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Full text of "A new French and English lexicon; comprising, ... an extensive addition of commercial nautical, military, and other highly useful terms; with the novel introduction of the singular and plural persons of every tense and mood, belonging to all the regular and irregular verbs in the French Language .."

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TORONTO, 1901. 


















That shows how to find out the meaning of any part of Speech, be it conjugated, 
declined, contracted, or modified, in any way. 



From the University of Paris, Professor of French Literature at the HonoiLrab 
East-India Company's Military Establishment, Addiscombe, \ 
Membre de Flnstitut et Lit., etc. etc. I H ^ 




Printed by J. L. Cox & SONS, 75, Qreat Queen Street, 
Lincoln's- Inn Fields. 


IT appears requisite, in addition to the details contained 
in the Title-page of this Lexicon, to point out a few of its 
exclusive advantages, by giving the Reader a short Analysis 
of its various and peculiar adaptations to Theoretical as well 
as to Practical purposes. 

Although this book enables a large majority of English 
readers (however unacquainted they may be with the French 
tongue,) to translate readily any page or passage that may be 
laid unexpectedly before them, it does not do so by what 
might be termed ironically " short cuts" so injurious to every 
kind of instruction connected with grammar and syntactical 
rules ; on the contrary, the enquirer cannot fail picking up 
instructive information in every leaf he applies to. If, for 
example, he look for a NOUN, he is furnished with the signi- 
fications of that noun, not only in a Literal, but in a Military, 
Nautical, and Commercial point of view, whenever the word 
relates to the ARMY, the NAVY, or to TRADE in its various 

If it be a VERB that the Learner seeks to understand, 
he cannot obtain its meaning without getting initiated, at 
the same time, into all its etymological relations of person, 
tense, mood, and conjugation. Thus, he not merely finds that 
ABAISSAMES signifies we humbled, we lowered, we levelled, etc., 
he also perceives, in the same page, that this word is the first 
person plural of the Preterite tense, Indicative mood, of the 
verb ABAISSER, an active verb of the first conjugation. 

ADJECTIVES have often their plural in addition to their 
feminine terminations printed against them in Small Capital 
letters, and so arranged as to facilitate considerably their for r 
mation, when it is necessary to apply them with due attention 
to accidental rules. Ex.: DOUX, m.; DOUCE, f.; FRAIS, m.; 


SCIENTIFIC EXPRESSIONS not generally known, are clearly 
explained, not uselessly translated by other words equally 
unintelligible, as ZYGOMA, zygome' ; os de la ttfte. 

TIONS of every description have been explained in their re- 
spective alphabetical places. Indeed, no opportunity has been 
neglected to lavish instruction upon every word that admitted, 
under this or that orthographical form, of being more fully 
interpreted, technically treated or laid bare. 

For SCHOOLS especially this work is useful above all 
other books of the kind, inasmuch as it curtails, by one half 
at least, the labours of Teachers and Pupils. There will 
be no further necessity, as a proof of this, to answer to 
such vexatious enquiries as these: "Pray, Sir, w r hat is the 
Singular of AIMONS, PARLASSES ? and how am I to find C'EST, 
D'UN and DIT-ON ?" "Will you be so good as to tell me the 
Masculine of METTE, RE9UTES, and to show me what Verbs 
DOUCES, GROSSES and NEUVES belong to ?" 

Besides the several Meanings, therefore, of all the Parts of 
Speech in the French language, (including the REGULAR and 
IRREGULAR Verbs, etc. etc.) such as they are found written, 
whatever their occasional orthography may be, the PUBLIC and 
the STUDENT may expect to find in the present French 
Lexicon more General Information and more Words by 
many* Thousands than in any Dictionary of the size ever 


April 1842. 

* This statement cannot be considered extravagant, when it is remembered that 
Every person, in EVERY TEXSE, belonging to ALL the ver?>s in the Janguaf/e, will 
be found here inserted in alphabetical order. There are dpwards of 4,400 French 
Verbs: multiply these verbs by 49 orthographical modifications necessary for the conju- 
gation of each, you will obtain at once the vast number of additional words embodied 
in this book. 




That will materially assist the Reader in making an advantageous 
and more extensive use of this Lexicon. 

This Key will be particularly useful to those who are not at all or very 
indifferently acquainted with the French Grammar. 


a. for adjective v. for verb 

ad. adverb va. verb active 

art. article vn. verb neuter 

aux. auxiliary vr. reflected verb 

c. conjunction pi. ' plural 

pr. preposition m. masculine 

imp. impersonal n. neuter 

int. interjection f. feminine 

sm. substantive masculine 's. substantive 

sf. substantive feminine conjug. conjugated 
pro. pronoun 


that will be found at the top of all the pages in the following Book : 

[INF. M. 'PRES.T. 2 PART.PRES. 3 PART.PAST.] IND.M. PRES.T. 4 lstp.S. 

5 2dp.s. 6 3dp.s. 7 8 9 IMPERF. 10 lstp.s. U 2dp.s. 
12 3dp.s. 13 I4 15 FRET. 16 lstp.s. 17 2dp.s. 18 3dp.s. 
I9 20 2 ' FUT. 2 -lstp.s. 23 2dp.s. 24 3dp.s. 25 
26 " COND.M. 28 lstp.s. ^dp.s. 30 3dps. 3I lstp.pL 
32 33 IMP.M. 34 2dp.s. 35 3dp.s. 3G W 2dp.p1. 
36 SUBJ.M. PRES.T. 39 lstp.s. 4c 2dp.s. 41 3dp.s. 42 
^ 44 IMPERF. 45 lstp.s. 46 2dp.s. 47 3d p.s. 48 J 
^d p.p'. 50 3d p. pi.; and that must be understood as follows: 

Vlll KEY. 

INF.TYI. for INFINITIVE MOOD for person, plural numb. 

p.s. person, sing, number 




', 2 , 3 , 4 , etc. that may be observed on the left side of the words in the 
PAST., etc. answer to corresponding figures on the right of many syllables* 
that will be seen in the body of most of the following pages. So that 
mes 19 , for example, signifies, by referring to 19 in the Lines above, that a 
verb, ending thus, is used in theirs* person, plural, of the PRETERITE 
TENSE, INDICATIVE MOOD. See ABAISS-ER and terminations, 
in the Lexicon. 

The Tense and Mood of every Number referred to in the Lines of 
Reference, from 4 to 50, will always be found immediately preceding it. 

l^jf As it will be constantly necessary to consult these LINES, it is 
indispensable for Learners to get well acquainted with their meaning. 
Every verb will have terminations with figures that will be referred to them. 
See ABOL-iR, ABATT-RE, AV-oiR, etc. in the beginning of the 

*** When a Termination has-/Aree or four figures by its side, which 
sometimes happens, the Learner must make his choice of a verbal signi- 
fication answering to that of the contiguous words. 


A VERBAL HOOT signifies in this Work any part of a verb to which 
verbal terminations may be added, for the conjugation of that 
verb. ABAISS, ABATT, Av, etc. are roots of this kind. 

* These syllables are distinguished in this work by the name of Verbal terminations. 


KRBAL TERMINATION is that part of a verb which, being 
added to its root, indicates a TENSE, or a PERSON in some TENSE or 
MOOD of that verb; dmes ig , ant 2 , rai 2 ' 2 , are such terminations,.. 
Ex. ABAiss-ames, AuATT-rai, etc. 

By LEADING WORD is meant any word, in the body of the Lexi- 
con, printed in Large Capitals and standing in Alphabetical order 
with a translation by its side, as ABATTOIR, ABBE, etc. 

I.. ..that will be seen on the right side of some verbal roots, as ABAN- 
DONN-ER, I., signifies that the terminations of the verb 
AB AISS-ER, must be consulted for the conjugation of that root. 

II on the same side of some other roots, as ABALOURD-iR, II., 

signifies that each of those roots must be conjugated on ABOL-i::, 
by using the terminations of that verb. 

Therefore, supposing ABANDONN to be where you find ABAISS, and 
ABALOURD where ABOL is now found in the Lexicon, you have only to 
run your eye through the verbal terminations following ABAISS and ABOI. 
to meet with whatever termination you may want for ABANDONN and 

igfT Let it be observed that this reference to ABAISS and ABOL 
is prescribed only with regard to verbs of the First and Second Conju- 
gations : those verbs were by far too numerous to add the requisite 
verbal terminations to each in turn. It would have considerably 
increased the bulk of a work which it was so necessary to keep within 
reasonable limits. 




On account of their Gender, Number, Grammatical and other Modifications. 

Rule I. Words not found, ending with s, x, e or es, must be looked 
(a) for, without those final letters ; Example : bons, choux, lente, 
jolies; look for bon, chou, lent,joli.* 

Many words, ending with s, must be looked for ending with 
t ; Ex. enfans, negligens, tons ; look for enfant, negligent, tout. 

When you cannot find a word ending with two consonants 
and an e or es, look for it without the latter consonant and the 
e or es ; Ex. chienne, grasses ; look for chien, gras. 

Rule II. Tn cases where you meet with an apostrophe ['], as in c'est, 

(e) d"un,j'ai, lame, ilm'aime, n'es-tu, jusqu'lci, s'il s'en va; change 

this apostrophe into a, e, or i, and look for two words, made 

by this alteration, instead of one. Ex./az, Came, s'il, Z'a; look 

forje ai,f la dme, si il, le cr.f 

Rule III. When TWO or MORE WORDS are united thus : dit-il, savez- 

(i) vous; look for such words, separately; look for ditf and then 

for il, or savez^ and then for vous. Some compound words, 

thus united, may however be found in most dictionaries, such 

as, arc-en-del, vis-a-vis, etc. 

Rule IV. Should other words be met with, written in the following 

(o) way:, danse-t-elle, a-t-on; leave out the t, which is 

there for euphony only, and look separately for the words 

divided by this t , look for par/af and then for il, for danse\ and 

then for elk, for of and then for on. 

* See exceptions, Rule V. t See Rule VI. for the Verbs. 



Rule V. With respect to words bearing the following terminations, 
(u) should you not be able to find them spelt in that way, [as 
many words, ending thus, may be found, without the necessity 
of alteration,] change 
aux into al. Example animaux 






























f ausse* 













look for animal. 











Rule VI. When a verb is met with UNDER A CONJUGATED FORM, that 

(w) i : USED IN ONE OF ITS TENSES, as avons, etaieiit, parlez, finiront, 

combattites, naquirent, etc. let it be looked for alphabetically, 

in the same manner as other words are looked for, with this 

exception only, viz: 

That AV, ET, PARL, FIN, COMBAT!, NAQu, for example, being 
the ROOTS of these verbs, will be found printed in Large capi- 
tals, and ons, ez, iront, aient, lies, irent, the verbal terminations, 
in lesser type, following them, with a small numerical figure 
attached to each, as ons 7 aient 15 ez 8 iront 27 ites 20 irent 21 . 

^T For the use of these numerical figures, see LINES OF 
REFERENCE in the first and second pages of this Key. 

As well as with plural s at the end. 

Xli KEY. 



gr In the subsequent French quotation and detached phrase, for (a) 
by the side of a word, see Rule I. ; for (e) Rule II. ; for (i) Rule 
III. ; for (o) Rule IV. ; for (u) Rule V. ; and for (\v) Rule VI. 

Look in the Lexicon for all the other words, in the usual way. 

T E L E M A Q U E . 


Calypso rie pom r ait w se consoler du depart d'Ulysse 6 . Dans sa 
douleur elle se trouvait w malheureuse u d'etre 6 immortelle". Sa grotte 
ne resonnait w plus de son chant: les nymphes 3 qui la servaient w 
e n'osaient w lui parler. 

Tout-a-coup elle aper9iit w les debris d'un e navire qui venait w de faire 
naufrage; des bancs a de rametirs mis w en pieces, des rames ecartees w ca 
et la sur le sable, un gouvernail, un mat, des cordages a flottant w vers la 
cote : puis elle decouvre w de loin deux hommes, dont l'un e paraissait w 
age, l'autre, e quoique jeune, ressemblait" a Ulysse. La deesse comprit w 
que e c'etait w Telemaque, fils de ce heros : mais, quoique les dieux 3 
surpassent w en connaissance tous 3 les hommes, elle ne put w dccouvrir 
qui etait w cet homme venerable dont Telemaque etait w accompagne w . 

Savez w -vous' s'il e est w la? L'homme a-t-il' rapporte w ma redingote 






L'on ne trouvera dans cet abrege que simplement ce qu'il faut de regies initi- 
atives pour donner aux commencants les moyens de composer quelques phrases 
anglaises. II sera facile, a 1'aide du Lexique et de cet aperju grammatical, de 
parler et d'ecrire un langage fort passable. 

LE, LA, LES, se rendent par THE, toutes les fois qu'on designe une 
personne ou une chose d'une maniere particuliere ; autrement ils ne se 
rendent pas: le lion, the lion; la mer, the sea; les etoiles, the stars; 
1'Asie, Asia; la France, France. Les noms de lieux, de rivieres, de 
mers, de mqntagnes prennent the; les noms de villes et de pays ne le 
prennent pas. 

Ux, UNE, se rendent par a devant une consonne; an devant une 
voyelle ou le h muet : a man, an ass. L'on se sert de cet article avant 
tous les noms de qualite, de quantite. ou de mesure ; et Ton met a, 
au lieu de an, avant les mots qui commencent par un u long. 

Le Pluriel des noms Anglais se forme ordinairement en ajoutantun s. 

Lorsqu'un nom finitpar s, sh, ch,x, ou o, vous ajoutez es pour former 
le Pluriel : asses, blushes, marches, axes, heroes. Les mots ou le ch a le 
son de k, suivent la regie generate : distichs. 

Le Pluriel des noms termines par f, fe, est forme en changeant/ ou 
fe en ves : calves, knives. Celui des noms termines par y, precede d'urie 
consonne, est forme en changeant \'y en ies : lady, ladies. 

L'on met toujours 1'Adjectif anglais et le nom servant d'adjectif avant 
le substantif, a moins qu'il ne soit modifie par un verbe. 

Les adjectifs anglais ne sont variables que pour les Degres de Com- 
paraison. Le comparatif de superiorite se forme en ajoutant r ou er 
au positif : fine, fair ; finer, fairer. L'on se sert de more, lorsque 1'ad- 
jectif a plus de deux ou trois syllabes : more intelligent. 

MOINS, se rend par less ; AUSSI, par as. Le PLUS, se forme en ajoutant 
st ouest au positif, et en mettant the most avant 1'adjectif lorsqu'il est de 
deux ou trois syllabes : fine, fair , finest, fairest; the most intelligent. 

Le MOIXS, se rend par the least. 

QUE, comparatif de superiorite ou d'inferiorite, se rend par than, 
wittier than i.cise ; et QTE, comparatif d'egalite, par as : as witty as wise. 

DE, dans PLUS DE, se rend egalement par than : more than 500. 


L'adjectif possessif s'accorde toujours avec celui ou celle qui possede, 
et non avec la chose possedee : her son, son fils : his wife, sa femme. 

Qui ou QU^ se rend par who, lorsque c'est d'une personne qu'on 
parle : the man who said , et lorsqu'il est regime direct ou indirect par 
whom ; the man whom I called. DE QUI, DONT, parlant de quelqu'un, par 
of whom, whose. On emploie which pour les choses et les animaux. 
L'on pent mettre that au lieu de who et which lorsqu'ils ne sont pas 
immediatemerit precedes d'une preposition. CE QUI, CE QUE, se rend 
par what. 

Traduisez CELUI, CELLE, par he, she ; CEUX, CELLES, par they, lorsque 
ces mots ont rapport a une ou a plusieurs personnes : he who said; she 
who came ; they who called. Mais si Ton parle d'un objet inanime il faut 
dire it, the one : the one that broke. 

ON se rend par one, they, people, we, some one, men, ou par une tour- 
nure passive : on dit, one says, people say ; they say, etc. 

Les Pronoms personnels, sujets de verbes, sont: /, je ; thou, tn ; he, 
il; she, elle; we, nous; you, vous ; they, ils ou elles. Comme regimes, 
rendez les ainsi : me, moi, me ; thee, toi, te ; him, le, lui ; her, la, elle ; 
us, nous ; you, vous ; them, les, eux, elles. 

Rendez IL, ELLE, LE, LA, LUI, quand ils ont rapport a des objets ina- 
nimes, simplement par it: elle est cousue, His sewn; jelacouds, Isewit. 

llemarquez ici qu'il y a trois genres en Anglais ; le Masculm, le Fe- 
miniri, et le Neutre. It et they sont des trois genres. 


To love, aimer. Loving, aimant. Loved, aime. 

INDICATIF, PRESENT. SINGULIER : I love, j'aime. Thou lovest, tu 
aimes. He loves, il aime. She loves, elle aime. PLURIEL : We love, 
nous aimons. You love, vous aimez. They love, ils ou elles aiment. 

PRETKRIT. SING. I loved, j'aimais ou j'aimai. Thou lovedst, tu aimais 
ou tu aimas. He loved, il aimait ou il aima. PLUR. We loved, nous 
aimions ou nous aimames. You loved, vous aimiez ou vous aimates. 
They loved, ils aimaient ou ils aimerent. 

Formez les temps composes comme en frangais. 

FUTUR, SING. I shall love, j'aimerai, je dois aimer. Thou shall love, 
tu aimeras. He shall love, il aimera. Ce futur indique le devoir. PI.TR. 
We shall love, nous aimerons. You shall love, vous aimerez. They 
shall love, ils aimeront. 

FUTUR, qui indique la volonte. SING. I will love, j'aimerai, je veux 
aimer. Thou wilt love, tu aimeras. He will love, il aimera. Me 
will love, nous aimerons. You will love, vous aimerez. They will love, ils 

IMPERATIF. SING. Love, aime. Let him love, qu'il aime, laisse- 
le aimer. Let her love, qu'elle aime. PLUR. Let us love, aimons ou 
permertez nous d'aimer. Love, aimez. Let them love, qu'ils aiment, 
permettez leur d'aimer. 


SUBJONCTIF, PRESENT. SING. That Imay love, que j'aime. TJiat 
thou mayest love, que tu aimes. That he ou she may love, qu'il ou qu'elle 
airae. PLUR. That we may love, que nous aimions. That, you may 
love, que vous aimiez. That they may love, qu'ils on qu'elles aiment. 

I-MPARFAIT, SING. That I might lore, que j'aimasse. That thou mightest 
love, que tu aimasses. That he ou she might love, qu'il ou qu'elle aimat. 

PLUR. That ice might love, que nous airaassions. That you might love, 
que vous aimassiez. That they might love, qu'ils ou qu'elles aimassent. 

1j&iF Conjuguez de la meme maniere les Temps de tons les verbes 



To be, etre. Being, etant. Been, ete. 

INDICATIF, PRESENT. SING. lam, je suis. Thou art, tu es. He 
is, il est. PLUR. We are, nous sommes. You are, vous etes. They 
are, ils ou elles sont. 

PRETERIT, SING. / was, je fus ou j'etais. Thou wast, tu etais. He 
u-ax, il etait. PLUR. We were, nous etions. You were, vous etiez. 
They were, ils etaient. 

FUTUR, SING. / shall ou will be, je serai. Thou shalt ou will be, tu 
seras. He shall ou will be, il sera. PLUR. We shall ou will be, nous 
serons. You shall OM. will be, vous serez. They shall ou will be, ils seront. 

IMPERATIF, SING. Be, sois. Let him be, qu'il soit. PLUR. Let 
us be, soyons. Be, ou be ye, soyez. Let them be, qu'ils soient. 


To have, avoir. Having, ayant. Had, eu. 

INDICATIF, PRESENT. SING. Itiave, j'ai. Thou hast, tu as. He 
has, il a. PLUR. We have, nous avons. You have, vous avez. They 
have, ils out. 

PRETERIT, SING. I had, j'avais ou j'eus. Thou hadst, tu avais. He 
had, il avait. PLUR. We had, nous avions. You had, vous aviez. 
They had, ils avaient. 

FUTUR, SING. / shall ou will have, j'aurai. Thou shnlt ou wilt have, 
tu auras. He shall ou will have, il aura. PLUR. We shall ou loill hare, 
nous aurons. You shall ou icitt have, vous aurez. They shall ou will 
have, ils auront. 

IMPERATIF. SING. Have, ale. Let him have, qu'il ait. PLUR. 
Zef MS have, ayons. //aw, ayez. Ze* them have, qu'ils aient. 


Pour marquer 1'obligation ... I must, je dois. 1 should, je devrais. 
le devoir ... 1 shall, je dois. I should, je devrais. 

la volonte ... / will, je veux. I would, je voudrais. 

la possibility ... Imay, je puis. I might, je pourrais. 

,, le pouvoir ... lean, je puis. I could, je pourrais. 


meme temps oafane antre, se rend en angtais par le partiape present et 
le teanas aane dm iwben**: Je pariais, / n> 90^9. Lorsquli 
iailmai lUiiilaaiial iia fni |ia i f. |iai li liaqi jpai if iaijili I tfxJ*. 

Le Pzrtieipe Present se i 
sfznederinfiiiirif: /l 

L'lnterroeanon se forme en mettant le 

verbe : &rr~ve? p:,ka * On met do au present, ec did au passe, quand 
fln'japasd*aatreaariIJaire: do you spcdk? pvla-roas? did yo* speak? 

Q ex poor sai. LKJKXWX se liadait par ovf dtt if oaf sixteen jpcarj OHL 
fik, aapyoaiti^ se read par if: si. roulant dire Tru.nffrvr, par o, si, 

Tradmsez Qraarz joint a an adjectif oa a an adrerbe sans snbstantif 
E rend am langairr par fittfe, et an plane! par far. BzArcocr. 

mztais XT PAS, xx porvr, par c< mis entre rauxiliaire et le 
verbe: /* n^jBofaa, PAS on KHXT, roaJant dire aaean, aaeane, 
se tradak par n - fl n> a pas de Tin. Aere i* mo tame. 

La PiepuaiUMi A. nMif 3 T a fmdanrp oe bien an verbe de mouve- 
ent se rend par to, dans le eas eontraire efle se rend par mt ou ca. 

nuyk et an a la fn da noon qai est sense poeseder ; la chose posse - 
Si ie nom an sukrober coauae an plane! ink par an , Ton ajoate 

Di, partici, se trad oh par MB< : doaairT moi de rean, ^rre me same 
ahr. Qaand fl 7 a doate, par /.- j a-t-il de Feau ? u tiere <nor 
nfar? LonqnlinHianelenpportde dependanee, par /.- le Fife 

- 1 v.. - : - - i- Li-.-; ."-,- -:-- - - r.- -. i: / . :,::. 

I A "** ' - -^"- * - -- *O . ' _ 

r - ' - . - ' " .- * - " . 

Dz, indefini, ne se rend pas-, de grand* max, area* mb. 


WlianerET uJs :rak a r^c. ;: 3 2. 
L*mt* W0ri imauei$saju&j p"* 1 *"*"^ gt, 
Irfftn; Ex. ABAXDOX, OB. Bats a lei k Ctef 
ABAXDOXX-EKj. HL, and tetkcr om. ^ KB, rr, for 

Ex : ABATTU, K, 31 Bake ARATTCE, iy 
CvyvMis, in each aitx^ an to fee oidai to 

add i. . and B, f^ i^. AfiAXDOXXE, . 

J^- Adi abo rai *7^ii 
mws them, w ib; L,^i^x 

of Ae artkfe tfcey Ma 


TKXSB, 1XDICATITS MOOD of Ike iw ABA1SSER, to innr. Tte 

i : r-.:_ ..-, 


formed; -UchK. 

30MVTO, TTTE, or ABORTI-F. TK, , the 
AXDI-ii. in ; 

is abo JOT f Fer*. aad taot it BBt fee 1 

4V ^ ^. 

MDCB of WIT tetker olCeafey, on A COMPEMHOTS KET Ike 
aod in APPEXDH at tke ead of OK took. 

N E \V 




[INF.M. 'PRES.T. 2 PART.PRES. 3 PAUT.PAST.J IND.M. PRES.T. 4 1st p.S. 5 '2d p.S. 

6 3dp.s. 7 1st p. pi. b ad p. pi. 9 3d p. pi. IMPKKF. '"Istp.s. "-Jdp.s. l3 3d p. s. 
13 " 15 3d FRET. '"1st p.s. n ad p.s. l8 3d p.s. 19 1st 
* 21 3d PCT. a2 1st p.s. ad p. s. 24 3d p.s. K 1st 26 
27 3d p. pi. COiND.iM. 28 lstp.s. '^ ad p.s. ao 3d p.s. 31 1st 32 2d 33 3d IMP. M. 34 I'd p.s. 3* 3d p.s. ^ 1st p. pi. 3 ? 3a SUBJ. M. 
PKES.T. ^Istp.s. 40 ad p.s. 41 3dp.s. 42 1st 43 ad 44 3d IMPBRF. 
45 1st p.s. 46 3d p.s. " 3d p.s. < a* 3d p. pi. 

A sm.unA, anA. Ktre marqufe a I'A, to 
be an honest, man. Elle n'en a pas 
faitunepansed'A, she has not even begun 
it. II ne sait ni A ni b, lie is a very ig- 
norant fellotc. A, AA, equal parts. 

A, pr. to, at, on, with, in, into, within, 
about, according to, for, of, against, by, 
offer. Je 1'ai dit a votre pere, I said 
it to your father. Un moulin a cafe, a 
cojf'ee-mill. Une anne a feu, afire-arm. 
Vivre a la FraimiiM>, to Hoe after the 
French way. 11 est a Paris, lie is at 
Paris. Aller pas a pas, go sti-p by step. 
A cheval, on horseback. A votre com- 
modite, n-hen. it suits you. A d'autres, 
go to! do you take, me for a fool? 
A la mode, in fashion. A ce que je 
vois, by what I sec. A 1'aune, by the 

A 6 -s 5 i 4 , o. AVOIR, to have. \yard. 

A. for ALTESSE : S.A., his or her highness : 
8.A.S. his or her serene highness. A.D. 
Anno Domini; in the year of our Lord. 
A.M. Master of Arts ; in the year of 
the n-orld. A. A. mixture. [128 mingles. 

AAM, S/H. ; Hatch measure containing 

ABA, tin. father l woollen stuff', [becalmed. 

AliAB, in. Turkish marine. ABAUOUINE, 

ABABIL, sin. ; bird spoken of in the 

ABACA, wi. ; West- Ind um flax, [koran. 

ABACOT, sm. cap of state; abacus. 

ABADDON, m. Satan. ABAJ)ia.,m.astone. 

ABA1SSE 4 , sf. under-crust in pastry. 

ABAISSEMENT, sm. abasement; fall; 
humbling; diminution; lowering. 

ABAISS-ER 1 ant 2 e 3 (and e 1 when je fol- 
lows, as Parle-je) es 3 ee 3 ees 3 e 4 ^- 34 -^" 

39.41 es 5.34.40 ons 7.36 ei ,8.37 en t9.38.41 

oit 12 ions 13 - 42 iez 14 - 43 oient 1 ^ ais 10 - 11 ait 12 
ait-nt 15 ai 16 as 17 a 18 ames 19 ates 2 " erent 21 
erai 22 eras 23 era'- 4 erons 25 erez 26 eront- 7 
erais 28 - 29 erait 30 erions 31 eriez 32 eraient 33 
erois 28 - 29 eroit 30 eroient 33 asse 45 asses 46 
at 47 assions 48 assiez 49 assent 60 ; va. to 
abase; lower; let dorrn; humble. S' , 
vr. to fall: decrease; sink ; cringe. 

ABAISSKUR, ,<//*. in, anatomy, depressor. 

ABAJOUE, sf. small ponch in the jaw. 

ABALOURD-iR, II. va. to stupify; stun. 

ABANDON, sin. ing; lewd-ness. Dans un 
tel , in such a forlorn condition. 
A 1' , ad. in confusion; at random. 

ABANDON NK 3 , sin. rake. , E, a. shame- 
less ; impudent; helpless; forlorn. E, 
!/' 2 J >' ustlitilt; - Torres ES, waste lands. 



ADA V * J 

'PRES.T. 2 PART.PRES. 3 PART.PAST.] IND. M. PRE8.T. 4 lstp.S. 5 2dp.B. > PRET. "Ust.s. I7 2 d p .s. 18 3dp.s. 19 lst 

[INF.M. _. 

13 14 I5 
27 3d. COXD.M. 28 lstp.s 
PRES.T. ^Istp.s. 40 2d p.s. 41 3dp 

lstp.s. 17 2dp.s. I8 3dp.s. 1S 1st 
30 3d p.s. 31 1st 32 2d a3 3d 



ABANDONNEMENT, m. abandoning; 
giving- tip ; desertion; profligacy. 

ABANDONN-ER, 1. va. to forsake; give 
over; Icti ve off ; deliver up ; Iff- loose; 
desert; prostitute. Mes forces m' ENT, 
in if strength fails me. S' ER, vr. in- 
dulge one's self; despond. S' au vice, 
give one's self up to vice. S' a la 
colere, give iray to anger. S' a la Pro- 
vidence, trust to Providence, [one year. 

ABANXATION, sf. ; banishment for 

ABAXTES, si. tribes with hairy backs. 

ABAQUE, sin. plinth; abacus, of columns. 

ABASOURD-IR, II. va. to stun; astound. 

ABAT- 6 s 4 - 5 - 34 ; v. ABATTRE, to beat down, 

ABATAGE, sin. charge of clearing a fo- 

ABATANT, sm. sh utter ;fiap.[rest; felling. 

ABATARD-IR, II. va. to corrupt; mar; 
spoil; hurt. S' , vr. to degenerate. 

ABATARDIS3EMENT, tm. corruption. 

ABAT-CHAUVKE, sf. inferior wool. 

ABATEE, ABATTEE, sf. falling back of 
a ship ; f 'tilling off to leeward; casting. 

ABAT-FAIM, sin. large joint of Meat. 

ABATIS, ABATTIS 16 , sm. offal; rubbish; 
overthrow ; ruin; defeat. Line of felled 
trees with their branches pointed to- 
wards the enemy ; track ofgame.[latp. 

ABAT-JOUR, sm. shy-light; shade for a 

ABATTEMENT, sm. dejection; faintness. 

ABATTEUR, sm. feller. de bois, great 
man at nine pins ; great dispatcher of 
business; mere brag ; wood cutter. 

ABATTOIR, sm. slaughterhouse ; shamble. 

ABATT-RE 1 ant 2 u 3 ue 3 us 3 ues 3 ons 7 ' 

36 ez 8.37 ent 9.38.44 ais 10.11 ait !2 oig 10. 

11 oit 12 ions 13 - 12 iez 14 - 43 aient 15 oient 15 

j.19.17 j t 18 tmes 19 ites 20 irent 21 rai ras 23 

ra roiis 25 rez 23 ront 27 rais 28 - 29 rait 30 
rois 26.29 roit 30 rions 3i riez 32 

33 e 35.39.41 es 40 isfe 45 isses 4G U 47 

issi;>z 49 issent 50 ; va. throw or pull down; 
abntc; djfl-ict. RE des ' arbres, to fell 
trcis. la poussiere, la// the dust. 
lc caqaet, strike dumb. bien du bois, 
dispatch a great deal of business. S' , 
fall doirn; despond; fail. Le vent 
s'abat, the windfalls. See ABAT 6 . 
ABATTRE, vn. to bear away; edge to 
leetvard. Le vaisseau s'abat, the ship 
drives to lecivard. un vaisseau. 

heave down or careen a ship. Laisse 

HE ! let her swing, [down; overcome. 
ABATTU 3 , E, a. trffl.ict.ed; dejected; cast 
ABATTURES, sf. foiling; deer's track. 
ABAT-VEXT, sm. pent-house of a steeple; 

wind-screen; pentile. [above a pulpit. 
ABAT-VOIX, in. canopy or sounding board 
AHBATIAL, E, a. belonging to an abbot 
ABBAYE, sf. abbey; convent, [or abbess. 
ABBE, sm. abbot. Le moine repond com- 

me F chante, like master like man. 
ABBESSE, sf. abbess; governess of nuns. 
A, B, C, sin. primer. Remettre quelqu'un 

a Fa, b, c, to make one begin anew. 
ABCKD-ER, I. vri. to turn into an abscess. 
ABCES, sin. abscess; iniposthume; sn:el- 
ABDALAS, sm. Persian monks. [ling. 
ABDEST, sm. Persian ablution. 
ABDIAS, sm. Obadiah; nobs, at cards. 
ABDICATION, sf. abdication; giving up. 
ABDIQU-ER, 1. va. to abdicate; resign. 
ABDOMEX, sin. ; belly. [the cijc. 

ABDUCTEUR, sm. abductor; muscle of 
ABDUCTION, sf. ; removing. [beginners. 
ABKCEDAIRE, a. sm. novice; book for 
ABEE, sf. dam ; mill-course; bay. [musk. 
ABEILLE, sf. a bee. ABEL-MOSC, m. abel 
ABEQU-ER, I. va. to feed a bird. [tion. 
ABERRATION, sf. aberration; slow mo- 
ABET-IR, II. va. to stupify. S' , vr. 

to grow stupid, [habnab; topsy-turvy. 
AB HOC ET AB HAC, ad. at random ; 
ABHORR-ER, I. va. to abhor ; detest ; hate. 
ABIGEAT, sm. ; a robbery of Jocks. 
ABijlE 4 , sm. abyss; hell; gulf; chasm. 

Abime, midst of shields, in heraldry. 
ABIM-ER, 1. va.todestroy; whelm ; undo ; 

n-asti; ; ruin. S' , to ruin one's self. 
AB-INTKSTAT, a.intestate.[baseness; mud 
ABJECTION, sf. abjection; meanntss; 
ABJECT, E, a. abject; mean; vile. [oath. 
ABJURATION, sf. ; renouncing upon 
ABJUR-ER, I. va. to abjure; renounce. 
ABLACTATION, sf. ; weaning of an 
ABLAIS, sm. corn cut and lying, [infant. 
ABLATIF, sm. ablative. [messenger. 

ABLKGAT, sm. an under legate; a pope's 
ABLERET, sm.a net to catch blays with. 
ABLETTE, sf. blay or bleak; ajish. 
ABLU-ER 1 iDiis 13 - 42 lez 14 - 43 , I. va. torevive 

old n-ritlnij. ABLUAST 2 , sm. diluent. 

ABL ( 3 ) 

8 9 3d p. pi. IMPERF. 


6 3d p.s. ' 8 9 3d p. pi. IMPERF. I0 1st p.s. ] 
30 21 FUT. 22 1st p. s. 23 2dp.s. 24 3d p.s. 25 : IMP. M. 34 2dp.s. 35 3dp.s. ^ 1st p. pi. 37 38 
45 1st p.s. 46 2dp.s. 47 3d p.s. 4& 1st p. pi. 2d p. pi. 50 

10 1st p.s. " 2d p.s. 12 3d p.*. 
25 1st p. pi. *> 2d p. pi. 
38 3d p. pi. SUBJ. M. 

ABLUTION,/ ablution ; cleansing ; wash. 

ABNEGATION,/, abnegation ; renuncia- 
tion; denial. desoi-meme, self-denial. 

ABOI, ABOIEMENT, sm. barking. Tenir 
en , keep at bay. Etre aux s, 
be at the last gasp. An"i n^-at, faiy. 
as animals ; nccessitif of surrendering. 

ABOL-iR 1 issant 2 i 3 ie 3 ies 3 is 3 ' 4 -5.i6.i7.34 
it 6 - 18 issons"-* 5 issez 8 - 37 issent 9 - 38 - 44 '^ 
issois 10 ' 11 issoit 12 issais 10 - 11 issiiit 12 issions 
13--12.48 jssiez' 4 - 43 - 49 issaient 15 issoient'^ 
imes 19 ites 20 irent 21 irai 22 iras 23 ira 24 
irons 25 irez 2 ^ iront 27 irois 28 - 29 iroit 30 
irais 28 - 29 irait 30 irions 31 iriez 32 iraient 33 
iroient 33 isse 35 ' 39 ' 41 - 45 isses 40 - 46 it 47 ; va. 
to abolish ; annul; obliterate; banish; 
forgive; destroy. S' , vr. to grow 

ABOLITION, sf. ; destruction. Lettres 
d' , letters of pardon; remission. 

ABOMINABLE, a. abominable; detestable. 

ABOMINABLE ME NT, ad. abominably. 

ABOMINATION, sf. abomination; loath- 
ing. Avoir en , to abominate.; detest. 
Etre en , be abhorred. [detest. 

ABOMIN-ER, I. ra. to abominate; abhor ; 

ABOXDAMMENT, ad. abundantly ; fully. 

ABONDANCE, sf. abundance ; plenty. 
de biens ne nuit pas, store is no sore. 

ABONDANT 2 , E, a. abundant. D' , ad. 
over and above; moreover; besides. 

ABOND-ER, I. vn. to abound; be plenti- 

ABONNEMENT, sm. agreement. [ful. 

ABONN-ER, 1. S' , vr. to bargain; com- 
pound; subscribe. E, sm. subscriber. 

ABONN-IR, II. rn. to mend; belter; im- 
prore. S' , vr. to grow better. 

ABORD, sm. access; landing; attach; 
aboard. D' , ad. forthwith; atjirst. 
Tout d' , de prime , atjirst sight. 

ABORDABLE, a. accessible; accostable. 

ABORDAGE, sm. boarding. Aller a 1' , 
sauter a 1' , to board an enemy's shij). 
L' , the running or falling foul. 

ABORD-ER, I. va. to accost; board; 

land ; attack ; resort. un vaisseau de 

bout au corps, lay a sldp aboard, by 

runnimj the boivsprit over her waist. 

ABORIGINES, aborigenes ; first 

inhabitants of a country. [limits. 

ABORNEMENT, sm. thefixing of bounds, 

ABORN-ER, I. va. to set boundaries; limit. 

ABORT-IF, IVE, a. abortire ; unsuccess- 
ful. , sm. abortive child. [ria/jc. 

ABORTION, sf. untimely birth; miscar- 

ABOUCH EMENT, sm. conference ; parley. 

ABOUCH-ER, I. fa. to bring persons toge- 
t/icr; confer. S' , confer; parley 

ABOUCOUCHOU, sm. kind of cloth. 

ABOUGRI, E, a. stunted in tie grotvth; 
knotty ; cross-grained timber; short. 

ABOUMENT, sm.. joining of icood-?vork. 


ABOUQU-ER, I. vn. to add fresh salt to 
an old heap. [point of union. 

ABOUT, sm. end; butt or end of planks; 
j ABOUTE 3 , E, placed end to end; patclied. 
I ABOUTEMENT, m. abutment, ; butt Join- 
ing, [end; touch; form an abutment. 

ABOUT- ER, I. f. to join; place end to 

ABOUT-iR, II. vn. to border on; end; 
grow ripe; come to a head ; break. 

ABOUTISSANT 2 , E, a. bordering on ; end- 
ing, sm. abutment; abuttals; limits; 
ends. Les tenans et s d'une affaire, the 
particulars of an affair. [puration. 

ABOUTISSEMENT, tm. eking piece; sup- 

ABOYANT 2 , E, a. barking ; yelping. 

ABOY-ER, I. rn. bark; bay; dun; gape. 

a la lune, bark when one cannot bite. 
ABOYEUR, sm. barker; dun; clicker. 
ABRAQU-ER, I. to haul or dram up any 

rope into a ship. ABRAS, Polish coin. 

ABRASION, sf. irritation of the stomach 
caused by violent remedies. [relics. 

ABRAXAS, sm. ; charm ; superstitious 

ABREGE 3 , TO. abridgment ; summary; ab- 
breviation. En , ad. in short ; briefly. 

ABREG-ER 1 , ABREGE-Avr 2 , I. va. to 

abridge; shorten; contract; dn-indle; 

cut, short. Pour ER, in short. [brldger. 

\ ABRKVIATEUR, sm. abbrcviator ; a- 

ABREVIATION, sf. abbreviation; note. 

ABREUV-ER, I. va. to mater ; soak; in- 
form; imbibe ; drench} prime ; acquaint 
n-ith. S' , rr. to drink plentifully. 

ABREUVOIR, sm. watering-place; pond. 

a mouches, large bloody wound. 
ABREY-ER, I. va. to shelter; keep from. 
ABR1, sm. shelter ; protection. A 1' 

de, ad. sheltered from. , a cove, or 
safe anchoring on the weather-shore. 

ABR ( 4 ) ACA 

flNF.M. 'PRE3.T. 2 PART. PRES. 3 PART. PAST.] 1ND. M. PRES.T. * 1st p.S. 5 ! 

13 u 15 3d PHKT. l6 1st p.s. 17 2dp.s. Ib 3dp.s. 19 Isl 
27 3d p. pi. COND.M. 28 1st p.s. 2dp.s. ' M 3d p.s. 3I 1st 32 2d 
PRES.X. 39 1st p.s. 40 2dp.s. 4 '3dp.s. 42 1st 43 44 3d IM 

ABRICOT, sin. apricot; apricock. ABRI- 
COTE, sin. candled apricot. ABRICO- 
TIER, sin. apricot-tree. [shore. 

AERIE, E, a. becalmed or screened by a 
ABR1T-ER, I. va. shelter ; becalm ; screen ; 
ABRIVENT 9 , sm. shelter from icind.[lch. 
ABRIV-ER, I. vn. reach the shore. E ! 
ABROGATION, sf. ; repcal.[pullarvay ! 
ABROG-EK 1 , ABROGE-ANT 2 , I. va. abro- 
gate; repeal; do away with; destroy. 
ABROUTI, E, a. eat up by cattle; browsed. 
AliRUPTO, ex , out of hand; bluntly. 
ABRUT-IR, II. va. to render stupid; be- I 
sot; stupify ; dull. S' , vr. to grow \ 
stupid ; live in drunkenness. [ pidity. 
ABRUTISSEMENT, sin. brutish-ness; stu- 
ABSENCE, sf. absence; wandering. 
ABSCISSE, sf. part of the axis of a curve. 
ABSENT, E 4 , a. s. absent; lost in thought. 
A.iSKNT-ER, I. S' , vr. to absent one's 
ABSIDE, sj\ arch; vault [self ; /(repairuy. 
ABSINTHE, sf. wormwood. Bierc d' , 
purl. 8, sorrows ; woes, [limited. 
ABSOLU, E, . absolute ; -peremptory ; un- 
ABSOLUMENT, ad. absolutely; quite; 

utterly. parlant, in the main. 
ABSOLUTION, sf. absolution; pardon. 
ABSOLUTOIRK, a. absolutory ; forgiving. 
ABSOLV-ANT 2 ons7-36 ez s>.37 e nt y - 3 - 44 ais 
lo-i' ait 18 ois 10 - 11 oit' 2 ions 13 - 42 iez 14 - 43 
aient 15 oiert" 5 e 33 - 39 - 4 ! es 4 ; w. AB- 
ALSORBANT 2 , a. s. absorbent. [soiJDliE. 
ABSORB-EK, I. va. to absorb; suck up. 
ABSORPTION, sf. ; act of absorbing. 
ABSOU-s 3 " 4 " 5 ' 34 t 6 te 3 tes 3 ; part of - 
ABSOUD-RE 1 rai 22 ras 23 ra 24 rons^ rez^ 
runt" rais 28 - 29 rait 30 rois 2 ^ 29 roit 30 rions 
si riez 32 raient 33 roient 33 ; va. to absolve; 
acquit. Set; ABSOLV, ABSOU. [solution. 
ABSOU-s 3 , TE 11 , a. absolved. TE, .s/. ab- 
ABSTEME, a. s. abstemious; sober. 
ABSTEN-iu 1 ant 2 u 3 us 3 ue 3 lies 3 ons' >af 
ez s.37 ais lu - u ait 12 ois 10 - 11 oit 12 ions 13 - 42 
iez 14 - 43 ak-nt 15 oient 13 ; S' , vr. to ab- 
stain; refrain. See ABSTiNS 16 , AB- 
STiENS 4 , ABSTiEN>-E 35 .[o/ inheritance. 
ABSTENSION, sf. act of giving up right 
ABSTERGENT 9 , a. abstergent ; cleansintj. 
to absterge; cleanse a wound. 

, IVE, a.abstersive; cleansing. 

ABSTERSION, sf. abstersion; cleaning. 

ABSTIEN-s- 4 - 5 - 34 t 6 drai 22 dras 23 dra 24 
drons 25 drez 26 dront 27 drais'" 6 - 29 drait 30 
drois 28 - 29 df-oit 30 drions 31 driez 32 draient 33 
droient 33 ; v. ABSTENIR. [ABSTEMIH. 

ABSTIENN-E 3 -^ 39 - 41 es 40 ent 9 - 38 - 44 ; part of 

ABSTINENCE, sf. abstinence; forbear- 

ABSTINENT, E, a. abstinent. [ance. 

ABST-iNS 16 - 1 ' int 18 mmes 19 Intes 20 inrent 2 ' 
insse 45 insses 46 Int 47 inssions 48 inssioz 4y 
inssent 50 ; v. ABSTENIR, to abstain. 

ABSTRACT-IF, IVE, a. abstracted. 

ABSTRACTION, sf. abstraction ; abstract 
question. Par , abstractedly. 

ABSTRACTIVEMENT, ad. abstractedly. 

ABSTRAI-RE 1 s 4 - 5 - 34 t 3 - 6 ent 9 - 38 - 44 rai 23 

ras 23 


n 27 

rait 30 rois 28 - 29 roit 30 rions 31 riez 32 raient 33 
roient 33 e 35 - 39 -* 1 es 40 ts 3 te 3 tes 3 ; va. to 
abstrart; separate. See AB8TKATANT 8 . 

ABSTRAIT 6 , E, a. abstracted; difficult. 

ABS1RAITEMENT, ad. abstractly. 

ABSTRAY-AUT 2 ons 7 - 36 ez 8 - 37 ais 10 -" ait 12 

Ois 10.ll Oit 12 i ons !3.42 iez 14.43 aJent'5 

oient 15 ; v. ABSTRAIRE, to abstract. 
ABSTRUS, E, a.abtruse; dark; difficult. 
ABSURDE, a. absurd; unreasonable. 
ABSURDKMENT, ad. absurdly ;smuseless- 
ABSURDITE, sf. absurdity ; folly. [ly. 
ABUS, sm. abuse; error ; fraud ; deceit. 
ABTJS-ER, I. va. to abuse; misciiqnoy ; 

cozen; deceive. S' , vr. to mistake. 
ABUSEUR, sin. seducer ; aged rake. 
ABI.'S-IF, IVE, a. abusive; improper. 
ABUSIVEMENT, ad. abusicel;/. [first. 
ABUT-ER, I. vn. to throw u'ho shall play 
ABUTILON, sin. yellow marsh wallow. 
ABYME, sm. abyss; hell. See ABIME. 
ACABIT, sm. good or bad taste of fruits. 
ACACIA, srn acacia ; a tree.[low in univer. 
ACAUEMICIEN, sin. academician; afel- 
ACADEMIE, sf. academy; gaming-table 

or house ; riding-house; school of paint' 
ACADEMIQUE, a. academical. [ing. 
ACADEM1QUEMKNT, ad. academically. 
ACADEMISTE, sm. academist ; a rider. 
ACAGNARD-EH, I. S' , vr. to grow lazy. 

au cabaret, spend one's time in tili- 
\ ACAJOU V . mahogany. [houses. 

ACANACK, E, a. thorny, as plants. 
ACANTHii, sf. brank-urslne; bear's foot. 

AC A ( 5 ) ACC 

6 :>dp.s. ' 8 9 3d IMPERF. 10 1st p.s. "->dp.s. l2 3d p.s. 

-" 3d p. 1)1. -' 3d FUT. 22 lSt p.S. S3 2 <i p.s. 24 3d p . s . 25 lsf p . pl> 26 2 d p. pi. IMP.M. y4 2d p.s. 35 3dp.s. ^ " 38 SUB.I.M. 
*"> 1st p. s. 46 -_M p. s. *1 3d p. s. 4B 1st p. pi. 49 2d p. pi. 5U 3d p. pi. 

A<\\K \.f.a fish. ACARE,m. hand-worm, i 
ACARIATRE, a. peevish ; shrewd; sullen. 
AUAKXE, si. kind of roach or thistle. 
ACATALEPSIE, sf. acatalepsy; impossi- 
bility of reasoning. ACATHARSIE, /. 
ACAULE, a. having no stalk, [impurity. 
A CAUSE de, c. because of; on account of. 
de cela, therefore. que, because, 
ACCABLANT 2 ., K, . grievous; troublesome. 
ACCABLEMENT, sm. opjiression ; faint- 

ncss; heaviness; dejection; burden. 

ACCABL-ER, I. va. to overwhelm; crush; 

oppress; weigh down; lire, [stalling. 

ACCAPAREMENT, sm. monopoly ; fore- 

ACCAPAR-ER, 1. va. forestall; engross; to 

c rente a scarcity. [therer ; engrosser. 

ACCAPAREU--R, SE, s. monopolist; ga- 

ACCAR-ER, I. va. to confront ; face. 

ACCASTILLAGE, sm. quarter-deck ; poop 

$ forecastle ; upper works. Vaisseau ac- 

castille, deep-waisted ship; ship having 

a forecastle and poop. [CASTILLAGE. 

ACCASTILL-ER, I. va. to build an Ac- 

ACCED-ER, I. vn. to accede; consent. 

ACCKLERATEUR, sm. accelerator, [dity. 

ACCELERATION, sf. ; increased rapi- 

ACCELER-ER, I. fa. accelerate; hasten. 

ACCENSE 4 , sm. depcndance of an estate; 

!.<iil(ff'. s 5 , public offices in Home. 
ACCENS-ER, I. va. to add an estate to 

unfit her ; attach it as a dependency. 
ACCENT, sin. accent ; tune; note, [cents. 
ACCENTUATION, sf. ; adding of ac- 
r; '-;.!{, I. vn. to accent; tuate. 
ACCEPTABLE, a. reasonable; rvorth uc- 
ACCEPTANT 2 , E, s. accepter. [cepting. 
ACCEPTATION, sf. acceptance; ting. 
ACCEPT-ER, I. va. to accept; receive. 
ACCEPTEUR, sm. receiver; accepter. 
ACCEPTILAT10N, sf. , annihilation 
of a debt by the creditor. [gard. 

ACCEPTION, sf. acceptation; respect; re- 
ACCES, sm. access; fit; approach; gust. 
ACCESSIBLE, a. accessible; easy. [cent. 
ACCESSION, sf. accession; increase; as- 
ACCESS1T, sm. the second best premium. 
ACCESSOIRE, sm. accessor// ; appendix. 

a. accessory; contributing; adjunct. 
ACC 1 D ENS, colour ;Jia von r; fit/ it re. 
ACCIDENT, sm. ; chance; brunt. Ea- 
oheux , ill-fortune. Par , by chance. 

ACCIDENTEL, LE, a. t/il; eventual. 

ACCIPENSER, sm. reptile; hind offish. 

ACCIP-EH, to take; receive. 

ACCISE, sf. excise; tax.[TEVJi,aiJplauder. 

ACCLAMA-TiON,/. ; shout; huzza. 

ACCLAMP-ER, I. va. to clamp; strengthen. 

ACCLIMAT-ER, I. va. to accustom to a. 
new climate; inure to it. [friend. 

ACCOUNTABLE, a. sociable; Jit for a 

ACCOINTANCE, sf. familiarity ; dealing. 

ACCOINT-ER, I. S' , vr.familiarizeonti's 
st'lf with ; frequent ; haunt; dial with. 

ACCOISEMENT des huraeurs, sm. sub- 
siding of the humours; calm, [tjiitll. 

ACCOIS-KK, I. va. to calm; still ; settle; 

ACCOLADE, sf. ; hug ; embrace ; dab- 
bing. de Inpcreaux, brace or couple 
of rabbits roasted or served together. 

ACCOLK 3 , v,a.joined, united, inhi-raldry. 

ACCOL-ER, I. i-a. to trim, a vine, <$-f. put 
together in a dish; add into one sum ; 
join ; / osts ; embrace.\vints. 

ACCOLURE, sf. binding of straw for 

ACCOMMODABLE, a. that may be ac- 
commodated; consistent, [fitting up. 

ACCOMMODAGE, sm. dressing of meat ; 

ACCOM MOD ANT 2 , E. a. good-natured; 
complying; sociable ;tractable ; kind. 

ACCOMMODATION, sf. ; agreement.. 

ACCOMMODE 3 , E, a. well provided for ; 
drest out; fitted; adjusted. Cormne le 
voila ! in what a fine pickle tie is! 

ACCOMMO DEMENT, sm. agreement; ex- 
pedient ; accommodation ; convcnienci/. 

ACCOMMOD-ER, I. va. to accommodate; 
dress ;fit; reconcile; mend; cook ; use ill ; 
sell ; furnish ; suit. de toutcs pieces, 
thrash soundly. a la compote, beat 
into a jelly. S' , vr. to agree with, 
seize upon; be made up; make shift; 
dress; accommodate one's self to the 
times. Qu'il s'accoinmode, let him take 
his own course. [comjianiis. 

ACCOMPAGNATEUR, sm. one who ac- 
ACCOMPAGNEMENT, sin. retinue; ac- 

companying ; suite; thorough bass. 
ACCOM PAGN-ER, 1. va. to accompany; 
attend ; match; wait on ; escort ; bach ; 
play to a voice. S' , vr. keep com p nn/f, ; 
be attended by ; suit ; add to; enhance. 

ACC ( 6 ") ACC 

[INF.M. j PRES.T. 2 PART.PRES. 3 PART. PAST.] IND.M. PRES.T. 4 1st p.. 5 2d p.S. 

13 1st 14 15 3d PRET. 16 1st p.s. 17 2dp.s. l8 3d p.s. 19 1st 
27 3d COND.M. 2 1st p.s. 29 2dp.s. 30 3dp.s. 31 1st 32 33 3d 
PRES.T. 39 lstp.&. 40 2d p.s. 41 3dp.s. 42 1st 43 2d 44 3d IMPER*. 

ACCOMPL-IR, II. va. accomplish ; fulfil ; 
performsjinish, S' , vr. to be fulfilled. 

ACCOM PLISSEMENT, *;n. accomplish- 
ment ; fulfilling ; completion. 

ACCON, m. ; small fiat-bottomed boat. 

ACCORD, sm. agreement ; concord ; coin- 
cidence; treaty. D' , ad. agreed; be 
it so! in tune. Ktre, tomber, or de- 
ineurer d' , to agree to; grant. Tout 
d'un , unanimously. ACCORDS, sm. 
pi. props under a shijfs males. Accord 
droit, an upright shore or prop. 

ACCORDABLE, a. allowable ; grant-able. 

ACCORDAILLES, if. espousals; ajfi.ance. 

ACCORDANT 2 , E, a. tunable ; harmonious. 

ACCORDE 4 , sf. keep stroke; leading tune. 

ACCORD-ER, I. va. to grant; reconcile; 
un instrument, tune. uu dif- 
ferend, adjust a difference. sa fille 
en mariage, betroth one's daughter to 
a man. S' , vr. to agree. ez vos 
flutes, agree among yourselves. 

ACCORDS 8 , m. bridegroom. E,/. bride. 

ACCORDEUR, sm. tuner of any musical 
instrument. ACCORDO, Italian instru- 

ACCORD01R, sm. a tuning key. [ment. 

ACCORE 4 , a. steep, sf. prop to stay ships. 

ACCOR-Eii, I. va. to prop; stay; jam; 

ACCORNK, E, a. horned, [wedge; casks. 

ACCORT, E, a. conqjlaisant ; civil; kind; 

ACCORTISE, sf. complaisance; craft. [sly. 

ACCOSTABLE, a.ajf'able; kind; courteous. 

ACCOSTE' 1 ! come aboard ; come alongside. 

ACCOSTEMENT, ad. com m odiously. 

ACCOST-ER, I. va. to accost ; come up or 
alongside. S' , keep company with. 

ACCOTAR, m. gunnel or gunwale of 'as/tip. 

ACCOT-ER, I. va. to proi) up. S' , vr. 
to lean against. les huniers, or 
les perroquets, haul home the topsail 
sheets, or the top gtdhtnt sheets. 

ACCOTOIR. sm. prop, to lean on. 

ACCOUCHEE 3 , sf. woman in child-bed. 

ACCOUCHEMENT, m. deliver a; child-bed. 

ACCOUCH-ER, 1. va. to lay or deliver a 
woman, vn. fo be brought to bed ; lie in. 

ACCOUCHEUR, am. ; nmn-inidirifc. 

ACCOUCHEUSE, sf. midwife. [elbow. 

ACCOUD-ER, I. S' , vr. to lean on one's 

ACCOUDOIR, sm. a leaning place : pn>p. 

ACCOU-ER, 1. va. strike, hamstring a stay. 

ACCOUPLE 4 , sf. brace; couple; leash. 
ACCOUPLEMEAT, sm. copulation; coup- 
ACCOUPL-ER, I. va. couple; join. [ling. 
ACCOURC-iR, II. va. to shorten ; abridge ; 
decrease. S' , vr. groic short; shrink. 
ACCOURCISSEMENT, sm. shortening. 
ACCOUR-IR 1 s 4 - 5 - 34 t 6 ons7-3 ez 8 - 3 ? ent* 

38.44 aiglO.ll ait !2 Ois l0.11 Oit 12 i onS 13 - 4 2 

i ez H.43 a i ent i5 O ient 15 us 3 - l6 - 17 ut' B umes 
19 utes 20 urent 21 rai 22 ras 23 ra 24 rons 25 
rez 2 ront 27 rais 28 - 29 rait 30 rois 28 - 29 roit 3 " 
rions 31 riez 32 roient 33 raient 33 e 3 - 5 - 39 - 41 
es 40 usse 45 usses 48 ut 47 ussions 48 ussiez 49 
ussent ant 2 u 3 ue 3 ues 3 ; vn. to run to ; 
hasten to. [ship to go fore and aft. 

ACCOURSIE, sf. narrow passage on a 

ACCOUSIN-ER, I. S' , vr. to pick ac- 
quaintance every-where. [equipage. 

ACCOUTREMENT, sm. dress; garb; camp- 

ACCOUTR-ER, I. va. accoutre; adorn; rig 
out. Vous voila bien accoutre! a Jine 
garb you arc in! E, dressed, [nuf. 

ACCOUTREUR, m.rvorhman, in wire ma- 

ACCOUTUMANCE, sf. habit ; custom ; use. 

ACCOUTUME 3 , E, a. accustomed; habi- 
tual; usual. A P E, ad. as usual. 

ACCOUTUM-ER,; inure; 
habituate ; use. S' , vr. use one's self. 

ACCOUV-ER, I. vn. to begin to set, as 
birds; sit long by thejirc-side. 

ACCRAVANT-ER, I. va. to crush; bruise. 

ACCREDIT-ER, esteem; credit; 
put off'. S' , vr. to get a name; take. 

ACCRETION, sf. accretion; increase. 

ACCROC, in. rent ; hoof,- ; stop; h inderance. 

ACCROCHE 4 , sf. hindcrance; difficulty. 

ACCROCHEMENT, sin. grapj)ling. 

ACCROCH-ER, I. va. to hang on a hook : 
catch; delay; grapple', cramp; hasp; 
stop. S' , vr. to stick to ; follow. 

ACCROIRE, vn. Faire , tnahconebcliere. 
En faire , impose on ; over-ween. S'en 
faire , vn. to be setf-couceittd. 

ACCR-ois 4 - 5 - 34 oit 6 us 3 ' 1 "- 17 lit 18 - 47 umes 19 
utes 20 urent 21 usse 45 usses 46 ussions 40 
ussio/. 4 -' ussent 50 iV ue 3 lies 3 ; ACCROISS- 

ANT 2 ons 7 ' 36 ez 8 ' 37 ent y 

ait 12 

ois 10 - 1 ' oit 12 ions 13 - 42 ic/ 14 " 43 nient 15 oient 
15 e 3j.39.-i es 40. ACCROITRE, to increase. 
ACCROISSEMKNT, sin. increase; im- 
provement; addition: growth; riif. 

ACC ( 7 ) ACQ 

6 3d p.s. 7 1st p. pi. 8 IMPERF. 10 1st p.s. "2dp.s. 12 3d p.s. 
20 2l rirr. -1st p.s. 23 2dp.s. 24 3d p.s. 2i 1st p. pi. M IMP. M. 34 -2dp.s. 35 3d p.s. 36 1st p. pi. 37 38 3d SUBJ..VJ. 
45 1st p. s. 46 2d p. s. 4? 3d p. s. 4 * 1st p. pi. 49 2d p. pi. 50 3d p. pi. 

ACCROIT 6 -RE 1 rai 22 ras 23 ra 24 rons 25 
ront 27 rais 20 - 29 rait 30 rois 23 - 29 roit 30 rions 
31 riez 32 raient 33 roient 33 ; ra. to aug- 
ment. S' , vr. increase; improve. See 

ACCROUP-IR, II. S' , vr. to sit squat- 

ACCROUPISSEMENT, sin. sitting squat. 

ACCRU 3 , E, a. increased '; enlarged; swelled. 

ACCUEIL, sin. reception, good or bad. 

ACCUEILL-iR 1 e 4 - 6 - 34 - 35 - 39 '- 41 es 5 - 40 ons 7 ' 36 

ez 6.37 ent 9.38.44 ajgl0.ll ait 13 ois 10.11 oit !2 

ions 13 - 42 iez> 4 - 43 aient 15 oient5 is 3 - 16 ' 17 
it 18 imes 19 ites 20 irent 21 erai 22 eras 23 
era 24 erons 25 erez 26 eront 27 erais 28 - 29 
erait 30 erois 28 - 29 eroit 30 erions 31 eriez 32 
eraient 33 eroient 33 isse 43 issos^ 6 it 47 issi- 
ons 48 issiez 49 issent 50 ant 2 i 3 ie 3 irs 3 ; ra. 
to receive; entettain; overtake; sur- 
prise ; harbour. S' , vr. hire one's self. 

\CCUL, *///. struightness ; blind alley; 
recoil-stake; small boy; court. 

ACCULEMENT, sin. rising in the Jloor 
timbers of ships; shake in the pitching. 
-ACCUL-ER, I. va. to drive against tlie 
nail; push backward into a corner; 
non plus. S' , vr. to betake one's self 
to a corner or mill; be pooped at sea. 

ACCUMULATION, sf. ; gathering. 

ACCUMUL-ER, I. va. to accumulate; heap 
iip ; store. S' , vr. to increase ; run on. 

ACCURBITAIRE, SHI. sort of worm. 

ACCUSABLE, a. blainable; impeachable. 

ACCUSAT-EUR, RICE, s. accuser ; infor- 

ACCUSATIF, stn. tive. [nier ; pluinftf'. 

ACCUSATION, sf. ; charge; indict- 

ACCUSE 3 , sin. culprit; defendant. [in ent. 

ACCUS-ER, I. va. to accuse; indict; charge; 
blame. la reception d'une lettre, noti- 
fy the receipt of a letter. son jeu, 
call one's game. Tax with ; reproach. 

ACENSEMENT, stn. lease ; farm ; letting 

ACERAIN, a. partaking of steel. [out. 

ACKNS-ER, I. va. to lease; let out ; farm. 

ACEPHALE, a. acephalous; without a 

ACERBE, . sour; sharp. [ head; headless. 

ACERK 3 , E, a. sharp; keen; acute; steely. 

ACERBITE, */. sourness; sharpness. 

ACER-EK, I. va. to steel ; temper ; sharpen. 

ACESCENCE, .f. sourness. ACESE, m. a 

ACETABULE, sin. bone socket, [mineral. 

ACETE, E, a. acetous; soar; acid; tart. 

ACETEU-X, SE, a. sharp ; tart ; sour.[yar. 

ACETUM ALCALISE, sm. distilled rine- 

ACHALAND-ER, I. va. to help to custom- 
ers. S' , vr. get or draw customers. 

ACHARNEMENT, sm. rage; fury; bent. 

ACHARN-ER, I. va. to engage ; provoke ; 
feed with flesh. S' , vr. fall furiously 
upon. E, obstinate; eager at; set 

ACHAT, sm. purchase; bargain. [on. 

ACHE, sf. smallaije; hind of parsley. . 

ACHEES, sf. pi. bait-worms; gentles. 

ACHEMENS, sm. mantles cut, in heraldry. 

ACHEMINEMENT, sm. means to bring a 
thing about; step; introduction. 

ACHEMINE 3 , E, a. nearly broken in, 
as a horse. Cheval , waycd horse. 

ACHEMIN-ER, 1. va. to forward. S' , 
vr. to go one's way; thrive well. L'af- 
faire s'achemine, the business yets on. 

ACHET-ER, I. va. to purchase; buy ; get. 

ACHKTEU-R, SE, s. purchaser; buyer. 

ACHEVE 3 , E, a. perfect ; ended ; thorough- 

ACHEVEMENT, sm. finishing , end. [bred. 

ACHEV-ER, 1. va. to finish; end; com- 
plete ; put to death. Voila pour 1' de 
peindre, this will complete his ruin. 

ACHILLE, sm. les; son of Thetis and 
Peleus. Tendon d' , tendon Achilles. 

ACHILLEE, sf. ragwort, plant. [Ming. 

ACHOPPEMENT, sm. obstacle; rub; stum- 

ACHORES, sm. running ulcer on the face; 

ACIDE, a. acid ; sharp ; sour ; tart.[achor. 

AC1DITE, .s/. acidity ; sourness; tartness. 

A.CIDULE*, a. didous; somewhat acid. 

ACIDUL-ER, I. va. make sour ; acidulate; 

ACIER, stn. steel ; sirord. [mix with acids. 

ACOLYTE, sm. acolitc ; priest's attendant. 

ACONIT, sin. wolf's bane; aconite. 

ACOQUINANT 2 , E, a. engaging; alluring 

ACOQUIN-ER, 1. va. entice; allure. S' , 
vr. to grow fond of; dangle after. 

ACOT AllS, Jilling pieces between the floor- 
timbers under the kelson inFrench ships 

ACOUSMATE, sm. imaginary noise heard 
hi the air; acousina. [sounds, a. tic. 

ACOUSTIQUE, sf. acoustics; doctrine of 

ACQUEREUR, sm. purchaser ; buyer. 

ACQUER-IR 1 ons 7 - 36 ez 8 - 37 ais 10 - 11 ait 12 
ois'O-ii oit 12 ions 13 - 42 iez' 4 - 43 aient 15 oient 
15 ant 2 ; va. acquire; get: buy; attain. See 



[IXP.M. 'PRES.T. 2 PART.PRE3. 3 PART.PAST.] IND. M. PRES.T. Mstp.S. 5 2dp.B. 

' 14 I5 PHET. 16 lstp.s. 17 2d p.s. ' 8 3d p.s. l9 
aT 3d. COND.M. 2S 1st p.s. '^ id p.s. 30 3d p.s. 31 1st p. pi. 32 2d 33 3d 
PRES.T. 39 1st p.s. 40 2d p.s. 41 3dp.s. " 43 2d 44 3d IMPERF. 

ACQUER-RAi 22 ras 23 ra 24 rons 25 rez 26 ront 
27 rais 2 *- 29 r ait 3 rois 28 - 29 roit 30 rions 31 
riez 32 raient'* 3 roient 33 ; v. ACQUERIR. 

ACQUKT, sm. acquest; purchase. 

ACQUIER-s 4 - 5 - 34 t ent 9 - 38 - 44 e 35 - 39 ' 41 es 40 
ions 42 iez 43 ; v. ACQUERIR, to acquire. 

ACQUIESCEMENT, tm. compliance. 

ACQUIESC-ER, I. vn. to acfj nit-see; yield; 
CM in pin; ttgree; ascent; content. 

ACQU-is 3 - 115 - 17 it 18 iraes 19 ttes 20 irent 21 
isse 4 -' isses 46 it" issions 46 issiez 49 issent 50 
ise 3 ises 3 ; v. ACQUERIR, to acquire: 

ACQUIS 3 , sin. knowledge; acquirement. 

ACQUISITION, sf. acquisition; purchase. 

ACQUIT 18 , sm. acquittance; discharge. 
a caution, penult; warrant. de 
douane, cocket. au jeu de billard) 
the lead. Par maniere d' , ad. care- 
lessly. Par , upon one's receipt. 

ACQU1TT-ER, I. ra. clear ; answer ; quit; 
acquit. S' , vr. discharge ; perform ; 
fulfil ; pay off' ; get clear, [acre of land. 

ACRE, a. sharp; tart; sour. ACRE, m. 

ACRETK, sf. sharpness; acrimony ; tart' 

ACRIMONIE, sf. acrimony ; spite, [ness. 

ACRIMONIEU-x, SE, a. acrimonious; 

ACROBATE, sm. rope-dancer. [sharp. 

ACROCHORDON, sin. target ; mart. 

ACROSTICHE, sm. # a. acrostic; play on 
names ; sonnet ; a short poem. 

ACROTERE, sm. cape; headland; peak; 
promontory, pi. small pedestals. 

ACTE, sm. act ; action; deed ; proceeding. 
Acte de delai, debt lost by shipwreck, pi. 
records; rolls; acts. [tress. 

ACTEUR, sm. actor. ACTRICE, sf. ac- 

ACTI-F, VE, a. active; actual. Dettes ac- 
tives, debts due to one. Avoir voix active 
et passive, have a rlglit to vote. 

ACTION, sf. ; share in stock ; battle : 
suit at law. Se mettre en , tofiy into 
a passion. Actions de graces, thanksgiv- 
ing. Les 8 baissent, the stocks fall. 

ACTIONNA1RE, sm. stockholder. [cle. 

ACTIONN-ER, I. va. to sue at law; artl- 

ACTIVEMENT, ad. actively, as verbs, [up. 

ACTIV-ER. I. va. to put in motion ; stir 

ACTIVITE, sf. ty; quickness; nimblc- 

ACTUICE, sf. actress. [ness; strength. 

ACTUEL, LE, a. actual; real. [really. 

ACTUELLEMENT, ad. at this time; 

ACUT, E, a. acute; sharp, sm. point, [gulnr. 

ACUTANGLE, m. acute angle, a. acutan- 

ADAGE, snt. ad/igc; proverb; sin/inij . 

ADAGIO, <id. slowly ; slow tune in music. 

ADAPTATION, sf. 'adaptation ;. fitting. 

ADAPT-KR, I. va. to adapt; apply; fit. 

ADDITION, sf. ; increase; accession. 

ADDITIONXEL, LE, a. additional. 

ADDITIONN-ER, I. va. to cast up; add. 

ADDUCTEUR, sm. adducent muscle. 

ADELAIDE, ADELAIS,/. Alice; Assy. 

ADELSTAN, sm. Ethc lstan.[m. fine cotto't. 

ADEMPTION, sf. taking away. ADENOS, 

ADENOLOGIE, sf. treatise on the glands. 

ADEPTE, sm. adept; skilled in; clever. 

ADEXTRE, E, a. on the right hand. 

ADHERENCE, sf. adherence ; attachment. 

ADHERENT 9 , E, a. sm. ; follower. 

ADHER-ER, I. tm. to adhere; stick to. 

ADHESION, sf. ;Jiddity. [sinecure. 

AD HO NO RES, ad. for honour's sake; 

ADIANTE, sm. maiden-hair; a plant. 

ADIAPHORE, a. indifferent ; neutral. 

ADIAPHORISTE, m. mitigated Lutheran. 

ADIEU, Int. adieu,; farewell. Dire , to 
bid farewell. la voiture, la bou- 
tique, it is all over ; there's an end of 
it. va ! tack awny ; veer aicuy ; 

AD1NKR-ER, va, to prize, [about ship! 

ADIPEU-x, SE, a. adipous;fat; adipose. 

ADIR-ER, I. ra. to put out of the rvtiy. 

ADIVE, m. sort of fox and sharp dog. 

ADJACENT, E, a. ; near; neighhour- 

ADJECTIF, sin. adjectire.[ing; contiguous. 

ADJECTION, sf. adject Ion; addition. 

ADJECTIVEMENT, ad. adjectlvely. 

ADJECTIV-ER, I. va. qualify; modify. 

ADJOIGX-AST 2 ons 7 ' 36 ez 8 ' 37 ent 9 ' 38 - 44 uis 
10 -" ait 12 ois 10 - 11 oit 12 ions 13 ' 42 iez 14 - 43 
aient 15 oient 15 is 16 - 17 it 18 imes 19 ites 20 
iront 21 e 35 ' 39 ' 41 es 40 isse 45 isses 46 It 47 
issions 48 issiez 49 issent 50 ; part of - 

ADJOIND-RE 1 rai 22 r;is' J3 ni 24 rons 25 rez 26 
ront 27 rais 28 - 29 rait 30 rois 28 - 29 roit 30 rions 
3 ' riez 32 raient 33 roient 33 ; ADJOIN-s 4 ' 5 ' 
34 t 6 3 t s s te 3 tes 3 ; va. to associate; add; 
adjoin: unite. Sec Ai>.T<m;xANT 2 . 

ADJOINT 6 , sm. assistant ; partner; asso- 

ADJOWnOXJ'. adjunct ion; union.{ci<ife. 

ADJUDANT, sm. adjutant; helper; aid. 

ADJUDICATAiRE, sm. higher bidder. 


A1W t ) A1JU 

6 3dp.s. 7 8 9 3dp.pi. IMPERF. 10 1st p.s. "yd p.s. 12 3d p.s. 
20 2l 3d FUT. - 12 1st p.s. '"id p.s. 24 3d p.s. 2 Mstp.].l. 26 IMP.M. 34 2dp.s. 35 3dp.s. ^ 37 3 SUBJ.M. 
45 1st p.s. 46 -2d p.s. 47 3d p.s. 4ri 1st 49 2d 5U 3d 

ADJUDICATION./, adjudging; award ing. 
ADJUG-EK 1 , ADJUGE-ANT 2 , I. va. to ad- 

jiuige; adjudicate; award; give up. 
ADJURATION,*/*. ; adjuring. [surtunon, 

ADJUR-ER, I. va. to adjure ; call upon; 
ADJUTOIRE, sin. assistance; aid.[a drug. 
ADJUVANT, a. auxiliary, sm. ingredient ; 
AD LIBITUM, ad. ; at pleasure. 
ADME-x 6 ts 4 - 534 ; ADMETT-RB 1 ons^-SC 

ez 6.37 ent 9.3S.44 ftnt a ais 10.11 ait !2 ois !0.1l 

oit 12 ions 13 - 42 iez 14 - 43 aient 15 oient 15 e 35 - 
3 9 - 41 es 40 rai 2 * ras 23 ra 24 rons 25 rez 26 ront 27 
rais 28 - 29 rait 30 rois 28 - 29 roit 30 rions 31 riez 32 
raient 33 roient 33 ; va. to acknowledge; 
let in; entertain; admit; allow of; 
suffer; bear; receive. See ADMis 3 . 

ADMIMCULE, m.aid ; help ; slight proof. 


ADMINISTRATION, sf. ; governmi-nt. 

ADMINISTRATI-F, VE, a. administra- 
tice; managing. [dispense; officiate. 

ADMINISTR-ER, I. va. to administer; 

ADMIRABLE, a. ; rare; wonderful. 

ADM1RABLEMENT, ad. admirably. 

ADMIRAT-EUR, sm. RICE, sf. admirer; 
sweet-heart; wanderer ; praiser. [tion. 

ADMIRATI-F, VE, a. note of admira- 

ADM1RAT1ON, sf. ; tvondt.r ; wonder- 
ment; wondering at. Ravi en , amazed. 

ADMIR-ER, I. va. to admire; wonder at. 
S' , vr. to be astonislied; be conceited. 

ADMIROMANE, sm. general admirer. 

ADMIROMANIE, sf. general admiration. 

ADM-is 3 16 ' 17 it lb 5mes 19 ites 20 irent 21 isse 4 ''' 
isses 46 It 47 issions 48 issiez 49 issent 50 ise 3 
ises 3 ; part of ADMETTRE, to admit. 

ADMISSIBLE, a. allowable ; Jit; plausible. 

ADMISSION, sf. ; access, [admission. 

ADMITl'ATL'R, sm. ecclesiast. ticket of 

ADMONETK 3 , sm. admonition; censure. 

ADMONKT-ER, to n-arn; admonish. 

ADMONESTEMENT, sm. advice; notice. 

ADMONlT-Euu, m. RICE,/. tor ; moni- 

ADMONITION, sf. warning ; advice, [tor. 

ADOLESCENCE, sf.; i/outh; puberty. 

ADOLESCENT, sm. youth; raw young 
man. Jeune , i/oitngfool; stripling. 

ADONIEN, NE, . adonic verse. [Jish. 

ADONIS, sm. a beau; wild ranunculus; a 

ADON1S-ER, I. va. to maliejine ; rig out. 
S' , or. deck or dizen one's self out. 

ADONIS EUR, sm. beau; fop; a dandy. 

ADONN-ER, I. S' , vr. to addict, devote 
one's self; take to something; apply. 
vn. scant or veer aft, or forward, speak- 
ing of an unfavourable mind. 

ADOPT-ER, I. va. adopt; receive; claim. 

ADOPTI-F, VE, a. adoptive; chosen. 

ADOPTION, sf. ; preference. [ing. 

ADORABLE, a. adorable; divine; charm- 

ADORAT-EUR, sm. RICE, */. adorer ; wor- 

ADORATION, sf. ; worship, [shipper. 

ADOR-ER, I. ra. to adore; worsliip; love. 

ADOS, sm. shelving bed; slope; inclined 

AUOSSEMENT, sm. backing. [border. 

ADOSS-ER, I. va. to set back to back ; 
strengthen, lean. S' , vr. leanon''s 
back against; grow round-shouldered. 

ADOUB-ER, I. va. to repair; mend; set 

ADOUCI 3 , sin. softening; polishing; soft 

ADOUC-IR, II. to sweeten; appease; 
tame ; soften ; mitigate ; allay. S' , vr. 
become sweet; relent; grow milder . 

ADOUCISSANT 2 , E, a. softening, sm. 
sweetener; softener; emollient; mollijier. 

ADOUCISSEMENT, sm. softening; molii- 
fying f ; allay ; medium ; lenitive ; Icn ittj. 

ADOUK, E, a. coupled; paired.[Fr. riar. 

ADOUR, sm. ninth month in Persia; a 

ADOUX, sm. a plant; woad; pastel. 

AD PATRES, II cst alle , he is dead. 

ADRAGANT, E, a. gum-adragant. 

ADRESSANT 2 , E, . directing; directed. 

ADRESSE 4 , sf. direction of a letter; ad- 
dress; industry ; skill; dexterity; n-ile. 
Tour d' , legerdemain; deception. 

ADRESS-ER, I. va. to address; direct; 
hit. S' , vr. apply to; be directed. 

ADROG-ER 1 , ADROGE-ANT 2 , adopt. 

ADROIT, E, a. dexterous ; ingenious ; han- 
dy ; neat ; sly ; artful, sm. sharp fellow. 

ADROITEMENT, ad. dexterously; slyly. 

AUULAIRE, sf.kind of mineral; a stone. 

ADULAT-EUR, sm. RICE, sf. adulator; 
flatterer ; deceitful; parasite ; fawner. 

ADULATI-F, VE, a. adulatory ;Jiattering. 
j ADULATION, sf.Jiattery; compliment. 

ADUL-ER, 1. va. to flatter meanly; fawn. 
\ ADULTE, s. an adult, a. adult ; grownup. 

ADULTERE, sin. adultery; adulterer; 
(troH'try. sf. adulteress, a. adulterous. 

B 3 

ADU ( 10 ) AFF 

[INF.M. 'PRES.T. : PART.PRES. 3 PART.PAST.] IND.M. PRES.T. 4 lStp.S. 5 2dp.S. 

I3 lst 14 2d I5 3d PHET. I6 lst p.s. 17 2d p.s. 18 3d p.s. I9 
'"3d COND.M. 2S 1st p.s. <X) 2d p.s. 30 :M p.s. 31 1st 32 2d 33 8d 
PRES.T. 39 lstp.s. 40 2dp.s. 4 '3dp.s. 42 43 2d 44 IMPERF. 

ADULTER-ER, I. vn. to adulterate; viix. 

ADULTERIN, E, a. born in adultery; bas- 

ADUSTE, a. burnt up; consumed, [tard. 

ADUSTION, sf. ; burning; consuming. 

AD VALOREM, according to the worth. 

ADVENTI-F, VE, a. adventitious; casual ; 

ADVERSE, sm. adverb. [accidental. 

ADVERBIAL, E, a. adccrbial.[an adverb. 

ADV r ERBIALEMENT, ad. adverbially; as 

ADVKRBIALITE, sf. quality of an adcerb. 

ADVERSAIRE, s.udccrsary; opposcr ;foe. 

ADVERSAT1-F, VE, a. five; opposed. 

ADVERSE, a. ; unfortunate; opposite. 

ADVERSITE, sf. adversity; misfortune. 

ADYNAMIE, sf. weakness from illness. 

JEGILOPS, sin. small ulcer in the eye. 

AERE 3 , E, a. well-aired; gay; well situ- 

AER-ER, I. ra. to air ; give light, [ated. 

AERI-ER, I. va. to air by fumigation; 
I)" rift/ the air; drive cut foul air. 

AERIEN, NE, a. ethereal; aerostatic; 

AERIFORM E, a. like the air. [aerial. 

AEROGRAPHIE, sf. aerography; descrip. 

AEROLOGIE, sf. treatise on air. [of air. 

AEROMANCIE, sf. aeromancy ; soothsay- 
ing by watching the air; divination. 

AEROMETRE, sm. aerometer; instrum. 
for ascertaining the weight, fyc. of air, 

AEROMETR1E, sf. aeromctry ; aerosta- 

AERONAUTE, s. air- balloonist. [tion. 

AEROPHOBE, sm. one afraid of the air. 

AEROSTAT, sm. air-balloon ; any balloon. 

AEROSTATIQUE, a. aerostatic. 

AETITE, sf. eagle-stone.[nature; courtesy. 

AFFABILITK, sf.~ty; kindness; good 

AFFABLE, a. arable; courteous; kind. 

AFFABLEMENT, ad. affably; civilly. 

AFF ADULATION, sf. moral of a fable. 

AFFAD-IR, II. va. cloy; surfeit ; flatten ; 

AFFADISSEMENT, sm. cloymcnt. [turn. 

AFFAIBL-IR, II. va. debilitate; enfee- 
ble; allay. S' , va.groiv weak; weaken. 

AFFAIBLISSANT 3 , E, a. weakening. 

AFFAIBLISSEMENT, sm. weakness. 

AFFAIRE, sf. affair; business; matter; 
concern; duty ; dispute; action; trou- 
ble ; scrape. Faire , to conclude a 
business. Point d' , lam off. Se fuire 
des s, get into a scrape. Se tirer 
<i' , get out of a scrape. Etre bien 
daiis ses s, be in good circumstances. 

AFFAIRE, Ses s sont faites, 'tis all over 
with him. J'ai votre , / have what 

AFFAIRE, E, a. busy : occupied.[youri'ant. 

AFFAISSEMENT, sm. sinking down. 

AFFAISS-ER, I. va. to press or weigh 
down. S' , vr. sink down; give way. 

AFFAIT-ER, I. va. to tame, a bird of prey. 

AFFAITAGE, sm. taming of birds. 

AFFALE 3 , E, a. wind-bound; embayed. 

AFFAL-EK, I. ra. to lower the sails; let. 
go amain ;Jteet ; shift. AFFALE 34 ! lower 
away; bring down! S' , be embayed. 

AFFAM-EK, 1. va. to famish; starve. AF- 
FAME 3 , E, a. greedy of; scanty; not 
strong enough; craving; sharp, [reapers. 

AFFANURES,/. corn givenf or payment to 

AFFEAGEMENT, sm. sort of leasehold ; 
feoff'ment. [give in leasehold ; feoff'. 

AFFEAG-ER 1 , AFFEAGE-ANT 2 , I. va. to 

AFFECTA-NT 2 , E, a. affecting; longing. 

AFFECTATION, */. ; pretension. 

AFFECTE 3 , E, affected; not natural. 

AFFECT-EK, I. va. to affect; mortgage; 
appropriate; assign; move; entail. 

AFFECTI-F, VE, a. moving ; affecting. 

AFFECTION, xj\ affect ion ; love; kindness. 

AFFECTIONNE 3 , E, a. tionate; kind. 

AFFECTIONN-ER, I. ra. to love; like; 
fancy. S' , vr. delight in; addict one's 

AFFECTUEUSEMENT, ad. kindly, [self. 

AFFECTUEU-x, SE, a. affectionate. 

AFFERMAGE, m. farming out by lease. 

AFFERM-ER, I. va. to farm; rent; hire. 

AFFERM-IR, II. va. to strengthen; con- 
Jinn; consolidate; establish. S' , vr. 
be strengthened ; grom hard ; persist. 

AFFERMISSEMENT. sm. support ; conso- 
lidation ; strengthen ing ; fasten ing. 

AFFERENT, E, a. returning, that recurs. 

AFFERON, m. tag at the end of a lace. 

AFFETE, E, a. affected; coqucting. 

AFFETERIE, sf. affectation; coquetry. 

AFFE1TO, AFFETTUOSO, ad. with grace 

AFFICHE 4 , sf. bill posted up. [and feeling. 

AFFICH-ER, I. va. to post up; expose; 
publish. le bel esprit, set up for a 
wit. Je cuir, pare the leather. 

AFFICHEUR, sm.adi'crtiser; bill-sticker. 

AFFIDE, E, a. trusty ; faithful. Les 
s, pi. academicians of Pavia. 

AFFI-ER, I. va. to graft; declare; aver. 


6 Sd p.s. 7 1st p. pi. 8 2d p. pi 
20 -' 3d p. pi. VUT 
p.p'. IMP. M. 34 2dp . s . 
45 1st p.s. 4 2dp.s. 4 " 3d p.s. 

( 11 ) 

9 3d p. pi. IMPERF. 


'1st p.s. "id p.s. I2 8dp.s. 

pi. 9 IMPERF. 10 lstp.s. n id p.s. I2 8dp.s. 

'. K 1st p.s. 23 2dp.s. 24 3d p.s. ^Sd p. pi. 

35 3d p.s. 1st p. pi. 37 SUBJ.M. 
1= 4b 1st p. pi. 49 50 

AFFIL-ER, I. to sharpen; set. Avoir la 
langue bien EE, have a nimble tongue. 

AFFILIATION, sf. adoption; entrance. 

AFFILI-ER, I. VH. adopt; imitate. S'af- 
filier, vr. keep correspondence n-ith. 


AFFIX-EH, I. vn. to rejinc metals, fyc.; 
Jine; trick; cheat one. II E, it clears 
atvuy ; it becomes fair, at sea. 

AFFINERIE, sf. refining forge; Jinery. 

AFFIXEUR, sin. refiner ; Jiner ; dcparter ; 

AFFINITE, sf. affinity; relational 'resser. 

AFFINOIR, sm. hcmp-hatchel ; hitchel. 

AFFIQUET, ?/j. x>rop for knitting-needles. 

AFFIQUETS, pretty ornaments ; baubles. 

AFFIRMANT-, E, a. assertive; declaring. 

AFFIRMAT1-F, VE, a. peremptory. M, 

AFFIRM ATIOX, sf. .[in the affirmative. 

AFF1RMATIVEMENT, ad. positively. 

AFFIRM-ER, I. va. to affirm ; vouch; as- 

AFFISTOL-ER, I. va. to dress; adorn.[sert. 

AFFIXE, a. supcradded. [even n-ith. 

AFFLEUR-ER, I. va. to level; lay; make 

AFFLICTI-F, VE, a. affiictive; sad. 

AFFLICT IOX, sf. affiiction ; grief; sorrow. 

AFFL1GE 3 , E, a. sorrowful; unhappy. 

AFFLIG-ER 1 , AFFLIGE-ANT 2 , I. vii. to 
afflict ; vex ; mortify. S' , vr. grieve. 

AFFLIGEAXT 2 , E, a. afflicting; painful. 

AFFLUEXCE, sf. ; plenty; concourse. 

AFFLUENT" 9 , E, a. flowing ; wealthy. 

AFFLU-ER, I. vn. to resort ; abound ;Jlorv. 

AFFOIBL; See beginjiing ivith AFFAIBL. 

AFFOL-Eii, I. va. to infatuate; be- 
come insane; be or make very fond of. 
Boussole EE, defective compass. 

AFFOL-IR, II. U7i. grow foolish or mad. 

AFFORAGE, sm. asstzed price ; ajfbragt. 

AFFOR-ER, I. ra. to assize; Jix ; set. 

AFFOUAGE, sm.fuel required in forges; 
right of moicintj or felling. 

AFFOUGU-ER, I. va. to excite; spur on. 

AFFOURCH-ER, I. va. to moor across. 

AFFOURR-ER, I. ra. to fodder ; feed. 

APFOURRAGEMENT, sm. foddering. 

AFFOURRAG-ER, I. ra. to fodder ; feed. 

AFFRAXCHI 3 , E, a. freed man or woman. 

AFFRAXCH-iR, II. va. to set free ; free; 
enfranchise; disburthen. une lettre, 
frank a letter. ur. vaisseait, pump a 
ship free. S' , vr. to free one's self. 

AFFRANCHISSEMENT, *MI. release; ex- 
emption; enfranchising; delivery. 

AFFRES, great fright; terrors. 

AFFRETEMENT, sm. hire of a skip. 

AFFRK T-ER, 1. ra. to freight a ship. 

AFFRETEUR, sm. freighter ; hirer. 

AFFREUSEMEXT, ad. horribly ; terribly. 

AFFREU-x, SE, a. dreadful; hideous. 

AFFRIAND-ER, I. va. to use to dainti- 
ness; allure; entice; lure, [tice; decoy. 

AFFR1OL-ER, I. va. to allure; lure; en- 

AFFRIT-ER, I. va. toprcpare apan to fry 

AFFRONT, sm. insult ; reproach, [with. 

AFFRONTAILLES,/. boundaries; bounds. 

AFFRONTED E, a. facing, in heraldry. 

AFFROXT-ER, I. va. to face; client; in- 

AFFRONTERIE, sf. cheat; cozening. [suit. 

AFFRONTEU-R, sm. SE, sf. cheat; bully. 

AFFUELKMKNT, sm. close covering. 

AFFUiJL-ER, I. va. muffle up. S' de, 
be iv rapped up icith. Etre E d'une 
opinion, be iceddcd to an opinion. 

AFFUT, sm. frame of a cannon; lurJtinn- 
place. Etre a 1' , be on t/ie catch. 

AFFUTAGE, sm. set of tools ; dressing of 
an old hat ; grinding of tools ; mouni- 
infj of a piece of ordnance. [mount. 

AFFUT-ER, I. va. to sharpen; set ; n-hct ; 

AFFUTIAU, sm. bauble; toy. [order to. 

AFIN qne, c. to the end that. de, in 

AGA, AGHA, sm. an aga, Turkish officer. 

AGAQA N T 2 , E, a. enticing; sour ; inciting. 

AGACE 4 , sf. magpie. AGA.C&, provoked. 

AGACEMENT, sm. setting on edge. 

AGAC-ER 1 , AGAC-ANT 2 , I. va. to set on 
edge; entice; vex; provoke; spur; egg. 

AGACERIE, if. enticement ; encouraging. 

AGAPES, sf. love feast; agapa. 

AGA PETES,/, virgins ivho dwelt together. 

AGARIC, sm. ; mushroom plant. 

AGASTE, sf. storm. d'eau, great shorvcr. 

AGASYLLIS, stn. ; gum ammoniac. 

AGATE, sf. agate ; precious stone. 

AG.'\TIS, in. ivaste ; damage done injields. 

AGE, sm. age; majority. Bas , child- 
hood. viril, manhood. Tirer sur 
1' , to grow old. Quel avez-vous .' 
flow oW arc y<*u ! Etre en , be of 
age. Entre deux s, middle-aged. 
nubile, marriageable age. La tteur, 
le printems de 1' , the prime of life. 

13 1st l4 
27 3d COND. M. 2S 1st p.s 

AGE ( 12 ) 

''3d PUKT. 

PRES.T. 1st p.s. 40 2d p.s. 41 3dp.s 

AGE, E, a. aged ; old ; in years ; elderly. 

AGENCE 4 , sf. agency; commissian. 

AGENCEMENT, sm. arrangement ; order. 

AGENC-ER 1 , AGENg-ANT 2 , I. va. to set 
in order. S' , vr. to arrange one's 

AGENDA, sm. memorandum book. [self. \ 

AGENOUILL-ER, 1. S' , vr. to knee.l 

AGENOU1LL01R, sm. hassock. [down. 

AGE-NT, sm. agent; substitute ; actor ; de- 
puty; resident; minister de change, 

AGERASIE, sf. old age.[cxchangc-broker. 

AGEUSTIE, sf. want of taste, [thering. 

AGGLOMERATION, sf. heaping up; ga- 

AGGLOMER-EH, I. va. to heap up ; unite. 

AGGLUTINATION, sf. unio'n; joining. 

AGORA V ANT 8 , E, a. aggravating.[cat/on. 

AGGRAVATION, sf. aggravation ; provo- 

AGGRAVE 4 , sf. threatening monitor y. 

AGGRAV-ER, I. va. to aggravate; make 

AGILE, a. nimble; brisk; active, [icorsc. 

AGILKM E~ST,ad.nimbly;>vit/t niinbleness 

AG1LITK, sf. agility ; niinbleness ; activi- 

AGIO, sm.. ; course of exchange, [ty. 

AG10LOGIE, sf. gy ; concerning saints; 
treatise on holy things. [exchange. 

AGIOL. sm. mean trinket. AGIOT, sm. 

AGIOTAGE, sin. stock-jobbing, [jobber. 

AGIOT-ER, I. va. to stock; be a stock- 

AGIOTEUR, sm. stock-jobber ; jobber. 

AG-iR, II. va. to act; do; deal; have an 
influence; operate; behave; negociate; 
sue. En bien or mal avec o>~ envers 
quelqu'un, use one well or ill. 

AGISSAXT 2 , E, a. active; efficacious. 

AGIT 6 , v. imp. II s' , the question is. 
II s' de votre vie, your life is at 
stake. II s' de sa gloire, his glory 
is concerned in it. De quoi s'agit-il ? 
what's the matter? line s'agit pas de 
cela, that is not the business in hand. 

AGIT ATE UR, sm. agitator: alarmist. 

AGITATION,/, emotion; hurry; trouble. 

AG1T-ER, I. va. to agitate; move; stir; 
disturb; disorder; debase; run high; 

A GNAT, sm. collateral male issue, [swell. 

AGNATHES, sm. sort of shells. 

AGNATION, sf. male line ; agnation. 

AGNATIQUE, a. belonging to AGSTATS. 

AGNEAU, sm. lamb, wider a year old. 

AGNEL-ER,; brin^f'trth lambs. 

AGNELET, sm. lambkin; small lamb. \ 


IND.M. PHES.T. 4 1st. p.s. 5 2dp.. 
I6 lstj).s. "2.1 p.s. 18 3dp.s. 19 
i.s. 30 3d p.s. 3I 1st 32 2d a3 3d 43 2d 44 3d IMPEKF. 

AGNELIN-s, lambskins prepared 
E, a. appertaining to lamb's wool. 

AGNEL, sm. undent French coin. 

AGNES, sf. young raw girl; simpleton. 

AGNUS, sm. religions toy; relic. cas- 
tus, vitex; chaste tree ; a shrub.[Janas. 

AGON ALES, sm. festivities in honour of 

AGON. sm. ajonst. AGONE, m.sacrificer. 

AGONIE, sf.agony; excessivepain; pangs; 
gri.if. Eire a 1' , be at the last gasji. 

AGON 18 ANT 2 , sm. dying man. , E, a. 

AGONIS-ER, I. vn. to be dying, [dying. 

AGONISTIQUE, a. relating to prize- 
fighting; agonistical.[the public games. 

AGONOTHETE, sm. thcta; president at 

AGRAFE 4 , */. clasp; brace; locket-hasp. 

AGRAF-ER, I. va. to clasp; hook ; hasp ; 

AGRA1RE, a. agrarian; n-ild. [fasten. 

AGRAND-IR, II. va. to enlarge; raise; 
augment; lengthen. S' , vr. be en- 
larged, raised, promoted ; increase. 

AGRANDlSSEMENT,.sw. enlarging pro- 
motion ; preferment ; increase. 

AGREABLE, sm. what pleases, a. agree- 
able ; plea&ing ; charming ; sivect. Avoir 
pour , to permit ; like. [ably. 

ACRE ABLEMENT, ad. pleasantly; agre.e- 

AGRE-ER, I. va.toallorv; accept of '; please; 
like ; relish ; be lifted. un vaisseau, 

AGRKEUR, sm. rigger. [rig, equip a ship. 

AGREGAT, SM. assemblage; collection. 

AGREGAT1ON, sin. admission; reception. 

AGREGE 3 , sm. free ; fellow of a society. 

AGREG-ER, I. va. to aggregate; admit. 

AGREEMENT, sm. pleasure; consent; ac- 
ceptance; loveliness. s,j)l. ornaments; 
charms; music and dancing in a play. 

AGRtfS, sm. rigging, tackle, of a ship. 

AGRESS-EH, I. va. to aggress; attack. 

AGRESSEUR, sm. aggressor ; enemy. 

AGRESSION, sf. assault; aggression. 

AGRESTE, a. rural; clon-nish; add; sour. 

AGREYEUR, sm. a wire-maker. 

AGRICOLE, a. attending to agriculture 
or husbandry; agriculturist. [mer. 

AGRICULTEIJR, sm. husbandman ; far- 

AGRICULTURE, sf. ; husbandry. 

AGRIE, sf. tetter; ring-worm; scrpigo. 

AGRIKRE, sf. sort of duty ; predial rent. 

AGRIFF-ER, I. S' , rr. to cling fast. 

AGI1IMENSATION, sf. surveying. 


6 3d p.s. 8 21 ITT. 

20 -.'dp. pi. 3d p. pi. FI-T. 2 - 1st p.s. 23 2dp.s. i4 
p. pi. IM P. M . 34 3d p. s. : 3d p. s. 36 1st p. pi. 3 ? ! 
1st p.s. 46 2dp.s. 4 ' 3d p.s. 4fe 2d p. pi. 

( 13 ) AIL 

9 3d p. pi. IMPERF. l 1st p.s. 1! 2dp.s. 12 3d p.s. 

i4 3d p. s. 2 - 5 1st p. pi. 26 2d i>. pi. 

37 9,1 p. pi. CI-UT ^>i 

50 3d p. pi. 

AGRIOPHAGE, SHI. savage, eater of wild 
AGRIOTE, sf. sour cfierrif. [beasts. 

AGRIPAUME, sf. mother-tcort. 
AGRIPP-ER, I. ra. to snatch ; pilfer. 
AGRONOME, sm. writer on agriculture, 

agriculturist. [painting. 

AGROUP-Ett, I. ra. to group Jit/ it res in 
AGUERR-iR, II. r. train- up to icar ; to 

use to. S' , vr. to inure one's self to. 
AGUETS, sm. etre aux , to lie in. wait. 
AH! int. ah! oh! alas! 
AHAN, sin. ado, hard labour. 
AHAN-ER, I. t*n. to n-orti hard. 
AHEURTE, E. a. obstinate; wedded to. 
AHEl'RTEMENT, */. obstinaci/. 
AHEUR'f-ER, I. S' , rr. to be obstinate. 
AHI, AIE, int. oh dear! cry of pain. 
AHURI, E. a. bewildered, astounded. 
AHUR-iH, II. va. to astonish, hurni,frct. 

AI 4 e 34.39 t 3o.41 eg 40 e nt :ts - 44 , V. AVOIR, 

to have. See Av, AY, &cc. 

AIDE, sf. aid ; help; chapel of ease. , 
tni. lii'lper. de chirurgien, surgeon's 
mute. de cuisine, under-cook. 
major, adjutant, mate. canonnier, 
quarter gunner. A 1' ! help! s, 
sf. pi. subsidies, excise. 

AIDEAU, sm. carpenter's tool. 

AID-F.R, I. ra. to help; aid. a la 
let t re, to siqiply trhat is n' anting to a 
tiling. 1'ancre, shoe the anchor. 

AIEUL, sin. grandfather. 

AIEULE, sf. grandmother. [See AYEUL. 

AIEUX, the parents; ancestors. 

AIGAIL, sin. morning den\ 

AIGAY-ER, I. i'. to bathe; n-ash. 

AIGLE, sin. eagle; superior genius ; Ger- 
IIHIII empire. , sf. reading-desk (in 
a chureh ) ; standard, colors. 

A1GLETTES, eaglets. 

AIGLON, sm. eat/let. 

AIGRE, a. sour; brittle; shrill; sharp; 
serere. de cedre, sm. sherbet. 
doux, a. sour-sn-ect ; quaintly polite. 
, sin. sourness. 

AIGREDON, sm. ren/Jine down. 

AIGREFIN, sm. sort of whiting ; sharper. 

AIGRELET, TE. a. tart, sourish. 

AIGREMENT, ad. senireli/. 

AIGRE.MOINE, sj. lirer-n-ort ; agrimony. 

AIGREMORE, sm. pulverized coal. 

AIGRET, TE. a. sourish. 

AIGRETTE, E. a. tufted. 

AIGRETTE, sf. egret; tuft of feathers. 

AIGREUR, sf. sourness; sharpness; spite. 
s, pi. heart-burn. 

AIGRIOTTE, */. kind of cherry. 

AIGR-iR, II. ra. to make sour; irritate; 
incense; disgust; exasperate. S' , 
rr. to turn sour ; to be unijry. 

AIGU, E. a. sJiarj), acute accent or angle; 
shrill. Mente aigue, sf. spearmint. 

AIGUADE, sf. fresh water; watering 
place for shipping. 

AIGUAIL, stn. LE, sf.7norniit(/-d<>r 

AIGUAY-ER, I. va. to soak ; n-atcr. 

AIGUE MARINE, sf. precious stone. 

AIGUIERE, sf. circr, jug. 

A1GUIEREE, sf. overfull. 

AIGUILLADE, sf. goad for oxen. 

AIGUILLE, sf.' needle; spire; n-atch- 
hand. de tete, bodhin. a emballer, 
pach ing-needle. a tricoter, knitting- 
needle. DC fil en , insensibli/. 
(poisson), thornbach. Disputer sur la 
pointe d'une , to quarrel for nothing. 
, the prom of a ship ; careening prop. 
de fanal, poop-lantern brace. - 
aimantee, niugnctical needle; compass. 
s de tre, or de trevier, bolt-rape 

AIGUILLEE, sf. needle-full. [needles. 

AIGUILL-ER, I. va. to operate for a ca- 

AIGUILLETTE, sf. tagged point; slice. 
s, pi. timber-rulers ; props, supports, 
shears. [lash. 

AIGUILLETT-ER, I. r. to tie with points, 

AIGUILLETTIER, sm. maker of points 
and laces. [maker. 

AIGUILLIER, si. needle-case; also needle- 

AIGUILLON, stn. goad; sting; motive. 

AIGUILLONN-ER, 1. va. to sting ; drive 
n-ith a goad ; entice. 

AIGUILLOTS de gouvernail, sm. inntlcs. 

AIGUIS-ER, I. va. to sharpen; whet. 

AIGUISEMENT, sm. sharpening. 

AIL, sm. garlic/;. [ale. 

AILE, sf. tving ; sn'cep ; aisle of a church ; 

AILE, E. a. ii'inged. 

AILERON, stn.fln ; small wing ; pinion. 
AILERONS, sm. wings of a 
AILETTE, sf. side lining of a shoe. 


( 14 ) 


AIL ( 14 ) ALA 

[INF.M. * PRES.T. 2 PART.PRE3. 3 PART.PAST.] IND.M. PRES.T. 4 1st p.S. 5 2d p.S. 

13 14 15 PRET. 6lstp.s. 72dp.s. 18 3dp.s. 1st 
27 3d COND.M. 28 lstp.s. 29 2dp.s. 30 3<lp.s. 31 1st 32 2d 33 ad 
PRES.T. 39 1st p.s. 4 2dp.s. 41 3dp.s. 43 ^ 3d IM: 


AILLADE, sf. garlick-ragout, or sauce. 

AILL-E 35 - 39 - 41 es 40 ions 42 iez 43 ent 36 - 44 , part 
of ALLER, to go. 

AILLEURS, ad. elsewhere. D' , other- 
wise; besides, d' , from another place 

AILURES, sf.jjl. ship's curlings, [or cause. 

AIMABLE, a. amiable; lovely ; agreeable. 

AIM ANT, sin. loadstone; magnet; a. fond ; 
2 , loving, v. AIMER. [stone. 

AIMANTER, va. to touch with the load- 

AIMAN'TIN, E. a. magnetic; attractive. 

AIM-ER, I. ra. to love; like; fancy , be 
fond of; delight in. mieux, to 
choose rather. S' en un lieu, to de- 
light in a place. BIEN-AIME, E. a. 
jvell-beloi-cd ; da ding. 

AIN, sm. large fishing hook. 

AINE, sf. groin; side. 

AINE, sin. eldest son ; elder ; older ; senior. 
E, sf. eldest daughter, [birth-right. 

AINESSE, sm. primogeniture. Droitd' , 

AINS au contraire, conj. but rather ; (old). 

AINSI, ad. so; thus; just so. que, as; 
even as ; as well as ; so as. n'avien- 
ne, God forbid! soit-il, so be it, 
Amen. Comme soit que, whereas. 
Qu' ne soit, hotcever. Tout que . . . , 
de merae, just as..., so also. 

AIR, sm. air ; vent; wind; manner; car- 
riage; way; pride; tune; song. En 
F , ad. extravagantly ; in vain. Ar- 
brc en plein , standard tree. Prentlre 
1' du bureau, to try how -matters 
stand. J'ai un peu de son , I look a 
little like him, or her. provincial, 
clownish way. chagrin, sour look. 
Prendre des s de bel esprit, to set up 
for a wit. Se donner des s, to be for- 
ward ; give one's self airs. joyeux, 
glee, catch, merry tune. 

AIRAIN, sm. brass; impudence. Front 
d' , brazen face. Cceur d' , unfeel- 
ing heart. Ciel d' , parching weather. 

AIRE, sf. area; wind; space; barn-Jioor ; 
aerie (nest of a bird of prey ). de 
vent, or Air, m. point of the compass. 
Avoir de 1' , to have fresh way through 
the water. Prendre , to get under 
weigh. Amortir F , to lose head way. 

AIREE, sf. barn floor full of sheaves 
ready to t /trash. 

AIR-ER, I. va. to make one's nest. 

AIRI-ER, I. va. to funti-jate, smoke. 

AIS, sm. board, plank. de carton, 

AISANCE, sf. ease; graceful air; ready 
money; concenicncij, in law. 

AISANCES, pi. privy ; necessary 

AISE, a. glad; joyful. , sf. case; 
content; leisure. Etre a son , to be 
rich. Vivre a son , to live in plenty. 
A F , ad. with case. [style. 

AISE, E. a. easy ; rich. Style , sm. cleat 

AlSEMENT, sm.prii'i/; concenience. 

AISE.MENT, ad. easily ; freely. 

AISSADE, sf. poop's fall. 

AISSE, sf. linch-pin of a wheel. 

AISSELLE, sf. arm-pit. 

AISSKTTE,/. AISSEAU, ro. small hatchet. 

AISSI, sm. shingles ; a disease. 

AISSIEU, ESSIEU, sm. axle-tree; axis. 
de poulie, ^m of a block. 

AITIOLOGIE, */. aitiology; concerning 
the course of diseases. 

AIT, w - 41 v. AVOIR, to have. 

AITRES, sm. pi. disposition of a house. 

AJOURE, E. a. pierced (in heraldry). 

AJOURNEMENT, sin. summons; ad- 

AJOURN-ER, I. va. to summon; put qjf. 
S' , vr. to adjourn. 

AJOUT-ER, va. to add, join.. foi, 
give credit to, belie ce. 

AJUSTE, E. a. fitted; joined. Bien , 
well-clad. Vous voila bien , in mhat 
pickle you are. 

AJUSTEMENT, sm. adjusting; agree- 
ment; attire. s, conveniences. 

AJUST-ER, I. va. to adjust, frame, trim-; 
fit; iise ill; reconcile; take one's aim 
at; direct. S' , vr. to prepare one's 
self; suit ; trim; agree. ez vos flutes, 
agree among yoursclrcs; tune your in- 

AJUSTOIR, sm. mint-scales, [strumciits. 

AJUTAGE, sin. pipe for water-works. 

AJUTAXTE, sf. sub-abbess. 


A LAIN, HI.. Alan, Alien. 

ALAIT-ER, I. r. to suckle. 

ALAITEMENT, in. suckling. 

ALAMH1C, sm. limbeck; still. 

' , 1. vr. to puzzle; to 

ALA ( 15 ) 

S 3d p.s. " 1st p. pi. 8 

20 21 

p. pi. IMP. M. 34 2dp.s. __.,._ _ . . 

45 1st p. s. < 6 2dp.s. "3d p.s. 4B lstp>pK 


2d p. pi. 9 3d p. pi. IMPERF. 10 1st p. s. n 2d p. s. 12 3d p.s. 
PUT. 22 1st p.s. 23 2dp.s. 24 3d p.s. ^ 1st p. pi. 2t > 
35 3d p. s. 36 1st p. pi. 37 2d p . p i. 38 3d p . pL SUBJ> M . 

plod on; refine too much upon. E, 

farfetched, overworked. 

ALAN, sin. hound. [sheer off'. 

ALARiiU-ER, I. rn. to stand off to sea; 

ALARME, sf. alarm ; fear ; dread. Crier 

, cry out murder. 
ALARM-EK, I. ra. to alarm, fright. S' 

, vr. to be frighted at. 
ALARMISTE, sin. alarmist; scoundrel. 
ALATERNE, sm. privet ; plant. 
A L'AUTRE, sf. look out afore there! 
ALBATRE, sin. alabaster. Gorge d' , 

beautiful neck. 

ALEERGE, sf. , hasty-peach. 
ALBERGIER, sin. albcrge-trce. 
ALBIQUE, sf. kind of chalk. [cloak. 

ALBORNOS, ALBORNOZ, sm. kind of 
ALBRAN, sf. young wild drake. 
ALBREXE, E. a. distressed, lame. 
ALBREN-E2, I. ra. to shoot wild ducks. 
ALBUGIN-fi, EE, EUX, EUSE, a. whitish. 
ALBUGO, sm. , rvcb in the eye. 
ALBUM, sin. -memorandum-book. 
ALCADE, sm. alcaid, judge. 
ALCAIQUE, a. alcaic verse. 
ALCEK, sf. mallon-, plant. 
ALCHYMIE, ALCHIMIE, sf. alchymy. 
ALCOHOL, sm. spirit of wine, [chymist. 
ALCOHOLIS-ER, I. v. reduce to an inqml- 

2)ablc jjoivder. 

ALCORAN, tin. , Turkish bible. 
ALCOVE, sf. ; recess, ttnt, pavilion. 
ALCYON, sin. hing-Jisher. Jours ALCT- 

ONIENS, alcyon daijs; calm. 
ALDEBARAM, sm. fixed star. 
ALDEE, sf. straggling village. 
ALDERMAN, sm. ; magistrate. 
ALE, AILE, si, strong beer, ale. 
ALEBATTE, sin. to,n-tit. 
ALEGRE, a. brisk; cheerful 
ALEGREMENT, ado. briskly. 
ALEGRE^SE,; alacrity. 
ALKNCONTRE, ad. against; 'by. 
ALKNE, .'/. aid. 
ALENIER, sm. awl-maker. 
ALENT-m, II. ra. to slacken; stop. 
A L'ENTOUR, ad. round about. 
ALENTOUR, sm. -neighbourhood; private 
concern. s, pi. neighbouri 
intimate friends ; inmates. 

A L'ENVI, ad. with emulation. 

ALEPASSES, /. pi. wooldings of a lateen 

ALERION, sm. eaglet. [yard. 

ALERTE, a. alert ; brisk ; pert. , sf. 
warning; alarm. ! ad. be upon 
your guard, lookout! 

ALESE, ALEZE, sf. a warm blanket ; 

ALETTE, sf. small aisle, [child-bed linen. 

ALEU, franc , sm. freehold. [breed. 

ALEVIN, ALEVINAGE, sm. fry ; fish for 

ALEVIN-ER un etang, I. v. to stock a pond 

ALEVINIERE, sf. fry pond, [with fish. 
I ALEXANDRIN, alexandrine, heroic verse. 

good against poisons ; antidotal. 

ALEZAN, sm. sorrel horse. , E. a. of 
a sorrel colour. Roux , red bay. 

ALEZE, sf. child-bed linen. 

ALGANON, */. small chain. 

ALGARADE, sf. insult; jirank. 

ALGATRANE, sf. sort of pitch. 

ALGEBRAIQUE, a. algebraical. 

ALGEBRE, sf. algebra; difficult!/. 

ALGEBRIS-ER, I. v. to speak, or write 
upon algebra. 

ALGEBRISTE, sm. algebrist. 

ALGORITHME, sm. system of algebra. 

ALGUAZIL, sm. , constable in Spain. 

ALGUE, sf. sea-weed. 

ALIAIRE, sf. sort of garlic. 

ALIBI, sm. ; absence; FORAINS, 

pi. evasion; back-door. 

ALIBORON, sm. maltre , conceited fool. 

ALICA, sm. kind of wheat and of drink 
iniidti of corn. 

ALICHON, sm. wing of a water-mill, 

ALIDADE, sf. cross-statf ; index of a sea- 

ALIENABLE, a. ; transferable, [off. 

A LI E NATION , */. ; aversion ; selling 

ALIENE, E. a. insane; transferred; dis- 

ALIEN-ER, I. va. to alienate, transfer. 
1'esprit, to make mad. 

ALIGNEMENT, SHI. line; row. 

ALIGN-ER, I. va. to lay out by line. 

ALIMENT, sm. food. Pension AIRE, 
sf. alimony ; separate maintenance. 

ALIMENT-ER, I. va. to maintain ; feed. 

ALIMKNTEU-x, SE. a. nutritive. 

ALINEA, sm. ; new paragraph. 



[IXF.M. 'I'RES.T. 2 PART.I'RES. 3 PART.PAST.] IXD. M. PRES.T. 4 1st p.S. 5 2dp.S. 

13 14 5 PRET. 16 lstp.s. "Zdp.s. 18 3d p.s. l9 1st COXD.M. 28 lstp.s. *>2dp.s. 30 3dp.s. 31 3 H>d 33 8d 
PRES.T. 39 1st p.s. 4tJ 2dp.s. 41 3dp.s. 42 1st p. pi. 44 3d p. pi. IMPERF. 

ALIXG-ER, ALIXGE-ant 2 I. va. to fur- 
nish linen. S' er, rr. to bespeak 
linen. Bien e, well stocked with linen. 
ALIQUAXTE, sf. aliquant part, unccen. 
ALIQUOTE, sf. aliquot part ; even. 
ALISE, ALIZE, sf. fruit of the lote-trec. 
ALISIER, sm. lote-trce; nettle-tree. 
ALIT-ER, I. S' , vr. to keep one's bed. 
ALITE, E. a. bed-ridden. 
ALIZE3, a. vents , trade-Kinds. 
ALKALI, sm. alkaline, pot-ashes. 
ALKALIX, E. a.partaki-ng of alkalies. 
ALKALIS-ER, I. va. to alkalize. 
ALKEKENGI, s/n. winter cherry. 
ALKERMES, sin. ; a compound drug. 
ALKOHOLIS-ER, I. to pulverise. 
ALLAXS ET VEXAXS, sm. goers and 
comers. [ticement. 

ALLECHEMEXT, sm. allurement; en- 
ALLECH-ER, I. va. to allure; entice. 
ALLEE, sf. entry; walk. couverte, 

shad i/ walk. 

ALLEGATION, sf. instance; quotation. 
ALLEGE, sm. a tender; lighter; pram. 
ALLEGEAXCE, sf. allegiance. 
ALLEGEMENT, sin. alleriation. 
ALLEG-ER, ALLEGE-ant 2 I. to ease; 

lighten; buoy up with a cable. 

ALLEG-iR un cheval, II. to ease a horse. 

ALLEGORIE, sf. allegory; figurative 

ALLEGORIQ.UE, a. allegorical, [speech. 

ALLEGORIQUEMEXT, ad. allcgorically, 

ALLEGORIS-ER, I. va. to allegorize. 

ALLEGORISEUR, sin. tedious speaker. 

4.LLEGORISTE, SHI. ulleijorist. 

ALLEGRESSE, sf. puUic joy, genera 

ALLEGRO, ad. lively, briskly, [happiness 

ALLEGU-ER, I. va. to allege; quote, 

decla re. [the Lord 

ALLELUIA, sm. n'ood-sorrel. ! p>'ais> 

ALLEMAXD, sm. the German tongue, a 

4LLEMAXDE, sf. , a dance. [German 

ALL-ER 1 an 2 e 3 es 3 ee 3 ees 3 ons?- 36 ez 8 - 37 ai 

10-n ait 12 ois 1 "- 11 oit 12 ions 13 - 12 iez' 4 - 4 

aient 15 oient 15 ai 16 as 1 ? a 18 ames^ ates 2 

erent 21 asse 45 asses 46 at 47 assions 4 

assiez 49 assent 50 . See AILL, v, i. va. t 

go; walk. en troupe, to Jiock to 

fjetJirr. de pair, to be equal 

rank. de pair a compagnon, to g 

cheek by jowl. querir, aller chercher, 
to go and fetch. et venir, to pass 
and repays. en point, to end in a 
point. aux avis, to collect the votes. 

bien, to succeed well ; Jit well. - 

a tatons, to grope along. jusque la- 
to reach so far. au devant d'un>* 
chose, to obviate a thing; to antici- 
pate. a tant, to amount to so much. 

rondement, to act candidly. par 
la douceur, to use fair means. ai. 
fait, to come to the 2wint. a pied, 
to walk. a cheval, to ride. le 
pas, to pace. le trot, to trot. 
le galop, to gallop. droit, to be 
Jioucst. comme un basque, to walk 
well. son grand chemin, to go 
roundly to work. pied a pied, to 
act prudently, aux ecoutes, to en- 
quire secretly about <ni ajf'uir. 
droit en tout, to be an upright man in 
all his dealings. son train, to go on 
wit/tout minding people's talk. a 
la cour des aides, to be helped by some- 
body. tout d'une traite, go without 
baiting. Comment vous va? how do you, 
do '! Ira voir qui voudra, let who jcill go 
and see. Faire , to set a going ; spur 
on. Se laisser , rr. to yield; gire 
wa>/ ; give one's self up. S'en , vr. 
to go an-ay. a la bouline, to sail 
with a scant wind. a grosse bouline, 
to sail n-ith the wind upon the beam or 
large. a la derive, to try under bare 
poles; to try a haul. au plus pres 
du vent, to sail close hauled. debout 
au vent, to go head to wind, or right in 
the wind's eye. en course, to cruise. 
entre deux ecoutes, to sail right afore 
the wind, or with both sheets aft. 
vent large, to sail large, with a large 
wind. terre a terre, to coast, sail 
along shore. [iralked. 

ALLER, sm. the distance that one has 
ALL! S-EH, I. n;. to icidrn the bore of a 
ALLEU, franc , sm. freehold, [cannon. 
ALLIAGK, sin-, mi. ft ure of metals ; alloy 
ALLIANCE, sf. ; covenant; match. 
ALLlE, E. s. relation ; ally. 
ALLI-ER, !.?. to alloy; mix. S' vr 
to match; to enter into an alliance. 

ALL ( 17 ) 

"3d p.s. ' IMPERF 

. .. 

2u 21 
p. pi. IMP. M. al 
45 1st p.s. 46 2d p.s. 

FUT. w 1st p.s. 

. .. . 

2d p. s. 35 3d p. s. i st p . p i. . . 

V 3d p.s. 4b 1st 49 2d 50 3d 


. lo lstp.s. '>2dp.s. I 2 3d p.s. 
24 3d p. s. " ^ 
37 2 d p. pi. 38 3d p . pl< SUBJ. M. 

ALLIER, sut. net to catch birds. 

ALLIGATOR, sin. ; kind of crocodile. 

ALLITERATION, sf. ; repetition of 
n-ords beginning n-lth the same letter. 

ALLOBROGE, sin. clownish man. [count. 

ALLOCATION, sf. allowance in an ac- 

ALLOCUTION, sf. ; speaking to. 

ALLODIAL, E. a. ; free. 

ALLODIALITE, */. freehold. 

ALLONGE, sm. eklng-plece ; futtock. 
derevers, top-timber. 

ALLONGEMENT, sm. lengthening. 

ALLONG-EH, 1 ALLONGE-ANT, 2 I. va. to 
lengthen; to stretch; prolong. une 
coup, to strike a blow. une botte, 
to make a thrust. le parchemin, to 
spin out a lan'sitit. la courroie, to 
make a penny go a long way; go 
be;iond the power one has received. 
un vaisseau, to lay a ship alongside of 
another. le cable, to haul up a 
range of the cable upon deck. la 
vergue de civadiere, to get the spritsail 
yard fore and aft under the boirsprit. 
la terre, to sail alongshore. S' , vr. 
to grow longer; stretch one's self. 

ALLOUABLE, a. lawful, allowable, [man. 

\LLOUE, sin. vice chief justice ; jour ney- 

ALLOU-ER, I. v. approve of, grant. 

ALLUCHON, sin. tooth of a wheel. 


ALLUM-Eii, I. p. to light ; kindle. S' . 
vr. to be kindled. 

ALLUMETTE, sf. match. 

ALLUMEUR, sm.cundle-sntijfer. [a ship. 

A LLURE, sf.gait; pace; behaviour; trim of 

ALLUSION, sf. ; quibble; pun. 

ALLUVION, sf. ; Jt owing off' of water ; 

ALMADIE, sf. negro-boat. [accretion. 

ALMAGESTE, sin. collection of astrono- 
mical observations. 

ALMANACK, sm. almanac, calendar. 

ALMANDINE, sf. sort of ruby. 

ALOES, sm. aloes. 

ALOETIQUE, a. aloetlc, bitter. 

ALOI, sin. alloy; base metal; diminu- 
tion. De bas , ad. mean. 

ALONCiEMENT, sm. lengthening. 


ALOIT.CIE, sf. falling of hair ; baldness. 

ALOPECUROS, sin. fox-tail plant. 

ALORS, ad. at that time; then. que, 

ALOSE, sf. shadjish. [when. 

ALOUETTB. sf. lark. 

ALOURD-iB, II. va. to stupify ; stun. 

ALOYAGE, sm. mixture; alloy. 

ALOYAU DE BCEUF, sm. short ribs. 

ALOY-ER, I. va. to alloy, debase. 

ALOUVI, E. a. as ravenous as a wolf. 

ALPHA, sm. beginning, first. 

ALPHABET, sm. the alphabet. 

ALPHABET IQUE, a. alphabetical, [cally. 

ALPHABETIQUEMENT, ad. alphabet i- 

ALPHCENIX, sin. white barley-sugar. 

ALPHABET, sm. Tunisian falcon. 

ALPIOU, sm. double stake at play 

ALPISTE, sin. canary-need. 

ALQUIFOUX, sin. black lead. 

AHiUIMIE, sf. mijcture of metals. 

ALSINE, sf. chick-weed. 

ALTERABLE, a. changeable. 

ALTERANT, E. a. that causes thirst ; 

ALTER ATI-F, VE. a. alterative. 

ALTERATION, sf. adulteration; exces- 
sive (hirst ; perverting. 

test ; dispute. 

ALTER E, E. a. thirsty; adulterated; 
altered. , sm. a gristing miser. 

ALTER-ER, I. va. to cause thirst ; to dis- 
order ; alter; adulterate. [sions. 

ALTERES, sf. uneasiness, violent pas- 

ALTERNAT, sm. act. of alternating. 

ALTERNATI-F, VE. a. alternate. 

ALTERNATIVE, */. ; choice, [by turns. 

ALTERNATIVEMENT, ad. alternately ; 

ALTERNE, a. alternate ; successive, [ing. 

ALTERNE, E. a. alternate; correspond- 

ALTERN-ER, I. va. and vn. to alternate. 

ALTESSE, sf. highness. 

ALTI-ER, ERE, a. haughty; lofty 

ALTIEREMENT,r/./mtf/<ty. [of heights. 

ALTIMETRIE, sf. altimetry ; measuring 

ALTO, sin. instrument of the violin land. 

ALUCO, sm. sort of owl. 

ALUDE, sf. sheep-shin coloured. [Alivin. 

ALUDEL, sm. , chemical pot. AH'IN, 

ALUM, ALUN, sm. alum. 

ALUMELLE, sf. the blade of a knife. 

A LI 'MI ERE, sf. alum-mine. 

ALUMINEU-x, SE, a. aluminous. 



{INF.M. 'PKES.T. 2 PART.PRES. 3 PART.PAST.] IND.M. PRES.T. 4 lstp.S. 6 2d p.S. 

13 " 15 PRET. 16 1st p.s. 17 2dp.s. : ' 8 3d p.s. 19 lst COND.M. 2s lstp.s. 29 2d p.s. 30 3dp.s. 3i lstp . p i. *<3d 
PRES.T. & 1st p.s. 40 2d p.s. 41 3dp.s. 42 1st 43 44 3d IMPEBF. 

ALUN, srn. alum, neutral salt. 

ALUN-ER, I. va. to steep in alum-water. 

ALVEOLE, sm. cell; tooth-socket. 

ALVIN, ALVINAGE, young fry. 

ALVINE, sf. wormwood, [small Jish. 

ALVIN-ER, I. va. to stock a pond with 

AMABILITfi, sf. amiability; amiable-ness. 

AMADIS, sm. rtijffl.cs ; gcw-gaws. 

AMADOTE, sf. sort of pear. 

AMADOU, sm. tinder. 

AMADOUEMENT, sm. fondling. 

AMADOU-Eii, I. va. to fondle; coax. 

AMADOUEUR, sm. coaxer. 

AMAIGRI, E. a. emaciated. 

AMAIGR-iR, II. v. to make lean; grow 
thin; fall a>ra>/. 

AMAIGRISSEMENT, sm. falling away. \ 

mixture and union of metals. 

AMALGAM-ER, I. va. to amalgamate ; to 
mix, to unite. [lateen yard. 

AMAN, sm. notary; ablution; tye of a 

AMANBLUCEE, sf. l;ind of calico. 

AMANDA YE, sf. almond-2)lantation. 

AMANDE, sf. almond; kernel; cluster of 

AMANDE, sm. almond-posset, [crystal. ' 

AMAND1ER, sm. almond-tree. 

AMANT, sm. lover; suitor. 

AMANTE, sf. mistress; sweetheart. 

AMARANTHE, sf. amaranthus. 

AMARANTINE, sf. wind-Jiower. [to sea. ' 

AMARIX-ER, I. va. to man a prizt, inure 

AMARQUE, sf. sea-mark; buoy ; beacon. 

AMARRAGE, sm. anchorage ; mooring a 
ship. Ligne d' , lashing-line ; tack- 

AMARRE, ,s/. rope; fast. ! fast on; 
belay the rope! debout, the head- 
fast; the head-cable; hawser with its 
anchor. s, sf. pi. cheeks of a Kind- 
beam or crane. 

AMARR-ER, I. ra. to make fast; moor. 

AMAS, sm. heap; pile. 

AMASSEMENT, sm. accumulation. 

AMASSER, I. va. to heap up; lay tip; 
gather, collect. S' , vr. to gather. 

AMASSETTE, sf. painter's stick. 

AMASSEU-R, SE, s. heapcr up. 

AMATELOT-ER, I. va. to divide a crew 
into messes. S' , mess together. 

AMATEUR, sm. virtuoso; lover. 

AMAT-iR, II. va. to 'i,npolish metal. 

AMAUROSE, sf. gutta serena (disorder). 

AMAZONE, sf. amazon; bold woman. 

AMBAGES, sf. pi. preamble, tedious cir- 

AMBALARD, sm. kind of wheelbarrow. 

AMBASSADE, */. embassy. 

AMBASSADEUR, sm. ambassador. 

AMBASSADRICE, sf. ambassadress. 

AMBE, sm. two numbers in the lottery 
dran-n together. 

AMBESAS, sm. ambs-ace; two aces. 

AMBI, sm. surgical instrument. 

AMBIANT, E. . ambient; surrounding. 

AMBIDEXTRE, a. ; using either hand. 

AMBIGU, E. a. ambiguous; doubtful. 
, sm. medley of dishes, a game at cards. 

AMBIGUITY, sm. ambiguity. 

AMBIGUMENT, ad. ambiguously. 

AMBITIEUSEMENT, ad. ambitiously; 

AMBITIEU-x, SE, a. ambitious, [proudly. 

AMBITION, sf. ; pride, [eagerly after. 

AMBITIONN-ER, I. va. to effect; to seek 

AMBLE, sm. , bet n- ecu walking and 

AMBL-Eii, I. va. to amble. [trotting. 

AMBLEUR, sm. officer of the king's 

AMBLYGONE, sm. obtuse angle, [stables. 

AMBLYOPIE, */. weakness of sight. 

AMBON, sm. church gallery. 

AMBOUT-iR, II. va. to make a piece of 
metal convex on one side and concave 
on the other. 

AMBRE, sm. amber; palu ale. gris, 

AMBREADE, in. false amber, [ambergris. 

AMBR-ER, I. va. to perfume. 

AMBRETTE, sf. ambrct ; ajiorver, a sort 

AMBROISE, sf. Ambrose. [of pear. 

AMBROIS1E, sf. ambrosia; delicious 
eating or drinking; oak of Jerusa- 
lem; wood-sage ; food of the Gods. 

AMBROSIEN, NE, a. ambrosian; delicious. 

AMBULANT, E. a. ambulatory; strolling. 
, sm. exciseman. [able. 

AMBULATO1RE, a. ambulatory; move- 

AME, sf. soul; sjiirit ; motto; person; 
ghost; middle part of a faggot; 
pith of a quill; barrel of a gun. - 
d'un instrument, supporter. L' 
damnee de quelqu'un, a tool ; an under- 
ling. d'un grand cordage, the mid- 
dle strand of a four-stranded rope. 

S 3d p.s. ' 8 

( 19 ) 
9 3d p. pi. IMPERP. 


10 lstp.s. U 2dp.s. 

p. pi. IMP. M. 

45 1st p.s. 46 -_'d p.s. 9 3d p. pi. IMPERP. 10 lstp.s. U 
2l FUT. 22 lstp.s. 23 2dp.s. 24 3dp.s. ^ 1st 
.s. S 5 3d p. s. 36 l9tp .pi. 37 2 38 3d 

2d p. s. 35 3d p. 
4 ? 3d p.s. 48 

49 2d so 3d 

12 Sdp.s. 26 SUBJ.M. 

AME, E. a. n-ell-beloved. A nos s et 
feaux, to our rvell-beloved and trusty. 

AMEDEE, Amedeus. 

AMELANCHE, sf. medlar. 

AMELANCH1ER, sm. medlar-tree. 

AMELEON, sin. weak cider. 

AMELIE, Amelia. 

AMELIORATION 7 , sf. improvement. 

AMELIOR-EB, I. va. to improve. 

AMELIORISSEMENT, sm. improvement. 

AMEN, sm. amen; so be it. Vous n'at- 
tendez pas jusqu'a 1' , you don't hear 

AMENAGE. sm. carriage. [me out. 

AMENDABLE, a.Jineable; mcndablc. 

AMENDE, sf.finc, penalty. honora- 
ble, compulsory concession or apology. 

AMENDEMENT, sm. bettering, manuring. 

AMEND-ER, to fine; mend; fall in 
. manure. S' , vr. to grotv better. 

AMENDIER, sm. receiver of fines. 

AMEX-EH, AMEN-E, 4 - 6 - 34 - 3 - 5 , bring; 
strike; induct; lon-cr ; reduce; ca use; 
lend. Cette preuve est ee de bien 
loin, this proof is far-fetched. ER 
une terrc, to make the land. 

AMEN'E ! interj. strikeaicay, loner array ! 

AMENITE, sf. pleasantness; amenity. 

AMENUIS-ER, I. va. to make thin. 

AM-ER, ERE. a. bitter; sad. , sm. bit- 
terness ; gall. AMERS, sea marks, 

AMEREMENT, ad. bitterly; sadly. 

AMERTUME, sf. bitterness. 

AMESUREMENT, sm. aiipraising. 

AMESUR-ER, I. >'a. to appraise. 

AMETE, E. a. limited; bounded. 

AMETHYSTE, sf. amethyst; purple. 

AMEUBLEMENT, sm. furniture. 


AMEUBL-iR, II. rn. to make moveablr. 

AMEUBLISSEMENT, sm. the making 
rnoveable (in law). 

AMEULON-ER, l^va. to heap tip. 

AMEUTEMENT, sm. coupling hounds; a 
mob ; a riot. 

AMEUT-ER, I. va. to couple hounds; to 
stir iq), to bring together. S' , vr. 
to conspire; to plot. [nonsense. 

AMFIGOURI, sm. burlesque discourse; 

AMI, sm. friend ; swcetlnart. lecteur, 
courteous reader. de table, bottle- 
conipanioii. de cour, false friend. 

, E. a. friendly ; courteous. E, sf. 
friend; mistress; a fish. 

AMIABLE, a. friendly, amicable. A 1' , 
ad. amicably; friendly. 

AMIABLEMENT, adv. kindly. 

AMI ANTE, sm. amianthus; the asbcstof. 

AMICAL, E. a. amicable, kind. 

AMICALEMENT, ad. lovingly; friendly. 

AMICT, sm. amice; under-surplice. 

AMIDON, sm. starch. 

AMIDONN-ER, I. va. to starch. 

AMIDONIER, sm. starchman. 

AMIERTES, */. pi. Indian calico. 

fondle; caress; spoil. 

A-MI-LA, sin. tuning-key. 

AMINC-IR, II. va. to make thin. 

AMINEE, vin d' , Aminian. icinc. 

AMINEUR, sm. salt-meter. 

AMIRAL, sm. admiral; flag-ship. Vice- 
, vice-admiral. Centre , rear- 
admiral; a butterfly, a shell. [n'ife. 

AMIRALE, sf. admiral's shij> ; admiral'* 

AMIRANTE, sm. Spanish admiralty. 

AMIRAUTE, sf. admiralty. Cour de 1' , 
admiralty-court. Conseil de 1' , ad- 
miralty-board. Les seigneurs de 1' , 
the lords of the admiralty. 

AMISSIBIL1TE, */. am issibility ; frailty. 

AMISSIBLE, a. omissible ; precarious. 

AMITIE, sf. friendship; lore ; favour ; 
sympathy; pleasure; melloicness of 
cloth. s, pi. compliments. 

AMMAN, SHI. bailiff. 

AMME1STRE, sm. sheriff, (at Strasburg). 

AMMI, swi. bishop's n-ecds. 

AM MITE, AMMONITE, sf. sandy-stone. 

AMMON, corne d' , hind of spiral shell. 

AMMONIA-C, QUE. a. ; salt and gum. 

AMNIST1E, sf. amnesty ; pardon. 

AMOCHRYSE, sf. gold dust. 

AMODIATEUR, sm. farmer. 

AMODIATION, sf. leasing; letting out. 

AMODI-ER, I. va. to lease; to farm. 

AMOINDR-IR, II. ra. to lessen ; abate. 


A MOINS DE, c. under, except. 

A MOINS QUE, c. unlc**. 

AMOLETTES, AMELOTTES, .'/. pi. bar- 
holes of a capstern or windlass. 

AMOLL-IR, II. va. to soften; mollify . 

AMO ( 20 ) ANA 

[INF. M. 1 PRES.T. 2 PART. PRES. 3 PART. PAST.] IND. M. PRES. T. 4 1st p.S. 5 2<lp.S. 

13 l4 13 3d FRET. 16 1st p.s. 17 2dp.s. 18 3dp.s. 19 1st 
27 COND.M. a 1st p.s. ^ 2d p.s. 30 3dp.s. 31 1st 32 2d a3 od 
PRES.T. 39 1st p.s. 40 2dp.s. 4 '8dp.s. 42 1st 43 44 3d IMPERF. 

S' , vr. to grow effeminate; grow 
toft ; be moved. [nacy. 

AMOLISSEMENT, sm. softening; effemi- 

AMOME, stn. (i fruit ; a shrub and plant. 

AMOMI, sm. Jamaica -pepper. 

AMONCEL-ER, 1. ru. to heap up. 


AMOXT, ad. up the river. Vent d' , 
easterly wind. 

AMORCE, sf. bait; prime; decoy. 

AMORC-ER, AMORC-ANT 2 , I. va. to bait; 
allure ; prime a cannon or other Jirc- 

AM()1U;OIR, sin. an auger, [arm. 

AMORT-iR, II. va. to quench; redeem; 
allay ; put out ; fade ; weaken. S' , 
vr. to groiv iceak ; abate; sew a ship; 
deaden her n'tiy. 

AMORTISSABLE, a. redeemable. 

AMORTISSEMENT, sm. redeeming; 
mortmain ^finishing ; abating. 

AMOVIBILITE, sf. removing; moving 

AMOVIBLE, a. removiuMe. [away. 

AMOUR, sm. love; passion; Cupid. 
propre, self-love. Pour 1' , for the 
sake. M' , my love; sweet. s, 
sm. pi. sj)orts ; smiles ; intrigue. s, 
sf. pi. beloved objects ; a mistress. 

AMOURACH-ER, I. S' , vr. to have a 
lore-intrigue below one's ranh. 

AMOURETTE, sf. love-intrigue, [ingly. 

AMOUREUSEMENT, ad. amorously; lov- 

AMOUREU-x, SE. o. in love with. , 

AMPELITE, a. black, dark. [sm. a lover. 

AMPHIBIE, a. amphibious; sly. [rity. 

AMPHIBOLOGIE, sf. amphibology; obscu- 

AMPH1BOLOG1QUE, a. amphibological; 
doubtful. [bologically. 


AMPHIGOURI, sm. nonsense. 

AMPH1GOURIQUE, a. obscure, affected. 

AMPHIPOLE, sm. archon; magistrate. 

AMPHISCIENS, sm. pi. amphiscians. 

AMPHITHEATRE, sin. amphitheatre; 
first gallery. 

AMPHORE, sf. measure of liquids. 

AMPION, sm. large lantern. I 

AMPLE, a. large; wide; diffuse. 

A IMPLEMENT, ad. fully; amply. 

AMPLEUR, sf. amplitude ; fulness. 

AMPLIAT-iF, IVE. a. ampliating; en- \ 

AMPLIATION, sf. duplicate. [larging. \ 

AMPLI-ER, I. va. to prolong; respite. 

AMPLIFICATEUR, sm. romancer; am- 
plifier. . [cretisc. 

AMPLIFICATION, sf. amplification; in- 

AMPLIFI-ER, I. va. to amplify ; exagge- 

AMPLITUDE, sf.; extent. [rate. 

AMPOULE, sf. bubble; blister; vial. 

AMPOULE, E. o. high-flown; bombastic. 

AMPOULETTE, sf. sand time-piece; vent- 
peg of a bomb-shell. 

AMPUTATION, sf. amputation; cutting 

AMPUT-ER, I. va. to cut off. [off'. 

AMULETTE, sf. amulet; charm. 

AMUL-ER, I. and AMUR-ER, I. va. to haul 
aboard the main or fore tack. a ba- 
bord, or a stribord, to sail to the larboard 
or starboard tack. la grande voile, 
to bring aboard the main tack. tout 
bas, to tack close aboard, [ammunition. 

AMUNITIONN-ER. I. va. to provide with 

AMURES, sf. pi. the tacks of boom-sails 
and stay-sails. 

AMUSABLE, a. that may be amused. 

AMUSANT, E. a. diverting ; amusing. 

AMUSEMENT, sm.; delay; toy. 

AMUS-ER, I. va. to amuse ; divert ; de- 
ceive. le tapis, talk to no purpose. 
S' vr. to delight in; to trifle away 
one's time. S' a la moutarde, to 
stand upon trifles. 

AMUSETTE, sf. trifling amusements; toy. 

AMUSEUR, sm. seducer; trifler. 

AMUSOIRE, sf. amusing trifle. [sils. 

AMYGDALES, sf. kernels of the neck ; ton- 

AN, sm.year; a twelve-month. Dedeux 
en deux ans, every other year. Tous 
les ans, every year. [thoughts. 

ANA, sm. collection of unconnected 

ANABAPTISME, sm. anabaptism. [sect. 

ANABAPTISTE, sm. anabaptist; religious 

ANACARDE, sm. fruit, seed. 

ANACHORETE, sm. anchored, hermit. 

ANACHRONISMS, sm. anachronism ; er- 
ror in the account of time, [vial; gay. 

ANACREONTIQUE, a. anacreontic; jo- 

ANAGOGE, sf. mystery; deceit. 

ANAGOGIQUE, a. mystical, [anagrams. 

ANAGRAMMATIS-ER, I. t-a. to make 

ANAGRAM MATISTE, sm. maker of anti- 
grams, [tion of the letters of a name. 

ANAGRAMME, sf. anagram ; transpose- 

3d p.s 7 1st p. pi. 
' 2 ' FUT. 
.].!. IMP. M. 34 --M p.s. ' 
1 1st p.s. 46 ad p.s. 47 3d p. 

ANA ( 21 ) AXE 

8 9 3d p. pi. IMPERT. 10 1st p.s. ->2dp.s. 12 3d p.s. 
22 1st p. s. 23 2d p. s. 24 3d p. s. "" - - -' ~ ' 

3d p.s". * 1st p. pi. 37 2d p. pi. 
48 50 

25 1st p. pi. K 
38 3d p. pi. SUBJ.M. 

ANALECTES, sm. pi. analects; chosen 
fragments of an ainJtor. 

ANALEME, s>n. analemnia ; measure in 
astronomy. [ening. 

ANALEPTIQUE, a. analytic; strength- 

ANALOGIE, sf. analogy; relation. 

ANALOGIQUE, a. analogical; propor- 

ANALOGIQUEMENT, ad. analogically. 

ANALOGISME, sm. analog ism. 

ANALOGUE, a. analogous; similar. 

ANALYSE, sf. analysis; decomposition. 

ANALYS-ER, I. ra. to analyse; examine ; 

ANALYSTS, sm. analyst, [decompound. 

ANALYT1QUE, analytical; decomposing. 

ANALYTIQUEMENT, ad. analytically. 

ANAMORPHOSE, sf. deceptive, changing 

ANANAS, sm. ; pine-apple. \j)ictnre. 

ANAPESTE, sm. poetic foot, tiro breves 
and one long. [PESTKS. 

ANAPESTIQUE, a. made up of AXA- 

ANARCHIE, sf. anarchy; confusion. 

ANARCHIQUE, a. anarchical. 

ANAS, sm. kind of pigeon . 

ANASARQUE, sf. swelling tumour. 

ANASTOMOSE, sf. anastomosis; union. 

ANASTOMOS-ER, I. va. to join. 

ANATHEMATIS-ER, I. ra. to anathema- 
tise; curse. [communicated. 

ANATHEME, sm. anathema; person cx- 

ANATOCISME, sm. great usury. 

ANATOMIE, sf. anatomy; dissection. 

ANATOMIQUE, a. anatomical. 

ANATOMIQUEMENT, ad. anatomically. 

ANATO.MIS-EK, 1. en., to dissect. 

ANATOMISTii, xni. anatomist. 

ANCE, sf. coce, bight, beach. 

ANCETTES, sf. pi. the borvline cringles in 
the bolt-rope. 

ANCKTRES, sm. pi. ancestors. 

AXCHE, xf.haulboy-reed; miller's scuttle. 

ANCHE, E. . crooked. 

ANCH-ER, I. ra. to set a hautboy. 

ANCHILOPS, sm. cye-sicelling. 

ANCHOIS, sin. a/ichocn. 

ANCIEN, NE. a. old; late; ancient. 
sm. elder ; senior. Les s, pi. the an- 

ANCIENNES, sf. seniors in a nunnery. 

ANCIENNEMENT, ad. anciently. 

ANCIENNETE, tf. ancient ness; seniority 

ANCOL1E, sf. columbine. 

ANCRAGE, sm. anchorage. 

ANCRE, sf. anchor; iron-brace. Mat- 
tresse , sheet-anchor. d'aftburche, 
the small botver. a la veille, anchor 
a cock-bill. de flot, Jlood-anchor. 
de jussant, ebb-anchor. de terrc, 
shore-anchor. du large, sea-anchor, 
offing-anchor. de toue, strea>n-nn- 
chor. L' a quitte, the anchor is a- 
trip, or a-n-eigh. L' est au bossoir, 
the anchor is at the cat-head. Bosser 
1' , to stow the anchor upon the boic. 
CaponnerP , to cat the anchor. Fuire 
venir 1' a pic ou virer a pic, to hen re 
a peek upon the one/tor. Gouverner sur 
P , to steer the sh>2> to her anchor. 
Lever P , to heave up the anchor ; to 
n-eigh. Chasser sur les s, to drag the 
anchors ; to bring them home. Filer 
sur les s, to pay out more cable to the 
anchors. Lever P avec la chaloupe, 
to weigh the anchor with the long-boat. 
Lever P d'affourche, to weigh the small 
bon'er. [raldry. 

ANCRE, E. a. anchored; aneree, in lie- 

ANCR-ER, I. vn. to cast anchor. S' , vr. 
to settle one's self. 

ANCRURE, sf.fold in cloth, [hoodwinked. 

ANDABATE, sm. gladiator who fought 

ANDAIN, sm. space of ground a moicer can 
reach at one stroke. 

ANDANTE, ad. gently ; slon-ly. 

ANDOUILLE, sf. hog's pudding. de 
tabac, roll of tobacco. 

ANDOUILLERS, sm. pi. deer's antlers. 
Maitres , broiv-antlers. Sur , stir- 

ANDOUILLETTE, sf. forced-meat balls. 

ANDRATOM1E,/. dissection of the h nman 

ANDRE, Andreiv. [body. 

ANDROGYNE, sm. hermaphrodite. 

ANDROIDE, sm. automaton. 

ANDROMEDE,/. one of the constellations. 

ANE, sm. ass ; idiot ; sort of vice or press. 
tin ane bate, a dunce. Contes de peau 
d'ane, tales of a tub. 

ANKANT-IR, II. va. to annihilate; ruin. 
S' , to humble one's self, to come to 
nothing. [low spirits. 

ANEANT1SSEMENT, sm. annihilation; 


( 22 ) 


[INF.M. 1 PRES. T. 2 PART.PRES. 3 PAKT.PAST.] IND. M. PRES.T. 4 1st p.S. 5 2dp.S. 

13 " 15 PRET. ^Istp.s. !72dp.s. 18 3d p.s. "1st 
27 COND.M. 28 lstp.s. '-^dp.s. 30 3d p.s. 31 32 2d 33 3d 

PRES.T. 3 9 lstp.S. 40 2dp.S. 41 3dp.S. 42 " "3d IjIPERP 

ANECDOTE, sf. anecdote; secret history. 

ANEE, sf. ass's load. 

ANEGYRAPHE, a. medaille , medal that 
has no title. [script ion of the winds. 

ANEMOGRAPHIE, sf. anemograph y ; dc- 

ANEMOMETRE, sin. anemometer. 

ANEMOMETRIE, sf. ancmomctry ; neigh- 
ing of the aii'. 

ANEMONE, sf. ancmony, whulflower. 

ANEMOSCOPE, sm. anemoscope, instru- 
ment for weighing the air. 

ANEP1GRAPHE, a. without a title. 

ANERIE, sf. gross ignorance. 

ANESSE, sf. she-ass. 

ANET, sm. anise, dill, an herb. 

ANETTE, sf. young duck. 

ANEVRISME, sm. tumour, swelling. 

ANFRACTUEU-x, SE, a. unecen; rugged. 

ANFRACTUOSITE, sf. ruggcdncss. 

ANGAR, sm. shed; skelter. 

ANGE, s-i. anijil; eh a in- shot ; kind of 
thornbuch. Hire aux s, to laugh 
sillily. Yoir dcs s bleus, to Itare 
strange notions, [sf. angelica, a plant. 

ANGEL1QUE, a. angelical ; heavenly. 

ANGELIQUEMENT, ad. divinely. 

ANGELOLATIIIE, if. worship of angels. 

ANGE LOT, sin. sort of cheese; old coin. 

ANGELUS, sin. Are Maria; prayer-time. 

ANGiNE, sf. sore throat ; quinsy. 

ANGIOLOGIE, .sf. angiology ; on veins; 
nerves, $c. [of veins, $c. 

ANGIOTOMIE, sf. angiotamy ; dissection 

ANGLE, sm. angle; corner. 

ANGLEU-x, SB, a. thick-shelled. 

ANGLICAN, E, a. anglican; of England. 

ANGLICISME, sf. Anglicism. 

ANGLOIS, ANGLAIS, sin. Englishman. 
E, sf. Englishwoman. , E, a. 
English. L' , sm. the English tongue. 

ANGLOMANIE, sf. great fondness for all 

that is English. 
ANGOISSE, sf. anguish; pang. Poire 

d' , gag ; bad pear ; sorrow. 
ANGON, sm. short dart. 
ANGUICHURE, sf. huntsman's belt. 
ANGUILLADE, sf. lash ; lashing. 
ANGUILLE, sf. eel. II y a sous roche, 
there is some mystery in this. Ecor- 
cher 1' par la queue, to begin where 
one should end. 11 ressemble aux s 

de Melun, il crie avant qu'on 1'ecorche, 
he is more afraid than hurt. 

ANGUILLERE, sf. eel-pond. s,pl. lim- 
ber-holes ; bilge ways of a ship. 

ANGULAIRE, a. angular; chief. 

ANGULEU-x, SE, a. angulous ; uneven. 

ANGUSTICLAVE, sin. Roman toga. 

ANGUST1E, E, a. narrow; squetzi'tl. 

ANICROCHE, xf.hinderance; subterfuge. 

ANIER, sm. ass-driver. 

ANIL, sm. anil; indigo-plant. 

ANIMADVERSION, sf. ; check. 

ANIMAL, sm. animal; brute. , E, a. 
sensual; sensible. [sect. 

ANIMALCULE, sm. ; the smalhtt in- 

ANIMALITE, sf. animality ; animal life. 

ANIMATION, sf. ; life ; vivacity. 

ANIME, E, a. animated; brisk. 

ANIM-ER, I. va. to animate ; enliven. S' 
vr. to Ite angry ; to take courage. 

AN1MOSITE, sf. animosity ; spite 

ANIS, sm. aniseed ; aniseed-pi unix. 

AN1S-ER, I. va. to stew with aniseed. 

ANKER, sm. anker; 10 gallons, [joints. 

ANKYLOSE, sf. stcvlling ; Stiffness of 

ANNAL, E, a. annual; of a year. 

ANNALES, sf. annals; records. 

ANNALISTE, sm. annalist ; recorder. 

ANN ATE, sf. annats; first fruits. 

ANNEAU, sm. ring; boiv ; curl. de 
cordc, a slipping noose, a running 
bowline-knot. x or boucles d'ecou- 
tillcs, ring-bolts of the deck, tfc. x 
d'etai, the hanhs of a stay-sail. x 
de sabord, the ring-bolts of the gvn- 
ports. [leap-year. 

ANNEE, .^f. year; harvest. bissextile, 

ANNEL-EK, I. va. to curl; to ring. 

ANNELET, sm. little ring; annulet. 

ANNELURE, sf. curling; ringlet. 

ANNETTE, sf. Hannah, Nancy. 

ANNEXE, sf. chapel of ease. 

ANNEX-ER, I. va. to annex; unite. 

ANNEXION, ff. anne.c itie/tt ; union. 

ANNIHILATION, sf. annihilation; ruin. 

ANNIHIL-ER, I. va. to annihilate; ruin. 
ANNIVERSA1RE, a. sm. ; anniversary. 
ANNONAIRE, a. obliged to furnish provi- 
sions [of a play. 
ANNONCE, sf. bans of matrimony, notice 
ANNONC-ER 1 , ANNONg-ANT 2 I. va. to 

ANN ( 23 ) ANT 

"S'lp.s. 7 1st p. pi. 8 9 3d p. pi. IMPERF. 10 lstp.s. U 2dp.s. 12 3dp.s. 

20 21 PUT. S 2 1st p.s. 23 2dp.s. 24 3d p.s. '^ 2d p. pi. IMP.M. 31 -2dp.s. 35 3dp.s. & 1st p. pi. 372dp.pi. 38 3d p. pi. SUBJ. M. 
5 1st p.s. < 6 2d p.s. <7 3d p.s. 48 lst p . p i. 49 2d p . p i. 50 3d p.pi. 

make knoicn ; declare ; proclaim. Je me 

suis fait , / have sent in my name. 
ANNOXCEUR, sm. player n-ho gircs no- 
tice of the next night's entertainments. 
AXXOXCIADE, sf. annunciada; order of 

knightliood. [day. 

AXXOXCIATIOX, sf. annunciation; lady- 
AXXOXCIATEUR, sm. proclaimer. 
AXXOXE, .</'. pt-oris'onsfor a year. [tor. 
AXXOTATEUR, sm. annotator,commenta- 
AXXOTAT1OX, sf. annotation; remark. 
AXXOT-EH, I. ra. to take an inventory ; 

make remarks. 
AXXOT1XE, sf. anniversary. 
AXXUEL, LE, a. annual; yearly. 
AXXUELLEMEXT, ad. annually. 
AXXUITE, sf. annuity ; yearly allowance. 
AXXULABLE, a. that can or ought to 

be annulled. 
AXXULAIRE, a. annular; round. Doigt 

, ring-finger. [nulling. 

AXXULATI-F, YE, a. annihilating; an- 
AXXULATIOX, sf. Humiliation. 
AXXUL-ER, I. ra. to annul; repeal. 
AN XL'S, sm. Peru dan root. 
AXOBL-iK, II. ra. to ennoble; elevate. 
AXOBLISSEMENT, sm. ennobling. 
ANODIX, E, sm. a. anodyne; casing. 
AXOLIS, sm. hind of lizard 
AXOMAL, E, a. anomalous; irregular. 
ANOMALIE, sf. irregularity; anomaly. 
ANOMIES, sf. pi. unnamed shells. 
AXOX, sm. ass-colt; American fruit. 
AXOXX-ER, I. vn. to fual ; stammer. 
AXOXXEMEXT, sm. act of bring ing forth 

an ays-colt. 

AXOXYilE, a. sin. anonymous ; unknon'n. 
AXORDIE, sf. violent northerly storm; 

north n'ind ; Creoles; a. north. 
AXOREXIE, sf. icant of appetite. 
ANQUILLEUSE, sf. ?roman thief. 
AXSE, sf. handle; ear ; creek; bay; cove. 

du panier, market pm/n/. 
AXSEATIQUES, . villes , Hanse-ton-ns 
AXSETTE, sf. small handle; pi. cringles. 
AXSPECT, sm. handspike or lei;-r. 
ANSPESSADE, ,-.///. intiicr-corporal. 
ANTAGONISTS, sm. antagonist; rival. 
ANTAX, a. of las,- year. [tion. 

ANTANACLASE, sf. antanaclasis ; repeti- 
ANTARCTIQUE, a. antarctic; southern. \ 

ANTECEDEMMBNT, ad. antecedently. 

ANTfiCEDEXT, E, a. foregoing ; preced- 
ing. , sin. .first proposition. . 

AXTECESSEUR, sm. antcccssor ; pro- 
fessor of civil laiv. 

AXTECHRIST, sin. antechrist; seducer. 

AXTEDILUVIEN, NE, a. existing before 
the deluge. 

AXTEXXE, sf. sail-yard; lateen yard. 
s, pi. horns of insects ; feelers. 

AXTEPfiXULTIEME, a.s. antepenult ima; 
last but tn-o. 

ANTERIEUR, E, a. foremost ; past. 

AXTERIEUREMEXT, ad. before. 

AXTERIORITE, sf. priority. 

ANTES, sm. pillars; antfc. 

ANTESCIEXS, sm. antiscii. 

AXTESTATURE, sf. fence; intrenchment. 

AXTHOLOGIE, */'. anthology; poetical 
llany ; choice ofjloivers. 

AXTHROPOLOGIE, sf. anthropology ; 
man's affections attributed to God. 

to God a human form, [feet ions of man 

AXTHROPOPATHIE, sf. pathy ; af- 

AXTHROPOPHAGES, men-caters. 

AXTHROPOPHAGIE, sf. anthropophagy. 

ANT1CABIXET, sin. ; a small room. 

AXTICHAMBRE, sf. antichamber. [gage. 

AXTICHRESE, antichresis; kindofmort- 

AXTICHRETIEN, NE, a. antichrist inn. 

AXTICHR1STIAXISME, sm. antichris- 
tianism; anticJiristianiti/. [hand. 

AXTICIPATIOX, sf. . Par , before- 

AXTICIP-ER, I. va. to anticipate, forestall 
sur, to usurp, inrade. 

opposed to the constitution. EL, 
ELLE, a. against the constitution. 

ANTICOUR, sf. fore-yard. [time. 

AXT1DATE, sf. antedate; date before tlie 

ANTIDAT-ER, I. va. to antedate. 

ANTIDOTE, sm. antidote, counter-poison. 

AXTIDOT-ER, I. ra. to mix icith antidote. 
Discours es de joie. discourses season- 
ed icith mirth. [news. 

AXTIEXXE, sf. anthem. Triste , sad 

ANTIFEBRILE, sm. a. against fevers. 

AXTILOGIE, tf. antilogy; contradiction. 

AXTIMOIXE, sm. antimony. [cal. 

AXTIMOXARCHIQUE, a. antimonarchi- 

ANT ( 24 ) APL 

[INF.M. 'PRES.T. 2 PART.PRES. 3 PART.PAST.] IND.M. I'RES.T. 4 1st p.S. 6 2d p.S. 

la " 15 3d PRET. 16 lstp.s. 17 2dp.s. I8 3d p.s. 19 lst 
27 3d COND.M. 2s lstp.s. ^d p.s. 30 3d p.s. 3 > 1st 3a 2 *<3d 
PRES.T. ^Istp.s. 40 2d p.s. 41 3dp.s. 42 43 44 3d IMPERF. 

AXTIMONIAL, E, a. antimonial. 

ANT1NOMIE, sf, antinomy; varianct 
between two laics. [posing the laws. 

ANTIXOMIEN, NE, a. antinomian ; op- 

ANTIPAPE, sin. antipope. 

AXTIPATHIE, sf. antipathy; hatred. 

AXTIPATHIQUE, a. averse; contra ri/. 

AXT1PERISTASE, sf. antiperistasis; op- 
position, [lential. 

AXTIPESTILENT1EL, LE, a. antipesti- 

AXTIPHATE, sm. black coral. 

AXTIPHOXIE, sf. tintiplume ; anthem. 

book of anthems. 

ANTIPHKASE, sf. ; kind of irony. 

ANTIPODAL, E, a. . [against the gout 

ANTIPODARGIQUES, a. sm. pi. remedies 

AXTIPODE, a. contrary, s. contradiction. 

ANTIPODES, sm. pi. antipodes; reverse. 

ANTIPTOSE, .</'. antiptosis; transposition. 

AXTIPYROTIQUE, sm. plaster for b.irits. 

ANTIQUAILLE, sf. antique; old rubbish. 

AXTIQUAIRE, sm. antiquary. 

ANTIQUARIAT, sm. the knowledge of 
tint it/ ucs and antiquities. 

ANTIQUE, a. s. ancient. A 1' , as of 

ANTIQUITE, */. antiquity. [yore. 

AXTISCORBUT1QUE, a. antiscorbutical. 

AXTISTROPHE, sf. antistrophc ; second 
stanza of a Greek chorus. 

ANTITHESE, sf. antithesis ; oppositioji. 

AXTITH ETIQMEja.antithctic; contrasted. 

ANTITRINITAIRE, sm. Unitarian. 

ANTITYPE, sm. ant it i/pc, figure; symbol. 

ANTITYPIQUE, a. antitypical. 

ANTIVENERIEN, NE, a. sm. antcvencrcal. 

AXTIVEROLIQUE, a. good against the 

ANTOINE, sm. Anthony. [small-pox. 

ANTOINETTE, sf. Antonio. 

ANTOIS-ER, I. va. topile up au/nj. 

ANTO1T, sm. straining-bolt, stajf'. 

ANTONOMASE, sf. antonomasia; title 
instead of a name. 

AXTRE, sm. den; cave, cavern. 

ANUIT-ER, I. S' , vr. to be benighted. 

ANUS, sm. anus, f 1.1 ndament. 

AXXIETE, sf. anxiety, anguish. 

AOR1STE, sm. aorist ; indefinite. 

AORTE, sf. aorta, the great artery. 

AOURX-ER, 1. i-<t. to ddurn. 

AOUT, sm. August; harvest. 

AOUT-ER, I. va. to ripen. 

AOUTERON, sm. reaper; harvest-man. 

APAIS-ER^I. va. to appease, quiet, puri- 
fy, allay. S' , to soften, get calm. 

APANAGE, sm. appanage; appendix. 


fj settle a portion. [an appanage. 

AP^|AJitgTK. sm. a prince who enjoys 

APANTHROPIE, sf. dislike for society. 

APARTE, sm. side-speech, jf 

APATHIE, sf. apathy; coldness. 

APATHIQUE, a. apathetic ; insensible. 

APATHISTE, sm. void of feeling. 

APEDEUTP], sm. illiterate man. 

APEDEUTISME, sm. gross ignorance. 

APEPSIE, sf. apcpsy ; weak stomach. 

APERCEVABLE, . perceivable. 

APERCEV-oiR, 1 ant 2 ons 7 ' 36 ez 8 ' 37 ais 10 - 1 ' 
ait 12 ois 10 - 11 oit ly ions'^^iez 14 - 43 aient 15 
oient 1 * rai 22 ras 23 ra 21 rons 25 rez 26 ront 27 
rais^-^rait*' rois 28 - 2 9 roit^ rious 3 ' ricz 32 
raient 33 roient 33 , III.; See APER 
APER^OIV, va. to perceive, feel, disco- 
ver, see; S' , to beware of, find out. 

APERVOIV-ENT 9 - 38 ' 44 e 35 - 39 - 41 es 40 Part 
of the verb APERCEVOIR. 

APERV-u 3 s 3 - 16 -' 7 ue 3 uns 3 ois 4 ' 5 - 34 oit 6 
oivent 9 - 38 - 44 ut 18 umes 19 utes 2 urent 21 
O j ve 35.39.4i oives 40 usse 45 usses 46 ut 47 
ussions 48 ussiez 49 ussent 50 v. APERCE- 

APER^U, sm. sketch, observation. [VOIR. 

APERIT-IF, IVE, a. aperitive, opening. 

APERT, il , v. it is evident. 

APERTEMENT, ad. openly. 

APETISS-ER, I. va. and rn. to lessen, make 
smaller, grow less. S' , to shrink. 

A-PEU-PRES, ad. nearly, almost, [sun. 

APHELIE, sm. aphelion; farthest from the 

APHERESE, sf. aphcervsis; cutting off 
a first syllable. 

APHONIE, sf. aphony, want of voice. 

APHORISME, sm. aphorism; maxim. 

APHORISTIQUE, a. aphoristical. 

APHRONITRE, sm. saltpetre. 

APHTE, sm. ulcer in the mouth. 

API, am. sort of apple ; smallagc. 

A-PIC, ad. a-pea/i, perpendicularly, 

APIQU-EB une vergue, I. to top a sail-yard, 

APITOY-ER, mocc, affect\peak it up 

APLAN-ER, I. ?. to nap cloth. 

APLANEUR, sin. he who naps cloth. 

APL ( 25 ) APP 

6 3dp.s. " 8 9 3d p. pi. IMPERF. 10 1st p. s. H 2d p.s. 12 3dp.s. 
20 ->d p. pi. 21 3d p. pi. FUT. 22 1st p. s. 23 2d p. s. 24 3d p. s. 1st p. pi. 26 2d p . pl- 
p. pi. IMP. M. 34 -2d p. s. 35 3d p. s. 36 1st p. pi. 37 2d p. pi. 38 3d p. pi. SUBJ. M. 
45 1st p.s. 46 2dp.s. "3 d p.s. 4B lstp . pl . 5" 3d p. pi. 

APLAN-iR, II. rn. to level; clear; smooth. 

APLANISSEM'ENT, SHI. levelling. 

APLAXISSKUR, sin. polisher. \Jlat. 

APLAT-iR, II. re. to flatten. S' , become 

APLATISSEMENT, sin. flattening, flat- 
tened ;'//'>. 

APLATISSERIE, sf. flattening forge. 

APLATISSEUR, SHI. one who flattens. 

APLATISSO1RE, */. flattening part of a 
forge in ill. 

APLEST-ER, APLESTR-ER, I. va. to un- \ 
furl; to set the sails. 

APLOMB, sin. perpendicularly. 

APNEE, sf. it-ant of respiration. 

APOCALYPSE, sf. apocalypse; revelation. ! 

APOCALYPTIQUE, a. of revelation. 

APOCIN, sm. dog's bane. [syllable. 

APOCOPE, sf. ; cutting off' the last 

APOCRYPHE, a. apocryphal ; uncertain. 
3, snt. pi. apocrypha. 

APODE, sm. sca-sn-aLlow. 

APODICTIQUE, a. demonstrative, [point. 

APOGEE, sm. apogceum ; height; highest 

APOGRAPHE, sm. apographon; copy. 

APOLOGETIQUE, a. sm. apologetical. 

APOLOGIE, sf. apology; defence; excuse. 

APOLOGISTE, sm. apologist. 

APOLOGUE, sm. , fable. [ablemaxim. 

APOPHTHEGME, sm. apophthegm; valu- 

APOPLECTIQUE, a. sin. apoplectic. 

APOPLEX1E, sf. apoplexy. 

APOSTASIE, sf. apostacy ; revolt, [sake. 

APOSTASI-ER, I. i-n. to apostatize; for- 

APOSTAT, sm. apostate; turncoat. 

APOSTEME, sf. impost hum e ; swelling. II 
faut que 1' creve, it must come to light. 

APOST-ER, I. va. to suborn; appoint. 

APOSTHUME, sf. irnposthumc, abscess. 

APOSTHUM-ER, to suppurate, [note. 

APOSTILLE, sf. postscript ; marginal 

APOSTILL-ER, I. va. to write marginal 
notes; to postil. 

APOSTIS, sm. pi. row-locks of a galley. 

APOSTOLIQUE, a. apostolic; holy. A 1' 
, ad. holily. 

APOSTOLIQUEMENT, ad. apostoUcally. 

APOSTROPHE, sf. apostrophe, address. 

APOSTROPH-ER, 1. va. to speak to; cut 
off a vowel. 

APOTHEOSE, sf. apotheosis; deification. 

APOTHEOS-ER, I. va. to deify a man. 

APOTHICAIRE, sm. apothecary. sans 
Sucre, needy felloic. Des parties d' , 
an exorbitant bill, [shop, or business. 

APOTHICAIRERIE, ff. apothecary's 

APOTHICAIRESSE, sf. the apothecary in 
a nunnery. 

APOTRE, sm. a})ostle. Bon , jolly 
fellow ; hypocrite. s, pi. hawse pieces 
of a ship; bollard timbers. 

APOTUREAUX, sm. pi., kcvel-hcads. 

APOZEME, sm. decoction. 

APPARAISS-ANT 1 , ons7'36 ez 8.37 ent 0.38.44 

ais'o-n ait^oisi"- 11 oil 12 ions"-" iez"-*"' 
aient 15 oient 15 e 35 ' 39 ' 41 es 40 , part of 

APPARAIT^RE 1 , rai 22 ras 23 ra 24 rons 21 
rez 1 ^ Font 27 rais 28 ' 29 rait 30 rois 28 - 29 roit 3 " 
rions 31 riez 32 raient 33 roient 33 SeeAppAHtT > 
APPARAISS, IV. to appear; become 

APPARAT, sm. preparation; commen- 
tary; splendour. [of a ship. 

APPARAUX, sm. pi. all appurtenances 

APPARCELADO, sm. flat and uniform 
bottom of the sea. 

APPAREIL, sm. preparation; bandage; 
equipage; display; dressing of a wound. 
de carene, carcening-tools. de 
pompe, the pump-gear. [sail. 

APPAREILLAGE, sm. act of getting undu 

APPAREILL-ER, I. va. to match; get 
ready ; get under sail. Pierre ec, sf. 
a stone cut to the measure, given. 

APPAREILLEUR, sm. head workman. 

APPAREILLEUSE, sf. procuress. 

APPAREMMENT, ad. apparently, likely. 

APPARENCE, sf. appearance; sign. 

APPARENT, E, a. apparent; eminent. 

APPARENTE, E, a. related to. {suitably. 

APPARENT-ER, S' , I. vr. to marry 

APPARESS-ER, I. va. to render lazy. 

APPARI-ER, I. va. to pair, match, sort. 
S' , rr. to covplc, as birds. 

APPARITEUR, sm. apparitor; beadle. 

APPARITION, sf. ; vision; ghost. 

APPAR-oiR, vn. to be evident (in law). 



APPARONNE, E, a. marked; gauged. 

APPARTEMENT, sm. apartment ; room; 
drawing-room ; berth, cabin, store- 
room in a ship. 


APP ( 26 ) 


1:1 M 15 

27 3d COND.M. 2B 1st p.s. 29 2dp.s. 



PART.PAST.] IND.M. PRES.T. 4 1st p.S. 5 2d p.S. 

PRET. 1(i lstp.s. 17 2dp.s. lB 3d p.s. iy lstp.p'-. 
30 3d p.s. 31 33 3d 

.s. *3dp.s. 41 3dp.s. ltp.pL 43 2d 44 3d IMPERF. 

APPARTENANCE, sf. appurtenance; 

APPARTENANT, E, a. belonging, [right. 

APPARTEN-iR. 1 ant 2 u 3 ue 3 as 3 aes 3 ons 7 ' 36 
ez s.o7 ait 12 O i s io.ii O it 12 ,ions 13 - 42 
iez 14 - 43 aient 15 oient 15 See APPART, AP- 
PARTIEX, APPARTIENN, to belong, per- 
tain to, depend on, relate to, become .fit. 

APPARTIEN-s 4 ' 5 - 34 t c> drui" dras 83 dm 24 
drons drez 26 dront 27 drais 28 - 29 drait 3 
drois 28 - 29 droit 30 drions 31 driez 32 draient 33 
droient 33 ti. APPARTEXIR. II t, /. imp. 
it becomes, it is becoming. Ainsi qu'il 
dra, as they may sec cause. A tous ceux 
qu'il dra, to all those it may concern. 

APPART-ixs 16 - 17 int 18 inmes 19 intes 20 
intent 21 insse 45 insses 46 int 47 inssions 48 
inssiez 49 inssent 50 , verb APPARTEXIR. 

APi'AU'flENN-E, 35.39.41 es 40 ^9.38^ Vm 

APPARTENIR, to pertain to. 

APPAR-u 3 , ue 3 us 3 - 16 ' 17 ues 3 ais 4 - 5 ' 34 ait 6 
Ois 4.o.34 Oit 6 ut is umes 19 ates 20 uroni 21 
usse 45 usses 46 at 47 ussions 48 ussiez 49 
assent, part of APPARAITRK, to appear. 

APP AS, sm. charms; attractives; alliirc- 

APPAT, sin. bait; allurement. [mrnt. 

APPAT-ER, APPATEL-ER, I. va. to al- 
lure; to feed infants, birds, c. 

APPAUVR-iR, II. to impoverish; overtax. 
S' , vr. to grow poor. 

APPAUVRISSEMENT, sm. impoverish- 
ment; decay. [Dutch pcictcr. 

APPEAU, sm. bird-call; decoy-bird; 

APPEL, sm. appeal ; call; challenge. 


APPELLANT, E, . 5. appealing; decoy- 

APPELLATIF, sm.. appellative. [bird. 

APPELLATION, sf. appeal; name. 

