, if. ch&neery (at Rome) 
Dat&rio, sm. ch&ncellorof the pope (at Rome) 
DatfTo, -a, adj. d&tire 
D&to, am. iphii.) d&tam {pt. d&U); {ant.) gift, 

present, v. D6no 
D&lo, -a, adj. giren; in boon dato , in abiin- 

dance ; dato cbe, 8upp6se that 
Dal6re, -trice, smf a girer, ddnor 
D&ttero. am. d&le (fruit) 
Daltilifero, -a, adj. {bot.) be&ring dates 
D&ltllo, sm. d&ctyle (poetical foot) 
Datlilogfa, »f sp^eking with the fingers 
Datt6rno, adv. ab^t t. Att6rno, int6rno 
Da Altimo, adv. exp. l&stly, at l&st 
Davanligglo, adv. ro6re, inore6rer, besides 
•Dar&Dte, daT&nli, adv. And prep, befdre 
Davanz&le, am. jiilting fiHl, window sill 
DaT&nzo, d' aT&nzo, adv. superabbndanlly 
I>aAco, Km. {bot.) wfid ckrrot or p&rsnip 
DaWdico, -a. adj. of D&vid (prophet) 
DaTvaD(ig|{io , adv. mdre, more6ver, besides 
Davvdro, da vero, adv. exp. indeed, in trfith; 
dile davTdro? ire yon in Ernest, serious? 
Dazi&re, va. 1. to lay a dQly on 
Dazi&bile, adj. dAliablo, siibject to the impo- 
sition of ddty or cbsloms 
Dazi&rio , -a , adj. of ( relating to ) duties or 

Dazidre, sm. cbstom-ifncer, colliclor 
D&zio, sm. tax, toll, d6ly, Impost, excise 
Dazi6ne, sf. surr&nder, giving op, don&tion 

De* (contract Jon of Dei, comp. def. art. mp.), 

ot the 
Do* {contraction of deve , 5. pers. ting^ prei. 

ind. of. dovere), mhst, 6aght to 
Dto* 9f. g6ddess, beaAiy, mistress 
Dealbazi6ne, sf dealb&tion, wbfiening 
Deambul&re, vn. i. {latin) to w&lk abrdad 
Deambulaziftne, sf deambul&tion 
Debacc&re, vn. i. to r&ge, sidrro , fume, r&ve 
Debaccatdre, sm. a fftrioos r&ging man 
Debbi&re, va. 1. {agr.) to manArewiih wood- 
D^bbio, am. {agr.) w6od-&shes (for manure) 
Debellam^nto, sm. t. Debellazi6ne 
Debell&re, va. i. to c6nquer, subdfle 
Debell&to. -a, adj. conquered , subdded 
Debellatdre, -trice, smf c6nqneror, subdAar 
Debel1azi6no, sf c6nquesl, defeat, rdHt 
D6bile. adj. feeble, t. Dibole 
Dehi!it&. &te, -&de, sf 1 debility . w&aknesi , 
Debilitam&nto, sm. \ incap&city 
Debilit&re va. i. to enfeeble, weaken 
Debilil&to, -a, adj. wiakooed, debilitated 
Debilitazi6ne, sf weakening, en&rv&ling 
Debitam^nte, adv. duly, suitably 
D^bito, sm. debt , due, duty, oblig&tion, debit; 
far d«biti, to cont r&ct debts: riconiscereun 
d&bito, to ackn&vledge a debt; condon&re 
on dfibiio, to forgive {or remit) a debt; 
port&te questa 86mma a mio debUo (com.) , 
c&rry this sum to my d6bit: h mio debito 
11 far c!6, it is my duty to do so 
Dibifo, -a , adj. dfie , pr6per, fit, suitable; 
p £na d^bita, condign phnishment : bisdgna 
fare ogni c6sa a tdmpo debito, we ought to 
do ivery thing in a convenient time: morl 
s^nza d£bito8uccess6re, he died with^t any 
l&wfol successor 
Dehitdre, -trice, smf a dibtor 
Debilu61o, debituzzo, sm. sm&ll debt 
Ddbole, adj. feeble, w^ak, defective 
Deboldtto, -a, adj. a little w^ak, Ungnid 
Deboldzza, sf. weakness , debility, incap&city 
Debolmdnle, adv. feebly, weakly, l&nguidly 
Ddca, decade, sf a decade, nhmber often, ten 
DecacArdo, sm. ps&llery (ten-stringed inst) 
Decaddnza, sf dcc&y, decline, f&ll (dine 
Decad^rei van. S. irr. to f&ll olT, dec&y , de- 
Decadiminto, sm. declfne, dec&y, f&ll, r^in 
DocadAto, -a, adj. f&llen oiT, declined, itined 
Decaedro , sm. ( geom. ) decahedron , a s&Iid 

figure h&ving ten sides 
Dcc&gono, sm. {geom.) d&eagoo, flgare often 

Dec&logo, sm. decalogue , ten comm&ndments 
Decalv&re, va. 4. to sh&ve, te&r off the b&ir 
Decalv&to, -a, adj. gr6wn, ro&de buld, sb&ved 
Decamer6ne , sm. Dec&meron (the celebrated 

collection of tales by Boccaccio) 
Decampam&oto, sm. dee&mpment 
Decamp&re, van. i . to dec&mp, go aw&y, be off 
Decan&lo, am. a d&anery 

Fite, mete, bfte, n6te, tikbe; - At, m&t, bit, n6t, tbb; - ttr, 

Digitized by VjO' 


— 189 — 


Decioo, 9m, d^aD, Gbiif, senior, dider 
Dceaotire, ini. i. to exl&I, erf up, wrfle up 
Deeanl&to, -a, adj. ext6IIed, cried ap 
DecaoUzidne, »f. the dec&ntiDg, p6uring off 
Deeapitire, va. i. to behead, dec&pilala 
Decapilito, -a, adj. beheaded, dec^pit&led 
Deeapitazt6oe, sf. tbe behiadiog 
Deeasillabo, adj. m. decasylliibic, baring tan 

Dec4stico , am. dicasticb , a pdem Gonsisting 

of ten Koea 
Dec^mbref am. decimber (month) 
DeceoiTirile, adj. v. DecenTirale 
Dec€fflTin, $mpi. ▼. DecenTiri 
Decenniilo, adj. of ten ydars, decdnnial 
Deeennirio, -a, adj. tentb, of ten 
Djcfone, adj. of ten y6ars, dec^Dnial, gre&t 
Dec^ntfio, tin. the sp&ce of ten yiara 
Decenle, adj. decent, becdming, decorous, flt 
Decentem^Dte, ado. decently, becdmingly 
DecenTirile, adj. decemTiral (ten 

DeceoTirilo, $m. decdmrirate, gdvernment of 
Dee^DTiriy smp. deciniTiri , decdmvirs, ten 

DecJnza, sf. decency, propriety, dec6rum 
Decere, t. ConveDire 

Dec^Toere, va. 2. r'rr. (po.) to decree, app^nt 
Dec£»so,-a, adj. depdpied, dep&rled from life, 

deceased ; «ni. decdate, death, demfse 
Decevole, adj. decent, bec&ming, fuilable, fit 
DeceTolesza, sf. decency, propriety, civility 
Decevolmente, adv. decently, pr6perly, fitly 
Decezione, sf. deception, chdat, surprise 
Decbiar&re, va. 1. t. Dicbiararo 
Decbinaroinlo , am. dechinazi6ne , f. decHne, 

Decbin&re, vn. 4. to 16vBr, t. Dichinire 
Decbino, sm. decline, t, Dichino 
Decfdere, oo. 9. irr. to decide, divide, cat 
DeciferJire, va. i. to decipher 
Deciferai6re , sf, decipherer, expl&iner of d- 

Decile, adj. (astr.) distant from ao5ther planet 

a lentb p&rt of the z6diac 
Decima, sf. tbe tithe, tenth part 
Decifflibile, adj. tilhcable, siibject to tithe 
Deeim4le, adj. decimal 
DecimAre, va. i. to tithe, dkim&te, st^al 
Decimaldre, am. tithe- gatherer, assessor 
Decimazidne, sf. (mi7.)decim&tioo, the select- 
ing by lol for pboishment every tenlb man 
in a company or regiment 
Decimetro, sm. decimeter, ddcimetre, tbe tenth 

part of a metre 
Decimfno, -a, smf. cess-book, tilbe-book 
Dteimo, sm. the leotb part, a simpleton 
D^cimo, a, adj. tenth, foolish, giddy, thin 
Decimondno, -a, adj. the ninetdenlb 
Decimoquirto, -a, adj. the f6urtdenlb 
Dee moqnlnto, -a, adj. the fin^enth 
Decimosteto, -a, adj. tbe sixtdenlb 
Decimoa^ltimo, -a, adj. the sevent^enlb 

Dectmot^no, -a, adj. tbe thirteenth 
Decimott&vo, -a, adj. the iigblienlh 
Decina (ana), sf bilf a sc6re, ten. tithing 
Decipala, sf. so&re, gin, bird -trap 
Di>cisi6ne, sf. decision, jbdgment, decree 
Decisivaminte, adv. decisively, p66ilively 
Decisive , -a , adj. decisive, conclQsive, final 
Deciso, -a, adj. decided. res6lved 
Decis6re,<m. decider, del6rmin&tor, jiidge 
Declam&re, van. 1. to decUim, inviigh 
Declamatdre, sm. a decl&imer, rlinler 
Declamatdrio, -a, adj. decl&raatory,exprteBiva 
Declamazidne, sf. declam4tion, har&ague 
DeclaraUtrio,-a, adj. declaratory, alTirmative 
Decl{o4bile, adj. declinahle 
Declinam^nto. am. slope, declivity, decrease 
Declioire, vn. 1. to decline, slope, dec&y, HLIl 
DecHo&lo, a, adj. declined, I6wered (dialing 
Declinal6re, sm. dcclinMor, an instrument in 
Decliiiatdria , sf. (taw) exception , pl^a to the 

Declinaldrio, -a, adj. {law) declinatory; ec- 
cezi6ne declioat6ria,(/aw) decUnalory plea; 
ago declinatdrio,(p/iy«) tbe magnetic needle 
Declinazi6ne, sf. declin&tion, deeldnsion 
Doclino, sm. decline, dec&y, decrease, slope 
Declive, -o, -a, adj. declivitous^ shelving 
Declivio, sm. sl6pe, steep, declivity 
Declivilli, -&te, ide, sf declivity 
Decoil&re, va. i. to beh6ad, dec&pitAte 
Decollazi6ne, sf beheading, deckpit&iing 
Decompondnte , adj. (ehem.) decompdsing , 

s^par&ling into constituent pdrls 
Decomponibile, adj. decorop6sable 
Dccoroposizi6ne , sf decomposition ; nello 
atiilo di decomposizi6ne, ( chem.) bnder de- 
Dccompbsto , -a , adj. decomposed , resdlved 

into its constituent Elements 
Decoraminto, sm. v. Decorazione 
Decor&re, va. i. to d^corile^ addrn, embellish 
Decorazi6ne, sf. decorilion^ emb61lishment 
Decdro, sm. dec6rum, decency; dignity 
Decdro, decorOso, -a, adj. decorous, decent 
Decorosaminle, adv. in a decorous manner 
Dec6rrere, vn. % irr. to p&ss, elapse {as time); 
gli interessi decorrer&nno dal 1.^ giugno , 
tbe Interest sbali be p4yable from the firat 
Dccorrimento, sm. v. Gorso (June 

Dec6r80, -a, adj. p&st, eUpsed {as time), list; 

la camp&gaa decdrsa, the list campaign 
Decdrso, sm. c6urse , stream , passage, ikpse, 
past; ii dec6rso deila luna, the vine or de- 
crease of the moon 
Decollino, sm. a light decbclion 
Dec6tlo, sm. decozi6ne, sf. dec6ction , f&ilure 
Decdtto, -a, adj. boiled, dec6cted, digested 
Decotl6re, sm. an iDs61vent debtor, b&nkropt 
Decrem6nto, sm. decrease, decline, dec&y 
Decrepit^, -&te, -&de, «/: decrepitude, 61d &g» 
Decrepil4re, va.i. to decrepitate , to drf silt 
till it crackles no 16nger 

ii«r,rM«;. All, aftD, bail; 

fku, d^5 - bf, lymph; polia , b^i , fofil . ffUi^»^* 

Digitized by VjOO^ IC 


— 190 — 


Decrepitina, tf. deerftpidness, ild &|e 
Decripilo, -a,cu(/. decrepit, v6rn ddt with &ge 
Decresc^nle, adj. decrtoslDg, decr^cent 
Decr^scere, van. 9. trr. to decrease, dimlDish 
Decresctmdnto, «m. decrease, declfae, deciy 
Decret&le, «m. decr^lali, decree, slkiute 
Decretalfsla, sm. t. Canoofsta 
Decrelalm^Dle, adv. deefsWely, peremptorily 
Deeretare, va. 1. to decree, en&ct, ettkblish 
Decret&tOy decr^to, -a, adj. decreed, enacted 
Decreto, sm. a decree, stkloto, drdinanee 
DeeretdriOf -a, adj. dfteretory, judicial, d&fin- 

Dec6bi(o, sm. decbmbitore 
Ddeupio, tm. tenfold (qu&ntlty, ndmber) 
DecArio , dccuri6De , sm. decikrion , cdrporal 

over ten men 
Decarion4to, tm. decArionate , 6fGce of a de- 

Dedaleggi&re , vn. 1. to s6ar , 11^ al6rt and 
tben sink aod f&ll ; to imitate the flight and 
fall of Da«dal 
Dedileo, -a, adj. Daeditlean; {bot.) daMalous 