APPELL-ER, I. va. to call ; appeal ; send 
for; name; cite. S' , vr. to be called. 
Comment voas ez-vous, what is your 

APPENDICE, sm. appendix; addenda. 

APPEND^-RE 1 , ant 2 a 3 ue 3 as 3 aes 3 s 4 - 5 ' 34 
Or . s 7.3d ez 8.37 ent 9 - 38 - 44 ais lu - n ait 12 ois 
10 - n oit 12 ions 3.42 iezi 4 - 43 aient 15 oient 15 

is !6.17 it !8 i meB 19 } tes i0 irent 21 rai 22 ras 23 

t a 24 tons 25 iez 26 ront 27 rais 28 - 2 9 rait 30 rois 
28.29 roit 30 rions 3i riez 32 ra ient 33 roient 33 

e 35.39.41 es 40 isse 45 isses 46 } t 47 i ss ions 48 

19 issent 50 , IV. to ajipcnd, hang on, 
APPENTIS, sm. ashed; coco: [suspend. 

APPERCEV-oiR. See this verb and deri- 
vatives spelt with one P. 

APPESANT-iR, II. va. to make heavy or 
dull. S' , vr. to grow dull, [dullness. 

APPESANTISSEMENT, sm. heaviness; 

APPETENCE, sf. appetency ; desire. 

APPET-ER, I. va. to covet ; wish for. 

APPETIBILITE, sf. appetibility ; desire. 

APPETIBLE, a. desirable; enticing. 

APPET1S, sin. pi. small onions. 

APPETISSANT, E, a. relishing ; luscious. 

APPETISSEMENT, sm. diminution. 

APPETISS-ER, to diminish; lessen. 

APPETIT, sm. appetite', desire. II n'est 
saace qae d' , hunger is the best sauce. 

APPETITI-F, VE, a. appetitive; exciting. 

APPETITION, sf. appetition; desire. 

APPIECEMENT, sm. piecing; shrinking. 

APPIEC-ER, APPIEg-AXT, 2 I. vn. to piece, 

APPIETR-iR, S' , II. vr. to fade. [mend. 

APPLAUD-IR, II. vn. to applaud. 

APPLAUD1SSEMENT, sm. applause. 

APPLAUDISSEUR, sm.Jiattcrcr. 

APPLEGEMENT, sm. bailing. 


APPLICABLE, a. applicable ; Jit. [bail. 

APPLICATION, sf. ; study ; quotation. 

APPLIQUE, sf. inlaying. 

APPL1QU-ER, I. va. to apply ; set; put; 
inlay; give; stick up. S' , vr. to 
take pains ; to attribute to one's self. 

APPLIS, sm. husbandry. 

APPOINT, sm. odd money. 

APPOINTE, sm. state passenger in a ship. 

APPOINTEMENT, sm. allowance ; decree. 

APPOINT-ER, I. va. to give a salary. - 
ane caase, to refer a cause. 

APPOINT EUR, sm. partial judge. 

APPORT, sm. market ; country make. 

APPORTAGE, sm. carriage. 

APPORT-ER, I. va. to bring; convey; 
cause; use; raise; start. 

APPOS-ER, I. va.toput to or in; set. 

APPOSITION, */. -, union, [into a field. 

APPRAY-ER, to turn a piece of hind 

APPRECIATEUR, sm. appraiser, [tion. 

APPRECIATION, sf. appraising; valua- 

APPRECI-ER, I. appraise; rate. 

APPREHEND-ER, I. va. apprehend; seize; 

fear. ane saccession, to accept an in- 

I APPREHEX$>L-?,\z t a.fearful.[hcritancc. 


8 9 3d p. pi. IMPERF. lo 1st p.s 
. FUT. 22 1st p.s. 23 2dp.s. - 4 3d p.s. 
dp.s. 35 3d p.s. 36istp.pi. 37, 
47 3d p.s. 48 1st p. pi. 4y 

3d p.s. ~> ._,.. 

ad p. pi. 21 FUT. 22 lstp.s. 23 2dp... 

p. pi. IMP. M. 34 2d p. s. 35 3d p. s. 36 lst p . p ). 37 2 d p. pi. 

4 Mstp.s. 4G 2dp.s. 47 3d p.s. 48 1st p. pi. 4y 2d p. pi. 50 


"2dp. s. 12 3d p.s. 23 SUBJ.M. 

APPREHENSION, s/. ; quick; sense; 
fear ; 2>creeption ; conception. 

APPREX-D 6 ant 2 ons 7 ' 36 ez 8 ' 37 ais 10 - 11 
ait 12 ois 10 '" oit 12 ions 13 - 42 iez 14 - 43 aient'- 5 
oient 13 , part of 

APPR ENDURE, 1 s 4 - 5 - 34 rai 22 ras 23 ra 24 rons 
83 rez 28 ront 27 rais 28 - 29 rait 30 rois 28 - 29 roit 
30 rions 31 riez 32 raiont 33 roient 33 . See 
APPR, APPKEX, APPRENX, to learn, get, 
be told, inform, hear, understand, get 
by heart, teach, apprize. [PRENDRE. 

APPRENN-ENT, 9 - 38 - 44 o 35 - 39 - 41 es 40 , v. AP- 

4.PPRENTI, E, 5. a. apprentice ; novice. 

APPRENTISSAGE, si. apprenticeship; 
trial. Brevet d' , apprentice's in- 
dentures. Faire son , to serve one's 
time. Mettre en , to bind apprentice. 

APPRET, sm. preparation ; painting on 
glass; dressing of food; stiffening. 

APPRETE, sf. sippets of bread. 

APPRETE, E. a. affected ; stiff. 

APPRET-ER, to prepare; dress. 
a rire, to afford matter for laughing. 

APPRETEUR, sm. painter on glass; 

APPR-is, 3 - 16 - 17 ise 3 ises 3 it 18 Imes 19 Ites 20 
irent 21 isse 43 isses 46 it 47 issions 48 issiez 49 
issent 50 , v. APP.RENDRE, to learn. 

APPH1S, E, a. BIEN , sm. well-bred 

APPRIVOISEMENT, sin. taming, [man. 

APPRIVOIS-ER, I. vu. to tame; use. 
S' , to grow tame. [applaudcr. 

APPRO BA-TEUR, sm. TRICE, ,s/'. approver ; 

APPROBATI-F, VE, a. a2)proving. 

A PROBATION, sf. ; support. 

APPROCHANT, E, a. something Uhc. 
ad. about, nearli/. de, near about. 

APPROCHE, sf. approach ; access. 


APPROCH-ER, I. va. to approach; draw 

: be like. du vent, to sail n-ith 

a scant n-ind. [to search into. 

APPROFOND-iR, II. make deeper ; 

deeper ; in rest iijat ion. 

APPROPRIANCE, sf. taking possession. 

APPROPRIATION, sf. ; aitplication. 

APPROPRI-ER, I. ra. to appropriate ; 
adapt ; fit i/j>. S' , to usurp, take. 

APPROVISIONN-ER,I.t-. to supply with 
provisions: provide 

APPROVISIONNEMENT, sin. supply of 
provisions, $c. 

APPROVISIONNEUR, am. contractor ; 
purveyor. [allow; consent. 

APPROUV-ER, I. va. to approve; like; 

APPROXIMATION, sf. ; approach. 

APPROXIM-ER, I. rn. to lie very close ; to 
resemble ; be near nc/ijhbours. 

APPUI, sm. support; prop; stay; help; 
defender. A Her a 1' , va. to second, 
back. main, stn. maul-stick. Hau- 
teur d' , breast-height. 

APPUY-ER, I. va. to support; prop; pro- 
tect; lean back; second. S' vr. to 
rely ; lean; rest; dwell upon. 

APRE, a. rough; eager ; hard. 

APRELE, */. horse-tail (herb). 

APREMENT, ad. harshly; sharpl,/. 

APRES, pr. ad. after; next to. lui il 
faut tirerl'echelle, he has not his match. 

coup, too late. Eire r. to be a!><> 'ft. 

I)' , 2)r. to, from. Fait d'*-. nature. 
drawn to the life. D' Rubens, from, 
an original of Eubens. quoi, ad. 
after that, afterwards. que, when. 

after. demain, after to-morrow. 

dinee, midi, sf. afternoon. 

soupee, /. and souper, m. hours be- 
tween supper and bed-time. [ness. 

APRETE, sf. roughness, sharpness, cuijer- 

APTE, a. apt, Jit; inclined to. 

APTITUDE, sf. aptness; Jitness. 

APUREMENT, sm. set.tlintj of accounts. 

APUR-ER, I. va. to settle an account. 

APYRE, a. not consumable bijfire. 

APYREXIE, sf. intermission of a ferer. 

AQUATILE, AQUATIQUE, a. aquatic ; 
n'tttery. [lighter on the I\hinr. 

AQUE, or ACQUE, sm. Jtat-bottomed 

AQUEDUC, sm. aqueduct; p'pe. 

AQUEU-x, SE, a. aqueous, n-atcrisJi. 

AQUILIN, E, a. hawked; aquiline. Nez 
, Roman nose. 

AQUILON, sm. north wind. 

AQUILOXAIRE, a. northerly. 

ARABE, sm. griping usurer ; Arabian. 

ARABESQUES, sf. pi. arabescs ; whim- 
sical ornaments in painting. 

ARABESSE, sf. Arabian woman. 


ARABISME, sm. Arabian dialect 

c 2 



[INF. M". 'PRES.T. 2 PART.PRES. 3 PART.PAST.] IND.M. PRES.T. 4 1st p.S. ^2d p.5' 

Ja 14 15 PRET. 16 lstp.s. 72dp.s. 18 3dp.s. > 
27 COND. M. 28 1st p.s. 29 2d p.s. 30 3d p.s. 31 1st 32 2d 33 3d 
PRES.T. 39 lstp.s. 40 2d p.s. 41 3dp.s. 42 43 2d 44 3d IMPERF. 

ARABLE, a. arable ; tillable ; ploughable. 
ARACK, sm. arrack ; kind of rum. 

ARAIGNE,f.pfeferj neb. Doigtsd' , 
small long Jingcrs. Toile d' , /. cob- 
web ; trifle. s, pi. crow-feet of the 
tops of a ship. 

ARAMB-ER, I. va. to grapple a ship. 

ARAME, si. seraglio, in Persia. 

ARAMIQUE, a. Syriac. 

ARASEMENT, sin. equal height. 

ARAS-ER, I. va. to level a mall, $c. 

ARATOIRE, a. arable, manurable. 

ARBALESTRILLE, sf. Jacob's staff; sea- 
quadrant; cross-staff. 

ARBALETE, sf. cross-bow; cross-staff; 
fore-staff. a jalet, stone-bow. 

ARBALET-ER, I. va. to shore up; prop. 

ARBALETR1ER, sm. cross-bowman. 11 
n'est pas grand , he is not very stout ; 
he is no conjuror. s, sm* pi. head- 
rafters, [tray. 

ARBALETRIERE, sf. row-galley's gang- 

ARB1TRAGE, sm. arbitrage, reference. 

ARBITRAIRE, a. arbitrary, absolute. 

ARBITRAIREMENT, ad. arbitrarily. 

ARBITRAL, E, a. sentence e, sf. award. 

ARBITRALEMENT, ad. by way of arbi- 

ARBITRATEUR, sm. arbitrator, [tration. 

ARBITRATION, sf. estimation, prizing. 

ARBITRE, sm. Libre , sm. free-will. Sur 
, an umpire. 

ARBITR-ER, I. va. to arbitrate, decide. 

ARBOR-ER, I. va. to hoist, set up, assume. 
m mat, set up a mast. pavilion, 
lioistajlag; one's colours. 

ARBORIBONZE, sm. Japanese priest. 

ARBORISE, E, a. leaved, tufted. 

ARBOUSE, sf. arbutc; ivilding. [tree. 

ARBOUSIER, sm. arbute or strawberry- 

ARBRE, sin. a tree ; beam ; mast ; axle- 
tree. Se tenir au gros de 1' , to side 
icith the strongest. de Diane, mix- 
ture of mercury and silver. 

ATJBRISSEAU, sm. shrub; small tree. 

ARBUSTE, *7. shrub; bush. 

ARC, sm. bore; arch; section; curve of a 
ship's prow. en ciel, rainbow. 

ARCADE, sf. vault; arch; arcade. 

ARCANE, ARCANUM, sm. particular se- 
cret; intrigue; red chalk. 

ARCANGI, sm. Turkish soldier. 

ARCASSE, sf. stern of a ship; stern 
frame; shell of a block. 

ARC-BOUTANT, sm. buttress; arch; sitp- 
jjorter ; ringleader ; spar or small mast, 
studding-sail, boom. d'echafaud, 
prop or shore of a scaffold. 

ARC-BOUT-ER, 1. va. to prop; support. 

ARCEAU, sm. x, pi. arch of a vault, 
a door, c. x, sm. sheer or drift nails. 

ARCHAISME, sm. archaism, old word. 

ARCHAL, FIL D' , sm. brass-wire. 

ARCHANGE, sm. archangel. 

ARCHE, sf. arch; ark; pump's-case. 

ARCHEE, sf. principle of heat. 

ARCHELET, sm. little bow; drill-box. 

ARCHENBAUT, sm. Archibald. 

ARCHER, sm. an archer ; constable; thiif- 
taker. Un franc , quarrelsome man. 

ARCHERE, sf. a bow-woman; huntress. 

ARCHEROT, sm. Cupid (old poetry). 

ARCHET, sm.Jiddle-stick; bow; hoop. 
II a passe sous 1' , he has paid dear or 
?iis debauchery ; turner's pole. 

ARCHETYPE, sm. archetype; model. 

ARCHEVECHE, sm. archbishcprick. 

ARCHEVEQUE, sm. archbishop, [gious. 

ARCHI, prep, arch, great, high, most egre- 

ARCHICAMERIER, sm. the Pope's great 
chamberlain. [lor. 

ARCHICHANCELIER, sm. high chancel- 

ARCHICHANTRE, sm. chief chanter. 

ARCHICHAPELAIN, sm. high chaplain. 

ARCEICONSUL, sm. president of the aca- 
demy of La Crusca at Florence. 

ARCHIDIACONAT, sm. archdcaconship. 

ARCHIDIACRE, sm. archdeacon. 

ARCHIDRUIDE, sm. chief of tJie Druids. 

ARCHIDUC, sm. archduke. 

ARCHIDUCHE, sm. archdukedom. 

ARCHIDUCHESSE, sf. archduchess. 

ARCHlECHANSON,sw.0Tfl/itf cup-bearer. 

ARCHIEPISCOPAL, E, a. archiepiscopal. 

ARCHIEPISCOPAT, sm. archbishop's 
dignity. \rarchy. 

ARCH1ERARQUE, sm. chief of the hii- 

ARCH1EUNUQUE, s. chief of the eunuchs. 

ARCHIMANDRITE, sm. chief of a mo- 
nastery; an abbot. 

ARCHIMARECHAL, sm. high marsha.. 

ARCHIMIME, sm. chief of the buffoo"is. 

ARCHINOBLE, a. most noble. 

ARC ( 29 ) ARI 

6 3dp.s. 7 8 * 3d p. pi. IMPERF. 10 lstp.s. "2dp.s. "3d p. a. 
20 2d 21 3d PUT. 22 1st p. s. M 2d p. s. 24 3d p. s. ^ 1st p. pi. * 2d p. pi. DIP. M. 34 2dp.s. 3S 3dp>s . 36 lstp . p i. 37 38 SUBJ. .M. 
1st p.s. 46 2d p.s. V 3d p.s. 4S 1st 49 2d 50 3d 

chtintcr of a cathedral, $c. 

ARCHIPEDAXT, sin. arrant pedant. 
;PEL, sin. archipelago; a sea. 

ARCHIPOMPE, sf. sfiip's ivell ; pump 

ARCHIPRETRE, SHI. archprlcst. [well. 

ARCHIPRETRE, sin. archpriesthood. 

ARCHIPRIEURE, sin. archpriory. 

ARCHITECTE, sjn. architect. 

ARCHITECTURE, sf. ; fabric-building. 
navale, sf. ship-building, [tccture. 

ARCHITRAVE, sf. architrave ; inarchi- 

ARCHIVES, sf. -pi. archives; records; 
family records; court-rolls. 

AKCHIVISTE, sm. itecpcr of the records. 

ARCHOXTAT, sm. dignity ofarchon. 

ARCHOXTE, sm. archon,or chief magis- 
trate in the Greek republics. 

AKQOX, sm. saddle-Ion: Perdro, vider 
les s, to be thrown out of the saddle; 
to be at a great loss. Etre forme dans 
ses s, to be steady ; n-cll grounded. 

ARGOT, sjn. dross of yellow copper. 

ARCTIQUE, a. arctic; northern. 

ARCTIUM, sin. sort of 'mullein (herb). 

ARCTURE, sm. Charles's wain;arcturus. 

ARDELIOX, sm. cringing rascal. 

ARDEJIMEXT, ad. ardently, eagerly. 

ARDEXT, sin. St. Anthony' sjire. 

ARUEXT, E, a. ; burning ; eager ; vio- 
lent ; red; fiery; vehement. Yaisseau 
,Jircship. Charbon , burning coal. 
Poll , red hair. , sm.Jiery meteor, 
often, seen at sea in a storm. 

ARDEUR, sf. ardour; heat; zeal. Une 
sainte , lively 2)iety. D' , ad. eagerly. 

ARDILLOX, sm. tongue of a buckle. 

ARD01SE, sf. slate. 

ARDOISE, E, a. of a slate colour. 

ARDOISIERE, sf. slate-quarry. 

ARDRE, ARUEK. ars 3 arse 3 , va. to burn; 

ARDU, E, a. arduous, hard. [consume. 

ARE, sm. 14 square yards English. 

ARECE. See AREQUE. [phithcatre. 

AREXE, ff. sand; gravel; arena; am- 

AREN-ER, I. vn. to sink under. 

ARENEU-x, SE, a. sandy, [small area. 

AREOLE, if. a circle round the nipple ; 

AREOMETRE, sm. areometer. [Athens. 

AREOPAGK, sm. Areopagus; tribunal in 

AREOPAGITE, sm. areopagite; judge. 

AREOTIQUE, sm. sudorific. 

AREQUE, areca or faufel, sm. arcka, sort 
of palm tree. 

AR-ER, I. va. to drag the anchor. 

ARETE, sf.Jish-bone ; edge; ridge. 

ARETES, pl.thegreasein horses; rattails. 

ARGAXEAU, sm. x, yl. ring-bolt. - 
d'ancre, anchor-ring. {of rushes. 

ARGEE, sf. argea, human figures made 

ARGEMOXE, sf. n-ild tansy. 

ARGEXT,sm.silver; money; argent. bas, 
ready money. mig'non, spare mo- 
ney. vif, quichsilcer. monnoye, 
coin.. ' comptant, ready money. - 
mort, money that turns to no account. 
trait, silver-wire. C'est de 1' en 
barre, it is as good as ready money. 
L' est court chez lui,he is low in ec.^i. 
Point d' point de Suisse, no lon,ji r 
pipe, no longer dance; no /xv*. ','//, // 
patcr-noster. Veine d' , a silce/- cein, 
or mine. Vaisselle d' , j)latc. 

ARGEXTE, E, a. of a silver colour; plated. 

ARGEXT-ER, I. va. to silver over. 

ARGEXTERIE, sf. plate; wrought silver. 

ARGEXTEU-x, SE, a.monied; rich. 

ARGEXTIER, sm. silversmith; house- 
stcn'ard ; purser. 

ARGEXT1X, E, a. silver-coloured; white ; 
of a clear sound. e, sf. silccr icud. 

ARGENTURE, sf. silver plating. 

ARG1LE, sf. n-hite clay 

ARGILEU-x, SE, a. clayey, [cant words. 

ARGOT, sm. dead bough; stub; slang; 

ARGOT-ER, I. va. to cut the stub of a tree 
above the eye ; speak gibberish. 

ARGOULET, sm.. paltry fellon-. 

ARGOUSIX, sm. galley-serjeant. 

ARGUE, sf. wire-drawing machine. 

ARGU-ER, I. va. to wire-draw ; to argue ; 

ARGUMENT, sm. ; reason, [reprove. 

ARGUMEXTAXT, sm. disputant. 

ARGOIEXTATEUR, sm. argucr. 

ARGUMEXTATIOX, sf. arguing. 

ARGUMEXT-ER, I. va. to argue ; conclude. 

ARGUS, sm. Argus; spy. [ingx. 

ARGUTIE, sf. quirk; cavil; witty say- 

ARIAXISME, sm. arianism. 

ARIDE, a. arid, barren; dry. 

ARIDITE, sf. aridity ; dry ness. 

ARIS-ER, I. va. to lower a sail. les 


C 30 ) 


[INF.M. ^HES.T. 2 FART.PRES. 3 PART.PAST.] IND. M. PRES. T. 4 1st p.S. 5 2dp.S. 

:3 1st 14 2d * 5 3d PRUT. 16 1st p.s. 2d p.s. 3(1 p . s> 19 lst p>pl< 
" COND.M. 2 1st p.s. 2dp.s. 30 :Mp.s. yl 1st * 2 33 3d 
PRES.T. 39 1st p.s. 40 2dp.s. 41 3dp.s. 42 1st " 44 3d IMPERF. 

vergues, to strike the lower yards down, 
upon the gunnel. 

AR1STARQUE, sin. a critic. [enslaver. 

ARISTOCRATS, SHI. aristocrat ; noble ; 

ARISTOCRATIE, sf. aristocracy. 

ARI3TOCRATIQUE, a. aristocratlcal. 

cratically, despotically. 

ARISTODEMOCRATIE, sf. aristodcmo- 
cracij ; mixed government. [cratical. 


AR1STOLOCHE, .?/. hartwort ; birthwort. 

ARITHMETIC1EN, m. NE,/. s. arithmeti- 
cian ; accountant. [arithmetical. 

ARITHMETIQUE, sf. arithmetic. , a. 

AR1THMETIQUEMENT, ad. arithmcti- 

ARLEQUIN, sin. Harlequin. [cally. 

ARLEQUINADE, sf. buffoonery, scurri- 

ARLET, sin. sort of cummin, [lity; a dance. 

ARLISON, si. little green worm. 

ARMADILLE, sf. little Spanish armada; 

ARMAND, sm. horsedrench. [little frigate. 

ARMARIER, sm. press-keeper inanabbey. 

ABMATEWR, sm. privateer ; ship's owner. 

ARME, sf. arm; weapon; armour ; coat 
of arms. s, pi. arms; wars; martial 
(iff airs. s blanches, bayonets ; swords. 
a. feu, afire-arm ; a gun. de trait, 
a bow; cross-bom. Faire des s, to 
fence. Passer par les s, to be shot. 
Aux s, to arms ' 

ARMEE, sf. army ; host. Amain ,with 
openforce. navale, naval armament. 

ARMELINE, sf. ermine ; fine fur. 

ARMEMENT, sm. armament; land or 
sea force; fitting out a ship. Etat d' , 
list of the officers on board a man of war. 

ARMENIEN, NE, a. s. Armenian. 

ARMENIENNE, sf. bluish stone. 

ARM-ER, to arm; to Jit; bind; to 
cock. Vaisseau e en guerre, merchant 
vessel fitted for rear. ER les avirons, 
to ship the oars ready for roicing. 
s' ER, vr. to arm one's self; take iq} 
arms ; fortify ; defend. 

ARMET, sm. helmet; head-piece, [sphere. 

ARMILLAIRE, a. (sphere ,) hollow 

ARMINIANISME, sm. arminianism ; a 

ARMIXIEN, NE, a. s. arminian. [doctrine. 

ARMISTICE, sm. armistice; truce. 

ARMOIRE, sf. cupboard; 2>rcs s > chest. 

ARMOIRIES, pl.f. coat of arms. 

ARMOISE, sf. mugu-ort (plant). 

ARMO1SIN, sm. thin taffeta ; sarcenet. 

ARMON, sm. tree of a coach. 

ARMORIAL, sm. book of armoury, [arms. 

ARMORI-ER, 1. va. to paint coats of 

ARMORIQUE, a. maritime. [blazoner. 

ARMOR1STE, sm. armor ist; herald; 

ARMURE, sf. armour; coat of mail. 

ARMUR1ER, sm. armourer ; gunsmith. 

ARNAUD, sm. Arnold. 

AROMATE, sm. aromatics ; perfumes'. 

AROMATIQUE, a. aromatic; spicy. 

AROMATISATION, sf. aro mat is at ion. 

AROMATIS-ER, I. va. to spice ; perfume. 

AROMATITE, sf. precious sto?ic. 

ARONDE, */. dove-tail (a tool), a swallmi: 

ARONQELAT, sm. young sn-allon: 

ARONDELIERE, sf. celandine (plant). 

ARONDELLES DE MER, sf. small ves- 
sels ; as brigs, settees, tartars, &c. 

ARPAILLEUR, sm. searcher of gold on 
the banks of rivers, $c. 

ARPEGE, sm. musical term, arpeggio. 

ARPEG-ER, t I. to plaij on the violin 

ARPEGE-ANT 2 , S with the fingers. 

ARPENT, sm. French acre of 100 perches 

ARPENTAGE, sm. land-survey, [ujuare. 

ARPENT- ER, I. va. to survey land; walk 

ARPENTEUR, sm. surveyor. [fast. 

ARQUE, E, a. arched ; bent, broken- 
backed ; hogged ; drooping at the stem 

ARQUEBUS ADE, sf. . [and stern. 

ARQUEBUSE, sf. araucbuse; Itand-yun. 

ARQUEBUS-ER, I. va. to shoot. 

ARQUEBUSERIE, sf. trade of a gunsmith. 

ARQUEBUSIER, m. ; gunsmith, soldier. 

ARQU-ER, I. va. to bend in the form of a 
bow; ffice way. [spring of an arch. 

ARRACHEMENT, sm. pulling out; ;/>v<< 

ARRACHE-PIED, D' , ml. witliout in- 
termission ; assiduous!/;. 

ARRACH-ER, I. va. to pull, to draw, pick, 
pluck out or vit ; tmr from. un 
arbre, to root out a tree. un secret 
a quelqu'im, to c.rtort orjish out /, 
from one. do 1'argent de quelqu'un, 
to get money from one. 

ARRACH-EUR, m. ECSE,/. de dents, . 
toot h-tl rawer; dentist. de cors, 


(31 ) 


( 31 ) ARR 

6 31 p.s. "1, 8 9 3d p. pi. IMPERF. 10 1st p.s. U 2dp.s. "3d p.s. 

,pL 2l r-JT. 22 1st p.s. 23 2dp.s. 24 3d p.s. ^ 1st a 2d;). ,il. IMP. M. ''Jdp.s. 35 3d p.s. 33 1st p. pi. 37 3J SUUJ. M. 
^ 1st p.s. 4(i id p.s. 47 3d p.s. 4b 1st 49 2d 50 3d 

ARRAISONX-ER, I. va. to argue the case. 

ARRANGEMENT, sin. scheme; disposal; 

ARRAN'G-ER 1 , ARRAXGE-AXT 2 , I. va. to 
set in order, settle; accommodate. 

~. xm. sort of large parrot. 
.CEMENT, sm. levelling. 

ARRAS-ER, 1. va. to level; lower. 
i EMEXT, sm. renting out. 

ARRENT-KR, I. va. to let out, rent. 

to be i/t arrears. 

ARRERAGES, s>n. arrears; old debts 

ARRESTAriON, .s/. arrest ; seizure. 

ARREf, sin. decree ; arrest ; distraining ; 
rest ; set of a dog ; stop of a horse. 
de defense, safe conduct. de vais- 
seaux et fermeture de ports, embargo 
on shipping. Mettre aux s, to place 
under arrest. 

ARRETE, sin. resolution; decree. de 
compte, a settled account. 

ARRK 1'E-BCEUF, sin. rest-harrow (plant). 

ARRET-ER, I. va. to stop; balance; de- 
tenu : apprehend; decree; 
obstruct; fasten; declare; prevent; 
iniftiih'. unjour, to appoint a day. 

un marche, to conclude a bargain. 

un cjnipte, to settle an account. 

desperdrix, to set partridges. S' , 
vr. to stop ; stay ; be at a stand; tarry ; 

forbear; direU upon. S' en beau 
cherain, to stop in a fair way ; be out 
at meal-time. 

ARRBTISTE, sm. compiler of decrees. 

AKRHE.MENT, sm. bailing or giving se- 

ARRH-EK, I. ra. to /lire earnest, [curity. 

ARRHES, sf. pi. earnest money ; pledge. 

ARRIERE, sm. stern, poop, abaft. , 

intcrj. airny! arnunt. En , ad. back- 

\rrear. de, pr. far from. 

Faire vent , to bring the wind aft or 

/t. Tomber en , to fall astern. 

ban, arr'u -r-ban ; arm// requisition. 

boutique, sf. back-shop. cliiui^c, 

sm. interest upon interest. corps 

de logis, back-jtart of a building. 

cour, sf. bach-yard. faix, after- 
birth. fermier, undi-r-tcnant. 

fief, mcsne fee. garde, */'. rmr <>j' 

an army; reur-division of a Jicct. 

main, sm. back of the hand; back- 
stroke. neveu, son of a grand- 
child or nepheiv. Nos neveux, our 

remotest 2)ostt'rit>/. petite-fille, sf. 

a grcat-grand-daughter. petit-fils, 

sm. great-grandson. point, wrist- 
band-stitches. pointeuse, sf. wrist- 
band-stitcher. saison, latter end of 

autumn; old age. vassal, s/n. 


ARRIERE, E, a. in arrears, in debt. 

ARRIER-ER, I. va. to throw behind-hand. 
S' - -, vr. to be in arrears. 

ARRIMAGE, sm. stowage in the Jiold. 

ARRIM-ER, I. va. to stow ; dispose. 

ARRIMEUR, sm. stoiver on board a sJtip. 

ARRIS-ER, I. va. to lower. [or hacen. 

ARRIVAGE, sm. arrival of goods in a port 

ARRIVE ! helm a-wcather > tout ! helm 
hard a-rveatlicr ! N' pas! don't 
fall off! luff! S'il , if it should 
happen. II arriva, it came to _pss. 

ARRIVEE, sf. arrival; coming; bearing 
up a ship; veering or bearing away; 
angle of falling off In trying. 

ARRIV-ER, I. vn. to arrloe; come; come 
to pass; happen; befall; fall out 
chance; take place ; repair. a ses 
fins, to compass one's ends. a bon 
port, to come safe home. ER, /. to 
bear urcuy before the wind. sur un 
vuisseau, to bear down on a shij>. 
beaucoup, to bear away large. 

ARROCHE, sf. orache (pot-herb). [It/. 

ARROGAMMENT, ad. proudly ; haughtl- 

ARROGANCE, sf. arrogance i pride. 

ARROGANT, E, a. arrogant; haughty. 

ARROG-ER, ARROGE-ANT 2 , I. &'', cr. 
arrogate, claim. 

ARROI, sm. equipage; train. 

ARRON'D-iR, II. va. to mafic round; glee 
a good turn. un cap, weather a cup, . 
un cheval, to break a horse. ses 
etats, tocnltirgeone'sdominionsS' , vr. 
to g rote round; to improrc mi, '. 

ARRONDISSEMENT, sm. rounding, ,<//- 

ARROSAGE, sm. watt-ring. [mony. 

ARROSEMENT, sm. watering, soaking. 

ARROS-ER, I. va. to water ; baste, [dens). 

ARROSOIR, xt. n- ater ing -pot (for gar- 

ARRUGIE, sf. subterraneous canal. 


( 32 ) 


[INF.M. ^RES.T. 2 PART.PRES. 3 PART.PAST.] IND.M. PRES.T. 4 1st p.S. 5> 2dp.S. 

13 14 15 PRET. 1G 1st p.s. 17 2d p.s. 18 3d p.s. I9 
2 COND.M. 2lj 1st p.s. 2d p.s. 30 3d p.s. 3i lstp>pl- au 2d p>pl< w 3d 
PRES.T. 39 1st p.s. 40 2d p.s. 41 3dp.s. 42 43 44 3d IMPERF. 

ARRUMAGE, sm. stowage in the hold. 
ARS, sm. pi. reins of a horse; a., burnt. 
ARSENAL, sin. ; store of arms, dock- 
ARSENIC, sm. arsenic, orpine. [yard. 
ARSENICAL, E, a. arsenical, [cidentally. 
ARSIN, a. bois s, standing trees burnt ac- 
ART, s/n. art; skill; ability ; cunning. 
ARTERE, sf. artery ; large vein. 
ARTERIEL, LE, a. arterial. 
ARTERIEU-x, SE, a. arterious. 
ARTERIOLE, sf. small artery. 
ARTERIOLOGIE, sf. treatise on arteries. 
ARTER1OTOMIE, sf. artcriotomy ; bleed- 
ARTHRITIQUE, a. arthritic; gouty, [ing. 
ARTHRODIE, sf. arthrodia; sort of cry s- 
ARTICHAUT, sin. artichoke. [tal. 

ARTICLE, sin. article ; point', matter. 

de la raort, the point of death. 
ARTICULAIRE, a. articular; of the joints. 

Maiadie , sf. the gout. 
ARTICULATION, sf. ; pronunciation; 

jolniiitj of bones. 
ARTlCUL-ER, I. va. to draw up articles; 

to pronounce distinctly. S' , vr. to 

be joined to (speaking of bones). 
ART1EN, si. student in philosophy. 
ARTIFICE, sm. skill; craft; artifice. Feu 

d' ,Jirc work. [fictitious. 

ARTIFICIEL, LE, a. artificial; artful; 
ARTIF1CIELLEMENT, ad. artificially; 
AltTIFICIER, sm. jirc-n-orhcr. [by art. 
ARTIF1C1EUSEMENT, ad. craftily. 
ARTIFICIEU-x, SE, a. cunning, craft}/. 
ARTILLE, E, a. mounted with cannon. 

Vaisseau de treute pieces, ship mount- 
ing 30 guns. 

ARTILLERIE, sf. artillery ; ordnance. 
ARTILLEUR, sm. matross; artillery-man. 
ARTIMON, sin. mizen-mast. Sec MAT. 
ARTISAN, E, s. artificer ; tradesman. 
ARTISON, sm. mood-worm. 
ARTISONNE, E, a. worm-eaten. 
ARTISTE, sin. artist, artificer , a. 

skilful; curiously done. 
ARTISTEMEN'f, ad. artfully. 
ARTOLATRE, s. worshipper of bread. 
ARTOLITHE, sin. udloic sp.tngy stone. 
ARTOMELI, sin. poultice made with bread 

and honey. 

ARTS, ars, sin. reins of a horse. 
ARTUR, ARTUS, Arthur; a name. 

ARTUSON, sm. wood worm. \cltcat. 

ARUSPICE*, sm. diviner; soothsayer; 
ARYTHME, sm. n'cttk/tets of the pulse, 
ARZEL, a. cheval , horse with a white 

S2)0t on the hind right foot. 
AS, sin. ace. 5 , thou hast. [plant. 

ASARUM, sin. asarine, sf. asarabacca, 
A SAVOIR, ad. to wit; that is to say. 
ASBESTE, sm. asbestos, amianthus. 
ASCARIDES, sm. pi. ; small worms. 
ASCENDANT, sm.. ascendant; influence. 

, E, a. ascending ; rising. 
ASCENSION, sf. ascension; act of rising. 
ASCENSIONNEL, LE, a. ascensivc. 
ASCETE, s. ascetic; her/nit. 
ASCETERE, sm. monastery. 
ASCETIQUE, a. ascetic; devout. [zon(. 
ASCIENS, sin. ^jl. natices of the torrid 
ASCITE, sf. ascitcs; dropsy. 
ASCITIQUE, a. dropsical. 
ASCYRON, >n. St. John's wort. 
ASEPH, sin. Persian viceroy. 
ASIARQUE, sm. asiarch; judge, [diffuse. 
ASIATIQUE, a. s. Asiatic; effeminate; 
ASILE, sm. shelter ; asylum; refuge. 
ASINE, a. bete , lie or she-ass. 
ASPE, sm. silk reel. 
ASPECT, sm. ; looks ; vision ; looming 

or vie>v of the land at sea. 
ASPERGE, sf. asparagus, plant, [sprinkle. 
ASPERG-ER, ASPERGE-A.vr 2 , 1. ca. to be- 
ASPERGES, sm. holy-water sprinulinj. 
ASPERITE, sf. roughness. 
ASPERSION, sf. ; bespr in/ding. 
ASPERSOIR, sm. holy watir 
ASPHALTE, sm. asphaltos; Jew's pitch. 
ASPHALTIQUE, a. bituminous. 
ASPHYXIE, sf. lethargy ; apparent death. 
ASPHODELE, sm.dajfbdil; kind of lily. 
ASPIC, sin. asp, serpent. Langue d' , 

sf. slanderer. , sin. spikenard; herb. 
ASPIRANT, E, a. s. candidate. Pompe 

e, sf. a sucking-pump. E, .</". 

probationer in a concent. 
ASPIRATION, sf. ; earnest desire. 
ASPIRAUX, w. vent holes in stores. 
ASPIR-ER, I. v. to aspire ; long for ; draw 

brc, it'll ; aspirate; attract. 
ASPRE, sm. Turkish coin, one penny. 
ASSABL-ER, I. va. choke up with sand. 

S' , iv. to run aground. 

ASS ( S3 ) ASS 

e 3d p. s. 7 1st p. pi. 8 2d p. pi. 9 3d p. pi. IMPERF 10 1st p. s. id p. s. I2 3d p. s. 
20 tid p. pi. '" 3d p. pi. nrr. 22 1st p. s. 23 2d p. s. 24 3d p. s. 2 > 1st p. pi. 2 d p. pi. IMP. M. 31 2dp.s. a* sd p. g. 38 SUBJ. M. 
45 1st p. s. 2d p. s. 3d p. s. 48 1st p. pi. 49 2d p. pi. 50 3d p. pi. 

ASSAG-iR, II. va. and n. to make or be- 

come icise 

ASSAILLAXT, sm. assailant; aggressor. 
ASSAILL-iR 1 , ant 2 i 3 ie 3 ies 3 i^-W.17 e 4 - 6 - es 5.40 Ons 7-o6 ez 8.37 ent i).3S.44 ais 

10.11 ait i2 O i s io.ii oit ia ions 13 - 42 iez 14 - 43 
aient 15 oient 15 it 18 lines 19 ites 20 irent 21 
irai- 2 iras 23 ira 24 irons 25 irez 26 iront 27 
i rais 28.2y jraitso irois 28 - 29 iroit 30 irions 31 
iriez 32 iraient 33 iroient 33 isse 45 isses 46 it 47 
issions 48 issiez 49 issent 50 , va. to assault; 

ASSAISONNEMEXT, m. seasoning. [attack 
iXX-ER, I. va. to season. 

ASSAISOXNEUR, sm. scasoncr. 

ASSAKI, sf. favourite Sultamss. 

ASSASSIN, sin. assassin, murderer, vil- 
lain. DCS yeux s, hilling eyes. 

ASSASSIXANT, E, a. very tedious. 

-LXAT, sm. assassination, villany. 

ASSASSINATEUR, sm.assassin, murderer 

ASSASSIN-ER, I. va. to murder, kill; 
plague, vex, tire. 

ASSATIOX, sf roasting, drying. 
. I'T, sin. assault, storm, onset. 
. sm. dried 2>ond. 
H-ER, I. va. to dry up; leave dry. 

ASSECUT1OX, sf. , obtaining. 

.l"R, sm. collector of tytltes. [heap. 

ASSEMBLAGE, sm ; joining ; union ; 

ASSEMBLEE, sf. assembly; meeting; 
hall; rcndcz-vous , call. [lection. 

ASSEMBLEMEXT, sm. assembling, col- 

ASSEMBL-ER, I. va. to assemble ; meet ; 
unite ; join together. [hard. 

ASSEN-ER, I. va. to hit the mark ; strike 

ASSEXTEMENT, sin. assent, consent. 

ASSIE, ASSIED, Assis, va. to sit, lay, 
settle, assess, pitch, Jix, ground. S' , 
vr. to sit doivn: 

ASSEOI-s 4 - 5 - 34 c 6 

23 24 

rons 25 rez 26 ront 27 rais 2 *- 29 rait 30 rois 2 *- 29 
roit 30 rions 31 riez 32 raient 33 roient 33 e 35 - 
39 - 41 es 40 , v. ASSEOIR, to sit. 

ASSEOY-ANT 2 , ons 7 - 36 ez 8 - 37 ais 10 -" ait 12 
ois 10 - 11 oit 12 ions 13 - 42 iez 14 - 43 aient 15 oient 
1S , r. ASSEOIR. [confirm by oath. 

ASSERMENT-ER, I. va. to swear one ; to 

ASSERTEUR, sm. assertor ; rescuer. 

ASSERTION, sf. assertion ; statement. 

ASSERTIVEMEXT, ad. affirmatively. 

ASSERV-IR, II. va. to subject; enslave. 

ASSERVISSEMENT, sm. bondage; sla- 

ASSESSEUR, sm. assessor, assistant.[very. 

ASSESSOR1AL, E. a. belonging to an as- 

ASSETTE, sf. small axe, adze. [sessor. 

ASSEY-ANT 2 ons- 36 ez 8 - 37 ent 9 ' 38 - 44 ais 10 - u 
ait 12 ois 10 - 11 oit 12 ions 13 - 42 iez 14 - 43 aient'- 11 
oient 15 erai 22 eras 23 era 24 erons 25 erez-' 3 
eront 27 erais 28 - 29 ei ait 30 erois 2 "- 29 eroit 30 
erions 31 eriez 32 eraient 33 eroient 33 e 35 - 3iM1 
es 40 , v. ASSEOIR, to sit, settle. 

ASSEZ, ad. enough, sufficient. 

ASSIDU, E. a. assiduous, constant. 

ASSIDU1TE, sf. assiduity ; diligence 

ASSIDUMENT, ad. assiduously. 

ASSIE, sf. stone that prcscrces bodies. 

ASSlfi-RAi 22 ras 23 ra 24 rons 25 rez 26 rout 
27 rais 2s ' 29 rait 30 rois 28>29 roit 30 rions 31 riez 
32 raient 33 roient 33 , v. ASSEOIR , to sit. 

ASSIED- 6 s 4 - 5 - 34 , v. ASSEOIR. [siegers. 

ASSIEGEAXT, E. a. s. besieger. s, Ic- 

ASSIEG-EH 1 , ASSIEGE-ANT 2 , to be- 
siege; beset round about ; teaze. 

ASSIEGfiS, sm. the besieged. 

ASSIENNE, sf. spongy stone. 

ASSIEXTE, sf. slave trade; Assicnto. 

ASSIENTISTE, sm. Guinea-trader. 

ASSIETTE, sf. plate ; situation ; assess- 
ment ; fund ; temper. soupiere, 
soup-plate. de bois, trencher. - 
a raouchettes, snujf'cr-pan. d'un 
vaisseau, trim of a ship. Vendre du 
vin a 1' , to keep an eating-house. 

ASSIETTfiE, sf. plateful. [paper. 

ASSIGNAT, sm. ussignat ; French credit' 

ASSIGNATION, sf. assignment ; sum- 
mons; subpoena. 

ASSIGX-ER, I. va. to assign; to summon. 

ASSIMILATION,*/.; likeness; resem- 
blance, [pare. 

ASSIMIL-ER, I. va. to assimilate ; com- 

ASSIMILE, E. a. similar; made like. 

ASS-is 3 - 16 - 17 it 1B Imes 19 ites 20 irent 21 ise 3 
ises 3 isse 45 isses 4b it 47 issions 48 issiez 4y 
issent 50 , v. ASSEOIR, to sit. 

ASSIS, sm. drug that enlivens. 

ASSISE, sf. lay of stones. s, sf. pi. 
assizes; circuit. II tient ici ses s, he 
is the oracle of this house. 

ASSISTANCE, tf, ; audience; help. 

ASSIST ANS, sm. pi. assembly. 

c 3 

ASS ( 34 ) ATH 

[INF.M. 'PBES.T. 2 PART.PRES. 3 PART.PAST.] IND.M. PRES.T. 4 1st p.S. 5 2d p.S. 

I3 14 15 PRET. 16 lstp.s. 17 2dp.s. I8 3d p.s. '^Ist 
2 COND.M. 28 1st p.s. 29 2dp.s. 3 3d p.s. 31 1st 32 2d 333d 
PRES.T. 39 lstp.s. 4y 2dp.s. 41 3dp.s. 42 1st 43 2d 44 3d IMPERF. 

ASSISTANT, E, a. s. an assistant ; helper. 

ASSISTANTS, sf. vice-abbess. [to help. 

ASSIST-ER, I. va. to assist; to be present ; 

ASSOCIATION, sf. ; partnership. 

ASSOCIE, E. s. partner ; confederate 

ASSOCI-ER, I. to associate ; admit. 

ASSOGUE, sf. quicksilver; kind of Spanish 

ASSOMBR-iR, II. va. make darker, [ski]). 

ASSOMM-ER, I. va. to knock down ; kill ; 
ojipress; tire. EUR, s. slayer. 

ASSOMMOIR, sm. trap-weight ; club. 

ASSOMPTION, sf. assumption ; supposi- 

ASSONNANCE, sf. rhyme; chime, [tion. 

ASSONNANT, E, a. assonant; chiming. 

ASSORTIMENT, sm. sortment, suit, set. 

ASSORT-iR, II. va. to stock; match; suit. 
S' , vr. stock a shop ; suit one's self. 

ASSORTISSANT, E, a. matching, suiting. 

ASSOT-ER, I. a. to doat on, be fond of. 

ASSOUP-IR, II. va. to make drowsy , to 
siqypress; trifle. S' , vr. to grow 
dull or slcei/ ; wear off. 

ASSOUPISSANT, E, a. somniferous. 

ASSOUPISSEMENT, sm. heaviness ; neg- 
ligence; suppression. 

ASSOUPL-iR, II. va. to sujrple; tame. 

ASSOURD-iR, II. va. to deafen; teazc; 

ASSOUV-iR, II. va. to glut; satisfy, [soften. 

ASSOUVISSEMENT, sm. glutting. 

ASSUJETT-iR, II. va. to subdue; over- 
come ; submit ;join together; Jixjirmly. 
S' , vr. to subject ; tie one's self to. 

ASSUJETTISSANT, E, a. slavish. 

ASSUJETTISSEMENT, sm. subjection. 

ASSURANCE, sf. ; safety ; confidence ; 
trust ; boldness ; insurance ; policy. 
Compagnie d' , insurance office. 

ASSURE, sm. proprietor of insured goods. 
, E, a. sure; confident; brazen. 

4SSUREMENT, ad. assuredly. 

ASSUR-ER, I. va. to assure; insure; en- 
courage. On e, it is confidently said. 
S' -er, vr. to secure ; make sure. 

ASSURETTE, sf. insurance office. 

ASSUREUR, sm. insurer; underwriter. 

ASSURGENT, E, a. ascending, as stems of 

ASTER, sm. star-weed. [jnanttt. 

ASTERIE, sf.i starry opal; precious slouc. 

ASTERI9ME, sm. usterisni; constellation. 

ASTERISQUE, sm. asterisk; this mark*. 

ASriIMATIQUE, a. asthmatic. 

ASTHME, sm. asthma; short breath. 

ASTICOT-ER, I. v. teaze, vex, annoy. 

ASTRAGALE,s?/i. astragal, round mould- 
ing, milk-vetch; liccl-bone. 

ASTRAL, E, a. astral; starry. 

ASTRE, sm. star ; sublime genius. du 
jour, the sun. de la nuit, the moon. 

ASTRE1GN-AXT 2 ons7-36 ez s.37 e nt 9 - 38 - 44 
ais 10 - 11 ait 12 ois 10 - 11 oit' 2 ions 13 -i 2 iez 14 -' 3 
aient'5 oient 15 is 16 -'? it' fmes 19 Ites 20 
irent 21 e 35 - 39 - 41 es 40 isse 45 isscs 46 it 47 is- 
sions 48 issiez 49 issent 50 , v. ASTREINDRB. 

ASTREIN-t 3 - 6 te 3 tes 3 s 4 ' 5 - 34 : 

ASTREIND-RE 1 rai 22 ras 23 ra 24 rons rez 
26 ront 27 rais 28 - 29 rait 30 rois 28 ' 29 roit 30 
rions 31 riez 32 raient 33 roient 33 . See As- 
TREIGN, ASTREIN, ra. to confine, to tic 
up ; bind; restrict. S' , vr. to stick to. 

ASTRINGENT, E, a. ; costive, binding. 

ASTROITE, sf. star-shell, [sea-quadrant. 

ASTROLABE, sm. cross-stajf'; nocturnal; 

ASTROLOGIE, sf. astrology; divination 
(by the stars). 

ASTROLOGIQUE, a. astrological, [cally. 

ASTROLOGIQUEMENT, ad. astrologi- 

ASTROLOGUE, sm. astrologer; co-njurcr. 

ASTRONOME, sf. professor of astronomy. 

ASTRONOMIE, sf. astronomy. 

ASTRONOMIQUE, a. astronomical.[cally. 

ASTRONOMIQUEMENT, ad. astronomi- 

ASTUCE, sf. wile, Ion- cunning. Par , 
ad. by craft; cunningly. 

ASTUCIEU-x, SE, a. cunning, crafty. 

ASTYNOMIE, sf. police, government. 

ASYLE, sm. asylum; shelter. 

ASYMETRIE, sf. disproportion. 

ATABALE, sm. Moorish kettle-drum. 

ATARAX1E, sf. peace of mind. 

ATAXIE, sf. ataxis, irregularity. 

ATELIER, sm. work-shop; building- 
dock. de versa soie, silk-spinn/mj- 
loft. de construction, shed for ship- 
wrights' tools; wharf. 

ATELLANES, satirical entcrtain- 
iiH'ttts among tlic, Humans. 


ATERMOY-Eu, I. va. to put off, delay. 

ATKT-EK, I. S' , to argue shorplu. 

ATHANASIE, sf. atltanaxy ; immortality. 

ATHEK, a. s. atheist ; atheistical. 

ATHEISM E, sm. atheism. 



7 1st p. pi. 

( 35 ) ATT 9 IMPERF. 10 lstp.s. U 2dp.s. 12 3dp.s. 
r. ^Istp.s. 23 2dp.s. 24 3dp.s. 25 1st p. pi. 
35 3d p. s. 36 1st p. pi. 37 38 3d p. pi. SUBJ. M. 
[ p. s. 48 1st p. pi. 49 2d p. pi. so 3d p. pl< 

pi. 21 FUT. ..,,-> .v. r . 

p. pi. IMP.M. 34 2dp.s. -^Sdp.s. 36 --,._ 
4 Mstp.s. 46 2dp.s. 47 3dp.s. 48 49 50 3d p . pl 

ATHEMADOULET, sm. Persian prime 
in in 

ATHEXIEXXE, sf. glass bowl for fish. 

ATHEROME, sin. wen; sicelling. 

ATHLETE, stn. athlete, champion. D' . 
athletic; very stout. [powerful. 

ATHLETIQUE, a. athletic; strong made; 

ATIXT-ER, I. ra. to trim ; dress out. 

ATLAXTE, sf. human Jigurc in architec- 
ture; atlas; large statue. 

ATLAXTIQUE, a. Atlantic; western ;sm. 
the Atlantic Sea. 

ATLAS, sm. atlas ; collection of maps ; 
Indian satin. [air. 

ATMOSPHERE, sf. atmosphere, ambient 

ATOME, sm.atom; small particle. 

ATOMISTE, sm. atomist ; who is for the 
atomical philosophy. 

ATOXIE, sf. atony ; faintncss. 

A TORT & A TRAVERS, ad. at random. 

ATOUR, $?//.Dame d', sf. maid of honour. 

ATOURXERESSE, sf. tire-woman. 
"X-ER, I. ra. to attire ; dress. 

ATOURS, sm. 2)1- woman's attire. 

A-TOUT, sm. trump. 

ATRABILAIRE, a. melancholy ; Jiippish. 

ATRABILE, sf. black choler ; low spirits. 

ATRE, sm. hearth ; fire-side. 

ATROCE, a. heinous ; nefarious. 

ATROCITE, sf. hcinousncss, cruelty. 

ATROPHIE, sf. atrophy; consumption. 

ATROPHIE, E, a. consumptive. [table. 

ATTABL-ER, S' , I. v r. to sit down at 

ATTACH ANT, E, engaging, endearing. 

ATTACHE, sf. tie; string-, eagerness. 

ATTACHEMEXT, sm. affection; tie; ad- 
hesion; passion. 

ATTACH-ER, I. va. to tie ; fasten ; apply; 
endear; allure; attach. S' , vr. to 
apply one's self; stick to; love; endea- 
vour. encroix, to nail on the cross. 
S' & soutenir, to he obstinate. 

ATTAQl'ABLE, a. assailable. 

ATTAQUAXT, E, a. s. aggressor. 

ATTAQUE, .</. attach ; insult ; Jit.[insult. 

ATTAQU-EK, I. ra. to attach, fall upon; 

ATTEIGX-A>-T 2 ons7-36 ez 8 - 37 en i 9 - 38 - 44 ais 
10 - ait 12 oisio.n oit i2 i,, ns i3. i ez 14 - 43 
aient 15 oifnt 15 is 16 -' 7 it' Jmes 19 Ites 20 
irent 21 e 35 - 39 - 41 es 40 isse 45 isses 46 It 47 i s - 
sions 48 issiez 40 issent 50 . v. ATTEINDRE. 

ATTEIXD-RE 1 , rai 22 ras 23 ra 24 rons 2 ^ rez 26 
ront 27 rais 26 - 29 rait 30 rois 28 ' 29 roit 30 rions 
31 riez 32 raient 33 roient 33 . See ATTEIGN, 
ATTEIN, ra.; rn. to reach; attain; strike, 
equal, come uj) with : 

ATTEIN-s 4 - 5 - 34 t 6 - 3 ts 3 te 3 tes 3 , tr. AT- 
TEIXDRE, to reach. 

ATTEIXT, E, a. arraigned ; afflicted ; 
charged with ; struck by. 

ATTEIXTE, sf.blow; hurt; fit; flaw. 

ATTEL, sm. part of a harness; imj. 

ATTELAGE, sm. set of horses or oxen ; a 

ATTEL-ER, I. va. to put to; yoke.[team. 

ATTELLE, sf. haum, straw. 

ATTELOIRE, sf. peg or pin. 

ATTEXAXT, ad. next to, near. , E, 
a. contiguous. 

ATTEXDAXT, E, a. waiting. En , in 
the meantime; till. En mieux, till 
something better happens. 

ATTEXD 6 RE 1 ant 2 u 3 ue 3 us 3 ues 3 s 4 - 5 - 34 

ons 7.36 ez 8.37 ent 9.38.44 ais 10 ' 11 ait 12 O1S 

10.11 Oit i 2 ions 13 - 42 iez 14 - 43 aient 15 oient 13 
is i6.i7 itis } ra es 19 ites 20 irent 31 rai 22 ras 23 
ra 24 rons 25 rez 26 ront 27 rais 26 ' 29 rait 30 rois 
28.29 roit 30 r ions 31 riez 32 raient 33 roient 33 

e 35.39.41 es 40 isse 45 isses 46 U 47 issiOHS 48 is- 

siez 49 issent 50 , IV. va. to wait for; expect; 
stay ; put off'. sous Porme, to wait 
till doom's day. II faut le boiteux, 
this piece of news wants confirmation. 
C'est laoiijel' s, there I shall hare 
him. S' , vr. to rely upon; expect. 

ATTEXDR-iR, II. va. to soften; affect. 
S' , grow tender ; be affected. 

ATTEXDRISSAXT, E, a. moving. 

ATTEXDRISSEMENT, sm. relenting ; 
commiseration ; pity. 

ATTEXDU, pr. for, on account of. - 
que, c. seeing that ; because. 

ATTEXTAT, sm. outrage, attempt. 

ATTEXTATOIRE, u. illegal; in contempt. 

ATTEXTE, sf. expectation; hope. Table 
d' , preparation. Pierre d' , tooth- 
ing or tying stone. 

ATTEXT-ER, I. vn. to attempt ; to insult. 

ATTEXT-IF, IVE, a. attcntice, intent. 

ATTENTIOX, sf. attention ; care. Faire 
, to mind ; heed. 

ATTEXTIVEMEXT, ad. attentively, 

ATTEXUAXT, E, a. weakening. 



[INF.M. 'PRES.T. 2 FART. PRES. 3 PART. PAST.] IXD.M. TRE9. T. 4 1st p.S. 2dp.S. 

13 1st 14 2(1 1S 3d PRET. 16 1st p.s. Sid p.s. l8 3d p.s. " 1st COND.M. 28 1st p.s. 292dp.s. 3 03dp.s. 31 1st 32 33 3d 
PRES.T. ^ 1st p.s. 40 2dp.s. 41 3dp.s. 42 1st 43 44 3d IMPERF. 

ATTENUAT-IF, IVE, a. attenuating. 

ATTENUATION, sf. attenuation; excuse. 

ATTENU-ER, I. va. to attenuate; weaken. 

ATTEREAU, sin. veal-ragout. 

ATTERRAGE, sm. landing ,- driving of a 
ship near the coast. [overcome; awe. 

ATTERR-ER, tothrow down; destroy; 

ATTERR-iR, II. vn. to come near the 
roast; to land-fall. [b>/ sea-deposits. 

ATTERRISSEMENT, sm. land increased 

ATTESTATION, sf. attestation; certifi- 
cate. sous serment, affidavit. 

ATTEST-ER, I. va. to attest, aver ; call on. 

ATTICISME, sm. atticism ; elegant style. 

ATTICURGUES, sf. pi. square columns. 

ATTIED-iR, II. va. to cool ; allay. S' , 
vr. to grorv lukewarm, careless. 

ATTIEDISSEMENT, sm. coolness, [head. 

ATTIF-KR, I. va. to dress up; adorn the 

ATTIFET, sm. trinkets; head ornaments. 

ATTIQUE, a. attic; elegant. faux, 
kind of pedestal. Sel , sm. witty 
conceits ; sterling wit. [manner. 

ATTIQUEMENT, ad. after the Athenian 

ATT1RAIL, sm. baggage ; train; equipage. 

ATTIRANT, E, a. attractive; enticing. 

ATTIR-ER, I. va. to attract, draw. 
Penvie, create envy. les cceurs, win 
the hearts. S' , vr.get into; win. 

ATT1S-ER lefeu, I. va. to stir thejire; to 
inflame, irritate. les feux d'uue 
guerre civile, to light up the flames of ci- 

ATTISEU-R,SE, s. stirrcr, exciter, [vilwur. 

ATTISONNOIR, sm. crooked poker. 

ATTITR-ER, I. va. to authorize ; suborn. 

ATTITUDE, */. attitude, posture, [of rocks. 

ATTOLLON, sm. cluster of islands; chain 

ATTOMBISSEUR, sm. tumbling hawh. 

ATTOUCHEMENT, sm. touch, feeling. 

ATTOUCH-ER, I. vn. to be related; touch. 

ATTRACT-IF, IVE, a. attractive; alluring. 

ATTRACTION, sf. ; charm, [inviting. 

ATTR.VCTIONNAIRE, a. attractionary ; 

ATTRACTRICE, a. attractive. [allure. 

ATTRAI-RE 1 , ATTRAY-ANT', va. to entice, 

ATTRAIT, sm. allurement, bait, charm. 
s, pi. beauty ; graces. 

ATTRAPE, sf. gin, snare, trick; sm. 
Jtypocritc, rogue. mouehe, tin. gnat- 
snapper ; booby. , sf. pendant or 
tackle guy for careening a ship. 

ATTRAP-ER, I. va. to catch; hit; get; 
cheat; reach; overtake; surprise. 

ATTRAPEU-R, SE, s. catcher; cheat. 

ATTRAPOIRE, sf. trap; wile; deceit. 

ATTRAYANT, E, a. attractive, charming. 

ATTREMP-ER, I. va. to temper; dilute. 

ATTRIBU-ER, I. va. to attribute; as- 
cribe; assume; intrust. 

ATTRIBUT, sm. attribute; quality. 

ATTRIBUT-iF, IVE, a. belonging to. 

ATTRIBUTION, sf. allowance, privilege. 

ATTRISTANT, E, a. sad, gritvous. 

ATTRIST-ER, I. va. to grieve, afflict 

ATTRITION, */. ; sorrow; friction. 

ATTROUPEMENT, sm. tumult, riot. 

ATTROUP-ER, I. va. to get together. S' 
, vr. tojloch in croivds ; be riotous. 

AU, ant. m. to the; in; with; for; ac- 
cording, made of, made with. 

AUBADE, sf. aubade; reprimand; morn- 
ing-music; the waits. 

AUBAIN, sm. alien ; foreigner. 

AUBAINAGE, sf. escheat, forfeiture. 

AUBAINE, */. wind-fall, good luck, es- 
cheat. Droit d' , sm. the right of in- 
heriting an alien's estate. [gallei/. 

AUBALETRIERES, rails of a row- 

AUBAN, droit d'- , sm. license; shop-tax 

AUBE, sf. day-break ; dawn ; gown. s, 
ladles of an undershot-wJtccl. 

AUBEPIN, sm. E, sf. hawthorn, \firey. 

AUBERE, a. flea-bitten grej/ ; dapple 

AUBERGE, sf. inn; tavern; chop-house. 

AUBERGISTE, sm. inn-kecpcr. 

AUBERON, sm. catch of a lock. 

AUBERONNIERE, */. claip 

AUBERVILLIERE, sf. sort of lattice. 

AUBIER, sm. tender bark; snp; alburnum. 

AUBIFOIN, sm. corn-flower, bluebottle. 

AUBIN, sm. white of an egg ; aubin; Can- 

AUBINET, Saint , sm. no man's land. 

AUBOURS, sm. laburnum. 

AUCTUAIRE, sm. complement. 

AUCUN, E, a. no; none; some; neither. 

AUCUNEMENT, ad. not at all; inno wise. 

AUD ACE, sf. boldness; audacity; stay 
(for a hat i. Payer d' , to brazen it in/f. 

AUDACIEI'SEMENT, d. boldly, [dent. 
AUDACIEU-x, SE, a. audacious, impu- 
AU-DEgA, p. on this side. 

AUD ( 37 ) ALT 

9 3d p. s. ' 9 IMPERF. 10 lstp.s. U 2dp.s. I4 3d p s. 

80 ai 3d PUT. 22 1st p. s. 23 2dp.s. 24 3dp.s. K 1st p. pi. 26 2d p.p!. 

p. pi. IMP. M. J4 2dp.s. 35 3d p.s. 1st p. pi. 38 3d p. pi. SUBJ.M. 
1st p.s. 4t5 3d p.s. 47 3d p.s. 48 1st 49 2d 50 3d 

LA, p. beyond; farther; on that 
AU-DEVANT DE, in the way of. [side. 
AUDIENCE, sf. audience; hearing; as- 

AUDIENCIER, sin. crier of a court. 

Grand , master of the rolls. 
4UDITEUR, sin. auditor; disciple ; judge. 
AUDITI-F, VE, a. auditory; conveying 
AUDITION, sf. audit; hearing, [/tearing. 
AUDITOIRE, sm. session's house; audi- 
tor i/ ; court of audience; congregation. 
AUGE, sf. trough; tray; hod. a 
goudron, tar-bucket. 
: ;E, sf. tray-full. 
AUGET, sin. little trough ; drawer of a 

bird-cage ; sjiout of a mill-hopper. 
AUGMENT, sm. jointure; augment. 
AUGMENTAT-iF, IVE, a. increasing. 
AUGMENTATION, sf. ; increase. 
AUGMENT-ER, I. va. to augment, in- 
crease, enlarge. 

AUGURAL, E, a. of an augur, angurial. 
AUGURE, sin. augury; augur; omen. 
AUGUR-ER, I. va. to augurate ; foresee. 
AUGUSTE, a. august ; Augustus; grand. 
AU.GUSTEMENT, ad. majestically. 
AUGUSTIN, sm. Austin friar. E, sf. 

Austin nun. 

AUJOURD'HUI, ad. to-day; now a-days. 
AULIQUE, a. aulic, supreme. , sf. 

theological thesis. 
AULIRE, .*/". un-ning of canvas. 
AU LOF, sm. luff'; steer nearer the wind. 
AULOFEE, sf. fuire une , to spring the 
AULX, pi. O/'AIL; garlic. [lujf. 

AUMAILLES, Hack cattle. 
AUMONE, sf. films, charity. 
AUMONEE, sf. funeral alms. 

-ER, I. va. to bestoiv alms. 
AUMONERIE, sf. almoner's dignity; al- 
moiirr's house. 

I-EH, ERE, a. cliaritable. ER, 
: 'nplain, tilinoner. 
-E. .s/". tnuintss; canon's insignia. 
AUNAGE. sm. mi'iisiiring by ells, (linage. 
AUNAIE, sf. alder-grove, [sm. alder tree. 
AUNK, sf. ell; 3 French feet,S inches. , 
AUNEE, sf. elecampane plant. 
AUN-ER, I. va. to measure btj the ell. 
AT'N'ET'R, sin. a I iid <i IT ; mmisurt surveyor. 
AUPARAVANT, ad. before. 

AU-PIS-ALLER, ad. the worst come to the 
AU-PLUS-PRES, ad. very nearly, [wurst. 
AUPRES, pr. near ; about ; by ; to. , 

ad. hard bi/ ; close by. 
AU-RAi 22 ras 2 ' 3 ra'-" rons 25 rez 26 ront^ rais 

28.29 rait 30 rois 28.29 roit 30 r i on s 31 riez 32 

raient 33 roient 33 , v. AVOIR, to have. 
AURELIE, sf. aurelia, nympha; chrysalis. 
AUREOLE, sf. glory, crown. 
AURICULAIRE, a. auricular; secret. 
Doigt , littlejinger. Temoin , ear- 

AURIFIQUE, a. that converts into gold. 
AURILLAS, adj. long-eared ; lap-eared. 
AURIPEAU, sm. tinsel. 
AURIQUE, a. voile , sliouldtr of mutton 
AURONE, sf. southernn-ood. [sail. 

AURORE, sf. dawn, aurora; ycllon- ; the 
east; fair virgin. Boreale, aurora 
borcalis; northern light. 
AUSPICE, sin. auspice, omen ; patronage. 
AUSSI, c. also, so, too ; but ; truly ; an. 

bien, for; as well. p u, an 

little.^ tdt, ad. immediately; as 

AUSSITOT que, ad. as soon as. [soon. 

small cable. 

AUSTER, sm, very hot gale. 
AUSTERE, a. austere, rigid, harsh, 
AUSTEREMENT, ad. severely. 
AUSTERITE, sf. austerity ; rigour. 
AUSTRAL, E, a. southern, oust rails, 
AUTAN, sm. south-wind; squall of iv bid. 
AUTANT, ad. as much, as many. en 
emporte le vent, all this is idle talk. 
Tout , as much. que, c. as much 
as; as far as, as ... so. D' mieux, 
so much the better, the rather. D' 
moins, the less. D' plus, the more so. 
AUTANT, sm. duplicate of writing. 
AUTARELLES, sf. pi. thoules, rowlock- 
pins of a gall f if. 

AUTEL, sm. altar; religion; southern 

constellation. Mattre , great altar. 

Respecter les s, to respect religion. 

AUTEUR, sm. author; maker; writer; 

owner ; inventor. [thority. 

AUTHENTICATE, sf. authenticity; au- 

AUTHENTIQUE, a. authentic, genuine*. 

, sf. said of certain Jioman laws. 
AUTHENTIQUEMENT, ad. authentically. 

AUT ( 38 ) AVA 

NF.M. 'PRES.T. a PART.PRES. 3 PART. PAST.] IND.M. PRES.T. 4 1st p.S. 5 2dp.S. 

13 15 3d PRET. I6 lstp.s. 72dp.s. 18 3d p.s. > COND. M. 2b 1st p.s. ^2d p.s. a 3d p.s. 31 1st a2 2d ^ ad 

PRES.T. 3 9 1st p.S. 40 2dp.S. 41 3d p.S. u 

AUTHENTIQU-ER, I. va. to establish by 
proof. une femme, to convince a 
woman of adultery. [bisliop. 

AUTOCEPHALE, sm. independent Greek 

AUTOCRAT-IE, sf. despotic government ; 
E, RICE, s. absolute sovereign. 

AUTOCTHONES, pi. aborigines; sons of j 
the earth. 

AUTO-DA-FE, sm. religious murder. 

AUTOGENE, sm. self-begotten. 

AUTOGRAPHE, sm. original manuscript 
of a book. 

AUTOMATE, sm. automaton ; simpleton. 

AUTOMNAL, E, a. autumnal; in autumn. 

AUTOMNE, sf. and sm. autumn. 

AUTONOMIE, sf. a autonoinia ; privilege. 

AUTOPSIE, sf. autopsy ; contemplation. 

AUTORISATION, sf. impowering. 

AUTORIS-ER, I. va. impower ; justify ; 
establish. S' , vr. to get credit ; gain 
authority, to be authorized. [bility. 

A UTOR1TE, sf. authority ; power ; credi- 

AUTOUR, pr. about; round. Tourner 
du pot, to beat about the bush. sm. 
goss-hawk. Ici , hereabouts. 

AUTOURSERIE, sf. training up of goss- 

AUTOURSIER, sm. falconer. [hawks. 

AU-TRAVERS, ad. through. 

AUTRE, pro. a. other ; another. L'un ou 
P , either. L'un & 1' , both. Ni 
1'un ni P , neither. A d' s, / am not 
one to be duped ; stories ! D' part, ad. 
moreover; besides, on the other hand. 

AUTREFOIS, ad. formerly ; heretofore. 

AUTREMENT, ad. otherwise; also; else; 
or else ; if not. Pas , not very. II 
n'est pas riche, he is not very rich, 
he is indifferently rich. [sides. 

AUTREPART, ad. elsewhere. D' , bc- 

AUTRUCHE, sf. ostrich. Estoraac d' , 
sm. strong stomach. 

AUTRUI, sm. others, other people. 

AUVENT, sm. pent-house; fence. 

AUVERNAT, sm. sort of red heady wine. \ 

AUX, the, made of or with. See 

AUXILIARE, a. auxiliary ; helping. [Ac. 

AVACH-IR, II. S' , vr.tojlag; grow 
lazy; get fat. 

AVAGE, Droit d' , sm. hangman' s fee. 

AVAI-s 10 ' 11 t 12 ent 15 ; v. AVOIR, to have. 

AVAL, sm. surety for payment. , ad. 

downwards; down the river. Vent d' 
, westerly wind. 

AVALAGE, sm. letting down. 

AVALAISON, sf. flood, torrent. 

AVALANCHE, sf. great fall of snow 

AVALANGE, */. fall of snow from the 
mountains. [river. 

AVALANT, sm. ebbing, going dorvn a 

AVALASSE, sf. torrent, inundation. 

AVALE-DRU, sm. a quick-eater. 

AVAL-ER, I. va. to swallow ; let down. 
, vn. to go down the river ; to fall ojj'. 
un affront, to pocket an affront. - 
des poires d'angoisse, to bear hardships. 
S' , vr. to go down ; to hang down too 

AVALEU-R, SE, s. greedy, gluttonous. - 
de ppis gris, m. glutton ; parasite ; toad- 
eater. do charrettes ferrees, hector ; 

AVALIES, sf. wool from the shambles. 

AVALOIRE, sf. large throat, swallow; 
liar ness-breeching. 

AVANCE, sf. advance; step; outjutting. 
D' , par , ad. beforehand. A P , 
already. D' , a-hcad. 

AVANCEMENT, sm. preferment; ad- 
vancement. ; progrtss ; for tea rdness ; 

AVANC-ERi, AVANg-AKT2, I. va . to ad- 
vance; set forth; forward ; hasten; go 
too fast; avail; jut out; in- 
make progress; assert. quelqu'tm, 
to promote one. S' , vr. to inoce, 
come or go forward; to make one's 
approach; get preferment. 

AVANIE, sf. oppression; insult ; outrage. 

AVANT, sm.. prom of a ship. , 
ad. before, j^retvcws/.y, antecedent' 
ly. que vous eussiez dine, be- 
fore you had dined. Reflechissez 
deparler, que deparler, think before 
you speak. , pr. before; forward; 
deep. Plus , further, ch cper. Bien 
, deep ; far in ; a great 'way. Trop 
, too far ; too remote. En , forward. 
Mettre en , v. io propose; assert; ex- 
pose. , afore, ahead. Entrer de P , 
se mettre de P , to be in the van of a 
Jicet. Le vaisseau est trop sur P , tJie 
ship is too far ahead. bras, sm.fore- 



e 3d p. s. 7 1st p. pi. 8 2d p. pi 

2U 2l 3d p. pi. ruT. -_. r ._. j- IMP. M. 34 2dp.s. ^ 3d p.s. 36 1st p. pi. - *u P . 

4i 1st p.s. 46 2dp.s. 47 3d p.s. 48 1st 49 50 3d 

9 ) 

.. 9 3d p. pi. IMPERF 
VUT. 22 lStp.S. 23 2dp. 


, 10 1st p.s. U 2dp.s. l2 3d p.s. 

24 3d p. s. '* 1st p. pi. 2 2d p. pi. 

" 38 3d p.pi. SU3J.S1. 

arm. bee, sm. starling of a stone- I 

bridge, cale, launch of a ship on the 

stocks, cceur, pit of the stomach. 

corps, fore-part, cour, sf.fore 

court. coureur, sm, forerunner-. 

couriere, sf. harbinger. dernier, 

-re, s. last but otic. fosse, sm, 

fore-ditch, garde, sf. vanguard; 

van. gout, sm. foretaste ; prelude. 

hier, ad. day before yesterday, 

logis, sm, fore-house. mur, out- 
ward wall. peche, sf. early peach. 

pieu, sm. fore-stake. veille, sf, 

fore-vigil; two days before. jour, 

time before sunrise, main, fore- 
hand stroke; fore part of a horse. 

midi, time before noon. quart, 

qttarter-chimc. propos, pream blc ; 

preface, toit, house-cave, 

train, fore-wheels. chemin, covered 

way from the first ditch, scene, 

front of the stage. 

AVAXTAGE, sm. advantage; endowment; 
privilege; honour; victory; odds; 
beak-head. d'un vaisseau, the head 
of a ship, with its cut-water or prow. 
du vent, windward, weather gaga of 
some other ship. 

to bestow ; gratify ; give the odds. 

AVAXTAGEUSEMENT, ad. profitably; 
favourably ; usefully, 

AVAXTAGEU-x, SE, a. advantageous; 
handsome; skilful; conceited. 

AVAXTURIXE, sf. kind of precious stone. 

AVARE, a. covetous, sordid, mean. , 

AVAREMEXT, ad. covetously, [s. a miser. 

AVARICE, sf. wetousness ; greediness. 

AVARICIEU-x, SE, a. avaricious. 

AVARIE, E, a. damaged; spoiled. 

AVARIE, ff, damage; injury; duty paid 
for anchoring. 

AVASTE ! int. avast, stop, stand away ! 

A VAU-L'EAU, ad. down or up the river 
with the tide. Ses entreprises sont 
allees , his schemes have vanished in 

AVE, sm. Roman Catholic prayer.[smolie. 

AVEC, 2 )r - with; withal; for, against, 
by; in. D' ,from. 

AVEIGX-ANT 2 ons?- 36 ez 8 - 3 ? ent 9 - 3 8- 44 ais 

10.11 ^12 oislO.ll oit ia i ons !3.42 ie2 14.43 

aient 15 oient 15 is 16 - 1 ? it 18 lines 10 ites 20 
irent 21 e 35 - 39 - 41 es 40 isse 45 isses 46 It" 
issions 48 issiez 19 issent 50 , v. AVEINDRE. 

AVEIND-RE 1 rai 32 ras 43 ra 24 rons" rez a6 
ront 2 7 rais 28 -^ rait 30 rois 28 - 89 roit 30 rions 
31 riez 32 raient 33 roient 33 . See AVEIGN. 
AVEIN, r. to take, fetch out ; reach. 

AVEIXE, sf. oats. See AVO1XE. 

AVEIX-s 4 - 5 - 34 1 6 - 3 ts 3 te 3 tes 3 , v. AVEISDRE. 

AVELINE, sf. filbert. 

AVELIXIER, sm. filbert-tree. 

AVENAGE, sm. avcnage; tithe on oats. 

AVEXAXT, E, a. becoming; suitable. A 
1' , ad. pro2wrtionably. 

AVEXEMP;XT, sm. accession, coming. 

AVEX-iR 1 ant 2 u 3 ue 3 us 3 ues 3 ait 12 oit 12 , 
happen; chance ; fall out. 

AVENIR, sm. summons; future. AT , 
ad. henceforth ; for the future. 

AVENT, sm. advent; a month before 

AVENTURE, sf. adventure ; event ; for- 
tune; love. A 1' , ad. at a venture, 
at random. Par , by chance. Une 
triste , a mischance. 

AVEXTUR-ER, I. va. to venture; hazard. 

AVEXTUREU-x, SE, a. venturesome. 

AVEXTURI-ER, KRE, s. adventurer; 
knave, cheat, fortune-hunter. 

AVEXTURIXE, sf, precious stone scat- 
tered with small gold spots; avanturine, 

AVEXUE, */. avenue; walk; grove, 

AVJ-SR-ER, I. va, to prove; accr. 

AVERXE, sm, hell, (in poetry). 

AVERSE, sf. heavy and sudden shower. 

AVERSIOX, sf. aversion ; hatred ; dislike. 

AVERTIX, sm. crazincss; sullcnness. 

AVERTIXEU-x, SE, a, frantic, [notice. 

AVERT-IR, II. va. to warn; inform; give 

AVERT1SSEMEXT, sm. advertisement; 
warning ; caution. 

AVERTISSEUR, sm. warner ; monitor. 

AVEU, sm. confession; consent; acknow- 
ledgment. Homme sans , vagabond. 

AVEU-ER, AVU-ER, I. va. to follow a 
bird with the eye. 

AVEUGLE, a. s. blind; partial. NE, 

stone-blind. EN , without thought. 
A L' , ignorantly. [tiality. 

AVEUGLEMEXT, tm. blindness; par- 

AVE ( 40 ) 



[IXF.M. 'PRES.T. 2 PART.PRES. 3 PART.PAST.] IND. M. PRES.T. 4 1st p.S. 5 2d p.S. 

13 14 2d 13 PRET. 16 lstp.s. 17 2dp.s. 18 3d p.s. 1! ' 
<J7 COND.M. 28 lstp.s. ^dp.s. ' M 3d p.s. 31 1st 32 2d 33 3d 
PRES.T. 39 1st p.s. 40 2dp.s. 41 3dp.s. 42 1st p. pi. 43 44 3d p. pi. IMPERF. 

AVEUGLEMENT, ad. blindly. 

AVEUGL-ER, I. va. to blind ; dazzle; de- 
ceive; to erect a battery against. 
une voie d'eau, to stop a leak. [the dark. 

AVEUGLETTE, a. 1' , ad. groping in 

AVIDE, a. greedy ; eager. 

AVIDEMENT, ad. eagerly. 

AVIDITE, sf. eagerness; greediness. 

AVIEND-RA 2 rait 3 ^ 


AVIENN-E35.41 J p 

AVIL-iR, II. va. to disgrace; abase; de- 
grade ; disparage. [ating. 

AVILISSANT, E, a. disgraceful; humili- 

AVILISSEMENT, sm. degradation. 

AVIN-ER, I. va. to season n'ith mine. 
C'cst un corps avine, he is a tippler. 

AV-iNT lfe int 47 , v. AVENIR, to liappcn.[shed 

AVIROX, sm. oar. NERIE, oar-maker's 

AVIROXX-ER, I. va. to row with oars. 

AVIROXXIER, sm. oar-maker. 

AVIS, sm. advice; opinion; intelligence; 
motion ; project. au lecteur, learn- 
ing to the reader. 

AVISE, E, a., prudent; knowing. 

AVISEMEXT, sm. opinion; advice. 

AVIS-ER, I. vn. to consider; warn; look 
to; think of; resolve. S' , vr. to 
bethink one's self. 

AVITAILLEMENT, sm. victualling 

AVITAILL-ER, I. va. to victual; provide. 

AV1TAILLEUR, sin. victualler; agent. 

AVIV-ER, I. va. to brisk up; stir; polish; 

AVIVES, sf. vices in horses, [hew timber. 

AVOCASS-ER, I. mi. to be a pettifogger. 

AVOCASSER1E, sf. pettifogging. 

AVOCAT, sjn. lawyer; advocate. plai- 
dant, barrister. consultant, chamber- 
counsel. e, sf. advocate, mediatrix. 

AVOCATOIRES, lettres , sf. avocatoria. 

AVOINE, sf. oats. niE,Jield of oats. 
s, pi. standing oats. 

AV-oiR 1 ons 7 ez 8 ais 10 - 11 ait 12 ois 10 - 11 oit 12 
ions 13 iez 14 aient 15 oient 15 . See A, Ai, AY, 
Au, Eu, EUM, EUT, EUR, OST. va. 
to have; have got; to be. faim, 
to be hungry. soif, be dry. 
cliaud, be warm or hot. froid, be 
cold. 20 ans, be 20 years of age. 
raison or tort, be in the right or 
wrong. bon bee, be a prattler. 

lebelair, be graceful, fashionable. 
lieu, to f take place. egard, pay at- 
tention to ; take into consideration ; 
have respect. L' beau, belle, to have 
a fair opportunity to do any thing. 
beau, to be in vain; to iry in rain. J'ai 
beau travailler, je suis toujours pauvre; 
for all my industry I am aliv ay spoor. 
Vous avez beau courir, je vous attraperai ; 
though you run ever so fast I icill catcJt, 
you. le pied marin, to be nimble ; to 
icalhfirtn in a shij). pratique, to have 
free intercourse with the natives, after 
having performed, a quarantine; to 
have customers. vent arriere, to 
have the wind aft. vent debout, to 
have wind right ahead. N' garde de, 
to be far from. N' qu'a, to need 
only to. Y , v. imp. il y a, there is; 
there are ; it is. 

AVOIR, sm. substance ; property. 

AVOI-s 10 - 11 t 12 ent 13 ; v. AVOIR, to have. 

AVOISIN-ER, va. to border on. 

AVORTEMENT, sm. miscarriage. 

AVORT-ER, ijn. to miscarry ; abort. 

AVORTON, sin. abortive child; shrimp. 

AVOUE, sm. avoivee ; protector. 

AVOU-ER, va. to own ; confess. 

AVOUERIE, sf. advowson; patronage. 

AVOYE, sm. Swiss magistrate. 

AVOY-ER, I.v. to begin to blow ; fresJxn. 

AVRIL, sin. April; prime. Un poissoa 
d' , an April fool ; also a2>iinp. 

AVUSTE, sm. knot to fasten tico ropes 
together; rope bend, [ropes together. 

AVUST-ER, I. va. to tie two ends of 

AXE, sin. axis ; axle-tree ; axle. 

AXILLAIRE, . axillary, of the arm-pit. 

AXIOME, sin. axiom, maxim. 

AXIOMETRE, sm. tell-tale of the tiller. 

AXONGE, sf. fat of animals ; scum ; salt 
of glass ; hog's lard. 

AY, AYE, int. ay! oh! ah! 

AY-ANT 2 e 34 - 39 es 40 ent 38 - 44 ons 36 ez 37 ions 
42 iez 43 , v. AVOIR, to luive. 

AYANT-CAUSE, sm. heirs. [mother. 

AYEUL, *j. grandfather. E, sf.grand- 

AYEUX, sm. pi, forefathers ; ancestors. 

AZE, sm. an uss; sf. she-ass. 

AZEBOUCQ, tm. medical drug. 

AZEBRO, tm. wild Ethiopian horse. 


(41 ) 


3d p.s. " 8 n IMPERF. 10 1st p.s. 1! 2dp.s. 12 3dp.s 
20 2l PUT. a '-' 1st p.s. 23 2dp.s. 24 3d p.s. 2(i 
IMP. M. 34 -Jdp.s. s 5 3d p.s. 36 3 ? 3S SUBJ.M- 
5 1st p.s. 4l5 -2dp.s. 4 " 3d p.s. 4b ^ 2d p. pi. 50 

AZEDARAC, sin. sort of Persian jujiibc- 
AZEROLE, sf. small medlar. [tree. 

AZEROL1ER, sm. Neapolitan medlar-tree. 
AZI, sm. sort of rennet. [tude. 

AZ1MUT, s/n. azimuth; angle of longi- 
AZIMUTAL, E, a. azimuthal. 
AZOTH, sm. mercury, in alchymy. 
AZUR, sm.lapis lazuli, azure; sky-colour ; 

E, E, a. shy-coloured. 
AZUR-ER, I. va. to color n-ith azure. 
AZYME, a. unleavened.; sm. unleavened 

bread. s, sin. pi. a Jeicish feast. 
AZYMITE, s. ; Jewish sectator. 


T, sm. a B. raol, SHI. B-Jlat ; B- 

qu-:rre, B-sharjj. Etro marque au B; 
to be one-eyed, hunch-lacked, or lame. 

BAAL, sm. Eastern god; Baal. 

BABEAU, sm. ghost, sprite. 

BABEL, tour de , sf. noisy assembly. 

BABETTE, sf. sort of dance. 

BABEURRE, sm. butter-milk ; whey. [dog. 

BABICH-E, sf. lap-dog. OX, sm. lap- 

BABIL, sm. chat, talkativeness. 

BABILLARD, E, a. chatterer, prattler. 

BABILL-ER, I. vn. to chat, prattle. 

BABILLOIHE, sf. easy chair. 

BAIilNE, sf. l/p of beasts. II ne s'en tor- 
chera pas les s, he sliall taste none of 
it. 11 s'en est torche les s, he has eat 
it up ; he has spent all his fortune. 

BAUiuLE, sf. bauble; toy; nonsense. 

BABORD, sm. larboard of a ship. Feu 
\Jire on the larboard tide! ! port 
the helm ! un peu! port a little! 
tout! hard a-pvrt ! 

EABORDAIS, sm. larboard watch. 

BABOUCHE, sf. Turk's shoe. 

BABOUIN, sm. baboon; simpleton ; a icag. 
Foire buiser le , to punish; to make 
game of one. e, sf. merry little girl. 

BABOUIN-ER, I. v. play the rogue. 

BAG, sm. ferry-boat ; large tub.. 

BACALAS, Km. fastening; cleat. 

BACALIAU, sm. stock-Jish. 

BACASSAS, sm. sort of lighter. 

BACCALAUREAT, sm. bachelorship. 

BACCHANALE, sf. tumultuous debauch; 
Bacchanal. s, p. Bacchus' 1 s feasts; 
orgies, bacchanal, ron: 

BACCHAXALIS-ER, I. vn. to bacchanalize; 
BACCHANTE, .s/. termagant. [revel. 

BACCIFERE, a. bacciferous ; bearing 
BACHA, sm. bashaw. [berries. 

BACHE, sf. cart-tilt; n-herry. 
BACHELARD, sm. friend, chum. 
BACHELETTE, sf. damsel.; chicken. 
BACHELIER, sm. bachelor of arts. 
BACHIQUE, a. drunken ; convivial. 
BACHOT, sm. small wherry. 
BACHOTAGE, sm. wherry-man's business. 
BACHOTEUR, sm. whcrnj-man. 
BACHOUE, sf. pail, bucket. 
BACILE, $f. sea-fennel. [g ether. 

BACLAGE, sm. row of boats moored to- 
BACL-ER, to make. fast; conclude-. 
BACUL-ER, I. va. to thrash ; cudgel. 
BACULOMETRIE, sf. baculometri/ ; the 

measuring of heights n-ith poles, [ney. 
BADAUD, E, s. booby; ninny; Paris-Cock- 
BADAUDAGE, sm. silliness ; foolery. 
BADAUD-ER, I. vn. to gape about. 
BADAUDERIE, sf. silly behaviour. 
BAD AUDISME, sm. fault of being a ninny. 
BADELAIRE, sm. sivord, in heraldry. 
BADERXE, sf. kind of cable or rope. 
BADIAXE, sf. china-anise. 
BADIGEON, sm. plaster of Paris. 
BADIGEONN-ER, I. va. to do over n-ith 

plaster of Paris or -with stone colour. 
BADIN, E, a. s. playful, wanton. 
BADINAGE, sm. sport, play, joke. 
BADINANT, sm. horse of reserve. 
BAD1NE, sf. light walking switch. 
EAD1NEMENT, ad. muitonly ; in joke. 
BAD1N-ER, I. va. to jest; play ; Jlutter. 
BADINERIE, sf.jcst; silly trifle. 
BAD1NES, sf. 2 Jl. small tongs. 
BADOULAGE, sm. slander, reproach. 
BADOULIER, sm. slanderer ; underminer. 
BAFETAS, sm. sort of coarse cotton. 
BAFOU-ER, I. va. to ridicule; abuse. 
BAFRE, xf. guttling ; greedy eating. 
BAFR-ER, I. vn. to guttle, gormandize. 
BAFREU-R, SE, s. gormandizer. 
BAGAGE, sm. baggage, luggage. Plier 

, vn. to march off'; run away ; die. 
BAGARRE, sf. brawl; strife; ((ffray. 
BAGASSE, sf. drab, slut, baggage. 
BAGATELLE, sf. trifle; toy. 1 int. 

stuj}'! away ! pshaw I 


( 42 ) 


[INF.M. 'PRES.T. 2 PART.PRES. J PART.PAST.] IND.M. PRES.T. 4 1st p.S. 5 2dp.S. 

13 14 15 PRET. 16 1st p.s. COND.M. 28 lstp.s. 
PRES.T. 39 lstp.s. 40 2d p.s. 4l 3dp.s. 

. 30 3d p.s. 3 1st 43 44 3d 

18 3d p.s. 19 

BAGATELLIER, sm. trifler ; scribbler. 

BAGATELLISTE, sm. toy-man. 

BAGAUDE, sf. rebellion ; riot. 

BAGNE, sm. galley-slaw's bagnio; prison. 

BAGNOLET, mi. TE, */. a kind of 
woman's head-dress. 

BAGUE, */. ring; eyelet-hole in a sail. 
C'est une au doigt, it is as sure as 
ready mono/. s sauves, clear, safe. 

BAGUENAUDE, sf. bladder-nut. 

BAGUENAUD-ER, I. vn. to trifle. [nut-tree. 

BAGUENAUDIER, sm. trifler; bladdcr- 

BAGU-ER, I. va. to baste a seam; give 
rings and jewels to one's bride. 

BAGUETTE, sf. mind; rod; stick. 8, 
gauntlet ; military punishment, 

BAGUIER, sm. ring-case. 

BAHUT, sm. trunk ; leather trunk, 

BAHUTIER, sm. trunk-malier. 

BA1, E, a. buy-colour. brun, brown- 
bay. chatain, of a chestnut colour. 

clair, bright-bay. dorfe, yellow, 

dun. mirouette, bright dappled bay. 

BAIE, sf. berry; Jiain ; humbug; gap. 
Donner une a quelqu'un, to put a 
trick upon one. , bay ; gulf. 

BAIGN-ER, I. va. to bathe; soak; water. 
Se dans le sang, to delight in blood. 
Etre E de pleurs, to melt into tears. 

BAIGNEU-R, SE, *. bather; bagnio-keeper. 
SE, sf. commode; undress cap. 

BAIGNO1R, sm. bathing-place. E, sf. 
bathing-tub ; bath. 

BAIL, sm. lease ; contract ; keeping. E, 
Venetian am bassador at Cons tantinople, 
judge in Languedoc. [and lint. 

BAILLE, sf. large tub for the plummet 

BAILLEMENT, sm. yawning ; lorn spirits. 

BAJLL-ER, I. vn. to gape, yawn ; va. to 
give, reach, deliver. a ferme, to lease, 
let out. Vous me la baillez belle, you 
humbug me. 

BAILLEU-R, SE, s. yawner. R, sm. 
BAILLERESSE, sf. leaser. 

BAILLET, a. s. a light red-coloured horse. 

BA1LLEUL, sm. bone-better; agent. 

BAILLI, sm. bailiff ; judge; seneschal. 

BA1LLIAGE, sm. bailiwick; tribunal. 

BAILLIVE, sf. bailiff's wife. 

BAILLON, sm. gag. [dumb. 

BAILLONN-ER, I. va. to gag; strike 

BA1LLOQUE, sf. ostrich-feather. 

BAIN, sm! bath, bagnio. 

BAIN-MARIE, s?n. balneum mariee ; hot 
water or sand in which a vessel is dip- 
ped, containing something to be boiled or 

BAIOQUE, sf. Venetian money, [cooked. 

BAIONNETTE, sf. bayonet, poniard, 

BAIRAM, sm. Turkish solemnity, [dagger. 

BAISEMAINS, sf. pi. compliments, ser- 
vice. A belles , ad. cringingly. 

BAISEMENT, sm. hissing. 

BAISER, sm. salute, kiss. 

BAIS-ER, I. ra. to salute, kiss, embrace. 

BAISEU-R, SE, s. kisser. 

BAISOTT-ER, I. va. to kiss often. 

BAISSE, sf. diminution in value. 

BAISS-ER, I. v. to let down; bow; stoop 
lower; strike; decrease; fall; sink. 
les oreilles, to despond. les voiles, to 
loicct- the sails. Tete EE, headlong. 

BAISSIERE, sf. tilt; sediment. 

BAISURE, sf. hissing-crust. 

BAJOIRE, sf. double-faced coin. 

BAJOU, BAJON, sm. rudder-bar, sort of 

BAJOUE, gf. hog's cheek. [tiller. 

BAL, sm. ball; dancin-j. 

B AL ADE, sf. ballad. [foon ; fop. 

BALADIN, E, s. dancer at shows; bvf- 

BALAFRE, sf. gash ; slash ; 

BALAFR-ER, I. va. to slash; gash. 

BALAI, sm. broom, besom. du del, 
north-west wind. Rotir le , to 
drudge without profit. [icine. 

BALA1S, a. ruby, very light colour of 

BALANCE, sf. balance; libra; scale. Etre 
en , vn. to be in suspense. Faire pen- 
cher la , to turn the scale. 

BALANCE, sm. balance, in dancing. 

BALANCEMENT, sm. balancing. 

BALANC-ER, BALANC.-ANT 2 , I. ra. to 
balance; poise; warcr ; be unsr/driy. 
Se , swing ; hover in the air. les 
voiles, to shorten the sails, fold them 
iip at one corner. 

BALANCIER, sm. balance-maker; balance 
of a watch; fl}i of a jack ; beam of the 
scales. s de corapas, the gimbals or 
ginunals of a sea-compass. 

BALANCINES, lifts; ship-ropes. 

BALANC.O1RE, sf. sec-saw, swing. 

BALANDRAN, sm. large coarse cloak. 

BAL ( 43 ) BAN 

.8. * 93dp.pi. IMPERF. 10 lstp.s. "2dp.s. 12 8dp.8. 
. nl. 3d p. pi. FUT. 22 i s t p. s . 23 2d p. 8. 24 3d p. s. *> 1st p. pi. '- 2d p. pi. 
p. pi. IMP. M. 3 2dp.s. 33 3d p. s. 37 3* 3d p. pi. SUBJ. M. 
.s. "2dp.s. 3dp.s. " 49 50 3d 

BALAXT, sin. slack part of a cable. 

BALAXUS, sin. ylans, must, nut. [chaff. 

BALASSK, sf. mattress made with oat- 

BALAST, sin. ballast, last. 

BALAUSTE, sf. mild pomegranate, [tree. 

BALAUSTIER, sm. wild pomegranate- 

BALAY-ER, I. va. to sweep; hill; drive 
out of a post. [or woman; swabber. 

BALAYEU-R, SE, s. sweeper; broom man 

BALAYURES, sf. pi. sweepings; slime. 

BALAZEE, */. sort of cotton. 

BALBUTIEMEXT, sm. stammering. 

BALBUTI-ER, 1. vn. to stammer; lisp; be 
out of countenance. 

BALCON, sm. balcony; window-range. 

BALDAQUIN, sm. canopy ; tent-bed. 

BALEINE, sf. whale; whalebone. 

BALEINEAU, sm. young of a whale. 

BALEINIER, sm. whale-boat. 

BALEINON, sin. young whale. 

BALEN'AS, sm. pizzle of a whale. 

BALESTOX, sm. sprit of a lug-sail. 

BALEVRE, sf. the under lip. 

BALIXE, sf. coarse woollen stuff. 

BALI, sm. one of the Indian dialects. 

BALISE, sf. sea-mark; buoy. 

BALIS-ER, I. r. to set buoys, beacons. 

BALISIER, sm. Indian cane. [ncers. 

I5ALISTAIRE, sm. ancient officer of engi- 

BALISTE, sf. balista, ancient warlike en- 
ij'.in'. /'nr th i'<,ii-i it'j stones and arrows. 

BALIVAGE, sin. setting of young trees. 

BALIVEAU, sm. young tree. 

BALIVERX-ER, I. vn. to trifle. 

BALI VERNE, */. trifle; nonsense. 

BALLADE, sf. ballad. [player. 

BALLADIN, sm. merry Andrew, strolling 

B.vLLADOIRE, sf. rustic dance. 

BALLANT, E, a. swinging to and fro. 

BALLARIN, sm. sort of hank. 

BALLE, */. bullet; ball; bale; chaff; 
printer's ball. ramee, a cross-bar 
shot. A vous la , it is your turn. 
Prendre la au bond, to seize the op- 
portunity. En enfant de la , in a 
knowing way. 

EALL-EK, I. en. to dance; ship about. 

BALLET, sm. ballet; interlude; dance. 

-, 111 II 11(1: r. 

BALLON, sm. foot-ball ; balloon; boat in 
Siam. aerostatique, air-balloon. 

BALLOXMER, sm. foot-ball maker. 
BALLOT, sm. bale, pocket. 
BALLOTTADE. sf. bounding of a horse. 
BALLOTTAGE, sm. act of balloting. 
BALLOTTE, sf. -voting-ball ; little ball. 
BALLOTT-ER, I. vn. to ballot; discuss; toss. 
B ALLOT! N, sm. boy who receives the 

voting-ball; small bale; sort of or any e- 
BALNEABLE, a. Jit for baths. [tree. 

BALOT, sm. bundle, little ball. 
BALOTES, sf. pi. grape-baskets. 
BALOURD, E, s. blockhead, dunce. 

surdity ; foolish action. 
BALSAMIXE, sf. balsamine, plant. 
BALSAMIQUE, a. balsamic; mild. 
BALUSTRADE, sf. baluster; rails. 
BALUSTRE, E, a. railed in. 
BALUSTR-ER, I. va. to rail in; fence. 
BALZAX, a. cheval , horse with white- 

spotted feet. E, sf. white in a Iwrsc's 
BAMBIN, sm. babe. [leg. 

BAMBOCHADE, */. grotesque picture. 
BAMBOCHE, sf. large puppet; dwarf; 

bamboo. pi. fooleries. 
BAMBOCHON, sm. little fellow. 
BAMBOU, sm. bamboo, Indian cane. 
BAX, sm. bans ; outlawry ; exile. Four 

a , raoulin a , lord of a manor's 

oven, mill, c. 
BANAL, E, a. belonging to a manor; 

common; general. Galant , sm. ge- 

neral lover. 
BAXALITE, sf. the right of obliging one's 

vassals to bake in one's oven, $c. $c. 
B \XAXE, sf. banana; fruit. 
BAXAXIER, sm. banana-tree. 
BAXC, sm. bank; bench; scat; pew; 
form; sands. du roi, King's bench. 

commun, common-pleas. s, public 
disputations. Etre sur les s, to study 
in an university ; to hold out a dispute. 

s,de rameurs, af.jil. seats in a ro>c-Iwt. 
BAXCAL, E, a. bandy-legged, [the tiller. 
BAXCASSE, sf. seat behind the stern for 
BAXCELLE, sf. long form or bench. 
BAXCHE, sf. reef of rocks urder water. 

BANDAGE, sm. bandage; truss; bindin/j ; 

ii'ini plnti's round a n'ltcel. 
BAXDAGISTE, sm. truss-maker. 

BAN ( 44 ) BAR 

1 PRES.T. 2 PART.PRES. 3 PART.PAST.] IND.M. PRES.T. 4 1st p.S. 5 2d p.S. 

13 1st 14 15 3d PRET. 16 lstp.s. 17 2dp.s. 18 3d p.s. 19 COND.M. 2 8 1st p.s. 29 2dp.s. 30 3d p.s. 31 1st * 33 3d 
PRES.T. 39 1st p.s. 4u 2d p.s. 41 3dp.s. 4 - 1st 43 44 3d IMPERF. 

BINDE, sf. band; Jillet ; gang; link; 
throng ; Jile ; detachment, du nord, 
northern shore, Yaisseau a la , ship 
laid on the careen. de sabords, tier 
of gun-ports, donner a la , to heel. 

BANDEAU, sin. Jillet ; veil; wreath, 

BANDEE, sf. vintage-season. 

BANDEGE, sm. tea-board or waiter. 

BANDELETTE, sf. little Jillet or band. 

BAND-ER, I. va. to bind; stir up; bend; 
blindfold; stand; cucli; bandy; apply. 
Se , vr. to resist; unite in a league. 

BANDEREAU, sm. trumpet-string. 

BANDERET, sm. leader of a troop. 

BANDEROLE, sf. streamer; bandroll; 
pennant, wimble, little Jiag. 

BANDIERE, sf.Jtag or colours on the gal- 
lics. Front de , line formed abreast, 

BANDINS, sin. pi. awning-pillars of a 
row-galley ; bannisters ; wooden j>rops. 

BANDINETS, sm. rails of the BANDINS. 

BANDIT, sm. robber; footpad. [tight. 

BANDOIR, sm. wheel, putty for drawing 

BANDOULIER, sin. vagabond ; highivaij- 

BANDOULIERE, */. shoulder-belt, [man. 

BANEAU, sm. wooden bowl or vessel. 

BANTANS,BANJ AN S, priests. 

BANLIEUE, sf. precinct, outskirt. [ing. 

BANNE, sf. tilt for a boat ; cabin; an-n- 

BANNEAU, sm. dung-cart, pannier, hand- 

BANN-ER, I. va. cover with a tilt, [barrow. 

BANNERET, a. and s. . Chevalier , 
hit i.t/f/ t-banneret ; baronet. 

BANNETON, sm. cavf; Jish-chest. 

BANNETTE,s/.sor< of basket; bread-bas- 
ket; certain number of hides. 

BANNI, E, a. exiled, driven aicay. 

BANNIE, sf. promulgation. 

BANNIERE, sf. banner, standard. 

BANN-iR, II. va. to banish; exile. Se , 
vr. to withdraw from ,; at 

BANNISSABLE, a. banishablc.. 

BANNISSEMENT, sm. exile; banishment. 

BASQUE, sm. Newfoundland ship. 

BANQTJE, sf. bank, banking IIOIIM: 

BANQUEREAU, sm. small sand-bank. 

BANQUEROUTE, sf. bttn/irtipfri/. [rnpt. 

BANQUEROUTI-ER, EKE, *. and a. banh- 

BANQUET, sm. banquet, fnist. 

BANQUET-ER, to feast ; junket. 

BANQUETEUR, sm.fcastcr. 

BANQUETTE, sf. raised way ; foot-path ; 
stretcher of a row-boat ; step to enable 
infantr;/ to fire ocera parapet. 

BANQUIER, sm, banker. 

BANSE, sf. large square basket. 

BANVIN, sm. privilege of selling wine. 

BAPTEME, sm.. baptism, christening. 

BAPT1S-ER, I. va. to baptize, christen. 

BAPTISMAL, E, a. baptismal. [gistry. 

BAPTISTERE, a. and sm. baptismal re- 

BAQUET, sm. bucket; tray; tub. 

BAQUET-ER, I. va. to scoop out water. 

BAQUETURES, sf. pi. droppings. 

BAR, sin. hand-barrow; barbel. 

BARAGOUIN, AGE, sm. gibberish, cant. 

BARAGOUIN-ER, I. v. to si)cah gibberish, 

BARAGOUINEU-R, SE, stupid chatterer. 

BARAQUE, sf. lodgement for soldiers, 
small hut; little shop. 

BARAT, sin. sf. Jine paid by the master 

BARATTE, sf. churn. [of a ship. 

BARATT-ER, I. va. to churn; cheat. 

BARATTERIE, sf. baratry,fraud.[drain. 

BARBACANE, sf. casement; loop-hole; 

BARBACOLLE, sm. Pharaoh; a game of 
chance. [man; barbarian. 

BARBARE, a. s. barbarous; ritii 

BARBAREMENT, ad. barbarously. 

BARBARESQUE, a. inhabitant of Bar- 
barn; a squirrel. [Burlm-y. 

BARBARIE, sf. barbarity; rn 

BARBARIS-ER, I. v. to speak bad gram- 
mar, [language. 

BARBARISME, sm. barbarism: 

BARBAY-ER, I. rn. to shiver in t/t- 

BARBE, sf. beard; lappet; waddle; 
barbie; fore-foot of a ship. Jeune 
, youn/i babbler. Je le dirai a sa , 
I'll tell it to his face. Rirc sous , to 
laugh in one's slccrc. Fairo la a 
u'un, to share one; ajf'ront one. 
Faii-c la a une etoflfe, to pare a staff'. 
Sainte , gunni'i-'s cabin. , si. 
Jiarbari/ Jtorse. s, sf. pi. whiskers 
of a rat. ^'c. feathers of a ijnil!; barbies. 

B AlvH!''.Ar,\///. barbfl,\\ lish; corn-Jton'cr. 

BARUELE, E, a. brardfd. 

HAliliKKIK, sf. profusion of sharing. 

BARHKJ{t)T, '<o>. toiitor } paltry barber. 

BARHET, sm. TE, _/'. s t >anici ; tdl-talr. 
TE, sf. stomacher for nuns; any 

BAR ( 45 ) BAR 

6 3dp.s. 8 9 3d p. pi. IMPERF. 10 lstp.s. U 2dp.s. 12 8dp.. 
30 21 FUT. "Istp.s. 23 2dp.s. 24 3dp.s. ^ 1st p. pi. 26 
p. pi. IMP. M. 34 -2dp.s. ^3dp.s. 36 1st p. pi. 37 38 SUBJ.M. 
45 1st p. s. 46 2dp.s. "adp.s. 4S 1st p. pi. " 9 ^ 3d p. pi. 

raised platform to enable cannon to 
Jire over the parapet. 

BARBICHE, sf. little spaniel bitch. 

BARBICHON, sin. small lap-dog. 

BARB1ER, sm. barber; tonsor. Un 
rase 1'autre, birds of a feather flock 

BARBIFI-ER, I. va. to shave. [together. 

BARBILLON, */. little barbel, a fish. 

BARBON, sm. grey-beard; dog's grass. 

BARBOXNAGE, sin. peevishness of old 

BARBOTE, sf. eel-pout. [age. 

BARBOT-ER, I. v. to mutter ; muddle. 

BARBOT-EUR, sm. tame duck. EUSE, 
sf. bad ivomun. 

BARBOTINE, sf. norm-ponder. 

BARBOUILLAGE, sm. daubing ; nonsense. 

BARBOUILL-ER, I. va. to daub; perplex; 
scribble. Se , cr. to daub one's face; 
lose one's character. Se moquer de la 
EE, to joke; not to care for any thing. 

BARBOUILLEU-R, SE, . dauber; scrib- 

BARBU, E, a. bearded; hairy. [bier. 

BARBUE, */. dab; quickset vine; sUp. 

BARBUQUET, sm. chap, scab. [dance. 

BARCAROLLE, sf. Venetian ballad and 

BARCEL, sm. kind of gun on ships. 

BARD, sm. hand-bar roji'. 

BARDACHE, sm. catamite. 

BARDANE, sf. burdock or bur. 

BARDE, sm. bard or poet among the an- 
cient Gauls. , sf. slice of bacon; 
horse-armour ; large saddle. s, sm. 
pi. Bardi; ancient poets. 

BARDE AU, sm. shingle; slate; a mule. 

RARDELLE, sf. kind of saddle. 

BARI>-ER, I. va. to cocer with a slice of 
bacon ; to bard ; to arm. 

BARDEUR, sm. day-labourer. 

BARDIS, sm. weather-boards. 

BARDOT, sm. small mule drudge ; in- 
complete boo/;. 

BARET, sm. cry of the elephant. 

BARGE, sf. ; kind of sea-fowl; heap cf 

BARGUIGNAGE, sm. haggling, [faggots. 

BARIL, sm. barrel, rundlet. 

BARILLAGE, sm. bottling of nine. [lies. 

BARILLAR, sm. steward in the row-gal- 

BARILLET, sm.keg; barrel of a natch. 

BARIOLAGE, sm. medley of colours. 

BAR10LE, E, a. speckled. 

BARIOL-ER, I. va. to speckle, to streak. 

BARIQUE, sf. hogshead ; fat man. 

BARIQUAUT, sm. small barrel; ketj. 

BARLONG, UE, a. longer on one side. 

BARNABITE, sin. barnabite. 

BARNACHE, sf. sea-goose. 

BAROCH-ER, I. va. to daub. 

BAROMETRE, sm. barometer. 

BAROM&TRIQUE, a. barometrical. 

BARON, sm. baron. JTAGE, s/n. baron- 
age. NET, sm. baronet. NE, sf. 
baroness. >*IE, sf. barony. 

BAROQUE, a. rough; odd. 

BAROSCOPE, sm. baroscope, barometer. 

BAROT, sm. beam; barling ; ladder's step. 

de coltis, sm. collar-beam. 
BAROTIX, sm. small beam ; prop ; ledge, 
BAROTIER, sm. carter, driver. 
BARQUE, sf. a bark; long-boat. Con- 

duire la , to be the ring-leader. 11 
conduit bien sa , he is n-ise. aeau, 
watering-boat. d'avis, advice-boat. 

de descente, flat-boat. de vivan- 
dier, provision-boat. en fagot, a 
boat in frame. droite! trim the boat! 

BARQUEE, sf. boat full. 

BARQUEROLLE, sf. little bark; small 
fleet of boats without masts. 

BARQUETTE, sf. kind of tart; tray. 

BARRAGE, sm. passage-toll. 

BARRAGER, sm. toll-gatherer. 

BARRAQUE, sf. barrack; hut. 

BARRAQU-ER, I. va. to make barrack*. 

BARRAS, sm. resin, gum. 

BARRE, sf. bar; spar ; helm; nhipstajfof 
a rudder; cross-bar; barrier ; chain of 
rocks. d'or or d'argent, nedge of 
gold or silver. a bord! hard over! 
helm close! Change la ! shift tlte 
helm ! Arrive a la '. no nearer ! helm 
a-meather ! Pousse la au vent ! /<///'/ 
keep your lujf'! s de centre arcasse, 
the lower transoms. d'ecoutille, tlie 
hatch bars. s, part of a horse's nether 
jaif. s prisonnieres, prison-bars. 
Avoir s sur quelqu'un, to have the 
nhip hand of one. 

BARREAU, sm. bar; little bar; court; 
lan-i/ers. Gensde , lawyers, attorneys. 
Suivre le , to follow the Ian. [erase. 

BARR-ER, I. pa. to bar; stop; knit fast; 

BARRETTE, sf. bonnet, cap. J'ai bien 

BAR ( 46 ) BAS 

[INF.M. JpRES.T. 2 PART.PRES. 3 PART. PAST.] 1 IND.M. PRES. T. 4 1st p.S. s 2d p.S 

' " 15 PRET. >6lstp.s. "2dp.s. 1B Sdp.s. 19 COND. M. 2d 1st p.s. 23 2dp.s. 30 3d p.s. 31 1st 32 2d 33 ;3d 
PJIES.T. 39 lstp.s. 40 2dp.s. 41 3dp.s. 4a 43 2d 44 3d IMPERF. 

parle a sa , I have severely repri- 
manded !ii in. [fence. 

BARRICADE, sf. barricado; stop; de- 

BARRICAD-ER, I. va. to barricade. 

B ARRIERE, sf. barrier ; hindcrance; toll 
gate; list; starting-post; turnpike. 

BARRILLAR, sin. galley officer. 

BA.RRIQUE, sf. hogshead; hind of net. 

BARRIQUAUT, sm. small barrel ; keg. 

BARRURE, sf. bar of a lute, &c. 

BARSES, sf. pi. China tea-canisters. 

BARTAVELLE, sf. large red partridge. 

BAS, SE, a. low; shallow; base; mean; 
faint ; short. Chambre se, room on 
the ground-floor. La inaree est se, it 
is low water. Faire main se, to put 
to the sword. Etre , to be very weak. 
Les eaux sont ses chez lui, lie is at 
a low ebb ; he is poor. A se note, in 
a low voice. Oreille se, hard of 
hearing. II a 1'oreille se, lie has 
been humbled. fond, sm.Jtat, shal- 
low. peuple, populace ; mob. BAS, 
tin. stocking, hose. a etriers, stir- 
rup stockings. tricotes, knit stock- 
ings. d'etame, worsted stockings. 
de soie, silk stockings; bilboes, fet- 
ters. faits au metier, roooen stock- 
ings. de fil, thread stockings. Met- 
tre , to bring forth. BAS, ad. down; 

lo-w. A , upon the ground; down. 

Ici , here below. Par , par le , 

downward. En , below. La , be- 
lotv ; yonder. le pavilion ! down with 
tfie colours! strike your colours! BAS, 
sm. bottom ; foot ; lower part. 

BASALTE, sm. kind of black marble. 

BASANE, sf. tanned sheep's leatlier. 

BASANE, E, a. tawny; sun-burnt. 

BAS-BORD, sm. low-built, larboard, left 
side of a ship. tout! hard a-port! 

BAS-BRETON, a. s. sort of white thread; 
language of Brittany. 

BASCONADE, sf. Biscayan's language. 
BASCULE, sf. swing-gate; see-saw. 
de pont levis, sf. counter-weight of a 

BASE, sf. basis, foundation. de sa- 
bords, plank between the gun-ports 
and the wale. 
BAS-BR, I. va. to settle, fix, establish. 

B AS-FOND, sm. shallow, flat, shoal. 

BASILIC, sf. sweet basil; basilisk. 

BASIL1GON, sm. basilicon, unguent. 

BASILIQUE, sf. stately church; palace', 
court of justice; basilica, the basilic vein. 

BASIN, sm. dimity ; cotton cloth. 

BASOCHE, sf. the Company of lawyers' 
clerks in the parliament of Paris. 

BASOCHIEN, sm barrister's clerk. 

BASQUE, sm. born in Biscay, language 
of Biscay ; biscayan. sf. shirt of a 
doublet. Tambour de , tambourine. 
Courir comme un , to be swift-footed. 

BAS-RELIEF, sm. ornaments in sculpture 
that arc almostflat, basso-relieco. 

BASSE, sf. the bass or base; shallow 
place, a. low. continue, thorough-bass. 
taille, counter-tenor. de viole, bass- 
viol. contre, bass. cour, poult ry- 

yard. fosse, dungeon. viole, 

main or fore-sail. mer, low water. 
lice, kind of tapestry. 

BASSEMENT, ad. meanly, lowly. 

BASSES, sf.2>l. shallows, flats. voiles, 

BASSESSE, sf. base action, [the courses. 

BASSET, sm. terrier; short man. 

BASSETTE, sf. basset, a game. 

BASSIERS, sm. pi. flats ; heap of sands. 

BASSIN, sm. basin; pan; vase; scale; 
wet dock. Cracher au , to contribute, 
give unwillingly. 

BASSINE, sf. large flat pan. 

BASSIN-ER, I. va. to warm, batlw. 

BASSINET, sm. small basin or pan; noz- 
zle ; pan of a gun; butterflower or crow- 

BASSINOIRE, sf. warming-pan. [foot. 

BASSON, sm. bassoon, base of the hautboy. 

BASTAGAIRE, sm. image-bearer in 

BAST ANT, E, a. sufficient. [churcJics 

BASTE, sf. basket, stujf' made with tlie 
bark of trees, sm. basto, ace of clubs. 
2)1. Chinese silks in Flanders. 

BAST-ER, I. va. to suffice. Son proces 
baste mal pour lui, his lawsuit takes a 
bad turn. BASTE! be it so! 
BASTERNE, sf. carriage drawn by oxen. 
BASTET, sm. foot-hook staff'. 
BASTIDE, sf. neat country-seat. 
BASTILLE, sf. fortress, tower; the Bas- 
tille, prison in Paris, destroyed in 1790. 
BASTILLE, E, a. fortified with towers. 


6 3dp.s. 7 1st p. pi. 8 
*> 2d p. pi. 21 3d p. pi. 


9 3d p. pi. IMPERF 


.. WIA y. r _. ------ 

FUT. 22 1st p. s. 23 2d p. s. 

IMP. M. 34 2d p.s. 35 3d p. s. 36 1st p. pi. 
49 50 3d IMP. M. 34 2d p.s. 35 3d p. s. 36 
1st p.s. 46 2dp.s. V 3d p.s. 4 1st 


10 1st p.s. U 2dp.s. 12 3d p.s. 

24 3d p.s. * 5 1st p. pi. 

38 3d p. pi. SUBJ.M. 

BASTINGUAGE, s?n. waist-cloths ; quarter 
nettings. [barricade or screen a ship, 
BASTINGU-ER, I. va. un vaisseau, to 
BASTION, srn. bulwark; bastion; a prin- 
cipal work in the enciente of a place, 
composed of two faces projecting out- 
wards, and twojianks. 
BASTIONNE, E, a. fortified with bastions. 
BASTONNADE, sf. bastinado. 
BASTONN-ER, I. va. to bastinado; cudgel. 
BASTRINGUE, sm. dance in apublic house. 
BASTUDE, sf. kind of fishing-net. 
BAS-VENTRE, sm. lower belly. 
BAT, sm. 2)ack-saddle ; tail offish. Un 

cheval de , a blockhead. 
BAT- 6 s 4 - 5 - 34 , v. BATTRE, to beat. 
BATAIL, sm. clapper of a bell. 
BATAILLE, sf. battle ;, fight. rangee, 
pitched battle. C'est son cheval de , 
it is his sheet-anchor, his hobby-horse. 
BATAILL-ER, I. vn. to struggle hard. 
BATAILLQN, 5?;?,. battalion; body of in- 
fantry containing six or eight hundred 
men. carre or quarre, hollow-square. 
BATARD, E, a. s. bastard; wild; false; 
mongrel. E, sf. sort of gun; a galley- 
sail. Lettre e, secretary-hand. 
BATARDEAU, sm. dam; a dam across 
the ditch of a fortress, to retain or let 
off the water at pleasure. [galley. 

BATARDELLE, sf. square-sterned row- 
BATARDIERE, sf. nursery-garden. 
BATARDISE, sf. bastardy. 
BAT ATE, tf. kind of potato. 

quarter-stanchions in a ship. 
BATEAU, sm. boat; body of a coach. 
BATELAGE, sm. waterman's fare ; jug- 
gling trick; leger-de-main ; fare. 
BATELEE, sf.farc; boat- full. 
BATEL-ER, I. vn. to navigate a boat. 
BATELET, sm. little boat. 
BATELEUR, s?n. merry-undrew ; juggler. 
BATELIER, sm. waterman. 
BATEME, sm. baptism, christening; the 
ducking of a sailor. Nom de , Chris- 
tian name. See Baptime. 
BAT-ER, I. va. to saddle with a pack-sad- 
dle. Un ane K, a dunce, a blockhead. 
BATTER, sm. maker of pack- saddles. Un 
sot , booby. 

B ATIFOL-ER, I. vn. to romp ; toy. 

EATIMENT, sm. building; ship. 

BAT-iR, II. va. to build ; to baste a coat. 
des chateaux en Espagne, to build 
castles in the air. 

BATIS-ER, I. va. to ba2)tize, christen. 

BATISSE, sf. building of a house. 

BATISSEUR, sm. great builder. 

BATISTE, sf. cambric; lawn. 

BATISTERE, sm. church-certificate. 

BATON, sm. sticli, staff', cudgel. a 
deux bouts, quarter-staff. de vieil- 
lesse, support of one's old age. Tour 
du , by gains, perquisites. Etre 
bien assure de son , to be sure of a 
thing. Etre reduit au blanc, to be 
ruined. Tirer au court , to contend 
with one; to draw lots. A batons rom- 
pus, by Jits and starts. Martin , 
stick; cudgel. de foe, jib-boom. 

BATONNEE d'eau, sf. the throw of a 

BATONN-ER, I. va. to cudgel; score a 
writing ; strike out; stretch. 

BATONNET, sm. small stick. 

BATONNIER, sm. staff man. 

BATTAGE, sm. threshing of corn. 

BATTANT, sm. clapper of a bell ; folding 
of a door ; beating. neuf, a. quite 
new. Mener , to conquer. Mener 
quelqu'un tambour , to confound one. 

de pavilion, fluttering of a Jlag in 
the wind;Jly of an ensiijn. 

BATTE, sf. rammer; paving-beetle; 
beater; sloping-bench; bolster; tail of 
ajish. a beurre, churn-staff. a 
boeuf, butcher's basting stick. 

BATTEMENT, sm. beating; clapping; 
tamping i lime marking. 

BATTERIE, sf. battery; pieces of artillery 
collected together in any spot for a 
purpose of defence ; squabble; broad- 
side. de cuisine, kitchen-furniture. 

et demie, deck and a half of guns. 
Mets la dehors, guns out! Mets 
la dedans, run in the guns! 

BATTEU-R, SE, s. beater; thresher. 
de pave, sm. idlcfclloiv. en grange, 
thresher. d'estrade, scout. 

BATTOIR, sm. battledore; beetle, [tition. 

BATTOLOGIE, sf. tautology; useless repe- 

BAT ( 48 ) B!iC 

[INF.M. 1 PKES.T. 2 PART.PRES. 3 PART. PAST.] IND. M. PRES. T. 4 1st p.S. 3 2dp.S. 

13 14 i5 PRET. 16 1st p.s. 17 2dp.s. 1B 8dp.s. 19 1st p.p!. 
27 3d p. pi. COND.M. 2S 1st p.s. a9 2d p.s. ' M 3d p.s. 31 1st 3a 33 3d 
PRES.T. s 9 1st p.s. 40 2dp.s. 41 3dp.s. 42 1st ^2d 44 3d IMPERF 

BATTOGUliS, sf. pi. punishment from 

blows with sticks on the bach; cudgelling. 

BATT-HE 1 ant 2 u 3 ue 3 us 3 ues 3 ons 7 ' 36 ez 

.37 ent 9.38.44 aislO.ll ait !2 O i s 10.11 oit !2 

ions 13 - 42 iez 14 - 43 aient 15 oient 15 is 16 - 17 it 18 
Jmes 19 ites 20 irent 21 rai 22 ras 23 ra 24 rons 25 
rez^ ront 27 rais 28 - 29 rait 30 rois 28 - 29 roit 30 
rions 31 riez 32 raient 33 roient 33 e 35 ' 39 ' 41 
es 4 isse 45 isses 46 It 47 issions 48 issiez 49 
issent 50 . See BAT, va. to beat; strike; 
batter. Se , vr. to Jiff fit. Se faire 
, to get one's self beaten. 1'estrade, 
to scour; scout. monnaie, to coin. 
le ble, to thrash corn. le beurre, to 
cJiurn. les cartes, to shvjfle. le 
pave, to ramble about. des mains, 
to clap. de 1'aile, to flap, Jlutter. 

comme platre, to beat to a mummy. 

la chamade, to beat a parley. 
bien du pays, to travel far ; talk much. 

froid a quelqu'un, to look cool upon 
one. 1'eau, to work in vain. la 
semelle, to travel on foot; to beat the 
Itoof. la carapagne, to speak at ran- 
dom. aux champs, to set out. 

BATTUE, sf. faire la , to beat bushes. 

BATTURES, breakers, shelves. 

EATTUS, sm. pi. penitent monks wlw 
chastise themselves severely. 

BAU, sm. beam. de lof, foremast-beam. 
maltre, midship-beam. 

BAUBI, sm. dog trained up to the hare, 
fox, and mild boar. 

BAUD, sm. Barbary hound.[curved sreord. 

BAUDELAIRE, sm. short, broad, and 

BAUDEMENT, ad. merrily, gallantly. 

BAUDET, sm. ass; trestle; hammock; 

BAUD-iR, II. va. to cheer the days. [fool. 

BAUDRIER, sm. shoulder-belt. 

BAUDRUCHE, sf. gold-beater's skin. 

BAUFR-ER, I. vn. to guttle. 

BAUFREUR, sm. guttler. 

BAUGE, sf. soil of a wild boar; clay and 
straw mortar ; sort of drugget. A , 

BAUME, sm. balm; balsam. [ad. in plenty. 

BAUMIER, SHI. balm-tree. [ing. 

BAUQUIERES, */. clamps in ship-build- 

BAUX, sm. pi. leases. , cross deck- 
beams. faux, the orlop's beams. 

BAVARD, E, *. and a. boaster, babbler. 

BAVARDAGE, sm. boasting, babbling. 

BAVARD-ER, I. vn. to boast ; prate idly. 

BAVARDERIE, sf. boasting, babbling. 

BAVARO1SE, sf. tea sweetened with sirup 

BAVE, sf. slaver ; slime. [of capillaire. 

BAV-ER, I. vn. to slaver; slubber. 

BAVETTE, sf. child's bib; roof 't fence. 

BAVEU-R, SE, s. slabberer ; prattler. 

BAVEUSE, chair , sf. proud Jlesh. 

BAVEU-x, SE, a. slabbering; half done; 

BAVOCHE, E, a. not cleanly cut. [slimy. 

BAVOCH-ER, I. va. to print dimly. 

BAVOCHURE, sf. defect in a stamp 

BAVOIS, sm. rental-book. [dress. 

BAVOLET, sm. countrywomen's haad- 

BAVOLETTE, sf. country lass. 

BAVURE, sf. bearl, blister. 

BAYE, sf. bay. [les, to stand gazing. 

BAY-ER, I. vn. to gape. aux corneil- 

BAYETTE, sf. kind of baize. 

BAYEU-R, SE, s. gaper ; foolish starer. 

BAYONNETTE, tf. bayonet. 

BAYONNIER, SHI. cross-bow maker. 

BAZAR, sm. market-place, prison for 

BE ANT, E, gaping; open. [slaves. 

BEAT, E, *. sanctimonious; hypocrite, 

BEATIFICATION, sf. beatification; act 
o/beatifier; beatifying. [Saints. 

BEATIFI-ER, I. vn. to rank among t/ie 

BEATIFIQUE, a. beatific; blissful. 

BEATILLES, sf. dainty bits; giblets. 

BEATITUDE, sf. beatitude; bliss. 

BEAU, bel, belle, a.Jinc; handsome; beau- 
tiful; fair. pere, sm. father-in- 
law. fils, ton-in-law. frere, 

brother-in-law. BEAU, sm. excel- 
lence ; Jinfness. Tout / int. fair and 
softly. Avoir , to be in vain that. 
Vous avez 1'attendre, il ne viendra pas, 
you wait for him in vain, he will not 
come. Les tyrans ont faire, la raison 
les renversera, for all that tyrants may 
do, reason will own-throw them. BEAU, 
ad. in vain, uselessly. [much. 

BEAUCOUP, ad. much; many. De , by 

BEAUPRE, sm. ban-sprit. Petit , the 
jib-boom. sur poupe, close behind. 

BEAU-SEMBLANT, sm. appcarnncfx, 
seeming. [personal charms. 

BEAUTE, sf. beauty, fineness; a fair one; 

BEC, sm. beak; bill; nib; snout. Coup 
de , taunt; peck. Tour de , kiss. 

BEG ( 49 ) BEL 

* 3d p.s. 9 3d p. pi. IMPERF. 10 lstp.s. U 2dp.s. > 2 3d p.s. 
*"' 21 FUT. 22 1st p.s. 23 2dp.s. 24 3dp.s. ^ 25 IMP.M. 34 2dp.s. 35 3dp . s< 36 lstp . pl . M 3d p. pi. SUBJ.M. 
4i 1st p.s. 46 -2d p.s. 47 3d p.s. 4S 1st 49 2d 50 3d 

a-bec, ad. ?wse to nose. d'ane, 

sin. iv he die rig kt's tool. d'aiguiere, 
ffullet of an eicer. de lampe, socket 
of n lamp. de terre, point of land ; 
cape. deplume, nib of a pen. 
de cicogne or bee de grue, geranium ; 
stork's-bill or crane's-bill. de corbin, 
collier's hook. Faire le petit , to nil nee 
it. de lievre, hare-lip. N'avoir que 
le , to be all tongue. Avoir et 
onglos, to be sharp. Avoir bon , to 
speak well and much. Se defendre du 
, to plead one's cause well. Prendre 
quelqu'un par le , to convince one by 
his oivn words. Passer la plume par le 
a quelqu'un, to baffle one in his pre- 
tensions. Tenir quelqu'un le dans 
1'eau, to amuse one, to drill him on. 
Faire le a quelqu'un, to give one his 
cue. Faire voir a quelqu'un son jaune, 
to convince a man of his ignorance. 

EECARD, sm. the female salmon. 

BECARRE, sm. It sharp, in music. 

BECASSE, sf. woodcock; large Spanish 
boat, grapes. Brider la , to impose 
upon one. 

BECASSEAU, am. young woodcock. 
de mer, sea-pie. 

BECASSINE, sf. snipe. Tirer la , to 
cheat at plan ; to be finessing. 

BECCARD, BECART, sm. female salmon. 

: ;cr. [sauce. 

BECHAMELLE, sf. Sauce a la , white 

BECHE, sf. spade; an insect. 

BECHEE, sf. blil-full. 

BECH-ER, I. va. to dig, break ground. 

BECHET, sm. hind of camel. 

BECHIQUE, a. s. good for a cough. 

BKCHUTT-ER, I. v. to dig lightly. 

BECQUE, E, a. beaked, in heraldry. 

BECQUEE, sf. btll-full. 

BECQUET-ER, I. va. to peck as a bird. 
Se , vr. to bill, to hiss. [Indies. 

BECUXE, sf. sort of pike in the West 

BEDAIXE, sf. paunch; guts. 

BEDATS, warrens and woods pro- 

BEDEAU, sm. beadle; verger. 

BEDOUIN", sm. Arab of the desert. 

BEDON, sm.fat man; tabret or drum. 

BEE, a. a gueule , with one end knock 
BE-ER, 1. vn. to gape; hanger, [ed out. 
BEFFL-ER, I. va. to mock; banter. 
BEFFROI, sm. belfry; alarm-bell. 
BEGAUD, sm. a ninny. 
BEGAYEMENTj sm. stammering. 
BEGAY-ER, I. v . to stammer, lisp ; tot* 

the head, as horses do. 
BEGU, E, a. keeping still the mark in hi* 

mouth (as a horse). 
BEGUE, a. s. stammerer. 
BEGUEULE, sf. foolish and silli/ n-o><;;>. 
BEGUEULERIE, sf. impertinence <> 
BEGUIN, m. biggin, cap for a chlld.[llness. 
BEGUINAGE, sm. nunnery; beg>f 
BfiGUINE, sf. bigoted old maid; nun. 
BEGUM, sf. begum, Indian princess. 

BEIGE, sf. coarse cloth. 

BEIGXET, sm. fritter; fruit fritter. 

BEJAUNE, sm. young bird; silly young 
man; mistake, blunder. 

BEL, a.Jine, handsome. See BEAU. 

EEL ANDRE, sf. bylander; small ship. 

BKLAXT, E, a. bleating. 

BELEMENT, sm. the bleating of sheep. 

BELEMNITE, sf. arrow head, kind of 

BEL-ER, I. vn. to bleat. [stone. 

BEL-ESPRIT, sm. and a. wit, sharp, witty. 

BELETTE, sf. weasel. 

BELIER, sin. ram; Aries; battering-ram. 

BELIERE, sf. bell-clapper's or lamp's ring. 

BELITRAILLE, sm. gang of scoundrels. 

BELITRE, sm. scoundrel, rascal. 

BELITRERIE, sf. roguishncss. 

BELLATRE, sm. somewhat fair, [shade. 

BELLA DONE, sf. bella dona; great night. 

BELLE, sf. and a.Jine, beautiful, handsome 
woman; ma in deck of a ship. De plus 
, afresh, anew, more than ever. La 
donner , to impose upon. -fille, 
daughter-in-law. sceur, sister-in- 
law. de jour, Candia Illy. de 
nuit, great nightshade. See BEAU. 

BELLEMEXT, ad. softly. [mother. 

BELLE-MERE, sf. mother- in-lan; sti'p- 

BELLIGERAXT, E, a. at war; belligerent. 

BELLIQUE, BELLIQUEU-x, sv, martial, 
warlike. [pear and tulip. 

BELLISSIME, a. superlatively fine; sort of 

BELLON, sm. large cider-tub; a kind, of 

BELLOT, TE, o. pretty, neat. [colic. 



[INF.M. 'PRES.T. 2 PART.PRES. 3 PART.I>AST.] IND.M. PRES.T. 4 lstp.S. 8 2d p.S. " I 5 PRET. 16 1st p.s. 17 2dp.s. l 3d p.s. COND.M. 28 lstp.s. 29 2d p.s. 30 3d p.s. 3 32 33 3d 
PKES.T. 39 1st p.s. 40 2dp.s. 41 3dp.s. 42 43 44 3d IMPERF. 

BELOMANCIE, */. bclomancy ; divination 
BELOUSE, sf. billiard-Jtazard.[by arrows, 
BELOUS-ER, I. vu. to hazard. Se , vr. 

to mistake. [prospect; belvidere. 

BELVEDER, sm. turret ; terrace ; Jine 
fiEMOL, sm. B flat, in music. 
BEMOLISE, E, a. marked with a Jlat 
BENARDE, sf. lock opening on both sides. 
BENEDICITE, s?. grace before meals. 
BENEDICTS, sm. electuary. 
BENEDICTION, sf. blessing. Pays de , 

sm. plentiful country. Maison de , 

sf. house where there is good living. 
BENEFICE, sm. benefit ; profit ; living ; 
favour. - simple, sinecure. a charge 

d'ames, living of a parish. 
BENEFICENCE, sf. bounty; beneficence. 
BENEFICIAL, E, a. belonging to a living. 
BENEFICIER, sm. incumbent. [metal. 
BENEFICI-ER, I. vn. to profit, get, extract 
BENET, a. s. silly; ninny. 
BENEVOLE, a. kind, friendly. 
BENIC.ON, sm. blessing, grace. 
BENIGNE, a. kind; f. of BENIN. 
BENIGNEMENT, ad. kindly. 
BENIGNITE, sf. benignity; goodness. 
BENIN, sm a. benign ; kind; /. BENIGNE. 
BEN-iR, II. va. to bless, praise. la 

table, to say grace. 
BEN-i 3 i s 3.4-5.i6.i7 ie 3 ies 3 t blessed,favourcd 

of God, it 3 - 6 - 18 its 3 ite 3 ites 3 , hallowed, 

consecrated, v. BENIR. 
BENIT, E, a. blessed; praised; holy. 

C'est pain , it is delightful. De 1'eau 

E de cour, court-promises. 
BENITIER, sm. holy water-pot. 
BENJAMIN, sm. darling child. 
BENJOIN, sm. benjamin gum. 
BENOIT, E, a. sanctified. E, sf. wound- 
wort, a plant; herb-bcnnet. [look. 
BENOITEMENT, ad. with a sanctified 
BEQUENAUDE, sf. affront, insult. 
BEQUET-ER, I. va. to peck; kiss. 
BEQUILLARD, sm. old square-toes. 
BEQUILLE, sf. crutch; crutch-stick. 
BEQUILL-ER, I. vn. to walk with crutches. 

, va. dig weeds ^<p with a trowel. 
BEQUILLON, sin. pointed leaf; small bill. 
BERCAIL, sm. sheepfold; pole; flock. 
BERCE, m. robin red-breast; corn-parsnip. 
BBRCEAU, sm. cradle; bower; vault; \ 

beginning ; carriage of a press. Au or 
des le ,from one's infancy. 

BERC-ER, BERQ-ANT 2 , I. va. to roch 
in a cradle ; to lull ; deceive. Se , vr. 
to flatter one's self. J'ai et6 berce de 
cela, I heard it over and over. Le diable 
le berce, he always grunts or complains. 

BERCHE, sf. little brass cannon. 

BERGAME, sf. sort of hangings. 

BERGAMOTE, sf. bergamotpear; essence; 
perfume ; sort of scented snuff. 

BERGE, sf. high beach ; strand ; barge. 

BERGER, s/. shepherd; lover. 

BERGERE, sf. shepherdess, sweetlicart; 
woman's morning cap ; small sofa. 

BERGERETTE, sf. wine mixed with ho- 
ney ; country lass.[sf. 2)1. pastoral poems. 

BERGERIE, sf. sheep-fold ; flock. s, 

BERGERONNETTE, sf. wag-tail; coun- 

BERGEROT, sm. little shepherd, [try lass. 

BER1CHOT, sm. hedge-sparrow. 

BERIL, sm. beryl, precious stone. 

BERLE, sf. water-parsley, smallage. 

BERLINE, sf. berlin, sort of coach. 

BERLINGOT, BRELINGOT, sm. a chariot. 

BERLUE, sf. dimness of sight. 

BERME, sf. berrn, in fortification, [culous. 

BERNABLE, a. shabby, worthless, ridi- 

BERNA-CHE, CLE, sf. sea-duck; sort 
of shell. CHON , sm. little sea-duck. 

BERNARDIERE, sf. sort of pear. 

BERNE, sf. toss in a blanket ; oversight ; 
waft of a ship's ensign. Mettre le pa- 
vilion en , to hoist the ensign a-iraft. 

BERNEMENT, &m. tossing in a blanket ; 
banter. [dicule, make fun of. 

BERN-ER, I. va. to toss in a blanket; ri- 

BERNEUR, m. tosscr in a blanket; sneercr. 

BERNICLES ! int. pshaw ! nonsense 

BERNIESQUE, a. somewhat comic. 

BERNIQUE, ad. gone! the bird isftown! 

BERNIQUET, sm. aller au , vn. to be at 
an ill jmss. Envoyer quelqu'un au , 
to ruin one. 

BERNOUS, sm. cloak with a hood. 

BERRET, sm. berret, a cap. 

BERTAUD-ER, I. va. to shear roughly. 

BESACE, */. wallet. Etre a la, to be 

BESACIER, sm. beggar. [very poor. 

3ESAIGRE, a. sourish, acid. 

BESAIGUE, sf. ttcibil, double hatchet. 

BES ( 51 ) BIE 

6 3dp.s. ' 8 IMPERF. 10 lstp.s. "2dr-s. 12 3dp.s. 
20 iid p. pi. Zl 3d p. pi. FUT. 22 1st p. s. 23 2d p. s. 24 3d p. s. & 1st p. j,!. 2 2d p. p!. 
p. pi. IMP. M. 34 2dp.s. ^Sdp.s. ^ 1st p. pi. 3 ? 3S 3dptpl> SUBJ. M. 
4 Mstp.s. 46 2dp.s. 4 ?3dp.s. 48 1st p. pi. 50 

BESANT, sm. be/writ ; ancient coin. 

BESAS, sin. simpleton, atnsace. 

BESI, sin. sort of pear. 

BESICLES, spectacles. Prendre ses 
, to consider icell. 

BESOGNE, sf. work, labour. Donner 
bien de la a quelqu'un, to give one 
trouble. Aimer faite, to liate work. 
S'endormir sur la , to work slothfully. 

BESOGN-ER, I. vn. to n-orh. 

BESOIN, sm. want; need; lack. Avoir , 
to n-ant. Faire , to be requisite; be 
tran ted. s, pi. certain wants. 

BESSON, >-E, a. tn-in. 

BESTIACE, sf. ninny. [to wild beasts. 

BESTIAIRE, sm. Roman that n-as cayoscd 

BESTIAL, E, a. beastly ; brutish, [ingly. 

BESTIALEMENT, ad. beastly, disgust- 

BESTIALITE, sf. beastliness. 

BESTLAUX, m. pi. cattle; v. DETAIL, [fool. 

BEST1OLE, sf. little beast; insect; young 

BESTION, SM..flgureonthepron>ofa ship; 
beaky beak head. 

BETA, sm. booby ; simpleton. 

BETAIL, sm. cattle in general. Gros , 
oxen, kinc, black cattle. Menu , 
sheep, $c. small cattle; n-ild beast. 

BETE, sf. beast; brute; blockhead; game 
at cards. fauve, sf. n-ild deer. 
noire, wild boar. asine, ass. 
epaulee, worn-out beast. Reraontersur 
sa , to recover one's losses. 

BETEL, sm. betel, a plant. 

BETEMENT, ad. sillily, foolishly. 

BETILLE, sf. sort of muslin. 

BKTISE, >f. stupidity; folly. 

BET01NE, sf. betony, an herb. 

BETON, sm. sort of mortar ; bcton. 

BETTE, sf. beet, a plant. 

BETTERAVE, sf. red beet. Nez de , 
sm. large red nose, brazen nose. 

BETUNE, sf. one horse carriage. 

BEUGLEMENT, sm. bellowing, lowing. 

BEUGL-ER, I. vn. to bellow, low. 

BEL'RRE, sm. butter Pot de ,jar of 
butter. Pot a , butter jar. Des 
yeux poches au noir, black eyes, 
from blows. 

BEURRE, sm. bucrrG or butter-pear. 

BEURREE, sf. asliceof bread and butter. 

BEURR-ER, 1. va. to butter. 

BEURRI-ER, KRE, s. butter-seller. Au- 
teurs a ERES, Grub-street writers. 

BEVUE, sf. oversight, mistake. 

BEY, sm. Turkish governor or lord. 

BEZIER, sm. wild pear-tree. 

BEZOARD, sm. bezoar-stone. 

BIAIS, sm. slope; angle; way; b evil or 
bevel; bias. De , ad. slantingly; 

BIAISEMENT, sm. fetch; shift. 

BIAIS-ER, I. vn. to shuffle; dodge; slope. 

BIA1SEUR, sm. shuffler. 

BIARIS, sf. whale that has teeth. 

BIARQUE, sm. Greek suitler, caterer. 

BIASSE, sf. raw silk. [vessel. 

BIBERON, NE, s. tippler; the Up of a 

BIBLE, sf. tJie Bible. 

BIBLIOGRA-PHE, sm. bibliographer; 
transcriber. PHIE, sf. bibliorjntpliu ; 
knowledge of books. PHIQUE, a. oj 
books, belonging to books. 

BIBLIOMANE, sm. one mad after books. 

BIBLIOMANIE, sf. bookishitess. 

BIBLIOPHILE, sm. lover of books. 

BIBLIOTHECAIRE, sm. librarian. 

BIBLIOTHEQUE, sf. library, book-case. 
vivante, rery learned man. 

BIBUS, sm. 2)a1try ; affaire de , trifle. 

BICETRE, sm. unruly boy; house of cor- 
rection in France; poor-house. 

BICHE, sf. hind; lap-dog. 

BICHET, BICHOT, sm. measure for corn. 

BICHON, NE, s. laj)-dog; short back hair. 

BICOQUE, sf. paltry ton-n ; small liouse. 

BIDET, sm. pony ; nag; joiner's bench. 
Poussez votre , push your fortune. 

BIDON, sm. can; oblong gun-builct. 

BIDORIS, sm. little pony. 

BIEN, sm. good; wealth; benefit; pro- 
perty; estate; kindness ; fruits of the 
earth ; virtue ; 2)raise ; probity. Hom- 
me de , good man. Femme de , 
good woman. II sent son , he looks 
like a gentleman. BIEN, ad. well; 
right ; much ; many ; rery. loin, i-cry 
far off. loin de, so far from. Bicu 
tot, soon; very soon; erelong. BIEX, 
ad. positively. Feriez-vous cela? 
could you really do that ? Je le veux 
, I will. que, c. although. Si 
que, so that. loin que, far f> om. 

D 2 

BIE ( 52 ) BIN 

[INF.M. PRES.T. 2 PART.PRES. 'PART.PAST.] INI). M. PRES.T. 4 1st p.s. 5 2dp.s. 
13 14 15 3d PRET. 16 1st p.s. 17 2dp.s. 18 3d p.s. 19 1st 
27 COND.M. 28 lstp.s. 29 2dp.s. 30 3d p.s. 31 1st 32 2d 33 3d 
PRES.T. 39 lstp.s. 40 2dp.s. 41 3dp.s. 42 43 44 . 3d IJIPERF. 

BLSN-AIM6, E, a. s. beloved. aise, a. 

satisfied, pleased. dire, sm. elo- 
quence. disant, B, a. eloquent. 

etre, sm. prosper it;/, happiness, wel- 

BIENFAISANCE, sf. beneficence, [fare. 

BIENFAISANT, E, a. liberal; kind. 

BIENFAIT, sm. favour ; benefit. 

BIENFAITEUR, sm. benefactor } a. kind. 

BIENFAITRICE, sf. benefactress; kind. 

BIENFONDS, sm. landed property. 

BIENFESANCK , sf. inclination to do good. 

BIEXHEUREU-x, SE, a. s. blessed; very 

BIENNAL, E, a. lasting tiro years.[luchy. 

BIENSEAMMENT, ad. with decency. 

BIENSEANCE, sf. decency; conveniency. 

BIENSEANT, E, a. decent; convenient. 

BIENTENANT, E, a. s. landholder 

BIENVEILLANCE. sf. good-will; free- 
gift; benevolence; love. 

BIENVEILLANT, E, a. kindly inclined. 

BIEN-VENU, E, a. welcome. E, sf. 
entrance-money; imitation; garnish- 
money; happy coming; kind reception. 

BIERE, sf. bier; coffin; beer, ale. 

BIEVRE, sin. beaver; water-fowl. 

BIEZ, sin. rcatcr-milV s pipe. 

BIFFAGE, sm. scratching out, erasing. 

BIFF-ER, I. va. to erase; cancel. 

BIFURCATION, sf. bifurcation; division. 

BIFURQU-ER, I. SE , vr. to shoot out 
into two heads. [two wives alive. 

BIGAME, a. s. twice married ; who has 

BIGAM1E, sf. bigamy; second marriage. 

BIGARADE, sf. Seville or bitter orange. 

BIGARREAU, sm. white heart cherry. 

BIGARREAUTIER, sm. red and white 
heart cherry-tree. 

BIGARR-ER, I. va. to variegate; mix. 
Compagnie ee, ill-suited company. 

BIGARRURE, sf. variety of colours; 

BIGE, sf. chariot ami pair. [medley. 

BIGLE, sm. beagle, hound. , a. s. 

BIGL-ER, I. -on. to squint. [squinting. 

BIGNE, ff. knot; tumour; lump on the 

BIGORNE, sf. pointed end of an anvil; 
anvil with two pointed ends or beaks. 

B1GORN-ER, I. va. to round a thing vpon 
the anvil; to worh on a BIGORNE. 

BIGOT, E, a. s. bigot; hypocrite. 8, 
sm. pi. ribs of a barrel. 

BIGOTERIE, sf. bigotry; blind zeal. 

BIGU-ER, I. va. to truck; barter. [props. 

BIGUES, sf. pi. masts of a sheer hulk ; 

BIJOU, sm. jewel; pretty seal. TERIE, 
sf. jewellery; toys. TIER, sm. toy- 
man ; virtuoso ; jeweller. 

B1L, BILL, sm,. bill in Parliament. 

BILAN, sm. account-booh. 

BILBOQUET, sm. catch ; cup and ball. 

BILE, sf. cholcr ; bile ; gall ; anger, pas- 

BILIAIRE, a. biliary. [sion. 

BILIEU-x, SE, a. bilious; choleric. [table. 

BILLARD, sm. billiards ; mace ; billiard- 

BILLARD-ER, I. vn. to strike a ball twice. 

BILLE, sf. billiard-ball; taw; packer's 
stick; rolling-pin. Faire une , to 
hazard a ball. Us sont s pareilles, 
neither had the advantage, [odd way. 

BILL.EBARR-ER, I. va. to checker in an 

BILLEBAUDE, sf. confusion, disorder. 
A. la , higgledy-piggledy ; in confu- 
sion. Feu de , Jiring without order 
or discipline. 

BILL-ER, I. va. to pack with a packing- 
stick ; fasten a rope to a boom. les 
chevaux, to put horses together. la 
pate, tofiattcn dough with a rolling-pin. 

BILLET, sm. note; ticket; billet; bill; 
ballot. de lotterie, lottery-ticket. 
doux, love-letter. de banque, 
bank-note. de sante, certificate of 
health. decomedie, ticket for the play. 

BILLETE, a. billeted, in heraldry ; num- 
bered; labelled. [number; label. 

BILLET-ER, I. va. to put. tickets on; 

B1LLETTE, sf. sign at a toll; billet. 

BILLEVESEE, sf. idle trash. 

BILLION, sm. a thousand milliotis. 

BILLON, sm. bad coin; copper-money; 
land deeply ploughed ; vinc-trvig. 

BILLONNAGE, sm. debasing the coin. 

BILLONNEMENT,s?x. passing ojf'bad coin 

BILLONN-ER, I. vn. to coin false money. 

BILLONNEUR, sm. forger. 

BILLOT, sm. billet; wedge; cudgel; block, 
dead wood, keel's cross timber. 

BIMAUVE, sf. vervain-mallow. 

BIMBELOT, sm. child's toy ; trifle. 

BIMBELOTERIE, sf. toy-trade. 

BIMBELOTIER, sm. toyman, [digging. 

BINAGE, sm. slight ploughing, delving, 

BIN 8 

( 53 ) BLA 

9 3d p. pi. IMPERF. 10 1st p. s. n 2d p.s. 12 3d p.s. 
""-' 245> f i,,c a- 5 2 '2d 

63d p.s. 8 9 3d p. pi. IMPERF. 10 1st p. s. U 2dp.s. '23 dp>s> 
*o 2d p. pi. 21 3d p. pi. FUT. ^ 1st p. s. 23 2d p. s. 24 3d p. s. lst p . p i. 28 2 d p. pL 
p. pi. IMP. M. y4 2dp.s. ^Sdp.s. 36 " 3S SUBJ. M 
45 1st p.s. 6 2dp.s. "3d p.s. 48 1st p. pi. 4U ^ 3d p. pi. 

BIXAIRE, a. binary; tiro and two. 

BINARD, sni. large cart on four wheels 
of equal size. 

B1XEMEXT, sm. digging again, the vine. 

BIX-ER, 1. va. to dig again. 

BIXET, sm. save-all. Faire , to use 
a save-all ; be saving. 

BIXOCLE, sin. double perspective glass. 

BIXOCULAIRE, a. binocular; for both 

BIXOME, sm. binomial quantity, [eyes. 

BIOGRAPHE, sm. biographer ; writer of 

BIOGRAPHIE, if. biography. [Hnet. 

BIPEDE, biped; having two feet. 

BIPEDAL, E, a. t no feet long. 

BIQUE, sf. she-goat. 

BIQUET, sm. kid; gold-scale. 

BIQUET-ER, I. vn. to hid; weigh money. 

BIRAMBROT, stu. kind of beer-soup. 

EIRE, sf.Jish trap-basket. [two-oared boat. 

BIREME, sf. double-roivcd galley, any 

BIRETTE, sf. kind of cap. [cards. 

BIRIBI, sm. sort of chance game at 

BIRLOIR, sm. top of a window-sash. 

BIROTIXE, sf. sort of silk from the Levant 

BIS, E, a. brotvn ; coarse. Du pain , 

household bread. Du pain blanc, 

mixed bread. BIS! int. encore! again! 
A & a blanc, by JITS and starts. 

BISAGE , sm. second dyeing of cloth, $c. 

BISAIEUL, sm. great-grandfather. E, 
ff. great-grandmother. 

BISAXXUEL, LE, a. lasting trvo years. 

BISBILLE, sf. quarrel, dissentioit. 

BIS-BLAXC, a. half-white, whitish brown. 

BISCAIEN, sm. kind of musket; a one 
pound shot. , yE, a. Biscay an; long 

BISCHE, a. set and hatching, as eggs are. 

BISCORXU, E, o. ill-shaped ; cramped. 

BISCOTIX, sm. sugar-cake, biscuit. 

BISCUIT, sm. biscuit; cake.. S'embarquer 
sans , to want foresight. 

BISE. sf. north-north-east wind ; penny- 
loaf. Frappe du vent de , ruined. 

BISEAU, sm. hissing-crust; organ-stop- 
ple; bar; sloping edge; basil. 

BISE1GLE, sm. shoe-maker's ruler 

BIS-ER, I. vn. to grow brotvn. une 
etoffe, to dye a stujf' ayahi. 

BISET, am. stoth-doce ; kind of black ' 

BISETTE, sf. narrow-lace. {pebble, i 

BISETT1ERE, sf. narrow lace-maker. 
BIS EUR, sm. dyer. 
BISMUTH, sm. bismuth, semi-metal. 
BISOX, sm. sort of i did ox; buffalo. 
BISOUARD, sm. little pedlar or carrier. 
BISQUAIXS, sm. sheep-skins with the 

wool on. 
BISQUE, sf. bisque, rich soup; odds at 

tennis. Avoir quinze & sur la partie, 

to have a great chance in a thing. 
BISSAC, sm., wallet. Reduire au , to 

beggar. Etre au , to be a beggar. 
BISSETRE, sm. misfortune by neglect. 
BISSEXTE, sm. bissextile; intercalary 

day, odd day. [leap-year. 

BISSEXTIL, E, a. bissextile. Annee e, 
BISTOQUET, sm. kind of billia, >' 
BISTORD, sm. spun-yarn. de trois 

fils, three-yarn spun-yarn. 
BISTORTE, sf. siialte-ii-nJ. [iron. 

BISTOURI, sm. incision-knife, scalping- 
BISTRE, sm. bistre, prepared soot. 
BISULQUE, a. cloven, cloi-en-footed. 
BITORD, sm.. small kind of rope. 
BITT-ER, I. va. to bit, a cable. 
BITTES, sf. 2)1 bits, cable-stays. 
BITTONS, sm top-sail-sheet bits. 
BITUME, sm. bitumen. 
BITUMINEU-X, SE, a. bituminous; fat. 
BIVAC, sm. night watch or sentry. 
BIVALVE, a. s. shelves ; having tico shells ; 

two folds ; bivalvular. 
BIVAQU-ER, I. vn. same as Bivouaquer. 
BIVIAIRE, a. s. meeting of ttvo roads. 
BIVOIE, sf. parting of a road. [guard. 
BIVOUAC, sm. extraordinary n'ujht- 
BIVOUAQU-ER, I. vn. to j)ass the night 

without shelter; to bivouac. 
BIZARRE, a. odd; whimsical. 
BIZARREMEXT, ad fantastically. 
BIZ ARR ERIE, sf. odd ness i whim; caprice. 
BIZART, sm. bird of passage. 
BLAFARD, E, a. wan; pale. 
BLAIREAU, sm. baihjer ; hind of pencil. 
BLAIRIE, sf. pasture-fee. 
BLAMABLE, a. blamcalle; faulty. 
BLAME, sm. blame ; fault ; censure. 
IJLAM-KR, I. ai. blame; reprimand, [slap. 
BLAMUSE, sf. a small coin; a cujf or 
BLAX-c, in. CHE. f. a. white; clean; 

blank. signe, sm. carte-blanche; fall 

12LA ( 54 ) BLO 

[IN P.M. 'PRES.T. 2 PART.PRES. 3 1'ART.PAST.] IND.M. PHES.T. 4 1st p.S. S 2d p.8. 

13 1st 14 2d U PRET. I6 lstp.s. 17 2d p.s. 18 3d p.s. 19 1st 
27 3d COND.M. "Istp.s. '-^idp.s. ' M 3d p.s. 3l 1st 32 2d ^Sd 
PRES.T. 39 1st p.s. 4u 2dp.s. 41 3dp.s. 42 1st 43 2d 44 3d inpERr. 

power. manger, blanc manger ; white 

jelly. bee, novice; simpleton. Bil- 
let , blank. BLANC, sm. mark at 
shooting; coin; white; slice of the 
breast of a fowl; whiting, chalk. Livre 
en , book in quires ; memorandum. 
Chapeau en , hat not, dyed. Cheveux 
S grey hairs. Mettre un homme au 
blanc, to ruin a man. Se fuire blanc de 
son t;pee, to brag much of one's self. 
de ceruse, white lead. d'espagne, 
whiting. de baleine, spermaceti. 

BLANCHAILLE, sf. young fry. 

BLANCHATRE, a. whitish. 

BLANCHE, sf. minim, in music; a. white. 
Fleurs s, sf. the whites. Avoir carte 
, to have fall power to do what one 
thinks Jit. Cartes s, small cards. 

BLANCHEMENT, ad. cleanly, neatly. 

BLANCH ERIE, sf. whitstcr's field. 

BLANCH ET, sm. smock-frock; strainer; 
printer's blanket. 

BLANCHKUK, sf. whiteness; neatness. 

BLANCHIMENT, sm. bleaching; wash for 
silver; scouring, whitening. 

BLANCH-IR, II. va. and n. to whiten; clear; 
groivgrey ; blanch; wash. ausoleil, to 
bleach. Tous ses efforts n'ont fait que 
, all his efforts It ace been ineffectual. 

BLANCHISSAGE, sm. washing; whiten- 
ing; bleaching. [ing white. 

BLANCHISSAXT, E, a. whitening; grow- 

BLANCH1SSERIE, sf. whitening, bleach- 
field, bleach 'ing-ground. 

BLANCHISSEUR, sm. whitster ; bleacher. 

BLANCHISSEUSE, sf. laundress. 

BLANDICES, sf. pi. cajoling ; flattery . 

BLANQUE, sf. blank lottery; white or 
black, kind of chance game. Trouver 
, to be disappointed. Hasard a la 
, fall back, fall edge, hap-hazard. 

BLANQUETTE, sf. delicate sort of white 
wine; sort of pear ; white fricassee. 

BLAQUE, sf. tobacco pouch. 

BLAS-ER, I. va. to dry up ; burn. Se , 
vr. to impair one's health by Jiard 
drinking ; be satiated or sated. 

BLASON, sm. heraldry; blazon; arms. 

BLASONNEMENT, sm. blazonry. 

BL.ASONN-ER, I. va. to blazon; slander. 

BLASON NEUR, fin. blazoner ; slanderer. 

BLASPHEMATEUR, sm. blasphemer. 

BLASPHEMATOIRE, a. blasphemous. 

BLASPHKME, sm. blasphemy. 

BLASPHEM-ER, I. va. to blaspheme. 

BLATIER, sm. corn-factor; corn-chand- 

BLAUDE, sf. groom's frock. [ler. 

BLAVETTE, sf. corn-Jtowcr, blue-bottle. 

BLE, BLED, sm. corn ; wheat. noir, 

buckwheat. maigre, rye. 

meteil, half wheat and half rye. Petits 
s, barley, oats. Manger son en 
herbe, to anticipate one's revenues. 

BLECHE, a. weak; silly. 

BLEIME, sf. disease of horses, bleymc. 

BLKME, a. wan; pale; bleak. 

BLEM-IB, II. vn. to grow pale. 

BLEMISSEMENT, sm. paleness. 

BLEMITI-F, VE, a. that makespale. 

BLEREAU, sm. badger. 

BLESS-ER,I.t5./w/mr<; wound; offend; 
stain; injure. Se , vr. to miscarry ; 
be offended; hurt or wound one's self. 

BLESSURE, sf. wound; bruise; injury. 

BLET, TE, a. half-rotten; too ripe. 

BLETTE, sf. blite; strawbcrry-spinage. 

BLEU, E, a. sm. blue. Cordon , blue 
ribbon; order of knighthood; a knight. 
Du poisson au , boile'd fish. BLEU, 
temporary acting officer. 

BLEUATRE, a. bluish, nearly blue. 

BLEU-IR, II. va. to make blue. 

BLIN, sm. wedge-driver; ship-tool. 

BLIND AGE, sin. splinter proof s ; blind or 
covered buildings of carpentry or brick- 
work, of sufficient strength for protec- 
tion against fragments of shells, gre- 
nades, Sfc. [with a BLINDAGE. 

BLIND-ER, I. va. to put blinds; cover 

BLINDES, sf. pi. blinds, in fortification. 

BLOC, sm. rough marble; block. Vendre 
en , to sell in a lump. 

BLOCAGE, sm. BLOCAILLE, sf. rubbish ; 
shards ; turned up letter. Muraille de 
, sf. rough wall, [to block up a place. 
BLOCUS, sm. blockade. Faire le , 
BLOND, E, a. s.fair ; Jiaxen. d'Egypte. 
black; tawny. ardent, red as a car- 
rot. E, sf. blond lace; fair woman. 
BLONDIN, sm. beau; spark, fop. E, 

sf. fair girl. 
BLOND-iR, II. vn. to grow fair ; to ripen. 

BLO ( 55 ) BOI 

6 3dp.s. ' 8 9 3d p. pi. IMPERF. 10 lstp.s. H 2dp.s. 12 3dp.s. 

.pi. 21 FUT. ^ 1st p.s. ^Sdp.s. 24 3d p.s. s 5 1st p. pi. M IMP. M. 34 2dp.s. 3 5 3d p. s. & 1st p. pi. 3 ~ 3s SUBJ. _M 
45 1st p.s. 46 2d p.s. 47 3d p.s. 4b 1st 49 2d i0 3d 

BLOQU-ER, I. va. to block up; fill up. 
BLOT, sin. log-lint; a hawk's resting place. 
BLOTT-iR, II. Se , vr. to squat down. 
BLOUSE, sf. hazard on billiard-table; 

2>ocket ; kind of smock-frock. 
BLOUS-ER, I. va. to drive into the 
BLOUSE. Se , to pocket one's ball; 
BLOUSSE, sf. short n-ool. [to iistake. 
BLUET, si. blue-bottle, corn-flower. 
BLUETTE, */. little spark oj\fire. du 
Rhin, German n-ool. s, witty sayings. 
BLUTEAU, sm. bolter; sit re. 
BLUT-ER, I. va. to bolt ; sift. 
BLUTERIE, sf. bolting-room. 
ELUTOIR, SM. bolter; sieve. 
BOA, sm. a serpent, a boa. 
BOBECHE, sf. candlestick-socket. 
BOBELIN, sm. kind of shoe. 
BOBINE, sf. bobbin ; quill for silk. 
BOBIX-ER, I. (vi. to wind silk, $c. 
BOBIXEUSE, */. silk-winder. 
BOBO, sm. small ailment, hurt. 
BOCAGE, sin. grove; thicket. 
BOCAG-ER, ERE, a. rural; wood-loving. 
BOCAL, sm.jug; decanter. 
BOCAN, sm. dancer. BOCANE, sf. kind of 
BOCARD, sm. large mortar. [dance. 

BOCARD-ER, I. ra. to pound. [tvood. 

BOCHET, sm. 2<7. decoction of sudorific 
BODIXE, sf. keel of a ship, [beater's skin. 
BODRUCHE, sf. 'thin parchment ; gold- 
BOKSSE, sf. kind of chisel. 
BOESS-ER, I. va. to make even ; smooth. 
BOETE, sf. box, case. Sec BOITE. 
BOKTIER, sm. bo.i-maker; small chest, 

part of a ivatch. See EOITIER. 

BCEUF, sin. an ox, beef. a la mode, 

a-la-mode beef. a la royalo, beef 

well seasoned. (Eil de , small round 

tvindoiv, bull's eye; a fool, a drone. 

Mettre la charrue devant les s, to 

put the cart before the horses. 

BOGUE, sf. rough prickly shell of chcs- 

nuts ; sort of sea-fish. 

BOHE, BOU, sm. kind of tea, Sohea. 

BOH EM E, */. Maison de , disorderly 

house. Vivre counno en , to lead 

a vagabond life. 

BOHEMIEN, N*E, s. gipsy ; vagabond. 
BOIARD, sm. kind of hand barron- for 
fish; Russian nobleman. 


26 ront 27 rais 2 '- 29 rait 30 rois 28 ' 29 roit 30 
rions 31 riez 32 raient 33 roient 33 . Sec Boiv, 
Bu, Buv, BUSS-E, rfi. to drink; soak; 
blot. un affront, to put up tvith an 
insult. en templier, en chantre, to 
drink hard. le vin de 1'etrier, to 
have a parting glass; take a stirrup 
cup. a tire-larisrot, to drii, 
hard. a la re^alade, to Jet ivinefall 
into one's moutli. a la ronde, to 
drink about. Le papier boit, the paper 
sinks. BOIRE, sm. drink, beverage. 

Pour , pot-money ; compliment. 

BOIS, sm. n-ood ; ; deer's horns. cha- 
blis, ivind-fallcn n-oenl. do charpfnte, 
timber. de la Chine, mahogany. 
taillis, copse. de teinture. 
dye ivith. de haute futuu-, le>f!y 
trees. de lit, bedstead. Porter bien 
son , to hare an easy gait. Trouver 
de , to find the door shut. J.t<r 
du a perdu, to throw logs of ivooil 
into the stream. Je sais de quel il 
se chauffe, / know what mettle he is 
made <;/'. NY savoir plus de quol faire 
fieche, not to know what shift to make. 
Porter du dans la foret, to carry coals 
to Xewcastle. II ost du doi.- 
li's rtutes, he is of a complying temp< r. 
Bt>ISAGE, sm. timber; wainscot. 
BOISE, E, a. >cainteotted; woody, 
BO1S-EK, I. va. to wainscot; pla < 
BOISERIE, sf. trainscotting. 

1 -x, SE, a. woody. 
BOISSEAU, sm. bushel; lacc-cashi&n ; 

potter's stay. 
BOISSELEE, sf. bushel-full; ground that 

can be sown ivith a bushel of corn. 
BOISSELIER, */. turner. 

\. sf. drink. 

BOIT 5 , v. noiHE, to drink; he drinks. 
BOITE. sf. bo.r. de inontre. watch-case. 
de presse, hose of a press. du 
gouvernail, the rudder case. a fusil, 
tinder-box. a poudre, powder-box. 
Dans les p, tites s sont lesbons onguens, 
one may be little and good. BOITE, sf. 
time ir/icn wine is rit for drinking. 
BOITEMENT, sm. halting. 
BOIT-ER, I. vn. to limp; go lame. 

BOI ( 56 ) BOR 

[INF.M. 'PRES.T. 2 PART.PRES. * PART. PAST.] IND.M. PRES.T. 4 lstp.S. 5 2dp.S. 

la 1st 14 I5 3d PRET. 16 lstp.s. 17 2tlp.s. 18 3d p.s. 19 1st 
a ~ 3d COND. M. 2d 1st p.s. 29 2d p.s. 30 3d p.s. 31 1st 32 2d 33 3d 
PRES.T. 39 lstp.s. 40 2d p.s. 41 3dp.s. 42 1st 43 44 3d IMPERF. 

BOITEU-x, SE, a. and s. lame; cripple; 
limping. [box of jewels; case-maker. 
BO1T1EK, sm. toy-man; surgeon's case; 
BOITURE, sf. debauch; drinking bout. 
B01V-EXT 9 ' 38 - 4 * e 35 - 39 - 41 es 40 , v. BOIRE, to 
drink. [nie, bole ammoniac. 

BOL, sin. pill. BOLUS, bolus. Bol d'Arme- 
BOLET, sm. mushroom (Archit. terra). 
BOMBANCE, sf. eating; riot; feasting. 
BOMBARDE, sf. bombard; great gun; 

bu mb-vcssel. 

BOMBARUEMENT, sm. bombardment. 

BOMBARD-ER, I. va. to bombard; throw 

bombs or shells. [engineer. 

BOMBARDIER, sm. bombardier, bomb 

BOMBASIN, sm. bombasin; slight stuff. 

BOMBE, */. bomb, shell. 

BOMBEMENT, sm. jutting out; curvity. 

BOMBE, E, a. curved, convex. [jut out. 

BOMB-ER, I. va. to swell; bend. , vn. 

BOMERIE, sf. bottomry ; ship insurance. 

BON, in. NE,jf.. good; hind; brave; skilful; 

excellent. vivant, jolly fellow. 

mot, witticism; jest. de 1'affaire, 

sin. the ])ith of the business. jour 

ne ceuvre, the better day the better 

deed. A chien ne vient jamais os, 

merit seldom meets its reward. A 

chat rat, tit for tat. BON ! int. pshaw ! 

indeed! BON, sm. good; clear; the 

cream; gratuity; acceptation of a bill. 

Mon , ma NE, my dear. BON, ad. 

well. Tout-de , in good earnest. A 

quoi ? to what purpose? 
BON ACE, sf. calm at sea; still weather. 
BONASSE, a. harmless, stupid. 
BONBONNIERE, sf. sweet-meat box. 
BON-BON, sm. dainties; sugar-plums. 
BON-CHRETIEN, sm. Grantham-pear. 
BOND, s?;?. rebound; gambol; skip. 
BONDE, sf. sluice ;Jlood-gate ; bung ;plug. 
BOND-iR, II. vn. to frisk; rebound; rise. 
BONDISSANT, E, a. shipping, springing. 
BONDISSEMENT, sm. frisking. de 

coeur, rising of the stomach. 
BONDON, sm. bung; stopple; bung-hole. 
BONDONN-ER, I. va. to bung; stop. [ring. 
BONDON Nl ERE, sf. cooper's tool for bo- 
BON-FRAIS, sm. steady breeze, fresh gale. 
BONHEUR, sf. happiness; good-luck; 
blessing. Par , ad. luckily, happily. 

BONHOMIE, sf. good-nature. 
BONHOMM.E, sm.old man; also a plant. 
BONIFICATION, sf. improvement. 
BONIFI-ER, I. va. to improve; mend. 
BONNE, a. f. good, kind. See BON. , sf. 
governess. Ma , my dear, line 
lieue, a long league. s fetes, high 
festivals. aventure, good fortune. 
C'est une tete, he is an able man. 

dame, sf. a plant. fortune, 

lady's favours. grace, genteel air; 

trimming. De heure, early. 

voglie, volunteer rower, rower. De 
voglie, willingly. 

BONNE AU, sm. buoy; sea-mark. 
BONNEMENT, ad. honestly ; well ; simply. 
BONNES, sf. j)l. trumps; a. good. SeeBoy. 
BONNET, sm. cap; bonnet. Prendre le 
vert/ to turn bankrupt. Avoir la tete 
pres du , to be passionate. Cela a 
passe au , it was carried unani- 
mously. Prendre une chose sous son , 
to fancy a tiling. Opiner du , to vote 
blindly. Mettre son de travers, to 
be morose ; iieevisJi. Ce sont deux tetes 
dans un , they are alike. 
BONNETADE, sf. capping; cringing. 
BONNET-ER, I. va. to cap; cringe. 
BONNETERIE, sf. hosier's business. 
BONNETEUR, sm. shatter; swindler. 
BONNETIER, sm. cap-maker; hosier. 
BONNETTE, gf. bonnet of a. sail; half- 
moon in fortification. lardee, chopped 
oakum for leaks. Lacer la , to lace 
on the bonnet of a sail. s en etui, 

BONSOIR, sm. evening farewell, good- 
evening, [good- It (I t It) I'. 
BONTE, sf. goodness, kindness, fucour, 
BON-TOUR, sm. favourable swing of the 

ship; hawse clear. 
BONZE, sm. bonze, kind of priest. 
BOOT, sm. Baltic sloop. 
BOOTES, sm. a constellation. Bootes. 
BOQUET, sm. kind of shovel. 
BOQUETEAU, sm. small wood. 
BOQUILLON, sm.poor wood-cleaver. 
BORAX, BORAT, sm. borax, mineral salt. 
BORD, sm. ali'tp; aboard. , /> . 

brim; brink; sltorc ; shirt; lace. 
Rendre le , to anchor. Renverser 

BOR ( 

6 3d p.s. 7 lst 8 2d 9 3d 
2 ^d 21 3d PUT. 22 lst p.s. IMP.M. 34 2d p.s. 35 8d p.s. 3 
45 lst p.s. 46 2d p.s. "73d p.s. lst 


IMPERF. 10 lst p.s. "2d p.s. )2 3d p.s. 