{applied to leaveg) 
DJdica, sf. dedic&lion {of books ^ etc.), in- 

Dedicamento, tm. r. Dedicazidne 
DedicAre, va. i. to dMicate> c6nsecr4te 
Dedicdrsi, vnf. to devdle one's silf to 
Dedlcatdria, sf. dedicatory epUlle 
Dedlcazl6ne , sf dedicition , coniacrMion (of 
■ churches), dedic&tion-day 
Dedignazi6ne, sf disdiio, t. Disdegno 
Dedilfzio, -a, adj. yielding, surrendering; that 

has yielded, surrendered 
D6dito, -a, adj. given, addicted, empl^ed in 
Dedizidne, sf yidldtog, surrender 
Ded6lto, dedAlto, -a, adj. dedbcted, dr&wn 
Deddcere, va. 3. t. DedArre 
Deducibile, adj. deducible , inferable; that 

may be deducted, subtriicted 
Dedurre, vn. 2. irr. to deduce, infer, dedbct 
Ded&rsi, vrf to resftlve, determine 
Deduzi6ne, sf deduction, inference 
Detesa, sf gdddess, v. D^a 
Defalcameoto, sm. defalcation, deduction 
Defalc&ro, va. i, to dedtict, t. Diffalc&re 
Defaligkre, va. i. to fatigue, tire, wdary 
Defec4re , va. i. to defecate , to cl^ar from 

dregs, to piirge of lees or imparities 
Defecazidne , sf defec&lion , puriDc&tion from 

Defens6re, sm. defender, r. Difen86re 
Defereote , adj. deferential ; (astr.) deferent , 

iphys.) conductor (of electricity) 
Deferenza , sf. deference, submission, respect 
Deferf re , vn. 3. (o p&y deference to , condes- 
cend, defer, acquiesce, dendllnce ; — un giu- 
raroento, {law) to tender, administer an 6alh 
Defdsso, -a, adj. tired, veary, fatigued 
Defeltivo, -a, adj. defective, v. Difettfvo 
Defeziondire, vn. 1. td f&U off, desert , to for- 

s&ke one*8 pftrty or ciase , to p&is. ^tar t« 

the enemy 
Defezidne, sf defection , Ailing off, disUyalty 
Deflciiote, adj. denciest, defective, w&otiog 
Deflcitoza, sf. deflcience, defldency, vioK, 

Definibile, adj. definable, ezpUinable 
Definfre, va. 3. to define, decide^ end 
DeGnitamente, adv. deflnilely, precisely 
Definitive, -a, adj. definitive, decisive 
Definito, -a. adj, defined, definite, clear 
Definit6re , -trice, smf definer; be , sbe vha 

defines, determines, ascert&ins 
Definizi6ne, sf definition, decision 
Definitivameme, adv. definitively 
Definizlon&rio, sm. a b6ok of defioUioos 
Defiagrazidoe , sf deflagr&lion , sudden and 

sp&rkliog combhstion * 

Deflessi6ne, sf deOeciion, devi&fion, beoding 
Deflor&re, vn. i. to defldwer 
Deflorasiene, sf. deflor&tion, deflowering 
Defl6sso, sm. defliixion, fl6w of humors 
Deform&re, m. i. to disflgare, defdrm 
Deformasi6ne, sf the disfiguring, deficing 
Def6rme, adj. defdrmed, disfigured, iigly 
Deformemente, arlv. dcfdrmedly, disagreeably 
Deformiti, -tite, -t&de, sf defdrmity, iigUness 
Defraud&r«, oa. i. to defr&ud, frfislr&le, bilk 
Defrand&lo, -a, adj. hilked, cheated 
Defraodat6re, sm. defr&uder, deceiver, cheat 
Dofraudazi6ue, sf deceit, Irtillee, guile 
Defunto,-a,ad[/. deceased, deflind; il defAoto 

re, the l&te king 
Degigna, sf a fishing-net 
Degener&nte, adj. degenerating, onvr6rthy 
Degenerire, t>n. i. to degenerate, gr6w bate 
Degenerito , -a , adj. degenerate , base , nn- 

Degenerazi6ne, sf degeneracy, biseness 
Degenere, adj. that degenerates 
Degli, Degr, prep, and def art. mp. of the 
DegluUre, va. to siriklloiv, v. Inghiottire 
Deglutisi6ne, sf deglutition, salivation 
Degnamente, adv. worthily, jdstly 
Degninte, adj. humane, AfTable, kind 
Degn&re, degn&r8i,t*n. i. to deign, v6webs&fe, 

condescend , be pleased to (accept) , esteem 

or make wdrlhy 
Degnazi6ne, sf kfndess, condescension 
Degnevole, adj. Affable, kind, condescending 
Degnevoiezza, sf affability, coodescpnsion 
Degnevolmeote, adv. condescendingly 
Degnifle4re, va. i. to m&ke wdrthy 
Degnilk, -t&te, -tide, sf v. DignitA 
Degno, -&, adj. wdrthy, excellent 
Degradamento , sm. degradazi6ne , f. degra- 
Degrad&re, va. i. to degr&de, lessen, biend 
Degrad&nte, adj. that degr&des, degr&ding 
DegostAre, va. i. v. Gust&re 
Deh ! interj. ah pr&y 1 al&s t ah bot! 
Dei {for Devi), tbdii shooldst, miist 

r&tc, mete, bite, n6te, t6be; - fkt, met, bit, ^%J^^j,^lJ^x^l^\^> 


— 191 — 


D^i, pitp. and def, art. mp. of the 
Mi, mp. {pi. of Dio) (b^atben) Gods 
Deidda , im. (pL -di) diicide , one' concerned 

ID potting Christ to diath 
Deiefdio, tm. d^tdde, death ofdUr S&Tionr 
Defcola, sm. {pt. — U) ▼Arshipper or God 
Deifieaminto, tm. deifieition, deifying 
Deiflcire, va. i. to ddif^, wdrship 
DeiGc&lo, -a, adj. deified 
Dei0cazi6na, $f. d^iGeation, apotbe6sis 
Deffico, -a, adj. divine, hdly, s&cred 
Deir6rme, adj. diiform, of g6dlike form 
Defsmo, sm. d^ism, the belief of a diist 
Deisfa, sm. a d^ist, a freethinker 
Deili, -ile, -&de, tf. the d^ily, the Godhead 
]>ej^tto,-a, otfj. dejected, c&st d6wn 
Dejexi6ne, tf. dejection, 16wne8s of spirits 
Del, def. art. ms. of the 
Delat6re, sm. a del&tor, ioffirmer 
Delaxi6ne, sf. secret accus&tion, delilion 
Del eonUnuo, adv. exp. eootloually, &lways 
Deiebile. a4j. that may be bl6tted <$iit, eff&eed, 

Delegire, oa. -1. to ddleg&te, depAte, intrhst 
Delegito, tm. delegate , deputy, jhdge 
DeIeg&to,-a, adj. delegate, dep6ted, appSnted 
Delegat4rio,-a, adj. conl&ining a deleg&tion 
Delegaxi6ne» sf. delegation, depalilion 
Deletdrieo-a, adj. f. Deletdrio 
JkHeiiriOf-z, adj. {med. and cAem.) delet^riouSy 

Deleltibile, adj. t. Dilett&bile 
Deletl&re, van. 1. (aj9l.)to delight, ▼. Dilett&re 
Delfini^ra, tf a harp^n 
DelHoo, tm. ddlphin (seafish); d&aphin 
Delia, tf (poet.) the moon 
Delibam^nto, tm. delib4iioo, t&ste, issay 
Detirire, va. i. {po.) to tisle, essAy 
Delib&lo, -a, adj. tested, tried, defiled 
Deliberire, va. i. to deliberate, b6sit&te 
Deliberatam^nte, adv. deliberately, warily 
DeliberallTO,-a, adj. deliberative 
Deliberito,-a, adj. daliber&ted, conclAded 
Delibera(6re, -trice, smf one vbo deliberates 
DeIfberazi6oe, tf deliberation, eonsultition 
Delicaffl^nto, tm. t. Delicatdzza 
Delieatamente, adv. delicately, tenderly 
Delicat6zza,-ara, sf d&licacy, sdftness 
Delic&to, -a, adj. delicate, gentle, soft 
Deli mare, ua. 1. to consume, corrode, flle 
Delioeaminlo, sm. deline&tion, sketch 
Deline&re, va. i. to dr&w, sketch 
Delioe&tOy-a, adj. delineiited (er 

pelineat6re, tm. adeline&lor, designer, p&int- 
Delinqu^nte, tm. a delinquent, olldnder 
Delinqn^Qxa, if j. G61pa, Delilto 
Deiioquere, van. S. irr. {po.) to transgress 
Deliqnio, tm. a fAinting fit, sw6on; cs^ire in 

detiqnio, to fill ifto a swi^on 
Deliramento, sm. t. Delirio 
Delir&Dle, adj. delirious 
Deltf&re, m. i. to raye, be delirious 

Delirio, tm. deliriom, r&Ting, mkdness 
Deliro, 'a, adj. dellrioos, mad, raving 
Delitto, tm. a crime, misdeed ; — di lesa mae- 

sla, high treason 
Delittu6so,-a, adj. criminal, guilty 
Delivr&re, va. i. to liberate, ▼. Liberare 
Delizia, tf delight, pleasure, ehftrms 
Deliziamento, tm. delight, pleasure, j^ 
Delizi4re, va. i. to make delightful, to delight 
Delizi&rsi, vrf to take delight in, enj(^ 
Dellziosamente, adv. dellciously, sweetly 
Delizidso (delizi&no, ant.), >a, adj, delicious, 

Deir, comp. def art. mf sing, before a wovel) 
of the (iny 

Delia, comp. def art. fern. ting, of the ; s6me, 
Deile, romp, def art. fern. pi. of the; sAme, 
any ; vi sono delle d6one che . ecc. , there 
ire s6me women who, etc. 
Deilo, comp. def art. m. ting, (before t fol- 
lowed by a consonant) of the ; some , kny; 
mi occ6rre de llo spago, I w&nt sdme p2ick- 
Del piri, adv. exp., equally, likewise (thread 
Del resto, adv. exp., v. Rdsto 
Del tiitlo, adv. exp. , y. T6lto 
Deli!ibro, sm. {po.) temple, chhrch 
De1acldazi6ne, sf v. Dilucidazione 
Del6dere, va. 3 irr. to delude, beguile, trick 
Deladlmento, tm. delusidne, sf delusion 
Deludit6re, sm. deceiver, beguiler, delWer 
DelAso.-a, adj. deluded, deceived, b&lked 
DelusOrio, -a, adj. del6sive , deli^sory, decep- 
Demagogia,«f.;dfemagogy,d6magogism, means 

emptied by demagogues 
DemagficTCo, -a, adj, demag6g!c, demag6gical 
Demagoglsz&re, vn. i. to influence or lead 

the p6pnlaee, to act as a demagogue 
Demag6go, sm. {pi. -ghi) demagogue, factious 

man, leader of the populace 
Demand jire, va. i. v. Gommeitere 
Demani&le, adj. (of lands) bel6oging to the 
Demanio, sm. crown. land (crown 

Demarcazi6ne, sf. demarc&tion ; linea di de- 

marcaciene, line of demarcation 
Demenl&re, va. i. to make mad, infatuate 
Demenl4to,-a, adj. mad, infJitu&ted, wild 
Demenle, adj. mad, foolish, ins&ne 
Deraenza, demeozia, {ant.), sf mkdness, f6IIy 
Demergere, vn. 2. irr. to sink, v.Sommergere 
Demerit&re, van, \. to fdrfeit, do amiss 
Demeriievole, adj. unw5rlhy, nodeserving 
Deroerito (demerto, poet.), «m. demerit, pbn- 
Demersi6ne, sf. v. Immersi6ne (ishment 

Demirso, -a, adj. overwhelmed, sunk {lat.) 
Demoer4tico,-a, adj. democrktical (ernment 
Democrazia , sf. dem6cracy , p6poIar g6v- 
Demolire, va. 3. to demdlish , destr£p , r&ze 
Demolito,-a, adj. dem6lished, destr^ed 
Demolizidne, sf. demolition, destrhction 
Demone, sm. v. Demdnio (fArions 

Demooiaco,-a, adj. dem6niac, demoniacal, 

Bdr, rMe;-flUl, sdn, bull; 

fire, d6,. . bt, Itmph ; pSlie, b^l^J^lj J^^^^ 


— 192 — 


Dem6Dio, tm. d6mon, ddvil, iyil spirit 
Demonolalrfa, tf. demooblatry , the w6nhip 

of demons 
DemoraliK&re . va. 1. to demdraUze; corriipt 

the iD6rali of 
Demoralizzazi6De, tf. demoralis&tioa 
D6d (for debboDo), they mUst, they should 
Denaj&ccio, »m. bad mdDey 
DeDaj&le, ac^, wdrth a penny 
Den&jo,deo4ro,«m. apenny, (pi. pince), mdn- 
ey; avdie del den&ro ? have you&oymdney; 
deu&ro cooUnle, riady m6ney, c&sh; non 
ho deniri in ddsso, I hire no mdney abd&l 
me ; sens&le di den&ro , m&oey br6ker ; 11 
Tal6re , 1* equivalSnle del den&ro , miney's 
ivirth; senza dcn&ri , m5neyless ; den&ri 
mdrli , mdney lying diad ; mdtlere a gua- 
d&gno i den4ri, to put otll mdney lo iuler- 
est; col den&ro si fa tutto, prov. exp. md- 
ney m&kes the m&re go 
Denajdso, denar6so« -a, adj. mdneyed 
Dendrite, sf. ddodrfle, arbordscent mineral 
Denegamento, sm. denegazidne, sf. denial 
Deneg&re,va. 1. to deny, t. Dineg&re 
Denigr&re, va. 1. to bl&ckeo, l&rnish 
Deoigr&to, -a, adj. bl&ckened, t&rnished 
Denigraldre, -trice, smf. def&mer, sl&ndeMr, 

Denigrazi6ne, sf bl&ckening, defam&lioa 
DSnno {for debbono), they must, 6aght 
Denod&re, va. 1. to unlfe, undo a knot 
Denomin&re, va. i. to decdminale, name, c&U 
DenominaliTO, -a, adj. den6min&liTe 
Denominat6re, sm. den6min&tor 
Denominazi6ne, sf den6min&lion , name 
Denot&re, va. 1. to den6le, m&rk , signify 
Denotalivo, -a, adj. expressing, indic&ling 
Denotazidne, sf. dinoi&lion, design&tion 
Densam^nto, sm. densazidne, sf. donseness , 

Dens&re, va. i. to condense, t. Gondensare 
Density, -kte, -&de, gf. density , thickness 
Dgnso, -a, adj. dense, thick, compkct, sdlid 
Dent&ccio, sm. an hgly bad tooth 
Deniale, sm. a c6ultcr, plu^ghsh&re, sh&rk 
Dent&le, adj. d6ntal, with the tdeth 
Dent&me, sm. a set of t6elh 
Denl&re, vn. i. to tSelh, to ciit the t^elh 
Dontarudlo, sm. v. Zaona 
Dent&ia, sf. a bite, a nibble 
Denl&to,-a, adj. h&ving teeth, indented; rud- 

ta dent&ta, cog-vheel 
Denlalura, sf a set of teeth 
Ddnle, sm. t6oth, n6lcb; — gu&sto, cari&to, 
c&ries tooth; — finto, HLIse tooth; — cani- 
ne, e^e-tooth; denti incisori, incisivi , fdre 
teeth ; denti mol&ri , b&ck teeth , grinding 
teeth ; denti dl savi^zza ( del giudisio), wis- 
dom teeth; striddr di denti, gn&shing of the 
tdeth ; spazzetiino pel denti , tooth-brush ; 
mal di denti , tooth&che; spunt&re i denti, 
to breed teeth ; caT&re (estrarre) un denle, 

to dr&w a tooth; farsi caT&re un dente, to 
have a tooth dr&wn; tendr I'&nima co' den- 
ti , to be on the p6int of dying; mostr&re i 
denti, to shew one's teeth , snarl, put on a 
threatening look ; pigli&re il mdrso coi 
denti , to be headstrong ; stare a dente 
asciOlto, to be without bating, to be st&rriog; 
Ti allegher& i denti , il will set your teeth 
on ddge 
Denteccbi&re, dentiechi&re , vn. 1. lo nibble 
Deotell&to, -a, adij. indented (cut in the edge 
into points, like teeth) ; (anat.) ddnlicul&ted 
Dentelli£re, sm. tooth-pick 
Dentello, sm. indent&lion, ddging of lace 
Dentidra, sf. artificial set of teeth 
DiBntifricio, sm. tooth-p^der 
Dentine, sm. smiill tooth, notch 
Dentista, sm. d6ntist, tooth -drawer 
Denlizi6ne, sf dentition, chttlng of the tdetb 
Ddolro , adv. within , inwardly ; o dentro o 
fudri, within or wilb6ul; yes or no; risdl- 
Tere o dentro o fudri , to resdUe one w&y 
or dlher (lo cdme to a resolution) 
Denudaminto , sm. denudazione , sf. denud&- 

lion, a m&king bAre 
Denod&re, va. 1 to div6st, strip, expdse 
Denud&io, -a, adj. deprived, divested, stripped 
Deniinzia, sf. denunziamento,tm. denunci&lion 
Dcnunziare, va. 1. to dendiince, accuse 
Denunzlatdre, sm. dendHncer, infdrmer 
Denunziazidne, sf. dendi^ncement, accus&lion 
Ddo, sm. {ant ) v. Dio 
Deod&to, adj. given by god 
Deonest&re, va. i. Disonor&re 
Ddono {for devono), they mhst, should 
Deortatdrio, -a, adj. dissu&sive , dehdrtatory 
Deosculazidne, sf. v. Bacio, Uaciamdnlo 
Deostruire, va. 3. lo deobstruct, to cldar from 

Depauperamdnto, sm. depauper&tlon, impdv- 

erishment, exb&uslion, dr&in of wdaith 
Depauper&re, va. 1. to make poor, impdverish 
Dependente, adj. depending , cdnsequent 
— sm. a dependent (from 

Depdodere, va. 9. irr. to depdnd on , procded 
Deperdiminto, sm. loss, r&ia, destrbction perishing, dyingaw&y, with- 
ering, decline, dwindling aw&y, pining, pi- 
ning aw&y, decay, riiin 
Deperire, vn. 3. to perish , die aw&y, wither, 
waste, dec&y, decline , dwindle away , pine 
away, go to r&in 
Depilaidrio^ sm. depilatory 
Depilazidoe, sf. {med.) depil&lion • 

Deplor&bile, adj. depldrable* lamentable 
Deplorabilmdote, adv. depldrabl^, wdfully 
DepJor&ndo, -a, adj. depldrable, mdurnful 
Deplor&re, tMin. 1. to depldre, larodot,bew&il 
Deplor&to, -a, adj. depldfed, pitied (ner 
Deploraldre, -trice, smf. depldrer, deep mdnr- 
Deplorazidne, sf depldring, lamenl&tion 
Depoodnte, sm. a depdnent, verb depdnent 

F&U, mdte, bite, ndle, tAbe; - Ikt, mdt, bit, o6t 

;, thb; T %^E|q««»«:3* 

Digitized by VjOOV I ■ 


— 193 — 


Deponinfoto, Ml. depotltion, ttetimony 
DepopnbsiAoe, «f. ▼. Sftccbeggio , spopolatioDe 
Dep6rre , va. S. irr. to dep686 , deprive , de- 

gridty to quit, l&y ddwn . resign 
Dep6iT«,«m. i. to attist, bear witoeu, decl&re 
Deportari6iie, tf. transportAtlon , 6x(le 
DepositAre, va. i. to dep&tit, intrtist, consign 
Deposiiiria, sf. a e6nfidant, dep6$itary 
Depositirio , tm. a trastto , depdsilary, e6&- 

Depositeria, tf. depdsitory, treasury 
DepAsito, urn. depdsit , trbst, ch&rge; m6ltere 

in depdsito, to dep6sit 
Depositdre , -trice , gmf. dep6s>tor , one who 

makes a deposit 
Deposiiidne.s/'. deposition, 6Tidence,sidimenl 
Dep^sto, sm. t. Attestasiooe 
Dep6«to , -a , adj. depdsed , displ&ced , laid 

aside; dep/)sta ogni tdma, ogni Terg6gna , 

hkTing laid aside all Tear, ill sbiime 
DepraTaminto , tm. t. Depravaxidne 
DepraT4re, va. 1. to depr&ve, corrbpt , spoil 
DepraTito, -a, adj. deprived, spoiled 
Depravatdre, sm. corrbpter, depr&ver 
DepraTaxi6ne, sf. deprarMion, corrbplion 
Deprec&bile, adj. mdrcirul, lenient, pitifal 
DeprecattTO, -a, adj. deprecative, entreating 
Deprecazidne, sf. deprec&lion, supplic4tion 
DepredamintOp sm. depredfilion, pillage 
Depred&re, va. i. to r&vage, r&nsack, prey on 
Depredatdre, -trice, tmf. rivager, depred&tor 
Depredaxi6ne, sf. depred&tion , spoiling 
Depr6mere, va. ± irr. v. Depriroere 
Depressi6ne, tf. depression, ab&sement 
Depr^sso, -a, a<i(/. ibject, 16w, despicable 
Deprest6re, tm. {anat.) depressor 
Deprfmere, va. 3. irr. to depress, depreciate 
Deporire, va. I to pArify, depnrate 
Deparallvo , -a , adj. depuratory , tending to 

Depor&lo , -a. adj. depnrited, piiri(!ed 
Deparatore, -trice, tmf piirifier 
Deporatdrio , tm. a vessel in ivbicb depari- 

tioD takes place 
UeporaziAne, tf depar&tion, pArif;^ing 
Depolire, va. i. to depute, appoint, delegate 
Deputito, -a, adj. deputed, app61oted, sent 
Deputilo, *m. a deputy, delegate 
DepnUsidne, tf deputilion, vicegdrency 
Dered&re, va. i. io disinberit 
DereliUo , -a , a4j. abandoned , forsiken , 

Derelexi6ne, tf v. Abbandonamento 
Derei&no , sm. bind part. v. Direlano 
Deridere, va. 3. irr. to deride, l&ugh at, mock 
Deriditdre, -trice, tmf a derider, mdcker 
Berisiblle, adj. I&ngbable, ridiculous 
Derisi6ne, tf. derision, scorn 
Derisivam^nte, adv. vitb or tbroogb derision 
Derisivo, -a, adH. ridlcolous, lAdicrons 
Derfso , jim. derision ; mtttere , prendere in 
deriso, to deride, to scorn 

Derfso, -a, adj. l&ughed at, derided 
Deris6re, sm'. derider, scdiler 
Derisdrio, -a, adj. m6cking, derisive 
Deriva, tf {mar.) lee-w&y, ieeb6ard 
Deriv&nte, adj. deriving, cdming from 
Deriv&re , vn. i. to derive , originate in ; to 
spring , Issue . rbsb, flew ; (mar.) to sag to 
leeward , to fill to lee w&y ; dall' ozio deri- 
vano tolti i vizj, idleness iss Ibe root of 
&11 vices 
Derivativo, -a, sA*<^0rivative, derived from 
Derivati6ne, tf deriv&tion, Origin 
Derivieni, smv. windings, v. AndirivienI 
Derma, dermide, tf.{anat.) derm, tbe drgan* 

fzed integument or skin 
Dermologia , tf (anat.) dermatMogy , a trea« 

tise of tbe skin and its diseases 
Dermo, tm. {mar.) wift; iss&r la banditra iQ 

ddrmo, to boist tbe flag witb a wift 
Deroga, Hf v. DDrogasi6ne 
Derogiblle, adj. tbat may be derog&tcd, 

dispkra geable 
Derogamento, »m. ▼. Derogazione 
Derog&re, vei. 1. to derogate, disp&rage;senza 
derog&re al vostro merilo , witboiit dispar- 
aging , dek-ogiting from your merit 
Derogat6re, -trice , tmf one wbo derogates , 

Derogatdrio, -a, adj. der6gatory, detracting 
Derogazi6ne, nf dcrog&tioo, lessening 
Derr&ta, tf m ercbandise, goods, w&res, ware, 
comm6dity, dose , p6rtion ; questa e baona 
derr&ta, tbis is very cbeap 
Derubamento , tm. v. Rubamento 
Derubire, va. i. t. Rub4re 
Dervis , xm. a dervise (dervis) , a Ibrkisb or 

Persian m&nk 
Desalire, va. i. to clear, pbrge from s&lt 
Descendente, tm. and adj. v. Discendente 
Descdnso, tm. descent 
Desceso, -a, adj. descended, spriing from 
Descheria, sf chopping-tAble {for mincing 

meat ) 
Descbetto, tm. sm&ll tible, bencb , f6ot-st6od 
Desco, sm. tible, bdard, drdinary, dinner ik- 
ble, officers' mess tible, butcber'scb6pping 
t4ble , fdrm , ch^ir; fate siieozio e riverite 
il desco , keep silence , respect tbe cb^ir ; 
st&rsi , trov4rsi a desco mnlle , to eat a( a 
t&ble witb<nlt a t&ble-clotb; chi non mfingia 
a desco ba mangi&to di fresco , prov. eoi^p. 
be tbat does not eat at dinner time bas 
probably dined bef6re 
Descrillibile, adj. tbat may be described 
Descrittive, -a, adj. descriptive 
Descritto, -a, adj. described, represented 
Descritt^re, tm. describer 
Descrivere , va. 3. irr. to describe 
Descrivibile , adj. tbat may be described 
Descriziene, tf. a description, picture, sketch 
Desert&re, va. i. v. Disert&ra 
Deserto , tm. desert, wilderness , w&ate c6on- 

ndr, rMe ; - fill. s4n, bull ; - fire, dA ; - b^, IJmph ; pQ**, b^s, fWil, tS%\ ; gem . , ai 

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Wz. Ilal. Ing. ** ^ 


— 194 — 


try ; predie&re al dei^rto, to priadi lA the 
Desdrto, -a, adf. dteert, sdUlary, l&id viste 
Deserlore, $m. ▼. Disertore 
Desorvire, v. Disservire 
Biserzidne, $f. desertion, rors&kiDg 
Besi&bile , adj. (po,) ▼. Desid^rabife 
Desiinza, »f. {ant.) ▼. Desfo 
Desi&re, va. 1. to desire, t. Deeiderare 
I>esi&to, -a, desider&to , adj. desired 
Desiccito , >a, adj. dried u^), t. Diseccato 
Desider&bile, desiderirole, adj. desirable 
Desiderabilmdnte, adv. Ardently, Eagerly 
Desider&Qte, adj. desirous, 16nging for 
Desideraro, va. 1. to desire, wish, long for 
DesideratlTo; -a, adj. desirable 
Desideratdre, -trice, $mf. desirer, wisher 
Desiddrio, tm. desire, earnest wish, I6nging 
Desiderosamdnte, adv. wilb desire, togerly 
Desider6so, -a, a(HJ. desiroas, dager, 16nging 
Desidia, if. (po.) sloth, idleness, indolence 
Design&re, va. i. to design 
Designazidne, tf. desiga4tion, design, sketch, 

first dr&agbt 
Desin&re, vn. 1. to dine, tot one's dinner; 
fire da desin&ro, dire da desin&re, to pre- 
pare or glTe a dinner; venfte a desin&re 
con me, c&me and dine with me 
Desin&re , tm. desin&ta, sf. a dinner, rep^t ; 
on trislo desin&re , a poor dinner , a dhll 
dinner pftrty ; fire il desin&re , to prepare 
dinner or siipper 
Desinat6re, sm. one who dines, guest 
Desindnte, ac(/. dtoinent, Ending 
DesinSnsa, sf. termin&tion, dnding 
Deslo , tm. {po.) desi6re , tm. {ant.) desire, 