. ! 2d p.s. 24 3d p.s. 25 lst 2 6od p.pi- 

^Ist 37 2d 36 3d SUBJ.M. 

4C 2d 50 3d 

tourner, changer le , to veer or tack. \ 

a terre, standing in shore. au 
large, standing off' shore. sur , 
tack for tack. Faire un , to make a 
tuck. Courir meme que 1'ennemi, to 
stand on the same tack with the enemy. 

a , ad. level, even with, alongside. 
Rouge , sm. bumper. 

BORDAGE, sm. side-planks of a skip. 

Franc , outside planks. 
BORDAY-ER, I. va. to traverse sail. 
BORDE, sf. small hut; cottage. 
BORDEE, sf. broadside; tack; natch; 

part of the crew ; a volley. 
BORDEL, sm. house of bad fame. 
BORDELAGE, sm. base tenure. 
BORDELIER, sin. debauchee; rake. 
BORD-ER, I. va, to edge; border; lace; 
furnish; ornament. un vaisseau, to 
bear up to a ship; boar da ship. lacote, 
to line the coast. un li't, to tuck in a 
bed. Borde au vent! haul aft the sheets ! 
BORD-ER & brasser au vent, to trim the 
sails by the mind. a coin or a clin, 
to plank a ship with clinch-work. 
1'artimon, to haul the mlzcn sheet fiat 
aft. les avirons, to ship the oars. 
les ecoutes arriere, to haul aft both 
sheets. les ecoutes tout plat, to tally 
the sheets Jiat aft. 
BORDEREAU, sm. note; account. 
BORDER1E, */. small dairy or farm. 
BORDEY-ER, I. vn. to ply to windward. 
BORDIER, S7ii. lop-sided ship. s, land- 
holders by the road-side. 
BORDI-ER, ERE, 5. small farmer. 
BORD1GUE, sf. crawl for taking fish. 
BORDURE, sf. frame; edge; border ; foot 
BOREAL, E, a. northern. [of a sail. 

BOREE, sm. north-wind; an insect. 
BORGXE, a. one-eyed; patched; unfair. 
Cabaret , paltry tavern. Faux , 
peevish. , sm. one-eyed man. 
BORGXESSE, sf. one-eyed woman. 
BORGXIBUS, sm. tall one-eyed man. 
BORNAGE, sm. setting bounds. [post. 
BORNE, sf. bound; limit; stone; stud; 
BORXE, E, a. shallow, small, ignorant. 
BORN-BK, I. va. to bound; limit; end. 
Se , vr. to keep within bounds; to 
coiifine one's self. 

BORNOY-ER, I. va. to set posts for sur- 
BORNOYEUR, sm. surveyor. [rcyintj. 
BOSPHORE, sm. Bosphorus ; strait. 
BOSQUET, sm. thicket; grove. 
BOSSAGE, sm. rustic quoin; emboss- 
ment (in archit.) 

BOSSE, sf. hump on the body; relievo; 
bruise; knot; lump; poicdcr-jiask. 
s, ring ropes or stojtyers. En , 
embossed. De ronde, in relievo. De 

demi , in tin If relic ro. 11 ne de- 

mande que plaies & s, fie dclig/tls in 

BOSSELAGE, sm. a relievo; embossing. 
BOSSEL-ER, I. va. to emboss, plate. 
BOSSELURE, sf. crimpling, curling. 
BOSSEMAX, sm. boatswain; quarter- 
master's mate. 

BOSS-ER, I. va. Pancre, to stow the 
anchor. le cable, stopper the cable. 
BOSSETTE, sf. bridle-stud; boss. 
BOSSOIRS, sm. pi. cat-heads of a ship. 
BOSSU, E, a. hunch-backed. Chemin , 
sm. rugged way. Corame un , merrily. 
BOSSUEL, sm. scented tulip. 
BOSSU-ER, I. va. to bruise; batter. 
BOSTANGI, sm. Turkish gardener, [foot. 

BOT, sm. Flemish boat. Pie , stitmp- 

BOTANIQUE, sf. botany. , a. relating 
BOTAXISTE, sm. botanist. [to plants. 
BOTAX1S-ER, I. vn. to botanize. 
BOTTE, sf. boot; hunch; thrust; bottle; 
hit in fencing ; bundle. s, pi. clods 
of dirt. Graisser ses s, to prqwe 
one's self for a long journey. II lui a 
porte une vilaine , he served him a 
very scurvy trick. Mettre du foin dans 
ses s, to make the most of an cmploy- 
inent. A propos de s, for nothing; 
now I think of it. En , in frame. 
BOTTELAGE, sm. bottling of hay. 
BOTTEL-ER, I. va. to bottle hay. [bottles. 
BOTTELEUR, sin. maker of hay into 
B01T-ER, I. vn. to put boots on. Se , 
vr. put one's boots on; clog one's shoes. 
BOTTIER, sm. boot-maker. 
BOTT1NE, sf. jockey-boot ; buskin. 
BOU, sm. Bohea tea, black tea. 
BOUC, sm. he-goat ; leathern budget. Bouc 
hazazel or emissaire, scape-goat. Bouc 
A'\iuile,Jlask of oil. 

BOU ( 58 ) BOU 

[INF.M. 'PRES.T. 2 PART.PRES. 3 PART. PAST.] IND. M. PRE3.T. 4 1st p.S. 5 2d p.S. 

13 15 PHET. 16 1st p.s. >7 2 dp.s. 18 3d p.s. 19 lst]i.p!. 
2 COND.M. 2 * 1st p.s. ^Sdp.s. a 3dp.s. 3l 1st 32 2d M 3d 
PKES.T. 3i) lstp.s. 40 2dp.s. 41 3dp.s. 42 1st 43 44 3d IMPEKF. 

BOUCAN, sm. place to smoke meat; hut; 
house of bad fame. 

BOUCAN-ER, I. va. to smoke dry ; hunt 
wild bulls for skins. 

EOUCANIER, sm. buccaneer; hunter. 

BOUCASSIN, sm. fust tan. 

BOUCASSINEE, a. toile , linen-cloth 
made fustian-like. [for tobacco. 

BOUCAUT, sm. large hogshead; dry cask 

BOUGH E, sf. the mouth; entrance. 
cousue! mum for that. Avoir bonne 
, to have a nimble tongue. Flux 
de , talkativeness. a , face to 
face. Sujet a sa , glutton; dain- 
ty. Avoir toujours a la , to repeat 
continually. Un saint Jean d'or, 
one ivho sj>eaks indiscreetly. Prendre 
sur sa , to live sparingly. II dit tout 
ce qui lui vient a la , he speaks right 
or wrong. Fermer la a quelqu'un, 
to silence one. Cela fait bonne , that 
leaves a pleasant taste in the mouth. 
Elle n'en fait point la petite , she does 
not mince it. Un homme fort en , a 
man mho out-talks every body. Garder 
pour la bonne , to keep the best bit 
for the last. La nouvelle va de en , 
the news is spread every where. L'eau 

. en vient a la , that makes one's mouth 

BOUCHE, E, a. thick, dull, stupid.[water. 

BOUCHEE, sf. mouthful; morsel. 

BOUCH-ER, I. va. to stop up, shut. 

BOUCHER, sm.. butcher; cruel man. 

BOUCHERE, sf. butcher's wife. 

BOUCHERIE, sf. shambles, butchery; 
meat market. 

BOUCHES a feu, sf. guns of all kinds, 
artillery. 100 a feu, 100 guns. 

BOUCHE-TROU,; odd man. 

BOUGH ETURE, sf. fence, inclosure. 

BOUCH1N, sm. extreme breadth of a ship. 

BOUCH01R, sm. lid of an oven. 

BOUCHON, sm. stopple; cork, bush. Bou- 
chon de paiile, wisp of straw. , any 
thing rumpled; pot-house. 

BOUCHONNE, */. darling, honey. 

BOUCHONN-ER, I. va. to rub with a 
wisp; rumple. [dies set for fishing. 

BOUCHOTS, sm. pi. crawls or pens ; hur- 

BOUCLE, sf. buckle, knocker; curl; ring. 
de cheveux, lock of hair. der- 

ri&re, neck-lock. d'oreille, ear-ring. 

Mettre un matelot sous s, to put a 

sailor in irons. 

BOUCLEMENT, sm. ringing, curling. 
BOUCL-ER, I. va. to buckle; ring; make 

an end of; curl. un port, stop an 

BOUCLIER, sm. buckler; shield. Levee 

de s, sf. much ado about nothing. 
BOUCON, sm. poison; gudgeon. 
BOUDELLE, sf. first quill of a wing. 
BOUD-ER, I. vn. to pout, look gruff. 
BOUDERIE, sf. pouting, surliness. 
BOUDEU-R, SE, s. a. who pouts ; sullen. 
BOUD1N, sm. black-pudding ; part of a 

column. Middle rail of the head in 

French ships. Ce projet s'en ira en 

eau de , that project will come to no- 

BOUDINAILLE, sf. sausages of all hind. 
BOUDINE, */. knot in a glass. 
BOUDINIER, sm. black-pudding-maktr. 
BOUDINIERE, sf. little funnel. 
BOUDINURE de 1'arganeau, puddening of 
BOUDOIR, sm. private closet, [the anchor. 
BOUE, sf. dirt; matter; low condition. 

Ame de , base soul, mean fellon-. 
BOUEE, sf. buoy;fioat. 
BOUEUR, sm. dustman ; scavenger, 
BOUEU-x, SE, a. muddy; miry. 
BOUFFANT, -R, puffing ; swelled, [jaws. 
BOUFFE, sm. buffoon ; f. pi. disease of the 
BOUFFEE, sf.puff; blast; blight ;Jt. 
BOUFFEMENT, sm. puffing, breeze, 

breath, exhalation. [greedily. 

BOUFF-ER, I. va. to puff; be sullen ; eat 
BOUFETTE, sf. knot of narrow ribbons ; 

a kind of sail ; harness-trapping. 
BOUFF-IR, II. va. to bloat ; puff up ; swell. 
BOUFF1SSURE, sf. swelling; bombast. 
BOUFFOIR, sm. butcher's bellows. 
BOUFFON, NE, s. a. jocose; buffoon. 
BOUFFONN-ER, I. vn. to droll, jest. 
BOUFFONNER1E, sf. buffoonery; Ion- jest. 
BOUGE, sm. lodge; closet; middle of a 

cask; budget; bag; sort of pear. s, 

pi. cowries ; curious shells. 
BOUGEOIR, tm.ffut wax-candlestick. 
BOUG-ER, BOUGE- AHT S , I. tm. to budge; 
BOUGETTE, sf. budget; bag. [stir. 

BOUGIE, sf. wax-candle; bougie. 


8 9 

! T7TTV *< 

6 3d p.s. ' 
20 21 FUT IMP. M. 3l 2dp.s. 
43 1st p.s. 46 2d p.s. 3d p.s. 


20 21 . .. . 

35 3dp.s. 36 1st p. pi 

( 59 ) BOU 

r . r .. IMPERF. 10 lstp.s. U 2dp.s. 10 3dp.s. 

! - 1st p. s. '" 2d p. s. 24 3d p. s. 25 1st p. pi. 2tt 2d p. pi. 

3d p. s. 36 1st p. pi. 37 2d p. pi. 38 3d p. pi. SUBJ. M. 
48 1st 49 2d 50 3d 

BOUGI-EK, I. va. to size with ivax. 

BOUGONN-ER, I. vn. to mutter, be surly. 

BOUGRAX, stii. buckram. 

BOUGRE, m. BOUGRESSE, /. disgusting 
wretch. [rain; squall. 

BOU1LLARD, 5m. storm with wind and 

BOUILLANT, E, a. hot; hasty; boiling. 

BOUILLE, sf. fisherman's perch; cloth- 
stamp; rein in a coalpit. SeeBouiLLiR. 

BOUILL-ER, I. va. to stir the mud; to 

BOUILLI, sin. boiled meat, [stainj) cloth. 

BOU1LLIE, sf. thick milk ; pap, boiled. 

BOUlLL-iR 1 ant 2 i 3 ie 3 ies 3 is 3 - 16 - 1 ' ons"- 36 
ez 8 - 37 ent 9 - 38 - 44 ais 10 - 11 ait 12 ois 10 - 11 oit 12 
ions 13 - 42 iez 14 - 43 aient 15 oient 15 it 18 tmes 19 
Ites 20 irent 21 irai 22 iras- 3 ira 24 irons 25 
irez 26 iront 27 irais 28 -'- 19 imit 30 irois 38 - 29 
iroit 30 irions 31 iriez 32 iraient 33 iroient 33 
e35.39.4i ent 38 - 44 es 40 isse 45 isses 16 It 47 
issions 48 issiez 49 issent 50 . See Bou, vn. 
to boil; work; bubble up. 

BOUILLOIRE, sf. boiler; kettle. 

BOUILLON, sm. broth; gust; seething- 
up ; puff; bubble ; froth. blanc, 
petty mullein. s 7 - 36 , v. BOUIL.HR. 

BOUILLONNANT, E, a. bubbling, swollen, 
boiling ; transported with. 

BOUILLOXNEMENT, sm. bubbling up; 
ebullition; rippling. 

BOUILLONX-ER, I. vn. to bubble up; 

BOUILLOTTE, sf. hindofgame. [gush out. 

BOUIS, sm. glazing stick; box, box-tree. 

BOULAIE, sf. birch-tree plantation. 


BOULANGER, sm. baker. [to bake. 

BOULANGERE, sf. baker's wife, baker. 

BOULANGERIE, sf. baking; bakehouse. 

BOULE, sf. bowl; ball. A vue, rash- 
ly, at random. Tenir pied a la , to 
keep close to one's business. 

BOULEAU, sm. x. pi. birch-tree, [mastiff. 

BOULE-DOGUE, sm. bull-dog, large 

BOUL-ER, I. vn. to pout; swell. 

BOULET, sin. bullet; sJiot; cannon-ball; 
fetlock or pastern-joint. rame or a, 
deux tetes, bar-shot. s enchaines, 
8 a 1'ange, chain-shot. 

BOULETTE, sf. little ball. 

BOULEVARD, sm. bulwarks; mound; 
fortress ; stronghold, [throw; confusion. 

BOTJLEVERSEMENT, tin. total ovcr- 

BOULEVERS-ER, I. va. to overthrow. 

la cervelle, to turn the brain. 
BOULEUX, sm. short thick horse. Bon 

, plodding man. [loosely. 

BOULE VUE, sf. a la , ad. at random, 

BOULI, sm. tea-pot. [used at SM. 

BOULICHE, sf. large earthenware vessel 

BOULIER, sm.Jishing-nct. 

BOULIM1E, sf. morbid voracious appetite. 

BOULIN, sm. pigeon's cove or nest ; 
putlock ; scajf'olding-holc. 

BOULINE, sf. bowline; tack. 

revers, lee-bon-linc. Vent de , sm. 
tack-wind, half -wind. Faire courir la 
, to make a sailor run the gauntlet. 

BOULIN-BB, to tack about; shift. 

BOULINEUR, sm. camp-thief. [ploL 

BOULINGRIN, sm. bowling-green, grass- 

BOULINGUE, sf. royal sail, \ 

BOULINIER, sm. a ship that goes with a 

BOULON, sm. iron pin; square bolts; 
steel-yard weight. [timber. 

BOULONN-ER, I. va. to fasten pieces of 

BOUQUE, sf. straight passage at sea. 

BOUQU-ER, I. vn. to submit unwillingly. 

BOUQUET, stn. nosegay; elegant compli- 
ment in verse. de plumes, jrtumc <>f 
feathers. de pierreries, knot of 
jewels. de cerises, cluster of dm //'. >. 

de poires, bunch of pears. de 
paille, ivisji of straw. d'un livre, 
a loose sheet. de scions, knot of 
scions. s, pi. the fore-thwarts of a 

EOUQUETIER, sm.Jlower-man. [boat. 
BOUQUETIERE, sf. nosegay-woman. 
BOUQUETIN, sm. wild goat. 
BOUQUIN, m.old book, old he-goat ; lecher. 

Vieux , an old book ; an old rake. 

Sentir le , to smell rammish. 
BOUQUIN-ER, I. vn. to hunt after old 

books ; couple as a hare. 
BOUQUIN-ERiE, sf. old booh shop; useless 

quotations from old books. EtR, 

sm. book-worm. ISTE, second-hand 


BOURACAN, 57??. coarse camlet, barracan. 
BOURACANIER, sm. barracan-maker. 
BOURBE, sf. mud ; mire. 
BOURBELIER, 5m. wild boar's breast. 
BOURBEU-x, SE, a. muddy ; miry. 
\ BOURB1ER, sm. slough; mire. 


[INF.M. 'PRES.T. 2 PART.PRES. SPART.PAST.] IND.M. PRES.T. 4 lst p.s. S 2d p.s. 
I3 lst 14 2d 15 3d PRET. 1(i lst p.s. 17 2d p.s. 18 3d p.s. 19 lst 
27 3d COND.M. 28 lst p.s. ^2d p.s. a 3d p.s. 31 lst 32 2d 33 3d 
PRES.T. 39 lst p.s. 40 2d p.s. 41 3d p.s. 42 lst 43 2d 44 3d IMPERF. 

BOURBILLON, sm. matter- from a sore. 

BOURC-ER 1 , BOURg-AXT, a I. va. to con- 
tract the sails. 

BOURCET, sm. fore-sail and fore-mast. 

BOURCETTE, sf. corn-salad; lamb's let- 

BOURDAINE, sf. black alder. [tucc. 

BOURDALOU, wz. hat-band ; lady's 
slipper. E, sf. kind of linen. 

BOURDE, */. sham; Jib; fun. 

BOURDELAI, sm. large kind of grapes. 

BOURD-ER, I. vn. tojib ; sham; mala; fun. 

BOURDEU-R, SE, s. jibber. [casks. 

BOURDILLON, sm. cleft of wood to make 

BOURDIN, sm. sort of peach. 

BOURDON, sm. drone; an out in print- 
ing; a staff. Planter le , to settle. 
Faux , sort of church-music. 

BOURDONNANT, E, a. buzzing. 

BOURDONNE, E, a.pomctty, in heraldry. 

BOURDONNEMENT, sm. humming ; buz- 
zing; murmur. [buzz. 

BOURDONN-ER, I. vn. to hum; mutter; 

BOURDONNET, sm. lint, tent. 

BOURG, sm. country-town. Gros bourg, 
market town. 

BOURGADE, sf. little town. 

BOURGAGE, sm. burgage tenure. 

BOURGEOIS, sm. burgess; citizen; com- 
moner. , E, a. Jit for a citizen. E, 
sf. citizen's wife. 

BOURGEO1SEMENT, ad. citizen-like. 

BOURGEOISIE, sf. freedom of a city ; the 

BOURGEON, sm. bud; pimple, [citizens. 

BOURGEONNE, E, a.covcred withpimples. 

BOURGEONN-ER, I. vn. to bud; shoot. 

BOURGMESTRE, sm. bur go-master. 

BOURGOGNE, sm. Burgundy-wine. 

BOURGUEPINE, sf. buck-thorn. 

BOURGUIGNON, sm. island of ice. 

BOURGUIGNOTE, sf. head-piece; helmet. 

BOURRACHE, sf. borage, plant, [srcer. 

BOURRADE, sf .beating ; blow; sharp an- 

BOURRASQUE, sf. sudden storm; caprice. 

BOURRE, sf.wad; cow's hair; silly stuff. 

-lanice, coarse wool. tontice, 

shear-wool. Lit de , sm. Jlock-bed. 
II y a de la dans son action, he is 
stiff', ajfectcd. 

BOURREAU, sm. executioner; tormentor. 
C'est un d'argent, he is a spendthrift. 

BOURREE, sf. small wood; bavin. , 

boree, a dance. Fagot chevche , like 
loves li/$e. [n'ith, agitated. 

BOURRELE, E, a. overwhelmed; Jilled 

BOURRELET,sm.pad; cushion; p widen- 
ing of a mast. 

BOURRELIER, sm. harness-maker. 

BOURRELLE, sf. cruel woman. 

BOURRELLEMENT, sm. torture; remorse. 

BOURRELL-ER, 1. va. to torment, rack. 

BOURRELLERIE, sf. racking pain. 

BOURR-EH, to pad ; ram; abuse. 

BOURRICHE, sf. provision-basket. 

BOURRIER, sm. rubbish, dust. 

BOURRIQUE, sf. ass; bad horse; hod. 

BOURRIQUET, sm. barrow; ass's colt. 

BOURR-iR, II. vn. to cry as partridges. 

BOURRU, E, a. morose, cross. Moine , 
sm. bug-bear. Vin , thick w It ite wine. 

BOURSAULT, sm. sort of willow. 

BOURSE, sf. purse ; pod ; exchange ; ve- 
sicle ; bag ; fellowshij). en reseau, 
net purse. a berger, shepherd's 
purse ; toy-wort. Teuir la , to keep 
the cash. Faire commune, to lice in- 
common. Coupeur de , pick-pocket. 
Couper la , to inch pockets. 

BOURSEAU, sm. roofing of lead. 

BOURSES, sf. pi. the scrotum. 

BOURSETTE, sf. small purse; corn-salad. 

BOURSIER, sm. treasurer ; purse-maker; 
burser. [ing. 

BOURSILL-ER, I. vn. to make a gather- 

BOURSILLEUR, sm. miser, catchpenny. 

BOURSON, sm. watch fob. 

BOURSOUFFL-AGE,sw*. URE, sf. swel- 
ling, pomposity. 

BOURSOUFFL-ER, I. va. to bloat; jmff. 
Gros E, sm. fat bloated man. Style 
E, turgid style. 

BOU-s 4 - 5 - 34 , v. BOUILLIR, to boil. 

BOUSARD, sm. deer's dung, [turn over. 

BOUSCUL-ER, I. va. to overthrow, push, 

BOUSE, sf. cow's dung. 

BOUSIER, sm. insect that feeds on dung. 

BOUSILLAGE, sm. mud-wall; dabbling. 

BOUSILL-ER, I. va. to make a mud-wall ; 
spoil a icorl;. 

BOUSILLEU-R, SE, s. mud-wall; dabbler. 

BOUSIN, sm. soft crust of stones. 

BOUSQU-ER, I. r. to plunder. 

BOUSSOLE, sf. sea- compass; guide. 


( 61 ) 


6 3d p. s. 7 1st p. pi. 8 9 IMPERF. 10 lstp.s. U 2dp.s. >-3dp.s. 
20 2d p. pi. 21 3d p. pi. FUT. 2a 1st p. s. 23 2d p. s. 3d p. s. ** lst p . pl . 26 ad p . pL 
p. pi. IMP. M. 34 2d p. s. 35 3d p. s. 36 1st p. pi. 37 2d p. pi. 3d p. pi. SUBJ. M. 
45 1st p. s. 46 2dp.s. 4 7 3d p. s. 48 lstppl. 49 

affolee, defective compass. de ca- 
dran, dial ivitli a magnet. 

BOUSTARIN, sm.fat little man. 

BOU-T 6 , v. BOUILLIR, to boil. 

BOUT, sm. end; tip; nipple; chape,; tub; 
button; heel-piece; ferula', bit. Le 
haut , upper end; honour. Le bas 
, lower end. a , ad. tacked to- 
gether. Pousser a , va. to drire to 
initics; put to a non-plus. Venir 
a , to succeed; conquer. d'aile, 
sin. pinion. de manches, cuff's. 
salgneux, neck of mutton. d'lioin- 
me, short man. de chandelle, piece of 
candle. A tout de champ, for ever. 
Au du corapte, after all. D'un a 
1'autre, all over. Haie au , still more. 
Venir a , v. to briny about. rimes, 
rhimes to be filled up. Rire du des 
dents, to laugh against, one's mill. Par 
lebon , with advantage. Se mettre 
sur le bon , to make a good figure in 
the world. C'est le du monde, it is 
the utmost. Sur le du doigt, at one's 
Jingcr's end. A touchant, close to 
the breast. Nous y touchons du du 
doigt, we are very near it. Cela lui a 
demeure au de la plume, he forgot to 
write it. de beaupre, bowsprit's 
boom. - de vergue, yard-arm. 

BOUTADE, sf freak; whim; eagerness. 
de vers, poetic rapture. 

BOUTADEU-x, SE, a. whimsical. 

SOUTANE, sf. kind of stuff: 

BOUTANT, arc , sm. prop ; supporter. 

BOUT ARGUE, sf. pickled Jish-spawn. 

BOUTE, E. a. having straight legs. 

BOUTE, sf. large cask of fresh water. 

en-train, decoy-bird ; merry companion. 

tout-cuire, spendthrift. feu, 

gunner; linstock; incendlarj/ ; .fire- 
brand. dehors, sm. studding-sail 

boom ; ^fire-boom. de lof, boom of 

the fore-tack. hors, knave out of 

doors; good utterance. Sonner le 

selle, to sound to horse. 

BOUTEAU, sm. small Ji shin g net. 

BOUTEILLAGE, sm. a tax on wine. 

BOUTEILLE, */. bottle; bubble. Entrer 
dans la , to be in the secret. Coup de 
pied de , red pintle. II n'a rien vu 

que par le trou d'une , he is a mere 
novice. s, quarter galleries of a ship. 

BOUTEILLIER, sm. butler. 

BOUT-ER, I. va. to put ; place ; pare. 

BOUTEROLLE, sf. scabbard; bodkin. 

BOUTIQUE, sf. shop; implements; stall; 
trunk. bion achalandee, well-frt- 
quented shop. Cela vient de sa , It Is 
one of his stories. 

BOUTIQUIER, sm. shopkeeper. 

BOUTIS, sm. holes made by wild boars. 

BOUTISSE, sf. stones laid across a wall. 

BOUTOIR, sm. snout; paring too!. 

BOUTON, stn. button; bud; pimple. s, 
mouses, knots or crowning. Serrer le 
a quelqu'un, to be very urgent upon one. 

BOUTONN-ER, I. va. to button; bud; 
blossom. Nez E, pimpled nose. C'est 
un homme toujours E, he is very close 

BOUTON NERIE.5/. button ware. 

BOUTONNIER, sin. button-maker. 

BOUTONNIERE, sf. button-hole. 

BOUT-PORTANT, A , ad. the muzzle of 
the gun touching the person or tiling. 

BOUTURE, sf. slip ; cutting ; sucker. 

BOUVART, sm. young bull; hammer for 

BOUVEAU, sm. young ox. [coining 

BOUVERIE, sf. coiv-housc; market sta- 

BOUVET, sm. joiner's plane. [bling. 

BOUVIER, s. cow-herd ; clown ; Bootes. 

BOUVILLON, sm. bullock. 

BOUVREUIL, sm. bull-Jinch. 

BOX-ER, I. rn. to box. 

BOYAR, BOYARD, sm. Russian nobleman. 

BOYAU, sm. gut ; bowel. , branch of 
a trench. Descente de , sf. rupture 
Racier le , to scrape on the fiddle. 

BOYAUDIER, sm. fiddle-string maker. 

BOYER, sm. Flemish boat. 

BRACELET, sm. bracelet. 

BRACH-ER, I. vn. to brace a yard. 

BRACKET, sm. kind of terrier-dog. 

BRACHIAL, a. brachial ; of the arm. 

BRACHIO, sm. a bear's cub. 

BRACHYGRAPHIE, sf. short writing. 

BRACMANE, sm. bramln ; I ndian priest. 

BRACONN-ER, I. va. to poach. 

BRACONNIER, sm. poacher. 

BRADYPEPSIE, sf. slow digestion. 

BRAGUE, sf. span; breeching of a cannon, 
s de gouvernail, rudder-stoppers. 


''-' 15 


t, ov; ; JBKA 

33. 3 PART.PAST.] IND.M. PRES.T. 4 1st p.9. 5 2d p.S. 

..pi. PRET. 16 lstp.s. 17 2dp.s. 18 3dp.s. 9 1st 
p.s. a9 2d p.s. 30 3d p. s. 31 1st p. pi. 3a 3; '3d 

4 l3r1 n.<s. 42 44<t,lnnl. T^fD^3T^w 

13 1st 14 15 3d PRET. 16 1st p.s. 17 2dp.s. 18 3d p.s. 
27 3d p. pi. COND.M. 28 lstp.s. a9 2d p.s. 30 3d p.s. 31 1st 32 2d 
PRES.T. 39 lstp.s. 40 2d p.s. 41 3dp.s. 42 1st 43 44 3d 

J t riTT ^* n T , J^ 7 I - 1_T 1*J*. . T. !__ TV 1- 


BRAGU-ER, I. vn. to lead a reckless life ; 
BRAI, 57/1. pitch and tar mixed. [boast. 
BRAIE, sf. child's clout. 
BRAI-ENT 9 , v. BRAIRE, to bray. 
BRAI-ER, I. va. to pitch over. 
BRAIES,/.^. tromsers ; coats ofthemasts. 

Sortir d'une affaire les nettes, to come 

off clear. [brawler. 

BRAILLARD, E, a. s. bawling; noisy; 
BRAILL-ER, I. vn. to bawl, quarrel. 
BRAILLEU-R, SE, s. bawler, scold. 
BRADIENT, sm. braying of an ass. 
BRAI-RE 1 ra 24 rent" rait 30 raient 33 roit 30 

roient 33 t 6 ent 9 ' 38 - 44 , vn. to bray as an 
BRAISE, sf. live coal, small coal. [ass. 
BRAISIER, sm. charcoal-trough. 
BRAISIERE, sf. box to stifle live coals. 
BRAM-ER, I. vn. to bray as stags. 
BRAMIN, sm. Gentoo priest. 
BRAN, int. nonsense! , sm. excrement; 

bran; sawdust. 

BRANC, sm. lonq sword, rapier. 
BRANCADES, sf. pi. galley slaves' chains. 
BRANCARD, sm. litter; shaft of a coach; 

hand-barrow ; shaft horse. 
BRANCARDIER, sm. Utter-driver. 
BRANCHAGE, sm. branches; boughs. 
BRANCH E, sf. branch; bough; stick of 

a Roman balance. de garde d'epee, 

bow of a sword-hilt. Comme 1'oiseau 

sur la , in a wavering condition. 

de cypr&s, beaconage-duty. 
BRANCH-ER, I. va. to hang on a tree. 

, vn. to perch. 

BRANCHIER, sm. brancher ; young bird. 
BRANCHU, E, a. branch}/ ; wide-spread. 
BRANDE, sf. heath; furze; bough. 
BRANDEBOURG, sm. surtout. s, trim- 
BRANDEVIN, sm. brandy, [ming son a coat 
BRANDEVIN1-ER, ERE, s. sutler. 
BRANDT, a. tout , all at once. 
BRANDILLEMENT, sm. swinging. 
BRANDILL-ER, I. va. to swing ; see-saw. 
BRANDILLOIRE, sf. swing. 
BRAND-IR, II. va. to brandish; nail wisps 

of straw on seized estates, [of a stick. 
BRANDON, sm. wisp of straw at the top 
BRANLANT, E, a. shaking ; unsteady. \ 
BRANLE, sm. jogging; hammock; a kind , 

of dance. Tendre les s, to sling the 

hammocks. Donner Ic , vn. to set a 
going. 'Etre en , to be in motion or 
in suspense. Mener le , to lead the 
dance. Faire danser tm de sortie, to 
turn out of doors. Fou or folle 
comme le gai, as merry as a grig. 
has, preparation for a sea-engage- 
ment. has! up all hammocks! 

BRANLEMENT, sm. jogging; motion. 

BRANL-ER, I. va. to jog; shake; waver; 
give ground; totter; move. au 
raanche, vn. to totter, decline in one's 
interest. le men ton, to eat fast. 

BRANLEU-R, SE, sm. shaker. 

BRANQUE-URSINE, sf. brank-ursin, 

BRANLO1RE, sf. swing; see-saw, [herb. 

BRAQUE, sm. setting-dog. Fou comme 
un --, as mad as a March hare. 

BRAQUEMART, sm. cutlass; hanger. 

BRAQUEMENT, sm. pointing a cannon. 

BRAQU-ER, I. va. to point ; level ; set. 

BRAQUES, sf. 2>l- claws of a lobster. 

BRAS, sm. arm; claw; sconce; handle. 
Bon , braced to a large wind. Bras 
de revers, the lee-brace. Tenir un , 
to haul in and fasten the brace. 
d'ancre, the anchor-arms. de ver- 
gues, braces. de baleine, Jins of a 
whale. de iner, arm of the sea. 
seculier, secular power. de melon, 
&c. vine of a melon-plant. Avoir les 
longs, to have an extensive power. 
A -tours de , with all one's strength. 
A force de , with main strength. A 
plein , grasping. Les de lamort, 

the jaws of death. dessus, 

dessous, arm-in-arm. 

BRAS-ER, I. va. to solder; braze. 

ERASURE, sf. soldering. 

BRASIER, sin. coal-fire ; large clear Jire ; 
pan for coals. 

BRASILL-ER, I. va. to broil a little, vn. 
to sparkle as the sea. [coal. 

BRASQUE, sf. mixture of clay and char- 

BRASSAGE, sm. coining. Droit de , 
coinage. [armour for the arm. 

BRASSARD, sm. bracelet; vambrace; 

BRASSE, sf. fathom. Pain de , large 

ERASSEE, sf. arm-full. [loaf. 

BRASS-ER, I. va. to brew; mix; devise. 
au vent, to brace the sails in. sous 

BRA ( 83 ) BRI 

6 3dp.s. 7 1st p. pi. 8 2< 9 IMPERF. 10 lstp.s. U 2dp.s. ' 2 3dp.s. 
' M 21 PUT. 22 lstp.s. 23 2dp.s. 24 3d p.s. 25 1st 26 DIP. M. 34 2dp.s. 35 3d p.s. 36 37 38 SUBJ. M. 
45 1st p.s. 46 2d p.s. 4 ? 3d p.s. 48 1st 49 2d 50 3d 

le vent, to brace to leeward. les 
voiles sur le mat, to brace the sails aback. 
BRASSERIE, sf. brewhouse. 
BRASSEU-R, SE, s. braver. [a yard. 

BRASSEYAGE, sm. the inner quarters of 
BRASSIERES, sf. child's night-gown. 

Eire en , not to be at liberty. 
BRASSICOURT, sm. bandy-legged Iwrse. 
BRASSIN, sin. brewer's copper. 
BRASSOIR, sm. stirring stick. 
BRAVACHE, sm. swaggerer, built/. 
BRAYACHERIE, ff. boasting, shorn off. 
BRAVADE, sf. hectoring; bullying. 
BRAVE, a. s. brace; spruce. Faire le 
brave, to carry it high. Faux , bully. 
BRAVEMENT, ad. stoutly ;, finely. 
BRAV-Eit, I. va. to brace; bully. 
BRAVERIE, sf. finery. 
BRAVO ! int. shout of applause. 
BRAVOURE, sf. valour; courage. Bra- 

\oures, pi. feats, deeds. 
BRA YEMENI, sin. braying of an ass. 
BRAYER, sm. trass ; 2)annel. 
BRAY-ER, I. va. to tar a sh'qj ; pan. 

BRAYERS, sm. pi. tackles of a pulley. 

BRAYES, sf. towels, clouts. 

BREAXT, sm. green-finch. 

BREBIAGE, sm. tax on sheep. 

BREBIETTE, sf. small sheep, ewe lamb. 

BREBIS, sf. sheep; ewe ; Jlock. Brebis 
galeuse, vicious person. [of marble. 

BRECHE. sf. breach; gap; notch; sort 

BRECHEDENTS, a. toothless. 

BRECHET, sm. brisket ; stomach-pit. 

BRECIN, sm. iron-hook. 

BREDI-BREDA, ad. in a hurry. 

BREDIXDIN, sm. main-stay button. 

BREDOUILLE, sf. lurch; double point 
at French backgammon. Eire en , 
to be at a nonplus. 

BREDOUILLEMENT, sm. stammering. 

BREDOUILL-ER, I. vn. to stammer. 

BREDOUILLEU-R, SE, s. stammerer. 

BREF, br&ve, a. brief; short. , ad. in 
short; shortly. , s>. a brief; calendar. 

BREGIN, sm. net with narrow meshes. 

BREHAIGNE, a. barren. [at cards. 

BRELAN, sm. gaming-house; sort of game 

BRELAND-ER, I. vn. to gamble. 

BRELANDIER, sm. gamester. 

BRELANDIM-ER, ERE, s. huckster. 

BRELIC-BRELOQUE, ad. heedlessly. 

BRELIN, sm. sort of shellfish. 

BRELLE, sf. raft ; float of wood. 

BRELOQUE, sf. gewgaw, toy. Petite 
breloque, pedlar's box. 

BRELUCHE, sf. drugget; thrcaden and 

BREME, sf. bream, fish, [worsted stuff. 

BRENEU-x, SE, a. dirty, foul. 

BRESICATE, sf. hind of baize. 

BRESIL, sm. Brazil wood. 

BRESILLE, E, a. friable, crumbling. 

BRESILL-ER, I. va. to cut small; dye 
with Brazil ivood. 

BRESILLET, sm. Brazil wood. 

BRETAILL-ER, I. vn. to tilt ; fence. 

BRETAILLEUR, sm. filter; bully. 

BRETAUD-EH, I. ret. to crop ; cut sJiort. 

BRETELLE, sf. strap ; handle. S, pi. 
braces for breeches. En avoir jusqu'aux 
s, to be over head and ears in trouble. 

BRETTE, sf. rapier, long sword. 

BRETTE, K, a. toothed, notched. 

BRETTEUR, sm. bully, hector. i 

BRETTURE, sf. teeth of tools. 

BREUIL, sm. thick set copse. 

BREUVAGE, sm. drink, potion, 

BREVE, ff. short syllable. II en sait les 
longues & les s, he is a knowing one. 
II observe les longues & les s, he keeps 
to all the punctilios. BREVE, a. short. 

BREVET, sm. warrant ; commission; in- 
denture; bill of lading; charm. 

BREVETAIRE, */. bearer of the King's 
warrant for a church preferment. 

BREVET-ER, I. va. to give a warrant. 

BREVITE, sf. said of silent vowels. 

BREVIARE, sm. breviary; brevier. 

BRIBE, sf. hunch of bread. 3, pi. pick- 
ing s ; scraps of Greek and Latin. 

BR1COLE, sf. bricole; rebound; back- 
stroke; toil; uneasy rolling of a ship. 
De , ad. indircctl". 

BRICOL-ER, I. vn. to toss sideways. 

BRICOLES, sf. pi. straps, thongs. 

BRIDE, sf. bridle; stay; loop. s a 
veaux, silly reasons. en main, with 
deliberation, de dentelle, bar of a 
lact. Atoute , at full speed. Lacherla 
a quelqu'un, to let one take his own 
course. Tenir en , to keep in duty. 
Tenir la haute or courte a quelqu'un, 

BRI ( 04 ) BRO 

[INF.M. 1 PRE8.T. 2 PART.PRES. 3 PART. PAST.] IND.M. PRES.T. 4 1st p.S. 5 2d p.S. 

13 14 2d 15 3d PRET. 16 1st p.s. 72dp.s. 18 3d p.s. 19 
27 COND.M. 2 8 1st p.s. 2 92dp.s. 30 3d p.s. 31 1st 32 2d *Sd 
PRES.T. 39 1st p.s. 40 2dp.s. 41 3dp.s. 42 1st 43 2d 44 3d IMPERF. 

to keep a strict hand over one. Mettre 
la sur le cou a quelqu'un, to let one 
go on his own way. A abattue, in 
double quick time. 
BRID-ER, I. va. to bridle; curb; tie fast. 

la becasse, to make a fool of one. 

1'ancre, to shoe the anchor. 
BRIDOIR, sm. chin-band for women's 


BR1DON, sm. snaffle; a bit. 

BRI-EF, EVE, a. quick, short. 

BRIEUX, sm. the striking of thcjlag to 
an admiral; harbour-duty. 

BRIEVEMENT, ad. bruji;/. 

BRIEVETE, sf. brevity ; shortness. 

BRIFE, sf. enormous appetite. 

BRIF-EK, I. va. to eat greedily. 

BRIFEU-R, SE, s. greedy eater. 

BRIGADE, sf. brigade; troop. 

BRIGADIER, sm. brigadier. 

BRIGAND, sm. highwayman; extortion- 
er ; miscreant. s, sm. pi. banditti. 

BRIGANDAGE, sm. robbery. 

BRIGANDEAU, sm. young robber. 

BRIGAND-ER, I. va. to rob on the high- 

BRIGANTIN, sm. brigantine. [way. 

BRIGNOLES, sf. pi. Provence-prunes. 

BRIGNON, sm. kind of plum. 

BRIGUE, sf. solicitation; cabal; in- 
trigue; canvassing; competition. 

BRIGU-ER, I. va. to solicit; sue. 

BRIGUEUR, Kin. candidate. 

BRILL AM MENT, a. in a brilliant may. 

BRILL ANT, E, a. shining ; bright; brisk; 
gay ; lively.. Esprit , sm. sparkling 
tvit. , sm. brightness ; keen sense; 

3RILLANT-ER, I. va. to face a diamond. 

BRILL-ER, 1. vn. to shine-; sparkle; glit- 

BRLMBALE, sf. handle of a pump. [ter. 

BRIMBAL-ER, I. va. to set a going ; ring 
bells; make a noise. 

BRIMBORIONS, sm. pi. baubles ; toys. 

BRIN, sm. bit; sprig; slip; stick; best 
part of hemp for ship ropes. de 
sole, de natte, &c. twist. d'estoc, 
guarter-stnff'. a brin, ad. piece- 
meal. Bois de , solid timber. Beau 

d'homme, well-shaped young man. 
BRINDE, sf. toast; health. 
BRIOCHE, sf. sort of nice cake; briosh. 

BRION, sm. moss on trees, the fore-foot 
of a ship's keel. 

BRIQUE, sf. brick ; lump. 

BRIQUET, sm. steel; small sword. 

BRIQUET AGE, sm. bricks; brick-work; 

BRIQUET-ER, I. va. to make brick-like. 

BRIQUETERIE, sf. brick-kiln; brick- 

BRIQUETIER. sm. brick-maker. [making. 

BRIS, sm. wreck; breaking open; ship- 
wreck' s^fire. 

BRISABLE, a. that may be crumbled. 

BRISANT, sm. shelf; blind rock; breaker. 

BR1SE, tf. breeze; fresh gale. cara- 

binee, violent wind or squall. fer, 

sm. very strong fellow. glace, 

starlings of bridges. raison, noisy 

chatterer. vent, shelter. cou, 

break-neck place. image, image, 

breaker. s, sf. pi. land winds. 

BRISE, E, a. folded, broken. Lit , 

sm. folding bed. Carrosse , landa u. 

BRISEE, a. chaise , folding-chair. 

Porte , folding-door. Table , table 

with flaps. Forine , stretcher. s, steps ; course; tracks in hunting ; 
design. Aller sur les s, to interfere. 
Reprendre ses premieres s, to return 
to one's old way. Marcher sur les s 
de quelqu'un, to imitate one. 

BRISEMENT, sm. dashing; rending; 
great sorrow. 

BRIS-ER, I. va. to; split; dash; 
bruise; rend; destroy; fall out. Se 
, vn. to break ; fold up. 

BRISEUR, sm. breaker. 

BR1SO1R, sm. brake for Jiax. 

BRISONS la-dessus, no more of that. 

BRISQUE, sf. brisquc, game at cards. 

BRISURE, sf. rcbatcmcnf ; folding. 

BR1TANNIQUE, a. British. 

BROC, sm.jug; large fork. 

BROCANT-ER, I. vn. to be a broker. 

BROCANTEU-R, SE, s. broker. 

BROCARD, BROC ART, sm. brocade; 
stuff embroidered ivlthsllk, $c.; taunt; 
brocket ; young stag. 

BROCARD-ER, I. va. to taunt; nip; jeer, 

BROCARDEU-R, SE, s. taunter. 

BROCATELLE, sf. linsey-woolsey ; varie- 
gated marble. 

BRO ( 65 ) BRU 

6.3dp.s. ' 8 9 3d p. pi. IMPERP. 10 1st p. s. " 2d p.s. 12 3dp.s. 
w 3d p. pi. 21 3d p. pi. FUT. 22 1st p. s. 23 3d p. s. 24 3d p. s. 1st p. pi. 2d p. pi. 
p. pi. IMP.M. 34 2dp.s. 35 3dp.s. 1st p. pi. 37 38 SUBJ.M. 
45 1st p. s. 46 2dp . s . ^ 3d p. s. s 3d p. pi. 

BROCH ANT, a. over all, in heraldry. Bro- 

chant sur le tout, at the head of nil. 
BROCHE, sf.spit; knitting-needle ; fau- 
cet; stick; peg; puncher ; stem; pin of 
a lock. s de sanglier, tusks of a wild 
BROCHEE, sf. spiff ul; string; set. [boar. 
BROCH-ER, I. va. to Jin it ; stitch; do in 
a hurry; work with gold, silk, $c.; to 
BROCKET, sm. pike, flsh. [stick ; fasten. 
BROCHET-ER, skewer; measure; 
fasten ; secure. un cuir, to stretch 
BROCHETON, sm. small pike. [a hide. 
BROCHETTE, sf. skewer; little stick. 
BROCHEU-R, SE, s. knitter; stitcher. 
BROCHOIR, sm. farrier's hammer. 
BROCHURE, sf. pamphlet ; stitched book. 
BRO.COLI, sm. brocoli ; cabbage sprouts. 
ERODE, a. swarthy, tawny. 
ERODE, E, a. embroidered; streaked. 
BRODEQUIN, sm. buskin ; half-boots. 

Chausser le , to act on the stage. 
BROD-F.R, I. va. to embroider ; romance. 
BRODERIE, sf. embroider y ; romancing. 
BRODEU-R, SE, s. embroiderer ; spotter. 
BRODOIR, sm. bobbin ; frame for embroid. 
BRONCHADE, sf. stumbling, tripping. 
BRONCHEMENT, sm. failure. 
BRONCH-ER, I. vn. to stumble; trip. 
BRONCHES, bronchial vessels. 
BRONCHIAL, E, a. bronchial, bronchic; 

belonging to the lungs. 
BRONZE, sm. bronze; brass. De bronze, 
brazen.. Cceur de , sm. heart of, flint. 
s, brazen figures. {bronze. 

BRONZ-ER, I. va. to bronze; paint like 

BROQUART, am. deer two years old. 

BROQUE, sf. cabbage sprout. 

BROQUETTE, sf. tack; small nail. 

BROSSAILLES, sf. pi. bushes; briars. 

BROSSE, sf. brush; pencil, [brush along. 

BROSS-ER, I. va. to brush ; clean. vn. to 

BROSSIER, sm. brush-maker, [cocoa-tree. 

BROU, sm. rind of a walnut ; bark of the 

BROUAILLES, sf. guts of, fishes, $c. 

BROUEE, sf. rime; fog; mist. [broth. 

BROUET, sm. milk-porridge; gruel; thin 

BROUETTE, sf. wheel-barrow; paltry 
coaeh. [barrow, 

BROUETT-ER, I. vn. to carry in a whecl- 

BROUETT1ER, sm. wheel-burrow man. 

BROUHAHA, sm. noisy applause. 

BROUILLAMINI, sm. confusion; kind of 


BROUILLARD, sm. mist; day-book. Pa- 
pier , sm. blotting-paper. 
3ROUILLE, sf. quarrel, disagreement. 
BROUILLEMEXT,sm.mixture; confusion. 
BROUILL-ER, I. va. to shuffle; mix to- 
gether; embroil ; perplex ; jumble ; set 
at variance. Se , vr. to fall out ; be 
out ; be overcast. Les cartes sont EES, 
there is a great misunderstanding. 
BROUILLERIE, sf. broil; quarrel. 
BROUILLGN, sm. foul copy ; day-book; 
marplot. , NE, a. shuffling; busy-body. 
BROU-ia, II. va. to blight; dry up ; scorch. 
BROUISSEMENT, sm. rattling. 
BROUISSURE, sf. blight; blast. 
BROUSSAILLES, briars, brambles. 
BROUSSIN, sm. excrescence. [walnuts. 
BROUT, sm. browse-wood; green shell of 
BROUT-ER, I. va. to brotvsc; to feed. 
BROUTILLES, sprigs; trifles. 
BROYE, sf. brake for Jlax. 
BROYEMENT, sm. pounding. 
BROY-ER, I. va. to grind ; pound ; bray. 
BROYEUR, sm. grinder. d'ocre, 

dauber in painting. 
BRO YON, sm. brayer to stir ink. 
BRU, sf. son's wife. 
BRUANT, sm. yellow-hammer. 
BRUGNON, sm. nectarine. [frost. 

BRUINE, sf. rime; drizzling rain; ftoar 
BRUIN-ER, I. vn. to drizzle. 
BRUI-RE 1 , SceBRUY-ANT 2 ; to roar ; bus- 
tle; ring again; rattle ; make a noise. 
BRUISSEMENT, sm. roaring. 
BRUIT, sm. noise ; report ; uproar ; quar- 
rel ; fame. d'armes, rattling of arms. 
d'epees, clashing of swords. des 
dents, gnashing of the teeth. de 
coups de fouet, jerk or snapping of a 
whip. d'un moulin, clacking of a 
mill. de tonnerre, roaring or clap 
of thunder. qu'on fait en frappant 
du pied, stamping. qu'on fait en 
marchant, clattering of the feet. Bruit 
d'un ruisseau, purling or murmuring 
of a brook. des abeilles, buzzing of 
bees. d'un carrosse, rattling of a 
coach. de choses qui tombent, 
bounce. de choses qui so fendent, 


( 66 ) 


! PRES.T. 2 PART.PRES. 3 PART.PAST.] IND. M. PRES.T. 4 1st p.S. 5 2dp.S. 

I3 14 2d 15 PRET. 16 lstp.s. 17 2dp.s. 18 8d p.s. 19 lst 
27 3d p. pi. COND.M. 28 1st p.s. 29 2dp.s. 3 " 3d p.s. 31 1st 32 2d 33 3d 
PRES.T. 39 lstp.s. 40 2d p.s. 41 3dp.s. 42 43 44 IMPERF. 

crack. d'une porte, de souliers, creak- 
ing. de la raer, roaring, raging. 
Le court, it is said. Un se re- 
pand, a report is spread. sourd, 
circulated whisper, rumour. Avoir , 
to fall out. A petit , ad. gently. A 
grand , with great bustle; loudly. 
BRULABLE, a. Jit for burning. 
BRIJLANT, E, a. burning; hot; eager. 
BRULE, sm. burning, Jirc. Cerveau brule, 

fanatic. , a. burnt; sun-burnt. 
BRULE-GUEULE, sm. short pipe. 
BRULEMENT, sm. burning ; Jire. 
BRUL-ER, I. va. to burn ; scorch ; blast. 
d'amour, to be passionately in love. 
d'impatience, to long with impa- 
tience. de 1'encens devant quelqu'un, 
to flatter one very much. Les pieds lui 
ENT, he longs to be at it. Le tapis 
E, plat/ on. La chandelle E, time 
Jlies away. Une raison a E pour- 
point, home argument. Tirer a E 
pourpoint, to shoot close to the mark. 
BR^LEUR, sm. incendiary. 
BRULOT, sm. fire-ship ; pyrobolus. 
BRULURE, sf. burning ; 'blast. 
BRUMAL, E, a. winterly ; foggy. 
BRUME, sf.fog at sea. 
BRUMEU-x, SE, a. foggy, misty. 
BRUN, m. E,/. brown; dusk;/; dun. Brun, 
brown colour. , E, s. brown man, dark 
ic oman. Sur la E, in the dusk. 
BRUNELLE, */. self-heal, plant. 
BRUNET, m.. TE, /. brownish. , sm 
brown youth. TE, sf. brown girl 
- -TES, sf. pi. love songs. 
BRUN-iR, II. va. to burnish; burnbrorvn 
BRUNISSAGE, sm. burnishing. 
BRUMSSEUR, sm. burnisher. 
BRUNISSOIR, tin. burnishing-stick. 
BRUNISSURE, sf. polishing. [holly 

BRUSC, sm. butcher's broom; knce- 
BRUSQUE, a. blunt; overhasty ; abrupt 


BRUSQUEMENT, ad. bluntly, hastily. 
BRUSQU-ER, I. va. to affront; precipitate 
une ville to storm a town. Brusque 
1'aventure, to come directly to the point. 
BRUSQUERIE, sf. rude behaviour. 
BRUSQUIN BRUSQUET, A , tit for tat. 
BRUT, E, a. rough; brutal; unpolished. 

BRUTAL, E, a. brutish; rude. , sm. 
churl; brute; clown. E, sf. shrew; 
scold. [clownishly. 

BRUTALEMENT, ad. rudely; roughly; 
BRUTALIS-ER, I. va. to use roughly. 
BRUTALITE, sf. brutality; rudeness. 
s, abusive language. 

BRUTE, sf. brute; blockhead. bonne, 

sort of pear. [degrading. 

BRUT1FICATION, */. brutifying, act of 
3RUTIFI-ER, I. vn.becomelow, grovelling. 
BRUYAMMENT, ad. noisily, clamorously. 
BRUY-ANT 2 ait 12 oit 12 aient 15 oient 15 , v. 
BRUIRE, to make a noise. , E, a. 
blustering ; roaring. 
BRUYERE, sf. heath; sort of wool. 
BRYONE, sf. bryony, purgative plant. 
BUANDERIE, tf. wash-house. 
BUAND1ERE, sf. washer-woman. 
BU 3 -e 3 es 3 s 3 - 15 - 17 t 18 , Bu-t 47 , v. BOIRE, to 

drink. 8ee BUMES, BUTES, BURENT. 
BUBE, sf. pimple; blister. 
BUBERON, sm. sucking-bottle. de vi- 
naigrier, neck of a cruet. [hernia. 

BUBONOCELE, sm. rupture; hind of 
BUCCINATEUR, sm. trumpeter; muscle. 
BUCENTAURE, sm. Venetian barge. 
BUCEPHALE, sm. parade horse; a sorry 


BUCHE, sf. billet; blockhead ; herring- 
buss, small fly-boat. 

BUCHER, sm. woodpile; wood-lwuse ; fu- 
neral pile. 

BUCH-ER, I. va. to fell wood. [cutter. 
BUCHERON, sm. wood-cleaver; wood- 
BUCHETTE, sf. log of wood. 
BUCOLIQUE, sf. pastoral poem. , a. 

bucolic, rural. 

BUDGET, Budjet, sm. budget. 
BUFFET, sm. buffet; sideboard, table; set 

of plates. d'orgues, organ case. 
BUFFET-ER, I. va. to suck wine out of a 
peg-hole. [out of a peg-hole. 

BUFFETEUR, sm. one who sucks wine 
BUFFET1ER,7H. buffet eer ; who stands at 
the side-table; origin of the word Beef- 
eater, [falo. 
BUFFETIN, sm. buffalo-skin, young buf- 
BUFFLE, sm. buffalo; buff-skin; block- 
head ; buff-coat. 
\ BUFFLETIN, sm. young buffalo. 

BUG ( 67 ) CAB 

"3d p.s. ? 1st p. pi. 8 9 3d p. pi. IMPERF. 10 lstp.s. " 2d p.s. 12 3dp.s 
20 2d p. pi. 2l 3d p. pi. FUT. 22 1st p. s. 123 2d p. s. 24 3d p. s. 
35 3d p. s. s 6 1st p. pi. 37 2d p. pi. 

49 2d 50 3d 

p. pi. IMP. M. " 2<1 p.s. OJ 3d p.s. * : 
s. "3d p.s. 48 1st 

45 1st p.s. 

3l 2dp.s. 
46 2d p.s. 

__ , 

23 1st 26 2d 
38 3d p. pi. SUBJ.M. 

BUGALET, sm. sort of small vessel or bark. 
BUGLE, BUGLOSSE, sf. bugle; bugloss, 
BUIRE, BUIE, sf.Jlagon. [plant. 

BU1S, sm. box, box-tree. Menton de , 

large tucked-up chin. Donner le , v. 

to burnish ; polish. 

BUISSERIE, sf. board to make hogsheads. 
BUISSON, sm. bush; thicket. 
BUISSONNET, si. little bush. [bushes. 
BUISSONNEU-x, SE, a. overgrown with 
BUISSONNI-EH, ERE, a. truant. Faire 

1'ecole ERE, to play truant. 
BULBE, sf. scallion; bulb. 
BULBEU-x, SE, a. bulbous; round.[bulls. 
BULLAIRE, sm. collection of the Pope's 
BULLE.5/. the Pope's bull; edict; bubble. 

d'or, golden bull. Sabbatine, Sab- 
BULLE, E, a. in due form, [battue bull. 
BULLETIN, sm. ballot; certificate of 

health; billet; small newspaper. 

HUMES 19 , me drank; v. BoiRE. 

BUNETTE, sf. hedge-sparrow, torn-tit. 

BURALISTE, sm. receiver of duties, [cloth. 

BURAT, sm. BURE, sf. coarse kind of 

BUREAU, sm. office; law-court ; factory ; 
bench; committee; scrutoire; coarse 
kind of cloth. d'adresse, office of 
intelligence ; prating no man. des 
tallies, land-tax office. des fermes, 

des impots, de 1'excise, excise- 
office. des postes, general post-office. 

des vivres, victualling-office. de 
la marine, navy-office. Le vent du 
est bon, things take a good turn. Sa- 
voir or connaitre Pair du , to know 
horn matters stand. 

BURENT 21 , v. BOIRE, to drink. [due. 
BURET, sm.Jish that yielded the purple 
BURETTE, sf. cruet for oil; crystal 

bottle. [rollers for the rigging. 

BURIN, sm. graver. s, sm. wooden 
BURIN-ER, I. va. to engrave. 
BURLESQUE, sm. ludicrous style. , 

a. burlesque; mock; droll. 
BURLESQUEMENT, ad. comically. 
BURSAL, E, a. pecuniary. Edit , sm. 
BUSARD, sm. buzzard. {money-edict. 
BUSC, sm. busk for stays ; whalebone. 
BUSE, sf. buzzard; ninny. 
BUSQU-ER, I. va. fortune, to seek one's 

fortune. Se , vr. to put a busk on. 

BUSQUIERE, sf. busk-case. [to drink. 
BUSS-E 45 es 46 ions 4S iez 49 ent 50 , v. BOIRE, 
BUSTE, sm. bust. 
BUT, sm. but ; mark ; jack ; aim ; design ; 

object. a , ad. crcn. handed. Etre 

a , to be even. De en blanc, 

point blanc ; directly ; bluntly ; openly. 

F rapper or toucher au but, to hit the 

nail on the head. 

BUT', BUT^-es 20 , v. BOIRE, to drink. 
BUTEAU, sm. rough fellow, ill-bred. 
BUTEE, sf. stone buttress at the end of 


BUTIERE, sf. large blunderbuss. 
BUTIN, sm. booty; spoil; prize. 
BUTIN-ER, I. va. to pillage ; plunder. 
BUTIREU-x, SE, sm. buttery. 
BUTOR, sm. bittern; booby. 
BUTORDE, sf. stupid woman. 
BUTTE, sf. bank of earth; shooting-mark; 

buttress. Etre en , to be exposed. 
BUTT-ER, I. vn. to hit the mark; aim 

at. un arbre, earth a tree. un 

mur, prop a wall. Se , vr. to clash ; 

BUV-ANT 2 ons?- 36 ez 8 - 3 ? ais 10 -" ait 12 ois 

10.11 oit ia ions 13 - 42 iez 14 - 43 aient" oient 

15 , v. BOIRE, to drink. 
BUYABLE, a. drinkable. 
BUVANDE, sf. small wine; swipes. 
BUVEAU, sm. bevel; square rule. 
BUVETIER, sm. publican. 
BUVETTE, sf. tavern; friendly party. 
BUVEU-R, SE, s. tippler; toper. 
BUVOTT-ER, I. vn. to sip, tipple. 
BUZE, sf. the bellows' nozzle. 
BY, sm. the dam of a pond. 


rj Third letter of the French Alphabet, 
' sm. un C, a C. C also means 100. 

C', this, that, it. Stands for CE. 

9 A, int. come! set to! ga,7terc. Q'a&la,d. 
here and there ; up and down. Q'a, that. 
(^a, now, at present. Qa ira, that trill 
do. De depa, par deca, on this side. Or 
pa, now. Qui fa? who? 

CABALE, sf. cabal; intrigue. 

CABALE, E, a. got by cabal. 

CABAL-ER, I. vn. to cabal; intrigue. 

CABALEUR, sin. caballer. 

CAB ( 68 ) CAD 

[IXF.M. PRES.T. 2 PART.PRES. 3 PART.PAST.] IND.M. PRES.T. 4 1st p.s. 5 2d p.s 
13 H 2d 15 PRET. 16 1st p.s. 17 2d p.s. 18 3d p.s. 19 1st 
--- 30 3 d p.s. 3ii st p.pi. 33 3d 
43 2d 44 3d IMPERF. 

13 1st H lo 3d PRET. lb 1st p.s 
27 3d p. pi. COXD. M. 2S 1st p.s. '-^-Jdp.s. 30 3d 
PRES.T. 39 lstp.s. 40 2dp.s. 41 3dp.s. 42 

CABALEZET,^/rt. a fixed star. 
CABAL1STE, sm. cabalist ; magician. 
CABALISTIQUE, a. cabalistic. 
CABAX, .svu. sort, of cloak. 
CAB AXAGE, sf. dwellings of wild Indians. 
CABANE, sf. cottage; cabin; tilt. 
CABAN-ER, I. Se , vr. to set up huts. 
CABAXON, sin. small hut ; cell. 
CABARET, si,. public house; tea-board; 
asarabacca plant. borgne, paltry 

CABARETI-ER, sm. KILE, sf. publican. 
CABAS, sm. old coach; little bus!;/:!'. 
CAB ASSET, sin. slifjkt hind of li, 
CABESTAX, sin., capstan ; eiii/inc. Yirer 

au , to heave at the capstan. 
CABILLAUD, sin. fresh cod, chub. 
CABILLE, */. clan in Arabia and Abi/s- 
CABILLOT, sin. wooden pin. [sinia. 

CABINET, sin. closet; cabinet; summer- 
house; prioy ; study. Homme de , 
Studious man; parliamentary man. 
CABLE, sin. cable; 120 fathoms. a 
pic, sliip close a peak. de touee, 
stream-cable. 'tourne, foul hawse. 
Bitter le , to bit the cable. Donner 
le a un vaisseau, to take a ship in 
tow. Lover un , to coil a cable. 
CABLE AU, sin. small cable; moor ing rope. 
CABL-ER, I. vn. twist threads into a cord. 
CABOCHE, sf. shoe-nail; head; old nail. 
CABOCHOX, sm. precious stone not cut. 
CABOTAGE, sm. coasting. [coast. 

CABOT-ER, vn. to coast ; to sail along the 
CABOTIER, sin. coaster. 
CABR-ER, I. Se , vr. to be refractory ; 

to fall into apassio?i; to prance. 
CABlll, sm. young hid. 
CABRIOLE, sf. capriole; caper. Faire la 
, to be hanged. [head over heels. 

CABRIOL-ER, I. vn. to caper, to tumble 
CABRIOLET, sm. one-horse chaise. 
CABR1OLEU-R, sm. SE, sf. caperer. 
CABRIOXS, sm. pi. gun-carriage wedges. 
CABROX, sm. kid's shin. 
CABROUET, sm. market-cart. 
CABROUETT1ER, sm. carter. [head. 
CABUS, a. turned in; chou , cabbage 
CACADE, sf. sad balk, baffle. 
CACAO, sm. cocoa-nut. 
CACA -TIER, YER, sm. cocoa-tree. 

CACAOYERE, sf. plantation of cocoa- 
CACHE, sf. lurking-hole, [trees. 

CACHECT1QUE, '. sm. weak, feeble. 
CACHEMEXT, sm. hiding. 
CACH-ER, I. va. to hide; conceal; cover. 
Se , to hide one's self; to take shelter. 
II ne s'en cache pas, he does it openly. 
CACHET, sm. seal; signet. 
CACHET-ER, I. va. to seal; seal up. 
CACHETTE, sf. lurking-hole. En ca- 
chette, ad. secretly, [bodt/. 

CACHEXIE, sf. cachexy; rveah habit of 
CACHOT, sm. dungeon; cell. 
CACHOTf ERIE, sf. concealment; mystery. 
CACHOU, sm. cashew, sort of gum and nut. 
CACIQUE, sm. prince in South America. 
CACIS, sm. blach currant; a liqueur. 
CACOCHYLIE, sf. bad digestion. 
CACOCHYME, a. weak in health; ill- 
natured; cross. [humours. 
CACOCHYMIE, */. bad state of the 
CACODEMOX, sm. evil spirit. 
CACOPHONIE, sf. cacophony; harsh 
CACOZELE, sm. ill-affection. [sound. 
CADASTRE, sm. rental-book. 
CADAVEREU-x, SE, a. cadaverous. 
CADAVRE, sm. corpse; carcass. 
CADEAU, sm. flourish; feast; gift. 
CADEXAS, sm.2Mdlock; stand. 
CADEXASS-ER, I. va. -to padlock. 
CADENCE, sf. cadence; quivering. 
CADENCE, E, a. cadenccd; harmonious. 
CADEXC-ER 1 , CADEXg-ANT 2 , I. to make 

cadences, to mark, the time of. 
CADENE, sf. chain for galley-slaves. 
s de haubans, cluiins of the shrouds. 
CADEXETTE, sf. hair-tressed. 
CADET, sm. Knda.youngcr; novice; junior. 
de haut appetit, sharp-set young 
fellow. TE, sf. younger sister; a 
paving stone; mace at billiards. 
CADETT-ER, I. va. to pave with cadettes. 
CADI, sm. a judge among the Turks. 
CADOGAN, sm. club of hair. 
CADOLE, sf. latch; a door lock. 
CADRAN, sm. dial; vice. solaire, 

sun-dial. Faux cadran, false plate. 
CADRE, sm. frame; picture-frame; bed 

frame in a ship. 

CADR-ER, I. ra. to quadrate; suit. 
CADUC, m.CADUQUE,/.a. decayed; frail ; 


6 3d p.s. 7 1st p. pi. 8 
2u -' 

20 -' FUT. 22 1st p.s. 23 2dp.s. 24 
p. pi. IMP. M. 34 2dp.s. 33 3d p.s. M 1st p. pi. :)7 : 
45 1st p.s. 46 2dp.s. 4 ? 3d p.s. 4S 1st p. pi. *> 3d p. pi. 

( 69 ) 

9 3d p. pi. IMPERF 

1st p.s. 23 2dp.s. 
'-- M ' 


10 1st p.s. 1 '2dp.s. 12 3dp.. 
24 3d p.s. * 5 " 
;i: 2d p. pi. 

___,. r _ 
33d p. pi. SUIiJ.M. 
50 3d p. pi. 

perishable. Legs , sm. an escheat. 

Mai , falling sickness. 

CADUCEE, sin. Mercury's wand; tipstaff. 
CADUCITE, sf. decay ; crazlness. 
CAFARD, E, a. and s. hypocrite ; bigot. 
CAFARDERIE, sf. hyiwcrisy ; bigotry. 
CAFE, sm. coffee; coffee-house. 
CAFTAN, sin. robe of distinction in 
CAFETIER-, sin. cojf'e.c-man. [Turkey. 
CAFETIERE, sf. coffee-pot. 
CAFIER, sm. coffee-tree. [imprison. 

CAGE, sf. cage; jail. Mettre en , to 
CAGIER, sm. birdseller. 
CAGXARD, E, a. ands. lazy ; idle; coward. 

CAGNARD-ER, I. vn. to lead a lazy life. 

CAGNARD1SE, sf. Iazi7iess ; cowardice. 

CAGNE, sf. bad woman. [foot. 

CAGNEU-x, SE, a. s. crooked-legs; splay 

CAGOT, E, a. s. hypocrite; bigot. 

CAGOTERIE, sf. hypocrisy ; bigotry. 

CAGOTISME, sm. affected devotion. 

CAGOU, sm. an oivl of a man; miser. 

CAGUE, sf. Dutch fishing-boat. 

CAHIER, sin. stitched book; a quire. - 
de frais, bill of excuses. s, pi. in- 
structions, deliberations. 

CAHIN-CAHA, ad. unton-ardly. 

CAHOT, sm. jolt of a coach. 

CAHOTAGE, sm. jolting. 

CAHOT-ER, 1. v. to jolt. 

CAHOTANT, E, a. jolting. 

CAHUTTE, sf. hut; cottage. 

CAIC, sm. galley- boat; skiff , pinnace. 

CAIES, sf. pi. ridge of rocks. 

CA1EU, sm. sucker. 

CA1LLE, sf. tjiniil. [clotted blood. 

CAILLE, sm. curds and whey, a. Sang , 

CAILLEBOTTE, sf. curds and whey. 

CAILLEBOTTE, E, a. curdled. 

CAILLEEOTTIS, sm. gratings; fence. 

CA1LLE-LAIT, sm. rennet. 

CA1LLEMENT, sm. curdling of any thing. 

CA1LL-ER, I. va. to curdle; coagulate. 

CAILLETEAU, sm. young quail. 

CAILLET-ER, I. va. to prattle. 

CAILLETOT, sm. young turbot. 

CAILLETTE, sf. rennet-bag; silly gossip. 

CAILLOT, sm. clod of blood. rosat, 

rose-water pear. 

CAILLOU, sm. flint ; flint-stone. 
CAILLOUTAGE, sm. flints; rock-work. 

CAILLOUTEU-x, SE, a. rocky. 
CAIMAN, CAYMAN, sm. hind of crocodile 
C AIM AND, E, s. beggar. 
CAIMAND-ER, I. vn. to bey. 
CAIMANDEU-R, SE, s. beggar. 
CAIQUE, sm. galley-boat, skiff. 
CAISSE, sf. chest; cash; drum; box. 
CAISSET1N, sm. littl,- Inu: 
CAISSIER, sm. <v/.</(/(v; clerk. [yon. 

CAISSON, sm. corrrt-d ammunition icuj- 
OUKPUT, sm. a plant; aromatic oil. 
AJOL-ER, I. ivt. to cajole; coax. le 
vent, to sail by short taclts. 
CAJOLERIE, sf. cajoling; coaxing. 
CAJOLEU-R, SE, s. ichccdl'-r, cthi.rcr. 
CAJUTE, CAJUSTE, */'. l;l in a ship. 
CAL, sm. callosity; hard, 
CALADE, sf. slope <>f gnnnnt. 
CALAI8ON, *f. deprh ,-f a ship. 
CALAMENT, sm. calamiiit, plant. 
CALAMINE, sf. lapis (alamimiris. 
CALAMISTH-ER, 1. va. to frizzle; curL 
CALAMITE, sf. magnet ; loadsto::- 
CALAMITE, sf. calamity; misery; dis~ 
CALAMITEU-x, SE, a. cala.r 

ifi;-fched. [press. 

CAL ANDRE, sf. large-sized lark; hot- 
CALANDR-ER, I. va. tn r 
CALANDREUR, sm. cahndrcr. [mangle. 
CALANGE, sf. a fine. 
CALANGUE, sf. small bay, cove. 
CALBAS, sm. rope, cable. 
CALCAIRE, a. of the nature of chalk ; 

calcareous; limy. 
CALCEDOINE, sf. chalcedony; sort of 

precious stout;. 

CALCINATION, sf. calcining. [ashes. 
CALCIN-ER, I. ra. to calcine; burn to 
CALCIS, sm. nitjht-liaii'k. [metal. 

CALCOGRAPHIE, sf. art of engraving on 
CALCUL, sin. calculation; stone in thf. 
bladder. Se tromper en son , to be 
CALCULABLE, a. computable, [mistaken. 
CALCULATEUR, sin. accomptant. 
CALCUL-ER, I. va. to calculate, cast up. 
CALCULEU-x, SE, a. calcitious; stony. 
CALE, sf. n-ooden wedge; creek ; ditching ; 
shift's hold; fiat cap. Donner ia , to 
duck an offender in the sea. Donner 
la grande , to keel- haul. Porter la 
, iccar a livery. 

CAL ( 70 ) CAM 

[INF.M. 'PRES.T. 2 PART.PRES. 3 PART. PAST.] IND.M. PRES. T. 4 1st p.S. 5 2d p.S. 

J3 14 15 PRET. 16 lstp.s. 17 2dp.s. Ib 3d p.s. !il 1st }>.pl. 
27 COND. M. 2d 1st p.s. 29 2d p.s. 30 3d p.s. 31 1st ' M '2d ^5d 
PRES.T. 39 1st p.s. 40 2d p.s. 41 3dp.s. A2 1st 43 2d 44 3d IMPERF. 

CALEBASSE, sf. gourd. Frauder la cale- 
basse, to cheat ; n kind of plum. 

CALEBOTIN, sm. crown of an old hat. 

CALECHE, sf. calasli; chariot. 

CALEQON, sm. drawers to wear. 

CALEgONNIER, sm. drawers-maker. 

CALEFACTION, sf. calef action; heating. 

CALEMAR, sm. cattle-Jish ; yen-case. 

CALEMBOURG, sm. pun ; quibble. 

CALENDES, sf. calends; convocation. Aux 
grecques, never. 

CALENDRIER, sm. almanac; calendar. 

CALENTURE, sf. burning fever. 

CALEPIN, sm. book of extracts. 

CA.L-EB.,; submit. Caler 
les pies d'une table, to level the feet of a 

CALE-TOUT! let go amain! [table. 

CALFAS, sm. calking ; oakum. 

CALFAT, sm. calker ; calk ing-tool. 

CALFATAGE, sm. calking of a sh'qy. 

CALFAT-ER, I. va. to calk, a ship. 

CALFATEUR, sm. calker. 

CALFATIN, sm. calkcr's boy. 

CALFEUTRAGE, sm. stopping chinks. 

CALFEUTR-ER, I. va. to stop chinks. 

CALIBE, E, a. chalybeate, impregnated 

CALIBRE, sm. bore ; size; tort, [with steel. 

CALIBR-ER, I. va. to bore a gun; to mea- 
sure, [le , swallow the jnll. 

CALICE, sm. chalice ; calix ; cup. Boire 

CALIFE, sm. caliph; successor; prince. 

CALIFOURCHON, A , ad. a-straddle. 

CALIGINEU-x, SE, a. gloomy, [caressing. 

CALIN, E, sub. 4 1 a. lazy beggar; booby; 

CALIN-ER, I. rn. to be idle. Se , vr. 
to sit or rest like a beggar or booby. 

CALLEU-x, SE, a. callous ; hard. 

CALLOSITE, sf. callosity, hardness. 

CALMANDE, sf. callimanco ; glossy wool- 
len stuff. 

CALMANT, sm. soothing remedy ; soother. 

CALME, a. calm; quiet; still. , sm. 
calm at sea; calmness; quietness; still- 
ness. [II E, the wind abates. 

CALM-ER, I. va. to calm; appease; quiet. 

CALMOUK, sm. woollen stuff; one from 
the wandering tribes of Tartary. 

CALOMNIA-TEUR, sm. calumniator; 
slanderer. TRICE, sf. calumniatrix. 

CALOMNIE, sf. calumny; slander, [der. 

CALOMNI-ER, I. va. to calumniate; slan- 

GALOMNIEU8EMENT, ad. slanderously. 

CALOMNIEU-x, SE, a. slanderous. 

CALONNIERE, sf. pop-gun. 

CALORIQUE, sin. heat, warmth. 

CALOT, sm. hat-crown. A , ridiculous. 
Figure a , grotesque figure. 

CALOTTE, sf. leather cap ; lampoon. Ca- 
lotte du monde, firmament. 

CALOTTI-ER, EKE, s. maker or seller of 

CALOTTIN, s. finical clergy rnan.[calottes. 

CALOTTINE, sf. grotesque work or figure. 

CALOYER, sm. Grecian monk. 

CALQUE, sm. sketch in chalk. 

CALQU-ER, I. va. to chalk the outlines. 

CALUMET, sm. large Indian pipe. 

CALUS,sm.hard knob onthe shin; hard- 
ness of heart; hardening of matter. 

CALVAIRE, sm. Calvary ; holy mount. 

CALVANIER, sm. harvest journey man. 

CALVILLE, sm. sort of apple, [of Calvin. 

CALVINISME, sin. Calvinism; doctrine 

CALVINISTE, a. sm. caloinist. 

CALVITIE, sf. baldness. 

CALYBITE, sm. a. inhabitant of huts. 

CAMAIEU, sm.varicgated stone; painting 
of one colour ; sort of bed. [priest's dress. 

CAMAIL, sm. camail ; capuchin; sort of 

CAMARADE, s?n. comrade; fellow. 

CAMARD, E, a. s.Jtat-nosed. 

CAMBAGE, sm. tax on Leer; brcwhouse. 

CAMBIATURE, sf. sort of Indian car- 

CAMBISTE, sm. banker; broker, [riage. 

CAMBOU1S, sm. black grease ; 2>ress. 

CAMBRASINE, sf. sort of Egyptian linen 

CAMBRE, sm. arching. [cloth. 

CAMBR-ER, I. va. to vault; bend. Se 
, vr. to warp as wood. 

CAMBRURE, sf. bending. [stone. 

CAMEE, sm. cameo; sort of relievo; a 

CAMELEON, sm. chamelion;Jichle person; 
small animal like a lizard; carline 
thistle; a constellation. 

CAMELEOPARD, sm. kind of giraffe. 

CAMELINE, sf. camelina, plant. 

CAMELOT, sm. camlet; kind of stuff. 

CAMELOTE, sf. bad work. 

CAMELOTE, E, a. woven like camlet. 

CAMELOTIER, sm. very common sort of 

CAMELOTINE, sf.kind of camlet, [paper. 

CAMERIER, sm. c/iamberlain to 
or cardinal. 


( 71 ) 



10 1st p. s. ll -2dp.s. )2 3dp.s. 

6 3d p.s. ' 9 IMPERF. 10 lstp.s. '2dp.t. ,~, 

20 id 2I 3d PUT. 22 lstp.s. 23 2dp.s. 24 3dp.s. ^ 1st 6 

P. pi. IMP. M. 34 -2dp.s. 35 3dp.s. ^ 1st p. pi. 3 ? 38 3d p. pi. SUBJ.M 
4i lstp.s. 46 -2dp.s. 47 3dp.s. 4b 1st 49 50 3d 

CAMERLINGAT, sin. the pope's great 
chamberlain's place. 

CAMERLINGUE, sm. the pope's great 
chamberlain', camerlingo. [little cart. 

CAMION, sin. very small pin ; cat's elate; 

CAMISADE, sf. assault by night. 

CAMISOLE, sf. under-waistcoat. 

CAMOMILLE, */. camomile. 

CAMOUFLET, sm. box on the ear ; mock- 
ery, smoky paper held under the nose 
of a person asleep. , stiflcr ; small 
mine formed in the earth between two 
parallel galleries, to cut off" the retreat 
of the enemy's miners. 

CAMP, sm. camp. Mestre de , colonel 
of horse. Lever le , vn. to decamp. 

CAMPAGNARD, E, a. of the country; 
rustic. , sin. countryman; clown. 

CAMPAGNARDE, sf. countrywoman. 

CAMPAGNE, sf. country; campaign; 
voyage; cruise. Piece de , Jield-piece. 
Mettre des gens en , to set people to 
work. Battre la , to say many things 
foreign to the 2)arj)osc. 

CAMPANE, sf. tuft; fringe. \Jlower. 

CAMPANELLE, */. campanula; bell- 

CAMPANETTE, */. blue bell-Jiower. 

CAMFANILLE, sf. steeple; belfry. 

CAMPECHE, Bois de , sm. logwood. 

CAMPEMENT, sin. encampment. 

CAMP-ER, I. vn. to encamp ; place. 

CAMPHRE, sm. camphirc. 

CAMPHRE, -E, a. camphorated. 

CAMPINE, sf.Jine pullet. 

CAMPOS, sin. play-day ; relaxation. 

CAMl'S, E, a. Jiat-noscd; balked. Le 
voila bien , he has had a sad balk. 

CAMUSETTE, sf. little Jlat-nosed girl. 

CANAILLE, sf. rabble; mob. 

CANAL, sm. canal; channel; gutter; pipe; 
way ; means. 

CANAMELLE, sf. sugar cane, [of cake. 

CANAPE, sm. canopy ; couch ; a sofa ; sort 

CANAPSA, sm. knapsack. [water-dog. 

CANARD, sm. duck mallard; drake; 

CANARD-ER, I. va. to pelt ; shoot at. 

CANARDIERE, sf. decoy for ducks ; se- 

CANARI, sm. canary-bird, [cret battery. 

CANARIN, sm. canary -sparrow. 

CANASSE, sm.Jinc-spun tobacco. 

CANASTRE, sf. large tea-canister. 

CANCAN, sm. -uproar, quarrelling. 

CANCEL, sm. chancel of a church ; grand 

CANCELLATION, sf. recision. [seal-ojficv. 

CANCELLE, sm. small crab-Jish. 

CANCELL-ER, I. va. to erase; to cancel. 

CANCER, sm. canker; cancer. 

CANCRE, sm. crab-Jish; cancer. Pauvre 
, poor wretch. 

CANDELABRE, sm. chandelier. 

CANDELETTE, sf. fore-tackle. 

CANDEUR, sf. candour ; frankness. 

CANDI, sm. kind of boat. a. Sucre ., 

CANDIDAT, am. candidate.[sugar-can<ly. 

CANDIDE, a. candid ; sincere. 

CAND1DEMENT, ad. sincerely, [bushels. 

CANDIL, sm. an Indian measure; 14 

CAND-iK, II. Se , vr. to candy. Faire 
, va. to candy, [to be faint-hearted. 

CANE, sf. duck. Faire la , to duck ; 

CANEPIN, sm.Jine sheep-shin. 

CANET-ER, I. vn. to waddle as a duck. 

CANETON, sm. duckling; little duck. 

CANETTE, sf. duckling; pip/tin. 

CANEVAS, sin. canvas ; rough draught. 

CANGE, sm. rice water. 

CANICHE, sin. spaniel; shagged dog. 

CANICHON, sm.. small spaniel. 

CANICULAIRES, a. jours , sf. dog-days. 

CANIF, sm. a pen-knife. [eye-teeth. 

CANIN, E, a. canine. Dents ES, sf. 

CANIVAUX, large pin-ing stows. 

CANNAIE, sf. sugar-cane 2^luntat ion. 

CANNE, sf. cane; stick; measure. 

CANNELAS, sin. sugar-cinnamon. [slo2>e. 

CANNEL-ER, I. va. to channel; chamfer; 

CANNELE, E, a. of a cinnamon colour; 
chamfered ; channelled. 

CANNELIER, sm. cinnamon tree. 

CANNELLE,/. cinnamon; tap for a barrel. 

CANNELURE, sf. channelling; chamfer- 
ing ; groove. 

CANN-ER, I. va. measure with a stick. 

CANNETILLE, sf. gold or silve-r t/cist. 

CANNETILL-ER, I. va. to tic with twist. 

CANNIBALE, sm. cater of human Jtesli. 

CANON, sm. cannon; gun-barrel; quill- 
barrel ; canon ; canon-Ian- ; gun ; catch. 
Gros and petit , printing types. 

a la serre, gun housed athwart. 

de coursier, boic-chase gun. Canon 
demarre, gun draivn to be loaded. 



( 72 ) CAP 

3 PAUT.PAST.] IND. M. PRES.T. 4 1st p.S. 5 2(1 p.S. 

la u 15 PRET. ie lstp.s. 17 2d p.s. 18 3d p.s. 9 
27 3d p. pi. COND.M. 2b 1st p.s. ^'Jdp.s. 30 3d p.s. ^ 1st p. pi. ^ ^3d 
PKES.T. 39 lstp.s. 40 2d p.s. 41 3dp.s. 42 43 44 3d p. pi. IMPEKF. 

Canon d'etape or detape, gun with its 
tompion out. s de bottes, boot-tops, 

CANONIAL, E, a. canonical; spiritual. 

CANONICAT, SHI. prebend; canonship. 

CANONIQUE, a. canonical. 

CANONIQUEMENT, ad. canonically. 

CANONISTE, sin. canonist; skilled in 
canon laic. [pish ceremony. 

CANONISATION, sf. canonization, a po- 

CANON1S-ER, I. va. to canonize; declare 
a person a saint. [shot. 

CANONNADE, sf. cannonade; cannon- 

CANONNAGE, sm. gunnery. [upon. 

CANONN-ER, I. va. to cannonade; fire 

CANONNIER, sm. gunner, artilleryman. 

CANONNIERE, sf. embrasure; drain- 
hole ; loop-hole ; pop-gun. 

CANOT, sin. small boat; canoe. Canot ja- 
loux, crank boat. 

C ANTAL, sm. sort of cheese. [the stern. 

CANTANE'ITES, sf. pi. the light-ports in 

CANTATE, sf. cantata; song. 

CANTATRICE, sf. female singer. 

CANTATILLE, tf. little cantata. 

CANTH ARIDE, */. Spanish Jiy. 

CANTHUS.sw. canthus; corner of the eye. 

CANTIBAI, sm. cracked timber. 

CANTINE, sf. bottle-case; army-tavern. 

CANTIN1ER, sm. keeper of a canteen. 

CANTON, sm. district, part of a town. 

C ANTON ADE, sf. place behind the scenes. 

CANTONN EMENT, sm. cantoning ; quar- 
ters ; fixing of cantonments. 

CANTONN-ER, I. vn. to canton; parcel out. 
Se , vr. to fortify one's self. 

CANTONNE, E. a. fixed, accompanied; 
quartered; projecting at the angles. 

CANTONN1ERE, sf. canton; additional 
curtain to a bed ; cover. 

CANULE, sf. pipe for a sore; canula. 

CAP, sm. cape; ship's cut-water; block. 
de mouton, dead eye of a stay. Dou- 
blet un , to sail round a cape. De 
pied en , cap-a-pie ; from top to toe. 

CAPABLE, a. capable; able; apt. Avoir 
Pair , to have a conceited appear- 
ance. Faire le , to be conceited. 

CAPABLEMENT, ad. skilfully. 

CAPAC1TE, sf. ability; skill; size. 

rison; showy horse-cloth. 


I. va. to caparison a horse. 
CAPE, sf.'cape of a cloak; riding-hood; 

main-sail. Rire sous , to laugh in 

one's sleeve. N'avoir que la et 1', 

to be a poor gentleman. Eire a la , 

to try under the mainsail. [shrouds. 
CAPELAGE, sm. the collar of a pair of 
CAPELAN,SMi. threadbare parson; ajish. 
CAPEL-ER les haubans, I. va. to fix the 

shrouds. [with horses. 

CAPELET, sm. swelling in the hough, 
CAPEL1NE, sf. woman's hat. 
CAPENDU, sm. the short shank apple. 
CAPIGI, sm. gate-keeper of the harem. 

bassi, chief of the Capigis. [lary. 

CAPILLAIRE, sm. maiden hair; a. capil- 
CAPILOTADE, sf. a hash. Mettre en 

, va. to maul ; slander. 
CAPION, sm. stern-post of a galley. Ca- 

pion de poupe, the stern of a galley. 

De a ,from stern to stern. 
CAPITAINE, sin. captain. RIB, sf. 

government of a castle: office of a 

ranger. , f. chief galley. 
miral's galley; capitana. 
CAPITAL, E, a. capital; chief. Ennemi 

, sivorn enemy. , sm. main point ; 

stock ; principal. E, sf. chief city ; 

metropolis; line imagined to bisect 

the projecting angle of any work. 

ES, pi. capital letters. 
CAPITA LEMEXT:, ad. capitally; to death. 
CAPITALISTS, m.capitalist, monied man. 
CAPITAN, sm. boaster; hector. bacha, 

Turkish admiral. E, sf. the admi- 
CAPITANIE, sf. captainry. [ral's galley. 
CAPITATION, sf. poll-tax. 
CAPITEL, sm. extract of lie and lime for 

the making of soap. 
CAPITEU-x, SE, a. heady; strong. 
CAPITOLE, sm. capitol. 
CAPITON, sm. silk-welt orfock.[Toulouse. 
CAPITOUL, sm. principal magistrate of 
CAPITULA1RE, sm. regulation. , a. of 

a chapter. MENT, ad. by chapters. 
CAPITULANT, sm. member of a chapter. 
CAPITULATION, sf. ; articles; agree- 
CAPITULE, sm. short lesson. [mcnt. 

CAP1TUL-ER, to capitulate ; parley 


WJLT ^ t*> ) \saLJV* 

6 3dp.s. 8 9 3d p. pi. IMPERF. 10 1st p.s. U 2dp.s. 12 3dp.s. 
20 21 3d PUT. 22 lstp.s. 23 2dp.s. 24 3dp.s. K 1st p. pi. 26 2d IMP.M. 34 2d p.s. 33 3d p.s. M 1st 37 2d 38 3d SUBJ.M. 
45 1st p.s. 4<3 2d p.s. "7 3d p.s. 48 1st 49 2d 50 3d 

CAPLANIER, sm. cod-Jishcr. 
CAPOX.sw. idle schoolboy; knave; coward ; 
sharper; hook; at sea, the cat tackle. 
CAPON X-ER 1'ancre, I. va. to cat the an- 
chor. , vn. to trick ; play unfairly, 
CAPONN1ERE, sf. trench; lodgement; 
screened communication between two 
CAPORAL, sm. corporal. [works. 

CAPOS-ER, 1. va. to bring a ship to lee. 
CAPOT, sin. great coat ; cloak ; capot. II 
est demeure , he was sadly balked. 
Faire , to overset. 
CAPOTE, sf. riding-hood; cloak. 
CAPRE, sf. caper. CAPRE, sm. privateer. 
CAPRICE, sm. whim; caprice. 
CAPRICI-ER, I. Se , vr. to be in a pet. 
CAPRICIEUSEMENT, ad. capriciously. 
CAPRICIEU-x, SE, a. capricious. 
CAPRICORXE, sm. Capricorn; insect. 
CAPRIER, sm. caper-tree. 
CAPRIZANT, a. pouls , uneven pulse. 
CAPROX, sm. hautboy; strawberry; 

monkish dress. 

CAPSE, sf. rote-box. [the seed. 

CAPSULAIRE, a. capsular; containing 
CAPSULE, sf. case; membrane with seed. 
CAPTATEUR, sm. invcinler; allurer. 
CAPTATION, sf. inveigling; decoying. 
CAPTATOIRE, a. fraudulent, deceitful. 
CAPT-ER la bienveillance, I. va. to curry 
favour; coax. [fully. 

CAPTIEUSEMENT, ad. subtilly ; deceit- 
CAPTIEU-x, SE, a. deceitful; subtle; so- 

CAPTI-F, YE, a. captive. Tenir captif, 

to keep in captivity. 

CAPTIV-ER, I. va. to captivate; confine. 
CAPTIVITE, sf. captivity ; great conjine- 

rncnt ; prison. 

CAPTURE, sf. capture; booty; seizure. 
CAPTUR-ER, I. va. to capture, take, seize. 
CAPUCE, sm. cowl; monk's dress. 
CAPUCHON, sm. riding cloak ; cowl ; hood. 
CAPUCIX, sm. capuchin friar. E, sf. 

capuchin nun; nasturtium, plant. 
CAPUCINADE, sf. ridiculous sermon. 
CAQUAGE, sm. barrelling up of herrings. 

CAQUE, sf. cag; barrel; cask. denier, 

sm. pinch-farthing. 
CAQU-ER, I. va. to barrel up herrings. 
CAQUEROLLE, sf. sort of stewing-pan. 

CAQUET, sm. babbling; talk. s, slan- 
der, back-bitings. bon bee, dame. 

CAQUET-ER, I. vn. to chat; prattle. 

CAQUETEUR, sm. great talker. 

CAQUETEUSE, sf. great gossip. 

CAQUETOIRE, sf. an easy chair. 

CAQUETTE, sf.Jish-kit or tub for carps. 

CAQUETTERIE, sf.tittlc-tattle. [herrings. 

CAQUEUR, sm. barreller and gutter of 

CAR, c.for; because. 

CARABE, sm. yellow amber. 

CARABIN, sm. carabineer ; rook. de 
Saint Come, journeyman barber. 11 a 
tire son coup en , he has shot his bolt 
and away. ADE, sf. rook's trick. 

CARABINE, sf. carabine. 

CARABIN-ER, I. vn. to Jire and then re- 
treat; play the rook; trace hollow lines. 

CARABINIER, sm. carabineer. [stairs. 

CARACOL, sm. escalior en , winding 

CARACOLE, sf. caracal or wheeling about. 

CARACOL-ER, I. vn. to wheel about. 

CARACO-Li, LY, sm. sort of queen's metal. 

CARACOUL-ER, I. vn. to coo. 

CARACTERE, sm. character; style; 
band; humour; charm. 

CARACTERIS-ER, I. va. characterize. 

CARACTERISTIQUE,. m. characteristic. 

CARAFE, sf.Jlagon; decanter. 

CARAFON, sm. ice-pail; small decanter. 

CARAGNE, sf. aromatic rosin. 

CARAMBOLE, */. carambol, at billiards. 

CARAMBOL-ER, I. vn. to carambol. 

CARAMEL, sm. barley-sugar. 

CARANGUE, sf. kind cfjlounder. 

CARANGU-ER, I. vn. to act, be astir. 

CARAQUE, sf. carack, a Portuguese ship. 
, sm. best, cocoa. a. Porcelaine 
curaque,. finest china. 

CARAQUON, sm. small carack. 

CARAT, sm. carat, gold weight; small 
diamond. C'est un sot a vingt-quatre 
s, he is an arch fool. 

CARAVANE, sf. caravan. 

CARAVANIER, sm. caravan leader. 

CARAVANISTE, belonging to a caravan. 

CARAVANSE-RAi, RAIL, sm. caravan- 
sera ; inn where caravans put up. 

RASKIER, sm. caravanseraskier ; 




INF. M. 'PRES.T. 2 1>ART. PRES. 3 PART.PAST.] IND. M. PRES.T. 4 1st p.S. 5 2(1 p.S.. 

13 14 15 PRET. 16 1st p.s. 17 2dp.s. 18 3dp.s. 19 
27 3d p. pi. COND.M. 2S 1st p.s. 29 2dp.s. ' M 3d p.s. a\ lst p . p i. 32 2d p>pli 33 3d 
PRES.T. 39 1st p.s. 40 2dp.s. 41 3dp.s. 42 43 44 IMPERF. 

CARAVELLE, */. caravel, a ship. 

CARBATINE, sf. new hide, [blotch ; ruby. 

CARBONCLE, sm. plague; carbuncle; 

CARBONNADE, sf. carbonado; raskcr ; 
broiled steak. 

CARBOU1LLON, sm. duty upon salt. 

CARCAILL-ER, I. vn. to imitate the cry 
of a quail. [pillory. 

CARCAN, sm. necklace ; iron collar ; the 

CARCASSE, sf. carcass ; skeleton. 

CARDAMINE, sf. wild cress. 

CARDAMOME, sin. cardamom seed. 

CARDASSE, sf. opuntia, the Indian Jig. 

CARDE, sf. stalk of an artichoke. Carde, 
card; kind of beet; comb for carding . 

CARDEE, sf. t ico cards full of wool. 

CARD-ER, I. va. to card; pick. 

CARDKU-R, sm. SE, sf. a carder. 

CARDIALG1E, sf. heart-burn, [and liver. 

CARDIALOG1E, sf. treatise on the heart 

CARDIAQUE, a. sm. cordial. 

CARD1ER, sm. card-maker. 

cardinal; chief. 

CARDINALAT, sm. cardinalship. 

CARDINALE, sf. cardinal, a. red flower. 

CARDINALIS-ER, I. va. to make cardinal ; 
paint red. 

CARBON, sm. cardoon-thistle. 

CARELET, sm. flounder; square Hie. 

CAREME, sm. Lent. Facede , palcj\icc ; 
meagre looking. prenant, carnical; 
mask ; merry-andrew. II n'y manque 
non plus que Mars en , he never 
misses it. Vous nous mettez le bien 
haut, that is a long put-off. Tout est 
de prenant, it is a fair joke. 

CARENAGE, sm. careening-place or act. 

CARENE, sf. lower parts of a ship; careen. 

CAREN-ER, I. va. to careen. 

CARESSANT, E, a. kind ; flattering. 

CARESSE, sf. caresses; wheedling. 

CARESS-ER, I. va. to caress; sooth; coax. 
la bouteille, to tipple, [ret, rope-yarn. 

CARET, sm. kind of tortoise. Fil de ca- 

CARGADOR, sm. agent for shipping. 

CARGAISON, sf. cargo ; freight. 

CARGUES, sm. pi. brails; clue-lines; 
bunt-lines; leech-lines. dessous le 
vent, the lee-brails. du vent, the 

CARGU-ER, I. va. to brail up the sails. 

, vn. to heel. 
CARIAGE, 5m. a poor man's family and 

stock, [2)orting entablatures. 

CAR1ATIDE, sf. figure of a woman sup- 
CARIC ATURE, sf. caricature; overcharge. 
CARIE, sf. rottenness in the bones. 
CARIE, a. Bois , sm. worm-eaten wood. 
CARI-ER, I. vn. to rot; decay. 
CARILLON, sm. chimes; scolding ; jing- 
ling. A. double , soundly. 
CARILLONNEMENT, sm. chiming. 
CARILLONN-ER, I. vn. to chime. [low. 
CARILLONNEUR, sm. chimer ; noisy fel- 
CARISEL, CRfiSEAU, sm. sort of can- 
CARISET, sm. cariset, kersey. [vass. 
CARISTADE, sf. alms, charity. Deraan- 

der la , to beg. 

CARLET, sm. kind of tJwrnback. 
CARLETTE, sf. square slate. 
CARLIN, sm. coin; little pug-dog, a pug. 
CARLINE, sf. carline-thistle. 
CARLINGUE, sf. keelson, prop. de 

cabestan, step of the capstan. 
CARME, sm. carmelite friar ; two fours 

at backgammon. [or nun. 

CARMELITE, sm. and sf. carmelite friar 
CARMIN,s/n. carmine, bright red colour. 
CARMINATI-F, VE, a. carminative, 

against wind, ant (flatulent. [rion. 
CARNAGE, sm. carnage; slaughter ; car- 
CARNASSI-ER, ERE, a. carnivorous, vo- 
CARNASSIERE, sf. pouch, bag. [racious. 
CARNATION, sf. carnation; Jiesh-colour. 
CARNAU, sm. lateen foresail. 
CARNAVAL, sm. carnival. 
C ARNE, sf. exterior angle ; corner. 
CARNE, E, a. Jlesh-coloured. 
CARNELE, sf. edging of coin. [colour. 
CARN-ER, 1. Se , vr. to take a Jlesh- 
CARNET, sm. debt-book; memorandum. 
CARNIFI-ER, I. Se , vr. to gromjieshy. 
CARNIVORE, a. carnivorous -Jlesheating. 
CARNOSITE, sf. carnosity ; overgrowing 
CAROBE, sf. carob, weight. [ ofjlesh. 
CAROGNE, sf.jade; slut; baggage. 
CAROLUS, sm. Avoir des , to be monied. 
CARON, sm. fat slice of bacon ; charm. 
CARONADE, sf. carronade; sJwrt iron 

cannon. [excrescence. 

CARONCULE, sf. small gland; tumour; 

CAR ( 75 ) 

6 3d p.s. ' 8 9 3d p. pi. IMPERF 
- 1 3d p. pi. FpT. 22 1st p.s. " IMP. M. 34 2dp.s. 35 36 1st p. pi. 
43 1st p.s. 46 2d p.s. "3d p.s. 48 1st 49 2d 


10 1st p.s. U 2dp.s. I2 3dp.s. 

1 3d p. s. 25 1st p. pi. ^ 2d p. pi. 

3 ? 2d p. pi. 38 3d p. pi. SUBJ. M. 
50 3d 

CAROTTE, sf. carrot. 

CAROTT-ER, I. vn. to play low. 

CAROTTIER, sm. timid gamester. 

CAROUBE, CAROUGE, sm. carob-bean. 

CAROUB1ER, sm. carob-tree. 

CARPE, sf. carp. Le saut de la , the 
somerset. , sm. the wrist. 

CARPEAU, sm. little carp. 

CARPETTES, sf. pi. packing-cloths. 

CARPILLOX, sm. young carp. 

CARQUOIS, sm. quiver. 

CARRARE, sm.Jine Geneva marble. 

CARRE, sf. crown of a hat ; shajte of a 
coat; toes of a shoe. Homme d'une 
bonne , broad-shouldered man. 

CARRE, E, a. square. , sm. a square; 
Jlower-bed. de mouton, breast of 
mutton. de toilette, dressing-box. 
II raisonne juste et comrae une flute, 
he talks nonsense. 

CARREAU, square; pane; garden-bed; 
cushion; diamond at cards; the ground; 
thunderbolt; thunder-stone; tailor's- 
goose; bolt; a kind of droj)sy. Valet 
de , good-for-nothing fellow. 
de faience or de Hollande, Dutch tile. 

CARREFOUR, sm. cross-way. 

to sail with a side-n-ind. 

CARRELAGE, sm. pni-intj with square 
tiles; pavement, [tiles, &c., mend shoes. 

CARREL-ER, I. va. to pave with square 

CARRELET, sm.Jloundcr. 

CARRELETTE, sf.jinejile. 

CARRELEUR, sm. one that paves with 
square tiles, &c. 

CARRELURE, sf. paving with tiles; 
cobbling. Une bonne de ventre, a 

CARREMENT, ad. square. [good meal. 

CARR-ER, I. va. to square. Se , vr. to 

CARRET, sm. rope-yarn. [strut. 

CARRIER, sm. quarry man. 

CARRIERS, sf. quarry ; career. Se don- 
ner , to take one's swing. Passer , 
to take ajinal resolution. 

CARROSSE, sm. coach. de voiture, 
stage coach. coupe, chariot. 
brise, landau. de louage, hackney- 
coach. Un vrai cheval de , a clownish, 
brutish fellow. 

CARROSSEE, sf. coach-full. 

CARROSSIER, m. coach-maker; draught- 

CARROUSEL, sm. carousal; race-course. 

CARROUSSE, sf. riot; loose mirth. Faire 
, to drink hard. 

CARRURE, sf. shape of a coat. 

CARTAME, sm. bastard saffron. 

CARTAUX, sm. pi. sea-charts. 

CARTAY-ER, I. va. to quarter. 

CARTE,/, card ; map ; paste-board. Carte- 
marine, sea-ckart. Conner blanche, 
give full liberty. Brouiller les s, to 
sow dissension. Voir le dessous des s, 
to be in the secret. Savoir la , to 
know the world. 

CARTEL, sm. cartel; challenge. 

CARTELADE, sm. surveyor's scale. 

CARTELETTE, sm. small slate. 

CARTERO, sm. small i)ockct-booh. [ter. 

CARTEROX, quarter of a pound ; a quar- 

CAKTESIEX, sin. Carthcsian, disciple of 

CART1ER, sm. card maker. [Descartes. 

CARTILAGE, sm. gristle. 

CARTILAGINEU-x, SE, a. gristly. 

CARTISANE, sf. vellum. 

CARTON, sm. jiaste-board ; band-box. 

CARTONN-ER, I. va. to add a loose leaf 
to a booh; to cancel. 

CARTOXXI-ER, sm. paste-board maker. 

CARTOXXIERES, tf. kind of wasps. 

CARTOUCHE, sm. charge; ornament in 
painting. , sf. cartridge. 

CARTOUCHIER, sin. cartridge-box. 

CARTULAIRE, sm. register-book for n 
monastery. Juge , scrivener. 

CARVI, sm. caraway-seed. [Sicily. 

CARYBDE, sm. deep eddy on the coast of 

CAS, s/n. case ; fact ; chance ; matter. 
pendable, a hanging-matter. Prenez 
le , suppose. AM que, in case 
that. En tout , however. Le cas 
avenant, in case it happens. Si le cas 
y echet, if there be occasion. 

CAS, a. in. SE,/. broken, hollorc. 

CASANIER, sm. close housekeeper. 

CASAXIER, E, a. retired; idle. 

CASAQUE, sf. great coat. Tourner , 
to change sides. 

CASAQUIN, sm. short gown. 

CASCADE, */. cascade; fall. 

CASCANES, mine-wells. 


CAS ( 76 ) CAT 

[INF.M. 'PRES.T. 2 PART.PRES. 3 PART.PAST.] IND.M. PRES.T. 4 1st p.S. 5 2d p.S 

la 1st 14 15 PRET. 16 1st p.s. 17 2dp.s. Ib 3d p.s. 19 lst 
27 COND.M. 28 lstD.s. w 2d p.s. 30 3d p.s. 31 1st 34 ^Sd 
PRES.T. 39 1st p.s. 4u 2dp.s. 41 3dp.s. 42 1st 43 44 3d IMPERF. 

CASCARILLE, sf. cascaril ; dyeing bark. 

CASE, sf. point at backgammon; square 

in a draught-board; mean habitation. 

CASEMATE, sm. vault of brick or stone, 
to cover artillery, or to lodge troops, 
<j< Ktralii/ formed in the mass of the 
rampart, and always made of suffi- 
cient thickness and strength in the roof 
a.ul sides to resist the effect of shells, 
projected from mortars. Fox's lair. 

CASEMAT-ER, I. va. to fortify; to case mate 

CAS-ER, I. vn. to take a point at tables. 

CASERETTE, */. cheese-mould. 

CASERNE, sf. barrack. 

CASERN-ER, I. vn. to be in barracks. 

CASEU-x, SE, a. caseous; cheesy. 

CASlLLEU-x, SE, a. brittle. 

CASQUE, tin. helmet. 

CASQUE, E, a. n-ith a helmet on. 

CASSADE, sf.Jta m ; fraud ; trick. 

CASSA1LLE, sf. first digging of afield. 

CASSANT, E, a. brittle. 

CASSATION, sf. repeal ; abrogating. 

CASSAVE, sf. cassavi; cassada; a root. 

CASSE, sf. cassia; j)en-case; case; a. broken 

cou, break-neck place. Casse-mu- 

seau, blow across the face; puffed cake. 
noix or noisette, nut-cracker. 

CASSE aux gages, out of favour, [sitting. 

CASSE-CUL, sin. a fall that leaves one 

CASS-ER, I. va. to break; bruise; abro- 
gate; quash. le cou a quelqu'un, to 
be the cause of one's ruin. Se le 
nez, to be balked. 

CASSEROLE, sf. stew-pan. 

CASSERON, siu.Jlyiny-Jish. 

CASSE-TETE, sm. puzzle-brain; heady- 

CASSETIN, sm. printer's box. [wine. 

CASSETTE, sf. coffer et ; irrivy purse. 

CASSEUR, sin. cracker; bouncer. Casseur 
de raquettes, a stout ?nan; a bully. 

CASS1DOINE, sf. calcedony, a precious 

CASSIER, sm. cassia-tree. [stone. 

CASSINE, sf. little country-box or house. 

CASSOLETTE, sf. perfuming-pan. 

CASSONADE, sf. brown-sugar. 

CASSURE, sf. broken place; crack. 

CASTAGNETTES, sf pi. castanets. 

CASTE, sf. tribe; body. 

CASTELANE, sf. sort of green plum. 

CASTELOGNE, sort of blanket. 

CAST1LLE, sf. bickering; contention. 

CASTOR, sin. beaver. 

CASTRAMETATION, s f. castramctation. 

CASTRAT, sm. eunuch; castrate. 

CASTRATION, sf. cutting of stones. 

CASUALITE, sf. perquisite. 

CASUEL, LE, a. casual; precarious, 

CASUEL, sm. profits, perquisites, 

CASUELLEMENT, ad. casually; by 

CASUISTE, sm. casuist. [chance. 

CATACOMBES, sf. pi. catacombs, [trope. 

CATACRESE, sf. catachrcsis; abuse of a 

CATADOUPES, tf. miter-falls. 

CATAFALQUE, sm. funeral decoration. 

CATALEPSIE, sf. catalcpsi/. 

CATALEPT1QUE, a. cataleptic. 

CATALOGUE, sm. catalogue; list; roll. 

CATAPLASME, sm. poultice. [stones. 

CATAPULTE, sf. catapult, for throwing 

CATARACTE, sf. cataract; mater-fall. 

CATARACT- EH, I. Se , vr. to grow dim. 

CATARRH E, sm. catarrh. 

CATARRH EU-x, SB, a. catarrhous. 

CATASTROPHE, sf. catastrophe; end. 

CATECHIS-ER, 1. va. to catechise; en- 
deavour; persuade. 

CATECHISME, tin. catechism. 

CATECHISTE, sin. catechist. 

CATECHUMENE, sm. <J- */. catechumen. 

CATEGORIE, sf. category; class. De 
meme , of the same class. 

CATEGORIQUE, sin. and a. precise. 

CATEGORIQUEMENT, ad. categorically. 

CATEROLES, */. pi. rabbits 1 holes. 

CATHARTIQUE, a. cathartic. 

CATHEDRALE, J: cathedral. 

CATHEDRANT, sm. lecturer. 

CATHEDRATIQU.E, a. cathedratic. 

CATHEDR-ER, 1. va. to preside in a ca- 

CATHETER, sm. catheter, plummet. 

CATHOLICISMS, sm. Catholicism. 

CATHOLICITE, sf. Catholicism; Catholic 

CATHOL1CON, sm. catholicon. [countries. 

CATHOLIQUE, a. f. Catholic ; universal. 
s. Roman Catholic ; papist. 

CATHOLIQUEMENT, ad. Christian like. 

CATI, sm. press. [slily. 

CAT1MINI, En , ad. in huggermngger ; 

CATIN, sf. kitty; town miss; a doll. 

CATIN, sm.foundery vessel. 

CAT ( 77 ) CEI 

6 3d p. s. 7 1st p. pi. 8 9 IMPERF. "> 1st p. s. U 2dp.s. 15 3dp.s. 
> 2d p. pi. 21 3d p. pi. FUT. 22 1st p. s. 23 2d p. s. 24 3d p. s. 25 1st p. pi. 2d p. pi. 
p. pi. IMP. M. a4 2dp.s. 35 3dp.s. 37 38 3d p. pi. SUBJ.M. 
45 1st p. s. 46 2dp.s. 4 ?3dp.s. 1st p. pi. ^ 3d p. pi. 

CAT-iR, II. va. to press cloth; calender. 

CATISSEUR, sm. calcndrer. 

CATOGAN, sm. club of hair, v. CADOGAN. 

CATON, sin. wise man; sage. Cato. 

CAUCHEMAR, sm. the night mare. 

C.4UCHOIS, sm. large and fat pigeons. 

CAUCHOIS, E, a. native of Caux. 

CAUDATAIRE, sm. train-bearer. 

CAUDE, E, a. having a tail. 

CAUDEBEC, sin. French fiat. 

CAURIS, sm. con-ry; kind of shell. 

CAUSALITE, sf. causality. 

CAUSALE, CAUSATIVE, a.f. causal. 

CAUSANT, E, a. chatty, talkative. 

CAUSE, sf. cause; reason; motive. Etre 
en , to sue one at la,w. Etre mis en 
, to be tried. d'appel, action upon 
appeal. Et pour , with good reason. 
A de, on account of, for. A de 
quoi, wherefore. A que, because. 
Avocat sans , counsellor without a 
client. Etre liors de , to have nothing 
more to do with a, lawsuit. Prendre 
fait et pour quelqu'un, to take one's 
interest. Ses heritiers ou ayant , his 
heirs or assigns. Sans connoissance de 
, without a hearing. 

CAUS-ER, I. vn. to cause, talk; blab. 

CAUSEU-R, SE, s. a babbler. 

CAUSER1E, sf. babbling, slander. 

CAUSTICITE, sf. malignity. [curved. 

CAUSTIQUE, a. caustic; waspish, sf. 

CAUTELEUSEMEXT, ail. slily. 

CAUTELEU-x, SE, a. wily; sly. 

CAUTELLE, sf. cunning; deceit. 

CAUTERE, sm. issue; cautery. 

CAUTERIS-ER, I. va. to cauterize; burn. 

CAUTERISE, sometimes means hardened. 

CAUTION,/, bail, security, surety. Caution 
bourgeoise, good security. Etre , vn. 
to warrant; bail. Sujat a , not to 
be trusted ; doubtful. 

bailing; act of standing bail. 

CAUTIOXX-ER, I. va. to bail; warrant. 

CAVAGXOLE, sm. game of chance with 

CAVALCADE, sf. cavalcade; little journey. 

CAVALCADOUR, sm. an equerry. 

CAVALE, sf. a mare. 

CAVALERIE, sf. cavalry; horse. 

[ CAVALIER, sm. trooper; gentleman; 
horseman; spark. Any elevated n- or k 
in the enceinte of a fortress or in tlie 
trendies of attack, to give a command 
over the encinii. 

CAVALI-ER, in. ERE,/, a. blunt; haughty. 

CAVALIEREMENT, ad. haughtily ; gen- 
tlemanlike; bluntly. [quet. 

CAVALQUET, sm. trumpet sound ; cai-al- 

CAVE, sf. cellar; case of bottles; vault; 
pool at play. Eau benite de , n-ine. 
Lune , lunar month of 29 days. 

CAVE, a. hollow. Veine , vena cava. 

CAVEAU, sm. little vault or cellar. 

CAVEE, */. hollo n; tray. 

CAV-ER, I. va. to hollow; to stock at play. 

CAVERNE, sf. cavern. 

CAVERNEU-x, SE, a. cavernous, hollo re . 

CAVERXOS1TE, sf. hollon- nets. 

CAVESSOX, .if. cavcsson; bridle; check. 

CAVILLAT10X, sf. sophistical reason. 

CAVILLE, sm. caviller. 

CAV1X, sm. d(!filc; cacity. 

CAVITE, sf. hollowness; cavity. 

CAYEU, sm. sucker ; ojf'-set. 

CAYMAN, sm. crocodile. 

CE, CET, m. CETTE,/.;;?-0. this, that, it. O 
que, what; that. Qu'est ce? what is it? 
C'est pourquoi, then fore; it is n-lty. 
Ce n'est pas que, not that. Ce mot ci, 
this word; ce mot-la, that word. Ce 
n'est que, it is but. 

CEANS, ad. within, at home, here. Le 
maftre de , the master of the house. 

CECI, pro. this. 

CECITE, */. blindness. 

CEDANT, sm. E, sf. (/ranter. 2 , yielding. 

CED-ER, I. va. to cede, yield, resign. 

CEDJLLE, sf. cedilla; little mark under g 
to make it sound as s. 

CEDRAT, sm. kind of citron tree. 

CEURE, sm. cedar. 

CEDR1E, sf. gum of cedar ; cedria. 

CEDULE, sf. bill; note; cedula. 

CE1GX-ANT 2 ons 7 - 36 ez 8 -" ent 9 - 38 - 44 ais 10 - 11 
ait 12 ois 10 - 11 oit 12 ions 13 - 42 iez 14 - 43 aient 15 
oientis is i6.n it is } mes i9 ites 20 irent 21 e 

33.39.41 es 40 j sse 45 j sses 46 J t 47 i ss i nS 48 1S- 

siez 49 issent 50 , v. CEIXDRE. 
CEIND-RE 1 rai 22 ras 23 ra 24 rons 25 rez 26 ront 

rait 30 ro i s 28.29 roit 30 r i ons 3l 



( 78 ) CEN 

[INF.M. 'PRES.T. S PART.PRES. 3 PART.PAST.] IND.M. PRES.T. 4 lst p.s. 5 2d p.s. 
13 lst 14 2d 15 8d PRET. 16 lst p.s. 17 2d p.s. 18 3d p.s. 19 lst 
273d COND.M. 28 lst p.s. 29 2d p.s. 30 3d p.s. 31 lst 3 *2d 
PRES.T. ^Ist p.s. 40 2d p.s. 41 8d p.s. 42 lst 43 2d 44 3d 


riez^raient^roient 33 . 

pa. to inclose; put on ; gird ; fence round. 

CEIN-s 4 - 5 - 34 t 6 - 3 te 3 tes 3 ts 3 , v. CEINDRE. 

CEINTES, ship's girdle. 

CEINTRE, sm. wooden arch to build 
vaults upon. , E, a. arched, vaulted. 

CEINTR-ER, I. va. to wrap or gird a ship. 

CEINTURE, sf. girdle; waist; inclosure. 

CEINTURETTE, sf. strap for French horn. 

CEINTURIER, sm. belt and girdle maker. 

CEINTURON, sm. sword belt; girdle. 

CELA, pro. that; so. [mental man. 

CELADON, sm. sea-green ; affected scnti- 

CELEBRANT, sm. officiating priest. 

CELEBRATION,/, celebration; solemnity. 

CELEBRE, a. famous; eminent. 

CELEBR-ER, I. va. to celebrate; set forth. 

CELEBRITE, sf. celebrity, solemnity. 

CEL-ER, I. va. to conceal; hide. Se faire 
, to deny one's self. 

CELERE, a. very quick. [Rome. 

CELERES, light troops of ancient 

CELERI, sm. celery. 

CELERIER, sm. steward of a monastery. 

CELERIN, sm. kind of sprat. 

CELERITE, sf. celerity; swiftness ; speed. 

CELESTE, . celestial, heavenly. Bleu 
, sm. sky-blue. 

CELESTINS, sm. pL sort of friars. 

CELIAQUE, a. sf. ccliac, stomach com- 

CELIBAT, sm. celibacy; single life.[plaint. 

CELIBATAIRE, a. unmarried, single. 

CELIBATAIRE, sm. bachelor. 

CELLE, pro.f. she; that. ci, the lat- 
ter; this. la, the former; that. 

CELLERERIE, sf. office of a cellar ist. 

CELLERI-ER, sm. ERE, sf. caterer; 'cel- 

CELLIER, sm. cellar above ground. 

CELLULE, sf. cell; box-case; hole in the 
honey-comb ; partition. 

CELUI, pro.m.he; that; the one. ci, 

this; the latter. la, that; the former. 

CEMENT, sm. cement. [gold. 

CfiMENT-ER, I. va. to cement; to purify 
CENACLE, sm. room where our Saviour 

celebrated his last supper. 
CENDRE, sf. ashes. Jour des s, Ash- 
Wednesday. de plomb, sf. small- 
shot. s chaudes, embers. Prendre 
la et le cilice, to become penitent. 

CENDRE, E, a. ash-coloured. 

CENDREE, sf. dross of lead; small shot. 

CENDREU-x, SE, a. ashy, full of ashes. 

CENDRIER, s?n. ash-pan. 

CENE, sf. the Lord's supper. Faire la 
, v. to receive the sacrament. 

CENELLE, */. the berry of the holly. 

CENOBITE, sm. monk. 

CENOB1TIQUE, a. cenobitical; monkish. 

CENOTAPHE, sm. cenotaph; empty tomb. 

CENS, sm. quit-rent. 

CENSAL, sin. broker. 

CENSE, sf. fee-farm; dairy. 

CENSE, E, a. accounted, reputed. 

CENSEUR, sm. censor; critic. 

CENSIER, sm. lord of a manor, [farmer. 

CENSI-ER, m. ERE,/, a. fermier , fee- 

CKNSITAIRE, sm. copyholder. 

CENSIVE, sf. manor ; fee-land. 

CENSIVEMENT, ad. in a feudal manner. 

CENSTJEL, LE, a. feudal. 

CENSURABLE, a. censurable; deserving 

CENSURE, sf. censorship ; criticism. 

CENSUR-ER, I. va. to censure; chide. 

CENT, a. one hundred. , sm. a hundred. 
Un pesant, a hundred weight. Cinq 
pour ,five per cent. 
CENTAINE, sf. a hundred. A s, par 
centaines, ad. in great numbers, [man. 
CENTAURE, sm. centaur; expert horse- 
CENTAUREE, sf. centaur y ; a flower. 
CENTENAIRE, a. of one hundred years. 
CENTENIER, sm. captain of a hundred. 
CENT1EME, a. and . hundredth. 
CENTIME, sf. hundredth part of a franc, 
very small copper coin. [sttiff\ 

CENTON, sm. rhapsody; hind of mixed 
CENTRAL, E, a. central, in the centre. 
CENTRE, sm. centre; the middle. Etre 
dans son , to be in one's element. 
de pesanteur, the centre of gravity. 
CENTRIFUGE, a. centrifugal; flying 
from a centre. [to a centre. 

CENTRIPETE, a. centripetal; inclining 
CENT-SU1SSES, sm. French yeomanry. 
CENTUPLE, a. sm. hundred-fold. 
CENTUPL-ER, I. va. to increase onehun- 

drcd more; to centuplicate. 
CENTUR1E, sf. century, hundred. [NIER. 
CENTURION, sm. centurion. See CENTB- 

CEP ( 79 ) CHA 

6 8dp.s. 7 1st p. pi. 8 9 3d p. pi. IMPERF. 10 lstp.s. U 2dp.s. 12 3dp.s. 

20 2l FUT. 22 lstp.s. 23 2dp.s. 24 3d p. s. >25 1st p. pi. 26 IMP. M. 3l 2dp.s. 35 3dp.s. 1st p. pi. 38 3d p. pi. SUBJ. M. 
45 1st p.s. 46 2d p.s. "' 3d p.s. 48 1st 49 2d 50 3d 

CEP, sm. vine. 

CEPEE, sf. bunch of many shoots from 
one root. 

CEPENDANT, ad. in the mean time; ne- 
vertheless; yet; however. [ache. 

CEPH ALEE, sf. ccphalaea, obstinate head- 

CEPHALIQUE, a. cephalic; of the head. 

CEPS, sm. stocks ; fetters. {Athens. 

CERAMIQUE, sm. public church-yard in 

CERAT, sm. cerate; plaster, {saltpetre. 

CERBERE, sm. Cerberus; door-ltccper ; 

CERCEAU, sm. hoop ; net ; ring. 

CERCELLE, sf.teal, kind of small duck. 

CERCLE, sm. circle; hoop', assembly. 
de cabestan, the capstan's hoop. 

CERCL-ER, I. va. to hoop. 

CERCLIER, sm. hoop-maker. 

CERCUEIL, sm. coffin. Mettre au , to 
cause one's death. [the brain. 

CEREBRAL, E, a. cerebral, belonging to 

CEREMONIAL, si. ceremonial; ritual. 
For surle , very punctilious. 

CEREMONIAL, E, a. ceremonial. 

CEREMONIE, sf. ceremony ; form ; rite. 
Habits de formalities. Visite de , 
formal visit. 

CERlMONIEU-x, SE, a. ceremonious, 
formal. II n'est point , he is very free. 

CERF, sm. stag; hart. Come de , sf. 
hart's-horn. volant, sm. horn-bce- 

CERFEUIL, sm. chervil, [tie; paper-kite. 

CERISAIE, sf. cherry orchard. 

CERISE, sf. cherry ; disease in horses. 

CERISIER, sm. cherry-tree. 

CERNE, sm. ring ; circle, [and blue eyes. 

CERNE, a. haggard ; yeux s, sm. black 

CERNE AU, sm. kernel of green ivalnuts. 

CERN-ER, I. va. to hem in; take out the 
kernel of a nut ; tap a tree. [bounds. 

CERQUEMAN-ER, I. va. to survey ; fix 

CERRE, sm. kind of oak. 

CERTAIN, E, a. certain, sure. Nou- 
velle E, sure news. E nouvelle, re- 
port. , sm. certainty. 

CERTAINEMENT, ad. certainly. 

CERTEAU, sm. kind of pear. [ably. 

CERTES, ad. truly; indeed; unquestion~ 

CERTIFICAT, sm. certificate. 

CERTIFICATEUR, sm. voucher. 

CERTIFICATION, sf. certification. 

GERTIFI-ER, I. va. to certify; assure. 

CERTITUDE, sf. certainty; stability. Sa- 
voir de , to know for certain. 

CERUMEN, sm. wax of the ears. 

CERUMINEU-X, SE, a.ceruminous; waxy. 

CERUSE, sf. white lead; false diamond. 

CERVAISON, sf. venison season. 

CERVEAU, sm. the brain. dfemonte, 
crack-brained. [of sausage. 

CERVELAS, sm. cervelas, poloncse; hind 

CERVELET, sm. hind part of the brain. 

CERVELLE, sf. brains. Bonne , good 

CERVICAL, E, a. cervical. Kerfs cervi- 
caux, muscles of the neck. 

CERVIER, a. loup , lytu: 

CERVOISE, */. sort of beer. 

CES, m. and f. pro. these; those. 

CESAR, sm. bold man; hero, [operation. 

CKSARIENNE, a. operation , Cecsnrimi 

CESSANS, a. tous empechemens , sf. no- 
tliing intervening or ji/'cre/iting. 

CESSATION, sf. cessation, intermission. 

CESSE, sf. ceasing; intermission. Suns 
, ad. incessantly. [bun: 

CESS-ER, I. vn. to cease, leave off*; for- 

CESS1BLE, a. transferable. 

CESSION, sf. yielding up. Faire , to 
resign one's effects. 

CESSIONNAIRE, sf. cessionary ; grantee. 

C'EST, is. fait! done! agreed I 
pourquoi, c. therefore, it is why. 

CESTE, sm. cestus ; girdle. 

CESURE, sf. ctesura; pause; rest. 

GET, m. CETTE, this, that. CETTE- 
CI, this one. CETTUI-CI, this. Cetane- 
ci, this ass; cet ane-la, that ass. [hind. 

CETACE, E, a. cetaceous; of the whale 

CETERAC, sm. spleen-wort. 

CEUX, 2'o. those, these. ci, the lat- 
ter, these. lii, the former, those. 

CHA, sm. light silk ; a kind of tea. 

CHABLAGE, sm. labour and fees of a 
water-officer; water rates. 

CHABLEAU, sm. tow-line; warp. 

CHABL-ER, I. va. to fasten a cable to. 

CHABLEUR, sm. water-officer. [wint. 

CHABLIS, *in. wind-fallen wood, Chablis- 

CHABOT, sm. gull; miller's thumb.[kind. 

CHACAL, sm. jackal, animal of the fox 

CHACONNE, sf. chacoon, a dance; ribbon. 

CH ACUN, E, pro. every one ; each. 

CHA ( 80 ) CHA 

[INF.M. PRES.T. 2 PART.PRES. SPART.PAST.] IND.M. PRES.T. 4 1st p.s. 5 2d p.s. 
13 " 15 PRET. 16 1st p.s. 17 2dp.s. 18 3d p.s. 
27 COND.M. 28 lstp.s. a9 2d p.s. 30 3d p.s. 31 1st p. pi. 22 2d ^3d 
PRES.T. 39 1st p.s. 40 2dp.s. 41 3dp.s. 43 44 3d IMPERF. 

CHAFOUIN, sin. E, sf. mean-looking 
person ; pole-cat. [over. 

CHAFOUR-ER, I. va. to disfigure; daub 

CHAGRIN, sin. grief; vexation; sorrow; 
s/iagreen. , E, a. morose; sad. 

CHAGRINANT, E, a. vexations, [r awfully. 

CHAGR1NEMENT, adv. with grief; sor- 

CHAGRIN-ER, I. va. to vex; to fret. 

CHAILL-E 41 , v. CHAJLOIR, to signify. 

CHAINE, sf. chain; rvarp ; coin; ridge; 
bondage. s de port, the boom of a har- 
bour. s de vergues, the top-chains. 

CHAINE AU, tin. pipe of lead or wood. 

CHAINETIER, sm. chain-maker. 

CHAINETTE, sf. little chain; silk stuff; 

CHAINON, sm. link. [leather thong. 

, CHAIR, sf. flesh; skin ; quick. Piece de 
, dull, lumpish fellow. vive, the 
quick. de fruit, pulp of fruit. 

CHAIRE, sf. pulpit; see; oratory. 

CHAISE, sf. chair; scat; sedan. per- 
cee, close-stool. roulante, chaise, ca- 
lash. a bras, elborv-chair. Chaise 
pliante, folding-chair. a porteur, 
sedan-chair. Porteur de , sm. chair- 
man. [ , sin. sort of lighter. 

CHALAND, sm. E, sf. customer; chapman. 

CHALANDISE, sf. custom; good-will. 

CHALCOGRAPHE, sm. engraver onbra&s. 

CHALE, sm. shaicl; large kerchief. 

CHALET, sm. little cottage. 

CHALEUR, sf. heat; warmth; zeal. 
de foie, gust of passion. Donner 
, to encourage. [sionatc. 

CHALEUREU-x, SE, a. sanguine; pas- 

CHALINGUE, sf. light Indian boat. 

CHALIT, sm. bedstead, [matter; signify. 

CHAL-oiR 1 , see CHAILL, CHAU, vn. to 

CHALON, sm. large net. 

CHALOUPE, sf. great boat; sloop. Cha- 
loupe canonniere, gun-boat. 

CHALUMEAU, sm. stem; pipe; flute. 

CHALYBE, E, a. chalybeate; containing 

CHAMADE, sf. parley; drum sound, [steel. 

CHAMAILL-ER, I. vn. to fight ; wrangle. 

CHAMAILLIS, sm. fray ; squabble. 

CHAMARR-ER, I. va. to lace; daub. [kind. 

CHAMARRURE, sf. gold lacing of any 

CHAMBELLAN, sm. chamberlain; qfflcer 
of the crown superintending other ojffi- I 
cers of the king's chambers. \ 

CHAMBRANLE, sm. jambs; mantle-tree- 

CHAMBRE, sf. chamber, room. haute, 
house of lords. basse, house of 
commons. a coucher, bed-chamber. 
garnie, room ready-furnished. 
de parade, drawing-room. 

CHAMBREE, sf. persons lying in one 
room; room-full. [lodger. 

CHAMBRELAN, sm. chamber artificer; 

CHAMBRELOQUE, sf. loose night-gown. 

CHAMBR-ER, I. vn. to lodge together. 

CHAMBRETTE, sf. little room. 

CHAMBRIER, sm. chamberlain in a mo- 
nastery, [wh ip. 

CHAMBRIERE, sf. chambermaid; horse- 

CHAMBRILLON, sf. young maid. 

CHAMEAU, SHI. camel. 

CHAMELIER, sm. camel-driver. 

CHAMELLE, sf. she-camel. 

CHAMOIS, sin. cJiamois; n-ild goat. 

CHAMOISEUR, sm. chamois-dresser. 

CHAMOISERIEjS/". chamois-man ufacturc 

CHAMP, sm. field; matter. de bataille, 
field of battle. clos, cam]); list. 
d'un peigne, bridge of a comb. Gagner 
les , run away. Battre aux s, beat 
the march. Se mettre aux s,Jty into 
a jjassion. Combat en clos, camp- 
fight. Donner la clef des s, to give 
liberty. A travers s, across the fields ; 
at random. A tout bout de , ever. 

Sur-le , out of hand; immediately. 

Avoir le libre, to have a clear stage. 
II est fou a courir les s, lie is stark mad. 

CHAMPAGNE, sf. champaign country. 

CHAMPAGNE, sm. a kind of ivine. 

CHAM PART, sm.Jield rent. 

CHAMPART-ER, I. va. collect field-rents. 


CHAMPARTEUR, sm.Jield-rent collector. 

CHAMPEAUX, sm. pi. large meadows. 

CHAMPETRE, a. rural. 

CHAMPIGNON, sm. mushroom; waster 
in a candle. [rooms. 

CHAMPIGNONNIERE, sf. bed for mush- 

CHAMPION, sin. champion. 

CHANCE, sf. chance; hazard. Center sa 
, to lay open one's case. 

CHANCEL, chanceau, SHI-. part of the 
inside of a church. 

CH ANCELANT, E, <t. tottering ; unsteady. 


CHA ( 81 ) CHA 

6 3d p. s. .7 1st p. pi. 8 9 3d p. pi. IMPERP. I0 lstp.s. U 2dp.s. 12 3dp.s. 

20 21 PUT. 22 lstp.s. 23 2dp.s. 24 8dp.s. M 1st p. pi. M 

p. pi. IMP. M. 34 2dp.s. ^Sdp.s. 1st p. pi. 3 - SUBJ. M. 
1st p. s. 46 2dp.s. 47 3dp.s. 1st p. pi. 49 50 3d 

CHANCEL-ER, I. vn. to totter; waver. 
CHANCELIER, sm. chancellor. 
CHANCELIERE, sm. chancellor's wife; 

CHANCELLEMENT, sm. tottering; un- 

CHANCELLERIE, sf. chancery. 

CHANCEU-x, SE, a. lucky or unluck'i. 

CHANCIES, a. confitures , sweetmeats. 

CHANC-iR, II. va. to grow mouldy. 

CHANCISSURE, sf. mouldiness. 

CHANCRE, s/. cancer; sore ; foulness in 
the teeth. Eire place sur le , to le 
raised to an unsafe station. 

CHANDELEUR, sf. La , Candle-mass. 

CHANDELIER, sm. candlestick. de 
fanui, poop-lantern iron-brace. de 
pierrier, iron-crutch of a swivel-gun. 

CHANDELLE, sf. candle. de veille, 
natch-light. moulee, "moulded 
candle. de cire, wax candle. 
de glace, icicle. La brule, time 
passes away. Le jeu n'en vaut pas la 
, it is not worth the while. 

CHANFREIN, sm. forehead of ahorse. 

CHANFREIN ER, I. va. to cat slopingly. 

CHANGE, sm.. exchange ; change ; banker's 
trade. Prendre le , to mistake; be 
put off". Donner le a quelqu'un, to 
impose upon one. 

CHANGEANT, E, a. changeable; Jicfde. 
2 , v. CHANGER, to alter. 

CHANGEMENT, sm. change; alteration. 

CHANG-EH 1 , CHANGE-ANT, 2 I. va. to 
change; alter ; shift ; barter; tack about. 
de bord, tad; or veer. le quart, 
to receive the watch. de note, turn 
over a new leaf. 

CHANGEOTT-ER, I. vn. to change often. 

CHANGEUR, sm. banker; money-changer. 

CHANLATTE, */. lath to support tiles. 

CHANOINE, sm. prebendary ; monk. 

CHANOINESSE, sf. canoness; nun. 

CHANOINIE, sf. canonry ; canonship. 

CHANSON, sf. song ; idle story. 

CHANSONN-ER, I. va. to lampoon. 

CHANSONNETTE, sf. little song, lay. 

CHANSONNIER, sm. ballad-maker. 

CHANT, sm. singing; tune; canto. Chant 
du coq, cock-crow. 

CHANTANT, E, a. tuneable, singing. 

CHANTEAU, sm. hunch of bread; quar- 
ter-piece, [gulley-hole. 
CHANTEPLEURE, sf. watering-pot ; 
CHANT-ER, I. va. to sing; crow ; praise. 
la palinodie, to recant. pouilles, 
to rail ; revile. la frame a quelqu'un, 
to rattle one to some tune. Pain a , 
wafer. [coy-bird. 

CHANTERELLE, */. treble-string; de- 

CHANTEU-R, SB, s. a singer. 

CHANT1ER, sm. timber-i/ard; stocks. 

CHANTIGNOLE, sf. kind of brick. 

CHANTOURNE, sm. headpiece of a bed. 

CHANTRE, sm. chanter ; clerk ; chorister. 

CHANTRERIE, sf. chantry. 

CHANVRE, sm. hemp. 

CHANVRIER, sm. fiemp-drcsscr. 

CHAOS, am. chaos ; confusion. 

CHAP, stands for CHAPITRE, chapter. 

CHAPE, sf. cope; helm; anchor; cove. 
Trouver chute to meet with bad luck. 

CHAPEAU, sm. luit; man. de flours, 
garland ofjiorvers. rouge, cardi- 
nalship. de maltre, gratuity ro the 
master of a sh ip. 

CHAPELAIN, sm. chaplain ; priest. 

CHAPELAINIE, sf. chaplainship. 

CHAPEL-ER, I. va. to rasp bread. 

CHAPELET, sm.chaplct; bread; stirrup; 

CHAPELI-ER, ERE, s. hatter. [chain, jmm p. 

CHAPELLE, sf. chapel ; benejicc. ar- 
dente, place where a dead person lies 
in state, and a light is constantly kept. 

CHAPELLENIE, sf. chaplainship. 

CHAPELURE, sf. chipping s ; chip*. 

CHAPERON, am. hood; coping of a wall ; 
holster-cap; top; companion. 

CH APERONN-ER, I. va. to cap one ; hood- 
wink the hawk ; protect. 

CHAPIER, sm. cope-bearer. 

CHAPITEAU, sm. chapter ; capital. 

CHAPITRE, sm. chapter} chapter-house. 

CHAPITR-ER, I. va. to reprimand. 

CHAPON, sm. capon; crust of bread boiled 
in broth. Ce sont deux s de rente, 
they are paired like rabbits, fat and 

CHAPONNEAU, sm. young capon, [lean. 

CHAPONN-ER, I. va. to capon; to castrate, 
a. cock, that he may grata larger and 

CHAPONNIERE, sf. caponry. [fatter. 

CHAQUE, pro. each; evt 



( 82 ) 


[INF.M. PRES.T. 2 PART.PRES. SPAAT.PAST.] IND.M. PRES.T. 4 1st p.s. 5 2dp.s. 
13 " 15 PRET. 16 lstp.s. ^Sdp.s. I8 3d p.s. 19 COND.M. 28 lstp.s. 2dp.s. 3y 3dp.s. 31 32 2dp.pL 33 8d 
PRES.T. ^Istp.s. 40 2dp.s. 41 3dp.s. 42 1st p. pi. 43 2d 44 3d p. pi. IMPERF. 

CHAR, sm. chariot, car, 

CHARADE, sf. mime of an Indian sect; 

enigma ; riddle. 

CHARANSON, sm. weevil ; mite. 
CH ARSON, coals; ulcer. de bois, 
charcoal. de terre, pit-coal. Charbon 
vif, burning or live coal. eteint, 
dead coal. 

CHARBONNEE, */. slwrt rib of beef. 
CHARBONN-ER, 1. va. to daub with a coal. 
CHARBONNIER, sm. coal-merchant; 
collier; coal-hole. Foi de , im- 
plicit faith, [house; coal-woman. 
CHARBONNIERE, sf. colliery; coal- 
CHARBOUILL-ER, I. va. to blacken; 


CHARCUT-ER, I. va. to hack ; mangle. 
CHARCUTERIE, sf. hog's Jlesh, sausages, 
pork shoi). [pork shop. 

CHARENTI-ER, ERE, s. who keeps a 
CHARDON, sm. thistle; spike-head. 
CHARDONNETTE, */. wild artichoke. 
CHARDONN-ER, I. va. to nap cloth. 
CHARDONNERET, sm. goldjinch. 
CHARDONNIERE, sf. thistle-plot. 
CHARGE, sf.load; charge; cargo; em- 
ployment ; office ; caricature. d'ames, 
cure of souls. Etre a , to be charge- 
able. A la de, on condition of. 
A la que, on condition that. 
CHARGE, E, a. laden; full of. Couleur 
e, deep colour. d'annees, full of 
years. Yaisseau pour, ship bound for. 
Table e, table crowded with guests. 
Cheval d'encolure, heavy-headed 
horse. [ 2 , v. CHARGER. 

CHARGEANT, E, a. clogging; tedious; 
CHARGEMENT, sm. bill of lading. 
CHARGEOIR, sm. charger in gunnery. 
CHARG-ER 1 , CHARGE-ANT 2 , I. va. to 
load; charge; burden; lade; clog; attack; 
commission; export. en grenier, to 
load a ship in bulk. Se , to take upon 
one's self; undertake. 
CHARGEUR, sm. loader. 
CHARIAGE, sm. carriage; carting. 
CHARI-ER, I. va. to carry along ; cart. 

Charier droit, mind one's hits. 
CHARIOT, sm. waggon, cart. 
CHARITABLE, a. charitable, kind. 
CHARITABLEMENT, ad. charitably. 

CHARITE, sf. charity; alms. Faire la 
, to g?cc alms. 

HAR1VARI, sm. paltry-music; clutter. 
HARLATAN, sm. mountebank; wheedler. 
CHARLATANS, sf. cunning gipsy. 
DHARLATAN-ER, I. va. to gull. [ling. 
CH ARLATANERIE, sf. quackery ; whced- 
CHARMANT, E, charming ; delightful. 
JHARME, sm. charm; yoke-elm. 
CHARM-EH, I. va. to charm; allay. 
CHARMEUR, sm. conjuror. 
CHARMEUSE, sf. enchantress. 
CHARMILLE, sf. hedge of yoke-elm tree. 
CHARMOIE, sm. nursery of yoke-elms. 
CHARNAGE, sm.Jtesh-time. 
CHARNEL, LE, a. carnal, sensual. 
CHARNELLEMENT, ad. carnally. 

HARN-EU-x, SE, a.Jleshy. 
CHARNIER, sm. charnel-house; larder ; 
CHARNIERE, sf. a hinge, [scuttled cask. 
CHARNU, E, a.Jleshy ; plump, [soft skin. 
CHARNURE, sf. Jlesh ; skin, douce, 

HAROGNE, sf. carrion, carcass. 
CHARPENTE, sf. timber-work, [mangle. 
CHARPENT-ER, I. va. to work timber; 
CHARPENTERIE, sf. carpentry. 
CHARPENTIER, sm. carpenter. de 

navire, shipwright. 

CHARPIE, sf. lint. En , boiled to rags. 
CHARP-iR, II. va, to tear in pieces. 
CHARREE, sf. buck-ashes. 
CHARRETEE, sf. cart-load. 
CHARRETIN, sm. cart without, rack. 
CHARRETTE, sm. cart. 
CHARRIER, sm. bucking cloth for aslies. 
CHARROI, sm. carriage, wainuge. 
CHARRON, sm. cartrvright. 
CHARRONAGE, sm. cartwright's work. 
CHARRUAGE, sm. arable land. 
CHARRUE, sf. plough. Tirer la , to 
have a great deal of trouble. Mettre la 
devant les boeufs, to put the cart be- 
fore the horses. Cheval de , stupid 
man. [party. 

CH ARTE, sf. charter. partie, charter- 

CHARTIL, CHARTIS, sm. pent-house for 
carts; great cart. [a consumption. 
CHARTRE, sf. charter ; gaol. En , in 
CHARTREUSE, sf. charter-house, [ornun. 
CHARTREU-x, SE, s. Carthusian friar 

CHA ( 83 ) CHA 

6 3d p. s. ' 8 9 IMPERF. 10 lstp.s. H 2dp.s. 12 8dp.8. 
20 2l FUT. 22 lstp.s. 23 2dp.s. 24 3dp.s. i5 1st p. pi. 26 OH " ^ 
p. pi. IMP. M. 34 2dp.s. 3 5 3dp.s. 1st p. pi. 37 
5 lstp.s. 46 2dp.s. "3dp.s. 48 lstp . p i. 

WU. * ff 

26 2d p. pi. 
p. pi. SUBJ.M. 

CHARTRIER, sm. keeper of charters. 

CH ARTULAIRE, m. collection of charters. 

CH AS, sm. eye of needles ; paste, [cheese. 

CHASERET, sm. little sash-frame to make 

CHASSE, sf. shrine ; scale ; frame ; cheeks. 

CHASSE, sf. hunting; game; chase. 
aux oiseaux, fowling. Prendre chasse, 
to bear away. Soutenir , tojight in 

retreat. avant, sm. overseer. Chasse- 

chien, coquin, beadle; beadsman. 

cousin, paltry mine; stifffoil. Chasse 

-ennui, foe to sorrow. maree, sm. 

ripper ; Jish-cart ; shallop. morte, 

sf. random sJwt. mulet, sm. mule 

driver. [grape. 

CHASSE LAS, sm. excellent sort of white 

CHASS-ER, I. va. to hunt; drive away; 
chase, pursue. sur Pancre, to drag 
the anchor. au fusil, to go shooting. 

CHASSERESSE, sf. huntress. 

CHASSEUR, sm. hunter ; fowler. 

CHASSEUSE, sf. huntress. 

CHASSIE, sf. blcar-eyedness. 

CHASSIEU-x, SE, a. blear-eyed, [house. 

CHASSIS, sm. sash; frame; shell of a 

CHASSOIR, sm. cooper's driver. 

CHASTE, a. chaste; pure; neat. 

CHASTEMENT, ad. chastely ; purely. 

CHASTETE, sf. chastity; purity. 

CHASUBLE, sf. kind of cope. 

CHASUBLIER, sm. maker of ecclesias- 
tical vestures and ornaments. 

CHAT, sm. cat ; sort of ship. A bon chat, 
bon rat, tit for tat. Acheter en po- 
che, to buy a pig in a poke. N'eveillez 
pas le qui dort, when sorrow is asleep, 
make it not. Appeler un un , to 
call a spade, a spade. II n'y a pas de 
quoi fouetter un , it is a mere trifle. 
II a emporte le , he took French 
leave. Jeter le aux jambes, to lay 
the blame upon one. Petit , little 
dear. Chats, pi. catkins, {nut-colour. 

CHATAIGNE, sf. chestnut. , a. chest- 

CHATAIGXERAIE, */. chestnut orchard. 

CHATAIGNIER, sm. chestnut-tree. 

CHATAIN, a. and sm. chestnut colour. 

CHATEAU, sm. castle or scat. Batir des 
x en Espagne, to build castles in the 
air. [vcrnor of a castle ; castellan. 

CHATELAIN, sm. lord of the manor; go- 

CHATELET, sm. little castle; prison; 

CHATELLENIE, sf. castle ward. [man. 

CHAT-HUANT, sm. screech-owl; sullen 

CHATIABLE, a. punishable. [rect. 

CHATI-ER, I. va. to chastise; mend ; cor- 

CHATIERE, sf. cat's hole; cat trap. 

CHATIMENT, sm. chastisement, [collet. 

CHATON, sm. kitten; bezel; catkins; 

CHATOUILLEMENT, sm. tickling. 

CHATOUILL-ER, I. va. to tickle; plcaxe. 
Toreille, to flatter. [cate. 

CHATOUILLEU-x, SB, a. ticklish ; dcli- 

CHATOYANT, E, a. radiant; changing 

CHATOY-ER, I. vn. to emit rays, [colour. 

CHAT-PARD, sm. kind of leopard. 

CHATRfi, sm. and a. eunuch. [prune. 

CHATR-ER, I. va. to castrate; spay; lop, 

CRATREVR,sm.gelder; who gelds, [man. 

CHATTE, sf. she cat ; puss; dainty wo- 

CHATTfiE, sf. brood of a cat; litter. 

CHATTEMITE, sf. demure hypocrite. 

CHATT-ER, I. vn. to kitten. 

CHAUD, E, a. hot, warm; hasty ; fierce. 
, sm. heat ; warmth. , ad. sharply. 
A la E, in the htat of passion. Chaude 
alarme, a sudden alarm. Battre a la 
E, to beat ingots whilst the metal 
is hot. La donner bien E, to alarm 
one by aggravating t/te matter. Nou- 
velle toute E, fresh news. 

CHAUDEAU, 7ii. caudle ; broth, [prisoner. 

CHAUDE-CHASSE, */. running after a 

CHAUDEMENT, ad. hotly; sharply. 

CHAUD-ER, I. vn. to be at heat, [kettle. 

CHAUDIERE, sf. caldron; copper; great 

CHAUDRON, sm. kettle; caldron. Chau- 
deron de pompe, pump cover. 

CHAUDRONNEE, sf. kettle-full. 

CHAUDRONNERIE, sf. brazier's ware. 

CHAUDRONXIER, sm. brazier; tinker. 

CH AUFFAGE, sm.fuel ; firewood. 

CHAUFFE, sf. furnace. cire, sm. 

chafe-wax. chemise, warming 

basket. lit t ivariing-pan. pieds, 


CHAUFF-ER, I. va. to heat; warm. Ce 
n'est pas pour vous que le four chauffe, 
there is nothing for you. Chauffer nn 
vaisseau, to bream a ship. [warmer. 

CHAUFFERETTE, sf. foot-stove or 



[INF.M. 'PRES.T. 2 PART.PRES. a PART. PAST.] IND. M. PRES. T. 4 1st p.S. 5 2d p.S. 

' 14 " PRET. '6 1st p.s. '^dp.s. 18 3dp.s. 19 
V COND. M. 28 1st p.s. 29 2d p.s. 30 3d p.s. 31 1st 32 2d 33 3d 
PRES.T. 39 1st p.s. 40 2d p.s. 41 3dp.s. 42 1st 43 2d 44 3d IMPERF. 

CHAUFFERIE, sf. kind of forge. 
CHAUFFEUR, sm. warmer of a forge. 

s, bandits mho burned people. 
CHAUFFOIR. sm. warming-place; rearm 
cloth for a sick person. 

CHAUFOUR, sm. lime-kiln. 

CHAUFOURNIER, sm. lime-maker. 

CHAUL-ER le bled, I. va. to soak corn in 
lime-mater before sowing. 

CHAUME,w.sWMe; stubble-Jield; thatch. 

CHAUM-ER, I. va. to cut stubble; thatch. 

CHAUMIERE, sf. thatched cottage. 

CHAUMINE, sf. small cottage. 

CHAUSSANT, E, a. easy to put on. Esprit 
, sm. complying temper. 

CHAUSSE, sf. stocking, straining-bag. 

CHAUSSES, breeches. Tirer ses s, 
to scamper an-aij. 

CHAUSSE, E, a. cross-grained. Esprit 
de travers, cross mind. Elle est 
toute des mieux ES, she is a tip-top 
girl. II est sorti un pied , et Pautre 
nu, he scampered away with haste. 

CHAUSSEE, sf. causeway. A rez de 
chaussee, on the ground-floor. 

CHAUSSE-PIED, sm. shoeing-horn. II 
est dedans sans , he has succeeded 
without any one's assistance. 

CHAUSS-ER, I. va. to put on shoes or 
stockings ; make shoes ; fit. le co- 
thurne, to turn a dramatic writer. 
amerae point, to be of the same kid- 
ney. des arbres, to raise the earth 
round the roots of trees. mieux ses lu- 
nettes, to look at it with more attention. 

CHAUSSETIER, sm. hosier; bonnet-ma- 
ker, [and plant. 

CHAUSSETRAPE, sf. caltrop; a trap 

CHAUSSETTE, sf. -under-stocking. 

CHAUSSON, sm. sock; , pi. pumps. 

CHAUSSURE, sf. any cover of the leg 
and foot. Trouver a son pied, to meet 
with one's match. 

CHAUT 6 , v. CHALOIR, to care for. II 
ne m'en , I don't care for it. [bat. 

CHAUVE, a. bald. CHAUVE-SOURIS, sf. 

CHAUVETE, sf. baldness. [the ears. 

CHAUV-iR les oreilles, I. vn. to prick up 

CHAUX, sf. lime. d'etain, putty. 

CHAVIR-ER, I. vn. to turn upside down. 

CHEF, sm. head; chief; leader ; principal 

ruler ; fag end. Chef de famille, Jiouse- 
keeper. d'ceuvre, master-piece. Chef- 
lieu, manor-house. de parti, ring- 
leader. d'eau, high-water. Chef- 

d'escadre, commodore. Fief en , fee 
held in capite. 

CHEGROS, sm. shoemaker's waxed thread 

CHEIK, CHEICK, sm. Arab chief; abbot ; 
eldest son. 

CHfiLIDOINE, sf. celandine, plant. 

CHEM-ER, I. SE , vr. to waste; pule. 

CHEMIN, sm. way ; road; course. Grand 
, highway. detourne, out of the 
way road. fort passant, a great 
thoroughfare. de 1'ecole, longest 
way about. de traverse, cross road. 
des gens de pied, foot-way. faisant, 
by the way. Aller toujours son , to 
pursue one's point. Aller le droit che- 
min, to go fairly to work. Couper 
a quelque chose, to put a stop to a 
thing. Demeurer en beau , to omit 
a design when one 'is in a fair way of 
succeeding. [minee, privately. 

CHEMINEE, sf. chimney. Sous la che- 

CHEMIN-ER, I. vn. to walk; get on. 

CHEMISE, sf. shirt; shift. Mettre en 
, to beggar. de pierre, lining of 
stone to case ramparts. a feu, can- 
vas lined with oil and camphire, that 
was put round culprits to be burned. 

CHEMISETTE, sf. under-waistcoat. 

CHENA1E, sf. grove of oaks. 

CHENAL, sm. channel; stream. 

CHENAL-ER, I. vn. to try a channel. 

CHENAPAN, sm. vagabond; bandit. 

CHENE, sm. an oak. vert, holm-oak. 

CHENEAU, sm. young oak. Cheneau, 
pipe to convey rain-water. 

CHENET, sm. hand-iron; iron clams. 

CHENETEAU, sm. young oak. 

CHENEVIERE, sf. hemp-field. 

CHENEVIS, sm. hemp-seed. 
I CHENEVOTTE, sf. bullen. 
j CHEXEVOTT-ER, I. vn. to shoot weak 
J wood; peel hemp stalks. 

CHENIL, sm. dog-kennel. 

CHENILLE, sf. caterpillar. En , kind 
of undress in Italy. 

CHENU, E, a. hoary ; grey-headed. 
\ CHER, m. CHKRE,/. dear; costly ; beloved. 

CHE ( 85 ) CHE 

6 3d p. s. .' 8 9 IMPERF. ^Istp.s. U 2dp.s. 12 3dp.s. 
a) 2d p. pi. 21 3d p. pi. FUT. 22 1st p. s. *3 2d p. s. 24 3d p. s. 25 1st p. pi. 2 <* 2d p. pi. IMP.M. 34 2d p.s. 35 3dp . s . 36 lstp . p i. SUBJ.M. 
1st p.s. 46 -2d p.s. 47 3d p.s. 48 1st 2d 50 3d 

CHERCHE, ,</. search. 
CHERCHE 4 - 6 - 34 - 35 - 39 - 41 , v. CHERCHER. 
CHERCH-ER, I. va. to seek; look for 
search; endeavour. noise, to pick 
a quarrel. midi a quatorze heures 
to look for a knot in a bull rush. Allei 
, go for or fetch. Euvoyer , to 
send for. 
CHERCHEU-R, SE, s. seeker; searcher 

de tranches lippees, s2->unger. 
CHERE, sf. cheer; dear; treat, entertain- 
ment. Homme de bonne , good liver. 
CHEREMENT, ad. dear; dearly. 
CHER-iR, II. va. to cherish; love. 
CHERISSABLE, a. lovely; endearing. 
CHERSONESE, sf. peninsula. 
CHERTE, sf. dearness; dearth. 
CHERUBIN, sm. cherub; an angel. 
CHERVIS, sm. skirret; chervil. [firm. 
CHETI-F, VE, a. mean; bad; pitiful; in- 
CHETIVEMENT, ad. pitifully. 
CHEVAGE, sm. tax on foreigners. 
CHEVAL, sm. horse; rude fellow. de 
bat, packhorse ; looby; drudge. de 
carrosse, coach-horse. de trait, 
draught-horse. de selle, saddle- 
horse. de bat, de somnie, pack- 
horse. de reiais, fresh horse. 
de louage, hack net/. - de renvoi, 
return horse. de course, race-horse. 
d'amble, ambling nag. entier, 
stone-horse. hongre, gelding. 
de balaille, charging-horse. marin, 
sea-horse. aile, winged-horse. de 
bois, wooden-horse. defrise, chevalde 
frise: See CHEVAUX DE FRISK. Un 
petit echappe, an, unruly boy. II 
est le de bat, he is the drudge. 
Changer son borgne centre un aveugle, 
to change for the icorse. Ktre mal a 
, to be at an ill pass. Brider son 
par la queue, to begin at the wrong end. 
11 est bon de trompette, he is a man 
not to be terrified. II fait toujours bon 
tenir son en bride, it is always good 
to hold the staff' in one's otcii hand. 
Je lui ferai voir que son n'est qu'une 
bte, I'll show him his mistake. Aller 
si , to ride on horseback. fondu, 
CHEVAL-ER, I. va. to prop, \leap-jrorj. 
CHEVALERESQUE, a. chivalrous. 

CHEVALERIE, sf. knighthood; chivalry. 
CHE VALET, sm. wooden-horse ; bridge of 
violins, $c.; easel; tressel; buttress; 
prop; horse; rack; roller. 
CHEVALIER, sm. knight. d'industrie, 
sharper. de la coupe, toper. Che- 
valier d'honneurj^rsi: gentleman-usher. 
Chevalier du guet, mounted captain of a 
watch. CHEVALIERE, sf. knight's lady. 
CHEVALINE, bete , sf. horse or mart: 
CHEVANCE, sf. one's whole substance. 
CHEVAUCHEE, sf. judge's circuit. 
CHEVAU H-ER, I. vn. to ride; go across. 
CHEVAUCHOMS, A , ad. a-straddle. 
CHEVAU-LEGER, tm. light-horse. 
CHEVAUX de frise, obstacles composed of 
horizontal beams, bristled with pointed 
stakes, sword blades, <<?. 
CHEVECIER, sm. vestry-keeper. 
CHEVECERIE, sf. office ofn cest ry -keeper 
CHEVELU, E, a. long-haired. Plante E, 
sf. fibrous plant. \Jibre. 

CHEVELURE, sf. head of hair ; beams; 
CHEV-ER, I. va. to make a stone Jiollow 

underneath, in jewellery. 
CHEVET, sm. bolster; cushion; bag. 
CHEVETRE, am. halter; bandage. 
CHEVEU, sm. hair;Jibre; thread. Fen- 
drc un en quatre, to make a distinc- 
tion without difference. De x, a. 
hairy ; made of hair. 
CHEVILLE, sf. peg; ancle-bone; brooch; 

botch; bolt. 
CHEVILLE, E, a. branched, in heraldry. 

Vers chevilles, botched verses. 
CHEVILL-ER, I. va. to peg; pin; bolt. 
CHEVILLETTE, sf. bookbinder's peg. 

HEVILLON, sm. turner's peg. [head. 
CHEV1LLURE, sf. the branches of a deer's 
HEV-iR, II. vn. to manage, overrule. 
HEVRE, sf. she-goat; crab; kind of 
pulley. Prendre la , to take pet. 
Sauver la et les choux, to obviate two 

inconveniences at once. sauvage, 

CHEVREAU, sm. kid. [antelope. 

HEVREFEUILLE, sm. honey-suckle. 
CHEVREPIED, a. m. gout-footed. 
CHEVRET-ER, I. vn. to kid. 
CHEVRETTE, sf. doe; sirup-pot; little 

hand-iron ; shrimp. 
CHEVREUIL, sm. roe-buck. 

CHE ( 86 ) CHI 

[INF.M. 'PRES.T. 2 PART.PRES. 3 PART. PAST.] IND. M. PRES. T. 4 1st p.S. 5 2d p.S. 
13 14 15 3d p. pl> pKET- 16 lstp>s< 17 2dp . s . 18 3 dp. S . COND.M. 28 1st p.s. 2dp.s. ^ 3d p.s. 31 i st p . p l. 32 2d p>pl- 3334 
PRES.T. a 9 1st p.s. 40 2dp.s. 41 3dp.s. 42 1st 43 44 3d IMPERP 

CHEVREUSE, sf. a kind of peach. 

CHEVRIER, sm. goat-herd. 

CHEVRILLARD, sm.fawn of a roe. 

CHEVRON, sm. rafter. s, pi. scant- 
lings; wedges; chevrons. 

CHEVROTAGE, sm. tax on goats. 

CHEVROT-ER, I. vn. to kid; skip; sing 
with a trembling voice. 

CHEVROTIN, tin. kid's skin. Gants de 
, kid-gloves. E, sf. deer-shot. 

CHEZ, or to one's house; among, with. 

nous, in our country ; at our liouse. 

les Romains, among the Romans. 
CHIAOUX, sm. officer of the grand signior. 
CHIASSE, sf. scum, ; dung. 
CH1BOUT, sm. kind of rosin. 
CHICANE, sf. chicanery; cavil. Gens 

de , pettifoggers. 
CH1CAN-ER, I. va. to chicane; vex; 

quarrel; cavil. le vent, to come 

near the wind. 

CHICANER1E, sf. chicanery; cheat. 
CHICANEU-R, SB, s. chicaner; shifter. 
CHICANI-ER, ERE, s. wrangler; caviller. 
CHICHE, a. stingy. face, pale, meagre 

face. Pois s, grey peas. Etre chiche 

de paroles, to speak little. de lou- 

anges, to praise but seldom. 
CHICHEMENT. ad. stingily. 
CHICHETE, sf. niggardliness. 
CHICON, sm, coss-lettuce. 
CHICOREE, sf. succory, endive. 
CHICOT, sm. stump; bad tooth. 
CHICOT-ER, I. vn. to wrangle; tr\fle. 
CHICOTIN, sm. orpine, very bitter herb. 
CHIEN, sm. dog; cock of a gun. cou- 

chant, setting-dog. d'arret, pointer. 

levrier, harrier. de chasse, hound. 

de haut nez, blood-hound. courant, 
hound. basset, terrier. Faire le 

couchant, to cringe. Entre et loup, 
in the dusk. celeste, dog-star. Chien 
dent, dog-grass. marin, sea-dog. 
Etre comme un a Pattache, to be a 
slave to one's business. Mener une vie 
de , to lead a wretched lift: Ce n'est 
pas tant , that is not so bad. II n'est 
pas bon a jeter aux s, he is not north 
hanging. C'est un au grand collier, 
he leads the pack. Battre le devant 
le lion, to correct one who is not culpa- 

ble, in the presence of another who is 
so. Nbs s ne chassent pas ensemble, 
we are not friends. II n'en donnerait 
pas sa part aux s, he would not quit 
his pretensions to it. Cela ne vaut pas 
les 4 fers d'un , that is not north a 
pin's head. [lainous music. 

CHIENNE, sf. litch. de musique, vil- 

CHIENN-ER, I. vn. to whelp; pup. 

CHI-ER, I. vn. to void ; squirt. 

CHIFFE, sf. sorry silk or stuff'; rag. 

CHIFFON, sm. rag, clout. s, 2)1. mttli- 
nery-work ; millinery-wares. 

CHIFFONN-ER, I. va. to rumple; tumble. 

CHIFFONNIERE, sf. lady's work-table. 

CHIFFONNI-ER, ERE, s. rag-picker. 

CHIFFRE, sm. cipher; Jig tire; number. 
II apprend le , he learns ciphering. 

CHIFFR-ER, I. va. to castuj); write in 

CHIFFREUR, sm. accomptant. {ciphers. 

CHIFON, sm. useless bough. 

CHIGNON, sm. nape of the neck. 

CHILE, sm. the chyle. {by thousand. 

CHILIADE, sf. things arranged thousand 

CHILIAGONE, sm. chiliagon, figure of 
1,000 sides or angles. [1,000 men. 

CHILIARQUE, sm. kind of officer over 

CHILIFICATION, sf. act of making chyle. 

CHILLAS, sm. sort of checkered calico. 

CHI MERE, sf. chimera; idle fancy. 

CHIMERIQUE, a. chimerical; fanciful. 

CHIMERIQUEMENT, ad. chimcrically. 

CHIMERIS-ER, I. vn. to feed one's self 
with idle fancies. 

CHIMIE, */. chemistry. 

CHIMIQUE, a. chemical. 

CHIMISTE, sm. chemist. [or slash. 

CHINFRENEAU, sm. blow across the face 

CHI NO IS, SE, s. Chinese. 

CHINQU-ER, I. vn. to fuddle; tipple. 

CHIOURME, sf. galley's crew. 

CH1POT-ER, I. vn. to eat slowly; trifle. 

CHIPOTI-ER, ERE, s.piddlcr; trtfier. 

CHIQUE, sf. kind of gnat ; small coffee- 
cup; marble ball; quid of tobacco. 

CHIQUENAUDE, sf. fillip; small hit. 

CHIQU-ER, I. vn. to chctr quids. 

CHIQUET, sm. bit. a , by driblets. 

CHIRAGRE, sm. gouty in the hand. 

CHIRAGRE, sf. gout in the hands. 

CHIROLOGIE, sf. art of speaking by signs. 


p.pi. uif.Ji. 34 2d p.s. 35 3d p.s. 
* 1st p.s. 4ti 2dp.s. 

CHI ( 87 ) 

6 3d p.s. ' 8 9 3d p. pi. IMPERF. 10 1st p.s. U 2dp.s. I2 3d p.s. 

30 2d 2l 3d FUT. 22 1st p.s. 23 2d p.s. 24 3d p.s. 1st p. pi. 26 2d IMP.M. 34 2d p.s. 35 3d p.s. ^ 1st 2d 38 3d SUBJ.M. 
48 1st " > 

CHIROMANCIE, sf. palmistry; fortune- 
telling, [teller. 

CHIROMANCIES, am. XE T sf. fortune- 

CHIRURG1CAL, E, a. chirurgical; be- 
longing to surgery. 

CHIRURGIE, */. surgery. 

CHIRURGIEN, sm. surgeon. 

CHIRURGIQUE, a. chirurgical. 

CHIURE, sf.Jties' dung. [sickness. 

CHLOROSE, sf. chlorosis, paleness ; pale 

CHOC, sm. shock ; dashing ; onset ; clash- 

CHOCAILL-ER, I. rn. to tipple. [ing. 

CHOCAILLON, sf. fuddling gossip ; tip- 

CHOCOLAT, sm. chocolate, [pling slut. 

CHOCOLATIER, sm. one who keeps a cho- 
colate-house ; chocolate-maker or seller. 

CHOCOLATIERE, sf. chocolate-pot. 

CHCEUR, sm. choir; chorus. Enfant de 
choeur, singing boy; chorister. 

CH-oiR 1 u 3 ue 3 us 3 ues 3 , vn. to fall; fail. 

CHOIS-IR, II. va. to choose; pick out; elect. 

CHOIX, sm. choice; option. [festival. 

CHOMABLE, a. to be kept as a holiday; 

CHOMAGE, sm. respite; rest. 

CHOM-ER, I. vn. to keep holiday ; want 
rvork; rest from work. de quelque 
chose, to lack. Saint qu'on ne chOnae 
plus, person of no signification. 

CHOPINE, sf. French ha/f-pint. 

CHOPIN-ER, I. vn. to tipple, [pump-box. 

CHOPINETTE de pompe, sf. the lower 

CHOPP-ER, I. vn. to stumble; blunder. 

CHOQUANT, E, a. shocking; offensive. 

CHOQU-ER, va. and n. I. to shock ; offend; 
dash; clash; touch glasses; hob a nob. 

la bouline, to check the bowline. Se 
, vr. to take offence; abuse one 
another ; strike ; clash ; engage. 

CHORAUX, sm. chorister youth*. 
CHOREE, sm. poetical metre. 
CHORISTE, sm. chorister. 
CHORUS, sm. faire , to sing in chorus. 
CHOSE, sf. thing. La publique, the 

public meal. Monsieur Chose, master 

CHOU, sm. cabbage ; colervort ; puff-paste. 

de Savoie, savoy. fleur, cauli- 
flower. crepu, curled garden coles. 

Jeunes x, sjtrouts. x pour x, it 
is all one. Aller planter des x, to re- 
tire to ont's country seat. Faites-en 

des x et des raves, do what yo-u will 
with it. II en fait ses x gras, he fea- 
thers his nest with it. II en fait comme 
des x de son jardin, he disposes of it 
as he lists. 

CHOUAN, sm. seed to make carmine ; en- 
listing trooper in La Vendee. 

CHOUCAS, sm. jack-daw. [dish. 

CHOUCROUTE, sf. sourcrout. ; a German 

CHOUETTE, sf. screech-owl; laughing 
stock; play of one person against two. 

CHOUQUET, sm. moor's head; small 
wooden block. [care of. 

CHOY-ER, I. va. to cocker ; take great 

CHREME, sm. chrism; sacred anointing 

CHRKMEAU, sm. chrismal-cloth. [oil. 

CHRETIEN, NE, a. s. Christian. 

CHRETIENNEMENT, ad. Christianity 

CHRETIENTE, sf. Christendom, [mint. 

CHRISM ATION, sf. chrismation; anoint- 

CHRIST, sm. CHRIST, the anointed, the 
Kedeemer, tlie Saviour. 

CHRISTIANIS-ER, I. va. to christianize; 
make Christian. 

CHRISTIANISME, sm. Christianity. 

CHROMATIQUE, a. sf. chromatick; pro- 
ceeding by semi-tones. [col. 

CHRONIQUE, sf. chronicle. , a. chroni- 

CHRONIQUEUR, sm. writer of chronkics, 

CHRONOLOGIE, sf. chronology; art of 
confuting time. 

CHRONOLOGIQUE, a. chronological. 

CHRONOLOGISTE, sm. chronologist. 

CHRONOLOGUE, sm. chronologer. 

CHRONOMETRE, sm. chronometer. 

CHRYSALIDE, sf. chrysalis; aurelia. 

CHRYSOLITE, chrysolite; precious stone. 

CHU 3 , E 3 , v. CHOIR, to fall. 

CHUCHET-ER, 1. vn. to pip as a sparrow. 

CHUCHOT-ER, I. vn. to whisper. 

sf. whispering. 

CHUCHOTEU-R, m. SE,/. whisperer. 

CHUT! int. hush! 

CHUTE, sf. fall; disaster; cadence. Chute 
des voiles, the depth of sails. 

CHYLE, sm. chyle; the basis of blood. 

CHYLIFERE, a. chyliferous; bearing 
chyle. [mation into blood. 

CHYLIFIC ATION, sf. chylijication ; for- 
CHYM1E, &c. sf. chemistry. 

CIB ( 88 ) C1R 

INF.M. 'PRES.T. 2 i>ART.pRES. 3 PART.PAST.] IXD.M. PRES.T. 4 lst p.s 
I3 lst 14 2d 15 3d PRET. 16 lst p.s. '~2d p.s. 18 3d p.s. 
^Sd COND.M. 28 lst p.s. ^ad p.s. 3y 3d p.s. 31 lst 32 2d 
S.T. ^Ist p.s. 40 2d p.s. 41 3d p.s. 42 lst 43 -2d 44 3d 

5 2dp.s. 

18 3d p.s. I9lst 
32 2d 33 3d 


CI, ad, here. Par-ci par-la, here and 

there. devant, heretofore; hitherto; 

lute. apres, hereafter. dessous, 

under here. dessous git, under- 
neath this place lies. git, here 

lies. gisent, here lie. Entre et 

la, between this and that. dessus, 

CIBOIRE, sm. pyx, box, cup. [aforesaid. 
CIBOULE, sf. scallion; a small onion. 
CIBOULETTE,/. chives ; very small onion. 
CICATRICE, sf. scar. 
CICATRICULE, sf. little scar. 
CICATRIS-ER, I. va. to cicatrise; gash. 
CICATRISE, a. habit , ragged coat. 
CICERO, sm. pica, printing type. Cicero 

approche, small pica. 
CICEROLE, sm. chickling, vetch. 
CID, sin. chief; commander. 
CIDRE, sm. cider. 

CIEL, sm. sky ; heaven; canopy. de 
lit, tester ; top of a bed. Feu du , 
thunder Remuer et terre, to leave 
no stone unturned. 
CIERGE, sin. wax taper. 
CIERGIER, sin. wax-chandler. 
CIEUX, m. the heavens ; pi. o/CiEL. 
CIGALE, sf. chirping kind of grass-hop- 
per. de mer, kind of sea crawfish. 
CIGARRE, sm. small tobacco-roll; cigar. 
CIGNE, sm. swan; poet. [idle stories. 
CIGOGNE, sf. stork. Contes a la , 
CIGOGNEAU, sm. young swan. 
CIGUE, sf. hemlock. 
CIL, sm. les cils, the eye-lashes. 
CILIOK, sm. hair-cloth; sack-cloth. 
CILLEMENT, sm. twinkling of the eyes. 
CILL-ER, I. va. to twinkle, wink; vn. 

grow grey; stir. 
CIME, *f. top; ridge; height. 
CIMENT, sm. cement; union. 
COIEXT-ER, 1. va. to cement ; join ; unite. 
CIAIEXTIER, sm. cement-maker. 
CIMETERRE, m. cimetcr, sn-ord. [ground. 
CIMETIERE, sm. church-yard; burying 
CIMIER, sm. crest; buttock. de cerf, 

ha uncli of venison. 
CIMMERIEN, WE, a. Tenebres NES, 

dt,ep darkness. Bosphore , gloomy sea. \ 
CINABRE, sm. cinnabar, red lead. 
CINERAIRE, a.urne ,f. urn containing ' 
CIXERATION, sf. cineration. [ashes. 