Desiosaminte, adv. Ardently, earnestly 
Desidso, -a, ad^. desirous, y. Desider6so 
DesipiSnte, adj. desipienl, trifling, foolish 
Desir, desire, desiro, tm. {po ) desire 
Desir&re, va. i. {po.) to desire 
Desistere, vn. 3. irr. to desist, cease, forbear 
Desol&bile , adj. that m&y be desoUted, r(lin- 

ed, afflicted 
DesoIam6nto, tm. dasol&tion, destrhction 
Desol&re, va. i. to d&solale, ri^in, lay w&ste 
DosoUto, -a, adj, desolated, rftined, afflicted 
Besolatdre, tm. a dteol&ler, destrier 
Desolazidne, tf desoUtion, doTasliition 
Desperinza, desperazidne, tf. ▼. Disper&nza 
Desp^tto, -a, adj. despised, t. Dlspdtto 
Despoteggi&re , vn. 1. to Act or riile desp&t- 

Despoticam^nte, adv. desp6tically (power 
Despotico , -a , adj. de8p6tical , kbsolate in 
Despotismo, tm. absolute p<$wer, dtopolism 
Ddspota, dtepoto, tm. Absolute prince, dtopot 
Despumire, va. 1. to scum , to take the froth 

from the shrface of liqoon 
Despumazidne, tf despum&tion, clariflc&tion, 

Desqaamaii6ne, tf {med.) desguamition^ m^ 

arilion of the c&ticle in sm&ll scabs 
Dtesa {used only %ntch ^sere and par^) , 

pron. f she, she hersilf, the same 
Mssi, -e, pron. mfp. they themsihes 
Ddsso, pron. m. he, himself, the same; d 

disso, it is be himself; non mi par dAsto, 

I don't think this is the s&me 
DesUm6nto, tm. r^nlsing, awAking 
Destare, va. 1. to aw&ke, rdtise, revive 
Dest&rsi, vfAf. to awAke, rosiime, begin agaia 
Deslatdjo, tm. an alirm- clock, mdrniog bell 
Destal6re, -trice, nmf rdikser, incfter 
DesteritA, tf dexterity, skill, cliTemess 
Destin&re, va. 1. to destine, design, inttad 
Desttn&to, tmf. {ant.) ▼. Destino 
Deslinato, -a, adj. d68tined, filed, doomed 
Destinazidne, tf desiin&tion, purpose, intent 
Destino, tm. d^tiny, fate, doom, lot 
Desiituire, va 3. .to dismiss {public funetio- 

nariet)y to remdre {from office) 
DestitAto, -a, adj. destitute, forldm, poor 
Destiluzi6ne, sf. dismissal, dismission, rcmo- 

▼al {from office) 
Desto, -a, adj. aw&ked, lively, brisk 
Destra , tf. right band , side ; {po.) hand ; a 

dSstra , to the right; sedire alia d^lra , to 

sit at one's right band 
Destr&le, tm. right band, Arm drnament 
Destram^nte, adv. sklfnlly, expirtly 
Deslr&re, va. i. {ant.) ▼. Addeslr&re 
Destreggiamtoto, tm. t. DestrSzza 
Destreggi&re , va. I. to contrive sklfnlly 
Dcstrezza, tf dexterity, sagicily, tact 
Destridre, -o, -a, tmf cdnrser, stded 
D£stro,sm. opportunity, dpening, conr^niency, 

jiiociure , close-stool , wdter closet , priyy ; 

prdndere il dAstro, to siize, the opportunity ; 

il farii se ne aylssi il distro , I wonid do 

it, if I bad an opportunity 
— ZfOdj. skilful, cUver, ciinning, dexteront, 

right, upright, propitious; se.avdsslpih 

d£stra forluna , if 1 wis more liicky ; egli e 

il mio braccio desiro, he is my right Arm 
Destrocbdrio, tm. Armlel for the right Arm 
Deslru^nle, adj. deslriictive, riiinous 
Destraggere, va. i. irr. ▼. Distruggere 
Daslrutldre, distmggitdre, tm. destrier 
Deslruzidne, tf. destrhction, desolAlion, rain 
DesudAre , va. i. to transude , piss through 

the p6res 
Desumere, va. S. irr. to inf6r, conjtetare 
Desuolo, -a, adj. inferred, g&lhered, deduced 
Detenere, va. i. irr. to detiin, hinder, step 
Delent6re, -trice, tmf deliiner, wr6ngfol 

Delen6lo, -a, adj. detiined , det&ined in chs- 

tody, in confinement 
Detenzidne, tf. detention, confinement 
DelergSnle, ad{f. detergent, cleansing 
DelArgero, va. 3. irr. to deterge, cleanse 
Deterioram6nlo, sm. deterior&tion 

FiU» mite, bite, nbie, t&bf; - ftt, mM, bit, ndt, thb; - fir, pique, ^:j* 

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DET — M6 — 


Deterior&re, xa- 1. to detdri«rite, w&sto 
OetemiDire, va. i. to detirmine , decide, fix 
DelermiDatamdnte, adto. det^rmlDately 
Determinatlfo, -a, ad/. deflDitive, dediire 
Determin&to, -a, ui^, deUrmined^ rei6l?ed 
Determioatore, -trice, smf. deldrmiD&tor, de- 

tenniDer, one irbo delermiDes 
lyetermi nasi 606, if. delermin4(ion, resolMion 
DelerBiTO, -a, ad^. detireive, pArir^ing 
Detdrso, -a, ad}, cleansed, piirifled, wished 
Delestibile, orfj. dettetable, hiteful, odious 
Deleslabilm£nle, adv^ detestably, b&lefully 
Detestando, -a, ad}, ab&minable, Execrable 
Delestire, vo. i. to detest, abh&r, bite 
I>e(es(at6re , -trice, «mf. delester , one vho 

Betestazi6ne, %f. detestilion, abomin&tion 
Detonaridne, *f. detonition 
Delrftggere I oa. 3. trt*. to lessen, dedbct, sliin- 
Betrirre | der, detract, siite, carry off 
Detrail&re, va. 1. («n<.) t. rices&re, rifintare 
Detritto, -a , aij. Itesened , depriyed , slan- 
DetTatt6re,-tr{ce, rmf. detrkctor, sliinderer 
Delrattdrio,-a , ad^. detractory , der&gatory , 

Delrazidne, «/. detrkction, lessening 
Bctriininlo, tin. dSlrimenl, bUrt, injury 
DetriiBent6so,-a, adj. delriroeotal, biirtfnl 
' Detrone&ra, ua. 1. ▼. Tronc&re 
Detronizzire, va. i. to dethr6oe 
DetrAdefC, w. a. itr. lothru8tddwn,drfTein 
Detr6^,-a, o(//. sunlc, driven in, tbrned 6iil 
IMlta , ff, debt , credit , good luclc (in piay) ; 
budoa cattfTa delta, good or bad crddit ; 
stire a delta di alcfino, to acquidsce in the 
opinion or a pirson ; esser in detla con 
uno, to agr^e ; aver dvtta , essere in delta , 
to belbfliy at play; taglikr la delta, to 
compWDd, to come to an agreement; st&re 
deUa delta, to be bail (or surely) for andlber 
man's debt ; a delta soa, as he (or she) 
says (or said) 
Dettagii&re, ra. i. to det&il. particularize, re- 
late in deUil 
Detl&glio , tm. det&il , particular ; del&iled , 
particular, circumslknlial acc^Snnt; entr&ro 
in deltigli , to inter into detail , to partic- 
Dett&me, cm. dictates, precepts ; contr&rio al 
detlftme delta coscidnza; c6nlrary to the 
dictates of cdnscieoce; sec6ndo il deltame 
della ragione , according to the dictates of 
Deitare, va. i. to dictate, suggest, teach 
Detlito, *m. st^Ie, composition, kdage; coiO' 
p6rre con bel dctl&to,towrileinafinosttle 
— a^y dictated, t&ugbl, suggested 
Dettal6Tertrfce, %mf. vbo dictates 
Deltatnra, tf. style, dictitioJ), dicliitorship 
DeitaziAne, s/. v. Detikme 
D6t(o, SIR. v6rd, sAying, m&iim ; dal delto al 

fatto e'6 gran tratto, froo. exp. tiyiag ani 
d^ing ai^e tv6 things 
D^tto, -a, 4ulJ. said, sp6ken , c&lied , n&med 
Ddtto tkUo,adv. exp. no sooner said tUM 

Delumeeednza, »f, {nted.) Idwering, aiakiiig 

<of a swelling) 
Deturp&re, oa. i. to dirty, disfigure 
D0turpal6re, sm. defder, corrbpler 
Deturpazi6Qe, if. defilement, corriiptioD, pol- 

lAlion, fduloess, dirtiness 
Doulerondmio , tm. deuter6nomy , the fifHi 

book of the pintateuch 
Devastamdnlo, itn. hkvoc, w&ste, rftin 
Devasl&re, va. i. to d^Yasl&le, pliinder, wiit« 
DeTast&tOra, adj. laid wiste, r^Taged 
Devastatdre , tm. a r&vager, despdiler 
DevaslaziAne, if. deTastAiion , hkvoc, fftllafe 
Devenfre, va. 3. to proceed (fVom one thing t« 

another), to proceed (to do a thing) 
Deviaminto, sm. the ddTi&ling, devi&lion 
DoTiiire, vn. i. to deviate, go astr&y , digr^s 
DeTi&to,-a, adj. d6vi4ted , g6oe astr&y 
DeTiaitfi6ne, if. devi&lion, swerving, deflictioii 
DevolAle, -a, adj. devdWed, transferred 
DeTolazidne, if devol6tion, transfer 
DevdlTere, tan. i. to devAlTe, f&ll to 
DeTOlamtote, adv. devdQlIy, pfousfy 
DeTdto,-a, adj. dev^Hit, dev6ted, atlftcked 
Devozidne, if. dev6tion, pfety, r^Terenoe 
Di, prep, of , with , from , than , in , b^ , s' j 
le fdglie dell'&Ibero, the leaves of the tree ; 
rombrdlla di Robdrto , Bbbert's umbrella , 
sopracc&rico di epileti , dverldaded with 
e[i|lthets ; fu ferflo di pugo&Ie , he wai 
wounded with a dagger; Inipedftelo di f&rio, 
prevent him from doing it; pih rieco di 
me , richer than I ; ha cinque piedi di lar- 
ghezza, il is five f6et in breadth ; di gi6mo, 
by diy; di ndlte, by nfgbt ; d' invdrno , in 
Di, itn. diy, Hgbt 

Diabele , if ( mcd. ) dfab^te , exeissive dis- 
charge of saccharine firine 
l)iabolicam6nte, ado. dfabftlically 
Diabdlico,-a, adj. diab61ical, very ticked 
Diacalam^nlo, sm. a stomachic electuary 
Di^cine, di&cin (!) inter, the dedce (I) 
Diacddion, sm. {pharm.) s^rop of p6ppieB, dia- 

Diaconato, itn. dteconship, dSaconry 
Diaconissa , if deaconess , a female dtaoon 

(in the primitive church) 
Diaconfa, if. deacon ry, d^aconship , hdspltal 

(in the primitive church) 
Di&cono, itn. ddacon 

Diadema, tm. diadem, crdwn, ti^ra, realty 
Diafaniti,-ftle,-ide, if transparency 
Di&fano,-a, adj. di&phanous, transparent 
Diafordsi, if {med.) diaphoresis , augmtoted 

Diafor§tico,'a, adj. diaphordtic, sudorific 

oAr, T&de, - fUl, s5n, bull; - (&re, do; - b^, l^mph,- pSlle, b^h 

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Dlafr&gmai diafr&mma , sm. the diaphragm 
Di&gDosi, sf. {med.) dlagndsis, the kn&wledge 

of a disease 
DiagDdstico, -a, adj. (med.) diagn&stic , indi- 

cAtiog the nitare, of a disease 
Diagon&le, adj. from kngle to kogle, diagonal 
Dlagonalminte, adv. in a dfkgonal direction 
Di&le , adj. m. {of a Flamen ) dev6ted to Ju- 
piter (&rt 
Dialdllica , »f. dialectics , 16glc , the dialectic 
Dlaletticamdnte, adv. 16gically 
Dialdttico, -a, adj. 16gical, dialectical 

— sm. a logician, r^asoner 
Dialdtto, sm. a dialect, idiom, style 
Dialoghdtto, sm. a sh6rt dialogue, c6nference 
Dialdgico, -a, a^j. dialogistic, dialogislical 
Dialogismo, sm. dlklogism 

Dialolista, sm. a diJiIogist, interl6cutor 
Dialogizzare , dialog&re , vn. 1. to diklogiza 

or disc6urse in dialogue 
Diilogo^ sm, dialogue, c6nference 
Dialtda, sf. dialthea, oiatment of m&rsh-mal- 