CIXGLAGE, m. ship's course; sailors' pay, 

CIXGL-ER, I. vn. to sail before the wind ; 

CIXXAJ1OME, sm. cinnamon, [to lash; cut. 

CINQ, a. sm.five ; un cinq, a Jive. 

CINQUANTAINE, sf. fifty. Une de 
personnes, fifty people. 

CIXQUAXTE, a.fifty. [fifty men. 

CINQUANTENUEH, sm. commander of 

CINQUANTIEME, a. fiftieth. 

CINQUIEME, a. sm. fifth; the 5th class. 
denier, 4s. in tlie pound. 

CINQUIE1MEMENT, ad. fifthly. 

CINTRAGE, sm. cords which either en- 
circle or tie a ship. 

CINTRE, sm. arch, centre. [a ship. 

CINTR-ER, I. va. to make archwise; stru2> 

CIPOLIN, sm. green marble. 

CIPPE, sm. cippus; half column. [Sec. 

C1RAGE, sm. waxing; blacking of boots. 

CIRCO.NCI-KE 1 s 3 - 4 - 5 - 16 - 1 ^ 34 t 6 - 18 , va. to 
circumcise. See CIRCOXC, CIRCONCIS. 

CIRCONC-IS 3 - 4 '5-6.17.a4 ise ises 3.40 

it 6 - 1 * imes^ites 20 irent 21 irai 22 iras 23 ira 24 
irons 25 irez^ ironf-" iruis'^- 29 irait 30 irois 
28.29 iroit 30 jrions 31 iriez 32 iraient 33 iroient 
33 isse 45 isses 46 It 4 ' issions 48 issiez 49 issent 

50 , V. ClRCONCIRE. 

C1RCONCIS-ANT 2 ons^- 3 ^ e/ 8 - 3 ? ent 9 - 38 - 41 

ais !O.U ait !2 O i s 10.11 Oit 12 ions 13.42 iez 14.43 

aient 15 oient 15 e 35 ' 39 ' 41 es 40 , v. CIRCON- 

CIRCOXCISEUR, sm. circumciser. [CIB. 

CIRCONCISION, */. circumcision. 

CIRCONFERENCE, */. circumference. 

CIRCONFLEXE, a. circumflex; accent. 

CIRCOXLOCUTION, sf. circumlocution. 

CIRCONSCRIPTION, xf. circumscriptio-n. 

CIRCOXSCRI-RE 1 t 3 - ti s 4 - 5 - 34 rai- 2 ras 
23 ra 24 rons 25 rez 26 ront^ rais 28 - 29 rait 3 *) 
ro i s 2.29 ro jt30 r ions 31 riez 32 raient 33 roient 
33 te 3 tes 3 ts 3 , va. to circumscribe, fi- 
circlc, enclose, settle. SteCiRCONSCRiv. 

CIRCONSCRIV-ANT 2 ons 7136 ez 8 - 3 ? ent ' 3 *- 
44 aisio.ii ait ia ois 10 - 11 oit 12 ions la - 42 iez 
11 - 43 aient 15 oient 15 is 16 - 1 ? it 18 imes 19 lies 

20 ipent ai e 35.39.41 es 40 isse 45 j sses 46 j t 7 is . 

sions 48 issiez 49 issent 50 , 0. CIRCONSCRIKE. 
CIRCONSPECT, E, a. circumspect. 
CIRCONSPECTION, sf. circumspection. 

Avec , warily, circumspectly. 
C1RCONSTANCE, sf. circumstance. s 

et dependanccs, appurtenances. 

CIR ( 89 ) 

6 3d p.s. 7 1st p. pi. 8 9 3d p. pi. IMPERF. isi p 
83 2d p. pi. 21 3d p. pi. FUT. ** 1st p. s. 23 2d p. s. 24 3d p. s. 
p. pi. IMP. M. 34 2dp.s. 3d p.s. 36 1st p. pi. 
^ 1st p.s. 46 2dp.s. 47 3d p.s. 48 1st p. pi. 49 " 


10 1st p. s. n 2d p.s. 12 8dp.s- 

^ 1st p. pi. 2d p. pi. 

38 3d p. pi. SUBJ. M. 

CIRCONSTANCI-ER, I. va. to relate a 

thing with its circumstances; detail. 

Lignes de , line of works drawn 
round a fortress to exclude succour, or 
round a camp to protect it. 
CIRCONVEN-LB 1 ant 2 u 3 ue 3 us 3 ues 3 ons 

7.36 ez 8-37 aislO.ll ait !2 ois 10.H oit !2 ions 

13.4-2 iez u.43 aient 15 oient 15 . See CIR- 


TII. to circumvent, deceive. [tion. 

CIRCOXVENTION, sf. deceit; circumven- 
CIRCONVIEN-s 4 - 5 - 34 t 6 drai 22 dras 23 dra 24 

drons 25 drez 26 dront 27 drais 28 - 29 drait 30 

drois 28 - 29 droit 30 drions 31 driez 32 draient 

33 droient 33 , v. CIRCONVEXIR. 
C1RCONVIENN-E 35 - 39 - 41 es 40 ent 9 - 38 - 44 , v. 

CIRCONVENIR; to circumvent. 
CIRCONV-ixs 1<3 - 17 int 18 inmes 19 tntes 20 

inrent 21 insse* 5 insses 4 ^ int 47 inssions 48 

inssiez 49 insseni 50 , v. CIRCONVENIR. 
CIRCONVOISIN, E, a. neighbouring ;near. 
CIRCONVOLUTION, sf. circumvolution. 
CIRCUIT, sm. circuit; ambit; district; 

compass; tour. 
CIRCULAIRE, a. circular; round. Lettres 

s, circular letters; writs; summons. 
CIRCULA1REMEXT, ad. circularly. 
CIRCULATEUR, sm. circulator. 
CIRCULATION,/, circulation, [rounding. 
CIRCULATOIRE, a. circulatory; sur- 
CIRCUL-ER, I. va. and vn. to circulate. 
CIRCUS, s?u. swift hawk. 
CIRE, sf. wax ; gum ; seal ; shoe-blacking. 

d'Espagne, sealing-wax. Bruler de 

la , to expect in vain. 
CIR-ER, I. va. to wax ; black boots. Toile 

E, oil cloth; oil-case. 
CIRIER, sm. wax-chandler. [cloth. 

CIROENE, sm. plaster for a bruise; sear- 
CIRON, sm. hand-ivorm; little blister. 
CIRQUE, sin. circus; square for sports. 
CIRURE, sf. wax-plastering ; doing over 

with wax. 

CISAILL-ER, I. va. to clip, shear. 
CISAILLES, shears; clippi?igs. 
CISALPINE, a. on this side the Alps. 
CISEAU, sm. chisel; graft r. 
CISEAUX, sm. scissars. Gros , shears. 
CISEL-ER, I. rn. to chase; carve. Velours 

CISELET, sm. graver ; a kind of tool for 

CISELEUR, sm. chaser, pinker. 

CISELURE, sf. chasing, chased marks. 

CISMONTAIN, a. on this side the hills. 

CISOIR, sm. goldsmith's scissars. 

C1STE, sm. rock-rose-tree. 

CITADELLE, sf. citadel; fortress. 

CITADIN, E, s. citizen ; burgher. 

CITATION, sf. citation; summons 

CITE, sf. city, town. [name; send for. 

CIT-ER, I. fa. to cite; quote; summon; 

CITERIEUR, E,a. citerior; hither; nearer 

CITERNE, sf. cistern. [us. 

CITERNEAU, srn. small cistern. 

CITISE, sm. citisus ; kind of shrub. 

CITOYEN, m. NE,/. citizen. 

CITRIN, E, a. lemon-coloured. 

CITRON, sm. citron, lemon. Kuban citron, 
lemon-coloured ribbon. 

CITRONN AT, sm.candied orange or lemon. 

CITRON NE, E, a. that has the taste of le- 

CITRONNELLE, sf. balm-gentle. [men. 

CITRONNIER, sm. lemon-tree. 

CITROUILLE, sf. pumpion, gourd. 

CIVADE, sf. kind of beard fish. 

CIVADIERE, sf. the sprit-sail. 

GIVE, sf. chives; pot-herb. 

CIVET, sf. hare-ragout. 

CIVETTE, sf. chive ; civet-cat. 

C1VIERE, sf. hand-barrow. 

CIVIL, E, a. civil, well-bred. 

CIVILEMENT, ad. civilly, kindly. Mort 
, dead in law. 

CIVILISATION, sf. civilization. 

CIVILIS-ER, I. va. to civilize. 

CIVILITE, sf. civility, courtesy. s, 

CIVIQUE, a. civic, [respects ; compliments. 

CIVISME, sm. civic spirit. 

CLABAUD, srn. liar; noisy fellow. 

CLABAUDAGE, sm. barking of dogs. 

CLABAUD-ER, I. va. to bark; ban-L 

CLABAUDERIE, sf. clamour; bawling. 

CLABAUDEU-R, SE, s. noisy man or 

CLAIE, sf. hurdle. [woman; bawlcr. 

CLAIR, E, a. clear; light; thin; bright; 
plain. , ad. clearly, plainly, clear, 
plain. , sm. shine, light. de lune, 
moonshine. Argent , sure money. 
Des yeux s, livclu eyes. Style , 
perspicuous style, Etre , to be quick 

CLA ( 90 ) 



[INF.M. ! PRES.T. 2 PART.PRES. 3 PART.PAST.] IND.M. PRES.T. 4 1st p.S. 5 2d p.8. 

13 14 15 PKET. 16 1st p.s. '72dp.s. 18 3d p.s. 19 CONU.M. 28 1st p.s. 29 2dp.s. 30 3dp.s. 31 1st 32 2d 33 3d 
PRES.T. 39 1st p.s. 40 2d p.s. 41 3dp.s. 42 1st 43 2d 44 3d IMPERP. 

of apprehension. Cela n'est pas tire 
au , that wants confirmation. Cela 
est , that is evident. Vaisselle bien 
E, plate well polished. seme, thin 

CLAIRE, sf. calcinated ashes. [sown. 

CLA1REMENT, ad. clearly; plain, [wine. 

CLAIRET, m. TE, /. a. light ; sin. claret 

CLAIRE- VOIE, sf. opening ; gap. A , 
wide apart. 

CLAIRIERE, sf. glade in the wood. 

CLAIRON, sm. clarion; clear spot in a 
cloudy shy ; organ-tune. [tion. 

CLAIR-VOYANCE, sf. sagacity, penetra- 

CLAIR-VOYANT, E, a. clear-sighted. 

CLAMEUR, sf. clamour, outcry. de 
haro, citation before the judge. 

CLAN, sm. mortise; breast-hook. Clan, 
tribe, in Scotland. [sly. 

CLANDESTIN, E, a. clandestine ; hidden; 

CLANDESTINEMENT, ad. clandestinely. 

CLANDESTINITE, sf. privacy ; fraud. 

CLAPET de pompe, sm. clapper of a pump- 
box. s, pi. scupper-holes. 

CLAPIER, sm. coney-burrow; rabbit; 
tame rabbit. [lie squat. 

CLAP-iR, II. vn. to squeak. Se , vr. to 

CLAPOTAGE, sm. plashing; turbulent 
sea-motion. [very rough, as the sea. 

CLAPOTEU-x, m. SE, /. running in heaps, 

CLAQUADE, sf. slapping. 

CLAQUE, sf. slap; snapper; sm. a bird. 

CLAQUEDENT, sm. lialf -starved wretch; 

CLAQUE-OREILLES, sm. flapped hat. 

CLAQUEMENT, sm. clapping; chattering. 

CLAQUEMUR-ER, I. va. to put in a stone 
doublet ; to imprison. 

CLAQU-ER, I. vn. to clap ; snap ; chatter. 
Faire son fouet, to make a bustle in 

CLAQUET, sm. mill-clapper, [the world. 

CLAQUET-ER, I. va. to slap, hit. 

CLARIFICATION, sf. clarifying. 

CLARIFI-ER, I. va. to clarify. Se , vr. 
to grow clear. 

CLARINE, E, a. in heraldry, with a bell. 

CLARINE, sf. bell for the neck of animals. 

CLARINETTE, sf. clarinet. 

CLARISSIME, a. most illustrious. 

CLARTE, sf. clearness; lights; splendour. 

CLA.S, sm. knell, passing-bell. 

CLASSE, sf. class; order ; form. 

CLASS-ER, I. va. todis2)ose; levy, [school. 
CLASSEMENT, sm. disposition; order; 
CLASSIFICATION, */. , arrangement. 
CLASSIQUE, a. classic ; sm. old author. 
CLAT-iR, II. vn. to bark louder. 
CLAUDE, a. foolish, simple. 
CLAUDICATION, sf. lameness. 
CLAVEAU, sm. the rot, scab. Clareaux, 

haunses ; key-stones over a door-way. 
CLAVECIN, sm. harpsichord. 
CLAVELE, E, a. scabby. K, sf. the scab. 
CLAVETTE, sf. key ; peg ; forelock. 
CLAVICULE, */. collar-bone, [organ, &.C. 
CLAVIER, sm. key-chain ; hey of an 
CLAVOIR, sm. piece of work to close in. 
CLAUSE, sf. clause ; proviso. 
CLAUSTRAL, E, claustral, monastic. 
CLAYER, sm. large hurdle. 
CLA YON, sm. little hurdle, [and turfs. 
CLAYONNAGE, sm. fence made of hurdles 
CLE, CLEF, sf. hey; clef. s, church 

authority. de beaupre, collar-beam. 

de pierrier, forelock of a swivel gun. 

de lit, &cc.. screw-key. d'etau, 
vice-pin. de voute, key-stone of a 
vault. de pistolet, &c., spanner. 

d'arbalete, gajfle of a cross-bow. 

de forme, wedges of a last cleft in 
two. Avoir la des champs, to have 
liberty to go where one pleases. Pren- 
dre la des champs, to scamper away. 
Donner la des champs, to set at li- 
berty. Jeter les s sur la fosse, to re- 
nounce the succession. A , a la , 
locked. [kind of periwinkle. 

CLEMATIS, CLEMATITE, sf. climber; 
CLEMENCE, sf. clemency; kindness. 
CLEMENT, E, a. ; good ; forgiving. 
CLEMENTINES, sf. the constitutions of 

Pope Clement V. 

CLENCHE, sm. bolt; iron pin; latch. 
CLEPSYDRE, sm. hour-glass; music, inst. 
CLERC, sm. clerk; clergyman. Pas de 

, blunder. Grand , learned man. 
CLERGE, sm.. clergy ; churchman. 
CLERICAL, E, a. clerical; ecclesiastical. 
CLERICALEMENT, ad. clergyman-like. 
CLERICAT, sm. office of clerk, clerkship. 
CLER1CATURE, sf. clerkship; state of a 

clergyman. [of dice. 

CLEROMANCIE, sf. divination by casting 

CLI ( 91 ) COA 

6 8dp.s. ' s 9 3d p. pi. IMPERP. 10 lstp.s. "2dp.s. 12 3dp.s. 
20 '2d p. pi. 21 3d p. pi. FUT. 22 1st p. s. 23 2d p. s. 24 3d p. s. K 1st p. pi. 26 2d p. pi. 
p. pi. IMP. M. 34 2d p. s. K 3d p. s. & 1st p. pi. 37 2d p. pi. 38 3d p. pi. SUBJ. M. 
lstp.s. 46 2dp.s. 4 ?3dp.s. 48 1st p. pi. 49 2d p. pi. 5 3d p. pi. 

CLIENT, E, s. client ; protege. 

CLIENTELE, sf. protection, patronage. 

CLIFOIRE, sf. little squirt, made of elder. 

CLIGNEMENT, tm. winking. 

CLIGNE-MUSETTE, sf. hide and seek. 

CLIGN-ER les yeux, I. va. to 7Vtnk. 

CLIGNOTEMENT, sm. winking. 

CLIGNOT-ER, I. vn. to mink often. 

CLIMAT, sm. climate; clime. 

CLIMATER1QUE, a. climacteric; every 
seven years ; sixty-third year of a man's 
age ; fatal year. [rhetor ick. 

CLIMAX, sin. gradation', ascent; figure in 

CLING AILLE, sf. hardware; base coin. 

CLINCAILLERIE, sf. iron-ware. 

CLINCAILLER, sm. ironmonger. 

CLINCART, sm.Jlat-boat. 

CLINCHE, sf. door-lock; latch. 

CLIN-D'CEIL, sm. the twinkling of an eye. 

CLINQUANTS, pi. m. tinsel. 

CLINQU ANT-ER, I. va. to daub with tinsel. 

CLIQUE, sf. gang ; party. 

CLIQUET, sm. mill- clapper. 

CLIQUET-ER, I. vn. to clack ; tick. 

CLIQUETIS, sm. clashing of swords. 

CLIQUETTES, sf. hind of flints used for 

CLIQUEUR, *wi. thief; robber, [fishing. 

CLISSE, sf. splint; little hurdle; bandage. 

CLISS-ER, I. va. to splint. 

CLIV-ER, I. va. to split. [place. 

CLOAQUE, sm. common sewer; filthy- 

CLOCHE, sf. bell; blister; stew ing-pan. 
Etre etonne comme un fondeur de , 
to stare like a stuck pig. Fondre 
la , to resolve at last. Etre sujet au 
coup de , to be tied up to an hour. 
Faire sonner la grosse , to make the 
persons of the greatest weight speak in 

one's behalf. A pied, ad. hopping. 

See CLOCHER; to limp. 

CLOCHEMENT, sm. hopping. 

CLOCHER, sm. steeple; parish. II n'a 

jamais perdu de vue le de son village, 

he knows not ft ing of the world. 

CLOCH-ER, I. vn. to limp; hobble. Cette 

comparaison E, this comparison is 

CLOCHETON, sm. little steeple, [not just. 

CLOCHETTE, sf. hand-bell; bell-flower. 

CLOISON, sf. partition. [flower, 

CL01SONNAGE, sm. partition-work 

GLOITRE, sm. cloister; monastery. 

CLOITR-ER, to cloister up; immure. 
CLOITRIER, sm. claustral monk. 
CLOPIN-CLOPANT, ad. hobbling along. 
CLOPIN-ER, I. vn. to hobble along. 
CLOPORTE, sm. wood-louse. 

LOPORTEU-x, SE, a. very rough. 
CLO-RE 1 rai 22 ras 23 ra 21 rons 23 rez 2 <* rent 2 ? 
rais 28 - 29 rait 30 rois 28 - 29 roit 30 rions 31 riez 
32 raient 33 roient 33 s 3 - 4 - 5 - 34 se 3 ses 3 . See 
CLOT, CLORRE, to close, shut, shut up, 
stop, end, conclude, make up. 

CLOR-RE, same as CLO-RE. 

'LOS, sm. close. , E, a. closed; close; 
shut. Champ , list; camp. A huis 
, the doors being shut. A yeux clos, 
blindly. Bouche E! mum! Se tenir 
et couvert, to conceal one's thoughts 
or designs. Ce sont lettres ES, that's 

CLOSEAU, sm. small close. [a secret. 

CLOSERIE, sf. small close; small farm. 

CLOSSEMENT, sin. clucking. 

CLOSS-ER, I. vn. to cluck, as hens. 

CLO-T 6 , v. CLORE, to close, stop. 

CLOTURE, sf.inclosiire; shutting. Cloture 
d'un compte, closing of an account. 

CLOTUR-ER, I. va. to stop ; settle. 

CLOTURIER, sm. hcdger ; wicker-worker 

CLOU, sm.nail; boil; sarcomc; clove; 
stud. s de girofle, cloves. a cro- 
chet, tenter-hook. s de sabords, gun- 
ports ; nails. Cela ne tient ni a fer ni a 
, it is quite loose. 

CLOU-ER, to nail, [works very close. 

CLOUE, a. II est sur sa besogne, he 

CLOUERE, sf. small anvil. 

CLOUT-ER, I. va. to stud. 

CLOUTERIE, sf. nail-trade. 

CLOUTIER, sin. nailer, maker of nails. 

CLOUTIERE, sf. nail-mould. 

CLUB, sm. club; society; company. 

CLUBISTE, sm. member of a club. [pea. 

CLYMENE, sf. kind of spurge; chickling- 

CLYSTERE, sm. clyster. [ther. 

COACCUSE, sm. one accused with ano- 

COACTI-p, VE, a. coercive; compulsory. 

CO ACTION, sf. coercion. 

COADJUTEUR, SHI. coadjutor. 

COADJUTORERIE, sf. coadjutorship. 

COADJUTRICE, sf. coadjutrix. 

COAGULATION, a. congealing; curdling. 

COAGUL-ER, I. va. coagulate; curd. 


COA ( 92 ) 

[INF.M. 1 PRES.T. 2 PART.PRE3. 3 PART.PAST.] IND.M. PRES.T. 4 1st p.S. 5 2dp.S. 

13 H 15 PRET. 16 lstp.s. 17 2d p.s. 18 3d p.s. 19 COND.M. 28 lstp.s. 2d p.s. 30 3d p.s. 3' 33 3d 
PRES.T. 39 1st p.s. 40 2dp.s. 41 3dp.s. 42 43 44 3d IMPERF. 

COAILL-ER, I. vn. to bark faintly, 

COALIS-ER, Se , vr. to enter into a 
combination ; coalesce. 

COALITION, sf. coalition, combination. 

COASSEMENT, sin. croaking. 

COASS-ER, I. vn. to croalt, as frogs. 

COASSOCIE, sin. copartner. 

COBRA CAPELLO, sin. a hooded serpent. 

COBALT, sin. cobalt; white of silver. 

CO-BOURGEOIS, sm. copartner in a ship. 

COCAGNE, sf. Pays de , land of milk 
and honey. Mat de , mast or pole 
greased from top to bottom; hind of 

COCARDE, sf. cockade. {may-pole. 

COCASSE, a. odd; comical. 

COCATRIX, sm. cockatrice; a serpent. 

COCHE, sm. caravan; large coach. Coche 
d'eau, passage-boat. 11 a donne des 
arrhes au , he is too far engaged. 
, sf. notch; old sow; fat ill-shaped 

COCHEMAR, sm. night-marc. [woman. 

COCHEMLLE, */. cochineal; i7iscct. 

COCHENILLAGE, sm. cochineal-dye. 

COCHENILL-ER, I. va. to dye with cochi- 

COCHENILLIER, sm. cochineal-trce.[neal 

COCHER, sm. coachman. 

COCH-ER, I. va. to tread, as cocks do. 

COCHERE, fl. porte , sf. great gate. 

COCHET, sm. cockerel ; young cock. 

COCHEVIS, sm. crested or copped lark. 

COCHLEARIA, sin. scurvy-grass. 

COCHON, sm. hog; pig. de lait, suck- 
ing pig. d'Inds, Guinea-pig. 

COCHONNEE, sf. litter of pigs, {forth pigs 

COCHONN-ER, I. vn. to farrow, bring 

COCHONNERIE, sf.Jilthiness. 

COCHONNET, sm. a ball; jack at bon-ls. 

COCO, sm. cocoa; fruit of the cocoa-tree. 

COCON, sm. cod of a silk-worm. 

COCOTIER, sm. cocoa-tree. 

COCTION, sf. coction; digestion; boiling. 

COCU, sm. cuckold ; married to afaithless 

COCUAGE, sm. cuckoldom. [wife. 

CODE, sm. code, codex. 
CODECIM ATEUR, sm.fellow tithing-man 
CODETENTEUR, sm. one that keeps 
wrongfully another man's estate, with 
one or more persons. 

CODIC1LLAIRE, a. contained in a codicil. 
CODICILLE, sm. codicil; alteration in a 
CODILLE, sm. gagner , to win. [will. 

CODONATAIRE, a. he or she to whom, a 
thing is gicen jointly with another 

CO2CUM; sm. the largest intcstine.[pcrson. 

coif, hood. de nuit, night-cap. 
d'une perruque, &c., cawl. de 
chapeau, lining of a hat. 

COEFF-BB, I. va. to dress. Se , vr. dress 
one's head or hair. Se de, be fondly 
attached to. Se , get drunk. Se 
de quelqu'un, be prepossessed by some- 
body. See COIFFER, which is better. 

COKFFE, a. ne , born very lucky. Chien 
bien , dog that has fine ears. Voile 
coeffee, sail laid aback, [hair-dresser. 

COEFFEU-R, SE, s. milliner; dress-maker; 

COEFFURE,/. head-dress ; hair-dressing. 

COEGAL, E, a. coequal. 

CCENOBITE, sm. monk. [compelled. 

COERCIBLE, a. coercible; who may be 

COERCITI-F, VE, a. coercive; compelling. 

COERCITION, sf. coercion. [rcignty. 

COETAT, sm. cocstatc; divided soce- 

COETERNEL, LE, a. coctemal ; together 

COETERNITE, sf. coeternity. [immortal. 

COEVKQUE, sm. co-bishop. 

CCEUR, sm. the heart; courage. A cosur 
jeun, fasting. Au de 1'hiver, in t',ie 
middle of winter. Diner par , to dine 
with duke Humphrey. De gaiete de 

, wantonly, A centre , contrary 

to one's inclination. De bon , rea- 
dily ; heartily. Un bas, base-spi- 
rited person. de cheminee, the back 
of a chimney. fleuri, sort of diaper. 
Dire par , to say without booh. Par- 
ler a ouvert, to unbosom one's self. 
Contre fortune bon , good pilot is 
best tried in a storm. a , 
frankly ; witliout reserve. Se donner au 
joie, to take one's Jill of a tiling. 
CeJa lui tient au , that sticks to his 
heart. II a le au metier, he loces 
his business. Avoir le sur les levres, 
to be free and open. Le rn'en dit, I 
have a mind to it. 
I COEXISTENCE, sf. coexistence. 

COEXIST-ER, I. vn. to coexist; live at the 

COFFIN, s> n. fruit-basket. [same time. 

COFFIN-ER, I. Se , vr. to curl; turn i/j>. 

COFFRE, sm. chest; trunk; box; cojf'cr ; 

COF ( 93 ) COL 

3d p.s 7 1st p. pi. 8 9 3d p. pi. IMPERP. 10 lstp.s. u 2d p.s. 12 3dp.s. 
20 ' 2l FUT. -Istp.s. 23 2dp.s. 24 3dp.s. M 1st p. pi. ^ IMP. M. 31 -2dp.s. 35 3d p.s. 36 1st p. pi. 37 3S SUi3J. M. 
lstp.s. 46 2dp.s. 3dp. 

3d p.s. 36 1st p. pi. 
48 1st 49 

coffin; bell// of a lute,S{c. fort, strong 
box. , Lodgement in a dry ditch; 
sunken caponniere or trench for de- 
fence, generally covered and lined with 
brickwork. a gargousses, cartridge 
chest. de bord, sea-chest. s du 
roi, king's coffers. Piquer le , to 
dance attendance. Elle est belle au 
, she has golden charms. Rirecomme 
tin , to laugh immoderately. Rai- 
sonner corame un , to reason like a 
fool . II s'y entend coinme a faire des 
s, he knows nothing of the matter. 

COFFR-ER, I. va. to put 

COFFRET, sm. little chest, trunk. 

COFFRETIER, sm. trunk-maker. 

COGNAC, sm. brandy from Cognac. 

COGNASSE, sf. wild quince. * 3 , v. 

COGNER, to hit. 

COGNASSIER, sm. n-ild quince tree. 

COGNAT, sm. kinsman ; relation on the 
mother's side. [lationship. 

COGNATION, sf. cognation, kindred; re- 

COGNEE, sf. hatchet; axe. Aller au bois 
sans , to undertake a thing n'itJtout 
being properly prepared. Jeter le man- 
che apres la , to abandon an affair 
one despairs succeeding in. 

COGNE-fetu, sm. busy-body; trifler. 

COGN-ER, I. va. to drive in ; beat ; knock. 

COGNOIR, sm. mallet. [connexion. 

COHABITATION, sf. ; also improper 

COHABIT-ER, I. vn. to cohabit; live to- 

COHERENCE, sf. coherence. [aether. 

COHERENT, E, a. ; consistent; adhesive. 

COHERITI-ER, ERE, s. coheir; coheiress. 

COHESION, sf. cohesion; state of union. 

COHIER, sm. sort of oak. [thicken; fortify. 

COHOB-ER, I. va. to distil several times; 

COHORTE, sf. cohort; company. 

COHUE, sf. rout; crowd. [See COITE. 

COI, TE, a. still; quiet, sm. halt ; stop. 

COIFFE, sf. coif, hood. See COEFFE. 

COIFF-ER, va. to dress one's head. See 

COEFFER, etc. 

COIFFEU-R, SE, s. hair-dresser. 
COIFFURE, sf. head-dress ; hair-dressing. 
COIGN ASSE, sf. wild quince. 
COIN, sm. corner; wedge; coin; die; 

lock of a wig', clock of a stock'mg. 

Regarder du de 1'oeil, to leer upon. 

Tenir bien son , to attract the notice 
of every body by one's merit. II est 
marque au bon , he has many (jood 
qualities. s d'arrimage, stowage- 
wed/ies. s de chantier, keel-wedges. 

COINCIDENCE, */. coincidence. 

COINCID-ER, I. vn. to coincide; agree; 

COING, not COIN, sm. qul [Jit. 

COINT. E, a. pleasant; ujf'able. [fellow. 

COION, sm. coward; poltroon; mca-n 

COIONN-ER, I. va. treat contemptuously, 
vn. talk ^filthily ; say unseemly things. 

COIONNERIE, sf. cowardict ; meanness, 
pi. filthy talk. 

COITEMENT, ad. quietly; still. 

COIT, sm. coition; copulation; coupling. 

COITE, sf. feather-bed. 

COITE-S, /. pi. launch ing cradles. 8 de 
guindas, cheeks of a windlass. 

COKE, sm. burnt coals; coke. 

COL, sm. neck.; defile; strait; stock. 

COLACHON, sm. Italian lute. 

COLAPHIS-ER, I. va. to slap one's face. 

COLATURE, Kf. Jiit i ng ; t )u r if >/ ing. [coheir. 

COLEGATAIRK, .tm. sharer in a legacy; 

COLERA-MORBUS, sm. choltra-morbtis. 

COLERE, sf. anger; wrat/t ; passion; 
choler. , a. passionate. 

COLERET, sm. sort of net for fishing. 

COLERIQUE, a. choleric ; wrathful. 

COLIBRI, m. humming-bird; Jinicul 

COLIFICHET, sm. gcw-gaw ; toy. [man. 

COLIMAC.ON, sm. snail; slug. 

COLIN-maillard, sm. blind-man's buff. 
tampon, Swiss drum. 

COLIQUE, sf. colic; gripes. [theatre. 

COLISEE, sm. coliseeum ; Roman amphi- 

COLLABORAT-EUR, sm. RICE, sf. asso- 
ciate or partner in any work ; fellow- 

COLLATERAL, E, a. collateral ; indirect. 

COLLATEUR, sm. collator; patron. 

COLLATION, sf. collation; adcoicson; 
afternoon's luncheon; tea-drinking. 

COLLATIONN-ER, I. va. to collate; confer; 
compare; eat between meals. 

COLLE, xf. paste; glue; size. de poisson, 
isinglass. I hum- bug; sham! Donner 
de la a quelqu'un, to impose itpon one. 

COLLECTS, sf. collect; (Hitherinq. 

COLLECTEUR, sm. collector. 

COL ( 94 ) COM 

J.INF.M. 'PRES.T. 2 PART.PRES. 3 PART.PAST.] IND.M. PRES.T. 4 1st p.S. 5 2dp.S. 
' 14 15 PRET. I6 lStp.S. !72dp.S. 18 3dp . s . COND. M. 28 1st p.s. 2dp.s. 33d p.s^ 31 1st 32 2d ^3d 
PRES.T. 39 1st p.s. 40 2dp.s. 41 3dp.s. 42 1st 43 2d 44 3d IMPERJ>. 

COLLECTI-F, VE, a. sm. collective. 

COLLECTION, sf. collection. 

COLLECT1VEMENT, ad. collectively. 

COLLEGATAIRE, a.s.collegatory; coheir. 

COLLEGE, sm. college. 

COLLEGIAL, E, a. collegiate. 

COLLEGUE, sm. colleague ; fellow. 

COLL-ER, I. vn. to paste ; glue. du 
vin, to clarify wine with isinglass. 
Se , vr. to lie close; cake. 

COLLE, E, a. avoir les yeux s sur une 
chose, to have one's eyes fastened to a 
thing. Etre sur les livres, to pore 
^tpon looks. Cet habit semble colle sur 
son corps, that suit Jits hint very well. 

COLLERET, sin. dray. TE, sf. wo- 
man's neckerchief; tucker. 

COLLET, sm. collar; snare; neck of meat; 

neck ; hand ; gin. blanc, dore, jaune, 

roux, &c., kinds of fungus and mush- 
room. d'etai, the eye of a stay. Un 
petit , young clergyman. Du temps 
des s montes, of yore. Preter le a 

quelqu'un, to cope with one. monte, 


COLLET-ER, I. va. to collar; set gins. 

COLLETIN, sm. jerkin; kind of cloak. 

COLLIER, SM. necklace; collar, -de 
misere, painful task. Conner un coup 
de , to make afresh attempt* C'est 
un homme franc du , fie is a hearty 
friend. Reprendre le de misere, to 
return to the plough. [collect; infer. 

COLLIG-ER 1 , COLLIGE-ANT 2 , I. va. to 

COLLINE, sf. hill, [by two bodies meeting. 

COLLISION, sf. collision; shock caused 

COLLOQUE, sm. colloquy; conference. 

COLLOQU-ER, I. va. to place in order. 

COLLUD-ER, I. vn. to collude ; juggle. 

COLLUSION, sf. juggling; cheating. 

COLLUSOIREMENT, ad. unfairly. 

COLLYRE, SHI. colliirium; eye-salve. 

COLOMBAGE, sm. rows of pillars or posts. 

COLOMBE, sf. dove; post; pillar. 

COLOMBEAU, SOT. small pigeon. 

COLOMBIER, sm. dove-house. Attirer 
les pigeons au , to get customers. 

COLOMBIN, E, a. columbine. E, sf. 
pigeon's dung. 

COLON, sm. planter; colon; largest gut; 
an inhabitant of one of the colonies. 

COLONEL, sm. colonel. 

COLONELLE, sf. the colonel's company. 

COLONIE, sf. colony; plantation. 

COLONNADE, sf. colonade. [lit, bed posts. 

COLONNE, sf. column ; pillar. s d'un 

COLOPHANE, sf. resin; hard resin. 

COLOQUINTE, sf. coloquintida ; a gourd. 

COLOR-ER, I. va. to colour ; die ; cloak ; 

COLORI-ER, I. va. to varnish, [disguise. 

COLORIS, sm. colouring ; complexion. 

COLORISTE, SHI. colourist. 

COLOSSAL, E, a. colossean; gigantic. 

COLOSSE, sm. colossus; a giant. 

COLOSTRE, sm. beastings. [terage. 

COLPORTAGE, sm. hawker's trade ;por- 

COLPORT-ER, I. va. to hawk about. 

COLPORTEUR, sm. hawker; carrier. 

COLURE, sm. coluri; colure; circle that 
divides the equator. 

COLZA, sm. wild cabbage. 

COMA, sm. coma ; morbid sleep. 

COMATEU-x, SE, a. soporiferous; sleepy. 

COMBAT, sm. fight; battle; conflict; 
contest. d'esprit, trial of skill. 
de barriere, tilt. singulier, duel. 

COMBAT 6 -s 4 ' 5 ' 34 , v. COMBATTRE, vn. 

COMBATTANT, sm. combatant ;Jighter. 

COMBATT-RE 1 ant 2 u 3 ue 3 us 3 ues 3 ons 7 ' 36 

62 6.37 ent 9.38.44 a j s 10.U a , t !2 O i s 10.11 O j t 12 

ions 13 - 42 iez 14 - 43 aient 15 oient 15 is 16 - 1 ? it 18 
Imes 19 !tes 2 irent* 1 rai 22 ras 23 ra 24 rons 25 
rez^ ront 2 ? rais 28 - 29 rait 3 <> rois 28 -29 roitso 
rions 31 riez 32 roient 33 raient 33 e 35 - 39 - 4 ' 
es 40 isse 45 isses 46 it 47 issions 48 issiez 49 is- 
sent 50 , to fight; combat; contend with; 
strive against; oppose. See COMBAT. 
COMBIEN, ad. how much; how many. 
COMBIEN, sm. price. que, althougfu 
COMBINAISON, sf. combination; calcu- 
COMBIN-ER, I. vu. to combine, [lation. 
COMBLE, E, a. heaped ; loaded. 
COMBLE, sm. top; hc'ujht ; timber-work 
of a roof. Pour , to complete. Au 
, to the utmost. Boisseau , over- 
measure ; bushel heaped up. De fond en 
, utterly. Cheval qui a le pied , 
horse whose sole is higher than the hoof. 
COMBLEAU, sm. cordage of a cannon. 
COMBL-ER, 1. va. heap up; load one; fill, 
COMBLETTE, sf. cleft or parting in a 
COMBRIERE, sf. large net. [stag's foot. 



6 3dp.s. 7 8 9 IMPERF. 10 lstp.s. U 2dp.s. '-Sdp.s. 

20 2l FUT. 22 lstp.s. 23 2dp.s. 24 3dp.s. 25 1st p. pi. 26 2<ip.])l. 

p. pi. IMP. M. 34 2dp.s. 35 3d p.s. 36 & SUBJ.M. 
1st p.s. ^ 2d p.s. 4 ? 3d p.s. 48 1st 49 2d 30 3d 

COMBUG-ER 1 , COMBUGE-ANT 2 , 1. va. 
une futaille, to soak a cask. 

COMBUSTIBLE, a. combustible. 

COMBUSTION, sf. combustion, tumult. 

COMEDIE, sf. plan; playhouse; sham- 
mint/ ; sport. Petite , farce. 

COMEDIEN, sin. actor; dissembler. 

COMEDIENNE, sf. actress. 

COMESTIBLE, a. eatable; eatables. 

COMETE, sf. comet; a kind ofjireieork. 

COMICES, comitia; assembly. 

COMITIAUX, a. jours , comitial days. 

COMINGE, sf. very large bomb. [life. 

COMIQUE, a. comical. Vie , theatrical 

COMIQUEMENT, ad. comically. 

COMITE, sm. officer of a galley. 

COMITE, sm. committee; meeting. 

COMM. stands for commerce, trade. 

COMMA, sm. colon, (:); ulso a bird. 

COMMANDANT, sm.commander.t, feigned. 

COMMANDE, sf. De , ad. btspektnj 

COMMANDEMENT, sm. command; com- 
mandment. Avoir qui'lque chose a son 
, to have a thing at one's own dis- 
posal, [bid; bespeak. 

COMMAND-ER, I. va. to command ; order; 

COMMANDERIE, sf. commandry. [order. 

COMMANDEUR, sm. commander of an 

COMMANDITAIRE, sm. passive i>urt net: 

COMMANDITE, sf. societe en , com- 
mercial society under a defray ing sleep- 
ing j)artn<r. 

COMME, ad. as; like; almost. ,; 
ivhereas; because; as it were. 

COMMEMORATION, sf. commemoration. 

COMMENgANT, E, s. bey inner. 

COMMENCEMENT, tm. beginning. II 
est venu de petits s, he rose from no- 
thing, [to beijin. 


COMMENDATAIRE, a. sm. commenda- 

COMMENDE, sf. eummendam. [tory. 

COMMENSAL, a. sm. messmate; eating 
at the same table. [fellowship. 

COMMENSALITE, sf. commensality; table 

COMMENSURABILITE, sf. commensura- 
bility. [reducible to a common measure. 

COMMENSURABLE, a. commensurable; 

COMMENT, ad. how; why. [tury. 

COMMENTAIRE, sm. comment; commen- 

COMMENTATEUR, *w. commentator. 

COMMENT-ER, I. va. to comment; ro- 
mance; criticize. 

COMM-ER, I. vn. to make comparisons. 

('|>MMK1{.A<;E, sm. ijossipiiKj. [mcrciul. 

COMMERrABLE, a. netjoi-iable ; coin- 

COMMEIK.'ANT, t, a. trading. 

CO.M.M 1-:R('ANT, sm. trader; merchant. 

COMMERCE, xm. commerce; trade; in- 
tercourse. dc truliintri-ii', " intrigue. 
II est d'un sur, lie ix n mnn to be 
depended upon. II t>st d'un ii^reable , 
//c is an agreeable eomjianiini. LitT 
avec quelqu'un, to contrac' 
quaintanee n'itli tun. [to trade. 


Cl>MMEI{('IAL, K, a. commercial. 

C'OMMI-!!. 'r>,<id-mother.[mit, 

COMMET- 6 ! 4 ^ 94 , v.OoMMXTTma; to com* 

COMMETTANT, sm. trustee; constituent. 
COMMKTT-Ki: 1 mil-' ons"-^ 8 8< *1 

-14 aisjiu.n U j t ia ,,i s iu.u oi ,i2 i,, ns i.i..'J 

ii-/ I4 - iii.-nt 1 -' pienl 

ras 23 ra'- 24 rons ffl n-/-" n.nt-' rais---' 
rait 30 rois-' s - a -' r>it :JO rions 31 rii-z 32 r.iu-ni 
roient 33 , ra. to commit; appoint. Sc 
, to c.ipL'se or rent ure one's self. Sec 

C'n.MM-IS and COMMET. 

COMM1NATION, sf. threat, in law. 
COMMINATOIRE, a. threatening. 
COMM1N-ER, I. ra. to threaten. 
COMM-is 3 - 16 - 1 ' it 18 imes 19 Ites 3 " irent 21 isse 
45 ig ges 46 U i7 issions 48 issiez 49 issent 30 ise 

3 IseS 3 , V. COMMETTRE. 

COM.MIS, sm. clerk; deputu; commis- 

C( )M M I SE, */. forfeiture ; forfeit, [pity. 

COMMISERATION, sf. commiseration; 

COMM1SSAIRE, sm. commissary- com- 
missioner; overseer. de guerre, 
quarter-master. de police, justice 
of the pence. [tear rant ; mandate. 

COMMISSION, sf. commission; message; 

COMMISSIONAIRE, sm.factor ; errand- 
boy, [ing. 

COMMISSOIRE, a. making void; annul- 

COMMODAT, sm. gratuitous lending of a 
thing which is to be returned ; loan. 

COMMODE, a. commodious; convtnicnt; 
good-na tured. 

COMMODE, sf. commode; chest of drawers. 

COMMODEMENT, ad. conveniently ; com- 

COM ( 96 ) COM 

[JNF.M. 'PRES.T. 2 PART.PRES. 3 PART. PAST.] IND. M. PRE3.T. 4 1st p.S. 5 2d p.S. 

13 1st ' 15 PRET. 16 1st p.s. J 7 -2dp.s. Ife 3dp.s. 19 1st 
27 3d p. pi. COND.AI. 2ti 1st p.s. 29 2dp.s. ' M 3d p.s. 31 1st 32 2d ^Sd 
PKES.T. 1st p.s. 40 2dp.s. 41 3dp.s. 1st 43 44 3d IMPERF. 

COMMODITE, sf. convenience . s, the, 
necessary. s d'une maison, accommo- 
COMMOTION, sf. commotion. [dation. 
COMMUABLE, a. alterable; mutable. 
COMMU-ER, I. va. to commute, mitigate. 
COMMUN, E, a. common; usual; mean; 
public. Le , the generality ; tinder- 
servants ; commonalty. [ration. 
COMMUNAUTE, sf. community; corpo- 
COMMUNAUX, common; pasture. 
COMMUNE, sf. corporation; inhabitants 
of a country place ; city council. s, 
inhabitants of villages ; common pas- 
ture; the house of commons. 
COMMUNEMENT, ad. commonly. Com- 
raunement parlant, generally speahing. 
COMMUNIANT, E, s. communicant. [ness. 
COMMUNICABILITE, sf. communicatice- 
COMMUNICABLE, a. communicable; 
easy of access. [chatty ; sociable. 
COMMUNICATI-F, VE, a. communicative. 
COMMUNICATION, */. communication; 

intercourse; society. 

COMMUN I-ER, I. vn. to receive or admi- 
nister the sacrament. [ship. 
COM1/UNION, sf. communion; fMoic- 
COMMUNIQU-ER, I. va. to communicate; 
hold correspondence; produce. Se , 
^ vr. to be sociable; catch. Maladie quise 

communique, infectious disease. 
COMMUTATI-F, VE, a. commutative. 
COMMUTATION, sf. commutation; cx- 
COMPACITE, sf. closeness. [change. 

COMPACT, sm. agreement, convention. 
COMPACTS, a. compact ; close. 
COMPAGNE, sf. female companion; wife; 

consort. The steward's cabin. 
COMPAGNIE, sf. company de cava- 
lerie, troop of horse. du Sud, Sottth 
Sea Company. de perdrix, covey 
of partridges. Aller de , to go to- 
gether. , convoy of vessels. 
COMPAGNON, sm. companion; journey- 
man ; fellow ; partner. 
COMPAGNONAGE, sm. journeymanship. 
COMPARABLE, a. comparable; like. 
COMPARAISON, sf. comimrison. Par 
, comparatively. En de, a de, 
in comparison to. 

ons 7 '- 6 cz 8 - 37 ent 9 - 38 - 44 ais 10 - 11 ait 12 ois lo>n 

oit 12 ions 13 - 42 iez 14 - 43 aient 15 oient 15 

41 es 40 , V. COMPARAiTRE. 

COMPARAIT-RB' mi 2 * ras 23 ra 24 

rez 2 rout 27 rais 28 - 29 rait 30 rois 28 - 29 roit 
30 rions 31 riez 32 raient 33 roiont 33 , vn. to 
make one's appearance; appear; 
stand forth. See COMPAR-U and 

COMPARANT, E, a. s. appearing, [five. 

COMPARAT-iF, m. IVE, /. a. conipara- 

COMPARATIVEMENT, ad. comparatively 

COMPAR-EK, 1. va. to compare; confer ; 

put v* competition; contrast. Se a, 

to vie with. 

COMPAR-oiR, vn. to make one's appear- 
ance. Assigne a , sum moned to appear. 

COMPART1MENT, sm. compartment; 

pint in a garden; partition. 
COMPART-iR, II. va. to compart ; divide. 
COMPARTITEUR, sm. comparator. 
COMPAR-u 3 ue 3 ues 3 us 3 - 16 -' 7 ut'8 flmes 19 
iites 20 urent 21 usse 45 usses 46 ut 47 ussions 4B 
ussiez 49 ussent 50 , v. COMPARAITRE. 
COM PARTITION, sf. appearance. 
COMPAS, sm. compasses. de cordon- 
nier, size. de mer, sea-compass. 
de proportion, sector. mort, compass 
with a bad needle. [compasses. 

COMPASSEMENT, sm. measurement with 
COMPASS-ER, I. va. to measure; to pro- 
portion; order. [effected. 
COMPASSE, E, a. starched; formal; well- 
COMPASSION, sf. compassion; pity. 
COMPATERNITE, sf. religious alliance. 
COMPATIBILITY, */. compatibility; suit- 
COMPATIBLE, a. compatible, [ableness. 
COMPAT-iR, II. vn. to commiserate; suit; 
bear with; pity. Ne pouvoir , to be 

COMPATISSANT, E, a. compassionate. 
COMPATRIOTE, sm. and/, one's country- 
man or countrywoman, [bridgement. 
COMPENDIUM, sm. compendium; a- 
COMPENSATION, sf. compensation. 
COMPENS-ER, I. va. to compensate. 
COM PER AGE, sm. the act or state of being 
godfather or godmother. Tout se fait 
par , recommendation does all. 
COMPERE, sm. god-father; gossip; jovial 

' 8 

( 97 ) 



10 1st p.s. U 2dp.s 

6 3d p.s. 

20 2d 21 3d PUT. IMP.M. 34 2d p.s. 35 3d p.s. -- IM p.pi. - __ 

4i 1st p.s. 46 2d p.s. 4 ? 3d p.s. 48 1st 49 2d 50 3d 

. 9 3d p. pi. IMPERF. '" 1SI p 
22 1st p.S. 23 2dp.S. 24 3d p.S. -n.y.pi. 

-.^--. 3 g 3d SUBJ.M 

I2 3d P .S. 

1st 26 2d 

fellow ; arch blade, par et par corn- 
mere, by favour. 

COMPERSONNIER, sm. partner. 

COMPETEMMENT, ad. competently; 
properly ; reasonably. 

COMPETENCE, sf. competence; competi- 
tion; jurisdiction. Cela n'est pas de 
votre , that is beyond your sphere. 

COMPETENT, E, a. competent,. tit. 

COMPET-ER, I. vn. to belong; regard. 

COMPETITEUR, sin. competitor, rival. 

COMPETITRICE, sf. competitrix; rival. 

COMPILATEUR, sin. compiler; drudge. 

COMPILATION, */ compilation. 

COMPIL-ER, I. va. to compile; collect. 

COMPLA1GNANT, E, s. plaintiff, [song. 

COMPLAINTE, sf. complaint; plaintive 

COMPLAI-RE 1 s 4 - 5 - 34 t 6 rai 2 - ras 23 ra 24 rons 
25 rez 2 6 roni 2 ? rais 28 - 29 rait 30 rois 28 - 29 roit 
30 rions 31 riez 32 raient 33 roient 33 , vn. 
to please; to humour ; oblige. Se , 
vr. to delight in; solace one's self. 
See COMPLU, COMPLAIS. [ingly. 

COMPLAISAMMENT, ad. kindly, oblig- 

COMPLAISANCE, sf. complaisance, com- 
placency; effects of kindness. 

COMPLAISANCE, a. ; obliging; good- 
natured, sin. time-server; tool. 

COMPLAIS 4 ' 5 - 34 -AXT 2 ons7- 36 ez 8 - 3 7ent 9 - 38 - 

44 aiglO.ll ait !2 O i s 10.1 1 Oit 12 i ons 13.42 iez l I. 

43 aient 15 oient 15 e 35 - 39 - 41 es 40 , v. Con- 
PLAIRE, to please. 

COMPLANT, sin. vineyard; plantation. 

COMPLANT-ER, I. va. to plant vines, $c. 

COMPLEMENT, sin. complement. 

COMPL-ET, ETE, a. complete; perfect. 
Complet, sm. complement. 

COMPLETEMENT, ad. completely, sm. 
completing ; completion. 

COMPLET-ER, I. va. to complete. 

COMPLEXE, a. complex; compounded. 

COMPLEXION, sf. complexion; constitu- 
tion; temper; humour. 

COMPLEXIONNE, E, a. bien , of a good 
constitution. Mai , of a bad constitu- 

COMPLEXITE, sf. complexity. [tion. 

COMPLICATION, sf. complication. 

COMPLICE, a. sm. accomplice. [plice. 

COMPLICITE, */. the being an accom- 

COMPLIES, sf. compline; act of worship. 

COMPLIMENT, sm. compliment, cere- 

mony. s de la place Maubert, Bil- 
lingsgate language. Rengainer son , 
to abstain from useless Jiatt cries. 

COMPLIMENTAIRE, sm. he n-ho, in a 
trading society, carries on business in 
his oicn name. [to flatter. 

COMPLIMENT-ER, to compliment; 

COMPLIMENTEU-R, SE, s.complimcntcr. 

COMPLIQUE, E, a. complicate. 

COMPLOT, sm. plot; conspiracy. Ee 
, ad. by design. 

COMPLOT-ER, I. vn. to plot; conspire. 

COMPL-u 3 ue 3 ues 3 us 3 - 16 ' 1 ? ut 18 umes 19 
utes 20 urent 21 usse 45 usses 46 fit 47 ussions 
48 ussiez 49 ussent 50 , r. COMPLAIRE. 

COMPONCTION, sf. remorse; compxnc- 

CONPONE, E, a. compound. [tion. 

COMPOKTEMENT, sin. demeanour. 

COMPORT-ER, I. va. allow of; bear. Se 
, vr. to behave; act. 

COMPOSE, sm. compound. Eien , E, 
of a good constitution. Mot , sm, 
compound tvord. 

COMPOS-ER, I. va. to compose; to com- 
pound. des almanacs, to be star- 
gazing. , to capitulate. Se , vr. 
to fashion one's looks. 

COMPOSEUR, sm. paltry n-ritcr. 

COMPOSITE, a. composite, in architecture. 

COMPOSITEUR, sm. compositor; compo- 
ser, in music. Amiable , arbitrator. 

COMPOSITION, sf. composition; compo- 
sing; agreement. Homme de , easy 
tempered man. 

COMPOST-ER, I. va. to manure, [stick. 

COMPOSTEUR, sm. composing or setting- 

COMPOTATEUR, sm. bottle-companion. 

COMPOTATION, sf. , drink ing -bowl. 

COMPOTE, sf. stewed fruit, &c. Des yevu 
en , eyes black and blue. 

COMPREHENSIBLE, a. comprehensible. 

COMPREHENSION, */'. comprehension. 

COMPREN-ANT 2 ons?- 36 ez 8 - 3 ? ais 10 -" 
ait 12 ois 10 - 11 oit 12 ions 13 - 42 iez 14 - 43 aient 1 - 5 
oient 15 , r. COJIPREXDRE. 

COMPREND 6 -RE 1 s 4 - 5 - 34 rai 22 ras 03 ra 24 
rons 25 rez 26 ront 2 ? rais 28 - 29 rait 30 rions 31 
riez 32 raient 33 roient 33 . Sec COMPR-is, 
COMPREN, COMPRENN, va. to compre- 
hend ; understand. [COMPRE^BRE. 

COMPRliNN-E 3 ^- 39 - 4 ' 



f 98 ) 


[INF.M. PRES.T. 2 PART.PRES. 3 PART.PAST.] IND. M. PRES.T. 4 lstp.s. 

I3 14 2d 13 PRET. 16 lstp.s. 17 2dp.s. 18 3d p.s. 19 1st 
27 3d p. pi. COND.M. 28 lstp.s. ^Sdp.s. 30 3d p.s. * 31 1st 32 2dp.pL 33 8d 
PRES.T. 39 lstp.s. 40 2dp.s. 41 3dp.s. 42 43 44 IMPERP. 

COMPRESSE, sf. compress; bolster. 

COMPRESSIBILITY, sf. compressure. 

COMPRESSIBLE, sf. compressible. 

COMPRESSION, sf. compression; squeez- 

COMPRIM-ER, I. va. to compress. 

COMPRIS, y , adv. with, together rvith. 

COMPR-is 3 - 16 - 17 ise 3 iscs 3 it 18 Imes 19 Ites 20 
irent 21 isse 45 isses 46 it 4 " issions 46 issiez 49 
issent 50 , v. COMPRENDRE, understand. 

COMPROME-x 6 ts 4 - 5 - 34 , COMPROMETT- 
RE ant 2 ons 7 -^ ez 8 - 37 ent 9 - 38 - 44 ais 10 - 11 
ait' 2 ois 1(M1 oit 12 ions' 3 - 42 iez 14 - 43 aient 15 
oient 15 e 35 - 39 - 41 es 40 rai 22 ras 23 ra 24 rons 25 
rez 26 ront 27 rais 2 *- 29 roit 30 rois 28 - 29 roit 30 
rions 31 riez 32 raient 33 roient 33 . va. to com- 
promise, expose. See COMPROM-is. 

COMPROMIS, sm. compromise. 

COMPROM-is 3 -!6- 17 ise 3 ises 3 it 18 Imes 19 
Ites 20 irent 21 isse 45 isses 46 It 47 issions 48 
issiez 49 issent 50 , v. COMPROMETTRE. 

COMPROMISSAIRE, sm. referee. 

COMPROVINCIAL, E, a. of the same 
province or country; countryman. 

COMPTABILITE, sf. resjionsibility. 

COM PT ABLE, a. s. accountable. 

COMPTANT, a. argent , ready money. 
Avoir du , to have one's pocket well 
lined. Voila tout raon , this ts all 
my cash. Au , short credit. 

COMPTE, sm. account ; value. De fait, 
by calculation. Homme de bon , an 
honest man. Tenir , to keep account. 
A , on account. Au bout du , after 
all; let the worst liappen. Prendre 
sur son , to take a thing upon one's 
self. II a son , he is satisfied. A 
ce la, it being so. borgne, odd- 
money; suspicious account. rond, 
even money. Bois de , wood bought 
by number. Mettre en ligne de corapte, 
to pass to account. Papier de compte, 
cay-paper. Avoir a bon , to have a 
thing cheap. II en a pour son , lie 
has enough of it. Faire bon , to sell 
cheap. Je vous en tiendrai^ , I shall 
be obliged to you for it. Etre loin de 
ton , to be much disappointed. Man- 
ger, boire a son , to eat or drink 
freely, without troubling one's self 
about mho ivill pay for it. Faire bien 

son , to get a great deal. En avoir 
pour son , to be caught. 

COMPT-ER, I. va. to count; settle ac- 
counts; charge; purpose; reckon; va- 
lue. , vn. to depend on. 

COMPTEUR, sm. accomptant; reckoner. 

COMPTOIR, sm. counter ; counting-house; 
factory; bar of a public-house. 

COMPULS-ER, to compel; ransack. 

COMPULSOIRE, sm. warrant ; decree. 

COMPUT, sm. computation of time. 

COMPUTISTE, sm. computist; reckoner. 

COMTAL, E, a. belonging to a count or 

COMTE/snj. count, earl. [earl. 

COMTE, sm. county; earldom. LaFranche- 
, sf. a province of France. 

COMTESSE, sf. countess. 

CONCASS-ER, I. va. to pound. 

CONCATENATION, sf. concatenation , 

CONCAVE, a. s?n. concave. [connexion. 

CONCAVITE, sf. concavity; hollowness. 

CONCED-ER, I. va. to grant ; yield. 

CONCENTRATION, sf. concentration. 

CONCENTR-ER, I. va. to concentre; 
concentrate. Se , be sad ; melancJioly. 

CONCENTRIQUE, a. concentric. 

CONCEPT, sm. conception; idea. 

CONCEPTION, sf. conception; breeding. 

CONCERNANT, pr. concerning. 

CONCERN-ER, I. va. to relate to ; concern. 

CONCERT, sm. concert ; concern har?no- 
ny. De , conjointly. 

CONCERT ANT, E, s. player in a concert. 

CONCERTE, E, a. starched; affected. 

CONCERT-ER, I. va. to concert ; try. 

CONCERTO, sm. piece in a sympliony. 

CONCESSION, sf. grant; gift. 

CONCESSIONS AIRE, sm. grantee. 

CONCETTI, sm. false wit. 

CONCEVABLE, a. conceivable. 

CONCEV-oiR 1 ant 2 ons 7 ' 36 ez 8 - 37 ais 10 - 11 Oit i2 ions 13 - 42 iez 14 - 43 aient 13 
oient 15 , va. to conccii-e; breed; word. 
See CONC-U, Coxcoi-s, CON^OIV. 

CONCHE, sf.garb. Conchi, sm. sort of ctn- 

CONCHITES, sf. petrified shells, [namon. 

CONCHYLIOLOGIE, sf. conchyliology ; 
treatise concerning shells. 

CONCIERGE, sm. housekeeper of a palace ; 
keeper of a prison ; porter. 

CONCIERGERIE, sf. keeper's place. 

CON ( 99 ) CON 

8 9 3d p. pi. IMPERP. 10 1st p.s. U 2dp.s. 12 3d p.s. 

-*- - S5 lst p. pl . 
38 3d p. pi. SUBJ. M. 

6 3d p.s. ' .. 

20 2d p. pi. 21 3d p. pi. PUT. 22 1st p. s IMP.M. 34 2dp.s. 353d p. s 
45 1st p.s. 46 2d p.s. 

34 2dp.s. 

47 3d p.s. 

9 3d IMPERP, 

3. 23 2dp.s. 24 3dp._. 
36 1st p. pi. 37 2d p. pi. 
'ist 49 2d 50 3d 

CONCILE, sm. council. [meeting. 

CONCILIABULE, sm. conventicle; illegal 

CONCILIANT, E, a. reconciling. 

CONCILIAT-EUR, RICE, s. reconciler; con- 

CONCILIATION, sf. ; reconcilement. 

COXCILI-ER, I. ra. to reconcile; gain. 

CONCIS, E, a. concise; short. 

CONCISION,/. ; conciseness; simplicity. 

CONCITOYEN, NE, s. fellow-citizen ; 
countryman ; comburgess. [and cri;. 

CONCLAMATION, sf. conclamation; hue 

CONCLAVE, sm. ; meeting vf cardinals. 

CONCLAVISTE, sm. attendant on a car- 
dinal during a conclave. 

CONCL-u 3 ue 3 - 35 - 39 - 41 ues 3 - 40 us 3 - 4 - 5 ' 16 - 17 - 34 
ut 6 - 18 limes 19 utcs 20 urent 21 usse 45 usses 46 
ut 47 ussions 48 ussiez 49 ussent 50 , v. Coy- 
CLURE. [cing. 

CONCLUANT, E. a. concluding ; convin- 

CONCLTJS-RE 1 ant 2 s 3 - 4 ' 5 - 16 - 17 - 34 t 6 - 18 ons 7 ' 36 
ez 8.37 ent 9 - 38 - 44 ais 10 - 11 ait 12 ois 10 - 11 oit 12 
ions 13 - 42 iez 14 - 43 aient 15 oient 15 rai 22 ras 23 
ra 24 rons 25 rez 2t} ront 27 rais 28 - 2 " rait 30 
rois 28 - 29 roit 30 rions 31 riez 32 raient 33 roient 
33, va. to conclude, Jinish, close, end, 
tcind up, think on, infer, deduce, gather. 


CONCLUSI-F, VE, a. definitive; last. 

CONCLUSION, sf. ; issue. En , ad. 
in short; to conclude; in one n'ord. 

CONCLUSIONS, pi. demands; opinions. 

CONCOCTION, sf. concoction ; digestion. 

coNgoi-s 4 - 5 - 34 t 6 . coNgoiv-ENT 9 - 38 - 44 

e .35.39.4i es^ r> CONCEVOIR, to conceive. 
CONCOMBRE, sm. cucumber. [union. 
CONCOMITANCE, sf. concomitance; 
CONCOMITANT, E, a. concomitant. 
CONCORDANCE, sf. agreement; concord- 
CONCORDANT, E, a. concordant, [ance. 
CONCORDAT, sm. compact; agreement. 
CONCORDE, sf. concord; union. 
CONCORD-ER, I. vn. to agree. 
CONCOUR-iR 1 ant 2 u 3 ue 3 ues 3 U s 3 -i6.i7 

S 4.5.34 t 6 Ons 7.36 ez 6.37 e nt 9 ' 38 - 44 ai S l-'l 

ait 12 ois 10 - 11 oit 12 ions 13 - 42 iez 14 - 43 aient 15 
oient 15 ut 18 umes 19 utes 20 urent 21 rai 82 
ras 23 ra 24 rons 25 rez^ ront 27 rais 28 - 29 
rait 30 rois 28 - 29 roit 30 rions 31 riez 32 raient 33 
roient 33 e 35 - 39 - 41 es 40 usse 45 usses 46 ut 47 

ussions 48 ussiez 49 ussent 50 , vn. to concur; 
put in for; co-operate; act with. 

CONCOURME, */. yellow die. 

CONCOURS, sm. concurrence ; concourse; 

CONCRET, E, a. concrete, [cooperation. 

CONCRETION, s>n. concretion. 

CON^-u 3 ue 3 ues 3 us 3 - 16 - 17 ut 18 umes 19 utes 
20 urent 21 usse 45 usses 46 ut 47 ussions 4rf 
ussiez 49 ussent 50 , v. CONCEVOIR. 

CONCUBINAGE, sm. concubinage. 

CONCUBINAIRE, sm. one ivho keeps a 
concubine ; fornictftor. [man. 

CONCUBINE, sf. concubine; immoral n-o- 

CONCUPISCENCE, sf. concupiscence; lust. 

CONCUPISCIBLE, a. concupisciblc. 

CONCURREMMENT, ad. in competition ; 
jointli/ ; n'ith equal right. 

CONCURRENCE, sf. concurrence; com- 
petition. Jusqu'ala de, to the amount 

CONCURRENT, E, s. competitor; rival.[of. 

CONCUSSION, sf. exaction; unjust tax. 

CONCUSSIONNAIRE, sm. exactor. 

CONDAMNABLE, a. condcmnablc. 

CONDAMNATION, sf. condemnation. 

CONDAMN-ER, I. va. to condemn ; blame. 
une porte, to nail or nail up a door. 

CONDENSATION, sf. condensation. 

CONDENS-ER, I. va. to condense. 

CONDEPUTE, sm. fellow-deputy. 

CONDESCENDANCE, sf. condescension. 

CONDESCENDANT, E, a. condescending. 

CONDESCEND6-RE 1 ant 2 u 3 ue 3 ues 3 us 3 

S 4.5.34 ons 7.36 ez 8.37 ent 9.38.44 ais !0.11 ait ia 

ois 10 - 11 oit 12 ions 13 - 42 iez 14 - 43 aient 15 
oient 15 is 16 - 17 it 18 1mes 19 ites 20 irent 21 
rai 22 ras 23 ra 24 rons 25 rez 26 ront 27 rftis* 8 - 
29 rait 30 rions 31 riez 32 raient 33 roient 33 

e35.39.41 es 4 i sse 45 isses 45 U 47 iggions 48 

issiez 49 issent 50 , vn. to condescend; to 
bear with. 

CONDICTION, sf. action of recovery. 

CONDIGNE, a. sufficient; equal. 

CONDISCIPLE, sm. schoolfellow:. 

CONDIT, sin. confection ; preserve. 

CONDITION, sf. condition; service; prof- 
fer. Gens de , people o fashion. 
De bonne , well-born. A , ad. 
upon condition. A que, provided 

COXDITIONNE, E, a. merchantable. .[that. 

CONDITIONNEL, LE, conditional, [allu. 

F 2 

C >N ( 100 ) CON 

[INF.M. 1 PRES.T. 2 PART.PRES. 3 PART.VAST.] IND.M. PRE3.T. 4 1st p.S. 3 2d p 8. 

13 14 ^ PBET. 16 lstp.s. l7 2d p.s. I8 3dp.s. 19 COND.M. 2a lstp.s. M -3d p.s. 30 3d p.s. . 31 1st 32 2d 33 3d 
PRF.S.T. 39 1st p.s. 40 2dp.s. 41 3dp.s. 42 1st 43 44 3d LMPERF. 

CONDITIONN-ER, I. va. to article; malie 
CONDOLEANCE, sf. condolence. [n:M. 
CONDOUL-oiu, vn. to condole with. 
CONDUCTEUR, sin. conductor; guide; 
CONDUCTR1CE, sf. conductress, [tutor. 
CONDUI-R2 1 t 3 - 6 te 3 tes 3 ts 3 s 4 - 5 - 34 rai 22 
ras 23 ra- 4 rons 25 rez 26 rout 27 rais 28 - 29 rait 
30 rois 2 *- 29 roit 30 rions 31 riez 32 raiont :i3 
roient 33 , va. to conduct ; steer; drier; 
convey ; lead ; lead on. de 1'oeil, ob- 
serve it-h ich ic tiij one goes. Se , vr. 
to behave; net. See CONDUIS. 
CONDUIS 4 - 5 - 34 -AXT 2 ons"- 36 ez 8 - 37 ent 9 - 38 - 
44 ais io.n ait i2 O i s io.ii Oit i2 ions' 3 - 42 iez 
> 4 - 43 aient !5 oient 15 is 16 - 17 it^lrnes^ltes 20 
ircnt ai e35.39.4i es 40 isse 45 isses 4 6 It 47 is- 
sions 48 issiez 49 issent 50 , v. COXDTTIRE. 
CONDUISEUR, sin. driver; guide. 
CONDUIT, sin. conduit ; canal; pipe. 

de la respiration, windpipe. 
CONDUITE, sf. conduct ; behaviour ; cm~e. 
CONDYLOME, sin. excrescence of flesh. 
CONE, sin. cone; solid body like a sugar- 
CONFABULATEUR, sin. tale-teller, [loaf. 
CONFABULATION, sf. confabulation. 
CONFABUL-ER, I. vn. to confabulate. 
CONFECTION, sf. electuary; construction. 
CONFEDERATION, */. confederacy, [rate. 
CONFEDER-ER, I. Se , vr. to confcde- 
CONFEDERES, sm. confederates, allies. 
CONFERENCE, sf. conference; compari- 
son; meeting for discussion, [assembly. 
CONFERENCIER, sm. the president of an 
CONFER-ER, I. va. to confer ; admit. 
CONFESSE, sf. confession. Aller a , 

to go to confession. 

CONFESS-ER, I. va. to confess; own. 

Se , vr. to confess to a priest. Se 

au renard, to trust one's self to afalse- 

CONFESSEUR, in. confessor, [/tearted man 

CONFESSION, sf. confession, [confessing. 

CONFIANCE, sf. conjidcnce; trust. 
CONFIANT, E, a. sanguine; confident. 
CONFIDEMMENT, ad. confidently. 
CONFIDENCE, sf. trusting; intimacy. 

Dire en , to tell a secret. 
CONFIDENT, E, sm. confidant. [trust. 
CONFIDENTIAIRE, sm. wlw holds in 
CONFIDENTIEL, LE, a. confidential. 

LEJIEA-T, ad. confidentially. 

CONFI-ER, I. va. to intrust; confide. Se 

, vr. to confide in. [terior form. 

CONFIGURATION,*/, configuration; ex- 

CONFIN-ER, I. TO. to confine; border 

it2)on. Se , to emigrate. 
CONFINS, sm. confines; boundaries. 
CONFI-RE 1 rai 22 ras 23 ra 24 rons 25 rez 26 ront 
27 rais 28 ' 29 rait 30 rois 28 ' 29 roit 30 rions 31 
riez 32 raient 33 roient 33 . va. to preserve; 
confect ; conifit; pickle. une peau, 
dress a skin. See COMFIT, CONFIS-ANT. 
CONFIRMATI-F, VE, a. confirmatory. 
CONFIRMATION, sf. confirmation. 
CONFIRM-ER, I. va. tocorifirm. Se , vr. 
strengthen one's self; to be confirmed. 
CONFIS 4 - 5 - 16 - 17 - 34 -ANT 2 ons 7 - 36 e?' 8 - 37 ent 9 - 
38.44 ait ia ois 10 - 11 oit 12 ions 13 ^ 2 
iez 14 - 43 aient 15 oient 1 * e 35 - 39 - 41 es 40 , r. 
COJTFIRE, to confect ; jireservc. 
CONFISCABLE, a. , forfeitable. 
CONF1SCANT, E, a. liable to forfeiture. 
CONFISCATION, */. forfeiture. 
CONFISEUR, sm. confectioner. 
CONFISQU-ER, I. va. to confiscate. II est 

E, he is a dead man; he is ruined. 
CONF-rr 3 - 6 -' 8 its 3 ite 3 ites 3 is 4 - 5 - 16 - l7 - 34 tme 
I9 ltes 20 irent 21 isse 45 isses 46 It 47 issions 48 
issiez 49 issent 50 , v. CONFIRE, to confect. 
CONFITEOR, sm. the Belief, a prayer. 
CONFITURES, sf. comfits; sweetmeats. 
CONFITURIER, sm. confectioner. 
CONFLAGRATION, */. , large fire. 
CONFLIT, sm. contention; conflict. 
CONFLUENT, sm. conjiur ; confluence. 
CONFOND 6 -RE ant 2 u 3 ue 3 ues 3 us 3 s 4 ' 5 ' 
34 ons 7 - 36 ez 8 - 37 ent 9 - 38 - 44 ais 10 -' 1 ait 1 * 

ois 10 - 11 oit 1 

iez 14 - 43 aient 13 

oient 15 is 16 - 17 it 18 imes 19 ites 20 irent 21 rai 
ras 23 ra" rons 23 rez 2 6 ront 27 rai: 1 - 48 - 2 * 
rait 30 rions 31 riez 32 raient 33 roient 33 e 35 ' 

39.41 6S 40 isse 45 isses 46 J t 47 j ss i O nS 48 ISSicZ 

49 issent 50 , va. to confound; blend; mix; 
CONFORMATION,/, .[perplex; destroy. 
CONFORMS, a. conformable; suitable. 
CONFORMEMENT, ad. conformably. 
CONFORM-ER, 1. va. to conform. Enfant 

bien E, a rvell-limbed child. 
CONFORM ISTE, sm. conformist. 
CON FORM ITE, sf. conformity; omology. 

En , ad. conformably. 
CONFORT, sm. comfort; aid; relief. 

CON ( 101 ) CON 

6 3dp.s. ' Q 3d p. pi. IMPERF. "> 1st p. s. !'2dp.s. ' 2 3dp.s. 
80 3d i>. pi. 2l FUT. 22 lstp.s. 23 2dp.s. 24 8dp.s. 1st p. pi. * 
p. pi. IMP. M. 34 2dp.s. 35 3dp.s. 36 1st p. pi. a7 3* 3d p. pi. SUBJ.M. 
45 1st p. s. 46 2dp.s. <7 3d p. s. 48 1st p. pi. " 50 

CONFORTATI-F, VE, a. corroborative; 
comfortable; strengthening. {comforting 
CONFORTATION, sf. ; corroboration ; 
CONFORT-ER, I. va. to comfort; console; 
solace; invigorate; encourage, [defy. 
CONFRATERNITE, */. brotherhood; so- 
CONFRERE, sm. brother ; follow. 
CONFRERIE, sf. religious association. 
CONFRONTATION, if. confronting; com- 
paring; collation. [compare. 
CONFRONT-ER, I. va. to confront ; to 
CONFUS, E, a. confused ; perplexed. 
CONFINEMENT, ad. confusedly. 
CONFUSION, sf. confusion; superabun- 
i dance ; disorder ; shame. En , ad. 
confusedly; en abundance. [tion. 
CONFUTATION, sf. confutation; rcfuta- 
CONFUT-ER, I. va. to confute; to baffle. 
CONGE, sm. congius; fluid measure. 
CONGE, sm. leave; discharge; learning; 
play-day ; furlough ; license. Prendre 
de, to take leave of; to license. 
CONGEDI-ER, I. va. to dismiss; disband. 
CONGELATION, sf. concealment. 
CONGEL-ER, I. va. to congeal ; freeze. 
CONGENERE, a. congenial. [thering. 
CONGESTION, sf. congestion ; mass; ga- 
CONGIAIRE, sm.congiary; distribution. 
CONGLOBAT1ON, xf. conglobation. [ted. 
CONGLOBE, E, a. conglobate ; accumula- 
CONGLOMERE, E, a. conglomerate; ga- 
thered close, into a ball. 
CONGLUTINATION, sf. conglutination. 
CONGLUTIN-ER, I. va. to glue; make 

sticky; paste together. 
CONGRATULATION, sf. congratulation. 
CONGRATUL-ER, I. va. to congratulate. 
CONGREGANISTE, sm. member of a con- 
CONGRE, sm. conger; sea-eel, [gregation. 
CONGREGATION, sf. congregation. 

des fiileles, the universal church. 
CONGRES, sm. congress; meeting. 
CONGREAGE, sm. heckling of ropes. 
CONGRU, E, a. congruous ; competent. 
CONGRUMENT, ad. exactly. 
CONGRUENT, E, a.congrutnt; agreeing 
CONGRUITE, sf. cong rutty ; suitableness 

efficacy of Divine grace. 
CONIFERE, a. coniferous; said of trees. 
CONIQUE, a. conical ; like a cone. 
CONJECTURAL, E, a. conjectural. 

JONJECTURALEMENT, ad. b>j guess. 
CONJECTURE, sf. conjecture; guess. 

X>NJECTUR-ER', I. en. t<> conjecture. 


JONJOIGN-AST 2 ons 7 - 36 ez 8.37 ent 9 - 38 - 44 
ais"'-" ait 12 ois>- ll oit 12 ions' 3 - 42 iez" 4 ' 43 
aient 15 oh-nt 15 is 16 - 17 it 1 " inu-s 15 ' It *'-'" 
irent 21 e^- 39 - 41 os 4 " I 48 it 47 

CONJOIND-RE 1 rai ras 83 ra 21 rons 25 rez 
ront 2 ? rais 2 ^ 29 nut :5 rois 28 - 29 roit3 
rions 31 riez 32 raient 33 roient 33 . va. to eon- 
join; i/ii-fi ; associate; 

CON.IOlN-s 4 - 5 - 34 t 3 - 6 te 3 tos 3 ts 3 , < 
CON.IOINTS, fin. pi. husband and n-ife, 
CONJOINTEMENT, ad. jointly, [in law. 
CONJONCT1-F, VE, a. conju 
CONJONCTION, sf. conjunction. [ 
CONJONCTIVE, sf. conju n 

-:, if. Juncture. [tuiate. 
II. >< , vr. to congra- 
CONJOUISSV.M'I-:, .s/'. congratulation. 
CUN.U '<; AISC.N, sf. conjugation. 
t'i)N.U"(iAL, E, a. conjugal; married. 
CONJUGALEMENT, ad. conjugally. 
CONJl'GU-ER, I. t'a. to conjugate. \_jurer. 
CONJURATEUR, sm. consjtirator ; ec'i- 
CONJURATION, sf. conjuration; conspi- 

racy; incantation. s, entreaties. 
CONJl'RES, fm. conspirators. 
CONJUR-EH, I. va. to conspire; conjurt ; 
entreat; adjure; implore. 

CONNAI-S 4 - 5 - 31 i 6 , r.CONXAITRE,<0/t?JOW. 

CONNA1SSABLE, a. easily knoirn. II n'est 
pas , fie is quite another man. 

CONNAISSANCE, sf. knowledge; cogni- 
zance; acquaintance; judgment. En 
pays de , among one's acquaintance. 
Faire avec quelqu'un, to get ac- 
quainted n-ith one. Prendre d'une 
chose, to take notice of a tiling. de 
terre, sight of land. s, pi. learning. 

CONNAISSKMKNT, sm. bill of lading. 

CONXAISSEU-R,SE,s. connoisseur; critic. 

CONNAISS-AXT 2 , ons 7 - 36 ez 8 - 37 ent 9 - 3 *- 44 
ais 10 - 11 ait 12 ois 10 -" oit 12 ions 13 - 42 iez 14 - 43 
aient' 5 oient 15 e 35 - 39 - 41 es 40 , v. COSXA!- 
TRE, to knote; understand; etc. 

CONNAT'I^-RE 1 rai^ras 23 ra 24 rons 25 rez 26 
ront 27 rais 2 ^ 29 rait 30 rois 28 - 29 roit 30 rions 

CON ( 102 ) CON 

INF.M. 'PRES.T. 2 PART.PRES. 3 PART.PAST.] IND.M. PRES.T. 4 lst p.S. 5 2d p.S. 

l: Mst 14 2d '38d PRET. 16 lst p.s. 17 2d p.s. 18 3d p.s. 19 lst 
27 3d COND.M. 2s lst p.s. 29 2d p.s. 30 3d p.s.' 31 lst 32 2d 33 3d 
PRBS.T. 39 lst p.s. 40 2d p.s. 41 3d p.s. 42 lst 43 2d 44 3d IMPERF. 

31 riez 32 raient 33 roient 33 , same as CON- 


CQNNETABLE, sm. constable; high con- 
stable. , sf. constable's wife. 

CONNETABLIE, sf. constable's jurisdic- 

CONNEXE, a. connected; linked, [tion. 

CONNEXION, sf. connexion. 

CONNEX1TE, sf. connexion; relation. 

CONNIL, sm. coney ; rabbit. 

CONNILL-ER, I. vn. to shift ; play loose. 

CONNILLIERE, sf. shift; trick; fraud. 

CONNIVENCE, f. connivance; complicity. 

CONNIV-ER, I. vn. to connive at; wink at. 

CONNOIT 6 -RE 1 , same as CONNAITRE, va. 
to know; account; take cognizance of; 
have the right of judging. Se en, 
understand. S'y , be a good judge. 
Faire , show, make appear. 

CONNOI; See CONN AI, for words beginning 

CONN-u 3 ue 3 ues 3 us 3 - 16 - 1 ? ut 18 umes 19 
Sites 20 urent 21 usse 45 usses^ ut 47 ussions 
48 ussiez 49 ussent 50 , v. CONNAITRE. 

CONOIDE, sm. conoid; Jig ute like a cone. 

CONQUE, */. conch; shell. marine, 
trumpet. s, pi. cavities of the ear. 

CONQUERANT, sm. conqueror. 

CONQUER-iR 1 ant 2 ons 7 ' 39 ez 8 - 37 ais 10 - 11 
ait' 2 ois 1(M1 oit 12 ions 13 - 42 iez 14 - 43 aient 15 
oieat 15 . CONQUER-rai 22 ras 23 ra 24 rons 
25 rez 25 ront 27 rais 28 ' 29 rait 30 rois 28 - 23 
roit 30 rions 31 riez 32 raient 33 roient 33 , va. 
to conquer; vanquish; overcome; siib- 
due. ^See CosQU-is, COXQUIER-S. 
CONQUET, sm. any lawful purchase; 

purchase made by husband and wife. 
CONQUETE, sf. conquest; victory. 
CONQUETTE, */. kind of pink. 
CONQUIER-s 4 ' 5 - 34 t 6 . CONQUIER-ent 9 - 

38.44 e 35.39.41 6840^ r> CONQUERIR. 

CONQU-is 3 ' 16 - 17 ise 3 ises 3 it 18 imes 19 Ites 20 
irsnt 21 isse 43 isses 46 it 47 issions 48 issie/ 49 
issent 50 , v. CONQUERIR, to conquer. 

CONSACRANT, sm. bishop who ordains to 
a bishopric; priest who says mass. 

CONSACR-ER, I. va. to consecrate; de- 
vote; adapt; ordain. son temps a 
qaelqu'un, devote one's time. Se , vr, 
devote one's self. Mots consacres, words 
adapted, to some particular uses. 

CONSANGUIN, E, .frere , m. half-bro- 

ther by the father's side. Sosur E, sf. 
half-sister by the father's side. 

CONSANGUINITE, sf. consanguinity ; re- 
lationship, by blood. 

CONSCIENCE, sf. conscience; scruple; 
opinion. C'est conscience, il y a de la 
, it is a matter of conscience. En 
, ad. in conscience ; indeed, [tiously. 


CONSCIENCIEU-x, SE, a. conscientious. 

CONSCRIPTION, sf. enlisting; listing. 

CONSCRIT, sm. one enlisted; recruit. 

CONSECRATEUR,m. consecrator. [sing. 

CONSECRATION, sf. consecration; bles- 

CONSECUTI-F, VE, a. following. 

CONSECUTIVEMENT, ad. consecutively. 

CONSEIL, sm. counsel; council; resolu- 
tion; advice. La nuit porte , con- 
sult your pillow. [viscr. 

CONSEILL-ER, ERE, *. counsellor; ad- 

CONSEILL-ER, I. va. to counsel; advise. 

CONSEN-s 4 - 5 - 34 t 6 , v. COXSEXTIK. 

CONSENTANT, E, a. consenting, [ment. 

CONSENTEMENT, sm. consent; agree- 

CONSENTS-iR 1 ant 2 i 3 ie 3 ies a is 3 -6-n ons 

7-36 ez 8.37 ent 9.38.44 a i s !0.11 a j t 12 O i s 10.11 

oit 12 ions 13 - 42 iez 14 - 43 aient 15 oient 15 it 18 
lines 19 Ites 20 irent 21 ira 22 iras 23 ira 24 irons 
25 irez 26 iront 27 irais 28 - 29 irait 30 irois 28 - 29 
iroit 30 irions 31 iriez 32 iraient 33 iroient 33 
e 35.39.4i es 4 <> isse 45 isses 46 it 47 issions 48 
issiez 49 issent 50 , vn. to consent; agree; 
approve; bend; give. See CONSEX-S. 

CONSEQUEMMENT, ad. consequently; 
accordingly ; pursuantly. 

CONSEQUENCE, sf. precedent. 

CONSEQUENT, E,a.,just; consistent. 
Par, ad. consequently; therefore. 

CONSERVATEUR, sm. preserver. 

CONSERVATION, */. , preservation. 

CONSERVATOIRE, sm. formerly a female 
asylum ; at present in Paris, a musical 
academy where instruction is given gratis ; 
court of equity, a. preserving, [server. 

CONSERVATRICE, sf. conservatrix ; pre- 

CONSERVE, sf. comjits ; reservoir. Alter 
de , to go in company, as ships at sea, 
s, sf. preservers ; spectacles. Trian- 
gular works in masonry, parallel with 
the bastions, which they screen, beyond 
the counterscarp. 

CON ( 103 ) CON 

6 8dp.s. ' 8 9 IMPERF. 10 lstp.s. n 2d p.s. 12 3d p.s. 
20 2l PUT. 22 1st p. s. 23 2dp.s. 24 3d p.s. " 1st p. pi. M 
p. pi. 1MP.M. 34 2dp.s. 35 3dp.s. * 1st p. pi. 37 3* 3d p. pi. SUBJ.M. 
45 1st p.s. 46 2d p.s. "7 3d p.s. 48 1st 49 2d 50 3d 

CONSERV-ER, I. va. to conserve; pre- 
serve , keep in pay ; secure. Se , vr. 
to keep ; mind one's self; wear well. 

CONSIDENCE, sf. subsiding. 

CONSIDERABLE, a. considerable.'era&fy. 

CONSIDERANT, E, a. considerate. 

CONSIDERATION, sf. consideration; note. 
A votre , on your account. Faire 
entrer en , to pay a due regard. 
Avoir de la pour, to have a regard for. 

CONSIDEREMENT, ad. considerately. 

CONSIDER-ER, I. va. to consider; have 
a value for ; view; mind; regard. 

CONSIGNATAIRE, sm. trustee. 

CONSIGNATION, sf. deposit ; assignment. 

CONSIGNE, sf. trust; n-atchword. 

CONSIGN-ER, I. va. to deposit; give or- 
ders to a sentry ; assign; quote; enter. 

CONSISTANCE, sf. consistence; steadi- 
ness. d'une terre, total produce of an 

CONSISTANT, E, a. consisting. [estate. 

CONSIST-ER, I. vn. to consist; lie. 

CONSISTOIRE, sm. consistory ; vestry. 

CONS1STORIAL, E, a. consistorial. 

CONS1STORIALEMENT, ad. in a consis- 

CONSOLABLE, a. consolable. [torial way. 

CONSOLANT, E, a. comfortable, [forting. 

CONSOLATEUR, sm. comforter; a. com- 

CONSOLATION, sf. consolation ; comfort. 

CONSOLATOIRE, a.consolatory. [forting. 

CONSOLATRICE, sf. comforter; a. com- 

CONSOLE, sf. bracket; corbel; kind of 

CONSOL-ER, I. va. to comfort. [table. 

CONSOLIDATION, sf. consolidation, state 
of healing; being settled or fixed. 

CONSOLID-ER, I. va. to consolidate; heal. 

CONSOMM AT-EUR, sm. RICE,/. Jinisher ; 
consumer; perfectcr ; a. consuming. 

CONSUMMATION, sf. consummation; 
consumption; end. [learned. 

CONSOMME, sm. jelly-broth; a. deeply 

CONSOMM-ER, I. va. to consummate; 
consume; boil to rags. [pulmonary. 

CONSOMPTI-F, m. VE,/.. consumptive; 

CONSOMPTION, sf. consumption; n-aste. 

CONSONNANCE, sf. harmony; rhyme. 

GONSONNANT, E, a. consonant ; agreea- 

CONSONNE, sf. consonant; a letter, [ble. 

CONSORTS, sm. associates; consorts. 

CONSOUDE, sf. comfrey, a plant. 

CONSPIRATEUR, sm. conspirator. 

CONSPIRATION, sf. conspiracy. des 
poudres, gunjjon'dcr-jjlot. 

CONSPIR-ER, I. va. to conspire; plot. 

CONSPU-ER, I. vn. to spit upon; 

CONSTAMMENT, ad. constantly; cer- 
tainly; steadily; inrnriubly. 

CONSTANCE, sf. constancy ; firmness. 

CONSTANT, E, a. constant; certain. 

CONSTAT-ER, I. va. to verify ; prove. 

CONST-ER, I. vn. II E, it is evident. 

CONSTELLATION, */. constellation. 

CONSTELLE, E, a. -made under a certain 

CONSTERNATION, sf. . [constellation. 

CONSTERN-ER, I. wo. to dispirit; disma//. 

CONSTIPATION, */. , cottivencss. 

CONSTIP-ER, I. va. to constipate; bind. 

CONSTIPE, a. sm. visage de , crubbtd 
look. Ventre , cost ice body. 

CONSTITUANT, E, a. constituting; ne- 
cessary; sitting; sm. constituent. 

CONSTITU-ER, I. va. to constitute; place; 
raise; put; form; compose. une 
pension, to settle a pension. 

CONSTITUTE, a. rente , annuity, [cnt. 

CONSTITUTI-F, VE, a. essential ; const it u- 

CONSTITUTION, sf. constitution; om- 
ity; composition; order; decree. Ren- 
tier a , annuitant. 

CONSTITUTION-NAiRE, sm. annuitant; 
partisan of the bull Unigenitus. CON- 
STITUTION-NEL, NELLE, a. constitu- 
tional. XELLEMENT, adv. conform- 
ably to the constitution; constitution<;l- 

CONSTRICTEUR, sm. constrictor. [ly. 

CONSTRICTION, sf. , compression. 

CONSTRINGENT, E, a., binding, {ing, 

CONSTRUCTION, sf. construction; buihl- 

CONSTRUI-RE 1 t 3 - 6 ts 3 te 3 tes 3 s 4 - 5 - 31 rai- 2 
ras 23 ra 24 rons 25 rez 26 ront^ rais 2 '-^ rait 
30 rois 28.29. roit 30 r i ons 31 riez 32 raient 33 
roient 33 , va. to construct ; build; con- 
strue ; frame. See CONSTRCIS. 

CONSTRUIS^-^-ANT 2 ons?- 36 ez 8 - 3 7 ent 9 - 

38.44 ais !0.11 ait !2 Ois 10.11 Oit 12 ions 13.42 

oient 15 is 16 - 17 it imes'9 
irent 21 e 35 - 39 - 41 es 40 isse 45 isses 45 
ft" issions 48 issiez 49 issent 50 , v. CON- 
STRUIRE, to make ; form. 
CONSUBSTANTIALITE, sf. consubstan- 
tiality; union of substances. 

CON ( 104 ) CON 

[IXF.M. 1 PRES.T. 2 PART.PRES. 3 PART.PAST.] 1ND. M. PRES.T. 4 1st p.S. 5 2d p.S 

13 u 1S 3d PRET. 1(J lstp.s. 17 sid p.s. 18 3d p.s. 19 1st 
27 3d p. pi. COND.M. 28 1st p.s. 2dp.s. 30 3d p.s.' 31 1st 32 2d p. pL 33 3d 
PRES.T. 39 lstp.s. 40 2dp.s. 41 3dp.s. 1st p. pi. 44 3d p. pi. IMPERF. 

CONSUBSTANTIAT10N, sf.; union of 
the body of God ivith matter. 

CONSUBSTANTIEL, LE, a.consubstantial. 


CONSUL, SHI. consul. [stantialUj. 

CONSULAIRE, a. consular. II a la goutte 
, he is under sentence of arrest. 
s, sin. pi. former consuls. 

CONSULAIREMENT, ad. consularly. 

CONSULAT, sm. consulship. 

CONSULTANT, one mho is consulted. Avo- 
cat consultant, attorney; special-pleader. 

CONSULTATION, sf. consultation. 

CONSULT-ER, 1. va. to consult. son 
chevet, deliberate ; consult one's pillow. 

CONSULTEUR du St. Office, sm. counsel- 
lor of the Inquisition. 

CONSULTRICE, sf. female adviser, [ing. 

CONSUMANT, E, a. consuming; devour- 

CONSUM-ER, I. va. to consume; waste. 
Se , vr. to rcaste away. 

CONTACT, sm. touch ; close union. 

CONTADIN, sm. countryman. [tious. 

CONTAGIEU-x, SE, a. contagious; infec- 

CONTAGION, sf. contagion ; plague. 

CONTAILLES, sf. pi. coarse silk. 

CONTAMINATION, sf. defiling; pollu- 

CONTAMIN-ER, I. va. to defile. [tion. 

CONTE, sm. story ; talc. en 1'air, story 
void of truth. de peau d'ane, de 
la cicogne, de la mere 1'oie, tale of a 
tub. bleu, idle tale. borgne, 
blind story. gras, smutty story. 
Faire des s, to tell stories. [plator. 

CONTEMPLAT-EUR, sm. RICE,/, contem- 

CONTEMPLATI-F, VE. a. contemplative. 

CONTEMPLATION, sf. contemplation. 
En de, in consideration of. [hold. 

CONTEMPL-ER, I. va. to contemplate; be- 

CONTEMPORAIN, E, a. s. contemporary. 

CONTEMPTEUR, sm. despiser. 

CONTEMPTIBLE, a. contemptible. 

CONTENANCE, sf. capaciousness; coun- 
tenance ; appearance ; posture ; order. 

CONTENANT, sm. container; containing. 

CONTENDANT, E, a. contending; adverse. 
Parties ES, contending parties. 

CON TEND 8 - JIB 1 , vn. to contend; conju- 
gated like ENTEND-RE. 

CONTEN-iR 1 ant 2 u 3 ue 3 us 3 ues 3 ons7-36 ez 8 - 
37 ai s io.ii ait 12 ois 10 - n oit 12 ions 13<42 iez 14 - 43 

aient 15 oient 15 , va. to contain ; hold. Se 
, vr. to refrain. See CONT-ISS, 


j CONTENT, E, a. contented ; pleased. 
\ CONTENTEMENT, sm. content; satisfac- 
tion; pleasure; jot/; happiness. 

CONTENT-ER, I. va. to content; satisfy. 
Se , vr. to be well pleased; be satisfied. 

CONTENTIEU-x, SE, a. contentious. 

CONTENTIEUSEMENT, ad. contentious- 
It/; dispatably. [application. 

CONTENTION, sf. contention; strife; 

CONTENU, sm. contents. 

CONT-ER, I. va. to relate; tell. des 
fagots, tell idle stories. En , cajole; 
ivheedle ; romance ; make love. 

CONTERIE, sf. coarse glass-ware. 

CONTESTABLE, a. disputable. 

CONTESTANT, E, a. contending. 

CONTESTATION, sf. contestation; contest. 

CONTESTS, sf. dispute ; law-sail. 

CONTEST-ER, I. va. to contest ; contend ; 
debate; call in question; dispute. 

CONTEU-R, m. SE,/. teller. R de sor- 
nettes, teller of idle stories. [system. 

CONTEXTURE, sf. contexture; tissue; 

CONTIEN -s 4 -5-34 1 6 drai" dras' 23 dra 24 drons 
25 drez 26 dronf-fl drais aB - drait 3 <> drois 
i 28 - 29 droit 30 drionsSi driez 32 draient 33 
droient 33 . CONTIENN-ENT 9 - 36 - 44 e 35 ' 
39.41 es 40 s Vi CONTENIR, to contain. 

CONTIGU, E, a. contiguous; adjoining. 

CONTIGUlTfi, sf. contiguity ; touching. 

CONTINENCE, sf. continency ; chastity. 

CONTINENT, E, a. continent; chaste. 

CONTINENT, sm. ; main land. 

CONTINGENCE, */. contingency 

CONTINGENT, sm. ; suitable share; 
quota. , E. a. casual; accidental. 

CONT-ixs 16 - 1 ' 7 hit 18 Inrnes^lntes 20 inrent 21 
insse 45 insses 46 Int 47 inssions 48 inssiez 49 
inssent 50 , v. CONTEXIR; to contain. 

CONTINU, E, a. continual. Basse e, sf. 
thorough-bass. , sm. close body. 

CONTINUATEUR, sm. continuator. 

CONTINUATION, sf. continuation. 

CONTINUE, sf. continuance. A la , ad. 

in time, at last ; in jirocess of time. 
I CONTINUEL, LE, a. continual; constant. 
j CONTINUELLEMENT, ad. continually. 

CONTINUEMENT, ad. incessantly. 


6 3d p.s. 7 1st p. pi. 8 __... 
21 3d p. pi. FUT. 1st p.s. 

35 3d p. 
45 1st p. s. 46 2d p. 

( 105 ) CON 


20 21 FUT. - 2 lst p.s. 23 2dp.s. 24 Sdp.s. 
p. pi. IMP. M. 34 2dp.s. 33 3d p.s. 38 
D.S. 4 " 3d p.s. 4b 1st p. pi. *> 50 

10 1st p.s. H 2dp.s. l2 3d p.s. 

25 1st p. pi. 26 ->d p. pi. 
38 3d p. pi. SUIiJ.M. 

CONTINU-ER, I. fa. to continue; vn. go 
on; last; prosper, [cohesion; duration. 

CONTINUITE, sf. continuance; closeness; 

CONTONDANT, E, a. bruising ; thumping. 

CONTORSION, sf. contortion ; wrestling. 

CONTOUR, sm. contour ; outline; circum- 
ference; winding; circuit. 

CONTOURS E, E, a. turned to the left, in 
heraldry. Figure bien e, face with 
ajine contour. [tours of a picture. 

CONTOURN-ER, I. fa. to draw the con- 

CONTRACTANT, E, a. contracting; See 

CONTRACT-ER, I. f a. to contract ; bar- 
gain; get into; catch. des dettes, 
to run into debt. Se , vr. to shrink. 

CONTRACTION, sf. contraction; whim. 

CONTRACTUEL, LE, a. stipulated. 

CONTRADICTEUR, sm. opposer ; rival. 

CONTRADICTION, sf. , shrinking. 
Esprit de , contradictor!/ temper. 

CONTRADICTOIRE, a. contradictor;/; 
peremptory. [torilu ; percmj)torili/. 


CONTKAIGN-Airr 2 ons 7 ' 36 ez 8 - 37 ent 9 - 36 - 44 
ais 10 - 11 ait 12 ois 10 - 11 oil 12 ions 13 - 42 iez 14 - 43 
aient 1 ^ oient 15 is 16 - 1 ' it 18 imes 19 ites 20 
irent 21 e 35 -' <& - 41 es 40 isse 45 isses 46 it 47 is- 
sions 46 issiez 49 issent 50 , CONTRAINDRE. 

CONTRAIGNABLE, a. compcllable. 

CONTRAIND-RE 1 rai 22 ras 23 ra 24 rons 25 
rez^ ront 27 rais 28 - 29 rait 30 rois 28 - 29 roit^ 
rions 31 riez 32 raiont 33 roient 33 , va. to con- 
strain; straiten; oblige. See CON- 


CONTRAIN-s 4 ' 5 - 34 t 3 - 6 te 3 ts 3 tt-s 3 , f. Cou- 

CONTRAINT, E, a. constrained. Style 
, stiff' style. Air , stiff, affected 
air. Yers contraints, starched poetry. 

CONTRA1NTE, sf. constraint; force; 
compulsion; violence. par corps, 
writ to arrest; warrant. 

CONTRAIRE, a. contrary; hurtful, 
sin. the confrari/. Aller au , to spenh 
against; oppose. Au , ad. on the 
contrary. Toutau , tout le , quite 
the contrary, the reverse. 

CONTRAR1ANT, E, a. vexing; contra- 
dictory, [counteract; cross. 

CONTRARI-ER, I. va. to contradict; 

CONTRARIETE, sf. contrariety. 

CONTRARIETES, sf. difficulties; crosses. 

CONTRASTS, sm. contrast; obstacle. 

CONTRAST-ER, I. va. to contrast. 

CONTRAT, sin. contract; agreement ; go- 
ri'nnnent. Contrat de donation, dud 
of gift. de mariage, articles of set- 
tlement, [treaty ; transgression. 

CONTRAVENTION, sf. contravention ; 

CONTRE, pr, against.; near; nnnitt,-. 
Tout , ci , hard by. Pour et 
, pro and con. Savoir k- pour et It- 
, to It no ic the long and short. Je 
suis , / am against if. 

CONTRE-ALLEE,/. by-milk; titlc-nlltif. 

CONTRE-AM1RAL, sm. rear-admiral. 

CONTRE-APPROCHES, sf. pi. cr.niitrr- 
approaches. See the Entjlish-!<ide. 


va. to counterbalance; eo/npt . 

CONTRE-BA>'.DE, sf. contrabam/ ; pro- 
hibited or smuggled goods. Fuirc la 

bande, to smuggle. Homnie de 

bande, suspicious character. 

CONTRE-BANDi-ER, sm. KRE,/. contra- 
bandist; smuggler. bas, ad. up- 
irards. basse, sf. counter-bans. 

batterie, counter-battery. 
CONTRE-B1TTES, cable standards. 
CONTRE-BOUT-ER, I. ra. to underprop ; 

support. CoxTRE-boutant, s. buff rets. 
CONTRE-BRASS-ER, I. va. to brace about 

tlie yards. [ley. 

CONTRE-CARENE, */. keelson of a gal- 
CONTRE-CARR-ER, I. va. to thn-art. 
COM'KE-CHANGE, sm. counter-change. 

cliassis, double casement. coeur 
de cheminee. hearth; back-plate <;/' 
iron. A coeur, ad. against the grain. 

CONTRE-COMPONE, E, a. counter-com- 

CONTRE-COUP, sm. rebound. [2)oned. 

CONTRE-DANSE, sf. count ru-dani-e. 

CONTRED1-RE 1 t 3 -' 6 - 18 te 3 ts 3 tes 3 s 4 ^- 34 -'6- 
17 ra i22 ras 23 ra -J4 rons 2 - 5 rez 26 ront 27 rais 
28.29 rait so rois 28 - 29 roit 3U rions 31 riw j 
raient 33 roient 33 , va. to contraaict. .S(c; 

CONTRED-IMES 19 ites 20 irent 21 isse 4 ^ iss-s 
46 it 47 issions ib issiez 49 issent 50 , v. CON- 
TREDIHE, to deny; See 

CON rREDIS 4 - 5 - 34 - 16 - ) 7-ANT 2 ons"' 36 ez 8 - 3 ? 
ent 9.38.44 aigio.ii ai t i2 ois io.ii O it 12 ions 
13.42 iez M.43 aient 15 oient 15 e 35 - 39 - 41 es*, 
r. CONTREDIRE, to refute. 
P 3 

CON ( 106 ) CON 

[INF. M. 'PRES.T. 2 PART. PRES. 3 PART. PAST.] IND.M. PRES.T. 4 1st p.S. 5 2dp.S- 

13 4 15 PRET. 16 lstp.s. !72dp.s. 16 3dp.s. " 
27 COND. M. 2S 1st p.s. 29 2d p.s. 30 3d p.s. 31 1st 32 2d *3d 
PRES.T. 39 lstp.s. 40 2d p.s. 41 3dp.s. 42 43 2d 44 3d IMPERF. 

CONTREDISANT, E, a. opposed', peevish; 

esprit , spirit of contradiction. 
CONTREDIT, *?/i. answer; confutation; 

controversy. Sans , ad. assuredly ; 

unquestionably. s, pi. objections. 
CONTREE, sf. country; region. 
CONTRE-EPREUVE, sf. counter-proof. 
CONTRE-ESPALIER, sm. edge-row of 

tree-;. [stern-post. 

CONTRE-ETAMBOT, sm. knee of the 
CONTRE-FAgON, sf. counterfeiting. 
CONTREFAI-RE 1 t 3 - 6 ts 3 te 3 tes 3 - 8 - 3 ? s 4 - 5 - 34 
CONTREFAIS 4 - 5 - 34 -ANT 2 ons 6 ais^-ll ait 

va. to counterfeit; ape; disguise; feign; 

CONTRE-FAIT, E, a. ill-made; tout , 

ill-shaped; ill-looking. 
CONTREFASS-E 35 - 39 - 41 es 40 ent 38 - 44 ions 42 

iez 43 , V. CONTREFAIRE. 

CONTRE-FENETRE, sf. inside-shutter. 

CONTRE-F1NESSE, sf. counter -trick. 

CONTREF-ie; 16 - 1 ? it 18 lmes'9 ites 20 irent 21 
erai 22 eras 23 era 24 erons 25 erez 26 eront 
2 ? erais 28 - 29 erait 30 erois 28 - 29 eroit 30 
erions 31 eriez 32 eraient 33 eroient 33 asse 
35.39.41 assent 38 - 44 asses 40 assions 12 assiez 
43 isse 45 isses 46 it 47 issions 48 issiez 49 issent 


CONTRE-FORT, sm. spur in architecture. 
CONTRE-FUGUE, */. counterfugue. 
CONTRE-GARDE, sf. counter-guard; de- 

puty warden ; small rampart. [cut. 
CONTRE-H ACH-ER, va. to counter-hatch; 
CONTRE-HATIER, sm. rack. 
CONTRE-ISSANT, E, a. counter-salient. 
CONTRE-JOUR, sm. false light; counter- 

light. A , ad. in a false light. 
CONTRE-LATTE, sf. counterlath. 
CONTRE-LATT-ER, I. va. to counterlath. 
CONTRE-LETTRE, sf. defeasance. 

MENT, sm. countermand. MAND- 

ER, I. va. to countermand. MARCHE, 

?f. countermarch. 

CONTRE-MAREE, sf. spring tide, [check. 
CONTRE-MARQUE, sf. counter-mark; 
CONTRE-MARQU-ER, I. va. to counter- 
CONTRE-MINE, sf. countermine, [mark. 
CONTRE-MIN-ER, I. va. to countermine. 
CONTRE-MINEUR, sm. countermincr. 

CONTRE-MONT, ad. up the river; up 

hill. MUR, sm. countermure. 
CONTRE-MUR-ER, I. va, to countermure. 
CONTRE-ORDRE, st. counter-order. 
CONTRE-PARTIE, tm. first and second 

part in music; counterpart. 

CONTRE-PES-ER, I. vn. to counterpoise. 

CONTRE-PIED, sm. wrong sense; reverse. 

POIDS, counterpoise ; rope dancer's 

pole; balance. POIL, wrong course. 

A poil, ad. against the grain; in a 

n-rong sense. POINT, m. counterpoint. 

CONTRE-P01NT-ER, I. va. to quilt an 

lot/asides; to thwart. 
CONTRE-POISON, sm. counterpoison; 

antidote. PORTE, sf. double door. 
CONTRE-PORT-ER, I. vn. to harvk about. 
CONTRE-PORTEUR, sm. hanker. 
CONTRE-PREUVE, */. counterproof. 
CONTRE-PROMESSE, */. counterbond. 
CONTREQUILLE, */. keelson. 
CONTRE-RONDE,/. counter-round, [sea. 
CONTRE-SALUT.5//?. return of a salute at 
CONTRE-SANGLON, sm. girth-leather. 
CONTRESCARPE, sf. counterscarp; slope 
of the outer wall of the ditch, facing 
the inner n:orks. [scarp. 

CONTRESCARP-ER, I. va. to coanter- 
CONTRESCEL, sm. counter-seal. [seal. 
CONTRESCELL-ER, I. va. to counter- 
CONTRE-SEING, sm. countersign. 
CONTRE-SENS, si. n-rong sense; rcrong 
side. Faire un , to mistake the 
sense; to blunder. A , ad. the 
n-rong way. [f ran It. 

CONTRE-SIGN-ER, I. va. to countersign; 
CONTRE-TAILLE, sf. counter-tally. 
COXTRE-TEMPS, sin. mischance; disap- 
pointment. A , ad. unseasonably. 
CONTRE-TIR-ER, I. va. to counterdraic. 
CONTREVALLATION, sf. contervallation. 

Line of works to prevent egress. 
CONTREVENANT, sm. E,/. offender. 
CONTREVEN-iR, vn. to contravene; in- 
fringe. Conjugated like COXVENIR. 
CONTRE-VENT, sm. outside-shutter. 

ONTRE-VERITE, sf. irony. 
CONTRE-VISITE, */. second search. 
CONTRIBUABLE, a. s. taxable; person 
CONTRIBUANT, sm. contributor, [taxed. 
CONTRIBU-BR, I. i-a. and n. to contribute 


ao 2d 

CON ( 107 ) CON 

id p.s. 7 1st p. pi. 8 9 3d p. pi. IMPERF. 10 1st p.s. u 
2d p. pi. 21 3d p. pi. FUT. 22 1st p. s. 83 od p. s. 24 3d p. s. 2 > Is 
|il. IMP. M. 34 2dp.s. 35 3d p.s. 36 lstp . p i. 37 2 38 3c 
1st p.s. 46 2dp.s. 47 3d p.s. 4B 1st 50 3d 


11 3d p. B. 12 5dp.s. 

1st 26 2d 

38 3d p. pi. SUBJ.M 

CONTRIBUTION, sf. contribution; tax. 
Mettre a , to lay under contribution. 
CONTRIST-ER, I. va. to grieve; afflict; 
CONTRIT, E, a. contrite; sorry. [vex. 
CONTRITION, sf. contrition; grief. 
CONTROLS, sm. control ; stamp on plate. 
CONTROL-ER, I. control; verify; 
stamj) plate ; carp at. [seer ; critic. 
CONTROLEUR, sm, comptroller; over- 
CONTROVERSE, sf. controversy. 
CON TRO VERSE, E, a. controverted. 
CONTROVERSISTE, sm. controvertist. 
CONTROUV-ER, I. va. to forge; invent. 
CONTUMACE, sf. contumacy. 
CONTUMAC-ER 1 , CONTUMAg-ANT 2 , I. cast for non-appearance ; outlan'. 
CONTUMAX, sm. criminal that does not 

apjjcar before the judge. 
CONTUMELIE, sf. contumely; abuse. 
geously; insultingly; contumeliously. 
CONTUMELIEU-x, SE, a. abusive. 
CONTUS, E, a. bruised; contused. 
CONTUSION, sf. bruise; contusion. 
CONVAINCANT, E, a. convictive; i)lain. 
CONVAINC6-RE 1 u 3 us 3 ue 3 ues 3 s 4 - 5 ' 34 
rai 22 ras 23 ra 24 rons 25 rez 2 6 ront 27 rais 28 - 29 
rait 30 rois 28 ' 29 roit 30 rions 3! riez 32 raient 33 
roient 33 , va. to convince; convict. See 
CONVAINQU-ANT 2 ons7-*5 ez s.37 ent 9 ' 38 - 44 ait^ois 10 - 11 oit 12 ions 13 - 42 iez 14 - 43 
aient 15 oient 15 is 16 - 17 it 18 Imes 19 Ites 20 
irent 21 e 35 - 39 - 41 es 40 isse 45 isses 46 tt'7 i s - 
sions 48 issiez 49 issent 50 , v. CONVAINCRE. 
CONVALESCENCE, sf. , recovery. 
CONVALESCENT, E, a. convalescent ; on 
the recovery list. [condign. 

CON VEN ABLE, a. Jit; proper; becoming; 
CONVENABLEMENT, ad. suitably. 
CONVENANCE, sf. suitableness; decency; 
propriety. liaisons de , tvords of 
CON VEN ANT, E, a. suitable ; meet, [course. 
CONVEN-iR 1 ant 2 u 3 ue 3 us 3 ues 3 ons 7 -36 

ez 8.37 aiglO.ll ait !2 Ois l0.11 Oit 12 ionS 13.42 

iez 14 ' 43 aient 15 oient 15 , vn. to agree; 
suit; be proper; become; adopt. See 


CONVENTICULE, sin. conventicle. 

CONVENTION, sf. convention ; contract; 
treaty; meeting; assembly. De diffi- 
cile , hard to deal nith; sly. 

CONVENTIONNEL, LE, a. conventional. 

tionally ; by agreement. 
CONVENTUALITE, sf. monastic body. 
CONVENTUEL, LE, a. conventual, [ally. 
COXVENU, E, a. agreed on. 
CONVERGENCE, sf. approach, [verging. 
CONVERGENT, E, a. convergent; con- 

to converge; point one ivay. 
CONVERS, E, *. lay-brother or sister ; a. 
CONVERSABLE, a. sociable. [it- 
CONVERSATION, sf. conversation. 
CONVERS-ER, I. vn. to conc<rs,. 
CONVERSION, sf. conversion. O^uart dc 
, sm. ivhecling about. [a sltip. 

CONVERSO, sm. the waist; main ihcl; of 
CONVERTI, E, s. convert, a. conr, 
CONVERTIBLE, a. convertible. 
CONVERT-iR, II. ra. to convert; change; 

turn. Se , vr. to be converted. 
CONVERTISSEUR, sm. converter. 
CONVEXE, a. convex; swelling out in a 
CONVEXITE, sf. convexity, [round way. 
CONVICTION, sf. conviction; proof. 
CONVIE, m. E,/. guest; incited. 
CONVIEN-S 4 ' 5 - 34 t 6 , CONVIEND-RAi 2 * 
ras 23 ra 24 rons 25 rez 26 ront 2 ? rais 28 -' 29 
rait 30 rois 28 - 29 roit 30 rions 31 riez 32 raient 
33 roient 33 , CONVIENN-ENT 9 ' 38 ' 44 e^-3 9 - 
41 es 40 , v. CONVENIR, to suit. II con- 
vient, it is Jit ; it behoves. 
CONVI-ER, I. va. to invite; incite. 
CONV-iNS 16<1 7 int 18 Inmes 19 fntes 20 inrent 
21 insse 45 insses 46 int 47 inssions 48 inssiez 
49 inssent 50 , v. COSVENIR, to suit. 
CONVIVE, si. and/, guest; mess-mate. 
CONVOCATION, sf. ; convening. 
CONVOI, sm. convoy; escort ; funeral. 
CONVOITABLE, a. covetable; desirable. 
CONVOIT-ER, I. ra. to covet; wish for. 
CONVOITEU-x, SE, a. covetous-; greedy. 
CONVOITISE, sf. covctousness ; lust. 
CONVOL-ER, I. vn. to marry again, [ble. 
CONVOQU-ER, I. va. to convoke; assem- 
CONVOY-ER, I. va. to convoy; accom- 
pany; escort; attend, as ships do. 
CONVULSE, E, a. convulsed; agitated. 
CONVULSI-F, VE, a. convulsive,. 

CON ( 108 ) COR 

[INF.M. 'PRES.T. 2 PART.rUES. 3 PART. PAST.] IND.M. PRES. T. 4 1st p.S. 5 2dp.S. 

13 14 PKET> I6 lstp<s . i7 2 dp.s. 18 3dp.s. 19 1st 
2 COND. M. 2d 1st p.s. 29 2d p.s. 30 3d p.s! 31 1st 3a 2d 33 3d 
PRES.T. 39 lstp.s. 40 2d p.s. 41 3dp.s. 42 43 2d 44 

CONVULSION, sf. convulsion; tumult; 
spasm; commotion; disturbance. 

CONVULSIONNAIRE, *i. one who has 
convulsions ; Jits ; convulsionary. 

CO-OBLIGE, E, a. party in a bond. [ant. 

CO-OPERATEUR, sm. co-operator; assist- 

CO-OPERATR1CE, sf. co-operatrioc. 

CO-OPERATION, sf. co-operation; help. 

CO-OPE R-ER, I. va. to co-operate; help. 

CO-OPTATION,.?/. ; association. 

CO-OPT-ER, I. va. to associate; adopt. 

CO-ORDONNE, E, a. co-ordinate ; of the 
same rank. [same purpose. 

CO-ORDONN-ER, I. va. to combine for the 

COPAHU, sm. balsam; copayva; capivi. 

COPAL, sm. copal ; a gum from Mexico. 

COPAHTAGEANT, sm. copartner. 

COPEAU, sin. chip; x, shavings. 

COPERNIC, sm. a spot in the moon. [tian. 

COPHTES, COPTES, sm. Egyptian Chris- 

COPIE, sf. copy ; picture. Original sans 
, strange fellow. [scribe; imitate. 

COPI-ER, I. va. to copy; mimic; tran- 

COPIEUSEMENT, ad. copiously. 

COPIEU-x, SE, a. copious; rich. [ary. 

COPISTE, sm. copyer; prompter; plagi- 

COPRENEUR. sm. joint-tenant. 

COPROPRIETAIRE, sm. joint-proprietor 

COPT-ER, I. vn. to toll a bell, [or oivner. 

COPULATI-F, VE, a. copulative; joining. 

COPULATION, sf. copulation; embrace. 

COPULATIVE, sf. conjunction. 

COQ, sm. cock; dittany; wcatlicr-cocli ; 
cook of a sliip. Coq de bruy&re, heath- 
cock. de marais, moor-cock. a 
1'ane, nonsense ; merry story. d'Inde, 
turkey-cock. Coq de bois, a pheasant. 
Etre comme coq en pate, to be in clo- 
ver. du village, chief inhabitant of 
a parish. Le chant du coq, the dawn 

COQUARDE, sf. cockade. [of day. 

COQUARDEAU, sm. ninny ; fool. 

COQUART, sm. old fool; ninny. 

COQUATRE, sm. cook half gelt. 

COQUE, sf. egg-shell; cod; round twist 
in a new rope. II ne fuit que sortir de 
la , he is but a stripling. [terbox. 

COQUEFREDOUILLE, sm. ninny; chat- 

COQUELICOT, sm. mild-poppy. 

COQUELIN-ER, I. vn. to crow like a cock. 

COQUELOURPE, sf. pasque-Jloicer. 

COQUELUCHE, sf. hood; cowl; capuchin; 

favourite ; hooping-cough. 
COQUELUCHON, sm. hood; cowl. 
COQUEMAR, sm. boiler; tea-kettle. 
COQUEREAU, sm. small ship; lighters 
COQUERET, sm. winter-cherry. 
COQUER1CO, sm. crowing of the cock. 
COQUERIQU-ER, I. vn. to imitate the 

crowing of the cock ; to crow. 
COQUERON, sm. cock-room ; forecastle. 
COQUESIGRUE, sf. idle talk; stuff'. 
COQUET, TE, s. coquet; beau; dandy; 

a. coxcomical. Coquet, sm. cock-boat. 
COQUET-ER, I. vn. to coquet ; to paddle a 
COQUETIER, sm. higgler; cgg-cuj).[boat. 
COQUETTE, sf. ; oain girl; jilt. 
COQUETTERIE, sf. coquetry, [shell-fish. 
COQUILLAGE, sm. shells; shell-work; 
COQUILLE, sf. shell. A qui vendez-vous 

vos s? whom do you intend to impose. 

on? II vend bien ses s, he sells very 

dear. Rentrer dans sa , to draie in 

one's horns. , wrong letter. 
COQUILLIER, srn. collection of shells. 
COQUILLIERE, sf. stone in which shells 

are found; mixed with shells, [coinage. 
COQUILLON, sm. small shell, term in 
COQUIN, E, s. rogue; jade. Metier de 

coquin, roguish trade. , E, a. idle; 

roguish. e, sf. bad woman. 
COQUINA1LLE, sf.pack of rogues. 
COQUIN-ER, I. vn. to loiter; idle. 
COQUINERIE, sf. knavery ; roguish trick. 
COR, sm. French horn; corn. A cor et 

a cri, ad. with hue and cry ; with inir/ht 
CORAIL, CORAL, sm. coral, [and main. 
CORAILL-ER, I. vn. to caw as a crow. 
CORAILLEUR, sm. coral fisherman. 
CORALLE, E, a. containing coral. 
CORALL1N, E. a. coraline; red as coral. 
CORALLINE, */. light boat to fish coral. 
CORALLOIDES, sf. seed of white coral. 
CORAUX, corals; pi. of CORAIL. 
CORBEAU, sm. raven ; bracket; corbel; 

sheer hook; corpse-bearer; corvics. 
CORBE1LLE, sf. bread or fruit basket. 
CORBEILLEE, sf. basket full. 
CORBEILLON, sm. biscuit tub. [hamper. 
CORBILLARD, sm. hearse; large coach; 
CORBILLAT, sm. young raven, [crambo. 
CORBILLON, sm. small fiat basket, 

6 3d p. 

COR ( 109 ) COR 

__p.s. 7 1st p. pi. 8 9 3d p. pi. IMPERF. 10 1st p.s. U 2dp.s. 12 3dp.s. 

20 21 3d FUT. 22 1st p.s. ^Mp.s. 24 3d p.s. 1st p. pi. 26 IMP.M. 34 2d p.s. 35 3d p.s. 1st 3 ? 2d 3 *3d SUBJ.M. 
48 1st 49 2d 5 3d 

CORBIN, sm. becde , battle-axe; pole- 
axe. Gentilhomrae a bec-de , gentlc- 


CORDAGE, st. cordage; ropes; cords; 
cable. blanc, untarred cordage. 

gcrudronne, tarred cordage. ra- 
que, sleek cordage. refait, double 
ticisted cordage. [make ropes. 


CORDE, sf. cord; rope; string. de 

drap, thread of clotlt. Qui montre la 

, thread-bare. a boyau, cat-gut. 

de bois, cord of wood. Hoinme de 
sac et de , a villain. Lacrosse corde, 
main point. Filer sa , to go the way 
to the gallows. II a frise la , lie has 
had a narrow escape. Si la ne 
rompt, if the scheme tahe. Cette affaire 
a passe a fleur de , that busincxn n-as 
Tclthiit a hair's breadth of miscarrying. 
Ne touchez pas cette , do not mention 
that. Avoir plusieurs s a son arc, to 
have more than one string to one's 
bow. de retenue, guy ; pendant of 
a relieving tackle; head- fast. s de 
defense, fenders of an old cable. 

CORDE, E, a. twisted; stringy. 

CORDEAU, sin. line; cord. 

CORDEL-ER, I. va. to twist; twine. 

CORDELETTE, sf. small cord or line. 

.CORDELIER, grey friar. 

CORDELIERE, sf. Franciscan nun; cor- 
delier's or Franciscan's girdle. 

CORDELLE, sf. party ; gang ; tow-line. 

CORD-ER, I. va. to twist ; measure by the 
cord. Se , vr. to grow stringy. 

CORDERIE, sf. rope-walk or house. 

CORDIAL, E, a. cordial ; strengthening. 

CORDIALEMENT, ad. cordially. 

CORDIALITE, sf. sincerity ; cordiality. 

CORDIER, sm. rope-maher ; roper. 

CORDILLAS, sin. sort of kersey. 

CORDON, sm. twist; string ; band; gir- 
dle; lace; stone-plinth; ring-edge of 
coin ; milling. The horizontal moulding 
which usually crowns the revetement. 

CORDONN-ER, I. va. to twist; null. 

CORDOXXERIE, sf. shoe-making. 

CORDONNET, sm. edging, [band-maker. 

CORDONNIER, sm. shoe-maker ; hat- 

CORDOUAN, tin. cordwain leather. 

COREE, sm. Greek or Latin foot. 
CORIACE, a. tough ; rough. Homme 

, close-fisted fellow. 
CORIANDRE, sf. coriander, a plant. [Mi. 
CORINTHIEN, sin. Corinthian order, th-e 
COR1XTHIEX, NE, a. in architect., Corin- 
CORLIEU, sm. curlew, a bird. [thian. 
CORME, sf. service; sorb-apple. 
CORMIER, sm. service-tree. [bird. 

CORMORAX, sm. cormorant; kind of 
CORXAC, sin. elephant driver or leader. 
CORXACHIXE, sf. powder. 
CORXAILL-ER, I. vn. to shake; totter. 
COKXALIXE, sf. cornelian; carnelian. 
CORXARD, sm. cornuto; cuckold. 
CORXARDISE, sf. cackoldoin. 
CORXE, sf.horn; hoof; cornet. Come 
d'abondance, cornucopia. Lever les 
s, rebel against superiors. Montrer 
les s, show one's teeth. de vurgue, 
boom-crutch. Ouvrage a , liorn work. 
CORXEE, sf. cornea of the eye. 
CORXEILLE, */. rook ; crow* Beer aux 
s, to be star-gazing. [the ears. 

CORXEMEXT, sm. tingling, glowing, in 
CORXEMUSE, sf. bag-pipe. Joueur de 
, sm. bag-piper. [about ; tingle. 

CORX-ER, I. i-n. to blow a horn; trumpet 
CORNET, sm. horn ; ink-horn; dice-box; 
car-trumpet; rolled wafer; cornet. 
de papier, coffin of paper. a ven- 
touser, cnyping-glass. 
CORXETIER, sm. horn-dresser. 
CORXETTE, sf. cornet; mob-cap; night- 
cap, sm. cornet of a troop of horse ; 
commodore's broad petulant. 
CORXEUR, sm. crier; publisher. 
CORXICHE, sf. cornice; gig. 
CORX1CHOX, sm. little horn ; gherkin. 
CORXIERE, sf. sloping drain on the tops 
CORXILLAS, sm. young rook, [of houses. 
CORXOUILLE, sf. cornel-berry ; dog-bcr- 
CORXOU1LLER, sm. cornel-tree. [ry. 
CORXU, E, a. horned; cornute ; absurd. 
Raisons cornues, bad reasons. Visions 
cornues, whimsies. [gourd. 

CORXUE, sf. cucurbite; a vessel like a 
COROLLAIRE, sm. corollary ; concluscon. 
COROXAIRE, sin. coroner, a. coronary. 
COROXAL, E, a. coronal ; of the crown. 
CORONA-SOLIS, sf. sunjioiccr. 


[INF.M. PRES.T. 2 PART.PRES. SPART.PAST.] IND.M. PRES.T. 4 lstp.s. 5 2d p.s. 
)3 H 15 PRET. 1(i lstp.s. 17 2dp.s. 18 3d p.s. 19 
27 3d COND.M. 28 lstp.s. 29 2d p.s. 30 3d p^s. 31 1st 32 33 3d 
PRES.T. ^Istp.s. 40 2d p.s. 41 3dp.s. 42 43 44 IMPERF. 

CORPORAL, sm. corpora! ; Jlne linen 
cloth used to cover the chalice and host. 

CORPORALIER, si. corporal-box. 

CORPORAL1TE, sf. state of a body. 

CORPORATION, sf. corporation; body. 

CORPORATE, sf. corporeity, material- 

CORPOREL, LE, a. corporeal. (ity. 

CORPORELLEMENT, ad. corporeally. 

CORPORIFICATION, sf. embodying. 

CORPORIFI-ER, I. va. to corporify. 

CORPS, sin. body; shape; corps; corpo- 
ration; political aggregation of men. 
Corps dejupe, body of a petticoat. de 
logis, side of a large house. de fer, 
steel back-board. mort, corpse; 
carcass. Qui a du , strong bodied; 
substantial ; thick. A son defendant, 
in his own defence. Malin , mis- 
chievous blade. DrOle de , comical 
blade; quiz. A perdu, headlong. 

de bataille, centre division of a fleet. 

de garde d'un vaisseau, the half deck. 
de pompe, chamber of a pump. 

d'un vaisseau, bulk of a ship. 
CORPULENCE, sf. corpulency. 
CORPUSCULA1RE, a. corpuscular, [body. 
CORPUSCULE, sm. corpuscule; small 
CORRADOUX, sm. space between decks. 
CORRECT, E, a. correct; exact. 
CORRECTEMENT, ad. correctly. 
CORRECTEUR, sm. corrector. [five. 
CORRECTIF, sm. corrective; salve; leni- 
CORRECTION,/. correction; amendment ; 

allowance. Sauf , under favour. 

CORRECTIONNEL, LE, a. correctional. 

CORRECTRICE, sf. she that corrects. 

CORREGIDOR, in. corregidor; magistrate. 

CORRELATI-F, VE, a. s. correlative. 

CORRELATION, */. reciprocal relation. 

CORRESPONDANCE, sf. correspondence. 

CORRESPONDANT, E, a. suitable. Cor- 
respondant, 5m. correspondent. 

CORRESPONDS-RE 1 ant 2 u 3 ue 3 us 3 ues 3 
s-i.5.34 ons 7 ' 36 ez 8 - 37 ais 10 - 11 ait 12 ois 10 - 11 
oit 12 ions 13 - 42 iez 14 - 43 aient 15 oient 15 is 16 - 
'7 it' 8 lines 19 ites 20 irent 21 rai 22 ras 23 ra 24 
rons 25 rez 26 ront 27 rais 28 - 29 rait 30 rois 28 - 29 
roit 30 rions 31 riez 32 raient 33 roient 33 e 35 - 
39- 4 es 40 isse 45 isses 46 tt 4 7 issions 48 issiez 49 
issent 50 , vn. to correspond; answer to. 

CORRIDOR, sm. gallery; corridor. 

CORR1G-ER 1 , CORRIGE-ANT 2 , I. ra. to 
correct; mend; temper. son plaidoyer, 
to recant. Magnificat a Matines, to 
blame without reason. Se , vr. to 
mend ; forsake vice; become better. 

CORRIGIBLE, a. corrigible; amendable* 

CORRIVAL, sm. competitor ; concurrent. 

CORROBORATI-F, VE, a. corroborative. 

CORROBOR-ER, I. va. to corroborate; 
strengthen; confirm. [fret; waste. 

CORROD-ER, I. va. to corrode; gnaw; 

CORROI, sm. dressing of leather; clay; 
bed-wall ; lining of clay. 

CORROMP-RE 1 ant 2 u 3 ue 3 us 3 ues 3 s 4 - 4 - 34 
t 6 ons 7 - 36 ez 8 - 37 ent 9 - 38 - 44 ais 10 - 11 ait 12 
oigio.n oit ia jons 13 - 42 iez 14 - 43 aient^ 
oient 15 is 16 - 17 it 18 tmes 19 Ues 30 irent 21 
rai 22 ras 23 ra 24 rons 25 rez 2 *' ront 27 rais 28 - 1 
rait 30 rois 28 - 29 roit 30 rions 31 riez 32 raient 33 
roient 33 e 35 - 39 - 41 es 40 isse 45 isses 46 It 47 
issions 48 issiez 49 issent 50 , va. to corrupt; 
taint; mar; bribe; alter; temper. 

CORROMPU, sm. debauchee, a. and 3 , 
vitiated ; bribed. See CORROJIPRE. 

CORROS1-F, VE, a. corrosive; caustic. 

CORROSIF, sm. corrodent; corrosive. 

CORROSION, sf. corrosion ; gnawing. 

CORROY-ER, I. va. to curry; plane; 
join. le mortier, beat the mortar. 

CORROYEUR, sm. currier ; leather-drcs- 

CORROYEUSE, sf. currier's wife. [ser. 

CORRUDE, sf. wild asparagus. 

CORRUPTEUR, sm. debaucher ; forger. 

CORRUPTIBILITY, sf. corruptibility. 

CORRUPTIBLE, a. corruptible. 

CORRUPTION, sf. corruption; bribery. 

CORRUPTRICE, sf. corruptrix; spoiler. 

CORS, sm. pi. horns of a stag. 

CORSAGE, sm. shape; form; size. 

CORSAIRE, sm. corsair; privateer; pirate. 

CORSELET, sm. corselet; armour. 

CORSET, sm. jumps; boddice; stays. 

CORTEGE, sm. retinue; train; multi- 
tude ; train of attendants. [tes. 

CORTES, sm. pi. national assembly ; cor- 

CORTICAL, E, a. cortical. [Apollo. 

CORT1NE, sf. brass tripod consecrated to 

CORVEABLE, a. liable to labour. 

CORVEE, sf.job; average; statute n-orh 
or labour. Une vraie , unprofitable 

CORVETTE, sf. cutter; sloop; scout, [toil. 

COR ( 111 ) COU 

* 3d p.s. 7 8 9 IMPERF. 10 lstp.s. H 2dp.s. 12 Sdp.s. 21 FUT. 2a 1st p.s. 23 2dp.s. 24 3d p.s. 1st p. pi. M 
p. pi. IMP.M. 3-2dp.s. 35 3dp . 8 . 36 lstp . p i. 37 38 3d p. pi. SUBJ.M. 
45 1st p.s. 4G 2d p.s. * 3d p.s. 48 1st 49 2d 50 3d 

CORVOYEUR, sm. statute-labourer. 
CORUSCATION, sf. coruscation ; flashing . 
CORYBANTES, sin. Cybele's priests. 
CORYMBE, sin. corymbous; tuft. 
CORYPHEE, sin. chief; leader; worthiest. 
CORYSE, sm. sharp humour front, the 

head into the nostrils. [Polish militia. 
COSAQUE, sin. a Cossack. s, sm. pi. 
COSE1GNEUR, sm. joint lord of a manor. 
COSMETIQUE, a. cosmetic; beautifying. 
COSMIQUE, a. cosmical ; rising or setting 

icith the sun. [the world. 

COSMOGONIE, sf. cosmogony, creation of 
COSMOGRAPHE, sm. cosmographer. 
COSMOGRAPHIE, sf. cosmography. 
COSMOLABLE, sm. scale of altitude. 
COSMOLOGIE, sf. cosmology, science of 

the laws of the physical world. 
COSMOPOLITAIN, E, 5. cosmopolitan. 
COSMOPOLITE, sm. cosmopolite. 
COSSE, sf. shell of peas, $c.; small pully. 
COSS-ER, I. Se , vr. to butt as rains do. 
COSSON, sm. weevil; mite. 
COSSU, E, a. shelly; thick. Homme cossu, 

substantial man. II en conte de bien 

cossues, he romances, stretches. 
COSTAL, E, a. costal, of the ribs. [mast. 
COSTON, sm. strengthening piece for a 
COSTUME, sm. costume; apparel; dress. 
COSTUM-ER, I. va. to array ; dress. 
COTE, COTTE, sf. petticoat; number. 
COTE, sf. rib; coast; declivity; hillock. 

en ecore, bluff' or bold shore. Cote 
sainc, a safe coast. de melon, slice 
of melon. de pourpier, stalk of 
purslain. de luth, piece of the body 
of a lute. Mesurer les s a quelqu'un, 
to thrash one. Ssrrer les s a quel- 
qu'un, to press one close. a , ad. 
abreast. Marcher a , to be of an 
equal rank; to walk together. 

COTE, sm. side; side-way; party. Du 

de 1'Orient, eastwards. De , ad. 
awry ; sideways. De et d'autre, up 
and down. A. , by; aside; to the 
level. Mettre quelque chose du de 
Fepee, to secrete some money. Yoir de 
quel vient le vent, to see how matters 
ttand. II est sur le , he is upon the 
decline. De mon , for my own part. 
De son ,for Jiis or her own part; on 

its side. Presenter le du vaisseau, 
to bring the broadside of a ship to bear. 
Mettre un vaisseau sur le , to lay a 
ship on the careen. du vent, the. 
weatlier-side ; to windivard. sous 
le vent, the lee-side, to leeward. 

COTEAU, sm. hillock; mount. 

COTE-BLANCHE, sf. hind of cheese. 

COTELETTE, sf. chop; cutlet; little rib. 

COT-ER, I. va. to quote; endorse; cite. 

COTERET, sm. little fagot; cotret. 

COTERIE, sf. club; society. 

COTE-ROTIE, sm. kind of whir. 

COTHURNE, sm. buskin. Chausaer le 
, to write tragedies; talk big. 

COTIER, sm. coaster. [shore. 

COT1KRE, sf. range of coast; lonl,, ; 

COTIGNAC, sm. niiiddany; ijuinci'-iiutr- 
malade. Cotignac de Bacchus, cheese. 

de groseilles, currant jelly. 
COTILLON, sm. under-petticoat. 
COT-IR, II. va. to bruise ; squat. 
COTISATION, sf. assessment ; clubbing. 
COTIS-ER. I. va. to assess; club. 
COTISSURE, sf. bruising of fruits. 
COTON, sm. cotton; down. II jette un 

vilain , he makes a scurry appearance. 
Toile de , calico. 

COTONNE, E, cheveux s, woolly hair. 

COTONN-ER, I. va. to stvjf with cotton. 
Se , vr. to be covered with cotton. 

COTONNEU-x, SE, a. spongy; soft; cot- 

COTONNIER, sm. cotton-tree. [tony. 

COTONNINE, sf. coarse calico. 

COTONNIS, sm. Indian satin, [alongside. 

COTOY-ER, I. vn. to coast along; sail 

COTRE, sm. small armed vessel; cutter. 

COTRET, sm. cotret, small fagot. De 
1'huile de , an oaken toieel ; sound 
drubbing. II est sec comme un , he 
is very lean. COTTE, sf. petticoat. 

COTTE d'armes, sf. coat of arms; armour. 

do mailles, coat of mail. morte, 
apparel of a deceased monk. [coat. 

COTTERON, sm. short and narroio petti- 

COTUTEUR, sm. co-guardian. 

COTYLEDON, sm. navel-wort. 

COU, sm. neck ; breast. de pied, in- 
step. Prendre ses jambes a son , to 
take to one's heels. Rompre le a une 
affaire, to make a thing miscarry. 


14 l5 3d .. st 

PRES.T. 39 1st p.s. 4 "2dp.s. 41 3dp.s 

( 112 ) COU 

PART.l'AST.] IND.M. PRES.T. 4 1st p.S. 5 2d p.S. 

PBET. 1U 1st p.s. I7 >2dp.s. Ib 3dp.s. " 

29<>,] v, c 30 Qfl ,-> c * 31 lot 32 2<J 33 -H 

" --,--, _ ,__ 

27 3d COND.M. 28 1st p.s. 29 2d p.s. 30 3d p.s. ... e . r .. 

* t ~* . . -,._- IMPEBP 

COUARD, E, s. coward, a. cowardly. 
COUARDISE, sf. cowardice; poltroonery. 
COUBAIS, sm. galley used in Japan. 
COUCHANT, a. m. setting. , sm. the 

ivest. Chien , setter ; pointer. 
COUCHE, sf. bed; bedstead; delivery; 
child-bed; stake at play ; hot-bed in a 
garden; butt-end; stratum; a layer. 
COUCHES,^, lying-in; infant's linen. 
COUCHEE, sf. an inn where one lies on 

a Journey ; night's lodging. 
COUCH-ER, I. va. to put to bed; to lay or 
stake; lie down. en joue, to aim at. 
par ecrit, to write down. Se , vr. 
to lie down ; go to bed ; set. 
COUCHER, sm. bed-time; bedding; 
night's lodging ; couchee. dusoleil, 
COUCHETTE, sf. couch ; little bed. [sunset. 
COUCHEU-K, m. SE,/. bedfellow. 
COUCHIS, sm. dust; rubbish; layer. 
COUCHOIR, sm. bookbinder's layer. 
COUCI-COUCI, ad. so-so ; indifferently. 
COUCOU, sm. cuckoo; go-cart; straw- 
berry plant. [ser le , to tipple. 
COUDE, sm. the elbow ; any angle. Haus- 
COUDEE, sf. elbow-room ; cubit. Avoir ses 

s franches, to be under no restraint. 
COU-DE-PIED, COUDE-PIED, m. instep. 
COUD-ER, I. va. to bend; curve. 
COUDOY-ER, I. va. to elbow ; hunch. 
COUDRAIE, sf. hazel-tree-grove. 
COUDRAN, S7/i. tar and grease mixture. 
COUDRE, sm. mild nut, hazel-tree. See 
COUD 6 -RE l s 4 - 5 - 34 rai 22 ras 23 ra 24 rons 25 rez 
26 rout 27 rais 28 - 29 rait 30 rois 28 - 29 roit^ 
rions 31 riez 32 raient 33 roient 33 , va. to sew ; 
stitch. On ne sait quelle piece y cou- 
dre, how can one help it ? See COUSANT. 
COUDR-ER, I. va. to prepare leather. 
COUDRETTE, sf, copse of hazel trees. 
COUDRIER, sm. nut-tree; hazel-tree. 
COUENNE, sf. sward or rind of bacon. 
COUENNEU-x, SB, a. swardy ; skinny. 
COUETS, sm. pi. tacks of the main- 
sail. a queue de rat, tacks ?cith taper. 
COUETTE, sf. feather-bed. 
COUFLE, sf. bale of senna. 
COUILLARD, sm. mainsail-rope, [kles. 
COULADOUX, sm. laniards, shroud tac- 
COULAGE, sm. leakage; leaking. 
COULAMMENT, ud. fluently ; freely. 

COULANT, V, a. Jtuent; flowing. Coulant, 
sin. necklace of diamonds. Nceud cou- 
lant, running-knot; noose. 

COULE, sm. light sliding step in dancing. 

COULEE, sf. running hand. [Jlux; waste. 

COULEMENT, sm. running of a liquid ; 

COUL-ER, I. vn. tojiow; melt; strain; 
pass over; run; gutter; slip; trickle. 
a fond, has, 10 sink; ruin. Se 
, vr. to slip along ; creep ; glide. 

COULEUR, sf. colour; suit at play. 
Prendre , to declare one's self. Re- 
prendre , to be in favour again. 
Sous , under a show. s, sf. livery. 
Pales s, green sickness. 

COULEUVREE, */. snake-weed. 

COULEUVRINE, sf. culcerin. Etre sous 
la d'un autre, to be dependant. 

COULEUVRE, sf. adder. 

COULEUVREAU, sm. young adder. 

COULIS, sm. jelly ; gravy. Vent , wind 
coining through chinks; draught. 

COULISSE, sf. groove; side-scene; scene 
of a j)lay -house ; gutter; chase; slice. 

COULOIR, sm. strainer. s, pi. grating ; 

COULOIRE, sf. cullender. [gangways. 

COULPE. sf. trespass ; sin. J'en dis ma 
coulpe, I repent it. 

COULURE, sf. running ; waste. 

COUP, sm. blow; throw; act; time; beat; 
move; aim; hit; stroke; draught. 

Contre , counter-blow. de pied, 

kick. de poing, Jisty-cujf. Coup 
d'arme a feu, shot. s de baton, cud- 
gelling. de dent, biting. de 
peigne, combing. de pinceau, stroke 
of a brush. Coup de plume, dash. 

d'oeil, glance; sight. de siflet, 
whistling. de filet, cast of the net. 
En un de filet, in the twinkling cf 
an eye. de touet,jerk; lash. d' 
epee, thrust. d'ongle, scratch. 
Coup de mer, billow; surge; sea. Coup 
de tonnerre, thunder-clap. de foudre, 
thunder-bolt. fourre, interchanged 
thrust. de bonheur, lucky chance. 

de sang, sudden death; termination 
of blood to the head. de hasard, 
mere chance. de desespoir, despe- 
rate attempt. imprevu, unexpected 
accident. de multre, excellent stroke 

COU ( 113 ) COU 

8 3d p.s. ' 8 9 3d p. pi. IMPERF. llstp.s. " 2d p.s. ]5 3d p.s. 

" 21 FUT. 22 1st p.s. *2dp.s. 24 3d p.s. 1st p. pi. 26 

p. pi. IMP. M. 3l 2d p.s. 35 3d p.s. ^ 1st p. pi. & 2d p. pi. 38 3d p. pi. SUBJ. M. 
1st p.s. 46 2d p.s. V 3d p.s. 4S 1st " 9 2d 50 3d 

d'essai, trial. de theatre, strik- 
ing event. dans 1'eau, useless stroke. 

de grace, killing, settling bloiv. 

d'ami, friendly turn. du ciel, 
great providence. de vin, draught 
of wine. de jarnac, finishing bloiv. 

de bee, gibe; rub. d'etat, mea- 
sure of great policy. d'eclat, remark- 
able action. de vent, gust of wind. 
A. ce , ad. this time; notv. pour 
, thrust for thrust. sur , ever 
and anon. A sur, certainly. Tout- 

a , suddenly. Apres , too late. 

A tous s, at every turn. Tout d'un 
, suddenly ; at once. Porter , to hit 
home. Porter un fourre, to do one a 
secret injury. Tirer a perdu, to 
shoot at random. Le coup vaut la balle, 
it is worth one's while. II a fait le 
, he Juis done the deed. Manquer 
son , to miss one's aim. Encore un 
, once more. d'assurance, har- 
bour salute. de gouvernail, whole 

force of the helm. de parlance, fare- 
well gun. s de canon a 1'eau, shots 
between wind and water. s de canon 
enbois, shots in the upper works of a ship 
COUPABLE, a. culpable; guilty, sin. cul- 
COUPANT, a. cutting; sm. the edge.[prit 
COUPE, sf. cutting ; cut; cup; cupola. 
COUPE, sm. coupee. sm. small carriage; 
front part of a diligence : step in dan- 
cing. Style , concise style. Lait 
, milk and water. 3 , cut; r. 
COUPE AU, sm. top of a hill. [Cou PER. 
COUPE-GORGE, sm. cut-throat place. 

JARRET, ruffian; assassin. PATE, 
baker's knife. Jouer a coupe-cu, play 
a game without revenge. [scl. 

COUPELLE, sf. coppel; test; testing ves- 
""OUPELL-ER, I. va. to assay gold. 
COUP-ER, I. va. to cut; cut off; mix; cut 
out. Se , vr. to contradict one's self; 
fret. chemin, to stoj) the way. la 
"parole, to interrupt. unejument, spay 
a mare. Pour court, to be short ; in 
short. du vin, to mix wines. cu, 
to go off with one's winning. la 
racine, or pied a, to root out. la 
bourse, to rob; plunder. un cheval, 
to geld a horse. la lame, to divide 

the waves. le cable or les mats, 
to cut arvay the cable or masts. Couper 
1'ennemi, to thwart the enemy's course. 

COUPERET, sm. cleaver. 

COUPEROSE, */. copperas; mineral. 

COUPEROSE, E, a. full of red pimples. 

COUPE-TETE, tm. leap-frog ; sabre. 

COUPEU-n, 7H.SE,/. cutter. de bourse, 

COUPIS, sm. sort of calico. [cut-i>urs<:. 

COUPLE, sf. couple ; brace; frame ; i/oltr. 
Couple, sm. couple of persons ; married 
pair. de haubans, pair of shrouds. 

du lof, the loof -timbers. [grthrr. 
COUPL-ER, I. va. to couple; chain to- 
COUPLET, sm. stanza; couplet. sati- 

rique, lampoon ; satire. [It'ts. 

COUPLET-ER, I. va. to lampoon in coup- 

COUPOIR, sm, cutter; long knife. 

COUPOLE, sf. cupola; dome. [ticket. 

COUPON, sm. remnant; dividend; shred ; 

COUPURE, sf. cut. Traverses, with a 
ditch in front, formed across theterre- 
pleins or upper surfaces of ramparts. 

COUR, sf. court; court-yard. Faire s:i 
, to court. Homme de , courtier. 
Eau benite de , false promises. des 
finances, court of exchequer. C'est la 

du roi Petaut, it is a court where 
beggars are kings; a Dover's court. 

COURABLE, a. fit for coursing. 

COURADOUX, sm. space between the decks. 

COURAGE, sm, courage, heart; passion. 
! cheer up! Donner du , to encou- 
rage. Manquer de , be fainthearted. 

COURAGEUSEMENT, ad. courageously. 

COURAGEU-x, SE, a. courageous; un- 

COURAMMENT, ad. currently, [daunted. 

COURANT, E, a. current; running. 
Tout , ad. readily. En , in haste. 
COURANT, sm. current; course. Le 
douze courant, the trvelfth Instant. 

COURANTE, sf. courant ; looseness. 

COURANT1N, sin. kind of fir eivork; fusee. 

COURBATONS, sm. pi. small knees in a 

COURBATU, E, a. foundered. [ship. 

COURBATURE, sf. foundering ; weari- 
ness; painful lassitude. 

COURSE, a. crooked, sf. crooked piece 
of timber; rib of a ship; curve; curb. 
s d'arcasse, the transom knees or 

COURBE, E, a. crooked; curvcd.[sleepers. 



COU ( 114 ) COU 

NF.M. 'PRES.T. 2 PAKT.PRES. 3 PAUT.PAST.] IND.M. PRES.T. 4 lst p.S. S 2d p.S. 

13 lst I4 2d 15 3d PRET. 16 lst p.s. 17 2d p.s. 18 3d p.s. 19 lst 
^3d COND.M. 28 lst p.s. 23 2d p.s. 30 3d p.s. 31 lst 32 2d 33 3d 
PRES.T. 39 lst p.s. 40 2d p.s. 4l 3d p.s. 42 lst 43 2d 44 3d IMPERF. 

COURBEMENT, sni. bending; curve. 

COURB-ER, I. va. to bend; bow; curve, 

COURBETTE, sf. curvet; prank; mean 
complaisance. Faire des s, to cringe. 

COURBETT-ER, I. vn. to curvet, [curve. 

COURBURE, sf. curvlty; bent; bending; 

COURCAILLET, sm. quail-pipe. 

COURCE1LE, sf. little yard or garden. 

COUREE, sf. graving for a ship. 

COUREUR, sm. running footman ; ram- 
bler; racer; rake. d'inventaires, 
auction-hunter. s, pi. scouts. 

COUREUSE, sf. gadder ; street-walker. 

COURGE, sf. gourd; yoke. 

COURIER, si. small armed ship ; cutter. 

COUR-iR 1 ant 2 u 3 ue 3 ues 3 s 4 - 5 - 34 1 6 ons?- 36 ez 

8.37 ent 9.38.44 ais IO.n a i t 12 i s 10.11 oit 12 ions 

I3.4a iez' 4 - 43 aient 15 oient 15 us 3 - 16 - 17 ut 18 
umes 19 utes 20 urent 21 rai 22 ras 23 ra 24 rons 25 
rez 26 ront 27 mis 26 - 29 rait 30 rois 2 *- 29 roit 30 
rions 31 riez 32 raient 33 roient 33 e 35 - 39 - 41 
es 40 usse 4 ' 5 usses 46 lit 47 ussions 48 ussiez 49 
ussent 50 , rn. to run; ramble; explore; 
sail. a toutes jambes, run with full 
speed. la poste, ride post. le cerf, 
hunt a stag. le guilledou, go to bad 
houses. la pretantaine. gad about. 
les mers, infest the seas. Fou a 

les rues, stark mad. Faire les 
voix, put to the vote. al'autre bord, 
stand upon the other tack. au large, 
stand off". au plus pres, run close upon 
a wind. la bouline, run the gauntlet. 

la mer, cruise itp and down. Courir 
le bon bord, have a lucky cruise. 

meme bord, stand on tlie same tack. 

sur son ancre, run foul of the 
COURLIS, sm. curlew. [anchor. 
COUROIR, sm. running space; pas'sage. 
COURONNE, sf. crown; coronet; sound- 
ing board. [finishing ; crown-work. 

COURONNEMENT, sm. coronation; 
COURONN-ER, I. va. to crown; finish. 
COURONNURE, sf. stag's branching 
COUR-RE 1 , va. to hunt; chase, [horns. 
COURRE, sm.Jine country for coursing. 
COURRIER, sm. courier; outrider; ex- 

de cabinet, state messenger, [press. 
COURRIERE, sf. aurora or the moon. 
COURROIE, sf. leather-string. Allonger 

la , to stretch a point. 

va. to irritate. Se , vr. le greatly 
incensed; rage; fume. [passion. 

COURROUX, sin. wrath; raging; anger; 

COURS, sm. course; run; airing-place. 
de ventre, looseness. Avoir , to 
be in vogue; take. Donner a une 
opinion, spread an opinion. [cursioji. 

COURSE, sf. running; race; cruise; in- 

COURSIER, sm. courser; charger; steed; 
racer. , bow-chase gun. 

COURSIERE, sf. spar-deck; half-deck. 

COURT, E, a. short; brief. Son epee est 
trop E, his interest is too small. Le 
plus c'est de le faire, the best way is 
to do it. , ad. short; at once. Tout 
, only; bluntly. Tenir , to keep 
a strict hand over. Le bruit court, it 
is said. La mode qui , the present 
fashion. Maladie qui , rife disease. 
Demeurer , be at a stand. Se 
trouver , be disappointed. Pren- 
dre quelqu'un de , press one. A 
, straitened; short. 6 , See COURIR. 

COURTAGE, sm. brokerage; brokage. 

COURTAUD, sm. thick-set man; cropped 
horse. de boutique, shopman. de 
mariage, match-maker. 

COURT AUD-ER, I. va. to crop a horse's tail. 

COURT-BOUILLON, sm. way of dressing 

COURT-EOUTON, sm. pen. [fish. 

COURTEBAUT, sm. thick and short man. 

COURTE-BOTTE, sm. little man. 

COURTE-HALEINE, sf. short breath. 

COURTEMENT, ad. briefly ; in short. 

COURTE-PAILLE, sf. jouer a la , to 
draw long or short; draw cuts. 

COURTEPOINTE, sf. counterpane; quilt. 

COURTIER, sm. broker; scrivener; bar- 
gain maker. de chevaux, jockey. 
de vin, wine-broker. de lard, 
contractor for hogs. 

COURTILLE, sf. small court-yard. 

COURTINE, sf. curtain. Part of a wall 
or rampart between two bastions, and 
joining their flanks. [tesan. 

\ COURTISAN, sm. courtier. E, sf. cour- 
j COURTIS-ER, I. va. to court ; flatter. 
I COURTOIS, E, a. courteous; cicil. 
\ COURTOISEMENT, ad. courteously. 
| COURTOISIE, sf. courteousness. 

COU ( 115 ) COU 

6 3dp.s. ' 8 IMPERF. 10 lstp.s. I' 3d p. i. 12 8dp.s. 
20 2d p. pi. 21 3d p . pi. FOT. 22 1st p. s. 2d p. s. 24 3d p. s. 25 1st p. pi. 26 2d p. pi. 
p. pi. IXIP.M. 34 2dp.s. 35 3dp.s. 1st p. pi. 37 38 SUBJ.M. 


p. pi. IXIP.M. 34 2dp.s. 35 3dp.s. 1st p. pi. 37 2d 
45 1st p. s. 46 2d p. s. 47 3d p. s. 48 1st p. pi. 49 2d p. pi. 

50 3d p. pi. 

COURTPENDUE, sf. kind of apple. 

COURU, E, a. esteemed ; rare; sought for. 

COUS- 4 ' 5 ' 34 ANT 2 u 3 ue 3 ues 3 ons 7 - 36 ez 8 - 37 
ent 9.38.44 ait i2 ois io.n oit ia ions 
13.42 iez u.43 aient 15 oient 15 is"*'" it lb 
Imes 19 ites 20 irent 21 e 35 - 39 - 41 es 40 isse 45 
isses" 5 it 47 issions 48 issiez 49 issent 50 , v. 
COUDRE, to sew; stitch. 

COUS, sin. ichctting-stonc. [gnat. 

COUSIN, in. E, f. cousin; relation, sin. 

COUSINAGE, sin. cousiiiship ; kindred. 

COUSIN-ER, I. va. to call cousin; spuntjc : 
be familiar. [gnats. 

COUSINIERE, sf. fence of gauze against 

COUSOIR, sin. sewing-press. 

COUSSIN, sin. cushion; pillow; pad; 
fir-lining; bolster; bed. de beau- 
pre, pillow of the bowsprit. s, pi. 
mats of the top-rims. d'araures, 
mats of the chess-tree. 

COUSSINET, srn. bag; pad; quilted sto- 
macher ; cousinet. Jeter son sur 
quelque chose, to aim at a thing. 

COUSTIERES, sf. shrouds of a galley. 

COUSU, E, a. sewed; stitched. Ses fines- 
ses sont ES de lil blanc, his tricks 
are very shallow. Bouche E, mum's 
the word. 3 , See COUDRE, to sew. 

COUT, sm. cost price; charge. [thing. 

COUTANT, a. prix , sin. cost price of a 

COUTE AU, tin. knife. de chasse, 
hanger. a pied, shoemal, 
ting-knife. Jouer des x, to fight. 

COUTELAS, sm. cutlass; hanger. 

COUTELE, E, a. slaughtered. 

COUTEL1ER, sm. cutler; a hind ofjish. 

COUTELIERE, sf. case of knives; cutler's 

COUTELINE, sf. coarse calico. [wife. 

COUTELLERIE, sf. cutlery; cutler's shop. 

COUT-ER, I. vn. to cost; stand in. L'ar- 
gent ne lui coute guere, he throws his 
money away. Que coute-t-il de sou- 
haiter? nothing so easy as wishing. 
Tout lui coute, he does every thing 
against the grain. 

COUTEU-x, SE, a. expensive ; costly. 

COUTIER, sm. ticking-maker. 

COUTIL, coutis, sm. ticking ; canvass. 

COUTILLADE, /. cut ; slash; hack; gash. 

COUTILLE, sf. small sword. 

COUTRE, sm. coulter; plough-share. 

COUTUME, sf. custom; municipal laws; 
toll. Avoir , be ivont ; be used. 

COUTUMI-ER, ERE, a. customary; com- 
mon; of course. Droit , sm. com- 
mon-law. , common-laio book. 

COUTURE, sf. scam; suture; stitching; 
sewing ; scar. Defait a plate , utterly 
defeated. de cueille de voile, the 
scam of a sail. [stress. 

COUTURIERE, .-/. mantua-makcr; scam- 

COUVE, E, a. fusty ; musty. [race. 

COUVEE, sf. c<> (<.'/; /nr if eggs; set; 

COUVENT, sm. convent; monastery. 
d'hommes, friary. de filles, 
nunnery. [incubate; lurk. 

COUV-ER, I. va. to brood; sit on; breed; 

COUVERCLE, sm. cover; lid. [ 

rorv-ERT 3 erts 3 crte 3 ertcs 3 , v. COUVRIR, 

COUVERT, sm. the cloth ; a pi,' 

knife and fork; coccr ; lodging; sluuly 
place. A , ad. under shelter. 

COUVERT, E,< /."; clad; hid; close; 
obscure ; full ; loaded ; dark. Pays , 
noody country. Lieu , shady place. 
Temps , cloudy inaUier. Mot , 
ambiguous word. Yin , full-bodied Honime , dissembling man. 
Servir quelqu'un a plats s, injure one 
privately. Chemin , covered //. 
See the English side, [ware ; blanket. 

COUVERTE, sf.deck; enamel of C/ti/ia 

OOUVERTEMENT, ad. secretly. 

OOUVERTURE, sf. cover; blanket; run; 
roof; cloth. s, pi. bed-clothes. 

COUVERTURIER, sm. bedding-seller. 

COUVET, sm. sort of sto~:e. [setting hen. 

COUVEUSE, sf. hen that broods or sets; 

COUVI, a. in. addled; rotten. 

COUVRE-CHEI-, sin. kerchief. FEf, 
curfew; Jire-screcn ; fire-plate ; cur- 

COUVRE-piED, sm. foot-cover ; quilt. 

COUVRE-PLAT, dish-cover. 

COUVREUR, sm. tiler. en ardoise, 
slater. encha.\ime,thatchcr. Couvreur, 
couvreuse de chaises, chair-bottomer. 

COUVR-iB 1 ant 2 e 4 - 6 - 34 - 35 ' 39 - 41 es 3 - 40 ons 7 - 36 

e2 6.37 ent 9.36.44 ai ,,10.11 ajjia ois 10 ' 11 Oil 12 

ions 13 - 42 iez 14 - 43 aient 15 oient 15 is 16 - 17 it 1 * 
iraes 19 ites' 20 irent 21 irai*- iras 23 ira 24 irons 
25 irez* iront 27 irais 28 - 29 irait 30 

COY ( 116 ) CRE 

TINF.M. 'PRES.T. 2 PART.PRES. 3 PART. PAST.] IND. M. PRES. T. 4 1st p.S. 5 2dp.S. 

13 M J5 PRET. 16 1st p.s. 17 2dp.s. 18 3d p.s. 19 1st 
27 COND.M. 2d 1st p.s. '^Sdp.s. 30 3dp.s. al 1st 32 33 3d 
PRES.T. 1st p.s. 40 2dp.s. 41 3dp.s. 43 44 3d IMPEKF. 

iroit 30 irions 31 iriez 32 iraient 33 iroient 33 
isse 45 isses 46 it 47 issions 48 issiez 49 issMif' , 
va. to cover; hide; conceal; defend; 
loud; bestow; envelop; overspread; 
overwhelm. une cavale, leap a 
mare. Se , vr. be overcast ' ; put one's i 
liat on; put on a suit. Se d'un pre- i 
texte, to /nice recourse to a pretext. \ 
Se d'un sac mouille, to allcf/c (in 
excuse that aggravates one's fault. See 

COYON, sm. dastard. [COUV-ERT. 

COYONN-ER, I. va. to use one sctin-i/i/. 

COYONNERIE, sf. snettkishness;illiMS8. 

CRABE, sm. crab; shell-Jish; scab. 

CRABIER, sm. crab-eater (a bird). 

CRAC, sin., crack ; crackling noise. Crac, 
le voila parti, he went in the twinkling 
of an eye. .' that's a.fib, 

CRACHAT, sm. spittle; star; cross; order. 

CRACHEMENT, sin. spitting. 

CRACH-ER, I. va. to spit. au bassin, 
contribute. des injures, abase. 
du Latin, utter Latin sentences un- 
seasonably. C'est lui tout crache, it is 
he himself all ocer. [creature. 

CRACHEU-R, SE, s. spitter; spawlintj 

CRACHOIR, sm. spitting-pot or box. 

CRACHOTEMENT, sin. spitting often. 

CRACHOT-ER, I. vn. to spit often. 

CRAIE, sf. chalk; small Swedish ship. 

CRAIGX-ANT 2 cms 7 ' 36 ez 8 ' 37 ent 9 - 38 - 44 ais 
10.11 ait i2 oisio.n oit 12 ions 13 - 12 iez 14 - 43 
aient 15 oient 15 is 16 - 17 it 18 Imes 19 Ites 20 
irent 21 e 35 ' 39 ' 41 es 4 isse 45 isses 46 it 47 
issions 48 issiez 49 issent, See 

GRAIN D-RE' rai 22 ras 23 ra 24 rons 25 rez 36 
ront 27 rais 26 - 29 rait 30 rois 28 - 29 roit 30 rions 
31 r j ez 32 r aient 33 roient 33 , CRAIN-s 4 ' 5 - 
34 t e.3 ts 3 te 3 ies ? i V(lf to f car ; dread; 
doubt; suspect. Sec CRAIGX-ANT. 

CRAINT, /eared. [ de, for fear of; lest. 

CRAINTE, sf.fear; awe. de or de 
CRAIXT1-F, VE, a. fearful; timorous. 
CRA1NTIVEMEXT, ail. timorously. 
CRAM, sm. wild horse-radish. 
CRAMOISI, sm. crimson. , E, a. crim- 
son ; dyed in grain. Sot, laid en cra- 
moisi, foolish, ugly ingrain. [limb. 
CRAMPE, sf. cram}}; contraction of a 
CRA1UPON, sm. cramp-iron. 
CRAMPONS de fer acheval, sin. frost-nails 
of a horse-skoe. 

CRAMPOXN-ER, I. va. to fasten miiJt a 
cramp- iron. un cheval, rough siute, 
Se , vr. to cling at any thing. 
CRAMPOXNET, sm. little cramp or sta- 
CRAX, sm. notch; mark. [ple> 

CRANE, sm. scull; hot-brained felloni. 
CRAPAUD, sm. toad; goose-neck of rudders. 
CRAPAUDAILLE, sf. tliin clear crape. 
CRAPAUDIERE, sf. sirampu place. 
CRAPAUD1XE, sf. toad-stone; iron-wort; 
malt-wort; sort of pear. Pigeons a la 
, broiled pigeons. 

CRAPOUSS1X, sm. little ill-shaped man. 

CRAPQUSSIXE, if. little ill-shaped wo- 

CRAPULE, sf. gross intemperance, [man. 

CRAPUL-ER, I. vn. to cat and drink to 

CRAPULEU-x, SE, a. intemperate, [excess. 

CRAQUELIN, SM. cracknel ; biscuit. [ring. 

CRAQUELOT, sm. fresh cured red-her- 

CRAQUEMEXT, sm. crack; sudden noise. 

CRAQU-ER, I. va. to crack; boast; snap. 

CRAQUERIE, sf. lie; Jib; humbug. 

CRAQUETEMEXT, sm. cracking. 

CRAQUET-ER, I. vn. to crackle. 

CRAQUEU-R, SE, s. boaster; bragger. 

CRASSAXE, sf. sort of winter pear. 

CRASSE, sf. dirt; nastiness , rust; dross. 
de la tgte, dandriff. N6 dans la 
, very meanly born. , a. gross; 

CRASSEU-x, SE, a. filthy; sordid.[thick. 

CRATERE, sm. crater; -mouth of a vol- 
cano ; kind of large ancient cup. 

CRAVACHE, sf. hand-whip; horse-whip. 

CRAVAX, sm. small shell-Jish ; barnacle. 

CRAVATE, sf. cravat; neck-cloth, sm. 
Austrian trooper ; Croatian horse. 

CRAVATTE, sf. navel line. [draught. 

CRAYON, sm. pencil; description; rough 

CRAYOXN-ER, I. va. to dram ; sketch. 

CRAYON NEUR, sm. drawer with crayons. 

CREAXCE, sf. trust; belief; debt. Let- 
tres de , credentials, [cheux, a dun. 

CREAXCI-ER, m. ERE,/, creditor. fii- 

CREAT, sm. usher in a riding-school. 

CREA.TEUR, sm. Creator; Maker. 

CREATION, sf. creation; promotion. 

CREATURE, sf. creature; a being. 

CRECELLE, sf. rattle; wooden toy. 

CRECERELLE, sf. kestrel; kind of hawk. 

CRECHE, sf. manger; crib; cratch. 

CREDEXCE, sf. little cupboard; table 
where the church-plate is kc^t. 

CRE ( 117 ) CRI 

6 3d p. s. 7 1st 8 ' IMPEBF. 10 lslp.s. "2dp.s. 12 3d.p.. 

2j ill p. pi. 2l yd p. pi. FUT. 22 1st p. s. 23 2d p. s. 24 3d p. s. ' 1st p. pi. ** 2 d p. pi. IA1P.M. 3l 2dp.s. 35 3dp.s. 6 1st p. pi. " SUBJ. M. 
45 lstp.s. 46 2dp.s. 47 3dp.s. 46 1st 5 50 

CRSDIB1LITE, sf. credibility. 
CREDIT, sin. credit ; interest. A , upon 

trust; to no purpose; without proof. 
CREDIT-EH, I. va. to credit one in the 
CREDITEUR, sm. debtor. {day-book. 
CREDO, sin. the. apostle's creed. 
CREDULE, a. credulous; sanguine. 
CREDULITE, sf.crcdulity; credulousness. 
CRE-ER, I. va. to create ; produce ; gene- 
rate. une rente, to settle tin annu- 
ity. des dettes, to run in debt. 
CREMAILLERE, */. pot-hanger. Con- 
tinuous parapet, forming a series of 
alternate brandies and crotchets re- 
spectively parallel to each other. The 
interior slope of a parapet, ichen cut 
so as to form short faces alternately 
2>arallel and perpendicular to the capi- 
tal of the work, is said to be en cre- 
maill&re. Prendre la , have a honsc- 

CREMAILLON, sin. hoo/i. [warming. 

CREME, sf. cream; the best of any thing. 
fouettee, empty, frothy discourse; 

CREMENT, sin. increase; climax. 

CREM-ER, I. VH. to cream; skim. 

CREMIERE, gf. milk-n-oman. 

CREMILLEE, sf. ward in a loch. 

CRENEAU, sm. battlement; pinnacle. 

CRENELE, E, a. embattled. 

CRENEL-ER, I. i'd. to indent ; notch. 

CRfiNELURE, sf. indenting; embattling. 

CREOLE, sin. and/. Creole; Creolian 

CRKPAGE, sm. glossing of crape. 

CREPE, sin. crape; sf. pancake. 

CKEPELU, E, a. crisped; curled. 

CREP-ER, I. va. to frizzle ; crisp. [tct . 

CREPI, sm. rough coat of mortar orplas- 

CRfiPIN, sm. saint , one's all; millet. 

CREPINE, sf. a tort of fringe. 

CRfeP-iR, II. va. to parget; rough cast. 

CREPISSURE, sf. rough cast. 

CREPITATION, gf. crackling of fire. 

CREPODAILLE, sf. gauze; crape. 

CREPON, sm. thick crape. 

CREPU, E, a. crisped; frizzled. 

CREPUSCULE, sm. ; tivilight. 

CREQUIER, sm. wild plum-tree. 

CRESEAU, sm. sort of wool stuff'. 

CRESSON, sm. cress; cresses. 

CRESSONNIERE, sf. cresses-plot. 

CRETE, sf. crest; cock's comb ; bank of 
a ditch ; tuft. Lever la , to bear it 
high. Baisser la , to come down a peg 
lower. marine, samphire. de ble, 
pyramidal pile of earn. 3, ridging. 
RKl'E, E, a. tufted; proud. 
RETEL-KH, I .va. to imitate a hen, to 
CRETON, sm. sort of fricassee. [cackle. 
CRETONNE, sf. sort 'of white linen 
CREUSEMENT, *//*. digging. 
CRi.l S-KK, 1. va. to dig , rack; dive into. 
CREUSET, sm. crucible; melting-pot. 
CREUX, sm. holloiv; pit; hole; mould. 

Beau ,fine bass; bellying of a sail. 
CREI'-X, SE, n. hollow ; deep; chimerical. 
Trouver buisson , to find t/te game 
gone. Semper , be in a brown study. 
CREVAILLE, sf. guttling ; feasting. 
CREVASSE, sf. creciee; gap; scratch; 
chop; chnp;Jtaie; malt-worm. saux 
mams, chaps in one's hands. 
CREVASS-EK, I. va. to chap; crack. 
CRKYE-CtEUR, sm. heart-break; great 
C'REVE, a. gros , big-bellied man.[grief. 
CREV-ER, I. en. to burst ; cramp ; put out. 
CREVETTE, sf. prawn ; shrimp. 
CRI, sm. cry ; shriek; motto ; icatchwortl. 
CRIAILL-EH, I. vn. to bawl; scold. 
CRIAILLERIE, sf. bawling. [bawling. 
CRIAILLEU-B, in. SE, /. bawler. a. 
CRIANT, E, a. glaring; shameful. 
CRIARD, E, . bawling; s. brawler. 
CRIARDES, a. dettes , dribbling debts. 
CRI BLE, sm. sieve; bolter ; searce. 
CRIBLE, E, a. full of holes ; sifted. 
CRIBL-ER, I. va. to sift; maul. un 

navire, to cripple a ship. 
CR1BLEUR, sm. sifter ; scarcer. 
CRIBLEUX, a. Os , sieve-like bone. 
CRI BLUR E, sf. sift ings. 
CRIBRAT1ON, sf. sifting; act of riddling. 
CRIC, sm.jack; engine for lifting burdens. 

crac, crick : sudden noise. 
CRIEE, sf. auction ; outcry. 

CRI-ER, I. vn. to cry out; proclaim; 
inveigh; clamour; grumble. de 
joie, to shout ; hollow. de peur, 
squall ; squeak. a pleine tete, scream. 

comme un aigle, to cry wry loud. 
CRIERIE, sf. cry; clamour. 
CRIEU-R, 8E,s. bawler; crier; undertaker. 

CRI ( 113 ) CRO 

[INF.M. 'PRES.T. 2 PART.PRE3. 3 PART.PAST.] IND. M. PRE3.T. 4 1st p.S. 5 2dp.S. 

13 14 13 PRET. 16 1st p.s. 1 72dp.s. 8 3d p.s. 19 
27 3d. COND.M. 28 lstp.i;. 29 2dp.s. 30 3d p".s. 31 1st 32 2d 33 8d 
PRES.T. M 1st p.s 40 2dp.s. 41 8dp.s. 42 1st 43 44 3d 

CRIME, sm. crime; sin. de lese-ma- 
jestft, high treason. [a case criminal. 

CR1MINALIS-ER une aftaire, I. va. make 

CRIM1NALISTE, sm. writer upon crimi- 
nal matters. [ , sm. a malefactor. 

CRIMINEL, LE, a. criminal; guilty. Un 

CRIMINELLEMEXT,rf. criminally-, ca- 
pitally ; with a wrong construction. 

CR1N, sm. horse-hair. Sommier de , 
hair-mattras. Se prendre aux s, to 

CRIN-CRIN, sm. wretched violin. [fight. 

CRINE, E, a. hairy. 

CRINIER, sm. worker or dealer in hair. 

CRINIERE, sf. horse or lion's mane; 

CRINON, sm. small worm, [paltry wig. 

CRIQUE, sf. creek; small harbour. s, 
ditches round fortified places cut in 
various ways to prevent intrcnchments. 

CRIQUET, sm. tit ; bad little horse. 

CRISE, sf. crisis; trial ; Jit ; paroxysm. 

CRISPAT10N, sf. crispation; contraction. 

CRISP-ER, I. va. to draw ; squeeze. 

CRISS-ER, I. vn. to gnash the teeth. 

CRISTAL, sm. crystal; best kind of glass. 

CRIT, sm. small dagger. E, .</'. small 

CR1TIQUABLE, a. censurable, [tumour. 

CRITIQUE, o. critical; captious; cen- 
sor ius ; dangerous ; fatal. 

CRITIQUE, sm. critic; judge; censurer. 
, sf. criticism; critics; censure. 

CRITIQU-ER, I. va. to criticise; blame. 

CRITIQUEUR, sm. critic; censurer. 

CROASSEMENT, sm. croaking. 

CROASS-ER, I. t'n. to croak; caw; bawl. 

CROC, sm. hook; fang; sharper; pole. 
enjambe, trip. Donner le , to sup- 
plant. Pendu au , undecided. 

CROCS, sm. long whiskers. 

CROC HE, a. crooked. , sf. quaver. 
Double , semiquaver. s, pincers. 

CROCHET, sm. hook; steel-yard; pick- 
lock; crotchet; bearer. s, fangs; 
braces; hook. Clou a , tenter-hook. 

CROCHETON, sm. small hook. s, por- 
ter's crotchets; small arms of a dos- 

CROCHET-ER, I. va. to pick a lock. [ser. 

CROCHETEUR, sm. porter; picklock. 

CROCK ETEUSE, sf. basket-woman. 

CROCHU, E, a. croolted; hooked. 11 a les 
mains ES, he is light-lingered; hepil- 

CROCODILE, sm. crocodile. [fers. I 

CROCOTTE, sm. mongrel, half dog and 
CROCUS, sm. sujf'ron-fiower. [wolf. 

rons 25 rez 26 rent 2 ? rais 28 - 29 rait 30 rois 28 - 29 

roit 30 rions 31 riez 32 raient 33 roient 33 , e 3 * 

39.41 eg 40 f ra> to Believe; credit; think. 

Se en droit de, to imagine one's self 

having a right to. See CR-US, CROY-ANT. 
CRoi-s 4 - 3 ' 34 t 6 , v. CROI TRE, to grow. 
CROISADE, sf. crusade; holy war; mad- 
CRO1SAT, sm. croisat, coin. [ness. 

CROISE, sm. croise; crusader; dupe. 

, E, a. crossed. Serge E, kersey. 
CROISEE, sf. casement; cross-bar-win- 
CROISEMENT, sm. crossing. [dow. 

CROIS-ER, to lay cross-wise ; striJce 

out ; cruise ; cross. Se , vr. lie across ; 

take upon one the cross for the holy 

war ; play the fool. [trees. 

CROISETTE, sf. crosset, in heral. cross- 
CROISEUR, sm. cruiser; sea-rover, [crs. 
CROISI^IRE, sf. cruise; meeting of cruis- 
CROISILLON, sm. cross-bar. 
CROISSANCE, sf. growing age; growth. 
CROISSANT, sm. crescent; hook. 
CROiSS-ANT 2 ons7- 36 ez 8 - 3 7ent 9 - 38 - 44 a is 10 -" 

ait 12 ois 10 - 11 oit 12 ions 13 - 42 iez 14 - 43 aient 15 

oient^e 35 - 39 - 41 es 40 , v. CROITRE, togrorv. 
CROISURE, sf. cross-web; crossing. 
CROIT, sf. increase ; growth. 6 , v. 
CROITe-RE 1 rai 22 ras 23 ra 24 rons 25 rez^ 

ront 2 ? rais 28 - 29 rait 30 rois 28 - 29 roit 30 rions 

31 riez 32 raient 33 roient 33 , vn. to grow; 

increase; thrive; swell; lengthen; wax. 

CROIX, sf. a cross; sorrow. sur les 

cables, cross in the hawse. ou pile, 

toss up; head-or-tail. 
CROIX-DE-PAR-DIEU, sf. alphabet with 

a cross ; cross-row ; primer ; horn-book, 
CRON, sm. sand; notch; heap of shells. 
CRONE, sm. wheel-crane ; fish-hole. 
CROQUANT, E, a. scrunching ; crackling; 

sm. poor wretch. E, sf. crispy crust. 
CROQUE-LARDON, s?n. sponger, [player. 
CROQUE-NOTE, sm. bad musician; bad 
CROQUE, sf. a la -- au-sel, mith salt and 

mater; carelessly. Je vous mangerais 4 

la -- au-sel, I could eat you up. 
CROQU-ER, I. va. to scranch; crackle; 

devour; pilfer; hook; grapple. le 

CRO ( 119 ) CUC 

7 8 9 IMPERF. 10 lstp.s. H 2dp.s. 12 3dp.. 

10 21 PUT. 22 lstp.s. 23 2dp.s. 24 3dp.s. K 1st p. pi. M 

p. pi IMP.M. 34 2dp.s. s 5 3d p. s. 1st p. pi. 37 38 3d p. pi. SUBJ. M. 
"Istp.s. 4 <52dp.s. 47 3dp.s. 50 

marmot, dance attendance. le croc 

de palan, to hook the cat to the anchor. 
CROQUET, sm. thin and hard gingcr- 
CROQUEUR,?H. dcvourer; glutton.[bread. 
CROQUIGNOLE, sf.Jillip; kind of cake. 
CROQUIGNOL-EB, I. va. tojtllip. 
CROQUIS, sm. sketch ; rough draught. 
CROSSE, sf. crosier; butt-end; but; 

drumstick or pestle, [rying the crosier. 
CROSSE, a. who has the privilege of car- 
CROSS-ER, I. vn. to play at cricket ; va. 

treat with great contempt; abuse; in- 
CROSSEUR, sm. cricket player. [suit. 
CROTON, sin. lump of raw sugar, [mals. 
CROTTE, sf.dirt; mud; dung of ani- 
CROTT-ER, I. va. to dirt ; soil. Poete E, 

paltry poet. E, E, a. bedagglcd. 
CROTTIN, sm. dry dung; dung of animals. 
CROU, sm. kind of sandy soil, [buildings. 
CROULEMENT, gm. sinking, falling, of 
CROUL-ER, I. vn. to sink; shake; totter. 

un vaisseau, launch a ship. 
CROULI-ER, ERE, a. boggy ; marshy. 
CROUPADE, sf. bouncing of a horse. ^ 
CROUPE, sf. croup ; top of a hill. Etre 

en , to ride behind, [to the ground. 
CROUPETON, A , ad. squatting ; close 
CROUPI, E, a. stagnated; standing, [ant. 
CROUPIER, sm. crouper ; partner ; assist- 
CROUPIERE, sf. crupper ; hawser ; stern 

cable. Tailler des s, cut out work. 

Mouiller en , anchor by the stern. 
CROUPION, sm. rump. [stagnate. 

CROUP-iR, II. vn. to stand still; abide; 
CROUPISSANT, E, a. standing; notjtoiv- 
CROUSTILLE, sf. piece of crust. [ing. 
CROUSTILL-ER, I. vn. to eat a crust. 
CROUSTILLEUSEMENT, ad. comically; 

in mirth. [humorous. 

5ROU8TILLEU-X, SE, a. droll; difficult; 
CROUTE, sf. crust; scurf; rind; scab. 
CROUTELETTE, sf. little crust. 
CROUTIER, sm. bad painter; dealer in 

common pictures. 

CROUTON, sm. crusty piece of bread. 
CROYABLE, a. credible; true. 
CROYANCE, sf. belief; trust; opinion. 
CROY-ANT 2 , ons 7 - 36 ez 8 - 37 ais 10 ' 11 ait 12 oit ia ions 13 - 42 iez 14 - 3 aient 15 oient 

15 , v. CROIRE, to believe. [ ful. 

CROYANT, sin. believer; one of the faith- 

CRU, E, fl. raw; blunt; hard ; unman- 
nerly ; undigested ; imperfect. Reponse 
crue, blunt answer. Pensee E, un- 
digested thought. A , on the bare skin. 

-^, v. CROIRE, to believe. [to grow. 
CRU, sm. growth; soil. 3 , v. CROITRE, 
CRUAUTE, sf. cruelty; grievous things. 
CRUCHE, sf. pitcher; blockhead. 
CRUCHERIE, sf. foolishness; stupidity. 
CRUCHfiE, sf. pitcher- full. 
CRUCHON, sm. little pitcher ; booby. 
CRUCIAL, E, a. crucial; transtt r*< . 
CRUC1FERE, a. cruciferous ; bearing the 
CRUCIFI-ER, I. va. to crucify. [cross. 
CRUCIFIEMENT, sm. crucifixion. 
CRUCIFIX, sm. crucifix; cross. 
CRUCIFIXION, */. , nailing to the cross. 
CRUD, a. raw ; not cooked. 
CRUDITE, sf. rawness ; crudity ; indigcs- 
CRUE, sf. increase ;Jtood. a. raw. [turn. 
CRUEL, LE, a. cruel; hard. [ly. 

CRUELLEMENT, ad. cruelly; barbarous- 
CRUMENT, CRUEMENT, ad. bluntly. 
CRUPELLAIRE, sm. Poman gladiator. 
CRURAL, E, a. crural; of the leg. 
CRU 3 -s 3 - 16 - 17 e 3 ues 3 t 18 , CRU-t 47 mes 19 

tes 20 rent 21 , CRUSS-E 45 es 46 ions 18 icz 48 

ent 50 , v. CROIRE, to believe. 
CRU 3 -s 3 - 16 - 17 e 3 es 3 t 18 - 47 mes 19 tes 20 rent 21 , 

CRUSS-E 45 es 46 ions 48 iez 49 ent 50 , v. 

CROITRE, to grow; increase; thrire. 
CRUSTACE, E, a. crustaceans; shelly. 
CR\JZADE,f.cruzado;acoin,\forth 2s. 8d. 
CRYPTE, sf. burying-vault ; crypt. 
CRYPTOGRAPHIE, */. cryptography; se- 
cret writing. [knomi author. 
CRYPTONYME, a. anonymous; sm.un- 
CRYSTAL, sm. crystal ; Jine glass. 
CRYSTALLIN, sm. crystalline humour ; 

crystal sky. [parent; limpid; pure. 
CRYSTALLIN, E, a. crystalline; trans- 
CRYSTALLISATION, sf. crystallization. 
CRYSTALLIS-ER, I. va. to crystallize. 
CU, sm. bottom; tail. See CUL. 
CUBATION, sf. cubation; measuring. 
CUBE, sm. cube; a. cubic; cubical. 
CUB-ER, I. va. to measure solids. 
CUBE-BE, sf. small dried fruit like pep- 
CUBIQUE, a. cubical. [per; cubeb. 

CUBITAL, E, a. cubital; of the elbow. 
CUCERON, sm. sort of worm. 


( 120 ) 


[INF.M. ^RES.T. 2 PART.PRES. 3 PART.PAST.j IND. M. PRES.T. * 1st p.S. 5 2dp.S. 

13 14 * PRET. 16 lstp.s. 2dp.s. 18 3d p.s. 
27 3d p. pi. COND.M. 28 1st p. s. 2 d p. s. '*> 3d p. s. 31 lst p . pL yt 2(1 r . pL 33 3d 
PRES.T. ^Istp.s. 40 2dp.s. 41 3dp.s. 42 3d p. pi. 3d p. pi. IMPERF. 

CUCURBITAIN, gut.Jtat irorm. 
CUCURB1TE, sf. ; vessel like a gourd. 
CUEILLE, sf. breadth of sail-clot h. 
CUEILLERET, sin. rent-roll of a manor. 
CUEILLETTE, */. harvest; gathering; 
collection ; measure equal to a quintal. 
CUE1LLEU-R, in. SF,,/. gatherer. 
CUEILL-IR 1 ant 2 i 3 ie 3 ies* is 3 - 16 - 17 e "-6.34. 

3o.39.41 es .i.40 OIls 7.36 t , z S.37 ent 9.3S.4>. iis 10.ll 

ait 12 ois 10 -" oit 12 ions 13 - 42 iez 14 - 43 aient 15 

oient 15 it 18 imes 19 Ites 20 irent 21 erai 22 

eras 23 era 24 erons 25 ere/ 26 eront 27 erais 

2&.29 era i t 30 erois 28 - 29 eroit 30 erions 31 

eriez 32 eraient 33 eroient 33 isse 45 isses 46 

It 47 issions 48 issiez 49 issent 50 , va. to 

gather ; pick ; crop ; pluck, {gatherings. 

CUEILLOIR, sin. fruit-basket; basket for 

CU1D-ER, I. vn. think ; intend (old). 

CUILLER, CUILLERE, ff. spoon ; ladle. 

a pot, pot-ladle. a brai, pitch- 
ladle. a canon, gunner's ladle. a 
pompe, pump-borer. 

CU1LLEREE, sf. spoonful, [of ajlowcr. 

CUILLERON, sin. bowl of a spoon; part 

CUILLIER, sin. spatula (bird). 

CUINE, sf. vessel to distil aqua-fortis. 

CUIR, sin. leather; hide. a rasoir, a 
strap. Entre et chair, inwardly. 
II a le dur, lie is insensible. Faire 
du d'autrui large courroie, to be free 
of another man's purse. Visage de 

bouilli, wainscot-face. sde Sallee, 
. Barbary leather, s verts, raw hides. 

CUIRASSE, sf. cuirass; armour, [pared. 
CUIRASSE, E, a. with a cuirass; pre- 
CUIRASS-EH, I. va. to cover with a cui- 
CU1RASSIER, SHI. cuirassier. [rass. 

CUI-RE 1 t 3 - 6 ts 3 te 3 tes 3 s 4 - 5 - 34 rai 22 ras 23 
ra 24 rons* 5 rez 26 ront 27 rais 28 - 29 rait 3 " j 
rois 28 - 29 roit 30 rions 31 riez 32 raient 33 roient j 
33 , va. and n. to cook ; be cooked; digest ; . 
smart; bake; do ; dress. Ilvousencuira j 
quelque jour, you'll smart, for it. Vous j 
viendrez cuire a notre four, you will 
want us some datf or other. See 

CU1S 4.5.34. /VNT 2 ons 7.36 ez 8.37 en t 9 38 ' 44 ais 

> ait' 2 ois>-" oit 12 ionsi 3 - 42 iezi 4 - 43 
aient 15 oient 1 -' is 16 - 17 it 18 imes' 9 ites 20 irent i 

21 e 35.39.41 es 40 isse 4.5 isses 46 it 47 i ss ions 48 | 

issiez 49 issent 50 , v. CUIRE. 
CUISANT, E, 0. sharp ; smarting ; prickly. 

CUISEUR, sm. brick burner. 

CUISINE, */. kitchen; cookery. Ktre 
charge de , to be very fat. Latin de 
, very bad Latin. Faire la , to 

CUISIN-ER, to cook, [dress victuals. 

CUIS1NI-EK, m. ERE,/. COOk. 

CUISSART, sm. thigh-armour; cuish. 
CU1SSE, sf. thigh; leg of afon-l. [ing. 
CUISSON, m. dressing of victuals ; smart- 
CUISSOT, sm. haunch of a deer, &c. 
CUISTRE, sm. servant in a college; 

schoolmaster's man ; pedant. 
CUIT, E, a. done; dressed; toiled; baked; 

roasted. Avoir du pain , to have a 

competency. 11 est , he is ruined. 

3 * 6 , v. CUIRE, to cook. [ 3 , cooked. 
CUITE, sf. baking; burning of bricks, etc. 
CUIVRii, sm. copper. jaune, brass. 
CUIVR-ER, I. va. to copper over. 
CUL, sm. bottom ; tail. de lampe, tail 

piece. de plomb, sedentary man. 

de sac, blind alley; small harbour. 

blanc, bird called white-tail. de 
jatte, lame man. de basse-fosse, 
dungeon. bas, sort of game at 
cards. par dessus tete, topsy-turvy. 

CULASSE, sf. breech of a gun ; stock. 
CULBUTE, -s/. tumble; somerset ; fall. 
CULBUT-ER, I. va. to overthrow ; break ; 

tumble; turn'tijsidedotvn. C'ebanquier 

a culbute, that banker is knocked up. 
CULERON, sm. dock of a crupper. 
CULEE, sf. butment of a bridge. [way. 
CUL-ER, I. vn. to go astern; have stern- 
CULIERE, sf. gutter-stone. 
CULIER, boyau , sm.long gut; rectum. 
CULMINANT, E, a. culminating. 
CULMINATION, sf. . [meridian. 

CULMIN-ER, to culminate; be intlt 
CULOT, m. nestling; youngest; dress. 
CULOTTE, sf. breeches; back part of a 

pigeon ; rump of beef. 
CULOTTIER, sm. breeches-maker. 
CULOTTIN, sm. close breeches; child 

ncivly breeched. 

CULTE, sm. worship; honour; respect. 
CULTIVABLE, a. capable of culture. 
CULTIVATEUR, sm. husbandman. 
CULTIV-ER, to cultivate; manure. 
CULTURE, sf. culture; tillage. 
CUMIN, sin. cuminc, an African plant. 

CUM ( 121 ) 

6 3d p. s. ' 8 9 3d p. pi. IMPERP 

20 FUT . 22 lstp-s< I 
45 1st p.s 

IMP. M. 34 2dp.. 
46 2d p.s. 4 ? 3d p.s 


10 1st p.s. 2dp.s. 12 3dp.e. 
._..-. 3d p.s. M l ^ 
35 3d p.s. 36 jstp.pi. 37 2d p. p i. 38 3d p .pi. SUBJ. M. 

d p.s. 1st p. pi. 3 2 d p. pi. 3 
4i) 1st 49 2d 50 3d 

CUMULATI-F, VE, a. accumulative ; con- 
sisting of parts heaped up. 

CUMULATIVEMENT, ad. cumulatively. 

CUMUL-ER, 1. va. to accumulate. 

CUNETTE, cuvette, sf.opendrain running 
along the middle of a larger ditch. 

CUPIDITE, sf. cupidity; lust. [child. 

CUPIDON, sin. Cupid; love; beautiful 

CURABLE, a. curable ; that may behealed. 

CURAGE, sm. cleansing; scouring. 

CURATELLE, sf. guardianship. 

CURAT-EUR, m. RICE,/, guardian. 

CURATION, sf. treatment of a disease, etc. 

CURATI-F, VE, a. curative,; curing. 

CURCUMA, sin. Indian saffron. 

CURE, sf. cure; living ; parsonage ; house 
set apart for a parson ; clearing ; hemp- 
bolus for a bird. Avoir , to mind. 

CURE, sin. parson; rector; parish-mi- 

CURE-DENT, sm. tooth-pick. [nister. 

CUREE, sf. hound's fees; carnage. Faire 
, vn. to junket. 

CURE-OREILLE, sm. ear-pick. 

CURE-PIED, sm. hoof-picker. 

CUR-ER, I. va. to cleanse; pick. 

CURETTE, sf. scoop; surg. instrum.; 
pump scraper. CURET, sm. rubber. 

CUREUR, sm. night-wan ; cleanser. 

CURIAL, E, a. belonging to a parson. 

CURIE, sf. ward ; part of a Roman tribe. 

CURIEUSEMENT, ad. curiously. 

CURIEU-x, SE, a. curious; rare; sm. 
virtuoso; curious part; oddness. [lux. 

CURION, sm. priest instituted by Romu- 

CURIOSITE, sf. curiosity; raree-show. 

CUROIR, SHI. plough-staff. [ved lines. 

CURVILIGNE, a. curvilineal ; with cur- 

CURV1TE, sf. curvity; bending. 

CURUCUCU, sm. large serpent of Brazil. 

CURULE, a. chaise , curule ; ivory chair. 

CURURES, */. pi. dregs of a well or sink. 

CUSE-FORNE, sm. Japan rowing-boat. 

CUSSON, COSSON, sm. wood-worm. 

CUSSONE, E, a. worm-eaten. 

CUSTODE, sf.pix; curtain; holster-cap. 
Donner le fouet sous la , to give one a 
private whipping; sm. warden. 

CUSTODINOS, sm. one holding a living in 

CUTANE, E, a. cutaneous. [trust. 

CUTICULE, sf. cuticle; thin skin. 

CUTTER, sm. cutter. CUVAQE, tubbing. 

CUVE, sf. large tub. Fosses a fond de 
, steep ditches. Dtner a fond de 
, to eat a plentiful dinner. 

CUVEAU, sin. little tub. 

CUVEE, sf. tub-full ; contents of a tub. 

CUVELAGE, sm. earth-prop. [&c. 

CUVEL-ER, I. va. to prop a wall; amine; 

CUV-ER, I. vn. to work; fret. son 
vin, sleep one's self sober ; cool or relent. 

CUVETTE, sf. cistern ; wash-hand-basin. 

CUVIER, sm.Jish-tub ; bucking-tub. 

CYATIIE, sm. large tumbler or cup. 

CYCLAMEN, sm. son-bread; lady's seal. 

CYCLE, sm. cycle ; revolution. solaire, 
cycle of the sun. lunaire, cycle of 
the moon; golden number. 

CYC LOPE, sw. cyclop ; one-eyed monster. 

CYGNE, sm. swan ; great poet. 

CYLINDRE, sm. cylinder ; roller. 

CYLINDRIQUE, a. cylindrical; round. 

CYMAISE.s/. cymatium; kind of mould- 
ing, at the end of a cornice. [walls. 

CYM3ALAIRE, sf. plant that grows on 

CYMBALE, sf. cymbal; kettle-drum. 

CYMBALIUM, sm. navel-wort. 

CYME, CIME, sf. stalk; stem. 

CYMETTE, CIMETTE, sf. sprout. 

C YNIQUE, a. cynical ; impudent ; obscene, 
sm. a cynic. [trine; cynicism. 

CYNISME, sm. cynical character or doc- 

CYNOSURE, sf. cynosure; Constellation 
called Little Bear ; also a plant. 

CYPRES, sm. cypress-tree. 

CYTHEREE, sf. Venus; a plant. 

CZAR, sm. czar; Russian emperor. 

CZARIEN, NE, a. czarian; czarish. 

CZARINE, sf. czarina ; Russian empress. 

CZAROWITZ, sm. son of a Czar. 


T) fourth letter of the French Alphabet. 
D, sm. Un D, a D. D', of; from ; 

stands for DE. D, roman cypher, 500. 

D, stands for 4 in printing. 
DA, oui , ay marry ; yes indeed. Nenni- 

da, no forsooth ! DA ALDER, sm. Dutch 
D'ABORD, ad. first ; at first. [coin. 

DACTYLE, sm. dactyle; one long and two 
DADA, sm. hobby-horse, [short syllables. 
DADAIS, sm. booby ; ninny, [lost a horn. 
DAGORNE, sf. old beldam; con that hat 


DAG ( 122 ) DE 

[INF.M. 'PRES.T. 2 PART.PRES. 3 PART. PAST.] IND.M. PRE9.T. 4 1st p.S. 5 2d p.S 

13 " 15 PRET. 16 1st p.s. '72dp.s. 18 Sdp.s. 19 
27 COND.M. 28 1st p.s. 29 2dp.s. ^Sdp.s. 3' 1st 32^ p>pl . 333d 
PRES.T. M 1st p.s. 40 2dp.s. 41 3dp.s. 42 1st 43 44 3d IMPERP. 

DAGUE, sf. dagger; pricket; tusk. de 
prevot, cat-o 'nine-tails. s, horns of 
a stag two years old. [rope's end. 

DAGU-ER, I. va. to stab; beat with a 

DAGUET, sm. brocket; young stag. 

DAIGN-ER, I. vn. to deign; vouchsafe. 

D'AILLEURS, ad. besides; on the other 

DAILLOTS, aw. pi. sail-rings. [hand. 

DAIM, s>n. buck; deer. DAINE, sf. doe. 

DAINTIERS, aw. pi. doucets; stag's tes- 

DAIS, sm. canopy; covering. [tides. 

DALLE, sf.Jlag-stone; slice of fish; fire- 
ship trough. de pompe, pump-dale. 

DALON, DALOT, sm. scupper-hole. 

DAM, sm. cost; loss; torments. A son 
dam, to his peril or cost. 

DAMAS, sm. damask; damson; plum. 

DAMASQUIN-ER, I. va. to damask ; weave 
into flowers ; inlay steel with gold. 

DAMASQUINURE, sf. damasking. 

DAMASSE, sm. damasked linen. 

DAMASS-ER, I. va. to work damask-like. 

DAMASSURE. sf. damasking. 

DAME, sf. lady; goody; sluice. s, 
draughts. de trefie, queen of clubs. 

damee, lady of quality ; king at 
draughts. Jeanne, large bottle. 
Notre de Mars, Lady Day in Lent. 
Notre d' Aout, Assumption of the 
Virgin Mary. Dame.' ad. nay; marry! 

DAM-ER, I. va. to crown, at draughts. 

le pion, to supplant or outdo. 
DAMERET, sm. beau ; spark ; fop. 
DAMIER, sm. draught or chess-board. 
DAMNABLE, a. damnable; pernicious; 

odious; detestable; wicked. 
DAMNABLEMENT, ad. damnably, [ven. 
DAMNATION, sf. , exclusion from hea- 
DAMNE, E, a. condemned; damned. Les 

s, aw. the damned. Ame E, sf. 

profligate wretch. L'ame E de quel- 

qu'un, the tool of one, his fag. 
DAMN-ER, I. va. to damn; condemn; 

doom; torture; importune; worry. 
D AMOISEAU, am. fop ; spark. [merly. 
DAMOISEL, sw. youth not knighted, for- 
DAMOISELLE, sf. daughter of a noble; 

damsel, law term. 

DANCHE, E, a. indented, in heraldry. 
DANDIN, sm. ninny ; fop. [motion. 

DAND1NEMENT, sm. jolting; foolish 

DANDIN-ER, 1. vn. behave like a ninny. 
DANGER, aw. danger; risk; pi. rocks. 
DANGEREUSEMENT, ad. dangerously. 
DANGEREU-x, SB, a. dangerous. 
DANS,pr. in ; in the; into ; within ; with. 

le dessein, with a design ; designedly. 
DANSE, sf. dance; dancing. Entrer en 

, to engage in an affair; begin. 
DANS-ER, I. vn. to dance. Faire quel- 
qu'un, to cut work for one ; make him 
smart. Faire un branle de sortie, 
to turn out. II ne sait sur quel pied 
, he is at his wit's end. Ce vin ferait 

les chevres, this wine is mere vine- 
gar. sur rien, be hanged. 

DANSEU-R, m. SE,/. dancer. 

DARD, aw. dart; spindle. & feu,Jire- 

DARD-ER, I. va. to dart ; shoot, [arrow. 

DARDEUR, sm. dart-fiinger ; shooter. 

DARD1LLE, */. spindle of a pink. 

DARDILL-ER, to spindle; shoot fast. 

DARIOLE, sf. custard; blow, [intrigues. 

DAR10LETTE, sf. lady's agent in her 

DARNE, sf. slice offish, [small wet dock. 

DARSE, sf. wet dock. DARSINE, sf. 

DARTRE, sf. tetter; ringworm. fari- 
neuse, morphew. [by. 

DARTREU-x, SE, sf. full of tetters; scab- 

DATAIRE, sm. datary. [minute down. 

DATE, sf. date; time. Prendre , vn. to 

DAT-ER, I. vn. to date; note; reckon. 

DATERIE, sf. datary's office. 

DATIF, sm. dative case. [tuitous. 

DATION, sf. deed of gift; gift, not gra- 

DATIVE, a. tutelle , guardianship ap- 
pointed by the judge's decree. 

DATTE, sf. date; fruit of the date-tree. 

DATTIER, aw. date-tree. [apple. 

DATURE, sf. kind of stramonium; thorn- 

DAVANTAGE, ad. more ; any more ; more- 

DAUBE, sf. kind of sauce. [over. 

DAUB-ER, I. va. to daub; jeer. 

DAUBEUR, aw. banterer; sneerer. 

DAVIER, sm. pincers to draw teeth. 

DAUPHIN, am. dauphin; dolphin; eldest 
son of the kings of France. [wife. 

DAUPHINE, */. dauphiness; dauphin's 

D'AUTANT que, c. whereas. plus, ad. 
so much tJie more. rnieux, the rather. 

DE, pr. of; from ; some ; to ; with ; by ; 
at ; than. Plus , more than. nuit, 

DSS ( 123 ) DEB 

6 3dp.s. ' 8 9 IMPERF. I0 lstp.8. U 2dp.s. 1J Sdp.s. 21 PUT. 22 lstp.s. 23 2dp.s. 24 Sdp.s. 1st p. pi. ^ IMP. M. 34 2dp.s. ^ 3d p. s. & 1st p. pi. " 38 3d p. pi. SUBJ.M. 
*Mstp.s. 4 62dp.s. V 3d p. s. 46 1st p. pi. so 3 d p . p i. 

in the night, Vivre poisson, to live 
upon Jish. Sauter joie, leap for joy. 

la sorte, so ; thus. plus, moreover; 
besides. la part de, in the name of. 

ce que, c. because ; that ; of what. | 
DE, sm.die; thimble; chance. A vous 

le , it is now your turn. Sans 
flatter le , roundly. Piper les s, to 
cog the dice. [bleaching. 

DEALBATION, sf. whitening by Jire; 

DEBABILL-ER, I. va. to cease prattling. 

DEBACLAGE, srn. clearing harbour. 

DEBACLE, sf. breaking of a frozen ri- 
ver ; the cleaning of harbours. 

DEBACLEMENT, sm. breaking of the ice. 

DEBACL-ER, I. to break as ice in a river; 
clean harbours; unbar a door. 

DfiBACLEUR, sm. water-bailiff'. 

DEBAGOUL-ER, I. vn. to blurt out; bab- 
ble; blab; talk at random, [babbler. 

DfiBAGOULEUR, sm. noisy prattler; 

DEBALL-ER, I. va. to unpack ; pack off; 
go aivai/. AGE, sm. unpacking. 

DEBANDADE, sf. A la , helter-skelter; 
at random or in disorder. [banding. 

DEBANDEMENT, sm. relaxation; dis- 

DEBAND-ER, I. va. to unlock ; relax. Se 
, vr. to slacken ; disperse. 

DEBANQU-ER, I. va. to ruin, break the 
banker, gaming term ; return from 
Newfoundland. [renounce baptism. 

DEBAPTIS-ER, I. vn. change one's name; 

DEBARBOUILL-ER, I. va. to wash; clean. 

DfiBARCADOUR, sm. wharf; storehouse. 

DEBARDAGE, sm. unlading of wood. 

DEBARD-ER, I. va. to unlade wood. 

DEBARDEUR, sm. lighterman. 

DEBARQUEMENT, sm. disembarking; 
return of the stores of a ship. Troupes 
de , land forces. [va. unlade. 

DEBARQU-ER, I. vn. disembark; land; 

DEBARQUER, sm. landing; unloading. 

DEBARRAS, sm. disencumbrance. 

DEBARRASSEMENT, sm. clearing; dis- 
encumbrance. [disencumber. 

DEBARRASS-ER, I. va. to clear; get out; 

DEBARR-ER, I. va. to unbar; open. 

DEB AT, sm. debate; strife. [saddle. 

DEBAT-ER, I. va. to take off" the pack- 

DEBATELAGE, sm. unloading of boats. 

DEBAT 6 -s 4>5 - 34 , v. DEBATTRE. 

DEBATT-RE 1 ant 2 u 3 ue 3 us 3 ues 3 ons 

7-36 ez 8.37 ent 9-38.44 a i s !0.11 a j t !2 

ois io.H oit ia ions 13 - 42 iez 14 - 43 aienH* 
oient^ fe>6.n i t is iines i9 !tes 2o irent si rai 
22 ras 23 ra 24 rons 25 rez 2 6 rent 2 ? rais 28 - 29 
rait 30 rois 28 - 29 roit 30 rions 31 riez 32 raient 33 
roient 33 e^-^-M es 40 isse 45 isses 46 It 4 ? 
issions 48 issiez 49 issent 50 , Se , vr. to 
struggle; combat; toss about. See 
DEBATS. [ing; an irregular life. 

DEBAUCHE, */. debauchery ; merry-mtct- 

DEBAUCHE, sm.debauchee. 

DEBAUCHEE, sf. lewd woman. 

DEBAUCH-ER, I. ua. to debauch; cor- 
rupt; vitiate; bribe; entice away. Se 
, follow ill courses; leave off' one's 

DEBENTURE, */. kind of tax. [work. 

DEBET, */. balance; debtor; debtor's 
side; that which is due. [cloy. 

DEB1FF-ER, I. va. to disorder; weaken; 

DEBIFFE, a. nan. Visage , water- 
gruel face; wretched look. 

DEBILE, a. feeble; relaxed; faint. 

DEBILEMENT, ad. feebly; weakly. 

DEBILITATION, */. ; relaxation. 

DEBILITE, sf. feebleness ; debility. 

DEBILIT-ER, I. va. to enfeeble, [of wood. 

DEBILLARD-ER, I. va. to lessen a piece 

DEBILL-ER, I. va. to loosen the horses 
that draw a boat; to rest. [cy. 

DEBIT,; utterance; detail ;flucn- 

DEBITANT, sm. E, sf. retailer; vender. 

DEBIT-ER, to vend; retail; utter; 
give out; declaim. en gros, sell by 
wholesale. en detail, sell by retail. 

DEBITEU-R, m. SB,/, spreader of news. 

DEBIT-ECR, m. RICE,/, debtor. 

DEBITTER un cable, va. to unbit a cable. 

DEBLAI, sm. clearing; beau , happy 
riddance. The earth thrown out in the 
act of excavating the ditch. [from. 

DEBLAY-ER, I. va. to rid; clear; free 

DEBLOCAGE, sm. raising of a blockade. 

DEBLOQU-ER, I. va. to raise the siege; 
remove a blockade; unstop. [grief- 

DEBOIRE, sm. unpleasant taste; twang; 

DEBOITEMENT, sm. disjointing, [warp. 

DEBOIT-ER, I. va. to put out of joint; 

DEBOND-ER, I. va. to open the dam. 
Se , vr. to sluice out; break forth. 

DEBONDONN-ER, I. va. to unbung. 

DEB ( 124 ) DEC 

fINF.M. PRES.T. SPART.PRES. SPART.PAST.] IND.M. PRES.T. 4 1st p.s. 5 2d p.s. 
13 " 13 PRET. 16 1st p.s.. 17 i>dp.s. 16 3d p.s. 
27 3d p. pi. COND.M. 1st p.s. - 9 '2d p.s. 3( >3d p.s. 31 1st 3 *2d ^3d 
PRES.T. 39 1st p.s. 4u -2dp.s. 41 3dp.s. 4a 1st 43 2dp.pU 44 3d I.MPERF. 

DEBONNAIRE, a. affable; gracious; kind; 

DEBOflNAIREMENT, ad. kintlly. [good. 

DEBONN A1RETE, sf. kindiu'ss.[humours. 

DEBORD, s>n. dejtuxion; spreading of 

DEBORDE! int. put oft'; sheer off'! 

DEBORDE, E, a. dissolute. [gacy. 

D&BORDEMENT, sm. ^ccrjlowing; projli- 

DEBORD-ER, I. vn. to occrjiow; ran 

over; leap over; jut out. , va. to 

unbordcr. Se en injures, vr. to inveigh 

sharp!// ; sheer off'. 

DEBOsS-ER un cable, I. va. to take the 
stoppers off a cable, [pull off' one's boots. 
DEBOTf-EK, I. r,i. to unboot. Se , vr. 
DEBOUCHE, sin. sale; expedient; issue 
from a defile. DEBOUCHEMENT, DE- 
BOUCHER, SHI.. open-Lay ; opportunity; 
means; coining out; debouching. 
DEBOUCH-ER, I. va. to unstop; open; 
uncork, en. debouch. [curl; unring. 
DEBOUCL-ER, I. va. to unbuckle; un- 
DEBOUILLI, sm. trying of colours. 
DEBOUILL-iR 1 , va. to try colours for 

dyeing, conjugated like BOUILLIR. 
DEBOUQUEMENT, sin. disemboguing; 
clearing away. [strait. 

DEBOUQU-ER, I. vn. to sail out of a 
DEBOURB-ER, I. va. to cleanse. 
DEBOURGEOIS-ER, I. va. to give a finish 

to ; adorn; polish ; fashion. 
DEBOURGEONN-EK 'la vigne, I. va. to 

nip off the young buds of a vine. 
DEBOURR-ER, I. va. to draw out mad- 
ding; unstop ; 2>olish a young man. 
DEBOURS, sin. pi. advance in cash. 
DEBOURSE, sin. money laid out. 
DEBOURSEMENT, sm. disbursement. 
DEBOURS-ER, I. va. to disburse. 
DEBOUT, ad. up; standing; upright. 

a la lame, head to the sea. a terre, 
head to the shore. ! get up! be stir- 

DEBOUT-ER, I. va. to reject, in law. [ring ! 
DEBOUTOTsN-ER, I. va. to unbutton. 
DEBRA1LL-ER, I. Se , vr. to bare one's 

breast. A ventre E, with excess. 
DEBREDOUILL-ER, I. Se , vr. to save 

the lurch, at backgammon. 
DEBRID-ER, 1. va. to unbridle; dispatch. 

Sans , at one stretch : without baiting. 
DEBRIS, sm. wreck; waste; rubbish. 

de la fortune, great decay of fortune. 

DEBRIS d'unearmee, remains of an army. 
DEBROUILLEMENT, sm. clearing. 
DEBROUILL-ER, I. va. to clear. 
DEBRUT-iR, II. va. to polish; rough hew. 
DEBUCH-ER, I. ca. to unharbour ; start 

from the n-ood ; dislodge ; uncover. 
DEBUSQUEMEXT, sin. driving out. 
DEBUSQU-ER, I. va. to drive out; sup- 
plant; turn out. [enterprise. 

DEBUT, sm. the lead; ; beginning of an 
DEBUT-ER, I. vn. to begin; lead; knock 

away ; play first. 

DEQ^., ud. on this side. et dela, on 
both sides. Au , en , par , on 
this side. [metres. 

DECA, tenfold more. Decametre, 10 
DECACHET-ER, I. va. to unseal, [days. 
DECADE, sf. decade, number of 10 , ten 
DECADENCE, sf. decay; decline; ruin. 
DECAGONE, sm. decagon; ten-sided. 
DECAISS-ER, I. va. to take out of a chest. 
DECALOGUE, sm. ten commandments. 
DECALQU-ER, I. va. to counter draw. 
DECAMERON, sm. decameron, ten days. 
DECAMPEMENT, sm. decampment. 
DKCAMP-ER, I. vn. decamp; march off. 
DECANAT, sm. deanery. [of a dean. 

DECANIS-ER, I. vn. to supply the place 
DECANONIS-ER, I. va. to uncanonize. 
DECANTATION, sf. --; decanting. 
DECAXT-ER, I. va. to decant; pour off. 
DECAP-ER, I. va. to part the vcrdigrease 

from the copper, vn. double a cape. 
DECAPITATION, sf. ; beheading. 
DECAPIT-ER, I. va. to behead; decapitate. 
DECARREL-ER, I. va. to unjtave. [met. 
DECASQU-ER, I. vn. to takeoff one's hel- 
DECAT-iR, II. va. to take off the gloss. 
DEC ED E, sm. E, sf. the departed; 
DECED-ER, I. vn. to decease; die. [dead. 
DECEIND-RE, va. to ungird; take off'a 

girdle; conjugated on CEIKDRE. 
DECEINT, E, a. ungirded; unbound. 
DECELEMENT, sm. detection. [tray. 
DECEL-ER, I. va. detect; disclose; be- 
DECELEU-R, sm. SE, sf. informer. 
DECEMBRE, sm. December. [manner. 
DECEMMENT, ad. decently ; in a proper 
DECEMPEDE, sf. dccempedul; ancient 
measure, 10 feet long. [chiefs. 

DECEMVIR, sm. decemvir', one of ten 


( 125 ) 


6 3dp.s. 8 9 3d p. pi. IMPERF. 10 lstp.s. Il 2dp.s. I2 3dp.s. 

80 - M 3d PUT. * 2 1st p.s. 23 2dp.s. 24 3d p.s. 25 1st p. pi. x 

p. pi. IMP. M. 34 2d p. s. 35 3d p. s. & 1st p. pi. 37 2d p . p i. 38 3d p . pl . SUBJ . M . 
45 1st p.s. 46 2d p.s. 4 7 3d p.s. 4S 1st 49 2d 50 3d 

DECEM VIRAL, E, a. decemvir al; tenth 
in power, [tract/ of the decemvirs 

DECEM VIRAT, sin. dcccmcirate; magis- 
DECENCE, sf. decency; decorum, [long. 
DECENNAL, E, a. decennial; ten years 
DECENT, E, a. decent; becoming. 
DECEPTION, sf. decision ; deceit. 
DECERN-ER, I. va. to decree; ordain. 
DECES, sm. decease; death. [J'raud. 

DECEVABLE, a. deccivable; liable to 
DECEVANT, E, a. deceitful; crafty. 
DECEV-oiR 1 ant 2 ons 7 - 315 ez 8 - 37 ais 10 - 11 ait 

12 ois 10.U Oit 18 ions' 3 ' 4 '-* iex l4.43 aient lo 

oient 15 rai 22 ras 23 ra 24 rons 25 rez 26 ront 27 
rais 28 - 29 rait 30 rois 28 - 29 roit 30 , ra. to de- 
ceive; delude; beguile; cheat. See 
DEfOis, DEf IT. [fort. 

DECHAGRIN-ER, I. va. to console; com- 

DECHAINEMENT, sm. outrageous talk; 
venting ; torrent; violence. 

DECHAIN-ER, I. va. to unchain; exas- 
perate. Se , vr. break loose; rail at. 

DECHALAND-ER, I. va. to hurt a shop; 
drive away customers. 

DECHANT-ER, I. ra. to change one's note; 
alter one's opinion. [the hawk. 


unloading ; volley ; storehouse ; ease- 
ment; discharge ; acquittance; purging. 

to unload; discharge; ease; open; dis- 
nbcr ;Jirc off; pay. un arbre, 
lop a tree. sa colere, vent one's an- 
ger. ses soins, cast off one's care. 

DECHARGEUR, sm. 'porter; unlader. 

DECHARM-ER, I. va.tounbc>i-itch;frce. 

DECHARNE, E, a. scraggy; lean. Vi- 

, thin-faced. Style , jejune 

style. [make lean, thin, lank. 

DECHARN-ER, I. va. to pick off' 1 lie flesh; 

DECHARP-iR, II. va. topartjlghtffg. 

DECHASS-ER, I. va. to drive out. 

DECHAUM-EK, I. va. to plough ; toil. 

DECHAUSSEMENT, sm. the pulling off" 
of shoes ; digging up; rooting. 

DECHAUSS-ER, I. va. to pull off one's 
shoes or stockings; bare the roots of 
trees; clear a tooth of the gum. 

DECHAUSSOIR,5m.^ca7rt, surg. instrum. 

DECHAUSSURES, haunts of a wolf. 

DECHEANCE, sf. forfeiture; loss. 
DECHEANT 2 , v. Vr.vmnu, to de,;ni. 
DECHER-RAi" ras 23 ra 2 ' rons 24 rez 2 ^ ront 
27 rais 26 - 29 rait 30 rois 28 - 29 roit 30 rions 31 
riez 32 raient 33 roient 33 , v. DECHOIR, to 
DECHET, sm. diminution; loss, [decay. 
DECHEVEL-ER, I. va. to diahrrd. 
DECHEVETR-ER, I. va. to unhaltcr. [ed. 
DECHIFFRABLE,a. thatcan bee'- 
DECHIFFREMENT, *i. deciphering. 
DECHIFFR-ER, I. va. to decipher; unra- 
i'cl ; in ii he out ; clear; set out in proper 
DECHIFFREUR, sm. deciplun-r. [colours. 
DECHIQUET-ER, I. va. to pink ; slash ; 
DECHIQUETEUR, m. pinker. [cut. 
DECHIQUETURE, sf. pinking ; slashing . 

cutting ; mangling. [bon 

DECHIRAGE, sm. breaking up of old 
DECHIREMENT, sm. tearing ; breaking. 
DECHIR-ER, I. va. to tear; la>-cratn ; de- 
fame; sin/: ; drop off'. [tion ; slit. 
DECHIRURE, sf. rent; break; lacrrti- 
DECH-oiR 1 u 3 ue 3 ues 3 us 3 - 16 - 17 ois 4 - 5 - 34 
oit 6 oient 9 - 38 ' 44 ut 18 umes 19 utes 20 urent 21 
usse 45 usses 46 ut 47 ussions 48 ussiez 49 us- 
sent 50 ; DECHOI-E 35 ' 39 ' 41 es 40 ; DE- 
CHOY-oxs 7 - 36 ez 8 - 37 ions 42 iez 43 ; vn. to 
decay; fall off'; sink; shrink; ebb; 
dwindle; be humbled. See DECHER- 
DECHOU-ER, I. va. to get off'. [RAI. 
DECIDEMENT, ad. positively ; dccidedlit. 
DECID-ER, I. va. decide ; resolve ; dispose ; 

prevail; determine; terminate. 
DECILL-ER, I. va. to undeceive. 
DECIL, sm. decil; \toth part of the zodiac. 
DECIMABLE, a. titheable. [by 10. 

DECIMAL, E, a. decimal ; tenth ; reckoned 
DECIMATEUR, sm. tithing-ntan. 
DECIMATION, sf. decimation ; tithing. 
DECIM-EU, I. va. to decimate; tithe. 
DECIME, sm. tenth of a franc, pi. tenths. 
DECINTR-ER, I. va. to tak anay the 
wooden mould of an arch, ivindoro, &c. 
DECIR-ER, I. va. to free from wax ; clear. 
DECISI-F, VE, a. decisive; clear; firm. 
DECISION, sf. decision ; final judgment. 
DECISIVEMENT, ad. positively. 
DECISO1RE, . dccisory; deciding. 
DECLAMATEUR, sm. orator, [bombast. 
DECLAMATION, sf. declamation; abuse; 
DECLAMATOIRE, a. declamatory. 

DEC ( 126 ) DEC 

[INF.M. ^RES.T. 2 PART.PRES. 3 PART.PAST.] IND.M. PRES.T. 4 1st p.S. 5 2dp.S. 

13 14 15 PRET. 16 1st p.s. . 17 2dp.s. 18 8d p.s. 1st 
27 COND. M. 28 1st p.s. 29 2d p.s. 3 3d p.s. 31 1st 32 2d 33 3d 
PRES.T. ^Istp.s. 40 2dp.s. 41 3dp.s. " 43 2d 44 IMPERF. 

DECLAM-ER, I. vn. declaim; inveigh. 

DECLARATI-F, VE, a. declarative. 

DECLARATION, sf. declaration; list. 

DECLARATOIRE, a. declaratory. 

DECLAR-ER, I. vn. and a. to declare; 
shew; avow; ascertain. [music. 

DCLAV-ER, I. vn. to change key, in 

DECLENCH-ER, I. va. to unlatch. 

DECLIC, sm. battering-ram; beetle. 

DECLIN, sm. decline; wane; end; fall. 

DECLINABLE, a. declinable. [tion. 

DECLIN AISON, sf. declension; declina- 

DECLINANT, a. cadran , sm. declining 
dial, not pointing to the south. 

DECLINATOIRE, a. exceptions s, excep- 
tions taken against a judge. 

DECLIN-ER, I. vn. to fall off'; decay, va. 
decline; send in one's name. 

DECLIVITE, sf. declivity; slope. 

DECLOiTRE, E, a. uncloistered. 

DECLO-RE 1 rai 22 ras 23 ra 24 rons 25 rez 26 
ront 27 rais 28 - 29 rait 30 rois 28 - 29 roit 30 rions 
31 riez 32 raient 33 roient 33 s 3 - 4 - 5 - 34 se 3 ses 3 
and DECLORRE, va. to unclose: open; 
break down a fence ; break open. 

DECLOS, E, a. disclosed; opened. 

DECLOU-ER, I. va. to unnail. [row. 

DECOCHEMENT, sm. shooting of an ar- 

DECOCH-ER, I. va. to shoot; dart; let off'. 

DECOCTION, sf. decoction ; broth of herbs. 

DECOGNOIR, sm. kind of mallet. 

DECOIFF-ER, I. va. to uncoif; uncork; 
discompose the hair ; uncap. 

DECOINC-ER 1 , DECOINQ-ANT 2 , 1. va. to 
knock off wedges. 

DEgOI-s 4 - 5 - 34 t 6 ; DEQ01V-ENT 9 - 38 - 44 e 35 - 
39.41 es 40j v< DECEVOIR, to deceive. 

DECOLLATION, sf. ; beheading. 

DECOLLEMENT, sm. ungluing. 

DECOLLETE, m. E,/. a. bare-breasted. 

DECOLL-ER, I. va. to unglue; behead. 

DECOLLET-ER, uncover the breast. 

DECOLOR-ER, I. va. to discolour ; tarnish. 

DECOMBR-ER, I. va. clear from rubbish. 

DECOMBRES, rubbish; chips. 

DECOMPOS-ER, I. va. to discompose; 
dissolve; resolve; analyse. 

DECOMPOSITION, sf. ; dissolving. 

DfiCOMPTE, sm. discount; deficiency. 

DECOMPT-ER, I. va. to discount; deduct. 

DECONCERT-ER, I. va. disconcert; con- j 

found; put out; bvjfte. Se , vr. be 
dashed; be out of countenance. 

DECONFI-RE, va. to discomjit; rout; 
non-plus. Conjugated like CONFIRE. 

DECONFITURE, sf. discomjiture ; rout; 

DECONFORT, sm. despair. [defeat. 

DECONFORT-ER, I. va. to discomfort; 
cast down; despond; sadden; grieve. 

DECONSEILL-ER, I. va. to dissuade. 

ANT 2 , I. to put out of countenance; 

. confound. Se , be abashed. 

DECON VENUE, sf. misfortune, [painter 

D^CORATEUR, sm. decorator ; tcenery- 

DECORATION, sf. ornament ; embellish- 
ment ; pi. scenery. 

DECORD-ER, I. va. to untwist. 

DECOR-ER, I. va. to decorate; adorn. 

DECORTICATION, sf. decor ticat ion ; 
stripping off' of bark, etc. [liness. 

DECORUM, sm. decorum; decency; seem- 

DECOUCH-ER, 1. vn. to lie abroad. 

DECOUD 6 -RE> rai 22 ras 23 ra 24 rons" rez^ 
ront 27 rais 26 - 29 rait 30 rois 28 - 29 roit 30 , va. 
to unsew ; rip up. En , to have a set- 
to; chatter. Les affaires se decousent, 
qff'airs are in a bad posture. Leur 
amitie commence a se , they begin to 
grow cool. See DECOCS-ANT. 

DECOUL-ER,I.wi. to trickle; run down; 
proceed from ; pour out. 

DECOULEMENT, sm. trickling; run- 
ning; Jiuxion of humours. 

DECOUP-ER, cut into figures; 
pink ; carve ; cut out. 

DECOUPEU-R, m. SE,/. pinker; carver. 

DECOUPLE, E, a. well-set ; strapping. 

DECOUPL-ER, I. va. uncouple; let loose. 

DECOUPURE, sf. pinking; cut cloth; cut 
paper work. pi. shreds. 

DECOURAGEMENT, sm. discouragement. 

va. to discourage; deter; depress. Se 
, vr. be discouraged ; despond. 

DECOURS, sm. decrease; wane. 

DECOUS 4 5>34 -ANT 2 u3 ue 3 us 3 ues 3 ons?- 36 
ez 8 ' 37 ent 9 ' 38 - 44 ais 10 - 11 ait 12 ois 10 ' 11 oit 12 
ions'S-^iez 14 - 43 aient 15 oientis igW.17 i t ie 
tmes 19 ites 20 irent 21 e 35 ' 39 - 41 es 40 isse 45 
isses 4 6 tt 47 issions 48 issiez 49 issent 50 , v. 
DECOUDRE, to unsew. 

DEC ( 127 ) DED 

6 3dp.s. 7 1st p. pi. 8 9 3d p. pi. IMPERF. 10 lstp.s. H 2dp.s. 12 3dp.s. 

30 2l FUT. 22 1st p. a. 23 2dp.s. 24 3dp.s. 25 1st p. pi. M 

p. pi. 1MP.M. 34 2dp.s. 35 3dp.s. x 1st p. pi. 37 38 3d p. pi. SUBJ.M. 
45 lstp.s. 46 2dp.s. 47 3dp.s. 48 49 50 

DECOUSU, E, a. unsewed ; out of order ; 

ript; unconnected. [ing; rent. 

DECOUSURE, sf. place unservn ; unserv- 

DECOUV-ERT 3 trts 3 erte 3 ertes 3 , v. DE- 

COUVRIR, to discover. 

DECOUVERT, E, a. uncovered; discovered; 

revealed ; open ; undisguised. A deniers 

8, in cash ; money down. A , ad. 

openly; plainly. A visage , in a 

plain nay. [the mast head. 

DECOUVERTE, sf. discovery ; look out at 

DECOUVR-iR 1 ant a e 4 a- 34 ' 35 ' 39 ' 41 es 5 - 40 

ons 7.36 ez 8.37 ent 9.38.44 ajglO.ll a i t !2 o is'- 

11 oil 12 ions 13 - 42 iez 14 - 43 aient 15 oient 15 

| S 16.17 i t 18 j raes 19 Jtes 20 irent 21 irai 22 iras 23 

ira 24 irons 25 irez 26 iront 27 irais 28 - 29 irait 30 
irois 28 - 29 iroit 30 irions 31 iriez 32 iraient 33 
iroient 33 isse 45 isses 46 It 47 issions 48 issiez 
49 issent 50 , va. to uncover; discover; 
perceive; reveal. Se , vr. to pull off' 
one's hat ; make one's self known. le 
pot aux roses, to discover the mystery ; 
find it out. See DECOUV-ERT. 

DECRASS-ER, I. va. to clean ; polish. 

DECREDITEMENT, srn. discredit. 

DECREDIT-ER, I. va. to discredit; dis- 
grace. Se , disgrace one's self. [out. 

DECREPIT, E, a. decrepit ; crazy; worn 

DECREPITATION, sf. decrepitation; 
drying by fire; roasting and crackling. 

DECREPIT-ER, I. va. to dry salt, by fire 
till it crackles no more. [old age. 

DECREPITUDE, sf. decrepitude ; sign of 

DECRET, sm. decree ; warrant, [decrees. 

DECRETALES, sf. decretals ; the pope's 

DECRET-ER, I. va. to decree; award; 
order; enact; dictate. [silk. 

DECREUS-EH, I. va. to scour; cleanse 

DECRI, sm. crying down; disgrace. 

DECRI-ER, I. va. to cry down; disgrace; 
make odious ; prohibit. 

DECRI-RE 1 t 3 - 6 ts 3 te 3 tes 3 s 4 - 5 - 34 rai 22 ras 23 
ra 24 rons 25 rez 26 ront 27 rais 28 - 29 rait 30 
rois 28 - 29 roit 30 rions 31 riez 32 raient 33 roient 
s 3 , va. to describe; depict; draw a line; - 

DECRI V-ANT 2 ons 7 - 36 ez 8 - 37 ent 9 ' 38 - 44 ais 
i- ait 12 ois 10 - 11 oil 12 ions' 3 -" 2 iez 14 - 43 
aient 15 oient 15 is 16 - 17 it 18 Imes 19 Ites 20 
irent 21 e 35 ' 39 - 41 es 40 isse 45 isses 46 it 47 
issions 48 issiez 49 issent 50 , v. DECRIRE. 

DECROCHEMENT, sm. unhooking. 

DECROCH-ER, I. va. to unhook, [down. 

DECROCHET-ER, I. va. to unhook; take 

DECRO1-RE 1 , va. to disbelieve; discredit; 
conjugated like CROIRE. 

DECROISS-ANT 2 ons 7 - 36 ez 8 - 37 ent 9 - 38 - 44 
ais 10 - 11 ait 12 ois 10 - 11 oit 12 ions 13 - 42 iez 14 - 43 
aient 15 oient 15 e 35 ' 39 - 41 es 40 , v. DECROIT- 

DECROISSEMENT, sm. decrease. [RE. 

DECROITe-RE 1 rai 22 ras 23 ra 24 rons 25 rez 26 
ront 27 rais 28 ' 29 ait 30 ois 28 - 29 oit 30 ions 31 
iez 32 aient 33 oient 33 ; vn. to decrease; 
lessen; grow smaller; DECROi-s 4 ' 5 - 34 

DECROTT-ER, I. va. to rub off the dirt. 

DECROTTEUR, sm. shoe-boy; boots. 

DECROTTOIRE, sf. shoe-brush; scraper. 

DECR-u 3 ue 3 ues 3 us 3 - 16 - 17 ut 18 - 47 umes 19 
utes 20 urent 21 usse 45 usses 4 ^ ussions 4 '' us- 
siez 49 ussent 50 , v. DECROITRE. 

DECRU-ER, DECRUS-ER la soie, I. va. 
to scour silk; prepare raw thread. 

DEQ-u 3 ue 3 us 3 - 16 - 17 ues 3 ut 18 umes 19 utes 
20 urent 21 usse 45 usses 46 ut 47 ussions 48 
ussiez 49 ussent 50 , v. DECEVOIR, to deceive. 

D^CUIRASS-ER, I. va. to take off one's 
cuirass. [conjugated like CUIRE. 

DECUI-RE 1 , va. to make soft ; liquefy ; 

DECUPEL-ER, I. va. to pour gently. 

DECUPLE, a. sm. ; ten-fold. 

DECUPL-ER, I. va. to increase ten-fold. 

DECURIE, sf. committee of ten judges ; 
band of ten troopers. [men. 

DECUR1ON, sm. decurion ; leader of ttn 

DEDAIGN-ER, I. va. to disdain; scorn; 
treat with disdain ; despise. 

DEDAIGNEUSEMENT, ad. disdainfully. 

DEDAIGNEU-x, SE, a. disdainful; scorn- 

DEDAIN, sm. disdain ; scorn. [ful. 

DEDALE, sjn. labyrinth; maze; puzzle. 

DEDAM-ER, I. va. to put a man out of 
the first row, at draughts. 

DEDANS, ad. pr. in ; within. Au , in- 
ward; inwardly; internally. Par 
, within ; through. Voiles , furled 
sails. , sm. inside ; interior or in- 
ternal. Le , the dedans at tennis. 

DEDICACE, sf. dedication ; consecration. 

DEDICATOIRE, a. dedicatory. [vote. 

DEDI-ER, I. va. to dedicate; address ; dv- 

DED-!stES 19 Ites 20 irent 21 isse 45 isses 46 It 47 
issions 48 issiez 49 issent 50 , v. DEDIRE. 

DED ( 128 ) DEF 

[INF.M. ' PRES.T. 2 PART.PRES. 3 PART.PAST.] IND.M. PRES.T. 4 1st p.S. 5 2d p.S. 

' " > 5 PRET. lti lstp.s'. 17 2dp.s. I8 3dp.s. 19 1st 
27 3d COND.M. 28 1st p.s. W 2d p.s. ^Sdp.s. 31 1st '* 3d 
PRES.T. ^Istp.s. 40 2dp.s. 41 3dp.s. 48 1st- 43 2d 44 3d IMPERF. 

DEDI-RB 1 t 3 '6-i6 te 3 tes 3 ts 3 S 4 -S.34,U>.17 rai 
22 ras 23 ra 24 rons 25 rez 2 * ront 27 rais 28 " 29 
rait 3 " rois 28 - 29 roit 30 rions 31 riez 32 raient 
33 roient 33 , va. to disown ; contradict. 
Se , vr. to recant; go from one's 
word; refuse; See DED!MES and 

DEDIS 4 - 5 ' 34 - 16 - 17 -ANT 2 ons 7 ' 36 ez 8 - 37 ent 9 ' 

38.44 ais 10 ' 11 ait !2 Ois 10 11 oi t !2 ions" 3 ' 42 

tez' 4 ' 43 aient 15 oient 15 e 35 - 39 - 41 es 40 - 

DEDIT, sm. forfeit ; denial, [satisfaction. 

DEDOMMAGEMENT, sm. indemnifying ; 

I. va. to indemnify ; make amends. 

DEDOR-ER, I. va. to ungild. 

DEDORM1E, o. lukewarm, eau , mater 
with the chill off. [make lukewarm. 

DEDORM-iR, va. to take the chill off'; 

DEDOUBL-ER, I. va. to unline. 

DEDUCTION, sf. deduction ; subtraction. 

DEDUI-RE 1 t 3 - 6 ts 3 te 3 tes 3 s 4 5 - 34 rai 22 
ras 23 ra 24 rons 25 rez* ront 27 rais 28 - 29 rait 
30 r ois 2 8-29 roitso r i on s 31 riez 32 raient 33 
roient 33 , va. to deduce; deduct. See 

ais 10 - 11 ait 12 ois 10 n oit 12 ions 13 - 42 iez 14 - 43 
aient 15 oient 15 is 16 - 17 it lB Imes 19 Ites 20 
irent 21 e 35 - 39 ' 41 es 40 isse 45 isses 4 ^ it 4 ? i s - 
sions 48 issiez 49 issent 50 , v. DEDUIRE. 

ofeDUIT, am. pleasure ; sport ; deduction. 

DEESSE, sf. goddess; fine woman. 

DEFACH-ER, I. Se , vr. to be pacified. 

DEFAILLANCE, sf. fainting; swoon. 

DEFAILLANT, E, a. smooning ; showing 
contempt for the court. 2 , See 

DEFAILL-iR^nt 2 i 3 ie 3 ies 3 is 3 ' 16 ' 1 ? ons? 
ez 8 ent 9 ais 10 - 11 ait 12 ois 10 - 11 oit 12 ions 13 
iez 14 aient 15 oient 15 it 18 Imes 19 lies 20 
irent 21 , vn. to fail; decay; swoon. 

DEFAI-RE 1 1 3 - 6 ts 3 te 3 tes 3 - 8 - 3 ?, va. to un- 
do ; defeat ; make away with ; eclipse ; 
confound ; emaciate ; rid of. Se , vr. 
be dashed; rid one's self off"; kill one's 
self; sell off; leave off; part with. See 
ONT, and 

DEFAIS 4 - 5 - 34 -ANT 2 ons"" 36 ais 10 - 11 ait 12 ois 
10.11 oit is ions i3 iez i4 aient 15 oient 15 . 

DEFAIT, a. visage , sm.pale thin face. 

DEFAITE, sf. defeat; evasion; sale. [tion. 

DEFALCATION, */. defalcation; diminu- 

DEFALQU-ER, to defalcate; cut off". 

asses 40 assions 42 assiez 43 
assent 38 ' 44 , v. DEFAIRE, to undo. 
DEFAVEUR, sf. disgrace. 
DEFAVORABLE, a. unfavourable. 

DEFAUT, sm. defect; blemish; want; 
default ; flaw. Mettre en , to baffle ; 
foil. des cotes, small of the back. 
de la lune, change of the moon. De- 
faut de la cuirasse, extremity of the ar- 
mour; man's weak side. En , at a 
fault or loss. Au or a de, ad. for 
want of. 

DEFECTI-F, VE, a. defective ; faulty. 

DEFECTION, sf. revolt ; disaffection. 

DEFECTUEUSEMENT, ad. imperfectly. 

DEFECTUEU-x, SE, a. defective, [tion. 

DEFECTUOSITE, */. defect; imperfec- 

DEFENDABLE, a. defensible; worth de- 

DEFENDERESSE, sf. she- defendant. 

DEFENDEUR, sm. defendant. 

DEFENDERS 1 ant 2 u 3 us 3 ue 3 ues 3 s 4 - 5 - 34 
ons 7-36 ez 8.37 ent 9 - 38 - 44 aisio-" aiti 2 ois 
" oit 12 ions 13 - 42 iez 14 - 43 aient 15 oient 
is is i6.i7 it i8 jmes 19 ites'^o irent 21 rai 22 
ras 23 ra 24 rons 25 rez^ ront 2 ? rais 28 
rait 30 rois 26 - 29 roit 30 rions 31 riez 32 raient 33 
roient 33 e 35 - 39 - 41 es 40 isse 45 isses 46 It 47 
issions 48 issiez 49 issent 50 , va. to defend ; 
prohibit ; forbid. Se , vr. to d< fend, 
excuse one's self. A son corps defen- 
dant, in one's own defence ; reluctant- 

DEFENDS, int. en , forbidden. [li/. 

DEFENSE, sf. defence; prohibition, pi. 
reply in law ; fence ; tusks; outworks. 

DEFENSEUR, sm. defender; partisan. 

DEFENSI-F, VE, a. defensive. Etre sur 
la defensive, to act defensively, [purify. 

DEFEQU-ER, I. va. to defecate ; refine; 

DEFE-RAi 22 ras 23 ra 24 rons 25 rez 26 ront 27 
rais 28 - 29 rait 30 rois 28 - 29 roit 30 rions 31 riez 
^ 32 raient 33 roient 33 , v. DEFAIRE, to undo. 

DEFERANT, E, a. complying with. 

DEFERENCE, sf. compliance; regard, 

DEFERENT, E, a. deferent; conveying. 

DEFER-ER, I. vn. to yield; impeach; de- 
fer; decree; administer; confer, [sails. 

DEFERL-ER, I. va. to unfurl; loose the 

DEFERM-ER, I. va. to unlock ; open. 

DEFERR-ER, I. va. to unshoe; nonplus; 

DEF ( 129 ) DEG 

6 3dp.s. 7istp.pi. 8 9 3d p. pi. IMPERF. 10 lstp.s. U 2dp.s, 
20 21 FUT. 22 lstp.s. 23 2dp.s. 24 3dp.s. ^ 1st p. pi. 
p. pi. IMP.M. 34 2d p.s. 35 3dp.s. y8 1st p. pi. 3 7 38 3d p. pi. 
45 1st p. s. 46 2dp.s. 4 ?3dp.s. 48 1st p. pi. 49 50 

12 3d p. s. 

26 2d p. pi. 


put out. Se , vr. to come off; get 
unshod; be confounded. quelqu'un 
des 4 pieds, to strike one dumb. 

DEFES-ANT 2 ons?- 36 ai s io.ii ait i2 ois io.n 
oit 12 ions 13 iez 14 aient 15 oient 15 , v. DE- 

DEFET, sin. waste. [FAIRE, to undo. 

DEFEUILLA1SON, sf.fall of the leaves. 

DEFEUILL-ER, I. va. to strip of leaves; 
make leafless. 

DEFI, sm. challenge; defiance. 

DEFIANCE, sf. distrust; mistrust; siis- 
picion ; jealousy ; timidity. 

DEFIANT, E, a. diffident ; jealous. 

DEFIE du vent! int. keep her full! 
1'ancre du bord ! bear off' the anchor I 

DEFICIT, sm. deficiency. 

DEF1-ER, I. va. to defy ; challenge; bear 
off. Se de, vr. to mistrust; suspect, 

DEFIGUR-ER, I. va. to disfigure; deform. 

DEFILAD-ER, I. va. to screen the interior 
of a work, by a proper height of para- 
pet, from the fire of the enemy, [sage. 

DEFILE, sm. defile; pass; narrow pas- 

DEFIL-ER, I. va. to unstring ; untwist ; 
vn.file off ; file through ; march ;feaze, 
as a cable. Se , get unstrung. 

DEFINI, a. definite, sm. thing defined. 

DEFIN-IR, II. va. to define; appoint; de- 

DEFINITEUR, sm. monkish title, [cree. 

DEFINITI-F, VE, a. definitive; peremp- 

DEFINITION, sf. definition. [tory. 

DEFINITIVEMENT, ad. dffinltlvely . 

DEFINITOIRE, sm. chapter of a religious 
order; meeting of drfinitors. 

DEF-is 1( 5-i7 it i8 Jmes'9'ltes 20 irent 21 isse 45 
isses 46 It 4 ? issions 48 issiez 49 issent 50 , v. 
DEFAIRE, to undo; rout. [ing. 

DEFLAGRATION, sf. deflagration; burn- 

DEFLEUR-iR, II. vn. to shed blossoms, 
va. nip off the blossoms ; take off' the 

DEFLORATION, sf. defiouring. [bloom. 

DEFLOR-ER, I. va. to dcflour; ravish[tant. 

DEFLU-ER, I. vn. tojtow ; get more dis- 

DEFLUXION, sf. dcjluxion; running. 

DEFONCEMENT, sm. staving. 

^1. va. to stave a cask ; break open. 

DEFONT 9 , v. DEFAIRE, to undo. 

DJiFORM-ER, I. va. to put out of form. 

DEFOUETT-ER, I. va. to unbind; loose. 

DEFOURN-ER, out of the oven. 

DEFRAI, sin. defraying ; discharge. 

DEFRAY-ER, I. va. to defray ; pay. 

DEFRICHEMENT, sm. grubbing up. 

DEFRICH-ER, I. va. to grub up ; clear. 

DEFRICHEUR, sm. he that grubs up rm- 
tilled ground. [curl. 

DEFRIS-ER, I. va. to uncurl; put out of 

DEFRONC-ER 1 , DEFRONC-ANT 2 , 1. va. to 
undo the gathers. le sourcil, smooth 
one's brow. [the monkish habit. 

DEFROQU-ER, I. va. se . vr. throw ojf' 

DfiFROQUE, sf. inheritance; rubbish. 

DEFRUCTU, sm. remnants; orts ; per- 

DEFUN-ER, I. va. to unrig. [quisitc. 

DEFUNT, m. E,f. a. late; deceased; s. the 

DEGAGE, a. free; eas>;. Dfegre , sm. 
back stairs. Air , easy carriage. 

DEGAGEMENT, sm. disengagement ; free- 
ing ; passage ; calling in. Escalier de 
, back-stairs. 

DEGAG-ER 1 , DEGAGE-ANT 2 , I. va. to dis- 
engage ; redeem. sa parole, call in 
one's word. la tete, ease the head. 
Se , vr. to disengage one's self. 

DEGAINE, sf. belle , awkward way. 

DEGAIN-ER, I. va. to draw one's sword. 

DEGAINEUR, sin. hector; bully, [gloves. 

DEGANT-ER, I. se , vr. to pull off one' s 

DEGARN-IR, II. va. to unfurnish; strip; 
unrig. la frontiere, ungarrison 
the frontier. [good French. 

DEGASCONN-ER, I. va, to teach a Gascon 

DEGAT, sm. havoc; waste; spoil. 

DEGAUCH-IR, II. va. to plane; level. 

DEGAUCHISSEMENT, sm. levelling. 

DEGEL, sin. thaw ; thawing weather. 

DEGEL-ER, I. va. to thaw. 

DEGENER-ER, I. vn. to degenerate. 

DEGENERATION, sf. degeneracy; vice. 

DEGINGANDE, E, a. swinging in one's 
gait; tall and awkward. 

DEGLU-ER, I. va. to unglue; get rid of. 

DEGLUTITION, sf. deglutition; swallow- 

DEGOBILL-ER, I. vn. to vomit. [ing. 

DEGOBILLIS, sm. vomiting ; vomit. 

DEGOIS-ER, I. vn. to blab; chirp. 

DEGOMM-ER, I. va. wash out gum from 
silk, etc. E, turned out of place. 

DEGORGEMENT, sm. overflowing. 

DEGORG-ER 1 , DEGORGE-ANT 2 , I. vn. to 
G 3 


( 130 ) 


[INF. M. 'PRES.T. 2 PART.PRES. 3 PART. PAST.] IND.M. PRES.T. 4 1st p.S. 5 2d p.S. 

13 14 5 PRZT. 16 1st p.s. '72dp.s. 18 3dp.s. 19 COND.M. 28 1st p.s. ^adp.s. *> 3d p.s. 3' 1st 32 2d 333d 
PRES.T. w 1st p.s. 40 2dp.s. 41 3dp.s. 42 1st 43 44 IMPERP. 

clear; purge. Se , vr. to overflow, \ DEHARNACHEMENT, sm. unharnessing. 

empty, disembogue, discharge itself. 
DEGORGEOIR, sm. engine to clear a gun. 
DEGOT-ER, I. va. to displace; push off'. 
DEGOURDI, E, a. sharp; acute; revived. 
DEGOURD-IR, II. va. to quicken ; warm ; 
polish. [removing of numbness. 

DEGOURDISSEMENT, sm. quickening; 
DEGOUT, sm. disgust ; satiety. [filthy. 
DEGOUT ANT, E, a. disgustful ; nasty ; 
DEGOUTE, E, a. squeamish ; out of con- 
ceit with. Bon , special sly fellow ; 
knowing one. [be out of conceit with. 

DEGOUT-ER, I. vn. to disgust. Se , vr. 

DEGOUTTANT, E, a. dropping. [ling. 

DEGOUTT-ER, I. vn. to drop; fall trick- 

DEGRADATION, sf. humbling ; waste. 

DEGRAD-ER, I. va. to degrade; waste. 
un vaisseau, to lay-by a ship. 

DEGRAFF-ER, 1. va. to unclasp. 

DEGRAISSEMENT, sm. scouring. 

DEGRAISS-ER, 1. va. to scour ; clean; 
take away the fat. Terre a , sf.ful- 

DEGRAISSEUR, sm. scourer, [ler's earth. 

DEGRAISSOIR, sm. wringing-machine; 
scraper, for cleaning wool, etc. 

DEGRAPPIN-ER, I. vn. lift the small an- 
chor ; warp a ship off". [away. 

DEGRAVOY-EH, I. va. to destroy ; wash 

DEGRE, sm. stair; step; degree; stair- 
case; division; 360th part of a circle. 

DEGRE-ER, I. va. to unrig a ship. 

DEGRINGOL-ER, I. vn. to run down 
stairs ; tumble ; fall headlong. 

DEGROND-ER, I. vn. to leave off' scolding. 

DEGROSS-ER, I. va. to reduce ingots. 

DEGROSSI, sm. coming-press for lessening 

DEGROSS-iR, II. va. to chip; clear up; 
fashion; rough-grind; unravel. 

DEGUENILLE, E, a. tattered; in rags. 

DEGUERP-IR, II. va. to quit in a hurry. 

DEGUERPISSEMENT, sm. quitting. 

DEGUEUL-ER, I. vn. to cascade; vomit. 

DEGUIGNON-ER, I. va. to give good luck. 

DEGUISEMENT, sm. disguise; cloak. 

DEGUIS-ER, I. va. to disguise. [ proof. 

DEGUSTATION, sf. degustation; taste; 

DEHAL-ER, I. va. to take off' the sunburn. 

DEHANCHE, E, a. hip-shot; flip-sprung. 

DEHARD-ER, I. va. to let go; slip, dogs. 

DEHARNACH-ER, I. va. to unharness. 

DEHERENCE, */. disinherison. 
DEHONTE, E, a. shameless; hardened. 
DEHORS, pr.out; abroad. En dehors, 
Par , ad. wit/tout. Au , outward ; 
without doors; in foreign countries. 
Du ,from without; abroad. , sm. 
outside appearance ; outworks. Sauver 
les , keep up appearances. [Christ. 
DEICIDE, sm. deicide; who crucified 
DEIFICATION, sf. , apotheosis. 
DEIFI-ER, I. va. to deify; make immortal. 
DEIFIQUE, . deifying. [alone. 

DEISME, sm. deism; belief in one God 
DEISTE, sm. deist; a believer in God, 
but not in Christ. DEITE, */. deity ; 
DEJA, ad. already. [goddess; God. 

DEJECTION, sf. stool ; depression, [warp. 
DEJET-ER, I. vn. to jet out. Se , vr. 
DEJEUNE, DEJEUNER, sm. breakfast. 
DEJEUN-ER, I. vn. to breakfast. 
DEJOIGN-ANT 2 ons?- 36 ez 8 -" ent 9 ' 3 "- 44 
ais 10 - 11 ait 12 ois 10 - 11 oit 12 ions 13 - 42 iez 14 - 43 
aient 15 oient 15 is 16 -'? it 18 Imes 19 lies 20 
irent 21 e 35 - 39 - 41 es 40 isse 45 isses 46 it 4 ? is- 
sions 48 issiez 49 issent 50 ; part of 
DEJOIND-RE 1 rai 22 ras 23 ra 24 rons 25 rez 26 
ront^ rais 28 - 29 rait 30 rois 28 - 29 roit 30 rions 
31 riez 32 raient 33 roient 33 . DEJOIN-s 4 - 

5.34 t 3.6 { S 3 t e 3 4^ va% f o disjoin; Slln . 

dcr ; warp. See DE JOIGN. 
DEJOU-ER, I. vn. tojly out; flutter; va. 

defeat ; confound ; b($ie. {from roost. 
DEJUC, sm. time when the birds come 
DEJUCH-ER 1 , I. va. to unroost ; come 

down; bring down; drice away. 
DE-LA, ad. off; from; thence. De$a et 

, up and down. , pr. beyond; 

over; above; hence; thence. 
DELABREMENT, sm. ruining; ruinous 

condition; bad health. 
DELABR-ER, I. va. to rend; impair; ruin. 
DELAC-ER, DEL Ag- A NT 2 , 1. va. to unlace. 
DELAI, sm. delai/ ; adjournment. 
DELAISSEMENT, sm. desertion; sum- 
mons sent to an insurer. 
DELAISS-ER, I. va. to forsake; cast off. 
DfiLASSEMENT, sm. refreshment; east. 
DELASS-ER, I. va. to refresh. 
DELATE U-R, sm. SE, sf. informer; spy; 

impeacher ; accuser; tell-tale. 

DEL ( 131 ) DEM 

6 3d p. s. ' 8 9 3d p. pi. IMPERF. 10 1st p.s. U 2dp.s. 12 3d p.s. 
* 2d p. pi. 21 3d p. pi. FUT. 1st p. s. 2d p. s. 24 3d p. s. 1st p. pi. * 2d p. pi. IMP.M. 34 2d p.s. 35 3d p.s. 3 1st p. pi. 372d p . p i. 38 3dp<p i. SUBJ. M. 
45 1st p.s. 46 2d p.s. 47 3d p.s. 48 1st 49 2d 3d 

DELATION, sf. information; accusa- 
tion; indictment; impeachment. 
DELATT-ER, I. va. to unlath. 
DELAVE, E, a. weak in colour; pale. 
DELAV-ER, I. va. to dilute too much. 
DELAYANT, sm. diluter; diluent. 
DELAY-ER, I. va. to dilute ; temper ; beat. 
DELAYEMENT, sm. diluting; dilution. 
DELECTABLE, a. delightful; pleasant. 
DELECTATION, */. delight; pleasure. 
DELECT-ER, I. Se , vr. to delight in. 
DELEGATION, sf. delegation; commis- 
DELEGATOIRE, a. delegatory. [sion. 
DELEGUE, sin. deputy; delegate. 
DELEGU-ER, I. t'fl. to delegate; appoint. 
DELESTAGE, sm. the discharging of bal- 
DELEST-ER, I. va. to unballast. [last. 
DELESTEUR, sm. unballaster; ballast- 
DELETERE, a. deleterious. [lighter. 
DELI AGE, sm. tax on carriages, &c. 
DELIBERANT, E, a. unresolved. 
DELIBERATI-F, VE, a. deliberative.[solve. 
DELIBERATION, */. , counsel; vote; re- 
DELIBERE, E, a. bold; resolute. De 

propos , ad. designedly. 
DELIBEREMENT, ad!, boldly; resolutely. 
DELIBER-ER, I. vn. to deliberate; deter- 
mine; resolve; consider; debate. 
DELICAT, E, a. delicate; nice; weak. 
Affaire E, sf. ticklish affair. Mor- 
ceaux s, sm. pi. dainty bits. 
DEL1CATEMENT, ad. delicately; dain- 
tily; tenderly. [tamper; cocker. 
DELICAT-ER, I. va. to pamper ; fondle ; 
DELICATESSE, sf. delicacy ; scrupulous- 
ness ; niceness ; dainty ; nicety. 
DELICE, sm. delight ; pleasure; ease. 
DELICES, sf. pi. voluptuous life. 
DELICIEU-x, SE,a. delicious; voluptuous 
DELICIEUSEMENT, ad. deliciously. 
DELICOT-ER, I. Se , vr. to unhalter. 
DELIE, E, a. slender; acute; loose;, fine; 
thin; untied; small. [unlace; dilute 
DELI-ER, I. va. to untie; absolve; loosen , 
DELINEATION, sf. delineation; tracing 
DfeLINQUANT, sm. delinquent; offender 
DELINQU-ER, I. vn. to off'end; trespass. 
DELIRE, sm. delirium; raving. 
DELIR-ER, I. vn. to be in a delirium. 
DELIT, sm. fault; crime; outrage. En 
flagrant , in the very fact. 

)ELIT-ER, I. va. to lay stones against 
^ grain. Se , delight in. [ing ; release. 
DELIVRANCE, sf. deliverance; deliver- 
DELIVRE, sm. after-birth; secundine. 
3ELIVR-ER, I. va. to deliver ; free. 
)ELIVREUR, sm. restorer ; seller. 
DELOGEMENT, sm. removing; departure. 
DELOG-ER 1 , DELOGE-ANT 2 , I. vn. to re- 
move; turn out. a la sourdine, go away 
)ELOT, sm. iron-ring. [clandestindy. 
DE LOYAL, E, a. disloyal ; perfidious. 
DELOYALEMENT, ad. perfidiously. 
DELOYAUTE, sf. disloyalty. [Dauphin. 
DELPHINAL, E, a. belonging to the 
DELUGE, sm. deluge; flood; overflow. 
DELUT-ER, I. va. tounlute; open. 
DEMAGOGUE, sm. demagogue; leader 
of a faction ; factious orator or writer. 
DEM AIGR-iR, II. t'. to cut off. vn. be- 
come thinner, [feather-edge; thinning. 
DEMAIGRISBEMENT, sm, cutting off; 
DEMAILLOT-ER, I. va. to unswathe. 
DEMAIN, sin. ad. to-morrow. A les af- 
faires, we shall talk of that another da ;/. 
DEMANCH-ER, I. va. to unhaft. Se , vr. 

be off the hinges ; go on badly. 
DEMANDE, */. demand; question; peti- 
tion; suit; postulatum ; proportion; 
dimension. [ask; require. 

DEMAND-ER, I. va. to dcjnand; beg; 
DEMANDEU-R, m. SE,f.asker; dun. sm. 
plaintiff. Demanderess?, */. plaintiff'. 
DEMANGEAISON, sf. itching; fcsire. 
itch; long for. [pulling down. 

DEMANTELEMENT, sm. dismantling; 
DEMANTEL-ER, I. va. to dismantle, [der. 
DKMANT1BULE, E, a. broken; outofor- 
DEMANT1BUL-ER, I. va. to break ; de- 
stroy; shatter; spoil. 
DEMARCATION, sf. ligne de , imagi- 
nary line to divide countries, seas, &c. 
DEMARCHE, sf. gait ; proceeding ; act. 
DEMARI-ER, I. va. to unmarry ; divorce. 
DEMARQU-ER, I. va. to unmark. [out. 
DEMARQUIS-ER, I. va. to unmask; find 
DEMARRAGE, sm. unmooring. 
DEMARRE! int. let her go! 
DEMARR-ER, I. va. to unmoor ; weigh an- 
chor; put off; part ; move; stir ; unlash. 
DEMASQU-ER, I. va. to unmask; reveal. 

DEM ( 182 ) DEM 

IINF.M. 'PRES.T. 2 PART.PBES. 3 PART. PAST.] IND. M. PRES. T. 4 1st p.S. 5 2dp.S. 

13 )4 1S 3d PRET. 16 1st p.s. 17 2dp.s. 18 3d p.s. 19 
27 3d p. pi. COND.M. 28 1st p.s. 29 2dp.s. 30 3dp.. 31 1st 32 2d 33 3d 
PRES.T. ^ 1st p.s. 40 2dp.s. 41 3dp.s. 42 1st 43 2d 44 3d IMPERF. 

DEMASTIQU-ER, I. va. to loosen ; part. 

DEMAT-ER, I. va. to dismast; uninasl. 

DEMELE, sm. debate; quarrel. 

DEMEL-ER, I. va. to separate; discover ; 
contest; unravel; disentangle; decide; 
perceive. Se . vr. to get off' clear. 

DEMELOIR, sm. minding reel; comb. 

DEMEMBREMENT, sm. dismembering. 

DEMEMBR-ER, I. va. to dismember ; can- 

DEMENAGEMENT, sm. removing, [tie. 

remove ; march away ; pack off'. 

DEMENCE, sf. madness; insanity. 

DEMEN-ER, Se , I. vr. to make a bus- 

DEMEN-s 4 - 5 ' 34 t 6 , v. DEMENTIR. [tie. 

DEMENTI, sm. lie; balk. Donner un 
, to give the lie. 3 , part of 

DEMENT^-iR 1 ant 2 i3 ie 3 ies 3 i^-^.\l 
ons 7.3G ez 8.37 ent 9 - 38 - 44 ^ 10 - 11 ait^ois 10 - 11 
oit 12 ions' 3 - 42 iez 14 - 43 aient 15 oient 15 it' 
Imes 19 Ites 20 irent 21 irai 22 iras 23 ira 24 irons 
23 irez 26 iront 27 irais 28 - 29 irait 3(J irois 2 *- 29 
iroit 30 irions 31 iriez 32 iraient 33 iroient 33 

e 3o.39.41 es 40 isse 45 ^^46 U 47 issions 48 

issiez 49 issent 50 , va. to give the lie; 
contradict ; disgrace. Se , vr. be in- 
consistent ; fail ; warp. See DEMEN s. 

DEMERITS, st. demerit ; ill-desert. 

DEMERIT-ER, I. vn. to do amiss; merit 

DEMESURE, E, a. huge; excessive, [blame. 

DEMESUREMENT, ad. out of measure; 
immoderately ; hugely ; excessively. 

DEMETT-RE 1 ant 2 ons"- 36 ez 8 - 37 ent 9 ' 38 - 44 
ais 10 - 11 ait 12 ois 10 - 11 oit 12 ions 13 - 42 iez 14 - 43 
aient 15 oient 15 rai 22 ras 33 ra 24 rons 25 rez 26 
ront 27 rais 2 *- 29 rait 30 rois 28 ' 29 roit 30 rions 
31 riez 32 raient 33 roient 33 e 35 ' 39 - 41 es 40 ; 
DEMET 6 -s 4 - 5 ' 34 ; va. to disjoint; dis- 
card; dismiss; demit. Se , vr. to 
resign; get out of joint. See DEM-IS. 

DEMEUBLEMENT, sm. unfurnishing. 

DEMEUBL-ER, I. va. to unfurnish. 

DEMEURANT, sm. remainder; residue. 

DEMEURANT, E, a. dwelling; abiding. 
Au , ad. as for the rest; besides. 

DEMEURE, sf. dwelling; stay; abode. 
Etre en , to be in arrears. A ,for 
a continuance. Faire sa en un lieu, 
to dwell or live in a place. 

DEMEUR-ER, I. vn. to live; continue; 
stay; remain; tarry; dwell; st02i ; 

abide; belong. d'accord, to agree. 
en arriere, be in arrears. con- 
fus, be abashed. sur la place, be left 
dead upon the spot. en reste, be 
behind-hand. interdit, remain 
speechless. a ne rien faire, stand 
idle. muet, be struck dumb. ga- 
rant, be a surety. II en demeurera la. 
he will go no further. Ma boule est 
demeuree, my bowl is come short. 

DEMEU-s 4 - 5 - 34 t 6 , DEMEUV-EXT 9 -38- 4 - 
e 3j.39.4i es 40 ) r> DEMOUVOIR, to desist. 

DEMI, E, a. and ad. half; dcmi; semi. 
A. -^, half; by halves; almost. 

DEM1E, sf. 'half an hour; the half hour. 

DEMI-DIAMETRE, sm. semi-did i,'tcr. 

DEMI-LUNE, sf. half-moon; principal 
outwork, projecting in front of the cur- 
tain, between two bastions. 

DEMI-METAL, sm. semi-metal. 

DEMI-GORGE, sf. lengthening of the cur- 
tain, from the flanking to the capital of 
the bastion. [wine. 

DEMI-QUEUE, sf. hogshead of Chairipatjne 

DEMI-SETIER, sm. 'hay-pint. [joint. 

DEMIS, E, a. put out; removed; out of 

DEM-is 3-6-" it>8 fmes 19 ites 20 irent 21 isse 45 
isses 46 it 47 issions 48 issiez' 19 issent 50 ise 3 
ises 3 , v. DEMETTRE, to disjoint. 

DEMISSION, xf. resigning; dismissal. 

DEMISSIONNAIRE, m. rcsigncr; rcsignee. 
I DEMOCRATE, sm. democrat; one fond 
of a popular government. [vernment. 
j DEMOCRATIE, sf. democracy; pop. go- 
j DEMOCRATIQUE, a.democratical.[cally. 
I DEMOCRATIQUEMENT, ad. democrat i- 
' DEMOISELLE, sf. young lady; miss; 
waiting -woman; rammer; paving- 
beetle; dragon-Jly. pi. row-locks. 

DEMOL-iR, II. va. to demolish; pull down. 

DEMOLITION, sf. demolishing, [bluster. 

DEMON, sm. demon; devil. Faire le , to 

VEMOX&TIS-v^ to stop circulation. 

DEMONIAQUE, s. demoniac ; madman. 

DEMONSTRATEUR, sm. demonstrator. 

DEMONSTRATI-F, VE, a. demonstrative. 

DEMONSTRATION, sf. , assurance. 

DEMONSTRATIVEMENT, ad. clear 1 1/. 

DEMONT-ER, I. va. to unhorse; take to 
pieces; confound; throw; dismount. 
Se , get worn out; distort. 

DEM ( 133 ) DEN 

6 3dp.s. 7 1st p. pi. 8 9 3d p. pi. IMPERF. J0 lstp.s. U 2dp.s. 12 3dp.s. 

20 21 PUT. -Istp.s. 23 2dp.s. 24 Sdp.s. 1st p. pi. x 

p. pi. IMP. M. 34 2dp.s. ^ 3d p. s. ^ 1st p. pi. 37 2d 38 3d SUBJ. M. 
** 1st p. s. 46 2dp.s. 47 3dp.s. 48 1st p. pi. 2d p. pi. 50 

DEMONTRABLE, a. demonstrable; dcs- 
cribable. [describe; makeajipear; evince. 
DEMONTR-ER, I. va. to demonstrate; 
DEMORALIS-ER, I. va. to corrupt ; stain. 
DEMORALISATION, sf. , corrupt ton. 
DEMORDS-RE 1 ant 2 u 3 ue 3 us 3 ues 3 s 4 - 5 ' 34 

Ons 7.36 ez 8.37 ent 9.38.44 ais ait ia ois l0.11 

oit 12 ions 13 - 42 iez 14 - 43 aient 15 oient 15 is 16 - 1 ? 
it 18 imes 19 Ites 20 irerit 21 rai 22 ras 23 ra 24 
rons 25 rez 26 ront 2 ' rais 28 - 29 rait 30 rois 2 "- 29 
roit 30 rions 31 riez 32 raient 33 roient 33 e 35 ' 39 * 
41 es 40 isse 45 isses 46 It 4 ' issions 48 issiez 49 
issent 50 , vn. to let go one's hold ; recede 
from; depart ; deviate ; desist, [(lemur. 

DEMOUR-ER, I. vn. to remain; stay; 

DEMOUV-oiR 1 ant 2 , va. to move off; con- 
jugated like MOUV-OIR; Sec DEMEUV. 

DEM-u 3 ue 3 us 3 ' 16 ' 1 ? ues 3 ut ls umes 19 
utes 20 urent 21 usse 45 usses 46 ut 47 ussions 48 
ussiez 49 ussent 50 , v. DEMOUVOIR. 

DEMUN-iR, II. va. to unprovide; un fur- 
nish. Se demunir de, get rid of. [stones. 

DEMUR-ER, I. va. to univall ; free from 

DKXATT-ER, I. ra. to untwist ; unmttt. 

DENATURALIS-ER, I. va. to deprive one 
of the rights of a native, [barbarous. 

DENATURE, E, a. unnatural; cruel; 

DENATUR-ER, I. TO. toiwrcrt; miscon- 
strue; exchange; adulterate. son 
bien, to convert an estate into ejf'ects 
that may be dis2)osed of at one's n'ill. 

DENCHE, E, a. indented, in heraldry. 

DENDRITES, sm. pi. dendrites; stones 
bearing Jigures of trees. [trees. 

DENDROIDE, sf. plant n-hich grows like 

DENDROPH-ORES, sm. dendrophori ; 
tree-bearers. AGE, sm. tree-eater. 

DENEGATEUR, sm. denier. 

DENEGAT10N, sf. ; denial; denying. 

DENI, sm. denial; refusal. [tutored. 

DEN1AISE, E, sm. cunning person; one 

DBNIAI8EMENT, sm. sharper's trick. 

DENIAIS-ER, I. va. to teach wit; bubble. 
Se , vr. learn wit ; grow sharp. 

DENIAISEUR, sm. sharp felloic. 

DEMCH-EK, I. vn. to u/inestle; dislodge. 
, vn. brush off"; march aivay. 

DENICHEUR, sm. a paid-pry; bird- 
nester. de fmvettes, fortune-hunter. 

DENIER, sm. money; interest ; farthintj. 
Denier de poids, pennyweight. a 

dieu, earnest money. vingt, five per 
cent. \mgt-ch\(i,fourj>er cent. [diet. 

DENI-ER, I. -ca. to deny; refuse.; contra- 

DENIERS, sm. pi. revenues. du roi, 
hi IHJ'S treasure. d'octroi, toll; pas- 
sage-money. Vendre quelqu'un a beaux 
comptants, to betray one for inter- 
est. Faire une levee de , to raise 
mnne//. [blackening ; reviling; taunt. 

DENIGREMENT, sm. aspersion; insult; 

DENIGR-ER, I. va. to asperse; slander. 

DENIGREUR, sm. slanderer; backbiter. 

DENOMBREMENT, sm. enumeration; 
list; survey. Faire le , ty number. 

DENOMBR-ER, I. va. to enumerate; 
'number; reckon up. [teller; naming. 

DENOMINATKUR, sm. denominator; 

DENOM1NATI-F, VE, a. dcnoutin 

DKXOMINATION, sf. denomination. 

DENOMM-ER, I. va. to name; call. 

DENONC-ER 1 , DENONC-ANT 2 , I. va. to 
proclaim; inform against; impeach; 
declaim ; point out; give notice. 

D'-:N()NCIATEUR, m. informer; accuser. 

DKNONCIATION, sf. denunciation; de- 

DENOTATION, sf. denotation, [duration. 

DENOT-ER, I. va. to denote. 

corery ; catastrophe of apluy. [unravel. 

DENOU-EH, I. va. to untie; make supine; 

DENREE, sf. commodity; ware of all 
kind; provisions ; eatables; prog. 

DENSE, u. dense; thick; close; compact. 

DENSITE, sf. closeness; thickness. 

DENT, sf. tooth; notch; gap. Bur- 
dent, sf. gag-tooth. s de devant, 
fore-teeth. s machelieres, jan<- 
teeth; grinders. s incisives, inci- 
sors. s de lait, young teeth. Dents 
oeilleres, eye-teeth. Dent qui branle, 
loose tooth. de lion, dandelion. 
Avoir les s bien longues, to be very 
sfiarp set. Etre sur les s, be tired out. 
N'avoir pas de quoi mettre sous la dent, 
be poor and needy. Parler des grosses 
s, talk big to one. Avoir une de lait 
contre quelqu'un, have an old grudge 
against one. Vouloir prendre la lune 
avec les s, aim at impossibilities. 
Donner un coup de a quelqu'un, give 
one a dry wipe. Sans perdre un coup 

DEN ( 134 ) DEP 

[INF.M. I PRE3.T. 2 PART.PRES. 3 PART.PA8T.] IND.M. PRE3.T. 4 1st p.8. 5 2d p.S. 

13 14 2d 15 8d PHBT. l6 1st p.s. I7 2dp.s. 18 8dp.s. 19 
^ COND.M. 28 lstp.s. 29 2dp.s. 30 3dp.9. 31 1st 32 ^Sd 
PRES.T. 39 lstp.s. 4u 2dp.s. 41 3dp.s. 42 43 44 3d IMPERF. 

de , without losing a bit. II n'en 
cassera que d'une , he mill have no 
share in it. de chien, a plant. 
DENTAIRE, a. relating to teeth; dental. 
DENTAL,E, a. dental; pronounced through 
DENTE, E, a. notched ; dented, [the teeth. 
DENTEE, sf. bite; slander; bite from a 
DENTELE, E, a. jagged. [wild boar. 

DENTEL-ER, I. va. to indent; dent; jag; 
DENTELLE, sf. bone-lace; lace, [notch. 
DENTELURE, sf. indenting; notching; 

dented work; archit. ornament. 
DENT-ER, I. va. to cog a wheel, [raent. 
DENTICULE, sm. denticle; archit. orna- 
DENTIER, sm. set of teeth ; flyer, [dcr. 
DENTIFRICE, sm. dentifrice; tooth-pow- 
DENTIFORME, a. tooth-like. DENTIROS- 
DENTISTE, sm. dentist. [TRES, m. birds. 
DENTITION, sf. dentition ; toothing ;Jirst 
cutting of teeth. [round a wheel. 

DENTURE, sf. set of teeth ; set of cogs 
DENUDATION, sf. denudation; act of 

making bare. 

reavement; deprivation; distress. 
DlSNU-ER, I. va. to bereave; strip. 
DEPAQUET-ER, I. va. to unpack. 

marry a girl below her condition. 
DEPAREILLfi, E, a. not complete; un- 
matched; imperfect. [spoil. 
DEPAREILL-ER, I. va. to unmatch ; 
DEPAR-ER, I. va. to strip; disfigure. 
D&PARI-ER, I. va. to unmatch. 
DEPARL-EH, I. vn. to give over talking. 
DEPAR-s 4 - 5 - 34 t 6 , v. DEVARTiR,todividt. 
DEPART, sm. departure; parting. 

va. to give the casting vote. 
DEPARTEMENT, sm. department; dis- 
tribution; district; quarters. 
DEPARTe-TR 1 ant 2 i 3 ie 3 ies 3 is 3 -^- 17 O ns 7 - 
3 ez 8 - 37 ent 9 - 38 - 44 ais 10 ' 11 ait 12 ois 10 - 11 
oit 12 ions 13 - 42 iez 14 - 43 aient 15 oient 15 it 18 
hnes 19 ties 20 irent 21 irai 22 iras 23 ira 24 
irons 25 irez 26 iront 27 irais 28 - 29 irait 30 irois 
28.29 iroit 3o i r ions 31 iriez 32 iraient 33 iroient 

33 e 35.39.41 es 40 isse 45 isses 46 Jt 4 7 i ss i O ns 48 

issiez 49 issent 50 , va. to impart ; divide; 
distribute. Se , vr. to desist; aban- 
don; recede from. See DEPAR-S. 

DEPASS-ER, I. va. to go faster; get be- 
yond ; pull out ; be ahead ; exceed ; out- 

DEPAV-ER, I. va. to unpave. [run. 

DEPAYS-ER, I. va. to carry one to ano- 
ther country ; put on a wrong scent. 

DEPECEMENT, sm. cutting up. 

DEPEC-ER 1 , DEPEg-ANT 2 , I. va. to cut 
up; carve; dismember. 

DEPECEUR, sm. seller of old wood from 
shivs ; ripper. 

DEPECHE, sf. despatch; express. Belle 
, good riddance. A compagnon, 
in a hurry ; without giving quarter. 

DEP^CH-ER, I. va. to despatch. Se 
depecher, vr. make haste, [low-chand. 

DEPE(,'OIR, sm. chopping knife for tal- 

DEPEIGN-ANT 2 ons?- 36 ez 8 - 3 ? ent y - 38 ' 44 
ais 10 - 11 ait 12 ois 10 - 11 oit 12 ions 13 - 42 iez 14 - 
43 aient 15 oient 15 is 16 - 1 ? it 18 Jmes 19 ites 20 
irent 21 e 35 ' 39 - 41 es 40 isse 45 isses 4 ^ ft 4 ? 
issions 46 issiez 49 issent 50 , part of 

DEPEIND-RE 1 rai 22 ras 23 ra 24 rons 25 rez 2 ^ 
rout 27 rais 28 - 29 rait 30 rois 28 - 29 roit 30 rions 
31 riez 32 raient 33 roient 33 , DEPEIN-s 4 - 5 - 
3 * t 3 - 6 ts 3 te 3 tes 3 , tw. to depict; de- 
scribe; represent; express. See DB- 


DEPENAILLE, E, a. ill-clad ; ragged. 

DEPENDAMMENT, ad. dependently. 

DEPENDANCE, sf. dependence; conse- 
quence; appendage, pi. appurtenances. 

DEPENDANT, E, a. held of another; de- 
pending. Aller en , to sail in com- 
pany. Tomber en , bear up, in or- 
der to veer. 2 , part of 

DEPEND^RE 1 ant 2 u 3 ue 3 us 3 ues 3 s 4 - 5 ' 34 ons 

7-36 ez 8.37 ent 9.38.44 a i s 10.11 a i t !2 O i s 10.11 

oit 12 ions 13 - 42 iez 14 - 43 aient 15 oient 15 is 16 - 
17 itis tmes 19 Jtes 20 irent 21 rai 22 ras 23 ra 24 
rons 25 rez 26 ront 27 rais 28 - 29 rait 30 rois 28 - 29 
roit 30 rions 31 riez 32 raient 33 roient 33 e 35 ' 
s 9 - 41 es 40 isse 45 isses 46 It 47 issions 48 issiez 
49 issent 50 , vn. to rely on; proceed from; 
rent of; depend an; va. unhang; 
hang on; take down; hold. Je suis 4 
vous, 4 pendre et a , J am entirely 
yours. Cela de moi, that lies in 
my power. Cela , may be. 

DEPENS, sm. pi. expense; cost. 

DEFENSE, sf. expense; till; pantry; 
steward's room. Faire la , to pay 

DEP ( 135 ) DEP 

6 3d p.s. 1 1st p. pi. 8 2d p. pi. 9 3d p. pi. IMPERF. 10 1st p. s. 2d p.s. "Sd p.s. 
2 21 FUT. 22 1st p.s. 2 32dp.s. 24 3d p.s. M 1st p. pi. * 
p. pi. IMP.M. 34 2dp.s. M 3d p.s. 36 1st p. pi. 38 SUBJ. M. 
45 1st p. s. 46 2d p. s. 47 3d p. s. 48 1st p. pi. " 9 2d p. pi. 50 3d p. pi. 

for house-keeping. Faire de la depense, 
live in style. 

DEPENS-ER, I. va. to spend, [steward. 

DEPENSIER, sm. expensive man ; caterer; 

DEPERDITION, sf. deperdition ; waste. 

DEPER-iR, II. vn. to decay; fall off"; 

DEPERISSEMENT, sm. decaying, [waste. 

DEPETR-ER, I. va. to disengage; get rid 

DEPEUPLEMENT, sm. depopulation.[of. 

DEPEUPL-ER, I. va. to dispeople. un 
vivier, draw a pond. un pigeonnier, 
unstock a pigcoji-hoitse. une foret, 
to fell many trees. un pays de 
gibier, destroy the game of a country. 

DEPIEC-ER 1 , DEPIE^-ANT 2 , 1. va. to cut 
to pieces; dismember. [ing hair. 

DEPILATI-F, VE, a. depilatory ; destroy- 

DEPILATION, sf. depilation; destruction 
of hair. 

DEPILATOIRE, sm. depilatory, [come off". 

DEPIL-ER, I. va. to cause the hair to 

DEPIQU-ER, I. va. to allay resentment. 

DEPIT, sm. vexation; pet; anger. En 
de, in spite of. [ , to fret ; despair. 

DEPIT-ER, I. va. to vex; provoke. Se 

DEPITEU-x, SE, a. fretful; passionate. 

DtiPLACEMENT, aw. displacing. 

DEPLAC-ER 1 , DEPLAg-ANT 2 , I. va. dis- 
place; remove; transpose; misplace. 

DEPLAI-RE 1 s 4 - 5 - 34 t 6 rai 22 ras 23 ra 24 rons 
rez^ ront 2 ? rais 28 - 29 rait*) rois 28 - 29 
roit 30 rions 31 riez 32 raient 33 roient 33 , vn. 
to displease. Se , vr. not to like. 
Elle se deplait dans ce lieu, she does not 
like that place. See DEPLU and 

DEPLAIS 4 - 5 - 34 -ANT 2 ons?- 36 ez 8 - 3 ? ent 9 - 38 - 
44 aigio.ii ait 12 ois 10 - n oit 12 ions 13 - 42 iez 
14 - 43 aient 15 oient 15 e 35 - 39 - 41 es 40 , Ne 
vous en e, with your leave, v. DE- 

DEPLAISANCE, sf. dislike. [PLAIRE. 

DEPLAISANT, E, a. disagreeable. 

DEPLAIS1R, sm. displeasure; ill office; 
r grief; trouble; discontent. [plant. 

DEPLANT-ER, I. va. to pluck up; trans- 

DEPLANTOIR, am. transplanter. 

DEPLATR-ER, I. va. to unplaster. 

DEPLETION, */. depletion; bleeding. 

DEPLI-ER, I. va. to unfold; open. 

DfePLISS-ER, I. va. to unplait; unfold. 

DEPLORABLE, a. , sad ; dismal. 

DEPLORABLEMENT, ad. deplorably. 

DEPLORE, E, a. desperate ; past hope. 

DEPLOR-ER, I. va. to deplore; lament. 

DEPLOY-ER, I. va. to display; unfold. 
Tambour battant, enseignes dfeployees, 
drums beating; colours Jly ing. Chan- 
ter a gorge deployee, laugh immode- 
rately. Deployer le pavilion, let Jly 
the ensign. une voile, set a sail. 

DEPL-u 3 ue 3 ues 3 us 3 - 16 -" ut 18 umes 19 
utes 20 urent 21 usse 45 usses 46 ut 47 ussions 48 
ussiez 49 ussent 50 , v. DEPLAIRE. 

DEPLUM-ER, I. ra. to plume; strip; 
vn. moult. 

D^POINT-ER, I. va. to unpick; unsew. 

DEPOL-iR, II. va. to unpolish. 

DEPONENT, a. deponent, said of verbs. 

DEPONIBLE, a. disposable. 

DEPOPULARIS-ER, I. ra. to deprive 
of popularity ; render less popular, 

DEPOPULATION, sf. depopulation. 

DEPORT, am. delay ; Jirst fruits of a 
living. Sans , immediately ; instantly. 

DEPORTATION, sf. transportation. 

DEPORTEMENT, am. deportment. 

DEPORT-ER, I. ra. to banish; exile. Se 
, vr. to recede from, [dence; witness. 

DEPOSANT, E, a. deponent; sm. evi- 

DEPOS-ER, I. ra. to depose ; resign ; de- 
posit; dethrone. [tori/; confidant. 

DEPOSITAIRE, a. depositary; reposi- 

D^POSITION, */. deposition; deposing. 

DEPOSSED-ER, I. ra. to dispossess. 

DEPOSSESSION, sf. turning out of pos- 
session; dispossessing. 

DEPOST-ER, I. ra. to drive from a post. 

DEPOT, sm. deposit; trust; chest; set- 
ting; sediment; depot; warehouse. 

DEPOT-ER, I. ra. to unpot ; empty. 

DEPOUDR-ER, I. ra. to comb out the 
powder; dust; wipe; clean. 

DEPOUILLE, sf. skin ; cast off" clothes ; 
books ; crop ; employment or effects of 
a deceased person ; spoil; slough. 

DEPOUILLEMENT, am. self-denial; 
parting with any thing ; abridgment. 

DEPOUILL-ER, I. ra. to strip ; get in the 
crop ; deprive ; cast off". un lapin, 
uncase a rabbit. Jouer au roi depou- 
ille, to strip one of all his property. 

DEPOURVOI-s 4 - 5 - 34 t 6 ent 9 - 38 - 44 rai 22 ras 23 
ra 24 rons 2 - 5 rez^ ront 2 ? rais 28 - 36 rait^ 


( 136) 


[INF.M. ^RES.T. 2 PART.PRES. 3 PART.PAST.] IND. M. PRES.T. 4 1st p.S. 5 2dp.S. 

I3 14 2d 15 PRET. 16 lstp.s. 17 2dp.s. 18 3d p.s. 19 
27 3d p. pi. COND.M. 28 1st p.s. 29 2dp.s. 3 3d p.s. 31 1st p. pi. 32 2d p. pL 33 3d 
PRES.T. 39 1st p.s. 40 2dp.s. 41 8dp.s. 42 1st p. pi. 43 44 3d IMPERF. 

rois 2S.29 roit 30 rions 31 riez 32 ra ient 33 
roient 33 - part of 

DEPOURV-oiR 1 u 3 ue 3 ues 3 U s 3 -i6-i7 ut i8 
times 19 utes 20 urent 21 usse 45 usses 46 fit 47 
ussions 48 ussiez 49 ussent 50 , va. to unfur- 
nish ; leave destitute ; deprive. See 

DEPOURVOY-ANT 2 ons 7 - 36 ez 8 ' 37 ent 9 - 38 - 
44 aisio-11 ait' 2 ois'- oit" ions' 3 - 42 iez 
14 - 43 aient'5 oient 15 e^- 39 - 4 ' es 40 , v. DE- 


DEPOURVU, E, a. deprived of; unpro- 
vided. Au , ad. unawares. 

DEPRAVATION, sf. depravation; cor- 

DEPRAVATEUR, sm. cor rupter. \ruption. 

DEPRAV-ER, I. va. to deprave. 

DfiPRECATI-F, VE, a. deprecative, 

DEPRECATION, sf. deprecation ; prayer 
for another; entreaty for pardon, [lue. 

DEPRECIATION, sf. , lessening ofva- 

DEPRECI-ER, I. va. to undervalue, [ber. 

DEPREDATEUR, s?n. depredator; rob- 

DEPRED ATION, sf. depredation; robbery 

DEPRED-ER, I. va. to depredate; plunder. 

PRENN-E 35 - 39 - 41 es 40 ent 9 - 38 - 44 , va. to 
part; loosen. Se , vr. to extricate 
one's self; conjugated like PRENDRE. 

DEPREOCCUPE, E, a. unprepossessed. 

DE PRES, ad. near ; at hand ; close. 

DEPRESS-ER, I. va. to take out of the 
jiress ; take off gloss. 

DEPRESSION, sf. depression. 

DEPREVEN-iR 1 , DEPREVIENS 4 - 5 - 34 , 
16 - 17 , va. to unprepossess ; conjugated 
like VENIR. 

DEPRI, sin. the abatement of the fines 
of alienation. [^invitation. 

DEPRI-ER, I. va. to disinvite ; put off an 

DEPRIM-ER, I. va. to depress; debase. 

DEPR-is 3 - 16 - 17 , v. DEPRENDRE. 

DEPRIS-ER, I. va. to despise ; vilify. 

DE-PROFUNDIS, sm. prayer for thedead. 

PROMIS 3 ' 16 - 17 , vn. to annul a promise; 
despair; conjugated like PROMETTRE. 

DEPUCEL-ER, I. va. to debauch ; dejiour. 

DEPUCELLEMENT, sm. dcjtouring. 

DEPUIS, pr. since ;from ; after, ad. De- 
puis quand? how long? peu, not long 
since. deux ans, these two years 

past. long temps, this great while; 
long ago. que, c. since. [ing. 

DEPURATI-F, VE, a. purifying ; cleans- 

DEPURATION, sf. depuration, [fying. 

DEPURATOIRE, sm. depuratory ; puri- 

DEPUR-ER, I. va. to depurate; purify. 

DEPUTATION, */. deputation; message. 

DEPUTE, sm. deputy; delegate. 

DEPUT-ER, I. va. to depute; send. 

DE QUOI, pro. wherewithal ; what? what 
of; reason; matter ; what is it? II n'y 
a pas de , never mind! no matter! 
Avoir de , to be rich ; be well off". 

DERACINEMENT, sm. rooting up Cluck- 
ing up; eradication. [eradicate. 

DERACIN-ER, I. va. to root up or out; 

DERAD-ER, I. vn. to drive from its anchor. 

DERAID-IR, II. va. to unstiffen; make 

DERAISON, sf. nonsense. [?nore pliable. 

DERAISONNABLE, a. unreasonable ; un- 
^just; excessive; senseless. [ably. 


DERAISONN-ER, I. vn. to speak nonsense. 

DERALINGU-UR, I. vn. to separate; be 
blown from the bolt-rope, as a sail. 

DERANGE, m. E,/. a. irregular; disor- 
derly. Homme , one leading a dis- 
orderly life. [sion. 

DERANGEMENT, sm. disorder; confu- 

to disorder ; embroil ; disarrange. 

DERAP-ER, I. vn. to come home; be a- 
trip. Se , vr. to take to bud courses. 

DERATE, E, a. cunning ; sharp. Un , a 
blade ; know ing fellow. 

DERAY-ER,!. Se , vr. Roue qui se deraye, 
wheel with spokes getting loose, vn. to 
leave off" working. 

DERECHEF, ad. again; anew; once more. 

DEREGLE, E, a. disorderly; unruly. 

DEREGLEMENT, sm. irregularity; de- 
bauchery; disorder. [unruly. 

DEREGLEMENT, ad. disorderly; loosely; 

DEREGL-ER, I. va. to disorder. Se , 
vr. to grotv leicd; be out of order. 

DERID-ER, I. va. to smooth; clear up; 
i/iurrinkle. Se , get merrier. 

DERISION, sf. derision; ridicule. 

DERISOIRE; a. laughable; derisive. 

DERIVATION, sf. derivation; origin. 

DERIVATI-F, m. VE,/. a. derivative. 

DER ( 137 ) DES 

8dp.s. 7 1st p. pi. 6 9 3d p. pi. IMPERF. 10 lstp.s. U 2dp.s. 12 3dp.s. 
20 2l rex. ^Istp.s. 23 2dp.s. 24 3dp.s. 25 1st p. pi. * IMP.M. **2dp.s. ^Sdp.s. * 1st p. pi. * 3 8 SUBJ.M. 
1st p. 8. 4tJ 2dp.s. 4 '3dp.s. 48 1st p. pi. 

DERIVE, sf. ship's Ice-way; the drift. 
Belle , good ojjing or sea-room. 

DERIVE, sin. derivative, a. derived. 

DERIV-ER, I. -en. to put off from the 
shore ;fall to leeward; derive; unclinch. 

DERME, sin. human skin. 

DERXI-ER, ERE, a. last; latter; utmost; 
worst; greatest; highest, sm. the 
last; utmost. En lieu, ad. lastly. 

DERXIEREMENT, ad. lately; newly. 

DEROBE, a. concealed ; hidden. A la E, 
ad. by stealth. Escalier , private 
staircase. Heures ES, spare hours. 

DEROB-ER, I. va. to rob; conceal; de- 
prive; hide; pilfer ; pole ; rook; divest. 
Se , vr. to steal away; escape. So 

a la justice, to fly from justice. Se 

aux coups, to avoid blows, Se a 
notre vue, disappear from our sight. II 
derobe sa marche, he covers his designs. 

des feves, to blanch beans. 
DEROCH-ER, I. r. to take away the 

dross; spring down from a high place. 
DEROGATION, sf. derogation; exception. 
DEROGATOIRE, a. derogatory. 
DEROGEAXCE, sf. degrading action. 
DBROGEANT, E, a. derogatory. 
DEROG-ER 1 , DEROGE-AXT'-, I. vn. to 

derogate; detract; degrade. [pic. 

DEROID-iR, II. vu. unstiffen; make sup- 
DEROUG-iR, II. vn. to lose its redness ; 

fade. va. to make less red. [rust. 

DEROUILLEMEXT, tin. rubbing off tin 
DEROUILL-ER, I. va. to rub off the rust 
DEROUL-ER, I. ra. to unroll. 
DEROUTE, sf. rout; disorder; defeat. 
DEROUT-ER, I. va. to bewilder; puzzle.. 

rout; put to flight. 
DERRlERE.^r. behind; backward. Sam 

devant , the cart before the horses 

sm. back part. d'un collet de 

mouton, rack of mutton. Porte de 
in; back-door. Faire rage de 

pieds de , work with might and main 

Montrer le ,fail in one's promise. 
DERVIS, DERV1CHE, sm. Turkis 

n>ttk: bujgur; dcrcis. sf. kind of 'danct 
DES, pi. of the, some, from the, by the 

of some, by some, stands for DE LES. 
DBS, pr.from; since; at; on. que 

c. when; since; us soon as. aujour- 

d'hui, this very day. lors, from 
that time ; then. demain, to-morrow. 
)ESABUSEMEXT, sm. itndi'rciving. 
)ESABUS-ER, I. va. to undeceive. 
)ESA.CCORD, sm. want of union. 
)ESACCORD-ER, I. va. to untune. 
DESACCOUPL-ER, I. va. to uncouple. 
DESACCOUTUM-ER, I. va. to wean from. 
DESACHALAND-ER, I. va. to hurt the 
trade of a shop, [heave up an anchor. 
DESAFFOURCH-ER, I. va. to unmoor; 

va. to disorder. 

DESAGREABLE, a. disagreeable. 
1JESAGREABLEMEXT, ad. disagreeably. 
DESAGRE-ER, I. va. to displease; unrig. 
DESAGREMENT, sm. disagreeableness ; 

vexation ; fault ; blemish. 
DESAJUST-ER, I. va. to discompose. 
DESALLI-ER, I. vn. to marry beneath 
one's self. Se . make a bad match. 
DESALTER-ER, I. va. to quench the thirst. 
DESAXCH-ER, I. va. to take the reed off. 
DESANCR-ER, I. vn. to weigh anchor. 
DESAPPAREILL-ER, I. va. to unmatch. 
DESAPPARI-ER, I. va. to divide a pair. 
DESAPPETIS-ER, I. va. to take away the 
appetite. [Se , apply less. 

DESAPPLIQU-ER, I. va. to divert from ; 
DESAPPO1NT-ER, I. va. to cashier; dis- 
appoint; vex; put out ; ball;. 
DESAPPREND 6 -RE 1 s 4 - 5 ' 34 rai 22 ras 23 ra 24 
rons 25 rez 26 ront 27 rais 28 - 29 rait 30 rois 2 ^- 29 
roit 30 rions 31 riez 32 raient 33 roient 33 , 
DESAPPREN-ANT 2 ons^-se ez 8 - 37 ais lu - 11 
aiti-2 ois io.n oit ia ions i 3 -i2 iez i4.43 aient^ 

oient 15 , DESAPPRENX-ENT 9 - 38 - 44 e 35 - 
3 9 - 41 es 40 , DESAPPR-is 3 -^-!? it i8 Iraes i9 
Ites 20 irent 21 isse 45 isses 46 it 47 issions 48 
issiez 49 issent 50 , va. to forget ; grow ig- 

DESAPPROBAT-EUB, sm. RICE, sf. blarn- 
er; censurcr. a. censuring, [blame. 

DISAPPROBATION, sf. disapprobation; 

DESAPPROPRIATION, sf. divcstation. 

DESAPPROPRI-ER, Se de, vr. to divest 
one's self of. [dislike ; blame. 

DESAPPROUV-ER, I. va. to disajrprove; 

DESA RBOR-ER, I. va. to strike the topmast 

DESAR^ONN-ER, I. va. to unhorse; non- 
plus; confound. 

DES ( 138 ) DBS 

[INF.M. ^RES.T. 2 PAKT.PRES. 3 PART.PA8T.] IND. M. PRES.T. 4 lstp.S. 5 2dp.8. 
13 14 " PRET. ^Istp.s. 1 72dp.s. 8 3d p.s. w 
27 3d. COND.M. 28 lstp.s. ^Mp.s. 3 3d p.s. 31 3a 2dp<pL 3334 
PRES.T. 39 1st p.s 40 2d p.s. 41 3dp.s. 42 1st 43 2d 44 3d IMPERF. 

DESARGENT-ER, I. va. to wear off the 
silver ; drain off cash. 

DESARMEMENT, sm. reduction of forces ; 
unrigging of ships; disarming. 

DESARM-ER, I. va. to disarm ; unrig ; 
appease ; lay down arms ; appease. 

I. va. to displace. [stowage. 

DESARRIM-ER, I. va. to alter, shift the 

DESARROI, srn. disorder; confusion. 

DESASSEMBL-ER, I. va. to take to pieces. 

DESASSIEGEMENT, sm. raising of a siege 

DESASSOCI-ER, I. va. to dissolve a club 
or company ; divide. [place. 

DESASSORT-iR, II. va. to unmatch; dis- 

DESASTRE, sm. disaster; calamity. 

DESASTREU-x, SE, a. disastrous. 

DESATTRIST-ER, I. va. to comfort; con- 
sole, [riority ; prejudice. 

DESAVANTAGE,*r. disadvantage; infe- 

DESAVANTAG-ER ses enfans, I. va. to 
wrong one's children. [vantageously. 


DESAVANTAGEU-x, SE, a. disadvan- 
tageous; hurtful; inferior; injurious. 

DESAVEU, sm. disavowal; denial. 

DESAVEUGL-ER, I. va. to undeceive. 

DESAVOU-ER, I. va. to disavow; decry; 
disown; deny; disclaim; disapprove. 

DESCELL-ER, I. va. to unseal; detach. 

DESCEND 6 , v. DESCENDRE; t& descend. 

DESCENDANCE, sf. descent ; family. 

DESCENDANT, sm. ; the ebb. 

DESCEND ANS, sm. Les , the offspring. 

DESCEND^RE 1 ant 2 u 3 ue 3 us 3 ues 3 s 4 - 3 - 34 

Ons 7.36 e2 6.37 ent 9.38.44 a is 10 - 11 ait 12 ions 

13.42 iez i4.43 aient 13 oient 15 is 16 -'? it 
Jrnes 19 ites 20 irent 21 rai 22 ras 23 ra 24 rons 23 
rez 26 ront 1 " rais 28 - 29 rait^ rois 28 - 29 roit^ 
rions 31 riez 32 raient 33 roient 33 e 35 - 39 - 41 es 40 j 
isse 45 isses 46 It 47 issions 48 issiez 49 issent 50 , 
vn. to descend ; come down ; land ; in- 
vade; light off or out. va. to take down. 
la garde, come off the gitard. une 
riviere, to fall down with the tide. 

DESCENTE, sf. descent; taking down; 
declivity ; invasion ; rupture; deflux; 

DESCRIPT-iF, m. IVE,/. a. descriptive. 

DESCRIPTION, sf. description. 

DESEMBALLAGE, sm. unpacking. 

DESEMBALL-ER,I.a. to unpack; unload. 

DESEMBARRASS-ER, I. va. to disentan- 
gle; remove. 

DESEMBARQUEMENT, sm. landing. 

DESEMBARQU-ER, I. va. to unlade; dis- 
embark; land; unship. [the mire. 

DESEMBOURB-ER, I. va. to take out of 

DESEMPAREMENT, sm. disabling. 

DESEMPAR-ER, I. va. to quit a place; 
abandon ; lay up a ship ; disable. 

DESEMPENNE, E, a. Comme un trait 
, at random; helplessly. 

DESEMPES-ER, I. va. to unstarch. 

DESEMPL-iR, II. va. to empty wholly or 

- in part. vn. become less full; empty. 

DESEMPRISONN-ER, I. va. to set free; 
let loose. 

D^SENCHAIN-ER, I. va. to unchain, [ing. 

DESENCHANTEMENT, sm. disenchant- 

DESENCHANT-ER, I. va. to disenchant. 

DESENCLOU-ER, I. va. to unnail ; un- 
spike a cannon. un cheval, to take 
out the nail from a horse's shoe, [awake. 

DfiSENDORMI, E, a. half awake; just 

DESENFIL-ER, I. va. to unthread. 

DESENFL-ER, I. va. to remove a swel- 
ling; unswell. [ling. 

DESENFLURE, sf. subsiding of a swel- 

DESENGREN-ER, va. to free from. 

DESENIVR-ER, I. vn. to remove drunken- 
ness ; get sober, va. to undeceive. 

Se , vr. to disentangle one's self. 

DESENNUY-ER, I. va. to divert; amuse. 

DESENRAY-ER, I. va. to unskid or untrig 
awheel; leave off working. 

DESENRHUM-ER, I. va. to cure a cold, 
vn. get better of a cold. 

DESENROL-ER, I. va. to dismiss a soldier. 

DESENROU-ER, I. va. to cure the hoarse- 
ness of. Se , get better of hoarseness. 

DESENSABL-ER, I . va. to get off a boat, 
&c. that has run aground. 

DESENSEIGN-ER, I. va. to unteach. 

DESENSEVEL-iR, II. va. to dig out of 
the grave; strip a corpse. 

DESENSORCEL-ER, I. va. to unbewitch. 

witching. [his conceit ; undeceive. 

DfeSENTET-ER, I. va. to work one out of 

DESENTORTILL-ER, I. va. to untwist. 


( 189 ) DES 

3dp.s. ' 8 9 3d p. pi. IMPERF. 10 lstp.s. "2dp.s. 12 8dp.p. 21 FUT. M lstp.s. 23 2dp.s. 24 3dp.s. 25 1st p. pi. K IMP.M. 34 2dp.s. 35 3dp.s. 36 38 3d p. pi. TT l " 
45 lstp.s. 46 2dp.s. 4 ?3dp.s. 48 1st 49 50 3d 

V* *" 


DSENTRAV-ER, I. va. to unfetter. 
DESENVENIM-ER, I. va. to takeaway the 

venom; make wholesome again. 
DESEQUIP-ER, I. va. to unrig a ship. 
DESERT, E, a. desert; solitary, sm. de- 
sert; wilderness; waste. 
DESERT-ER, I. va. to lay wast e ; forsake ; 
desert, vn. run away ; leave the service. 
DESERTEUR, sm. deserter; run-away. 
DESERTION, */. desertion; deserting. 
Desertion de cause, nonsuit. d'appel, 
giving over of an appeal, [head ; rashly. 
DESESPERADE, sf. A la , ad. hand over 
DESESPERE, E, a. desperate; despaired 
of. , sm. desperado. E, sf. des- 
perate woman. [past recovery. 
DESESPEREMENT, ad. desperately ; 
DESESPER-ER, I. vn. to despair; be with- 
out hope. va. drive to despair ; provoke ; 
make mad. Se , vr. to be frantic; 
make away with ones self. 
DESESPOIR, sm. despair ; intense grief. 

au , vexed ; beside one's self; mad. 
DESHABILLE, sm. an undress. 
DfiSHABILL-ER, I. va. to undress. 
DESHABITE, E, a. uninhabited. 
DESHABITU-ER, I. va. disaccustom, dis- 
use. Se , vr. leave off. 
DESHARNARCH-ER, I. va. to unharness. 
DESHERENCE, sf. disinherison. 
DESHERIT-ER, I. va. to disinherit. 
DESHONNETE, a. dishonest ; faithless ; 
indecent; shameful, [lewdly ; wickedly 
DESHONNETEMENT, ad. dishonestly , 
DESHONNETETE, sf. dislwuesty. 
DESHONNEUR, sm. dishonour; disgrace ; 
discredit; shame; infamy. [ful. 

DISHONORABLE, a. disgraceful ; shame- 
DESHONORABLEMENT, ad. shamefully. 
DESHONOR-ER, I. va. to disgrace; dis- 
parage; insult; ruin a girl, [manity. 
D^SHUMANIS-ER, I. va. to divest of hu 
DESIGNAT-IF, in. IVE,/. a. specifying. 
DESIGNATION, sf. ; appointment; 
description, [appoint; assign; design. 
DfcSIGN-ER, I. va. to describe; denote; 
DESINCORPOR-ER, I. va. to disincorpo- 
DESINENCE, */. termination. [rate. 
DESINFATU-ER, I. va. to undeceive. 
DESINFECT ER, I. disinfect; purify. 
DISINFECTION, */ disinfection. 

DESINTERESSE, E, a. disinterested; 
uninterested; indemnified; impartial. 
DESINTERESSEMENT, sm. disinteres- 
tedness; generosity; impartiality. 
DESINTERESSEMENT, ad. impartially. 
DESINTERESS-ER, I. va. to indemnify. 
DESINVIT-ER, I. va. to disinvite. 
DESIR, sm. desire; wish; longing for. 
DESIRABLE, a. desirable ; pleasing, [ing. 
DESIR ANCE, sf. pregnant woman' s long- 
DESIR-EH, I. va. desire; wish; long for. 
DESIREU-x, SE, a. desirous; coveting. 
DESISTEMENT, sm. desistance. [over. 
DESIST-ER, I. SE , vr. to desist; give 
DriS-LORS, ad. from that time. [mmts. 
DESMOLOGIE, sf. dcsmology ; on liija- 
DESOBE-iR, II. vn. to disobey; transgress. 
DESOBEISSANCE, sf. disobedience. 
DESOBEISSANT, E, a. disobedient. 
DESOBLIGEAMMENT, ad. unkindly. 
DESOBLIGEANT, E, a. disobliging; un- 
kind; uncivil. E, sf. narrow carriage 
for one person; svlky. 
va. to displease; vex. [obstructions. 
DESOBSTRUCT-iF, m. IVE,/. a. rejnoving 
DESOBSTRU-ER, I. va. to remove ob- 
structions; clear; disentangle. 
DESOCCUPATION, sf. leisure. [sure. 
DESOCCUPE, E, a. unemployed; at lei- 
DESOCCUP-ER, I. SE , vr. to retire 
from business ; be 'idle. [leisure. 

DESOZUVRE, E, a. out of work; idle; at 
DESCEUVREMENT, sm. indolence; tin- 
employment; sloth; idleness. 
DESOLANT, E, a. grievous; afflicting. 
DESOLAT-EUR, m. RICE,/, s. desolator. 
DESOLATION, sf. desolation; extreme 
grief; ruin; affliction. [grieve. 

DESOL-ER, I. va. to afflict; lay waste; 
DESOPILATI-F, VE, a. deobstruent; 
opening ; aperient. [tions. 

DESOPILATION, sf. removal of obstruc- 
DESOPIL-ER, I. va. to deoppilate; open. 
Cela desopile la rate, that dispels the 
DESORDONNE, E, a. inordinate, [spleen. 
DESORDONN-ER, I. va. to disorder; dis- 
turb. r [ordinately ; excessively. 
DESORDONNEMENT, ad. disorderly ; in- 
DESORDRE, sm. disorder; debauchery; 
tumult; havock; confusion. 


( 140 ) 


[INF.M. 'PRES-T. 2 PART.PRES. 3 PART.PAST.] IND.M. PRE8.T. 4 1st p.S. 5 2d p.S. " 15 PRET. 16 1st p.s. 17 2dp.s. 8 3d p.s. COND.M. 28 lstp.s. ^ad p.s. 30 3d p.s. 31 32 2d 33 3d 
PRES.T. 1st p.s. 40 2dp.s. 41 3dp.s. 42 1st 43 IMPERF. 

DESORGANISATEUR, sm. a disturber. 
DISORGANISATION, */. disorder; dis- 

DESORGANIS-ER, I. va. to disorganise. 
DESORIENT-ER, I. va. to put one out ; 
DESORMAIS, ad. henceforth, [disconcert. 
DESORN-ER, I. va. to take off an orna- 
DESOSSEMENT, sm. boning. [ment. 
DESOSS-ER, I. va. to bone; unbone. 
DESOURD-IR, II. va. to unravel ; unwarp. 
DESPONSATION, sf. solemn engagement 
of marriage. [ruled by a despot. 

DESPOT AT, sm. despot's district; state 
DESPOTE, sm. despot; tyrant; scourge. 
DESPOTIQUE, a. despotic; tyrannical. 
DESPOTIQUEMENT, ad. despotically. 
DESPOTISME, sm. despotism; tyranny. 
DESPUMATION, sf. despumation; clari- 
fication; scumming. [clarify. 
DESPUM-ER, I. va. to take off the scum; 
DESQUAMATION, sf. scaling offish. 
DESSAIGN-ER des cuirs, I. va. to clean 
or soak raw hides. [let go ; give up. 
DESSAIS-iR, II. Se , vr. to part with; 
DESSAISISSEMENT, sm. dis2)ossessing. 
DESSAISONN-ER, I. va. to manure un- 
seasonably; keep back .[sm. sharp fellow. 
DESSALE, E, a. unsalted ; soaked. Un , 
DESSAL-ER, I. va. to freshen; unsalt. 
DESS ANGL-ER, I. va. to ungird ; ungirth. 
DESSECHANT, E, a. desiccative; drying. 
DESSECHEMENT, sm. a drying; dryed 
state. [drain; dry up. 
DESSECH-ER, I. v a. to dessicate ; wither ; 
DESSEIN, sm. design; intention; purpose; 
aim. A , ad. designedly; 
purpose. A de, in order to. A 
que, that ; to the end that. 
DESSELL-ER, I. va. to unsaddle. 
DESSER-s 4 - 5 - 34 t", v. DESSERVIR. 
DESSERRE, sf. opening of the purse 

Dur a la , close fisted ; stingy. 
DESSERR-ER, I. va. to loosen; slacken. 
DESSERT, sm. dessert ; fruit. [relax 
DESSERTE, sf. that which comes fron 
the table; parochial duty. [curate 
DESSERVANT, sm. officiating priest 
DESSERVICE, stn. ill office; ill turn. 
DESSERV-IR 1 ant 2 i 3 ie 3 ies 3 J 8 3-'6-" ons 
.36 ez 6.37 ent 9.38.44 ai s 10.U a j t !2 O igl0.1 

oit 12 ions 13 - 42 iez 14 - 43 aient 15 oient 15 it 18 
imes 19 ites 20 irent 21 irai 22 iras 23 ira 24 irons 
25 irez 26 iront 2 ? irais 28 - 29 irait 30 irois 28 - 2 * 
iroit 30 irions 31 iriez 32 iraient 33 iroient* 5 

e 35.39.41 es 40 isse 45 isseg 46 Jt 47 issions 48 

issiez 49 issent 50 , vn. to clear the table; 

remove the cloth; injure; do an ill 

office, va. une cure, do parochial 

duty. See DESSER-S. 

DESSICATI-F, VE, a. desiccative; drying. 

)ESSILL-ER, I. va. to open one's eyes. 

les yeux, disabuse; undeceive. 
DESSIN, sm. sketch, drawing, plan, out- 
line; delineation. [one who plans. 
DESSINATEUR, sm. designer; drawer; 
DESSIN-ER, I. va. to design ; draw ; de- 
DESSOL-ER, I. va. to unsole. [lineate. 
DESSOUD-ER, I. va. to unsolder. 
DESSOUDURE, sf. unsoldering. 
DESSOUL-ER, 1. va. to make or be sober. 
DESSOUS, pr. under; beneath. Au dessous, 
below ; under. Ci , ad. following ; 
hereafter ; here-under. Par , under ; 
De dessous, from under. Sens dessus 
, topsy-turvy. DESSOUS, sm. the 
under part. Le des cartes, the se- 
cret or bottom of an affair. Avoir le 
, to be worsted. Donner du , over- 
power. du pied, sole of the feet. 
Prendre le du pave, to give one the wall. 
DESSUS, pr. above; upon. Par dessus, 
ad. besides ; above ; over. Au , above ; 
beyond. Ci , above. , sm. the top ; 
treble; superscription. Avoir le , to 
have the advantage. Venir au , bring 
about. Prendre le , take place above. 
II est au du vent, he is above the 
world. Par 1'epaule, over the left 
slioulder; never. 

DESTIN, sm. destiny, doom ; fate.[ment. 
DESTINATION, sf. destination; appoint- 
DESTINEE, sf. destiny; fate; prospe- 
rity. Finir sa , to die. 
DESTIN-ER, I. va. to design ; appoint. 
DESTITUABLE, a. that may be turned 

out of his place ; removed ; deposed. 
DESTITUE, E, a. destitute; dci><wd. 
DESTITU-ER, I. va. to depose; deprive. 
DESTITUTION, sf. deposing ; dismission. 
DESTRIER, sm. led horse. 
DESTRUCT-EUR, 7/1. RICE,/, s. destroyer. 

( 1*1 ) 
Sdp.s. ' 8 > 3d p. pi. IM 

2dppl. PUT. 22 lSt P .S. 

p. pi. IMP.M. "top.,. SSSdp.S. 36 l8tp . pl . 

Mstp.s. 2dp.s. <7 Sdp. Sj 48 1st p. pi. 


. 10 lstp.s. 2d p s "sdni 


. pi 

DESTRUCTI-F, VE, a. destructive. 
DESTRUCTION, sf. destruction; ruin. 
DESUETUDE, sf. cessation from, being 
tude; disuse. [paration. 
"-ION, sf. disunion; variance; se- 
DESUN-iR, II. ra. disunite; divide. Se 

fall out; come asunder. 
DETACH E, E, a. pieces ES, outworks. 
DETACHEMENT, sm. detachment; dis- 

engagement ; partiality ; draft; squad. 

Faire un , to draft from a brigade. 
DETACH-ER, I. va. to detach; untie; 

send after ; take off"; undo ; disengage ; 

take off a stain. un vaisseau, to se- 

lect a ship for a particular purpose. 
une ruade, kick as a horse. Se 

, vr. to loosen; come off; leave off; go 
DETACHEUR, tm. scourer. [off. 

DETAIL, sm. detail ; particular account ; 

particulars. En , by retail. Avec 

plus de , more circumstantially. 
DETAILL-ER, I. va. to cut in pieces; re- 

tail; tell particulars; give a full ac- 
DETAILLEUR, sm. retailer. [count. 

DETAL-ER, I. va. to shut shop; run off. 
DETALINGU-ER, I. va. to take off the 

cable of an anchor. [tamkin. 

DETAP-ER, I. va. to open; take out the 

DETEIGN-AXT 2 ODS7-36 eZ 8 '37 ent 9.38.44 ^ 



aient 15 oient'5 feie.17 it i8 Jmes 9 Ites 20 
irent 2 ' e 3 ^ 39 - 41 es^ isse i s ses 4 6 it 47 is- 
sions 48 issi.-z 49 issent 50 , part of 
DETEIND-RK 1 rai* 2 ras 23 ra 24 rons 25 rez 26 
ront" rais2-'^ rait' rois 28 ^ roit^ rions 
31 ri-z 32 raientSi roient 33 ; DETEIN-s 4 - 
; te 3 tes 3 , va. to discolour; 
vn.fofle. Se , vr. to lose its colour. 

DKTEL-EK, I. va. to unyoke; unteam. 
DETENir-uE 1 ant 2 u 3 ue 3 us 3 ues 3 s 4 - 5 - 34 
^ e/ 8 '" ent 9 - 38 -* 4 ais 10 - 11 ait 12 ois 
' oil' 2 ions 13 - 42 iez" 4 - 43 aient i5 oient i 5 
irent 21 rai 22 ras 23 

ra 24 

ront" rais 28 - rait 30 

ras- ra 

rois 28 - roil 3 " rions 3 ' riez 32 raient 33 roient 
83 e 35 -^-^ es 4 <> Use isges 4 * it 4 ' iasions 48 
issiez 49 iss i , < /M / ; unstring ; 

slacken; relax; take don- . 
TEN-IR' ant 2 u 3 ue 3 us 3 ues 3 ons?' 36 ez 
8.37 ajgio.ii ajjia O j s io.ii oit ia 

iez"- 43 aient 13 oient 15 , va. to detain; 
withhold. See DET-INS, DETIENN-E. 

DETENTE, */. trigger. 

DETENT-EVK, TO. RICE,/, s. one tJiat keeps 
rvrongfully another man's estates. 

DETENTION, sf. detention; detaining; 
custody, imprisonment, [purge; cleanse. 

DETERG-ER 1 , DETERGE-ANT 2 , I. va to 

DETERIORATION, */. worse state; waste. 

DETERIOR-ER, I. va. to waste; spoil. 

DETERMINATION, */. ; resolution. 

DETERMINE, m. E,/. a. bold; forward, 
sm. a desperado. [boldly; positively. 

DETERMINEMENT, ad. absolutely; 

DETERMIN-ER, I. va. to determine; vn. 
to resolve. Se , vr. to be resolved. 

DETERR-ER, I. ra. to dig out of the 
grave; discover; briny to light. 

DETERREUR, sm. a discoverer; resur- 

DETERSI-F, VE, a. detersive; cleansing. 

DETESTABLE, a. detestable; horrid. 

DETESTABLEMENT, ad. abominably. 

DETESTATION, sf. detestation; horror. 

DETEST-ER, I. va. to detest; ablwr. 

DETIENN-E 35 ' 39 - 41 es 40 ent 9 - 38 - 44 ; DE- 
TIEN-s 4 - 5 - 34 t 6 ; DETIEND-RAi 22 ras 23 
ra 24 rons 25 rez 26 ront 27 rais 28 - 29 rait 30 
rois 28 - 29 roit 3 " rions 31 riez 32 raient33 
roient 33 , v. DETENIR, to detain. 

DETIGNONN-ER, I. va. tear off one's 
hair ; pull caps off. 

DET-iNS 16 - 1 ? int 18 inmes 19 fntes 2 " inrent 21 
insse 45 insses 46 Int 47 inssions 48 inssiez 
* 9 inssent 50 , v. DETENIR, to withhold. 

DETIR-ER, I. va. to draw out; pull out. 

DETIS-ER, I. va. to rake out the fire. 

DETON-ER, I. vn. to sing out of tune. 

DETONNATION, sf. detonation; explosion. 

DETONNEL-ER, I. va. to decant. 

DETONN-ER, I. va. to explode; expel th 
volatile parts from minerals. 

DETORD-SRE 1 ant 2 u 3 ue 3 us 3 ues 3 s 4 - 5 - 34 
ons 7 - 36 ez 8 - 37 ent 9 - 38 - 44 ais 1 "- 1 ' ait 12 ois 10 - 
11 oit 12 ions 13 - 42 iez 1 '- 43 aient" oient" 
is 16 - 17 it 18 lines 19 Itos 20 irent 21 > 
23 ra 24 rons 25 rez 26 ront 27 rais 26 - 
rois 28 - 29 roit 30 riot..-, 31 rio/.' 2 raient 33 
roient 33 e' 15 - 9 - 11 os 40 iss. 
issions 48 issicz 49 issent 50 , va. to untwist; 
sprain; unlink. 

DET ( 142 ) DEV 

INF.M. 'PRES.T. 2 PART.PRES. 3 PART. PAST.] IND. M. PRES. T. Mstp.S. 5 2dp.S. 

> 3 1st 14 1S 3d PRBT. 16 lstp.s. 1 72dp.s. 18 3dp.s. 1st 
" COND.M. 28 lstp.s. 29 2dp.s. 33dp.s. 31 1st 3> 33 3& 
PRES.T. ^Istp.s. 40 2dp.s. 41 3dp.s. 42 1st 4 44 3d IMPERF. 

DETORQU-ER, I. va. to wrest; force; 

distort ; pervert ; unlink. 
DETORS, m. E,/. a. untwisted; sprained. 
DETORSE, sf. a sprain. {entangle. 

DETORTILL-ER, I. va. to untwist; dis- 
DETOUP-ER, I. va. to unstop; uncork. 
DETOUPILLONN-ER, I. va. to lop a tree. 
DETOUR, sin. winding; by-way; may 

about. Sans , candidly. 
DETOURNE, E, a. turned away. Che- 
mins s, by-ways. Rue e, by-street. 
Louange e, indirect praise. 
DETOURNEMENT, sm. turning aside. 
DETOURN-ER, I. va. to turn aside; 
wrest; embezzle; dissuade; deter; 
divert ; avert ; hinder. Se , vr. to go 
about ; leave off. le cerf, harbour 
a stag. du chemin, put out of the 
DETRACT-ER, I. vn. to slander. [way. 
DETRACTEUR, sm. slanderer ; traducer. 
DETRACTION, */. slander; backbiting. 
DETRAP-ER, I. va. to untrap; set free. 
DETRAQU-ER, I. va. to put out of order; 
seduce ; take from ; spoil a horse's pace. 
DETREMPE, sf. water-colours. Mariage 
en , improper connexion; concubinage 
DETREMP-ER, I. va. to dilute; soften 
steel. [distress; misery 

DETRESSE, sf. grief; sorrow ; danger ; 
DETRESS-ER, I. va. to undo tresses or curls 
DETRICH-ER, I. va. to unravel wool. 
DETRIMENT, sm. detriment; loss 
damage; injury. [into two, mil 

DETRIPL-ER, I. va. to reduce three Jiles 
DETRIT-ER, I. va. to crush ; pound. 
DJ&TRITOIR, sm. stamper for olives. 
DETROIT, sm. straits; frith; dejile 
r precinct ; district. [ , be undeceived 
DETROMP-ER, I. va. to undeceive. Se 
DETRONEMENT, sm. dethroning. 
DETRON-ER, I. va. to dethrone; depose. 
DETROUSS-ER, I. va. to untuck; unloop; 
DETROUSSEUR, sm. robber. [rifle. 

DETRUI-RE 1 t 3 - 6 te 3 tes 3 ts 3 s 4 ' 5 - 34 rai 22 
ras 23 ra 24 rons 25 rez 26 ront 27 rais 28 - 29 rait 
30 ro i s 28.29 roit 30 r i on s 31 riez 32 raient 33 
roient 33 , DETRUIS 4 ' 5 ' 34 -ANT 2 ons?- 36 ez 

8.37 ent 9.38.44 a i s 10.11 a j t 12 O i s 10.11 O i t 12 

ions 13 - 42 iez 14 - 43 aient 15 oient 15 is 16 - 1 ' it 
18 imes 19 Ites 20 irent 21 e 35 -^- 4 ! es 40 isse 
45 jsse^e U 47 issions 48 issiez 49 issent 50 , 

va. to destroy; demolish. Se , vr. 
to fall to ruin; kill one's self. 
DETTE, sf.debt; duty. active, debt 
due to us. passive, debt owing to 
others. criarde, troublesome debt. 
)EUIL, sm. mourning; sorrow; grief. 
Grand , deep mourning. Petit , se- 
cond mourning. Mener le , to mourn ; 
DEUTERONOME, sm. deuteronomy.[wail. 
DEUX, a. two; double. Tous , both; 
each other ; one another. ibis, twice. 
De en jours, every other day. 
, sm. a two. Entre , the space be- 
tween. Entre , ad. so so; indifferent. 
DEUXIEME, a. s. second; the second. 
DEUXIEMEMENT, ad. secondly. 
DEVAL-ER, I. va. to let down. 
DEVALIS-ER, I. va. to rob; plunder. 
DEVANCEMENT, sm. out-running. 
DEVANC-ER 1 , DEVANg-ANT 2 , I. va. to 
out-strip; out-run; prevent; precede; 
get the start; reach before, [ancestors. 
DEVANCI-ER, ERE, s. predecessor, pi. 
DEV ANT, ad. pr. before; over against. 
Par , in the presence of. que, be- 
fore; before that. Ci , ad. formerly; 

late ; heretofore. Aller au , to go to 
meet; prevent; obviate; anticipate. 
DEV ANT, sm. forepart. de chemise, 
fore flap. de cuirasse, breast-plate. 
Devant d'estomac, stomacher. de 
perruque, foretop. d'autel, anti- 
pendium. Prendre le , to go Jirst; 
prevent; get the start of. Avoir le 
devant, have the precedency; b in front. 
DEVANTIER, sm. an apron. 
DEVANTIERE, sf. riding-apron or habit. 
DEVANTURE, sf. a fore-work ; frontage. 
DEVASTATEUR, sm. destroyer, a. des- 
tructive; DEVASTATRICE,/. ravaging. 
DEVASTATION, sf. ; desolation; waste. 
DEVAST-ER, I. va. to lay waste; destroy. 
DfiVELOPPEMENT, sm. unfolding; See 
DEVELOPP-ER, I. va. to unfold; unra- 
vel; display; explain; develope. 
DEVEN-iR 1 ant 2 u 3 ue 3 us 3 ues 3 ons7-36 e z 8 -37 ait i2 ois io.u oit ia ions 13 - 42 iez' 4 - 43 
aient 15 oient 15 , vn. to become; be made; 
grow. a rien, come to nothing. 
grand, grow tall ; grow. See DEV- 

6 3dp.s. 7 8 
" 21 PUT. IMP.M. 34 2dp.s. 35 J 
45 1st p.s. 46 2d p.s. 47 3d p.s. 

( 143 ) 

9 3d IMPERF. 

'1st p.s. 23 2dp.s. : 
I p. s. s 6 1st p. pi. 3: 
18 1st 49 


10 1st p. 8. 11 ad p. 8. ' 2 3d P .8. 

DEVENT-UR, I. va. to lose the wind. 
les voiles, to shiver or brace the sails. 

DEVERGONDE, E, a. shameless ; impu- 
dent; brazen-faced. [immodesty. 

DEVERGOND-EMEXT, AGE, sm. loose life; 

DEVERGOND-ER, I. Se , vr. to rake; 
lire recklessly ; take to low living. 

DEVERGU-ER, I. va. to unbend the sails 
from their yards. [unhasp. 

DEVERROUILL-ER, I. m. to unbolt; 

DEVERS, E, a. warped; bending; crooked, 
pr. towards; about. Par , by; before; 
to ; through. Se pourvoir par le juge, 
to apply to a court of law. 

DEVERS, sm. bending on the left; the 
moulding of a piece of timber. [leaning. 

DEVERS-ER, I. vn. to bend; lean' be 

DEVERSOIR, sm. drain; overfall. 

DEVET 8 -!* 1 ant 2 u 3 ue 3 us 3 ues 3 s 4 - 5 - 34 
ons 7 - 36 ez 8 - 37 ent 9 - 38 - 44 ais 10 - 11 ait 12 ois 10 - 1 ' 
oit 12 ions 13 - 42 iez 14 - 43 aient 15 oient 15 is 
16 - !7 it 18 Imes 19 Ites 20 irent 21 irai 22 iras 23 
ira 24 irons 25 irez 26 iront 27 irais 28 - 29 irait 
30 irois 28 - 29 iroitso irions 31 iriez 32 iraient 33 
Iroient 33 e 35 - 39 - 41 es 1 ^ isse 45 isses 46 it 47 
issions 48 issiez 49 issenf 50 , va. to strip; 
undress; deprive. Se , vr. to divest 
one^s self; undress. [giving up. 

DEVETISSEMEXT, sm. renunciation- 
DEVIATION, sf. , wander ing fro?n. 

'IDAGE, sm. winding into a skein. 
3EV1D-ER, I. va. to wind into a skein. 
5EVIDEU-R, SE, s. winder into skeins; a 

DEVIDOIR, sm. reel; spindle, [winder 

DEVIEN-s 4 - 5 - 34 16 drai^dras 23 dra 24 drons 25 

drez 26 dront 27 drais 28 - 29 drait 30 drois 2 "- 29 

droit 30 drions 31 driez 32 draient 33 droient 33 

Que drez vous? what will become of 

you? DEVIENN-E 35 - 39 - 41 es 40 ent 9 - 38 - 

M , v. DEVENIR, to become. [deviate. 

JEVI-ER, I. va. to lead astray; vn. to 

[)EVIN, m. K,f.s. conjurer; diviner; sooth- 

OEVIN-ER, I. va. to divine; guess, [sayer. 

DEVINERESSE, sf. divineress; fortune- 

DEVINEUR, m. diviner; conjurer. [teller. 

DEV-IH8 16 -" int 1B Inmes 19 Intes 20 Inrent 21 
insse 45 insses 46 int 47 inssions 48 inssiez 49 
inssent 50 , v. DEVEXIR, to become, [ble. 

3EVIR-ER le cable, I. va. to surge the ca- 

DEV1S, sm. estimate of a building; 
draught of dimensions; dialogue. "" 

DEVISAG-ERi, DEVISAGE-ANT 2 , 1. va. to 
disfigure, scratch; cut the face. 

DEVISE, sf. devise; motto; emblem; posy. 

DEVIS-ER, I. vn. to discourse together. 

DEVOIEMENT, sm. looseness; lax ; Jtux 

DEVOILEMENT, sm. unveiling; display. 
3EVOIL-ER, I. va. to unveil; reveal. 

DEVOIR, sm.duty; boy's task; obligation. 
Se mettre en de faire, to set about 
doing. Rendre ses devoirs a quelqu'un, 
ialute one. Rendre les derniers s, 
attend a burial ; pay the last tribute. 

DEV-oiR 1 ant 2 ons 7 ' 36 ez 8 - 37 ais 10 - 11 ait 12 
ois 10 - 11 oit 12 ions 13 - 42 iez 14 - 43 aient 15 
oient^ rai 22 ras 23 ra 24 rons 25 rez^ ront 27 

rais 28.29 rait 30 rois 28.29 roit 30 rions 31 rjez 32 

raient 33 roient 33 , va. to owe; be; must; 
be bound ; ought. See Dois, Du-s. 
3 E VOLE, sf. the having no trick, at cards. 

DEVOLU, E, a. devolved; escheated; ap- 
propriated, sm. lapse of right ; devo- 
lution. Ifice fallen into lapse of right. 

DEVOLUTAIRE, tm. he that has a bene- 

DE VOLUTION, ,/. devolution; law-term. 

DfiVORANT, E, a. devouring; ravenous. 

DEVORATEUR, sm.devourer; consumer. 

DEVOR-ER, I. va. to d-eoour ; consume; 
eat much; break; stifle. les livres, 
pore night and day upon books. sa 
douleur, suppress one's sorrow. De- 
vorer quelqu'un des yeux, to gaze upon. 

DEVOREU-R, TO. SE,/. devourer. 

DfiVOT, E, a. s. devout; votary; godly; 

DEVOTEMENT, ad. devoutly. [pious. 

DEVOTIEU-x, SE, a. pious. 

DEVOTIEUSEMENT, ad. piously. 

DEVOTION, sf. ; strong affection; 
disposal. En bonne ,with impatience. 
Faire ses s, receive the sacrament. 

DEVOTIONNETTES, sf. religious mum- 
meries, [ness; devotion; zeal. 

DEVOUEMENT, sm. devotedness; addict- 

DEVOU-ER, I. va. to devote; dedicate. 

DEVO YE, E, a. astray; erroneous; relaxed. 

DEVOY-ER, I. va. to mislead; vn. to err. 

DEXTERITE, sf. dexterity; skiH. 

DEXTRE, sf. the right hand. a. right. 

DEXTREMENT, ad. dexterously. [of urine. 

DIABETES, tm. diabetes; incontinence 

DIA BLE, sm. devil; deuce; truck. de 
mtr, sea-cormorant. Bon , good-na- 


( 144 ) 


[INF. M. 'PKES.T. 2 PART. PRES. 3 PART. PAST.] IND. M. PRES.T. 4 1st p.S. 5 2dp.S. 

13 14 15 PRET. l6 1st p.s. 17 2dp.s. 18 3dp.s. 19 
2 7 3d p. pi. COND.M. 2S 1st p.s. 2 92dp.s. a 3dp.s. 3 1st 33 3d 
PRES.T. 39 1st p.s. 40 2dp.s. 41 3dp.s. 42 1st 43 44 3d IMPERF. 

turcd fellow. Mechant , mischie- 
vous man. Pauvre , wretch. Faire 
le a quatre, be very boisterous. 
II n'est pas si qu'il est noir, he is not 
so bad as he ajjpears to be. Le est 
aux vaches, there is the devil to pay. 
Tirer le par la queue, be hard put 
to it for a liocliliood. A. la , very 
bad. C'est la le , there lies the diffi- 
culty. Avoir le au corps, be pos- 
sessed, be a genius. ! the deuce ! 
DIABLEMENT, ad. devilishly. [trick. 
DIABLERIE, sf. witchcraft; devilish 
DIABLESSE, sf. a shrew; wicked and 
noisy wench. Bonne , good kind of 
DIABLEZOT ! no such ninny ! [creature. 
DIABLOTIN, sm. little devil; the mizcn 
top-mast stay-sail. s, pi. chocolate 
sugar-plums or lozenges. 
DIABOLIQUE, a. diabolical ; devilish. 
DIABOLIQUEMENT, ad. diabolically. 
DIACHYLON, sm. diachylon-plaster. 
DIACO, sm. deacon of the order of Malta. 
DIACODE, sm. diacodium; sirup of 
DIACONAT, sm. dcaconry. [poppies. 

DIACONESSE, sf. deaconess; a nun. 
DIACONIE, sf. deaconship; dcaconry. 
DIACONIQUE, a. diaconical. sm. vestry 

of a church. 
DIACOUST1QUE, sf.diacoustics; doctrine 

of refracted sounds. 
DIACRE, sm. deacon; kind of priest. 
DIADEME, sm. diadem; crown; royalty. 
DIAGNOSTIQUE, a. symptomatic; sm. 
characteristic; diagnostic; symptom. 
D1AGONALE, sf. diagonal; line from 
angle to angle of a quadrilateral figure, 
DIAGONALEMENT, ad. diagonally. 
DIALECTE, sm. dialect ; language. 
DIALECTICIEN, sin. logician; reasoner 
DIALECTIQUE, sf. dialectic; reasoning. 
DIALECTIQUEMENT, ad. like a logician 
DIALOGIS-ER, I. vn. to make dialogues. 
DiALOGISME, sm. dialogism; writing oj 
dialog in-*. [ter of dialogues 

VIALOGISTE,sm.dialogist; lecturer; wri- 
DIALOGUE, sin. dialogue; colloquy. 
DIALOGU-ER, I. va. and n. to put scenes 

in the form of dining nes. 
DIALOGUE, E, a. Scene bien E, seen 
where the dialogue is well supported. 

HALOGUEU-R, SE, s. person who writes 

in dialogues; interlocutor. 
DIAMANT, sm. diamond; adamant. 
DIAMANTAIRE, sin. lapidary. [rical. 
DIAMETRAL, E, a. diametral; dinnut- 
DIAMETRALEMENT, ad. diametrically ; 
irectly. [through the centre of circles. 
DIAMETRE, sm. diameter; right lino 
JIAMORUM, sm. sirup of mulberries. 
DIANE, sf. the re veil; morning beat of 
drum. 1'a frappe, he is moon-struck. 
DI ANTRE ! int. the deuce ! faith ! zounds I 
DIAPASME, sm. diapasm; perfume. 
DIAPASON, sm. diapason; 8th in music. 
DIAPHANE, a. transparent; clear; pel- 
DIAPHANEITE, sf. transparency, [lucid. 
DIAPHORESE, sf. sis ; perspiration. 
DIAPHORETIQUE, a.purging; sweating. 
DIAPHRAGMS, sm. midriff-; diaphragm. 
DIAPRE, E, a. diapered. Nez , nose 
full of red pimples. E, sf. sort of 
DIAPRURE, sf. diapering. [plum. 

DIARRHEE, sf. diarrhoea; looseness. 
DIASTOLE, sf. diastole; dilatation. 
DIATRIBE, sf. ; tedious disputation. 
DICHOTOMIE, sf. dichotomy; the half 
DICTAME, sm. dittany. [of the moon. 
DICTAMEN, sm. sentiment of conscience. 
DICTATEUR, sm. dictator; despot; ruler. 
D1CTATURE, sf. ; dictatorship. 
DICTEE, sf. dictamen; dictation; writ- 
ing what is spoken at one time. [urge. 

DICT-ER, I. va. to dictate ; prompt ; shew ; 

DICTION, sf. diction; style; term. 

DICTIONNAIRE, sm. dictionary ; lexicon. 

DICTIONNARISTE, sin. lexicographer; 
writer of a dictionary; sufferer. 

DICTON, sm. common saying ; proverb. 

DIDACT1QUE, . didactic; doctrinal. 

DIDEAU, sm. crossing net. 

DIERESE, sf. ditrresis; two dots over a 
vtnccl, as in NAIF, SAUL. 

DIESE, DIESIS, sm. diesis; sharp. 

D1ETK, s/. diet; assembly. [dicine. 

DIETET1QUE, a. dietary; sf. diet-me- 

DIEU, sm. GOD. DONNE, God-send. 

DIFFAMANT, E, a. defaming; abusive. 

1)1 1-T.VMATEUR, sin. dcfamer ; slandin'r. 

nii'i'A.MATlo.N, Kf. calumny; slander. 

Dll'FAMATOIRE, a. defamatory. 

D1FFAM-ER, I. va. to defame; slander. 

DIP ( 145 ) DIR 

3dp.s. ' 8 9 IMPERF. I0 1st p.s. "Sdp.s. 12 3dp.s. 

30 ad p. pi. 21 F0T. 22 1st p.s. 23 2dp.s. 24 d p.s. 25 1st p. pi. 2G 

p. pi. IMP. M. 34 2dp.s. 353d p.s. 3? 38 SUIJJ.M. 
1st p.s. 46 2dp.s. <?3dp.s. *> 5 3d p. pi. 

DIFFEREMMENT, ad. differently. 

DIFFERENCE^/. ; distinction, {vary. 

DIFFERENCI-ER, I. ru. to distinguish; 

DIFFEREND, s>n. variance; difference. 
Petits s, petty causes; little disputes. 

DIFFERENT, E, a. different; unlike; va- 
rious, [injinitely small. 

DIFFERENTIEL, m. LE,/. a. differential; 

DIFFER-ER, I. rn.and n. to differ ; delay. 

DIFFICILE, a. difficult; hard; crabbed. 

DIFFICILEMENT, ad. with difficulty; 
hardly, [respiration, shortness of breath. 

DIFFICULTE, sf. difficulty ; doubt, de 

DIFFICULTUEU-x, SB, a. peevish. 

DIFFORME, . mis-shapen; disfigured. 

D1FFORM-ER, 1. va. to deform; spoil. 

DIFFORMITE, sf. deformity; ugliness. 

DIFFUS, E, a. diffuse; tedious; copious. 
DIFFUSEMENT, ad. diffusely; loosely. 
DIFFUSION, sf. ; spreading. [cuss. 
DIGER-ER, I. va. and n. to digest; dis- 
DIGESTE, sm. digest; collection of an- 
cient lan--n-ri,tings, in fifty books. 
DIGESTEUR, sm. a steam-kettle. 
DIGESTI-p, VE, a. and s. digestive. 
DIGESTION, sf. digestion; concoction. 
DIGITALS, sf. fox-glove ; plant, [credible 
DIGNE, a.n-orthy; deserving. de foi, 
DIGNEMENT, ad. worthily; nobly; dc- 
DIGNITAIRE, sm. dignitary, [servedly. 
DIGNITE, sf. dignity; honour. 
DIGRESSION, sf. digression ; deviation. 
DIGUE, */. dike; bank ; pier; mole. 
DIGU-ER, I. va. to excite; spur; stir up. 
DIGUON, sm. streamer or pennant-staff'. 
DILACERATION, sf. ; tearing; rend- 
DILACER-ER, I. ra. to lacerate ; tear. [ing. 
DlLANIAT-Et'it, m. n.ic'E,f.a.exptitisirc. 
DILAPIDATION, sf. ; rcaste; foolish 

expense; squandering. 
DILAPID-ER, I. va. to dilapidate; rob 

the public treasury. 

DILATATION, sf. expansion. [delays. 
DILATATOIRE, sm. dilator, a. requiring 
DILAT-ER, I. va. to dilate; widen ; extend. 
DILATOJ RE, a. dilatory ; making delays. 
DI LAVEMENT, sjn. delay; putting off'. 
DILA Y-ER, I. ra. to use delays ; vn.put off'. 
DILECTION, sf. dilection; love. 
DILEMME, sm. dilemma; difficult choice. 
DIUGBMHENT, ad. diligently. 

DILIGENCE, sf. diligence; carefulness; 

stage coach; swift sailing wherry. 
DILIGENT, E, a. diligent; quick. 
DILIGENT-ER, I. va. to hasten; hurry. 
DILUVIEN, m. NE,/. a.diluvian. 
DIMACHERE, sm. gladiator who fought 

with tiro swords. [Sunday clothes. 
DIMANCHE, sm. Sunday. Habits de , 
DIME, DIXME, sf. tithe; tenth part. 
DIMES 19 , v. DIRE, to say. [capacity. 
DIMENSION, sf. dimension; size; bulk; 
DIM-ER, I. va. to tithe; oppress; tax. 
DIMEUR, DIXMEUR, sm.atither; tithe- 
DIMIER, sm. tithe collector. [gatherer. 
DIMINU-ER, I. va. to diminish; lessen. 
DIMINUTI-F, m. VE, /. a. lessening, sm. 

diminutive. [abatement; deduction. 
DIMINUTION, sf. diminution; decrease; 
DIMISSOIRE, a. dismissory letter. 
DIMISSORIAL, E, a. dismissory. 
DINANDERIE, sf. red copper mare; bra- 
DINANDIER, sm. brazier, [zier's rcork. 
TUX &.STlE,f.dynasty;succcssionof kings. 
DINATOIRE, . heure , sf. dinner-time. 
DINDAN, sm. ding-dong. 
DINDE, sf. turkey-hen; turkey, [pleton. 
DINDON, sm. turkey ; turkey-cock; sim- 
DINDONNEAU, sm. turkey-pout. 
DINDONNIER, sm. turkey-herd or keeper. 
DINDONNIERE, sf. country dorvdy ; tur- 
DINE, DINER, sm. dinner, [key keeper. 
DINEE, sf. dinner, dining inn on journeys. 
DIN-ER, I. vn. to dine; bait. [tion. 

DINETTE, sf. little dinner; small colla- 
DINEUR, sm. great cater. Beau , high 
feeder, [longing to a bishop's diocese. 
DIOCESAIN, sm. diocesan. , E, a. be- 
DIOCESE, *m. diocese ; bishop's circuit. 
DIOFfRIQUE, sf. dioptrics ; a scienct. 
DIPHTHONGUE, sf. dipt hong; tn-osmmds 

in out syllable as DIETJ, Lui, Moi. 
DIPLOMATIE, sf. diplomacy ; knowledge 

of the relative potvers of nations, 

DIPLOMATIQUE, sf. diplomacy. a. 

Corps , foreign ambassadors at court. 

DIPLOME, sm. diploma; charter ; patent. 

DI-RE 1 rai 22 ras- :i ru- 4 rons^rez 26 ront 27 rais 

28-29 rait 30 ro i s 28.29 roit 30 rions 31 riez o2 

raient :33 roient 33 , va. to tell ; say ; speak ; 
mean; bid; assert. Se , vr. to callojie's 
self. Ce n'est pas a que, it does not 


C 146 ) 


[INF.M. !pRE3.T. 2 PART.PRES. 3 PART.PAST.] IND.M. PRES.T. 4 1st p.S. 5 2d p *. 

i 3 ] 14 3 PBET. i 6 1st p.s. "adp.s. '3d p.s. ^ 
2 COND.M. 2B 1st p.s. 2y :Mp.s. 30 3dp.s. ai 1st 32 2d M &d 
PRES.T. lstp.s. 4u 2dp.s. 4l 3dp.s. 2d ^ 3d IMPEIU. 

follow that. Cela va sans , that needs 
no explanation. Qu'en voulez-vous 
? what fault do youjind with it? Le 
coeur vous en dit-il? have you a mind 
to it? DIRE, sm. opinion; saying. 
Le des temoins, the deposition of the 
witnesses. A votre , by what you 

say. Bien , elegance of speech. See 

DIRECT, E, a. direct; straight. [RENT. 
DIRECTE, sf. tenure in capite (law). 
D1RECTEMENT, ad. directly; straight. 
DIRECT-EUR, sm. RICE, sf. director; fa- 
ther confessor ; manager; governess. 
DIRECT1-F, m. VE, /. a. directing; that 
directs. \cy; conduct; steerage. 

DIRECTION, sf. direction; aim; tendcn- \ 
DIRECTOIRE, sm. directory ; revol, tribu- 
DIRENT 21 , v. DIRE, to say. [nal; rule. 
DIRIG-ER 1 , DIRIGE-AXT 2 , I. va. to di- 
rect; rule; frame. Se , vr. to go by. 
DIRIM ANT, E, a . annulling. Empechement 

, sm. impediment to a marriage. 
D IS 4.5.i6.i7.34_ ANT 2 ons 7.36 ent 9 - 38 - 44 ais 11 
aiti 2 oisi- u oit 12 ions 13 - 42 iez 14 - 43 aient 1 * 
oienti 3 e 35>39 ' 41 es 40 ; v. DIRE, to say. 
DISANT, E, a. eloquent. Bien , sm. one 
who speaks well. Soi , one who calls 
himself; self-named; self-titled. 
DISC ALE, sf. tret or tare; allowance in 
DISCAL-ER, I. vn. to lose weight, [weight. 
DISCEPTATION, sf. disputation. 
DISCERNEMENT, sm. discernment; judg- 
ment ; distinction; discretion, [descry. 
DISCERN -ER, I. va. to discern; judge; 
DISCIPLE, sm. disciple; 2)i<pil. 
DISC1PLINABLE, a. docile; obedient. 
DISCIPLINE, sf. discipline; scourge. 
DISCIPLIN-ER, I. va. to discq)line; 

chastise; instruct; whip; flagellate. 
DISCONTINUATION, */. discontinuance. 
DISCONT1NU-ER, va. to discontinue; 
cease ; vn. give over. [inequality. 

\TENANCE, */. disagreement; 
DISCONVEN-iR 1 , vn. to disagree; dis- 
own; not to suit; anil 

conjugated like CONVENIR. 
DISCORD, E, a. out of tune. [tion. 

DISCORDANCE, sf. distension; contcn- 

DISCORDANT, E, a. dissonant ; jarring. 
L'ISCORDE, sf. discord; variance; de- 
bate; opposition; strife; quurrtl. 
Pomme de , bone of contention. 
DISCORD-ER, I. vn. to be out of tune. 
DISCOUREU-R, SE, s. talker ; prattler. 
DISCOIJR-iR 1 ant 2 u 3 ue 3 ues 3 us 3 ' 16 ' 17 s 4 . 
5 - 34 t a ons 7 - 36 e/ b - 37 ent 9 - 3b - 44 ais 10 - 11 ait 
12 ois 10 -'i oit 12 ions 13 - 12 iez 14 - 43 aient 15 
oient 15 ut i8 times 19 utes 20 urent 21 rai 22 
ras 23 ra 24 rons 2 ' rez 26 ront 27 rais 2S -*> rait 
30 rois 28 - 29 roit 30 rions 31 ricz 32 raient 33 
roient 33 e* 5 -^*! es 4 usse 45 usses 46 ut 47 
ussions 48 ussie/. 49 ussent 30 , vn. to dis- 
course ; talk idly ; argue much ; prattle. 
DISCOURS, sm. discourse; speech; talk- 
ing. en 1'air, idle talk. [polite. 
DISCOURTOIS, E, a. discourteous; no. 
DISCOURTOISIE, sf. discourtesy ; rude- 
ness; incivility; roughness. 
DISCREDIT, sm. discredit. [despised. 
DISCREDITS, E, a. without credit; 
DISCR-ET, 7ii. ETE, /. a. discreet; wary; 

cautious; prudent; circumspect. 
DISCRETEMENT, ad. discreetly. 
DISCRETION, sf. discretion; wisdom; 
prudence. Jouer une , to play for 
love. A , as much as one pleases; 
without reserve; at one's ivill. 
D1SCULP-ER, I. ra. to exculpate; clear. 
DISCULPATION, sf. exculpation. 
DISCURSI-F, VE, a. argumentative; dis- 
cursive ; roving, [dispelling humours. 
DISCUSSI-r, VE, a.discussive; discuHent; 
DISCUSSION, sf.; debate; strife. 
DISCUT-ER, I. va. to discuss; debate; 
distrain; examine. [ing i.n words. 