Diamanticcio, sm. diamond of little ir5rth 
Diamanl&jo, sm. diamond chtler; jeweller 
Diam&nle, sm. a diamond; - di prima icqua, 

a diamond of the first i^'&ter; un andllo di 

diam&nti, a diamond ring; incaston&re un 

diam&nte, to set a diamond 
Diamantino, -a, adj. of diamond 

— sm. a sm&ll diamond 

Diamarin&U, sf c6DserTe of kintish cherries 

DiametrMe, adj. diametrical 

Diametralmente, adv. diametrically, directly 

Di&metro, sm. di&meter 

Diaimin, di&mine(l), interj. the deice (I) 
dickens (I) 

Di&na, sf. Diina, the moon; the mdrning 
sUr; tiro di diana {mar.), morning wdlch- 
gun ; b&tter la diana, to b6at the day-break 
drum, the reveil 

Di&ndri , adj. m. pi. {hoi.) di&ndriao , dikn- 
drous, having two st&mens 

Di&ndria, sf {bat.) dikndria, a cl&ss of planU 
having two st&mens 

Dianzi, adv. bef6re, just now, not long since; 
come dissi di&nzi, as ( said bef6re 

Diapapavero, sm. s^rop of p6ppies, diac6dinm 

Di&pason, sm. {mus.) diap&son, diapase 

Diapente , sf. { mus. ) diapdnte , an interval 
ro&king the second of the cdncords 

Diapdnto, sm. {pharm.) diapdnte, a composi- 
tion of five ingredients 

Diiirio, sm. diary, johrnal, day book 

Di&rio,-a, adj. di4rian, d&ily 

Diarista, sm. diarist, one who keeps a diary 

Diarr^a, sf. diarrhea, lax 

Diascane 1 di&scolo, interj. the defice I 

Diaspro, sm. jksper 

Diastematico, -a, adj. divided, separated 

Di4stilo, sm. diastyle 

Di&stole, sf dilat&tion of the heArt 

Diatdoico, -a, adj, {mus.) d{at6nic , proceed-* 
iog by degrees and including both tones 
and semitenes 
Diatriba, sf a diatribe, dissert&tion 
Dikvola, diavoiessa, sf. a termagant, shrew» 

a devil in petticdats 
Diavol&ccio, sm. a greH iigly devil, rkscal 
— (buon), sm. g6od n&tured feUow 
Diavoleggi&re, vn. 9. to pl&y the devil 
Diavoleria, sf trohblesome devilish affair 
Diavoiesco, diab61ico,-a, a4j. devilish 
Diavoieto, diavolio, sm. burl, a nhmber sf 
devils; gre&t, devilish conf&sion, noise or 
Diavoleltino, diavoietto, sm. little devil , imp 
Di&volo, sm. devil , evil spirit; ha il di&volo 
in c6rpo, adddsso, the devil's in him; far 
il di&volo e pfiggio, il di&volo a qoittro, to 
be furious ; cbi dt&volo i'avrebbe mai ere* 
dfilo?wb6 the devil would hkve tb6ught it? 
sapere dove il di&volo uene la c6da , to be 
shirp and chnning ; non fate il diavolo pib 
nero che non e , prov. exp. give the devil 
his due ; un di&volo caccia raitro , one n4U 
drives d^t an5tber 
Diavoldne, sm. a gre&t devil, a c6nfit. 
Di b&Izo , adv. exp. after a short intenral; 

(taken) at a bduod 
Dibarb&re, dibarbicare, va. i. to uproot 
Dibarbicamento, sm. the reeling op, uprooting ■ 
Dibassamento, sm. v. Abbonamento 
Dibass&re, va. i. to deb&se , v. Abboniro 
Dibasiare, va. i. to take off the pack-Addle 
Dibattere, va. 3. to toss ab^t. sh&ke , bkndy, 
agit4te , sbliffle , beat, deb&te, bniise toge- 
ther, p^nd; dib&ttersi, to exert one's sel^ 
be Agitated, violently 8b4keD 
Dibattimento, dib&ttito, sm. shaking, deb&te; 
i dibattili delle camere, the debates of the 
Dibaltitdjo, sm. cithern, lute, Urge guit&r 
Dibatlitere, sm. a deb&ter cdntrovertist 
Dib&tto, sm. v. Dibattimento 
DibaltiiU, sf v. Dibattito 
Dibattuto, -a, adj. afflicted , discohraged 
Di bel nudvo, adv. exp. ag4in, a second time» 

once m6re 
Diboccare, va. i. to Ake ^t of one's m6Blh 
Dibonariamente, adv. gr&ciously, affably 
Dibonarietk, -&te, -ade, sf affability, kindness 
Diboscamento,5ifi. the felling trees, clearing 
Dibosc4re , va. 1. to cht diSwn the trees of a 

wood, clear, m&ke a clearing 
Dibosc&to, -a, adj. cleared of trees 
Dibottire, va. i. to shake, v. Agitire 
Di b6tto , adv. exp. at once , on a shdden ^ 

Dibrancire, va. i. to dil&te, t. SbrancAre 
Di brigjtta, adv. exp. together, in cdmpany 
Dibruciire, va. i. to biirn, t. Abbrociire 
Dibroc&re, dibrusc&re, va. i. to lop, prftne 
DibucciamentOi sm. bArkiDg(of trees), sheUiDg 

FiU, mete, bite, n6te, tdbe; - flit, met, bit, n6t, thb; 

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Dibncdire, va. 4. to strip off the bftrk, p^l 
Dibned&to, -a, wlj. Mrked, peeled, shilled 
IN bo^oa f(6de , adv. exp. f&ithfally , in good 

Oith, hdnesUy 
Di bodn &Dtmo, adv. exp. heftrttly , wllliDgly 
Di bii6n iria , adv. exp. blithly , ch^erfally ; 

adj. pleasant, mhtry, jocbnd 
IH badoa Tdgtia, adv. exp. villiDgly, rdadily, 

-with good will 
Di bo^n'ora, adv. exp. ^arly, beKxnes 
Dicire, adj. cbktty, glib, pert, t&lkatiTe 
Dieacita, sf. garr61ity, glibneti, pirtnets 
Dicadere, vn. 3. irr. to dec&y, t. Decaddre 
DicalTire, va. 4. to 8h&?e, mike b&ld 
Dicapitire, va. i. to behead, t. Decapitare 
Dic&re, va. i. (/aftn^ t. Dedicare 
Dieast^ro, tm 6ffice, bAreau , dep&rtment (for 

the traoi&clioQ of pbblic aff^irt) 
Dic&to, -a, adj. dMicited, c6D»ecrMed ipo.) 
IMceo, sm. dyke, r. Argine 
Die^mbre, sm. deeimber 
Dictate, ad(j. s&ying, who siys 
Dfcere, va. 9. irr, (antiq.) t. Dire 
Dieeria, $f. a w5rdy har&ngue, pr68y speech, 
•iyiDg ; tenir dieerfa di nna cota^ to talk 
long and prdsily of a miitter 
Di c^rto, adv. exp. certainly , assuredly 
Dieer^io, »m. a short bat Ampty sp^ch 
Dieerrellire, va. i. to rack the briins, b5ther 
Dicerrellito, -a, adj. h&rebr&ined, wild 
Dieerrell&rsi , vrf. to b5lher, 6verwdrk or 

6Ter Usk one's briios 
Dieeas&re, van, i. {ant.) to lessen, v. Scemare 
Die^Tole, adj. suitable, decent, l)ec5ining 
Dieeroldzza, tf. d^ncy, suitableness 
DiceTolzn^nto, adv. decently, becdmingly 
DichiarafidnOy -m6nto, smf. declar&tion 
Diehiarinte, smf. he or she who decl&res 
Dichiar&re, oa. 1. to decl4re, expUin, mani- 
fest ; dichiar&rsi, vrf. to declare 
DiehiaratfTo, -a, adj. decUratire, explanatory 
Dichiarat6re, -trfce, tmf. decl&rer , expljdner 
Diehiaratdrio, -a, adj. declaratory 
Dicbiaraxldne, tf. deciarition, explication 
Djebiarfre, va. 9.- to eoKghten, sare from 

doubting, dissipate one's d^bts 
Dicbinam^nto, tm. stooping, g6ing d5^n, bind- 
ing, sl6pe, declin&tion, decline 
Diehin&re , tm. i. to decline , go ddwn , fill ; 
il gi6mo dichina , the day begins to de- 
dine ; diehio&rsi, to stop d6wn, to bend 
Dicbino, tm. decline, bent, declirily, descdnt; 
le mie force cominclano ad and4re in de- 
ebjno, my strength is beglning to decline 
Dieianndve, tm. nineteen 
DidannoTlsimo, -a, adj. nineteenth 
DiciassMte, tm. and adj. sercnt^n 
Dieiassettteimo, •a, adj. siventienth 
Didbile, adj. that m&y be s4id 
Dldferire , dlcifr&re, va, i. to dedpher, ex- 
plain (expliined 
Diciferito, -a, dicifr&to , -a, adj- deciphered , 

Diciferat6re, dldfrat6re, sm. dedpherer , ex- 
plainer • 
Dlciocc4re, va. 3. to bre&k off the dbstara or 

thfts of frftils and fldi^ers 
Diciottesifflo, -a, adj. iight^enth 
Dicidlto, tm. and adj. eigbtien 
Dicit6re, tm. speaker, rei&ler, ftrator 
Dicitdra, tf delivery ( in spealcing ) , speech ; 

aT6re una b^Ua dicitAra, to h&To a fine 

DicolUre, va. i. behead, t. DecoUare 
Dicdtto, -a, adj^ dried in the sun, bSled 
Dicozi6ne, sf. t. Decozidne 
t>icr6scere,va.3. irr. to decrease, v. Decrescere 
Di c61po , adv. exp. suddenly , instantly , at 

Di cdUa, adv. exp. S^l of hand, off-band, im- 

Di compagnia, adv. exp. in edmpany, together 
Di concerto, adv. exp. with cdmmon acc6rd , 

Di concdrdia , adv. exp, conedrdably, with 

agr^menl, unknimously 
Di continue, adv. exp. continually 
Di consdrra , adv. exp. together, in c6mpany 

(as a convoy, or caravan) 
Di c6ntra, di c6nlro, prep, and adv. exp. 6ver- 

agAinst, 6pposite * 
Di c6rsa , di c6rso , adv. exp. chrsorily , in 

Di c6rto , adv. exp. shdrtly, in a short time ; 

dsser vesUto di c6rto (ofprietlt)%o be dres- 
sed in short cl6thes 
Di cdsta, adv, exp. on one side, close, by ; di 

costa al fiAme, close by the river 
DicotilMone, dicotileddnio, -a, ac^. {hot.) di- 

cotylidonous, having two lobes 
Dicotilddone (pi. dicotilMoni), tmf {bat.) di- 

cotylMon , a plant whose seeds divide into 

two lobes in germinatiog 
Dicroil&re , va. i. to sh&ke , v. GroU&re , di- 

Dicrud&re,tHi. 1. to sweeten, v. Disasprire, dls- 

Dicudcere, va. 3. irr. {ant.) to , m&ke a de- 

c6ction, dry in the sun 
Di cudre, adv. exp. heftrtily, from the heirt; 

v' amo di cudre, 1 l&ve you m68t sincerely, 

I do 15ve you 
Didasc&lico , did&ttico , -a , adj. did&ctic , in- 

Did6Uo, -a, adj. dedhcted, dr&wn, derived 
Die tm. [po.) diy, light, shnshfne 
Did {f&r diede), give 
Didce, diSci, tm. and adj. ten 
Diecina, v. Decina 

Di^resi, sf separ&lion of v^els, dferesis 
Didronsi (/or. didronosi, 3. pers. p, perf. ind. 

of dare, or/.), they give one anftther 
Didsis, sm. simitdne 
DldU, tm, diet, regimen, dietary, assembly ; 

tendre a dieU, to diet, to put up6n a diet ; 

ndr, Titde;-ftU, s5d, biUl;-l!kre, d^; 



— J9B — 


"•tim iB ditlft, to ben od a lAw di«t; Mtor* 
• T&re la diela, to obsdrre, k6ep a rigimen 
INetan^Dle, ad9, quickly, nimbly 
Diet&re, m. i. to diet, kiep to a regimen 
Dietdlica, ff. (f*iMl.>dfetitic», principlet fbr 

r&guiiting tbe diet 
Dietdlico, -a, adj. dlet6Ue, dfelilioal 
DIetreggi&re, vh. i. to g6, All or atirt back 
DMtro , prep, and ado. behind , kfter, After- 
wards; porta di dietro , a back ddor ; ve- 
nfvano dietro a me, they c&me after me; 
ftrsi in dietro , to dr&w back ; dietro la 
p^rta, behind the door; dietro gu&rdia, 
T. Retroga^rdia 
Dietroguirdia, if. r^ar gaftrd 
Difalc&re, m. 1. to dediict, ab4te, retrench 
Difelcazidoe, tf. I retrinobment diminalion , 
Difiico, sm. I deduction, ab&lement 
Dif&Ua, if. defiult , i3ialt, deftet, omUiion , 

brfoch, dearth 
Diralt&re, va. 1. to omit, f&il, deertete 
Djfenddnte , «m. respdndent , defi&ndant , one 

who maintains a thesis 
Dlfdndere, va. 3. irr. to defend, protect 

— va. S. to prohibit. ▼. Proibire; dlMndersi; 
vrf. a, to defend one's self 

DlfeDddvole, adj. defensible, justifiable 
Difendiminto, sm. defence , t. Dififtsa 
Difendiiivo, -a, adj. defensive 
Difendil6re, -Irlce, smf. defender , protietor 
Dilsosihtle, adj. definsible , maintiinaUe 
Difiansivo, -a, adj. defensive, (it. for deftoco 
Difens6re, $m. defender, protector, gu&rdian; 
direos6re nfflcidso, {law) defender appSinled 
by the C6url 
Diferire, va. 3. t. Deferire 
Di f«rmo, adv. exp. yftrily, cdrtaioly, fjr cer- 
DUIsa, difensi6ne, sf. defense , defdnce, resist- 
ance; — person&le, prdpria diftea, selfde- 
finse; mfiizi di diresa,(/aio) justiiic&tioB; 
in prdpria dif^sa , per propria diftea , in 
seimefi&nse; senza dlfitea , undefended, de- 
iSnseloss, unsheltered; in ist&to di dife«a; 
defensible; mdllere, p6rre in istito di di- 
fisa, to make defensible; stiresulla dif^a, 
to stand up6n the defensive; pr§odere, in- 
traprindere , ass6mere la dlf^sa di alcfino , 
to take one's p&rt or defense ; chi pa6 far 
difesa contro i Tostri Tezsi? who can resist 
your cb&rms? 
Difeso, -a, adj. defended, protected 
Difett&nte. adj. defective, w&nting 