D1SERT, E, a. copious; eloquent; abound- 
DISEBTEMEXT, ad. at large; fuliy. 
DISETTE, sf. want; penury; scarcity. 
DISETTEU-x, SE, a. needy; starring. 
D1SEU-R, m. SE, /. s. teller; detailer. 
de bons mots, jester. de nouvelles, 
m irs-monifcr. de riens, idle talker. 
DISGRACE, sf. disgrace; misfortune. 
DISGRAC1E, E, a. (hj'ru:d ; homely; 
out of favour; turned out. [rour. 

DISGRAC1-ER, I. ru. to put out of fa- 

disagreeably. [ pleasant : disagree tilth'. 
DISGRACIEU-x, SE, a. disgraceful; un- 


6 3d p. s. 7 1st p. pi. 8 2d p. pi. 
30 21 FUT. * 
p. pi. 1MP.M. a4 '2dp.s. ^ 3 
4 ' 1st p. s. 4t5 -2d p. s. 47 3d p. s. 


I" 1st p. s. i'2dp.s. I2 3dp.s. 
__ r ... _,-_ ai 1st p. pi. 26 
36 1st p. pi. 37 38 3d p. pi. SUBJ.M. 
49 50 

( H7 ) 

9 3d p. pi. IMPERF 

: lstp.s. 23 2dp.s. 24 3dp.s 

6 L 
'1st p. pi 

;< >X, sf. disgregation, in op- 
..'<>/*. [to separate, in optics. 
DISGREfi-ER 1 , DISGREGE-ANT 2 , I. ra. 
>r 2 ons 7 ' 36 ez 8 ' 37 ent"-^- 44 1 - is ie - 17 it 18 lmes 19 , part of 
DISJOIND-RE 1 , DISJOlN-s 4 - 5 - 34 t 6 - 3 ts 3 
. to disjoin; part; conju- 
gated likeJoiND-RE. Src DISJOIGXAXT. 
DISJONCTI-F, VE, a. disjunctive, [tion. 
DISJUNCTION, sf. disjunction; scpara- 
ATION, sf. ; lone mit of joint. 
t 'U-ER, I. t-a. to dislocate; put out 
of joint. [ing; sudden absence. 

;ADE, sf. appearing or disajtpear- 
DISPAKA1SS-AXT 2 ons 7 - 3 * 5 ez 8 - 37 ent 9 - 38 - 44 
ais 10 -" ait' 2 ois llM1 nit 12 ions 13 - 42 icz 14 - 43 
aient 15 oient 15 e 35 - 39 - 41 es 40 , part of 
DISPARAIS 4 - 5 - 34 , DISPARAIT 6 -RE rai 22 
ras 23 ra 24 rons 1 " rez 2 * 5 rent 27 rais 28 - 29 rait 

30 ro i s 28.29 roit 30 rions 31 riez 02 ra ient 33 

roient 33 ; vn. to disappear ; va?iish; run 


DISPAHAT, E, a. unsuitable; incoherent. 

C hoses ES, things unlike. 
DISPARATE, */". inconsistency ; imperti- 

,'. d'isparilit; difference. 
DI8PABITION, sf. disappearing. [AT*T. 
\ NT-, same as DISPARAISS- 
DISFAROIT-KX 1 , vn. tojiy; go off'; same 
i-A i; AITRE. [tm> pulleys. 

;:TE, DISPASTE, sf. engine Kith 
i:-u a uft3 ues 3 us 3 - 16 - 17 ut 18 umes 19 
urent 21 usse 45 usses 46 iit 47 ussions 
48 ussie/ 49 ussent 50 ; r. DISPARAITKE. 
:, a. expensive; dear. 
NSAIRE, sin. dispensatory; dis- 
-'///, where medicines are prepared. 
.UR, S7n. dupcnsrr; </irrr. 

f.} lIKilHKjrnn'Ht. 

XSATRICE, .</. disposer; ruling. 
DISPENSE, sf. dispensation; In 

, I. va. to dispense jvith; 

distribute; dispose; excuse. Se , vr. 

to forbear ; let alone. Se des re- 

>xe mith rules. [scatter. 

. 1. va. to disperse; ilift-at; 

;;SKN, .-;/'. tlispn-xio,, ; tee 

DIPONlELE,a.dupoidfej transferable. 

DISPOS, n. > ihlc. [affected. 

DISPOSE, E, bien or mal , well or ill 

DISPOS-ER, I. to dispose; regulate ; 
bestow, make over; enact; adjust. Se 
, vr. to get ready ; be resolved. 
DISPOSITI-F, VE, a. preparatory. Juge- 

ment , ruled case; enacting clause. 
DISPOSITION, sf. ; disposal; genius; 

good-will; temper; inclination. 
DISPROPORTION, sf. ; wanting equal 

size; disparity; inequality. 
DISPROPORTION NE, E, a. dis})ropor- 
tionaic. [portion; make -unequal. 

DISPROPORTIONN-ER, I. va. to dispro- 
DISPUTABLE, a. disputable; contcstable ; 
problematical. [squabble. 

DISPUTAILL-ER, I. vn. to wrangle; 
DISPUTAILL-EUR, m. EUSE, /. s. wran- 
DISPUTAILLERIE, */. wrangling, [gler, 
DISPUTE, sf. quarrel; debate; contest. 
DISPUT-ER, I. va. to disjmte; contend, 
vn. to argue; wrangle. le vent, to 
strive for the weather-gage. 
DISPUTEUR, s/. wrangler; disputant. 
DISQUE, sm.disk; quoit. 
DISQUISITION, */. discussion. [to say. 
DISS-E 45 es 4 6 ions 48 iez 49 ent>, r. DIRE, 
DISSECTEUR, st. dissector; anatomist. 
DISSECTION, sf. dissection; anatomy. 
DISSEMBLABLE, a. unlike; dissimilar. 
DISSEMBLANCE, */. dissimilarity. 
DISSEMIN-ER, I. va. to disseminate; 

spread ; disperse. 

DISSENSION, sf. dissension; strife. 
DISSENTIMENT, sm. dissent; dissenting. 
DISSEQU-ER, I. va. to dissect ; anatomise. 
DISSEQUEUR, sin. anatomist; dissector. 
DISSERTATEUR, sm. author of a disser- 
tation; controrcrtut. 
DISSERTAT1-F, m. VE,/. a. disscrtative. 
DISSERTATION, sf. dissertation. [VJMI. 
DISSERT-ER, I. vn. to discourse; treat 
DISSIDENCE, sf. ; scission ; separation. 
DISSIDENT, sin. ; disscntpr. 
DISSIMILAIRK, a. dissimilar. [sity. 

DISSIMILITUDE, sf. difference; diver- 
DISSIMULAT-EUR, RICE, s. dissembler. 
DISSIMULATION, sf. ; feigning. 
DISSIMULE, E,rt. dissembling; deceitful; 
/ii/in>rritical. [no notice oj\ 

DISSI.MTL-KR, I. va. to dissemble; take 
DIFSIPAT-EUR, m. RICE,/, s. spendthrift. 
DISSIPATION, sf. dissipation; waste. 
li 2 

DI3 ( 149 ) DIV 

[INF.M. ipRES.T. 2 PART.PRES. 3 PART.PAST.] IND. M. PRE8.T. 4 lstp.S. 5 2d p.h 

I3 14 1S PRET. 16 lstp.s. 17 2dp.s. t8 3d p.s. 19 
".Sd. COND.M. 2S 1st p.s. 2dp.s. 30 3d p.s. 31 32 2d p. pi. 33 3d 
39 lstp.s. 40 2dp.s. 41 3dp.s. 42 1st 43 2d 44 IMPERF. 

DISSIP-ER, I. va. to dissipate; scatter; 
quash ; dispel. Se , vr. to amuse one's 

DISSOLU, E, a. dissolute; lewd. [self. 

DISSOLV-ANT 2 ons 7 - 36 ez 8 - 37 ent 9 - 38 - 44 ais 
10.11 ait i2 Oi8 io.n oit ia ions 13 - 42 iez 14 -" 3 
aient 15 oient 15 e 35 ' 39 - 41 es 40 , v. DISSOTJD- 
RE, to dissolve, [solvent ; menstruum. 

DISSOLVANT, E, a. dissolving, sin. dis- 

DISSOLUBLE, a. ; that mill melt. 

DISSOLUMENT, ad. lewdly, [able. 

DISSOLUTI-F, VE, a. dissolvent; dissolv- 

DISSOLUTION, sf. dissolution; lewdness. 

DISSONANCE, sf. dissonance; discord. 

DISSONANT, E, a. ; discordant. 

DISSOUD-RE 1 rai 22 ras 23 ra 24 rons 25 rez 26 
ront 27 rais 28 - 29 rait 30 rois 28 - 29 roit 30 rions 
31 riez 32 raient 33 roient 33 ; DISSOU-s 3 ' 
4.5.3 1 t 6 te 3 tes 3 ; va. to dissolve; melt; 
be melted ; sink away. Se , vr. be 
dissolved; break up. See DISSOLVAXT. 

DISSUAD-ER. I. va. to dissuade; divert. 

DISSU ASION, sf. . [two syllables. 

DISSYLLABE, a. dissyllabic; sin. ivord of 
DISSYLLABIQUE, a. dissyllabical. 

DISTANCE, sf. ; interval. de sa- 
bords, distance between t>vo gun-ports. 

DISTANT, E, a. remote; distant ; far off. 

DISTEND^-RE 1 ant 2 u 3 us 3 ue 3 ues 3 s 4 - 5 ' 34 
ons 7 - 36 ez 8 - 37 ent 9 - 38 - 44 ais 10 - 11 ait 12 ois 10 ' 
11 oit 12 ions 13 - 42 iez 14 - 43 aient 15 oient 15 
is ie.i7 it is imes i9 jtes 20 irent 21 rai 22 ras 23 
ra 24 ro ns 25 rez 26 ront 27 rais 28 - 29 rait 30 rois 
aa.29 roit 30 rions 3i riez 32 ra ient 33 roient 33 

e 35.39.41 es 40 isse 45 j sses 46 ft 47 i ss ions 48 

issiez 49 issent 50 , va. to distend, vn. smell ; 
DISTENSION, sf. , stretching, [expand. 
DISTILLATEUR, sm. distiller. 
DISTILLATION, sf. distilling. 
DISTILLATOIRE, a. Jit for distilling. 

Vase , distilling apparatus. 
DISTILL-ER, I. va. to distil; discJuirge; 

vent. Se en lannes, vr. to melt 
DISTILLERIE, sf. distillery, [into tears. 
DISTINCT, E, a. distinct; clear. 
DI9T1NCTEMENT, ad. distinctly. 
DISTINCTION, */. distinction; note. 
DISTINGU-ER, I. va. todisti.nguish; note. 

Se , vr. to make one's self I'uihtfnt. 
DISTINGUO, sin. Iwjical distinction. 
DISTIQUE, sin. distich; couplet; 3 verses. 

DISTORSION, sf. distortion ; writhing. 

DISTRACTION, sf. distraction; separa- 
tion; absence oj mind ; hvedlessness. 

DISTRAI-RE 1 t 3 ' 6 te 3 ts 3 tes 2 s 4 - 5 ent 9<3S - 
44 rai 22 ras^ra 24 rons 45 rez 26 ront 27 rais 
as.29 rait 3o TO i s a8. roit 30 rions 3i riez 3a 

raient 33 roient 33 e 35 - 39 - 41 es 40 ; va. to 

separate; divert from; amuse; quit. 

See DISTRAY-AST. [tent man, 

DISTRAIT, E, a. abstracted. Esprit , ab- 

DISTRAY-ANT 2 ons 7 -^ ez 8 - 37 ais 10 - 11 ait 12 

ois' - 11 oit 12 ions 13 -" 2 iez 14 - 43 aient 15 

oient 15 , v. DISTRAIRE, to distract. 

VISTRIEV-vn, 1. va. to distribute; divide; 


DISTRLBUT-ECR, sm. RICE,/, distributer. 
DISTRIBUTI-F, VE, a. distributive. 
DISTRIBUTION, */. ; division. 
DISTRICT, sm. district; precinct; pro- 
DIT, sm. saying; apophthegm. [vince. 
DIT3.6_ ES 3.8.37 S J e a. Dix 47 ; DlTES 20 ; r. 
DIRE, to say. [honour of Bacchus. 
DITHYRAMBE, sm. dithyramb; song in 
DITHYRAMBIQUE, a. dithyrambic ; 
bacchanalian. [tierce major. 

DITON, s>. second in music; hind of 
DIURETIQUE, a. aperient ; sm. diuretic; 
provoking urine. [keeper. 

DIURNAIRE, tm. daily registrar ; book- 
DIURNAL, sm. day-booh; prayer-book; 
DIURNE, . diurnal; daily. [journal. 
DIVAGU-ER, I. vn. to ramble; be inco- 
herent in writing or speaking. 
DIVAN, sm. divan; smoking-room. 
DIVERGENCE, sf. direrycnct; separation. 
DIVERGENT, E, a. ; separating. 
DIVERS, E. . diverse ; many ; different. 
DIVERSEMENT, ad. diversely. 
DIVERSIFIABLE, a. changeable. 
DIVERSIFI-ER, I. va. to dicersify ; rary. 
DIVERSION, sf. diversion; disjunction. 
DIVERSITY, sf. diversity ; variety. 
DIVERT-iR, II. ra. to divert; embezzle; 
recreate ; convert. Se , vr. to take 
one's pleasure; make merry or sport. 
DIVERTISSANT, E, a. diverting; plea- 
sant ; entertaining; amusing. 
DIVERTISSEMENT, am. diversion; 
amusement; embezzlement; intertain- 
ment after a play; recreation. 
DIV1DENDE, tm. dividend; share. 

DIV ( 149 ) DOL 

6 3dp.s. 7 b 9 IMPF.UF. 10 lstp.s. U 2dp.s. I2 3d p. s' 
pl. 21 FCT. "Istp.s. 23 2dp.s. 24 3dp.s. 25 25 
p.pL IMP.M. 34 -2dp.s. 35 3dp.s. ^ 37 38 SUBJ. M. 
Mstp.s. 4 -Jdp.s. 4 '3dp.s. 4 4a 50 

DIVIX, E, a. divine; delightful. 
DIYIXAT-EiTK, m. KICE,/. a. divining; 
DIVINATIOX, sf. divination, [conjuring. 
DIVIXEMENT, ad. divinely; excellently. 
DIVIXIS-ER, I. va. to deify ; make God- 
DIYIXITE, sf. divinity ; deity. [like. 
DIMS. m. share. DIVISE, a. at variance; 
DIVISEMEXT, ad. separately, [divided. 
DIVIS-ER, I. va. to divide ; part ; disunite. 
DIVISEUR, sin. divider; divisor, [ness. 
DIVISIEILITE, sf. divisibility ; divisible- 
D1VISIBLE, a. divisible; Jit for division. 
DIVISION, sf. ; disunion; discord; 
DIVORCE, SHI. divorce; variance, [broil. 
DIVORC-EB 1 , DIVORQ-ANT 2 , I. va. to di- 
vorce; send away ; get unmarried. 
DIVULGATION, sf. divulging. 
UIVULGU-ER, 1. ca. to divulge; publish. 
D1X, sin. ten; a. tenth. du mois, tenth of 
the month. sept, seventeen. sep- 
ti&ne, seventeenth. huit, eighteen. 
neuf, nineteen. neuvi&me, nine- 
teenth. [ denier, 25. in the pound. 
DIXIEME, a. tenth; sin. a tenth part; 

DIXIKME.MEXT, ad. tenthly ; inthe tenth 

DIXME, sf. tithe, tax. [place. 

DIXM-EK, I. va. to tithe; tax. 

DIZAIX, s/n. stanza of ten verses ; rosary 

DIZAINK, sf. ten; tithing. [of beads. 

DIZEAU, tun. shoch ; heap of ten sheaves 

DIZENIER, sm. tithing-man. [of corn. 

DOCILE, a. docile; tractable; obedient. 

DOCILEMEXT, ad. docilely; obediently. 

DOCILITE, sf. docility; obedience. 

DOCTE, a. sin. learned; wise; literate. 

DOCTE.MENT, ad. learnedly. [sor. 

l)i >< TEUR, sm. doctor. regent, profcs- 

DOCTORAL, E, a. doctoral; as a doctor. 

DOCTORAT, sin. doctor's degree; doctor- 
ship, [tor's degree in divinity. 

DOCTORERIE, sf. disputation for a doc- 

DOCTRINAL, E, a. doctrinal, [ina.rims. 

DOCTRINE, sf. doctrine; tenets; learning; 

DOCUMENT, sin. document; precept. 

DODEC.YHKDRE, m.dtitlmt/irdrun; geom. 

DO DEC AGO XE, sm. dodecagon; 10 sided. 

DODKLIN-KH, I. en. to rwl, jjct,. 

DODIXE, sf. rich sauce for duck. [self. 

DODIX-ER, I. Se , vr. tu j>/imj>t r om-'i> 

DODO, sm. Faire , vn. to sleep, childish 
word. Aller fuire or a , to go to bed 

DODU, E, a. plump; fat; jolly; squab / 
in good case. [reign of a doge- 

30GAT, sm. dignity of a doge ; dogeship; 
DOGE, sm. doge; Jirst magistrate of Ve- 
DOGESSE, sf. doge's wife. [nice. 

DOGMATIQUE, sm. dogmatical style, a. 

dogmatical; positive; dictatorial. 
DOGMATIQUEMENT, ad. dogmatically. 
DOGMATIS-ER, I. vn. to teach magiste- 
rially; dogmatise; dictate; state as 
DOGMATISEUR, sm. dogmatiser. [law. 
DOGMATISTS, sm. dogmatist; reasoner. 
DOGME, sm. dogma; tenet; doctrine; de- 
DOGRE-BOT, sm. Dutch dogger. [crce. 
DOGUE, sm. dog ; mastiff'. s d'amure, 

holes in the chess-trees. 
DOGU-ER, I. Se , vr. to butt, as rams. 
DOGUIN, m. E, f. s. whelp; puppy. 
DOIGT, sm.Jinger; claw; digit. du 
pied, toe. de vin, a little wine. 
II s'en mordra les s, lie will repent it. 
Au et siYosil, punctually and exactly. 
II a de 1'esprit jusqu'au bout des s, he 
is very witty. II est a 2 s de la raort, 
he is within an ace of dying. Ktre a 2 
s de sa ruine, to be upon the brink of 
ruin. J'en mettrais ie au feu, I would 
lay my life upon it. Donner sur les s 
aquelqu'un, to chastise one. Toucher au 
, to see clearly. Toucher ;i quelque 
chose du bout du , to be very near a 
thing. Vous avez mis le dessus, yon- 
have hit. it. Faire toucher au et a 
1'oeil, to make it out as clear as the sun 
at noon-day ; to demonstrate. Savoir 
quelque chose sur le bout du , to be 
perfect in a thing. Etre montre au 
, to be pointed at slightingly. 
DOIGTE, sm. act or manner of fingering 

musical instruments. 

DOIGT-EU, I. va. to finger an instrument 
DOIGTIER, sm. finger-sheath ; thumb 
stall. [e 40 , v. DEVOIR, to oive. 

DOI-s 4 - 5 - 34 t 6 ; DOIV-ENT 9 - 38 ' 4 '* es 3i ' 39 - 4 
DOITE, sf. thickness of thread. 
DOITEE, sf. needle-full. 
DOL,^ sin. fraud; deceit; cheat. 
DOLBANCE, sf. complaint; grievance. 
DOLEM.MEXl', ad. moanfully ; n-ofally. 
DOLEXT, E, a. doleful; querulous; rohi- 
DOL-ER, I. va. tu plane; smooth, [nimj. 

DOL ( 150 ) DOR 

[INF.M. 'PRES.T. 2 PART.PRES. 3 P.YRT.PAST.J IND. M. PRES.T. 4 1st p.S. 5 2dp.8. 
13 " PRET. 16 1st p.S. " 2d p.S. 16 3dp.S. 

27 3d p. pi. COND.M. 2S 1st p.s. '^dp.s. 30 3d p.s. 31 W 2d p. pL 33 8d 
PRES.T. Wlstp.8. 40 2dp.s. 3dp.s. 1st p. pi. 44 3d p. pi. IMPERI>. 

DOLIMAN, SHI. , Turkish dress. 

DOLOIRE, sf. plane ; truss ; adze ; kind 

DOM, stn. don; lord; master, [of truss. 

DOMAINE, sin. domain; demesne, [nicsne. 

DOMANIAL, E, a. of or belonging to a de- 

DOME, sin. cupola; dome; sounding- 
board over a pulpit. [serving state. 

DOMESTICITE, sf. service; domesticity; 

DOMESTIQUE, a. domestic; tame. sm. 
domestic of a house or family ; servant. 

DOMESTIQUEMENT, ad. servilely ; fa- 
miliarlij ; privately. {residence. 

DOMICILE, sm. dwelling-house; abode; 

DOMICILIE, E, a. settled; living. 

DOMICILI-ER, I. Se , vr. to settle, take 
a house, dwell in a place. [power. 

DOMINANCE, sf. quality of a ruling 

DOMINANT, E, a. reigning ; ruling ; pre- 
dominant. E, sf. a musical note. 

DOMINAT-EUR, sm. ruler ; lord. RICE, 
sf. mistress, a. ruling. 

DOMINATION, sf. , dominion; rule. 

DOMIN-ER, I. vn. to rule; predominate; 
command; be predominant. 

DOMINICAIN, sm. dominican or white 
friar. E, sf. dominican nun. 

DOMINICAL, E, a. dominical, Sabbatical. 

DOM I NIC ALE, sf. Sunday -sermon, a. 
Oraison , the Lord's prayer. Lettre 
, dominical or Sunday letter. 

DOMINO, sm. short cloak ; kind of game. 

DOMINOTERIE, sf. paper-staining. 

DOMINOTIER, sm. paper-stainer. 

DOMMAGE, sm. damage; loss. C'est 
, it is a pity. Sans , safely, [ful. 

DOMMAGEAELE, a. damageable; hurt- 

DOMTABLE, DOMPTABLE, a. tameable. 

DOMT-ER, DOMPT-ER, I. va. to subdue; 
tame; conquer; master; bridle. 

DOMTEUR, DOMPTEUR, sm. conqueror. 

DON, sm. gift; knack; readiness; talent. 

DONATAIRE, sm. and/, donee. 

DONAT-EUR, m. RICE,/, s. donor; giver. 

DONATIF, sm. gift; bribe; donative. 

DONATION, sf. grant; deed of gift. 

DONC, c. therefore; then; hence. 

DONDON, sf. plump, jolly, good kind of 
woman. [the top of a house. 

DONGEON, sm. platform; look-out, at 

DONJON, sm. turret ; strongest and high- 
est tower ; dungeon; donjon. 

DONJONNfi, E, a. lofty; with turrets on. 

DONNANT, E, a. generous; apt to give. 

DONNE, sf. dealing at cards ; deal. 

DONNEES, data; quantities known. 

DONN-ER, I. va. to give; deal; engage; 
vn. to yield ; impart. caution, put in 
ball. - la vie, lay down one's life ; 
save the life. la mort, break 
one's heart. a connattre, let one know. 

de main en main, to hand. fond, 
cast anchor. a penser, puzzle. au 
but, hit the mark. dans le piege, be 
caught; fall in the snare. 1'assaut, 
storm. une baie, humbug one. a 
discourir, a parler, to furnish occasion 
for talk. les mains, consent. con- 
seil, advise. de 1'amour, inspire love 

le branle, set a going. jour, ap- 
point a day. de 1'encens, praise. 

des bornes a, set bounds to. a 
entendre, hint. tete baissee, ru?t, 
blindfold. dans la tete, be heady. 

du cor, blow a French horn. a 
la cote, run aground. de bout a 
terre, run right in for the land. de- 
dans, enter a port. les culees, strike 
many times on a shelf or rock. le 
feu a un vaisseau, bream a ship. le 
suif, pay a ship's bottom. vent de- 
vant, bring the mind ahead. un 
grand hunier, spare a main top-sail. 
Se , vr. give one's self up. de 
garde, beware; be sure. 

DONNEU-R, SE, s. giver, sneeringly. a 
la grosse, insurer of a ship and cargo. 

DONT, pro. whereof; of whom ; of which ; 
with which, ; with who in; whose. Ce 
, respecting which ; whereon. 

DONZELLE, sf. young gentlewoman, by 
way of ridicule. 

DORADE,.!/". gilt head; fish called Dorado. 

DORAGE, sm. doing over with yolks of 

DORENAVANT, ad. henceforth. [eygs. 

DOR-ER, I. va. to gild. un vaisseau, 
pay a ship's bottom. Se , vr. to get 

DOREU-R, m. SE, /. s. gilder. [ripe. 

DORIEN, NB, a. dorian; s. Greek dialect. 

DORIQUE, a. s. doric order; 2d order. 

DORLOT-ER, I. va. to fondle; pamper. 

DORMANT, sm. the standing part of a 
tackle. , E, a. sleeping', stagnant. 

DOR ( 151 ) DOU 

6 3dp.s. 7 1st p. pi. 8 9 3d p. pi. IMPERF. 10 lstp.s. U 2dp.s. 12 3dp.s. 
2U 2d 21 3d FUT. 22 1st p.s. 23 2d p.s. 24 3d p.s. 25 1st p. pi. ^ 2d p. pi. 
p. pi. IMP. M. 34 2dp.s. 35 3d p.s. 36 1st p. pi. 37 38 SUBJ.M. 
*5 1st p.s. 46 2d p.s. 47 3d p.s. 48 1st 49 2d 50 3d 

Eau E, standing water; water with- 
out tide or current, [fond of sleeping. 
DORMEU-R, m. SE, /. s. sleeper; one 
DORMEUSE, */. tedan with a bed in it ; 

easy chair. 

DORM-iR 1 ant 2 i 3 ie 3 ies 3 is 3 - 16 - 17 ons 7 - 36 
ez s.37 ent 9 - 3 *- 44 ais 10 - 11 ait 12 ois 10 - 11 oit 12 
ions 13 - 42 iez 14 - 43 aient 15 oient 15 it 18 imes 
9 lies 20 irent 21 irai** iras 23 ira 24 irons 25 
irez 26 iront 27 irais 2 ^ 29 irait ;!0 irois 2s - 2 9iroit 
30 irions 31 iriez 32 iraient 33 iroient 33 e 35 ' 
39-*i es 40 isse 45 isses 46 it 47 issions 48 issiez 49 
issent 50 , v/i. to sleep ; rest ; repose. 
DORMIR, sm. sleeping; sleep. [potion. 
DORMITI-F, VE, a. soporific, sm. sleepy 
DORMITION, sf. apotheosis of the Virgin. 
DOROIR, sm. pastrycook's brush. 
DOROPHAGE, sm .one greedy of presents. 
DOR-S 4 - 5 ' 34 1 6 , v. DORMIR, to sleep, [room. 
DORTOIR, sm. dormitory; large bed 
DORURE, sf. gilding; washing over. 
DOS, sm. back; ridge. d'ane, shelving 
on both sides. Bateau a d'ato, sharp 
bottomed boat,. Se laisser manger la 
laine sur le , to suff'er one's self to be 
abused. Avoir quelqu'un a , have an 
enemy. Faire le gros , assume t.'ic 
air of a wan of importance. Tourner 
le , to go or run away ; forsake. 
DOSE, sf. a dose, [dients of a medicine. 
DOS-ER, I. va. to proportion the ingre- 
DOSSE, sf. plank ijtitch of wood; slab. 
DOSSERET, sm. little pilaster ; gable. 
DOSSIER, sin. back of a seat or coach; 
head-board of a bed ; a file of law-pa- 
DOSSIERE, sf. ridgcband. [pers 

DOT, sf. portion; dowry ; dower. 
DOTAL, E, a. of ot pertaining to a dowry 
DOTATION, */. endowing ; endowment. 
DOT-ER, I. va. to endow; portion. 
D'O IT, ad. from whence ; whence. 
DOUAIRE, sm. jointure; settlement, [dow 
DOUAIRIERE, sf. dowager; endowed wi 
DOUANE, sf. custom-house ; duty. 
DOUAN-EH, I. put a stamp on; tax 
DOUANIER, sm. custom-house officer. 
DOUBLAGE, sm. double boarding ; dou- 
bling; lord of a manor's fee; the sheath- 
ing of a ship's bottom. 
DOUBLE, a. double; deceitful. co- 
quin, arrant knave. Voir , to see 

double. Fermer a tour, to double 
lock. Partie , lurches, sm. two- 
fold ; doit ; copy ; duplicate ; lock. Met- 
tre en , fold in two. sf. paunch of 
chewing animals. 

DOUBLEAU, sm. chief arches; joist. 
DOUBLEMENT, ad. doubly; twice; two- 
fold, sm. act of doubling ; doubling. 
DOUBL-ER, I. va. to double; line; du- 
plicate ; multiply. le sillage, to make. 
a crooked wake; steer away. un 
cap, double a cape ; pass beyond. un 
vaisseau, sheath a ship's bottom. 
DOUBLET, sm. false stone; doublet, tiro 
twos; counterfeit, [fault in printing. 
DOUBLON, sm. doubloon ; a Spanish coin ; 
DOUBLURE, sf. lining; substitute. 
DOUC.'AIX, sm. kind of apple-tree. 
DOUCE, /. DOUX, m. a. sweet; mild; 
easy ; affable. Eau , fresh water. 
Medecin d'eau , water-gruel doctor; 

quack. Taille , sf. plate; cut. 

DOUCEATRE, a. sweetish. [well. 

DOUCEMENT, ad. softly; gently ; pretty 
DOUCERETTE, sf. affected woman. 
DOUCEREU-x, SE, a. sweetish; precise, 
sm. affected beau; dandy. [dcst. 

DOUCET, TE, a. s. demure; affected ; mo- 
POUCETTE, sf. prim woman; Venus' s 
looking glass; corn salad; treacle. 
Faire la , to look demure. 
DOUCETTEMENT, ad. gently ; softly. 
DOUCEUR, sf. sweetness; softness; mild- 
ness; profit. s, sweet things Bat- 
tering expressions. [shower-bath. 
DOUCHE, sf. pumping bath; kind of 
DOUCH-ER, I. va. to pump on.[apple-tree. 
DOUCIN, sm. brackish- n-atcr ; kind of 
DOUCINE, sf. waved moulding ; plane. 
DOU-ER, I. va. to settle on; endow; 

portion; bestow; grant. 
DOUILLAGE, sm. stuff badly woven. 
DOUILLE, sf. socket. 
DOUILLET, TE, a. soft; nice. sf. warm 

pelisse; sm. self-lover. 
DOUILLETTEMENT, ad. tenderly. 
DOUILLEU-x, SE, a. not square or equal. 
DOULEUR, sf. pain ; ache ; grief. 
DOULOIR, Se , vr. to complain; be 

sad; grieve, sm. a tool; bandage. 
DOULOUREUSEMENT, ad. grievously. 



( 152 ) 


INF.M. 'PBBS-T. 2 PART. PRES. 3 PART. PAST.] IND. M. PRES. T. 4 1st p.S. 5 2dp.S. 

13 14 15 3d PRET. > 6 1st p.s. 17 2dp.s. 18 3dp.s. 19 
27 3d p. pi. COND.M. 2b 1st p.s. 29 2dp.s. M 3d p.s. 3l 1st 32 2d M 3d 

PRES.T. 39 1st p.s. 42dp.S. 3d p.S. 4a 1st ^ 2d 44 3d IMPERF. 

DOULOUREU-x, SE, a. painful; sorrow- 
ful; tender; afflicting; sad. 
DOUTANCE, sf. doubt; distrust. 
DOUTE, sm. doubt; scruple; perplexity- 
fear. Sans , ad. doubtless. Revoquer 

en , to call into question. 
DOUT-ER, I. vn. to doubt; hesitate; 

question. Se , vr. to suspect ; believe. 
DOUTEUSEMENT, ad. dubiously; doubt- 
DOUTEU-x, SE, a. doubtful. [fully. 

DOUVAIN, sm. wood Jit for staves of casks. 
DOUVE, sf. pipe-stuff ; rib; side-board; 
DOUVRES, sm. Dovor; sea-port, [ditch. 
DOUX, a. m. sweet; mild; easy ; affable; 

soft; smooth. Filer , to Knuckle 

under. Tout , ad. softly; gently. 

Vin , wine not yet fermented. 

DOUCE,/, mild. 
DOUZAIN, sm. old French coin north 12 

DENIERS ; old stanza of twelve verses. 
POUZAINE, sf. a dozen. A la douzaine, 

by the dozen; 12 by 12; worth nothing ; 

bad ; ironic. II n 'y en a pas 13 a la 

. a rara avis; none such to be found. 
DOUZE, a. twelve. Le du mois, the 

twelfth instant. Livre in , booh in 

twelves. Louis XII. Lewis the l'2th. 
DOUZIEME, a. twelfth, sm. twelfth part. 

sf. twelfth, in music. 
DOUZIEMEMENT, ad. twelfthly. 
DOYEN, sm. dean; senior. 
DOYENNE, sm. dcanship; deanery; 

dean's office; sort of pear. 
DRAB ANT, sm. drabant ; thief. 
DRACHME, sf. drachm ; ancient coin ; 

eighth part of an apoth. ounce, [worm. 
DRACUNCULE, sm. dracimculus; little 
DRAGAN, sm. extremity of the stern of 

a galley. [mixed corn for horses. 

DRAGEE, sf. sugar-plum; small shot; 
DRAGEOIR, sm. comjit-box; small Jillct. 
DRAGEOIRE, sf. frame or groove holding 

a watch-glass. 

DRAGEON, sm.sucher; shoot, [suckers. 
DRAGEONN-ER, I. vn. to shoot forth 
DRAGIER, sin. sugar-plum box. 
DRAGME, see DRACHME, sf. dram; 

drachm. [gant ; spot in the eye. 

DRAGON, sm. dragon; dragoon; terma- 
DRAGONNADE, sf. dragooning; hind of 

military expedition. 

DRAGONNE, sf. drum-sound ; sword-or- 

DRAGONNEAU, sm. a plant. [narnent. 

DRAGONN-ER, I. va. to dragoon. 

DRAGUE, sf. grains, after brewing; drag 
to clean rivers and tojish. 

DRAGU-ER 1'ancre, I. va. to drag for an 
anchor; search under water. 

DRAMATIQUE, a. dramatic, sm. the 
drama; dramatic poetry. [play-writer. 

DRAMATISTS, a. and sm. dramatist; 

DRAMATURG-E, sm. indifferent play- 
writer. IE, sf. theatrical history; 
detailed catalogue of plays. 

DRAME, sm. drama; a play. 

DRANET, sm. sort of net. [pall. 

DRAP, sm. cloth ; sheet. mortuaire, a 

DRAPEAU, sm. colours; banner; stand- 
ard; rag. x, clouts; rags. 

DRAP-ER, I. va. to hang with mourning ; 
mill stockings ; jeer ; make cloth. 

DRAPERIE, sf. cloth trade; drapery. 

DRAPIER, sm. woollen draper; cloth- 
maker, [ly ; efficacious. 

DRASTIQUE, a. drastic; acting violent- 

DRAY-ER, I. va. to pare hides. 

DRAYOIRE, */. currier's head-knife, 

DRAYURE, sf. dressed skin paring. 

DRECHE, sf. malt ; prepared barley. 

DREGE, sf. drag; sort of net for turbots. 

DRELIN, sm. tingle; tingling of bells. 

DRESSE, sf. piece of leather to underlay 
a shoe. la chaloupe ! trim the boat. 

DRESS-ER, I. make straight; raise; 

train up ; direct ; erect. les vergues, 

brace the yards to the wind. une 

piece de bois, trim a piece of timber. 

- les oreilles, jtrick, up the ears. 

un ecrit, draw up a writing. un 
cheval, break, a horse. un livre, 
beat a book well. un arbre, (rim 
up a tree. du linge, put out linen. 

des embuches, lay an ambush. 

une pierrc, si/uare a stone. un 
camp, put up a ciin/p. - des tentes, 
pitch tents. un buffet, lay out a 
side-board. , vn. to stand an end. 
Se , vr. to rise; stand on end. 

DRESSOIR, sm. side-board; dresser. 
DR1LLE, sm. formerly a soldier; com- 
panion; fellow; hard oak. Pauvre 

DRI ( 153 ) DUR 

6.3dp.s. " 9 9 3d p. pi. IMPERF. 10 lstp.s. n 2dp.s. 12 3dp.s. 
M 2dppl. ai FUT. 22 lstp.s. 23 2dp.s. 24 3dp.s. 25 1st p. pi. 
p. pi. IMP. M. 34 2dp.s. S 3 3d p. s. * 1st p. pi. & 38 3d p. pi. SUBJ. JI. 
1st p. s. 46 55dp.s. 47 3d p. s. 48 1st p. pi. 49 50 

drille, poor wretch, sf. old rag to make 
paper with; borer; drill; piercer. 

DRILL-ER, I. vn. to run away. 

DRILLEU-x, SE, a. ragged; shabby. 

DRILLIER, sm. old rag-man. 

DRISSE, sf. the halliard of a sail or yard. 

DROGMAN, sm. Turkish, interpreter. 

DROGUE, sf. drug; sorry commodity; 
stuff. Jeu de la , game at cards. 

DROGU-ER, I. va. to physic too much. 
Se , vr. to take physic without proper 
care. [herring fishery. 

DROGUERIE, sf. drugs; druggist's trade; 

DROGUET, sm. drugget ; woollen, stuff. 

DROGUETIER, sm. drugget weaver or 

DROGUEUR, sm. chemist. [maker. 

DROGUIER, sm. virtuoso's cabinet; drug- 

DROGUISTE, sm. druggist. [box. 

DRO1T, E, a. straight; right; just; up- 
right; good; up; standing, s/n. right ; 
late ; claim ; tax ; equity ; privilege ; 
toll. de timbre, stami} duty. des 
gens, law of nations. DROIT, ad. 
straight; directly. A bon droit, justly. 
A tort et a , right or wrong. 

DROITE, sf. the right hand. d'une 
armee, right wing. Donner la , give 
the upper liand. A , ad. on the right. 

DROITEMENT, ad. uprightly} wisely; 
sincerely; roundly; honestly. 

DROIT1-ER, ERE, a. right-handed 

DROITS d'entree et de sortie, duties of 
import and export. seigneuriaux, 
manor rights, pi. of DROIT. 

DROITURE, sf. uprightness; equity; 
justice. d'esprit, soundness of rea- 
son. A , en , ad. directly; straight. 

DROLE, a. droll ; funny ; comical. Drole 
de corps, comical or queer fellow ; quiz, 
sm. comical fellow; wag; sharper ; 

DROLEMENT, ad. comically. [rogue. 

DROLERIE, sf. drollery ; fun ; trick. 

DROLESSE, sf. wench. [camel. 

DROMADA1RE, sm. dromedary; kind of 

DROSSE, sf. truss; tiller-rope. de 
canon, gun-tackle. de racage, par- 

DROUINE, yf. tinker's bag. [rel-truss. 

DROUINEUR, m. tinker; mender of pans. 

DRU, E, a. fledged; brisk; thick; pert; 

DRUIDE, sm. Druid; priest of old. [close. 

DRUIDISME, sm. doctrine of the Druids. 

DRUSES, sm. nations of Syria. 
DRYADE, sf. dryad; wood-nymph. 
DU, sm. duej duty. , E, a. due; 

oiving. DU 3 , due 3 , dues 3 , v. DEVOIR. 
DU, art. m. s. some; of the; from; from 

the. moins, at least. Stands for DE 
DUBITATION, sf. dubitation; doubt. [LE. 
DUBITAT1VE, a.f. questionable.[biousl>j. 
DUBITATIVEMENT, ad. doubtfully ; du- 
DUC, sm. duke; chief of old; horned owl- 
DUCAL, E, a. ducal; belonging to a duke. 
DUG ALES, sf. patent of the Venetian state. 
DUCAT, sm. ducat, a. Or , ducat gold. 
DUCA.TON, sm. ducatoon; silver coin. 
DUCHfi, sm. duchy ; dukedom. pairie, 

sf. duchy-peerdom. [ribbon-knot. 

DUCHESSE, sf. duchess; easy chair; 
DUCTILE, a. pliable, [v. DEVOIR, to owe. 
DU 3 -E 3 es 3 s 3 - 16 - 1 ? t 18 - 4 ? mes tes^ rent 21 , 
DUEGNE, sf. duenna ; governess, [nouns. 
DUEL, sm. duel; dual number of Greek 
DUELLISTE. sm. duellist ; one whojights 

a duel. [please; train up. 

DUI-RE 1 t 6 , J>mS'AXT*,im.toJUi suit; 
DU1SANT, E, DUISIBLE, a. suitable; fit. 
DUIT, E, a. trained up; instructed, 
DULCIFICAT1-F, VE, a. softening. 
DULCIFI-ER, I. va. to dulcorate; sweeten. 
DULCINEE, sf. sweetheart; mistress. 
DULIE, sf. culte de , worship of saints. 
DUMENT, ad. duly ; properly ; rightly. 
DUMES lb , v. DEVOIR, to owe. 
DUNES, sf. damns; sandy banks by the sea. 
DUNETTE, sf. poop of a man of war; 

poop-royal ; highest part of sterns. 
DUO, sm. duet; song or music for two. 
DUODECIMAL, E, a. ; 12 at a time. 
DUODENUM, sm. ; large intestine. 
DUPE, sf. dupe; bubble; ninny. 
DUP-ER, I. va. to dupe ; gull; cheat. 
DUPERIE, sf. fraud; cheat. 
DUPEUR, sm. cheat; one who dupes others. 
DUPLICATA, sm. duplicate; double. 
DUPLICATION, sf. duplication. [ing. 
DUPLICITE, sf. duplicity; double-deal- 
DUPLIQUE, sf. rejoinder; answer. 
DUPLIQU-ER, I. va. to rejoin, [whereof. 
DUQUEL, pro. of whom; of which; 
DUR, E, a. hard; firm; tough; harsh; 

stale; sad; cruel; rough. d'oreille, 

dull of hearing. a la desserre, close- 

u S 



[INF.M. 'PRES.T. 2 PART.PRES. s PART.PAST.] IND.M. PRES.T. 4 1st p.S. 5 2d p.S. 

l. i* 15 3d PRET. 16 1st p.s. 72dp.s. I8 3dp.s. ' 
l. COND.M. 28 1st p.s. 29 2dp.s. 3 3d p.s, 31 1st 32 2d 3d 
40 41 42 43 44 


27 COND.M. 1st p.s. 2dp.s. 3d 
41 3dp.s. 42 

p.p. .. 28 1st p.s. 

PRES.T. 39 lstp.s. 40 2dp.s. 

Jistcd. a la fatigue, laborious ; hard- 
ened to fatigue. Esprit , dull, 
heavy understanding. Tete e, block- 
DURABLE, a. lasting; strong. [head. 
DURA1NE, sf. sort ofpcacli. [when. 

DURANT, pr. during. que, ad. whilst ; 
DURC-IR, II. va. to harden; dull. vn. 
to grow hard. Se , vr. to get hard. 
DURCISSEMKNT, sin. hardening. 
DURE, sf. the cold ground; Jioor. 
DUREE, sf. duration; continuance. 
DURELIN, sm. name of a kind of oak. 
DUREMENT, ad. hard ; cruelly ; harshly. 
DURE-MERE, sf. dura-mater; thickest 

and hardest membrane of the brain. 
DURENT 2 ', v. DEVOIR, to owe. 
DUR-ER, I. vn. to last; holdout; abide. 
Ne pouvoir de chaud, to be extreme- 
ly hot. Le temps lui dure, time Jiangs 
heavy upon him. Ne pouvoir durer en 
place, to be uneasy where one is. On 
ne saurait avec lui, one cannot live 
with him. II faut faire vie qui dure, 
be merry and wise. 

DURET, TE, a. somewhat hard or tough. 
DURETE, sf. hardness; roughness; harsh- 
ness ; toughness ; cruelty. d'oreille, 
dullness of hearing. de pinceau, 
stiffness, in drawing. 

DURETES, sf. pi. hard words ; injuries. 
DURILLON, sm. callosity; hard skin. 
DURILLONN-ER, I. vn. to grow hard. 
DURIUSCULE, a. somewhat hard. [peg. 
DUSI, DUSIL, sm. spigot for a cask; vent 
DtsS-E 45 es 46 ions 48 iez^ent 50 , v. DEVOIR, 
DUTES 20 , v. DEVOIR, to one. [to owe. 
DU-TOUT ; Point , not at all. 
DUUMVIR, sm. magistrate; partner in 

command, [chiefs among the Romans. 
DUUMVIIIAT, sm. magistracy of two 
DUVETEU-x, SE, a. downy. [easy life. 
DUVET, sm. down; soft hair or wool; 
DYNAMIQUE, sf. dynamics; science of 

moving powers ; mutual motion. 
DYNASTE, sm. petty sovereign ; prince. 
DYNASTIE, sf. dynasty; rale; reigning 
DYSCOLE, a. hard to please. [family. 
DYSPEPSIE, sf. dyspepsy ; bad digestion. 
DYSPHON1E, sf. dyspliony; weakness of 
voice; difficulty of speaking, [looseness. 

D YSSENTfiRIQUE, sm. one attached with 

dysentery, a. Flux , bloody-Jtux. 
DYS\JRIE,sf.dysury; retention of urine. 


J? 5th letter of the Alphabet; second 
' vowel, sm. Un E, an E. N.E., 
North-east. E, 5th dominical letter, and 
5 in typography. E, excellency ; emi- 
nence. E stood of old for 250. E signif. 
also Thursday, in some almanacs. 

EAU, sf. water ; rain ; wet ; tears ; gloss ; 
juice; sea; sweat; serosit.y. douce, 
fresh-water. de mer, salt-water. 

de fontaine, de source, spring-muter. 

de puits, pump-water. de savon. 
soap-suds. benite, holy water. Eau 
benite de cour, court-promises; fair 
empty words. lust rale, holy water. 

de luce, luce-water. de vie, 
brandy. regale, aqua-regalis. Eau 
forte, aqua-fort-is. de nasse, orangu- 

Jtower water. de la reine de Hongrie, 
Hungary water. d'arquebusade, 
arquebusade-water. Couleur d'^-, 
sky-coloured blue. panee, toast and 
water. blanche, bran and water ; 
mash, for horses. de vie de riz, 
arrack. rose, distilled rosin. II 
n'est pire que celle qui dort, deep wa- 
ter runs smooth. Aller a 1' , to sn-i/n. 
Battre 1' , to beat the air. A vau- 
1'eau, come to nothing ; gone to wreck. 
Pecher en trouble, get rich in times 
of commotion. A fleur d' , eeeii ivith 
the surface of the water, just under the 
level. Faire de 1' , take in fresh water. 
Faire , to leak. En grandes x, in 
a deep sea. De 1' a courir, elbow- 
room at sea. x d'un vaisseau, wake 
of a ship. Tenir le bee dans 1' , to 
(mi use one. Coup d'epee dans 1'eau, 
vain- attempt. Revenir sur 1' to re- 
cover. Aller aux x, to go to Bath. 
Mcttre de 1' dans son vin, to cool 
one's passion. Faire venir 1'eau an 
moulin, to bring grist to the mill. 
Cela s'en va en de boudin, it comes 
to nothing. Cela ne sent que 1* , that 
has no relish. Porter de 1' & la mer, 

EAU ( 155 ) 

6 3dp.s. ' S 9 3d p. pi. IMPERF 


10 1st p. s. U 2dp.s. 12 3dii.s. 

- -2d p. pi. S1 3d p. pi. FUT! -22 1st p. s. ^ 2d p. s. 24 3d p. s. 25 1st p. pi. 26 2d p. pi. 

p. pi. IMP. M. 34 -2d p. s. 35 3d p. s. lst p> pl> 37 2 d p. pi. 3* 3d p. pi. SUBJ. M. 
"Istp.s. 46 2dp.s. 4 ?3dp.s. * 49 50 

to carry coals to Newcastle. Medecin EBOUSIN-ER, I. va. to chisel off the soft 
d' douce, water-gruel doctor; quack 
EAVX, n-aters;seas. Vives , spring- 

crust of stones. [cutting off boughs. 
EBRANCHEMENT, sin. lopping; pruning; 

tides. Mortes , neap-tides. et j EBRA.'SCR--En, to lop qff'the branches 

forets, jurisdiction over the forests and 
rivers. Maitre des et forets, chief 
justice in eyre. Nager entre aeux - , to 
be a trimmer ; keep well with tico par- 
ties. Les sont basses chez raoi, I urn 
at a low ebb ; my purse is rather low. 
EBAHIR, II. S' , vr. to be amazed. 
&BAHIS8EMENT, sm. wondering ; sur- 
EBARB-ER, I. va. to shave; barb, [prise. 
EBARBOIR, srn. scraper; chisel. 
EBAROUI, E, a. eery dry ; full of cracks. 
EBAT, EBATTEMENT, un. diversion. 

pi. pastimes. EBAT 6 -s 4 " 5 - 34 , part of 
EBATT-RE 1 rai 22 ras 23 : S' , vr. to make 
or be merry. Conjugated like BATTUE. 
KBAUBI, E, a. amazed; silly. 
EBAUCHE, sf. a sketch; rough draught. 
EBAUCH-ER, I. va. to sketch ; rough-here. 
EB AUCHO1R, sin. chisel ; hatchet, [merry. 
EBAUD-iR, II. S' , vr. to cheer; make 
EBBE, EBE, sf. ebb; low water; reflux. 
EBENE, sf. ebony; ebon. [of ebony. 

EBEN-ER, I. va. to give mood the colour 
EBENIER, sm. ebony-tree. 
EBKNISTE, sm. cabinet maker. RIE, 

sf. upholstery ; cabinet-making. 
KBERTAUD-ER, I. va. to pare; smooth. 
EBISEL-ER, I. va. to chamfer ; Jiute. 
EBLOU-IR, II. va. to dazzle ; amaze. 
EBLOUISSANT, E, a. dazzling. 
EBLOUI8SEMENT, sm. dazzling. 
EBORGN-ER, 1. va. to put out an eye; 

blind; obstruct; lessen the light. 
EBOUFF-ER, 1. S' de rire, vr. to burst 

into laughter; burst out laughing. 
EBOUILL-iR 1 , vn. to over-boil, conjuga- 
ted like BOCILLIR. [bling tloicn. 
EBOULEMiiNT, sm. falling don- n; crum- 

EBRANLEMENT, sm. shaking; shock; 
^ fear. [S' , vr. to shake ; stagger. 
EBRANL-ER, I. va. to more ; vn. give way. 
3BRASEMENT, sm. widening, [dow, etc. 
EBRAS-ER, I. va. to widen a door, win- 
EBRECH-ER, I. va. to 'notch; make gaps. 
EBREN-ER, I. va. to clean a child. 
EBR1ETE, sf. drunkenness. 
EBRILLADE, sf.jerk with the bridle. 
EBROUD-iR, II. va. to draw wire through 
a fining plate. [snort as horses. 

EBROU-ER, I. va. to soak. S' , vr. to 
EBROUEMENT, sm. snorting from fear. 
EBRU1T-ER, I. va. to divulge. S' , vr. 
to be talked of; take air. [slitting logs. 
EBUARD, sm. hard wooden wedge for 
EBULLITION, sf. blotch; rant; ebullition. 
ECACHEMENT, sm. bruising; contusion. 
ECACH-ER, I. va. to crush; squash ;Jiat- 
ECACHEUR d'or, sm. gold-beater, [ten. 
ECAFF-ER, I. va. to split withies. 
ECAGNE, sf. part of a skein. 
ECAILLE, sf. scale; shell ; peeling ; flake. 
ECAILLE, E, a. scaly ; rough. 
ECAILL-ER, I. va. to scale; open oysters; 

unscale. S' , vr. to peel off. 
ECAILLEU-x, SE, a. scaly, [oyster opener. 
ECAILLON, sm. tush or tusk of horses; 
ECALOTT-ER, va. to skin, [master slater. 
SCALE, sf. shell of beans. de pois, 
^ peascod; chance-harbour. [come off. 
ECAL-ER, I. va. to shell. S' , vr. to 
ECARBOUILL-ER, I. va. to crush ; squash. 
ECARLATE, sf. scarlet ; deep red colour. 

cramoisie, scarlet dyed in grain. 
ECARLATIN, sm. scarlet-cider, a. deep 

red. Ftevre E, scarlet fever. 
ECARQUILLEMENT, sm. sprcadingn-i.dc. 

EBOUL-ER, I. vn. to fall down, as earthen | ECARQUILL-ER les jambes, I. va. to 
EBOULIS, sm. rubbish j ; ruins. [banks.) straddle; open wide the legs. [angles. 

tBOURGEONNEMENT, sm. pruning. 

EBOURGKONN-ER, I. t:a. to prune vines 
and trees; cat off' buds. [pecker. 

EBOURGEONNEUR, sm. primer; bud- 
EiiOl'RIFFE, E, a. disordered with the 
EBOURR-ER, I. va. to pud a hide. [wind. 

ECARR-IR, II, va. to cut; pare at ri?lit 
EC ART, sm. ramble; scarf; cards laid 

out. A 1' , ad. in a by-place ; aside. 
ECARTELE, E, a. quartered; torn in 

quarters; in 4 equal parts, [quarters. 
ECARTEL-ER, I. va. to quarter ; tear in 

EGA ( 150 ) ECU 

[INF.M. ^RES.T. 2 PART.PRES. 3 PART.PAST.] IND.M. PRES.T. * 1st p.S. 5 2dp.S. 

13 " 15 PRET. 1G 1st p.s. 17 2dp.s. 18 3d p.s. 
27 3d p. pi. COND. M. 2S 1st p.s. ^Sd p.s. ' M 3d p.s. 3l 1st p. pi. 32 33 :;d 
PRES.T. 39 1st p.s. 40 2dp.s. 41 3dp.s. 42 43 44 3d IMPERF. 

KCARTEMENT, sm. separation; space. 

ECART-ER, I. va. to disperse; mislead; 
discard; scatter; sputter; reject. S' 
, vr. to ramble; swerve; lose. 

ECAVEgADE, sf. check ; jerk ; shake. 

EGCE-HOMO, sm. picture of our Saviour 
crowned with thorns. L'air d'un , de- 
plorable condition ; ghastly look. [book. 

ECCLESIASTE, sm. Ecclesiastes ; holy 

ECCLESIASTIQUE, sm. Eccles iasticus ; 
churchman, a. ecclesiastical; priestly, 

tically; clergyman-like. 

ECCRINOLOGIE, sf. treatise on secre- 
tions, medical -work, [less; brainless. 

ECERVELE, E, a. hare-brained; thought- 

ECHAFAUD, sin. scaffold; stage; tempo- 
rary gallery; platform for executions. 

&CHAFAUDAGE, sm. scaffolding. 

ECHAFAUD-ER, 1. vn. to scaffold ; prop. 

ECH ALAS, sm. prop for a vine; a pole. 
C'est un , he is as thin as a lath. 

BCHALASSEMENT, sm. propping. 

ECHALASS-ER, I. va. to prop a vine. 

ECHALIER, sm. fence; stile. 

ECU ALOTTE, sf. shallot ; scallion ; wire. 

ECHAMP-ER, I. ECHAMP-iR, II. va. to 
detach, bring forward, a picture. 

ECHANCR-ER, I. va. to cut sloping. 

ECHANCRURE, */. slope; hollow cut. 

ECHANGE, sm. exchange; bartering. 

ECHANGEABLE, a. exchangeable. 

ECHANG-ER 1 , ECHANGE-ANT 2 , I. va. to 
exchange; barter; chop; swap. 

ECHANSON, sm. cup-bearer. [cellar. 

ECHANSONNERIE, sf. the king's n'inc- 

ECHANTILLON, sm. sample; pattern; 
specimen; chip. Jugez de la pi6ce par 
1' , it is a chip of the old block. 

ECHANTILLONN-ER, I. va. to examine 
by the. standard; cut out patterns. 

ECHANVR-ER, I. va. to dress Jia.r ; 

ECHANVROIR, sm. a hatchcl. [hatcltel. 

ECHAPPADE, sf. mistake; slip; whim. 
ECHAPPATOIRE, sf. a come ojf'; a shift. 

ECHAPPE, */. letting off' of birds, sport. 
ECHAPPE, E, a.mad;Jicry; mongrel colt. 
ECHAPPEE, sf. a prank. Par s, by 
girds and snatches ; by fits and starts. 
de vue, a rista; prusprc.t. 
ECH APP-ER, and n. to escape; let fall; 

avoid; shun; evade; slip; forget one's 
self. L' belle, escape narrowly. Rieri 
n' E a sa prevoyancc, he foresees every 

ECHARBOT, sm. n'ater-chestnut. [thing. 

ECHARDE, sf. splinter. [thistles. 

ECHARDONN-ER, I. va. to pull out the 

ECHARN-ER, I. va. to peel off'; clean. 

EGHARPE, sf. a scarf; sling for the 
arm. Changer d' , to be a turncoat. 
Avoir 1'esprit en , be cross grained. 

ECH ARP-ER, I. va. to slash ; cut to pieces ; 
Tirer en ,.flre slantingly. [destroy. 

ECHARPILLKRIE, sf. robbery; theft. 

ECHARS, E, a. niggardly ; unsteady ; 
above the alloy. Vents , shifting 

ECHARS-ER, I. vn. to veer; shift, [winds. 

ECH ASSES, sf. pi. stilts ; poles. II est 
toujours monte sur des , he is always 
proud and boasting; long-legged. 

ECHAUBOULE, v,full of pimples. 

ECHAUBOULURE, sf. pimple; red pus- 

ECHAUDE, sm. light cake; bun. [lule. 

ECHAUD-ER, I. va. to scald; burn with 
hot liquor. S' , vr. to burn o?ie'sjin- 
gcrs by ill success; smart ; be injured. 

fiCHAUDOIR, sm.scald ing-house or vessel. 

ECH AUFFAISON, sf. over-heating of one's 
self; pimples; breaking out. 

ECH AUFFANT, E, a. heating ;Jicry ; caus- 
ing heat orfcm: [heating. 

teCHAUFFEMENT, sm. heating; over- 

ECHAUFF-ER, I. va. to heat; mirm; 
stir up; injlnme; incrnac. une 
maison, be the Jirst inhabitant of a 
house. S' vr. to overheat one's self; 
grow angry ; fume. Cela lui echauffe 
le sanpr, that provokes him. Ne m' 
echauffez pas les oreilles, do not provoke 
ine. , vn. to grow hot. II s'echautte 
en son harnais, he flies into a passion. 
Le jeu s'echauffe, theti begin to plai/ 

ECHAUFFURE, sf. red pimple. [deep. 

ECHAUFFOUREE, */. rash enterpruu ; 

ECHAUGUKTTK, tf.'wntch-tinccr. [bcffic. 
ECHE-ANT 2 ent'J-^- 44 , v. ECH-OIR, to 
li<t}>i>in. [nii'iil ; c.vpiftition ; pay-day. 
ECHEANCE, sf. appointed time for pay- 
ECHEC, sm. check ; toss. En , in awe. 
et mat, check-mate. s, pi. chess. 
feCHELETTE, sf. little ladder; rack. 
ECHELIER, S7n. peg-ladder. 

6 3<ip.s. 7 1st p. pi. * 9 3d p. pi. IMPEHF. 10 1st p. s. 2dp.s. 12 3d p.s. 
10 -' PUT. 22 1st p.s. 23 2dp.s. 24 3d p.s. K 1st p. pi. 26 
p. pi. IMP. M. "adp.s. a 3 3d p.s. 38 SUBJ.M. 
43 1st p.s. 46 -2dp.s. 47 3d p.s. 1st p. pi. 49 50 

ECHELLE, */. ladder; scale; trading 

",-t in the Levant. de rubans, 

stomacher of ribbons. Faire la courte 

>ne a lift over a wall, etc. 
fcCHELON, sm. ladder-step ;step; rise. 
fiCHELONN-BB, I. va. to range a body 

of troops, line above line. 
mooden gutter; groove ; gutter, [pillars. 
CHENILL-ER, I. va. to destroy cater- 
ECHE-oiR; same as ECH-OIR, to fall due. 
ECHER-RAi 22 ras 23 ra 21 rons 25 rez^ ront 27 

-. rait .30 ro i s 28.29 ro j t 30 r i onS 31 

riez 32 raient 33 roient 33 ; ECHET 6 ; v. 
ECH-OIR, to fall due. [thread. 

feCHEVEAU, sm. skein; knot of silk or 
ECHEVELE, E, a. dishevelled. 
ECHEV1N, sm. sheriff'; magistrate. 
ECH EVIXAGE, sm. sheriffs ojjiceor place. 
ECHINE, sf. chine; spine. Crotte jus- 

qu'a 1' , splashed up to the back. 
KCHINEE, sf. chine of pork. 
ECHIX-ER, I. va. to break the back; 

knock on the head ; maul to death. 
ECHIQUETE, E, a. checquered. 
ECHIQUIER, tin. draught or chess-board; 

. En , checker-wise. 
ECHO, sm. ecJio; ajtatterer. Etre 1'echo 
d'un autre, to repeat re hat another 
says; be his tool, his ape. 
ECH-oiR 1 oil 6 oie 35 - 41 oierit 9 ' 38 - 44 ; vn. to 
expire; fall due; happen. Vous ne 
sauriez que bien , you cannot miss a 
lurk if hit. Si le cas y echet, if there be 
occasion. See ECHE, ECHER, ECH-U. 
1 V KTRE, sm. instrument to measure 
''.stall; flat graver, [sounds. 
1-M1.NT, sm. running aground. 
ECHOU-ER, I. -en. to run aground; 
strand; miscarry; fall to the ground. 
Faire , discomfit ; frustrate. 
ECH I red} hiijiprnrd ; fallen 

out. ECH-u 3 ue 3 ues 3 us 3 ' 16 ' 17 ut 18 uims 
" urent 21 usse 45 ussps 46 uf 17 ussions 
4s u>siez 49 ussent 50 , v. ECHOIR. 
tCIH-BB, I. va. to cut. ofj'the topof trees 
ECLABOUSS-ER, I. 90. t splosh.' 
ECLABOUSSURE, sf. the dirt or mater 
one is splashed irith. [like an arrorv 
K( '}. AIR, sm. lightning. Conime un eclair 
KCLAIRAGE, sm. lighting; illumination. 

ECLAIRCIE, sf. blue spot in the sky. 
ECLAIRC-IR, II. va. to clear; clarify: 
thin; inform; unfold; clear up; re- 
solve ; reduce. S' , vr. to become clear; 
inform one's self; grow brighter. 
ECLA.IRCISSEMENT, sm. explanation; 
hint. Homme a , quarrelsome man. 
ECLAIRE, m. E, f. a. learned; knowing; 

lighted ; acquainted with. 
ECLAIRE, sf. celandine; tetter-wort. 

Petite , pine-wort ; Jig-wort. 
feCLAIRE, v. imp. II , it lightens. 
ECLAIR-ER, I. va. to lighten; enlighten; 
sparkle; watch, vn. to glitter; shine. 
ECLAIREUR, sm. scout; reconnoitring- 
ECLAME, sm. lame canary-bird, [trooper. 
ECLANCHE, sf. leg of mutton, [smooth. 
ECLANCH-ER, I. va. to flatten down ; 
ECLAT, sm. pomp; lustre; splendour; 
brightness; clap; uproar; frurst ; 
noise ; clang. des habits, gaiety of 
clothes. de bois, shiver of wood* 
de pierre, shard of stone. de rire, 
fit of laughing. de voix, loud talk. 
Personnes d' , men of note. 
ECLATANT, E, a. shining; bright; tran- 
scendant; glorious; loud; piercing. 
Bruit , great noise; clap; crash. 
ECLAT-ER, I. vn. to burst ; crack ; shiver ; 
e.rcldiin ; glitter; break forth; come to 
light. de rire, burst out laughing. 
Faire , to shew ; discover; make ap- 
pear, [sun never wanders from. 
ECLECTIQUE, fl. eclectic; line that the 
ECLIPSE, sf. eclipse ; diminution. 
ECLIPS-ER, I. va. to eclipse; cloud; ob- 
scure; drown. S' , vr. to vanish 
away; disappear; be eclipsed. Faire 
, eclipse; help one to escape. 
ECLIPTIQUE, sf. the ecliptic. 
ECLISSE, sf. splint; cheese-vat; side of a 
ECLISS-ER, I. va. to splint. [lute, &c. 
KCLOPPE, m. E,/. a. lame; limping. 

ECLO-RE 1 S 3-4.5.34 se 3.39.41 Ses 3-40 Sent 9.38. 

44 ; ECLO-T 6 ra 24 ront 27 rait 30 roit 3 " 

raient 33 roient 33 , See also 
ECLORRE, vn. to be hatched ; blow ; peep ; 

break out ; come to light. [ers do. 

ECLOSION, sf. blowing ; opening, as flow- 
feOLUSB, sf. sluice; dam; dike. 
ECLUSILR, tm. sluice-master. 

ECL ( 158 ) ECR 

[INF.M. I PRES.T. 2 PART.PRES. 3 PART.PAST.] IND.M. PRES.T. 4 1st p.8. 5 2d p S. 

I3 14 15 3d PBET. 16 lstp.s. 17 2dp.s. 18 3d p.s. 19 
27 3d COND.M. 2S 1st p.s. ^2dp.s. 30 3d p.s. 31 1st 32 33 3d 
PRES.T. 39 lstp.s. 40 2dp.s. 41 3dp.s. 42 43 2d 44 3d IMPERF 

ECLUSEE, sf. sluice-full of water. 
ECOBUE, sf. kind of pick-axe or hoe. 
ECOFRAI, ECOFROI, sm. cutting-board. 
EGOINgON, sm. corner-stone. [rector. 
ECOLATRE, sin. parochial schoolmaster ; 
ECOLE, sf. school; college; school-time. 
Dire les nouvelles de 1' , tell tales. 
Faire 1' buissonniere, to play truant. 
II a de P , he understands the business. 
ECOLI-ER, m. ERE, f. s. scholar. Prendre 
le chemin des s, to go round about. 
Ce n'est qu'un , he is but a novice. 
ECOLLETE, E, a. cut off; rounded. 
ECOLLET-ER, I. va. to' cut out. ; round off. 
ECONDUI-RE 1 te-3 rai**; ECONDUIS 4 ' 5 ' 
34 -ANT 2 ais 10 - 11 is 16 -", va. to refuse; 
turn out ; shift off. Conjugated on CON- 
ECONOMAT, sm. stewardship. [DUI-RE. 
ECONOME, a. s. saving ; steward ; ?to use- 
keeper, [la loi, dispensation of the law. 
ECONOMIE, sf. economy ; order. de 
ECONOMIQUE, a. economical; frugal, sf. 
economics; moral discipli?ie.[nomically. 
ECONOMIQUEMENT, ad. frugally ; eco- 
ECONOMIS-ER. I. va. to use sparingly; 
save. [writer on political economy. 
ECONOMISTS, sm. political economist; 
ECOPE, sf. scoop ; large ladle. [dens. 
ECOPERCHE, sf. crane for lifting bur- 
ECORCE, sf. bark; shell; peel; outside; 
appearance. e [off'; take off bark. 

ECORC-ER 1 , ECORQ-ANT 2 , 1. va. to pec 
ECORCH-ER, I. va. to ftay ; gall; exact 
upon; murder. 1'anguille par la queue, 
begin at the wrong end. Rien de plus 
difficile a que la queue, the conclu- 
sion of an affair is the most difficult 
part. S' , vr. tear off' one's skin; be 
galled. Mot ecorche du Latin, far- 
fetched word. II ecorche un peu le 
Latin, he speaks bad Latin. A ecorche- 
cu, against the grain. 
ECORCHERIE, sf. slaughter-house ; cut 
throat place. [tortioner 

ECORCHEUR, sm.Jlayer; exactor; ex' 
ECORCHURE, sf. excoriation. [coast 
ECORE, */. steep shore, a. Cote , steep 
ECORNE, sf. shame; disgrace; scorn. 
ECORN-ER, I. va. to break the horns 
curtail ; break the corners of a thing 
le cceur de, get into favour. 

ECORNIFL-ER, I. va. to spunge. 
ECORNIFLERIE, sf. spunging. 
:CORNIFLEU-R, sm. SE,f.spunger. 
ECOSSAIS, m. E,/. a. s. Scotch. 
ECOSSE, tf. shell; pod; Scotland. 
2COSS-ER, I. va. to shell; peel. [sJieller. 
ECOSSEU-R, m. SE, /. s. one who shells; 
SCOT, sm. scot; share; club; company ; 
reckoning. II a bien paye son , he has 
made the company very merry. Parlez 
a votre , speak to your own company. 
ECOTARD, sm. chain-wale. 
ECOTE, E, a. lopped; pruned. 
BCOUANE, sf. mint-file; planchet-file. 
2COUAN-ER, I. va. to bring gold and sil- 
ver coin to the standard. 
ECOUE, E, a. crop-tailed, [off the tail. 
fiCOU-ER, I. va. to dock; curtail; cut 
ECOUETS, sm. pi. tacks of the main-sail. 
ECOUFFE, ECOUFLE, sm. puttock ; kite. 
ECOULEMENT, sm. flowing; running. 
ECOUL-ER, I. vn. to run or Jtow out. 
S' , vr. to slide away ; elapse; expire. 
Faire , drain ; convey, \inop ; sicab. 
ECOUPE, ECOUPEE, sf. ship-broom ; 
ECOURGEE, sf. scourge ; ichip. 
ECOURGEON, sm. species of barley. 
ECOURT-ER, I. va. to crop; cut shorter. 
ECOURTOIR, sm. hatcheL 
ECOUTANT, E, a. s. hearer; listener. 
ECOUTE, sf. private place for listening. 
s, sheets of a sail. de bonnette, 
tack of a studding-sail boom. Avoir 
les s largues, to sail with a flowing 
sheet. Entre deux s, both sheets aft. 
Larguer 1' , to case off' the sheet. Eire 
aux s, be on the watch. s'il pleut, 
sm. mill worked by a sluice; something 
very extraordinary. a. Sreur , 
watching nun. 

ECOUT-ER, I. va. to hear; listen; heark- 
en; mind. S' , cr. be over careful of 
ECOUTEU-R, SE, s. listener, [one's self. 
ECOUTEUX, a. startling, skittish horse. 
ECOUTILLE, sf. scuttle; hatch-way. 
fiCOUTILLON, sm. small hatch-way. 
ECOUVETTE, sf. brush; small broom. 
ECOUVILLON, sm. malkin; drag; scovel. 
ECOUVILLOXN-ER, I. ra. to sweep with 
a malkin or drag, [where it takes place. 
ECRAIGNE, sf. village-wake; cottage 

ECR ( 159 ) EDU 

6 31p.s. 7 8 9 3dp.p!. IMPERF. 10 1st p.s. U 2dp.s. 12 3dp.s. 
20 -2d p. pi. 21 3'1 p- !>'. FUT. 1st p. s. 23 2d p. s. 24 3d p. s. 25 1st p. pi. 2d p. pi. IMP. M. -"Wp.s. M sd p. s. 3: SUBJ.M. 
" 1st p. s. 4tj 2dp.s. 4 ?3dp.s. 4S 1st p. pi. 49 & 3d p. pi. 

ECRAN, sm. screen; Jirc-f an. 
ECRANCH-ER, I. va. to smooth; blot out. 
ECRASKMHNT, sm. crushing ; squashing. 
ECRAS-ER, to crush; smash; ruin. 
ECREM-ER, I. va. tojiect or skim milk. 
ECREMOIRE, sf. small ladle; scraper. 
ECREN-ER, I. va. to clean out; clear off"; 
ECRENOIR, sm. kerning-knifc. [hern. 
ECRET-ER, I. ivj. to sJwrtcn ; take awatj 
the crest or top ; grip. [sign Cancer. 
ECREVISSE, sf.cra>c-Jish; lobster; the 
ECRI-ER, I. s' , vr. to cry out; exclaim. 
EC RT LLE, sf. pond-hurdle ; grate. 
ECKIN, sm. jewel-box ; castn't. 
ECRI-RE 1 t 3 - 6 te 3 ts 3 tes 3 s 1 ' 5 - 31 rai 22 ras 23 
ra 24 rons 25 rez 20 rout 2 ? rais 2 *' 29 .wiit 30 
rois 28 - 29 roit 30 rions 31 riez 32 raient 33 
roient 33 , va. to write. See ECRIV-ANT. 
ECRISEE, sf. diamond powder. 
ECRIT, sm. writing; agreement; rvork. 
Mettre par , tcrite down. ^ 3 , v. 
ECRITEAU,*7. bill; sign; title. [ECRIRE. 
ECRITOIRE, */. ink-stand; ink-horn; 
pen-case. de table, standish. [writing. 
ECRITURE, sf. writing ; scripture ; hand- 
ECRIVAILL-EK, I. vii. to scribble; scrawl. 

bud writer; scribbler. 

ECRIVAIN, snt. writer; purser of a sJiip. 

Maitre , ECKIVEUR, writ ing master. 

ECRIV-ANT 2 ens'- 36 e/ 8 - 3 ? ent 9 ^' 8 - 4 -* ais 10 - 

11 ait 12 ois 10 - 11 oit 12 i 

i ez 14 - 43 

aiont 15 oient 15 is 16 ' 17 it 18 lmes 19 ites 20 iren 
21 e 35 - 39 - 41 es 4 isse 45 isses 40 it 47 issions 48 
issiez 49 issent 50 , v. ECRIRE, to write. 

ECROU, tm. nut of a screw ; gaoler's book 
E, sf. scroll; royal household account 

ECROU-ER, I. va. to enter on the Ecrou. 

ECROUELLES, xf. pi. the king's evil. 

KCROU-ER, I. c,t. to enter into a gaoler's 
book ; deliver by scrolls. 

ECROU-iR, II. va. to cold-beat metal 
te and clastic ; harden 

KCROUISSi:MENT, sm. the cold-beating. 

ECROULE.MENT, sm. falling in. 

ECROUL-ER, I. vn. to shake down. 
S' , vr. to fall down; give way. 

ECROUT-ER, I. va. to cut off the crust. 

ECRU, K, a. raw silk and thread. 

ECRUES, sf. fresh growth of trees. 

ECSARCOME, sm.Jleshy excrescence. 

ECU, sm. shield; escutcheon; crown piece. 

Petit , half a crown. Pre aux ecus, 
rnonied man. Voila le reste de notre ecu, 
here is afresh member. ECUBIER, sm. 
ECUEIL, sin. rock; sand; shelf, [hawse. 
ECUELLE, sf. porringer; bowl; saucer. 
Rogner 1' a quelqu'un, to abridge one's 
income. Tout par s, sumptuous 
treat. [bason fall. 

ECUELLEE, sf. porringer-full; large 
ECUISS-ER, I. va. to split ; cleave. 
ECUL-ER, I. va. to tread down at the heel. 
ECUMANT, E, a. foaming; frothy. 
ECUME, sf. scum ; froth ; foam ; dross. 
ECUMEN1QUE, a. universal ; general. 
ECUM-ER, I. va. to skim ; foam. les 

mers, infest the seas; be a pirate. 
ECUMETTE, sf. skimmer; slice. 
ECUMEUR de mer, sm. pirate. de 
marraite, spunger. [ty. 

ECUMEU-x, SE, a. frothy; nappy ; yeas- 
ECUMOIRE, sf. skimmer; slice. 
ECURAGE, sm. cleaning ; scouring. 
ECUR-ER, I. va. to scour; cleanse. 
ECUREUIL, sm. squirrel; lii-ely youth. 
ECUREUR, SOT. scavenger; cleanser. 
ECUREUSE, sf. char-woman. [meivs. 
ECLJRIE, sf. stable; equipage; equerry; 
ECUSSON, sm. escutcheon; shield; grajt- 
ECUSSONN-ER, I. va. to ingraft, [ing. 
ECUSSONNOIR, sin. grafting-knife. 
ECUYER, sm. esquire; gentleman of the 
horse ; riding master ; gentleman usher ; 
equerry. de cuisine, head cook. 
tranchant, a carver. [tumours. 

EDEMATEU-x, SE, a. cedematous ; Jiaving 
EDEME, sin. edema; tumour. 
EDEN, sm. terrestrial paradise; Eden. 
EDENTE, E, . toothless. [a notch, &c. 
EDENT-ER, I. ra. to break a tooth, make 
EUICTAL, E, a. belonging to an edict. 
EDI FI ANT, E, a. edifying; exemplary. 
EDIFICATEUR, sm. builder. [fifing. 
EDIFICATION,*/". ; improvement; edi- 
EDIFICE, sm. edifice; building ; fabric. 
EDIFI-ER, 1. va. to edifij; improve; 
EDILE, sm. cdilc. [please; move. 

EDI LITE, sf. office of an edile; magistra- 
EDIT, sm. edict ; ordinance ; decree, [cy. 
EDITEUR, S7n. editor ; publisher. 
EDITION, sf. edition; imjiression. 
EDREDON, sm. fine down; eider-down. 
EDUCATEUR, sm. preceptor; teacher. 

[INF.M. ^RES.T, 

EDU ( 160 ) EGA 

?RES.T. 2 PART.PRES. 3 PART.PAST.] IND.M. PRES.T. 4 lst p.S. 5 2d p.S. 

. 14 15 PRET. 16 lstp.s. 72dp.s. 18 3d p.s. I9 1st 
, COND.M. * 8 1st p.s. ^adp.s. 30 3dp>s< 3 1 1st 32 2d 3 3 3d 
^Istp.s. 40 2dp.s. 4l 3dp.s. 42 2d 44 IMPERP. 

.. .. 

13 '< 

--isu p.pi. -au p.pi. -<ju p. pi. jfitKr. -"isi p.s. "zap.s. '"oa p.s. '"isip.pi. 
" COXD.M. 28 1st p.s. ^adp.s. 3 3d p.s. 31 i st p . p i. 3a 2 d 33 3d 

PRES.T. 39l s t p . s . 40 2 d p .g. 41 3d p.S. 42 1st 43 2d 44 3d IMPERP. 

EDUCATION, sf. education; instruction. 
EDULCORATION, */. , sweetening. 
EDULCOR-ER, I. va. to sweeten. 
EDUQU-ER, I. va. to educate; bring up. 
EFAUFIL-ER, I. va. to recce oat ; untwist ; 

unravel. S' , vr. to drop a stitch. 
EFFACABLE, a. that man be effaced. 
EFFAC-ER 1 , EFFAQ-ANT 2 , efface; 

strike out; deface; blot oat. 
EFFAgURE, sf. blot; dash; cross. 
EFFAN-ER, I. va. to take away the leaves. 
EFFARK, E, a. scared ; aghast. 
EFFAR-ER, I. S' , IT. to be scared. 
EFFAROUCH-ER, I. va. to frighten; dis- 
gust; startle. S' , vr. to grow wild 
or fierce; be affrighted; be scared. 
EFFAUTAGE, sin. refuse ship timber. 
EFFECT-iF, VE, a. effective; ejfectiud; in 

cas/i. Homme , man of his word. 
EFFECTIVES! EXT, ad. really; indeed. 
EFFECTU-EK, I. va. to effect; perform. 
EFFEMINATION, sf. effeminacy, [man. 
EFFEMINE, E. a. effeminate; like a wo- 
EFFEMIX-ER, geminate; vi- 
tiate; enervate; weaken; make wo- 
manish. S' , vr. to grow fond of ease. 
EFFEXDI,sm.EJfendi; Turkish lawyer. 
EFFERVESCENCE, sf.; ebullition. 
EFFET, sm. effect; deed; execution; de- 
sign ; product ; consequence. En , ad. 
really; in fact; indeed. A quel , to 
nliat purpose ? Pour cet , ad. there- 
fore ; to that end. A P de, in order to. 
EFFEUILLAISON, sf.fall of the leaves. 
EFFEUILL-ER, I. vu. to striji ojf leaves. 
EFFICACE, a. efficacious; sure. sf. effi- 
cacy ; force, {efficacious manner. 
EFFICACEMENT, ad. effectually ; in an 
EFFICACITE, sf. efficacy; power; 

strength ; itiftuence ; virtue. 
EFFICIENT, E, a. efficient ; productive. 
EFFIGIE, sf. fffigy ; likeness; image. 
EFFIGI-ER, I. va. to execute in effigy. 
EFFILE, sm. fringe; kind of trimming. 
, E, a. slender ; unwoven ; thin ; light. 
EFFIL-ER, I. va. to unweave; unravel. 
EFFILOCH-ER, I. va. to dram threads; 
reduce to shreds. [from silk stuffs. 

EFFILOQU-ER, I. va. to matte wadding 
EFFILURE, sf. unravelling; shred. 
EFFLAXQU-ER, I. va. to make lean. 

EFFLEL'R-ER, I. va. to glance on; touch 
lightly ; graze along ; scrape, pare askin. 

EFFLEUR-iR, II. vn. to decay ; moulder. 

EFFLORESCEXCE, sf. ; mouldiness; 
redness of skin; eruption. [sea. 

EFFLOT-ER, I. vn. to part company at 

EFFLUEXCE, */. ; emanation. 

EFFOXDREMENT, sm. turning up and 
manuring of ground; breaking open. 

EFFOXDR-ER, I. va. to break open; 
open by force; dig deep; draw a fowl; 
vn. sink. S' , vr. to sink domn. 

EFFOXDR1LLES, grounds; dregs. 

EFFORC-ER 1 , EFFORQ-ANT*, S' , vr. to 
strive; do one's endeavours; try. 

EFFORT, sm. effort ; attempt ; endeavour ; 
exlrtion; feat ; master-piece ; stress. 

EFFRACTION, sf. burglary. 

EFFRA1E, sf. kind of owl. 

EFFRAYANT, E, a. frightful; horrible. 

EFFRAY-ER, I. va. to frighten; scare. 

EFFRKXE, E, a. unruly; unbridled. 

EFFREXEMEXT, sm. unruliness; insub- 
ordination, [a daring manner. 

EFFREXEMENT, ad. without control; in 

EFFRIT-ER une terre, l.-va. to exhaust a 

EFFROI, sm. fright; terror. [field. 

EFFRONTE, E, a. shameless; impudent; 
bold. , E, s. brazen face. [cily. 

EFFRONTEMEXT, ad. impudently; sau- 

EFFROXTERIE, sf. effrontery ; impu- 
dence; barefacedness ; saticiness. 

EFFROYABLE, a. frightful; hideous. 

EFFROYABLEMENT, ad. frightfully; 
horribly ; prodigiously ; dreadfully. 

EFFUM-ER, I. va. to sketch faintly . 

EFFUSION, sf. effusion; overflowing. 

EGAL, E, a. s. equal ; even. AT de e 

EGALE, a. spotted ; sport. t.[egually with 

EGALEMENT, ad. equally; alike, sni. 
equalling ; levelling ; making even. 

EGAL-ER, I. va. to equa,l; make even; 
compare; level; match. S' , vr. to 
compare one's self. [equalising. 

EGALISATIOX, sf. making shares equal; 

EGALIS-ER, I. va. to equalise; level. 

COALITE, sf. equality; evenness. 

EGARD, sm. regard; respect. A mon 
egard, for my sake. Eu , considering. 
A cet , touching t/iat. Homme sans 
, who regards nobody. A 1' de,pr. 

EGA ( lei ) ELE 

6 3dp.s. 7 1st p. pi. 8 9 3d p. pi. IMPERF. 10 lstp.s. U 2dp.s. 12 3dp.s. 

20 21 PUT. 2 '-lstp.s. 23 2dp.s. 24 3dp.s. K 1st p. pi. ^ 2d p. pi. 

p. pi. IMP.M. 34 2d p.s. 3 s 3d p. s. 36 1st p. pi. 37 38 SUBJ.M. 
1st p. s. 46 2d p. s. 4 ? 3d p. s. 48 1st p. pi. 49 2d p. pi. 50 3d p. pi. 

in comparison of; as for. pi. defe- 
rence; regard; respect. 

EGARDE, E, a. visited and stamped. 

EG ARE, E, a. wandering ; wild; strayed. 

EGAREMENT, sin. going oat of the way ; 
wandering; mistake; deviation. 

EGAR-ER, I. va. to mislead; mislay a 
thing. S' , vr. to lose one's way. 

EGARROTE, E, a. hurt on the withers. 

EGA YEMENI, sm. briskness. 

EGAY-ER, I. va. to enliven,; prune; re- 
joice. S' , vr. to amuse one's self. 

EGIDE, sf. shield of Pallas; protection. 

EGLANTIER, sm. eglantine; sweet-briar. 

EGLANTINE, sf. wild rose ; kind of stone. 

EGLISE, sf. church ; sanctuary. 

EGLOGUE, sf. eclogue; pastoral poem. 

EGOG-ER 1 , EGOGE-ANT 2 , I. va. to trim 
veal ; cut off the extremities.. 

EGOHINE, sf. hand-saw. [self. 

EGOIS-ER, I. vn. to egotize; praise one's 

&GOISME,m. egotism; seljishness; self- 

feGOiSTE, s. egotist; a. selfish, [praise. 

EGORG-ER 1 , EGORGE-ANT 2 , I. va. to cut 

EGORGEOIR, sm. spilling line. [the throat. 

EGORGEUR, sm. murderer. 

EGOSILL-ER, I. S' , vr. to make one's 
throat sore by calling ; squall. 

EGOUT, sm. running of waters ; common 
sewer; sink; house-eaves. [kle down. 

EGOUTT-ER, I. vn. to drain ; drip ; tric- 

EGOUTTOIR, sm. drainer; plate-rack. 

EGRAIN-ER, I. va. to shake out the grain 
or seed. [the bunch. 

EGRAPP-ER, I. va. to pick grapes from 

EGRATIGN-ER, I. va. to scratch. 

EGRATIGNEU-R, SE, s. scratclier; pinker. 

EGRATIGNURE, sf. a scratch ; cut. 

EGRAVILLONN-ER, I. va. to ungravel. 
EGREFIN, sm. aigrefln, haddock. 

EGREN-ER, I. i-a. to snake out the grain. 

EGRILLARD, E, a. sprightly; mettle- 
some; pert; wanton, sm. knowing one. 

EGRILLOIR, sm. grate in a pond. 
EGRISEE, sf. diamond dust. 

EGRIS-ER, I. va. to grind diamonds. 

EGRISOIR, sm. box for grinding dia- 

EGRUGEOIR, sm. graver. [monds. 

EGRUGEOIRE ; sf. wooden-mortar. 

EGRUG-ER 1 , EGRUGE-ANT 2 , I. va. to 
&QnUQEURE t sf. grating, [grate; scrape. 

EGUEULEMENT, sm. enlargement of a 

cannon's muzzle. 

EGUEUL-ER, I. va. to break the gullet or 
neck of a pot, Sec. S' de crier, vr. 
to make one's throat sore by squalling. 
EGYPT1EN, XE, s. gipsy; Egyptian. 
E H I int. ah ! alas ! bien ! well ! 
EHANCHE, E, a. hi p shot ; out at the hip. 
EHERB-ER, I. va. and n. to weed. 
EHONTE, E, a. shameless; brazen-faced. 
EHOUP-ER, I. va. to cut the top of a trte. 
EJACULATION, */. ; shout; cry. 
EJACULATEUR, sm. ejaculator. [out. 
EJACULATOIRE, a. ejaculatory ; casting 
EJECTION, sf. ; evacuation ; expulsion. 
ELABORATION, sf. ; improvement. 
ELABOR-ER, I. va. to elaborate; refine; 
improve by labour. [done with earn. 
ELABOURE, E, a. wrought ;. finely done; 
ELAGU-ER, I. va. to lop; prune. 
ELAGUEUR, sm. pruner; one that lops. 
ELAN, sm. elk ; jump; spring ; pi. trans- 
ports; emotions; rapture. 
ELANCE, E, a. grande creature E, I/ink 
thin creature. Cheval , horse swayed 
in the^flank or back swanked. 
ELANCEMENT, sm. pungency ; shooting 

from pain ; ejaculation. 
ELANC-ER 1 , ELANg-ANT 2 , I. S' , vr. to 

rush upon; shoot forwards ; dart. 
ELARG-IR, II. va. to widen; release; set 
at liberty; extend; give chase at sea; 
Jlufrom pursuit. [lease. 

ELARGISSEMENT, sm. enlargement; re- 
ELARGIS5URE, sf. widening or eking- 
ELASTICITE, sf. elasticity. [ piece. 

ELASTIQUE, a. elastic; springy, [choose. 
ELECTEUR, sm. elector; one who may 
ELECTI-F, in. \E,f. a. elective ; depending 
on choice. [by votes. 

ELECTION, sf. election; choice ; choosing 
ELECTORAL, E, . electoral. 
ELECTORAT, sm. electorate; elector ship. 
ELECTRICE, sf. elect r ess; elector's wife. 
ELECTRICITE, sf. electricity. 
ELECTRIQUE, a. electric; electrical. 
ELECTRISABLE, a. electrify able. 
ELECTRISATION, */. act of electrifying 
ELECTRIS-ER, I. va. to electrify. 
feLECTROMETRE, sm. electrometer. 
ELECTUAIRE, sm. electuary. 

ELE ( ]62 ) EMA 

[INF.M. ! PRES.T. 2 PART. PRES. 3 PART. PAST.] IND.M. PRES.T. 4 1st p.S. 5 2dp.S. 

I3 u 15 3d PRET. I6 lstp.s. 17 2dp.s. 18 3d p.s. 19 
27 3d COXD. M. 2S 1st p.s. 29 2dp.s. 30 3d p.s. 31 1st 32 2d 33 3d 
PRES.T. 39 lstp.s. 4J 2d p.s. 41 3dp.s. 42 1st / 3 2d 44 3d IMPERF. 

ELEGAMMENT, ad. elegantly ; neatly. 

ELEGANCE, sf. elegance; delicacy. 

ELEGANT, E, a. elegant; Jinc; genteel. 

ELEGIAQUE, a. elegiac ; like an elegy. 

ELEGIE, sf. elegy ; a poem. 

ELEGIOGRAPHE, sin. writer of elegies. 

EL EG-RR, II. va. to slide a moulding ; chop. 

ELEMENT, sin. element; principle; pi. 
grounds; rudiments. [mental. 

LEMENTAIRE, . elementary; radi- 

ELEMI, srn. resin ; gum-elemi. 

ELEOPHAGE, a. and s. eater of olives. 

&LEOSACCHARUM, sm. oil incorporated 

ELEPHANT, sm. elephant, [with sugar. 

ELEPHANTIASIS, sf. kind of leprosy. 

ilLEPH ANTIQUE, a. elephantine. 

ELEVATION, sf. rising ground; prefer- 
ment ; front view ; exaltation ; height ; 
loftiness; eminence; raising of . [ment. 

ELEVATOIRE, sm. elevator, an instru- 

ELEVE, s?n. pupil; disciple; apprentice. 

ELEVE, E, a. bred; educated; high. 

ELEVEMENT, sm. loftiness; greatness. 

ELEV-ER, I. va. to raise; exalt; prefer; 
bring up; extol; pujf up; erect. 
S' , vr. to rise ; arise ; bear ojf; take 
sea-room; grow proud; tower. 

ELEVURE, sf. pimple; blister. 

ELID-ER, I. va. to make an elision, [choice 

ELIGIBILITY, sf. eligibility; Jit for 

ELIGIBLE, a. eligible; Jit for choice. 

ELIM-ER, I. S' , vr. to rvear out 
by rubbing, va. purge and cure a bird. 

ELIMIN-ER, I. va. to thrust out; expel. 

ELINGUE, sf. sling for moving burdens. 

ELINGU-ER, I. vn. to sling a cash, etc. 

KLINGUET, sm. paw or part/I. 

ELI-RE 1 s 4 - 5 - 34 t 6 rai 22 ras 23 ra- 4 rons 25 rez 
*ront 27 rais 2 ^ rait 30 rois 2 - 29 roit 30 
rions 31 riez 32 raierit 33 roient 33 ; ELIS- 
ANT 2 ons 7 - 36 ez 8 - 37 ent 9 - 38 - 44 ais 10 - 11 ait 12 
ois io.n oit ia ions 13 - 42 iez 14 - 43 aicnt 1 * 
oient 15 e 35 - 39 - 41 es 40 , va. to elect ; pick 
out ; select ; appoint ; choose. See EL-U. 

ELISION, */ elision ; cutting ojf of a letter. 

tLITE, sf. choice ; selection. 

ELIXATION, sf. elixation; simmering. 

ELIXIR, sm. elixir; best part. 

ELLE, pro.f. she; her; it. s, pi. the;/ ; 

ELLEBORE, sm. hellebore, a plant, [them. 

ELLEBORISE, E, a. mixed with hellebore. 

ELLIPSE, sf. ellipsis; leaving out of words. 

ELLIPriQUE, a. elliptical. [a lantern. 

ELME ; feu St. , sm. corposant; jack with 

ELOCH-ER, I. va. to pull; shake off. 

ELOCUTION, sf. elocution; stylt. [tion. 

ELOGE, sm. eulogy; praise; commenda- 

ELOGI-ER, I. va. to praise; commend. 

ELOGISTE, sm. eulogist ; flatterer . 

ELOIGNE, E, a. removed; distant; re- 
mote ; far. Cause E, a remote cause. 
Pays , a remote country. II est 
de son compte, he is mistaken. 

ELOIGNEMENT, sm. removal; absence; 
distance; aversion; estrangement; deep- 
enings. II voit de grands biens en , he 
has the prospect of a great estate. 

ELOIGN-ER, I. va. to remove; delay; 
alienate; estrange; withhold; keep at 
a distance. S' , vr. remove ; forsake ; 
fail. S' de son devoir, to be wanting 
in one's duty. S' de son sujet, to 
ramble from one's subject. II ne 
s'eloigne pas de cela, he is not averse 

ELONGATION, sf. elongation. [to that. 

ELONG-ER 1 , ELONGE-ANT 2 , I. va. to 
bring a ship sidelong ; make her bear. 

ELONGIS, sm. trestle trees by the mast's 

ELOQUEMMENT, ad. eloquently, [head. 

ELOQUENCE, sf. eloquence. 

ELOQUENT, E, a. eloquent; ijnpressive. 

ELU 3 ue 3 ues 3 us 3 - 16 - 17 ut 18 urnes 19 utes 20 
urent 21 usse 45 usses 46 ut 47 ussions 48 us- 
siez 49 ussent 50 , v. ELIRE, to elect. 

ELU, E, a. ducted; chosen; elect, sm. 
assessor of the king's aids, etc. 

ELUCIDATION, sf. ; exposition. 

ELUCUBRATION, sf. work by candle-light. 

ELUD-ER, I. va. to elude ; frustrate. 

ELYSEE, sm. clysium. Champs elyses, 
elysiens, clysian; happy Jields. 

EMAC1E, E, . emaciated; wasted. 

EMAIL, sm. enamel; whiteness. 

EMA1LL-ER, I. va. to enamel ; deck; em- 

EMAILLEUR, sm. enamcller. [hellish. 

EMAILLURE, sf. enamelling, [ing from. 

EMANATION, sf. ; issuing from; corn- 

KMANCIPATION, sf. emancipation. 

EMANCIP-ER, I. va. to emancipate; set 
free. S' , vr. to take too much liberty. 

EMAN-ER, I. vn. to emanate; proceed 
from; issue ;Jioiv from. 

7 1st 8 2d 

( 163 ) EMB 

> 1st p.s. U 2dp.s. i 2 3d p.s. 


.nl. -'3d p. pi. FUT. 22 1st p.s. 23 2dp.s. 24 3d p.s. a5 1st p. pi. 26 2dp.pi. 
p. pi. 1MP.M. 31 2dp.s. 35 3dp.s. ^ 37 38 3d* SUBJ. M. 
45 1st p.s. 4li 2dp.s. 47 3d p.s. 48 1st 49 50 

EMARGEMENT, sm. note in the margin. 

KMARG-Eit 1 , EMARGE-ANT 2 , 1. va.tonote 
1.7LATION, sf. . [in the margin. 
T L-ER , I . va. to emasculate ; geld ; 

EMAUX, colours ; enamels.[unman. 

EMBABOUIN-ER, I. va. to inveigle, [fee. 

EMBALLAGE, sin. packing up; packer's 

EMBALL-ER, I. va. to pack up; banter. 

EMBALLEUR, sm. packer ; romancer. 

EMBANQU-EH, I. vn. to come or moor on 
a jisiiing-banh. EMBANQUE, E, a. 
lying on a fishing-bank, [or bight. 

EMBARCAD-AiRE, ERE, sm. small port 

EMBARCATION, sf. ship; craft; small 
fleet; yetting on board. [steering. 

EMBARDEE, sf. lee-lurch; yaw; wild \ 

EMBARD-ER, I. vn. to yaw or steer ob- 
liquely, [from sailing; inhibition. 

EMBARGO, sm. embargo; prohibition 

EMBARILL-EK, I. va. to barrel up. 

EMBARQUEMENT, sm. embarkation; 
; taking; shipping; embarking. 

EMBARQU-ER, I. va. to embark ; engage. 

BMBABQUB, E, a. drawn ; inveigled. Vous 
Stes embarque, you, are in for it. 

EMB ARRAS, sin. embarrassment; impe- 
diment ; fuss ; trouble ; crowd. d" 
esprit, perplexity of mind. [plexing. 

EMBARRASS ANT, E, a. troublesome; per- 

EMBARRASS-ER, I. va. to embarrass; 
incumber ; perplex; stop; clog. S' , 
vr. to be at a stand ; entangle one's self; 
Jill; be puzzled. II ne s' E de rien, 
nothing interests him. Sa tte s' E, 
he begins to be light-headed. 

EMBARR-ER, I. S' , vr. to get his leg 
entangled over the bar as a horse. 

EMBARRURE, sf. fracture of the skull. 

- !;, sf. shoulder, in clock-making. 

'.'T, sm. basement, in build. 

- l'ILL-ER, I. va. to put into prison; 
old. [battalions; embody into corps. 

KM ii \TAILLO.\\-KR, I. va. to form into 

EMBAT-ER, I. va. to put on a pack- 
saddle; tense; saddle one with. 

EHBATONNB, K, a. armed irith cudgels. 

EMBAT^-s 4 - 5 - 34 , v. EMBATTRE, to cover 
the fellies of wheels with bands of iron. 

EMBATTAGE, sin. the covering of the 
fellies of a wheel. [diterrunean. 

EMBATTES, */. trade-winds on the Me- 

EMBATT-RE 1 , va. to cover the fellies of 
a wheel ivith bars of iron, conjugated 
like BATT-RE. [leading astray. 

EMBAUCHAGE, sm. hiring; decoying; 

EMBAUCH-ER, I. va. to hire; decoy. 

EMBAUCHEUR, sm. recruiter ; enticer. 

EMBAUMEMENT, sm. embalming. 

EMBAUM-ER, I. va. to embalm; perfume. 

EMBKGUIN-ER, I. va. to muffle up. S' , 
vr. to be infatuated with ; be taken 'ith. 

EMBELLE, */. the gangway. [at sea. 

EMBELLIE, sf. fair weather after foul, 

EMBELL-IR, II. va. to embellish; adorn; 
set ojf'. , vn. to grow handsome. 

EMBELLISSEMENT, sm. embellishment. 

EMBERLOQU-ER, I. S' , vr. to muffle 
one's self up. [wedded to an opinion. 

EMBERLUCOQU-ER, I. S' , vr. to be 

EMBESOGNE, E, a. busy; bustling. 

EMBLAV-ER, I. va. to sow ivith corn. 

EMBLAVURE, sf. piece of land sown 
with^corn. [at once; in a trice. 

EMBLEE, D' , ad. at the first onset; 

EMBLKMATIQUE, ad. emblematical. 

EMBLEME, sm. emblem; type; device 

EMBL-ER, I. va. to steal; purloin. 

EMBOBLIN-ER, I. va. to seduce; deceive. 

EMBOET-ER, I. va. to joint; set; put in 
a box. S' , vr. to Jit in. [like BOIRE. 

EMBOI-RE, va. to soak in, conjugated 

EMBOIS-ER, I. va. to coax; gull; decoy. 

EMBOISEU-R, sm. SE, sf. coaxer. 

EMBOITEMENT, sm. jointing ;Jitting. 

EMBOIT-ER, I. va. to joint; set in; put 

EMBOITURE, sf. joint ; socket, [in a box. 

EMBOLISME, sm. embolism ; intercala- 
tion; interposition. [good condition. 

EMBONPOINT, sin. good case ; corpulence ; 

EMBORDUR-ER, I. va. to frame. 

EMBOSSAGE, sm. the bring ing of abroad- 
side to bear. [ship ; bring her to bear. 

EMBOSS-ER, I. va. to anchor or moor a 

EMBOSSURE, sf. mooring; lashing; 
laniard. [ing; aperture. 

EMBOUCHEMENT, sm. mouthing; open- 

EMBOUCH-ER, I. va. to bit a horse; give 
one his cue. S' , vr. to discharge, it- 
self, as a river. [ piece of instrum. 

EMBOUCHO1R, sm. boot-tree; mouth- 

EMBOUCHURE, sf. river's mouth; bit; 
mouth-piece; socket; muzzle of guns. 


[INF.M. ^RES.. . 

13 14 2d 15 

MB ( 164 ) EMM 

2 PART.PRES. 3 PART.PAST.] IND.M. PRES.T. 4 1st p.S. S 2d p.S 

ia !/l 2d 15 PRET. 16 1st p.s. 17 2dp.s. 18 3d p.s. 19 
27 3d p. pi. COND. M. 28 1st p.s. 29 2d p.s. 30 3d p.s. 31 1st p. pi. 3y 2d 38 ac 
PRES.T. 39 lstp.s. 40 2d p.s. 41 3dp.s. 4S 1st 43 44 3d IM 



EMBOU-ER, I. va. to soil with mud. 

EMBOUQU-ER, I. vn. to enter into a 
strait. S' , vr. to enter ; sail in. 

EMBOURBE, E, a. mired; impeded. 
Comme un charretier , like a trooper. 

EMBOURB-ER, I. va. to get into the mire 
or mutj. quelqu'un dans une mau- 
vaise affaire, plunge one into a trouble- 
some (ijf'air. S' , vr. to be mired, en- 
tangled ; to sink ; pester ; (jet swamped. 

EMBOURR-ER, I. va. to stuff; conceal 

EMBOURRURE, */. stuffing. [defects. 

EMBOURSEMENT, sm. pocketing up. 

EMBOURS-ER, I. ra. to pocket up. 

EMBOUT-iR, II. va. to work upon a 
stamp; stamp; snarl; beat out. 

EMBRANCH-ER, I. va. to put on; frame; 

EMBRAQU-ER, I. va. to haul aboardJJix. 

EMBRASEMENT, sm. conflagration; sedi- 
tion; commotion; chain fretting. 

EMBRAS-ER, I. va, to set on jftre ; in- 
Jlame. S' , vr. to take fire; burn. 

EMBRASSADE, sf. embrace; hug; kissing. 

EMBRASSEMENT, sm. embrace; kiss. 

EMBRASS-ER, I. va. to embrace; kiss; 
comprehend; encompass; undertake. 

la profession des armes, turn soldier. 

nn parti, take a part ; settle upon. 
EMBRASURE, sf. embrasure; opening 

cut in the parapet, for cannon to fire 
through; port-hole; chamfretting. 

de fourneau, hole in a kiln. 
EMBREN-ER, I. va. to foul; make dirty ; 
EMBREV-ER, I. va. to join; unite, [soil. 
EMBROCATION, sf. embrocation. 
EMBROCH-ER. I. va. to put on the spit. 
EMBROGLIO, sm. confusion; intricacy. 
EMBRONCH-ER, I. va. to offend, [tricacy. 
EMBROUILLEMENT, sm. confusion; in- 
EMBROUILL-ER, to perplex; make 

intricate. les voiles, brail up the 
sails. S' , vr. to get puzzled, [mnrrcr. 

EMBROUILLEU-R, sm. SE, .</. blunderer; 

EMBRUIN-ER, I. va. to blast; burn up. 

EMBRUME, E, a. foggy ; misty. 

EMBRUN-iR, II. va. to darken. [man. 

EMBRYON, sm. embryo; ftetus; little 

EMBU, E, a. imbibed; soaked. EMB-u 3 
uc 3 us 3 - 16 - 17 , v. EMBOIRE, to imbibe. 

EMBUCHE, sf. ambush; snare. [close. 

EMBfiCH-ER, I. S' , vr. to run under 

EMBUSCADE, sf. ambuscade; ambush; 
snare; lurking-place. tyish. 

EMBUSQU-ER, I. S' , vr. to be in am- 

EMEND-ER, I. va. to amend; reform. 

EMERAUDE, sf. emerald; precious stone. 

EMERGENT, E, a. ; crossing and issuing 
from a centre. Annfee E, reckoning 
sm. emery; iron-ore. [year. 

KMERILLON, sm. merlin; kind of gun. 

EMERILLONNE, E, a. sprightly ; merry. 

EMERITE, a. retired and enjoying a 
pension after some years of service. 

EMERSION, sf. emersion, [vr. to n'onder. 

EMERVEILL-ER, I. va. to surprise. S' , 

EMET 6 -s 4 - 5 - 34 , v. EMETTRE, to emit. 

EMETIQUE, a. emetic; sm. vomit. 

EMETT-RE 1 ant 2 ons 7 ' 36 ez 8 - 37 ent 9 - 38 - 44 
ais io.n ait i2 ois'0-'> oil 12 ions 13 - 42 iez 14 - 43 
aient 15 oient 15 rai 22 ras 23 ra 24 rons 25 rez 26 
ront 27 rais 2 8-29 rait 30 rois 28 ' 29 roit 3 rions 
31 riez 32 raient 33 roient 33 e 35 ' 39 - 41 es 40 ; 
va. to produce, emit, publish. See 
EMET, EM-IS. [ 41 es 40 , v. EMOUVOIR. 

EMEU-s 4 - 5 - 34 t<5, EMEUV-ENT 9 - 38 - 44 e 35 ' 39 - 

EMEUT, sm. dung from birds, [mutiny. 

EM BUTE, sf. uproar; commotion; riot; 

EMEUT-iR, II. vn. to mute; dung; sue 
for a dignity, as at Malta, [the .fingers. 

EMI-ER, I. va. to crumble; rub between 

EM1ETT-ER, I. va. to crumble bread; re- 
' duce into crumbs. [settler; exile. 

EMIGRANT, sm. E, sf. emigrant; new 

EMIGRATION, sf. emigration; removal 
from one's country. [banished. 

EMIGRE, E, s. emigrant, a. migrated; 

EMIGR-ER, I. vn. to emigrate; leave 
one's country; settle abroad. 

EMINC-ER 1 , EMINg-ANT 2 , to cut 

KMINEMMENT, ad. eminently, [thinner. 

EMINENCE, sf. eminence; hillock. 

EMINENT. E, a. ; imminent; high; 
Joffi/. ISSIME, a. most eminent. 

EMIR, sm. emir ; prince; chief; lord. 

EM-is 3 - 16 - 17 ise 3 iso.s 3 it 18 imes 19 Ites 20 
irent 21 isse 45 isses 46 It 47 issions 48 issiez 4<J 
issent 50 , v. EMETTRE, to emit. 

EMISSAIRE, sm. emi.wirii; spy. 

EMISSION, sf. ejection ; emission. 

EMMAGASIN-ER, I. va. to store; put by. 

EMMAIGR-iR, II. vn. to grow leaner. 

EMMAILLOTT-ER, I. va. to swathe. 

EMM ( 165 ) EMP 

:5,lp.s. 7 1st p. pi. IMPERF. 'lstp.s. U 2dp.s. 12 3dp.s. 
' 21 Ftrr. 22 lstp.s. 23 2dp.s. 24 3dp.s. 25 1st p. pi. * 
p. pi. IMP. M. 34 2dp.s. 35 3dp.s. 1st p. pi. 37 2 38 3dp . pl> SUBJ.M. 
1st p. s. 46 2d p. s. 3d p. s. 48 1st p. pi. 49 2d p. pi. 30 3d p. pi. 

EMMANCH-ER, I. r. to haft; helve. 
Cela ne s' E pas, tin- matter is not easy. 
EMMANCHEMENT, sm. joint; socket. 
EMMANCHEU-R, sm. SE, sf. hufter.[pers. 
EMMANNEQUIN-ER, va. to put in ham- 
EMMANTELE, E, a. covered with a 
cloak. Corneille E, sf. water-crow. 
EMMANTEL-EH, I. va. to wall round. 
EMMANUEL, sm. ; God with us 
EMMARINE, E, a. hardened in sea-scr- 
EMMARIN-ER, I. va. to man a ship. [vice. 
EMMARQUIS-ER, I. S' , vr. to usurp a 
titte; assume tJic nobleman; speak big. 
BMMENAGEMENT, sm. the furnishing 

of a house; moping into a place. 
S' , vr. to provide one's self with fur- 
niture; inot't into a house. [Jtf- 
EMMEN-ER, I. va. to carry away; lead 
EMMENOTT-EK, I. ra. to handcuff. 
EMMEUBL-ER, I. va. to sell, hire or 

get furniture ; furnish a house, &c. 
EMMIELL-ER, I. va. to sweeten with 

honey. un etai, to worm a stay. 
EMMIELLURE, sf. ointment for horses; 
EMMINEUR, sm. corn-meter. [charge. 
EMMITOUFL-ER, I. va. to muffle up. 
EMM1TR-ER, I. I'd. to mitre a bishop. 
EMMORTAIS-ER, I. va. to mortise. 
EMMUSEL-ER, I. i-n. to muzzle. 
EMOELL-ER, I. (vz. to get out the marrow, 
EMOI, sm. cure; anxiety. [relaxing 

EMOLLIENT, E, a. emollient; softening; 
EMOLUMENT, sm. emolument; salary. 
EMOLUMENT-ER, I. vn. to gain; profit 

NDE, sf. diuiij of birds of prey. 
EMOND-ER, I. va. to prune; lop. 
EMONDES, sf. pi. branches lopped. 
EMOTION, sf. emotion; insurrection 
KMOTT-ER, I. va. to break clods, [flurry 
EMOUCH-ER, I. va. to rid of files. 
EMOUCHET, sm. musket-hawk. TE 

sf. horse-cloth to keep off the flies. 
KMOUCHEU-R, sm. SE, sf.Jly-driver. 
EMOUCHOIR, sm. fly-flap. 

EMOUDS-RE 1 S 4 -*-34 m i22 ras 23 ra 24 ro 

rez'- 26 rout 27 rais 28 - 29 rait 30 rois 28 - 29 roit 3 
rions 31 riez 32 raient 33 roient 33 , EMOUL 
ANT 2 u 3 ue 3 ues 3 us 3 - 16 -" ons 7 ' 36 ez 8 - 3 

ent 9.38.44 aiglO.ll ait !2 oislO.ll oit !2 i 

13.42 iez i4.43 aient 15 oient'5 U ti8 fim 

utes 20 urent 21 e 35 - 39 ' 41 es 40 usse 45 usses 48 

ut 47 ussions 48 ussiez 49 ussent 50 , va. to 

sharpen; grind, &c. [knife-grinder, 

JMOULEUR, sm. grinder; sharpener; 

EMOUSS-ER, I. va. to blunt ; dull.[excited. 

EMOUST1LLE, E, a. sprightly; lively; 

EMOUV-oiR 1 ant 2 ons 7 - 36 ez 6 - 37 ais lo -' 

ait 12 ois 1 "-" oit 12 ions' 3 - 42 iez> 4 - 4 3 aient5 

oient 15 rai 22 ras 23 ra 24 tons 25 rez 26 ront 27 

rais 28 - 29 rait3 rois 28 - 29 roit 30 rions 3 ' riez 32 

raient 33 roient 33 , va. to move; affect; 

excite, ; stir up ; start. Sa bile est aisee 

a , his blood is soon up. S' , vr. 

to be moved ; relent ; be stirred up ; 

rise. See EMEU, EMU. 

EMPAILL-ER, I. va. to bottom chairs 

with straw; pack up in straw. 
EMPAILLEU-R, SE, s. chair-mender. 
EMPALEMENT, sm. ; empaling. 
3MPAL-ER, I. va. to empale ; run through. 
EMPAN, sm. span; measure of space. 
EMPANACH-ER, I. va. to adorn with 
feathers; hornify. [the sails fore $ aft. 
EMPANN-ER un vaisseau, I. va. to bring 
EMPAQUET-BR, I. va. to make into a 
bundle; pack up. [take possession of. 
EMPAR-ER, I. S' , vr. to seize; invade; 
EMPASME, sm. perfumed powder. 
EMPATEMENT, sm. cramming; stuffing. 
EMPAT-ER, I. va. to make gluish ; fatten 
up; join together. les couleurs, 
thicken colours. un tableau de cou- 
leurs, put layers of paint upon a pic- 
ture. un chapon, fatten a capon. 
EMPATTEMENT, sm. base; foot of a wall. 
EMPATT-ER, I. va. to join by dove-tail- 
ing; malic the ends of wheel spokes. 
EMPATTURE, sf. joining; dove-tailing. 
EMPAUM-ER, 1. va. to grasp; wheedle. 
EMPEAU. sm. graft in the bark. 
EMPECHE, E, a. avoir les mains ES, to 
have one's hands full. Faire 1' , ben 
busy -body. Etre de sa personne, not to 
know what to do with one's self. 
EMPECHEMENT, sm. hindrance; ob- 
stacle; impediment; check; stop. 
EMPKCH-ER, I. va. to hinder; prevent; 

disturb; stop. S' , vr. to forbear. 
EMPEIGNE, sf. upper leathers of a shoe; 
shoe; vamp. [pond. 

EMPELLEMENT, sm. sluice} dam of a 

EMP ( 160 ) EMP 

INF.M. ' PRES.T. SpART.PHES. 3 PART. PAST.] IND.M. PRES.T. 4 1st p.S. 5 2d p.S. 

13 H l5 3d PRET. 10 lstp.s. 17 2dp.s. 18 3dp.s. l9 1st 
27 COND.M. 2S 1st p.s. 29 2dp.s. 3a 3dp.s. 31 1st 32 33 3d 
PRES.T. 39 lstp.s. 40 2dp.s. 4l 3dp.s. 42 1st 43 2d 44 3d IMPERF. 

EMPELOTE, E, a. stopt ; bound as birds. 

EMPENNEL-ER, I. va. to back an anchor; 
carry out the kedge-anchor. [anchor. 

EMPENNELLE, sf. hedge-anchor; small 

EMPENN-ER, 1. va. to feather an arrow. 

EMPEREUR, sni., emperor; sword-Jlsh. 

EMPESAGE, sm. starching ; stiffness. 

EMPESE, E, a. stiff'; ajf'ected; starched. 

EMPES-ER, I. va. to starch ; met a sail. 

EMPESEU-R, SE, s. sturdier ; stiff cner. 

EMPEST-ER, I. vn. to infect; poison; 
cause a horrid smell any whore. 

EMPETR'ER, I. va. to entangle; engage. 

EMPHASE, sf. emphasis; energy. 

EMPHATIQUE, a. cmphatical; forcible. 

EMPHATIQUEMENT, ad. emphatically. 

EMPHYTEOSE, sf. long lease. Bail 
EMPHYTEOTIQUE, lontj lease of one 
hundred years or tJu-rea.bout. Rede- 
vance emphyteotique, ground rent. 

EMP1EGE, E, a. snared; entrapped. 

EMPIETEMENT, si. encroachment. 

EMPIET-BR, 1. vn. to encroach, [tiling. 

EMPIFFREMENT, sm. guttling; cram- 

EMPIFFR-ER, I. va. to guttle; cram. 

E.MPIFFRERIE, sf. cramming; stuffing. 

EMPILEMEXT, sm. piling up; heaping. 

EMPlL-Eit, I. va. to pile -up; heap up. 

EMPIRANCE, sf. deficiency in the coin; 
n-astc of any tiling ; loss in ships. 

EMPIRE, sm. empire; command; sway; 
power; government ; rule; despotism. 
Avec , imperiously. L' des lettres, 
the common wealth of talent. 

EMPIRES, sin. the heavens; empyrean. 
a. empyreal; heavenly. [grotc worse. 

EMP1R.-ER, I. va. to make worse, vn. to 

EMPIRIQUE, a. empirical; guided by 
experience alone. Medecin , quack. 

EMP1RISME, sm. cmpirism; quackery. 

EMPLACEMENT,; scat; ground. 

EMPLAC-ER 1 , EMPLAg-ANT 2 , 1. va. to 

EMPLAGE, sm.Jillin'j. [2>lace; settle. 

EMPLATRE, sm. plaster; salve; cere- 
cloth. Mettre un a une affaire, to 
patch up a business. Un vnii , one 
of a sickly const Hut ion. de mari, 
mere drone of a luixlmnil. [ do, to bin/. 

EMPLKTTK, .</. bargain ; purchase. 1-niri! 

EMPL-IR, 11. va. to Jill; Jill up. vn. be- 
come full. S'- -, vr. to Jill itself ; Jill. 

EMPLOI, sm. use; employment; appli- 
cation; function; post; preferment; 
business; occupation; office; adaptation. 
de deniers, laying out of money. 

EMPLOYE, sm. clcrh ; one holding a si- 
tuation; employed ; used. 

EMPLOY-ER, 1. va. to use; employ. Em- 
ployer son temps a 1'etude, bestow one's 
time iipon books. le vert et le sec, 
leave no s'one unturned. son argent 
en porcelaine, buy china. S' , vr. to 
apply one's self; use one's interest. 

EMPLUM-ER, I. va. to feather; pen a 
spinet, &c. S' , vr. to feather one's 

EMPOCH-ER, I. va. to pocket up. [nest. 

EMPOIGN-ER, I. va. to gripe; grasp; 
tie by the middle; lay hold of. [smalt. 

EMPOIS, sm. starch fit for use, mixed with 

EMPOISONNEMEAT, sm. poisoning. 

EMPOISONN-ER, I. va. to poison; infect; 
2>ut an ill construction upon. 

EMPOISONNEU-R, SE, s. a poisoner. 

EMPOISS-ER, I. va. to pitch over ; starch. 

EMPO1SSONNEMENT, sin. stocking a 
pond or basin rvithjish. [fish. 

EMPOISSONN-ER, I. va. to stock with 

EMPORTE, E, a. s. passionate ; hasty. 

EMPORTEMENT, sm. passion; raring; 
Jit of anger ; transport; rant ; fluster. 

EMPORTE-P1ECE, sm. nipping-tool; 
punch.; home thrust; severe critic. 

EMPORT-EK, I. va. to carry aivay ; ex- 
cel; prevail; obtain; take off; hurry; 
vutn'ci.i/h. la balance, prcrail; turn 
the scale. une place, take a to/en. 
L' de haute lutte, carry one's point 
with a high hand. S' > vr. to fly info 
a passion. Autant en emporte le vent, 
ma nif irords will not Jill a bushel. 

EMPOT-EK, I. va. to pot; jntt into puts. 

EMPOUILLE, sf. fruit unrjatliered ; 
standing corn; ungatJiercd crops. 

EMPOURPRE, E, u.'purplc; rcd;Jien,. 

ais 10 -" ait'^ois 10 - 11 oil 18 ions 13 - 43 iez 14 - 
43 iiient 15 oierit 15 is 16 ' 17 it lh imc- 
ir( , nt ai e a.5.39.i es iu iss ,,5 iss ,, s 46 it 47 

issions 4S i.ssio/ 4 -' issont"' , part of 
KM i'KK I XI )-H,:' rai-- ras- :l 

-''nun- 7 niis-"-'-"-' niil :l "i'ois 2b - 29 roit :io rims 
31 riez 32 raient 33 roient 33 ; EMPKKIN- 

a I M 

( 167 ) ENC 9 3d p. pi. IMPERF. 10 lstp.s. Il 2dp.s. 12 3dp.s. 

; r. -'> 1st p.s. 23 -2d p. s. 24 3d p. s. 1st p. pi. * 2d p. pi. 

;. 35 3d j,. s . 36 lstp . p i. 37. .) 38 3 d p. pi. SUBJ. M 


6 3d p.s. 7 1st p. pi. b ^d 

.pi. a '3dp.pi. FUT. '" 1st p.s. '-"Sdp.s. ^ 3d p.s. IMP.M. 3J -2dp.s. 3-5 3d p.s. 36 lstp .pi. : 
p.s. 4? 3d p.s. 4S 1st 49 2d 5U 3d 

, ra. to imprint; 
stamp ; en -J r<i(-:': impress, [ty polite. 
EMPREIXTE, sf. impression ; stamp; cast; 
EMPKi ' r;in haste; warm. 

EMPRES5EMEXT, 5m. caijcrm ss ; eur- 
rmth; zeal, [hasten. 

EMPRESS-ER, I. S' , i-r. to be eager; 
EMPRISOXXEMEXT, sin. imprisonment. 
EMPRISOXX-ER, I. f,i. to imprison. 
E.MPRUNT, sm. borrowing. Beaute 
d' , artificial beauty. Vcrtus d' , ap- 

I)' , false. 

EMPRUNTB, E, a. disguised; fictitious. 
EMPRUXT-ER, I. ivi. to lor roc; ma!;c 
EMPRL'XTEl.Vu, SK, s. borrower. [use of. 
EMPUAXT-iR, II. ra. to cause an un- 
pleasant smell ; bc$t Ink ; poison ; infect. 
EMPYREE, a. empyreal, sm. empyrean. 
EMPYREOIE, SM. smell of burnt oil. 
EM-u 3 ue 3 ues 3 us :i - 10 - 17 ut 1 ' umes 19 utes 20 
urent 21 usse 45 u^es 16 lit 47 ussions 48 ussiez 
49 ussent 50 , r. EXOOTOIB, to excite. 
KMU, E, a. inoccil ; ({fleeted; angry. 
EMULA.T-EUR, RICE, 5. emulator; imi- 
tator ; rival, a. emulous. [rirnlrt/. 
EMULATIOX, .</'. emulation; contention; 
rl, HI. and/, a. rical; competitor. 
.^IOX, sf.cmtilsion; cooling draught. 
. in; into; to ; for ; b>j ; of ; from; 
as : lite. En ami, litte it f fiend. En 
avant, ad. for, card. En tant que, in as 
much as. D'en bus, from below. En 
haut, above. En bus, beloic ; down. 
En, pro. of him ; of her ; of them; of 
' ; any ; some; 

EX-AILL-E -i: ""> es 40 ent 36 - 44 , v. EX-ALL- 

EX'.-VLI. ..'am. term. [ER. 

EX-ALL-i:,:' ani^ , ,mJ-M ez 

8-37 aigio-u ait ta oisio.ii oit ia i (111 si: 

i Pz u.43 aient 15 oient 15 ai 16 as 17 a 18 ames 

.., erent 21 u fit 47 as- 

8ions 4B assiez 49 asstut^ ; S' , //. to 

tdh,- one's self off'; ijo aicaii ; begone; 

ENA:; . ,n<tmo,tn-d; in lore; 

.if. -it ; pledge. 

,;.H-,.K. I. ni. to gica earnest, a 
EXCABLURE, sf. cable's length, [pledge. 

EXCADRK.MEXT, sm. framing, [frame. 
;.NCAi>;i-EK, I. rti. to put. in a frame; to 
EXCACl-EK 1 , EXCAGE-AXT 2 ,!. ea. tocage, 

lay by the lieels ; put in lob's pound. 
EXCAISSEMEXT, sm. packing up; put- 
ting in cases ; payment. [rccciec. 
EXCA1SS-ER, I. ra. to pack up; ctise ; 

XCAX, fin. public sale; auction. 
EXCAXAILL-EK, I. S' , vr. to keep low 
company. [sail bettceen two capes. 

C^P-ER, I. vn. to embay ; be embayed ; 
EXCAPUCHOXX-ER, I. S' , vr. to cover 

one's ht'iid with a hood ; turn monk. 
ENCAQU-ER, I.ra. to barrel up; stow up. 
EXCASTELK, E, a. hoof-bound, horse. 
EXCASTKLURE, sf. the being hoof-bound. 
EXCASTILLAGE, sm. all that part of a 

sliip lehn-h is aboce n-ater. [gate-built. 
EXCASTILLE, E, a. dccp-waistcd ; fri- 
EXCASTREMEXT, sin. setting into a 

groove ; framing. [frame. 

EXCASTR-ER, I. ra. to Jit into a groove ; 
EXCAUSTIQUE,.peinture ,picture,the 

colours of wit a re p repa red with wax. 
EXCAVEMEXT, sm. lowering into a cel- 
EXCAV-EK, I. ra. to put in a cellar, [lar. 
EXCAVEUR, sm. wine-porter; cellar 1st. 
EXCEIGX-ANT 2 ons 7 ' 33 ez s - 37 ent 9 ' 3 "- 44 

ais 10 - 11 ait la ois 10 - 11 oit 12 ions 13 - 42 iez 14 - 43 

aient 15 oient 15 is 16 - 17 it ltj imes 19 lies 20 

irent 31 e 3i - 39 - 41 es 40 

isses 46 it 47 is- 

sions 48 issiez 49 issent 50 , part of 

EXCE1XD-RK 1 rui-- ras 23 ra 24 rons 25 rez 26 
ront 27 rais 28 - 39 rait 30 rois 28 - 29 roit 30 rions 
31 riez 32 raient 33 roient 33 ; EXCEIX-s 4 - 
5.34 t e.3 ^ e 3 ts 3 tes 3 , ru. to enclose ; en- 
circle ; encompass; surround. 

ENCEINTE, sf. enclosure. Main rampart 
immediately encircling or surrounding 
tht area fortified; circumference; com- 
pass; precinct. Dans son , within 
its walls, &.c. , a. with child ; big. 

EXCEXS.i/u. incense ; frankincense ;Jtat- 
tery ; praise. de terre, ground-pine. 

EXCEXSE.M EXT, sm. censing; perfuininrj. 

EX(.:EXS-Ei{, I. ra. to cense. ; praise ; per- 

EXCEXSHrU, sm. a flatterer. [fume. 
SJERE, sf.Jieabane, a plant. 

EXCEXSO1R, sm. censer. Donner de 
1' par le nez, tojtatter grossly. 

EXCHAIXEMEXT, sm. connexion; link. 


( 163 ) 


fINF.M. 'PRES.T. 2 PART.PRE9. 3 PART.PAST.] IXD. M. PRES.T. 4 lstp.S. 5 2d p.S. 

13 I4 i* PRET. 16 lst p.s. 17 2dp.s. ' 8 3d p.s. 
27 3d. COXD.M. 2b 1st p.s. 29 2dp.s. 30 3d p.s. 31 1st 32 2d 33 3d 
VRES.T. lstp.s. 40 2dp.s. 41 3dp.s. 42 43 44 3d IMPERJ?. 

ENCHAIN-ER, I. va. to chain; connect. 

EXCHAINURE, sj. chain; links; conca- 
tenation, [wine on the gawntries. 

ENCHANTEL-ER, 1. va. to set casks of 

ENCHAXTEMEXT, sm. enchantment; 
charm; wonder; any thing very cu- 
rious and beautiful. [delight. 

ENCHANT-ER, I. va. to enchant; charm; 

EXCHAXTERESSE, sf. sorceress ; charm- 
er ; fair one; beauty ; a. enchanting. 

ENCHANTEUR, sin. magician; charmer. 
a. charming; enchanting. [hawk. 

ENCHAPEROXX-ER, I. va. to hood a 

to recommend strongly. [set; mount. 

EXCHASS-ER, I- va. to enchase; entwine ; 

ENCH ASSURE, sf. enchasing ; mounting. 

ENCHAUSS-ER, I. va. to cover up. 

ENCHERE, sf. auction; outbidding. 
Payer la folle , to pay dear for one's 
rashness. A 1', by auction. 

EXCHER-IR, II. va. to outbid; excel; 
make dearer, vn. to rise in price. 

ENCHERISSEMENT, sm. rising in price. 

ENCHERISSEUR, sm. outbidder. 

ENCHEVETR-ER, I. va. to halter. S' , 
vr. to entangle one's self in a difficulty. 

ENCHEVETRURE, sf. excoriation in the 
pastern; chimney-joist. [with a cold. 

EXCHIFREXE, E, a. whose head is stopped 

EXCHIFREXEMEXT, sm. stoppage in the 
head or nose, from cold. ENCHIFREX- 
EK, I. r. to stuff' the head or nose. S' , 
get stuffed icith- cold, [of blood; flush. 

ENCHYMOSE, sf. tnchymosis; effusion 

ENCIR-ER, 1. va. to wax over. [recess. 

ENCLAVE, sf. boundary; bound; limit; 

ENCLAVEMEXT, sm. bounding, [bound. 

ENt LAV-ER, I. va. to inclose; mortise; 

EXCLAVURE, sf. enclosure; enclosing. 

ENCL1N, E, a. inclined; prone; apt. 

EXCLIT1QUE, sf. enclitic, in gram. [fine. 

EXCLOITR-ER, I. va. to cloister up; con- 


j.34 se :i Ses 3 ra j'J2 ras 'j3 r .,-J4 rons --!i rez 'JG 

ront 27 rais 2<j>au rait 30 rois 2b>29 roit ay rions 
31 r i ez 32 ra ient' ij roient 33 , va. to enclose. 

ENCLOS, sm. enclosure ; compass ; pound. 

ENCLOT-iR, II. S' , togct underground. 

ENCLOITRE, sf. finishing; enclosure. 

ENCLOU-ER, I. va. to nail up; spike. 

EXCLOUURE, sf. prick of a nail in a 
horse's foot; difficulty ; spiking of guns. 

EXCLUME, sf. anvil. Souche d'enclume, 
anvil-stock. Etre entre le marteau et 
1' , to be in a sad dilemma. [anvil. 

EXCLU.MEAU, sm. small anvil; hand 

EXCOCHEMENT, sm. notching, [notch. 

EXCOCH-ER, I. va. to notch; jmt into a 

EXCOFFR-ER, I. va. to lay up in a trunk. 

ten a ring on the yard. [angle. 


ENCOLURE, sf. chest of a horse ; looks; 
mien. L' d'un sot, silly looks. 

ENCOMBRE, sin. encumbrajice ; cumber. 

EXCOMBREMENT, sm. encumbering. 

EXCO.MBR-ER, to encumber; lumber. 

EXCOMIASTE, sm. encomiast; flatterer. 

EXCOXTRE, sf. luck; encounter ; hap; 
chance. A 1' , pr. against; counter. 
Aller a 1' de, to oppose; contradict. 

ENCOQU-ER, 1. va. to fasten a block- 
strop or a ring upon the yard -arm. 

ENCOQUURE, encoqure, if. situation of 
the eye or block-strop on a yard -arm. 

ENCORE, encor, ad.yct ; again; even; be- 
sides; still; also; more; moreover ; still 
further. que, although; though. 

EXCORXAILL-ER, I. S' , vr. to marry 

ENCORXK, E, a. horned. [a demirep. 

EXCORXET-ER, I. S' , vr. to put on a 
woman's cup. [stimulation; reward. 

ENCOURAGEMENT, sm. encouragement ; 

rti. to encourage; i.vcitc; rt-irnrd. 

EXCOUR-iR 1 ant 2 u 3 uc 3 ues 3 us 3 - 16 -" s 4 -*- 
34 ons 7.36 ez 8.y 7 ent 9 - 3 **- 44 ais 10 - 11 ait 12 ois 
10 -" oil 12 ions 13 - 12 iez' 4 - aient 15 oient 
^ ut' umes'9 utes 20 urent 21 rai 22 ras 23 
ra-' 4 rons" rez* ront 27 rais 28 -^ rait 30 
rois*"*' roit 30 rions 31 riez 32 raient 33 
roient 33 e 35 - 39 - 4 ' es w usse 45 usses 4 <5 ut 47 
ussions 4b ussiez 49 ussent 50 , va. to incur ; 
descrce; fall under. [curtains. 

ENCOURTIN-ER, I. va. to enclose nith 
LX('KASS-EK, I. ra. to daub; soil; make 
greasy. S' i-r. to grow nasty or rust if. 

EXCHi:, sf. ink. Kcrire de bonne , to 
trritt' in strong terms. dj la Chine, 

ENCRIER, sin. ink/torn. [Indian ink. 

EXCROL'E, a. entangled, as tailing trees. 

ENC ( 160 ) ENF 

Sdp.s. ' 8 9 3d p. pi. IMPERF. "Mstp.s. 2dp.s. 12 3dp.s. 
20 21 FUT. 82 lstp.s. 232dp.s. 24 3dp.s. a5 1st p. pi. 
p. pi. 1MP.M. 3 2dp.s. ^3dp.s. 36 1st p. pi. 38 3d p. pi. SUBJ. M. 
"Istp.s. 46 2dp.s. " 3d p. s. 48 1st p. pi. 50 

K.NVROUT-ER, I. vn. to plaster over. 

: RASSER, I. S' , vr. to grow rusty. 
EXCl'LASS-ER, I. va. to fix the stock to 
EXCUVAGE, m. tubbing. [muskets. 

V EMEXT, sm. putting in a tub. 
KN( T V-ER, 1. ra. to put in a tub ; barrel 
ENCYCLOPEDIA sf. encyclopedia, [up. 

LOPEDIQUE, a. encyclopedical. 

EXDECAD-ER, I. S' , cr. to dress Jine ; 

put on Sunday clothes, [sides and angles. 

ENDECAGONE, 5m. endecagon; with 11 

EXDEMIQUE, a. endemical; pertaining 

EXDEXTE, E, a. indented, [exclusively to. 

XT-ER, I. va. to dent ;jag ; dovetail. 

EXDETT-ER, I. S' , vr. to run in debt. 

KNDKVE, E, a. mad; outrageous. 

EXDKY-ER, I. vn. to be wad; rage; 

fume. Faire , to tease. II E de 

v.'ir que, it makes him mad to see that. 

KXDi A BLE, E, a. devilish ; mad ; furious ; 

mischievous ; bad ; sm. dcril. 
ENDIABL-ER, I. Faire , va. to tease; 
madden ; irritate, [one's Sunday clothes. 
KNDIMAXCH-ER, I. S' , vr. to put on 
EXDIVE, sf. endive; succory; plant. 

'CTRIN-ER, I. va. to instruct. 
K N I K .M .M AG KM iiXT, sin. spoiling ; da- 
mage; loss. [ca. to damage; hurt. 
'.ME UK, sm. wheedler; cajoler. 
KMJORMI, E, a. tleepi/; sluggish. Vais- 

seau , ship out of the nailing trim. 
EXDORM-iR 1 ant 8 i 3 it- 3 ies 3 igS-ie-i? 

ent 9-38.44 a j s 10.11 a itl2 ols IO.Il O j t 12 ions !3. 

i( . z i4.43 aient 15 oient 15 it 1B irnes' 9 ltes 2 o 
in-nt^' irai i ras 23 j ra 2i irons'^ irez 26 
iroiit^ irals* 8 -'-* irait jo irois 88 -* iroit- 
irions 31 iriez 112 iraient 33 iroient 3 '' e 35 - 39 -" 
es 40 isse 45 isses 46 It 47 issions"* issicx^ 
Issent 50 , va. to lull asleep; coax; whee- 
dle; benumb. S' , vr.fall asleep; be 
Pf : Sec I ; s DORS. [numbness. 

ENDORMI9SEMENT, sm. drowsiness; 

ENDOR-8 4 ' 5 3< t r. ENDORMIR, set asleep. 
. trouble; toil; burden. 

KXDMSSEMKNT, sm. endorsement. 

'-<-KH, I. ra. tocndorxe; write on ; 

BNDOSSEUR, sm. an endorser, [jmt on. 

ENDROIT, sm. place; bit; right side of 
ft tiitf'; part. En mon , towards 
me. En son , to/cards him or her. 

ENDUI-RE 1 t 3 - 6 ts 3 te 3 tes 3 s 4 - 5 - 34 rai 22 
ras 23 ra 24 rons 25 rez 26 ront 27 rais 28 ' 29 rait 

30 ro i s 28.29 roit 30 r i ons 31 r i eZ 32 ra i e nt 3 

roient 33 , ENDUIS 4 ' 5 ' 34 -ANT 2 on S 7- 3 6 ez 
8.37 enf9- 3 8- 44 ais 10 - 11 ait 12 ois'<>- oit>2 
ions 13 - 42 iez 14 ' 43 aient 15 oient 15 is 16 ' 17 it 
18 fmes'9 Ites 20 irent 21 e 35 - 39 ' 41 es 40 isse 4 - 1 
isses 46 It 47 issions 48 issiez 49 issent 50 , va. 
to do over. ENDUISSON, sf. doing over. 

ENDUIT, sm. plastering ; stucco, [touchy. 

ENDURAXT, E, . patient. Mai, E, a. 

ENDURC-iR, II. va. to harden; inure. 
S' , become hard ; get hardened. 

ENDURCISSEMENT, sm. hardness of 
heart ; obstinacy ; obduracy. 

ENDUR-ER, I. va. to endure; suffer; 

EXKIDE, sf. jEncid, a poem. [bear. 

EXERGIE, sf. energy ; force ; power. 

EXERGIQUE, a. energetical ; forcible. 

ENERGIQUEMENT, fl. energetically. 

ENERGUMEXE, *. demoniac; enthusiast. 

ENERVATION, sf. weakness; punish- 
ment; surg. term. 

ENERV-ER, I. va. to enervate; weaken. 

EXFAITEAU, sm. gutter-tile; ridge-tile. 

ENFAITEMENT, sm. ridge of lead on the. 
tops of houses; lead roofing. [it. 

ENFAIT-ER, I. va. to cover a house; roof 

ENFANCE, sf. infancy; childishness. 

EXFAXT, sin. child; infant. de Lon- 
dres, sm. Londoner. de chceur, 
singing boy. trouve, a foundling. 
a la mamelle, sucking child. s de 
France, sons of the kings of France. 
s perdus, forlorn hope. C'est 1' de 
sa mere, he takes after his mother. 

ENFANTEAU, sm. small child; baby. 

ENFANTEMENT, sm. bringing forth ; 
childbirth, [duce; vn. teem; give birth. 

EXFAXT-ER, I. va. to bring forth; pro- 

EXFANT1LLAGE, sm. childishness ; fool- 
ish ways; boyishness. [puerile. 

ENFANTIX, E, a. childish; infantine; 

ENFARIN-ER, I. va. to make white with 
meal or with ponder. Ktre enfarind 
d'une opinion, to have imbibed an opi- 
nion ; be infatuated with it. La gueulu 
enfarinee, big with expectation. 

EN PER, sm. hull; great noise; devil; 
chemical vessel to calcinate mercury. 

ENFEltS, 5m. pi. the hell of the heathen. 



-PART.PHE3. 3 PAK D. M. PRE3.T. 4 1st p.S. 

M P.I.I. PRET. ie ; . ; p.pi. 

ip.S. ^Sdp.S. 31 1st p. pi. '"iMp.J,!. 

PRBS.T. ^Istp-s. 40 2d pj. 4l 3dp.s. "1st p. pi. 43 41 IWPERF. 

EXPERM-ER, I. va. to shut up; thnt in; 
tur round; hem in; inclose; 
head. Sentir 1'enfermfe, tmell ntutty. 
EXFERR-ER, I. r>t. to run through. 
>-r. hurt one's self impr> 
. urn. buryiny vault. ENFEL'ILL- 
oget full of bates. 

I. ea. to tie close with a 
..L-ER, I. ra. to do over rcith gall. 
EN'PIER-iB, II. en. tofj, 
E.VPIL.VDE, .</. range of cliambfrt; long 
insipid speech; raking Ji>e; string; 
rigmarole. EXFILlD-ER, I. 

rfi, by a line 

of /ire parallel to Us front. 
EXFIL-ER, I. va. to thread; string', go 
through ; run through. la Tcnelle, 
betake one's self to one's heels. un 
discours, begin a long story. les 
cables, hfare in the cables. Je ne suis 
pas venu ici poor en flier des prles, / am 

me here to tr-Jlt 

Cela ne s'enfile pas comme cles perles, it 
< an easy matter. [dies. 

!>>r ; threader ofnte- 
Ji'ie ; at last; after all. 

i. to iiiftame; set in 
r.hjire; route; irritate. 
ENFLE, B, u inflated ; puffed up 

: >l. rattling*. 

ENFLEME.NT, sm. smell; increase. 
ENFL-ER, I. ca. to ttccll ; pujf up ; raise; 

, to rise; > 

RE, if. spelling; tumour; protn- 
te; pride. de style, bo m bast. 
.-., sm. bottoming of casks. 
E, a. immersed; fink. 
' EM ENT, am. bottom; liole; break- 
'->>g; back ground. 

C-ER 1 , ENFON(;-AXT a , I. 

break, open ; thrust in ; sink ; rout, 
.ilunge one' s self mhollj/ into. 
EVPON'CEL'R, sin. one that breaks open. 
portes ouvertes, bragger. 

.., tf. boarded bottom of a 
bedstead ; a hollore ; bottom of casks. 
ENFON'DR-ER, I. t,t.. t<, break open. 
ENFORC-IR, 11. r.n. to strengthe 

"itli ; nax stronger. 
EXFO&X-KB, I. r/i. to model; shape. 
LNFOL'-JR, II. to. to hide in the ground. by burying. 

.:'JH-ER, I. r. to bestride. [er. 
EXFOL'RCFIL'RE, */. forked part ; fork. 

I. ra. to put in th 

begin. A mat on (ait les pains comus, 
if til you'll end reell. [in ovens. 
;:.NEUR, urn. setter; he that puts 
EXFRBIGN-Ajn*oW-*x* ai t ii ouio.u oit ia ionaia.4, 

irent* e 34 ^-*! es lsse isies* 1 ir" is- 

iona isnea 49 iswnt* , part of 

ENFREIND-RE> raira ra** rom res* 

root" raw**-* rait rois- roit rion*" 

rier** raient" nrient"; EXFREIX-r 3 - 6 

. to infringe ; break; 


EXFREX-ER, I. ra. to curb, put a bit. on 
a hone. . rr. to turn 

I. rn. to make monk. 
t'i ate* iases** 
ions 4 * isiez isient 


rai ras ra 1 " rons* 5 rei ront" rais- 
rail* rois* 1 - roit rions 3 ' riez raient 33 
roient 33 ; S' , rr. to ru <inr.v ; leak 
out; boil oncer. See EXFCTAST. [dnnq. 
ENPCM-EB, besmohe; smoke; 
EXFUTAILL-BR, I. ta. to barrel up. 
EN FUY- AST* ons 7 - 38 ez 8 - 3 ' ajjio.u ^u 
ois io.u oit u iom i3- iezM.ia aient 1 - 
oient 15 ; r. ExPCiR.[CorrJagp , / 

K. E, a. engaged; rcater-lorfged . 

r.AXT, E, a. engaging; alluring. 

:.S, i/. p/. rrowm' ton/ 

rujftes. a. engaging. [gage; listing. 

..ME XT, sm. engagement \ 

,. to in- 

duce; enlist; mortgage; engage; pre- 

rail ; paren. Avoir la poitrine engage*, 

'in oppression upon one's chest. 

. ;4?er, r/r. to enlist ; hire one's self; 

< >t dfbt ; engage. [demesnes. 

'.m. mortgage of the king's 

.-ER, I. m. to sheathe. [nuts. 

LAGE, .tin. blackening rcith gall- 

..-RR, I. va. to blacken nrith gall- 

!'. breed; spam*. [nuts. 

-. I. rn. 

/N-EB, I. ro. to trtpan.[ta 


( 171 ) 

9 3;1 p. pi. 


6 3dp.. "1st p. pi. b 9 3d p. pi. IMPERF. 10 lstp.s. "'Jdp.s. I2 3dp.s. 

pi. ai FUT. '-"Istp.s. 23 2dp.s. 24 3dp.s. " 

p. pi. IMP. M. 3-.>dp.s. 3 "'3dp.s. ^ 1st p. pi. & ^ 3d p. pi. SUBJ. M. 

47 Sdp.S. 1st p. P l. 

EXGELURE, sf. chilblain, [duce ; beget. 

EXGKXUR-ER, I. fa. to engender; pro- 

EXG-KR, I. ca. to encumber ; pester. 

EXGERB-ER, I. ru. bind up into s/tcares. 

ENG1N, sm. engine; tool. Mieux vaut 

que force,policy outweighs strength. 

'H-ER, I. i-d. to unite; join; mix. 

EXGLOUT-iR, II. ra. to swallow up; 

dci-our ; absorb ; squander away. 
EXGLV-ER, to daub n-ith bird-lime. 
CEMENT, fm. cramping ; confine- 
ment, [cramp; confine; straiten. 
I'Nt.i'NO-ER 1 , EXGOXV-A.NT-, I. ca. to 
ENGORGEMENT, nn. ckoMnf : stop. 
choke vp; obstruct. [tion ; fondness. 
EMEXT, sm. choking; infatua- 
ENGOU-ER, I. S' , rr. to be very fond 
of; choke one's self, be infatuated with. 
I-TR-ER, I. S' , vr.tobe ingulfed. 
I.-ER, I. i-a. to gobble up. 
ri.KYEXT, sm. kvid of bird. 
KNt .1 M'RDI, E, a. musty ; (hill ; sedentary. 
' RD-iR, II. ra. to benumb; dull. 

NT, sm. numbness; 
torpor ; stijf'ncss. [post ; fattening. 

i. pasture; manure; com- 
> !SS \.GE, sm. fattening. Engrais- 
sement,,tw. manuring -.joining together. 
iISS-Ki!. I. i-a. to fatten; manure,- 
cram ; nun -j rr. to tjet or 

grow fat. [to store up; /jet into barns. 
\VEMENT, sm. running aground. 
EMiRAV-r.ii, I. >. to run aground. 
RftLE, E, a. engrailed. 
, '.L-KK. I. ra. to engrail; purl. 

irl; edging ; catching. 

:'., sm. catclnn : i of wheels. " 

EN(iREN-ER, I. rn. to begin; catch; notch ; 

indfnt. va. to put the corn in the 

mill-hopper ; feed n-ith corn. une 

pompe, pump water out ; fetch a pump. 

ENGRENTRE, sf. catching, in clock inak. 

il' ->-EE, a.f. got with child. 
RRGROS n-ith child. 

:. II. rn. to fatten ; grow big. 

, : ' M KL-ER, I. (. to clog ; coagulate. 

[. ',(. to coi-er wi'!< 

rags; reduce to beggary. [pet 

EMil'ICHURE, sf.7twuth-picceof atrum- 

ENHARD-iR, II. r. to embolden; encou- 
rage. S' , rr. to grow bold, [trappings. 
EXHARNACHEMENT, sm. harnessing; 
EXHARXACH-ER, I. va. to harness; ac- 
EX-HAl'T, ad. above; up stairs, [coutre. 
EXHAZE, E, a. bus;/ to no purpose. 
EXHUIL-F.u. I. va. to oil ocer ; soften. 
RNIGMATIQUE, a. enigmatical; dark. 

EXIGME, sf. enigma; riddle; question. 
EX-I-XAI-- ras- 3 r;i-' rons- 5 rez 26 ront 27 mis 
26-29 ra i t 30 rois'^.29 roit 3o r ions 31 rie/ 32 
raient 33 roient 33 , r. EN-ALLER, to go 
await; begone, [infatuated ; con 
EX1VRE, E, a. drunken; transported; 
EXIVREMEXT, sm. fuddling ; infatua- 

tion; intoxication; transport. 
EXlVR-Kit. 1. ra. to make drunk ; into.r- 
ieute. S' , rr. to get drunk ; intoxi- 
cate one's self; be transported. 
EXJAHL-KU. I. ra. to bottom c.tsks. 
EX.JAL-ER une ancre, I. r. to stock an. 
EXJAA1BEK. sf. a stride. [anchor. 

ENJAMBEMENT, sm. running of 
EX.1AMI!-EU, I. rn. to jut out; stride; 
Cd. to project ; encroach upon, [the legs. 
EXJARKETE, E, a. leg-tied ; fas' 
EX.IAVEL-EK, I. ra. to bind corn into 
EX.1 El", sm. stake at play. [shearc*. 

KNJOI<iX-\vr- OM< : - ez 8 - 3 ? ent 9 - 3 *- 14 ais 
10.11 ait i2 ois io.n oit ia ions 13 - 42 ioz' 4 - 4! 
ait-nt 13 oiont 15 is 16 ' 17 it 1 ^ 
ireni- 1 t .3'-a9-i os 40 isw* : > isses 4 " it 1 " 
issions 4 '' issiez 49 issent 50 , part of 
i:XJ01Xn-KE l rai- 3 ras ! ni 21 rons 85 rez* 
rout- 7 rai--^--' rait 30 rois 28 ' 29 roit 30 rions 
31 riw." rau'iu ;i3 roient 35 : EX.H lN-- ! - 

i(. to enjotn : 

direct; command; char 
]: X.I i > I XTE, E, a. short legged. (JOH; x- v > r. 
KN.1OL-ER, I. ra. to wheedle; cajole. 
KX.IMI.El'-u. BK, s. w'ieedier; coa.rer. 

EXJOI.IV-KR. I. ra. to embellish ; adorn ; 
EX.101. IVETR, sm. a settcr-ojf. [set off. 
EX.JOI.iyi'KK. sm. pretty ornament. 
rful; gay; lively. 
M}-:\l\sm. cheerfulness; - 
: 'Kiitti/; liceliness. 
EXKIRIDIOX. sm. little book of morality. 

. a. n-ithin a membrane. 
i .' 


JU1*U ^ lift J AflA 

Al'.M. ' PRES.T. 2 PART.PRES. 3 PART.PAST.] IND.M. PRES.T. 4 1st p.S. 5 2d p.S. 

13 14 PRET. > 6 1st p.s. 1 7 2 dp.s. 18 3dp.s. 9 
" COND.M. 28 1st p.s. 29 2dp.s. 30 3d p.s. 31 1st 32 33 3d 
PRES.T. 39 1st p.s. 40 2dp.s. 41 3dp.s. 42 43 2d 44 3d 


ENLACEMENT, sm. entangling ; twisting. 

ENLAC-ER 1 , ENLAg-ANT 2 , I. va. to en- 
tangle ; string ; twist ;Jile. 

ENLAID-IR, II. va. to disfigure; make 
ugly ; vn. grow ugly, [growing ugly. 

ENLAIDISSEMENT, sin. disfigurement; 

ENLARM-ER, I. va. to add large meshes to 
a net. [tion; imprisonment ; rape. 

ENLEVEMENT, sm. carrying off; abduc- 

ENLEV-ER, I. va. to lift up; carry off; 
charm; engross; take off; take out. 

ENLEVURE, sf. pustule; blister ; pimple. 

ENLI-ER, I. va. to tic well; fasten close- 
ly the stones. [straight; to level. 

ENLIGN-ER, I. va. to make even or 

ENLUMINE, E, Visage, inflamed 
face. Nez , red nose. 

ENLUMIN-ER, I. va. to colour; make red. 

ENLUMINEUR, */. print colourer. 

ENLUMINURE, sf. colouring of maps or 
prints. [English Channel, as ships. 

ENMANCHE, E, a. entered into the 

ENNEM1, s?. E, sf. an enemy ; foe ; Jiend. 
, E, a. unfriendly ; hostile, [dignify. 

ENNOBL-IR, II. va. to ennoble; elevate; 

ENNUI, sm. ; tediousness; vexation; 
lassitude; heaviness. [be late. 

ENNUIT-ER, I. S' , vr. to be benighted; 

ENNUV ER, I. va. to iveary ; tire. S' , 
vr. to be iveary ; tired; low-spirited. 

ENNUYEUSEMENT, ad. tediously. 

wearisome; tiresome; tedious; trouble- 

ENOISEL-ER, teach & bird. [some. 

E NONCE, sm. faux , assertion without 
proof ; false declaration. 3 of 

ENONC-ER 1 , ENONC-ANT 2 , I. va. to ex- 
press; utter ; declare. S' , vr. to ix- 

r press one's self; speak. 

KNONCIATI-F, VE, a. expressive, [tion. 

ENONCIATION, sf. egression ; dcclara- 

ENORGUE1LL-IR, II. va. to make proud; 
puff' up. S' , vr. to get or be proud. 

ENORME, a. enormous; huge; atrocious. 

ENORMEMENT, ad. enormously. 

ENORMITE, sf. enormity; heinousncss; 
hugeness; vast-ness. [clioaked. 

ENOSSE, E, a. having a bone in the throat ; 

ENOU-ER, I. va. to pick out knots from 

ENOUEUSES, sf. pi. cloth-pickers, [cloth. 

ENQUERANT, E. a. inquisitive; curious. 

ant 2 on S 7-36 ez s.37 a i s io.n 
oit 12 ions 13 - 42 iez 14 - 43 aient 15 
oient 15 ; ENQUER-RAi 22 ras 23 ra 24 rons 
25 rcz 26 ront 27 rais 2 ^ rait 30 rois 28 - 29 roit 
30 rions 31 riez 32 raient 33 roient 33 , S' , w. 
to inquire; Sec ENQU-IS. [arms. 

ENQUERRE, sf. Armes en , irregular 
ENQUETE, sf. inquiry; search. [for. 
ENQUET-ER, I. S' , vr. to inquire ; care 
ENQUETEUR, sm. inquisitor; examiner. 
ENQU-is^^-nit^imesiSites 20 irent 21 isse 45 
isses 46 it 4 ^ issions 48 issiez 49 issent 50 ; EN- 
QUIER-s 4 - 5 - 34 t 6 ; ENQUIER-ENT 9 - 38 ' 44 

e 35.39.41 ^40^ Vt ENQUERIR. 

ENRACIN-ER, I. S' , vr. to take root; 

grow inveterate E, inveterate. 
ENRAGE, E, a. mad; outrageous. Man- 
ger de la vache E, bear great hardships. 
ENRAGEANT, E, a. provoking ; vexing. 
ENRAGEMENT, sm. mad Jit; fume. 
ENRAG-ER 1 , ENRAGE-ANT 2 , I. vn. to be 

mad; run mad; be enraged; fume; 

storm. II n'enrage pas pour mentir, he 

makes nothing of telling lies. 
ENRAGERIE, sf. any passionate act. 
ENRAY-ER, I. va. to put spokes to a 

wheel ; trig or catch a wheel ; make tlie 
Jirst furrow; begin. 
ENRAYOIR, sm. a trigger; catch; lock. 
ENRAYURE, sf. Jirst furrow, [regiments. 
ENREGIMENT-ER, I. va. to enrol; form 
ENREGISTREMENT, sm. registering; 

recording ; entry. [enter ; enrol. 

ENREGISTR-ER, 1. va. to register; record; 
ENRETOURN-ER, to return; go back. 
ENRHUM-ER, I. va. to cause or give a 

cold. S' , vr. to catch or get cold. [cold. 
ENRHUMURE, sf. indisposition from a 
ENRICH-iR, II. va. to enrich; adorn; 

embellish. S' , rr. to gron- rick; 

thrive. [bellishment ; ornament. 

ENRICHISSEMENT, am. enrichint/ ; < in- 
ENROLLMENT, SOT. enrolment; listing; 

enrolling; enlisting; roll; Icry. 
ENROLEUR, sm. recruiter; enlist er. 
ENROL-ER, I. va. to list; enrol; enlist; 

remitter. S' , va. to get enlisted. 
ENROUEMENT, sm. hoarseness. 
ENROU-ER, I. va. to maltc hoarse. S' , 

to grow hoarse. [S' , vr. to grow rusty. 
ENROUILL-ER, I. va. to make rusty; 


6 3d n.s. 7 1st p. pi. 8 2d p. pi. r . 

-' 22 1st p. s 

( 173 ) 

9 3d p. pi. IMPEUF. 


37 2d p. pi. 38 3d p. pi 

... -... . . - 10 lstp.s. 

pi. -' PUT. 22 1st p.s. 23 2dp.s. 24 3d p.s. 2 - 
p. pi. IMP. M. J4 -2d p. s. 3d p. s. 36 1st p. pi. " 2d p. pi. : 
1st p. s. 46 ->d p. s. 47 3d p. s. 48 1st p. pi. 49 2d p. pi. 50 3d p, 

EXROULEMEXT, sm. rolling, in archit. 
ENROUL-ER, I. frt. to roll or wrap up. 
ENKt.'E, sf. large furrow, [blown by winds. 
ENTABLEMENT, sm. sand-bank; sands 
EXSA3L-ER, I. va. to run aground; run 
upon a sand. S' , vr. to get stranded. 
EXSACH-EB, I. va. to put in a bag. 
EXSAFRAX-ER, I. dye with saffron, i 
EN>AISIXEMEXT, sm. seizin; seizure. 
EXSAISIX-ER, I. va. to invest ; seize. 
EXSAXGLAXT-ER, I. va. make bloody; 
imbrue; drench with blood. Ce prince 
a ensanglante son regne, that prince has 
dishonoured his reign with bloodshed. 
II ne faut pas la scene, there must 
be no blood spilt upon the stage. 
EXSEIGXE, sf.sign; token; mark; co- 
lours; cluster of diamonds. A telles 
s, so true it is. A bonnes s, de- 
ny ; upon safe grounds, sm. en- 
sign in the army or navy ; ajlag. 
EXSEIGNEMEXT, sm. instruction; pre- 
cept, [learn; tell; show. 
EXSEIGX-ER, I. va. to teach; instruct; 
< ', X Ml'R, sm. index. [waisted. 
EXSKLLE, E, a. saddle-bucked; saddle- 
'! liLE, ad. together; one n-ith ano- 
ther; jointly. Ilsnesontpas bien , they 
are at variance, sm. the whole; body. 
iENCEMEXT, sm. sowing of lands. 
va. to sow ; scatter seed. [enclose. 
EXSERR-ER, I. r. to shut up; contain; 
ENSEUILLEMENT, sm. window sill. 
ENSEVEL-IR, II. va. to bury; inter. S' , 
vr. to plunge into ; be buried in ; sink 
' ELISSEMEXT, sm. bury ing. [deep. 
I AGE, sm. oiling; damping cloth. 
'I-EB, I. va. to oil, grease cloth. 
ENSORCEL-ER, I. va. to bewitch; charm. 
ENSi HICELEUR, sin. bewitcher; charmer. 

.TKLLEMEXT, sm. bewitching. 

KY-oUFR-EK, I. va. to dip in brimstone. 

IKRO1R, sm. brimstone-dipping 

' PLE, sf. weaver's beam. [ place. 

V-ER, I. va. to arm a thread with 

pig's bristle. [cela, ad. after that. 

iTE, ;;/'. afterwards; then. de 

J-.XSI'IVAXT, a. following; next. 2 of 

ENsriV-RE 1 ant 2 i 3 ie 3 is 3 ies 3 ent 9 - 38 - 44 ait 

12 oit 12 aient i;i oient 15 it 18 irent* 1 ra 24 ront 

,. l 12 3dp.8. 
25 1st p. pi. 2 
00 ' ' SUBJ.AI. 

27 rait 30 roit 30 raient 33 roient 33 e 33 ' 41 it 4 ? 
issent 50 ; ENSUI-T d ; S' , -or. to fol- 
low; ensue; result; spring from. II 
s'ensuit, it follows. [chitrarc. 

ENTABLEMExNT, sm. entablature; /- 

ENTABL-ER, I. S' , vr. to have his hind 
quarters high, as a horse. 

ENTACH-ER, I. ia. to taint; infect. 


ENTAILL-ER, I. va. to notch; jag. [jag. 

ENTAME, sf.Jirst cut ;Jirst slice of bread. 

ENTAM-ER, I. va. to make the first cut ; 
begin; enter upon; bespatter. Se lais- 
ser , sujfer an encroachment. 

ENTAME, E,. homme , suspicious cha- 

ENTAMURE, sf. cut; first cut. [racter. 

EN TANT QUE, ad. as; because; as far as. 

ENTASSEMENT, sin. heap; accumulation. 

ENTASS-ER, I. va. to heap up; accumu- 
late; pile up; amass ; hoard. 

ENTASSE, E, a. personne E, squat per- 

EXTE, sf. graft; scion; grafted tree. [son. 

ENTEMENT, sm. grafting; graft. 

ENTENDEMENT, sm. understanding; 
judgment; sense ; intellectuals, [fellow. 

ENTENDEUR, sm. under stander ; sharp 

ENTEND 6 -RE 1 ant 2 u 3 ue 3 us 3 ues 3 s 4 - 5 - 34 
ons,l'' M ez 6 - 3 7ent 9 - 3b - 44 ais 10 - u ait 12 ois 10 -" 
Oit l2 ions 13 - 42 iez 14 - 43 aient 15 oient 15 is'6-i7 
it 18 Imes 19 Ites 20 irent 21 rai 22 ras 23 ra 24 rons 
^rez'^ront 1 " rais 2b - 29 rait 30 rois 28 -'^ roit 3 ^ 
rions 31 riez 32 raient 33 roient 33 e 35 - 39 - 41 es 40 
isse 45 isses 46 it 47 issions 48 issiez 49 issent 
60 ; va. to hear; understand; mean; 
have skill, vn. pretend; determine; 
cojisent. Faire , represent; set 
forth. Donner a , explain; make 
plain. S' , vr. to be skilful; hacc 
secret intelligence ; juggle. Je m' s 
bien, I know what I mean. malice, 
take some thing in a bad sense. fi- 
nesse, try tojind some wit in a thing. 
II 1 , he knows what he is about. Cela 
s' , that is understood. 
ENTENDU, E, a. knowing; -well perform- 
ed; skilful; ordered. Faire 1' , to be 
conceited; assuming. Bien , to be sure. 
Bien que, on condition that. Un 
mal , a mistake. {double meaning. 
ENTENTE, sf. meaning ; skill. Sous , 
ENTENTI-F, VE, a. attentive, old. 

ENT ( 174 ) ENT 

jINF.M. 'PRES.T. -PART. PRES. 3 PART. PAST.] IND. XI. PRES.T. 4 1st p.S. 5 2d p.S. 

13 14 15 3d PRET. 16 1st p.s. 17 2dp.. 18 3dp.s. 19 1st p. pi. 
27 3d p. pi. COND.M. 2b 1st p.s. 29 2dp.s. ' M 3d p.s. 31 1st 32 2d M Zd 
PRES.T. 3a 1st p.s. 40 2dp.s. 41 3dp.s. 42 1st 43 44 3d IMPERF. 

ENT-ER, I. va. to graft; ingraft; insert 

a shoot, en bouton, to bud. 
ENTERIN-ER, I. va. to grant ; corifirm. 
ENTER1NEMENT, sm. a grant, [bowels. 
ENTERITIS, sm. inflammation of the 
ENTERREMENT, sm. burial ; funeral. 
ENTERR-ER, I. va. to bury; inter; con- 
ceal ; keep secret. la synagogue avec 
honneur, terminate an affair with ho- 
nour. ses talens, conceal one's talents. 
Ics futailles, sto/v the mater-casks. 
ENTETE, E. a. infatuated; fond. sm. 
obstinate man. E, sf. obstinate wo- 
ENTETEMENT, sm. obstinacy. [man. 
ENTKT-ER, I. va. to affect the head; 
cause the headach ; prepossess ; puff up. 
S' , vr. to be conceited; be obstinate; 
be fond. [ture ; ecstacy. 

ENTHOUSIASME, sm. enthusiasm ; rap- 
ENTHOUSIASM-ER, I. va. to transport. 
S' , vr. to grow rearm; get spirited. 
ENTHOUSIASTE, sm. enthusiast ; fana- 
ENTHYMEME, sm. kindofargume?it.[tic. 
ENTICHE, E, a. obstinately devoted to. 
ENTICH-ER, I. va. to taint with; mar. 

S' , vr. to get over fond of. 
ENTI-ER, ERE, a. entire; whole; complete; 

obstinate. Cheval , stone-horse. 
ENTIEREMENT, ad. entirely; wholly**; 
ENTITE, sf. entity; real being; extttenm 
ENTOILAGE, sm. linen to which lace is 
sewed. [etc. ; paste upon canvas. 

ENTOIL-ER, I. va. to put linen to lace, 
ENTONNEMENT, tin. tubbing; barrelling. 
ENTONN-ER, I. va. to barrel up; begin; 
ENTONNOIR, sm. funnel, [blow; chant. 
ENTORSE, sf. sprain. Donner une a 
un passage, to warp a passage. [ing. 
ENTORTILLEMENT, sm. twisting; wind- 
ENTORTILL-ER, I. va. to wind; twist; 

perplex; entangle. E, obscure. 
ENTOUR, a 1' , ad. round about ; round 
ENTOURAGE, sm. what surrounds, [pass 
ENTOUR- ER, I. va. to surround; encom- 
ENTOURNURE, sf. cutting out for sleeves. 
ENTOURS, sm. pi. adjacent parts. [to 
ENTOURTIN-ER, I. va. to add a pavilion 
ENTR'ACTE, sm. interlude, [one anothe 
ENTR'ACCUS-ER, I. S' , vr. to accuse 
ENTR'AID-ER, I.S' , to help one another 
ENTRAILLES, sf. pi. entrails; bowels. 

tenderness. Avoir de bonnes , to 
be compassionate. de la misericorde 
de Dieu, the tender mercies of God. 
ENTR'AIM-ER, I. S' , vr. to love one 
nothcr. [along, induced, impelled. 
ENTRAINABLE, a. that may be carried 
ENTRAiNANT, E, a. persuasive; seduc- 
ing. ^ [seduction. 
ENTRAINEMENT, sm. attractive power ; 
ENTRAiN-ER, I. va. to drag; hurry away; 
persuade; entice; impel; seduce; draw 
along. les suffrages, carry the votes. 
les coaurs, gain over all hearts. 
ENTRAIT, sm. cross-beam; cross-bar. 
ENTRANT, E, a. engaging ; See EJJTRER. 
ENTR'APPEL-ER, I. S' , vr. to call one 
ENTRAV-ER, I. va. to shackle, [another. 
ENTR'AVERT-iR, II. S' , vr. to give one 
another notice. [traints ; clog. 
ENTRAVES, shackles , fetters ; res- 
ENTRE, pr. between; among; in. Entre 
deux, partition. chien et loup, to- 
wards evening. !Etre deux vins, to 
be tipsy; be half seas over. See Ex- 
ENTRE-BAILLE, E, a. ajar. [TRER. 
ENTRE-BAILL-ER, I. va. to gape; open. 
ENTRE-BAIS-ER, I. S' , vr. to kiss one 
another ; bill and coo. [ fillet. 
ENM*fjANDES, sf. pi. list; ending; 
ENWE-B AT6-S 4 - 5 ' 34 , ENTRE-B ATT-RE 1 , 
' S' , vr. to beat one another ;Jight toge- 
ther ; conjug. like BATTRE. [each other. 
ENTRE-BLESS-ER, I. S' , vr. to wound 
ENTRE-CHAT, sm. cross-caper; caper. 
ENTRE-CHOQU-ER, I. S' , vr. to hit 

one another ; thwart each other. 
NEM,ENT, sm. the space between tiro 
columns. [to impart to one another. 
ENTRE-CONNAlT-RE, I. S' , vr. to get 
acquainted with each other; conjug. 
like CONNAITRE. [the ribs. 

ENTRE-COTES, sin. slice of meat between 
ENTRE-COUP-ER, I. va. to traverse; 

cross; stop; intersperse; interrupt. 
ENTRE-DEFAI-RE 1 , S' , vr. to defeat 

one another; conjugated like FAIRE. 
ENTRE-DE TRUI-RE 1 , S' , vr. to destroy 
each other; conjugated like DETRUIRE. 
ENTRE-DEUX, sm. middle space ; parti- 



EXT ( 175 ; EXT 

C 3dp.s. 7 l? 8 9 3d p. pi. IMPERF. 10 lstp.s. ^Sdp.s. I2 3dp.s. 
20 2d p. pi. 21 3d p. pi. FUT. 22 1st p. s. 23 2d p. s. 24 3d p. s. K 1st p. pi. 26 2d p. pi. IMP.M. 34 2d p.s. 35 3dp.s. 3 1st p. pL W 3d p. pi. 38 3d p. pi. SUBJ.M. 
45 1st p. s. 46 2dp.s. 47 3dp.s. 48 1st p. pi. 50 

tlon. des narines, middle part or 

bridge of the nose; waist; trough. 
BNTRE-DI-KE, S' , vr. to say something 

to one another ; Conjugated like DIRE. 
EXTRE-DOXX-ER, I. S' , rr. to give 

each other; interchange; exchange. 
EXTRE-POXTS, sm. space between decks. 
EXTREE, sf. entry; admission; entrance; 

entrance-money; Jirst course; duty; 

importation ; hint ; arrival. D' , d' 

de jeti, ad. at Jirst; at once. 
EXTRE-FACH-ER, I. S' , rr. to quarrel 

together; begin to disagree. 
EXTREFAITES, sf. pi. meanwhile. Dans 

or sur ces , in the mean while. 
EXTRE-FOUETT-ER, I. S' , rr. to whip 

one another, as monks do. [each other. 
EXTRE-FRAPP-ER, I. S' , vr. to strike 
ENTREGEXT, sm. acuteness; sharpness. 

ANT 2 , I. S' , vr. to cut one another's 

throat; be slaying each other. 
EXTRE-GROXD-ER, I. S' , vr. to scold, 

chide one another, [one against another. 
EXTRE-HKURT-F.K, I. S' vr. to knock 
EXTRE-LACEMEXT, am. interlacing; 

ticist ; mixture; braid. [terweave. 

EXTRE-LAC-ER, I. va. to interlace; in- 
EXTRELACS, sm. pi. twine; knot^thin 

knot. d'amour, love-knot, [termix. 
EXTRELARD-ER, I. va. to interlard; in- 
EXTRE-LIGXE, sf. interlineation. 
EXTRE-LI-RE, va. to read cursorily ; skip 

lines; conjugated like LIRE, [another. 
EXTRE-LOU-ER, I. S' , vr. to praise one 
EXTRE-LUI-RE, vn. to glimmer ; damn; 

shine a little, conjugated like LUIRE. 

ANT 2 , I. S' , vr. to eat one another. 
EXTRE-MKL-ER, I. va. to intermingle. 

S' , vr. to mix together. 
EXTREMETS, sm. by-dishes; dainties; 

kick-shan's ; second course. 
KXTRE.METTAXT, E, a. meddling. 
K XT K K M KTTEU-R, sm. SB,/, go-between ; 

mediator; mediatrix; manager. 
ENTREMETT-RE 1 ant 2 ons7-36 ez 8 - 37 ent 9. 
dg io.n ait w ois io.ii Oit i2 ions i3. 

42 if , z i4.43 a i Pnt is oientis rai 22 ras 23 ra 24 

tons* 5 rez26 ront 27 rais 28 - 29 rait 30 rois 28 - 29 

roit 30 rions 31 riez 32 raient 33 roient 33 e 35 ' 
39.41 es 40. EXTREM-is 3 -! 6 - 17 ise 3 ises 3 
it 18 imes 19 ites 20 irent 21 isse 45 isses 46 !t 47 
issions 48 issiez 49 issent 50 ; S' , vr. to in- 
terpose; mediate; intermeddle; inter- 
vene; See ENTREMET. 

EXTREMISE, sf. interposition; inter- 
vention; means; help; small wedge. 

EXTR'EMPECH-ER, I. S' , rr. to clash. 

EXTRE-MORD 6 -RE' ant 2 u 3 us 3 ue 3 ues 3 s 4 - 
5.34 ons 7-36 ez s.37 en t 9 - 38 - 44 ais 10 ' 11 ait' 2 ois 
lo-n oit 12 ions 13 - 42 iez 14 - 43 aiont 15 oient 15 
is i6.i7 it i8 t mes i9 ues 20 irent 21 rai 22 ras 23 
ra 24 rons 23 rez 26 ront 27 rais 28 ' 29 rait 30 rois 
r i ons 3i r j ez 32 ra i e nt 33 roient 33 

e 35.39.41 es 40 

}t 47 

issiez 49 issent 50 ; S' , vr. to bite one ano- 
ther. [other; conjugated like NUIRE. 

EXTRE-XUI-RE, S' , vr. to hurt each 

EXTRE-PARL-ER, I. S' , vr. to talk to- 
gether ; speak to each other, [dialogue 

EXTRE-PARLEUR, sm. he that speaks a 

ENTREPAS, sm. broken amble. 