— s. wh6 f&ils, wh6 is in want 
Direlt&re, van. i. to st&nd in nded of, be in 

wint of, be withdlit, nded, wint (blano) 
DifelUvameDte, adv. In a dofective minner 
Difettivo, -a, adj. defective, imperfect 
Difdtlo. m. defect, blemish, fiiUng, wint; per 
* difetlo di esperienza , from win! of eip4- 
rience; addmpiere il difitto, supplire al di- I 
fttlo, to supply a dellclency; corr^geni I 

do' propri dil9Ui » to mend » rei6rn; atM 
diflMto di una cdsa, to wftntor need a thing) 
far difetto, to lAil in d6ly; impntiro a din 
feuo, to lay to one's bl&me or ob&rga 
Dibltosamtete^ adv. defectively, in animpei^ 

foot m&nner 
Difeltdso, -a, adi^. defecltvo, imperfisci 
DifeltAccio, difelt6zzo , tm. a slight defect 
DifeltuositA, tf. defectiveness, imperfectio» 
DifTalcAre, va, i. v..Difaleare 
Diff4leo, tm. v. Dif&Ieo 
DilTAUa, sf. f&ttlt, ohiission, r. DiRtlta 
Diffaltire, va. 1. v. Difallare 
DiframamMlo,sm. v. DilTamasione 
DKTam&re, m. 1. to def&me, slAndor , beUe 
Diffam&to, -a, adj. defimed, slkodered 
DilTamaldre, sm. defAmcr, slanderer 
Diffamal6rio, -a, adj. defamatory, calUmnloas 
Diffamazi6ne, sf. defam&tion, ekiamny 
DiOerente, adj. different, unlike, various 
DlflTerentememe, adv. diiferently , dtherwis^ 
Differenza, differlozia, sf. diiTerence, dispdil« 
DifTerenzi&re, vo. 1. to discriminato , disllA-> 

Differenziatameate , adv. with difference or 

Differenat&to, -a, adj. distinguished, m&rkod 
Differimenio, tm. deUy, respite, puUing off 
Dlfferire, va. S. to defer, pit off, delAy, poal^ 

p6ne, adjoiirn 
Differmamento, tm, {Utile uted) refuliUoa, 

Differm&re, va. I. {little used) to Tefaie» con* 

Difficile, adj, difficnit, bird, phxzUng 
DifGciietto, -a, adj. sdmewh&l dif^cult 
Difficilmenle, ado. with difficulty, hArdly 
DifOcoltk, diffionllk, -Ate, -Ade. sf. difficqlty, 
trohble ; — grive, serious difficulty; — leg- 
giera, lieve, trIDing difficulty ; faro diifiool- 
ih , to object to a ihing; far n&aoere le dif* 
ficoltA, to r&ise difficulties ; studiAre indif- 
ficolti, to love difficuities 
DifOcollire, va. i. to make difficult , h&rd 
Difflcoltdso, -a, adj. difficult, bird to pl6ase 
DifGdamento, tm. diffidinaa, tf. distriist, dif- 
fidence, suspicion 
Diffid&re , va. 4. to distriut , d6ubt, suspect; 

difildiire di alciino, to distrust a person 
Diffidito, -a, adj. distrhsled, suspectod 
Diffidtnto, adj. diffident, mislrdslful 
Diffidlnza (diffiddnzia, ant.), sf. diffidence, 

distrhst, suspicion 
Diffinfre, va. 3. to define, decide, determine 
DiffiniUmdnte, a(fv. clearly, kbsolulely 
Diffinitivamente, adv. definitively 
Diffinilivo, -a, ac{j. definitive, decisive, expre« 
Diffinfto, -a, adj. deHned, decided, finiahed 
Diffinit6re, tm. provincial's assistant, dofiner 
Diffinisi6Be, sf. v. Definizione 
Diffdndere, va. 3. irr. to diffuse, shed, p^ar 
^t; diffondersi, to dii&ie, diffOoe iuelf; 

i^iU, mete, bite, ii6te, tAbe; - ftl, net, Mt, n6t, Ihb; - fllr,^ pique, «::^ 

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«i Mpra nn ftrgomSdlo, to «DlArg#, 

dveil updD a •dbject 
Difbodildre, <trice, tmf, who sheds, diffAsas 
BiAbrnire, tn. i. to disflgure, t. Diformare 
Oiff&rme, adj, duslmilar, different, unlike 
Diflrormit&, -4le, -ftde, sf. dissimilkrity, dissi- 

mUUude, difference, diversity, contrariety 
Diffoaaminte, adv. diffusely, kmply, fttlirge 
Diffasidno, if. diffusion, effAsioa, spreading 
Diffosfvo, -a, adj. diffasive, extdndiog 
DiffAfto, -a, adj. diffuse, widely spread 
Di fi&neo, adv. exp. by the tide, l&teraUy 
Di filo , adv. exp. wilb^t intermission , one 

after andlher ,* pigli4r uno di filo , to in- 

dAce one to do a thing , Tilhd&t gifing hin 

tioe for any repl^ 
Difipito, -a, adj. boilt, t. Edificato 
DifiUre, va. 1. to fling a thing str&ight at ^ny 

one; difilirsi, to thr6iv at . or go striight 

and quiclcly ap to iny one , to fling, shoot 

fSr, lance 
DifilatamAnte, adv. quickly and striight 
Difil4to , -a , ttdj. g6ne slr&ight against; adv. 

ilriight; c6rrere difiUto alia m^ta, to riish 

striight and rkpid (like an krrow) to the g6al 
DiflDimdnto, tm. definition, concl6sion 
Diformire, vo. 1. to defdrm, disflgnre 
Dirormatam^nte, adv. deformedly 
Dilonnilo, -a, adj. defArmed, disfigured 
Oifirme, adj, deformed, Ogly, unsh&pely 
Diformtli, &te, -ide ( tf. defdrmity , hsli- 
Diformazidne f ness, irregolirity 

Di forxa, adv. exp. by main foroe, fdrcedly 
Di fresco, adv. exp. IMely, newly, freshly 
Di fr6n(e, adv. exp. trer against, 6ppo8ito 
Di furto, adv. exp. by steallh, stealthily 
Difosamdnte, adv. diffiksely, ▼. Diffusam^nte 
Difnsi6ne, sf. diffAsion, ▼. DiffuiiAne 
Difosivo, -a, adj. ▼. Diffusiro 
Difoso, -a, adj. diffuse, T. Di ffAso 
Diga, sf. a d^ke, bank, embinkment, m6Ia 
Di galdppo, adv. exp. at a gkllop 
Digenerare, vn. 1. ▼. Degenerare 
Oiger^ote, adj. digesting 
Dfgerimento, sm. digestion, concdction 
Digerire, va. S. to digest, eoncdct; digerfre 

an afff6nto, to brook an affrAnt 
Digerfto, -a, adj. digested 
Digestibile, adj. digestible, Easily digested 
Digestidne, tf. digestiminto, tn. digestion 
Digestfre, va. 3. to digtet, set in drder, slddy 
Digestfvo, -a, adj. digislive, disp6sing 
Digteto, -a, smf. {law) digest, pandect of civil 
— adj. digested, methodized, in drder ( Idw 
DighJacciaminlo tm. Ih&w, liquefaction 
Dighiacciire, vn. i. to th&w, melt, llqttef;^ 
Dighiaccialo, -a, adj. mMted, tbiwed 
Di gik, ado. exp. already 
Digiog&re, oa. i. to uoy6ke, anbirness 
DigiogUoi -a, adj. ony6ked, unhiroessed 
Digitile, adj. dlgilal; t. (hot.) fOzgloTO 
DigitiUo, -a, a4j. (tol.) digitate, dlgiUtod 

Digito, sm. finger, digit, ineh 

Di giii , adv. exp. hel6w, beneath ^ d^n; di 

SQ, di gib, up and dd#a 
Digifigoere, va. a.trr. lodisjlyn.siparito, p&rt 
Digiunare, vn. i. to f&st^ abst&in from food 
Digiunat6re, -trice, tmf. a f&sUr 
DigiAoe, §fp. the 6mbor-wAeks, Cftst 
Digidoo, sm. f&st, fisting , ibstinence ; a di- 

giino, fistHig; rdmpere il digibno (far oo- 

lazi6oet, to breik one' s fiat; osserrire il 

gi6no, to keep a i&st 

a. adj. iiUtlog (jejune, dry, void) 

Digihnto, -i, adj. disj6lDed, deticbed, pirted 
Dignitc\, -ite, -ide, sf. dignity, rank, plice 
Dignitirio , sm. dignitary , he who b61d8 a 

DignitOso , -a , adj. wftrlby , fiill of diftntty , 

dignified, decorous, distlogdisbed, n6ble 
Digocciolire, vn. 1. to drop, t. Gocciolire 
Digoizire, va. 1. to cot the threat 
Digradaminto. sm. griduat descent, blinding 
Digradire, vn\ i. to descind gridoally, sidpe 

— va. to degride, displice, blend 
Digradataminte, adv. gradually , by degries 
DIgradito, -a, adj. degrided, griduited 
Digradazi6ne, t/l gridaal descint, blinding 
Di grido, adv. exp, willingly, with pliasnro 
Digranire, va. i. to hbsk, ▼. Sgranire 

Di gran lOnga, adv. exp. by fir, a greit dial, 
much more, ezciedingly, beyind measure 
Digrassire, tw. 1. to take awiy the fat 
Di grito , adv. exp. of one's 6wn good pita- 
sore^ friely, gritis, witb^nit recompense 
Di grizia, adv. exp. priy ; favorisca , di gra- 

sia, priy, c6me in 
Digredire, vn. S. to digriss 
Digressiine, tf. digrission, episode 
Digressiro, -a, adj. digrcssiTO , w&nderinf 
Digrisso, -a, adj. mislid, led astriy 

— tm. digrission, deviition 
Digressdrio, -a, eity. digrissional 
Digrigninle, adj. snirliog^ gnisbing 
Dlgrignire, vn. I. to gnish, gr(nd tbetieth 
Digrossaminto, tm. the (first) robgb sketch 
Digrossire, va. i. to chip, robgh-b«w, tiach 
Digrossito, -a, adj. fdrmed, fishioned, civil 
Digrumile, tm. the first stimach (of rftminit- 

ing inimals) 
Digromire, vn. 1. to chew , chew the eud\ 

rftminite, pdnder, mAse on, consider 
Digrumito, -a, adj. rimioiled, mAsed on 
Digrumatire, -trice, tmf a rflminitor 
Diguaslire^ va. i. {ant.) to spCll, v. Guastare 
Diguazzaminto , tm. the ict of sbiking , stir- 
ring up or mixing iny liquid 
Digoazsire , va. i. to shike up , stir , mix or 

igitite any liquid 
Digoazzita, tf. ▼. Diguauamento 
Diguazzilo, -a, adj. shaken, stirred, mixed 
Diguisire, va, 1. ▼. Trasformire 
Digusciire, va, 1. to shell, bbsk (pease , eto.) 
Digoseiito, -a, adj. shilled 

air, lAde; - HU , sto, bAU ; - Art, i6;'hf, \fmph ; paie , b^i^,^ |^ '^1 ; gem , ai 


— 200 — 


Bi \k, adv. that way. the 5ther side, beybod; 
se and&te di U, if you go that iray; passjite 
di \k, go on the dther side ; Tengo di Ik , I 
odme from tb^Dce ; 8ec6Ddo 1' uso di \k, ac- 
cording to the ctiilom of that coimtry ; di 
\h dal p6Dte , beydnd the bridge ; il conto 
che dovr^mo rindere di Ik, the accdilnt we 
must give bireiftt^ (in the other world) 
Dilacckre, va. i. to cut off the legs (of a beast) 
Dilacc&rsi, vrf. to teAr off one's liAbs 
Dilacciare, va. 1. to onl&ce, untie 
Bilaceram^nto, sm. te&ring, i:icer&ting 
Dilacerire, va. 1. to leir, rend, Uccrate 
Dilacer&to, -a, t6rn, rent, Ikcer&ted 
Djiagire, va. i. to 6rerfl6w, t. Allagkre 
Dilagatamdnto, adv. impetuously, with f&ry 
Bilaj&re, va. i. to del&y {ant.) , v. Tratlendre 
Dilam&re, va. i. v. Smottare 
Dllaniam^nto, im. lacer&Uon , the tearing in 

DilaniAre, va. 1. to Ikcer4le, tear in pieces 
Dilaniklo, -a, adj. Ikcer&led , tdrn in piices 
Dilaniat6re,-trfce, ttnf. teArer, render, one 

who Ikceriles 
DilapidamSnto, »m. dilapid&lion, wkste 
Dilapid&re, va. 1. to squander aw&y, Ikvish 
Dilapidat6re, -trice, smf. dilkpidMor. squin- 

derer, Ikvisher 
Dilapidazi6oe, sf. t. Dilapidamento 
Dilargire, va. i. i. Diradare 
Dil&U, sf. {liuieused) del&y, piiiltiogoff, defdr- 
Dilat&bilo, adj. dil&Uble, extensible (riog 
Dilatabililk, sf. dilaUbility 
Dilatam^nto, sm. dilat&nza, f dilat&tion 
Dilat&nte, adj. dilating, spidading SUlI 
DilaUre, va. 1. to dil&le, extend, amplify 
-- V. to deftr, put off, pTol6ng, deliy 
DilatatfTo.-a, adj. susceptible of extension 
Dilat&to,-a, adj. dil&tod, extended, enl&rged 
DilaUt6re, -trice, smf. diUter, dilitor 
Dilazion&re, va. and n. i. to del4y, defer, pro- 
Di1atazi6ne, ^f. dilat&tion, extension 
Dilatdrio, -a, adj. dilatory, sl6w, t&rdy 
Dilavamento, sm. dilavazitoe, f. wishing, the 

we&r and te&r by w&shing 
Bilav&re, vn. 4. to wish diit,wilshaw&y, con- 
sume by wishing 
DiIaTito,-a, adj. wished awiy, pile, fided; 

col6r dilav&to, bl6ak, pale, fided c51or 
Dilaxionceila, sf short deliy, stiy, stop 
Dilazi6ne, sf. deliy, deferring, respite, stiy 
Bilegire, va. i. to untie, t. Slegare 
Dileggiibile, adj. liughable, quizzical, 6dd 
Dileggiamento, sm. derision, liughing-stock 
Dileggiire, va. i. to liugh at, quiz, mock 
Dileggiaiezza, sf. Impudence, insolence 
Dileggiito,-a, adj. quizzed, sc6ffed ; shimeless 

{obs. in this sense) 
Dileggialore, -trice, smf. derider, quiz 
Dileggtno, sm. fop, gallint, quiz 
Biieggio, sm. derision, scoff, m6ckery 

Diiegine, adj. soft, slight, thin (of textnre) 
Deleguamdnto, sm. t. Dileguo 
Dilegu&re, vn. i. si, vrf. to Tinish, disap- 
pear, go off, melt awiy ; si dilegu& come da 
corda cocca, he fled as an krrow from the 
Dileguito, -a, adj. finished, melted awiy 
Dildguo , sm. the R6ing off, disappearance, 
distance ; andir in dileguo^ to Tinish, melt 
into eir, disappear 
Dilemma, sf. dilemma, difficulty 
Diletic4re, va. i. to tickle, please, flitter 
Diietico, sm. tickling, titill&tion 
Dileticeso,-a, adj. ticklish, difficult, nice 
Dilettibile, adj. delfghflul, delecUble 
Dilettabiliti,-&te,-4de, sf deligbtfolness 
Dilettamento,sm.(dilett&nza,/'. ant.) delight, j(^ 
Dilettinte, sm. a dilettante, amate6r 
Diletlire, va. i. to delight, rejoice, ricreite 
Dilsttirsi, vrf. to take delight in, be pleased 
Dllettito, sm. {ant.) delight, pleasure, j^, t. 

Dlleltat6re, -trice, smf. rejSicer, amAser 
Dilettazi6ne, sf. pleasure, satisfaction, delfght 
Dilettevole, adj. delightful, chirming 
Dilettevolmente, adv. deUghtfoUy 
Dileltissimo, adj. dearly beldTod 
DileUiTO,-a, adj. affectionate, fond, tender . 
Diieito, sm. pleasure, delight, j^; a dlletto, 
a bel diletto , at will , at pleasure, on phr- 
pose ; and&r a diletto, to g6 witkiog ; pren- 
der a diletto, to mike 8p6rt of 
— a, adj. beldred, dear 
Dilettosamente, adv. agreeably, pleasantly 
Dilett6so, dilezi6so, -a, adj. delightful 
Dllezi6ne, sf 15ve, affection, benevolence 
Diliberamente, adv. freely, v. Liberamente 
Diliberamento, sm. j deliverance, riddance, 
Diliberinza, sf t deliberition, decision 
Diliber&re, va. (v. Liberire), to deliver, re- 
lease, rid of, deliberate, propese, decide 
Diliberatamento, adv. deliberately, advisedly 
Diliberativo,-a, adj. dellberitive 
Diliberito, adj. determined, Tes6lved, fixed ; 

con propdsito deliberito, wilfully 
Diliberazi6ne, sf deliberition, res6lve 
Dilibero, -a, adj. determined, released 
Dilibrirsi, vrf. i. to l6se one's equilibriam 
Dilicamento,sm. dilicinza./: {ant.) deiicateness 
Dilicatamente, adv. delicately, tinderly 
Dilicatezza, sf delicacy, exquisitness , vo- 

Ihptnonsness, effeminacy, s6flness 
Dilicito,-a, adj. delicate, weak, nice, tender; 
mani delicite, soft hands; vivinde delic&te, 
DllicatAra, sf i. Delicatura ' (diinty bits 
Diligentare, va. 1. to perfdrm with diligence 
Diligente, adj. diligent, wilchful, c4reful 
Diligentemente. adv. diligently, cirefully 
Diligenza, diligenzia, sf diligence, c4re 
Diligi6ne, sf {ant. derision), v. Dileggiamentd 
Dilimirsi, vrf i. to g6 d^n to the bottom 
Diliquidire, va. 1. to Uqueff, melt, diss61re 

FkUt mete, bite, ndte, t&h«; - fkt, mit, bit, n&t, tikb: 



IHL — 201 — 


Dllisein, t«. i. to scile fish {ckmp 

Bilof gi&re, m. i. to m&rch off, rem&Te , de- 
Dilogyiilo.-a, adj. g6ne awjiy, removed 
Di]oaib4re»vn.i. &ni. vrf, to bre&k one*8 back 
DilofflliAto, -a, adj, hipshol, br6keDb&cked 
Di lonlino, adv. exp. at a distance, from afir 
Dilucidamente, adv. 16cidly. eliarly, pliuDly 
Dilncid&re, va. i. to dil6cidate 
Dilacidiio, -a, adj. expl&ioed, cleared 
Dilocidazidne, sf. elucid&tion, cldariDg 
Dil6cido, -a, adj. (ant.) clear , ividept, 16cid 
Diluculo.t«.(/artn)d&irn,dr&irniDg, daybreak, 
the first appearance of light in the mdrning 
Diludnle, $m. dilaent, dil6ling, atteao&ling 
Diluire. va. S. to dilute, w&sh , weaken; to 
rtoder liquid or m6r{ liquid, to make thin, 
or m6re fluid 
Di l6Dga mino , adv. exp. long since , a long 

while ag6 
Dilnngafflinto,sm.rem6teness, distance, deliy 
Dilungire, va.i.lo send off, kdep off, remove ; 
{for prolungire) to prol6og, deliy, put off; 
(for allnng&re) to stretch, lengthen, extend; 
dDong&rsi , vref. to dep&rt from, go aw&y , 
digr^; — dall'argomento, to depart from 
the miin siibject 
Dilnngito, -a, adj. removed, prol6nged; non 
m'era m6lto dilung&to da cisa, quiodo co- 
minci6 a pidvere, I had got but a little way 
from home, when it began r&ining 
Bi iiioge, di Ihngi, adv. exp. fAr off, distant 
DilAogo, di 16ngo, adv. exp. continoally, di- 
rectly . immediately ; son&re a dilungo , to 
nog 6^t the bells 
Dilaviino, -a, adj. dil6Tian, of the deluge 
DiluTiire, vn. i. to riin, to p6ur , to diloge, 

ioondate, 6verfl6w, dev6or 
I>ilnviat6re, -trice, smf. a gdrmaodfter, glbtton 
DilCtrio, $m. deluge, Influx, abhndance 
DiluTi6ne, $m. ghtller, gre&t glhtton 
DiluTi6so, -a, adj. 6Terfl6«ing like a ddluge 
Dimagramento, sm. the bec6ming, getting or 

grdwiog thin, sp^re 
Dimagrire, dimagher&re, va. i. to m&ke ISan, 
— vn. to'gr6w thin, l^an (thin 

Dimagrito , -a , adj. atienu&ted , em&ciated , 
Dimagrazi6ne, »f. atlenuMioUf gr6wing thin 
Di male in p^%io,adv. exp. wdrse and nine 
Di mal dechio , adv. exp. shrilly , with dis- 
pleasure , with a riincorous or malevolent 
eye; Toder di mal dcchio, to see with dis 
pleasure , to look up&n sdrly , to look with 
a rkncorotts or malevolent e^e 
Dimioda, af. question, demSind, request 
Dimandagi6ne, tf. dimandamento, m. demiind 
Dimandinte, smf. demandant, petiliooer 
Dimandire, va. i. to dsk, demand, request 
Dimandat6re^ -trice, tmf inquirer, demknder 
Dim&ndo, tm. dimandazi6ne, f. demStnd (d&y 
Dimine , domine , if. tbe m6rrow , the next 
Dim&ni , tm. and adv. to-m6rrow; dim&ni a 
dtto , to-morrow week ; dim&n V iltro , the 

day After to-m6rrow; dim&ni sera , to-m6r- 
row evening 
Dimanierache, di maniera che, conj. so that 
Di mano in mAno, adv. exp. successively, one 
after an&lher ; di mAno in mAno ch' io pro- 
gredf va , as 1 advanced ; e cost di mAno in 
mAno, and so fdrth 
Dimattina, adv. v. Domatlina 
D'imbolfo, adv. exp. (ant.) v. Furtivamente 
DimembrAre, va. I. to te&r, v. Smembrare 
Dimenamento, tm. agitAlion. t6s8ing, stir 
DimenAre, va. 1. to shake, AgilAte, m6ve vio- 
lently, stir, toss ; dimenArsi, vrf to flbiter, 
quAke , stir, m6vo one's self rAstlessIy and 
violenily, keep t6ssing abdUt 
Dimenazi6ue, tf. | agitAtion, m6tion^ tftssing, 
Dimento, tm. | flbtler, wigging 
Di meno, adv. exp. less, without; ci converrA 
fArne di meno, we must dispense with it, we 
must do witho&l it; non potei far di meno 
di non ridere , I could not help lAughing ; 
tjuesto vAle died frAnchi di meno , this is 
wdrth ten francs less 
Dimensi6ne, tf. dimension, measure, bulk 
DimentAre, va. infAtuate, make mad 
DimenticAggine, tf | forgetful- 

Dimenticamento, tm. -ticAnsa, f. \ ness 
DimenticAre, van. i. to forget, neglect 
DimenticAto, -a, adj forget, neglected 
Dimenlicatdjo, sm. the seat (gulf) of oblivion; 
mandAre, lasciAr nel diroenticatdjo, to cAst 
into (the gulf of) oblivion, forget 
Dimentichevole, dimentico, ^a, adj. forgetful 
Dimentico, -a, adj. forgetful, unmindful 
DimenUre , ua. 3. ( better , smentfro ) , to give 

tbe lie, belie, contradict 
DimeritAre, van. i. to d6 amiss (demerit), be 

naw5rtby, fdrfeit 
Dimessidne, tf dismission, resignAUon 
Dimesso^ -tLjttdj. omitted, left, laid aside, ne^ 
giecled, dejected, displriied, fAint; sguArdo 
dimesso , a d^ncast look ; dimesso crfna , 
(poet.) dishevelled h4ir 
Dimeslicamente, adv. famlliary, Intimately 
Dimesticamento, tm. the tAming 
Dimes ticAre, t>a. 1. to tame, domesticate 
DimesticArsi, vref. to bec&me Intimate with 
DimesticAto, -a, adj. tAmed, domesUcAted 
Dimesticaziene, tf tAming (familiarizing) 
Dimestichevole, adj. v. Domestichevole 
Dimeslichezia, tf famlliAriiy, friendship, In- 
timacy ; pigliAr dimeslichezza con Ano , to 
contrAct a friendship with a person 
Dimestico, -a, adj. intimate, familiar, tAme 
Dimeilere, va. 9. irr. to discontinue, give up, 
le^ve off , eease , forgive ; dimettersi , to b« 
one's self no m6re, to dehAse one's self 
Df metro, adj. m, (vert.) dimeter, hAving two 
poetical measures ; tm. dimeter , a verse of 
tw6 measures 
Dimettitdre, tm. remitter, pArdoner, forglvar 
Dimezzamento, tm. v. Ammezzamento 

Bdr, rftd«;-ftU, tin, b&U; -fbe, d6; -b^ I^mph; pAie, 

b^i, fdill, 

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— «» — 


Dimenire, uo. i. to divide in h&lres 
DimezcMo, -a, adj. halved, parted in iii6 
0imidi4re, ra. 1 . t. Dimexx&re 
Dimfao, dimfoio, fm. {antiq.) will, p6wer 
Dimiaadodo (decresc^ndo), mut, dimiDudndo, 