I. S' , vr. to run one another through. 

EXTRE-PLAID-ER, I. S' , vr. to sue one 
another ; plead against each other. 

EXTRE-POS-ER, I. va. to store ; lay up. 

EfrTRE-POSEUR, sm. clerk in the excise. 

EXTREPOT, sin. staple; mart ; factory ; 
commercial storehouse. [one another. 

EXTRE-POUSS-ER, I. S' , vr. to push 

EXTREPREXANT, E, a. bold ; assuming ; 
venturesome; forward ; daring. 

EXTREPREN-ANT 2 ons 7 ' 36 ez 8 - 37 ais 10 - 11 
ait^ois' -' 1 oit 12 ions 13 - 42 iez 14 ' 43 aienti* 
oient 15 ; EXTREPREXD 6 -REi S 4.5.34 
rai 22 ras 23 ra 24 rons 25 rez 2 ^ ront 27 rais 28 - 29 
rait 30 rois 28 ' 29 roit 30 rions 31 riez 32 raient 
83 roient 33 ; va. to undertake; venture; 
begin; attempt; encroach; attach; 
render useless; invade; .See ENTRE- 
PRENN-ENT. [tractor. 

EXTREPREXEUR. sm. undertaker; con- 

EXTREPRENN-ENT 9 - 38 - 44 e 35 ' 39 ' 41 es 40 ; 
EXTREPR-is 3 - 16 - 17 ise 3 ises 3 it 18 Imes 19 
lies 20 irent 2 ! isse 45 isses 46 it 47 issions 48 
issiez 49 issent 50 ; v. ENTREPRENDRE. 

EXTREPRIS, E, a. cripple; impotent. 

EXTREPRISE, sf. enterprise; undertak- 
ing ; encroachment. 

ENT (176 ) ENT 

PRES.T. 2 PART.PBES. 3 PART. PAST.] IND.M. PRES.T. 4 1st p.S. 5 2dp.S- 15 3d PRET. 16 1st p.s. 17 2d p.s. 1B 3dp.s. 19 
41). M. 28 lstD.S. 29 2d n.S. 30 3d n.s. 3' 1st. 33-i,l 


I3 u 15 3d PRET. 16 1st p.s. .. p.s. COND. M. 28 1st p.s. ^Sd p.s. 30 3d p.s. 31 1st 32 2d 

42 1st 44 3d 

27 3d COND. M. "1st p.s. ^5 
PRES.T. 1st p.s. 40 2dp.s. 41 3dp.s. 


ENTRE-QUERELL-ER, I. S' , vr. to 
quarrel together. 

ENTR-ER, I. vn. to enter; go in; comein; 
march in; pierce; side with; embrace; 
begin. en age, grow old. en 
danse, engage at last in an affair, 
a rear, &c. a table, to sit down to 
dinner or supper. en possession, 
take possession. en charge, en em- 
ploi, begin to exercise the functions of 
a situation. dans une affaire, 
be concerned in an affair. dans les 
affaires de quelqu'un, pry into one's 
affairs. dans le sens d'un auteur, 
understand an author's meaning. En- 
trer dans les interests de quelqu'un, es- 
pouse one's interest. dans la peine 
de quelqu'un, sympathize, share in one's 
concerns. en colere, fall into a pas- 
sion. en gout, begin to relish. en 
composition, hearken to the terms of an 
accommodation. dans les gouts de 
quelqu'un, give into one's taste. Entrer 
dans les secrets de quelqu'un, be in one's 
secrets. dans les expediens, approve 
of the expedients that are proposed. 
Faire quelque chose dans un discours, 
introduce something in a discourse. 
Ce chapeau-la n'entre pas bien dans ma 
tete, the crown of that hat does not Jit 
my head right. II entre 3 verges de 
drap dans mon habit, it takes three yards 
of cloth to make me a suit. 

ENTRE-REGARD-ER, I. S' , vr. to look 
or stare at one another. 

ENTRE-REPOND-RE, S' ,vr. to answer 
one another; conjugated on REPONDRE. 

ENTRE-SABORDS, sm. intervals between 
the ports of a ship's side. 

ENTRE-SALU-ER, 1. S' , vr. tosalutcone 
another, {other; conjug. like SECOURIR. 

ENTRE-SECOUR-iR, S' , to help each 

ENTRESOL, sm. enter-sole; little room 
between twojtoors. [eye-brows. 

KNTRE-SOURCIL, sm. space between the 

ENTRE-SOUTEN-iR, S' , vr. to support 
one another ; conjug. like SOUTENIR. 

ENTRE-SUIV-RE, S' , vr. to follow each 
other; conjugated like SUIVRE. 

ENTRETA1LLE, sf. interline; stroke; 
dancing step ; interchange of the foot. 

ENTRE-TAILL-ER, I. S' , vr. to inter- 
fere; cut himself, as a horse, [fering. 

ENTRE-TAILLURE, sf. cut got by inter - 

ENTRETEMPS, sm. intermediate time. 

ENTRETENEMENT, sm. maintenance. 

ENTRETEN-IR 1 ant 2 u 3 us 3 ue 3 ues 3 ons 7 - 
56 ez 8 - 37 ais 10 - 11 ait 12 ois 10 - 11 oit 12 ions 13 - 
42 j ez H.43 aientis o ient 15 , va. to hold toge- 
ther; keep; converse ; preserve ; main- 
tain; keep up. S' , vr. to continue; 
hold ; talk ; converse ; discourse ; See 
ENTRETIEN. [in repair ; discourse. 

ENTRETIEN, sm. maintenance; keeping 

ENTRETIEN-s 4 - 5 - 34 t drai 22 dras 23 dra 24 
drons 25 drez 26 ront 27 rais 28 - 29 rait 30 drois 
28 - 29 droit 30 drions 31 driez 32 draient 33 
droient 33 , ENTRETIENN-ENT 9 - 38 - 44 e 35 - 
39.41 es w i ENTRET-iNS 16 ' 17 int 18 Inmes 
19 intes 20 inrent 21 , v. ENTRETENIR. 

ENTRE-TI5SU, E, a. interwoven. 

ENTRE-TOILE, sf. cut-work. 

ENTRE-TOISE, sf. cross-quarter of tim- 
ber; Inter duce; tie-piece. [tiguous. 

ENTRE-TOUCH-ER, I. S' , vr. to becon- 

ENTRE-TU-ER, I. S' , to kill one another. 

ENTREVECH-ER, I. va. to entangle. 

ENTRE-VERGU-ER, I. va. to bend a sail 
to its yard. 

ENTREVER-RAi 22 ras 23 ra 24 rons 25 rez 26 
ront 27 rais 28 - 29 rait 30 rois 28 - 29 roit 30 rions 
31 r jez32 raient 33 roient 33 , part of 

ENTREV-oiR 1 u 3 us 3 ue 3 ues 3 ois 4 - 3 - 34 oil 6 
oient 9 - 38 - 44 is 16 - 17 it 18 Imes 19 ites 2 * irent 2 ' 

Oie 35.39.41 oies 40 isse 4o isses 46 U 47 issions 48 

issiez 49 issent 50 , va. to have a glimpse of; 

have a conference; to guess. S' , vr. 

to visit each other; See ENTREVOYAJTT, 

ENTREVERRAI. [or two posts' 

ENTREVOUS, sm. space between two joists 
ENTREVOY-ANT 2 ons 7 ' 36 ez 8 - 37 ais 10 - 11 

ait 12 ois 10 - 11 oit 12 ions 13 - 42 iez 14 - 43 oienti 5 

aient 15 , v. ENTREVOIR. [meeting. 

ENTREVUE, */. interview; conference; 
ENTR'EXCIT-ER, I. S' , vr. to irritate, 

spur one another. [lid. 

ENTRICHOME, sm. extremity of the eye- 

I. S' , vr. to oblige one another. 
ENTR'OU-IR 1 i 3 ie 3 ies 3 is 3 -! 6 - 17 it 18 lines' 9 

ites 20 irent 21 , v a. to hear imperfectly ; 

catch; overhear; conjug. like Ou-lR. 

ENT ( 177 ) El' A 

6 3d p. s. 7 1st p. pi. 8 2d p. pi. 9 3d p. pi. IMPERF. > 1st p. s. 1! 3d p. s. l5 3d p. s. 
30 " 21 PUT. 22 lstp.s. 23 2dp.s. 24 8dp.s. i5 1st p. pi. ^ 
p. pi. IMP. M. 34 2dp.s. ^Sdp.s. ^ 37 3d p. pi. SUBJ. M. 
<Mstp.s. 46 2<lp.s. 47 3dp.s. 48 1st p. pi. *> >3d 

EXTR'OUVERT, E, a. half open; ajar; 
gaping. Cheval , shoulder-pitched 
horse, sprained horse. 

ENTR'OUVR-iR, va. to open half way. 
une porte, to put a door upon the 
jar. S' , vr. to open; gape. Conjug. 

EXTURE, sf. grafting. [like OUVRIR. 

KXUMKRATEUR, sm. rechoner. 

ENUMERATI-F, VE, a. enumerating. 

ENUMERATION, tf. ; account. [up. 

EXUMER-ER, I. va. to enumerate ; count 

ENVAH-IR, II. ra. to invade; usurp. 

EXVAHISSEMEXT, sin. invasion ; inva- 

EXVAHISSEUR, sin. invader. [ding. 

EXV-Ais 4 as 5 a 6 ont 9 , v. EN-ALLER, to go 
away. [open, fishing term. 

EXVAL-ER, I. va. to keep the sweep-net 

ENVELIOT-ER, I. va. to make mows. 

EXVELOPPE, sf. cover ; envelope ; wrap- 
per; rim; fold; mould, [folding up. 

EXVELOPPEMENT, sm. wrapping or 

EXVELOPP-ER, I. va. to wrap up; hem 
in; cover; surround; involve; perplex. 
S' , t7?-. to muffle, wrap one's self up. 

EXVELOPPEUR, sm. wrapper. 

EXVEXIM-ER, I. va. to envenom; exas- 
perate; fester ; irritate ; poison. 

ENVER-RAi 22 ras 23 ra 2 ' rons 25 rez 26 ront 27 
rais 28 - 29 rait 30 rois 28 -** roit 30 rions 31 riez 
32 roient 33 raient 33 , I'.ENVOYER, to send. 

put up twigs; trvist; cross. 

EXVERGU-ER, I. ra. to bend the sails. 

ENVERGURE, sf. bending of sails; their 
breadth, length, $c. ; extent between the 
two extremities of the wings of a bird. 

ENTERS, pr. towards; to. sm. the wrong 
fide. A 1' , ad. wrong side outwards ; 
cross-grained. Ses affaires vont a 1' , 
his affairs are on the decline, [stretching. 

EXVERS-ER, I. va. to trim a stuff by 

EN VI, a 1' , ad. with emulation; emu- 
louslij ; in emulation of. 

ENVIE, sf.cnvi/; desire ; fancy ; mole; 
spot; mark of the mother's longing ; 
Jlow. de vomir. qualm ;Jit of sick- 

ENVIEILLI, E, a. inveterate. [ness. 

EX VI KILL-IK, II. fa. to make appear old. 

EXVI-ER, I. va. to envy; grudge; wish 
for; vie; contest; emulate. [agnails. 

ENVIES, sf. pi. flaws about the nails; 

ENVIEU-x, SE. a. s. envious ; jealous. 
EXVINE, E, a. having or smelling of good 

wine. [sm. adjacent parts ; environs. 
EXVIRON, ad. about ; thereabout. s, 
ENVIRONN-ER, I. va. to environ; sur- 

round. [to eye; view; consider. 

ENV1SAG-ER 1 , EN VISAGE-ANT 2 , I. a,. 
ENVOI, sm. sending; envoi/; transmission. 
ENVOIE! int. put the helm a-lee! 
EXVOl-E 4 - 6 - 34 - 35 - 39 - 41 es 5 - 40 ent 9 ' 38 ' 14 , f. 

ENVOYER, to send. [warp. 

ENVOIL-ER, I. S' , vr. to bend itself; 
ENVOIS1NE, E, a. having neighbour*. 

Eien , E, a. in a good neighbourhood. 
ENVOL-ER, I. S' , vr. to fly away ; brimj 

awafi ;fly off'. [sorcery. 

EXVOuTEMENT, sm. sort of mischievous 
ENVOUT-ER, I. va. to bewitch; deceive; 
ENVOYE, sm. messenger, [hill by a spell. 
EXVOY-ER 1 ant 2 e 3 es 3 ee 3 ees 4 ons 7 -' j6 e/. 

8.37 aigio.ii ait i2 ois 10 - 11 oit 12 ions 13 - 42 

iez 14 - 43 aient 15 oient 1 * ai 16 as 17 a 18 araes lu 

ates 20 erent 21 asse 45 asses 46 at 47 assions 48 

assiez 49 assent 50 , va. to send; dcspalch ; 

emit. querir, to send for ; See Es- 


ENYVRE, E, a. inebriated; drunk. 
EOLE, sm. (ISolus. D' , a. Evlian. 
EOLIEN, EOLIQUE, sin. a Greek dialect. 
EPACTE, sf. epact; days added to m<ik>: 

the lunar as long as the solar year. 
EPAGXEUL, sm. E, sf. spaniel dog; crin- 

ging fellow. E, sf. spaniel bitch. 
EPAILL-ER, I. va. to clean gold or si.lcer. 
EPA1S, SE, a. thick; dull; mothery ; sm. 

thickness; density, ad. thichlij. 
fePAISSEUR, sf. thickness ; thick. 
EPAISS-iR, II. va. to thicken; mother. 
EPAISSISSEMENT, sm. thickening. 
EPALEMEXT, sm. stamp. 
EPAMPREMEXT, sm. taking away the 

leaves of the vine, [brandies of viney. 
EPAMPR-ER, I. va. to strip off leaves and 
EPANCHEMEXT, sm. pouring out; cjf'n- 

sion; disclosing. [S' , vr. to overflow. 
EPAXCH-ER, I va. to pour out; disclose. 
EPANCHOIR, sm. drain; gutter. 

-RE 1 ant 2 u 3 ue 3 us 3 ues 3 s 4 - 5 - 34 ons 

' 2 ions 13 - 42 iez 14 - 43 aient 15 oient 15 is 1G - l7 it u 
imes 19 Ites2irent 21 rai 22 ras 23 ra 34 Tons'-*- 
I 3 



[IXF.M. 1 PRES.T. 2 PART.PRES. 3 PART.PAST.j IND. M. PRES.T. 4 1st p.S. 5 2dp.S. 

13 14 13 PRET. 16 lstp.s. 17 2dp.s. 18 3d p.s. 19 
27 3d p. pi. COND.M. 28 lstp.s. 29 2dp.s. 30 3d p.s. 31 32 2dp.pL 3a 3d 
PRES.T. 39 lstp.s. 4 2dp.s. 41 3dp.s. 1st p. pi. 43 44 IMPERF. 

rez 26 ront 27 rais 28 - 29 rait 30 rois 28 ' 29 roit 30 
rions 31 riez 32 raient 33 roient 33 e 35 - ?9 ' 41 es 
4 <> isse 45 isses 46 it 47 issions 48 issiez 49 is- 
sent 50 ; va. to scatter; throw about, 
S' , vr. to spread ; overflow. 

EPANOU-IR, II. va. to dilate; S' , vr. to 
blow ; bloom ; cheer up. 

EPANOUISSEMENT, sm. blowing, open- 
ing of flowers ; cheerfulness. de cceur, 
de rate, laughter ; mirth ; merriment. 

EPARCET, sm. kind of hay. [throw out. 

KPAR-ER, I. S' , vr. to fling the heels ; 

EPARGNANT, E, a. saving; parsimo- 
nious; thrifty ; sparing; near. 

EPARGNE, sf. savingncss; frugality; 
parsimony. U du roi, the exchequer. 
Tresorier de 1' , king's treasurer. 6 of 

EPARGN-ER, I. va. to spare; lay by, 
save. N' rien, spare or save nothing; 
leave no stone unturned. 

fcPARPILLEMENT, sm. a scattering. 

EPARPILL-ER, I. va. to scatter; spread. 

EPARS, E, a. scattered; loose, sm. du 
pavilion, the flag-staff ; ensign-staff. 

EPART, sm. sort of rush, for baskets. 

EPARVIN, epervin, sm. spavin; ring-bone. 

EPATE, a. broad-footed. Verre , glass 
without afoot. Nez , abroad flat nose. 

EPAT-ER, 1. va. to break the foot of a 

EPAUFRURE, sf. shard ; splinter, [glass. 

EPAULARD, sm. large sea-fish like the 
dolphin; orka; orh. 

EPAULE, */. shoulder; flank; bow of a 
ship. Faire une chose par dessus 1' , to 
leave a thing undone. Preter les s a 
quelqu'un, help one. Plier les s, brook 
with. Pousser le temps avec 1' , keep 
life and soul together. Regarder quel- 
qu'un par dessus 1' , look upon one 
with contempt. II ne jette pas les s de 
mouton par la fenetre, he lets nothing 
go to waste, [broken-legged; cracked. 

EPAULE, E, a. shoulder-broken; splayed; 

EPAULEE, sf. shouldering; lift ; fore - 
quarter of a sheep, &c. par s, pi. by 
girds and snatches ; by Jits and starts. 

EPAULEMENT, sm. cpaulement; shoul- 
der; shouldering piece; demi-bastion. 
In strictness, that elevation of earth 
whichforms the wings of a battery, and 
covers the guns in flank; rampart. 

EPAUL-ER, I. va. to slip one's shoulder; 

sjilay ; prop ; back '; cover. [or strap. 

EPAULETTE, */. epaulet ; shoulder-piece 

EPAULIERE, sf. shoulder-piece. 

EPAURE,s/. ledge and spar for framing. 

EPAVE, a. strayed. s, sf. pi. wrecked 

EPAVITE, sf. escheat, [goods ; sea-weeds. 

EPEAUTRE, sm. spelt ; kind of corn. 

EPEE, sf. sword. Traineur d' , bully. 

Son est trop courte, his interest is 

not strong enough. C'est son de 

chevet, he is at his command. Presser 

un hommel' dans les reins, to press one 

hard. II se fait tout blancde son , he 

boasts of great interest. C'est un coup 

d'^- dans 1'eau, it is like beating the air. 

Emporter a la pointe de 1' , to obtain 

after hard tugging; carry. II a fait un 

beau coup d' , he has made a fine job 

of it, truly. Mettre quelque chose du 

cote de 1' , to lay something by. 

EPEL-ER, I. va. to spell. 

EPELLATION, sf. spelling, [epcnthesis. 

EPENTHESE, sf. insertion of a letter ; 

EPEQUE, sf. large spotted wood-pecker. 

EPERDU, E, a. extremely disordered; 
dismayed ; truly wretched. [lently. 

EPERDUMENT, ad. desperately; vio- 

EPERLAN, sm. smelt; sparling. 

EPERON, sm. spur; ship's beak-head; 
buttress; starlings. Donner un coup 
d' jusqu'a un certain endroit, to gallop 
to a place. II n'a ni bouche ni , he 
has neither wit nor courage. Chausser 
les s a quelqu'un, to put one to flight. 

EPERON NE, E, a. spurred; gerffled; 

EPERONN-ER, I. va. to spur, [wrinkled. 

EPERONNIER, sm. spurrier; lorimer. 

EPERONNIERE, */. spur-leather. [net. 

EPERVIER, sm. sparrorv-hatvk ; swccp- 

EPETIT, sm. ox-bane, creating lust. 

EPHEBE, sm. youth just come to the age 
0/14; a lad. [disease; large freckles. 

EPHELIUE, sf. sun-burning; cuticular 

EPHEMERE, a. ephemeral; existing only 
one day. sm. sort of flying insect, 
which lives only one day. [reckonings. 

EPHEMERIDES, sf. ephemeris; astron. 

EPHETES, sm. Athenian judges. 

EPHIALTES, SHI. kind of night-mare. 

EPHOD, sm. cphod; hind of girdle. 

EPH ( 179 ) EPI 

6 3d p.s. ' 1st p.',.!. b 9 IMPERF. 10 1st p.s. 1! 2d p.s. 
pi. -' FUT. 22 1st p.s. 23 2dp.s. 24 3d p.s. 2 - 3 1st p. pi. 
p. pi. IMP. M. y ' 2d p. s. 35 3d p. s. *> 1st p. pi. 37 2d p. pi. 3a 3d p. pi. 
1st p. s. 46 2d p. s. 4 " 3d p. s. - 8 1st p. pi. 49 2d p. pi. 

50 3d p. pi. 

12 3d p.s. 
26 2d p. pi. 

EPHORE, sm. ejmorus; judge; magis- 

EPI, sm. ear of corn. [irate. 

EPIALE,it.contmual; sf. shivering fever. 

EPlAN, sm. the yams. See PIAX. 

EPICE, sf. spice; judge's fee. blanche, 
pounded ginger. Fine , sharp blade; 
cunning jade. Chere , dear ware. 
Pain d' , gingerbread. s, sf. pi. 
fees; profits ; sweet-meats ; junkets. 

EPICE A, EPICIA, sm. pilch-tree ; kind 

of fir. [like enfant, parent. 

'EPICENE, a. ; of both sexes; word 

EPIC-ER, I. va. to spice; season a dish. 

EPICERIE, sf. spices; grocery-ware. 

EPICI-ER, srn. ERE, sf. grocer. [skull. 

EPICRANE. sm. epicranium; skin of the 

EPICURIEN, KE, a. epicurian; volup- 
tuous, sm. an epicure, [voluptuous life. 

EPICURISMS, sm. doctrine of Epicurus ; 

EPICYCLE, sm. epicycle; small circle. 

EPI-D'EAU, sm. pond-weed ; water-spike. 

EPIDfeMIE, sf. epidemy ; contagious dis- 

EPIDEMIQUE, a. epidemical. [ease. 

EPIDERME, sm. epidermis ; first and 
thinnest skin of beings and plants. 

EPI-ER, I. va. to watch; spy; observe; 
vn. to shoot into ears ; ear ; spire. 

EPIERR-ER, I. va. to clear off stones. 

EPIEU, sm. boar-spear ; javelin. 

EPIGASTRE, sm. epigastrium; vpper 
part of the stomach, [to the stomach. 

KPIGASTRIQUE, a. epigastric ; belonging 

EPIGEONN-ER, I. va. to use the stuff or 
plaster rather stiff'. [flap. 

&PIGLOTTE, sf. uvula ;epiglottis; throat- 

EPIGRAMMATIQUE, a. epigrammatical. 

EPIGRAMMATIS-ER, I. va. to lampoon. 

KPIORAMMATISTE, sm. epigrammatist. 

EPIGRAM ME, sf. epigram; short sarcas- 
tic poem ; nip. [tion on public buildings. 

EPIGRAPHS, sf. epigraph; motto; inscrip- 

EPI LANCE, sf. falling-sickness ; epilepsy, 
with birds. 

EPILEPSIE, sf. falling sickness ; epilepsy. 

EPILEPTIQUE, a. epileptic, s. one trou- 
bled with epilepsy. [any work. 
EPILOGUE, sm. epilogue; conclusion of 
EPILOGU-ER, I. va. to carp at ; censure. 
EPILOGUEUR, sm. fault-finder ; critic. 
EPIN'ARDS, sm. pi. spinage. 
EPINC-ERi, EPIXg-ANT 2 , I. va. to burl. 

EP1NCETEU-R, sm. SB, sf. burlcr. [nut. 
EPINCET TE, sf. small pincers in cloth ma- 
EPINC. OIR, sm. pavier's hammer. 
EPINE, sf. a thorn; prickle; rub; in- 
tricacies; crosses. blanche, harv- 
thorn. noire, black thorn. vi- 
nette, barberry. dudes, back-bone; 
6PINETTE, sf. spinet; virginal, [spine. 
EPINEU-x, SE, a. thorny ; difficult ; fus- 
sy ; unsafe ; full of rocks and breakers. 
EPINGARE, sm. one-pounder ; small gun. 
EPINGLE, Tirer son du jeu, 
to get safe out of a scrape. Elle est 
tiree a 4 s, she is extremely well 
dressed. s, pi. a pair of gloves ; a 
EPINGLETTE, sf. priming-iron, [present. 
EPINGLI-ER, KRE, s. pin-maker or seller. 
fePINIERE, a. spinal; of the spine. 
EPINIERS, thorn-grove; thicket. 
EPINOCHE, sm. best coffee; sf. sortofjish. 
KPIPHANIE, sf. epiphany ; 12th day. 
EPIPHONEME, sm. epiphonema; excla- 
EPIQUE, a. epic; heroic. [mat to it. 

EPISCOPAL, E, a. ; of a bishop. 
EPISCOPAT, sm. episcopacy. [num. 

EPISCOPATJX, sm. episcopalians; church- 
EPISCOPISAJJT, sm. one making interest 
to get a bishopric ; a. acting the bishop. 

EPISCOPIS-ER, I. vn. to make interest 

r for a bishopric; cringe. [digression. 

EPISODE, sm. episode; incidental story; 

EPISODI-ER, I. vn. toepisodizc; digress. 

EPISODIQUE, a. episodical; accessory. 

EPISS-ER, I. va. to splice; join. 

EPISSOIR, sm.marline or splicing-spike. 

EPISSURE, sf. splice; splicing, [writing. 

EP1STOLAIRE, a. epistolary; of letter 

EPISTOLIER, sm. letter scribbler ; epist- 

EPITAPHE, sf. epitaph. [ler ; missal. 

EPITASE, sf.epitasis; explaining part of 

EPITE, sf. peg ; wedge. [a poem . 

EPITHALAME, sm. epithalamium ; song 
or poem celebrating a wedding. 

KPITIIEME, sm. epithem ; topic. 

EPITHETE, sf. epithet; adjective. 

EPI-THYM, sm. dodder, herb. [coat. 

EPITOGE, sf. kind of hood; Koman great 

EPITOME, sm. epitome; abridgment. 

EPITOM-ER, I. va. to cjjitomisc ; abridge. 

KPiTRE, xf. epistle; letter in rhyme. 

EP1TROPE, sm. arbitrator ; sf. concession. 

EPL ( 180 ) EQU 

[INF.M. PRES.T. 2 PART.PRES. S PART.PAST.] IND.M. PRES.T. 4 lst p.s. 5 2d p.s. 
I3 14 ' 5 PRET. 16 lstp.s. 1 '2dp.s. ' 8 3d p.s. I9 
^ 3d COND.M. 28 1st p.s. 29 2dp.s. 30 3d p.s. 3l 1st 32 2d 33 3d 
PRES.T. 391st p.s. 40 2dp.s. 41 3dp.s. 42 43 44 IMPERF. 

EPLAIGN-ER, I. va. to comb a piece of 

cloth. r 

EPLORE, E, a. weeping ; all in tears. 
EPLOYE, E, a. displayed, in heraldry. 
EPLUCHEMENT, sm. picking. 
EPLUCH-ER, I. va. to pick ; sift; lop off; 

cut off. S' , vr. to clean one's self. 
EPLUCHEU-R, sm. SE, sf. picker, in basket 
EPLUCHOIR, sm. picking-knife, [making. 
EPLUCHURES, sf. pi. pickings. 
EPODE, sf. cpod ; 3d part of a canto. 
EPOINTE, E, a. hip- shot ; sprained. 
KPOIXT-ER, I. va. to blunt; spoil the 
EPOINTURE, sf. hip-shot ; sprain, [point. 
EPOIS, sin. trackings on deer's horns. 
EPONGE, sf. sponge. II boit comme une 
, he drinks like a fish. Presser 1 , to 
make one refund. Passer 1' sur quel- 
que chose, efface the memory of a 
thing. [wash with a sponge. 

EPONG-ER 1 , EPONGE-ANT 2 , I. va. to 
EPONGIER, sm. one bearing sponges. 
EPONTILLAGE, sm. shoring ; propping. 
EPONTILLE, sf. stanchion; prop; shore. 
EPONTILL-ER, I. va. to shore; prop. 
EPOPEE, sf. epic poem; long recital. 

EPOQUE, sf. epoch ; <r.ra ; time. [dust. 

EPOUDR-ER, I. ra. to dust; beat off the 

EPOUFF-ER, I. S' , vr. to steal away. 

EPOUILL-ER, I. va. to clean of lice. [tie. 

EPOULIN, sin. spindle-reed; small shut- 

EPOUMONN-ER, I. S' , vr. to tire one's 

EPOUSAILLES, sf. pi. wedding, [lungs. 

EPOUSE, sf. spouse; consort; wife. 

EPOUSE, E, a. married; sf. the bride. 

EPOUS-ER, I. va. to marry ; espouse. 

EPOUSEUR, sm. a fortune-hunter. 

EPOUSSET-ER, I. va. to dust; brush; 

EPOUSSETTES, sf. pi. a brush, [bang. 

EPOUTI-ER, I. va. to clean new cloth. 

EPOUVANTABLE, a. dreadful; frightful. 

EPOUVANTABLEMENT, ad. terribly. 

EPOUVANTAIL, sm. bug-bear. de 
cheneviere, frightfully ugly person. 

EPOUVANTE, sf. fright; terror. 

EPOUVANTEMENT, sm. terror. [rifij. 

EPOUVANT-ER, I. va. to frighten ; ter- 

EPOUX, sm. spouse; bridegroom; pi. 
married couple; couple; pair. 

EPREIGN-ANT 2 ons7-36 ez 8 - 3 ? ent 9 - 38 - 44 ais 
ait' 2 ois 10 -" oit' 2 ions' 3 - 42 iez 14 " 13 

aient 15 oient 15 is 16 - 1 ? it' 8 imes' 9 ites 20 
irent 2 ' e 33 - 39 ' 41 es 40 isse 45 isses 46 it 4 ^ 
issions 48 issiez 49 issent 50 , part of 

EPREIND-RE' rai 22 ras 23 ra 24 rons 25 rez 26 
ront 2 ? rais 28 - 29 rait 30 rois 2B - 29 roit 30 rions 
31 riez 32 raient 33 roiont 33 ; EPREIN-s 4 - 
5.34 t 3.6 t s s t e 3 tes 3 , va. to squeeze out ; 
strain; wring ; press ; See EPREIGX. 

EPREINTE, sf. tcnesmus; a disease. 

EPREND6-RE' s 4 ^- 34 rai 2 * ras 23 ra 24 

rez^ ronf" rais 28 - 29 
roit 30 rions 31 riez 32 raient 33 roient 33 ; 


S 7.36 ez 8.37 ais 10.1l nit ia 

Oisi -"oit 12 ions' 3 - 42 iezi 4 - 43 aient' 5 oie]it 15 ; 
EPRENN-ENT 9 - 38 - 44 e 35 - 39 ' 41 es 40 ; S' , 
vr. to be smitten, charmed; SceEpR-is. 
EPREUVE, sf. trial ; proof. Seconde , 
EPRIS, E, a. smitten; taken. [revise. 
EPR-is 3 -' 6 -'? ise 3 ises 3 it 18 lines' 9 Ites 80 
irent 21 isse 45 isses 46 it 47 issions 48 issiez 49 
issent 50 ; v. EPRENDRE. [rienci: 

EPROUV-ER, I. va. to try; prove; e^-t- 
EPROUVETTE, sf. probe; gunpowder 
prover; iron-ladle. [strumcnt. 

EPTACORDE, sm. a sevcn-chordcd in- 
EPTAGONE, sm. heptagon ; seven sides. 
EPUC-ER 1 , EPUg-ANT 2 , I. va. to flea. 
EPUISABLE, a. that may be exhausted ; 
limited; exhaustible. [ion. 

EPU1SEMENT, sin. faintness; exhaust- 
EPUIS-EH, I. va. to drain; waste; ex- 
haust. S' , vr. wear one's self out. 
EPUISETTE, sf. small net for birds. 
EPULIE, BPULIDE, gf. gum-boil. 
EPULOTIQUE, sm. cpulotic; a. healing. 
EPURE, sf. large plan of a building ; 
model. [S' , vr. grow pure; improve. 
fiPUR-EH, I. va. torejine ; purge; clear; 
EPURGE, sf. spurge, a plant. [stone. 

EQUARR-iR, II. va. to square ; trim a 
EQUARRISSAGE, sm. squareness ; squar- 
EQUARRISSE.MENT, sm. squaring, [ing. 
EQUARRISSEUR, sm. horse-killer ; 
knacker. [square holes; a tool. 

EQUARRISSOIR, s/ti. instrument to innnc 
EQUATEUR, sm. equator; line betm-nt 
the poles, that divides the earth in tivo 
EQUATION, sf. equation. [equal parts. 
EQUATORIAL, sm. astronomical instr. 
EQUERRAGE, sm. bevelling ; bevel, [tion. 
EQUERRE, sf. square rule; a constella- 


6 3dp.s. ' 8 
2 J 21 
p. pi. IMP. M. 

( 181 ) 

' IMPERF. 10 lstp.S. 

FUT. w 1st p. s. 23 2d p. s. 24 3d p. s. 
34 2dp.s. 35 3dp.s. 36 1st p. pi. 

43 1st p. s. 46 2dp.s. * 3d p. s. 48 1st p. pi. 


11 2d p.s. l2 3d p. s. *> :M p. pi. 

. . . . 3 7 2d p. pi. 38 3d p. pl> SUBJ . M> 

EQUERR-ER, I. va. to bevel ; square. 
EQUESTRE, a. equestrian; horseman. 
EQUI ANGLE, a. equiangular; having 
equal angles. [equally distant. 

EQUIDISTANT, E, a. equidistant; being 
EQUILATERAL, E, a. equilateral. 
EQUILBOQUET, sin. mortise-gauge. 
EQUILIBRE, sm. equilibrium. Fairs 
1' , to balance. Mettre en , poise. 
Tenir les puissances en , keep the ba- 
lance of power, [days and nights. 
EQUINOXE, sm.. equinox; equal length, of 
EQUINOXIAL, sin. equatorial line. , E, 
a. cquinoxial; pertaining to the equi- 
noxes. [ de pompe, pump-gear. 
EQUIPAGE, sm. equipage; ship's crew; 
EQUIPE. sf. set of light boats. 
EQUIPEE, sf. foolish design ; prank. 
EQUIPEMENT, sm. equipment; fitting 
out; manning; equipping, [put; man. 
EQUIP-ER, I. va. to equip; accoutre; fit 
EQUIPET, sm. small open locker on board. 
EQUIPOLLENCE, sf. ; equal value. 
EQUIPOLLENT, E, a. equivalent. 1 
P , ad. proportionally . [balance. 
KQUIPOLL-ER, I. va. to be equivalent; 
EQUITABLE, a. equitable; just. 
EQUITABLEMENT, adjust/;/ ; uprightly. 
feQUITATION, sf. horsemanship ; art of 
EQUITE, sf. equity; justice. [riding. 
EQUIVALEMMENT, ad. in an equivalent 
manner; equiralcutly. [EQUIVALOIR. 
feQUIVAILL-B 35 - 39 ' 41 ent 38 - 44 es 40 , v. 
EQUIVALENCE, sf. equivalence; compen- 
KQUIVALENT, E, a. s. equivalent. [sation. 
EQUIVAL-oiR 1 ant 2 u 3 ue 3 us 3 ' 16 ' 17 ues 3 

,7.36 p ,8.37 

ent a ais 

islO.ll .,ifI2 


oit 12 ions 13 - 42 iez 14 - 43 aient 15 oient 15 
ut 18 umes 19 utes 20 urent 21 usse 45 usses 40 
ut 47 ussions 48 ussiez 49 ussent 50 ; EQUI- 
VAUD-RAi 22 ras 23 ra 24 rons 2 ^ rez 28 ront 

27 ra i s 2.s.29 

rions 31 

riez 32 raient 33 roien 

EQUIVAU-x 4 ' 

vn fo fo qffquai va i ue fr e e qui- 
rnlsnt to. See EQUIVAILL-E. 
KiH'IVOQUE, a. equivocal; dubious. 
sf. equivocation ; 2>uu; double meaning. 
EQUIVOQU-ER, I. va. to equivocate; 
speak ambiguously. S' , vr. to mis- 
take one word for another; blunder. 
F.RABLE, sm. maple-tree; witten-trce. 

ERADICATION, sf. ; pulling, root ing 
ERAD1CATI-F, VE, a. eradicative. [out. 
ERAFL-ER, I. va. to gaze on; scratch. 
ERAFLURE, sf. slight hurt; scratch. 
BRAILLE, E, a. OZil , blood-shot eye. 
ERAILLE.MENT, sm. dropping of tite 
lower eye-lid. [nieave ; stretch ; rub hard. 
ERAILL-ER, I. va. to fray; fret; ?/n- 
ERAILLURE, sf. fray ing; rubbing hard. 
ERATE, E, a. brisk ; lively. 
ERAT-ER, I. va. to cut the spleen; cheer; 
ERE, sf. (era; epoch; time, [make merry. 
ERECTEUR, sm. erector, [establishment. 
ERECTION, sf. ; standing; raising; 
EREINT-ER, I. va. to break one's back. 
EREMITIQUE, a. eremitical; solitary. 
ERGO, sm. therefore; quibble. 
ERGOT, sm. cock's spur. Se lever sur ses 

s, to talk passionately and proudly. 
ERGOTE, E, a. spurred; diseased. 
ERGOT-ER, I. vn. to cavil; wrangle. II 

ergote sur tout, he finds fault with every 

thing, is always wrangling. 
ERGOTEUR, sm. caviller; jvranglcr. 
ERIG-ER 1 , ERlGE-Axr 2 , I. va. to erect; 

raise. S' , vr. to set one's self up. 

ERMINETTE, sf. adze; addicc. [ing. 

; EROSION, sf. erosion ; corrosion ; canker- 

I EROTIQUE, a. erotic; amorous. Delire 

, sort of melancholy occasioned by 

excessive locc. Ecrits s, romance. 
ERRANT, E, a. straying ; vagrant ; nan- 

derimj ; errant. [corrections. 

ERRATA, tm.. errata; list of faults with 
ERRATIQUE, a. wandering ; wild ; 

erratic. Etoiles s, sf. the jylancts. 
I ERRE, sf. slow or quick sailing of a ship. 

Aller belle , to go at a great rate. 

Ce jeune homme va grand' , that young 

gentleman sets off at a high rate. s, 

pi. traces of a stag. Marcher sur IP* 

s de quelqu'un, to tread in a person's 

steps. s, earnest money. 
ERREMENS, sm. last proceedings, in law ; 

last pleadings. [with dispatch. 

ERREMENT-ER, I. vn. to proceed in law 
ERR-ER, I. vn. to err; wander; roam; 
ERREUR, sf. error; folly. [mistake. 
ERRON E, E, a. erroneous; false; mistaken. 
| ERRONEMENT, ad. erroneous! u. 
\ ERS, sm. fitch; bitter vetch. 

ERS ( 132 ) ESP 

[INF.M. ] PRES.T. 2 PART.PRES. 3 PART.PAST.] IXD.M. PRES.T. 4 1st p.S. 5 2dp.S. 

13 '* 13 PRET. i6 1st p.s. "adp.s. ls 3dp.s. 19 
27 COND.M. 28 lstp.s. 2d p.s. 30 3dp.s. 3 1st p. pi. 3a 2d 33 3d 
PRES.T. 39 1st p.s. 40 2dp.s. 4l 3dp.s. 42 1st 43 44 3d IMPERF. 

ERSE, sf. grommet. de poulies, llock- 

ERSEAU, sm. small grommet. [strops. 

ERTE, sf. high place; steep; watch-toner. 

ERUCTATION, sf. ; belching. 

ERUDITION, sf. erudition; learning. 

ERUDIT, sm. learned; erudite; taught. 

ERUGINEU-x, SE, a. eruginous; rcsem- 

ERUPTI-F, VE, a. eruptive, [bling rust. 

ERUPTION, sf. eruption; burst, [sipelas. 

ERYSIPELE, sm. disease of the skin; cnj- 

ES, pr. of. Maitre-es-arts, master of arts. 

ES 5 -T 6 , v. ETRE, to be. See Suis. 

ESCABEAU, tin. ESCABELLE, sf. stool. 
Remuer les escabelles, to remove. 

ESCABELLON, sm. stand for a bust; 

ESC ACHE, sf. scratch. [pedestal. 

ESCADRE, sf. squadron of ships; part of 
a fleet. Chef d' , sm. commodore. 

ESCADRILLE, sf. little squadron. 

ESCADRON, sin. squadron of horse. 

ESCADRONN-ER, I. vn. to form into 

ESCAPE, sf. kick in the back, [squadrons. 

ESCAF-ER, I. va. to kick ; strike. 

ESCALADE, sf. escalade; scaling. 

ESCALAD-ER, I. va. to scaU; escalade. 

ESCALE, sf. stay. Faire dans un port, 
to make for a port, put into a port. 

ESCALIER, sm. staircase. a vis, 
winding-stairs. degage, back- 
stairs. derobe, private stairs. en 
liraace, spiral or minding stairs. 

ESCALIN, sm. Dutch shilling. 

ESC4LP-ER, I. va. to scalp. [Levant. 

ESCAMETTE, sf. sort of calico from the 

ESC AMOTE, sf. juggler's cork-ball.[pilfcr. 

ESCAMOT-ER, I. va. to juggle; palm; 

ESCAMOTEUR, sm.filcher ; pilferer. 

ESCAMP-ER, I. vn. to scamper away. 

ESCAMPETTE, */. il a pris de la poudre 
d' , lie has scampered away, [folly. 

ESCAPADE, sf. prank; fling of a horse; 

ESCAPE, sf. escape; shaft, [merry; brisk. 


ESCARBINE, sf. carbine; mushctoon. 

ESCARBITE, sf. calkcr's oil-box. 

ESCARBOT, sm. beetle; may-bug; chafer. 

ESCARBOUCLE, sf. carbuncle. 

ESCARBOUILL-ER, I. va. to squash. 

ESCARCELLE, sf. large purse. 

ESCARE, .sf. scab; sea-plant. 

ESC ARGOT, fin. snail; ill-shaped man. 

ESCARMOUCHE, sf. skirmish; scratch. 
ESCARMOUCH-ER, I. vn. to skirmish. 
ESCARMOUCHEUR, sm. skirmisher. 
ESCARPE, sf. scarp; inside mall of the 

ditch, towards the place. [scarj). 

ESCARPE, E, a. steep; rugged; having a 
ESCARPEMENT, sm. declivity ; steepness. 
ESCARP-ER, I. va. to cut steep down. 
ESCARPIN, sm. dress shoe. s, kind 

of stocks. E, sf. blunderbuss. 
ESCARPIN-ER, I. vn. to run swiftly. 
ESCARPOLETTE, sf. swing ; seesaw. 
ESCARRE, sf. slough; eschar; gap; scab. 
ESCAVESSADE, sf. check ; jerk, in riding. 
ESCIENT, SOT. A bon , ad. willingly ; 

in good earnest. 

ESCLANDRE, sm. disaster; insult. 
ESCLAVAGE, sm. slavery ; bondage. 
ESCLAVE, s. slave; drudge; dependant. 
ESCLAVON, NE, a. Sclavonic; Sclai'onian. 
ESCOBARD-ER, I. vn. to shuffle in dealing. 
ESCOBARDERIE, sf.shvffilng; cheating. 
ESCOCH-ER, I. va. to pat the dough. 
ESCOFFION, sm. woman's head-dress. 
ESCOGRIFFE, sm. spunger; shabbyfcllon'. 
ESCOMPTE, sm. discount; deduction. 
ESCOMPT-ER, I. va. to discount. 
ESCOPETTE, sf. sort of carabine; long 
ESCOPETTERIE, sf. volley, [hand-gun. 
ESCORE, sm. steep rock or coast; prop. 
ESCORTE, sf. escort; guard. 
ESCORT-ER, I. va. to escort; convoy. 
ESCOT, sm. aftmost corner of a lattcn 

sail. [company; detachment ; squad. 
ESCOUADE, sf. third jiart of a foot 
ESCOURGEE, sf. scourge; whip, [barley. 
ESCOURGEON, sm. anncl-corn; hasty- 
ESCOUSSE, sf. spring in leaping. 
ESCRIME, sf. fencing; tilting. Etre hors 

d' , to be put off' one's guard. 
ESCRIM-ER, I. vn. to fence; tilt ; dispute ; 

debate. S' de, vr. to dabble in. 
ESCRIMEUR, sm. fencer ; fencing-matter. 
ESCRIN, ECRIN, sm. jewel-box. 
ESCROC, sm. sharper; pilferer, {pilfer. 
ESCROQU-ER, I. va. to trick; spiutfjc ; 
ESCROQUERIE, sf. swindling ;spungin{>. 
ESCROQUEU-R, SE, s. sharper ; swindler. 
ESMILL-ER, I. va. to chop; pick. 
ESOPHAGE, sm. (Eso2wagi<s ; neasand- 
ESPACE, sm. space; distance. [pipe. 

ESP ( 183 ) EST 

6 3dp.s. i 1st p. pi. 8 3d p. pi. 9 3d p. pi. IMPERF. 10 lstp.s. 11 2dp.s. 12 3dp.s. 

2 2d p. pi. 2l 3d p. pi. PUT. 22 1st p. s. as 2d p. s. 24 3d p. s. 25 1st p. pi. 26 2d p. pi. 

p.pL IMP. M. J4 2dp.s. 3o 3dp . s . 3(J SUBJ.M. 

35 3d p.s". M i s t p . p i. 37 2 d p. pi 

1st p. pi. 49 2d p. pi. 50 3d p. pi 

E3PACEMEXT, sin. distance; space. 
ESPAC-ER 1 , I. va. to distance; divide. 
ESPAD-ER, I. ra. to tew or beat hemp. 
ESPADON, sm. longSf broad two-handed- 
sword; swordjisk. [back-sword. 
ESPADOXX-ER, I. vn. to fight with the 
ESPAGNOL, E, a. Spanish; Spaniard. 
ESPAGXOLETTE, sf.Jinc ratteen; sash- 
mindowfastening.[vn. to speak Spanish. 
ESPAGXOLIS-ER, I. va. to make Spanish; 
ESPALE, sf. 1st seat of rowers in galleys. 
ESPALIER, sm. wall-tree; Jirst rower on 

each bench of a galley. 
ES PALME, sm. kind of varnish, [reen. 
ESPALM-ER, I. ra. to grave a ship; ca- 
ESPART, sm. wringing pole for silk. 
ESPATULE, sf. spatula; slice. 
ESPECE, if. species; hind; case. s, 
pi. coin; goods; forms. Payer en s, 
sonnantes, to pay in cash. 
ESPERANCE, sf. hope; hopes; trust. 
Duns 1' , in hope, with the expectation. 
ESPER-ER, I. ra. to hope; expect, vn. 
aux promesses de, conjide in one's 
promises. en quelqu'un, trust in 
ESPERLUCAT, sm. brisk; pert. [one. 

'.LE, a. waggish; s. wag. 
ESPIEGLERIE, sf. frolic; waggish 
trick; boy's trick. ESPINGOLE, sm. 
ESPIOX, sm. spy; scout, [blunderbuss. 
ESPIONXAGE, sm. the being a spy; rvatch- 
ESPIONNE, sf. female spy. [ing; s2Jying. 
ESPIOXN-ER, I. ra. to spy ; watch close. 
KSl'LAXADE, sf. ; parade; glacis. 
ESPOIR, sm. Jwpe ; small piece of artillery. 
ESPOLETTE, sf. gun-powder tin-box. 
ESPOXTOX, sm, spontoon ; half-pike. 
ESPRIXGALE, sf. hind of sling. 
ESPRIT, sm. spirit; mind; genius; sense; 
nit; motive; ghost; soul; way; per- 
ton; favour. Le Saint , the Holy 
Ghost. Avoir 1' aux talons, not to 
think what one says or docs. de 
parti, party-spirit. remuant, sedi- 
tious fellow. double, deceitful man. 
Esprit fort, deist ; atheist. 
ESPURGE, sf. spurge, a plant. 
ESQUIF, sm. skiff; small boat. 
ESQUILLE, sf. splinter of a broken bone. 
ESQUINANCIE, sf.squinancy, sore throat. 
ESQUIXE, sf. horse's back. 

ESQUIPOT, sm. barber's money-box. 
ESQUISSE, sf. sketch; trial; outline. 
ESQUISS-ER, I. va. to sketch; try. 
ESQUIV-ER, I. va. to eschew ; avoid ; shun 

S' , vr. to steal away ; scamper ojf'. 
ESSAI, sm. essay ; trial ; taste; specimen. 
Faire 1' , to assay ; try. [SAYER. 

ESSAIE, sf. sort of madder. 6 ' 34 , r. Es- 
ESSAI.M, ESSAIX, sm. swarm; crowd. 
ESSAIM-ER, I. vn. to swarm off". 
ESSAXG-ER 1 , ESSAXGE-ANT 2 , I. va. to 
iv et foul linen before washing ; prepare. 
ESSARD-ER, I. va. to swab; rub dry. 
ESSART-ER, I. ra. to grub up; assart. 
ESSAY-ER, I. ra. to try ; taste; vn. to at- 
tempt. S' , vr. to try one's hand at. 
ESSAYERIE, sf. the assaying of metals. 
ESSAYEUR, sm. assayer. 
ESSE, sf. any piece of iron like an S ; 

gun-carriage forelock ; linch-pin. 
ESSEAU, sm. hatchet; shingle. [oil. 

ESSEXCE, sf. essence; nature ; perfumed 
ESSEXT1EL, LE, a. essential; real. Ami 
, true friend. L" , sm. the main 
point. LEMENT, ad. essentially. 
ESS-ER, I. va. to liook the wire. 
ESSETTE, sf. cooper's cutting hammer. 
ESSEULE, E, a. lonesome; forsaken. 
ESSIEU, AISSIEU, sm. axle-tree. 
ESSIM-ER, I. va. to make thin. un 

faucon, thin or train a hamk. 
ESSOR, sm. flight; soaring up; bold at- 
tempt. Prendre 1' , to soar up ; take 
wing; fly away. Donnerl' a son ima- 
gination, let one's fancy ramble, [dry. 
ESSOR-ER, I. vn. to soar up. va. to air ; 
ESSORILL-ER, I. va. to cut off' the ears. 
ESSOUCH-ER, I. va. to pull out stumps. 
ESSOUFFL-ER, I. va. to put out of breath. 
ESSOURD-IR, II. ra. to deafen; tn;. 
ESSOURISS-ER, I. ra. to cut the cartilage 
called SOURIS. [SUIE-MAIX, sm. tuifvf. 
ESSUI, SHI. drought; drying-place. ES- 
ESSUY-ER, I. va. to wipe; dry up; hear ; 
endure; undergo. [ETRE, to be. 

EST, sm. east; rising sun. EST 6 , v. 
ESTACADE, sf. staccado ; cross-boom. 
ESTACHE, */. stake; post. 
ESTAFE, sf. contribution-money. 
ESTAFETTE, sf. courier; express. 
ESTAFIER, sm. footman; bully. 

EST ( 184 ) ETA 

[INF.M. ^RES.T. 2 PART.PRES. 3 PART.PAST.] IND.M. PRES.T. < 1st p.S. 5 2d p.S. 

I3 14 15 3d PBET. 16 lstp.s. 17 2dp.s. I8 3d p.s. 19 COND.M. 28 1st p.s. 29 2dp.s. 3 3d p.s. 3l 1st 32 2 d 33 3d 
PRES.T. 39 lstp.s. 40 2d p.s. 41 3dp.s. 42 43 2d 44 3d IMPERP. 

ESTAF1LADE, sf. slash; rent; cut. 

KSTAFILAD-ER, I. va. to slash; cut deep. 

ESTA1MS, sin. lower parts of the stern 
fashion pieces. ESTAMBORD, sm. 

ESTAME, sf. knit worsted. [stern-post. 

ESTAMINET, sm. sot's-fiole; smoking 
kind of tap ; low divan; public-house. 

ESTAMPE, sf. print; cut; stamp. 

ESTAMP-ER, I. va. to stamp; emboss. 

ESTAMPILLK. sf. excise-mark, [mark. 

ESTAMPILL-ER, I. va. to put an excise- 

ESTANC, . Navire , close ship. 

ESTANCE, sf. Samson's post; stanchion. 

EST-ER a droit, I. vn. to make one's ap- 
pearance before the judges. en 
jugement, plead in one's own name. 

ESTERE, sf. mat made of rushes. 

ESTERLIN, tin. sterling; weight of 28 
grains and a-half; 20th part of an 

ESTILLE, sf. weaver's loom. [ounce. 

ESTIMABLE, a. estimable; valuable. 

ESTIMATEUR, sm. appraiser. 

ESTIMATION, sf. estimation; estimate. 

ESTIMATIVE, sf. discerning faculty. 

ESTIME, sf. esteem; value; regard; opi- 
nion ; judgment. Estime du chemin d'un 
navire, estimation of a shi2)'s course. 

ESTIM-ER, I. va. to esteem; appraise; 
reckon ; estimate ; value ; judge ; reckon. 

ESTIOMENE, a. corrosive. 

ESTIVE, sf. trimming of a ship. [sure. 

ESTIV-ER, I. va. to trim a cargo by pres- 

ESTOC, sm. stock; lineage ; family. Brin 
d' , a pole; staff'. Cela ne vient pas 
de son , that does not come from him. 
Dire quelque chose de son , to say 
something out of one's own head. 

ESTOCADE, sf. thrust. Porter une a 
quelqu'un, to borrow money of one; 

ESTOCAD-ER, I. va. to tilt ; dun. [strike. 

ESTOMAC, sm. the stomach ; breast. 

ESTOMAQU-ER, I. S' , vr. to resent. 

ESTOMPE, sf. stuir.p for crayon drawing. 

ESTOMP-ER, stump; use a stump. 

ESTOUPIN, sm. vent of a cannon. 

ESTRADE, sf. alcove. Battre 1' , to 
scout. Batteurs d' , sm. pi. scouts. 

ESTRAGON, sm. tarragon, herb. 
ESTRAMAQON, sm. sivord. Coup d' , 
cut over tJie head. [irith a sabre. 

ESTRAMAf;ONN-ER, to pl HOT fight ! 

ESTRAN, sm. sandy sea-coast. 

ESTRAPADE, sf. strappado; military 
punishment; rack. Donner 1' a sou 
esprit, to put one's brains upon the rack. 

ESTRAPAD-ER, I. va. to give the strappado 

ESTRAPASS-ER, I. va. to overwork a horse. 

ESTRAP-ER, 1. va. to mow the stubble. 

ESTRAPOIR, sm. instrument to mow 

ESTRAPONTIN, sm.. hammock, [stubble. 

ESTROP-ER, I. va. to receive a rope; strop 

ESTROPIAT, sm. lame beggar, [a block. 

ESTROPIE, E, a. maimed; lame. Cervella 
e, crack-brained person. 

ESTROPI-ER, I. va. to lame; maim; bun- 
gle: do clumsily ; botch; mutilate. 

EST.URGEON, sm. sturgeon, fish, [letter. 

ET, c. and; $ ; both. ETA, sm. 7th Greek 

ET CETERA, sm. and so on; so forth. 

ETABLAGE, tin. stabling. [stye. 

ETABLE, sf. con-house; ox-stall; hog- 

ETABL-ER, I. va. to put in a stable, &c. 

KTABLERIES, */ pi. large mews. 

ETABLI, sm. shop-board ; joiner's bench ; 
bank of a printing-press ; shop-coun ter. 

ETABL-IR, II. va. to establish; appoint; 
assert; make good; state; lay; broach; 
settle. une expression, bring an ex- 
pression into use. par des exemples, 
prove by instances. S' , vr. to settle. ; 
set up; get. II est etabli que, it is ge- 
nerally allowed that. 

ETABLISSEMENT, sm. establishment; 
settlement ; foundation. d'un fait, 
d'unc question, the stating of a matter 
of fact or of a question. 

ETAGE, sm. story ; Jtoor ; degree. Sot a 
triple , arrant fool. [hair slanting. 

ETAG-ER 1 , ETAGE-ANT 2 , 1. va. to cut the 

ETAGNE, sf. old she-goat. 

ETAI, sm. stay in a ship. du grand 
mat, the main stay. du grand 
dehune, the main top-mast stay. du 
grand perroquet, the main-top-gallant 
stay. du mat d'artimon, the wizen 
stay. du mat de misaine, the fore- 
stay. du perroquet de fougue, the 
mizc?i top-mast stay. ETAIE, sf. prop ; 
ETAIEMENT, sm. propping. [support. 
ETAIENT 1 -"', v. ETRE, to be. [pewter; tin. 

ETAIM, sm. carded-wool. ETA1N', sm. 
ETAl-s 10 - 11 t 12 ent 15 ; v. ETRE, to be. 


( 185 ) 

ETA ( 185 ) E 

6 3dp.s. 7 1st p. pi. 8 9 3d p. pi. IMPERF. 10 lstp.. __ ,__ 

20 21 FCT. ^Istp.s. 23 2dp.s. 24 3dp.s. 1st p. pi. * 

^1 I UP M 34oHn.s. 35 3 H n M 1st p. pi. ^ 2d p. pi. 38 3d p. pi. 


> 21 FCT. ^Istp 
p. pi. IMP. M. 34 '2dp.s. 3 s 3d p. s. 
^istp.s. 46 2dp.s. 4 ?3dp.s. 4S l 


10 1st p. s. '^dp.s. "Sdp.s. 
- -' ^ 

ETA L, sitt. butcher's or fishmonger's stall. 

ETALAGE, sin. stalling; sample; shew. 

ETALE, a. standing ; slack; steady. 

ETAL-ER, I. va. to hang out for sale; 
make parade of; spread. les ma- 
rees, n-ait for mind and tide. 

feTALEU-R,,sf. stall keeper, [of net. 

ETALI-ER, sm. ERE, sf. stall butcher; kind 

ETALIXGU-ER, to bend tlic cable 
to the anchor's ring. E, sf. clinch of a 

ETALOX, sm. stallion; standard, [cable. 

marking by the standard; stamping. 

ETALOXX-ER, I. va. to stamp tvith a 
standard mark. [mark measures. 

ETALOXXEUR, sm. officer appointed to 

ETAMAGE, sin. tinning; act of tinning. 

ETAMBORD, sm. stern-post. 

ETAMBRAIE, sm. pieces of jvood to fasten 
the mast ; partners. [sm.^pervterer. 

ETAM-ER, I. va. to tin over. ETAMEUR, 

ETAMINE, sf. bolting-cloth; stamine ; 
bunt 'me ; siece. Passer par 1' , to ex- 
amine or be examined closely. 8, pi. 
stamina ofjioners. 

ETAMIXIER, sm. bolting-cloth n-eavcr. 

ETAMPE, sf. stamp made of steel. 

KTAMP-ER, I. va. to pierce through; 

ETAMURE, sf. tinning, [stamp; emboss. 

ETAXCHE, sf. mettre a , tostop ; stanch. 

KTAXCHEMEXT, sm. stanching. 

ftTANCH-EB, I. va. to stanch; stop; 
quench; dry ttp ; slack. Vaisseau etan- 
che, tight, well-bound ship, [support. 

KTAXc'OX, sm. stanchion ; proj) ; stay; 

ETAX(,;OXX-ER, I. va. to prop ; stay. 

\, sm.pond; lake, [used at the mint. 

KTAXGUE, sf. large pincers or nippers, 

ETANT 2 , v. ETRE, to be. Arbres en etant, 
standing trees, [daily allorcance ; mnrt. 

fiTAPE, sf. staple; storehouse; soldier's 

ETAPIER, sm. officer appointed to give 
tJie soldier's allorcance ; sutler. 

fiTARQUURE, sf. drop; depth of a sail. 

ETAT, sin. state; case; may; purpose; 
condition; list; estimate; plight; ac- 
count; dignity. Faire , to depend 
on; hace a value for ; suppose. ma- 
jor, the staff. Capitaine du grand etat, 
captain of a ship of the line. Capitaine 
du petit , master and commander. 

ETAT-ER, I. va. to show cash to creditors 
for payment of dividends, [cers ; staff'. 
ETAT-MAJOR, sin. body of general ojfi- 
ETAU, sm. stall; vice. x, sin. sham- 
ETAVILLOX, sm. frank for gloves, [bles. 
ETAYEMEXT, sin. staying ; propping. 
ETAY-ER, I. va. to support; stay; shore. 
ETE, sm. summer; ete 3 , been; v. ETRE. 

ETEIGX-ANT 2 OI1S7-36 ez 8.37 ent 9-38.44 ^10 

11 ait 12 ois 10 - 11 oit 12 ions 13 -" iez 14 -^ 
aient 15 oient 15 is 16 - 1 ' it l8 lmes 19 ites 20 irent 

21 e 35.39.41 es 40 isse 45 isses 46 Jt 47 JssionS* 8 

issiez 49 issent 50 ; v. ETEINDRE, to extin- 
ETEIGNOIR, sm. extinguisher. [guish. 
ETEIXD-RE 1 rai 22 ras 23 ra 24 rons 35 rez 26 
ront 2 ? rais 29 - 29 rait 30 rois 26 - 29 roit 30 rions 
31 riez 32 raient 33 roient 33 ; ETEIX-T 3 - 6 
ts 3 te 3 tes 3 s 4<5 - 34 ; va. to extinguish; put 
out; quench; kill; abolish. une 
pension, redeem an annuity. S' , vr. 
to get out; go out ; See ETEIGNANT. 
ETEIXT, E, a. extinguished; qutnched; 
extinct ; dull. Des yeux s, deadened ; 
dull, dim eyes, [fiorse; n-et linen hung up. 
ETENDAGE, sm. drying Une; tcntcr- 
ETEXDARD, sm. standard; banner; co- 
lours; pavilion; command, [place. 
ETEXDOIR, sm. printer's pell; drying 
ETENDe-RE 1 ant 2 u 3 ue 3 us 3 ues 3 s 4 - 5 - 34 ons 
7-36 ez 8 - 3 7ent 9 - 38 - 44 ais 10 - 11 ait 12 ois 10 - 11 oit 

12 ions 13 - 42 iez"- 43 aieut 15 oient 15 is 16 - 1 ? it 
18 tmesis Ites^ irent 21 rai 22 ras 23 ra 24 rons 
25 rez^ ront^ rais 28 - 29 rait 30 rois 2 *- 29 roit 
30 rions 31 riez 32 raient 33 roient 33 e 35 - 39 - 4 ' 
es 40 isse 45 isses 46 It 4 ^ issions 48 issiez 49 is- 
sent 50 ; va. to extend; spread; stretch; 
exi)lain ; enlarge; explore. lacour- 
roie, to stretch one's perquisites; make 
a little money go far. quelqu'unsur 
le carreau, lay one dead. le parche- 
inin, multijrty trritings inorder to stccll 
the charges. S' , vr. to stretch one's 
self; reach; go; lust; enlarge. 

ETEXDU, E, a. spread; large; long; 

f prolix; tedious ; spran-liny ; stated. 

ETENDUE, sf. extent; extension; tract; 
space. Grande de voix, great pitch 
of voice. Esprit d'une grande , eery 
comprehensive genius. Libre , free 
scope. [L' , the Lord ; Jehovah. 

ETERXEL, LE, a. everlasting; endless. 


( 186 ) 


[IXF.M. ' PHES.T. 2 PART.PRES. 3 PART.PA8T.] IND.M. PRE3.T. 4 1st p.S. 5 2d p.S. 

13 u I5 PRET. 16 lstp.s. I7 2dp.s. 18 3dp.s. 19 
27 COND.M. 28 1st p.s. 29 2d p.s. 30 8dp.s. 31 1st 32 2d 33 3d 
PRES.T. 39 lstp.s. 40 2dp.s. 41 3dp.s. 4a 1st 43 2d 44 3d IMPERF. 

ETERNELLEMENT, ad. eternally; for 
ETERNIS-ER, I. va. to eternize. [ever. 
ETERNITE, sf. eternity ; endless time. 
ETERNU-ER, I. vn. to sneeze. MENT, sm. 
ETERNUEU-R, SE, s. sneezer, [sneezing. 
15TES 8 , you are ; v. ETRE, to be ; See Suis. 
ETESIEN, sm. Etesian ; annual, as winds. 
ETKSIES, trade-winds; monsoons. 
ETETEMENT, sm. lopping. 
ETET-ER, I. va. to lop off the top. 
ETEUF, sin. tennis-ball. Courii- apr6s 
son , to endeavour to recover one's loss. 
Renvoyer 1' , to give one a Roland for 
his Oliver; give tit for tat. 
ETEULE, sf. stubble; stalk of corn. 
ETHER, sm. ether; pure air. 
ETHERE, E, a. ethereal ; subtile. 
ETHIQUE, sf. ethics; morality. 
ETHNIQUE, a.ethnic; s. heathen; pagan. 
ETHOLOGIE, sf. ethologia ; morality. 
ETHOPEE, sf. ethopoeia; treatise on mo- 
ETIER, sm. drain for salt-pans. [rals. 
ETIEZ 14 , v. ETRE, to be. See ETAIS. 
ETINCELANT, E, a. sparkling; bright. 
ET1NCEL-ER, I. vn. to sparkle. 
ETINCELETTE, sf. small spark. 
ETINCELLE, */. spark; scrap. 
ETINCELLEMENT, sm. sparkling, [gling. 
ETIOLE, E, a. drawn up ; weak ; strag- 
ETIOL-ER, I. S' , vr. to grow long- 
ETIOLOG1E, sf. on causes. [shanked. 
ETIONS 13 , v. ETRE, to be. See ETAIS. 
ETIQUE, a. consumptive ; lean. [bel. 
ETIQUET-ER, I. va. to put a note to; la- 
ETIQUETTE, sf. note; ticket; ceremo- 
nial; concert; title. Juger sur 1' , to 
judge without a perfect knowledge of 
ETIR-ER, I. va. to stretch, [the matter. 
ETNA, sm. JEtna ; volcano in Sicily. 
ETOFFE, sf. stuff; cloth. Des artisans 
et gens de telle , tradesmen and such 
like. De basse , of low calling. 
ETOFF-ER, I. va. to stvjf; garnish ; fur- 
nish. Bienetoffe, in good circumstances. 
ETOFFURE, sf. strong pewter-soldering. 
ET01ENT 15 ; v. ETRE, to be; See ETOIS. 
ETOILE. sf. star; star-Jish; star-wort 
marine, star-stone. courante, 
shooting s'ar. A la belle , in the open 
air, [haoing a Jlaw ; cracked. 

ETOILE, E, a. starry; seeded with stars. 

ETOIL-ER, I. S' , vr. to get cracked. 
ETOI-s 10 - 11 1 12 ent 15 , v. ETRE, to be. 
ETOLE, sf. stole; clergyman's scarf. 
ETONNAMMENT, ad. wonderfully. 
ETONNANT, E, a. wonderful; amazing; 
strange; surprising, {terror; stunning. 
ETONNEMENT, sm. amazement ; wonder ; 
ETONN-ER, I. va. to astonish; surprise; 
amaze; stun; shake. S' r> vr. to f 
wonder ; marvel ; be concerned. 
6TOQUIAU, sm. tumbler in locks. 
ETOU, sm. butcher's chopp ing-board. 
ETOUBLE, sm. stubble; stalli of corn. 
ETOUFFADE, sf. stewed meat; sauce. 
ETOUFFANT, E, a. sultry ; close. 
ETOUFFEMENT, sm. stoppage or diffi- 
culty of breathing ; stifling. 
ETOUFF-ER, I. va. to stifle ; smother ; 
choke; suppress; stop. vn. de rire, 
split one's sides with laughing. 
ETOUFFOIR, sm. extinguisher, for coals. 
ETOUPADE, sf. certain quantity of tow. 
ETOUPE, sf. tow; oakum; coarse hemp. 
Mettre lefeu aux 3, to blow the coals; 
create mischief; set a thing a-going. 
ETOUP-ER, I. va. to stop with tow. 
ETOUPILLE, sf. quick match. 
ETOUPILL-ER, I. va. to light with the 
quick match. ON, sm. topping ; wad. 
ETOURDEAU, sm. young capon, [trick. 
ETOURDERIE, sf. blunder; mad-cap 
ETOURDI, E, a. hare-brained. , sm. E, 
sf. blunderer. A 1' E, ad. heedlessly. 
ETOURDIMENT, ad. rashly. 
ETOURD-iR, I. va. to shun; parboil; 
take ojf the chill ; benumb. S' ,vr. 
to become perplexed ; get bothered. 
ETOURDISSANT, E, o. stunning, [diness. 
ETOURDISSEMENT, sm. stunning; gid- 
ETOURNEAU, SHI. starling. Poil d' , 
ETOUTEAU,s?. sort of peg. [Jlea-bitten. 
ETRANGE, a. strange; silly; odd. 
ETRANGEMENT, ad. strangely. 
ETRANG-ER, ERE, a. foreign; strange. 
ETRANG-ER, ERE, s. foreigner; stranger ; 
alien. Air , outlandish air. Corps , 
extraneous body. Ce fait est a la cause, 
that fact is foreign to the purpose. 
ETRANG-ER 1 , ETRANGE-ANT 2 , I. va. to 
drive away ; forsake. [wringing, 

ETRANGLEMENT, sm. strangling \ 


( IS?) 

6 3d p.s. 7 8 9 3d p. pi. IMPERF. 10 lstp.s. Il 2dp.s. I2 3dp.s. 

* d 21 FUT. 22 lstp.s. 23 2dp.s. 24 3dp.s. 25 1st p. pi. x 

p. pi. IMP.M. 2dp.s. 35 3d p.s. M lst p.pi. SUBJ. M. 
45 1st p.s. 46 2d p.s. 3d p.s. 4S 1st 49 2d 50 3d 

ETRANGL-ER, I. va. to strangle; make 
too scanty; choke; vex; botch; slut'. 

ETRANGUILLON, sm. the strangles, 
with cattle. Poire d' , choke-pear. 

ETRAPE, sf. little sickle. [ble. 

ETRAP-ER, I. va. to mow ; cut the stub- 

ETRAVE, sm. stem of a ship. 

ETRAQUE de gabord, sf. garboard streak. 

ET-RE 1 , es 8 ; vn. v. aux. to be ; exist ; be- 
long ; (may often be translated by to | 
have}. debout, stand. entraine, 
be led astray ; be hurried away. 
de moitie, go halves; See ETA XT, 

ETRE, sm. a being; existence. de 
raison, being of the imagination. Bien 
-etre, welfare; good; well-being. 

ETRES, sm. commodities of a house; con- 
veniences; water-closet. 

ETREC-iR, II. va. to straiten; make nar- 
rower. S' , vr. to grow strait ; shrink. 

ETRECISSEMENT, sm. narrowness, [ing. 

ETRECISSURE, sf. straitening ; contract- 

ETREIGN-AWT 3 ons^-se ez 8 -37 ent 9 - 38 - 44 ais 
10-11 ait" oisio-H oit'2 ions' 3 - 42 iezii- 43 
oient 15 is t6 -i7 it' 8 Itnes 19 Ites 20 

irent 21 e 35 - 39 " 1 ! es 40 isse 45 jsses 46 it 4 ? is- 
sions 48 issiez 49 issent 30 ; v. ETREINDRE. 

ETREIGNO1RS, sin. pi. j)ress-boards. 

ETREIN, sm. litter; straw for horses. 

ETRElND-REi rai 22 ras 23 ra 24 rons 25 rez 2 ^ 
rent 27 rais 28 - 29 rait 30 rois 2 ^- 29 roit 30 rions 
31 riez 32 raient 33 roient 33 ; ETREIN-s 4 - 5 ' 34 
t 3 ' 6 ts 3 te 3 tes 3 ; va. to bind; wring hard. 

ETREINTE, sf. binding. See ETREIXDRE. 

ETRENNE, sf. Christmas-box; handsel. 

ETRENN-ER, I. va. to give a new-year's 
gift; make a present; handsel; take 

ETRESILLOX, sm. prop. [handsel. 

ETRESILLONN-ER, I. va. to prop. 

ETRIER, sm. stirrup; iron-hook; the 
link of a ship-shroud. Vin de 1' , the 
parting cup. Faire perdre les s a 
quelqu'un, to oblige one to submit ; put 
one to a non-plus. Etre ferrae sur les 
s, be firm in one's opinion. Tenir 
les a quelqu'un, help one in a nonplus. 

ETRIF, stn. struggle ; sciiffle. [house. 

ETRILLE, sf. curry-comb; spunging- 

ETRILL-ER, I. t-a. to curry; thrash well. 

ETRIP-ER, I. va. to embowel; unrip; gut. 

ETRIPE, aller a cheval, to drive fu- 

ETRIQUE, E, a. narrow; scanty.[riously. 

ETRIV-ER, I. vn. to wrangle. 

ETRIVIERE, sf. stirrup-leather. Don- 
ner les 3, to lash or whip soundly. 

ETROIT, E, a. strait ; narrow ; intimate; 
strict; exact; close. A 1' , ad. nar- 
rowly; sparingly; straitened. 

ETROITEMENT, ad. strictly; narrowly 

lSTRONqONN-ER,I.t7a. to cut branches off'. 

ETROUSS-ER, I. va. to adjudge ; decree. 

ETRUFFE, E, a. chien , lame dog. 

KTRUFFURE, sf. lameness of a dog. 

ETUDE, sf. study ; class; office; learning. 
s, academical figures for drawing. 

&TUDIANT, sm. a student; learner. 

ETUDI-ER, I. va. to study; learn; read; 
vn. to meditate ; mind. S' , vr. to en- 
deavour ; addict one's self. 

ETUDIOLE, sf. scrutoire. 

ETUI, sm. case; box; sheath; tweezer. 

ETUVE, sf. stove; hot-house. 

ETUVEE, sf. stewing ; stewed meat. 

BTUVEMENT, sm. fomenting ; stewing. 

ETUV-ER, I. va. to bathe ; foment ; stew. 

ETUVISTE, sm. one who keeps hot baths. 

ETYMOLOGIE, sf. etymology; origin of 

ETYMOLOGIQUE, a. gical. [words. 

ETYMOLOGISTE, sm. etymologist. 

EU 3 , EUE 3 ; v. AVOIR, to have. See Eus. 

EUCHARISTIE, sf. eucharist; sacrament 
of the Lord's supper. 

EUCHARISTIQUE, a. eucharist ical. 

EUCRASIE, sf. eucrasy; sound health. 

EUE 3 , EUES 3 ; v. AVOIR, to have. 

EUFRAISE, sf. eye-bright, an herb. 

EUMES 19 , v. AVOIR, to have. [?nan. 

EUNUQUE, sm. eunuch; emasculated 

EUPATOIRE, sf. sweet maudlin.[pTonunc. 

EUPHONIE, sf. euphony; harmony, in 

EUPHONIQUE, a.producing harmonious 
sound in pronunc. ; 2^easing to the ear. 

EUPHORBE, 5m. euphorbium; a plant. 

EURENT 2 ! ; v. AVOIR, to have. [rope. 

EUROPEEN, NE, s. European, a. of Ett- 

EU 3. S 3.16.17 t i8 > EUSS-E 45 es 46 ions 48 iez 49 
ent 50 , EUT 18 , EUT^-ES 20 ; v. AVOIR, to 
have ; possess ; hold. 

EUX, pro. them ; they. [sm. evacuant. 

EVACUATI-F, VE, . evacuating; clearing. 



[INF.M. !pttES.T. S PART.PRES. 3 PART. PAST.] IND.M. PRES.T. 4 lstp.s. S 2dp.s. 
13 15 PRET. KMstp.s. I7 2dp . s . lagdp.s. 
27 3d p. pi. COND.M. 2s lstp.s. 2 92dp.s. a 3dp.s. ai 1st ^Sd 
PRES.T. 39 1st p.s. 40 2dp.s. 41 3dp.s. 4 - 1st 43 44 IMPERF. 

EVACUATION, sf. evacuation; voiding. 

EVACU-ER, I. va. to evacuate; void; 
empty ; clean out. [cape; elope. 

EVAD-ER, I. S' , vr. to mafia one's cs- 

&VAGATION, sf. ; wandering. [ing. 

EVALTONN-ER, I. S' , vr. to be assum- 

EVALUATION, sf. estimate; rating, [lue. 

EVALU-ER, I. va. to appraise ; rate; va- 

feVANGELIQUE, a. evangelical. 

EVANGELIQUEMENT, ad. evangelically. 

EVANGELIS-ER, I. va. to preach the 

EVANGELISTS, stn. evangelist, [gospel. 

EVANGILE, sm. the gospel. C'est 1' du 
jour, it is the current news. [gone. 

EVANOUI, E, a. swooned away ; vanished ; 

EVANOU-IR, II. S' , vr. to swoon; fall 
into Jits ; vanish ; disappear. [ing Jit. 

EVANOUISSEMENT, sm. swoon; faint- 

EVANTILL-ER, I. va. to show in detail. 

EVAPORATION, sf. ; rashness, [cap. 

EVAPORE, sm. E, sf. giddy-brain; mad- 

EVAPOR-ER, I. va. to cause to evaporate; 
vent. S' , vr. to evaporate ; be vented; 
cease; disappear. S' en chimeres, to 
Jill one's head with chimerical notions. 
II commence a s' , he begins to be ir- 
regular in his conduct. [open nose. 

EVAS-ER, I. va. to widen. Nez e, wide 

EVASION, sf. escape; evasion; elopement. 

EVASTTRE, sf. widening. [episcopacy. 

EVECHE, sm. bishop's palace ; bishopric; 

EVEIL. sm. hint; warning, [sharp one. 

EVEILLE, E, a. sjyr ig fitly ; diligent; sin. I 

EVEILL-ER, I. va. to waken; awake; 
rouse. S' en sursaut, start from sleep. 

fiVENEMENT, sm. event; end; issiie; cir- 
cumstance. A tout , ad. at all events. 

EVENT, sm. smack; twang; vent; the 
windage of a cannon. Sentir 1' , to 
be touched. Mettre a 1' , to air. Tete 
a P , giddy-headed. 

EVENT AIL, sm. fan; screen. [ler. 

EVENTAILLISTE, sm. fan-maker or sel- 

EVENTAIRE, s?n. sort of flat basket. 

EVENTE, sf. tallow-chandler's box. 

EVENTE, E, a. flighty ; giddy ;Jiat; va- 
pid ; made public. See EVENTER. 

EVENTEMENT, sm. airing ; fanning. 

EVENT-ER, I. va. to fan ; air; divulge; 
take ve.t ; winnow ; give vent to. la 
veine, let blood ; spread. la rache, 

Jind out an intrigue. les voiles, Jill 
the sails. S' , vr. to grow flat ; take 
wind or vent ; get known. 

EVENTILL-ER, I. va. to fan. S' , to 

EVENTOIR, sm.Jire-fan. [shake flying. 

EVENTR-ER, I. va. to embowel; jMunch; 
draw. un lievre, draw a hare. 
du poisson, gut fish. S' , vr. to do one's 

EVENTUEL, LE, a. eventual. [utmost. 

fiVENTUELLEMENT, ad. eventually. 

EVEQUE, sm. bishop. Un chien regarde 
bien un , a cat may look at a king. 

EVE.RDUM-ER, I. va. to green almonds. 

EVERR-ER, I. va. to worm a dog. 

AVERSION, sf. eversion; ruin; downfall. 

EVERTU-ER, S' , vr. to exert one's self; 
take pains. EVEU-x, SE, a. boggy ; 

EVICTION, sf. eviction; evidence, [wet. 

EVIDEMMENT, ad. evidently; clearly. 

EVIDENCE, sf. evidence; demonstration. 
Mettre en , to make evident, clear. 

EVIDENT, E, a. evident; plain; clear; 
manifest, [make a groove; clap linen. 

EVID-ER, I. va. to unstarch; cut sloping ; 

EVIDURE, sf. hollowing ; sl02)ing out. 

EVIER, sm. sink; drain. [recover. 

EVINC-ER 1 , EV1NQ-ANT 2 , 1. va. to evict; 

EVITABLE, a. avoidable, [gable channel. 

EV1TEE, sf. breadth of a river or ntn-t- 

EVIT-ER, va. to avoid; shun; stri/itj. 
Eviter a la maree, stem the tide. au 
vent, carry the head to windward. S' 
, vr. to avoid each other; save oiu'x 
self. [fore a higher court. 

EVOCABLE, a. that may be brought be- 

EVOCATION, sf. ; conjuration; con- 
juring up. d'une cause, the bringing 
of a cause before a higher court. 

EVOCATOIRE, a. having the poirer of 
removing to a higher court. 

EVOLU-ER, I. vn. to make evolutions. 

EVOLUTION, sf. ; military mocemt-ut. 

EVOQU-ER, I. va. to conjure up; evoke; 
call forth ; bring before a higher court. 

EVUIU-ER, I. va. unstarch; cut sloping. 

EVULSION, sf. evulsion; drawing out. 

EXACERBATION, */. increase of a pa- 

KXACT, E, a. exact; accurate, [roxijsin. 

EXACTEMKNT, ad. exactly; duly. 

EXACTEUR, sm. exactor; extortioner. 

EXACTION, */. exaction; extortion. 

EXA ( 189 ) EXE 

6 Sdp.s. 7 8 9 IMPERF. 10 lstp.s. U 2dp.s. /2 3^p.s. 
J 2d j> pi. 21 3d p. pi. FUT. - l 1st p. s. <23 2d p. s. 2I 3d p. s. ^ 1st p. pi. K 2d p. pi. 
p. pi. IMP. M. 34 2dp.s. 35 3dp.s. x 1st p. pi. 37 38 3d p. pi. SUBJ. M. 
45 1st p. s. 46 2dp.s. 47 3dp.s. 48 1st p. pi. 49 50 

EXACTITUDE, sf. exactness; accuracy; 
carefulness; care; punctuality. 

KUATKUR, sin. amplifier; bragger. 
: KATI-F, VE, a. exaggerating. 
EXAGERAT1ON, sf. exaggeration ; ampli- 
fying ; aggravation, [gravate; amplify. 
EXAGER-ER, I. ra. to exaggerate; ag- 
EXALTATION, sf. ; advancement. 
EXALT ER, I. va. to exalt; extol; refine. 
EXAMEN, sm. examination ; inspection. 
EXAMINATEUR, sm. examiner; opposcr. 
EXAMIN-ER, I. va. to examine; weigh; 
discuss; sift. S' , rr. to wear out; 
Habit e, threadbare coat. 
EXARQUE, sin. exarch ; prefect or gover- 
nor under an Eastern chief. 
EXASPERATION, sf. ; great ferment. 
ER-ER, I. va. to exasperate; pro- 
voke; enrage. [hear favourably. 
-ER 1 , EXAUC.-AST 2 , I. ra. to 
EXCAVATION, sf. excavation; hollow- 
-KR, I. r. to hollow; dig. [ing. I 
1 \ NT, E, a. exceeding, sm. overplus. 
EXCED-ER, I. va. to exceed; abuse. S' , 
rr. to fatigue one* s self exceedingly ; go 
beyond one's strength. 
BXCBLLBMMEOT, ad. excellently. 
EXCELLENCE, tf. ; excellency; emi- 
nence. Par , ad. excellently; pre- 
eminently. Lavertupar , the virtue of 
EXCELLENT, E, a. ; notable, [virtues. 
EXCELLENTISSIME. a. most excellent. 
EXCELL-ER, I. vn. to excel; va. surpass. 
EXCENTRICITE, sf. eccentricity, devia- 
tion froin a centre, [out of the centre. 
EXCENTRIQUE.rt. eccentric; uncommon; 
EXCEPTK, prep, txcept ; save; but. 
EXCEPT-ER, I. va. to excejit; exclude. 
EXCEPTION, */. ; A 1' de, except. 
Sans , without regard to. 

5, sm. excess; riot; abuse, [intense. 
- -I-r, VE, ad. excessive; exorbitant; 
\ : .\c\<^\\VM E NT, ad. excessively. 

3E, tf. tax on goods; custom-house. 
EXCITAT-EUR, 5m. RICE, sf. exciter; one 

nho awakes others; electric, instrum. 
EXr-JTATI-r, VE, a. excitative; strong. 
\T10N, sf. excitation; stirring. 
EXTIT-ER, I. ra. to excite; incite; stir. 
1-XCL A.MA'i I-F, VE, a. exclamatory; con- 
taining, expressing exclamation. 

EXCLAMATION, sf. exclamation ; cry. 
EXCLU3-RE 1 ant 2 s 3 " 1 - 5 - 16 - 1 4 se 3 6es a t 6 - 

18 ons 7.36 ez 8.37 en t9-38.44 ais 10.11 ait 12 i s ]0. 

oit2 ions' 3 - 42 iez 14 - 43 aient 15 oient5 
rui ras 23 ra- 4 rons 2 * rez 26 ront" rais 2 -* 
rait 30 rois 28 - 29 roit 30 rions 31 riez 32 raient 
^roient^e 3 ' 35 - 39 - 41 es 3 - 40 ; EXCL-UMES 19 
utes 20 urent 21 usse 45 usses 46 ut 47 ussions 
48 ussiez 49 ussent 50 ; i<a. to exclude; de- 

EXCLUSI-F, VE, a. exclusive. [bar. 

EXCLUSION, */. ; A 1' de, ad. nith 
the exception of; exclusively of. 

EXCLUSIVEMENT, ad.cxchisively. [tion. 

EXCOMMUNICATION, sf. cxcommunica- 

EXCOMMUNIE, E, a. nicuted; ejected 
from the church. Visage d' , ill look. 

EXCOMMUNI-ER, I. va. to nicate. 

EXCORIATION, */. ; fretting of the 
skin. EXCORI-ER, 1. va. to rub off the 

EXCORTICATION, sf. peeling off. [skin. 

EXCREMENT, sm. excrement ; Jilth. 

EXCREMENTEU-x, SE, a. excrementi- 
tious; excremental; feculent. \Jlcsh. 

EXCRESCENCE, sf. excrescence; proud 

EXCRETION, sf. excretion; act of throw- 
ing out humours. 

EXCRETOIRE, a. excretory ; having tin 
power of throwing out. [flesh; fungus. 

EXCROISSANCE, sf. excrescence; proud 

EXCRU, E, a. grown out of a forest. 

EXCURSION, sf. excursion; rambling; 

EXCUSABLE, a. excusable. [inroad. 

EXCUSATION, sf. exemption ; excuse. 

EXCUSE, sf. excuse; pretence. Faire or 
demander , to beg pardon. 

EXCUS-ER, I. va. to excuse; pardon; 
acquit. S' , vr. to desire to be excused. 

EXCUSSION, sf. shake; jolt, in surgery. 

EXEAT, sm. pass or leave to go out. 

EXECRABLE, a. execrable; hateful. 

EXECRABLEMENT, ad. execrably. 

EXECRATION, sf. execration; abhor- 

EXKCRATOIRE, a. accursed. [rence. 

EXECR-ER, I. va. to abhor; execrate; 

EXECUTABLE, a. feasible. [detest. 

KXKCIT-ER, 1. ra. to execute; perform; 
effect. quelqu'un, distrain one. 

EXECUTEUR, sm. executor; executioner. 

EXECUTI-F, m. VE,/. a. executive. 

EXECUTION, sf. execution performance ; 
distraining; destruction; enterprise. 

EXE ( 190 ) EXP 

[INF.M. 'PRES.T. 2 PART.PRES. 3 PART.PA3T.] IND.M. PRES.T. 4 1st p.S. 5 2d p.S 

13 14 15 3d PRET. 16 lstp.s. 17 2dp.s. 18 3d p.s. 19 
*! COND 2S 1st .s. 29 2d .s. 30 3d .s. 31 1st .l. 32 2d .l. 33 3 


PRES.T. 'PART. PKES. " PAKT. 1'AST.J Ii>JJ.AI. FK.ES. T. ' 1SI p.S. " XU p.S. 

. 14 15 3d PRET. 1G 1st p.s. 17 2d p.s. 18 3dp.s. 19 1st 
. COND. M. 28 1st p.s. 29 2dp.s. 30 3d p.s. 31 1st 32 2d 33 3d 
^Istp.s. 40 2dp.s. 41 3dp.s. 4 43 2d 44 IMPERF. 

EXECUTOIRE, sm. writ of execution; 
grant of costs, a. executive ; executory. 

EXECUTRICE, sf. executrix. 

EXEDRE, sm. exedree; academy ; study. 

EXEGESE, sf. exegesis; explanation. 

EXEGETIQUE, a. exegetical; explana- 
tory, sf. explanation; exegetica. 

EXEMPLAIRE, a. exemplary. sm. 
pattern ; copy of a book ; model. 

EXEMPLAIREMENT, ad. excmplarily. 

EXEMPLE, sm. example; pattern; inci- 
dent; instance; precedent. A 1 , in 
imitation. Par , as; for instance, sf. 
written copy ; copy ; pattern to copy. 

EXEMPT, E, a. exempt; free. sm. life- 
guard ; police officer. [discharge. 

EXEMPT-ER, I. va. to exempt ; free from; 

EXEMPTION, sf. exemption ; freedom. 

EXERC-ER 1 , EXERQ-ANT 2 , I. va. to ex- 
ercise; train up ; bring into use ; try. 
S' , vr. to practice; take exercise. 

EXERCICE, sm. exercise ; practice ; trade, 
pi. tasks at school ; themes at College, 
etc; religious duties. [cal comment. 

EXERCITATION, sf. exer -citation ; criti- 

EXERGUE, sm. exergue of a medal. 

EXFOLIATION, sm. exfoliation.[scale off. 

EXFOLI-ER, I. S' , vr. to exfoliate:Jlake; 

EXFUM-ER, I. va. to soften; wash off. 

EXHALAISON, sf. exhalation ; vapour. 

EXHALATION, sf. exhalation. [vent. 

EXHAL-ER, I. va. to exhale ; evaporate; 

EXHAUSSEMENT, sm. raising; height. 

EXHAUSS-ER, I. va. to raise; exalt. 

EXHKRKDATION, */. disinheriting. 

EXHERED-ER, I. va. to disinherit. 

EXHIB-ER, I. va. to exhibit ; produce. 

EXHIBITION, sf. exhibition; producing. 

EXHORTATION, sf. exhortation; advice. 

EXHORT- ER, I. va. to exhort; stir up. 

EXHUMATION, sf. ; the digging a 
corpse out of the ground, [the ground. 

EXHUM-ER, I. va. to unbury ; dig out of 

EXIGEANT, E, . exacting; hard to please. 

EXIGENCE, sf. exigence; urgency; occa- 
sion; want. [exact; demand; need. 

EXIG-VR l ,EXlGE-Ayr*, to require; 
EXIGIBLE, a. demandable ; required. 
EXIGU, E, a. exiguous; small. 
EXIGUITE, sf. exiguity; smallness. 
EXIL, sm. exile; banishment. E, small. 

EXILE, E, a. exiled ; banished, s. an exile. 
EXIL-ER,' I. va. to banish ; exile ; S' , quit 
EXIL1TE, sf. smallness. [one's country. 
EXISTANT, E, a. existent; existing. 
EXISTENCE, sf. existence; being; life. 
EXIST-ER, I. vn. to exist; be; live. 
EXOCET, sm.Jlying-Jish; exoccctus. 
EXODE, sm. Exodus; 2d part of the Old 
EXODIAIRE, sm. buffoon. [Testament. 
EXOINE, sf. essoin: excuse; exemption. 
EXOINEUR, sm. essoiner. [empt. 

EXOIN-ER, I. va. to essoin ; excuse; ex- 
EXOMOLOGESE, sf. public confession. 
EXORABLE, a. exor able; forgiving. 
EXORBITAMMENT, ad. exorbitantly; 

extravagantly. [sivc; extravagant. 
EXORBITANT, E, a. exorbitant; exces- 
EXORCIS-ER, I. va. to exorcise; conjure 
EXORCISME, sm. exorcism. [out. 

EXORCISTE, sm. an exorcist, [beginning. 
EXORDE, sm. exordium; introduction; 
EXOSTOSE, sf. exostosis; tumour on a 
EXOTERIQUE, a. public; vulgar, [bone. 
EXOTIQUE, a. exotic; foreign, [dilated. 
EXPANSIBLE, a. expansible; that may be 
EXPANSI-F, VE, a. expansive; spreading. 
EXPANSION, sf. expansion; extent. 
EXPATRIATION, sf. ; emigration. 
EXPATRIE, E, a. & s. emigrant. 
EXPATRI-ER, I. va. to force one to leave 

his country. S' , vr. to quit one's 

country. [ant; dependant. 

EXPECTANT, E, a. future, sm. txpect- 
EXPECTANCE, sf. expectance; hope. 
EXPECTATI-F, sm. VE, sf. expectation; 

reversion, a. Grace VE, favour in ex- 
EXPECTATION, sf. ; hope of.[pectance. 
EXPECTORANT, E, a. expectorative. 
EXPECTORATION, sf. ; spitting. 
EXPECTOR-ER, I. va. to expectorate ; spit. 
EXPEDIENT, sm. expedient ;, means. 
EXPEDIENT, a. proper ; Jit ; convenient. 
EXPEDI-ER, I. va. to despatch; expedite; 

send; draw up; spend fast ; hill. 
EXPEDITEUR, im. seller by commission. 
EXPEDITI-F, VE, a. expeditious; quick. 
EXPEDITION, sf. expedition; despatch; 

copy; march of an army; cruise. s, 

dc.wtches; commission; patent. 
EXPEDITIONNAIRE, sm. officer at the 

Pope's court for dispatches; copier, f 


6 3dp.s. 9 3 . ^ 
20 21 FUT. -Istp.s. 23 '2dp.s 

36 1st p. pi. 

( 191 ) EXT 

9 IMPERF. lu lstp.s. "2dp.s. 12 3dp.s. 
" 2d p. s. - 4 Sd p. s. 25 1st p. pi. 26 2d p. pi. 
V 2d p. pi. 38 3d p. pi. SUBJ . M. 

p. pi. DIP. M. ' U 2dp.s. 35 3dp.s. ^ 1st p. pi. 37 38 
<*lstp.s. 4S 2dp.s. 4 '3dp.s. 1st p. pi. 49 2d p. pi. 50 

EXPERIENCE, sf. experiment; expe- 
rience; trial; knowledge. 

EXPERIMENTAL, E, a. experimental. 

EXPERIMENTED E, a. tried; skilful. 

EXPERIMENT-ER, I. va. to experience; 
Jind out by trial. [valuer; prizer. 

EXPERT, E, a. expert; skilful, sin. 

EXPIATION, sf. ; atonement. 

EXPI ATOIRE, a. expiatory ; piacular. 

EXPI-ER, I. va. to expiate; atone, [sion. 

EXPILAT1ON, sf. seizing upon a succcs- 

EXPIRANT, E, a. expiring; ending. 

EXPIRATION, sf. expiration; end. 

EXPIR-ER, I. vn. to expire; die; end. 

EXPLETI-F, VE, a. expletive, s. useless 

EXPLICABLE, a. explicable, [addition. 

EXPLICATI-F, VE, a. explicative. 

EXPLICATION, sf. explanation; fxpand- 
ing. Homme a , exceptions, quarrel- 

EXPLICITE, a. explicit ; plain, [some man. 

EXPLICITEMENT, ad. explicitly. 

EXPLIQU-ER, I. va. to explain; expound; 
declare; signify; construe. 

EXPLOIT, sin. exploit; achievement. Ex- 
ploit d'assignation, summons. de 
saisie, exception upon a judgment. 

EXPLOITABLE, a. that may be distrain- 
ed; Jit to be wrought, etc. [rants. 

EXPLOITANT, a. officer serving war- 

EXPLOITAT1ON, sf. works in agriculture; 
act of felling, improving, farming. 

EXPLOIT-ER, I. va. to do feats; work; 
fell; serve n-arrants; improve ; farm. 

EXPLORATEUR, sm. explorator; exami- 

EXPLOSION, sf. explosion, [ner; searcher. 

EXPORT-ER, 1. va. to export; take abroad. 

EXPORTATION, sf. exportation; taking 

EXPOSANT, E, s. petitioner. [abroad. 

EXPOSE, sm. suggestion of a petition ; 
preamble; pretence; reason. 

EXPOS-ER, I. va. to expose; venture; set 
forth; expound; declare; lay before; 
turn. [vours to put off' bad money. 

EXPOSIT-EUR, RICE, s. one who endea- 

EXPOSITI-F, VE, a. expositive. 

EXPOSITION, sf. exposition; exposing; 
account; situation; interpretation. 

EXPRES, SE, a. express; plain; clear; 
manifest, sm. courier; messenger, ad. 
purposely; on purpose. Eire fait ex- 
. pr6s pour, to be cut out for. 

EXPRESSEMENT, ad. expressly ; plain. 

EXPRESSI-F, VE, a. expressive. 

EXPRESSION, sf. expression ; utterance; 
straining ; expressing; squeezing out. 

EXPRIMABLE, a. expressible. 

EXPRIM-ER, I. va. to express; describe; 
utter ; speak; squeeze out. [fully. 

EX-PROFESSO, ad. on purpose; care- 

EXPROVINCIAL, sm. ; monk that has 
been provincial. [eject ; purge. 

EXPULS-ER, I. va. to expel; turnout; 

EXPULSI-F, VE, a. expulsive; pury Ing. 

EXPULSION, */. expulsion; expelling. 

EXPULTRICE, a. f. purgative. [ing. 

EXPURGATION, sf. expurgation; emerg- 

EXPURGATOIRE, a. expurgatory. [lect. 

EXQUIS, E, a. exquisite; fine; choice; se~ 

EXQUISEMENT, ad. exquisitely. 

EXSUDATION, sf. exsudation ; sweating. 

EXSUD-ER, I. vn. to exude; sweat out. 

EXTANT, E, a. extant; now existing. 

EXTASE, sf. ecstacy ; rapture; trance. 

EXTASI-ER, S' , I. vr. to be in raptures; 
Jly into an ecstacy. va. to enrapt ; en- 

EXTAT1QUE, a. ecstatic. [rapture. 

EXTENSIBILITY, sf. power of extension. 

EXTENSIBLE, a. extensible. 

EXTENSION, sf. extension; stretching. 

EXTENUATION, sf. ; weakness; fall- 
ing away ; mitigation. [emaciate. 

EXTfeNU-ER, I. va. to extenuate; lessen; 

EXTERIEUR, E, a. exterior; outward; 
external ; foreign, sm. the outside; ap- 
pearance. A. 1' , ad. outwardly. 

EXTERIEUREMENT, ad. outwardly. 

EXTERMINAT-EUR, RICE, a. destroying ; 
exterminating, sm. destroyer. 

EXTERMINATION, sf. extermination; 
extirpation. [extirpate; destroy. 

EXTERMIN-ER, I. va. to exterminate; 

EXTERN E, a. external, s. day-scholar. 

EXTINCTION, sf. extinction ; quenching. 
d'une rente, suppression of a rent. 
A 1' de la chandelle, by inch of can- 

EXTIRPATEUR, sin. destroyer. [die. 

EXTIRPATION, sf. extirpation; total de- 
struction, [root out ; eradicate. 

EXTIRP-ER, I. va. to extirpate; destroy; 

EXTOLL-ER, I. va. to extol; praise; laud. 

EXTORQU-ER, I. va. to extort; wrest 

EXTORSION, sf. extortion; exaction. 

EXT ( 192 ) FAC 

[INF.M. J PRES.T. 2 PART.PKES. 3 PART.PAST.] IND. M. PRES.T. 4 1st p.S. 5 2dp.!,. 

13 14 1S PRET. 16 1st p.s. 17 2d p.s. 18 3d p.s. 19 
27 3d. COND.M. 28 1st p.s. 29 2dp.s. 30 3d p.s. 31 1st p. pi. 32 2d ^M 
PRES.T. 39 1st p.s. 40 2dp.s. 4I 3dp.s. 42 1st 43 44 3d IMPERF. 

EXTRACTION, sf. extraction ; descent ; 

pedigree ; family ; Uncage; birth. 
EXTRADITION, sf. delivery of criminals. 
EXTRADOS, sm. exter. curve of an arch. 
EXTRAI-RE 1 t 3 - 6 ts 3 te 3 tes 3 s 4 - 5 - 34 ent 9 ' 38 ' 

44 es 39.41 e 40 rai 22 ras 23 ra 24 rons 2o rez 26 

ront 27 rais 28 ' 29 rait 30 rois 28 - 29 roit 30 rions 
31 riez 32 raient 33 roient 33 ; va. to extract; 
draw out; abridge; See EXTRAY-ONS. 
EXTRAIT 6 , sin. extract; abstract. de 
procfe, a breoiate ; See EXTRAIRE. 

EXTRAJUD1CIA1RE, a. extrajudicial ; 
contrary to legal forms. MENT, ad. 
extrfijudicially ; illegal. 

EXTRAORDINAIRE, a. extraordinary ; 
uncommon; singular . sm. unusual 
tiling ; supplement to the Gazette. des 
guerres, extraordinary fund, in rear. 
Tresorier de 1' , general army pay- 
master. Manieres s, sf. odd ways. 
Procedure , criminal process. 

dinarily ; extremely. Proceder , to 
prosecute criminally. [tural ; forced. 

EXTRAPASSE, E, a. excessive; unna- 

EXTRA TEMPORA, sm. leave from the 
Pope to take orders at any time. 

EXTRAVAGAMMENT, ad. extravagantly. 

EXTRAVAGANCE, sf. extravagance. 

EXTRAVAGANT. E, a. s. extravagant; 
excessive; wasteful; silly; mad. 

EXTRAVAGANTES, sf. decrees of the 
Popes, added to the canon lam. 

EXTRAVAGU-ER, I. vn. to extravagate ; 
rave; dote; think or talk foolishly. 

poii-ring; ; flowing out. 

EXTRA VAS-ER, S' , 1. vr. to extravasate. 

EXTRAY-ANT 2 ais 10 - 1 ' ait 12 ois 10 - 11 oit 12 
ions 13 - 42 iez 14 - 43 aient 13 oient 15 ons 7 ' 36 
ez 8 - 37 ; v. EXTRAIRE, to extract. 

EXTREME, a. extreme; utmost; exces- 
sive, sm. extreme; utmost point. 

EXTRKMEMENT, ad. extremely, [tion. 

EXTRKME-ONCTION, sf. extreme unc- 

EXTREMITE, sf. extremity ; utmost part; 
extreme; last moment; strait; misery. 
JBtre a 1' , to be dying. Malade a 1' 
Extremite, dangerously ill. A toute 
extremite, jvhcn the. worst comes to the 
worst. s des doigts, fingers' ends. 

EXTRINSEQUE, a. extrinsical ; external ; 
outward. [flowing; redundancy. 

EXUBERANCE, sf. ; abundance; over- 

EXULCBRATI-F, VB, a. exulceraticc. 

EXULCERATION, sf. exulceration. 

EXULCER-ER, I. oa. to exulcerate; pro- 
duce ulcers; afflict; corrode, [for joy. 

EXULTATION, if. exultation; leaping 

EXULT-ER, I. vn. to exult; leap for joy. 

EX-VOTO, sm. votive picture ; offering. 

EZTERI, sm. kind of green jasper. 


U sm. 6th letter of the French Alphabet, 
' and 6th dominical letter. Un F, 
an F. F stands also for franc, six, and, as 
a brand on the shoulder, for condemned. 

FA, ?. fa or F, musical note. FABEL, sm. 

FABER, sm. John-dory, a fish, [old tale. 

FABLE, sf. fable; story; untruth; laugh- 

FABLIAU, sm. tale in verse. [ing stock. 

FABLIER, sm. writer of fables. 

FABRIC ANT, sm. manufacturer; work- 
ing-tradesman; maker. [sifter. 

FABRICATEUR, sm. coiner ; forger ; f al- 

FABRICATION, sf. ; coining ; forging. 

FABRICI-EN, ER, sm. churchwarden. 

FABRIQUANT 2 , sm. manufacturer. 

FARRIQUE 4 , sf. fabric; manufacture; 
coinage', shape. [coin; forge; shape. 

FABRIQU-ER, I. va. to manufacture; 

FABULATEUR, sm. story-teller. 

FABULEUSEMENT, ad. fabulously. 

FABULEU-x, SE, a. fabulous; feigned ; 

FABULISTE, sm. fabulist. [not true. 

FACADE, sf. ; front ; frontispiece. 

FACE, sf.face ; fore-front; state; fast. En 
, ad. to one's face; inpublic; before one. 
A la , to the face; before. rejouie, 
jolly countenance. de la terre, 
surface of the earth. De prime , at 
.first; atjirst sight. Faire , to face. 

FACE, E, a. faced. Homme bien Jolly, 
full-faced man. 

FAC-ER, ]. vn. to pass, at basset. 

FACKTIE, sf. pleasantry ; witty saying. 

F ACKTi EUS EM EN T, ad. facetiously. 

FACETIEU-x, SE, a. facetious; mtty, 

jovial; merry ; jocular ; sportive. 
FACETTE, sf. factt. En s, facet-wi&e. 

FACETT-ER, I. va. to cut facet-wise. 


8 3d p.s. '1st p. pi. 

( 193 ) 
8 9 3d p. pi. 


1 2d p. pi. 21 3d p. pi. FUT. 22 1st p.s. 

IMPERF. 10 1st p.s. "2dp.s. 12 8dp.s. 
23 2dp.s. 21 3dp.s. 25 1st p. pi. 2dp.pi. 

p. pi. IMP. M. 34 2dp.s. 35 3d p.s". 1st p. pi. 37 38 3d p ; pl< 
45 1st p.s. 46 2dp.s. "7 3d p.s. 48 1st p. pi. 49 50 

FACHE, E, a. angry ; sorry ; grieved. 

FACH-ER, I. va. to vex; griecc; tease; 
anger. Se , IT. to be angry. II me 
fache, v. i>p. I am sorry. 

FACHERIE, sf. vexation; grief; quarrel. 

FACHEU-x, SE, a. grievous; ill-natured; 
hard; jyeecish ; cross; contrary. 

FACIENDE, sf. cabal; intrigue. Homrae 
de , an intriguing fellon\ [Jio/ving. 

FACILE, a. easy ; free ; ready ; courteous ; 

FACILEMENT, ad. easily ; ivith case. 

FACILITE, */. facility; easiness. [dite. 

FACILIT-ER, I. ra. to facilitate; e.vpr- 

FAC.ON, sf. fashion; manner ; ceremony; 
(\fl'cctcdncss ; ado. Femme de bonne 
, icell-lookinrj ivoman. De que, 
so that. En aucune , by no means. 
En aucune - que ce soit, hon'soever it 
be. De ou d'autre, some n-ay or 
otlier. d'agir or de faire, conduct; 
proceeding ; behaviour. Une de par- 
ler, a form of speech. DCS gens d'une 
certaine , people of a certain sort. 

FACONDE, sf. eloquence; prattling. 

FA(,'ONN-ER, I. ra. to form ; fashion; 
polish; compliment; mould, en. be 
ceremonious or formal, [guring of cloth. 

FAC.ONNERIE, sf. mailing; shape; fi- 

FAC, ONNI-EK, KRE, s. ceremonious person. 

FACTEUR, sm. f actor ; post-man; organ 

FACTICE, a. factitious; coined. [maker. 

FACTIEU-x, SE, a. factious; seditions. 
sm. ringleader. [ , to be upon duty. 

FACTION, sf. faction; cabal. Etre en 

FACTIONNAIRE, sin. sentry; sentinel. 

FACTORERIE, sf. factory ; factor' s?wusc. 

FACTOTUM, sm. factotum; useful man. 

FACTUM, 5?;;. case, statement in a plea. 

FACTURE, sf. invoice ; bill. d'orgues, 
fize of the pipes of an organ. 

FACULE, sf. bright spot on the sun. 

FACULTATIF, a. bref , pope's licence. 

FACULTE, sf. faculty; power; talent; 
fortune; ability; degree. [insipid. 

FADAISE, sf. foolery; trifle, a. most 

FADE, a. insipid ; squeamish; silly. 

FADEUR, sf. insii.'idness; silliness. 

FAGONE, sf. sn-ect-bread ; See Ris. 

FAGOT, sm. fagot ; bundle; lot of ostrich 
feathers. Center des s, tell idle sto- 
ries. II y a s et s, all men are 

not alike. C'est un d'epines, there is 
no touching him. Sentir le , to be tin 
heretic. Habille comme un , badly 
dressed. [ifn-ood in fagots. 

FAGOTAGE, sm. making of 'fagots ; heap 

FAGOTAILLE. sf. edge for ajish-pond. 

FAGOTE, E, a. ill-dfi'ssed. Comme le voi- 
la ! in what a trim he is! Qui vous 
a corame cela? n-ho has trussed you 
up in this way? [<lr<ss i/p an'lin-ardly. 

FAGOT-ER, I. va. to mahe into fat/ofs ; 

FAGOTEUR, sm. fagot-maker ; bungler. 

FAGOTIN, sm.jacli-pudding : sorryjtftt r. 

FAGUENAS, sm. rank smell of persons. 

FAI RLE. see FOIBLE, etc. 

FAIENCE, sf. delft-n-arc ; jwttery. 

FAIENCE, E, a. china-like, [mifactory. 

FAIENCERIE, sf. china-trade; pot-ma- 

FAIENCI-ER, sm. KHE, *f. china-man or 
iroman; one keeping a c/nna-shop. 

FAILLE 41 , r. FALL-OIR, to be necessary. 

FAILLI, sm. bankrupt, not from roguery. 

FAILLIBILITE, sf. liablcncss to err. [err. 

FAILLIBLE, a. liable to error; prom to 

FAILL-iR 1 ant 2 i 3 ie 3 ies 3 is 3 16 -'- 

1mes l9 

irent Sl 

irai 22 iras 23 ira 24 irons" 5 irez 26 iront 27 
irais 28 - 29 irait 30 irois 2bt29 iroit 30 irions 31 
iriez 32 iraient 33 iroient 33 , vn. to do amiss; 
offend; transgress; to fail; mistukt , 
come short; be near: be ready; miss. 
FAILLITE, sf. lankrvjrtcy. [sailors. 

FAILLOISE, sf. setting of the sun. aiiionR 
FAIM,.</'. hunger; stomach ; dcst>- 

, to be hungry. Mourir de , be 
FAINE, sf. beech-mast, [starcrd ; star ft: 
FAINEANT, E, a. laz>/ ; idle. s. ali.a^ai-a'. 
FAINEANT-ER, I. i'n. to loiter ; be idle.. 
FAINEANT1SE, sf. sloth fulness ; idl,-n,tit. 
FAI-RE 1 t 3 - 6 ts 3 te 3 tes 3 - 8 - 37 s 4 - 5 ' 34 ; ca. 

to make; do ; frame. Faire , be- 
speak ; prompt to. part, imjiart : 
acquaint; communicate. croirc, 
make believe ; beget an opinion. Fairp 
son cours, Jinis/i iis course. la 
cuisine, cook meat. la barbe. share. 

Ies cheveux, cut the hair. une 
chambre, clean a room. la cemer- 
ture, turn down the bed. i'arbre 
fourchu, pitch-pole. lesvignes, drttx 
a vineyard. la moisson, reap the 

FAI ( 194 ) FAI 

[INF.M. PRES.T. 2 PART.PRES. 3 PART.PAST.] IND.M. PRES.T. * 1st p.S. 5 2dp.<. 

13 lst P .pl. " 15 PRET. 16 lstp.s. 17 2dp.s. 18 3d p.s. " 
27 COND. M. 28 lstp.s. 29 2d p.s. 30 3d p.s. 31 1st p. pi. 32 2d p.pL ^Sd 
PRES.T. 39 1st p.s. 40 2d p.s. 41 3dp.s. 42 1st 43 2d 44 3d IMPERF. 

harvest. Paumone, give alms. FAIRE 
la charite, bestow charity. la loi, 
give la>v$. un conte, tell a story. 
achat, purchase. beaucoup de 
chemin, no a great nay. aiguade, 
take in fresh water. bien ses affai- 
res, thrive rvell. une faute, commit 
a fault. effet, operate. une 
question, ask a question. semblant, 
pretend ; feign. savoir, let one know. 

venir, call or send for. entrer, 
call in. le grand, carry it high. 

la petit bouche, mince it. un 
saut, take a leap. voile, sail; bear 
up. eau, be leaky. le pot a 2 
anses, set one's arms a-kimbo. la 
bete, be looed, at cards. banqueroute, 
break. des malhonnetetes, behave 
unmannerly. 1'entendu, pretend to 
great matters. la quarantaine, per- 
form quarantine. faux bond,/aiZ; 

be guilty of a slip. bourse com- 
mune, live in common. le proces a 
quelqu'un, try one. son apprentis- 
sage, serve one's apprenticeship. pro- 
fession de la medecine, practice physic. 

le chien couchant, cringe like a dog. 

fleche de tout bois, make any shift. 

le fringant, take too much liberty : 

un repasde brebis, eat without drink- 
ing. un contre-sens, blunder. Faire 
1'office, perform divine service. le 
savant, set up for a learned man. 

d'une raouche un elephant, make a 
mountain of a molehill. une chose 
tambour-battant, act openly. le bee 
a quelqu'un, gice one his cue. un 
tour de promenade, take a walk. un 
tour de jardin, walk round the garden. 

floras, spend high; do wonders. 

d'une pierre 2 coups, kill 2 birds with 
one stone. claquer son fouet, make a 
great noise in the world. une chose 
par dessus 1'epaule, It-are a thing un- 
done. le bon apotre, put on the ap- 
pearance of a good man. des allees 
et des venues, go backward and for- 
ward. bonne mine a mauvais jeu, 
set a good face on a bad game. le 
diablea quatre. play the devil. venir 
les pigeons au colombier, get customers. 

FAIRE du cuir d'autrui large courroie, to 
be free of another man's purse. 
rouler lacuisine, cater ; provide. cre- 
dit de la main a la bouche, trust no fur* 
ther than one can throw. corpa 
neuf, take a ncto lease of one's life. 

la garde, be upon guard. son 
coup, succeed. fete a quelqu'un, make 
one kindly welcome. la flgue a quel- 
qu'un, scorn one. du feu violet, agreat 
cry and little wool. grande chere et 
beau feu, to spend away. la contre- 
bande, smuggle. des siennes, play 
pranks. des frais, be at some charge. 

le fendant, to built; ; hector. ressort, 
springy. le fin, to carry it cunningly. 

ses adieux, bid adieu. bon 
compte, sell cheap. le malade, sJutm 
an illness. des armes, fence. un 
metier, exercise a trade. mine de, 
feign. feu, fire. fonds sur, rely 

upon. le badin, play the rcag. 

sentinelle, stand sentry; watch. 

vomir, cause vomiting. le nord, 
steer to the north. des vivres, de 
1'eau, du bois, take in fresh provisions, 
water, wood. 40 rallies par jour, 
ride 40 miles a day. agir, e>n- 
ploii people. foi et hommage, do 
fealty. careme, keep Lent. main 
basse, fall upon. raison, give satis- 
faction. le saut, run a risk ; turn 

bankrupt. voir, siiew. paraitre, 
produce ; shew. a savoir que, give. 
notice that. FAIRS, vn. to look; ftt ; 
deal; act; suit; v. imp. to be. Se 
faire, vr. to improve; get; become; 
turn; use; inure. S'en accroire, 
be conceited. Se un devoir, make 
a point. S'en un devoir, make a 
point of it. Se passer pour, cause 
to be reported that ; feign to be ; call 
one's self. See FAISANT, FAIT, FONT, 

FAIS 4 - 3 - 34 -ANT 2 , v. FAIRE, to make. 

FA1SABLE, a. possible ; feasible. 

FAISAN, sm. pheasant. FAISANDE, 
FAISANE, */. hen-pheasant. d'eau, 
turbot. de mer, pin-tail duck. 

FAISANCES, sf. pi. duties; manorial 
service; gift, boon over the rent. 


( 195 > 


6 3dp.s. 7 8 9 IMPERF. 10 lstp.s. "-2dp.s. 12 3dp.s. 
20 ->d p. pi. 21 3d p. pi. FUT. 1st p. s. <J3 2d p. s. 24 3d p. s. 1st p. pi. 2d p. pi. 1MP.M. 34 2dp.s. 35 3dp.s. * " 33 SUBJ. 31. 
43 1st p. s. 46 2d p. s. 47 3d p. s. 4b 1st p. pi. 4y 2d p. pi. 50 3d p. pi. 

FAISAXDEAU, .. young 2 )nensant ; 
pheasant-pout. [gets a venison taste. 

FAISAND-ER, I. va. to keep meat till it 

FAISANDER1E, sf. pheasant-walk ; pre- 
serve for pheasants. [sells pheasants. 

FAISANDIER, sni. one who breeds or 

FAIS 4.5.34. ANT 2 oiis^ais 10 - 11 ait 12 ois IO - n 
oit 12 ions 13 iez l4 aient 15 oient 15 ,*). FAIRE, 
to make. Fais courir! keep her full; 
steer close! [ x, Roman fasces. 

FA1SCKAU, sm. bundle; bunch; truss. 

FAISEU-R, sin. SB, sf. maker; doer. 

FAISSELLE, sf. cheese-mould. 

FAISSER1E, */. open basket-work. 

! A1SSIER, sm. basket-maker. 

FAIT 3 - 6 , v. FAIRE, FAIT, E a. settled; full 
grown, sm. fact; act; case; feat; 
power ; purpose. 11 , it is. II chaud, 
it is hot. II froid, it is cold. 11 
beau temps, it is .fine it-rat I/ 
, yes; excuse me. Tout-a- -, ad. 
tjnitc; entirely. De et de , in- 
deed and indeed. Ktre surde son , go 
upon sure grounds. a , in pro- 
portion. De , in reality. En de, 
in point of. Au , to the point; in- 
deed. C'est de lui, it is all over 
him. E 3 , es 3 - 8 - 37 ; v. FAIRE. 

FAITAGE, sm. covering of a house; top ; 
roof: roof-timber; ridge-2)ieee. 

FAITARD, E, a. lazy; indolent; old French. 

FAITARDISE, */. idleness; sloth. 

FAIT-Es 3 - 8 ' 37 e 3 s 3 . r. FAIHK, to make. 

FAITH, sm. top; ridge ; pinnacle; dome. 

FAITIKRE, sf. gutter-tile; ridge-tile; 

FAIX, sm. burden; weight. [mould. 

FAKIR, sm. Mahotnetanfriar;fagvtr. 

FALAISE, sf. steep shore; high coast. 

FALAIS-EH, I. vn. to break upon the 
coast, as the sea; burst orer the rocks. 

FALARIQUE, */'. ancient weapon; com- 
bustible dart, [volant, puckered flounce. 

FALBALA, sin. furbelow ;, flounce. 

FALCAD1'], sf. prancing, [crooked sword. 

FALCAIR, sm. soldier who wore a short 

FALCIDIE, sf. deduction on legacies. 

FALLACE, sf. fallacy; deceit ; falsehood. 

FALLACIEUSLMENT, ad. fallaciously. 

FALLACIEU-x, SK.a.fallacious; deceitful. 

PALL-oiK 1 u 3 ait 12 oiii 2 u t" fit 47 , v. imp. 
to be needful; must. II faut faire cela, 

that, must be done. II fallait faire cela, 
that should have been done. II me fal- 
lut payer les frais. / was obliged to pay 
the costs. II me faut de 1'argent, / mt/xt 
have money. 11 lui faut un chai-cau. he 
must have a hat. II lui faudruit une 
robe, she should have a gown. II lui 
aurait fallu une montre, he should haft 
had a watch. II s'eri faut de beaucoup, 
it is very far from ; there /rants much. 
C'est un faire -Ic-fiiut, there it an abso- 
lute necessity fur it. See FAUT, FAILLE. 

F VLLOPE, sf. sort of shrub; a. fallopian.. 

FALL-u 3 ut' 8 ut 47 , r. FAI.I.OIK. 

FALOT, sm. f -.nipes; light; 

beacon; sort of lantern or large lamp. 

FA LOT, K. a. ridiculous; merry; silly. 

FALOTEMEXT, ad. ridiculously. 

FALOTIER, sm. light-man at the h-i tin's 

FAL(l'RUE, sf. ln,;j, [court. 

FAI.Ol'SE, sf. hart's fodder. [falrail,^. 

FAI,(il'-EK, I. rn. to get & horse to makt 

FAUiUES, sf. wash-boards; falcadcs. 

FAUSIFICATEUR, *n.fetbyt*r, [terft it. 

FALSIFICATION, .<f. ; forijery; coitn- 

FALSIFI-ER, I. va. to falsify; forge; 
adulterate; debase; couif 

FALTRANK, sm. faltranc; a name for 
the vulnerary herbs of Switzerland. 

FALUN, sm. marl; decayed shells. 

FALl*N-i:R. 1. va. to iiiaiiui'> tctih marl. 

FALUN1ERE, sf. marl-pit. 

FAME, sf.fnme; reputation, law term. 

FAME, E, a. famed. Bicn </r mal fame, 
having a good or bad character. 

FAMELIQUE, a. hu/itjtr-starced ; fa- 
mished. Auleur , stan-i.-n/ author. 

FAMEU-X, SK, a. famous; renoinn-d. 

FAMIL, a. gentle; tame; as hawks. 

FAMILIARIS ER, I. se , rr. to f,;mi- 
liarize one's^ .><//, grow familiar with. 

FAMILIARITE, .{/'. familiarity ; priru<:</. 

FAMILI-ER, ERE, a. familiar; t 

FAMILIEREMENT, ad. freely, [bailiffs. 

FAMILLE, sf. family; household; kin- 
dred; stock; house; tribe; race. 

FAMILLEU-x, SE, a. hungry, as hawks. 

FAMINE, sf. famine; dearth; scarcity. 

FANAGE, sm. hay-making ; dried leaves 
of plants; hay-maker's salary. 

FANAISON, sf. mowing-time. 

FAN ( 196 ) 



IND.M. PRES.T. 4 1st p.s. 5 2dp.s. 

I3 > 4 I5 PRET. 16 lstp.s. ] 72dp.s. 18 3dp.s. 19 
27 COND.M. 28 lstp.s. *>2d p.s. ^Sdp.s. 31 1st 3a 2d *>3d 
PRES.T. s 9 1st p.s. 40 2dp.s. 41 3dp.s. 42 1st 43 44 3d IMPERF. 

.FANAL, sm. ship's lantern; light-house; 
watch-light. FANAUX, pi. beacons. 

FANATIQUE, a. bigoted, s. fanatic. 

FANATIS-ER, I. va. to render bigoted. 


FANDANGO, sm. ; Spanish dance. 

FANE, sf. leaf of a plant ; garden term. 

FAN-ER, I. va. to cause to fade; dry up ; 
make hay. Se , vr. to wither ; fade. 

FANEU-R, sm. SE, sf. hay-maker. 

FANFAN, sm. child; dear child; honey. 

FANFARE, sf. flourish of a trumpet; 
parade; shorn ; gay, lively tune. 

F ANFAR-ER, I. vn. to make flourishes 
with trumpets or French horns. 

FANFARON, WE, a. bragging, sm. bully. 

FANFARONNADE, sf. bragging ; parade. 

FANFARONNERIE, sf. habit of bragging. 

FANFRELUCHE, sf.gew-garv; riff'-rajf. 

FANGE, sf. mire; dirt; mud. [puddled. 

I'ANGEU-x, SE, a. miry; muddy; marsJiy; 

FANION, sm. banner; sort of standard. 

FANON, sm. dew-lap ; fetlock ; pendants ; 
funnel; beard. s, pi. dressings of a 
broken leg or thigh, [humour; opinion. 

FANTAISIE, sf. fancy; mind; whim; 

FANTASQUE, a. fantastical ; odd; whim- 
sical; capricious, [whimsically; oddly. 

FANTASQUEMENT, ad. fantastically; 

FANTASS1N, sm. foot-soldier ; infantry. 

FANTASTIQUE, a. chimerical ; fantasti- 
cal; imaginary ; fanciful ; idle. 

FANTOME, sm.. phantom ; chimera ; 
image. s, pi. images of sensible 

FANUM, sm. sort of pagan temple, [things. 

I-' AON, sm.fawn ; young deer. [fawn. 

FAONN-ER, I. vn. to fawn; bring forth a 

FAQUIN, sm. scoundrel; varlet; rascal. 
Wooden statue to tilt at. , E, a. 
base; vile ; mean ; foppish. [dandy. 

FAQUIN-ER, I. vn. to act foppishly, like a 

FAQUINERIE, sf. meanness; foppery. 

FAQUIR, sm. Mahometan dervish; beggar. 

FARAILLON, sm. light-fiouse ; a small 

FARAIS, sm. coral net. [sand-bank. 

FARAISON, sf. Istformm glass-blowing. 

FARATS, sm. confused heap ; lot. 

FARCE, sf. stuffing ; forced meat ; farce ; 
mask ; interlude ; after-piece. [jest. 

FARC-ER 1 , FARC-ANT 2 , I. en. to droll; 

FARCEUR, sm. buffoon; merry-andrew. 

FARCIN, sm. farcy ; horse-itch. 
FARCI, E, a. stuffed; filled with stuffing. 
FARCINEU-x, SE, a. that has got the 

farcy, the horse-itch. [cram; gorge. 
FARC-iR, II. va. to stuff'; interlard; 
FARCISSURE, sf. stvffing ; forced meat. 
FARD, sm. paint ; tinsel ; dissimulation. 
FARDAGE, sm. tonnage of a ship. 
FARDE AU, sm.. burden ; load ; weight. 
FARD-ER, to paint; trim; flourish. 
FARFADET, sm. hobgoblin; silly feltow. 
FARFOUILL-ER, I. vn. to rummage. 
FARGUES, sf. pi. side-boards of a ship. 
FARIBOLES, sf. idle talk ; trifles. 
FARINE, sf. meal ; flour. Folle , mill- 
dust. Gens de meme , birds of a 
FARIN-EH, I. va. toftour over, [feather. 
FARINET, sm. domino; kind of dice. 
FARINEU-x, SE, a. ?vJtite with meal. 

Dartre SE, sf. a white tetter. 
FARINIER, sm. meal-man; corn-clumd- 

ler. FARINIERE, sf. meal-Jwuse; 

meal- tub; miller's wife. 
FARLOUSE, sf. meadow-lark; tit-lark. 
FAROUCHE, a. wild; stern; severe. 
FARSAN, FARSANNE, sm. horseman; 

Arab knight, [sy ; barways, in heraldry. 
FASCE, sf.fesse; streak. FASC, v,a.fes- 
FASCICULE, sm. small bundle. 
FASCIE, E, a. streaked; cross-barred. 
FASCIES, sf. pi. streaks on the outside of 
FASCINAGE, sm. fascine-work, [shells. 
FASCINATION, sf. ; enchantment. 
FASCINE, sf. ; bavin; large fagot. 
FASCIN-ER, I. va. to enchant; bewitch. 
FASEOLE, sf. sort of kidney-bean. 
FASI-ER, I. vn. to shiver, as sails. 
FASS-E 35 ^-"! es 40 ions 42 iez 43 ent 44 , v. 

FAIRE, to do. See FAIS, Fis. 
FASTE, sm. pageantry; pomp; pride; 

vain-show ; vain-glory. s, sm. pi. 

calendar; annals. [nauseously. 

FASTIDIEUSEMENT, ad. fastidiously; 
FASTIDIEU-x, SE, a. tiresome ; over-nice. 
FASTUEUSEMENT, ad. proudly; in a 

fulsome way. [geous ; proud. 

FASTUEU-x, SE, a. ostentatious; gor- 
FAT, sm. coxcomb; puppy ; fool; fop. 
FATAL, E, a. fatal; unlucky. 
FATALEMENT, ad. fatally; unluckily. 
FATALJSME, sm. doctrine of fatality. 

FAT ( 197 ) FAU 

6 3d p.s. 7i s tp.pi. IJIPERF. 10 1st p.s. 'i-Jdp.s. 12 3d p.s. 
20 2d 21 3d PUT. 22 1st p.s. 23 2dp.s. 24 3d p.s. 1st p. pi. IMP. M. 34 2dp.s. 85 3d p.s. 36 lstp . p i. 37 S d p. pi. ss^ SUBJ. M. 
4i 1st p.s. 4 2d p.s. 47 3d p.s. 48 1st 49 2d 5y 3d 

FATALISTE, sm. fatalist; one who ad- ' 
inits nothing but chance. [tune. 

FATALITE, sf. fatality ; destiny; mitfor- 

FATIDIQUE, a. prophetic; for telling. 

FATIGAXT, E, a. fatiguing; tiresome. 

FATIGUE, sf. fatigue; weariness; hard- 
ship. Homme de , laborious man. 

FATIGU-EK, I. ca. to tire; fatigue; tease. 
Se , vr. to labour; take pains. 

FATRAS, sm. trash; trifles. [f addling. 

FATRASS-EK, I. en. to trifle; be Jiddle- 

FATRASSEUK, sm. trijier; muddler. 

FATUAIRE, sm.fatuist; soothsayer. 

FATUISME, sm. coxcombery ; jnijjpyism. 

FATUITE, sf. silliness ; foppery ; foolish- 

FAU, sm. beech-tree. [ness ; simplicity. 

FAUBERT, sin. swab; mop on board ships. 

FAUBERT-ER, I. va. to swab a ship's deck. 

FAUBOURG, sm. suburb; outskirts. 

FAUCHAGE, s>n. mowing; cutting grass 

FAUCHAISOX, sf. mowing time. [down. 

FAUCHARD, sm. small sickle with a long 

FAUCHE, sf. act of mowing. [handle. 

FAUCHEE, sf. mower's day's work. 

FAUCH-ER, I. va. to mow ; cut down ; 
race in equitation. le grand pre, be a 

FAUCHET, sm. wooden rake.[galley-slace. 

FAUCHEUR, sm. mower; spinner. 

FAUCHEUX, sm. spider ; father-long-leg. 

FAUCHOX, sm. falchion; short bent sword. 

FAUCILLE, sf. sickle. Droit comme une 
faucille, * strait/ht as a ram's horn. 

FAUCILLOX, sm.' small sickle. Bois a 
faucillon, small wood ; brush-wood. 

FAUCOX, sm. falcon; hawk. 

FAUCOXXEAU, sm. falconet, a gun. 

FAUCOXXERIE, sf. falconry; hunting 
with hawks; the place where hawks 

FAUCOXXIER, sm. falconer, [are kept. 

FAUCOXXIERE, */. hawking-bag. 

FAUD-EH, I. va. to fold; mark. 

FAUD-BA 24 rait 30 roit 30 , v. FALLOIB, to 
be necessary. FAUFEL, sm. arcka nut ; 
Indian nut. [to keep company with. 

FAUFIL-EB, I. va. to baste. Se , vr. 

FAULDES, sf. 2)1. places where the char- 
coal is made; charcoal-area. [FAUX. 

FAULX, sf. sci/ the; reaping-hook; never 

FAUXE, sin. fawn. [kills partridges. 

FAU-PERDRIEU, sm. merlin; bird that 

FAUSSA1RE, sm. forger of writings. 

FAUSSE, a. false, sf. not trump, m. FAUX. 
FAUSSE-BRAIE, sf. low rampart in 

front of, and formerly attached to, the 

enceinte ; a sort of terrace. 
FAUSSE-COUCHE, sf. miscarriage. 
FAUSSES-LANCES, sf. wooden guns. 
FAUSSE-MARCHE, sf. feigned march. 
FAISSKMENT, ad. falsely; wrongfully. 

, .v/1 false coin. 
TE, sf. iltill jest. 
FAl'SSK-l'ORTF., .s/. back-door. 
FAl."!?.S-ER, I. ca. to break; bend; flinch ; 

spoil. sa parole, break one's n-cnf. 

compasinie, withdraw from cam- 
pany ; take French leave. une 
serrure, spoil a lock. 

FAUSSET, sm. faucet; paj ; \ faint and 

shrill treble, in music ; falsetto, [pliciti/. 

FAUSSET&, sf. falsehood ; furgery ; da- 

1 -Ar>sUUE, sf. swell of a bell, [be 'urgent. 

FAU'l", r. FALLOIB, to be necessary ; to 

FAUTE, sf. fault; error; ni-cd ; penury: 

fail; want. de, ad. for icant of. 

S'il arrivait , s 'il venait de lui, if 

he should happen to die. Si n'y faites 

, do not fail to do it. Xe vous faites 

de cela, do not $2x1 re it. Qui fait la 

la boit, self -do, setf-hacc. 
FAUTEAU, sm. sort of battering-rain. 
FAUTEUIL, sm. arm-chair; elbow-chair. 

a roulettes, easy chair that runs 
upon wheels, [tor; countcnancer;fa it tor. 

FAUT-EUB, sm. RICE, sf. fai-ourer ; abet- 

FAUTI-F, VE, a. faulty. [fallow dtcr. 

FAUVE, a. fallow; rufus. Letes s, sf. 

FAUVET, sm. cock-linnc.t. [a net. 

FAUVETTE, sf. hen-linnet. FAUVUADT:, 

FAUX, sf. scythe ; Sec FAULX. FAl'X. a. 

false; sham; spurious, ad. wrong; faltt: 

A faux, wrongfully; falsely. Faux, 

sm. falsehood. frais, idle <'.'. 

fuyant, a shift; evasion; secret pas- 
sage. fourreau, pistol-case. mon- 
noyeur, false coiner. saunage, smug- 
gling salt. saunier, salt-smuggler. 

seinblant, deceitful appearance. Faux 
brillant, tinsel. bourdon, church 
music. sel, run salt. accord, 
dissonance. pli, a wrong fold. 
Faire bond, to fail; deal falsely. 
Crime de , the crime of forgery. 


[TNF.M. 'PRES.T. 2 PART.PRES. 3 PART.PAST.] IND.M. PRES.T. 4 lst p.S. *2d p.f. 

13 lst 14 2d I5 3d PRET. I6 lst p.s. 17 2dp.s. 18 3d p.s. I9 
27 COND.M. 2S 1st p.s. 29 -2d p.s. 3 3d p.s. 31 1st 32 2d 33 3d 
PRES.T. 3 s 1st p.s. 40 2dp.s. 4l 3dp.s. 42 1st 43 44 3d IMPERF. 

FAUX. Chanter , to sing out of tune. 
Dater , date wrong. Ce fusil a fait 
feu, that gun has flashed in the 
pan. Son raisonnement porte a , he 
argues tipon a false supposition. Cette 
colonne porte a , that pillar is not 
sufficiently supported. J'. FAT 

FAUX-BOURG, sm. suburb. La ville et 
les s, a vast concourse of people. 

FAVEUR, sf. favour ; kindness; benevo- 
lence; interest; credit; silk ferret; 
penny-riband, Lettres de , l< 
recommendation. Jours de , dints of 
grace. A la de, by moans of. En 
ma , in my behalf. En de, for 
the sake of; on account of. Prendre 
faveur, to take: succcnl. [a minion. 

FAVORI, TE, a. favoured, s. }',(>;< r>tc : 

FAVOR1S-KK, I. m. to favour; befriend. 

FAVORABLE, a. favourable ; kind. 

FAVORABLEMENT, ad. favourably; 
kindly ; graciously. [EXO; 

FAYENCE, sf. earthen-ware. See FA'I- 

FEAGE, sm.feqjfment ; freehold. 

FEAL, SHI. lie/je; vassal; intimate friend. 
Feaux, pi. a. trusty ; feal; loyal. 

FEAUTE, sf. fealty; fidelity, homage. 

FEBRICITANT, E, a. feccrish. sm. one 
troubled with an ague. [fever. 

FEBRIFUGE, sm. ; a drug that cures 

FEBRILE, a. ; feccrish. ~ [ment. 

FECALE, a. matiere , human excre- 

FEC-ER, I. vn. to deposit lees; settle. 

FECES,; dreys; lees. 

FECOND, E. a. fruitful; teeming. 

FECONDANCE, /. generating power. 

FBCONDANT, E, a. fertilising. [ing. 

FECONDATION, sf. fecundation ;fertilis- 

FECOND-ER, I. ca. to fertilise; make 

FECONDITE, sf. fecundity. [fruitful. 

FECULE, sf. lee; sediment ;fecula ; depo- 

FECULENCE, sf. sediment; deposit, [sit. 

FECULENT, E, a. feculent ; foul, [unite. 

FEDERALIS-ER, I. va. to federalizc; 

FEDERATI F, VE, a. federative ; uniting. 
FEDERATION, sf. confederation. 
FEDERES, sm. pi. confederates; allies. 
FEE, sf. fairy ; enchantress ; puck ; goblin. 
FK-KH, I. va. to enchant ; charm. 
FEERIE, sf. fairy is m; fa try art. 

FEIGN-ANT 2 ons 7 - 36 ez 8 - 3 ? ent 9 - 38 - 44 ais 10 -" 
ait 12 ois 1(M1 oit 12 ions' 3 - 12 iez 14 - 43 aient 15 
oient 15 is 16 ' 17 it 18 Imes 19 ftes 20 irent 21 

e 35.39.4l ^40 isse 45 isses 46 it 47 issions 4 * 

issiez 49 issent 50 , part of 

FEIND-RE 1 rai 22 ras 23 ra 24 rons rez* 
ront 27 rais 28 - 29 rait 30 rois 28 ' 29 roit 30 rions 
81 riez^raient^roient 33 ; FElN-s 4 - 5 - 3 t 3 - 6 
ts 3 te 3 tes 3 , va. to feign ; dissemble ; 
limp ; ajfect. Porte ou fenetre feinte, 
blind door or window. See FEIGN-ANT. 

FEINT, E, a. feigned; pretended; blind. 

FEINFE, sf. 'feint; disguise; diesis. See 

FEINTISE, sf. dissembling. [FEINDRE. 

FELATIER, sm. glass-blower's man or 

FELE, sf. bunting-iron. [apprentice. 

FEL-ER, I. va. to crack. II ale timbre 
fe'e, he is a little crazy, [good wishes. 

FELICITATION, */. ; congratulation; 

VftLLCrr&,8f.felieUy; bliss; happiness. 

FKLICIT-EH, I. va. to congratulate ; wish 

FELON, NE, a. felonious; s. felon, [joy. 

FELONIE, sf. felony; rebellion; treason. 

FELOUQUE, sf. felucca; small rowing 

FELURE, sf. crack; chink; crevice, [boat. 

FE.MELLE, sf. female ; hen. s, googinys 
of the stern-post. [rudder. 

FEMELOTS, sin. googings of a boat's 

FBMININ, E, a. feminine; womanish. 

FEMINIS-ER, I. va. to make feminine. 

FiiM M K, sf. woman ; wife. Sage , m id- 
wife. sage, wise woman. de 
charge, house-keeper. Bonne , old 

FEMMELETTE, sf. silly woman, [iroman. 

FEMUR, sm. the bone of the thigh, [rest. 

FENAISON, sf. mowing-time; hay-har- 

FENDANT, sm. severing blow. Faire le 
, to bully ; huff; hector. [chafery. 

FENDERIE, sf. the cutting of iron bars; 

FENDEUR, sm. cleaver; slitter; cutter. 
Fendeur de naseau, bully; hectoring 

FENDOIR, sm. cleaving tool. [blade. 

FEND 6 -RE ant 2 u 3 ue 3 us 3 ues 3 s 4 - 5 - 34 ons 

7-36 ez 8.37 ent 9.38.4l a j s 10.11 ait 12 Ois 10 '" 

oil 12 ions 13 - 12 iez 14 - 43 aient 15 oient 15 is 16 - 
" it 18 Irnes' 9 lies 20 irent 21 rai 22 ras 23 ra 24 
rons 25 rex 26 ront 27 r as 28 - 29 rait 30 rois 28 - 29 
roit 30 rions 31 riez 32 raient 33 roient 33 e a% 
39.41 es 40 isse 45 isses 46 jt 47 issions 48 issiez 49 
issent' , va. to cleave; split; crack ; rip 
up ; break through ; open; rend; gape. 

FEN ( 199 ) FER 

6 3dp.s. 'istp.pi. 8 ' IMPERF. 10 Istp.s. >' 2d p.s. 12 3dp.?. 
20 21 FCT. ^ 1st p.s. ^Sdp.s. 24 3d p.s. ^ 1st i . 1MP.M. - 4 -2dp.s. ^Sdp.s. ^ 37 *> SUBJ. M. 
45 1st p.s. :>dp.s. <<3dp.s. **> 1st p. pi. < 9 M 3d p. pi. 

FEXDU, E, . des yeux bien s, large 
icell-cut eyes. Homme bien fendu, long 
legncd man. - of FEXDRE. [house. 

FEXETRAGE, sm. all the trindoirs of a 

FEXKi: <iv; sash; r<: 

FEXIL, sm. han-loft. [marin, sea-fennel. 

FEXOUIL. sm. fennel : fennel-? 

FEXOUILLKT Tl.. sf. fennel-ivater ; ani- 
- brandy ; sort of fennel-apple. 

FEXTE, tf. cleft; chink; slit; cliap. 
Fente d'une chemise, bosom of a shirt. 

FEXU-GR ;:<.", sm.fenmjndi; med. plant. 

FEUDAL. E, a.f- <'i?al ; feodaux. 

FEODALEMEXT, ad. saisir , ti- 
the lord of the manor, [ty ; dtpendance. 

FEODAL1TK. : feudal i- 

FER, sm. iron ; sicord ; socket. a fri- 
ser, curling irons; pinching-tongs. a 
passer, smoothing-iron. d'une lance, 
head of a spear. de lacet, tag of a 
lace. d'une eanne./Vm/ of n cane. 
de cheval, kind of retch. In fortifica- 
tion; horse- shoe. blauc, tin. Siecle 
de , iron a/je. s, chains, slavery ; 
Ktre aux s, to be fet- 
. Tele de , strong head-piece. 
A. et ac\ou,fast : strongly. Battre 
le , to fence; tilt. Manier le fer, 
handle a s/vord. Se battre a emou- 
lu, Jight in gi.od tarnt-st. L(?s 4 iVrs 
en 1'air, upon one's back. Employer 
le et le feu, to make use of the most 

FE-RAI---' i-iis- 3 ra- >4 rons 25 rez 26 ront 2 ? ais 
:t 30 ois-"^ oit^ ions 31 iez 32 aieut 33 

oient 33 , r. FA IRE, to do. 
FERBLAXT1ER, sm. tin-man ; tinker. 
FER-CHAUL), sm. heart-burn. [kept. 
FKRIALILE, a. jour , day of rest to be 
FERIAL, E, a. belonging to the ferie. 
FERIE, sf.feria ; feast ; work ing -days. 
FERIX, E, a. bad ; dangerous; malignant; 

obstinate. [icithout striking a blotr. 
FER-iR, t-rt. to strike. Sans coup ferir, 
FERLAGE, sm. furling. 
FERL-EH, I. va. to furl; gather up. 
FERLET, sin. jteel, tool in paper manuf. 
FERM AGP:, sm. rent : income from a 
FERM AIL, sm. clasp, in herald, [farm. 
Fl RMAILLE. sm. n-oce n-ire-jcork. 
FLR.MAXT, E, a. finishing; approach- 

ing. A nuit E; a jour ; a portet 

ES, at the close of the day ; at night. 
FERME,; manor ; plough-land. 

Prendre a , to take to farm. Bailler 
a , to farm out. Bail a . 

FERM E, a.Jirm ; steady ; resolute ; strong ; 
solid; close; lusty. Tcrre , sf. con- 
tinent ; terra-firma. , ad. fast ; hard. 
Fort et , stoutly. Ferine! courage! 
that's it! braro! [steadily; constantly. 

FERM EM EXT, ad. firmly; resolutely; 


FERMEXTAT1-F, VE, a. fermentative. 

FERMEXT.YT1PX, sf. ; ttnaent. 

FERMEXT-ER, I. r/i. tuf. 

FERM-ER, I. va. to shut; clot 

a la clef, lock. la main. 
one's fist. de nuir.. 

de palissades, rail in. > 

in. une lettre, make and 
seal up a httir. un troi:. 
hole. un chemin, stop a tcuy. la 
porte au nez, thrust one out. au 
verrou, bolt. les yeux a quelque 
chose, irink at a thing. 1 
Lay an embargo ujwn all ships. les 
rideaux, dratv the curtain. une ville 
de murailles, trail a town. la porte 
aux abus, stop abuses. Se , rr. to 
shut ; close vp. 

FERMETE. sf. firmness; hardness; cou- 
rage; constancy, [security of a house. 
FERMETTRE, */. shutttrt, Xc. for the 
FERM1-ER, sm. EKE, sf. farmer. ' 
FERMOIR, sm. clasp; ripping chisel. 
FEROCE, a.jierce; ferocious; sn 
FEROC1TE, sf. ferocity; savagt 
FERRAGE, sm. sort of tax at tlie Mint. 
FERRAILLE, */. old iron. -6-34 o f 
FERRAILL-ER', I. vn. to fence; : 

yue ; dispute. [in old iron. 

FERRAILLEUR, sm. titter; bull; . 
FERRAXD1X E, sf.ferrandine; sfujf' madt 
of silk and n-ool. [dine maker. 

FERRAXDIXI-ER, sm. ERE, sf. f\rrun- 
FERRAXT, a. marechal , sm. farrier. 
FERRE, sf. glazier'* tict- I 
FERME. E, a. shod; inlaid. Eau E, 
chalybeate-n-ater. Style , hard style. 
Chemin ferre, pared road. Ktre a 
glace, to be master of a subject. 

FER ( 200 ) FEU 

[INF.M. 'PRES.T. 2 PART.PRES. 3 PART.PAST.] IND. M. PRES.T. 4 1st p.S. 5 2d p.S. 

13 14 2d 15 3d PRET. 16 1st p.s. 17 2dp.s. 18 3d p.s. 19 COND.M. 28 lstp.s. ^dp.s. 30 3d p.s. 31 32 2<lp.pL Sd 
PRES.T. ^Istp.s. 40 2d p.s. 41 3dp.s. 43 1st p. pi. 43 2d 44 3d p. pi. IMPERF. 

FERREMENT, si. iron tool. [on ships. 
FERREMENTS, sm. iron and brass work 
FERR-ER, I. va. to bind with iron-work. 

un cheval, shoe a horse. un lacet, 
tag a lace. une canne, tip a cane. 

la mule, cheat one. Difficile a , 
not easily governed. 

FERRET, s/n. tag ; ferret ; tin pipe. 

FERRETIER, sm. farrier's hammer. 

FERREUR, sm. tagger of laces; lead- 

FERRIERE, sf. farrier's pouch, [stamper. 

FERRON, sm. ironmonger, [smith's shop. 

FERONNERIE, sf. iron warehouse; black- 

FERRONNI-ER, sm. KRE, sf. ironmonger. 

FERRUGlNEU-x, m. SE, /. a. ferruiji- 
nous ; iron-like; chalybeate. [horse. 

FERRURE, sf. iron-work; shoeing of a 

FERTE, sf. fortress; citadel, old word. 

FERTILE, a. ; fruitful ; full ; teeming. 

FERTILEMENT, ad. fruitfully ; plenti- 

FERTILISAT10N, sf. fertilising, [fully. 

FERTILIS-ER, I. va. to fertilise; manure. 

FERTILITE, sf. fertility ; plenty. 

FERU 2 , E, a. smitten ; in love ; angry. 

FERVEMMENT, ad. fervently ; ardently. 

FERVENT, E, a. fervent; rearm; earnest. 

FERVEUR, sf. fervour; zeal; warmth. 

FERULE, sf. ferula ; palmer. 

FERZE, sf. width of cloth in sails, etc. 

FES-ANT 2 ons?-36 aisio.ii a it 12 ois 10 -" oiti 2 
ions i;i iez 14 aient 15 oient 15 , v. FAIRE, to 

FES ABLE, a. feasible; lawful, [do. 

FESEU-R, sin. SE, sf. maker; doer. 

FESSE, sf. buttock ; pi. hind part. ca- 

hier, paltry hackney-writer. ma- 

thieu, stingy fellow ; miser. Avoir chaud 
aux s, to be in a dreadful fright. 

FESSEE, sf. whipping ; flogging. 

FESS-ER, I. va. tojtog; whip. le ca- 
hier, to be a quill-driver. bien son 
vin, be a good toper; drink hard or 

FESSEU-R, SE, s.Jtogger. \itnpunely. 

FESSIER, sm. the bottom ; the breech. 

FESSU, E, a. having a large bottom. 

FESTIN, sm. feast; banquet; entertain- 

FESTIN-ER, 1. va. # n. to feast, [ment. 

FESTON, sin. festoon; scollop. 

FESTONN-ER, I. va. to festoon; scollop. 

FESTOY-ER, I. va. to feast; welcome. 

FETE, sf. feast; holiday ; festival. des 
morts, All Souls' day. du St. a- 

crement, Corpus Chnsti day. du 
palais, vacation-time. Se faire de , to 
be a busy-body; intermeddle. Payer 
sa , entertain an one's birth day. 

FKT-ER, I. va. to keep a holiday; wel- 

FETFA, 57/1. order from the mvfti. [come. 

FETICHE, sf. name of idols among the 

FKTIDE, a. fetid; stinking. [negroes. 

FETOY-ER, I. va. to feast ; entertain. 

FETU, sm. straw; mote; rush; iron bar. 

FETUS, sm.fcetus; unborn child. 

FEU, sm.Jire; beacon; dwelling; passion. 

de joie, bonfire. d'artiflce.^/irc- 
works. de paille, sudden blaze. du 
ciel, thunder and lightning. follet, 
will of the n'hisp. gregeois, wildfire. 

saint Elme, ignis fatuus. rou- 
lant, running fire from guns. 

FEU, E, a. late; deceased; defunct; old. 

FEUDATAIRE, sm. feudatory ; vassal; 
clansman; dependant. [feodal law. 

FEUDISTE, a.feodist; sm. one versed in 

FEUILLAGE, sm. leaves of a tree ; leaved 
branches; foliage; branchedwork. [cant. 

FEUILLANT, sm. begging friar ; mendi- 

FEUILLANTINE, sf. pastry made of puff- 
paste. s, nuns of St. Bernard,. 
\ FEUILLE, sf. leaf; sheet of paper ; foil ; 
minute; bill; foliage. volante, loose 
sheet. Vin de deux s, wine two years 
old. d'impression, proof-sheet. 

FEU1LLEE, sf. bower; shady place, [ish. 

FEUILLE-MORTE, sm.Jilcmot; a. brown- 

FEUILL-ER, I. vn. to draw leaves. 

FEUILLET, sm. leaf of a book. 

FEUILLETAGE, sm. pujf'-pastc. [over. 

FEUILLETE, sm. light cake. a. turned 

FEUILLET-ER, I. va. to turn leaves over. 

de la pate, make pujf -paste. 
FEUILLETIS, sm. slate too soft and veiny. 
FEUILLETON, sm. loose or small leaf. 
FETJ1LLETTE, sf. half a hogshead. 
FEUILLU, E, a. full of leaves; leafy. 
FEUILLURE, sf. groove or rabbet into 

which doors, windows, $c. are fitted. 

FEURRE, sm. straw ; stra/v for bottom- 
ing and mending chairs. [for tillage. 

FEURS, tillage-expenses; money 

FEUTRE, sm.fclt; scurvy hat. 

FEUTR-ER, I. va. to felt; stuff with felt. 

FEUTRIER, sm.felter; sample-dresser. 

FEU ( 201 ) FIG 

6 3-1 p. s. 7 8 3d p. pi. 9 IMPERF. 10 lstp.s. U 2dp.s. I2 3dp.s. 
2(1 2d p pi. 21 3d p. pi. FUT. 22 1st p. s. u3 2d p. s. 24 3d p. s. * 1st p. pi. * 2d p. pi. 
p. pi. IMP. M. 3*2ip.s. 35 3dp . s> 36 lgtp . p i. 3 8 3d p. pi. SUBJ.M. 
43 1st p. s. 2dp.s. 47 3dp.s. 4 8 49 50 

FEUTRltiRE, sf. felt-cloth, with hatters. 

FEVE, sf. bean. de marais, garden 
bean. de haricot, French-bean. 
de cafe, coffee berry. II a trouve 
la au gateau, he is lucky, [horse-bean. 

FEVEROLE, sf. small bean; dried bean; 

FEVRIER, sm. February ; e.rpiat. month. 

FI, sm. kind of leprosy; rot. Ft ! int. 
fie! fie upon! tush! out upon! Fi 
donc!/0>- shame! [hackney-coachman. 

FIACRE, sm. hackney-coach; scoundrel; 

FIAMETE, sf. flame-colour; a. reddish. 

FIANgAlLLES, sf. pi. betrothing; so- 
lemn promise of marriage; affiancing, 

FIANCE, sm. bridegroom; FIANCE, E, a. 
affianced. E, sf. bride. [affiance. 

FIANC-ER, I. va. to betroth; contract; 

FIAT, sm. let it be! be it! [Jibroiis. 

FIBRE, sf. fibre; filament. FIBUE, E, a. 

FIBREU-x, SE, a.Jibrous; stringy. 

FIBRILLE, sf. very slender Jib re ; fibril. 

FIC, sm.Jieshy ca-crcscencc ; Jig. [thread. 

FICEL-ER, I. va. to tic ; bind with pack- 

FICELEUR, sm. binder in tobacco manuf. 

FICELLE, sf. packthread; twine, [thread. 

FICELLIER, sm. reel; roller for pack- 

FICHANT, E, a. vexatious. Feu , dart- 
ing fire from guns. [cards. 

FICHE, xf. hinge-hook ; plug ; ivory Jish&t 

FICHE, E, a. driven in;Jixcd; pent up. 

FICH-ER, I. va. to stick in; drive; pitch 

FICHERON, sm. iron square pin. [in. 

FICHET, sm. ivory peg for backgammon. 

FICHEUR, sm. man who grouts. [on. 

FICH01R, sm. wooden peg to hang ballads 

FICHON, sm. kind of stiletto. 

FICH U, sm. ivoman's neck-kerchief; neck- 
lace. , E, a.2)itiful ; silly ; poor; bad ; 

FICHUMENT, ad. pitifully. [done for. 

FICHURE, sf. staff; fish-gig; trident. 

FICTICE, a. fictitious ; feigned. 

FICTI-F, \v, a. fictitious; false; supposed. 

FICTION, sf. fiction; lie; story; flam. 

FIDEI-COMMIS, sm. feoff ment; trust; 
entail. commissaire, feoffee ; trus- 

FIDEJUSSEUR, sm. bail; surety. [ice. 

FIDELE, a. faithful; lo.ual ; s. believer. 

FIDELEMENT, ad. faithfully, [loyalty. 

FIDELITE, */. fidelity; faithfulness; 

FIDICULE, sm. The Lyre, constellation. 

FIDUCIAIRE, a. fiduciary; sm. trustee. 

FIEF, sm. ; tenure; fee; manor ; feud. 

dominant, manor belonging to a lord 
2)arainount. Hommes de franc-fief, 
freeholders ;franc-Jicf. Franc- ,/m - 

FIEFFAL, E, a. belonging to ajicf. [hold. 

FIEFFE, E, a. arrant; mere; downright 

FIEFF-EK, I. va. to enfeoff'; invest with a 
fee; lease out in fief. [spleen. 

FIEL, s/n. (jail ; grudge ; hatred; rancour; 

FIENTE, ,</". dung ; muck; filth; mute. 

FI-ER, I. va. to intrust; confide. Fit'/. 
vous y 1 beware of him ! Se , cr. to 
rely; trust to; repose; confide in. 

FIER, m. FIERE,/. a. j)roud; lofty; fierce ; 
vain; bold. & bras, hector; bully. 

FIEREMENT, ad. haughtily ; proudly. 

FIERTABLE, a. redeemable; petty. 

FIERTE, sf.prido; state; haitg/itini'sx ; 
stateliness ; fierce ness ; arroyann- : 

FIERTE, sf. shrine for relics, [stoutness. 

FIEVRE, sf. fever ; ague. lente, hec- 
tic fever. scarlatine, scarlet fcci-r. 

ardente, calenture. chaude, vio- 
lentfever. tierce, tertian ague. - 
quarte, quartan ague. pourpree, spot- 
ted fever. monotone, settled fever. 

FIEVREU-X, SE, a. feverish; aguish. 

F1EVROTTE, sf. little or slow fever. [l,r. 

FIFRE, s,n.fife;fifcr; small pipe ; w/tist- 

F1GEMENT, sm. congealing ; coagulation. 

FIG-ER 1 , FIGE-ANT 2 , I. va. to CO 
coagulate; thicken; curd; harden. 

FIGNOL-ER, FINIOL-ER, I. rn. to strive 
to excel others ; refine ; show off'. 

FIGUE, sf. Jig ; fig-shell. Faire la a 
quelqu'un, to laugh atone; make game 
of him. Moitie , moitie raisin, partl/t 
with and partly against. [ground. 

FIGUERIE, sf. orchard of Jig-trees; Jig - 

FIGUIER, sm. fig-tree. [dancer. 

FIGURANT, sm. E, sf. figurante; inferior 

FIGURAT1-F, VE, a. figurative; typical. 

FIGURATIVEMENT, ad. figuratively. 

FIGURE, sf. ; form; shape; make. 

FIGURE, E, a.Jiyured;Jiguratc. Danse 
e, figured dance. Le , the figura- 
tive style. Au , in a figurative sense. 

FIGUREMENT. ad. figuratively. 

FIGUR-ER, I. va. to figure; express; re- 
present; typify. Se , vr. to imagine ; 
fancy, vn. to look well; match; suit. 
K 3 

FIG ( 202 ) FIN 

[INF.M. 'PRES.T. 2 PART.PRES. 3 PART.PAST.] IND.M. PRES.T. 4 lst p.s. 5 2d p s. 
I3 14 15 3d PHET. 16 1st p.s. 17 2d p.s. 18 3d p.s. 19 1st 
27 3d COND.M. 28 1st p.s. 29 2dp.s. 30 3d p.s. 3l 1st 32 2d ^Sd 
PRES.T. 39 lstp.s. 4u 2dp.s. 41 3dp.s. * 2 43 2d 44 3d IMPERF 

FIGURINES, sf. pi. very little figures in FILET-ER, I. va. to form the worm of f 

FIGURINES, */. pi. very little figures in 
landscape-painting or sculpture. 

FIL, sm. thread; mire; edge; stream. Fil 
de perles, rope of pearls. d'or, gold 
mire. Fil de fer, d'archal, wire. Fil 
retors, twine. de caret, rope yarn. 
Fil de voile, Dutch twine. Dedroit fil, 
directly ; straightforward. Aller de fil 
en aiguille, to pass insensibly from one 
thing to another. Raconter de en 
aiguille, to give an exact account. 

FILADIERE, sf. small fiat-bottomed boat. 

FILAGE, sin. spinning; tobacco-roping. 

FILAMENT, sm. filament; thread; string. 

FILAMENTEU-x, SE, a. that has fila- 
ments ; filaceous , stringy; ropy. 

FILANDIERE, sf. spinster; spinner, a. 
f. Scours s, fatal sisters; the Fates. 

FILANDRES, sf. pi. sea-weeds on a ship's 
bottom; motes; filanders; streaks; 
white Jionting threads. [motes, fyc. 

FILANDREU-x, SE, a. full of filanders, 

FILARDEAU, sm. very small pike or 
roach; young, straight and lofty tree. 

FILARDEU-x, SE, a. full of filaments. 
Pierres SES, stones full of filaments. 

FILARETS, si. rails' netting ; rough- 
tree-rails. FILARIA, sin. mock-privet. 

FILASSE, sf.fiax ; hemp ready to be spun. 

FILASSIER, sm.fiax or hemp dresser. 

FILATEUR, sin. sj) inning -master. 

FILATRICES, sf. winders of silk, [nufac. 

FILATURE, sf. spinning; silk-yarn ma- 

FILE, sf. file;jow; rank. Serre , 
bringer up. A la , ad. in a row ; one 
after another. Par , in rows. 

FIL-ER, I. va. to spin; wiredraw; vn. to 
rope; file off"; slacken; decamp; pro- 
long ; pur as a cat. le cable, veer 
the cable. V.iisseau qui file sur ses ancres, 
ship driven from her anchors. doux, 
to give fair words; submit; be quiet. 
la carte, smuggle a card. sa 
corde, go the way to the gallows. le 
parfait amour, be a whining lover. 

FILERIE, sf. the place where hemporfiax 
is spun ; rope-walk ; spinning-house. 

FILET, sm. string ; snajfle; fillet; net; 
ridge; thread; moulding; pedicle; 
chine. Beau coup de , good catch, i 
Filet devinaigre, drop of vinegar. 

FILET-ER, I. va. to form the worm of a 
screw. ' FILEUX, sm. two jointed cleat. 

FILEU-R, sm. SE,*/'. spinner; wire-draic- 
er ; string-maker; FILEUSE, spwsfr/-. 

FILIAL, E, a. filial. [like; filially. 

FILIALEMENT, ad. son-like or daughter- 

FILIATION, sf. filiation; descent. 

FILIBRE, sf. wire-drawing iron; screw-' 
plate; purlin; drawing-plate; crane. 

FILIGRANE, sm.filigrane ;filligree; open 

FILIN, sm. sort of serge, [work in gold. 

FILIPENDULE, sf. drop-wort; hanging 
like a thread, sort of plant. 

FILLE, sf.girl; maid; daughter; servant. 
Petite-fille, grand-daughter. Belle-fille, 
daughter-in-law ; step-daughter. 

FILLETTE, sf. young lass ; pretty little 
girl; good-natured damsel, [daughter. 

FILLEUL, sm. god-son. E, sf. god- 

FILOCHE, sf. large cable; miller's rope. 

FILON, sm. vein of metal ; feeder ; load. 

FILOSELLE,/. ferret-silk; grogram-yarn. 

FILOTI-ER, sm. ERE, sf. thread-dealer. 

FILOTIERES,s/. borders for glass-pannels. 

FILOU, sm. sharper ; -pickpocket ; thief. 

FILOUT-ER, I. va. to pilfer ; cheat. 

F1LOUTERIE, sf. pilfering ; sharping. 

FILS, sm. son; child; boy. Petit-fils, 

grand-child. Arriere petit , great 

grand-child. Faire le beau , to set 

up for a beau; also pi. o/'FiL, thread. 

FILTRATION, sf. straining ; filtering. 

F1LTRE, sm. paper, stujf for straining 
liquors ; filter ; charm.^ 

FILTR-ER, 1 va. to filtrate; filter ; strain. 

FILURE, sf. spinning; wire-drawing. 

FIMES 19 ; v. FAIRE, to make; See Fis. 

FIN, sf. end; aim; scope; design. Pour 

de toutes parties, in full of all de- 
mands, srn.end; main point ; cream. 
FIN, E, a. fine ; thin ; cunning ; sly ; 
subtle; nimble; farthest; remotest. 

centre , diamond cut diamond. A 
la , ad. at length ; at last ; finally. 

FINAGE, sm. extent of a jurisdiction, 

FINAL, E, a. final; last ; finishing. 

FINALEMENT, ad. finally; in a word. 

FINANCE, sf. ; duty ; tax. Court de fi- 
nance, low in pocket. s, pi. treasury ; 
exchequer. [to raise mo/ay; pay. 

FINANC-ER 1 , FINANC-ANT 2 , I. va. & . 


6 3d i-.s. 7 1st p. pi. * 
- J 2d p. pi. 21 3d p. pi. 
p. pi. IMP. M. J4 *>H 

( 203 ) 9 IMPERP 


10 1st p. s. n 2d p.s. 12 3d P .^. 
1st p. pi. K 2d p. pi. * IMPERP. 1U 1st p. s. " .'d p.s. ''3ap.^ 
.'. 1st p. s. '" 2d p. s. 24 3d p. s. Ai 1st p. pi. * 2d p. pi 

35 3d p.s. 36 1st p. pi. a7 3" 3d p. pi. SUBJ.M 

D.S. "'IstD.wl. 4y W 8d p. i. 

|ii. iiur. it. *u |J. a. - ou p. a. lat p. pi. x.u p. pi. * 

1st p. s. 46 2d p. s. 47 3d p. s. 4b 1st p. pi. 4y 2d p. pi. 50 3d p. pi 

FINANCIER, sm. financier ; monied man. 
F1NASS-ER, I. vn. to play cunning; carry 

it cunningly. FINASSEU-R, SE, s. 

FINASSI-EK, ERE, s. sly man or woman. 
F1NASSERIE, sf. cunning; craft; sleight. 
FINAUD, B, a. sly ; artful; knowing. 
FINEMENT, ad. finely ; cunningly. 
FINESSE, sf. fineness ; artifice; strata- 
gem ; slyness ; ingenuity ; jest; delicacy. 
FINET, m. TE,f. a. subtle; sly ; cunning. 
FINI, E, a. finite; limited; ended; per- 
fect. Tableau , finished picture. Po- 

eme fini, perfect poem. [high Jinisli. 
FINIMENT, sm. the finishing of a picture; 
FIN-iR, II. va. to Jinisli; end; complete. 
F1NISSEUR, sm. finisher, in watch-mak- 
FINITEUR, sm. the horizon. [ing. 

FINITO, sm. balance, settling of an ac- 
FINNES, sf. slate-loads or strata, [count. 
FIOLE, sf. vial; phial; little bottle. 
FIOL-ER, I. vn. to dram; fuddle; tipple. 
FIRMAMENT, sm. firmament; sky. 
FIRENT 21 ; FIS 16 - 1 ? ; v. FAIRE, to do. 
FISC, sm. the king's treasure; exchequer, 
FISCAL, E, a. fiscal; financial. 
FISCALIN, E, a. A. belonging to the ex- 
FISCALITE, sf. royal revenue, [chequer. 
FISOLERE, sf. Venetian sculler. 
FISOLLE, .?/'. whipping t trine, sea term. 
FISS-E 45 es 4ti ions 4s iez 49 ent 50 ; v. FAIUE. 
F1SSIPEDE, a. cloven-footed ; fissipcde. 
FISSURE, sf. fissure; opening ; fracture, 
FISTULE, sf. fistula ; ulcer, [in surgery. 
FISTULEU-X, SE, a.fistulous; ulcerous. 
FIT 18 , FIT 47 , FITES 20 ; v. FAIRE, to make. 
FIXATION, sf. ; book-rates; set rates. 
FIXE, a.fixcd ; steady ; settled ; stable; set. 
FIXEMENT, ad. fixedly; steadfastly. 
FIX-ER, I. va. to fix ; settle; ascertain; 

bend ; fasten. Se , vr. to stay. 
FIXITE, sf. fixity ;fixidity ; fixedness. 
FLACHE, sf. hole in the pacement ;fian>. 
FLACHEU-x, SE, a. faulty ; fiaicy ; of 

inferior n~orth, said of wood. 
FLACON, sm. decanter; smelling-bottle. 
FLAGELLANS, sm. self-chastising monks. 
FLAGELLATION, */. ; scourging; 

whipping, scriptural term. 
FLAGELL-EK, I. va. to scourge; whip. 
FLAGEOL-ER, I. vn. to tremble; totter. 
FLAGEOLET, sm. fiageolet ; little Jiute. 

FLAGEOLEUR, sin. who plays on the fia- 
geolet ;piper.[the spy;fiatterfor money. 

FLAGORN-ER, I. vn. to pick thanks; play 

FLAGORNER1E, sf. fishing for thanks. 

FLAGORNEU-R, SE, s. a pick-thanks. 

FLAGRANT, a.fiagrant. En delit, in 

FLAINE, sf. canvass-ticliing. [the fact. 

FLAIR, sm. scent, in hunting; smelling. 

FL A1R-ER, I. va. to smell ; scent ; foresee. 

FLAIREUR de cuisine, sm. parasite. 

FLAM AND, E, a. Flemish; Dutch; scarf. 

FLAMBANT, E, a. blazing ;Jlaining. 

FLAMBART, sm. firebrand; lambent 
fiume, that plays about masts. 

FLAMBE, E, a. singed; blazed; ruined; 
undone. II est , he is undone. C'est 
tine affaire E, the ajf'air is desperate. 
Mon argent est , my money is gone. 

FLAMBE, sf. yellow icater-fiag, flower. 

FLAMBEAU, sm.fiambeuu; candlestick; 
light; luminary; link; firebrand; 
boute-feu ; torch; small sea fish. 

FLAMB-ER, I. va. to singe; baste, vn. 
to blaze ; fiash. un canon, scale a 

FLAMBERGE, sf. rapier; sivord. [gun. 

FLAMBtLLON, sm. small fiame. 

FLAMBOYANT, E, a. (/Uttering; bright; 
shining. Comete E, blazing star. 

FLAMBOY-ER, ]. vn. to glitter; shine. 

FLAMINE, sm. Flamen ; Roman priest. 

FLAMINIQUE, *f. priestess. [ficam. 

FLAMME, sf. fiame; ship's pendant; 

FLAMMECHE, */. spark of fire. [fire. 

FLAMMEROLE, sf. ignis fatuus; wild- 

FLAMMETTE, sf. lancet; a. fiame colour. 

FLAMMULE, sf. heart's ease; clematis. 

FLAN, sm. plate, ready to be coined; cus- 
tard ; kind of ti(ft, made with cream. 

FLANC, sm.fiank; side; pi. womb. 

FLANCHET, sin. part of a sirloin of beef ; 
slice of cod-fish, below the fins. 

FLANCHIS, sm. small saltier, in herald. 

FLANCONNADE, sf.fianconnude; thrust 
in thefiank, in fencing. [Flanders. 

FLANDRELET, sm. sort of tart, made in 

FLANDRIN, sm. slim long-backed fellorv. 

FLANELLE, sf.fiannel; soft woollen. 

FLAN-ER, I. vn. to lounge. [person. 

FLANEU-R, sm. SE, sf. lounger ; indolent 

FLANERIE, sf. lounging; staring about, 

FLANQUANT, E, a. fiauliing ; defending. 

FLA ( 204 ; FLO 

[INF.M. > PRES.T. -PART.PRES. 3 PART.PAST.] IND.M. PRE3.T. 4 1st p.S. 5 2d p.S. 

13 u l5 PRET. ltj lstp.s. 17 2dp.s. 16 3dp.s. l9 
27 COND.M. 2S lstp'.s. 29 2dp.s. au 3dp.s. 31 1st 32 2d 33 3d 
PRES.T. 39 lstp.s. 40 2d p.s. 4I 3dp.s. 48 1st 43 2d 44 3d IMPERF. 

FLANQU-ER, I. va. to Jianh ; support ; 

gice ; defend by battering sideways. 
FLAQUE, sf. plash ; pond; swamp. 

FLAQUEE, sf. dash of mater or any liquid. 

FLAQU-ER, I. va. to dash ; sluice, [ness. 

FLAQUIERE, sf. part of a mule's har- 

FLASQUE, a. faint ; flabby ; effeminate; 
slack; lank; indolent; languid. 3, 
sm. the two cheeks of the carriage of a 
ijreat gun. sf. gunpowder flask. 

FLATIN, sm. sort of pocket-knife, [vils. 

FLAT-IB, II. va. to flatten metal on an- 

FLATOIR, sm.ftattening-haminer. 

FLATR-ER, I. va. to burn a dog in the 
forehead, to prevent rabidness. Se , vr. 
to crouch and set, as dogs. [game. 

FLATRURE, sf. squatting-spot, of hunted 

FLATT-ER, I. va. to flatter ; please ; make 
much of; hug. 1'oreille, tickle the 
ear. le de, slide the dice ; mince 
the matter. un mal, favour a dis- 
ease. sa douleur, soothe one's grief. 
son maitre, /<-. upon one's master, 
as dogs. un chien, stroke a dog. Se 
, vr. to flatter one's self, [fawning. 

FLATTERIE, .</'. flattery; flatter ing ; 

FLATTEU-R, SE, a. Jlatter ing ; pleasing. 
R, sm. SE, sf.ftatterer. [faivningly. 

FLATTEUSEMENT, ad. flatteringly; 

FLATUEU-x, SE, a. flatulent ; windy. 

FLATUOSITE, sf.flatuosity; wind, [lance. 

FLEAU, sm. flail; plague; beam of a ba- 

FLECKE, sf. arrow, flitch; beam; 
point. Simple redan usually constructed 
at the foot of a glacis. [lent; submit. 

FLfiCH-iH, II. va. to bend; soften, vn. re- 

FLEUHISSABLE, a. flexible; pliant. 

FLECHISSEMEXT, sin. gem/flexion; 

FLECHISSEUR, sm. bender. [bending* 

FLEGMATIQUE, a. phlegmatic ; grace. 

FLEGME, sin. phlegm ; gravity. 

FLEGMON, sm. phlegmon ; inflamed 
swelling, caused by too much blood. 

FLET, sm. small flat jish; flounder. 

FLETEAU, sm. halibut ; sort of plaice. 

FLETR-iR, II. va. to blemish; brand; fade. 

FLETRISSURE, */. withering; blemish; 
mark of having been branded; dis- 

FLETTE, sf.passugc-boat.; /cherry, [grace. 

FLEUR, sf. flower; blossom; prime; lus- 
tre; choice. de &r'me,flne flour. 

FLEUR d'fimour, amaranth. A de, ad. 
even or level with; close to; near the 
edge. A. d'eau, bettvixt wind and 
water. Etoffe a , flowered stuff'. 

FLEURAGE, sm. gruel-bran. 

FLEURAISON, sf. blooming season. 

FLEUR-DE-LIS, sf. flower-de-luce. 

FLEURDELIS-KR, I. va. to flourish, 
adorn or brand with flower-de-luces. 

FLEUR-ER, I. vn. to smell ; exhale a fra- 
grant smell. Cela fleure comme baume, 
it projnises well. [fencing-foil. 

FLEURET, sm. ferret ; sort of coarse silk ; 

FLEURETIS, sin. flourish in music. 

FLEURETTE, sf. little ftowcr ; small 
talk ; sweet things. Center des s, to 
tallt^ amorous stuff'; tell of love. 

FLEURI, E, a. fiorid ; blown ; ruddy ; 
hoary. Paques E3, Palm Sunday. 

FLEUR-IR, II. vn. to blossom; blow ; flou- 
rish; grow hoary, va. to deck with a 
flower or flowers. [flowers. 

FLEURISME, sin. florism ; taste for 

FLEURISSANT, E, a. blooming; in blos- 
sctn ; blowing ; flower ing ; flourishing. 

FLEURISTE, [der; tool. 

FLEURON, sm. flower-work ; gem; bor- 

FLEUVE, sm. large river, flowing into the 

FLEXIBILITY, sf. pliableness. [sea. 

FLEXIBLE, a. flexible; supple; docile; 

FLEXION, sf. flexion; bending, [limber. 

FLEZ, sm. flounder; small flat fish. 

FLIBOT, sm. fin-boat, for herring fisheries. 

FLIBUSTIER, sm. buccaneer ; freebooter. 

FLIC-FLAG, sin. thwicft-thwach ; whip- 

FLIN, sm. thunder-stone powder, [cracks. 

FLIOX, sm. small muscle; kind oj shell. 

FLIPOT, sm. blinding piece of wood or tim- 

FLOCON, sm. flake; stock; tuft. [ber. 

FLONDRE, sm. flounder, [blowing-time. 

1'LORAISON, sf. time for blooming; 

FLORAL, E, a. floral; belonging to flow- 
ers. ES, sf. festivals in honour of 
Flora. Jeux floraux, floral games. 

FLOREAL, sm. 2d Spring month; April. 

FLOREE, xf. powder-blue; kindof indigo. 
i FLORENT1N, E, a. one from Florence. 
l sf. sort of wrought satin ; sort of tulip. 
j FLOR-ER, I. va. to careen, [on; flourish. 
I FLORES, sm. faire , to spend high ; get 
I FLORETONNE, */. Spanish wool. 

FLO ( 205 ) POI 

Sdp.s. ' 8 IMPERF. 10 lstp.s. "2dp.s. 12 8dp.s* 

2(J 2d p. pi. 21 3d p. pi. PUT. 22 1st p. s. 23 2d p. s. 24 3d p. s. 25 1st p. pi. 26 2d p. pi. IMP.M. 34 2d p.s. 35 3dp.s. 1st p. pi. " M 3d p. pi. SUBJ.M. 
45 1st p. s. 46 2dp.s. 4 ? 3d p.s. 48 1st p. pi. 50 

FLORIN, sin.Jlorin; gold or silver coin. 

FLORISS-AHT* ais 10 - 11 ait 12 ois 10 - 11 oil 12 
ions 13 iez 14 aicnt 15 oient 15 , v. FLEUKIR. 

FLORISSANT, E, a.Jioiir ishing , -fash ion- 
able; in repute; honoured; happy. 

PLOT, sin. ivave ; tide. A , Jioating ; 
a-Jioat. A grands s, in abundance. 

FLOT-ET-JUSANT, sm. ebb andjiorc. 

FLOTRES, sm. felts in paper manufac. 

FLOTTABLE, a.Jloaty. {the river. 

PLOTTAGE, sm. Jioating of wood down 

FLOTTAISON, sf. ligne de , water-line; 
time for the arrival of floated wood. 

FLOTTANT, E, a. Jioating ; wavering ; 
Jleetintj ;Jly ing ; unsettled. 2 of Plotter. | 

FLOTTE, sf.Jleet ; navy ; crowd, [wood. 

FLOTTE, E, a. floated. Bois , Jtoat- 

FLOTTEMENT, sm. undulation or swing- 
ing of the front of a marching army. 

FLOTT-ER, I. vn. to Jioat ; hull; over- 
Jtoat;Jiactuate;Jfap;Jiy, as a flag. 

FLOTTEURS, sin. cable-casks or buoys. 

FLOTTILLE, sf.Jiot'dla ; smalljteet; squa- 
dron. [ , paint in a light easy style. 

FLOU, ad. lightly; prettily. Peindre 

FLOUE1TE, sf. vane, at sea. [put size. 

FLUANT, a. du papier , paper with- 

FLUCTfUATION, sf. ; wavering; un- 
steadiness, [ing; boisterous. 

FLUCTUEU-x, SE, a.Jtuctuous; rvaver- 

FLU-ER, I. vn. tojtow; run; ebb. 

FLUET, TE, a. puny; tender; thin. 

FLU1DE, a.Jiuid;jlitent; sm. liquid. 

FLUDIFI-ER, I. se , vr. to become fluid. 

FLUIDITE, sf. fluidity; liquid state; 
volubility. [of different colours. 

FLUOR, snt. crystal not very hard and 

FLUSTRE, sf. a hind of polypus. 

FLUTE, sf. ; long thin loaf; sort of 
s]iip. Allemande or traversiere, Gcr- 
manjtute. Enter en , to inoculate. 
Ajuster ses s, take proper measures 
to succeed in something. Accordez vos 
s, settle it between you. [harmonious. 

FLUTE, E, a. sweet; soft; silvery voice; 

FLUT-ER, I. vn. to pipe; tope; tipple. 

FLUTEU-R, SE, s. piper; flute player; 

FLUTISTE, sm.Jlute-player. [tippler. 

FLUVIAL, E, a. ; out of rivers ; by the 
river's side, [growing by the river-side. 

FLUVIATILE, a. out of fresh water ; 

FLUX, sm.Jiood; tide; ; Jlush, at 
cards. de vent re, looseness. de 
bouche, prattling ; over-talking. 

FLUXION, sf. dejluxion; cold injtamma- 
tion; rheum; mathem.Jiuxion. aux 
yeux, humour in the eyes, [dijtuxions. 

FLUXIONNAIRE, a. rheumatic ; liable to 

FOARRE, sm. straw. Faire a Dieu barbe 
de , to treat the church disrespect- 
fully; begrudge tithes. 

FOC, sm. a ship's jib. 

FOCAL, E, n. ; from or to a focus. 

FOCALE, sm. kind of ancient cap. 

FOC1LE, sm.focil; arm or leg bones. 

FOCUS, sm. ; main point. 

FOENE, sf. fishing-pike ; sort of trident. 

FCETUS, sm. embryo ; J'vetus ; animal or 
child yet in the womb. 

FOI, sf. faith; religion; evidence ;Jealty. 
En bonne , a la bonne , ad. honestly; 
truly. Homme de bonne , honest 
'man. Digne de , credible. Person- 
nes de bonne , well-meaning people. 

FOIBLE, a. feeble; weak; faint, sm. n-eak 
side. Du fort au , one with another. 
Le de Pepee, the small of a sword. 

FOIBLEMENT, ad. weakly; faintly. 

FOIBLESSE, sf. weakness; impotency ; 
swoon. de courage, faint-hearted- 
ness. Tomber en , to faint an-ay. 

FOIBL-iR, II. vn. to slacken; give way. 

FO1E, sm. liver ; hepar. Chaleur de , 
pimples on the face; Jit of passion. 

FOIN, sm. hay; choke. d'arri6re-sai- 
son, after-math; after-grass. d'un 
artichaut, the choke of an artichoke. 

FOIN ! int. fy upon I the deuce take it ! 

FOINIER, sm. hay-dealer. [burn it ! 

POIRE, sf. fair ; fair ing ; market ; mart; 
looseness. Etre comme larrons en , to 
be hand and glove. [a looseness. 

FOIR-ER, I. vn. to squirt ; SQuittcr ; have 

FOIREU-x, SB, a. troubled with a loose- 
ness; s. sickly boy or girl; little urchin. 

F01S, sf. time; bout. Une , once. 
Deux , twice. Trois , thrice; three 
times. A la , ad. all together. Tout 
A la , all at once. Par , now and 
then. du corps, the waist. 

POISON, sf. plenty ; abundance. A foison, 
ad. 2)lentifully ; copiously; in plenty. 

FOI ( 206 ) FON 

[INF.M. 'PRES.T. 2 PART.PRES. 3 PART.PAST.] IND.M. PRES.T. * 1st p.S. S 2d p.S. 

I3 :4 15 PRET. >6lstp.s. ^odp.s. 16 3d p.s. "> 
27 COND. M. 2b 1st p.s. 29 2d p.s. 30 3d p.s. 31 1st 32 2d ^Sd 
PRES.T. 1st p.s. 40 2dp.s. 41 3dp.s. 42 1st 2d 44 3d IMPERF. 

FOISONN-ER, I. vn. to abound; increase. 
FOL, LE, a. foolish; mad; See Fou. 
FOLATRE, a. playful; wanton; waggish. 
FOLATREMENT, ad. wantonly; play- 
fully . [romp; dally; be wanton. 
FOLATR-ER, I. vn. to play ; toy; sport; 
FOLATRERIE, sf. sport; frolic; play; 
wanton trick ; waggishness. [sf. romp. 
FOLICHON, >-E, (i. sportive; sin. wag; 
FOLICHONN-ER, I. VH. to romp; sport. 
FOLIE, sf. folly; madness; debauchery; 
fondness; wanton discourse. A la , 
madly; excessively; very much. 
FOLIE, E, a. foliated; in small leaves. 
FOLILET, sin. slice, off a shoulder of veni- 
son, [or size. Un in , sin. a folio. 

FOLIO, srn. printing term for a number 
FOLIOLE, sf. small leaf; leaflet. 
FOLLE, a., foolish; mad. sf. insane wo- 
man. s. hind of rocks, [ly. 
FOLLEMENT, ad. mudlij ; foolishly; rash- 
FOLLET, TE, a. wanton ; foolish. Esprit 
follet, hobgoblin. Foil , downy 
beard; down. Feu , ignis fatuus. 
FOLLETTE, sf. orach ; fat hen; plant. 
FOLLICULAIRE, a.follicidar. sin. pam- 
phleteer ; writer of periodicals. 
FOLLICULE, sm. gland; cavity; gall- 
bag ; sf. follicle; bladder; seed-vessel. 
FOMENTATION, sf. ; warm lotion. 
FOMENT-ER, I. va. to foment; bathe; 
encourage; abet; stir up. [of bedsteads. 
FONgAILLES, sf. wooden bars; sacking 
FONCE, E, a. monied; well-grounded in; 

dark. Couleur , deep colour. 
FONC-ER 1 , FON<;-ANT 2 , I. va. to supply ! 
with; put a head to a cask ; full upon, j 
a 1'appointement, pay the expenses. \ 
FONCF.T, sm. fiat-bottomed boat. 
FONCI-ER, ERE, a. landed '; skilled in ;' 
learned. Seigneur ER, lord of the 
manor. Rente ERE, ground-rent. 
flour ERE, court-ltiet. Contribu- 
tion -ERE, land-tax. Serf ER, vil- 
lain; peasant ' ; menial; tenant. 
FONCIfiREMENT, ad. thoroughly; pcr- 
FONCTION, sf. function ; office, [fcctly. 
FOND, sm. bottom ; ground ; main point ; 
back part ; head of a cask ; farther end; 
depth; caul; pigment. de cale, hold of 
a ship. de lit, taster. d'un carrosse, 

back seat of a coach. A de cuve, steep 
on both sides; plentifully. Broderie a 
d'argent, embroidery upon a silver 
ground. Couler a , to sink. Donner 
, cast anchor. Perdre , drive with 
her anchors. Faire , depend ; rely. 
A ~, fully ; exactly ; thoroughly. Au 
, in the main; in reality. De en 
comble, utterly; wholly; to the very 
ground. de tenue, good anchorage. 

FONDAMENTAL, E, a. fundamental. 
Pierre E, foundation stone. [tally. 


FONDANT, E, a. melting ; juicy, sm. dis- 
solvent ;flux ; fusing poiver. [ventor. 

FONDATEUR, sm. founder; maker; in- 

FONDATION, sf. foundation; endow- 

FONDATRICE, sf. foundress. [ment 

FONDE, sf. the sea, near the coast. 

FONDEMENT, sm. foundation; basis; 
cause ; fundament ; reason; root. 

FOND-ER, I. va. to found; ground; lay 
the foundation; endow; invent. Sa 
, vr. to be grounded; depend; rely. 

FONDERIE, sf.foundery ; melting-house, 
casting-house; art of casting. 

FONDEUR, sm. founder ; caster; melter. 

FONDIQUE, sf. company's hall ; exchange. 

FONDIS, sm. sinking of the ground. 

FONDOIR, sin. melting or casting-house. 

FOND 6 -RE' ant 2 u 3 ue' J us 3 ues 3 s 4 ' 5 - 34 ons 

7.36 e2 8.37 ent 9.38.44 ais l0.11 ait 12 oi8 10.11 oit 

ia ions i3.42 iez i4.4 3 font's oient 15 is 16 - 1 ? it 
1 8 hues ' 9 ites 20 irent 21 rai 22 ras 23 ra 24 rons" 
rez* 3 ront 2 ^ rais 28 - 29 rait 30 rois 28 - 29 roit 30 
rions 31 riez 32 raient 33 roient 33 e 35 ' 39 - 41 es 
40 isse 43 isses 46 it 47 issions 48 issiez 49 issent 
so ;va. & n. to melt; cast ; fall in; fall 
away; sink; rush upon; stoop dotcn ; 
mix; incorporate. des actions, part 
with s'ocf/s for ready money. la 
cloche, make an end of an affair ; come 
to a resolution. Se fondre, vr. to melt 
away; dissolve; become extinct. 

FONDRIER, sm. heavy sinking wood. 

FONDKIKRE, tf .quagmire; bog; slough. 

FONDRILLES, sf. groats; grounds; lees. 

FONDS, sin. land; soil; fund; stock. 
Bien , iinmoveable property. d' 
amortissemont, sinking-fund. A fonds 
perdu, as an annuity. Le et le tr6* 

FON ( 207 ) FOR 

63d p.s. " 9 IMPERF. J 1st p.s. "2dp.s. 12 3dp.s. 
'wad p. pi. 2l FUT. 22 1st p.s. 23 2d p.s. 24 Sdp.s. 25 1st p. pi. K 
p. pi. IMP. M. 34 -.>dp.s. ^Sdp.s. ^ 1st p. pi. 37 38 SUBJ.ll. 
45 1st p. s. 46 2d p. s. 47 3d p. s. 4S 1st p. pi. 49 2d p. pi. 50 3d p. pi. 

POX DS d'une affaire, the very (/rounds of 
an affair. , capital; principal. 

FOXDV, E, a. melted; molten; liquid; 

extinct; vanishtd. Cheval , leap 

frog. es de batardes, bastard sugar - 

Inares. E, Welch rare-lit. [blot. 

-B* 1 , FOXGE-AXT 2 , I. rn. to sink; 

FOXG1BLE, a. consumable things. 

FOMilTE, sf. stone like a mushroom. 

i-'().\(;rEU-x, SE, a. spongious; fungous. \ 

ri'.Vil'S, */. excrescence; mushroom; 

FONT 9 ; v. FAIHE, to make. [fungus. 

FONTAINE, sf. fountain ; spring; well; 
cistern; cock; issue; water sjiout. 

FOXTAIXIER, sm. fountain-maker; wa- 
ter-bailiff; overseer of springs. 

PONTANELLE, sf. fontanclle ; artificial 

FOXTAXGE, sf. ; top-knot. [issue. 

FOXTE, sf. melting; fount; cast; brass. 
Canon de , brass-gun. Fer de , 
cast-iron. [bailiff'; turn-cock. 

FOXTEXIER, sm. conduit-maker ; water- 

FONTICULE, sm. little issue. 

FOXTS, sin. the font; baptismal basin. 

FOXTURE, sf. falling part of a sand-ban/:. 

FOR ecclesiastique, sm. ecclesiastical court. 

FORAGE, sm. duty on mine ; boring. 

FORAIX, E, a.foreign ; alien, s. foreigner. 

FORBAN, sin. pirate', sea-robber ; corsair. 

FORBAXX-IB, II. va. to banish ; trans-port. 

1-ORC. AGE, sm. above-weight of coin. 

FORgAT, am. galley-slave; a felon. 

FORCE, */. strength ; fortitude ; violence; 
force; power; magnanimity; energy. 
Prendre une ville de , to storm town. 
Faire de rames, ply one's oars amain. 
Faire de voiles, crowd all sails. , ad. 
many ; plenty ; store. A toute , ad. 
by all means. A. de, by strength ; 
by dint of. A ouverte, with open 
fi-rngth. A de pleurer, with much 
t-rijhiy. A de bras, by strength of 
arms. A de boire, by hard drink- 
ing. De , ad. against one's will. 

FORCE, la , prison; town in France. 

FORCE, E, a.forced; cramped; unnatural; 

stiff'; boisterous. Donner un sens force, 

to wrest the sense. Style , starched, 

uncouth style. Vers s, strained, wiry j 

I EXT, ad. forcibly. [lines. 

FORCENAXT, a. eager; hot after game. \ 

FORCEXE, E, a. mad; in a fury. sm. 

FORCEX-EK, I. vn. to be. mad. [madman. 

FORCEXERIE, sf. rage; fury. [ers. 

FORCEPS, sm. forceps; surgeon's pinch- 

FORC-ER 1 , FORL'-ANT 2 , I. va. to force; 
break open ; wrench ; wrest ; over- 
ride. un li&vre, hunt down a hare 

un bataillon, break through a bat- 
talion. une porte, break open. 
door. une clef, bend a key. de 
voiles, make the best of one's way at 
sea. son style, write with affecta- 
tion. Se , vr. to strain one's self. 

FORCES, sf. pi. shears; forces; troops; 
FORCETTES, sf. small shears, [strength. 
FORCIXE, sf. stout joint in trees. 
FORCLO-RE 1 s 3 se 3 ses 3 ; FORCLOR-RE ; 

va. to forejudge ; preclude; debar. 
FORCLOS, E, a. out of court ; nonsuited. 
FORCLUSIOX, sf. forejudging; exclusion. 
FOR-ER, I. va. to bore; drill ; pierce. 
FORESTIER, sm. forester ; ranger.[ton-ns. 
FORESTIKRES, a. villes , forest- 
FORET, sf. a forest; wooded-country. 

vive, forest full of 'large trees, [drill. 

FORET, sin. gimblet; piercer; borer; 

FORFAI-RE 1 t 3 - 6 ts 3 te 3 tes 3 ; va. to tres- 
pass ; forfeit ; transgress; fail. 

FORFAIT, 's/. crime; misdoing. Entre- 
prendre a , to undertake by the lump. 

FORFA IT URE, sf. forfeit ; offence ;fine. 

FORFAXTE, sm. cheat, [ery ; bragging. 

FORFAXTERIE, sf. romanccry ; quack- 

FORGE, sf. forge; smithery ; mint. 

FORGEAELE, a. mallcaUe ; }jlastic. 

FORG-KR 1 , FORGE-ANT 2 , I. va. to forge; 
hammer; invent; coin. rn. to over- 
reach, as horses do. Se des chimeres, 
be whimsical ; torment one's self. 

FORGEROX, sm. blacksmith; doree ; fa- 

FORGEUR, sm. forger ; hammerer, [ber. 

FORGIS, sm. iron-bars for fine drawing. 

FORHU-IR 1 i 3 ; FORHU-ER, I. rn. to call 
in the hounds, by blowing the horn. 

FORHUS, sm. cry to call the hounds in. 

FORJET, sin. FORJETURE, sf. jutting 

FORJET-ER, I. vn. to jut out. [out. 

FORLAXC-ER, I. va. to dislodge a deer. 

FORLAXE, sf. ; licely Venetian darue. 

FORLE, sm. a small sort of coin. 

FORLIGX-ER, I. vn. to degenerate 

FOR ( 208 ) FOU 

[INF.M. 1 PRES.T. 2 PART.PRES. 3 PART.PAST.] IND.M. PRES.T. 4 1st p.8. 5 2d p.S. 

13 14 2d 15 FRET. 16 1st p.s. 17 2d p.s. 18 3d p.s. 19 1st 
V COND.M. 28 lstp.s. *>2d p.s. 30 3d p.s. 31 1st 32 2d 3d 
PRES.T. 39 1st p.s. 40 2dp.s. 41 3dp.s. 42 1st 43 44 3d IMPERF. 

forlonger, vr. to run a length ; linger. 
FORMALIS-ER, I. Se , vr. to take offence. 
FORMALISTS, sm. formalist, a. formal. 
FORM ALITK, sf. formality ; form. 
FORM ARI AGE, sm. unequal marriage. 
FORMARI-ER, I. Se , vr. to marry above 
FORMAT, sm. size of a book, [one's self. 
FORMATEUR, sin. maker ; former. 
FORMATION, sf. ; forming ; creation. 
FORMATRICE, a. formative; plastic. 
FORME, sf. form; last; mould; slo&p ; 
dry-dock; shape; figure; manner; 
formality ; block ; bone ; spavin ; stall 
in a choir; croivn of a Jiat. pour 
des bas, leg. - de sable, lay of gravel. 
En !a qui suit, as follows. Pour la 
forme, for form's sake. [explicit. 

FORMEL, -L^, a. formal; precise; express; 
FOBMELLEMENT, ad. formally ; strict- 
FORMEN-ER, I. va. to plague; vex. [ly. 
FORM-ER, I. va. to form; frame; make; 
fashion; start; pat up; renew; insti- 
tute ; inform; train; bring up. Former 
un siege, lay a formal siege. Former le 
proces, draw an indictment. Se , 
vr. to be made; be bred; arise; grow 
FORMEZ, sm. female ha?vk. [to a man. 
FORM I, sm. disease, in the beaks of hawks. 
FORMICANT, a. pduls , weak pulse. 
FORMICATION, sf. pricking sensation on 
FORMIDABLE, a. formidable, [the skin. 
FORMIER, sm. last-maker. 
FORMIQUE, a. formic; pertaining to 

ants. sm. rock under water. 
FORMU-ER, I. va, to forward or stop 
FORMULE, sf. formula; prescription; set 
form; rule; model. [Lion or rules. 
FORMUL-ER, I. vn. to write a prescrip- 
FORNICATEUR, sm. fornicator. 
FCRNICAT1ON, sf. fornication; idolatry. 
FORNICATRICE, sf. bad woman. 
FORPAIT-RE, vn. to wander from tJie 

covert. Conjugated like PAfxRE. 
FORS, pr. save; except; but. 
FORT, E, a. strong; skilled; stout; st(ff; 
hard; incredulous. de poids, that 
has overweight. Au plus , as fast 
as possible. A plus forte raison, ad. 
how much more. Se faire , to under- 

take, em. master-piece; skill; main 
point; middle; height; heat. de la 
halle, porter, ad. very ; very much. 
Fort et ferme, stoutly. stones. 

FORTAGE, sm. manorial tax on paving 
FORTEMENT, ad. strongly; stoutly. 
FORTE-PIANO, ad. high atid low. Fort6- 

piano, sm. a piano; harpsichord. 
FORTERESSE, ff. fortress; strong Jwld; 
FORTIFIANT, E, a. strengthening, [castle. 
FORTIFICATEUR, sm. strengthener.[ing. 

FORTIFICATION, sf. ; art of fort if y- 

FORTIFI-ER, I. va. to fortify; strengthen ; 
corroborate. Se , vr. to gather 

FORTIN, sm. little fort ; sconce, [strength. 

FORTRAI-RE 1 t a - 6 ts 3 te 3 tes 3 ; va. to con- 

FORTRAIT, E, a. exhausted, [vcy away. 

PORTRAITURE, sf. excessive fatigue. 

FORTUIT, E, a. fortuitous; casual. 

FORTUITEMENT, ad. fortuitously ; acci- 
dentally; casually ; by chance, [cane. 

FORTUNAL, sm. sudden squall; hurri- 

FORTUNE, sf. fortune; luck; condition; 
destiny; chance. de mer, storm. 
Brusquer , to be a fortune-hunter 
De , ad. by good hap. Voile de for- 
tune, lug of a galley, [cessful ; lucky. 

FORTUNE, E, a. fortunate; happy; suc- 

FORTVETU, sm. scoundrel; upstart; 

FORUM, sm. ; assembly. [beggar. 

FORURE, sf. key-hole; bore, in the key. 

FOSSE, sf. grave; pit; ditch; trcjich; 
hole', small haven; melting-kettle. 
de 1'estomac, pit of the stomach. 
Basse , dungeon. au lion, tJie 
boatswain's store-room. aux mats, 

FOSSE, sm. ditch ; moat. [mast-pond. 

FOSSET, sm. peg ; faucet ; vent-peg. 

FOSSETTE, sf. chuck-hole; dimple. 

FOSS1LE, sm. fossil; a. found in the earth. 

FOSSOY-ER, I. va. to moat round. 

FOSSOYEUR, sm. grave-digger; ditcher. 

FOU, FOL, m. FOLLE,/. a. mad; silly; 
very fond ; sportive ; foolish. 

FOU, sm. fool ; jester ; madman; one de- 
ranged; bis/top at chess; beech-tree; 
kind of duck. [under hot cinders. 

FOUACE, sf. dough-cake; bun, baked 

FOUACIER, sm. bun maker. [hearths. 

FOUAGE, sin. hearth-money; tax on 

FOUAILL-ER, I. va. tofiog ; lash. 

FO " ( 209 ) FOU 

5 3d p.s. ' s 9 3d p. pi. IMPERF. 10 1st p.s. u 2d p.s. l2 3d p.s. 

20 id p. pi. a ' PUT. '^ 1st p.s. '-"adp.s. 24 3d p.s. '-^ 1st p. pi. ^ 

p. pi. IMP. M. ad p. s. 35 3d p. s. 3S 1st p. pi. & 3d p. pi. 3S 3d p. pi. SUBJ. M. 
43 1st p. s. - 16 2d p. s. 3d p. s. - 8 1st p. pi. 49 2d p. pi. M 3d p. pi. 

FOUAILLE, sf. hound's share of a boar. 

FOUDRE, sf. thunder-bolt; lightning, 
sin. large tun ; great man. deguerre, 
great warrior. [thunder-striking. 

FOUDROIEMENT, sm. fulinination ; 

FOUDROYANT, E, a. thundering; Jlam- 
ing ; dreadful. E, sf. squib; rocket 
resembling a thunderbolt. 

FOUDROY-ER, I. va. to thunder-strike; 
batter ; fulminate. vn. to storm. 

FOUEE, sf. bat-f oil-ling, at night . 

FOUENE, sf. maple-seed ;jish-gig. 

FOUET, sm. n'hlp ; n'lKp-cord ; rod; lash. 

FOUETTE, E, a. whipped ; striped, sin. 
Highland Jting. Tulipe E, thin streak- 
ed tulip. Crfime E, frothy discourse. 

FOUETT-ER, I. ca. to whip; sweep ; lash; 
cut;Jlap against, vn. blow hard. un 
livre, bind a book with packthread. 

FOUETTEU-R, SE, s.Jlogger; whippcr. 

FOUGADE, sf. ; small mine. [dig. 

FOUG-ER 1 , FOUGE-ANT 2 , I. r. to root; 

FOUGERAIE, sf. fern-ground. [green. 

FOUGERE, sf. fern. Sur la , on the 

FOUGON, sm. cook-room in a mess. 

FOUGUE, sf. heat ; mettle ;Jire; impetu- 
osity. d'un cbeval, the mettle of a 
horse. Vergue de , the cross-jack- 
yard. Perroquet de , the viizen top- 
sail, pi. small fusees or sky-rockets. 

FOUGUEU-x, SB, a.Jiery;hot; unruly. 

FOUILLE, sf. trenching; raking up. 

FOU1LLE-AU-POT, sm. scullion; turn- 

FOUILLE-MERDE, sm. black-beetle, [spit. 

FOUILL-ER, I. va. to trench; rake up; 
rummage; search; retouch; sink, in 
painting. dans 1'avenir, dive into 

FOUINE, sf. pole-cat ;JitcJiew. [futurity. 

FOU-iR la terre, II. va. to dig the ground. 

FOULAGE, sm. the pressing of herrings. 

FOULANT, E, a. forcing, as a pump. 

FOULARD, s?;). silk-herchief or cravat. 

FOULE, sf. crowd; throng; multitude; 
band; oppression ; hardship. A lafoule, 
en foule, ad. in a crowd. Venir en , to 
Jloch. Entrer a la , crowd in. Sortir 
a la , crowd: out. Se tirer de la foule, 
distinguish one's se'f; rise. 

FOULE, E, a. le voila bien , a great 
hardship, indeed. E, sf. foiling of 
a deer. E de peaux, gross of shins. \ 

FOUL-ER, I. va. to tread; full; trample 
on; oppress; gall; beat a wood. la 
vendange, stamp the grapes. un 
ncrf, sprain a sinew. un chapeau, 
rcork a hat. un cheval, over-ride a 
horse. du drap, mill cloth. un 
lit, press down a bed. [house. 

FOULERIE, sf. hatter's or fuller's work- 

FOULEUR, sm. grape-treader ; fuller. 

FOULOIR, sm. hatter's working-board ; 
trough of a wine-press ; a rammer. 

FOULON, tm. fuller. Terre a , fuller's 

FOULONNIEK, tm. fuller. [earth. 

FOULQUE, sf. coot ; moor-cock or hen. 

FOULURE, sf. sprain; surbating. pi. 
(leer's tracks or foiling. [nish. 

FOUP-IR, II. va. to rumple; spoil; tar- 

FOUR, sm. oven; kiln; bakehouse; stove; 
hot-room ; kidnapping-house. 

FOURBE, sm. cheat; impostor, a. cheat- 
ing ; deceitful; crafty, sf. cheating 

FOURB-ER, I. va. to cheat ; trick, [trick. 

FOURBERIE, sf. imposture; cheat. 

FOURB-iR, II. va. to furbish; 2">lish. 

FOURBISSECJR, sm. sword-cutler. 

FOURBISS1ME, a. very roguish. 

FOURBISSURE, sf. furbishing. 

FOURBU, i:, a. foundered, as a horse. 

FOURBURE, sf.foundering, of horses. 

FOURCHE, sf. pitch-fork. d'un arbre, 
forked shoot. s patibulaires, gibbet. 
Faire a la , to do a thing carelessly, 
bunglingly. FOURCHE, E, a. forked ; 
split; cloven. La langue lui a , he 
fias tripped with his tongue. 

FOURCH-ER, I. vn. to grow forked; split. 

FOURCHERET, sm. a small goss-hatcli. 

FOURCHET, sm. forking ; Jinger-boil. 

FOURCHETTE. tf.forh; little pitchfork; 
rest for a musket. d'une chemise, 
slit. du pied du cheval, frog of a 
horse's foot. s, forsets for gloves. 

FOURCHON, sm. three-pronged fork; 
prong or point of a fork. 

FOURCHU, E, a. forked; cloven. Pied 
, cloven foot ; Jissipede. Chemin , 

FOURCHURE, sf. splitting, [cross-way. 

FOURBE, sf. sort of solder. 

FOURGON, sm. sort of waggon; oven- 
fork ; poker. La pelle se moque du four- 
gon, the pot calls the kettle black-tail. 

FOU ( 210 ) FRA 

[INF.M. 'PRES.T. 2 PART.PRBS. 3 PART.PAST.] IND. M. PRES.T. 4 1st p.S. S 2d p.S. 

13 14 15 PRET. 16 1st p.s. 17 2dp.s. i8 3d p.s. 19 lstp.pL 
a7 3d. COND.M. 2S lsti>.s. a '2dp.s. 3(J 3d p.s. 31 1st p. pi. 3a 2d a3 3d 
PRES.T. 39 1st p.s. 40 2dp.s. 41 8dp.s. 44 3d IMPERF. 

FOURGONN-ER, I. va. & n. to stir the 
poke uselessly ; fumble about. 

FOURMI, ff. ant; emmet; pismire. 

FOURMILIKR, sin. ant-eating insect. 

FOURMILIERE, .</. ant's nest; throng. 

FOURMILLANT, >:, a. swarming. Pouls 
, weak, low pulse. [Jidgets. 

FOURMILLEMENT, sin. pricking; the 

FOURMI LL-ER, I. on. to swarm with ; be 
f till of ; itch; prick ; have the Jidgets. 

FOURNAGE, s/n.fornage; oven-toll. 

FOURNAISE, Kf. furnace; kiln. 

FOURNEAU, st. ; stove; furnace; 
boivl ; kiln; small mine; charcoal pile. 

FOURNEK, sf. butch of bread; oven-full. 

FOURNEITK, .</'. small stoce. [isupjjlird. 

FOURNI, E, a. full; thick; furnished; 

FOURNI-ER, ERE, s. oven-tender; coun- 

FOURNIL, sin. a bakehouse, {try baker. 

FOURNIMENT, sin. a po,cder-Jlask. 

FOURN-IR, II. va. to furnish; Jind; af- 
ford ; make up ; supply. la carriere, 
run the race. II a bien fourni sa carriere, 
he has lived with honour, vn. to serve 
the turn; hold out; contribute, [page. 

POURNISSEMENT, sin. furniture} equl- 

FOURN1S8EUR, sin. contractor; provider. 

FOURN1TURE, sf. furnishing; provision; 
garnish; remittance; trimming. 

FOURQUET, sin. scoop ; sort of shovel. 

FOURRAGE, sin. fodder; provender; 
forage. Aller au , go a-foraging. 

to forage; va. to ravage; spoil; waste. 

FOURRAGEUR, sm. forager; caterer. 

FOURRE, E, a. well wooded; prime; 
downright. Paix E, peace sud- 
denly made; unsafe peace. Piece d'or 
E, plated piece of -money. Langue 
E, neat's tongue. Bois bien , sin. 
mood full of thickets. Pays , coun- 
try full of tvoods, hedges, &c. Coups 
fourres, inter -changed blon-s. 

FOURRE AU, sm. case; scabbard. Cou- 
cher dans son , to sleep in one's 
clothes. de robe, a frock. de 
pistolet, holster. de chaise, cover of 
a chair. Faux x de pistolets, jyistol 
bag. Orge en , barley not yet eared. 

FOURRELIER, tin. scabbard maker. 

FOURR-ER, I. va. to thrust in; stvjf 

with; fur. Se , vr. to intrude one's 
self; engage. Se bien , clothe one's 
self well. II cherche quclque trou oil se 
, he is looking for some employment. 

FOURREUR, sm. furrier; skinner. 

FOURRIER, sin. harbinger; quarter- 
master. [Mettre en , to pound a horse. 

FOURRIERE, sf. wood-yard; pound. 

FOURRURE, tf. fur; fur-lining; fur- 
red gorcn ; stuffing ; service. pi. spu- 
rious writings ; false quotation, [error. 

FOURVOIEMENT, sin. going astray; 

FOURVOY-ER, I. va. to mislead. Se 
, vr. to go out of one's way ; err. 

FOUTEAU, sm. beech; beech-tree. 

l-'OUTELAIE, ff. beech-tree grove. 

FOYER, sm. hearth; heat; house; centre; 
seat; tiring-room; green-room; focus; 
fire-side. de lumieres, reservoir of 
k non-ledge; treasure of light ; a title. 

FRAC, sm. sort of frock-coat. [uproar. 

FRACAS, sm. ; crash; clatter; noise; 

FRACASS-ER, I. va. to break in pieces. 

FRACTION, ff. fraction. du pain, 
breaking of bread, [taining fractions. 

FRACTION NAIRE, a. fractional ; con- 

FRACTURE, sf. fracture; breaking. 

FRACTURE, E, a. broken, as bones. 

FRAGILE, a. ; frail; brittle. [ness. 

FRAGILITE, sf. fragility ; frailty ; little- 

FRAGMENT, sm. a fragment; extract. 
j FRAl, sm. spa/vn;fry; young Jish; -iiiin- 
noH-s; wearing oat of coin. [new. 

| FRAICHE, /. FRA1S, m. a. cool; fresh; 

FRAICHEMENT, ad. coolly; newly; 
\ freshly ; just note. [steady breeze. 

j FRAICHEUR, sf. coolness; freshness; 

FRAICH-iR, II. vn. to freshen. Le vent 
fraichit, the wind blows stronger. 

FRAIE, sf. spaifning-time. 

FRAIRIE, sf. merry-making ; Joviality. 

FRAIS, m. FRAICHE,/. a. cool; fresh; 
-I i t'ii- ; iii'ifify ; recent; raw ; youthful. 
Harengs frais, fresh herrings. OZufs , 
new-laid eggs; neicly receiced money. 

FRAIS, sin. coolness; cool, fresh air; 
charges; expenses. Faux , idle ex- 
pcnsi's. Tous faits, clear of all 
charges. A grands , very expensively. 
Sur nouveunx , a-frrsh. Se mettre eu 
I frais, to pat one's self to expense. 

FRA ( 211 ) FRA 

6 3d p.s. 7 1st p. pi. 8 9 IMPERF. 10 lstp.s. I5 2dp.s. 12 3dp.s. 

30 21 3d FUT. M 1st p. s. 23 2dp.s. 24 3d p.s. 25 1st p. pi. x 

p. pi. IMP.M. 34 2dp.s. 35 3dp . s . 30 lstp . pl . 37 2,1 SUBJ.M. 
1st n.s. 46 2d p.s. V 3d p.s. 4S 1st 49 2d 50 3d 

frais, to p< one's st-Z/ 1 to expense. Joli 
frais, gentle gale. ad. newly ; coolly. 

FRAISE, sf. strawberry ; ruff'; counter- 
sink; drill. de veau, caff's pluck. 

FRAIS-F.R, I. va. to plait; knead; drill; 
countersink; beat paste. Strengthen 
n-ith pointed stakes or bayonets. 

PRAISES, sf. /raises; pointed stakes in 
fortification. See PALISSADES. 

FRAISETTE, sf. small strawberry. 

FRAISIER, SHI. strawberry plant. 

FRAISIL, sin. cinders of sea-coals. 

FRAISOIR, sin. stock; brace; wimble. 

FRAMBOISE, sf. raspberry, [raspberry. 

FRAMBOIS-BK, I. va. to give a taste of 

FRAMBOISIER, sm. raspberry-lush. 

FRANC, six. ; Here; piece of money; 
20 pence French ; 10 pence English. 

FRANC, HI. FRAXCH E,/.ff./r, //**; 
mere; arrant; true ; open. d'eau, 
pumped out. ad. plainly ;Jtatly ; com- 
pletely ; candidly '. sale, sm. allow- 
ance of salt. tillac, lower most deck. 
osier, osier ; withy. aleu, free- 
haid. ten&ncler, freeholder . Franc 
pecher, natural pcacft-tree. fuuin, 
n'hiic hawser. II est du collier, 
he is an easy friend. 

FRAN V 'A1S, FRANCOIS, E, a. French, 
sm. Frenchman. E, a. French, sf. 
French woman. A la E, after the 
French fash ion. 

FRANCATU, SHI. sort of apple. 

FRANCHE, /. a. free; true,. Compagnie 
, independent company. Un cher- 
cheur de s lippees, a spungrr ; para- 
site. s noisettes, ungrafted n uts. Dire 
la verite, to tell the naked truth. 

FRANCHEMENT, ad. plainly ; freely. 

FRANCHIPANE, sf. crcam-and-almond 
cake ; kind of pastry or perfume. 

FRANCH-iR, II. va. to leap over; overleap; 
overcome; cross. les limites, go 
beyond the bounds. le mot, break 
the ice. le pas, take the leap. la 
lame, head the sea. 

FRANCHISE, */. ; immunity; free- 
dom; candour ; liberty. [French. 
FRANCIS-ER, I. va. to Frenchify; make 
FRANCISCAIN, sm. grey friar ; Francis- 
can monk; order of St. Francis, 

PRANCISQUE, sf. ancient battle-axe; 

double edged axe. 

FRANC-MACRON, sm. freemason; brother. 
FRANCOIS, sm. Francis ; Frenchman ; 
a. French. [Frenchwoman; a. French. 
FRANCOIS E, sf. Frances; Fanny; 
FRANCOLIN, sm. heath-cock; pout. 
FRANC-PARLER, sm. liberty of speech. 
FRANC-RKAL, sm, large kind of pear. 
FRANCE, sf. fringe. A , fringed. 
FRANGEON, sm. little fringe. [fringe. 
FRANG-ER 1 , FRANGE-ANT'- 2 , I. va. to 
FRANG-ER, IER, EBE, s. fringe-maker. 
FRANGIPANE, sf. kind of pastry or per- 
fume; cream-and-almond cake. Tourt* 
a la franpipano, hind of pastry. 
FRANGIPANIER, sm. red jasmine, a tree. 
FRA.NGULE, sf. berry-bear ing alder. 
FRANQUE, a. Ian {rue , language used 

in the Lerant ; lingua franca. 
FRANQUETTE, sf. A la , ad. frankly ; 

openly; plainly; ingenuously. 
FRANQUIEME, sm. immunity. 
FRAPPANT, E, a. striking; affecting; 

very like; essential; material. 
FRAPPART, a. frere , dissolute monk. 
FRAPPE, sf. stamping, of coin. 
FRAPPfi, E, a. struck. du tonnerre, 
thunder-struck. d'etonnement, as- 
tonished. Esprit , obstinate; crazy. 
FRAPPE-MAIN, am. hot-cockles, [hands. 
FRAPPEMENT de mains, clapping of 
FRAPP-ER, I. ra. to strike; smite; knock. 
de la monnaie, stamp money. dans 
la main, shake hands. des mains, 
FRAPPEU-R, SE, s. striker; knocker, [clap. 
FRAQUE, sm. frock-coat. FRASQUE, sf. 
FRATER, sm. young barber. [trick. 

FRATERNEL..LE, a. brotherly; kindly. 
FRATERNELLEMENT, ad. fraternally ; 
lovingly. [therly manner. 

FRATERNIS-ER, I. vn. to live in a bro- 
FRATERNITE, sf. fraternity ; brotherly 
lore; society, [or her brother or sister. 
FRATRICIDE, s. ; one who kills his 
FRAUDE, sf. fraud; deceit; cheat. En 

fraude, deceitfully ; fraudulently. 
FRAUD-ER, I. va. to defraud; cozen; 

cheat. Frauder les droits, smuggle. 
FRAUDEU-R, sm. SE, sf. dcfrauder; cheat. 
Fraudeur de douane, smuggler. 

FRA ( 212 ) FRI 

[IXF.M. 'PRES.T. 2 PART.PRES. 3 PART.PAST.] IND.M. PRES.T. 4 1st p.S. 5 2dp.8. 

I3 lst U 2d I5 3d PRET. 16 lst p.s. 17 2dp.s. 18 3d p.s. I9 1st 
' r ' COND.M. a8 1st p.s. 29 2d p.s. 30 3d p.s. 3l 1st 32 2d 33 3d 
PRES.T. ^Istp.s. 40 2dp.s. 4l 3dp.s. ^ 43 ^ IMPERF. 

FRAUDULEUSEMENT, ad. fraudulent- 
ly > by a trick, [fraudulous ; crafty. 

FRAUDULEU-x, SE, a. fraudulent; 

FRAXINELLE, sf. bastard dittany. 

FRAYANTE, a. terre , chargeable estate. 

FRAY-ER, I. va. to open; sheiv ; rub 
a/jainst; graze; spawn; agree. 

FRAYEUR, sf. fright; dread; fear. 

FRAYOIR, SHI. rub; where the stag has 

FRAYURE, sf. rubbing of a stag, [rubbed. 

FREDAINE, sf. a prank ; frolic. [15 sous. 

FREDERIC, sm. gold-coin; 19 francs and 

FREDON, sm. trilling ; humming, [hum. 

FREDONN-ER, I. vn. to trill; quaver; 

FREGATE, sf. frigate. d'avis, tender; 

FREGATE, E, a. frigate-built. [sloop. 

FREGATON, sm. Venetian frigate ; ketch. 

FREIN, sm. bit; bridle; curb; check. 
Prendre le aux dents, be earnest in 
a business. Ronger son , to fret 
within one's self. Mettre un a sa 
langue, bridle one's tongue. [fellow. 

FRELAMPIER, sm. mere scrub; rascally 

FRELAT-ER, I. va. to adulterate; alter. 

FRELATERIE, sf. doctoring, altering of 

FRELE, a. frail; weak; brittle. [wine. 

FREL-ER, I. va. to furl or hand a sail ; 

FRELON, sm. hornet ; drone, [crack ; split. 

FRELUCHE, sf. tuft; small tassel. 

FRELUQUET, sm. prig ; spark ; puppy. 

FREM-iR, II. vn. to shudder; fret; 
fume; chafe; roar; simmer; tremble. 

FREMISSEMENT, tm. shuddering; trem- 
bling; humming; din; roaring. 

FRENAIE, sf. ash-trec-grove or wood. 

FRENE, sm. ash-tree ; quick-tree. 

FRENKSIE, sf. frenzy; madness; raving. 

FRENKTIQUE, a. s. frantic ; mad. 

FRENOLL-iR, II. vn. to shiver; quake. 

FREQUEMMENT, ad. frequently. 

FREQUENCE, sf. frequency ; quickness. 
FREQUENT, E, a. frequent; usual. Pauls 
frequent, quick pulse. [five. 

FREQUENTATI-F, VE, a. s. frcqucnta- 
FREQUENTATION, sf. frequenting; 

haunting; conversing ; frequent use. 
FREQUENT-ER, I. va. to frequent ; haunt; 
keep company with. , vn. to use a 
FREQUIN, sm. sort of cask. [place. 

FRERE, sm. brother. Beau , brother- 
in-law. religieux, friar; moult. 

Frere de lait, foster-brother. frappart, 
bad monk. de. la jubilation, mt-rri/ 
companion. s jumeaux, twins, [tic. 

FREROT, sm. little brother ; sort offana- 

FRESAIE, sf.screech-owl.[paint infresco. 

FRESQUE, */. fresco. Peindre a , to 

PRESSURE, sf. purtcnance. de veau, 
calf's pluck. de cochon, hog's haslet. 

FRESTEL-ER, I. vn. to play on the Jia- 

FRET, sm. freight ; hire ; primage, [gelet. 

FRETE, sf. iron Jioop or band. 

FRETEMENT, sm. freighting, [charter. 

FRET-ER, I. va. to freight; let or hire; 

FRETEUR, sm. freighter ; owner. 

FRETILLANT, E, a. fluttering ; frisking. 

FRETILLE, sf. straw; trifle, [.fidgeting. 

FRETILLEMENT, m.f risking ^fluttering; 

FRETILL-ER, I. vn. to frith ; flutter. 
de la queue, wag the tail. Les pieds 
lui fretillent, his fact long to be in mo- 
tion. La langue lui , his tongue itches. 

FRETIN, sm.fry; trash; ribble-rabble. 

FRETTE, sf. ferrule ;J 'err il; iron-hoop. 

FRETTE, E, a.fretty, in heraldry. 

FREUX, sm. a kind of crow ; a rook. 

FRIABILITE, sf. friability ; capacity of 
being crumbled. [be crumbled. 

FRIABLE, a. friable; brittle; likely to 

FRIAND, E, . dainty; nice; delicate. 
Friand de louanges, greedy of praise. 
Friand de nouvelles, fond of news. Ra- 
soir , sharp razor. , E, s. sweet 
tooth; lickerish one. 

FRIANDISE, sf. daintiness; delicacy. 
s, plf-kit-bits ; dainties. Xez tournfe 
a la , roguish eye ; sweet-tooth. 

FRICANDEAU, sm. Scotch-collop ; slice 
of veal lorded and fried or stewed. 

FRICASSEE, sf. fricassee. [away. 

FRICASS-KR, I. ra. to fry; squander 

FRICASSEUR, sm. paltry, bad cook. 

FRICHE, sf. land unfilled. En , un- 
filled ; fallow. FRICOT, sm. mess of 

FRICTION, if. friction; rubbing, [meat. 

FRIGARD, sm. pickled herring. 

FRIGEFI-ER, 1. va. to make cold; relent. 

FRIGIDITE, sf. natural frigidity. 

FRIGORIFIQUE, a.frigorific; cooling. 

FRIGOT-ER, I. vn. to warble, as a chaf- 

FRILEU-x, SE, a. chilly; chill. [finch 

FRIMAS, 57/J. rime ; hoarfrost. 


( 213 ) 


6 3d p.s. 7 1st p. pi. 8 9 3d p. pi. IMPERF. 10 1st p.s. "2dp.s. 12 3d p.s. 
20 21 FUT. ^ 1st p.s. 23 2dp.s. 24 3d p.s. 25 1st p. pi. 26 
IMP.M. 34 2dp.s. 35 3d p.s. 1st p. pi. 37 38 3d p. pi. SUBJ M. 

p. pi. 

< 5 1st p.s. < 6 2dp.s. 

48 1st p. pi. 49 50 

PRIME, $f. pretence. II n'en a fait que 
la , he only made a show of it. 

FRIXGAXT, E. a. gamesome; airy; brisk. 

FRINGU-EK, I. vn. to frisk} rinse. 

FRIOLET, sm. a kind of pear. 

FRIOU, sm. a small channel in the Levant. 

FRIPE, E, a- threadbare; tattered. 

FRIP-ER, I. va. to rumple ; gobble down; 
eat greedily: spoil; wear out; squander 
aivay. les classes, plan truant. 
Friper une pensee, commit a plagiary. 

FRIPERIE, sf. second-hand clothes shop; 
broker's trade ; broker's street. 

FRIPE-SAUCE, sm. lick-dish ; greedy-gut. 

FRIPI-ER, sm. ERE, sf. salesman; old 
clothes vender ; broker ; plagiary. 

FRIPON, NE, a. roguish ; s. rogue. 

FRIPOXXEAU, sm. little rogue, [truant. 

FRIPOXX-ER, I. vn. to cheat ; cozen ; play 

FRIPOXNERIE, sf. knavish trick. 

FRIPOXXIER, sm. sharper. 

FRIQUET, sm. slice ; prig ; kind of spar- 
ron-. , TE, a. brisk; airy. 

FRI-RE t 3 - 6 ts 3 te 3 tes 3 s 4 - 5 - 34 rai 22 ras 23 
ra 24 rons 2 ' rez 2 6 ront rais 28 - 29 rait 30 
rois 28 - 29 roit 30 rions 31 riez 32 raient 33 roient 
33 ; va. to fry. II n'y a rien a , there 
is nothing to eat; there is nothing to 
be got. II n'a plus de quoi , he is 
quite ruined, ^pointed against cavalry. 

FRISE, sf. frieze. Chevaux de , spears 

FRIS-ER, I. va. to curl; crisp; grazt.; 
niffle ; nap. une bille, cut a ball. 
les sabords, line the gun-ports. La 
voile E, the sail shivers in the ivind. 

FRISOIR, sm. hair-bodkin; small chisel. 

PRISON, sm. under-petticoat; can; jug. 

FRISOTT-ER, I. va. to frizzle ; crisp. 

FRISQUE, a. pretty; affected; blithe. 

FRISQUETTE, sf.fris/tct for printing. 

FRISSOX, sm.. shivering; cold fit. [ing. 

FRISSONXEMEXT, sm. chilliness; shivcr- 
-i >NX-ER, I. vn. to shiver; shudder. 

FRISURE, sf. curling ; curl; crisping. 

FRIT, E, a. fried; dished ; done; ruined. 

FRITILLAIRE, sf. crown imperial, 

FRITTE, sf. friti ; glass-ferretto. [flower. 
FRITT-ER, I. vn. le verre, to calcine 
thefritt, in glass manufactories. [ ping. 
FRITURE, xf. frying; fried fish;" drip- 
FRIVOLE, a. frivolous; vain; trifling. 

FRIVOLITE, sf. frivolousncss ; trifle. 

FROG, SHI. monk's dress or gorcn. Pren- 
dre le froc, to turn monk. Jeter le 
aux orties, forsake one's monhly order. 

FROCARD, sm.monk; domine, ironically. 

FROQUE, a. mho n-ears a monk's habit. 

FROID, E, a. cold; frigid; grave. De 

sang , in cool blood. Style , 

dull style. Ami , lukewarm friend. 

FROID, sm. cold ; coldness. II fait froid, 
it is cold. Faire ou battre , to receive 
coldly ; look cold on. Peindre a froid, 
dye without a Jire. Battre du fer a 
froid, hammer cold iron. \rvarmly. 

FROIDEMEXT, ad. coldly; iveakly ; lukc- 

FROIDEUR, sf. coldness; oold reception ; 
indifference; bleakness; chilliness. 

FROID-IR, II. vn. to grow cold. 

FROIDURE, sf. coldness of the air ; cold 
weather ; n~ inter, in poetry. [cold. 

FROIDUREU-x, SE, a. chilly; apt to be 

FROISSEMEXT, sm. collision ; bruising ; 
dashing ; clash. [pie; dash to pieces. 

FROISS-ER, I. va. to bruise ; crush ; rum- 

FROISSURE, sf. a bruise; bruising. 

FROLE, sm. kind of honeysuckle. 

FROLEMENT, sm. grazing. [brush. 

FROL-EK, I. va. to graze; touch lightly ; 

FROM AGE, sm. cheese. Entre la poire et 
le , in the midst of their jollity. 

FROMAG-ER, ERE, s. cheesemonger. 

FROMAGERIE, sf. cheese -market ; place 
where cheese is made, dried, or sold. 

FROMAGEU-x, SE, a. cheesy. 

FROM EXT, sm. icheat. d'Inde, In- 
dian corn. locar, rouge, spelt; 
sort of corn. Pain de , jchfaten 
bread; icheatcn loaf. [tacious plant. 

FROM EXT ACEE, a. plante , frumen- 

FROMENTAGE, sm. duty an corn-la'nds. 

FROMENTEE, sf. frumenty ; furmity. 

FRONCEMEXT, sm. knitting ; froivning. 

FROXC-ER 1 , FRONg-AWT 2 , I. va. to ga- 
ther ; knit ; pucker. le sourcil,//wm. 

FRONCIS, sm. gather; pucker of cloth. 

FROXCLE, sm. boil; felon; tumour. 

FRONCURE, sf. gather ; pucker. 

FRONDE, sf. a sling ; faction, [vcrnment. 

FROXD-ER, I. va. to sling; censure go- 

FROXDEUR, sm. slinger; anti-courtier; 
stickler; radical; speechify er. 

FRO ( 214 ) FUN 

[INF.M. 'pRES.T. 2 PART.PRES. 3 PART. PAST.] IND. M. PKES.T. 4 1st p.S. 5 2dp.S. 

13 u 1S 3d FRET. I6 1st p.s. 17 2dp.s. Ib 3d p.s. 19 1st p. pi. 
2 7 3d p. pi. COND.M. 2h 1st p.s. 2d p.s. *> 3d p.s. 31 1st 32 2d 33 Sd 
PRES.T. 39 1st p.s. 40 2dp.s. 41 3dp.s. 4a 1st 43 44 3d IMPERF. 

FRONDIPORE, sm. sea-plant rtith leaves. 

FRONRON, sm. card-matters' tool. 

FRONT, sm. forehead; front ; impudence. 
Front d'airain, brazen-face. Homme 
qui n'a point de , shameless fellow. 

Front-a , face to face. Faire , to 

face. De , ad. abreast ; in the front. 

FRONTAL, sm. frontlet, a. frontal. 

FRONTEAU, sm. frontlet ; fillet ; mould- 
ing ; headstall. x, breast-work. 

FRONTIERE, sf. frontier ; border; bound- 
ary ; confine, a. bordering. 

FRONTIGN AN, sm. front ignan-mine. 

FRONTISPICE, sm. frontispiece; title- 

FRONTON, sm. front; pediment, [page. 

FROTTADE, sf.rub; banter; cut ; joke. 

FROTTAGE, sm. rubbing; scrubbing. 

FROTTEMENT, sm. friction; rubbing. 

FROTT-ER, I. va. to rub; do over; mop; 
fag; drub; cuff'; bang. Se , vr. to 

FROTTEU-R, SE, 5. rubber, [meddle with. 

FROTTOIR, sm. a rubbing-cloth; rubber. 

FROU-ER, I. va. to call birds ; peep; whis- 

FRUCT1FICATION, sf.fructifii:ation.[tlc. 

FRUCT1FI-ER, to fructify ; thrice; 
be fruitful; prosper. [profitably. 

FRUCTUEUSEMENT, ad. successfully; 

FRUCTUEU-x, S&, a. lucrative; profit- 

FRUGAL, E, a. sober ; frugal. [able. 

FRUGALEMENT, ad. soberly ; frugally. 

FRUGALITE, sf. frugality ; soberness. 

FRUGIVORE, a. fruit and seed-eating. 

FRUIT, sm. fruit; advantage; profit; 
progress ; effect ; cJi lid ; din) in ution. 

FRUITAGE, sm. fruit in general. 

FRUITERIE, sf.fruitery; fruit-loft. 

FRUITI-ER, KRE, a. fruit-bearing; frugi- 
ferous; fruit-house. Arbre , fruit- 
tree, s. fruiterer. [Terre ,pip- ground. 

FRUITIERE, sf. fruit or herb-woman, 

FRUITION, sf. fruition ; enjoyment. 

FRUSQUIN, sm. St. , one's all. 

FRUSTE, a. medaille , medal, the legend 
of which is defaced. Pierre or coquille 
, stone or shell much ivorn by time. 

FRUSTRATOIRE, sm. n-ine n-itli sugar 
and nutmeg, a.frustratory; rain. 

FRUSTR-ER, I. va. to frustrate; balk; 
deprive of; disappoint ; mock ; bilk. 

FUGITI-F, VE, a. fugitive: eloping, s. 
runaway. Pieces fugitives, loose pieces. 

FUGUE, sf. fugue; chase, in music. 
FUIE, sf. coop ; small pigeon-hmtse. 

FU-IR 1 i 3 ie 35 - 39 ' 41 i S 4-S.i6. 17.34 ies 40 it 6.18 

lines 19 ites 20 irent 21 irai 22 iras 23 ira 24 
irons 25 irez 26 iront 27 irais 28 - 29 irait 30 irois 
^^ iroit 30 irions 31 iriez 32 iraient 33 
iroient 33 isse 45 isses 46 it 47 issions 48 issiez 49 
issent 30 ; FUl 3 -s 3 - 4 - 5 - 16 - 17 - 34 ent 9 - 38 - 44 
t o.i8 e es 3.40 > va .tojly; shun, 
rn. to run an:ay ; shift off'; appear 
at a certain distance; leak. Cette 
figure-la fuit bien, or ne fuit pas assez, 
perspective is or is not nicely observed 
in that figure. See FCYAXT. 

FUITE, sf. Jlight; avoiding; evasion. 
Prendre la , to run an-aif ; pop off. 

FULGURATION, sf. ; lightning. 

FULIGINEU-x, SE, a. fuliginous ; sooty. 

FULMINANT 2 , E, a. ; storming; mad; 
terrific. Or , aurumfubninans. 

FULMI NATION, sf. ; detonation. 

FULMIN-ER, I. vn. to fulminate; storm ; 

FU.MAGE, sm. lackering, [fret and fume. 

FUMANT, E, a. smoking; fuming. 

FUME 3 , E, a. smoked; reeky. FUMEE, sf. 
smoke; steam. s, fumes; fuinets. 
Se repaitre de , to feed one's self up 
with vain expectations, [chafe; fume. 

FUM-ER, I. va. to smoke; dung ; vn.fret ; 

FUMERON, sm. smoky coal or log. 

FUMES 19 , v. ETRE, to be. Sec Fes. 

FUMET, sm.Jiavour; smell; taste. 

FUMETERRE, sf. fumitory; bitter plant. 

FUMETRKAUX, sm. small dung-heapt; 

FUMEUR, sm. smoker. [spread about. 

FOIEU-x, SE, a. smoky ; fumy ; headu. 

FUMIER, sm. much; dung; dunghill. 
Mourir sur un , to die in a ditch. 

FUMIGATION, af. fumigation, [nngate. 

FUMIG-ER 1 , FUMIGE-ANT 9 , I. va. tofu- 

FUMISTE, sm. curer of smoky chimneys. 

FUMURE, sf. manure from sheep in mtn- 

FUXAMBULE, sm. rope-dancer. [dows. 

FUNKBRE, a. funeral ; funereal ; dismal. 

FUN-ER, I. tvi. to rig;Jix the rigging. 

ITNKRAILLES, sf. obsequies ; funeral. 

l[ NERAIRE, a. s. funeral; funerary. 

FUNESTE, a. fatal; unlucky; baleful. 

FrXKSTEMEXT, ad. fatally. 

FUNEUR, sm. rigger. [ccnce. 

FUNGUS, sm. fungus; spongy excres- 

FUN ( 215 ) GAG 

*3dp.s. ' 8 9 3d p. pi. IMPBRF. o 1st p. s. 2dp.S. '3 3d p. 8. 
J 2l PUT. "Istp.s. 23 2dp.s. 24 3dp.s. 1st p. pi. * 
p. pi. IMP.M. ;(4 2dp.s. 35 3dp . s . 36 lstp . p i. 38 3d p. pK SUBJ. M. 
<Mstp.s. 46 2dp.s. 47 3dp.s. 4b 1st p. pi. 49 50 

FUXIN, sin. rigging. [as; as fast as. 

FUR, sin. au or a et a mesure, as soon 

FURENT- 1 , v. KTRE, to be. See Fus. 

FURET, sm. ferret. Vrai , arrant med- 

FURET-ER, I. vn. to ferret; search, [dler. 

FURETEU-R, m. SE, /. 5. meddler ; pryer. 

FUREUR, sf.fury; rage; madness; ea- 
gerness ; violent desire ; rapture. 

FURIBOND, E, a. furious; raging; mad. 

FURIE, sf.fury; passion; heat; rage. 

FURIEUSEMENT, ad. excessively. 

FURlEU-x, SE, a. mad; furious; pro- 
digious, sin. madman. [water. 

FURIN, sm. the offing; high sea; deep 

FUROLLES, Jiery exhalations. 

FURONCLE, sin. felon; boil; carbuncle. 

FURTI-F, VE, a. clandestine; secret; by 
stealth. (Eillade VE, sly glance. 

FURTIVEMENT, ad. by stealth; secretly. 

FUS 16 - 17 ; PUT 18 ; FUT 47 ; v. KTRE, to be. 

FUSAIN, sm. spindle-tree; prick-wood. 

FUSEAU, sm. spindle; bobbin; bone; 
thread. Jambes de , spindle-shanks. 

FUSEE 3 , sf. spindle-full; rocket; squib, 
fusee; barrel; fillet. Chaux , slaked 
lime- Demeler une , to clear an in- 

FUSELE, E, a.fusele. [tricate business. 

FUS-ER, I. vn. to slake; rim; spread. 

FUSIBILITE, sf. ty; melting nature. 

FUSIBLE, a. fusible ; fas He; melting. 

FUSIL, sin. firelock; tinder-box; steel; 
: light gun. Pierre-a ,Jiint. 

FUS1LK, a. fusile; fusible; melting. 

FUSILIER, sm.fusilecr. [muskets. 

FUSILLADE, sf. a general discharge of 

FUSILL-ER, I. va. un soldat, to shoot a 
>\, sf. fusion or melting, [soldier. 

RJSS-E 45 es w ions 48 iei. 49 ent 5(J ; v. KTRE, 

FUSTE, sf. foist; a sort of galley, [to be. 
., sm.nuarter-stajff". [ping. 

FUST1GAT1ON, sf. flogging; actofwhip- 

FL'STIG-ER 1 , FUSTIGE-ANT 2 , I. va. to 
scourge; lash; whip. [See Fus, FUSSE. 

FUTis . FUT 47 ; FUTES 8 "; v. KTRE, to be; 

FUT, sm. gun-stock ; shaft of a pillar; 
drum-barrel; cask; staff; handle for 
a tool-, n-ood-n-ork. de girouette, 
vane-stock. Gout de fut, musty taste. 

FUTAIE, sf. forest of lofty trees; tvood. 

F I'TAILLE, sf.cask, n-inc-tubof any kind, 
pi. water and provision-casks. 

FUTAILLERIE, */. wood Jit for casks. 

FUTA1NE, sf. fustian; dimity, [weaver. 

FUTAINIER, aw. fustian or dimity 

FUTE, E, a. crnft.y cunning ; musty. 

F-UT-FA, sm. note F, in music. [dust. 

FUTKE, sf. joiner's putty, made of sa?e- 

FUTILE, a. trifling; vain; shallow. 

FUT1LITE, sf. futility ; vanity; trifle. 

FUTUR, E, a. future; to come ; succeed- 
ing, s. person ?vho is on the iwint oj 
marriage, sm. future tense ; futurity. 

FUTURIT10N, sf. futurition. 

FUY-ANT 2 ons"- 36 ez 8 -" ais 10 - 11 ait 12 ois 
10.11 oit ia ions^-^iezu^aientis o ient 15 ; 
v. FUIR, tojly ; run away; shun. 

FUYANT, E, a. receding. Couleur v, fa- 
ding colour. Faux , shift or evasion. 

FUYARD, sm. runaway; coward. , B, 
a. apt to run away ; fearful, [as pijjrs. 

FY, sm. rot. Avoir le , to be measled, 


Q. sm. 1th letter of the French Alpfai- 
' bet, a consonant. Un g, a g. O 
stands for 400, and grain. G, 6th sheet 
of a book; 1th dominical letter. 

GABAN, sm. felt-cloak ; gabardine. 

GAB ARE, sf. lighter; barge; drag-net. 

GABARIER, sm. lighterman; porter. 

GABARI-ER, I. va. to mould timber, [ship. 

GABARIT, GABARI, sm. draught of a 

GABATINE, sf. donner de la , to hum- 
bug ; bamboozle ; cram. [jvarehouse. 

GABELAGE, sm. the drying of salt in a 

GABEL-ER, 1. va. to let salt dry in aivare- 

GABELEUR, sm. exciseman. [house. 

GABELLE, sf. gabel ; cxc ise ; duty on salt ; 
the king's stores of salt. [of. 

GAB-ER, I. va. to banter ; jeer ; make fun 

GABET, sm.. vane ; sight of an octant. 

GAB IE, */. top at the mast-head. 

GABIER, sm. top-man; watch ; looker out. 

GABION, sm. gabion; mushct-baskct. 

GABIONNADE, sf.gabionnade; barricade. 

GAB1ONN-ER, I. va. to cover -with ga- 

GABORD, sm. garboard-streak. [hions. 

GABURON, sm.Jish; clamp; strenythen- 

GACHE 4 ,s/. staple; nail-hook, [ing wood. 

GACH-ER, I. va. to mix; rinse linen. 

GACHET, sm. black-headed sea-swallom. 

GACHETTE, sf. staple; tumbler of a lock. 

GAC ( 216 ) GAL 

INF.M. 'PRES.T. 2 PART.PRES. 3 PART.PAST.] IXD. M. PRES.T. 4 1st p.S. S 2dp.J. 

I3 14 15 PRET. 16 lstp.s. 17 2dp.s. 18 3d p.s. l9 
27 3d p. pi. COND.M. 28 1st p.s. -2dp.s. M 3d p.s. ' 1st p. pi. 32 2dp.pL 33 3d 

( 216 ) UAL, 

. . ..RT.PAST.] IXD. M. PRES.T. 4 1st p.S. S 2dp.J. 

13 u 1S PRET. 16 lstp.s. 17 2dp.s. 18 3d p.s. 19 
27 COND.M. 28 1st p.s. 2dp.s. ' M 3d p.s. al 32 2dp.pL 33 3d 
PRES.T. 39 lstp.s. 40 2d p.s. 41 3dp.s. 4S 1st p. pi. 43 44 3d p. pi. IMPBRP. 

GACHEU-x, SE, a. miry;Jiabby; plashy. 
GACHIS, sm. slab; splash; puddle. 
GADELE, sf. red or white currants. 
GADELIER, sm. currant-bush. 
GADOUARD, sm. night-man; gold-Jindcr. 
GADOUE, sf. ordure ; filth ; night-soil. 
GAFFE 4 ' 6 , sf. gaff; iron-hooked staff. 
GAFF-ER, I. va. to strike with a hook. 
GAG ATE, sf. sort of hard jet. 
GAGE 4 - 6 , sm.parvn; token; pledge, [lay. 
GAG-ER 1 , GAGE-ANT 2 , 1. va. to hire; bet; 
GAGERIE, sf. goods, taken as security. 
GAGES 5 , sm. pi. wages; salary ; civil list. 

Casser aux , to cashier ; discharge. 
GAGEU-R, SE, s. better; one who bets. 
GAGEURE, sf. wager; bet ; lay. Soutenir 

la , to persist in an undertaking. 
GAGISTE, sm.. hired man, in a playhouse. 
GAGNAGE, sm. ploughed ground where 
cattle and deer are used to feed. s, 
crop; grass. [earning ; see GAGNEK. 
GAGNANT, E, a. winning, s. winner. 2 , 
GAGNE 3 , a. donner , to yield; give in. 
GAGNE-DENIER, sm. labourer ; porter. 
GAGNE-PAIN, sm. livelihood. [er. 

GAGNE-PETIT, sm. knife-grinder; grind- 
GAGN-ER, I. va. to get; gain; win; 
reach; earn; bribe ; catch; prevail on. 
au pied, scamper away. le des- 
sus, get the better of. un port, 
secure an harbour. le vent, get the 
weather-gage. les devans, be before 
hand with. pays, get ground. Gagner 
de la main, get the start. Se , vr. to 
be catching. [who earns. 

GAGNEU-R, sm. SE, ff. winner; one 
GAGUI, sf. Jolly plump girl or woman. 
GAI, E, a. gay; merry; lively; allegro. 
GAIAC, sm. guaiacum ; lignum vitce. 
GAIEMENT, orf. merrily; gaily. 
GAIETE, sf. gaiety; mirth; cheerful- 
ness. De de cceur, wantonly. 
OAILLARD, E, a. merry ; bris/t ; tipsy ; 
gallant; jolly, s. fellow. d'avant, 
fore-castle. d'arriere, quarter-deck. 
GAILLARDE, sf. lively dance; romp. 
GAILLARDELETTE, */. fore-mast-flag. 
GAILLARDEMENT, ad. merrily; boldly; 
bluntly ; jovially . [fore-mast-head. 

GAILLARDET, sm. broad pendant, at the 
GAILLARD1SE, sf. frolic; gaiety. 

GAIMENT, ad.jovially; better GAIEMEXT. 

GAIN, sm. gain ; lucre ; profit ; gaining ; 

grist. Donner de cause, to yield; 

give it up. Avoir de cause, carry 

the cause. Gain au jeu, winnings. 

GAINE, sf. sheath; gain; case; levelling; 
shoulder of the joist, in architecture. 

GAINIER, sin. a sheath or case-maker. 
GALA, sm. ; feast ; entertainment. 

GALACTITE, sf. sort of jasper; milk-stone. 
GALAMMENT, ad. genteelly ; finely ; gal- 
lantly; wisely; braccly ; nobly. 

GALANT, E, a. well-bred ; genteel ; clever. 
Homme , a gallant. Galant homme, 
a gentleman. Vert , brisk spark, sm. 
sjjarft; wooer; suitor; lover; sweet- 
hetirt ; hnot of ribbons. 

GALANTERIE. sf. gallantry ; intrigue ; 

GALANTINE, ff. kind of omelet, [amour. 

GALANTIS-ER, I. va. to court the ladies. 

GALAXIE, sf. xy; the milky nay. 

GALBANUM, sm. galbanum, gum. Don- 
ner, vendre du , to put a sham upon 

GALBE, sm. graceful sweep, in archit. [one. 

GALB-ER, I. va. to give a graceful sweep 
to. [scabbincss. line , scab ; wrinkle. 

GALE 4 , sf. the itch; the mange; scurf; 

GALE 3 , sin. sweet willow ; Dutch myrtle. 

GALEACE, sf. large galley, for sailing or 

G ALEE, sf. printer's galley. [rowing. 

GALEFRETIER, sm. scoundrel. [lead. 

GALENE, sf. plumbago ; common black 

GALKNIQUE, a. according to Galtan. 

GALENISME, sm. doctrine of Galian. 

GAL-ER, I. SB , vr. to scratch; rub. 

GALERE, sf. galley ; drudgery; gallery; 
plane. Vogue la , come what will. 

GALERIE, sf. gallery; lobby; corridor. 
La va decider le coup, the spectators 
will decide the contest. [felon. 

GALERIEN, sm . galley-slave ; convict; 

GALERNE, sf. vent de , north-west- 
erly wind. [strand; gravel; shore. 

GALKT, sm. shujfte-board ; pebble; 

GALETAS, sm. garret; top-loft ;Jioch. 

GALETTE, sf. nnijfin ; bannock. 

GALEU-x, SE, a. itchy; scabby. Qui se 
sent se gratte ; // any fool thinks 
the cap fits him, let him put it on. 

OALGUI'K, sm. wafer-bug; insect. 

GALHAUBAN, sm. back-stay rope. 

GAL ( 217 ) GAR 

6 3dp.s. ' 8 9 IMPERF. I0 1st p.s. H 2dp.s. I2 3d p.s. 
20 21 PUT. ^Istp.s. 23 2dp.s. 24 3dp.s. 25 M 
p. pi. IMP. M. 34 2dp.s. 35 3d p.s. x 1st p. pi. 3 ? 3s SU.BJ.M. 
1st p.s. 4 <52dp.s. 4 ? 3d p.s. 46 1st p. pi. *> 50 

GALIMAFREE, sf. gallimaufry ; hotch- 
potch ; medley ; mixed hash. 

GALIMATIAS, sm. bombast; nonsense; 

G ALIGN, sm. galleon. [fustian; rant. 

GALIOTE, sf. bark; galliot; boat; half 
galley. 4 bombes, bomb-ketch. 

GALIPOT, sm. sort of liquid rosin. 

GALLE, sf. gall. Noix de , gall-nut. 

GALLIC AN, E, a. ; French. [rvord. 

GALLICISME, s?n. gallicism; French 

GALLICO, de , ad. bluntly; briskly. 

GALOCHE, sf. galochc; clog, [cer's box. 

GALON, sm. galloon; lace; gallon; gro- 

GALONN-ER, I. va. to lace. [maker. 

GALONNIER, sm. lace-maker; galloon- 

GALOP, sm. gallop. Grand ,full gal- 
lop. Petit , hand gallop. Demi , 

GALOPADE, sf. galloping, [short galop. 

GALOP-ER, I. vn. to gallop; va. hunt. 

GALOPIN, sin. errand-boy ; urchin. 

GALVAUD-ER, I. va. to scold at ; check. 

GAM ACHE, sf. spatterdash; overalls. 

GAMBADE 4 , sf. gambol; frisk; droll; 
jest. Payer en s, shuffle with one. 

GAMBAD-ER, I. vn. to gambol; romp. 

GAMBAGE, sm. malt-tax, [hook shrouds. 

GAMBES de hune, sf. futtock or foot- 

GAMBILLER, to play with OIK'S legs. 

GAMBIT, sm. particular game, at chess. 

GAMELLE, sf. wooden bowl; porringer; 
mess, among seamen. Faire , to mess. 

GAMIN, sm. boy; urchin; young varlet. 

GAMME, sf. gamut; scale. Chanter la 
gamme, to reprimand ; rattle. Etre hors 
de , be off one's hinges. Mettre quel- 
qu'un hors de , put one off" his cue. 
Changer de , alter one's conduct. Cela 
passe votre , that's past your skill. 

GAMOLOGIE, sf. treatise on marriage. 

GANACHE, sf. thick-skulled fellow; 
nether jaw of a horse; old wig. 

GANCHE, sf. Turkish gallows. 

GANGLION, sm. ; spavin in horses. 

GANGRENE 4 , sf. gangrene; mortification. 

GANGRENE 3 , E, a. gangrened; ulcerated. 

GANGREN-ER, 1. Se , vr. to mortify. 

GANGRENEU-x, SE, a. gangrenous. 

GANGUE, sf. kind of under-ground rock. 

GANGUI, sm. sort of fishing-net. 

GANIVET, sm. small surgical knife. 

GANSE, */. loop; string of a hat. 

GANT, sm. glove. II n'en aura pas les 
gants, that's not new. Jeter le , to 
challenge one. Souple comrae un gant, 
as pliant as a willow. GANTE 4 , *f. 

GANTELEE, sf. fox-glove, [wooden brim. 

GANTELET, sm. gauntlet ; armed glove. 

GANT-ER, I. ca. to put gloves on. 

GANTERIE, sf. glove-making or selling. 

GANTI-ER, sm. ERE, sf. glover. 

GARANCAGE, sm. madder-dye. [ing. 

GARANCE 4 - 34 , sf. madder ; plant for dyc- 

GARANC-ER 1 , GARANg-ANT a , I. va. to 
dye with madder. [rantee; author. 

GAR ANT, sm. warranter; voucher; gua~ 

GARANTI 3 , sm. guaranteed. [rity. 

GARANTIE 3 , sf. warranty; vouch; secu- 

GARANT-iR, II. va. to warrant ; protect; 
secure; guard. Se , vr. to guard 

GARAS, sm. sort of calico. [against. 

GARBE, sm. make and rigging of a ship. 

GARBON, sm. cock-partridge. 

GARBURE, sf. cabbage-and-bacon soup. 

GARC. AILL-ER, I. va. to wench; whore. 

GARCE, sf. prostitute; strumpet ; wench; 
formerly : young girl; maiden; virgin,. 

GARCETTE, sf. gasket ; plaited cordage. 

GARC. ON, sm. boy; bachelor; journey- 
man; waiter; man; groom; page. Me- 
ner une vie de , to live without re- 
straint. Faire le mauvais gargon, hector 
it. Se faire beau , tipple; dress Jine. 

GARC. ONN-ER, I. vn. to run after boys. 

GARC. ONNET, sm. little boy. [hoity-toity. 

GAR^ONNIERE, sf. romp ; rig ; torn-boy ; 

GARD, sm. province, river of France. 

GARDE, sf. guard; keeping; nurse; 
watch; waiting; protection; charge. 
sm. keeper; warden, pi. powder or 
cartridge chests. d'epee, hilt. Corps 
de , guard-house. Corps de du 
guet, watch-house. Prendre , to take 
care; observe. Se donner de , to 
beware. N'avoir de, not to be able 
to ; not to be inclined to. bois, 
forest keeper. boutique, shop-lum- 
ber. du corps, life-guard. Garde- 
cendres, fender. chasse, gamekeep- 
er. cote, cruiser. feu, bars 
before a Jire; fender. fou, rails 
along bridges, $c. magasin, store 

fc et!/ ; tT ._4.'6.34.3.i.39.41 O f QABDER. 


[INF. M. ' PRES. T. 2 PART. PllES. 

( 218 ) GAT 

3 PART. PAST.] IND. >!. PRE5.T. 

'1st p.s. 5 2dp.s. 

l:< 1st u 15 3d PRET. 16 lstp.s. 17 2dp.s. 18 3d p.s. 19 
27 COND. M. 26 1st p.s. ^Sd p.s. 30 3d p.s. 31 1st 32 2d 33 3d 
PRES.T. 39 1st p.s. 40 2dp.s. 41 3dp.s. 4 - 1st 43 2d 44 3d IMPERF. 

GARDE-MALADE, mf&. f. nurse. Garde 
manger, sm. larder ; buttery ; store- 
room. marine, midshipman. 

GARDE-MENAGERIE, sm. ship's poulter- 
er. Garde-meuble, wardrobe ; yeoman of 
the wardrobe; armoury. nappe, ta- 
ble-mat. note, notary. bourgeoise, 
t.iKirdianship of a freeman's children. 
Garde-nationnale, sf. national guard. 
Garde noble, guardianship of a noble- 
man's children. vue, eye-screen. 
Fruit de , keeping fruit. s d'une 
serrure, wards. De garde, for winter. 

GARD-ER, I. va. to keep; take heed; 
guard; preserve; look after; save; 
nurse. une poire pour la soif, lay up 
something for a rainy day. En donner 
a , deceive ; gull; impose upon. dos 
mesures, be cautious. un troupeau, 
look after ajiock. Se de, to keep 
from doing amiss; beware. 

GARDE-ROBE, sf. wardrobe; pricate 
closet, sm. apron ; 2>i--clotli. 

GARDE-ROLE, sm. master of the rolls. 

GARDE-SUISSE, sf. ret} intent of Swiss 
guards, sm. Swiss guard. 

GARDE-TEMPS, sm. time-piece at sea. 

GARDEU-B, m. SE./.S. herd-keeper, [ewry. 

GARDE-VA1SSELLE, sm.gentleman of the 

GARDIEN, KE, s. guardian; keeper ; se- 
questree; warden; superior. de la 
fosse au lion, the boatswain's yeoman. 

GARDIENNAT, sm. guardianship. 

GARDIENNERIE, sf. gun-room, on board. 

GARDON, sm. roach. [take care; loo! 

GARE 4 , sf. small dock. , int. make, way; 

GARENNE, sf. warren. vivo, warren 
full of rabbits. Celui-ia est de garenne, 
That'* (i humbug. forcee, enclosed 

GARENNIER, sm. warrener. [warren. 

GAR-ER un bateau, I. va. to moor a boat. 
Se , vr. stand out of the way. 

GARGALISME, sm. a tic/ding. 
GARGAMKLE, sf. throat; sn-aiiow. 

GARGARIS-ER, I. Se , vr. to gargle. 
GARGARISME, sm. gargarism; gargling. 
GARGOTAGE, sm. nasty meal; bad meat. 
GARGOTE 4 , sf. paltry eating-house. 
GARGOT-ER, I: vn. to haunt hedge ale- 
house; cat and drink vulgarly. 
GARGOTI-ER, ERE, s. paltry victualler. 

GARGOUILLADE, sf. ; sort of theatri- 
cal dance for demons, etc. 

GARGOUILLE 4 , sf. gutter-spout; spout. 

GARGOUILLEE 3 , sf. s2)Outing.[tJie bowels. 

GARGOUILLEMENT, sm. a grumbling in 

GARGOUILL-ER, I. vn. to dabble; paddle. 

GARGOUILLIS, sm. the noise of a gutter- 
spout ; gargling ; muddling. 

GARGOULETTE, sf. water-bottle; ewer. 

GARGOUSSE, sf. cannon-cartridge. 

GARGOUSSIER, sm. cartridge-carrier. 

GARGOUSSIERE, f.pouchfor cartridges. 

GARNKMENT, sm. profligate; wicked 

GARNI 3 , le , sm. the middle, [fellow. 

GARNIMENT, sm. apparatus. 

GARN-IR, II. va. to furnish; trim; store; 
adorn ; garnish ; bind ; rig. Se , vr. 
to *scize. [a house on an execution. 

GARNISON, sf. garrison; people, put. in 

GARNISSEMENT, sm. reimbursement. 

GARNISSEUR, sm.haberdashcr; trimmer. 

GARNITURE, sf. furniture; garnish- 
ment; trimming; set; rigging. 

GAROU, sm. spurge-laurel; a. loup-garou, 
sorcerer; quarrelsome man; hobgoblin. 

GAROUAGE, sm. brothel; orgy; bad- 

GAROUP, sm. E, sf. spurge-olive, [house. 

GARRIGUES, sf. pi. heath ; plain. 

GARROT, sm. withers; packing-stick; 
golden-eye duck. II est blesse sur le 
garrot, his reputation is blemished. 

GARROTT-ER, I. va. to bind with cords. 

GARRULITE, sf. loquacity; chattering. 

GARS, sm. lad; boy; stripling. 

GASCON, NE, s. boaster; cracker; Gascon. 

GASCONISME, sm. gasconism. 

GASCONNADE, sf. gasconade; bravado. 

GASCONN-ER, I. vn. to boast. 

GASPILLAGE, 5?;?. si)oiling ; wasting. 

GASPILL-ER, I. va. to lavish; waste; 

GASPILLEU-R, SE, s. spendthrift, [spoil. 

GASTER, sm. abdomen; stomach. 

GASTRILOQUE, sin. ventriloquist. 

GASTR1QUE, a. s. gastric; of the belly. 

GASTROLATRE, sm. glutton; belly-god. 

GASTROMANIE, sf. daintiness. [hire. 

GASTRORAPHIE, sf. J>hy; sort of su- 

GATE 4 , sin. bungler. bois, bungling 
carpenter. cuir, bungling shoemaker. 
papier, scribbler; paltry writer. Gate 
pate, bad pastry-cook or baker. 

GAT ( 219 ) 

6 3d p.s. " 6 9 3d p. pi. 
-'" 21 FUT. 22 1st p.s. 23 2dp.s. 24 3dp.s. 
p. pi. IMP.M. 34 2d p.s. 35 3dp.s. ^ 1st p. pi. 37 
45 1st p. s. 46 2dp.s. 47 3d p.s. 4S 1st p. pi. 49 


I2 3dp.s. 

,.. " 

. r . 38 SUBJ.M. 

IMPERF. 10 1st p.S. !1 2dp.S 

'-' 1st p. pi. 26 

GATK 3 , E, a. marred; S2)oilt ; undone; 
rotten. Enfant , polled child. 

GATEAU, SHI. cn/;e. de miel, honey- 
comb. Partager le , to go snacks. 
Trouver la feve ati , hit the nail on 
the; head. Avoir part au , have a liand 
in The business; share in the booty. 

GATE-MENAGE, sin. ninny; spoil-family. 

GATE-METIER, sin. under-sellcr. 

GAT-ER, I. va. to S2>oil; waste; soil; 
mar; corrupt. Se dans le monde, 
get an ill name. Se , taint ; bespoil- 

GATEU-R, SE, s. spoiler; corruptcr. [cd. 

GATIXE, sf. barren land ; waste ; com- 

GATTE, sf. manger on ships. [won ; heath. 

GAUCHE, a. left; awlocard; clumsy; 
silly. A , ad. on the left ; wrong, 
sf. La , the left hand; lift side. 

GAUCHEMEXT, ad. an-ltivardl,,. 

GAUCH-ER, ERE, a. s. left-handed. 

GAUCHERIE, sf. blunder; the action of 
an awkward man or iroinan. 

GAUOH-iR, II. vn. to shrink bach; shift. 

GAUCHISSEMEXT, sm. shrinking back. 

GAUDE 4 , sf. n'oad ; dyer's weed or weld. 

GAUDEAMUS, sin. merry bout ; feast. 

GAUD-F.R, I. va. to dye with woad. 

GAUDES 4 , sm. babbling prayers. [girl. 

GAUDIXE, f;\iudinette, sf. gay lass; licely 

GAUDRIOLE, sf. nonsense ; fun ; joke. 

GAUD-iR, II. Se , vr. to be merry. 

GAUFRE 4 , sf. honey-comb; pastry ; wafer. 

GAUFR-EK, I. . to figure stuff's, [stuff's. 

GAUFREU-R, sm. SE, sf. one who figures 

GAUFRIER, sin. gaufre or wafer-iron. 

GAUFRURE, if. figuring, on cotton and 

GAULE 4 , sf. srcitch ; pole. [other stuff's. 

GAUL-ER. I. ra. to beat down n-ith apolc. 

GAULETTE, sf. small pole; rod. 

GAULIS, sin. long sprig ; small wood. 

GAULOIS, E, a. of Gaul; gallic. s. 
old French; n. Gaul. Bon , down- 
right honest man. C'cst du , that 

GAUPE, ff. slut; trollops, [is old French. 

GAUSS-ER, I. Se , vr. to jeer ; banter. 

GAUSSERIE, sf. jeering; jest, [jeering. 

GAUSSEU-R, SE, s. jeerer ; Jioutcr ; a. 

GAVACHE, sm. a scoundrel; country 

GAVIOX, sm. throat; opening. [clown. 

GAVOTTE, sf. garot, a dance. [ble air. 

GAZ, sm. gas; rarefied fiame; infiamina- 

GAZE 4 , sf. gauze flight writing. 

GAZELLE, sf. antelope; sort of deer. 

GAZ-ER, I. va. to cover with gauzt. 
Gazer un conte, ceil an indecent story. 

GAZET1ER, stn. gazetteer ;/ian-ki , . 

GAZETIN, sm. little gazette. [monger. 

GAZETTE, sf. newspaper; blab; coffin. 

GAZIER, sw.GAZIERE, sf. gauze-maker. 

GAZON, sm. green turf; turf; grass. 

GAZONNEMENT, sm.' coloring with turf. 

GAZOXN-ER, I. va. to line with turf. 

GAZOUILLEMENT, sm. warbling ; purl- 
ing ; zinging ; chat fur ing. [chirj). 

GAZOU1LL-ER, 1.' vn. to irarblc; purl; 

GAZOUILLIS, sm. chirping; singing of 

GEAI, sm. ajai/ ; jac/tdan'. [birds. 

GEAXT, E, s. (jia/tt ; giantess. [tun: 

GEHEXXE, sf. lull; forwent; rack; tor- 

GEIGX-AXT 2 ons^-^ ^-^ ent 9 - 38 - 14 ais 10 
11 ait 12 ois 1 "- 11 oit 12 ions 13 - 42 iez 14 - 43 aii-ni 
15 oient 15 is 16 - 17 it" iraes 19 ites 20 irent 

21 C 35.39.41 es 40 isse 45 isses 4(5 U 47 issioilS 4b 

issiez 49 issent 50 ; part of 

GEIXD-RE 1 rai 22 ras 23 ra 24 rons 2 - 5 rez-' ; 
ront 2 7 rais 28 - 29 rait 30 rois 28 - 29 roit 30 rions 
31 r j ez 32 ra ient33 roient 33 ; GEIN-T 3 - 6 s 4 - 
5-34 ; vn. to whine; groan, as some men 
do working; whimper; pule. 

GE1NDRE, sin. baker's foreman. [like. 

GELATIXEU-x, SE, a. gelatinous ; jelly- 

GELE 3 , a. frozen. Bee , tongue-tied. 

GELEE 3 , sf. frost; jelly. blanche, hoar 
frost. de groseilles,>//>/ of currants. 

GEL-ER, I. rfl. & n. to freeze; chill. 

GfeLI-F, \E, a. spoilt by frost, s. coltie. 

GELINE, sf. a hen. [hen; icater-quail. 

GELINOTTE, sf. a fine tit; pullet; wood- 

GELIVURE, sf. freezing of trees; colti- 

GE.AIEAUX, sm. sign Gemini. [ness 

GEMIXE, E, a. repeated; iterated. 

GEM-IR, II. vn. to groan; coo ; lament ; 

GEMI88EMENT, sm. groaning, [moan. 

GEMME, sf. jirecious stone; a botanical 
term. a. Sel , mineral salt. 

GEMOXIES, the place of execution 
among the liomans ; sort of Tiburn. 

GEXAXT 2 , E, a. troublesome; uneasy. 

GEXCIVE, sf. the gum. 2)1. gums. 

GENDARME 4 , sm. man-at-arms; life- 
guard; termagant; spark of fire; ble- 
mish. s d'un 
L 2 


( 220 ) 


[INF.M. 'PRES.T. 2 PART.PRES. 3 PART.PAST.] IND.M. PRE3.T. 4 1st p.S. 5 2d p.S. 
ia 14 2d 15 PRET. 16 lstp.s. 17 2dp.s. 18 3d p.s. 19 COND.M. 28 1st p.s. >2dp.s. 30 3dp.s. 3' 1st 32 2 d 33 3d 
PRES.T. 39 lstp.s. 4u 2d p.s. 41 8dp.s. 42 43 2d 44 IMPERP. 

GENDARM-ER, I. Se , vr. to bluster. 

GENDARMERIE, sf. ry; mounted police 

GENDRE, sm. son-in-larv. [or patrol. 

GENE 4 ' 39 , sf. rack; pain; constraint. 

GENEALOGIE, sf. gy; pedigree; li- 

GENEALOGIQUE, a. genealogical, [neage. 

GENEALOGISTE, sin. genealogist. 

GEN-ER, I. va. to clog ; constrain ; cramp; 
straiten; restrain; embarrass. 

GENERAL, sm. general; chief. , E, 
a. public; universal. En , ad. in 
general. Le , the generality. 

GENERALAT, sm. generalship. [drum. 

GENERALE, sf. the general, a beat of 

GENERALEMENT, ad. generally; uni- 
versally; commonly, [neral; generalise. 

GENERALIS-ER, &c n. to make ge- 

GENERALISSIME, sm. commander- in- 
chief. [ s, sf. pi. general discourses. 

GENERALITY, sf. generality; precinct. 

GENERAT-EUR, m. RICE, /. a. gencra- 

GENERATI-F, VE, a. generative, [ting. 

GENERATION, sf. generation ; progeny; 
propagation; descent. [bly ; frankly. 

GENEREUSEMENT, ad. generously; no- 

GENEREU-x, SE, a. generous, [a species. 

GENERIQUE, a. generical; belonging to 

GENEROSITE, sf. generosity. [Bible. 

GENESE, sf. Genesis ; first book of the 

GENET, sm. broom; genet; fine Spanish 
horse; Spanish stone-horse. [leans. 

GENETIN, sm. ; sweet mine from Or- 

GENETTE, sf, mild cat ; kind of bit or 
sniffle. A la , with short stirrups. 

GENEVRIER, sm. juniper-tree. 

GENIE, sm. genius ; spirit; rvit ; talents; 
temper. Le , milit. engineering ; body 
of engineers ; enginery, pi. genii. 

GENIEVRE, sm. juniper-berry ; geneva; 

GENISSE, sf. heifer; young cow. [gin. 

GENITAL, E, a. genital; generative. 

GENITIF, sm. genitive case; 2d case. 

GKNITOIRES, sm. pi. genitals. 

GENITURE, sf. offspring; progeny; child. 

GENOU, sm. knee ; futtocks ; loom of an 
oar. Sur vos x, on your lap. A x, 

GENOUILLER, tm. knee-piece, [kneeling. 

GENOUIL, sm. rompre 1'anguille au , to 
go the wrong way to work. [piece. 

GKNOUILLERE, sf. top of a boot; pully- 

GENOUILLEU-x, SE, n. uneven ; knotty. 

GENRE, f sm. kind; genus; style; gender. 

GENS, folks ; people; servants. Gens 
d'eglise, churchmen. de guerre, mi- 
litary men. de condition, gentle- 
folks. du roi, crown law-officers. 
Gens de robe, lawyers; gown-men. Pe- 
tites , lower sort of people. Vous vouz 
moquez des , you take us for idiots. 
II y a et , there arc folks of various 
kind. Beaucoup de gens, many people. 

GENT, sf. nation; tribe; people; kind. 

GENT, E, a. genteel ; neat ; spruce, [plant. 

GENTIANE, sf. gentian ; felwort ; bitter 

GENTIL, sm. Gentile; heathen; pagan-. 

GENTIL, LE, a. genteel; pretty ; gentle; 
neat. Faucon , tercel gentle. 

GENTILS, sm. les , pi. the Gentiles. 

GENTILHOMM-E, sm. gentleman ; noble- 
man. a lievre, country squire. 
EAU, sm. petty nobleman or squire. 
ERIE, sf. country-scat ; gentility. 

GENTILHOMMIERE, sf. country-house. 

GENTILITE, sf. the heathens; heathenism. 

GENT1LLATRE, sm.petty country squire. 

GENT1LLESSE, sf. genteelness ; gentility ; 
pretty saying ; pretty trick ; toy. 

GENTIMENT, ad. prettily ; neatly; finely. 

GENUFLECTEUR, sm. kneeling oate- 

GENUFLEXION, */. kneeling, [chumen. 

GEOCENTRIQUE, a. geocentric; seen 

GEODE, sf. eagle-stone, [from the earth. 

G^ODESIE, sf. division of the earth. 

GEOGRAPHE, sm. jjhcr; one wJio 
writes on geography. [of the earth. 

GEOGRAPHIE, sf. phy; description 

GEOGRAPHIQUE, a. geographical. 

GEOLAGE, sm. prison-fees ; carcelage. 

GEOLE, sf. gaol; prison, old word. [er. 

GEOLI-ER, sm. ERE, sf. gaoler ; gaol-keep- 

GEOLOGIE, sf. gy; nat. hist, of the 

GEOLOGIQUE, a. geological. [earth, 

GEOMANCIE, */. gcomancy ; fortunt- 
tclling, by marks made on the earth. 

GEOMETRAL, E, . geometrical. Plan 
geometral, ground plan. [surveyor. 

OEOMBTRE, sm. geometer; mathem. 

GEOMETRIE, xf. gcomctri/ ; measurement 
of objects in general on the earth. 

GEOMETRIQUE, a. geometrical. [ly. 

GEOMETRIQUEMENT, ad. geomctrical- 

GEOPONIQUE, a. nical ; agricultural. 



6 Sdp.s. 7 1st p. pi. 8 9 3d p. pi. IMPERF. 10 1st. p. s. ll 2d p.s. 12 3d p.s. 
80 2d p. pi. - 1 3d p. pi. PUT. ^ 1st p. s. 23 2d p. s. 24 3d p. s. K 1st p. pi. x 2d p. pi. 
p. pi. IMP. M. a4 2dp.s. ^ 3d p.s. 36 1st p. pi. 38 SUBJ.M. 

20 od p. pi. 

p. pi. IMP. M. a4 2d p.s. 35 3d p.s. " 1st p. pi. J ' 2d p. pi. "> 3( 
'7 3d p. s. 48 1st p. pi. 49 2d p. pi. 50 3d p. pi. 

. . a4 2dp.s. 
45 1st p.s. 46 2dp.s. 

GEORGIQUES, sf. Georgics; poems on 
rural subjects by Virgil, [or geranium. 

GERANIUM, sm. stork-bill; crane's-bill 

GERBE 4 ' 6 , sf. sheaf; rvater-spout. 

GERBEE 3 , sf. bundle of straw with corn. 

GERB-ER, 1. va. to make up in sheaves. 

GERBERON, sm. small stack of sheaves. 

GERBIER, sm. stack of sheaves. Gerbiere, 

GERCE 4 ' 6 , sf. book-norm, [sf. sheaf-cart. 

GERC-ER 1 , GERg-ANT 2 , I. va. to chop; 

GERQURE, sf. chop; cleft ;Jtaw. [crack. 

GKR-ER, I. va. to manage; conduct; at- 

GE'RE-SOL, sin. G, in music, [tend to. 

GERFAUT, sm. gerfalcon, bird of prey. 

GERMAIN, E, a. born of brothers or sis- 
ters; of Germany; German. Cousin 
germam,Jirst cousin. Cousin issu de ger- 
main, second cousin. Frere -- , own 
brother. II a le sur lui, he is my fa- 
ther' sjirst cousin, [germander, a plant. 

GERMANDRfiE, sf. sort of scordium; 

GERMANIQUE, a. of Germany. [ing. 

GERME 4 , am. bud; shoot sperm; seed. (Euf 
sans , addle egg. de feve, mark 
in a horse's mouth. Faux germe, false 
conception. ( 34 -39) [up or out ; sprout. 

GERM-ER, I. vn. to shoot; bud; spring 

GERMINAL, sm. April; 7th revolution' 

GERMINATION, sf. . [art/ month. 

GERMOIR, sm. steeping-trough, for seed. 

GERMURE, sf. budding ; shooting. 

GERONDIF, sm. gerund ; vice-regent. 

GERSEE, sf. ceruse, for whitening the 

GERZEAU, sm. tare; need. [skin. 

GESIER, sm. gizzard; 2d ventricle of 

GES1NE, sf. lying-in. [some birds. 

GES-IR, vn. to belying; bring forth; 
be ill; die ; lie ; rest ; to be; be situated: 
(little used.) See Gix, GISANT. 

GESSE, sf. vetch; kind of pea. [young. 

GESTATION, sf. ; act of being veith 

GESTATOIRE, a. chaise , sedan; se- 
dan-chair. [deeds. Geste de tete, nod. 

GESTE, sm. gesture; motion; action ; pi. 

GESTICULATEUR, 57/1. tor ; man full 
of gestures. [too much action. 

GESTICULATION, sf. ; motioning; 

GESTI6UL-ER, I. vn. to use much action 

GESTION, sf. administration, [in talking. 

GIBBEU-x, SE, a. gibbous; bunching out. 

GIBBOSITE, sf. ty; bending of the 

spine; protuberance; frunching out. 
GIBECIERE, sf.jjouch; bag; scrip. 
GIBELET, sm.gimblct; borer. [Popes. 
GIBELINS, sm. Gibbelins; opposcrsof the 
GIBELOTTE, sf. fricassee of chicken. 
GIBERNE, sf. cartouch-box ; pouch. 
GIBET, sm. gibbet; gallon's. 
GIBIER, sm. game. de potence, Xfir- 

gate-bird ; thief. Cela n'est pas de son 

gibier, that's none of his business; 

that's above his strength or skill, 
GIBOULEE, sf. shower with hail. 
GIBOY-ER, I. vn. to fowl; hawk. Ar- 

quebuse a ,foivling-piecc. [shooting. 
GIBOYEUR, sm. fowler; one fond of 
GIBOYEU-x, SE, a. full of game. 
GIGANTE, sf. gigantic figure, on galleys. 
GIGANTESQUE, a. gigantic; huge; vert/ 
GIGANT1NE, sf. sort of plant. [large. 
GIGOT, sm. leg of mutton; thigh of 
GIGOTS, sm. hind legs of a horse, [horses. 
GIGOTTE 3 , E, a. well-limbed, as dogs and 
GIGOTT-ER, I. vn. to kick about, [horses. 
GIGUE 4 - 6 , sf. jig; tune; leg ; tall frisky 
GIGU-ER, I. vn. to jig about. [girl. 

GILET, sm. under-waistcoat ; jvaistcoat. 
GILLE 4 , sf. large Jishing-net. Faire gille. 

to scamper away. sm. game at cards 
GILL-ER, I. mi. to scamper away. 
GIMBLETTE, sf. gingerbread nut. 
GINGEMBRE, 5m. ginger; a plant, [cer. 
GINGEMBRIER, sm. ginger-seller ; gro- 
GINGEOLE, sf. place towards the poop 

for the coiujjuss ; binnacle; bittacle. 
GINGEOLIER, am. jujube-tree. 
GINGIBRINE, sf. powder of ginger. 
GINGLYME, sm. double hinge.[ancients. 
GINGRINE, sf. short flute, among the 
GINGUET, am. very sour wine. , TE, 

a. poor; sorry; small; sour; short. 
GIPON, am. tailoring cloth, of shoe- 
GIR, vn to be lying ; as GESIR. [makers. 
GIRAFE, sf. cameleopard; constellation. 
GIRANDE, sf. horizontal wheel pouring 

out water or fire, [diamonds ; ; whal. 
GIRANDOLE, sf. chandelier; cluster of 
GIRASOL, am. ; kind of opal. 
G1REL, sm. wheel-toy; part of a harness. 
GIROFLE, sm. clove. Clou de , a clove. 
GIRO FLEE, sf. yillyjlo iccr ; icall-Jiowvr. 

GIR ( 2-22 ) GLO 

[IXF.M. 'PRES.T. SPAKT.PRES. 3 PART.PAST.] IND.M. PRES.T. 4 1st p.s. 5 2d p.s. 
13 1st 14 >3 3d PKBT. ie 1st p.s. "adp.s. 18 3d p.s. l9 1st 
2 COND.M. 2S 1st p.s. 29 2d p.s. 3u 3d p.s. 31 1st 32 * 3d 
PRES.T. lstp.s. 4 2dp.s. 41 3d p.s. 42 43 44 3d IMPERF. 

GIROFLIER, sm. clove-tree. [of stairs. 

GIRON, sm. lap; pale; incljsurc, bruudth 

GIRONNE 3 , E, a. gironne, m he/aUry. 

GIRONN-ER, I. va. to round. tarns. 

GIROUETTE, sf. weather-cock, flu 4; 

GIS-AN-r 2 ons7-*5 ent 9 - 3 *- 44 ait 12 oil' 2 ' aient 
15 oient 15 , v. GESIR, to be lying. 

GISANT, E, a. lying ; felled. de la 
tneule d'un moulin, nether mill -stone. 

GISEMENT, sm. bearing of coasts or 
latitude, a sea terra; mineral spot. 

GIT 6 , v. GESIR, to be lying. Ci , here 
lies. Ce n'est pas 14 que le lievre, 
the difficulty does not lie there. 

GITE 4 , m. home; hare's for in or seat; where 
one lies at night on a journey ; lodging. 

GIT-ER, I. vn. to lie; stay ; sleep in. 

GIVRE, sm. rime; hoar-frost. 

GLABRE, a. bare; smooth; without hair. 

GLACANT 2 , E, a. freezing; repulsive. 

GLACE 4 - 6 , sf. ice ; glass ; flaw. Ferrer des 
chevaux a , to roughshoe horses. Cet 
homme est ferre a , that man is per- 
fect master of his business. Rompre la 
, to open a difficult conversation. 

GLACE 3 , sm. gold or silver brocade. 

GLACES 3 , a. gants , glazed gloves. 

GLAC-ER 1 , GLAC. -ANT 2 , I. va. to freeze ; 
chill; ice. une doublure, stitch 

GLACEUR, sm. calendrer. [down a lining. 

GLACEU-x, SE, a. having Jlaws;Jlaicy. 

GLACIAL, E, a. frozen ; sharp ; icy. 

GLACIER, sm. ice-field; ice-rock. 

GLACIERE, sf. ice-house ; ice-well. 

GLACIS, sm. sloping bank. A parapet 
with a gentle slope terminating on the 
level of the exterior ground. [cle. 

GLAC. ON, sm. a piece or_flake of ice ; ici- 

GLADIATEUR, sm. gladiator; prize- 
fighter ; 2)ugnacious man. [of eggs. 

GLA1RE 4 , sf. slimy matter; glair; white 

GLAIR-ER, I. va. to glair; smear with 
the white of an egg. [nous; ciscous. 

GLAIREU-x, SE, a. slimy; ropy; gluti- 

GLAISE 4 - 6 , sf. potter's earth; clay. 

GLAIS-ER, I. va. to do over with potter's 

GLAISEU-x, SE, a. clayey, [earth or clay. 

GLAISIERE, sf. clay-pit ; clay-holt: 

GLAISINE, sf. clay-loom, loft by rivers. 

< - LA ITERON, sm. burdock; clotbur: plant. 

GLAIVE, sm. a sword; glaive ; poicer. 

GLAMA,-5j. kind of sheep. GLAME, sf. 

GLANAGE, s/n. gleaning. [eye-dirt. 

GLAND, sm. acorn ; mast; bandstr ing ; 
tassel; gland; chops; pcneal glans. 
Gland de mouchoir, handkerchief's but- 
ton. [Glandes au cou, mumps; tonsils. 

GLANDE, sf. gland; tumour; kernel; 

GLANDE, E, a. having the glanders. 

GLANDEE, sf. forest-mast ; acorn crop. 

GLANDULE, sf. small gland or kernel. 

GLANDULEU-x, SE, a. glandulous. 

GLANE 4 , sf. gleaning. d'oignons, rope 
of onions. de poires. cluster of pears. 

GLAN-ER, I. va. to glean; lease. II y a 
encore de quoi , this subject is not 

GLANEU-R, s^s. ylcaner. [yet exhausted. 

GLANURE, sf. gleaning ; a glean. 

GLAP-iR, II. vn. to yelp ; squeak; bark. 

GLAPISSANT 2 , E, a. squeaking; shrill. 

GLAPISSEMENT, sm. yelping; squeaking 

GLAS, sm. knell; -passing-bell; tolling. 

GLAUX, sm. ; milk weed, good for 

GLAYEUL, sm. corn-Jiny. [nurses 

GLEBE, sf. glebe; land; ore; turf; 'oil; 

GLENE, sf. ; bone-socket. [ground. 

GLISSADE, sf. ; slip; slipping; slide. 

GLISSANT 2 , E, a. slippery ; sliding ; dan- 

GLI9SE 3 , sin. dancing step. [gerous. 

GLISS-ER, I. vn. to slip; convey; im- 
part ; slide ; glance. Se , vr. to slip ; 

GLISSEUR, sm. slider ; skater, [creep into. 

GLISSOIRE, sf. sltde. [earth. 

GLOHE, sm. globe; ball; sphere; the 

GLOBEU-x, SE, a. round ; S2)hericul. 

GLOBULAIRE, a. globular; spherical. 

GLOBULE, sm. globule; IMle globe. 

GLOBULEU-x, SE, a. globulous ; globu- 

GLOIRE, sf. glory; p ride; honour, [lar. 

GLORIEUSEMENT, ad. gloriously. 

GLORIEU-x, SE, a. glorious; ostenta- 
tious ; proud ; ijlorijicd. s. a conceited, 
proud man or woman. [rifying. 

GLORIFICATION, sf. glorification; glo- 

GLORIFI-ER, I. va. to glorify ; honour ; 
pritiKc. Se , vr. to glory in. [ness. 

GLORIOLE, sf. petty glory; conciHttl- 

(iLOSK 1 , sf. gloss; comment. [censure. 

<;LOS-KIS, J.c/(. to comment; explain; 

(iLOSi;U-K, sm. SE, sf. censurer ; carper. 

<;I,<;SSAIKK, s/n. glossary; explanation. 

GLOSSATEUR, sm. glosscr ; scholiast. 


8 2d p. pi 

63dp.s. ' 

20 2d p. pi. 2l 3d p. pi. PUT. 

p. pi. IMP. M. J4 

* Istp.s. 46 2dp. ; IMP.M. ^2dp.s. __..._. rr - 

47 3d p. s. 1st p. pi. 49 

( 223 ) 

9 3d p. pi. IMPERF 

-Istp.s. 23 2dp.s. 
33 3d p. s. 


, 10 Istp.s. U 2dp.s. 12 3dp.s. 
24 3d p. s. 1st p. pi. 
37 38 OTT "' " 
50 3d 


GLOTTE, sf. glottis; the windpipe. 

GLOUGLOU, sm. guggling of liquor. 
Aimer le , to like a merry glass. 

GLOUGLOUT-ER. I. vn. to cry as a tur- 

GLOUSSEMENT, sin. clucking, [key-cock. 

GLOUSS-ER, I. rn. to duel;, as a hen. 

GLOUTERON, sm. bar; burdock. 

GLOUTOX, NE, a. gluttonous; greedy. 

GLOUTOX, NE, s. glutton; greedy-gut, 
sm. sort of badger; beaver-eater. 

GLOUTOXXEMEXT, ad. greedily, [ness. 

GLOUTOXXERIE, */ gluttony; greedi- 

GLU, sf. bird-lime; lime; viscum. 

GLUAXT 2 , E, a. rise id; gluey ; clammy. 
Avoir les mains ES, to be easily bribed. 

GLUAU, sm. twig covered with bird-lime. 

GLU-ER, I. va. to make clammy or gluey. 

GLUI, sm. thatch; coarse strati: 

GLUTEN, sm. glue ; gluten. 

GLUTIXAXT, sm. glutinative drug. 

GLUTIXATI-F, VE, a. glutinous. 

GLUTIXEU-x, SE, a. glutinous; viscid; 
clammy; gluish; agglutinative. 

GLYPHE, sm. glyph; archit. ornament. 

GXIOLE, sf. dint or cut on a spinning top. 

GNOME, sm. gnome; spirit. [being. 

GXOMIDE, sf. female of a gnome, ideal 
GNOMIQUE, a. sententious; full of 
GNOMON, sm. ; style ; index, [maxims. 
GNOMONIQUE, sf. nics; dialling. 
GO; tout de , ad. without ceremony. 
GOBBE, sf. 2)oisoned gobbet, for dogs. 
GOBELET, sm. goblet; cup; quajfing- 
boivl ; juggler's box ; the king's buttery. 
GOBELIX, sm. hobgoblin. s, sm. pi. 

famous carpet manufactory at Paris. 
GOBELOTT-ER, I. vn. to guzzle, [of bird. 
GOBE-MOUCHE, sm. kind of lizard and 
GOB-ER, I. va. to gulp down; snap; 

sjcallote don'n; nab; arrest. 
GOBERGE 4 , sf. largest sort of cod-fish. 
, vr. to banter ; rail; make much of; 
cocker one's self. [bedstead. 

GOBERGES 5 , boarded bottom of a 
GOBET, sm. snap; hasty-meal. Prendre 
au , to take one napping. [a mill, 
GOBET-ER, I. va. to plaster the joints of 
GOBEUR, who gulps all one says. 
GOBIN, sm. hunch-back; stupid jester. 
GOBLIN, sm. goblin; hobgoblin. 

GODAILLE 4 , sf. paltry t sour wine. 

GODAILL-ER, I. vn. to guzzle; tipple. 

GODE 4 , sf. swift-Jlying sea-bird. 

GODELUREAU, sm.fop; beau; puppy. 

GODEXOT, sm. juggler's puppet ; jack. 

GOD-ER, I. rn. to jiucker ; shorten; bend. 

GODET, sm. little cup; mug; calix; boicl. 
pi. buckets ; funnels. [largish calf. 

GODICHE, sm. simpleton. GODIX, sm. 

GODIVEAU, sm. veal-pie; force-meat. 

GODRON, sm. puffy plait in linen. 

GODRONN-ER, I. va. to plait linen. Vals- 
selle godronnee, sf. plate wrought on 

GOELETTE, sf. schooner. [the edges. 

GOEMON, sm. sea-weed, on the coast. 

GOET, sm. sort of large black grape. 

GOETIE, sf. black art ; witchcraft ; incan- 

GOETIEX, NE, s. wizard; witch, [tation. 

GOFFE, a. ill-shaped; awkward; luinp- 

GOFFEMENT, ad. awkwardly. [ish. 

GOGAILLE, sf. merry-making, [clovtr. 

GOGO, A , ad. Vivre a , to lice in 

GOGUELU, E, a. licely ; brisk ; proud. 

GOGUELUREAU, sm. coxcomb; upstart. 

GOGUENARD, E 4 , a. s. jocose; wag. 

GOGUEXARD-ER, I. va. to joke; droll. 

GOGUEXARDERIE, sf. jeer; joke; banter. 

GOGUETTES, sf. jtl. merry stories. Etre 
en , to be merry. Chanter a quel- 
qu'un, to rattle one to some tune. 

GOINFRE 4 , sm. toss-pot ; guttler. 
GOIXFR-ER, I. vn. to guttle and guzzle. 
GOIXFRERIE, sf. guttling and guzzling. 
GOISLAN, sm. a sea-gull. [swelling. 

GOITRE, sm. hernia-gutturis ; 
GOITREU-x, SE, a. mu/npy ; thruat- 

burstcn. sm. sort of lizard. 
GOLFE, sm. gulf; in-dra tight; bay. 
GOMEXE, sf. anchor-rope, on galleys. 
GOMME 4 , sf. gum. elastique, india- 
rubber. gutte, gamboge. 
GOMM-ER, I. va. to gum ocer; stiffen. 
GOMMEU-x, SE, a. gummy ; gummed. 
GOMMIER, sm. gum-tree; arbor chibou. 
GOXAGRE, sf. gout in the knee. 
GOND, sm. hinge ; support. 
GOXDS, pi. gudgeons, of a rudder. Met- 
tre hors d^s , to provoke. [shell. 

GOXDOLE, sf. gondola; drinking-cup; a 
GOXDOLI-ER, sm. ERE, sf. gondolier. 
GOXFALOX, sin. ; church-banner. 


224 ) 


[INF.M. 'PRES.T. 2 PART.PRES. 3 PART.PAST.] IND.M. PRES.T. 4 1st p.S. 5 2d p.9. 

13 14 15 3d PHET. ls lstp.s. I7 2d p.s. 18 3d p.s. 19 
27 COND.M. 28 lstp.s. 2d p.s. 30 3d p.s. 3l 1st 32o d p . pl . 33 3d 
PRES.T. 39 1st p.s. 40 2dp.s. 41 3dp.s. 42 1st 43 2d 44 3d IMPERF. 

GONFALONIER, sm. holy standard-bcar- 

GONFLEMENT, sm. smelling ; puffing, [er. 
GONFL-ER, I. va. & n. to swell ; puff up. 
GONICHON, sm. blue paper cap of sugar 
loaves. [Tour de maitre , scurvy trick. 
GONIN, a. cunning ; mattre , sly rogue. 
GONNE, sf. ^sea-cask ; large barrel. 
GONORRHEE, sf. rhoca ; seminal run- 
GORD, sm. river-Jishcry. [ning. 

GORE, sf. sow. [a ship's mop; swab. 

GORET, sm. little pig; porker; clicker; 
GORET-ER, I. va. to mash a ship ; clean. 
GORGE 4 , sf. throat; breast; defile; neck; 
gorge; gule. chaude, the hawk's 
fee ; joke ; banter ; insulting joy. Rend- 
, re , to refund; vomit. A de- 
ployee, with all one's might. Couper 
la , to undo one ; murder. 
GORGEE 3 , sf. gulp ; draught ; swallow. 
GORG-ER 1 , GORGE-ANT 2 , to gorge; 
cram; stuff; Jill. Se , vr. to glut 
one's self. Se d'or, to lieap up gold. 
neck-handkerchief; tucker; lowest and 
foremost part of the cutwater, [lover. 
GORGETTE, sf. stay. GORGIAS, sm. 
GORGER1N, sm. ; neck-piece; gorgtt. 
GOSIER, sm. throat; gullet; weasand. 
A plein , at full stretch. Cliarmant 
gosier, sweet voice. [black letter. 

GOTHIQUE, a. gothic; old. Lettre , 
GOUACHE, sf. painting in water-colours. 

A la , in water-colours. 
GOUDRON, sm. tar ; pitch and tar. 
GOUDRONN-ER, I. va. to tar; smear. 
GOUELETTE, sf. schooner; sort of sca- 
GOUESMON, sm. sea-weed. [gull. 

GOUFFRE, sm. abyss; pit; gulf; whirl. 
GOUGE, sf. gouge ; rounded chisel ; trull. 
GOUINE, sf. strumpet ; trull, [hod-man. 
GOUJAT, sm. soldier's boy; blackguard; 
GOUJON, sm. gudgeon; ajish and a pin. 
Faire avaler le , to deceive ; draw into 
a snare. [wooden pins. 

GOUJONN-ER, I. va. to pin, with iron or 
GOUJURE, sf. notch; channel; groove. 
GOULEE, sf. large mouthful; gitlp. 
GOULET, sm. narrow entrance of a har- 
bour; hole in a bomb. Sec GOULOT. 
GOULETTE, sf. small channels; oven-slab. 
GOULIAFRE, a. s. greedy-gut ; glutton. 

GOULOT, sm. neck of a bottle, &c. [water. 
GOULOTTE, sf. little channel to carry off 
GOULU, sm. shark. , E, a. s. glut- 
ton;^ greedy. Pois goulus, sugar-peas. 
GOULUMENT, ad. gluttonously. 
GOUPILLE, tf. watch-pin ; fore-lock of a 
GOUPIL, sm. young fox. ' [bolt. 

GOUPILLON, sm. holy water sprinkling- 
brush ; bottle-brush. [with a brush. 
GOUP1LLONN-ER, I. va. to cleanse bottles 
GOUR, sm. cavity ; whirlpool. 
GOURD, E, a. numb ; stiff. II n'a pas 

les mains ES, he is nimble-Jingered. 
GOURDE, if. gourd ; kind of tumour 
GOURDIN, sm. cudgel; truncheon. 
GOURDIN-ER, I. va. to cudgel. 
GOURE 4 , sf. adulterated drug. [drugs. 
GOUR-ER, I. va. to deceive; adulterate 
GOUREUR, sm. adulterator of drugs. 
GOURGA1SDINE, sf. trull; strumpet. 
GOURGANE, */. mazagan or little wild 
GOURMADE, sf.Jisty-cuff; blow. [bean. 
GOURMAND, E 6 , a. s. gluttonous ; sucker. 
GOURMAND-ER, I. va. to scold; curb; 
GOURMANDIN 7 E, sf. pound-pear, [insult. 
GOURMANDISE, sf. gluttony; greediness. 
GOURME 4 , E, sf. the strangles, with young 
horses. II a jete sa , he 7ias sowed his 
wild oats, [sumes an affected gravity. 
GOURME 3 , E, a. proud. II est , he as 
GOURM-ER, I. va. to curb ; box ; cuff. 
GOURMET, sm. connoisseur in liquors. 
GOURMETTE, sf. a curb. Lacher la 

a quelqu'un, to give one more scope. 
GOURNAL, sm. gurnard, fish. 
GOURNABLE 4 , sm. wooden pin; tree-nail. 
GOURNABL-ER, I. va. to peg up a ship. 
GOUSSE, sf. cod; husk; shell. d'ail, 
a clove of garlic. [arm-pit. 

GOUSSET, sm. fob; gusset; bracket; 
GOUT, sm. taste ; palate ; smell; relish; 
style; fancy. Mettre en , to whet the 
desire; cause a liking. De bon , ele- 
gant ; genteel. [lisli; eat a luncheon. 
GOUT-ER, I. va. to taste; approve; rc- 
GOUTER, am. luncheon; collation. 
GOUTTE, sf. drop; gout; jot; tittle. 
gipsouse, chalk-gout. Mere , un- 
pressed wine. sereine, gutta screna. 
GOUTTE, ad. not at all. Ne voir , no* 
to see at all. a , drop by drop. 

( 225 ) 

3dp.s. 7 1st p. pi. 8 9 3d p. pi. 
20 -Alp. pi. ai PUT. 22 lstp.s. 
p. pi. IMP.M. 34 
45 1st p. s. 46 2dp.s. 

GOU ( 225 ) GRA 

IMPERF. 10 lstp.s. n 2dp.s. I2 3dp.s. 

2dp.s. 24 3dp.s. ^ 1st p. pi. K 

.p.s. 35 3dp.s. M 1st p. pi. 3 38 3d p. pi. SUBJ. M. 
4 ?3dp.s. 4S 1st p. pi. 4y 

GOUTTELETTE, sf. little drop. [man. 
GOUTTEU-x, SE, a. gouty. , sm. gouty 
GOUTTIERE, sf. gutter; water-way. 
Gouttiere de carrosse, cornice of a coach. 
GOUVERXAIL, sm. rudder; helm. 
GOUVERX AXCE, sf. government of a town. 
GOUVERXAXTE, sf. governess; gover- 

nante ; housekeeper ; teacher. 
GOTJVERXEMEXT, sm. government; go- 
vernor's house; command ; helm. d'un 
vaisseau, steerage of a ship. 
GOUVERX-ER, I. va. to govern; rule; 
steer ; husband ; manage. bien sa 
barque, conduct one's affairs with skill. 
Se , to behave one's self, [steersman. 
GOUVERXEUR, sm. governor; tutor; 
GRAB AT, sm. truckle-bed; stump-bed; 
pallet. II est sur le , he lies very ill. 
GRABATAIRE, a. sickly; bed-ridden. 
GRABEAU, sm. garbles; drug-dust. 
GRABUGE, sm. squabble; wrangling. 
GRACE, GRACE, sf. favour ; grace par- 
don; thanks; agreeableness. Dire graces, 
rendre s, say grace ; return thanks, 
L'an de 1840, the year of our Lord 
1840. De , ad. pray. Bonnes graces, 
friendship. II u'a pas sacrifie aux 
graces, he has nothing graceful in him. 
GRACIABLE, a. pardonable; excusable. 
GRACIEUSEMEXT, ad. kindly. 
GRACIEUS-ER ; I. va. to treat kindly. 
GRACIEUSETE, sf. kindness; gift. 
GRACIEU-x, SE 4 , a. kind; graceful. 
GRACILITE, sf. shrillness; slenderncss. 
GRADATION, sf. gradation; climax. 
GRADE, sm. ; degree; degree of rank. 
GRADIX, sm. step; seat; ledge. 
GRADIXE, sf. dented chisel of sculptors. 
GRADUATION, */. ; graduating. 
GRADUE 3 , sm. a graduate. , E, a. 
graduated; gradual. Carte graduee, sf. 
a map on which the degrees of longi- 
tude and latitude are marked. 
GRADUEL, LE, a. gradual. [degrees. 
GRADUELLEMEXT, ad. gradually; by 
GRADU-ER, I. va. & n. to confer degrees ; 

graduate; mark in degrees. 
GRAFIGX-ER, I. va. to scratch. 
GRAILLEMEXT, sm. hoarse sound; bro- 
ken voice. [Marie , dirty Moll. 
GRA1LLOX, sm. remnant; scrap; slut. \ 

GRAIX, sm. corn; grain; berry ; kernel; 
seed. de coral, bead of coral. Grain 
de raisin, grape. de petite verole, 
pimple of the small-pox. de mou- 
tarde, mustard-seed. d'or, bit of 
native gold. de folie, crack-brained. 
Grain de grfele, hailstone. de vent, 
squall of wind. pesant, violent 
squall. Futaine a d'orge, napptd 
fustian. Futaine a gros s, big-napped 
fustian. Catholique a gros s, relaxed 
papist. Dans le , in the nay to get 
7tft>ney. Gros s, wheat and rye. Me- 
nus s, barley ; oats ; pease. 

GRAINS, /.M*fc kernel. C'estunemauvaise 
graine, he is a sad dog. Cette fille monte 
en , that girl grows an old maid. 

GRAIRIE, sf. wood, in common use. [ing. 

GRAISSAGE, sm. greasing ; act of greas- 

GRAISSE 4 , sf.fat; grease; dripping. A. 
graisse d'argent, by dint of money. 

GRAISS-ER, I. va. to grease. la patte 
& quelqu'un, grease one in the Jist ; 
bribe. le marteau, /tc the porter to 
gain admittance. ses bottes, ,jct 
ready to set out. 

GRAISSET, sm. green climbing frog. 

GRAISSEU-x, SE, a. greasy. [chant. 

GRAISSIER, sm. grocer; grease nnr- 

GRAMEN, sin. ; cow-grass; dog-grass. 

GRAMIXEE, a.f. grassy; gramineous. 

GRAMMAIRE, sf. grammar. 

GRAMMAIRIEX, sm. NE, */. grammarian. 

GRAMMATICAL, E, a. grammatical. 


GRAMMATISTE, sm. teacher. 

GRAMME, sm. French weight of 19 grains. 

GRAXD, E, a. great : large, sm. nobleman; 
grandee. Tranclrer du , to carry it 
high. A, la E, in a grand maitmr. 
Du petit au , to compare great things 
mith small. En , at full length; in 
great. beau, Roman pearl. A 
grand'peirue, with much ado. 'messe, 
high mass. II est jour, it is broad 
day. croix, sm. one of the chief 
dignitaries of the order of Malta. 

GRAXDE-FIXE, sf. sort of blanket. 

GRAXDELET, TE, a. pretty big or tall. 

GRAXDEMEXT, ad. largely ; vastly. 

GRAXDESSE, sf. Spanish highness; title. 

GRA ( 226 ) ORE 

[INF.M. ' PRES.T. - PART.PRES. 3 PART.PAST.] IND.M. PRES.T. * 1st p.S. 5 2d p.S. 

13 14 IS PRET. 16 1st p.s. 17 2d p.s. 18 3dp.s. l9 COND.M. 28 1st p.s. 29 2dp.s. 3 <>3dp.s. 31 lst p . p l. 3 2 33 3(1 
PRES.T. 39 lstp.s. 40 2dp.s. 41 3dp.s. 42 43 2d 44 3d IMPERF. 

GRANDEUR, sf. tallness ; largeness; 
greatness ; magnitude ; quantity ; gran- 
deur ; lordshij) ; honour ; grace ; high- 
GRANDIOSE, a. grand ; majestic, [ness. 
GRAND-iR, II. va. to grow tall or big. 
GRANDISSIME, a. ; very great; large. 
GRAND-MAITRE, sm. lord steward; chief 

master; great master ; head master. 
GRAND-MERCI, sm, many thanks. 
GRAND' MERE, sf. grand-mother. 
GRAND-CEUVRE, sm. philosopher's stone. 
GRAND-ONCLE, sm. grand-uncle. 
GRAND-PERE, sm. grand-father. 
GRANGE, sf. barn ; mom ; large shed. 
GRANGI-EH, sm. ERE, sf. farmer. 
GRANIT, SMI. granite; moor-stone. 
GRANITEL-LE, a. granite-like. 
GRAND'TANTE, sf. grand-aunt. 
GRANULATION, sf. ; act of crumbling 
GRANUL-ER, I. va. to granulate, {metals. 
GRAPHIE, sf. description. [ajigure. 
GRAPH IQUE, a. graphic; illustrated by 
GRAPHIQUEMENT, ad. with exactness. 
GRAPHOMETRE, sm. graphomctcr ; ma- 

them. -lustrum, for measuring angles. 
GRAPPILLAGE, sm. grappling. 
GRAPPILL-ER, to glean; scrape up. 
GRAPPILLEU-R, SE, s. grape gleaner. 
GRAPPILLON, sm. little bunch of grapes. 
GRAPPE 4 , sf. bunch; cluster. s, small 
stones, in iron ore ; mangy tumours in 
horses. Mordre a la , to like a thing ; 
jump at the bait. [madder. 

GRAPP-ER, I. va. la garance, to grind 
GRAPPIN, sm. grappling iron; little 
anchor ; grapnel ; creeper, [grapplings. 
GRAPP1N-ER, I. vn. to grapple; warp by 
GRAPU, E, a. with bunches; clustering. 
GRAS, sm. & a. GRASSE, f.fat; plump; 
greasy; obscene. Jour , flesh-day. 
GRAS, sm. fat ; grease. de la jambe, 
calf of the leg. double, double-tripe. 
Parler , to lisp ; talk indecently. 
Gras-fondu, molten-grease. de mer, 
foul, discoloured water. 
GRA.SSEMENT, ad. plentifully ; largely. 
GRASSET, TE, a. f atty ;plumpish; pretty 
GRASSEYEMENT, sm. lisping. [fat. 
GRASSEY-ER, I. vn. to lisp; speak thick. 
GRASSEYEU-R, sm. SE, sf. lisper. 
GRASSOU1LLET, TE, a. plump. 

GRAT, sm. scraping-place for hens, &c. 

Envoyer au , to turn one arcay. 
GRATICUL-ER, I. va. to divide into small 
GRATIFICATION, sf. gratuity, [squares, 
GRATIFI-ER, I. va. to make a present. 
GRATIOLE, sf. water or hedge-hyssop. 
GRATIN, sm. the burnt-to in a saucepan. 
GRATIOU, sm. sail-apparatus. 
GRATIS, ad. for nothing ; gratis. 
GRATITUDE, sf. gratitude; gratefulness. 
GRATTEAU, sm. scratcher of gilders. 
GRATTE-BOESSE 4 , sf. scratching-brush. 
GRATTE-BOESS-ER, I. va. to rub gilding. 
GRATTE-CU, sm. hip; hep; wild-berry. 
II n'y a si belle rose quine devienne ,all 
beauties are subject to decay. 
GRATTELEU-x, SE, a. itchy. 
GRATTELLE, sf. rash ; itching. [clerk. 
GRATTE-PAPIER, sm. a scribbler; paltry 
GRATT-ER, I. va. to scratch; scrape; 
pilfer ; scrawl. le papier, be a scrib- 
GRATTERON, m. bur-dock. [bling drudge. 
GRATTOIR, sm. scraper. [free. 

GRATUIT, E, a. gratuitous ; voluntary; 
GRATUITE, sf. mercy ; favour. 
GRATUITEMENT, ad. freely; gratis. 
GRAVATIER, sm. rubbish carter. 
GRAY ATS, sm. brick and mortar rubbish. 
GRAVE 4 , a. grave; seriout; weighty, sm. 
GRAVE 3 , E, . pitted face. [gravity. 

GRAVELEE, sf. ashes of tartar ; lees. 
GRAVELEU-x, SE, a. gravelly ; troubled 
with the gravel, [or dried wine dregs. 
GRAVELLE, sf. gravel, disease; vinegar 
GRAVELURE, sf. obscenity ; smuttiness. 
GRAVEMENT, ad. seriously; gravely. 
GRAV-ER, I. va. to grave; etch ; imprint. 
GRAVEUR, sm. engraver; graver. 
GRAVIER, sm. gravel; hard sand. 
GRAV-iR, II. vn. to clamber up; climb. 
GRAVITATION, sf. gravitation ; tenden- 
cy; inclinationtowardsapoint or focus. 
GRAVITE 3 , sf. gravity ; importance. 
GRAVIT-ER, I. vn. to gravitate ; tend to. 
GRAVOIR, sm. groover; graver. 
GRAVOIS, SMI. gravel; rubbish; shards. 
GRAVURE, sf. engraving ; cut ; print. 
GRE, sm. accord; will. Savoir mauvais 
gr6, to take ill. Savoir bon , be 
pleased ; take kindly. Bon , mal gre, 
will he nill he, whether one will or no. 

GRE ( i37 ) GRI 

8 3d p.s. 7 1st p. pi. 8 9 3d p. pi. IMPERF. 10 1st p.s. U 2dp.s. 12 3d p.s. 
2" 2I FUT. 22 1st p.s. ; 2dp.s. 24 3d p.s. " 
p. pi. IMP. M. 34 2d p.s. 35 3d p.s. lst p<pl . 37 2 d p. pi. 3 ^ 3d p. pi. SUBJ. M. 
1st p. s. 46 2d p. s. 47 3d p. s. 4b 1st p. pi. 49 2d p. pi. 50 3d p. pi. 

GREC, m. GRECQUE 4 , /. a. of or from 
Greece; Greek, s. a Greek. Grecque, sf. 
kind of fret- work and locust, book- 
binder's hand-saw. Envoyeraux calendes 
s, tojix a time never to come. [ribs. 
GRECQU-ER, I. va. to bind and sink tke 
GREC1SME, sm. Grecism ; Greek ivord. 
GREDIN, E, a. s. beggarly ; shabby ; poor 
GREDINERIE, */. beggarliness. [wretch. 
GRBSMENT, GKEMENT, sm. rigging. 
GRE-ER, I. va. to riff, a ship. 
GREFFE 4 , sin. the rolls ; a register ; a staj}'. 
GREFFE, sf. grajff'oi graft; scion. 
GREFF-ER, I. i-a. to grajfor graft. 
GREFFIER, sm. register; notary. 
GREFFOIR, sm.. grafting-knife. 
GREGE, a. run: Sole , ran: silk. 
GREGEOIS, a. Greek. Feu , ivild-Jire. 
GREGUES, sf. pi. breeches. Tirer ses 
gregues, to sneak atvtty. Laisser ses 
gregues qufelque part, die in a place. II 
en a dans sea , he lias met ivith a sad 
disaster. Met^re de 1'argent dans ses 
gregues, to feather one's 'tust. 
GRELE 4 , sf. hail. de Heches, shower 

of arroivs. Grain de , hailstone. 
GRELE, a. slim; lank; shrill; slender; 
much pitted to it It the smallpox ; beat 
by the hail. Un peu , poor. Voix 
grele, squeaking voice. 
GREL-ER, I. vn. to hail; rain; pour. 
Greler sur le persil, tease one's inferiors. 
GRELIN, sm. small cable; hanscr. 
GRELOIRE, sf. wax-chandler's sieve. 
GRELON, sm. large hailstone. 
GRELOT, sm. little bell; rattle, [shiver. 
GRELOU, sm. vessel for granulating wax. 
GRELOUAGE, 37/1. granulating. 
GRELOU-Eit, I. va. to granulate wax. 
GRELUCHON, sm. a little rash fellow. 
QREMIAL, sm. pontifical apron. 
GREMIL, sm. stone-crop, ; gold-moss, herb. 
GRENADE, sf. pomegranate, fruit; gre- 
nado; small bomb. [grenadier. 

GRENADIER, fin. pomegranate-tree; 
GRENADIERE, sf. grenado-pouch. 
GRENAD1LLE, sf. passion-fiower. 
GRENADINS, sm. small fricandeaux. 
GRENAGE, sm. graining of gun-powder. 
GRENAILLE 4 , sf. small shot; grain. 

GRENAILL-ER, I. va. to pound. 
GRENA1SON, sf. plantsforming into seed. 
GRENAT, sm. granate, a precimis stone. 

GRENAUT, sm. gurnet, a fish, [shagrctn. 
GRENEL-ER, I. va. to make rough like 

GREN-ER, I. va. to pound seed; grind; 
seed ; form into small grains, [of corn. 

GRENES 3 , a. epis bien , ears eery full 

GRENETERIE, sf. corn-trade. 

GRENETI-ER, sm. ERE, sf. corn-cha/idhr; 
huckster; coq)tr oiler of the salt-stores. 

GRENETIS, sm. engrailed ring. 

GRENIER, s?n. granary; loft; garret. 
a foin, hay-loft. a sel, maga- 
zine of salt. En , iiiyMtcked. Aller 
du a la cave, to be full ofichims. 

GRENOIR, sm. graining place, in powder 

GRENOUILLE 4 , sf. frog ; socket, [mills. 

GRENOUILL-ER, I. en. to tipple. 

GRENOUILLERE, sf.fen; dump place. 

GRENU, E, a. full of corn or grains; 
grained. Marbre , grained marble. 
Cuir grenu, leather that fias a good 
grain. Huile grenue, clotted oil. 

ORES, sm. sort of made brown stone; 
free-stone. Bouteille de , stone-bot- 
tle, [broken ivindoic glass. 

GRESIL, sm. hoar frost; rime; sltet ; 

GRESILLE 6 , II , there is a rime. [ling. 

GRK^LLLEMEXT^m. shrivelling; 7i-rink- 

GRESILL-ER, I. va. to shrivel ; be rimy. 

GRESILLONN-ER, I. vn. to chirp. 

GRESOIR, sm. grosing-iron of glaziers. 

GRESSERIE, sf. stone-mare bottles. 

GREVE 4 , sf. strand; the gallons; sandy 
sliore. s, greaves; boots. [tvrong. 

GREV-ER, I. va. to oppress; grieve; 

GRIANNEAU, sm. young heath-cock. 

GRIBANNE, sf. small vessel. [Picardy. 

GRIBARNE, sm. large boat, so called in 

GRIBLETTE, sf. pork-steak or yriskiii; 
chitterling in slices ; pork-collop. 

GRIBOUILLAGE, sm. scrawl. 

GR1BOU1 LL-ER, I. vn. to scribble ; scrawl. 

GR1BOUILLETTE, */. scramble. A la 
gribouillette, higgledy-piggledy. 

GRIBOURI, sm. sort of very small beetle. 

GRIDELIN, E, a. of a grey violet colour. 

GRIECHE, a. speckled. Pie , vixen. 
Ortie , male nettle. 

GRIEF, sm. grievance; injury ; wrong. 

GRI ( 228 ) GRO 

[INF.M. ^RES.T. 2 PART. PRES. 3 PART. PAST.] IND. M. PRES.T. 4 1st p.S. 5 2dp.S. 

13 I4 15 PRET. l6 1st p.s. 17 2dp.s. 1B 3dp.s. 19 
27 3d p. pi. COND.M. 28 1st p.s. 29 2dp.s. ' M 3d p.s. 31 1st 3a 2d 33 3d 
PRES.T. 3 9 1st p.s. 40 2dp.s. 41 3dp.s. 42 1st 43 44 3d IMPERF. 

GRIEF, GRIEVE, a. grievous. 

GRIEVEMEXT, ad. grievously ; mortally. 

GRIEVETE, sf. grievousness; enormity. 

GR1FE, sin. sort of male-negro ; half- 

GRIFFADE, sf. clawing ; a scratch, [caste. 

GRIFFE 4 , if. clan; clutch; paw; fang ; 
grasp. Coup de griffe, unkind-ness. 

GR1FF-ER, I. va. to clan ojf; grasp. 

GRIFFON, sm. ; griffin, bird, [bling. 

GRIFFOXXAGE, sm. scrawling; scrib- 

GRIFFONXE 4 , sf. female half-caste. 

GRIFFOXXEMEXT, sm. rough drawings. 

GRIFFOXX-ER, I. vn. to scrawl; sketch. 

GRIFFOXXEUR, sm. scratcler ; scribbler. 

GRIGNARD, sm. sort of plaster of Paris. 

GRIGNON, sm. crusty piece of bread; 
rusk; olive-hush; sea-bread. 

GRIGNOT-ER, I. va. to nibble; mump. 

GRIGOU, sm. beggarly fellow ; miser. 

GRIL, sm. gridiron; hot-press-grate. 
Etre sur le , to be upon thorns. 

GRILLADE, sf. broiling; broiled meat. 
de chataignes, roasted chestnuts. 

GRILLAGE, sin. diamond form, in lace; 
timber-frame; roasting of metals. 

GRILLAXT 2 , E, a. slippery, [iron gate. 

GRILLE 4 , iff. grate ; grating ; grill ; gate ; 

GRILL-ER, I. va. & n. to broil; long im- 
patiently ; grate up ; parch ; roast. 

GRILLET, sm. hawk's bell. [bacon. 

GRILLON, sm. cricket; scratchings of 

GRIMACE 4 , sf. grimace; wry face; dissi- 
mulation; pincushion-box. 

GRIMAC-ER 1 , GRIMAC-ANT 2 , I. en. to 
make wry faces; grin; pucker. 

GRIMACI-ER, ERE, s. one who makes wry 
faces ; hypocrite ; gr inner, a. prim. 

GRIMAUD, sm. raw scholar. 

GRIME, sm. school-brat ; wag. \jgamester. 

GRIMELIN, sm. dirty little boy; low 

GRIMELINAGE, sm. play ing for a trifle; 
trifling gain; small play. 

GRIMELIN-EH, I. vn. to play for a tr/Jic. 

GRIMOIRE, sm. conjuring-book. 11 
sa it i e , he is well versed in what he 
undertakes. GRIMPANT 2 , B, a. climb- 

GRIMPEMEXT, *wi. climbing up. [ing. 

GIUMP-ER, I. vn. to climb; clamber. 

GRIMPEREAU, sm. woodpecker ; creeper. 

GRIMPEU-R, SE, s. climber. [of teeth. 

GRIXCEMENT, sm. gnashing; grinding 

GRIXC-ERj, GRIXQ-ANT 2 , gnash. 

GRIXGOLE, E, a. snake-headed. 

GRIXGOTTE 3 , E, a. set to music, [tune. 

GRIXGOTT-ER, I. vn. to warble; hum a 

GRIXGUEXAUDE, sf. dirt;Jilth. 

GRIXGUEXOTT-ER, I. vn. to warble. 

GRIOTTE, */. black cherry ; sort of mar- 

GRIOTTIER, sm. black cherry-tree, [ble. 

GRIP, sm. sort of schooner or shallop. 

GRIPPE', sf. whim; fancy ; cholic. 
I GRIPPEL-ER, I. Se , vr. to crumple. 
I GRIPP-ER, I. va. to clutch; seize. Se 

gripper, vr. to have crotchets ; shrivel. 
GRIPPE-SOU, sm. petty agent; petty 

broker; miser; penny-scraper. 
\ GRIS, E 4 , a. grey ; brown ; tipsy. Temps 
gris, raw weather. Faire E mine 
quelqu'un, to look sour upon one. Gris, 
sm. grey colour. de lin, gridelin. 

GRISAILLE 4 , sf. daubing; black and 
white picture ; grizzle for wigs. 

GRISAILL-ER, I. va. to daub with grey. 

GRISATRE, a. greyish; grizzly. 

GRIS-ER, I. va. & n. to grow grey ; fud- 
dle. Se , vr. to get tipsy ; be tippling. 

GRISET, sm. young goldfinch. 

GRISETTE, sf. grey gown; pretty cJuim- 
bermaid ;; sort of bird. 

GRISOLL-ER, I. vn. to sing like a, lark. 

GRI SOX, NE 4 , a. s. grey -headed; spy; ass. 

GRISOXX-ER, 1. vn. to grow grey. 

GRIVE, sf. a thrush. Sou comme une 
grive, as drunk as David's sow. 

GRIVELE 3 , E, a. dappled ; speckled. 
\ GRIVELEE 3 , sf. extortion; Jilching. 
1 GRIVEL-ER, I. va. to extort ; Jilch ; em- 
, GRIVELERIE, sf. plunder. * [bezzle. 

GRIVELEUR, sm. extortioner ;Jilcher. 

GRIVOIS, sm. jovial fellow ; jolly one. 

GRIVOISE, sf. soldier's wench; tobacco- 

GROBIS, sm. proud man ; nob. [grater. 

GROGXARD, sm. E, sf. grumbler. s, 
old soldiers of Napoleon, [to grumble. 

GROGXE 4 , sf. grumbling. Faire la grogne, 

GROGXEMEXT, sm. grunting. [ble. 

GROGX-ER, I. vn. to grunt ; growl ; grum- 

GROGXEU-R, SE, s. grumbler. [vixen. 

GROGXOX, sm. blow. a. scolding, sf. 

GROIN, sm. snout of a hog ; chops; face. 

GROISOX, sm. powder of chalk. 

GROLLE, sf. a rook ; sort of crow. 


( 229) 

3d p.s. 

8 9 3d p. pi. IMPERF. 

10 lstp.s. "2dp.s. 12 3dp.s. a 3d p. pi. IMPERF. 1U 1st p.s. " p.s. "3d p.s. 

20 21 FUT. w 1st p.s. 23 2dp.s. 24 3d p.s. 25 1st p. pi. * 2d p. pi. 
p. pi. IMP.M. y4 2dp.s. M 3d p.s. 1st p. pi. SUBJ.M. 

1st p.s. 46 2dp.s. "7 3 d p.s. 48 1st p. pi. 49 

GROMMEL-ER, I. vn. togrurnble', mutter. 
GROMMELEU-R, SE, a. grumbling; s. 
muttcrer ; grumbler. [doughy. 

GROMMELEU-x, SE, a. curdy ; clotty; 
GRCXNDABLE, a. blumable; faulty. 
GRONDANT 2 , E, a. roaring, as waves. 
GRONDEMENT, sm. rumbling; roaring. 
GROND-ER, I. va. to growl ; chide; re- 
prove ; scold, vn. to roar; grumble; mut- 
GRONDERIE, sf. scolding; chiding, [tcr. 

GRONDEU-R, SE, a. grumbling ; scolding; 
peevish, s. grumbler; shrew; vixen. 

GROS, SE, a. big; large; thick; coarse; 
swollen. temps, foul weather. Gros 
meuble, lumber. bee, liaw-Jincli. 

Gros-ventre, sort ofjish. yeux, kout- 

tay. GROS, sm. main part; chief 
point; body; dram; a duty on trine. 
Gros de Naples, grogram. Coucher gros, 
to bet high; talk out of the nay. Faire 
le dos, look big. Gagner , get 
much. GROS, ad. much. En gros, by 
wholesale; in general. Tout en , in all. 

GROS-D'HALEINE, a. short-winded. 

GROSEILLE, sf. currant. rouge, red 
currant. a maquereau, gooseberry, 

GROSEILLIER, sm. currant or yoose- 

GROSGRA1N, sm. grogram. [berry bush. 

GROSIL, sm. broken brown glass, for mak- 
ing bottles. GROS-ROMAIN, sm. a type. 

GROSSE, sf. gross; 12 dozens; copy of a 
writing. GROSSE, a. big; large; 
coarse. aventure, bottomry. Grosse 
viande, butcher's meat. Toucher la 
grosse corde, to come to the point. Par- 
ler des s dents, threaten; speak big. 
Femme , woman big with child. 

GROSSEAU, sm. black sort of grape. 

GROSSERIE, sf. iron-mare. Faire la , to 
sell by wholesale. GROSSES de fonte, sf. 
large type for bills. 

GROSSESSE, sf. pregnancy. 

GROSSETTO, sm. 986th part of a ducat. 

GROSSEUR, sf. bigness; swelling; size. 

GROSSI-ER, ERE, a. coarse ; thick ; rough; 
raw; univrought ; rude ; gross; clown- 
ish. Marchand , wholesale man. 

GROSS1EREMENT, ad. coarsely; clown 
ishly ; rudely ; bluntly in general. 

GROSS1ERETE, sf. coarseness; clownish- 
ness; rudeness; disgusting expression. 

GROSS-IR, II. va. to make bigger ; en- 
large; increase; magnify, vn. grow 
bigger. Se , vr. to swell, [largcment. 
GROSSISSEMENT, sm. magnifying; en- 
GROSSISSEUR, sm. magnifier; a. cn- 
GROSSOY-ER, I. va. to engross, [larging. 
GROTESQUE, a. odd. pi. antics; idle 
GROTESQUEMENT, ad. oddly, [fancies. 
GROTTE, sf. grotto; care; den. 
GROUETTEU-x, SE, a. stony, [crawling. 
GROUILLANT 2 , E, a. stirring ; smarming ; 
GROUILLEMENT, sm. rumbling ; grum- 
bling of the bowels. [swarm; crawl. 
GROUILL-ER, I. vn. to stir; move; 
GROUPE 4 , sm. group; cluster; hnot.[ters. 
GROUP-ER, I. va. to group; put in clus- 
GRUAGE, m. sale of wood, in forests abroad. 
GRUAU, sm. oatmeal ; gruel; water-gruel; 

young crane; crane, for burdens. 

GRUE, sf. crane, bird; silly fellow. Faire 

le pied de , to dance attendance. Je 

ne suis pas si , I am not such a fool. 

GRUERIE, sf. court of justice in eyre. 

GRUG-ER 1 , GRUGE-ANT 2 , I. va. to 

scranch; grind. son fait, spctid one's 

GRUGERIE, sf. crushing; chewing, [all. 

GRUME, sf. bois en , wood with its 

GRUMEAU, sm. clod; lump. [bark on. 

GRUMEL, sm.Jtour of oats; oatnual. 

GRUMEL-ER, to grunt, like a stag. 

Se , vr. to clot. [rough ; grumous. 

GRUMELEU-x, SE, a. rugged; clotted; 

GRUON, sm. young crane. 

GRUYER, sm. justice in eyre. a. Faucon 

gruyer, hawk to catch cranes. Faisan 

gruyer, pheasant like a crane, [zcrland. 

GRUYERE, sm. cheese; cheese from Swit- 

GUAHEUX, sm. wild ox. [tridge shooting. 

GUAIRO! int. let him or her go! in par- 

GUE, sm. a ford. Passer la riviere a gue, 

to ford a river. Sender le , to sound 

GUEABLE, a.fordable. [a business. 

GUEBRES, sm.guebers; followers of Zo- 

GUEDE 4 , sf. woad, for dyeing, .[roaster. 

GUED-ER, I. va. to dye with woad ; cram. 

GUE-ER, I. va. to ford; soak; trash. 

GUEI.FES, sm. guelphs, followers of the 

GUENIES, sf. pi. young salmon. [Popes. 

GUENILLE, sf. rag; tatter; old clothes; 

GUENILLON, sm. little rag. [rubbish. 

GUENIPE, sf. dirty slut; strumpet. 



( 230 ) 



IND.M. PRES.T. 4 1st p.s. 5 2d p.s. 

' " 15 PBET. 16 1st p.s. 17 2dp.s. 18 3d p.s. 19 lstp!pl. GOND.M. 28 lstp.s. 2d p.s. 30 3d p.s. 3 * ^3d 
PKES.T. 39 1st p.s. 40 2dp.s. 41 3dp.s. 44 IMPERF. 

GUEXOX, sf. she-ape; homely puss. 

GUEXUCHE, */. young she-ape. Une 
guenuche coiflee, an old ape in petticoats. 

GUEPARD, sin. tiger-wolf. 

GUKPE, sf. wasp; scold, [sf. wasp's nest. 

GUEPIER, sm. bee-eater. GUEPIERE, 

GUERDON, sm. ; reward; meed; old. 

GUERDOXN-ER, I. va. toreward. [warder. 

GUERDOXXEUR, sin. benefactor; re- 

GUERE, GUERES, ad. but little; not 
very ; not long ; but few ; not much ; 
scarcely; very few. moins, little less. 

GUERET, sin. fallow ground ; field. 

GUERIDOX, sin. stand for candles. [cured. 

GUER-iR, to cure; heal; vn. be 

GURRISOX, sf. cure; healing ; recovery. 

GUERISSABLE, a. curable. [sician. 

GUERISSEUR, sin. healer; curer ; phy- 

GUERITE, sf. sentry-box; turret. 

GUERP-iR, II. va. to abandon; leave. 

GUERRE, sf. war; warfare. Petite guer- 
re, plundering. De bonne , fairly. 
Places de , fortified towns. Nora de 
guerre, borrowed name. Faire la guerre 
a quelqu'un, to tease one. Faire la guerre 
a 1'ceil, ivatchfor an opportunity. Faire 
bonne a, deal fairly with. 

GUERRI-ER, m. ERE,/, a. martial; war- 
like; military, sm. warrior, [cessantly. 

GUERROY-ER, I. vn. to make war in- 

GUERROYEUR, sm. warrior ;Jighter. 

GUET, sm. watch; sentry. Maison du 
guet, round-house. Mot du , watch- 
word. Se donner le mot du guet, to play 
booty together. apens, ambush. 
De apens, ad. wilfully. Un apens, 
a wilful murder. 

GUETRE 4 , sf. spatter dash; gaiter. Tirer 
ses guetres, to march off; decamp. 

GUETRE 3 , E, a. with spatterdashes on. 

GUETR-ER, I. va. to gaiter ; equip. Se 
gugtrer, vr. put on spatterdashes. 

GUETT-EH, va. to watch ; wait for. 

GUETTEUR de chemins, am. footpad. 

GUEULARD, sm. furnace-mouth ; bawler. 

GUEULE 4 , sf.jaw; mouth of beasts ;Jish ; 
oven, $c. Fort en , talkative fel- 
low. droite, casement. fralche, 
sharp-set jterson. Mots de , inde- 
cent egressions. II n'a que la , he 
is all talk. La enfarinee, blunder- 

ingly and confidently. II faut que la 

gueuledujugeen pete, we must go to laic. 
GUEULEE, sf. huge mouthful, pi. inde- 
GUEUL-ER, I. vn. to bawl, [cent words. 
GUEULES 5 , sf.jaws; gules, in heraldry. 
GUEUSAILLE 4 , sf. company of beggars. 
GUEUSAILL-ER, I. vn. to beg ; mump. 
GUEUSAXT 2 , E, a. street- begging. 
GUEUSE 4 , sf. sow of iron; prostitute. 
GUEUS-ER, I. vn. to mump; beg. 
GUEUSERIE, sf. beggary ; trash, [iron. 
GUEUSET, Gueusillon, sm. small pig of 
GUEUSETTE, sf. mean pitcher or mug. 
GUEU-x, m. SE*,f. a. beggarly ; poor. s. 

beggar; rascal. revetu, upstart. 
GUI, sm. mistletoe; main boom of sloops. 
GUIBRE, sm. knee of the head; cut-wa- 
GUICHET, sin. wicket; shutter. [ter. 
GUICHETIER, sm. turnkey; doorkeeper. 
GUIDE 4 , sm. guide ; tutor, sf. rein; con- 

duct. ane, directory; sign-post. 

GUIDE A U, sm. sort of fishing '-net. [nace. 
GUIDE-HORS, sm. top masonry of a fur- 
GUID-ER, I. va. to guide; lead; conduct ; 

bring ; sway, [a gun; broad pendant. 
GUIDOX, sm. guidon; standard; sight oj 
GUIGXE 4 , sf. black-heart cherry, [stacks. 
GU1GXEAUX, sm. trimmers of chimney- 
GUIGX-ER, I. vn. to leer; peep. va. twig. 
GUIGNIER, sm. Hack-heart cherry- 
GUIGXOX, sm. ill luck, at play. [tree. 
GUILDIVE, sf. rum ; brandy ; spirit. 
GUILEE, sf. shower, [newly-brewed beer. 
GUILLAGE, sm. the fermentation of 
GUILLANTE, sf. fermenting beer. 
GUILLAUME, sm. William; rabbet- 
GUILLEDIX, sm. gelding ; nag. [ plane. 
GUILLEDOU, sm. a low set. Courir 

le , to lead a rakish life ; gad about. 
GUILLEMETTE, sf. impertinent slut. 
GUILLEMETS, inverted commas. 
GUILLEMOT, sm. ; sort of plover. 
GUILL-EK, I. vn. to ferment; cheat. 
GUILLERET, TE, a. sprightly; gay. 
GUILLERI, sm. chirping of a sparrow. 
GUILLOCH-ER, I. va. to wave; carve. 
GUILLOCHIS, S7>i. waved or carved work. 
GUILL01RE, sf.fermenting-vat, forwurt. 
GUILLOT, sm. cheese-mug got. [loop-hole. 
GUILLOTIXE 4 , sf. beheading-machine; 
GUILLOTJNEMENT, sm. beheading. 

' 1st 8 

6 3.1 p.s. 

20 2d IMP.M. 3 p.s. 

45 1st p.s. 4l5 2d p.s. 47 3d p.s 

20 2d 21 3d FUT 

( 231 ) 

9 3d IMPERF. 

HAS IMP.M. 3* 3d p.s. 35 3dp.s. 

48 1st 

10 1st p.s. n 2dp.s. 12 3d p.s. * 


22 1st p.s. 23 2dp.s. 24 3dp.s. --^p.,.,. 

& 2d p. pi. 38 3d p. pi. SUBJ. M 

i" r w ff" 

49 30 3d 

GUILLOTIX-ER, I. ra. to guillotine; be- 

GUIMAUVE, sf. marsh-mallow, {head. 

GU1MAUX, sin. j)l. fields mowed twice. 

GUD1BARDE, ,s/. ancient dance; game at 
cards; sort of waggon ; Jew's harp. 

GUDIBERGE, sf. ornament and tail- 
piece, in architect.; hanging ornament. 

GULMBERLIN, sm. sort ofjinepink. 

GUIMPE 4 , sf. stomacher of a nun. 

GUIMP-ER, I. va. to make a nun of a 
n-oinan. Se , vr. to turn nun. 

GUIMPLE, sin. duty on salt, [hoisting up. 

GUIXDAGE, sin. the unloading ofaship; 

GUINDALE, GUINDAS, sm. windlass. 

GUIXDAXT 2 , sm. hoist or height, of a flag. 

GUIXDK 4 , sf. small press in cloth manuf. 

GUINDK 3 , E, a. bombastic; starched. 

GUIND-ER, I. va. to hoist up ; overstrain. 
Se , vr. to soar up. II est toujours 
guinde, he looks always stiff'. [etc. 

GUIXDERESSE, ./. top-rope for hoisting, 

GUIXDERIE, sf. constraint; bombast. 

GUINDOULE, sf. crane for lifting weights. 

GUIXDOUX, sm. Kentish cherries. 

GUIXDRE, sm. small doubling silk-reel. 

GUINEE, ./. guinea, worth 21 shillings. 

GUIXGOIS, sm. wry ness. De , ad. all 
an-ri/ ; crookedly; ill contrived. Came- 
lots , very thin and light camlets. 
GUIXGUETTE, sf. public-house out of 
ton-n ; tea-gardens; little country-house. 
GUIP-ER, I. va. to whip; gimp riband. 
GUIPOIR, sm. tool for making fringes. 
GUI PON, sm. calking-mop. [ornament. 
GUIPURE, sf. vdlum-lace; dress; head- 
GUIRLAXDE, sf. garland. s, breast- 
hooks or fore-hooks. [ , ad. like; as. 
GUISE, sf. way ; fancy ; humour. En 
GUISPON, sm. carccning-brush. 
GUITARE, sf. guitar; cittern. [tar. 

GUITARIS-ER, I. vn. to play on the gul- 
GUITERXE, sf. prop; shore; support. 
GUITON, sm. six hours' match, on ships. 
GUITRAX, sm. prepared tar for paying a 
ship's bottom. [in heraldry. 

GULPES, sm. golpcs. GUSES, sf. guses, 
GUMKXE, sf. anchor-rope. 
GUSTATI-F, VE, a. tire; able to taste. 
G U STATION, sf. ; act of tasting ; tast- 
GUTTE, a. Gomme , gamboge. [ing. 
GUTTONAIRE, sm. Roman horse-militia. 

GUTTURAL, E, a. ; from the throat. 

GYMNASE, sm. gymnasium; place of 
exercise; public school; academy. 

GYMXASIARQUE, sm. siarch; supe- 
rior in a college; head master. 

GY.MNASTIQUE, sf. gymnastic; art of 
strengthening the body by feats. 

GYMNIQUE, a. gymnic; gymnastic. 

GYMXOSOPHISTE, sm. gymnosophist ; 
Indian philosopher ivho goes naiad. 

GYNECEE, sm. gynecia ; women's apart- 
ment; seraglio, [queen's gocirnnient. 

GYXECOCRATIE, sf. gynecocracy ; a 

GYNECOCRATIQUE, a. governed by a 

GYP, GYPSE, sm. parget stone, [queen. 

GYPNETE, sm. sort of eagle. 

G YPSEU-x, SE, a. of the nature of plaster. 

GYRENE, sf. small frog ; tadpole. 

GYROMANCIE, sf. yyromancy ; fortunc- 
t ell in si by whirling or walking round. 

GYROVAGUE, sm. monk-errant. 


* % * All the words printed in Italic Capi- 
tals begin with H aspirate. 

t[ sm. 8th letter of the French Alphabet. 

' Un h, an h. H. stands often for 

HAUT, E, a. high; and HAUTESSE, 

highness. H formerly signified 200, and 

H, with a dash over it, 200,000. 

HA! int. ha! oh! Ha! est-ce vous ? 
what! is it you? HA-HA, sf. liag. 

HABE, sf. Arab-dress; coat. 

HABEAS-CORPUS, sm. ; Ian) of bail. 

HABILE, a. knowing ; able; skilful; in- 
genious; nimble; active; qualified. 

HABILEMENT, ad. skilfully; cleverly. 

HABILETE, sf. ability; skill; parts. 

HABILISSIME, a. very able or learned. 

HABILITATION, sf. ; fitness for acting. 

HABILITE 3 , sf. inherit ing Jit ness. 

HABILIT-ER, I. va. to qualify ; enable. 

HABILLAGE, sm. dressing of meat, etc. 

HABILLEMENT, sm. attire; clothes; dress. 
Habillement de tfite, head-piece. 

HABILL-ER, I. va. to dress; clothe; nork 
for ; palliate ; skin; draw. une per- 
drix, &c., truss a partridge, $c. du 
poisson, gut fish. S' , vr. dress one's 
self; rig one's self out. [dresser. 

HABILLEU-R, sm. SE, */. skin-tailor; 

HAB ( 282 ) 

13 14 3d PRET 


PRES.T. 4 1st p.S. 5 2dp.S. 

17 2dp.s. 16 3dp.s. 19 1st PRET. lstp.s. 2dp.s. 3d p.s. lstp.pL 
27 3d. COND.M. 28 lstp.s. 29 2dp.s. 30 3d p.s. 31 1st p. pi. 32 2d p. pi. 33 3d 
PRES.T. ^Istp.s. 40 2d p.s. 41 3dp.s. 4S 1st 43 2d 44 3d IMPERF. 

HABIT, sm. suit of clothes; coat; garb; \ 
dress. Habit de chasse,/roc&. s de bord, j 
sea-clothes. s de deuil, mourning- \ 
clothes. s dechires, ragged clothes. J 
Habits de ceremonie, formalities. s i 
d'ordonnance, regimentals; uniform. 

HABITABLE, a. habitable. [binacle. \ 

HABITACLE, sm. habitation. Bittacle; j 

HABITANT 2 , E, a. inhabiting ; occupying ; 
living. Habitant, sm. inhabitant. 

HABITATION, sf. habitation; abode; 
hovAc; colony ; plantation. Avoir , to 
cohabit. [live; cohabit. 

HABIT-ER, I. va. to inhabit; dwell in; \ 

HABITUATION, sf. church-incumbancy. 

HABITUDE, sf. ; habit; acquaintance. 

HABITUEL, LE, a. habitual; usual. 

HABITUELLEMENT, ad. habitually. 

HABITU-ER, I. va. to accustom; inure; 
use. S' , vr. to use one's self. S'ha- 
bituer en un lieu, settle in a place; set- 

HABLE*, sm. sea-port; harbour. [tie. 

HABL-ER, I. vn. to romance ; boast. 

HABLERIE, sf. romancing; lies; brag- 

HABLEU-R, SE, s. romancer; liar.[ging. 

HACHARD, sm. chisel for cutting iron. 

HACHE*, sf. axe; hatchet. d'armes, 
battle-axe. Cet homme a un coup de 
hache, that man is a little cracked. 

HACHEE 3 , sf. sort of punishment, pi. 
maggots, found under leaves. [raldry. 

HACHEMENT, sm. hatchment, in he- 

HACH-ER, I. va. to hash; mince; hag- 
gle; hatch; shatter; shred; chip. 

HACHEREAU, sm. hatchet. [adze. 

HACHETTE, sf. small axe or hatchet; 

HACK EUR, sm. flock or wool trimmer. 

HACHIS, sm. hash; minced meat. 

HACHOIR, sm. chopping-board, knife, 

HACHURE, sf. hatching; etching. [&c. 

HAGARD, E, a. wild; fierce; haggard. 

HAGIOGRAPHIE, sf. hagiography; sa- 
cred writings ; lives of the angels. 
HAGIS, sm. Turkish for pilgrim. 

HAGLURES, sf. mails, spots, on feathers. 

HAGUE, sf. vermicelli like ribands. 

HA, HA! int. ah! what! goodness me! 
HAH A, sm. ; opening in a garden 
wall. sf. Vieille , old hag, [ing. 
HAHE, int< ware there! a cry in hunt- 
HAI! int. heigh! holla! cry of pleasure. 

HAIE 4 , sf. hedge; lane. vive, quickset 
hedge. Ktre en , to line the street ; 
make a lane. au bout, something to 

HAIE 3 , int. gce-vp! hike! [boot. 

HAI-TER, I. vn. to make hedges; hedge. 

HAIL-ER, va. to hail; shout; call. 

HAILLON, srn. rag; tatter; rubbish. 

HAINE, sf. hatred; grudge. cachee, 
secret hatred. En , ad. out of spite. 

HAINEU-K, SE, a. full of hatred. 

HA-is. 1 is 4 - 5 - 34 it 6 i 3 is 3 -i6-n ie 3 Ies 3 It i6 
imes'9 ites 20 Trent 21 irai 22 iras 23 lira 24 
irons 2 - 5 'irez 26 Yront i'rais 28 - 29 i'rait 30 
i'rois 26 - 29 Yroit 30 irions 31 Yriez 32 iraient 3 ^ 
iroient 33 it 47 ; va. to hate; abhor; de- 
test; loath. See HAISS-ANT. 

HAIRE, sf. Jiair-cloth; poor wretch ; sach- 

HAIREU-n, SE, a. hazy; cold. [cloth. 

HAISSABLE, a. hateful ; odious. 

HAlSS-^-ST* ons?- 36 ez 8 - 37 e nt 9<3tj - 44 ais'o-i ' 
ait i2 ois io.u Oit i2 i ons i 3 - 42 iez 14 - 43 aient>5 
oient 15 e 35 - 39 - 41 es 40 ; v. HAIR, to liatc. 

HAIT 6 , sm. good health; cheerfulness. 

HALAGE, sm. towing; towage; tack- 

HALBRAN, *?. young wild duck. [ing. 

HALBRENK, E, a. worn out; tired; 
with dipt icings ; meanly dressed. 

HALE 4 , sm. sun-burning; drying wind. 

HA.LE?, E, a. tanned; sun-burnt, [rope. 

HA.LE-A-BORD, sm. boat-rope; gucss- 

HA.LE-BAS, sm. down-haul of the stay- 

HALE-BOULIXE, sm. raw seaman.[siu.]. 

HALECRET, sm. corselet of old. 

HALEINE, */. breath. Tout d'une ha- 
leine, at one stretch. Ouvrage de lon- 
gue , a long -winded piece of work. 
En , in exercise ; in play ; at bay. 
Donner a un cheval, to rest a horse. 

HALEMENT, sm. hauling; hauling- 

HALENEE 3 , sf. breathing ; whiff', [knot. 

HALEN-KH, I. va. to smell one's breath; 
get scent of ; find out. [set at one., I. va. to tow ; hale; pull; haul; 

HAL-ER, I. va. to dry up ; tan ; sun-burn. 
Se , vr. to tjrotv dry ; be sun-burnt. 

HALETANT*, E, a. out of breath; pant- 

HALET-KR, I. vn. to pant ; puff', [ing. 

H. \LEUlt, sm. one that hauls; pulls. 

HALINATKON, sm. sort of nitre found In 

HALIOTITES, sf. sort of shells, [old walls. 

HALLAGE, sm. market-day. 

HAL ( 238 ) HAR 

6 Sdp.s. 7 6 9 IMPERF. 10 lstp.s. u 2d p.s. 12 3dp.s. 

20 2d p. pi. 2l 3d p. pi. FUT. 22 1st p. s. 23 2d p. s. 24 3d p. s. " 1st p. pi. '*> 2d p. pi. 

p. pi. 1MP.M. 3 '2dp.s. 35 3d p.s. M 1st p. pi. 38 3d p. pi. SUBJ. M. 
45 1st p.s. 46 2dp.s. 4 ?3d p.s. 48 1st p. pi. 49 ^ 3d p. pi. 

HALLE, sf. market-hall or place. Lan- 
gage des halles, Billingsgate slang. 

HALLEBARDE, sf. halberd ; long spike. 

HALLEBARDIER, sm. halberdier. 

HALLEBEEDA, sm. lubberly fellow, sf. 
tall ungainly woman; a very pundle. 

HALLIER, sm. thicket; thick bush. 

HALO, sm. halo; luminous circle. 

HALOIR, sm. place where hemp is dried. 

HALOT, sm. rabbit's Jiole, in a warren. 

HALTED, sf. halt; stop; refreshment. 
34 la! stop; silence; no more of that. 

HALT-ER, I. vn. to halt; stop. [bed. 

HAM AC, sm. a hammock; cot; portable 

HAMADRYADE, sf. wood-nymph. 

HAMEAU, sm. hamlet; straggling huts. 

HAMEC.ON, sm.Jish-hook; hook; bait. 

HAMKE, sf. gun-sponge handle. 

HAMPE, sf. shaft of a weapon; handle. 

HAN, sm. sort of cnravanst ray ; inn. 

HANAP, sm. drinking-cup ; botrl ; mug. 

HAN CHE, sf. hip; haunch; quarter. 

IIAXGAR, sm. cart-house; barn; corri- 

HAMCROCHE, sf. hinderance ; rub.[dor. 

HAXXETOX, sm. May-bug; chafer. 

HANNICHEUR, sm. harness-maker, [ris. 

HANNOUAR, m. licensed salt-seller, in Pa- 

HANSARD, sm. sort of reaping-hook. 

HAXSCRIT, sm. learned Indian lan- 
guage; Sanscrit. 

HAXSE, sf. company. Teutonique, 
Teutonic Hanse Society. [towns. 

HANSKATIQUE, a. villes s, Hanse- 

HAXSGRAVE, sm. ; sort of mayor. 

HAXSIKRE, sf. halser; han-scr. 

HANT-vn, I. va. to frequent; resort 
to; follow ; haunt, rn. en bon lieu, 
keep credi