Diminuibile , adj. dimloishable , that may be 
• lessened, decreased, ab&ted 
Dlminoim^Dto, am. diminAtion relrftnchment 
DIfflioufre, va. 3. to diminish, retrench 
DimiDoito, -a, adj. diminished, reduced 
DiminutiTam^Dte, adv* diminttlively 
Diminuiivo, diminuiliro, -a, at^j. dimiootiTe 
Diminuzi6ne, sf. diminution, redbction 
Dimission&rio, adj. m. resigned, that has re- 
signed ; ( part. ) that has vacated his s<iat ; 
{mil.) that has thr6vn up his commission ; 
»m. resigner 
Dimissi6ne, gf. resfgnMion {of functiom); 
dare la propria dimissi6ne ; to resign , to 
give in one's resign&lion; (mil. ) to lhr6« 
up one's commission; {pari.) to v&cate on«'s 
sSat ; present4re , offrire la prdpria dimis- 
si6ne, to tdnder one's resignilion 
Dimissdria (leltera), adj. f. a dimissory letter 
Dimito, sin. dimity, kind of c6llon cloth 
Di mode che , dimodochd , adv. exp. so that , 

in such a mknnor as 
Dimojire, vn. 1. to Uqnery, gr6w liquid, 86ak 
Dimojito, -a, adj. milled, thiwed, sdaked 
Dim6lto. adv. T6ry mhch, by f4r 
Dimdnio , sm, v. Demdnio 
Dimdra, sf. deUy, putting off, abdde, sl&y; 
far dim6ra in un ludgo , to IWe or dvell in 
a place 
Dimoragi6ne, dimor&nza, if. st&y, ab6de 
Dimorinte, adj. living, dwelling, 16dging 
Dimorire, vn. 1. to live, dwell, stiy, reside 
Dimorita, $f. {ant.) t. Dimora 
Dimorazi6ne, sf. del&y, t. Indikgio 
Dimdrfo , -a, adj. {ehem.) dimdrphous 
Dimorfismo, »m. {eh^m.) dimdrphism 
Dimoro , dimoramSnto, sm. dwelling, del&y 
Dimorsire, va. 1. to breik with one's teeth 
Dimostr&bile , adj. dem6nstrab1e, pr^veable 
Dimo8tragi6De,-str&nza, «/:(an(.) I demonstri- 
Dimostram^nto, stn. ) tion, m&rk 

Dimostr&re, va. 1. to dem&nstrate, prove 
Dimostrativam^nte , adv. dem6nstratively 
Dimostrativo,-a, adj. dem6nstrative, proving 
Dimostralo, -a, adj. dem6n8tr4ted, marked 
Dimostral6re , sm. -trice , sf. dem6nstrator , 

exhibitor, shdwer, expl4iner 
Dimostrat6no, -a, adj. demdnstratory, tdnd- 

ing to dem6nslrate 
Dimostrazione, sf. demonstrition, sign 
Dimdstro (dimoslr&to), -a, a^/. demdnstr&ied 
Dimozzamenlo, sm. v. Mozzamento 
Dimozzare, dimozzic&re, va. 1. v. Mozzare 
Dimdgoere, va. 9L to w&ste, v. 8mugoere 
Dim&nlo, -a, adj. w&sted, v. Smunto 
Dinimetro, sm. {attr.) dynameler, an instro- 

rnent for detirainiog the mkgn\if'mg^(Rt9r 

of telescopes 
Din&mica , sf. dyoAmict , the branch of mo- 

chaoics which treats of bddies in mdtion 
Din&mico, -a, adj. dyn&mic, dynkmical 
Dinamdmetro , sm. dynamdmeler, an instrn.- 

ment for measuring inimal strength 
DIn&nzi, dininli, prep, and adv. before one*s 

f&ce; dinanzi il suo giudice, befdre his jiidge; 

prior, preceding; il vdrno dinanzi, the prfr- 

cMing winter; il dinanzi di nn edifizio, the 

frdnt or fac&de of a building 
Dinas&to, -a, adj. wilhdiilt a ndse, ndseless 
Din&sta, sm. {pi. -sti) dynast, a rdiler, gdver- 

ner, prince 
Dinaslia , sf. dynasty , race or succession of 

kings of the same Ihe or fiimily 
Dinislico, -a, adj. dynkstic, relating to a 

Dinderlo, sm. long belt, fringe 
Dindo. sm. (child's expression for) mdney 
Dindon&re, vn. {burl.) to ring, soUnd {as a betl^j 
Dineg&re, va, 1. to deny, ref&se, contradict 
Dinegito, -a, adj. denied, disowned 
Dinegazidne, sf. denial, refusal, negition 
Dinerv&re, va. 1. to inerv&te, v. Snerv&re 
Di ndlto, adv. exp. on a sudden, 411 at once 
Diaiego, sm. denial, ref&sal, negition 
Dinigr4re, sm. va. to bUcken , slander 
Dinoccire , dinoccolire , va. i. to bre4k the 

h6ad, or neck; dinocc4rsi il pidde o la mii 

DO , to dislocate , put one's foot or hknd 

out of joint 
Dinocciolire, vn. i. v. Snocciolare 
Dinoccolito, -a , adj. dislocated, out of jSint, 

(/79.) feigned, fiwning; dinocco!4to ossSquio, 

flwning obsequiousness; fire il dinoccoli- 

to , to pretend to be infirm , disabled , etc. 

in drder to obtiin one's end 
Dinod&re, va. 1. to undo a knot, v. Disnod&re 
Dinominire, va. i. to name, c4ll, mdotion 
Dinominazidne, -ninza, sf niming, nime 
Dinonziire, va. i. v. Dinunziire 
Dinotire, va. 1. to dendle, v. Denotire ^ 
DlnlornamSnlo, sm. the tricing of contours 
Dintornire, va. I. to trice the outlines^ 
Dinldrno, tm. neighboring plice , contour 
Dinudire, va. i. to denude, div6st, discldse 
Dinudito, -a, adj. slrippe4, niked, divfesUd 
Dinumerire, va. i. to niimber, enfimerate 
Dinumerazione , sf. enumerition, detiil 
DinOnzia, sf declarilion, accusiUon 
Dinunziire , vo. i. to denounce, acciise, im- 
peach cuses^ 
Dinunziativo, -a, adj. that dendUncei , ac- 
Dinunzialdre, -trice, smf accuser, foreteller 
Dinunziazidne, sf v. Dinunsia 
Di nudvo, adv. exp. ag4in, once more; lately, 

a shdrt while agd 
Dio, sm. God ; gli Dei , smp. the gods ; grizie 

a Dio, God be thinked , thank God; Dio vi 

iccompigni , andite con Dio , God be with 

Fito» mdte, bite, n6t«, tibe; 

At, ]B«t, hit, n6t, tdb;^-^ 

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«». «:> 


yon; a Dto boo piAecja, t61(arDi9, God for- 
bid: per ramir di Dio, (or God't siko; Dlo 
Ti benediea.! God bloss yoot coi\ Dio «i 
aji^ti, i« help no Godl ian&Dsi a Dio, ii 
tbe iighl of God , befdre God ; avdro ilU- 
iD6r di Dio, to f6ar God 
Dio a, adj, (jm>.) diTine, of God. Dante 
Diocesano, -a, adj. didceian oribe dfociso 
Didcesi, $f. diocese 

Diollrica, $f, di6p<rice, scfence of refriicUoa 
DipaD4re» va, i. to frind inlo a skAin 
Dipar^re, i?ji. 2. vrr. to appear, t. Parero 
Diparldnxa, »f. depirtore, t&kiog leare 
Dipartimento, im. dep&rlure, dlTlsion; de- 
p^rtnent {ailotmcnt oflhi8ines$)i -~ de- 
partment I terriloriai division of France); 
— degli aCr&ri Asteri . fdreiog 'department ; 
deiriolerno, home dep&rlment 
Di:arlire , va. 5. to divide, sdparate , p4rt; 

partini, to go aw&y» dep&rt, dlgrtes 
Diparliia, $f, dipartire, m. g6iQg &«&y 
Dipartito, -a, adj, p&rted. gone aw&y 
Di pasta ggio , adv. exp, by the way , by the 

bye, occisiooally 
Di pisso, adv. exp. giolly, 8l6irly, at a sl6w 
pace; andir di p&sso , to iv&lk sl6wly , to 
Dipel&re. va. i. to make bdld, t. Pel&re 
Dipellire, oa. i. to il&y, te4r off the skin 
Dipend^nte, 9dv. depooding , c^osequent 
Dipeadeotem^nte, adj. depiodeotly 
Dipeoddnxa, if. depdndeoce, trhst, protdclioo 
DipAodere, van. 3. to dep6od oo, trhst to ; qai- 
ito beoefizio dipdode dall'Imperatdre , this 
llTing is in the Emperor's gift; obi dipdnde 
da allri praosa male e cena piggio, he who 
depends ap6n andlher dines ill and snps 
Dipennire, vo. i. to erftse, cross dQt 
Di^iao, adv. exp. on one's Arms, al6tf, blgh 
above the ground : rub4re o lev&re di pdio, 
to st^ or pnrloin entirely from the writings 
of an&tber ; qodsla moneta non h di p^so , 
this cSn is light ; poriaronia di peso e I'a- 
dagiAronosul sof&, they carried her oo their 
inns and laid her gently np6n the s6fa 
Di piinia, adv. exp. from tbe biglnning, from 
beginning to end , 6yer ag&in , from the 
grixind ap 
Dipigoere ) va, 9. ^rr. to pilot, describe , por- 
Dtpingere i tr&y, represent, figure 
Dipingibile, adj. that may be p&inled 
Dipignitore, em. a pilnter, v. Dipint6re 
Dipinto, em. a p&inling, |rictare 
— a, oflf;. piloted, cdlored, abided 
Dipini6re,-trice, emf. piinler, piintress 
Dipintortea, ef. {kwrl.) {I ilUe used) ^hinirwi 
Dipinlara, s/*. piinling, picture 
Dipldma, tm. dipl6ma, pitent, priyilege 
Diplomitiea, sf. diplomitice, ?. Diplomasia 
Diplom&tico,'a, adj. diplomitic 
Diplonuuia, sf. dipldmacy 


Dipopolire, va. i. to dep6pnlate, nnptopto 
Dipdrre, va. 9. irr. to depose, y. Deporre 
Diportamento, sm. conduct, bebiyior, miin 
Diportirsi , vref i. to divert one's self, tike 
one's pleasure, sp6rt, go w&lking, sb6oUogr 
bebive or coodbct one*s self 
Diportivole, adj. diverting, pleasing 
Dipdrlo, sm. diy6rsion> sp6rt, s6lace, recrei- 
tioo, pislime, am&sement, pleasure, con- 
duct, behivior; andire a dipdrlo, to go for 
a str6U^ to take a 8tr6ll^ to lounge, to siui^ 
tor ; pel saoi bo6ni dipdrti alia scudli, for 
bis good behivior at school 
Diposilire, va. 1. to depbsit, y. Depositare 
Dipositirio, sm. depository 
Dip6sito, y. Deposito 
Dip6sto,-a, a<ij. {from diporre) dep6ied 
Di pres^nta, adv. exp. in person, pirsonaHy 
Dipressire, va. X. (ant.) v. Deprimere 
Di prime c6lpo , adv. exp. at flrst brhsh , at 

first bihsh, at the commencement 
Di propdsito, adv. exp. diligently, intently 
Di pnnto in biiuco, adv. exp. slip-dash, at 
once, point-biaok; lirire di pCinlo in biiu* 
CO, to shoot point-blink 
Diputire, va. 1. depute, y. Deputire 
Di quindo in qnindo, adv. exp. now and thit 
Di qaglo, adv. exp. quietly 
Diradire, van, t. to mike spirse, thin; torV 
refy, unmoor; diradirsi, to become spirse, 
gr6w thin 
Diradito,-a, adj, spirse, thinned, cliared 
Diradicire, va. 1. to eridicite, r&ot up 
Diradicito,-a, adj. upr6oted, exllrpiled 
Di rido, ado. exp. seldom, rirely 
Diramire, va. i to prfine, lop> cut off; dira- 
mirsi, vrf. to shoot diit into brioches, sep- 
arite, bec6me rimified 
Diramito,-a, adj. prftned, 16pped , shot ^t ; 
Diramazidne , sf. the brinching oUt , ramifi- 

Dirancire, vfl. 4. (ani.) to te4r , wrest or 

roop up 
Dlrangolilo,-a, adj. (ant.) v. Disallento 
Dire, va. 2. to tell , say, relite; — a bdcca, 
to siy by wdrd of mouth ; — alia libera, 
fudr dei dtoli, to spiak dQt; — aU'im- 
provviso, to say extempore; — aU'incanlo, 
to bid (a price) ; — ddntro di s&, to say or 
think to one's self; — fra'd^nl), to mat- 
ter; — in ficcia, to tell to ones face; — la 
mftssa , to say miss ; ditegli di yenire do- 
mini, tell him to c6me to-m6rrow: ciod a 
dire, vale a dire , that is to say : che yu61 
dire qaisla pardia ? qnesto udmo ? whit d^es 
this word signify? this man m^an ? dir bdne 
mile di uno,to sptok well, ill of a person} 
dico di si, dico di no, I say it is so , 1 say 
it is not; mandire a diro.mandir dic^ndo, 
to send wdrd; avdr che dire con alcino, to 
qairrel with one, to compliin of a pirson; so 
egli lo fari, avri che dire con me , should 

ndr, rM«; - Oil, sin, bJUl;-Are, dA; - bt» l^mph,- pfile, bfi, f«a,ftfib, 

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— 204 — 


he do it , he shall hiar from me , he shall 
accdllDt to me for it; dfre ad udo una cosa 
in un ordcchio, to whisper a thing in one's 
^ar; ho his6gno di dirvi unapar61a,I wint 
to say a fr5rd to you ; (Ter cosl dire , as it 
were; dile sa, s&yon; ehi.dite? I say 7 co- 
me dice il proT§rhio, as the saying gdes ; 
dimmi eon chi yai e ti dlr6 chi sdi , prov. 
exp. tell me with wh6m thdU g6est , and I 
will tell thee wh&t thdii d6est 
Dire, $m. di8c6urse, siyiog, assertion 
Dired&re, diredit&re, t>a. 1. to disinherit 
Dired&to, diredit4to,-a, adj. disinherited 
DirenarOy va. 1. to bre&k or spriin one's back 
Direpzi6ne, s/1 (po.) r&pine , defast&tion 
Diret&no, deret&no, adj. l&st, the back 
Dirdtro , tm. back p&rt, back, l&st, Dante 
Direttamente, adv. di